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The New Westminster News Jul 7, 1913

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s*V-n   The Weather.
rt\T * A
**��� New Westminster nii<l the l��wrr
Mainland* ( '.CJfcnernll-f ���    fair    with
ary or hlg��� x, emperatur*.
V Ki  .
PRIC     f-  'VE CENTS
StrikitiR Miners in Johannesburg Clamor for Gladstone's
Removal Following Shooting of Rioters by Soldiers-
No Settlement Yet���Disorders Continue���One Hundred and Ten Reported Killed.
Federals and Rebels at the Same Old   Weather Man Says so, But He Prophc
Game���Warm   Tlme-j  Around
Port of Guaymas.
sie8 More Rain tor This Neck o(
the Woods.
Jealous Actor  Husband    Shoots    His
Nothing   Tangible   Has   Yet SleepinB  Spouse  and  Then
Washington, July C. -Belief from
tbe beat wave was piomis il today in
the   weather   bureau   weekly   bulletin.
Johannesburg, -luly C.   The settle-l
ment   of  tiie  strike  among   the   gold
miners   in   the   Hand   district,   which
the government arranged with a committee of strikers yesterday, has prov- ,
ed Ineffective.
The mobs reassembled today. All
trains and street cars suspended operation today. Additional troops are
guarding lbe Rand club, the scene of j
serious encounters Baturday. A ureal
crowd assembled there hooting und
jeering  the  troops
A hure meeting was held tonight to,
celebrate lhe strikers' victory. The;
leaders Invited tiie men to attend to- ,
morrow Ihe funeral of those killed,
whom they described as "martyrs Ini
a  glorious  cause."
The suggestion that Governor Con-
eral Gladstone's recall be demanded,
was creeled  with cheers.
A ballot of llie Amalgamated Society of Engineers of the whole reef
Kave a vast majority In favor of ac-
ceptlng tin' proposed suggestion. The
council of Die society adopted a resolution providing for the calling *--f a
strike a month hence Bhould the grievance-* net in., adequately redressed,
The federated unions are flushed
with success and are confident that
they are complete masters of the
Bituation. The trades unionists are
ready to obey any order given them.
The leaders have already commanded
the newspapers to cease publication
until further notice. They count on
the government's fear of the natives.
200.000 of whom are locked ln the
compounds at the mines. They
might start looting and killing if
turned   loose.
The, casualties resulting from the
fighting Saturday ure now estimated
at tin Two officers, three soldiers
and   several  policemen   were  Injured
The editors of Ihe various newspapers conferred with the federated
union leaders this evening, with
the result tbnt the typographical union
will publish a paper giving colorless
reports of the events.
City   Terrorized.
Bleep! at tlie time of the Jameson
raid In 1898 and the outbreak of t'"*
war in 1899, this city has not experienced such a day of terrorism as Sat
nrduy The mobs in tbe business section caused lens fear than desperadoes
wbo were threatening to dynamite the
homes of the wealthy. All places of
business were closed and guarded by
troops, while bands of citizens armed
with rifles patrolled the residential
The r' illng began when strikers
forced lhelr way into the Kant! cluh.
whOBe members are mine owners.
They   demolished   everything   on   the
ground floor. Three times dragoons
scattered tbe mob, but it quickly reformed. Tho troops fired a volley
over the heads of the rioters, and then
two volleys directly into their ranks,
'lbe rioters fled leaving behind a large;
number of dead and wounded. Local
troops then took command at the four|
principal streets, which they swept
���.villi their rifles whenever the riot-
er�� start, d to return.
In the meantime, from the roof tops,;
the   troops   were   assailed   with   mis- |
tiles and bullets.    After almost three*
hour*   of   fighting,   delegates   of   thel
strike committee,  who had  conferred :
iv ih  Generals    Botha    and    Smutz;
marched  through  the sin els under a;
white flag, announcing thPt an armistice had been arranged and ordering
Un-   men   to   return   to   their  homes
Ambulances went about picking up the
wounded   during  the   fighting.
Tli" strike leaders said at midnight
lhat Ihe terms of settlement were be-
Ing accepted all along the reef.
Th" negotiations which brought
ahout tbe abortive settlement of the
situation were opened yesterday afternoon and came to a conclusion at a
discussion of the strike leaders. Gen- '
eral Louis Botha, ex-premler of the
Union of South Africa; (ieorge A.
ferrar, chairman of the Kast End
Proprietory Mines. and General
Smutz took part In the negotiations.
The Terms That  Failed.
The terniB of the settlement are
in-  follows:
1. The Btrike to be declared off, the i
strikers to return to tbelr homes.   All
further  disturbances  shall  cease  and
[no more property ls to be destroyed.
2. Tho new Klelpfonteln strikers
are to be reinstated and the govern-
' ment Is to grant suitable compensa-
' "on t'i the strikehre'ikefs, who are in
,no way to be victimized
.1. The strikers in other mines are
.to   return   to  their  work  and  are  to
'bo taken back ne noon as mining operations are resinned; no victimisation
is to take place.
���t Representatives of the workers
'an- al liberty to lay any oilier grievances before the government, who will
Inquire Into them.
Glai6tone'��   Recall.
Pn torla, Transvaal, July 8    The re- j
call cf the govern"!* general  "f the
l'nlon of South Africa. Vlsconnl Glad
Blone, is demanded by the Federated
Trades unions.    At a meeting of the
federation today, at which 1200 dele-
gat' s were present, it was unanimous. |
lj   resolved   to   petition   the   imperial j
*-���"' . rnnient to take action because the
governor-genera! employed troops tc
Buppress the strike.
KI Paso, Tex., July C. In a skirmish i arly this morning at the vllluge
of Saragosa, 1- miles easl of Juarez,
".t'i federals, commanded by General which says
Inez Salazar, drove 400 constitution- ��� "Unseasonably high temperature.i
il's-is of the Ortega command back mod not be expected during the com-
aeveral miles und took possession of; lng week. In the weal It will be
the village. Kour federals were I warmer Monday and Tuesday, though
wounded. Ortega's loss was not re. not decidedly so, and some moilera-
ported. Salazar captured 40.000 rounds tlon may be expected after the middli
ol   ammunition,  wagons,  horses    and ,of the week.
Been Heard From the
Commits Suicide.
Kansas City, Mo.. July 6.
prompted   Krank   liailey,  a
Heavy Fighting Continues, But Beyond  act0T ��r  Atlanta,  Oa.,  to  shoot    and
kill   his  wife  and   t.am   mate,   Mazb
that Tbere Is Nothing Definite���
Turkey Grows Restless.
Stricter martial law Is iu effect in
Juarez today, all Americans beitr;
warned by American and Mexican
commanders  that  Issuance of   pass
"Generally fair weather will prevail
'during Lha week ov*.r the greater portion of the country.   A moderate disturbance   is   now    off    the    extreme
North  Pacific coast, but Its eastward
Ixmdon, July 6.--After ten days of
lighting, more severe and deadly in
character than anything In the last
Balkan war, but little light breaks
upon the obscure operat.ons. The
Servians have lost more than ln tbe
whole  previous  campaign,  and  Bemi-
Edwards, of Denver, Colo., und ti
commit suicide biro today. Tht
woman was asleep when liailey killed
Mra. Bailey was the daughter of
Thomas Kennedy, of Denver, Colo
She had been on the stage for    nine-
Dakota Fairs Bar Exhibits
From Dominion from
"Finest   Compliment   that   Could   B
Paid"���American   Farmers Would
Not Have a Chance.
Winnipeg, July 5.- Canadian exhibits are excluded from the fairs of
North   Dakota.     "The   finest  eompli
yeurs, having assumed the name of ment that could be paid us," said J.
Mazie Edwards. Her correct name Bruce Walker, commissioner of iiiimi-
was Mary H. Kennedy. jgration, upon receipt of an advice to
Halley aud his wife had  been mar | that effect.    Communicating  this de
ports will be limited.    At nlgbt traffic , movement   will   probably  not  be    ���, ---  ���    . ���~
between  KI  Paso and Juarez Is prac  I tended   by   more  than  local   showers  -puicial statements issued at Belgrade ; rje(] ah(,ut four years, and her famil> iclBlon to Winnipeg exhibitors, tlie aec-
tically   suspended,   except   on   street | over the  northwest  during the  early e absence of an  intention    to , <Jeclar<*!   they   bad  had   no  liuitnat. on j retary of the North Dakota Fair iiaao-
Gtneral Villa Is reported by l'nited
Stati s army messages to be camping
with 2000 men on tbe Casas Grandes
rlvir. 10 miles scu'Iitast of Columbus, N.M.
Gen tral P. I.. Scott today ordered
one troop of the 13th cavalry sent
in m Columbus to El Paso to rein
force the border patrol ut the inter
national bridges.
Hot  in  Guaymas.
Douglas, Ariz., July ti - On the morn
ng of July 4 the bombardment   oi
Guaymas  was at   its height,  reportid
refugees arriving here today from the
front,    Kor the llrst time the    insurgent   state  troops   brought   into  play
three cannon  captured  from  the federals, shilling the gulf town and the
two federal gunboats lying In the harbor.    The  Tamplco,  iti  return,    hem- '
bartled the insurgent positions In Em- j
palme,  where  Bhells    tore    into    the
American club house.     No Americans
were reported injured. Soon the Tarn*
plco was forced to change anchorage,
moving  to  the  mouth  of the harbor, i
State officials charge the federals with I
many   varieties  of   atrocities  against
tbe residtnta of Guaymas.
Reports tell of renewed rebel ac
tlvity in Slnaloa, the coaBt state to
the Bouth of Sonora. Military trains
only are operating between Piedras
and San Ulas. where the insurgent
[forces ure mobilizing.
port ion of the week."
prepare   the   public   for   news  of
Desperate lighting, with varying fortunes, is proceeding along the Vardar
and Bregallnllsa rivers, which seeniB
to be In favor of the Bulgarians. 1m-
I portant news has been received of the
! Bulgarian Invasion of Servia through
i Belogradthyk, about 45 miles north-
. east of Nlsh, Servia's most Important
C. N. R. Calls for Island Con racts
and  Work  Expected  to Start
Soon in Westminster.
Tbe invitation for tenders on railroad construction on Vancouver island for the Canadian  Northern  rail
fortified town.   No indication is given   ulaylug ,��� the iroauois Uleatre at the
of any tendency on either side to cry <t|me of |tg flre in chloag0i
that there was trouble between them, elation stales the reason, which is Ute
Kennedy had been expecting a visit 'fear that local exhibitors will bu di-a-
from his daughter and son-in-law and couraged because of the good idiow-
had received a letter from her only a  lug made by Canadian exhibits.
few days ago conveying information
of the proposed  visit.
One of Mrs. Bailey's earliest theatrical engagements was wllh the
"Mother Goose" company and she was
member of  the  troupe  which   was
Bulgars Winning.
The Bulgarian legation received to-1
night official confirmation of the sur- |
render of the Servian Timok division,
numbering  4000.    Six   machine  guns.
21   quick-firers  and  a  complete  commissariat train also were captured.
Two    Servian      regiments,    which
way which has just been made public . crossed tbe frontier into Bulgaria, ac*
is taken by many In this city to ineau i cording to further advices, have been
renewed activity in and around  New 1 driven  back  to the    north    of    Egri
Westminster by the same company iu i Palanka.
the near future. 	
Appointment of Male Teacher to Surrey  School Clears  Atmosphere
of Objections.
It is understood that the capital foi
practically all the work on the lower
mainland and that on Vancouver Island  were  linked  In  one and.  either
obtained   from  London  capitalists,  or I hands of the Krench legation,
else  in subsidies,  so  that,  with    the Blue for  Servia.
projected   work  around    Victoria.    a|    Vienna,    July    5    -Private
itart  ia  likely lo    be
Diplomat Leaves.
Sofla,  July  6.���The  Greek  minlBter
withdrew   from  here  Saturday    after
placing  the Greek  interests    in    the
Sound City
on Sunday.
The Surrey school board, at their
meeting on Saturday in Cloverdale,
appointed seven teachers to aa many
achouls uuder their control, among
which were two New Wesiminster
ycung ladies, Misu llycroft, to the
South Westminster school, and Misa
Impaley, to the lijorth rood aehool.
The board were   placed in a rather
Seattle.   July    T.-���Many prominent!
speakers attending the National Con
Iterence   of   Charities   and   Correction I ,menviable position    as regards    the
reports | occupied    the    pulpltB    of    Seattle's   -jpringdale.   Port    Kells,    school.    A
made    on    the  from Belgrade indicate that even Ser-j churches today and In the afternoon a  ^    teacher    from    another   school
terminals of the compauy In this city, i vian quarters are beginning to fear large audience attended the conferenct
Another item which gives strength ]that the campaign against the Bul-'.devotional exercises at tbe Moore
o this belief is the fact thai the garlans is almost hopeless. Por Bul-1 theatre. The conference sermon was
Northern Construction company, I garla, the attitude of Roumanla con- delivered by Rev. A. 1. McKelway, of
a hich Ib doing practically ai; the con-1 stltutes tbe greatest menace*. The I Atlanta, Ga.
ttrnctlon   work  for the  C.  N.  R���    Is [Roumanian  army  has been provision- i    At night a general session was hei
Bearing  the  completion  of  the    Lulu   ally   mobilized,   but   the    government
the   auditorium   of   the
Broad wai
Bland  section,  so  that  once the  Is- j makes lier future attitude depend ntlhigh school.    Kev.  Brother Barnabas
I land work Is finished, It Is altogether (on the outcome of negotiations    with | superintendent of the Lincoln ^agricul
I likely that attention will be turned to
work in and around New Westminster
in   order   to  retain
and equipment.
Heavy  Batch of Levies From Vancouver    City     Hall���Delegates
Members cf  Local   Lodges  Listen    to
Sttrr ng  Address  in  Reformed
Episcopal Church.
suffer,    that of unholiness    and    Immorality among the clergy.
Men of this generation should he
Blow to judge their fellows of cen
tin iis ago for what no wseemed fool
ish. and should remember thai wbere
there waa little light, little would bt
required. The reformation bad bur
won for this generation, not alone bj
preaching, but by blood, and it was
the duly of tin* Orange order to main
tain and protect that for which tbeii
forefatb-i rs had fought.
Emphatically in support of Protestantism and initially Hitting In oppos!
tion to the t hurch of Home was tlie
lerinon delivered by Rev. C, E Wlncotl
ni the Reformed Episcopal church last
nighl lo Hlin.ii 150 members or Loyal
Orange lodges 1160 and 1683 and True
Hlue lodge 162, Which attended lhi
service ill a hi dy.
To prove what the n formation
tm am tti England, the Bpeaker re
luted conditions In the life of the
clergy, state and lally before ami
afti i tlm crucial period some 800
years ago,  and   from   the  comparison
pointed out   whal lie thoughl lb ll}
Hiin.' conclusion;   thai    It    would    It"
foolish  to  sav.  us  some  were  doing,
thai the English reformation had noi I
changed things for the boiler.
Reverence for the Past.
"Some   people,"   said   Mr.   Wincott,
"are   ever   eager   to  cast     uside     tin-
things of past yearB."   In many cases j
this was advantageous, but when peo I
pie  spoke  of    discarding    whut     tbe '
reformation   had   brought  about,    Inmost decidedly disagreed, and to prove
the wlseness of so doing he died eon
ilillons before and after that time.
The present generations km w little
of the struggle their forefathers underwent iii Hie early days of Kngllsli
Protestantism; lhe most glorious part1
of the history of England had been
slurred over In tbe teaching of thai!
subject   In    Canadian,    English    and
United     States    universities     ond,
The reformation brought the conn |
try from Ignorance and spiritual dark'
ness.   Before it, thefe wen- bul few
scattered copies ol the llible and the
laity were refused these.
Much or the church Services were In
Latin and wire unfamiliar to the people. In fact, Instead of opening up
the road rrom the people to Christ,
the clergy blocked it up with forms
and usuages. The reformation delivered England from the worst
plague from which a   country    could
Now   for   Big   Audit.
Ottawa, July 6 The Canadian
Hankers' association has given forma!
notice that the general managers ol
the chartered banks or Canada will al
ai pari) date select by ballot tho 40
auditors required under the provlsloni
ol 'ii" present Bank act lo provide rm
a systi ni of External Inspection ot Canadian banks. Notice Is glvi u thi
var ui banks thai the namei of thi ���
'I'liniii ea must bo In before Jul] "l
Mow  Teur Hie   Eatt.
on twi   July 6    Hon  sum Hughes !
minister of mllltla, who returned on
Friday trom a two weeks' lour of In I
spec tlon ou the Pacific coast, left on
Saturday     evening   fi"-   the   Morltlmi
provlnceB.    During the course or the
next woek he will visit the military
camps and the chler military centres
of the eastern provinces.    The minis- I
ter will  be accompanied  by Sir Ian i
Vancouver . July t. Eight mall
-inks ,.f tax notices have been dis
patched by City Treasurer Johnstone
or the 1913 levy, Practically 26,000
mvi lopes have been stamped and ad-
Iressed by the city tax officials, the
a*--; of them being finished on Sutur-
lay Taxpayers have from now un-
ii Sept. 15 to avail themselves of the
In per cent discount on their taxes
or niter that date the net amount
unit be paid. Arter Dec 2\ interest
'I 6 per cent, will be added to the
'ill The total tax levied this year
tmounts to *2,217,466 SS, as compared
.villi $3,078 749 70 lasl year.
Bg  Chief   Arrives.
.1 D. Sullivan. Montreal, chief engi
it' i- of the Canadian Pacini- railway
���ri veil In Vancouver yesterday nm'
vill remain on the coast lor some tlmt
ooklng Into the various matters with-
���i h s jurisdiction In the operation or
in- companv.    it,, was accompanied
' )    I'    K    Hi" It I'd.   In   Ch 'rite   of   thl
louble  tracking  In  the  Hriti.-ii  I
(Continued on  Page Kour)
Bulgaria tural  school.  Lin oluriaie.  X.Y..  read J
lt   is   hoped   here   that Bulgarian  tb�� report of the children's oommlttee
the gangs, teams | statesmen ��ill perceive the necessity ]****'- Sessions, superintendent of the
of coming to a speedy and amicable I Soldiers   '.*.*..*   i '."--.;. ���'
settlement     wllh     ihelr     neighbors,
whose    friendship      at      the    present
moment  Ifl Of such vital necessity    to |
I Soldiers'   home
dressed   the  meeting  .it;
'Training in  Institutions.'
fa.,     ad
For  Month  of June    Statistics    Show
More Than Twelve Million Tons
of  Freight Through  Canals.
The Servian loss of the Timok
division, in audition to the breaking
up of the Drinya division, is regarded
in well informed circles In Vienna as
presaging a speedy conclusion of the
Seven Year Old Murderer.
Chicago. July li. Harold Kragcl, a
seven year old who confessed pushing
George Hammer, bis nix year old playmate, into the fiver a week ago. was
arrested today and will be held In a
police s'atlon until tlie coroner'b In-
quest July  11,
Politics and  Rel'gion.
Montreal, July ti.   The annuo! parade of tho members of the Orange
lodges In Montreal, taking pbtoi' oe
the Sunday preceding the anniversary
(,' Hi.* ii.iiiie of the Hoyne, occurred
today. The parallels inarched to the
Olivet Baptist church, where tliey
tvere addressed by Uev. .lames Sullivan, who, lu his Sermon, made reference  to  tlle  suggestion   made  al   the
recenl  Roman catholic gathering in
Three Rivers that members of the
church should organize for political
purposes along religious lines. Ile deprecated such ideas and said he was
convinced that Ihey were nnt held by
genuine   leaders   of   Unman   Catholic
Gambling Spreads.
London, July ti Tho spread ol
Han blng among the English peopli
both men and women, is causing set-'
oui and growing concern, No measures yet have been devised lo stop thi
habit, which rapidly is becoming more
ami more of a menace,
Wreck  ,*>l Cranbrcok.
Cranbrook, B.C., July 6    The Spokane Height  was wrecked at 0 o'clock
this evening two mlleB east of Ward-
ner, 12 cars being ditched and the
track tour up for 800 feet. Telegraph
holes and wires were down for some
After Their Police.
s.attle, July 6. -Reorganization or
Hie police department along more efficient linen ami abandonment o( tin
various eccentricities developed under i
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.. July 5��� For
���he second time this year all previous
records for one month's commerce
through the American and Canadian
lanols iit Sault Ste. Marie are broken
r. the showing made in June, when
reight carried through the waterways
iggregated  12,118,618 tons.
These figures, given in the statistical report compiled by Superintend-
tit L. C. Subin, under direction of C.
N. I'alrick. district engineer, com
oared with a freight movement of 11.
376,196 tons in May this year aud
I- i wiih 10,747,169 tons in June. 1912. The
iinoiiiit ls marly as grea' as the
j'reight movement for the entire sea-
ion of 1894, when the total traffic
through the canals was 13,196,860
King   Is  Tickled.
Saloniki. July 5.���King Constantlne
haa sent the following message to all
j livisions:      "To    my    valiant    army,
j which bas shown such heroism during
the recent battles, crushing the enemy
whenever  ii   has  met  him.  1  express
my admiration and pride at being   at
its head."
Difficult to Check.
Constantinople, July ii. ��� A semiofficial Statement declares that the
government desires to maintain
neutrality. It adds significantly that
the conflict between the Balkan allies
has aroused  excitement  in  the Turk
National   Reform  Association of U.
Likely to Gather at the Golden
Gate in 1915.
Portland, July 6.- -The executive
committee of the National Reform association will finally decide upon tlie
place for holding the nexl world'*;
christian Science conference to bt
held in 1916, The question was finally refened to the committee in tin
closing hours of the present conference  today  by  adoption  of the Lusi
1 Sll
"which  it  will   be  difficult Iness committee's report.    It is under
within thc jurisdiction ot the trusteea
had been strongly  urged    to    resign
from her post to apply for tbe Spring-
dale vacancy by a number of parents
and   did   so. - Another  section   were
averse lo the appointment.    Petition*!
for and against the lady  were lodged
and    on    Saturday    two    deputations
were present to support the different
petitions.    Tbo board solved tlie ���problem  by appointing a stranger and    a
man.    The lady was asked to resume
j Iter former school.
Tie two acres    at    Ihe    corner    of
Iljort'i road, ntur the U. C. Electric
j track, for tbe new South Westminster
school   have   now   been   leveU-d   and
I prepared  for  its  erection.    The  government architect is expected to havi;
the plans ready    for    the calling    of
lenders within a fortnight. The school
site is on an eminence comma: dm,*; a
beautiful  view  of the river and   New
Westminster,  and  admirably  situated
for thu convenience of a large num
ber of children   In  this growing  district.   Water will be introduced either
from an artesian well or by pumping
through power supplied by the 1$. CL
Electric company.
The live acres belonging to the
board at White Rock for the u-ew
school to bc constructed tin re an-s
nearly cleared. The school will be
built Iti the fall. At present the
pupils are housed in a rented building, an arrangement the board regard
as unsatisfactory. Hall's Prairie school
Is rapidly approaching completion
and will be ready for occupation at
the coming term.
for the government to check."
The opinion is  general   in  Turkish
quarters    that   Turkey    should    take
prompt measures to recover some
ber lost territory.
No   Interference.
Berlin, July ti    The official    Ni rd
Deutsche Allgemelne Zeltung account
of the recent conference at Kiel between the German and Italian states
men emphasises the perfect harmony
displayed on all points,   li concludes:
"All  the  great powers agree In  prln-
Iple  lhal   lhere  shall  be  DO  interfi r-
���wiih  the former lialkan    allies.
Em-one's   problem   Is   to   localise   bus
Britain's  Chancellor Gets  Hearing  a:
Garden Party After Suffragettes
Are   Kicked  Out.
and their
July 6.���Seven suffragettes
si\ male champions, one ol
the present administration are reme- whom was a clergyman, were ejected
dies proposed by the committee iit
citizens who have appealtd to Mayot
il. K. Citterll for more adequate protection rrom petlv and sneak thieves,
burglars and holdups.
| for raising a disturbance during the
course of n speech by Chancellor
Lloyd George yesterday afternoon at
i garden party organized by the
Had cnls at  Wl st Islington.
Despite the chancellor's plea that
the removal of the disturbers be donn
gently, one woman was so badly mauled thuf she had to receive medical
attention. From that on Mr. Lloyd
crge's speech was without Interrup
$200,000 CHURCH
St.  Charles'   in   Montreal   Goes  Up  in
Smoke���Falling Bell and Steeple
Damage St. Gabriel's.
stood the committee favors San Fran
cisco. but will withhold its decision
pending negotiations with officials O, J
commercial organisations of that clt;
and  of the  Panama  fair     Invitation!
rrom  more than 40 cities aspiring t-
entertain the next conference were re
The closing meeting of Hie confer
ence, held al Multnomah stadium tonight was the most largely attended ol
any     ,\ larg.* number of extra si a
had been Installed nnd all were filled
Dr   11. C,  Minion, of  Pittsburg, pre
sld< tl  and  addresses   wero made  b>
Ng Poon Chew, of China; R, J, Patterson ol Belfast, and .1   A   Maedoiialil
of     Toronto.       impromptu     specclic:.
were made l:y a number of other prominent men and the great choir sann
several times.
ln   the   afternoon   addresses     were
made on  "Practical   Patriotism."    by
Hi*.   James  S.   Mellaw.   Pittsburg;   on
["Church Co-operation In Public Chris-
itianity,"*  Dr.   Hugh   B.   McCauley,  of
| Philadelphia,    and     "Democracy   and
I Christianity, the Foundation of Amerl-
jcan Education." President P L. Campbell, of the    University of Oregon.
Saves   Insane   Woman  from  Committing Suicide After She HiA
Drowned Her Child.
Olympla, V.'ush., July 6 Mrs. Krank
iartiiiau, wife of a farmer near Sin-jock, IT, miles east of here, drowned
her nine mouths' old baby In a creek
running through tho rarm and made
au unsuccessful attempt to drown
herself today. Insanity Is given si
the cause of the act, which occurred
while Mr. Ilartmun was doing thu
morning chores. Mrs. Ilartman would
have succeeded iu drowning herself
had not her husband hurriedly followed his dog, which barked excitedly
and led him to the scene or tho
tragedy in time to rescue his wife,
""rs.  ilartman  is  said  to have  made
Nice SoldlerE These.
Battleford, Sask., July 6.���Two
troopers or tbe 82nd Light Horse In
camp it North Battleford were brought
Into Battleford last night accused or
assault on a young girl 16 years old.
Tbe FCreams of the girl attracted the  tion.
attention of a young man wbo. on In- 	
terfering was fired at liy one of the
girl's   nspallants,   but   without   effect, i Interior Ore  Production.
The oase has aroused considerable In-1   Nelson, July   7.-ore production in.
terest. the  Kootenav and  Boundary  districts i ou Interior repairs.
. . . M   J\ i Clt I     '    ,.l.   fl   .   .   \*   ,1 4.1.   I
Montreal, Ju y ;.. The ht. Charlea iQBV| thanka ,lja j���agniem i��� ,-,.���,;,;,,
Roman Catholic church In this olty lng slngll, fcr hlg long ,iro ���nd ap.,.,r
was destroyed by lire Uus afternoon. ent health at this advanced age "My
|The loss, amounting to $200,000. was  ,|f<l  wna n(,V(,r b|*KM,,(1  by  worn*  o"r
How Does He Know ?
l.os   Angeles,   July   u,    Daniel   Tur
ner, a veteran or the civil war resid-1several previous attempts on her lif<
ing at  Santa  Monica,  who celebrated   and  is reported  to have tried to kill
liis 107th birthday anniversary yister [herself with a butcher knife arter bet
husband rescued her from the crock.
covered by insurance. Two Bremen
were Slightly Injured by a falling ladder. The blaze originated in the
organ loft, either from defective electric wiring, or from the carelessness
of  workmen  who have  been engaged
sickness because
suid I'ncle Dan.
