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The New Westminster News Jan 22, 1913

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"������"^���sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, *���    fir
������   st	
Street Improven �� jj"
In 11112 there were:    J   *T
9.3S miles of streets -s, '
15.77 miles of streetB g """ C
13.26 miles of streets r 3   *"* mixed.
>sr     *-*      ssssss
m S -170.
Crown Claims Man Accused
of Bank Robbery Can be
Adam S. Johnston, Counsel for Prisoner, Says If Dean le Released
He Cannot Be Moleeted.
Gibb Believes Typographical
Union Should Should Join
Victoria, Jan. 21.���Because
Crown would be at liberty to rearrest
Charles Dean Immedlateyl upon his
dlsoharge, Mr. Justice Gregory announced yesterday morning that he
would reserve Judgment In the adjourned habeas corpus application for
Dean's release, made In chambers tbls
morning by Adam S. Johnston.
Mr. Johnston argued that the magistrate's committment of Dean was
for trial at the next court of competent Jurisdiction, end that the court
hod sat and adjourned without a trial
and hence that tbe warrant of commitment bad er.plrcd. He maintained
that no application for traverse to the
Mr. Harry Glbb'returned yesterday
from Olympla, Wash., where he repre
sented New Westminster Typographical Union No. 632 at the Northwestern
Typographical conference held on
Sunday last. Mr. Gibb's presence at
t(   j the gathering was primarily for   the
1 purpose of discovering whether It waa
worth while for tbe British Columbia
unions to affiliate wltb the northwestern body and now that he has returned he saya be (irmly believes that
it would be.
There are many good reasons why
the li. C. Unions should affiliate with
the American body, states Mr. Gibb,
and If amalgamation was brought
about he feel3 assured that the 191&
convention of the body would be held
| .ii British Columbia. Next year it
Is scheduled for Portland, Oregon.
Mr. Glbb has nothing but praise for
the treatment shown him at the con-
| ference.    He  was the only  delegaf*
next  assize  hod  been  made  by the j froni_ Britiah Columbiajand took part
Senator, in Vigorous Speech in the Senate, Says That if President Taft's Stand Is
Taken by Country, Americans Will Be False to Their Pledged Word and Will Be
Known the World Over as a Slippery and Cunning Nation���President Approves of
Note Prepared by State Department.
Washington, Jan. 21.���"Shall we inform the world that the United States
Is false to Its agreements, false to its
pledged word? Shall we have It made
known the world over tbat you must
look out for the United States or lt
will get the advantage of you? That
tbe United Statea It astute, cunning,
With this vigorous denunciation of
the attitude of thia country in the
Panama canal controversy with Great
Britain, Senator Kliliu Hoot cloaed a
two hour speech in the senate today
with an appeal for the submission of
the Panama question to arbitration, or
tbe repeal of that section of tbe canal
law that would give free passage to
American coastwise  ships.
Speaking from the experience of a
member of President Hooacvetl'a cabl
Crown as should have been done, and ! In all the discussions. The conference I net, when the Panama canal zone was
****^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^      - ' purchased, and when over 25 arbitra
tion treaties were made with foreign
nations, Senator Root delivered a most
vigorous attack on tbe present attitude of tho United States.
lt  became  known,    following    the
I senator's address, tbat Senator llr.ui-
that no notice bad been given the ac
cused that his case would not be gone
tin with. What had happened was
that counsel -for the accused hsd asked the frown's intention and bin lordship had replied that tbe Crowa had
Ihe right to traverse If it chow. Application, Mr. Johnston, maintained,
waa not made.
Replying for the Crown, H. A. Mac-
Lean, K.C., stated that thc warrant
of commitment waa good until by one
course of law the prisoner waa discharged, and maintained that the proper time for habeaa corpus proceed-
Inga wua at the assizes.
His lorcltlilp said the prisoner was
badly used by the Crown, inasmuch
as he waa not notified that the case
would not go on, but since tbe Crown
was closed with a banquet at which
the Westminster man waa royally received.
A report of thc convention contain
cd In a Seattle paper Ib as follows:
Li.  *���*. Clarke, of Walla Walla,  was
re-elected  president   of   the   annual _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
meeting of the Northwestern Typo- i6e&e- chairman cf the inter-oceanic
graphical conference, held In Olympla j canals committee, would call a meet-
Sunday. F. C. Simmon.*, of Portland. I inP within a few days to take up Sfen-
was elected vice-president, and Philo jalor Koofo amendment fer the repeal
Howard,   of   Seattle,    was re-elected Iof th* 'rec to11 Provision
note prepared at thc state department
ln repy to the communcatlon from Sir
Edward Grey, the British secretary
for foreign affairs, protesting against
the exemption of American coastwise
shipping from tbe payment of tolls In
the Panama canal.
As a matter of Official courtesy Information ls withheld as to the exact contents of the note; until it has
ben received by the Britiah government ln London, through the American embassy  there.
It Is learned today that Mr. Bryce,
the British ambassador, had been invited to the state department a week
ago and had listened to an explanation in detail of the American position
by Chandler Anderson, counsellor for
the state department.
It la believed here that after attempting to eliminate a number of
propositions ln the British note, considered not genuine to tbe real Issue,
mMMma^m^mMmmm^m^mmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmm���^^ Secretary of State Knox has devoted
Have we been pretending ln all these | himself to an effort to show that all
long years of declaration? Are wo i nations" ln the Hay-Pauncefote treaty
ready now to admit that our country, ��j0es not necessarily Include the Unit-
through Its presidents and congreseea j ea states and that it is entirely corn-
has been guilty of false pretencea, of, petent for this government to treat
humbug, of talking to the  galleries, t its own shipping differently from1 that
equal concessions were made to Co-
reign ships. The claim that the United States had domestic rights over
the canal because It owned the canal
zone, consttuted a violation of the express guarantee of the United States
to Great Britain.   He said:
"It le not our territory except In
trust. Treaty or no treaty, we have
long asserted that the nations of Central America had no right to debar
the world from Its light of passage
across the Isthmus. Upon that we
based the Justice of our entire action,
which resulted In our having the
canal zone."
The United Statea had preached arbitration for years,, Senator Root declared, and had besought the nations
of the world, "In season and out of
season," to enter into arbitration
agreements for the settlement of all
"Ars We Pharisees?"
"Have we been Insincere and  false?
Friday night Is tbe official date set
for tbe opening of tbe Westminster
Arena when Victoria, now leading in
tha race for the championship of the
Pacific Coast Hockey League, will be
the visitors, and will attempt to repeat their successes In Victoria
against the Royals, last year's champions.
The several delays which have occurred during the past two weeks in
connection with the opening has not
affected the ardor of local fans one
lota, ln fact more enquiries are being
made every day aa to the date ror tur
opening game and hundreds of people tn New Westminster and district
t who have yet to see a hockey game
fine words to secure
The  New Delegates.
Thla   was   tbe   llrst time the -,  legates had been present from outf.'de,
' thla state,    liritish Columbia was rep-
I resented by one Irom New Westmin-
I iter, and  Oregon by  two from  PorL-
A determined  eff< rt by thaec who
of uttering
plaupe? m
"The Instant that an Intereet
is at
opposed the original pasuage of thi. 1 *�����*���f^^^^filt
nrnvtcinn win ho murto at thi., ����..ir,n I taration, every promise  Dy me nrro-
could" rearrest "he "though? 'ti^Yreiient I la"d- and ,onfJ fr,0"�� s-JJ?m,'.
proceedings  were  futile ll w-" decided to submit a referen-
Dean Is under arrest -waiting trial I?1 ������� voto to thei unions of British Coon a charge of breaking Into the New ',umb'0- lda*10' ��r('g,on a,!d Sa.h !T
Westminster branch of the Bank of > ���*����� ta "���<-<-'noxt, lvue '? Portland.
Montreal and stealing 1271.000. Hlsiand if the referendum carries to meet
counsel said that In addition to not: at a different time th
being tried the prisoner complained federation meets. In tbe past the
���hat everybody had been forbidden to <��n-W**��ce has been held at the time
see him ln Jail. j of the federation   meeting,   so   dele-
"A man should hav* every opportu .��*'���>.�� could attend boiii    gatherings,
nlty  of  preparing  his ttk-ias-aae,*'  aald ,hut this baa been somewhat .unsatis-
Xstt-. f Wi or.
Whan seen yesterday afternoon Mr.
Adam Johnston, who In net-resenting
Dean in the case, failed to agree with
the reports thst If Dean ts released by
the Crown authorltiee he can be re-
arreeted. Mr. Johns too -saluted out
that If such were ths eaaa. It would
have been merely a waste -of money
to take ths case agala before the
courts In the habeaa eora-aa a-roceed-
The agricultural Society -af Coqultlam have elected the folk-win-; officials for the preeent -rear: "P-i-wldeut.
D: B. Welcher; vlce-presldean, Donald
Maclean; directors, A. Mars, J. Mars,
W. D. F. Godwin, T. J. RoutV-y. K. H.
Ssabrooke, J. C. Hannans, ft. Graham
and R. Hawthorne.
The financial report showed a credit
balance of $268.21.
Mr. T. J. Routley wae appointed
delegate to the Victoria Fairs convention and Instructed to secure September lt and 20 aa the dates of the annual Coqultlam fair.
factory,   -nbs-ra   buslnc-w   ol
tiitstona s-s-mntct��>a I* ttsss-,3*!
If the referendum falls the next
session will be held at the time and
place of tbe federation meeting. Tip
conference voted to continue the
present employment bureau and the
system of issuing bulletins to the
members. Each union In the confer
ence will name one vice-president
from its membership.
In the evening the visiting delegates
were tendered a banquet by the members cf Olympla Typographical Union
City Attorney Charles E. Claypool, of
Olympla, acted as toastmaater.
Looking for a Sits.
Fraaer Mills, Jan. 21.���As tho Incorporation of Port Coqultlam city ia
expected to be granted in about ten
weeks, the ratepayers of the remain
Ing rural portion of tbe old municipality are already discussing tbe loco
t on of thetr council hail. Some speak
ot holding their meetings In the agricultural hall. Austin road, while
others favor a more central si
nearer Mllliardvllle, where there la a
large number of French Canadian
I provision will be made at this session
I of congrcFB to change thc law before
it gets Into effect ft thc canal, so that
the cause of dispute with Great Britain will be removed.
Indifferent to Honor.
Senator  Root   declared    that    the.      ,,,
j United   States   would   violate   all   Its  C !," ���,
I pledges and   promices  to  the  world;
I would be guilty of "false pretences"
i in its advocacy of general arbitration
land would proclaim Itself Indifferent
state j to national honor and integrity if It
refused to submit to arbitration or to
rrtreat from the unjust position it had
taken up.
