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The New Westminster News Dec 2, 1913

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Newt Clasalfled Ad��.
proven their win th
tliey    produce.      Th
or   small    wants   ut
by  tbe
ey   All
The Weatner.
New Westminster and tho lower
mainland: Lii-'bt to moderate winds
becoming unsettled with rain tonight or Wednesday; not mucb
change in temperature.
VOLUME 8,  NUMBER  22../
d.c. ran vs. cossiABit mis
Rebel Leader Gets Control!
of   Metropolis   Without
Loss of Life.
>,'��� m
��� ��� # ��
vu a  Plans tQ Reach Mexico City Before  End of December���Confls-
cates Provisions.
Juarez, Mux., Dec. 1. Kather than
endure starvation, the federal troops
have evacuated Chihuahua City,
which has been under Siege for weeks,
according to advices received tonight
by General Francisco Villa, the rebel
leader,    Tbe evacuation  leaves   the
city open to possession by the rebels.
The   ri port   received   by   Villa   was
that (Salvador Mercedo, military I -,. *
governor of the state, with I00Q fed-;
eral troops hud left on fool for Ojln-
ng.-i, on Hie United States border mar
Maria, Texas, that Generals Jose
Vnes S&laxar and PaBcual Orozco
Wltb more than 1000 federals, had re-
treated lo the mountains west of the
City and that hundreds of civilians. In
Chiding    women    nr.d    children,   who
were on Ute verge of starvation, had
started oui to v.���ik to the L'nited
Ktuii s 11...tr!- r.
Besides  being the eapl'ai of   tbe
slate. Chihuahua City with a popula.
tlon normally 11 85,000 is ttu.. metro-
polls of Northern Mexico.   Neither In
the Madero revolution    nor   In   tin-
present uprising has Chihuahua been !
taken from the toderals.    Its garrison
and tiie   commanding   positions   for!
sharpshooters umi machine guna, ai
fordid by the cathedral   and   public
bulldlnga, heretofore hud presented al
formidable  barrier  to  Invaders.    Had
the  rebels reached  the city and    the:
federal! resisted it wus believed that
B fight  in  lhe city would have result I
ed  In great loss of life and properly I
Water Supply Cut OH. M^^^^^
Condition) In the city were said to i
be such that life thero was no longer [
endurable.      The      Spanish      viaduct j Agreement
Mexico Cily, l)ec. 1. - President lluerta gave the population at the capital a thrill today by another of his periodical disappearances, He returned to the palace this afternoon,
Hlating that he bad been visiting a farm in the vicinity.
Early today It was reported
that he had taken a special
train I.o Vera Cruz, high officials not deigning to know his
When    he    returned he gave
om   the Information   that   be
was still determined to head
the admlnlatratlon and continue all efforts for the pacification of the country.
Councillor to Oppose Reeve Trial of Thomas Cowler and
for Burnaby Municipal    j     Six Others Proceeds
Kcove I)   C. McGregor and Council
'lor A   V. C, Macpherson both yesterday
���:��� Iconfirmed the rumors that tliey Intend-
9lad to make the race for the reeveship
,:  Of Hurnaby    The campaign will prob-
"1 (ably open up In about ten days time!
.; |    Reeve McGregor was yesterday ap-;
'*. j proacbed by a large delegation who lm-1
'���'. ] pressed upon him the fact that it was
41absolutely essential for blm to again!
!.' I make tlte race and take up a second ;
7; term  ln  order  to  straighten  out  the!
*?  present  financial tangle.    He at first j
j*  did not feel inclined to allow hla name]
j*   to be brought forwnrd. but after the j
';*  points at  issue had  been argued,  he
$|decided to announce himself as a can-j
Man  Assaulted  Statea  He  Was  Surrounded by Angry Crowd���
Would Use Gun.
.':���  tt  -''I  *�� tt
tt  tt
Tlie trial of Thomas Cowler and
six others accused of committing an
aggravated assault and of assaulting
a police officer at thy C. P. It. wharf,
Nanaimo, on August 13 last, opened
in the assize court yesterday, but was
adjourned at 4 o'clock ln the afternoon after a portltn of the evidence
for the crown was taken. The others
accused with Cowler are James liaird.
who is    Indicted    on    Ave    different
Vancouver  Man   Is   Freed
from   Pen���Sees   Auto
for First Time.
1 f>/
Parle. Dec. 1.���The government
wa�� victorious by a narrow margin
today in its first great trial of
strength  with the  opposition   in    the j last election."
chamber of deputies on the question \ Th" decision of Councillor Macpher-
of the new loan of $200,000,000 to ! son leaves a vacancy to be filled IB
cover the budget deficit. The loan Ward Two', Edmonds, and it Is rumor-
wa* approved by a vcte of 291 to 290. I'd that I)   V.  Patterson and possibly
 ���  W, H   Rope will contest the seat.
Councillor Stride Of Ward One has
yet to mak*1 up his mind, but It gener-
��� ally Ib understood that lie will stand
��� for    re-election,    opposing    William
I Bevan,
Councillor Macpherson, who Is just,   , .,,        ,, ,    ,,     _,, .     ,  ___.
completing his first term as a munlcl-1?'1."""^;, Ton'y Ceirallo, Klchard Grit-
pal   representative,   made  It  clear  to
Tii" News that he intends to con- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lest the reeveship. llK;  seven  accused  are  charged  with
"I feel perfectly confident that I wtalassaulting   is   Provincial   Constable
be  elected,    I   am   surprised   to  hear'Taylor.
tliat. Iteeve McCregor han decided to Cowler is a big man and reputed to
make the race although he Is an op- j be a prize fighter of some fame. It
poneni. to my liking. One thing is cer-: is said that he W3S at one time the
tain, be will have little difficulty in ' sparring partner of Bombardier Wells,
finding me, as was the case at  the'it was he. according to the    crown,
���u'lo committed tiie most serious as-
Klngston,  Dec.   1. -Peter    Deroech.!
aged   Ta   years,   passed   through   thel
gates of the  Portsmouth penitentiary
a free man, after serving   30   years j
within the walls of the prison.
Derosch was sent here from Vancou-1
ver for a murder for which he was sen- j
tenced to be hanged. The department
of justice, however, commuted the
sentence to life Imprisonment. lie is
said to be the oldest prisoner in Canada. Derosch was brought from the
coast to the penitentiary before Canada had a continental railway. When
he was released today he looked for
the first time on a street car and an
As he was leaving the big gate of
the prison an automobile passed.    De-
      _       rosch  sprang  back  and  broke  away
fiths, William Hoy, AlphOSSe Moiialdl ifrora hi�� escort, trying to get behind
and  .John  Jackson.    The man  whom I -he walls <* ������>" Prl60Ii-   A ��treet car
then passed and the aged prisoner
showed the same terror He was
taken to the G. T. R. station on the
street car. but for a tlm*. he refused
to go near the car. He will stay in
Washington, Dec. 1.���How tt
the American board of patrol tt
has found It well" nigh impossible to enforce the em- ������;���?
baigo on arms being taken tt
into Mexico was explained in
a report made publlc today tt
from Brigadier General Bliss, tt
commander of the forces along tt
the  border. -,'-
The report stated that prac- -ft
tlcally the    entire    population #
residing along  the    American tt
side of the border sympathized tt
with the rebels and as a result O
the  prevention  of arms  being tt
smuggled    across    the    inter- tt
national boundary' was almost ���'.'���
impossible. tt
Ralph Lopez, Slayer of Six,
Is   Still   Hiding   in
Not Known New Whether Hs Is Dead,
But Wae Living Late in Afternoon Yesterday,
Number   of   Owners   Sign
Union Contract But Men
Remain Out.
which conveyed water rrom the moun
tains, was reported to have been destroyed and the food aupply exhausted. General Villa tonight telegraphed
delalls of the evacuation to General
Carranza at llcnnoslllo, statin? ihat
tlie proposed advance of the rebels
southward to Mexico City would no*.'*
lie ' -pediled. The occupation of the
city would make rebel territory
siraigbt through    to    Zacatecns    and
operations would   begin   about   that
city and at  Aguas Callentes.
Among the besieged citizens at
Chihuahua who are believed to be
seeking refuge__il8eu'hcre were Juan
Creel, a banker and relative Of K
rique Creel, former support
President Dlas, and Albert Terrasas,
a wealthy hind owner.
General V:iia said Pederlco Moye, a
prominent merchant, had been named
civil governor of Chihuahua state, his
Selection being based on the belief
that he would be acceptable to the
Report Authentic.
"The n pert of the capitulation    of
���Chihuahua is authentic," said Villa.
"'It ca.-.ie lo mc In aa ofl.clal despatch
Must   Be   Gen*ra!���Meeting Votes Down Appeal���Garbage
Remains Uncollected.
Indianapolis, Dec. 1
saull on Taylor,    Jackson, another of i
: the accused, is also    said    to bc    a I
prise  fighter.    Cowler and  Balrd  are I
, held In  the provincial jail, while the I
others are out on bail ranging from j
[$1000 to  $4000.
j    3, B. Bird, of Vancouver, is defend-
iing  Monaldo  and  liaird;   j.  W.  DeB.
Ferris,    Ceirallo;     Arthur    Leighton,
John  Jackson,   and   Israel   1.   Rubino- i
wit?  ir> defending    Cowler,    Griffiths
and Hoy.
Obtained Adjournment.
The trial was brought to an abrupt
adjournment at 4 o'clock in the afternoon when Mr. ltubir.owitz strenuously objected    to    Mr.    Taylor,   crown
prosecutor, introducing witnesses   to
_____________________ 'he stand, of whom he had no previ-
]ous knowledge.    Mr. RubiuowiU wish-
Council Decides to Give Householderi, e(i  ru\\  an(_  sufficient notice of the
|witnesses. Mr. Taylor stated that he
j waa only calling tbem -for "ih> pur-
ipos.i of identifying tbe prisoners and
I that he had given Mr. Bird a list of
ithe names and the nature of the evi-
deuce to  be given.
Bingham,  Utah,   Dec.   1.--Whether
Ralph Lopez, the slayer of five peace
officers and a fellow Mexican, is dead
In the Utah-Apex  mine, or whether,
avoiding the deadly gases In the mine,
he still planned a dash for liberty, was
a question unanswered tonight. Knowing his resourcefulness, there was no
letup in tho watchfulness at the tunnel  mouths,    on    wblch searchlights
'-were   trained   while   the   sheriffs   of
! seven counties and a score of deputies
I kept unrelaxed guard.
Since early morning, through open-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ings in the bulkheads constructed at
London,  Dec.  1.���Winston  Spencer j ���^ach of the_ tunnel mouths,_poisoacus
tt *
* # *
Benefit cf Deal With South
Five Entombed When Cave-
Occurs  in  Mine  at
Cripple Creek.
Churchill, firBt lord of the admiralty,
has become a competent aviator. He
has taken lessons recently at the naval flying depots and on Saturday ascended at East Church ln a dual control biplane with Capt. l.usbington.
Reaching an altitude of 500 feet, Mr.
Churchill took charge of the machine,
flying to and fro in a strong wind for
nearly 45 minutes and covering altogether between 30 and 40 miles. Capt.
Lushington then resumed control and
brought the machine to earth.
gases have been directed. Tonight an
'��� automobile, carrying 1000 pounds of
: sulphur, was riiBhed here from Salt
Lake City in order to keep the smudge
! going until a fresh supply arrived ort
jthe train tomorrow morning. In ad-
I dition to sulphur, al! the chemicals
j capable of generating poisonous gas"S
'.that could be obtained here were be-
' lng used In the Bmudges.
Called for Partner.
The only -work from Lopez today
came early this afternoon when he
approached the bulkhead at the mouth
of the Andy tunnel and called for hls
friend,  Julio  Corrello.     When   asked
One  Rescued and  One is Alive and
Uninjured���Concern for Fate of
Other Three.
Cripple Creek, Colo..  Dec.  1.���Five
miners were entombed today    by    a
  v       .    | cave-in    which    extended    from    the
A sweeping reduction of water ratesiul"tB  *" .-"*, 6MCU' . Mr   Kublnow1"z I fourth level to the thirteenth level of
ranging from 15 to 5. per cent was Tll!.Ulned.,Hat "V     r'!P���?scn,v?tlv<; j the Golden Cycle mine here and the
ranging  irom  in to  ��.   per cent  wu in. lhrc_  of ,hp prl8oneri he    should  Ctad___m-i mine   nriioininz
made at a special meeting of the Bor-Ute been given an individual list and C toTct the  fi^e  was  rescued  and
naby council hed yesterday morning, refused   to   co  ahead   wi'h  the   trial , n *�� e  w as   rescuea  ano
  An appeal Of Hitherto    a    gradual  scale has  been   yr   Justice   Morrison   8 ���"d    M-fej". T'^Jfi  "*  B"Ve "nd  "^
earn owners who had signed the union  ,.h,..r(:ed to householders according to | J?��ua ^OTMCsTat the    deto    and l;iu"d '? ** Christmas mine.
outran, asking that thetr employees the number of taps In the house but _Sli^P^w!LiTl    i���LLu���J      The fate of ,lle remaining three in
i to return to work, wae lnn���������& wiirSuatheaajnebasis,S*e��?���"   ,."   Z , ;,>,,,.*"���   *~ ,he Golden C}cle ar0use8 ��reat con-
Want Officer Frcm Ulster.
Belfast, Dec. 1.���A request has been I
received at the Ulster Unionist head- ! what he wanted, he called again for
quarters from Canada for an officer to | Corrello, but before the latter arrtv-
be sent to the Dominion on an inspec-ied he had retired back Into the depths
tion tour of the Ulster volunteer units lof the mountain.
at Toronto and Winnipeg.
excepting   the   keeper  of  horses  and
cattle   "
ter where llie animals are limited to
A half yearly charge of $8.70 will be
made for householders, thiB change being enacted in order to stimulate the
installation of    plumbing    and other
facilities which will not"Increase the|Tlioae finally
be permltt ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���.olid down late today at Bt general
meeting of.the Teumsters' and Chauffeurs' union, which went on strike lasl
Thomas J  Karrell. general organizer for the union, said none of ih" men
would  take out their teams until  the
"r-1 employers of 1000 teamsters had signed the agreement.   Team owners, em-  	
{ploying about 250 men, had agreed to lenst to th
the   union demands, he nid
The first day of the strike v.as at-
i tended by many minor disorders which
I wero quelled by the police. Many
i men and girls, members of the Car-
i ment Workers' union, were arrested
during the day and tonight. The girls
were released on small bonds, but the
I men were held In $1000 bonds.
No  garbage  was collected   In   the
IIcity today.   Officials or the company
which aald the c'ty wns evacuated on >which has the contract said that al-j-whereby Burnaby supplies the former
Sunday.    A rebel courier st once set | though a few of Its men had Joined] with water, an additions! income has
Kills Clerk and Injures Customers
Waterloo, la., Dec. 1.���An explosion
today caused the death of William
Schneidermann and the serious Injury
or John Roberts, clerks in a drug
store here. Roberts was compounding chemicals to be used to produce a
calcium llgbt. Four customers were
to :
**m*m*t���������������������������������������**������*.       ^ ,cern.
nd he will bei allowed free *a-!"ll'a a conference in the interim and i    Thomas  Splndel-  who wa8  rescHe<i
I straighten .out their differences. L, g 0.clock ton)gljt  unnanned  fron,
,, .,    * Tr0UDl�� Aoout Jury' _    .    tho Golden  Cycle, remained    in  the
Little delay    was    experienced    in!miDe to aid In the rescue work.   He
-::.pannelllng a jury for the trial. The declares   *_���,    o[  ,he  minerg   were
d icnce challenged ten 4ietit Jurors,
while two were rejected by the crown,
  were:    Malt
__l   |Crahain,    foreman;    J.    A.    Gledhlll.
The  same  rates   prevail    In    New;George W. Gillette, Bert Gibson, Wm.
Westminster and  in  some Instances, j I'. Garland,  Andrew Gra! am.  Alfred
are even lower than that charged In f.iassle, K. A. George, Robert J. Gor-
adjolning municipalities. dun, Thomaa Gillette, Alf. S. Giedhill
Business Increasing. aid George S. Gothard.
In his report Comptroller Griffiths     The assault Is alleged to lu".e taken
reviewed    the    waterworks situation, place when a   crowd   of   some   600
stating that 605 connections had been strikers was gathered at the C. P. R.
made during the past year, bringing
the total to 2180. With an agreement
recently signed with South Vancouver
the union, tlie attitude of tbe striken; I been created which has allowed Burin the neighborhood of the barns was naby to make a reduction ln rates,
so threatening that they did not wish Several hundred settlers are still wait-
to Impe'lt tlie lives of workers. While jug r0r water connections but these
many of the department Btores and will probably be slow in being made
details lo Conn-il Carranxa the I wholesale houses did not attempt to until the Ume arrives when the coun-
uuaiiH to t.tnnai lairania. mei..^  (he|_ wa(_on_ out   oth(._. oper- cil feels lt ls policy to submit a money
ated a few vehlclee.   Some of these bylaw to the people.
were Interfered with, but not serious-     fn  the reduction of water charges
ly,  ub they continued operating dur- under meter connection, a difference
lng the day. of 53 per cent ls noticed In the list
Many business men volunteered as! made out, although this wlll apply to
out and rode 1.10 miles northward
where he met tiie icbcl advance
gui.rd. This wns at Villi Ahumada,
where v e have est!'! llr' d telegraphic
communication.    1  line    transmitted
"'c   _______________________
head or t.ie revolutionists,
"It 1, my pur; ose now lo send a
force to Inttrcepl Mercedo, who i>
fleeing to Oiinaga and also to capture Orosco and Salaznr. The main
rebel body probably will concentrate
at Chihuahua preparatory to the ad
vsnea southward. Wo wlll be nearlng Mexico City within a month."
Confiscate Provisions.
Five hundred thousand dollars
worth of provisions and clothing and
���$100,000 from tlie Banco of Mtnero
wcre confiscated In Juares by Villa to
aupport the rebels. The property wns
taken through the refusal of merchants to accept paper money Issued
bv the rebels. The storekeepers, most
of them Spanish, appealed to the
United Slates consul, Edwards, ard
Inter closed their shops nnd handed
over their kevs to the consul. Con
���sui Kdwards later returned lhe keys
to the owners, stiving he could nct
���guarantee the safety of the property.
Meantime   die   pieces   were   frrced
open ami the girds and money taken,
It wns said the properties were Injured In an English company against
special police this afternoon, but were
told their services were not needed
Several hundred business men already
hnve been sworn in as a reserve fore-.
Hearing In tbe dispute between the
Indianapolis Street Railway company
and Its employees, who recently were
on strike, will begin before the State
public service commission on Thursday morning, it wns announced today.
the large consumers. Tbo meter ren
tal of fi per month was abolished.
The application made by a group
of Vancouver financiers for a motor
hus franchise, was laid over for two
weeks. ���"-��� *
A reorganlitatlon of the outdoor staff
was Indicated by the giving of one
month's notice to four road foremen,
their present positions terminating at
tha end of the year.
Canada9s Advantage
In London Market
Winnipeg. Dec. 1.���Work on the
main llne of the 0 T. P. will continue
litpr thnn the company hss ever been
ln a position to do before and the line
���will extend as far west as I'rlnce
George ere the trnclt laying closes for
Ihe winter according to the statements
made on his return from the east by
Morley Donaldson, vice-president and
general manager nf the line, who arrived In the city this morning.
Mr. Donaldson said that work of
���construction was entirely satisfactory
as regards the amount of construction
wblch hns been accomplished 'this
Montreal, Dec. 1.���That tho preference given to Canada as a borrower
In the London money market was one
of Canada's most striking advantages
was the opinion expressed by Bir
George l'nlsh, editor of the London
Statistic, who arrlved_ In * Montreal
after a month spent In looking over
the financial situation ln the United
Sir George was doubtful whether
Canada ever would" secure a preference In breadstuff* In the British
market but tbat, hn considered, waa
a sn.all tbtng ln view of tbo remarkable preference the country now haa
ln the British money market.
lie pointed out that during the current year Britain would have loaned
'approximately two hundred million
pounds and of this aum approximately forty million pounda would have
come to Canada. That, he added, was
u very great amount of money for the
country to secure, particularly In a
year when tbe borrowing demand had
been so large and varied.
Sir George reaffirmed the view,
doubted by aome people In Canada,
that Canada geta her money (rom
Great Britain at a cheaper rate than
if she were outside the empire.
"There Is no doubt," he aald. "that
a foreign municipality, however prosperous, paya at least one per ***t.'
more tor lu money than an average
elty In the Dominion ot Canada.
Canada can borrow cheaper than the
United Btates or any ouar country
In London snd the Dominion ean
likewise borrow cbeaper In Britain
than in tho United atataa. So much,"
he said, "for belonging to tte Britiah
empire, apart from the queation ot
wharf al Nanaimo protesting the arrival of a number of special constables on the Patricia.
Constable Harry Taylor, the man
whom the seven accused are charged
with assaulting, was the first witness
for the crown. He gsve his evidence
In a very straightforward manner and
waa subject to little cross-examination. He stated thai he arrived from
Vancouver in the early morning- of
Augur 13. wllh 25 special constables.
Me I;, .dtd without difficulty and retired ,o his room In thc Windsor
hotel about S o'clock.
Hu v���s aroused -about noon by
shouts and Jeers from the vicinity of
tbo wharf and after lunch he went
down to Investigate. On arrival at
the approach leading to the wharf he
found a crowd numbering aboul 600
gathered there. Hie approach to tho
wharf was not Intercepted and he
went down to the Patricia, but seeing
nobody on board that he knew started
to return.
Hostile Crowd.
Aa witness returned from the wharf
the crowd apparently taking him for
a special gathered about him on the
approach In a hostile manner. A
young fellow approached and aSked If
he waa a apeclal constable and three
others closed in tram behind and took
hold of him.
Realising that It was dangerous to
attempt to force bla way through the
crowd Taylor broke clear and backed
up toward the sheds ou the wharf.
The crowd became more and more
hostile and there were cries ot "Kill
him I   Kill him !"
Observing the menactnc attitude at
the men witneea drew hla revolver.
Hardly had he dona ac, however,
when a man named Griffith* approached trom the front Uae aad
throwing hla arma ln tlw air aald
"Shoot me If you dare.* Taylor toM
Griffiths that he did sot want to
aaoot, but warned aim,ttt keep at Ua
At thla Juncture witneea said he-
beard a voice trom tha crowd aaylng
"Don't shoot Taylor." Thla remart
he recognised aa oomh-g trom Co*
stable Haanay. *shae��uaatty to thle
the crow* aurged towarda Taylor,
who increased hla eCarte ta reach tka
i i       Mi i in . iiii.iiiiiiS    .iu i    i.    in.
(Ooatfaaed oaPs��a Wn.)
working behind him, a distance of at
least 60 feet and be estimates that
the fall of rock on the eighth level,
where he and they were extended for
more than 60 feet behind the roonl in
which he was trapped.
Frank Cabris, entombed tn the
Christmas mine ls known to be uninjured and will be rescued as quickly
as the pile of rock and ore in front
of him can be cleared away.
No response is had to tappings of
rescue crews upon pipes which extend through the eighth level of the
Golden Cycle, where the entombed
men are supposed to be.
Among the three men is Frank
Wood, a ahlft boss, a graduate of
Colorado college. With him are
Samuel Sorenson and Patrick Kevany,
Tbe cave-In was caused by a gigantic rock slide from the fourth level
and was not precipitated by an explosion.
London, Dec. 1.���It Is believed here
that Lord Cowdray, in addition to
giving up the Colombian contracts,
will abandon the Pearson Ecuadorean
concessions. Ecuador, as will aa
Colombia, depends largely upon
French Interests in banking aad
finance and these interests have un*
doubtedly had much influence In opposing the entrance of British capital. Guayaquil and Quito wlll pursue
tbe same policy aa Bogota.
The French hanking group, which
is powerful In these cities, le decidedly opposed to the widely ramified Influence of Lord Cowdray in Ecuador,
because It haa put Its money In tha
country la return for control ot the,
concessions. The Ecuadorean eon-
gress doea aot meet before February.
Contractor in "John Doe"
Inquiry Says He Donated
Had te Pay In Order te Collect Money
Due Him for Building
New York. Dec. I.���Madison R. Aid-
rich, a Poughkeepsle contractor, testV
fled at District Attorney Whitman's
John Doe" Inquiry today that he had
been forced to give up $1500 aa a condition to getting hla pay trom the state
highway department for a road which
be completed during the admlnlatratlon of Highway Commissioner C.
Gordon Reel.
He paid the money in cash In New
York city on March 31, 191*. he said,
to Thossaa Haskett, secretary to John
A Bensel, then state engineer. Haa-
eett, whom the district attorney la
anxious to question, has disappeared.
