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The New Westminster News Mar 5, 1914

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Volume 9, N,>s ber 1.
Price Five Cents,
No Hope Now for Clarke
j;nd Davis, Murderers of
Minister    of    Justice     Refused     New
Trial���May   Carry  Case   to
Relying on tbe wording ol a telegram received by him en Tuesday
from Deputy Minister of Justice Cote
iii Ottawa. Elmer Jones, counsel for
Herman   F.  Clark,  condemned  to  die
on ihe scaffold bere tomorrow morning In company with Frank Davis* for
the   murder of  Constable    Archibald.
of Vancouver, yesterday afternoon undertook   nnd    losl    another   forlorn
Shoots Mre. E. Moneysmith Then  Ends
Own   Life  With  Cun.
POI-tUnd,      Ore.,      March      *l.     Mrs.
Umina  Moneysmith. a barber,  was fu* ,
Uilly shot late today hy  Mike .Munch,
i injected suitor, who than shol him I
sell, dying Immediately.   Mrs. Money-]
smith dii'd In an ambulance while en
route lo a hospital.
Mr-. Moneysmith was :i:i years old..
Her fellow employees say that .Mauch ���
bad for some time heen coming to tin*
barber shop and annoying her wilh his
attentions. Today be'waited near the I
shop and when :-in* returned from dill-!
ner. accosted her. After tln-y hail ex-1
changed a few words in- opened fire. .
.-ending three bullets into hei* body, i
A fourth shot ended his own life.
E.  E.  Winch of Jubilee  Aspirant    for
Honors in Burnaby���Other Can-
dates Lining Up.
St. Mungo Canning Company Will Erect Large New Plant
and Lease Water Lots for Term of Twenty Years Receiving Compensation from New Westminster of $12,-
500 Conditional on Erection of New Buildings.
By a settlement arrived at yester
day between the city couiie-il and Ja**;.
Anderson   repri hinting I'i.e St.  MuUgO
cannery, the agreement being signed
an I stall u by both parties, New Westminster retain! the industry which
will i i-'upy the same lots on which, it
now* ilands, and the company will proceed witb the erection ol a new plant
and tiie Installation of mon
machine** ,* H^^^^^
Mr.   Anderson   cancels   all   rxUtin
Injunction which was recently dis*
��� ...-.I by the honorable Justice Morrison.
2.    Tie*   present,    lease   of   the   St.
2.   Notwithstanding   delivering   up
to the city..
::.   Notwithstanding tbe delivery up
and cancellation of the present lease,
the company  shai!  be allowed  to  re
main on the premises until Dec, 21,
modem   1914, at a rental of 1800 per lot.
|     4.    Tin-  company   shall   permit   the
ty to proceed with the harbor work
Joint   Session   of  Congress  Today   to
Hear President's Address.
Washington,   March   4      Resolutions
wen* adopted  by both houses of coii-
Igress today providing for a joint ses-
j sion tomorrow at 12:80 to hear an ad-
di-' i- -* by  President Wilson urging the
repeal of the provision of the Panama
canal  act   exempting American  eoast-
wlse shipping from tolls.
President Wilson's Intention to urge:
this reversal of policy with regard to |
tolls by a persona] appeal to congress :
stimulated interest In the controversy!
today.    Democrats who Intend to fight
repeal     planned    to    carry  on   their
struggle   with  vigor.    Several  days It
has  been  apparent Ihat  the  president
has  been  gaining converts lo  his decision that toll exemption Is in violation   of   the   I lay I'auncefote     treaty
which provides thut the canal shall be
lor the  use of all nations on  a basis
i of equality.
After   the   president   has   read   his
message   it   will   be   referred   lo   the
I house   committee   on   Interstate   com-
j merce  wblcb  will draft  legislation  to
I carry out his recommendation.   It U
I expected   that Hha committee  will  revive a bill by Representative Sims of
Tennessee introduced at the last session, wblcb would provide for flat re*
i peal of tin- toll exemption.
This    Measure   and    Two
Others Will Get First
\ Reading.
��� *. -,,���_. *.-������*""
Seats in
House   Held   at   Premium-
Offer Ulster Temporary
hope in liis endeavors to secure a
stay ot execution for his client, and
had what is practically the last hope
Of reprieve wiped out.
The telegram which Mr. Jones pro-
duced In court read us follows:
"Minister Of justice cannot order a
to w trial You may, therefore, if
you deem projer, lake further steps
in the courts."
Counsel for tbe condemned man re-
As Intimated In The News yesterday, an abundance of candidates will
be pn band for tbe special school
trusti e election in Burnaby, tbe first
nomination being received by Municipal Cll rk Moore yesterday iu the
person of 10. li Winch, candidate of
the Social Democratic Tarty of Canada, residing at Jubilee. .Mr Winch,
who has been B candidate on two previous occasions, will be supported by
two other members of this organization, W. Dingle, of Edmonds, and 10.
Sollis,  of Jubilee. _t _
ll. Coulter, O. Deckert, A. McLane,!tended by every representative except
M.  Ltimley and  W. Newsome are can* ! Alderman   Kellington,   wbo   was   un-
Clalms  against   the  city;   will   pay  a | |n front of the water lots but the city
double  rental   for  the two  water  lot.- : t_m\\  not unnecessarily interfere with.    ,,,.___       . ...
for   the   remainder  of   11)11   and   will | the  company's  business.    So  long  u  wlH   ,U'V,'U'P   ln   committee,   it
sign a lease for 80 years at a reutBl j possible the company wlll be able to > 8,m'(1   "f  B   favorable  report
to be decided upon by the city council, but which will be in conformity
with other water lots affected by the
new- harbor Improvement work.
For these concessions on tbe part of
Mr. Anderson the city agrees to pay
tin- St. Mungo cannery the sum of
112.600, half of which vvill be paid
30 days after commencement of work
Upon the new plant and the remain
der at the time of completion of the
buildings and the Installation of all
No Dissenting Voice.
At  the  special  council  meeting,  at*
didatis,  havin-.e   ihe  support   of    the ! avoidably absent, the repott of Mayor |
West   Burnaby   Ratepayers'    associu ! C.ray and Aid Annandale, re an InteT-1
viewed Ihe steps that had been taken j Hon.    Opposed to these will be found I view with James Anderson and his so-1
by him in conjunction with Mr. Malt- , the  reform  tlcke:  headed bv   Herbert I Hcltor the day  previous, was ratified!
land,   counsel   for   Davis,   when     the j llnrncs    and     supported     by    James j after every member of the council hod !
been   made  conversant  with   existing
conditions,     Not   a   dissenting   voice
was heard against the report of the I Ing parties
committee  and   following au  affirma-j Company Satisfied.
j     "Although     the    company
ease of -lie latter had been tested in j Herd,  ('.   K.  Campbell,  John   Church-
tbe   appeal   court.     After   lhe   Davis | land and H. W. Forbes.
appea' nad    been    thrown    out.    Mr. ;     Mr.  Humes, who was chairman  of
Jone*   pointed  out,   he   had   gone   to   the  1918 board  until the time it was ,
the minister of justice and tbe gover- declared invalid, yesterday stated | ���������>������ vote, the mayor. City Clerk Dun
nor general in the hope of securing
clemency for bis client and now tha"
he Had failed at Ottawa he wished
ibe opportunity to try the matter out
U the Davis case had been tried,
���'/caving   ull oilier   considerations
bring Its boats to the present wharf
and when the work advances to such
a swge as to interfere, the city shall
Construct a bridge from the present
wharf to tiie new wharf for the use of
the concern for the present year.
",. Tbe city will pa; to the company $18,600 in full settlement of the
Corrrpanys' claims for compensation,
80260 cf whiob is to be paid within
2H days after the commencement yf
work on new buildings to be erected
and the remainder on completion there
of and installation of the machinery.
6. The city will grant the company a lease of the two water lots
Nos. .0 and L'l for a period of 20 years
dating from Jan. 1, 11)15 at a rental
of $750 per lot per year for the first
five years and remaining 15 years at
I such rental as may be fixed by the
city council, ��uch rental to be at the
same rate as that to be fixed by the
city for adjoining lots to correspond-
London, March 6. ���The Dally
Although some opposition In the bill Chronicle, which enjoys a large meas-
n,   a i       i- ,..--    ,.   ���--   --    ure of. (.onfi(jetlce 0f ^e Liberal gov
ernment, says today that, despite assertions to the contrary, the government has no Intention of dissolving
during the present year and that the
ministers will finish out their five year
The government, according to the
Daily Chronicle, will Introduce today
for their first readings during the
present session the Irish home rule,
the Welsh dis-establishment and the
plural voting bills and expects to carry
all three of them before the expiration
of its present term of office.
Tremendous interest is being taken
In Premier Asqulth's promised statement for Monday on the Irish home
rule bill. Seats in the house of commons are already being 'held at a premium. All factions believe the premier will offer the Ulster counties temporary exclusion from the act.
is  as
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    Many
Democrats, Including Majority  Leader
! Underwood, oppose the repeal, but Mr.
! Underwood   has   announced   that   he
i will not attempt to organize the oppo-
j sltlon.     He  intends  to  speak  against
i lt,   however.      From   the   Democratic
side in  the senate the opposition will
! be directed    hy    Senators O'Gorman,
i chairman   of the  inter-oceanic canals
committee  and   Senator  Chamberlain
i of Oregon.    Supporters of the repeal
have  assured  the  president  that the
bill will pass both houses.
aside," saiil Mr, Jones, "If these unfortunate nn n have a chance at all.
:nat chance should not be taken from
A. D. Taylor, K.C, in opposing lh*
application on behalf of the crown,
said thut he did so, not from any de
-*,re to deprive tbe condemned men
"f any opportunity of showing why
lb-* extreme penalty of the law should
noi be visited on them, but because
��)  was his duty.
No  Possible  Hope.
"If I could see any possible hope
-for these unfortunate men." declared
Mr Taylor, "it would be a different
matter, bul this Is all old ground anil
-even it my learned friend were allowed lo pursue the course which he
outlines we would only come hack
allien to where we an- now. There-
lore, 1  must  oppose  the application."
In refusing the application, the
honorable Justice Morrison Intimated
Ihat though he waa doing so. still
there was time, a very short time, in
winch counsel for thi
men could communicate
ihe governor general 111 council, and
carry the appeal to the foot tf the
Mr. Jones stated that he would put
lhe matter on the wires to Ottawa
Immediately in ihe almost vain hope
Ihat executive clemency might yet b<-
exercised,  ihough  he  confessed  that
thai   the endeavors of his  colleagues ! can *-*��� James Andeison affixed their
in  having  the   present  board   elected ; signatures to the agreement drawn up
by acclamation and thus prevent con- ���1)>' w* l!- McQuarrie and W. J. White-
siderable expense in holding an elec- ! SR,,J' K ('��� solicitors for the city and
tion. had been unsuccessful and from ! Mr- Anderson respectively.
now on an active campaign would be | ^h* Agreement.
waged  by the  reform  ticket.    Meet-I    In  brief the  agreement  is  as  fol-
ings   will   probably   be   held   in   varl- ;
fibs  wards  including oue In the Bur- ,
naby   public   hall   just   prior   to    the j
means obtained -what it asked, nor
what we would have got if the courts
had settled the matter, I am wel! satisfied with the agreement entered into with the city." This statement was
given The News by James Anderson
la-st night. Continuing Mr. Anderson
stated that the company would build
a modern cold storage plant together
with the installation of more modern
Marcall Redureau Sentenced to Serve
Twenty Years in Prison���Admits
Terrible Crime.
who kill-
j election on  March 14. j
Somebody Afraid.
"There is a certain bunch in the 1
: municipality," itated Mr. Burnes, !
i "that is becoming afraid of our move
i ments and our endeavors to ascertain
j the exact position of Hurnaby school '���
| affairs.   We have learned a little dur- I
i Ing our brief term of office, but this ���
' bus been a mere scratch en  the sur
face and if wo secure, the same support as was accorded us at  the    last
election,   we   Intend   to   delve   deeper
; with  prospects  of    some    interesting
! revelations."
Women  Candidate*.
The question of whether the recent
1 amendment to  the Bcliool net   passed
, by   tbe   provincial   legislature   which
; allows  women 10 net on  rural  school
! boards, takes effect immediately,   is
il>eiug Investigated in Hurnaby. Should
condemned ' the act  have received assent  by    the
again    with , lieutenant governor   and   be new    in
effect,   there   ls  a   strong   probability I
of several   women  candidates    being j
nominal ed before next Wednesday,
lo w s:       B^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_
1.    The action now pending between
James Anderson and the city shall be   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
discontinued,   each   i*Jty   to   amy   id . mkoluaory whiob wowul briug Ittuxun-1
own costs snd no claim to lie made by} corn op to t> tatgb. a MtnAart a* ob-\
���he city for damages by reason of-the 1 tained auywhere on the coast.
Evanturel's Apology in Ontario House Not Considered Enough.
judge had been
of   either   Clarki
death   tomorrow
refused,  the  chances
���   or   Davis   escaping
i.i cm ing   were   very
now that   his application to the trial i remote.
Three Unusual Occurrences
Assize   Court���Two
Court Objects to  Interference of Mr.
Foster of U. M. W. of A. in
Strikers' Cases.
session of the court of
Richmond, was making his address to
the jury. Mr. Rubinowitz wished to
know when It had become a crime in
British Columbia to be a coal miner,
but before he had time to answer the
question himself or secure light from
the twelve good men and true at whom
his oratorical guns were levelled, the
presiding judge, the honorable Justice
Morrison pulled the check rein of authority and Mr. lttibiiiowttz skidded
to a sudden  stop.
Defends Accused.
"Mr. RublnowlU," paid his lordship,
"I thought the time, had passed in this I
court when it would be necessary' for
nu- to again deprecate the practice of
sitting on the Vancou-|adan,ss|,,s   such  remarks   to  a  jury.
Jos. j It  has   been   the  line  of   defence   In
1 many  of  these cases    I  am  not
, . , referring   to  you   Mr.
part in an un-* put fol.war<1 thP argumont  that these
miners   are   uneducated   men   of   low
Alt' Wardell was I mentality and on these grounds to ap
Toronto, March 4. -Mr. Evanturel's I
statement and apology In the house today was not well received. Hon. J. J.
| Key, acting premier, said it was a
grave and serious matter and the mem-
! ber for Prescott deserved credit for
] seeing t'iie error of his way but It was
a much more serious matter than an
| indeseretion, as regarded by Mr. Ev-
i anturel. Mr. Foy followed this up by
! saying:
"I do not wish to say anything to
add to the distress of the gentleman
I from Prescott. but there can be no
I doubt that ev-ry member of the house
I considers that an apology is not suffl-
| cient. I think he ought to resign his
j seat in the legislature. If he does not,
1 then it will be Che duty of the house
to take some action in the matter.
What form that action will come in 1
do not care to say now. In the meantime 1 would like to ask the member
for Prescott if ho does not think he
ought to go farther than make an
K. J. Rowell, leader of the opposition, concurred in the opinion that Mr.
Kvanturel   should   resign   and   stated
London, March 4.���By a substantial majority, the house of
commons tonight put on
record a desire ihat tho government reconsider ils refusal
lo officially participate in the
Sau Francisco exposition and
agree to participate.
A memorial to this effect
signed by over 850 members of
the house, representing all
political parties, will be presented to Premier Asquith tomorrow. The signers include
Arthur Halfour, Andrew Honar
Daw and over half the Unionist members of the house,
practically all of the Nationalists and Laborites and over
one-third cf the Liberals.
Nantes,   Prance,   March   4.
Redureau, a 16 year old boy,
ed  seven persons  in September with
an axe at Rasbriage-en-Landreau, was | may   be  begun
found guilty today and sentenced to j estimated cost averages about $9000 a
20 years in prison.    The sentence is | mile-    By the construction of such a
am��ttorar��a wv !���*.-
tor <he dewics,
Residents of Richmond are working hard towards completing arrangements for the construction of tho 100-
foot highway from the New Westminster boundary to read No. B on Lulu
First taken up by private residents,
th<   municipal council is now taking
hold and a start on construction work
this    summer.    The
���'- 'm%mmmV^^._U^S^Sg^P^>
the  boy.\ w*ofMl��.T.o  trWe  \oc5mere
,at at the time of  chance to Invade this new field.
was laboring under!     Mayor Gray and    Industrial
tiling  up    ^^^^^^
lawyer declared that      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the murder the lad was laboring under; Mayor Oray and Industrial Com-
excessive nervous fatigue, due to hard missioner Darling discussed the mat-
work Iter yesterday and every assistance
Redureau. a vine cutter, during a i possible will be.given the Richmond
quarrel  with  his employer, killed the : council  to aid in the project.
man with oue blow of an axe.   Enter-1 	
ing his  employers  house he murder- ��� DESERVES IT
enl his employer's wife and a servant.! WELL DESERVES IT.
and   then  his  employer's  mother and
I three children. At the -commencement | Youth    Sentenced    to    Lashes    for
Iof his trial on Tuesday Redureau sob-, Assaulting and  Robbing Girl.
bingly admitted the charge against; Calgary. March i-.���Twenty lashes
him A commltte of doctors report- and six months' imprisonment was
ed the boy apparently not in a nor- the punishment handed out to young
mai condition ��� Harold Llcardman. who entered a plea
'  I of guilty to the charge of having as-
saulted  Mary Jeffray,    a    girl of    17
Not the Men Wanted. , years.
The two suspected Great  Northern I    "You have rendered yourself liable
train hold-up men who were arrested I to life Imprisonment with a flogging,"
Tuesdav   were ves-! said   the  magistrate  in
offi- |
Chilliwack on  Tuesday   were
terday   released   after   (J.   N.   R
cials had    satisfied    the police
they were not the two men wanted
magistrate In passing sentence. "And you are escaping a more
severe sentence because of your extreme youth."
John Place, M.P.P., Will Face Charge
of Rioting and Unlawful
All day yesterday in the special as-
| size court Israel Rubinowitz kept up
, an intermittent attempt to have the
1 trial of John Place. M. P. P. for
stood over till Monday, but
Death cf British Subject and
American's Disappearance.
case which would warrant a special
investigation, although Villa had
been instructed immediately to Investigate and report upon the American's disappearance.
Delegation  from    Felix    Diaz    Visits
Washington���Would Head New
-special asntze
ver island  strike rases, in which
Richmond was convicted on the single
count Of having taken
lawful assembly and released on sus
pended sentence and
baTbe had 7x'pVessed'Tn^s""opinio"n" to ' N:inainK'* stood ov,'r t'11 Monday, but
he gentleman in question. Mr. Ev- j '" *1>*t�� of his numerous attempts he
 ...i   ". ,���,������������ I failed to pin A. D. Taylor. K.C.. crown
anturel made no response.
defence by the bench of the character;
and honor of a prisoner who had prac-
trcally admitted his guilt, the stlffestl
kind of a rebuke administered by the
bench  to  President Foster of district
->.  United  Mine  Workers of AltK
the  imy  pan ..^^^^^
the court as to how the witnesses for
rhe defence should be paid.
First Incident.
The llrst of the out-of-the-way inci
Joined   Together   Undergo
Delicate   Operation.
the French "Siamese twins" were separated today by a surgical operation
of extreme   delicacy.    The  operation
was  performed    with  e specially  eon-1 session
to  the  juries.     We 1 Strueted   instruments  hy  Or.  Gustavo
se men so described j le Filllat-e. Dr. Rie-aeher and Or. Vic-
In  the  witness box | tor de l.aunay and his wife, who Is a
it would  be impossible to find a j surgeon.    Numerous   other- surgeons
ii���it..r   se!   uo.   finer I were present.
prosecutor, down to a statement that
the  Place  trial   would  uot  be called
till  some  time  next   week   aud    the
member of the provincial house may
find himself arraigned Friday on two
  charges  of  having  taken  part  In  an
March 4    Madeleine-Suzanne. I unlawful assembly and of rioting dur-
' ing the strike troubles in Nanaimo on I the  American.
the afternoon of August  12 last. ln General  Villa's report he
Diaz Seeks Aid.
