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The New Westminster News Jul 17, 1913

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proven their w
they    produce.
or   Bmall   wante
small 1
"-- sarkie--
New   Weal.
.Mainland: Lie
fuir with fctu,
'Ol! -    .. 	
Mat FTV*
Third Member of Commission on B. C. Affairs to
Bc Appointed.
Bumaby Board of Trade Passes Resolution���Still Creek Bathers Said
to Be Shy of Ar">arel.
E.  Martm,  K.C, of Montreal, Will
Represent   Dominion  and   tion.
W. J. Bowser Provin:'..
Tcront" lulv IG J. 1'. Martin. K.C,
of Montreal, has been appointed as
counsel in take care of the Dominion's Interest! before the better terms
commission fnr liritish Columbia. II
Is tald that Attorney General Bowser
will act in a like capacity on behalf
of the province of British Columbia.
Two members of the commission,
which will Investigate a long standing claim of the I'acific province, have
already been appointed. L. A. Lash.
K.C. Toronto, for the Dominion, and
K. V. Ik dwell, K.C, of Victoria, for
the province Tlle Dominion and province t 'gether must decide and agree
upon a third member as chairman falling Whieh appointment is left In the
hands of the IU. Hon. Lewis Harcourt.
colonial eecretary.
So far no agreement hss becn er-
rived at by the Dominion and the
province as to a third member, but the
appointment it Is said, may bc expected  at  an  early date.
The Btand taken by the Duncan
board of trade against orientals owning land in British Columbia was
taken up by the Burnaby board of
��� trade last evening and, after considerable discussion, it was decided to re-
lUiiest tiie government to legislate to
prohibit Asiatics from owning land in
|the province, or else to put Into effect
' a stnct educational test, together
with a clause requiring them to be ill
the country a certain number of
Several    instances    where   Asiatics
have  hurt the  value  ol   property    in
Burnaby.   by   reason   of  their   buying
land In the vicinity, were brought up.
The question of having all vehicles
carry lights was threshed out,    it being shown that  where  Vancouver has
such an ordinance it Ib not enforced
us   it ought  to   be,   while   some  municipalities near Burnaby have no sucn
provision ut all.    The matter will    be
brought  to  tlie  attention  of  the  provincial government with a    view    to
havmg a law   passed   requiring   tho
ca rylng of lights on all v< hides   lu
tue settled dUtries of the prov.nce,
Board s Picnic.
ll   v.as decided  lo  In.Id   the  second
annual picnic at Pitt lake on the sec
end Saturday in Beptember, President
Coldleutt and a committee being ap
po im d io look alter the (ktall
The  B.  C.  B.  It.   will  b*
Defences Will Be Built on
Height of Land Overlooking Sandheads.
Another  Twi6t  to  Case  of  Cupposr.d
E-jicidc'6 Bcdy Found in Cianley
j Ships   Laid   Down   by   Great   Britain
Bank of Montreal Has Been!     *������-��� Germany since Januaiy,
Partly Indemnified for
Big Robbery.
Vancouver, July  16.���Tbat  the    un-
, ____ known   man   found   lying  dead   in    a I 	
clump of  bushes in  Stanley  park ou '
Fcrtc to Be Raised Are Part of Chain  Sunday was murdered. Is the belief of   Evidence in Macnamara Cai
the doctors who have examined the
body, although thc police still persist
il Is a case ot suicide.
At the post mortem examination
yesterday afternoon It was discovered
that lbe skull of the mau had been
fractured aud also that the head had
Along Canada's Important <oatt
Thut fortifications both on the well
and east conns of Canada are lj be  been almost setered from tbe body in  assize court all yesterday and will be
London, July 16.-The lirst lord or
Io* admiralty made an importani
statement In the house of commoiiH
respecting thc armored ships, cruisers
and destroyers which had been com
1 pleted since January, 1911, for the
British and German navies. This
statement shows  the growth of    the
  i respective fleets as follows:
Britain, (leruiauy.
Macnamara  trial occupied   the  Battleships        Si 1
day���Motor Car Testimony
Reached at Last.
lidded to and strengthened, and that
in this scheme of defence New West-
mlnster and the Fraser river are to
take a foremost place, is the meaning of an announcement juat made at
This announcement  was  that,  following  a  tour of  inspection    of    the
mouth of the Kraser river. Bgqulmalt,] found a short distance from the place
Vancouver. Halifax and St. John. C.en-
<-al  Sir  Ian  Hamilton  and  Col  Sam.
Cruisers   (battle)   ...
Cruisers (protected)
.  10
.   01
Mr.  Churchill   complained   that  the
Expected Hon. J. D. Hazen Will Have
Something to Say en Westminster Harbor Commissioners.
With the arrival of Hen .1 D. Hazen
minister of marine and fisheries, it
is expected that the New Westminster harbor commission will be an-
UOunced and also the confirmation of
the North Arm of the Kraser harbor
The city  council  have  already   selected the man to be suggested to the
government, although his name is be
iug kepi scent uutll the arrival of the
The two names put forward for the
Norlh Arm commission are 11. C
Hodgson, by Col. J D. Taylor. MP
and V. N Trites by the four municipalities, but these have yet to be confirmed hy the government and a third
commissioner is to be name,!
Two additional commissioners for
the Weatmlnster commission are necessary, although it is understood that
Col. Tayi r has two In mind, whom
he will suggest  to Mr. Hazen.
Tentative plans are being made bv
the city council and the Progressive
asseclat'ctl to have the minister attend a Virarheon on the day thnt he
snen,'�� 'n the city and district and
should this arrangement be success
ful, it If thought that Col Taylor uiul
Hon. Mr Hazen will have something to
lay In the way of harbor commission
ers for both arms of the river.
to have a stop put to the practice of
d facing the walls of the shelters
along the tracks of the company, while
I the police department will be requeBt-
. ed to look into the matter of adult
bathing in Still creek where it is
alleged Clothing is worn which Is sev
jital years ahead of the latest Parisian
nu dels and more suitable for the gar-
j uen of Kden than modest Burnaby.
Mate William Boyd, of the snagboat
Samson,  was elected  to the executive
and appointed to the navigation commit tee.
Al the next meeting, two weeks
hence. Municipal Knglneer Macpherson will deliver an address on "Uuule
Hughes, minister of militia, had decided to increase the number of sea
forts and to strengthen those now
built, and that at the next session
of parliamiin the estimates for defence would include approprlat! ,ns tc
cove- this expenditure.
Asked his opinion of such a move
Col. .1. I). Taylor vesterday said that
he considered its fulfillment prolicide
The local member accompanied Col
Mushes and Oeneral Hamilton on
requested  their Inspection tour of the coast, but
when  questioned as to particulars he
said  lie had  nothing to  make public
going on to point out that aside from! Nothing From Ottawa or, Jetty Build
general  plans the situation    of    'he
Kraser river fort would Le left to tbe
Dominion engineers.
As to the exact location of th" fori
Col Tuvlor would sav little, but stated that It would almost certainly be on
the height of land between the Kraser
river   and   Burrard   Inlet
clean cut manner. resumed today at 10 a.m.    How long
Dr. O,  F. Curtis,    who    made    the  afterwards Is   conjecture,    but    It    is
examination,  proved  that  poison  had   thought to be safe for tbe rest of the
not been taken and, on reporting his   week.   The Information that the Bank
finding that murder had    been    com-  of Montreal was Insured against rob-
mitted, several detectives were de- bery and that a payment on the policy list of British cruiser's did not include
tailed to look into the case. A had been received was distinctly new the vessels belonging to the royal
missing pcrvicn of the man's jaw was  to the public. Australian navy, where there were 12
Mr. Phlpps,    accouutaut,    Hank    of  Bhlps of 5000 tons,
where  the   body   was  picked   up  and   Montreal, was subjected to a lengthy      Mr.  Mlddlemore.     North     Dinning
near it were a pair of speciacles and  crosa-examinalioii by Sir Charli b Hiti   ham:    "Is the first lord aware that in
a felt hat.    The police are Inclined to  bert Tupper. who strove in every way   1904  the number of such  vessels on
believe that death  waa caused by de-  to show  how non-plussed    the    bank  foreign stations was 35 1"
authorities aud police officers were as      Mr. Churchill (significantly): "I am
to the actual robbers, the many false
BCents they had followed with Innuendoes as to other trails they might follow.
At 3:15   yesterday   afternoon    the
crown reached the first witntss whose
evidence they depend upon to connect
John Macnamara with the theft of T.
Trapp's  motor car.    The evidence
of Tuesday  and the gnater part    of
yesterday was devoted to the Bank of
Montreal  rebbery, the connection    of j
which  w ith the  charge  against   Mae-
namara   will   doubtless   develop   laler I
The police officers from Detroit, N. |
Vlneberg and W. Black, were recalled
ceased exploding a stick of dynamic
in his mouth.
ing   or   New   Wing  cf   City
very much aware of it. and I hope to
be able to somewhat increase the number of ships we maintain on foreign
Btations. Next year I shall have some
proposals to make to this house in
this connection."
Like   the   heathen   god   of  old,   the
Kr'-m  pin-[department  at Ottawa, which awards  countant, who was questioiu'd minute
and examined, but the greater portion   Contract Let by Coquitlam Council���
if the time    was   occupied    by    the
examination of  Mr.  Phlpps. the    ac
vated ground there guns could eaplly
defend tlie entrance tn New- Westminster and Vancouver harbor*,
Althougb the fort at Ksouimalt is In
eocd condition, it Is proposed to en-
lare��  -,nd  stre""tiien  It.
While everything done so far must
come before the Domlni-n hnusn at
'ts nnr-i cmcclpn fnr ratification there
Is no doubt whatever that both the
��� iinlsier of mllltla and defence for
C-iundi and C.cneral Hamilton, one
cotractB, is either asleep or on a jour-  ly as to tbe roLbery and its various
ney.   At least this Ib the opinion some detaiit. ,
New Westminster folk are forming as Auto Charge Evidence,
day by day they await in vain the i Thomas Ferguson wua then called
announcement as to whose tenders on I and, examined by F. H. Macneil for
the new posteffice wing and the Fra- the crown, he deposed lhat he was a
eer river jetty have been accepted. ; teamster ln the employment of Ander-
Whlle lhe Baying "the Booner the.Bon & LuBby. On September 15. 1S11
better" holds good ln both cases, the he left the Holbrook   hotel    at
Bylaws   Are   Advanced   Another Stage.
The Coqultlam    municipal    council
yesterday  afternoon held    a    lengthy
session    on    the    municipal bylaws,
which  were  passed  through commlt-
5.40  tee and will come up at the next meet-
Armies of Other States to
Enter Her Capital Before
Signing Treaty.
Out of Town of 3000 People 120 Only
Reported to Have Escaped Whole-
safe Matt acre.
Saloniki, July 16. In connection
with the arrival of a high Itussian officer at the Creek headquarters today, it is reported that the Gre-^k,
Servian and Itumanian armies will
march to Sofia, where peace will be*
Both Grabbing.
London, July 16. Both Turkey an<T
Rumania rapidly are occupying au
much Bulgarian territory as possible.,
ostensibly not with a view to permanent occupation, but in order to
procure for themselves a weightier
voice   in  the  final  settlement.
King Charles of Rumania, haa gone
to join his army headquarters. Tbe
Turks have occupied l.ulaburgas, Ku-
narhissar and Visa, and are marching
towards Kirk Killsseh.
The Servian and Creek premiers
have held meetings at Uskup and are-
agreed as to the terms to be imposed
on Bulgaria.
Details of alleged Bulgarian massacres and atrocities continue to poor itt
from Saloniki, and the powers have:
appointed consular commissions to investigate these reports.
Only 120 Escaped.
Athens. July 16.���The Greek army
has occupied Nevrokap after an engagement with the Bulgarians, whicb
lasted all Tuesday. The Bulgarians
were routed.
The official dispatches report that
only 120 of the 300-0 inhabitants of tbe
[town escaped the Bulgarian massacre.
postofflce     eBpeclally     requires     all [a.m., where he    lived,    to    feed    his  ing for reconsideration and final ap-
speed  tor.  according  to  a  statement. horses.      ln    passing    along    Royal! pro- nl
by  Postmaster  MacDonald yesterday.'avenue to Fourth street he saw four)    They  are  tbe  Maillardville  water
...   Brltnln'B   foremost   mllitarv   men. j when  parcel  post  ls  put  Into  effect,-men grouped    round   an    automobile  work8 construction bylaw, the general. ,   .
ponreciate  the  important   place  New (probably at the first of next year, the  which he recognlied as T. J. Trapp'B.  byiaw respecting water supply in co-\R,Pre*,e"ULt,*���* "*
Westminster  nnd   other  Fraser river present quarters will be absolutely in-:A man was cranking it in front. 'quitlam and the procedure bylaw.        V
ports ar�� tn fill nnd are preparing pro- (adequate to meet the demands for In-.     Mr. Macneil���Who waB cranking it? *.    The contract for the laying ot thej
tection for them.
Apos'.clic Delegate Will Arrive in City
This   Mormnc���-Purely   Informal
visiting New Westminster and
Western Canada for the fit at time, hiB
i x,   tiency  Uonselgneur  Francisco P.
jritagn:. urchbiBiiop of Aiuilo and
apostolic delegate In Canada of hia
holiness tbe pope, will arrive here this
in, i ning, accompanied b> Archbishop
Casey ���r,il other ecclesiastics of van-
| C  uvi I  and tbe coast.
'1 'he  wstt  to this city  ifl  purely  an
1 Informal one and ls not to be attend-
| -d  by any official duties.
Archbishop  Siagni and  party    will
I leave Vancouver In autos in time io
'��r. lve    at Maillardville    and    1 raser
! M 11 o about 10 o'clock, where they
v.s t the plant of lhe Canadian West-
Urn Lumber company, lf time will
allow, tbe puily will journey out u
the Colony farm, after which they
Will re ,.rn to the city and have luncheon at St. Louis cclltge, the guesu of
Father Dock.
In the afternoon a tour of the city j
may  be  arranged  and   it  Is  probable
that the party    will    visit    rit. Ann's ;
Special Permit Allows Hindu's Family
to  Enter.
Vancouver, July 16��� As a special
concession to be regarded us an "act
Of grace." permission has been grant
ed by Hon. W. J. Roche. Dominion
minister of the interior, for the ad
mission of a mother and four children
of a local Hindu named Hakam Singh,
The relatives of Singh have been
watting at Hong Kong for the past 12
months for special permission to be
granted ihom. It is understood that
Hakam Singh's apathy to the agitation
raised recently by the Hindu colony
is supposed to be the indirect means i
of his obtaining the spi-cial treatment
was water Rystem in Maillardville was al
lotted to Moon & Sllverton, Vancouver, on a tender of $11,669.
It   1.   Marshall was appointed special constable for the eastern section)
of  the municipality.
Canadian  Municipalities Discuss New and Novel
creased accommodation.    When more i    Witness���John
parcels are sent by mail a great deal cranking it
more room is imperative and and all      Mr.   Macneil���Do  you   see  him     in
available spaceis already in use. court?
The addition to be built will cover      Witness���He is in the dock now.
all the property  between  the present      Continuing.   Ferguson   Baid   he   did
i building   and   the   city   hall,   leaving  not see the faces of the  three other
, ouly room for an alleyway for vehicleB men.    Macnamara was uot more than
and   unless  construction     is    started  10 feet away from him. jO'Brien and  Murphy,
very soon  the new  wing cannot  pos-,     When he reached Fourth street, he  Thev werp referred to Engineer Ver
sibblv be completed by the new year   looked  round a^aln aud saw them all   ner'for  report
The   Jetty   Tenders. in a  buuch  Standing.     r\ ben   he   was      An application bv C. Oxley, C. Hal-
i     Tenders for the Jetties have been in  cross:ng    Royul    aveuue    he    looked   verson and  F.  Porter for the openinc i-���----���-     lh       launched into
June   17,   exactly   a  agalu and saw tbey were all gone alio   ,;p of ,.illan road 40 chains from Ukf||',r��,'�����: ��T������.te for throwing out
With the local bar-   the car standing.    In passing Trapp's  com.i rood  to  Port  Moody road,   wa�� lai.-u-i*.
gaiUge  he observed    tracks    showing
oi    in.-   inun.LiKo,".'- ��� f.nntHau      muniCIDalitl
Plans for a moving picture show at ��J��!2*% Toronto    l"
Mail.ardville .   were    g-g-^g ! Sg��335��
Saskatoon, July  16.���At this afternoon's session of  the convention    ot
municipalities*    Controlle.-
dfseussing in-
said  Canad.i.
was" lurking behind -on the good road *;
and highways quealkm.    A good reaci
w-as wanted from coast to coast and
better roada    In    all part   of   every
Sir Wilfrid Better.
Ottawa, July 16.- Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who for several days bas been
confined to his residence on account
of a slight attack of bronchitis, is reported to be fully recovered und if
again up and uL-ut in the best of
at  Ottawa  since
month afo today.
bor improvements now under way It Is
essential  that  no time should be lost
on  the  jetties,  nnd  that  all   possible
advantage  should   be  taken    of    the
summer's low water.
The contracts have been awaited
daily for twi weeks or more, but as
late as yesterday afternoon m> results
of the tendering on either the post-
office wing or the jetties had been
received in New  Westminster.
UIIUL.A     "WW     SJ1V     **mjm.** *������**     *�� -��� -        ���
the  highways  bill   and  declared     the
water system from the North road
was laid over for further investigation.
Keeve Ilarth wa6 instructed to ap
point a standing commititee to look
after and secure water records for a
permanent   water supply  for Coquit
A-ntricans  cf   Opinion   Objections   tc
California's  Land  Law  Have
Been  Met.
Washington. July 16. T here Is
totte expectation In official circlet
thai th,- delivery of the last note presented today to Japan, will conclude
the  negotiations  on  this  subject   be-
"Mn the two countries for-the pre.-
ent at least. If not altogether. It I��
declared that the American reply o
lhe Japanese points Ol objection to
the California legislation has been
mad.- so complete as to remove most
of them fron,  the field of discussion
Even In cases where   the   Japanese
.���������.���,ions have not been manlfes   >
completely negatived, the '*P<\r   '   ,
lomat. are said to ho hav,-.fra med
ihelr responses us to reduce th ���poll Itt
t��� char issues, which probably CM
be adjusted only on the basil of Judicial deolskuis. , , .
The result has been reached through
the exchange of five note
,i,ltio���� beginning on May *���'���'. ''
the original protest by Japan agalns
the   projected  alien  land  owning  ��,
bv the   California   legislature
elicited a reply from Beoretary
Mnv 11     r as soon as he bad bei n
actual signature of the
.lohnson.    On
Port Moody Voting.
Port Moody, July 16. ITuir.-day.
An-, i in the day set for the electors
of tills city to vote on the $86,000
money bylaw for city hall purposes
About $20,000 of the money to be
raited will be usid In erecting the
building. The balance, $15,000 will be
paid for the site on John and Kyle
���ireets. where the hall will be built
The site comprises nine lots owned ly
Messrs. Major and Drew, or West
minster, who have agreed to a ���������������pi
treasury notes, bearing Interest at G
pi r cent us temporary payment, The
notes will be redeemed with
within two years or as seen i
bonds are sold.
Small Apple Crop.
St, Catharines, Out., July 16.���Appb
growers here say the report that the
apple crop throughout Ontario will be
only 50 per cent, this year Is quit"
correc'. us touching this district. Also
they say that last year there was i
ver) abundant crop and naturally thi
your the crop will be small.
Another Savory Scandal Due for Airing   in   Kaiser   Wilhelm's   War
Cold by Her Mother.
Milwaukee, July 10, Accused of
buying pretty Anna llorio. 16 yearB of
age. from her mother fnr $30 and then
shipping her to Phlllipsburg, N J,
Henry Her/op, 114 years old. and Paul
Roy, 88 years old. were today arrest
ed, chargid wltb contributing to the
of five notes, the nego- {delinquency ol a minor. In the district
courl today the case was continued
until Julv '.'.'. and the nun are being
beld ui der bonds of fr," ich,
the machine bad been bucked out. It
had been raining through the uight,
although the day was dry and the
tracks were easily traceable. The
garage door was shut.
The next time he saw Macnamara
was in New Vork. Witness was alone
i wheu he saw him.
Hour and a Half.
I    Then began an hour    and    a half's
i cross .examination, |    The agreement between the munei-
Sir Charles Tupper for Macnamara, ; pallty and Burnabv for the water sup-
! had hardly commenced when his lord- \n\y along the North road was approved
ship Interposed at a half reply. "Insist   an'(j ordered to be signed.
i upou finishing your answer unless you I	
1 are told not to by the court," re-
| marked his lordship. "The jury have
Several  times  requested that."
Witness in reply to Sir Charles
said: 1 saw it was Trapp'B motor
wheu 1 came up to it. 1 looked in at
the wludow ol the garage aud saw-
there was no machine inside. The
nictor was not standing opposite the
V.  M.  C.  A.  building.    1  look at the ]
deck  every   morning  going  to  work. (Belief There Will Not Be 0:tawa Ses
it was 1 i minutes to 6 when 1 passed j
Chamberlln's    window.      There    was
llelow  are  given  the  fire  drill  re-   something  unusual, I  thought,  for    a
tords if the city schools for a month. | m0ior to be oul at that time In   the
The   time   mentlrned   is   taken   from  morning."
when the alarm is rung until the last      counsel  read  witness' statement in
pupil has left the building. New  York in  which he was reported
referred to the engineer fer report. house should be abolished. The
The petition from ratepayers on theH^��-   highway   should,     he
Austin  road   for the extension  of the   ' *      .     h  j|t  wit_  ���  vlew lo tht,
Hew Long It    Takes Pupils to Clear
Out When Alarm is Sounded���
Detailed   Figures.
Till  After  New Year���No
Pedistribulion  Ne-.-s.
Ottawa,    July 16��� Thp    impression
At the Richard McBrlde school four|as mying that be thought it was the ] pu vail, ng in    high    political    circles
here at present is that there will be
a fall session of parliament.
\ *    i ���; i  ;>       i   i. ��� n,  ,    <   . ,.,,.. ,,��� ,,.   ,���.,.���      ���....
building in 35 seconds and the longest :
vl*-' two evils were used and thej
building   clear-id   In   50  seconds.
