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The New Westminster News Aug 14, 1913

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 News Classified Ads. I
Havo proven their worth by the I
results   they   produce.     They   fill I c
large    or   small    wanta   at   small   .~-s
cost. ��
The '.Vi
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light u> moderate winds:
generally fair will, stationary or
higher temperature.
Council Is Looking for Two Nice Jus
tices cf the Peace fer Such a
Two Men Shot in First Day of Uiots���Stores of Bystanders Are Injured, and Threats
of Death Accompany Defeat of Police to Cope with Situation���Officers of the Law
Retains Prominent Counsel
to Defend Him on September 19.
Lat:   German    Socialist   Leader   Was
More of Inspiration Than Actjal
Help���Press Comments.
Wlll  Attempt to
nor's Chair Tcday.
Albany,  NY.,  Aug.   13.
t   in  Gover-
Works Second Large*** on Continent���
Demand of Mercado Makes Disastrous Flood Imminent.
At n meeting ol thn Coiiultlain noun
ell   yesterday  a  letter   from   Mr.   Mi:
...   .     . i   ai ,   ������-���ii    i      ��., .,,.,,     .a. iv   i*      ii     i        .��� r   /"���**.    i Intyre,   municipal  solicitor,   was  read
Kicked and Almost Killed���Women With firearms Dely Restoration oi Order���Urging the formation before Sept. 10 Lieutenant Governor  Martin  Giynn
. or :, licensing board,   out- application ���
Militia at Victoria (Jo to Scene This Morning. already has come m and there may be
  others.   The constitution of the com-
 "~  *  j mission  would be the reeve and  two
���'.'* i'f tt ii # -*:(( * tft O # ���:.i ���':*. # �� i    l.ute this afternoon a courier from i from   Victoria  lhey   were met   by    a   delegated councillors with two justices
Bxtenslon brought news to tbe city to ;tuoo and escorted to the S..S. I'atric.a Iof  the   peace  possessing   property  ln
the effect that    om- man   bad    been under threats of death. ���   ! the municipality assessed at not bss  , 	
li lied and tlve seriously  wounded    In I    Two  Wellington constables who re-   than   (500  per  annum.    The  justices, ernor    Sulzer    Impeached  by the as-1 Physiciuns prohibited him    from    ac j
a    pitched battle between tlie str.kerb ; fused  to beeu  the  threats  were    dis-   would be selected by the council.        j semhly and the date of hia trial before, tlvely participating,
and those In the mines who are well   armed and beat, n unmercifully  while i    The only justices of the peace the  the senate and the Judges of the court j    Tlle executive    committee    of
armed    and    determined    to    defend la Nanaimo city  policeman  was taken I Council    could    think of were  Mayor' of appealB fixed for Sept. 12, tbe spec- ' Socialist  party   received   at   noon   to   derH of lieneral Mercado, federal mill-
themselvoa at all coat. Uo uie hospital In a tainting condition   Mars  and  John  Smith,   Port  Coqult-jtaele   was  presented   tonight  of  two'day. af'-<''' Bebel's death, a letter    in  tary  Kovernor or Chihuahua  ir  they
Mine on Fire. latter  he  had  gone to  the aid  ol  the lam,  who were thought Btiil  to have  men  claiming to  be  governor of  the Which he said "The devil Ib again at .remained longer at their work W. B.
One of the principal oil'icialB of tin I Wellington specials. the  property qualifications. state of New York. |my throat.   Three physicians say that |SJUSiJ?��L2P55 ?_it_Ti M"xira"
0 ai  operators gave out the Informa j Contractor Chot. It was resolved to leave the matter
tion   this   evening   that   No.   1   mine ]    Nanaimo, Aug.  14.    1 a.m.���Reports |With the reeve and clerk to find out.
Berlin,   Aug.    i::.   The   death   ai
Zurich of August Bebel, the German
I Socialist leader, will have little effeoi
ou the activities of hia tarty. Por
. several years  be hud  been  more    a
source of Inspiration than the actual
[leader, ills Infirmities of late had
j prevented him from playing au acilve
| part in the Imperial  parliament.    He
was able to attend the party eonven-
With Gov-!t:��" '���***' >'L'ur **l Chemnitz,    but   hla
Climax of Interferences Is
Order to Stop Work on
$10,000,000 Dam.
Victoria, Aug. 13.-Several
companies of the Fifth regiment of Canadian mllltla will
probably be sent to Nanalmo
ami oilier points on the island
where the coal strike is in progress, Bome time tomorrow
morning The district officer
commanding Ib awaiting orders
and Is ready to Bhlp the men
by train in a few Iioutb notice.
The executive held a meeting Una illuming to dlBcuss the
Bituation and met again this
afternoon. Their deliberations
will be made known Thursday
Mayor Ilillier, of 1-adysuiith,
El  Paao,  Tex.,  Ao*.   13.    Believing
{that  himself    and    fellow  emp'oyees
the   W()uld be killed or imprisoned by or
be  oue  of  the   finest  in  the'or ser.OUB disorder  aiill  continue    to  and  If they  were bereft of the J.P.b
country, had beeu abandoned by   tn. iconic  in  from  Extension    where    ii   they will communicate with the gov-
company  and  was  now  burning  furi*   would  seem  a  battle  royal  Is  taking , ernment  at otice.
ously  with  little hope oi  the flames  Place between the strikers and .hose;    John Smith, clerk to Port Coqultlam
As soon as the articles of Impeach-11 must retire." lie had Intended, how-���Northern -^��w" ��n,d l����<gation comment, adopted at an earlv hour this I ever, to attend party convention at pan* accompanied hy two associates,
morning  hv  the  Democratic  majority I Una in  September. abandoned their posts at the dam at.
In the assembly, were presented to the The Vosslohe Zettung saya: "He i!'a Boquiiia, near bajta K*oullna. CW-
senaie. shortly after 2 o'clock this ! was a dally enemy of our society, but jhuahu11' and amTed ln Kl Pas0 t0-
afternoon,  Lieutenant-Governor  Har- honorable character.'
day.    W.  W.  freeman, vice-president
until)    Willi    lime   Hope   in    Uie   name-:    p.... e   uei-Aeiu   mo   n-.imt.ia   aim   tuuae        - ��� -  ������ " �����  . ��. * .��.i"...��...   -.**��� ..�����,���    ,.,.���.,.......-.j^.c, .....     ������-,mm.��uin   """��(("��� of the , nmn-mv    In whli-d nrilii.li t-i-ni
ever again  being  under  control.  The : protected   behind   the   barracades   ai   council,  wrate  resigning  his  appoint-'tin M. Clynn announced his intention |    The Tageblat says: "He was one of    ',   ,,   "T.!���'.," 7,lY���*mt*\a   i*  her,
���haft cost thousands of dollurB to Bin.. \ the mine.   Alex. Baxter, a contractor,   ,m'nt as Volici* magistrate.   The resig-1 or occupying the executive chamber. I the most interesting personalities, one
and tbe Iosb will mean almost disaster  and not In any way Interested in the |*??H?" waB ��cSPtelt0.:?ata aft*'r ap" I    Friends of <',ov<ruor Sulzer said the)of the most honorable characters and
to the future prosperity of the city,     .trouble between the miners and    Hit
And all tills litis been    going    with   operators, was Bhot last evening wh 1
polntment  of  Mr.  Smith's  successor. | governor Intended to continue in of- one or the moBt brilliant and    moat
  ,. ...  .��,,���,���    the provincial government In full bob-   walking 1B0 yards in front of the mme ifuPP1*  "Wtih has to be approved  of his power to maintain his position on
tola morning telephoned In for   ���;;-.  session of the real facts or the silua-   build.tins.    He was taken to the Oltly ^ lhf Provincial government, comma-  the ground that the assembly had no
In regard to the Maillardville water  flee and  would  use every  weapon  ln I temperamental of the orators of   Ger-1 for7'J  wns  .nd  other ^tir-terenr^
tal   is   principally   interested   is  here
on  his  way  from Canada -conferring
with Fuller.
Fuller says the climax of a series of
���.':���    military  assistance fearing the
killing or Constable McKlnnon
".!���    is only  the  forerunner of sev-
������.'    eral more deaths.
���> Hi ft # ������:��� a v*
lionpltal where his condlticn is report-
Citizens Demand Aid. ed seiiouB.
When    seen    this    evening    Mayor i    Mobs of strikers    hundreds    strong
���ft   S'i,w   refiiRHil  to ask the aid of   the icontinue  to  walk  the  slreet    s.ngiug
...   militia,  although the  citizens  gener- songs and acting  bolsterouB through-
* *fl( ill * ',;> *   ally,  with the exception or the strlk-  out.   There is little sleep going on in
era themselves, demand that Immedl-1Nanalmo this morning.   The homes
I Special to Tho News.)                ate action be taken to quell the dls   cl tne non-union men have been    de-
Nanalmo, Vancouver island. August   tuibance and prevent further disasu-r   Belted long ago while the trail of the
13.���Nanaimo, Lady smith. South Well-  to the city.                                                  i struggle   is   noticeable   when   passing
ington and Bxtenslon are in the banda Newspaper Office Cafe. 'one cf the houses where the glass and . rVinitif=r led to "a" verbal  duel between
of a mob this evening.    One man has       The  Herald office,  which  has been'window fraineB have been smashed In   Councillors FoBter and Martin.
nlcatlons were read. Or. Pagan or'he J constitutional right to consider im-
board or health approved or the purity : peachment at Its extraordinary ses-
or the water, but (I.  F.  Napier. con-|Bion.
suiting engineer, wants plans showing j Some asserted that the governor
proposed tanks, grades and a multi- j would go so lar as to summon mili-
tude oI other detailB belore giving his j tary protection if necessary to pre-
approva). ivent the lieutenant-governor from oc-
It whs resolved to invoke the aid ofieupylng the  executive chamber.
J. H. Kilmer, CE. for Port C'oqlutlam
The    proposed    extension    or    th
* Gettysburg-Wells     road,      Bome     25
D. Cady Herrlck. who will act as
chief counsel for the governor at his
trial, said tonight that "talk ot resorting to  ror?e Is  the  merest  rot."
"He will  meet the chargeB against
���any. :came last Friday when General Mer-
The Lokal Anzelger says: "He was ,cade advised the oompany by special
an unseirish champion or political messenger that Uie state government
idea3 and sought to further, to the ; wouid not permit further progress on
best of bla powerB. the welfare of the the Immenre hydro-electrical and rec-
wcrkers. His name will have a per- .lamation works tn which the British
manent space in tbe history of the corporation bas invest*** ��JO<.')0,0(K>
German empire." jand threatened to **���*.*,   ^err.Tt''  mea
Babel's body is to be cremated at-lsures to enforce! or rr. ilens.dn'B
Zurich. I allegation  is interfering wit*   the    n-
 ���, jtural ftow of the Conches river, and
H. U. WILSON ATTACKS 'he alFo rays that Fuller was asslstin-R
STATEMENT  OF  BRITISH .the rebels to seenre ammunition and
  (provisions.   The company is operating
"'"   '     k'""1'    ������'���"���"-    '" ������'������������""'     '     <������    ""   ""':.. I  ,,-. I,  ,,,.:,:���   :, ,.... .|   :,.   ,.���*..,:,: ,|   ..t... i   ���. i.-.-l.*.. "   rouncll'lor' Fost"er~and'"Bome   other j him in an orderly and digniried way." 1 w^saB^1^��^r^^
owners if prooerty necessarw for the I said  the lawyer,  "and  will  do tioth-1 Mexi(.0'   i8(,ued  a  Biatement  here  to- ;says that he has been -forced to payday   attacking   the   recent   Btatement  cut to rebel anil federal commanders a
fatally,   while  damage  arnuuiiling     to favoritism towiirds the Operators, St'.ll | Well   Orranized.
thousands  or  dollarB  has  been   dine r.-maiiiB Intact, although it -was made      It  Is very  evident that  the  present >rn!U)  0ffPreij  it  only  on  condition  oiling   unhecomin"   the   dignity   of   thoi
during iiie past 2i hours. 1-ale ti- known this evening that no publics. I siruggle has been organiied days jj^g r,,ad being made tir-st, but sub- -state. He will engaee in no physical I ^^.f^.11'^'^ IMUtt'fOTelgn'otaoe 'total snm of fitJMS pesos as loans
night the Bituation, while not exactly tl n would be attempted on Thursday ahead. The torch has been kindling mltted an agreement to that effect. I Scramble to assort his rlehts to dis- \ j(.ciariu|, ,hat Great Britain had rec-1 during trie revolution in order to con-
tense  In  Nanalmo,    was    serious    In morning,      Karly   this    morning   ths   tor some lltt'.o time and beginning on)    Th" mntter wsb relerred tn the so-   charge tv- functions of the office of I n_n|zed  the Huerta government  as a   ttnne "operatJons.   He says lie has been
supplied     by! governor
The   governor   himselt   was   sllen,. ,
Indignation waa hardly tlie word Ior ; Wh-n he lert his office in the capitol l^p^o  contribute  to 'tb
provisional government only:  that Its;obliged to turn off nearly all his 600*
promptrd  bv   a  de- '��� laborer-3 on account of lack of provis-
e  restoration   Ions.    Foller ��ays that if the federals
tha ire reused by the forwarding of a  :it  6   o'cl-ick   tonlrht.   where  he  had ;  ,      .      an()^ ,&'o becBU,e 0f Wilson's   drive his men from the dam there will
some   letter by the Port Cooultlam clerk Uv been  closetfd  all  day, he was asked ��� co.,cratu]at���rv sn.-ec.h on the occasion   'e danger during the rainy season tbat
��� * -   a -���  -���        il.n     ������>I1    r ~.��h^*    * W _    ���Htm * . *. _    i if     V\ r\     r. v 11 ���  i ��� ��� . -i I     li,      **-..��� ii -nti  .!.�� _. ***    ***   -  ��._       **m
the olher sections aud more bloodshed manager of the  paper requested ade Monday   a   concerted   effort  to   break ',l'citor   with   a   sketch
is  expected  before   the  dawn  breaks. (|U:ite protection from  the local thief the Strike was started by the miners [councillor Foster
For  three Btraight days a mob    of of police, but thlB official  was unable in all four districts,
striking miners and sympathisers lias to guarantee same, which resulted In Crisis Comes Today.
b en  in  complete control     The  local the   printers,     who    have    shown    a      The  real  crista    will    come
police have been outnumbered  special loyalty   towards   their   employers,   BO Ume today,    probably   this   morning   the council frnm the Western Canada, lf he expected tn return. j Qf  th(?  roc(,plion  of th���  eMxico  City  th-    pressure    of tbe  reservoir  wiir
ofl cers have been kicked   almost kill- fir daring  the  trouble,    refusing    to when   it  In understood  the provincial   Power commnv. The company desired I       ^ es   sirre.     he   replied   in   angr>   dip]oma.ic  Cl)rps  bv  Huerta. break  tbrough and inundate ant onlv
ed    their   weapons  taker,   awav   from work under preseni -conditions. gavenunaat will either import a large   payment   rr  1W2.10  for  the   removal tones. Wilson characterized  the statement   Hip r'oneftes valley, but also  the  Bto
tl, rn and themselves hustled to    the      Arrangements, however, have Ven batch  of special    constables    or  tfie  of 1*W P^PeJ^n Wilson street. So far as oould  be lurned no at- -^ ,,t ���v.iriaace wilh th)i UMiil-ons of Grande vaUey ESua Ojina^a along tbe
wharves where ih.-v  were placed on  I�� to ensure the publication of the mni:.a rrom Victoria.   That there will     WllRon street Is situated in the cen- tempt was made Dj  ueutenant-QOT-1 h    (  ., ,    torelgn  offio,  .lnd   with .Terns border.
b'ani ta,;   with aA. ���-'' ! ��� Herald H.r i'li,!:,.    moving   eve,,   ,f be more bloodshed is almost certain,  ter of Port  Cooulti aim [ITti&S^ZUmtoS^^ bPfort''    '^ '* ('C'"'Wi'- ""' '" "" E'P"
guard the place.
Police  Utterly  Uselrsi.
rent   to  the   ers   and   rilles,  once  Bpeclal   aid   arrives.    Tliat  they  are planning to go
strike  i.i over.
Ars  Heavily   Armed.
The   Int..sl   outrage   occurred     this The   provincial   po1lc<
evening when a mob of strikers es'i* city today by   boat   and    train   have
mated to he r,00 strong,   broke   Into been a farce in the eyes of the mob.
the hardware Biores of the city, arm- When the Princess Patricia, or tin
ed themselves with    revolvers,    Bhot- C, P.  It. line, drew* towards the doc';
guns,   i fles  und  any     other     weapon this   morning  It   was   known   Hint     ii",
ii,,..   could  lay   their  hands on  and speclali were on board and ��'i angry
from   Ii, r,.   left   for   Bxtenslon   wli,.re nu h   of   several   hundred   waited   for  vising  them  to  Btand  back.
the  most  Berlous trouble of the day then  on  the  wharf  wllh   the  result      The   sinkers   just laughed at blm
has occurred   Little can b.. found out that the force did not land.                    and  with a concerted  rush disarmed
from Extension  alitmngli   reports   or The   experience,   however,   of Vic   b m, the man being badly beaten and
Biter torla  specials tells    a   different    tale    losing    hia  revolver,    handcuffs    and
tor nrriving in the citv this afternoon  badge before he was able to get away.
stand ready to open Bre wil. revolv-  darkly  hinted  that   tbey   might   pay there would be a clash ol authoritv I '  ag     ^ subterfuge
their  debts   Instead   ot   wanting   the tomorrow  when both  men appear at L"worth,  o(  t!lM  BrU|gh   foreign  of
pliant rintte tlnm. is the largest on the-
the  continent.    Besides fmpoundlng wa* r
rii-n!  municipality  tn pay  the city's. Itho capitol
reclaiming the ConcbtM valley  it
i*"'   fnrufch   h-dr.i-fIf-fric  power  for
the I mlt witli the strife was made ap-
p renl    yesterday    when    Constable  !
Hurry Taylor, of  Vancouver,  was at
tacked on  the  wharr by  a  mob.    li,
hacked np and drew his revolver, ad*
The letter was ordered sent back to     Mrs.  Sul/er's  condition  became so \1'���* ���    .
^��^I.,.,a    .����-^l,,     M,.f    ri��.-.,,..,o^    C,,l-,..r     UlftlLSS.t.l
rice."  said   Mr.   Wilson   In  a   lengthy   sin-ersl imixirtant inlriing districts in
arlous fighting are beginning tc
through   the  picket   ranks.
0jtv. I serious tonight  that Oovernor Sulzer;
The solicitor was Instructed t.i pre- wired to New Vork '--r n specialist on
pare deids for the sehoo' properties I nervous diseases. The governor tlir-n '
nueumed bv the Pn-t Coqultlam ��choo' ��� t< Id his advisers, if was said, by tbose
trustee.", but on'-.- tn be delivered who claimed tn have knowledge of;
wh��n the lctier paid fnr school sites, what transpired at the night confer-
Othe- matters of a rjutine nature '<���"���*"��� thnt nnder no olrcnmstanoes
were dealt  with. j wouid h" allow  Mrs. Sulzer to testify
 '.  --t Ihe trial    It wns raid, on the other;
ihnnd,  that  Mrs.  Sulzer  insisted  hys-
'er!callv that  she  be aMnwed  to tes- I
tiry In her husband's behalf
. Chihuahua
i vocated lhat lhe (i. N. R. place a (5000
lor (6000 structure lhere on the condition that It be allowed to remain only
live years, lf after that time they did
nol l'n Into the union proj'JCt they
wuuld have to pull ii down and erect
: another   depot,   in   keeping   with   the 	
city, coating from $40,000 to (60,000.
This   proposal   will   be   before   the  Calgary   Has  Offer  of   Loan   of   One
council   within   the  next   week  or  ten
C.N.R. Will Put up $2,000,- *��*
000 Depot Opposite City
The   mayor   complained   greatly   at |
Ithe apathy of the public In the city
Hver civic  matters except  at  election;
time. The council wuuld not get much I
Inpplratlon from empty Beats in the
: hall.
Million  Dollars���C. N. R. Bonds
Increase in "/heat Ctored.
Ottawa,  Aug,  IS.���The  quantity  of
Wheat stored at the terminals and the
public eli va'ors in  the east   at    the
beg'nnlng ol this week shows a mark
|ed  increase over  the    corresponding
period ol    last    year.    The    total    is
i���  t>���i:,.    r>���..~i   ,n..������l. c:���,.���  15,383,667 bushels a-s against 10,766,-
In Police Court (,reek Says 744 bughelg lMt V(,ar   Tlu, QuanUty
I stored  is about  equally   divided    bo-
Itwem terminal and  public elevators
Before Citizens Who Want,
to Know Capt. Powell Ex- J
plains Scheme.
This Is Common Custom
in That City.
Mayer Is Trying to Have All Railways   .      ....     Il/��\l    AC
Build a Central  Station���Another       |\|UYLL   WAT    Ul
Big Bridge Required.
in hia speech ut laat nlglit'n inciting, called to bear Captain Powell on
the  present  harbor  work,  tbe  mayor Chinese Government Tree-is  Buy  Off
Tried to ���i-nlain  He Acted  Merely as
A-;ent. But Got Eir. Months frcm
Cocuit!a.-n Magistrate.
Calgary, Aug. 13, -Somebody over
In England has (1,000,000 too much.
The mayor received an offer direct
��� from London Wednesday, to loan the
city that sum, and, as it Is unlikely
the city will accept It, the first I'al-
garv citizen who goea after it good Domenlo Teras. an Italian, got six
���nui" hard mav net It montha hard later yeaterday morning
ami n.ird maj get it, |n Coqu1tlan, ,I0,|CC oourt f���r peddling
���The money market appoara to bi   bcer without a llcen��e.   in defending
im whnt," said the mayor on himself,  he evidently  wished  Magta-
$500 000 Unit Now Undtr Way Should
Be   Finished   in  One   Year���
Questions and Answers.
Captain Powell,   harbor   engineer,
A few facts about the harbor
schemi! worth pasting in your
���:���   hat.
It means a broad water bigli-
-;:: way train Port Coquitl un
Zi through New W��ita��inatcr, viii\
;'.: Front 8'teet. to Steveston,
with roads radiatjtd,from Eighth
i- street aad] Bfliitmr.
:;= Also the i"mprov��rr.cnt of the
���ii waterfront frcm fll'lmillli river
:ii-   to l.ulu isianii bridge.
A  harbor in Annacis slough
a very interesting and lucid talk   ��;   i,,rEe ���ncast,  ror a ntset.
Will  Attempt to  Settle  Disagreemen'
at  Ottawa  Over  Better Claims
Rebels for Cool $75.000���Men
make it worth while,   it would cost
2 per cent to dispose of il.
ulso gove some valuable Information
In  reference to the  plans    of    the i
C,  N.  R   in  (he city, lie snld,  It was
more or less mysterious nt the present:
time.    However, the company was go-1 	
ing t�� apend from $1,600,000 to $2,000,-1
ono and their station was going    to     Shanghai,  Aug.   lit.   The  Wu-Bung
t,e somewhere opposite the city  hall,   ,'orls.  which  for seme lime  had been
This station wub going to bo one of iin the hands of the rebels, Burrendored I
the  best  In the  west, ! today  to Ihe government troops.  Ne-. $7 500 000 fer C   N   R
In regard to the station he had tried |gotiatlons   for   the   surrender were     ,.���,,,.���.     .������    ...    L'   ,'.������,���,,.���
to8ettheQ.N.H.toio.n.naun,on made through ....  Cox, ot the lted  r^.^Zi^ii^^i)'^f^
SXdU'at   he FraMrRrlverBtbrfdg" i" he  nmander of the torts asked ��"!  T"T!   i'V 'l'."VT b?en
The council h:,l ...et  Mr. Oilman and  for guarantees Mr the safety of theh"<?-fubscrlbed,_"����� H��ti being clos-
other representntlves and talked the rebel officers aud a payment, of money
matter over with tbem, but they could to enable the tn-cps to return to their
not' entertain the loss ot 25 or 80 mln    homos,    He requested  no  terms ror
such as a junction depot would  himself nor for Oeneral    Cheng   Chi
Wednesday.   "I have received aeverall l;ltl, j, ),��� smith  t.i believe he was I    Ottawa. Aug. 13��� Z. A. I.asb. Kt
offers lately." ��� eiy an express man taking specific and  E,  V.  Bodwell, the  federal and
Questioned ns to the possibility of orders fur beer, executing them and provincial representative! respective
the city following tha lead ot Vancou- reaping a commission on the empty Ily at the British Columbia bitter
ver. which place is selling bonds over! bottles In recompense. He was woe-1 claims arbitration, have so rar railed
the counter to citizens, the mayor said fully handicapped by lack or English Ito agr," on a third arbitrator. It is
II would cost too much and that the nnd knowledge of law, although tbe I believed here that the choice mt.
amount Becured would be too small to magistrate acted as defending ooun- to be made bv Ht. Hon. Lewis Har-  Improvement ot the waterfront from
on the harbor improvement scheme
lust night, to an audience which tairiy
well tilled the council hall. W. O. Me-
Quarrle presided as vice-president of
the board of trade: Mayor Gray was
also on  the  platform.
Capt Powell said he had prepared
no formal address but he would be
very glad to answer any questions. He
would not speak of the harbor plana
:n general or go Into any great details.
lt was designed, he said, that there j
The unit now being bu:lt on tt
the local wa'erfront will widen O
Front   street   132 feet, and olf -2
the new wharves tltore will be tt
30 to 40 feet of water. tt
-rt-   -,<���   -..-   -w-   -#.-   -��.-   -,.-   v   *S -m-   -.-   T,-   -rt-   -.-   0
.j ed In advance
it nnarter premiur for special Bottle-
��� ment.
With Ul8 aid of filans affixed to the
wall  Captain   Powell then  dealt  wit.li.
the work at the font of KightL now
liotild ha a broad water highway from ' proofcdin;,-.
I'ort  Coqultlam,  through  New  West- I    |t was proposed to drive eight rows
minster   by   way   or   Kront   street,   tojor piUs, eight feel apart. 65 feet out,
Steveston  With  roads  radiating from then  IHU with the best material they
md* knowledge of law, although tbe believed here that the choice may havel Bights  strcrt nnd  Eburne, also  the could finrf..
improvement ot the waterfront from     in any caau they would have a depth
sei to ii good extent and afforded blm I court, the colonial  secretary, as pro-1Brunette  river to  l.ulu  laiand  bridge
everv  opportunity  of Justifying    his vlded  In ihe order-in council In the and the creation Ol a harbor In An-
conduct,    The court promised, in the I event cr a disagreement. "larlr  slough,
circumstances, that ho would bring the Sir Richard MoBrtde will be here at I A very comprehensive problem o::
man's case before the attorney general the end or the week ami will Inter- tha whole; so comprehensive thai not
for review.    He had no option In thr  view ihe prime minister..    The possl-|aU present wculd live to see Us entire
! Men.
$37,000,000 tor S, P. R,
N��w York, Aug. 13.   The managers
*if th - sen iiie tie organised to dtsnoae
*t ('���*. KS (ion mm of Southern Paciric
stock owned by the I'nion I'acific rnll
"���The proposition tor another bridge The atlmlrnl of the warships accept-
across the Fraser, below the present tl the terms, bul when Dr. Cox re-
rn came up und thev took It u*> wltli 'timed tor General Chenk ('ill Men
the premier as necessary to the citv mor! or the rebel officers nnd 1600 of
The government would nol prowl*" thetr men had decamped.
..id -it m-fseni for the new bridge. It According to Chinese renorts 176.000
'was only a question of B nlmrl  tlm�� wns paid  to induce the forts to sur-
ivhen thev must have another,   Th * rendi.'. 	
Northern Pacific had already mnde arrangements  to  run   their  tnil.iM  over! Musicians on Strike.                               Rebels Crossed Border
MHwK e&tsSS^d railway was     "T"10*** \f  Every muatclan ^Hankow Aug. 13.-K   is   reported
������<���������<"���' |t  WM (,n!v  ��� | f xcent the piano players, employed in I thnt  26,000  rebels  fro
billtv of a friendly agreement in boIv-Icompletion. The scheme was not
lng the long standing question Is be- formed ta be carried out Immediately,
ing canvassed.    Sir Richard mav also!(!"-' ,,lra was to work towards It. and
dlBcuss the possibility of a federal en-1that whatever was done should con-
SCtment on the lines -.f the Natal acl ;f<'rni to thnt plan,
persons.    In one c-ise lie had ns mucb I which on being p-issed hy the legisla-j    T'u'  I,lan  wa*  not  s.>  rigid  that  It
is 10 dnren for "Greek men" employed I ture wns dlfallnwed.   it is desired toj"u",cl n"' bt-' varied to meet the exl-
n the 0. N. II. excavation works going  effectively   control   oriental   Immlgra- IgencleS or years to come.
it appears Peras was in the habit
The scrip \yna quoaert |of ordering  large quantities ot beer
'vntii the Westminster brewery, repre.
renting them as orders rrom specific
on ni preaent in Burqultlam nnd ra
siding on Hnmctte road,
Constable Creed,  Burqultlam  snid
wny company, announced today tint I !!n '" T^''' ���"���''"',11' *���']'"" ?uarf'
the entire amount had boen mode than 0l )''", r'"' ,h,;i<'r,'';l<s- w,meB heW
twice subscribed for, witii consider- aeRU8.e,J UP ��.n Brunette road. Witness
able European participation |(iaw 1,iln **e**y**T ('"'1'-' dofen -�� *������''
The city was only pledging iti: crcd-
>r at Itaat lu 0��tt at the water front,
but in most cases 4U fewt on the out
ide or the quay wall. Tbe face wall
���������ould be protected by rock to prevent
There was a strung current tbat
mode II difficult to execute the work
but the p'ans were drawn to deal with
different methods. They must do a
certain amount of experimental work.