Washington. March 4.���Although
Great Britain's reluctance to press
the Beston case at this time has made
the* Mexican situation less accute.
there are several aspects of lt. which
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ it  is  pretty    certain,    will    occasion
  'spirited   debate  in   the   senate  In    a
| few  days
Nogales,  Sonora,  Mexico   March  4. j     '��� became known tonight that, facts
-General Carranza   ordered    tonight' '!"d .da,a T^���"1,* *_\ ,U"nberl  ��f
.foreigners killed in Mexico since
an investigation of the Bauch case by ; arnu,d revolution began is being
the same commission sent to El Paso | gathered by the state department for
Senator  Shlvely,  ranking  member of
the  foreign  relations committee, wbo
t;o look into the death of William
S. Benton, a British subject. This
action was taken after a receipt of a
report from General Villa regarding
the   disapptarance  of  Gustav   Hauch,
So  long  as  the  legislature  was  in | Bauch had been put In jail at Chihua-
Mr.   Place ' could    not    be | hua  City  on  suspicion  of  being    an
Is expected to present official record*
about conditions in the southern republic.
It  was  ri*porled  that  Senator Fall.
stated | cf  New   Mexico,  would  open the  de-
were present.
were   joined
ivrml  millty on two counts of unlaw-[ peal   for  leniency
Three of these were outstanding.:_TTO | and^  ^^  ^^  get   up   ���
lc><>Ul��^ ^"cl^ ��r ^--^^UiU'^i^^'V1^ i ,^-rl^-x-  in  the  region of the stomach
0    'Trhe-e    1 am  not acquainted  Ind  it  was found  that :i  portion  of!
with him. but If . know anything of | tbe intestines of Madeline was, within|
rlcal human nature, he is a hard-working,
and a suggestion from �� member ol| U����^��^Sl!tfWS
> >ilU"K '" tl,P b0d>  ��f| Iced in the same category as some
We have tried.    Unfortunately for him
he  was  there  when  tin*  unlawful  assembly occurred and he must tokeUte j ,^^^^^'^Vieoiiji could not \ Burnaby police court ^njueedav
brought here to trial without his consent, but, with the provincial house
prorogued, he becomes as the other
indicted accused and must face his
hearing  from the  prisoner's dock.
Yesterday morning Mr. Place's trial
looked to be some distance away, but
with two rioters disposed of yesterday and only Harry Meikle, of the
Nanaimo nun left to deal with the
M. P. P.  Is right next to the baiter.
Sunnno's abdomen.    This had  to be
detached from the wall of the fihres 	
CalToIaranaSff^%Sda^ Boy Goes to Refectory.
theVaMes cried a little during the op-       A  youngster   12    years    o was
 Hon   Whlch lusted 15 minutes. sentenced i" the Point Grej  rerorma
BoKldren appeared to stand the I tory by   Magistrate   Beatty   ...   the
(lanu occurred u^miklhe even tenor I consequences, butjt Is not to_
of the wav of the special assize court
while   Israel   Rubinowitz,  counsel   fori
iContinued on l'age Bight)
give a definite opinion as to the ultl
mate success.
was found guilty of theft, this being
his  second  offence.
agent cf unfriendly interests. Villa
said, however, that the American had
been released and that since then the
eitate authorities had been unable to
lorate him. He promised continued
efforts to secure more information
about his disappearance.
The  hope  was expressed that Gen
'oral Carranza's order for the Benton
[commission to Investigate the Bauch
case would be ample assurance to the
I Washington government of the good
Will   of  the   .Mexican    insurgents    to
i assist In the protection of foreigners
! In  Mexico.
It was explained that at the time
���he Benton commission hail been ap
nolnted nothing had been heard from
i General Villa    regarding    the    P.auch
bate with a speech pointing to conditions in Mexico and urging a change
cf policy.
Incidentally the New Mexico senator today presented to the foreien
relations committee Pedro del Vllar
and Cecilio Ocon. representing the
political Interests Of Felix  n;az.
Members of the committee wero
frankly amazed when the Mexicans
sought the moral support of the
United States government to bring
about peace in Mexico by another
revolution headed by Diaz, The oem-
mittee had no ideu, it Is said, of the
eXaot purpose of their visit other
than they wished to present inferma-
lion about the situation in Mexico.
Members of the committee flatlv
stated that the United States coulel
not  recognise any B-.tch movement. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY,   MARCH   5.   1914
An Independent iiiiinilni: piper devoted to 11.������ Interests of New Westminster and
tho Fraser Valley. Published .very morning except Sunday by the National l'rlntliiK
���nd Publishing Company, Limited, at f,3 McKenzie Btreet, New WsSlllllllSllll llritlsh
Columbia. ROHH SITIIKKLANI >.  Managing Pircctnr.
All communications should lie n UreSSM d 1" The New W,*stininsler N��*ws. and nut
to Individual members of ths staff.    ('heiuies. drafts, and money orders should be made
payubb* io Ths Nation:!I Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TBU5PHONB8���Buauu-sa office ami Manager, atm; Editorial Rooms (all dsnart*-
men I si. 991.
���OBSCRIPTION RATKS���Hy carrier. $4 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per
month.  By mall.,11 pi r year, nr.c |��*r month.
AiiVKRTisiNo rates on application.
elusion of the commission, The report is Dotlceal ie throughout by ito
sympathetic attitude   toward   labor.
am)  h\   its Vigor and eii arinss of expression. t|l(, bjinjng 0{ tin
Compulsory Insurance.                I nun -negotiable.
Probably    the    chiet    recoiinnenda- I     The   comuiission   linils  agalnsl   the
tions if the commission are those re- j proposal of a minimum  wane of ti a
lating  to the establishment Of a sys    day as asked by the Trades and Labor
tern   of  compulsory   slate   insurance ! council  of  New   Westminster    Of    a
for  srorkim n  sustaining  Injuries;     a j minimum   wage  of  any  amount    ""
wceuu  half-holiday for shop employ-Ithe ground that    11    would   destroy
ses; ilu* establishment of a fortnight-1such  Industries  of ths  province  as
ly pay day: the regulation of sub-con-1are In competition witb tbe provinces
tractlng   ou     railroad     construction I of Eastern Canada and foreign coiin-
work. and tbe control of time checks. I tries where no such  law   is  In  force.
The commission finds against the pro-1 The commission is of   opinion
posui of ��� minimum wane law, and Is j economic conditions   must
of the opinion that an eight-hour day rates of wages and that there Is no
should  be a  Dominion,  not  a  provin-1 justification  for the state to interfere
clal measure.
The commission examined  41!*  wit
tiihd to receive a reasonable mlloage|half-yearly returns of all deductions
from his employer. ^_^^   utade by  employers for medical  at*
an alternative   d��A commission tendance to be verified by statutory
the legislature prohibit I declaration.    Tin- sanitary conditions
becks   tha    are   of barb' r shops and bakeries are dealt
(Continued ou  Pace Six)
i ���	
Accountaiit. Telephone R447. ltoutu
i.".! Hart Hlock.
nesses as well as making personal in-
It will be will) the feeling of keenest satisfaction that ^^LStkinc^pK'mS,
Industrial establishiuents in different
Trade Unionism.
The report comments on the growth
of trade unionism and the disappearance of all personal relations in lhe
lamer industries and further notes
that British Columbia In regard to
the number of men connected with
unions, rallies higher In proportion to
population than any oilier province in
Canada, The contention of employers
that International unions are inimical to the Industrial interests of Canada is noted, bin the commission finds
no evidence of such effect and on the
other hand ihe fact is mentioned Ihat
many large corporations employ managers and superintendents and ars
controlled hy directors who an' aliens.
The commission recommends that any
employer  who  discriminates agalnsl
a workman merely because he is a
member of a labor union, should be
. pi nallsed, and on the oilier hand thai
workmen who work during times of
strike should be protected agalnsl lhe
UBS   of     abusive     epithets,     such     as
street will be put through to completion without various "scab." "blackleg," nc
obstacles arising and differences of opinion cropping up,| COmpuiso^martnraOon!a but'
the fact that the first real trouble has been over come and
the first difficulty surmounted without undue bitterness
augurs well for future amicable progress.
The city council as a whole, the harbor committee and
the chairman of that committee, Alderman Annandale,
are to be congratulated on the able manner in which they
dealt with what at one time was a delicate question and
threatened to be even dangerous.
all citizens of New Westminster who have at heart the
best interests of the city will hear of the amicable agreement reached between the city council and the St. Mungo
Canning company on the question of waterfront leases
and the city's right to prosecute the harbor improvement
scheme. The terms of the agreement which appear in another column, show on both sides the handiwork of keen,
capable business men and the fact that such an agreement
has been reached out of court and even after legal proceedings had been started goes to show that the determination of the 1914 council to live in the closest possible relation to the people it represents already is bearing fruit.
A protracted suit or a series of legal actions would
have clouded the satisfaction of seeing the harbor plans
developed, while such conditions would have meant the
spending of thousands of dollars that otherwise might
have been used in the furtherance of the big waterfront
While it is not to be expected that work along Front
When a man tells you that his hat is in the ring it's
no indication that he has any intention of following the
headgear himself.
is in
favor of iin* necessary amendments
being made to the industrial Disputes
Investigation act, to enable tin- minister of labor in strikes Involving pub
lie utiliti' b to appoint a board of enquiry, as it considers in such eases
the interests of the public t< be paramount io those of iin* employer nml
tiie employee,
The I. W. W.
Tin*    Industrial    Workers    of    the
to prevent a laborer whose standard
of efficiency  is low   and  the  demand
'. fur whose labor   is   correspondingly
scarce from selling his labor ai such
��� pries as he can secure. The commission considers that if Hi" laborer
| is unable lo command the wages fix-
led by statute, the state should not
. force him to become an object of
Charily or refuse him the right to
preserve  his  Independence.
In regard to stores it llnds that a
minimum wage for girls and women
would give a preference to the large,
departmental stores of Eastern Canada. It would throw out of employment large numbers of young girls
who get business experience and
training while engaged In such stores,
The commission is of tbe opinion that
the interests of women and girl
workers can he bitter served by the
appointment of women Inspectors
wltb ample authority to see thai all
shop workers are  treated  with  every
consideration demanded by humanity
in respect Of their working conditii ns.
ll further points oul thai In countries  where experimental  legislation
ol ihls character lias been tried, the
tendency is' for the legally established
minimum wane io become the maximum.
Eight Hcur Day.
The proposal of an eight-hour day
Is de.'i with and its advantages pointed oul as well as the objections of
employers. The oommlsison finds tbat
as a provincial measure it would be a
'i.imlii-ap on Industries of the province
.a competition  wltb  tin- other prov-
lie.',   and  foreign, (iiiiiitries, and  is of
the opinion that to be satisfactorily
effective it Bhould be national In ex
tent, Apart trom this there are cer
tain industries, such as farming and
fishing, which are not adapled  to an
When William Wants Information Hs
Just Simply Gats It.
it is a  well know ii fact tbat. often
becoming  Interested  iu some subject
thai i Kaiser William summons tbe grcntvst
regulate j authority Cn tbe subject nnd gets the
latest information in the quickest way.
Tbe emperor, no the story goes, summoned Professor llnriiack. the renowned theologian, ami asked blm
some technical questions���any. the latest news on the nntiquity of the book
uf John. The kaiser is knowu to be
a specialist In refuting higher criticism, so perhaps tbe question win
even more technical.
He nud Harniu k Indulged in a spirited discussion nnd all too soon the
clock brained private secretary Interrupted to tell his majesty that he had
un appointment for tbe next half bour
wltb Prince So-and-so. Tbe emperor's
face clouded. "Where am I tomorrow
night?" bo Risked. "Your majesty
dines with Count So-and-so." Tben
turning to the theologian the emperui
snld, "Well. I shall see you uguiu and
(Inlsh Ibe discussion."
Tho next liny Professor Ilnrnnck received nn Invitation from the count
who was entertaining the kulser. and
although be wns not ncquulnted with
his host he accepted. At dinner lm
found himself sluing next to (be emperor, who Immediately resumed the
theological discussion where It bud
been left off the dny before. And this
time it was finished.���Chicago News.
P. H. Smith. W. J. droves.
Work   undertaken    11,     city    uud    ouUlds
points.   211-12   Westminster   Trust   tt'ola.
Phone   8*4.     P.   O.   Hon   607.
11. & P. O. of Elks of the 1). of C,
meet the (list and third I'riduy Bt
S p.m., Labor Temple, Seventh und
Itoyai avenue. A. Wells Orav.
Exalted Itulcr; P. H. Suiiili, Secretary.
,. 0, O. M.. NO. 8.14.��� MKKTS ON FIRST
and 11,ml Tuesday 111 each month ut ft
p.m. In the Ijibor Temple. David
Boyle, dictator;  w. j. Qrovea, aec-
ret ary.
There seems to have been a divinity shaping the ends
of Toronto buildings without the help of the civic architect.
Sir Richard McBride is to give the federal committee
on forests and waterways some expert advice. He. might
also hand out some tips to Premier Borden on how to reduce his majesty's opposition to a minimum.
World are scored as being foreign to eight-hour day.
our economic conditions, but though ��� The commission finds that tin* sys-
in.ni> railroad laborer's an- members torn of sub-contracting on railroad
of this organization very little efforl work is injurious to the interests of
is made to carry into practice the, the laborer, The custom of sub-letting
pi rnicious principles of the organiza- construction,  as   many  as  four  Bub-
contracts in some instances being
made, is one that should be restricted.
li the government should require oon-
tractors to do the actual work of construction the commission believe Ihat
the laborer would secure a better
wage and   better   living   conditions.
The commissioners find that then
Is a  great dil'fereiK
The commissioners further noted
tin* absence cf violence and destruction of property among tie1 foreign
railway laborers who were en stiik*
at Naramata and Pentlcton, and also
ilie small percentage of crime, and expresses tile opinion that as these
laborers   come   io   realize   tin*   oppor
tunities of tins province, tin* influence of maintenance and sanitary conditions
of ibis organization will disappear, iin various camps and recommend gov-
The commission finds that ti*.** pri- eminent regulation of their construe-
vate employment agencieB ate unset- tion and maintenance. Various regu-
Isfactory and Is convinced thai in lations are set out. in detail in the
many Instances the managers of these   r>*pore.
Huerta must be runnine short of fodder for Villa'sIf6enoies am! ll"; foremfn "/ '���"",";,""    on the question of medical attemi-
.��, , t ���������,. i .     __r_ . ,e i , .,      tors share the commission fee ot  the 1 a.noa the commission believes that em*
rules or he ���wouldn t be trying to secure the release ot the \ employment agenoy, uu? j����uit Ming | pioyers should be required t<
five thousand faint hearts who beat it out of 0]inaga into ,hu.' ^borers �����" "n:�� discharged in
,       -rr     ,        ,            ,            ii       -iiii,         ���            ���   i i     ii i order lo make  way  lor new men.    If
the U. S. when the rebels tickled that point With bUlletS. recommends that It be made a penal
  offence to engage In this practice.   Ii
_,,     ...���.,         T    ���  i                                    ���           i   j       i ,���       fui ther recommends that  it be mad'
Sir William Ledshman wants to inoculate the entire obligatory on an cities with a popu-
population of Canada with typhoid vaccine, because, he 1;,tl,on of 1"""" ��r,0^ ,'" "li,i"tan
r  r    ,, ,.    , a    ,        -j    ii iii       ii *i    and opi rat.   municipal labor bureaus
says, the medical fraternity then would be able to compile j under tin* control ot a superintendent
verv valuable statistics.   Quite an idea, isn't it? u"d tna< "" IV<' be permitted to be
charged to any applicant for wotk or
~~~~~���~~ lo any employer.    It is also in favor
Talk about the evils of over-dressing: In Austria a ��f national labor   bureaus and   ihe
,, , i-c* li i l   i    I Lii        .elimination of the private agencies.
husband and wife fought over her new hat, her brother \ Payment of wages,
intervened, hubbv shot him and wifev went crazv.   The    T1"' commission is strongly in favor
,.       iii i, v   , i_!_j    �� _ i.j.j. ti. " of the payment of wages at frequent
dispatch doesn t say what kind of a hat it was. a���d stated intervals and comments on
the evil of payment al long periods of
time as sapping the independence of
the laborer nnd often compelling him
to trade at the store of his employer,
the trams started running on the'first day of the week �������,? 'proflt.^T^olisiderr'that
the church attendance has been better. j" n e i- ��� ��� nc- a great deal of in*
  convenience  from   payment  of  wages
at   long   Intervals.    The  commission
When he was elected mayor of Seattle on an "open recommends the establishment of  a
town" platform he was known as Hi Gill.   Since then,
however, he has turned over a new leaf and on Tuesday
Including District Lot 172, Group One
These Names Sounded Queer as They
Were Heard In London.
Here's one about nn American printer whose vicissitudes look lilm across
the ocean Inst year and landed bim in
the town of London. The printer Is
back ln Cleveland now nnd tells thistory himself.
This printer bethought lilm of starting u little paper in the heart of Erjg-
hind. So tie rented u little building,
then went to purchase his type nml
presses. For the type be stopped at u
typefounder's place nnd explained Ills
"J want some type," he snld
"We don't sell type here.'' answered
the clerk blankly. 'You might get it
nt the draper's shop over the wye."
ilow should I get type lu a draper's
"How should you get It anywhere
;n  the standard | else, may 1 awsk. ihiuk you. sir?'
"Well, In my country type is sold at
a typefounder's, not at a dry goods
"Aow? Did y'wlsb toype. sir? I
thought you wlsbt type such as lliey
bave In type measures and typewortns.
Vou didn't wish type to bind ou tbe
edges of frocks, then, but toype to
print a paper with? Step this way.
thank you. sir."���Cleveland I'luln
. O. O. F. AMITY 1.0IM1H NO. 17���Ths
regular meeting of Amity lodge No.
17. I. O. O. V.. Is held every Monday
ntsht st I o'clock to Odd FMowa' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
visiting brethern cordially lnvlt-4.
R A. Merrlthew. NO.; H. W. SangBt.-r.
V. Q.; W. C. Costhsm, P. (J., record-
Ins secretary: J. W. MacDonald. financial secretary.
! W K.. FA I.ES��� Pioneer Funeral Directs*
and ftmluilnu-r. (12-11 h Agnes street,
opposite Carnegie Library.
tsr * Hanna, Ltd 1 -.-Kiiin-ral directors
end iinliiilrnere. Parlors 4ur> Columbia
street.    New   Westminster.    Phone   Sil.
Star Hoard of Trade meets In the boars'
room, City Hall, as follows: Tblrd Fri-
day of each month; quarterly me��4ln>
on the third Friday of February, May
August and November at 8 j- rn. Annual in.eilngs on the third Friday ot
February. C. H. Stuart Wsde, secretary.
CORBOULD. ORANT a Mccrn.u ba��-
rlnlers. Krillettors, etc. 4(1 Lorn* Htreet,
Ncw Wistmlnnter. d. D. Corbould. K.
C.    J. R. UranL    A.  K. McColI.
at-liiw. Solicitor, etc. Snlleleur for the
linnk of Vancouver. Offices: Merchants Hank Building, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Coda Western
W. F. HANSFORD, BARRISTER Solicitor, etc., CoIUster Block, corner Col-
mill.la ,ui.i McKenzie streets New W.-st-
nilnst. r. H C. P. O, Hex 280. Tele-
phone sil.
sldc ��� Barristers and Solicitors, We��t-
nilnHter   Trust   Blk..    Coluinlilu   strsst.
