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The New Westminster News Sep 12, 1913

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 Newe Classified Ada.
Hate proven their worth by the
resulu   they   produce.    They   fill
large   or   amall   wanta   at   amall
The Weather.
New Westminster
mainland: Light to moderate;
generally fair and warm dariac the
STOPS CAMPAr.fi DISGUISED THREAT Canadians fouow   evelyn oun play
New York Municipal Poli- Japan's Conditions Really an
tics Much Upset by Re-        Ultimatum   to   Chinese
cent Happenings. Government.
Theodore   Roosevelt   Eulogizes   Dead
Leader as Min Fearless and
Eherbrcoke People Go to New Hamp-   Che Is booked at Toronto and  Mont :
shire to Sympathize with Their real Theatric, But One Thaw at
Little Tin  Hero. a Time It Enojch.
Seems to Gompers That Life
of Horse Worth More
Than Man's.
If   Not Complied   With  at  Once  Will
Take  What Action   Is  Deemed
New York, Sept. 11.- William Gaynor, mayor of New York city, voyaging over the Bea on the steamer Baltic
ill the hope of regaining hln Strength
to enter the three-cornered municipal
campaign as a candidate for re-elec
llun, di��'d suddenly on the Haltlc, as
the Bteamer was within a few hundred
mlleB of the Irish coast yesterday
afternoon. Tha- llrst news of IiIb
death, flashed hy wireless nnd relayed
by cable from Kurope, reached his
secretary, Hubert Adamson, this morning. The mayor had succumbed to
heart failure, the message Bald.
Later despatches Irom his sou,
Itufus W. Gaynor, who wbb his
father's only travelling companion,
gave details which showed that the
< ml had come with shocking sudden
Sons' Message.
"Father died at 1:07 p.m. on Wednesday, thai tenth." said the message
frnm Ihe son received by Secretary
Adamson tonighl. "His death was
due to heart failure. Hc was B<-at"il
In his deck cbalr at the time. 1 and
the urse and the ship's doctor were
with him. I discovered him uncon
-grtous In hiB chair though still alive
He died three minute*, later without
recgnltlng any of us. Everything pos
sible was done, but he seemed to go
bb a candle flickers out. Am all right
and am trying to arrange to brine the
body hark on l.usltaiiiii. sailing from
Liverpool on the 13th,"
Campaign Stops.
While messages of sympathy from
political leaders and from all parts of
the country poured Into the mayor's
office in the city hall and the Gaynor
country home at St. James. 1.1., the
heated municipal campaign came to a
sudden stop, although many conferences ��fre held to review the change
which Mayor Gaynor's death made ln
Ihe general situation. OeoriC AfrAn-
eny, fusion candidate for president
of the board of aldermen, innouncrd
tonight that he had decided lo pout-
pone hls vacation trip abroad unon
which he had planned to start on Sat
unlay. MeAneny and W. A Prouder-
gas', fusion nominee for cltv comptroller, were In conference with the
Oaynor leaders relative to accenting
their endorsement  when  news of the
mayor's death was announced,
Abandon Ticket.
Whether another candidate to head
the Gaynor league ticket would he
named wav problematical tonight It
being urged from many sources that
with the. personality of Mavor Gainer retni-eil It would be useless to
continue the league.
Roosevelt'e Tribute.
Of the many tributes to Mayor flay-
.....   froei   ���mi  In  public life, one 'roll!
Theodore Roosevelt was among those
made public: "Mayor Gaynor's career
has nct only been distinguished, but
li -ill Its r.hiractarlstics unique." said
IVI Ilr-aitc-ei! "We have lost In him
not onlv one of the most fearless, hut
one of the mosl original and Interesting Pf "" "nr public servants, national
and  local"
Peking,   Sept,   li,���The   prealdent,
Yuan rihl Kai, and Ills adviser*., hav-_
luki-ii under consideration the d :���
ii,innls made by the Japanese g-Wni
merit, which are tantamount to an
ultimatum, for th* k.llint; of thr, t-
Japanese at Nanking, the mal-treat
ment of a consular messenger, the
torture of a Japanese lieutenant ai
I Hankow, und the Imprisonment for
two da;, s of a Japanet^e lieutenant at
Shantung, Japan demands an apology
for the insults to the Japanese Hag.
the punishment of those respons.ble
and lhe payment of an Indemnity, tin-
amount of which is to bu arran-,";d
Disnuised Threat.
The Japanese legation says that the
demands represent the minimum t.
which China must agree without di*-
lay; otherwise Japan will take whal
action ib deemed necessary. A uiem
ber of lhe legation stated privately today that if the terms wire known at
Tokio the people would consider lhat
the government had betrayed Its trust
uud sacrificed the nat on s honor.
it is thought here ihat tlie Japanese
government is as anxious to settle the
matter as Ihe Chinese, and has pre-
s uted minimum demands lu consideration of foreign criticism and in
order that the Chinese government
could accede quickly aud readily.
Back to Tyranny.
Nanking reports lhat General Chang
Hsun, commander cf the Imperial
forces there, and his soldiers, will not
permit the republican flag to be flown,
but niy a red flag with Chang Hsun'-.
name Inscribed thereon. I-'or many
months reports have bten ciin-en;
thai Chang Hsun held monar.l.'al
views and here even wire rumors ilia*
he Intended to proclaim himself em
peror. His present attitude may b?
due to the rebuke which Yuan Shi
,Khl administered to hlin by a pub'le
telegram after the looting of Nanking
I It Is understood that one of the
Japanese demands is fur a public
apology from Chang llsun at the Jap
anese consulate Whether nnd how
Yuan Shi Kai can persuade this lnd"
pendent general, whom he appo'nted
governor of Kiang Su upon Nanking's
dual fall to comply witli the Japanese
requlremi nt is troubling the government, according to reliable Informs'
Colebrook, Nil., Sept 11.���Twenty-
five Canadians, Beveral of them opponents of William Travers Jerome,
! after his arrest In Coaticook, Que,,
. last week on a charge of gambling, and
otherB from SherbrooKe. where Harry
Thaw   received   such   an   ovation   in
Ottawa, Sept. ll.--Evilyn Thaw,
who has becn engaged for theatrical
appearances In 'l'eronto and Montreal,
according to the-'Ottawa Free Press,
may not be allowed to cross ihe Cana
dian border.
Manufacturers,   He   Says,  Oppose
Measures   to   Protect   Employees.
Western  Boards of Trade
President Condemns Subdivision Man.
Recent Advances in i
Prom England to Curia
Says His Mean and Craft/ Spirit Can '������ British Board of Trade May Tl
Never Know Real Patriotierr,���
Clad  He's Ccne.
Washington.     Sept.     11. ��� Samuel1    Winnipeg, Sr-p>. 11.-In his address
The Canadian authorities are con- [Gompers, president of the American to the associated beards cf trade of
sid.rlng the advisability of refus.n*. : federation of Labor, closed his two Western Canada in convention here
��� court, have followed the fugitive to I her admission as au undesirable. It days' testimony before the house! today, Mr. Isbieter, of Saskatoon, re-
New Hampshire and revived with : |8 held that she is being brought from lobby committee tonight with a dra- ] tiring president, voiced his conviction
| their coming the intense partisan , tin; United Slates for the purpose of matie warning to the manufacturers , that the present year wlll prove one
feeling s.-j evident while Thaw was In Exploiting financially thc unpleasant of the country', a defense of the legs- of the most remarkable In the history
ihe Dominion. Jerome denounced one i notoriety which she and her former latlve activities of the federation, and of the west, a year which later histor-
of them in public today. husband,  II.  K   Tbaw, bave acquirer's  bitter  attack  upon    the    Sherman llans *��' retor to as heralding a truer
Their presence In Colebrook enllv-1 jur|n, the last  live years and  which  anti-trust law  as    applied    to    labor [economic condition, and a better, safer
| ened   what   otherwise   was   a   typical  has also been considerably stimulated  unions. ,and sounder general ljasis. During the
Thaw day for thoBu who have been
following the erratic course of the
slaver of Stanford White since his escape from Matteawan. Aug. 17. There
was no court proceedings, Thaw's arraignment being put off by mutual content until 10 o'clock tomorrow morn-
by Thaw's arrival In Canada.    Admis-
jslon to Canada   of   those   mentality
Gompers spoke at the end cf a day !J'ear the>' had ��een the passing ofhyi
devoted    into    the    inquiry    of    the !!eri,caJ �����' eEVte activity when men
morals, finances OT general record 'nre | polUical Md^legl^MSortTbf thJI^ed^jUCtC WeculaUoa  as  their
under suspicion may be refused,
provision    Is    believed    to    be
enough to   close    the    door    against
Doctors in Convention Say
Dress of Modish Women
Undermining Race.
The  federation.    He  began with    the    |���.! main soerce of revenue, and conalder
wide qulry Into the    "burst   in   Industrial ��f.th.e.lr Intimate business as a mere
life."    There   is   no  feeling  between isme'""e   u _
employer and  employees such as    Is       ,���    .     "umln  Mraeite.
known in European nations where In-       **e have alp<> witnessed the pass-
MUST PROVIDE SCHOOLG I dUBtrlal life to some extent haa taken  in* ��f,tf-i* But>-divIsion shark.   He haa
FOR MANY CHILDREN-tbe place of serfdom and of relation.!mercifully  relieved  us of his unwel-
F _.   Y gmLDREn ibetwreen master and mind. the product! F0Dle Presence.    His operations have
Port Coquitlam, Sept. ll.-A special  of centuries.    In Europe, he sxU, this *"j[ PJ�����= �����; art te^atftjteday
meeting of the school  board will  uc transition had been accompanied ^ �� JmT���ddtoK thaHt is be^Sn^^
held on Saturday to consider plans iv <�����.-�������� t**t��tt *���"��� <he emnlnve*  and l"^1-  aaalnP  ���**<���*  "  ���* certain
deeper feeling for the employee, and
the new school, and to make some ai
rangements for schooling children residing in the vicinity of the Pitt rive*
bridge. At present there are ii.
schools in that vicinity and the hoar.;
has no funds to provide one. The
suggestion has been made that they
be brought into the city by rig a U
returned by the same means at the
expense of the board.
In consequence those countries were
decades ahead ot tbe United Slates ln
legislation for the protection of the
lives of the working men.
What Is Result?
"The lives of working men count
for nothing in the United States," and
_ that
every thoughtful westerner detested
the parasite who had fattened upon
our prosperity and the credulity of
the world beyond, and whose small
and crafty spirit can never know the
faintest impulse of honest patriotism. It ls my hope tbat provincial legislation will render such abuses lm-
Recommend    Institution    of    Doctors,
Nurses and Teachers for Research
Work���Health   Exhibits.
he. "It seems to me that the life cf ipossible in the future and I congratu-
'a horse is of more value than the j late the citizens of Calgary upon their
i life of a human being to our inanufac��� recent  Invasion  toward  that desired
turers.    If this slaughter does not end end."
I do not know  what our    industrial. Safe and Sane.
| commercial, political and particularly      While convinced there would be as
jour humane life will come to." much money made in future western
I    The  manufacturers,   he   added,  op-'realty and land Investments as ln the
posed all acts of legislation designed , past he predicted that lt would be in a
tion��� Steamship War to
London, Sept. II.���At a meeting of
the Manchester chamber of i
attention was called to the i
increase that had recently taken pisrr-
in freight rates to Canada, fe ama**.
Instances advances were aaid to ke
as high as 100 per cent, and tftedhuD-
ber decided to seek a eonferemcr ass
the subject with the beard at tca-de.
ind H. L. Drayton, chairman of tHr-
Dominion railway commlaeibn, ***** tm
now- in London.
���Ur. Drayton says that as tbe reran
of his visit hc Is hopeful or brfao'mr.
about, in conjunction with tbe Britfr-t-
hoard of trade, the PFtablisbneent ml ss
British-Canadian freight rates ooar-
mlsslcn. He states that the peoaenRrr
and freight rate war between tb<"
Hamburg-American and Uie Korcb
German-Lloyd Steamship cenfea��
will completely disorganise tto At2__n-
*tc conference and force all
lines Intrf^he fight.
The latter are notifying tto i
throughout the United States aad
ada that sweeping reductions ha I
ster rag"  and   freight   rates  may
made at any time.
The    Po-nldmn  line has _,_
from the Allan line their serrfcw L	
Llver-oool and Glasgow to Moatrridno
and Buenos Ayres and has alao I
over the Allan line steamers i
fn  that ten-Ice.    The  Donafdara Bast*
will a-ntpr the river Pfatte confer
of shippers.
to protect the working men.
Growers to  Market Crops
1 -Quicker.
(dorado Springs, Colo., Sept. 11 ���j improved Shipping Facilities Help th*
That the Boclal evil  is the  plague ot]
the 20th century  w��a  tbe  contention]
of llr. J.  H.  l.andis, health ofricer of
Cincinnati, before the American Hub-1
He Health  association  this afternoon. |
"There  Is   no  reason   why  diseases i
occasioned   by  the  social   evil  Bhould
nm receive the same treatment, so far
as  their   handling   by   the   health   de-
AH  Crops in  Districts Served by tfie
C. N. R. and the G. T. P. Are
Gathered in.
partment   is concerned  as that of the
I plague   Ihut   Of   isolation-   he   salii.
Dr l.atulis said that the dfesa worn
by women of today is responsible in
a degree for Influences which, he said,
are undermining the race.
Health Exhibits.
Dr llovi K Dearbolt, of lhe University   of   Wisconsin,   before   the   socio-
'i logical section, recommended the es-
[tabllshment of a correspondence
course In slate universities fur physicians, nurses, teachers. etc.. who
would be given opportunities of doing
���avsto-natle. post graduate and research work under competent aud
stimulating supervision, lie urged
the holding Of the general health er.
hlblts. illimar to tuberculosis exhibits i
i    Vernon. Sept. 11     The general fruit
'situation in the Okanagan valley, now
that the shipping season is ln full
Rawing, ls better than It has been for
I many  years.
Last year, owing to lack of organisation and  marketing facilities, much ;
of the perishable fruit spoiled in the ;
valley, but this year It  Is all  moving:
'out In response to a big and growing
;demand.    Some fruit, peaches mostly.
: is left inigatheivd to rot on the ground
this year, but this is only in a few or I
elianls which were neglected by the i
Iowners   early   In   the     season.     Thej
��� peaches, in these isolated cases, were j
��� not thinned, and are now not of a mar-,
ketable size
The United Growers' Limited report i
pn actual shortage and an inability to '
;fi!l    all    their    orders   for  freestone
j peaches during the last tew days, so
great  has  been    the    demand.    The
peach  cron thiB year is nol  as  lame
Union Said to Have Conspired With Capitalists
Apainst Cheap Fuel.
Operators   of   Weet   Virginia   Try   to
Prove Ccnspiracy Befcre Senate
safer and  saner way
Crops Never Better.
Speaking of the crops. Mr. Isbister
Bald he had travelled extensively over
the country and had been amazed at
the magnificent character of the crops.
He had never seen crops that aver
aged better.
"Notwithstanding the eeareMr ot
Money, legitimate businesa In practically everv line has been most satls-
i factory. Now, just so long aa this Is
Ithe case, it must be obvious that west-
j ern Canada has not suffered in any im
portant sense," added the president.
(mpioyment mm
First Civic Bureau Undtr
, ' Charter Now Ready for
tion Here.
In   many  states  at   which   the   pIhl!oiM that of m2, because of continued
-onid see what was being done for thejdamp weather, but it is being prompt-
Washington, Sept. 11.���Weat Virginia coal operators continue I today
their efforts to prove to the sena'? investigating committee that the United      ^	
Mine   Workers   of  America   had   con-]    London,  Sept.  11.���Money and dis
spired with Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and'count   rates   were  quiet   today.    The
western   Pennsylvania  coal  operator:    ���*---��� ......
Consols     Eased    off���fdexleana
Home  Rails Feature Day's
betterment of health <-onditionB.
Cnlith   Bid  for  Work    on    American
Battleship $100,000 Lower Than
Home  Builders.
Washington, Sept. 11 An Knglinh
builder today was awarded the contract for turbine drums for the newest American battleship, number ��9, at
�� Utile more thnn one-third the price
offered by the lowest American bidder.
The accepted bid. $57,4110, wiib sub
milled bv New York agents of the
Cyclops Steel & Iron Works, Sheffield,
it Is exceptional for the navy department lo send a contract thread,
but Acting Secretary Roosevelt held
'hat tho action today was Justified by
the tremendous difference between
the Kngiish and the American prices.
The Sheffield bid Includes the pay-
men' of dulv and by giving the wnrk
tn the foreign builder the United
States saves moro than 1100,000.
There wer�� two American bids, the
Bethlehem steel company, |i6��.B6s,
i""i the Mldvale Steel company, |160,-
Winnipeg, Sept 11.���John F. Han
sen, gem ral manager ol the North
I Saskatchewan Land company, reports
harvesting completed in all districts
! served by lhe Canadian Northern and
(Irand Trunk Pacific railways. Practically no damage has been done hy
I frost and all griilns an* of high grade
IMr Hansen estimates that the value
Jof t'lln yenr'a crop will exceed $2&Q.-
000,000 ami considers ii undoubtedly
lh" best  thnt  h-JB ever been harvested  In  tiie districts mentioned
Thi re is a particularly active de-
itive deportment In Canadian Northern
jl'rslr'.e towns, und Mr. Hansen staler
the Influx of settlers has been so
heavy thst hls company Is erecting n
numlier of houses for their accommo-
dnt'on nt numerous points on the Ca-
nad'an Northern. Ile intlclpalcs no
fallln- eff in next year's Immigration
Intu western Canada.
Port Co- tiltlam, Sept. 11���Port Co-
oult'am's first annual fair wlll be held
on Friday, Sepi, 19. The exhibition Is
the 1Kb Annual one of the CooultlRm
Agricultural society but as last year
this p'aee was part of Coaulllam munlclnalltv. the comlne fair will in reality be Porl Cncnt'tlam's first.
Tt wlll hr official's opened at 1:30 bv
Col. J. D. Tiiylnr. M.P. A total of 800
prizes of the aggregate value of about
���700 will be distributed In the exhibition department, while for the sports
some valuable trophies have been donated.
Sixty   Head   of   Holsteln  Grade Cowr
to Be  Sold  by  Government at
-Iv marketed, and wlll be vastly more
profitable to the growers.
Fire blight, which has been such a
i detriment to some fruit districts this
i v��-ir. has had scarcely any hold in the
I Okanagan. Some casea were found.
'lut   It  is  now  eliminated   and   under
control, with only nominal loss to the
I growers of the tf 1str!-"t.
!    The selling system has worked even
j'otter Ihan was anticipated.   All frul
I'ng    left   f.o.b. and no "tramp cars
have been sent out  lhis your.    There
hai been no glut of anv kind of pro-
'iluce In the Vernon district this season.
'The  apple  crop   will   be   much   more
profitable to the growers than last
'year, for prices are better, and super-
!ior marketing facilities have been de-
I volpped.
i to unionize the WeBt Virginia mines
:and eliminate cheap coal from the
: .narkets.
j Operators testified that in the last
I few yearB they had sold coal for the
i (Ireat Lakes trade at cost or at a lo.s
to keep the mines running thi> year
round. Then their attorneys put In a
record that they claimed was evidence
that the operators ln the four oompet-
settlement was concluded satisfactorily on Ihe stock exchange. Dealings
for the new account broadened and the
recent improvement In values further
slightly progressed In most directions.
Home rails and Mexican securities
were the best features, but copper
shares, while active, closed below the
beit. Consols eased off on fears of
new loans and I'aris steadily supported its favorites.
American  securities opened a frae-
R. A. A  I.  Society  Has Only Three
Meetings In Which to Do Much
Some Interesting discussion Is expected when the meeting of the executive of the R. A. �� I. Society Is held
In thc city council chamber this evening. A number of Important matters
wl'l come up for final consideration
and thnt tbere la still a number of
The report of the lacrosse committee
on thn Minto cup games wlll be received.
President Welsh polnta out that
there Is only two more meetings before thn exhibition opens on Sept. 30
and that there Is stll la number of
matters to be settled.
The music committee and the special attractions committee wlll bring
In final reports.
The third sale of dairy cuttle lo
lake place In the province this year
under Ihe auspices of the  live stock i DR. F. J
branch of the department of agricul- I H	
ture will be held at thi exhibition | Po,.t Coqu!tlan,.~8~ept. ll.-Dr. F. J.
grounds In this city at 1 o'olock p.m. , Doherty, of this city, has been up
on Sept. IS. 'pointed coroner for Port    Ccqultlam
Sixty head of Holsteln grade cows | Word of the appointment waa reoelved
have Just  arrived and  theso will be I Tt"ter<��ay from Hen. H. E. Young, "
lng states soiiRht to eliminate W. _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Virginia coal from the middle western tlon lower. Trading was quiet during
* | markets by granting higher wages tol tbe forenoon and prices moved Irregu-
the I'liltcil Mine Workers on condition ' larly. An upward movement In the af-
that the West Virginia mines should j ternoon was followed by a reaction
be unionized This Included statment_ i In the late trading and tbe list de-
of delegates to a Joint conference of
competing state operators and L'nited
Mine Workers in Cleveland in April,
1912, to the effect that the miners
must unionise West Virginia before
they could expect further Increases In
Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois.
Just ^^^^^^^^^^^
offered to the farmers of the Kraser
valley at their own prices.
The shipment consists of 00 young
cows from two to four years old, the
balance Naln-g yearlings
Prof. W. T. McDonald of the depart-'
ment made a special trip to Ontirloi
and personally selected the first ship- \n �����_
D., provincial secretary. The n.>*.v
coroner Is the brother of Dr. Charle,
G. Doherty, superintendent of nunui
hospitals fay Ilrillsh Ci lumbia. and .J
connected with the private hospital in
this city.
ment, that was sold In Victoria and
arranged for the shipment that waa
sold In the Oksnngnn. and for the
shipment that hns Just arrived In New-
These choice animals are from the
counties of Oxford, Brantford and
iliilillmand. Ontirln.
Professor McDonald !�� well knowp
-is the besl iudge nf live slock In
western C.inndn and has been fre-
ctien'lv sought by the management of
fhe stst�� fairs In western and centrnl
tTx'torl Stn.tcs to net ns Judge at their
faP fairs.
The management of the provincial
exhibition, whlth wlll open nt the end
of this month, was very pleated to
grant the use of the exhibition grounds
fnr the sale ar they consider tho sale
of these animals, bred from pure sires,,
a move In the right direction for thej*
Improvement of the herds in the Fra- #
ser valley and Indirectly of benefit to 14*
ft fl
the big exhibition.
speak; in cpokan: ft
Spokane, Wash., Sept. 11. ��� ���"���
The seventh International Pa- ���'.'���
clfic coast conference cf ���:���
churchmen was opened iu tt
Spokane tc night when 300 dele- it
gates representing all parts of tt
the coun'rv, attended a dinner. ���'.:>
Speakers at the dinner Included the Rev. R. B. Nevlus, of tt
Tacoma: the Right Rev. F. W. tt
Keator, blahop of Olympla; the tt
Right Rev. A. U. de Pencier, -'.s
bishop of New Westminster, tii
nnd the Right Rev. L. H. ft
Wells, bishop of Spokane. �����
The regular sessions of the tt
-conference wlll   begin   tomor- tt
row and will end Sunday nlgbt. tt
'ftftttttttttttttftfttt ttttftftft
cllned under the lead of Union Pacific
and Amalgamated Copper.
Ft. laouls. Sept. 11-The establish
ment of a home for Indigent lumbermen In the allied Industries waa deeded upon tonight by the Order of
Hop-Hoob. which closed Its 22nd annual concatenation here tonight. A
fund of (2000 was ordered set aside for
the relief of the sufferers from the
recent Hot Borings fire.
Winnipeg, Man., was chosen as the
scene pf nft year's concatenation.
The order nlso decided to eliminate
N*"��r nnd alcoholic drinks from all
business or social gatherings here-
Local Trader and Labor Council Re-
fu<e Request.
The nropnunl of the executive of the
B. 0, Federation of Labor to call a 48-
hour rtrlke of nil union men ln the
province naniiist the aotion of the
government In placing mllltla on Vancouver island where the coal miners
n��e -on strike, received short shrift at
the hands of the local Trades and tabor councll on Wedneaday evening, a
motion to have the letter tiled being
passed by a heavy vote.
It was noticed that four of the eight
names at the toot of the communication realded on Vancouver laiand and
a fifth Is a resident of Fernle, In the
Crow's Nest district.
Leading    Isuea    Scored    New   High
Levels���Strong Tone In New
York Responsible.
Montreal. Sept. 11.���With the recent
upward tendency continued on the local market today, assisted by the
strong tone prevailing in New York,
leading issues scored new high levels
for the movement, notably Montreal
Power, O. P. R. and Laurentlde. Others
nf Ihe less active stocks alio shared
In the advance, Textile, Detroit Montreal Tramways and Shawinigan allowing gains on broken Irt a.