Captain Powell then -detailed thn
1.unpin*; und mIuk-ihk processes, punning  with Iiyifiranlfc dredge, etc.
It was thought they could not drive
piles in RBfTfcIcnUy. where they were
the   Edmunton   moving   picture
Greeks, He had them in bugs of one
doyen each. Accused then went down I
to lln- North rond and sold a dozen |
to     English     speaking     people    nol
, Creeks.  There people aame and called
<i-n   ��'��� im Nan im, crossedni.,! border"' """ ror ""��� ,,wr'   T1'"y llul no*'
anxious  t"  get   hen
:"n,rr:o���h, h7,,b'oMehhnece,.nrv   1'^ haw gone on strike!    Tbey have .into'Ihi'pn,vi;,V, "ot TVu'lVh"ami'Z  ^\ ,h,m  IV   T^   ""', K". "ffil
"rAT;,     eiX   e o lo   n-.i.NK: ��'' ��" ^' '"?' "ecause   of   any'fen.,.,,   a'small   foroa  of  loTallstt 2SU04S CrIn^MwS'wM tor
Frase   bridge:  everyone knew  <"*>"'��'* ���*������ ,��'"  W  �������. ( >��<   ���>*  Their Intention  Is snld lo be to cap.      P", ,       ,   ,'   \\\l    ' ?N   ,      a,,,
cause the proprietors of tiie theatres :ture Hankow and afterward, to move      Ham BarWl   a     reek    uuestl, el
refused to   employ   so   many against Peking.   Northern troop, with by tt^oourt, aaldfhe hadmmtan
160.000 new one it would pracUcally nmscians for an orohestra a<;cordi���R artillery have left here to Intercept to the brewerv hlm.alf   btii always
prohibit   for nil   time  the   Idea  of  a  to   the    capacity     or    the    different   the rebels and it Is believed lhey will iordered  the  beer  from  accused   who
union depot.   Some of the council nil-  bouses. easily rout them. I (Continued on Page Five.) '
nt thi
its disgraceful oondltlon, but  if they <'ll-l��'
nsked tb-ti. N. u. tor a $60,000 or;a have
Quebec. Aug. 13. Interviewed at Murray bay, ex-Presl-
dent Taft snys: "There are
yet Bomo Utopians who believe In the possibility of political union between Canada and
the L'nited States, but I am
Dot one of tbem. lt is something we will never see. War
between Grent Britain and tho
l'nited Stntes is impossible; It
Ib Impossible."
jit  and  the  conditions    or    improvlne j iow. to prevent the current loosening
.   Front   Btreel   and  the  wntt-r  lets  ml ;'hem.   They were In now for nearly a
. Hnlnlna  obviuted   Its  actually   costing i veefc exposed to a strong current ami
tho eity anything. iv-nt shown no signs of failure.    They
The advent c.r the C, N. R. Into this: lid lose one pii�� that evening, but
.City necessitated Ita coming down [that was by Urn ./ruing of anoth.-r
; Kront street. This Widening of I'r -n' olle in too cIos��.' moiimitv. The rock-
;; I street meant putting the harbor line 'ng. gravelling and sanding problems
"j further out In the river.    Tbo wafer- I were referred to.
front property hnd grown so valuable I    Turning fo the oipeuditure or V.\n
: and waa In such demand that the ran- $500,000, Captain I'oweii said of tbut
-  tnls  derived   would   pay   the   interest  sum   the   improvement  from   Klghth
��� i charges on the cost and also provide I street  to tho G. N.  R. freight depot
���a sinking  fund  to  pay  the  bonds ut! would   cost   in   the   neighborhood   of
: .their  maturity. I $300.0110, leaving tbe balance for other
The city hnd pledged  Its credit fori expenses,   loss  fn  selling  the  bond's,
1500,000, Thnt wns luflfOlant to Widen]etc.    They had no reason to fear, so
Front street  to 1H2  feet,  construct u\hir. vt the ralltirv ot their estimates
quay   wall   nnd   provide   the   rills   be-1    The question or retaining for pub-
tween the wnll nnd Front street rrom; lie purposes a  portion of the leased
the market to Klghth street. I (TnniUn���t *m Pag* Eight > ����AGfc   TWO
AM ttttxevemtUtt mtirni-a paper devoted to the inter-sts ot New  M'mfmliutrr
IS, Frtxstr r*tlctt.    Publ1**** tmr* marniii0 erceul fiuiid.ii/ by the national /Viiilino
ZtZt I1.t-lx*t-t*0 Omipaey, Umtt.1, at ��3  UeKe-tie Street. New  irc.vliillll.sttr, ilrilish
ROBB BOTUBRLAND, Xenaaing Director.        .This Farming Colony Stopped
CmMTtltntS, - ^^^^^^
IB jjuwnliMflim ���*o��I<l *- addressed t.i The New Westminster .Ncus. nnd >i"l
t* M*Maal meettn-rt ef tke ttafj.    Cheques, drafts, ami men,.*/ unlcn ahould hc mnde
utile to Ise Natumnl Prlutiug and PumHshino Oompanv, Limited.
rilt.Kl'IIOSKS���Uualttett ligxoe and Uanaaer, S'JU,* Kdltortol /Junius  (all depart
ttxtntUt).  SSI.
ShHUVBlPTION BJLTBB���B" oarrtrr. J4  per year.  Jl   fur three months, 10c per
ttx*X*t*.    l>�� "���"���'. ** Pm fla'- 2!io *** nantli.
AnvimTtsiNii BATMB um oppMcoMon.
#c* -
��� porting Butter to England Last Year
Says Government Report.
The report  of the minister of agrl-
New Basis of Organization Would Insure  Life of  Agricultural
Saskatoon, Aug. 13. -A   thoroughly
culture for the year ending .March 81, new basis for organization of the ag
1913,   has   been   printed,     lt   contains   (cultural   socieities     throughout    Sas-
in concise and readable form a re- katchewan was fully discussed aad
view of the work carried on by the unanimously adopted al a Bpeclal
department of agriculture through Its meeting at the university recently at
several branches and divisions dur- which fifty dele.tales from as many
ing  the  vear.    Ii   includes  also  the agricultural societies iii tho province
    orders in council that were passed uf-  attended and aired lln ir news on the
^���H^^^^^H       .    ��� ,  ,. .j}-   ���   i i i ,imL.  iicricultiire i old ami new systems or organization.
The Nows has been informed from an official and au-    '''"��� ��� *���u',;;,'���,��� ,   tl.lirv Dean Rutherford of the agriciuturai
" ' 'college and  A.  P.  Mantle provincial
deputy  minlBter of agriculture,  wen
jetty building, wnien Will maKe iNew westmins- was exported to the United Kingdom,  prasenl  and  gave addresses explalu-
- bm on the oilier hand more than Bix
Sixteen   Militia   Officers   Wbo   Show
Marked Ability During Year Leave
With   Col.   Sam   Hughes.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
tho'itative source that the program of harbor improve- ducts it is pointed out that tor the
...       ,     ., ,. i ���   l        mi i      xt nr ��� first   time   in   sixty   years   no   butler
ment and jetty building, which will make New Westmins- was exported to the united Kingdom,
ter the leading fresh water port on the Pacific coast of ^ ".'ta.?%K!S5u ���� ��
North America, if the present plans and rate ot progress ported into Canada during the year.
ii. w   I aels   and   the   need
ire adhered to, will be completed four vears hence.   This    "' ,;-'   fd, branch amon
. . I . X ..        , ,, wcrk   n moat   ii.iielien   thousand   sain
plea i
(arm   seeds   were   tested   for
ami sriii merchants,
I '..���   ��� ii i ii   commissioner    by
Ing    Ihr
for  i:
Tho 11 Bslon closed early In the nf
ternoon, tli" motion for adoption of
the basis being movi d by .1. v. Prli se
of Bladworth. and seconded by 0. II.
Hummel of Nokomls. A proviso in
the motion wns to the effect that a
committee composed  of    (leorg
of public sales distributed up-  Campbell,   Elllsboro;   Edward   nrane
means that, if this prophesy is correct, following the open
ing of the l'anama canal, wben every port on the Pacific I fa���e"
seaboard will be bidding for the immense trade through meane8
the Panamanian ditch, New Westminster Will be losing in  ward" of 1300 breeding sheep, about  afro-avon;  Robert   Garvin,    Melville
ihe uaine that is sure to be troverned bv the first-come-'""' ",ml 1' whlch W'IV '""'" bred Penn Rutherrord and Hon. a. r. Man
iiu   i,tti.iL  uidtifi BUXB w> ul ^-JVLUini  o>   uie nisi Lii.iit    ,.,,.,.     ,��� ,,,,, ,.���(,���.(1 ()|- performance I tie  should further consider thn ques
first-Servea rule.     The canal IS due to be opened in 1915; aboul   lOOO  cows  have  been   enteredhlon and. wiib any changes they con
the Westminster harbor scheme is slated for completion in ' " teBt'   '''""'' rePrcaenl llu' Sill,t',; sidered advisable, submii it tor adop-
. ;.-,     , p    V n,t'our."<-"t-'Ilt- *'.h hltUtu ���*''��� toi.ipitLitiii in i( ab0lll ,.��� tarmB tlon t0 tne annua] (.(Vi,.i , ,,���.
11*17, and for those two intervening years, Or tWenty-fOUr     Through  the    experimental    tarnii   societies nexl spring.   Societies which
months, or seven hundred and thirty daVS, this city must  fslcm   !fh,!��Jl   deludes  the    centralize successfully working   under   the
, . ,,    , , .. .      .���:'      ���-,, , , ;        ,    ,  firm and  fifteen  branch  farms    ami   presenl  pvstem will net be compeleld
Stand ldiy by and see the Ocean traffic Of the world headed stations, an enormous amount of work (to adopt the new basis.
into other anchorages, from which, once established, it will ���**���*��� been (l::''   Tlu' reP��,r< "'" iml-v
,       i-m*     m.   ��� c       a    ii.        n        ��� -i i      .     j-  i    i       *. gives one a general knowledge of its
be difficult, if not altogether impossible, to dislodge it.    (Xt(,lt ������,, b6rlnga t0 ���sht ���ia���y ao.
| complishments for agriculture,
ll. ft P. 0  "f Kiss uf lhe 11. uf c, ume
tii--,ftrsi and Uiiid Thursday al 8 P. m
K. uf  I'   I lull,  eighth street  A  	
limy. [totalled Ruler; P, II. Smith, Bm
t. iniy.
That's not good enough for Westminster.
The start of a race is a big factor in determining the1
S-.me   Reform".
Rom�� of the shortcomings of the
present system and whicb the new
s."Fte:n aims to rectify are:
Thc new basis Btlpu'ntes that to
form a Boclety the application to the
provincial Eovernmenl musl be signed by at least l'"i people. 7"i per
cent, of whom arc farmers living    n
| improved  land in _the_dls_trlct,_ "* | ^"rtauten VttemTM a number'of
of whom  has  paid  '������   >1"
nprnnini'it staff officers   already    lu
winner at the finishing tape.  If Westminster is to be load- |M A V  Of  l\]\\\{ (\f
ed with a two year handicap in the struggle for Panama- '""'   ****��� I'uLfl Ul
Pacific trade, it will mean a twenty year setback in her|
effort to gain her proper place as a participant in that
t raffle.   For about twenty years this port has been working for the rightful recognition which it at last has secur- [cruncii which agrees to pay to   i..c ;,ho Hon a     HuKhes and i ieut <
*^d.    With the postponement of the completion of the har-  D^lic' Sighted  Off Grand  B,nks *fMottoi> society an annual "'""not  the Hon'. A.  P   MscLeod  will  he the
- -��� ��� ' '' Newfoundland May Clear Up nlclpall^ Is given r^nresenUtlon with >est* of tha Brltlsh 8��v^nment.
j full voting power in  the society.
Mystery. The amount   received   ill   life  mem- I filJAI II IN    rilir Al lf�� 1 r C
Ibershlp fees is to be paid to the -        SnOllLO   ENCOURAGE
Vancouver, Aug. 12. As a result
of the plan Inaugurated last year by
the minister of mllltla and defence, of
giving in eligible mllltla officers who
showed marked ability in bringing
regiments during the year 10 11 marked
slate of efficiency the privilege of at-
tondlngthe divisional manbeuvrea in
Ensland during September, a number
Of officers bave been 1 'lected this year
nnd wlll leave inwards tha end if Hi i
presenl month ror England with Col,
the Hon, Sam Hughes, defence minister. Slxtceu offlcera have bi en
chosen by the minister. The western olflci rs are: l.ii ni.i'ol. I'.. M.
Thomson, 79th Cameron Highlanders,
Winnipeg; Meut.-Col. it G. 1 1 kle,
72 Highlanders, Vancouver; Lieut.-
Col. Crulckshank, D. 0. <'.. Calgary and
Lieut -c.-il. A. 1'. MacDonell, D. S. 0 .
at presenl commander if ihe Strath-
c ni 1 1 iors 1, Winnipeg.
As some of the officers have not yei
niaiie know If they will be able 1 1 ac-
cepl the Invitations or not, there may	
be changes, and i: is probale that oth- k o. 0. !���'  AMTTT LODQH no. it���Th
ers may I ������ ndded to the li*.-t. as there     regular  n Hug  of   Amiiy  lodge   Ni
arc  a   few   military    districts    from1    -;*, '��� "������''*, J1'-, '1 held ovary Monde:
Which   rBrrmi-nonrlntlono   l..,,*���   ���-l    ,���, :      nl-'1'1  '"   * " ,-l'"'k In Odd   PellOWS    ll��l
��nicn reccm lennittons nave not \et ,.,���n,.r CRi-narvon and Btghth strSeti
boen received, The rulo governing visiting hrnthsrn cordially invite/
the selection of the officers has been     ���'���  A* Mernthew, sn.    11. w. Sangiiter,
'���"VlTS.' '  "","" d,m,aVed Dner6)'      iuk^remrv0' J^M'icD^ld.'lTnTn.
nnd Intelllgenl "il In military service, :    clal secretary.
While ibi re may I��������� m?.ny oilier offi-:	
.* irs lu n 1 i- .->������: li who have not
been se'ected their turn '**i|i come In
other ye,"r'.-.    Ilifferi-il .-fiicers will be
'i'1    sch year. .-j.   bowki.i.   rsiJCCESHOR   TO   itn
Several officers of the Canadian pe'-      ier &  Hanna. Ltd.)��� Punersl fllroeioi
man ml corns hnve been snleotpd   nnd :    nn'' embalms*���,    I^arlora -i".:. Coluinbl
Btreet,   N'-w  W-ntmlnstsr.    Phone  nn
British Canadian Securities, Ud.
BUSINESS  DIRECTORY     g,^   Qf   Montreal
[CAPITAL (Paid-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
REoF.RVE    $16,000,000.00
���Weill j     Branches   throughout  Camilla    und
Mewfoundland, and  in  London   Kug
bind, New Vork, Chicago and Spokant
I . A , and Mexico City, a genera)
bunking business tranaacted, I...iters
.if Crodit  Issued,  available  wub  cor
0. 0. M.. NO. 864.���MEETS Oh
llrsl. second, third and fourth Wednea
day In 1 sell month nt s p. 111.
in the Moose I bun... II. J. l.i nmy
dk-tiltor;       I'.      K.     Julien,      s,vr-tar>   j -----M-^
11..1 1.in,in. is of io.Ik,.  iii  Bee  Houso   respondents iu all parts of the world
Of 1 I mill and Carnarvon streets
Bavinga Hank Department  -Deposit*
received   lu  Bums  of  $1   atld   upward
mil Interest allowed at ii por cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00,
0. D. BRYMNHR. Manager,
Vfe membership   ee to the   society   EpFland taklng a course of tralnlna,
The application musl be accompanied 1    Th   (..ul.,(H;ln ofticera ,,vin ,,,1V,. t���
by the endorsatlon of the municipal        d    ,];(.      d    f tn,    ,���������,,,     ,
,���.,,,..       ,.        . ...     ���    .  .ernment which in turn hanils it ovi
. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 13.���Much t0 a body caned "The Saskatchewan
of the inysiery that surrounded the board of trustees fnr agricultural so-
I sinking of the White S'.ar liner Titan-1 otety UfB  membership    funds."    The
l^or and channel improvements to a date two years later
than the opening of the Panama canal, the Royal City
will be facing another uphill fight of a couple of decades'
Such a situation is not to he tolerated. B
If, in the ordinary course of events, the government io on ApVlfii, 1012,~may be_dispailed finds are to'^mveated'byThe triis-
and City Contracts Can be Completed in four years, past eX- J>y the discovery of the wreckage, be- tees In  first  mortgages on Improved
... , ii. j      .    1 ��� ���     ".-n-        /u���        .,     l��eved   to  be  part  of  llie  IiuIk i,r  the farms and tin- revenue from sucii  in-
penenoe With SUC.h public UnaertakingS JUStlties the COll- ill-starred vessel, standing on end In vestments Is to be paid annually  to
elusion that judicious and persistent pressure at Ottawa, *e Atlantic  ocean, off    the    Qrand the  societies pro  rat,.     Any  soctel
, .       i      .;,. . ��� 1       -i. 1        11 ill    ,.*.  Hanks   oi   New louni. land,   practically Is  also  entitled  to  borrow  fr nn  ihe
combined with increasing energy and grit locally will cut ,��� ���u. spot where the d!sa3l.(.r occur'. board an amount or amounts which
that four year limit in half and throw open the deepened ^a. must nm exceed the life membership
-1 1    e'.i     t.i ��� ���    ������     .    -,��� 1 e    .,���������������     , , i,'   ���      i apt. iti'iiiiiant. of the llritiHh st'-am   funds it has forwarded.   Interest musl
channel of the Fraser river in time to bid for the first ships Bhip Luciune, which arrived in phn- ����' paid on the amounts borrowed and
adelphla   from     Bordeaux,     reported  the loan shall be repnvshlo on speci-
iv. e. KM.ios���pioneer Funeral DIreoto
and   Elt-ibalmer,   B12-61S    Altni-s   slri-e
opposite Carnegie Library,
II    J    A.   BURNETT,   AUDITOR     ANI
u lintant,     T.I.   R.   I'iH.   Il,,,nn   -J,   Har
iloyal Basik
Incorporated 1869.
Capitil   PaidUp    $11,560,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Banking
Business Transacted,
New  Westminster.  B.C..   Bnnch.
|,   ji   smilh W, .1. Drove*
Work   nnd. rink "i    in    city    and    outsld'
points   211-12   Westminster   Trust   BIui
IHU.     P.   O.   Box   507.
Majority cf Thoae Brouoht from Great|Br^^^����5in4?SSSS?^8. Sl '
All \v.,rk strtctlj
Britain  Find Good  "cm::���
Mutual  Benefit.
culur w-,.rk RpeoliUla
conddentlal.    H   Harrv. room ll�� W..��t
mlnstor Trust Hlk,    Phone 702.
throiisli the Central American waterwaj
With her magnificent fresh water harbor, New West-1^/���,^^
Btghtlng the derelict, and the l'nited  fi,'(1 ,"n"*J    0nl>' noclef.es thai have of   British  Immigration   ior  children
hie office has begun
minsters rightful share of lhe world's commerce via the an investigation'to learn more about,e
reorganlred  under the new   plan  ar
liciblc  to borrow  in  lhis way.
Panama canal will not he valued by hundreds of thousands |th8to3^ie
vreckage sighted by the
For cn-nporation purjiopes, the Pnv-
ernment through the college of aeri-
of dollars, but. by millions; and the  city  that  had   the.'i.cV'iine" prove Vo'Tu V>rt''o7'the 7c"
lioj:'.ie   Smart,   Dominion   Inspector | b6aRD OK TRADE���NEW WBBTMIK
.��i*-r Board of Trade m,-<-t�� In the bean
room, City Hall, iuh toliows: Third 1-'r:
duy of fuch month: 'iiiiuieriy rneetliu
on i:e- iiiini Friday of February, Mas
A'lKi.st .-ir.d November uf * p wi. Ar
nual mit-tlns* on the third Friday a
February. Ui H. Ptim.-i Wade, secrf
has furnished some Inten Btlng d tall
regarding child Immigration In his
annual report. In ii he s:at. s that
���JiiCli children were received in thi
Dominion in partial response to ap |
plications from Canadian farmers to
the number i f 30,000. On being sub
j.ci to inspection  for report, the re-
listers, Bolteltoni. etc. 4H I^irn.* Sir.-,-
New 'weatmlnster. Q. V- Corboula, *
C.    J.  R.  llrunt.     A.   BJ.   Mi-Cnli.
or as may be demi'v! ndvlsa-
SpirittO VOto $500,000 OUt of ils own pocket  to Start the|��a'n�� ��f/"e Titanic, the story of tho \tc^iil^.7teil^^l^liZln*l
good wo,J is not the one to fall down midway =T A7f��Si X IJZ * ��VMS^
lhe NCWS has Conducted a Searching investigation Ot   "U a year the hulk stands vertical-  BOCltv and ,������, ���r more councils,   The  turns  showed  thai   only   29 of th���.���
iVr, voimJn inhinHmn anfl lhe Piinehision arrived at is that    y ' *aveBv Prolrua>ng eight feet  p0vernment Is I i pay  bis salary and  aforementioned children were failures
li.f. WWMC SiUldllon aim int conclusion dinyeu .ti. IS ia,u, or more above the Burfac0| would in.  ihp  goc]ety  is  tn   provld0  for  oHloo  and  cnlj   1l.':i   below  the  mark,  the
not Onlv Can the haTDOr Scheme he Completed \n tWO years,  dicate that a Bubmi rged ledge of rock  anf) traveling expenses not to exceed   ether  1U36  giving   complete  sat.sfac*
*,nt that ii rni-mt he finishod hv that time if this r">'t is to bad P���vented the wreck from going  c>n annually. tlon.
uuiinai ix must nt. iimaneu o\ tnai iiine u i.n. |     i is iv t0 lhe .���.,,,.,, bottom ot th(, S(,a   ,,    Som& <( the r(.   ,^ fo. e8tBblieh ,   Thla ,8 olllv ., page Erom tho hls.
profll irom the lirst Opening ot tne ranama canal such a ledge exists  -and evidences or |ng the above new basis of organlza- tory  of a movement   which,  In    the
TomOlTOW there Will he offered two Suggestions for on,:   wcre   reported   as   long   aso  as  tion are that the nocletles under the tWelvo   years   of   Its   existence,   has
'. . '    ����  '     "        "        (,-'.;    then it is regarded as possible  prerent  system   die  out   'rn  rapidly, proved Itself a very Importani branch
getting action. that   the   foundering   of   thc   Titanioiowing to difficulties ln financing end of the  Immigration  Bervlce.    That Iti.	
  was  caused   by   a   bidden   obstruction   that   closer  co-operation   1 etwoen   the |s   a.,,   unqualified   success   is   due   to i ,      BDMONDB   ft    WHIT!
ripping open her hull, as much as by , society and the munclpality, the pro- ti,r. Indefatlguable efforts of its pro-I    ���*,f,. '.'   Barristers and Kniiciiorfi. w,.��(
nent and the college of ,,i: tors   who have made a spi c.ialty ofj    mtpster   Trust   Blk^,    Columbia   Kireei
ipt. Remnant says the wreck waa  agriculture may be obtained. careful'  selection   and   special   train-
icovcred  with  marine growth  of com-  " .lng   In   the   case   of   each   intending
  paratively   recent   formation,   tending  CLAIM REAL estate CRAFT young Immigrant while on the other
ThMt   mrtrrmmtin-n  f.F Rpnttlp Honm  disturhpi-s  who t0 show that u had been in the watar HAS REACHED THE END Blde ot the water3i and Wh0 have kept
1n.1i aggregation or aeaxue gioorn aistui Deis wno ., llUl(, ���.���,,. tl)an a y(,.lr   It had the ���- them ,,���������,. ,,������,,,lllt supervision on
Stole  thft  UndertaJKBrB  van  for  a joy  ride  made  a  grave  appearance   of   being   held   down   by1    Fernle. B. C��� Aug. 13.  -The business  tnlg 8;dBi
mlfttJlkp anchors In shallow water and of being of unloading worthless subdivision lots      i,  ;s IMlt tlJ |���. WOndered at, then.
. nl.-,.a .(.. buoyed  up  by a  watertight  compart-  near dlBtant cities ti the worklngmen   that of the 25,000 Brit sh children who
  ment.    He  was  of  the  opinion  thatlalu] women of this district  is nil  in  have inr.iid good homes in Canada In
|lt was the forward part ot the Titan-1 Buch a flouriBhlng condition as it was  "'���" *-������  "< *'���**  'ast  twelve  years
ia month ago. Since the board cf trad-  ��"'  ��.''Lori,y  ha,,,  been  a credit to
the  organization   wliicn   placed   thetn
'campaign   on   information   was     cun    f/MM
jmenced many nf the quack operators    ' Benefits  Are  Mutual
IN  CANADA'S STORY   hlT,"  lett, lhe  '.'-T'  ilml  ihT  VT     The benefits accrutn^Tare r procal
|Btinrematnar�� finding Increaslngmf-  (o farmer ;l|l|1 chnd aliKl.  ,1( ,, ,��� ,,v������
, . ., lipyillg   UjU'll    lli'l     mill,   its   IUUVU   US   U>      nwvii^vj    -auu    iu��    umuvtM	
The POTl -Coquitlam Conservatives aiT Wearing Split her collision with an iceberg. Ivlndal eovernment and thn ci
flnr+Q Capt* Remnant sa>'s tne wreck was  agriculture may b^ ohulned.
Ur-at-law, soUcltor, sto. Total non
1070. Cable .otdn-h-- "Johnston
Code, "Western Union," Offices, Mil'
Block, 562 Columbia Htrort. New Wcgi
minster, n. C.
N.n\ Westminster, B. C. Cable adtlros
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. r
Drawer 200. Tel��phon�� 69. w. .'
Whltoslde, K. C.; H. I*. KdmondB, J
COAL MININO rights of th* DomtnbM
tn Manitoba, Baslcatohewao and AHx*rt*,
ths fulcon Territory, the Nortbww Ter-
rltorles nml Iti h portion of ths ProvinM
���f British **j)lumbia, rnny be leassd Tor a
term of twenty-one years at an   annua)
rental nf $J an acre. Not more than ZbtQ
acres will ic i.-iiHf<i to ons appiloant
Application for i lease musl t�� mAdt
i'>- the applicant in psrson to th<? Agcn*
or Sub-A��ant of the district in which th*
rights applied for an*- situated
In surveyed territory ths land must bs
described i>y sections, or legal sub-dirt'
Blons of MoctltiriB, and In imsurwyfWl ter
ritory th��i trurt applied 'or Hhall b*
staked out by the applicant himaeK.
Blach appUoauOn must be aocpmpatiief
by a ti-c of $5 which will h*- iVftmdQd U
dip ri*fiitH applied for nr* not available,
Im]t not Otherwise, A royalty nhall h#
paid on the merchantablo OU'tPUt of tl��
mine at the rate of five dents |��*r ton.
The parson operating ths mine nhall
fnrnlwti    th��-    Air.'iit    with    hw��;ti    r��iurna
aoeounttng for the (ull quantity of merchantable coui mined and pay the rojr*
alty thereon. If the cf��ii mining righta
are. nnt b��'lng operated such returns sliouNf
he furnished at  least onos a yt��ar
The lease will Include the cea! mliiUSSj
rights only, but the leases will In- por-
mfu��d to purchase whatever nviHahU
Surface rights may he considered ti*��refi-
sary for the working of the mine at ths
rate of $10 an acre.
For  full  Information  application  should
he made to the Secretary of th"  Ddpart
ment of the  Interior, Ottawa,  or  to  anj
Agent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion   I*nnda
W. w   CORY,
Deputy Minister of th*1 Interior.
N. B.���-Unauthorised publlcatloq of thl��
advertisement will not he paid for
_a  gg Lg?y
Well, the battle cruiser New Zealand has sailed fori��. wllU.h ��� was sairt aplit ,n tw0
the old land to pet on the. job, leaving behind her a trail of just before it Bank.
patriotism that is more than worth her visit. ~~
J. STIUVKI.I. CLUTK. BurrlBtor-iit-lav
Bnlinltur. ,'tc.; comtir Columbia ar.
McKenzie Mrm-tH, N��?w W-fHtrnkiate*
B.  C.   P,  O   Box   118,     Telephone   Jl'
Snllrltnr and NotAry. OfftOCS Hai
hlfM-k. S8 I.orne tunttrx. New Wentmlr
Bter,  B. C.
An eastern paper, in a dispatch sent oul from the Ter-
" ^^^M T?	
' finiliv   in   getting   ri!   of   their   junk
Barristers nnd So,lcnom. COB to Sl-
Westminster Trust Block, ll. IC. Mar
lln. W. Q. McQuarrie and OeorKe I
P.O. Box 34 Dally New, Bldg
nf ull   klmlM.