Mr. Whitman has Information that he
sailed for Baa Domingo at about the
same time that James K. McGulre, former mayor ot Syracuse, now under indictment, sailed south.
Aldrlch, who la president ot a construction company, aald he had given
the money on Haeaett'a representation
that Charles R. Foley, deputy highway
commissioner, demanded It Pay on
hla contract had at that Ume. he said,
been held op tor nearly tour months.
Coutdnt Collect Money.
The contract waa tor a road oostlag
UM.M0. It waa completed. Aldrtfh
aald, Ut November, 1911, and he made
numerous efforts daring tho following
three montha to collect tha I1T.0M
balance das him.  Oa Mardi IT. IMS,
On Corrello being unable to get a
response. Mike Vukovltch. a native of
Montenegro, and a brother-in-law of
Deputy Mandrich. who was killed in
Saturday's battle, broke from a crowd
jof spectators and brandishing a revolver, tried to break down the bulkhead
to go after Lope?. With difficulty he
wag led away by deputies and friends.
Repeatedly since Saturday he has
pleaded on his knees tor the opportunity to penetrate the darkness and
fight it out witb the Mexican.
As night fell, while the smudges continued to pour their poison back into
the beart of the mountain, the mutter-
Ings for vengeance from the never-
diminishing crowd of foreigners be-
I came hushed and gave way to whispered questions as to what was the
���secret behind tbe bulkheads.
i The deputies guarding the Andy tnn-
| ne! believed Lopez overcome this af-
I ternoon behing the bulkheads, unt!!
two hours later, they beard a scraping
sound followed by a cough.
Mine Filled With Smoke.
Late tontgbt columns of smoke we.e
m.-hing out of vsrlous tunnels, showing that certain parts of the mina
wire already filled. At some places
it was impossible for tbe guards to get
nearer than 30 feet to the entrances.
In the lowest level of the workings
smudges were placed directly beneath
shafts leading up Into the upper le/e!s
where Lopes took refuge when he entered the mine last Thursday night.
Smoke wae alao issuing through tbo
cracks on top of the mountain, showing that one of the tunnels ran very
near the surface. Guards were placed
at these spots.
In case Lopes does not appear t**m
smudging will continue for another
day and. night Then 24 hours meat
elapee before the deputiea can enter.
Although lt la believed to be slight,
there is still the possibility that tha
fugitive may avoid asphyxiation . la
some for conker of the mine.
mm* xmas .
'  p
Council Oraata MOS te Asafot hi*
MpS^ffWVnV IM V^rVBBIR^ **Ar***m*mW
Two haodred doUars was added te
the -trcseea'a "Many ChrieUsas" tm**
by tha olty ooaacll yeeterday.   -tm-
aad "5w*Si
(Coathiaad aa Paga Few..
Defective Dyking To
Blame For Floods
Defective dyitag waa mainly to
Mama for the worst fWod* j* years
la tha pharos district. whM ha Baturday sad laaday roused ****% *****
tit tarn leads oa I_w* Maad sad Hf|
ia Island to be flooded whea:']
tho ugh tMss aad hasty wtafs eoa>
MMftsroiaa the lavs) at tha water ��leg lj
|>aro *j ssrtoue ttlhat ******* \��l    J******
Uttsal Msae of the North Arm <
_____��� PAGE  TWO
TUESDAY,   DECEMBER   2,   1913.
An Indesendent morning s��psr devoted tu the inter sts tif New Unt minster anii
th* Fraser Vtlley. PttbUshStt every morning fJe.ept Slliuifiy hy the National Printing
���Ml Pulilithiiig Cempani;, Limited, *t 63 ItrKenxie Btreet, New Westminster, liritish
Columbia. ROHn BVTIIKRl.ANII, Managing Director.
All oofn-numfoaffons -"itlnuld be ��d_:rei*i*ed to The New Wtstuiinstcr News, and not
lo iMfi-fdiMl members ol the ttaff. Cheques, drolls, and money order! should lie. made
asi/atlf to The National Printing and Publishing Cam-tan,/. Limited.
TKLEI'IIONKS���lliuintss Office ond Manager, 91)9; Editorial Rooms (ull de-purr -
ssxmls). 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By earrltr, It per year, |1 for thres montha, 40c prr
attmth     tin mall, 13 per year, ibe lier mould.
ADVhRTISINu RATBB on sppllcotlon.
the offended populace of Zabern.       |
The  matter  will,    of    course,    be
brought before the Reichstag by the
Socialist  -deputies,  srtio  will  Interrogate the minister ot wnr nol only on |
the Zabern Incident, bul ulso on the
attitude of the officers commanding]
the   lr.ih   and   18th   Army   Corps   al
Btrasburg -.uni Met/, towarda the civilian   populace,    The  centre hns  ulso:
���_,., ii notice that it will ask for Information concerning the growing hostility between the Prenoh and German
elements In Alsace-Lorraine.
If thc housewives of this city saw the conditions under which arc grown the vegetables they use daily in their
kitchens they would swear off vegetable eating till the
business was in other hands than those of our old friend
from down Canton way, Slant-eyed John.
To put it euphemistically, John's methods and habits
in connection with his vocation of providing vegetables
for the people of New Westminster are not sanitary.
That's sotting forth the case in very mild terms, for to
tell the truth about the matter would use up too much
questionable language. As a factor in this age of cleanliness, the Celestial grower and purveyor of vegetables does
not have a part, at least not so long as he pursues the
methods that have characterized him for several moons
hack, and the time has come when people who want clean
things to eat should take a stand for them.
It doesn't look like an easy proposition to supplant
the Chinaman and clear a little of the filth out of our home
cooking, but it might be done by a combination of white
truck gardeners and there should be money in it for them.
If the white growers would get together, put their products all in the hands of a central agency and distribute
them from door to door as the Chinese do, at the same
time working a White Vegetable campaign for all they
are worth, it is almost a safe bet the insanitary Chink
would go by the boards for good and all.
A Swede carpenter travelling steerage on a boat from
Seattle to San Francisco jumped overboard and was lost
on the trip. It hasn't yet been decided whether the accommodations of the ship's steerage, or the prospect of
reaching the Golden Gate was the most important factor
in inducing him to take to suicide.
A commission is to be appointed by the federal government to look into this monster, the hykostuvlivin. Hope
they decide to exterminate the species.
If you won't shop early for Christmas out of consideration for the clerks in the stores, do so on account of
the greater satisfaction you'll experience yourself.
The teamsters are on strike in Indianapolis. They
say they do not mind being led a little by the employers,
but thev refuse to be driven.
New Duke of Sutherland Inherits
Immonso Fortune.
A goodly Inherltenoe is that whloh
I'onies to tin* Marquess of Stafford,
llfth Dulie of Sutherland, who, ut
tin nty live yeurs uf nge, SUCCSeds his
father, tho fourth Duke, who died rein'ii tiy.
Close upon :i million nnd u half screi
of land, mul nu Income of nearly
$700,000 ii year, in the totul of
ihe rlohes nnd the estate which the
young Duke inherits. In addition hs
becomes owner of live country mansion!
Ottawa, lire, l. A homesteader takin it up land ni'ur Dominion forest ro
Hi'i'vt's in tho west nmy obtain a free
permit from tho local forest officer to
cut 1,000 lineal feet of building Umber,
���I'm roof poieH, nun fence potts, 2,000
fence railn, and W cords of fire wood,
if then or subsequent be should re-
Montreal Pastor Says People Will Not
Idly Starve to Enrich
the Trusts.
Santa Claus is going to wenr the uniform of a New
Westminster fireman this year and it's a hundrod feet of
waterfront to a pile of sand that he'll be prouder of his
clothes this Christmas season than ever.
Montreal, Deo, l "Aro wo to nit by
und sii' tho people starve?" demanded  ltd.  Hr.  Ilroplty, p:islor of St.  Ar-
gnea church, st. Denis street, discussing tin' high eost of living, Whloh ho
attributed to usurious exactions of
profit by middlemen, In a powerful
sermon nt high inns.*..
"'I'lu' laborer <>f today," he declared,
"is worse off thnn tho oppressed in
lho days of tlm barons, for he has
not even tho joy of Ilu' tight tlmt the
oppri BSed of those days hud.
"I1 la slid n corporation has no
body to he chastised nor any soul to
he damned, Hut there should be a
low iii put their hoilles In jail, as
there is a God who will damn their
souls if they treat unjustly their fellow  men.
"There Is no difference between the
USUry of money lenders .".nil t'.ie usury
cf business barons," continued tin*
apoaker. "The i ::������ is :is guilty a-:
Hi" othi :��� bi fore God. If thi- business
mnn charges extortionate prices for
whnt iii.-, neighbor absolutely needs in*
Is guilty of the i nine sill of usury as
tiie usurer in money matters. It makes
no difference if the high cost of living is duo to combines, trusts or monopolies, if they agree to fix the price
of tin- necessities of life beyond the
means of the worklngman they are
guilty of wholesale usury and of
wholesale robbery. A sin is a sin. li
does not matter if it he committed by
:i combine, each one of the combine Is
"There were risings before, and people will not be ground down, they will
not be bled to death by modern tyrants. Are we to sit hv and see Hi..
worklngman starve? Prices go up.
Way? Coal has cone up a dollar In
two months. Why? Has coal cost
more to mine it? Have the miners
received an increase? No. Why, then,
should il. cost a dollar more for the
poor worklngman now because he had
not the money two months ago to
stock his bin?
"We read in th:' papi rs yesterday
that 700,000 cases of eggs were held in
'iid Btorage, Why? In order to extort exorbitant prices���this Is usury
and a crime."
in Scotland and tlireo in England. With quire more wood for any purpose
ono exception, ef the C/.ur of Russia, can obtain a penult to cut such uu
lie owns more laud thuu uny other these reserves at li very small cost,
person in Kurope. ilu   1911   1,618  of  these  p"rtnits   were
The secret of this Immense wealth taken out In Manitoba, Saskatchewan
lies in tho flirt tlmt the (lowers hitvi and Alberta, and 815,943 lineal feet
always married money. Originally of building legs. 119,785 roof pines,
they were u simpis Yorkshire family 116,630 fence rails. 166,869 fence posts.
Of   good    lineage.     The   lirst   baronet.  3,336,468 board feet of lumber and 17,-
however, sir Thomas (lower, married ks.*. cords of fuel were thus obtained
the  heiress of   the Stafford    l.evesona,' by needy settlers for less than |4,000,
sml esquired LillisshaU with its ooal
fields and  the great   estate   of   Trent*
'Fhe   fourth   baronet   married    l.ndy
June Qranville. nue of the bo belressei
of   the Karl of   Bath, snd liis sun wna'
ereated Lord Gower and married Into
the  dUCal   houSS  nf   Uut Intnl.      Tlle  see
According to n recent publication
now obtainable from ihe forestry
branch, Ottawa. 807,468,000 board reel
of   wood   are  being   lined  annually   by
the Industries of Ontario, representing
a  total  value of $18,161,884,    Of this
amount considerably over five million
umi Lord Qower wns raised to nn earl- dollars ere paid for imported material,
llnul nml married three times, on eaeb for although all except eight of the
occasion to u lady better fortuned tlmn thirty four   kinds  of   wood   used   are
her predecessor, while the second earl in
the next generation   did   even   bettet
Por linn-lit', for be wedded the heiress
of Sriop, lirst liuku of Bridgewator,
mul the greut Bridgwater estates in
Lancashire sfterwards fel] to his
While, however, the (lowers have
thus linked wealth und matrimony,
they havo always slioim keen business
instinct,   und   the   late   Duke   was   QO
found in Ontario, almost half of them
are obtained principally from outside
sources and only six local species entirely supply local demands, The bul
latin contains the business addresses
of over 1.21HI wood using Industries in
Ontario, togetiier with a list of the
woods used III each Industry, supple-
meuted by quality, quantity and value
statistics.    Brief descriptions of t'ie
various species of woods used are glv*
Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Men and Boyl
Our Catalogue illustrates �� very complete assortment of
these -Jewellery lines,
In solid gold or gold filled, made In oval, Bquare or round Shapes,
plain or engraved, anil suitable ror attaching In either I'oli or
Walch Chain. Some of the solid gold designs are Bet wllh a diamond Centre.
In all designs and qualities,  let with  gems or semi -precious  stones,
Vmi will rind these very faithfully represented in our catalogue,
In many fine designs, according to tbe fashions of the day, In solid gold,
gold filled, mother of pearl and sterling Krom thei,' dsslgns you
ini> choose links wllh either rigid or louse connections. Theae
nre thoroughly Illustrated in onr catalogue, which uill lie sent free
to any address.
Our  prices are  moderate and  all orders  carefully filled.
Henry Birks Uf Sons, Ltd.
GEO   E. TROREY, Man. Dlr. Vancouver,  B.C.
exception.   Eschewing society, be lived en with a detailed list of their ui
quietly in   retirement,   developing hit and suggestions are also made regard
already Immense estates,    He -ess an ing tlie utilization of wood-waste,
enthusiastic imperlsllst, tskiog a great 	
laterest in Oanada, snd every year visit       Cork  |s the b irk or an oak  whicli
ed this country, purchasing thousand!I la at present found in large quantity
niy In Spain and Portugal.   The own
"H's of groves nf this tree strip off llv
hark every decade, this being the time
necessary to obtain cork one ami
one-quarter inches thick.   It Is usually
cf urri's of land iu Alberta and British
His marriage to ihe Duchess ef
Sutherland, who nuns in her nun
right nearly 150,000 seres, was u veritable romance, while at tlie same tiuie cut Into strips which are Bteamed and
it lidded om- moro to the long list of flattened and compressed into bales
wealthy marriages contracted by the for export. It bottle corks nre to be
Qowors. made, the sheets are once more stiain-
The late Duke WBB thir y-three years ,,,] a���,| ,.���_ |m��� cubes, afterwards hoof age, n '1 * * i..r most notable lng trimmed into shape by band or by
matrimonial s   in   society,   when,  machine.
1884, In* wenl oi   u visit to tm* Earl  ���
anil ConntesB of Ros.lyn. The day
after his arrive! he went to tea in the
Bchool room. There he saw the sis
teon-year-old Lady -ftllicent St. Clair
Erskine, a young girl as witty and m
telligont as she was pretty.
"Happy iiie wooing that's aot hm,:
ailocing. ' proving true In this rum',
fnr on her seventecoth birthday, the
girl became ^archloacss nf StsfTord,
and ultimately Duchess of Sutln rian !
when   ber   husband  succeeded   to   the
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion .Trust   Company
60S Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
Probably the first Indian council in
America ever called for tho solo pur-
n"M' of discussing fores'  flre proven* I
tlon was lately assembled in northern
.Manitoba by the chief flre ranger of
the Dominion governmenl in that dis |
trlct. After an animated discussion i
in which the eighty Indians present j
all took part, they unanimously re- i
-olved to cooperate with the fire rang- |
"rs in the extinguishing of forest. flreB I
am!   to   use  all   possible  care  In   the |
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURIN OIL     	
P.   O.   BOX   44?
A German doctor gets himself into public print by way
of the expressed opinion that craze for dress is a sign of
insanitv. He'd have been mme enthusiastically welcomed
if he had produced a remedy for the craze referred to.
Reports from Ottawa stale that the western freight
rates case is nearing an end. The ordinary man, after taking one frightened "glance at the statistical tangle, is constrained to ask, "Which end?"
Canadian standards evidently are higher than American. A car of wheat from the Dominion prairies sold the
other day in Minneapolis as Number One Hard, while the
best it co'uld have done on this side of the line would have
been Number Two Northern.
Factory   Watchman's   Timely   Arrival
Saved  Lad's  Life���Influence of
thc Movies.
Montreal, Doc. 1.��� Death by''hanging all but resulted to a small hoy In
I'oint St. Charles Saturday as the result of his playmates playing "cowboy" with him. The facts developed
In juvenile court today when thr"o
���small boys were beforo Judge Choquet on a dbarge of stealing rides on
the railroad, The father Of one of the
boys told the judg. of the near tragedy, uud declared something must bo
done to prevent children from attending moving pictures of the sensational type and attempting to react, them
iu real life
Aocordlng to the story told in court,
the watchman of a factory In Point St.
chari'*.- wai startled, while on his
round", late Saturday afternoon, to see
a young boj hanging from one of Uie
beams In a Bhed In tho rear of the
building. The hoj ��� ">s were just.
touching the ground. Hlo arms were
���bound tightly behind hln back, nnd hie
feet were fastened togi ' u i' A leather
thong had been used to bing him, instead ' ' i rr pe. He was pu: pe In lh"
face, anil "ti!v half conscious.
V.'as a Horse Thief.
Tb" watohman cut. hlm down and
carried blm to lhe Fhed. dashing wiim-
in hla face. Blood flowed from tho
buy's nose and ears; end ho was very
ee.ii; The watchman fok tiim to n
doctor nearby, who ssld he was suffering from shock bul tvould he nil
right In a Utile while. Tbo child gave
lii�� tisme as Qeorge l.avoio. and snid
ne mil his con nanlons hail been p'ay-
���!��� ** "enwhev " He b'ttl Agreed lo p'"v
thc role of B .'i.e thief, and the oth
ers wcre to -string him up." They did.
llut for the watchman's timely arrival
he would have heen dead in a short
"That Is tlie Bort of goings on there
have becn In orr neighborhood," said
lhe citizen who told tlie story ln Juvenile court today, "anil I have warned
niy hoys not to go to moving pictures
or play tliis cowboy business. I have
warned them also about stealing rides
on trains, bul tli. r" seems to be a bad
let of youngsters around in Point Ht.
Charles who lead others into that sort
of thing."
Judge i'i".* qu il i"i tli" three ride-
stealing youngsters off with a warning. In discussing the moving picture
question, he said that the boys had a
new trie): of getting Into these thes
tres, Tiny Btand mar llie door, and
whrn a kindly disposed man or woman In about to enter the boy says:
'l'i. ise fa-he un* in with you," and
iii y elide Is as though with a relative,
Rerliue, Dec. 1. Allhoui'h there
I were no demonstrations at Zabern todav, cwlti" -possibly to an incessant
downpour of rain. It wiii take a deluge
beforo Ab itlan animosity against
iLieutenant Han.a von Porstner for his
tact,.��ss advice t:i his men of th" '.'ii'ii
Regiment as to how to deal with
"wi 'liin." as he opprobrlously termed
ll    '  .Ml ���
An  attempt   Is  made  In  an  official
��� 'foment issued a; Straeburg tn minimize  ibe  effect,  which   the officer's
���,i>. r' j have produced on the civilian
"in.     According  to  tills   Btate-
   I i* iitenanl von Forstner, so far
'run  Inciting his men to attack civilians   Wl s merely pointing out to a  ri���*���
"���  lew lo defend himself when as-
sml ��� I     ll  is admitted  that the offi-
|onr     *i  "If ynu eui down a 'wacke,'
lyrtt wl ! pel 10s. from me." and that a
non-com u   * l< ned    officer     Standing
icni added, "And I will give you .'is."
hnt  It is  contended  thai   Lieutenant
von  Forstner merely meant   rowdies,
and not Alsatians generally, Needless
to say, this gsplanat.cn ia ridiculed by
I ondon, Dec. 1 -Not many policemen ������ ���*':: le mi duty hav<. satisfactorily
'.' :.!; with tbe task of placating three
crying babies all at once. Mad dogs,
would I '* murderers, and bo forth tie .
havn land more or lesB light-heartedly, bul not three angry and distressful babies. This, however, was the
duty of Police Constable Atkinson, v.'ho
keeps ward Bt lhe principal entrance
at Bow street pollce court, and rash-
|y promised yesterday to looked after
the perambulator containing the hopeful family of tii" di fondants in a begging case
Five minutes after being deserted
by thi Ir par i ta tl e bal li a were making tbe wa '��� *.---��� rn ring with their
yells. Shriek upon shrieV rang out
md thi p !;:** * nn hasl ni d to thi per
in.bu!at *, Fortunately h" found
there n bottle of milk, bul what was
rne feeding '. ttie among so many?
The little girl, on finding the comforter in her mouth, relapsed Into silence,
but the boys cried louder than bef ri
I   lice  Constable Atkinson  ls a re-
U     ful man, and In quick succe i    ���
'v ; ii * *,!  the "comforter" frnm  . tie
ttie mouth to another.   In this way
he gave all the babies some satlsfae-
for -ic:. ��� time, however, the
perpplrlng  policeman  only  succeeded
.. . ling the trio with a duet   In
the i.rr.-c of ten  anxious    minutes,
ii *.. * ��� r, all the babies bad I q  i tl
Ufied; silence was restored, and the
kind-hearted constable was able to
breathe freely again.
title in 1892. King Edward and Queen j tvoldance of such. This resolution was
Alexandra were at thc wedding, thc then tendered by the chlefe and coun'
Duke of 1 ife being beal mnn. olllors to the director or forestry at Ot
" 'I..- Amazing Duchess" is the title i tawa.
which has been applied to the Duchess 	
of Sutherland, who is undoubtedly ono     Irl  Hamilton, according to the clt)
ol  the most  remarkable celebrities of engineer, creosoted wood-btock paving
���   even  eiccpluig  her  half l),:i*i become so popular thai Bome rest
dentlal  streets  have  petitioned   for  it
the  day,
sister, the Countess of Warwick. I.il:,i
the la.t'*-Y, the ]inches, lias distinct
Socisllstia tendencies.
" Veers ago," sho aaid, in one of her
chnriii'leristic speeches, during ths
course of which she alluded to the as
cesaity for certain social reforms and
her longing to live in a cottage, "when
I  iiie,*   inoiperieocod   and enthuaiai   jong ;lrt
��� ;:. * .' ��� you, you i ailed me 'Med'
.ii.'iin- Uilly.1 A.s fnr as a miserable
Ducheaa could he an agitator, 1 drove
'" be 'in'. The day is coming," alic
continued, "when nu one ���.-.ill be grate-
ful f'.r t,;.* crumbs that have fallen
fi hi the i iiii man 'a tall'', and it will
in- ii go i day. Wc absolutely musl
a !    : ii >*.  nd wc SrS advancing."
The now Duke, who last year mar
rled Lady Eileen Butler, the eldest
daughter of the seventh Karl nf Lanea
��� ;*" is a lieutenant in the ��u_
Dragoon Guards, and a very koei
sportsman us wed as soldier.
on account of Its quletneca The co t
of nich paving. Including a concrete
foundation of at least six Inches thick,
runs from $2.75 to $.'! 2$ per square
yard, in Hoston. almost 72,000 square
yards of this paving have now been
laid, for it has been found to lasl as
twelve years with absolutelj
no cost for repairs.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat liruln
We are also specializing In Fir Doora with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful snd no more expensive than the old  solid raised panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Twenty-three million trees have now
been distributed by the forestry
branch nursery station at Indian Head
to the farmers on the western prairies.
Our woman  words  have nil  ejperl-
em-ed   vicissitudes  of   fortune     "Ke-
male,"  like the rest,  tins  bail   ils day.
Chaucer Introduced it under ihe gm-e
of "femelle" unit Shakespeare used it
n few times Insteud or "woman." But
It was the early novelists who . lulled
it with respectability by uiuklug all
their women "females." So exceedingly respectable bail It become In the
time of Dr. .lohnson thnt Funny Bur-
ney called the princess royal "Hie s.*.*-
oml female lu the kingdom." Kven so
late us the publication of Teiiliyson a
"Princeas" Mrs. Browning was nble tu
write with perfect propriety thut Ibu
poem dealt wllb "n university attended by females." Then derutletiee -���*.
lu till now no shred of respectability
Is left to It���London Standard.
Near Fame.
A young man. constant In his attendance In u cufe wbere tlie si rt students congregate In i'aris, snt in ma
usual corner 11 ml surveyed Ihe si-ene
"Who Is thnt chap." nsked a Visitor.
"Is he a pnlnlei ur u sculptor, or
"Ob, no; none of thoae." snld il habitue. "He bus n ino-t engaging nml
Important railing -lie is tbe luolher uf
a poet."- Sntiiiiliiy Kvening I'osL
Good Security.
Mllllgpn-lf I he ii ft hei lining aeeiir.
Ity equll let what I take awny will ies
thrust ine till nlxt wiike'/ Mnnrts nho
groeeri - Certululy. MlUlgan - Well,
thin, sell me two ov thlm hnms an'
Snpe wan uv I blm till 1 come nglu.-���
\Vaat3 Divorco Trom Priest.