I    never   married,'
German Minister Resigns.
Berlin, July fi.-  Genernl Joslas von
Gold In Gravel.
San Kranclsco,   July   6.���The   die-
covery of gold in the Southern Paclllc
St. Gabriel's church,  on  the neigh-'company's gravel pits ut Cordova has
la ion-   making a total for the year boring property, was saved, but tho caused a small rush to that place. Tho
to date of 1.808,866 tons,   Smelter re-| presbytery   was  damaged  when    thQ works resemble a '49    camp.    Pans,
in    demand,
he    shov.-d
during the past week amounted to 48,-
Herring, who has been minister of war I oelpts for tiie iveek were 42,191 tons steeple of St. Charles'church fell, por. .picks and shovels   are    li
slnco  AuRitst  12.  190'J, has resigned and  for tbo year to    date    1.148,969 tlons of the heavy masonry and heavy | Several  of the  men on  t
his   post.
1 bell falling through the roof.
��� crew havo added sums to their wages.
Rain Spoils Racing.
Tacoma, July G. Heavy rains, which
fell throughout the greater part of the.
day, caused the postponement of thu
860 mile automobile road race for tbo
Montamara trophy here this afternorvi.
In an exhibition round Taafe, ilrivin"!
a National, went through tho feaoe on
the carve rounding Into the -stretch
and wrecked his machine. Neither he
nor his mechanician waa Injured. Thu
accident was brought about by Taafa
attempting to dodge Jennette, who was
driving a lieu* racer directly ahead uf
MONDAY, JULY 7, 1913.
An independent morning paper devoted to the inter-sts of Sew ICc-itmiii.stcr nnd
tn* Eraser Vallffi. l**hlx*hed every meriioto except Hundiifi hy the .Vntionnl Printitio
and rnbluhing ''a******.*. Limited, *t (3 ViKcnzic Street, Nsw IFestm-htstsr, lirllisli
Cell.'"'"" ROBB SL'TIlrSRt.ASD, Managing Director.
jill eommunit-ctlio** ahould be addressed to The JVeu- Westminster News, and not
to iiittivittsol member, tif the *t*ff. Cheques, drafts, aud money orders should bc mode
payable to Tht National Printing antt I'ublishlng Companv. Limited.
TKI.KI'tlONBB���BMtaees Oltlo. -and Manager, 9M .* J-.'ditoi-lol Rooms (all depart-
tmrnl-i    991.
dueled Into office ns lieutenant-gnv-
iernor of Upper Canada on this date in
i 1792.
Hon. Desire Qlrouard, distinguished Canadian jurist and author, fn-
ther of Sir I'iili.unril I'.irounrd of African fame, was horn at St, Tlmotbee,
1'. Q,, seventy seven years ago today.
fl KSl'KIPTION BATB8���By oorrier, t* per year, 11 for Iliiea months,
���memt.     Hy moil. SS per -yaar, tic prr -mould.
iMtiinsi.Vtl BATBB on ��4>plication.
Wben the  Hrllish  Iron inijlng ship
Cromartyshire,   ol    Glasgow,    came
i limping Into the port of Halifax, tow-
40c prr I pt) by the Crcclun. Ilftccn years ngo
today, she brought tidings of an ocean
disaster that shocked and horrified
the world. On board tl.e Grecian
\vere 183 survivors of the 726 people
who liti'i sailed  from   N'ew  York f"tir
___ days b, tore on the French liner La
��� Bourgogne.   The remaining rui- people
had gone down wiih the ship, which
sunk  within  hslf an  hour arier Bhe
bad   been   ram I   by  the  Cromarty-
hlre, The collision occurred al 6
o'clock on the morning of July 4. lKflfc.,
ii .' polnl aboul sixty miles south of
Sable Island, off the southwestern
coasl of Nova Scotia. A dense fog
prevailed al Uie time, and this was1
the cause of the disaster,    The ac-
| counts Of the wreck, suit out under'
Halifax date lines on the sixth, gave
the world iis first knowledge of the
tragedy. According to some of the
survivors. Iho crew of the steamer
fought like demons to gnin places In
tin* few life boats nml rufts, driving
the list of l''>:i saved contained the
name of only one woman Beems to
confirm these allegations which attributed de. ds of cowardice and fcro-
city to the men of La Bourgogne. Oth
er Burvlvors, however, declared thai
the crew, composed of veteran men-
o'-warsmen, had the "Instinct and
habit of discipline," nad that, from
Captain Delonole down, "heroic con
duct" marked their last moments of
life. ScoreB of people lett struggling
in tin- water afier i.n Bourgogne went
dozen years scores have gone lo their quick deaths in the ^crStte."The Sft^rJl
,      ly wounded, Btaggered along until the
nmnn life hul here aftefioon, when the Grecian came up
Jinan nit, oui nut and |mvi.(1 Ihi, d|8ab]ea V(.ss,,, t0 ,,���,.
argument that, for ifax.
is made in a new
Only thc confirmed pessimist or the man who delights
in exhibiting his ignorance says the world is going backward, growing worse instead of better, but it must be admitted that there are times when modern occurrences
lend more than a passing shadow of color to the argument
that conditions are not improving on this terrestial ball.
In some things the march of progress, so rapid during
the past quarter of a century, seems to have brought
things around in a circle to the neighborhood of the year
The other day thousands turned out at Columbus, | [{J^^y mea^rof^ivatSn
Ohio, to see the automobile races and in front of a packed
grand stand one auto driver, travelling seventy miles an
hour, was ground to pieces when a tire burst and his car
turned turtle, while his mechanician received fatal injuries.
Such a mishap will not detract from the value of
automobile racing as a drawing card with the public. It
has not done so yet, for the sport is more popular today
than it was half a dozen years ago and during these half
On a Packet of Tea meana
Exquisite Aroma
Delightful Flavour
Try a Packet and
the test.
In Scaled Lead Packet* only.
IOR convention!
New   Westminster   Minister   Attends
Meetings In Victoria���Final
Gathering Tuesday.
Two Only Appointed As Yet On North
Arm   Fraser  Harbor
whirl along the speedway.
Aviation too is claiming its toll of
the patrons of this pursuit have the
every death, compensating progress
field of great ultimate usefulness. This contention may be
sound, even though it cannot carry much weight with
those whom flying has rendered widows and orphans.
With auto racing, however, the case is entirely different. It is an advertising scheme for motor car builders, a money producer for the daredevil who lives long
enough to win and a breeder in the human breast of
the same lust for blood that caused the multitudes of an-
cient Rome to turn down their thumbs on the beaten gladiator.
The difference between a "flag incident'" and foolishness is about as easily discernible as the left eyebrow
of a Mission City misquito.
The financial tide evidently has proved too high for
one old Canadian landmark, the Montreal Witness, which
shortly will take on the guise and title of the Montreal
Evening Telegram.
General Ian Hamilton and Colonel Sam Hughes
both approve of the western Canadian militia. They
couldn't do otherwise and retain their reputations for
knowing their business.
Tho coming Chautauqua is tn bave
with ii im attraction which is considered in Chautauqua circles ono of the
besl things ever produced, li "ill
conslsl of nn evening ot Abraham t.in -
coin, given by Ben Chapln, This is
in : a lecture, but is unique in that
the audience sits apparently Abraham
Lincoln himself come up n the platform and heard him for an hour nr
morn diBCUSBlng the old war times nn<l
tlio matters that were Incident to Hi"
treat civil war while lip was president.
Before the noted humorist, Mark
Twain, tlii tl he atti tided one of the
productions given by Mr. Chapln anil
then wrote the following letter.
"In the beginning while M Chapln
tlitl i-t t-iti to me a very close and happy imitation of Mr. Lincoln, it was
only an Imitation. Bul at that point
th" mlrcle began. Little by little,
si. i> by step, by lnterceptlble evolution, tli" artificial Lincoln dissolved
away and llie living, real Lincoln waa
before my eyes ami remained real until the iuil. I apply t i it tho strong
wonl 'mlraclo' because I think it Is
justified. I think that 1 have not before seen tso interesting a spectacle as
this Bteady transformation of an un -
reality Inio a reality."
South Vancouver, July 6.- One of
the first moves to be mado by the
North Fraser Harbor Commission will
be to secure the servieos of the best
iiarint;- expert available to arrange
technical plans upon which the work
of developing the now fresh water
harbor on the North Ann of the Fraser may proceed.
Throughout the entire length from
Eburne to New Westminster much of
the stream win require to be dredged.
At various points it will also be necessary to widen the stream. The
question of building wharves and jet-
ly's will lie one upon which il will be
necessary to receive technical advice.
Commissioner it. C. Hodgson is an
appointee of the Dominion governmenl
CommlBBloner F. N. Tritos has been
chosen Ity the joint municipalities In
terosteil. The public awaits with a
keen interest the appointment "i a
third member to the board anil this
appointee will he named liy the Dominion government
The third member, It is hoped, wlll
be a South Vancouver num. No announcements have been made as In the1
camliilateR for the position. Following
their generous attitude towards the
N rth Arm, it may be expected, Imw- ;
ovi-'-, that the third member will be
a competent and progressive man able
lo handle to the best possible advantage the duties which will rcsl upon
his shoulders.
It is likely that the North Fraser
Harbor Commission will seek in the
nlil country for an advisory engineer.
It may he imagined that men skilled
in tin- science of harbor building are
few anil far between, anil it will he
likely   that   after  considerable  diffi- , itv
cully that the right pian to ley out
the plans for the North eraser liar
hor will be located.
Those organizations which have ��s-
is', il iii tie bringing about of ti; new
commission are anxious that the actual work on the stream be undertaken ar the earliest possible moment.
Victoria, July 6.-The seventeenth
Baptist Convention of British Columbia opened on Thursday In the First
Baptist chureh and will be In session
until Tuesday evening. Proceedings
commenced with a board meeting,
over which Kev. D, Long, of Vancouver, presided, uud during tho morning
Hev. ii. q, Kstabruok, superintendent
or Baptist missions for British Columbia, presented the provisional program.
At the afternoon sessions -Rev, ii.
P. Thorpe conducted the   devotional
exercises and a large number of dele-
gales from different parts of British
Columbia were present Kev. II. 11.
West, of Vancouver, president of the
convention, occupied the chair, and
Kev. Mr. Kstaiirook Introduced the
new* pastors, among whom were Hev.
A. S. Lewis, of New Westminster:
Hov. (i. li. Britten of Pentlcl m, and
Hov. Hr Cameron of the Tabernacle
church of this city. The convention
then welcomed iis distinguished
guests, Um-. I it- MacKay, of Toronto,
editor ef tho Canadian  Baptist, and
Mr. .1. k. Mclntyre, of Winnipeg, general secretary of the Baptist union of
'Western Canada, who responded with
i brief addresses.
Kev. .1. ll. VVarnlcker, pastor of the
senior Baptist church ofthls city, de-
iivt red an elonucnl and appropriate
address of welcome, to which Kev.
David Long, of Vancouver, responded,
expresslngthe fi *i r that the attract ms
of beautiful Victoria would lure the
delegates from too many sessions of
the convention The cession closed
-.vitii   prayt r,  offered  by   Rev.   A.   li
Evening  S-ssoin.
M the t vening s' sslon the chair was
taken by Mr. c. .'.!  Wo idworth of v.i i
ct ii.'tr, vice-presidenl of tho convention    An address on "The   Spiritual
Mi Bsage of the church to World Move
mints"   was   tli<-   tirsi   feature   of   tli"
'���veiling.    This   was  itiven  by   Hev    11
H   West,  who dwelt on  the pioneer
work  of  the   Baptist  church   In   the
west, and nn economic conditions,
Hev .1. Wlllard l.itch, also of Vancouver, preached the dedication Ber-
i: nn, taking as Ills theme   "Steward-
hlp." Mi- I.itch pointed out that to
misappropriate was to sin. and that
thoy were all national stewards. Those
who hold posst --���si' ns held them as
Tin" funds Covetousness w-as the
commercial sin of the twentieth century. Ideal stewardship w-as the thing
lo soil'., and In Jesus Christ thoy hail
ihe pattern nf the highest example of
towardshlp yet  shown  to humanity.
il"   expected   them   to   consider   the
| needs of all and to respond to human-
si cry hy providing them with the
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
King Ge��rgc V. and Queen Mary Were
Married July 6, 1893, at St.
James Chapel.
carried   alofl   without  any   moans   of
control Ity Us pilot.
A   west   wind   swept   II   across   th"
|Hudson over this city und towards
Iie Atlantic ocean. At midnight, near
ly six hours later, no truce of the
lirililp was found, and tliere wore
fears that It had been carried out lo
London, July II. King (Ieorge V
and Cjiuen Mary celebrated their
i iiiiui wedding" today, the ceremony
that united the royal pair having heen
performed in the royal chapel at St.
James mi  July  ti,  1893.    The  brtde-
thon known as the Duke of a policeman unsuccessfully rriiii    to
Toronto, July ti. An exciting runaway occurred hern tills week, when
a horse hitched to a wagon, belonging to the Toronto Carpet ('loaning
company, Btarted east of the Woodbine and ran unchecked to Parliament
on King Btreet.    At the Kingston road
Some members of the board of trade think the raising
��� of the Oriental land ownership question is "inopportune. '
It is for those who own land as neighbors of Japs; it should
.have been raised sooner.
The suffragettes have hit on a Welsh church disestablishment measure that, for result getting, has the As-
quith bill bearing a close resemblance to a butterfly in a
high wind.   The suffragettes are burning 'em.
. A Scotch visitor to the coast snys thai bet\veOTi sixtv
and seventy distillers in whni is known as thp "land o'
cakes," produce 50,000.000 gallons of Scotch whiskev annually and even then there are some bar officials who will
persist in diluting it.
Surrounded. But Break Through Cor-
don  cf  Watchers
Nanaim i, .Inly ti. The BUspectB in
connection with the Cumberland Hank
holdup Friday afternoon, when two
Royal It ink clerks wero robbed, made
their escape from the spit opposite
Union Bay, on which thoy had taken
Although surrounded hy a si rung
cordon of watcherB, tho men were not
j In sight when daylight appeared on
Saturday   morning.
They had evidently a motor boal
moored nn th" Cult side of th" spit
���mil Immediately took tn it .-mil quiet-
ly pm out for the mainland, leaving
no   traci !    whatever.
I'r in all reports tii" holdups were
experienced hands. It is said that
they even took a gun away from one
of   -ile   clerks
C. N. P.
lt appears as thomrh the South African apnetite for
late  B
scrapping wasn't altogether satisfie
war    Press reports tell of dragoons and mine strikers
making the streets of .lohanneshnrc
Ireland common on St. Patrick's dav
imk like a north of
Probablv 'about ten per cent nf th" men who actus
irht at (ietlvsbiirg were alive tn take iiart in llie ce
bration just closed nn the historic field ant
Sam's pension list is about ten times as large
-.quarter of a century ago.   Queer, isn't it?
1 yet
as it
,vas a
Horne Payne and the juvenile nulpit orator frnm
Fort (Ieorge who described the new B.C. town ns the "gate
of hell" are paddling in the same dugout. Each onened
"his countenance and inserted his pedal extremity therein and in each ease the opening and inserting processes
have been regretted.
The European powers were all eagerness in their desire for peace in the Turco-Balkan war and the hashing
up among the victors of the Ottoman empire in Eurooe.
Now the victors are spoiling each others uniforms with
bayonet iabs and rifle bullets, but nobody hears anything
about it from the higher-ups.   What's the game ?
e ih- iry, .Inly 6 Never before in
th" history of Calgarj was there a
 *���  prosperous   utlook for tins cltj.
ami  ii"t   th" lea ll   enci 'ir.ti*.   , ���   is  llie
treini ndous  spur   taki ii   l.y   buildlnst
,'* mill      I    -I    1!.' n",       Tli,.      pre*.  I
month  i :   May   i u Idlnfi   p traits  t"
tailed  1*86.220,  wh eh  was the  i.n *
��� sl month m' tin* ye tr, ami encourag
Ing  as  pessimists  reared  thai   thoro
wat   going  t" 11* a greal  falling  i It
from thi  tn ir-1 It us record of ': i,OI I
000 In i" rmlta for 1012.
l'i rn.its tor building in nan pourlnj   ' '���'
In ��� irlj In June, howi ver, nnd are In
creasing  every  day.  bo  thai   aln ady
July   bids   lair  to  far outitrip  June,
wh eii .:������ ��� wi 11 up to last year's mark
��� Hi   i    lol il   if practlcallj a mlllli n
nd o hnll In l ulldlng.
The rt llowlng figures aro therefore
vers gi   ' tying In the ei-.  rath' rs
Cltj  r. :h un hand   $1,500,	
Mom y st cured since .Ian 1
hy sale of bonds, treasury
noies,   eli-    3,000,000
Building  permits fnr June     1,408,620
Bin et railway receipts for
Monday and Tuesday (ap-
p'-'".)             6,000
I'as t ; nors carried or. Btrt i
railway Tuesday  (appro*.)       ST a-Mi
Attendance at fair Teusday        40,000
South Vancouver, July 6.���Now thai
il Is certain that the Dominion government his set aside fnr this y�� ar
$200,000 for North Arm development,
interest is beginning to swing to proposed Canadian Northern movement i
in the municipality of the district of
South Vancouver.
in view of the fact that the Dominion government recently made a
loan of % la, 000,000 to the Canadian
Northern railway, there are people
wnn oven suggest that the Federal
power's kindly treatment, of the North
Ann of th" Praser river in turning it
Into a national harbor may have some
slinht hearing on the possible movements of that grent financial institution presided over by MacKenzie &
Recent  transfers of land in Southl
Vancouver indicate that the Canadian!
Northern Is equipping itself with an
area which may lie available some day ���
for  railway   yards.     The actlvltlos  of,
gangs of surveyors havo led people
In  believe thai   tha  entrance  to  the'
lul nei which will loud to False Creek j
will he at s' "io point between Fraser
'     I and V   I irlo road, near the 11.
r i' ;	
In tl ,  ''���    Cinndlan *Nt-
���   , rn        ��� ���" * ������������:   v. -I   , -i |,i-iii Isl-ind i
anil    I  h       I *    '*���'   *��� n   lhis   week
; * ���: Wi 'minster olty
' * lury ������* I ,utu It land the Cana-
d an Northern would i mnecl with
thi   11   ''   i:   It     i*  has always been
known tl         t Ion �� ib to he made
i the 'i C Klectric al Steveston
tssisl Iii se< ming
m ' ded pn perty, k* pi ei crel its Intent en to ti at the othi r end with
Hi" il i- Rlectrlc's
i ��� ��� ��� t! I ii d *'i the
lit rond and 'he ''. N. R. i.i rapidly do-
"it* t'i grad i" ""i il"tl to make the
connection. Forty men are employed
at  this cat-en,
Tracklaylnc en ���'������������ C. N. li. Lulu
'viand line Is n> w proceeding apace.
I -isi we, k the first ''��* rails wire laid
; by hand, anil when an engine arrived
from Vancouver the work of getting
'lie rails fik'tl to the ties commenced
to pr' ������'������ i' wllh r-pldltv. Work on
iho t'"'t .* ���,.,,���., ii1(. i;,,lrUpr. stretch
Is n*f'-''-r i>?ilsfnctory progress.
Fvr' ������* r.rjr.ie-. ti Nr�� York
thini-s tliey needed. He believed that
the Baptists as a denomination had a
message and a mission for which they
I wore resonnslble.    He did not underrate what had been done hy the labor
' confirmed in his conviction that  thev
, unions and other churches, but he was
i had a contribution to make to Canadian   nationality  which   no  one  else
��� possessed,
lie thought thnt the churches should
: ���*������. as '""iibitnrs to bring onl the op-
������ ���������"���"> ties therein and mother Ihem
mt" ii;.'
Rev ll F Warnlck, of Vancouver,
rt'sm'i si tl the gathering with the
groom was i
York, as Queen Victoria still sat on
Britain's throne, and Kdward. the
duke's father, held the title of Prince
of Wales. The honeymoon was Bpenl
at York Cottage, Bandrlngham, which
i ecame the principal homo of the
iluke and duchesB. It was there, too,
thai most of iheir six children were
li is well known thai tin* Princess
of Wales, now Dowager Queen Alexandra, I'Ppost ii the match '���������>' some
time. Tlio alliance was favored Ity
the Prince of Wales ami was popular
witli the people, and those consldera-
tli ns, evi n nn re than the attachment
that had sprung up between the jou
pie. induced the princess to give her
The romance of Britain's klnn and
queen had its beginning in sti'lio -s
and sorrow. Princes Victoria Mary of
Teck was betrothed to the heir io the
throne, tin* Duke of Clarence, the
elder ami of the Prince of Wales, In
December, 1891. Many of the ar
rangements for the wedding had been
made, and the date was set for February, 1S02, whon the duke became ill
and died suddenly on January 27th.
Princess May. as she was popularly
known, received proof of the affection
in which slt>. was hold by the English
people in tho months following the
death of her betrothed, After the period  of  mourning had   passed.   Prince
.George courted the princess in his
quiet, charat-tt ristie way, and soon
won her heart     ll Ins toon said tha'
: his wooing hail reached the point of
a betrothal before tho Prince and
Princess of Wales wore informed ol
lhe   attachment.     However   Hint   may
be, the engagement waa formally announced on May 10, IS!)", and the mar-
j riage took  place on the sixth of the
following July.
mako a  capture.
.Ins. Meyers, proprietor of u garage
un Orrlllla street, anil Harry Moore
of tin- Prince George hotel, worn irav-
elllng in a motor car towards Seiirlioro
Beach, anil when lhe horse passed at
a gallop Mr. Meyers al once turned
ami pursued. There were nol many
rlKs ou King at this hour, bul one
buggy met witli disaster ul Knox avenue.
'1 he   car  soon   overtook   th"   horse,
 I,   driving  with   one  hand,   Meyers
tried to grasp the bridle but li-.e bnrso
Bwerved antl escaped,
This was repeated three tint's, tint
ai Parliament strei t. by climbing out
on   Ihe   runnnlng   board,   Mr    Meyers
managed to capture the runaway,
which was beginning to tire, und took
the outfit iii Hie police station
All along the lino police ami pedestrians tried to Illock the horse's
passatge anil thoy were loud In their
praises iu 'ho nerve and daring of the
driver of ttie ear.
It was like old limes to Meyers as
he was formerly an auto racer and
last year drove his car through the
fence at the exhibition track
Eut Military Can tain Brings Men Out
By Force
Rnokane, July 6     Several  members'
of tho national guard  who desired  to,
attend  tli" annual emcampment wore
refused leave of absence by their om-
ployers.    captain   Maurler of    Company  ll. sent  Bquads to arreBl    and
hrln��� two men from their work. When
their employers objected the men ac- ,
oomptinled  their    comrades    without
Iii striking contrast witli those who
protested the loss of employees was
ono case in which the secretary and
stenographer were the onlv office
men, and Ihe secretary, in giving the
Stenographer permission to poin ills'
company said: "Guess I can manage
to set along by myself for a week or
In another Instance a salesman with
an appointment out. of the city was
r< iieveii hv tha manager of the firm,
who made Ihe trip himself so thai
tho employee could proceed to thc
encampmt 11.
Sweethearts There
Tlio ll'li men nntl six -fficer:- lefl
qnokane bv special Northern Piclflc
train for the emcampment grounds at
Cosm-nve. tear Tacoma. Thev pro
��� ent. il ii fine and soldierly appearance
������a ihey marched from lhe armory  to
early tralia
Free  Minor,
Edinburgh church. In 1SS0 he wenl
to London as pastor nl Ihe Regenl
Square  Presbyterian  church, and  re
*t* ill *   I  there until   18S2,  vie*.,  be  I..*
gan IiIb notewi rihj i nreer na mission
preai her  ������ ith  the I ite D   I,   Moody
A:  I." e*. *���' r.rll i he ' mreri Crenl Brii
aiii. in land, 1 idln, South  \frlca. Am
Ne-.i   Zealand,   Turkey,     Asia
I! e Unlli 'i stai"s and Canad i
and   became   famous   throughout   the
The Rev. John McNeill, who re" nl
ly became paator of  Cooke's  church
Toronto, was Horn in Houston. Pen-
Ti-ewehire, fifty-nine yearn ai:o today
the son of a quarry man.     His
education   was  received   in   thn
Church schools or his native village
and at the age or firtoen he entered  ns an eloquenl  nnd forceful preacher.  Franca
lhe railway service,    lie was twenty- iWithint he last Ovi years he has Bnrve-
threo when he abandoned railroading ed churches in London and Liverpool
to study for the ministry.   After eight Canada has attracted few more did   i
years  of siudy    at    Edinburgh   and guished clergymen than the *.e\  .lohn
���tJlasgow    univ-crsities.    nnd    the Free [McNeill.
Church    Divinity    Hall  al   Glasgow,! -
he   w*  ordained   and   called   to  uu     Col  John  Craves  Slmcoe   wai   in   (
United Catholic Parly in Canada
Three  Rivers,  Qu��.,  July    6    The
supremacy of the church in mtittrr:
moral end  religious,  it*- rlghl  to be
sole dii*. t'ii>r of the educal nn "f !t
* li   * "tl tho necessll    if ., Cn'.lrd
Catholic  parly   in   Cnnndn   In lead   nl
the old tli'. is'on of Lilt-- ils and C, ������
r* it These   wt re  bi * ing  thi
doctrines reaffirmed at tli" t pt nlni
of tin- Congress of the A ��������� id itlon
Catholic  do  la  Jouiit's:*," Cnnailh nnn
Which look plan in |),,,
city hall at Throe Hiver'*, some two
hundred delegates being presenl from
vnrlotii parts "f the province The
hall w it flllt tl with citizens of i'te
town, who aro Bhowlng greal Inten -���
������ i ��� ���:-,'��� b, and hat e di on I d
* *.* the i.' * ... ii'ii.
rails,    A camp Is I the depot antl stood nt ease until or-
cirnor of No.   di roil   to enter the train.
A large number of wives, sisters
"werthearls anil other friends
came to see the men off, Anionir them
were mnnv vounc children evidently
nroiul of their daddies' military euuip-
ment, and there was also n small con-
tlnrenl of babies. There were no
tears or sobs hnt smllefl, laughter and
c 'od natitrod joking wcre quite in or-
d'f also some klsres.
,Iu?t before th" train    moved    out
many  of  the children  were lifted  no
t i kiss Roodby to their fathers throuvh
���'ie windows of the cars, anil the bab-
PaHs,  Julv ���',      Ther llemmi rp'";n  ''i  were  generally handed  right. Into
* ni ""'r"f  Hit  he his "ne-.-nii  Rvr    'h-  cars  fir a  parting  caress.
I'm Nnshltt  Thaw nnd Jack Clifford       Many  of  the  "host  girls"  brought
for his brother,  William    Hemmer-  bouquets of roses, which were broken
'���t'in. manager of the Victoria then    up and distributed among the guards-
Ire  In   New   Verlt,    They  will  receive   pien.    The train loft  amid the cheers
 Inrv   ,���   f'.Kin   a   week   and   will p' tho men f'tl Iho waving of hands.
open   \i'*n*t    i.    Mr    Hammer i in  by those on lhe platform.
