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The New Westminster News May 9, 1913

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We elm Inst
ir N
ewB  Is
tho   oi
r pub-
minster i
- "Scfclr-
The Weather.
New    Win^t-niD-nier    and    Ixiwer
ni.-iriil^.igljtrl.ii moderaie winds,
\***tt} Hjifray-  probable showers;
change in temperature.
VOLUME  8,  NUMBER   53.
  I Cut-Over   at   Eighth   and   Columbls
First Step to Tear Down!    Greets wm b. u**o Today-
Tariff Wall Proves Sue
Work at  Leopold  Place.
Closes   Flrat   Session   I
President Wilson's Extra Session of Congress,
Washington, May 8. -The Underwood tariff bill, proclaimed by the
Democratic party as tho answer to Its
platform pledges to reduce the tar!ft
downward, w*as passed tiy the hous��
today. The vote waB 281 lo 131). five
Democrats voting against the bill and
two Republicans voting for It. Four
Progressives supported the measure
and 14 opposed it, while one Independent Progressive Joined the majority
When Speaker Champ Clark an
nrrnnced the vote In loud tones that
revealed his satisfaction, exuberant
Democrats hero started a stuffed
���donkey over the heads of their col
leagues In the rear or the chamber
farnt ripples of applause followed and
���the gavel fell on the first chapter in
the history of President Wilson's extra session of congresa.
Wllh the bill on its wny to the senate,  tliere  was  a rush of  represent a
lives  to Ihelr homes tonight     in the
hOUH   adjournment   will   be  taken   in
three days, until June 1.
Republicans and Progressives, led
respectively hy Hepresenlalives Mann
mid Murdock prole-Hied to the laHt
against the miHisuro, the lowesl larift
bill ever written, and proclaiming, as
tho Democratic avalanche bowled
them over, the virtues of dlflertng
tariff commission plans.
The Republicans who voted for the
4)111 were Cary and Stafford, of Wis
consln Democrats who opposed u
were Ilroussard, Puprli, Lai-.are and
Morgan, of Louisiana, .'ind C It
Smith, nf New York Progressive
wtio voted for 1he hill were Kelly anil
Hi,iiley, of Pennsylvania, Nolan, of
California, nnii H-ryan. or Washington
Kenl. of i -.*, ] if, nn I .*,. rornMTly a Iti'tnili
Itcan.    bul    now    mn    talniBecBl     I'ro
���rasalve, uino voi.id ror tti-n bni. i*r<>
KreuMi," I.eiul^r Murdock anil 1:1 of
his Progressiva followers voted with
the minority In fhe final consideration
of the measure.
Minority Ix-adcr Mann made a
lengthy speech on a point of order by
Mr. In-'erwoiid to rule out a provision for a tariff hoard on the motion
by Representative Payne, of New
York. tO���Ctdbmmlt the bill. Speakei
Clark sustained the point of order.
Mr. Mann appealed from (he decision
of the chaSr, and a rell call was taken
of Mr. Underwood's motion to table
i'i" aprenl, the Democrats winning,
274  to Ml
Payne -Motion Lost.
Progressive Deader Murdock also
moved fc recommit with Instructions
to profile for a nonpartisan tariff
���commission, but he failed to get a
roll call nnd then the Payne motion
to recommit, minus the tariff board
provision,  was lost.
Tomorrow    the   tariff   fight    shifts
Commencing this morning, the city
car   service   now   known   as   the   old
, Park  line will be run  as a belt Uae
n   History   of  although  passengers  wlll  have  to be
! transferred   at   Leopold   Place   where
��� tracklaylng operations have started.
The   company   has   everything   arranged to tear up the existing track
connecting the l'ark line with Columbia street rails SO that paving operations can commence and In order not
to dislocate the traffic to any extent
Market Convention Pregnant With Results of Highest Importance���Strong Committee Appointed to Take Immediate Steps to Form Central Selling Agency and Organize Farmers���Resolution Passed to Ask Assistance From Government���Cooperation and Organization Keynote of Success.
"That It Is most desirable that the I    "Although In New Westminster the I     Professor   Hill-Tout   said  he  would
provincial  government   be   Invited  to' conditions are not all  that  could  be  support anything along the lines sug- ! the finance committee of the council
Council  Decide to Adhere to Original
Date���Finance Bylaw Postponed
���Polling Stations.
combine farmers' associations, boards  desired we have done excel
of trade and municipal councils to or-
orderB were issued yesterday to run I ganlze co-operative associations
all city cars from Leopold Place to among the farmers of the Kraser val-
Kourth avenue, thence down Eighth I ley and establish a central selling
street to Columbia and from there to i agency and that a deputation be ap-
laopold Place. j pointed  to  interview   the  minister  of
Cars will be started from the Great 1 agriculture and ask  for  the appoint-
Northern   waiting  station   on   Colum- , mint of an organizer under its aus
bla strertt to Kighth street and from
thence around by Queen's Park, forming a loop line service although a
lu-oak will occur at Leopold Place.
A committee was appointed to take
immediate action in the scheme, con-
|sistlng of  President  .lohn  A.  I.ee, C.
The eight civic money bylawB will
be placed before the public for ratification on Tuesday, May 20, as originally Intended and wlll not be held
up pending the preparation of a finance bylaw to raise the interest on
last year's bonds unsold, from 4 1-2
to  5  per  cent.
This  was  decided  at a  meeting of
nt work i gested.    The lack of cold storage ac j    The   question    of     postponing   the f
commodatlon   had   militated    against !election until May 27 when the finan-
the success of New Westminster mar-! clal  bylaw  and  the  plebiscite on  the
ugt (matter of the clty'B becoming a third
The  lines  now  suggested  were  nd    Part>'  in  thl'  agreement  between  the
mlrable,    Organization was necessary
for the market    If it were going    to
fulfil  the  needs of the district.    One
markel  was not enough for B. C.
I would rather see." said Mr. till!
Commiarioners  Coming  to
Coast May 19���G. N. K.
Strong.    Protest    Wlll     Be     Entered
Againat  Proposed  North Road
tor the Feasor valley farmers, marketing their produce at as low a price
as possible.
New Market Building.
"We  have  under  consideration     a
new market building with storage and
cold  storage  capacities so that    produce can  be shipped  Into this centre 	
and   marketed   direct   from   the   pro-  Tout, "ttoo 'scheme" taken hold Of by
IB. ('. E. H. and the Dominion govern-
i ment as regards Coquitlam dam, was
thought. Inadvisable.
Another election will be held later,
however,   when   the   financial   bylaw
[and the Coqultlam dam plebiscite will
With four municipalities lined op.
and standing for nothing less than a
steel structure, the Great North-era
railway will find strong opposition to
tbe proposal to build a wooden structure at the North road crossing when
the board of railway -commissioners
meet ln Vancouver on Monday, May
Uepresentatives from Burnaby. Co-
tuitlam. Port Mocdy and New West-
The work of laying the special steel j ll.  Stuart  Wade,  Professor Hill-Tout,
snd allowing the contractors to com- j Messrs. Hutcherson, Iiiltu; binsmor-1
plete Ihelr portion of the paving work . Surrey;   It,
is expected to take about three weeks. I Councillor
eve  Poppy,  Langley    and
Macpherson,   llurnaby.
Tlie grading work at I.eopold Place
commenced yesterday morning and
with all Ihe steel and equipment on
the ground together with a large gang
of Workmen, the corner near ihe provincial hospital will be a busy scene
during the next three weeks
The car service on the Sapperton.
Millside and Burnaby Lake lines will
not  be affected by  this  change
The president was authorized to add
to the number.
Buch,  baldly,  was  the  outcome  of
yesterday's market convention of the  make the l-'raser valley
Praser  valley  farmers  but  it by  no  if nroduction,    haloing
ducer to the consumer. In this way-
dealers, too. know where they can
place their orders by cars or tons. It
w"l take a few years to fully develop.
"It  is a matter of cooperation entirely.     The   farmers   must   say     we
"���'11 do this or that, and stay with it.
The city  will assist   in  every  way  to
a very garden
tho farmers
means   represents   ilie   value   of   the  and preventing millions of dollars go-
mei ting, which was pregnant with re-' inr nut of the country.
Mults uf the high"St  Importance. "We have got the land, the facilities
.    Organization anion,; farmers, the es-   and  the   opportunities,   but  we  have
altabllshtnent   of   depots   and   a   great   not  got the  farmers  doing the  work
temporary     iraek   has   been   laid   on j central selling agency, the building of  they  should    because    every
the south side of the street which will
allow the cars to pass without interfering with the paving operations.
Last evening two carloads of rails
were taken up Twelfth street to Tcntli
avenue and will be used between that
thoroughfare and Edmonds where paving operations are going on.
publlc market in  New West-  standing on his own feet, without re-1
minster,   with  cold  storage  facilities,  ganj (0 his neighbor."    (Applause!
and other matters of magnitude wert
discussed and there can be little doubt
ultimately will arrive at fruition.
The speeches of the president,
Mayor Gray, Mr Hayward, chairman
of the agricultural commission, Professor Hill-Tout and Mr. Hutcherson.
Delta, were as instructive as they were
Unfortunately   the  attendance  was
in.i commensurate with a scheme of
..___..   ���    -.... i.   SUCh i-i rious mom. nt but a varietv of
WORRY   TRIKTFK       1"1  contributed  to  this  and  eer-
fTUlllll     lilU-jlLLi)   'uinly   the unanimity uf those preaent
Mr. .1. A Warner. Aldergrove. said
his district was engaged in a cooperative i fforl at present. Referring
to the market he advised that what
was left over one day and which was
sold later at a great reduction, should
b ' stored and kept until a remunerative pTice was obtained.
Vandtllttn of School Girla Di��cua
Fear  Crlticlim  of   Enernieo���
Lenjthy  Session.
The school board will shortly inaug- i
urate a  crusade against  nJl  students
who maliciously or playfully  mar or;
destroy the furnishings of the schools |
lo which Ibey belong. Numerous complaints   have   been   received    by   the
board   of  acts  of   vandalism   on   the;
part of the children and lhe trustees
at    a   meeting   lasl    evening   enacted
stringent  measures to put  an  end   to
Ihe  trouble.
The  municipal inspector    wub    tn-
Btructed to write the principals of the
schools   from   which   complaints   had
been received asking Ihem to find oui i
who was responsible for any damage1
and  their enthusiasm  augurs  well  for
tlle  eiH-eeuH   ol   the   raovora-ent.
Mr.   J.   A.   l.t-r.   i,��.������1.,,t   oT  the   New
VV esimie-,!. i llonnl erf* -TTatln. -t**S-
coined tlle aVI*i|*rati*-a antl oxi>rr>..,,tl
Bpecial   pleasure   st  the   trr-e-nmre    or '
Mr Hayward. chairman of the agricultural commission. Mr. Shannon,
another commissioner, and Mr. Win-
si. *, i. government horticultural ex-
perl. Victoria.
He read a letter of apology for ab
sence from Mr. W. E. Scott, deputy
minister of agriculture-
Mr, Scott explained thai he trad
just returned from the Okanagan
nml pressure of work alone prevented hlm being preuem and joining in
the discussion.
Mr. Scotl wrote*. "The question of
marketing is an all Important one. 1
think the farmer or fruit grower
should confine his attention to grow-
"���* be host quality of produce at the
minimum of cost and that some one  cent of their value
done in future and lo collect damages j *vh" haa m*'A" tt special study of the
from   the  offenders  when   discovered. I subject  should  attend  to  the  market-   an>'   solum
  The  peculiar feature of  the  sltua-   ing of the produce to the best ndvani-  central_agency_ to tale care of every
from the house -with Ita overwhelming  tlon   Is  that  on the  girl   students   is ! ag*'
lieiiK-fcratle majority, to the senate \n\,\ u,(. major portion of the blame j "We have had a very successful
wherS the parly's slim majority of nm| *t jB thought that perhaps they ser'es Of meetings in the Okanagan
six abend v has been reduced, as far j,, their deeds of alleged destruction , valley along these lines, -and as a Teas this bill is concerned, to four Dn- are emulating the actions of their suf- suit local organizations controlled by
less senators  familiar  with    the PTO-jfragette  sisters in dear old  England
gi^esn  of  such     legislation    are    mis-
Wiken  there  is   now   little  prospect   ot   r,illey
ir was introdu-ed by Mrs
cited Incidents where the
a j linnl  voti
August 1,
The bill's
ate will be
crats  on   th
bilil     before
passage through the sen-
fought  at  every step by
Leaders  of  the   Demo
���   senate   finance   commit
lee which will handle lhe bill, ex
pressed the belief tonight that it
���would go through in practically thc
same form as il passed (he house
nnd that their small majority would
stand  firm  to  the last.
Peck Interjected that sucbJScotlan Knot Growers association and  ,,���������,,���
was already provided for in  the Callfornlan cUrus, etc . exchange, -wmid
Suit   Follows   in   Supreme   Court   to
Recover   Damages   From   Real
Estate Agent.
An unusual case was henrd before
Mr. .Justice Clement In supreme cour'
in Vancouver yesterday when Mr. V
(' Brown, a real estate agent of Van-
couver, sued Mr. W. Hatt-Cook of this 10f th
city for the return of certain monies The motion was finally curried, lie-
paid for a farm or 50 acres on Nlco- j f,,r(, || |,;u] passed, however, Trustee
men Island purchased by Mr, Brown Peck exiireiircd the opinion that the
from  the  defendant  iu  July  of  last i board did  not have the authority to
furnishings In one of the new schools
had been badly damaged on apvomn
of the vandalism Ot the children and
asked if damages could not he col-
lecied from the offenders.
iiiuhnrity    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
th.- Bchool ml if only they could find
the offender.
Mn. Qlltey proceeded that she could
nit understand ths children "smasli-
in��- things up so,"
Chairman   T.   J,   Trapp   though!    it
t* is "imre cussedneBs" on the part of
the .-indents.    Trustee Peck held that
the nirls were responsible for a great
deal of tiie trouble and in this he was
supported  by otln r members  of the
board      After considerable  discussion,
tlle   subject   was  closed   with   the   issuance  of  instructions  to  the  muni- '
clpal Inspector in the matter.
Many Enemies.
The Statement that the Bclrol hoard
might  be criticized by the city coun-|
cil   and   the   enemies   of   the   school
board  In  general  If they donated   $30
to help defray the expenses of the an-1
nual banquet of the High School Ath-
letlc club was made by Trustee Peck;
Whi n   an   application   from   the   high
school boys for a grant came up.
Trustee (lllley moved thnl the grant |
he mnde ns she believed tlle banquet
boys one source of education
; the people themselves will be formed
at each producing centre and a central  selling   agency   composed  of rep
1 resentatlves from these nssocia'.icris
will market ibe total outnut of fruit
and  vegetables of this valley.
���This  has  heen carried    oul    wiih
\ sueh   marked  success   by     the    Nova
thing they had to sell. If prices d'd
not warrant a sale put ll into cold
storage and keep it there until prices
warranted  a  sale.
Seattle Markets.
Mai or Oray spoke of his visits to
Seattle, There were three markets,
run by the city, open every day
Fanners occupied the stalls in these
markets and one could gel everything
wanted by a family pretty near.
It did not matter how many farmer? came in there was BlwaVB accom-
  mcilatlou and only nominal fees war
orinan citrus, etc , exchange. ^^^^^^^^^^^
'Thete is a widespread moieme-nt ijijj, ,m|v had feature he saw there
throughout the world along the lines ,vas that the people using tb" markel
of co-operation among farmers, and w..r��� either Japanese or other for-
if they will only sink petty rivalries , jun(,rs and they did uot wan: that
and Jealousies and act in un'-son. \Wre.
there is no saying what they iiiny ac        Co-operation   and   the   assistance  cf
coinplish. ii,,,   government    in  building   gcod
On Business Lines. trunk  roads  were    two    tilings    the
"Ibey   musl   run   their  business on   mayor iirceil   'lb- geverninen!  should
up to dat,. business lines or they will u]m guarantee the bonds .if munlcl-
not  be able to hold  their own. nsllt-ies,   '1ms   enabling   them   to   gel
"For  Instance,   the   milk   producers i���.(ter  prices and   lower  rates of  In-
at   Duncan are gelling  10 cents n gal (erest.
Ion for Ihelr milk, the retailer of this ,.^i    tbe    same    time."    said    the
city Is paying 50 cents. mayor   "we  recognize   here  the  mnr
'There   Is   something   wrong   some ^     |g  t0    n large     extent   used   by
where. I hope thnt ns a resull of yout farmers who sell something they can't
convention something may be accom- diupoae of elsewhere.    That is wrong
because we have the people here nnd
the agricultural department of the
provincial government as It is a provincial question. Unless the scheme
is thoroughly organized and placed In
a large measure under the control of
the department it will not be the success WS wish to See it.
"Twenty years experience of the
valley impel nie to say the farmnrs
alone cannot play up to your proposition satisfactorily. It Is difficult to
feet them to combine. Time after time I
it has been tried and tailed.
"There should be some outside man
to do the organizing part cf the work
and 1 advocate that the government
step in and do it, as other governments have done.
"The  organlzerB   Bhould    make    It ;
their  business to find out the needs
Of the agricultural districts and brine
farmers      together    ln      co-operative
Cold Storage Plants.
"I would like to Bee these in large
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ centres like Chilliwack. Surrey. Lang-
Mr. Hutcherson, Delta, emphasized ley. etc., with small cold storage
the need of a central Belling agency, plants in every district, In touch with
He could shov them land with roots every producer, and great central
and vegetables lying rotting on it, markets as is proposed here in Vic-
nevrr lifted from the ground simply toria, New WeBtmlnster and Vancou-
because tbey cmild not get a market,  ver.
He  had  Been   Weslem  Australia ?o      "Thire  is  a   leakage  cf  $ir.,000,00'J
through the same evolution they were   annually,   much   of   wblch     could     be
���rotas  tln-ounh   now      There  the  com-  kept in our own province and farmers   v��iBni.
/"'"���,r��.i'^y.m"r.klil5."^h,""? ��th*r*-WOu,a  be much better off. ""a"u   ������
kns fully supplied rTiSr^cSffljftt'aift mi^^^��BsasK/3Sss^
not  sell   Western   Australian  produce  better and happier. 'Hamilton  .
nt "-11* "Better schools and an argicultural  Quebec   ..
The    government     was  forced    to  faculty  in the    new    university    are  Saskatoon
conic to  their aid  because they  Baw   urgently  required. Heglna i.
they would never    gei    their   capital      "It will take   a   lot    of work, tact; Halifax   .,
lent   or    interest.    The    government  and  education to induce farmers    to   SL  John   .
established   cent ral   markets   in  more  believe   that   the   cities   are   alive  to
than one centre.    More than that the  the  requirements of  the country  diB-
munlcipalities  prohibited  peddling.        tricts.    Personally.  I  am  delighted to
The markets were held early In the  know   that  von  are    working    along
morning and    everything   had   to be  these  lines "and  1  wish  you  all    sue
sold  there  until  tlle  afternoon  when  cess."     (Applans-el
pi-ddliug   was    allowed.     When     the Import  Hay
prices   were  lower   than   the  price  of      ���     . . ��� .   .   ,
production tbey  were    put     in    cold      Mr  -'"hoston. Surrey, somewhat de-
Storage until  fhe    prices    rose    and ���PH"* ��>' ZT^Tlm, fn ,n' Thl
meantime fanners could draw 75 per 2���^��' f�� arT     d   n  ,��� ,���Ve
H      stales supplied hay io B. C. to a large
extent. beBides other things.
He believed the great, majority of
farmers would help in this movement.
Men from Victoria and Vancouver
wanting carloads of stuff had to go
all over the country at great Inconvenience and expense gathering it
here and there, lf they could come
to a central point and be supplied they
would  do so.     (Applause.)
Reeve Poppy, Langley. agreed with
the previous speakers. New Westmin
ratification ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The polling booths on Tuesday,
May 20, will be: Council chamber, city
hall; No. 4 fire hall, Sapperton; No
6 fire hall. Thirteenth Btreet; Crane
building,  Queensboro.
be  placed   before  the  ratepayers   for | minster gathered in the offices of 8��c-
liuarrie, Martin it. Cassady yesterday
morning and drafted a protest against
the company's propoEal which was
forwarded to Ottawa later ln the day.
The news that, the railway commission would held a siding In Vancouver on May 19 came as a little surprise to thc representatives from tho
four municipalities when the wire was
received yesterday morning from Ui��
: secretary of tbe board denoting that
n December of 1912 the commission
islted the scene where  the  railway
have purchased  property  for uae    asr
| freight  yards  and   were   shown  over
New  Westminster  Totals
Ahead  of  Brandon  and  Letti
bridge���Increases Noted.
Toronto  .
Toronto. May 8.���The Canadian
bank clearings for the week ending
May S, 1913. as compared with thi
corresponding period of 1912 are as
London   ...
Moose Jaw  .
Kort  William
Medicine Hat
Ilrantford   .
Brandon   ..
Lethbridge   .
j i
.-489���   posed tn be built, so they are well informed as to the real  situation-
Mi-. W. G. McQuarrie also received
tx wire  yesterday  morning   from the
secretary of the railway  commlsstoo
stating  that the Surrey   Municipality
White Rock-G. N. R. case, relating tii
a subway at the summer resort, which
was ordered built by the commission
lasl.  year and  which  has  since been
held over, will come up for action ou
Hay  19 also.
|    This proposed Bubway is intended tii
$56,404.0411 give access for the  people of White
46.366.401   Rock to the beach without  having tu
30.076.054  cross the tracks of the Great Northern,
13.1SS.SI9  railway.
5,760,280 j  1	
6.621,213 |
3,876,283 I
hu pm m.
burnaby mm
1.303,502   Over Eighteen Miles of Streets toiBe
581,130 |
Treated���Cost Nearly $50O.0OU���
Engineer's   Report.
647.318 I
693.950 I
He  would   be
fully   ln  uccord  with
these   lines.    Get     a i
he farmer.    He pointed out that the j foniiVr^Igiroft-lciai's'at Dublin 'oaatle! [���*** ave-nu.
silvery     question  was  a   live  one.  of- 45 nii
ster market bad been a great help tol .   ,
���,    - ������    ������ .  1 kj.i series if threatening letters from
l-'ariuerr, could not undertake in many
cases to deliver at present to the con-
sum ers.
Mr. D. K. MacKenzie. market clerk,
explained that they had an excellently
organized delivery system up to a
couple of years ago when the streets
were under transformation and some
closed.   This would be reorganized.
Come to Westminster.
Mr   W    II.   Hayward.  chairman   of
the Iloyal Commission on Agriculture
Ralinunds. May 8.���The roads whicb
tba municipal council propose to pave
ci re-surfaco at a cost of $500,000 in
rdance with a bylaw recently
pasEed by the ratepayers, are as follows. Together with tbo streets iB
given the mileage on each road that
will     be   permanently improved, the
   _._....   width of the pavement and the ����ti-
jewels, is under guard of Scotr-and I mated eost of improving each street:
Yard detectives by his own request Douglas road, from the New West-
and  for  his own  Bafety. ! minster city limits to Boundary avc-
Sir Arthur declares he will reveal ��>ie, a distance of 6.2 miles; width at
In court all the facts concerning ttie ' pavement 18 feet; approximate cost
jewel mystery���facts that involve per- '>133.0��0; special provision to he made
sons of noble birth-and has received jtor teaming on Nursery  UiiT.
a|    Hastings street, east   from  Itouinl
London, May 8.���Sir Arthur Vicars,
formerly t'lster King of ArniR. who
was dismissed after the mysterious
disappearance of    the    Dublin crown , ���
first paid a high compliment to tin
New Westminster market. If h,
warned Information or to study th.
conditions of marketing he would eer
talnly come to New Westminster.
He would like to say first that al
though he was chairman of the com
London, May 8.-The Marquis of
"erefcrd. former husband of Alien
Thaw, of Pittsburg, whose marriage
was annulled on her petition lu 190S.
Is  about  to  marry  again.
Tlle prospective bride of the marquis, who is better known as the Earl
of Yarmouth, is Mrs. Moss-Cockle
who is much his senior Ir age. She
has a fortune of $3,250,000, left to her
by her former husband
Cruiser  Worries  Greek  Authorities.
Athens    May   8.--The    Greek     gov ._.   __    	
mTsBii'n'he was "giving his own views. I ernment, it is learned, has been mak-   side of track; approximate cost, ttm.-
not necesMtrlly the views that Wlll be! ing   representations    to    the   proper |0M; resurfacing on existing road.
uc to Barnet street, a distancs*
les; width or paveuwmi�����i��
f����t; approximate cost, H29.-SKW; special provision to be made for paving
from Boundary to Hdviird op., whirA
car tracks will be ta.-i'
Riverway. from Boumh-.ry avenue to'
the  limits of DL.  172, a distance of
S.S Biiles; width of pavement, 18 feet;
estimated    cost,    $78,000;     resurface-
w*est sde.
Sixth street, frcm the cily limits of
New Westminster to Bdmonda street.
,1 distance of .7 miles; width of pavement. 12 feet on each side of Ok;
trick; approximate cost. $20,000; resurfacing of existing nad and rock
east   side.
Kdmonds street, from Sixth Btreet
(o Kingsway. a distance of .9 miles;
wi-JCDi  of pavement,   12   feet on  each
pllshed which will help the farmer to
secure  better prices for his  produce.
"That Ihe principles of co-operation
nre sound cannot be gainsaid.
thn demand.
"A consumer buys one Friday  nnd
goes  back  the  nexl   one or two  Kri
is. therefore, up to the farmers  |jayj oan-| get what he or Bhe wants
to  get  together and  act  along  these
The president snld the question of
markel ing had heen n matter of dU-
misslnn by all the associations in H
0,  and every  other  province    for    a
because llie farmer has sold before
coming tu the mnrket. You will get
114 good a price in the market as in
the stores lf a consumer can't get
what he limits In the market he goes
to the store where It may have been
great  number of  years  nnd  In  some  locked several  wc"ks
It wns shown In the evidence thnl
part of the farm lands Including an
orchard and also a barn had since
fallen Into the Fraser river caused b.i
the erosion of the banks for which Mr
Hatt-Cook held he was not responsible.
Mr. Justice Clement In dismissing
the Bull, slated that he held the purchase to havo been really a speculation and that since tho real estate
market had taken a slump, the plnln
[make tits grant and cited alleged
cases where tlle city council had refused to foot the bill when donations
for a similar purpose had been made
He also feared the comment of the
enemies of tha board, although    he
J agreed  lhat the banquet would  be a
'good  thing.
enses solved to a great extent.
Tholr object was to find out some
common ground to give (he son sum or
itufl at a reasonable price and the
farmer a better prollt.
A gentleman   at   chilliwack   had
shown   him   papers   showing   that   In-
As far as the city council Is concerned we are nrepfl'ed to build a
proper market, just whon will depend
upon  the fnrmers  of  the  Kraser  val
contained In tho report to be made
by the commission.