An S3 Iramdiiiary case has just  best
heard   by   Mr. .Justice  Bucknu)   in   t'i
Divorie   Diviaion.    It  wan   a  suit   foi
nullity of marriage brought by a ;.*< ua
girl    uginiiat    her    husband,  a  Roman
Catholic priest.   Provioui to going lnt<
tin' matter tlie judge, owing to tne re
cent   decision  as  to  hearing  cases  Is
camera. Intimated that all persona win.
wore not directly interested in the pro-
should lea*.e the court.    Mo.;
of ti.i   i  preaent accordingly went oat
side.   The petitioner was Annie Rosstta
Fortemps, othermse Goodwill, und the
lent mis uouls Portemns.
Mr.    Barnard    stud   tlmt    the    pctl-
,,*.!   , hen a young girt of  id yean
i   :_     waa   at   a BCbool   ut   Blough,
��� ��� i.   i.r -.-nr. ���    acquainted    w 'ti.
i     ;.. nd.-et,     ;:     Koiiiiui     Cnth'd.i
��� ���     in* made love to the girl, and
���*   1,1, !    to   i*':;ilpl:i:li   to   tin*   (it oj ic   a,
.1  i   iii reference io It.    .Attn
[;  '.   l.   i   lefl  the school on Noi tin
.. i   J,.     ;i   '.   -:.ii  aad   Ihe   respondent
iMll   : * i* ai,; i   a  t*,-: ,-aio;,y   of   i.n.i i :;,.:���
.      *.t :*,  Registry Office.     I ,.*
,������   * oner  was  tin n   lit, but  the  aiar
: ..,,**   i    v., ��� alleged, was never i nn
ted.   -*u W,',duer the respondent
,    ni   tii"  lady   as  his   ward.    YL-
| j.'.'i  g i.nit.I a decree of aullily, witb
.urprised  and   Resentful  When  They
Learn of Their New Year's
FuUtlcfaa'a Death.
;*nr   Sarnui'l  (llllott,  ex-.'-.tlerticy-Gen
i *:il an I Keen tary nf Btate fnr Victoria,
-, iJtral a, n.���'. w.tli u tragic death ut
-.;;' ii.:i. u few di ys ago. sir Samuel
.*. *..-. a native of Sheffield, and was oa a
.ai in Englaad with l.ndy Oillott,
itaying with his cousin in Sheffield,
About two o'chilli in the morning i.
noise was hi*urd, nnd Lis cousins, on
rising, found Sir Samuel lying at the
in*;,mi of ii flight of himirs. he wiih
tenacious, and on being asked if hn
could account for his fall, thu onl)
theory  he could put forward  was  that
..* mast have got up in a hall'inuik
1'in'd slalo uud walked to tho head of
the stairs, from which he fnll.
RoU'T, Sold.
Thn christening shirt worn by Lord
N'lion wan sold at Messrs. Sotheby's,
London, for 630, Napoloou's Hint link
gan oold for ��138, and his hut wlies
First Consul ����!>.
Congress Ends Sets ions.
Bogota, Colombia, Dec. l.-The Colombia congress ended its session yesterday without passing the new tariff
law or approving the oil and bank
concessions recently granted by the
Montreal, Dec. 1.- Surprised and re
BentfUl were seed merchants when
they learned for the first time that
the old special postal ratns ou sonIb,
roots, cuttings, etc., of two cents for
the first four ounci s and one cent for
each additional four ounces, has been
abolished by the postmaster general,
and a new rate of one cent an ounce
established. The change has caught
the seed men wilh their autumn catalogues now on the way lo the buyers.
their prices based upon the former
I hat great harm would he worked
to the trade and Incidentally the con
Burner, was the opinion of more than
one seed merchant. Hitherto incus
totned to a special postal rate liy reason of the government's wish to foster
gardening umeng tie. people at largn
an rs now claim the new regulations
'���.I a heavy blow to this particular
trade, as the mall order business Is
lil"  backbone of the whole trade.
Hurried meetings were held by the
merchants Saturday nnd a delegation
representing the seed trado in Montreal was quickly chosen and will be
in Ottawa today to make representations to Postmaster (leneral Pelletler.
Ht.ill Ignorant of the terms of the new
parcel post service, local seed men
cannot understand why the first an
nouncement of change should touch
jthe postal service In such an un.vel-
..nine manner and leave thetn without
lonsolatloD from t'ie New- Year's gift
the parcel post will contain.
So negligible waB Ihe old rate on
small lots of seeds thai dealers have
made lt a practice for years not to Ignore -orders where postage was omitted nnd defrayed tbis cost themselves.
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule -Trains leave New Weatmlnater al G, 7, 7:30, S,
8:30 and '. a.m., and every 20 minutes    thereafter    until    8:30    p.m.
After 8:30 service every 30 minutes with  last car leaving  at  midnight.
Weelt day schedule��� TralnB leave New Westminster st 5, 5:45, 0.
6:16, 6:80, 6:45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:4S and 8 a.m., and every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m.. From 4 p.m to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service will be
given After 8:31) p.m. a 30 minute Bervlce with laat car at midnight
Saturday Bervlce -Early morning schedule the Bame as on weekdays, but after 8 a.m., a 15 minute service will be'given until mid'
Through tralnB for Chllllwack leave New WeBtmlnster dally st
9:30 a.m. and 1:10, 3:35 and 5:45 p.m.. Trains leave Chllllwack dally
for return trip at 6 10 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and 1:10 and 6:45 p.m.
Dally Express service to Chllllwack Irom New Weatmlnater at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
he Mea Is of th
" Mighty S
, Women's
��� Confidence Sn
the eflicacy of this thoroughly tried
. bomo remedy in never misplaced. In
every way���In health, strength, spirits ind i:i looka���women find them-
solvca   better after timely use cf
S��ld �����_.. ��l,_r_.   In bout. |ShM_)
Bread their foundation. Bread
which makes bone, and muscle
and sinewa which flex in the
strong right arm of the smith ���
"A mighty man is he." Bread
made from
���lhe kind the wise housewife
puts into the dinner pail. The
flout YOU should |use to make
rich, nourishing, health - giving
loave.. ROYAL STAND-
ARD���mighty good I to **-:- I **-* t-t-'y.-y.'-mitm
Thty Uae Very ned Fleds. Green That
Screamo  and   Yellow  That
tlle I'Olie
l.i :i'lmi,  Dec.   1.    The  Intent of the
manifestos issued by those amatlng
pei,pie, the .'murium, bus lusi reached
these shores, coming all rhe way frnm
Milan, the headquarters oi the movement It Is iiiii written by the great
Mnrliietll  himself,  but by Curra, one
or his dlsalples, and iis attractive title
Is "The palming of sounds, noises, und
biih lis!"
And, verily, as one reads this manifestation one hears the clash of cyin-|
bals and lhe roar of collapsing mountains. Whnt a world the Futurists!
live In. a world In which the ear-plere-
lng scream of a steam whistle, lhe
sorsecb of a tramcar on the rails as|
It   ser.ipes   round  a  corner,  are  pure
Joj ���.    And the nam painting abolishes j
everything  tbat  Is  sofl and gracious.!
Velvet inoonllghl, gentle mists   away i
with them says tlie manifesto!    I.Ike
wise   with   all   recognized   forms   and *
Shapes, With Che horizontal, the vertl!
oal, the rube, the pryamld, and so on I
And whnt muat we have hi exchange?
Why   "reds,   very   nil   reds,  shouting
reds." And this, perhaps, explains the
restlessness of Ihe Futurist, for never
can he get a red thut Is red enough, a;
green  that screams enough, a yellow
that explodes enough.    To hlm    the
pure, fresh green of early spring ls a! from
muddy and sad color. I St.   I
We USUBlly know It. be liken.und he bas BO relatives here.
standing on its point, beoause     The accident happened    about    i;
i  'is the torm or un explosion." o'clock.   Mr. Lowry was paaalng from
ti r still, be likes two cones placed   Iiie ehuir enr lo Ihe smoking ODUJPart-
vertically point to point, "for that is ment ahead when the Jolting of tbe
the natural form of (be waterspout ut ears caused   biin to  lose  hiB balance
sea." lie like, also cones formed of and he tell. Ke tried to grasp tha
lum   llm s.  because  these    represent - hand  rail,  but  failed  imd  struek  the
the  boundlogs or clowns and dune- steps, hounding to the ground. He waa
era.   Ami give blm a aloe zigzag lino, stunned at first., but when be reoov-l g,,,,- 8pit, of
ona thai rl-ps across his canvass like ored consciousness and tried to riss be
.crked lightning, nnd he v.lll be your found thai he could not move his legs.
friend tor lite, He  was Just a few  vards  from  the
To quote again:   "From the point o( Esquimau station and waB found af
.ii w ot form, tie-re are sounds, noises tl r �� few minutes by u couple ot chll-
..id odors wblcb nre eoneuve or con-dren who had come down to nee the
.<. Iriiuifiiliir, oblong, eoiileal, spherl*   li-iin    puss   through.     Tho   telephone
csl, spiral, etc. From the point of view I brought an engine back to conve)
or color there ara sounds, noises, undi him to the elty, and at the hospital
oii,;rs wblcb are yellow, red, green, in-! Dr. 0raves attended him.
dlgo.  sky  blue and   violet." And   Ihen,	
wi  ban. thla lucid explanation:    "in i
railway  stations.  In  tin.lories,  lu  gar-1
ages and hangars, in the mechanical
and sporting    worlds,    tba   sounds,
IUOlses,   and   Odors  nre  usarly  always'
ri-d;  In restaurants, euros, salons they
are  silvery,   yellow,  nnd   violet.    Thej
sounds,  noises  nnd   odors ot animals j
Land Two Hundred
Miles off Halifax Are Inhabited hj
Lighthouse Keepers and Lifeboat,
men���Ponlss Eun Wild Throughout
the I_l_,nd ��� Sea Washing Land
J. Curran, Leading Counsel for the
Commission Outlines Plans for
ow or blue, nud those of woman  are green, sky-blue and violet."
Itut, the reader will say, "I don't understand a word ot all this." Let hlm
be happy In coiisei|iienee. It shown
that  he Is not a Futurist.
Viotorla,   Kee.   1.    Jolted   rrom   the
platform as he was passing from one
Oar to another on the B, * S, train, F. '���
Lowry,   a   resident   of  Kt.   Louis,   lay
(Or SOIM  minutes unobserved on  the ;
roadbed   nenr   Ksqulmalt station,  and
when   dually   removed   In   an   uncoil'
sclous   stale   to   the   Jubilee   hospital
It  wus  found  that he was paralyzed
lhe   hips   down.   Ills   mother   in '
mis   lias   been   communicated
Then again, though he abolishes the'with, as the patient Is unable to move
Free aad Qssl Mgr,        Vice President. lae. aad Traaa.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No   7 and S77
Consecration* of   La   Trinite���Number
of Sacred Edifices Is Rapidly
Paris,   Dee   1     Al     X    o'clock  this
morning Cardinal Ametta, attended by
bis vicar-general, went ln state to the
Church of La Trlnlte, In one of the
most crowded and buBlest quarters of
Paris, to perform the ceremony of
Consecration. It Is a rule In the Church
of Koine not to consecrate a church until It Is freef rom debt, and this is why
this church, which waB opened In 181S.
by Archbishop Darboy, who was killed on the barricades during the Commune riots has waited bo long. The
ceremony attracted lhe greater public
notice from the fact that it has hitherto been bo rare in I'aris. Under the
Concordat no new churches were ul-1 ti
lowed to be built, and all the existing
ones had been consecrated years ago,
ibe chureh La Trinite being, as explained above, an exception.
in his gorgei.ini scarlet robes Cardinal Ametto sprinkled holy water on
the  threehhold and on the walls and
then knocked on the floor ror admission within the building. When he had
n peated liis summons three times the
door was opened by a deacon who had
been left uioii" wlihln the precincts
i ud the brilliant cortege of the cardinal
then entered Twelve crosses had been
painted ou the pillars, a lighted candle was burnitic hefore each, and eaeb
v ben you can get as good, or belter, manufactured In B. C, TlS.i tbe
lhe celebrated "VAN'COIIA KK" -Irand, guaranteed lo pass Standard
Specifications ot Atuericar.  and Canadian   Lngiiieers'  Association
We would alao call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pips from
tin. to .4-ln. In diameter This Is also made In tbls Province mid we
consider superior to any Imported article
i'i* nlso carry a stock ot Crushed Itock, Washed (iravel. Band,
Lime, I luster, etc.
Hee u�� beforo ordering elsewhere.
Pi,ones IS snd 16. 602 Columbia Strsst W.
cross and all the walla received une-
tldo from the cardinal's hands.
The altar, which had been covered
with ashes, was next consecrated and
lneensi> was burned thereon, and wilh
the i'u'. nr bis erosier. Mgr. Amette
traced the letters ot the Koman and
Qreek alphabets. At the end of the. .���,. Fedora] Do]
ceremony high mass was -celebrated.    | Fisheries.   Th
The graveyard of the Atlantic! All
have heard shout it ������ thst bunk of
treacherous send that rises a few feel
above the waves of the ocean, off to the
east, though a trije by Bouth, about
two hundrod miles from Halifax, wbosi
history, from the first visit by white
men, lots boon linked with shipwreeh
and disaster and death. It is Bahll
Island, ii|n)ii whose desolate shores sr
many good men anil true have hud then
Before looking backwards let m
gluuce at Sable Island ��� f today.
Then we will review one ef the most
ri'inarkablii stories of iiiurnoiiliig eve*
eini-ted in any part of this continent,
Fur sn seeount of Sable Island of
to-day one has to turn to the report ol
our Department Of Marine, for Mat-Is
Island falls wholly within the juris
dirtiun of that branch of our public
sorvise���its offleers are the Island'i
��� ile nil ul,itiintH. also the island's actual rulers.
These   people   are   maintained   on
Bahls Inland fur humane purposes onlj
���to keep burning the lights thut warn
mariners of the presence of the Graveyard of tne Atlantic, and to succoi
limne whu full foal of its treacherous
.'ir*i | few words shout the physical features of the island. It consists uf two parallel sand ridges, with
S lagoon between them. On the
rldgM grows scrubby grass, cranberry
and stunted Dashes, Out frum
��� land for a considerable distance
stretch cage sand bars umt which
tin' waves break in snowy billows nnd
which iiieaii destruction to any vessel whicli, borne from its course by
.-i umi ur false reckonings, somes within their treacherous shallows, The
Atlantic seems to reali/.e the menace
tins bank of sand crestes to those
trbo navigate its waters, and so for
years, it hus made war upon the island,
,';i lually wearing it away by the ceaseless action of waves nnd tide. Karly
in the nineteenth lentury, Sable Island
was forty nnl'-s Long. Tu-duy it does
nut exceed oui -half thut Length, and it
is  lieped  by   sui.ie  that   in  time  "the
Bailor's grave'' will sink Into ths ocean,
Barren, tnhospitabls and dreary as is
Sable island, it is not without Inhabitants: but they live there iu order that
the lives of others muy not be lost on
these treacherous (snutls.   These iniiubit-
asu number -iii. and ure employees of
rtn.ent of Marine und
consist of Superinten
It is a significant a,,d Interest ine I dent CoutiUior, keepers of the light eta
fact thai since the abolition in 1908 j tions, and their fsmilies, lifeboat crews,
of the Concordat the number of Ro-1 operators of wireless telegraphy nud
man Catholic-* churches in Varis the j surfmea. On this little patch of shift-
restrictions being removed--has In-1 lng sand, ever receding before the
creased greatly, new buildings arising | waves of thc Atlantic, dwells this little
' in every quarters, whilst the attendance of worshippers has grown proper
Victoria, Dec. 1. On account of th"
mat-'B of work involved In the hearing
Of the Victoria Sealing company's
elalniB, when the Healing commission
resumed In Victoria today, a second
Conned has been engager] to assist F
J. Curran, of Montreal. In the presenl-
atlon of the claim, W. J. Taylor, K.
C., of this city, having accepted the
invitation to join lhe legal gentlemen
engaged In the case.
The Intention Ib to take the Victoria
Sealing company's case from .Monday, December 1, to December 9. and
then proceed witli the claims of the
Indians This will carry the commission to the second week of January,
and later the commlBBlon goes eaat
to Sidney, Cape Breton, to take evidence In May on the claims of sealers
there. In July and August lt will be
hack In Victoria hearing evidence of
the white men who have not yet had
nn opoprtunlty of laying their case before the commissioner.
Mr.  Curran   said   that  the   Victoria
Sealing company's claim would bring
out every phase of the industry, the
legislation affecting the sealing Industry,  British,  American, Japanese and
ItUBBian,   and   every   detail   affecting
its operation, so that it  would  be a
test caBe In many respects.    Mr. Justice   Audette.   he  explained,   had   not
limited the Investigation to any fixed
amounts,   and   the   award   would   be
made according to equity. The amount
j involved   In   this  aggregate  claim  af-
! fectlng   43   vessels,   will   have   to   be
igone into Individually.
Speaking of the Inquiry at Halifax
lhe mentioned that the court went into
16 claims, but did not conclude taking
j evidence in  Nova Scotia because the
'premier, Hon. 0, li. Murray, and Hon.
!a. K.  Maclean represented the deslr-
; ability of hearing evidence at Sidney,
! from  Cape    Breton    operators.    The
judge would have sat Immediately on
the conclusion of the week'B session in
Halifax  in  September, but  the statements or claims were not ready, so he
promised to go down In the spring to
the maritime provinces again.
In the Nova Scotian claims are a
number of cases where men Bealed in
the South Seas, and also set out with
the intention of reachingf the north
Pacific, but never weathered Cape
Horn, so that the legal point arose
whether the commissioner could consider the possibility of awarding com-
pensatien for an act which did not materialize. The claimants in Cape Breton had been given till January 1 to
file iheir claims.
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.otiiciuntty. eut off from the world, uiul
year in aiel year Out seeing no one ex
Rank imposes obligations���
or���as the French put it���"Noblesse Oblige."
It is a very natural and right principle that those who
by their position in life command the respect of others
should deserve it and be worthy of maintaining their
position.    "Much is expected of those in high station."
But this principle U not confined to persons of noble birth
���it hss a hundred applies-
tions. It applies, for example,
to those manufacturers of
reputation and prestige who
make goods of high quality
and who advertise them constantly in the newspapers of
the land.
By their advertising they have
attained an eminence where
the very best in quality and
good service is expected of
them. They have set a stand*
ard and their very business
life depends on the constant
maintenance of it.
So that when you buy aaVer-
Used articles you rest assured
that you are getting the best
value that money can buy.
Well may you place your fMtb
in advertised goods. Well
may you give them prefer*
ence over articles which you
can only hope may prove
For the principle of "Noblesse Oblige" is
your guarantee of excellence in Advertised Goods.
arm All** % )**l\ fclg'lfrf ***** **"** ***** * "* '**' **     '     '
 i wllh tk* Aa-tanklaa Uss******** st lhl* a**���****.
If m ar. ___f . T^tacUl or aatjatttl j���A-uts l* -aattUha ��������
ImjaaXa km. |fe. wmbuI ���4 *s*t*t**m* at * s*a* UttrHtl**
���mq.  A Irt al tkw. wW k. tsnttaA wMmt wl ** ******
Sn, h�� *. Sam-tat* sl Csassssa Pros AmcUIlM-*. h**m SBS.
��� f
pt the crews of marine Bsrvies boats
i that illake iii'<:i%ion:il trip*, to the lslsnd
I fur the purpose of landing Supplies.
The*-,* Kind bank   farmers   raise cen-
[sidsrabla  stoek,  which   goes   fnr    to-
| wards keeping their table supplied with
j meat.    During tie.* year the stork killed
j consisted of  S beeve.,  7 calves  and ti
j hogs, having a total weight of almost
���even thousand pound-���not at all bad
I for the pastures of u sand bank.    The
-to:-!; carried mer consisted of 68 horn-
;ed cattle, iin working horses, -1 imported
horses, li cults, 800 wild ponies aad live
t'erlii'ps the most interesting of these
items la that giving the exports, for
surprising as it nmy be, the wretched
Island export goods to seine value.
During the year these exports consisted
of l'i barrels of cranberries. 31 ponies,
oue work horse, and 5 barrels of salted
The item that arrests the sttention'is
lhat pf the ponies���200 on the island,
81 exported. How came wild ponies ou
this sand bunk���the "Graveyard of tne
i.tinutic"���and cuttle, too, now in sulii-
cient numbers to supply the forty six
Inhabitants with meatf
The question suggests one of the
most remarkable stories of marooning ia our history���one of tbe tragedies
of the sea that occurred almost at the
bi g'uuing of the white man 's career on
this northern half ef thc continent.
Sable Island has a history that began
ten years before Champlaln founded
Quebec, anil almost half a century before Maisniiiieuvc founded Montreal.
Thc third and last voyage of Car-
tier, thc discoverer of Canada, came
to an end in 1542. Weary of hia perilous Winnie-rings and contest with nis
patent of nobility, be retired to hit
jeign trial mansion of Lirooilou, a
rude ..tructute of stone near hia native
io�� a of Bt. Milo. In the following
���ipi . i Kobeival returned to France discouraged by the experience of one
widened winter apent on the banks of
the Si. Lawrence, a little above where
Cuuiu.iiaiu founded Quebec sixty-six
II wns not until 1563 that another expedition aet out from France to colonize the shores of North America.
i'hit expedition wua commanded by a
nobleman of Brittany, tho Marquis de
la Boche, who received from th. King
a monopoly of the trade and "a pro
(usi.iu of worthless titles . and empty
privileges. Ua was declared l__suten
snt-Qunerel of Canada, Hochelaga,
Newfoundland, Labrador and th. countries adjacent, with sovereign power
within his vast ill-defined domain."
Ls B"che's colonists wer. abont the
most wretched bsnd that over set sail
acrosa the Atlantic, for th.y eonsiatcd
of thieves and desperadoes collected by
ransacking the prisons of Franee. The
date of the expedition is Aaed by certain entries in the reeetds of the court
vt Rouen, one of whioh states thet it
was ordered oa May 18, ISM, tkat a
criminal named Franooia Bauldre, coa-
stated of high-key robbery, should set
be allowed to go te Canada, bat should
be forthwith beheaded.
*���   '"
Peftalty ef Age.
Oae of the peaatt.ee of increasing
years Is that one Is eapeeted te give
wedding presenU ts  the  ehtldtea ef
***'* friwadi. *���-���*���"������
Suece-ser to W. W. Haley,
New Yortt. Deo I.���Falrflax Harri-���
ton, prealdent of the Chioego, IaAlMS* tjfa tte
polls * Louisville railway eoausy. sMfcd tojeU It
wis eleeted prealdeot of the Botsthem *t jf ""
Railway company today to
ths late W. W. mslsy-
Montreal, Dec. 1.���"This year -will |
mark one ot the best years in the his- j
tory of Canai'-.'s great fishing industry," said the Hon. David Macpherson.
who is a guest in the city, accompanied by bis son-in-law, Dr. J. Glen Allan, late of New York, but now residing ln Shelbourne county. Nova
Scotia. The Hon. Mr. Macherson was
mayor of Halifax for three years, and
hasalso sat for many years in the provincial legislature.
"It is certainly a fact." continued
he, "that the Gloucester. Mass., fishermen are having a hard time of It this
year, and they are moving about en
masse back to Nova Scotia. The Gloucester people are at their wits' end,
because the g-eat majority of their
fishermen and skippers are Nova Sco-
tians. and they are moving out of the
American ports in large numbers, so
that they are in a serioues way for
men to run their fisheries." Mr. Macpherson said- that the salt cod was so
high in price here in Canada that there
was no need of shipping it out of the !
country. This product is now T-ring-
ing seven dollars a quintal.
Dr. Allan stated that thc run of
fresh mackerel along the Nova Scotia
coast had been a source of great profit to the wove Scotia fishermen. One
gisherinan clone at St. Margaret's bay,
is credited with making ten thousand
dollars during the rece��t run, and a
like clean-up is reported all along the
coast, both east and west.
lyondon. Dec. 1.���Pew rentg csme ln
tnt attscv nt the meeting of the Incorporated Free and Open Church as-
Boc.t-iUon beld at the Park lane residence of Countess Grosvenor Saturday
The Earl of Shaftesbury, who presided, said that the association had
been ln existence for 47 years, during
which period tliey had striven to attain two definite objecta���that all
churches ahould be open to private devotion during the day time and the
abolition of pe* rents.
Mr. W. de Wlnton said there was
something quite Inherent In human
nature to like to sit In the eame place,
.nd lt was Interesting to think that
the same Idea was prevalent ln the
early daya of Christianity. But It aa
also pleasing to know that when that
neutral predisposition waa found to be
in conflict with Christian principles It
was at onaa put down. They had to
ascertain whether, judged by a Christian standard. It was right or wrong.