N'-w ,.w,;"t,n.,n",,,*'rr- B- c*    (-'a*-'l�� address
Whiteside,'    Western    Union,    p     o
Drawer    200.      Telephone    ��9      W     J
Whiteside.  K.  C.;  H.  L.  Edrnonde.    D^#
J. STILWELL CLUTB. Barrlster-at-law
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia ans
MoKmisU streets. New Westmtastsr,
B. c.   p. o. Bos it*.   Telephone
Solicitor and Notary. OffJess HsH
block,88   Lorne   street.  New  WsatmJa-
ster, B. ''.
London, Ontario, has ?,t last succeeded in getting Sun
day street cars and the funny thing about it is that since
Hiram ('. Gill, Esq., became Seattle's chief magistrate.
V'ii . r March 4. The reporl of
the provincial labor commission,
which has been iniikiiii; enquiries
thre.ui.-lii.:: British Columbia for the
pa^t fifteen months, was laid on the
table . ; the legislature by the premier in. i night, li is n rather elaborate doi in nl of some 70 pages, and
deals with n surprisingly large number of economic problems cf tin* day.
The commissioners are unanimous in
fi rtnightly payday In coal mines,
wherever situate, but ihis is not to
apply to agricultural laborers, or on
railroads or railroad construction
work, "or such other industries or
employment as may be from time to
linn* i xempted bj the lieutenant governor in council from llie operation of
such a law." The employer, however,   may   withhold   I.a;. ment   for     a   being i h
period of eight days In oi i r thai i m
plovers in large Industi es may adjust the accounts of thi workmen, as
the commission is of the opinion that
, .. ,, .,    in   mines,   for   instance,   It   would   be
ster, am   John Jardine, o   Esquimau.  ,, ,.,, ,���,,., ,,   .
"bvn usly Impossible to pay wages to
The legislature has ordered the docu    date where ,������. work lB done ,)V piece.
in. ir lo be printed for distribution, so   worh   ami   ,|u.,,,   ar(,   var|0UB   ,],,.,���.
that all persons interested may have  tions for supplies, etc., to be made,
an    opportunity    of considering    the Time Checks
suggestions made, as undoubtedly the The commissioners And the use of
government will Introduce legislation time clocks which are not negotiable
next s ssion to carry out the findings a ?1.;1V(. aDuge ���,������ mentlon tha' work
of the commission. j men .,,.��� sometimes compelled to walk
A review of the report shows that as far as 50 miles to get them cashed
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given to the
Electors ni  ihe School  District of Burnaby  that  I   require  the presence  of  the
wild   Blectors   ut   tin*   Mutileiiial    11.ill   on
at 12 o'clock noon.
for ih- purpose of electing persons to
serve on the Board of School Trustees of
Burnaby In pursuance of an order of the
[Honorable the Council of Public Instruction, bedrlng date of February 27th, lint,
which order In part  recites ns follows:
"Tiie Honorable the Council of Public
Instruction lias declared Invalid the election of the four trustees held In your
municipality In January last. The resignation "f He* fifth and remaining member
1 ol' Un* linaril Ims also been accepted The
Honorable iin* Council has ruled that another election tor lhe choice of live i*i,s-
| te, 8 le* held in Burnaby Municipality on
SnliinlMv. the 14th of March next, and
that at this election the three candidates
receiving the highest number of voles shall
I... declared elected for two years or until
January, 1916, and the two cmdldatos n*.
I celvlng the next highest number ol i-otes
Minll  lie declared  elected  fqr one  year or
j iiniil Januar), m i."..'
The mode of nomination of Candidates
shall bi ns follows: The Candidati ��� shall
be nominated In wrltln . lhe writing si ill
l.e subscribed by two voters of the Si li , il
District   ns   Proposer   and   Sccondei,   and
' ihnll lie di liv.-r. il to i!i.- Returning o;'-
iii** i ui nny time i, twoen the .e.i ��� of
his nolle.- end _' o'clock  p.m. on  the day
| of nomination, and in I n   e\ > ei  of   i [ oil
such   poll  will  be opi ....:
Barristers and Solicitors, tuis io tii
Westminster Trust Hlock. (;. K. Martin, w, (j. McQuarrie and eieorge I.
SATURDAY,   MARCH   14,   1914
at 9 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.
the commissioners  have  not  shirked  and  notes   one    instance    when
their BndingB, and the report is siK'i-  any   ol   the   controversal
<*d  by  them all,    H. (',.  Parsons,    of  placed before them. The document In
Golden, chairman-   A.  M.  Harper, of  mailers of controversy generally sets
Vancouver; J, A. MacKelvle, of Ver-  oul  iin* contentions of ihe employee
non:   I;   .'.   Stoney, of Xew  Westmin* I and the employer, and then the con-
Suffered For 10 Months With Terrible Kidney Trouble
Until He Learned Of GIN PILLS
''I suffered misery even when under I with the result that I am a cure'1, man.
treatment from lhe best doctors for ten j I recommend GIN PILLS to everyone
���months, and nothing seemed to do mc
any good or relieve my painful condition.
My trouble was Inflammation of llic
Kidneys and Bladder, I finally determined to v,o to the Victoria Hospital,
Halifax, for Irenlmi nt. Two (lavs.
however, heforeiuy Intending departure,
a neighbor called and happening to have
a GIN PILL in his pocket insist on my
taking it. I did so, and six hours after
taking it, the results ami benefits I
derived   were   simply    nothing    short
nuffering from Kidney and liladder
It makes no difference what yon have
been using���if you have any trouble
with the Kidneys or Bladder���if the:
Trine is hot nud scalding or if your
Back aches or you have Rheumatism -
tnke GIN PILLS ami cure yourself.
Remember, every 1>>x of Gin Tills is
sold with a guarantee of satisfaction or
money back. ,soc. a box, 6 (or $2.50 at
all druggists,   Sample free if you write
Municipal   Hall,   Edricnds.
Hamilton   Roal   School,   Burquitlam.
Garnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Avenue
E.  Eurnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store. Burnaby Lake.
Kingsway West School, McKay.
Methodist Hall, Boundary and Pandora.  North  Burnaby.
Social Club Room, Capitol  Hill.
Schou   Street   School,   Broadview.
Nelson Avenue School, Alta Vista.
Sperling Avenue  School,  Lakemeie.
Riverway East School, South Burnaby.
Any person being a timle British subject, ...ut having been for the three months
ncxi preceding the day of ids nomination
thi registered owner, In the Land Registry Office, ei land in real property situate within the Municipality nf the assi hs. ,i
value, on tin* Inst Municipal 01 Provincial
Assessment roll, nf two hundred and flftj
dollars nr more over nnd above any reg-
I111111- Istered judgment or chargi . or being a
liomi��st(*ftder, lessee fi*"in the Crown, 01-
prc-eniptor,   who   has   resided   within   the
Municipality for the spa 1  one >��� n  or
more Immediately preceding the day of
nomination, and is assessed for five hundred dollars m* more on the lasl Muni. Ipnl
01- Provincial assessment roll over and
above nny registered judgment or charge;
or Ucliits a homesteader, lessee from lhe
Crown, or pre-emptor who has resided
within the Municipality for n pei I id ol .. ,.
throttled   '-''���"   immediately   preceding  the  n Ina
'I n,   and   during   the   remainder  of  Bald
... ,    ,   yenr Ims 1 11 ii... owner nf said land, .11
Ih"  commission   recommends    that   which   he   formerly   was   a   horn    *  nder,
time  checks  be  made negotiable and   |'***  from the Crown, or pre-emptor, and
that    all    laborers    when discharged   *! ;.''':  ,'','  ';"','\v,v I".""1,'"1  ���'"������ars ,'��;
. ,       . ., "--I-, o   ���,,,, n tne |aS|  Municipal .n   Provincial
from   hogging or  railroad  construction   assessminl   roll  over nnd above  nny  reg-
camps    be  provided    when    reuqired   'stered   ludgmenl   or   charge,   and   being
with the necessary means oi triuis.i;;;:'',1,^,;;,,;'';;^:::;;!,,:;^,^,^^;',-':,^
portatlon to tin* nearest office ot the school district, shall be eligible to be elect-
employer where a Una! settlement of  ,,ci '"' '" serve as a school trustee in such
district municipality school district.
Cause of the Roman Empire.
The reason "why lhe Roman empire
succeeded the republic" wns tbat
there wus felt to be an urgent need
of a strong central power. Tor many
years the republic hud been desolated.
11 nd the cry of tbe whole people wns
for pence-peace lit almost any price
Now, pence could be secured only by
the UMceiidutiey of n single mnn, ruling with absolute and Irresistible
sway. So tbe people acquiesced in the
change. Thev even hailed it with ,|oy.
A few patriots like BrutUS and Cnto
gave up In despair, but most men were
pleased with tbe revolution which
made Cnesar supreme���not that tbey
were monarchistic nt heart, but that
after the devastating strife they wanted pence, even though It be at lhe BllC-
rillee of some of their liberties.���St.
Louis Times.
Japanese Fashions.
A .lapnnese woman of fashion Is by
im menus 11 drain on her husband's
litiance.s The cost of ber wearing up
l-arel Is very small Indeed when compared to her sister of the*Occident.
She wears $111.80 v.orth of Clothing under tier kimono, lhe latter costing
about tiSi The obi costs another $125.
Numerous tyllfg paraphernalia sum up
lo ill 2a, ami a set of footwear
..mounts to about $0. Combs and hairpins ornamented witli gems cost $346,
n shawl $7.fS0, 11 diamond neck clasp
SluO, a total of a little more than $1100
I'm n season, This is a very modest
���nil.i.v when compnred to the enormous cost of apparel for tile woiniiu
it fashion in New Vork and Paris.���
New Vork Sun
COAL MININU rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberts,
lhe Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion or tho Provloos
of British Columbia, may be leased fr ���
term of twenty-one ye��rn at an annual
rental of II an acre. Not mora than HIS
acres wlll he leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be inix-lt
by the applicant In person to the ^K-rit
or Sub-Agent of the district In wldci, ;hi
: rights applied for are situated
I     In surveyed territory the land must   t>��
I described   by  sections,   or   legal   iub-dJTf.
1 lions of sections, and In unsurveyad territory the tract applied for simii o*
staked out by the. applicant himself
Each application must be accomoanlea
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded If
the rights applied for an* not available
but not otherwise. A royalty ulinll bs
paid on the merchantable output of ths
mine at the rate of five cents per too
The person operating tha mine ahaii
.'unilHh the Agent wlili sworn returns
socountlng for the full quantity r.f mar-
onantable coal mined and pay tbe my.
tlty thereon. If the coal mining rights
ire not being operated suoh returns should
ie  furnished  nt   least  once a year.
The lense will Include the coal mtnlna
rights only, but the leasee will be u-r-
nltted to purchase whatever avallabla
lurface rights isay be considered necss-
��ary for the working of the mine at tin
rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application should
Ic made to the Secretory ���f ti,,.  Depart.
iient of the Interior, Ottawa   or  to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands,
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
N. R���Unauthorised publication of ibli
idvertlHPinent wlll not be p��|rt for
problems I laborer was arrested for atealing a
ride on a railroad train when In* hud
in bis possession a time check of lh>
railway company, bat which lhe con
dttctor had no authority to accept In
payment of fare. The commission
also H111I3 that along the line of tin-
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway company ihe time check evil was uni-
- irsal, only in this instance merchants as well as laborers were
i. red by the system of time checks
11 use there. Merchants have virtually
hei 11 put out of business by the rail
way contractors refusing to tumor
the time clocks they had received.
Tbe commission considers this In re
stralnt ci trade and commerce and
are: of the opinion thai competition
should not be allowi d to bi
by this method.
A  Lesson In Spelling.
The   l..wyer    was.   Scotch,   and   thp
���ii'leie w as Kngllsll     The ease III argil
���in-lit concerned certain water rights,
und Ibe lawyer bad fre(|Uently to use
: In- word "water." which he pronounced  Very  liroml
"Mr Sou 1 id-so," al Inst Interrupted
Ilie Jndge, "do you spell water with
1 wn is in jour country?"
"Nn, im. my lord." quickly retorted
ihe lawyer, "but We spell manners wi'
tWfl   lis!"
of iniracii'ons.    Instead of going to the [National  Drug and  Chemical  Co., of
hospital, I sent fora box of GIN TILLS, jCanada, Limited, Toronto. 2; 1
wages  can   be    obtained  and   further
that  in default of such payment on
! account  in order to provide for such
I transportation every employee be en
(liven under my hand nt  K.liu.ituls.
3rd day  of  .March.   Itlll.
ARTHUR ('..  Min IRK,
(3021 i Returning Off
Mixed Odors.
"My   wife   was   to  give  ft   rose  ten
everything Bcenteil with roses."
"A  ilelieate conceit "
"Ves. but things went wrong, The
people In Ihe next flat took that oc-
������iihIiiH lo have onions and cabbage."-
Louisville Courier Journal.
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Man of His Word.
IVIfe��� You've changed dreadfully.
Before we were married you said thnl
you'd lay down your life for me. Hub
-Well, I did ���my life of single Mens
edness.-- Exchange.
It Is vain to put wealth within thi
������"ach of him who will not stretch on
���ii'   hand  t.i  InUe  it.    Samuel  .loliiisoi!
Transfer Co.
OfMce Phone 185.        Barn Phone  137.
Begbie  Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News THURSDAY,   MARCH   5.   1914.
a   Real  Opportunity  for You at
G. T. P. Freight and Passenger Division Headquarters
and the Dominating Centre of the Bulkley Valley Which
Will Make You Big Profits
(From    Vancouver    Daily    Province,
January 15, 1914.)
Smithers Growth
Has Been Amazing
From   Forest   to   Thriving
Town in Less Than One
Hundred Days.
Will   Have   Population   of
1.100 When Gold Spike
Is Driven.
SMITHERS, I! C, .Ian 16. Despite i'ie prevailing talk of dull times
which has beep general throughout
Canada duriine t'ne past few months,
northern Hrltish Columbia seems not
i.) lime heard of it. Ther" is no Indication that the news has penetrated  to this  part of the  province.
'ihis new division point on the
Grand Trunk Pacific Elallway has set
a record in dull time* that is far
ahead of the performance of other
young cities in general prosperity.
From fort-Rt to thriving town in
less than om- hundred daya has been
the neord of .Smithers. The first
lots ��'-r>- offend for sale In .September and since that date there has been
an average of one modern   business
building or residence erected every
day Although born under lowering
financial skies in tin' fan end of 11*13.
it  has  grown  with   surprising vigor.
In September tho pew division
point, was but a small clearing In the
forest and a huddle of tents stood on
the townsite. About thirty persons
made up the entire population. Today there is a population of over 700
and there are 125 buildings, while
more business houses and homes are
being erectfd every day. and every
train brings additions to the population
Work has just been started on a
���government bridge across the Bulkley
river at this point, which wlll connect
the rich farming district on the other
ride of the valley directly with this
town. The government has spent
$50,000 (luring the past year on road
work about Smithers. . and plans to
spend a like sum during the coming
season. Private enterprise is constructing other roads that will hrin?,
the rich tributary country nearer Lo
thin thriving centre.
Among these ls the highway to the
Copper river coal properties to the
west, where a big development is
promised (luring 1914. There was
never so much work on the mining
properties all about .Smithers as now,
and owners are driving tunnels and
milking borings to determine the extent of the rich ore veins In the nearby mountains, Now that the completion of the transcontinental railway is a matter of a few months, more
talk than ever before is heard of a
smeller for Smithers, and a big milling
development is at hand.
Settlers an- coming Into tho district in large numbers, and there is
a good demand for farms. Many
ranches of Uie Bulkley valley, which
have hitherto been farmed indifferently, will thia year know for the first
time careful tillage. Better results
than ever are confidently expected In
Bulkley  valley agriculture.
Nothing but optimism prevails
hereabouts us the now year opens.
Although other sections of Canada
look for a notable improvement in
business conditions during 1914 It
could hardiy be better than the old
year in northern Rritish ('olumbia. If
t*'n* same rate of growth is maintained for the coming four months, and
there la every reason to believe it will
be far surpassed, Smithers will be an
Important city of at least 1,500 people
when the golden spike, completing the
(Irani! Trunk transcontinental line, is
driven this spring. As soon as transcontinental trains arrive the movement of people Into this section of
Uritish ('olumbia is expected to bo
very large, and by next. July this population estimate will unquestionably
be  much   increased.
Smithers is the only freight and
passenger division headquarters
on the main line of the Grand
Trunk Pacific between the western terminal, Prince Rupert, and
Prince George. The railway
company is spending over $300,-
000 in Smithers for shops, round
house and other division point
facilities. This means a big railway payroll and prosperity for
the town.
Smithers is the dominating center of the rich Bulkley Valley
which has, according to government bulletins, about 300,000
acres  of  arable  land,  besides
large deposits of coal, silver, copper and lead and almost unlimited water power. Smithers is,
without question, the fastest
growing young town in the interior of British Columbia. It is
bound to be the only big town in
tbe tateitov between Prince Ba-
pert and Prince George.
For three days only
We Offer just 50
Lots, ten blocks
from the City Hall
Square at-   -   -   -
Hundred Lots
were sold in
Vancouver in
six days.
$12.50 DOWN.   BALANCE $5.00 PER MONTH
These lots start ten blocks northwest from the Cty Hall Square at Smithers,
the accepted centre of this wonderful new town, rig-it ou both sides of and
near Fifth avenue, I'art of the property is absolutely clear, while the rest is
( uly slightly timbered with light poplar and spruce. These lots are slightly
higher than the business section, and all of them have good, hard soil. They
nre absolutely dry and well drained. Every lot is an excellent building site.
The title to every lot is absolutely perfect, coming direct from a Crown Grant.
These lots alio designated on the plan as SMITHERS ANNEX.
Smithers can grow in only one direction, and tint is northwest. The wonder-
lul growth which has already taken place has been in that direction, and the
history of every large city in the west is being repeated at Smithers. The biggest growth is always to the west. And there is one big thing to be remembered. Smithers is not a boom town. It is not a possibility- not a dream. It
is a large, well established, thriving community, growing every day, with rails
already iivand regular train service, with business buildings, homes, churches,
theatres, electric light plant and over 700 people. It is a freight and passenger
division point for a transcontinental railway. It is the natural distributing
and supply centre of a large, rich district, lt is backed by vast natural resources, by the Buppot of one of the largest ralway companies in the world,
by the optimism of the people already there, by the amount of money already
invested there, and by the big future In store for it with the opening of trans-
cintintal traffic tills Spring or Summer.
Oct fn now���while you can. A few cents a day will pay for one of these lots.
Study the histody of other towns. Study the history of the town of Vancouver.
We are not trying to sell you a lot at $300 or $500 or $1,000, but at $42.50, and
only 10 blocks from the centre of the town and In the path of its growth. That
is C'.ie only way you can make money, big money. When you buy a lot for $500
or $1,000 you have to wait longer to make a profit than when you buy for
$42.50. It you sell it for $100 you will make over 100 per cent, on your money.
And these lots are bound to be worth every cent of $100 or more when trans-
cntlnental traffic is established. The time to get an interest in Smithers at
This ridiculously low price is now. The big profits iu real estate have always
been made by those who got in early at a low price. The reason why some
are poor and some rich is not a matter cf luck. Success is only attained by
improving one's opportunities. Failure is the result of waiting, inactivity
and doubt.
Let us tell yen more about these lots at Smithers and this great opportunity.
The small number of lots offered at this low price will not last long. Next
offering will be at a higher price. Come in at any time and investigate this
opportunity. We will not importune you to buy. There will be no oblgation
on your part. But investigate today, now, and don't let this opportunity slip
by Into your history of past regrets. If you cannot conveniently come to our
office, put your name and address on the coupon and let us send you description of this property.    Do it now, right away.