Laurentlde mounted the fattest going seven and a half points above recent sales to 16S 1-2, but dropping
back two points at the close. C. P. R.
mourteil gradually throughout th�� dnv
from 2?2 1-4. the opening price, to the
inst --ie at 224 and 224 1-4* asked at
the close.
The commencement of the city ��f
N'ew Westminster's enipfcj.smr-u.
agency Is to be made next week. Allowing the arrival of tbe UruRifdu/
charter. This has been expected for
some little time, but once it is in po*-.*-
session of tbe city authorities, inzf.rw
tions have been given HuildUiK Inspector Turnbull to go ahead wiCi
the plans, so that by the early pnrt
of next week it is expected thai ttu.*
first municipal employment btrusa-
ruiinii.g uuder government chafWw.
wi'l  be established in the Royal City.
The committee cf the city uosmtsM
which has this matrer in bead wfll
meet today when gnad plans will t*a*
The office of the bureau will b> *
established in the city market, ssserima
quarters having been foiriwl tor tthtr
new step In municipal uwuesaMpa
which has been coming to the ton* iu
New Westminster during the |
would tax mm
New Line Ready.
Ottawa. Sept. ll.���The Toroato-Ot-
tawn Canadian Northern line will he
finished and In operation within alx
weeks. Sir Donald Mean travelled
over the new Une from Ottawa to
Chsffey looks, on the RMora lakes,
last night ln his private ew.
Associated Boards    of    Ti
Companies to Pay
Until in Actual Use.
Winnipeg, Sept. II.���-The i
way companies came in for a
ling this afterncon at tha i
of tbe Associated Hoards ot TraSfa ����
Western Canada, when resohitteaas st>-
lutlng to the granting and
charters and also of land
and held free of taxation '
after discussion.
The resolution regarding
chases by railway compaatea i r
without taxation on the groaad of kiting required for railway |
pasaed unanimously, tlw
considering that property
by railway companies ^^
Jeet to taxation until actually i
railway purposes. It waa stale** -
ln places land was held Ibr
where there was doubt as ta whew tt
would be used for rallwav porpswm.
lf It evtr waa.
Dominion HMiwayt
A resolution Introduced h" ft t*.
Pickett Mrose Jaw aiklng tint ttit*
Doirtlon government aid ttf ��r*v*��
���nent* if Ontario. Mu:uto_K Mti
katcbe-viin and Alberta erovf* tc-*
the construction and mafnlenNM*" -I'
i. goo(�� v.h'cular blgbwair I.
great lakes and the Psdfc i
paexed I'nanliroiisly, It
��ld�� red that inch a road
and weuld help tbe
general Interests of tfim x
A resolution regardtag i
derovatory to Western <~
dueed by W. B. WUaa* 1
1 was lost by a j
u' ,-\,i['it
���MA-m PAGfc   T��kO
FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1.13.
with   no   other   charges     for    lu.als,
iTths, samples and transportation.
"1'iThiips you can gel up a train for
iho south of Ireland without the assistance of the north of Ireland, by
taking the matter up with your Dub-
An independent m.irains ptxpar devoted to <*�� tmteriat* of New  Westminster and | )(n   chamber   Of   ennillloree.      Von   will
Fr.ser Voiir*   i*i**ivtk*tt every tnomina exoept Handtty ��v iiie .-rational Printing |require to have forty representatives
end I'ubliihiag Compan*, Limited, at St StcKmntie Street, Set,- Wsstmlnstsr, British
Oolnmtlio. ROB*  BtlTHSKl.ANI.i.  Managinn  Dir.ctnr.
All eomtnunicatlmn* r*l��M -te addressed to The New Westmlnttsr Newt, nml Ml
la leditnlitaJ mtntSttrt af tsx* at***. C**e**et, draftt, and axo.e* ..criers should lie mode
payable to The Natte**! l*rtmxU*p and I'uSlxSaiao Coaxpatii,. Limited.
TELHI'HONMS���Bmtimm Office and at anaptr. **��; hlditttriixl Rooms loll depart-
punts),  SSI.
SIIISCKirriOn KATKB���Bp oarrXer, 14 per year, tl for iiHrco month*, 4(lc prr
axontli    Hu mail. 13 per pear. J5o par monf*.
Mi) I���ifl'MIS-i ttATIta on application.
It must be a terrible thing to have .so much money you
don't know what to do with it; to know that you've got so
many millions, coming in and to feel that you've jjot to get
rid of them in some way or another. Such a predicament
must be almost as nerve-racking as that in which William
Jennings Hryan finds himself, drawing a paltry $12,000
per vear as Uncle Sam's secretary of Btate and driven to|goods   an
I t' V i*Y V   V f' 111 ���
lecture on the Chautauqua platform to get molasses to
smear on the seldom bread and butter supplied by his employers, the American people.
But to go back to the man who has such a collection
go 011 the trip. The Dublin chamber of
commerce have ail the details of the
mad-e-in-Ireland train, ir you desire to
take it up with Ihom. bo also hava the
department of technical Institutions
for Ireland, of Dublin. Our friend,
Lindsay i<- Johnson, Ballygowen.l
House, l.iBhurn. Ireland, also has full
train. Bad he is acting for us now.
if you will write him for particulars
he wlll send them, and be wlll rab'e
ns to go to lorland an soon as ho is
satisfied tbat tluv manufacturer! will
tnke up the train."
Committee   Replies.
I'limi tbls communication e special
,.. mmlttcn of fork merchants replied:
"No doubt there Is a splendid field
'a Canada for onr export'ng manufac
tnrers, nnd were Irish manufacturers tl
to  the  number reoulred   to  combine | tl
Firing   at   Each   Other   In
York City Wound Little
New York, -Sept. n East
street, between Kirs: ami Beoond avenues, oue of tho most congested tenement sectloni in Harlem's "Little
Italy," was crowded with little glrla
and boys al play Juhi after i ie supper
hour l-ini night. Tbe girls were skin-
pint; the rope und playing games, while
.i group of boya rnn In and out among
them playing baseball In the Btreet,
On lhe sidewalks and on the steps of
tonement bouses on either side of
Etreel Fat the mothers and fathers
parents and tekphers themselves some
danger mlghl Ua ln u unlimited facility of choice and for this reason II devolved on the departmental committees to revise the proposals of the cantonal assemblies,
Offxlals Responsible.
Tbo vlaltal question, the minister
said, was  whal   was  the rule the au-
thoriics lind to play?   It did not suffice
to Jut: formally accept and sign the
list presented,    it was lhelr duly to
[remember thai they were responsible
111:11 Ito the parents of the children for tho
nd una tlonal  and   moral  mine of the
bonks placed i" the cblldren'a bauds,
in conclusion the minister said thai
It   i is nol sufflclenl to tneroly tacitly
������������I tlnn,  by  n   bind  ,if  professional
neutrality,   an    Inefficient     material
wblch was lacking both In substance
nnd  In'^iM'ii    Whal   was  needed  wai
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
for the purpose Indicated In this letter, much lasting results would ho derived therefrom, Bul there is Jusl
as excellent .1 field ben In Ireland.
where close upon $16,000,000 worth of
unnecc.Bsarlly imported
coeds Blmllar in make and
no cheaper In price to tbose we man-
"ti'r.> iii home in Ireland.
"What is wanted is for Iris'.-, manufacturers, first, to make   the    home
markets secure to themselves, and af-
.   ,       .    -    i -   i      .ii      i   a    *       ���     i , terwards to seek to oapture as large
of financial nuts in 'his bushel basket that he has to throw a measun ot the world's trade as
them at every possible pretext that presents itself to him V"y ?avB T:'", ;',"'1 ,",,"".",'is'   "���
i  '  ... .'-     ���,, ���, ,, , do.    A   pviilr-in-lrolniid   train   carry-
as a means of getting rid of them.  1 he gentleman s name ina specimens of irish-made goods,
is Andrew Carnegie and, to prove to the WOrld at large  with energetic representatives to brlngj then ���      two Italian
,,,., .11 _i l- tie   snell  pious  ill  n  business-like  way  to
that he has more actual, real money than ho is capable of the notice ot the buying puwie nnd
handling properly, he has iust finished building a palace |01,,rln" from depoi to depot here in
c . mi     tt i i .   j ���_. j     ai _��� 'releud. wi uld have a a-renl and beno-
of peace at lhe Hague and has presented it po the natiqns, ttciai effect upon Irish trade and com-
who know as little about what to do with it as Andy does mprce' !" ���' nrovfl ��"r own vaii!
about disnosing of his surplus cash.
Mr. Carnegie, the laird o' Skibo. who made his mil-;
lions and is making them out of the United States, seems
| neime nnd education advantage to the
I whole community."
OM   IMITV Secend avenue coi
\)W   1)11 I   after making a few
and the big brothers and Bisters.
No one, apparently, took notice of
two young Italians who were walking
in opposite directions on different
sides of the street. Bach walked near
the curb, dodging among tbe chairs
and boxes which blocked the Bide
walk .
When in front of 314 on tho south
s.de of 114th  Btreel  the  nan  going
west halted suddenly.    He jumped lo
one   Bide   when   he   saw   the   Italian
across the street  pointing a revolver Th
at him.    In an Instant his revolver was   ;i]l
drawn, too.    ln another  moment bIx  ������������
shots had been fired, Thero wer, cries
from  many  parts of the  Btreet, nnd
were seen renin different directions.
No further attention  was paid    to
ihem. for in tbe middle "f the Bti	
lay two little girls B-ireamlng with
pain. Dozens of children hovered
iround 'hem and cried hysterically.
Tho fathers and mothers and ii1" older
som*. iynd daughters addrd the'r voices
to thn *.v:ii!s. The little nirls wen*
carried to the sidewalk and neighborhood   doctor.",  were   Rummoned   while I
that ih-'* sbould become infused with
tie* spirit and broad liberalism and
tradlUonal tolerance of the university.
Thi v must, moreover, not forget that
;he minds of children were still undeveloped 'u:tl Incapable of reaction
against tbe written law,
Tho work which oughl i" be proscribed out nf reaped t > their lender
sge, In "I lltlon to those which were
onnosed to mi "al tpnohln :. i" 'lie constitution nnd laws of the countrj wi re
books en violent polemics which pro-
v ���'������������,! or enpenderec hatred amongst
oltlsens and tended tn weaken and
compromise the gn wth of patriotism
pohjir* seb""l which wsa open t**
i bildren wl'.houl distinction nf
racp, religion or partv, Bhould In th'
interesl of lhi "��� all be ;* *; inctum of
harmony end di a *���*. noon tha thresh
e',i .e' which disputing argument
Bhould bo left l ehlnd.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C, vis.: the
iho celebrated "VANCOUVBK" Brand, nuurauieed to pass Htnndard
Specifications of Americai  und Canadian  Knglneers' Association.
Wo would also call attention lo our Vitrified Sower l'lpe from
. in to i!4 In. in diameter, "'his Is aleo made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry ix stock if Crushed Itock. Washed Gravel, Sand,
Mnn*. piaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
802 Columbia Street W.
raid to Control  C,
P.  R.
to forget there are any number of spots in that republic
where he could have dropped his coin and done some good.
But that's not Carnegie's lay. He wants to spend his
money, but he wants it to do some advertising for him,
so he erects a peace palace at enormous cost and hands it
over to the nations, while the special correspondents and | Train oncrator Given six   Months
special nhotographers write reams and take scads of pictures of the palaee.
Past history has demonstrated that, international
movements are settled, not in public halls where everybody can hear of them, but at quiet heart-to-heart talks
between statesmen and rulers. Carnegie knows that as
well a�� everybody else, but he knows iust as well that he'll
probably get more advertising out of the gilded palace at i
The Hague than he would out of some needed slum work
in New York, Chicago or Pittsburg, from which latter to deal as severely as possible with
snot a goodly supply of dollars has poured into his breeks' JJK��J;ut^?����IXnrr.TwJS
pockets. ! who was arrested todaj charged with
  [having been under the Influence of li-
An old EngliBh bishop onines that London iuries are
so nreiudiced thr.t they would find Abel guilty of murdering Cain.
ind   t.lctbcdiot   Epis-o
paiianr Join and C,H Themselves
Ccngrcrat'rral BtS.
11.    "Tiie Telegraph
controls tho officials
I'acilic- railway, The
positions are not at
whom they please,"
so declared J. ,T, Crcclman today aft'r
iie had appealed to Judge Lafontalne lhat  the cbildfen would in
o.Mnircal. Sept.
Operators' union
of the Canadian
men in directing
liberty to employ
th" older men took up the cry of "po-
line."   Patrolman Sullivan of the Easl   Presbyterians
104th Btreel station came around the
rner on a run. and
in lu'rlcs he called
an ambulance.   Dr Khan of liar
lem hospital arrived twenty minutes
Inter.    Hysteria broke not anew when
the  clattering  ambulance   was  heard      Odessa. Wash., 8ent   il    Thi   R
n tho distance.   Il renuirad sonje ier   lish speaking churches of Odessa ha
s'lSElon to permit Dr Khan to take the  decided to unite under ene head
llttln jrirls away. ' oe denomination and have chosen thi
Lilian !>������ Mella, 2 years old, of 308  name of Odessa English Congregatl *
Hast  114th  street, a baby jus;  learn-  al church
lng to  walk  unassisted,  was one    of     The churches uniting are the Pre.-:
Uho victims.    Phllomena   ivcnraro, 4JbyterIan and Metbodlal Enlscopal non
years old, of 306 East 114th stroet, was wegatlons tv> former M. E build-
ithe other. Kach had a bullet wound I tni: will be thl home of the new Con-
iin tiie right let; T'n" l-uliet In each I tTegatlonal church The Rev \ H
i cas" had struck thc fleshy par! of the
log, it vas said a' lie- hospital, and
had vr) touched the he"e.    It vas said
II .: r .1 ..-.'K.- >-; PI \N*' 'i in i'E
,. ud ��� ��� Ti rins mod : & Bltickl'
HI., Phc ni   Si 6 I	
mii.v   c    ���'    i I -111 :it.   -n.a'ii,.!!   OP
pi inofort *.   Imi m my   and  slnjcin (     V
,.ii.; . ;      :..   prppurod  for nxamlna-
tlon hi tt    '���   M    ind R  ���'   U   Por ti rm��
apply 803 Tl Irtt  i ��� nue
! MISS   l:l.l.\   ''    II.  Rl IT,    I'EAfi  IKH   "''
|'| innforll I     K-.,**    -���      Kew   'V.   I
mln if r
quor while on duty, convicted and civ-
en six months In Jail,
Smith, who stated that be had been
In 'he employ of the Canadian I'aeific
railway   for   the   past   three   ruonthl
il prob
ahtlity recover unless unforseen com-
plleatlons arose.
After the excitement In East 114th
stri * ' had calm) d down I * tei Mvc
Maneln! and Qualde o,' the Easl 1 I"
street Btatlon mingled with the people
to u<< descrlptlonse of the men win,
had fired th" shots Many said thai
the two men ! ad dli api ;��� a r",| In tene-
menl houses.    Not one    person      .<-
adrtlttbd tlmt he had  taken too much ' found who could n*l,e air* kind of Hit-
Wherever you go, vou'll meet the snme kind of neople.
The chromic erouch will be ahlo to locate undesirables in
heaven���if he ever gets there himself.
A pnod time co��ts monftv, If you don't believe it, ask
the carnival committee of Victoria which, at the moment
is scratching its head trying to raise that ten thousand
dollar deficit.
In the east they're going to make drivers of bakery
wagons wear white gloves as a measure of precaution
against microbes. Perhaps if they'd insist on a general
hand-washing all 'round it might do as a starter.
Fur is all lho go in fall fashions for ladies and it's a
relief to he��r it for. .iudefinp from the tendencies in summer dress, there be some v*ho were afraid that the next
style sheeLs would look like faithful reproductions of Eve's
coining out gown.
liquor on the ninlit in question, but
denied lhat the union controlled the
company, and that the managers were
not. at liberty to make selections when
employing men. He objected to being punished for the sins of others.
In asking that an example be made
of Ihe accused Mr. Creelman said the
action was taken under Article 41H
and 431 of the criminal end,-. TV
accused, he said, could bp sent to the
penitentiary for five years, or condemned tn pav a fine of %'MI, nr both.
Thr re might have been loss of rrop-
orty and loss of life.
A-pi-.ted   From   the   Do-"k.
Smilh "aid he had nothing whatever
���n do with passenger trains, it was
after 11 p. in. when he took the liquor,
as hp was feeling ill. There were no
passenger trains after that hour, lie
said h�� v.as an American citizen, but
that should have nothing to do with
the case.
.1. w. Warne, night
that Smfth had a bottl
Isfacl r*. description of th" men. The
tenemi n* housi * pi Inted < ut w * ri
searched from cellar to garret, bul thi
men  were not  found.
Clericals  and   Antis   Wide   Apart   and
Country is in a
I'aris. France, Sept  11.   Secularism
I with  regard  to elementary education
agent   testified [j_  jrrance,  _Bg been  carried  to such i
��� of whiskey in
The doctors are having a time figurine out the whys
in the case of a man who hns been asleen for 35 davs.
Tlint's nothing, look at the faithful 'few- in this town who
hnve heen living here since before Dutfh Bill was in the
halibut business and yet don'thelieve in the harbor scheme.
The Belgians, who have been drinking rain water in
their whiskey since rain and whisW w^re invented, havo
���discovered an underground lake that, it
supply them with we*ne��'-. in the fi'tiT-e.
die deen enough in Scotland they'll find
supply of porridge.
the operating room, at d at '1 30 p ra
he had to remove him from the lays
lie said Iro was afraid of an accident.
Smith, he snid, waa n llrsl class oper
ator. one of the best In the employ of
the company.
Judge Lafontalne said he would nol
impose tbe maximum penalty, bul mirier the circumstances he would condemn the lionised to six months In
Smith hail to be assisted from the
dock by the guards.
is thought, will
PerVitins if thev
a subterranean
It's troing some for the advertiser of Canadian scenery when it is discovered we have so manv mountain
peaks in the TtocVies wo can't keen trnek of them all. Here
we've heen h����arinc fnr ye^s tbnt Mounts  Rrown
Spokane,   Sept    II     Charging   thai
F. iirm sehweiler. musical din cl ir h
agreed  to exchange  mus.ial  Instruc
tlon  fer    optometry    pervlcei    .1    \i
Snaid, who was recenMv ptied hy Pro
feasor Brueschweller  the latter al -
ing that he bad not boon paid for thi
music lessons, filed nn answer In the
! superior court yesterday together with
la $'.'S counter elaini  f-.r services
j    The  Brueschweller and  Bpaid  controversy  was started  in  the superior
I court s;x weeks ago.    At that time tho
iii xi.    i. n��^<- a;-���(, -,-. -tV,.. T./.raL-a. ..ota.    musical director filcl (he suit, alleg-
Hooker were among the tallest tbines in the Kock\ ��ata-,ng ,,��� had given vivian spaid music
logue and a f,onple of inquisitive Johnnies come out from lesson to the value r.r $220, hut that
England and discover that they aren't there at all. |jj^ '^ ���""" *M *'* "s l!-
in his answer filed yesterday Opt I -
Novel   Proposal   tn   Let   Canada   See
What Can Be Made on
"Ould Sod."
Dublin, B-.ttt. 11. *n loVr-si'Tv-
e-.hemc for de-vrtoplns Irteli trade In
Canada was unfolded at�� recent meet
lng of the Tort dlstriet trades coun
cil In n letter rrom MSMi, Klrkwood
����� Sons. 17G Dupont sir-ret, Toronto. It
stated: ,,
"We have arrange^ -with the (.nB-
nadian Pacific rallr-nad Ij-it-o for a
made-ln-lrelanil train, consiBtlng of
11 cars, as follows: 1�� sample cars,
2  sleeping  cars,  1  UrMni TJir bpA  1
haggeg car, the 10 anrnplo cars will
bo Uttcfl up lo receive samples, and
whil'e have an aisle on one side the
Tull lenth of   all CPTB,
Big   Prcjisct.
The object is to transport forty representatives of the lr'^h manufactures
from Relfael to Quebec via the Km-
pri-PB ntcamers from Liverpool, and
at Quebec ta talte a train for 0 trip
overland cf li Bno miles, as far ns fial-
Kary, aid return via Montreal nnd Rt.
lohn. N. ft., there In emhnrli on the
steam'-r fnr l.'vonrinl and Belfast, The
r'-imil Irin will cove- 12,000 miles, and
wil Hake '���;��� from Va to 80 days' time
.,���..<������ nttot three transcontinental
Kach of We ten sample cara wlll he
r,fii;t, feet long by B feel wide, with an
aisle three teet long, leaving six feet
for the samples, and each ear will he
divided an follows: If, feel bv 6 feet
with curt Sl.S'Hi dollars. 3D feel by 6
feet will cost $3,200, and MiVj. feet hy
B feel (B fun carl wlll cost $ff,000,
frtie of ell (ilher costs for the entire
ro-pnd .trip from llelrast, and return
lo ���rJtsei <Iti/-,- -men allowid each car)
dan Spald declares that the musician
igread to Rive his daughter lessons if
be wou'd work on the eyes of
Brueschweller, wife and two daughter*.
Tho optician declares that ho per-
'ormed services worth $221 between
September 26 IfilL'. and March, 1 at rt.
n the eyes of the Brueschweller family
lie asserts that he did not know his
daughter Vivian, who took the music
'essons, bad ever given the music man
any sera of money, but that after the
roll '-as filed he found '-he Inr) aeeiir-
ed S28 from her grandfather, which
wna pnlrl on tho lessons. As be rle-
ftlnres thai the eve servlccH paid for
the muslo lessons the optician asked
yesterday that Professor Brueschweller returned the $28 paid by Ihe daughter.
earned to
'engths that Its very foundation bas
been shaken. The extremes to which
the partlzans of the non-clerical sys
lem and their opponents have gone
have carried them beyond the pale of
all reasi n
-Man; attempts have been made to
modify the fanaticism on both sides
bul bo lar without any practical re
.-ulii- A special effort has now been
mnde to deal ���������.���ith this matter and a
di ��� ri ** usi i iti -I has tired the -an
��� .-������ 'lien earb vear there
���   ' ���
ptihlb   el
- ml   *
New   Coerce   lacued.
l      minister n! education has taken
'      nceas on of thr- publication of the
��� ��� -.*  di 'tree to addrosF individually the
arl  us ���'���-:��� i ntary school authorities,
'  "ilid'ng tl   of the agitation  that
raged with regard to the brroks
rd In the i ir- 'n and of the resu't of
the governmental li tniry concerning
the rfgulatlcr In fo'oe s'en 1SH2. He
���ilea recalled to them tbat by the flnd-
nis of th's corhratsrlbn the terms tin-
Ier which thesa regulatlpns were con-
'���oivrd h���d not iieen correct.lv Intnr-
nreted aor a-iministered In a uniform
manner, n-r bad fh"t i re-aponiilhln rc-
���.llzrd n" |, -tiy ,,|ti,cr In the nature
ir ,���-'-���,��� , i their powers and duties.
,: wa this the minister Hild. that
,v| msde necersary tho revision of
' '' ''' '  of i;,o regiil* Henr   In speak-
u *i
a i suitable
. ��� ���   -
books shall
i ������
��� n
which  the
,   , ��� ���
��� ��� '1\
wacor!   anri
���       . 1
i  lbe
rents"      of
i rrupt
progresi of
ncfttios    In    the
.\tonnn. former pastor or tbe M   ii
church, has preached his farewell Bar
-.-on and yesterday marked the ripen.
Ine ��� ���' the new Congregational church
i f ' i������', .*���*.!     The ituitij,!  mi mhers �� 111
m -i- i   ii a i 'oi ������, gatl nal ��������� Inlster to
tskn chsrge ii the nev work
To . ��� adli b' Aid ��� "-'��� ilea of th" two
' ������-* ��� ,:  are also ���.������.'������n\ with n n am-
' * - hip   "f   ::'   and   eli ������'���'',     off! - *
������ vi��� -, ni v,* Sunda       hool I   - b i
Ti ���    Tie i -- ��� ip    I, ������  ,,|i. t  build     *
'���a the newly i inl'ed Congregational
. i,���i,   _,_...  _. r*rr,.*)  !*.,   Blshon  f ������-,)���.
' '���'' * Is '"  " i by th ��� Rev   A   H   Mor-
���i   ���:���   ������    W    V ��� nei   and   Charli
0* ������'-.  ������ ho received  b -  ai or ������ il
The   Pi        nr    *������'������'��� Idor   .       *.. .r-l,,    ,.,
'��� ''' di it nf the Wa hin    ''���*-'
 -moral    conference        con luc*ed
. -, .,,.,t ,..^.��� (0 a){] th_ new
r-hiir-h In its orgai Iratli n
Town's   Pr3*-ine-t   Youths     Arrtcted
Fer i^amhi n-
Orangev lb . Ida1 o, Sept ! I Slur
'ff snd h's d nutli ��� a ited by s
or 10 special i-'r.o rs, visited the salt nns, i.-. i roi ms End othi r resorts
of Orangevilii al ��� I ���',* last n'ght
and arrest,ai .--.i;! young men t-w a
charge of gambling. ' rhe i fficera also i' cur d severs i ard tal : *--, ch p -
and other pan: hi rnalla which v ll
������ri bably be i onf   ��� I vil tha saloons were found i;< b: observing the:
laws, the arrests being i ade In room]
ad lacenl to the l  *���-. n $ tv , pool rooms
The young men arrested wer'- Hrr
man Miller, Alborl Kagan, Earl Kagan,
Frank Bowman, !���' Rothtlsberg, li *���!