If the law of England happened to be
ln conflict with tlte law of God eo much
the worse tor the law of Bngland. It
the poor were not allowed to hare
seats ln an "appropriated" church he
contended that such s church waa not
Walla Walls, Wash.. Dec. I���Tan-
sick and Kauffman yesterday closed
a contract with the United States
reclamation aerate* to hoy S0*00 cords
ef wood which will be cut st Uk*
.Caches, sear Baaton. Wssh. Th* wood
is to be delivered Is twe year*. Tas-
slek snd Kauffman h ad to Mit sp S
mjOO mond to ��i_ar*nt*e th* esrry-
fn* a*x **A t i**r **** ttt a* *\xw*ii***t.
Is oa* ot th* largest ol ths Wil ���*wr
'MMSftr th�� is^wsy-rt'*'
Th* goveraaeeat Bret i
iw Bond to gvsrsntee ta* esrry-
out of their part of th* casks**.
Eft&teL �� ^���sssa^tSZTtZi
-: THE :���
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
New Pennants
"Canada," "McGill," "British Empire," "U.S.A." "Manitoba,"
More New Westminster Pennants
will arrive this week.
'���** ��m$
TUESDAY,   DECEMBER   2,   1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
abouta of the other boats are unknown to the men of th<' Truxton.
None bad Indicated being In worse
condition than was the Truxtoto when
at sea.
Several   Hundred   Thousand   Feet   of
Logs Get Loose in River���Cottonwood  Mills Shut Down
High water mi the Praser river,
coupled wltb wind ami a rain storm
on Sunday broke a boom containing
several hundred Ihuiisani] feet of loun,
which were lhe properly of the Cottonwood l.iiiiilii'i' riinipany's mill nt
Deroche, ahoul 54 miles east of Van-
couver, oo the main line of the C.l'.R.
unil logs were scattered sn that the
mill will have to be shut down for several weeka
Tbe mill has a dallv cut of approximately Tft.ii"" feet, it gives employment in ahout Till mill men. filers, machine niea and engineers, It was the
property of the Wilson Logging company before it became incorporated us
the Cottonwood Lumber Company,
Ltd., -a 1th officps at 73!t Hastings
street, west, Vancouver. The new organization planned to carry oul extensive alterations to Uie 'plant, but the
mill will concern itself at tbe present
time with salvaging its logs
Yesterday forenoon the steam
schooner Tallac came up stream on
her way to Kitskln for piles. She
made good and safe progress from the
Sandheads and passed through    the
draw   at   the   Kraser  liver  bridge  at
10:20 a m.
It will be a delicate bit of piloting
that Capt. Ford Will have to do to get
his charge up to Ituskin, aud he expects to be away from his home here
[or several days yet.
For the Week Ending Sunday, Dec. 7.
Additional Locals
High. Low.
10: (Ml .:���_*_
1S: f.5 1G:0'I
10:40 4:55
19:46 17:20
11:20 5:26
21:00 1S:35
Port Townsend. Dec. 1.���Much damage is reported from the country districts as a result of the wind and
rainstorm that has prevailed during
tlte past ten days. The various
streams have overflowed their batiks.
Roadbeds have been washed out and
bridges carried away by the flood,
causing heavy loss to tho county as
well as to individuals. The big
bridge across tlie Dosewalllps river
wont out yesterday,
Ti legraph and telephone communication with outside points has
been cut off for two days.
The Port Townsend Southern railroad track has been inundated in
places, but traffic was maintained.
The tidoB in Port Townsend bay have
becn the highest known in years.
4 11:66
5 12:30
0 0:25
7 2:10
Sand Heads,
High. Low.
Time. lit. Time. lit.
9:0] 14.6   0:50   0.2
17:53  11.0 15:00 10.4
9:42 14.3 1:41 11
1S: 4 -1 10.1 1G-.10
10:20 14.0 2:23
19:68 9.2 17:10
10:56 13.C 3:00
21:36 8.6 18.14
11:31 13.3 3:54
23:24 S.3 111:01
12:04 13.0 4:4S
1:12    8.7    5:40
12:35 12.7 20:12
Industrial   Sites.
Industrial  sites  was a  topic at tin:
j special meeting of the Burnaby council  yesterday  morning,  A.   Hunter  oi
the firm of Hunter and Moorman, Vancouver, appearing hefore    tlle    board,
{pointing out the advantages Burnaby
| possesses In water frontage along the
| North Arm of the Kraser and also Bur-
j rard   Inlet.     Owing   to   the  close  ap-
2.2 I proach  of the elections and  a conse-
8.9  quent  new  council,  it   wus  explained
8.61 that little could be done for the present
which  would  be  refunded  when  the
water extension luniils were sold.    In
the meantime the usual monthly rates
WOUld   not   be  collected   in   cash,   hut
would be deducted from the amounl
to be refunded.
Injunction Refused  Financial Concern
to Prevent Sale of Treasury Certificates���Have Money -Toon.
Expert skate sharpening nnd riveting at Oscar Swausoon'B, 13 Begble
street. (2869 J
Left His tail D:hind.
The police were uninvited guests at
a hop party the other night. Yester-
day when Detective Burrows called for
Wong, this Wong peraon did not trip
merrily Into court but Instead took
example from Mary's little lamb, and
left his hail behind hlm. Another Chinese was dismissed with a warning
not to accept Invitations to hop parties.
One Man In Jail and Two in Hospital
at  Nanalmo  Following  Quarrel
on Sunday.
British  Company  Designs Ships Boat
That   Meets  All   Official
ijoiulon. Dec. 1,���Almost coincident
wilh the international conference on
safety at Bea comes the introduction
of a ship's lifeboat of British make
which is Btuteil to outclass In seaworthiness anything which has yet
been submitted to official trials.
The Berthon lioat company of Horn-
sey, have had an extended experience
In the construction of light craft of
the safety order. Their workmanship
has always Bhowns high standard of
excellence. It is only to be expected,
therefore, that in their construction
of .1 lifeboat on the basis of the
board of trade requirements they
should have combined material
strength and finish such as would secure for the boat a long life in normal
service and ability to withstand exceptionally rough usage.
The new lifeboat, which is stated to
have given the greatest satisfaction to
tbe board of trade Inspectors) is computed to have a life of from 15 to 20
years. Sho has a camber deck,, ten
water tieht compartments, double deck
planking and is fitted with eight valves
similar to those used In lhe national
lifeboats, so that in the event of a considerable quantity of water breaking
on board is will he cleared off in half
a minuto or less.
The stability of the boat is stated
to be most satisfactory, she is a great
weight-carrier, and will take down
from upper deck of liners to sea surface a full complement of 55 adults, all
of them seated. The lines of the boat
are considered very fine, and she Is so
highly finished that her appearance,
with her mahogany bulwarks, is more
..that cf a yacht than of such n largo-
bodied l-~"*. TieM are upper bulwarks
of canvas to raise when necessary,
which can be done in two seconds, and
when these are up the passengers are
so well protected that they can hardly be seen. In ordinary weather, the
passengers can he carried without canvas, because of the 9-inch fixed mahogany bulwark.
The builders of this boat were specially hit under the new board of trade
rules, ria they were the original tmlid-
lapsitice, *.- :.���:i wert sir^.k oul under the rules referred to, It must
therefore, be a gnat satisfaction to
them to lirin? out one of the first, if
not the very first, boat to meet all r,,..
board of trade requirements, and to
have gone even beyond the standard
calif d fo.'.
Disabled, Puts into Port.
Astoria. Ore.. Dec. 1.���The schooner
Oakland, Capt. Dent, which sailed from
San Francisco on Nov. 6. for the Slus-
faw river, put into this port today.
Shortly after the Oakland left the bay
c'ty she ran into a succession of gales
during which she lost two foresails,
as well as several stays. 1'nable lo
make the Sluslaw river, and being
driven north by the storm, ("apt. Oent
decided to come to the Columbia to
make repairs and secure provisions.
Tho schooner will remain here for orders.
Although faced with a possible lawsuit, the Burnaby municipality can
sell its certificates to whatever linn
it wishes to according to a "decision
handed down by lion. Justice .Morrison in supreme court chambers yesterday morning, dismissing th." application of the Scottish National Securities corporation for an Injunction to
prevenl tlie sal" of treasury certlfl
Icates to a Toledo, Ohio, firm.
Revenue Decreases.
The  revenue  of  Cue   postofflce  and
tiie    customs    office   fir  lust   month
shows a decrease when compared with
jthe figures for tiie corresponding
i month last year, The customs receipts wire $22,045.30, last November
844,674.81. The postofflce returns are:
Orders last month. 2132. last November 3101: commission on money orders ?2.^8.17. last November 580.0'i:
! stamp sales last month 23.018.10; list
November, *3 572.50.
Nanaimo,  Dec.   1.    As a   result of a
fiv.lH wlilch occurred Sunday afternoon
amongst strike-breakers at South Wel-j
lliigton. two men  wire shot, and one
so badly wounded that he Is likely to
a third, I'. Napoii, was arrested at !
niioti today charged Willi the shoot-j
lug. He was lodged in Nanalmo jail
:i:iil declares lhat he acted only in self
defence after he hail heen attacked by
the two other men who were anneil
with knives. Whal caused the quarrel
is  not known.
A. Mettoa is the most serioualy In-
lured, A bullet entered his body just
under the heart and Is now Indued In
his hack. B. Tula was shot iu th-e Isg.
Bath men are now In the Nanalmo hospital. Alter the shooting Napoli took
to thc woods but at noon today hunger compelled him to come in and lie
was soon placed under arrest.
(Continued rrntn riiKe Ono )
ihe Haiti, he received a telephone call
i from John K. Consauliis, an Albany
I contractor, who today subsequently
testllled that he was a collector of
| Democratic campaign contributions
i from other contractors. On Consul!-
i His' invitation he went to Albany and
there saw llassett In the officii of tlte
j statu engineer.
Ought to Have "Something "
"llassett took me out lu tbo hall."
said the witness, "and said 'We ought
to have something ou this job.' I said
'What.' anil be said that Mr. Foley
thOUgbt I OUgbt to give lip 111 per cent,
or J1700. I asked him ir $1600 would
do and he said that would be all right.
I told hlm I would give hint the money
as soon as my pav went through."
Alilrli'h said lie received hls long delayed pay on Match 2S. came to New
York on March 30 and paid the $1600
In  currency   to   llassett.
"Why did you pay iiltn in cash?"
,-isii, ii tin* district attorney,
"I thought that was the way to transact tliat sort of business." Aldrlcb replied.
"The business of bribing public offi
"Well. If you want to pul It thai
i way. yes." was the reply.
Aldrlcb further testified thai in B'll
im made a $200 campaign contribution
to the Democratic party through Con-
saulUB, which  was  never reported.
Consauliis, wlio agreed to waive Im
munity before be took the stand, developed a poor memory when Questioned Concerning Ills relations with Aid
rich ami llassett. lie coneedeii that
In December, 1911 hu had spoken to
Foley about Aldrlcb not getting his
pay, but did not remember that he 'umi
M ut Aid rich in see Hassett tie mi
mltted thai he had made collections
[rom contractors 'ami forwarded them
to tiie Democratic statu oommiuee,
hut he wai unable to remember tbeir
A Few of Our eTlces Today:
.1 Ibu. fine Tea   90c.
No. 1 Coffee, por Ib 35;.
Mooney's  Biscuits, all kinds,
ordinary    prico    25c,    for
today    20c.
Come  and   see   us.     We   will
save you money.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
Jumped from Roof.
! Surprised In a "hop" point in China-
j town late Sunday evening by pollce officers. Ham Ning made a getaway to
��� the roof of the building, making the
Jump to tiie ground when pursued. II"
was picked up hy the police and taken I
Itesldcnce V. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
land P
Victoria, Dec. 1���The gale that blew
1 with   such   violence  off  the  coast  of
1 Hritish  Columbia  on    Friday   caused
considerable damage to the small craft
j anchored   off  Sidney  and   In  tho  ad-
j joining islands.   The wharf on Sidney
' Island   w-as   completely   destroyed   by
the violence of the wind and  ronsltl-
i erable damage was done tot he landing on James island, the property of
the Canadian Explosives company.
';     Owing to the falling of a tree across
lhe litiH ofthe Victoria & Sidney rail-
jv.ay, the train from  Victoria was un-
, able to reach Sidney Friday night and
I passengers   were   compelled   to   walk
the remaind-e'' of lhe distance.    The
tree wns quickly removed by the railroad  gang,  but  this   morning  it  was
' found that a large part of the track in
th'- neighborhood of Sidney had been
i unshed away and trains arriving from
Victoria were compelled to disembark
;t'.:"ir passengers at  the shingle  mill
Until the damage had been repaired.
Old residents of the Islands district
said that no such storm had been ex-
i perienced   since   the   famous  gale  of
1908.     An enormous quantity of drlft-
1 wood and a large number of logs that
had evidently broken away from their
i* (:i:-i noated Into Sidney and James
island and  mnde navigation  between
the inlands and the mainland exceed-
In! iy dangerous.   The beach was literally gtrewn for miles with lumber and
ia numlier of launches put out yesterday afternoon to secure the driftwood
for their own use.
Tho appellants brought suit against j to the Koyal Columbia ho.-pital where
the  municipality, claiming that at  a lbe ls suffering from a badly fractured
'meeting cf tbe finance committee m  knee.
| the Burnaby council held some weeks ;  ���	
jago. it entered into an agreement Wltb i
���J. A. MacDonald, tf Glasgow, for the
J sale cf  the certificates amounting  to !
The  court  ruled   that  because   Mr.
i MaoDonald'e name  was mentioned  in j
the resolution cf tbe council,  it  did.
i not mean that the council  was  tied j
'down to just one person.
W. G. McQuarrie. appearing for the ,
municipality, suggested that the suit;
was brought to collect commission j
from the municipality, but this was i
refuted by J. i;. tlrant, appearing for
the appellants.
The  treasury    certificates    arrived
Apologizes for Criticism When British
Postmaster General  Denies Reported Statement
I i IT .V.fl.   pg
Bapperton !
of    Miss
Tho      newly      formed
W, C. T.  I".  will meet  this
at 3 o'clock  at  the    lieme
James,  president.
Mrs.   A.   J.   Hill   will    not
again until the New  Vear.
Mrs. A. W. Thomas, wife of Chief
Thomas, has announced her Intention
of becoming a candidate for one ol
lhe two  vacancies that  will occur In
; from the printers yesterday and aro
now being signed by Reeve McQregor
and Municipal Clerk Mooro. Once
this is done a draft, will be made on
the New York house of the Toledo
linancial concern.
Winnipeg, Dec. 1 Hy spei ial re-
quest of the postmaster general, Mr
Samuel, tbe following cable was sent
from  London  to Winnipeg loday:
"My attention  has been called  to
the  criticism   ln   Winnipeg  of  myself
for   stating   that.   In   Winnipeg   there
were ten thousand children who did
not go to school.    1  never  made any
sui ii statement, nor   even    suggested
that or any other figure."
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J    Commenting on ihe above.  Premier
the  Port  Coquitlam   school   board   at Roblin  today said  thai  if the  liritish
year. minister were Incorrectly reported, ii
Arthur Leighton, of I would be an unprecedented thing for
Nanalmo. are staying at the Russell I any of the English statesmen to
hotel. Mr. I.i-ighton Is conducting meddle In the domestic affairs of the
the defence In sonic if the Vancou- overseas dominions, hn, desired to
ver Island strike oases. withdraw   every  statement    he    bad
J. a. McLean, of Calgary, Alta,, is made regarding Mr. Sampel and re
a guest at the Windsor, gretted very much that he should have
p. s. Pagan, of Ladysni th, is stay-le'er believed a gentleman holding hla
ing at the Russell, : position could  have made such  state-
P.   Strickland,  c.f   WJnnlnea.   is    a! ments.    Sir Rodmond hopes hls apology will receive as much publicity as
Girls' classes, Tuesday 7:3D p.m.:
Adult classes, Thursday, 10;30 a.m.;
Sewing   classes,   Thursday,   7:30   p ill
Hoarding nnd room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
Bpeclal dinner Fridays,  11:30 to 1:30
For particulars call  phone  1..24.
the end of the
Mr. and  Mrs,
Strickland,  cf   Winnipeg,
visitor In the city.
did his criticism
General  Meeting of Progressive Association  Called  for  Tonight���Hot
Debate Anticipated.
The gas bylaw's ears will be burning tonight for at the regular month-
No   Hope   of   Saving   Vessel   Beachtd
Outside of Gray's  Harbor���
Crew  Reseucd.
lTrrier date of Nov. 28 Messrs. Hind,
Rolph K- Cf.. send Tin* New., lii,. roi
lowinir freight quotations on lumber
from Britisii Columbia and Pui el
Sound ports: To Sydney, 40s to 41s
3d; Melbourne or Adelaide, 46a 3d to
47s 6dl l'n entitle, Sfs fid; Ja n
ports Shanghai and Taku. all 40i .
Callao, .ir,s: Direct nitrate ports IBs
3d; Valparaiso for orders 47s 1.1;
South   Afrloan  ports, 71.81   Direct   port
Vetted Kingdom, 72b Od; Cork fi r or
ders, 7r>s: wheat frcm San Francisco,
?fl.- prom i'ortland or thc Sound, 30s
to 31s  3d.
Fresh   shelled   Walnuts,   lb.
Shelled   AlmomH   lb	
Hulk   Currants,  Ib	
Vsstizsa Currants,  2  pkts   .
Fine*-!  Heeded RalBlns, 2 pkts
. 26c,
Fanoy  Ri cached Sultanas, 2 I>m..25c
Gn  ;_,il Sweet Almonds, full 1(1 cz.
jare,   per  Jar    G0_,
All  kinds of spices and  extracts.
.lap Oranges, large hoxo.s   D3o.
'<,.,���': Oranges, per doz 35;. and 53c.
i * *. ror (.rapes, per lh
( :���    ��� ��� Wll" ������', Ap-,li:s, 3 Ihn.
Pte  br.t  'J2.25.
Finnan Heddle   2 lbs  ..
I   <.'���  Salmon, 2 Ll".
Cod      i  Strips, 2 lbs  - - -
l.ci Ua have vour flirt
rrder todsy.   Wo guaran
Dean's Grocery
Ihn 25c.
' thn month
"e u> please
lions  3S8.
"-'wm)-l# gtrset
[loqulam, Wash., Dec, l. A four-
masted schooner, either tli" Balboa,
or the Espada. but probably the
former, is ashore just outside tba
Gray"s harbot . tv and at last ro-
ports there appeared to be no hope of
saving her because of tha heavy surf
and inr position on the beacb. Tugs
are standing by ni.d the WeBtport Ufa
saving crew Is taking off tha crew ol
the schooner, five nn n bave been
taken oil and all the others probably
will be removed safely.
Captain Nygreen, of the steami r
Fair Oaks, wblch arrived in port this
sl srnoon, said be was unable to
nil whether the wreck was the Hal-
boa ir the Bspada, both   of   which
havte li"* i'i i ni   off   the   harbor
frcm callao. coming to load lumber,
They are sister -schooners of 777 tons
:���;, asuri ment. One 1.**, on the
beach and the ilher is anchored two
n..li s boi th of t1 ���   li ir.
Loin Wireless A-iiar.itus.
s'tra Crus, Cal., Dec, 1. with hor
wit i s-i apparatus, one mast, and one
llfi boa! r "���" cud two (-tin* r life
bi ��� i Bmasbi.:. tha torpedo boal
t ixton arrivi d lu the harbor here
this afiernoon attor battling f*'r two
days in tl * mosl si '-ere storm In the
'.*������*. : ce of her nil,cer-' aid crew.
Fur the gi tater part of the two
daya net o man ou the Truxton took
time- to ��� >��� ii d for hours at a
i stretch it seemed Impossible to "re-
v "t the li'M" vessel foundering.
When b!h> arrived ior.   pbe virtually
was Otl! (f coal : * tl d'sli i*. nil fresh
���fv./t'.i.-t at'e helni; taken aboard so
���' e  may rcsumo her Journey to San
Iii i" "l-n'iy  with throe c;l     tor-
i'w'*i brats the Truxton left Han
P i! i for Snn Francisco and a few
hours out of tha southern port i i ���
:-:.. the r'.iri". Waves forty fe��'
I 't ���,!,���-, rm '! the Trnrtton time
a-d std1 ;   Al t'mes she virtually was
jliurlvu F uph space,
I    i'Yr i l:r�� i !u   k( ;,t In oomrminlct-
I" -i  with  t'" (thir vessels   of   the
fleet,   bet   before   lorn   her   wlrMess
���.::._ ;:i;::c-J   r;,:i;    and   the   where-
Tin* marriage t ok ; lace i-i Viotorla on November 20 ol M * Edna
McCarter, 1i"H Gralgdarrach road
Victoria, to Harry B, Hurr. recentlj
of this city, but nov.* of the Capital
City, by the Rev. Dr. Campbell. Mr.
Hurr is tio- youngest son of Mrs.
B 'ij'-::,a Burr, Cl 218 fourth stree:.
.   ���     _,-     , ._   ��� ��� ��� ���.,--i- iwaa born In  this cilr and ..ok hi?
y meeting o:the>P��reulv^"���� f" pharmaceutical course at thc Ou-
turn t!   8 ro Ijp   nc   ia subject or (iis-   , .. .. ,  -,
eussion. II will bo taWot for and !"'"; " *1^" ,.. "j���"*, and *"
against, While the Progressive execu- en-iP-toyed In this elty for a number
tlve approved of its resubmission,0'?6"8' when ""'-���' retura <-'-:'-
there are a lot of peele in this town ,:i' ���" ������' ueymoon ihey will take ���
who don't end these people say thej '������ " '���'��� ""ins In the Normandy
will  be there to speak    their   minds apartments, Cook stree:.. Victoria.
;���'.:', ��� out in meeting.  ���
Thi  meetlne is  to be held   In  the
board of trade chambers and bee
of It the usual weekly executive meet
Ing has been called off.   It will Btarl
at S o'clock. I
If the eas plant purchase bylaw  Is
to he again submitted it will have to
Would a Blue or
Bhck Serge Suit for
$35 Interest You
M V/ATERS After ;. brief Illness
the death occurred on Sunday after
noi n ol William J. McVVatera, the six-
.. i:*"ii] bod of Mr. and Mrs. It. .1   M':-
exact cop
y of
Parisian, o
r   Ne
w    .
:il?    Guarantied
petitioned   for  before  the  middle IWaters, 508 Twelfth street    Tho fu-
this month,    it  was voted on on! V'ra la be'ns '"'"' JWa morolng from
ithe home  to  tie churrh  of En?land
Oct IS; Ofl days from then If Ils suh-
mi.-i.-u Is not petitioned for it ear,
not go before the people for another
year. So it looks like a case of
"speak now or forever more hold thy
peace" for its advocates.
Besides the cas bylaw otber public
matters are to be talked over.
['''im i
F    I'laskett   will   of-
RAKALA in the !U*yii Columbian
hospital yesterday the death occurred
of Nh ils Hal il.'i alter a long lliness.
Pri ��� i ' his five years' stay In this
cily deceased had lived in Beattle.
Tie funeral Is bi nn h* id this morning from Murchie's undertaking establishment in inner cemetery.
Calgary May.r Re-elected.
1.- Mayor Herbert A
��'i-t"d mayor for 1!)!
perfectly? Cut from serge:;
that will hold their color and
hold your good custom as
Well? Then grarp this offer
today. Remember any suit
of any cloth In either store
until Xmas $35.
Parisian ladies Tailoring Co.
dOfi (_r.invlll(M003 Robson
Turraby    and    Wed mi inter    Councils
Dlecuse Sapperton  Sewer S:heme
������Plcnr   of C. M    R.
A six months' extension c.f time i-i
whicb to start work on thi Sapperton
sewer scheme was i-'r; ated .New Wostmlnster by t'i" Burnal y council at, a
Bpeclal meeting held yesterday morn-
The bends for tbls work are still
to be ; ��� id and once this transaction
is made work can be Immediately com
menccd. Interefl and flaking fund
amount to $-60,000.
At another special meeting of tii"
New Westminster council in the afternoon the C, N. K plans tor entrance
Into this city wero discussed. The
meeting wss . trictly private and at Its
conclusion it was announced that the
mutter was rtill under consideration
and lhal city and harbor engineers
were to l, ��� ni-krd to submit further reports  which  will again  be taken  up.
DECEMBER 5 and 6
���: At the:-
Y. M. C. A.
In aid of the  Royal Columbian
Ar.ixais. 40 Clowns.
A   Dig  Time.
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention i.s invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfrontage at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Granville Street,
Vancouver, li.C*
In the West End.   Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     :{12-:il." Westminster Trust Hldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 851*
Broken Cr'ck���Broken Head.