He declared free coastwise toll to
American ships  was    illegal,    unless
il ��|   . Ii issss-sssssssMsissssssslssssssi
tt-iSS     tWO
Constantinople Press
Unanimously Declare
Turkey Must Give Way
London, Jan. 21.���Despatches trom
Constantinople aay there haa been a
notable change In the tone of the
tpreee. They all moat unanimously
-declare that the porte has no option
hut to bow to the wishes of Europe.
They therefore advocate the immo-
lilale summoning of a national assembly to give moral support to the
government In concluding peace under the best possible terms, en It
would be a mistake to continue thr
war tn opposition to the wlahes of
It la said that the Turkish amVas
���ador at St. Petersburg has notified
the porte that the Russian government ls most urgent in advising Turkey to cede Adrlanople and the
Aegean islands, and tbat the Russian
ambassador here has given similar
counsel to Ktamil Pasha, the grand
-rider, adding that unless the porte
yielded Russia would be Obliged to
abandon her attitude of benevolent
Wants  Explanation.
Turkey wishes certain passages In
the note of the powers explained ��� before her reply ts presented. Rechad
Pasha, head of the Turkish pbtoe
delegation, and Turkish ambassadors
to the powers, have been Instructed
to seek the elucidation of the passages ln question.
Some of the points on which Turkey wishes explanations are outlined
as followst
The- Joint note says that in ease the
���war Is prOMl-a-eil, tbe late * o(~ Cdn
gant Insistence that we alone can determine  the  Interpretation    of    this I
treaty; that we wtl refuse to abide by
the treaty.
"And Is the gome Worth the candle?
Is It worth our while to remain in a
to maintain which we may
he driven'-to repudiate our principles,
our professions and our agreements,
for the purpose of conferring a money
benefit at the expense of the treasury
of the United States on the most high-
y and absolutely protected special Industry ln tbe United States���our
coastwise shipping?"
��� Taft Approves cf Mote.
President Taft has   approved    the
ssoss-assssajs^llg-sjg-ajJI "
*P* | of other nations ln so far as tbe canal
is concerned.
It la believed that unless both nations abandon the malls in favor of
direct cable connection sufficient new
matter has been injected into the no-
l! gotiatlons to warrant their publication for some time and it seems probable that a final decision as to
whether the issues should be sub.
to arbitration will not be
In tbe six weeks remaining
of the life of the present administration.
Indeed it may require some active
exchanges on tbe part of Secretary
Knox's Bucessor in the state department and the British foreign office to dispose of the subject within
the three months that will Intervene
before the expiration of the existing
British-American arbitration treaty.
j mltted
Officials Expect so Unless
Something Unforeseen
Turns Up.
Unable at Coroner's
to Find the Slayer
Evidence of Terrific Struggle as
snd  Shack���Preliminary
ing on Friday.
Evidence that   a   terrific
must bave taken place In
tbe Hindu    shack   at
where  Dalipa Singh  met  kl
on Saturday night last   waa
out  in  the evideace before
McQuarrie and a Jury laat i
tbe dlatrlct court room.
An open verdict waa retnrssed. tie-
Jury ststing that the evideejeo adduced waa not aatTiek-Bt to wana-af.
a charge being laid against rmy -party
have   announced   their   Intention of
greeting the two   teams   on   Friday j or parties,
night, In the arena located at Queens     As Is usual with Mada
park. {this city and elsewhere tne
Mayor Gray, whose liking   for   all. sought from the alleged _
kinds of sports ls too well known to land  wPnesaes or the aifalr
be commented upon, has accepted tbeI conflicting- at times as to ���
invitation to fsce off the puck on Fri
day evening, and while winning tbe
Paterson Cup wltb a hockey stick ls
a little different to winning the Mlnto
trophy, it ls altogether likely that the
chief executive will have a little to
say on the matter.
Yesterday  morning the  process of
testing  the  pipes  was finished    and ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
nothing remains but to fill  in  with I preceded the Blabbing affray
sand between the pipes and mix   the | brought out by tbe police,   bat
work of the pi-eseeutioa dlSha-st.
The   ' most     damaging
against the acenned. Buda Sntt-b.
the fact that when arrested be
wearing two pairs of trousers, a i
pa r covering one covered with
while his shirt aad -Km-ss -were -s*ss-��
covered with spots of blood.
The fact that a drinking boat ban*
brine which acts aa a freezer.
Unless something unforseen happens the rink will be ready for skating Friday afternoon and this "some
thing" will be determined this after
stantlnople might be put la question.
Hoes the note mean that the allies
might be allowed to attack, conquer!
aad remain In Constantinople or does
It mean that tha powers themselves
might control tho government ln the
Ottoman capital ?
Tha note apoaki ot the "mora), material and benevolent support of the
powers-." What must Turttey under
stand by that ? How is this support
to he extended���under what forms,
to what -extent t What guarantee u,
there of fulfillment of this promise?
Want Assurance.
Turkey also asks what assurance-
do the power* offer for the settlement
of the question ot the Aegean Islands
In such a manner ae to exclude further menaces to the security of' Turkey ?
It is stated that the Turkish delegates. In endeavoring to obtain satisfactory answers to these questions,
have made reference to what they
describe aa "Europe's broken faith."
la falling to live np to the promiee
made four months ago, that,the status
quo would not be changed/whatever
the result of the war.
A distinguished diplomat, losing
patience, has recommended them not
to pretend to he more naive than
they are, since the Turks kaow well
'hat the statement of the European
powers contemplated .only a case ln
whloh the Ottoman arn's were victorious, as la 1897. when l'-irkey defeated Greece, on whieh occat'ton Burope
would not permit * change' IV the
etaftis quo.
Mr. Thomas Gifford and Mr. Frank J.
MacKenzie Will Have Some Say
in Different Departments.
Victoria, Jan. 21.���The standing
committees of the legislature���the
workhorses of the House during the
session���were appointed yesterday
Mr. Thomas Gilford. M.P.P.. of this
city. Is recognized by being appointee
to the railways committee, wbHe Mr.
Frank J. MacKenzie, M.P.P., will
have some little say on municipal
committees and their personnel are as follows:
Private bills and standing orders-
Miller.    McOulre,    Mansion
rdney), Shatford, Shaw end Tls
Mining���Messrs. Campbell. Mac-
Lean. Fraser, McDonald, Mackay,
Wood. Hunter and Place.
Railways���Messrs. Gifford, Caren,
Callanan, Campbell. Jackson, Man-
son (Coraox), Forster, Hunter, Williams and Place.
Pubic accounts ��� Messrs. Lucas.
Frrs'er. Fraaer, Shatford, Williams
and Place.
Municipal matters���Messra. Watson.
Davey, Pool*!'. Miinson (3'.;eoi:a>
Cawley. MacKenzie, Macbcan aud
Agriculture���Messrs. Shaw, Cawley.
Jackson. Lucas. Wood, Manson
(Skeena), and Williams.
Printing���Meysrs. Schofleld, Bonn-
sen and Manson (Comox).
The Rural  Deanery of New
��� Westminster diocese will com-
��� mence a two days' session at
��� 8 o'clock this evening ia Holy
��� Trinity  church.    Rev. Oeorge
��� A. Ray will preach at tbe open-
��� ing.
��� Following   the   service   the
��� convention will adjourn to St.
��� George'e  Hall  where  a  tusl-
��� ness session.will be held.
��� '  On Thursday at 4 o'clock eer-
��� vices will be held in Holy Trln-
��� ity again.   Rev. W. U George
��� will be the speaker.  The mem-
��� ber*   of   the   Rural   Deanery
��� consist of all members of the
��� diocese outside of Vancouver.
��� rev. E. R. Bartlett ls the Rural
��� Dean.
Judge Howay Will Pereorally Examine the Books.
After listening to argument for the
greater part of yesterday afternoon
His Honor Judge Howay in the County
-vrurt held over a case ln wblch JulUn
Proulx is suing the Coqultlam Lumber Company for $750.
Ot the total sum Proulx claims that
tSOO is doe on a certain quantity of
logs be cut and the balance of $760
he desires as damages.' ���
The Coqultlam Lumber Company
claims that they only owe Proulx $198.
The case at preeent centres around
the measurement of the logs. The
plaintiff used one system of measurement while the defendants used another and aa nothing definite could
be gleaned from the evidence given
in court yesterday hi* honor held
over the case until he could make a
personal examination of the hooka of
the contesting parties.
Board of trade W-Hl Hold Annual on
Thursday���Boards of.Trade In
Valley Invited.
. The entertainment committee of the
Board of Trade, with Mr. T. D. Sheriff
chairman are sparing no efforts
to make the annual banquet of the
Board which will ba held la the Russell hotel on Thursday evening as
great a succese or greater than the
function of 1912.
It is the chief aim of-the commit
tee to make the affair demonstrate
the good feeling that exists between
the New Westminster board and the
Boards ot Trade of .the Valley and to.
Proflrssslve   Association   Hears  from
Ottawa���How Subscription
Money Will Be Spent.
could be learned ot the real moti-re, sa
vag-j9 was the testimony given by
thc Hindu witnesses.
The court room was crowded wILV
friends cf the accused, tbelr tar-
bancd heads, oily faces and bbetr
br--r.l-! giving the scene a tropical appearance.
Constable  Exley, of tbe pro-ri-KJal
jpoiice, described how he was notistadl
Reeve Mars, nf Coqultlam. hus ap-  by the city police of the affair   andf
pointed  the following  standing com-' had taken the two Informants.    Dar-
mittees for the municipal council:        Slnirb snd  Bahada Singh, to Fraser
Beard of works- it. J. Atkins, chair-  Mills, where they found the dead body
man; and full council. cf Dalipa Singh lying in a pool   o*~
Finance���John    F.    Langan,   chair-   Mood fn one of the shacks trannte-ii
man; E. S. Morgan and A. II. Millard. ��� by the Hindus.
Plans    and    harbor���E. S. Morgan, j    Constable  Baas, of tbe efty  bract.
chairman; John F. Langan and R. C. 'gave evidence aa to meeting the twi��
littler. ; Hindus and aa to bow Budda Sirgb.
.Police���Reeve Mars, chairman;   It.  the accused, had come walking aasesx
J. ��. Atkins and E. 3. Morgan. Columbia street early Sunday ssssa-
Flre��� A. R. Millard, chairman; John , Ing from tbe MiOa.
' ^JrSfiTfL-a^. **&*Zgr2**lw. *^**^mtf*m
Morgan and J. V. lJinisw,. \*u*a�� SUnslts
Health���Reeve Mars, chairman;   A. Ithe csnrtmg.