Many Build In Saskatoon.
sisk.-linen. Julv 6.-  Building   P*r-
11b  for  Juno  amounted  to  $240,310.
London, Ont,  July  fi.    Large congregations atti tided the First and Dun '
das  Centre   Methodist  churches   lasl
Sunday  where  the  pastors  preached
'heir  farewell  sermons.      Rev     Dr.
Thomas   Manning   who   has   been   for
four years in charge nf the Dundas
Centre church, has boen  transferred
��� i Stratford, and he takes with him
tho deepesl regards of the people
lure. Ile has heen a splendid pastor
of his people, recognizing no class
distinctions whatever, hut winning the
hearts of all, and in his sermon this
morning he made a lasting impression upon the congregation . Al the
First Methodist church, Rov. Richard
Whi tin f bade his congregation fare-
well. He has been one of the leading
preachers during bis pastorate, and
his sermon tonight was an earnest appeal to continue the good work of lhe
church. The largo congregation of
this church regrets tbat ho is leaving
the London conference, having accepted a call to Winnipeg.
London, Ont.', July fi. When Her
man Pocock, a west London lad, was
electrocuted some time ago the water
commission decided to purchase a pul -
motor, which it was claimed, could
have restored the victim to consciousness, but thore was a disagreement
over the price, find there been one
of these modern scientific Instruments
in the dty yesterday it is said. Unlives of both the NIchollB boy' could
have   been   saved
li was learned yesterday that the
family which suffered the double
drowning of Friday bus heen most unfortunate. Six years ago when living
on a farm In McGllllvraV township,
th' y lost their home nnd barns by I
fire und were uninsured. Three years I
aeo eight members of their family j
wore 111 at one time with dlp*heria, |
a"d they have had one Illness after an- I
ether ever since.    Mr. and Mrs. Nlckle |
��� .   ..._,..,��� ����� ,i10 dpad hoys came to
Ixindon last fall.
MflV    WKSIMINSTKit    LODGE   NO   ��.
n. A 1'. O   of Kilts "f the ll   of C, ���""���ct
the first and third Thursday at I p m..
K of P. Hull. Blghth afreet A w.lle
llrny. lCxulled lluler , P, 11. Smith, Hss*
,. O. O. M.. NO. Rfi-l
flrit, second, third antl fi
��� lay In ench month
In lhe Moiihc Home.
dictator; F. K. Jone
Headquarters of lodge I
comer of Fourth mul Can
'irlli    Weilnes-
,t s p. m.,
{. J. l-e;,iny,
i,     Becretary,
l     S'-e     Hi,'1*'",
arvon streeta.
regular meeting of Amity lodge Na
27. I. -5) o. F.. Is held every Monday
liluht ut R o'clock In Odd Follows' He.ll
corner llirnnrvon and F.Hriilli Htr��.-i'te
vpiltirii; brethern cnr.ilnllv Invited
R. A. Merrlthew. N. O. ; .1, RoberUoO.
V. r..; W. c. Coatham, 1'. O , moord-
InK secretary! U. W. Suiikso r, flnan-
eltil secretary.
l'-r & Hanna. Ltd.) ��� Funeral dtreotnrf
nnd embalmer-fl. parlors 40f> rnlurtihl��
street.    New   Went minster.    Phons SSI.
VV. E. FAI.ES���Pioneer Funeral Dlrn-r-tor
and Emtmlmer. 612-61S Akih-m Mrefct
opposite CarneRle Library.
1.   J.   A    BURNETT,   AUDITOR
CCOUnUint      Tel.    R.    128.    Hoom    ������
p. it. Smith. w j Orovea,
Work   ini'lerliik-n    In    city    and    outside
points,    211-1;    Went minster   TriiHt    Item.
Phono   3��4.     P.   O.   Bn**   507.
Sale, lieetls. Business Letters, etc ; circular u-.tik specialist All wnlk strictly
Confidential. H. Harry, room UN WeBtmlnster Trust Blk.    Phono 702
ster board of Trail" meelH In tli" board
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month; Quarterly meeting
on ttie third Friday of February, May,
August and November at h p ,i. An,
ti'iul meetings on the third Friday nt
Feimiary, 0. II. Stuart Wade, seoro
i V",*> !n t ��� i|nn ���-. "'e nil th" m --t ���
"I-** \".t"t li -. r.-*.| hence It was nt c
��� -sary lo offi r her a big snlary.
P.lalrmere 8t*lken Rate,
nialrmoro, 11. C Julv B At. the recent meellne of the e < moll tho t*o
rn'n for tt'sirreore wis Ft.ruck al 15
mills for Bchi ol end 1" i ilils for tow n
The list of i itlmates ror the scht nl
district Included: Salaries, $11,345;
bond ; iii rest. $1 )'.. *. fi el, $140: sun
* lii s, fm'���:  l'**:*t;  ,-r't '". ?xr."    iii
cldi . ' ils, J"' i;  to: ���:., '.:���>��� a.
'"ringing the total permits for the llrsl
six months of the year up lo $1,8159,-
306. The feature of the month's permits is the large number of residence
nermlti taken em, those over $3.00(1
amounting  lo the substantial  tutu  of
$102,000,   Tim largest Individual permit Is Ihni for the separate S"hool on
ii !���   ii'n Btreet, the permit being for
""���""   Tu , t���t-ii number of permits
was forty-one.
New York, July 8.- A dirigible bal
loon, carrying George M. flay, a youth
fill aeronaut who was awept away
from the N- w Jersey shore of Iho
Hud'-on and was fnr six hours unheard ef fr.-irn hero, fell In the waters of I/ong Island Sound at I.?,') on
Frldnv according to definite word
received  early  this morning,
(lay was saved from "i ��� crew of
the steamer Sagamore, which sighted
the hallo ti before it reached ihe water's Burface. a mile and a half off
shore, The dirigible sank and (In;,-
was picked up after swimming aboul
for five minutes. The balloon covered a distance of aboul 26 milea In
its   uncontrolled   flight.
Motorleee and rudderless, iho dirigible was swept  by  a gust  of  wind
from  the hands   if five  men  holding
ii lo the ground on the New Jersey I
[side of the Hudson  river, uud wua
risters, Solicitors, etc.
New Westminster,   0.
0.    J. H. Grant.    A.  F
411  l,i.rm
E.  I'orlu
.  BAR-
HI reel,
uld.  K.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. TelephoM
10 It, Cable tidiHeH.', "Johnston."
Code. "Weetern Union," Offloos, Elite
Block. f.r,2 Columbia Btreet, New Westminster, B. C.
alrfe HarrlRtiTS and Sollchou, Weet-
niiiiiiier Truat nm., Columbia street.
New Westminster, B. C. Cnblo addreas
"Whiteside,-' Western l'nlon. p. o.
Drawer 200. Telephone l|�� W i.
Whiteside, IL C.: 11. 1,. Edmonde. D.
. BTILWELT, CLtlTB, llarrlster-at-law,
solid",! etc.. oorner Columbia and
McKoi .-ie streeta, New Westminster,
B. C.   i*. ii   Hex 112.    Telephone  710.
Solicitor and Notary, Offices Hart
blnck,  28  Lorne   street. New Westmin-
Sf '.   1!    <-
Bill-l-l  |. i       ���
"*'        li..:
''       l,
' !ai .'.'ly.
d  Solloltora,   mis to si*
t'i"!   Block,    tl.   E.   Mar-
icQuarrle   nntl George l*.
' MONDAY, JULY 7,  1913.
Many   Countries   Considering   Abolition   of   Capital   Punishment���
Pope Thlnk�� It Necessary.
birthday, he made use of his preroga-
tl\ * of clemency in favor of no lesB
than six murderers and commuted tho
death penalty of as many more on last
Good l-'ridiiy.
His sentiments nbout  the   matter
jhuve recently been revived    by    lbe
iiii'ws of the deuth of Fern I's daughter in  Impoverished    clrcumstan :es
Indeed, H is the remembrance of how
In- wus overruled in tlif Ferrer mat-
it r  that  has  caused  Alfonso  to  take
'un active part In the movement of bis
government   for  the  abolition  of the
death penalty.
���lust ill the present moment Un*
Question of capital punishment Ib engaging Hi'- attention of the entire
clvllr/.id world. In Spain tbe government bas announced that it is preparing a measure for tbe abolition of
the death penalty. Ai the recent u '
Inn oi t *' b.n ol (ii rtii.-u y ,0 vt tes
wet" can in favor of Iis maintenance
while i'i if tlm*-..' preson ilaoed
(hemselvi s on record us advocating its
At si Petersburg privy council,
Tagamet!, who enjoys International
fame .is a crlmlnollgat, is in din' dis
grace ror having delivered a publlc
Bpeech in behalf of doing away with
the callows for political offenses, li
is known thai Premier Kokosow nml
Minister of the interior Maklakoff are
membership in the councll of the empire, which is, io ull inifiiis and pur-
post b, tii" senate of Russia,
Tho chamber of deputies of France
has Beveral strongly backed proposals
before il for doing away with ilu*
death penalty, in England a bill has
beiii Introduced in tb" bouse of commons providing thai no criminal sliall
bo non to ib" scaffold mult r tbe age
oi twenty-one: while at Rome it i.;
reported that Plus X. is preparing un
expression of the attitude of tbe
church with regard to capital pnnlsh-
Pope May State Belief.
generally  assumed ut  Rome
ilu- P"intiiT will, basing bis in--
Victoria, July ii.   Tb
sion appointed  lo consider the question of "belter terms," us it  is collo-
1 qulaly  called,  In  now-   on   tbo  eve  of
i not tint,' down to business, acoordlng
'to a Btatement made yesterday, and
within tin- noyt few  weekB Hi" first
I session of the   commissioners    will
open, in nil probability In the capital
Olty of Victoria.
Speaking on the ibis subject, sir
Richard McBrlde, stated thai he bad
received a number of Inquiries concerning the commission, and now be
was able to state, upon the advice of
K. V. Bodwell, K. C, commlaaloner for
tin province, thai li" expected to have
Toronto, July 0 Financing the a flrst conference with his fellow oom-
purchase ot the Toronto Btreet Rail    mlBSloner, V.  A. Lath. K. C��� for the
way and the To, t��� .���:..-.-trie Llghl  S^^xX* V.^12
Co., is one of the chief obstacles that ( dQy (ir two for lh(, purp0ge ,)f ,���,,.,.
financial nun sea In the way of thi |ng with Mr. Lash and appointing the
carrying oul of tbe deal.   Thoy polnl  necessary third member of the com-
oul thai  in the present Btate of tho mission.
,.  ���   ,  ., As u necessary preliminary to    the
money murk' I. Toronto would find ll BeMlonB nf th(, commission, the pro-
I virtually Impossible to raise the $24,- vlnclal government has arranged for a
BGO.OOO necessary to complete the re- very careful compilaticn ot all Infor-
��� ;in.*i ii {29,000,000, after the city has
wiiii ii knlft in ins band. He I t^rti
to chase me with the knife and I i u
People ��lto resld, il in lb" neighbor
hood followed and just as be *
throwing btg rocks at me tie- patrol
��':"*' drove up and the officer plac
ed him under arrest."
Scott, on the witness Btand, ni * *
led that Barman bad fired three shots
Floyal Commission on  Eve of Getting  al   him,  all  wild, and  mat  after the1
shots were fired lie began the fusllade
of rociis.    Barman asserts   tbat   no i
trouble bad preceded the assault and
that he does not know the man.
Henry   Zenl   testified   that   lie   nml
Marble had been invited by Scott to
royal oommis-1 acoompany him to tbe room of a wo-
������������������      might     '
Do��n to  Business���E.  V.  Bodwell, K. C, Goea Eatf.
bid    ber
Arrcilcan Ship Captured Near Boston
Does Duty ao W..'.er Mill In
London, .luly ti.   One
ago tbe liritish frigate
the American  frigate C
Boston and captured hei
r City
of  Toronto  to
Say E
Railway   Co.,
man   friend   t'.itit Ii
good bye.
Potatoei Hit Face
When they reached the room of the
woman, win-re she wus ill   in   bed, '*1'' greatest
Scott began throwing puis and kettles '''''>'���    Seven
from tin- stove ut tbem, they testified.
The pot of boiling potatoes shied al
Marble struck Zenl in tbe face. Mar
ble diiekid and the force of the blow
aad llle marks of the burns were left
on the fai" of Zenl.
Neighbors testified that Smtt bad
been trying to pou." boiling water from
a teakettle oul of the upstairs window
of   the   house   onto   Zenl   and   Marble
and that children playing beneath the
wind *.v win.* scalded.
on the Bcrlptures, declare that accept
though Christianity teaches mercy end
forgiveness, yel death for certain
crimes is plainly prescribed by divine
law. and necessary for the repression
of ct rtaln  forms of  wickedness.
That ether churches share these
views to a great extent is apparent
from tlie utterances and writings ol
many of their lending clergy. An article published hist March by the late
BlBhop William C. Doane of the Protestant Episcopal diocese of Albany,
N v��� he pronounces himself unhesitatingly In favor of the enforcement
of the extreme penalty of the law
"It is a somewhat curious thing
tlial in the four states where capital
punishment has been abolished murders have steadily increased," says
the Bishop "In Michigan, lowa,
Colorado, and Rhode Island, the legislature restored tin< death penalty
owing to the marked Increase of
crimes of violence."
Wilson's Attitude Emphatic.
President Wilson's altitude toward
the problem received a striking Illustration a fortnight ago, when be refused to Interfere with the death sentence of Nathaniel Green, convicted ot
felonious assault at Washington.
Moreover a number of murderers were
sent  to the electric chnir at Trent
assumed the J-I.iii u.owi of bonds out - i
ttandlng against the two companies
They polnl to the growing cautlousn b
of London In taking Canadian municipal debentures, nnd to the trouble
experienced last year in trying to float
$0,000,000 of bonds. Some say that t'i"
iToronio Railway Co. sharholders will]
the city's bonds for their pro
perty and this view  is borne out by
the remarks of the mayor to th" ef
fed that he expected no difficulty In
financing the deal.
Money Tight
"The city will hava a hard time
���"tt;i,-. ��25.000,000 anywhere," said a
financial man who specializes In
municipal aecurleties. "Money is
wry tight just now and municipal Be-
I'tirlitics of tiny kind are very hard
to dispose of. The Kngllsli rn-irki ���
has been flooded for year past with
Canadian municipals, until now Eng-
lisii Investors have got about all they
want of them for some time to come.
Mr Horne Payne's speech of a short
time ago, in which he warned English
Investors against Canadian municipal
debenturea. may not reflect with entire accuracy the opinion of Kngiish
financial nun, but It least shows that
Hure is a growing feeling against
tbem, Toronto's experience lust year
Is another case in point. Besides all
this, vou must remember that many
capitalists do not look with favor on
munlclpally-OWned railways or lighting systems, and would he very loath
to lend money to Toronto for acquiring such properties, even if money
were plentiful. As things nr", 1 am
unite  sure  that  Toronto  conld   never
matlon dealing with thn subjeel In any
way whatevi r. The work has been
un lertaken under the supervision of
ii. E, Oosnell, whose knowledge ol the
province Is unique. In addition to
thii. E. P. Davis. K. C, and C. E, Wilson haa been retained to acl on behalf of the province.
The case for the Province will be
op tied by the Hon  W. .1. Bowser, at-
Hold3   Up     Portland     Bank���Secures
V10O���Escapee and Captured After  Exciticg Chase
Portland, Ore., .luly 6.���Virgil Per-
ralne, 2D years old, who says he came
ber,. recently from St. Louis, robbed
"���my general, al the Bpeclal requestlthe First State Hunk at Milwaukee,
ol the premier, At tho present time Ore., six miles south of Portland yes-
the attorney-general Is extremely busy terday afternoon, by lidding up the
with departmental work, bul hn has cashier and his assistant, He escap-
-��� ;, ��� nted to act In this capacity Hon. ed with the loot, about $400, and later
Mr. Bowser is leader of tbe provincial was captured by a pone after he had
bar, und conseouently ll is regarded stood submerged to bis neck In u
as only right and primer that be Bhould cn ek for two hours in hope if eluding
appear on behalf of the province be-  detectives.   The money wub recovor-
N. J��� during Woodrow Wilson's terms  rl.,.,t   debenture!   for   $25.1100.000   ex
as  governor  of   New   Jersey. ,     , ���  nlin,uh,iy Wgh rate."
Raymond   Polncare.     president     of.
Prance, was an ardent champion of
the movement for llle abolition ot
capital punishment until lust March
llm Blnce he bas become president of
France li" has found it to be Impos
Bible to adhere to bis former views.
and while be bus commuted the death
sentence of one murdered to penal
Servitude lor life,  be bus denied ap
l'erritie entered tho bank alone and
unmasked al 1 o'clock. A. H. Zanders, assistant cashier stood at the cash
wicket, while A. L. Bolstead, cashier.
sat a little back, eat lng bis luncheon
from a basket Perrine was armed
with a revolver, which he levelled at
the two men, forcing both to stand
together With arms upstrt-tolu d. while
With one hand be placed the rolls of,
coir, frtin the nearest tray In his pock- *
let. Then, still keeping the hank men
covered, he backed out the bank door
[ and   fled.
Fired   Several   Shots
The  pursuit was  most  spectacular,
Sheriff  Mass  of    Clackamas    county.
The general  interest  that   is being  and Sheriff Wood of Multnomah were
���aken inthe "better terms" commis-1 notified by telephone and arrived with
sion bv the general public is verv con-  posies almost simultaneously,   chief
Blderable.   The premier says it is no I of   Police   Reed,  of   Milwaukee,  had
surprise to him  that this is eo, be-   preceded them In the chase.
cause be thinks that It Is not too much I    Cashier ltolstcad fired several Bhots
to sav tbat the questions to be settled ! from a rifle at the fleeing robber, and
and the conditions to be adjusted are; later  when he wis hard  pressed  by
"lore  'mportant  than  anything    that the pobbc under the dputy shrift, rom
has affected the history of the prov-i Kelly,    of
Ince since confederation.
ft re the commission.
When and where the sessions of lhe
commission will be held are twin
questions that are yet to be decided,
but It Ib understood that thev will be
answered ;.t an early date. Mr, Bodwell wll) be gone only a few days,
and upon his return it Is expected that
��� be itinerary will be drawn up: I low-
let'*.: the commission will sit is another quertion that cannot be answered In the meantime. As a matter
���>f fact, it is Imposlble to estimate
Hi" tenure of the commission at this
time, for the work to be undertaken
's of such a nature ns will require
croat deliberation and, In many in-
���i'mces, extensive debate.
fluency in no
than ten
Mayor Optimistic
Mayor  llocken  would  not say just
how the city would finance the deal.
1 ut Indicated that it would not be necessary to float debentures In  London.
*i don'l anticipate   any   difficulty
villi the financing of the purchase of Capital Needed to Run Fruit Farn-i
ti.,.   street   railway   and   the   Toronto Successfully
Klectric Light Co.. by the city, ir the Kaslo. 11. ('., July >; An Interest-
terms otherwise are such that tbe j |ng story of the difficulties attendant
"*:ti7"iis decide to go abend with the upon fruit ranching without capital
project" tleclared Mayor llocken. sufficient to see tbe settler through.
"That is not causing me any worry , was told hero before the agricultural
1 ent quite sure that if the citizens commission on Thursday by John Ar-
approve   of   the   purchase,   we   shall   ober. who Is engaged in improving pro
peals f"
other Instances.
In Belgium nearly fifty years
elapsed since any criminal has been
put to death. This Is all the more
astonishing since capital punishment
still figures in the criminal code ol
Belgium and that murderers are frequently sentenced to the scaffold. The
crown, however, since the accession
of ibelate king to the throne, bus made
use of Its prerogative of clemency 111
every case
Leopold's Reason Shown.
Louise of Orleans, mother of Leopold, on ber deathbed extorted from
him a promise that he would never
sanction the execution ot B death sentence in Belgium. This pledge be
strictly adhered to. The Belgium law
pr. scribing death as punishment for
murder bee.-mo a dead letter, and his
nephew ami successor. King Albert.
though bound by no such vow, lias
followed bis example.
Much misapprehension prevails with
regard lo capital punishment In Hussia.     It   was   llrst   abolished   by   Km-
press Elizabeth In I7.r>t>. restored later,
nml then again abolished by Empress
Catherine thi Croat towarda the end
nf 1795, The abolition, h iwever,
merely applies to the ordinary criminal
code, nnd tint to military or naval of-
fenses. For these latter it bus been
retained, as an indispensable liiBtru-
ment of discipline.
Ordinary murderers are never sen
t tu eti to death, bul to lifelong pen"
servitude In the mines of Siberia,   tr
in a great penitential island of Bagha-
Nihilists Force Penalty. Stamp Sales Increase.
When In 1878 the Nihilists rirst be- , Saskatoon. July ti Before the became active, the government found ginning of the llscal year. Prealdent
that il could not rely upon the courts I Ublster made the prediction thai
for this speclea of crime. II Is the stump sales at the port office would
cnuri" mnrlial. therefore, thai haveUhow an Increase of $'J.r.''0 <'-*.crv
during the last three decades con- , im,nth over the corresponding month
signed t I the gallows so many Nihl- !nf last year- ''"or Aprtti May and June,
have no difficulty In raising the
mean:- to carry It through." The may
or w,.uld not say just what the arrangements for paying the railway
company would be, but he mado it
clear thnt the city would not have to
"..I S26.000.000 worth of municipal
debentures In the open market In order to pay In cash. "If that were tho
case." said the mayor. "1 would not
be very sanguine or the agreement go
lng through. I very much doubt if
the city could raise $2B,000,000 by debentures with thc bond market in the
state it is now, and the prevailing
scarcity of money. We could only get
the money on very high terms, if at
all, and tha city's credit for years to
come would be curtailed."
Pay With Debentures
"The Toronto Railway Co. shareholders will probably agree to accept
city debentures for tholr properties."
said one well-informed financial man.
while discussing the question. "They
will gel tlieir 4 1-2 per cent, regularly
the security Is perfectly safe, and
they want cash they will be able lo
sell Hi" debentures In small lots without anv loss to themselves. Possibly
lht re will lie some clause in the agree-
 t malting It necessary f ,r the   'Uv
io buy buck the debentures for ""-it
sonic future dale If the sharehold-
so desire."
lists concerned in the assassination or
attempted assassination of members
oflhe reigning family and In the slaying of dignitaries of the government
As the matter stands now, u revolutionist who makes an unsuccessful attempt to put un end to the existence
of u government official Is liable to
capital punishment, whereas  un ordl
Criminal, even If convicted of n
murders, cannot be sentenced to
the tlrst three months of the fiscal year
the average incense is t2lf,2. showing
that Postmaster Isbister's prophecy is
coming true des pile the fact that the
incn use of 1012 over Wll was so BUO-
stnntial. Tho total slump sales for
���\pri. May and June amounted to
���������I i no furnishing another proof ot
���hf. wonderful record of stamp sales
��� *,, Saskatoon. Postmaster IsblBtor
-.. b i    Is   greatly   pleased   over   the
...-,-.,.Ml--. -:���-    Which    Is    eh*irie!"l-i.'ilU'
llv work of the post office despite thi
Inck *���'' r nm. reiterated hla pr" nhecy
thnl the monthly Increase of J':.re1" In
the 't-*"-i sales would be apparent
. vi rj month.
riv near Twin Hay, five miles south
Kaslo. Mr Archer, according to
his evidence, bought 2:, acres of laud
nt Mirror Lake, from the (Ireat Northern railway some thirteen years
ago. He secured It very cheaply as
land wns not valued so highly here at
thai time. He cleared a portion of it
the first year and during the see nnl
planted some potatoes and small fruits
He found however, that on account
of tho sandy nature of the soil, irrigation was necessary to muke potatoes
a successful croft and in order to irrigate he was obliged to borrow some
money on a nine months' mortgage.
paving fifteen per cent. His crop of
potatoes next year was a good one,
some of the tubers winning first prize
at the Kaslo and Nelson fall fairs.
However, he did not succeed In clearing   df the mortgsge.
The  next   year he   wns laid  up  for
moiithF with an attack of blood poisoning and was unable to attend to the
farm, und he got away behind, being
if I spttrcely able  to -111001 'tbt-stfea^, pay-
' incuts on the miirtzae-r.    Kori-closii'*"
'was threatened-*.-but 6 pnrly with some
capital   came  along   and   offered   to
tak" over his  place, with  the tnort-
cac"  for *'2lill  cash.     Mr.
nothing i Ise to do but  to accent  nod
B few months later the puniusii- waa
alii" en Rcoount "I the rantd lunrei	
ii trull land values nt that time to
..it ���'-" propertv tor nearly $2000
The witness B-.iUl that if he had been
able to borr iw th" money
lo finance him through thi
j years from the government
ovet long term payments, lhal he
would have not hnve forced to l"t go
Of a home Unit is wortli $500(1 today
A number nf other witnesses before
the commission agreed as to the desirability of some arrangement being
made for the securing of money over
long term payments by settlers, lu order So tide them over the years when
their farms  were  producing little  or
nothing in the way of revenue.
Milwaukee,  l'erralne turn
1 ed quickly and fired two shots at his I
pursuers, stone of the shots taking ef-1
I feet. I
As the    robber run several rolls of  Council
silver  dollars   fell   from   bis   pockets. *
He  made for a  dense  wood near by,'
and followed by shots from rifles and
revolvers of posaemen, plunged in the
wood,   which   wus     surrounded,     and
sticks  of  dynamite   were  hurled   into
the brush  In  hope of dislodging him.
The thickets on all sides were thoroughly   searched.      I'errlne.   however.,
had plunged Into a pool beneath an
old mill wheel in the woods.
Submerging himself to his neck, he
held his position and  escaped observation for two hours, the coldness of,
the    water    finally    forcing blm    ioj
hundred yearn
Shannon met
aesapeake oft
��� after one of
lights in naval his-
eara later the Chesapeake was a water mill peacefully
grinding OUl corn In the slumberous
Hampshire village ol Wlckham, and
there today she still stands. "One of
the swords which have been beaten
Into ploughshares," an Kngiish writer called ber, the other day.
The visitor tlnds Wlckham to consist of a big, peaceful square, surrounded on three sides by quaint, low
shops and Inns and dignified houses
with charming Georgian fronts, und
with a trimming of cobbled pavements
round   it.   Wlckham   is   in   the   softly
undulating Meon valley, tbe bome of
I water mills, and Chesapeake mill is 11
water mill. The vlsilor expects to see
ti picturesque timber Btrueture and i.-;
dlsapoptnted.    Chesapeake  mill  presents  a  Hal   stone  face to  the  road.
The only hint to romance lies in words
I carved  011  to one  e,r  Its  stones:   "I,
.Prior.     Built   1820."     For   it   was   I.
Prior who bought the Chesapeake from
jthe  admiralty as  old   timber,   paving
$2,600   for  ber.   The  admiralty   paid
something like $107,000 for the Chesapeake. The visitor, takm inside, sees
a great spacious Hour, running back
Into  tii" shadows.    Above  him  are
huge beams.   The Be beans were once!
1 the Checapeake.
In ordt r to remove any chance of
skepticism, he is shown bow every
ierm is beaded. Millers did nol go to
;tlie expense of beauing their beams
when building their mills. That is
mire convincing even than the shot
Not 'hst anvone every doubted that
.the  shot  holes' were  caused   by   tho
Shannon's   marksmen,   for  people  do
not amuse themselves usually hy boring  through  beams,  some    of    them
fourteen  Inches deep  by  over  a foot
broad,   and   these   beams   are   bored
clean  through.    A  walking  stick can
pierce tbem. They are a last memorial
to the close range at which the historic light wns fought.   Smaller beams
beaded   In   the same  way,  cross  the
great onoB, and it is the same above.