Alll8i n and <arl Fuller. Prlends pro
vlded isi I In e,-,r h case,
Th,. sccused, several of whom are
imon -  Ihe  c tj's  best   known  :    u i
men,  ** III  be arraigned tomi ,  be
ri re JuBtioe of tbe Peace Osn 11,
I'r i, cul ug Attorney Ifa tab maa
declares thnt lbe prevallln \ I liel that
gai i.i *. ��� ill be permitted ���! ir ng
* bordi r days Is ������������ Ithoul foundation, He
a* that the authorities will take
evi i i ossible si ��� p to prevent violations 'I Ilu- slat,-  laws In 'his regard
Dancing and Calisthenics, will *���:������'
New    Westminster   once   a    week
cias. es for adults    v\ rite or apply
for particulars    at    0   i ei    Hou ���
Hornby street, Vancouver      ���:' tii
H.   J.   A.   BURKDrr,   AUDITOR     ANt
a., Mini.i il    Tel    R    !-"-    K i   -.   11.ol
y. It Smith. W, J  'Ir-ivw
IVnrh uadertaktn in cify Hrul outaiMa
'.oliit-a. _: r t-12 W..-at-aalniitcr Tru.-it HI,la
Phon*  ^fi-t.    P.  o.  Boi  S07.
Bank of Montreal
K.HTABI.lSIIEl) 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16.000 000.00
KtiSERVE  $ie,ooa.ooo.oo
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London. Kng
land. New Vork, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Meilco City. A g,i,eral
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with cur-
respondents in all parts of the ��url<L
Savings itank Department���Deposit*
received in muni of $1 aud upward
aad intercut allowed at 3 par ceuL per
.in ii imi  (present rate).
Total Assets over $lS6,OO0.O0ni)0.
V..  l).  HHYMNI-.It,   .Manager.
B  * P  i) "t EDka of the D  of ''. nm:
t*-e tirsi nnd third Thursday ut s p. m.
K of p irHti ft: t.i atreet A w��llr
Dray, Butted Ruler: P, ll. Smith, Hoc
!��� I in
I, ii il. Jt.. .���:<> HI MEDTB ON
llr it. s-a-*aoal. itifrd -and fourth Wednes
.lay In '-.ara month st 8 p in.
In ile* Mmw Koine It J l**nmy
'I roao.r , K y. Jonas seer, tary
M-aiiT*''*'- "t |,wi*tr* tn See Hriuee
cumer nt reortb -and Carnarvon streets
I n ii F AJUTT LODOE NO 17��� Th'
regular ic-a-tlng ,,r Amity loatse No
:: I. O ri r ii hrld every Monda'
nlr'd hi -i i*i'cw*a in udd Pallows1 Hal!
ri-ri.'r Carnarvon and iriKhti. etreeti
\*lsttirr tiretham eordlalW Invitee
n  ,\   \t..,,-vw. ni; . it  w  Songster,
\*    '!      W    ���'    '���nvthiirn.   P    ,;     rmtyxr
lng secreiarv    .1   '.','   MacDonald, flnnn-
eini Hecretarv
IV   K   i"ALBS ���Plooeor Kun-rul DIreolo
and    l��r-halmcr     ar_-HI��    A*rm-1    ��lr-sa-
npnoel..* Cnm.Kt. Lalbrary.
h.   iii'iwKi.i,  tmrccRraon   to  cen
ter a   TUnna.   LlH I���Punernl   -Hreetor
and  ontHirmera      PnrP<re   -lit.   Cwlumhl
street.     N'ew   tV��etinlnsli'r      Phone   9.1
Hta-r rioiarrl of Tri'd" m'-a-te tn the Iieen
rnMn. Ctty  Hull.  i,�� follows:   Ttllrr! I'r'
ri.av nf ent-n teonth; quarterly ms^ttiu
on" lile thlrrt frtilnv rif l-'ehnmry. Ma.
AumiFt ran.1 November wt 8 pm An
nual rseetlnn on lha third Friday o
February. '*. H. Stuaet Wade, -lecre
Call and inspect our fall
Iinc.a and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Sale, peed*. Business Letters, etc : "lr
riilur w#��.k speot_UlsL All work laMetl)
eaanftrleiittill. H Unrrv. room 41 a West
mMeeer Trmat Rlk     Itionn 702
rllttTM.   *Saatlellr,re   etc.     In   Isitnt.  Hlree'
New -ff-Mtmlnater,   o   K  Cnrboifld. H
C.    J    R.  flnml.     A    E   MeColl.
Hi- l-ni ��. nnd 13 i.f Nn  _. and l.n(��  I. J,
:,    1,  K4,  li. tS, nf l^il  4.  -...: -ll. i-.u-iael
* "   l^i'   ��:.   "railiurluin   llleek   4.   In   lho
'���i'v of New Vvaslminstar
Win rea* on*.! of ths l"��" nt Certificate
ef Title Numl.-r MTSF, ISSU-sd In ltn- n.une
<d  i..n"hi:in  attSpssrrl* has bora filed  in
thi-a  ,.'flrr
Notlta in iien-by gtvsn that l shall, at
ibi* expirattea *t ono month fmm tin* date
nf   tin-   fl-it   tiulitlaa-lnn  leriof.   In  ix alially
newopaper pshltsltod In tho ''it.   of N.w
"iv, Htinln-ater. knme n duplicate nf tha- aald
Certlffe-St*,   unlr-K-a   In   lie-   nUMUlUlBS   vuhd
objesthsn tto mstft tn nn- In  WrRinf,
J. C.  i',\VVNN.
fSntrlel   Ri-alitrar .if Titles.
I.ind   neifl.try offir.*.   New WeaUnlns-
1  r   in'.   Mth AitKiist.   l��H. d'Jiai
On'-/ another month to y,ol aummer
tourfat ticketa at reduced rates. Ob-
���+"rvatlon. tourist nnd dlnlnR carB on
all througtl trains. Kor nwrvatlons
anil rates apply to
E. OOULET, Anent.
Now Westminster
ii. w. urodie, o. p. a.. Vancouver.
To Restore
O ^  t-lnw.      snlli-llnr.      inr.. Trd-.pti.ir
i * '"-niiii sd-araiM "Jnhnstnn
Coda. "Wsetorn Knlnr. " Offices, nW
nioek, .'.r,i Columbia street. New Wee*
mlnstes, n. C.
irlt iii wlilch the revision
i'n ,e ss d thnt tlio Rtate
a moment Bought to r*.
If tin, eon-enlent hnt. tlnn-
'i-e of itself preparing the
' f liooki: l.o be n'aeerl 'n
the ilrpar'menl.-il author-
"The   reunion  of Christendom   Is,  I
believe, tiie chief Christian problem of
today," was the declaration of the
Rlghl Hev I. 0, HtrltiRer, bishop of tho
Yukon, preaching ln St. John's cathedral, Winnipeg.
lng er th..
Vi.   been  ma
had  not   for
���"TVr-   tO   Itfl
������-..- as priv|]
.iPr'-i ������ llrti
'hn hands i r
^ The st ��� I'.riiner] ' to Impose unon
uiem anv doctrine, moral system, his-
tortc dogmn or stflentlflo method. It
������vin on i'u eontrarv of opinion that
public educntion could he nurtured and
neplrftd nn'v hy monna of thn most
liberal freedom. It placed lhe fullest.
nnnfidence In the local authorifles
lea'-lne to Ihem complete initiative.
On the other hind, the stale, could
net. Ignore thnt taking lato consideration 'he needs of national education
ind  their duty  toward  thn children,
The firnt thine to do is to correct tho minor ailment;! caused
by defective cr irrofjular action
of the organs of digestion nnd
elimination. After thcf.o organs hava been put in good
working order by timely use of
mw L-wpit Sals ot Imi KsSlehw la tkt W��M>
better digestion rosults, and then
the food really nourishes and
btrengthet:a lho body. Tho first
dose gives relief nnrl Bounder sleep,
quieter nerves, anl Improved action
of all tho bodily organs are caused
by an occasional i:ae of Beecham's
PIIIb. They give universal .ntisfa--
tion and in safety, sureness and
quickness of action  I'eecliutn'a Fills
Have No
Known Equal
Sold reerrwhar*.    In bana-a, 25 centa.
The AuetXitie. with ...rr
bos wn vairr talaublaa
mafa- Barrlatara ami :-killritora, w����i
mlnetri- Trust r*Uk.. Oolumbla strs-sl
Xa-��- Wnstmlnster, B. C Oabla ndilre*
"U'lillinliHi-." W"i'tern ttnlnn. P. f
Dr.iwer inn. Telephone t9. W. I
Wiilleoii'e,. K. ft.i II. L. Feimnnds, I
,��, STILWICM, (.I.tlTB. llnrrlst��r-iH-lM��
Heljeltni*. etc.; eairila-r Colnnitilo BS
McKr*nr.i"    street*     New    W-astmWi.-a'-*-
b. C.   P. o  Bon nr.    Telephone  71t
Pollcllnr .and Nolnry. Off'ea-ai Her
tileek, 2K l.nnie street. New IVesirnlr
slir, B   r.
Biirrls'.i'i and Bolloftnrs. Uni ti) Sll
Westmlnstor Tmst Block. (I Fl. Mnr
lln. tV. II. Mr*Quiarrle una) George I
Telephones:  Office 53.  Residence 429
.IOIIN  ItKlll, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Anaollne
K:i*.ine��.   Marine   KiiKlnus  and   Automobile Hnpalra.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.   New Weetmlneter, B.C
COAL MININO rlahtu of lhe  Hunlnlna
In   Manitoba,   Himkntcliewan  nnd  Allaairta,
lbe  FtiKon Territory, the Noitliw,itat Tar-
i-itnrla�� und In a iiortlon of Uia  I'rovlner
uf iirttiali Columbia, muy be leased for a
; t-rni of  twenty-ops years nt  r.n   emiuaJ
, tehlttl of $1 an acre. Not mnn- then Tli.*
. acr'*.H will he la-need to one applicant
'.i-eltciiiion  for e leaeo must  hn tnads
��>y tin- up|i!ii-nnt  m |aeninn to ths Aaen��
i or Sub-Agent of the district In which Um
j rlffhts upplled for aro sltuateal.
]     Jn nun-eyed territory the lnml must ba
iloaerlbad   by  aectlona,  or leaal  nub-dl��l-
-alnnn of Hietlrinn, and In unnurveyed tar-
��� uury   thn   tract   applied    for    nhall    be
���'inlii-il out by Ul* applicant himself.
Riieh apiillcatlcn must Me uccnnipanlaA
i>y a fen nr III milch wlll be refiindM If
iin- rlKhm applied for aro not nvallabK
Imt nnt otherwise. A royalty nhall ba
paid on tho nierclinntiible output of the
mine rat the rate of five centa per ton.
The peraon operatlnc the mine shall
fumlnti the Agent with nwern returns
aocouptlnt for the bill quantiiy of mar-
"li-aetntile eoal mined and pay the royally thereon. If the coal mining righta
are not being operated such returns shouM
be  furniiiliiMl at least onoe a yenr.
The lenne will Include the renl mining
rlgtita only, but tha leasee wlll be permitted re purchane whatever available
-nu-face righta may be oonnldered pecea-
iifry for tiie working of the mine at tha
rnte of 110 an aon.
For full Information application ahould
hn made to the Hieretary of the
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or
Agent or Sob-Agent ot Dominion
y-, W. CORT.
Deputy Minister oT the Interior..
N. n   -Unauthorised publication of thla
advnrtln'ment will not he paid for.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Mdg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
09 MsKontle 8t. ;'*  ���  " *���:.* *    .
FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1913.
After 27 Years In Orient Bible Society l     "Thla   friendly   feeling   was   firmly
I established after tin* great assistance
lent the sufferers In the famine of a
Representative Give�� Hit Opinion
on Two Pconlea.
Calgary, Sept. 11    That China, boiii-
nolenl and decadent ior centuries under the oppressive rule of the tyrannical .Manchu dynasty, but now awakening   tO   ii   full   appreciation   of   lta
wonderful agricultural, mining and
shipping possibilities, win become the
greaier power in the east, knd will In
a tew yean be one of the most proi
parous and contented nations or tha
world, vas lhe opinion expressed by
Maurice .i  Walker, representative of
Civil Cervicc Board Across Border Cc-
cides  Fair  Applicant  Must
Dc C'.rcn-*]
/oi*" of the Occident.
"The average Chinaman who comes
'to Canada ii a native of Canton wheri
,'In re li*. gurr congestion nnd an utter
,i,,, \*.,. ,,   , ,,,, , *,     ;       *,    :   iae'r. of opportunity for thousand* n!
ine .National Hlhle Hoclety of Scotland ��� ,i,
tew years ago," said Mr. Walker,
"when thousands of dollars were raiH-
a] In Uritaln and America to buy food
tor the famine sufferers, ami when 8,-
lum orphans were looked afier when
their parent! had died from starva-._
While Mr. Walker thinks Umt tha Una wl�� hereafter be required to sub
Chineio will make excellent cltlsenslmlt to the same mental, medical und
' f lhelr own country he does not think , pbyalcaj   examinations   |-"ia:ired     of
ilia! ihey will eve,- i, ,n,e real oltl-10cllo��n]��n  and  also  conform to the
ige limits of 'in to 30 yiurs.
Spokane, Sept, 11. -Candidates   for,
matrons  fer tin.- city of Bpok
Bt  Chtnkiang,  northern    China      Mr.
Walker is in the city on his way to
China from Scotland, after spending a i|h,.,,""; ,,    '\'f.*\
Ah Mr. Walker Iiiih been engaged In
the big werk of actively ai-slstltig in
the i-viiiiyi ii-atlon of the Chinese cm-
pin for 27 yeara. he speaks with authority on conditions In that country,
ami his forocasta on th<- future development Of the countrv are of more
Hum passing value to the student ot
International affairs,
"Since he Iiiih become cvangcllzo-j
anil Hiie*. ).,, |,UH thrown off the yoke
of the Manchu government, the Chins
man Inn shown that lie possesses
many qualltlei which go lo make a
useful iuil progressive citizen," said
Mr. Walker "The average Chinaman
Is honeHt and industrlotiH and when
he becomes more enlightened on the
w:i\s of the western world, and Iii
consequence adopts western methodi
Tbls action was luken jrettl rday tf-
terncon at a meeting ot the civil s-r*
vice commission following tho rec ipl
of an opinion frmn Corporation Coun
sei H. M. Stephens, who held that a
matron wub a Mil fledged member ofi
the polloe department and entitled t  ,
participate In the pollce pension fund, j
Tbo action of the civil service c-f.in- *
war which resulted In the overthrow
of the Manchu dynasty an a member
pf Hi" Hed Cross department. He  lays
!'hat  1:   was  tbe  moFl  humane   rebellion he ever saw and state! that thc
n h< Is f.voided nil ruthless and untie"'-
- irv   rleughter.     lie  expressed    the
iview* thnt c-ompsrid to the bloodshed
, . , ,     ��� , ..'i'li the  ll'ilkan  war and the  Inhuman
in agriculture and business China will treatment of vou
be a great country ,,',��� BulMr!ttng the Chinese condu te*l
Restricting Opium Trade. 8n exemplary    campaign,   especially
Another thing thai augurs well for^.,,,,.,  It ,,, ,,..,Kll,, ,.,,��� ���,-t tll���v ,v,,.���
lhe moral and commercial awakening' ulllv ., Wml-clvlllsad race.      '
of I binals the reitriotloni placed on      A'thmn-h he haa a high opinio-, i
opium  shipping and  consumption  In Li,p Chinese Mr. Walker does not think
Mi in a by  the   new    administration. L,'0l| of lll(. J;lpa. ,,,, B8ya ,h.lt ,,���,���.
When I  wen,  to China 28 yeari:  ago,,,,  ,,,���  ,���,,;,.  bt,OI),,.   ,���  Ul���  ,.ast   ,,.
fully  40 per cent, or the population and ,.���.,,,.,,. ,he cleverneis ami ngrep-
were addicted to the use of this de-Uiveness of ihe little brown  men he
���tractive drug.    Now  no   over  18  to Ulnks   it   is onlv  a  matter    of  time
.0 p.-r cent, of the population use it , .,.,���..,  [h���y  w,���  tal,(, iecond  plae.. ,���
and the percentage Is becoming small-} the ilumhroua and antiquated nation
er even day. ith,.v  so ))(,(1j. ,!efeatej a fc,w  yeall.
Asked tin to the attitude of the Chi-   ny������
nesa government on the immigration,   -The jan is trloky and tresoberous,"
eiii/i'iis," Mr. Walker stated, "Ths
f.hini i-i ui from the north rarely leaves
tn,i'u-   lie is satisfied lo rexntiln
that when   the
leveloped and tbe country
Is  opened  up  generally,    ihe  influx.
from ( 1 lha will be very Bmall. \ big mlss.on will mean the elimination tf
labor niH-kot will be afforded n ( hlni a number of applicants over 35 years
nml conditions anything like equnl, .!���<������' nco who have applied for tbe place
Chlnamnn would rather be In china Including "Mother" wils.n. tho pre-
thnn anywhere else. Kven those vho sent temporary appointee <-f Comrals
come here to live very Beldam seek ihi sloner D. C. Coates, who I-, pan; fifty
franchise and most or them wnnt to years old, fifteen iiad applied for
be burled in China if they die ber-." tl:'* position up to last nlslit. Ther
Went Through the War. are Ihree matrons and cue vacancy to
Mr. Walker went through the civil be filled.   The examination is set for
September 17.
Need Exfiirt's Advice
The minimum and maximum he'ght
weight, chest measurements, resp'ra-
tlon, waist measurements und other
physical requirements f'r the women
i !fic< rn nn* yet to be determined,
and it in probable that the civil service commission   v 11   rail   In  expert
11 ny I advice before  finally  arranging  this
Iir. J. n. Anderson, citv hea'th offi-
ca-r, is the oxamlnlhg physician for
the civil service board and it Is ness'-
ble thai his ndvlca will be sought a*
'n what constitutes a physically per-
feci woman. When police matrons
vere first arpi Inted, thev were not
under the civil service and no a-_e
1'r'it or other requirements were ****!���
fcrced.   The place pays $75 per month
of white people Into the new republic
hh permanent citizens. Mr Walkei
stated that the government welcomed
Ihem. There was apparently n<
thought of restricting them despiti
the   fact  that Chinamen were  prohiti
eald Mr. \\'a"er "He is tmo' 'h and
pnlttn and while he Is apparently v.r-
\llo he Is very amhiticus and studlotu
Bnd takes notes on evi rytblng he seee.
There are thousands of Japs over ln
this country  for  the express  purp.ni
i'eil  from entering th" United Btates of  stealing  all   the  Information   thej
and could enter Canada only alter pay
lng a heavy paill tax The rear and
hatred or th" "foreign devil" had die 1
cut and awakened China now real In-1
that the westers religion and western methods were the best.    Kicept In
can. Their motto Ih -Japan and the
lapinese' and British merchants are
begin ing to guard against the engage
pent of Japanese clerks and employees, for after a few years' Bervlce In the old country they Klip back
Foreign  Woman  in   Hamilton  Allejet
III Usare of Child���Probe Will
Be  Thcrouch
times of revolutionary outbreaks white j,, _���,��������� and tei Ithe DSOple there how
missionaries can travel with safety In rood! made In Ilrltinln can be mn-.,i-
nll rMrtH or the republic, the new ad- factnr��d In Japan. Jauan Is a nation
ministration, iu ract, Welcoming them nf ambitious spies. A Jap Is not to bias teaohers of religion and propngnhd    placed In the same class as a China-
istH of the highest form of edUCSt
on.   man  in  my opinion '
i.e t'otnrte,  wealthy Buburban    rcsl-
dents, foundthemselvei yesterday.
I.n**' May Mrs. !/����� Comptc broughl
- ,r't for reparation from her bus-
band, ::rnl  he  In  turn demanded  tint (charges bc
��� he Bhould deed  back to bin  their a   grievance,   he   would   cheerfully
Woolsey streot propertv    ,\   decision  look In'o any further complaints that
��� m handt l down yesterday  by Jus-1 might be made
Hamilton. Sept. 11.���That the jmli-
< lal probe Into hospital affairs before
Judge Bolder, will be thorough, was
mail.- evident Wijen bis honor threatened io ipsue warrants for the arrest'
if witnesses who seemed reluctant to
appeal and testify.
In   opening   the     proceedings    the
Judge said that while only one "om-
platnt had been received in reply to
the advertisement,  representing  that i
made by anyone who had
Three Hundred Desiege Police Station
Each One  Fearing it is Her
Own   Con
Pli v. Vork. Sept ii When ih��
nev, s  Bpread   through  the  neighbor
hood tlmt ii small hoy had been It.lied by tt motor truck as be wait at-
temptlng to cross Washington ovi nue
ai Bterllng Piece, Hrooklyn, yesterday
afiernoon, three hundred mothers lurried Iron lhelr homes in search of
tbelr children. The news came that
the body Of the body had been tak n
to the Grand avenue police Btatlon,
Tha mothers went tbere, walling and
ringing their hands, many of them
hysterical, and attempted to squeeze
through th'_ station house door. i.Uut.
Oray, wllh dllflculty. prevented Hum
from entering, and told them they
would have io come in one nt a time
lo view tne hoy's clothing, and, if
the)   could, establish hls Identity.
Thc boy. in crossing the avenue.
bad run directly in the path of an
auto truck driven by Henry Tie-dor
man. Of IS Irving avenue. Tledermsn
had Been lhe boy when ll was loo
late He applied the brakes, bill tlle
truck struck the boy, burling blm
heavily agalnsl an Iron trolley pole
frum which he had dropped lifeless
to lhe pavement. Dr. Nylon, Of tbe
Swedish hospital said that his skull
had been  fraclured.
One by one, na I,lent. Cray had directed, ihe women passed ini<> the
rt nr room or tlie police Station, w here
lay the clothing of lhe dead boy. And
tice Townrend   Scudder,  In   which  he
"v teed thai owing tp tlie radical-
'��� different temperaments of the inr
i'"'*. thev could mn live hanolly to-
11 thi .-. and granted Die separation on
��� "-iitr, ;i ihai  Mr.  In Com pte would
.,.....,..*   -,jP   wife      She,   i-i   to*"l.   wai
'"���-' "  deed   back   the   Woolsey
Btreel horn".
Bul   ti"*   wings  "r  revlvlna   cupid
The morning session was occupied
with the case of Mrs. Mary Orulch,
Ihe foreign woman, who complained
thai her child was allowed to go for
hours unattended and had been re-
moved tc a public ward after she had
ni'.-l   for  lis  keep  In  a  semi-private
v *l i-.I.
.Mi., C-iilch practically repeated history cs told in the newspapers and
had moved f.-iof-r then the wheels nf reiterated her Btatement that sh" too
iiis'-e.. While the litigation was in
cra'iri ���!"���' lurics and Judaea had been
debating the strained situation, Mr
���"-- ���' Mm. I.e Compte had met. smiled
���ti,i ���.,���,-,-, ||��� their former life with
,>:,(ii ether ai-aln. Neither could be
���turn lisl nigh': but It Is thought 'hat
tv v  will . eek  lo have th" decision
* itlng   tbem     a    separation   made
Cii*-ri:'.ili_m   A'tercd  for   ItllA���Likely
���Otlicr Cotlegeo Will Follow
the naby fr'm the hospital without
permipsion when she saw how it waa
treati d,
"Insultinp to Foreipners."
Fhe sworo that freouently when Bbe
we-ir   to  the  hesplia'   ihe  noted   the
InBuitlng attitude of members of the
siafl' towards forelgnors.    The hearing of the testimony In this case was
still In progress at  the  time of adjournment    It  Is  expected  ihat  the
set:? itional charge made by a Toronto'
weekly paper against one of the controllers to the effect that   be   was
cinch' by a policeman coming out of
Iho   nurses'  home  at   a   late  hour  In
'lie night, will not be reached  before,
th" i ml of the week,
The police were scouring the city
this morning In an i ffort to servo sub-
ii'iMia-" on certain witnesses who are
trying to avoid being mixed up in tlie
'Montreal, Sept. ll -Several changes
In the curriculum of McCIll univer
slty have been made for Ihe year 1S14
in in-, faculty of aits, the most Important betas the Introduction or a senior ,_,    ,   ,. ��� ���   ,,
at Saltan in arts, which enables The Italian prnns Mink prw-ti.i ly
OM by one thoy all passed out again, I���candidate tp enter the sec-nd  year  over In the other districts and the I"
for the clothing hud never been aeenl0f t)le faculty or arts from the colle
Snokane, Sept. 11.-Close to 3B car-
'.ords of Italian prunes will be moving
out 'f the Spokane dis-.rici by the cn.l
of the week according to announcement bv orris Dorman, president "f
the Spokane Fruitgrowers' compnny.
by ihem before.