The K   W. Howay records, three in |
all, show  that  by  means of six  exits
ts were made.    The best time was! frapp's  S"lng  out   witn   1'rtendi  and
���ordid when, by means of three of,dill ���ul tliluk much of it.
b,. available exist 226 pupils left uie |    \Mtnoss farther examined, Baid that
(Continued on  I'uge Klgbt.)
advised of the
Webb n"t bv Governor -���
June 4 the Japanese government filed
its  rejoinder and on July
supplemented by an elaborate expansion of the arguments.
Unless the Japanese foreign office
concludes that  there Is something in
the American note delivered today re
quiring immediate attention andireoiy.
probably there will be no further I n_
lomutic exchange for at least another
Visiting the Premier.
Ottawa, July H; - General Sir ltn
Hamilton, witb Brigadier Oeneral Kl-
lisnn and Malor Madocks, left by an
5 this was ] aftet-noon train to spend a couple or
days prior to their departure on their
return t" heailiiuarti r* 01 " ''' I. n** thl
guests of lit. Hon. R. L. and Mrs llorden at the premier's summer home af
St. Andrews, N.U.
month.   At
tho  Webb
will becom.
he opened  for a judicial
All  Share  Alike.
Te renin. July 1(1.���Heirs of the late
,          7,���. ,\��� of thai time Toronto, .nny  io.���neirs oi  inn nm*
: ���*? expiratlo^f that ��m�� lnhMlt a
"i," .\M.l\SZ way wlYl fortune of $794,867,   The will was pro.
e effective and <he way will Th(j    ^^               ^
fnr   a  judicial   test   01   i��            _i.�������� _.,,..n��� i��� (v,�� ....!,.,,,
daughters share equally In the estate
llerlin, July 16.��� Several official?
employed In the Prussian war office
holding the rank of officers, will b<
tried by court martial on July '.'9
They are charged with accepting
bribes from the Krupp company und
Wltb putative treason. Thc trial will |
be held In camera, all those taking
part  having been sworn to secrecy,
It has not been learned how many
officers are involved but It Is known I
thai four attorneys have been retained
to defend them, giving reason for the
belief that there are at. least three or
for * accused.
The Institution of these trials is the
,,, nit of im investigation of a sensational  allegation   made by  Her  I.leb-
kueeht, a Socialist, ln a speech In thc
irelc'i tug   last   April.     lie   t-ild   that
|the Kriinp company kept In llerlin an
agent whose business It vus to bribe
army and  navy  officials In order to
obtain  an  insight  Into  official  documents.
At that time General Von Heenln-
gen, minister of war. belittled the disclosures, declaring that only a few
non-commissioned officers were Involved.
750 pupils marched oul ot the school
��� rr, r,,; .,,,,1 r," seconds respectively.
The lefts at the John Uobson school
in w that 40U pupis. by using two
.'������< left the building in 45, 47. and
48 seconds.
Al I i ,*,l Llsti i* three exits
used and It took 88, 42, and 4
units  to < unity  the  school.
At   Lord   Kelvin   hv  using  three  of
'the five exits available, 26R pupils on
Ithne  testa  took  88,  M   and
:onds I" go through the drill.
At Queensboro four   t-sts   showed (
I that   the   punlls.   varying
,  sec-
The matter, of course, has not been
definitely decided as yet, and will, in
a measure depend upon extent of the
government's legislative program and
any developments which may occur.
JubI now. however, the ministers Incline to the view that the house will
be summoned immediately after the
New Year. The naval bill and lhe
emergent conditions prevailing were
responsible    for    the    session    being
of Fifteen Millions���I called last November,
Kxpi rience bus abundantly demon
strated the fact that no real work   is
ever accomplished  before
mas recess.    Two or tbre
occupied in debating the address and j majority
Debenture Issu
Good  Prepress Is Being M.ue
in B-i.ish Columbia.
Montreal, July  18.- B, J. Chamber
declared, be built with a view- to the
I future and should have a permanent.
i base. Thc federal government sboubi
I build the trunk lines and the prov-
j inces and municipalities the local nud
I lateral hues.
Alderman G. If. May, of Edmonton,
jtben introduced his resolution deali-is
with au increment tax, the reiclutiou
being as follows:
"Whereas the development and expenditures cf money on    public    itn-
[.rovement have  been tremendous  fn_
j Jl Canadian, tawus aad. ci'ics. n**g*.,
1    "Whereas,  Ce  pcss.'bililiiuB of', pro -
curing the money for the continuance
let aucb public wert is b^unins;   <a ���
Jif era.;* Be-juaaie ��f a tfgntneos    cT
money all over the world, and.
Whereaa, thc expend ture* hav.'
been immensely enhancing the values
:'. urban lots directly affected by sueli
tuprovement aud adjacent thereto.
"Whereas, these added values have
formed the reason for a great deal of
speculation, etc.
"Ile is therefore, resolved, that thi.;
convention believe the time is r.pe fertile application of the principle of SB
increment Uix on the profits izux*[e ait
tbe sale of real mutate iu excess of ih<-
assessed value for wblch such realty
may be taxed by the municipality in
which it bi located, so that the communities af l arada who are uakine
such real estate desirable and valuable by the audi-rtakint; of improvements, may reap some of the benefit**;
by lea-tuning the debts which hav-K
been Incurred in the progress of their
public improvements."
��� After a lengthy discussion on thn
-evolution, It was finally decided to
refer It to tbe executive who will
send copies to the provincial organisations for their consideration.
Controller Church's motion tu    tin-
effect  that  the   provincial legislation
be sought to have an annual valuation
the Christ j made by all public utilities owned by
weeka are ] corporations was carried by a    goodl
Tbe controller stated that
I  ':
in   number	
from 8! to 48, made records of trom|ittin pies.ded a   the special meeting never advanced until after the New
]2 to 20 seconds.    Two and three ex-.f   ||,,.  directors  and   shareholders  ol'I Year.
Its  were  used. ! the (Irand Trunk Pacific Railroad com I    The  new  rules  enable  the  govern-
four tests nt Herh-rt spencer r��-|pttu-y ne>d today, at which u bylaw Iment to assert its authority more thai
suited In records of 47, 48. 49 nnd 60 wu9 passed authorizing the Ibbiic ofihis becn the cubc heretofore. If tin
POOonds being made. Three of the debentures to the amount of 116,000,- Id.SCUSS'.on of any subject borders ot
four exits were used and 800 pupils qq-q under tlie provisions of the Orand !rb-t-��etlcn. It can now be elrcuffl
were present. j Trunk Pacific loan act. passed at the  vented easily.    Apart from that, how
_ , lasl B.BB*,OI1 of parliament. lever. It In believed that just ai mud
tlcod progress was reported to have  work can be accomplished and prort-
been made in the construction of thej gallon reached just as soon in n ses
discussions of a similar character, but   this was found to be a most effective
legislation, If brought down at all, Is1 method  of  making   corporations   live-
up to their charters.    It also provided
for   a   fair   taxation   and   slop   over
New Parliament Buildings .
Winnipeg, July 18- The formal sign
lug of the
iEr^^ '���-"<����� 'v�� *��'. ������������ ���? ������ "������������''- t -
their forces, work wlll be begun. to the Pacific coast.
Koyal Sympathy.
Toronto. July   IC���By  command nf
his majesty tbe King, ixird Stanford
bum.  secretary  to hla  majesty,  has
communicated  by cablegram to Mrs.
(',.  II.   K.  Cockbum.  at    the    Prince
I   <
.    fiil-u tl'.     The formal sletl-    Ueetl   mauc   ill   llie  IWU1UIKUVU   o>   wi   |��i��u   .....w.,u   j..��.   �����->    -   ������-  p     ..-....��,...*,   -i      ...v       - -
\',���I���,    .it   he .���.w' narlla  'company's  main  line  through  British ,slon   commencing  the  first   week    in  George hotel, the deepest sympathy or
lln�� tiell nlaee   his after- Columbia.    This Is the last link and,  January as in November. hia majesty tor Mrs. Cockbum in the
.. *.....? ,,���.-,;' ���,,,t��wTtm.. 'when finished, will complete the con-      Whether   a   general   redistribution loss of her distinguished son. Major
the Bubjeet of an announcement.
If. C. Cockburn. who died lu the west
aa the result of a kick Trom a horse. \
��� <i<ir,>rrri to the interists nt New 1-Ff jlmmstcr ond
I -.fry marnmu except Kandap bj/ lne \'<illnneil Prhitlht
, at SS MeKcncie Btreet, Neic Wettmintter, Bntith
noilll BIJTUISRLAND. Managing  Hireclnr.
Vt* i-^-rs" Se adders,ed to The New ll'e/Ummslur News, and tint
| of the attell.   0**-i*tee, drafts, and money nrders should lie niado
Wtmal k^tatttaaj ttmd Publishing Company, Limited.
-Mw ******* and Manager, 999; Editorial Rooiih (all drpart-
tuN RATBS-Hp emrrier, (4 per year, Jl for threo months, 40c per
|3 per *****-. ***** pen- month.
Wish HATSa tt* -application.
aratlon of war, became suspicious,
adn dispatched Captain Oaurman to
spy on the Kngiish. Ou the way ne
met the hostile flotilla and was made
a prisoner. The Americans were taken by surprise when the fleet reached
.Mackinaw on Ihe seventeenth and surrendered without offering resistance.
Two years later, In July, 1814, the
Americans attempted to recover
Mackinaw, but were unsuccessful.
Jusl a century ago today a force of
200 liritish and Indians made a gallant attempt to recover Fort (Ieorge,
but were repulBed by the American
garrison under Colonel Wlnfleld
Daily Health Talk.|CQMMENCE WORK ON
�� , i. SovME,o. , I pRt.C00l|| m
Season's Operations  Star',  in  B. C-
Aiostolic   Delenate   Arrives  In
Vancouver from East.
There are a whole lot of governments and heads of
governments who could well take a leaf out of the book
of one Woodrow Wilson, till recently a college professor,
but now more in the public eye as president of the United
This Mr. Wilson may not have had a wide range of
political experience nor is he accused of being a graduate in the government course, but he most certainly has a
refreshing sense of responsibility when it comes to a
Question  of keeping his word and doing what he thinks ���" 8:2B o'clock this morning.  He at
'.    , ,      .     ,    1r,,'"   ... e* j ���     once    drove    to    St    Pauls    hospital,
right.   In fact, he d almost rejuvenate a confirmed pessi- wi,,-i*e in- win sny during his visit in
mist's faith in nature, human or political.
He believed the tariff needed a deal of fixing; he
told the people he'd fix it, if elected, and he is most assuredly fixing that tarrif to no end. He scented an "insidious lobby" at Washington and he took after it with
horse, foot, artillery and aerial corps. The lobby now
is feeling the wear and tear. Moreover, it's not the
proud, confident, silk-hatted lobby it was, not
by a jugfull, nor yet by two jugsfull. And speaking of
jugs, some of those lobbyists may find themselves in one
before Wilson decides they've had all the insidiousnessipla'1'";<1 ���>��� honor of Mgr. stagnl, but
. .       , _    , �� I It    will    remain    for    lum    to decide
pulverized OUt Of them. whether or not tbey  will take placo.
The latest exploit of this shatterer of political prece-    .,.,  investigate waterpower.
..    , r .,   ., ,, , , , -lil      "he  seasons   work   In     liritish   Co-
-dents was pulled off the other day when he promised to humbia of the Dominion commission
pass legislation immediately to be used in averting a strike, 0I> conservation has just been com-
c an nnn i       ��� r   _a "1 1 ; moncod.     Arthur   \.   White,  chief on
of 80,000 trainmen on forty railroads. glneer, Toronto, who directs the var;-
Heine a college professor and a man of some educa-jous ne,ld i,a,tif!i engaged in lnvestigat-
,. . ��,,,.1 i ��i i ��� n  iu���   'n3    the    provincial    waterpower    re
tion, this Wilson person mew the real meaning ot the;s ,-,-(,,s, js a, the   Hotel Vancouver
word "immediately.7'   Not being a politician, he wasn't j "^ announced that two engineering
���   ,    i     ������   .i     t     , ,v   . ��� i        i       ,      parties   were   dispatched   last, week
acquainted with tht fact that in congressional and sena-;,,������,��� victoria to   lake measurements
tonal circles "tomorrow" and "next session"   are   syn- ��f u��e 'l0��� ,nr ",,,1 principal streams
��       ��. j-   .   i    -���    n-iu ij tt    .      .'ei,:,,   ���to   "ll>   mlets   along   the   mainland
onyms for "immediately.     The result was that within ...,,.,t   , ,���,.,���   ii0weii   river   and
twenty-four hours the promised   legislation   had   been '���Prince nupert. The other parties are
*i    . ,        , ,   *, at    Hazelton.   outfitting   for   similar
passed, Signed and Sealed. ! work along the    Skeena   and    Upper
The basic principle of the Wilson belief seems to be Slceen-a. It;ll-i������,' '������>���**  Bulkeley  rivers
, .     . .       ,,    ,   ,r   .    .-* /.  ,, 1 /-\p        ,,   ���' and tributary waters. An invest gat on
his idea that he is the servant of the people.   (Jt course ot water power resources on vapcou-
be mav be wrong, as many politicians will admit. ver isll,Md is *-^> l-,M" - <",rri<'11 <����� i"
*> *** ���*   ��� cc-operatlon with the wati r branch ot
I the  provincial  department of    lands
Vancouver, July 16. Archbishop
Stagnl, apostolic delegate to Canada,
arrived in  Vancouver from the east
Vancouver, and soon afterwards was
visited by Archbishop Cany. Later
on this morning he drove io tho Holy
Rosary presbytery, where he met
Father O'Boyle, O.M I . and a delegation of iho members of the Holy
It: s'ir.v church, consisting of Messrs.
Tepoorten, Byrne, Lalonde, Hurry and
McCormick, was presented. Tomorrow
night there will he a banquot given
in honor of tin- distinguished visitor In
the Commercial cluh by the Knights
of Cclumbus, and the following even
ing a reception will be held In Ponder
hull.   Other entertainments have been
1NS-WN In hia book
"Preventable     Diseases," has the following
which   seems  t-i  cover
the subject very fully: |
Typhoid    may    not
only    bo    transmitted
from    the    earth    beneath,   and   tho   water
under   the   earth,   but:
also from the heavens above through i
the  medium  of  flies  and  dust.    The
fly lives and moves and has its being
In dirt.    It breeds in dirt  anil, feeds
on  dirt,  and,  as  it  never  wipes  Its
feet,   thc   interesting   results   can   be
imagined.   Just to dispel any possible
doubt,   plates  of   gelatine  have   been
exposed   where   flies   could   walk   on ���
them, then placed ill an incubator and
i within  forty-eight hours there was a
Clearly   recorded   track   of   the   foot-
��� 'prints of the    Hies written in clumps
of  bacilli  sown  by  their  filthy    feet
More definitely files have been oaughl
in the houses of typhoid patients, pot.
under tha mlcrosope and their feet,
stomachs   and   specks   found   swarming with typhoid bacilli.    A single fly
sprck  may contain  8.000 bacilli.
We cannot iliHinfect the fly or
make him wipe his Teet, but we can
exterminate him  utterly,    it  sounds
difficult hut it Isn't Like the mosquito, the fly ean only breed In one
particular k'ml of place and that place
is a heap of dirt, such ns dust bins,
horse manure, garbage cans, sweepings and behind furniture or fitting,
where dust and dirt remain undisturbed for a week or more.
Abolish, screen or poison these dust
accumulations and flies wlll disappear, and with them not. merely risks
from typhoid, but half a doi-.en other
diseas"s, as well as all sorts of filth
and much discomfort and inconvenience. A N'ew* Vork state bulletin
prints the following:
li is heter to screen the cradle and
wear a smile than scoff al the precaution and w���ar mourning, Flies In the
dining room usually precede nurses in
the sick room.
Screens in the wlndowB prevent
crepe on the door.
A fly in the milk may menn a member of the family in lhe grave.
It costs less to buy a screen door
than to get sick and lie off a month.
It's a short haul from the garbage
can to the dining table via the fly
If at first you don't succeed, swat,
swat again.
First One of Its Kind to Be Construct- j
cd  in  Dominion  Being  Erected
In Summerland.
Summerland, July 16.���The work of
building thc pre-cooling plaut has begun. Messrs. Nelson BroB. will do tho:
work under the supervision of Edwin
Smith, who has been [or months working on this scheme for thc department
of agricul I ure.
The plant will be a three-roomed I
one, and will occupy tho south end of
the fruit building, from the south
elevator to the end of the building.
This section will be divided into three
rooms. The oue next the Btreet will
contain the fan and appliances for
chilling the air.
The next room will be the pre-COOl-
Ing chamber proper, while the third, i
next the lake, will be used to hold the
rruit after pre-cooling. ll also can be
used as a pre-cooling room when necessary. The air usnl in pre-cooling
will be several degrees below freezing, and when thoi mghly chilled the
fruit must be moved either to the cool
room or to the cur.
The air will be chilled by crushed
Ice and salt, the degree of cidilness
being regulated by the proportion of
salt to Ice. By a system of ducts the
air is conveyed to one or both the
rooms, and from these rooms hack to
the fun room. These duets will be
along the edge or the floor and cold
air will he forced under false floors
which will in- perforated, and up
through the fruit and drSwn hack from
tin- top by the fans.
The walls of the present building
are particularly good, but inside of
there will be built oilier walls, thoroughly Insulated. Tin re will be an
Insulation of cork placed unon the
prerent floor, und raised a short diii-
t nice above this will be the perforated lloor admitting or fie free pass-
age of the chilled air beneath cork,
and floor.
The ice will this season be brought
in in carload lots and stored on the
floor above, and dropned through a
hatchway as needed. Next year and
succeeding years, however, it will no
doubt be found cheaper to harvest and
store the ice hero, and it is very probable that a storehouse fir this purpose
will be erected on the hill Itnmedia! !-
ly above the packing house. In this
way the Ice may be obtained  in the
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
a soft skin throughout tbe     trying     sum me
months will do well to put In a supply of ot
which preserves the original    whiteness    mil
softness of the skin and  Bccnts  It  daintily
Kor the good ot your complexion try it.
At Prices 25c. and 50c.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 51
quantity needed by sliding It down a
cllllti .
First of Its Kind.
The pre-cooling plant is being built
by the depart ment ot agriculture as an
experimental one. and will be the only
one of i's kind In Canada, and will be
ready lor use by August first. Mr
Smith will remain hen- during the
rruit Beaton making careful note or
the result obtained, and will be prepared to make any recommendations
for Improvements If possible.
The advantage of Biicli a planl over
the ammonia plant is its comparatively Inexpensive cost of construction, making it unnecessary to tie up
nny great amount of capital in a plant
that would only be used rm- n Bhorl
time each year. At present rruit ship
ped rrom here is not chilled until Bome
distance on Its way. The packing
house is comfortably cool and no
doubt some of the latent bent of the
fruit escapes there During the iour-
ney up the lake the curs, which are
nlmost Invariably moved al ninht. are
opened up, and the cool air ol the lake
given free passage through the cars,
bul at no time is the fruit thoroughly
chilled, and the time In which it will
keep iu prime condition Is therefore
Short     When pro-cooled  it  will carry
a long distance and arrive In as
condition    as    when    shipped.   Ii
charges eii route will he materially!
Nanalmo, July iti    T.  D,  Uurl
plumber, has a*Ui>d for an Invea
tion  Into the manner in  whieh
plumbing  by-laws  of  the city   lj
been  and  are being enforced  by
plumbing inspector and sanitary i>i
He will be accommodated, and!
ctty council will hold a special m*\
ing  on  Thursday   to  hear   what
Mini,by has to  say.
The matter has evidently been
cussed by the council before, ror w|
the city clerk" read Mr. Murphy's
ter which contained the mere rent
as   given   above,   Aid.   Voung   snld|
move that this communication be
celved  and   filed.    This  plumber
given   us   more   trouble  than   all
othi rs in the city combined, He
not   do  his  work.   If  I  had   my
aboul it 1 would cancel his license!
had Instructions before that if he
nnv  charges  lo  put them  In  wrtU
and  they  would  be  investigated.
Boost vour own town ami stay at it. There are plenty -""������ jv '(. Ross the minister or mat
- , .     * ,  m.  ,     . ,, ���-it. ��� . j it.-;,  department, having contributed llnan-
vf knockers left to keep the anvil chorus going and they! L.ia,
don't need your assistance.
ng contributed flnaii-
Taylor   in  Court.
Charged with doing wilful damage
Ito the property or the World  Build
If William Jennings Bryan makes half as good a job  ng, Ltd., i. o Taylor, or the world
,,,, . .       -    .    ,    "     (-.-lOAAn nru   ������,   newspaper, which is a concern separ
of the secretaryship of state on $12,000 per year as Thomas ate trom the building company, ap
Jefferson did on S35QQ, Uncle Sam will be both pleased peared inure Magistrate Shaw yes
,             .     , terday at a   special   eesBlon   or tin
antl Surprised. police court, and  pleaded nei  guilty.
  I It  was declared by   Douglas  Armour.
...                      >  *, -        -L-i-.      .1 1                -��� urosecutlng  on  In half of  the  World
Having proved his ability to produce real summci  uuiidiag, Ltd., that Mr. Taylor had
davs locally, thc weather man hereby is absolved of all without the consent <>r the owners, re-
-   ��� V �����* ���    -    -"        iii.' i il       ���,,���.,���! ��� moved    bricks    and    concrete      rrom
suspicion of complicity m the plot to prevent the removal columns supporting the world buiw
tot windows from B. C. E. IL -CUTS. lng on Pender  and   Beattle   streets
I thereby endangering it   lo   a greatei
  _   I degree ot damage  in tho event of    a
Nice gentlemanly aggregation of soldiers, those Hali- |!rj ami generally lessening its
fax officers who couldn't keep sober long enough to hear wi?hn8counsei, his Worship adorned
the inspector-general deliver a half hour after dinner the hearing tor one week, when argu
vajli-       i*L u .���,1   ��� ,���!-   (!,������   llle   H,m��   ment and citations will be entered and
speech.   And back in the cultured east they tilt their
noses at the uncouth west.
a decision given.
Two Billion Feet.