Notice Ib hproby Riven thst thn
partnership heretofor existing h<>-
tween (Ieorge Cunningham nnrt
Thomas Cunningham, jr., under the
firm nnmi' of CoorKo Cunningham &
Son. has this day boon dissolved.
Dated, August 6th. 1913
Prices rlghl
For a License to Take and Us; Water.
Notice Is hereby given that Dawson
and   Orace,   of   South   Westminster,
will  apply  for a  llren-ao  to  'i-ike  and
use one hundred InrhoH nf  water out
^^^^^^^ of an unnamed creek, whloh flows in
Satisfaction guarantee!  -R northerly   direction   through   wild
I'liiled SHIP'S. Iik ravages were ler-
rlble, and, owing to the lunn continuance of ilu   gale,  many  supertltlOUB
Hon will be made n p' rmaneni feature  ins which in nothing compared to the
of "'n' i   ird's ofllce here, expense i.f supporting them and edu   ���
fnninl--inn of Bwtndllng on��ralinn<( eating     them    In    their   workhouse]
59  Mi Kenxle  St
rnlifnmia ministers are Dlanning to refuse tO marry Persons believed that the end of the  ,r��� mnuipiving flaiiy and thr. board Is  schorU,   and   having   ihem   on   their
I amor ma iujiubw*ibwb f���� j-, j worid waa al band.  ,u la kn���wl, unit ���,,���. prep���rir��� ,.. ,r . ,��� wh|Ci, j ,<-,,-.  h;l���,u .,,.;,:��� iM their old age -__ - -> ��
divorcees, WbUfi tbey are lnClinea TO perioral ine Ceremony i _^.,   vessels   ol   varying   Bl-ze,   were  matlnns Wll he li'd and some of tho     The farmer, of course, has his much    | fcS-TISTCr   ^^0��
r.-,.,. frx*.��T1 fithn-c    Wrint'fl the matter?    Is trial marriasre destroyed.   The loss of life was over  Wnr.t. n fthe offenders will be prose-'needed  In ip  help  as*iurrcd    to  him,
free lor all Oinera.    ffnaisuieuiown ., 60fl    The fl,hing lndUBtry of Canada rnted for mlsrrDrenent-t^n and fradu   whereas  the child  has opportunities
Jl>sin(-T its Tiolfi 7 wus   severely   crippled.    The   money   Delay hn�� been enured in some cases  f,,r a home and Independence Buch us
loss caused by the storm wad not lum  hy  the  difficulty  nf  getting  Informa-  the Old  Country cannot offer.
Anybody who meets a wandering torpedo will please
1 - * ���   -   oi title,
ihan *:i,ul)i),000.
i tlnn which would be pecepted Ineourtl    -pu,  advantages nf children as emb
Hfice   Phon*   1B5.      Barn Phon*  11
Bepbls Str.ut
I ns  evidence,  hut  en  etpenBe  will   bf
grams  are
si'lf-evid'nt.     'I'I
return it to the Japanese government and receive a $1000   a .qtu"Bhl��f^ s,;:r';'1 tn tlvn"1 ":^'ltol ���:*"�������� ,:������ Forn'M^ia  ..������. �����������' -, ... *
reward.   Don't look inside the animal whose internals are, tak Tine fro^ copenhag^ J New friud la man��es{      ' fect,on for lha land '" ,:,"ir :"",1,u"��!.
a secret of the mikado's war department " '      more readily than  grown-ups,  and|||
haggaite Hell vers* Promptly to
any ptrt of the eity.
York, ;ru�� run in'o by Hie Thingvalla, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
nf   the   same   line,   near   Sable   Island, FERNIE "/'I I.  HOI P
eighty five miles east of Nova Scotia. TIRST TAX  SALE SEPT.  10
ti.rnfic   hat  the
their   Ideal   ot   good   citizenship   will |
patterned  after  the  standard  of
the Canadian.
Light and Heavy Hauling
^_^l_ ^^^^^^^ j sent out frcm that city, l"'"�� "\,aKe _        f
Ferdinand of Bulgaria turned on the lachrymose tap ������ '���.:,;; b"kto thetinS 'inZ-,iiat.dv,       Mexican securities Good.
in his address lo hia beaten army.   He failed to mentionLh0Se famiiy��� hi��ei lowrSSS mmSt "'"���" ^^������������^���'"'   Th"  ����tv  wiii    London, Aug. is   Money and di..
th^t be Marled the row that ended in his country receiv- ent in Canada, U3 ttVrernor. ^rftSi'wn! beSte'd'Vtne renlrrry^r SSk \vasyarraTnhge
'"I'*     Lllte   hls     predeceaaors   and owncrB of the property will not pay ed at slightly easier mien nnd  busl-
B. C. Coasl Service
land, owned by Mr. Patterson, and
empties into a ditch on subdivision
near Scott road The water will lm
diverted nt a point south of l.ndner
read and will be used for nteeli and
domestic purposes nn lbe land described as a subdivision of fractional
lection 2fi. R 6 N.. It. 3 W.
This notice wns posted nn the
pround nn the fith day of July, 191 A.
The application will be filed In the
office of the Waler Hecnrder at New
Objections mny be Hied wiih the
said Wator Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Ilulldlngs, Victoria. B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
nrcnunl   wns   f-iir.
LesJrsa Vancouver for Vlctorlu 10 a. rn
i p. m. nml 11 :46.
Leaves Vancouver for Brattle 1�� *��� m
niii-l II |i  m, ,.
I^-iivis Vancouver fn* Nanalmo 10 a.m
  In that office, he had tried  Pom,, f,ne eleo  will  be  given  an  op-  ness  fnr  the  new 	
I In   vain  lo conciliate  the  clamorous portun'tv to dn so. The racelnt of thla  with   a  good   undertone,   which   was mni i jo p.m,
people.    Two  years after  his retire- -jum will alace the city In a better no-   helped  by the Improvemenl    In    the |    ia-uvcr v.mconvpr   for   PrinoeJ?!!!?!?
in��r ;ls fine a thrashing as ever was administered at the, HUCC(.KHOrH
t-cat of war. B
. , , .    ment, the spirii of dlBcontent flamed  B|tlon --.-11li tlie l.-mk and will slmnlify  American  rails  nnd   Mexican  Bocuri- and Northern Points   in o  m.   Wsdnst
MO. 111! ye CIUO lOVlllg husbands, Who keep the latch forth In open rebellion, |tM r,n accounting to some extent      ties. ��ay�� and  Saturdays nt  n  p.m.
Itev poiii-ihed und the front door free from midnight eoh-    r  . ^    _ ..���  _   .    . ���irr���-. --���=���==���- ���. '        ritllliwAPlf  ^prvlrp
webs: list, hearken.   A man in London has developed all '        WHIIWaiB OCIVlbC
the Bymptoma of alcoholic poisoning from drinking too
much beef tea.   Cut this out, it may come in handy some
night when your spouse meets you with the soft side of a
We nnw have four trnlns daily and
will give you the Cheapest rate going
not only to Bnslern points, but in
Kootonay and olher polntB. Wo nre
also agents for 'ill steamship lines.
For roservatlou uud other particulars
Leaves Chllllwack   7   a. m.   Tueadaj. | ""'���*'    u
ThiKMlay und Haturdsy. , B, OOULET, Agent
C,,,..  .   . Loaves  Westmlnstor  8  o.  m.  Monday  I ^,.u,  Wp^tmiimtAr
I Official       ���Wednesday and JTrldaf. New Wesimiuatar
,0,,  Agcnla       i---"* OOULKT, Agsnt n.w Waitnilnitar III. W. BUODIK, O, P. A., Vancouver.
"The Playground of B. C."
ll. w. BltODIH, ii. P, A.. Vancouver.
A I ���mm
.-AfclS TMHtt
Desperate Felons Given Opportunity to Reform���Sixty of
Them Transferred to Croat Meadows���Healthier Conditions and more Cheerful Surrounding���Already
Appreciate Change.
might  be  taken  they  gave  emphatic
"Hi y, Bill," tin y i-niii i| io other,
nearby. "Shorty! rome on and get
In th" ptcturi
New  Vork, Aug.  lil.    Sixly of Slug Curec Rheumatics.
King's   luminous   convicts  have   been      "Ten  hours of lhis in  tlie cun," ite
transferred   to   the Croat   Meadowi   said, "will take t'.ie sing Slug rheu
prison.    Starvation and dark cells bad   I I :'.;   n oul  of any  man's bones."
failed to keep ihem quiet So they an-     Tbe other, grinned approbation. To
to be pul "on honor." I tho  suggestion   thai    a    photograph
"At Sing Sing." said one of the older Inmate, ai Great Meadows, "l ate
grub three times a day that would
sicken a buzzard. 1 slept ill a cell so
dump tint If 1 spat on the lloor lhat
spoi remained wet for a weeek. I
fought my keepers every time 1 got
a chance. lt was the only way I
could keep even "
"How about it now?'
"Mister," said the graduate of Sing
Sing, "tliere ain't the difference between lull and heaven there is between Sing Sing and this place."
There are no dark cells at (Ireat
Meadows, lu 1312 one man ill each
ninety-live bei nine insane at Slag
Sing. Not a mun wus declared In.ane
at Oreat Meadows. At Sing Sing guards
patrol lhe high walls, armed with rifles. The only wall at (ireat Meadows would be a fair bunker for a gnat.
Approximately COU convicts are held
there l.y the single restraint of their
word of honor. Any minute of uny day
the entire 600 could fade Into the
landscape Utile water In dry sand.
.None of the guards so much as carry
a slick Warden Homer doubts lf
those who carry rifles could lilt a moving object In Sll times. Good conduct doesn't earn  any special  reward
Former Employees and Others Found
to Be  Mir.'.d  in Plot���Tbre*:
Hour  Day.
Ottawa, Aug. lii.���Min f rmerly cm
ployed by tiie city as garbage c'jl>e
tore, some Of whom now have em
ployment with the Ottawa Cartagi
cum any, which is now collecting the
e ty's garbage, and some of wh:.m nr
oul of employment, have an organized
system for ca.tlng discredit upon the
operation, of iin- oompany now col
lectlng garbage, This has been proven by Inveatlgatlon conducted bv tin
c tv mul tin- garbage company generally.
The   object   of   llle   men   operating
this Byatero, it is thought, Is to load
ilu city council and bonrd of cour,
lo the belief thai  there is gl neral dl.
satisfaction with tin; garbage colleci
lion, so that llie city  wlll ag iin  lake
Sleuths Surrcund  Head of  University
and Demand Credentials���Crook
in  Clerical  Garb.
Every  man uf them  was   smiling i ver tin- work Itself,   which   course
widely when ihe camera snapped. As would  result  in   more   remunerat'on
tlie   rip cter   drove   on   they    waved for   lhe   men   employed   a-3  collectors
"i. ': hands and .aid good-by.   Two or So many complaints bave been com
three d Hum  lighted  pipes or rolled |ng   |u  to  tie  city  ball alleging  non
cigarette..     They   can   smoke   when collection   of  gating.'  tiiat   tlm  mat
ihey please at Oreat  Meadow,   until t ,- appeared to assume a serious m
i   Ms go out iit night in the cella, p,,,.ti anu the otber day It was dec d
Louisville, Aug. 13. ���In a speech delivered before the St. Nicholas society
of New York two years ago Bishop
ThomaB Frank Oailor, chancellor of
the University of the South at. Se-
v.anee, Tenn., said without a seuae (.:
humor thai "no bishop could long sur-
The distinguished Eplscopr.l church-
man had strong need of calling hi.i
si use of humor to hiB aid to hold
down his sen:., ol outrage llie other
morning at the union station. Cincinnati, where In- wns (!��� talned for twenty minute, by a corps of detectlveB
.���.hi thought they had captured a flagrant swindler a lie:;.is Catholic
priest, wlnte description has been
k i:t.  broadcast by the New  Vork po-
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers
of Electrical Fixtures for the next
Thirty Days.
id to Investigate the matter.
This Investigation has provpd l'n
existence of the system tor discrediting the present arrangement,
When complaints are telephoned t
v quarter of a mile further on is th'-
Bheep burn, where "Herman" stay, nil
day with his c'iarges. Ai night he
goes to tiie cell block Io I.e locked
"Onlv In lambing fine, of course,"
he said. "Then I baf to stay mil the
! hoops,    llut I (lo nod    like it.    It iss
too lonesome."
T(.ii   venrfs   ngo   an   Italian   named
"Frank" was verv apologetic because Illu"1 >*��� *������*������ - �����
be was not nt ttie piggery when the Caitago  company  about  etonnh  hhh
- nnrter p-.jii ills formal call upon the Cartage company  abou:  the  non-col-
nig herd.   It developed that Frank had lactiona,  and  then   request  that   the
been a mile back on the mountain, in   garbage b-e taker, from the place com-
the thiol; of a wood, fixing up a fen-"e  plained  about.    The other day twen-
iv-Vrh   his   sham-nosed   chargeB   had   ty-oomplalnta   having   been   received
rooted undrr     Every d��y  Frank goes  by  telephone    during    the    morning.
alone to make tbe round of h's fences.  Controller Nelson and officials dec d-
.   ,  ,K        .������  .,   .,,     ���     ,���,   ���,,���   He ws.s grieved because of his appar-   ed  to  make nn  Investigation,  and  so
but  there  hunt, been  a  man  pun-.(,nl r,,���]rf, ,��� hosp���.,llt, the aUpg ^,h ^ c0"mplalntll were
"I like I be here when you come," taken and men sent to each of the
snld he. "My ondred and a-feo'tv twenty-flve houses where telephone
beeg peeg. dey In-a da woids. But message, had asserted that the
(waive littla peeg come dis-a morn. bnEC> ha(1 n0 tbeen removed. When
Dey dam n-M Utle fnlla. I like you lh(,SB mr.n haQ- visited the twenty-
sen heem. flV(,  houses.  It  was  found  that  frcm
1   want  you to meet George," Bald -    -
tbe guide.    "He'B a  fine fellow.  He's
doing twenty years for murder."
So. [n course of time we got around
tn the chicken yard, where George Is
"principal keeper." But for the mo-
' .lil we were disappointed. The
"twenty-year" man had gone fishing.
E;g  Eastern City The--inn '
F.naiciil  Ctrin-7*incy���
Cams  Than   Eve
ished at Great Meadows In four
months. Only two men have ever es-
caped. Kvery Satruday afternoon the
���entire convict body marches half a
mill air-ss fields to the baseball
ground, headed by the prison band.
Bome   wear   prison   caps,  and   some!
wear straw hats, and some wear other
shelter   to   which   their   fancy   draws
them  One gang of guardless men lake
lhelr lunches and spend almost every
dav "fixing tbe water line" They nre
criticized   at   the   cell   block   because
they are often delayed in getting home
and the otherB are disturbed.    About
one   hundred   men   work   at   solitary
jibs, and only Bee a guard when they
come in tor meals nr go the cell block
at night to be locked up    The "hay
gang" has been working until dark in
the  fields Ibis   week.     Alter  they  put
lip   their   horses   they   stroll   down   t..
the mesa hall lo g,*l supper, and then
smoke a pipe Jn the cool of the yard
before going to the cell block for the
night. It is all very unusual und somewhat confusing.
Homer waB unhampered by ans
theories on prison management when
he took charge two years ago He
didn't know anything aboul the science of penology and didn't car., aboul
it. He simply bad a theory thai "11
ynu tr. ������> a man right that mnn Is t- *
Ing to treat yen right " He dldn'l see
nny difference between Tom Jones on
the inside of a stone house and Tom
.Icnes iti Cl" outside. There were 129
convicts Bl Great Meadows tlnn. Five
of them were trusties. The others
wcre looked in th.. cells ail tiie time,
"yelling their luads off."
"My, mv." said  Homer dispassionately,   "Tills won't do."
So he  sent   for  lhe  men  bv groups.       	
nnd talked to them    He inst wanted  building Indutjtrj
tn know-  if tliey would  give    him    a  '   ""
square  deal,   provided   that   be  give
them one     They  promised, of course
-.-.nil  made good.   Homer dldn'l  tell
them wlr.it lis plan  was. because he
didn't have  uny  plan.    He  juci   tell
hiB way, a step at a time.    As far ns
some new c ibi me occum d to him by
which I.,  t  ������' i make the lives of the
locked-in men a little more pleasant,
he adopted it.   Mob! nf bis plans have
been called foolish by some,   lint tliey
have, for tl." mosl pail, worked.
Euild Up Self-Respect.
"I wnnt I ) to do two thingB," In- s:iid
th*. olli' r day.    "I  want  to build up
siU respect for these boys. Tiny have
nil come here from other prisons    iml
y If  respi cl   ha.  been  crushc!  out   of
them.    And  I  want  to send thom mil
of here strong and healthy nun. ao
lhal tliey can bold nny Job they mny
get "
There nre many things tn (in upon
this  big  farm    especially  ns  building
operations call for the work of many
ncn. There are but 840 cells now, but
n new cell block ia In course of construction which wlll mnke the total
capacity of the prison 1,240 when completed. The men are scattered about
ihe farm ns they are required. Wllh
most pangs Is a guard, armed with a
Tine. But there is something mildly
humorous about guard and rifle, after
one gets into the spirit of Ihe place.
He seems as in-eless as feathers on n
dog. AIeo he is ridiculously trustful
for a mnn carrying a gun. At meal
t'me  one   noes   long   strings  of   men
Not only was the bishop held up and
subjected to a rapid fire of interrogations. Imt his youngest daughter,
Miss Ellen Gailor, and one of her clone
friend:-, Miss Steffanle Kngiish, of New-
Haven. Conn., were also drawn Into
the group and surrounded by sleuths.
Passengers to Rescue.
It wasn't until several passengers
on the train���all well known Louisville
���... _ ���-st****..........****.       *���-* *"  nien, came  forward,  flourishing their
the city hall the street number (f the ;card cases and making indignant enm-
hou8e complained about is taken in ment on the detention of Bishop Qallor
the engineer', office, it has been the while they further informed the
the custom cf the engineer's depart- detectives of the identity of the fa-
mont to tin n complain to the Ottawa' moua head of the historic Sewance
. --.   ... v.   klk   university, that the    men    with    the
badges on their suspender buckles
began to back away und tip their hats
nnd send forth a fljod of apologies.
Tbe bishop was gracious through
out the entire unpleasant Incident,
smiling most of the time and finally
nodding his forgiveness to the chagrined detectives.
Bishop Gailor has been occupying
the pulpit of the Itev. Leighton I'arks,
at St. Bartholomew's Protestant Kpis-
    copal  Church,  Madison avenue,  Man-
��ar_"  hattan, for the last three weekB.    His
daughter,    MIsb    Ellen,    accompanied
An amateur Sherlock Holmes aboard
and offers you an exceptional opportunity to have
your Electrical Fixtures, Shades and Lamps replaced
and your home brightened up before the long evenings come.
Everything in our stock is marked down for
this sale, and those who come first will have best
choice.   Come Today.
five   houses.  It   was  found   l.iai   irom       An amateur sue k.k ,,.*  .
twnty-thrce of them no complaint had the parlor car on the Pennsylvania
been phoned ln at all. the olher two ��� rallwav train on which niphop Gailor,
having  made  complaint. hla  daughter   and   Mis  English   wen
ThiiB il was shown that twenty traveling, had read a description ot
three false complaints had been made the bogus priest who had been fleec-
and further investigation has resulted ing New Yorkers and that this fake
in these being attributed to men who clergyman was Invariably accompa
are either out  cf  employment as  tlle   nied by two young women.
suit of tbe city having the garbage      Noting tbe clerical collar and bla*~k
collected l.y conira"i instead of day
labor, or who are not makinn as much
with the cartage company as they did
in  tlle city's employ,
I'nder the old  system   of Collection
by the city with nun employed on a
day basis, il was stated by Controller
Nelson  tcday. many of tbe collect-.rs
��� made   four  or   five  dollars   a   day   bv
lens cf no  Seating the city out of part or thetr I
rcater time,
"They would work two or three
hours on tbe city job and tlieu spend
Ihe rest cf the dav di ing work for
s tne private Individual for wh ch
they received pnv from him -taking
nwny un extra -accumulation of ga~-
b:ige or something of the sort." .aid
the controller, "'ilu re being lack of
RUff'c'ent Inspection, they manage l
tc do till, without being caught.
���Now," he continued, 'these men
nr,. not muking ns much, and so are
dissatisfied und would like to fm- - -
the city to again do the work itself."
clothing of Mishep Gailor and the
presence of Miss Gailor nnd Miss Eng.
1'sh. the hef weather Holmes made a
lightning deduction and wired to the
Cincinnati detective department ahead
of the train.
Electricians, Sixth Street
Contractors  For   Every   Kind   of  Electrical   Work
M ntreal, Aug. 13. Thla city is the
most prosperous In Canada from ,.
building point of view, stales Mr.
Alcide Chau.se, chief building inspector. While Toronto has been barely
holding us own. ami weBtern cities
have bad considerable decline, in the
values of permits IsBued, :-*�� far this
year, Montreal building is a million
umi a half, or fifteen per cent greater-
than   last   year  to  date.
Tbe  o:uise  ol   the Blactcne.3   in   tlie
  said   be,   has   be ':i
the financial stringency, whicb hi;
particularly affected weatern towns.
u Is nlso affecting Improvements in
-' ne oountry municipalities, which
have been unable to sell their di benturea, und have been forced to si.>...
road Improvements, j���.--
Tin- Montreal building siaCsi"-. f r child waa taken to
Julj  this year, Indicate 'h:i: 352 per-
mils   were   taken   out   far   I. i 11. ,;-:.
wit'h $1,555,665, again?! 293 perm.ts
ifor $1,748,566 worth of buildings la i
year, Inn  the tc tni value ol  building
permits taken mn  tins year to date
. $11,407.1168, against $9,814,643. Thin
.Mi ntreal   Is   $1,683,416   in  exc.-ss    of
la t  year for the first seven months.
Mr.  Chausae bas not  yet  received
the building return, of Toronto    In*
.Ivi;.. bm  i.p lo the end of .lune they
v.. r ��� doing just a little better
In Iding their own    with    laat
Fr ���" :���" accounts building the
ofl  in .luly.
N..�� York. Aug. 13. Suale Lange-
negger, twelve yeara old, tried to com
in t BUtc'.de by Bhootlng herself with
a '.'.'i calibre revolver.   The bul et
nr. il her bend  nenr t'.ie left  eye
1. d-d   in  the   top   of  her     '���"
V'cti rla, Aug. Yi. A pack train nf
over.th'rty horses has just been put
on the trail ut tbe head ol r.ow'ohan
l.nk'. hv Messrs. Proctor K Headmm
subcontractor, of the Canadian Nor
then   ra'lwav.    Pack   cans  on   Van
couver Island, and In fact in thin pro
vl-ce   nre rare in these days
almost   become n  tblng  of the  past
Th.* trfllh spoken  of u the
.nmlng "toward the mess hall from all   ���1!
��^%Sn't��%   make  the  guard.
,ve,r their coats?"  was  one .mention
tlcsl an
The   gi'
in toward
one arm.
times thf
nt t.'ie present tinu' being used on thl.  before
' land .nd :s beinir usi rt tn carry sup-
from.  tbe  head  of  lhe  lake   to ]
the   camps   which   nre   aprcd   from
t'ei-e throngh  tbe  Nltlriat  river da
tr -    n-d  to  the  Alberni  cnnnl
^^^    mil
.. .   skull.    The
^^^^^^^^  ?ordlinm hosp Id
iml un  operation  wn,  performed   ;n
ih- in , >��� tha!  :t would save In - life.
Her lefl eye wns removed nml  thi
physician. Bay it is probable if she
does recover tlnn Bhe will Iv* totally
The girl left several notes,
lu a letter addressed in lier mother
sh..  said   she   killed  herfl *lf   because
her mother had broken her heart by
te bug lur she was nol lur chid, nn !
thnl   .ibe  bnd  snld  the  girl would  b -
better dead than alive.    She sa'd In
this letter thn'. she loved u boy named
Chilli's   Km   or   Kit/.,   nnd   Hint   it
tbey were old enough they would b.
"I know you low the two dogs I* t
Ier than you do me." the girl wrote
"sn I will kill myself, Now 1 uni going tn my father In heaven. It n
ten minute, of 'on o'ctoc't when 1
Bhot myself, My last words- -Good
' .*���    ' Bse. for you,    Your daught n
Mrs. Martha Langenegger, ihe gi-r-
having mother, explained ihat sh" bud scold
ed   the girl  in  tbe morning  becau.l
only one 'ho had neglected the bouse the das
Ottawa, Aug. IP..���One of the most
Important ��� '.incs of tlu- year will
.be that held by the police commissioner, on August 2Sth. It is understood
that preliminary steps will be taken
i" lhe mutt, r of a new police station
'i'h..ugh plans nre still in a nebulous
st:t:<-. frcm what can be gleaned the
estimated cost of the new building wlll
be In  the neighborhood, of $160,000.
Magistrate O'Keefe is in favor of the
site of the proposed building being In
tlu' eastern end of th" city, in the vicinity of the present court house.
"I think that the most BUltable location would be in the centre of the
city." s;ii:l Chll f Ross, when the subject was first broached several weeks
The present police headquarters
hnve outgrown their usefulness many
years ngo. nnd It Is felt in police ,���:;���-
e'es thnt tho time is rip~ when n building suitable with the dignity of the
capital should be built.
|       IS IN THE TOILS j
Fled from  Montreal to Plattsburg and
Arrected   There   in   the
they are going to remain. ^pfctur����a have to jump rlgni
The sheriff says that the version of  fivi'-
Cleopatra produced at the Francais is '���    '" ?'' "'," "'>���= Produced at present.
says Ihe tlieriif, Cleopatra is proper'*.-
the  one  which   the  censors  here au-  r]0t[ied.
thorized   from  the  beginning, and  the       Mr.    Houle   yaid    that   he   did   m I
'iims bear the censor tags. know whether the film waa in any wny
Heels   three   and   four,   which   they "changed from its first ajup-earanee. bi;f
'condemned nml confiscated, owe their fhe did tenew th-it ho hul the oeaaors*
fate  largely   to  the  fact  that  the ac-   tags naci  Sheriff l.ein''ni��'s appivva'.
tress   playing   Cleopatra   was   Insu.'H-       "Frtakly,  however,"   ti-e-    manager
ciently clothed, and in the opinion of  con tin tied firmly, "f don't wail for (be
thi censors the scene i.i which she ap- cen��c*-r to dictate the morality of my
penred was therefore Indecent pmdci-t.i ns.    If there wasi as much as
The censors have not altered their on
Montreal,    Aug.    13.���     Detective
Walsh and Lieutenant Bebe, arrested
Armand Marechal, at Holbrook. a
suburb of Plattsburg, N, Y., this week
on suspicion of being the man who
assaulted the little eight-year-old Flor-
cd:i Denis.
"That's   him.   tlie   little   girl   is   re
ported   to   havo   cried   to   ber   grand
[opinion, nnd  havo glren  cn  emphatic
refusal to the request that they should
gi-. t   Up  tile  reels.
Keels one, two and five hnve heen
thrown togetiier by the present producers, but the Bherlff states that our
enn .-ee a slight break after reel two,
which  is a short one, as the present
���mi*7?.7int fro*,-,i a woman in tht-
ice one woof-d be enough or
.. a man tliat there was some-thins
he n-ruid ml eare for his daughter to
per,   I   would  withdraw  the film.
"It is, however, ;i beautiful film
w'tli nothiof; objectionable of any
kind. It simply sows Uut puwei- uf a
woman's will."
ro  fell
P. R. Helrllnri Up New Cation Ide.i
Until Commission  Renort
Ottawa, Aug. Ki. -The 0, P, it. l.i
u"r 10'1              ' 1    T'-��  ���""""���  *'""��������� ,,r"""M    ,rom '"'.holding Its plan for entrance Into Ot
,,,,.���" wna thn eminently prac-'       Wusi\ Columbia to Nana o������    tftwa ,��� 0beyance until the town pV.n
aw. "it !��� too hot." ,,������ .-'v n ���-������; there to the J.he trtwj n,ng commission completee ita wor
���"���il'i enme beij-nnd-toeitig
1,-noheon then, cost "tidor
rlPo over the other. Some-
y were In Rdvance if tlm'r
"������:. Pcmetlniea th"V were In the
midft nf them. Now nml then thev
hroui'M ll" llm rear nt a leasttrel"
Ft'im'er. O'c'lnuslv tho Inflt thing Ih��I
gnnril or convict thought wis thi*
nny i-i" ihould either make a bre-k
to gr'  cw-nv  ot-  in  Injure ~m~
One *e*t\*T nt twenty bron'eil
were b ir'i'ir down the Btilf.Ii
rnon thn p'-i"... 1< was *' I
flown ohl .tone nlle thsi hnd ince
bnri'-'-'-r-'l :> o- ru'rv rmvl Half (if them
iml l-.vi "t< o'.nnil sledges W'th "'lI'll
the- wet-- 1,altering the old .t"n*P.
Rlgh<  111  I!"' midst of thetn rd.-nil Mm
mnrd.    pttipntly    mopping   nl    hi.
streaming   face,     Anv   one   of   them
coi''-' hnve brained him.
"We're    t iking    lb"
cure." one  cried  mil.  Hi
big sledge aro,uut ills head
to  Ib
i ,n, ...