From the evidence they hnd already
before them they saw It would be-
some months before they were In a,
poBlllon to report, but when that time
did come, he could aBBiire them that
knowing as he did the character of
his co-commissioners, It would be a
clear report that he hoped would pro-
mole lhe best Interests of agriculture
in  the  province of  liritish  Columbia
Dealing with the questions of cooperation and marketing he had paid
great attention to the remarks made.
They appealed to him. lie had had
perhaps aa much, possibly more, experience than anybody there in these
quarters with reference to the repealed passages of the Turkish
cruiser llamldieh through    the    Suez
canal.    It Is declared by
authorities that thc CfEtOI
warsElp ffiwfuff.
'0W;   mmmmmm_^^^^^mmmm^^^mmmmmmm
S/n.riiiig avenue, from Hastings
street east tn Broadway, a distance of
1.3 miles: width of pavement. IK
feet;  eetimated  cost,  $25,000; j-eaur
had   been   allowed   lo   provision   al
Alexandria   that    she has    chartered
Broadway, from Sperling avenue to
Douglas road, a distance of 1.3 miles;.
ciiliers to-'flll her bunkers at sea and I width of pavement. 18 feet; approzi-
that Bhe has also availed herself of.mate cost, J33.000; Includes propor-
the opportunity of communicating ; tionate cost of work which should,
freely with the Turkish authorities at ; state* the engiueer, be paid for by
Cons' an tlno-le !,tho  Western Canada  Power Co.
 L_J  I    Total in mileage of above proposed
Turks Purchase Dirigible. i^ine- ,8'3; approximate cost. *����,-
Berlin, May 8.��� According to a report In the Tagllche Hundichiui. the
Turkish military authorities have
nutchased a small  Parseval dlrlglbb
ley, and put a proper up-to-date plant I respects,    tie  had  been    connected ; from a   German  linn at Bltterfleld
In It."
had  shlnped  certain  produce of  llrst \\m of  farmers  successfully   combiii-
qunlllv  In  perfeel order and Becurely   -,���,, w|,)i B capital of $2000. each tak
Chairman T, J. Trapp stated that If  Packed.    His returns did not pny for  jnjj   om,   Khare.     Holden   his   nwnev
any criticism  wns offered  they could  'he packing and the nails. the farmer put all  his  Interest  in  It
pass   around   the   hut   among   them- j    "Y"u  miiBt get together yourselves  nnd t|u, results wero splendid,
selves. nnd then the other people must cornel A White  Elephant.
An application received for the po-'to  you.    At  present  you  must  go  to'    If   tt,py had n market five   or six
tiffin the action was desirous of get    nitinn of physical Instructor was laid  them   and   take   what   Is   given   you,   times   bigger  than   at   present    they
ting whal money be had paid for tho j on the table for the time being, Trus-   because   you   don't   know   what   your ' W0,MI| i���,ve
property. tae Pack remarking that the board did neighbor Is doing and don't care what hands.   Tli
Mr.  W. O.  McQuarrie of the  firm ;not need one. - [
of   McQuarrie.   Martin   and   Cassady, | Fire Drill
;wlth  11  most  successful  co-operative 1 Thlg    nirBhlp    was  apparently    couth,.,,   gave  an   llhis.ra- igociety for many years. I Btructed   from   the     material     saved
Tho  Reason  Why. 1 from the wreck of the P, L. 5, which
Why had the market of New WeBt- i was destrcyed by  Hre near Hanover
minster not been as big a success as In  1911.
one might have expected it to be? 	
j    He   would   suggest   that   conditions Saves Life in  Mid-Ocean,
'had  so altered  within  25 yearB,  with!    ^-'pw  York.   May   8.���Chief    Officer
telephones  and  motor  cars,  that  the j Blair jumped overboard In mid-ocean jMffoL*��J
^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^_ ^-mmmm. .,       ..    ,      ., n- I �����'������*'"    **   *-*J    Oiie-lllllU    Ul     Ul
;er man   ai  present    iney  C0UBmnerB a\a not care to go down 1 from the Bteamshlp Majestic on ^ n''*-1 cost of the construction of tho
1 a white elephant on their j(0 tho  market. | day last,   and   rescued   W, Keown, a  p(I nortxrm 0r the ro^j througi
     ���e market Just paid running ,    The faoU-MWlfe could go. to the tele- ; coal passer,    who had attempted sm-  us to ,j,e !)������,!,!, rnart  ,Ilov ���
he  's  going to do,"   thunderud,    the :expenses.   The proposed new market.phone and orrt,,r ^eT market produce 1 cldn.   Known apparently regretted his
president.   "Vou arc iu the hands of | WOuld be begun early next year. But  Rnlj gei it delivered right up to her j act as soon as he bit the water, and
aoWared for Mr  Hatt Cock  while tho I    Parents may be assured as to the  the other  fellow,    (let together,  gov- before thst time he would like to see,uoor.     That  was  one  condition   that .began    struggling.      Blair     promptry
n-iinllff was  represented by Messrs [safety  of  their    children    attending em tho selling conditions and govern |what the farmers  were going to do cut B Rreat deal of Ice. sprang  after  him  and  held  him   up
Bourne & McDonald of Vancouver.    I (Continued or Pais Eight) <ho production. to help them.    (Applause.) I (Continued on Page rour.) 'until both wero picked up by a boat.
[000.      ^^^^^^^
Should Pay Portion.
Tu reference to the Broadway paving, part of the coet of which it iss
i uggosteil that the Western Caimdw
Power Company should bear, the municipal engineer reports as follows:
"As you are aware, this road Is 89
feet wide but it Is proposed  to beep
tho paving in the center of the south
erly 6G feet,  reserving  thc northerly
33 feet strip for the permanent towers of the Western Canada Power Co.
"As this company is now under obli -
pay one-third of the total'
 ugh n. n.
125 to the Douglas road, they might bet
prevailed upon to contribute a *us-
ther share towards the cost of
-permanent Improvements than
originally intended."
(Continued on Page Kour.>
r ���ftvG*- r**Q
FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1913.
with it or how to get rid of it.
cannot be kept In cold storag
times cf abundance- awaiting
of scarcity.���Toronto Globe.
��� from
An i-iulcpCTiHriit morn-ins paper denoted to the Interxttt of .Vein Westminster nml
-the Fraaer Valley.    I'vlifisheil every monifiiff crrcpl Suedail by the National PrintillP   **'
*m& I**l>litil:ino Cmaeny, Limited, ot 63 McKentit Street, New Wettmintter, British  W
L'-ilninl.u. RODtl BUTBBRL-AND, Managing Director.
All t-ominunk-ntinns should be addressed to The. New Wettmintter Sews, and nnt I
tu isil.rtduol members of tlle stnff. Cheilites, drafts, and money nrilers should be made |
rtauahle  ta  The  National I'rinting (mil  I'ubllxhing  Company,   Limited.
TKt.El'llOSKS���Business office and Manager, 999, Editorial Booms (all depart-1
���atmtt.l. S-Sl.
BVBSCRIPTtON RATES���By carrier, II per year, Ji for three months, 40c per
*toe/h      Hy mail, $.1 per year, 2'>e per tun-nlli.
AtlVKIlTlsIxt; RATES on application.
Australian   Parliament.
The first parliament of the commonwealth of Australia convened 12
years ago today, in Melbourne. In
the near future the sessions of the
law-making body of the commonwealth will be held In the magnificent
buildings now in course of construction at Canberra, the new capital
Many names were suggested for the
Australian capital, but that of Canberra was recently officially chosen.
It has since been discovered that the
name, in thc aboriginal tongue means
The meeting of the market convention called by the j 'Xtl^^ksnient of Au.tr.i-
produce committee of the Board of Trade yesterday was, ia consists of two houses. The sen-
it is true, lit by flashes of humor, but perhaps the most ^T'^a^u o7��eZ:
outstanding thing, outside of the conclusion arrived at,
was the necessity of stirring up the slumberers in the
valley, of co-ordinating the efforts of those that are
awake, and so never drawing back until the whole of the
fanners in the great country around us are welded to-
tjether by the golden chains of co-operation.
This is no mere figure of speech, for there was evidence adduced yesterday to show that south of the line the j akin to 'tiie united states congress
Washington farmers faced even more difficulties than j^^^ft. C^plt^d
for life by the crown on the nomina
tion of the ministry fer the time being.
ginal staleB. each state having six
senators. The house of representatives has nbout twice aa many members ns the Benate. elected for three
provision that no original state shall
have less than five representatives.
The Australian senators are elected
for a term of six years.
It will thus be seen that the Australian   parliament   ls   more     closely
���do the farmers of the Fraser valley today and how in the
past five to seven years they have worked wonders.
The problem of crowding to the cities has been to a
large extent solved in an admirable manner, city men,
business men, professional men have made a business of
farming and are making money. This latter, after all, is
what will appeal most to the farmers of our own vicinity,
bul, first, they have to be shown, there have to be meetings and there must be some capable organizer to bring
interested parties together.
The straight speech of the President of the Board of j was the
Trade will, we hope, be taken to heart bv all agriculturists I h��nU ��r ,   .   ,  .
, ,,'        ,IT' ,   .   i , *    ,i      ��� ,i      the passage of the East riv
in the valley.   We certainly need more enthusiasm on the|iesB time than was requir
part of the farmers themselves if results beneficial most of
ficam    Ferry   Centenary.
Just a century ago today the steam
ferry boat boat Nassau made her trial
trip and  on  the following dny  inaii3
urated a regular service between New
York and  Hrooklyn.    The crude craft
forerunner of the giant ferry
todav and was able to make i
��� in much
1 hv any
Yon will Snd it a great satisfaction to do
More Homie Baking
You will make biscuit^ cake and pastry
clean, fresb and tasty���better every way
than tbe ready made foods.
Dr. Price's Baking Powder is .specially
devised for bome use, and makes bome
baking easy and a delight. It will protect you from tbe dread alum baking
powders, wbicb are too frequently found
in tbe ready made articles, and insure
you food of the highest healtbfulness.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
often on the rocks In the wild mountain rivers that its weight waB nearly-
doubled by patches, and it cost immense labor to carry it from the
sources of the I'eace river to those
of the Fraser.
But Mackenzie and his party triumphed over all difficulties, and after
a little over ten week's strenuous labor duly reached their goal.
n.v an act passed by the British
[parliament sixty years ago today the
1 Canadian Clergy    Reserves Question,
other means, and wim a profitable in-|ionf, a source of political turmoil and
t,   ,      , i i ,.i i,i ii     i c . i .vestment from the first. public strife, wub turned over to the
all to themselves and through them to all classes ot the    other ,.,.ltR were B00I) ���(1,,od ���, the provincial legislature for settlement.
community Urban or rural, are to be achieved. j fleet- and the steam ferries Boon-raon- Under the terras of the Macdonald
opolired the traffic until the construe |secularization bill, introduc <! the fol-
i i ion of the Brooklyn bridge ant
'subway tubes,    Tin- rentenarv -
matters are so live an issue; that invitations had been sent I ^anyTnth'.'.'lsm' hvW1*
out in plenty of time; that most valuable information was of such vessels operating in
adduced, we think that manv more should have strained Vc,;< waters,
It Is regrettable that the meeting yesterday was not:
better attended, and ia view of the fact that agricultural
ii point to be present.
Once  marvels of  spped.  the
; boats nre now too slow fnr New
The farmers must help themselves, and in this present 'rs wll�� B* '���' ' " brlds
of the world's foremost novelists.
"Peter Pan," published In 1904, and
Boon  afterwards  dramatized,  made  a!
fortune for Mr.  liarrle, made Pauline
Chase  famous,  and  added  greatly  to
.the reputation of Maude Adams.    Mr.
: liarrle is the wealthiest playwright in
Ithe empire, and it is likely that his
fortune will be considerably augment-
ed by his newest play, "The Lesion
I of Leonora."
Today la the birthday of two Bng-
lirh barons whose nanus are similar
Lord   Howard  de  Walden,  who  is
thirty-three,  and   Lord   Howard    of
Glossop, who   Is   llfty-four,   Thomas
Evelyn Bills Is the eighth Baron How-
ird de Walden, and Is the holder of
lowing year, the rectories already In a title that dates from the sixteenth
existence  were  not  to  be   molested,  century and hns In en worn by many
and provision wiib made for the or-   dlctingulshed  soldi, is and diplomats,
ar? Iphans and widows of the clergy, while      He Is a multi-millionaire with ar-,
ow the remainder of the reserves were to tletlc Inclinations, and    has    written
-be  divided  among the  townships  in   several plays and composed an opera,
rrvlwhich    tbey   were situated, and the    The Chldren of the Don."   The lat-
funds for their sale usid for educa-   ter was produced by Oscar Hammer-
tional and local    Improvement    pur-   stein, at  the expense of the auth ir
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ... .$18,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in lxindon, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
hanking business transacted. letters
if Credit issued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of the world
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
md Interest allowed at 3 per cent ��u
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O.  D.  BRYMNER,  Manager.
Siili'. IH-eds, Business Lettcre, etc.; circular work HpeclallHt. All work Htrlotly
contldentiiil. If. Hairy, room 418 Westminster Truat Blk.    Plume 702.
II. & P. O. of Elkn of the ll. of <*.,, meet
the first and third Thursday ut 8 p. m.,
K. of P. Hall, Eighth ntreoL A Wells
Uruy, Exalted Ruler; P. IL Smith, Seo-
L. O. O. M��� NO. 864.���MEETS ON
tlrwt, second mid third Wednesday In
eaoh month in K. of P, hall at 8 p. ra.
H. J. Leamy, dictator; K. E. Jones, eecretary'. Head-quarters of i<��!x<* In See
Minis.-, corner of Fourth and Oarnurvon
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Tht
regular meeting of Amity lodge Na
87. I. O. O. F., la held every Monday
nielli at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets*.
ViattlnR hn-thern cordtallv Invited.
R. A. Merrlthew, N. O.; J. Robertson,
V. O.; W. c. Coaihaiii, P. ii.. recording secretary; H. W. Sangster, financial Hecrelary.
f th-
... ..-       m     .      ��� i trains  In   their  travels  to and   Brook-
matter, as in tho past. New Westminster has gone more |Vn rin,i ,-,,, ,....< ���f ,i(.-^���v. in the
than half way to meet them.   We are glad to note that language ef baseball. "They   were
f,i *    i,        e ,        ]      , ,���   '    ���     ,i     ,   ,1, (tood old wagons, h.n  tl.iv done !ir::'.i.'
the result? iif yesterdays meeting is that the pro- ,,���,,,,,.������
vincial government will be asked to assist in the work of
organization. The signal success that has attended the Thirtv^venanyears?��nwCna'ii r.-m
government's appointment of an organizer a.nd lecturer led m phuadeiohia. wner�� the r.en
in the Okanagan valley leads us to believe that the request T^.'l ���jLh/,b��,i!!."!! "?' i'Ti'T1���
-  ,v *���     ...        -f   .,       -p ,, m ��� "wcrld a fair,    "a" ""<*"* ���' mi 'he foi ,j    rt     j S()0 n(|(, vf.       , |)(1 d|.
of tni* communities of the Fraser valley will receive a lowing day, May 10, mc.   Beside jvided one-third to u�� march   of
rrr-nin-ic* facmnnao   nno vohinh  mill   nrtx tl*net   PAHIllf in aim. 1 d)S"'avs f-om lhe vsr'niis Btn��<-">   thlr /EnKinn,|,  one-sixth  to the Church   of
glciCIOiIS response, OilC WniCn  Wilt, WC  UUi>t, Itbllll in blm jtr.lbrcn   ron-ltm  countries     eent    ex-/seotland, nnd the remaining one In If
ilar propress being mnde. wwii io reiigtous. .lucation and gen rai pub-
.   Co-operative societies or producers there must be. there ^^^ZT-^mw^St ,ic worS,p
nrast be also a central selling agency and a regulation ot thai hm v-t ���id not ho =-��n aaai"
production. These and many other details were eloquently ^ this side of the Atlantic tor a cn
commented upon hy Professor Hill-Tout and the chairman similar ^1^--*= h--.. h��en madi
of '<he Roval Commission on Agriculture, Mr. W. H. Hav- following each ot r- suhioq..��nt m
ward, M.P.P.   But
The clergy reserves Issue had its beginning in 1836, when Sir John Colborne endowed forty-four rectories In
Upper Canada. In 1840 a compromise
was reached, by which fundi from re-
serves sales cn hand were to be divided, two-thirds to the Anglican
church and one-third to the Church "' "��� a young
of  Scotland  in  Canada,    while    the  stream Guards
. proci i ds   from     the     unappropriated .
j lands,  1,.SOD.OHO acrea.  were to be .1 >     ++++++**+*************���*
Ivjded,   one-third
Francis Edward li the second Baron
Howard of Gloasop, and Is the son of
a ii* puty . ari marshal of Ensland
He his been twice married, each wif,
giving him one son and one daughter.
HIb youngeEl daughter, the Hon.
Franci b Fltzalan Howard, r. ently became the bride of Arthur Leigh Ilen-
iTioi r  of   (he    Cold-
Eplcndid arrangements made this
year fer cheap round trip tickets to
all   points  east,  commencing   May   28.
Week  End  tickets on mile to  local
;.oints at Single Fare for Round Tni
.n   Fridays,  Saturdays and Sundays
Tor rates and reservation apply    to
BD. OOUI.KT, Agent
New Westmlnstei
Or  H.   W   Rrodle,  G.P.A ,  Vancouver
1.1* st Hanna, Lt.l.i���l-'nni-nil directors
and embalmers. Parlors 406 Columbts
street,   New  Westminster,    Phono  991.
>v. B, PA LBS���Pioneer Funeral  Dlreetot
and   Kinl��itlin,.r,   013-618   Agnsa   street.
opposite I'arn.Kle Lilirury.
ris-, ,.H, Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorne street,
N.w WdBtmlnster, O. K. Corbould, K.
C     .1   ll. Hiiiiii     A, B.  McColL
i.i -nt - In w, solicitor, etc. TslepbODa
li.;.i. Cable address "Johnston."
Code, "Wostern Union."     Offlcus, Kills
11 k,   .',.'.:   I'oluinblll streel,   Nl IV   West-
mlnster. L. C.
���J.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg.
of all  kinds.
Prices rlKht.    Satlafaotlen gunranteed.
BQ   McKenzie   St.
The Issue would not down, however,
and   ihe  agitation   for  secularization
continued   until   successful.
.. ,    - ��� InosiConi   of   this   e1-*' ���"ier  -Atlanta
first and foremost, an organizer is ,,,���isviiie.
Orleans,    Chicago
needed, for not all the cities of B. C. can help the farmers Nashville, omana, Buffalo, st. Louis
���        ,i       ii,i i i i     i    ii ���   i   i.      .i i   Portland.   Seattle,    Jamestown,   and
unless they help themselves and to do this latter they must ..,.,,. San Francisco is preparing toi
be shown that it is to their advantage to organize.
George Prown, statesman and journalist, founder of the Toronto Globe,
diiil in Toronto thlrty-tbree years ago
today of a gunshot wound inflicted
by a discharged employee. The expedition for the capture of Port Royal,
N'. S., con-Hinting of a fleet of eight
vessels and 800 men. sailed trom
Boston on this date in 1690,
��� Correspondence j
TN' \>h* Westminster News tin"
not hold itself responsible for thr
opinions expressed In correspondence.
ZiW Is. i��. tuast Service
3MF ft
J, BTILWELL CLUTH, Barrllter-at-law.
solloltor. etc.; oorner Colombia and
McKensle streets, New Wostmlnster,
H   r.   P. o. Hex  ll-'.    Telephnns   710.
.    I*.    IIAMI'TON     llOl.i:.     HAU1USTRR,
Bolicitor   and    Notary.    Offices     ihirt
I.I..e|i.   2*1   Lome    Btreet,   New   VVeslltlln-
>*!.*r,  B. C.
an Francisco  is  preparing  fnr
���'   "world's   f ri ir"   that   is   dentin.-rl   to
We believe that the farmers of the Fraser vallev are ^c&eBr and ""u"r ttan aU ^ *"""
fuHv as capable of working out their destiny as are those    while the Philadelphia exposition
P-,rr    i ���     . ti. ��� x*        ex. '  ���ii       .. ~..nn  I of 1"<7i; wns the first American Inter- sary ot the birth of Sir Edward Clcus-
-of Washington.   It is a question of honor as well as a ques-,;,!^, fair lh��� ,(1���n origina��ed ,���
'tion of more mnnev for the producer that is at stake. The * London, and its originator was princ*
path is clear, the methods are known and it is the duty of! ���?-- ^r^.^Z hoidtna"
every good British Columbian, city man or agriculturist, tional exposition of Kngiish industries
to give his best attention to improving our present hap- ^ socle" Tl^inHe^^d^V
hazard and costly manner of handling the produce of the    "Now is the time to prepare f'"-!Earrle Fath     f
i���_.| \n greal exhibition���an exhibition wor |
Today is tho Blxty-fourth  anniv.
ary of the birth of Sir
lon, eminent financier.
(By   O.   Terenco.)
Miout. half lhe greatest rulers have
txerxi the descend nits of comparative-
ly nedlocre ancestors; the other half
tiavo been the direct and Immediate
descendants Of thus" as greal or near
ly n R- -al as themselves. In other
iMDsdi, the vaste horde,  (say  '���''.,  per
��� r^n!   ol the iili.l.'   is no more likely
r lo produce a man of Kenitis than Is
tW* one per cent, lor less than one
i��t nn! ' which from the standpoint
���of oi gitni-s, we lightly call the creme
���vito- !a oreme,
Thus we sea why men like Lincoln
ami '���"i-iii'hIi;' who spring from the
gjiat reaerrolr of the commonality,
��lo no! In the least upset one's belief
*�� beredily, provided they do nol incur vi ry frequently, Kor they are
��ic bappi combinations of qualities
���icrivixl  rrom  maternal  and  paternal
i aowrces.
/^.H tn .. Joes nol deny thai in soma
west. To ri store the balance of the
farm labor market Major Itrown proposes several liins of practical action, which Include the stabllBhlng
of Immigration labor colonies and labor schools.
The need if cr n-,., rat Ion among
farmers in securing help from 1 Irii-
ain Ik also urged There sre for the
employing farmer many practical Blur*
cesiions iis to dealing with farm help
and making iu permaneni employment profitable,
li may be well lo reflcl lhal there
Ib alv ays a measure of compensation
in nnv scarcity of labor. The i.n... nt
���1 '.- feature i f our Industrial system
is the demand fer an unfortunate re-
Bldue, nnwllllnglv Idln, pressed ne
necessity and confronted by wani
This wretched necessitv lo wh'ch
custom will never reconcile humanity
seems essential to the elasticity of
industrial  enterprise.    Tho  employer
thy of the greatness of this country:
nol   merely  national   In  lis  scope nnd
benefits,  but  comprehensive  of  the.
whole   world;   aril   I   offer   myself   to | (.la>' be th
Peter Pan,"   Is 53
Years Ycung Today,
.lames Matthew liarrle, perhaps tie-
���best loved of living novelists, will to-
recipient of congratulatory
the public as their lender, if they
are willing to assist in the undertak
Thus the world's fair idea was born
Queen Victoria beaded the subscription 1st with a thousand pounda and
In May. 1851, the first really Interna
tlonal exposition was onen lo the pub
lie. Another International fair was
held in London In 1862 and the idea
spread  lo other countries.
To Editor The Da'.ly News,
l'i ;u- sir. Will vou kindly allow
mo apace In yonr paper to add a few
un re items lo the complaint of your
c rroapondent of Monday.
The card on the letter box al  tho
corner i f Elliott and Ci lumbla Btreel
announces  thai  dally  collections are
made al  7:l;r, a.m. and  12:60 p.m.
This morning I snv the postman'B
equipage ambling along al 20 minutes
to 10. a conventenl compromise be-
twi en the i ��� o colloctti lis,    it  is nol
an  isolated  Instai , bul    almost    a
daily occurrence,
Perhans  the   powi ri  that   be  have
altered the time of collection  and dn
not  think  it  sufficiently  Important   to
change the lime curd
Yours truly,
New Westminster, May s. 1013.
Leaves Vancouver fnr Vlctolis 10 a. m.
1  p,   in. nnd   11 .1.,
Leaves  Vancouver  for  Si-iiiUh  Ul  a.   m
and i I p. in.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 t>  n*
Leavea  Vancouver   for   Prince   Unpen
and   Northern   Iv-lnts   10 p.  in.   Wednes-
|   1.13'fl.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Chllllwack    7   n.   m    Tueada)
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves   W'siinlnsier   8   a.   in.   Monday
Wednesday and  Krlday,
ED. OOULET,  Agent,  New WeMmliviei
tl. VV,  umililK. O.  P. a.. Vanoouvor.
Barristers und Solicitors, fi'*.*) t>, ms
WeBtmlnster Trust  Blook.   O.   t:   Mitr-
1 in,    W.   O.    McQuarrte    and   le-orse   L.
,-|I1T1.siiiI-:. EDMONDS & WHITEl-
si.(.- Bariistoni and Botloltors, \v,��t-
mlnater Truat Iiiii.. Columbia sireet,
... w Weatmlnater, H. C Cable .-eidreaa
'���'.viiii, si,l.v Western Union P o.
Drawer 300, Telephone Bt W. J.
Whltealde, K. C . ll. L. Edmonds, D.
II    J    A.    BURNETT,    AUDITOR    AND
Accountant,   Tel. It 128.   Room 22
liart  block.
P. II  Smith. w   .1  Qrovea.
���W,.rk   undertaken    in   city   nn.l   ..iitsld-e
polnta   211-12   Westminster   Trust   Bid*
I Ph ine  364      I'   O.   ll.ot   607,
Diaz   as  a   Prophet.
Two >-, ar.s ago todav  ihe  Mexican
herder city of Ciudail .lunn-/ �� nsr ap
lured   by  the  rei."Is.  and   Madero  os-
���wiy-a environment and, possibly, free ,|lillks ,i,nt  ,,*,,,.,, |,��� )ias an 0p0n|ng
���will, play a meaaureahle fate, but it f,,r employment  and  wages  lo  nay,
��1cwb nggeal that the reliance which ,-,���, required "labor" should be there
turn b-i-en no freely bestowed on these for |lim ln i,.,v    ]��� 'f;,r�� he seems to
Micial.  i-nalitiitional  and  metaphysical tliinVc  that  If there Is not. this Blipply
fotnvf has been an exaggerated one, ,,f  )ai,or   then.  Is something   wrong
t*r. Frederick  Adams   Wood-*,,    in wmj  industrial adjustmenn.