W.  A.  Charlton.   M.P.,    an  Ontario
lumber king and president of thc l)o-
[ minion  forestry association, which recently   met   In   Winnipeg,   will   spend
several days In this city and    in Victoria before returning east.   Since his
arrival here he bas given some    con-
���|jd'-ration to liritish Columbia timl-er
| limits,    In    which    he    is    interes'Rd.
| These    holdings,    owned  hy    a sydn-
, j cate. including among others Senator
According to the grand jury, the provincial jail here cox. 0r Toronto, and b, i. Kinman,
would be all right if il weren't obsolete. The grand jury ft,*^ ^^Va^iirarthe
manfully does its duty every year in condemning the jail northeast end of Vancouver   island
Report saith the tost of living hasn't aviated any in
x.ne past six months. If Canadians can keep the monster
stationary for another half year, they'll be ableto get
within hailing distance���that is if somebody dies and
leaves each of the re=-4 of us about half a million.
and the authorities at Victoria, with true resignation, as i^L!','!,',,.,,  , .,,, , .... ,, .
manfully neglect theirs.
estimated   to  con'.ain
or hemlock, spruce and cedar.
An example of caust* and effect: British house of lords motherless by coyote
"kills second reading of Irish home rule bill; Premier As-    wiison creek, wash., July in. The
oith announces reform of upper chamber
Just like a tar anil oakum pup chasing a
through Lake Killarn/'v.
l"lCXt   Session.   ''''''  r,'e ��' 'u-'""!1''' was assumed the
1   . '��� ,  other day by a rattlesnake on the bor-
gelatine    Cat de���  ,,r  town    the  reptile  mothering
s uni   III lie chicks  which  were  made
orphan   by .1 coyote    The snake was
  proving a good guard, bul ii was bus-
1'1'tibiibly  the  Monroe doctrine is all  right���When  it   P^d that Ms care was not disinter-
work-1     Just now it seems to be awav On a   journey and      A lien �� is known to have concealed
the Kuropean nations are beginning to ask what the U. S. .'���;/ f ;, . ;.-,- ^Xn'!
is  going tO do about  Mexico and When  its  gOlllg to  dn  ������ ��� ,,   the oggs    hatched    The    little
it.   It's lucky for the powers thej haven't any Monroe   ,;.; \^^^XySS V,��l
���doctrine to live up to in the Halkans. ��� acr ss ti pening.  The intie
  |nrphan�� seemed poorly nourished and
thi \  k, re too small to gel much tood
Here's where Westminster gets the large and merry 'I;u*',s;',"! u',l('" *'' ���"���"������'<
jraffaw on Vancouver, lf it rains on St. Swithin's day.
",Iulv 15' the old timers say..it's more likely 'ban not
to rain forty consecutive diems thereafter. Well Tuesday last was St. Swith's anniversary and it rained in Vancouver, but the taps \>l Herr Pluvius failed to sprinkle in
this hamlet.
Boys' Odd Blouses
Worth 75c
Sale Price   -   25c
Boys' Wash Suits
Worth 85c.
Broached the Btrange ramlly lhe snake
Immediately colled and rattled 11 warn-
���i* The n ptllo waa kill, ^l and the
I ttie   chicks   rescued.    Suspecting   ti
el h mi live :i post mortem wns
held, * hich ��������� vealed th,* riu-i thai the
* "'i1 n had 1! ���-' d recently on ono 1 [
'ub llttli  wards.
Canadian voi   ������   *
Indians, undi r the coranuu*     I Uapl
t 'biirliH   Rolu its,  1 ipl'      I  Ma
tni   j 1 an lay,       I   I   11 *   -
victor-, tor tin  Bi Itli li ��� .1 * 1 ��� *>' i   1 '���
���ginning of the war and that
firing a y.ii.i    '! ho rort  11   Mw
tell Into the hands ol  ���*     Brll *-���*  In  wi  turn Fur conipanj and the neigh-
tbi'ir ronipuil  ol Canada   i>*.i  ih  I7!fl ig  1   I    11       On   th    1  Kteenth   ol
���was turned over to the  I nu-d K1-0,* , - *. *  mi
In compliance with the tr   ilji-ffpenci        while!  and Indians ln bateau:     1
Al the outbreak ol thi       1       IMS 1    no,    and nbats, with  t�� *   l>  p
wub garrisoned  by ���    mall   1  -,,   ���      * ������-,, 1  by the fu
Ami rican troops comm.iiMi*     I ���    *���   * l* ���*...*
tenant     ol'Vter    Ilnneks.       Win - Ini mo l.leut. Hi
fsthhC  Ilroi'k. governor el .���:���/.*.>'  Can    althoi
"Technical   Schocl  for  Nanalmo.
Nnnalmo,    July    10.   Nanalmo    i.i
likely to have a technical Bchool where
lh,   youth  of  the city  tu iy  take  up
'i nnual   training   nnd   enioj   all   ���   ���
:'*'e,������-��� , r ;i llhi ral cduciii um   fi '
1 meeting of the ��� choi i boarl .1 c.om
n,utile th 1. *.'. is n ������������'���-.i rl tr -oi .'1    * -
���inti mh nl ��� t 1 rtucitli n st u;*> * tlr ���
*, mm 1 ��� ' would ,i, fray half tho
- ���   ol   a  technlc il  eehool  providing
lhe city put up tho remainder 1 r the
ney,  the school nol  to cost  mon
than t6,000.   A Bpeclal meeting of ihe
bon rd �� ill be held to consider the mal
ti r    The hoard has a llttln mom .*   in
ri servo  being  thai  unused    for    the
���   11       '.   ol   the   QlU nnell    ���  '.*   -I
���   ������    ���   ll   I    all igi thi r   likel;   th
ihrj dec di   1*' havc the li   hn
I     .' i;: in d Is Nana!
:n: ���   rec Ivi'', ni ���*���:  1 1 tin  d< * lar itlon
of ���hostilities, he losl     * 1 * ad, *
, ������ 1   pn     ,*���>.'     . Hed   pitch
..      *���',;;    ii H  i 1 rl
11  , ...  ,-, ��� ,1  , ,   ;* 1 ���  si    '      ;
1 an   sland I    ly miles       *     *
....     * .    ���   .. '.   ;       hitter pluce
Hoi > :;.    i     i   *
thou     1       *  .      and    uminoncd to h
Sale Price
All fast colors worth 75c.
Sale Price   -   55c
Men's Bathing Suits
All Sizes
Men's Negligee Shirts
. . Worth up to $2.00
Sale Price   -   90c
Balbriggan Underwear
Worth 50c.
Sale Price    -   35c
Worth 6Cc a Garment CfeCLf*
Sale Price, a Suit    -   - +r*+\*
z*r s*
���    ...  -.,-��-....���.   ���   MmMWIMU
iJKCBi.-jsa.inBT.'E-.T/ajJicrax.:- rs THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
THURSDAY,  JULY  17,  1913.
During July and August our business
hours are from 8 o'clock till 5-.:>!); Satur-
days, 10 o'clock.
���*-i**^^^^^l^^^^^^M^^i^^^^^^M^��J���--^^^ ��� "
Loose Change Day During Our Liquidation Sale
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25c Per Yd.      10c��� \ wc-��� --**
674-678 Columbia St.
New Westminster I    , t
T7,d Ha. Larao   Remains ot Sturdy Lumberjacks Laid
Presbyterian Mission Board Ha. Larflo ^^   ^^
Sailmfl   List-New ^^
After Servinu Over Eleven Years He
I,   Freed���Calls  on  Man   Who
Arrested Him
The fori inn mission hoard of the
I'rchiivti rian church has a hirst' lii-t
ol missionaries sailing for the foreign tit'ltl 'his full, iiiuiiy of whom
: r(. rpturning to tholr work after
furlough, Tin- great pre-aBBembly
congress and the meeting* of the
Woman'. Missionary society, which
were of an exceptional order this
year, were    responsible  for 11 large.'
- Inlna
Cba.e, B, <"., July 111 Typical of
western life was the scene at the
Chaao cemetery when the remains ot
Charles Macaulay and Alex McKar-
lune were buried, with no relatives of
either man present nor the address ol
any Buch known. Tliey belonged to
I that sturdy and daring claiss of men
who nil ii big place in the development
f the west, tin- lumberjacks, a class
Penitent Man
l'e looks  like  a   penitent man.  and *
smiled   when    Lieut,     Savard     shook
hands   with   him,   and   said   jokingly, !
k out I don't arrest you again. "No j
ie   will  do   that."  came  tlle  answer.
Savard was on the force less Uian
a  year when he made the capture of
Haiile   in   the  shouting   galary   of   S.
Bosco, St. Lawrence Boulevard. Kour
shots  were  fired,  three of  them   lak
ing effect.    *Jhe  woman subsequently
recovered and is now living In Montreal.
Bartle was found In the gallery with
the revolver 111 his pocket, along with
;, razor and a file, the tang of whieh
was coated over with a powder which
' was afterwards found to be poison.
The f le was shaped like a dagger.
H   Ur   Ttie.it
were   hi    an   ��� ..    ,
venr.   were     responsible   tor  a  larger 1 ���* ���������
numlier of missionaries remaining ot the west, tteiumberjaoas, �� �����.��-��
over until the summer than usual wlu> compel admiration for their slm-
���i'he .-������i-i,--* which commenced on ?le ������������'��� ">Med manhood. They had
June '.'1. will continue at intervals: met their death trom drowning while
-������ ���-....,,1,,,,. 17 employed   us  river  drivers  en    th.*
Adams river.
viinP     tx,     -nn,     . - -
until October IT. iri"   J   ,        - 	
Misa Iv McLennan, who sailed frnm , Adams river
��� . .)i   ������,) \i\m ].;ii���.i \\,.. ,    It was on Monday that John McOlv
' "��v   in  charge  of  the  drive,     wame
l��8 B, McLennan, ,.,.,, 	
Montreal June 21, and MIsb Ethel Mc-
QIU, who sailed from Seattle on the
tlrst of this month, are both returning to Honan, China, from furlough
On July 29 Itev. Milton Jack and
his family sail from Victoria on their
return to Formosa, and on lhe :11st
Dr. Jessie McBean returns to Smith
i"n:��-t, sailing to Kurope and from
there sh" will reach her destination
hy the trans-Siberian railway.
Two mil isoiini'leH for Formosa win
will take the Atlantic and 1 run';
Rlbpr'an mule leave Montreal August
9. They are Miss .1. McKluney. II A
who Is r- turning to the work, and
Mr K. W, Howie. B.Sc. a newly ap
pointed  missionary  for this Held
lt was on mouiiuj ...... -
ney In charge of the drive, warned
Macaulay, the foreman, that .if he
though there was any danger in taking a bout through the canyon he had
.iter let it drift through unmanned
��� ml plok it up below. The l'oretnan
thought il was safe en nigh, and he,
accompanied tiy MoParlane and Pat
iMahoney and KrauU Abear, attempted
When they were nearly through the
oanvon a wave frnm behind sw.imneil
md capsized the boat nnd threw MoParlane against a ruck. Ile sank Intel ''teh    and   did   net   com"   to   the
[[surface again. Mahoney   nnd   Ahem
clung t,i th" boat and finally managed
��� ���- ni.,,r.,  in,t Macaulay stru"k
Montreal, July 16.���A swarthy loosing Kalian came to police headquarters and asked for Lieutenant Sav-
ii'd. He was told to wait a few momenta nnd be would see him. The.
visitor  carried  on  an  animated con-'
Batlon  with   Mr,  Vlgiliino,  Italian   In-  LONELY death of man
terpreter In the meantime, occas.onal-l
ly   walking  up  and   duwn   the   room
win 11  the talk  demanded a better explanation.
Lieutenant Savard came while lie
wns swinging his arms and going
through his pantomimic language, and
sized him up.   Crazy, he figured. As
soon as the Italian saw the lieutenant lie walked up lu him and said.
You know me?"
' Nc, 1 aim .he reply. "Hut I've
seen yon somewhere before." "When
is Deschamps,' came from the Hal.an
Savard said L u.��.. . --^^^_
him to ask th      " "- "���'; ���!���   wa
Victoria, July 16.- All De in the home
which he had built at Mount Tolmie
on land which he recently purchased,
.lohn Moser died some time afier Wednesday afternoon, July 3, probably
that night, and his body lay on the
bed Where he died until it was found
nine days later.
Moser had spoken of going over to
l'ort Angeles on July I and his absence
in,,   .,. , .did   not   create   any   -question   during
same from the Italian, 1 tho week. The outer door of his house
didn't know and told was not locked but the bedroom door
thief.   The Italian cal    was.    Tills did  not  arouse nny  more
lilR Held, ,���  L,,,t   10  shore.
who returns I    .���mi .warn a
1111      Victoria 1 .,���,     r|vc
l��W��'    l'\.\\Z'T.;  N   H'Mlw "pnnSiTdic"   were   found   about   two   miles
ask the cuifi.     1 ii<-	
led on chief Compeau and wa.-s told  suspicion
that  the constable he was looking for   another
had   resigned.    He atk< il the chief  if
lu*  knew   lum  but  again  rece ved  an
answi r in the negative,   Neither Quar
term aster Holland nor any of the old
guard at the police headquarters could
1 ceo .ni/e the mun.    witli  apparent
disappointment tbe man at I.on gave
his name,
I.tent. Savard was the first to speak
'win n A111 a til. Barlle, released from
tlu- K'ngston penitentiary after serving eleven years there and nine month
nt the St. Vincent de Paul Institution for attempting to murder Mrs.
S. UroBco in 1901, made known hla
Pardoned "Lifer"
stos fSS ��."= St."�� ����&&��
Umdon, Bnlgand, on her wl]) m      ,o ,o hp   ��� ���,    ,.
T^n^^?%tiiTM8n' &sss orruKafbyXp
\reyoi TempleJIUU*^' '1     About *5000 will be tbe cos' of
"���P��V, ��16 -^ board of   /M^g [he plans,   ajrame
however, aa some time age
Momr   man   lived   With   MOWf  and
.1,,,,, i��� his own room. .
,d��on Wlnnlay  afternoon  a  uo ch -
���.������  ||ve,  on  th"  next  >'>V      .,,,,,,
.here  was   something   peculiar   ab - it
h. lung absence of Moser. went 1.1ithe
j ��� ,   and on raisin.' the window of
','��� ,|���rroe"i found thM ^ere was a
necessity for investigation and 1
"w ,, wi offlcors,    He failed to get hnld
Mb   no   telephone,   and   reported     he
T jsssi���ETjL-A'ar-rtW*
tenced In 1901 by thc late Mr. Justice  Btaf,0 0r decay	
Hall   to  serve   the   remainder  of  his
davs In the St.  Vincent de  I'aul  pen- ! Markets   Beino   Developed
Itentlary.   Nine months after his In-     Fruit   w> . lfl . ila,hViiy and
carcerntion   he   was   removed   on   BC-      Blko,     - m&klng aete��
count  of his  health.    In  speaking  ol   exprMS com ^^   to ]A,
the case yesterday he  was at a  loss  111 m1 ^      ,      |(,r Roolenay fruit
Z an answer to a query put to him tb�� neede,M��J��     ^  ��   view  to
bv one of bis listeners, n, ,,1 ing  the  berry  crop  and othet
llarile  had  told  a  few  minutes b-  h    '��^ ." ^i)m!0,,ts.    Important   ns-
,*.,���.   that   lie   waa   going   cnu.y   fast,  small fruit       1 0(-,���ditions  has
m couldn't prevent it for thein ne ��>����<��>����� '0 ��$��*, the provnclal
motlthB in prison. Later one o the been."ro^nt Indicating In a
listeners asked what dr.ive bin1 bUfr b r f����� ,��� lhe good rtSUlU pos-
bouse," nnd he replied "No 1 0, its [0rciD 1. n1- reasonable In-
B goad place, nice clean there. I ' ^f',, c, sv���,em in their bust-
work in store house, keep books. 1 J."1"" u WM "tated bv William An-
had no idea what the slang for ci a/.y ness^ tfWi^   (lia(     , ,en    a
%%nti. awaiting a telegram from U.  ��,J*-j,��  "^'of ��"l'��
father, who is In Italy.  The sori brush ajtlwr��"J   TlH, w,tm,ss ,taed
Ud awav hia tears as he made the fol-  aiul  ���egei*�� from   wlllch
lowing statement: "My father is near- that  he  had   - ^        t(Jl,
iv   dead   now,   and   twelve   years   of.he  soldappwa m s(
such   a   remembrance  i.b  the  one  his him *1 P��r 0��**���* .,,   ppr  box
son   has   compelled  hlm   to   undergo., berrtjU����� ��"��� ,��� eMl a9 W|���-
ls too terrible.   1 must go Bee hlm be-[and were
fore he dies." U��B*'
Board of Trade Active Seeking Public
Improvements���Euilding  to
Cost $7,000.
Chase.   July   10.���As  the   reBUlt  of
peristent activity on the part of the
Chase board of trade there are likely
to be some public  improvement carried out in the town during the present  Bunimer.    Prom  the  time  of the
, first  request being  made  for  it  both
Mr. Shaw and the department of public works have seemed ready to meet
the needs of the town and district lor
an isolation hospital to be located at
Chase.     The   plans   were   before   the I
board at Its last meeting, and everything  appears  to  be   progressing  favorably.
The plans call for a building to cost
about $",tnnj. or perhaps a little more j
I when  the  tlttings are  included,    lt  Is
also  suggested   by   the  architect   that
the buildings be placed on a site with |
a view to providing a possible future I
blurk  should  such  become necessary.
The  l"-bid  pavilion  is designed to
be erected in  blocks for distinct diseases,   the  distance   apart     of     these
I.locks being from 40 to 50 feet
All steps necessary to the completion of the arrangements for the erection of the buildings were left to the
special hospital committee, consisting
>f Dr. Scatchard, A. McConnell. II, J.
Hay lock and ('.. Q. Chase.
No Come-backs.
~YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
l* Matt Weatmlnster.
Schaake   Machine Wor*s.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, ^mjted.
Layers of Hassan, Compn����J��c���� (Patented!
Seattle, July   18.���Percy   Ilhlne,  45
years  old. failing  In  legitimate  lines
of endeavor, his financial crash coin   I
lng six  weeks ago  when  he  lost  his \\
Interest In the Progress laundry, turn-
ed  burglar and  today  ia In  the city
.hospital Buffering from a bullet wound I
through the head  Inflicted by  Patrol ;l
man W. W, Whitney, who came upo'i  |
Rhine while 111 tlle uct ot burglarizim; 1
the tailor shop ot D, Fuhriuan, Thlr.'.
avenue.    Rhine's Injuries, though serious,  will not  prove fatal.    The bul
let entered below the left cheek bone
ranging through the nose and eiiierg
lag   through   tlle   right   eye.
Rhine's  Injury  and  arrest  followed *
Ihe   escape   of  a   (liia   Monster   from
Its cage from u lodging house in Third
I avenue an hour earlier.    Report  was'
made to the  pollce that the monster
had bitten someone, and  Patrolman'
Wlil ney  was  detailed  to  Investigate
;but   was  unable   to   find   the   person ,���
supposed to have been injured.
Whitney waB instructed by Sergeant K. L, Hedges to watch the room
j Seeing a light there he started to'
climb the rear stairs to Investigate
the report about the miBsing Oila
I Monster whin he saw a man uu the
root uf the tailor shop.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Adkm-550 THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS
THURSDAY, JULY   17,  1911
i,   .
tlon. J. D. Hazen,   Now in Wlnni->e-
Makri This Statement���Leaves
for   Coast   Tonight.
Willi pes, July IS. "Tlie fiRherios of
Britiah Columbia last year were even
more -..-tillable than tbose of Nova
Scotia, (iical developments of tbe
lish industry in western Canada arc
expected," said Hon. J. D. Hazes, minister nl marine and fisheries, who arrived in the city tbis morn i up nn bis
���way to Vancouver to greet the. New
Zealand on her arrival there.
While in the city. Mr. H��*\n. who
is accompanied by Mra. H����in, their
daughter Frances, and their son,
James, will bp the -guest of Hon. K.
Rogers. W. H. Thorne. of Bt John,
is also a member ot the party. -Mr.
.Hazen will remain in the ctX$ aml.il
-tomorrow  niRhL
: A row of piles is being driven along-
! aide the outer edge of thos-- just cap
jped in the Eighth street slip, In con-
! nectlon with the city's harbor im-
i provement  work.
I The Btearn schooner Edith, of Ta
coma, came up river late yesterday
afternoon and lay alongside the
dredge now being built for the city
at the foot of Tenth street  where sh >
[discharged a deck load cf machinery
to bo erected on the dredge.   The hull
lef this ls now completed and has been
in the waler for some time.   The total
.weight of lhe machinery is lil: tons.
>ociat an
land P
Department   of    Public   Works    May
Build  These  to   Accommodate
Vessels up to 10,000 Tons.
New Westminster fishermen are not
counting oa doing much sockeye fishing this week, but wlll be out In large
numbers the first day of next week.
They say there la I,llle use In putting
down nets until the catches in the
traps down the sound are sufficiently
Jarge to indicate that the big run has
-really begun. Receipts of sockeyes at
icaaneries here continue stationary,
The llerakles was up until late yesterday st I luff Steveston where some
lightering Is being done. The snag-
lnat Samson Is standing by and yes
terday laid out anchors by means of
which the Norwegian vessel will be
���floated when the tide serves.
Capta'n Rogers, of the King Krlward,
came into New Westminster port yesterday aboard the dredge's tender
Kort Garry. He will return this morning after the Kort Garry has tuken oil
coal al Pike's bunkers.
Ottawa,   July   16.    The  department
of  public  workB  is  Investigating  the,
Utility  of  railway  marine /docks.   Mr.
Arthur St   Laurent, assistant deputy!
minister    of    public  works,  returned
yesterday  from  Iloston  whnt*  he  in- !
speeted    the    Crandall    Engineering
Works, makers of this style iof dock.
For  vessels or steamers  up -to  10.000
tons   they   are   well   suited,   the  chip
entering  a  cradle and  being Iqulckly
drawn up high and dry by the engine
The average cost  is liin.notl and  this
will  allow  four vessels to bd' accommodated at once. Mr. St. Laurent was
favorably  impressed aud  will  recommend   the   railway   docks   for ��� places i
where it is most desirable to go tn the,
heavy expense of a graving or a float- i
ing dry dock.
('.. Dalzelh of Tyneheari, was In th*'
city   yesterday
Jack Henley, of Kburne, was in the
city  yeslerflay.
Jas. Struthers, of Coqultlam, is a
visitor in the city.
Cecil il. Jeatt. of Victoria, is registered at the Russell.
K. A Hickard. of Coqultlam, is a
guest at the Windsor.
J. W. Ifollinshead, of Ladner. is registered at the Windsor.
E. 0. Patterson is a guest at the
Hussell from Chilliwack.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. O'.N'eil, or Ottawa, paid a visit to the city yesterday.
C. H. Smith and It. McCoomb, of
Alvdergrove, are registered at the
W F Austin and 1'. H Thornlee
were visitors to the city yesterday
from Toronto.