... 1'indefl on RCOW�� -"'.I'd t'-wed
������(ith end cf tlm Ink". While
P-���t*e. ,-ork along the nutl is pr>
ISlpo: better now thnn at nnv othor
. tv-i .rnr. contractor, are of "m
Ln tlmt 'I '��� i'i be c'o-.p to 191"
bc grading is finally complet
oh co
lc   rl
1 .Icb
K lit
in.iu  ,., wu....... ���
ning commission completes its work
niul announces Its scheme, according
to Information received from an nu
thorltatlve source.
The C. I'. 11. still B'.ands bv Ils pro
Jeet to tunnel under the city, accord
lng to n prominent official, Rumors
Umt the railway Intended to como into Ottawa by way of tho old SC l.nw
Ji*"iu-e nml Ottawa railway, so the official siys, appear to lm unlikely, As
n matter of fnct, the cost of soourlU:!
a light ot way to llideau s'.reet. where
the Btatlon  would  be built,  would  '*
mother, us the mnn she knew ns Mar-. ,
chal.   who   lived   a   few   doors   awny.
stood  in  front  of  her
"You have different clothes on now,
but 1 know you."
I'he police found that he had pack .
ed his grip as the search was going I
on.    Ile  then  went  to his employers
and drew upon his wages to the sum
new  custom  0r $Hb   On getting the money he disappeared.
For over n week it has been known
to the police that lie was in the Unit
ed states, and all thc nearby border
cities were  given  his description,
Inspector Cowan, who is in charge
Of the detective bureau, during tlu
absence fur a few day-3 of Chief Char
decided  tu send  two  of bis ,
men  lo Plattsburg as It  was known
Hint   a  cousin   ot   Marecbal's   was  In
the contracting business close to that
Detective Walsh and Police 1-leu
tenant Hebe were detailed to visit tin
place, and were rewarded by finding
their man at Holbrook, after Chief
of I'd C" Connors had covered the
surrounding country In an automobile
  I     Marechal   is  a   member  of  a  good
TRAGIC OF.ATH OF family,  his  uncle  being  a  prominent
VOUNG nanaimo lady business man lu Notre Dame de Grace
������ ��� * and lived with his sister otl llelgrad'
Nanalmo, Aug. IS  -Death came with  avenue.     She   is   unnerved   over   the
tragic suddenness on Saturday   night plight her brother's disappearance at
to 'Irs.  Mnry Hay. wife of Fred Hay.   ttllH  time   has  placed  the   family   In.
After partaking of supper the unfor-!6na-   refused   to  Bay   anything  about
tunate lady was visited wltli sudden *|lis K0|���., away
Uluiss, nnd   Inpsrd  Into  unconscious--I    Tlu, BUgpeot'was brought    back  to
ness   She was Immediately conveyed the citv     , will btt ^mediately uk.
to the hoBpltal, i.i:  in spte of ikUM *  beIore Mis -    ���-
medical aid sh.   fain d to rally and'
Ottawa, Aug 13.- "Everything has
been fettled sattBfatorlly to all con
cerned" wns the announcement made
by .lames I'sshcr. labor organizer, re
rerrlng to the trouble caused by thi
government  Importing United stales
labor for work on  the
house.   Sussex   street.
Mr I'sshir announced that the carpenters on the work would be paid tht
standard wage of 42 cents nn hour
Thev are all union men nnd were receiving in 1-i! cents In fire the Iron'-'.
Started. None of thp carpenters wll
be inld off to mnke room for others.
As seen as ii can be done 23 laborers Dred to mnke rnnm for the l'nited  L���  ,���
Slntes foundation "experts" will be re-
Insti :ui and no more will bo discharged unless they arc unsatisfactory,
The Americans on the job will be retained ns long as the work for wh'ch
they were brought here lusts, ami t'n -n
they   wlll   be   1"!   go.     They   are   now
considered specialists ami according
to labor  men  il  is wlihln the law to
have them working here.
a soft skin throughout tho     trying     summer
months will do well to pot In a supply of our
which preserves the original    whiteness    and
softness of the skin and  scents  it daintily  a-s
For the good of yonr complexion try it
At Prices 25c and 50c.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Opfici-.n) Phone 57
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New  Westminster.
iinijer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical Good-i of all  Kin*.   P-HOIVf  ���'���***
BOILERS   Riveted Steel PIp������
_     .    _AU    *.t, -rtrt f.*lixitt*.��� x.    t>j
P    O.   BOX   4-J2
I'll, 1,1,1 Cl	
passed nwny nt 11 o'clock, throe hours
nfter ber fntnl seizure. The cnusi' of
ilenth Is stated to be Uronlo poisoning, Deceased, who wna only In her
2iith yenr. Is survived by lie" husband
and two children, u boy und a girl,
both of tender years.
will be
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented"*
!*>    IV""'    I    of
���-   ....,.,    fpntfered   eneq.nl   1"'   the
��������� nnl    ���' Tnvlor  MnVeltV,  I?  be-
.... y.,.ui in-wipornrllv bv Allan    Arnv  ���*���*--   -
-..,..,r vi.iir, r������pri,i nf fi1r nbipt-me 11 enormous, and tliere would h
 * i-ciHng Mr.   \*f..-.-'--..,i!'n    np. I advantage of having to back all trains
,->..(������.��,,> -.ortnnnent w'th the Hope- out of the Btatlon,   Of course a tun-
��� oil i.i, ������ of eninlnvina; outside counsel I nei  would  be built  from that point.
      iss Denis for Identifies
tlon. ^^^^
Should the victim of the
identify him as the culprit, In
arraigned in court.
The cuse bus been in the hands of|
Inspector McMahon, who has charge
���of the western district, and Chief
Ciiinpea'.i mul the inspector there express preat satisfaction at the arrest
of the suspect.
lie was working in tlie bush when
.... ,.nr,.f yrnrlt when lhp Imnortanne b��   well  n
.r .'... r..tin wrrnitfl. It  In nei  nt nil office  site.
���.,,....(.,   ,,,..,   j],.    \r,r,,.|P������,.  v.||]  ,;f,|       ���.*���,, |nti nd to dn nothing until the
the 'nh.  Two names ire holng prom!- town planning commission outlines Its , _
swung thati"pntlv mentioned.   They nre   J.   A. scheme." said the official today. "The have"been completed In th
as though ITltch'e. county crown nttorney, and work being done on the St. Lawrence j tory, and it i�� not ���i-ibn'-l
Organ Factory Movc3.
Woodstock, An*,'. 18.    Afier riimilni'
for about two months, the church niul      ne wus �����,��,������    ,
Orcheatral l'lpe Organ company, which discovered by the two Montreal offi
the <li��- * ���s*>'  l,,) business 111 the old l'lieiimntlo cers.
i Hummer  factory, Is closing down  its I 	
business here. II. Dickinson, the man- I SHERIFF  LOCKS "CLEOPATRA"
lager of tho ncn-em, says   that   too | safe in the vault
ninny  difficulties  hnve  sprung  Up  In
from the proposed Doot|WoodBtocklor his iirm'tn continue] Montreal, Aug. ia.���The much dls-
business here, lie riaiins two otters cussed moving pictures of Cleopatra
have been mnde for nearby places to | were produced at the Theatre Francais
move bin  industry. No Inatrumentts Ilast woek or rather reels, one, two and
* "    "     local tttO-lflve  of  the  orlgln.il   tllms  were  pro-
thai  anv  duced.    Heels three und four are lock-
It had heen a malacca cane,
ly whistled,
J"?IM^r��nr��rl��ri�� nnl! "ndrVtUw\TsUVerVy"V^vide-ex.|miw work will be done here
11 Wr   of Ewart? Scott, MacL-aren & Kallcy. tra yard npnec." |tha completion ol any.
toward   ed nwny In the safe of thc board of
I censors, win re Sheriff I.eniieux states.
No Come-barksw
"YALE" Engines :.I-
way6   work   per ff irt
from the start
It is proof that thfly
are made RIGHT.
^^^^^^^^^^^^      Made   In  New   Weetmlnster.
Schaake  Machine Works. ; I
Fresk Water and Salt j-���
1 and  Personal
Orcdga  King  Edward  Performs Difficult Task and Steveston Waterfront Is Gratified.
'Japanese    Said   to   Have   Run    Down
Smaller Beat and Left White
Men to  Drcwn.
Down along the Dimes ton waterfront thorp aboard Uie dredge King
Kdward, from rapi Ko-gers down to
the ship's mnt.rnt "fluster," arc
thoughl -i -whole lot of. The reason
js thai '.he Kin;; Kdward is doing what
other dredges hiv-e failed lo Co; she
iii bringing (he **x*t****t to iho canneries.
Kor a long time Crane wero many
cannerli b toward the upper end of tli--
S. Halyard, of Montreal, arrived
here yesierday.
(Ieorge K. bills, cf Winnipeg, came
to this city yeBterday.
.1. P. Mcl.eod, of Victoria, is registered at the Russell hotel.
An easterner now visiting in New
Westminster in ll. w. MeLeod, of
Ton nto.
Tl.e friends cf Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
sutber.ami, formerly of this city, wlll
be i leased to hear of the arrival of a
son nt tlirir home last Kriilay. Latest
stale both mother and boy do-
rep< r
wi 11.
SHOOK plum tr:
Miiter feeling against the Japanese
Ion the Kraser Is very evident among
��� I some white men down the river, and
']lhn way the .laps played their part In
the recent fishermen's Btrike seems to
have aroused additional cumin against
the wanderers from the land of the
i What the opinion or while tlsher-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 'men wbo were forced to plav Becond
waterfront at wfcOBe wharves, there fiddle to the Japs ln last week'B strike
was at low tide, n minnn foot of waler. |8, |B left to Imagination, llut in other
but now the Kiog Kdward bar., by her quarters it ean be sail! that there is
efficient merhanifim anri capable of* no rove lost on them and allegatlonB,
fleers and crew, made it possible for if true, would certainly show thai the
any ship that wish en to draw up along- dlallko lor the Japanese is well
���aid,' the wharves -even trtrea the tideI founded,
is "nt. I    At. Steveston  yestorday a reliable
Within juni a few wtx-ks a channel person told ol an accident just two or
520 foil long umi from IBU to 17fi feet three davs ago In which a Japanese
wide, anil nt leant ten fw*t deep at the power boat run down the smaller craft
lowest water has been opened up. of two while fishermen, and after
Thla provides a first onus channel for throwing both tbe whites Into the
the following concents tflong tho wa- water, would have left them to drown
tcr-frnt: The Hume. Phoenix, Brltan- bad not chance Intervened,
nia, Pacific t'oaet (-armories; the Hong     it  is said  that  after throwing the
! white men Into the water and Blnklng
[their boat, the .laps never Blackened
speed bul lefl the nun Btruggllng In
Ithe water, oti" of those, however,
managed to catch hold and clamber an
'. board lhe Jap boat and it was only,
by cowing the crew by threats of dire
I vengeance that the brat was stopped
land the other white picked up.
Complaints are also heard  agalnsl
���the   apparent    disregard of the law,
|which  allows  Japanese  to  mnn  and
command bouts without every obtaining a certificate of  any  kind,  while
|white  nun.  and   British  subjects  ar"
pass examinations to qual-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i claimed by some rivermen
lo her oiTieii'iK-y.    Captain   ti,nl   Japanese   tug  boats  bring  cord-
late Rei! nnd Chief Engineer | Wood frrm outside ports into the Fra-
Six   Thousand   Dollar   Jobs
for Six Candidates.
Sacramento, t'al., Aug. 18,���Oovernor Johns*" ii gave the California plum
;nv another shake today and named
the six l.os Angeles judges, Thoy
ar,*: Louis W. Myers. Los Angeles;
Grant Jackson. Los Angeles; Willis
I. Mcrrison, Pasadena, former I111I113
trial accident board commissioner;
Fr il H. Taft, Los Angeles; John W.
Shank, l.os Angeles, candidate foi
mayor m ibe last municipal election
Los Angeles; Louis It. Works, sen of
United stales Senator J. D. Works.
Les Angeles.
The positions pay a Balary of $
a year and Increase the number of
superior court departments from 12 to
IS  in  Los Angeles county,
With the exception of Shank and
.Morrison, the others bave been prae-
ticlng attorneys of Los Angeles for
soip." time.
Wo wharf;  B. C. Pressed  Brick Co.;''
Colonial,  ll-orse Shoe,  Kiehmonil  and
Canadian canneries.
"This Is the first time this channel
lias  been  opened  np  right,"  was  the'
expression  of  Mr.  Ward,  a  cannery
man, to The News yesterday at Steveston. anil  the  presence    of    several j
large vessels ir. the dredged channel |
���gave force  to his statements.
Alriady some 220,000 cubic yards nfl
sand have been  lifted   from  the river:
tied, carried through 600 feet of pipe
line anil deposited high and dry right|
on top of a marshy  island 	
It's the system upon  which the hig< forced   t
tire,!};.,   is   operated   that,   contributes   jfv     n
��o largel
lingers, 3  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lingers have the whole work al  their ' S(T river without
finger lips and no Tim-v is lost on the jtoms   officials   or
job.- When anything breaks or wears|goes in any way.
<mt, lhey don't havc 10 send away for (against  the  Japs
fitting.   Not ai all,
��� ���       	
tt�� the blacksmith, nu>.ohm��* or carpenter shops, all on bosrfii nnii have the
ihirt   made in  th* proverbial  jiffy
In fact thf King Kdwanl "is there
'forty ways," to rteal inv copyrighted
expression of a popoteT N��-\v Weatmln-
Bter captain, and Jiral a tew more
dredges of her size wmiid Boon have
thr river clear o! hindrances to aavi-
WRfiicr scow
they just go JaPnvtng whit
fllSlllR   to   fi'
poind near the ons-
rle'irliiK their car-
Another complaint
Is t'.n-ir practice of
tallora a living by re-
their fish 1 1 any collecting bout but that of a fellow coun
iryinan. and II is said that some whltn
men have been driven from the river
by this means.
To The Newa recently a qualified
engineer said that, in liis opinion,
things had come 10 a pretty pass when
.laps, notoriously poor sailors, wore
allowed to operate large gasoline
boms without a government license
of anv kind, and several Instances of
I heir unseamansblp actions were cited.
���Her   Eattcred   Hull  TeTIs  Queer Tale
cf  Danger and Death in .Fraser
Ai ln.-t. -aTter a vo-jarc of tanne *''ia '
er into spiles, some Ed which wns flown
the Primer's worst white water, a bcow
named Molly, fiarm-l her last res-tins
place in the npT��Toprt!i"ielv dubbed
tooneyard on l.u'ni island. With one
Bide battered in. raoBt ol the flecli
-Rone and erwry timber splintered,
she hah come, ���amirrtirif; tr. export
Tiverrnon, from Tete Jaime Ca-She ami
��s , 11.. ot ih.. Grand Trnnk Pacific,
tri .'it baiKes. io-ol, with many con.
in the iin��*or,vie-rabli- ra>iils oT the
Fl ���    ifi.-i*!* country.
in Molly ��.-i��, p'uVeii -if, yesterday
jiH-  above the \.niv. Island bridge by
thi   snanbiia*. Swmsoii.    Sli*> was !i:l'-il
-. 11, niul and water, tint "hei name was
p  rve-d  and  the tlmlM-irs show Tier
to 1 ������  recentli  -wi'lt.
ll is BUPOpsed the fllfiTCllCI was ono
1 I Iho many ill-fatWI r,T On Tl T. I '���
' f.ua bcows **hii-^ trii-0 tn rtti 1hn ni^h
1' br PYaeer'e "���-.h-sI r��pids. In aci ���*���
pllshlng this dangcr-ouR tasli over 2b
lives were lost ihi-s Bprhag, and over
1 ..    .-  thai   n.anv  scows.
On her 'rip 'rom Trie Juan* Cache
i'u * mows had ri be run thronpDi the
tllfl cult white water ol Grace Canyi:,.
1. il river rapids, Glacom*be rupHs,
<,cttonwood  rapids,   Mrt China rapids
The Pile driver D.P.W. No. 2 which
was taken to lhe ilepartmeni of public
works dock some time .-ipo is now being repaired. A sheet meal roof is
being put on the engine house and
���other repairing done.
The ear firry Sydney N*o. 2 was
towed up to the S. N. 1!. wharf yester-
day afternoon by the un: Earle.
The only vessels passing through
tiie draw at the Fr'ser river bridge
yesterday were the Braver en; Union
M. Scanlan, down, and tho hik Hone.
with a dredge, upward bound.
Point Gary  Improved.
Better accommodation is provided
aboard the D.P.W. tender Point Oarry
hy recent changes made In her. Whore
formerly the engine room was rather
dark and awkward to enter, ilu* pro-.
vision of a skylight anil changing of
th.. companionway has obviated these
faults. To a treat extent too the noise
from the engine rom is slm' out of
the wheel house by this rearrangement. Tho Polnl Garrv's hull has lust
ri celved a ooal of paint.
Tho Poman cleared for down river
[yesterday morning ai 8 o'clock on her
return to the halibut fishing grounds.
Squadron Le.-ivs Soon.
London, Am*   13,   The fourth cruls
pt enuadron which Ifl to ha**,. Bermuda
for  its  base  is  to  bav..  for  ils  new
station 1 n Si ol   1    11 consists of the
nrmotired   cruiser  Suffolk,   flylnfi   the
Tlag nl li. ar Admiral Sir C   Cradock,
a .* mn **���'!    the Rerwlck    and    the
Uon,.mi'   these displacing    980    tons
.*,.*,    "      undersl mri thai * * ** Bquad
-��� n will crulBe ;.**    nd I 11  '���' ��� ��� I Indies
*; well as pav  visits 1   * 1-    ually to
���nnd the Vale canvon     Stnci   wrcikefl   	
,:, on ��� of these the "Mb   ���  h   *   Irlfted
hall     :il.i-'*i-".    ���   nra   Uie   I'rimo-.  a   nREAP.MS RESPONS'Bl E TOR
laiiRer to all nav\T��tkin, and "her -   p , DEATH AND INJURY
.1 a
hy  the Samo
grave ini nai.
*.,  I1  rid flii
To   : S;pill.o
\uk   r
LARGE nev; dock td n*-
I'ori Coquitlam, Am*. TD The con
Iran ban bom awardo/i a.nl work will
I.e commenced k-hoiil-j on a new dock
:'t the Pltl river tor tbe Minnekahds
Land company, lit connection with iho
large cattle ranch there Pile driving
���will be begun Immediately the wnler
recedes sufflclebtlj for this work to
l*e tion<*. Tho new 0. ol. wTTl havo an
approach of 1i>o feet, ��;ii be ahoul SO
fill by 1PII lul 1- \-'**ii. ami will
liavo a InrKc shlpprng shed The
wharf, tan-ding and ehnd v, -,:) mean sn
-expenditure In Porl 1 on Itlam nf $10,-
<iim. Ai Irast SOTO hi id 1 I cattle an
on tbo way from on" *> , points and
*sr,o arrived tatri fli ��� ��������� *n* last few
Fer WeeK E-dir.'j 5-jnday, Au��������������> 17
tVi Blmiua'er.        Band  I bals
Dale     Time. tlir'i Low.
High. low. Tiinc   Hrt. T'i'"   Ili-t
^^^^^^^^^^^       Waller  A
Kantelvoru.  1     . 11 -      ol flus
* ,* .   !'  nti Ibei I       city, d ed to
night 8    an      I of bell i*      ot nccl
len tally bj     gopher gun     \ * *
five  yei rs of e        ilBi   s;  il   hy  Iho
cun.  is   ia   a  serious  condition.  The
children won. playing with the gm   li
the front yard ri their 1 ��� abi   * d
week ago when ii was accidentally
dlschargi d, 1 praj li u lln m * Iti Held
'l he elder boys' rlghl hand h id 1 een
Slightly <ut and il soon begnn swell
ItiR. A physician said the boj died
from  blood   poison iii*..
Shot by Policeman.
Portland, Aub 13 \ FInlandor, 24
years of nge, and giving tbo nam" ol
Wm. Walters, wai sbol and fatally In
; hi I parly thin rn ming by Patrol
man " *��� ��� 11, when he failed lo heed
lhe [leer's comi ard to ptnp runn-
I -������     u-   1- ��� .|  i,, ,.,1  arrested  on  b is
���     1 ;   recti ry   and   broke   awav
1*  rn  lhe 1 'I *   "     W.a'tors refused  to
Inf nnatii 11 regarding him
Former  Governor  Charred  with   Mur-
d-r in Mexico Released in New
Orleans on $10,000 Bail.
New Orleans, Aug. 13.���Whal waa
considered a delicate Bituation Involving the l'nited States and
Mi xico was somewhat cleared here
ti day when Emmanuel C. Unto,
former governor of the Mexican suite
of Campeche, arreated on charges ol
nun der and robbery in Mexico, waa
released on bonds of $10,000. It ,vai
stipulated that Brlto was to report
evi iy day to the United states mar
ahal here for forty days, the time
given in a treaty with Mexico f r that
government to produce proof of guilt
Brlto does not deny that he killed
one of Huerta's men when the latter
came to arrest him, but argues thai
it was done In time of war. is a
political offence and not extraditable
He waB arrested on Instructions 01 .
Attorney Oineral Mclteynolds several
days ago.
llriio s release came soon after he
bad learned that Mexican fed ruls
had raided his ranch in Campeche, de-
Btroyed all the buildings and driven
off liis live stock. He also learned
that th, federals had taken his daugh
li r by his lirst wife a prisoner. His
second wife is with liiin hen*, lirito
says bis arrest was not in good faith,
and charges that the Huerta govern
men! did not Intend to try to prove
him guilty. His detention was caused,
be asser;s, to keep him from joining
Carranza in Northern Mexico.
Washington Keeping Track.
Washington, Aus. 13, A new inter
polation of the extradition treaty with
Mexico was established today by At
torney Hon..ral McReynolds In ordering the release under $10,000 ball of
Emmanuel Caatrilla Brlto, fugitive
governor of Campeche, who v.as being held at New Orleans at the request of tlie Huerta government,
charged with extradible offences.
Heretofore this government haB
maintained that under the treaty bucIi
prisoner could nol be adniitte.-! to
bail, because it could not be aasoci
ated with ascertained should be In
detnnifled In case the prisoner escaped
and  f rfelted  bis bond.
Ti days action was regarded ill
official circles as practically a notice
lhal the administration In future
would look with disfavor upon re*
qui sis for the arrest and detention
of persons on criminal charges when
In  reality   their offences are    merely
11 ditlcal    This is said to have 1 n
pi ic ,*. ,1 by t'le Mi xlcan g<
under   I > a-.,   M.ub 10   and
���'1    Hueiia regime.
^^   I 1^, 1 yvy 1 t
-r&jot I
Smith's August Home
Furnishing Sale
AUGUST 14th at 8:30
We Have Planned One of the Best Sales
in the  Store's History
^^^^^^^^^ ,.,���.,  ,   .. .   other store to secure such
quantities at prices
The gigantic assortments and magnificent displays will boar testimony to this stat
Not in half a decade has li boon possible for Hii** or any
eo advantageous as we have secured this Bummer.
af a class we nevi
can  gel   too much of. Qualities are belter than
lent. Fairies are    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ver before.
Housekeepers of Now Westminster and vicinity will be wise to secure their house
fir monthB to come. Head inch Item thoroughly if money-saving oppor
of the ordinary are any Inducement [or buying now   Come this morning
bold needs
tunlties out
Sheei\JBar^cdnsjrj}at      Sheetings
Will Mean Money
Ilere arc Bargains that will be taken advantage of by many. Sheetings cf the qualities   advertised   in   this   sale   don't   appear
Saved for You
Good grade of English and Canadian made
sheds; plain or hemstitched; 8-4 Blzes; BOfl
unfilled cotton; values regular ?'-'.^fv Sale
price, per pair   S1.53
Hemsltehed Sheets of excellent quality pure
cotton; Bize 2 by - 1-2 yards; values, regular
$2.76,     Per  pair   .    $1.93
every day at such reductions. Now
time to put past a good supply fer
Horrockscs1 Sheetings, at the lowest
we havi over offered; TJ inches wide
finished; 80 and 90 inches wide; pla
twilled   valui s that Bell at 60 and 65i
lar     Sale price, per yard   	
Heavy Kngiish sheeting; TJ IncheB
plain ftulBh; exceptional bargain
price, per yard   	
is   the
Blanket Values Well
Worth   Investigating
Six pairs only; 9-lb. white Blankets; all
wool; Canadian make; soft fleered finish;
f.-.x'-s Inches; values regular $9.00. Sale price
1" r  pair      $5.85
Heavy dark gray union Blanket; full sizes,
60x80 Inches; weight 7 pounds; values regular $3.76    Sale prico. per pair. . .       $2.93
Blankets of finest Canadian yarn;    white
with   blue   or   pink   borders;    weight   seven
pounds; size 64x82 Indies: guaranteed pure
w.-ol;   values regular $7.00.    Sale
price  $5.83
Table Linens   Greatly Reduced
flO-inch unbleached table damask; extra weight, fine floral pattern
regular 40c yard.    Sale price, per yard   .
Greatest Value in Towelling We
Have Ever Offered.
16 and 18-inch hen
Four dlffe
linen grad
Per yard
���nt patterns of bleach table damask;  mercerized
b;   64  to 72 inches wide;   regular values to 76c
Sterling Quilt
(ireat  Clearance of Towels
Extraordinary Low Prices
and nil
a yard.
i ling;  red and bill
. r lne yard.   Sale
,-y crash nil limm
��� strlpnl borders;
price, yard	
ineh Glass Toweling; blue
ek; all limn.
-'ale price, per yard
^rinle  white honeycomb   quilts;   made
Rush Price on Pillows
Size l'.ix26; feather mixture pllloi
a good quality fancy ticking o
usually sold at $J.50 a    pair.    Sail
< ach  	
Size 18x26;  feather pillow,  with go
lty   fftather   mixture;    plain.and   Ian
ticking covering;   regular  $2.25  pa-
price,   each    	
Beautiful frather down pillows; hoa\
ticking covering;   size    of
Inchon;   regular   $4.60     pair,
,-.   with
id i] mil-
.*  art
from good quality Egyptian cotton; soft finish; double bed size; fringed edges;
Blue  $-' TS.    Sale  price.
Three-quarter and single bed size;
white Grecian; made of good quality
tlan cotton;  hemmed enda;  regular
Sal"   price   	
Jl 00.
Hemsltehed and plain bordered all llin-n
huckaback towels; also pure bleached
Turkish towels; large sizes and excellent
weight; regular 60o pair. Sale price,
carh       19t
Extra large size Turkish towels; pure white
and colored; regular values lo 76r pair. Sale
prire, i nrh    27<
l.argo sizes of "pure linen" hurkaback towels of boiler grades; regular values 60c nnd
TSc a pair.   Sale price, each at 24C
Ill brown and gray Turkish; good weight;
size; regular values :!iic pair. Sale price,
each         X4t
Table Padding Lower Priced Than Usual
E4-lnch heavy
Sale  price,  per
73-inch extra hoavy
washi a well. valu
quilted white
ilain table
gular $1 25
padding,  sold r, gularly ut $1 25.
This Is one of the tie
fine WabaBPo cambric
finish; width 36 Inches
ding;  exc
���11. nl  for w
ar IJ
t bargains we have offered In yearn in cot Ions;
spring bleached and abBOltuely pure; soft
regular 15c value.    Sale price, yard,     lit
flannelette;  good welgbl and soft finish;  value
Sale price, yer yard	
Miller  and   Railway
Preparing fer  It.
"    ��� * Jaw, Aug.  13     Local millers
't.-ne lhal  there is a good  Drospecl
ere      n*.  id mlillng wheat this year
i ��� ������   .���   eat   Is only a  few davs out  Of
thc milk stage, however, and the pres
nl  il.ige Is critical,    Should tbere be
frost   or   alternate   w t    and     hot
vi n I her during thc next four days the
���o    pects   are  assured     for    a    bard
vhnnt crop of a good  milling quality.
lh.- expect to see the south countrv
' " ng inside of a week and tho north I season
I in,I wt of the city ii few davs later	
S ��� complaints have reached the local
���ill's rrom farmers as to conditions of
���h.- crop. The outlook is th. refore
bright at present.
may be nexl
Ci lobank,
ployed   on
Aug.    1".   Cleanllnesi
to Oodllnesa, but H.  I*'
who has reci tol;,   bei n i m
a   provincial   government
survey pnrty operating in tha vie nil
of Pentlctt a. states thai I ������ wlll be
no more, for while washing oul
of his clothes iu Shingle creek
one morning lasi week, a stray bllllel
pierced hi-s shoulder and rendered bis
right arm Useless for aome months
lo rome.
Tbo  bullet,  which  la  Burmlsed  to
havo  come  from   thc   rifle  i f  a   pro
hunter, was about  ?,2 calibre,
and   made   a   clean     wound,     merely
scraping the bono.
pi ntlcton
industry   Is
Aug.   13.
shortly t.*> in
already   larg
rided lo
junta   olj
facturtea was announced at the
i f the councll    la it    week
bi :
22 21)
16; ir,
IX: ir.