'Till'   Popular   Bolence   Monthly.     ���        I     The   contrast   between   eastern   and
 western conditions on this contlneat
'goes  to  show  that  an  nhund nice of
FARM   LABOR. ,|H,  hivnlunlurillv   Idle  residue  called
,labor is nol  a  normal  bul an nlmor.
The   larni  lab.ir  problem   la   dcall  mal condition, and thai the entire dls-
-with   In   a  practical   and  osmprehen   appearance of thla residue would  be
tsiee w.-.y In the Unlvci Ity Magazine u step toward this ideal i-tnie.
tnr April, bv  Major Walter ,1   Bi   wn      The weslern fnrmcr cannot find la
��� t��f ft.iln-.m. formcrlj  editor ol  Uu   ag
rtrniUuraJ depar'.menl i cl  the  ivecl lj
Thai thi    i   ir ���;,.,     i * 1    ���'������
\pjire of f-.f'i  lab ir arc Uuenl    f"li
m Ontario ���'���  ���''��� "s!"ri '" > "
prr!r��ce, an3    ���*���*- cf Uio can i *
fcrlh bv thi r ii -'* Inipra
to),-, system i
thla ,Irani:.li: t and tl:
are very much akin. Mi Barrle li
shy and retiring of disposition, almost
to the poinl of baphftilness, Met
Adams has [ought and won a continual battle against a natural diffidence
and tendency toward stage frigbL
liulei il. tin r,* ar,- yi I times when
America':, mosl popular aetreis has I >
tablishcd his capital in lhat city Soon ,irlm; .,��� ���f ,���.,. r,,,n,.ir|.,,|,|0 fll.���, ,f
afterwards   Diaz  resigned  and  depart,   pmv,.r ,��� f,,r(,. |1(,rs,.lf ,��� fH(.,, h���,. a���.
ed Into exile saying, "ThoBe who gov-jdlenco Mr |iarr|��� dislikes pul.lie
ern Mexico nfter me wlll have to gov- attention, and avoids Interviewers
em ns I did." whenever possible   although   himself
The dictator was a true prophet, for once ttn interviewer
the   Becond   anniversary   of   Madero's      The  Bame  lH  tn|li  (]f   ^|JHS   A,|;1I11S
triumph   finds  the old  regime  fully and although thousands of magazine
newspaper   articles   have    been
letters and messages from admirer:.
nil over the world, for this Is the
fifty-third birthday of the sad faced, I
gentle, lovable father of "Peter Pan." I The  End of "The Store."
That Miss Maude Adams Bhould Chicago, Mav 8 Workmen today
have ben ;,, successful in "Peter began to wreck a building on South
Pan and "What Kvery woman Clark stroet which for yoara was oc
Knows" waa nol remarkable, tor In eupici by "The store," one r,r the
splrll  th - dramatist and the actress m0Bt  notorious gambling  houses    in
the west, a quarter of o century ago
"The store" wns opene din 1873 by
Mike McDonald, who is reported to
have made a fortune OUI of It, It
consisted of a saloon, a cluh room on
the second floor and gambling room
on the top floor. The .levator was
kept at the third floor until a lookout aignalled tor it to descend, Ther..
was an ev;t through the roof by which
the gamblers could escape In case of
a raid.
Re Lota 3 and 4, Block 5, of Section
36. Block 5 North. Range 3 West,
Map 523, in the District of New
whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number li"r71P. Is
sued In the name of Alexander Allan,
haa been  filed  in  this office,
Notice Is hereby given thai I shall,
at the expiration Of one month from
the date nf the llrst publication here
of, iii a dally newspaper publi.slii.il in
tho  City   of   N'.w   Westminster,   issue
n duplicate of the said Certlflcato, unless ill tbe meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
tiisn-ict Registrar of Titles
Land Registry Office, New VVestmln
Bter, li ('.. Api 1 30, 1918.     ��� 1206)
lio.Mtli n|- tRaijk -NKW WESTMIN.
so-r Board ..( Trade meets tn tha beard
r'Hsn, City Hall, ns follows: Third Friday ,,r eaoh month. quarterly mestlnil
on the third Friday of February, Mny.
August  und  Nov-MhI.it at  s  p m.    An-
"ilill    tneetlfiKH    ,,n    llle    Ihlr.l     1'TlAlljr   Of
rei.ninry.  t:.   II,   Btuart   Wade,   m-crtv
the  old  '-. glme
while    Madero,
dreamer who had a vision of better
things, Ilea in a martyr's crave.
the  m-to
written  abcul
nesH of l,i i* iif.
Mr,  Barrle I
"presniian,"  or
ham, England,
nei' s   -.���iiilier, i*.    although   he
"kick   li i ii ii i If   up   tin.   urn;
i r. the true Inward-
remains a mystery.
Ban   his  can cr  an  a
ri poller,   in   Notting-
was an  excellent
had   to
Alexin..I. r Mack n.-ie, l!i** Scottish
explorer of tho "Nortbwosl Company,','
spi nt the Winn r of 1 T:*>_; - rs at the mm I
westerly outpost of thut trading association lu preparation for an attompl
to cross the Rocky inourttalns to tin-
Pacific ician; and on this day, i xacl
mr  teclinii
part tapcrien
while  it i.isili
manual   work
-jUxii ing  foi
is lUiothT causi
is. a pari  of the i
jcrjlii.il      A   (ioi en
.-alfi-L-aiij:  O-ntarii
bor, bccaui "labor" would rnther
take a waiting homestead and v orli
Pir biiisi If. Thai i xplalns thc b l ta
tlon i. ��� li there and here, for the Influence i I *. l-t in : ... *n rn oppi : "*', ll
... -��� for ������ If nr lovnu nl i -��� f ii Iii
��� tarlo, In K'i ,:. ra Can ida and In
Kurope, M affects Industrial as well
education,    it neglectd as agricultural employment. journey down the .Mackenzie river to
��� -,.,iii*,: ilia! wi.uld ini- Hut there will erne a time We the Arctic ocean lie look with him
. ,1 skill and experience are hastening towards it with fever nine men In a single birch bark
views tending to makeiish eagerness. All the opportunities canoe, twcnty-flvo f. < t long, whieh
Ulgtaateful. ,'for  uelf-eroploymeni   will   be  closed   .-,)s<> contained  bin supply of provl-
Industrial development Tba westward,wan* of population will Bions, ammunltlotfi and goods for bar
of the scarcity, and break on the ooast, ter with the Indians
nodern cityward ml-     Then there will be abundance   of     On starting tho little vessel wn
Influi iii" i Hod as "labor" no
ever be was :*. nl. to in t an Interview
Nor is this experience exceptional,
The popular conception of the report-
i r as a per: on armed with sublime aa
, ur.iiice and gigantic nerve is often
erroneous. Seine of the mosl brll
llanl newi papi r mi n of today, on
both sides of the Atlnntlc ar.* totalis
l ������   Ini; in "cheek" and "br iss,'" and
ly one hundred and twenty years ago, always lind  Interviewing much more
he sei out upon his memorable jour p infu]   t,  themselves  than   to  I  eir
nny from the little fort, which he rn netim-.*.
terrcd to In his Joural as the 'Old l*. , .,: ,  a rep rti r can Bay, �� :h ih*
tahllfhmont." utmopl   vrr-aclty,   "ThlB   Is   going   to
This was a much more arduout  un hurl mo much more than it wlll hurl
li rtaklng   than   his   former    famous yen "
iir,* lure ol   the our
cheap that  we  wlll be at llghi  that  it could  be carried  easllj
Mr Barrio's flrsl novel, "Better
Dead," wai published twenty-six years!
ago It w,is fellow, d by "When a I
Min*. Single," in reality autoblo- !
graphical and denlliiK with his own
enrly literary experiences, "A Widow j
In Thrums," "My l.ndy Nlctonle," and!
"Tho Little MinlBter" followed in rap-1
Id   nic.cesslon,   and   established     the
wit'B  end   to   know   what   to  do  by two men, but It came to grief so  right  of Hnlr author to rank as onu
Nnw Westminster Dittrlct.
'Ibe   following   a|i|*lie:i   only   to   tin*
New   WeBtmlnster   Dominion     Lands
S'lnainrs  on   In.minion   Lands     In
lie   N'ew   Westminster   Agency   who
iri i located In Timber iietiiis will
be Riven until Monday, the 13th day
if Mu. 1913, within which lo appear
md make application for entry.
S,mailers whose claims have been
lllOWod, 'iho Illive nOI vel secured
'loinisead entries, will be notified
���iy the Di minion Land Agent nt then
ai i known address, In tie event of
my Bitch squattors falling lo appear
md in ike application before the date
in��� nm.nei. t/ieir elalma wlll lap-io
.'..l lhe lands ivlll bo otherwise dls-
iobi d oi on nnd alter thai date, if.
n.M.iiT, good reason i.i shown for
iiilni>; to np| ear tit *l    tho    Impri ve
 I,. ...i thn land arc of substantial
aluo ;i further peilnd .,f protection
may i.*' allowed by the Agnni In caaos
if eiiirlt, Claims not vet dealt with
musl  be filed Immediately,
Squatting on dominion Lands without llie authority of Iho Dapartmonl
nil nol henceforth he allowed mid
will result iii |e:m of claim and for-
f. ii un: or Improvements.
Hupt.,   II.  ('.   Lands.
Ottawa, 9th April, 1913, (1089)
COAL MINING rlnliis ���r tn- li Inlon
��� in Manitoba, Raskatchewan and ,ii��� ,o.
In... Viiki.n Territory, tha Northwest l'er.
I no.ii.s kii,i m n iiiiitinii ,,i  ii,.  Provlnos
I of tiiiiisii Columbia, mny be lei l i..i- a
, term of twenty-one yeara ai iui annual
I rental i.r it un acre, Nol more than nue
i acres will be leased to ono applicant
1 Application for a lease mum ho mads
i i.y tii,- applicant In person '������ ilu. .smut
I ui* Suli-Agonl .>r tin iiisiii.t |M ivhloh Hm
rights applied for ine situ;,i,-,l
In Blirvoycd territory the land muiii Ihi
described by Reeti.ms, in- legal sui��-,livl-
uieiiN uf sections, nml iii un ,,n .,������,,,1 territory in., tract applied for slum Im>
mnked nut hv the applicant hlmaeir
Kutii application must  be nei *....;��� ,i
by a r I tr, -which nili be refunded it
nm rights applied fnr are n..t available,
i��ii  nol  otherwise,    A  royalty  simii   i*.
paid ou ihe merchantable outpul  of the
mm., iii the rule nf five cents per ton.
Tho   person   operating   Hie    mine   shall
hitninh the Ag, nt with iwoi-n returns
accounting for iiu- full quantity .if merchantable ooal mined nml pay the royally thereon, if tha coal mining rights
nre not Iii-ihk operated such returns should
bo  furnished  at   least  nncn a  sear.
The  loose  wlll   Include  the  (nal   mining
rikiitfi only, imt tlie leasee win iw permitted to ptirclins* whatever available
surface rixlus may is- oonsldnrod necessary for ihe working of the mine ,,i lhe
rule of tl" nn nere.
iror full Information application should
l��. minle to ilj. Secretary ol  the Depuru
nn nt of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny
Agent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  Lamia
W.   W. rilltY.
Deputy   Minister  of  Hie   Inlerlnr.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of tide
advertlaemenl  will not be pul.I fur
who do not receive The Newe befoi"-��
K ll.lll. Hlin.lid
nnd mnke complaint. Only In thlB way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
* FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1913.
gMaaggggt*******. ���
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Jovial   Captain   Tells   of   Many   Narrow Escapes���Bads Farewell to
Captain Scott.
Captain Watt, the JovlaJ master
nf lhe big British tramp steamship
Starthtay, which arrived al Port Manu
00 Baturday is one of the most inter
esting mariners who has ever visited
the Port of New Westminste-r. Although only a young man, Capt Wati
has distinguished himself as a seaman and on several occasions has been
granted a bonus by tbe underwriters
for his skill displayed In piloting disabled vesselB safely Into pon.
There are probably few* people In
New WeBtmlnster, who have made (he
acquaintance of ('apt. Wntt during the
past few days, who know lhal he was
one of (he  lasl   lo Bhake  hands  with
the lato Captain Scolt. the Antarctic
explorer,    when    he   departed  from
Chrlstchurch, N.Z., on Mb fateful ex
pedition two years ago.
Captain   Watt's  meeting  with  the
late Captain Scolt followed an event
lul   voyage  In  the southern   Pacific
when IiIh ship lost a rudder In a bad
Hiorin moo ini!, b from port, in recognition of the great skill and Ingenuity
displayed by the commander of the
Strathtay,   he   ��ns   granted   11   bonus
of $325 by iiiii underwriters. The
steamer  arrived   safely   In   Lyllleton
being held fast for a month's time.
The boat was later taken to Louisburg where the remainder of the rail
shipment was taken on board and, af-
t.-r bunkering at Newport News, her
nose was pointed southwards for the
Straits of Magellan. After an eight
day passage St. Lucia in the West Indies was reached, not another stop being made until Callao hove in night.
Here the ship's bunkers were again
replenished, and from Callao to Victoria the captain and crew did not
' cateh light of a Vessel of auy description.
The Strathtay is a vessel of 7J00
tons and carried a cargo of COOO toi.j
of Bteel rails which are being unloaded at Port Mann. She will leave (o
wards the end of next week for Seal tie where she will go in drydock.
afterwards taking on a cargo of Hire.'
million feel of lumber for Fort  Perry,
The crew of the Strathtay In composed of Orientals,   Questioned as to
the worth of a Chlneae sailor an compared viith a white man, Capt. vVui
' declared ill favor of Ihe latter, although the orientals are much easier
to handle when tbe ship ih iu p ,rt.
Th, re the white men ure always getting Into difficulties while a Chinaman V111 stay aboard ship.
Opinion on  Fraser.
Asked bb to what he thought of the
Fraser river. Captain Wati stated that
ihe wi's Impressed with the si/" of the
1 stri'i'in   and   thought   lhat     once    (be
! Jetty work was completed at the Sand
heads there wnn no reason 111 Ills opln-
I Ion     why     shipping     should   not   be
j bended this way.
j    One thing he did suggest that Bhould
be taken up, wub the fact  that  when
I a largo Bteamer rounds the bend off
AnnnclH Island some kind of a signal
Charges of Maladministration Against   Many Arrests Expected for Violation   Independent   Democrat   Will   Be   Next
; I
Officials of Two American Rail- of Neutrality   Laws of United Collector of the Port of New
roads. States. York
harbor, the port of Chrlstchurch, j phould be displayed by (he bridge ten-
where tho Terra Nova was almostIder which would denote whether lhe
ready to sail for the southern lea* span could be opened nt that time or
nnd Captain Watt became intimately not.
acquainted With the officers of the ex-      "When It comes to handling a mass
plorlng  ship  together with  her  brave   of steel, weighing 13,000 tona, one has
commander, Caul. Scott. |to figure on her leeway nnd if a high
Caught In Hurricane. [tide  Is  running  It   would   mean  that,
The Strathtay has been in Bonie In event of the bridge span not open-
tight places during thn paBt six ing, a mniti r of a ship would have to
months. I order anchors out 111 order to prevent
Leaving Hrlxton, Kngland, on Christ  the bow of the vessel from being veer-
inaB  day,   1912,  with  ballast  to  load,  Cd around  with  the  tide."
thn Strathtay was cnught In a Janu-1    Mrs, Watt, wife of the skipper, nr
nry hurricane which made the Atlantic a placo to be abhorred and, after
laboring amid heavy seas for 18 days
her officers discovered they would be
short of coal before they reached
Sydney, (Ml., bo Ihey turned back to
QneenfltOWD, Ireland, where she bun- j
leered once more.
During the terrific storm the upper
deck house, 86 feel frnm the deck,
was smashed to kindling wood. The
trip from QueanBtOWn tO Cape Breton
wiib later completed without anything'
out of the ordinary occurring.
Here she took on a cargo of rails;
consigned   to   Port   Mann   but   before
these had heen loaded a heavy  frost
tot In which froze up the harbor, thai
temperature   nt   thai   time   being   111
degrees below zero,    ln order that he .
might uot be delayed Capt. Watt se  j
cured the services of a Newfoundland
whaler to act ub an ice breaker und he land Is anxious to locate her, that the
i;ct out of the harbor In tlmo to escape eitate may be Buttled.
rived from Kngland on Saturday evening and Bhe will make the (rln to
Australia with her husband. Both
are staving at the Russell hotel for a
few  days.
I, W. W. Leaders cn Trlat.
Paterson, N.J��� May 7. William 1).
Haywood, Elizabeth Curley Flynn.
Carlo Tt-escka, I'atrlcy (Jiilnbin and
Adolph Lesslg, (he Industrial Workers
of tlle World leaders Indicted for In-
eitini! the Paterson silk mill strikers
to riot, were arraigned today for trial.
Fatls Heir to $82,000.
Calgary, May 7. -MIbb Helen llrlen,
formerly of Ireland, who lived nt one
time In Calgnry, but whose present
nddroBB Ib unknown, has fallen heir
to an eBtate comprlBlng about $82,000
nnd a firm of solicitors Iti Dublin, Ire
Washington,    May    7.   Charges of
maladministration, reckless extravagance and undue expansion, induced
I by a spirit of monopoly and aggran -
dlzement, were made today Lef ore the
Interstate commerce commission by
Louis liranilais of Huston against the
officials of the New York, New Haven
& Hartford and the Boston & Maine
'lhe   charges   were   made     in     the
course   of   oral   arguments   submitted
to the commission upon the testimony
adduced at the commission's investigation of the opi rations of the New
Kngland   railroads   recently   taken   lu
Mr,   Brandals  said   both   had   suppressed competition at a tearful cod
For five out  of the  last six years,
the New Haven haa been paying In di-
Vtdenda more thnn It has earned, Baid
Ile.    It  has pursiu il a  policy  of concealing   from   the   stockholders     nml
from the puhllc, the character of its
methods and policies     The Iloston &
Maine    hns    outstanding    JUM.IiOO.iiOO
Short  term  notes which    In    natural
course it will have to meet durlnrc the
coming year;  nnd yet  It  Ib nbout  to
pass  Its  dividend  and   It   Is  doubtful
whether it can meet its fixed charges
The New ltaven'B affalrB are managed In the Biime reckless fashion. It
1 has  notes to meet  within    the    next
eight   months amounting to  between
; 40 and 50 million dollars.    Such man-
I iigement   would   be   condemned   111   a
; wildcat mining scheme,   im management has been characterised hy reck
llespncss that is appalling,
The criticism of liranilais was met
I by statements of Charles i*\ Choate,
I Ir��� personal counsel of President C,
S,   Mellen  of  the  New   Haven,  who,
i while admitting thai large prices had
'been paid for some of the properties
constituting the New  Haven  system,
; declared   tho  action  of  the  directors
had already been Justified  in some
instances, and he war, certain would
be justified In all by time. Expensive Improvements, he snld. bad been
made by the roadn to meet the demands of the public.
' Pi ferring to Mr, Brandali1 as n "minority of one." Mr, Choate Bald  that
[criticism of the New Haven wub rapidly  waning In  New  Kngland  an Its
operations had become hotter understood  and  he drew  smiles  from  the
I commissioners ami from Mr. Brandals
I an well hy saying or hlm:
"He has superb destructive talents
jbut not a single constructive idea has
lever emanated from hlm to the benefit of our New Kngland publlc."
Washington. May T.-Maay arrests
for violation of the neutrality lawB of
the United States by shipments of
munitions of war to reviiltrtiouists in
Mexico are expected by tbe department of justice ns a result of the bu-
preme court's decision on Monday
that the mere Starting to the forbidden
territory mas a  violation of the  law.
Copies of the court's decision reached the department today and preparations were made to instruct the government agents on (he border 10 enforce rigidly the president's proclamation prohibiting the exportation! to
Mexican rebels. In two cases the
United states court for the western
district of Texas has decided that It
was necessary lor the government to
prove that exportation had been consummated and lhe war materials landed  In   Mexico before  violation of law
could  be established.    Chief Justice
White's opinion  reversed this finding
���and   held  Ihe  actual   beginning  of  a
shipment  Intercepted  in  this  country
was all that was necessary.
Ixih Angeles, May 7    The end of the
, county  grand jury's  probe  Into alle-
j gat'ons of the existence of white Blav-
ery   In   Lob   Angeles,   Boomed   tonight
, to be In sight.
County officials connected with the
Inquiry said tbey expected (he grand
jury to mnke a report on Its Investigation licit Friday and hinted at the
possibility Of more Indictments at that
! time.
The   jurors   had   several   Witnesses
before thetn loday. many being members of lhe city detective department
I who were connected with the arrests
of girls said to have frequented the
loiiuuil. the so-called  hotel  conduct-
, cd   by   Mrs.   Kinnia    (ioodman,    alias
josh' Rosenberg, alleged procuress.
Mrs. Goodman is expected to appear
tomorrow before Judge Frank F. Wll-
I'b of the criminal department of the
superior court, to enter pleas to two
Indictments oharging her with pandering.
Washington, May 7.���John Purroy
Mitchell, Independent Democrat and
president of the board of aldormen
of New York City, was nominated today   by   President   Wilson   to  be  col-
, lector of the port of New York to
Biicceed William Ixjeb, Jr. The selection brought what the White House
termed "a happy sdlution" to a contest In which New York Btate leaders
of every wing of the party had taken
I a lively part tor the last two months.
Candidates for the post, which pays
$12,000 and carries with it the appointment of an army of employees In
the country's biggest customs house,
were numerous from the start, 11 e-
cenily the president practically determined to appoint Frank K. Polk, a
friend of Secretary McAdoo, of the
treasury     department,     bul     Senator
O'Oorman Interposed objection, declaring a more active Democrat
should get the place.
For a time political circles expected a break between the ndmlnlatra-
tlon and the New York senator. Within the last two days, however, friends
of Mr Mltehel. whose candidacy had
heen dropped at his own wish a
month ago, renewed their efforts In
his behalf and when the president
went to tho capllal today to tulk with
Senator O'liorman, the New York
senator hlmBelf BuggeBted Mr. Mltehel
as the beat man for the position. The
president wub gratitled to find that
, Mr. McAdoo, who origiually had
favored Mr. Mltehel, and Senator
O'Oorman and himself were In agreement and he promptly sent the name
to the Benate
4 cents)  under the other power sys-
' terns now in use.
"The tidal proposal is not so revolutionary after all. I wonder how
many people realize the UBe to which
this tidal power is nut every dav cf
ithe year In propelling ships and In
I the case of tidal basins raising vessels of enormous tonnag-f.
"The retaliation would not be complicated and would follow the lines
of three practical patents taken out
by Hermans, for combined reservoir"
and supplv chambers. The main dif
ficulty today turns on tho embankment walls���whether they can be
built with sufficient economy to make
such installations a practical success
The use of a ferroconcrete skin
on the Inner part, wh'ch Is form>'d
of cheaper materials, solves this difficulty, in my opinion."
Monthly Outlay Now Rca:he*r tSOJMtt
fc:- Municipal Labor���Thousand
Edmonds, May 7.���How many
facturing concerns In the province ot,
liritish   Columbia  have  a payroll ���*
J50.000 per month or how many nra-
iiicipalities or cities lu this pro-rinca
expend that amount in wages, excluding the salaries of chief offici.-'.is. per
month?   Not more ot eitlic: than yo<-\
could   count on   the  five   fiu.,ecs,v ot"
Railway   Commission   Will   ren^tSur   V0ur left hand,   [hit that ib what it is
Important Quection on May 20.        estimated   ihe  municipality  or  Horn -
Ottawa, May 8,-   Demurrage of rail-  abv pay, out eT,,ry mm-tt (fcjria- ,to
way  cars will  agalh  he  taken up bv   Euimi!er uma by uay iabor or throuR-V.-
the Dominion railway commission at a COntractoi  to ban army of about
the  sitting  to be  held  here  May  20.   iooii  workmen.
Besides the reciprocal demurrage, There nn, D6U\y 600 men, excludim-
which the defendant boards or trade Balaried Officials on the payroll of the
are demanding, the board will also go municipality at the present time rv-
Into the average demurrage plan, at e, iving wages ranging from $2 80 to
the request of the board of trade of %���>,26 n day. Tin re are aleo about 490
Hamilton. men  working  for Contractor* huldinr
Reciprocal demurrage, if passed municipal contracts and each of these
will provide that when they hold carj receives wages corrcspoudinK with
without unloading them over the al- those given by the municipality. Tlm
loted Line shippers will be fined, but figures here given aro authentic ta*-
will also make It possible, for the Ing been supplied by tevnral or tbe
merchant to impose on the railway |prominent officials of the- inuniuipol -
for every day the company la late in  Ity.
delivering a car. |    A noteworthy  feature of thin vasr
outlay In wages is that at least 90 p��r
cent of the money goeB to meu who
are bona fide residents or property
owners of the municipality. The municipal council passed un ordinaBcw
recently giving ull Hurnaby men m
preference   on   municipal   work   over
One Year for Theft.
Calgary, May 7.   w. h. Bhouldtoe
was sentenced by Magistrate Bandera
today to two terms of one year's Imprisonment In Lethbridge jail for the
theft of clothing from the (lordon
Clothing company, Tho terms are to
[run concurrently.
British   Ennlneer Certain  Ocean  Will
Be Harnessed  Soon.
London. May 8.���C. A.  BattlBCOmbe
Is to read at the mooting of the In-1
Btltutlon of Kiectricai Engineers next!
(week a paper In which he will assert
that  the harnessing of the tides, the
age lung dream ot scientists. Is about
; to  be  realized  nt  last.
Mr.  Hn'tlscoinbe says:
"After a close study of the sublect
* for  years   I  am   of the  opinion   that
I the use of thc tides for power o fall
| sorts may now be placed on n strict-
. Iy commercial basis by the Hoard of
! Trade.    An electrical  unit  might be
obtained by  thla meniiB  at  the cost
of only about one-eighth of a penny
(quarter of a cent), Including everything, as compared  with  from  three
i and a half pence to two pence (7 to
No   Passengers   Injured.
Vermillion,  O.,   May  7     Eastbound
Nickel   Plate  train   No.  6,  struck  an
open  switch  at  Florence,  ten   miles
from  here at 10 o'clock today.    The
engine and baggage car left the rails.  pwpTe f^m'otheV mnSdpSJto*
No  passengers were injured. |    TUlg   bag   wv8rftl   aUval,llaKe8.     ���
~~] ~       ~ helps  to support the  taxpayers  who
Police Were Heroes. ;are   ln   r,,alitv   ,he  pergona   who ������,
( hlcago,  May  7- Sixteen    persons  pavlng for the llnprovelil(,Ilts; it k-wps
overcome by smoke were saved from   lho  monpy  wkhln ���u,  mualclBia5^
death  by four policemen today  when  the   greatest  of  all  advantagea   oust
fire, believed to have been started by   ,t   helpa   malntalB   ,tl(,   jmiepci.donre
nurglarB, dei-toryed a two storey build
Ins at 1S34 Fray street.
of Hurnaby frcm cutaida acstetanoe.