Washington Has Little to Say on the
Subject���London  an   Interested
They Must Be Somewhere, But Fisher
i-eri   Can't   Find   Tbtm--Boats
Averaging  About  15.
Niobe's  Crew   Sails.
'     Halifax.    July    16.���The    crew    of
Ih.M.C.S, Nlobe are making preparations for departure, Twenty intended   leaving   for   Montreal   yesterday,
jbut  were detained and  will not  likely j"'1
'go until  nexl   week.    Olher  branches | to  confer  with   President   Wilson   re
will leave shortly
Washington, July  16,   Commenting
upon Ihe announcement earlier today
that Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson
has heen summoned from Mexico City
The salmon report or thc 1!. (".
Packers' association for yesterday is
as follows:
IlillinKham Cot TOO!) from wll
BOnroea.    Seiners doing ponrly.
Anac.ortes Got :ift0t> /rom all
iir urccs. Seiners doing pine! rally
nothing so far.
Terra Nova .VJ boats averaged IS
yesterday. One boat in tbis noraing
wiih 21) sockeyes.
St. Mungo noats averaged about
14 yesterday.
Ewens    Boats h\eT��?s*rt five, ���jester-*
��la>.     Nothing   in  ihia  mo-ramp
Scottish Canadian innls avi-rag'd
five veittrday. Nothing in thin morn
Imperial limits averaged 10 yester-
Canadian Pacific Boats averaged
38 yeBterday. One Ixiat in Ihls morning with Iltl sockeyes.
Brunswick     Hi as    averaged    eight
ymtrrd.ly.    No boats in this meming.
I'llt e:il\ -   limits   ;i rnrab ml   airier   VI
yrst-f rday.
]<ondon, July Pi. The Andanta, the
Cunard company's latest addition to
the Canadian service, leaves Southampton tomorrow with a lull complement of passengers en her maiden
voyage  to  Quebec  and   Montreal.
The Andania is a large twin screw
Bteamer of 13,300 tons, capable of a
speed of IB knots.
gardlng the situation in Mexico. Secretary Ilryan said tonight that this
step hail been in contemplation for
some time. He refused to discuss a
suggestion Unit this statement indl-
eiited the ambassador's recall and wus
brought ahout bj 11 ��� action of the
diplomatic body in Mexico ('ity in l'"r-
mntetlng a Intnt complaint against the
attitude of the l'nited States toward
the   Huerta   government.
The secretary would not cm firm or
deny the re*pnrt of the meeting of
foreign representatives in Mexico.
There is much speculation in official
circles regarding Ambassador Wilson's   future,   hut   it   is   believed   gen-
erally  that  his return to Di"  Mexican
Ottawa, July 16    H Is probable thai   ���,H,.Xn\ ,s by no means certain.    Mr.
Canada will send a representative to  \v|iSOn  s thrown Into close assoe.i-
tbe   International   congress   in   navigation  in    Vienna      in  September  te
consider uniformity of rules ami regit
latlons to facilitate life saving    The
conference  is th,. outcome of the Ti-
���'liiii wltll President Huerta in the
days preceding the overthrow ef the
M-'dero government and Immediately
afterward, fine of his firrt official
communications to the state depart-
tanic disaster. The marine depart- ; ������,,��� after thf, <.��������� ,|',,tat resulting
ment is communicating with the Brit- |��� thp d-eath of Madero and Suarez.
ish board of trade on the subject and j suggested that he he authorized to
the Canadian representative will co- Bvtend the formal recognition of the
operate with tliat  body. United Slates to the new government.
; President Wilson has received re-
oeiitlv a number of reports from Individual Americans not connected with
the state department upon Mexican
conditions, so that he will be pro-
nan"! to take up the discussion with
the embassador with considerable
personal knowledge on th" subject.
Loose Change Baigain
No. 1
TetJey'.s Cocoa in 1-1 Ik tins, a fine, strong, rich
Cocoa Lhat re-fcularJ.v sells for 25c To clear out
at .'. 15c; 2 for 23c
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No. 2
National Soda Biscuits in pails. Made in Vancouver and guaranteed fresh; regular 80c sellers.
Thursday only, each  20c
Loose Change Bargain
No. 3
Throne Dessert Chocolates, in 1 lh. boxes; a superior
English make and a regular 50c line; for, lb. ,35c
Holy Trinity cathedral was the
scene of a pretty wedding yesterday
morning when Miss Margaret Hick-
noli, daughter of the late Thomas
Bioknell and Mrs. Blcknell. nf Westminster. London, England, was united
in marriage to hugh Savage, youngosl
aon of Itichard and -Mrs. Savage, of
Stratfi rd-on-Avon,  Kngland.
The br.de lived in Old Westminster
unt.I two months ago and was at one
time associated in a secretarial capacity with Sir Henry Lucy, the renowned 'Toby M.P."
Itichard Savage, father of th" bride-
groom, was for soiii" years librarian
nt Shakespeare's birthplace, Strat-
Cord-on Avon.
Th" bride was prettily gowned in a
dress of white brolderle anglaise,
trimmed on corsage and hemmed with
blue applique. She also wore a charming iuil cf while tagal with blue satin
tin* crown trimmed with lace, forget
me-nota and dalslet.
Tiie br.dee.i.alds were Miss Elsie
(luy and Mlsa-Daisy Cotsworth. They
were both dressed in grej silk dresses
with hand embroidery and black chip
hats with while marguerites,
Canon d'Easum performed the cere*
mon) and Moses li. Cotsworth gave
the bride away. A. It. Mcl.eod. Rhodes
si !u lar frr Quebec In 1807, supported
tne groom. Miss Peele played tin
wedding marches.
following the ceremony, covert
were laid for a few of the closi
friends of the couple ut the home ol
Mr. and Mrs. MCSSS 11. Cotsworth.
Seventh Btreel. The tables wen*
prettily decorated wiih marguerites,
gypsolifa, amilax and yellow Cal fcrnla
Mr. and  Mrs. Savnae were the    re-
'c'piints of many  beautiful  presents
i: eluding one to the bride from  II.  II
; II. Princess Henry of Battenberg.
The groom's present to the brid'
j was a gold bracelet and the bride's
'gft to the srcom a pair of gold ruff
I nks. The groom presented the
bridesmaids with gold aid pearl pend
:ants and chains and tiie best man with
a pearl stick pin.
Mr. and Mrs. Savace will spend a
short honeymoon on Vancouver Island
after which they will take up their
residence at 2'.','.) Eighth street.
I-OI-I '   ef   Fite.
London, July PI Tli" l.onden na-
pers ar-- Interested in the possibility
of the r tilted sines being nblieed to
Ine'rvene in Mexico, 'I'he Morning
l'i st  in an editorial says:
"It would be a ciiricus instance of
til" irony of fate if such a pollflV were
forced on ihe Wilson administration,
ind as Inter'-ention would mean a
long and costly iruerilla warfare it
may lie assumed that President Wilson will not take action unless absolutely compelled to do so. Hul he
cannot tolerate Indefinitely the continuance of  anarchy."
Manv Liven Saved.
KI     Paso,    Tex..    Julv    16,     Lulled
Stat"S   officers,   assisted   hv   Mexican
consular agents, captured the largest
consignment    of contrahand    ammunition ever taken here when 'hey dls-
i covered   four   Mexieanq   covering   up
| boxes  containing  448,000     rounds    of
j rifle cartridges with coal in a car in
ihe  S->iii;i   Ke  riilroad   yards.     Today
'the prisoners, who are men of \\i* |-j.
i horing  class,   were  arraigned   before
ihe United StateB commissi uut     An
Vmerlcan, belief ed bv some of the officers  I" l'e the |.'-liter nf lhe SIPllgi-L
' lng party, escappd. imt is hi.lie hunt
i "d    The ammunition wis being concealed in the "oa! vsrd ef a locnj dealer and   is  bell' vi.il   tn  hnve    heen     n
shipment fnr Oeneral Francisco Villa
Loose Change Bargain
Foster, Clarke's and Monk & Clast, Custards, in assorted flavors; regular 15c and 25c sellers; Thursday, only  5c and 15c
Main Store   631 Columbia.
Sapperton Store  317 Columbia St.
West End Store Sixth Ave and 12th Street
Warships Now Yule Log.
An "Id, dul. b Hck-painted, v..ml n
warship���a  ftingg'cr  "l  Hint  Linn,us
ban,I   that   Imre   tin.,   fighting   nun   of
Eng.and   nearly a century   ago���hits
ue'  her unit  a   London   wharf.
His Majesty ship Duncan lias given
up lier creaking timbers and solid
beams tn kindle Kngiish hearth*.
Nearly live thousand tons nf h r Wood
���*-i I   to West-end   housi n,   nnd
tli" planks that once buffet .1 wild
seas were conveite.l Into Yuletide
logs,     ll   is   tiie   fate rf  many   nf   the
"wooden walls of Old England"���a
smoking sacrifice to Christmas che-er.
"The supply of wi��d''n ships of all
kinds," sue! the manager ol Castle'i!
Slnpbreaking Co., "will la.-t fnr ninny*
years to enme. In nlmost every port
tliere are "wooden boats which wi.l
u'tiiiiiit-ly become Yule logs. Ilecent-
ly in London two million loss were
sold fnr wood fires, and nil of them
had come frnm the timbers nf ships
tl.nt had censed to sail the sea. We
nre expecting n Inrg" increase in the
demand lor wood l"gs Miii year, fnr
'h,* wood lire i-. coming into use ni ,r"
a* l more."
Nu other wood, it is sni.l, makes the
beautiful fires which tli * beams nf
i d -Inps prnvid' Saturated Willi
I!"' -a.t s.-a ill" logs luirii witli a
bright bin" llnme tii" kind ef Hume
mie wants tn see at Christinas tune, \
warm and pleasant, and with the romance ni a;.e- 111 iti ci mposition,
For New Canal.
Ottawa,  .lul'.   10    Tenders   I'or  the
c :>��� i 'ii itlon * ;' * lie flrsl b ��� 'inn of tin*
ii* *   Wi Hand  i inal  * *li  i **  received
rrot    ind i insldered :.t an i
1 ' I
Lobbyist   at   Washinoton   Had   Man':
Job on  His Hands If He Is
Telling the Truth.
Washington, duly Pi. Plans to
make the National Association of
Manufacturers the conn-oiling factor
in campaigns for congress, to defeat
legislation in Washington of which Its
members did not approve, to get the
ears of men who were running presl
ib nl ial booms and to land a member
of the association in the cabinet of a
president, were laid before the senati
lobby investigating enn,mitt".* today,
Martin M. Mulhall. s"lf-styl-id lobby
ist for the aBBOciatlon, swore lo th"
authenticity of pearl) 100 letters
which nil of those plans and brought
in tr.e named i .*,,,. n men as former
Pies dents i oosovelt and Taft, the
lit" \ 'ic Pn su'ent Sin raiun. former
Speaktr Cannon, f nnei Senators Aid
rei', . amenway, Kcraker and others
Ar liur i   Yorys, Ohio manager cf tiie
Tat camps ,n nt 1,'iA. and Frank 11
Hitchcock, one time clia rman i t thi
il public in ii .t ti - iiiii eni unlttee, ami
p Bjmastcr general in .Mr Taft s cab
Mulhall testllled ten that th
National Council for Industrial De
'i"*e*. aa organization allied to He
National Association nf Manufactur
ers. had raised between (500,000 anil
JTUi),nun a year to be used in opposing
leg sl it.on ds members did tint like
lie Haid ihls Inforn atlon came from a
e  Heeler  fur tiie counc,I  and  that   he
had no personal knowledge of it    ex
cepl. that he had been paid for political work from such a fund
rhows the Etra.n.
Mulhall   showed   the   strain   In*   has
lieiil under for four davs a'  lh * af- u-
noon session, and the committee took i
h in  from   the  stand  for a  hail   houi i
nnd' 'listened   to   testimony   l.y   .1.   P.!
Bird, general   manager  of  the   Manu *
facCUrcrs'   association,   and   Ircasurei
of the industrial Defence Cl utieil.
Till' committee heard thai 1-', ('.
Schwedtman, of Si. Louis, Becretary
to the late w. s. Yancleave, once
president of  the  National   Assoc al on
of Manufacturers, had about 1.10,001
lett is I ring en  i'i,,    association's
work, Schwedtman was in col ������' "*'
r iiiiniitiicatiiin with Mulhall, acccrd
ing to the latter's evidence
The committee was greatly Interest
id in a letter which Mulhall Bwore he
nml" tn Schwedtman on April PI
1908 li told of a ' onversation Mu!
I'i'l had in Washington with former
Represi nl il *���'��� James E. Watson of
Lull in a, ia which 'lu* latter describe i
a twi -hour iid* I irlew at tic Willi*
i:' . ��� between Mr \'. OSi '."ll and
ii ������*,    '.
*^   I   ty/MfTEOl
Midsummer Clearance Sale
Ushers in Host of Economies
- FOR -
The richest savings of the entire summer season are these that are listed
under our Mid-Summer Sale and Loose-Change Day. Besides these listed there
are many small lots, odds and ends and hroken assortments that because of
limited quantities cannot be advertised, and that bear special tickets for a
quick clearance. It's a harvest of economies for thc early buyer. So come
Today, and come at 8:30. (
Staple and Dress  Goods   Women's  Hosiery, Rous-
Remnants at Half Price ing  Clearance*  18c Pair
All cur oddments in cotton BheetlngB, flannelettes,
prints, ginghams, etc., gathered together In one ureal
pile, accumulated for this great bargain event.
These have all been measured up and marked al low
prici s, and we now cut the price to one-half for iiui"k
clearance, We want the room: you want the bargains,    Every Remnant at Half Price.
Women's Cotton Hose, in black and tan; all sizes,
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a few pair.-, nl' Children's fine ribbed hose; in black
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Change Daj, pair    !8c
Specials  in   Children's  Socks
Children's Black Cotton Socks An ever welcome -.line al lhis season, is th" chance to secure children*'
hlack Cotton Socks;   in Bmall sines.     Per  pair       9t
Children's Listle Socks���in black and white; sires 4U to 7 Inch; regllsr values '.'.ic per pair. Loose-Change
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Neckwear, 48c
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lot Includes collars in a vast and pretty assortment
of pique, repp, lace and fancy stock collars; also
coat si ts. regular \aliies up lo tl "i". Loose-1 'hange
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Big Rush Special in Wash
Ginghams, 9c  Yard
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mr %
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��� Esaucn��K3MCRaaB THURSDAY,  JULY  17,  1313.
f��AOt PtVt     T"
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads]m^^     ,
H S *r        J TROUBLE YET
B. C L. A. Delegates Will Thresh Out
Disputes at Meeting Here This
Percy  Qulnn   Still   President���Channe
Penalty   Rule���Suspensions
Is Not Peaceful  Between  Eastern
Railroads and  Their
Thin Ih the day the Ilrillsh Colum
oui Lacrosse association wlll
to the supreme teal, aa to whether It
nil go down nud out lor the preaent
M-aeon ut least, or whether Con Jonea
Hand* ready to ieek terms with West
inin.-itir ao lhat the two coasl teams
I.iay atari the 1913 Blind once more.
The meeting will be aV Interesting
i ne from nil points, lor it la under
m lod that Vancouver is coming over
.11 armed with statistics and other
matter In order to offset the aland
t ikon by the Royals, following the
suspension of Ion and Griffith al the
meeting of Friday, July 4. Then then;
i i tlle John Virtue letter to bring for
i ard nr discussion and it ia here
that the Vancouver magnate w.ll per-
baps have the greatest difficulty
i rawllng out frum undur.
Tin- meeting is culled for 2 o'clock
nt thc Huaaell hotel and word ha.-i
I,ecu received from Victoria that the
Capital City delegatea will he on hand
at the time appointed, ho thai Van-
i Oliver, to Have her luce, will alao have
i i be in attendance.
Minto Cup Games.
Alderman   l'i id  J,   Lynch,   who    is
\. siting   the   easl   at tend mi;   the     un
nual convention  of  ISagles,  was    in
Toronto ycalorija*. al tiie same time
hs lln- lacrosse magnates of the liig
i-'our wcre in session Although his
,-iay vus purely of a personal nature,
it Is understood that Alderman Lynch
t <lkei|, Minto cup lacrosse with aev-
i ral of the teama with the result that
the lug Pour ohamplons will be out
here In Ihe fall in iiuest of the famous
Toronto, July 18, Percy Qulnn la
be put Bt 111 president of the Dominion Lacrosse association. Thc executive at
a meeting held at the St. (Ieorge hotel
today, refused to accept Mr. QuInn'B
resignation and so he remains at the
head of uffulrB.
The suspension of Huck Yeaman,
the Tecumseh defence Holder, who
was thrown out two weeks ugo for
hitting Kd. Longfellow, of the Toron
toa. In the face In the famous game
on the Island, waa raised and Yeaman
plays today lu the game against the
The much criticised penalty rule In
vogue In the Dig Kour wna handed a
trimming. Moat people expected a re-
vs.on to the original rule of puttiitg
a man off the field for a foul, but the
���r- delegates added a hybrid arrangement
111 I for the remainder of the season.
Players ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
fouls, but subs will be allowed up to
three men. After that the side must
play shirt handed. There will be no
The clubs were represented by the
following: TecumaeliH, Charlie Querrie and Fred liambly; Torontos, I-'red
Dpthegrove; Irish-Canadians, Mr. Lor-
���>     .,ini ueorge Kennedy.
Ed. St. Pere, secretary of the league,
looked afier the Nationals in this.
Itlchninnd ltanges. Lulu Island, July
16.-The annual rifle shoot of ihe
liritish Columbia Iti fie association
opened here today with the largest
turnout In the history of the organization.
"i'iuti Highlanders, and I       	
the aam" regiment, being required to
shoot off on Thursday morning.
('apt  Cunningham, of the 104th regiment  was only  one  point  below   the
Although none of their numbers two top men, making .''.ii, W. H. Oliver
made high scores, New Westminster nis > being credited with 33, A. F.
held   Its   own ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
atld ahould be up near the top when j prize  with
the prize money is handed out. High scores were made in the Helm
J H. Vidal, of the Iloyal City, received the honor of being elected
chairman of the match committee,
which in Itself Is rather a responsible
position as he will have to decide any
disputes that niy arlBe during the
four day  shoot.
Weather conditions were perfect
when firing opined this morning and
continued so throughout the day. The
cken match, J. Stark of Vancouver
K.A. taking down the first with 102.
followed by a "century by Pte, C. H.
Hunter of the 6th Regiment. W. Miller with Sii and M. J Knight with B2
were the Westminster men figuring
In  the  prize money.
In the U C. E. lt. match the Cth
regiment. Vancouver, ran away with
the first three places, "C" team taking
be penalized by time for   against thr
wind   was   light,   changing   from   left down  first with  an  aggregate of 4m. j
lo right und did not appear to bcther The N.W.R.A. scored 463.   The scores
lln* marksmen. lu  ihe last match of the day are as
A general complaint has been made Pillows:
(By   "Gravy.")
( hrlstopher Mathewson, alias
"Christy." "Matty," and ��� Hi\ Six
Wlll eel.-bra:,- today the thirteenth
anniversary of hla debut as a Giant.
Thirteen years is a pretty long ser
vice for
llle nud
ammunition served out, it
being found too soft, causing a considerable number of lilnw-backa, which
irritated the marksmen and caused
general disappointment at times when,
perhaps, the riflemen have a chance
to make high scores.
Staff Sergt T. 11. Weadon, of the
102nd, Kamloops, won first money in
the Nursery match, with .14 to hi.-
credit 11. Llndahl was the only Westminster man to get in the money class.
notching 32.
A tie occurred In the Nanaimo Corporation   match,   Col.   Leckle   of   the
oth n. c a. it
8th D. c. 0  U
8th I)  c. o. it. "
72nd   regiment   .
."ith   regiment   . .
102nd regiment .
Vancouver  R,   A.
t'h regiment "D'
V    It.   A	
72nd regiment ..
"i "��� B. C. Horse
N   W.  11   A	
'('" team    475
'A" team   472
'Ii" team   471
team    482
^^^^^^^^l 451
5th   regiment    453
It   C. Q, A 463
Earl Grey's Own Hiflo3  142
, New York, July 16��� Possible    com-
pUcatlons in the proposed arbitration |
of  the  dispute   between  the   easterai
railroads  and   iheir  conductors    and I
,.   ......        .  trainmen developed tonight  when thej
. I .lines, ol oonfgfgnjg committee of managers
Submitted a list of demands whloh:
they Insisted must be arbitrated, together with the mens demands for
Increased wages. The men announced
they would issue a reply tomorrow. |
Fears were expressed that this
move by lhe railroads might delay or
even prevent arbitration of the dispute under the New lands 1:111, passed
by congress and signed by President
Wilson yesterday.
The demands of the roads, as listed ,
in their statement, include a rcductlonJI
in pay cf 20 per cent, of all brakemen
on "extra crew" trains in states
where the extra crew bill now is a
state law. The roads further ask that
all monthly guarantees to trainmen be
abolished, and that in no case shall
double compensation be paid.
The railroads insist also that the
rates fixed and awards made by the
new arbitration board to be appointed
shall supercede all rates and rules
now  in effect.
Representatives of the 80,000 train
men and conductors who voted to |
strike unless the roads conceded their
demands, but who. through their leaders, agreed with the roads' representatives to ask for arbitration under the
new federal law, declined to have anything to say tonight on the new de-
vi lopment as concretely brought to
the from by the roads. They announced, however, that they would go
Into executive session early tomorrow
and later issue a statement in reply.
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors.   ...
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
SAPPERTOiVj chance.
.Will Get Chance at West Enders This
Th�� chance or Bapperton to regain
i lug league pitcher, but to ther lost around in the Intermediate
Mattj  looks as good as I league  will  come this evening whe
| out the visitors in the first encounter
jl".    The first game was a pitchers'
between  Schmutz    and    l'itz-
Ha  Stole the Game and  Handed  It to
Those  Evening  Paper
llded by tl e n guiar Balmoral battery,  ilu*  r.rinsli Columbian  baseball
ui, pulled oil a nice stenl last even
..ig at  Moody park, taking the animal
��� , e from tin- News outfit, 13 to 4.