Commercial  Hotel, New Westminster
THURSDAY,   MARCH   5.   1914
We an- unloading a car of
AgMSiJ Potatoes today. Fine,
white, smooth skinned potatoes,
tree from black i-poi:-. claimed
to be equally as good as As!i-
crofts.  p.*r  inu  |b,  sack.  $1.25.
Turnips,    excellent    quality,
per lh !i' ,c.
Cabbage,   per lb 3c.
Beett,  Carrots,   Parsnips,  etc.
Hothouse   Lettuce    5c.
California Celery. 2 heads.  25c.
tlreen Onions, bunch    5c.
Oranges,   small   size,   sweet
Bad juicy. 2 dozen 25c.
llananas.   dozen    30c.
Apples,  ei   lbs 25c.
. irapefrult, 2  for   :...25c.
We also  have oranges  at   20c,
25c, and 35c. dozen.
Lemons, large, fancy, doz..25c
Coeoanuts, each   15c
Dry Onions, well cured. 2 lbs 25c
Model Grocery
Pbone 1001 2.
Branch,   Second
SOS Sixtli St.
East    Burnaby
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed*
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
We Have
to Loan
Property must be well improved and worth at least double the
amount of the loan.
For full particulars call at one
office and  let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
Hit' Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
606   Columbia   Street.
S   K EITH, Manager.
Local News
Repairing Road.
Coquitlam municipal road gangs are
repairing Austin road for the benefit
of    ai.toists    journeying   to  the   golf
links and local traffic.
probation and IH were discharged OBIproceed to tin Atlantic coast I) be
probation and two died. Of the total j attached to tbe Atlantic battleship
under treatment daring toe month 7311flee1 tt|1), Norfolk as tbe home yard,
were males  and  l-Tii females.    There i t ���.   ... ,,������.������,,     4<* '  duy.s     ,,
270 female*
waa an Increaae of four patients in
the hospitals al tbe end of tha month.
All bul about ?50 of the male patients
are  now   treated  at   Kssondale.
Alterations  requiring
complete   wm    brat    be mane.
Jupiter will proceed then tftrougfa ta<
,i;i,i.i;. of  -Magellan.
Last week of skating al Arena.
Hookey practices tonight, skating
Priday night Admission 26c, Hand
iii attendance Saturday night. Admission  40 cents. lodill)
Hearse  Arrives.
A   modern  hearse  purchased  by  S.
Bowell, undertaker, from an eastern
carriage manufacturing firm, has just
arrived  in the city.
Lost     Brown     and     while     puppy
Finder please return to 72n Agnes St.
An  Exciting Operation  That Wat  Repaid by Ciratitude.
Wliei il  the timers 111  the zoological gardens In Dublin wus treated
���ne In Its paw. Uev. Samuel
M     I),   undertook   to   per-
.i ifiingri
File Chief Watson has condemned
the slu-af grain exhibits now decorat
ing tin- walls of the board of trade
rooms, city hall, as a possible cause
of fire. The firemen Will remove the
sheaves today.
handed out as follows: Sue Tluk Tang
\s Delitang, suit on promissory note,
Judgment of $80 for plaintiff; Frank
Munro, Huntingdon, vs. R. J. Shor-
treed, suit on promissory note for
$866, $866, with Interest at 10 per cent
Court   of   Revision. ou  original     note  allowed     plaintiff;
The I'ort Coquitlam court of revis- gj, (��� Phillips vs. Western Lumber and
ion mi the assessment roll wlll be j ghlngle company, Vancouver, judg-
held on May 5 at lu o'clock in the I ment for $438 again entered by eon-
mornlng . The license commission i som; j. |j. Craves, city. vs. William
of the same city will meet on Wed-]Baton, Surrey, action for team hire,
nesda.v.  March   11   In  the afternoon,  judgment of $L'5 for plaintiff.
F. Mor will sell by public auction,
under Instruction* trom 11 ���' Russell
st his Westminater auction house, i
King's hotel block, Columbia street on
Thursday next, March S, at 2 p.m.
sharp, a lot of household furniture.
consisting of beds, springs, mattressea
and dressers, rugs, Kitchen cabinet,
ranges, crockery, tinware, etc., etc. in-.
eluded in tue sale will also be a lot of I UnilgUtuu
groceries  brought to  store  for con- j r..r    dangerous  experiment   o.
venience of Bale.   Particular! of sale   -pei at lug on tbe animal.
at auction rooms. The mute of the tiger was first se-
������- I ,-uieil in ii side den.    A net devised by-
County Court. I |'ioles>,.r Haiighton  wan thrown ovei
His honor .Indue Howay dealt with i the tiger, and be was drawn forward
four  minor  civil  suits  In the county i ���, t\H, door of the cage.    Four stout
pourt    yesterday.      Judgments    were, i |M,,.S   t_e0   held   the   feet   of   the
struggling    animal,    while    Professor
member the lecture at Columbian
re  tonight by  Miss Ronnie  Hen-
cut   away    the   diseased
Weather Today.
n'im Westminster and lower mainland: Light to moderate winds, mostly easterly ami westerly; generally
fair ami not much change in temperature
We  serve  light   lunches.
Grant's Bakery, 787 Columbia Si.
Somebody Lost Door Key.
A dool key attached to a portion of
a lady':: bracelet  has  been  found and
is ai. The News office.
Money to loan on trrst mortgages
improved city and farm property. 9
per cent. Alfred W. McLeod.      (3009)
Committed  For Trial.
Dallas Percival Ewbanks of Burquitlam,   was  committed   for  trial  yesterday hy Magistrate Beatty in Burnaby
police court, charged with a statutory
offence. Tin- preliminary evidence
was of a nauseating character.
Abuse of the World.
Members of tin- v. m. c. a. of Col
mil!>ia college yesterday afternoon list
ened with much interest to an address I
delivered by  Rev.  F.  W. Kerr, pastor |
of st. Andrew's Presbyterian church. |
on "The Use and Abuse of the World." j
Kev. in. Sanford, principal of the college, Introduced the speaker while at
the close  of  the  address  a  vote of
I tlm ilk s  was  moved  by   William   Dean
t and  seconded  by  Allen   Marwood  and
unanimously   passed   to   Mr.   Kerr.   R.
1 Morrison  occupied  the chair.
Try our tea. coffee and pastry.
Grant's Bakery, 7;',7 Columbia St.
May  Be  Some  Difficulty.
The application of James  Brookes
for the lease of city property on which
to rebuild the plain of the Westmina
ter   Woodworking   company,   will   be
taken   up  at   lhe*   regular   meeting  ofI.Gazette.
the  city   council   on   Monday   evening
next.     At   a   conference   held   yester-j
day between  Mr. Brookes and a com-1
initte of the city council a  possible
i hitch  cropped  up owing to the forni-
I er's claim that a clause binding bim
to   white  labor   would   make   il   prac-
tlcally impossible for him to operate
at a profit.    Mr.  Brookes claimed that '
| this applied to unskilled labor of which
| a   very small   percentage  was  i s-
, sary at such a plant as in* operates
The suffering benst furiously but
vainly tried to get nt blm during the
operation, but the ruge of the tigress
looking on through the burs of the
side den was much more terrible to
behold. She roared und violently
(lung herself ngaiiist the barriers iu
her mad desire to go to the rescue of
ber mute.
When the tigress was admitted to
the cage after the wound of her mate
i bad been dressed she turned up tbe
! paw nnd examined it with touching
I solicitude nnd then licked her mate
! as a cat licks her kittens to soothe
them, purring softly the while.
But perhaps ihe most extraordinary
part of tbe affair was the sequel.   A
week later  Professor llaugbton was
I again  at  the /oo to see bow  bis  pa*
I tient was getting on.    When the animal espied him be began to purr like
a  cat.   allowed   him   to  examine   the
i paw    and    seemed    pleased    Unit    he
J should do so.    Indted, for years after
I ward   the   tiger   and   tigress   showed
i themselves most friendly and grateful
I to Professor Haugbton.���Westrnlnstei
extends an invitation to all ladies in New Westminster and district to come to her
Millinery Opening
On   Wednesday   and   Thursday,
March 4th and 5th
Note Change of Address:
If not a policy in the NORTH   AMERICAN   LIFE   will   do  It
SOLID  AS  THE  CONTINENT. The policyholders'company.
WHITE, SHILES & CO. (Agents)
716 Columbia St.      312 315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 83L.
To   Increase  Strength.
Permission has been granted Lieut.
II. r. Schofield, commanding the Burnaby  troop of  B,  C.   Horse,  by  Col,
Kriek of Kuniioops, to proceed with
the enrollment of the unit to double
strength. This is the first instance
on the lower mainland where such permission   has  been   granted.
Electricity   Driven   Shin.
Vailejo,  Cal.,  March   I.    Tl;.-
Jupiter, which  recently  made
cessful trial  trip, will  In*   the
ship propelled with electrically
a ������Hell'\st
machinery to make an extended
I cruise. Telegraphic orders received
' here  today   instruct  thai   the  Jupiter
Socialist Candidate. ���
Socialists in Burnaby are plan-l|
candidate In tin* n<*xt
provincial   election   accoiding   to   information given out   yesterday.
l Soci
\     The Social
I liinee  to entc
Few ali   building  supplies and  fuel
oil apply  to the il. C.  Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phoin   826, wharf phone 8S0.
���'  " (3015)
| The People's Grocer
Ratepayers'  Meeting. j
School matters ami the proposed reduction of the police force will likely j
be taken up at tin- refflllar meeting of ;���
War.! One Ratepayers association on I
Friday evening io Ifthnson's hall a
Highland  Park,
City Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Pranch    373
West  End  Branch    650
Insure ii.
largest fire
W.  McLeod
the    Roya*   the   world's
ompany.    Agent, Alfred
, the Insurance Man.
Harbor   Engineer's   Bill.
A meeting ol the harbor committee
was held yesterday when the bill of
the engineer for $7000 odd in extras
was examined In detail. Tin* engineer
was present and {plained the different items. The attitude of the committee !n respect t * the bill will prob
ably be announced at the meeting of
| the  council on  Monday
Cooking   Demonstration.
At the regular meeting of the Bur
qultlain Women's Institute to be held
on Tuesday next, Mrs. (iunn will give
a demonstration of cooked pastry and
! Mrs. Stickney of layer cakes. The
meeting will beheld in the hall, Austin
i road. The organization meeting Of
the institute will take place on Tuesday,   'larch
Patientr st Asylum.
A total of 1001 patient*, were treated
| at the public hospital^ for the Insane
j during February according to the
im.m'.ily report of Ur. ('. K. D iherty,
I medical suj erlntendent. Twenty-nine
I patients were admitted during the
j month, five wore discharged without
Pino   lure-     FUh,   each       So.
Finnan  II.oldie. 2 lbs 25c.
Codfish Strips, boneless, 8 lbs.... 35c. i
Choice   LincG   of   Canned   Fish.
Bruce's   Herring  In  Tomato  Sauce,
special,   1   lb,  tins at.3 for 25c;   large,
tins at 15o. each.
Packing (iirl Sardines, 2 tins  ...25c.
Minced  < lams,  per  Iin    10c.
Sago,   I   lbs 25c.
Tapioca,   4   liis 25c.
English  Lentils, 3 ibs 25c.
Clothes Pins, 5 dozen for   10c.
Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 tins   25o.
KIckitt's Blue, 6 pkts  25:.
San Juan Cleanser, just a few tins left
special 5 fcr 25c.
Dean's Grocery
Re sid- nee
Room   118   Mcl.eod
Phone 488 I..
Let us supply your fish
through Lent. We carry a complete stock of Smoked. Salted
and Canned.
Canned Fish
Tuna California's game fish:
niee for salads, sandwiches, etc.
pi .   tin   25c.
Salmon. Sardines, Herring.
Haddle,   FlshballB,   \t chovies.
Smoki d    Fish    Salm in,   Hall*
1 ut,  Herring,  Finnan   Haddle.
S lit  Fis h    I [erring,  I 'i dfish.
We also carry Lobster in
class, Sardine In glae Clams,
Shrimps, Oysters; Fish Pastes
In small j i ������ Shrimp, Anchovie,
Bloater, Salmon  Sai dli ��� .        ,
You will find n ir * heh es w< 11
slocked  with  an  asi nent ol
Jams, Jellies and Preserved
Try our Sp< cial  Pie  Pi aches,
2 tins for 25c.
Pictureique Spot Where the
Author Lies at Rest.
Few people perhaps know anything
about the picturesque English village
of Bosbury. lying almost beneath tin
shadow of the lengthy rampart of hill!
which divides the valley of tbe Sev
em from undulating, orchard clad
Herefordshire It was to this garden
of England, a veritable glory of appli
i blossom In tbe springtime, that Edns
Lyall delighted to go for n few weeks
in ea. h year of her short life, anil II
was Bosbury churchyard tbat sbt
! chose for ber lust  resting place.
Her grave  beneath   the shadow  ol
1 an old churchyard cross Is n very slin
i pie  one���merely  n   plot of grass   bor
dercil by her favorite rose trees   Opot
, it kIiukIs a small  loiia cross wltb tin
(Edna Lyall).
February Sth. IM3.
"My trust Is iri the tender
mercy of Ood for ever und ever"
"Won by Waiting" wns Edna Ly
nil's first book. -The Autobiography
of a Slander" reached Its twenty-four
thousandth edition soon after publico
tion and was translated into several
languages'���Great Thoughts,
JllH        Lawn Grass, Onion Setts
fclLlal       NOW IN STOCK
701  Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
At the nge of twenty-one Raphael
had done work that had well surpass*
ed his muster, who wns tbeu a uiaii ol
hfty .eight
By the time he was twenty-five
Raphael's fame bad so spread thai
Pope Julius II. summoned him tc
Koine to decorate certain chambers io
the papal palace. From Ihis time to
his death. .1 period of twelve years, he
remained the greater part or the tiim
in Koine. Though most famous us ;i
(uiinter. In- was sufficiently great in
architecture also to be appointed al
the age of thirty to succeed Briininute
ns the architect of the new st. Peter's
Rill Ids greatest commission remained
still, that of decorating the walls ol
the Vaf|can, The remaining years ol
his life were crowded with nn iiiuttz
ine.' amount of work���numbers of largi
and smaller pnlntings ami numerous
frescoes.���Won ia n's  Home Companion
Used to Her Yells.
The   story    of   the    hid    who   cried
"Wolf!"  to  fool  111*  neighbors bad  u
modern  version  lhe other night In an
Iptown apartment  house,    Miss 11. lie
gnu taking music lessons Everybody
henrd her and got more or less used to
it Bul the other night Miss II start
ed to yell as usual, every one thought
nnd Ilie neighbors went riu-lit on trying to i iy nn attention lu it. As u mar
ter of fact, Miss II. hail found a bur
Klar in in-r apartment, and lie not nwny
with Miss II 's jewels just because ev
i-e.v em- iliil go right on paying no ut
teiitlon lo her.--.New Vork Tribune.
��� breaking ihe trail in the Great VVhne
Silence of the Northland, the prospector
must travel light. The little grub he
carries must be amply sustaining. So as
a basis he packs ROYAL STANDARD
FLOUR. The concentrated goodness of
the finest wheat in the world. For any
journey ���In any clime ���Worth it's
weight in gold.
Social and Persona
,\    Phillips,
ill   not   receive
123   Queens
this    in'!' r
.1. A. .Manson, Cloveniale, and T. It.
Me.Maiuis, Barnet, Jos. Holmes. M.
Thompson, .1. Bowies and W. Heath,
all of Nanaimo.   are   guests   at   the
Savoy  hotel.
hr. Plaskett, president of the Itoyai
Astront mlcal Society of Canada,
brother ol Kev. Frank PlaBkett, pastor Of St. Mary's church, Sapperton
delivered a lecture on astronomy uu
der tbe auspices of the Victoria
Natural History society, al
yesterday evening.
Rev,   Canon   d'Easum   will
Lenten   services   to   lx>   held
when his passing occurred. Shortly
attir he lefl ror England the late Mr.
(Caves' home In Burt)Uitlani was totally ih Btroyi d by lire.
Arrive at Vera  Cm?:.
Vera Cruz,  Mexico,   March 4.   The
president's yacht, the  Mayflower, ai
rived i if Vera Cruz tonight, On board
are the wife and  two daughters    of
tli ar  Admiral  Fletcher and  ( aptain
II.   M    11.  Hum,  ol   tin*  lineal  war col
lege, Newport, who will become \d
lnirn! Fletcher's chief of staff. The
passengers will land tomorrow.
condui t
in     si
*?*.-r    mitir-.k
Phone  386.
ai - Ihe - News
The advantage of having money is never more apparent than
when examining our line of FULL VALUE Mechanics' and Carpenters' Tools and able to buy t'.i <��� best.
An ordinary mechanic can d i better work with good tools than a
goi.i mechanic can do with poor tools.
If quality, satisfaction and service count, come i.i and examine
our tools.
New  Westminster Pbone  59
Hard   Luck.
"1  always have tough link."
"Wlnit's tin- matter?"
-|  paid  Brown t'i that  I  borrowed
front him several weeks ngo."
"Where's Ihe tough luckV"
���ll.*  said  afterward  tbat  he'd   for
gotten    nil    about    It!"���Detroit    Free
Albans church,
evi ninn.
Burnaby,    tomorrow
Often the Case.
"It  wi* a  fair light.  Wnan't it?"
"Sun-    t   wan.     The  under  dog
��� whipped "
-c.-i.I   hat n fair fight?"
"Walt,   now,   let   me   explain.     The
��� under dog provoked It."���St. I.ouls Ite
, publii*.
Cheerful Postscript.
.loin-H Tin. Browns have bought a
enr. Wife Can't you say something
cheerful once In awhile? Jones���The
bttmrnpKt machine I ever saw and sec-
mid hand nt that:���Chicago News.
Whnt   ripens
fast does not laifc--
I.OTT Stephen James l^ott died at
the advanced age of W at lhs home
in this city on Saturday, The fun
eral look place yesterday afternoon
from the undertaking parlors of S.
Howell io tin- Church of England
oemetery. Kev. I'. Plaskett, of Sap
perton, officiate d,
JONES* The funeral of tin- late
Frederick E. Jones took place yesterday afternoon, intermenl being made
in the Church ol England cemetery,
Services were conducted at Holy
Trinity cathedral and a: the grave-
side by Kev. Canon d'Easum. Then*
was a large attendance and many
beautiful floral tributes were left bj
the graveside,
EAVES Arthur Eaves, of Burquitlam, Is dead in England when* he
went on a visit some months ago, according to letters received by friends.
Cancer was the cause. The death occurred ,u Soutbport Mrs. Eaves was
on  Iter  way  lo her husband's bedside
Froze in Mother's Arms.
Moose .law, March -l The mounted
police have exhumed tin* body of
little Katie Schwab, who was frozen
or stifled in death In lur mother's*
arms on January 19, in lhe Estevan
district, after the parents were, it is
alleged, turned away by Anton Zim
merman from his homestead. A post
mortem examination will be made be
lore lie Inquest Is held Friday, and
Zimmerman is summoned to appear
i ii thai day.
Grain   Growers'   Company   Purchases
Output  of   Fence   Concern.
Winnipeg, March *t. A deal unique)
in lis conception wns completed today when the Sarnia Fence eoni|>aii>
agreed to turn over its entire Weal
era business to the drain Growers'
company which will pay an agTc-d
price per ton for the output of tbe
factory and will retail it among the
members, of the Grain Growers' aaso
eintions of Manitoba and the United
Farmers of Alberta ut a working mar
gin ovei  cost.
Tin* agreement goes into effect In
t-*n days. 'Phis Is characterized by
Vice-president Lloyd I.ott of the fence
company, as the first step in the BVO
I ut ion whereby farmers will ultimate!;,
control and own the producing sources
of their mechanical necessities. THURSDAY,   MARCH   5,   1914.