Tlte beams are of fir. probably Douglas fir from the forests of Oregon. Not
so very long ago two portions of one
of these beams were sent to America
to   Miss  Lawrence,   a  descendant   of
the commander of the Chesapeake. After a long and Interesting correspond- '
ence  with   Arthur  Arnold,   agent  for
Cn'ie-tor-Mariner. the owner of the
mill. Miss Lawrence asked for a piece
*t the sb(o's timber.   A piece was sent
her, but the mistake was made of an-
' nouncing on  Its label whence it  waB
Bawn, and It never reached MIsb Lawrence.    A aecond piece, travelling In -
r   ��� -"- In "-cklng, had a more fortunate Journey.
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To l'ort Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above  rates are subject to change without notice)
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent.  Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing.  Good locality, well lighted and airy.   Lease for term of years
will be given.   Apply to Manager, The "New Westminster News.
He waa seen almost at once and
captun d, offering no resistance. The
money, except the rolis of rilver which
he had lost, was taken from bis pockets, and he was lodged in Jail at Ore-
go"  City.
He declined to talk, further than
to sav that he was penniless nnd hml
to have money, and so had committed
the robbery.
Defunct Union Life Taken Over Byi
New York Concern
Toronto. July 6.���Over nr. Wu Canadian policyholders in the i'nion Life
Assurance company will be protected
in full. Aftir having for some time
given up their prospects as hopeless,
these investors, the majority of whom
D-*Mu'��-e   t��   Bonu9   Factory���
Postpone Flower Show.
Nelson, B. C, July ti.    That lhe city
council is not In favor at the present
time of giving bonuses to the Universal  I'roducts company and the Bver-
fresli Fruits company, two institutions
wblcb wrote offering to open negotia-
i tions with a view to the establishment
i iu .Nelson of fruit canning and evaporating factries, was the effect of a res- !
olutlon   passed   nl   a   meeting   of   the
I council      Tlie   two   letters   hail   been
forwarded to the city authorities by
V.  N.   Scott,  publicity  commissioner.
j to whom they have been sent by the
Canadian Pacific   Industrial   department    at    Calgary.    Both    companies
wanted bonuses In some form.
Have Until July 20.
Ten  thousand  dollars  is  owed  the;
��� city for electric light rates in arrears
, anil  about   the same  amount  is outstanding for water rates, It was stat- i
ed   at   the  last   meeting   of  the   city
coucnil, when it was decided that no- j
tices threatening to cut  off the  ser- |
I vice In question should be sent to de-
l liniments who had not paid up by July
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.   New   Weatmlnster.
Singer Sewlna  Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all Kinc*��. PHONE 694.
Guaranteeing the proposed Nelson
Street Hallway company bond Issue
of $40,000 the by-law for this purpose
was again introduced at the meeting
of the city council and passed tlrst
and Becond reading by title, it will
be   put   through   committee   stage  at
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of Brltlth Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received aud Interest at the highlit current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable Itt all parts ol the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A   W. BLACK, Managett
are not in a position to have Buffered I the next meeting,
lhe  loss  without   serious  effect,    will Postpone Flower Show.
loam the good  news that their posi- '
tlm   ls  safe.    Within  the  next  few
Archer bad  w,.,.]iS eacli one of thom will be personally visited by an accredited agenl
Willi a view Of deli .iiilnlu
posal of their assets and
nance of thi Ir policies.
By an agreement, signed and sealed
before Oeorge Kaoelle, K.C, ths official referee, nil  the  pollcli s and  as-
of the dis-
the coitiln-
fin' lean  H,'.'J^ of the d< tunet company have bi
extending taken ovi r and assumed by the Metro-
that   he i poi'tan Life Assurance oompany   of
New York.   Certain obstacles In the
Insurance laws of Canada and the United States, wblch threatened to un
On account of the backwardness of
the flower season at present und the
fact that those who had Intended
making large entries at the forthcoming rose festival had Intimated
that their exhibits would not be as
large us tbey had expected If the festival was hold on July 8, it was found
necessary to postpone the affair tor
one wi ek, until July IB.
Mocne Jaw Very  Indignar.t.
Moose Jaw. July  ii   -Considerable
dissatisfaction cuiiis in Moose .la.v at
Ithe   present  time as to the  apparent
negotiations. I djlatorlness of th
were overco
was devised
satisfactory to t
lives of tbe department
In both countries
��� lir.mil
lhelr   t
Trunk Pa-
danger the  reinsurance
me, and an arrangement, cilic   in   erecting
which    proved    entirely ' this city, und at a special meeting 01
official represent!!- j the city council it was decided to taki
of Insurance the matter up with the railway com-
| mission  ut  once and   point out  that
practically  all tha statements made
Lcsi Prevented
will by Mr. Hansard, the solocltor for the
Norwav eight years ugo abolished
tlte penalty nf death for all save ministers of Ptate. H Ib felt that no Imprisonment, however sevi re, would be
adequate punishment for a minister s
treason, ond it Is for ihls reawm that i
Hie law of  l"nr> abolishing lb" ilealli
BJB  J Norwny ,,,, nds to ev.ry Nc   -l-r- "r'-ground
man, woman and child, except tc min     _ u ^ ^ ^ ^ iaw| BUpflrlor
8 iifinln niillkaa Penaltv Pipe,  the  city  council,  acting on  the |
,���hp    '    !*" hi. mother ar,         -minim,, of Commlasloner A,
I   r,.J.,,-,ted nn lha real million G, Graves, supported by Water Engl-
X   Vasnr* anno^eVb?\u' gov- ���".,��� a. Ellison Fawkes and City En-
arnment and about to be submitted to glneer 0, W. Craig voted  to award
th    ort,." i.rm-iding for the abolition a contract to the Oeneral   supples.
r  -    nl.niiih-l ic.it Limited,   for   pulling   the   new   high
��Sl :A".   I      i-crse   the   young  pressure main under the Klbow  river.
WmTs t< this for... of retribution I. The company offered the 24-lnoh pipe
best sown by Vo fact thai on the oc-; fortius line at $5,244 and it was not
CSSlon of the recent celebration of his \tbe lowest tender.
"Vinter Threw Potatoes and Got Thirty   Dayr.
Spokane. July B, Thirty days In th"
county Jail was the sentence meted
ul to Frank Feet:. In police court
'ol'rwlng " row on Sprague avenue
md Pine street iii which stranee mls-
��� ilef were ii'-eil by Scott and the two
tin������' be attached.
Henri Zenl. and O. D. Marble, the
'ni-cet I'or a put nf potatoes, a liatiron
��� ml coffee pot filled with boiling water, were charged with vagrancy by t
Emergency Officer Joseph Scott, who
made Iho arrests but were dismissed
with a suspended fine of ��1 mill COSt8.  the year, refused to reissue tlle licen-
Caye  He Was Shot At Ise of the l'nlon Life, on the grounds
lRndore Barman, pioneer merchant, that the liabilities of the company
testified against Scott. He said In were greatly In excess of Ub assets,
part: "Scott attacked me when I Several thousand policies were allow-
was walking down Sprague avenue, ed to lapse by tbelr holders who fear-
llo was grovelling in a pile of rocks ,d to throw good money after bad.
TIib success ei the negotlatloni
ami loss of u large I company, to the railway commission
' were either exaggerated or false, lt
wns general)' agreed that the olty had
not in aay way interfered with the
railway company uny further thnn wat
necessary to safeguard the Interests
prevent disaster
amount of monev In thousands ol poi-
ii-yli tillers, mostly' Industrial Investors
wiio could 111 afford ibe threatened
calamity, am! plaoes them In a position of secni-it;. '"ih for past payments and for the future. By the
.,u -...t. all policyholders, both Industrial nml life, will be treated on
the same basis ns heretofore by the
Mi trcpolltan Life, nnd sueh lapses as
���-,���,��������� occurred owing to tbo condition
if the Union Life Company can be restored.
Ppsultant on representations made
, the Kngiish shareholders, the mln-
ter of finance, at the beginning of i thc
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting wltll the greatest favor wherever laid.
of   the   citizens, ns regards subways
lev. I croBBlngB, etc., on their rlghl of
way.   Tbe letter to the railway com-1
mission, which is the bone of conten-,
tion, was addressed by Mr. Hansard,
was sent on June 11. two weeks prior j
to tho officials Of lhe company visit-
lng Moose Jaw In regard to the exhibition grounds site. Although the letter
l was written uiul was in the bunds of
board el' nillwuy commissioners.
Mr. Hansard ��t the question of Alderman Bamford suid that the Grand
Trunk l'acillc had never complained
that the city had held them up. He
appeared to be very Indignant anil
Btated that the company bad never
m Westminster with Boulevard Dowr Bltulithic on Second Street, Ne
the Centre.
Illtullthlc Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustleas, easy oa
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. Por these reason*
Illtullthlc is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
I'oiiM lit'ltltth. nun city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred lu the United Statea.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Truot BulMIng, Vancouver. Hi h
***a***. fa*,^
MONDAY, JULY 7,  1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
ally angered the great Trojan, and he
has doubtless had much pleasure In1
showing up liis former chief as a poor
prophet. As rapid fire double Pl��>' art-
lata Tinkers and Kvers have never
been surpassed In the history of base-
hall, and nre not likely to be.
In Greater
1 and Persona]
(1. Parker, of While Hock,    is
istered at the Windsor.
M.  McCreevey, of Clayburn.  was n
visitor In tho city for the week end.
Rents Chapman  Ranch,
Mr. Davis, of New Westminster, has
retitid the Chapman ranch and is going  In  for poultry   raising and dairying.
First  Fish  Are   Due  About  July
Say  Canners���More  Boats  Out
i San Francisco, July 6.���The Japan
���use steamer Manshu Maru, wllb lumber from I'ortland, and previously reported ashore In Ihe orient, baa
broken up. according to cable advices,
and will become a total loss.
Tho  United  Slates cruiBer  Marble-.         ^^^ ,   , ,       ,.        ,
head, with  the California slate  naval1the guest of the Misses Jukes, of Vic-  discussed    In    the    Burnaby    COuncl
More  Paving  Discussion.
proposed  paving ol three
Miss Marlon Martin, of this citv. is) trunk road's In Hurnaby is likely lo be
'mllltla on board, lift yesterday morning for a Fourth of July cruise to
Santa Cruz.   Accompanying the Mar-
blehead were three vessels of tbe torpedo fleet. The colliers Buffalo and
Saturn arrived from the south and the
cruiser South Dakota is due. The
Uth ol  iho present month, according  California and  South  Dakota  will  re
The  lirst   of  the  aockeye  run   wlll
���nol  strike up river until  the  18lb  or
to the opinion "I a prominent member
of ltn- ll. C. Canners' aaaoclation. As
yet no iOOkeyes have been taken in
I'i.i: i sound, while tlle catches in
the Fraaer havc been light.
However, ��o chanceu are being
taken by fishermen, elilur here or in
oilur plnc-eji-   At the boom of Ihe gun
main In porl for a few days. One
will proceed to Hremerton and the
other to San Diego.
A. G. D. Korrcll, general passenger
agent of tbe I'acific, Mal) company for
many years, tendered his resignation
anel stopped out of office yesterday.
Ills place Ib being lllled by Assistant  in this city.
���\rthur Lloyd
torla        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Miss Manuella Hriggs is spending
the summer with her grandmother,
Mra. Irving, of Portland.
Alderman nnd Mrs. Henley are
spending each week end at their summer homo ul White Hock.
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. C, Major. Mr. nnd
Mrs. T. It. Pearson, and Mrs. .1. A.
Lee, with their children, are In camp
nt Boundary bay.
Mrs. Qumter, of Oak Hav. Victoria,
hns returned to her home, after spending the past two weeks with her sons
chamber thia evening.
Expect  Water  Soon.
I    The residents on the North road expect  the  workmen  from   Bumaby    to
commence    the    Installation    of    the
waler system this week.
Autoist Fined.
It cost William Hrown, of New
Westminster, $25 and costs for driving his auto on the wrong side ot
Douglas road last week. Magistrate
Beatty, of Kilinonds, heard the case.
last nighl thc boats starting out wero General  Passenger    Agent    Thomas,
greater    in    number    than    at    any   Mr   Kerrell la one of the most popu-
time last week and from Sound points  iar gteamshlpmen on the coast.
and    fishing    stations    at  Vancouver      The  British steamer Oceano Is  re-
islauil many men set out. ported due at San Diego with railroad
ii  Is considered probable that but tl��a f,,,,,, japan consigned    to    the
one Iif:  wiU be made today. Santa Ke road.   After discharging, the
Reports from the 11. 0. packers stale Oceano  will  proceed  to  Puget  sound
thai last week's run of spring salmon to   load    lumber   for   Australia   for
wai better, wid this was the case al  Davles & Folum.
the local cann-erics. 	
Tomorrow the machinery al  the In-, ALBION  DISABLED.
ilu:.I rial   cannery   will   be   set  in   mo-.  .
tion  and,   within a  few  days,    other  Floating  Log Jammed  Propeller    and
will commence , Rudder.
Port Townsend. July li
I'm ar  river canners
The  Heaver tied up at Ihe C. P.
freight  wharf over Sunday.
At the market wharr yesterday the
Karl. C, K. P., Transfer, Linda and tug
Ileatleas were docked.
The Kruhling and snag beat Samson
will clear today to continue main-
talnanoe work at the Delta.
Captain Reiliy Back.
After an absence during which he
lias taken his charge into Alaskan
���wulers and been accorded a rousing
reception at Nome, Captain Rellly. of
Umatilla fame, brought his steamshi;
into purl al  Vancouver.
Tom Waterman, an expi rienced
fisherm��7i living down thc North Arm.
came to New Westminster Saturday
to report the loss of his Ashing skiff
unit .'.'OO pounds uf salmon. It is be
lievt d that the fish and boat were
Htolen and the provincial police will
take -strenuous efforla to trace and
capture the trief.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -In tniv of
the liritish steamship Amur the steam'
ship Albion, owned by the Porl
Angeles Brewing company, was
brought Into Port Townsend yester
day. The Albion was picked up off
Protection island and it was believed
tlie tail shaft wus broken. An examination should that a log became
jammed hoi ween the propeller and
ruddir true!; ami the Albion was
taken to Seattle in tow of the tug
of the Hank of Commerce staff, left on Saturday morning for Winnipeg, where he will vlsii
friends for a week.
Among the visitors at Harrison Hot
Springs from New Westminster tlur
ing the past week were lt. F, Bonson,
II. II. Leach, James Selkirk, .1. ('.
Armstrong aud Mrs. James Freeman,
Miss Agnes (iray, who has boon
visiting her sister, Mrs. George A.
Ray, lefi on Saturday morning for her
home in Ontario. She will spend a
short time nt HanlT before continuing
her homeward journey.
Mr. and Mrs. Janus Walker, of
Vancouver, who aro at preBent occupying the home of Dr. and Mrs. Walker,
of this city, ��ill Bhortly move Into
tlieir new lioine in Kitsilano. Dr. nntl
Mrs. Walker are expected home from
Toronto early this week.
Road Gang Finished.
One Coqultlam road gung has finish-
ed the Ciatensbury road from Lake |
Como road to the greenhouses. An-
nlher has started on the road Into
Mackintosh brothers' property from
Lake Como road.
Fight the Mosquito.
The mosquito pest is being warred
with by the Sumas municipal couneil
and Abbotsford hoard of trade jointly. Ahout ,",ll barrels ef crude oil
have heen pound over Ihe surface of
Sumas lake.
On  Burnaby Tide.
Tho steam shovel al lh" excavation
works   on   the   Hurnaby   side  of     the
North road will be In full swim;   this
week,   when   it   is   estimated   several
hundred men will be engaged i'i   tbe i
various operations   for    tlie    yardage j
system to be establish in that vicinity. |
Picnic   Enjoyed.
Burqultlam  young   people  had    at.
exceedingly   pleasant   picnic   In   North
Vancouver on Tuesday.   Captlano can-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yon was visiled and the party, whicl
The marriage was   solemnized   on  numbered over iM, put In a dellghtfu
Saturdaj In holy Trinity cathedral of  time canoeing and exploring.   Severn
port   stayed over and    enjoyed    the    pyro-
Coa.-t   Movements.
San   Francisco.    July     6.    Arr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Steamers   William   Chatham,   citv   of   Miss Mary   Hutton,  formerly of
Seattle,  Everett;   J.   B.  Stetson,  San  Moody, but latterly ot Prince Rupert,   technlc display.
Jacinto. Cray's Harbor;   Aurella, Co-   and Melford J.  Wooley, of ihe (1. T. , 	
lumbia  river:   President,  Seallle;  Jo-* P. terminal eity. Rev. Canon d'Easum! First   Flower  Show,
han Poulsen. Merced, Astoria. Depart-j performed the ceremony, Chilliwack will hold lis lira
cd;  Sit inner Cricket, Puget Sound.  I show on July 17 and th
stUnte of tbe city are lulling an
Tacoma, July
steamer  Colusa,
Seattle, July 6. Arrived: Prince
George, Prince Rupert; Nome city. El
Sungo, San Francisco. Departed: Alameda, southwestern Alaska; Admiral
Farragut, San  Francisco.
(Continued from page onei
Baseball Results.
Standing  of tlie  Clubs.
....     .26
Ceavers Again Top League.
Seattle, .iuly li. Konnick'ts bomelT
runs won today's game tor Vancouver
5-3. In the fifth, with two on basos,
foe knocked the ball ove* the fence,
���arwii ri -^-eati'il the perforinanee in the
seventh when one man was ahead ol
hun. Seattle's lilree runs were like
wise the niult of a homer, Olpe driving the ball out of the lot in the
-BOventh with two on bases. In spite
Of frequent heavy showers and a wet
field   both   teams played   fast  ball.
It.    II    E
Vancoaver  5     7     2
Seattle          ... 2     r,     ft
Batteries    Schultz    and     Konnick;
Gipe and Wally.
Kngiish "white hope," has been licked
by a Frenehy, and the list could he
extended Indefnitely.
An  tin r important 1913 event will be
the   motor   boat   race   for   the   Hritisli
International   trophy, or Harmsworth
cup, and the Motor Boat club of America will hold trial races for the selection   of   a   loam   of   ihree   boats   thli
weeks, beginning tomorrow.   Osborne
Hay. Isle of Wight, will be the scene of
the cup races, which  will be held In
August. The trophy Is now in the pos-
-cst-i'm of the Iloyal .Motor Yacht cluh
of    Kngland.    The    owners    of    the
merlcan boats will have more than
; a month lo do Iheir Una' tuning up and
��� shift their ' raft to England.
The  liritish    International    trophy
was   presented   by   Lord   Northcliffe,
de  fam ii-   English  in wspaper  publisher.    The American  Dixie II.  was
Women's In
^^_^^^^_^^^_^^^_ '���'"
thusiastic interest in making it a sue
cess, A concert by lhe 104th regl
menial hand will be a feature of the
show In the evening.
Wait for Reeve's Word.
Some announcement is expected tt
h" made of thc result of Reeve Mc
Qregor's trip to London on financla
matters in the very near future
Municipal work in Burnaby, with i!.<
exception of the maintenance ganjs
I is still slack.
umbla   division   of   the   railway,   who
has his headquarters at   Kamloops
Mattress   Factory.
Twenty-two permlBt wore issued at! 	
iiie city hall laat week for structures to Another Bchool.
cost $161,380. A perinil to the Rest- The lenders for the Port Moody
more Manufacturing company for a road new school will be opened on
factory to cost $150,000 made up over ruesday at another meeting of Conn ier r nt of the total Th'- factory quitlam school board, and the con
will be t"'-at' d at the comer of Parker tract awarded. * Both the new Bchool
and Oeorge-streets. j and the Blue Mountain school addi-
Delcgites Arrive. j tlons ii'" r<- mired to bo Completed by
Twi nD'-fivo members of ihr Manl- September 1.
I toba  Christian   Endeavor   union,  rep-1	
imm*> i w-z i rr
���    D
Hose Supporters to
Clear at 23c Pair
Elastic Hose Supporters; wllh
band and clip -on styles; In
white nnd black; C. M C.
clasps;   regular  860   values.   Per
pair    23c
Band Hose Supporters,
Sale   of   Waists       Hose for Boys and Girls
ISc Pair
43c Pair
In a variety of stylus which iu-
eliule tailored styles; with soft
collars,     double     cuffs;     sailor
blouses, tailored stylos wltb
laundered collars   and    cuffs;
fancy muslin waists wllh low
neck; also fine white muslins
and dimities, colored chanihr.iys
fared silk
black, sky
7fic   values.
elastic;      it
and   while;
Per pair  .
ami ginghams;
sizes 34 to ll.';
Price      51.23
About ten dozen pairs of boya
and girls ribbed cotton bose;
double knee;   in Ian and  black;
sizes  r.   i-'j  to x   l ";   for    a
quick clearance, per pair    J3c
Women's Black Cotton
Hose 19c Pair
Included are a groat number ot
Cashmere hose; in plain, also
fancy shades, regular to 35c a
pair.    Per pair    19C
Women's Combinations,
Today  63c
of fine Swiss rll-hed cotton; knee length; trimmed
with lace und headings; regular values to $1.00 Per
garment   63C
Gloves   Today
27c Pair
Women's Lisle and Chamois Gloves;   In  wrist  lengths;  In tan natural chamois, gray, while and black;
1-i! lo 7 1-L'.    Price, per pair   27C
all sizes,        ^^^^^^^^
Hairlyke Hair Nets
Ffor 18c
The well known 10c quality.
Hairlyke Silk Hair Nets; extra
large size; also the turban net,
with elastic; all colors. Clearance   I'rice   .....     3   f-'r   18C
Hat Pins 13c Each
Lisle Vests for Women,
Today 4 7c
regular values  It $1.00;   for a quick Belling;   excel
lent quality knit  vests;  laee trimmed.  Kach  ..  47C
Women's Vests and
Drawers 3 for 98c
Flue Lisle and cotton knit Under vesta; all Blzes;
drawers to match; knee length; trimmed with laee.
regular  50c   values.     3   for   98c
reg. valut
s lo I
In   Hat
C.    Kach
Ribbon Sale
Five inch Taffeta Ribbon; all
good colors; heavy quality
pure silk.     Per yard   ....   13c
6 1-2 Inch Taffeta Ribbon; suitable for children's Hair Hows,
Sashes, etc ; full range of seasonable colors.     Per yard  %*J*sX
Hair Nets With Elastic
3c Each
Special selling of Hair
mnde of silk, and in all
blonde,   llghl   and  dark
Ni is;
White Tape to Clear
In   large  bunches;   12   assorted
widths in each  package;   regu
lar Inc.    Clearance Prlc
resenting the delegation from that
province to tho international convention of the union to be hold in Los
\it','ehs from July 9 to It, arrived in
Vancouver and were met al the train
by members of the Vancouver local
'Oions, among whom were Miss McKenzie, J. S. Itankin, president of the
the winner In HmS and again In 1909.1 ocal union nnd Messrs Fred Cleland,
la 1910 the trophy wenl to Dixie III., -   J.   Montgomery  and  W.  .1.   Hogg,
and Dixie IV. was tho victor In  I''11 ind  were taken to the parlors of the
Last   year   at   Huntington.   L,   I,   the First   Congregational   church,     which
cup was recovered by the British when were mado their headquarters for the
E.   Mackaj   Edgar's   Maple   Leaf   IV. 11>
was tho wlnnei Pass Worthless Bills.
Ai   Spokane:                    H    11
Spi *i.".T.e        in    11
Batteries:   Haynea,   Martlnoni
Mun i\ :   Cadreau,   Smith,   Kraft
Second game:                   It     11
1: !
T'onlnnil      2     X
i j
Batteries:   Mahoney    and    Miit:
Con-way   and   llnnmib:   called   in
M   'l aeon 1                        11     H
���Tara t"-                               . 2     7
Batteriei    Toner  and Bh< a;   K
num. McGinnity and Qrindol.
'-Standing ol lne Clubs.
\Y.    I���
P.  ���
Philadelphia                ...53   17
.   . ,
Cleveland      48    20
Washing'on                       *���''���   ' '������
Chicago   . .   11   2h
Boston      ���*''    :'���
St.  1 ooJs         ..'l'i   51
iHetreil                                  -1'    '"
New Vork                  IS   52
.::���', 7
Standing  cf thc  Cubs.
W.    1..
"New Vtafh 4-5    22
ItWladrlphia    42   2o
���Chicago 40   fin
���St. Ixmia  30   41
no��ton    27    81
Cincinnati    27   47
.rr, 1
(Dy  "Gravy")
Tlie time of the winners for the
thirty nautical miles shows a steady
Improvement, In lhhR the time was 1
hour. 1 mlnutea and 57 se :ondi In
1910, II was ii!) minutes, ll seconds:
In 1911, r.i minutes, 15 Beconds, and
In 1912 tii" Maple Loaf IV, covered
the thirty-mile course in 47 minutes,
16 Beconds,
Some worthless bills of the Hank tif
Prince Kdward Island, Charlottetown
Wblch was wound up in 1887, have
'non circulating around the city and
lhe public ar" warned thai they nre
absolutely vi irthh ss and have been
tor  Iiii  years.
New Hotel Manager,
w   a  Turguant, who has been acl
  'ng at- assistant for F. L, Hutchinson
today. lln the management of the Hotel Van-
.It.-eph Ilert Tinker. ' rmerly of the   ""''������'  ,]m'"'*'   "'"  l'as'   tew   months
���veil  i:   *'.t.  Chicago  firm  nf Tinker,  v 111 be the new manager of the hotel
Evers  ������>   Chance,  and   now   manager   rhe appointment was made by Haytei
ti i'otl:*. will celebrate   I,f,,'l'   superintendent   of   the   ('I'll
Hewitt Inquest.
Chief Constable  Pare has summon, j
od a jury for the Inquest on Oeorge
Thomas Hewitt, who was killed at the :
paper mills   on    the    Brunette   river !
'���arly on  Saturday morning.    Tlm in- !
timal will be Inld In Pales nndortak- j
Ing     parlors     this     forenoon     at     10
I o'clock.    Dr.  McQuarrie, the coroner,
will  preside.
Contract   Awarded.
The tinders tor the additions to Ihe (
��� Hlin*    Mountain    school.    Coqultlam,
' wore  opened  al    a  meeting    of    the!
��� school   board   on   Saturday   and    the
contract   awarded    to    11.   II.  Baker,
1 contractor,   Rochester  road,  at   $675. j
Mr.   Haker   was   Hie   lowest  tenderer,
the  highest   running  well  Into    four |
Large full size
Hair Rolls. 23c
;  guaranteed washable;  regular v
Pompadour Hair Rolls 19c
Hair  Rolls;   sanitary;   guaranteed   washable;   regular values
All colors;  mid, llghl  and dark brown;   for a quick clearance;   regular
work was urgent, the reeve and Coun- ;
cillor Atkins were Interviewed and
matters arranged satisfactorily with- i
out waiting for the ordinary council I
meeting which will nol take place until the 16th tiis'. This will expedite;
the work.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Tmst Hldg.
hia thlrtv-thlrd  birthday  todaj     On
..'    thought,  perhaps, "celebrate"
'    I     vord to use     In  his now
ger  the    former    great
*   lhe l';il*s has nol  been  -i
; d he may not be In
nd for celebrating    Al the be-
of the si      in   :'   Vi *'���      *   red
hat .Ioi ' pretty gi od aggregation
��� would land  the
1'fds   in  the  flrst   division      .Nothing
hotel system, just prior to liis tlepai
���un* for Field   li will have to be conl
Irmrd by lit" head office In Montreal
but  this  Is  regarded bb a matter of
���ourre,   us   Mr   Rei d'a   recommends
* t na ar * usually acti ii on,
Result   of   Self Starter.