'.itli, iilih    strong    objections    were
landed  om   bj   tin*   manager of   the
* ,i ming  paper against   such  stars as
ne I'eck brothers, I.e.    Charlie   and
Toss, for Hen Peck was just a pas
senger with   bis   relatives   yesterday
p.m., Manager Maiden would uot coun-
t,-nance any such fixture unless the
Balmoral battery performed, so that,
lo save the disgrace of having to call
bla team off th" playing patch, The
News manager was forced to go
tli rough with the deal.
Added to this torlure, wm. th- fact
lhat worse umpiring bus rarely ever
been Been on a local ball park. Hurry
Tidy offered his s- rvlces gratis and
perhaps the latter wold worked th"
oracle, but never again. M:i'den, who
had been boasting just what he would
d,, with the stick, failed to respond
except   in  one  inning.
Sutherland's Hitching waa wild,
nass tig mail utter man. and the C. Q.
li was flashed to Jimmy Mosdell, who
finished the game.
Levy, the lall lanky outfielder, star-
red at the bat, being walked twice
hand running for fear he might hit
the bill, lie stole five bases and
ci   ssed the pan once.
Kor the victors ii was all I'eck. One
pitched, one caught  and one hsd  '���"
i une of his life hanging on   to   a fast
drive from the stick of one of    The
Ni ������� "journalists."
The electric meters were kept hard
if work during the night by the Columbian staff trying to lind a suitable
Cut In order to celebrate ihe victory
As a consolation to Th" News, It is
r metnbered that t .������ ser " 's ***x
t ��� d. the morning paper staff having
v i n last   year
ever, for what he has lost in strength  Kast    Burnaby    and    the West Ends
and stainia he has gained in wisdom,  flash on the CJueeiii park oval.
Before joining the Olants, Mathewson       Kast  Hurnaby have been out  train
plaved  with Keystone academy, Buck-  Ing  hard,  so thai   a  victory  for    lh,
nell university, Honesdala, l'a. Taun->bunch will be in order.
ton, Mass.. and Norfolk. Va.    lie wus1     Here  are tl'.e line-ups of  the    two]
with   lhe   latter   club   In   the   Virginia , teams:
State league during the earlv part cf I llurnaby���Coutts, Lewis. Parsons
the 1900 season, and was drafted by M itheson. Salt, Salt. W. Lewis
Cin-innati With true "Ued'' ill luck Powys. Spans. Bailey and McWaters
or bad management, the pitching mar-,Savers. 1-eedham. llawe. Sinclair,
vel  of  the  century   was   permitted   tol     West    hnd    11. btoddait, \\. Mori:
escape snd he had not played a game'son, M Mortison. it. McDonald, t.
with the Reds 'Ahe��� he was traded IPittendrlgh, .1 Allison. U 8angster,
10   New   York   fm*   Amos   Itusie     The UI   Satigst-r, J. McAllister. C. Huff, .-.
future  vizard of the box mnde his Pentland, O. Feeney,	
initial big league appearance on July |
17. 1900, al Washington Park. Hrooklyn. He did not start the contest,
but was sent iu to the relief of Ed.
Doheny in the fifth inning. Kd was
in trouble, but the score was still a*
tie, with Uu Dodgers on bases audi
nobody out. It would be gratifying
to be able to state that lhe 111-year I
old twirler pitched u perfect game,
or even to record how, in a whirlwind
ninth inning finish, he carried hla
team to vctory. Lm alas the stern
facts obtained in th* record books
wi uld hi nr out no such assertions
The statistics she.-, thnt lbe Big Six
mail" a y or Bhowlng, and that the
final score was 13 to T iu favor cf ;
Brooklyn. 11 ���s s mo time ' "���
Matty began to display the
goods that have made hlm un international celebrity. The cry of "Take
bin ont" was heard many times before Christy begnn to be a popular
Idol. A less astute manager
almost certainly have 'cam
gieu pilot r iii those days of trial.
Tlle big blonde pltchei won one
world's flag for thc (limits, a.id might
have won another except for
headed support, l'e ��� iy yet
sponsible, in part, for the winning of
another championship. No man in
th" game has a cleaner or more hon
nra'.'e record than Mathewson
Baseball Results.
Standing ct lne Clubs
New  York   54
Philadelphia  -Li
Chicago  4.1
Pitl burg    41
Brooklyn   37
ll ,.-t* 11    21
St. Louis   22
C nc.niiiili    Ml
Yesterday's Games,
before |     At   New   loTk: It
line  of Cincinnati   ���'
New   Y, rk     :
Batteries:      Suggs.      Pack
Clarke;  Tesreau and  Meyers.
At  Brooklyn It-    H
Chicago   3     6      2
Brooklyn      4    lu     0
Batteries:    Lavender   and    Ilresua*
ban; Alien. Wagner and Fischer.
At   Boston:                            It. II.    E
Pittsburg      2 4
Boston      1 6      2
Batteries:     Camnitz   aud Simon;
Hess and Rarlden.
Al  Philadelphia.                 11. H.    E
and ; St.  I.ouis     2 4      i
5  a j Philadelphia   4 10
.o'i 1
.12 ���
. K
First  game: R.    H     E
Vancouver   1     7     1
Victoria     n     ?,     2
Batteries:   Schmutz    and     Lewis; -
Fitzgerald and  Brotten.
Pi cond   game: R.    11.    K
Vancouver      4    10      1
Victoria     fi     8      fi
naileries: Bchultz and Lewis; Kantlehner and Brotte-n.
Giants Are Creeping Up.
Seattle.  July   16.    Seattle  hit   Mar-',
': tinoni hard  today  and  won the game
from   lortland   t'i.     Dell   was   effec-|
���live in the pinches and did good work
at  the bnt, get* ine Ihree hits, two of
which  counted   in  the  scoring.
Score: R.    H     K
1 Seattle      9    1:1      2
' Portland         4      7      .1
Batteries:   Dell and Cadman:   Martlnoni  and   Murray.
From Eed to the Pax.
Tacoma, July Ifi ���After hearing the
Dews tliat the Tigers had lost two
[straight to Smkane. Joe McGinnity
crawled out of his sick bed today and
defeated th" Indians by a score *,if
fi-ii. the locals hitting behind him In
pinches and according him perfect
suport ^|^^
Score: R,    H.    E. | ull,\
S-i"kane      3      9      -3
Tacoma       ���"      9      01
Batteries:    Ha--din.    Cadreau    and
Hannah; McOlnnltj and H .rris.
A TraVeltTTg Convenience.
Wheu traveling It is often necessary
.'or   the   girl   whom   nature   has   not \
blessed with wavy hair to carry a curling Iron.  And in this electrical age the
old fashioned longs that were heated I
in gas are no u<e whatever, so some-
thing else to meet this ueed had to lie I
Tbe manufacturers recently hnve
added t<> milndy's comfort liy mnklng
the new alcohol curling Iron seen in the
Illustration,  One can load this Iron, ns
P.  O.  BOX  442
ed"   the
ln**r--'.'.-inn!  Le"c-jc.
Toronto 5, Montreal 4.
Providence 1,  r---ffev P'ty 2.
Rochester 9, Buffalo 5.
ai.couul ,-fnr.tNa inns.
It were, before leaving home, if the
Journey Is to be a short one, with u'eiu
hoi. which is .-'('Plied to a (<ie,*e of cotton wadding Hint is then placed -jri die
side of tie* iron having pert-united
It   is  hut   the   work  of a   minute tn .
put a murch to ibe saturated wadding '
thereby beat Ihe curling fron to
the right temperature. This iron i< fnr
abend nf llie ,,!<! curling tongs which
were lienled in an alcohol lump.
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side irip over scenic route of Grand  Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at small additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  0.  A.  P.  D.
I hone Private Exchange 8134
If You Have a Feather Boa.
If ynu have 11 leather 00a that bus
become rather limp looking because It
11:1s been out In damp weather try this
means of freshening It. It Is best to
try it. too, us soon ns you come in.
Take a bowlful of boiling water, sprlu-
kle Into it n handful of ordinary white
salt nnd then wben It is dissolved
���shake the feather boa over It
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust BIdgr.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New  Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
Juniors   Defeated   Pert   Moody
Last Evening 10-5.
tlons a*-
Rixey and  Killlfer,  How
he   is   as   universally   	
man is well as admired as a ball play- j    Batteries: Qrluer und Wingo; Bren
It is unsafe to make any predlc-  nan, May,
to the length nf his baseball   ley.
future, hut it is 11 good bet that when |
he does quit  the game tlle  fans wlll '
not  have  to  pass  the hat  to provide
fur  his  declining   daya     During  the
thirteen   vears   tliat   he   has   worn   a
Giant uniform Big Six has .,,-i-iinniliit
enough   money   to   start   several
Eleven Days Sale
Of their entire stock
Beginning Saturday morning, July
19th, and ending Thursday evening
July 31st.
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
W.    I>.
Philadelphia    60
Cleveland 51
Washington 49
Chicago    47
Iloston    40
St.  I.ouis   39
Oetroit    3ii    55
New York  24
Yesterday's Games.
At  Detroit: ll.    II     K
Bosk n   7   14    0
Detroit   4   13     -'
llatteries:      Collins.    Bedient    atld
Carrlgan:   Wlllett,  House and  McKee
At St. Louis: R.   II.   E.
1 Washington ;t    9
St. Louis     2     5
Batteries: Boehllng, Gallia, Hughes,
The lacrosse fans of Port Moody
were shown just how the game should
be played when lasl evening the Sapperton juniors took into carnp the
combined forces of Port Moody and
llurquitlam. The final score was 10
to 5. which just about represented the
The trip was made by auto truck
all the boys returning home last ever,
tug well satisfied wiih th" tresttnen
handed out to them by the homesters
Rcyal Bowlers Win.
The Uo;. s| I iv. I nt team Ootnposei
'cf O'i our.or, McGill. Pike and H. 'W.'
B[hitil il iUi.i-iI the Pond, rs, of Van
couver, lasl 'veiling In the latter city
by 'is v- ns. McGill got high average
with r.',7. while Haywood, of the
Penderi, took down high soore with
201. A return game will be staged
here next week.
Today Is the
Comer Columbia and Sixth Streets
II.    E
I.i       0'
!'       1 ,
Bland !
Johnson and Henry      ^^^^^^^^
on/, and Agnew.
At Cleveland: it     H.   K I
New York   n      ll      3
Cleveland      ',    11      ���
Batteries: McConnell and SmiUi;
M tchell and O'Neill.
Second  game: ll
New Ycrk      ���
Cleveland      i
Batteries. Klsher and Sulu.,
lng and Carisch.
At Chicago: it.   II.   KI
Philadelphia 1      X      0
Chicago   n      I      -i ,
Batteries: Brown, Bonder and Lapp;
ClCOtte and Schalk,
Beoond game: K.    1!     K.
Philadi Iphla ::    9     It
Chicago   5     9     0
Batteries: Shawkey, Hen Iir ami
Lapp, scliungo; O'Brien, liciu, Lanugo,
RllSMll and Schalk, Kuhn.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
v.inci iiver  55
Seattle  55
I'ortland    46
Victoria   43
Tacoma    41
Spokane  32
Hsrrv nee'   "r I
Vancouver, July  lil.    Harry   Monk's
home run in the last liming of the second   gnme  enabled   Victoria   to   break
even in re today, the Beavers shutting
Ainsnii.i,; Lc: ��'��� I     PUGILISTIC ANN A LS.
Philadelphia fight fans enjoyed a huge joke when "Freckled
Bob" l-'ius mmons met Jack
Johnson. The negro played
with the lanky veteran for a
couple of rounds, and then Pitz
decided lhat he had made
enough of a spectacle of himself. Tlle battle recalled 'Non
parell Jack" Heinpsey's last
ring appearance, when the for
mer middleweight champion
sparred three rounds and then
fell, exhausted by his feeble
Bill  Hayes and  Mik"  Madden
fought 1S5 rounds, draw, at Ed*
dcnbrldge,  Kng.
Johhy    I'rayne    knocked    out
Young Corbett  In 9th round  at
San  rrancisco.
"A woman," said �� dainty dov*
Wllh a bright emile,
"A woman ought to wod tor lov-*-
Ouco ln awhile."
There haven't been any automobile*
051 violating the  speed  limits for  more
Hint!   a   week."   snld   tho   constable.
������Whnt'll wc do?"
"Arrange to lower the speed limit,",
replied Uie sheriff.���Washington Star.   I
Here are some of the bargains:-
All 10c. Shoe Polish Today  5c.
All 25c. Shoe Polish Today 15c.
All 60c Brushes  Today 45c.
All 35c Shoe Brushes Today 25c.
All odd lines Ladies' Canvas Shoes Today 75c.
All odd lines misses Canvas Shoes  Today 65c.
All odd lines Childrens' low shoes and slippers. .65c.
AH misses' Barefoot Sandals  Today 85c.
All Children's Barefoot Sandals Today 75c.
All infant's Barefoot Sandals Today 65c.
All men's Lacrosse Oxfords  Today 75c.
All boy's Lacrosse Oxfords Today 70c.
All youth's Lacrosse Oxfords Today 65c.
These bargains are to be had at the up-to-date
Shoe Store in the Big Westminster Trust Block.
**��� -^i u. r-*rrr^.-r*i'"lir:j.Ui FAQt am
Classified Advertising
it ived for Tbe
mg places
HE    RE-
Nows at the follow-
T. Hill's drug store.
628    Columbia    Btreet;    A.    Sprice,
QueeMbor-ough, Lulu Island.
9 RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
iIb.v; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month: 6,000 words, to be used as re
.I., red within one year from
rnntract, $26.00.
date of
v. ants position for washing and
house cleaning by day. Apply 65
Tenth street, city. 117571
tor's office. Apply Dr. McQuarrie.
Colllster block, between 3 and i
p.m. (17511
liouse work.    Apply Box 1746 News
llurnaby Lake. Modern eight Tormi-
i'd bungalow, hot and cold water,
electric light, city water; standing
on acre of ground, beautiful look-
nut; tennis court, garage. stabl��- and
���"hlcken house. Apply Capt, Thomas.
Port Coiiuitlam, (1755)
bacco. cigar, candy and fruit store;
good location; good lease. Have
other business to look after. Apply
716 Columbia street, city.        11756)
Returns to Eskimos to Take Up Hardships  Which   Disabled   His
Uses   Revolver   Instead   of   Flute
Force Child  to  Accompany
Phonograph, nearly new, home size.
Call 720 Queens avenue. 11753)
Toronto,  July   16.- When
son  Bay steamer Nascopic
ments 1 will for a short time cleat
lots or acreage at a very low figure.
Walter Nenl, 2ii Sixth avenue
Phone at meal  times to R 1347.
ie   Hud
^^^^^^^  :1m from I
Montreal on its annual supply trip
to the trading posts on the coasts of
Labrador, Hudson Straits and Janus
Hay it will carry a successor to Rev.
Percy Hroughlon, whose remarkable
experiences and thrilling escapes from
death 'orm jm Inspiring chapter in
the history of modern missionary effort. Mr. Broughton, who recently
underwent Ills seventh surgical operation, ts still under his physician's
���care. But undaunted anil undismay-
Thus itev.
there  is a
One four room bungalow, two three -ed, tbe work must go on.
room  houses,   and  one  four  room 'A. L. TVming returns,
house  at   Edmonds  with   basement      Hroughlon  and   Fleming
full  size,  plastered, electric    light, ed   themselves
pantry,    china    cupboard
���de-set,    veranda    front
small  cash   payment or
for first payment,  balance
George  R.  Love
East Hurnaby.
FOR RENT���NO. 009 BENT ? msCT.
eight roomed modern house, nearly
new, $30 a month. Lease. Phone
312. 11733)
bungalow, 317 Fifth avenue.    (1734)
pleasant front rooms    Apply
Cooksley, 422  Eighth street.
keeping    rooms    at    224
^^^^^^^ to   this   work   during
clothes .their Wycliffe college course.   Theirs
and    back | was  a  David  and  Jonathan  associa-
neatly   finished,   new.     Will    take jtion  In  missionary  endeavor.    II  wan
deeded  lot; when   Broughton   went   north   to   re
as rent, ilieve Fleming  for two  years that he
Cumberland   road. I paid   the   terrible   toll   of   the   Arctic
(1737) i winter.   Now, when he returns, malm-
ed and crippled, to further experience
the   surgeon's   knife,   Fleming    again
steps  into   his   place.
Mr. Fleming takes with him no les**
than two tons of ship biscuit, which
is counted as a greal dainty among
the Eskimos. By training nnd experience he Is veil equipped for the
work to which he is devoting him
adit. Befrre he went forth four yenri
ago, he was with the firm of John
Iirown. ship builders. Clyehank, for
three years as naval architect. O'i
his return, two years ago. he brought
down some Interesting Eskimo remains, which were plieed -'n the bio-
logical museum of the University of
���boat.   Apply 1321 Third avenue.      i
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
B.C. (167KI
He uses to Trade
when   the
5  the  man
No. 708 Seventh avenue, city, -five
fully modern, new- bouse,
will take lot as cash -pay-
A  good deal for few   days
V U RN 18 H E I)
rent; every    convenience.
rooms to
Apply 619 Hamilton street.
HOARD     AND      ROOMS      $;
week; also housekeeping rooms, at
20S  Eleventh street. (1744)
Furnished three room suite, with
bath. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
121B Fifth Ave. Phone 750
No. 1030 Fifth avenue, city, seven
room, fully mod'-rn house, laTge lot
to lane. Owner's equity $13110, balance easy payments, will talte u lot
fur  equity.    See  us about   it.
Six room modern house at the corner
of  Tenth   and    Belleville    streets;
lot   66x121.     Owner's  equity   $2500.
Balance  payments small  and  easy,!
being only $250 every six months.
Nos. 207 and 209 Sevent-h avenue,
city, Iwo fine new houses for exchange. Owner will take reasonably
priced property for equity. Investigate at once.    These are good buys.
Phone 312. Room 201
Weetmlneter Trust Bulildrng.
St. Paul. July 16, A mnn indicted on two counts niul sentenced on
each has committed but one offense,
according to a ruling by Federal Judge
Sanborn In St. Paul.
In accordance with this ruling, Judge ...
Sanborn ordered the release from
Leavenworth prison of Charles A
Stevens, convicted of mail robbery,
and reversed a decision oT the circuit court of Kansas.
Stevens was sentenced ti prison
'for the theft ot a U 8. mail pouch
from the Kansas City post office. Hli-
put live years on the first count,
charging the theft of the mail pouch,
and a similar term for embezzling a
'registered mail package containing
| $12,600.
When his fir^t  five years were out.
Stevens  petitioned   for  release  "n   a
writ of error.  Judge  Sanborn's  deel- ]
sion  sustains  the petitioner's conten- |
tion that the crimes named in the indictments were one continued act for ���
which the live-year term was served. '
gold brooch pin, pearl setting Reward, fills Third street. Telephone
1194 L. (17501
of  British Columbia. County
of   Westminster.
Is hereby given that the second
half yearly payment on trade licenses
for 1913 is now due and payable al
the office of thc License Inrpector,
City Hall.
(1729) S. J. PEARCE.
monogram E. O, S. on bark. Finder
please call phone 1331 L, Miss K G.
Stevenson. 11711)
Separate tenders supcrcrlbed,
"Tender for Residence of Head Gardener,"
for   Residence   for     Engi
������ Tender for I
tant Medical Sill
respectively, will
Honorable  th
for   Resilience  of  the  Bur
esldence  I
in-  r ivi'ii  by tb*'
Minister     of     Public
Re  Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore   Conveyed,  in  the  District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued    to
William  McBride on the lRth day    of
August, 1913, unless in the meantime
n  valid objection thereto be made to
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest therein,
or in nnv part thereof.
District  Registrar of Titles
| Land Registry Office,
New  Westminster,  B.C., 12th  July,
The person or persons having I"
their custody or possession the follow
ing Title Deeds relating to the said
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
30th January, iss'.i, gram from the
'crown  to Charlotte Adele  Itoiigue.
Huh Julv, 1SS9, conveyance from
Charlotte   Allele     Rouguo    to    Robert
, Scott Moncrleff
(1743I District  Registrar of Titles
Under and by virtue of warrants of
execution and a warrant under chattel mortgage, to nie directed and delivered against the goods and chattels
of the West End Hardware company
at the suit of Kelly. Douglas ft Co.,
Merrlthew -J.- Ramsey and A. Hard-
man, 1 have sei?e,'l and will sell ai
the West End Hardware c nipatiy's
store. Eighth street. New Wes'mln-
ster, on Monday, the 2-th daj I f July.
1913, at 9:30 o'clock In the forenoon
the following, or sufficient thereof to
satisfy the judgment debl and cost?
herein, etc.: All the Btock of hard
ware, tools, plumbing good i. ranges
heaters, granite and tinware i iiiui'iii
tlon, paints, varnishes, brushes, etc,
amounting     as   per     Inventory     to
Terms of sale cash.
T. .1. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff.
New Westminster, Julv 16th  l ���' l.
Toronto, July 16. That
man of unbalanced mind
ubout the streeta of Toronto accosting children and hy threats or prom
isus forcing them to accompany him
to secluded spo.s where lie keeps
theiu all night, is indicated by tin
fact of two such mysterious disappearances in the past two days. Thc
latest case indicates the need of Immediate and thorough investigation.
Five-year old lmar Rubensteln stag
gered into the back yard of his hume
his clothes covered with dust and
wispa of huy, aud In such a condition that he could hardly speak. In
his childish prattle he told his mother
that while on an errand he had heen
stopped by a strange man who insist
ed that he should go with him. The
boy refused and the stranger promised to buy him anything he wanted
if he would only go with a short walk
with   him.
The  promise of toys,  however,  did
not   move   the .lud,   who   steadfastly
insisted  that he had  to go on an er
rand   for "niainina"     When  the  prom
ises   failed   to   secure  the   boy's  consent to go with him, the stranger resorted   to   threats   aud   abuse
man  then took him  to a barn,
ed   him   with   a   coat,   and
boy   awoke  in   the  morula
was  gone.
"Straphangers" Banished
The  days  of  that   vast   majority  of
urban  humanity  who  have for years
labored   under   the   appellation    of
"stranhanger" are  numbered.    There,
will  be  no mere distorted  forms aud
twisted   fingers,   caused   by   hanging
on  for dear li!" to the leather loops
so  considerately  dropped    from    the
street   car   ceilings   by   the   Toronto
Street railway for the benefit of the
bit er half" of the average passenger
who arrived just  in  time  to mis.i
seats.    Tliere  are  to be  no  more  red
plush  cushions,   which   have  a   pi ml-
cious habit of transferring grease of
tiie artisan's overalls to the delicate
lingerie of  the   fair  sex.    Tbey   are
to be replaced by sia-.s composed ol
material that can be readily cleansed
and  dis nfectod,    1"'. Chas.  Hastings,
M.   H    0.  for the  city  of  Toronto,  is
the new etnancinator of the    people.
and 'b responsible for the new public
health  rules and  regulations governing  the overcrowding  of  street  car*
which were passed by the local board
Of health.