���: 'u Francisco, Doe. I.- Olaf Bon-
neeheen. ��������� rtrtictttral steel worker,
whl" working on the St. Francis anno-: wns struck on tho head by a hrich
after it hail fallen ni* storeys He
received a depressed fracture of tho
Skull and was taken to the Central
Em"ti',i-i"'y hi Kiiit.ai, lator being r*-
itkii'i'I to iii" Ht. Francis h tspltal Ilia
Bhances fif recovery nro fairly good.
Tin- brick was broken Into a number
e." v'.tizcs.
Cconcll Cran'r. Permission for Spur on
Lulu  h?iand���O'.her Tu*;lncC3 at
Aft'.rnecn Meeting.
Permission to build a tempi n
Iiir on Kwen avenue wsa **."
Canadian Northern Pacific railway
yesterday by the council at it-*, afternoon meeting. Tbls siding wlll be
constructed at Jardine Btreet and wlll
be 8(0 feet long. I's purpose ia to allow ballast trains to pass without the
furmrr delay, What work is done
must be satisfactory to the city engi-
ni e ���.
Attif'tut the communications was oue
from I*":*'* Chief Watson reporting 14
small rh< a for November, One from
. Mi Gawa offering Japanese bulbs,
berry trees and fh irerlng plum trees
in-" for Queen's Park. TThls, with
an Inyltt tion lo tl"' Bu haby board of
trade ball, was accepted with thanks,
A tetter will be cent to Alderman
Dodd expressing the council's sorrow
at the death of his wife.
The councll oould not. grant .1. vv.
Richard son smith'B applloatlon for the
extension of the water main to aeeom-
miniate his residence on Kent tsreet
unless applicant advanced to the city
the OOSt  Dl Installing the mt.atiua,
asy Chairs and Rockers
A Whole Carload of Them for Xmas
No wonder we undersell the other fellow, when we buy them by the carload. You benefit as well us us, as you can buy one chair from us at the sume
rate as we buy them in carload lots.
Shoals of Them.   You Bet!
To suit every purse, so come eafly and dont' be disappointed.
Thc Big Furniture Store
Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
,.*.... -,��,* . Ml
TUESDAY,   DECEMBER   2,   1913.
_     M6E pt*m
99 1
Eijjht   Events  Bring  Out  Eome
Displays���Good  Crowd
Just about aa nlee a card as OOUld
bs Stafed In tills district was that ut
Knitter Mills last evening under tin-
auspices cf tho Circle V Hookey club
When  eight   events  were run  off  with
Fine j Hiik lhe matt until six minutes bad
expired when Hatch pinned Ills man.
j U'iiidblad and Andy Morrison went
ut It hummer    and    tonga    in    their
j opening round, the Circle v boy hav-
Mnn the   advantage.   In   the   aecond
.Morrison appeared U) fOUl his man.
Wludbla.il held his own until the
middle  Of  the   third  round   when   his
trainer advised blm to tjntt, Morrison
not th,* decision.
The tilth event was Bhot and sweet,
'liin Morrison, v. a. <'., putting the
l'i i" rumored that a Lancashire club,
Ib after the services of Utley. necessary to lance one of the eyes.
 ��� Lenbi_.,;te  .-turatai,  of  the   Nanaimo
i    According to the talk on the street  City pulic*.  force, corroborated In tho
.siviral special '.ar.s wlll be chartered |main, the story told hy Taylor.   Tht
| by bockey faim on Kriday evening te
i take them over to Vanoouver where
th" Hoyals open the season againat
, ancouvi r.
Keen  Race
Soccer���League  Standings.
to transact some important, business
matters. Speaking with liis oounael,
t'ory M. Sudden, over tii - long distance telephone from N'ew York Zetaya
said the next boat from N'ew YorK to
Barcelona did not sail until Dec ll
ami he thought ho could finish his
bualneaa in that Ume.
State department, officials insisted
that when the deposed dictator departs he go direct to iiarcelona. and
that In the Interim he enter into no
political Intrigues Involving Nicaragua.
This arrangement proved agreeable to
Charlea   A.   IlougiaB.  counsel   for  the
N'icaraguan  government in  the  negotiations that have followed the arrest
��� in New  York.
Acting upon Mr Douglas' advice,
Oeneral Chamorrp, N'icaraguan minister here, tonight cabled the Nicara-
iguau foreign office, suggesting the
cancellation of that government's request, now In the mallB, for the extradition of the former president for
trial for the alleged murder of two of
his countrymen at Magaya, in April.
Zi laya, from the outset has maintained     that    the    offences    alleged
precision   well   worthy of the support ship test  to  Mavis, or tlie Moose, In
accorded lhe affair. _a *'rHi round.   This was Mavis' lirst
one knockout    was   administered, appearance In the ring.
Mavis, of  the  Moose  A.  ('..  receiving ������*������  youngsters  from   the  Commer-
tl.e haymaker  after one  minute and cial  A. C,  Hoy  Robertson and    Abe
ten seconds mixing  with Tom  Morri- Crabbe, acted as a breather from the, iruce,  but  within  striking  distance
constable was in the crowd himself i
and suffered a severe kick during the '
sorimmage which caused him to be-1
come temporarily unconscious.
filling  ot  the  main  incidents during tie- disturbance witness testifiedI
that Hoy and liaird approached from |
behind  Taylor  and  the  crowd closed  against  him   were  political   and   that
in.    Chief Nctn, of the    city    police, !"P"n hearing he could prove that the
called  oui   to  the  crowd  that Taylor two murders alleged against him were !
jwas not a special, hut a regular con-1WBtmltted   at   different     times     and
n  English  Fir��t Division |Stable, but this    did    not   apparently  oates   In   Nicaragua and   without  his:
serve to restrain the crowd.    Munaldi i hnowltdge.
grabbed Taylor by the hair and Cow-j
  j Ier made a deliberate attack ou Taylor while he was In a stooping pasi-
A keen race is lo be noticed in the  tlon.   This happened on the approach,
first division oi Kngiish soccer accord-i    Witneea   also   told   what   happened
n:: hi tin- lollowing table showing th;-j inside  lhe  shed,  but was  unable    to
���findings of the twenty clubs.    Hlack 'ghe  any   testimony  as  to  what  was
irn  Itovers ale still leading In    the | the.    ultimate    consequence    of    the
Hon. of  lhe  V.  A. C.    Mavis made a  Mm is-Moriison  stanza. Crabbe  losing
tood  showing  iu  tlu- opening Stage*, ������,  ,m*,ig ��, u ���|,ort reach and lack-
but fell foul of u hard right rrom the lug ten pounds In welghl.
aggreaalve   Winged V   artist   with   dis-      The   real   run   or   the   evening   was
usimus resulta when  Augusl   (Jay,  !���".   M.   A.  ('..  and
Vic Wlndblad, or tho Kra-.r Mills juhuny MoCallum, Commercial A. 0.,
A. li   made ttie one big surprisr of the  formerly   of   New   Westminster,   went
I rouble' as  he  fainted  away
io be found Manchester City and Bol-  severe kick administered  b
ton  Wanderers, while Sunderland and
Weal  liromwich Albion are only thr.'e
points in the rear.
Of the live tail end clubs four are
Lancashire teams, but on the past two
Weeks' form   Manchester City  should
the crowd.    Coder cross-examination  Careless   Hunters  and  Accidents   Re-
Constable Shlrass Btated that all    of
the accused  with    the    exception    of
Jackson  were pressing about Taylor.
' Shlrass
inning  when  he mon- than  held his at it for three rounds.   The first was|be able, to pull ou'tof (he rut. especi
own  In  tlie  first  two rounds and  for even, although McCallum was out for ally since the team has been strength-  saw  Taylor standing on the approach
Held Back Crowd.
Neen     followed     Constable j
on   the   witness   stand.     He
sponsible  Terrible  Toll   in  the
United States.
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
some    accountable    reason    was pur- ,t K. q,    day floored his man  iu the
BUaded  to i|ult hulf  way through  tho second, but was getting hammered in
third, although  leading  in  points.    A bis  corner   when   brother  Jack   inter-
lltilii mix-up, in the referee usurping fered and threw up the sponge. These
Ho- power ot   the    judges,     lost     the boys   are   likely   to   mit   at   a   future
Circle  '���'  boy  the decision  over Andy date
Campbell, of the V.  A. C. The lasl  round was a pretty no be-
With careful training Wlndbluii wlll tween lies, warne, of the Moose A. C,
make his mark In the squared ring. ami l.< n Hi l)iday, of th- V. A. ('.. the
The first event   was    more    In    lhe judges  having a hard time  to award iOldlium   Athletii*
amateur  line   between  Crutehley   and a decision,  which    went  to   llolllday. [Tottenham   Hotspur
Andy  Stewart,    both    of the    KruBor Hosewarne.  who was a trifle  heavier I Burnley   	
Mills A. C, th,. former (letting the de- than hls Opponent, made a pood show-.Sheffield  United   	
cislon. lng,    many    belfevlng    lhat   the  bouf pheffteld   Wednesday
Morris Hurgoyne, V. A   C. and l"d- should have gone uu extra round.        Aston   Villa   	
gar Thompson, of the Commercial  A.       A  splendid Crowd turned out to the Ichelsea   	
��'.,  went   ten  minutes  In  a   wrestling affair,  which    was    kept    clean    ami jtWcastle   United   ������
the standiag:
| Blackburn  Itovers   	
Manchester United  . ,,
lolton  Wanderers  ..
W.st   Krcmv.ich  Albion.
Bradford City
w, i.. ii. Pte,
. ti   :>,   3   21
holding the crowd back gun in hand
: Chief Neen's evidence differed from
I Constable  Shirass' on  the  one  point
as   to   who   grabbed   Taylor   by    the.
1    1_   hair.    Witness    Btated    that    it
bout,   Hurgoyne   getting   the   decision orderly
for aggressiveness,  being given  live     jPred
pounds by the loser.    The event was act, il a
a good one. c f   w re:
J Lynch and H. J. Macfctn
I judges; Jack Home referee
tl'iig;   S.   R   Cornish.   Fraser
Harry Hatch. V. A C, brother or Mills, and Billy Smiles, referees of
Al Hatch, took on Lefty Peterson, of bexng events; A. Adeox and V. E
the Moose A. C. neither wrestler hit*  Andrew, timers.
[Derby county   %   6
Everton   4   0
Liverpool      4    G
Manchester City     ?,   6
M-ddleeborougfa   _   7
Preston North Knd     2 10
Jackson who did.
Provincial Constable George Hannay, who was nexl to testify, stated
that  It   waB   Balrd   and  not  Griffiths
Beavers Oppose  Moose-
Clath   with
Circle  F
will  probably handle    tonight's    contests,  thi.*-:  being left In  the hands of
President Lynch.
Seer, tary Maiden    was    given    two jjf Saa   Francisco," for theTha
Are After Davis Cup.
Melbourne, victoria. Dec. 1.���Australia will make another attempt to
recover the Dwlght V. Davis lawn
tennis cup held by America. Ncrman
IE. Brookes and A. W Dunlop have
i booked passage for Europe and will
Oompete in the Hritish and continental
tournament!. They will thus be able
I to round into form for the inter-
j national contest., and Anthony Y.
Wilding, of New Zealand, who this
������{���Ber difnitid Maurice E. Mclaughlin.
Chicago,  Dec.  l.--The hunting sea-;
son  which  ended  yesterday  cost  135
lives In 21 states, according to a tabulation  by a morning paper,    ln  addi-
t.on   140   persons   were   injured,   sev-
was eral of them fatally.    Wis-��nsin was
:the chief sufferer of the season, with
a total of 29 dead and    27    injured;
Michigan came next with 28 dead and
16  injured;   New  Vork third,  with  19,
who   approached   Taylor   daring   him  dead and one injured,
to shoot.    His evidence on the other ���    The  carelesB  handling  cf   weapons
points in connection with the assault iwas the chief cause of death     Thirty-
was practically  the  same as  that of  sevf,n PPrs��ns lost their lives at their
his predecessors on  the stand. 'own handB.    Twenty-four others shot,
Under cross-examination he aaid i themselves, but escaped with lesser in-
that be had hearo some one shout out wiaB. The careless travelling corn-
that the gun should be taken from ! "?an ?" was held responsible for 24
Taylor deaths and 19 injuries.
George Archibald   who was emnlov-!    The man who shoots every tlme ***
i       ,1     )���   i,  o    . ..ia a       *    ��L    Bees a movement in the bush was held'
ed at the C. P. R    testified as to the   r B,ble  for  ���  dealh_   -n(J   _  g��
disorder! ness ot the crowd. ;luriee    *-������.��������� hum.__ we,e drowned
Objection was taken    by    Mr. Rub-:whlle searching for game
jlnowttt  to Jas.  Partington  and  Stan-      It was estimated that 60.000 hunters ;
ley   Harvey,  the  next   two  witnesses 'WPre in the field in Michigan and Wis-1
|called by the crown, and the trial wasjcotisln alone, and with the thousands
adjourned      until    this    morning    at;who  took  trail  in   Minnesota,   Maine
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
^���i^^"  SS   "Prince  Cesrge" ud   "Prince  Fifeil"
MONDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert, Stewart.
TUESDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert. Granby Bay.
SATURDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
MONDAYS���12   midnight.   Dec. 1. for Manet.
FRIDAYS���12 midnight, Nov. 28, ter Queen Charlotte Island polnta.
Mondays and Thursdays steamers make close connection at Prinee
Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trains tor Terrace. New Haiel-
Rupert -with Grand Trunk Paeifie trais-S for Terrace, Uazeltoo
and Smithers; mixed trains to Rose Lake (340 Mile.)
Tickets to all points east and to Ear-ope, via all rail and steamship
H. G. SMITH. C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.   Dl/PKROW. G.   A.  P. D.
-turn* Private Exchange 8131
' and  New  York, the total  -was placed |
at more than 100,000.
Amateur  hockey  in  New   West mlnater should  gel  away to a good start
thia evening when  ui�� i)r_i double^
header of the leaSOQ will he staged at
the Queens park arena. On paper
both the Beavers and tlle Primer Mill:
t-hould win their games, but the dope
is liable to be upset at any m nneiit
and  especially  this evening, as none
of th,. septettes have beenjeen in action this season.
At   a   meeting   of   the   league   dele-
gates held yesterday, the Moose club
was allowed to Held fnur new players Playera who wlll don the respective
vho had not been Hlgm-d "P lhw pro-,colors.
per length of time, This was done lu j Tonight's doubleheader will corn-
order to have f.tir strong teams on mi nco al k o'clock, the Heavers and
the Ice for the Initial games. : Mcoso   featuring   In    the    first    en-
Hrnle   Johnson   and   Charlie  Tobin I counter.
weeks to appoint a successor.                |ship _ ,Jr(.al Britaltli announces that
Much Interest Is being taken in thi (lie will be available for the Davis cup
Praser   Mills  team   as   this  aggrega. icontests.
tlon   la   considered   well In   the run-| 	
ning to wrest tlie McRae trophy from
the possession of the Beavera.   The
winner of this trophy will challenge
the Rowing club of Vancouver for the
Savage cup.
The Beavera win line dp practically the same ns last season and arc
; reported  to  be In  the beat  of shape
Mocse anil Sapperton-Whlte liockf
are the two dark horses of the organ
Isadon,  little  being    known    of    the
Jack  "Two-round"  Thompson    and      The new onside rule will be given a
Yordy, cf Uelltngham, now boxing In- further try-out In the Terminal City
>,triiclor nt Anaeortes, Wash., will
probably mix in a 15 round bout at
I'raser Mills In the near future.
Saturday's City league soccer games
on Friday evening. A sharp difference
cf opinion exists as to whether the
new order wtll materially Improve
the game, Lester Patrick being op
pesed to It, while Hugh Lehman ls
will be arranged at a meeting of thei silting cn the fence until he has seen
ih legates lu H. Ityall's   office   at   8 It worked out In a regular Icukuo (Ix
o'clock this evening,
J L. Tennant, of the Circle F
Hockey club has been elected to rep-
I'-soni the Amateur Hockey league at
II. C, A. A. U. meetings, vice Ben
liobb, resigned,
The  best  place  for a  peraon  who
< uuiol   nee
ture. Eliminate the loafing feature
anil general opinion Is that the new
move Is all to the good.
llurnaby maintained Its lead in the
City Hague race ou Saturday afternoon at Sapperton, defeating the II. C
K. R. four goals to nil. Unless they
take  a  big  slump,  the  suburbanites
Scottish  League.
Li tiiluii, Dec. 1.--Through an error
in cable transmission two of Satur-
lay's Sci/tish league names were
Wrongly reported. The correct scores
Hearts 4. Aberdeen fl.
Celtic 1, Airdrieonians 0.
Recent Judgment Brings About Critical State of Affairs���Objection
le on Economic Grounds.
j   Miller Defeats Tremblay.
Winnipeg. Dec. 1.���The deadly toe
held proved the undoing of Eugene
Tremblay. of Montreal. champion
lightweight of the world. In Ills effort
to tpke the welterweight championship from Walter Miller, of St. Paul,
here tonight, but he did not yield the
.���host until one hour and eighteen
nibiwes of wrestling.
N. H. A. Schedule Out.
Montreal. Dec. 1.���The revised
schedule ot the six clubs of the
National Hockey association was an-
r.unced today by President Kmmett
Qulna. The season opens on Saturday. December 27, and closes on Wed-
lesday, March 4. The Wanderers wlll
ipen the season In Montreal with Ontario Canadiens In Toronto and
Quebec at Ottawa.
(Continued trom page one)
hla   brother  take  a  few appear to have got the championship
hard knocks In the squared j-lng with- tied up safe and sound.
out jumping In himself Is outside in 	
tlio cold. Such au event took place Either Stanford or the Nevada uni-
ut Praser Mills laat evening, but verslty rugby team will visit Hritish
happily resulted In everyone calling Columbia during the Chrlstmaa holl-
for the would-be disturber to be dayg and hitch up with Vancouver
ejected from tlie hall. |and Victoria teams. That reminds us
  j that Davie Delth    Is attempting    to
It Is nol often that a soccer player get support for a visit of a Call-
in recalled by an English club after rorntan soccer team to this province
playing the game in Canada three laround Christmas time. Davie took
years. Buoh Ifl the case reported'along a Vancouver team to 'Frisco a
from St. Catherines, Frank Sturch, a few weeks ago, posing aa an all-etar
19 year old player, being given his fl. C. eleven. Now he comes out with
trans portat lon by Sheffield Wednos-ian appeal for support from Victoria
day. Ile has played with the Sunder and Nanalmo. Remembering the 16
land team of Toronto a short time cents handed Manager Orant. of the
this season Rovers on Saturday laat, the Call-
                  *       fornlans had better ask tor a nuaran-
fl.   P. Balnlirldge,   ^retary-treae-' {���� trom V.nomrwr   beta*   playln5
uror  of the Port Coqultlam Cricket *nere'
Victoria. Dec 1.���"This judgment
has brought about a critical state of
affairs and one which wlll be given
every possible consideration by the
provincial government lu order to protect the Interests of the province, In
so far as the government's constitutional authority will permit," declared
Premier McBrlde today ln discussing
the turn of affairs in the Hindu Immigration question, following the issuance of Chief Justice Hunter's written Judgment
The decision reached by the chief
justice was in respect to 35 of the
Hindus detained by the immigration
authorities after their arrival on the
Panama Maru. Those who read the
written judgment Incline to the opinion that so far as the present situation goes the bare have been let down
and the Hindus may enter practically
unquestioned, ence they have satisfied the ordinary requirements for Intending Immigrants.
"We have always tried to make it
clear that the objections which the
government of thie province entertains toward the entry of Hindus are
not upon race grounds, but are of an
economic nature," said Sir Richard.
The premier Intimated that he did
not desite to express any opinions on
the judgment Itself, but he added that
he believed the question would probably occupy the attention of the courts
for some time. He waa asked In -what
form the representations which tbe
British Columbia government Is expected to make to Ottawa upon the
subject would take. He was further
requested to give aome idea aa to
whether tbe matter would be taken to
the colonial office,  but declined  to
What with the hasbor Improvements, the further
tbe fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster ls coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Furniture Exchange
In 61 Sixth street for resi bargains in all kinds ot furniture and fan-
lsblngs.    Picture Framing, Upholstering; Parnltore Repairing, eta.
Try us for Window Shades.
Royal Mercantile Co.
Special Afternoon Teas
The Mecca Cafe Is making a specialty of Afternoon Teas. We have a
warm comfortable room and if you
sbould want a cup of tea while down
town In the afternoon, call in at the
Entrances:  MacKenzie and
Clarkson Streets.
709 Columbia St. Wcetaunster Trust Bldjt.
Amtteur Hockey
Tuesday, Dec 2nd
Prices 25c & 50c
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchea Throegbeut the ftmatsm *t Mdst Columbia
Savings Department at all
upwards received and Intereet at
credited halt yearly.
Orafta and Traveller*' Oequee
New  Weetmlneter  B-renelt:
ol Oae Poller an*
tatsx aald or
la all parts of thr
4-vTwLACK. Manager.
-.over of the shed.   Some men closed
here on the Chicago Maru last week
club, leaves on a visit to the old
oouatry on Thursday expecting to be
gone until the end of March, 1��14.
Jack Coombs, the Philadelphia
American star pitcher, ie out ot the
hospital and wlll probably be in abape
to resume his place in the box next
spring. Coombs haa had a long siege
In the hospital suffering from typhoid.
Didier Pltre will get In the limelight, emulating the stunts of Newsy
I-alonde.    TWe time he le suing tho
Montreal  8Ur  for $5000  for an  alleged libel.   Pltre bases his claim on ...
in article which Is alleged to have Barnaley soccer player, goes through
'^ldBthCat hUUansfer Uth. P.c.llc *J}MW   this   will   �����rpa��.   the
CoMt league would bo benefle..!_to ^^..whlch   hM^^^at   W00O
to offer Cowler stepped In from behind and hit blm twice on the face.
Witness was alao assaulted by
others receiving blows on tbe forehead. Jaw, mouth and back cf the
neck. He was also kicked several
Finullv he cleared himself from hls
assailants and atruck Cowler two
light raps. Reaching the door the
constable acraped hla way through,
but Juat aa he got Inside the shed he
tripped over a meat rack and while
down wsb aasaulted again by Cowler.
With the assistance ot an officer of
the Patricia and the ctty police; Taylor, then In a badly battered condition, escaped to the Patricia. Both
his eyes were practically closed when
he got en beard.
Would Hav* Uaed Gun.
Under cross-examination by Mr.
Rublnowlts Constable Taylor admit
will oome before the immigration au-
thoritlee tomorrow.
IntematiaiMl Tangle Over Creeeeee ef
Former Prealdent ef Nicaragua
In U. S   Selved.
If the transfer ot Utley, the famous
him as he waa not leading a tile conducive to the beat phyaical ooodl
since 1911. That waa the fee paid by
Blackburn Rovers to Falkirk for
Jimmy Simpson  on January il, 1911.
Washington. Dee. r���The International Untie o��er the g**wMJjrt>l*
ted that he was practically a stranger "����jj .SJilSn'o/Nlcara^ ADMr
In Nanalmo at the lime. He deelared '��T"/m wived titeht^f ZeUya
lhat he did not think It an unwise 2^" murn to flSteloi. Bpils.
thing to use hla gun and aUted that JSn^wTUgo, be came to New York m
he would hav* uaed It if he had had month at*.
more backing up. ;   Thto agreement auji u tke result
Dr. Harvey, who followed Taylor en:ot * ***- * coafertMM at the ��UU
the stsnd. testified as to the nature'department MMmMritBr JWk
of Taylor's Injuries when he called nnt ��M��M *����� God 1��__yH en-ftae
on blm for treatment The oonaUhJe, NteaMMM sneewmsni
he said, wna suffering from Uro Neck Ut U mlt* thn m*m
eyea and brulsee on the body.  It wm Uted that he tbosM
AOernoen, 3:90 to S:W
ADMISSION: Afternoon Me, Cwtnta* *mf*ii M
^_^  ^m^*^_^L^m^ ^_^_^_^
' An Making ChrUUsnt ****** at Wl It MSS-tv' .OflUr
CelHetor Block,
*M*aii**4M?f x*r,*:i,W*'
Vft j_iT.��*.>.��!;n: .*w.*a#.si��*��*i��ii-_.'i
- -   "it, * *
.-' .* ���
* -
"JUT"    J
������m* page  ata
Classified Advertising
I        fOREiGN NUGflgM
celved for Tue News at the following places: P. T. Hill's drug store,
��I8 Columbia street; A. Sprlee,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
K Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis,  UU Vista.
Ft Hi
through mi ad,
Vol'Il     PltOP-
In this column.