A  peculiar accidt nl  ri suiting from
the poss ssii n   if n aelf starter in an
lutomoblle happened yesterday when
i   fireman   in   No   2   hall,   Dan   Maher
Alta  Vis'a   School.
Tenders  an-   being  called   for    thn
erection of the  llrst manual training
'���hml In llurnaby to be built at Alia
Vista this slimmer.   This in In Hurnn
hy's   most     populated     district,     Alta
,  -ta    having    Bhown    a   mushroom
growth  during  tho  I asl  two years.  It
. i' ectt 'I  thnt  the contracl  for Ihe
building will bt   let al tho nevt meet
..    ' board,  lul.  10.
like that  has happened."as you well I whlle underneath    the    motor    hose
Thla year o!  1913 Is a  momorabli
annum    for    international    sporting
���"������venta.    The poll enp ha.,  been  cap
turfd by America. Sir Thomas  ' Ipton
la arranging tor another trv  at  the
know     (if course, tho explanation of
Tlnkei lib the Reds Is clear
* ���  *     '     ll t       Ol       I ' I,   *    * I* o.
f in'i 1   ' ul   lht    ft" a   for   the
*   * nt of his fi rmi r peon
Id tti e gcod a m inager Tinker
:��� ��� ealtl He has sav-N nol less
than a luindrt d mai nd doll ira fr *'ti
liis menr.re car i as a alai" nt the
baseball trust "Po r men work harder for thel -.* j " explains Charlie, If lhis theory is correct, Cincinnati Bhould lire 'linker nml hire a day
lain no* or a newspaper reporter as
Tinker was horn In  Muscoda, Kas ,
July  7. 1880     Hc played ball  with  a
nrml-pro learn    in    aKna i > City    al
eighteen and a year lati r wi nl to the
Missouri  V'allej   li igue *���*��� th   i
and CotTeyvllle, Kas     In 1890 hi   Join
��.d the Denver Orltzllt a, and In  19i ',
was wllh Portland, Ore. In the North
west' rn league.    Hh rnrei r as a rub
shortstop 11 vin  i'i   1902 an l  contln
ued oh nn years and during thil n!*-
!i I,*  perl -I lo* wai  i ie ol the trio ot
dlami ml stars thai playi d ao lat ������������ a
part  In copnlng  four National  league
���lonai'iiis :;"'l Iwo world's banners tor
the Cubs, "Tinker I t Evera to i 'hance"
what   vanished   glorii s   thai   phrase
*,i l.v   ini  ri
r  i   "i   the  ii
Ottawa ior the
,1 .      idvil!
i ,anu hi "ti -.   mt
wagon, set the maehln
ran over ins leg. The *
lo lhe iloor of the hall,
:' the heavy deal panel
Would Bo Welcome.
Duncan MeLeod, n dlBtlllef of Olas-
���ow. who Is louring the Dominion, has'
'rrlved In Vancouver, He stated that
millions of pounds are lying Idle In
Scottish banks at rates of Interest
ftrnglng from 2 to 2 1-2 per cent.
Much "f this money would be Invested In Canada If the financial posslhlll- ;
lies of this country  were known, be
-' in Arrest.
la  ti. '��� i  in  the nr*
.;! vi i-  Prevosl     at
ireux robbery in
': he    e   ne d' nee     of
Ing   Provosl   nearly
  r   Hi     rnhhet**.*   in     fit-
going and it garded with ititlsfactlon. Prevost,
i* unashed in- ill * >k pped li ��� ' ill, wlll I"* brought
breaking one back, n is repi i ed, by the provincial
s. ir.tlii rl I li a.
Demand   for   Homes.
There is a great demand   for   resi
j donees in South Westminster, bul thi
money    tightness    militates    against
lowners of lots building at present.
Despite this John  Shiles and  Kdward
j King are   both   erecting   substantial
I houses in the district, ami there are
also several going on at the rivet
front. A. O. Marshall is clearing and
grading two double comer bus    and
j will put up houses for rent Immediate-
I ly the grounds are ready.
Want Better Service.
The    residents   of South Westmin
Bier, although oul if the cily  limits,
'look upon themselves as citizens    In
lull bin name,    rhoy complain  rulhoi
bitterly that the H  C. Electric trams
run too late from their suburb in lht
morning, 9:20,  to gel   to  work  and
have the city too early in the even
Ing.     That   with   a   more   convenient
���o rviei.  a   more   rapid   settlement    ol
the beautiful suburb would Inevitably
result is their firm opinion.
Crus  and Otfnl.
Hae. a^d Trass
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
Ponjlar Wedding.
marriage of Miss Val
and   Clai"   Crane,   the
Going   After  them.
Seattle, July >',.   Sheriff Cudlhee will
firry the recall  fight to his enemies. I
asking the court   in Monday tn grant
an   Injunction  to  prevent   the tlliiiK
i   ncall  petition  and  to open  up  tho
'itire controversy between the sheriff's  office  and  the strikers al   Hen-
ton and Ballard.
yachting trophy so long held  on  thi
���,�����.. a ���Hfc4SI^?oSr5Si wa "-ecalls,   The,, the greal machine broke
**ting a world��   iw.r          ��� an and ^ ^     ^ (   ^
Am7rt.U- luprrmaey"   a    Va���l,,   Yank    'linkers   ...   Cincinnati  	
Bonderklasa    supnma ,, ().s             ,���     lh���   mBnttKornent   ���r
to'^.SoSit! the Cuba, At the beginning ol the sea-
I�� m��leh with �� C��uck-���*1 snn   ���           ,.���,s  ���,���,,.,  ,,,,;���������   thal
ffJl^S?o?��evSK*tons Tinker was ,h" bos. and smartest ball
tart, t.M-iniB b'arP��'        ,         * goat, player be  had  ever  m.i   and    much
rVT^S,*,I Ofl an^ international mon   likely to succeed  as a  manager   rend
land    han    pulleit ?" ��"_    ,������,,���   ���,���'n,������   KVrrs.    That  statement
They   Are  the  First,
\ alb y city, N. iv, July ti Triplets,
li ���:: r. lently lo Mr, and Mrs Andrew
(lunderson, of this ci:y, have been
chrls! in d Margaret. Jessie and Eleanor, in honor of President Wilson's
thni   daughters,
Wires Wire Down.
Shortly after mldnlglhl    on    Satur
dav  a  heavy  si|imll  visited   Malllard
ville  and,  aboul   200  feet   from    tin
pollce station, broughl down a largo
tree The tree fell across the eleclrii
wires of the Western Canada Power
companv, bringing them to the ground,
on the Pltl river road. The line wires
were emitting flames and -Chief Con
Stable Pare, who waa called to the
Immediately   phoned   to   the
wedding trip, Their homo coming was power company's office in VUMUTCT.
celebrated on Friday by a social �����;", rrem there to Por CooulUanL
rveninc nnrtv Ultimately   men   were  sent from     tn
evening party.  |junction  to  repair  ihe  break  which
Beautifying  Austin   Road. they succeeded  it, doing by_4 a.m. on
On Austin road, where    ihe   golf Sun-day.    Meanwhile the   chief   had
"J   links  are,  improvements continue    to
" 'embellish Iho beauty of Ils environs.
The   municipal   grounds   round   the
agricultural   hall   have  l n  levelled
and an* almost completely In shape
for games, The sidewalk on tho west,
side of the rond is also being extended, Kven Martin has lei the contracl
f'.r charing his property and opera-
lions have begun
la Oau-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kraser
Mills barber, < n Thursday ovening,
��� as a very popnh r t ne, and the young
couple wer" felicitated on all hands.
Father tlartin performed the ceremony
and Mr. and Mrs. Crane wore given
i happy send off In  Yii"nra  on  their   scene,
trip, T
Friday     hy    a
kopl gunrd niul prevented a number
of automobiles from being run Into
the wires with possible serious results.
game cf the
^"kMMH'eil Ofl an international | mon
St    ,natchP   Hombardier    Wells. U>e than
iv.- ii delivered al your home and
ii while enjoying your morning
loust and coffee, for 10 cents a week
Water for Shovel.
Permission was granted on Saturday by Hi eve li.nth. of Coiiuitlam,
and Councillor Atkins, chairman ot
the board of works, lo Mr, Taylor.
superintendent ol  works ior flutbrle,
Maedotigall K-   ** > . Cl nlraolor., lo con
uocl   their wati i- | I pi i 't lib lh" ste-ini
hovel in to.-,! Hi" Ni iih road, til  the
CI,  n.  i;. excavation works,    As the
Follow the crowd lo tht
Queens  Park.  Monday  Evenmn.
moose  (City Champions)  vs.
i Itunners up In B, C. Li ague.)
Oame starts 6:30 p.m. sharp.    Free
Haiti lies:    Moose, Home and Qen-
uv; Coqultlam, Ruyle aud Imming,
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
1550-Througbbreds in Mion-550
*3*ta****r*c*m*t***a mtWHHKtl*a*m1*****six**h*ams*m
MONDAY, JULY 7,  1913.
P��,viE inva
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :���:   CRICKET   =-:   BASEBALL   ;-:   BOXING
no gImesaYurday
at hastjngs park
the  hole, as  be  did  last  summer, or
elnc to take over control of the Van-
i couver club, following the smash.
Another lacrosse war, which may | ent since the meeting of Krlday af-
posslbly go down In history, started on ternoon In the Hussell hotel, ls the
.Saturday     arternoon     at     Vancouver;,    .   , .    ���
when Manager Tom Citron] called his fact that nona of thu Vancouver press
men frnm the field when it was seen dare publish the report of Referee
that Vancouver refusi d to accept the Hob Dewar on the game of June 28, al-
diotates Of the B. C. L. A. In respect though Secretary Lynch, of the B.C.
to the suspension of (irifrith und Ion. L.A., took Bpeclal care to have a copy
Prom n Westminster standpoint, the delivered to each paper.
expected   happened.    The   News  pre-'    Manager Jones' power in Vancouver
dieted  the  possibility  or there  being  Is on the wane.   Despite the ract that
uo game', but, through the glasses ofjtls team defeated the Hoyals on Do- | 0j
the Terminal City club, the action of  minion   day,  there   were  undoubtedly'
the Royals resulted from consternation I hundreds or fans who realized that
in   ihelr  ranks and  just    when    and   Warminster will  stick  to their guns
where the  trouble  wlll  end  Is on  the   and, for this reason, only a paltry MOO
���same plane as the Mexican and Balkan   gathered  at  Hastings  Park on  Satur-
wani. day afternoon.
Westminster called the Uluff of Van- There was Utile jeering or cheering
couver. Manager Clifford had one of at Vane river Saturday afternoon when
two things to do on Saturday. He the Hoyals left the field. The crowd
eithl r had lo live up to the dictates was convinced that the visitors mean'
of the association and tin- Westmin [business and gave more attention to
ster executive in refusing to play un getting their money back than any-
less Jones dripped his two defence thing else,
players or play the game under pro- Pathetic Scene,
test II was a fine picture to see Con.
The   Fat   Sizzles. surrounded  by  two younger  members
The fat Is In the fire rii lit now am! of his family I probably brought In to
what the outcome will be when thf make a little palhosi standing there
league delegates meet this coming pleading with the crowd not to mob
week Is being awaited with Interest. I the ticket men. It wns a hard blow
According to the Vancouver press the to the Vancouver magnate, for per-
T'erinlnal city cluh will ' list West- haps it means the Slipping away of
minster from the association, pick up the last hawser that holds him to
several of iis star players and place a lir'tlsti Columbia lacrosse. Westmin-
regular team In Victoria. That reads ter have little use for him and many
all right on paper, but there are many Vancouver people realize that within Ibis cily who miss tlieir guess, if mil JoneB the national game might
any of tin- present Salmon Bellies will he placed on a better foundation than
make tho jump to Victoria to play for the one on which it st inds at. present
Con .Innes. I.i al.me the action or the President Wellington of the B.C.L.A.
Victoria delegates in throwing out the cluh, could not be reached yesterday.
Hoyals. ��������� President  Afar ol the Westminster
Con Jones made the threat on the both being out of town, so their views
A. C. Lanky Home Player Won the
Game  for   Mann  Cupholder-e���
Local   Boys Improve.
Had the Westminster captain declared a few minutes earlier on Saturday, another victory would have been
chalked up for the local cricket clug.
Cave's century was the mou brilliant
piece of work Been on the lower mainland ibis season.
field Saturday afternoon that he
would cancel the J5000 cheque which
reposes in a Westminster bank to the
credit of the Hoyals for the three
games to be played in Victoria this
season. One game has been played
and there Is no reason whatever Just
why the Westminster team cannot
make the trip to the Capital City on
twi nun occasions, if only for the
purpose of appearing In uniform. That.
-$6000 cheque is a marked one and
anyone dealing with hankers can start
his think tank working for one moment enough to conclude that the fiv'1
thousand slmoleons from Manager/ton
are just as good as the washing
powder   twins.
Abcu*  That   Report.
A feature that -stands out promln-
on the question are as yat withheld
Manager Tom Olfford, when seen by
The News yesterday afternoon, had
little, if anything, to say. "We are
simply abiding by the ruling of the
association in refusing to play unless
Ion and Griffith were dropped. As
far ns Vancouver's claim of their being no quorum on Krlday Is concerned, let me say that nowhere ln the
constitution of the ll. C, L. A. ran be
found a clause where the attendance
ot a three-nrths membership is necessary, except at the annual meeting.
I have not heard ol any meeting being
called as yet, but to the Westmins-
t( r lacrosse supporters let me say-
that we believe we are in tiie rie.ht in
this matter. We are simply asking for
nn   even   break "
Civilian   Riflemen  Do  Good   Work
Spite  of  Adverse Conditions
One of the most successful
shoots it. I'., hist' ry if tin- New
Westminster Civilian Rifle association
���was lhat which took place on 'he
Brownsville ranges on Saturday iniirn*
ing   and   afternoon.     Although   the
scores Ibis year were by tin means
high, those compiled, considering the
varying wind and lln- ct nstatitly
changing  light,  were  creditable    and
I d fair to bring several prizes Westminster's way when the annual provincial shoot opens on the Richmond
ranges on July 16.
It. Wilson look llrst prize, the silver
medal of lbe B. C. It. A. for the grand
aggregate, and also first In the extra
serlrs. J. II. Vidal was shown ut bis
besl on the long ranges, while (Ieorge
Purr came out on top at the shorter
distance ll. I.indahl won the biillseye
prize with 'if, to his credit.
Luncheon was taken a' the Clarendon  hotel,  Soulh  Westminster.
The Bcores follow:
Match   No,  1���    260    600    000
orge Burr  83     38     31
II I.indahl    211      83      29
.1.  Sloan   112      80     82
Wl'ion   31     ill     27
I'   Mcn-'es    '.".I      34      2S
P. Wntson   2-< :'���:;    '_".'
II.  Vitlal   Ill IU
C, Chamberlain. "1 26
\    I ia.Ids    29 30
W. .levvliurst 28 .".1
I Knight    2D '-".I
II Oliver    :il       20
I*'   lne 2.',       25
W   I Ian ison  ... ,26
t-t  Davles  21'
I'.'iklns      U
Match No. 2-      Nflft
'   II.  Vidal   28
Sloan, 22o;   Watson. 220;   Oliver, 220
.1 whurst, 2M7; Chamberlain, 2tir,
Harrison, 2r'0; Perkins, 1116; Ing, 186
Davles.   180.
Hulls'ye aggregate I.indahl,
Wilson, 26; Menzlea, 21; Sloan.
Knight, 22; Hurr. 21. Watson,
Vidal, 20; Perkins, it--, Druids.
Harrison, 16; Chamberlain,
in   Davits.  1,".:   Jewhurst,  12;   lng.  11.
Extra series aggregate Wilson
129; Hurr. 12S; Vidal, 127; Sloan. 127;
Menzlea, 122, l.iinliilh, 119; Dadds.
,117. Watson, lit",; Knight. 112; Jewhurst, 112, Chamberlain, lis; llarri
sou lis; Ing, !'4; Olner, i.i; Davles
l*r*zPi86;   Perkins,  -<.!.
Colonel .1. D. Taylor. MP., and Cap-
lain P. II. Smith, of the Mlth regiment, attended the shoot.
Among those who contributed to
the prize list were Messrs. Ollley
Bros.. J. Mayers. J. W. Pike. P. Burns
Anderson ����� Lusby. W. Bl. Sinclair, T.
.1. Trapp. M. J, Knight & Co.. W. C.
Chamberlln, Hanks of Vancouver,
Montreal, Commerce, Hoyal. Toronto.
Dominion, C. H. Diamond. J. B.
Hrown, S Newington. Liverpool Arms.
v. T.   Hill,   T.   Freemen,   .lohnston
Bros., J. II. Cray, C. A. Welsh. The
News, liritish Columbian, Reid fi Mc
Donald, A. S.   Mills.  Ira Held.  W. Iif
ford, B. C K. it.. McManery & Ander
Too much Crookall That tells the
tale of Westminster's defeat before
the V. A. C. at Queen's Park Saturday
afternoon, although the game was one
Ihe best and cleanest of the amateur kind aeen in many weeks and, ac-
sordlng to the spectators, the first two
quarters were faster than anything exhibited by the two pro teams this
The big, tall, lanky home player of
the V.A.C., althougb liy no means fast,
appears to have a peculiar knack of
evading his check, even checks, and
Ills five tallies were more than responsible for tbe defeat of the youngsters under Alex. Turnbull.
Crookall lallled Iwo goals In the
opening quarter, which were followed
by two by Westminster, Nelson and
Murray turning the trick, so that the
opening of the third the chances looked bright, for a local victory. The defence, however, were too hard pressed
and three more tallies were registered in the third, followed by another
by Nelson for Westminster and two by
Vancouver,   both   by   Crookall.
Gregory, Patchell and coutts were
the shining lights on the Westminster
team, the latter especially tnrning
aside  several  wicked  shots.
The home did not appear to he
working in the best of shape and failed to take advantage of the passes
wiit'ii   will   set   fr  scoring.
Saturday's game, with the exception
of the opening feature of the season
between Vancouver and Victoria, was
the closest of the year so far and demonstrates the Improvement shown
by the Westminster boys, who are expected to be in championship form before another season passes by.
Fred Lynch handled the game,
hail little to do on account of
clean play throughout.
Goal Sumbmary.
First quarter-
1. Crookall.  Vancouver,  5:1ft.
2. Crookall.   Vancouver,  4.53.
Second quarter���
2. Nelson,   Westminster.  3.(14.
4.  Murray,   Westminster,  7:18.
Third quarter���
.V Ctinn.   Vancouver.  6:58.
fi.  Murray,   Vancouver,  2:14.
Crookall,  Vancouver, 6:00.
8. Nelson. Westminster, :10.
IK Crookall. Vancouver. 3:13.
10. Crookall,  Vancouver, 1:30.
First quarter- McLaren, Vancouver,
���i mlns.
Second quarter���McLaren. Vancouver, 5 mlns.; Sangster, Westmlns-
ti *,*  6 mlns.
Third ouartrr ��� Cooper, Westminster. 5 mlns ; Murray. Vancouver. 5
Fourth quarter��� Gregory. Westminster 5 mlns; .Murray, Westminster, '���
Thc Teams.
Westminster,        Goal,     Victoria.
Dad Turnbull's bunch of athletes
j gave the V. A. C. a scare In the first
two quarters of Saturday's game After that It was all Crookall. Referee
Fred Lynch got a bum steer somehow
i when he announced that Vancouver
was leading the  Salmon  liellles    2-0.
Just about this time last, year a
similar scrap took place when Fred
Lynch waB wending his way to the
Eagles' convntion at Cleveland and
auso the home of the big league ball
players. Fred leaves for Baltimore
this week and will get a peek at the
Giants and other majors.
game."   He would do anything to help
Westminster improve conditions, but
just because Hubert Dewar, of Victoria, follows the rules, he marches
on the field at the opening of profes- '
sional lacrosse in Victoria and uses
language unfit for decent people to
diear to the official appointed by the ���
Dewar   is   a   Victoria   man.     So   Is!
Fred Cullen.    The Capital City enthu- j
siasts of Ihe national game are standing  back  of  their  two  ofrtciala  and,
whatever   popularity   Con   Jones   had
In  the  Island city before June 28, It;
has declined considerably  since then.
What the people of this and any
Other country desire and demand Is
clean sport, whether it be professional
or amateur.
Kngland can show us the example
with    soccer    football.    The    United i
States  can  show ub a few  things  In !
professional   ball.    Australia  can   do |
the same with cricket and rugby.
The present trouble may blow over *
within the next few days, or lt may j
last, for the rest of the season. j
The next three days will probably I
throw some light on the affair. Until then, no Judgments can be made I
unless they be hasty ones. The truth I
will out at all times and if the West- !
minster lacrosse club desire the sup- |
port of their own citizens, thc truth
will be out this week.
John Virtue, of Victoria, will have tt
live up to his name if he hopes to pou
oil over-th" troubled waters of coast
lacroBBe. Playing in John's own backyard two weeks ago ('on Jones emitted j
enough sulphur to keep the Oak Bay I
lacrosse magnate on the anxious seat |
until he saw the smoke from the Prin- i
c<-3s Hoyal rising above tiie horizon. |
Now he Is being asked to act as the i
Irish-Canadians   Downed   by   Tecumsehs���Nationals   Romp   Away
With Torontos.
On good terms, splendid
apartment site. Close to
Albert Crescent. Convenient to down town district. Size 132x132 ft.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head OfTice: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
Toronto, July 7.���Tecumsehs pulled
jOver  a  real  surprise  Saturday   when
they defeated the Irish Canadians, 6-3.
lt was one of the fastest lacrosse
1 games seen here this season and both
i teams gave an excellent exhibition. It
I was pretty rough all through and tbe
j referees were kept busy.
22      o
29 27
9U0 100
28     30
30 30
All-Moose Team and Port City Boys
This Evening.
This evening Mr. Ruyle, the noted
twlrler ol the Port Coqultlam team,
will be tested in real earnest when be
faces the Moose aggregation at
Queens park  In an  exhibition fixture
The manager of the herd has
gathered an all Moose aggregation,
comprising several of tho regular city
league team, together with others,
who, although members of the fraternity, are found playing With oilier
teams In the local circuit. The Idea
Ih to down the Port City boys and, if
Mr. Horne Is only given any decent
50 support, tbere is a probability or there
being something doing ut the ballyard
this p.m
J. Davis
First Defence
Second Defence
Third Defence
.   Hums
Third Home
Nelson    Gunn
Second Home
Storme    Peacock
First Home
lohnston    Crookall
Oti'sidc Home
Murray   Murray
inside Home
Keeney   W.  Davis
(By the Potter.)
According to an eastern paper.
Harry llyland still remains the property of the Montreal Wanderers and
will return* there to play hockey in
the winter. Pew of us remember hoar
ing of a hockey commission going inti
effect this coining winter. We diil
hear of Sain Utchenheln gelling thl
worst ol it In the way of players. Per
haps Harry llyland will be playing foi
the  Patricks  tHis  winter.
W   11. Harrison ....
M   .1.   Knight    28      32 25
11   Wilson    31      34 19
A   V.  Menr.ies   30      26 2S
II   Perkins    31      27 24
W. .1.  Slenn    24      25 30
(Ieorge   Iiurr    25      29 34
II   l.indnhl    2S     30 17
l'i in   Davles    30      2E 20
I V. Willson 26      22 26
C   A, Dadds    27      31 16
W.  V.  Ing    IS      30 24
IV    II. Ollvnr    30      24 7
i: w. Jewhurst ....28      8 16
II C, Cli:inili"r1,Vn. .24      24 0
Match No   3 -                 500 RflO
A    )���',   Men7.le.-i    4S 43
I     Wilson    46 43
���I   .1.  Knight    4*1 48
c w. Ji whurst  44 -1'-*
II. I.indahl   43 42
c   A. Dadds  48 41
Hei rge Hurr   47 86
II.   Perkins    88 41
I V.  Watson   40 36
W    ll.  Oliver    41 B8
.1    II. Vidal    48 37
W. .1   Sloan  42 35
ii   W. Harrison  sn 811
r. in Davles  82 42
II C. Clitinilierlnin 37 86
W,   K   lng 34 26
Grand aggregate Wilson*, 246;
silos, 231); l.inilalil. 23S: Burr,
Knight, 230,;   Dadds, 227;   Vidal,
Critics early last week came through
with the Btatement that Bud Anderson
the Vancouver, Wash., boy was about
as safe to fool with as a revolver thai
, ,    ,       ��� , "Isn't   loaded."     After  bis  scrap   with
Both teams have promised to be on |Leach (,r()[i8   ���  |s thp opln|o��  tn:l,
Hud's   gun   was   nothing   else   but   a
deck at 6:30 sharp, bo that the full
nine Innings can be played In a perfect light.
Mouse  Infield  Can't   Help   Team
Not Turning  Up.
With the three outfielders,  Messrs.
Monk,   Peterson   and   Howe,   making
one hit between them ln 15 times up.
Gentry losing the ball at the plate In
a pile of sawdust thrown there to lap
up a few  thousand  gallons of water.
sn  one ball lost In a tree and other fea-
S7   Inns too numerous to mention but yet
as laughable, the Westminster Moose
received  another  trimming    at    the
hands of the Sutnas, Wash., nine yesterday afternoon, final score M-5.
Bill  Sayce  was  on   the  mound   for
the locals and held Ihem down to four
8��|hlt8i    but    wiib  the  regular outfield
SO   moved In order to take the place of tlie
77   regular Infield, who fulled to shop up.
76  Bill  could  not  hope  for much belter
71 j success.    Williams ilt the bill got  four
72|blls   In   five   times   up.   while   Gentry
60 Iwas  also   there   with   Ihe  slick.     The
Men-   hoys came home last evening looking
233; I for the guys who solemnly swore Sut-
224;   urdcy p.m. Ihey would be right there.
nickel firecracker.
Joe llivers is one of the few fighters
who gives credit to Ihe fellow who
comes out on lop. Joe says Kltchie Is
some fighter. Wolgast called tin
present champion a "stew" champion
which recalls lhat Hat NelBon onc<
tagged Wolgast the "cheese" chain
pion. Joe Cans was a game bird and
speaking of Nelson. Baid a "tougl
A three-fifths attendance is not required at any meeting of the B.C.I,.A..
except at the annual meeting. If Vancouver wants to claim otherwise it is
up to them to move a change In the
And one might ask just why Hcferce
Dewar's report of the game on June
2S was nnt submitted to the eyes of
the Vancouver public.
Harry llyland again broke into the
scoring Sheet on Saturday, the former
Salmon Holly slamming the hall Into
au empty  net
Matt Hurr was noticed attending the
"gnme" on Baturday afternoon. It Is
whispered that Matt was looking
thinirs rrer, cilber to get Jones oul of
Saturday's mlxup lit Vancouver re-
vi -ils a Bad stale of affairs in coast
lacrosse and, to many of the wlss
heads who follow the game, who have
wutcheo if prow up wllh the coun"--'*.