���,,, ���      .,     ,,     .. .,    , Winnipeg, May 7.   The offleta] n*-
iV'-iT; A.1y 8'" A,t,,lK,���"?,',K^.��" t"rl"' f"'' ""-' Immigrants who left thp
ex-District Attorney .lohn B. W. Way- train in the city or Winnipeg. arrivinK
mnn    who   shot     and   killed   himself ,-���,���, 00ean p(irll) tcr thl, Wl,ck pnrtjnR
April  17, Dr. W, K.  Murray  testified May 0, were given out this mornln-R by
that  ���   week  previous  to  the  sulcld" J.   Bruce   Walker,    commissioner    or
vvayniaii had asked him to operate immigration.
upon him   In   u manner that would;   The preponderance of liritish ovwr
cause death. |&11  comers  Is still  maintained.    The-
"He   said,"   Dr.   Murray     testified    numhers and nationalities are as fbl-
"'If you nre us good n Mend of mine  lows:   British, 2451;  (ionium, 364; lias 1  am of yours, tnke mo to a hos   allan, H57;    Russian.    42r>;    Oali-riaa
pltal and operate upon me so I will 257: Scandinavian, 253; French. 16.
die.    You can  easily  puncture some     Two Immigration trains with afeaot
vital organ so that I can die, and we 250   Immigrants  who   wero  the  m.
can show that I suffered from some- sengers of the Bteamships Arable and
thing���don't care what It Is   that re   Athenla are scheduled to arrive la the-
quired an opcratlou.'" city this afternoon and ovenlag. =
fAQt rcuw
FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1913.
ft-Operation and Better
Jbtk'ts Slogtn rf
Fraser Valley farmers
il'iiiuiniiiu irom page onei
I large farmers and heartily supported
j the scheme.
Mr.  Thomson,  Washington,  gave a
, nicbt interesting address upon the
.success attending co-operation on the
other i-ide and the remarkable increase
in ihe production and Improvement in
the dairy In rds by the introduction of
! pure  bred   stock.
Commissioner  8.   Shannon,    in    a
brief speech  urged  immediate action.
llle regretted the small attendance,
still this was a busy season and work
i was behind. Tlle movement was of
(he very greatest importance and he
felt more  farmers should  have mado
' aii effort to be present.
Mr.   Wlnslow,   horticultural   expert,
said that as a result of their survey
Serious   Charges  Against   Jack   John-
Women Frequently Sent to
Hospital  With  Black  Eyes.
TTioy  would   not   find,  and   he  did
not think it would be wise for the av
��-rasc  farmer   going  to  the  ordinary
-mark.-t every time, for the simple sea-
ami :that bis going meant spending a
lot ��jr time, going, selling and return- j0f the province it was found that last
inti. lowing one day a week. That was i year 19,200 acres had been planted
another condit ion. | wtth potatoes.   They produced In B.C.
Wtut wan tbe way out of these dlf- ; ii(i.frf>o tons last year and In normal
riRultiesT    It seemed to him that the 1 year8 they only required  28,000 tons.
sniggestion  made by two or three of  -r^n supply  was nearly  five times in
the speeches  were     thoroughly  good  exce��e of the demand.
cme&id   Of   the   hundreds  of  farmers j        '   $f Production  Lessens.
that fcad come before the cossmteBlon j    -me  total   production   of  fruit  and
and Spoken on every variety of sab-  vegetables in this part of the country   	
jeet,   rates,   transportation,   many   of kgj been diminishing for the past five  mentis
them on labor conditions, he had yet j years,    B. C. was at the present time  "the
ro fiftd erne who had not something to ! imp0rt|ng   -o   of  foodstuff  for  every  talS
R.  H.  Duke cf Connaueht T-Tlalns
What Militarism   la���Condition
of Duchess Improves.
���Chicago, May ���White women who
asauCiat.d with Jack Johnson, negro
heavyweight champion of the world,
were used as sparring partners, according to charges of government at
say about tbe market question, show
tng that  tbe market difficulties    are
very .real obea.
If the consumer would not go to the
-market arid the farmer on his part
-had tie spend too much time going to
the market, once a week, then the only
natural solution waa that farmers
���mint co-operate and act in unison and
let th-p managers of their co-operative
-society* go to the market
these girls," Mr. Parkin said,
ere frequently sent to hospi-
h blackened eyes and bruised
dollar  the   province  raised;   $24,000,-1 bodl*B��?
000 was Imported last year, W- ijacobowskl, Johnson's chauffeur
It   was   of   the   utmost   importance * wa��  ttte   first   witness.     He   told   of
that the production of their country i John-File's   meeting   Uelle    Schrelber,
should be guided along lines to which | the; wMnan  he now  is  charged   with
uondon, May 8.- The nuke of Connaught.   who   was   appointed   by   the
���king to be president of the Hoy Scout
association,  yesterday  took the chair
tornivi here today In the trial of Jack I for the fir3t tlme at the g(mPnlI mcot
JohoAn. charged with violation of the,,      ()f
Hatty  A.  I'arkln, assistant district]    Speaking as chief scout of Canada.
aUoBay.  declared  that  the  evidence j his royal highness said:
how that Johnson directed his     ������] have been among nearly all the aDd *���**���* il '8 a laughing scream from
ccomplishments    against    the:.    .���    , ,.     _     , . ... ,start to Ilnlsh
"As a result of his treat- Ws ol the Dominion, either serving I
or being served. There are 30.0S0'
boy  scouts  In  Canada,   where,  as  ln I
Owing to Nat Goodwin giving n
performance at the opera house last
evening tho Vin Moore Stock company, which has made such a hit with
the theatregoers of this city, were
not able to put on their show, but
they will put on their version of one*
of the concdy hits of the Reason, "All
the Comforts of a Home," this evening.
Mr. Moore olaims that this Is one
of the best pieces in    his repertoire
it was best adapted.
"I expect the investigations of the
commission will give the agricultural
department a very much stronger
hand than they have had and that we
will  have  (he  strongest  support  and
ha^ii-tjri.transported from Pittsburg to
Chtciw, In Cleveland, and again In
DefaflSaud of Johnson's having sent
his aBlpinobile to take the woman
from her hotel to the theatres where
Johnston was appearing.
I.llllah  Henderson of Pittsburg, the
Thee the municipalities miint be di- I sympathy of the men on the land.    I	
vidrd into a series of areas each hav-   shaM ������,, very g|ad t0 (ell Mr Scott the  second.Vvitness, told of Belle Schrei
Hig its own co-operative store where ��� resuit of this meeting," concluded the : ber leasing Pittsburg in August, 1910.
one with a dozen eggs or a dozen cab- ! speaker. ��� ������'	
���bages might put them into one whole ;    Mr. Stuart Wade lamented the small!       9  O'tfen Land for Settlement,
���property packed, graded and sold in an , attendance.      The    council    chamber I    Calgary, May 8.���The department of
enlictnp way to the consumer,    ln no , should have been packed to the door. 1 naturatiTescurces of the Canadian Pa-
other nay  will  thiB thing be solved.   He compared  New  Westminster to a  clfic announce that thousands of acres
Right at the Door. j clearing  house  for  the   Fraser  river,  of (holiest  land owned  by the com-
WbentVW this selling agency did The elimination of the middleman as pany will be thrown open for settle-
take place they would require to have far as possible was most important, i ment iindef the "ready made farm"
n telephone like the grocer and a de- | Must Act at Once. : plan' lhis spring.   Much of this land is
livtry   like   the   grocer.     They   must'    The president  mado a rousing ap- , locatcil in the neighborhood of brooks.
peal for action at once.    He scathing- i ���   ��� - ���
ly denounced the smallness of attrlb-   ft :��- ���"���-> :-; ���'������ ������'������ ������-' ���-':��� ���'���'���- # ;": ���*��- # ;-'-1 * ������'������
utlng base motives to those who were  * WELSH  NEWS,
endeavoring  to attribute  sordid  mo-  *::* -i ���.'; ���)'���
itives to tho city in promoting this organization. Without the farming community  New   Westminster would  not
jbe worth much,
, Washington had shown them what
could be done by co-operation and
they had shown them what a dismal
failure farming was without it. There
were three 'minions to ask themselves: (li Hid they want to organize;
(2)How were they going to do it; (3)
Whal were they going to do to get It?
Cries of "undoubtedly," "certainly"
and " hear, hear," greeted the president's peroration.
In Delta.
Mr. Hutcherson said the Delta
board of trade had appointed a committee and divided their district Into
six and they were going to visit each
district. The del..Kales from each will
'then meet and draw up a sen.-nie to
form an organisation. He laid great
Btrt bb, however, upon the great Imp ir
tance of a market..
Professor Hill-Tout's slogan was
"Educate, educate, educate." Disarm
(In- suspicions of the farmer and Inspire wiih interest if not enthusiasm.
If they wanted the market (hey must
organize. i
The President���We can do It in the j tallied, and nil,l
Fraser valley If (hey can In tne Okan-
imnn. i.et us organize throughout the
inll. v and especially in the work relating to the Belling agency. We are
trying to make provision hen- mor,
than anywhere ilse; we have the fa-
clllth s.
tn? A vote of thinks v,*i*s unaiilmouslj
farmer was niole :ii'-nr��I..! to Mr Hayward and Mr
Shannon, agricultural commlfsl ners
for their presence ami approbal on and
a',Mi Mr.  Wlnslow.
The next    big    traveling   company
that will be seen at the opera house
reach the consumer at hiB own door.
He had often heard that successful
���co-oprration among farmers was a
very hard thing, that it was no use, so
many hart gone to the wall, lie bo-
lievetl they had some through petty
jealoiisir-B, but mostly through grows
There was no reason why co-operation shpuld not be as great a success
bore a* in any other place in the
world, ll. was going to take time sr.vi
trouble und care. The only great
thing wan discipline in their BoeletleB.
They found sometimes a soft heart
���eel manager who did not like to return
inferior articles. They must have discipline and anything not up to the
mark must be returned and the Bonder
told "Vou don't belong to the BOClaty
unl.'-.-s you send good stuff."
Then each man must be a -shareholder and he must remember lhal ii
he lias a kick coming it was his duty
���as ii shareholder lo confine il to the
management and not the press.
Quotes  Instances.
Mr. Hayward then gave some interesting; details and figures of the
working of the Cowichan Creamery.
a. c-o-oporativo concern. Fifteen years
Wi Ihey started In a small way. Kor
ttie year 1912 they shipped 130,833
pounds of Milter and sold at 44.37 p r
Ib. the farmer actually getting .19.(10,
or nearly 4<i c< nts per pound of butter.
five years ago fhey decided that j
egga should be ilc:vll with In ft-ie Bivmo
tr wn. tb
.s^m ii. In II
31,000 doaea;
"1M12. 164,-000
England, we have our deprecators.
There were people there who did not
believe in- It, who imagined that
there was militarism behind It. I
have done my utmost to point out
that if militarism Is the means of
making boya respectlble. respectful,
moral and manly, then there Is militarism at the back of IL and a very
good thing that is.
"That, however, is not my Idea of
militarism. I do not think I need
give you mv definition of It. because
probably all of you who know foreign countries where they have large
armies, know that the, wholo administration of the country is subser-
vi-nt to military condition and you
will recognize that there is noL nor
will be  anything on those lines here."
The duke, referring lo the duchess'
Illness said that now there was a definite improvement In her royal highness'  condition.
"1 can assure yen," ha said, "that
we have felt most keenly ihe generous sympathy and affection shown us
throughout   the  whole  British  empire.
I will be here next Saturday evening,
when they will produce that laughing
comedy that has been read by thous
ands of the readers of this paper,
Thla play is not what Is called    a
comedy or a musical comedy, but Is I
a  mixture of  both.    The  gentleman i
that  takes  the  part  of  Freckles  has i
one of the most beautiful tenor voIccb
that have been heard on the const.
The seat sale for this comedy opens
at the box office this morning.
Regular Values up to $25.00
Week-End Special $18.50
1 first year, Ihe eggB
. . li: station figured at
in 1011, 81,000 dozen; in
What  did that  in
tt  meant  thai   th
i��o Hell at a good   price;   il  meant   an
��mormm/sly   Increased  supply  and  a
A greater number went into thp'
iponltry business. Some found also
'hai thr -directors would not stand
'/doling. The i-ggs had to be up to
ihe stamlnrd or Ihey would not lie
marked :*-��� s-iu-h. but placed in the
second gradv The average price realized liy lln- fanner was 31.36 cents
itier dozen the sear round.
Poultry as Well.
llie neici proposition was poultry.
Thev got a modern fattener from Sus-
;nex. BhkglaiM and the management was
tnld to go ahead, fatten the poultry,
WH ami plnM, (hem and make them
,-cend     lor mm hot.
lln   I911 tbey sold   19,;il8 pt inula for
���**4JKlSi old,    In  1S1J  they sold  45,84-5
���poll ,:'.s Khlch gave the producer $11,
U0O  odd.
Tliey tl-iCTi went  Into the feed tmsi
���vietv.    f^ast year, it seemed Incredible,
*h< y   IioujAi   110   tons   of   feed   from
Alberta ansl Btored  it. in a great hig
��tore.    These figures showi d thai  cl
thiuigh tha   started in a verj  email
ij��.l.v,    what    eo operative
meant    -They had
ties  nr.il   had   the
Will Pave toy
Burnaby Ms
iContinued trim nace onei
The annual report of the medical
officer of health (Hr. B. Walford) for
the Cardiff Porl Sanitary Authority
slates that during the past year 7,827!
rats were caught in thirty-live vessels
and Qestroyi d
At the Hafcn brickworks, Llanelly,
excavations were ln progress, when,
without any warning, tho roof of a
tip fell in. completely burying Richard John, one of the proprietors ot
the works When the bod) we recovered tbe unfortunate gentleman
was dead. The amount of debris
which fell Upon him was fifty in:-,
and ovi :* an hour elapsed before his
body was recoven d He had been
largely identified With colliery enter-
A  young  man  named  Alfred   Hopkins, a  will  known  local athlete, of
Hairy,  was  drowned   while  attempting the ri si-e of a lad in the-^ea. The
attention of the trustees of the Car
negie  hero   fund   having   been   called
to bis bravery,    Mrs.    Hopkins,    the
mother,   has   received     the    Carnegie ',
medal and a check for ��10. The trustees express tlieir sympathy with the,
mother ln (he great loaa ahe has sua- 1
We are niir-^  you I
will   alwi*\s   derive   some  measure   of
(-..iiifnr:   from  the  reflection  that     his
death was due to a brave effort made
by him to save the boy's life "
At the vestry meeting of Ffynong-
wyw parish, Mostyn, the vicar, the
��� Uev. w. Arinou l-.ilis, nominated C.
J. Bailers, one of the managing directors of the Point of Ayr colliery.
to be his warden, and one of the colliers. Joseph Davles, was appointed
people's warden. The fourteen Bides-
tnei were nearly all elected from
among workmen. It is staled that In
addition to the vicar's warden, flvi
or six working men head the lessons
ri gularly iu church in turns. The ves-
try clerk Is a clerk at the colliery, tin
organist Is a collier, and the choir- ,
master is a foreman  brass fitter.
I  received   from  Australia.  South   Af-  late
r'ci,  New  Zealand and even-  part  of   train
For^eal acting and real setting the
performance  at  the  opera house  last
evening In which Nat Goodwin played
the part of "Fagln" In "Oliver Twist" |
was the most brilliant seen in this:
city during the present theatrical ,
Only a fair sized house greeted the '
company, but those who were present
were  loud  in  their applause  of    ihe
splendid    acting and    the all    round I
strength   of   tiie   company   associated
with the famous American actor.    A
the empire words of sympathy and no
one hai apprco.ated theae mere than
the duchess.
"Nothing will be more encouraging
to her to continue the fight against
this insidious disease than the sympathy she has received.
Itart   was  made  owing  lo   poor
connections and  it    was    nigh
when   ihe  last   curtain
11:30   o'cleek
rang   down.
Mr. Nat Goodwin, of course, played
the stellar role cf "Fagln," and he
mus ui'll suported by the oilier members of the east. it ii aa a real
Dickens' treal and there wire many
in this city who will heat* from their
friends just   what  they missed  seeing
lasl evening.
Fit Rite Clothing will hold
its own against all comers
for Style, Quality, Fine Tailoring and Price.
Fit-Rite Clothing is clothing that any man can wear
with credit to himself and
his company.
It's clothing distinctive in
every feature from the cutting to the sewing on of the
last Button.
Although the municipal council has
aot> decided as yet as t" whether they
will call for t. nders i n any class of
paving nr simply on one spi ���
grade, Mr. K. I. Macpherson, lhe municipal engineer, has Belected typical
bitulithic for the reason given In pan
"Regarding tho all Important qm-s-
'lion of type of pavement proposed to
he adopted, tins is a matter mi which
widely dlvergenl and conflicting opln
ions obtain, I ut ns far an my personal
miesligations,  observath na  and   en
onirics havo gone, I  have n i hesii i
methods tlon   in   pronouncing   In  favor ol   the
had their diltii-ul    typical  bltulithic  puvlng   constructed
today,  hul   they  according to standard speclfica!
lumild   not   In-   tin.roughly   succimsful      "While  <!
mm,I Un >  deall   with  vegetablea and  and contlnui
marketable i h ipi>
the consumer  so
in Bome respects to thc
friiiln, pat tht ni "In
;ind   sell   (hem   to
that he pr.ifi a little less for them andlroyalt)
rhe pTOduc&r got a great deal more        then by
U   pn-s-ni   the   difference   ill   price   ol  the pave  t, th
ws�� toe Tnuch ac between the conaum-1 my  mind  as  to  tli
er ami pToaucer
Another thing  thai
.lay was Major (!ray
v "be 8-eattla market,
.-x.7h.-V1j  -whai  be said.    The Japanese
;-iiid   foreign, rs   used   the   market   bul
Ihe   Anglo biaions   neglect' .   il,   con
isumi r anil producer,
Ideal   Method.
There  was   DO  doubt   that  the   New
li .1 el  *   lion ho    net n
to be taki *   |u ulflahlj
patent p    .
mil  as  l Itullthli   on  i. hich  ;i
musl   I .���  paid   Hie  p .!. nti. -
naturally enhancing tho i    ���
* is no d nil ���
genuine  naturi
Ita adaptnh ; i *.
:ontemplatcd   In
rot the pav i ment and
struck him  th ll   lo   BUCh   work   as   is   i
i remark:! aboul   Bumaby."
They confirmed |    The engineer then goes on to dls
ens... the relative values of paving ma
terials  offi red   for   us.*,  di talllns   lhi
reasons  he  is convinced  that  hittill-
thlc    wlll    i mt   the  requirements of
In event of bltulithic pavement be-
'."W-r-bt'iiinstcr   market   was   wnrtlry   nf | ing used," the engiii
states later in
his r. port, "it dues not neceBBarlly
follow that this must be Inld by one
company who could demand their own
price. Any contractor could lay this
pavement according to the standard
specifications provided the patent
rights are protected and necessary ar
rangements executed with the patentees.
svnrlhlng paid  about it and  had  nl
-w��$M given fair treatment lo the Kra
i��*r valley farmer, but It could not be
.-,is Miec.ittsful as  it ought to be with
out  a  -wiling  agency   ulong  lhi:   lines
If that could he done Chilliwack
Delta, l.angley. Surrey and others
��-c��-*!/l hni' Ihelr organizations and
tthey would have co-operation in a
concrete way    Twenty managers of
,.'()   co opera-Jit"   Hoeieties    discussing
what thi y  wi.uld  sell  and  alao  whil
,.hej   would   produce,    That wae thc
di .1 nnd  the only  way whereby lhis
matter   touW   be   taken   up  -biicm s:
There   were  many  other  qui-.l low   which obstrue'ed
���   t   uld haye In en only too glad to nprung   up  and   Dinned   hlm  hetv
,-,ii- i p. imt  time ilid not permit-        .tli.   cars,     lie  died  on   reaching
He ' I'lild nay (his, and he hoped thai  hospital.
thoae present   would impress it upon;  ���	
others in their several distrintn. that.
the agricultural  commission  waa not '"d^1 Opium Traffic,
intiiahil to whitewash or anything of lonflOn, May 8, The goveriim.nl
Mu t. ml, Iml to find out the cauwis announces thai no more opium will
��� '', I ii depression of agriculture in at Wnt from India to China ibis year,
tbl province and having lound it try II nays that It is probable thai the
.-i-iiid di> cover a remedy. 1 radio   In   opium   bet ween   India   ;::id
Mr   IHnsmore,  Burrey.    epnko    far China -will never bo renewed,
Crushed to Death.
Calgary,  May  s     William    Thomn
'���"i:   :i    * .' . mi n   ih"  streel   rail
way, v,-". crushed to death this ufternoon �� bile tryln - - move :i truck i f
the Canadian I"b rhanks comimnj
li -i    car     ,\    i.   .   |
It. S. I'orlett, II. K., announced his
intention of contesting Ramsey at
the next general election, in opposition to Mr Crennell,
The lord bishop conducted a continuation service at St. Paul's
church, Ramsey. There were lfi male
ami 27 female candidates,
Mrs.    Annie   Elizabeth    Baxandn"
*   i   tif   Hi.,  late  J.   W.   Ilaxandall,
ircl Iteet of I ds. is dead.    She will
besl be remembered as a daughter of
ih.* late Deemster Sherwood.
The  marriage of Miss  Mary   Hum;
Moore,   daughter   of   Lieut    Col
Moon     K    11 ,  and  Of   Mrs.   Mm.re,  to
���   i.i. rt  M, Rlggall,   of   the
i  '��� I navy, ni  Malew parish church
a i r event In local circles    Thi
. ���' :. ���   �� ub followed by a  recep
*'. al the tlreal Meadow, the residence ol   I i. ul   Col    Moore
Aboi nl ��� ra  of the  Setting
Qui Bts nf ill.. Island wi re present at
a lm.' In ii ri*. n ai the Peverll hotel 1.)   i,e.    Drinkwater p r thn  t	
         ���' ng   i-.ii dl v   io    thetn   on
ins r. nr. in. ���.! from the position of
ii m. Seneschal ami crown receiver,
ind   il i   : ihie ihem to meet his
ucci ssor, I'   Itoddam Drinkwater.
Mans roc:,.lies all our the world
are adulating rapidly with the organization recently established at Dong-
las to hrlng them together Manx
Bocletlen at Sydney, N, S. W��� London. K u asi. .'.],,. Victoria, Tl ('., Montreal, Wlniiip, i- and Chicago have
bun heard from, The seen tary of
ih" Chicago Boclety is Mus Kncen,
533 l * rty Beoond sin nt.
At  Aspen, Montai n   Hi hi -I  it   n
K'illey. ymnii-iM  brotlu r i f John Kll-
;. >.   Mini n ,   and    i      Jas,    Kllley,
blachsmlth   and  Mi     :;��� rmi do,    Ml
norca, Is dead    The .:.* . used I.f  the
sl.ii, I   iii   188(1   nntl    . "'. d   dov n   ii
Asp. 11      �� ''.To    hP    M.,.. ,   . ,,        ii        .,
the mini * lie l, :i , . .i I ��� ���,,,
Miss   M iri M t   i ��� of  La
md iii-.-. il lughti:.
'i in* ii. nui 11 i.i   |i
of hla  son- in-],...   mid  il *. hter,  Mr.
and .1   ('   Caine. Olnn   ,'    lyn   Mb li.nl
nf Wm, Christian, formerly nl  Balls
corey, AndreaB, who hnd nttn in il tho
advanced age of   " >. nn    lie �� u
ther of Alfred Christian  ll   k , am] .1
.1. Christian, i halrman ol  tho Parm
ers' c \ tbtne,  Ltd . and  wns  li
day one of the most  prominent agrl
culturlstt In tin. Island
Tommy Atkins V/ill Know Ihe Scarlet
lunic No More.
The rea coat of tho British Infantryman, wiii*}f . hundreds ������ yeara hn-s
been one of V* i most striking reaturei
ol the uniforms of the aimic-s of the
world, i- t.i disappear and soon tha
world will know no more "tlio thin
n I line '*i heroes." According to
well aulhcnticat .1 reports -' the plans
cf the War Dopaitmont, i' i- under-
ptond that tiie Secretary el Wnr will
disclose in his forthcoming army estimate a> one of the principal measures
of ccon.miv n proposal to abnllsh the
famous scarlet full dress uniform of
all  llle infantry  of the line.  Ihe r iyul
marine and tl ��� livht infantry.
77ie khaki service dress is tn be (he
uniform ol the future That prospect,
particularly tor thc recruiting sergeant
and the nursemaid in the park, is not
at all pleasant, but as an economic departure the scheme hns much to re-
commend it. If (he proposal finally
cornea before Parliament, it i*j sure to
meet a strenuous opposition from
those who regard the bright, nttra.'-
live tunics as i.n important stutnulus
tc recruiting, nl-o rr mi those who
merely consider lhe army as srun"-
thin--* m.-re ornamental than neces-
snry. and a wordy Parliamentary wnr
between sentimentality and utilitarianism is promised.
Tie. "entlmenti-.l feeling nf th ��� Flint-
lish people lor 'lie hi'toric uniforms
"i (li :r soldli ra haa b> on only recently
displayed in the opposition arouse I
aeainst discording the kiits of (he
Highland troops When this proposition was put forward there wns a General protest, not only trom the Highland regiments, hul fmni the whole
country, ami it has resulted, su lar at
any rate, in the kilt bcim.' retained, I
ami it is hardly possible tlmt tho red ,
coat will be discarded without a
I-'..r the in.mu nt it is not puftgeated
that the dashing Kuardsman shall hav,-'
the beauty of their apparel Interfered
i with. Neither is there nny proposal [
inmle to strip the cavalry, loyal artillery i.r ruyal engineers, ol their roll lee.lent trappii as, although ti\u
I r-.liul.lv in.u1,.I |i lh, i* as n nr'iter nl
cniirss When lh ��� ' in te . i made each
ii f in- ��� v ���; in ii wll i. ������ ,ve l*' n khaki
tniiir-. one to i" ki i lor paiadc pur*
j...-. - ..: K*.
Buss -ii"ii- nln it'll nr** forllicoming
fp.m  li pn *i Is nj'surli n drastic
' change t ��� liiinki. They araue that it
bus nnl'.i! ig tu re ..n.m >uil it iri'in i i,
a. stie tin  | niul  nl  \ ie��     Cirni*  i- enn-
I -nli-rnbly In', r '. n- lhe most Buitahle
shade, anri lie.-, wbo advocata tin*
are probably nol unmindful of the
stnnrt n| pearancp the French inlnu-
in- now i res- nt in tlieir i u'w service
II Hargreaves, senior postman of
Douglas, is retlrlntr from the Bervlce
on reaching the ace limit, 60 years,
having joined the posl office in  1S78
Remember wc keep Fit-Rite Clothing pressed
free of chs rgc.