R. Millard and R. S. Galer. I ^^^^^^^^^^^
The   license   commissioners   are���I    <��� ���>-'-������    Constable    t>��awri-dy-
Reeve Mars, chairman;  John Smith. J-n-'h d how be vtsfted the
J.P.,   E. A. Atkins, J.P..   Represents-: f*P   alleged   merder   early
lives of Council E. S. Morgan and R. j rue rn Ing and tbond   tbe    place ia
J. C. Atklao. - | (Continued ea Page "BghO  .
���Sg==== II "I ==���-���=C-=������,-,_;
this end a number of the leading mem
here ot the down valley orgaatsatlom*., - - --- -. -���- -   -  .     ,--     -    -.,,..-.,..
have been Invited to attend as guests. **>��W *��� #��������* M> ���>���>����� "��e aasoclatlon
���     -     ��� -   -. IssssmI   Is.   wl^nfoi  ssss   4Wss  tsmil   SunO*.
"Department already taking steps
to replace the Sandheads lightship
with a strong and suitable boat The
buoy now oa the station sounds ��� a
whistle and shows a light" Such was
the contents of a wire received at the
regular meeting of the executive of
the Progressive Association In response to an anxious enquiry cent to
Ottawa aa to what steps were being
taken to have the mouth of the
Fraaer river properly lighted for the
guidance of mariners. Mr. A. Johnston, of the marine department of Ottawa, was the signer of the message.
Now that this information has been
received It ls certain that the old
Sandheads lightship which waa moved some time ago on account of- being In an unseaworthy condition, will
be replaced in a very short
Among the moat Important matters
that came up at the meeting waa the'
consideration of a plan submitted by
the publicity oommlttee covering the
expenditure of the fund recently
raised by public subscription for publicity purposes.
The scheme advocates the outlay of
$3000 for running expenses, $1600 for
travelling and entertainment expanse*
and $6500 for advertising, making' a
total expenditure of,$10,000 for one
In cohhedtlon with the special
:tl a committee constating of thi
president and Messrs. Cunningham
and. Wilkie wore appointed to .approach the city council'for a grant to
.vug-meut tt. .
Hon. price Ellison, minister ot agriculture, notified ihe executive that he
Mayor T. S. Baxter of Vancouver
and president firskioe of .the Tenalaal
City Board of Trade have also been
invited in addition to a -number ot oa*
own prominent citizens. ,
London, Jan- $1.���The Pekin correspondent ot this Dally Mail aaye that
dluolutton of the six powar .group,
which was contemplating a 1116,000,-
000 loan to China Is immlaeat owlag to
Internal dltaeaalotts. The Chinese
government, adds ihe correspondent,
has already oi>��eeViis��e-otlalSoos with
a new flnanolal group.
Railway Msaaat* Coming.
Vanoouver,   Jan's' $1.���Sir. Donald
Mann, vtoe-presldeat of the Canadian
MMmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmm Northern Railway, is ot, hla way to
At Pert Coqultlam. the coast, aceordlni toisdvlces reoa.tr--
At the Port Coq-*ttlam Incorporv ed here today. He wW probablv ar-
tion committee meetutg on Monday rive towards the epd of,the week. Sir
the report of the eeorctory gave th* Donald will s-js-eM -some Ua* In Vto-
asseesed value of the wi-hle area al torja tVacaestaar fWlway .batten with
*��,ll��,ni.   Tito report wwN*pproveo\ theNiiwrtniil^igiirlttr^
American Can Company
Buys Cliff Cannery���
Now Looking for Site
present Its views oh tho land settlement question.
A letter was alto received from Vie
nrlate minister's'offloe, acknowledging
the "receipt Of a resolution, passed at
the last meeting urging apon the government the Importance ttt extending
financial aid to,Settlers,
Klndnees ef Miss Helen Could���tend
Wedding Olft -   ���.
Leavenworth, Kaa,, Job. 11���As *
reminder of the generosity of
Helen Qotttd lb dlstribotlng I
of cot* tor the uae ot the alck ���
wounded American soldiers la the Cu
ban campaign, the twrvete soldier* et
Fort Leavenworth will preeent to her
aa a wedding gift, a miniature repro
duetlon of a "Hew*. Gould Cot,'
wroaght la solid gold.
Ill* annouaeement wa* xeade tt-*"-a**
by the t��s����lttoe havltu*. the matter
itoii*Hsazesk-ira ���eoevlavto ' he ������'I**.1
��� ^f. mwmiat,
tatKe* Mag 'MS
The aqulsitlon of the Cliff Cannery
Company of East Burnaby by tbe
American Can Company, which was
put through yesterday morning,
means a loss to New Westminster
and district and a gain lo Vancouver
where the company proposes to establish a mammoth plant for the manufacture ot cans of all kinds, but more
especially for the use or the Fraser
river salmon canneries.
The sum of $200,000 ts mentioned
in the deal a* the amount which has
been paid over by the purchasers for
the machinery, stock ln trade and
good will, Messrs. CUB �� Sons retaining the site.
Just what a lose this will mean to
East Burnaby cannot be estimated
Imt tbe ffcet that one hundred hands
have been continually employed there
for the past two yeara show at a
glance that a large pay roll amount-
lag to thousands of dollars annually
will be aliasing from this district in
.he future.
When seen yesterday morning Mr.
P. Temple Cliff, who hae handled the
business end- of the Arm tor several
years, confirmed the tale which goea
Into effect immediately, and before
many weeks have passed It Is understood that a large plant wlH be erected somewhere In or near Vancouver.
The canning factory at Eaat Burnaby was started n 1001 and efceo then
baa to grown In elite that the preeent
buildings cover ah acre of ground
The firm started to make one variety
or can. but found the Held almost an
exclusive one eo they turned their
attention to other varieties to such
an extent that it the present time
they are manufacturing tomethlng
like tOO type* of tin cant or all eltes
and shapes.
High Freight Ratee-
Mr. Cliff, speaking to .the New*.
stated that freight rata* had *ome-
thin* to do with the sale a* taay had
(owed that without oompetltloo on the
railroads, they oould not do business
In this territory on suoh a scale as
they would were there two or more
companies competing.
Mr. Cliff eltea several tastaneas
where oar* shipped Into New Westminster had cost an addition $M or
$30 for tbem to be delivered to their
aiding at East Bumaby; without ~
pettac.tMtor.ee in this section ot the
fcrttt-lr-' they ware - placed at ..1
merey of transportation mnoerna*.
New Westminster, It would i
bas lost or nearly lost
portunlty to
tortng plant aa tha
Company proposes to erect.
tion with tha sals ^^^^^^^^^^
the Fraser river, ia fact havi-SK s-st-
Joyed the name ef being a f~ "
lsge until a few years ag
life appeared aavoag It*
it begun to htoizanm eat la *B
city, should hav* aawmlod to the esS-
cials or tha A-eerioaa c-sswaa-e. MC
evldcnlly Vancoaver kaa g-a* azsoisdl eft:
thle ^^���ssmmsma
Tbe datex-sslaatloa er the .
Can Conjp-ury to erect a a-tB-sC m t
section or tha
result of the recei
patent which will
-jttni:f*ietiira ef salmon
by   machinery.   He
hare been
neries by hand aad   while
labor haa beea largely meed) (km asset
of labor ha* been aach as ap'-ssats*.
great inroad* fa Ih* prolta.
Mad* try Machinery.
Machino   mad*   eaaa   hare  *baa*>
manufacturad ffam ttme to'<M>a,b*lt
the to** bulged eMsrarda attar hetxesr
reeled.   Sahaeai   bayera   hav*   ss-axat
trained to eotetlder th* bulged tbap i
an indication of
oould not ovsxronesa th'a
Tho new pat-eat. heweva ,
tlrely eliminate   (hi*   evO eatd
been proved fey wbanetive aeaas he-
fore the ooenpaay decided to ih i'^~
wlth its manufbotar*.
Tbe fact that tbe Aa-earWari i
has contracted for the
canneries for th* i
that a tall amount
done In order to
lhe sockeye rah
The factory, t
sent aa outlay of
thousand donar*.
ber of men, aw
one of Hi*
corns on tke
.It wa* ea*.   ^^^
rvpi-eeentatf**-** ���** 1ft*
nany were take** to "
Kiutrppen; ef *h*
Compaay, where
looked over wit* a
tb* pfant b*f*t tooat
Wh-ither ��� ��**�� km*
y*med**nf^ r*��AOz" TWO
A* snieerndent mornlnv fxiner devoted lo Iks inlere-tl of New Westminster and
e-is-M-sr Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by ths National Printing
I publishing Company, Limited, at 63 HcKensie Btreet, New "Ve-tiiilnstcr, llritish
ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU s-s-nsussMNK-atlons should be addressed to The New West minster News, and not
da rmsUculual men,hers of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
The National Printing and Publishing Company.  Limited.
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et*y. Ml.
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ADVKBT18INQ RATES on application.
TO COMBESI'ONDENTS���No letters will be published in Thc News except over
r's signature. The editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
We are glad to note that the suggestions put forward
in these columns some six weeks ago, calling attention to
the lack of life saving apparatus upon the city waterfront,
have now been brought to the notice of the Board of
Trade, and we trust that by their expressed interest in this
matter no less than by the example of the C. P. R. authorities, who took immediate steps to repair the omission, the
remainder of those firms and interests now upon the
waterfront will co-operate in this vital matter.
The lighting of the southern part of the Fraser bridge
is a subject which is also receiving due consideration, and
-we trust that ere long we may be able to announce that improvements have been begun.
There is still one matter to which the attention of our
readers was directed last month, and which appears to
have escaped attention. That is in the better policing of
the bridge. In view of the fact that the bridge is practically the one outlet from the lower mainland to the border,
wc feel that adequate police provision should be made
there, for, by this means, many of the escapes of daring
criminals, incidents which have been all too frequent during the past few years, may be lessened considerably.
of the sarcophagus, side by side, He
recumbent figures in white marble of
the queen and her consort, Victoria in
robes of state, with a crown on her
head, and Albert'In the uniform of a
field marshal.
The mausoleum was built under the
direction of the late queen, as a token
of love for her husband and a final
reFtlng place for them both. It is a
solid mass of gray granite. FigureB in
bronze of gigantic angels kneel at the
corners of the tomb, guarding the
honored dead.
No perron is ever permitted to enter the mausoleum except on Jan.
And still we grow. Every week brings this fact vividly before us in Westminster. Sometimes at one sweep
old institutions sufficient for the needs of the city some
ten years ago, are consigned to oblivion and in their place
there arises a modern and up-to-date method of dealing
with the problems that have become greater with our
The suggestion of Dr. A. L. McQuarrie, the city medieval health officer, regarding the appointment of a quali- i
fied health expert will no doubt bring forth good fruit. I
The city has no wreached that stage when it is essential i
that the work connected with the supervision of the garb- j
age and license departments should be separated from the
task of watching the condition of the health of the people.! Fiaaief. -ssTToday-regan career
One of the best assets" to any city is the cleanliness of I       Clerk in a Countr-' **<>*'���
Not long ago the newspapers of
Paris devctcd much space to discussion of the (subject of elaborate menus,
and reached the decieion that the costliest banquet of modern times was
that recently given by a French noble,
with ninety-three ItemB on the bill of
fare. The Parisians are mistaken, lt
was not the City ot bight, but the
Sunflower State capital, that established the long-distance eating record.