Meantime, In her home at 770 Her-
gun street, Mrs. Wm. T. Poster, the
Wife of a boss painter was growing
worried about the failure of her seven year old son William, to appear
for his supper. She waited until 7
o'clock, and then sent her two sons.
Frederic and George, to scour the
streets for their step-brother. William had gone to boo a ball game at
the vacant lot at Sterling Place and
Wnshlngton avenue, the mother said.
Frederic and George had not gone
far when they saw tho crowd of women at the police Btatlon. Thoy nHk-
��;d what had happened. "A boy has
been killed." was the reply. They
asked to see tho clothes and both
agreed that the garments were those
of their brother. The lieutenant
thought one of them had better identify the body, and Frederic, the IB-
vear old boy, passed Into the rear
room, and enme out again saying that
the dead boy waa Indeed his hrother.
Mew York, Sent. 11.���legally separated and n division of their property
ordered by the court, but at the same
time- living happily together In their
home at No. 109 Woolsey street Long
island City, is the strange circumstance in which Mr. and Mrs. Madclon
gin to schools.
The regulations regarding this new
matriculation are that the candidate
wlll make at leust fljty per cent., of
the total marks asalgned. The matriculation comprises the subject taken
up in the flrst years of the faculty,
and Is after suggestions made at a
meeting of the educationalists ln Toronto, where the proposal was first
brought up by President Falconer, of
Toronto university, who advocated the
adoption of this plan In all Canadian
McGill Is the first university In
Cnnadn to take up the Idea, and it
Is possible that other colleges will
follow suit. The one objection they
ralee Is that the smaller BChools are
handicapped for the more advanced
work. Thc fees arc the same as for the
ordinary mntrlculation. That the
changes will be made for the ether
faculties Is not probable, as only a
university such as McOill enn handle
the work In the first yenrs of Science,
Lev or Medicine.
Formc-lv a student -vho hnd com-
pl"ted nil but two or the courses, in
the first vear of the faculty of arts,
and who had made fifty per cent, on
the whole, would be advanced to the
second year without special permission of the faculty. This lias been
changed so that a student Is allowed
to fall in but one subject. The other
regulations for advancement remain
tho same. * * -*    * ���
������nl  fruit   will go to a market,  lu all
probability, that  Is not crowded
Mvfan Pralrto "il have from 10 lo!
15 drr n"d Willow Springs alone will;
have eight. Opportunity and Sharon
wijl hive twn cars each. Marshall expects lo have four, and there will bint least one each from Orchard
Prairie. fir""n Bluff. My-'s Falls, Fairfield and Vnlleyford. Shipments will
start on Friday.
Two ("irs nf llirtlett pears will be
shipped by the local company from
Green Bluff today.
Charlea Mauser, chief Inspector of
the North Paciric Fruit Distributors, is
spending two days with th" inspectors
of the Spokane Fub-centrnl and Is go-
Ingthrough various sections of the district mak'ng sure that the local Inspectors of Ihe branches Internret the
grade and pack rules correctly to In-
-nre uniformity in all the sub-centr-iln.
He Is golr-7 over the ground w'th Hen
Ciini'ee, ITB��lon Cot* Archibald Mcl.eod end W. H, Melvnlitht. the f-nr
general Inrpeetor or the Spokane dls-
'r'c Thny worked with Mr. Hauser
vctterilay nml wlll c-mtinue lhelr conferences and inspections todrv, going
to Dree-n Bluff to supervise the shln-
ment of the two cars of Bartlett pears.
Mrs. McCarthy, a Newmarket octo-
gentarlan, was so seriously tnlurrd bv
the falling of a \. Indow upon her hand
that It was neceeaarv for bwn of the
fingers to be amputated.'' The eld
lady refused to takc.pn anaesthetic.
Two More Days
Today and Saturday, Sept. 12th, 13th.
CROWDS of keen buyers are taking full advantage
of the extraordinary values we offer. Many of
them are buying goods in wholesale quantities. Do not
let this opportunity get away from you. Look around
your home, make a note of your requirements, then
pay a visit to this sale. The genuine money saying advantages we offer will convince you of the advisability
of making your purchases now. We doubt that if ever
again you may have the chance of securing goods of reliable and dependable quality at such ridiculous low
prices as we offer on some of our goods.
There are many lines of goods we wish to discontinue
carrying in stock and these we are selling at practically
giving away prices. These lines are all placed on the
sales floors and: sales tables, and are finding* ready buyers. Call today and secure your share. Monday will
be too late. Each and every one of the following departments has undergone very keen and incisive price
cutting for the last two days of the sale.
Office Furniture
Carpets, Rugs
Dry Goods Hardware
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Stoves, Ranges
Gents' Furnishings        Electric Lamps and
Trunks, Valises, Etc.      Fixtures
Crockery Tent3, Etc.
Secure Your Winter Supplies Now. Stoves, Ranges, Blankets, Bedding, Heavy Itafaweir
After Saturday night you will have to pay regular prices far your
goods. Take time by the forelock and anticipate your needs* You
will be money ahead.
Sale Opens Daily at 9 a.m.
Goods Sold for Cask Only
McAllisters Limited
Successors te Lees Limited
Columbia Street New Westniiister
\m ���#*OB ���f-WW
FresK Water and Salt!"* m- mm
1 and Personal
*myst*nzxi.i*y Disappeared From Stev-
���r* t-tTon  Wharf Two   Months Ago
and Can't Be Found.
\\ Kb| a big place thp Kraser river
rmxn tn* aflnr all, when a scow 70 feet
���am ran amtile away frnm a wharf at
g****e*ttm l*o months ago and never
���**��� fi-Nrvd.
Thi:. is -what happened aome time
j��fK). A lifil-t draught scow was tied
at tht. Irn-peTial cannery wharf at Stev*
eatso, ;i��d between two days vanished
.md so -Huccpssfu!}' that so far all
.-���Torts to find It have been unavailing
Th�� Wpstminster Trust, Limited is
V<* ii inR for it. This company are the
Ij-iuHfalors of the Fraser aVlley Tile
S Terccnt company, to whom the hull
oi-la-riKPct. In a notice issued a reward
at 51'* te Offered for information lead-
i ni: to it.�� recovery.
Ttsa means had a .',0 foot beam, was TO
Feel IMS and drew but IS inches, when
���t ati-Kip-peari-d. There is a suspicion
Oat it may have been slcien or cast
Boose imrpoBBly,
Coes After Coal.
The trap Annacis left last nigh:
br Seattle in search of a scow of coal.
���whia-Ji onae she was laat week unable
cn prrarur-n because of the great de-
SBBBd ami  consequent  shortage.
Washington    to    Take    Measures   to
Shows Where Uncharted Reef off
Alaskan Coast  le.
Washington, Sept. 11.- Measures
will soon be taken to mark the reef
in ('.ambler nay, southwestern Alaska,
upon which the State of California was
lost, according to information received from the department yesterday.
This information together with statistics with respect to the work done
in Alaskan waters by the department
was contained in a deply to United
States Senator Jones' enquiry as to
navigation  safeguards  in  Alaska.
A brief summary of the work done
by the department during the past
few yrars shows that an increase of
400 per cent has been made in the
number of marine safeguards in position in 1910 In that year there were
1M danger signals, Including lights.
;'cr signals, buoys and day marks. This
miT.ber was increased to 27>> in 1918.
Quebec.    Sept    ll.���The C.  P.  R
steamer Kmpr"ss of Ireland with 1163
nissengers and mails which docked
here at 4:"*i p.m. this afternoon has
l'ided another to her many fast..pas-
sares. From the time she cast off her
m"oring ropes nt Liverpool until she
was safely moored alongside the Hock
In Quebec, inst six days and two hours
elansed. She entered the harbor at
4:15 nm.. ran up the river, turned,
tied up at the deck and commenced to
land saloon passengers in 15 minutes.
'.For  WceV   Ending
.4 ti    S: 30
_:J:t.�� Vi.hf)
ttt**    -S.35
SJS 40
ft.K, Mr.35
lS-.'.fl 23.15
17:SO ��:56
S:3i .2: or.
4:20 0:25
1K:1I> 12:50
r.:15 1:00
I8:3*�� J3.-25
i    0:
* 16:
12 8
. -
2 9
Saskat-oen. Sept.. 11���-The movement
of wheat towards the head of the lakes
Is setting In w:'h every lnd:cation that
'���i will he farther advanced by Oct. 1
than for many years in this district at
tli'I time nf year.
The rail-nods are distributing the
���"���mrttv cars all alo"-. their l'nes where
grtf'n In abundance I? raised and grea;
activity is ""���anifested.
The C. P. R. vpst��rday placed 40
ers to be loaded with wheat in th"
district between Lanigan and Neudorf.
Speculation Colorless,  But  Undertone |
Coat���Onion  Pacific  Showed
Two Point  Loss.
ome  Market  Increased    and    None
Was Chipped Last Evening
to United Kine dom
-*f-w 1<irn, .Sepi. 11.���Speculation
���*���*& colorless *.'th a narrow move-
.-����-nt ijownvard. Trading lacked the
_D-auxin ujh��' oT . cstprduy, but there
���maa ao j*e-j��*n- presanre of stocks and
ha* Hn/all *dccfi*Le whieh cccurred was
.Jn<? lan-gtMy to Tttaliztag Biles follow
tog the rhrv of tlie preceding session.
ti waa tk-ri-aui of tnujortant develop-
moms. T'm: undertone lironghout was
Ba-Jaai ."atifir'F buoyajit rise of yes-
���crri-ij aUUUsd and it showed a los .
txf uearly two |>oints ut lis low figure.
&!f_aB*~ngJ_ fn**.,.,l���n'a riaB waR based
"in rumor.*, a>r a ciu�� h tioi:;s for stock
i�� tide re, tke quotation was not affect
���- b>- aaasBBtoeneal thai the directors
rii_u! taken no action to distribute the
proceed! ia the sale of the roads,
Stoat-Ufa l-Vrific holdings.
I.-. tbe afternoon there was Increase
tr.   tlie     a. I ituooii     tli.;re     was     ln-
.. rvaised  sail nr  ol  stee!   and   amaiga-'
>na;*-d, but toward the close the mar-1
���*.:���*. aCBtttmei     Sentlinenl  was cht*r-;
nt     The  Tavrirabl"  Showing  of    the
tmtaet  :t'.A  copper  statements, ending
���'   t!-e dnm-g-hl   In  aome  pi rtinns of
-rxo. cairn beU and the recent Improvo-
nssaat ta th,- InTestmehl    market    all !
tma**a referred to an indicating s b '-
'i-rrnent in     fc.ad������*:���*,��� mta]     conditions.'
Waekaeaa of tha gra i   marli ts wai
.-.���mni 'n be the basis iur bidding up the
gnuutira 'n tho late trading,
kahcelona TRACTION
Tnrr.-ato, Sept. 11, The feature <f
t\\* TrTimto -stock marker! ti lav was
tbe eontfatned strength and act'v'ty
;n r.-irri lona traction w'l.'.ch mad" Its
�����lv+>.it yi..terday. The pTlce ros over
���tisit't- paii-ita A feature of th*.* deal-
mj, how**v��r. waH that they were i n
��� o UlTfd -delivery Ira-sis, Indlcat'n-?
b*__- the ecrip is on t.nr; other sld "t
��.,v H-ruL Brazilian has apparently
���m-ntle vav tor the ne-w favorite and Is
*.rtv, io 'ive, closic-.-. at 9:,>'l. The
< oaent boom BUtnhled and the Btock
��-itii ttu '���' bo 334��-
W-nnlpr-R    Sept,  11.--Wheat  prices
werv t, - , -. ��� Ii -ver again today on the
t-*ee..r I i��rp ol cables, weather gen-
.-���.r.aii.. favorahle and heavy receipts.
���Om-i'i and 'l ������ .ere both weaker. The
���*t>nb dem mil fi r -.il grades of wheat
-waa i-ci ) ������ fe*n offering!) were on
thr mtrrVet and export enquiry was
roir" m-tlte American wheat and corn
SnrtlHa  -a--ra. also showing weaker.
Winni'.. i:   ��   t  *,pi*tie.l   1-X  to  1-4
l��vw��-r and closed    8 to 12 lower.
���teaeapolls opened unchanged to
I �������� hirh, r anil i losed 7X lower for all
Cotton Steady.
Ne*  Viirk   Sept    u     Cotton closed
��� *mA.**sxiy at _ met loss uf 1 in X polnta.
According to siatistics just prepared for the past year, for the first t me
in over sixty years Canada shipped
no butter to the L'nited - kingd.ni.
Canada is now. cn the other nand.
classed among the butter import.ni
countries. Duiing the last fiscal yirar
there wa�� an enormous Increase, and
the butter imports reached a total cf
7.000,000 pounds, mostly from New
lhe total exports of butter were the
small-, st on record, amounting approximately, to halt a million pounds.
which consisted chiefly of tinned hm*
��� ter to the West Indies ami dairy butter to the United Stales. Tin re was
also a decrease during th* year in
export* of cream to the United Stite.i
jon account of tiie high priee of butter in Canada.
Home Market Orows
Tbe dairy branch of ih'- agricultural department, Ottawa, claims that
the decline in Canada's export but-
fur trade and the fncrease In 'rnp'irn
of butter do not Indicate any decline
in the dairying industry. The growth
of the homo marker is given as the
principle cause in the situation*. According to officials, rlie production of
milk in Caiada is larger at the present time th ?ti It eier was in the history of the country. It I-i also cfsim-
ed that In addition ro tho Inorrease
In consumption, duo to a grater p* p-
ulatlon, there is a large per capita increase in the tifce of milk, cream and
Ice cream.
Because a farmer 1-seeps a herd nf
dairy cows, it dies not necessarily
follow that each one Fn the herd i
especially adapted' tor dairying. The
type and general appearance mav b-
good, the torn pern in ent **id d apos-
tion may promise fair results, but r.iu*
real value nf each ine is to h<. mea
sured actually anil practically by jus'
ber Individual yield not the av- rig*
of Ihe herd na a whole at the end of
a full season's work.
Over antl over again, when dairy
fanners bave cracked up tlie prndue
tion of each cow, there bnve been
found wonderful surprise! and [er-
ious disappointments, Those "frood
lookers" have turned oul to be poT
producers; the despised row of ^significant appearance has often proved
to be a splendid money maker whan
her moderate cost of feed has been
deducted from the large t-ya! yield
of milk and fat.
Come Milk Test3
Hf,f.)���  oui.-  ti-*- itt  figure*  reenrd'-d
by   the  dairy   division,  Ott-iwn,  show
great   contrasts.     Tor   Instance,   tw ���
cows   yielding   the  same   weigh!   t f
milk  mav  difer  In   production  of  fat
by 175 pounds,    Two cowi the spm"
age mav differ In profit by (26    Th"
ag'd cow  may do far better t'-tm the
five.year-old.     Tv o   maturo   C'ws   In
Ithe   name  herd   have been   known  to
'differ  In    ductlon   by  eight   tin inland   pounda  "f   ml'..    One   herd  of
[twelve covh Inst  year gave th'r'y-six
I tons of milk  more thsn another herd
of twelve.    How are those vita] points
to   be  definitely   ascertained   by   the
practical dairyman?    Such  facts am
brought   to   Ugh'    when   figures  are
used.    H  is  juat.  as  slmtde  as   ABC.
Keep   recordB   of   Individual   produc-
t'ons;   It takes scam h*  tan mlnutae
per cow  per  month, and  abundantly
paya every dairyman.
Advlaaa Vancouver Societies He Will
Not Give Address���Terminal City
Vancouver, Sept. 11. -Hon. Mr. Pel-
letier. postmaster general of Canada.
who :s accompanying Postmaster general Samuel, of Great llritain, on a
tour of Canada, has advised 11. II.
Stevens that he does not tiling it will
I bo possible for him to address any
public meetings in Vancouver during
his-tisit to this city. Several public and semi-public organizations in
Vancouver looked forward to a speech
from the Canadian postmaster general.
Want Her Depcrted.
Roma Oraham, a  resident of Alexander street, whom th" Immigration
authorities have been endeavoring for
some time past to deport, was arrested again yesterday by an officer of the
Immigration  department.    The arrest
I was the outcome of the recent order
made by Mr. Justice Murphy, staying
! the  woman's  deportation  pending  an
i appeal.
Railway Commission's Session.
As  tiie  representative of tiie  Van-
: couver beard of trade in the rate case,
YV.   A.   Macdonald.  K.C, has received
notification that the next special ses-
; sion of the board of railway commis-
t sioners  in  Vancouver has been  fixed
for September 2D.    It  is expecled the
inquiry into the rates will be held at
this session.    Mr.  Macdonald has also
been commissioned  to urge the case
on behalf of the British Columbia govern ment.
People   Missing.
Several enquiries have been received at the police headquarters this
week for the adresses of missing rela
tlves. A 'eiegram from Victoria yesterday asked the detectives to endeavor to locate Alexander Mc.Muir. a
resident of Fairvlew, whose nephew
died suddenly in Victoria this week.
The person asking for the information
was M. R. Mcl.eod, 1131 Pandora
street Victoria. Mrs. Armstrong, a
resident ef N'ewoa?tle-on-Ty.io, Kng-
lanfi, r.c1:.'-; '.lie police is look f"r her
sen. Joseph, who was last heard of
some nunths ago. when he was working on the i'oint C.rey road, having his
'mail addresred to Kerrlsdale postof-
, fice. Mrs. .1. Landreth, "3 Stillson
street, Rochester, N.Y., is very anxious
about the whereabouts of her son
Homer Spinning, sometimes known nr,
Whiter Only.
At a meeting of the Ward Seven
Conservative association, held at Fisher's hall. Reaconsfield. last evening, a
resolution was passed urging that the
Dominion government be asked to
compel at! comnanies receiving government subsidies to employ white labor exclusively, c. E. Tlsdall. M.I..A.,
and R. S. Pyke. president of the Vancouver Conservative association, were
among t'i" speakers at the gathering.
Mrs. William McConkey, president of
the Pioneer Political Equality league,
.poke on the women's suffrage question.
Extended Time.
In view of tbe fact that the munlcl-
mlities financially interested in the
Second N'arrows bridge projc"t had
not been able to meet th" call of ",
per cent, on the amount of stock subscribed, it was ri.-eided at a meeting of
the directors of the Rurrard Inlet
Tunnel & Bridge company yesterday
afternoon to e'-tc-d the t'me limit for
two months. Vancouver has me' the
liability but the citv o' North Vancouver and the munlciia.iliticr of North
Vancouver and Wesi Vancouver have
n"t made nnv payments on the o\'r?.
stock carl. The payments were du" on
Kept. 2.
...    B.    Ellison,
Hellinghnm:  J.
II. Griffin, Van-
*,  Vancouver;   .1.
Mr.    and    .Mrs
W .1. Hunter, Port Moody, is at thc
R. Ilelinonl-Purdy, White Rock, is a;
the Premier.
At    the    Windsor
Eburne:  T.  McMillan
Shearer, Langley.
At the Russell  -W.
couver;  .1. J.  Macka;.
C.  Readey,  Victoria;   ^^^^^^^^^^
Sandison,   Vancouver.
I). R. Ker. of Victoria, manager of
the Brackman-Kor company, was in
town yesterday with his brother, W.
H.  Ker, of Vancouver.
Newton Brown and wife of Revelstoke, have been visiting old friends
in the city. Mr. Brown was transferred
from the local government offices to
Revelstoke several months ago.
Councillor Martin. Coquitlam, and
chairman of the Coquitlam school
board, left last night for Kamlnops
Mr. Martin expects to be away in the
Kootenay country  for a week.
Fine Quality   Fruit, per crate 90c.
Economy,    Mason, and    Kas;,     Seal
Fruit Jars in ull sizes
Rubber Ri; gs, per dOSSO 60
Economy Tops, per 1I0/.011    _:><���
Easy Seal Tops, per do/.en    ihr
Kresh Kggs are getting scares, and
higher in price We havo a (lne east
om   select    Egg   that   we   can   ncillt
mend, per dozen   2W*
cho.ee Table Butti r. 2 Ibi   ....    $1 00
Dalton'! Lemonade, per bottle  . . .   lne
Quaker Brand  Canned Peas 2  for ISO
Mixed   Pickles  atld  Chow;   quart   bottles fresh In.    Per bottle  'J.'ic
Our aim is to please our customi rs.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr Block. Column's   Street
It  Hits Them  Hard and They Are  Inclined to Rebel���Pars Them
From Mexico.
Paris, Sept. fl.���Tuba travelers who
were  recently  astonished   to   pee   six
young   vvamen   hurriedly   cutting  and
, making a fashionable gown whii" rid-
ling ln a tube rrain have learned that
ithe unusual performance  iv-is the result ofa wagerfftat the modistes conl I
not  fashion a dress complete durfng
'a trip from the Porte cPOrleans srarion
to  the   Porte  de CH'gnancoaTt, a   JO-
minute journey
The design was submitted to the
' dressmakers as they boarded tlie train
and as soon as fltey bad taken tlieir
places the six fell to their task fn
; whirlwind fashion. Two of them
i mad" sleeves, anorjier the bodice, and
!a fourth the skirt, while tba filth and
.sixth attached hooks and eyes and
trimmings. As the train drew up at
I Cllgnancourt the gfHs stepped rrom
their car and helrf oul tin* t:-, <"f
.dress with n shout- of triumph
The dp*-;< Is or pink chiffon designed in the Ip test style, w 1;, *i draped tunic and lavish ornamentation
Toronto. SpoI 11 \ttor '*.���;������-
chased  by a e'tifen  thrnuaft  r-ito-'V
I store a man   who gives ids trim- and
address   as   iiarry   Cohen,   130   Care-.
1 mort street, was RTTestcd and held on
;a charge of vagrancy, alffrouvh he !*->'
suspected of tfettHlg '6 from tin- purse
��� if n lady visiter to the cltv.
Cchen  Btppp-ed   '''to  a crowifed flt-fl
! vator at  ene ,,f rtio unper ft'oni-n snd I
Stood  hV the side of the woman. Thej
lady did  not seem  to notion rmr less
until she had reached the gnnurf floor.
'when, on the suggestion of tn- operator   of   the   elevator,   the   notified   a
floor walker:   In the meantime an "b-
sever folhrwei-f Cohen, who, wnmi  up-
on discovering 'hat he wa*a being pursued, cofli*fl|enced to run. lie *<*i-a -i.sx)
tured  by IHm* nnr: ne- en Ja'iies utre"<
When Brerched at rh- derertb-e nf-
flce   on   his   person   were   found   five
nurses ami a quantity of e-tr tickets I
end he coitjd not nrr- nnt Intelligently
j for bavl-pg. them  In  hfs pcaseFslnn.
Pert   Coeulilam.   Sent.   11     Hv   thej
reques' nf the prnp-!c'*-r--i, the license
1 commission at a meeting to be held;
next Tuesday afternoon will reenn-j
slder their ultimatum Issued to William  Roulley. of the Coqultlam hotel.;
' tlint nntess he built a new hotel nn|
license would be granted for next'
year when the amended Liquor act
comes Into force Th" commission I
hns been asked hy th" proprietor! ofj
the hotel to grant a provisional 11-i
eense and  to suggest alterations  ne-j
|ce��iary to comply with the liquor act I
The latest American interpretation
of the Monroe doctrine continue.-) to
elicit attention in the Japaneae exchanges to hand on the Sanukl Maru.
The Tokio Asahi among others observes that the Americans brandish
the doctrine against Japane8e immigration in Mexico, not for the sake of
the doctrine itself, but because they
want to prevent Japan's future ><���
tlvity In that country In view of the
strong Mexican pro Japanese mov*
ment. Last summer when a rumor
concerning tho 1ms�� cf Magdalena
Hay by mme Jap:.,...-" ��������� .:. r.tloa:. the
foreign affairs committee of the
j American senate conducted an Investigation which -Resulted In tba finding
that th" rumor was entirely groundless. Yet the whole upper house, with
the exception of only four senators,
pi-srcd the resolution subsequently in-
��� (reduced that no point of strategical
, importance on the American continent
Bhould be placed at the disposal of any
company connected with a foreign
government. Even at that time, however, the question did not affect Japanese immigration to .Mexico. How i.
It, then, that America should at this
moment arbitrarily expand the ui"an- I
ing of the Monroe doctrlneto such an
extent as to make It touch the Im
migration question'' As hardly need.,
pointing out, commerce and immigration are the only objects that Japan
has in view in approaching the continent of America. Truth to tell, in'-.yj
unable as things are now to attend
satisfactorily even to the p.Mical commotion in Asia. Japan can scarecly afford to entertain anv ambitions a-n*-
c"rning the continent across the Pacific.
No  Intention.