KOIt SALE-$1.00 DOWN, $100 PEU
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed Market square. (2.1191
Interesting   Address   on   Britain's
Ccurte Delivered at Newcastle-
��� ���
<t. e*eeeeeeee*-oo
* ���
, ��� �� 0 *��� * *
Claaaifltd���one cent per wora per
On). tc per wurd lit-t week; 16c per
t-iODth: MM words, to be used as re
Ciulrvd ��� il:lii one year from date ot
���notreri   126.OD
near Fifth avenue, gold pearl
brooch, Owner can have same by
paying tor this ad, mux S'xth
avenue, (-Mil)
!r,:il News office.   (2681)
trust. Bi
HAVE  flll.lMIO  AVAILABLE  IN     8,
months, to loan at . per cent.
Application must b. made
Confidential,   Box   "4iU
6, ��
at    once.
The News
to $2n0 to invest for three to four
���mouths time with pood returns on
money Invested, llox 'iv.i'i
apartments lo rent, right on car
line, steam heated, hot and cold
water, pa's ranges, electric light,
separate hath to every suite, rooms
an- bright, cheerful, cleen and
sanitary and rent is very reasonable
Including gas and lights.
single rooms, both furnished
unfurnished. Apply Mrs. Mandville,
suite 1. Becond floor, Mandville
aparliin'iiis. corner Sixth avenue
and Twelfth Btreet
ROOM   AND   HOARD   at   516  AONES
street, with use of phone.        (24441
of  phone.    416   Seventh   St.   (2.105)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 33'1 Hastings street west. Van
couver. (251S)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Brown, 1?
Itegtite streel, New  Westminster.
Pioneer Books on ll C nnd California by
a pioneer, Canadian Carap Lift*, 2nd edition; Anient: the Peoples of B. C.; In the I
Pathless WeBt; Nun, or Pioneer women
and Ena. The ��>*is of five for 13.00 or
7r.c. per copy till Jan. liilt. Address !���'���
fl 11,nln::. 1117 llniniltiin St., Now I
Westminster,   B.C.,   or  any_ of  Uie  book. foreign   poltlcs   wo   deal   with   thing
In receiving the freedom of Newcastle. Sir Edward Qrey made an
interesting speech on the control of
foreign affairs, and also made .i passing reference to tha ltaikan situation.
Hi, said:
The object we pursued In common
wtth the other greal. powers was to
prevent the Balkan war from spreading, None of us could prevent It oe-
eur.-lng, but we could prevent It, anil
we did prevent it. from spreading,
Tbere Is plenty of trouble in the foreign offices of Europe - trouble In
working out the details of the settlement, and the resolution come o during the year, but 1 think I may say that
the foreign offices of Europe at the
present moment are consuming their
own smoke; that is to say, the trouble
is not being the cause of Immediate
preoccupation to either tholr naval or
military departments, nor the cause of
pressing anxiety or apprehension to
the various nations.
The opposition have with real patri
otism refrained from making at any
moment party capital out of foreign
politics. At critical moments the opposition have given support in a generous and effective degree.
Foreign policy does not lend itself
to great and Startling successes and
achievements. If ever there Is a big
diplomatic success you may be sure
that a price has to be paid for It.
If it is not paid at the time ii generally has to bo later on. nnd the
more it is talked about and boasted
about, the higher the price which le
likely in the long run to be paid.
There is another reason why foreign
policy does not lend Itself to striking achievement.., and that is that in
greatest  service  that  yon. can  render
to commerce is the maintenance   of
peace, and  the kei ping of this coun
try���so far as ii is humanly possible
>-���not merely from actual war.
n from the apprehensions and
inxMy of war.
The fourth great branch Is that of
���using the humanitarian  Influence of
tbls   country   to   do   whal   it   can   to
promote humanitarian objects in the
' world.     All     these     are     important.
; branches. One section of public opinion  will  concentrate on  one of  them
iand one on another* The secretary of
state tor foreign affairs has to attend
to all. hut be has to endeavor to keep
the large sense of perspective, whicli,
while not neglecting any of them, will
I prevent hlm frum pushing the Interest
of any one so far as to sacrifice the
I other:'.
I   am   afraid   the  foreign   secretary
has not  yet been found, and perhaps
I never will be found, who enn satisfy
the extreme aspirations of any section of public opinion which has concentrated
without v
her husband, David Banfield, who still |
survives her, came to tlie Island iu I
1ST:., while she was ulill a young won
an of 80, having previously lived fori
a   shore   tUne   In   the   eastern   United I
states,   she is survived also by three I
daughters: Mrs. A. J. Benson, of Ver-1 avMnPRin
million;  Mrs. II. it. Neelands ot Van !OII,ul��'B
couver, and Mrs. A. W. Thompson of
Vienna;   also   by   Iwo   mus.   Charles
:i".,i Ralph, and ten grand children. \
brother, Thomas Mich ell, lives in the
The funeral look place nt 1 o'clock
on Sunday afternoon from ths above
residence, At 1:80 services were conducted in the Belmont avenue Methodist church. Itev. H. II. Baldertaone
and Rev. Dr. Scolt CODdUOtlng Lie ser
Montreal.  Dec.    1- Contemporaneously  with the news that  monetary
 ^^^^^^^^^^ conditions In   Berlin  nre  much  betIer
upon  one of  thete  objects | and that hanks arc overstocked  with
llch, if be satisfies It, sacrl-1 cash,   local   Interests   have    received
\ ficing something at least of the other
I objects.
Sir Edward, coming to home politics, Bald In matters of exceeding controversy, he took his share, no less
decidedly and no less strenuously as
far as he had time and opportunity,
with the rest of his colleagues.
Referring to the mayors' reference
to his very first public political speech
made from the platform. Sir Edward
caused amusement by remarking thnt
lhat speech was received more rapturously than any speech he had delivered since. The mayor had attributed that to the merits of the speech.
In a sense It mlgiht have been, hut he
thought it was also due to the compassion of the audience at the youth
of the speaker. Following a later
speech a Conservative opponent called
him a pinafore baronet.
I from  a  partner   In  one of  the  three
largest banking houses in London the
i following news:
"1 am glad to be able to tell you that
lat least we are beginning to see day-
j light  here;   no  doubt  about   It;   mar-
! kets are In the right oondltlon for a
rise. The-jo Is hardly any stock being
��� carried   over  here:   lots    of    money
about; In fact, this last account we had
ito  pay  off  loans;   we  could  not   em-
j ploy  money,  and   this  was  the  case
; with   nearly  all   the  money    brokers.
.Mexico  is  the  thing  that  Is  keeping
us  back.    1  am  really  getting quite
optimistic for the future. Trade Is falling off here    considerably,    also    in |
France and even more so in Germany,
This  must   mean   in  the  near  future
a big volume of money to be employed
in the stock markets and Invested.
COAL MININU  rluhts of Ul-  DomlnlO
iii Manitoba. .-- i.'.u.h- 'hev-.Hn and Alb<-i-u
nie YlKon Territory, tha Northwest 'Ini
rttoriei umt in k p'ntloii of lbe f'rovlnc
uf I'.ilM.-.li Columbia, may be leased for i
term Of twenty one years st an annuo
rental ef It an uere. Not mors than -.<���
Acres will be l.uitud tu imn applicant.
Al'i'lii-iilen for u leaae mum be mini
liy tbe nppllciinl In iM-i.uu ti, thu AK-'ti
ur Mili A,:, ni uf tiie itlritiirt tn which lit
rights apl'lte,! fur ur. nituatcd.
In surveyed territory ths land must ti
deaorlbad by sections, or legal sub-divi
Htunfl of sections, and In unstii-veyed let
rltnry tbe tract applied fer sluill b
linked nut by the appl leant himself.
Kuril application must he n i-iinunnle.
t��y a fee of 16 which will be refill.ini I
the rltchts applied for are net aviitlablf
but net otherwise. A royalty shall I,
i"ih1 on tbe merchantable output of th
mine nl the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operutlmr the mine shal
furnish tbe Aaent wtth sworn return
uccoiinilng for the full quantity of mer
chantahle coal mined and pay the roj
ally thereon. If the conl mining rlsht
are not being operated nuch returns ahoul'
| be  furnished  at  least   once s  year.
The lease wlll Include tbe i-fiil mlnln,
rights onlv, but the leasee wlll be per
mltted to purchase whatever avallabl
surface rights may be considered neces
snry for the working of the mine at th'
rate of IIO an acre.
For full Information application shout,
he made to tbe Secretary of the Depart
nii'tit  of the Interior, Ottawa, or to an
Agent or Hub-Agent of Dominion  l-tn-U
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N. H ��� Unauthorised publication of tht
advertisement wlll not be paid for.
MUS.   1.1.1.A   1'.   IIAHHV,  THAI '1110II   OF
Pianoforte;  --Ll Keary _i ,  New   Wcnt-
Accountant. Tel. it. 118, Room I
H. II. Hmlth. W. J. (Iroves.
Work   undertaken    In    city    mil    niiUldt
points.   .11-1-   Wesiminster   Trust   Hldg.
I'hone   3C.4.     I*.  O.   Ilm   &U7.
.11ii..;   BngUisers,  Loeal  K.l,   meets  in
U-hor   Temple   every   llrsl      niul      third
Thursday ef ibe month, n  m.-i...nwiiiiii.
prealdent    *���*,'��� ti. Bsundars,    Mor-stary,
P, O.  H��x  bill.
1) * P. O. ot Klks of the D of C meet
the first and third Thursday ul ft p. m.,
K.   Of   P.    Fill II.   Klghth   Street.    A    WellS
Oray. Uxalted Ruler; P. tl. Smith. Hee-
I,. O. O. M.. NO. SS4.--MI.KT_l ON
first, aecond. third and fourth Weilnea-
il'iy In each month nt I p. tn..
In tbe Moone Home. If. J. l_eamy,
dlotator;     \V.    J.    Qroves,    secretary,
lleildillmrters   nf    lodge    In    See    House,
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streeta.
I. O. O. F. A MITT l-ODOE NO. 17���ThS
regular meeting of Amity lodge Na
27, I. O. O. F.. In held every Monday
night at S o'clock tn Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Klghth streeta
Visiting    brethern     cordially    Invited
r. a. Merrlthew. no.; it vv gangster,
V. O.;   W.  C. Coatham.  P,  U    rtenrri
Ing secretary ��� J. W. Miirl lunaid. financial  secretary.
Discount tu the trade
which are not under our own control.
rooms to rent. Apply '1
!0 St. George
honsekeeplng rcom.
SOI Columbia street.
(���heap.    Apply
���FtlIt  KK.NT
to rent tr)
an ad. in this column.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tbat t Intend ut the nexi mi etlng of ilu* H lard
of License Commissioners to apply for a
transfer from myself, Charles Schwalin,
to John K. MacKenzie and Bmee Loop, of
Hi" retail li'iuer license of the Colonial
hotel In this citv.
('.���'.���.21 Applicant.
New Weatmlnster, B.C.. Nov. 6th, 1813
keeping rooms, $10    and    $15    per
month at _.'. Seventh street. (2522)
Notice Is hereby given that I intend
tu apply at the next sitting of the
Board of License Commissioners for
the City of New Westminster for a
lKillie license and a wholesale license
for the Bale of liquors in and upon
the premises situated upon Lot !���, of
City BlOClt -4, in the said City of New
���".'.-'iijiiiuoli r, B.C.
1.   E. HAINES.
Dated this 10th day of November, 1913,
Telephones:   Office 53.  Residence 42t
JOHN  UEID,  Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Hros.'    Gasollut
Kagines,   Marine   Engines   and   Ann-
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10-00 a.m Daily
2:00   -pm Daily I
11:45   p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.rn Daily
11:00 a in Daily
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
3:00   p m Daily
Nanalmo,  Union   Bay  and  Comox.
9:00 am Wednesday and Kriilay1
Vancouver,  Union  Bay, Powell  River. ]
11:45  um Kvery  Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
11:00 p in Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
T:00 a :**    Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
UlS at P'iiits iu the Gulf Islands.
EIJ. QOOLBT,  Agent,  New  Westminster.
H. W   HHOIUB. O. P. A.. Vancouver.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to  apply  at tlle  uc-\l    Bitting    of llie
Licensing Board for the City of New
Westminster for a renewal ol license
to sell liiiuors by retail on the premises known  as the  Hoyal  City  Hi tei
situated ni corner of Customs House
Square and Columbia Street, In    the
said City of New  Westminster.
B, l'ALCH.
New Westminster. Nnv. S, 1913.
S, II, lb and
i, Section lh,
12   ol
lilo:iis 4, 5, ~t.
I*i        ! I   W. i     ____________________
*   .*  -���
.. ' ��� ��� dcate of Indefeasible Title (���>
tti, above property will be Issued to
XLib, l Lou - i liaylnir on the 81l I day
of I>< i etnbi r, 1913, unless in tbe mean-
lime, i, valid objection be made to tne
in writing by a person or iiersons
claim,nu ,m estate or interest therein,
or in a.'iv part thereof.
.1. C. GWYNN,
District Registrar of Tit!eH.
?.and Registry Office,
New  Westminster; B.C., November
26th, 1813.
The person or   persous   having   In
their custod) or possession the follow-
ne  Title Deeds  ������ latlng  lo tho said
jii-djx-ii*  sre r lasted to deliver   the
��aun< to the undi rstgned.
17th January, 1879 Crown grunt m
flordon Partner Dafoe of ri. W. V,,
Section In, Township H.
17th January, 1X7H. Cordon Parmer
llmtoe to George Marshall, conveyance
hi fer of the 8.W. Iti acres or B.W '������
-tcctlon IS. Township b
31st December, 1903. Gordon Partner
Haroe lo Jack Miller, conveyance in
lee. of S. part of S.W.Vi, Section    IH.
'j-MlBllip  t.
<th S��) "^ber, 1904. Oordon Par
nn. r Dafo to Jack Miller, conveyance
���-.. fee pari of S. W. Vi, Section 18,
Towmfcip s.
lit* 1 ���liruary. 1905.   Jack Miller to
'>,-.td   Wright, conveyance In  fee of
���   south portion of S. W.  ',�� of Section 18, i i.wnstilp B, except 10 acres.
J. 0, GWYNN,
District lteglBtt-ar of Titles
New Wellington
Office.  054  Front  Street.
Foot of  Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
I We cannot In the greal matters ofl
i foreign policy acl alone; we must co-1
| -;*������;-..:   with . :!k -.*.
We cannot, wli n we find a dls
a*���:��� able situation abroad, when we
i are confronted with revolutions or
civil war abroad us, for Instance, has
l.een the case in China, and is the case
In Mexico al this moment -we cannot
say we will take this situation In
|hand; we will call it np and make a
good job of it. We are dealing with
things beyond our own control.
It s, i ms to be that what foreign
policy requires is not striking efforts
and hold strokes, but careful and at
:i ntlve sti erlng.
Four Functions.
The work of a for' inn secretary,
continued sir Bdward, stems to fall
Into four great compartments. Kirst.
iie has to do his utmost to secure
that there shall be no political chances
in Lie world of combination which are
'ikt-ly to threaten from outside the
security of our empLre or the maintenance of the communications between
J separate parts of the empire. A for-
' ipn minister has also'to do his utmost to prevent our drifting*, as we
wcre prone to drift if we did not take
care, into an undesirable increase of
-f-sponsibilities. especially of our territorial responsibilities, because we
have anough on our shoulders already. Our ib sire lo keep and develop
to iiinke secure whal ws have, and
1 believe we have arrived at that stage
in tlie development of our emp -���
Iwhen to add tj its extern or its re
sponslbllittes is to endanger tie se-
Icurity of what we already possess,
Then tliere Is the paramount interest of our world-wide commerce outside the empire, in promoting and encouraging which the foreign office cooperates closely with the board of
trade, llut do all you can to encourage the commerce, do all you ean to
keep the doors open and smooth Its
patrh.    It still remains true that  the
money on both
sides in Mexico:
Man Familiar With Situation Says Big
Concerns Arc  Interested���Calls       j
Huerta   Strong   Man.
In  ihe  mailer of
flilllll,   |l. ,-,*:ls. it
Mil in*: la hereby mun
I moms   llavhm   Clams   iiKalnsI
Joseph    Iiiiuii.    bit"    cf    the
Westminster, In lbe l-nolm
Columbia, deeeksod, letters o
I nun i.f Hie estate and effect
' tli i   used, having been grant
Montreal, Dec.
son   thinks   he
Huerta without
mistaken,"  suid
1. "If President Wills going to dislodge
s fight be Is greatly
Mr.   Frederick   War- 1
Librarian Wanted.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to .", p.m. of the 16th
of December, 19.13, for the position of
Librarian al the Public Library ii.
this Cily.
Applicants nm.-' Btate ciuallflca
tlons, salary r<*<r,iir- <i and give good
W  A, DUNCAN, City Clerk
City Hall, New Westminster, B.C
November 26, 1913 (2490)
All Dealers
���en, of Philadelphia, to a representative Of the press, while discussing lie .
situation mi Mexico, from whieh coun-!
try  Mr. Warren has  recently return-
i-ii :if!' i* making a business trip ibere
"1 must Bay, continued be, "thst
from what 1 could gather In Mexic i
City, in which I stayed for six weeks,
lluerta seeins to lie llie strongest mm
In Mexico at the present lime, and
If any one ran bring order out of
Chaos, 1 believe he can Of course. :h,*
attitude of  Mr.  Wilson  and  the  Iiii
ed suites government d i not make
his way any smoother.
'Before   1   went   down   to   Mexico   I j
was   iiinler   lhe   Impression   that   the
I policy adopted by the  United States
was the proper one, but since visiting
the country I am somewhat doubtful
of the sagacity of President  Wilson's]
���"ourfe.   I learned from   sources which I
wi re more or less in close touch w ith j
Huerta  that  he  has  no desire  to  be;
president, if it i.s lhe wish of the people that he sbould not be.
"After the death of Madero. which
was a shocking affair. Bccordlng to
our ethical standards, Huerta was
chosen president, and on thai occasion he promised to dlreci the destinies ef the country until such altno
as a president who was really the
choice of the people could be elected
in the proper manner. Having made
tiiat promise he wlll stick to it to the |
finish. Ther. is no use of trying to j
evade the fact that there is great
hatred, not only In Mexico, but In all ���
Latin America, of the people of the
United States, and If a war started
between the two countries, it would
be round that the Mexican ;> ople
would sink their differences and '���'��� :uld
present   n   united   front.
"Tills raci bas nol only been hinted;
it. but iris been openly stated in the
iMexlcan press, and tho foreigners In
: Mexico know that it Is a fact."
Mr.   Warren   was  asked   what     be
I tin uglu  the  outcome  would  be, und*
h'. said:
i "Matters cannot stand still there
Some day. and before long I think, a
situation will arise which will compel   the   United   States   lo   Invade   Hie
country, or else be humiliated, if that
does nol happen, affairs will drift
along until lluerta Is able to gain no
more funds, and then the Constitutionalists untiei Carranza wlll capture
1 Mexico City  and  Huerta will be com-
Prom the captain of industry to the
hod carrier���from milady iu the auto to
the woman witli the scrubbing brush���
the accomplishments of every one of us
depend absolutely on the accomplishments of our stomachs, lucked by a
pood digestion, a man can j;ive the best
that is in him, When his stomach falls,
Se becdm-U a W< -****������*:���(.
To this loss of power no one nrctl
submit. Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping and exercise, sided
by Na-Iim-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, ivill
restore and maintain the full efficiency
of the human mind snd body.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed for the
digestion of every kind of food. They
go t'i the sssistance of the weakened
stomach, and enable thc sufferer, ri^ht
frum the start, to assimilate and get the
benefit of the food eaten. With thil
assistance, the digestive organs regain
their tone, sudsoon the use of the Uble_j
is no longer necessary.
If your stomach Is not working properly, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
500. at your druggist's. National Drug
uiul Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Moutiesl. 14;
of  Joseph
thai  all  per
the   ,'Mlal'*    nf
elty   "I   N'ew
 f   !irllln!i .
f admlnlslrti
s ,,r tn, Hia i
��� bV     tlie     ���
preme i-niii-i ef iitiiisb olumbla on tho
Ilth day of November, 1918, to John I num
nf the elty nf Vancouver, laborer, ite administrator u,uni*,I therein, thai the)
bercby r-'inii'-i t" s. id in ail particulars
nf tin ir clalmi  ��� . tie- ��.itit John  Dunn at i
*' a   "tt: i   ins   solicitors,   M ill ���   **���    .s
'-ni r. '���",���'��� Hasting! Street, West, Van
couver, )'��� C on or beforo the 20th das
of Ht. n.'i, i*.  lots.
,    i n n  noil      i��  i" cn*.   glv, n  ii it   after
thai  in" ii"*  Admlnlsirnlur wilt  pi ���...,i
��� . dlatrlbuti   lhi   nsw is nf  thi   ��� tld  di
 i ,'.... _.v ���: *. parties i ntltli *i thi reto
' tm\1f,i; regnril enh to Un; olitms of whieh
the sniil Administrator shall then bave
h id notice, and he will nm be liable tor
the assets er anj   pin   iter,.of .,, dlstii-
butl '!    in       *  '���     1" I   '-li    "1*    ,:'������"'     r\ .iin    hi
ihall      ���'   tin a  h ive  t ad  i ntli
l'a*.  I  II.I-   ISth daj   ��� '  N'��' ��� '* b. r    toil
���lullN-   I'fNN,
j Administrator  of   lbe   ItJBlati     ol     Josi pi
li'iim (142(1
W. K. KALES��� Pioneer fullers! Illreclo.
nnd t.i*��l.atiri,*r. S12-I1B Agnes street
npposl.a Carnegie Library.
i. riiwki.i, (BUOOBSaOR to CUN-
ter A Hanna. Ltd.)���ITunersI dlreotore
ond  ����� mbaltners.    Parlors   IDS  Columbia
slnet.    New   Westminster,    liinne   sll.
ster Heard of Trad-* meets In Ihe l-.,t,rtt
loom, lily Mull, as follows: I liinl Crl-
,l,iv of incn montb: quarterly me-King
en ibe thlnl Krttlay of February, M��s.
,' ..MiHi and November st - p.m.    ad-
nual niecllr.KS on the thlnl I rhlny ot
February. C. II. Stuarl V.'e.l,.. t.et��-
tat y.
Pale. Deed*, HuNiness t-ittan, etc., ,ir-
BUla. w.alt n; ���*.���'. I,. AH wak M'.iti-tlf
connil.iiltnl H. Barr/, rnmr, . I h Westminster 'trust Hlk.    I'leine T'I'.
Take notice ilia' at tb" mating ot
thp Board "f License Commlsi 'tiers
't the Municipality if Burnaby on
u'. dnesday,  December  10th,   191 '���. m
In o'clock am. al the Municipal Hall.
Edmonds, I intend lo apply for a re
nev .'I et il..  lb * '. ���  for Mi" Royal I lak
lb 1.1, Oahalta P.O., Burni by, H C
i-pi'.'i A. M JOHNSON.
iistets. s,.lh iters, elc. In Lorna Btr-asL
New '.v...i.,,::,-t.-r. il K Corbould, Iti.
i'.    J   H  Grant.    A. K   Meruit
al law. Hollcltor, 'I', .st-iiiiair f.,r tiie
Hoik ef -.ancouver < ir ri.- ����� .Meten. in is Hank KiiililitiK. New Westminster, Hi'. Telephone No i"T" Cabla
, l uiin ss "Julinstiin." Coil,' U'tM.rn
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Btnldinj.
J.   M.   GAWA.   M;r
Exclusive agenl I r it Uhashl tt
Co.. New York manufacturers if
Type-writer I'aci.ins Bheets, Carbon
1'apers. Ribbons, itc. Mail address,
Drawer  Un  New  Westminster,
lln llie maiii r ���t Hn* ratals nf Anna I.
| CaSfddi ���<���������.-\i'.t.- known as Annie J
I    Cossld    -I- ��� ��� a* * '1 Inti stati.
In tin*  matter    >,t    the    "Administration
;    \. * *
NOTICE l�� hereby ulvni thai bv ordei
al Mr Justice Moi rlson, u ited I i�� !5Ui
la:   ol   ' mbei     v.   ��>.   IIU,    Charles
'*,. i.r,.- Ms i ������* Official A'bniiii. * i Hot is , ���
,.-.,... . a tdmlntatrator of He* ��� -' iti of
iu*. i :. Cassidy, otherwise known u An
. li   .1   Co   ildy,  late  o(  tlie  H      nf   *��� ��� .