Richardson & Humphries
709 Col urn lii a St.
Westminster Trust Block.
Ladies, Misses'ard Children's Hose, 15arrettcs, Sitle Combs,  Hair  Pins,  Hat
Pins, Brooches, Lace I*ins, Pancy Safety Pins, Silk Thread,  Linen
and Cotton Thread, Crochet Balls, Silken Darning  Floss,  Hose
Supporters, Chain and Leather I'urses, Men and Boy's Overalls and Hats, Canvass and Leather Gloves,   Etc.,   Etc.
We cannot enumerate here everything we have added to our new department, but we extend a cordial invitation to visit our store and see for yourself, and we feel sure that you will be satisfied with our goods, our prices and
our way of doing business.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St.
Take 12th St. Car.
Ccirwrlln    r.ve-Yeir.Olf'.
Many  people have wondered lately
who the pretty (lve-ycar-nld, fair-hair
e.l ciri l�� who ilrivoit about In a Rnr-
.'eons nntt'iiinhile 111 London, accom .
innied by ii coal-black  Knllir nurse j
she is the ynmigesl daughter "I S��lli*
,1'h-I,   the   South   African   millionaire
who wiih  hi-"  wi'-, has so long  nnii
unsuccessfully a'l rnpteil to -t* rill tin* .
di.nr-   .,f   -o**i *ly
lint   II   Mr    ami   Mr.-..   ,lnp|   lire   net j
received In tho best society, llicy enn-1
ii,.i I,,* prevented Irom ipeiulitin money
In a way which, perhaps, urniM  n* i
be considered In  I tnate by other-
Fnr Instnnee, the little airl  in 'im**
tlon lm- I '���'. n mnn cured Iw ice n ��*.������ I,
Min-i* -!i.- wn-, three yi ir.* .11     \i  il
her  m   k  "lie  weal ��� a rop ��� **i  i earl- '
which   * i<l   In i-   [iilln r  tii "i'i.   and
aroiniil li i* little ���-. i. - i- n hm i let ���.* I
perlin t  ilium  *
Mosl people wh    : .       ecu lhe rop**
,,  ,,,,,   "i i cnrls Brouml li ubliy neck Ink
.,��� * them  [ni   i en i .  In caii.ii! Inpy entni'.i
iiniiL'liie  any   i IliliJ    beiliR    nil..wed   I..
carry   n   t* rtuiu   u mul   , i  Hm   waj .
l.nl   her  el,lei     i.-vter   lias  a   rope  ol '
pi ni     ,vl i  im* tun.*, n^ nm, ii
as the ,.i,I.*.
Jack J"* I, Sollj'a brother, won tho
0 th,   villi Siin-'ni*. Imt wm not nsk,
��� i i   ilinc with Hi... King at Iho uiunl:
Hm   ��� ii innuct, .
At Just Half-Price You Can Get An
El Tqstovo is a glowing electric toaster stove, that can hc attached to any
electric litfht socket and used riRht on the tahle or sidehoard.
are still going at from 2"> to -'0 per cent off regular prices.   Don't wait until it is
ft.t; late.   Come in ar.d see the genuine harRains we arc offering.
I'hone G5G
63 Sixth St. FRIDAY,  MAY 9,  1913.
PAG! nn
had occupation. It ought not to be,
considering Its Importance, for we
must all i al, und bread Is good
enough for most of us, consiileriuK
thu  price of potatoes and  beeksteali.
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
Eastsidert    Easy    Victors    bi    Initial I
Game  of  Season 5-0���Good
Outplayed in all stages of the
game-) the Kant llurnaby lacrosse
(earn went down to defeat in the
opening game of the season before
lhe Sapperton aggregation at Queens
park last evening, the final score be-
inir five goals  to One,
The result was a surprise lo many
of the supporters of both teams who
figured that tlie suburbanites were
lhe dark horse of the season of 1913,
but admitting llurnaby have the material for the building up of a fast
team, tbe eastsiders displayed a better knowledge of all round stlckhandllng and combination work which deserved them their victory.
A crowd of several hundred lined
the bleaehers and fenre around the
oval when Referee SanRSter open' tl
the game at 6:30 o'clock, and from
lhal I.me until 7:80 p.m. they were
kept on the move watching the
youngsters perform in the national
Exeept in the second quarter the
play was kepi almost continually   in
Ihe territory of lhe llurnaby defence
ami Hie Buddeu sourU by the Burnaby home generally came to naught
by reason ol  faulty pass work.
liert Johnston opened the scoring in
the first quarter with a pretty shot
which was Inter increased by a pot
shot by  Ham Selater.
In the second spasm the suburban-
Ites appeared to wake up, Lewis taking the pass and notching the only
counter for the whit., shirts. Bapperton came back with even more vim.
It. Chambers anil liert Johnston BCOr
Ina in a brace of goals. The latter
player got mixed up in a fistic encounter with CouttS, the Kast lluriia-
by custodian, warming Hie bench for
five minutes,
Nn .ihi- . were registered in tlie
third quarti r, although both goals
had narrow  - acapos.
Darkness wit:, fast setting in when
tn,. linal quarter wan commenced, .(.
Chambers notching a flfih goal for
The game on the whir was Inter-
GBtlng, although tbe rain ef the after-
ni .... wa? responsible fer many slips
liy the players.
For tho victors UoJ- Coulson starred
between the nets, while his opponent
In the opposite goal, W. C'outts. was
little Inferior.
Ilornle Keedham showed his old
speed with East Burnaby, In fact he
appears to be playing an even better
game than last season and will bear
Many   Ladles   Take   Part   In   Contest
for Monthly  Medal at Burqultlam Links.
���* W.
Vancouver  . . . J:*.   .... 13
seattio  ; ib
Tacoma  11
Spokane   in
Portland       8
Victoria   9
P-< |
.652 i
.400 }
Yesterday's Games.
At  Victoria: R.   H.   E.
Tacoma      3     8     0
Victoria    4    10     2
Batteries: Belford and Orindell:
Narveson and Meek.
4 1
H.      E   !
12     2 |
8      li
Main   Store    193-443
Sapperton   Store    373
West   End   Store       650
in nsti
Caben I    Brand    iin-ring,
drj pack These are finest
Norwegian Herring in tins
und as n special we are selling llii'in al   10c, 3 for 25c.
These are In a delicious
soup and are fine fat fish S411
Mr 180., 2 for 25c.
An unusually large entry took part
In th" ladies' monthly medal contest
at the Vancouver Golf and Country
Club links, Burquitlam. yeBterday afti rn.ion. Although a rain storm
somewhat marred the proceedings it
did not dampen the ardor of ihe con-
tentanta, the scores being wry creditable, especially those made hy Mrs.
Smith ami Mrs. 1'age.
Tin- sonlor prize went to Mrs Smith
While Miss Corbould was the winner
in llie Junior event. The following
were lln- scores:
Mrs. Smith. 85, less !), 7'i: Mrs. I'ago
88, less 9 79; Miss Corbould, lb.'', less
21. Tii: Miss Peele, 101 less 19, 83:
MIsb Hume, IK., less 24. 92; Mrs. Allan. 1 Ll less 24, U7; Mrs Eddy, 125
less 24: 101; Mrs Brooks, 132, leBs 30,
]tl2; Mrs. Yuengllng, 1-7. less 21. 103;
Mrs. Twee-dale, 126 leas 80, 106; Mrs.
Motherwell, 140 less 80, ll"; Mrs.
Swan. HI less Mu, 111; Mrs. I'arks,
144 less 30. 114; Miss 0. nunc,., 139
less 24, 116; Mrs. I.nwsoii, 147 bss 30.
'.17; Miss Dalton. 151 less 30, 1-1.
Spring Tournament.
The results of lhe first round were
ne   follows.
Miss Smith won from Miss Monro
soratched I
Mrs.   Page  beat   Mrs.   Vueugllag.
Mrs.  Allan  heat  Mrs. A. C Stewart
Miss   I'et le  beat   Mins  li.   Ilunce.
Mrs,  Ardagh  beat Mrs. Hamilton.
Mrs.  F   Blkins beat  Mrs.  l.awson.
Niiss Corbould beat Mra. \V. Thompson.
Mr.-*. Eddy beat Mrs. A. A. Richardson, i
The tolloWing ladles have been selected to represent Vancouver ladies
in their match against the Westminster ladles: Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Page,
Miss Ihinee. Mbs (1. Hunr". Mrs. Elk-
ins, Mrs. c A. Stewart. Mrs Tweed-
a!., ami Mrs Hamilton The West-
mtnster team will he as follows; Miss
I', i le, Miss Corbould, Mrs Allan.
Mis. Eddy, Mrs. Yuengling, Mrs. Ar -
dagh, Mrs. Motherwell and Mrs.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   L.   Pet
Philadelphia 10     6      .625
Chicago  ..14     9      .608
SL Loula    '...12    10      .545
New York  10     9      .526
Brooklyn   , 10   10      .500
Pittsburg   10    12      .454
Boston    , 7    12      )261
Cincinnati     5    16      .238
Yesterday's Games.
At Brooklyn��� R.    II.
Chicago     1     3
Brooklyn      2     3
Batteries:     Lavender and
nan;   Itucker and  Miller.
At   Philadelphia-��� R.
St. IxiuIb  5
Philadelphia   4
Batteries; Harmon. Sallee, Per-
rltt and McLean, Wlngo; Chalmer3
and Dooln, Killifer.
At BoBton-��� R,    H.    E.
Pittsburg     1      2     3
' Boston    fi     <i      -j
Butteries:     Adams,    Robinson  and
: Kelly;   Dickson    and  Whaling,    tlari-
At  New York��� R.    H.   E.
Cincinnati      4     9      1
: New  York    0     6     3
Batteries: Johnson and Clarke;
Tesreau, Wlltae and  Meyers, Wilson.
Standing of the Clubs.
\V.    1,.    Pet
Philadelphia  14     4     .777
Washington    1
Cleveland    16
' Chicago    14
St    Unils      (I
Boston    7
Detroit    7
New   York    3
Yesterday's (lames
I K'-mpton park. It ls expected that
, tliere will be a revival of interest in
j thia turf classic, which of late years
[has Buffered a decline, as the 1013
entry list showed more and better
horses than  in  1912.
In Ihe pulmy days of the Great
Jubilee a good horse was fleeessarv
to win. but more recently hucIi sec
ond-raters aB liaydon and Eboe have
been  good enough.
Harvard's   hockey   team   will    play
Cornell  al  Cambridge  tomorrow, and
Yale at New    Haven    the    following
Saturday.    Hockey  was recently ele-!
vated to the position of a major sport j
al. Harvard, and now rankB with foot !
ball,   baseball,   crew   and   track   ath- j
llarrard Is the first American university of prominence to thus elevate
tbe ice game.
i��LAY  VICTORIA   MAY  29-30.
Australian Cricketers Due to Play In
Canada and  United  States.
New York, May 8.���With the announcement that the Australian
cricket team, which Is to make a
tour of the "United StateB this summer, has sailed from Sydney, Monday, on the Niagara, due In Victoria
on May 27, dates arranged for their
matches in this country and Canada
were given out.
The team will play its flrst matches In Victoria on May 29, 30 and 31,
8toppen en route through Canada at
Edmonton, Prince Albert, Montreal
and other points where matches have
been arranged.
The Australians will first be seen
In the United States at Philadelphia,
where they will play June 20, 21 and
.3 HI
11.    F.
.   2
3       2
.  3
7       ll
At Cleveland��� "    ������
('lev. land   	
llatteries:       Bedlent
Gregg and (arise!).
At   Detroit��� R.    H.    E
N. n   'i.Tk     1      7      1
Dei roil      3      S      2
Batteries:     Scbulz,   McConnell   and
Sweeney;   n,,u and St&naco.
Al   Chicago 11.     ir.     E
Washington      5      7     a
Chicago   10   n     1
Latteries:     Groome,   Gallia.     I'.och-1
ling.   Carlson   and   Henry,   Williams;
Rusaell and Schalk,
At St. l.ouis- R.    II.    E.
Philadelphia    6    <i     1
St. Louis  	
Batteries:     Bender
Ham 11 on and Agnew.
and    Thomas:
1908 Jack Johnson knocked oul Wai
t'- Johnson In third round and
foughi three round draw with
.!."   Jeanette at Philadelphia.
190S Willie Lewis knocked out Hii'
Meekius in second round, Jeff
Thorne in second round and
I.arry Conille In firBt round a!
.lack    1 Twin 1    Sullivan     was
knocked out by Stanley Ketche
round  at    San    Fran-
Smith   outpointed Jim
10  rounds at    New
Connelly in
Hiver. ?>Iass.
fifth round
11 pound of Morris' Matchless
Bacon, sliced, per Ih. 30c.
Sapperton bad a big bunch of sup
|u r ers out lo the game lasl evening
Take them all around, the' eastsiders
are a rabid out lit and loyal to the
core with any team wearing a San
perton uniform. There will be a bis;
crowd ont at (he Sapperton-Clty soccer game rn Saturday.
('Inn d indict, cf Ottawa, who was
seen playing between the nets nt the
n-ena Ibis winter with the eastern
allstars. have signed with Con Jones
for the coming season He is said to
be a pretty fair home player and n
Or.0 c!:i-ij ������">,.llteeper and will be a
handy man for Manager Jones to bave
"<] He will prebablv b" s'-en
playing for one of the coast hockey
(earns next  winter.
Guess It was Bome move to have
I:,llv Moresby and Billy Dltchburn,
of Victoria, handle Bome of the pro
tames between Vancouver and Hie
Itnyals this coming season. Manager
Gifford would not listen to Ihe proposal so that the two names were
���used from the list.
Umpires operating 111 lhe Amerl
ill league DO doubt feel a little
scared at the recent order Issued by
Ban Johnson calling for them to
White uniforms on special oe
elisions. Whnt ehnnce of escape wlll
they hnve ?
Doth Sapperton and the City Soccer
I inns are reported scouting for new
material for Saturday's game for possession of the City league cup. It
should be the best game of the Bear
son and well  worthy  watching.
There la some talk of two exhlbl-1 comprise the "bnshers" At the con
tlon lacrosse games being played In * elusion of the regular season the Aus
Victoria this summer In addition to | trnllan leagues have a Held day, noi
the three purchased from the Royals ,,,,111,,, the American world's series
by  Manager Jonos. j n,ith    the    Sydney    and    Melbonnn
If Prank Patrick could onlv secure 1 leagues are conducted on an amatem
a franchise In the Coast Lacrosse bOBte, and professionalism Is sup
league he would be able to sign on |���nseilly 'unknown In the Island ron
enough   hockey   nnd   Incrosse  players  tlnenl.
to keep Ihem busy nil the year round. |     tphe   newspaper   writers,    however
Manager Jones has    Clint    Benedict, Ihint that some of the Btar players ar'
(By "Gravy.")
Australian  Baseball  Season Opens.
Vustralla'a   baseball  leagues   sure
Ihey have baseball leagues in the
Antipodes will open thp season to
day, according  lo the Sydney papers
i-ind   will   play   regular schedules, run
j cludi".; about the middle of August.
Tin re are  three leagues, called  tin
j senior league, and the A Bid P.
'eagres,  in    ihe    New    South  Wales
I Baseball association, which controls
the game In Sydney and vicinity, and
Melbourne has an association organ
Ized along similar Hiicb.    Of the mil
, Hon or so people residing In the dis
] trlcl    covered    by    the    New    South
Wales leagHes, a large proportion an
ardent fans, and lhe clubB do not lnel
The  star  "baseballerB"  -as  player
j are always referred to In the Aus
trnllan press-are In the senloi
league,   while   the   A   and   11  circuit 1
Main   Storo  fi81   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col."St.
Wfcst   End   Store,  Sixth  AVe.
and 13th Street.
���Fred Taylor, Newsy l.iiloiule, Slbby
Nichols and linn McDonald on his
list and there are Others In the east
who are stars In both the winter and
summer game.
* Mr. Thomas PlUgerald has a llrm
believer and staunch friend In hla
lather, who conducts 11 bakery In    St.
Catharines, where be   produces   the
staff i.f life which  support! 11 goodly
portion of the people  ol   thai beautl
nble to run up liberal "expense" in*
counts, The baseball plant!) In Aus
trallii are rather crude affairs, and di
not rein-' tern! ii large Investment
The attendance Is usually good, and
as admission is charged, II Is likely
that somebody Is getllng something
mil of amateur baseball In Australia
It Is likely that the proposed In
vnslon of American clubs mny resull
In  greatly  Increased  enthiiBliiaiii, and
ful  town,    "I   would rather hnve him]In putting the game on a professional
punch dough In my bakery," Baya this basis.
soli  hearted  father, than  whal   Hum I
play   With   lhe   Toronlos   this  season      The Great Jubilee handicap, one of
for $86 0 week.    From that one must  the big events of Ihe English racing
infer that, "punching dough" la not n seanrn, will    he    ran    tomorrow    at
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase and   Sale   of   Real   Estate.
No. 67.���SNAP ON COLUMBIA STREET. .House and lot for $3,300.00
Terms $��00 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
No. 9.���A beautiful new home on Hamilton street, good view. Close
to 12th street car. Six rooms, basement, furnace, laundry tubs,
fireplace, panelled dining room, and hall. Beamed ceiling. Bath
and toilet separate. Polished brass electric fixtures. Cement walk.
Lot all graded. I'rice $4800, terms $800 cash, balance over two
yeara. '
No. 54.���Five roomed house, pantry and bath, piped for furnace, situated on Seventh avenue.   Price $2800; terms $500 cash, balance $30 ,
per month. ' , ,, '���
No. 40.���Five roomed cottage with basement. Bath and toilet Some
small fruit. Situated' on large lot on Fifth street. Price $8160;
$500 cash, balance $35 per month. ,    .    ��       * .,   .1," '
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Weetmlneter.
The Bank of Vancouver
.  ������   .1- ������!'
***^^���*****^*^^^***~^^^^^**^mmm^^mm^^^mmmtm^���^^mmm���mt*rmmmm*. .
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid ot
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
world. '
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
HARRY  TIDY, Manager.
Saturday, May 10
Here  Is  a  Clean.   Wholesome  Bully   Play   by     Gene     Stratton-Porter.
Author of "A Girl  of the  Limberlcst."
A   N-ivelly���A   Success���A   Unique      Scenic      Production,      Srintilljtir-o
with Wit,  Music and  Pathcs.
PRICES: 50c. 75: and $1.00.
Boost Home Products
Made from Choicest Malt and Bohemian Hops.
Ask for it.
See Bickell About It
322 Westminster Trust Building.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
All sizes from 8 years to 15 years.
 Two piece Knicker Suits.
$3.00, $3.75
to $10.00
85c., $1.25 to $2.00 the suit.
A specially fine line of American
Waists in plain tans and blues, also
white striped patterns.     .,'
75c. each
One lot of odd Shirt Waists to clear
Regular 85c. values going at 45c.
eid & McDonald
707 Columbia St.
Morey's Old Stand. PALE   BIX
FRIDAY, MAY 9,191?.
��� . *'***************
i RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
���month; 5.000 words, to be used as re-
lulred wittln one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage NoticeB 50c.
T��-��ath Notice 50c. or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
with another in  exchange    for    a
"nail amount of light    housework
daily.   Apply Box 1274 News office.
housework.   Apply 422 Third street.
offering one-quarter acre lots for
sale at Burnaby Lake at remarkably low prices and eaay terms.
Kor particulars call at Robert &
Co., 405 Westminster Trust building. (1278)
sired hy Montana Laddie, a prize
winner at late Terminal dog show;
$S,00 and $10.00 each. James Nlven,
Surrey Centre,  B.C. (1280)
cosy and well built bungalow on a
large lot, just off Twelfth street
car line. $100 cash and the balance
monthly. Call and go with us to
see this. It's worth Investigating.
Eastman & Wamsley. Phone 312,
Room 201 Westminster Trust building, City. (1281)
Nearly Half a Thousand Foreign
Workers Influenced by I, W. W.
Vernon, B. C��� May 8.���Between
four and five hundred Swedes. Austrian?-, and Italians have gone out on
sirike at the Kettle Valley construction camps at Narainiita, at the instigation of the I. W. W. No violence
has  been  reported.
The strikers demand a $3 minimum
for a ten hour day.    They are now
getting $2.75.
The  labor  commission    went    out
I Tuesday  morning    and    went    over
��� camps and workings.    They question-
|ed J.  J.   O'Connor,  the  secretary  of
I the strike committee.
|    The   men   complain   of   having  to
Bleep two In a bunk and of the hoBpi-
|tal arrangement!.    Special constables
have been enrolled by the provincial l
: police. ' |
A cup of TEA
that is a Safe,
ting and
Black, Green and Mixed.
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet In length.
J inch to I) inch tops. Can take in
���ater or on cars. Nestos Timber
Co., Ltd., Bellingham, Wash. (1268)
house on large lot, all in lawn and
Burden, fer vacant lot as part payment.    P.   O.  Box  316. (1277)
housework. 26 Royal avenue. U2f>l)
flco boy. Apply Room 505 Westminster Trust block. (1264)
lernity nurse open for engagements.
43 Albert Crescent, City. (1263)
cash, $10 month. Price $575. Half
block from Twelfth Btreet car, near
city limits. Apple, pear, plum and
cherry trees in full bearing. Ap
ply G. Waterman, Stride avenue
and Twelfth street (1256)
Victoria's Appreciation
of Westminster Market
roomed house and house to rent
Suitable for two families. Apply 410
Ash street. (1260)
The Victoria Times of recent date
contains &n texcellent article upo:t
the New Westminster market. Coming from the point of view of an outside eity which is striving to emulate the example set by New Westminster, the various points brought
out are of more than passing interest to people in this city and the
Fraser Valley.
The article follows:
The non-enthusiasts and the doubters may  be  ready  to  throw  sand  In
rise would bring them into town in
time to compete favorably with
others who have taken up tlieir stand
shortly after six o'clock in the morning.
Picturesque Scene.
The interior of the market building
on Friilav presents an interesting
scene which is not devoid of picturesque features. The main hall Is about
120 yards In length, and about one-
third  this distance in  width.
The  entrances  are  at the  extreme
teamster or Blable man, or would
do general work. I'hone 858 or
write 225 Tenth street, (1253)
W A NT ED ��� AT    ONCE,    NIGHT
clerk  aud   waitress.     Fraser  hotel,
corner  Begble and  Front streets.
sewing machine, kitchen table, bed
and several other articles of furniture.    Leaving    city.    417    Second ithe eyes of those who  maintain the  ends of the north wall of the building
street, city. (1340)   possible  benefits of  the   introduction . between   which   is   a   broad   runway.
In  Victoria  of  a  public  city  market,  sufficiently wide for a pair of horses
FOR SALE���SEVEN ROOMED MOD- hut there is no gainsaying the splen- and a wagon, while jnst beside this
ern house one block from car. Rea- did success which this Institution has on one Bide are the meat racks with
sonable- terms.    Apply  1024 Eighth  achieved in other places. the  big  beeves,  calves  and   sides of
avenue. (1241) I    The prime incentive to its establish  pork, on the other side being the neat
  ment mav be the demand of the pub- hencoops provided by the market au-
FOR    SALE ��� CLEANING    AND lie for cheaper  food;   it  may  be the   thoritles,   where   live   birds   are   kept
pressing business;  good trade;  low  urgent  claims  of  the fanner  to  his
rent.    Box 1226 Daily News.  (1226)  right of a public place where he may
dispose  of his produce.    But the  re-
SEE THE EVOLUTION OF A COOK ! suit in  either case  is the  same,  and
Stove,   Canada's    fride     Malleable  is  twofold  in   its  benefits  In   that   it
$1050 at 8 per cent, for one or three
years, on house Bituated at 712
Sixth Btreet, New Westminster. Apply Annie Hemphill, 2680 Eaton
street,   Vancouver,   B.C. 11247)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136   News  office. (11361
tage.     Apply   6u7
l-'ifth  avenue.
until   such   time   as   their
I decides  on   their  removal
Here too, not seldom, one may see
rabbits   and   unhappily-destined   pigs
which have not yet grown out of the
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week, j lessens the cost of food to the former  fascinating stage  of babyhood,  while
Canada Range Co..  Market square, land  increases the profits of the lat-  an   occosional   grunter   of   larger   di-
(1200) ,ter.
m       i i sag      At   New   Westminster   the   system
has now been in vogue for the    last
24 years, and every year thai passes
'; seems   to   prove   more   forcibly   than
Ithe last,  the  wonderful  efficiency  of
mensioiis stumbles  blindly  about  the
floor iu a sack.
The market is thoroughly well organized, and is under the direction
���of a capable and business-like man.
The   area   is  portioned   off   into   sec-
rooms and housekeeping rooms. 420 j
St. George street.    Phone 5S6 1..        '
rooms.    Apply 701 Agnes street.       |
Crockery, Silverware and Cutlery,
Furniture and Bedding, Kitchen
Equipment and Laundry Equipment.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to 6 p.m. Tuesday,
May 20, 1913.
Tenders must be submitted on the
forms of specification which mny he
obtained at the hospital. The lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted.
E. S.  WITHERS,  Secretary.
Royal  Columbian   Hospital,
(1245) New WeBtmlnster, B.C.
this  method   of   transacting   business  tions for the vending of various pro-
betwen producer and consumer. At
the time it was established there was
little idea of making the market anything other than a small central exchange where a few nearby agricul
turists and housewives might find
ready buyers for their garden, farm
and dairy produce among people who
were not able to buy them elsewhere.
(Ince established, the market became, a habit. It is to the farmer today what it was more than a score developed to its present state for the
of years ago, a place where he eau express purpose of benefiting tbe far-
dispose   of   his   produce,   and,   at   thej mer,  every  inducement  has  been  put
j name   lime,   be   certain   to  noe  all   " "
ibrother  rarmcra
ducts, poultry, vegetables, fruit bi-ing
in the sections set aside for these pro
ducts; a big counter for flowers;
butcher stalls and blocks for the cutting up of meats; a long counter for
butter and eggs, with spaces portioned off for the saleswomen and men;
and other divisions for other products.
Strictly   for   Farmers.
As the institution was founded ami
hla I forward    _.
a modal  and   bunt- I nntl   nlthoiiKh   nn   tn   Senlflo   and   slnil-
and housekeeping rooms cheap.
Call between 3:30 and 8 p.m.. 301
Columbia street. (1265)
keeping rooms.    828 Royal avenue    \v
t hi
with or without board. Home cafe,
Edmonds. (1242)
houBe on Fourth street, near Royal
avenue. Apply J, M. McDonald. 201
Agnes. (1237)
front bedrooms; board if desired.