It looks us though the summer pastime of 'In- Canadian people will -*��� -n
be ;t tiling of the past iii British Columbia I 	
No matter whether Westminster or Due Shirts'  Bad  Defeat. |
Vancou ��r were In the wrong ou the Montreal, July 6,���The Nationals I
leal in the first instance, ther.- tip- I scored an easy victory in their fixture
pears I'-.-le reason for tho two leadi'ic with Toronto Saturday afternoon, de-
teams in lacrosse uday to squabble feating the visitors 16-6. During the
and fall out The publi.: are support- first period the match was fairly even
It g 'nisc teams. Without support, pro- and in the second the Toronto team
fi.-sional lacrosse wol.'' die su.ii ft j continued to put up a good fight. In
sudden death that it wo t'.u carry n h the third and fourth periods, however,
it the amateur game aud the public, they were totally outclassed and the
the common people, suffer. National home scored almost at will
At the present time the real trouble, \ The Toronto defence was almost help-
from a Westminster standpoint, ls Con less before the fast attack of the
Jones. People will tell wm tha* Con French-Canadians, who apparently
Jones made lacrosse in British Co'- ' played out by half time and in the
umbia, that he brought it to the pres-   fourth  quarter played  listlessly.
ent plane on which it stands, that he';	
has sunk many thousands of dollars
in the game. Perhaps he has and
perhaps he has not.
Before   Con's  Time.
New Westminster   and    Vancouver
were  playing   lacrosse    years    before
Con Junes was beard of in this section
of the hemisphere.    As far as stand-1
ard  goes,  there  were    games    being
played then which, for excitement aud
high feeling, bad anything backed oft I
the map of the present day contests.)
Some of us may remember the days;
when Vancouver and Westminster, after   getting   licked   one   week,   would
send a hurry up call to the east or th" j
prairies for a player;  how Herb Ryall
came In from Westminster Junction ou
[&   freight   caboose,   changing  on   the |
I way and  was driven to Queen's l'ark j
from Sapperton Just in time to b'eak |
I into a game against Vancouver, those'
' were the goi d old amateur dayt-. when j
civic pride had it over the monetary!
i side.
As regards the thousands of dollar* '
that Con Jones has sunk Itt lacrosse
it cannot be said that his venture has ,
not been a success.    He has been re- j
paid fourfold and he Is the one to admit It;  so that  when  it comes down
to hard-pan. it looksc as if Westminster was trying to get rid of Jones as
a  lacrosse   magnates
A Few Sidelight?.
His record this and last year is by
no means of the best. He was the one
to assent to Alex. Turnbull being one
of the referees of the season. Just
because Dad Turnbull, with a worldwide reputati.-n as a player and ."
clean player at  that, rules the game
will: an iron hand,    tiie    Vancouver I .	
manager heaps insult on Iniury, and i
although ordered by the 1912 lacrosse I Officers Celebrate,
commission to apologize for his Ian- Battleford., Sask., July 6.���The of-
guage used to Turnbull he has not! ficers of the 22nd Light Horse cele-
done so  to  date. : brated  with  a  grand  military  ball  In
Con Jones was one of the first this the town hall Inst night before break-
season  to cry  out  "Let  us  save the   Ing camp  today.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
1860���Tom Sayers, the Kngiish champion, announced bis retirement I
from the ring.    Sayers. a light
Sussex man. was only u feet 8 I
inches in height, but he won his
way to the top by defeating men
much larcer.    Shortly before his
retiiement   he  had   fought  the,
giant John  tieenan, champion of
America, but the battle was in-
terrupted before the tide of bat- j
tie had been decided.
1911���Rudy Cnholz. the Bier, defeat- |
ed   Peter Johnson  in  20  rounds
at Trinidad. Colo.
1808���Gu!!y, the English champion.
defended his title against Greg-
MjII, winning after a fierce conflict laitltli over .in hour. They
met again Bofctt..afterward, and
Cully won oiisilv, after ithith
he retired front fne ring., Gully,
a Bristol man, succeeded to the
title after the retirement of his
fellow townsman. Henry Pearce,',
"the game chicken," by whom
he had been defeated after a ;
long and blpody battle.
1905���Joe Jeanette outpointed George
Cole in six rounds at Philadel-
1907--B111   Lang  knocked    out     Dick
Kerrlck in the second round at i
Amidst Island,  Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route of Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at suiall additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
621 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW,  Q.  A.  P.  D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
L(Wal ��3Ies Department, Phone 890.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOTTlTiR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American aud Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-ln. in diameter. This is also made In this Province and we
conuider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
i ...
Maude Fealy
The Broadway Star and National Stock Favorite in
A poetic drama from the Danish of Henrik Heri.   A three-reel   notable   Thanhouser   production.   This
marks Miss Fealy's photoplay debut.
T\T.B.���During her stage career Miss Fealy has supported such well known stars as
Other Interesting Films and Solos
mx%~?tlVmx*aWF5MZKW*i**s*^ .
Matinee 2:00 to 5:00.
Night 6:30 to 11:00.
Adults 10c.
Children    5c.
iTt.-rr-^Ltr.- ae K :."i MB I PACE   BIX
MONDAY, JULY 7, 1913.
Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
tiucensborough, Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
--.liutb; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
inlred within one year from date ot
-nntract, S26.00.
housework.   903   Henley   street,   or
phone L!tu5. UOStii
wants position.    Apply  Hoy  Hardy,
C. P, ()., Westminster. (1683)
furniture In good condition; must
he cheap. Apply Box 1684 The
News. 116S4)
as general good cook; experienced,
Hox  1666  News. (1666)
ing and d' monstratlng for quick
selling household article. Apply
bos 1668 News. 1160:; i
dental office. Apply Dr. Brett, Cliff
block. Opposite post ufTiC".      (16561
meeting the large and small investor, Vmi may have had no experience ami yet be the man we
require. Cull at 4s Sixth street for
particulars. (1649)
tors easily earn $;!.50 to $6.00 pel-
day. Call 4s Sixth street. Westmin
ster, between 9:80 and 6.      (16-r.ii
Principal    for    High    School.    Now
Westminster,    Applications with full
particulars wlll bl   received up   to the
*...iti Inst   Address
Qecrelary   Hoard   nf   School   Trustees.
1681)        New V.. stniinsti r.
rooms to rent, every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton struct.     (1693)
FOR SALE���$500    BELOW
Calgary  Market Clerk Would  Act As
Receiving  Agent  For   Incoming
four roomed liouse, partly furni
sea   front   lot,  graded;   flower  garden;  White Kock; lovely situation;
spring water piped to house. Owner
leaving    neighborhood,    $1000    -for     Calgary*,  July  6. -that  some  steps
cash or $1250 on terms.    Apply  E,  will   havo  to  be  taken   whereby   I
D. It.,    care While    Rook    cottage, j city can act as a receiving agent  for
White Rock. (1667)   garden produce consigned to the puh-
 lie market, if the market is to be made
a complete success, is  tbe opinion ot
Market Master George Wells. In a
lengthy communication to city commissioner Craves, Mr, Wells outlines
a proposal along those lines nntl tor-1
wards cample copies of contracts ho
would have the city  print.
 :     The   gist  of   Mr.   Wells  proposal   is
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER'that he ho permitted to receive but-1
lot, 66x132 corner Ash street and \
Fourth avenue. For quick sale will
sell for $1100 below market value.
This 13 a money maker; Investigate
at once.   P. O. Box 154 City. (1666)
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
minster disirict to meet the lady
demonstrator at 48 Sixth street and
learn something of interest to every
housekeeper. Free demonstrations
every afternoon at 2:30. (1649)
neck ruff, on Fourth avenue, at
Columbia street tram station or on
Sixth str"ot car. Finder phone
Mrs. Charles Cliff, phone 1170.
Nest l'uss, has just issued the following production figures to the directors and stockholders relative to the
operating department I'or the month
of .lune: Tons of coal mined, '.16,-
otiii; tons of coke produced, 5;100; men
employed, 575.
Something Quite New In Handkorchiet
A dainty wuy to mark handkerchiefs
Is to crochet very tine medallions of
hue witli letters in the center.    Iwo
corners of handkerchiefs  nre  here  II- , Titiiiskn mi iir    &    Northern    Ontario
und "I1 ��� ! ������
lustnited with (lie letters *T
us inlets of transparent luce.
No. '211 thread Is used, with a crochet
hook No. 5.
First Row.-Work il'.) chain. It treble
In  the ninth  stitch   from  the  needle.
Tenders will be received by lh" undersigned for Iho construe'Ion of portions of the Canadian Northern I'aciti.-
Railway on Vancouver Island, Province of liritish Columbia, its foil :ws:��
1.    From the City or Victoria i t   a
point   near   Headman',   River   iu   the
nx. ��� _        i .u    -r   o   m n   /�����. i. District of Esquimau!!,  a distance ol'
Chairman ol  the T. & N.O. Commit- ���            ..'
,��.,,,               . approximately  live miles.
sion   Is  a  Man ot  Big  Heart  and .,     A ������,, |���avlllB tlu, ttbov9 a, U(..
Brain Who  Has   Made a   Success  Kina Avenue, Victoria, nnd  extending
ol  His Own    Business   and   Then  to Union Ray, Saanlch Penlnisula.    a
Turned   to    the   Public   Service-   distance of approximately  1..',  miles.
U4������������,i  ,.  bil i .L. !    T'nders   to   Include   clearing,   grali-
nonored at Llk Lake. .. .,,       .   ,. ,      ,, ,
bing, grading, bridges,    trestles,   cul-
When the Elk  Lake branch of the,verts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required to jub-
mit   two  tendera  for  that  portion  of
urday evening, a gold chain bracelet with gold band engraved "Irene
M."   Finder please return to office
of The Nows. (1(197)
agate, mounted in gold. Reward at
620 Columbia street. U0!>:i)
214 Fifth avenue; answering to
name of Cleo, Finder please return
to "14 Fifth avenue and receive reward. Anyone harboring same after
this notice will be prosecuted.
ter   and   eggs   and   other   produce   on
consignment, bul  thai  the city Bhall
not be liable for anything he does In
i- gard to prices, or for lOBS in transit.
Mr. Wells would charge five per cent.
commission which would cover all
market dues and the commission
would bo turned over to the city to
pav expenses of operating the market
Graves  Takes   It   Up
Commissioner Graves Ib consulting
the city solicitor on the Etibject to
ascertain just wha! responsibility the
city would incur if it took this st.'ji.
The question will then be ptssed on
hy the commissioners as a wli ile.
,Mr. Wells proposes that copies of
invoices, receipts and certificates be
furnished him by the city In order to
handle this kind of businesss. Each
farmer or market gardnor sending in
produce on com mission would forward with it a certificate authorizing
Mr. Wells to sell the produce on commission iml relieving the city of responsibility for any loss. The consigner would receive a receipt from per-
the market master for the good!
signed. The certificate sent by the
consigner would guarantee that the
produce was raised by himself on his mlulstersd by Cupid of most interest
own farm or market place, and guar- on thi; side of the pond is tli.it or Miss
antee its quality and freshness In the j.;illL,| L'llruw Roosevelt, daughter "(
casetf eggs, butter and such perish- ^^ umJ Mfg ,rlieodort. u��osevelt.
No Auction Sales to Dr. Richard Derby, a vims pbysl-
the work Included in the grading, one
being on the basis of the following
class!deal ion:
Solid rock,
I oobo rock,
Hard pun,
and the ether on the basis of a classification for "solid rock" and "all otber
Plans,     profiles,    specification.-) anil
J1ISH   Klllltl. I AHOW   UiUISKVia.T.
god of love bus been aiming nt
s   iu   high   phlces   recently,   anil
���sii:.Its   from   liis   bow   have   fillleu   ")���
bom sides of the uater.   The blow ml-
Hallway was opened recently fur trnl-
lic and the occasion brought together
town officials and townspeople, tlm
mayor ol F.Ik Lake, turning to Mr.
Jacob Lewis Englehart, chairman nl
the  T.   &   N.   ().   Commission,  said
taking in. two Ihrcad.s throughout the I "W�� ar.e we�� stttislie'' *'11' *lmJ,-v"u
.       .    ,   ,        ,     .        ,��� ,.������     have   il-t  e,   sir.   and   have   nothllili
work, then 2 chain, miss two stitches. | mnR,   ,n   ^ ..     BmM   (���m,mimU���,
1 treble to end of row, making eleven    ar.  ustllll|y   |arge  ,���  their  demand*
squares In every row. I am| tlit-tr  wants are not easily  satis.
Second   Row-.���Turn  always  wllh  5 , (led.  Hut tins compliment, unsolicited
chain, I treble on tbe second treble. 2 ! of course, but not unmerited, was more  forms  of contract  mav   be  soon,  anil
I substantially expressed when a hugs forms of tender obtained al the offices
key of native silver was presented lo  ()f    Mackenzie,    Mann    fi    Co.,    Ltd.,
the uian  who bad labored bard and Metropolitan   building,   x:;l Hastings
long to bring ubout such a consuin- street west, Vancouver, B.C., or at llie
mation. offices    of    Mackenzie,    Mann & Co.,
Mr. Englehart himself li n strikiuu  i,tct..  I'einberton block, Victoria,  B.C.
| figure, savs II. E. Wlllmott in Toronto      Tenders to Include clearing,   grub-
Silnr Weekly.   Fee hun once ami you offices of Mackenzie,    Mann    &    Co.,
will always remember the man.    Look  -,,,-    Metropolitan  building, 837  Ilas--
into   that   large   piercing,   black   eye   ������,,��� Ktr���,,t wpst   Vancouver,  B.C., not
and you will tell hall you know.  Lil
ten to the kindly  words ol advice, bf
touched with that unfailing courtesy
leel   that   broad   sympathy,   and   you
will realize why men speak so well "'
him.   These characteristics reveal thi
inherent   nature   of   the   ..mn   wliui
prompted   a   few   years ago   the  heno
lieinl  gift  of   an   X-ray   outUt  to  St
Michael's   Hospital.   Toronto,   and   i1
was the same generosity that instnllt"
a peal of bells in the Anglican Church
nt   I'etroleii.      Horn   in   Cleveland   ll
1847, he started  Iiie in a subordinntl
position  in  an oil   refinery   business
but soon became head ol a prosperoui
t west, Vancouver,
later than noon on Saturday. July 19,
HUH, and to be enclosed In a sealed
envelope marked "Tenders for Construction." The lowest or any lender
not   necessarily accepted.
July r.th, 1913. (1700)
In the same communication Mr.
Wells makes a number of recommendations for the conduct of the market
which the commissioners are taking
up. Among thom is a recommendation that no auction sale of furniture
or any other articles other Ihan food
shall be conducted in the market build
English setter dog, color white with
black spots, large black spot over
one eye. Name Zeno. A. E, Kellington, Leopold Place. I16S21
Ciitn. of New York city.
Few young women lire more widely
known than Miss Roosevelt, wbo holds
the distinction of  having spent  i e
time In the While House (ban any
young girl before her and who mnde
her debut In society at it bull In the
White House In December, IDU8. Her
coming marrluge. which I:
taku place this sprin
likely   In
will be an eveut
Houses to Trade
No. 708 Seventh avenue, city, five
room, fully modern, new house.
Owner will take lot ar. cash paymenl. A good deal for few days
Mr. Wells also urges that the con
Burners'   league   be   asked   to   recom
mend some lady to take charge of th
rest room and toilet, and keep it clean tor widespread social importance,
etc., and that for pay she be permit-      lt is said tbat Dr. Derby's nbillty as
ted the privilege of selling tea    and  a horseman tlrst inclined Miss Rouse-
coffee or sandwiches on  equal terms  velt, herself an ardent lover of horses,
to all tu favor hi* suit.   Miss Ethel's opinion
Flooded With Requests of ��� mo||yCoddle Is as marked as tbnt
The reason that the market master distinguished father, and most
is   urging   lhat   the   city   lake   some
furnished housekeeping rooms at il"
Agues  slreet.     Telephone  6".K L.
three bedrooms, two parlors, bath,
oic, newly decorated; cultivated
garden. Apply Mr. Sutcllffo, on
premises. (1655)
funtshed housekeeping rooms, lirst
floor, at ::t Seventh street    (16761
Theatre   Buildrng  Columbia   Street.
Sealed tenders, bup rscrlbed Tender
for general work, plumbing heating
and electric light as the ease may be,
and addressed to tho undsrslgned will
be r mil nil 'o noon of Wednesday,
16th July, for the en ctlon and com-
ph i.on of Theatre Hiiibliim to be
��� rected on Columbia strei t, Ni w
Wi stmlniter, B.C
Plana and specifications can bc ob-
ta t:. .I by i-t sine Bible t ontraclors on
api llcatlon t" the architects
'! ho company do not bind them*
si Ivi - to accept the lowesl "r any
tendi r.
(1702) Architects,
steps to receive produce on commis-
jsion is obvious. He is flooded with
'communications, from all parts of
i Alberta and Hritish Columbia and
even from some points in the states,
asking him to handle goods pn commission. Just this morning a communication was received from a Stel-
tler market grower who wishes to
send a big consignment of all kinds
Six room modern house at the corner of fi,irm Produce for sale. The public
of Tenth and Belleville streets; market idea in Calgary is drawing at-
lol 66x120. Owner's equity $2600 J���"011 from all western Canada, and
Balance payments small and easy,      ""' ��"*�� '��� 'a*en "VT-   %-
jthe market master believes the public
market can be made a striking    and
No.   1030   Fifth   avenue,     city,     seven
room, fully modern bouse, large lot |
to lane.    Owner's equity $1300, bal-!|
ance easy payments, will lake a lot j
for equity.    See us about  it.
being only
every six months.
Nos. 207 and 209 Seventh avenue,
eity, two fine new houses for exchange. Owner will take reasonably
priced property (or equity. Investigate at once.   These nre good buys.
lasting success.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
Spokane,   July   6.- The   spi "<]
: for street  cars in the new cily traffic
ordinance    was   increased    five   miles
per hour In the final consideration of
the meat nre and street cars will be allowed to speed  at the same  rate as
i automobiles    and other    vehicles.   IT,
miles  nn  hour  within   tli"   lire  limits
and 20 miles outside.
Tho traffic ordinance as revised by
Commissioner of Public Safety D, C
Coates was passed by the unanimou-
vote of the city couneil yesterday
afternoon and will become effective at
once through the operation of an
emergency clause.
The provision forbidding the stand-
Province of British Columbia, County  lng of automobiles   in Riverside ave-
BOARD    AND    ROOM,    629    SIXTH
re t,    Everything  new  and    llrst
class    TermB reasonable.       11690)
TO     RENT       WEL!
roon ������ i. Ith board   suitable f
gi ntteini n    refen mis.    Apply Tur-
ni s. 703 Third avenue. i UiG.'i
Ished   roomi.   close   to  oar     Hoard j
o] tlonal      Mrs    Stanbrtdge,   Thlr-,
tceiith avenue, between  fourth and |
secoud  Btreets   East   Burnaby
of Westminster.
Under and  by virtuo of a  writ of
li  fa to  me    directed    and    delivered
against    tho   goads   and   chattels   of
! Ralph   Asser   and   Sydney   Asser,   at
the suit of Columbia Trust Company,
Limited,  1  havo seized  and  will sell
ai    Heaps    Engineering     Company's
premises, Front Street, Now Westmin
Bter,  on  Tuesday,  the  n-tth  day    of
FURNISHED  J""6'   1913,  al   J o'clock  in  the after
,..',.   noon,  the    following,    or    sufficient
thereof to satisfy ih" judgment debt
ami ousts herein:
Tin- cabin cruiser "Cecilia," powered
with it four cylinder cycle 2<) h.p.
Unman engine, i'.'l- model. Length
ovr all :'.."t feet, beam 8 feet, upholstered In green plush, finished Inside
with hardwood. Bleeping accommodation for six persons and fitted with
toilet, coo kstove, and electric lights.
Ti rins of sale cash.
Nov, Westminster. .lune 7, 1013. (1682)
nue for a longer period than 16 minutes at a time was amended so that
automobiles, except those for hire
with drivers seated in the ear can re
main as long as Ihey like.
The ordinance also drives th" antop
for hire ami taxieabs from Howard
street and Will let the owners find
some other plaoe for allowing them
l'i stand.
assuredly there Is nothing of the wetik
ling about Dr. Derby.
As nu oarsman he made his marl; nt
Harvard. lie was one of the Crimson's
gridiron heroes, nud his classmates
thought so much of tiiin that they
made him first, marshal "f the class at
the commencement In 1003, which Is
ubout ns high au honor as can be bestowed upon n collegian.
in the other engagement, that of the
Princess Victoria of Prussia, the counts
Of true love did not run so smoothly ns
tlmt of the American girl. I'rlnce Ernest August of Cumberland, the fiance
of Princess Victoria, ts n scion of the
bouse of Hanover, between whom nnd
the Prussian roynl bouse a feud bus
existed which goes far back Into his
To bring nbout this union of henrts
It was necessary to reconcile n pi rson
age (father of the young prlncel who
deems himself by right a king with
the house of Ilohenzolleni, wbleh.de
prlvod blm of that right
But the head of the house of Ilohen-
EOllern. the emperor of Oermany. had
vowed. "My daughter shnll he happy"
So when it been >rti'ln that Princess Victoria Louise really loved Prince
Erne-t the Impossible was achieved���
tlie mighty emperor found n way tn
reconciliation, nnd the wedding dnte Is
now lixed for Oct. 'i'i.
Whether n  throne will  be  provided
INITIALS  run  IIANllKI:ni:IlIEl-~H.
chain.   1   treble oil  n  treble to end  of j
mw. Hie last treble being ln the third
chain of the turu.
Third Row.���Work 4 squares, repent
*2 treble under Iw*" ' Iiniii and 1 treble
nu :i Ireble Ihree times, -t squares.
Fourth   Row.��� Work   4   squares.   *2
chain, miss two treble, 4 treble ou four j
treble, u squares.
Fifth How ���Work fi squares. 4 treble
on four treble, fi squares.
Sixth Row -As liftli row.
Seventh ROW.���As liftli row
Eighth Row. -- Work 2 squares, 3
treble under two chain, 1 treble on a
treble, 1 square. 2 chain. 4 treble, *i
squares, 'i treblo under two chain. 1
treble. '2 squares.
Ninth Row.-Work 1 square. 2 chain.
4 treble on four treble. " treble under.
1 treble on. '2 treble under, 4 treble on
four ireble. 'i Ireble tinder. I treble on,
', "2 treble under. 4 ireble on four treble.
��� 2 squares.
Tenth and Eleventh Rows. ��� Plain.
j with 11 squares In each.
These eleven rows complete tho let-
I ter'
Lo not turn, but proceed to work the
border on all four sides, beginning oil
! the left side or llie letter
The Border.���Put the hull of cotton
��� through the stitch on tlio needle lind
' draw it up tight. Brlfig lbe iiittnn
' through tlie next square tn the corner
'iml work  l chain. ��� :: double In this
1 second square from the corner, :i chain.
: join bnck I" Hr*t double, .'. double In
Ibis small  loop, :t double In  the  next
squnie: repeat from * t" lbe first corner.   Fill the comer loop wllb U double, then  continue tbe border ns  In
i the Illustration.
When the medallion Is finished tuck
It i rossways In tlie oorner or n blind
kenhlef and sew It niiii fine cotton
slnng ihe edge of the border, bringing
lhe lieedli Ier tit- < tui ill of llle holder In the front, then placing it under
tbe next i hnin nnd bringing n out on
the  under  side   of  tlie   linlidkercblef
v   '���
fj>***   ���    '     t
v !
^Mb-"' ���***>*������
1 B^*\    \n \     ^
riNQ   Ilft-
iI to the linen itt tho handkerchief,
When this is flniHhed cut h r tin hit or 1
the linen from under the lnne. lonvtnjj'
about ����P elshtl
sewing  ��>n   line
eighth Inch very neatly, and tbe Initial
concern of hia own. In 1*70 ho cam*
to Cnna<la. then twenty*three yean
"f ape, and established the firm <���
J I.. Englehart A Co., with offloei
nt London and Hamilton. In 1881 h��
went Ut Petrolea to manage the Ini
perial Oil Co., with which firm hii
forni'T Interests w��>re incorporated
lit* became a naturalized British *ub
\< nn employer of labor, Mr. Rngle
hurl enjoyi an exemplarv reputation.
Fever was the profit and loss account
of such consequence to him that hi*
employee suffered $o far n> th*
handling ui oil would permit, the IV
trolea plant was a tnodel of its kind
A prac tied form of workmen's com
pensation was mnintained, names u
disattfed workmen being retained oi
the payroll lur years, in ca?ea when
the bread winner M the family died
the pay envelopes went ruguUrly u
the widow until the children hecamt
self-supporting. With a conaideratioi
for phj sieal i omfort baths were in
stalled'at Hje works for the use of tht
employes on tli*-' completion of th<
day's work.
At the time Mr. EngHehart's nsm*
was suggested to Sir James Whitney
he waa not known to the Prime Min
COAL MINING rights of (te- Dominion
in Manitoba, Baakatchewan and Aiu-ru?.,
the Yukon Territory, tbe Northweel Ter*.
rltorlea un*) in a portion uf the Provnoa
of British Columbia, mny ba leased for n
tenn ot twenty-one years ;it \n annual
rental of Si an aent. Not more Uian 2&6a
acrea will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lea** must l>'- mad*
by tiit- applicant in person to tlw -\*��-nc
<>r Bub-Aient of the district In which tbe-
rights applied for arr situated*
lu surveyed territory the land muat h��
described hy tM-etlona, ur li-^.il eutvdlvi*
aluntt of section*, and hi unvurveyed territory the tract applied for -h ,11 be>
Htiikcd out by tbe applicant himself.
Kadi application nitmt Ih- aconinpann i%
by a f��f of $6 which will !����� refunded If
��h* rights applied for art- not available*
but not otherwise. A royalty shull be>
paid on tin- merchantable output of th��
niln<�� at th-** rate of flv�� <viiih per tun.
���r*��n   ci-irtiiliiK   the   mire'   shall
A��!(-nt   with   sworn   returns
accounting for tlif full quantity tif iiht-
chantaM'1 coal iiilti��*d and pay the royalty thereon, if the trout mining right*
nrt* nnt t��-in;$ operated sueh returns abouM
b**  furnished al  l��*j*u��t  odoe a  year.
Thf lease win Include the oeal mlniiuj
HkM.i only, but the leases will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may tn* oonsldored necessary for the working of the mint* at U,t*
rn*.*-  er  $1U  nn  arr#\
For full Information application should!
bn madf to thp Becretar/ of the ivimrt-
mt'iit of ihe Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Hub-Agent  of  Dominion  Kan da.
W   W. CORY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior���
N. &.-���Unauthorised publication of thi��
Hdvertinemfnt  will  not bo paid fnr.
The   persoi
fuiVl.th   the
���ihix tlie mednlllonwHI be^nnU sew- | ,.t,.r except in  name ami
Hut once convinced thnt thi-* was thi
man, Sir James lost no time. "Wil
you  accept  a  place  on  the  commis
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Paid Up)    J1 (i.000 000 OO
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
llri'.iii-l"-ii tlir'iiiftbout Ctinn<1ti mu)
XcHtuuiiriliuiii. aud lu London England, New York, Chicago and Bpokaoo
U 3.A., nml Mexico City. A general
banking buslnesi trunHn<?tfii. Ijetters
if Credit Issued, avnilubli' wllh oor-
reapondentfl In all parts of the world.
BavingB Bank Department���Deposits
received In biiius nt $1 ami upward
uni Interest allowed at ll ptr cp:il per
inniiiii (present rato).
Total Assets over 1186,000.000.00.
(J. D. BRYMNHR, Manager.
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newt, Bid-*}.