Wi stminsti r.  In  th'    i in ���
Columbia   ,1-����� .i m. . i  inb il
.. i n   .i    ���    ��� ....   ���
] it  pi raon ;   lnd" bterf  to I petal
. .1 ��� , -. ,i    i   ��� . i ,.i -  ���     In
'. i i. *'  . -   :* ". * ,   i   i *    rlei
*..,   - - I that nil  person *
I  - , ������     *    *   ��� lid   I    tftl        i :       I-
.!,*.'*.     ]   :     ��, HI      I'..   ;   .     VI      :!,.     I     1.
'��� ii nr befure '��� ���   _i*.i 'I i
of ,1 in ar      \   ti   1(14, '" 'ii*  Bal I Charli -
���i in ..   .' ., ���       hm   whli Ii  d ."   thi   said
Charles li, e'l,"    Major vnl ; ���   ,-������< i lu 'li-
i tribute it.,* nasi ts ef it"   ra   I ral '"���   h iv-
Ing regard onlj  i" such lialins us are then
'' t ..;-<   *    befon   '
���' ���   I tills :'i-.ih day
IV.   I*'    HANSFORD,
I Ici tor. .ie, Colllstei
un,hla mni Miivtixl,
mlnater    HC.    P.  i
phons 144.
BARR18TJ.R,   sn-
Block, oorner Col-
Str-, Is.   Nl V.    West-
I.      IleX      :���'..        Tfll-
Bl'lc ��� tlnrrlsters and Bnllrltnra, Wnit-
minster Trust Blk.. Columbls slrast,
N.-w Westmlnater, n C Oabl* addraaa
"Whltoslde." Wsslern I'flen p o.
Drawer .nn. TslebhoM r.i ff. j,
Whltealde, K. C.; ft I.. Bdmonda, D.
Whites) ila.
HI II iVii.l,
pnlieiior. etc
*n. id nr.ie   streets,   Ne
H   <J.    V.   O.   lloi   11 J.
.DTK,   Ilarrlster-at-law.
corner lailunibln ane
r Westminster.
Telephone   7 It.
I     I'    [LAMP-TON    HOLE.    HAKHIHTKR,
Solicitor ami Notary. Offtcss Hart
block, ::* lanne street. New Westminster. B. C
undersigned and endon
I 'till II.ill. Mel.ilia. H.
,-,1 unlit 4 mi I'. M.. on
lur II. 1013, for the
I>iiII   Hall  ai   Victoria,
I'liuis, ipeclftcntlona
tun i can li-* seen and f>
In, d on appl
C.:  on
1,1- nt
incoiiver, H  ���". ai
Persons ti nderlng
addressed to ib"
,.,i "Tender for
'..*' will he receiv.
Thursday, Decern-
e mstruetlon  nf  <���
oul rnriii of i"'ii
irms nl tender oli-
tht- offb f W
Boilcitora foi
t Ste.' mber, A   I���
KDMONDS    t<     Willi:'.
ihe    snld   Charlea    Oeorgi
McyllAHItlK.    MAKTIN     A    CAHSADt.
H.iin.a. is ioiiI Solicitor*. SI'S to Sit
Wesiininsier Trust Block. (1. B. Martin, Vi. ij. Mc<Juarrle and l.norg* L
rehlOel.   Vl.n,rla,   11
,   the   Postmaster   ill
I at this Department
re imilfi'il thai ti n-
1\ THE M VTTKIt nf lhe "Creditors' Trusl
n... ds Act" ami am* ncllng Acts.
Chrlstoridls. "f the Cltv ol New West-
mlnsier. in the Provln f British Columbia, carrvlng 0*1 huatneas as a Baker and
Grocer m thi said Cltv "I New Westminster, has l.v deed dated the ISth dnv of
November. A.D. 1013, iimdi an nsslimm
mi,i,t the "Creditors' Tr
anil amending Aots of
pt-raonal propi rty, cn
Which may I" si ir.' ,1 "
maii i* execution oi* Ua
iiiacbnient, to Harvi
v, I
I'-B i
her, nv given thai Iiie part-
fore  mihslsllmi   bi Iwei n   us
i rslgned Ch :'*] �� I'   Ha'dlng, 8l in-
i, ���   ���:   Simpson and Porte    A    I a, trad-
idet       n   I ��� ������    a ime   and   siyle   of
i't ,        Rlvi i    di--   Driving   Company,"
i.a    ihit  a ii    i    iib   il' ed  by   mutual
 nl      Thi      iid   i irm   Itn iwn   as   it"
Fra u .   H'" i   Pile  I ���������' ���   Con i ill
l���   ca  rl rl nn ���>���  Ilu   - tic] Perley A   Joni >
.,n t SI inb v B   Blmpson,  * ������   in "���< irle*
F   Hnrdlng I, ivh ������  retired from the part-
tl  \. *.���   Wi stmlnst' ���. B   '-.. ibi*-*
.,!   li, ber,   A    D.   1018.
C.    I*,    'i \ HDI vn
GLADYS   DICK. i -Ti.tO i
llrst   du
ll   Denis   ,i
11   Ins   rial
ins     ami     effectl
sold "i   ���*' u   ���,
"Execution   Act'
If .Mllin'i sii-,ii;ii!
f the City or New Westminster nfbresuld i
for   the  general  benefit   "i   hls creditors.
A  ni'-'-i ng of Ids ��� redltors wlll he li-l.i
,,i   tin*   office  "I   Messrs.   Whiteside,   Ed
.monds   ii   Whiteside,   Hart    Block.   N"*.*
Wesiminster   Hi', on Thursday, Hie 11 tti'
da)   of   December,   1013,   al   111"   hon*   of
I nn   o'clock   In  tiie  afternoon   In  eecetve
n Btutemenl  of affairs, lo appoint Inspie
,i   Poi   "a* ordering ol   the    "
,,f the estate gt ni rnll>
Creditors   are   requested   to   fil
lain - with tin* Assignee, with lhe
,nd   particulars  (hereof,   required   n*
aid   ti Is, on or before the dale of
ice!     *
And  noth ���   Is further (.iv. n that  Aftot
the   tfith  duy or January,   1014,  thc  As
slgnee  will   proceed   to  distribute  tbe  as
sets   ,,l   in.    debtor   11111010,'st   the   pnrtl
enllih 'I   ib, i, lo,   having   regard
tho claim* nt which notice shnll tv
been given, nnd thai he wlll nnt be liable
for the assets nr nny pari  thereof so distributed to anv i��� is.!,, ,,, persons ef whose
claim he shnlt  nn'   tben   have had  notice,
Dated this 2l*ih dny nf November, A.D
Cf,35) Assignor.
In   Hie
of   Hen.
1 '"'"      Columbia. 1
���'''���'"���-,    And not!
llllil IT    nf    the    est     	
dl aned   inii'Mtat. ,
In   tho   l.ia", r     of     the      "Admlliisllatloa
NOTICE It hereby given that by order
of .Mr .rustic Mollis,ei. dated tne ���_r.ih
dm-   of   November,   A,   D.   IOU,   Charles
George Malor. Official  Administrator, wis
appointed   tdmlnlstrator of the estate of
H-n.   A.   Wade,   Ini.-  nf  tin*  cltv  of  New
nHier.  in  the   I'ro-.ince  ,,f   British
        BfrO   IIS* d   IlileS'llti".
I     And nolle   is in liin   fii-thcr given thnl
persons  indebted  tn  the above estate
jnre remilred  to nnv  the amount  of th-1-
iad't ti ilirss fo'-thwllli,  to the snld ("na'ies
George  ila mr.  nnd  thn I   nil  nersdns hav-
olng   c'alms  nir.-iii si   tin   unld   estate   nro
required to presenl them verified hv statutory d'clnratlon on or before tlie 2���tt day
of Januarv, A. D��� I'ji i  "i the snld Charles
George   Major,  after   which   dnte   the   snld
- _  Charles OenrKe Ma.lor will pinceed to dls-
ihly  to! tribute the assets of the aald estate, hav-
n heeellng ricard only to such Claims ns are then
" -"    properly berore hlm.
O'iti.1 lids ���_6lli dav of November, A. D,
Solicitors fr,- the    said    Chaiies   Oeorge
! (249S)
t ...
pellet] then to evacuate, but JOU can
wager he will not do it without a
fight, if he has a supporter left Ha
is a strong, Bilsnt, determined man.
Hutrta Gets the Money.
' Whal Is the inort surprising aapeel
of  tbe  wiioi"  situation 'Is   Huerta's.
ibilliy to gel money,   lie is reported   ..
mn  day i'i be keeping guard over<iti'd
empty treasury, nnd then the next day
there Is  plenty of money to pay thl
soldiers  md conduci the government.
"Them Is no doubt hut what    the
world  will  be  :��� urprbod  some day
learn whal an extraordinary part, two
greet   commercial   corporations   are
playing In iiii trouble.   The unfortu
nali*  thing alin'   this  is the fact that
they are ranged nn opposite sides,
While no one knows exactly to what
"Xtc-nt. tbey are Involved, it Is an open
cere!, that the loans which Huerta
has h"i a al ie to raise have not. been
raised through lis own efforts, unassisted l.y a powerful business corporation
"On  tiie other hand, it. Is said  that
tlie Carranza  rebels are assisted and
largely ftannend by another great corporation,    Willie no!*! dy knows    posl-1o'clock In
lively  that  tills  I.s  lho  case, there  Is
every evidence to warrant, the beUef.jcterk to
Between   these   two   warring  factions;
-1  nil   the   poor,   pious    Ignorant   and
helpless, and ench   day they pay with
their lives for the privilege of being
lawns In tbis great game being played
������ ��� r 'he rich natural resources of Mexico."
ters will noi be eonslden d uni
on the printed forme supplied, ,1
with lhelr actual signatures, st t
, > una'ions and places "f resldcn
case of firms, the actual sign,
Hure of Hu- occupation ami nl.
id slgni d
lng Heir
*,*   In Hi.*
Hire,     llle
Call and inspect nnr fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
f each  membi i* ol   lhe firm  must |
be  gl'    __________________________
Kach lender must bo accompanied by an
accepted cheque on 1 chartered hank, potable 10 11., out. 1 ol 'I," Honourable the
Mlnisier or 1'iiiilic Works, equal to on t" ���
e, al   I ]n  p.c  1   Ot  thc  altl-mill  of  111.-  i- lull I,
ulii.ii will I..* forfeited If Hie person ten-
ring di cline to 1 nt, r into n cue raci
when called upon in do so. or fail lo
complete il���, w,,rk euntrfocted for If the
tender l���- not accepted the cheque will be
1 returned.
'li..* Department  does nol I.ind iis.*Ii  to
lacc'til  Hi,   luwist  or anv  tender,
lo !    Hv order,
Department of i-uhiic \Vork��.
Ottawa,   November  tl.  1111:1.
Newspapers  uitt  nut  Is-  pn 1,1  for  this
advertisement   l**   they   Insert   11   wlthoul
authority from the Department.- vm'.k.
Nct Ice.
iry Meeting cf llie Hoard
Commissioners   will   be
e   .Munlcpal   Iinii   on   Wed
a-*!, ber mth, um, at   10
the forem on,
AKTilHIt 0. MOf>liK.
the Hoard of License Com
Edmonds,  B.C,  November 27th,  191,1.
P.O. Boa 34 Dally News Bldg
of sll  kinds.
I'rlces right     Satisfaction guaranteed
SS McKentle St.
ii nders addressed to   'he   under*
signed, at  Ottawa, and  endoreed on
llie  envelope   'Tender   for   Steami r."
uill be received up lo noun of the
for  the construction of a Steel Twin
Screw tcebreaklng Bteamer of the lollowing leading dimensions:
Length II, P 21h feet 0 inches.
Breadth   extreme   .. .
I leaf I  Mean  	
Indicated  Horse I'owt
lo bo delivered al the ^^^^^^^^^^
lhe  City  of IJueliec.
Plana, tender forms ami   speelfioa/
tions of this steamer can  be seen nt
the office of the Purchasing Agent of
ihe Marine and Hisherles Department,
Ottawa, nt ihe offloea of the Collectors of Customs, Toronto, Colllngwood
nml l'ort Arthur, and al lbe Agencies,
of  the  Departmenl    of    Marine    anil
ll        "
The Sl:,i*:t
of    License
held  at  llie
sday,  Dec
Transfer Co.
.fries Phons  119.      Bern Phon* 117
Begble a treat.
Hangar* Delivered Promptly te
any part nf the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
-,itv nr New mmaTas.it.artn. Bf.
Vlitfla,   Dec.   1.���Another   pioneer
resilient of thn city haa passed away
at. the. ramiiv residence, 20..9
""pniie. in the person of Mrs. Kmlly
Ranfleld, who came here via the lath-
,- i,. nf i>ar ima, thirty-eight yeara ago.
A nitlvn of Swansea, Wales, she and
City Voters'  List, 1914.
Noilce is hereby   glvnn   thnt   the
Court    ol'    Itevlnlon    on    tho    above
Voters'  List will    bo    held    al    Hie
Council  Chamber,  City  Hall, on    the
Oak Hay I^Otli day of Dooember, 1913, at 10 a.m.
���.  Kmi\y\ W. A. DUNCAN,
Cily  Clorli.
City   Hall,   New Westminster, B, C���
December   1,   1013. (2615)
When you take your
Eastern Trip
yon mny na well travel In comfort
and at minimum cost. We can prove
tbls.   Call on
E. (lotll.KT, Agent.
Naw Weetrolnsta
11. W. BRODIB, O. P. A., Vancouvei
liHin riis at   Montreal,   Quebec,
John, Halifax ami Victoria, B.C
All  lenders must be made with
distinct    understanding    that
steamer mtist be built in Canada,
rians, tender forms and specifications can be procured Upon application from Hie Purchasing and Contract Agent, Ottawa.
The tender form Is embodied In tho
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
Bank equal to lu per cent of   the
whole   amount   of  the   tendei',   whicli
cheque will lm forfeited if the successful tenderer declines to enter Into tlio
contract prepared by the Department
or falls tu complete thu steamer in
accordance with lhe contract.
Cheque! accompanying unsuccessful
tendera will be reliirnnd.
The Department does not bind Itself to accept the lowest or nny
Newspapers copying this advertisement wlthoul authority from the tht-
partment wlll not be paid.
liopiity Minister Marine and Fisheries.
Department Marine and Fisheries,
50306,     Ottawa, October 86, 191S.
Read - The - News TUESDAY,   DECEMBER   2,   1913.
������ot eaves.
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Man   Shoots   Himself   While   Wife   Is
Preparing   Meal���Family
Spokane, Dei 1 Doing Into the
basement ol her home at s_i. Coeur
d'Alene street to call her husband to
blB dinner, Mrs W. M. Shaffer found
hla body lying on the floor with a
bullet hole through his bead. The wife
called her brother, Or. I.. I.. Qarrlguee,
as osteopath, who was to take dinner
v. ith them, and then swooned.
'Iii" police, after an Investigation, in
which tbey worked on the eaaa until
nearl? midnight, announced that It
was undoubtedly suicide. Family trou-
bles aro given as the cauae for Shaffer's not.
Bul one shot entered the body, althougb ail six chambers of the revolver hail  been discharged.    The  bullet
entered the right temple, going Into
the center of the brain, death resulting
instantly. Shortly before ',' o'clock
Shaffer went Into the basement to
split some wood, and that was the last
si en of hlm alive. Both Or. Carrigues
and Mrs. Shaffer, although they were
directly over t'.ie place where the shol
was fired, beard no report.
According to the report given out by
the police. Dr. (larriguiIB, after finding
the body telephoned lo Dr. M. .1, Spuid.
who came to the house and attended
ihe unconscious wife. He later tool
her to his home nnd then notified the
Mr> Shaffer was hysterical when
seen last nighl and was unable to answer any questions put to her by the
officers or prosecuting attorney. The
doctors state that, she Is In a serious
Condition and advlBed against exciting hev.
Dr. Carrigues ia the owner of the
liouKe where the suicide occurred and
Mr. mul Mrs. Shaffer have heen living
with him. Tlie Bhaffera had been married 12 years,
"Mr Shaffer had been In charge of
my wire department for the last three
years and was a loyal and efficient
employee" said Walter J. Nicholls,
broker, last night. "He came to me
with excellent references and proved
to be an expert ou railway and industrial securities. His accounts are In
perfect condition, and. so far as I
know, he had no financial difficulties
, worylng him."
Visit Our
Department   Decides  That  Law   Must
Ee Strictly Enforced���Slwashea
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Victoria. Dee. 1.- If the policy of the
department of Indian affairs, as disclosed In instructions received from
Ottawa by the superintendent of Indian agencies In British Columbia, Is
successfully enforced the "potlatch,"
which Is the most treasured ol the natives' traditional feasts, will be a
thing of the past before long. Orders
l have been Issued tiiat theBe gather-
, ings. that Is. the functions the principal feature of which is the giving
j and receiving of presents. muBt be
] discontinued forthwith. Already the
I first step In this direction has been
! taken and tbe matter, it is expected,
i will be ventilated in the courts of Van-
j couvtr at an early date.
Having been notified of the department's wishes, Indian Agent Halliday,
of Alert Bay, ln whose district are the
jKaawkekith  Indians, took  the neces-
! sary steps to apprize his wards of the
'situation.    They   were  told,  lt  Is  au-,
thcritatively  reported,  that  the  "pot-
' latch" must be abandoned.    However,
i the  season  for  EUch  affairs  was    at
i hand, and the Indians could not resist
the temptation.    The usual    arrange-
! ments were made, and soon the tribe
intr thit; vpnr tn sp^hto vmir was engaged in one of their long drawn
ing miS J ear tO Secure }OUr,)U[ o,,Mlr-tiii,nS. at which the presentation of gifts by one or more of their
number  was  an  outstanding  feature.
As  a  result,  Indian  Agent    Halliday
swore out informations, under section
149 of the Indian  act. which  specifically  makes  participation ln 6uch  an
event an indictable offence, and two of
the leaders were placed under arrest.
Their prosecution is to take place ln
Vancouver, to  which city they  have
been removed.    It is understood that
several  of their  tribesmen  have  followed and that their purpose is to engage counsel and  fight the    cahrge.
l'robably   the   ground   taken   will   be
i based on the plea that what is being
done  is an  unwarranted  interference
with the rights of the subject.
In Indiana' Interests.
\V.   B,   Ditchburn.   inspector  of   Indian   agencies,   explains  lhat  the  departments policy with respect to the
time-honored  potlatch  ls  ln  the  best
interests of the Indians of British Columbia   for  a   number  of   important
; reasons.    In   the   first  place,   he   de-
' clares, the form the celebration takes.
[namely, the giving away of goods and
; chattels, inspired in one man a fever-
��� !sh desire to outdo the other in gen-
: erosity, results ln impoverishing many.
��� Men who have been working all sum-
: mer and saving their money return
j in the winter and, Instead of spend-
Automobiles,    Wool Dolls,    Talking   ilJE 'heir earnings to good purpose In
I obtaining the necessaries and corn-
Dolls. Sailor Dolls. Sets Picture ; forts for their families squander every-
Blocks. Musical Boxea, Metal Hum.I****** a potlatch.   He mentions also
patronage. Special price
tables, demonstrating lots of
carefully selected toys of
the most wanted kinds to
help you in purchasing. Read
i I
| Box Metal Soldiers, Trumpets,
Drawing Slates, Box Cameras,
Dressed Dolls, Box Dominoes, Musical Box, Humming Tops, Baby Rattles. Picture Books, Pop Guns,
Jumping  Jack.
We Extend to All
a hearty invitation to visit this store.   It will be a
pleasure to show you the largest and best assorted
stock we have ever had.   Every department is now
complete with all that, is newest and best in
We will be glad to have you call and examine
our stock and whether a purchaser or not you are assured of prompt, efficient and courteous attention.
John B. Gray
The Jeweller Phone 338
60S Columbia St., New Westminster,
and Shaughnessy St., Port Coquitlam.
Royal City Chemical
Cleaners and Dyers
Look Over Your Wardrobe.
We can help you work wonders with clothes you are inclined   to   throw   away.    Take   no
chances with articles of value.
G. F. BALDWIN, Proprietor.
Phone R278     345 Columbia St.
Wagon wlll call for and deliver
_ i fAwan
Sapperton iti B.C.
Yee Kee&Co.
Clothes preSBed and cleaned.
833 Columbia St.
We have all kinds ot Groceries for
Christmas buyers at our store. Special  reduction  for cash.
H. Whitaker, prop.
Cor. Royal Ave. and 10th St. Phone 190
ming   Tops,
Stiff   Cover
the time lost. Some of the festivals
Embossed | last months, and throughout them
there is little done. Besides, it tends
to bring in large numbers together in
wlndqwless houses, where they remain
for days, which is Insanitary, as well
as harmful in other respects.
But Mr. Ditchburn lays special emphasis on the barbaric aspect of the
historic Indian celebration.   He points
-      n.i ..  -���*   m.... c-   u���.i loft that throuch the potlatch the In-
Box Paints, Toy Dinner Sets. Musl-,dian    pra-tlcalIv    _,,��    __     young
cal Dolls,  Dolls' Fur    Sets,    China < klootchman who has agreed to become
his bride,   lt Is the custom of his people, and he is forced to do ao. In re-
Fancy China
Cake Plates, reg. $2.25, sale price $1-25
Cake Plates, regular $2.75, for.. 2.00
Cake Plates, regular $3.50, for .. 2.60
Cake Plates, regular $1.25, for      1.00
Post Card Albums
Regular $1.15, for     70c.
Regular $1.00 for 65c.
Regular 70c, for  45c.
Regular 50c. for 35c.
Also a line at HALF PRICE.
At Greatly Reduced Prices.
Water Sets, reg. $2.25 for  .$1.40
Water Sets, reg. $1.75, for  1.30
Berry Sets, 7 pieces
Regular $1.50 for  1.20
Regular 85c, for     .65
Cut Glass
At 20 per cent Discount.
Cut Glass Bowls, reg. $8 for $6.40
Cut Glass Bowls, reg. $12, for 9.60
Cut Glass Bowls, reg. ,$7.50, for .. 5.00
Royal Crown Derby Plates, etc. at 20
per cent off.
By making your purchases early you have the advantage of choosing from
complete assortments; you avoid the holiday crowds and delay; you can take
your time in making selections; you can get better attention than when the rush.
is on.
646ColumbiaSt. | uCf ftlfNew Westmin>tcr
Tea Sets, Aluminum Rattles, Celluloid Rattles, Metal Horse Soldiers,
Wool Balls, Musical Tops, Mechanical Mouse, Metal Horse and Buggy,
Mechanical Bumble Bee, Mu.ical
Jumping Jack, Wool Rattles, Musical Animals.
Metal Flre Waggon, Target Pistol,
Kindergarten Seta, Large Drawing
Slates, Larg* Musical Bex. Card
Games, Work Boxes, Noah's Ark,
Celluloid Rattles, Celluloid Trumpets, Mechanical Dolls, Celluloid
Dolla, Cornets, Trombones, Musical
Wheels, Pusxle Blocks, Metal Soldiers, Banjos.
Noak'a Ark, Fitted Work Boxes,
Happy Hooligan, Cold Load Soldiers, Crowing Rooster, Doha, Cameras, Fur Rabbits, Fur Dog*. Large
Drawing Slates, China Dinner Seta,
Jumping Jacks, Horses, Building
Block*, Skittle*, Stiff-Cover Picture
Books, Water Color Falnta, Dolla1
��� i ���
About The
Better Toys
Mease make your selection early,
before the assortment Is broken. A
amall depoalt wlll hold any arttet*
till Chrlatma*.
the special achools for Indians, which
have been established at all centres
and are being largely attended by the
youpnger generations, have turned out
young women and women of a different turn of mind from their parents���
men and women whose minds have
been cultured and who would prefer
to cast behind tbem the objectionable
elements of the festivals that have
become a part of the life of their progenitors. But when they leave school
they go back to tbeir homes and immediately are swept off their feet by
the traditional customs that have
grown out of years. The result is
that a great part of tbe effect of the
work of the institutions referred to
lc loll.
For theae reasons, and especially for
the latter. Mr. Ditchburn Is ecunrtneed
that, hard aa it may be considered by
the Indiana at tbe outset, it is for their
ulUmate welfare that It now ls proposed to enforce the particular section
of the Indian act in question.
An Indictable Offence.
The section ot this law under which
It ts tbe Intention to take action, follows:
Section 149��� Every Indian or other
person who engages in or assists In
celebrating or encourage* either dl-
recUy or Indirectly another to celebrate any Indian festival, dance or
other ceremony of which the giving
away or paying or giving back ot
money, goods or articles ot any tort
form* a part or is a feature, whether
such gift ot money, good* or article*
takes plaoe before, at. or after the
celebration of ths same, or who engage* or assist* In any celebration
mutilation of the dead or living body
or dance of which the wounding or
of any human being or animal forms
a part or la a feature, la guilty ot an
Indictable offense, and la liable to
imprisonment for a term of aot exceeding six montha, and aot leap than
two montha; provided, that nothing in
this section snail be construed to pro-
vent the holding of any agricultural
���bow or exhibition or th* giving M
prise* tor exhibit* uereat
The Best Yet���Our Sample Books of
Private Xmas Cards. Order this week.