609 Victoria street, near News
office. (1216)
Tendera an' Invited f..r the painting
a new  Hospital ut  New  Westminster,
c.   fm*   the   Board   ..f   Manager   nf
Roval Columbian Hospital.
Copies uf plans ami specifications it
I,,- seen ;*' the Hospital in Sapperton,
i-,, ur at  tin- offices ul  Un*  Architect,  s
B   Birds, A   i:   I   B  A . 119 Pender Strei i
West. Vancouver,  ll   C,
Scaled tenders m I." delivered to tho
Secretary of tlu- Hospital at Bapperton,
New Westminster,  li. C���  before 6  p.  in.
cdni-sdny,  May  -j 1st.
No allowance fnr tenders, and tin- lowest nt- any t.*iiil.*r nol necessarily ac-
Contractors snbmlttlne tenders will be
required to encloae a marked cheque for a
mini equal te live per cent   if, per cent.)
nf tlle .-llnolllll of tbe tender, which will I.���
forfeited   should   the   contractor   fall   Ie
enter Into u contract when called iiik-ii.
(12TB) Becretary-
428 Eleventh street.
keeping rooms.   224 Seventh street.
(1203) I
nf money mi Douglas road, Burnaby,
on Monday afternoon, May 5,
Owner can have same hy Identifying  property  ami   paying    cosl     of
this Insertion    J. Custance,  Eighteenth avenue, Burnaby,        (1250)
when-. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. 1199)
Furnished   thn-
bath.     Hot  and
.   room   suite,
old   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Notice ia horeby given that the Corporation of the city of New Westminster proposes lo fill in and build certain   works   on   the   foreshore   along
portions   of   the   main   waterfront  of
���Tie   City   of   New   Westminster,   and
loiB deposited the  plans thereof and
a description of the    proposed    sites
with  the   Minister  of  Public   Works
< nd a duplicate thereof in  the office
I the Registrar of Titles for the Disirict    cf    New  Westminster    ln    the
Province of British   Columbia,  being
Die district In which  such   work    is
proposed to be constructed, and will
one month after the date hereof ap-
I ly to the Qovernor-ltt-CouncU for approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd day of May,  1913.
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.        ,
Notice re Irrigation.
All persons desirous of using City-
water for Irrigation purposes must
first obtain an irrigation permit at
the Cily Hell, which v. ill tie issued
free of charge to householders using
City   water   for    domestic    purposes;
Hi.i.ii ct tn the Waterworks    Regulations.
The hours during which Irrigation
is permitted are;
7:;;<i a.m. to s:3*) a.ni.
6 p.m, to H p.m.
un week days only.    No Irrigation he
ing permitted on Sundays.
Such hours being subject to altera
tlon by the Cily Council al any time.
Irrigation outside the slated hours
renders the offender liable to prosecu
W   A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City  Hall, May 6, 1913. (12551
ness way.
To the citizens of New Westminster, Burnaby, Chilliwack and even
Vancouver, It is a popular department
grocery where the very finest fresh
garden produce, home-slaughtered
meats, dairy products, honey, flsh.
poultry, flowers, etc, can be obtained
at   the  producers'  prices.
A   Big  Crowd.
In the first capacity it attracts on
market day i Friday) during the busier months of the year, us many as
350 and 400 farmers with their week's
produce, while the number who purchase their week's supplies wtihin
the spacious precincts of the market
hall  can  scarcely  be  estimated.
Among the latter are not only consumers, but numerous middlemen
who have come to a type of jobbing
centre  for  the  purpose    of    making
lar places tradesmen uiul gracers have
ottered inducements to he allowed
to rent space within the markei area
for lln- purpose of carrying on their
business there, lhe market authorities have stoutly refused to countenance any such proposal, contending,
although tin- market may at eer-
BCasoUB 'i th'- yiir I'.' larger
is required for the accommoda-
i if thn vendors, yet it was Intend-
fer them and must tn- retained
of  their some
Hi r
for  them in  th"  event
day  requiring  it.
The charges made io the vendor
are lu every Case as reasonable as it
Is possible to make Ihem. and are
based on the cost of maintenance.
and the quantity slid variety of produce handled by the respective salesmen. The minimum charge cf ten
cents provides a net space large
terms lor carloads of potatoes, apples Ienough for the small producer to dls-
hav and other commodities handled, P��sp of his or her poultry, tenter,
while the sight of an aproned local eggs, or other small dairy or garden
butcher, fresh from his own block, i Produce, while the rising scale of
inspecting thn meat racks for a fresh-charges culi..mat.- ,n a fee which
ly   slaughtered   beef   or   veal,   Is  not
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Own a little bit of the earth
6 acres In Surrey. eloBi
ond growth clearing,
per acre; terms to
cash payment.
The amount of bUSlneBS transacted
is astonishing, and lhe area which is
enabled profitably to dispose of its
products has gradually extended far
beyound the original purposes of the
Frnm a distributing centre for a
few local farmers the New Westminster market today serves as a sales
polnl for Hazelmere and other points
adjoining tin- boundary iin.-. through
the  Great   Northern;   fir   Yale,   Hope,
Agasslz,  Maple  Ridge,  etc.,  through
the Canadian Pacific railway, ami for
Chilliwack and points far up tin
ser Valley through the BrltlBh (
hla   Electric   railway   and   lhe   Canadian   Northern.
Each of these railways runs direct-
ly past the market entrance, the BrltlBh   Columbia   Electric   carrying   two
special   baggage   cars   every    Friday
for the express purpose of conveying
I tin* fanners' produce to lhis point
The River's Part.
In  addition   to  all   these,  however,
and  greater in  Importance in  all  put
together In that it conveys to the city
market moru than 60 per rent, of all
the   produce   which   arrives   there.   Is
the Fraser river ItBelf, the broad wa-
��� p   right
to car, aec-
l'rlce,   *1��0
suit.     Easy   tees  of   which   sw
No.  1' other  side  of  the
commesurate to the area provided,
"ives ample room for conducting a
fair-sized green-groci ry business.
The object ot tha market organizers, viz., to go' t'.ie producer directly In touch with '.he consumer with as
little expense as possible, is thus accomplished. Some producers find
lhe system so profitable lo them that
in the case nf the more distant farmers, they do not come to the market themselves at all, shipping all
their produce to the market clerk.
who hands It over in one ol the three
nun employed during tin- l isy s>*a
son for the purpose, A small com-
l.'ra- mission covi rs Hu- expense of the
ltim. undertaking io the markei, ami the
remainder of the proceeds is di liver-
ed tn the shipper.
Tin* lirine, stands In the double
position nf retailer and wholesaler
each person being entitled to Bell in
the dual capacity if lie chooses. It
is through the market list published
every Friday and Saturday morning
that the farmer learns th" market
conditions, although ihe quotations
given there are In no sense binding,
and are given only for the protection
of the fanner.
The consumer may, as In the case
of purchase from tlm city stores, have
to be cleared In order to give housing to the additional equities when
storms have come up suddenly.
The stock auction market Is old-
world in atmosphere, and provides
the casual spectator with some of
tho most picturesque features ot the
whole Institution, three auctioneers,
acting entirely Independently of the
market, however, being present on
every market day to nct as Intermediary between the horse-owner, cattle-
rancher, etc., and the purchaser.
An amusing spectacle, which always excites more or less mirth
among the spectators is that of four
five, or sometimes six horses leaving the square in an improvised procession by tying number one's tall to
a rope, and the rope to the next gee's
neck, whose tail in turn is similarly
connected with the following animal.
A few incidental hitches do not seem
to perturb the outrider on the first
horse in the least, and lhe zig-za<:
chain wends its way with harassed
expressions out of the square to
some destination in which no one
seems particularly Interested.
At the Auction.
The crowd of hangers-on is usually
sufficient to attract nn occasional
genuine bona-fide buyer to the square
whieh is overlooked from a height
hv the cltv's main thoroughfare, and
, Mr. Auctioneer becomes more elo-
Iquent and more confident ns his aud-
[ lence Increases.
i Th" appearance occasionally of a
dashing cowboy rider who clatters
! Into the centre of the ring in his
'most showy manner, gives revived Interest often In the midst of a lull In
the proceedings, and the crowd drifts
slowly back to watch the luck of the
bidders, and add their quota of bucolic wit and scathing comment on
the virtues or otherwise of the animal  for  sale.
Cows and pigs and sheep are dealt
with in the same way, while the market authorities once more fulfil their
purpose of bemfiling the farmer by
providing a free square where he
may put up his livestock for auction.
No Orientals.
In connection with the Seattle market it has been noticed what a largo
majority of the farmer producers
were Japanese and Italians. In New
Westminster, although no embargo;
has been placed on these, there is no
representation of either nationality
within the market, for some inexplicable reason.
The reduction of prices consequent
on the establishment of ihe market
needs nc explanation. The meat market, which has been rising with alarm
Ing rapidity in the hands of the regular butchers of late, bIiows some con-
Isnlclous advantages over the latter.
The very best cut of beef, for example, can be obtained for from 20 to
22 cents per pound. Mutton may be
obtained from 10 to 22% cents, and
cod 10 cents, as against Victoria's
20 and  22Vi  cents.
To the producer the market is an
Incalculable advantage, ill that he sim
ply requires to bring his produce to
town and wail at a certain point for
IiIb customer to come to him. Under
present conditions of direct buaJneM
between producer and Grammar, tho
former has to march out (he latter]
Individually in the majority of cases,
at  not  a  little  Inconvenience  to  him-
Wholesale Prices Better.
Some notable Improvements in
wholesale prices noted in the New
Westminster market Include apples
at $1.0') and $1.25; beets al T.'.c. tur-
nips at 60c, Provided tin- wholesale
ami retail merchants are content wiih
profits even proportionate tn Victoria merchants, this would hav,. ihe
consumer considerably less oui of
pocki t than he is here, and a convincing proof of tin- appreciation fell by
Mi.* consuming public nf the Royal
('Uy und adjoining municipalities lies
In the popularity of the Institution
among  ull  classes.
Victoria may not be so singularly
well placed with respect to transpnr
tat ion; she may not have within easy
reach so large a Community of farmer     producers.       Hut     It       surely ,
: would redound tn th" advantage of
th" existing farmer, and perhaps delay  the  extinction  if  a  class of set-'
, tiers that until th" days if real estate speculators populated the sur-
rounding districts in no small numbers,  if  Victoria  would  establish    a
', public   market   along   th"   same   liii"S
; as Seattle, New Westminster and tli"
towns of eastern Canada,
In a campaign inward this end the
i consumer should also he among the
leading agitators,
A steeplejack named Ellis Pennington f'-il nearly 160 feet from a stack
ei tin. Porl Talhol steelworks exten
sion, and was killed Instantly,
t'tion application at th" collector's
department, City Hall, permits will
be issued free of charge tn householders who an- property consumers
of water from ihe city Corporation's
water  sysiem.
.1. .1   Mackay,
* 112671 City  Treasurer.
are entirely different from
others both In their composition and their effect���complete
evacuation without purging or
25c. a box at your druggist's.
A general meeting for the purpose
jof forming a Scotch association will
be held In Eagles' hall, 667 Columbia
'street, on Monday', May 12, at 8 p.m.
i The obJectB of tie proposed asBocia
i tion will be to blhd together, socially,
j lhe Scotch residents of this city and
of those taking an interest In Soot-
itish affairs. Membership will be
.open to both ladles and gentlemen.
i (1266) Secretary Pro Tern,
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
'Tender for School Building, Second
Street," addressed to the undersign
ed, will be received up to the bour
of 12 noon. May 13, 1913, lot" the
erection and completion of a two
roomed frame Bchool house on Second
I Street, being Block 20, I). I.. 27.
Plans   and   specifications   can   be
soon at tho office of the Architect. llr>
Crown   Btjlldlng,  Pender Streel   Wesl.
' Vancouver, or ut tire   office   of   the
Hoard, Kingsway, West Hurnaby. I',1'.
Each tender must be accompanied
j by a duly certified cheque for u sum
I equal  to  5  per  cent,  of  the  tender.
which will shall Le  forfeited If    the
.party tenderlnlg    declines    to    enter
Into the contract If called upon to do
The cheques of unsuccessful tender
ers will be returned to them ou signing of contract.
Tbe Hoard do not bind themselves
to accept the lowest or any tender.
I A. J. llARHAM,
P. O. llox 207, McKay, I5.C.       (1214/
First Principles
A kitchen range was originally thought of for
cooking purposes. The fuel was placed in thc
fire pot and lighted. Drafts were turned on and
the fire burned up. Drafts wcre checked as soon
as the fire was well under way.
From the time thc first kitchc;: range was
made until the Gurney Economizer was invented
a tremendous amount of heat was wasted, and
absolutely wasted. This heat should be retained
in thc stove for the purpose for which it was created
���to cook with
The Gurney range absolutely retains thc heat
with the minimum amount of waste.
The Economizer enables you to produce in a
few minutes an extreme or moderate heat in thc
oven whenever and as often as you desire it. What
this means every woman knows.
You are not fJtir to yourself or your purse if
you do not investigate the Economizer in buying a
nev/ range.
At the same time you will appreciate the exceptional value of the other exclusive features of thc
range���the Divided Flue, the Special Grate and
the Broiler attachment.
The Gurney-Oxford is well able to speak for
Trapp Block Columbia St.
New Westminster.
>s*��s�� ^^^^^^^^
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Palentedi
splendid   water   frontage   of
Vi ncreB iu    Langley;  good soil, on|or the full length of the market, with
good road, not fur from cur.  I'rice, j R���   excellent   wharf   throughout   thf
$400,  buys   the   lot.
sntlre   length,   provides  one  of   the
most Important factors in the efflcien
4-}, acres at Surrey Centre, near store , N��    Weatmln��ter'i public mar*
considerable    timber, i.- '
and school,
suitable for
acre; would
i rty.
ties.     I'rlc
trade   for
���,   $226   per
city  prop-
No. 33
At Sumas���Ten acres, excellent land,
between Chilliwack and Sumas,
Will trade for cily property. Price,
$2,500. No. 39
Alberta Snap KIO acres, every Inch
lil for cultivation, about a hundred
acres in crop. House, barn, good
well and spring; 2% miles from
railroad. Wlll trade for city rural
.property.     Price, $4,500. No. 0
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
it is easy at n glance of tha map
tu see what Unas ure tapped by
minus "f the river, and as the cheapness of transportation by water Is
well known it Is also easy to conceive
how the farmer who Ships his produce In large quantities hy such a
medium is able to sell Ills fruit and
j vegetables al the best  possible prices
from die consumers' standpoint,
The farmers' habits of early rising
stand lilm In giwid stead In the case
of those who live at a distance from
town. About 00 per cent of the producers drive to the city every Friday wiih their Beveral marketable!
products, many living ns far distant
as twenty-five miles.
To these the day must afford something by way of genuine excitement,
as nothing short of rising before sun-
past   the   their purchases delivered tf they wlsii
where  a  the market  authorities  having an ar-
860  feet,   rangeineiit   with   one   of   the   express
companies   liy   which   this   is   made
ll is not only to the extent of hen
coops and express wagons, however,
ihat the market has considered the
coiivenleiii f the men whom It start
ed out to benefit. In order to ns'iltu
the amount and the expedient!) of
his sales, the market keeps a large
store of  fruit   boxes  on   hand,   which
All those having accounts against
ithe May Day committee are requested
i to send them to the undersigned not
'later than Tuesday.  May  13.
1(1257) Secretary.
Store Fittings
Wc are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
will be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernizing  your store.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
together with paper bags a"'l berry
boxes, i tc, nre supplied to the firmer absolutely ut cost.
Horse   M trk-st
If   tlle   COmfort   of   the   men   llllil   WO-
men Is considered, no less Is the comfort, of their horses prepared for, nnd
the market stables, which are just
across the street from the building,
and open Into the big market square,
provide  free accommodation for no
less than 300 horses.
This may seem nn almost Incredible number of animals In view of the
facts, but on several occasions this
number has been eiteeeded to such sn
extent that tha wagon shed has had
|    The public are hereby warned thut
Section in    of the    Burnaby    Street
Traffic Bylaw No. 137, 1912, as fol-
[ lows:
"11 shall be unlawful for tiny person
to use, drive or propel In any public
place any vehicle used for the pur-
pii;,��� of conveying passengers whether for hire or not, without, having
attached thereto, near tho front, two
white lights or sufficient candle
power In enable the person using
such vehicle to clearly see a distance
of at least 100 feet ln front of such
vehicle between  dunk  and  dawn."
On and after May luth Inst, the
above section will be strictly enforced
within the limits of tho Corporation
of Burnaby.
Hy order of tho Pollen Committee
of llurnaby.
Chief Constable.
Kdmonds, B.C., May 3, 1913.      (12S8)
Through tickets, nil classes, to  the  Kast  nnd to  Kurope.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert.
41 hours to Hazolton.
"Prince Oeorge"  runs through
"I'rlnce Rupert" runs through
Granby Hay.
���MONDAYS���Prince Rupert, Stewart, Musst-tt.
TUESDAYS -Victoria, Seattle.
THURSDAYS   Prince Kupert, Granby Hay.
FRIDAYS-  Alert  Hay,   llurdy   Hay,   Rivers   Inlet,   Ocean
Kails,  Queen  Charlotte Islands (direct service, fast time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
���Close   connection at  Prince  Import   with  rirund  Trunk
Puclllc  Hallway  trains for points Kast of Hazelton.
H. 0. SMITH. C   P. & T. A. W. K. DUI'KHOW, U. A. P   U.
Phone 8eymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      827 Orsnvllle Street
Round trip excursions commence Msy 28 ���Go ono way, return anolhei FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1913.
fi.. r   II ill      i      ���      �� Council or the (.'orporatlon of the City of .benturea the sum of One Tnousiinii   rwoj/i., r   || til      ���      ���      ��� Electors of the aald City ln tlu n: inner
City of New Wistmmster :����������& ESmS��S4S��j3 Oy ** H��w Westminster ����wa*-���
uny person or persona body or bodlwi oor-  and 50-100 Dollar*  ($825.60)  to provide) on ""' "U1 ua> or Ala>- 1-'13-
                        |porate*who may be willing to advanoe the  tor the repayment of Uie principal.           \ RECEIVED iho assent of the Blectora
By-Law  No	
a By-law to enable the Municipal Coun?
cil of iho Corporation of the City of Kew
Westminster to ral.se by loan the sum
df on��- Hundred and Fifty Thouaand
Dollars ($160,000.00) for the purpose
of constructing sewera,
WHKUKAS on or ahout tlie Thirtieth
day Of January, 1918, an agreement was
made between The Corporation of the
Dlatrlct <>f Burnaby of the tlrst part and
The <'>>rpuration nf the City of New Weatmlnater of the Beoond part, which agreement is In the worda and flgutes foiiow-
liiK. that  Ih to say :���
THIS AGREEMENT modi In duplicate
llie  ThlrtUlh  day  of  January   One  Thou-
rtand  NltW  Hundnd and Tiitrteen.
of the first PART;
WHKUKAS    the   Dftrt lea     hereto      have
agreed upon a. joint sewerage scheme to
provide aewerage accommodation for both
Municipal It lea for the area ahown upon
the plan hereto annexed.
ANJ) WHEREAB the Party of the
Second Part has agreed to construol the
said aewer from the Fraser River to Tenth
Avenue as ahown upon the aald plan and
to muki- tin- Bower of a size sufficient to
accommodate the aewerage requirements
of tht* lection of Burnaby shown on thc
Huld plan.
AND whkukas the acreage of Burn-
ably that will be benefitted by the said
Bewer amounts to SU Hundnd and
Eighty-three <w.) acrea and tin- acreage of the city of New Weatmlnster that
will be benefitted bv tlu- said aewer
amounts to Five Hundred and Sixty-four
i r>f��4 ,   acn-��.
AND WHKUKAS the Party of tho Second Pari has agreed to pny tho cost of
the construction of the aald aewer from
the Fraaer River to Ttnth Avenue as
shown ui  tho said plan which coat is estimated at Three Hundred and Twontv-
slx Thousand Dollara ($328,000.00) Icob
Flfty-flve Thouaand Dollara ($r.:i,ono.oo>
the value of Government labor.
ANH WHEREAS tl"' Party of 'Lhi
FirBt Part has 'agreed t" nay to the
party of tho Second Part Flftv-flvo per
cent (fifi per cont) of tli-' coal of the said
����� w r ' ���'"��� B**arc however of the Party
pf thp K'-y' pari nol to exceed the sum
,,r One Hundred nnd Fiftv Thousand Dollars ($160,000.00) In thirtv yearly pay-
n��*nt�� thnl will he fo flic! ent to pay tlu
Interest and sinking fund ori the share o'
the i-.i'iv of the First part of lhe coal of
Hi" Mid sewer calculated upon the binl
of thirtv   i?iitt  years with Interest at llv
(6)   t ��� r  C   nt    half   ������  ')'.���
���\ vi�� n HERE VH lhe Port) of the Flret
Part has ���!���'��� ���-������ lo oav to the Par's- "f
ih<- -S< cond Pan flfty-flve per c* nt. i '���'���
iter c ���' i nr the coal "f maintenance of
tho ��� ��� id - w< r
thai Lh< party "f th�� Second Pari cyjve
i.i-    ind      trees  with  the   Party  of  the
First  Part  Its i  mom nnd nsslsrns thai
the part j of ":- Brc md Part will within
four i ' i   i ,.���������-. no   and prosi cut*
to oompletlon  and havo completed on or
hefon   'i'.- nrm dnv of January, 1916   	
P&���% prrvi nt'<) t.\ striken or other CA\im   i
from a nolnt on the Fraser R'
same on the credit of the debenturea her
Inafter mentioned any sum or sums of
[money not exceeding In the whole the sum
nl $150,000.00 and to c.iumc the Bamu I j
bo paid into tbe Trtaaury of tha aald City
for the purpoaea mentioned herein.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor to
cause any number of debenturea io be
mad.- not exo��dlng in the whole tin* aum I
of $150,000,(10 fur Buch ttutuH of money hm
may ht- required, not I<rh than lioo.Oi)
each or an equivalent expressed In pound*
sterling of tha United Kingdom of Great
Uritaln and Ireland at a value Of $4.*G'i
to thf pound sterling; and all men d��-- i
behturea snail ba sealed with the Seal i��f i
the CorpOratlOp sinned by   the   Mayor and
Countersigned   by   the   Treasurer   thereof, I
or bv Buch other person or persons an may 1
be thereunto lawfully authorised.
3. The  snld  debenture  Hhall  be  payable
On   the   first   day  of   July,    1343,   at   such j
place or place** as the Council of the said
Corporation   may   from   time  to  time  appoint   with   tho   approval   of   the   holders
thereof and shall bear Interest at the raf'
of   Five   per  centum  per  annum  puyabh- ,
half  yearly  on  the  tlrst  day  of January I .
and   the   tlrst  dny . of   July   Jn   each   and i
every v��*ar Hnd the debentures) shall have
attached tO them coupons for th* payment
of   interest   which   said   coupons   shull   be
Signed by the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar shall !
be levied and raised In each year In ad- ���
ill tlon to all oth*r rates on all the rateable property In lne I'lty sufficient to pay
the Interest upon the Sebenturea and to
create a Sinking fund for the payment of
tne principal thereof when due. Subject to
any  act  or  enactment    respecting    the
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall be
raised annually hv BpCClal rate as aforesaid during the currency of the said debentures tin-- sum of SeVenty-flve Hundred I
Dollars ($7,500,00) for the payment of
tiit^n-st thereon and the sum of Three
Thouaand One Hundred nnd Fifty-three I
Dollars ($3,158,00) to provide for the
repayment of the principals
fi. The proceeds of the sale of tho said
debentures shall be applied as follows and
not otherwise,----Towards paying the cost
of the passing of this By-law and the Issue
and sale of tho debenturea therein referred to and all expenaea connected with
the issuance of the said loan and the balance Shall be paid over from time tO tineas required by the Cltv Treasurer to the
several porsons to whom moneys are payable.
7. This Bv-law shall take effect on the
Rrat day of Jnne. 1913. and may fo*
citftd an tne "Sew. rs Debenture Hy-law
a. This Bv-law before tho final passing
th< rrof shall r\c lve the aaaent of the
Eloctnra of the said City in the manner
reciiir-d  by  low.
DON"E AND PASSED In Open Council
on  the  f.th day of Mav.  1D13.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors
TURE  BY-LAW,  1913."
������   ���
��� Th'   proceds of  the sab- of  the H.-iid	
debt nt ur. <.* shall bo applied as follows and   "ATREETS l MPROVPMFNT nrnpw
not  othPrwise.-~Tov.ards  paying   the  wat J      tMKKUVfcMENT DEBEN
of tho passing of this Hy-law and the Issue and hale ol the debentui'i s tneretn
referred to and all expeiUMS connected
with U.e Issuance of the said loan aad
the balance shall be paid over from time
n tlm*- as required foy the city Treasurer
to the uyeral persons to whom moneys
are payable,
0. This By-law shall take effect on th"
tlrst da-- of June, 1918. and may foe cited
.as the 'Exhibition Buildings and Fences
Debenture   H"-law   1913."
7. Tills Ilv-law before the final passing
thereof shall receive the ass'nt of the
electors of the said city in the manner
required by law.
DONE AND PASSED in Open Council
the frth day of May. 1913.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors
on  the day of 1913.
on the day of
the day  of
finally    passed
City  Clerk,
By-Law  No. . . .
A Uy-law t.) enable the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the city of New
Westm11.ster to raise foy way of loan
the sum of Two Hundred Thousand
Dollars ($200,000.00) for street purposes.
I passed the
day  of
City Clerk.
TAKE   NOTICE   that   the   above   is   a
true   copy   of   the   proposed   Hv-law   upon
which the vote of the Municipality  win
foe taken on the 20th day of Mav. 1913.
between .he hour* of Nine o'clock a. m.
and  Seven  o'clock p.   m.   ut   the following
places, viz.:
The   Council   Chamber.   City   Hall.
No.   4   Fire Drill. Sapperton..
No. H Fire iiaii. Thirteenth Btreet
And Crane  Bulldlngi Queensboro.
City  Clerk.
City Hall, New Westminster, B. C,
May  Kth,  1913. (1209)
WHEREAS it Is necessary and expedient that provision foe mode for the following purposes i������
(a) For clearing, grading and macadamizing streets generally.
(bl For constructing culverts, ditches.
Crossing, sidewalks, and any other
works necessary in connection with
(c )   For partite a proportion   towards thefj
cost of permanent Improvements to
streets. Including paving, kerblng.
facilities for lighting, storm sewers
and any other works necSSSary In
C mm Ctl&n With same under Local
improvement Hy-laws.
(d) For paying a proportion towards |
the   cost   of   constructing   sanitary
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a true
copy of the proposed Hy-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
ou the 20th day of May. 1913, between
the hours of Nine o'clock a. m. and S��'wn
o'clock p. iil at the following places,
viz. :���
The Council  Chamber, City  Hall.