Inasmuch as the fact i-** clear that
.lapa-i has neve- for a moment con
templated the establishment of an Immigration company of a seml-p-olltii-a!
nature, In Hte existence of whloh tfte
Americans pretended to believe, it ap.
pears that they refer to the Monroe
doctrine f'r the role purpose of preventing a further Increase of Japanese
Immigrants in Mexico, In view of the
possible restriction they themselves
may suffer in the'r future actlv ties In
that land, nut ff such be the ia��-.
why do they remain nnconcerned towarda Germanv. who has already dis
Batched well night four hundred thousand immigrants ro Rrexil since the |
declaration of the Monroe doctrine?
Viewed from every sttndpoint. It is'
not only against diplomatic etiquette
but the height of futilitv for any third
party to call for -estrlctions when on-
country la aboul to dispatch imml-
:t nts to another by mutual agreement Certainly the, motion Introduced
In the house of representatives against ,
Japanese emigration to Mexico, must
be an entirely unnecessary, and. In
-���ome respects, meani'ngfess proposition
Convenient   Pretext.
The NIroku declares rhat America
I as got a very convenient pretext In
th" form of the Monroe doctrine for
interference in the atttrfra of others,
TM" doctrine, hi wever, i's, in Its verv
nature '��� itli ��� *: ti become a dead letter In the nvr. a '���*," power*, in view
���' * rt his n"w al-
-o- "><"*"���-   ,.'   ini ..
��� 1 ��� ���-. Inirger ''omttrind
���  .,.������-- inasmuch as
hi"-' me empty on
 s  Int- rfTenee,  in '
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See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shade* from  75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of  Electrical  Work
Hras aad (Mai. Mgr.       VlcePresldent Bee. aad Trees
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonn N_. 7 ��nd 877.
Until September 30
And   All   Points   in   thc   Pacific
To Hound Trip
Chicago    $  72.f0
Duluth          nO.OO
Minneapolis          60.00
Montreal       105.00
New   York        103.50
Philadelphia       108.50
Pittnburg         91.50
St.   Paul   Minn      60.00
Sioux  City,   lowa         60.00
Trronto.  Ont      92.00
Wishington 107.50
Winnipeg CD.00
On-f,iha.     Council     Cluffs.	
K?ntas City. St. Joseph 50.00
Proportionately reduced ran**
in tilany Other Points in fhe
East lifiirn may be m-vl?
Ihn neii California at sliplit!y
higher fares
Going Limit 15 Days.
Final Return Limit, Oct. 31, 1913.
Liberal stopover privileges and
choice or divers'- routes nT'ered.
To  thc   East  Daily.
"The Olympian"
'The Columbian"
Milwaukee Trains, Mlwaukre
FJervlce, Milwaukee Employees.
Alt (he wav across the Continent.
For ttddll lonal information re
i ird *.-'*! r i ��� i :-l .-p'ni!
par n ei ��� ��� ms, el call on err
adi ���<
H.   H.   3TEVENSON.
Frcght   .and    Panccnger   Agent.
Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. I'aul Railway.
622  Co'umbia  St.
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vou get all the news.
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Sept. 15-17, round trip tickets at the rate of .single
faro and a third will he offered from all points on
the Kraser Valley line to Chilliwack.
The special tickets made 1k> secured from Monday, Sept. 15 until Wednesday, Sept. 17. They are
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,-r ������
"; f ��� e	
p, rli -        ���,   ���
��� i.,, .     . . i
: i ���;   ��� *   ���   ���     ,i    ���
���I, ,., . . ���
n't' f ���'.. in i "..rf."-.., n,.-air th"
tovi h nue td ��� ti 'urs'-ii tlif Man'-
*'1��rlin * *���<���-������ * ; mrl tin, situation i-i
' ' " Thi '' ��� "ia. (fhctrfna in in of.
reel nn Insiill to thn .'ifr,>r-*nt countrlfiH
'  '       '���" *       -ini'nf. f'.-inaila nn '
''   '!" tlsh  :,* -   ���   *   in   whiln rill ihr- re- I
mtbl cn       Pri lh nnd 'Vntrnl Ani"r:n:i|
arr* absnluti ly Indnpmnilirol l..".tln ram- ;
trli :���    The    nro In ro wav nbllg.-il to !
anenpt   ,\i..,-���*-,���.   rlninfnance,     The
Monr ia dor'rlni   in tlHs rnnnp, In dnn- I
t'ned to Plift  r *'���   ���-���i.-rinn from within.    In -i.r **i   the  JT ���������r- dfotrino In
no better thnn  .-i  !-r>-n<t of Arnerlra'H |
own.    She  mnv  -ii'tr ftx  m'-anlni? or
expand Its fci pi    ���   he p'.'nprs. hut. it
n*His entlrelv wltj-) cfte pflwers, Innlud-1
;ni! ell lhe i *-'i]  troprtoaa renublles,
whether  they   rocognlie the dootrino
or nol,
IMPER80MA   m   OF
Washington. .Sept, u,���David Lamar, conspicuons figure In the h>"i-
���ite lobby Invp��ligation and now uiuinr
Indictment In New York Tor Impenion-
atlng ii'M 'rr-. of'coiigress, was ar-
-i-i ted here fnli'li' by order of Atti moy Oener i McPevnold��. Ile wan
roll used on M000 bond.
"Mj vslpf glvt.R tne s nswth tererj
morning," ��ntd Cliollle.
"Ah," snn) Hltckem, "he's ��� nort nt
rsruuni cleaner, I ���up|K��d."-Ilnrj"'ra
Look henenth lh�� Sttrfee*. HM nm
h�� qusllry nf n thlni nut Hh wurtb �����
'"I'v tiie��.-Mnri*uj .-\urslliiH.
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Columbian College
Excellent Courses in House-
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ivi-*.'? been offered to the N-"*
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pair, 10c.
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"The   Coming    Retail   Business
West's 5,10 and
25  Cent Stores
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1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.  Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Marxst,  Phone   L883.
Mias P'.on !>"��� V, Olbbtrd, n use,
,-i graduate "f tbs LlUlan Masiajr-
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i ronto, teachi i M:h< Olbb rd has
also taken post-gradual 'ii>*<   nt
Mechanics Institute, Rochester, N.Y.
The young ladles "f Ne* Wcsttnln-
ster and surrounding districts art In-
v [ted  tn  join  thi' (-lan-H* ���
Provincial Exhibition
Queen's Park, Sept. .IO, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1913.
.$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    $60,000
largest nnd most extensive truly agricultural exhibition Id tha west.
In the besl arma wont of Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
High Class Special Feature:! and Attractions.
Better Babies' Contest. Three Bands in Attendance.
Speolal rnli-H on all rallroariH and stnamnhlp linos.   I.ntrlcs close
Knpt    -0,   191.1.
C.  A.   WEL8H,   President D.  E.  MACKENIE,
Manager and Secretary. FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1913.
Mm *****
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :���:   CRICKET   :���:   BASEBALL   =-:   BOXING
American Saya Welsh's Manager's D;-
mands Unreasonable���May Fight
Chicago  Man.
Harry Pollok, manager of Preddlo
���Welsh, la tho cause or the recent boxing ii.im-u. acoordlng to Willie Ritchie
when Interviewed In Scuttle yesterday
Tin- American lightweight ohamplon
was in a    disgusted    frai ,f mind
when in- landed orr the C P it boal
snd irankiy informed the newspaper
men lln reason why he quit Vancouver and his scheduled light with
Welsh, tin- British champion,
"!  have been Imposed upon,  unfair
ly treated .-uni am disgusted with th"
whole business," said Ritchie,
Acoordlng to reports HukIi Bprlnger,
the dark home of the Brighouse
arena, ��ii.> nol satisfied with th
made by Chet Mclntyre and came t.i
Ritchie al the last minute, afti r every
thing bad practically bc-n arranged,
and argued wuh Ritchie that be
would not abide with the agreements
made by Mclntyre.
'Then   again,"   continued   Ritchie,
"Pollok  wa_ anything but  fair In IiIb
actions.   His demands were unreasonable ami   imi I have Haid enough."
Worrying Him.
li was evident, according to tho
Seattle interview, that Pollok wai
aiming to worry the American, knowing that tin- champion was practically
his own manager ami took an active
Interest in his business relations,
one thing followed another, for
which th" Callfornlan lightweight,
wi'*' his desire to prove to the public
thai In- was the belter man Uian
Welsb stood for. until thing*, became
too hot  for hlin  so lie jnst quit
To    back    up    Ritchie's argument
nbout Pollok'S rlefilre to worry him,
th. following carbon copy or a press
agent mailed to the sporting editor
11 The News, from Pollok's office in
Vancouver, ami which was published
in the sport columns or this paper on
Tuesday morning under the beading
���Managers spar, furnishes Interesting reading at this singe of the   ilis
A portion of the letter is again pub
lisle ,1 for the edification of the local.
Ibi f?.us:
"Vancouver, Sept 7, Again tho old
saying lhat a match well made is
half won comes to the font In (ha*
negotiations between Freddie Welsh,
itr.n.h lightweight champion, and
Willie Ritchie, bolder or the world's
title, for tlieir twenty round battle on
ile- afternoon of Sep ember it) in this
"In thla eaae the generalship
Harry Pollok'S Welsh's manager.
Stands out Strongly throughout the entire stor\ of tiie match, Pollok appear
ing tu have carried almost every
point, despite the fact that he waa
handling S challenger and not a chain
Pollok put Welsh at B low weight,
and then allowed hlm to build up t.i
142   before  starling active   work      On
iin- basis or the low weight actually
mode hv   Welsh, Pollok Insisted  that
til" battle be staged at 1.1.1. and fOIMJ id
Ititchie.  lightweight champion,  to aak
for a higher poundage,
"Ritchie came here with Eddie
Graney In mind as the third man in
Ho- ring Pollok refus< d to accept
Graney, imt did not make his decision
known until Ritchie was in Vancouver, and tin- men prepared to draw up
articles, Then Pollok forced the
Ritchie Interests to name .llm (IrifTui.
who, with lluldy llishop. of Tacoma.
Iiirn'-d the two l'i.link stood ready ta
"Uurlng the entire week Ritchie has
been bauntlng the officers of the club,
keeping engagements with Potlok as
late as lu o'clock at night, while
Welsh lias been quietly training antl
getting liis regular steep. An B remit. Ritchie Is at least a week late
ln starting hla training, ami Welsh,
instead ot being looked upon aa the
under-dog,   appears   to bsve   a   first
olas.a chance of enter.ng the ring    l:i
belli r shape than tin* champion."
Mclntyre O.K.
Ritchie expressed hlm .elf well sat
Isfled ��� .th < het Mclntyre,
Still  Maintains Calgary  Match was a
Frame-up,   But   May    Make
Victoria. Sept. 11. Arthur l'elkey,
who ia one of the claimants to the
world's heavyweight title, Is beginning to hedge on ms statement made
io tin- sporting editor of tbe Portland
Oregonlan ths other night, although
by no means does in- deny the Import
plain of tha confession as to trainu up between himself ai"l Tommy Burns In
a match al Calgary last  March.
Regarding his previous announce
mint thnt lie Intends to break with
Burns, who have a five year contract
on ins services, Pelkey said in- did
not know exactly what he would do.
He would be in Calgarv during the
nexl two wi.eks when he would see
Hums and perhaps come to an amicable agreement
The New York heavyweight is evi
dentlj disgusted with the boxing game
and while lie is a claimant for the
title, It Is not al all sur.- whether he
wlll go through with hls plans regarding a match with Ounboal Smith,
who ls a strong contender (or the distinction formerly held by John Arthur
between the V. A. C. and thn Salmon
Bellies will come for final discussion
and decision.
In even! of the series being thrown I
out by tho exhibition authorities, the j
two teams will  probably play off for   Mooie   8moker   perfecto-Old   Chu
tlle cup on Saturday,    September    2"
nnd      Saturday,
Queens park.
September   27,    at
(By the Potter.)
The first basketball game of the
season was played In the Columbian
college gym when a pick-up team composed of former high Bchool and college bo/B defeated the college quintette by a score of 44-19.
The Western Canada baseball league
could not finish the -season without
another scrap. Instead of Pres. Gray
suspending one or two teama, it remained for Moose Jaw to refuse to
play off in the post series. The matter waa smoothed out by awarding a
pennant to Saskatoon and still another to Moose Jaw-.
A world's record in the number of
tie games was established at Blng-
hampton, N'.V. last week when two
Checker players finished a series of
30 tie games. From latest accounts
the contestants nre Still trying to arrive at a decision.
of Sporting  World  Dismiss
Craven Thoughts.
For possessing the art or staging a
:successful smoker the officials of the
Moose lodge laat evening Juat ubout
copped the cookie.
lUght from thc drop of the hat the
proceedings In honor of tbs baseball
I team and teams was of tbs highest
i order and the person who went home
wltbont enjoying himself can be
ranked a confirmed pessimist
First on the llat was the presents-1
tlon of the medals, cups   and    watch j
fobs, all of which went to members
of the Moose basrball train for their!
Stellar display in the city league and i
Hasoball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
Who ever heard of John Lester
Johnson before he ran up against Sam
Langford last Monday at New York.
John I,rater was reputed to be the
champion heavyweight of South Afri-"i
bul after Ills showing against the Iloston Tar rtaby, lasting Just 80 seconds,
he ought to retire to Northern Rhodesia and live among the natives.
Jimmy Muphy, late president of the
National Lacrosse union, and one of
the beat known sporting men In the
easl, is slated to lead the Tccuinsehs
In the hockey league this winter.
SpaldlngS, the sports outfitters, have
secured control of the team. It Is reported tha' several of the Ct. Michael's
amateur team, Including Jerry La-
flnmine, Kankin and Jimmie Disette
are being Bought.
the   post   series   games   played
Mayor Gray performed the honors i
of making the presentation speech, j
ably supported by Alderman Lynch, j
lloth of these gentlemen have b��en
out and out reolers for the city league !
this summer and it was a pleasure,
declared the mayor, to present the |
trophies which had been won by fair I
means on the baseball diamond.
Manager    Hill    Oraham    responded
with a neat but brief Bpeech.
Of the attractions, the wr..Btling dis- !
play by Snowball O'Connor in throw- 1
ing two men. Walter MrrtiBon and I
Lefty Peterson, in two fallB each, was *
of the highest order, both O'Connor
and his two opponents coming in fa
all kinds of praise by
Chas. E. Royal
Stock Co'y
"In the Bishop's
W 1,
Vancouver  K7 (il
Portland    7H 6u
Seattle    TS 71
Victoria   78 7'.'
Tacoma    66 86
Spokane      l'i'.', .S
Bo-.inq de  Lu
Next, but not least, was the boxing
exhibition  of  Bombardier  Doc  Wells.
taking the part of Freddie Welsh, and
Rankin Scott as tlie Bowery K'd. Th?
affair  was  humorous and  then  some,
Wells uiiBliuglng the Kngiish. shall w��
say the London, accent with quantises
galore,   besides   gaining   the   decision
over Scotty immediately after the lat
ter had sent his contestant down for
The Burqultlam people are enthused   the count of nine and a half.
lover the prospects of the Boccer team I Show Folk There.
of that  place and  when the first city |    Other attractions were W. Matthew,
team pavs a visit to this riRlng ham-'with a club  swinging display.  Peck
let  the sidelines  wlll  be  hlack  with .orchestra with ejections   while
the first battles. They were right in
1911, and although it is doubtful
whether Coombs can come back, I will
their exhibition, have a well conditioned club this year.
"McGraw's club lookB so much better than it did in 1911 that if I were a
betting man I would hay that it Ib an
even wager between these two clubs,
always supposing that each cops the
. 523
��� ���mo j supporters of tbe red and blue.
Yesterday's Games,
���tt  Portland: li.    II.    K.
Vancouver     0      2      1
I'ortland       2      4      2
Batteries:      Hall     and     Konnick;
Hynes and  Murra).
At  Seattle: H.    H     E.
Seattle        1     3     0 I way goes through.   R. J. Ib slated to a
Spokane.     (i      6      8 I good position with the C. N. R. bo he
Hatteries:    Kelly and Cadnian;  Mc- | should worry     Jim  Kavanaugh  made
of  Curry and Hannah. I a  name   for  himself  by  Fleering   thc
At  Tacoma: R.    H.    K. I Irlsh-fanndlaiis   to   the   championship
|male members of   the   Royal   stock
c-__ j company were alao on dick, to enliv*:;;
j   Every team In the Big Four with the'tho proceedings.
exception of the Torontos made money     The smoker  was  an excellent  or.^>
Ihls season. The stir that R. J. Flem-to Btart off the winter season, brin.i
1 Ing   made   when   he   refused   to   play  lng all the fans In the Bporting world
lagalnst  Huck  Yeaman  hurt hls gates  together and demonstrating that
considerably during the latter part Of]Royal Citv  for its    loyalty    to
'the sesion.   This will probably be the  _port Is there with the goods.
'last   season   for   l-'lemlng  if  the  deal] ___���_���_���_.
for Toronto to purchase the street rail
Stations to Be  Established 50 to 100
Miles Apart���Plan to Be Carried
Out at Once
For Rent
Arundel Mansion
This high class apartment block is now ready
for occupancy. Steam heated, gas range, bath and
toilet each suite. Built in kitchen cabinets and buffet. Electric automatic elevator and all other accommodations in connection with first class apartments.
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Mondays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Stewart, Masset.
Tuesdays (12 midnight) for VictorlarSeattle.
Thursdays  112 midnighti  for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Vic toria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   with   Grand   Trunk   Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace, Cedarvale, Hazelton, Moricetown.
Through tickets to all points East via Chicago and the Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. ft T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  B.  DUPEROW, G.  tx. P. D.
i'hone Private Exchange SIM
Victoria  . ..
Tacoma   . . .
and  Harris.
Harham and Shea
7      1
r.     2
.614 !
.52!) I
.434 *
Standing of the Clubs.
\e��   Vork        89
Philadelphia TS
Chicago    7H
Pittsburg   tl
Hrooklyn    68
Iloston    66
Cincinnati   68
SI.  Louis    47
Yesterday's Games.
M Pittsburg: It.    ll.   E
New  York       4    10      1
Pittsburg     1     6     2
llatteries Demaree and Meyers:
Adams, Lavender, Hendrix and Simon,
At Chicago: R    H    E
Hrooklyn      li    10      1
Chicago      fi      6      1
Batteries: Reulbach and Fisher;
l'lerce and Archer.
At Cincinnati: R.   H,   B.
Boston   ll   i��    4
Cliicrlnnatl    12    16      1
Batteries: Hess, NoyeB and Whaling. TragBSSOr; Packard, Suggs. Ame .
nnd Kllng.
Al St   Louis: It     H,    E.
Philadelphia   ��   in    0
Si. LoiiIb   -      B     3
liatleries:       Sl aton    and    Kill f r;
whom   he  Hopper and Wingo.
and what pile C.eorge Kennedy lost
last sea.on has been made up hy big
crowds In attendance this summer.
I Nine thousand were preEent at the
Labor day game which Is going some
considering counter attractions on that
Connie  Mack  Explains How He  W
Beat Out the Giants in World's
ed In
whi' i
1 r
���'limn admits he was t.:"noint
:i  hockey deal this    weelt.    by
Ren   ttohh  of  the   Reavers Be-
Spence, " io is aald to be sor"��
artist   -   ih   t*ip  puck.     lien   Is
cla!mod had do
power to   mal.e
ie e\
bill   wh  n  ('hot ��� let
orything In    IiIb
affair  a  success.
the American at
Seattle the "in thing doing'
hung out.
sign was
Standing cf the Clubs
Philadelphia    8*
i Cleveland    SO
Washington    77
Chicago  70
Horton    ��7
Detroit  58
St.  I.ruls    68
New York   47
Another  Floht.
Chicago,     Sept.  11.     Willie     Ultchle
lightweight champion,   who   recently
culled off hls bout with Freddie
Walsh. Is soon to appear In a Wisconsin ring against Charlie Whlto. thn
Chicago lightweight.   Ritchie   leaves' Yesterday's Games.
8adn Francisco tomorrow for the east     ^t New York: R-   H.   E.
nnd stated In n wire that he would be S|   Louis          0     3     0
wllllne to meet White.   The champion   N.(;w   -._,_,.''""'''  4     8      1
ii aald to tw in the best of shape so      Batteries:  Mitchell and Alexander;
that   he  will  need but llttlo training.MoHala and Sweeney.
for the battle. At Hoston: R.    H.   E.
  ��� Detroit    IB    2Q     3
nnston     2     6     4
Halt��rles-   lianas. Gibson  and   Mc-
. m   '   ,""���""    a*,   i-i _��.._._, i Kee: Rndlent.   Hall,   Anderson   and
Rovers and Burqultlam Should  Draw (<(1()     Thoralll,
Cro-rd Citurday.                        A''Philadelphia:                R. H.   E.
W'th both teama practicing    ever/!,.,,,,,���,,���     1 6     2
evening, llle prospect of good soccer (i��hi,rtr>lnhla   4 8     2
'ti    Saturday    Ufternoon,    when    the.     natterles: Scott and Schalk: Shaw -
Rovera    nnd    Burqultlam    clash,    t�� koy. Render and Schnng.
making preparations to repeat his sttc-
eens of lost wlnior when he landed
the McRae trophy, although by all
appearances he will have a strong
opposition from the other three teams.
No decision has yet been made by
the local hockey magnates as to appointing a manager for the coming
Season and little will be done until
the return of Lester Patrick from the
east when the Const league plans wlll
be unfolded Han McDonald was in
town from Kamloops ypBterdav and
was noticed holding a confab with the
iocnl  executive
The Moose and llnnkerfl hnve arranged a practice game at Queen's
pirk   for   Saturda;   afternoon    nt     3
The soccer players believe they have
a legitimate kick at the condition of
Voodv t>nrk. which they claim ia a
cross between a gravel pit and a rolling prairie.
I   Philadelphia, Sept. il.- "Thi��
1 ���_ the hardest fought world serie;
l the country has ever seen," obs<
I the  l^ng-legged, client Cornelius Mc-
jGiilictiddy, a few days ago.
'    Mack   is  as  talkative as a  ..pitch.
Th*  nniy   way   Friend  Writer  could
g��t   him   started   was   by   remarking
that   the   Giants   will   cop  this   1913
pi nnarft through  superior  pitching.
���*1 have some young pitchers who
wlll give the Gia:,ts a tussle," brjke
out the sllerif Irishman, "and they ate
Hrown. Shawkey, Houck and Hush.
Now. mind you. t am going to hav? fn
this world's serle"* two old timers.
Plank and Render. Theee veteran"
took part ln the first battle I had
with McGraw, also lit* second, and
they nre going to be life features in
this series, providing Mcfiraw and I
win  out   In  our respective  leagues.
"1 realize that McGraw's cluo is
aLoneer than it was in 1911," Continued the Philadelphia strategist', "and
I can see that my meu have a liattk*
nh( ad of them.
Depends on "Break of Lu.k"
"No. 1 won't say
"We are able to slate on high authority that it is the Intention of the
admiralty, with all possible speed, to
encircle tho coast with a girdle of
water plane Stations 50 to 100 miles
apart," says the 1/ondcn Daily Mall.
This ia due to the fact that the witfef-
II plane���Britain's best weapon of defense���has come through the first
stage of the naval manoeuvres with
flying colors."
In the naval manoeuvres the water
plane has    proved    invaluable    as a
.cout and as a means of discovering
*li!  ihe approach of tlje submarine. This
iBatit'o, net in a single Instance, b-.:t cn :
T\ni a d.-en ocea.lons,   The naval water-!
planes .'f-AfisBeii  at  Cromarty dlscov-
ered a red W*maf.Hb approaching on
the   surface a04  brought   about   be j
! capture.
Again, a lieutenant id 9 wat��.rplan.*
from the Yarmouth ria+'al air station
detected a submarine ffnising eff
Hunstanton. Her number -fcas r'ad
and she would in war hflfS fallen
a ready prey to surface ship*. Similar experiences have been gaifJedf on
the south and north coasts.
It has been ascertained that (llie
snBmarlne can be easily seen froth !
th-s waterplane in clear weather so
long Utt she is running on the surface.
Yet itn this position she is almost invisible at a distance to the large ship,
as  her  conning  tower  Is hidden   by
eniMUNOioiLin �����.*��, ���ii*tMt.      w. 0. HAtn����a wot-eelsanft.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
o��ruTojtdup -   -
ntitt-rit's   -1<l.   rt.
ToUl AtMtf -      -
A Modern Banking Institution
Every description of B'^UjIHB* is triftsacted by Tha
Dominion Bank. The Collection W-fartment fs completely
equipped to handle the business of Ma-wdactwers, Whole-
salers and Large Corporations.
Mies  J.  Peele  and   Mrs.  A.  C.   Eddy
Win Prizes at County Club
creating no llttlo Interest among the
This Ir the onlv scheduled attrac
Hon of the afternoon in the c'ty so
that the incniheri of the other team.:
In the league will be on deck to watch
An error crent In the rnnort yesterday when It was mentioned that thn
grounds would be Mcody park. It now
tlvelops that Sapperton Is the loav
i Inn. thus plaolng thc two aggregations on a neutral field.
.llniniy Craig will officiate.