Come Hard C'< u 11
"Don't you put me < ti that table
and put tne to sleep there." was the
remark of William Martin, a black
employee of the Canadian Stewart
Company, at the Western hospital,
suffering from a scalp wound. Martin was the victim of all occurrence
that would have sent a white man
to the morgue. He was working at
the foot of the building which the
Canadian Stewart company Is erecting on the corner of Front and Slmcoe slreets. when a plan': about stx
feet in length fell rrom the 4th storey and sirni-k him right mi tiie head
Men turned pale when thev saw thai
plank going straight for the cranium
of Mr. Martin, but to their astonishment ii bounced off Jusl Ike the ball
bounces when Tim Jordan smites ll
full on the nose. Martin felt his head
and rubbed it. and was taken to the
Western hospital. Dr Yellowlees
thought lh" skull was fractured at
lirst. but William proved to he all
right again.
| Province of British Columbia, County
of  Westminster,
  |TO WIT:
to   Winnipeg   Mayor  Opposed   to  Grants]     Hy    virtue    of a    distress  warrant
issued In an action by   Daniel  E. Mc
Donald and to me directed against the
goods and chattels of Thomas Lenihet)
I have seized and taken the full iwing:
��� ��� All  of  the  furniture,   bedding,  ear-
| pels, blinds, linoleums, kitchen  furnl-
Winnipeg,   July   16.    Opposition   to i tore,  etc..    in   the  "Sterling    Hotel,"
the  policy of making civic  grants  to i situate    corner    Royal    avenue    and
charitable   institution   tinder  denomi- | Tenth atreet,  New  Westminster, con-
natlonal   control   Is  developing    very  sistlng of the   contents
strongly   In   the  city   council.     Prac-   rooms   7   kitchens
Winnipeg   Mayor   Opposed   to   Grants!
to Churches���Members of Council Endorse Principles.
Dhiuuo.j   ...   v..~  -..,,                    nnd  cafe    and    a i
tlcally all the members of the board of quantity of other goods and chattels '���
control  are  opposed   to  It,  and  at  a  The  above  will   be  sold   as  a  going
meeting Of the board op control Mayor concern.
Deacon came out strongly  iu opposi- ;    Terms of sale cash,
tion to the policy. AU of wt,*r|, i ���|ialj exI,ose for sale :
The matter under consideration was;at   t|���.   sterling   Hotel    corner   Royal
the   application   of   the   All   People's  avenue and  Tenth  street,  on    Thurs- ���
Mission  for the renewal  of the civic  daVi the 1Ttll (|av cr ,Iu|y   A r,   \***t\
grant of $1,000.    Rev.  Dr. Cooke andlBt the ll0ur ot 10 o'clock In the lore-
THURSDAY, JULY  17,  1913.
Barak of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-up, ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.09
1    Branches  throughout  Canada    ami
Newfoundland, and  in   London.   Eim
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane.
U.S.A.,  and   Mexico City.    A   general
banking business transacted.    Letter*
of Credit  issued, available  with  correspondents in all parts of thn world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposit*
received   In  sums  of  $1   and   upwsr.1
aud iuterest allowed at 3 per cent ft*
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O.  D.  BRYMNER.   Manager.
J. II. Ashdown presented the case for
the mission and urged that the board
should reconsider its decision to withhold the grant thlB year, because of
the character of the work being done by
the mission which was non-denominational to the extent that the work was
being done amongst people of all religious denominations, Mr. AshdownIprovince of British Columbia, County
urged that  as the object of the  ���'**  -��--���	
New Westminster. July 11, I91S.
T. J. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff,
(1729) Bailiff for the Landlord.
[ . > L
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^   mis
slon was to build up citizenship, public funds should be contributed toward
:lt   instead   of  leaving   n   few   philnn-
Ihropically  disposed   persons  to  bear
the burden.
Replying    to    Mr   Ashdown, Mayor
'De��cor said* ^M	
"I would like to make my position .following:    Three    Pensvlvanin
in  the matter clear. I am a supporter   tires, four Dunlop auto tires, lot
iof a church mvself and a respecter of !out patches and  protectors,  four
all  churches.   1   think  they  exercise a   weed   chains,  tlve   Presto  light
great  influence  for good   iu the coin-I
munlty and are a valuable moral force.'
But   I  am  distinctly opposed  to  the
policy   of   contributing   public   money :
to the funds of any institutions which
are only branches of religious denomi- !
nations, or    of recognizing such Institutions in a public way. If it can be
clearly   shown   that   the   All   People's
mission   is  a   purely   charitable   insti-;
tution we can consider the application!
ifor a grant In that light.    1 was under i
the Impression that II was a branch of
^^^^^^ of Westminster,
By virtue of a warrant under conditional bill of sale aud a distress warrant issued in action by S. H. Thomp
son and to me directed against the
goods and chattels of Eininoiids &
Piddle   I   have  seized   and   taken     the
set J
^       tanks.
one 16�� gallon gas tank, one gasoline
pump, two   vulcanizing   outfits,   one
21*, h.p. gasoline engine, one air compressor tank and fixtures, three grease
guns, three bronze shafts and Ihree
propellers, two desks, a lot of tools,
spark  plugs, auto accessories, etc.
All of which I shall expose for sale
at No. 4.-I Eighth street. New Westmin
ster, on Monday, the 21st day of July.
A.D. lul.!, at the hour of 3 o'clock in
the afternoon,
New Westminster, Julv 16th, inn.
the Methodist church.'
T J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff,
BaiHff for the  Mortgagee and Landlord, (17G-JI
COAL MINING rights of the Domlnh'*
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alborta,
i thr Yukon Territory, the Northweat Ter-
, ritorlea und In a portion of the Provtool
of Hilt!.Ui Columbia, may bo leased for n
term of twenty-one years at an anniui
rental of $1 an acre. Not mora thnn u&o*
acres will be leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a Idem muat be mnrt*
by the applicant ln person to th�� Agenl
or Sub-Agent of the district In which the
rights applied for ar�� situated.
In surveyed territory the land must t*
described DJT eectlons. or l��'g;il nub-divisions of Ht'cttons, and in uiwurveyed territory tho tract applied for shall iH
Staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be acrnuipanl<-4
, by a fee of $5 whlcli wlll be refunded If
ihe right! applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shull 1-*
paid on the ninichantable output of tha
mine ,\t the rate of five cents i>er ton.
Tht* person operattnn the mine ehail
furnish tbs Agent with swam return?
: accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coui mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining right��
are not being operated such returns should
be furnished  ni least  onoe a  year.
The lease wlll Include th*- c#ul mining
rights only, but the leasee will be fier-
mltted to purchase whatever avall&blS
surface rights may be considered necea*
sary fnr thn working of the mine at lht
, rate of  t LO an acre.
For full Information application should
be mad)' to tiv Bocretar/ of the iv-part.
ment of the Interior, I Ktgwa. or to snj
Agent  or   Hub-Agent  of   Pnmlnlun   fjtnda.
Second    Unit    of    Calgary    Municipal
Plant   is  Large  One���Wholesale   Smuggling
Calgary, July 16. Thf second unit
of the municipal paving plant will be
Btarted to work next .Munday or Tuesday, according to ('ity Engineer Q. \V,
Craig. The new unit is one of the
most modern plants in existence, anil
has a capacity slightly in excess ot
that of the plant at Mewftta park,
which has a rated capacity for laying
1','uin square yards of asphalt per
day. The chief reason that the Mewata
P. O. of Kikn of the li. of C, mw
...- .Irnt anil third ThurHilnv ut S p, m.
K. of  l>.   Hull.   Eighth  sur.-.t    a  Weill
Uruy. I'lxalti-d Ruler; P. II- Smith. Sw
vv   \v   COBT,
Deputy MlnlHt.T of the Interior-
B,���T'ruiutliorlxi-i! publication of till,
rtjHftmenl  will  nol  he  t... 1.1  for
II. &
I.. O. O M.. NO. BB4.���MEBT8 Oh
first. Becond, thlnl unit fourth WVdni'fl
(lay In mch inonlll al n p tn
In tin- Moow Home. II J l'-iun)
dictator: P. !���-. Jonea, aecretary
lh-.-iiliniin" i-h of lodge In Sec llmim
corner of Pourth and Carnarvon Btrceti
1. O. O P, AMITY I.ODllE NO. 17���TU
regular meeting of Amity Ii.iIk'- Nt
27. I. O O. P., la held every Mon da:
nlcht at 8 nYli-'k In Uil.l Pellowe' 11,1
oorner Carnarvon ami Eighth mivi'tj
Vlaltlng bn thi-rn cordially Invltei
IL A. Merrlthew, N. a ; J. Rob.rtsoi
V. (}.:  W.  ('. Coiitham.   P,  ii .  recort
���     , , . , ,    ,     , ,    ,,       Inn eecretary;   II.   W.  HiinKHtir,   flnar
rk tuiB not been able tu laj usplmlt |    ciui secretary
Wife    Gets    Divorce���Says
Drove   in   Narrow   Bu-"-^
to   tlte
"Ti nder
," *.' .11 li*
tjuln 'I m
Head Oardener/'
:  Assistant   Modi
Works up to noon of Monday, tho 2MI1
day of July, 1813, for the erection
nnd completion of the following res]
���denoi-s in the Mental Hospital, Kssondale. B. t'..:
""Ursirli nee
cal superintendent."
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender for oncli building mny
be seen on and aftor the F.tli day of
July, 1913, at the oflces of J. Mahony.
Government Agent, Vancouver; S. A.
Fletcher, Government Agent, New
Westminster; and the Department of
Public  Works, Victoria.  B. C.
lutendins tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of ilnmiiiKs nnd specifications
Ot each building for the sum of fifteen dollars ($lii) for each set re-
liilred. which will be refunded on
���their  return  In  good  order,
Kach proposal must be accompanied bv an accept' d bank cheque or
certificate of deixisit on a chartered
Innk of Canada, made payable to the
I'onorab!"  the     Minister    of    Publlc
Works, for the Bum of n per cent, of
th" tender price, which shall be forfeited If the party tendering decline
to enter Into contract when called up-
on to do so, or If be fall lo complete
tho work contracted for. The cheques i
r��r certificates of deposit of unsuccess- telephones
ful tenderers will bn returned to them
upon  the execution of  the contract |
Tenders will noi  he considered un- j
less made out on the forms supplied, j
n'gne^J   wllh   the  actual   signature  of
the tenderer, anil enclosed  In lht' en- [
velopes furnished.
Publlo Works Engineer,
Department of Public Works.
Victoria, B. C�� July 4th, 191;
I ol
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice is hereby given thnt Dawson
;ind Qraoe, of South Westminster,
will apply for a license to lake and
use one hundred inches of water out
of an unnamed creek, which flows In
a northerly direction through wild
land, owner unknown, and empties
Into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
road. Tho water will be diverted at
a point -��nutli of I.adner road and will
d for Block and domestic purposes on the land described as a sub
division of fractional section 25, B. 5
N.. It. 3 W.
This notice was posted on the
'ground on the Mb day of July, lt)\2.
JThe application will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at New
Objections may be hied with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Itinlns, Parlla
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
ilTIS) Applicants
Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'    OaBollne
Engines,   Marine   Ungines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
(1712)   P.O. Box 474.   New Wejtmlniter, B.C.
Sealed tenders, addressed
Undersigned, and indorsed
for Dredging Put River, l( C
received until 4 p.m., Oil \V
July 23, 1913, for dredging ri
Pitt River,  B.C,
Tenders ��ill nol be conslderi d
less made on the forms Biipplli d,
signed wuh the actual signature
tendi rers.
Combined specification and form ol
tender enn In* ol talned i n appli it'oi
to the Secretary, Departmenl cf Pub
He Works. Ottawa, Ten I" - m * I ���
elude the towing of tlu planl to kik*
from the work Dredgei: and tuss noi
owned and registered in Canada hal!
not be employed In tin i-*.: rmanoi
of the work contracted for, Contrac
tors musl be ready to begin vork
within thirty days after the date they
have been nnilfltd of the acceptanci
of their lender.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the mder of 'hr
Honorable ihe Minister i ' Public
Works, for tlve per cenl (5 "��� r cont.l
of the contract price which will hi
forfeited if tiie |nrsiiii tendering de
cline to enter Into a contracl when
called upon to do so. or fail io com
plete the work contracted for if thi
lender lie iiiii accepted tlie chequi
win be returned.
The Departmi nl doi a not bind If si ll
to ace pi the lowest or nnv ti nder.
By order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, .lnne 24, 1913
Newspapers will nol be paid fnr 'his
advertisement if they insert it with-
out authority from the Department,
���44186. (1684)
to itB full capacity, however, Ib
iueo tiie concrete gangs could not
keep Kulliiciently ahead of the asphalt
surfacing. This is the chief problem
of any paving contractor, however,
nnd reflects no discredit on the asphalt plant.
Wholesale Smuggling.
What   may   prove  lo   be  it  case  of j
wholesale smuggling Into this city of
cocaine and opium  was discovered  In !
an investigation made by Chief Cuddy
and    Detective-Sergeant    Richardeon,
when  a trunk  alleged   to belong    to
Claude Wilson wns traced to the storage warehouse of the Johnston Cartage   company,   and   found   to  contain '
large quantities of the drug put up In
marketable  shape,  evidently  for  the
supply of habitual users.    Wilson ;i|i
peared  before    Magistrate    Saunders
in the police court charged with a via
lation of the opium and drugs act, nnd
pleaded not guilty, protesting that the
trunk belonged nol to himself, bul to
a  man  named   Ed  Smith,  whom  the
police   so   far   have   not   been  able   to
Allege Discrimination.
charging that, although they  ltav<
but one team apiece, on  which  thoy I
an- dependent  for a livelihood,  ihey;
were  laid  off  city  work   while other]
Is.   nowrci.t.   (successor
ter *  lliiniia.   Ltd 1  -Funei
al  director
I      and   iinliiilnifi'H.     I'inl.,':i   )���
:.   I'.ilumlil
street,   New   Westminster,
Phone   Sti
w. K. PALBS���Pioneer Puneral Dlrecto
anil !���:-- 'mliiii-r tirj 61S Agnes strep
upiwisl..; I'ani.'L-li* Library.
���Until.     Tel    It.   l'i*..   Rooi
Tenders will be received by the undersigned for the construction of perilous of the Canadian Northern Pac lie
Hallway on Vancouver Island, Province of British Columbia, as follows.
1, l-'i'oin the City of Victoria to a
point near Headman's Hiver iu lbe
District of Esqulmault, a distance i f
approximately live mil* s.
L' A line leaving the above at Regina Avenue. Victoria, and extending
to l'nlon Hav. Saanich Peninlaula. a
distance of approximately 1614 miles.
Ti nders to Include clearing, grabbing, grading, bridges, treBtles, culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required to si:!i-
tnlt two tenders for that portion it
the work Included in the grading, one
being on the basis of tbe following-
Solid rock.
Loose  rock,
Hard pan,
and the other nn ihe basis of a ola��sl-
flcatlon for "solid rock" and "all otic r
Plans, profiles, specifications and
forms of contract may be seen, ai il
forms of tend' r obtained at tin* offici ��
of Mackenzie, Mann ti Co., Ltd.,
Metropolitan building,
slreet west. Vancouver,
offices of Mackenzie,
Ltd.,  Pemberton block
Tendera to include
I offices of Mackenzie,
s;!7 Hastings
B.C., or at Ihe
Mann  & Co.,
Victoria, B.C.
clearing,   grul>
Mnnn    &    Co..
P, II  Smith W. J. Qrovet
Work liliili-rlnk ii in cltv nil-1 mitsld
imliiis. ���Jii-IL' WistiuiiiHiir Trust blllf
Phone  K4.    p   i)   n<n
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.: clr
1'iiliir work Rpectallat. All work strict!**
conlldentlal II. Harry, riiuiii lis Wesl
minster Trust Hlk.   Phone 702,
Spokane, July 10 Charles w. Mohr
ex-councilman, pioneer shingle manu-
facturer and thresherman, provided
a narrow buggy fi r use win-:, be went
driving ��iih bis favorite stenograph
ers, but mainln ned a h*-- artistic vi
hide for liis wile, nccor Iin i to tes i
mony before Judge William Hum i.
l.y Mrs, Laura Mohr, his wife who
was granted  a  divorce and  half the
c.stati .
On the witness stand Mrs Mohr
gave 11,tie testimony otber Uian thai
the allegationn in the complain! -were
true. The ex-councilman f.led u. an
swer denying the allegations bul ii .1
nol appi ar In coun. His attorno) b,
Peacock & Ludden, announced tin:
the agreement bad been made as to
how  the property should  be divided
MrB. Mohr decleared that lier Iiiib-
band bad been in the hnbit of going
���driving with liis favorite stenographers, and that he would entertain them
at cafes und theatres, She said that
he even made the admission I., her.
She sobbed as she said that her hus
band had declared that be wns mere
ly a boarder In the homo, and said
that he preferred the society ol the
girl In his office to ln-r company,
James Baxter, a neighbor, testified
that In* had often Been Mr. Mohr en
ter his office at lhe shingle mil with
stenographers at nice o'clock uud ro
main tin re until i leve'i o'clock.
Mr. .Mohr win n men b i* i I the l.isl
city couucil under the < id government, and ls manager ol ii*..' Charles
w. Mohr Shingle and Lumber Coin
pany, nn Slnlo avenue. Kor Severn!
years lie hnd maintained his home
ni  Boone avenue,
Mr. umi Mrs. Mohr were married i'i
In-.;: al New  Ulm, Minn,    Pour grown
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   ������liill!rt n   niaki*   the'r   limne   iu   H
nue      Mrs.   Mohr   annoii.iced   yesterday ihai her two sons reside with her
INVESTORS'   INVESTMENT CO. ���" ' <"��� avenue.
The properly settlement agreement
Real Etate and Insurance. !'''v'" Mrs. Mohr the house and three
ibts  where she reside) al   1111S  lloolie
Notary  Public. j avenue, as well nn a block of a dozen
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia 8treet. | iota in East Spokane.    She was given
New Westminster, B.C. I tha persoual effects in tin; home,
ster Board nf Trade meets In ile* huiir
room, City Hall, nn fnlhiWK Third l-'rl
dny of each month; quarterly mef-tlw
nn the third Prlduy of I'llinuuy, Mn>
Annus! 1011I November nt i p in, An
Html meetlnss *'ii the third Krlday o
l-'i liriinry C H Stiiurt Wade. s��cr��
New    '
C.    J.
men owning five and  six teams were I
kept on, four employees of tbe pub  ;
lie  works departmi nt  lodged  n  complaint  with  Mayor II   A. Slnnoii   Tho
men   refused   to   be   intislied   With   an
interview   with  Commissioner Samls, i
but  appealed  directly  to  Mtyor Kin-i
nett. who promised  to have the ease
Dreak   Dental  Act. B
.1   I!   CrulckslKink was bin il ,M."n nnii   CORBOULD,  ORAN'
costs by Magistrate Sanders for prno-      rlsiers, Roiicit---
tlclng  dentistry   without   a   license   in ]
contravention  of  the  Alberta  Dental
association   act.   The   accused   hns;
iieen practicing in offices in tho Bums
block for the last two months, and his
defence was that he wns carrying on |
only the mechanical Bide of dentistry,
concerning which the dental act said ]
nothing,    ll. c.  it.  Porsythe for the
defence,   contended   thai   tho  act   re- i
ferred only to dental surgery (which
was nol defined)  and did not  prohlbt
a man doing mechanical work for private persons as well as for the profession.     His     worship,    Magistrate
Sunders, held, however, that the work
thai was being done by Crulckshank
such ns filling teeth and the making j
nnd fitting of plates    came under lh"
bend of the practice of dentistry mul |
rendered the accused liable to a pen- ""
alty  under the act.    The  maximum I J-
penalty Is $200 fine and the fine lm- '
posed   by  his   worship   was   JlMi  and
CllSt:'. !_
Ltd., Metropolitan building, 837 Hast.
inns street west, Vancouver. B.C., not
Inter than noon on Saturday. Julv 111,
1913, and to be enclosed in a sealed
��� tiv lope marked "Tenders for Construction." The lowest or any tender
: not necessarily accepted.
July 6th, 1913, (1700)
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. ('. Klectric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except  Sunday.
An Per Following Schedule:
for Po t
ew  We   ���
b.    --Hi Lorne si"-"
tinbi'ilir.    (1.  E. Corbould, K
It. ilianl.    A.  fi),  MeColl.
ti-r-iii-liivv. *.||rltor, eto. 'I'l'li-i'lion
inVn. Cuiili- address "Johnston
i'.di'. "Western l'nlon.'' Offices, Bib
Block. r,.v: Cniumbia street. New Wesl
minuter, B. C.
shin ��� Barristers iuui Boilcitora, \v.-nt
minster Trust Ittk.. Columbia stri'ie
New Westminster, It. C Cabla mliires-
"Whltesltfe," Western Union, I'. (
Drawer 200, Telephone mi vv. .
Whiteside, K. c; M. I- Edmonds, I
J, HTM.WELL CUfTB. Ilnrrliil.r-iit-liiv
aotlcltor. etc.; corner Colombia an
McKensle Htreete, New Weatmlnate
II.  C.    P,  O.   Hoi   112.     Telephone   71'
ives N'ew Westminster
Mann s 00 a m.
I.i nves  l'ort  Mann  for  N
minster 9:01 a.m. ^^^
Leavea   New   Westminster  for   I''   t
.Munn  uud   l'ort  Coquitlam  10:00 n I i,
Leaves   Porl   Coiiuitlam   for   Pi  t
Mann and Now Westminster 1 00 p.m,
I,raves   New   Westminster  for   l'i   t
Mnnn r,::pi p m,
Lcuvea   Port   Mani
minster 7:0U p.m.
Leaves New Westminster for P
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:110 p.m
Leaves Port Coquitlam for P
Mann and New Westminster ii:30 |i
Schedule subject to change wlthi .
For further  Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navi
nation Co., Ltd. ��
Phone  1f>4L.    Office 903 Columbia
w. t,
' i.
Si'lli'ltnr nml Notary.
Hock ::�� Lome street,
ster,  II. C.