\f..rU RH rlisln for
tho fotiniliitlon line, then prnr I ns I"
thu directions for letler "T." mnklng W
sqtiuriw In null row ttmi enpylni! the
numlier of Hniuive* nml trehles fi""1
till' llliistriiil"ii
furnished thre room Btilto, witli
bath llm am] cold water, $27.50 per
1218 Fifth Ave.
Phone 750
Tin* above Bale is hereby postponed
until Tuesday the 8th    day   of July,
1913, at the Bame time and place.
(1012) Sheriff.
Advertise in the Daily News
S't'li'tl tenders, superscribed "Tender fnr Manual Training Bulld'nK,
Alta Vista," addressed to lhe under
signed, will be received uu to Un*
hour of 7:30, July 10th, 1913.
Plans mul specifications can in*
seen al the office of the architect, 111
Crown buililiiiK, Petider streel west
Vancouver, nr at the office of the
Sclunil Board, Kingsway, Burnaby
TCnrh tender musl be accompanied
by a -duly certified cheque fur a Bum
equal to '.'. of the tender, which will
be forfeited if the party it'iiiluriui; tie
dines tn enter Into the contracl if
called upon  to do  bo
The cheques "f unsucceBBful lend-
erers will be returni 'I to them on
siunlnK of contract.
Thu Board does nol bind themselves
tn accepl Hi" lowest or anj tender,
A. ,l   BAttHAM, Seen tary.
Hox 207, McKay, P.O. 117011
fur the princess after her mnrrlnRe Is a
question.  Bhe may prefer to live for a    is complete
time  in  a  ipilet  Indue nt   Ilnthenow, ;    The I-ettor "I
firtj   miles west of Iti-rlln. where liei
bn-liiinil will lie it a tinned BH an nfflt'Hr
t>r tbe Zli'Hii'ii hussnrs
1'rlncpf.H   Victoria's   pfluentlon    im*
1 ii as simple a-4 possible   The ein
press heisi-lf tnuL-ht her eooklng, nntl 	
,,���,. of the princess' (trentest delimits : The Mannish Bhlrts.
Ih hi plav housewife whon her mother The simpler blouses lo complete the
Ih iiwiiv from home As nTinirulsl the rnllne und linen suit ure huilt mi th.
excels, spepklnit four lun lluei uf the tunnnlsli shin The inn
others fair- , '"illy ur" either p''lted nr tucked A
iieal design '-alls  for clusters of pin
  lucks cil.'cil  Willi '. all-in '"inn*" Iiu c on
Gift to Helen Taft. ! either side t.f the fronl plait     Anothet
if Miss Helen Taft save   dressier  model   bus   Iwo  hroiul   ni'U-
' i-iltifil wiih Valenciennes luce on clilic
>f an liit-h rrom the I slon,"  win the ixisiiive  messagi
Overcast   lhis  one-   long-distance telephone carried tu i srii*     s^tijtitvi t iivij--
trolea,   and   had;   came  tin-  answet |     JUli     -fKIlN I ItNO
"Yes, il y >u say bo."   fj Ihi ull wa-* of all Inula.
', well     But when the larger  reSponsi * Prices right.   Batlsfsctlon guaranteed
|  lulu*,   ol   the  chairmanship   was   su.; , r>��  McKenne  St.
-.'"���I'*'l lu  Mr   Kncii'lnirt. it 11.-1-������.���-1tj��; t_.
i ".I   the    Prime   Mlnister'-i   persisleul
reasoning, that it was In the puhlii
| Interest, io over-rule Mr.  l-iiiirt'liarl'-
pel -.'iinii objections,
puaires perfectly uiul some i
lj well.
Clrl friend
her tm -i farewell L'lft a (.'old band Intg I
''"   ' Xenrly nil of hide of this front plitll,   The soft turn
1 over i-ollar and folded hack ciiITm edirct'
wiih   the   lace   curry   uul   iin Ioi
ki..| ie suggested In the colored rlm-
,,f ihe white buttons,   The lnevltnhle
slllt   tie  conllnnes  the   color   hitrmotl}
1800 ns I ","' H'dslies a very dainty yet slmph
M milled Wllh auicthysls.
her  "lose  friends  ivcre  re[iri>senled  In
the presentation, which was Informal.
The president's dlllighter was deeply
nlTi"*led. Miss Til ft has spent alumst
all ol' her girlhood In the national nipt'
tal. her father goiim there In
mill.-itur ceueral of the department of
Justice and. with Ihe exception of four
years spent In the Philippines as guv- j
ernor general, has resided lu Washington ever siin-e. ,
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
John ur.iii. Proprietor,
Agents     Ralmer     Bros.1   Gasoline
Engines,  Marine  Engines  and   Auto-
mobile Ilepairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box 474.   New Westminster, B.C.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, :i:i<: Hastings street west. Vanoouver, B.C. (1G7S1
Misoouri  Girl  Sets  Coiffure   Style.
Miss (lenevleve Clnrtt, daughter of
tlte siieakerof the house of representatives, Is the possessor of a natural curl
which ndiirns ber head Just below her
rlcltt enr and Is setting n new style In
coiffure*. Styles have lieen set by
Miss Roosevelt In the "Alice bltte." nnd
' Miss Tuft In the "Helen pink," and
Mlsx IClennor 'Vlltsim In the "Nell rose"
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block.        657 Columbia Street, j j^.,],  ���f Coleman, one
New Westminster, B.C. I corporations opcraliriK
Coleman. Alta.. July
: national Coal and <'<'!<"
���:    The Intercompany, 11 tn -
of  tlle   largest,
In lint Crow's! very easily.
HousehoU   Matters.
If you have a Jnlml which is trouble
Mime lo Iron baste ihe plaits In before
II Is washed, Ihen Iron and remove llle
lli'ctids.    I'se hi." thread
Towels should not be put In Hie guesl
room when Ihey ure brand new l'-t-
ihem until they have been laundered
several times and lose their stiffness
To wind tt curtain remove It Irom the
brackets, roll it up by hand and tl	
pul il Into the brackets and pull ll OUl
fail length.    Repeat If necessary.
To Unscrew a Glass Jar.
It Is often very difficult to unscrew a
tin cover from a glass Jar. A very Him
pie nnd satisfactory way to pet It off la
lo take n knife handle and tap the top
of lhe cover nil around the edge. This
widens the thread of the screw of the
cover nnd enables one to turu the cover
Dicken*'    Nann-i.
One nn meet the famous names n'
Hi tion a. uiul uJ history in one'* 'lull'.
walks, even the most Improbnhlu oi
Uu in I uk" Dickens' w.rks, lor in
siiii,.-". Bnodgtass was once a com
mnn enough name in England, and n
America bearers ol il still abound
Winkle" cun !����� found in vnrinuu pint-
ol the ci iiittry. nud ut Eastbourne one
can ten a lumbstonu inscribed t" tin
memory "I Samuel Waller, Hut most
curious ol all is the case of Stiggiiin
lor that, name for a canting humim.
is really a corruption ol ESllgatid, lh-
pi"ii* archbishop who crowned Mar
ol I anil as tucli has been borne bj
many worthy men.- -London Globe,
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday,
As Per Following Schedule:
i.iavi-s New WeBtmlnster for Purl
Munn H no a in.
I,lavs   Port   Mnnn   for   New   Westminster non a.m.
I."uvea New  Westminster for Port
Mann and  Port Coqultlam 10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coipiitlam    for    Port
Maun and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port  Mnnn  for  New  West-
'minster 7;oo pm.
Leaves New Westminster for Port
I Mnnn and Port CoqutUam 4:80 p.m,
Leaves    Port    Coipilllatn    for    Port
Mnnn ami New Westminster 0:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
Plowing  nt  Night.
New  South  Wales lias adopted  tin
iili'ii   oi   plowing at  night.    Kor  tin
purpose two powerful acetylene head-1 notice,
liulits   are   attached   to   the   traction      For further Information inquire:
Eraser River Ferry & Navi
engine whn-h draws the plows, umi
tin* ground la so well and brillianll)
lighted  that, the operator can  work Ration Co., Ltd.
over the lii'.l quite as well ns hy duy   phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia SL
water ir, Min... i weatmlnater
Nearly hlly tons Ol water hnd to In
rai.u-'l "ill id the mines of south rtal    V~m**^^**^-,*^-*t*******   �� "sr*
lordslilru, England, last year to every    I rdSialtSl     J*k_-VF-��
'""    "    '     "'' o(,|C#  phon.   186.      Barn  Phon��   nt
Bsgbl* Street.
li&ggiutfi I)��llvere4 Promptly to
any part of the city.
New  Spring and  Summer  Sultlngd
now. on diaplny.    Soe them.    Perfect
Ilt and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
Light and Heavy Hauling
A million dollar Incinerator for gar-
lia(,-e will be built by Toronto.
A search for an Indian burying
ground iB to be made In the centre of
* Toronto.
Dynamiting near l��ambton has
made the people terror stricken ami
resulted in a law suit.
The provincial government Is about
to establish a brick-laying plant In
which  prisoners  will  bo  employed.
On" hundred and fifty speakers will
lie needed for the missionary confer-
enceato be held In Toronto In the
Lizzie     Atherton,     a      12-year-old
Marchmont    home   girl, was fatally
burned   ttl   the  home of   Mrs.   Fisher,
William Kvans, a well known fanner of riympion township, dropped
dead while walking along the road
with his son.
The arrangements for the Orange
celel ration at Cornwall, on July 12,
ore complete, and tbe promoters are
looking for 16,000 visitors.
l:i an attempt to hoard a moving
train at the 'irand Trunk station, Hots
Lusby of Toronto, missed his foot-
Ing and tell beneath the wheels.
Rev li, lv Knowles, the author-pastor, of Oalt, has l.een approached on
the BUbject of accepting the pastorship of the Central Presbyterian
Church, Buffalo.
Plans are being prepared for Uie
new Dominion government buildings
and union pasosngc.r station I i It"
built between Yonge and York streets,
-Toronto, at a coat of $200,000.
Malcolm McTavlsh, who taught for
forty . ix years In Bowmanvlllo public Bchool, died at Bowmanvllle al Hie
: nit" of Bl. He had lived in Bowman-
i-lllo ever Blnce coming to Canada In
The congregation of    the Parkdale
FWethodist   church   on     Sunday     said
farewell to Uev. W. B. Caswell. B   A.,
���who   leaves     for     Winnipeg,   to   lake
charge of Broadway church    in    lhal
('.. S. Porter, who founded the Newmarket Kra In February, 18T.2, and
was publisher of It for a year and a
half, recently celebrated his 100th
birthday al his present home in Phillips-town, Australia.
When the Presbyterian ministers
visited the prison farm al Quelph,
there was hinging on the program.
Tin- prisoners wanted to use the old
favorite, "Gates A]ar," but the war-
din wouldn't hear of It, and closed
with -Abide With Me."
Winnipeg, July 18. lt will employ
600. Public market opened Monday
Organized by the Consumers' league,
under charge of a capable official, the
market provides facilities to purchase
at lowest possible prices all food pro-
W. J. Hill, son of J. J. Hill, waa a
guest, on the Winnipeg grain exchange this week. He farnm 21,000
acreB ln Minnesota. Asked sh to his
crop, Mr. Hill Bald: "1 am cutting my
wheat for hay. I am going out of
wheat altogether. There is no money
In It. I am going more and more
Into Btock and am seeding more alfalfa every year. This year 1 have
seeded 4fi0 acres."
Feed  the  Youngster  From  the
Csginnlng to Get Good
Cardston has been definitely decided on as Mormon headquarters for
Calgary will get the international
Brotherhood of locomotive Engineers
and  Firemen's  convention   in  1914.
A contract was awarded for the
drilling of natural gas wells, 12,000
feet, to cost $76,000, at Medicine Hat.
James Q. Miller, one ol the best
known engineers on the western division of the C, P. R.. haa quit the
road, having severed his connection
with the ('. P. 11. to retire after 41
Members of a Bpeclal committee on
technical education Benl on a tour by
the Calgary school board, arrived at
St, John, N. B., seeking information
as to best results in expending half
a million dollars on a new high school
In Calgary.
The  Hon.  A.  A. Sifton  haa secured
roomr. in Trafalgar buildings, Charing;
Cross, tor Alberta government offices
iu   London.    The  appointment   of  a;
provincial agenl  for these offices will
be   made   on   Mr.   Silton's   return
Alin rta early In July.
Few foals are made to grow,  mosl
of them are nct even given a chance
to do bo.   This Beason, with an abundant growth  of pastures in  much  of
the central  wesi, the youngsters are
left more than ever to shift for themselves,   eayu   the   Breeder's  Gazeete,
'If a foal gets whut milk its dam happens to give and what grass it cares
to eat, that    Is    generally considered
j enough.    The difl'i rence  in effect be-
: twi en   BUCh   treatment    and    careful
'��� feeding is seldom realized.   The   foal
]w!ll   live  and   gradually  attain   morr
size even under a plan of semi-starva-
' Hon, but no 1,'g horse was ever made
In that way.
We  mate ton  Btallions  with  1,600-
pound   mares  and   raise  colts -of  no
more Biz.c than the inareB.   The trou-
i ble  Ib  with  the  feeding,  and   mainly
jwlth the feeding during the llrst year,
i The ton weight is an unnatural size.
' and Its production calls for more than
the natural amount of feed, and yet
with  mare giving less than the natural amount of milk and foalB running
on  restricted pastures, t.ime wonder
, why they cannot B1 cure as much size
'as    Kuropean    breeders.      Economy
usualy demands that brood mares   be
worked,  but hard  work unavoidably
! decreases the milk flow to some ex-
i tent.    The      usually      high    priced
land our pastures are small and give
little  choice  ot  herbage.    We  must
supplement     the    foal's    consequent
shortage of nourishment and also allow   a   surplus   for   the   o-Ura  growth
sought, and it lakes the beEt of feed
to do so.
As soon as a foal shows an Incllna-
0 tlon to nibble at the grain in its mother's  feed  hox  it   ihould  be  regularly
supplied with all it will eat two or
three times a day. Nothing is better
The government's $1,000,000 interior j than crushed oats and bran to start
elevator  al   Saskatoon   will   start   itt  with, and later on Ihe crushing may
cast es of smallpox
ported In Montreal In which the patients were practlcaly cured before
the  city  authorities heard  of  them.
Grant Morden, of Umdon, who
has been In Canada for the past few
months completing the various arrangements resulting in the organization of the Canada Transportation
Lines, sailed from Montreal for Kngland.
The directors and executive officers
of the Canadian Pacific Railway in a
circular Issued by Sir Thomas Shaughnessy expreSB their hearty appreciation of lhe services rendered to Ihe
comtiany by Adam lt. Creelman, K.
(  . the  retiring general counsel.
Hi n c, H. Perley will be back from
bis  hnncjhoon  al   the   week  end,
The l'eter l.yall Construction company   of   Montreal  has   been   awarded
the contract for the government
house, (ittawa. addition at $125,-
At Coburg Hugh Patterson, a boy
of 16. is charged with manslaughter in
connection with the fatal -shooting of
Harold George Webb, aged 12, after
Sunday school.
Important plans for the improvement of Ibe intercolonial railways are
under consideration . following the
visit of Hon. Frank Cochrane, to the
maritime provinces.
Worked Into a high pitch of excitement over a tense parlor game at a
parly, Mrs. Caroline Hrown Tanner.
formerly if Prescolt, Ont.. tell dead
at  her  hi me at  Pitts-field,  Mass,
Six Max Altken has out short his
Canadian visit and it, Is ur-'crstood be
will precei d at once to Germany to
lake n course of tre-<,-*"nt ii" ri it the
dlrect'on   of  a  noted   specialist.
An int'tprovinci- I conference is to
called to meet In Ottawa in September nexl 1 he laBt confernce, several yean- age adjourned, subject to
call by Sir James Whitney and Sir
Lomar Qtloln.
Hon I).- Heche, and his daughter.
Miss May Koche, sailed last week
from England for home. Miss Koche
is going to London, Out., lo he
bridesmaid for Miss Alice Robinson,
daughter of Dr. Robinson.
Sergeant Bugler John Burns, with
No, 2 cavalry Field Ambulance nt
I'etnwnwa Camp, was presented by
Colonel T. I). H. Hemming with the
long-service medal.
Two Canadian Bcholars are Included among the appointments to the science research scholarships made by
the royal commissioners of the exhibition Of 1H51. These are: John Boss
Tattle or Queen's university, Kingston, nnd (Mln Maas of McGill university.
be discontinued ��? the youngster gets
able td do its chewing thoroughly.   A
foal  eats  beet  when  standing  beside
Us dam with a feed tcx Just out 0*.
her reach.
B takes more grain to raire a colt ���
In this way than when leaving II to
rustle for Itself, but size has more cash
value than tiie enforced rustling habit
Beside.', a draft colt, fed drain from*
the Ftart will be practically mature at j
three, years old, and have a greater
size than it would ever have had it
left to take four or five years to reach
I the Bame degree of maturity. The
saving of one or two years keep will
pay for the ex*ra grain renuircd to do
the Quicker and better work of raising
the colt. The extra value of the colt
will also pay, and -several times over,
for the extra feed.
This   country   has   been     breeding
,   ,  draft    horses    and    raising    chunks.
1   "v, v.bX8l8�����' ri,mP,a""8 ,m<Ml  Heavy feeding has begun too late In
ai the city hall.    I nnecessary whist- * ,he colt.g ure   We can have a ,���, of
lmg by locomotives is covered by an-I ���,,���,,,
The grain production of North Bat-
tlcf.ird last year was 16,000 bushels,
an increase of 50 per cent over 1911,
Julia Yanzik. a Hungarian, aged ten,
was murdered near Bonno Madone,
Sunday, while digging seneca root
with a girl companion aged 14. Coroner McKay and the K. N SV. M, P.
are Investigating the tragedy.
Spokane. July 6.���Spokane at last
1 lias an antl-nolse ordinance. While
Its provisions are not broad enough to
reach the owner of the crowing roos-
ter that sometimes disturbs rest in the
early hours of tlle morning it is considered sufficiently strong to reach most
of the ordinary causes of noise usual-
A Good Complexion.
In making up her mind thnt she
w*tints to bave a clear und beautiful ,
complexion the average girl does not
always think Just what this means tn
the way of regular treatment. Of \
course when starting in she thinks she
is going to take real cure of ber skin,
and soon It will look like the other
girl's whose complexion she so envies,   j
Perhaps all goes well for several
nights until one evening, feeling especially tired, little Miss Would Re-Beautiful thinks that It won't matter if she
Jumps into bed Just this one night
without lirst washing lier face clean of
all tbe day's dust nnd grime nud of
tben rubbing cold cream Into her
cheeks to nourish them Sbe will do It
all tomorrow nlgbt. ond with this
thought she corner's herself as she
slipa between the snowy sheets.
But what a real mistake this girl la
making: How ean she expect to have
11 strawberry and cream complexion if
she will not take tbe trouble to apply
lhe treatment each night? It ls everything in lielng on time all through one's
whole life, and perhaps in nothing does
this regularity mean so mucb as In the ;
care of one's general looks lf a girl
neglects her complexion or hair for one
night the results are sure to be disastrous. Wake up, then, little girl, if you
want to have that beautiful complexion
that you envy In other girls. If a treatment Is decided nn it must lie regular
or no good results will come from it.
Besides applying cream to tbe face
ut a regular hour each nnd every night,
the girl who has a pasty complexion
should look Into the matter fur her
general health. A good complexion is
Impossible without perfect health, for
health Is the one great hctiulitier of
even the plainest featured girl. H gives
her that rosy flush of perfect health
wtt!"h Is beauty���real, true beauty.
The girl, though, who has n muddled
complexion eau help matters along by '
taking a beauty cup of hot water half i
an hour before each meal and one before going to bed at night. This water
should be hot. but not too hot (extreme heat Is Injurious to the stomach,
nud the stomach Is the weak point of
the girl with a poor complexion),nnd yet
not lukewarm either. Choose the happy medium and you will be snfe In
vour beauty drink.
This, too, lf good results nre to come
of It. must be taken regularly nt the
same hour each nnd every dny.
gan farmer, who was asked by the
priBoner to Luy him a drink. The
farmer Itidiscretely exhibited a ten-
dollar hill ami when entering the lava-
lory McEwen struck him from behind and extracted $9 from his pocket
The prisoner was arrested shortly after. Surprise was written on the face
of the farmer, who said: "Ib this the
way they do things in Canada? I
thought he would get about seven
days, or perhaps nothing. I've heard
people speak of llrltiBh Justice being
the real goods, but It's miles better
than I ever dreamed."
Monkeys and Tails.
Not bejng an authority on monkeys,
a visitor tu the menagerie accosted s
keeper to ask why practically all the
primates therein have short tails instead of the long ones that are alwny-
conceded to simians, regardless ol
the fact whether they are entitled to
tbem or not. "Do you cut off all the
tails?" asked the visitor. "What fori'"
replied the keeper. "Well, it seems to
iiu- they are all docked," rejoined th**
Uninitiated one. "The difference II
Hits." said the attendant. "The South
American monk'ys have tails, and
those from the eastern hemisphere
haven't any. You can search me why
it is. but I guess the otber fellows got
tired oi tbem."
We now have four trains daily and
will give you the cheapest rate going
not only to Eastern pointB, but to
Kootenay and other points. We are
also agents for all Bteamship lines.
For reservation and other particulars
apply to
E. GOULET, Agent.
B.C. Coast Service
Lea*e�� Vancouver tor Victoria 10 tx. m.,
2 p. in. and 11:4a.
Leaves Vancouver (or Seattle 10 a. m.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 a.m.
and 6 130 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver   for   Prince   Rupert
and Northern  Points   10 p.  m.   Wedncs
days  and  Saturdays at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Chilliwack   7
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves  Westminster
New Westminster i Wednesday ���"><����� Friday.
��   w   nDiirnu   r.   r.    ��     ,. BD- QOULET. Agent, New Westminster.
H. W. BRODIE, G. P. A��� Vancouver.   H. W. BROD1E. O. P. A.. Vanoouver.
m.   Tuesday,
m.  Monday,
From Those Who Advertise
other ordinance. Under the provisions of the anti-noise ordinance train
whistling can not be held a nuisance,
because the railroads can set up the
defense that it is necessary to the protection Of life.
The ordinance was passed as part
or the new criminal cade and wlll be
effective as booh as It Is placed in
proper Bl ape by'the dry clerk and attested by  the mayor.
The pr 'Vision as to the suppression
Of noises rends:
"Every person who snail mnke. continue, nr cause to he made or continued any unnecessary or unusual noise 1
between Ibe hours of fi a. m. and 8 p
m .   which   either   annoys,   injures   or
endangers the comfort, repose, health
or safety of others; and every person
who   shall,   between   the   hours   of  S
p.  111   and fi a. in., make or continue.,
or cause  to  be  made  or    continued.
i- Y'thi r   ii   !������   operation of any   . :i-
chine   or   the   CXerjise   of   any   tt-.idi
whieh  either anmys,  injures or endangers th" comfort, repose, health or
safety nf others, un'es lbe making or;
continuing of the  same  be ne,-essarv I
to  the   protection  or  preservation    if1
property, or of tho health, safety, life'
or limb of some person,  creates and
maintains  a  nuisance  and   shall
guilty of a misdemeanor"
,  valuable celts three years hence
we   will   teed   this   season's  draft
foals  heavily  right   from  the start.
Let it be understood, then, from thl-<   in the past,
little talk that it Is not so much what j _
n  girl  does every  other nicht  or so I
wben she feels like It. to Improve her | _
complexion, bat whut she does each
and every night, thnt counts in this
great tight for beauty, which Is the
birthright of every American girl nnd
WOman, Seek health, then, nnd seek
ft regularly, and ihls beauty will be
P.eglna, July fi.���During the year
1918 a record will be established in
the formation of new rural telephone
companies In Saskatchewan if present!
prospects are. fulfilled. No fewer than
110 applications are now under con-
Slderatton by the department and from
all portions of the province applica- 1
tions for incorporation are pouring
Fnr some time prior to the opening
of tlle last session of the legislature '
ImtSZ. Wm too���!?awnew co,umns dont f or��et to say tha* >'��u saw their ads in The
act was to be submitted to the house,   V���,
���ind the majority of the settlers in the;
rural areas held their applications in   ���������
The most outstanding feature of the
new  legislation  is that whereas formerly   subscribers   were   required   to
[ pay the cost of their system in cash,
they ar-   now allowed to issue debentures, the proceeds of which are used
for the construction of the telephone
lines. These debentures are repaid
' by a tax which is levied on all lands
* past which  the line runs,  no matter
whether there is a telephone Installed
i on the land or not.
I    Vacant  lands  are Ukxed    for their
. share in constructing the main leads,
while lands on which a telephone is:
, installed must in addition pay for the i
1 cost of constructing the branch lead!
from the main line into the house. The'
municipality will collect these taxes in i
1 the same manner as ihe regular mu-;
nicipal   taxes,  but  they  can  only  be
used for the repayment of the debentures.    All companies will still be un-
ider the control of the department of
(telephones,  and  the  approval  of  the
.minister of the plans and construction
iof each company must be secured as
They want your trade. That's the reasen why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
It helps us.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
���mill-work. We have all ready
In stock panels, moulding* and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates a* w�� are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone 473, Queensborough.
Mut;s   Association   Will
War   on   Fakirs
Seattle. July 6,   -A business sessloi
and nn  election  of officers concluded The Beautiful Mouth,
thc third day of the convention .-f tht i    To begin with, beautiful lips are mo
Washington State Association of tin ; bile and flexible    No matter how per
i"   1     -sterday   In   Carpenter's hall,|fe(.t tl)Hir ,.,,��� r, n,,s dint nre fixed
and titfht nre never attractive     Then,
convention  of Canadian  police
-ihiefii opened lit. Halifax,
Hev Dr. Mcl.ecd. editor of Ihe llnp-
tiHt.  died  nt. St.  Jnbn,  N.   IV,  lUter a
lingering nimss.
A plebiscite on the automobile
question was taken throughout I'rlnce
l-Iilwitrd Island nnd the farmers arc
strongly opposed to allowing automobiles It) run under any condition.
Building permits passed the nine
million dollar mark at Winnipeg. Monday.
One thousand Ihree hundred Americans on tered the Dominion the week
ending June IB,, with $218,000 In cash
nntl $16,000 worth of effects.
Thc new Hudson Hay $1,000,000 six
story departmental store   opens   ill
Regina Wants More Tower.
Regina, July 6.- The city commissioners will report at the next meet-
meeting of the fire, light and power
committee as to the best method to
pursue In getting cheap power for
Regina; whether the olty commissioners themselves will   Investigate   the
coal fields at Kstevan or secure expert
advice in the matter from persons outside the city service. The question
Is whether the city would find It advisable to purchase coal lands from
A. S. Porter and generate gtiB and
power here or generate it    al    the
Oelds and transmit II here,
A. 8, Porter appeared before the
fire, light and power committee with
bis proposition, which has been before
the city In various forms for the last
year or more. The plan is to form a
$1,11(10,(1(10 compnny of which the city
Is to take fl'fin.OOn worth of stock and
with the stock owned by Mr. Porter
would ensure control. Mr. Porter
owns or controls pome lli.lilHl acres of
rich coal lands which he turns In nt
$40 an acre
and a trip to the navy yard, and afternoon services at the Trinity Parish church this afternoon at three o'clock will bring Uie biennial meeting
to a close.