Hold Paper Chase
At Washington: R.   H.   R.
Cleveland    I    ��    l
Wellington     7     4     2
n-ittcrlea,: Steen. Cullon. Illandlng
-"d O'Neill, Cnrlsch; K.gel, f.allia and
Inti-rnatirnal League.
Ilii"ii|n 1, Toronto 4.
Providence 4.  Ilallhuore 2.
T^e ladles' monthly competition
held by the Vancouver Oolf and Country club was played on the lluniult-
lam  links yesterday.
The senior prize was won by Mlsa
.f. Peele and the Junior prlie by MrB.
A. 0. Kddy.
The following team has been select,
ed to meet the ladies of the Jericho
club on thn Burqultlum links on Sept.
Mrs. J, E. Jenkins. Mrs. V. Page.
Miss J. l'eele, Mra. Andrew Stewart.
Mlrs A. Corbould, Mrs. T. D. Shnriff,
Mrs. C. Twoedale. Mrs. Yuengllng,
Mrs. P. Rlklns, Miss M. Dunce. Mrs.
Kddv and Miss Agllvy.
The following were selected as reserves: Miss O. Bunoe, Mrs. A. G. Stewart, Mrs. F. H. Parks and Mrs. Bond.
Tho first round of the gentlemen's
autumn competition will be played
next Saturday. All entries must be In
the hands of the secretary by 1:80
on that day.
R. A. A I. Society Will Decide en Pre.
Lacrosse for the Fslr.
Tonight wlll decide whether professional lacrosse will bn staged st the'house, died today H the age of 74'of
Ottawa, Sept. 11���R. W. Stephens,
deputy clerk of the senate, and one of
the best known officials of the nnper
The younger members of the Y. M. annual exhibition or no.    The R. A.   paralysis.   Hc had been III for a num
C,  A. hold a paper chase tomorrow .ft  I.  society  have another    meeting | her of months.    The   deceased   had
morning, starting "from the association 'scheduled for this evening when tha, been  an  employee  nf the Dominion
matter of staging a minto cup serine  government since 18(3.
that the Athletici
will outhit New York. 1 suppose tl |,Plane is
good deal wlll depend upon the brenlt --crew of
of luck. Now 1 want to te'l you abou'
thc first time my cluh bumped up
against New York. You can dra v
your ct:*i conclusions. No manager
is going to kno-k an opposing club In
a world's perles, nor is he going to
alibi.   Put here wcre the facts ln 1905*
"I had Tortsy Hartscll. Lord and
Socks Seybold ln the outfield and the
Cross bmtheis. Danny Murphy and
'lurry Pavls in the Infield. I will say-
that all those boys were worn out
when we tackled the Olants. Why,
Just Imagine, we won the championship of the American leaeue only one
dav hefore the season closed.
"Of course. I figured on pitching
Rube Waddell in the game and that
erratic southpaw threw me down. The
ball players were all busting up one
another's straw hats. Rube, who could
outbox anybody on the club, broke half
a dozen hats and then a certain member of the club soaked Rube with a
uniform bag. It Injured the southpaw's arm. That ls the truth so far
as Waddell's failure to appear In the
lOOfa series  Is concerned.
"Mathewson shut us out three
games and McGinnity did lt once
Bender also shut out the fllante, and
I don't mind predicting that he Is just
as good now na he was then. Plank's
games were 1-0 snd 3-0. 1 had great
pitching In that 190S series, but Waddell's absence handicapped me.
Outplayed Olants In 1911.
"Well, you want to hear something
about the contest ln 1911? Say. 1
don't see what the American public
cares to know about the Inside stuff
on that. We outplayed the Giants In
everv department.
"The experts thought my club would
fell down on the catching end. Sav,
Thomas and Lapp both caught excellent games, and I have a youngster
now, this Schang, who will deliver the
goods, no worry.
"No, neither Danny Murphy nor
Harry Davis will get into this coming
series, but they wlll be there with
seme timely advice. Bv club fought
the Olants In a disabled condition In
the waves.
Below the surface the submarine
can be made out when thewaterplane
Is overhead or nearly overhead. The
airman looking down ls not baffled
by  the optical  effects of  the  waves.
Thus the first effect of the water-
to relieve the large ship's
the intense nervous strain
which Is felt when there Is peril of
' sodden blow from nn invisible an-
aircn's'. It's second effect is to hamper the submarine's movements and
greatly to diminish her tactical value.
She caii' no longer hope to cruise unseen, and' will have to keep much farther below the surface than she does
at present? and to bp far more wary.
Entire Change of Pregrsm Dally.
Program Today.
Kslem Presents
Breaking Into
The Big League
A Bsseball Story in Two Parts.
Van  Dyke Brook* and  Norma,'!
Talmsdge In
Mr. John Bunny and Flora
Finch  In
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes      TANKS
-*- ���       BURN OIL     ���	
P. O. BOX 442
709 Columbia Si Westminster Trust Bldg.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
������������������     -am i        mi   ������-���-^���������ii I,,    ,n sM.��MMtaMIIM|^H||a_B
550-Tlroi^bbreds in AcSon-55(f
,"; PAUE   SIX
celved for Tue News at the follow-
in,! plsees: I'. T. Hill's drug store,
d.s Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, l.ulu Island.
RATE8. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
���ta-.; 4c per word per week; 15c per
ii "nth; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
,* ..ml within one year from date of
jvalract, $26.00.
bouse work; to sleep at home and
call in morning. Apply Ti'o Fourth
avenue. (2054)
lish preferred. Apply 48 Uoyal
avenue. (2055)
maker wants work by the day. Apply box 204. The News. (2049)
uoys want an instructor in reading
and writing the English language;
live hours per week. State salary
wanted. Apply box 198 New Westminster, B.C, (2048)
roomed house. Sixth street, Grand-
view, for residence in Westminster.
Apply box 2032 News. (2032)
to sell casualty insurance. Salary
and commission. References required. Applv at 1303 Eighth avenue
between 7 and 8 p.m. (2029)
Columbia street, with basement.;
gas and electric light, furnace. Clcse
io Sixth street. Will lease. Box
2058 News. (2058)
acres of improved land in the Ladner district. Apply to Orr & Ebbage,
Limited, 508 Dunsmuir etreet, Vancouver, B.C. (2033)
tnre ln large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Hussell, Westminster
Auction House. King's hotel block,
Columbia Btreet. (1981)
TO *E��'T.
Apply 420 St. George street.    (2046)
tage; convenient; close in; not for
sale. Apply to owner, T. Stoddart,
309'Liverpool street, city.       (2045)
ter months, a nicely furnished two
storey house, nice grounds, etc., at
Crescent. Apply ilox 2028, Thc
Westminster News. (2D2SI
a bargain. Typewriter desk, flat lop
desk, roll top desk, swivel and office
chairs. Rare chance for party titling
up office. Particulars from box 2058
News. (2058)
New Westminster market. For sale
a choice little fruit or poultry ranch
of srix acres with good well and
stream. It lies on a gentle slope
close to station. Excellent soil.
Price $125 an acre. No agents.
Apply W. Randall, 1915 Duchess
street, Victoria, D.C. (2068)
Everybody Takes a Hand When Mary
Kearney Raises the Cry
For  Help.
News of Happenings
miles out, less than 30 minutes' r.de
on U. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage*
$150 an acre and remainder just
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New Westminster.    Phone 466.    No trades.
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephone
1005. (2026)
���finished, and large cleared lot. Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1983)
famines and Hoods experienced during
llin decade.
The Introduction closes wltli a brier
review "of the various connected tendencies and developments referred to
comprehensively under the now familiar  phrase   'unrest   In   India,'   which
  Iconstitute collectively the distinctive
.... ,      feature of tlie period covered by this
QUEEEC. .   I    At one of the largest auction sales  8tatwnenL     To  the   word  'unrest'  as
Seventy-two liners used the wharves)ever   held   in   Elgin   county,   on   Hi'1 ���(,,,,.��� ,ls,..I ,i��� precise or limited mean
iin Montreal in August against 56 last i far mof C.   F. Jackson,  Middleninrch,   illK  _������   -.���.  ,.|ln(.|���.d.    lt  has always
yea.-. OVl'r M1.000 was realized from sale ,,,��������� rB00gnUe(j lhBt the manifesto-
The  boy  scouts stationed  at Camp p*  8tocl<- jtlona  of   unrest   have   Included,    be-
  ITamarasoouta succeeded in recovering j   Chas, Beau-grant, a wealthy Tilbury sides elements due to seditions or nn-
I the body   of   their   comrade, Melvin farmer, waB arrested by the oounty larcblcal agitation, other elements aria-
New York, Sept. 11.���A chase along j Ferguson,  who  was  drowned on  Au-  police  on  a charge  of  placing   parts ling out  Of 111��- natural  aspirations of
ocean front of Rockaway    parkigust 4 while swimming in the waters green  in  feed  which  be gave  to a the educated classes On the one hand,
hrm.eh. nnt .. thousand iiersons at 10  Of  ���������������it'  DaWSOn. neighbors   bogs. excesses, leading In manv cases to vlo-
brought out . thousand per��      .�� ^  ^^ p(.pe_ ^^  ���u K        I    T,u,  prl,y ba|>y a, ,u. Ton)m;) ,,��� .,������( (.,.1;������ ���;lv��� ,.���������,, r,r repressive
In Other Provinces
o'clock lust night and ended In the
catpure of Jacob Rugler, 2S years old
a plumber, of 372 Vanderbllt avenue
The chase started when Mary Kearney, a maid at the Emmett liouse
Fourth avenue, near the ocean front
l'arler" (Plain Talk I will lie Issued at ihibition is Reginald Stephen  Newton,  m��*SUres;   on  the uther,  It  h:is been
Quebec   by   Armaud   l.avergne,     who! of Montreal.    This fair haired boy ���f,tho aim of the government to encour-
states he has a number or scandals Meg. than  fourteen  months  waa  ,i���.;��Ke hea.thy growth, and tq satisfy aa
tlrst or these la one; wim,er In class Ihree and also In the i fa!'..."s   ���������]>>���   l��'��maJ*   ?��PM'
has been noticeable In r*
to deal with.   The
! connected with the  post office.
The  reception  given  in    honor
i winner In class Ihr
��� I vears a certain quli k.-nlng nt Interest.
,    ,,,.    ,.���,���?, Aib6rt Chamberlain. of-Toronto, and among the more .educated classes In
rushed to the porch screaming "Bur-  VlBCOUnt Haitian.*,  lord hlgn enancei- Qww,   s.   Henry,   of  Lansing,   werei,m||.,   ������  questions affecting  the  pub-
glars!   burglars!"                                lor. Hon. C. J. Doherty. -^uter ot nominated by the Liberal and Consor. ]lo weltare   education, sanitation, and
A number of men who were enjoy- justice, in the splendid  new  art gai- vlll*v���   organizations   respectively,   to I the develooment of Indian Industries I
ing their last cigars on the porch saw   lery  at  Montreal,  was  B  magnillicent
saw lery at Montreal, was a niagni icem . f,K,lt  for the r,preBentatlon or Bast with this hns cone a desire to take
the  function    being   attended   b     all  the | Ya,.,. �� ' Q.
'!,   5,V^��.teiina,nbv2 6oi,"mo"real'    "�� destroyed the barns bl.longing tratlon.   The momentous changes In
the:����i haras well as bj 2,600 of Montreal Mil,u,.KHK who ,,rfiu���s rn tll(> ������. .onBtltutlon end functions of the
i.utside of the town of Perth. They
were modern, and contained the season's crop, together with n large
quantity i r machinery
grocery and variety store located lu
an ideal country spot, close to
Fraser river. Will bear close investigation, inquire C. Constan-
tineau, &24 Westminster Trust building. (2036)
a man jump out of a window on
-ground floor of the house and star
after him.   The chase led through
sand  along  the  beach   to  Third  nve- society
nue, thence to the Boulevard, to Second   avenue  and   back   again   to   the: LOWER PROVINCES,
beach.    From  each  hotel  and  hoard-      i'or  rescuing  the  master and  crew
ing   house   poured   men   and   women,  of  the  American  schooner  Henry   II.
who joined In the chase. i Tifton  at  sea ou   December  12  last I    Harold, the t-ix year old sin or Mr.
William C. Smith, of 30 Third ave- year, Captain James Publlcover, of and Mrs. Walter Dillon of the tenth
nue. an athlete, caught the fleeing man La Have, N. S., has rec. ived a gold j concession Of Raleigh, died of teta
nnd held him until Police Perkins of watch and Seaman R. Richards a gold mis. About a week ago the little fc.l-
the Rockaway station came up. , medal (rom the president of the I'nlt- i low trod on some wood, and a sliver
"I didn't do anything," said Bug- ed Etates. Both rewards were ran into his loot between two toes.
Ier. : received by the marine department tor '    As t|lf> rf ������), ,lf ., ];.,-,. trout,le over
"Ves.   he  did."   walled   Mary   Rear-  presentation. gome  ice,  Lucy  Ives, one of the  kit-
ney.     "He  took  all   my   money  from p      . chen   help  at  Smith's  hotel, Toronto,      London.   Sept.   11,    The   Times,   in
alberta. j *g d(;a(j  in  (h(, 0jt}. [110rKU(, with a'an  editorial  on  ex-President   Taft's
,, Rev.  Mr. Fry, Anglican missionary,   broken   neck.     James   Dickenson,   a address  on     the    American     Indlclal
1   was  jnst   calling  on  Irene,    ex-. wn0  set  out  last  ybar t0  InevBtigate  kitchen   porter,   is   locked   up   on     a'system  before  the American  Bar as
..ra   .,       the   Stefansson   story   regarding   thel0hargeof murder.
said Perkins, i (11_cc..ery of a trlb0 ���, b]ond(, Eskl- 	
leading  Bugler back  to the  Bmmett|mog_ wa8 compelled to return to Her- Eastern On'ario
     schel   island  from   l'arry   Bond  owing! _._.__,
to the shortage of provisions. ..Jhe latest report from  Kngland  Is
.   ,        , .     . i that a ( oi, O Donnell has been select
The final shooting of the cadets at  ,,, ,,v ,.,.,   .,,��� honorabjB Bar0 Hughe,
Long   Branch   the  other  day   for  the j.,_ commandant 0, ������. K()ya,  Mmtary
legislative councils Introduced   und
the Indian Councils Acl of 1909 had
their origin in a recognition of these
aspirations, and s desir" to entrust to
the  leaders  of  the   Indian   peopleB  S
j greater share iu legislation and government, and wider opportunities of
lev-pressing their views on administrative measures.
There an; many imitations of this best of ull
fly killers.
Ask for Wilson's, ba sure
you get them, and avoid
-disappointment. *
a drawer In, my room.
It.    Ho wore a mask.
money  from
I saw him take I
postulated  the captive.
"We'll see about that.'
ers, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
tish Canadian cannery wharf, scow
loaded with engine, boiler and Baw
mill machinery. Information wire
of its whereabouts will be rewarded. Vancouver Junk Co.. Dun-
levy and Railway streets, Vancouver. (2019)
A HOUrB BARGAIN���6 room modern
bungalow, close to Sixth street; |iuo
'-;tsh, balance $-'"> a month.
house. It was round that a maid
named Irene was employed there, but
it was said that sho had been out all
tho evening.
Jest before the prisoner was t'iken
to the nollce st'ition Frederick Koenig of 20 Second avenue came along
with a litt'e white bag. which Mary
Kearney Immediately recognized as
the work of her own hands. The fleeing man had dropped It In front of his
house. Mr. Koenig said. The bag contained $tJ3 and Mary Kearney was
happy. Rut she can't get her money
until Bugler Is arraigned before a
magistrate in the morning.
It   la  practically
next  sitting of  tlie
a j system
soclation at Montreal, says:
"Just as Americans have over-elaborated machinery for politics till the
democracy at times seems almost
bound and helpless In its toilB. bo they
have magnified tha procedure and
mere technicalities or law until jus
tice is In danger ot being lb list hack-
ward and lost sight of. What the
l'nited States needs more thun anv-
ralhvay board to;thliig else is a reformer of the Jeremy
Wentham type to restore common
s��*nse to its codes and slmpllcty to
their administration.
"In criminal procedure, especially,
America's tcday Is very much as ours
was in tht time or the Stuarts, it Is
hopelessly enmeshed In techntcalltl
ettled    thnt    the
Country   Poor   and   Financial
tions Offer as High at Eight and
Half Per Cent.
the other  day  tor  the
King's trophy resulted in a win tor
I Calgary high school by rour points.
; Harbord, Toronto,  was second,    with
Ottawa   third,   thes   Kngiish     cadet
' fourth, and London. Out., fifth. resume the Inquiry Into the western
That   Mount   Iirown     an.l     Mount  '[e,*Jjt  ^tes will  be held  al  Ottawa
Hooker,  two  of  the   traditional  mon-C'e flrs' ��epk of October,
'archs  of  the  Canadian   Rockies,  and:    The   immigration   officer   at   Cape
(Which  were first  mentioned  60  years j Vincent.  N,  V.. Is laying a charge of
ago   by   Douglas,   a   botanist,   do   not! bringing a young woman into the .Uni-
exist, has just he-en proven by Alfred'ted     States    for    immoral    purposes
Mumm and Geoffrey Howard, two well j against two tormer Wolf Island young i"��d   neglects  Justice  and   perspective
known  lCngllsh Alpinists. men. In the chase after impossible liitulli-
Fifty-five  visiting    geologists    now      The  extension  of  the  parcels  post Ib",!!;' ,''f ,f,'T'". ,. ,     , ,. ,,
touring western Canada spent Satur- j 80 as to provide a means or direct , .''',���, r,, ' ,', rial T"? !' u
'day In Calgary after four days' ex- , transportation of farm produce bo-^J'" "'''' ^ " '* ''*
iploration of the    Canadian    Rockies  tween producer and consumer wlll be ; **\W *" "   ?*Z!*n,V'T
Li1_-.no-   ��..__.   P     D     Xt     Thaw   xvortt   almwn z ��� _s    _ ***     ���   i _���   __ ,     U>   J'Jrt*'r*'   AQQ   ft   COItJlOTt   to   (T nUIIUlK.
I along the (. l    it   They were shown |considered by officials of the post of- iand ll)0 manv deolB)onl of .���.������ (,(>,)rtB
Hce department who are planning t.ie,on sof,,al   Industrial and constitutional
system. 'Ibbi^s seem to have been formed with
The Butte Central Copper company, I the same Quibbling spirit They have
In which Sir Rodolphe Forget, Sir; lost touch with lire; they have grown
l-'rederiqU iBordan, Mar'-; Workman petrified In pettifogging abstractions;
and many other Canadians are inter- and no problem t'\it confronts the
���"sted, has been petitioned Into bank- American people is more urgent or
ruptcy in the l'nited states dlstriet louts deeper than the problem of how to
court by three creditors. lead them hack to reality and common
"The attitude or financial  London gon,e'
Is more favorable to Canadian   t '
prises   than   it   was   a   month   or   six '
weeks ago.    At that time there .'xlsi-
over  the  Calgary  ceramic  industries.
land   were   much   Impressed   with   the
: quality  and  accessibility  of  the  clay
��� beds, and with the use of natural gas
nstitu-  in the firing kilns.
Exclusive property and g<iu.l contract lo
rlitiit pnrty.
aaby to trade for house.    Will asaume.
rooms furnished, $110 per month;
and a 10 roomed house $25 per
month. Also a general store with
post office, fixtures only to be
taken; immediate possession given.
Apply A. G. Marshall, Suuth Westminster. I199:n
keeping rooms. $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1980)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (19S2)
3      NOTICE.
Notice ls hereby given that an application will be made to the Hoard of
License Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be held on ihe loth day of December,
l9l3, or at any meeting prior thereto
that thn application can be heard, for
a transfer ..r the lie. nse to sell liquor
by retail Issued in respect or the
Occidental hotel premises, Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C., rrom
the holder, Michael Cowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this 2Ctli day of August, A.D.
1913. '
(1979) License Holder.
l'K.IKl.v FARM WANTED, near Rei
Deer, Alta.. to trade for 7-iuaain thur-
oughly modem house.
WE  HAVE  $10,000  for  good agreements
ef sale.
FOR RENT���CHEAP���7-room thoroughly
modern house, .-les.- In. Will leaae or
s.-il: )_00 cash, balance $30 a month.
NV'ESTIOATE THIS���$876���6-acre ranch
cleared  and  closi   to Cloverdale.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
With fair weather and high temper-
I attire prevailing the Bituation in Man- j
litoha Is highly encouraging Ior a very I
Toronto. Sept. 11   -Arter an absenc | SUCC"BSf"' ha"'ML
of seven vears ln Japan as one of the i    Nv  w   Buchanan, W Innlpeg,   Belect-
missionaries of the Methodist church, ed   by   Premler  Bordon  to represent
Rev.  W. (i. Connolly has returned  to  ?"ada, ",  tilP Alcoholic  congress  at
Canada   Mr   Connolly gives some in-   ���M11;,*i* Italy, sails on September 6 for  '"  a,���0Bt*  'T, J",      '""' "      '      '
,, *      .;  , "tiuoa*.   gjvea soma   in     ,..���_���_,.. dlan  securities,    said  the  Hon.   W   T
, terestlng sidelights upon the Japanese 1',lr'P'* White, minister of finance, on his re-
people,    lie has been stationed at Shi -,     Alexander  Met buries,    one    of the   , '      , ..,,  , i.-���_i.,,���i
dztioka, and one of the greatest sup    oldest  and  best known  police officers;"1"   l0 ""   '"'"���!  '"""  ������"^'���'"'
ports of the church  there is Hon. S   In    Winnipeg,    has     heen   appointed      The departmenl .1 marine and fish-
Kbara. the distinguished Japanese edu- chief or pollce ror the municipality of, enes is going to erect a wireless tele-
eationalist who recently visited fun-  Charleswood. graph  station  300  feel   northweat   ...
ada.    "Mr. Ebara preaches more '.ban      John  Ross, a Portage Plains farm-   Port Henry, for the purpose of form-
any ordained man in Japan." sa.d Mr.  er, Is iubilant over the yield or a 25-  ln8  ;l connecting link  between  Mon
I Connolly, referring to the great work acre   field  of  Marquis   wheat,  which   'real on the east and Toronto on Up*
Idone by the Japanese convert. he finished threshing.    From the    25   west, In a chain of stations reaching
Speaking of financial condition.: In acres he secured 1.25o bushels of the across Canada rrom Labrador to Van-
Japan,  the  missionary  stated  tlnft  a:   ��r:iin.  an  average of fifty bushels to  couver.
; Shldziiuklta the hanks were willing to  the acre. ,    Early  evidence  is  being given  thnt
pay  eight  and  one-half per cent,  on      f-   \   cn   sPPrPtarv of the Wlnni- the divorce crop at tho next BeSBion
deposits of $26 and  upwards ror six peg'board of'trade, says the crop year of   parliament   will   be   again   larger
cities ofl|ugt   ,.n(|,,|.   shows   up   to   August   31,1 than   ever.     Over  one  dozen   appllca
238,407,226 bushels of all descriptions  tlons   are   already   In,    This   w��ek'��
were inspected in the western grain Canada Gazette contains    notice   of
j inspection  division.    The  figures  for three more.   Thej    are   from IWlliam
the calendar year  1912    demonstrate . E.   Laurier,   of   Montreal.   Gustav   o ;
BEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tenders f"r Nelson Avenue, (Alta Vista),
concrete work," addressed to the under,
signed, will be received up to the huur ol
7.30 p. m., Thursday, Sept. nth.
Plana and specifications cm be seen at
the office of the architect, 116 Crown
Building, Pender Bt \v., Vancouver, er at
the s.-li....I li.'.inl Office, Kingsway W.-st.
Bach tender must I,*- accompanied by
.*. duly certified cheque for n sum eqnal
i" fi p.*i* . nt. of the tender, which will l���-
forfeited ir the party tendering deollnea to
enter int.. thc contract If called upon t"
do no
The cheques "f unsucceasful tenderers
will ti.- returned o. them <>n siKniiiK nt contract
The HomM .in nol bind themselvea to uc-
e.'in the lowest, or any tender
Il.iv  i":.  McKay P   O (2085)
months,   while   in   the   large
j Tokio and Yokohama the rate of Interest was as high as six per cent., indicating clearly the scarcity of money.