The Ladies'  Ice Hockey club
bas donated  tbe $40 receipts
from the ree< nt name with
Vancouver to tbe llrein< -i's
charily fund. The Ik artiest appreciation of the gift is oppressed by Chief Watson on
behalf cf lhe Bremen.
Atjdie Theatres
for opera house
bias being lied
play-off between
nee Bsary before
piotiship   series
for lirst place. A
these teams will be
the provincial chain-
ean  be  staged   with
Toronto Magnate Wants Len Turnbull, Marshall and the
Spring Brothers���Willing to Spend Pile for Championship Team���Victoria and Westminster May Retaliate Through Lester Patrick.
Another lacrosse war between the]
east and west Kturted yesterday morning on receipt of certain letters from
i; J Fleming, ihe Toronto street rail
way magnate and owner of the Torontos of tin- Hig Four, uHkiiiK Len
I urn bul I, Much Marshall, (irurnpy
Spring and Clifford Spring to name
their own terms to play for the
Ti rontos this coining summer. While
uo decision bus been arrived at by
the  boys il   looks  very  probable  that
Ing to spend unlimited cash iu order
to give the Toronto fans the best
article of the summer pastime on tile
Searboro lleach grounds.
Has Tried Before.
This is tin* same Fleming who tried
to  pinch   I.i ii  Turnbull   and    Clifford
spring in 1912, even going so tar as
to have writs Issued against this duo
and it was only through the united
efforts of the laic Mayor John A. Lee
und Sir William .Mackenzie, R, J's
city  magnate
the Fraser Mills septette, winners of
the New Westminster league.
If It Is at all possible, the first
name will be played on lcr.al Ice next
Tuesday night, tbe arena management having promised to retain good
Ice   until  that  date.
Total goals count In these home
and home games.
A   high   ChUS   vaudeville   show   will
i occupy     the     boards    al   the     opera
I house   for  the   balance  Of  the  season.
Charles   li.   Walls,   manager   of     tin
! Westminster opera    house,    returned
from Seattle yesterday after complet
ing arrangements for tue produc:ion
! here  of   tne   best   obtainable   in     the
j vaudeville    world.    The    llrst    shovi
will  be seen    on    Monday    ntKht,    a
1 change being made twice weekly with
j matinees on  Wednesdays and Saturdays.
The program will comprise eleven
numbers, a feature for lhe first week
being the De Young Sisters and company in a spectacular attraction en
titled "Neptune's Haughtcr." This is
u swimming and diving act in which
seven people lake part. There Is also
five other acts, two reels of moving
pictures and several numbers by
Rushton's orchi sira.
...viral of ihem -.-ill accept the offer boss, that the Queen
while it Ik possible thai Hughle OU- retired from Uu light.
rord  will Join  the  bunch. Hobby   Fleming  is a  fighter
Fleming Is after material to repi at
ins success of 1912 when bis team
���...ii th" championship of the Dominion   Lacrosse  association,  and   is   will-
Mulvey & Mulvey
I"   B    Laughing    Dutch    SkiL
��� nl tied ��� Cut That Out."
Charles D. Zaneta
Comedy   Juggling   Act.
Ben La Mott
ihe     Minstrel    Comedian,
Corker  in  Burnt Cork.
Tabloid Comedy
Long Distance
10c and 20c
Two   Shows   Nightly
7:15 and 9:15.
______________________^^   the
real of the owners of franchises in
ihe Big Four now realise, He Is after
players to show the eastern fans the
real article and his Intention of raiding the New Westminster club, should
It be successful, will probably ineiui
ll"*   passing   of   the   Minto   cup   from
the regions of this fresh water port.
With    Turnbull    and    the     Bprlng
brothers  oil    the   Westminster   home
the -sunn  wblcb has been  a  feature!
���a.th  tin* Salmon  Bellies  (or the  past!
ten  years  will  be  lost,     while    Buck,
Marshall   Is   no  slouch   when   talking!
of a defence player.
Marshall's worth as a player was
demonstrated to Mr. Fleming two
.-.ems aro when the Blue Shirts won'
the Hig Four championship, the S. lt.
M. probably figuring that New West-:
minster must be some team if the
players are all of the calibre Of Marshall.
Con Jones in It.
Fleming's action conns as the remit of the retirement of Con Jon*-*s
from Vancouver lacrosse, \_9,i year
tin B C, L. A and .tin* Hig Four sign
id uu agreement which protected
both organisations In the srajr of
players and now thai the Vancouver
mail is out of tin* game the eastern
owners probably figure ihat thi
agreemeni ins automatical!; expired
Victor.a Might Retaliate.
Just whal the local dab will do
could not bi* ascertained yesterday.
Mayor Gray, president of tin- club,
r* fusing to make any Btatemi fit. in
all probability ihe Salmon Bailies
���will bitch up with tbe Victoria club
which is after players, aud If tire
Capitals bave any bank account, retaliation may be In order. The fact
that Lester Patrick, who has interested hi'i.sei: in the licroaae club, is
bow on bis way to tbe ens: accompanied by Joe Gorman, might b-* ih<*
means of a raid Into ilu* enemy's
camp,  there   being  many   players   In
the eaet who are none too anxious to
again iiirn o.it *.iilh Big Four clubs
a: tbe paltry stipend of $2ii per. as
paid  last   summer.
Len   Turnbull  and   Doughy   Spring
are  the  most   likely ones  to make the
jump,    both    these    players   bavlirj
shown  signs "I   discontent   with  coast
lacrosse circles during  the pas-  two
A meeting of the club will probably
called some time today,
Wanderers Defeat Torontos and Give
Canadiens a Chance for Cup���
Ontarios and Ottawas Lose.
By defeating the Torontos at
Toroiro by a score of ',-o the Wanderers last nighl pulled off th<* big
gist surprise of the .v ll. a. season
and, although the curtain was supposed to be rung down on tin- circuit
last night, the result inukcH a play
off wltb Canadiens necessary, Jimmy
Gardner's crew defeating Ontarios in
the home stretch ut  Montreal.
A ��eek ago the Torontos were
picked as the champions, bul they
wlll now la- forced to stretch their
inmost to defeat Canadiens on neutral  Ice In order  for the champions
Ito meet the Victoria, B.C., sept.-ite.
Quebec   found   Ottawa  easy  on   Ancient City ic.*, the former champions
running  away   with  the  game   to  the
tune of 10 to 2.
In   the  game  at   Montreal,  the  On-
j tarios   had  the   edge   until   the    last
'few     mements    of    play     when    the
1 Krenehmt n pulled out.
League  Standing.
I'.     A.
Canadiens    13
x:i      67
tin    <p;
112    76
Ottawa il
1D4     83
Wanderers    7
102    125
Ontarios    4
01    127
The    tn cond    Installment   of   the
series  of  "The   Adventures  of   Kath
lyn"   will  be    seen    at    lhe    Kdison
theatre today.    When the curtain was |
run down on the last scene, Kaihlyn j
had fainted when told that she would j
be forced to many Umballah and be-
come queen,   sin-   quickly   recovers!
and for a   lime   cowes   the   super
StltlOUB  brown   men  and   is  given    a|
week   in     which     to     consider.     She [
must during  this  time, however,  undergo two ordeals with wild animals,
The   parts   played   by   Pundlta���wife
ol a lii^h caste native who is charged |
wltb murder, thus leaving all his pro j
perty Including his wife to the queen
���and by Bruce, an American sports !
matt who rescues Kathlyn on two oc- ,
easterns* an- full of Interest, partlcu* |
iarly   ihe  climax,   when    Kaihlyn    Ie j
plan d  In  an    amphitheatre    with    a
number    of    savage    lions.     In    this
scene,   Bruce,  with  the  assistance  ot
a  band  of high  minded  conspirators,
. manages to conceal a number of land
��� mines which are exploded just as the
animals   spring   on   Kathlyn,     Bruce
leans   Into the arena,  saves  the  prisoner, and has her in his arms as tht
scene dims.
j. j.Jones. MAN-DIR.        J. A.Rennie. 5ECY-TRES
For Immediate Sale
As agent for the assignee we will receive offers up to, and Including March Sth, 1914, for the purchase of, tiie business of the Edmonds General Stores, Ltd., at Jabilee as a going concern. The assets
consist of:
Heal Estate and Buildings, Cost   $4226.76
Furniture  and   Fixtures,  cost   1332.60
Two IL:scb and   Wagons,  cost     525.00
Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods, etc
..  37
The store Is just opposite the B. C. Electric Station at Jubilee
nnd occupies a prominent position. It Is the only store at Jubilee
Station and should be a gocd opening for a live man.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURIN OIL     ���
P     O     BOX    44?
Union House.
Student  Military Camps.
Washington, March 4.  -War depart
ment plans were announced today for
holding student military Instructions;
camps next    .summer   at    Ludlngton,
Mich., for the central section of the
country,  and   at   Monterey,   Cal.,   for
the western.    Burlington,    \'t..   and
Ashevllle,  N.C.,  already    have    bet n
selected    for    ihe    northeastern    and ���
south'astern camps, and a fifth camp
may be at Spokane, Wash.    A departmental bulletin explains that the pur*
i es-. of the camps Is to give the youth
, ol  ilo. enuiaij   an. o|>i>oruuiii>   lu    re-
 ��� White Help.
We use Local produce only.   First Class Cafe.
Reasonable Rates.
Cor. Front and Regbie Sts.
The New Westminster lacrosse club, Imldi rs of the
Minto cup. yesterday mad** ar-
ranii  ments     by     cable     with
Agent  General  Turner in  Lon- uw ���,���������,  att onuuruuiiiy  io    re-  ���
don  to  have  a. wreath  T>l��cea    ft 1 Ce\\c a short m!W"*ry tralnim? fluing \|
IUj^j, jor service at the front if they
should  be  needed.
o-n the bier at Lord Minto's
funeral. Mayor Gray, as president of the club, completed
the arrangements with Mr
wish to announce their Spring Opening and the arrival of some of the latest styles in fabrics. Perfect
Fit and Workmanship Guaranteed.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie 9ta.
.������,  .v.  .".
(By  the  Potter.)
Trapp's Tigers won the hardware
league championship at the rink by
di f. attng Cunningham's Cyclones.
Probably the largest crowd of the
season attended the rink last night,
tbe skaters taking advantage of the
fact tIlut this is the last week the
rink   will  be  kept open.
Watch the other suite boxing commissions follow Wisconsin's move in
barring fistic bouts between whites
and  blacks.
Fraser   M.lls   Hockey   Team   Still   in
D.1rk���Another  Mix-up  In   Van.
couver   League.
Vancouver,  Victoria and New West-
miaater boxers  will be carded at the
' snicker to be held at  the armouries
, on  March  lie    The militia authoriti. s
are making preparations for holding
| the  best   stnoki r  ever  staged   in   the
SELIG    SPECIAL    FEATURE     The Second cf the Series of
"The Adventures of Kathlyn"
The splendid environment
superb opportunities plctorlally
iti a heroic scale heretofore un
in Twc  Reels.
of the throne of Ollaha, rich in all the Oriental caparison of India, furnishes
"The Two Ordeals,"  with  leopards and '.ions, make an animal picture
attempted.    A   thriller  beyond   eompa rison.
defeating   lhe   Columbias   four j
goals   to   nil.   tin-   II    and   ll    team   of
the    Vancouver      Amateur      Hockey I
'league, last  nighl  tied up the championship of tin* Terminal  City, this;
I linn- the Rowing club und the Colum-
Olivet   Baptist   hockey    team    last
| night    deflated     the    Sixth     Avenue
Methodist   septette   at   Ihe   rink,   the
final score being 10-7.
Grand Opening of  Class ''A" Vaudeville
MARCH 9th, 1914.
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday.    Complete change of program
Mondays and Thursdays.
The Wonderful De Young Sisters & Co.
A Spectacular Novelty
The following have been elected"
officers of Ihe l"4ih Regiment Athletic association: Honorary president
Lieutenant Colonel J. D. Taylor;
president, Major C. E, Doherty; vice
president, Captain J. n. Corbould;
secretary. Captain P H, Smith; dele
miles to the 11. C, A. A I'.. Captain
T. Cunningham and Quartermaster
Sergeant T. J, Mahonj; an executive
committee Of Sergeant F. E, Wiggins
Sergeant Griffiths and Sergeant .1. T.
A church basketball league will
likely be formed at the Y M. C. A.
te night. Teams from St. Andrew's.
St. Stephen's, Olivet Baptist. Holy-
Trinity and Queens Avenue Method
ist will probably affiliate.
E. H Longley will represent New
Westminster In the provincial fancy
figure skating  contest  in   Vancouver |
Comedy and Novelty Musical
Comedy singing and Talking act.
entitled "The Actress and
the Reporter."
European Comedy Acrobats and
Concert by Rushton's Orchestra.
Male   Impersonations.
Evening  Prices:   15c.  25c. 35c
All   Seats   Reserved.
O    Reels of up to date Mo-    ft
C             tion Pictures.              C
Matinee Prices:   10c. and 25c
Hox office at theatre open from 10:30 B m.    Vou can reserve seats
by phone 961.
For  Week  Ending  Sunday,
March  8.
Sand  It
Time. III.
Time. Ht.
2      8:55
3:35 |
7:56 12.0
2:04    7.5
22:05  10.1
15:20    4.3
3      9:15
S:14 11.8
2:35    S.5
IS: 35
23:32 10.1
16:05    4.0
4      0:30
4:25 '
8:32 11.7
3:13    9.5
16:54    3.7
2 ��� 40
6:05 :
1:89 10.5
4:03  10.3
9: 56
8:64 11.6
17:4S    3.3
G      .1: 5U
7:20 i
2:51 11.0
6: IS 10.S
21:55 !
9:36 11.2
18:48   2.S
T       4:40
8:55 '
3:38 11.6
7:56 10.6
11:10 10.S
19:62   2.2
S       r.: l��5
10:10 :
4: Of, 12.0
9:02    9.S
l'l  .   55
24:00 ���
12:56 10.7
20:48   LS
Dorothy  Kelly  in
Song by
Beit'ng Their Board Bi
l'areeo  Comedy PAGC   SIX
THURSDAY.   MARCH   5.   1914.
Classified Advertising
l for Thi   N ws ,-u the follow-
F. T.  Hill's drug store.
628 Columbia street; a. Spiice,
Queensbor ugh, Lulu Island; Mrs.
E  I.......... Highland Park; Mrs. v.
*   i.-. Ail,i Vista.
baths;   cheap.     Slcknei I   ths
livers, Edmonds, B.C.
(33 'a i
ut staple Beach i'ark. Boundary
Bay.   Apply Box 998 .'���*-��� *-������ offiec.
��� �����������������* �������������*��-���>������������
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
jay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as re-
quired Within on,* year from date of
Cl ::  eee!.. $25.00.
Using machine, for particulars ap
ply at The News office.
Court  of   Revision,  1914.
ni rriCB is 1. i* i"   irivi d  that  th<   i ���
... ��� ling   ������!   lh.    i ������  ���;������   "t   It. vtal * .   b>r
���     ��� umi i.i   K'-ll   "f  He*  Olv   ul    \.   I
nvntmlnntrr will I--   held in the City Hall.
N.w     Hi Mirns" r.     B.C.    i.n    Ttiurmlav.
\|.-n   I*:.   1914,   .i*    I"   a.m.     All   app. nl
ajnilnsl   il.*    ***-* .-sin. ie   a.est  Im   j;.   *,��� ���
ine'.   iii'1 delivered i" Ihe Aaaesamrr   rom
mtasloner   o   Pei   ten   days  prevl
I'..    ��� .in:..i   . ,    i    ���     - .i.i   i '..���ol   ,,|   I;. i i--
i - .* *i  ai   N* w   IV ntinlnati r,  u r    un
���nd da)   of March,   dl I.
\V.   A.   DUNCAN.
(::i'-'i i city fb rk
Many Keconiniendalions in
and saw table complete.    Apply
The   News office.
i, , ,. door patchers, i��" sasb machine a., a and lour ir->\s. Superior
Sasli and Door Co.. 220 Fourteenth
Btreet, (3080)
FOB   BALE   BELL    voi'lt    PROP
erty through an ad   in this column
KOIt BALE���11.00 DOWN, $1.00 PRI!
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranees; every one guaranteed Mar
ket square. (3010)
1 a, in large or small quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted, H, .1. Russi 11, King's
botel block, Columbia street. Phone
s.*.  121
where.     No   collection,   no   Charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile   \r
ency, 3.'I6 Hastings street west, Van
couver. ("fill)
lure, 1 r 1 lot 1..* in trade, In large or
small quantities, hlghi st price paid
1 ir pr ii Davis w.:; sell your gooda
public auction wiih  guaranti ed
tits, or no 1 mission charged.
Si.   ip,. expert en furniture before
*,, i] g|ve voir Roods away.    Address
T.-.*. ,1   navls.   548   Columbia   street,
v. w \v* Btminster. (8014)
TO   Rt'NT
hed housekeeping rooms,   I2'i  St.
',. ��� r-e 11 n 1 i. 1 3032)
to rent try an ad. in this column.
When going on a long journey If
on our railway there will be no annoyance of transfer nor delay.
Toronto Express leaves at..7:50 a.m.
Sl Paul train leaves at 1:25 p. m.
Imperial Limited  leaves at 8:10  p.m.
Kor rate and  reservations apply  to
Or H. W. BKOniE, G. P. A.. Vancouver
lanu salt-B conducted, l-'urnilnn
bought lor cash. l'. li Brown, 17
Begbie street, New Westminster.
1.Mi:: 1
Ken led Tender* I.n* He- supplv nf tho
above, .1.1 ii. ���*.-���.1 to He- undersigned.
... .-ii*.1 ns above, will In* received until
n 1 of th��  IBth On  of March. 11)14. vis;
280 Students- \djnnlable li.sks and
Beam.    (Tenderer lo submit sample.)
7   Teachers'   I' ska,  flat   top,  quartered
���   oak. - drawers i.n ench Bid *.
.'.' chalra ,.s sample chair In board
���I   Lunch Tabl   -.  oak, 3x6  f*. t.
j Library Tables, quartered oak 3x6
f..< t.
ii '' immi������' -I ii Class Table* r, tt. t In. by
3 n   i; in. by :.--. in. hlfrti
l Domestic Science Table i .is per draw-
Inn i
t  Oupboarda, glass doors,  sis
,48   C, im:'. e   S. UtS.
I"  ,-l.nils.
.-inn Auditorium Chalra, ndjustabte, wiih
one nnn for writing (to suit sloping floor.)
SOO i iperu i 'hairs i to suit Bloplntt floor, i
s. iiiini il Bookcase, 12 units, dlffi n nl
>*ii. -. ���': ban ��� and " tops.
lie, Window Shades, light color: "ub-
mil wimple nf material proposed. Tend-
���������. :   can  - xamlne   wlndbns.
Any tn rr in r Oi talis on application
'I'lii' lewis; or any tender nol necenstar-
liy acei i ted.
ROBRRT II. i-.lt.W.
Si pn lary to ilu   Board el School Tn. I ���
.-ii.I March, tiu i. , :;..i <,
Re  the   Northwest  quarter of  Section
14.  Township 7,  New Westminster,
In il-.* M.i11- i ..t ile* Entnt" nf M ingal
Singh, Deceasi tl, ..e.i in ilu* Matt. ��� of
He* Administration  Act.
TAKE NOTICE Unit hy order nf (lis
Honor  Frederics   W.  Howay, dated  thi
sixteenth  .lav   ,.|   May,   A.D,   1913,   I   .   ���
ippolnted administrator of nil nnd singn-j
lur the i siaii* ui  'i... -..li'l  ih e.*,i ii .i
that nolle.- of Buch order vvas tie- I".
I dered in he publlshi d .nn*.- in a dally l.