1:2r, 14
2U:05 10
7 40
9*0 '
��o* in
0  12
6.9    2*27
10.7 10:30
7 (I    3: 315
82:18 10.8 11
1��-.-T7    ��6    4
MM  115 11
17 17   r, i   r,
16 11 0 12:24
a   b.;>   r,: r,r,
Jl 4.H 6:26
0:M 11.0 13.17
19 Ml    4 4    fi 56
2 0
To the Dead Letter Office,
Ottawa, Am; 13 The telling of tor
turn a l ��� mall Is n il to be encouraged
in Canada. Circulars posted In Paris,
France, offering to fi recast the horn-
scope of people for fi having boon
found in lhe calls, thn postofflce department loo Issued a circular lnstruc
ting post n.:��� Jti i*������ to look oul f ir these
missives and to send ihem to the dead
letter office.    This class of  mallei* Is
put In lh" same category as that oma-
Ottawa,  Aug.   13.    While  no official
���"   uncement  hns  been   made,  It   is
II di mood   Hint   tho   Nat'.mil   Trans*
'������ nental rallwuy commission In ne.
.*��� a:** g with the flrand Trunk Pact-
Ic ������.ith the pbject of entering Into
a agrrement 'cr the operation of the, ^^_ .   .      ,,,���,
-.,::;������,��� .;*..,'h-!""   section   if   thn when an application was before thai
lne. An effort is being made i i reach D0(jy for a supply of water whirl) was
in agreement at an oarly date In order t0 br utilized by a Bterillzlng plant
to facilitate to tho greatest possible whloh will shortly ha established near
���Ii gree lbe movement of the western , Mr Hobertson's carpenter simp on El
crop.    It  Is probable that an amend
nu nt in regard to the matter will bo
forthcoming In the course of a short
Hi  Blrc'l
ThlB plant  will make a specialty of
sterilizing   milk  and   bottling  il   In   a
[sanitary manner, iinis Insuring a pure
duct and ono that will  I
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
in meeting wllh lhe greatest favor wherever um
- litis
.2 tins
li   I'lo.i
[verge Tins Pineapple
Large Tina Pumpkin
Worcestershire sauce
I i.aildy   Sauce   	
Club Sauce, per boiilc   	
Mquld Ammonia, per bottle 	
Liquid Hlue, pei  bottle  	
Itookitt's nine  il packages
old Dutch Cleanser .'( tins
Choice     Eastern     Townships
8 lbs	
Pancy Creamery Butter ....2
Local  Dairy  Duller, per
Cooking lliilter, per lb. ,
I Malaga Qrapes, per lb. ,
! Qravensteln Apples	
j Local  TomatoeH,  per  It)
Choice Peaohes,   Pears,
2 fit)
2 be
. . .$1.00
lbs. 7.->r.
...   35c
.. ..2.r.c.
Dean's Grocery
Initiating  from   the  various  foreign   lot-
10.4 tericH who are denied the use of tho
1.3'Canadian mall service.
Will Honor Pte. Hawkins.
Mi ntreal, Aug,    13,    Private   Haw
kins,   winner   of  the   king's   piiia*     at
Blsley, will be given s reception and
; oiled military honors by the lornl
militia 1
 ^^^^^^^^^^^      immune
from germicidal ravages and from the
i ffecis of temperatures, The plant
may iiIko have a wider scope than
Bterillzlng milk only, nnd Mr. Kln-
who ai present la running the
in under*
Uituliiiii.   on
horses'   feet,
Illtullthlc  Is
In Cunada
Second Street, New Wcntmlnstei  with Boulevard  Dowr
the Centre.
is noiseless, iion-rllppary, praotlcally diistlesB, easy   oa
and, above all, particularly durable,    I''or these  reasons
commended highly by ownera of automobiles and horses,
rs, ami cliy oiliciala.   It has been adopted by fifteen clllea
and over two hundnd In the  Dulled Btates,
roes here on liis return from .hygienic dairy at. Dog Lak
next Thursday. j stood to bc a promoter,
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone 8eymcur 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Burr  Block,
Phone 386.
Columbia  8treet.
Call antl inspect our fall
lines and new fall stylos and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St. ���W"n
Put. mvt
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads^klk^i
'Please  Sign   Here" Cards Circulated
Among   Prospective   Players  by
Local Clubs.
Kast  Burnaby
ure  busy
tying that  the second  year with all i
I hockey players Ih a good one, bo that
good   UiingH  miKlit  be  expected  from
both  McDonald  and  Ken   Mallen.
The Tacoma Tribune Is the first on
the coast to contract for the world's
touring baseball teams, the New York
liiants anil the Chicago White Sox,
who will leave Vancouver for Australia hue In October, Just. J1000 was
necessary to clinch the deal, ibe game
to be played In the hlnh school stadium which holds 80,000 people.
Brooklyn Celebrate  Their  Return
Home  Grounds by Walloping
signing up players lor tho cominence-
iii. nl nf the City Soccer league. Little
has been done by the ('liy club, but
the lues ean real assured that they
v III be hi the run when the time
cornea for Tlm Mahoney lo stalk onto
the fleld nnd lout hls whistle.
i'li.' Bonkers, mi paper look to be
the team in beal tor tin. champion-
ship, tor they have nil nf their last
yi ar's line-up together with several
new players who are said lu be some
pumpkins in the way of footer.
I.itil ��� is being heard from tin'
RoverB nt tin* presenl time, although
practically every player has algntfled
ins Intention Iof applying fnr reinstatement Into amateur ranks, taking I
tin. stand that tbey are no worse off
than ih.. Vancouver clubs who have
been promised Immunity liy Dave
Lelth and several more nf the high
in Kills uf iin- game in iiie Terminal
Lelth appears In li" going alniiK In
his nwn sweet way tiles-- days following Un- lirst Intimation ihat he would
Btand sponsor for the Thistles,
Hibernians nml Celtics being welcomed back to lhe Simon puree.
From rumors heard on the street
yesterday ihe local branch of the B.
C. A. A. (J. is likely to take action at
its meeting on Friday evening and
may bo there will be a few questions
shIii-iI the Vancouver crowd as to
thi'ir actions during the past few
No cm,, as yet appears to oppose
the'applicatlon of tha Hovers fur reln-
Btateraent, which looks to be a good
move so long as the rest of the senior
league chilis are going to do the Hame
With the Rovers and Hankers playing Hgainst each other there should
I, ��� rome lively football displayed at
Moody square and Sapperton park
this winter, with prospect of a cal-
len*.**'* fnr the McBrlde trophy before
they get through.
Friday night's meeting is scberinieil
r .r *���*. o'clock, although it may be a.
few mlnutea late in order to allow
Ins ball fins in get down from the
gama at Queens park.
Th.. Vancouver Comets failed to
shine In any extent at Queen's park
lasl evening when they stacked up
againat ihe Moose, the final Bcore being 5-2  fm   tin-  herd.
They  came over  with  a  reputation
alleged reputation of being the
champions uf Vancouver, but with the
exception nf the twlrler, Brum their
irp flirt not appeal very much to the
lug crowd nn hand.
l.arkin was ngnln in the lux fnr lh"
Moose but failed to Bhow anything
great except in the fourth ami last
stanzas when, with three men nn the
I ami.   he   whiffed   the   las.   batter.
FIvb errors were chalked np ag-iinst
the herd, whieh accounts fnr many nf |
the   visitors  getling  nn   the  sacks,
Jack (lay.  whn  in  said   tn aspire to
higher points next season,    g"t    tin' !
crowd going when he was tagged be- :
tween first  and  second.
The ballyard will gel a rest this evening although the All stars will make
*nnn(hor attempt on l-'riday evenliv -ilu!
possibly Coqultlam on Saturday afternoon.
Score; It    11    1".
M D0B6        a      2      f.
Four Times Winners.
Brandon, Aug. 18. After the keen-
est ciiikit seen III Hrandon this soa-
s-iii. St. Georges defeated St. Mat-
lb "wb by 'IK to IIJ and thus Becured
the League championship fur tlie
f lurth year in succession.
The  Maiden  Person  Gathers  in    High
Averar-e at Trips���Tiecial Meeting  of Club Toni"ht.
Willi  tl.e bravesl  nf Hm brave be-
sid"   him   and   Ihe   fain sl   nf  the   fair
to ch.' r liin in from behind, Hill
Maldi ii came nut victorious at tbe
regular weekly shim' nf the New
Westminster Oun club nn l.ulu island
grounds lasl evening Without a
scratch, Hill broke 23 birds -then he
missed Ihe last two. All Turner and
Dr, MacSween each broke 22 birds,
but even though they shot in the
extra events, they could not equal tho
score Bet by the pacemaker, so Hill
walked away with high average lur
the evening. Tans Peck hud tn shoot
with a new gun and bla score was far
below his natural ability, while Secretary Price and President Alex Turn-
bull were not up to their usual standard. Neither Hen I'eck nor Or. Cars-
well made their appearance at the
traps, neither being abb- tn get away.
Next Wednesday evening the shoot
will probably start at ti o'clock and
the whole bunch wlll be there to take
part In the contest. Following are
the scores for last evening-.
Shot at
25 25
MacSween    20 22
Standing ot tne Clubs.
Ku'.v York   72
Philadelphia  til
Brooklyn  4ti
llcs'on    44
Brooklyn,    Aug.   Yi. ���  Another In-
vasl u of western teams opi
plclously here today for the Brooklyn's by a double defeat of Pittsburg,
4 to e and 7 to ii.
'Iin- lirsi game went lu Innings
after the lucals had lied the score olT
Camnitz In a ninth Inning rally after
le* had relieved Robinson. The winning run came in un scratch hits by
Daubert and Fisher and a long single
by Callahan, up as a pinch hitler.
Camnitz also lost the second game.
Marty O'Toole, after bis long ill.'nss
made bis reappearance in this conteBt
and was wild and ineffective. Aft*.;'
passing Cutshaw and Stengel in the
third Camnitz relieved him. Wheal's
ECratCh hit flUtd the bases. Daubert
walked, forcing in Cutshaw. Bmlth
dn ve un,. ui Byrne, whose wild throw-
to ihe plate to catch Stengel, enabled
Stengel nnd Wh, at tu score, putting
the locals ahead.
Iteiilbacb relieved Yingllng with
Brpoklyn ahead, after the third Inning, and held the visitors hltless the
remaining six innings, which were
played In a drizzling rain.
Firsi game ii" Innings): R.   H.   E.
I'itlsburg     .1     9     2
Brooklyn   4   14     0
Hatteries: Robinson, Camnitz and
Gibson;  Curtis, Wagner and Miller.
Second game; R.    H.   E.
Pittsburg   3     4     :i
Brooklyn  7     8     2
Hatteries: O'Toole, Camnitz. McQuillan and Simon, Kelley; Yingllng,
Ruelbach and Miller.
Other National league games postponed; rain.
���Gunboat Smith and Porky Flynn
fought ten round draw at New-
York. "Porky'' never had arou-
Hed any wild enthusiasm among
tbe fans as a probable champion, and "Gunboat's" inability
to do more than hold hiB own
against Flynn was not very
promising. Hy knocking out
Bombardier Wells and defeat-
Jess Willard "Ounboat" wnn a
place among lhe whit,, hopes.
Smith's real name is Edward
Eckbhul, and was born in Philadelphia but spent his youth
on a Minnesota farm. IL* began hla fighting career in the
United Stales navy,
Jim .leffrit s knocked out Jim
Corbett   In   lu   rounds   al   San
Matty Balwln knocked out Am-
by McOarry in 5 rounds at New
The bIiow at the Royal theatre last
nights waB exactly as advertised, a
laugh from start to finish. The house
was packed to tbe doors and there
was many a hearty round of applause.
When Manager Rich picked "Hey
Rube." he surely picked a winner and
the company, one and all are well suited to their parts. I'orter Warfleld
played Ihe Rube character to perfection, not overlooking a possible laugh.
Jack Fleming, as the old farmer, Roy
Clair as the Dutch sheriff, Robert
Evans as the Frenchman, Huelah Hen-
ton as the farmer's wife and Ruby
Lang as the show-girl, all made Individual hits. We must not forget the
Sunshine Oirls aa they presented some
beautiful Hinging and dancing numbers. Special scenery was used for
"Hey Rube," the setting representing
a farm yard. Several electrical effects were Introduced during the play.
Tonight will be the last night of "Hey
Rube." Tomorrow night "College
Days," another farce comedy, will be
With Rod and Gun.
Contents of the August issue of Rod
and Oun in Canada, the Canadian
I magazine nf outdoor life, published by
W, .1. Taylor, Limited, Woodstock,
i Ont.. include the following: "By
; Canoe and Portage in the Northern
j Wilderness." by Henry Anton Auer;
"Beautiful Hay of Islands." by Lacy
'Amy; "In Southern liritish Columbia.
a Trip to Fish Lake"; "Certain Maui-
toban Duck Oroiinds"; "I'.aacom Huys
| a 'Coon Hound." by Oeorge J. Thies-
s->n; "A Talk About Guns"; "A I-'ish-
.inR Trip lo Kedgemakooge, NS"; "A
Hunting Trip to Pocologan River. N.
B.," etc., etc. This publication enn-
|tinnes In live up to Its policy of supplying accounts of the actual experiences of sportsmen in Canadian woods
and on Canadian waters.
(Continued from rage One I
McGill ..
Wi Ish .
Sharps .
Turner .
F.'des ..
Maiden .
I'eck . . .
Dorgan .
Duncan .
Duff  ....
*'- Standing  of  tlie  Clubs.
1 W.    L. Pet I
12   Philadelphia   72    34 .679 I
1<   Oli veland   66    4.1 .605 j
15 Washington    59    47 .557!
16 Chicago    5S    53 .522
21   Huston    50    54 .4*1
17 Detroit    46    63 .423
Bt   Louis   41    69 .389
New York    35    67 .343 ,
No games scheduled.
Price   . .20
Mil', rtnack  17
Tbis evening there will be a special
meeting nf the New Weatmlnater Oun
club in the library of the Club pool
parlors, for the purpose nf discussing
the ways and means nf holding an
autumn merchandise shunt All of
thi se Interested in the welfare nf tho
club er" invited to attend tlle meet-
ling, which wll be Inld al Sir, o'clock.
Standing  ol  the
Seattle  ,
l'i rtlaud
v' cl  rla
Tacoma   .
W I.
71 47
.lis 53
. 63 60
. 56 64
.54 67
.44    74
Comet h
Brum and C
2      2     0
enl    Huhnke;
umpire. Slronie
(llv   the  lV'er.l
The   \|ni>' " are th" latest to talk of
an upper country trip through the
Okangan and the Kootenay. The herd
should he a hi:; attraction the first
week in September following its record on the lower mainland this sea-
tun     Manager Graham is arranging
da'es with Kamloops. Revelstoke,
Armstrong, Kelowna and Vernon.
East Burnajjy ami Bapperton will be
the attraction at Queen's l'ark this
������veiling The last time Ihese teams
clashed the suburbanites sprung a surprise by making a tie with last year's
Nelson, of the senior amateurs, will
iml be In Ihe game agalnsl the V.A.C.
81 Vancouver on Saturday, having Injured Ills foot at While Rock while
ewlmmlng. His place will be taken by
Hernle Feedham, of East Hurnaby, who
hm showed considerable speed and
Hick work so far thla season. This Is
the last amateur game nf Ihe Beason
I r the Mnnn cup holders, although
AVent:-ilr��ler have still one to play
against  Victoria  at  Queen's  park.
Hr-nklyn were in their element tik-
I'lg twn fulls out nf Plttlburg ycHler-
i)*iy. These were the only games
p'-ivrt in the two big leagues although
all th" teams are scheduled for today Mnrlv O'Toole signalized hls appearance foUriwlng nn operation for
nnpendlcltla, by losing the Becond
With the arrival of Alderman Lynch
f'om the cast, Mayor (Iray gives mil
l'"' In format lon that the city fatherH
"'III Issue a challenge against lbe All -
Some rr 'hose hard luck gameB and
raw umpire derisions nre llkelv lo be
""itrtbrt <ii the street, todav on lhe return nf Len Chanut nnd Jnck Gentry
fc-"i lhelr hnrnptnrnilng trip of t'o-
lultlam  through the upper country.
"an McDonald should be In shape
W a (rood hockey season after playing with an tin country lacroBBe team
all Bummer,    Thai brings to mind the
(By  "Gravy")
Put Jim  Corbett  Away
It seems hut yesterday, but in reality it was just ten years ago today,
ih.it .Hm Jeffries and Jim Corbett
mingled In tbelr second battle. As
the poet Hays, "How swift the years,
bow swift and fleet, how very fast
upon  their leet."
lhat battle marked an epoch in Iho
boxing game, it was "Gentleman
Jim's" last appearance in the ring.
K was Jeii's lasi Important fight with
a pale face. Also It was the last big
bnut between white heavyweights up
to date, Atld it was the very apotheosis of Jeff's fighting career, And it
ull  took place ten years ago.
on Un- fourteenth of August, 1908,
lhe while sporting world awaited
with baled and baited��� breath the
news frnm San Frnnrlaco. The fans
were nn the qui vive with excitement,
and there were not half enough nui
vivib to gn round, Local dealers reported at the time that there had never been aueh a demand fur qui vivos.
Kvery train Into Snn  Francisco, uc-
ci riling  lo  an   ancient   print  of  that
eriod.  brought  crowds  of  fans   into
lhe olty, Tlie gate receipts were $63.
340, which broke all records except
fnr tlie .leffries-Sharkey battle in New
Vi rk.
lu the f'rst Jeffrles-Curbett battle
In 19119 "Gentleman Jim" made his
former sparring partner look foolish
for 20 rounds, anil it looked like Jeff
was due to become an ex-champlon.
\ desperate rally in the 23rd saved
Corbetl bellved thai Jeff bad won
hv a lucky punch, and yearned for
another chance. The pniiipadnured
.no had been n bank clerk in San
Pranolsoo before be took to the fight-
lng game, and he bail many friends
n California who believed that ho
'���uld win. It wiih a new Jeffries
who f night Corbel t that day. At. last
���e had learned something of the nrt
of boxing, nnd Corbett, Ihe master
if glove work niul footwork, met his
mutch at every point of tbe game,
and In the tenth waa stretched out
for  the count.
Corbrlt, "the most perfectly und
beautifully oonstruoted human animal
In Ihe world." hh  Mark Twain wrote
of him, thenceforward devoted himself lo the uplift of dramatic art.
With lbe exception of a brief bout
wiih .lack Monroe tin
Jeffries did not flghl
Reno ufralr of 1919.
the swan song of thr
beginning  of  lhe  end
supremacy.    For  a Mile   while Tommy  Bufns would uphold the hope and
heritage of n conquering race. Then
th" blnck clouds would close down
and  the sporting  world bo enveloped
in darkness and despair,
Portland Wins Ar-iin.
Seattle, Aug. 13.���Portland   outhit
Sea. tie and won today's game 6 tn 5.
In spite of Portland's heavy hitting
ihe game was close all the way
through, I'ortland winning in tha
eighth un a base nn balls, two hits
mul an error. Dell was effective in
the pinches until the eighth when lie
lost control as a result of bavin:;
been hit on tbe hand by a pitched
ball. Fullerton relieved him with two
on bases and a hit and an error gave
Portland the game.
R     H.    E
Seallle      5      5      1
Portland 6    12      2
Batteries:   Dell. Fullerton and Cad
man;   Martlnoni and King.
Other games postponed;  rain.
International League.
Montreal, 1-5;  Baltimore, 4-2.
Toronto, K; Jersey City, 3.
Buffalo, 5;  Providence, 0.
Plunge   of   the   Ladle,   and   T��k��
What You Get.
Tbe real origin of the word "poi-
luck" Is unkuowu to most of tbe people who use It. In Llinoses, France,
however, one runs Into potluck Itself.
In a certain corner of tbnt quaint city
of Jostiic^ roul's theire Is still Begregat- license
ed. mucb as If In a ghetto, a Saracen
population, probably a remnant of tbe
wave of Saracens that swept over Europe hundreds of years ago. Here tbey
live in tbelr crooked, narrow streets,
following old customs handed down
from generation to generation, lhere
nre many butcher shops In the quarter,
and outside of each steams a great pot
of soup over a glowing braziei. In
each pot stands a ladle as undent su
the pot
When s customer comes with a penny,
In goes tbe luille and conies up full of
savory broth and chunks of meat, odds
and ends that the butcher has had left
over And what comes np the ens
tomer has to lake. One can Imagine
bow animnsl.v the hungry urchin or
the mother of seven most ere tbe in
einrnblo ladle nml bow a pretty girl
might gel another draw from the
butcher's boy.
Al any rate, "to take potluck" means
to tnke what ynu get snd say nothing,
whether the pot In In Limoges or In
tlie flat of the mun who eagerly Invites
a friend of his youth to dinner.���New
York Sun.
brought it up. Accused never sold
less than a dozen; sometimes he sold
(two dozen. HiB firBt transaction with
[accused was through seeing him sell
to other people.
The  court   to  accused���Do  you   remember you were fined $150 for selling beer without a license, two years
ago, at the Junction  and  were given
time to pay.    Vou only paid  166, $25
at one time, $25 at another and so on.
Accused admitted the soft impeachment    but    said,  so  far as  could   be
gathered frum his language, it was the
brewery  that  sold, not him.  He  produced a quantity of documents showing his transactions; said he had been
in  business for seven  months in Coiiuitlam   and   New   Westminster   and
that a city policeman had stopped him
at one time, but was satisfied with his
explanation.    Al?o that it was a com-
] mon  business  in  Vancouver;   he had
been  in  it  there  for  two  years.    All
he made out of it was the 25 cents for
the  empty  bottles.    He  had  a  store
on   Tenth   street   and   sold   groceries.
He knew If he sold beer there be would
be sent to jail, shaking his head with
a smile, "No. no, me no saloonkeeper
���expressman."       He     produced     his
book showing ostensibly to whom the
beer was delivered. "Brewery have the
concluded accused.
The court���The brewery did not Bell
the beer to these men.   You did. Then
you   ask   for  orders   and   take   them.
Then you sold a dozen to these people on the North road  who never ordered  tbem.    You  will  have to go to
Jail for six months, but I  will represent the case to the attorney general,
v'ou  had  a conviction  against  you at
Ihe Junction before.    I cannot helD the
New  Westminster  policeman's    inaction.
Feras. now thoroughly alarmed, implored the court to send for the Burnabv mm nnd he would see him all
right, it., had no friends, and "no
The court���I have no option In the
Do you not lind your duties as executor interfere with your own
business and that you really cannot give the estate the constant
attention It should have ?
Westminster Trust, Limited, is especially organized to handle
trusteeships of all kinds and will be glad to relieve you of your
onerous duties as executor.
Our Btrong Hoard of Directors of the leading business men of this
city Is a guarantee that your affairs  will  receive  a  proper business
T, J.
A. J.   HOLMES, D.D.S.,
First Vice-President.
Second Vice-president.
T.   II.   SMITH.
J,  J.  JONES.
J. J. JONES,  Managing   Director.
Head  Office:   New  Westminster,  B.C.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Five     Days
Meals  and
Special Excursions
Sails Mondays
4lh, Ilth, 16th,
(Midnight), Aug.
26th and Sept. 1.
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain  and  Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
"th, 14th, 21st and  28th.
Boats remain at PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing ths new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms.
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.    Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
H. C. SMITH. C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  G.  A.  P.   D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Play in yesterday's games resulted
in* f illows:
Teale mu! d'Easum beat Wright and
Gardiner, 6-4, 3-8, 8-0,
Blacey beat d'Easum, 6-2, r>-7, fi 2.
Si'Vi ral interesting gameB are down
for toduy. Lewis and Teale will play
the final of the men's open champion-
��� liin. while Miss Rickman and MIsh
Corbould will contend for similar honors in I'le Indies' open event.
Teday'r  Draw.
7:Hb   a.m.    Dunford   vs.   Eddy.
2:30 p.m    Mlsa  Rickman vs.  MlflS |
I'or! .nid.
8'.?0 p.m. -Lewis vs. Teale. Shildrick
vs.  "Inner of  Dunford  vs.  Eddy.
4 :��n a.m.���Court 1. Miss Corbould
and Eddy va. MIks Payne and Teale;
court 2. Lloyd and McCowan vb. Teale
ind d'Easum: court 2. Tuckweil and
Campbell vs. Lewis and Swan.
Gives Warning of ��� Storm.
In the boy of Hlscny frequently (Mr
Ing  Ibe  autumn  nnd   winter In  calm
waalher a beavy sea gets up and rolls
tn    on    Ihe   const    four   and    twenty
hours tiefore the pule w*bicb causes It
arrives and of wblch It Is the prelude
In ibis case the wave action, generated
on tbe other aide of tbe Atlantic by the
Wind, travels at a  much p enter rate
Ihan thnl of tbe body of disturbed ulr !
and thus glres wurnlng of tbe coming i
Rooms ana Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
So Unreasonable.
"'Site's lieen very busy lelllng tne hon I
to rear my baity "
"Bul   sii.'  got   Into  a   perfect  pnnli |
vlien I itslied tier to take care of thr
child for ii couple of days   Vou know I
wns suddenly culled  out of  town."-
WusbhgtOll Herald.
��� following year,
again until the
The battle wiib
white race, tho
of caucasslan
Brantford, Aug. 13.���Waldo Wallis,
and Kerr I'orinan, the "vagabond artels." as they call themselves, passed through tbe city, tbey bolng on a
2".nn mile tramp from Kansas citv, to
Montreal. Unlike most pedestrians,
they art; not walking for a wager or
to advertise someone's punk pills or
shoe blacking. They left Kansas City
without a oent, nnd they nre making
tlieir way on the tour through the
snle of postcards of themflelves.
Tliey arc both artists, one being a
designer In an Interior, decorating
firm's officii, and thr- other R """-imar-
clal   illustrali i.   Ill lies   the    title    oT
"\agnbond artists."   Their equipment
Ib about Ibe most complete yel Been
I with 11 pedestrian. Tbey have with
them a small burse, which draws a
enrt. of their own manufacture, but
much resembling a Cape cart,   in this
Is carried their supply of postcards,
a tent, cooking utnnalln and other
uectBiiarles for a 2.100 mile trip.
A Frank Admiteion.
"I suppose you nre Interested In re
form." said ihe conscientious rltlxen.
"No," replied Parmer Comlossel; "I
approve of It Btlt I can't say that It's
generally  esprewd   In  a   way  thai
unites It n* Interesting as tbe contin
ued stories."-Washington Star.
Would Hef
���Cnshlelgti-You wouldn't marry Miss
Itoxy for her money, would you. Un-
"on'f   Upson  Downes���How else can I
get lt?-I.ondon Answers.
lie who despise** small things nevei
ttecutiiee ii'li    Diiiilsh Proverb.
Coiieeruinc custard, or "rustnd." as
It was formerly culled, It waa li coin
ti joke nl civic (easts In Knglttnd ll
lite i.lden Ume lo plm-e an enornioii-
���-ii-turd In in,- middle of the table, intu
which hi wiine stage of (he proceedlng-
tlie ,'lowu UtieXpeotPdly Jumped Ren
Joiison iiM-s the lerm "eUsturd leap
Jack" nt one wbo "In tall of a sheriff's
dinner" look "hla almaln leap Into s
custard" to "make my lady mayoress
ami her sisters laugb aU tbelr hoods
over tbelr sfioiilileia."
A Scream! A Riot!
Positively the Greatest
Comedy Presented Yet
by the
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOIH'ER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American  and  Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
I ia. to 24-in. in diameter. This Is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime. Plaster, etc. >
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits ot One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts ot tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Wanted No Joalousy.
Uttl* Lola had received a doll and a
kitten timiing her birthday present*.
"Which do you like best, your kitten
or your doll?" asked ber mother.
Lola weut over and whispered ln her
mother's ear, "I Ilka dollle best, but
���ilea** dou't t?ll kit iy."-Chicago News.
Out of the High Rent District.
The Home of the $1.45 Shoes
for Ladies
Every size, black and tan, broad and narrow.
FOR MEN���The only shoe store where your
dollar does the work of two.
Men's boots, black and tan   ���  /EVERY\ $1   QC
Men's Oxfords, black and tan, VSIZE    ) M> 1 ���*'0
The Spot for Leckie's Loggers' and Fishing
Boots; Slater Shoes (F. W.), K. Boots, etc.
White Rock
"The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co., Official A��en i PAUE   BIX
Classified Advertising
eelved for The News at the following places: V, T. Hill's drug store,
��28 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
yueensborough, Lulu Island.
Classified���One cent per word per
Day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
oiontn; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
Muirod wlttln one year from date of
contract  125.00.
lo inform Ihe citizens of New Westminster tbut tbey will do any excavating work, or put foundations
or concrete walls in. Residence of
\V. Davis :i5'.i Keary Btreet, Sapperton. Residence of W. 11. Ward 311
Hospital Btreet, Bapperton,     USUI)
at 706 Gloucester street. (18661
Rock for rent. Apply at 5111 Third
avenue, or phone It 244. (1871)
with    bath,    511 Summer street.
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, Labor Temple building.
Rhone R280. U878)
keeplng rooms, $16 and 118 per
month at 224 Seventh street. 11821)
housekeeping: rooms, o'i Agnes
street.    Phone 638 L. (1888)
engine, i:',21 Third avenue.
4  HI'.
etc., for Bale; good quality, nearly
new. May be seen afternoons and
evenings. No. 3 Queens court, corner Second Btreet and l'ark row.
Telephone 1174. (!s80)
in good condition. Apply Providence
orphanage, U872)
Riders  for  the  "U   S"   Round   Them
Up���Shoot Spirited  Leader
Black Stallion.
Methods of Export    Praised    by    Eai
katchewan Deputy Minister After
Ztudyin" in H'jrcpe.
Will Teach Its Employees How to Ren
der  First Aid to  Injured-
Novel Features.