Forty-one years ago today, Jan. 22,
1872, the old Fifth Avenue Hotel ln
Topeka, Kan., waa the scene of a gastronomic triumph, given In honor of
the late Duke Alexis of Russia, who
was then touring America, which offered 105 distinct items on the menu.
Many distinguished Americans and
Russians gathered about the "groaning board"���and who can blame it for
groaning?���and faced this array of
Soup, Oysters, a la Poesict. Chicken, with rice.
Fish, Boiled white fish, a la Maltre
Boiled meats: Pressed corned beef,
leg of mutton, with caper sauce.
Chicken, with egg sauce. Ham.
Pickled Pork.    Tongue.
Cold Meats: Corn beef, Pork.
Chicken salad. Ham lobster salad.
Calf's tongue.
RelisheB: Chow-chow. Piccalilli.
Mixed pickles. Cauliflower. Gherkins. Club Eauce. Worcestershire
sauce. Pickled oysters. Celery.
(lame: Buffalo steak. Venison. Rabbit. Moose. Squirrel. Elk. Beef.
Quail. Duck. Turkey. Prairie chicken.   Antelope.
Entrees: Chicken wing. Queen
fritters. Pig's feet. Scalloped oy-
eters. Quail on toast. Rabbits a la
Chasseur. Breaded tenderloin. Oy-
Bter patties. Macaroni, au Gratln.
Rice croquetteB. Prince Albert pancakes. Squab, a la Bonaparte, Haricot of mutton. Squirrel, crumbed and
fried.    Deviled ham, a la Itallenne.
Then came nine roasts, thirteen varieties of vegetables, nine pastries and
as many different desserts, coffee and
tea. But perhaps the most remarkable features of the "feed" was the absence of wine and liquors.
Pounder of Modern Medicine.
The first great physician of modern times in England waa Thomas
l.inacre, who was born at Canterbury 453 years ago today. Linacre
waa born twenty-threu years before
Paraoelsus, and was the predessor by
more than a century of tho great Harvey.
The dogmatic age of medicine still
���reva'led In I,inacre's time, but like
Paracelsus and Harvey, he attacked
tho crude and superstitious practices'
with great vigor.
l.inacre graduated from the medical
college at Padua. On thc occeasion
of Henry V11I. he was appointed the
C'ng's physician, and in his private
practice attended the greatest men
of his time.
Ho established tho Royal College
of Physicians in London, the first
���treat institution of its kind, and was
its first president. Before Llnacre's
time the offices of physician and
chaplain to English kings hand usually
been combined in the same person,
who looked after both the spiritunl
and physical welfare of his monarch.
The first mandate for tho attendance of a physician at the English
court was Issued In 1464 by Henry
* *
* (By O. Terence.) ���
* ���
* *
* OUR   POET'S   CORNER.        ���
* ���
THE   OLD   F1R"��   PLACE.
Katherlne A. Clarke.
When the shodows of the gloaming
Crept athwart the light of day,
When the kine were fed and watered
And our tasks were put away.
The ea3y time cf setting sun
Shouc on the snowy bog,
We gathered round the fireplace
With its blazing hickory log.
There was mother with her knitting
And  her dear heart of pure gold;
There was father with his black pipe
And his paper a week old.
We  boys  and  girls,   whose youthful
Such devious ways have trod,
Some wander far around the world,
Some sleep beneath the sod.
We cracked nuts or --pasted apples.
While   strange   stirring   tales  were
Of knighthood, love and chivalry
In dear dim days of old.
compensation awarded to the widow
of a workman. The judge aald such
an allowance waa illegal, and the
man could have been taken to a hospital.
The officers of the Cardiff work-
,house are to be provided with a billiard table. The guardians have adopted a recommendation to provide a
billiard table "and other means of re
creation" for officers, which lt waa
felt would tend to promote content
ind good feeling amongst the stair
and  ba beneficial to the Institution.
Joseph Herbert, laborer, Talbach,
waa summoned nt Aberavon for trapping birds in contravention of the
Protection cf Wild Birds act. A po
lice sergeant said he was on the Mar-
gam Siding and saw defendant place
acme sticks, covered with bird lime,
on a bush. Later, witness saw him
take a goldfinch off the bush and
found a decoy bird In a cage in the
bush. The defendant was fined 6s.
and  costs.
At a meeting of the Barmouth Ad
vertlsing association lt was stated
that Colonel Pryce Jones, M. P., was
arranging for a deputation, consisting
of members of parliament who represented the Cardigan Bay coast and
M'd-Wales, to wait upon John Bums
with a view of pasaing a bill empowering local authorities to. levy a rate
for advertising the attractions of
their districts. The deputation woulu
be introduced to John Burns by the
Chancellor of the  Exchequer.
What looks like a seasonable prank
Is said to be causing some excitement at Abergele, midway between
Rhyl and Colwyn Bay. A "ghost" is
-eported to have made it3 appearance
'n the vicinity of Glan Aber. the residence of Mr. Kneeahaw, a local J.P.,
-ind near the eaatern entrance ot th"
park that surrounds Gwrych Castle,
the Welsh seat of "he Earl and Countess of Dundonald. It appears in the
early morning, and Abergele men on
their way to work at Llanddulas lime
works report that they are chased by
thc spectre.
Right in the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
In Attending to Social Needs of People Around Them���Pure
Milk Supply.
t-t'-cciflc-ulons, agreements of side deeds,
business letters, etc.; ctrculur work specialist. All work strictly confidential. I|
Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.
Phone T02.
L. O. O. M.. NO. 154���MEET8 ON first,
Kicoml and third Wednesdays In each
month In K. of P. Hall at 8 p.m. H J
I.-'-uii-.', dictator; J. H. Price, srerctary
Mother's   Strange   Deception���Boy
Discovered by Marshall���Comes
Into   His  Own.
Henry M.
who made a for-
its bfll of health: and to attain as nearly as possible to the ,        ,   ,   ,    ,
��    - ]     _j   .s ,, ,   , iii i i tune out of oil and used a large part
desired entt the matter must be approached by modern: of
.,      . ��� . ... - - �� I.,  ... ��>   construct    the_ remarkable
method.1", Prevention is still better than cure and the | "ovfr-s<w railroad rrom the Florida
first work of a health officer is to seek out the possible; mainland to Key west, wao bom m
���causes of malady and take steps to have them removed SS^m*' N Y" H3 yeara aK�� t0
Victor, Colo.. Jan. 21.���After mas-
lucradlng since childhood as a girl.
Irene Moynahan, eighteen until Christinas a student in the Victor high
school, has been found to be a boy.
Like beacon light It lured j-s through j inj  |g  now  on   his  way  dressed  In
Or thrilling book we read by light,
Gf pine or walnut block.
Till the black hands on the old dial j
Pointed to nine o'clock.
The toiling of the day.
With hopes and aspirations
Which are never far away.
Meagre  lives of hardship  brightened
With love of God and mother
TIi" lov��-, of nnd and father,
And the old  fireplace.
day. Jan. 22, 1R3U.
fr  career
He began hla busi-
clork  in  a  country
"-witti ptt>"mp*jit\).dc
At present we can scarcely hope to have the cause'fcvjdoitar*1*. weeit* M,Ch
��� of any epidemic speedily traced to its source by men who i   He laid the foundation of hie for;   Turkeys wh..a* total weight was
have a j>reat deal of other necessary work upon their l",ne ,vhp" ���"" *eUWa at Sa>-ina'v
bands.   This particular recommendation, together with -^AtT^S! mVZ
other excellent preventive measures put forward by the abl<,(1 hlm t0- enKa*5e ln the more Prof
boy's clothing to join his father and
brother ln Bisbee, Ariz.
Mrs. Timothy Moyanhan, Irene's mother refuses to "give any reason for
the deception othef than that she
wanted a girl. The father snd brother, according to tbe mother, knew
nothing about the deception and
they were to be informed for the first
time In a letter that Irene waa talkng
with him to Arizona.
The   fact)   In   the  case   were   first
discovered by  Marshall  A. Welncke,
of l.a Junta, who arrested Irene on a
tr-rii    weii-ni    was i ll?'n  on .*nspiclon tb��t he was * tu-
..lev-.,, and      -aU ���� lvalue r�� j ife^ff *J? "St" &JS��
* *
* IRISH   NEWS. ���
* ���
medical officer of health will no doubt meet" with"prompt' UMp PCtr��'eum """"""    '"" war
consideration and action from the council.
��� In chronicling our own steps to meet the city's needs
���for the health of the city is of course a matter for the
city itself to arrange for���it is of interest to note that the
Dominion government has decided to establish a department of health. The recent typhoid epidemics in Ottawa
have doubtless had acme bearing upon this decision, but
��*�����- hoped that- wni-e "tbe work of the new department
wiD be largely directed towards dealing with immigration
a crusade against tuberculosis and all that implies, may
in due course be undertaken.
This modern invention  is an  addl-
tstm to thc list of society's dlatppolnt-
st-M-stm.    Many  thought  It  was  going
to -Ms-re tbo farmer from the loss and
of occasional   superabundance,
me the consumer from the short
bt *oa8ona of Bcarcty.
It* tendency Ib to deprive the fares' Uie occasional advantages   of
and Use oonenmerB of ihe oc-1 ���,.,���  ,    ,. .     ,
c��io%��l  advantages    of  auperabund- -TEwE^n��l!^0,lom>',
as**.    Operated  for  private  gain  Its I8 P*"-^ ,������ Empire poll
one of the pioneers in the Cleveland
"II Industry. The canny and thrifty
John D. Rockefeller was early hie
business rival, but they soon Joined
forces under the firm name of Rockefeller. Andrews & Flagler, the parent
concern of the Standard Oil Company..
From the firBt Flagler was prominently Identified with the oil trust
and.no Bmall pan of ItB successes and
Its sins are to be laid al his door.
With the tenaclcB of the octopus of
oetrolcum working smoothly, drawing
In money while its stockholders Blept,
Mr.   Flagler  turned   his   attention   to
Florida as a country offering vast opportunities   for   an   ambitious    young
man.    ln  that  summerland  he   built
hotelR and acquired railroads, and con
their own conception of their own and ; struoted other lines of steel, until with
Imperial Interests, and none other.       itn<> completion of the Key Wert rail-
Consultations between Hritinh    and ' r��ad lat-t yenr his Florida investments
Canadian miniBtera    there would,    of j wer<- estimated at 150.000,000.
courac.  be,  ao  that  the chances    of!    The "ocean railroad'1 from Miami tc
tariff In both    countries    should    be |K("*' West, one of the engineering mar
tLrusfencit-s la to subject the oonsunur
to the -continuous high prlceB of ecar-
ciry aad thc farmer to the continuous
law prices 0f abundance.