A   Certificate   ot   Indefeasible    ritle   paper published In the City of New W
to the above property  will  be issued i nihisn-
to James E. Guinel  ou  the 21st day1      " '
of March, 1914,  unless in  lhe  meantime a valid objection thereto be mini,
io me in writing by a person    or persons  claiming  an   eBtate  or  interest
therein, or in anv part thereof.
.1. C. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Title.-:
further take
sons Indebted to th"
quln il i" pay me in.
debtedness forthwith
Ing claims ngnlnel lh
quired i.i presenl lie
fled bv affidavit ..���.
I iv ..i March, A.D. I!
I     will    proceed     i
. .-*;il
��� itice thai nil i"���!���-
ibove i *���: u ��� are re*
nm uni of thi Ir In-
in i  ill persons i i*e
and Miss
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Lessons ln Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
Ing, Voice Production, Theory (in
class or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for tbe examlna
tions of tbe Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professions
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc.. apply Rl Dufferli
Street.   Phone 411 ft.
Land Registry Office,
New  Westminster,  B.C.,  February
16th, 1914.
Tho person or persons having in
their custody or possession tlu- following Title Deeds relating to tin- said
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned:
1. Crown grant to .Jason Samuel
LeWi'S, (lake!  Hi*  16th  June,  1893.
2. Conveyance from .lason Samuel
Lewis to l.innie Jane Lewis, dated
the 6th July, 1901.
(2951) District Registrar.
19) I.
*- ��� :,| ��� slate ar    re-
n to ni" duly veri-
or  i.' (ore  the  20th
14, after which date
distribute  the  said
hai lint n ������..' rd only to such claims
tin n properly before me.
i Iftlclal   Administrator.
d this J Ith dny of  F< bruary,  A.D.
(30 '-: .
Shrubs  fcr  Sale.
Flowering  shrubs  and    evergreens
including    Holly, Cypresses, Retinos
porous  and
at   moder.it
Hanger at the Queens Park by anyone desiring the same.
W. A.  DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, February 26, 1914.    (2997)
(Continued from Pace Two.)
with    and    various recommendation
Protection of Life.
The commission recommends thai
all cities oi 10,000 or over be obliged
hy statute to appoint a sufficient num
ber of scaffolding Inspectors and thai
oltles and municipalities be empower-j
��� d io pass bylaws regulating tbe con-!
.-it ruction of scaffolding. The appoint
inent of an assistant electrical inspector, as well as tin- promulgation of
regulations respecting different voltage ;- recommended. The government I
s also advleed to Institute a system'
of first aid instruction in logging and
mining camps,
one of the most Important features
of the report is the recommend ition;
of compulsory slate insurance and the
repeal of the "Workmen's Compensation act" Tin- commission find the
existing system unsatisfactory and
recommend tbe establish menl of a
"Wo kmen's Compensation Hoard" to
control and Initiate the slate insurance  sehi mo,    The scheme  is  limited
to dangerous employments, bin oilier
employers maj come In on reouest. All
id ions al lat* will b - abolished. The
employer will be laved a percentage
m bis payroll based on the risk of
his particular business and the workman who Is unable to -.vork when a
period of two weeks is over will be
tlven cotnpensatii n running from the
dal ' th" aee lent,   T'ne payments
veil!  be  Il'llle  Weekly  Willi   power  III lie
A' irkmerfs Compensation Hoard to
commute the sunn- whiob the commission find should ie done onl) In �����
ceni inn.il circumstances.
Tin- oommlsslon has nol fixed any
��*c.aie. of compensation, finding that
this is a ni.uter for the legislature, bu!
make*, th" reco runendatlon that it be
based On the earnings of the injured
Sunday  Labor.
The commission further finds thai
workmen engaged on Sundaj labor
. ould nol thereby be debarred from
In ear" of death, where the dene*!
danl Is a widow or Invalid husband, a
fixed monthly payment should be made
with an additional allowance for children under the age of i'i years, In all
ith ������ case- the amount of compensation should be proportionate to the
actual pecuniary loss sustained.
lie*  commission  is  further of  the
! opinion that the decision of the compensation board should be final and
I conclusive- and not open to review In
'any court of law, but that the board
itself should have jurisdiction at  Its
discretion to state a ease for the opinion  of  tbe court of appeal  of  Uritish
Columbia.    Such  stated   cases  should
firm an agre, ment between lhe company and tin- Canadian Northwestern
railway company, was considered The
agreemeal included regulations as to
tl. operation ol trains snd the point
nniM' as '���) the liability of the rospec
tlve companies In the evenl of accidental. Mr. Aikins objected to par-
liament legislating as between two
companies and moved an amendment
In a. eordam ������ a Ith hia views,   'l be bill
WSJ in Id over al the request of counsel representing the parties interested
The result of the examination of
the women's class in principles of
Urst aid to the Injured, held rec ntly,
is as follows:
Third year students   Mrs. v. Heber
! Brown  and   Miss  Alice Taylor.
Second year students   Mrs,  '���'��� C.
Oalbralth, Mrs. J, Godson, Miss Ostr-
:,,* Hall.  Mrs. Clifford    Lord,    Mrs.
Clarence   I'* I le  and  Mrs   B.   R.   Ramsay.
Kirs:     year    students    Miss    CSVB-
Browne-Cave,   Miss   Forrester,   Mrs.
.Mason.  Miss  Mabel   Matcn  nm!     Mrs.
i Polngdi sire.
Dr.  Blls  Bcarletl   Synge,  lecturer;
Dr. Oeorge Wilson, examlnor.
Little   Girl   Drowns.
Bedcllffe,    .Mta..    March    8.    Lasl
night  about 6 o'clock the four year
old daughter of W. K Ooodlson, fell
i Into    an     open     cesspool     and     was
��� drowned
g*TEPEi��whi nammm.
K.  H   BUCKUN, N.  BhlAKDCLKK,        W   V. H   BUCKUN,
Prsi  and (leal. Mgr. Vice President. Use. and Troas.
The HtaUitory meeUiiR of the Hoard
of License. Commissioners will be held
at the Municipal Hall on Wednesday,
March llth, 1914, at 10 o'clock in the
Cleark to the Board of License Commissioners.
Edmonds, B.C., Keb. 26, 1914. (3004)
at the next meeting of tin* Board of Licensing Commissioners apply for a transfer if Un* *.Ylni|"s;il>* Llouor License from
the premises situate on Lot Nine en,
Block Twenty-four (24), In the City of
Xew Westminster, to Lot Seven (7),
Block "O," number son Columbia street.
' -911 i LESLIE  K.   HAINES.
Dated, 3rd  February.  1511.
at tin* next meeting i
������* nslng ' fommlssloner
fi i of the bottle llcens
llq or by retail from th
*m Lot Mil" ID). Block
i the City of N'"\v \v.
S>evi n   (7),   Block   "G,"
hi i  strei t.
��� - 110) LESLIE  E.
Daled. 3rd  February,  1914.
GIVEN th.it I will
if the Board of l.i-
apply for a  transfer   lh"   sal.*   of
premises situate
Twi nly-fi
Btminster.  to
number  mid
(���_' l)
Re part, of Lot   lijT, Croup 2, and of
th   northeast portion of the north-
- ah.   quarter  of  Section   3,  Town-
hip 2. in    the    District    of    New
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 4311K. issued
'ii il; ��� name of John Allen Wilson, has
been died In this office.
Notice ia hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published in
'he City of New Westminster, issue
o duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., January 28,
1914. (2986)
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Daily
2:00   p.m Daily
11:45  p.m Dally
Prom Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dally
11:00 p.m Daily
Steamer leaves  at  11:45  p.m.  on
From  Vancouver  for  Nanaimo.
?:00  p.m Dally
Except   Sunday.
Nanaimo, Union  Bay and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Kriday
Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell   River
11:45 a.ra Every other Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
11:00 p.m Keb. 14 and 28
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
11 ��� "0  p.m Wednesday-
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays for
Victoria, calling at points In the
Gulf  Islands.
Por Gulf Island Points.
CO. GOULET,   Agent,   New  Westmln��l��i
4    W   RUfiniK   O    P    *..   Vnnennver
the   Matl-r   el   ih,-   Kmi
Woods, Deceased, and ii
the Administration Act
TAKE   NOTICE   Hi.it   by   order
Honorable  Mr.  Justlca Morrlsi
the  sth  dav  of   December,   A.D
wan appointed  Administrator of
I   Charlc
matter c
of   the
i   dated I
1913,   I1
all   and !
In the Matter of the Est iti ol Attar Singh,
Deceased,   and   in   tin    Minor   of   the
Administration  Act.
TAKE   NOTICE   thai   bv   order   of   His
Honor Frederick W.  Howay, dated the
Sixteenth   day   of   May,   A.D,   1913    I   wns
appointed administrator of all and **:ii��n-
I.i   the estate  of  the  said  die-eased  and
that   notice   .if   sUch   order   was   thereby
ordered  to be  published once  In  a  daily
newspaper published i.i the City of ,\ow-
\v. stminsl :-.
Ind further take untie ��� that all persons
Indebted m the above estate ar" required
lo pay "..- iii" amount of their Indebtedness forthwith, nnd all persons having
, lalms against He* sni.1 estate aru required to present tpem lo me duly verified
|.*. nffldavll on or b"fore the -''th dny of
March, A.D.  1914, afl  r whli li dati   I will
pi -.1 tn distribute 111* said i itate having
regard  inly  to  such claims as nee  then
inerly before me,
Official   Administrator.
i this 2 nn day ol  Fi bruary, A.D.
singular tli" estate -if the snld deceased,
and that notice ol such order was thereby
ordered 10 !>������ published nnce in a daily
newspaper published in the City of New
And further take notice that all per-
aons Indebted to the above estate are re-
'iiilri*i) to pay ni" flu* amount of-their In-
debtednesa forthwith, nnd nil persons having rininis against the said "Mute aro required t-> pre* ni them to me duly verified by affidavit on ni before the *joth
day of Marrh. A.I>. 1DM. nfti-i* whleh date
I wlll proceed to distribute the said estate
having regard only to such claims as are
then  properly  bofore  me.
c  O, MAJOR,
off lei ai   Administrator.
Dated this -r'th dav uT February. A.D
1914. (3001)
others, may he obtained i**^ limited, entirely to questions of law,
i. -vi i     !'        I'arlei,,,,,  ,,,..���.,*  *.,.,,*-��� be,r.g the 80je jUflge
of nuestions of fact.
The commission is further of the
belief thai compensation Phould not
be payable where it. is proven that the
injury is due solely to the serious and
wilful misconduct of the workman, unless death or serious disablement ensues. The act should apply to dependants of workmen coming from all
countries and not be limited to workmen coming from countries which
have reciprocal legislation.
The commission considers that occupational diseases, such as lead puis
oning are risks of particular employment and believe that such employ*
ments should hear the burden of thes*-
risks as part of the cost of production
and that workmen suffering from
them should be Included in the plan
of state insurance.
Coal Miners.
An important feature of the report
is the finding of the commission on
tho contention that miners should be
allowed to appoint outsiders on their
gas committees. The difficulty of the
position of the miner who acts on a
eas com*inittee is referred to. It is
said that such a miner if he reports
the mine free from gas is exposed to
the sneers of a certain section of his
fellow workers who believe he is currying favor with the management. On
the other liand the commission finds
that the most t'lorongh and efficient,
inspection would be made by employees actually engaged in the mine
and who would understand the conditions of the mine in which they work
the fiurnar of I and would also have a personal Inter-
est in seeing that the mines were kept
clear of gas. thus feeling more responsibility In regard to the efficiency of
this inspection than mere outsiders
wculd be apt to do. Ii is recommended that the members of the gas committee be ( lected as at present from
the employees engaged in the mine,
bul be selected by a pithead ballot of
lh. ��� miners.
In the ers: of supplies the commission find the miners have a real
grievance and thai the operator should
inyi he permitted to derive a profit
from them and recommend that employers be forced to furnish all supplies at co.-t.
The commissioners  report   in  favor
of operators being obliged by statute
to erect waih houses, the cost of maintenance being borne by a small charge
on the miners.   Collective bargaining
is approved and various recommendations  made  regarding minor  matters.
The commission advise the installation
of  speaking  tubes  and  telephones  in
,,f i all shafts and all mines where the dis*
. tance from the exit exceeds 1000 feet,
I In order to provide for rases of acci-
! dent or sudden emergencies; and fur-
I ther recommend that all passageways
j be at least five feet in height and five
j feet  wide  and   so drained  as  to  pre*
I vent the accumulation of water in low
j places.     Each  miner should  receive a
1 Inpllcate   statement of his monthly
The commission reports that condi
TENDERS    in     duplicate,    endorsed
"Hospital for the Insane," for the
supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's
fittings, boots and shoes, shoemaker's
fittings, meat, fish, groceries, coal,
mattresses and bedding, fodder, drugs,
etc.. for use of the said institution,
and the furnishing of funerals, from
the 1st of April next to the 31st of
March, 11)15, will be received by the
Honorable the Provincial Secretary
until noon on Saturday, the 14th
���Lists of the articles required can he
seen at the Hospital, at which place
samples can also be* inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at the
hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the due
fulfilment of each contract will be required.
Tenders will not be considered  unless   made   out  on   the  forms,   which
can  he obtained   from
the   Hospital   or   the   undersigned
Deputy   Provincial   Secretary.
Provincial Secretary,s Office, 26th
February, 1914. (3007)
duplicate,     endorsed
"Hospital for t.he Insane," for tin-
supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's
fittings, boots and shoes, shoemaker's
fittings, meat, fish, groceries, coal,
mattresses and bedding, fodder, drugs,
etc., for use of Uie said institution,
and the furnishing of funerals, from
the 1st of April next to the Hist
March, 1915, will be received by the
Honorable the Provincial Secretary
until noon on Saturday, the llth
���Lists of the articles required ran be
seen at the  Hospital, at which  place
i samples can  also be inspected.
All  supplies  to Im* delivered  at  the
j hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient  sureties for t.he due
fulfilment of each contract will be re-
'��� quired.
Spring   Suitings  just   arrived.    See
ihem.    Perfect  lit   and workmanship  peol ���, ,
guaranteed.    Prices    from ?ls.oo up,
701 Front Street. 	
Tenders will not be considered  unless   made   out   on   tiie  forms,   whleh
can  be obtained   from  the  Hursar of
the   Hospital   or   the   undersigned.
Deputy   Provincial  Secretary.
Provincial  S<Jcretary,s
P.O. Box ** Dally News Bldo
of all kinds.
Prices rtgbt.   Satisfaction guaranteed
6B McKenzie 8L
��� ���TT��v��fi>   new
Girls' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing  classes,   Thursday,   7:.".0   p.m
Hoarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 tn 1:30
Kor particulars call fchuue 1324.
I lions are satisfactory in metalliferous
mining.    The    agreement,    in     force
Known as tiie "H.niniiary Scale" is approved  by the miners and operators.
Oth'-r subjects dealt  with  In t.he n>-
p -rt an* sanitation, mothers' pensions,
��� ..etornl     privileges   ami   .Mechanics'
Office,  &6th   Linn act, and daylight saving.   The re-
(8008)    port on  the whole Is a   most, compre-
l.enslve  one  nnd   will   he  of  valuable
 . ;,.,,;Htanr(, |D framing legislation along
must advanced and yet sane lines.
Pir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonee No. 7 snd 177.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Throughout  the  Province  of  British  Columbia.
Saving,! Department at all llranchos Deposits of One Dollar anel
upwards received and Interest at Ibe highest current rale paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafu and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
At tin* request of residents of the western Bectlon of the South
I'raser valley il xperiment  Is   being  tried  of  the operation  of  a
Shoppers' special from Jardine and way points between that station
and New Westminster on Saturday evenings. This special will- run
direct  thr.nigh to Vancouver and make the return trip the same nighl
The question as to the service on future Saturdays depends on
the support of residents of tii"  section.
Westbound Leave Jardine, 6:06 p.m. arrive Ne.\ Westminster
l-11" p.m.;   arrive Vancouver 7:45 p.m.
Eastbound���Leave Vancouver (Carrall St) 11:26 p.m, Leave
New Westminster 12:15 a.m.; ai Ive Jardine 1 a.m.
Week-end niles will be granted for t ie "Special" but such tickets an* good only for the date (,r issue. Passengers will also be
carried on regular tickets on the usual arrangement for return, passage.
Every Monday at 12 midnight
to I'rince ltupert und tirariby
Un y.
Every Thursday at 12 midnight  to  I'rince  Rupert.
Every Saturday at 12 midnight to Victoria and Seattle.
Thursday, .March a. at 12 midnight for Side-gale. I.ockport,
Jedway, Ikeda, etc.
Monday, March 9, at 12 mid-
to Massett and Stewart.
Grand Trunk Pacific
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m. for Terri-:e,
Hazelton nnd Smithers Ml.te'd
service beyond to Rose Lake
Stage  to  Port  Feasor.
Daily passenger trains leave
Edmonton 1��:-15 p.m., arrive McBride 1:66 p.m. .Mixed trains
io I'rince Oeorge Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
We represent all Transatlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
W. E. Duperow, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville  St.,   Vancouver. Phone  Sey. 8134.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially gelect
ed for Flat Grain. "
We are also specializing In Fir Doors wllh Veneered Panels
which are better in construction, more beautiful and lo more expensive than  the old solid  raised panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone S90.
Phones 16 and H l02 Columbia Street W.
Wholesale and retail dealers In the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal will, without doubt, boil more water
than any other coal on  the market.
Wu also have a limited supply of Old Wellington (Ladysmith!
coal for stovo and grate.
We carry a good stock of building material. Including Vancouver
hrand of Portland Cement. This cement is being used by the Do
minion and Provincial (iovemments and all the large corporations
and contractors in the province. It is ground very fine and Is verv
uniform. Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tile, common and pressed brick, fire clay and fire
Proposed Agreement Between Railway;; not Matter for Parliament.
Ottawa, Mireh .'I Al a meeting of
the railway committee today the bill to
review the charter of the Alberts Central    railway    company and  to con-
A DOLLAR Spent at home reacts in its
benefits with unceasing general profit. Sent oitf of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a
messenger of continuous benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping this dollar at home and
make a bid for it by judicious advertising.
J THURSDAY,   MARCH   5.   1914.
Orders in Stocks.  Uonds, Oram and Cotton executed for cash or
on margin  In  Montreal, New  Vork  and  Chicago.
Direct private wire to .Montreal  und   New   Vork.
Stock Brokers.
Telephone 817. 316-317 Westminster Trust Building.
(Quotations  furnished  over
! wire of Sutherland & Ardagb.)
,     Ruling  -luotatiuns un  the  M
\ stock market yesterday were
the necessity Bi bavin;: all linancial
slat-nn nis audit' d in a like maiiu- r.
One Broaden whether any more state I
mints cf this nature an* ever Issued.
London is still trying to assimilate
ih>- ii-** issues brought out within tbe
last sis weeks or so and lift! ��� attention  is  being   laid   to  Ihe  stock    ex- j
change.   New Vork   is   (raiting   for
some definite ii'-ws from abroad or at
home and uiarki t opinion there in
any evi nt have been hampered hy
sloruiH which have completely dis-
Organised wire* service. .Mare!: has
SO far Started OUt in a very colorless way for securities. Those who
study past performances say that
while February has almost Invariably
been a month of reaction and lived
up to Its reputation ins* month, March
offers little to go by.    Stri.ne- market *
have alternated fairly regularly in
tin* weakness In past years,   if 1914
Is going to be a bull year, prophesied
from all quarters, however, tbe spring
rise sin uld surely be under way before very long.
sleek, but tailed    to    uncover    weak
spo:.-.   (. otral Leather gained l'u
Tin- market closed strong, iresh
buying appeared on fractional declines and the list became mora active, higher and broader. Favorable
steel trade reviews caused a lur^e
absorption of the socks of steel and
i luted Industries.