BAHKIS'l 111*
Offloea I bo
Now  U'lHtiuii
New   Spring  and   Summer  Kultii
now   on  display.    See  them.    Perfi
in and workmanship guaranteed.   7
Front  Street.
May Have to Retire.
Toronto, July 18. Will tho condition of Dr. Orr's health oblige him to
resiKii the managership of the Canadian National exhibition and will Joseph (Hiver he appointed to the position? This ci ii ��� ry Is quietly passing
around the corridors if the city ball,
ami among some of the prominent citizens downtown, llr Orr was III while
abroad last Spring, and since he returned home his recovery has been
slow.     But   until   now   there   was   no
whisper of his health preventing him
from taking up his duties with his
usual effectlvenefl In time for tho exhibition.
Barristers nnd Boilcitora. 608 to ni
WoHtmlnslei- Trust Block, O. !���'. Mar
nn. ''��� il. McQuarrie and Oeorge I
P.O. Bos 34 Dally Newa Bldg
Of all   kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guorontsed
59 McKenzie at
Transfer Co.
)(flct   Phons   185.      Barn   Phon*  lj;
Regbls Strati.
BaxK��Be Delivers* Promptly to
any psrt of thc city.
light and Heavy Hauling
x Pastors in Toronto Have to Walk   Farmer   Sues  for  $10,743   Damagco-
th*= Slreet for a Wee!.���Innocent Claims He Lost Uae of
If.re fif,rnTrrft Tdl ^^^^^^^^^^^
[service whin the next season of navigation  opens. .
Ibis is not a ea?e of locking the
stable door after the horse has been
|stolen, for this port has been singular'
 -p^-p_   j ly  free  from  disastrous outbreaKg of
i fire.     In   recent,  years   a   few     river
Toronto Passes Stringent Regulations  Majors'   Union   Refused  to   Accept  a  crafl bave been burned to the wa'er's
'-^���-^��� ii'dKe bin  none of the bin ships have
Sliding S:ale of Wages���There     ^^^^^^^^^^^
Cause of Trouble
-Clean   Towel   for   Every
Will   Eo No Strike.
Toronto   July  16   -The life ot an I   Saskatoon, July 16.���What promilM I   Toronto, July 16.--A dean shave in j   Calgary, July 16
Itinerant  Methodlm   pastor  Is not all'to be a case of more thun usual In-  every barbershop  in    the    city.    Dr. I tlm  effort  of  the
ihat It Ib cracked up to be.    No Boon-Itt rest will likely be heard at the nnt Hastings has Issued his promised rules
,et has he settled himself comfortably  sitting of the supremo court in which
,i ,wii in a pulpit than he Is forced to Dr. H. K. Munro wlll be the defendant
lie up and doing and have an eye on   In an action brought by Charles E. Hl-
IllB charge,    lf he  is conscientious to
he waits for a call from
field of endeavor; if lie Is
niman he does his best to be called
"i a pulpit in some more potential
i i ban area,
Sometimes the conferance stationing committee nre short of 'calls"
and   the   minister   whose  time  Is  up
must b? stationed    it Bometlmee hap.
Si'leeli ll    does
I  stationed,   or
ected wiih that
fit   to   object
l��� ns  thai   the  Btatlon
i oi suit  the man ihu
i. rhapB the laity conm
particular   station       ^^^^^^^^^^
i i the new* preacher thus Bent to mln-
-ier to iheir spiritual needs. If this
*cui'K endless  trouble  and   inronven
\ ience are entailed by other inenih irf
I   the  conference.
This is jusi whal has happened
during the pasl week, nnd a number
if ministers who have either changed
pulpits iu Toronto, or come from outside points have had to store their
persona! effects, not furniture, be
i ause all Methodist parsonages are
furnished, and board elsewhere, be-
��� ause tln-ir predecessors have been
unable to move; all because the c in
gregation saw fit to be discontented
with the new* minister.
Six ministers in all are so effected
n ihis city nt present, The Innocent
cause of the trouble refused to quit
his old nest before the new one was
ready for him. and therefore bla sue
lessor had to do the best be could
under ihe circumstances. This disarrangement continued until the Blxth
minister, who came In from an out-
s'de district had to load his furniture
i ii tbe vi randah of Mb new bome, and
is now. like the disciples of old. without a place to lay his head, until the
"offending" congregation becomes reconciled, or a new man is substituted
llott, a farmer, of Saskatoon, for general  damages  of  $10,000  and   apeclal
damages of %i*2.ifi.
The plaintiff avert that In February,
IHl'i, he employed Dr. IL. ED. Munro
to treat und attend him for a diseased
leg from which h�� was then Buffering, and that on March 20, 11)12, while
he was under Dr Munro's care an
operation wns performed on him by
Dr. Munro for his diseased i'"i, while
he was in the city hospital.
He claims that Lh rough the nenll-
gence and lack of skill on the part, of
Dr. Munro he Buffered injury, owing to
his lift arm being nllowed lo come In
contact wiih the edge of the operating table. As n remit of this he alleges that tha arm suffered Injury
through u nerve being deadened nnd
killed, nnd that In conseouence he his
lost tho power of his left nrm.
In his claim for special damages he
estimates two operations to IiIb arm
al jmio, medicine $26.70. and hospital
bill from March 20, 1912, to May 20
1918, at *4ix. with general damages
added of $10,000.
$10,000,000 MARK
It looks aa though
builders' exchange
to organize a building trust, of profit
to those of the (,'iiild and to the disadvantage of the Individual builder, similar to the combinations among the
builders of Montreal and ether eastern cities, has gone the way all
unhcly schemes should gn, ar.d ali because of the attitude of the union,
"hich Insists upon the protection of
the   Individual   builder.
The building exchange was willing
to grant the demands of the men for
an increased scale to 70 cents per
hour, providing the men would agree
to put into force a ira'.e rf KO cents
in hour for those not engaged in the
bUBln ss of building, penalizing th"
orlvate Individual who preferred to
build by days' pay about 16 per penl
The union refined to accept the
nroviso, and because of Ih's r��Tus-i'
���inr,. will be no building monopoly
In Calgary,
The nrohabllltira are there wlll be
|n-i strike of ths masons. Practically
all of the Independent builders, as
those not affiliated with the builders'
exchange are designated, have agreed
to raise the scale of nny from ''.7 J-2
I cents to 70 cents next Monday, the
dat" Dxed for tbe Inauguration of the
aew s"ii". As the Independent build-
era furnish employment for about half
] ii" maslons at work in Calgary thia
lmr:ins that the mas *ns are In fair wav
to win their demands. Three building concerns, members of the er.
change, have also acreed to pay thi
scale, and the officials of ,,i" iu>; "
determined bv the medical health  are  of  'he  opinion   that   others   will
mett the unions demandr,.
| (Uttered s rlOUS loss.    The sheds and
freight have escaped almost entirely. {
iThe  harbor commissioners  recognize,!
| however,   the   possibility   of   a   river
; front disaster, and so the tug will be
j added to the equipment.
and regulations to govern the tonsorial
establishments   from   north   to   south
and  east to  west.    Stringent    provision Is made fer the proper cleansing
of Instruments and minute regulations
are provided for the protection of cus-
j turners whether they lie old and longhaired or young and downy-cheeked
No penalty for the Infringement of
the nm-B    is    contained  In  the oral-
j nance, the question of fines being left
I for  further consideration.    The  rules
| will go Inio force at once if approved
by  the  board of health at the  mect-
I in   gto   be     held.     The     regulations.
; which are to 1 a kept posted in a con-
, spit-nous  place  in  i very  barber  shop
.ii the City are as follows:
1. All  barber  i hops,  together  with
I .'urnlfhlngs and fittings, must be kept
t -j t all 'inns In a sanitary condition.
2. The walls and ceiling must I."
��� painted, papi red or whitened and the
j simp must be properly lighted and
! ventilated.
3. Kvery barber shop must, hav
i an  ample  supply  of  running  hot  and
cold water, The hot water tanks must
not be usi d for any other purpose
than that of hi atlng waler.
4. All  mugs,  shaving  brushes,  razors, needles, clippers, shears, forceps,
| combs, brushes or any other barber
utensil, must be sterilized by holding
for it  short time  In  boiling waler, or
60 per cent alcohol or by other mean
to In
Cramming down ll!-cho��en
food, and rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with ail it means In
Proper habits of eating,
wllh a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after eaoh
meal, restore good digestion, health arid happiness.
A box ef Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
50c. at your Druggist's.
National Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.
Shoe Store
The Home of Low Prices.
641 Front Street.
Loose Change Day
Barefoot Sandals; double soles, any pair in store 7ac.
Fleet-foot Running Shoes, a clearing line 7 to 2 40c.
Ladies' White Canvas Shoes, leather soles, all
sizes 50c.
Men's Fleet-foot Rubber Soled Oxfords  75c.
Boys' heavy leather soled Canvas Shoes, sizes
1,2,3,4,5 95c.
Men's heavy leather soled Brown Canvas Shoes,
all sizes  95c.
Winnipeg   Will   Have   Record   Year
Parliament   Buildings   Will
Cost  $3,000 000
Hjaiih  Officers Take  Action���Several
Ontario   Towns   Disregard
Tun nlo. July 16 Several Ontario
towns new running under free and
easy health regulations, and incidentally lhelr death rates mount uji annually through negligent practices, are
about to tie brought up Bhort within
the ensuing few weeks The provincial
board ol health is camping on their
trail these days and acquiring Information which will later be turned
Into the strongest kind of leverage to
demand tin- installation of prompt and
efficient sanitary aervlcea
This rejuvenation cornea as tii ���
fruits of the new policy of san I tan
surveying but recently inst tuted Beven district representatives dividing
between them ll:-' sum total of Onta-
ri i municipalities are dally journeying
from place to place, and each town is
subjected to the most rigid scrutiny
of all matters pertaining to public
health. Immediately a complete re.
port is forwarded to the chief officer
and In the onses of neglectful or careless management, a plan of action Is
decided upon and the advice of the
board iB forwarded in regard to particular matters. To Ignore this advice  is to  become subject  to penalty
Although no particular cases will
yet i,e quoted b> the board, it ia un-
de-��t"od that several towns throughout the province and especlaly those
bordering on rivers, have been found
i* h nest deplorable sanitary condition, ln some typhoid fever is in-'
creasing yearly, and the cause was
very apparent to the health officer on
hh- Ont  ;-"iinil.
The water Bystems, conditions of
public buildings, milk BUnnly, cure of
fruit and men' in lhe 'own Btores.
prevalence of flies, cd methods to
guard agalnsl them, rare of streeta
nnii ' iicb number c' peoole and health
record, number of physicians and
their 'lithfi '.nets to dutv. and a score
of other Vnatb rs are all taken note
Of and filed for future reference In
the department.
Clean Tow-Ola for All.
fi.   Kvery barber must uae separate
clean towels for each and avery cus ;
tomer, and shall himself wear a wash  i
able apron or coat, which must be kept]
C.    Kvery chair In all barber shops
i must be provided with a roll of clean
paper to be placed on the back of tin ;
chair  in  such  a  way  that  it  can  be!
unrolled so as to constitute a cover
for the head rest. A fresh, clean, e ip
tion  of said   paper  must  be  used   for
every customer -no portion of the paper to be used more than for ojie poison.
7 No alum or other astringent
shall be used on a second person. 11
used Ihey muft lie used in powder or
liquid fojm. individual caustic stlcltt
may be used and immediately de-
sir Dyed.
Powder  Puffs   Earred.
s>. Barbera must thoroughly cleans;
thel' hands immediately before attending io each and every perfon.
9. The use of powder puffs anil
, sponges Ib prohibited.
Winnipeg, .luly 16. -Winnipeg's
building has passed the $10,000,000
mark. In spite of tli" diniinuation in
building in many cities occasioned by
the difficulty of obtaining money Winnipeg is forgnig steadily ahead.
Willi tin- permits half way toward
tlle $20,000,000 mark during th" first
half of the year, the indications are
that the ni ord of last year will be
at least equalled if not excelled.
Parliament Buildincs
Thi re are many large buildings,
i Inn- for whicb ate prepared and
which will in all probability bo com-
un need this >ear, among tbem bin.;
the mw parliament buildings, the ten.
derB for which have In en sifted down
un 11   it   rests   now   between   Thomai
Kelly  ol  this cily. and  Titer l.yal  & I     in.    N���  barber  shall  shave a  ens-
Sons,   of   Montreal.    This   $3,000,000 I tomer when the surf ace to bo shaved
ils inflamed cr broken out with rash
Minle'-S   sueh
Tliere will be nn strike, hut "or*
wiii be stopped in all instances where
th" icale is n it nn't.
The secretary of the builders' exchange gave em a statement in wh'ch |
he made indignant denial of the report ihat the exchange was scea ni
'o get control rf all the build'ng of
'be cltv, threneh *h�� -oronos'd dis-
'���riniinntory  sliding scale of wages.
te., July 24|| The Bank of Vancouver
"What  did   your  lawyer  uny
you stated your purpose to him'.'
p. m.. Rain or Shine
PARADE 10.30 a.m.
"He said
It  was  fees Ible
The Kreatest man 1 ever knew
Wus William Unity Ulucs
lie never CUlSed "I" turne.l tlen*!" bllll
When tie stepped un h lain
���Cincinnati l-.iiquirri*
a   9oecial  Train
��� Gates
���\\ uy Charlie's
���ver   lived."   said
at the Plaza ho-
Nothing   Lers  Than
Ker Charli
New York, -lul;.   l'i
the   he,I   b.      Ihn'
Mra. ('has. O. Qati a
tei.  where  Oati b  permanently
tains a handsome suite.
'���Charlie is the son of ihe late
"Bet-a-m'.lllon" Qatea lie came here
la i Saturday nt the rale of mi miles
an lunn* in a Bpeclal train from Minn-
oapolis. The report was that he and
ins father-in-law, Frank Hopwood, bad
a llttlo fracaa in a Minneapolis cafe
Charl e  denied  llie  row   when  Ile  got
lo   Ni u    York,   und   now   comes   Mrs.
Charlie  saying  ii s all "utter foolish
n'l.-l maltclouB goes p,"
"Why," she di c'.ared, shaking  her
head emphatically until the curls bull
Mi "i about. "Charlie Is the best boy
ever. That is the w< rsl 1 ever did
bear. 'rii. re is absolutely no truth
iu any reports of trouble. Charlie
lefl Ian! night to visit one of our
mines in Canada, and unless a sick
nephew who is in Denver, has a turn
fir the worse. I'll vail rlghl here for
him and we'll go back to Minneapolis
together. Yes, of course, Mr. Qatea
ti.nk a special train to Canada. And
I suppose he'll ride buck on one, lie
Bays be can't I 'iir to ride any other
way, because ll
go insi enough.
"Hut please now, juat Bay that 1
ii. tiied in whole and in detail ever}
bit of any BtorlOB thnl have been told,
or may be told in future to the effect
thai lhere bus In en nny ripple of trouble. Believe me, Charlie's the best
boy ever."
contract Will he the largest ever awarded  In  Canada  for a single  building.
There Is alBo the new Hudson's
Hay store, which the directors honed
lo have commenced this fall. Tlle
lermit for the new Pantages theatre
under construction has not been is-
s"t d. and plans are now ready and
'he teudera in for the new Quebec
i ink build ng on Portage avenue.
Hou3?s  are   Scarce
As regards tin' erection of houses
)'���< number so far built and under
way is unprecedented in the history
of Winnipeg and that there is room
'���>���: many mere Is shown by the diffi-
'"ilt>   in   obtaining    houses    to    rent.
Many apartment  blocks   are   under
crnstructlon, and many more will be
commenced during the fall. The talk
of tight money bad lhe effect of de
laylng operations by men who al-
thougb thev have the money to build
were unwilling to do bo during a time
Of financ al depression. Many of these
capitalists announce their intention
cf resuming Ihelr operations In the
fall and the outlook therefore is tliat
'be last half cf the year will be busier
than tile first half.
Men real, Quebec, July 16.���"Oh!
I was jUBt out for a little
stroll," was the way (ieorge Qulbault,
T.i y,ars of age, Chaput street, explained bis absence from home for
marly   a   week.
ihe septuagenarian had "strolled"
fifty miles. The last twenty-five were
r.vend without shoes, a tramp having stolen his hal and shoes while lie
was taking a brief rest in Cote St.
Mr. Qulbault did not Intend to go
to Cule rii Michael originaly, but the
weather was so fine he kepi on walking  until  he  reached   lhat  place.
He is a little forgetful at times.
When urged by friends in Cote St.
Michael to remain a day or two, forgot Hint he had neglected to Inform
liis family lbat be was going ou one
of bis "strolls.''
lis   wile   nnd   children   were   much
worried, Despite his long walk and
llie difficulties attending lhe return
nip. Mr. Qulbault declared be felt
as good as ever li day. nnd was ready
to reel oti another half century,
i�� m&
v.*.tp^S J"*'j [
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
r'-rsnii  has  his own  In
dividual Utensils for shaving.
11 Nn re run sufferlne from any
communicable d it ease shall act as :
contact with anv one Flittering from a
cmi'iiallocable disease shall act as a
!*arl e ���
IL' No barber chop shall be used
as a dormitory or sleeping room.
Ne*     Prison     Warden.
Capt. Ponslor-d, tiie new warden o
SI j   Mountain Penitentiary, Mam
i ba. who succeeds Col. Irwin, recent
lj transferred to tbe wardenship u
Kingston prison, was hern in SI
Thomaa in 1S63 and tins always takei
an active part In tin* military lne o:
tiie city, being nu officer in Lbe fcSUi
Regiment f->r many years, ami ball -en recognised as one of tli.' be.-'
drill instructor- m Western Onlarii
ll.* waa tax collector in St. Thorns.-
trom l*ilH tn 1900, resigning to g.. t.
Ki l'aso, Texa-, tn engage in business
with liis brother, where lie resided
(ur  a   few  year-.
Capt. Ponsford lias also taken .i
jreat Interest in ail sports, especially
baseball, being president ami ownei
��� if tin* St. Thomas team when it won
the championship ami the liailey cup
ol tiie Western Ontario baseball lcu;u*
in 1904,
Montreal,  .Tulv   16.���An    up-to-date
fire bea; Is likely to be added to the
Bquipment ef th" pert cf Montreal
very   socn.    Willi   millions  of   dollars
nvesii 1 in sheds, shins nnd cargoes]
along the waterfront, the harbor com
mlSSionnrB   believe   tint    I'"*     lia-h ��� j
hculd have a better protect'on frcm
fire than It haa now and. as a result,
1 hey aie planning a modern  fire tu-?
' cuard the Bhipping here.    Little do-
nitc action bas yet been taken, but
Waited Nine Yean For Sweetheart.
H. E. Martin ami Emily Gardner
both ol Gloucestershire, Kngland
were married In Kort William. Onl
recently, Tiny were betrothed nim
years ago in the old country, an
Martin Immediately left for Canada I
make Ins fortune. He settled on i
(arm near Kort William, ami hi
Bweetheart remained true to him uu
til  lie had a bomb ready for her.
nil      1
I you musl
mn si
��� for
my bacheli
ir une
'iid u
ly  .-ti
,r ���
isible, mad
.1"  it
If   1
could,   but
ull   I
slurvetl tn
Otto Kline, Lucille Mulhall
550 Inciiaris,Co\vboys,  Cow-i
Girls.   Cossacks,   Horses
and the sensational thrill- j
Pres. and Q��ai. Mgr. Vlca-Prasldant B��c. and Ttmi.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
W RAILWAY CO.     ;s
We now have four trains daily and
will give you the cheapest rate going
act only to Eastern points, but to
Kootenay and o'her points. We art
ilso agents for all steamship lines,
."or reservation and other particulars
ipply to
E. GOULET, Agent.      I
iSew   Weoiunudle'
11. w. BltoniE. G. P, A.. Vancouver
Ds C. Coast Service
Trains From Hiterurban Terminal���Columbia St.
,     L*fu>3 V.mrouver for Victoria 10 a   m
. 2 p. m. an.l II :45.
I     Lfavt'H   Vancouver  for Seattle   10 a.   m
and 11  p. m.
Lefts***1*) Vancouver for Nanaimo 10 a.m
and C ;30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prtne*1 Ruperi
.md Northern Point* 10 p m Wedne*
daya   and   Saturdays   at    11   p in.
Chilliwack Service
a.   ra.   Tuesday.
Loaves   i"'hl!!!wack    7
Thursday anu Saturday.
i "��'���*�����   Wsstmlnstsr  8
Wednesday and Friday.
ED. OOULBJT,  Agent.  New Westminster.
H   W.   BHI111ITC. O   P   A..   Vnneouver.
and  every   15  minutes  until  9
p.m.    Half hourly Bervlce until
11  p.m.  with  late  car at  midnight.
SATURDAYS���15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 6.45 a.m.
vice is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
a.m. and 4.30 p ra.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until 10  p.m. with  late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and artrr
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���S a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made  at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and otber points on Lulu Island.
How Seattle Woman Carried Proceeds of Day's Sile
S'uitl". .luly 16. How much gold
can a lady carrj In ber stocking without  limping?
This waa tha question which nuita-
i il ih.' federal court room in thc
ir.ui of Daniel Puhrman, bankrupt,
in nn Indictment charging blm with
concealing assets amounting to aboul
$:iin"i [rom bis trustee in bankruptcy.
,l. I.. Wiiit/.. one of ill" Balesmen
eniployod in Fuhrman's bankruptcy
sale last year, testified, that on three
different occaslou lie hml Been Mrs.
Kiilit'iiiiin.   tlle  real   ct.iiili.clui'  rf   ihe   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sale,  conceal  In  lier  Btoclclng  quantl- every  morning wus supposed tn
Winnipeg, July lii. "I have nothing
lo say," uuiil Hurley Benson whet
asked liy the magistrate ut the oltj
police court whut explanation he hmi
to offer un his pleading guilty to steal
iiiK $j::."i from hia employers, a local
employment agency. The accused wai
remanded fer sentence, in the interim his record will he Investigated,
Enquiries into the case reveal the
fuci that Benson wan employed as :.
counter man by the agency, lie hail
worked there for seven years and
ror Mime time past lie had heen cn
trusleil  lo lhe  care  of  the office  f n
anri r..   lie received cash from labor
its provided  with  employment, ami
ties of noli!  taken  in during the day's
iuil'. Wurtz wasn't prepared to state
the exact amount of money which he
regular trains don'l Isaw y.n into the stocking, and to arrive
at the approximate amount an at
tempi wus made to ascertain if the
ladj limped under the additional load.