Fussa a channrl between producer
and eis-ummcr it tends to become a
-nus-tly obstruction, controlling both
���Mse price paid thc producer and de-
���nssiWn from the consumer.
The important economic posBiblli-
tieaof cold storage may necessitate
ismim. form of governmental interven-
Unts if relief from needless tariff ob-
tstf-Hcisnn docs not prove sufficiently
-ssfls-ctlTc in averting abuses There
o�� no capacity for constructive legislation at Ottawa or Toronto, but it
will --sot always he eo.
The attaching of date labels and
the fixiiij- of limits to the period of
-coM Etorage for various products
mis-tit hnve a beneficial effect. It
ssmy tie necessary for the Dominion,
"Provis-f-ial or municipal authorities to
pro-ride the requisite eervlnc, available
for en-irutv cuhU.mi rs ut reasonable
sstaDsttrmlc blunders may roll tbe pub
lie of thc ben- fllB of tho greatest nie-
cti-uiical Inventions ami chemical dls
-��-o��ert����. We must not allow the pos-
-ssU-ilitis-s of cold Btoragc to lie lost by
rahtisiaaaz-emcnt. ^Toronto (llolie.
mttdo most suitable to the ends of
each, but It would npver do to make
Canada's word the decisive factor In
British taxation.
Autonomy lias Ita meaning for England  no lejER  than   for Canad.1.    The
Is too vital
policy to be ov
erlooked   at  amy   time,  and    nothing
certainly could   bo  less conducive  to
good fellowship, within    the    'empire
than the Intervention of Canada and
the other Dominions to lead the Ilrlt
ish electorate to do what their   own
desires and  ideals    fail to dictate-
Canadian Gazette, London.
The Itritish  taritt ia a  matter    of
concern Just as the Canadian
hi  a matter of  Cuuadlan  cun
and il ��ecma    Inevitable    that
British mlniBteru and the Hrltlsh
1 Uo must be governed   by
���> ��
��� SCRAP   BOOK    FOR   TODAY.    ���
��� ���
Honor Victoria, the Good, Today���
12th Anniversary of Her Death.
Beautiful and impressive cere-
monies will be held today at the mag
niflcent mausoleum at Frogmore
where Queen Victoria and the Prince
ConBort are taking their last long
Bleep. The beloved queen died on
Jan. 22, 1901, and each year the anniversary is solemnly observed.
Th"- doors of the mausoleum, which
throughout the remainder of the year
arc hermetically sealed, will be opened
'his morning. The members of the
royal family gather at the first services, which include prayers and the
chanting of hymns by choir boys of thc
Chapel lloyul.
At the conclusion of tho services thc
mausoleum Is open to the public for
Bcveral hours, and thousands of reverent admirers of the late queen al-
waya gather to pay tribute to her
Tho Frogmore mausoleum Is only a
short distance from Windsor Castle,
and iu surmounted by a beautiful
dome, beneath which la the sarcophagus of Victoria and Albert  On the top
ves of the world, alona cost over 20
millions. For over a hundred miles
gigantic, arches and spariB of steel and
concrete stretch over little iBleta and
open water, a magnificent monument
to Henry M. Flagler, who dreamed ol
the Impossible and made It a reality.
��� *
��� THIS   DAY   IN *
January Twenty-Second.
The attempt of the Mother Coun
try to bind and restrict her colonies
'n their trade regulations was onr
^f thn chief cnimo- of the America!-
"lovoliitlon. With regard to her new
tr American provinces. Great Rritatr
-ot st oneo, but inch hv inch, reced
ed from her old position that the
icrd-i and resources cf colonies were
to be exploited for the benefit of lie
iwn merchants.
Until comparatively recent years
however, Canada and other colonies
were Included an u matter of coursr
'n the commercial treaties mnde b-
the    Imperial    government,    nut   Ar
Canada's foreign trad" expanded, am'
ii her commercial policy tiocam-
norc Inconsistent with England"
'���roii.l f���-e trn'ti*. a el'inge of pin
'���"ei"--! doiirable. n'-l In n despatch
dated January 82, 1S,"8. the Colonial
Secretary, the Karl of Carnarvon,
announced thnt In future no commercial treaty would he mode by which
Canada would be bound unless she
herself assented to It.
Now the Dominion would be free
from nny commercial treaty obligations save those of her own making.
In negotiating such treaties lt is tho
custom for a Canadian s'tatesm&n to
be associated with a representative
of thn British government, and, although both sign, the Canadian takes
the leading part In the negotiations'
Ing about puo, were purchased at
Uelturbet markets during the holiday
While several cattle were rescued,
a bull, whicb could not be got out in
time, was roasted alive In an outbreak of fire at the dwelling and outhouses of Adam Berkmyre, Glengorm-
ley House, Glengormley, Belfast.
The committee of the Dublin Master
Printers' Association haa decided, owing to tba greatly lncreaeed cost of
production consequent on the Insurance act. shorting working hcurn and
Increased cost Of raw materials, an
immediate advance in all prices for
printing ls absolutely necessary. The
committee has advised Its members
William Best, a farmer living near
Ballyconnell, Cavan, shot a few days
ago a blackbird, which had a gold
ring on one of Its legs. The ring ia
now worn by Mr. Best's daughter on
her watch guard, and bore some Initials which were undecipherable, lt
is believed that the bird was a pet
and that thu ring was placed on Its
leg for the ,���irpci.-* of Identification.
When a wrll known Unionist named
Andrew Millar, r! Glencoe, waa fined
is., edth co(,ts. at Magherafelt Petty
SeEsions for being drunk and disorder
ly and thouting for Home llulc, the
Jiairmaii, .Mr. Kilroe, 'J. P., said he
did not think the shouting for Home
null- or against Home Kule were party crteB. Mr. Keighley, a I-rotcBtunt
magistrate, concumd.
J. MeOreevy, presiding at a meeting of the Roscommon hoard of guar-
lians, referred to tho action of the
naglttrates In cliBciurRlng Inmates of
'.he workhoure who had been charged
���vlth insubordination, and other members concurred with him In urging
that, in the event ot further prosecutions, the board's solicitor should press
very strongly on the bench the nec-
ersity for having discipline maintained.
disguised as a girl. After satisfying
himself by Inquiries concerning the
family at Victor, he provided Irene
with boy's clothes and let him continue his Journey.
Irene walked aad talked like a boy
and always played with boy*. He
had no girl friends.
Position on Return to Power, le Stren-
per Than  Ever.
Ixindon, Jan. 21. -Oeneral Botha Issued a statement on the differences
between himself and General Hertzog.
In tt he points out that General Hertzog has violated -all constitutional
etiquette in making public what had
happened at cabinet meetings.
Moreover bla disclosures hsd been
one-aided and tn some respects Inaccurate. "General Hertzog." the atate-
ment proceeds, "has gratuitously and I In and out.
Dublin, Jan. 21.���It bas been seen
that rural Ireland has changed during
the last thirty years, and this advancement in social circles is making it-
lelf felt in every home in this coun-
One sign of progress is to be seen
In the eatabliBhment of the Society
cf United Irish Women, which has,
under Mrs. Harold Lett's presidency,
just held its second annual meeting.
Being an organizing rather than an
executive Bociety, it haa reached out
to many aufflcient activities, drawing
together women of many varying I
shades of opinion and culture to work '
side by side for whatever social need
is felt in their own particular neighborhood.
Its preaident believes thai the need
of the child ln rural Ireland should
be put first, tender cafe being exercised as to its food, education and
'.raining from childhood. She described the success of some of the depots
for a proper aupply of milk, which
have been established wnero they
have been mush wanted.
Another speaker, a number of the
Irish Agricultural Organization Society, which haa been called "Tbe Big
Brother ot the United Irishwomen,"
held out iftipe that in the near fu-
Uirest-here must be an ���lntffarai-in.il-'
production, which, would lower the
price of milk for these dairies.
Mr. Anderson thought that milk
must be distributed to the cottagers
and town dwellers on business lines
and these farmers would respond to
an organized demand.
. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Ths
regular meeting of Amity lodes No.
U7. I. O. O. l'\, ls held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd Follows' Half
corner Carnarvon and Eighth stres-t-i.
\ Islilng    brrthern     cordially    Invited.
8' ����� BH"��R' ����� ��^; R ���*-��� Merrlthew,
V. G.; W. C. Coatlmm, P. a., record'
In* necretary; IL \V. Sangster. financial secretary.
CENTER * HANNA. LTD .���Funurul
directors and erabalmers. Parlors 405
Columbia street. New Westminster.
Phone SII3.
W. E. FALEB���Pioneer Funeral Director
und Enibalmer, ��12-��1�� Agnes street,
opposite Carnegie Library.
Ijiw, Solicitor, Etc. 6(2 Columbia
BtreeL New Westminster. B.C. Tele,
phone 1��J0. Cable address "Johnston. Code. Western Cnls-n. Ofrlces,
���looms e aad T Ellis Block.
3. STILWELL CLUTE. Barrl.tor-at-law,
solicitor, etc.). earner Columbia ami
McKenile streets. New Wasi-uln-ntr.
B. C.   P. O. Box IU.    Telephone  7ie.
swr-���-j�������� 1.
sollcltorn and nniary. flo Columbia
street.   Over C. P. B. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Roouu 7 anil
I. Oulchon block. New Westminster.
O. B. Martin. W. G. McQuarrie and
doors* L. Cassady.
Will Watch Member* of House When
Bill Comes Up���Feeling Among
London, Jan. 21.���When tbe franchise reform bill comes up in parliament shortly the members to the commons will find all the approaches to
the chamber picketed by actresaea
and other supporters of the move-
men> in favor of votes tor women.
Throughout the entire debate day
and night the women Intend to be
present ln strength end to buttonhole
members of the houee as they pass
and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk.
Columbia street, New Wrslnilnsti-r, B.C.
Cable addreas "Whiteside." Western
Union. P. O. Drawer 10*. Telephone
IS.   W.  J.   Whiteside.   II.    L.   -CdmoiHle.
It. J. A. -sBURNETT,
Accountant. Tele. R
12S.   Room Trapp
ster Bs-ard of Trade meets ln the board
room. City Hall, ea follows: Third Friday *t sac* montb; auarterly meeting
on the thlr* Frtaay ut February, May.