No.  4   Fire  Hall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Pire Hall. Thirteenth Street.
And Crane Building,  Queensboro.
City  Clerk.
City   Kail.   New  Westminster,   H.  C,
May  8th.   1913. (  1271)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mayor Oray o( New Westminster is
sewers under Local Improvement making good his pre-election promises
By-laws. . (n the    matter   of    substituting    day
labor for contract work on civic undertakings. A plant of sufficient
capacity to handle work on a large
..ii thc
d:iy .if
day   ��.r
' city Clerk.
City of New Westminster
lo)   For commuting  thf  City's  proportion   of   tht-   Assessment   for   Ijoe.il
Improvements     on     City   property
fronting   on   streets   where   perma-
ii'-nt Improvements are made under .     ,     .     . , . . .
Local Improvement By-laws. i scale is to be purchased, and prefer-
(f) For   the   purchase  of  aueh  plant enc0 will be given to resident    em-
and equipment as may b.- necessary ployees.���Nelson News.
for   street   Improvement   work  and 	
repair  and  clean- |
LAW,  1913."
By-Law No....
A Hv-law to enable lhe Municipal Council
of the Corporation of tho City of New
Westminster to raise by loan the sum
.,r Twenty-five Thousand Hollars (%tt>,-
000.00) for the purposi <<f erecting Fire
Halls at Sapper!..n and Queensborough
and purchasing apparatus therefor.
ln.s streets. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ANlJ WHKUKAS for the purposes
aforesaid tiie sum of Two Hundred Thousand liollars ($200,000.0*0) wlll be required.
ANH WHBRBAS It appears that if the
said sum of f200.UOO.00 be appropriated
from the
be ��� xc.-ssivc.'and Yt'is Mpe'iiicnT UiaTsuch "Come to the Royal City on Labor
exoeeslve taxation should be avoided and Day." Organizer Knudsen, the cen-
the said sum should bo raised on the ered- , . ,.hnr hnrtv hnnlnesB nsienl is drill of the Corporation and that debentures tral **?or,��oay hy81De8B agent, is no-
should be issued for that amount. ing effective work among the unions
AND  WHEREAS  for  the  payment  of  anrl the investment has proved a good
>n ihe debentures proposed to be
New  Westminster  unionists    have
' hamed    a central committee to    arrange for the proposed monster Labor
Day celebration   next September. On
May  4  the  committee  will meet and
^__ - prepare circulars to be sent to coast
lnf?^AeVSt.eo0/t^attonywfu  ^^ ����*��* J** . ��f.mbershlP..to
Leave 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 12:47 p.m., 4:28 p.m.
Through Trains for Portland, Ore.
Leave at 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m. 4:28 p.m.
Close connections made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eaatern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th. ������
Final Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all information apply to F. C. Meyers*
Agt at Bridge. Passenger station
Phone 263.
TAKE   NOTICE   thnt   tli-   above   la   n
true  copy   ">r  the  propound   By-lnv   upon
w ��� ��� the ��� "I- ������! the Mini:* [pallty will Im
tak-n on I*- :,flt'- dav of Mav. 1913. between "��������� boura of hflno o'clock a. m and
-'��� .. ti o'clock p. in. at the following places,
Th.- ' oi i dl Chamber. City Hall,
N i   t p*Itg ii'ili. Bapperton.
No.  6  Fire Halt Thirteenth Strei t.
And  Crone   Building.  Oupensboro,
City Clerk.
City Kail, New We*tmin8ti r, B. C
M.i>   StR.   1918, (1272>
\viikuk\S it Is necessary to provide
fur erecting lirr halis at Bapperton
nnd QuwHisborough hi Ihe City itf New
VVestmlnJter and for purchasing apparatus i.ierefor al a cost "f Twenl y-nvs
Thousand   Dollara   I $25,1 <<������ "").
AND WHEREAS It appears that if the
���mid sum of Twenty-flve Thousand Dollars
i *  ��    Im-   appropriated    from   th-'
gen^ml revenue of the City for the cur-
r. ti! year the rate ��� f taxntlon will be ex-
n sslve and it la pxpfdli il that ���* :,'-"> ex-i Dollars
cesslve taxation should be avoided and \ND
��� ��� ltd Bum should be raised "ti the credit of the Corporation and that debentures
| shoiiM i��" hwn����d for that amount
AM* WHEREAS a petition Blgned by
i tho owners <if :it least "n*- tenth of the
value of rt-:il property In the s.-iH Cltv
i as shown hy the hint revised Ass ns-
ment Roll) has been presented to thn
Co tv ii. requ**sttnx them to introduc.* a
By-law fnr si'rh pi)rpos��
I Illt'Tl'Mt ;---------*----------------------------------------------*-am
Issued uridi-r this By-luw und for treating
i ;i sinking fund fur the payment of tne
said debentures wtun due it will be nee-1
essarv to raise by special rate In addition
'��� to all other rates each year during the
��� ��� urn ncy ���>!" the said debentures the sum
of Eleven Thousatnd Seven Hundred and!
B< \< nty-three and 10-100 Dollars ifii,-
, .:: i   ..
AND WHEREAB in order to raise the
said yearly sum of $11,773,10 an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required
to if levied on the whole rateable property of the City  ��>f  New  Westminster.
AND WHBREAS the whole rateable
property of the said City according to the
last revised Assessment Roll thereof ia
Seventeen Million One Hundred and Fifty-
sev<n Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty
($17,1 57,940.00),
WHKUKAS the total  amount  ����f
xir>Ung debentures debt  of  the said
City   Is   Four   Million   Thirty-eight   Thousand   Five   Hundred     Dollara     < $4."3s
"������ i  Irrespi ctlve of th<
raised  under this
tne  from
every    standpoint.���Nelson
Winnipeg Building Permits.
Winnipeg, May 7.���Building permits
for  the   year  today   passed   the   five
million mark.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to paBB Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-in. in diameter. Thla is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldjr.
Every, Woman
\ Is inlerestud and .boulil know
', about tlie voDilerful
Marvel Wi!"1^ fy""
warve'  Douche
Pres and Genl. M(T.
n ��.�������� r rinm ii tminl on tlm Kriimr mvi ��., f ���*�����* mi      .      ���      ��             AND  WHEREAS   for   the   payment   of
in ,,  polnl  .... Tenth  Avenue or the loon    I |fw f)t RJOW   WCCimiT-IOr   Intereet  on th'   debenturea pn sed to i-
,                         te |y ni, dhown on the pin     \j\lt \j | WCY1 TT C-3L11II .1 Jl*. 1    '    nei] under this By-law and for crentl
i...              ,>,,i    si'i-h   newer   i"   be   con-           I �����   slnkinn   fund   for  the  pavmont   of  the
By-Law   No   ...
siri..-'**d or concrete plii��*H of a  dlam -ttr
nl m>l lm I Hft'   ; 54)   Inch      il
Tenth   Avnui   nnd sixiti  Sir.*, r
i.sr>   the   Parti   of   th ���   s. cond   Pan
Will  '    -,   * II   '-:;,'. -.cwera  from 111.- :-..l.l
main ������ v., i runntnif from the main newer
tn   Tenth     \ -- ��� i,u*-   .if,ipk.iI.I   ,1^   :i'i,,-,vn    ,,n
��..il i   I'm
THR i-..".  ..f il.- Rn.1 Pari Iti bu r-
h,,i*��  nnd    .-.--.-. -  ehall  have  the  rlffhl   !������
Bonntct   It*.  .lr.i!i*.:u:*   and   sewetaj-fe   over
,,��� su  Hun Ired  ind i*. ghiv-thn-e
i-i--.   ;is   sh.nvti   ..ii   the   sni.l   plan
.old  �����    ������   '* :������ 'I   lo ilr-.ln   Into  th.-
cihi   sewer  surf.-in>  water  and  ordinary
WtiB^smab ������ ��� i ..'i -..
ANI> if it Is found that the yat.l sewer
���will provide Bilfflclonl  fall to lake sewer-
e   frnm   outside  the  boundaries  of  the
...1 su Hundred nnd Eighty three (688)
_reK a�� Bhown upon the said plan the
Party nf the I'lrsi Part may with the
���consent <if the Engineer of the Partv ..(*
ih.* s- .*������' i part extend Its sewerage work!
,>i*. ���' '    ** ���   Bald ���,.*' a,
THE Party of the Bee in I Part .- ,ve-
nnntH wltn the ituw ,.t the i-'irsi Pnrt
lhal the *<al I Main Bewer constructed by
the Partv ..f the Second Part nnd Sewers
constructed by the Partv of the Klrsi
Pan to conned with in* suld Main Sewer
Hhall i instructed under the ini-it supervision and ta the mutual satisfaction
<.r th* Bnidneers nf th" Pnrtv nr tv t
First Pari and -.1 the Party of tho Secind
���| Hr   Pnrt"   "f  " ������  '���'--I   "������ -   I 1	
wllh il..   P.i-l*.  ��� lh.' S.i*.p.I Part Its suc-
���oessnri. an.l assigns thai the Party ..f the [u^i"��hbuid be Issued r^r that amount.
Flrsl l-.-i wll pav to the Pan,* of tni A>1, WHEREAS a petition signed by
s ..,.n.i Pari iu succ-ssors and assigns .ho owners of nt Las. one-u-mn ul tne
*,'."" eomnletloi) ���;' i- said w fr.-.n ,..,,,... ,,,* ,,,,, pr0Perty In the said City
Fraser River p, Tenth Avenue flfty-flve ,.,, ,hown by ,,���. ,;ist r���vi.s,,| (Assess-
(Et percent.) nt the cost of the m<n, ,(.,���, h.,s ,���., ��� ,,r,.s,.,,,.,i ���, ������.
all sewer (the said flftv-flve per cent Council requesting them to Introduce n
(56 i�� r cent) however not to '���'���; "d lh"  By-luw for such purpose.
... ,���,,,..���,.,,,���,,,.,.,,. ii,,,-,..,,. i, AN,, WHERBAS r.ir the payment of
i.. n i��ir.fi,iin.i.fi(ii and sm-h payments |nteris( on tho debentures Proposed to In
lo P.   made  In  half varly  piivm��nt�� .>,- *****^^^^^^- ��� ��� ���
the Telrtleth davs of .luti" and December
in each year us will provide n sl-.''i"-
r..'"l r,.r pavment nt said srtll iu thirtv
(30)   years with Inn-rest at  live   (SI  per
Lsnid debentures when due, ll will li
et in p. raise by --i-.it! rnt, in addition |
p. all other raps ,;.,-.i year during the
*,..,..,*. nf the said debentures the sum
...' One Thousand s-.-ii il.iinli-. .1 and
Seventy-five   and   50-100     Dollars     ($1.-
A nii  ��'HBRK -. S
���al i   veariy  sun, ,,r
' I. .*.,1r,-,'      nit.*      s   v
I t.tll.-ir.i   I JI.77'. roi I
,,n the dollar wlll iv
��� In
in order to i-uist-
One  Thouaand   S
���nty-flve   and     60-10
l   iat
"Waterworks Extension debenture By
law 1918," "Fire Halls Debenture By-law;
1913," "Exhibition Buildings and Fences
Debenture By-law 1913," "Publlc Schools
Debenture By-law 1913," "City Stables
I1 henture By-law 1913. "Sewers Debenture By-law 1913" and "Llghl Extension
Debenture Bv-law 1S* 1 Cl," nf which none
of th- principal or Inten si is In arn ars.
nee-1 .\,,-.\ THEREFORE th.- Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tht- I'ity of
N-w   Wi itmlnster enacts as follows:���
1. ii shnll be lawful for the Mayor
of thi Bald City to raise l.v way <.f loan
rrnm anj person or persons body or
bodlefl corporate who mav fcs willing to
advai  the same ..ti Hi,* . :������ .lit ..f the debentures hereinafter mentioned any sum
                                                 ,  , ������,   .���,   ^������...   -.���.-,,,   r-,i,  I "r. sums  ..,   money     nm   ,-xt- HnK     In  th"
law in enable the Municipal Coun-   on the dollar wlll i.- i n.- i to p*' i.-V,'.' "',,','i,'.' ,,',.'"...���,'"" , "r, ��-"";;'.'"���."    ana     i.
.if   the  Corporation  nf  the  < 'ity   of on the whole rateabli  property of the City llry 0f the said City forthe purpose-!Tnien- i
SlW Westminster to raise by loan the r^S   WHEREAS   tho   whole   rateabl, "oned herein
sum   of  Twenty-flve  Thousand   DollaraJproperty of the said Clt/ according to tho      -��� ''  sh:l" be lawful  r.,r thc Mayor to
I  for the purpose of improv-  last   revised   Assessmenl   Roll   thereof  Is cause  any   number  of debentures  to  be
r  uu   |u.i ..        , ' Silent. ��� ii   Vllllon tl,     l-Iundred ond Fiftv     made no    "Xt .Illiu- ill  lie- whole the  sum
inv the Exhibition Buildings and Fenc s  ������" xhcJinnd Kin.   HuSdrld and Forty "' I8OO.OO0.O0 r���, such sums of money as
at   Queen's   Park  In   the   City   of   New   Dnllnrs   (117 157 6.0 00) may   be   required,   not   less   than   1100.00
Westmlnstir, AND WHEREAS th.*  p.tal  amount  of each oi nn equivalent expressed in pounds
  the  existing debenture  debt   of  the   said ST,"*?'-' ��'thTe Pn'tM  Kingdom of Great
Cltv   Is   Four   Million   Thirty-eight   Thnn- Britain  and Ireland at a value ol   8-1-S66
Band   Five   Hundred     Dollars     ($4,038.- t0 the pound sterling: snd all such deben-
'    Irrespective of the sums proposed l"re!, shttl1   '"'   sealed   with   the   Seal   of
i    raised  under  this   By-law and   the the Corporation Blgned by thn Mayor and
"Streits   Inpi-ov.,-,.,,.   DebenturefBy-law counterslTOed   bv   th-  Treasurer   th
IDIS."  "Waterworks  Extension  Debenture ?r bv such otl
Ilv-law   1918,"  "Exhibition   Bulldlpgs audi1"'
Fenc-s   Debenture  Ilv-law   1913."   "Publlc
Schools   Debenture   Ilv-law   1913,"  "l.iiht
Extension   By-law   1913. 'Ity     Stables
Bats. **xi TrtM.
Ask yonr drnmitet
It lf Ue cffinot s<
tha   MARVKU arrept no
��� sums proposed   f,h.er: bat aend eUmp fcrJffla��
,. . i.,..    .,, ���,   ,(,,     tratM book���sealed,   It plvea
mrt..-!.,,.   -..i-l   A.-r.nf
partirnlara nnd d'rrrtlr>n* Invtlaablo
to Uditd.WrN'D?UK SUPPLY CO..Windsor. On'
(.em mi Ajffins lur Canada.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Iif you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
WHEREAS It la necessary to provide I
;. ������ r.i-- ��� instruction, removal nnd repairs
of Exhibition Untitling:* ;it Queen's l'ark
In tii' Cltv tif New \* ��� stiniiKsi.r and thi ;
construction uf fences ;tt the said Park at
,t i' isl ul Ta. nt .-iu f Thousand I tol lars
< }: '1 00 i.
AND WHBRBAS it appears that if the
wild   sum  of 'i wi nty-tivf   i housund   CXii" i
lars   ($26,000.00)   !>�����   appropriated   ri.ui'   ,,.,,'..,':,;,_-, ,",:;,���'",:; iQ��;��    . i ;."^   .V~V*""
th..   mnuml    r,.,,.,,,,���   nr   tt,..   Pllv   r,,r   ti,.. . l    " '''u"    I" -law    t ;t 1.1     :nul     SrW's   Peine     H'n'1,1        I'  >��   111''     Ol      lit'     \   \\\      I < > r      ll" ���.i,i,,�����     !>,,   I.   ...      , ,!,���>������ r it    , ,
��� i��� ...ni KnlD*��ture  By-law   1913,    of whloh nom* of
the rate of taxation will l
Itxr sslve and it Is expedient tnat uuca
' Kivsslvi taxation should l>" avoklud, and
I the s;iii sum should i��-* raised on tne
credit of tin* t orporatlon and that d< I
principal or interest is In arrears, [holders thereof nnd shall bear interest at
Now THEREFORE the Municipal the rate of five pt-r centum per annum
Councll of the Corporation of the City payable half yearly on the lirst day of
'.f x.w Westminster enacts as follows January and the tlrst day of July in each
l. Ii shall Ih�� lawful for the Mayor of and every year and the debenturea shall
the said City to raise by way of loan from have attached to them coupons for th<*
any person or persons body or bodies 1 payment of Interest which said coupons
corporate, who mav be willing to advance | shall be sipm-d by the said Mayor.
Specially��� Treatment  ot  the   scalp
i-r person nr persons as may I by  Vibro-Masaage  and Glover's  Kam
Ihcrt-imiti   In-.viuih-   authorised. ...���  e,.,��� . ,���.,���     m ,	
,  ���...        ,    , , i   ,,   , ou-8 Stimulating Tonics.
*    ' ������"   sa  '   debentures   sun     bt*   p.-iv- _,,.,_  ����?,, _   ���e ,-,  L..   -.
able  on   the   flrsl   day  of  July.   1963,   at I DAVID BOVLE. 35 Eighth St.
sueh   i>i i   pi s  as  the  Council  ot   i i
the  sui.l  Corporation  may  from  tlm,-  to;
time   appoint   with   the  approval   of   the | POOL AND CIGARS.
AND tho Party of Hi" First Tart cove-
'��� *    -vl".    II,..   I.,*'       ���.'   |t...   s* ,* l|| I    I'.i'-I
thai tlu Partv nf th" Fl���I t'.-t wlll
I.. Uu* p irtv of Hi- Brc * id ''i-t t'l'i-
l��� i    ,- , ���     i ;,T.   i���r   r -t i   ,.'*   l'i
tuiii*. nat f I''- ���*,!.' *    t-.      ���* *   - *���
-ts i    '������ t��*.-i.. v >r|\- nn tli- Tlilr
i loth tin    .*-* i i. oemher ' i < ', v-ai*
1*4   V l    NRsm   \VKH- > ���'   III-   l-.-ll
I   ���   in     .. - t   *,.. ������ ihei * r.trpurnt.
,,, be Iv n ..i" . ,<''������:. .1.
���li.  Q,   Mi- IRBOOTt,"
* RT'IL'R   It     Mi ifllll*."
\   W   ORAY."
,- )Bl    uf
I u  i
Issued under this My-luw uni! for cre&tlni;
i   sinking   fun.l   fur  the  payment  of   the
:\|tt ,1t in tiiurts whin due, li will be neces-
ir>   t i  raise by special  rate in  addition
.   nil   utlur   rat'S   t ai-li   year   tlurlllK   the
irrency of th- sai.l debentures tin' num , ,, mmmmmmmmmmm^^m^���    ___^^
Hundred   ami !',"*���"" I***-'',"''' by "'" Treasurer thereof
Dollars     (ll,. '      s"'' other person ur persons as may I
Ithe same on the oredlt of thu detx-ntur
hereinafter mentioned any sain or sums
,,f money not exceeding in th- whole th.
sum uf Twenty-flve Thousand Dollars
($25,000,001 fur such sums of money ns
may be required nut hss than $lf><i,0(i each
or an equivalent expnusvl in pounds
sterling of the United Kingdom ..f Clreat
itiltain and Inlauil at a value of 14.868
to th- putiiiti sterling; and all such debentures shall be sealed wllh the Seal of
Corporation, signed by thr Mayor
I ,i special rati' un
be levied and raised In
.lliimi iu all other mtei
able property In th- I'it
the   dollar  shall
each year In a.l-
on all thc rate-
sufllci nt to pay
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the eity. Fim
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sportiiu
events bulletined.
A. G.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
Established     Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ...    1849 *   8,000,000
Guaranteed  by the North  British       Mercantile
insurance Co. of London       1809 105.000,000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London     1886 9,000.000
Guaranteed  by the Commercial Insurance Company of Ixindon     1861 90,000,000
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New York       1850 6.000,000
Svea Fire aud Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  ..    1866 14,000,000
Westminster Trust   Block Phono 52.
i ia-   Thousand   Seven
.iiiv-fiv-  and  lo-joo
���   by
I lh
AND WHEREAB In order to raise thr
said yt-arly sum of < ia-* Thousand Bov-n
Hundred and Seventy-five and 80-100
Dollars ($1,775.60) an , 'inal special rate
mi tho dollar will be required to hi I. *. I���-,! .
on th. whole rateable property of th,*
'in- uf New Westmlnstt i*
ANU WHEREAS the wholi ral a1*;. ''
property of the said citv according to th-l'1
lasl revised Assessment Roll thereof ll J.
s.-vt nt- n Million One Hundred und Fifty-""
Bevcn Thousand Mm- Hundred and Forty
Dollars ($i7.ir,7,n4".on)
.     ,,.., .v��   M">'or ANU   WHKUKAS   llie   total   am .mil
A.  IM M AN. the  exiltinx debenture d. lit  nf   the  said
1 l"rl<*      Cltv  Is   Four  .Minion  Thlrty-elghl   Thou-I
nami ami five Hundred Dollars  ($4,038,
WtlRRfllAS   In   nddlHon   lo   t'i-   600 00)  Irnspecttvo of the sums proposed
*. n .   which  ii   Is proposed   to  assess  to  be  raised under this  By-law nml  the
..��.! local i:n"-,,\t nv at aii.i'ast su.-li prop-  "Streets  Improvement  Debenture   Hv-law
mi    in ih- Cli" nf N.w w. sf.iii. a i* s->. litis,    "Waterworks  Extension  u ii-ntur-
wlll   be   hiii'i a. it-h    benefitted   by   the | lir-li
ssary to provld
ch other person or persons a
unto lawfully  authorised.
.1. The said debentures sliall be payahie
on  the llrsi  dav  uf July,   1948,   at   Buoh
pince or places as the Council of the Bald
Corporation   may  from  Ume  to  Ume appoint   with   tti-  approval  of   the   holders
Ih-r.itf. anil shall hear Interest at the ra'.-
of Ave per ct uiuiu per annum payable half-
riv  mi   the  tirsi   day   of  January  and
tlrst dav of July  in each an.l every
r  and   Uu*   debentures   sliall   have   stitched i.i them coupons for the payment
of  Interest   whieh   said  coupons  shall   be
Signed   by   thc  said   Mayor.
4   A   special   rale   on   the   dollar   shall
be loil-il nnd raised hi each vear in al     .
.liilon  i.i all olher  rai.-s on all  the rate.       7. This
aitlt  property In the fit** sufficient to pay   flrsl day
the  hiierest  upon  th- debentures and  to  as  the  "
create 11  sinking fund  for  the  pnymenl   ������'    1;,.,.,.,,   ;
Ui-  principal   thereof  whon  due,   subjrel
to  any  act  or  enactment   respecting  thi
Interest upon the debentures nnd to
-������eat - a slnKlm*: fun,I for the payment of
tlie prlni-lTiftl thereof when due, subject
to any act or enactment respecting the
C.. Subiect as aforesaid there shn't lie
raised annually by special rate as aforesaid inning the currency or the sal I debentures the sum of Ten Thousand t*llu,-|
noii.no i Dollars rnr the payment of lnt-r- ]
est thereon and the sum of One Thousand
Seven Hun.lr-il and Seventy-three and
lii-ino Dollars ($1,773.10) to provide for
ih- repayment of tin* principal.
t', Th- proceeds of the sal- of the said
debentures shall be applied as follows and
not otherwise,-���Towards paying the cost
of the passing of this Dy-ln* and the Is-
sii- .rid sale of the debentures therein referred 1- and all expenses oonnected wit',,
the issu a* "I t'*- snld loan and the hul- j
ane.' sl *:i he pn'l over from tim* to time
as reqi Ired by the City Treasurer to the
pen on.*  11 whom moneys ar- pay-
Transfer Co.
Olflcs  Phons  186.      B��rn  Phono  137
Bsgbl* Strut
Baggage neluete* Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling | L
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
...I  wii-V   ll   will  In
for lh-  nn, I  ��� ���' I'-- -.��� ���"  in-    ���-��� t-
ilred and Fifty Thousand liollars (tiroi.-
iiiii,-ui |,, ,. ,.iv ,,-, tu.. worti tuiii eti i
in   the   sail   hereinbefore   reolted   agree-
ANI) Wlir.liK vs It nrip-ars that If the
���sahl sum of $]F,0,000.00 bn nppronrlated
from lh- i-tu'-'i -vn.i.t of "- i"llv f--
i'i. ,��iri-',.t year the rat- of taxation will
b, , -ft.sslvp, and tt Is expedient tlmt sm-h
excessive (nxatlnn shoulo be avoided and
I'*- saia sum shnnld Iie r-.is-d on the
r. -i.r of the Corporation and that deben-
tar* �� ������' Id  i*-   ���������-���.*.I fnr "' it  -iMioi-nt
\NI >   WHKUKAS   for   the   payment
Interest   on   tho   deisntun-s
1-   Issued   unite- ll,H   Ilv-law
w mis." "Klre Hull:, Debenture B ���
law 1019." "I.lnht Extension Debenturi
By-law 1013," "Public Soboola Debenture
By-law mu." "Cltv Btables Debenture
Hv-law 1013" an.l "Sewers Debenture Uy-
law ini.i." of whloh none nf the principal
By-' iw Bhall take offeel on the
,f June, 1018, nnd may be cited
--ir.*. h Improvement Debenture
Ilv-law   liefore  llle   tllial   passing
mil   receive   the   assent   of   the
New-  Spring and  Summer Suiting*
-iiw-  on  display.    Sue them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship Kimrnnteod.   "01
Front Street.
Nn'.v   THERBPORE     the
Council  of  th-  Corporation  t
or New Westminster enacts u*-
1    1:   shall Is   lawful  for l'i
the  said  City  tt
from any person
It s  otirl-oral-. wh   ^^^^^^^^^^^
viim-e   lh-   lam-   nn   th"  rr-dll   of   lh
I henturcs hereinafter mentioned, anv  sum
of ,,r -amis of money not exceeding in  the
proposed   to whole  the sum of T��*. ntv-ilv- Thousand
not 1 for ore-1 Dollars  ($15,000.00)    for sueh    sum" of
f  the  City
follows:- ���
^^^^^   ���   Mavof   ���
ruin-  by   wav   of   loan
.r persons, body or ho'-
may  be wlllluK  to ild-
ntlng a Hinkl
111..   i  iM"
li*   '
fund for th- pavm-nt ori-non-v us may h.
..   u, s  when   due   I'   will   In* ; < Hi it. fl il   ��� ach   nr  an
mini, I.- h-i.<-'..1 ra'- lu sddl-1 In pounda  " -llnr
th- r.,t .,  ��,. vear during| uf lire:,!   Britain
currency  nf the snld  debentures th-
ini-.   i.r   Ten   T'* "*s-> '-    't---iilri*il   anil
l-lf a1,-. -   '. II ,-.   ($I0,��S3 00 i.