Phone B., West End Pharmacy.
509   Eigthh   St.
Go   to
for your
441   Columbia  St.
Four door* Eaat of Bank of Montreal.
Cut Workmanship.     Fit Guaranteed.
Ladies' antl Gentlemen's Fine Tailoring:
655 Front St. New Westminster.
Sing On & Co.
Importers and Manufacturers of
Fancy  Goods,  Silks  and
859 Columbia St.     P. O. Box 671
New Westminster, B.C.
NV��  Imported Fall Suitings now ow
; display.    See tbem.    Perfnct flt an*.
! workmanship guaranteed. Prices from.
1 tlS.ui) up.   701 Front StreeL
New American CeoML
Vancouver, Dec I.���Advice* have
bow received by <fc.jp. Woodward,
American vice-consul general at Van-
couver, to the effect that Itobort R.
Mansfield. Uto coaaal general at
Zurich, Bwttxerland, who wOl
wwwv^^vv^w^^^^wwav^^ David '9. Wllber,   teniae
%***, will   assume  III  mw
about tk* end ot tk* yaar.  Mm is mt
* taking a holiday at his oil
���aus* at RuahviUe. Bear ladas���nrdin
-���wPP^"*^   w*m*-^n **n*****m***w **a**-*ma~^^^*   **** *mm*^Q~^^
1. Please shop as much
as possible before December 10th, thus avoiding the over crowding of
stores during the two
weeks before Christmas.
2. Please shop as early
in the day as possible,
thus avoiding late hours
for the clerks.
3. Please do not insist
that parcels be delivered
and so makethe work
easier f otthe;men on the
deliyery .wajgtiM^ -V
������& EIGHT.
Start Your Xmas
Baking Now
l^-mon and Orange lVi 1, lb \5c.
Mixed Peel lh 25c-
Xatural Sultanas, not sulphur
bleached,   2   lbs    ..'..25c
Fancy Beaded    Raisins;   l.h.
pkgs,  -   tor    25��-
Carranls, lb    .......:*n*c
Dae those thai come np in and
aw marked Government Stand
anl. you'll be satisfied witb riv
suits. We have thn cheaper
kinds also, hut recommend thi:
Preah  Table  l-'igs, lb. 23c, 15c.
and 12' ic.
ItaU-s, Hi    10e-
Dtomedary  Dates, pkg 1*c
���Good Cooking Apples, r> ii*s-2Sc
Per   box   $1.66.
Shelled  Almonds   anil   Wai
nuts,  lb 50c.
Almond  Icing.   Ib Wc.
Oround Almonds, lb. jar . Mc
Ground Almonds, half Ib. tin 35c.
Roiled   Cider,   bottle   ......30c
rresh  EggB, dozen     - -die
Good Cooking Kggs, dozen..40c
Good Cooking ilutter, 3 lbs $1-06
Free Delivery to any part ml City
Model Grocery
SOS Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and ISth Awe.
Local News
i".i'.e Dismissed.
Because Hi. H. Bedard didn't want to
nay ;ui Insurance premium and because
,.\." \v MeLeod wanted him to there
was a case In polios court yesterday,
which teas dismiss,id after much evi-
deni .* had been heard.
fancy work aprons, doll novelties,
bome cooking, nnd randy ai St. Andrew's sale next Thursday afiernoon
and evi uiug.   Tea  will be served.
Vital   Stat,sties.
The  vital  Statistics  for  New   West*
mi:* in* tor last month as compared
wii i ihnse of November, IMS, are as
follows: Births Tii. last November 69;
Deaths -ti. lasi November, 36; marriages 37, last November :i".
Don'l fowl the sals of work ln the
Sixtli avenue Methodist church Thursday afiernoon and evening, Useful ur-
.lir.ie.1 on sale, home oooklng and candy.
Impromptu conceit In evening   (-538)
On  tho  Warpath.
William Townsend ts still on t'.ie
war-puth for game birds and during
the week-end added to his already enviable record by bagging ll Reese. <l
pheasants and 11 ducks. This makes
the number of ducks he has shot this
ason around 100, these besides a full
quota of pheasants and other game.
Get your skates sharpened at Oeo.
Speck's, 62fi Columbia street.    (252B)
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
New Assembly Hall.
A new assembly hall is being erected at MdKay, Hurnaby. for the use of
meetings, entertainments and dances.
The ltatepayers' association. West Burnaby Liberal association and other local organizations are now meeting In
an empty store in the block.
A   temperance and
mass  meeting  under
the W. C
dressi d
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch     373
West  End Branch    650
Delicious both in name and
taste, aB well as being a Rood
keeper. (live the children an
apple to take to school. They
are always hungry nt recess
time and apples are much better
for them than candy. Always
keep a box in the house. DeUP-
lOUB sell fur $2.25 per box.
Homemade, per loai    15c.
Homemade Cookies, dozen. .10c.
we  are  headquarters    for    all
Christmas Groceries  of quality.
Quality counts first with us.
Miss    Anne
moral    reform
the auspices  of
T.  D. will be held in    tl.e   program   were
Avenue  Methodist  church  on|M|gg  Wilson.  Mrs.   Wiilmor
next at 3.45 p.m., to be ad- Mclvor Jones, Wm. Edgett, I
by Rev. Iir. Slpprell, of Van-
Song service at 3:30.    (2536) '
llecki rt,
.   Messrs.
. Rumble,
Fred   Mock,  Knd  Jackson,  the  West
Vancouver orchestra and the Alabama
Cork  miiistrtls.
Dominion Trust
Rum ma go Sale.
Dt nal ii ns for the rummage sale are \
still belli*? received by the ladies of
the    Y.  W.  C.  A,    Pictures,    books
clothing and    lasi    year's    millinery,
chtnaware, games or curtains will all
be thankfully received. Articles which
have been replaced In your home hv
something of later date may just fit
in in another home. Ilriim Ihem down
to Reid ,t  McDonald's old stand, cor
ner of Sixth and    Columbia    streets,
and the corttmlttee In charge will be
there to receive them on Wednesdav
and Thursday, (-5.71
Reserved  Scat Plan
The   seat   plan   for   Bungling   Bros.
circus can now be seen at. the Y.M.C.A.
ar.i'. tickets have been placed on sab'.
Come  to St.
ture rooms for
day afternoon,
Andrew's  church   1"C
afternoon tea Thurs-
I'ish    pond    tor   the
i _49Ii I
Jft'lth cv
cmance on
11 ifford
ery $_ purchase you get a
tbs $150 diamond ring. T
the jeweler. (2H70I
Our Dairy Company,
Kine  quarts   of  fresh   bottled   milk
for $1.00, delivered daily.    I'hone 155.
Taker a Vacation.
A well earned vacation is now being
taken by Chief of Police Parkinson of
llurnahy who was granted a week's
holiday by the council at yesterday's
meeting. This Is the first rest taken
by Chief Parkinson during his three
yenrs' service as head of the municipal force
Costing Some Money.
Thc next cases lhat are expected to
come up at the sneelal assizes are;
those from Ladysmith. Yesterday Ar-j
thur Leighton, counsel for several ofl
;',r. accused, made arrangements for!
the transportation of those charged
and the witnesses necessary In their!
cis's. Fourteen Ladysmith men are indicted and there are 64 witnesses in
; their cases. The bill for transporting
the entire parly from llie Island will
be over $400.
Tomorrow afternoon and evening a
bazaar will be held In St. Barnabas-
parish ball under the auspices of the
Women's Auxiliary. Refreshments
Will be served and a sale of work will
I take place.
The Perpetual Trastw.
('aid   Up Capital   aud
S'lipliis * -".W.fl.OdO
Assets       4.ST3.!t��3.!l5
Trusteeships  Under
Administration over   6.��WO,e00
1 rustee      for      Bondholders over    IS.4--W.00n
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Weatmlnater, Nsnsitua,
Calgary, Itegina, Wuiaipcg,
Montreal, Charlottetowa. l_on-
doo, Dug.; Antwerp, Helgicu.
New Westminster
0-6  Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to t.
I'or all building  supplies  and  fuel
j oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building
(lITice phone 820, wharf phone *��"
Tne Royal Cafe, Dominion Trus'
j block, has re-opened. Best of meals
al reasonable prices. (2684)
Skating hoots and skates for ladies
and gentlemen at Geo. R. Speck's. fi2H !
Columbia street. (252.1)
Attacked Government.
Wesl   llurnaby  liberals held a successful   round-up    last     night   in   the I
Central  Park  agricultural    hall,    the]
building being well filled when Chair-,
man Frank .1.  Russell opened the proceedings.   The speaker of the evening
was  M. A    Macdonald of Vancouver. I
who  attacked   the   provincial   govern!
i ment.   for  its   work   performed   during
the  past   few   years.    At   the  conclusion of tbe speech J. W. Weart proposed   a   resolution   of  thanks,   seconded
by   H.   J.   W
Among   those
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ram
say. Eighth and Carnarvon atreets.
Phone   5S6. (2626)
Eurnaby Liberals Organize,
liberals of BdmondB, Kast Burnaby
and llurnaby Lake formed an asso-
elation on Saturday evening in the
municipal hall. Edmonds, some f,o
names being added to the rosier at
the initial gathering The provincial
organizer of the liberal party, .lames
Wilkes, of Vancouver, made an address. Officers elected were as follows: Hon. president. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier: hon. vice-president. Hon. R.
C. Brewster; president. F. Warman;
vice-president, H. H. Hodge; secretary-treasurer, Fred Fraser; executive.
Messrs. Stride, Clements. Cormier.
Fish, Cope. Lusk, Doublet. Culliford.
Cassford,  Van Casse and Holb"rt.
Money to loan on first mortgages
improved cltv and farm propertv. 9
per cent.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    125211
Have vou seen   the
ring Gifford is giving
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
i Insurance    man.    All  kinds    wrjften.
iams.   to   the   speaker. ', Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
who  took   part   in   the, (2524)
Only 20 More
Buying Days
Before Xmas
Shop Early Please
Draperies for
New Westminster
Department   Store
Xmas Toys Hold
Full Sway in the
Basement Now.
Bring the Children.
We still keep adding lo our
spendid assortment of drapery
materials. When you have a
little time to spare, come lu and
look over the real values we
are showing In llungalow Nets,
Reversible Scrims, Voiles, Marquisettes, Doited Muslins, Ma-
draa Muslins and Casement
Muslins   In   fawn   ground,   with
green   Paisley   border  at.   per
**-<���*-   12:t
Snowy White Muslin with dainty green nud p ink borders at
per  yard    20e
Scrlma at per
y***-** 20c. 30e. 40c
Voiles  and  Marqulettes  at  per
yard..35c. 45C and 50c
llungalow Nets In all shades per
yard.25*.  35C  and  4SC
Men's Raincoats
Now that, the rainy season has set in in earnest a raincoat Is a necessity. We have a large variety of styles and prices in all sizes for
you to choose from. Come In and see our selection before buying.
We arc offering a special line of "Currie's" well-known brand for
the first week in December. These raincoats are absolutely depnd
able, well stitched and finished;  regular $12.50 value for     $9.75
This week we are offering a special in Oilskin Coats; Towers "Shield"
brand, In three-quarter length, either black or yellow.    We bave all
Rich  Cut Glass  is
the Ideal Xmas Gift
Claret .lugs  from   	
Low   Water  Juga  from   	
Horry Howls from 	
Handled   Nappies  from	
Celery Trays from 	
12-Inch Trumpet  Vases  	
12 Inch   Square   Vases   	
Spoon   Trays   from   	
Water Carafes	
Sugars and Creams from  	
Out Tumblers from, each   	
Salt   and   I'eppers,   with  sterling
12-inch Bevelled Mirror Trays..
 S3.90 to S15.00
tops,  from',  per pair 95c
Interesting Prices on
Choice Dinner Sets
tlT-plece Semi 1'orcelaln Dinner
Sets, decorated with dark blue
hand and two gold lines; regular   $22 0(1.   Special S18.00
111! -piece fine 1'orcelaln Dinner
set, with handsome violet or
rosebud border. Special
at    $25.00
108-pleoe Dinner Set; flnti Kng-
gllsh porcelain wllh wide gold
baud and two black lines. A
very handsome net    $30,00
Slnch  Horry  Howl,    fUt*
11 piece Table Sets; set    $1.50
Sugar and Creain;   neat  etched
design,   per  pair 50c
Large  Water  l'ltchers.
at SOC.   75* snd MC
Handled   Nappies    25C
11 Kind! Oval Celery Dishes 1
each    50c
Linoleum and Carpet Prices
of Great Interest
AU   kinds of   groceries  for
Christinas use in stock at the
..f.ore of
W. J. R U S E
(BucceMor to Ayling * Swaiw.)
���m; Columbia St. Phone *B.
This year Is commencing Ihe new era of C
! gifts are mm* in demand. A hardware slon*
t variety and the be.-t   values
Hammered Hniss and Copperware, JardlnJi
tiles. Treys, Vases, Ink Stands, Crumb Trays
irlstniBi giving. Use-
offers you tbe great-
res, Spirit Stoves,
Cigar and cigarette
Community and 1847 Rogers Silver Knives and Forks Tea. Dessert. Table. Soup. Berry and Salad Spoons; Butter and lie Knives,
Cream and Qravy ladels, ete.
Razors, Skates. Thermos Bottles, Scissors, I'ockii Knives, Carving Sets. Lamps. Electrical Goods and a gr<;
pri.it,   and  useful gifts.
t number of other appro-
N'ew Westminster.
I'hone  fi!).
Elide  to  measure, gtmranfanrf  om;
vear    I'hou" (ITS for app-t��iiit-_ieiii.
MRS.  TWISS, City  Manager.
<:.��:,) 237 Sixth Street.
ami Miss
Li; A M .  A It
__e��<-oiiM iii Pianoforte, V"_oi-_i, Sing
tag.  Voice    -Production.    Tfceofj     (tol
claaa or privately-). Bsrmosj, CtoMrt-sr- j
(joint. Musical Form and Uiatoty.
Pupils prepared for ttm externlaa '
turn*, ot the AsHoclated Hoard at the ���
Uoyal Acaftwiy of MuaJe am* Boyall
CoBe-go of Muslo. AlaoPlroftaaloual I
IMp-otniu. Teacher or PlaitusMsr _ j
mer terms, etc.. apply mt Domin |
JBinxt.   Phono ill IL ... *���*. K
����� Winter in California
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART &  CO., LTD.
-W* write Firs, Llfa,
Establlihsd IMI.
Accident. Employira'
Marino   Insurance
Liability,   Automobll*   ano
the finish  and   wearing
lh'   best lines ever Offered
ti hlock and floral effects;
I ends nnd Tapestry Itugii.
Blses from 38 to il;   regular
IE and $3.60 values for.
Tine all well coats
tary or "V" neck,
fawn, khaki and gn
sizes;  regular $S 00
medium weight,  in  two  Btyl
in   two  styles,   either  high   mili-
We have plain Shades of tan, maroon, slate, gray,
in. also some trimmed in contrasting colors; all
values for  $3.95
Kvery man should provide hlmsilf with an extra hat at this price
These are ia fur felt, smooth and Velour finish. The colors are
brown, gray, green and hlack, in all si_eh from 6% to 7%; regular
values  to  J3.U0,  for    $1.50
A  good,  heavy  weight   Linoleum,  whicli  ha
qualities that make this linoleum one of
al this price.    A wide range of patterns
requltkr BEc.   Special, per square yard..
Japanos Rugs,size 17x5. Inches, with frlng
Bize ills Inches; regular price It U each.    Vour choice at.  $l,AO
Vi il should lake advantage Of this offering, These ure very pretty
and serviceable   and can he used as hed side rugs, or for lhe hall or
folding doors, etc.   We hive ahout two hundred to select from
We have decided to clean up our stock of short lengths in inlaid Lin-
oleums, and nre going to give you the benefit of lt. This offer in*
eludes sll ths high grade Scotch linoleums, which sell regularly Bl
$1.1(1. $1.26 and $1..-U per yard There are lengths up to ten yards
Special  per square  yard          flSt
$35.00.     SPECIAL  $28 50.
��'h,'Ke rugs have a rich, deep pile which is pleasing to walk on, and
has that soft, velvety look which jou can me uonly on good carpets.
If   you  are   thinking   of   purchasing   D   carpet   you   should   not   miss
sieitiK ihls selection of Oriental, Medallion nml conventional effeota,
In green, fawn, red, and grt)  colorings.    Special    $28.50
Our Big Sale of Manufacturer's Samples of Ladies*
Coats, Suits and Dresses continues
At a blK price concession we have purchased the while Sample range of a well known manufacturer of
Ladies' damn Ms. On sale in our Ready to Wear Department on the firt-1 floor At this sale you will
be able to select the newest und most up to the mi ante, styles and materials in Coats. Suits and Dresses
at practically the manufacturer's coat price on each garment. This is a real, genuine, bona fide bargain
opportunity, and there Is not a single garment in this sale that Is old or out-of-date rtock. Kverythlng
has been made up expressly for this season's business, and from the best, and riches' materials only.
Beautiful Warm Winter I'oals, Smart Stilts and Dresses are here in abundance of styles nnd sites to pick
from, and every garment, without exception, is a real bargain.
$18.50 COAT SELL FOR $9.50
Lot No. 1-   A big range of Ladles' New Fall foals, made In a wide assortment of cloths, as wool blanket
cloth, mixed tweeds, etc. Some are three-quarter length   in   cutaway  style,  others  in   full   length   . :.. ���.
some being half lined in silk.    All perfectly tail ired and  prettily  trimmed.    Sizes to fit  everyone,    i he
regu 1.
1 values in these ranges to $18.fie.    During this snle you can ehooee any
this assortment for 	
$28.50 COATS SELL FOR $16.85
Lot No. 2 -Beautiful Fall Coats, many In the new two-tonnl bcttciie ���'��� '
different styles and colorings, also some In all wool Scotch twetds snd
he found in this lot. Many of these garments wer" made tn he sold as
$28.60.      Vou can choose any garment  In lhis lol  fo.*, sale price  	
'". (n n good assortment of
reverslbles. All sizes are to
high  as
$14.50 Small Women's Coats Sell for $7.50
Lot No. 3 Coats for misses and small women. Oftentimes the smaller sized people have some difficulty in procuring ready-to-wear garments. This manufacturer specializes on the misses' and small
women's sizes, and we have n good selection of beautiful coats In blanket cloths. cheviots,and tweeds of
all kinds in a good assortment of sizes. Many are smartly cut and trimmed, and ali are perfectly
tailored.    These sell   regularly as  hlgli  as   $14.Mi    Vou can choose anv  garment   in -��7   C%^^
Ihls   lot   for            *\9 * ���&**
Rich Silk Velvet and Evening Coats Sell for Less than 33'/3%.
Lot No. 4 A range of sample velvet and silk coats. These are handsome coats, made In the richest
fabrics, and richly lined and trimmed. These garments are all bought nt the same discount, and to all
those indies who are looking for a smart velour or s Ik coat this sale offers an exceptional opportunity.
Included In this lot are a number of pretty evening coats. All these garments will ba on sale at
exactly one-third Itsa than the usual prices.
$30.00 LADIES' SUITS SELL FOR $16.50
Let No * Ladles' new Fall Suits, perfectly tailored, and iii ths newest models for the present season.
These ore in mannish navy serges, diagonal cheviot suiting and Copenhagen serges. You have your
eVicej f strictly tailored and cut-away styles. The ci sts are lined In elthi r silk serge or tailored satin,
and the skirls are cul on the newe.-t lines. These suits would sell In tbe usual way at
$26.00, Sl'7.50 and $30.00.    In this one week's sale you can eho.,.:e any suit In Ihls ioi fo��
$40.00 LADIES' SUITS SELL FOR $19.85
Lot No. 2 iLadles' new Kail Stilts', made |p the besl quality navy blue mannish serges, also In smart
brown suiting cloth. The coat Is em on the new* straight lines, nnd strictly tailored and lined with
Skinner's guaranteed satin. A perfectly CUl and fitting coal. These suits are the acme of perfection
for bilii s' wear, nnd como in a full range of lizcs.   Regular prices fin to $4>i.   Any
suit Iii Ihls lot  for  	
I-IIM-     ,,,       IM-, l-~_-M'��,
A big stock in Ladies Dresses are. included for Ihls sale. The materials are serges, Bedford cords, whip
cords, black anil white checks, brocades, plain velvet'! and messaline silks. There Is a wide vurlety of
shades, and being samples, the selection of styles is very large. Many are prettily trimmed nnd make
Ideal evening or party dresses. Included in this sua' will be a number of pretty t.etnl-evenlng frocks
that are always useful at this time of the year. Ther" Is a hlg selection of sizes from the small women's
to the extra large women's sizes. Kvery dress In ibis lol will bo reduced to aboul the ordinary cost to
the manufacturer.   We have divided the assortment up into six different lines at the following prices:
LatHes, Dresses; regular to $12.60.   Now on snle al    $7.50
i.ndii s' Drersi s; regular to $16.00,   No.v on sale ai  $9>85
Ladies' Dresses; regular to $18.60,   Mow on sale al  S12.50
Ladles'  Dresses;  regular to $20.00.    Now on sale at $14.80
Ladles' Dreesesi regular to ?27.r,n.   Now on sale at  $18.50
Ladies'  Dn BEI I���;   regular to $30.00,    Now  on sale at    $21.50
Furniture for
Xmas Gifts is
Always the Most
Acceptable Gift
Buy    Lots    of    Small
Wares and Notions
At This Sale
We Institute this big sale of
little things to demonstrate the
completeness of our Stiwillwarc
Stocks, and to impress upon the
public that we have everything
no matter how small During
this Important sale you nre offered these goods at a remark
ablii reduction from regular
prices.    Talk ubout  the  InoreO*
ed cost of living: if you t.ij-.e advantage of the opportunities we
offer for genuine sai Ing, the
problem of living will bs ninipli
' rt\. Read this big Usi care
fully. Save It for reference:
Boot Laces Jidi No I, 3u
Inches, for hoys;  salo price, per
dosen      Se
,1->b No, 2; 46 Inches, for ladies;
former price.  15c;   sale price. _
dozen for     l&t
Shield   Erand,  565   Pint    A   pin
for  each  day  In  the  year;   former   priee,     lie  a   paper;     aale
��� price,   2   papers,    or  Ti,)    pins,
for     8-t
Shield Brand, 500 Pins 600
graduated plug on a sheet; extra large sl/.eg;   sale  price, one
paper  for       g*
Dainty Solid Brass Pins -J00
graduated pins on a sheet; extra large sizes; sule price, one
paper for      g��
Orkney Safety Pins��� Solid
brass with guarded coil; sixes
CO 0, 1, 2 and 8, rIho assorted
on a enrd; regular price 10c;
sale price, one card for . St
KNTI    and ��.o3stxJi;   .....
Toilet Pint Hlack headed; i-
plna, graduated on a sheet: first
finality; former price 5c per
sheet; aale price, two sheets
for       J*
Lace Pins Dozen pins on a
card; pearl, white, sky, pink,
mauve, purple, gun; large poarl
heads and also tiny pearl heads,
best quality; former price, 5c
a card; sale   price,   two   cards
""     5*
Invisible Pins -10,. ilna to a
box; nny size; formerly sold ut
Kc a box; gale price, two boxes
for s*
Hat Pins - Kxtra large heads;
six pins to stylish hox, 10
Inches; black and while; former price 10c; sale price . St
Dominion Hst Pine l/Hrge
black heads; 10 Inches "long;
steel polli.h shanks; four pins
on card; formerly Hold at 20c a
card; salo price for curd of four
pins       s*
Hooks and Eyes, "Champion"���
Machine card-od; black or white
nil sizes; former price, two
csrds for 5c; sale price, six
cards for     XOt
Dorcas Hook   and    Bar-Black
and white; any size; former
price 5c per card;  sain    price,
three -cards for      St
Dome Fastener*, Shelld Brand
���Washable, silver plated, white
or bluck; slse 2; former prico
5c per dozen; sale price, 3 doxen for        St
Hair Net.���Silk; "Itoyal" extr.t
large; correct chape; each one
In nn envelope; formerly 6c for
tone; sale price, 2 for ... Sti
Hair Net*���Bilk; "Ited Cross";
large size; each one In a sanitary celluloid cylinder; ull over,
with hair pins and dr-iw string;
formerly Bold at 10c; sale
price       St


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