August and November at I p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February.   B. H. Stuart   Wade,   secre-
��� ���������������������������*s>**e��
��� ���
��� WELSH   NEWS. ���
��� ���
��� ������������������������������>������������������
Bv 94 vntoi to 1*4 the --noirbnrs of
'he Bangor flolf club decided by bal-
ot agalnrt allowing golf to be played
���n Sundays on their course.
On Christmas morning on the Pwllheli golf links, tbe president of the
-dub, ft. Breen Turner, and nine members cf his family engaged the club
tn a match.
After a year's Work a four-foot coal
seam has heen discovered near Oil-
fac'.i finch. Mid (llamorgan, at a depth
of 381 yards. It ls estimated that
the working of the seam will give employment to 1000 men.
Judge Byrn Roberts, at Swansea
county court, declined to allow doc-
'.ora' and nurses' tee* out ot  ��250
unnecessarily put the question whether the Interests of South Africa
should take preference over those of
the British Empire Within
the Krenire. the South African nation
can fully develop ita local patriotism
ind  national  inatincta.
ln these circumstances It waB unpardonable to suggeat. as happened
it De WUdL that the Umpire Is only
good so long as lt ls useful to South
\frlca." It is now clear that General
Botha von a fine tactical victory in
-eRignlng the premiership and thus
���"'ssolvlng his cabinet as the only
way of getting rid of fieneral Hcrt-
ioi-   who hnd  refused to resign.
With his reconstituted cabinet, Oeneral Botha returns to office, greatly
itrengthened, ti continue his courageous work of radical conciliation.
Latest Novelty In Bracelets and Neck-
lets Intereat London.
London. Jan. 13.���Kur Jewelry ts
the latest novelty to be adopted bv
vomen.- Fur bracelets and necklets
ire being sold in the west end cf London In Bhane like the bead or gold
snake bracelet.
The new bracelet ia at present made
'n ermine, nutria, seal and moleskin.
It Ib Ir-pvoenslve and can be
-���l-ased at fro-i {l.r.O to $3.
The brncrt-t nnd the necklet are
wciind around the arm or the neck
i nn iko fnihlon. and n.ro cbont one
-ie"i 'n width, The IHMe annkeB nf
tnj* am flnlnhci off with a tiny Imt-
tn.tion head of the animal from which
tho  fur has been  taken.
In the case of the bracelet, the animal head la worn near the hand. Por
the evening the fur Jewelry can be
chosen to match tha fur trimmings
of the gown, and for the daytime It
should match the muff..
Fur hatpins have had a certain
vogue for some tln-e, having fur head
Instead of the ordinary metal or Jewel head, and t",ie newest bag which
Is used as a substitute In the evening for the.gold and Jeweled brocade
bag la a large fancy bag of fur,. ���
The Actresses Franchise League,
which ls organizing tbe movement,
has callid for the help of all similar
societies in making a peaceful de-'
tnonstration in support of the adoption of an amendment to the bill In-
tended to give the suffrage to women
They hope to be successful, al-
though the acts of their militant *l��
ters have greatly alienlated sympathy from the cause In the United
Kingdom. At the same time the militant or the suffragettea ia said to be
nreparlng to provide a more excltl***
time for members of parliament.
At present the suffragettes hae* a
bare majority In the house of com-
iiioiib If all of their supporters -ret*
for tho measure. It Is understood.
however, that many of them h��v�� at
leost temporarily withdrawn their
-iiprort. because of the methods adopt
ed  by  the  militants.
A larirc number of Liberals who an*
In favor of suffrage for women will
not vote for It now on accatmt of
Premier Asrrulth's opposition to tht
movement and also because or the
wav he has been treated by the militants.
Should theso members of the house
"if commons who favor women enf-
frage. succeed In having the word
"male" eliminated from the bill, three
alternative proposals will be made to
'nclude women.
Advertisement for Heop Skirts Found
Embedded in Tree.
Mctlford, Mass.. Jan. 21.���A page
from a faililon magazine of half a
century/ago has been found embed
ded In a large oak tree cut down by
Harry Corlls, on his ranch near here.
That tree had grown around the paper whloh remains ln perfect condition.
By counting ono year to one ring*
of growth It is estimated that the p*v
por was put or blown into a hole in
the  young troe fifty years (kin.    it,
describes the beauty of the hoop aklrt'
as the laAeat, tUlBg in wojun'g adorn-1
Clark-Frager Realty Co.
r*orm*rly at (10 Columbia Bt., now at
��*7 Front Bt   Phone R1011.
New Westminster, B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chaneee.
Ac-reag* and Choice  Fruit Lands ���>
King's Hotel Pool Room
Beet Pool Tabic* I* th* eity. Flo*
Una at Cigar* aad Tobacco. Spertlag
events bulletined.
A. O. BEATON. Proprietor.
Ladles' and  dent*' Bulte dyed
Overcoat* Cleaned and Pressed
New V*U*t Cottar 7��s
W* do repair* *t * *n**H addition*! charge.
t4B Columbia tt     P%*��* e\tt*
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with furnnee and kitchen ra***,
linoleum and blind*. Le*** It
required, IU.00 p*r month.
. H-room house, one block traat
car, ��1o.00 per month.
B-room house, modern, with
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & ft.
-  Phone 1104.
Coldleutt Blk.     last Burnaby..
'!>? WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1913.
Chief cf Police Has Drawn Up Weird
and Wonderful List of
Berlin, Jan. 21.���Berlin Is at present asking itself whether to laugh
at or be angry with the new llBt ot
police regulations with which the Indefatigable chief of police has promised to saddle the German capital.
lt ls perhaps a compliment to the
city that such explicit direction* ��n
such points should be framed, in order
to encourage perfection among ita
Inhabitants, but the question is, can
some more useful and practical compliment could not be found In their
Here is an extract from the regulation as to the conduct of the mere
pedestrian as the chief of police has
compounded them;
Pedestrians are to keep to the right
both on the pavements and on tbe
roadway; anyone who cornea to a
standstill must -choose a position
where he is no hindrance to passers-
by; all unnecessary halting or loitering on the roadway reaerved to carriages, bicycles and motor cars, ts
forbidden. This refers also to tbe
crossing of the thoroughfare.
Streets are to be crossed by the
shortest way; that la to say, at right
angles. It ts recommended tbat the
roadway shall not be crossed at any
point that may be chosen at random,
but at the street corners ln order to
have  the  greatest  regard  to  safety.
*>t crossings where police officials
are on duty to regulate the traffic,
pedestrians are to await the moment
that the- traffic has been brought to
a etaudstill before crossing. The
street shall be crossed with a rapid
;*tep, though without undue haste, so
That the drlvere may know bow to
direct their vehiclea.
There ia such a mixture of the plain
eat common aenae wltb the flights of
pure Idealism in tbis paragraph that
so far it bos not been taken very
seriously. Berlin, no doubt, will take
It Just as much to heart as the traffic police, and perhaps rather mor*.-
If there ia any real trouble.
But although It may be uBeful on
occasion tor the police to have a spare
regulation or two in pocket ln order
to be able to make special assertion
cf their authority, some would fear
for their liberty, as many others
would for the comfort of their sides
If the police were given full Instruction to sec to the application of all
theae rulea and were left as sole
Judges as ti whether the pedestrian
were crossing the street at a right
angle and with "quickened step."
Were every ono of these reguln
tioiiH to be applied most of the traffic
police would have to have a book at
hand as large as a banker's ledger,
and would probably have to engage
a typewriter with a knowledge of
Ths) fact ls Berlin ts more and more
a busy up-to-date capital, -where epei-4
has almost as much value as It has
In London. Paris or New York. What
Is mere Important in the new regulations, and what has caused real concern, is th* clause relating to advertisements. Among other things, the
use of red Is entirely forbidden.
All advertisements In the open
come under special police control;
special renditions are Imposed on Illuminated signs, and every sign of
any kind bearing letters more thsn an
Inch and a quarter long are required
to recelev police sanction. The regulations do not into effect until April
Blr Frederick Poneonby U*e*   Gov-
ernorehlp of Bombay Through
HI* WW* Chatter.
Best Artists In Country Cannot There
Earn More Than $4,000
Per Year.
Paris. Jan. 21.- The budget of the
French bureau of fine arts for 1911,
including figures concerning the work
of the Comedle Francaise, has Just
been reported and discussed In tbe
Chamber of Deputies, It ls amazing
During the season of 1911 no less
than 144 comedies and 34 tragedie*-.
were given. One wonders what the
young men of the American stage
would say if they were asked to study
three or four parts of week.
Among the pieces given at the Comedle Francaise were "Anthony," Alexandre Dumas; "Maitre Kavllla," by
George Sand; "Voulotr," by Bataille;
"Oedipus at Colonna," by Rivollet;
"Macbeth," "Cleopatra," "Lea ldeea
de Madame- Aubray," by Dumaa Fils;
and "Nob Intlmes," by Sardou.
The World correspondent went to
the theatre to learn what sort of emolument such hard work gained for
the art'sts. The figures, most courteously supplied by the management,
are interesting and instructive.
The receipts for tbe season amounted to $440,000, and tbe government
subsidy was $52,000. As the theatre
ii rent free one may add another
$50,000, making a grand total of over
half a million dollara a year ln the
sbape of Income. Furthermore, endowments of vaxious sorts, Including
a million franca given by Napoleon 1.
place the financial arrangements of
the theatre in an unique position.
Company Numbers Seventy-two.
There are seventy-two members of
the company now employed at the
Comedo Francaise and after actual
running expenses, light, costumes,
jcencry and so on are paid, the bal
ance of the receipts ls divided amour
'he artists In tbls fashion: Upon entering the Comedie Francaise one ir
git "ti three-twelfths of a share amounting in about $600 per annum, wblch
advance! according to merit until the
artist is in receipt of a salary of $24UI)
This remuneration, however, comes
(o the actor which, j he works or not,
and In addition to t'.i's be is paid
$10 for each matinee performance and
$2 for each evening's work. When
two plays are given in one evening
the fees amount to $3.
From this scale of wages it will be
seen thnt tlicai players, the greatest
and most carefully aelected of France
are not overpaid, nor are they able
to exactly tell what their annual Income will be, because when pieces
with but few characters are put on
a large number ot the company arc
out tt the cast, and Idle.
Some actors play only thirty or
forty times a year, while others play
as often as four times a week, the
average probably being under one
hundred performances per annum
From thi--. it will be seen that even
the  moat   popular actur.  -who  lm kstpil l��** '?*/'���
In pracUcolly every cast, cannot earn   ***** w
more than about $4000 a year.    This ��ner io 11
may explain why Madame Bernhardt, <����� '���'     "
8ome   Torn     Down,   Others   Transplanted, But With Latter Much of
Charm   Departs.