Stamford, Mont., Aug. 111.- The last
herd of wild horses known to be at
large up In Fergus county bnve been
rounded up. Riders for the "U S" and
"2" out nt. accompanied by State stock
Inspector Kennon. succeeded in subduing the band that lias ranged In the
  __     . lower Judith   river  breaks  for   10  or
12 years. Tbe band consisted, all told.
FOR SALE���11.01) DOWN, *1.0,0 PER. 0f 50 head, but only sixteen of that
week,   Canada's    Pride    Malleable j���������,i���.r could be classified as genuine
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar- wjir* Worses.
ket square. (1.820)       71,,.   horses   are   practically   all   or
Ithoroughl ' origin, being the offspring of Ilambli'tonlan and Morgan
mares left on the range about 12 years
ago by a certain roundup. While Inbreeding had left its mark, the animals were splendid speclments of
their type. Kvery summer attempts
bave been made to round tbem up by
ambitious  horse hunters,    Tbe  long
marked A. MacKenzie.    1912,    near
Great    Northern    station,    Sunday
morning.    Reward,  llox  1S77  News.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings Btreet west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1S25)
ores, all
6,     Inv,
Btlgate 1
WILL OIVB CASH unit cloar deed to
tulxl3^. corner .tni Aw and U'lli
for linus... 5 or 6 rooms.
grain holds 11
in the grain markets of tbe world. It
is imported to England and other European countries at 11 smaller margin of profit 10 tbe Importer than the
grain of any other country," stated A.
i-'. M.uiil ', deputy minister of agriculture for Saskatchewan, when discussing liis trip to Europe as honorary secretary of the Saskatchewan
commission on agricultural credit and
grain markets,
Mr, Mnn le, wllh Hoo. Langley arid
A. C. Dunning, visited London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Hull uiul Bristol ami
Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and
Hamburg, on tlie continent inquiring
Into the manner in which Canadian
grain was handled on llie Canadian
exchanges, its condition compared
wiih that from other countries, and
generally, tbe manner In which tlie
Bhipment and trade in grain is carried
on throughout the world.
Tbe inquiries wero made carefully,
Man   of   High   Rank   Leaves   Fortune   Drug Store Tan Will Fool'Em All���No
So That Heirs Receive Small Necescity Now to Go Away to
Montreal,   Aug.   13. - With   the   ob
enviably high position  l""'1 0( equipping its employees with
information necessary to saving life in
case of accident, tho Canadian PucifKl
railway, according to   announcement *
made at the local officer today, lias fit- j
Cairo, Aug. 13. There has Just died
the man who Is said to bave been lbe
greatest miser Egypt has ever known.
'Ch.'iwnrii Pasha, who passed away a
few daya ago, was a member of the
legislative oouncil, and  wns reputed
ted up a special first uld to lbe injun d
lecture and demonstration ear which
Will be sent across Iho continent overj
both eastern and western lines.
The truln Is filled up with the very
latest appliances used in flrsl alii work,'
with Just those appliances whicb the'
company ia placing at every division- !
al point and on every train. Tlio in- I
tentloi is to instruct every man who
will consent to it bow- to use tinse instruments and appliances.
Actual  demonstration  of the  worklfreely with a small part of hiB estal
will lie done nml noi only are the male  the balance bas to be divided
employees of the company to be taught  his heirs on a fixed scale.
to bo ono of the wealthiest landowners.
He hml an Income of al leaat $7.",".	
and no debts,
Hut i: appears that be carried his
misanthropical sentiments i ven    be
yond the grave, for, not being able to
take bis goods and chattels with him,
I be arranged so that tbo bulk of bis
I fortune   Bhall   benefit   no   olio.
Tiie Moslem law lays It down that
nnlers a "Wakfs," or religious trust,
I Is constituted, a testator can only deal
rhases and the constantly Increasing
vigilance and timidity of the band
tending to keep them hardy and in
running trim. When finally captured
tbe horses proved to be smaller than
was supposed, but every one was reduced to racing flesh, and In the chase! wltb a view to comparing the method
none of the cow ponies could match of handling grain in Canada with
them in speed. ! those   prevailing   In   other   countries
The capture was effected by running ana s��� finding tlie weak spots in the
the band off its feel, this being done Canadian system and strengthening
by  relays  of cow  ponies.    After  the  them
run hnd been arranged and tbe point I     Mr-   Man,ic   statPl]   tj,at   tl���,   Cana-
of approach  determined    upon,    the
moili'i'n hoiini'. S>
11300. Wlll trad,
-6   room   thoroughly
cond  street.     Equity
for  elose  in  1 it  an.l
POR EXCHANGES���Deed to Urge lot, -'h
Av,-.. near 3rd St., aa payment on bouse
In aod around sum'* location.
Knit SALE���A snap, r> room modern ntw
house, half lilock from car; JlMuO. IIO'l
cash, balance tilt, a month.
FOR BALE���Wlll Bell cheap or exchange
equity   for   Int.   6   room   lions.*.   Btrtdi
Ave.   half   lilock   from   Kingswat
llm-. 1
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$30 per month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
house   f.
:��� s  room fully modem
Have dl.in  who win
nil RENT- 1
hous,-. Mh St
j:ii' a month,
room  thoroughlv   ni'.'l
near 6th Ave,   Will 1.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
,,f tn,. "Compi
named oompany
lho date heri-of.
of  Joint-Stock
Hml to
pursuant lo section IS
ni. s Act," that th.- above
IntendB. on.- month after
10 apply 10 Hi.- Registrar
.'oniljani.'s to chiiiig.' ita
Standard   Discount Company,
cere tan
Dated  at   N*.*w  Westminster,   B.C.,   thl
thirtieth dav of July.   1913. llST'i
"Creditors' Trust Deeds Act" and
Amending Acts.
chase was commenced, ami some idea
as to the desperation witli which the'
band  attempted   to  escape    may    be
gathered from the fact that a distance!
of fifty miles was traversed in exactly
three hours.    A few of the less hardy 1
animals dropped out but not until they
were exhausted.
Spirited Leader.
The  ground  over  which   the  cliai?e
was   made   consisted   of   breaks   and
bad binds merging of Arrow and Plat !
creeks at  the point where tbey enter
the  Missouri river, and  with the pre-'
carious   footing   thus   afforded   many 1
galls by the riders resulted. Through-
out the entire distance the band followed a practice of racing  trom one
cu" I hilltop to another, evidently endeavor-
  I ing to secure an advantageous viewpoint.   Always in the lead was a black
Btallton, anil it a matter of regret tbat
he did not survive the chase,    lie became entangled In a barbed wire fence
and bnd to be shot.
Althougb tho hand has been running
over ten years, few If any of the animals were over seven years of age, thr
explanation being that the older on
were  killed  in  the hunts of previous ,
years.    One taken bore two big sears ;
from bullet wounds. I
The chase was brought to a close at i
a  corral!   Into   which   all   the  horses',
were driven and roped     Ton season-
oil riders were employed in tlie hunt, i
Several of the eow ponies	
practically worthless from
tion In the run.
Immediately after the corralling had;
been accomplished tb" task of hreuk-i
ing the wild horses wis begun. While
B   few   proved   too  vicious   to  be  eon
dian system compared quite favorably
with that In otber countries, and that
the recommendations of tlie commission on the problem would not call
for any radical changes. Many minor
Improvements would be advocated,
but these he declined to discuss.
"The fact that Canadian grain can
be Imported into Europe on a smaller
margin of profit than grain from any
o her country signifies that our grading system iB good and trade in Canadian grain ia generally on a clean,
straight  basis,"   Baid   Mr.   Mantle.
but the female staffs, too. If they selz
the opportunity, anil tbe wives and
daughters of employees will lie provided for in the several course of instruction.
The compnny is making a special
effort to teach every employee lhe
first aid work and it is understood tbnt
the taking of at least an elementary
course will be demanded of all employees.
Tin* ear at the present time Is in
the maritime provinces, nt Falrville,
N. It. From there il will go to Ht. John
and then be bended westward. In tbe
larger divisional points it will remain
Iwo or three weeks, in the smaller
ones a week or ten days. The plan is
to keep ii in Winnipeg for the full time
and possibly a week longer.
So, as he wanted to have
disposal of bis fortune, the
made liis entire estate Into a
Usually such a trust is made
hem lit of the heirs to protect
tate from undue spoliation,
Hut iho Pasha disdained to foil.,..
the custom, and baa direct, d th-it his
children are to receive jusl sufficient
to enable them to live -ln no case nre
they to take more than $1,600 per an-
num each ami the residue of tlio Income (about |700,000) Is to lie devoted for tiie Improvement of ibe "Wakfs"
which, as tlie testator lefl no further
directions, will benefit no one, th.. Income merely accumulating or being
expended on  land purchases.
It Is almosl Incredible tint a man
of Hueb 11 high position could cherish
such misanthropical and mlBerly sentiments aB to leave a wlll of this de
Borlption, but this case only shows
lbat tbe spirit of the llarpngon Ih still
alive in the world.
Ni w Vork, Aug. 13. Willi ten cents
and a vivid Imagination, nowaday, you
Can Ioi k up tbe front of lbe liouse,
spend your annual two weeks leave
of absence, with pay. in the privacy
of your own back yard, or your lire
escape, go luck to your office ami tell
1:," boys you have been    anywhere
from Maine lo Mexico, uud mil of
doors nil tlie time, and you inn gel
away with ii Tbey have Invented
-onio greal tilings lately,
At the end of lhe two wei ks all yon
hnve io do ii in walk Into the office
after  your  sojourn   in   Iho   hack  yard
1 md iir* pniioiis expenditure of the
lion cents, und start your Imagination
g working.    Till them ynu have   lu en
mywhere,   Tell tho    boya that   you
Iho fi I have'spent   your   vacation   lolling  on
Pasha the sands along the   New    England
Wawfs   "om 1.  swimming  in  lh..  surf off the
f,,r the    leney   shore;   or   if   you   prefer,   loll
lo 111 font yon spent II  playing tennis
mil golf in one of the up-country ro-
Borts, or llshlug In the Adirondacka,
More is the secret of spending five
minutes in tiie sun lit iho eity and
retaining lbe best coat of tan ever
gained in live weeks on llie seashore.
In Beveral drug stores tiny are now
offering for sale un ointment that If
rubbed on will Ian your akin until
your own mother wouldn't know you.
Apply once for a medium coat, and
stand In the sun a few  minutes. Two
applications wll Imake you tbe color
of 11 Malay, and three will make you
resemble a Zulu. And tlie beauty of
it is you avoid the blisters.
Winnipeg, Aug. 13. -A. F. Jury, chief
'.Canadian government immigration of-
i ficer in Croat llritain, was a visitor
I In the city this week. Mr. .lury has
1 just completed a tour of western Can
1 ada where he Iris been looking Into
I crop conditions and general develop-
. ment. ,
It  is five years ago since   Mr.  Jury
J visited  wrstern  Canada and  he
marvelous, almost incredible, do
Transcontinental   Line   Preparing
for Opening cf Panama Canat���
K. V. Line  One. Link.
Toronto, Aug. 13.--Bicycle thieving
is ho uncommon In the western pan
Of Old Ontario lbat the city of Wood
stock finds something alarming In the
fact that a thief Buddenly visiiisl the
'���ity, nnd In broad daylight filched a
bank messenger's wheel frum the
front ot a  hotel.
On the other band, the same sort
of thieving is so common in Toronto that the police reel that there Is
something In the form of a wave of
rtue sweeping over the cltv, if th
ere made
NOTICE is hereby given that Herbert
P, Vidal and Company, Limited, ot
New Westminster, In the Province of
British Columbia, has by deed dated
the 30th day of July, 1913, assigned
nil his credits and effects, which maybe seized and sold under execution, I qtiered entirely ,the majority will main
and all his real estate to Percy H. serviceable riding stock.
Smith, of the snld town *f New West- 1 	
Montreal, Aug.  13.- Well    informed
railway men believe that the tendency
of the Canadian  Pacific    construction
work  in the wist  is towards provld-
tinds jug (|ie company with  an alternative do not have two or three such reports |tain
l��P-|mni..  lino lo ih��� or,���tV, ���f u��� n.n.nni I a   day.     Last   year   then-   w��re   1*814
tion Of 1 bicycle  thefts,  and  this  year lhe  fig
the unfinished link of tbe Kettle valley ures promise to be even more start
line across the Hope mountains, Lug-
As ror Co. west's harvest this your        Tlie section will complete the links I
*   lioHs   prospects   nre   excellent   In   between   the   I'acilic   Coast   nnd   the
traveled    all
ment   ���, every hand with this country   ���*�� ��" **��*��"* "VL'X^I������� ""pSw to   he aUtboriHeV
imiking tremendous strides.    He has one*    ���������'s ll'r'lls additional interest toL^ year before 1370.    l'n to the
hist concluded n trip round the world,  the announcement  that tenders have   ,f August a vear ago   then   wer.
and ho finds tbat no country on earth i heen awarded for the constrn
la being developed at the rate maintained   ly  Canada  during   these  past
Kingston,   Ont.,     Aug.     in     Henry
Merrick, postofflce Inpsector at Kity;
ston. is In receipt of a message that
la man named Jack O'Brien bad been
I arrested at Sudbury In conneotlon
1 with the sensational mall hag robbery
Which occurred at the Q. T 11. ouler
'station here early on lhe morning of
January 22 of this year,
Tiie arrest was made hy government
'detectives, who have heen working
! steadily on the ease ever since tfie
.robbery occurred O'Brien i.s a former resident  or Kingston.
The mall ban was stolen while lying
on a track awaiting to be transferred
ito tlle train going '-asl The bag con-
I letters and checks. The po-
Ilice were not notified until several
hours after the robbery took place,
and a short distance easl or th" station ihey round a small pile of checks
Bacttered ahout. Al the old atone
��� lunrry a pile of burned paper wan
found and a small lire still somiildoi--
..r wi
Iu the Matter or the Estate
Sharp  nnd   Henry   E.   Sharp,   i��
the Cltv of New Westminster, I'r
id  Ilrillsh Column!.*), currying on  l.usl-
ness under the  firm,  name and stylo
or the Westminster Oarage, in Hie said
And in iiie Matter of thc "Creditors' Trusl
1 >.->-.Is Act."
NOTICE is hereby given thai the above-
named William .1. Sharp and Henry I*:.
Sharp formerly carrying on business under 11.0 rirm. name and style >.r the Westminster Oarage on Carnarvon Btreet, in
the City of N'-w Westniinsl.-i- an.l Pro-
vine- ,,r British Columbia, did by Instrument   In   writing,  dated   the  22nd  .Inv  nf
Jul-   A.I), inn. assign lo Q  ���������- 11   Milne,
of the Cnv of N.-w Westminster, B.C., ior
ihe iT,*n..ral benefit of tbelr creditors, of
their estate, credits and effects, whirl,
may be s.-lz.-.l or *-..'.1 under execution.
And noli.*.* is further Riven that n
meeting of creditors ..f tl"* aald William
.1 Sharp and ll* 1.������������ 1: H'.u.rp carrying nn
business under the firm, nami' and sty-l'
..f  Iho  '.v. stmlnati r Oarage,  wlll  be held j
nl Hie ..ffl. r in..no   11   Milne,  Broker,
Room 307, Weatmlnster Trusl Block, New
Weatmlnsler, B.C., on Thursdn", the liih
dn- of oi"*nsl. A.li. 191,1 at the hour nf
*t i.tn o'clock le th- arternoon,
Ac 1 00r.e. in forth, ������ -iv. n tl .1 all persons having elalei*. i.iiiel lhi * lid Willi;,.0 .1 Sharp and Henry E Sharp nre re-
quln 'l on or biifor, the l"ih d iv ol \>v:
us:, inn 10 e��nd ti'-lr names ami nd-
dres-��, particulars ..r their claims, duly
verified l.v statutory declaration, ami the
natit-m and ���-���'���      .1 -  *   tec  rltv   ��� ,  anv 1
held   tf   1,1,-in    to   il.-   .:n,tet, -nod    an.l   to
.-iiio'- anv ered 1-* to 1 te .' ny tne.i-
ln-* I'm claim  oe:  ���   le*  filed  on  or  lief..ti,
th.- data or the  n a
Ami   nolle.-   I���   fio-l ������>���   given   thnl    tie-
hkiI m..- will   on  nnd   ���''���- Ihe   Mm day
or    1a.;.*.t.   DU    t 1 1   ",   .0   1-UnilP   th-
AMI o. ,,' .. ,. .... ,| v. .*:!.,���; .1 Rharp and
Heney )*'. Pharn I  " l nns entitle.I thereto having -.,'.i"1 ..nl\- In the
claims whieh I ��� ���'is 11 ' ��� thi a hoi ���>*.
tic.  and  he wlll  - ������   i.- held  r-suonslhli
for    thr     ap*elB,     ,,'      , - *.*    ],;.-!     n,,,.,,'
rtlst-thnted tn anv  person of *���* *      ��� claim
he  .-' -.o   ,,..!   ii..,i   hive   l.���n   nol ' -*1
I 1st' '1    at    N, -v    W,    ���-.:-, .-. :     ������ ,<    .list
day ,,f .Inly, a I'   tin
OEOIlCJE rt  mh *.-i:
n ���*;���-. 1 Assignee.
minster, accountant
satisfying rateably
for tin
purpose of
j lately nnd without preference or prio
vince   ity
all his creditors,
And notice is hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of the said
Herbert P. Vidal and Company, Limited, will be held at the office of Percy
ll. Smiih. room 211 Westminster
Trusl Illock. Now Westminster. HC.
on Monday, the ^r,th day of August.
A.D 1913 at the hour of two o'clock
in the afternoon,
Ami Notice is hereby given that all
persons having claims against the
said Herbert P. Vidal and Company,
Limited, nre required to forward particulars of Bame, duly verified by statutory declaration, to the said Percy
ll Smith, addressed to him 'it Room
211, Westminster Trust Block, New
Westminster, i'.e. on or before tho
Ilth day of September, ad 1918, ami
that all persons Indebted to the said
Herbert l\ Vidal and Company, Limited are required to pav the amount
due by thom 1. th.- 1 ial Percy 11
Smilh forthwith
And notice is herehy given thai af
ter th" said 11111 dav of Bepteml er
A I). ini::. Ho- assignee will proceed
lo distribute lhe assets of the estati
11:110111: those parties who nre entitled
therein, having regard only to the
claims, duly verified, of which In* shnll
then have received notice, and will nut
he responsible for the assels or any
pari thereof so distributed I" any per
son or persons of whose duly verified
claim be shall not then have received
Solicitors for the Assignee,
Dated this Ilth day of August. A P.
1913. (1SN4I
is   11 r,
the    evlr   'ue        He    hlls
through III" ramriis wheat belt of th"
Ceoor-i-i nr-'lries. Throughout Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta h��
t. .),..1 tremendous    fields of soir ndid
��� b.-�� wh, rf. five v-.prs ego there was
nothing lc ihe virgin prairie. This
li as it should he, he said, and it
shnwea that nggresstve characteristic
of ibe Canadian pcop'e which 1ms
mnde them famous Ihrnnnhnul th"
w.-.r'd am! th"!r country the Mica of
the Immlgrpnt,
If those Britishers with whom he
'mi been SFpoclnted for the pas* few*
vi ������    could  have heen  with   him
Late  Anthony  Brady  Was  Worth   Between 80 and  1C0  Millions.
New   York,   Aug.   13.���Although   th<
provlslons of the wiii of the into Anthony X. Brady, hnve given r.n Indication of the Bize of his estate, unofficial  hla  irlo    through  the  west, he  snlil
estimates an- published    hero    today  thev would not ho doubtful about In-
placing Mr. Brady'B wealth practical!y vestln- her-u even In times of flnnn-
:i a  par with that of th- late ,1   P. rial stringency.   He looks lorn record
Morgan in British Immigration next year.
A  former  financial  advUer  to  Mr. 	
Brad}   is quoted as placing his 1 Bl
mate a:  {75,000,000 a. a minimum  ei BECKER   '"ILL   DIE
tlmate, and  as adding  that  it  might 	
prove to ho  ii eXCeBS of {100,000,000.   New Yorker at "'irr.iocn Believes He
Mr   Morgan filled - so much greater Will Get hi
in thc ;   iii'* eye, how
place in thc publlc eye, howevi ���:. than
Mr   Brady, or  many othi ra 1 ' ureal
wealth, thai Un- reports , ; iho Brady
fortune I*
Mr. Mora
..' ..'.     Aug
'���)������ a   i1    1 0 mbi i*  of  the
I   n  ean h.   Ni o
l on a par with  thai  of ex-deptj  commissioner -i' police, who
have occasioned surprise  i   .1   1 li ;ati  to lhe convention of thi
��� n ���* it .1
bureau of
Vork,  and
even in Wall street, Whl
Mr   Brady's
-.* a* lei ���   fad
Morgan's  wealth
I IS   said   li. tt   he   hnd   ovi r   $30 '	
In tobacco alone     His    holdings    of
11 'i.i-11 II1.- il Tr ini II tt- ill amounl
"lii abi ut I - *.' -I,""ii In round ii mres
���u Tennei end Oi   rgla Power
1 ribs he Is said tn have had lnvt��sl
ments �� ** lb ���' 1 10,    and   during
!!i"   last   f.-w   ..ears   he   had   pi ���   I*.
tween fl!' 10 ind J7,t 0 in .ii'o-
an"-e    lighting    plants,    especially       1,1
Re  Lot "B" of thc  South 39 Acres of
Lot 377. Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed,  in  the  District cf New Westminster.
A Certificate 1 f Indefi asl ble Title to
tbe above property  will  be issued    to
William McBrlde on the 18th day   of
August, 1D13, unless In tha meantime
n valid objection thereto ho made to
me in writing Dj a rer*--on or persons
claiming an estate or Interest therein,
cr in any part thereof.
.1  c OWYNN
District Registrar of Titles
land Ileclstry (ifflee,
Now Westminster, B.C., 12th Jul
Tho person or person' hn<*liig In
'heir custody or poisesslon the following Title Deeds relating to C " s-i-'d
���property are requested to deliver the
��-, ��� n in the und"rs!gne,-i
"mh January. I8S9, grant from the
��r"-o ii charlotte Adele Rougue,
1!��lh July,    *iS?.D, conveyance    from
���charlotte Adele   Rougue   to   Robert
-r-'eott Monorfeff.
J. r. OWYNN,
<17*:.ii      District Ragl��trar of Titles.
Ii" Lots 002. OOS, 004, 005   000   02!   fl"1
fi^l.  r,'::,   020   02",  02S,  020   f.lli)' 03l'
of  I,..i   :;v Croup  I,   Mao   114,   In   the
District   of   \ew    WeHtinh   o ���*.    Porl
Hammond Junction.
Whereaa proof of the I..as ,,r certificate
or  ml..   Number   12040   I'.   Iss I   in   the
nan r   Bdwln  O,   Slmmonds  has  boen
filed  In  thin office
���N"'  I' herehy given lbat   I shall, in
the expiration ���r one in..nil, from u���.
date of the first puhlli ill m hereof, In
a dally in wap ipi :��� published In tha City
"f   New-   Wesiminster,   Issue   ���   duplicate
"r Hi.  said i'. mil-lie, unless In tl." i n
iou- valid objection he made to mo In
.1. C, OWYNN,
i'i irlel   Registrar ,.r thick
La".i   R *     ��� ifrice,   N.*w   Westminster,   in-.   Snd   August,   1013, i ISC, i
wns beBt   l������ ii '*��� * r    .' merit an    munlclp .1 i .
i i     tii : al the city ball thi- mi rn-
Invertmenl  lacked  the  lug  and  afterwards mado nn  Inapec
*' h    made    Mr   ��� on i f '.'. In   peg pi lice methods, Ow
I   lng  to  Impi rtanl   buslncs i   Mr   Dr s
ci .1 wsa unablo to tako In the trip i
Po nl i1 ; ini   with the n it of the <le
lo.-ratea  this   morning     'I h s   was    a
mal cr tf m eli rei ret i i h'm ua he
"  had  seen   ni irlj   all  lhi     Impi rl int
p wi r i lam   .ui tl c c ni neni m : is
d'M'i lj   Inti ia eti il  in  the  pn blctn  ol
municipal power.
.Vr Urlsi dII I*-.pn sa. .1 the opln'on
lhal Lieutenant Becker, the Nov. Vork
i�� I ce . ii eer who was
of the ni'iiiii r of the gambler rtoaon
thai, who hml threatened t" expose
P' 1 ce graft in New Vi rk, would I. ���
nuit to ihe electric i ha r, "Becker
baa appealed against the sentence,'
ho sa d. "and the appi al will be board
tho  fall.    The evidence    la
boundary districts, near the I'. S. A.,
furnishing direct railway connections
between these districts. It will serve
-e\. ral very Important purposes. Ill
addition to linking up the districts
mentioned It will give the C. P. It.
an alternative rout., to the Pacific
rrom the Crow's Nest and the prairie
It is understood In this latter con
nection that the Boo traffic wh'ch li
now diverted to the main line of the
c P, Ii. at Moose Jaw from St. Paul,
Chicago and other important middle
State points, muy at some future dala
be rented by way of Lethbridge direct
lo the const around l.y the Crow's
Nest, and tho Kettle valley. Tho S io
trains would reach Lethbridge from
the Soo line entering Canada al North
Portal hv way of an east ond west
prairie line, south line and parallel tc
the main Hue
Th" grades over the Crow's Nest and
the Kooteney Central are considerably lower ihan over the main line
through Field, and whon this i uth
line is perfi eti d all heavy fr Ights
can he shipped over it to advantage
Wltb the opening of the Panama anal
pxpected to brim,* a greal Btream of
freight io the const, ihis Bouthern
route will be of undoubted Importance.
The summer of lull will probably see
the routes Indicated open for trnfflc.
Toronto, Aug   13
romantic marriage i
' it   Anil.  .lr.. or  SI
Reid,  oT Toronlo,  i
A  Bequel to the
f Cobourg or u��.b-
I.ouih, and   1) iris
aille   ill      lis;..,,i de
Great Ingot cf Silver.
Cobalt, Onl . An-.- 13 A unique
shipment lias been made from the Co-
ball camp from the Kerr lake mine
in the shape (1f a si lid mass or bullion
weighing 303 pound-     The reason for  early   In
���V'l       i* .(Vf-if-l G,   . m<
ihls unorthodox form
bullion l�� attributable '
few weeks ago ni campi,,.|| a> Deyell'e
smeltlnc room. The silver wan In one
or the no Itlng p. is nl the Ume of tho
lire, and us the pmeltlng apparatus
wns destroyed In the blaze Instead nf
running It Into i ie moulds ss would
have hern the case under ordlnnrv
circumstances, when tli��� - silver had
cooled down i; was despatch d In lumn
'nrm as II wa i I iki n from the cruel
hie. in addition tn thla trree other eon
slgnments lefl iho camp,  if thi  thai
ofthe Nlplsslne bolng far the largest.
comprising 129,184 73 fine ounces,
I'eiin Canadl in and Trethewav made
up the numlier with a total shipment
of nearly i h tin imam] ounces The
complete Bhipment la valued al Jlu-t,-
of   shipping very  strong
Iho fire of ;���   n0t  think   hi
'��� iin i hlm, ami I do
can escape lhe penalty,
li was a tnrr ble scandal, but it wlll
s *rv a good purpose In arousing the
publ *��� c nseii uce."
Hall, when proceedings wire begun i i
set aside the ceremony,
According to the writ, 'he action is
takon by "DorlB Reid by her fattier,
found  guiliy  ftnd nexl friend. Oeorge P, Reid."
"So they have made an application
for annulment, eh?" said Ci I, Aull, father or the benedict, whi n he heard
the news. "Now I will light and light
lo the end. I am now mail clear
through. I am g ling >o battle tbls
thing from start to finish. They any
my boy Is guiliy. Qullty nothing. He
had no intention of beating anybody
out of any money and row thev wanl
to take Ills Wlfo away from him, I
came tin here to sett'e this thing arnica!.Iv.   Now I am h  to stay. I will
liehi  this through    to   a   fare-you-
m ll."
$20 000 Act on A-alnst City
Montreal, \ug. 13 The first trnu
j ble resulting fi m Ihe use id Little
Bt, .lames -i*. ��� by tiie streel cars
when n |30 no * damage still against
ihe city waa launci ii.i by Oaston Ven
���*"��� ;i di ab r In i hurch ornament i,
who ie at' ro - ��� ihh stri i Tho
cily   now   prohll   '     ',. hi. les   from   us
i lug Ho* Btn .i    ...I be claims to bo
badly hump, red in n oei-.iiic and send*
lng  out  his  goods     As  n   resull   be
|bhvs  be   will   in...   io  abandon   'ho
I placo mn! look i.*i anothi r r.i"
i'entlcton Aug. 13, !���'��� iv pi opli
would cure to take ii full grown rn'
th snake up In their hal ds and fondll
ii, yi thai ia wbnt Mas Swart, 'hi
inspector of Immigration   for  Pontic
ton,   did   r ully.   when   lie   picked   ' ' '
up ii snake carrying a Ml s:t of teeth
and nine rattles if* I i "iivovi I i. I .
an Improvised eng,* In the shape of
an apple box witli a plcco of wire
netting stretched across.