Busliness  Light at Montreal, But the
Main  Issues Make Fractional
Montreal, March i Tlu- market
throughout   today   was     sl< ady     wilh
prices showing  tractions]  gains    in
most cases. Business" was light and
lhe   market      lacked     feature      Sent!
ment, however, was oheerful ami more
hopeful expressions relative to harmonious fooling between (Ileal llri*
lain and the United Stales us shown
b\   for- Ign cables was prevalent.
Montreal Power was steady, selling
ai 22SVs< a gain of '���>, over yesterday,
but at the close there was no slock
i Ifer-'d under 22'i Canadian Pacific
during      'he      late      trading      showed
strength, gaining r-�� of a point and
selling at 209% Wi h no sioek avail
able under 210'* al th" close. Brazil-
Ian Tractions held steady from xV'/i
to il\, a gain of y. point
Quebec railway   was unchanged at
15%   and   NOVS   Seolia  Steel  at  1H'��.
On the Other hand a '''
ness   was   displayed   by
Dominion steel, which
I and closed ut 24 '4 ;
cline on ihe expectation of developments at today's meeting, at which
no action was taken regarding the
dlvtdi nd
Other stocks were stagnanl wiih
onlv small fractional changes on anv
small   transactions   which   took   place.
The undertone of   ilu*   market   was
:ood, however,
. 139
Hell  Telephone  	
.  K7
Canada Cement	
.  29-Vi
Canadian   I'acllic   	
. 209
Canadian  Converters   . .
. :;��
Detroit   I'nited   	
.  72 Vi
Dominion  Canners 	
.    66 Vi
Dom. Iron & Steel Corp.
. 86
111.   Traction    	
.   61
Lake of the Woods Com
A.  McDonald  Co	
.    IH
Montr* al   Power   	
Nova   Seolia  Steel   	
���  1*1 Vi
Ogilvle Flour com	
Ottawa   Power   	
I'i nmail  Ltd.   	
.   oi Vi
Quebec Hy	
. 1694
It    ���)���   O.   Nav.   Co	
Steel ( o. of Can. Coin.. .
.  is
Toronto   Itv	
141 \.
Winnipeg Electric 	
nam nervous-
tbe action of
sold down to
a \   point di
Referring Io weakness in It. and 0.
Thornton Davidson says: It was gen-
i rally thought that earnings would be
larger than previous year whereas
Uny turned OUI to be smaller than
figures which appeared in last year's
official statement. It appears ihat
figures fir 1912 wee,- wrong, bavins
been given as $976,613 whereas the
auditors make the statement that
v. Inn certain bills payable are taken
out thi* earnings become bul $!i-jo,152
or $56,321 less than they were reported to be. H is a somewhat unusual
situation for statements a year old to
be   i banged   by   auditors  and   shows
Market Freed from  Foreign  Pressure
Shows   Renewed   Activity���Shorts
Run for Cover.
New* Vork, March 4.���Execution of
mod rate buyiir, orders today caused
prices to advance so ipiickly as to indicate  a  scarcity   of  slocks.     Shorts
who attempted to cover   were   com- j
polled to raise their bids sharply,   Al-1
iliongh  the  pace  slackened  after  the
most pressing  requirements of    the i
aborts had been filled, quotations held ;
lip   wi 11   to   thi*   high   level.     United I
S at. s Steel and  the  stocks of  inde-
P* ndent steel  companies  wen-  prominent   in   the   trading,    Sentiment   toward tins,- shares was influenced by
the good showing made by Bethlehem
Steel in Its annual report.
For the tirst lime in several days
this market was freed from Ion ign
pressure. Prices for Americans In
London were little Changed and
European selling here was suspended.
Bonds were Irregular,
Buyers were intimidated bv liquidation in the sugar stocks which were
sold because of the new tariff schedules. Beet sonar lost an early rise
of a point and as much more and
American sugar scored a similar
Professional    traders    sold   a little
Commercial The public is doing
very little In any of tin- stock markets bere and abroad and foreigners
are waiting for further developments
in Mexico,
Herald   The  market  remains dull
wilh no pressure to sell.
American l-.asy money for months
appears assured and opiimisin regard
Ing prleea of securities prevails.
Sun Prices hack and till moving
within narrow range and the market
generally shows no clearly defined
Wealthy operators are taking the
stand that the stock market rests on
strong foundation and will advance
later on. More liquidation is reported pending in C, P. 11. The uptown
professional croud has offered It
Office traders are more inclined to
buy goo'l stocks on reactions than In
sell ou rallies according to our best
Banking Interests in the i'nited
States an- In a stronger position now
than they have been at any time in
the pant three years, according to
government examiners,
bought.      Comment      on      industrial'
stock.-;   is  lacking   except   regards    a
f*w  specialties which are baiidhd by
pools.    Oil  and  affiliated  stocks  ;/ a
being   bulled   by   these  sources.    The
roci,i  has been selling short  Reading, i
Steel,   I'nion,   Copper,    New     Haven, i
Central   and   H-   At   ().,  but  only     for.
Small   turns.    There   is  an   undercur
rent of bullish feeling  among profes- [
aionals, but tbey are inclined fo work |
for activity at ull times regardless of
the gem ral    trend    of    prices,    Good
buying is found on weakness.
Oeneral Carranza appoints commls
sion to Investigate Benton case.
Standard Oil of Kentucky declares
dividend of $i and $1 extra, previous
dividend of $5 was prior to increase
of stock.
Attorneys fcr the government
against the Steel corporation hasten
the case by asking tin- court, to fix
date to hear arguments.
Commercial failures in February 1,
606, against 1440 in 1913; liabilities
much less this year.
Ixmdon  newspapers  say editorially
that      llritlsh      sentiment     supports j
Orey'n attitude on the Mexican policy, j
American  stocks  in   Loudon    quiet |
and Irregular.
(Quotations furnished ever the pri
vate  wire of Sutherland  &  Ardagh.)
The following are yesterday's quo
tatlons op New York stocks:
Oreat Britain spurns attempt of
Carranza to Incur recognition. Louden editors believe Wilson will sol
soon on the Mexican situation. The
8% pi r cent Holes are heavily over*
aubacribed. The railroads are negotiating for 13,000 cars. 621 engines
and 26,000 tons of si met oral work,
says the Journal of Commerce.
Russia will spend 1740,000,000 for
railroads In the next three years.
President Clarke, of Lackawanna
Steel sees poor outlook.
Wilson  at  congress  tomorrow urg* i
ing tne tolls.    Rock Island must raise
812,000,000 by July  1 or smash, says
! the American.
Lamar's charges against the Steel
corporation fell flat. Customs receipts for February were $10,01)0.000
less than 1H13.
Banking interests seem to agree
that the greatest ease for money
here and abroad has culminated a
sagging marget until the list becomes
over sold is  in  prospect.
On weakness good stocks should be
Am. Can   2ii%
Amal.   Copper       73%
Am. Car Foundry     ill
American Locomotive  ������ 84%
American Smelting      (iS'/i
Anaconda   . 86%
Atchison  Com \>6%
Halt. & Ohio Com Hi1/*
. 93%
. 63%
- 48%
. 29%
- 66%
��� 26%
. 18%
. 27%
B. R, T
Ch< s.  ei  Ohio  	
Can. Pacific e>: div.
Krie  Com	
Groat Northern Pfd
Mix.   Petroleum   . .
Mo.  I'acllic  	
M.  K. k T. Corn.   .
N.   Y.   0.  4:  W.   . .
N.  Y. Central    89%
Nor.   &   West 102%
Northern   Pacific    112VJ,
Penn 111%
Reading Com 16514
Rock Island       f-Vfe
St.   Paul    102%
So.  Pacific     ll4Vi
Southern   Ity 25%
l.'n.  Pac. Com 159
Ui   S.  Steel      64%
Utah     54%
97 M
Sunshine   at   Nnjrt   Doesn't   Fool   tha
Flowers In the Arctic.
The Nclisltiwiii-��i* ol plants Is a never
failing   Interest  io  "li   lover* ot  the
woods nml del.is.    Like a human being
sensing a lull in tbe barometer ami
the coming of a rainstorm, so the
clover lu the meadow feels and shuts
Its leaves. A close observer says that
a field tbat was white witb blossoms
lias suddenly become quite changed
by tbe approach of a heavy cloud or
the fulling of a light shower.
The common chick weed opens Its
blossom ouly when Hit- sun Is shining
and counts on only the bright hours.
When it closes Its blossoms ruin invariably follows. Tbe seu purslane
lias the same bablt It never opens In
cloudy weather and closes wbeu the
sun is low. about to sink. Tbe scarier
pimpernel never exposes its Bowers to
s shower.
One of the naturalists ln an arctic
expedition noticed that, although tbe
summer sun shone through tbe nights,
the plants made no mistake, but wben
tbe sun got round to the west tbey
closed up as If the sun bad really set
Tbe common "four o'clock" almost
always closes its flowers at that hour,
snd so many plants bave tbnt Instinct
Ibat Linnaeus made ii floral clock ot
flowering plants, each of which bad its
time for closing. The wood sorrel not
ouly drops its leaves and shuts Its purple veined flowers when It ruins, but
does the same If the ground near by
Is struck wltb n stick. Tbe family of
the oxulis bus tbe same bablt���New
York Sun.
are small and inexpensive,
but they bring big returns
when they are printed in
Young Crocodiles Are Heard Before*
They Are Hatched.
Thnt young uuhatcbed crocodiles utter an audible croaking cry wltbin tbe
eggs in which tbey are laid is averred
by Knowledge, und it adds tbe cry ls
so loud and distinct that It can be
heard wbeu the eggs nre burled under
one or two yards of sand.
Dr. W. A. Ln m born tested tbe fact
at Lagos on tho West African coast
He beard a croaking noise from below
a dry path. and. digging In the path
to investigate the cause, he discovered
thirteen crocodiles eggs ut a depth of
about eighteen inches. All tbe young
crocodiles batched out wltbiu half au
hour of being dug up.
So far back us lS'.lO Dr. Voelf/Uow
noticed that uiihntched Madagascar
crocodiles uttered a cry from tbe egg
at n depth of two yards and that any
shock, as of a heavy trend, near tbe
egg caused the baby crocodiles to pro-
j duee tills sound "with lhe mouth closed,
as we produce hiccup sounds." In this
��� way tbey inform the female crocodile
i when she visits tI|/> nest that they
' wnut ber aid, whereupon she scrapes
i the sand away aud tbey emerge.
Winnipeg. March 4.���With wheat j
' prices about 1% cents below the high [
I poini  of last week the market looked
a  little sick  today,   but  it  would  be
easy  to attach  too  much  importance ���
Ito the decline because there is little Apples With Worms.
' but a spell of profit taking on account Mny It not be that we get a keener
! for the decline. Reports of winter I pleasure out of eating an imperfect lip*
��� wheat  are  optimistic.    European  de-! oiv than a perfect oue?    lt ls neither
mand  is not  as  keen aa last  week.' tDe pgat |���)ssiiile apple, which would
but  Europe needs  wheat and  has to ��� ^ perf,*ct, Uor the worst possible ap-
l\ ta-xe   a   Wg   lot   ot   NotUi    Amertca-a \    ^ wWc\\ wiiulo <&����� a MnA ot ucg**-
product.    Such  Is  the  .general sltua--^ Uve pe-t^flo,,; u Wns a -worm itttn
tion- .   , core     But  1   wonder whether  we do
Corn prices for the day were steady j ^ ^^ (J mo__ 1)w���use we bave t0
the  more carefully  to  keep  from
and there was little doing in flax.
There is no change to note in the: wit the more
cash market, demand being slack and i eating bim. Besides, be arouses In
offerings light. Receipts were moder ' "ur miud nil sorts of questionings,
ate being 193 cars inspected and 185 Why is be there:' What kind of worm*
in  sighi.    American  receipts:   Minne-j is beV  Hon did he get inV  How would
used Want Ads. in The News, you do
not need to be told how well they do
the work.
used  them, you should immediately
try them, and see for yourself.
aoolis. :;74 cars:  DulUth, 25 cars, and | ue bave gut
Chicago,   ii*"-  cars.     Some  wheat  was
worked for export both yesterday and
A   Great   Financier.
A man wbo occupied a little back
room in a poor quarter of the east
end of London was evicted for nonpayment of rent. He had nothing but
a valise and a few clothes, and while
they were throwing him and his belongings out of the house a bulky
manuscript fell out of bis pocket. Nobody noticed it at tbe time, but after
he had gathered his clothes and taken his departure one of tbe bystanders saw the big roll of paper, picked
it up and on opening it was surprised
and amused to find it contained an
elaborate scheme, worked out to the
minutest degree, for refunding the
national debt of the British Empire.
The  I"
tin  i|n.
does   in
wenl I.
Queen's Carriage Kor Sale.
Here is a chance for collectors to
! acquire something absolutely unique.
According to a recent advertisement
1 In   The  London   Times,   Queen  Ade-
��� laide's state car.-iage is for sale, with
1 hammercloth      ambrsldered       rrlth
I crowns and A.15.   It is slated that tho
| carriage  is  in  an  excellen.  state of
preservation. Queen Adelaide was the
wife  of  William   IV.,    and    died  In
i 1849.    As a rule, state carriages are
carefully  preserved   by   the  authorises,   but  this  one.   which   must   be
nearly a hundred years old, has apparently found its way into the hauJs
uf a private individual.
mt if we had not ousted
And-note   this-what   sort   of
would   it   have   been   if  he   bad
up    bis    residence    elsewhere?
��� i-fi-i t  apple could   have  roused
��� ii,*,  which  the defective apple
-t     The same subtle influences
make both-the same elements,
tbe same forces, the same chemical
processes. But the defective apple bus
lu addition to all these���tbe worm.���
Robert M   Cay In Atlantic.
Cocaine and Crime.
Police authorities have coine to regard cocaine us one of the recognised
sources of crime The cocaine iieud
seems to have his moral sense destroyed The morphine devotee is often a
man of refilled and elevated thought,
with delicate perceptions anil with a
keen sense of bourn- and obligations,
except that lie will always lie and de-
eeive to gel possession of liis needed
dope" In his solier moments the :ll-
i-obol fiend is often u iiinn of consplcu,
ills honor. The ciK-nlue lietid seems
lilTereiif. It Is believed that cocaine
directly stimulates to evil passious anil
evil deeds.���Family Doctor.
Hollow Tooth Ache.
If you liave n hollow tooth nml it
nebes cut a piece nf clove to fit the
entity and put it III lightly, allowing
Ibe upper part to stick out like 11 cork
in a bottle ll Will soon swell. kee|>-
inu the ah from ibe nerve, and tlit--
pain will e(.,ise lltHll the clove drops
nut, when ir may be replaced by au*
Htber.- Exchange.
,  *^r*h
Cramming down ill-chosen
food, and rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with all it means in
Proper habits of eating.
with a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after each
meal, rectore good digestion, health and happiness.
A box of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
60c. at your Druggist's.
National Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.
Steady Eruo'oyment.
"It's lucky I sliouicl meet yon.
Smith There's n little Hill yon owe
Tlm kills, tbe tailor lies commissi *rl me lo collect It "
"Hns he. old iimti! Well, I'm glad
you've got ll permanent job ut last."���
London Taller.
"I remember very well tbe first dollar I  ever put In the hank"
"I'lie first? Tben you have put In
more than one?" ���New Orleans I'lcu-
m ne.
Just a Deduction.
"What is his sphere In life?"
"Well. Judging from the circle of 01*
nri|iinlnt:inees.    I'd    >nv    be    was    n
rounder."��� California  IVIleilU.
"I saw my boyhood chum today,
the one Ihat hus become a millionaire."
"Did he recognize you ?"
"I guess so. He turned u corner
when he saw me coming."���Houston
I r-ML-L   cijn :
To Prevent  Plural  Voting.
ma,   .*'���- ch   i    ��� ������ i  dele
r. C.T. ti"iii<i:> I- Depiiu Minisi *, oi I   '���    *       i tbec-jnven
I tade anil I ouiiueri���<-,
i',,. I ; Vt  thi -i
Tn.* i ead oi  tin   -   i aniar aervii ���*,;,,. .  .  ��� wet*
of Canada is Francis Cbarlea Trem b
O'Hara. -That a nol anal be is -aa
uallj called, either ihci.H or collo-
qulally, bul thai after u*l Is bis chief
function. Possibly one reasoti why
v.* do nol . Ive b m tbat name Is thai
��� .    nr.    too   mo n   I   tO   i-'" ak   of  our
... i... i ;   ��� .ns   s consuls, in certain   Important   legal  senses  of  lhe
Word   ihese   lepiesclltalives  Of  Callil.lll
in foreign lands do not sland on tbe
aami  footing as tbe consuls of Ore-it
,    .��� of l
-in.* 'a     r.*
port .        if the p
!-. : .     * ,. M   id, were
i . ten   up
., ith rn add:i H      -   *rg * Lain:
er cl      unlclpal all id
I rati     oi rei   luti ins. Ri ro
. ;, to prevent plural
��� i elei
:   ,. j     ��� termi, that I ���������
For the Children
A   Brave   Young   Sailor
and    His    Little    Ship.
Britain or of any other Independently :,    , .* tl, ,.,1.,. ��� ,   a..    of ex
slate.    Bui In a very large sense that ,   .     *,,  | .
la w-bai they really are.    Ther.* an 	
some twenty-six of t'-ese officers, and
.they  represent   the   merchants an.)
farmers and manufacturers ol Canada
in widely sund-Tci. parts, of the ea.ih.
���1 bey an- officers of tbe Di partnu nt of
Trad.* ami Commerce; and the Deputj
Minister of that Department is   Ur.
Though the most   outstanding, tbll
'headship  Of   (lie  comular  service   is
after all   nly one oi th.* functions ot
I Mr.  O'Hara,    He also controls  tbe
branch   or  the  Gov ��� nment   service
I which numbered the people.    Under
'I ������   Liberal   retime   tbe   census   was
I made by the Department of Agriculture; but when lion. George E. Fos-|
ter .nine In, Be relieved lli- Hon. Marti 1   Hu.rell  of  this  I all  Of  his  wors
There was a too, deal ol justification
for so doing, loo, because iniilliii'
was   a   heavy   department   and   trade
am! commerce a rather llgbl one. ai
tbe same time ll is to be remembeied
tbat Mr. Poster also lightened his
labors by Iran 1 rrlng the Oov in
rent Annuities .0 the Postoffice
That, ho rever, Is Jusl bj tbe way.
what concerns ut bere la tbat Mr.
O'Hara is now responsible lor tbe
smootb working ol tbe labulation  >f
the  people,     lie   also   supci vises    the
payment of all bounties and steam-
sblp subsidies; admihUters tbe Drain
Ai -. a bleb la tbe bai i( ions of western
I ;   , nnd as 11 side   ine 11,-is a genera'
statistical bare i*   which ke *ps --tab' ,
on tbe progress of Canad-   iii trade I
an . rorameroe, currebcj and banking,
i isuranoe and  *oi 0 companies, rail
ways and  Shipping.
I; as the Western Ont rio peninsula Which gave F. C. 'I. O'Hara o
C.nada, He is the second e-on of
li berl O'Hara' who was Master In
C.iancery at Chatham. His granl-
father was a distinguished officer In
th* British army. Military traininu
and legal knowledge are not bad inheritances to hav-- i. one's ool.
"F. C. T."--he is usually referred to
by his Initials���-came .nm this inheritance at Chatham on Nc. 7, 1810
His experience of life, In which ' e
learned bow to deal with men, was
His entry into th - Government aer
vice came through .be door of u
private secretary--a 11 entrance whirl
lias introduced a goodly Dumber of
efficient administrators. When the
Liberal Government was formed In
ISiio. Mr. O'Hara became private boc-
re tary to Sir Richard Cartwrlght. A
(."iter training be could hardly have
had. His intimate relations wilh one
of the greatest administrators tbat
Canada has ever had would give blm
a knowledge of hi department and
of methods of work which would b
vouchsafed lo few
Another Instance of Prompt Payment
cf Fire  Less by  Non-Board Ce.