Lcndon, Jan. 21.���The London posl
office directory of 1913, Just Issued
shows that some queer trades are fol
lowed here. For instance, there art
several "mouse-trap makers," and un
der this heading ia listed Mrs. Mary
Ann Baton, of Homerton, probably
the iiuiHt picturesque personality
amongst those engaged In unique occupations.
Mary Ann, as sbe is famillari*,
known, is 86 years old. Her husband
who was the founder of the mouse
trap business, died two years ago. She
does not make the trapa herself. Thlt,
Is done by her workmen.
The mousetraps from Homerton are
sent to all parts of Europe, the cus
tomere being chiefly owners of ware
Another trade In whicb the youth
of all nations bave a deep personal
Interest, ls that of-birch rod maker
One man has a large building In Hoi
born where orders are filled for tbou
sands of birch rods, guaranteed to
give entire satisfaction to schoolmaa
ters. The rods sre oent to all quar-
ters of the globe.
According to the manager of the
business, this Industry has thrived
remarkably, bnt there Is consolation
for the schoolboy ln the fact thai
there Is no distinct birch rod boom.
Another curious industry is that
of widows' cap making, but thi-*
seems to be declining. A forewoman
ln a London establishment said that
mourning was not i bserved so much
today as in the past. The making of
caps for wldowa thrived tn the days
of Queen Victoria, who aet the faah-
on by nearly always appearing in
Another business, worthy cf mention, is thst of beetle destroyer, lsew-
!s Phillips, the manager of a concern
which recently destroyed a bllll-on
black beetles in one week, said that
the firm sent ItB men to all parts of
the world to destroy Insects.
No  Mere  Lottery  If Women  cf Bay
State Carry Out Their
Boston, Jan. 21.���Marriage la to b-;
no longer a  lottery.    Bay  State wo
men  are  making lt a  science.    Ont
prominent woman haa devised a plan
Cor a lover lo make, -mrs- ot l\ia sweei.
studying  ber   parents,     -.o-
demanding a commission  to
ally whether the young man
Co .uel.n and now feTar.* hive "been  fmgj^^jg^ *    ��'
so anxious to make co.����.    eUe- ttoJHtoaT Mar.h.  treasurer ot
where and defy  the rule  wh^^|lhe  Fathers"  and  Mothers'  club    of
London, Jan. 21.���The real story of
the sudden change ln the official plan
to appoint Blr Frederick Poneonby
Governor ot Bombay haa Just been
told to the writer.
Blr Fro-toriek will r**j*ii�� In th*
royal hooeehold in an lmproT*d ���*���*.-
tlon, but th��t will hardly compensate
him for the loee of the fat Indian plum.
He ba* hi* tadleerert wife to tha-jk
for bla 111 luck. A* Is th* ca*e with
nil those ��ppolntm*nt��, mountain* of
red tape have to b* wound aad unwound b*tor* th* thing* beveom* "official"
Lady Ponsonby, howsvor, found It
impossible to possess ber soul���or her
tongue--In patience, and promptly confided tbe newe to a society reporter,
wbo naturally. m*b*d lt into hla paper, and in 1*��* than ao tim* It w**
reported ���TerywMre. I* du* course
It came to HI* Majesty's eye*, and
King George's remarke upon th* "prtv
���lou*ne**" of hi* ���quwry1* wlte are
said to hav* been ��� positive revelation.
But warm as they were, they could
not compare with what toe "rtnwrt"
governor said to hi* wife ���fterward*.
Of course, the appolntmant waa Immediately cancelled.
Needless to say, the royal h��nd will
not be extended to Lady Ponsonby to
kiss for some time to come, though
King George le not sorry to har* an
excuse for keeping her husband near
He ls a real hard worker, and possess * perfect knowledge of French���
a qualification that HI* Majesty find*
extremely useful, especially rt a Mm*
Ilk* the preeent, when eo many Important foreigner* are In London.
i    in i   i n   in,
Transportation of Explosive*.
Ottawa, Jan, 21��� New rule* governing th* transportation Of explores arc being issued by th* Railway
Commlselon for all Canadian Railways. They ��re modelled oa tbose of
the United States Interstate Commerce Commission. The order comas
as the result ot th* application of th*
Canadian Freight Association for approval of iu proposed regulation* go***-
cn-'fts* th*' carrteg* of e**��lo*lvea.V
bids any member   of   the
Francaise  acting tn  any  other theatre iu Pails.
Advancement In profit sharing Is
decided by a committee of old members, who meet to discuss the merits
of their fellow actors and award Increased emolument. At present this
committee consists of 110 old members.
Acting In Foreign Countries.
No member of tbe Comedle Francaise Is allowed to act except under
the auspices of the National Theatre;
but, while not authortted, acting in
foreign countrie* 1* permitted, *nd
many prefer to go abroad when they
still enjoy the fees belonging to their
share ln the institution:
Furthermore, every member of the
National Theatre receive* upon retirement from active work a pension
amounting to $1000 annually to those
of twenty years' ��en*iee, and an addition of $40 for every year over and
above twenty year* ot work.
All the ladlee of the company have
their coetumes paid for. while the
men receive varying aum* toward
providing their wardrobe.
It might be thought that the financial rewards accruing to artists at
Froae*/* National Theatre are not
efficient to attract the supreme talent ot the republic, byt It murtoot
bo forgotten that the Comodl* Fran-
calse I* th* goal of every aspirant
to The*pl*n honor*. merober��hlp e*i"
rylng a ��*"clal and artistic portion
of tb* highest order.
Mtvat-sef the leeJlng-wiewibers of th*
theatre hate deooratlone and are regarded a* among th* elite ���' the
world of art. __
Pint Children B*w Under lmwi.-M.to
Art Named far Him.
London, Jan. 21,-Th* tnlttol reeom-
ponse under the Lloyd<3e��rg�� Imui*-
ance aet for which th* publlo ba* been
oubecrlblng for alx month* without return, wm obtained y*rt*rdey.
Th* flr*t mother to becomeentitled
to the mrternlty benefit mJMnmu
Un. Amy Ooudlng. of Faddliiftoa.
who** M>t, a daughter^WM born rt
one minute put tridnfft-fct ��nd wa*
ohrietenrd Georgipe, a* a .compliment,
to tha.ehaato.1or. *���* Tb* tatot wilt ��
eo reeeive the elUrer cup offered by
the Dally Newe to tb* flirt }?***
Slid to *ar* ta* matornlty "tatoftt.
Similar prise*..*J*;-**jM. ��*"*����� to
other ptaee* by different per*o*��.
��MoSI*V taMTMc* babrh*. been
christened  Lloyd-George Churchill.
How that tb* beneOto ai*. to aAw*
under th* Ineuranc* act. It 1. *��t|��*
p��t*d that ��*��� JF-oeltlon of Uto ���*�������**
��j*at, wEl b* ��m��y tfm&mau
among the working el*****.
Imperial' Naturallntlan.       j|
London, Jan. ll.��-In th* Hou***t
Common* yesterday, Kt Hon. 1^
Harcourt, the colonial ***c*r*tary.
-spgotirtion*  WW*,   und**
Boston, Is the discoverer of the study
of the parents plan. "It ia only res-
sonable that the daughter should be
a copy of the mother," declares Mrs.
Marsh, "and even though the mother
may be abort and tat while tbe daughter is tall and willowy, their general
appearance Is nlni times out ot ten,
alike," sbe ssld.
To young men I say: "Look upon
the face of the girl's i.'ther. lt he
baa a worried, unsettled l.-il*. pay accurate attention to how his wife greets
him when he arrives home from work
If the mother ts always urging him
to obtain more wealth, beware of her
marriageable daughter."
Commission Plan.
Mrs. Charles Elinwood, special work
er, proposes tbe commission plan. She
says unwlee marriages will be prevented If young couples go before
the commlaslons and answer the.following questions satisfactorily before tbey are allowed to marry.
1.���How long have you known this
young woman? .  .
2.���Where did you meet herf
8.���Why do you think you love her?
4.���How much money have you In
the bank?
S.���What 1* your business?
I���How much do you. earn weekly?
7,���I* yon disposition good?
Tne girt muat also-tertlfy a* to
her ability to cook.
Marvelleue Reduction In Cert *f Film*
by R*e*nt Invention of
"Chetry" Xe*i^**.
Post Office  Directory  Reveals  Birch
Red Makers���Mouse Traps
and Widows Caps.
London, Jan. 21.���Whether the old
portico of St. Martln's-le-Grand goes
to SL Chad's Hall, Durham (wblcb
haB petitioned for it as a facade for ita
new building) or not, lt will ln all
probability be lost to London, like
Temple Bar and so many other relics
wblch we know no more.
The list is a long and interesting
objects which have been removed out
one; and it need not be confined to
of London, tor even within the circle
ot the metropolis there have been
some notable "transplanting*." The
most recent instance is that of Crosby
Hall, In Blshopsgate, which was removed in 1901-8, and the materials
were afterwards used ln the resurrected building now forming tbe hall
at the Chelsea hostel, ln connection
with the University of London.
ln a recent interview, Mr. Philip
Norman, F.S.A., expressed hla pleasure that the celled timber roof, a
splendid example of late fifteenth-
century work, together with the bay
window and other interesting mediaeval features of the building, had been
preserved, and said tbat Mr. Walter
H. Godfrey, the architect, was to be
congratulated on the admirable and
skilful way In whicb he had put together the present Crosby Hall,
though, of course, It was little more
than a museum of fragments of the original.
Loee Their Charm.
"In a general way," added Mr. Norman, "buildings very largely lose
their Interest If removed from the
place for which they were designed.
Much of their charm consists tn their
being suited to their environment, and
In the local association connected with
Gothic architecture, he explained,
lent itself to removal worse than any
other style. In renaissance buildings
the stones could be numbered and re-
erected In the same order tn another
place, though the new structure would
lose the charm of ita environment. It
was tor thla reason thst it had been
possible to rebuild old Temple Bar
with considerable success. It was removed in 1878, and ten years later It
waa re-erected as the entrance to
Theobald'a Park, Sir Henry Meux's
property at Che-shunt.
Other   Buildings.
Other well-known features have
been removed from time to time with
the Idea of their being re-erected, but
unfortunately tbe Intention has not
been carried out. One such instance
is the beautiful old colonnade which
fronted old Burlington House, in Piccadilly, which waB pulled down in 1866.
The ftonrs were all carefully removed
to Battersea Park, where the colonnade was to be rebuilt, but the work
was never carried out. and the fate of
tbe ruins appears to be shrouded ln
The Seven male column, svhic.h once
marked tbe Darting ol the -sskts at
that busy centre, still exists, though ln
a very defaced condition, and may be
inspected on Weybridge Green. It
was pulled down in 1773, on the supposition that a considerable sum of
money was buried at Its base, but
none was found. It was removed first
to Sayea Court, Addlestone, but in 1822
the Inhabitants of Weybridge acquired
It and erected It as a memorial of the
benevolent Frederlca, Duchess of
York, who resided for thirty years at
Oatlands, and it remains to the present
In Museums Now.