.Mr,   Kvnil   wns     tiding     OVi r     thi
ranches near Keremeos where ho has
a number of horses, when be heard
ih" rustic of a rattler jusl ahead, He
dismounted, mul placing a slick upon
the reptile's head be reached down
and with his thumb und forefinger
grasi ci the li oso skin al the i. ic'i
of iiie snake's i. :k. He Ihen i I
in  a coatsleove a. .1  i ;ii i* i il  it   ii mi
Regina, Aug.
school rooms nr"
Womsn ��t One Time Wore Fleets ot
Vessels In Their Hair.
Marie Antoinette bud a passion for
extraordinary headdresses. Une sirm-
Hire Unit Bhe invented was forty-live
Inches in height u"d was composed of
niiiny yards of gauze and ribbon. From
the folds sprung bunches of roses, and
Ibe entire edifice wus surmounted by a
waving plume of wblte feathers, lt li
recorded tbat when Maria Theresa received a portrait of her daughter wearing ibis headdress she exclaimed:
���'This Is no daughter of mine: lt is tlm
portruit of an actress!"
Tbe Duchess de Cbartres. determined
to surpass the iiueen. designed a headdress two Inches higher. It was iiiiiilt
up of many plumes waving nt the top
Of a tower. Two waxen llgui-es, representing the little Comte de Beuujolula
(thc brother of Louis Philippe) lu bis
nurse's arms, were worn as ornaments.
Beside tbem u parrot picked ut n plate
of cherries, and the wax ligure of a
black boy reclined nt the nurse's feeL
fin different parts of the lower were
ttie initials of tlie dltcbOSBO'a husband,
her father nnd hei* father-in-law, mads
from ber own hnlr.
At this time I'runce nml England
were ut war. In a ntiviil engagement
Ibe French frigate Llcorne struck lier
flag, but ttie Itelle I'oiile. n not her
Krench vessel, crippled the Hector, an!
Kngllsli mini oftMur. As Hie I'lench-
incn tvH'i' about lo board two Kngllsli
vossoIh bore down to their consort's
assistance, and tbe Belle Poule sailed
away. The ICugllsb fleet returned to
Plymouth wltb two prizes, tho Llcorne
and a Krench lugger.
The Krench, althougb thev hnd lost 111
frigate, proclaimed a victory. The.
queen uiul ber women wore headdress
es Hint represented tbe Belle Poule under full sMI plowing a sea of green
gauze In pursuit of the Kngiish frigate.
Tlii-* construction wns known us the
"coiffure Belle Poule."
Tbe wire of an Kngllsli officer living
In Purls deemed the headdress an Insult  to  tlie   Kngiish   navy  and  deter-,
mined to resent It.    At the licit public
A bile of Ibis and a lasts il lhal, ill day
lone, <!u-l-> ,!"-e appetite ��-.. 1 weakens ths
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Ha-Dru-Co Dyi pe] .i i Tablet
alter eachmeid���andcutout Ihe "piecing',
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
ate the Lr-t friends for sufferers from
Indigestion a.,d rf/iipcpsia. K)c. a Boi
al your Druggist's, Ma.i- by the
National Ding and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited,
South Westminster School.
13. I
ol  a
leeil.eil    "Tend, I
School.-'   will   I'-
Mnndav, tho I-I
v tiie Honourable
irks, r ir ihe ori'o*
two-room school
SEALKI) 'i i:\iii:iis.
r," South  VViwtmln
r.i. hed   up   to   noon
day of September,
lhe Minister ut I'ul.lli
lion nml completlo
and coiiveiil'iit < h.
Plana. Hpicirieallons, contract and forms
id tender may he ���.������cn on aii-l alter tlie
llin day of Auirual, 1013. nl lh" office
"i .Mr x a Marshall, Secretary, School
Board, Booth Wiwtmlnsl"r; Mr. S. A.
Fletcher. Government Agent. N.w Went-
minster; ..r ihe Departmi ut ..f Publ ������
.Vorioi, Victoria, II r.
Intending    lender, ra   i-i'i,    l.v   nhplvltlK
aslon therefore she appeared carry-  to   the   underslgiml,   obtain   one  copy   of
13 Fully 80 new
,  ........r, .,.- in the course of construction in thin city at the present
lime. If nil tbose rooms were to he
occupied ai teaching rooms pr ibablv
neighborhood of ?, 000 utiidpnti
would be accommodated, bul this
number will be largely reduced bv the
facl thit d ln"go percentage of tho
mw rooms wlll be hallways, cloak
rooms nnd other npnrtmi nts necessary
In the equipment or n modern Bchool.
Nevertheless the fact remains that
provision Is now being mad" for the
accommodation of an exceptionally
Inrge number of new pupils this fall,
v hich onlv emohaslzos the remark-
ni'l ��� growth of Reglnn In the nasi year
or iwo. Besides the new public schools
which are proposed ihe new wing oflwhowi
ihe < lolleglate.thn separate Bchool near i umsd
lng ou her head live Kngllsli line uf
battle  ships,  n   Krench   frigate  and   n
lugger. An arrangement of silk ami
gauze represented Plymouth harbor.
which lbe Kngll-.li ships, wllb their
prizes, were entering. Each vessel carried u streamer Unit bore its name, and
on the edJIit'C nl tbe back the word
"Plymouth" appeared in glittering
The iNidiiciiy of the spirited Englishwoman struck every one dumb except
the elder or police, who Invited her la
cross  Ihe frontier nt   tier en idlest  con |
vunlence,���Youth's Companion.
One  Myntery  Solved.
Kallolbury, Ont., Aug. 18 The mys
lory surrounding the disappearance of
Pete Md."od, of North Tlmlskamli g,
Bed rrom llie mill   if .lohn
t  Lumsden mills, ai  Hie
plans   and   RpcciricntlnnH   ror   Hie   sen   of
imi dollars ctioi. which win be refunded
on   r, clin   of  plana   In   good   order.
Il.uii propnsal must he iioeompmilod bv
ao accepted hank cheque or certificate up
deposit  "i hartored  l..nt<  of Canada.
"���'     oa-aiie     0,   ii,..   Honourable   thn
Miniver . '* Public Works, r.n* a sum equal
I" 1" pel - el ..l* I, nder. which shnll I-
far. li..' ii* the party tendering decline to
elller    hll a    c.al.acl    when    called    Upon    I ,
.1" -" or It li fail to complete the work
eont'-neted r..- The cheques or c rtirii-n,*���<
or rlrposll nf unsuccessful tenderers m'i
he n turned to ihem upon tho execution or
th" contracl
Tenders  will  nol   !������  ������ instdered  iinh ���
mail-  ..ni   oii   lhe  forms  supplied,  sl'snul
with ihe actual signature "f tno tender, -,
nnd  enclose I   In  envelopes  furnished
Tbe lowest or nnv tender not n Hsnr-
lly nrcepted.
.1   K   in'IKITPIt.
I'lihlic VVoi ks Conine, i.
Department  of Publlo Works,  Victoria.
B i'    Aurui i   fitb,   IIHII. ( I80f )
Toronto streot, ihe new i. irmal
with  him, Imprisoning  It   In a  who ���n,i the Connaught school on Elnhln-
covored box when ho arrived. ntono street  nre all buildings which
Whon Iw drove lo town Mr  Ewarl hnve either been completed within the
gave the simile to Tom .lohnson, who jinsl   month  or  so  or  which   are   ex*
ooi i foot of ih" 'alio, has been cleared i
by the Undine of the young man's body
inow ha' H In  h.    poi  '      **!
.I*    '' d lo be finished ihis fall.
I below Benucheno, on lh" Ottnwn r,\
er.   The remains bnve been broughl
I north lo North Tlmiskatnlng where in
j torment tool* place.
N'ew spring ami Bummer Suitings
now on dlHplny, See them. Perfect
nt and workmanship guaranteed. 7dl
Front til reet. THJIsOCAY, AUGUST 14, 1918.
London, Aug. 13. Lord Kitchener,
of Khartoum, Is tired of playing at being Pharaoh, I'or over two years Iho
greatest soldier in Kuropo bus been
building roads nml dams nnd ditches
in Egypl nnii generaly cleaning up the
Egyptian, Hls customary thoroughness and masterfulness bnve produced
results thnl would take au ordinary
man a lifetime to achieve. .'���.' iw Lord
Kitchener's hands Itch for work more
In keeping wiili hls long training for
i -ii-. \nd il pluses Uu
ihe Ingenuity or the governmenl
im i him ui" right 1 lnd of Job.
'I lie man v,ho mado Hie Sudan iiiii
l*.h ard Btai ip il out lh" lloor war ia
l.-. *i* ,:i London. His pn si ace in ih"
io i ', . a,.ii,*! Is scarcely noticed by
lii * public because, true to hls early
principle!. hi avoids the publicity
tin h ho genuinely hates. Vel be has
a hold over public respect and public
oplnli n pobi . bbi d by n i othi r soldier
i ,     illor
'I I  ��� iiv.oa .;'" Impll iltl)  belli   '
Kitchener. If the count:**.  ���..*. ro soil iy threatened with war all eyes
.���nid h" turned toward ihis man who
I rne, ;v ever makes a speech and who
mrrl ib favor nelthi r with the cann
ior villi the mob. ,
Lord  Itoberts, once the soldier idol
'(   his  coiiiit:*\.  has   lost  his   hold   by
qi -'il speeches and Incursions into
lOlltlCB    His  agitation     for   universal
on io* and hls meetings nnd letters
lenounctng the government's military
Ollcy have dimmed lhe laurels of Kabul and Kandahar.
-Tlie character snd customs of the
HS!jiii|'l  Kingdom have changed com-
THeti'ly since Ihe duys of Walerloo, hut
the   i" o; '.*   ,'ill   in   llo-ir   loans   de-
I mao : a : * ioi' r of llie type of Wellington, whoso i.r'ludc inwards his fellow
. eOUli'i'vl'i  l: was  :  "llilinll til" public!"
, Jn. tiih-   sentiment   Kitchener  is  certain!,   in sympathy  with Hie old Iron
Duke     Ile has heen  made a  viscount
and a field mar-shall:  he bus received
���MOO.""" in np. clal grams from parliament for his services, vol lie has never
been known lo evprers nnv particular
gratitude for Hi. so Utile tokens of esteem,     lie   i-   popularly   Mippo.-id   to
regard all |>  '.:���;.*i r:s ;��� *. mountebanks
eeleci".:   I-.'   elector:-,   who  deserve all
they g. i
...xW-nld  C--c-n.--.nd  Confidence.
GValklnu  aboul   London  In a straw
*h* .* vl   *,-. *.   , -ilinary civ iii iii clothes
ft:ti'- ,*���**���' "i i'.I        ������;'������������
^H(si*.  "oi    i * to! the '       of Ihe
Hi"'.a    I.. -.1 Kitchener It f liter
OK ������ ��� 'iiie gray, bul  the lall,
Hte*- :��� o fn-,"-,. and stern, rugged face
Wi'-'i���" Bttcntlon wherever   ti"   goes
B^'"'i and  women  with  no idea  what
r ns to bis Identity turn to look at
aim. The rub r of Egypt was lost none
>f ihat magiiiUsui which dominated
nis offlcera and men through many
'��� dious campaigns.
Vet he Is ii-; years old, and be feels
thai ii his experience in to be utilized
io the besl advantage ll must be utilized quickly. Always a believer In
young men, Kitchener apple's hls principles to himself, if be Is to have a
hand in organizing tha Ilrillsh army-
he ferls that now Is lbe time to do
It of man and It. Mthough commander-in-chief In
to Afrli i for two years and In India for
si vi n years, ho lias had practicaly no
*''i ������* ��� ,'i'iy of making bis Influence
felt at the bub of the machine tho
H.r uf!    o .'i London.
i : kind critics say thai no govern-
ii *: ��� o ire 1.1 Klti honer loose In Lhi ���
lo say that the present case only emphasized the great need of a detention lu me for boys and girls who
I.r.kiil   proper  home  influence.
The young man Btated that while
he was guilty, lie took the bicycle
fniin the exhibition grounds on July
I. nud In-ended to ride to his brother's hoinulead on Stony Mountain. He
wnnled to see liia brother, but his
father, who bad seven children, could
not afford to pay for the railway passu "���   for  blm.
"We are again confronted wltli the
dire need for a detention home, which
is an absolute necessity for girls who
invo noi good bome Influence, and
Who would be easily led astray, and
for boys, who like the young lad, lack
proper bome conditions,
"Hea limits bis gulll, and it is a
���or e-is offence, punishable under the
criminal code will!  a term  In
Large Fruit Consignments to Netherlands  Turn   Cad���Creates
Bad   Impression.
bul  if I send him to prison be will
be stigmatised wllh the brand of   al
criminal, and will carry the brand to
his death bed.   I do nol want to do
this," said the magistrate, "and there
fore will ri mand the case until  we
. pri  Is ta, whl h are still homy oan decide whal Is the best thing to
omked witb social and   political fa*.*-   b   don" for tin- boy.
rli    a "in the meantime Mr. Tunmer, of
May Be Ecypi'a not viceroy.       the publlc  welfare bureau, will con
ll la, in  is now in constant con-  hi'i   wllh  S.  Spencer  Page,  Buperln*
�� .a:*   ivlth  the i immlttee or lm-   ( ndenl of the department of noglect-
pi    ..! defence.   By unobtrustlva -.is;i<  ,,- children for the province of BaBk
o the loniineiit and through reports atchewan, und they will decide whal
> Contagious  Diseases,
To tbo mothers who must nurse their
children through contagious disease
there arc some suggestions worth remembering. Tbe very fact Hint trained
nurses receive higher salaries when iti
charge of contagious patients enipbn-
sizes the point Unit lhere Is risk nod
prison, | also requires a special kind of care.
A report received
.class Is to reach buyers for the fruit
I and of the other to find a supply at
:a moderate price.
To  bridge  the  gulf that separates
I these two classes, and thereby do
botb an Invaluable service; the dairy
iand cold storage commissioner has
issued a list of the wholesale and re-
tall apple dealers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and sections of
.New Ontario whose addresses were
'Ihese which number about 27",
dealers and firms, with few exception,
are  said  to  be  in  a  position  to  buy
lc a can lie
fi, io*  tO aid Ul.' COnf *3B * i
* - ��� i*. od from truBti d lb uti minis
viiom he sent on speolal missions,
Lord Kitchener lias broughl liis ln-
.'minion regarding the armies or
Europe thoroughly up-to-date.   He is
Implicitly trusted by the prime minis- i 	
ter,  Mr.  ABqulth, and  the other load- How He Got Out ot a Trap Laid For
er   of the government Him  Many Year; Ago.
H   Europe  settles  down  again  and w|���,���   ,,���. ,,,,,,   H<jnorKbi^  R.  L.
tm peace party, breathing easier, pre- Borf              nineteen  years old  be
ven    Lord  Kitchener's   brains  being , d       ,       hi   NoVH 6,tllUi ,,���������,
i   p  ed to the army, it is probable that t��� b              t    .,���    in t| e (;|enwoo,j
���'���:li.v,'l,7,,,|,:":;i:ni1" 1Kirt I" '";' Institute, says Anson A. (lard in The
" " Y  ': '', "'   V^'", '""J :'" n\^��Z1' Toronto star-Weekly.   Th    . and pos-
 : ;"" ��f,tb,8 ' !'"���" B��P'���'   "" sibly  still,  tin   teachers   and   older
d '   in "s poln   la Franco weakening .'.       ,��� ,           ,           .   , . ���,,,,,
:., h -.- long-sl ng objection to tfti ���ch.ol,ar,,.ha.d a   "     u     ��   1      *hi
,  in  name    il   has ceased  to  be "f^    1,at ,""a  ��.D,f H  *"*;     J*��
, nge In tact.   The Khedive, with principal feature of the program was
: onality like Kitchener at Cairo, he gtvmg out ot a book to a member
ha    beccme more and more of a non- "' "�� ����d "l"1 ttl ","-' nex' "���LT1"1;
entity.    The defeat of Turkish arms reviews^ by bun or . er.    Now be It
haa rei red  the    suzerainty of the [''"' ���*hbe\ed  that '" .tnt,.e  day? .""j
Sultan  of Turkey  over  Kgypt   more >��tyJ teachers were - fiin-ioving lot ol
than eve- ;> farce maidens, who ware never happier than
Italy    predominates    In      Tripoli; whisn   "t��ki"-'  ��  rise"  out ol  some
Prance satisfied with  Morocco;  Ger-  popular new  n ibei  ol the reading
-���any appeased bj concessions on the ����������� Y"un- Borden whs at once in
Easl Coasl of Africa, and Russia glv-1 vited to join, and readily consented
"a .-'  fairly free hand to settle up thel'1"
Haikans   all theso conditions Inevlt- "'
ably suggest tbe approach of the day|jP8
ck will wav
even then he loved debate. Al- :
t hia drat assignment *ns the read- i
ami reviewing of Harriet lii her I herself
In any disease of tbis kind Isolation
Is necessary. Not only must the patient lie considered, but tbo members
of the family must lie protected. Only
the dot-tut uud Hie nurse should be allowed lu the sick room.
The room sbould preferably bent the
top of tbe liouse. where others need not
puss, nnd where tbe danger to ad-
Joining looms will he small It should
be well ventilated Sunlight and fresh
nir   ure   nature's   Important   aids   tbut
should never be overlooked. Bang In
the doorway of t lie sickroom a sheet
moistened wltb n good disinfectant solution. Chloride of lime is cheap and
All secretions should be burned, fallouts   sbould   expectorate   In   sninii
pieces of cloth or paper, wblch should
be burned. Never, under any cl renin
stances, sbould hiiudkerehlefs be used
and washed witli the family's laundry,
The risk to the laundress and tlie other
members of tbe bouse is unnecessary.
The water, sponge, etc.. in wblcb tlie
patient Is bathed should be disinfected
before throwing dowu lbe iiinln di-uln-
plpes.   (Jerms bare a habit of lurking
lu drains uud sewers. Water will not
ivnsb tbem away nor drown Ibem.
Chloride of lime or a B per cent
solution of carbolic acid will answer
all purposes. Bed linen, night clothes.
etc, sbould be placed In this and then
thoroughly boiled and dried out in tbe
niiii and fresh air.
The lnirst, whether trained or Ibe
home nurse, should keep up tier own
fighting strength Tbe proper care of
Is  necessary.    Sufficient  rest.
Ottawa, Aug. 18,
by   the  trade  and   commerce   depart-[at least one carload ot fruit
ment. from M. .1. T.  Lithgrow, Cana-',
dlan   trade  commissioner  at   Rotterdam,      contains    serluus    allegations I
against  the  faulty   methods  of   fruit 1
packing   by   Canadian   exporters.
Mr. Llthg iw explains that a serious,
complaint from one of the largest Importers was made iu connection with
a sbipmi in of evaporated apples which !
were shipped from Ontario on May 12 I
and arrived at Rotterdam about June
liith.     When     discharged     from   the
steamer the boxes appeared In first
class oondltlon and many of tbem
were Immediately forwarded to dlf-
ferenl points to fill orders. The balance were placed lu the importer's
li was not until complaints came in
thai tlnre was the slightest suspicion
of anything being amiss.   "Your commissioner was  requested to make an j
examination at the warehouse or the]
imhporter, and  bad    a   considerable';
number of boxes of his own selection 1
opened.    Many  were  round   to  be  In i
very bad condition, and unfit for con- !
sumption,    Samples were taken and '
placed in three tin canisters from fif- |
icon different boxes, one of which Is
forwarded to the department, and one
to the Canadian exporter, with a statement of tlie facts.
"The   letters   from   the   firm com-
plaining  were  also   read end   it  was;
found   that  according   to   the   state-
ments contained therein the following;
bad boxes had  been  received in  Am- S
sterdam.  25 boxes,  six  had;    Stock-i
holm, M boxes, 12 bad; Gronlngen, 15;
boxes;  live bad:  Brussels, 26 boxes,
five bad; Coin. Sn boxes, 12 bad; iBer-1
lohn, 10 boxeB, three bad;  Aaken, 5<J
bores, in bad,
"It will be seen that these complaints cover a large range of 'erri-
tory and will, it is certain, havc a
very prejudicial effect."
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasollno
Engines,  Marine  Engines  and  Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weatmlnater. B.C.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
when the Union .1
tho   Khedive's palace.
An impropriate selling would be
I ord Kitchener ns first viceroy, but
meantime he Is anxious for strenuous
work "mn. iu keeping with the role ol
i 'eid marshal in the BrlBtlsh army,
Will he i..(, It? ,\ good deal depends
' ���> Lord Kitchener's summer vacation.
- "Lowe
"My Wile and I m which
appear ttie characters: "My Child
Wile," "My U.iinii Wile." and "My
Re*l Wife."
II the whole institute and half the
i tow.i did not know ol the assignment
it was i o fault ol the Committee on
\ Books. Anticipation ran high to bear
how the young Nova Scotlau would
1 handle the literary polygamous subject. The attendance, the night ol the
fresh  nlr and  nourishing food  should
' be supplied     If possible u regular ex-
i erclse In the open air lu a complete
change of clothes should be tukeu,
^nice lhe Isolation ls one of the moil
: trying    of    experiences    to    children
1 amusement should be varied    Cheap
toys, books and games Bhould be i-iip-
j plied    They must lie burned when the
I little one has recovered, but Ibey wlll
; greatly contribute tu the pimslug ot tbe
I lime unit  will give a cheerful  mental
condition, necessary lo lbe recovery.
Afier lbe patient bus recovered lhere
should lie thorough iii>inlecllon uf the
I room and all things in It     A sulphur
candle, a forumIdeliyde lamp or any of
Ihe   mechanical   sprayers   ot   solution*
i for lbe purpose should be used.   The
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade.   That's thc reason why they
advertise.   They will treat you courteously and supply
-.i;cd  Gang   ?aid
Larg-  Sums  by
to    Clean
Stcalit ig
New Yi rk, Aug. 13. This is the in
Hide slory of the looting oi the gem-
bearing cottages at Newport and Nur-
rangansi ti Pier.
"Wo bnve changed one detective
adage to keep up with the times,'
i.id an authorised spokesman of the
v, ii :,in j Hums detective agency.
"Wo no longer Bay In these jewel
caaeB, 'I^.ok for the woman.'
"Nowadays we say:
" Ixxik for the Kngiish maid or
butler���If not in the robbed household
in one nearby.' "
I'or the managers of the liiirn�� ag-
oncy soy thai an organized b:ind of
K.nglisli servant-crooks W stripping
ihe rich cottagers of all tht ir pretty-
���One man is at the head of thla
gang,' aaul the detectives. "He bring���>
the servant crooks to lha country, b>*
places ihem in the ermine edged
homes they nr,- to subject to a process of Bteam cleaning, a;* i be Btage-
manages the operations, .lien he dia-
poaes of the stolen goods, ami so well
are his plans lai'l lha In only one install',' were they recovered.
Loscei Half Million
In 1011 Jl wels lo the value of $300,-
Ono  were  stub n   from  the  cottagers.
In   1912   the   lojBes   were   BOmewhal
Ickh.    Thus  far  in   1913  robberies  to- i
tailing up (600,000 have been recorded
The   most   notable   theft��   of  course,
were the jewels if Mrs. John 11. Halt
an. valued at (160,000, and of Mra. I
���0.  Ftumsey   (Carol   Harrnnani,  $K!5.-
000.     Oilier   losers   among   the   well
known residents of tbe hot weather]
harbors  are   Mrs.   stiiyvesant    Pish,
who Ih supposed to have charged al-
inont Jin.ouo to profit and Iobb.
"Two things are to be remembered," said thc detective,   "one is that
every jewel robbery from a wealthy
homo In tho paBt three years���not to
liothor the diiBty past waa an Inside
job, The other ia that a aervant'B re*
forcnoe, Signed by a title, is never Investigated."
I no detective might have added a
third point tliat an EJngllSh butler
whose a.iklc.-i have run down Into his
heels and who wears a little fluff of
whisker just In fn nt cf the oral orifice, and who forgetfully calls the
master of the bouse "m'lud" would
not be suspected by a society woman
tinlcsB he were caught breaking into
her jewel casket with an axe.
There aro perhaps f.fty��� perhaps
moro���In tho gang of thieves. The
man at the head never comeB into
personal contact with hla tools, lie
always workH through third purl lea,
and carefully covers himself. It Is
suggested Hint this man may back an
employment ngency which specialises
in Imported servants for people who
can nlford tbat luxury. II Isn't bard
lor him to locate lbe home In Which
ho wishes to place a tool. By and
by Home wealthy household applies
to him for a pedigreed,   registered,
deckle edged Borvant. That's JuBt the
sorl be keeps. He call furnish billion whore calves would convince a
pollce magistrate or their owner's utter rectitude-
Now comes In-the tnnatnr criminal
the man who through his employ*
; review, included practically every
oo nt agency bas p'taceo bis tools In I member, and enough Irom the town to
lhe household. He Is informed of thel put itauding room at a premium. No
' ual ty and characti r of the stealable I one wished to misa the i that all
owols. Then be stage manages the seemed so sure would r.-.-ult at Ins ex-
atlon, pei.'e.    Hut tliey did  miss It, lor  al-
The Master Criminal | though but a boy, the luture I'ri'ttiiet
"Alwaya," sa'd  lhe detective,  "the  wai not in the least disconcerted by
iio fi is accomplished In an unbellev   lbe hundreds ol eyes turned upon him
;,M>   *-''""<"- ,'���    iMtance I    that night. -child I room  no- .   !-.-  u.-.r-n.-'i ���    -.--i.  ���-.-
Is  positively  known  that  tbe jewel:.     He  dealt  genii)   wnn   ois     ���*"'���"
were In their box al nine o'clock���and  Wife," anil when he tiad Bnished his
ten mlnutea later tbey were gone. In review ol his "Dream Wife.   "">������>' ���
anoilnr Instance thi   Line is narrow- J rsejf maiden, in that crowded hail,
ed  down  to eight   minutes.    Mrs.  .1    sighed:    "Oh!    that    1
Hanan  .s quoted as saving thai  her  Dream!     But here  he
Stopped,   as   all   thou-jlit,
stage  Iright.    llut it was only seem-
,n*r Turning to the chair-woman, who,
| negator found, had been tl.e suggester
f that especial book, he said:  "I  believe it I- the custom, and our right,
t'oat if .lie be not prepared, that one
' lime.    1
Much   Fruit  Wasted  When  There
Good  Market on  Prairies
The success of apple growing as an
industry   depends   to  a   great  extent
on  the   securing   of   a   good   market.
It is no uncommon occurrence almost j
every fall for great quantities of ap-!
pies to lie about   under  the  trees to ,       . i_i ���
rot or to be fed to hogs because no | your needs at reasonable prices.
good  market   is   accessible. 1
While  the  fruit is  thus  going    to ,
1 waste there  are  thousands  of house-1
te*nT.! Xciaarey tS^lS columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
fresh fruit of a sort that can be stor-   _
' ed and dra��n upon during the winter INeWS.    It helps US.
i months.    The   difficulty   of   the   one i
. ���....--���.-
When dealing with those who use our advertising
$150,000 jewels wire stolen !n n giv
en twenty minutes. The plain Infer-
II.ee is thai the thief knew just when
to go inst whal to lake and Jus:
whai to do whi n the theft bad b .-���
accomplished, it does not follow t" a
the dishonest servant In tbe bous
did the actual Bteallng. Nor does II
follow tbat the dishonest servant wn*
Lie personal attendant of the robbed
,,��*rson. Tlie tool may have been thi
least conspicuous member of thi
household. Hut he or she knew Jusl
what t.i do."
"The big man at Hie back." Bald
the detective, "has hls own way o!
handling the si ilon Btuff. Once i:
possession, how , asy il would be t
put that parcel in B safe deposit vanl
for a few we. ks. Then the jewels
mlgbt be smuggled abroad, and per
haps reset. Then this is a aug ;es
t'on��� returned In Ih.'ir new form to
the country openly. Or it the oper
aors prefer to smuggle them in. lha'
would be facilitated bj tbe facl thai
tbe spies of the customs d ipartment
would not be able to get their usua'
inrormation   rrom   foreign   Jewelers.'
were     that
ilopped.    He
from  sheer
door sealed wllh wrapping paper and
the disinfectants allowed In du iin-
work for ll wm-k ill least 111 Ihe large
ciiics a  request Hind lit the bureau ul
I health will  hriug tree disinfection
experts     ll  t- coiupul-sory. bill  It
he given after any sickness.
It   IIU*
Itegina, Aug. 13.���A difference of
opinion seems I/) exist among loyal labor men as to whether men belonging
to Hi" musicians' union only shall be
allowed to play In the band which will
furnish the music for the coming Labor Day parade. Previous to this the
subject bus ben thoroughly discussed
at ihe meetings of the council, and it
had been decided that only bands-
men who were members nf a local union other than the musicians' union
WOUld be accepted as eligible to take
pnrt in the parade.
At the meeting of the council, however, it was pointed out that there
were a few members or the city band
who, though members it the mosl-
ciatiB' union, would not be able to play
on Labor Pay because Of their not
having taken out cards In the union
bearing Ihe name of the occupation In
which they were i ngnged. Some
thought the resolution previously paused should be altered bo .ir to allow
these men to play, and expressed decided views on the subject,
After n lengthy debate on Ibe subject. In which many members took an
active part, a vote was tnken on the
matter, and  th"  Inrve majority  were
in fiivor of adhering to the previous
motion  excluding the men  who were
i members of the mus'clans' union only
rrom taking part In Ihe Labor Day parade.