The N- it en 'i Bi )��� fit Life and Pro
;,   1     \.  ..     ��� ���   Company,   Mmlti I,
���   rbich  ii.  H.  Lennle   is   gei
���    nl  for New   Westminster city  and
il strict, v aterday    paid   a claim   of
Messrs. Anders m and Lnsby for dam
age di ne bj   fire to their wa ehouse
1  ste I   on   Sunday,  the  21i I   i ,; ���
��� ���'��� m .it la ci rtainl;  ...
prompt one.   The following h-t;. r    ts
���������. .��� 1 11  eived by Mr. Lennle:
Mr.   H.   II    Lennle,   Insurance   Igi ������'���'.
11. ;.��� Sil    We  beg 10 acknowledge
receipt of your cheques covering lost
in our warehouse property covered by
the   N itional   Benefit  Life and   Pro-
pertj   Asurance   Co.,   and  appreciate
tbe promptness In settling this claim
Vours truly,
New  Westminster,  March   1. 1914.
Amend Pure Food Laws.
Tacoma, March 1. An amendment
to the city's present pure food ordln
ance which will make it unlawful foi
1 any cafe, hotel) or restaurant proprietor to employ iu his kitchen any per-
sin having a communicable disease,
i, is passed by lhe council Ihis morning. Kitchens where foodstuffs are
c; uki il for sab* must be well venli-
lati d and must have other than artl
flclal li| bt, according to ' another
amendment, Tho kitchens shall be
under the Inspection of the city
health department at any time. Persons obtaining employment in suoh
kitchens shall be examined Brsl and
bave a permit from the health depar
ment, according to the amended
Jaoanese Minister Dies.
Tokyo, March .4. Masabliaa Mat
BUda, minister of justice, died -inlay,
lie was born in 1846. He was educated in France by government order,
studying law and politics.
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against him Ihat he is a miner.   Personally I respect him for it."
Admitted Guilt.
Mr.   Rubinowitz apologised and  re-
It is n One thing to have u boat even
when icy winds blow chill. Some day
the sun will shine warmly and the
Ire will dissolve luu sparkling water.
Then ono can go boat sailing. In the
meautime the proud owner of a sailing vessel can get a good deal of comfort out of the thought tbnt brooks
and ponds are not always frozen. Not
that 0 good skating pond Isn't pretty
nearly the best thing that young folks
could wish for. The Joys of open water vanish quickly when smooth Ice
confronts a young person who owns a
It was no wonder I Sue pair of skates. Still, for Just a
that be learned lhe game thoroughly. . fleet ins moment this young naUorman
For ten years he continued tn 1'ilsi would like to see an open space ot
rel-atlon to Sir Richard, nnd 1 en tn j water, so that his new bout, probably
1906 was made superintendent of , Christmas present could sbovr Its
commercial agencies. Two years lat- i nmtJ to DreQKt the waves. Bllt be
er be became chief controller of Chi j won-t rieve mi)cb over |t Decan8e this
nese  immigration;  and   In  Ihe same   ^   fa   y       f        , ^
year acceded  to the  position  of  lie* | "     v. u ���� iv 1
liuiy Minister.���Francis A. Carman.
New Year's In Japan.
Did yon know that the Japanese eel-
A Spasmodic Conversationalist.
Thirty or   mere   years   ago, tlu re   ebrate New Year's day?   It Is one ot
lived in the village of Angus, In Sim-   their greatest festivals.   The celebra-
coe County, an elderly conbler  who
combined   ln   equ:'l   proportions   the!
two  unfortunate habits of stammer-
ing iind profanity.    One day, as the1
old   mixti   was  crossing  the   railw-y, '
be  encountered  a   wayfarer  walking
along  the tracks.    The stranger sa
luted  tbe cobbler and  enquired   the I
distance to Brentwood, .be  next sta  1
tion above Angus.
The cobbler essayed to answer. "It-
t-t-t-t-s-s-s-s���*���" He paused for
breath and started again   accompany-
ing bis dislocated speech witb venom-
��� n gesticulation, --ll-t-t-s-s-s- ju-ju-
ju-ju." There w*>s another halt, and
ilieu   the-cobbler   w._istled.' slipped
bis thighs, waved his arms, and tried
once  more.    "It-   t-t-t-s-s-s-s 0-0-0-0-
only ���"   Again he paused, then made |
stlli another despairing attempt,  but
��� leceeded only in sputtering rnd si;-.-
zline: like a defective arc lamo Then
his embarrassment and anger rosy to
lhe boiling point ��nd speech came
10 him with a rush.
"Blank blankety, rouble lash, .if
1. risk it all, man," he explodes, "Go
on and you'll be there b< ere I can
tell  you "���Toronto Saturda.   .Night.
tion of tbe 1st of January Is of heathen origin. It Is called "Tbe Day of
Four Side Worship." which means a
day of worship from all directions.
Then again lt ls every oDe's birthday
on New Year's In Japan. Think of It,
all the people celebrating their birthday at once! ls It ti wonder that It If
a great occasion? On this day the
houses and gates nre decorated wltb
greens and garlands of heavy rope
made of nice straw. From the center
of these garlands Is sometimes suspended a large orange, which adds to
the beauty. Over the door ls tacked
some dried fish of n certain kind. Everything In these decorations lias Its
special meaning nnd must be placed
in Its own peculiar way.
Dangers of the Woods.
A hunter from Orillia was In the
woodj near l.orimer Lake (he othei
dajj and be ra. j what appeared Lo
rilm Lo be a tremendous big deer coning loward lilm on tin- runway, an I
.1 I ��� opened lire. The animal nol
lulling Immediately, he threw another cartridge into bis rifle and was
��� - it to sbo t agi.111 when be
1 .... a shout, as if all the hunters in
thi woods were being shot, and going
io see what was the nutter, found
thai be had shot at, and hit in one
of lis legs, t greyish horse, which
wns attached to a stone-boat on
which were two hunters, driving ..
to haul out their uead deer.���Parry
Sound  North Star.
Conscience Money.
The public accounts for the last
iliseal year jusl published sbow that
the Dominion Government received
#620 35 In sonscience money���
$iiu6.".rj to t|1(-, customs Department,
.*$." to the Railway Department and
.J9.50 to the Finance Heparin ent.
What Is the difference between a dollar bill nnd a silver quarter? Seventy-
five cents.
What Is the relation tietween a door
nnd a doormat? A step farther (a stepfather).
Why Ls a dog larger In the morning
thnn at night? Because he Is let out
In the morning and taken ln ot night
What Is the first thing a man does
when he falls overboard?   Gets wet.
fir'inin   o*   ��  i-no*j|i-.r.
Crucial  Period Today.
Raymond. Wash.. March 4.- Tomorrow  is  expected  to  siiow  whether  the
. gi in-ial   ll ckoul   of   union   mill   workers on Wlilapa harbor which followed
i a strike al one of the mills ten days
: ago has succeeded  in the announced
object  of the owners in enforcing an
open shop rule.    Non-union men were
I brought  in on  a  late train  last   night
��� and  mill   .No.  2   of  the  Case  Shingle
'and  Lumber company resumed opera
lions today.    The  other two  mills ot
; the   company,   it   is   announced,   will
be running tomorrow.   The president
ol   tin   company   tonight  gave  out     a
j statement thai any  former employees
! who  desired  work   must   be  on   hand
'. when the morning whistle blew.
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to the j
The Coquitlam Termi-
nal Company have for;
sale to bona fide busi-j
ness concerns, manufac- j
turing  sites,   all  clear j
and level, with trackage |
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred  and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for   employees   at   extremely low rates, with
excellent  school  facilities, city water, electric-
light, etc.   Address en
quiries to
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Extension Tables
Special Prices
Six-foot Early English Kxtension Table: round
top- pedestal base: solid oak; reg C17 **5fl
ular 186.00.    Special   <* ��� ��� ���**�����*�����
Eight-foot Solid iio'.den Oak Extension Table: round
tiip: five tapered legs; a real bargain; is iu perfect
condition;  regular SIM.00. $ 1 fi 50
SiX-fOOt 0 ilileiiSolid Oak Tnb'n-: lias round 44-ineh
tpp and  in-at  pedestal  base:   regular    COA   flO
|32.60.     Special    4yCKa\/\J
sixfi.nt Solid (fumed Oak Extension Table, has
round lop; well finished; witn round Sit) fjO
pedestal base, regular I22.60; Special..*? 1'Qow-W
white Enamel steel Beds; 2-inch pillars, with i 1-18
inch filling, aad heav) cross tube.**; brass top
mounts; si/.cs 4-6 and I'.''.; regular CIO HR
$1(1.mi value.    Special    *9 * >������ ' V
Continuous lost Stei i Bed, in white enamel or Vernis
.Martin  finish;   with   IVJ  or  2 inch   posts  and  heavy
BlS^,13;00.7!ue: $10.40
Regular (16.00 value. CIO QR
Special    $l��>O0
Swing Side Steel Crib; blue, white or Vernin Martin finish; complete with cotton felt fl��Q AR
pad;   regular  $10.00  value.   Special 4jQam9mr
Without   pad;   regular   %>:.2o. ����* ^R
Special         4jO.IO
Heavy Drop Side Crib; in white, blue or Vernis Mar-
rin   finish;    regular   $12.,'0. CO  Q.R
Special ���jJiS.Oa
Cotton   Fell   Pad.   $2 xtra.
Two Stove Specials that
are Worth While
$50.00   STEEL   RANGE   FOR   $37.50.
'lhe Xew   Leader 6 hole Steel Rangi ,   WelltVllle Stee.
body, lined vvlth heavy a*testes millboard; pji'slu-J
sectional  top;   Duple*,   Grate;   large   16-inch  oven;
filted  wltb reliable lln-i inoiueler.    The ei|ua) of any
high grade range.   Guaranteed a per-
tecl   halor;   regular   (60.( 0,   for	
New Hats for Men
The Hals so far received show nothing extreme in
style, but are very neat shape* , in Btaple shades of
brown and gray. We Import direct, and our values
cannot be equalled. A fine showing of fine fur-folt
Fedoras  and   Derbys.       CO   Rft CO  ftrt
priced at  ��PsC.9Uand *$O.UU
New Caps
In every size, from 6% to 7*>H; in many patterns;
and our prices are right. Crt#%
From      OUC  UP
Caps for mechanics, engineers, firemen, etc., of black
sateen, and with blue stripe; well made, ORft
with  patent  peak,  at    COG
Carpet Squares Greatly Reduced
Tapestry Rugs, of the best make, that will wear well
and look good to the end. The patterns and coloring are the very latest, and the prices are exceptionally low:
Size 4-6x6-8 feet.    ITIce   $3.25
Size 6-SxH feet.    Price   $6.25
Size 7-6x9 ff-et.    I'riee     $7,25
Size 9xf) feet.    I'riee     (J, $8 45
Size 9x106 feet.    I'riee       .   !$10 75
Size 9x12  feet.   ITice    $11.35
These rugs are made of the very best Axmlnater
Carpet and ar - a great bargain at the price; size
27x58 inches; actual $.'!.00 values, ff> A   ftR
for 4H.9O
A pood quality Ellnd; .16 inoiies wide and six-
feet long; fitted to a strong spring roller; colors
green and cream; regular BOc. *_g\
Special   Price     wUC
$23.C0  STEEL COOKSTOVE  FOR  $17.50.
Body   made  of   In-*-!   polished   steel;   four   eight-Inch
holes;  18-lnch square oven, asbestos lined;  Duplex
grille;   poUOh   teed;   stands on   lleiivy  steel   base  and
legs and full nickel finish a perfect little stove
and one t.'iat we can honestly ri-com- C "I T R(%
commend;  regular $28.00;  lor  npl I >3U
Wm. Roger's Guaranteed
At Remarkably Small Prices.    Oxford, Dresden
cr Plain Designs.
Tea  Spoons,   four  for    50e.
I lessen   Spoons;   2   for    50c.
Table Spoons; - for  50c.
Dessert  Forks;  2 for   50c.
Table Forks. :- for  50c.
Solid Handle Plated Knives and Forks. 4 for....50c.
llutter Knives, each    35c.
Sugar Tongs,  per pair    75c.
Cold  .Meat. Forks, each   75c.
In Our Electrical Dept. 2nd Floor
We have just received nmitl]e|* shipment of Kiec-
trical Chandeliers, Brackets and Domes. These are
finished in Hammered Brass and together with tbe
I at 1 st designs, good material, and skilled workmanship, brings our showing in this dopnrtir.cnt up to
tin* standard of excellence seldom seen.
Thursday's Bedding Values
Pillow Cases; made from English Cotton; free from
Starch; size I2xImI; regular ORft
36c. values.    Per pair       bvv
Fully Bleached Cotton Sheets; made from heavy
giade English Cotton Sheeting; size 7nx!)0; nil
hemmed ready for use,   special t-\4   CA
per  pair    91 .OO
White Grecian Bedspreads; good wearing quality;
size 88x80, each $1.25. tj_4   Rft
Size 70x90, each    *9 I ivU
Heavy (Irade English manufactured cotton bed
sheeting; 70 inches wide; will wear well. OAm
Special, per yard        OUC
Bleached Union Damask Tabline; .ri4 Inches
wide;   pretty  floral effect.    Special at  ....
Pun-   Iririi   l.inen   Table   Damask;   70   inches   wide.
Choice designs In  floral und leaf,
Special, per yard   	
s   wide.
A clearing lot of seven dozen only. Pure Irish
l.inen Damask Table Napkins; size 20x20 and
22x22; in effective designs of pansy, flour de lis,
floral and dot: regular $2.75 a dozen.
Special  per dozen   	
Extra heavy weave Irish l.inen Crash. Roller Towelling; IS inches wide; striped border. Spe- IA.
cial good value at, per yard      I WW
Drown and White heavy Crash Towelling; 4A.
16  inches  wide.    Per  yard         I WW
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C
Glass Silk.
Arlitielal    silk    made    fiom
-glass  Is   used   for  automobile   upbol-
Hery in Rneiand
Abolish the  Bar Campaign.
Calgary,   March    I.    The   managers
���of the Reform league, about to undertake a campaign for the abolition of
the bar in Alberta, decided today    to
make a thorough canvic-s and census
Of the city, in an effort  I
the feeling of the  voters.
j> io.be undertaken at once.
Woman Was Butchered.
Stockton, Cal., March 4. -After six
weeks' search for Esther Crotzer, the
butchered body of the woman was
found Indue in a slough near Holt
west of Stockton, tio far as thi
police have ascertained the woman
was lasl seen in company with a
Chinese. Her body had been cul into
eleven  pieci s and  was in four sacks.
Too Late to Classify
MONEY   'I'i    l/i\\     WE    IfAVE   SI.V   I
1 nil  .urioiiiiis e.  loan  nn  firm   mnrtgag
security  111  cui n nl   rates,
WHITE Hi ICK 11' 1MB I'i ill SALE V
n sacrifice. Well finished bunxnlow
rooms main floor,. J rooms beinw, wit'
h.is. ment, situate nn two lots, Wnsl Ington avenue. Unobstructed view WI]
consider trade as pari puymenl, In I
vi-siiinit.. ;ii onci
Fairbanks,  Alaska.     March     4. -An
earthnuake lasting    several    seconds
was  felt  hen* at  S:5.r)  last night.   Re
ascertain ' ports received hero indicate the shock
The  work I was  felt   throughout  the  Interior    of
���' Alaska.    No damage was reported.
property?     tf  so  let   ns   have  parlli
lars   ni'   your   proposition   and   pcrhii]
we can  make ,.   trail.-.
Eastman and Co.
Phono  uie:.
201   Westminster  Trust   Building.       '
sumed his discourse, but. his lordship
[ had uot finished his defence of the
prisoner. Later, when he was charging tlte jury, the judge, while he Impressed tin* twelve men that the prisoner had practically admitted his guilt
on the count cf unlawful assembly, he
gave them every reason to think that
Richmond -would meet with nothing
but lenient treatment from the bench.
"Vou have nothing -whatever to dn
with the consequences of a conviction"
said the presiding judge. "That is
for me and I have told you what I
Miink of the accused."
The   verdict  of   guilty   of  unlawful
assembly was In due course returned
and  his  lordship  lived  up to his  implied  promise by giving  ihe prisoner,
ils  liberty  on  suspended  sentence.
Incident Number Two.
Following this Incident of the morn-l
ing cann- incident number two, Immediately   after   the   luncheon   adjourn-1
Mr. Rubinowitz, who was again act* 1
ng In tiie defence of A If Wardell, ar-1
raigned  on  two counts  in  connection
villi   number  three   rlol   at   Nanaimo
ot   August,  objected   to  the  crown
bringing on eases without giving him
*vi  full days' notice of the intention
to do so.
"My learned friend, Mr. Taylor,"
sa'd Mr. Rubinowitz, "certainly did
-' I a poison who Is uot associated In
nny way with me in this defence of
* - Intention, but I did not hear of it
till 1 o'clock today, your lordship. Mr.
I Taylor.    I    believe,   told    Mr.   Foster,
I but���"
"Who Is Mr. Foster." Interjected thp
I presiding Judge.   "He has no right to
! be   sitting   there,"   and   his   lordship
j pointed to the president of district UK
Of the U,  M    W. of A., Who has held
down  a  chair at the port side of the
lawyers 'table ever since the Vancou-
I ver island cases Started four months
Unexampled   Affrontery.
"I have said nothing while Mr. Foster has beep participating not to say-
Interfering in these cases, telling
counsel what to do and giving counsel instructions on information he gets
In his own way as to how jurymen
may be expected to view these cases.
What uses he makes of the exceptional
privileges he has been permitted to
enjoy I do not know, but I consider
It a piece of unexampled affrontery on
the part of Mr. Foster to occupy the
position he does at the table if he Is
not personally interested In all these
accused. I suppose he does it. on the
Instructions -of the organization with
which he is connected. It Is abusing
my hospitality and I have permitted
Mr. Foster to sit there only because
I did not wish anyone to be able to
say thai. I had done anything to hinder tin-  defence In   Ihese cases."
Referring to the contention put forward by Mr. Rubinowitz that he should
have two ch-ar days to secure witnesses in all liis cases, the presiding
judge took occasion to refer to tho
manner in which    defence witnesses
had bee*-, brought from n distance at
the expense of the crown.
"I have been very much surprised."
j n marked his lordship, "at the genier-
| oslty of the crown in allowing rho
1 number of witnesses brought here at
, the crown's expense to testify in be-
, half of the defence, many of whom
! should never have come at all. Take
i yesterday for an example, nine wlt-
j ni ssps were on the stand to prove one
point for the defence.    In spite of this
generosity   there   are,   unfortunately,
agencies at work misrepresenting what
takes place right here In open court.
How   much  of  this   sort  of   thing  ds
heard by the jurors I cannot say, but
jit all tends towards unfair trials."
Incident   Number  Three.
It was at this Juncture that John S.
Qlynes,   of    Abbotsford, one or the
[large   panel   of   jurors   in   attendance
at   the  special   assize   court,   rose   In
I his place in the body of the chamber
1 and launched a suggestion at the court.
Mr.  Clynes intimated  that it  was the
practice  in   England  to  '.-ave  t.he  presiding judge pass on the evidence of
witnesses for the defence brought at
the crown's expense, and If their testimony turned out to  be  Immft'teWal
to have the witness' pay withheld.
Mr. (ilynoH opined that It might be 11
good thing to adopt Ihe same line of
procedure In the present trials.
After hearing the suggestion the
onurt proceeded to business again, oon-
victlons being registered as noted


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