"The people aro poor." said .Mr. Connolly   "but still they are a wonderful I $��,��� Mineapolls is "hopelessly left be
POOnle,  WOl rful.    The working man  hlnd�� wh1)e ,hl. Winnipeg receipts for
In Japan earns a sum equal to about ,,,,��� -,.���,, v,,ar i',i2-lHi:i were 19,394,-
fifty cents for a day's work, but at- 550 against 14,670,125 for Duluth.
j though that sounds small it is euual to'
a  man earning J1.00 or more In thlsj
I country,"    Then   the   missionary   had'
���J lt.|uaj.|j pat SatQ 1
8^t     's.tsiSSrijQ
ino.-C ju xoq b *oSt
'tnsqj   ao  pu*I.>p  sX-c.-mib1
1180   IIO^       'SS3U3AIJ33JP
Jt3i[l uk.-jj ami p..nui)iio..
s^op   jon   'vosnuii   ssnED
iou   a-fjiid  'adiii.   ion   op
���\"->iIl ;t:i|i iit iu-u._j;j!pain
The 11. c  Department of Agrloulturo,
Live   Stock   Branch,   Will   hcII   a:
Publlo Auction on
September 18th
at t p.m. at the
New Westminster
80 head ot obdlos (irade Dairy Cattle;
ihe majority of these ara. young cows
and a large number wlll freshen this
fall These catll" havc been carefully
selected and all are tuberculin tested.
w. t. Mcdonald,
(2ui5i Live Hmck Commissioner
Tenders are Invited up to nnd Including
S.-ft     Jdth   for   Kelt-   of   Ki'"*'-rv   I'1-.im.---
ooDSlitlns of M.M-k. furniture, building   . r
property   ��iim..i.-.1   In   s.m,(1i   -Wnalmlnstet*
and  lately operated  t**.   Blown  Svands*
Ki:i.I.VI"..|-i;i.a.s C,   LTD.,
' 1012 i N. w Westminster
New Imported  Kail Suitings now I t>
dispia>     Bee them.    Perfect fit and
workmanship guaranteed, Prices trom
$ls,n(i up.    7"!   Kront Street.
Notice Is hereby given    that an application   will be  made  to  tho   Hoard
i>t License Commissioners ror the City
of New Weatmlnster at their sitting.
to be held on the 10th day of December, 1913. or at any meeting prior
thereto that the application can be
heard, for a trnnster of the license to
��sll liquor by retail Issued In respect
<-f the Mbrchante Hotel, in the City
et New Westminster, II.C,, from the
'���olders. Paul Root and J. A .Maim, to
tlie said J. A. Malm.
Dated this 20th day of August, A.I).
/'i��7Si Meens* Holders,
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  l-M.     Barn  Phone iV
BegbU Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe citv.
Light and Heavy fkuling
B.C.Coasl Service
I/w-vee Vancouver for Victoria II *. m
2 p. in. and 11 'At.
I__avea Vancouver for Seattle I* a. tn
��� nd 11 p. m.
Ij-nven Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 a.m
and 6 :30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prlnc-e Rupert
nnd Northern Polnta 10 p. rn. Wednee
days  and   Pftturdaye  at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Chllllwnrlt 7 ��. m. Tueadar
Thursday and Saturday.
Lavc�� Westminster I a. m. Monday
Wedne��day and  1'rlday.
BD. (iOUI.ET. Agent. New .Weatmlnater
II   W   HIlfllllM. O, P. A.. Vanoouver.
What with  the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries  and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
ourely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Weatmlnater Trust Block.
to acknowledge that there were some
traits in the Japanese that heat Canadians easily, "Take the case of
the public servants," he said, "from
hank officials down, they are us anxious to help the tourist in every direction, and their politeness Is beautiful. The word for 'traveler' In Japan Is 'guest:' there Is the 'ship-guest'
on hoar dthe steamer, and the 'train-
guest' traveling on the railways, and
train hoys, conductors, brakemen and
stewards treal travelers as their
guests, and this makes traveling verv
pleasant  In Japan."
Country Ir Changing.
The country is In sueh a transient
state thai it Is ililTletult to make definite statements about t
of the Japanese One or the mott
contradictory sights to be seen In To.
k:o is that or an electrical watering
cart going through the streets, while
In one of the bach streets a man may
he Been carrying water In two buckets
slung acroat a pole. It Is thle condition
of affairs that, as a rule, makes a mis-
Blonary very chary about passing
comments upon the Japanese oiviiiza-
tlon, because there are after all great
differences, according to the returned
Mr. Connolly, who is accompanied
by bis w|f(. and one child, left Japan
on June v and traveled home hy way
of the Suez canal and Italy,
Coal   deposits   which   look   promising,  have been discovered about 10U
miles west of Saskatoon.
It. II. McDonald, editor of the
Moose Jaw Times, was arrested on
a charge of criminal libel, sworn out
by P��ginald J. Hobinson. reporter or
the   News.
During   tiie   month     of   July,     the
freight  department  or  the Canadian
I V"rth"r'i a' Saskatoon recorded $12,-
'.iif'i of an Increase in earnings over
the corresponding month ol lasl year
Hon.   Dr.   Roche   arrived   at   Moose
law and was kepi busy receiving deputations, principal among which was
ia large oue from the couth country,
\ seeking  Improvements    in    ranching
progress I condition..
\v. ,T, McLomI Steward, of tho
Porl.mouth penitentiary! bus been
notified of his appointment as deput i I
���M-ri!' 1 ot tiie penitentiary Bl Prince
Mln rt. Ile has been sti ward at
I'ortsmouth tor nine years.
Declaring no bout. Hob Milieu, referee In the match hetwe'-n Voung
fackson of Saskatoon and Kid Haynea
of Swlfl current, ror the bantamweight
championship, told the crowd that it
was tbe v.oriit deal he had ever seen
Lindsay, of Sudbury  and  Walter
LlaCOtllbe  of Toronto.
Nev/  Ontario
A young lad in McOregor township.
13 miles from l'ort Arthur, has captured a magnificent fox in a trap. The
boy bas refused a thousand dollars
for the animal which is said to bo a
cross between a sliver grey and black
Edmund Hayes, jr. the i-fi of Mrs.
Helen Hayes, of Parralngton Malno,
both former residents of Halleybury
Oat, was slain at Madero, Mexico, by
Mexican reb-Is. Mrs liny- hai n
celved a govi rnmeni message from
Washington, confirming the ni ��
Fanned by o terrific *������ Ind I re mil
ted the old frame building In i cl
of .1 II. Miner'-i lodging hous -. Coball
and In the charred skeleton ol the
wooden structure thai wns left, the
body of Rectav Forget, a lumberman,
iiii   years  old,   wns   Lou d
Western  Ontario
One ballot won fer Or. A. PI, Hanna
the nomination of Conservative candidate for South  Lanark
War among the canners Is in pr's-
ANO GOVERNMENT  WORKS   p,.ct  _mi   the   initial   Step   is  the   fixing of tho prices for the coming year,
John Oreen, colored, was Blabbed
four times below the heart In a quarrel with Ills wife at a dauca nt Windsor.
Landmarks In  Her History  Reviewed
in   Eulky   Blue   Book   Just
Montreal. fepL ll.���The Montreal
Trades and Labor council hns decided on the recommendation of Its executive committee that It would Int'n-
lllCP at thr labor congress for the Do
minion, which is (o be held there this |     Itev.   A.   J.   llov.cn.   for   two   yiars
month,   n   motion   that   the  Canadian  pastor of the Central  Haldol  church
body insist upon an eight-bour day for Chatham, has resigned  lo enter n,
nil  government  and  municipal  works.
ii was said by the supporters of the
motion lha' all laborers ror the city of
Montreal, no matter In what lino, put
In a ten hour day.   One Bery   delegate
drew a picture "of the "clerks" after 5"lr<'s ,;f "'-1' 'irand Trunk ut Oalt.
working only from 9 o'olock to B, cast- Samuel Price, K 0, St, Thomas,
ng tne eye of scorn upon the "poor has been appointed a commissioner
teat to a mr *���"'������<*���*'* even R��*t a j u, Investigate charges against the lm-
i__.���..._...    t. ,. .   .     n.        (migration   Inspector   of   Bridgeport.
Delegate James Drury of the Typo
graphical union, on  the other hand
thought that there would be aome government or municipal laborers who
would not want to take a shorter dav
because of the reduction ln pay
Lciidon, S'pt. ll. -India'*- progress
during the past ten years Is narrated
in a blue book of nearly i'.'.D pages
which has Just been Issued. Tlie period dealt with covers events thut will
stand as landmarks in the history of
India.     Its  first   year  saw   Hie   great
ceremonial of the Delhi Durbsr of Jan
nnry 1, 1603; ltn lasl the vIkIi Io India
of the king-empress, in fulfillment of
his majesty'c wish to announce his I
coronation In person to the people of
Memorable  events  of   tho   Intervening years were the llrst visit of their |
majesties, ns Prince and Princess of
Wales, in 1905-0, and the proclamation
of the k'lng-emperor to the princes
nnd  pea.pIcK of India on November 2,
1908, tho fiftieth anniversary of   iho
transfer of the government of India
to the crown.
Allusion Is made to the great earthquake in the 1'iinjub In liior., when
to hold the next meeting In Winn!peg 'iQMO lives were lost and 100,1)00
in it'll. liMii.ea   destroyed,   und   tj   the   local
sion.'iry  work.
Accidental  death  wns  the  verdicl
of the Jury which Inquired Into   the
death  of Oeorge  Kitty,   killed   In   tlio
At. the conclusion of thc national
convention of tho Canadian Pharmaceutical  association.  It  was decided
From Those Vv ho Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat ydu courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Ilardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News. FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1913.
AH records were broken yesterday of the attendance to this monster sale. We were crowded to
the doors the entire day, and at times unable to handle the throngs of people that packed our
store. We are not trying to get rid of out-of-date merchandise and replace it with better goods:
we always handled the best to be had at all times, but now we are going to quit and here are
Ladles' Strut and   House Dresses;   very  pretty  pat-
terns; values to $6.00.   Saleprice  95c
Ladles' BedroOm Slippers,   Th.y make good Christmas
pr i-eiits; regular values to $3,50,   Sale price 93c
Cushion Tops   .Inst the thing for Xnias present; regti-
i..." values to $1.60.   Sale price  24C
< bitdren'a Colored Bonnets; regular price. $3.00.   Sab'
["lee  49c
Children's Hats, Caps and Bonnets;  values to $2.50
II| btly soiled.    Sale price, 2 for St
H nnl ('.Iris' Buster Suits; all color a; regular
$1 ������'     Sale price    65C
Children's Nighties of good muslin; regular $1.00 Sale
price    49e
i blldren's Wool Dresses, Just the thing for this time
of the year; regular $3.00.   Sale price  95c
Baby's Muslin Dresses; sizes from Vi to 2 years; regular i'i  10  -. allies     Sale price 69e
Children's good warm Coats, of blanket cloth and cashmere;  regular ?6.50.    Sale price    S2.25
Children's Hosiery; all colors, both long and short;
regular li'ic.    Sale price  10c
Ladles' Silk and Lisle Hosiery; all colors; regular 75c.
Bale price  40C
Ladies' Muslin Combinations of very good make regular $8.50.    Sale price  90t
Ladies' Muslin Nightgown::; regular price to $2.50
Sale price   79c
Ladies' all wool Underwear; values to $'.'.00. Sale
price    78t
Ladles' and Girls' White Dresses; values to ?!.">.on Sale
i""lce   ������ 32.58
Ladies' House Dresses and Wrappers; regular price
$2.60.    Sule   price    55��
Ladles' Undervests: regular price to 50c.   Sale price. 15c
Ladies' Hosiery; both In black and white; regular
BOc.   Sale price  *J5C
Ladles'  Cashmere  Hosiery;   regular  price  75c.    Sale
price  25c
Berlin and Eiderdown Wools; all shades and colors;
regular price 15c.    Sale price  5C
While  Muslin Waists.    All the latest styles;  regular
$1.50.    Sale price   24*
Pen-ins' Gloves;  all colors;  regular price $1.75    Sale
price   85C
All Wool Toques and Caps; regular 75c.   Sale price. 35*
Ladies' Neckwear, Jabots and Ruffles; values to $1.50.
Sale   price    10*
White Ltnenette   Handkerchief;    regular      15c.   Sale
price    3''3*.
Children's Gingham DresEes; regular $..00. Sale price.79C
Children's Bearskin  Muffs;   regular price $1.50.    Sale
price    25C
Children's Straw Hats; values to $2.50.    Sale price..45***
Pure  Silk Cushion  Cords;   regular price $1.00.    Sale
price   49c
To the ladies who were at the door at 9 a.m. yesterday I wish to say that we had wrapped and ready to
give free of charge to the first 25 ladies who entered
the store, 25 short kimonas, but when the doors opened there was a grand scramble for the packages and
some women took two packages and passed them to
their friends that were not one of the first 25 to enter the store. We kindly ask the ladies that did not
receive the packages as they should to accept our
apology and the next time we give away any prizes
they will be handled in a much different way; the
first 25 ladies will receive tickets as they enter the
New   Cer.tr-tl   Geld   Rercrver   Kept
Special Vaults With Guards
Day  and   Night.
Montreal, Sept. ll.���The
tral gold ri serves are being
id and will be maintained
penso  to  the  government,
new  can-
at   no ex-
^^^^^^^^^    he  banks
assuming   the   entire   cost.     Kach   of
III"   chartered   InStitUtlOhS   will   make
nn intlal contribution and thereafter
lie charged annually in proportion as it
avails itself of the privilege of the .-ennot fall to prove a factor of verv
fund. ; i*r, -..t st��! Hlty to the hanking system
The money will he stored in special of the Dominion as it Iuib to those of
vaults of the Uoyal Trust company. England and Trance.
Montreal. The government has been Quietly nnd almost without the
particular regarding the depository citirens rrali.lng it, the Canadian
and has Insisted upon a vault within | banking and currency aystem has en-
a vault. Kvery precaution which hu-, tered upon a new stage in Its evolu-
man Ingenuity can t'evire has been tlon. By some tt would be character-
taken to safeguard the valnible con- tied as   centralisation,   Co-operatlnn
t.'tit*--.    Two armed guanla must he nu ' mere correctly expresses the Idea. The
aluty (lay and night. They will not (told resorves of the two dozen Cana-
be rfria-irg nf the trupt ���ompany, but]dlan chartered hanks nre to be com-
of the Canadian Bankers'association,   -b'ned and mobilised to do th" mrst
Pr teeth i of the gold Is the larg- effective service. A large visible stock
est Iter' of expense, The trustees of cold Is always such aa tn Inspire
will only ncelv. . nominal payment ] confidence, since it ia security for Im-
for each meeting. , mediate    rcdeemability  of  or-dit   In-
The banks iiie enthusiastic over the itrmnents. firadualy thn Canadian
new co-oparatlve scheme, working system is taking on the best features
With harmony towards greater ata-jof Kuropean banking, while avoidlnr
billty In the already excellent Cana-. son'c of the disadvantages of a central
dian banking system, lt la expected | banking organisation,
that a very large amount will be deposited Immediately, several million
nt least, each of the chartered banks
being represented. Stamped bullion
will not. t>*. accepted, the Bank net
ally     stipulating   only   "cur
the penitentiary at New Westminster,
and I'. Ier Hansen will put in Bix
months In the provincial jail, where
he hays he has not been yet.
The   pair   broke   Into   the   grocery
(tore of Robert Ersklno at the corner
of Q:: d:.i and Johrson : trccts. shortly
.aft- r  r.irtnlght 0:1  Sunday nig::S, and;
st' le  a  quantity  Of goods,  but  while
they wore walkiak away with the loot ;
thev were seen by  Detective Macdon- '
When  they  were  ararlgned    today
Clunesa   pleaded  guilty   with  a  smile
and   Hansen  said  he  was not guilty.
tr\ln;t to make out that so far as he'
was a case of mis-
servos,  requiring  notice cf withdrawal, etc.
While the banks may deposit legal
tender (large denomination Dominion
notes) Ihey probably will not do so
to any vary great extent. The Inclln-
Stlon Will be to deposit gold, despite
the facl lhat transportation charges iw-is concerned I
are  considerably   higher  for  the  yel-  taken Identity.
low metal. There will thus he built! Th��� rooord '���( riuneps Includes a
up n central reserve of gold,'while three-year term for hurglarv, three
tbe banks will retain only a tur* small months for burglary in Nanalmo. six
amount of the metal in their cwnlraonths here for vacancy In March
vaults, bring legals almost exclusive- ,lll9t, a tPrm for va(,rancv '������ Nanaimo.
ly in the settlement of domestic bal- | vu\ suspended sentence'with denorta-
ancflB.    The large visible goid stock tlon In Portland for vagrancy, and in
j Seattle for burglary.
Widcws and Spinstere Make Life Miserable for Montreal Civic
specifically stipulating only
renl grid coin and Dominion notes."
The exclusion of bullion waa probnhly
by Inadvertence, as gold In aueh form
is acceptable anywhere In the world
at Weight, while coined gold is leas
pultahje for shlpmcnta, being more
liable to nhrnalon and requiring to ho
re-coined hefora available for circulation elsewhere than In the country of
���rrlgln. Kxperlcnee may demonstrate
Ihn "dvisahllltv of amending the act
to allow deposits rf proporly Btamned
bullion ban-, but for the present gold
coin inert he presented In ba,?s of
either ��1 non sterling or '5.000 Canadian or Ttnlt"d States cold coin.
Centralisation of Reserve*.
Th" hanker* nm confident that tb"
ad-flifonal powers emit notes which
thn denoslts wlll lie a verv material
assistance to them and to the poimtrv
generally In Meeting thn circulation
requirc-rcnts of the crop-moving seaaon. Instead of paying at tho rate
of flvo per r��nt. per annum for the
paper Issued In excess of their paid-
up capital, the hanks may now latum against this gold reserves which
in large part will bn transferred to
the central depository. Oold on deposit and agnlnst which notes are not
issued mnv he counted hy the banks In
t^elr cash reserve and reported as
ancle on hand. The Bankers' asso-
���elation havo adopted by-laws rels-
tivo to the mansgement of tho  re-
After United States System.
The creation of the central gold re
serves In Canada was admittedly suggested by the plan of the national
monetary commission of the 1'nited
Satntes for reform of thc republic's
hanking and currency system.
I' la to be expected that the central
geld reserves board will gradually
take on additional powers and In
time probably its powers will approximate to those which it Is prono.��ed hv
lhe Olaa-Owen bill now before the
United tSates congress to confer upon
the fgederal reserve board, itflelf a
rmnilfcatlon of the Aldrich plan provision-.
It la to be expected that eventually
���he Canadian banks will be allowed
under certain condit lona to deposit
with the trurteea not only gold, but
securities aa well and Issue their circulation against them. This will in
effect he one form of re-discount such
��s la allowed rnder th" proposed legislation in the United States.
Pair of Wyomln-q Thugs Sentences at
Victoria. Sept. 11.���Two young men
who have been In trouble before were
again before the police magistrate this
morning on a serious charge. Olenroy
Cluness, who failed to take the warning to leave town on Friday when he
waa up on a vagrancy charge, wlll now
Montreal,   Sept.   11.���How   deeply
1 roooted -he desire for wealth is in the
' human  heart  was demonstrated  In a
.striking manner at the city hall when
: four   widows   and   several   spinsters
called  on  Assistant  City    Treasurer
CollinB,   and   unfolded   to  him   their
dreams of wealth, which the city was
j expected   to  lay  at  their  feet.
I    In each case the applicant declared
j they  had   reasons  for  believing  that
distant   ancestors  had  died   and   left
them property, for which no title deeds :
I could   be  found.    The  fact  that  the;
I corporation has a couple of valuable j
I lots of land on its hands, for which |
! owners    are    being sought,    and  the
fact that the papers last week made j
mil-lie the case cf a spinster, who was
informed by Mr. Collins that she own-1
ed land worth thirty thousand dollars 1
is  responsible  for  the stampede    of |
spin-t.ers  and   widows  in  search    ofj
remark.-hie  Argurrentr..
ja _,.. _ explained by Mr. Collins today th'>- r-nv ' r lbe reasons put forth
_^^^_^^^_^ why the city should enrich these worn-
New Yoik, Sept. 11.���Stanislaus Pe-  on,  are  remarkable  in  the extreme,
plnski lo being sought by the police of !��ne Claimant, a woman nearly serenity, gravely "**'ated that she had  been
nformrd   that   a   party,   hearing   her
Lured by Promises Woman Gave Him
Valuables and Was About to
Poison Husband.
Paterson, N. J., on a charge of swindling Mrs. Charles Waif, of Nok 232
Vernon avenue, that city. She declares
thnt, under his hypnotic influence, she
-.ave him $1,200 in cash, jewelry valued at Beveral hundred dollara, her
$300 piano, and was on the vorge of
lOlBOnlng her husband to get hia $2.-
00 life    insurance for the bogus no-
Peplnskl claimed to be a Polish
count, and, according to Mrs. Wolf,
baited his trap for her with a promise to make her a countess when her
husband was out of the way. She has
ennfee-aed that, with the assistance of
Helen .lochnlcwlcz, a beautiful young
woman companion of Peplnskl, hls al-
'eged nurse. Bhe actually placed poison
In her husband's coffee and his life
wna saved only because he failed to f
drink it.
Henry and Anna MnhowBkl, of No.
180 Crooke avenue, with whom Pep-
Itiskl was living when Mrs. Wolf met
Mm last March, are under arrest on
suspicion of belag Implicated In the
Tho alleged count and his companion disappeared about a week ago after Mrs. Wolf, her cash end jewelry
gone, started to turn over her household effects to him, beginning with
tho n'ano. His departure was hastened
by Wolf's discovery of the strange
hanpenlngs ln which hla wife was Involved.
He notified the -police and rMs.
Wolf mado a complete confession. In-
I listing that hypnotism and her desire
tion would appoint the law department
to study her case. Tbe truth was, Bhe
was quite poor and needed money in
the very worst way. This would surely result in something being done. If
it should be found there was some
haziness to any claim she might have,
Ehe would consent to take any other
parcel of valuable land which might
by lying around handy.
"We have no unclaimed land whatever in your name." answered Mr.
Collins, "and it is really very fooliBh
of you to harbor hopes that you may
wake up and find yourself rich."
"But why would it be foolish of me?
Did I not see in the paper that a woman who went to bed one night aa
poor as a mouse awoke the next day
to get the news from you that she was
worth thirty thousand dollars? She
was a poor woman and so am I. Sbe
never thought she was the owner of
any land, yel it was proven she was.
If you look through the books I feel
sure it will be seen there is propertv
1 should have. Now I am sure you will
not turn me down in this way. If you
knew how poor I really am you would
be interested in thla matter."
Upon Mr. Collins saying it was useless to make any investigation the
wprn-tn turned away In tears.
Other applicants for wealth continued to come In. One and all were llrm
'���* the belief that If any army of clerks
was put to work It would be found
there were acres of valuable land all
nver the city waiting to be claimed by
them. One would-be property owner
wis pn persistent as to her fancied
rghts that she refused to budge from
the otfc" till her case was put right.
The only wav out of the deadlock waa
fnr Mr. Collins to decamp for lunch
leaving the amazon in possession of
his bureau.
Say It It Not Packed at Well as California  Shipments���Little  of It
Seen in Winnipeg.
compan, says that there is nothing
In the sugegstion. The two markets
are very different and do not usually
compete against each other. When
there is competition there is no discrimination made except on business
lines, that ls, they choose the best
quality stuff at the most reasonable
price. Some of the growers ask a grea'.
deal too much and this ls the cause
be taken sway from the city under ar-|to marry Into thn nobility wero responds t to spoud the next tour yean in sible for her actions.
name, hid lived In Montreal something
like a century nnd a half ago, that he
had owned much land, that she believed she was hls descendant, that she
bad no proof of thiB, but as the names
were nliko. it was only fair the city
should act handsomely and enrich her
by something like half a million.
I'pon the assistant treasurer quietly
Informing her that the corporation
had no land whatever on Its hands
from such a man, the good woman became very Irate. She held lt was the
duty of the corporation to dig Into the
dusty annnls nt the paat and ascertain just what neople had got her
property. She felt sure there was law
enough ln thc land to compel tho civic
authorities to take such sctton. She
meant to rtand by her right no mat-
tir what thc consequences were. At
the same time she did not want to be
hard, and lf the city would make her
a fair cash offer, she would compro-
mlr�� matters.
"lut, mv good lady," explained Mr.
Collins, "there Is nothing to compro-
mlre. We have no land whatever belonging to you or your ancestors. The
law cannot help you,"
- This only added fuel to the lady's
anger, and as she eswept from the office, she threatened law suits enough
to tie up all of the city's funds for
generations to come.
Ready te Take Anything.
Another applicant, a wee bit of a
body, adopted a very much different
procedure. She said she had always
heard that some of her relations, in
thn phadowv past, must have owned
property aad ahe hoped the corpora-
The following from the Winnipeg
Tribune throws an interesting, though
disappointing, light on the prairie market for B. C. fruit:
For some time there has been a discussion regarding the fruit which Is
brought  to  this city,  and  in    some  of some similar reports going around
quarters it has been stated that some 1 after their fruit has been rejected on
local wholesale as well as a number of  account of the high price.
retail fruit houses discriminate against B. C. Fruit Refused.
British Columbia fruit in favor of Cal- AgalnBt the statements that there
ifornia fruit. It appears that very lit- Is absolutely no "ring" in the local
tie fruit grown In British Columbia iB' market comes   the following incident
from the Farmers' Central market. A
B. C. grower had a large consignment
of fruit at the market and was unable to sell tt through the market, a*
there was too much. An appeal was
made to dealers, whole wholesale ami
retail, to take Bome ot the fruit at 3
reasonable price, but they would havo
nothing to do with it when it was
known that lt was British Columbii
fruit. Speaking ot this yesterday one
of the market officials confirmed the
statement and Baid that the California, men appeared to have a strong
hold on some of the local wholesale
��� He admitted, however, that tlio D. O.
fruit was not packed as carefully n-,d
as well as waB the California fruit,
and therefore would not keep as well.