May ir Oeorge P. Cotterill made the
address of welcome yesterday, and
True Partridge of Seattle, who hears
perfectly, and is an adept nt the siKti
language, because of his associations
with the deaf school nt Vancouver
Interpreted the mayor's words to the
"If the city couneil decides to do
away with noises, and there is n
strenuous movement on in favor of
abolishing tympanic disturbances, all
of us will he on the same and ennal
totting," said Mayor Cotterill. "The
City nppr-ciate the work the association is doing in behalf of educating
the deaf, and in aiding tlnse with
Ihe handicap to become useful citizens."
Olaf Hanson, of Seattle, president
of the National Association of Ihe deaf
made the concluding address of the
Elect  New Officers
The following officers of the slnte
association  were elected*.     I', L,  Axl-
ing. of Seattle, president; J. B, ttixler. \
of Wenatchee, first vice-president; 1
Mrs.   K,   Seeley.   of   Tacoma.     fecund
vice-president;  True    Partridge,   of';
Seattle, secretary, and L, A. Divine,
the retiring president, treasurer.
Vancouver, Wash., will get the next i
Btate  convention,  which  will  le held
in  1916, I
The association will mBlce ti un't-'l
effort to expose all travelling mendicants who p >so as deaf and dumb ami I
Impose on the credulous for tbelr
livelihood, A resolution adopted yea- \
terday was to the effect that all such I
fakirs and intposters will meet wllh '
exposuro by the association,
The resolutions committee further
commended tbe slate board of control
! too. holding the lips In 11 flxiil |iosill"ii
quickly ages the fnce ond Induces lines
i In It even less attractive thnn tlle line
of the mouth. Persons who make con
���taut   use   of   their   lips���In   laughter
i conversation or singing-preserve the
charm of youth snd mobility In Ibem
thnt is not apt to be apparent In those
given to silence.   This alone Indicate:-
1 the necessity for exercise, and nil hen It
ty ciilturlsts advise exercise of the lip*.
tto preserve n youthful fnce und keep
the mouth flexible nnd attractive.
Marie Montaigne makes this point In
nn article In Barper's Razur. nnd sh.
goes on to sny -
���ililil  ns  lt   mny  seem,  ll   lieennif*
I quite Impossible to cherish Irritating
thoughts when the corners of tbe lips
are turned up Insensibly little sprites
of happy memories come dancing Into
the mind, nnd the lines nbout th.*
mouth  smooth out or tnke un  sweet
! curves Laughter Is essential to 11
prettv mouth��� nnt the i-oustnni laugh'
ter lhal stretches ihe lips nud lines !
the checks, inn lhal merriment whieh
keeps t'u. lips flexible nnd drives awn>
furrow* ol care "
When Summer
Stops the Swing
with  all  mineral  rights,  for providing equipment and teacher'*
He said be was prepared to lake tin
city's bonds at par payable for payment of the Interest the city would
hnve In the company.
Duncan, 11. ('.. July r.. The plans
for the new post office building which
the Dominion government will erect
on Ihe corner of Craig and Kenneth
streets,   shows  thai   the    government
have recognised tbe permanence   of
I'nls cltv as n business centre.
The building will be In every way 0
substantial one and will constitute a
very handsome addition to the cltv.
The main external portion of Ibe walls
wlll be of red pressed brick, while the
Stone w -rk will he of the finest Canadian stone. The lumber used will
be of fine quality hardwood. The full
Size of the ground  space occupied by
ihe building win measure fir> feel by
or, feci mul the main entrance to the
post   office department   will  he at  Ihn
corner of Craig and Kenneth Streets
one large entrance on each Street
nt the deaf school of Vancouver so
that work may be furthered along Industrial lines. Indorsement was also
made of the combined oral and speech
system and the sign language system
of instruction at the state school.
Calgary, July ti The Canadian
Perchernn Horse llrceders' Association In lil Ihelr annual meeting at Vie-
I rl.i park and elected Ibe following
nfflcers tor tbe ensuing year: Presi
deal. Oeorge Nane, Calgary; vice-
president, J. C. I>rewery, Cowley;
surel,ir> -treasurer. V. It. Pike. Po-
kisko;  directors,    10.    A.    Davenport,
I Acme; It. C. Upper. Calgary; W. fatly, lumsden,    Sask.;    Isaac,    lleattle.
Brandon, Man.
A latter from the t. Eaton Company
I was read offering the sum or $200 towards the ful---'- 'i i.i 11 '.1 1 e competed for ai ihe Winnipeg exhibition,
land tho thanks of the association tendered mi motion    The meeting was
ia short one, business being routine.
E��erci��e to Keep Young.
Marcel Pruviwt, the l-'rem n novellt-t
In speaking before tin nudieiu e ill fiish
lonnlile w,linen recently, snld thai the
in-si  method of rnuihntltig iidrnnelnu
age was to develop muscle.
As long its iiersons nnly told them
that sport was good for health women
were Indifferent. he snld. but as soon
ns some one nssertisl thnt sport meant
youtbfnlness   women   took  It  up  with
impetuous enthusiasm.
M Prevost severely condemned ths
practice of attempting to reduce the
figure tn slender proportions by tight
lacing or dieting. Hc nlso criticised
the use of rouge, with which women
colored their lips, saying that It had
nothing In common with the redness of
the natural lips, while the carmine nnd
lieiiuly lotions they put on their cheeks
produced an unnatural bluish slate col
-ired complexion.
To Bring Roiei to the Cheeks.
Rnsewntor. four ounces, nnd a third
of un ounce of tincture of benzoin have
the qunllty of bringing the blood to the
surface or the skin and giving lt a
lollotte pink color. This ts a perfectly
Harmless way of gslntng color.
"Durn Fine Country, by Heck!"
Sault Ste. Marie, Out.. July fi.    Ten j
lashes and five years In Kingston pen
was the sentence imposed on Robert
McEwen b) Magistrate Billot! In the
police couri on conviction of robbery
wllh violence In a hotel lavatory. Tho
charge was laid by A. Rudyard, Mlohl-
Most of us cart reirleinbcr the school lesson in the
law of accumulated motion���momentum.
If you exert a pound of pressure against a man in
a swing, you'll si��Ft him moving slowly "to and
fro." If you continue to1 exert a pound of pressure against him every time thc swing makes a
trip, you'll soon have him going so high that he
almost turns thc whole circle. If you stop pushing, the momentum will die out and the swing
come to rest at "dead centre."
Winning trade follows the same natural laws.
Advertisements are the force behind the swing of
public favor. Each new advertisement increases
the momentum. Finally, the accumulated force
of these numerous impulses swings indifference to
the buying point.
If you stop Advertising, you lose momentum.
The moral of which is:
Don't stop the business swing in Summer.
Keep adding the pounds of Advertising
Advice regarding your advertuiag problems is available through sny
reeoKiii/.ed ('miiiili.iu advertising sgrncy, or the Secretary of the Canadian l'rras AiWK-iation, Hoom 60.1 Lumsden Iluilding, Toronto. Enquiry
involves no ubligatiun on your part���ao write, if interested. PAOE  EIGHT
MONDAY. JULY 7.  1913.
j  Remember the  Place���
33 Eighth Street.
and lhe telephone No. 2
For some time we have been
receiving Tomatoes, Cabbage,
Strawberries, Spinach and other
Fruits and Vegetables grown for
us only by T. R. Pearson, of
Hammond. The products have
been so satisfactory that we
havo decided to handle along
with these his floral output at
reduced prices. Today we have
some especially nice Carnations
and Soveopls which we will retail at 20c. per dozen.
Order some vvlth your groceries. We will have other fresh
flowers daily.
We wish to call your attention
to our Maple Syrup, especially
recommended by physicians as
absolutely pure. Gals, $2.25; half
gals. $1.25.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
of all kinds at very lowest
Spend your money where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
It is quite true that 93 out of
100 wealthy men, except only
those who Inherited wealth, got
their  start   by   regular  savings.
But they did not become wealthy by that means only. After
accumulating a lew hundred
dollars they invested It in sound
True, some speculated in
real estate, stocks uf companies newly organized and other
such ventures, hut mosl of such
sooner  or   later   lost   all.
Wiser people who studied
this mailer watched the results
of others over a period of many
years, or accepted the advice
of sound financial men and did
not speculate, 'liny Invested
in good bonds, or the stocks of
strong companies which* were
past tin- experimental stage.
Babaon of Boston and Moody
of New Yolk, two of the best
qualified writers and advisors
on financial matters in the l'nited States, recommend regular
savings till a reasonable amount
Is accumulated, and then holding these fluids until a time
when good seasoned stocks and
bonds are selling cheap, when
they should he bought.
At the present time we know
of a partlcularlj good seasoned
slock which may be bought at
a price to yield the investor 6
per cenl.
Thecnmpuny is growing rapidly, has excellent management,
plenty ol capita', 'ibe slock Is
listed  on   llie  exch_age,  so  ll
can be sold at any time funds
tlte .Wired, pays its dividend
quarterly and there is every
prospect that its price Will bo
largely enhanced, while there Is
very grave doubt lf it will ever
ngaln sell bo cheap.
The inter' sl earning is doul le
the savings bank rate, while we
consider the security unite as
The owner of this kind of security is always able to sleep
well, free from  fi ar of loss
Call in nnd write for particulars If Interested.
City News In Brief Aii^ilk^
All notices of meetings, entertain- I
mentc, sales of work, etc., in this!
column are charged for at the rate I
of 10 cents per line. Please do not'
ask members of the staff to break this j
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
J, Thompson, a member of the staff j
of  the  Royal  bank,  was  removed  to
the   Royal   Columbian   hospital   last I
Manager Hillis of the Hoyal theatre
has an elaborate film to start this
week. It is called King Rene's
Daughter, and cost thousands to produce.
They gown dim productions just ao
The death occurred
yesterday of Charles Richard, the
11 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. II. A.
Gillespie, 839 Second slreet. Deceased was stricken with scarlet fever accurately as tbey ever did stage pro-
on Thursday, of last week. and. al- Auctions nowadays, lt Is Interesting
though rushed to the  isolation  build-  to note ln this connection that.    Mlsa
Eagle   engine
Begbie street.
station,   13
ing at the Royal Columbian hospital,
it was Impossible to save his life,
death laking place at 5:30 o'clock lasl
evening. The funeral arrangements
have not yet been made.
Get it at the Royal Pharmacy,    41 I
Sixth street.    Tel.  1253. (1673)
This afternoon at 3 o'clock the Victorian Order of Nurses will hold tlieir
regular monthly meeting In the Y. M.
C. A. building.
Lucky for Gay.
New York. July 6.���A dirigible balloon carrying (ieorge M. (lay, a youth
ful Norwalk, Ohio, aeronaut, that was
I swept away from    the    New    Jersey
I shore   earlv   last   night,  and   was  six
lee   cream    grotto.   Eighth    Street | hours    unheard    from,    fell    on    the
bakery,  telephone  Ml.    A.  Hardman. j waters of Long  Island  sound at 7:30
proprietor. (16701 I o'clock   last     night,     according   to
definite word received early this morning.    Gay  was saved  by  the crew of
The ladies of the W. C. T. U. will
meet at the home of Mrs. James Cunningham. 727 Third avenue, tomorrow-
evening at 8 o'clock.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and- farm property,
S per cent.   Alfred \V. Mcl.eod. (1671)
The assizes court resumes sitting al
11 a.m. today and there is every probability lhat John McNamara's trial for
the theft of the automobile of T. J.
Trapp will begin.
National Finance Company. Ltd., for
fire, life and accident Insurance, 521
Columbia street.    Rhone 515.      (16751
At the Royal Columbian hospital
yesterday evening a short song service was held by the Y. M. C. A. for
ilu> benefit of patients. A number of
local soloists took  part.
Eagle engines arc built by the
Standard Company, and are known
for reliability, durability and economy.
During the summer the usual Wed
nesday evening services at the He
formed Episcopal church will be dis
pensed with. This announcement was
made by thc rector last night.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wlriug and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
Rev. W, R. and Mrs. Collins have
returned from Toronto where they
were ill attendance at the general assembly of the Presbyterian church.
They also visited a number of other
eastern cities during tbelr trip.
The Ladies' Aid Society of White
Itock church are holding a bazaar on
Thursday, July 10, afternoon and even
ing, in aid of the new church building j
fund. Ri freshments will be served
and all are invited. .   11689)
Save time, trouble anil money when
'.living gas engines. See Jack Insley.
of   lln-   Standard   Supply   and   Engine
the steamer Sagamore, which, passing Sand Point on the north shore of
Long island, sighted the balloon before it reached the water's surface a
milo and a half off shore. The
dirigible sank and Gay was picked up
after swimming about for five minutes. iTbe balloon covered a distance
of about 25 miles in its uncontrolled
flight. It was without motor and rudder and Gay, a novice, was unable to
release the gas.
Company, 13 Bogble street.
(1694 1
The 11. C. E. R. bave decided to issue an order that all city passenger
tars atop at the near side of paved
streets and at the far side of iinpaved
streets. The bulletin will be issued
this week. The order has been ln
force  In   Vancouver for some  time.
A Distinguished Sidesman.
There is a -. ery modest little AikIi
can church in Ottawa, wbere they possessed some time ago a unique, though
utiollicial sidesmen. Tlie church i.-
situatcil near Rideau Hall, and many
members of tbe households of the different Governors-General bave w(,r
shipped there, thoujb it bas nevel
been used fur state functions. Earl
Grey and liis family were constant at
ti'ii'iauts. especially at tbe early set
Seine time aso there was a liltlf
handful present at ns early service.
including a small group from the Hall
but the congregation contained very
few men. one being an aide-de-cainj
ami the other aged parishioners. When
the time came for Uie collection, no
body took it up, and thnt very nece.-
snry part of the service had to le
The congregation never knew whetli
er the story came to the iar9 nf l-iac
Qrey nnd caused him to reprimand
the members of his household, bul
tliere was a sequel. A few weeks late-
the same situation occurred, ami whei
the rector finished the offertory sen
tences, there came an awkward pause
Then suddenly out of tbe Vice-Re*,'u
pew walked Lady Evelyn Grey. Slo
secured the plate and took up tht
collection with all the ease of an ex
perienced sidesman, presenting it I'm
ally to the ofliciatin-z clergyman. Evei
sIU-r that, if Lady Evelyn (ircy hap
pened to be in the ehurch, no col
lection was missed.��� Saturday Nigh'..
tickets  I'or thc Chautauqua
are now
ui sale at    the  Moose home
mil  will
he placed on sale ai Tidy's
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
loral stand, 737 Columbia streel, to-
lay at 10 a.m. They will sell for
(2.50 till Thursday nlgbt, when the
price will raise to $3.00. \ (1698)
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. AH kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Gardeners and others with fruits,
hi rtlcultural or agricultural products
to sell are being warned to beware of
leddllng th"ir wares without license.
11 cost a l.ulu island horticulturist
$10 and costs in lhe police court on
Saturday to  learn this fact,
���Mutton, billion, who's got the button I" The Chautauqua people are
giving out buttons with numbers on
them. Any one who funis a button
with the same number as his own
will In- rewarded wltll a Beason ticket
'o the Chautauqua entertainments,
Thero ar" ten duplicate buttons. Report to Mouse home. 11698)
Por pressed brick, fire clay, com-
uion brick, cement, lime, plaster,
'tiivel. sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
o the li C, Transport Co , Ltd. Office
phone i-20, wharf phone 880.      (1674 i
For supplying an Indian with In
'"Mealing liquor, a hull breed was
sent io jail for six months' hard labor
en Saturday by lhe pollce magistrate,
'I'm n clpienl was lined .*?.". and costs
fm over-indulgence In the coveted
firewater, other transgressors con
Isted  of  ti   veteran   u lm bibber,   who
was soaked $2 rei and costs,  ��� who
pleaded his lit d offi nco and gol n
chance to behave himself in future
and a couple of nomads who wi re
given an hour to cumber another sp"i
with their undoslrable presence,
Forests For  Public Use.
The   former  erroneous   impress!
thut forest reserves nre areas set up.-
hy  tie  Government   to   be    reserved
from use and development is giving
wuy to thc correct view thut tbey ate
for the general use of the public.
The  Dominion   Forestry   Branch   I"
desirous    of     spreading     this     iileu
Tldy'S | abroad, and with this end in view ba;
Maude Fealy, starring In Tbanhouser's
"King Rene's Daughter," wore the
very same lavender gown that Misa
Ellen Terry did in her celebrated
stage presentation of this piece.
To bring to an end the enmity
which has existed between King Rene,
who ruled in Provence In the fifteenth
century, and Count Yaiideinont, the
latter gentleman agreed with thfc
former through their mediator, tho
Duke of Burgundy, to betroth his new
born daughter, lolanthe, to Tristan
the nine-year-old son of the count
Not long after this agreement was
made the palace was partly destroyed
by fire, and in being rescued by a
soldier the baby girl became blind
Thc king sent lo Cordova for a fain
oub physician named Ehu Jahia, who
told the father that his daughter
should be kept In ignorance of her
affliction until she attained the age
of 16, at which time she would regain
the UBe of her eyes. Acting upon this
advice the king built in a secluded
spot in his dominion a cottage, where
the childhood days of lolanthe were
spent In the company ot nobody but
her nurse, Martha, and the former's
husband, Bert rand, a forester. She
was not permitted to receive anybod;.
and even when the king paid hei
visits he was known as a humble,
knight named Sir Raymbaut.
As the  years wen;   by  King  Rene
began to fear that Tristan would not
wed a  blind  girl  nnd  that  the  feud
would    thereby    be    rekindled.    The
count  kept   bis   son   strictly  to   the
pledge and wbeu lolanthe reached her
sixteenth  year Tristan   was  sent    to
Provence to meet her.    lie wandered
away rrom  his escort, and. with    bis
retainer.  Sir  Geoffrey  of  Orange,  he
accidentally   came   upon   the  cottage.
Peering in through the half open door
Tristan saw a beautiful girl Bleeping
on the couch.    Upon lifting the talisman that  Ebn Jahia had placed upon
her  breast     to    produce    sleep,    the
girl soon woke.   He went into the garden and  was soon followed  by  lolanthe.    When  Sir Geoffrey saw the girl
he   tried   to   get   Tristan   away   from
ier, but the young man had fallen In
ove Willi her and would not go. During their conversation Tristan learned
hat  lolanthe    was    blind    and    was
greatly   surprised   to   learn   that   she
did not know anything about it.   Ho
gently   broke   the   news   lo   her   and
when  he  left,  it   was  with  a  promise
to call a*ain the next day.    All  were
surprised to learn that a stranger had
been    there    aud had    revealed    tho
jecrel  to lolanthe, but    it    soon    developed that it was a fortunate occur
rence  fur   tbe  physician  declared    it
necessary.    Ehu Jahia  then took  the
blind girl Into the cottage and began
working   over   lur   eyes.     While   the
king   wailed   outside   he   received     n
message from Tristan renouncing bis
daughter  because he    loved    another.
But   when  Tristan arrived he  learned
Ihe true state of affairs, and the long
buried   feud   will   never be   rekindled.
We Sell
Screen Doors
Why Suffer
Newcomers  and
Newly weds
This great  Liquidation   Sale   Is    your    opportunity    to    Begin
housekeeping.    A great saving on your expenditure.
Start with a St.Clair Range
inaugurated the policy of surveying
summer-resort lots around conveni
ent lakes in forest reserves. These
lots are of two kind.-, viz. building
icts and cainpin'-' bits, so lhat tin
demands of both cottagers and carol'
ers may be met. Such lots are I'-a-.-d
V, the public for a term ot years at o
very   nominal   figure.
It is hoped that in tbU way a start
may be made in bringing to the pub
lie'a realization of the opportunities
and advantages which the reserva
tie.n of these great areas of the pub
lie domain affords the country sl
Thia space In too small lo specif)
our complete lines for your us.* and
comfort. Bathing Caps, Themos
Bottles, Grape, Lime, Lemon, Rasp
berry Juice, Face Cream, Mosquito
Powder, Talcum, are in part whal wa
havn. Safe to say we have the best
stock in the city.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 4S;  L. D. 71;   Res, 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
'the Ellison-White Chautauqua Sys
tern, of Portland, Oregon who are
urnlshlng the Moose lodge Chautau-
hub for N'-w Westminster, have just
mailed ten children's season tickets
In iheir advertising agenl here to be
distributed free to ten worthy children who would be unable lo purchase
tickets Those Interested call or see
Mr. White at Moose home.        118981
Wo make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate carpi ts and draperlei re
make and repollsh furniture, manu
facture cedar dress and waist boxes
-,*. Indow bi ats and tin all kinds of
upholstery work In leathei nr tapes
' ) W ��� ��� nre the largest makers of
window BhadeB, draperies and Interior hangings, Estimates given
Lees Limited 11669)
Measrs, Latham &  Clarke, The Insurance  Men, of this city, have  li'"*n
'appointed   resident     agents    to   write
iKtnployers' Liability Insurance for tho A
Canada Accident Assurance Co., which  A
Iti owned and t ontrollod by the Com   C
tnerclul Union Assurance Co. Ltd., of ill
Westminster    Draws  in    Cricket.  But
Batter Runs to  117.
With ih" last man batting as tin
last over was called, New Westmin
Btor were robbed of a victory oV<
the Vancouver Moths on Saturday a
the asylum grounds, tht Royals send
ing up tin- tallest score c f the Bt *
iJ-nl the game continued anolhe
five or t"i> minutes an additional twi
points wo dd undoubtedly hav* bee
placed to lhe alreadv high leagui
Btandlng i f Westminster.
An outstanding feature of the con
teal *,mis thn century compiled le
Cave ile new addition to lhe localt
*.ilin halla from Winnipeg, who former
ly pluyeil i >i one ol the leading club
of England
Cave's ii? was one of the brilliant
efforts seen un a    local    ground    fo'
Beveral j ars,  punishing the bowlers
to all parts of the Held Find - *\ing n
chanci   until ho was stumped.
Mill' r. *.i Ito usually la u lasl bats
in.nt. held his own for 36, but was lln
abb- to get ;i*,vai with the bowling or
ih" score would undoubtedly have
reached  tin* double century  marl:.
The scores are as follows:
New Westminster.
I-'. Cave,, sl   Sladetl, b Ulingworth
)���'. A, Hose, e Wave, b Guild   	
I.   ll   Miller, e Mather   b Guild .
Rei    Bartlett, b Ulingworth 	
W. A. Walls, nol nui  	
G  Thom, c Guild, b Hall	
10  T. Dunford, b Ulingworth  .   ..
R    W  Moncj, not mn   	
. 1
. 32
. 17
.    1
How Is
Shall We
Send a
The most economical user of fuel In existence today. Only
about half as much needed with these stoves and ranges.
Please Note the Splendid Savings:
(66.00 Ranges. Liquidation I'rice ...     $46.75
$60.00 Ranges, Liquidation I'rice   $51.00
(66.00 Kanges, Liquidation Price   S5S.00
$117.50 Ranges, Liquidation i'rice  S57.50
$72.60 Kanges, Liquidation I'rice   $61.65
$77.".II Ranges, Liquidation I'rice   S65.85
$s;.5(l Ranges, Liquidation Price  S70.25
Cook stoves ai $10.00. $12.50. $15.00. $18. $20.
Camp stoves at $2.00. $2.50 and $3.00. 	
Tents. Cots,  Bedding,  Stools, all at Cut   Prices.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
.f iin
Tumbledown Acapulco.
AcapUlco, Mexico, with one
liii'-.-t harbors in the world, is one ol
the iiio-t wretched towns in the entire
country. It is poorly built, tlie bouses
In ing for the greater part composed
of adobe with tiled roofs, while the
rnaiority or the poorer class can nfTur I
nothing better than rude huts built
with pole- stuck in the ground, the
fronds of the cocoanut palm woven
into thc sides ami thc whole thatched.
Numerous earthquakes have damaged
the buildings, and scattered ruins an I
cracked walls give the town a wretched appearance. Tliere are no improvements of any kind, ii" sewers,
waterworks, telephone nor electric
Fresh Plums 2 lbs. for 25c j
I-'rush Reaches 2 lbs, for 2',e.
Ripe Tomatoes, per lb 26c
Ripe Bananas, per dozen  3i)o ]
Fresh Strawberries. .. .2 boxes for -fn-
fresh Cod and Halibut..2 lbs. for 2.6c
Red   Spring Salmon,  pel   lb 16c
Smoked  Halibut   2 lbs,  for :ir.c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
elriesl son of Mr. and Mrs. It. A.
Gillespie, 339 Second streel. died
nfior a short Illness at Hoyal Columbian hospital yesterday afternoon,
acid 11 vears and 4 days.        (1Ti>41
Boundary Bay
Maple Reach l'ark. being a subdivision of the historic old Whalen
estate on Boundary Hay, la ai
last on the market In 60x100 feet lots
fronting broad streets and with per
petual bench privileges. This hae
been the camp ground for scores o'
local people for years. The lota are
selling fast, many people procuring
the locations they had occupied as
tenants for years, l'rices $330 and
upwards, easy terms. Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Suits to your
order and satisfaction.
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlcmcn't
401   Columbia   St.
*l. EDMUND 11   Oil I W    M P , I III -1   rf NT.
W   D   MATThEWG, ViCt -PRlfciOENT.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager,
C.pltnl paid u|
R.l.rv. Fund
Total A.mt.  ���
Whenever You Travel
- st home or abroad- carry funds hi Travellers' Cheques or Letters
ol Credit, Issued by Tne Dominion Bank. They aie current al!
over the world, andca.*;hed at their face value.
They prevent )o83-->and save  all  the  annoyances  ol being
Identified, and the worries cf foreign cichar.-je.
Residence Y. \V, C, A.        I'hone 1324
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
i Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L383.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RICIIT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
London, Eng., one o(
Hiirance companies
I Assets $14,i.tni),not).)
linn a reputatimi fur
ment of claims and
largest   In-
in    the    world.
Tiie   company
prompt    Hi'tile- Extras
tholr rates urn
Total for six wickets 	
T   v.  Hi lu-'iii. Canon d'Easum
P, 0. Stagg did llltl  bat.
Vancouver Moths.
C, Ulingworth, c Wells, b Thorn,.. S
C. Dawson, not out   5
II. Roden, h Thom   u
L. 0, d'Easum, c Miller, b Hebron, 0
Mather, c Money, b Thom  12
Knye, o Cave, b Thom   G
liuild. <��� nnd b Rose  14
I). Bladen, nol oul    :n
I Hll
,*i ml
Hull, C Bartlett, b Hebron
Crane, h Hebron 	
R, Swift, not OUt 	
Totul for nine WloketS
Take advantage of the Business Mini's Train nnd make your
bome at Crescent Beach (Blackie Spit) for tho summer months,
Train leaves at 5:31 p.m. dally, on nnd afier June !",, returning in
the morning In time for business,   Crescent    Beach   affords   Ideal
conditions  for summer liometi, combining  Hie  best  of  bathing,   boal
Inn nt all stages of tho tide together with  line bench.    Artesian v/ell
water to all residents.    Lei  ns show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1801.
We write Firs, Life, Accident. Employer**   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marino   Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   lii   minutes   uuiil   9
p.m,    Half hourly service until
11   p in.   witli  late car at   midnight.
SATURDAYS���15    minute   Her
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS- 5 and B.46 a m.
vice Is eontlnued until 11 p.m
SUNDAYS 8, 7, 7.30 S and
X.WI and every IB minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGULAR BBRVI0B���5.46 and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  wllh   lato ear at 11.30.
a.m. ami 4 HO p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m. with  late car at
11 30,
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS 7 ii.tn. ami every
hour until  11  p.m.
SUNDAYS H a.m. and every
liuro until 11 p.m.
Connection is mado at   Bb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS-9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6,15 p.m.
POINTS-4.05 p.m.


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