! mav  nsk b -
have reviewed 'My Child Wife,   am'
have   pictured    to    you    'My   Dream
i Wile,' but to select nnd properly chat
iartcri/.e   My Heal Wile.' 1 must claim
my right a"nJ ask Ior an extension ol
i Line "
[ ���Young man." coyly asked the
I chair-woman, "Imw mucb time do you
' mink vou will require?"
Looking slowly over the laces be
lore and arounJ him, lie mo"t ileub
erately said. "Well, from preaenl
prospects, 1 think 1 sliall have to ��-k
for sav���Oh. make it I've hundred
and twenty weeks'." And amid smiles
that haven't cv-nscd to ripple along
'.lie bca-girt shores of MalUiwau.
young Nova Bcotian sal down
the last "rise" that the Glenwood In
���stitulu ever tried to take oul of th
luture Premier ol Canada
The answer of the boy was lne
live ol the man. lt wat most i flecttve,
but it lett no sting. Borden ever aim-
to gam his point without otleiidii.g
Unit 13 wh'y some ol hie wannest
riemis arc amongst his mosl stretiu
ms political opponents. His "1 m glad
io sec you," like old Sir John s. Is
.,ot reserved lor those whose political
viens are his own. and when said l��
! -tlv-ays meant. More serious than bil
lohn, yet lie has the some kindly
ind 'or his people, and Ins people
him. ,
In Canada, the feeling is general.
Mimunting to a wide knowledge, tha'
is Premier is a man o( rare discern
ment. And never was this to mam
lest as when, sl the end ol the 'Hve
Hundred and Twenty Weeks" be chose
the "Heal," whose picture was never
���ore accurately drawn, and in so lew
#ords, than by lbe able depicL-r ol
lie jrenuuie in woman's character,
iho laid of Mrs. llonlen: "She hs-
i.as, lots of them; she understand*
���ublie questions, is a Woman's Coun-
il worker, is keenly alive to all inst-
.ers of interest or importance to wood!, is a splendid hostess, a devoted
ami a charming woman���wha*
would  you  have?"
When Child Begins to Talk.
When a child is beginning lo talk he
will he aure lo notice "hat Ib snld b.v
those round blm nnd Wlll retain In his
memory a good denl more tbtnt lie Is
nfleu given credit fur.    I'or this reason
tilings   Bhould   be   given   lhelr   right '
.niuea,  and  correct  words should   be
ised In conversation  when lie Is pres   ���
This Is the time when picture bricks ���
���iiv useful   lo training aud educating \
lhe   little   one   In   everyday   niiitlci>
i'.rhks ��lib pleturea of letters, figures, j
���inlninls, etc.. on them should lie shown ;
lo liiin and the representations on the
hrlrks   called   by   tbelr   right   names
the  brain that  Is Just  beginning  I"
work will by tbe constant repetition nl
Ihe tiiiioes become used to connecting
lhe siiunil.s with the pictures.
It is not n good plan tn try tn force
K young child to sny new words nulll
he'Is n-*''l In lull-line; Ihen he wl'l be
always saying soiuulhlug new. lie e-
���is yet speiiklno hy imiliitloii, but he
wlll. ms hi' 'leveimm. connect something
langll.ic witli the sounds lie inilkeH
I'he lovely sound iiiiiniinu becomes iiiii
ecled with mother, ami In the Millie
uv cat on a picture brick b-woines
lore real when the child learns I	
iei-1 ihe sound with Hie picture ami
.vitb tbe real puss of the nursery
Retina, -Vug. 13.���A soventoen-vonr-
old foreigner Stole a bievelo during
exhibition week. Inking It from the
main building, against which it wns
leaning, ami repainted niul otherwise
altered II  so  that  it  wiib difficult  to
distinguish   llie   machine.     In   police
court. Magistrate MoCausland remand.
Penticton, Aug. 13.���The failure of
' the prosecution to estublish the fact
that W. II. Haincock removed certain
goods from the Btore formerly con-
' ducted by him on Front street, knowing these gooda to have sold at pub-
"llc auction previous to their removal,
resulted In the dismissal of the pro-
ceedlngs  broue'M  csa'.ust  Mr.   Rain-
e-ck lu the  police court by  Mr. Uior-
dan, one of the proprietors of the B.
C. hotel.
The evidence submitted went to
show that Mr. ltnlne.ock did not know-
that the articles whieh he had removed were Included In the sale, but was
Party   For  Wee  Folks.
Kor children it fairy pnrty Is very nl
tractive, 'lhe room should be cleared
,f ordinary furniture and transformed
Into a lairy pillnce. Some palmed
.-nrdlMiard, tree branches, tinsel, flow
ers and I winkling lights skillfully ar
rn.iB.il wlll efreol s most realistic Irnus
Tlm Invitations should be sent out In
H<�� names uf the fulrles. nod Ihe little
suestH should come Df tnlrtes of every
���lime aud. If liked, characters ul well
siioivu fairy tales.
In similar W��y It is possible to give
r witch party iu a magic cave or a
Hutch party In a Dutch Interior, while
forethought will suggest otber Ideas
equally attractive and easy to curry
through successfully.
When presents are given at a
Aran's purty the following novel Idea
wlll lie found an attractive method of
���Jlmrllmtloii: Cut a cake Into slices nnd
on Ihe otitBlde of ench slice fasten a
present, wllh the name of the Intended
recipient on a little flag Stuck In the
top of ench piece Place the slices In
T-yltlon Benin and He ibe rijke round
wllb a limtiil ribbon to ken It In *lmm*
ed the youth for sentence , stating miller the impression tbnt only the Ice
that for'the benefit of the proHS niul stored on the premises bad been ills
for the ���   ople cf Itegina hc desired posed of by bailiff's sale.
Nearly . Million
Cobalt. Aug. 13.���Nearly a third of
a million dollars represented the
NipiHHlng mines for the month of July,
the estimated net value of these shipments being tni-Lllf). Tbe company
mined ore ot an estimated net value
of $'J24,'J1G during the same period.
When Summer
Stops the Swing
Most of us can remember the school lesson in the
law of accumulated motion���momentum.
If you exert a pound of pressure against a man in
a swing, you'll start him moving slowly "to and
fro." If you continue to exert a pound of pres-
eure against him every time the swing makes a
trip, you'll soon have him going so high that he
almost turns the whole circle. If you stop pushing, the momentum will die out and the swing
come to rest at "dead centre."
Winning trade follows the same natural laws.
Advertisements are the force behind the swing of
public favor. Each new advertisement increases
the momentum. Finally, the accumulated force
of these numerous impulses swings indifference to
the buying point.
If you stop Advertising, you lose momentum.
The moral of which is:
Don't stop the business swing in Summer.
Keep adding the pounds of Advertising
Advice regarding yww sdvertjiing problems is aysilsHe through ��ny
rc-ogu'tsed Canadian advertising agency, or the Secretary of the L��n-
adianPiws Amck���intion.lloora SO!! Lumsden Building, loronio. Inquiry
involve** uo obligutioo oa your part���so write, il intcnuted. f     PAOfc  EIGHT
THUR8DAY, AUGUST 14, 1��13.
Remember the Place-
33 Eighth StreeL
and the telephone No. 2
Turkish Coffee, the coffee with
the real oriental flavor. There
is something about its flavor
which is more satisfying than
In most coffee's. Ground fresh
and sold at 40c. per lb. We will
introduce at per lb. 35c.
Dr. Price's Baking Powder la
a little more expensive than
other brands, nevertheless It
saves you money since you do
not need to use the same quantity. We want you to use this
superior product, so we will sell
today only, per tin 35c.
Christie's Wscults. New shipment just arrived. All assortments. Fig Bar, Sultana, Arrowroot, Social Tea and a dozen
others, per lb. 25c.
Plums, 2 lbs 25c.
Basket 65c.
Peaches, per lb 10c.
Watermelons    35c. to  80c.
Muskmelons,   each    15c.
Apples, Oranges, Pears and
Our FreBh Tomatoes, the best
In town, per Ib. 20c; per basket,
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIOGS
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Some mystery was attached to the
unusual number of people on tho
business streets yesterday afternoon.
Between the hours of 3 and 5 both
sides or the street were lined with
Taxes.���The big rebate date expires
on Friday, the 15th, at 5 p.m. Over
$50,000.00 may be saved taxpayers,
right In the city, by paying up. (1888)
A large party of workmen that for
some time was on work of tho Dominion department of public wonts in
North Vancouver, has returned to
headquarters here after completing
the job. D. O. Shook was foreman of'
the gang.
TAXES 1913.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued and as the rebate period will expire on August 25,
Owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communication
with the undersigned Immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W.  H. GRIFFIN, Collector,
(1(540) Edmonds.
Police Say Motorist Was Speeding in
Maillardville���Motorist   C'.vears
He Was at Ho-.vs  Caund.
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C.
WHITE, SHILES & Co., Official Agentsl
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. II. W. MORRIS,
is a motto every young
man should constantly
keep before him.
Money set aside makes
a man a better employee, a better man. It
g^ves to him that self-
confidence so necessary
to success.
An employer generally considers a savings
account as the highest
kind of recommendation.
If you have not yet
become a regular depositor, come here and open
an account. Ono dollar
is sufficient to start it.
You will be extended
every courtesy.
You will be a better
man everv day for the
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pail! tip   Capital   and   Surplus
t'i. SOO, 1)00.
Trusteeships under Administration, over $1',."00.000.
Trust,-e for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod.  (1828)
Numerous complaints are being
made to this office of copies of The
News being stolen from front door
steps after delivery in the early morning. The manager of The News Ih
taking steps to get to the offenders In
this regard and, if caught, rigid
prosecution will be ln order.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock aud fuel oil. apply
:o the B, C, Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1820)
Caught with the goods right on him,
George Frank, an Indian, gave Detec
tive Burrows a hard chase In China
town last evening when hc was suspected of having liquor in bis posfses-
sion. The man broke away from the
detective once and succeeded in
breaking the bottle of firewater before
being Bubdued.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
A start was made yesterday on tearing down the old fence at Queens
park between Third avenue and Park
row. This Is in connection with the
Improvement planned by the parks
committee for which tlie sum of $25.-
000 was voted a few months ago. The
work will be completed and put in
shape for exhibition time.
Aldermen Bryson anil Henley, together with Fire Chief Watson, visited Vancouver yeaterday morning to
watch the operation of a new kind of
pump invented for waterfront use. Un-
Rev. H. F. Edge Resigns.
Port Coqultlam, Aug. 13, It was
announced this evening tliat Hev. H. F.
Edge, vicar of st. Catherine's church
here, has resigned the charge and will
leave on Sept, 1. Mr. Edge has been
here over two years and is very popular whia church people and others. No
announcement as to Mr. Edge's successor has been made. The resignation has been brought about by Mr.
F.dge's decision to devote the whole or
hls Ume and energy to Ills work as
chaplain of hospitals and Immigration
ln  Vancouver.
Water and Fire.
Port Coqultlam, Aug. 13.���The fire
commute of the city councll recommended at a meeting this arternoon
to hnve the sheds to house the new
rire apparatus placed on the following
locations: 1, city hall; 2, corner ol
Wilson and Schoolhouse roads: 8, corner ol 1.angan avenue and IPtt river
road; 3, corner ot Dewdney Trunk and
Flint roads. The counsil will take
over tbo new water system trom the
eon tm ctors during tho next few days
and Engineer J. H Kilmer has been
authorized to proceed with the work
of making connections tn houses on
the streets where the mains are laid.
Found   Guilty   of   Issuing   Cheque
legally���Chinese and Other Police
Court Cases.
Six months hard labor in the provincial jail was the sentence meted out
to IxiuIb Prentiss In police court yesterday when found guiltv of issuing a
cheque and cashing name wnen no
funds were available In tbe bank.
Magistrate Kdmonds In passing sen-
tence suid he had no doubts whatever
A queer case was tried In the Co-
qiiitlain police court yesterday when
J. Seymour, a builder in Vancouver,
but residing at Edmonds, Hurnaby,
waa charged with exceeding the legal
rate of speed, 10 miles an hour,
through Maillardville.
un July 27 last Chief of Police
Pare and Constable .Marshall, timed
by stop watches lhe speed of car
liiiOil over a measured quarter of a
mile in the village. The rate ot
apeed was li!'.1/!; seconds, which worked out at a little less than SO miles an
hour. They inade no effort to identify
the drivers or occupants as they were
Intent on the car number and the rate
of speed. On the 20th the car passed
through the village. There was no
possibility of them being mistaken aB
to the number of the car.
J. Seymour sworn, said he resided
ut Edmunds.
The Court���The centre of motor
car prosecutions. You ought to know
all about motor law.
Mr. Seymour���1 do and am strongly
against excessive speeding or
ing the law iu any way. ThlB affects
my reputation us a driver. 1 do not
doubt the veracity of the constables
In any farm, but there must be a
strange mistake somewhere. On Sunday, July 27. I was at Howe sound
beach. On July 26 I left my car at
the Superior Sand company's premises, South Vancouver, 1 lent It to no |
one and nobody bad any authority j
from me to use it. 1 returned from [
Howe sound on Monday night and got
my car on Tuesday morning, took It I
to town and got gasoline for it.
Tbe  Court- Did   it  show   signs    of
being used?
Mr. Seymour���I did not examine it
closeiy, but there were no appearance
of its being used. 1 did not leave i
sufficient gasoline in It to be takun I
to Maillardville and back. I left ii
locked on the switch, but that could
be picked with a wire.
George Seymour, father of accusi-d,
first objected to kissing the book, but
took the oath with up! fled hand In
Scottish fashion. He corroborated
everything bis son  had  aaid.
The court expressed himself
puzzled, lt was not accused or his
driver or was the car under his control. Somebody els,- must have taken
Ithe car without Mr. Seymour's author*
. ity.    He dismissed the case.
ed  It over with  the chairman of th9
harbor committee and members of tho
council,    They all knew and appreciated   the   work   of  ('apt.   Powell   and,
what he had done for the city, thank- ]
ed him and wanted him to stay.
Other speakers spoke highly of Capt, J
Powell's work.
The meeting then adjourned.
Bites Driver, Who Runs Into Tree as
He  "Swatr"   Insect.
|    Atlantic City, N. J.. Aug. 13.���While
sending bis automobile around a curve !
on a road near McKee City, N. J��� to- j
day,  a   mosquito   bit   A.   K.   Siler,  ot
Narbeth, Pa., on the neck.
Instinctively Slier raised  his hand
to "swat" the pest, and at the same Instant   the   front   wheels   of   the   car
.struck a rut, the car bounding Into a
���tree, overtruning and pinning the entire   party  of  five   beneath   it.     Mrs.
Adelaide  Speck,  of  Philadelphia,  and
Siler'a 7-year-old daughter were seri-
break- j oiisly   Injured.     The  others    escaped
with bruises.
Mr. A. K. Harris, of this city, who
with his two sons, wub riding over the
same road, discovered the accident,
and, after extricating the Injured persona, placed them in his automobile
and made a reocrd run to a hospital
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
iinnl  10  p.m.  with lato car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 6.46 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until !i
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���15 minute Ber
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 aud
8.30 and every 15 mlnuteB until
11 p.m. with late cur at midnight,
For Vancouver via
G.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
iu.,  with  late  car  at  11.30.
hour until 11  p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is  made at
hour until 11 p.m.
atid other poluts ou Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 a id
K.15 p.m.     '
POlNTSi���4.06 p.m.
fortunately the machine played outUhm pri-soner was guilty but he was
afier a few minutes work, although sorry he had to pass sentence on him,
the demonstration was looked    upon \    premiss put up the argument that
as a success.
Ueorge Alderson and bis assistant
have made a splendid Job In levelling
the Coqultlam municipal grounds on
Austin road. After the finishing
touches, rolling and seeding, the
grounds will be a credit to a road
which boasts of the beautiful golf
links. What appeals more to the
sportive heart of Burqultlam youth is
that they will make un admirable lacrosse ground.
The G, N. R company In their big
excavating scheme near the North
road have been approaching the latter
thoroughfare alarmingly close and
the engineers of llurnaby and Coqult- query put to a penitent morning-after
lam got on the company's trail. A |Individual In the police court yester
letter has been received from the G
N'. li.  protesting they bave no inten
I Continued Irom page one)
he received tlie cheque from a person
connected  with  the  Sockeye  Run  at
the provincial  fair last fall, who had
asked him to use his Influence to ob- J property,  such   as  public  docks,   was
tain him a good position at the coming I alluded   to,  and   its   financial  aspect
exhibition.    Norman Cameron, of the ��� explained. From the figures advanced
Lytton hotel, Harry Qlbb of the Labor| Captain I
dny committee, John Fraser, Detective
Burrows and Arnold A. Dalcot of the
I'nion Hank. Vancouver, all gave esi-
dence in  the case.
Chief Bradshaw entered a previous
con\lct!o:i against Prentiss, passed in
Vancouver three years ago when lie
received six months in the provincial
jail for a real estate transaction.
Needs Wifey's Care.
"Are you married?"    This was the
well showed bow it would
more than enough to pay the
and provide the sinking fund,
inking Into account the In-
values of the property.
All   the   Power   Family   Looking   Up
Ottawa,     Aug.     13.    "Members    of
Power family, look up your history."
This Is the advice given on a poster
buns up at tlle county court house this
morning, which offers a reward for
any Information leading to the discovery of the heirs of Robert .1. Power,
,who died in September last, lea- ins a
; rnrtune estimated at $50,000.
Power came to this country Iroin
1'nta-nd when s bov. and lived In botn
Canada and the l'nited States. II"
, died In New York, and it Is thought
be has a brother somewhere in this
More Trouble at Minot and State
Troops Will Be Called Out.
Minot, N.D., Aug 13. Several persons were injured nnd "7 more arrests
were mni!,* tonight liy rioting which
followed the street meeting conducted by the I.W.W. The meeting was
broken up by the police and mobs of
The situation tonight is critical and
Ftate troops mav be culled out to preserve order. When the rioting started, a short time after the Industrial
Workers began street speaking, the
police and deputies rushed the mob,
using their clubs freely. All the 50
men who were marched out of town
last night have returned.
Pres. and O-eal. Mgr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
Sec. s.-��d Trees.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 177.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. __
Enquire about our special stockes. they are money savers.
Iiocal Salts Department, Phone 890.
The Rexall
always the leading store in
every city. We can save you
money on your next pair of
Glasses.   Try
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Rei. 7Z
New Westminster, B. C.
tion to Interfere witli the road in any
way and every precaution would b.x
taken to prevent damage.
A fatality was averted yesterday
afternoon at the foot or Eighth slreet
where pile driving operations are being carried out. whin lint Bean, one
of the carpenters employed on the
1. li. tripped und fell into the stream,
Luckily one of the bystanders had the
presence of mind to drop a rope
through ibe Bpace between the heavy
limbers which Bean grabbed when he
bobbed up the lirst time. He was
none the worse for iho ducking, although it created no I uie excitement
ror ���! few minutes, l'e retained his
hold ot several blue prims and Bpecl
Hcations which, although soaked witli
waler, will yel  be presentable.
Circulars from the hend offices of
thi' Cunard  line have been  received
I l.v Ed. Goulet, New WeBtmlnster
agent, announcing the new service of
the company's recently launched
Andanla, which, in conjunction with
the Ascanla and Ausonla, will,maintain n regular service between London, Southampton, Quebec and Montreal in the summer, and Portland, Me,,
n the mlnter,   The Alaunla, a sister
I ship to the Andanla, is expected to be
ready  for Bervlce at tin* end  of the
! present year, by which time the
Cunard line wlll be represented by
as fine a class of steamers as tan be
found trading  between Greal   llritain
' and Canada.
Two Coroner's Junes Advocate Further Precautions.
Accidental death with no blame attached to any person was the verdict
broughl in by the jury at tli" inquest
on Charles Phllpott, who was struck
and killed Ij> a 11 C, E, It rnr at Dow
road Btatlon, Burnaby, on Tuesday
morning, The jury, however, recommended thai the !(. C, E, It take im-
medlate steps t-i remove Uo* brushwood nnd trees on each sid" of level
crossings so as nol to hinder the Bight
of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.
The Inquest wus held lust ,'veiling In
Ithe undertaking parlors or Murcble
\- Hon.
Rolling Logs Dangerous.
A verdict  nf accidental death  with
n rider to tl ITecl that the jury did
not believe sufficient precaution had
Ibeen taken in warn the workmen
While logs wile rolling down thel
b'll. was brought in al the coroner's
Inquesl yesti rday afternoon In the
'��� bb ol Edwin Erlckson, who wag ���
ikllled at Pitt lake last week.
Thn jury and witnesses were taken i
ito the Small & Bucklln camp at Pitt
jlake yesterday morning where the adjourned inquest was hold. ,1
day morning by .Magistrate Edmonds.
"Yes, your lienor. I have a wife living In England." "Then you hud bet-
to save ycur dough and bring ber oul
ito look after you," advised the court.
That Carry Nation Affair.
The can* agalnsl Wong Ting, charged with assaulting Tom l-'ow with a
hatchet, was adjourned until Friday
morning in order to allow accused to
Becure counsel. Ball for W'l and two
sureties was demanded.
The President's Friend.
Romeo singing to bis Juliet had
noi Ing on Romeo Sylvanus who ap
neared In tlie police court dock yes-
terdav after having celebrated the
fact that President Huerta, a country
man or his. was still holding down the
lob nt Mexico City despite the effortr
i f Woodrow Wilson and John Lind
Mi"  Swede.
Kvery now and then, In fact once
In aboul every two months. Homer
Mows into lown by way of tbe Porl
Mann ferry and starts to bave one real
good time, substituting the light wince
of the sunny south for a local home-
Lytton Square late Tuesday evening
He carromed Into P. C. Anderson or
with the resull that the city patrol
wns necessary. Romeo promised Magistrate Bdmonda that lie wou'd stay
at Port Mann for a while, and win
given a chance to make good.
The address closed amidst the very
hearty plaudits of the audience.
In answer to the Invitation for questions  Mayor Cray ask. d  Capt.  Powel'.
to explain  the  Dominion  government >
--���rant of the f ireshore, which  lie did j
at  length,    ('apt.   Powell  showed   that
it Included ns well as Columbia street j
in front of th" penitentiary, which had :
never belonged to the city before. The
area  of  land   obtained   wus   or  enor- ,
mous value, many times greater than
tlie   entire   cost  of   this   Improvement
I scheme. When the harbor survey was
j mad"   two  years   ago  they  conceived
ithe idea or bringing in the C.N.R. on
j elevated  track.    They  submitted  thc
plan  three times to Sir  William  Mac-
! kenzie betoro It wns accepted.
In   reply   lo   a   question   when   tbe
nresent deck work would be finished
Exhibition  a Success.
Saskatoon. Aug. lit    The 1913 Sas-1 though
katoon exhibition  came to n close on
August 8, a greater success than ever
In  every  point  excepting one.  lhat  of
attendance. With a new record almost
established the cold wave on the last
day  nut  a crimp  iu  the  attendance,!
which sent the total below that of last
year,   As   a   whole   tlie   fair   far   Mir-
passed  lhat of r.inner years, two attendance records being broken, Tues- '
day's 7.nun attendance set a new opep-l
Iin.* diy record and the attendance or
lil 100  ror Wednesday set a new  rec- j
ord  ror citizen's day.    Thursday's attendance  wan  not  up to the previous '
record  but the aggregate ror tlle first
three days was tar In advance of thai
or  farmer yearn  and  it  was  believed |
about 16,500 acres nt $304,000, is included in the (1,600,000, which Mr
llust suggests should be raised by bylaw.
Mr. Rust, in reference ti the Leech
river watershed, points out Hint while
It will not be required for some years,
yet he thinks It is In the Interests of
the i;iy lo arrange for its purchase,
the linancial arrangements
therefor would hav,. to lie provided
for Independent or the $1,500,000 to be
voted upon Immediately by tli" ratepayer!-.
Residence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324,
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace   Market,  Columbia  St.,  PhonM
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Markel,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,   Phone   LB83.
that yesterday's crowds would easily j
Captain Powell said it would take at|swel]   ,!u,   ,���ta]  above  th0
rtskf 1 how many lota
in   ihis   improvement.
New   York,   Aug.   13,    .Mayor   Guy
nor's curlew  order directing proprietors  ol   liquor  selling  places  to  close
at  1  o'clock   in   the  morning  brought
on a deadlock today between the po-ljf a
lice and the courts.    The action  or n      q-]u>
"strong arm" squad 111 ejecting .VI men
and     women    diners    from    Thorn ne
Nealy's restaurant, early thia morning
was  described   by   Pollce   Magistrate
Duel as preposterous
The magistrate said from the bench
thai he would issue warrants agalnsl
the police for oppression and assault
If the invasions were resumed agalnsl
the  restaurant,   which   has  been   visit
ed by policemen each morning this
week. Acting Police CommlBBloner
McCay announced   thai    the   police
would   continue   to close  lhe  place a!
curfew hour.
The police are believed to lie noting
with the knowledge and consent or the
mayor, as  Ailing Commissioner  Mc
Cay   was   lu   conference   with   Mayer
Gaynor yesterday and today.
1 ��� mc voir,
W    I'. G!Uev
*.\e""   Included
c pt. i'r,veil   Twenty-seven lots
W I! Clllle.y���How deep are they
driving the ic'"s now?
Cap;. Powell���From 1", to '2~> Teet
Alderman White paid the question
had been at kid ct him why the present system of piling was preferred to
a concrete wall; which was the less
cos Hv"
Cantain Powell said n concrete wall
���' "M bankruot tin- cltv. In its vary
cheaper! form i' would cost manv
times I'""*" than the presenl Byst-am,
It w is estimated two yeara ai* i; he did
���iot ri collect lhe figures just now, bul
the ordinary masonry nuay wall
fi i ��"."" to $600 per lineal foot
E. Goulet asked whal benefll the!
city was going to derive, for the ex- I
nenditure Involved, from ihe c mi, i
coming down Fmnl  Btreet.
Capt, Powell Yen know, Mr. G mi-
lei hs a n'lwav man. the value of a
ocmpetlng line to a city.
He further explained thr
lhe  waterfront  lots   which
high   record.
for   111"   week
mark,  which   in
tota's or oilier western fairs lhi
is extremely goo
The  total    attendam
is well  past the 40,000
comparison  with   thej     Pack  in  your  bathing  suits  and   a
year well lllled hamper and spend a day at
, Maple Ileach,  Boundary  liny.    Plenty
jof free    picn'c    places    on    tli" sand
i beach or under tbe wonderful spr"*id
Ing   maples.     Lovely     spring     water.
Take the Kiver road    to    Ladner   and
thc Goudv road south.
Agents fer Whalen  Estate.
New  Westminster.
Church   Destroyed.
Nanalmo,  Aug.  13.   Rt    Matthew's
Church and rectory at Wellington were
completely destroyed  by fire on  Saturday   last  involving a  loss of Jfi.OOO.
without   a   cenl   I I   insurance   on   tlie
property,    The fire started In tiie rec
tory, occupied   liy   Messrs.   Mulr  nud
Dixon;   the  rector,  Mr.  Wells,  brine
���>���������".' camping on Gabrolla island. The
liith  wind  prevailing made It  Impossible to save i Ither the rectory or the
church    which    were   completely   de-
Bjptroyod,  together  with   the  furniture
md  household  ill'"Is  In  tlie rectory.
Apricots, per crate $1.20,
Musk  Mellons,  each
Water   Mellons,  each....
Appl< H
to  . .
2 lbs.
for 26a
.. ..Kioto ��(ic
for 25c
und Grape Juice, per bottle
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
��47 Columbia  9t. Phone 98.
Sccke     Lake       Waterworks     System
Needs Another $1,000,000.
Victoria,  Aug.   IH.    To  place  before
Hie ratepayers a by-law    authorizing
angling of Ithe expenditure of a rurther $l,f>ini.non
would   en-   on the Sooke lake waterworks system
Relief  for  the   Homeless.
Athabasca Landing, Alia., Aug. lil.
-   Hon.  A. G    McKay  has given  $l(H)li
to the Athabasca relief fund, Premier
Slfton $-on; Kdmonton city $IUU0;
Calgary $1000, and oilier ' contributions amounl to a couple of thousand
or more. Tlie Canadian Northern bus
offered to carry goods free from ICd-
monton for those who lost everything
to the extent uf Jjijlji) In freight
able the placing ol side tracks In Trout was  the  recommendation    ot     Water
Commissioner Rust to the city council
tnavor said II mlghl lie news Thla amount. Mr. Rust staled, would i
lo most or them that some time ago be sufflelent to meet all expenditures
Capt, Powell told hlm thai if lhe city and complete the work, with the ex- '
desired to get rid of their harbor en- ceptlon of the acquisition or the l.ee'h
glneer. now was their opportunity, as river watershed, some 17.000 ncres.
he had nn orr*'- rrom a city not very The cost or the company's timber
tar rrom New Westminster,    lie tal!,-   lands  on   the   Sooke  lake   watershed,
Take advantage of the  Business   Man's Train    and    make    your
home at Crescent Beach (Blackie Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:1U) p.m. daily, on and after June in, returning In
tho  morning  In  time  for  business.    Crescent    Uracil    affords    Ideal
conditions  for  summer homes, combining  lhe  beBt  of  bathing,   boat
lng at all stages of the tide together with  line beach.    ArteBlan v-cll
water to ull residents,    Let us Bhow you this property.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marino  Insurance.
Liability.  Automohll*  and
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
558-Throughbreds in Action-550


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