He believed that steps were boms f ihen to see that the Canadian gf-owara
sold in this city and accordingly a
western despatch suggests that there
is a 'ring" in the city which conspires
to deal only in California fruit. To
ascertain if thiB had any truth the
Tribune Interviewed several of the
leading fruit growers on the subject.
George Vipond and company, one of
the largest California fruit importers, say: "There is absolutely nothing in the report. The Btatement that
fruit dealers discriminate in favor of
the American fruit Is not at all true-
when the fruits are of the same quality. Another thing which might be of
Interest ls that we rarely see a British Columbia man around here. Anyhow there is no truth in the statement that we do not give the B. C.
fruit a fair show."
California Hat Hold.     &
W. A. Taylor, of Taylor ft Co., ad
Spokane, Sept. 11.���One of the most
daring attempts at burglary in recent
months waB made early last night at
the home of A. Cromes, 1422 Bridge
avenue. Two other burglaries yesterday were successful.
Mr. Cromes' 20-year-old daughter
went to her bedroom Bhortly after sup-
ner and founda man In the room. The
Intruder grabbed her and she screamed. Her cries attracted the other
members of the family.
The burglar then broke away and
ran down tha front stairs and ont ot
the house. The police searched the
emptv houses In the neighborhood but
no trace of the burglar was found.
Mrs. M. H. Merrill, residing ln suite
202, Helen apartments, reported that
her rooms were burglarised some time
yesterday afternoon. The entire molding of the door had beon cut away hr
the thief and the Yale lock forced with
a knife blade. Articles missing are a
woman's engraved gold watch, a sealskin purse with small coin purse containing $2.35 and a gold neck ehaln.
Detective Buchhols haa been assigned
to tho case.
Mrs. B. F. Bmleume, E162S Fourth
avenue, reported to the police that her
honae was entered yesterday between
��� o'clock tn the morning and S o'clock
In the afternoon and that aha waa
robbed of a small home bank containing $9 and a woman's gold ring mount
ed with Ave amethyets. Entrance to,
the houae was made by removing S
screen over a window.
mltted that the California fruit men', rack the fruit as carefully as lhelr
have a very strong hold on certain of American .competitors after wliicai
the wholesale fruit men. This tends there should be no cause for diasat-
to Increase the amount ot California isfaction.
fruit brought to the city, but he did
not think that there was any definite-)
thing which controlled the merchants
and tried to keep the B. C. fruit out
of the local market. Personally, he
aald that he would like to sell the
British Columbia fruit more but there
Is one thing against tt, and that Is the
fact that the Canadian fruit does not
at present keep as long as that forwarded from California. This may be
owing to the packing advantages which
the Americana appear to possess.
There waa, however, a strong hold by
the American growera."
J. B. MacLean, manager of the Rogers Fruit company, said that he did
not consider that there waa any ring
here which discriminated against the
British Columbia fruit in favor ot the
American produce. He pointed out
that there waa certainly more fruit
from California used In thlt city, but
that was not owing to the dtscrimina
tlon made against It but owing to the
tact that the California seaaon la far
longer than that of British Columbia.
He said that they ean get fruit from
the southern state tar   earlier   ""n
Sandpolnt. Idaho, Sept. 11���C. B.
Murray, constable at Kootenai, **r\a
the victim ot an assault laat nlrht
by a couple of armed men with club*.
Saturday and Sunday Murray t-.ilc
to the Tillage pound 19 cowa whlc'i
were roaming at large.
Yesterday owners of eleven rf fie-
cattle paid their fines. Aboir ft.30
last evening Frank- Reid canie to Um
officer and aaked him to go out t��
the pound and release his cow. Tho
pound Is well on the outskirts of th*
town In a lonely location:
At the pound R?td got hla animal
and as Murray gave him hla receipt
for the One money. Reid turned a
flash light full on tha offloer. Murray stepped back, and a moment lat-
er'twd men stepped oat of tha underbrush *n* began an' attack.
Iteid caught several blows and v��B-
God. It's ma felWdrs, It's me."
 _, , _^���_,.   ........   Atthlsthemju took to their hstfe  ������,
they ean from the Canadian province,'"V*��s^lMtln tha haw underh-m.li. mr*
It was this that hrought more of ihaJ*tta a# ������tlma im* oattle la **%**'
Ametlean fruit hare and that It MUtrfpowd escaped. *-'
,. _. ^. ._ ���t_3z=i   Murray says he could not re-e-tfltt*
hit woul*jba assailants and "did nnt
shoot b seams ha did not want to Ut
hx no wsy ba because nf aiy_^thg
,1 which may ba suggested, but doefc not
D. 8. Manson, ot ttos -*��tt Frntf
nm ~r*.at  KlflHT
Supply Co.
Phones 1 and 67.
641 Columbia St
Friday Specials
Cloverdale creamery
butter, fresh and
sweet, special for
Friday. 3 lbs.���
Sunshine Tomatoes, per tin
- -   -   -10c.
\ Garden Tomatoes, 3 lbs. for
- -   -   -25c.
I1 Freestone Crawford Peaches
per box - 90c.
See Our fruit Display
Supply Co.
has no terrors for the
man who is regularly
saving money.
He realizes that ?ie
has money working for
him. When deposited
with our savings department it is earning 4
per cent., which interest
is being compounded
quarterly, but best of all
he has developed the
best of habits, that of
saving. He has that con-
tented, self-satisfied,
self-reliant feeling so
necessary to success in
this world.
If you are not already
a depositor, call today
and open an account, $1
i.s enough to start.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
TrusleeshlpH uaiior Administration, orer $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rste
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Short Session.
Though several members were away
the board of school trustees met last
night and transacted regular business.
The meeting was over before 9:30.
or undermining the North road, the
Coquitlam council would hold either
the <!. N. R. or the contractors respon.
Try the B. C, Manufacturing company for fruit boxes if in a hurry.
Phone 304. (1993)
Women's Auxiliary.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Auxiliary of the Hoyal Columbian hospital will.be held in the
Y. VV. t\ A. rooms on Monday ufternoon at 8 o'clock.
Kor all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster TniBt building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Clara���Where are you going, Maud?
Why down to Russell's Westminster
Auction House where you can buy
new and second hand furniture ut
lower prices than anywhere ln town.
Come with me and be convinced.
Scoutr to Drill.
The first drill of the Boy Scouts will
be held on Wednesday next. It has
been delayed a week because Scoutmaster has been laid up but he will
be on deck next Wednesday.
Ruffled Plumes.
Lady  Nicotine did  it. or rather It
can be traced to man's desire for the
noxious weed.   It all happened thusly.
One of the woman customers of the
B. C. K. K. fruit stand, anxious to Investigate the tempting wares displayed on the case and shelves in the rear, I the leading part and  was excellently
happened to mix a fine looking plume! supported bv the rest of tlie cast, in-
attached to her headgear, in the cigar [eluding Miss Margaret Marion as The
lighter placed for the benefit of cigar .sister. Mr. Hoval as Lively, and Aus-
smokers     Naturally  the nas and the I tin Ripley aB Davey.
plume just loved each other with the i    The story starts with a scene in a
At tke Theatres
The longer the Hoyal stock company
stays in the city th�� larger grow the
crowdB that attend the Koyal theatre
every day.
Last evening a capacity house
greeted the company when it presented "Sunday" for the first time to a
local audience, nnd Kthel Barry-
more's beautiful play and one of her
leading successes wub never shown
to better advantage.
Miss  Rdythe Klliot  as Sunday took
result that Mr. l'lume dwindled down
to about two inches in length before
the ardor of the flames were dampened (1 No damage was done to the
���Aoman with the exception of ruffled
heudgear und countenance. The incident happened about 6 o'clock last
See Advt. on Page 3
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
mining camp in Colorado, the first act
ending with a vlllian being disposed
of for his attentions to a girl.
From there the scene stilftB to I'lrln-
thorpe   Abbey   In   Kngland,   In   which
Miss   Klliot  Ib  shown   to   special  ad-'Wheat   Trade   Causes   Prairie   Cities
! vantage. to Rise.
Back to Colorado in  the fourth act,    Toronto,    Sept.    11- The Canadian
and the story ends with the unfolding  bank  clearings  for  the   week  ending
PLEWS���The funeral took
yeBterday of H. J. I'lews, who died as
.a rtsult of the ti. C. ES. H. wreck on
Sunday The interment took place at
2:30 o'clock at the 1. O. O. F. cemetery. The funeral was intended by I.
O. O. F, members and the service ol
that lodge was held ut the graveside.
Members of the A. A. S. of K. H. S.
of A. and Odd l-'ellows acted as pall
bearers.   Hev. D, Dunlop held service
of an untold tale
"Sunday"  will  be  hefore  the  foot-
place, lights  for the  rest of the  week.  Including a matinee on Saturday afternoon at 2:30.
"Breaking into the B.g League."
(Kalem, two parts.) An u:r of excitement pervades the little town Oi
Squashville, The local baseball team
Ib to cross bats with the determined
organization from Sti-ingtown and tlie Quebec
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. 11989)
Why not get your boxes and crates
at the B. C. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Others are doing it.   Phone 304.
For Good Cause.
Tickets for the old New England
Dinner which Is to be held in the
Y. M. C. A. on Sept. 20 are now on
sale. All money made by this banquet will go to furnish the boys' division. A meeting of the senior men's
gym. class will be held tonight.
PARHY���The death of Edwin Parry
occurred yesterday at his residence In
this city. Deceased was 'iti years of
age and leaves a mother and sister.
The funeral will take place today from
the residence to the Church of England cemetery.
Miss Davey takes pleasure in announcing that the fall and winter
millinery opening will take place on
Thursday and Friday, September 11
and 12. An invitation extended to all.
A most up-to-date stock to select
from at moderate pricee.
address: Carnarvon Block
posite Hotel Russell.
Note  the
nearlv od-
No Delegate.
New Westminster will not be represented at the annual convention of the
Trades Congress of Canada to be held
In Montreal this fall. Instead, the local labor men will work hard at the
coming election and will also entertain
the British Columbia Federation of Labor at Its annual convention to be held
here next January.
The delicious quality of "SALADA"
tea has been maintained for twenty-
one years, notwithstanding the fact
that there has been over a hundred
Imitating packets which have come
and gone, and all of which have
shown the dealer a larger profit. Not
one of them has given the same satisfaction to the consumer. You owe It
to yourself and to good service generally, to see that another packet tea
Is not foisted on you when you order
Not   Hurt  by   Auto.
A newsboy while crossing Eighth
street at Columbia stepped In front
of an automobile which was turning
the corner. Although the boy way
knocked down and the machine passed
over him he was not touched by the
wheels, nor hurt in any way other
than the jar he received. He emerged
from the Depot hotel where he was
taken, with a very reassuring smile
and was soon at his work again.
TURNER���The funeral of the late
Wrathman Turner took place yesterday afternoon from the residence In
Hurnaby to the Church of England
cemetery. Rev. Mr. Dunlop had charge
of the service.
Sept.   11.  us
compared   with
the cor-
responding pi
riod of 1912, are as fol-
Montreal    . . .
$ 55,001,986 $
Toronto   ....
��� Winnipeg  . , .
Vancouver . .
Calgary   ....
Edmonton   . .
Victoria   ....
Hamilton  .
St. John  ...
Moose Jaw
Ft. William .
Lethbridge . .
Medicine Hat
Brantford ...
and $10.00 per Month.
Size 45x113 to lane.   Near City car line, Beautiful
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
.$167,815,589 1173,988,072
game  will  decide  the  season's  chan
plonship.    Mamie Wallace, un ardent
enthusiast, appears on  the  field  with
her lather and greets lier sweetheart,
Montjoy   Jones,   who,   resplendent   ,.i
his uniform, assures his friends that
Squashville will capture the pennant.
It  Ig a  hotly contested  game and   is
the final Inning   approaches   Squash
ville  has  a lead of  three  runs.    The
local    pitcher    wavers    momentarily
and  the  visitors Ilil the  bases.    Now
comes  the crucial  moment    A  higr.
fly   Is   driven   toward   Montjoy.   who
  makes a terrible muff and  loses the
funeral of Tlnmas -Sa,ne and the championship,
died    iii St   Paul's     Montjoy becomes a stranger in his
own town. His friends desert him and
no one has a kind work.    The love 01
his sweetheart turns    cold    and    her  veys for a pipe line from Silver creek
father forbids the    disgraced    player  to this city were started yesterday by
from entering the house.   The outcast jthe city engineer's department.
seeks the solace of sleep and has   a      lt Is not planned at the present time
wonderful dream.    He plays the game  owing to  the financial  stringency   to
again.    This time he catches the fly J proceed  with the development of the
and retires thc side.    He Is acclaimed ' Silver creek rights, but only to com-
the hero of the hour.   It happens that! plete the surveys  in order that  they
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Haaaam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
C. Bateman, who
hospital, Vancouver, at 9 o'clock Monday evening after a very short illnes.-!,
took place from St. Peter's church to
the Catholic cemetery yesterday morning, attended by a fair representation
of the local council of Knights of
Columbus, of which society the do-
ceased was a much respected member.
Uev. Kather Beck celebrated the requiem high mass at which three other
priests.d Fathers Mailiard, W. P.
O'Boyle and H. P. Bessette, assisted
in the choir; and there were present
throngs of pupils from St. Ann's
academy, St. 1-ouls college and the
Providence orphanage.
Tbe funeral cortege to tlie cemetery
wbb headed by a procession of boys
including the pupils of the late Mr.
Bateman. who was a teacher at St.
Louis college for the past two years,     . .
and was about to commence the third P;o��*��hips to N
consecutive term.
The late Mr. Bateman was born in
Ireland in 1868, and leaves three
brothers and four sisters resident In
Rev. Kather Beck also officiated at
the graveside and the pal', bearers
were Messrs. J. I. Keary, Monahan, P.
Byrne,   B.   Henry.   George   McDonald,
D. J. Mclsaac.
Port Coquitlam, Sept.  11     The sur-
Arrived   Yesterday   and   Wt-e   Given
the Best Cages Avail- ���
Did Good Work.
As an aftermath of the big LaborI
day celebration held in Queen's Park
last week. Chairman Harry fllhh and
Secretary D. S. Cameron of the Labor
day committee were last evening presented with momentos as a mark of
I recognition by the labor men of the
city of their work In making the affair such :i BUCCeBS Mr Gibbs gift
was ;i gold locket, while that of Mr.
Cameron was a watch. Both are suitably Inscribed
Better  than  buying  agreement-?     of
tale.     Pay   your  taxes  in  the  city  be-
[fore the evening of the  15th in��t. and
save  10 per cent.    City  Treasurer.
Demand Inveatigation.
Excitement prevails among Burqultlam     agriculturists,     horticulturists,
poultry breeders and earthenware
producers who were awarded a Becloud prize for their district exhibit to
the Vancouver exhibition of last week
over Chllllwack The acute manager
of the Burqultlam display says be discovered that Chilliwack had been
awarded points for grain never exhibited. Burqultlam has reported and
demands an investigation and clalmB
the coveted  first prize.
Guess all our 111' las' year birds, and
the mere parrots and canaries that
have been lording It over the sparrows, and Bporting gaudy plumage,
will be feeling pretty bad today. That
shipment of Australian feathered ones
which the city council swapped sight
unseen for two bears and three deer,
with Kllis S. Joseph, of the < omtnon-
wealth, arrived yesterday. They were
four pairs of white Java sparrows,
five pairs of zebra finch, one pair of
bare eyed cockatoos, five pairs of
green paroquetB, five pairs of yellow
paroquets, and one roseate cockatoo.
Parkniaster Hobinson met the visitors and after welcoming them on behalf of the city consigned them to a
select suite In the Queen's park -/oo.
with bath attached and two kinds of
water The bean and deer will be
shipped at once,
a scout for the New York Uiunts wit
nesses the game and wires to Managtr
John McGraw, who has his teum in
training at Mariln, Texas. Acting up
on the scout's advice, McGraw Bends a
contract to Jones, who loses no time
in preparing to join the team. Squashville gives its "tlrst citizen" a rous ng
send-off. At Marlin Montjoy reports
to McGraw and meets the famous
veterans who lia->e brought two cham-
I Vork. -McGraw and
Mathewson, the peerless pitcher, take
the recruit In hand. He has a severe
lesson in sliding and McGraw show*-
him how to bat. Mathewson'* fast
cures put the young fellow on his
mettle. After the training Beas-bn the
the teum goes to New York for the
first game of the season. Montjoy
has shown such skill with tho bat that
he is sent iu a "pinch hitter'1 ami
knocks out a home run. which
clinches tlie  game  for the Giants.
Modestly he submits to an inter-
view and news of his f.une reaches
the home town. Mamie and her fa Iter
determine to see the famous star In
action and make a trip to New York.
It is a spirited game that the Wallaces
wltneis. One sensational play f i'.< ws
another and finally the great Main-w-
son is called up to replace a weakening pitcher. A hit off the famous
twlrler causes alarm, Mathewson s *-"s
nn opportunity to work an extraordinary play and confers with Montjoy.
who has been Bent to the shorts'oj)
position. The result is a llgtltn'ng
triple play. Again Montjoy If the
hero. As he passes one of the !>��� XCS
lie sees Mamie applauding him. What
a pleasure it is to pass by nnd Ignore
her? And then he wakes up. The
stern reality of liis position strikes
home as be Bees a ne'e thrust under
the door. The note i-i from Mamie,
stating lhal nfter much p��� rsuasic n
she has prevailed upon her father to
permit Montjov to call, but faiier has
il cI.t* thai If baseball is mentioned
the player will bave to "beat It"
Monty throws bat and glove Into th"
street and hastens to his sweetbeart'j
may be confirmed. According to the
civic authorities, Silver creek will
serve a population of $100,000 people
The creek is located several miles
from here.
Hindu Injures Jap.
Port Moody, s-ept. 11 -Charged with
seriously assaulting a Japanese fellow-
employee in a mill in this city this
morning. Sadeger Singh, a Hindu, was
arrested this afternoon ui Barnet
whence he had fled, and Is now con-
lined in the police cells here. The
Hindu will probably be given a preliminary hearing before Magistrate
Noble tomorrow morning.
Night School
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at 7:30 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in   Bookkeeping,   Spelling,
Arithmetic, Penmanship,
Shorthand, Typewriting by
Phone 853.
I.. BOUCK,  Principal.
610 Columbia  St.
Mr. and Mrs W Wilson nnd family
and Mr, Win. Farrand wish to thank
their many friends for flowers and
kindness shown to them during their
recent bereavement. (2057)
Borden Viaits Aged Mother.
Ottawa,  Sept.   11.    li-.-mier   llorden
left this evening for Nova Scotia. Ile
will probably    be    absent    from    tho
capital  i'or about    a    fortnight.    Thc
Although Winning at Vancouver Thtir
Hopes Are  Set on   Fair  Here.
Poultry  man    have     r>-;:s< u    to    be
proud of the district of Burqultlam
for Its successes ai the recent Van
couver exhibition.
Councillor  Walk" r,  whose chief exhibits were iiuff   Orpingtons,   Hock
und Mlnorcas, took   a matter   of   20
prizes.    K. J. Chesterfield  was award
ed   Beven   prizes  Ior  six   entries.    Mr
Chesterfield was great on Wyandotts
Residence V. W. C, A.        Phone 1.124.
Mus. Bac.
ClnoInQ,  P.ano,   Theory.
Cor Terms and Hours Apply at
Sludio,  1011   Hamilton   Ctreet.     Phone
1319 R. (1977)
Preserving Peaches, per
crate 90c.
Local hothouse tomatoes, 2 lb
Tokay Grapes, per Ib  	
Fancy Prunes, :: lbs for 	
 , ��� Good  Creamery  Ilutter,  3  lbs.
The Wilson brothers Quality ranch  0ur (,W|1 ,,������,��, Egg,/do!!on
Burqultlam.  were equally    successful Hed H    ,      ,,,���, steelhead Sa|mon
with their all round display of bird* j      ., ���._   f()_ 25_
Everything predicts a bold bidI   tur ��� S|1(.k���y(,  salmon,  per  lb ".'.'.'..'.'.'. 10c]
.. for ..
Insurn with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man All klndB written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
prime minister will    visit    IiIh    aged  higher honors at the great N'ew West.   j>reg), Halibut,
mother  at   Grand   Pre
spend  Beveral  days  In
N.S..   but  will
Halifax   wbere
More Union* Here.
Following the action taken by Vancouver in  sanctioning tlie  request  of
local   musicians  to  form   a   union   of
t their own In the city, the Trades anil
I Labor council has appointed a special
committee  consisting ol   D,   Dodd,  II
Olbb ami 11. Knudsen to visit Vancouver In the near future where the proposal   to   form   unions  of   machinists,
I boilermakers   and   other   trades   who
have   members  In   the  city  affiliated
With   Vancouver unions, will be mi.de
he  will
deliver    a  political
evening next.
=;. if # if # =;. # >;.
ilnster exhibition, which after all
the  goal of    tlie    ambitions    of    the
Fraser valley agriculturists
Tlie other   exhibitions   are   looked
upon us leading up to this.
Smoked Salmon and Halibut, 2 lbs 35c
(Successor to Ayling S, Swain.)
447 Columbis St. Phone 98.
G. N. R. Warned. U
Heeve Barth and Councillor AtklnB, -fl
J.P., previous to legal proceedings #
from tlieir solicitors, waited upon tho ���#
|| foreman of the O. N. R. or of Guthrie, I*
Macdougal) & Co. yesterday evening j
and warned hmt that if any accidents -ft
happened from operations, excavating  ���> * * tt
lirst shipment of Italian
prunes arrived on the market
yesterday and will be ottered
lor sale this morning at from
$1 to H5 cents per crate. The
shipment Is from Chilliwack
and Sardis and Ik of an excellent quality.
Apples will also be offered
and a good Bupply of all kinds
of vegetables was brought In
by the river boats yesterday.
Pearl, plums and black-
berries will ulso make their
appearance, bul tlie prices will
depend entirely on the supply
which Is brought in this morn-
ini; au there, will be a demand
for all kinds of fruit today.
* ft ft ���:.
* ft ft ft ft ft ,
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART &  CO., LTD.
Estsbllshsd 1-itl.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability.  Automobile  and
Marine Insuring*.
Clearance Sale
Carpets Reduced to Rock-Bottom Prices.
Axminster      Squares.
1-2 50   for   	
for  .
Squares, regular  t'22 DO.
Tapestry Squares, from 56 50
Japanese Matting Squares
Sbe 9xlJ   52.50
HrusseU Sun-ires,
to  dear   	
regular 124.00,
Bite i'xi'J  ...
Size   9x9   	
.lap  Mats,  from
Values in Furniture That Cannot be Duplicated. Call
and see these Goods.   Below are only a
few of the Many Bargains.
Iilners.  regular J_7.fi0.    Sale  Price  	
Diners,  regular JIM.00     Sale  Price   	
Diners,  regular (18.60.    Sale  Price   	
Extension Tables, solid oak, ti and 8 ft ; regular $19.   Sale
l-ndles'  Desks,  regular  $9.60,    Sale	
Dressers,   quartered  oak.   golden finish; reg. $32,   Sale .
Dressers. In quartered oak, golden  finish;   with  triple
mirror;   reculur  $60.00.     Sale	
Three-piece Parlor Suite;  upholstered   III   silk   tapestry
hogany  frames;  regular $72.00,    Sale   	
Ilrass Ileda; regular $17 oi).    Sale   	
Iron Beds; 4-ft. size;  regular $7.00.     Sale   	
bevel     plate
heavy   ma-
The Big Furniture Store.
One Block Above the Post Office, Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Streeti,
New Westminster.
Ladles' oxfords, black and tan, value to $5.00; your pick 95e
Gents' Oxfords, black ond tan, value lo $6.00: your pick   $1.95
Kiddles' Tan Hoots, $2.00 values; sixes to 10 95e
Ladles' Dress Hoots' best makes; all sixes; your pick of $2.00 pairs
for       *>������*-*
Kiddles  Sohool Hoots; strong Hox Kip  *L25
Youths' Sohool Hoots; strong Box Kip  *1-45
Hlg Roys' School HootB;  various makes I1.TB
QontB1 Hox Kip Hoots; all slses -Il-W
Gentl' Tan Hoots; all sizes *1'95
Saturday Only, Your Pick of any Slater Boot in thc
Store, P. W. Make, for $4.95.
Leckle Hoots, K. Boots, Ames-llolden, etc.   $30,000 slock to Belect
rrom ut the liouse of low prices.   Out of tbe hich rent dlatrlct
The famous Maple l_eaf Rubbers; we stock them.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchea Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches    Deposits of Oue Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parts ot the
CHA8. O. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
New   Weatmlnster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.


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