Judge Cushman ruled out this testimony. Doll) (lie witness anil the attorney for the defendant agreed It Is
u customary iIiIiir for Indies to carry
iiiiiiicy In tlieir stocking,
the   previous   day's   proceeds   to   lhe
lianli.    II wus found 1" May last, that
although ���JtlJ had been collected, but |
file?  had   heen   placed   In  the   bank.
The accused  had  paid  back all but |
$28.68 of the misappropriated money.
The accused has ii wife ami Bmall I
baby and the ci ivrn prosecutor is un-
der   ihe   Impression   that   the   man's!
character is u distinctly good one, niul |
thai  the offence Is more or less of a |
.technical nature.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m���  with  late  car at  11.30.
RUSH  HOUR   SPECIALS���7.3��      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Sou.-; Warrior
Bitulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Oowr
the Centre.
llitulitlilc ls uolseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, enBy oa
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bltulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and bone's,
householders, aim city officials, lt Kid been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, aud over two hundred iu the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. 5aV,  JULY  17,  1913.
Remember the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
lacob's Biscuits. 2 pkgs ..25c.
Fry's Cocoa. Vi lb. tins ...20c.
drape Juice, per bottle  ...20c.
Shrimps, 2 Ib. tins   25c.
I.eard'H whole chicken, tin..40c.
Sunshine Peaches, 2 tins  .  25e.
:i tins No. 1 Sardines    25e.
Turkish   Coffee,  lb 35c.
I'mpress Baking Powder, tin 20c.
Uoyai City Tea. 3  lbs 90c.
I.   X.   L.  Tamales  and  Chili
Con Carne, 2 for  25c.
Plums, basket    50c. to 60c.
l'eaches,  2  lbs  for    25c.
Pears,   2   lbs   for    25c.
Apples,  3  lbs  for    25c.
Tomatoes, per Ib 15e.
Watermelons, each . .50c. to 80c.
Delivery dally 9:30, 10:30, 2:30
and 4:30 to both ends of city.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. HRIGGS
uy news ln brief
All   notices  of  meetings,  entertain-  about  the  broken  hive they  hail  the
ments, sales of work,    etc.,    in    this *(lock prett, mucj, l0 themselves. Later
r at  the   rate I
Please do  not <
iContinued from rase One I
of  10 cents  per  line.
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
box and taken away.
Harry Tidy, as manager of the opera
house may be all right, bul as a base-
! ball  umpire, never again.
Get it at the   Royal   Pharmacy,   47
Sixth street.    Tel.  1253. (1C73)
River  Clears.
Since the sluicing operations at Co-
quit Iain   dam   were  stopped,  the   Coiiuitlam river at Port Coiiuitlam, which
for some time  past  haa    been    very
muddy, even more so than the Fraser,
is becoming quite clear and the young-
A   meeting  to   make   arrangements ��� sters again  have taken to swimming
for the big merchants' picnic here on I in it.
July   30,   will   be   held   in   Vancouver'
this evening.
Trimmed hats worth $8.00 for $2.flu,
$15.00 hats for $5.00, outing hats 75c.
A lot of flowers to clear at 25c each.
It is a great satisfaction to have one's earning power supplemented by the earning power
of his savings.
Money deposited here
earns four per cent, per
annum and the interest
added   each    three
There are many other
advantages extended to
depositors with this institution which you
should know.
Call in "and allow us
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee-
New Westminster
6p6 Columbia St.
Pnid-Up Capital and Surplus
Truftteesblps under Administration, over $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
liesidencc V. \V. C. A.        Phone 1324
Rett Currants   2 lbs. for 25c
! Plums, Pears and Peaches 2 lbs   26c
nmatoea, per lb 20c
I Muskmellons 2 for 2f.c
line and Grape Juices, per bottle 25c
to 35c
I H innanas,  per dozen 30c
(Successor to Ayling *\ Swain.)
I-M7 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth street.
The splendid new residence being
erected by Dr. Hall at the corner of
Eighth street and Queen's avenue. Is
nearlng completion. There is still
some interior finishing to be done.
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman.
proprietor. (1670)
Yesterday building permits were issued to the B. C, Distillery Company,
liraid street, for the erection of a
yeast shed at $1200 and to W, Held.
Westminster Iron Works, for a garage at $400.
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
lire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.    P^onc 515.      11675)
A breakdown ill the mixing machine
yesterday afternoon will probably delay the special cement work being
done by the D.C.E.R. on Front street.
All that now remains to be laid is the
top dressing between the tracks.
For everything electrical Bee W
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
The oil wagon was at work on
Eights street yeBterday, with the result lhat autoists and other vehicles
now enjoy driving over the Pacific
highway free from dust. Residents
along the streets also welcome the
Money to loan on first mortgages
Improved city and farm property
tl per cent.   Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (1671)
What ran a baseball manager do
when an ultimatum is presented to the
effect that a city league battery will
turn out with, the opposition or there
will be no galfle? The News, rather
than disappoint the crowd, gave Ih
to the inevitable.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Patience brings its own reward anil
today the two men who all week held
down positions outside the Dominion
land office doors will be rewarded, at
least one of them will, when the choice
40 acre plot in Surrey vvill be available to the first  comer.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, Band, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
I phone S26, wharf phone 880. (1674)
Yesterday Mr. Justice Morrison
granted the application of Sir Charles
Hibbert Tupper ou behalf of A. I).
Taylor, K.C, for the discharge of A.
Tapley, charged with theft frnni a
C. P. n. car at Port Coquitlam and
upon whose case the grand jury pronounced  "no bill."
The Pig Furniture Store, corner
Sixth and Carnarvon streets, is running a genuine clearance sale. Substantial reductions on all lines for
cash. Denny & Ross, the people
who treat you right all the time.
Tbi��IS" the time of the year when
��� be "city police force, at least those
Who have been in the service in New
Westminster for over a year, take a
vacation. Yesterday Sergt. Pentland
and P. ('. Walker resumed their duties after a week's lay-off. Constables
Henderson and Lundl are now enjoy- |
ing the summer weather free from |
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovale carpets and draperies, remake and repollsh furniture, manu-
facture cedar dress and waist boxes,
window Beats and do all kinds ot
ipholstery work in leather or tapes-
ry. We are the largest makers of
vlndow shades, draperieB and interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees Limited. (166!))
James Hyan nnd .Henry f.emlri,
committed for trial on a charge of
theft by Magistrate H. Wyatt at North
Bern}, appeared before Judge Howay
yesterday und elected for speedy trial.
The trial was fixed for July* 22. The
men lit-* accused of stealing a grip
ind contents, the property ofr II. A.
| Fullerton} Vancouver, from a C.P.R.
An inquest will he held at !i o'clock
this   morning   In   Pales'   undertaking
parlors  upon  the  body  of an  inmate
I 'f  the  prison "farm   al   Hurnaby   who
I lied on Tuesday.    Coroner McQuarrie
i states that  such  proceedings are neceaaary by a statute requiring an Inquest  to be held  ln the event  of any
inmate of a prison dying.    In this Instance death was undoubtedly due to
| natural  causes  and   no  developments
are anticipated.
Police Constable Glbb, of the Kamloops force, iB a visitor in the city and
yeBterday called on P. C. Milne of the
local force. The two were old friends
in the old country, Mr. Illbb was thi
'ern of a shooting affair which took
place in Kamloops last April, when
he arrested one of three men for
mrglary and siuck to his man although shot nt hy Hie latter's com-
-ades in crime. The man Mr. (lihli
crabbed is spending a long vacation
In the penitentiary here.
Men. women nnd children sang "Two
'.iltl" Lone Heen" between breaths as
'hey ran for slieller yesterday after-
noon when a boxed up hive of bees
broke loose on the [1. C. K. R. wharf
while being unloaded and set the thousands of inmates on a seeing New
Weatmlnster tour. In a very short
time Indeed Ihe air was filled with
black Bpeeks and un angry buzzing
sound, and until the insects swarmed
Worse for  Him.
On  Tuesday    at    Steveston  Alfred
, Howard was sentenced by Magistrate
I Rubinowitz to three months with hard
(1764) I tabor for supplying liquor to Indians.
Howard broke from custody last Sunday morning.    He  was recaptured by
Chief of  Police  Needles and  he  will
now  be   tried   oil  a  charge    of    jail
FROM  8  O'CLOCK   TILL  5:30.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
674-678 Columbia Street
Burnaby Magistrate Busy.
Magistrate Ileattie was busy yesterday at the Hurnaby police court and
disposed of a number of minor cases
C. A. Bourne, of New Westminster,
was assessed $5 and costs for driving
an automobile iniiius the necessary
side lights. Edward Graybill. .if Vancouver, was assessed $5 and costs
on two -separate charges, one of damaging a public highway and anothei
of felling a tree and blocking the
street. Morris Betterldge, of North
Burjiaby, was mulcted of $2.50 for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and three
hoys contributed the same amount
for similar offences. An oriental with
a nartie sounding something like Chen
San was fined $20 nnd costs for blocking a gutter.
They Probably Support a Fifth o*
the Country's Population.
One i.i the moi-t romantic aspects
of Canada's development is tn lm seen
in its railroad-building. Every year
sees vast stretches of new rails projected into some unknown and hitner-
tu untraveled domain, bringing intu
subjugation all that was wild and unproductive in mountain, plain und
to; est. Mighty rivers are being
bridged, massive mountains arc being
tunnelled, and the very Arctic circle
is being skirted with strong lines ol
Steel, And a real spirit ui zest is being given lo all tins work in thc exciting race which is being run by
thc rival companies, as they strive tu
outstrip each ether in the gigantic
The average freight haul of a little
over 200 miles on Canadian  railways
is   the   longest   in  the   world.       The
average   passenger    journey,    due    to
geographical conditions, is one of tlie
things  which  our  railways  would   bc
better satisfied  to do  without.    They
would  rather  huve  a gruater  density
of tratlic���that is, more tuns and more
passengers in proportion to track mile-
age.    That  is  coming,  however, and
coming   fast.    Ontario   is   just  about
equal  to  New   York  State  in  railway
mileage,    measured    by    population.
lukiii*.'   the   whole   Dominion,   let   it
bc repeated that we occupy tiie unique
position "I having the highest rutin ot
trackage  per   head  of  any  country in
the world, but, lest this should make
ins boast lul, it must be at once admit-
Ud that on the basis uf tntal area m
nave   tlie   lowest.
The economic relationship of railway*" to llie community at large is
nut ��uilieientiy appreciated, in Cana-
la.Hitjr rallwavs give direct employment wivjaround 15-O.omi individuals,
.ind in BalarftjB and wages tliey pay nut
annually, moth, than 170,000,000, Nearly sixty per cent, of all their operating expenses is fnr labor. Tlie indited employment givtn is very
large. Take the item ol ties, a? an
illustration. The number required
during 1912 did ni t fall below 14.(100,���
iXKl, and the average cost, delivered,
may be put down at not less than
forty cents each. Here we have a
total of $fj.GC��>.(K��i, or $700 eacli fur
i.Uim heads ol families. Taking into
account tlie conduct of hotels and
steamers, the making ol oils, paints,
-Mass,, structural Bteel, rails and
sobree' of other commodities, and assuming that each wage-earner represents a family of five, it is m I improbable that one-fifth d out entire popu.
lalinii  obtain   a   livelihood out  of  the
the Pinkerton men made the arrangements for his going to New York and
paid for his board there. He knew
Macnamara was supposed to be in
court in New York and bad previously
seen his photographs.
Sir Charles���How often did you see
the photographs 7
Witness���Twice or three times. 1
am not sure ujout the third time. They
did not show me the photographs hall
u dozen times. They showed me a
doitcn or more photographs aud asked
me if there was any one there like
the mu" I saw on Royul avenue at the
motor. 1 picked out two. 1 did not
take the photographs with me. Mr.
Ahem did not talk to ine very frequently about the case. Only once or
twice. Chief Bradshaw was with him
on one occasion. They simply asked I
mo what 1 knew about tbe uffalr.
Took a Good Look.
Questioned as to his   grounds   for:
identifying   .Macnamara,   witness  said
he hud got a good square look ut him
on Koyal avenue.
Sir Charles���You never stopped and
you took no particular notice.
Witness���I certainly    had   a    good i
square look at him.
Sir  Charles���When  did  you  report
this ordinary occurrence to the police?
Witness���1 did not report it to the i
police. I reported il on September 16 i
to Mr. Bell, Then Mr. Ilradshaw, and
afterwards Mr. Ahem came to me.;
That was two or three dayB after the I
occurrence, They asked me what 1 j
had seen on the morning of the 16th !
and for a description of the man. 1
told them he waB a big stonily built !
man with a cap, a rain coal und blue j
Sir  Charles���You  noticed all  that. '
although you thought that Trapp was
taking out a party.
Witness���He    was   stooping   down ;
when  he  was cranking  the machine. .
but afterwards stood up.    The others j
were on the other side of the machine
and the top of lhe auto was between I
me and  them.    1  Iccked  back  at  the
garage    and    afterwards    at    Fourth
street.    This Is my third examination i
aboul   this  case.    The   flrst   was     in
N'ew York.   Macnamara began to look ,
it me when I was about 200 feet away.
He  lirst   looked  at   me  over  his  left,
Examined   ubout  the   weather,   wit-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
less.was emphatic that lt was a morn.      Alloying tin  with lead, a German
ing with a clear, good light. i g^entigt has produced a poroUB tin tbe
Messed upon the matter of his hav-   ,, ht , whlch u ita chlet ad.
ng before described it as cloudy, wit-   "���"���
��� -*- said to Sir Charles:   "You    ure i vantage.
working at one thing and    1 at    an-1    A Swiss scientist has Invented an In-
other.   I mean that the light was good i etrument for accurately measuring tbe
in so far as it was not dark." j intensity of X rays when used on deep
Interrogated about his knowing that ; 8eated human organs at any depth de-
the machine was Trapp's motor, wit- [ a\r*A
ie��B   identitled   it   by   the  grey   color i     J��� .,       ..   .   .. .
and the oval shaped lighting appar-i T^ ���uggestion that there are air-
atus at the back. He said that if he ! quakes, due to explosions of meteor-
,iaii thought there was anything I ites and quite Independent of earth-
wrong  about  the  taking  out  of  the   quakes and volcanoes, comes from no
ir be certainly    would    have    com-1 less an authority than W. P. Denning,
See Our Ad. on Page 3
New Westminster
The Ideal   Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent sand)- beach, bo; ting, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each way, stop at White
White Rock combines all the pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
number of his room.
This finished the bank robbery evidence, so far, and the calling of
Thomas Ferguson drew forth tbe
ejaculation from Sir Charles: "We
have now reached the motor car at :
Science Sittings.
Amenities of Warfare.
Political warfare is -waging fiercely
iu the Commons these days, hut personal amenities lind beatty acknowl
id.'iii'-nt and apj reciation by the
members. Tin- other night, just prior
to the six o'clock recess, Hon. .Mr.
Hazen and Hon. I'r. Pugsley, the two
skilled New Brunswick warriors, engaged in one ol their periodic tilt ���
Ihey bandied arguments warmtv
flung luting repartee serosa tlle floor,
and severely criticised each otliei li
the midst "f one "i the most vigi n u.-
uxchanges Mi. Speaker left the chnii
for tlie  recess.
Smilingly Mr. Hazen cr issod th-?
flour to hie adversary ami produced
his near case. "Have om ' he ii-lc
od, courteously.
"With pleasure," responded I'r
Pugsley, with equal pleasantry, and
the two departed smoking together
while their fellow member* cheered
the  incident.���Canadian  Courier.
nucleated -wiih Mr. Trupp.
By the court- Prisoner would
nearer to me when 1 saw him
Hoyal avenue than he Is now.
Mr. Phlpps recalled, was tlrst
imiiit-d by Sir Charles about the
surance policies on the bank's
and whether any money had been paid
on it as tile robbery had not been
proved. Witness said he believed a
payment bad been made.
Sir Charles endeavored to secure an
admission that the Hank of .Montreal
was prosecuting this case, but the
court pointed oul that .Mr. Macneil
represented the crown.
Mr. Hhipps slated that the policies
��� I insurance were at the bead office
in Montre.'-i He had been told that
.ue banK Ics-i wua insured.
S.'r Charles- It is essential before
you claim lur tht loss lhat you prove
.be robbery.
.Mr. Phlpps���1 know nothing about
t pi raonally.
rtu- Charles-  Vou have been very active' in  trying to trace the criminals
..ho robbed  the bank.
Witness���1 certainly have been.
Mr. Phlpps was den examwedpn a
number  ol   aLlcgid  clues  tiTftl* n-'pMi
which  had  been  invest gated  regard
ing  the  robbery  and  liau    come    t
On tne rewards, Mr. Phlpps said the
rev.aid  In  the  lto/.ak  case  waa paiu
out tj  the  Vancouver police  by    thi
i.ranch   lhere.     Chlel   bradshaw   v.as I
paid  here. j
In the afternoon Mr. Phlpps v.a.- ]
again examined by Sir Charles. He
j produced a plan oi the interior of the
1 bank, and also gave a list of those on
ine bank sunt on September ll, 1911,
and where they were stationed ut the
present time so far as he kuew. They
were ull still in tbe bank'H service
exeept Turner, who was in Victoria.
Turner left  in December,  1911.
im- distribution oi the rewards was
abo furnished, it was at thl rate ol
, per i i.i.. on the amount recovered.
I've thousand dollars was offered
for information leading to the con
miction i I the robbers, lie could in.:
recollect any clerk In lhe , mi loymeill
cf the bam; having been discharged
for d shcneBty,
Police Officer Black, Detroit,    pm
'l ,;' ���.    ,     ���   i.l   StOl   I.i lei   ri'|
Martin   l'i v i H's  name  in   i
the British astronomer.   That such explosions are sometimes audible ls well
0,11 known. ��
Pack in your lathing suits and a
well flll��d hamp-tr and spend a day at
Maple Beach, Boundary Hay. Plenty
f {**** picnic places on the Hand
ticucli or under the wonderful spread
ing maples. Lovely spring water.
Take the Itlver road to Ladner nnd
the Cloudy road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market,  Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Elflhth  st  Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,   Phone   L3S3.
Suits to   your
order and sat-
es "& isfaction.
bian hospital, on July 8, to Mr and
.win   K. i-   iiands. a son. (1768)
High   Class   Ladies   and   Gentlemen'.-
401   Columbia   St.
A Sell-Made   Man.
At tiie age ol fourteen a boy come
Irom a neighboring villags to Quclpi
to work in a hfudwan store, tie wu*
a likeable boy. and be wa�� a bom
worker. After seven or eight year
In* gut int" business in a small wa..
fur himself, and everybody who knew
hun wished him v.i:l. At tir.-t lie wa-
interested in parriage goods, aim
when tliat business wus on n good
footing, he In gun the manufacture ol
sewing machines, t""l> hold of a stove
loundry, aided in'starting a loan com
pany. Tlie other day Christian Kloep-
fer, of Guelph, died, nml tin local
papers vie with eaoh other in telling
imw much he did Inr tin* city mil
country as a citizen and man of business.
He started without capital, education, ur backing dl any kind, and he
won success and made himself one
nf the props of the city winch, with
uiisgivings^he enured as a boy.
Take advantage ef lhe Uusness  Man's Train    and    make    your
home at Crescent Beach (Blackie Spit) for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 pm. dally, on and after June in. returning in
the  morning  In  time  for  business.    Crescent    llc-n-rh    affords    ideal
condition:: for summer homes, combining the best of bathing,  boat
ing at all n:ugen of the tide together with line beach.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let us show you llun property.
F. J. HART &  CO., LTD.
Established  1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident. Employer*'   Liability. Autonvsblle   snd
Marine Insurance,
T. J. Trapp & Co's
Thursday Only, July 17
10c. Hand Brushes, 15c. Fish Lines  5c.
15c. and 20c. Tack Hammers, 25c. Tea Strainers,
15c. and 20c. Scrub Brushes, 15c. Juice Extractors, 15c. and 20c. Garden Trowels, 1 doz.
Hat and Coat Hooks half pint cans of Varnish Stain 1 Oc.
20c. to 35c. Screw Drivers, 25c. pliers, 25c. Mop-
sticks, 25c. Collapsible Aluminum Cups, 25c.
Pocket Knives, 25c. Coat Hangers, pt. cans of
Varnish Stain  15c.
30c. and 35c. Butcher Knives, 30c. Fruit Presses.20c.
50c. Buggy Whips, 35c. Chamois Skins, 35c. tin
of Healing Powder 25c.
50c. Grass Hooks 30c.
50c. Lemon Squeezers, 60c. Lawn Sprinklers,
50c. Preserving Kettles  35c.
COc. Nail Hammers, 60c. Preserving Kettles, 60c.
Scissors, 60c. Spice Boxes  40c.
75c. Candlesticks, 65c. Preserving Kettle, $1.00
Set Children's Rake, Hoe and Shovel 45c.
65c. Waste Paper Baskets, 75c. Bucksaws, 75c.
Scissors 50c.
75c. Nickel Plated Cuspidors 55c.
85c. Cocoa Mats'.-.., 60c.
$1.00 Busy Lawn Sprinklers 6>c.
$1.00 Grass Catchers for Lawn Mowers 70c.
$1.00 Chamois Skins, $1.00 Oil Stoves, $1.00 and
$1.25 Razor Strops 75c.
3 Window Screens 22>: 32 1-2 in.. 3 for 80c.
$1.25 Cocoa Mats 85c.
$1.25 Axes. $1.25 Meat Safes, Window Screens
15x22 1-2 in., 4 for 90c.
$1.50 Bov's Coasters. $1.50 Fishing Hods, two
75c. tins Klondyke Metal Polish, three 50c.
bottles Veribrite, $1.25 Cobbler's Sets, $1.50
Screen Doors <)5c.
Here is an opportunity to buy small wares at a
great reduction.   Don't neglect it.
Phone 59
New Westminster.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in U. C��� viz.: the
tbe celebrated "VANl'OlU Kir Brand, guaranteed to pasB Standard
SpecifioatlmiH of American nnd Canadian Engineers' Association
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. This iH almi made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed  Hock,
Lime, Plaster, etc. B
See us before ordering elsewhere.
902 Columbia Street W.
Washed Oravel, Sand,
;*    '
"hone* 1D and 16
victoria, ij. c, J uiy ^tn.
mn. llllil   ���****>��� """���
nit.    tt***  "v-iu *-i, w.w.i


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