. \|,   ,,-.t|..t,.. .  ��� ,. .. t���  r.,iu..  |i���,
.*,ti   yearl, - nn >f $10,0^3,00 an equal spo.
.i.i rut" o" ���'���   d   wl'1 '. i    i t ���
t���.   1   vied   on   '*���<���   v'lot -   |-:it**alil-   propi
..I  :'���- i li���     ' '-. ��   Westminster,
, v,,  ,i   ....;,.. .     ���i.,,l..
nroperlv of the snl''*f)'lv n-e'rd'n
|,,  !'������
thereof   I:
*,r  , ,.tt03  to the pound sterling
nuch   it' I- -"ur* ssl-HI   Ii-   s *i \>	
���s tl of iii- Corporation signed by the
\, ui,* und - eintersigned by the Treasurer
":.,. .1 o: bv sec'.i other person or por-
��� ms is ni iv he thereunto lawfully authorised.
-j. The sa,,l l-l.-ntn- s shall be payahie
on Uu li'si dav o'* .1 .-*, i'.|:', :,, such
nine ��� or plnr *s as the Couneil ..f tho sahl
.'...,.,.nt|on may from tin," in Une* nji-
,olnl rvllll Mi* nnpeovnl of lh- hold-rs
ll.i*. ol*.    ami    sluill    hear    hlt.T-.st    :,l    Ih-
rate it' . vo ���.*r i*.|itun, per uhuiiia nay-
ahl- hnlf-yearlj on th- tlrsi dny nf January aii<I Hi- tirsi dny of July In each
a-*I ,v-rv vear ami th- debentures shall
hnve nttncurd tn them coupons for the
oa, ti-nt  of lui-r-si  whieh said coupons
Shall  be Signed l.v thc said  Mayor.
rt.   A   Special   ral ��� on   tho dollar  shull   lie
levied and raised In each year In addition
to all oth-i i it-:, on all ih- rateable prop-
ortv  In  ih- i'ltv sutilel-nt  lu pay the ln-
i-r, "i upon th- debentures and to create a
slnkliii,' fund for the piiym-nl of the piln-
nndi-lpiU   ili-r-ot*   ivlu-n   ilne.   suhleet   to  n.ny
���"i,ii;hi     Extension    Debenture      By-la* Aet or ennclmsm respecting the same.
I'lin."  of wlileh none of the principal or      I   Huhjrel   ns  aforesaid   there  shall   t"1
Mnlerefll   Is hi uir-sirs. |rri!s-,l  annually  lo*   spi rial  rat-  as  a-To---
 ..n    .... ..,���,  H;li,*| ,iul|nK t},- currency of tlie said de-
last    ,-, \|!,-0 ' Assr-nsm-"!    Ttoll
flev-nI * - Mllll ���* n-i- "..���.i-a :,���,i ',-irt,..
s-v.n Thousand vin- ihimir-d niul Knrtv
ll,," ,    I ���'-   .-���l-Mi,
\Nlr W11BHKAB lh,. Intal nmnunl nf
,'. existing il' '������ niui-.s ,1* i i of Ihe nnld
���(���il-   Is   i-'ou--   Mini.-n  Thl'tv-clghl   Thou.
i i   riv..   llun ired     lull ,'s     i*l -.*"-.
fiiifiaiu Irrespsetlvn of tin- sums pronos"d
I*, he raised Under this Ilv-law ami the
's-'-."t- I'liiiriu-iu'ut Debenture By-law
1013," "Wntoi-wnrkn l*>t-nsl m li-h-ninr-
ltv law 1013," "Kir- Halls Debenture BV.
law 1013," "Exhibition IH'lhllng* and
Fences Debenture Bv.law min," "Puhllc
Schools Debenture liv-iaw int^." "Cil
���Rtahles   li-li-iiMir���   Ilv-law      1013"
f- Subject as aforesaid there shall i.,*
rnls-d annually by special rate as aforesaid during the currency of tho said debentures th- sum ,.f One Thousand Two,
Hundred and Kiftv Dollars ($1,160.00)
fur   Ih-   iiawiunt   of   Inl-rest   thertou   ami
or InfresL Is It, arrears.    :;.     j| | u,���  ,,���,,,  ,,r   p\y���  Hundred  and  Twenty-
llv- an.l :.ii-iu..  liollars  ($626.60)  to provide for ih- repayment ot' th- principal,
0.  'I��� proceeds of  lh- sal.   of  lhe  said
debentures shall In* applied as follows antl
not otherwise.���Towards paying th- cost
I .if ihe passing or ihls By-law ami the Is-1.
su-   and   sal-   of   ih-   debentures   therein   '
referred   to   and   all   expenses   count rt-d:
with lhe Issuan f lh- said loan and Ih-I
hnlnnce   shall   be  paid   OV��r   from   Ume   to
Urn- as required liy Ui- i'ltv Treasurer to
,    ,      .  ,  ,, ,,,.,��� i u.- several persons to whom moneys are
required not  less thnn   ,,,,,..,i,|,.
ipllviilent   . xori ss .1       f. This  Ilv-law  sliall  lull- effect  on  (he
or t^e I 11P...I   Kin -o ' n , (|rs|   fl        of   ,ul]���    ,,,,    Mni,   mBy ,,,, ,,,,,���,.
ind Irrli-u si  a_,!   ,,',,   ,.���.   -| lr,.   Hallfl   Debenture
s   'l-liN  Bv-law before thc thiol passim;
thereof   Bhall   r Ive   the   assent   of   the
Electors of th- sahl Ctty  In  thc manner
:*. .   le*  law.
DONE   \NI>  PASSED In Open Council
lh- 1,rt 1, .la- ol  May.  11113.
RECEIVED ih- ass-ui of ihe Electors
on  ihe dnv of 1918,
RECONSIDERED   ami   llnally   passed.
the day   of 1H1.-I.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE 694
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURN OIL      ���
P.  0.  BOX  442
"NOW "Ti'lKltKKOltK    the     Municipal |
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is ii
true copy of ih- proposed Itv-luw- upmi
���which  ih-  y.u- ,.|*  the  Municipality  will
he   taken   on   Ul-   -I'lil   day   i.r   May.   11)13.
between  the hour.*: of  Nine o'clock a.  m.
ami Seven o'clock p. m. at th- following
lilacs,   il/.. :
The Council Chamber, citv Hall,
No.  *.  Kir-  lln'i,  Sanperton,
No.  r,  Fire  I i    nth  Streit.
And Crane's BulldhiCi Queehsbbro.
Cltv   Clerk.
citv Hull. New- Westminster, it. c.
M.iy Mb, 1*018. (I L>70)
Comfortable  Family  Hotel
Forty minutes nut fnim New Westminster on 0. N, Ity.   All truing
stop at White Rock.
fifty rooms, larco Dining Hall, magnificent view of Hay and (lult;
only flvn minutes from RallWBJ Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. European
nnd American plan; gymnasium hall In connection, ulso u store con-
taltllng (nil Une of groceries. For terms and rates apply
Whlto Rock, B.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Wectmlnster with  Boulevard  Down
the Centre.
Illtullthlc Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustlesB, easy on
horses' foot, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor these reasons
Itunlltliie Is commended highly by owners of automobiles aud horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred ln tbe United States.
Columb'a Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone 8eymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
FRIDAY, MAV 9, 1913-
Remember the Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
And the Telephone
Nice  Fresh  Cambridge  Sausage, lb.s 20c.
Sausage, ib. 25c.
new   and   tasty.
Fresh  Pork
Chip   Beef,
sliced, lb. 45c.
Kor the dainty luncheon try
some of our Fresh Sliced Tongue, lb, 60c.
. Wiltshire Bacon, bacon which
is really tasty, lb. 45c.
Genoa, per lb 25c.
Kloe.  per  lb 25c.
Dark Fruit, per lb 25c.
Light  Fruit, lb. 25c.
Sold elsewhere for 40c. per lb.
IioUna, tbe Dutch Husk, per
tin 25c.
Strawberries,    No   1.    large
juicy, sweet berries, box..25c.
No.  1  Fancy  Table  Apples.
3 lbs. for   25c.
Oranges, doz. 25c, 35c, 40c, 45c
Bananas,  doien    30c.
Green   Peas,  lb 15c
Radish and Onions, bunch...  5c
J.ettuce, Cauliflower and Cabbage.
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
ADAMS       S. K. BItlGCS
Are You
that your executor will
keep your securities
earmarked and separate
f rbm those belonging to
It is only by this
method that you can be
sure that no loss will
occur to your heirs
through the failure of
that executor.
This is one of the
many points about executorships regarding
which we are able to advise you.
A talk on the subject
costs you nothing���
does not even entail an
The wood block paving on  Fifth
I street   is   now   practically  completed
The final  meeting of the May Day
I celebration committee of citizens will
be held in  the  Board of Trade room
on Tuesday evening next.
For everything electrical see W,
Day/ House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
The Vin Moore Slock company In
"All the Comforts of a Home" at the
opera house this evening. Popular
prices 26 and 60 cents.
Uaymond sawing machine for sale,
in first class^order, only $15.00, C.
N. l-Cdmondson & Co., corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth streeL        (1275)
A gang of workmen assisted by a
small steam roller are at present en
gaged in making repairs to the pavement on Columbia street at spot*?
where the Hassam has worn somewhat.
The Uoyal Oak Burns' Club wlll
give a concert in aid of the Victorian
order of Nurses In the Burnaby publlo
hall, Edmonds this evening. An excellent program has been arranged
and a full house Is expected.
Try the 15c and 35c summer
lunches at the Nutshell, Room 3, Dominion Trust building, (124*6)
The date on which the members of
the Port Meody, Port Co<|uitlam and
Fraser Mills councils will be entertained at a banquet given by tin
New Westminster Board of Trade ha?
been postponed from this evening to
Friday evening. May Iti.
A Hardman, tha cake man. Gel
j good bread. Eighth Street Bakery,
j Telephone 231. Il20,ri)
George   Alexander,    charged     with
i having articles belonging to  the  Pi't
I Lake  Brick   Works in  his possession.
| was lined  $20 aud costs and given a
warning by  Magistrate Clute  in    the
district court yesterday.   The accused
admitted having the goods in his pos
I session,   but   stated   that   they   were
I left at his place by some other party.
I Mr. J. 1'.  Hampton Bole acted on be-
| half of the prisoner.
Call  in  anil
over today.
talk  it
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% o.i deposits
Low round trip rate to San Francisco, Cal. On May 16 and 17 the
Great Northern Railway wlll sill
round trip tickets to Sun Francisco
at $37.90, good fur return passage
July  1G,  1913. 1127H)
The annual meeting of the Woman's
Educational club wns beld    in    the
residence   of   Kev.   unit   Mrs.   W.   W.
I Abbott last evening.    Officers elected
jure as follows:     President. Mrs. O, A.
Welsh;   llrst   vice-president.   Mrs.   J.
Bryson:     second   vice-president,   Mrs.
C. Watson;  secretary, Miss E. Crake;
treasurer, Mra. Davloa; muaical dlroc- /
for,  MY*?.  T.  R   Pearson.    Reports nf j
tlie work performed during the past j
year  were  read  by  the  retiring officers    nnd    recived.    Refreshments
were served   following     the   meeting
If you have the blues do not fail
to see the laughing comedy nt the
opera house lhis evening, "All the
t'oipfyrts of a Home," it will surely
cure them. Popular prices 26 nnd
50 cents.
Floridora for  the  hair ls  prepared
In Now  Westminster.    Patronize the
j products of the  Fraser valley.    Tele-
j phone  "3'.t.    I'rice 3f,c.    Frank    Jeal,
1427  Seventh  avenue, city.        (1243)
Post Office Inspector Greenfield, ot
Vancouver, Is at present touring the
Fraser valley as far as Chilliwack
looking into the situation with a view
of making Improvements to the service. Several sections of the valley
disirict have recently asked for Increased mail Bervlce ami extensions
to   the   rural   delivery   and    lhe     Inspector   hopes   tu   cover   the   ground
sufficiently   to recommend   Improvements  where  needed  t,,  the
in.'tu  at  Ottawa.    He  will  n
Vancouver  on   Saturday.
President   Falconer   of   Toronto   University Address Columbian College Students.
Classes in Columbian college were
set aside for a brief half hour yesterday morning that the students und
faculty might assemble to meet President FalcoHer, head of Toronto University, whose schedule of duties here
fortunately was not so crowded but
that he could spare a few minutes to
Columbian the most westerly college
affiliated with the Toronto university.
Although his Intended visit was not
known at the college until yesterday
morning, the students set to work
and had the assembly hall fittingly
decorated with pennants before his
At 9:30 Principal Hetherington entered the assembly hall where the entire college was gathered and with
him the distinguished guest, at which
staff and students rose to their feet
to pay tribute to the head of the parent university.
Principal Hetherington's words of
introduction included a welcome to
the president on behalf of the college
board, the staff and the students and
the resounding applause that greeted
President Falconer when he arose to
reply, sustained the principal's words
of hearty greeting.
After expressing kindly thanks for
the welcome, the president voiced his
pleasure at being permitted to visit
this college of the west of which he
lias long heard, and particularly because of its relation to the university
with which he is identified.
The pleasure felt at being In the
city of New Westminster, was expressed firstly because the town was
historic, having once been the capital
of British Columbia and secondly, because of tlie natural beauty of its
surroundings, Ile feared, he said, that
'he western land would mere and more
prove a drawing power for the people nf the i list.
Speaking of educational work the
president made mention of the students whicb Columbian college yearly
contributes to Toronto university and
he felt sure, were holding their
own among their eastern brothers and
His message to the students here
in the west would be to "lay well the
foundation in the f'rst few years of
study, for the more Btrenuous years
that are to follow."
A brief outline of some nf the
phases of work in Toronto University
was given and the fact stated that 400
of their students tliere came this year
from west of the Great Lakes.
The fact that theBe students would
,(111 at some time be provided for in
their own provinces, was, he said, rea-
ison for gratification -not because
their welcome in the east was to be
questioned, but because of the development the establishment of a university brought to a community.
The  east,  he  said, extended  every
good wish to the new university ahout
I to spring into being in British Columbia and  he felt  that Bitch   tntttltutlnne .
extendlnfc acroea  the OomlTilon   would f
tend ti* develop an "empire within an | O
empire"    an      intellectual     common-1N
wealth  among the people that  would
bind east  and west  togetiier.
The heartiest applause followed the
president's address and not satisfied
with that, the boys rose and gave
"three cheers for President Falconer."
A college song and yell followed���
these given perhaps to show that although Columbian college In loyal tr
the mother university, the students
of the west have also a patriotism of
their own.
; IBoyScoutj
Scout orders by Scout Master R, P.
Pay. commanding the first New
Westminster troop lladen-l'owell Boy
Scouts. Headquarters, New WeBtmlnster.  B.C.,  May 7, 1918,
The troop will parade at the armor
ies on Wednesday evening next, the
14th Inst., at 7:30 o'clock prompt.
Dress. "Drill Order."
Orderly Bugler for Ihe week ending
May 14, Corporal Bugler Leonard
Every scout must make an effort to
attend these weekly parades regularly, otherwise the claBBea cannot be
carried on successfully.
Scout Master Edwin I. Steven, of
St, John's troop, Vancouver, Is attached to the troop from this date.
By order,
(Signed)      FItED. J. SIMPSON.
Subjoined Is tlle report of the program of sports of the Boy Scouts and
Boys' Brigade on May Day as supplied by Mr. T. .1. Mahoney, chairman of the committee in charge ol
that branch of the May Day festivities:
1���50 yards, junior scouts���1st, B.
Peers; 2nd, McPhee; 3rd, Vidal.
2���50 yards, junior brigade���II. Lyman, A. Oddy,  W, Oddy.
3���75 yards, senior scouts���McDon
aid,  Morrow,  Murison.
4���75 yards, senior brigade -O'Connor,  McCallum,  J.  Lynn.
fi���- Winners of Nos. 1 and 2���B
6���Winners of Nos. 3 and 4���O'Connor,
7���Three    legged,   junior- F. Dawe I
and G. Ross,    Chong    and    Kom, W.
Lynn and 11. Lynn.
8���Three legged, senior���O. Olson
I brigade) and P. Myers. Taylor und
Murison (Scouts), T. Corbett and C.
9���Relay,      scontB      vs.    brigade���
Scouts Bowden and  McDonald, Murison and Fraser.
Pn/.e list of above:
1���1st,   lacrosse   ball;   2nd,   knife;
3rd, knife.
- -Lacrosse ball, knife, knife.
3���Book, baseball, cuff links.
4���Baseball,   baseball   glove,   cuff
5--Football,  fountain  pen.
6���Lacrosse Btick, baseball glove.
7���Two neck ties, two neck tie pins,
8���Two baseball bats, two sets culf
!)���Four pocket knives.
Officers of Sports.
Starter���Scout  Master It. P.  Day.
Course���Capt. J. T.  Burnett.
Judges���AB8t.   Scout   Misters   How-
ker and Mathews.
Referees���T.  J.  Mahoney, assistant
^he Cham of fine ra$s
and draperies
Add to thc attractiveness of the home.   If you want the newest styles and
ideas consult our Drapery Department.
Owing to a slight change of plans we are giving two days more to the demonstration of Indian Stencil Paints which were received so popularly a week
ago. Take advantage of this chance to see this work done. All instructions
absolutely free.
Agents for
"Try New
ment was for the purpose of calling
witnesses and if they were not here
lie had sufficient evidence to commit.
Mr. Iligglns said he could not call the
directors unless he had the auditor's
report to examine them on.
Before the magistrate commit!* d
Mr. Higgins made a special plea that
O'Connor tie discharged aB hiB name
had been mentioned only throe times
and not once In connection with tho
sale of stock.    The  magistrate,
scout master. i saie u, >uv.,        ������  how-
I The Boy Scouts and Boys Brigade , ever waa satisfied that he was associ-
ooinniitlee wish lo thank the follow- ated with the other two men and coming citizen, tor so    kindly     donating \ mltted   the   three    ���*-*��� *   ������-������
prizes  for  the   boys'  sports.   M *"  '" "*~ *****
turn    to
Floridora for the hair is fragrant
and effective, il chases disease and
gives the hair follicles the required
nourishment  to stlmulati growth.
Small Matters
Worry Trustees
(Continued from page one)
Swanson, fl. A. Speck, C. D. Nunn.
Ii. Brown. I.. B. Lusby, Haskell &
Odium (Mr. Ireland i. and Judge. Bole,
That the boys' appreciated the prizes
was shown by the keen competition
in each event, and they are even now
locking forward to the 1914 celebration. The committee was particularly
pleased with the general conduct of
.ill scouts and brigade and particularly with the presence ot' the Chinese
troop of acouts.
^^^^^^^^^^^ who spent several
hours ln the cells before bail was obtained from a supreme court judge thiB
701 Columbia Street Phone 57
On Trial for Murder.
Calgary, May 8. Jos. Dionne waa
today committed for trial by Magistrate Sanders on the charge of murdering little five year old Justine
Frick, In liis shack in Riverside last
Monday evening.
Baid up Capital
Trusts midl
and   Surplus
,   $2,800,0 "I 00
....  (6,217,983 96
Trusteeships for
OFFICE9:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
school in case of fire in any of the
school buildings. The reports on the
fire drill at the varlotiB schools received laBt evening showed that every
school In the city had been emptied
not later than 60 Beconds after a fire
alarm had been given. Some schools
ran  as  low  as  30 Beconds.
The architects reported thai the
Lord Lister school would be finished
in every detail in about a week's time
The school engineer, Mr. Mackenzie
was authorized to buy a pair of rubber boots at the expense of the board
for use while pumping out the boiler
room of the Herbert Spencer school
winch apparently is being continually
In   future   young  children   entering
school ior the first time will only  be
------- permitted   to  enroll  at   tlle  beginning
w,l|  send  a  collector for them.     It  Is   ���,   ,..���.*,   ���,   tl���.   ||ir,.,,   ,���nI,H   (lf   ,*.���.
important that these slips be received V1.ur Tlus ,.���,,, wi��� ���,,, Bpp,y ,������,,,,.
at once as the final count cannot be exceptional circumstances. It whs
made until they are all in. 11282) [complained tbat children enrolling be
tween    terms    generally     failed   to
catch   up  with   the  progress   made   by
thn  class  in   which  they   were   placed
and  in   many  respectB  were  a  hind
ranee to the advance of   the   other
residents  of  the  city  who   hav'-
had   their   census   slips   collected
requested   to   communicate   with '
City     Assessment    Commissioner
phone a3 early as possible and  he
Snow in Alberta.
Calgary, May 8. ��� A blanket of snow j
covers a large proportion of the seeded acreage of Southern Alberta. I-'or
48 hours bsiow has beeu falling
steadily, deferring the opening of the
baseball Beason. but hastening the
crop of next fall.
Graphophones find Grafonoloa are with- \
tun ;i peer In the musical world. They are
capable   of   reproducing   not   merely   tint- j
[class   of   Instrumental   music,   but   every]
[class of Instrumental music with a fidelity .
[that  Is no  less than  flawless���the  violin;
the 'cello, tlu: harp, th** (lute, the clarinet, |
ths comet���all  the wind  Instruments, nil.
i the Instruments of bands and orchestras
���all the Instrumental niu.su- of all tho
Not only this, but the human voice
Is now so perfectly recorded and ho iiuw-
lessly reproduced that the hnnv- wit hunt 1
u COM'MRIA has become us Incomplete
as a phuirt without a keyboard. "HEARING  IS  BRLIBVING."
[Hornless   aiachlnes   from   S1S.00   each   tol
1650.00 each.
C. A.  BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital p.mi up
Reiervc Fund -
Total Aiteti  -
$1 Gives You A Bank Book
You do not need to 'wait unt.I you have a \*\ret sum of money.
In order to open an account with this Bank. You can open a:i
account with $4.��� on which Interest v.il! be Compounded tw.ee a
year     Thus, your savings are always earning money for you.
f>46 Columbia  Street
Building material,   cement,   lime. I
hard plaster, gravel,   Band,   crushed
rock, fuel "il anil all kinds of towing,
Apply th.. it   c   Transport Co., Ltd,
I'hone 820.    Wliurf phone 880. (11102) [obil.Uren
Suffering from a badly broken leg
cause'd through being knicked by a
horse, a man named J. 11. Watson
was removed to the Koyal Columbian
hospital laut evening. Watson wnn
working the stables about 8:30
o'clock last evening and a pal
Of his, h'-arliy*! his cries, found
him lying on tho ground near one of
the horses. The ambulanoe wuh at
once called and the injured man taken
to the hospital where be was attended to by Or. Green, Watson is a
married man residing on Keary
street, Sapperton.
The    provincial    meeting    of    the
Developing    antl    printing  Woman's  Educational  club of Colum-
done on the premises.
���Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Druj Store
and SEEDS,
be held In the col-
Saturday afternoon
:30 o'clock. Many
Ub residing In Van-
Phone 43!   L. D. 71;
New Westminster,
Res. 72.
B. C.
Ibian college will
lege building ou
commencing at '���
members of the C
couver have chartered a special n. C,
10.   K.   car  whieh   will   leave   the   Car-
rail street stiiiimi in i o'clock, going
direct  to  the  college.     Following  tho
regular business meeting the new
principal, Rev, Mr Sanford, will de-
liver a short address, Tea will be
served by tho members of the. West-
' minster College Club, the special car
returning to Vancouver about 7
o'clock In the evening.
An application from the principal of
the new Lord Lister sehool for a tele-.
ph..ne in bis room in tbat building
provoked a lengthy discussion, a de-
ellsoii to lay the matter over until after tho present term was over being
eubseiiucntly reached.
Mr. John Peck will be acting chairman of the hoard for the coming
'week as Mr. T. J. Trapp Is leaving the
city for ii number of days.
LOCK Kit It Y The funeral of the
late Mrs. Lockerby, of Fraser Mills,
���who died on Tuesday evening, look
place yesterday afternoon from
Howell's undertaking parlors to the
Citv cemetery. Rev. Mr. Marsh
Mrs T, A Mulr. 4111 Agnes street.
will nol  receive today nor Monday.
Mr. ('. A. Welsh left this week fol
Dallas, Texas, where he will attend
the annual  convention  of the  Mystic
Order of Hhrlners. Mr. Welsh will
accompany several from Vancouver,
Victoria and Revelstoke. He Is ex
pected  to    return    In    about    three j
.weeks or a month's time.
Victoria, May s. Franklin C. Cook,
J, O. Hearn and It. N. O'Connor were
yesterday unexpectedly committed
for trial on the charge of conspiracy
to defraud the public in the Bale of
shares ot stock in the Hankers' Trust
lt  was understood that Frank Higgins wan going to call a number of
the directors not called by the prose-
���uiiin  but  lu*  merely  asked  tor an
other  rem mil   until  C.   A.   ForsyUio,
C.A., ihould  he able to give hltn a
statement of the solvency of the company at  the time mentioned  In the
charge,    11   U. Robertson strenuously I
protested  this and said that the per- i
mission in audit the Banker's Trust
hooks would he wi,..drawn If It meant'
any delay Ir, the preliminary hearing
as  he  was  determined  that  the  case*
should  go  ,.n  at  the  present  asai7.es.
"With all due respect, lo Mr. Iligglns," he said, "I submit that tliiR is
just a subterfuge to postpone the;
trial Until the fall. I may say, how-
ever, thai if he is not ready for this |
assizes there will be a special sitting
for this case "
Magistrate  Jay  aaid  that adjourn- :
Call now
J.   P.
High   Class
Salmon   2 lbs
Cod    2  lbs.
Halibut,   per  Ib,
Oolichans    8 lbs
Rhubarb, per lb
Spinach   3V4 lbs
Kggs    3  dos.   for  $1.00
Phone  98.
Home For Sale
No.   1���Here  Is  a  splendid   home for sale cheap
callty near Queen's l'ark and n ew school.
It   has   seven   large   comfortable   rooms   with
venlence;   full  basement;   on  a   large lot, 03x132
ThlB place ls below value and   the   tormu  are
anyone can  handle  it.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH,  balance monthly.
a home let us show you this place.
Agents for  Pacific  Coast  Steamship Co.
In a good lo-
niodern   con-
that   almost
If you want to buy
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployere'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
Regular Price
Price on Saturday
The appliance operates on connection   wllh  nn  ordinary lighting
socket.    Toast may be prepared at  the  breakfast  table  or any  form
of light cooking  may  be done on  the  appliance.    The  cost  for preparing an ordinary meal is only a few cents.
See this appliance at our sales rooms In the tl. C. Electric block,
New Westminster, at our Port Moody office or at your regular
dealer in electrical supplies.


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