Other relics which have changed
their aites Include the famous portico
of Carleton House, Pall Mall, which
waa pulled down ia 1828 and transferred to the National Gallery, Hun-
gerford Bridge, which was superseded
by Charing Cross Railway Bridge In
1863, and now forms the well-known
Clifton Suspension Bridge across the
Avon, which was opened Just 48 yeara
ago; and an alcove from old London
Bridge, intended in those daya a* a
place of refuge for pedestrians and
now preserved ���* ah interesting relic
in the grounds ot Guy's Hospital.
Many tpylcal bit* of old London
have foond a resting place in the museums, and several of her statues and
well-known landmarks have undergone
some amusing adventures.
ORAt? M ���
���F.Jf>- r<
tern* of the aewttre whloh wopM**
I.ondon. J��n. n.���"Chepry"', Rich-
��rd Kearton. the field ��� naturallat, author and lecturer has tailed again for
America and will - lector* before the Geographical Society. 0.1
vYaiblngton.        .   *  ,   *���.'
lle-takee with him a new pneumatic earner*. Thla camera lack* a handle. One simply pre-sses a button,;
which regulate* the speed, th* vibration being taken up by * g-rropoop*.
Mr. Kearton, however, haa another
wonderful camera. With it he usee
the ordinary kodak film*, but tbe
longitudinal arrangtymeat divides them
into microscopic division*, -dying* BOO
feet to each twelve o**dto*ry wip**-'
ure*. Tbl* film <jo��t* tdxty o*nto,
against twenty dollar* tor to* ordinary etomnatogr*** film.        ��� '
Th* n*w camera h*a an electric
light which ou b* placed agataat a
pro}*ottng 1mm, *ad thla *how* a pie-
tor* fly* fact *qu*re. Tbl* new in-
ventlon will auke the clnetn-UogTaph
a household possibility at a cert Of
Plant *dverti*lit** tbat **!��*. may.
>i��T0*.  '.'���.. '         '.1%^'"':
Copenhagen, - Ian; M���Cinematograph film* that would pass tb*
strictest censor may carry moral contagion to an audience of the deaf-)
and dumb. I* the moral ot * ahow recently given by ��� picture theatre owner to a aehool of deaf and dumb children.    ��� ��� �������� --���-"- :
During th* performance *om* children ln the audience began to giggle and other* got up to I*are.
A atrtet l**veatt*ratlon was started
and It turned out that while the movie
actor* war* behaving to ell appearance* with the strictest decorum, they
wer* exchanging Jokes and expree*
Ions of the moot cerulean deaeriptlon.
confdent thrt the volcrteee film*
would art give them *w*y. Th*y bad
not, however, reckoned with an audience who eaeily Interpreted their
Up actio*. Th* show omao to *i
abrupt ooneluston. The owner wm.
ot conr**, sti-sohttely innootnt of any
He had ��*retoUy ch,*si.in wtat we're,
apparently Unoouons films ter eia:
th* ooo**Wl��.
t-**t. Feinting Found.
Trono, lab. Jl.'-Th* lo*t patntint.
������V'ntlh. and Chtld." by the Italian
halnter Gentile tto Fabrlano, has been
discovered la �� small church In the
town of Velletrei. �� mile* trom th*
pity of Rom*, waei-e It wa* token in
the mlddl* *f the *l��*ento century
from the Church of Saint Cosmo, aad
prtat^haanbVb^ '
'm. i .��,,..��   i i   -   ,"?--.>,!,���'
A l��oto**hlld Wedding.
Far)*, i*%\ to-r---Aaoth**- Rotheehlld
wedding **e been *rr*ajtod.   Jam**
'    -   '    -ii-t--'wh.j belong* to to*
' th* family, H  *���*>'
'ewm     , m*s\\rWer*.      am    m*V*0I*v
:;-*-.:*.#s,r-  *
���i''j.^'-W        '��� ' ��� '   ���   ���**������
To Non-Believers
There are men who do not believe in advertising���
good men and wise, but that signifies naught. It is but a
brief while since many believed that the earth was flat,
but is was round all the time. The earth did not change
its shape; men merely altered their views. The point
of it all is that there are established facts in business just
as there are established facts in nature and belief or disbelief does not change the facts.
Suppose, for instance, you were to say "I do not believe in darkness; I do not want darkness."    Will it not
grow dark tonight quite the same as though you were
heartily in favor of it?
- You may not like the telephone or typewriter or adding machine���thousands of persons do not���but these are
established instruments in today's activities and your feelings will not alter the fact. To refuse to use them stamps
you as-being behind the times, and competition with the
man or business which does use them is no longer possible
for the man or business Which doetrrot use them. *���
The time has passed for giving serious attention to
the man who does not believe in advertising. Advertising
is as much a part of today's life as electricity, antiseptic
surgery or trolley traction.
The system under which he who has something to
r,ell tells about it to those who do or should use it, is a
proven, established, actual fact and no single fact has
ever yet been whipped by an army of opinions.
Broadly speaking, it is easier and more profitable to
��bey the Law than to try to break it. If it is a good Law
it cannot be resisted. Tackle the Law of Gravity, for instance, and see how far you get with your opposition.
. ... *Tteels*iWof l>*-manAte)'*-*A*^
just as natural as the Law of Gravity. Both work day and
night, weekdays, holidays and Sundays and they always
pull downward.
Down at the bottom of all commercial success there,
is Demand insistently tugging away. If Demand can be
circumscribed and focused and tied to your product, you.
have done a big thing and middlemen by the score can no-
more stand against it than can a few layers of fleecy
cloud keep Gravity from accomplishing its effective-
work, s
This is no preachment against the powerful importance of the wholesale or retail merchant The manufacturer who neglects the dealer in any advertising campaign he may inaugurate is indeed lacking in foresight.
"Forcing the trade" to carry a line has long since
given way to better methods. Co-operation is better than
coercion. But as a foundation for success nothing can
take the place of a powerful consumers'demand.
No one can want anything until he knows of its existence and its fitness for filling his requirements. Advertising is a way by which people are toM why they
should have your goods and, at the sane time, taught how
they may identify them.
..-- The method to backed by.gcod logic and good sense���
just the same sort of plain, prosaic business reasoning
whieh is required Inany other line of work.
There is nothing magicafar mysterious about it and
greatest advertising successes have keen signularly free
from the frills and furbelows with which some advcitis-*-,
ing men seek to invest this plainest am) simplest aid to
present day merchandise dlstriUtkn^From "The Ayer
Idea in AdWrtWftf," by It W. Ayer & Son, Phlladel-
��� piua. ���-..;;���������������'���
.   ..   ���., ��� ���  -   - -
���R-tsVl  '"������'���   ���",'.. PAGE FOt.*H
H<.v Council  McesS���Several By-laws  Cattle and Horses Escape From Barn
to Bit introduced at Next Meet- ���Snowfall Averages 44.20 Inches
ing on February t. ������B. C. E. R. Ha3 Trouble.
���JTlre Surrey municipal council luel
-��L the municipal ball, Cloverdaie, at
2 -i.tn, Monday, January 20, ilio*,*.
present being Heeve Sullivan and
-fXaoinciUors-elect inglis. Murphy, Mac
Kem.it*,  ill-own and Keery.
The minutes cf the previous meet
iraa? were read and conilrmed. Com-
s-aasiiralions were received as fallows.
K D. Camcroas, returning
i beg to ai.hmit the resuH m
the Surrey municipal elections tor
1993, aa fellows: Heave, ThomS3 J.
-"-l-sUiran, by acclamation. Coiuicllors'.
Ward one. Robert Grant, 26; K. S.
(Ujtlish. e'9; majority for latter, 44.
Ward tern. J. K. Blurphy, by acclama
sUaa. Ward three, J. T. iirown, by
-sva-tanation. Ward four, R. D. Mac
Ke-nr**, by acclamation. Ward Ave,
Jsiihn Ke-ery, 08; George Radford, GO;
majority for former, 16. Land . sale
fey-taw: For, 308; against, 39; major
Jty Ii r, 269. Referendum on pound !>;.
Jaw: "-'or, 229; against, 165; major!;.
far, 64. School trustees: II. Bose
2SC, Albert li. Marshall, 200; C. W.
MeCxllnm, 82; Richard T. Robinson
aS; Bose and Marshall elected. Spoil-
sea] ballots: Councillor, ward one, 2,
lajnd saie by-law, 19; pound by-taw
ri-tt-rin-liim, 5;  school trustees, -I.
From Sidney Malcolmscn, auditor.
a.8 fallows: I have audited your books
for the year ending December 31,
191**, and boR to report that they are
in good condition and a credit to your
I bxve receipts for all disbursements arid all monies have been ac
st-ts-uiteil for.
i bave received all information re-
There are some cheques outstanding for a considerable length of time
-and I would recommend that they be
East Indian Claims $650 But Written
Contract Says $100, and  Case
Is Dismissed.
The unusual snow of the past three
weeks haa caused another roof caving In accident. Early yesterday
morning a large barn owned by J. A.
Fleger on Eighth street suddenly collapsed on account of the heavy layer
of snow that had accumulated on its
roof. Inside the barn at the time of
the accident was boused two horses,
five cows, and a number of chickens
but these escaped without Injury.
It waB only about two weeks ago
that the warehouse on the wharf of
the B. C. Transfer Company, situated Just east of the bridge gave way
under the weight of snow.
The snowfall during the past three
weeks has been almost unprecedented
in the history of the city, no less than
44.20 inches having been recorded by
the city engineer's department.
Except for n continuation of the
tie-up on the Sixth street line of the
B. C. E. R., no great disruption was
caused In the city car service. Not
eo the interurban lines, however, as
great difficulty was experienced in
getting through to Vancouver on the
Central Park line early yesterday. In
tact for some considerable time the
cars could not get past Central Park
and some passengers who were beut
upon reaching Vancouver were forced
to "mush" through the deep snow
to their destination. This condition
of affairs held sway unti after 10
o'clock when the line was again got
into order.
Bad in Vancouver.
In Vancouver both yesterday and today the greatest difficulty was experienced by the B. C. E. U. in establishing j-ggular city service, this despite the* fact that a whole army of
men were working continuously for
practically   24   hours,   endeavoring   to
transferred to a suspense account as Iclean out the facKs.  Whioh  had  got
the probability is that they will never !close >" Jammed by snow ou account of
tbe probability is thai tin���;.-
he. presented for payment.
To the best of my Judgment the
balance -sheet signed by iayaclf is a
correct standing of the municipality
-on December 31, 1912.
Fr-xn W. G. Swan, divisional engi
���Beer ot tho C. N". R-, re cTojijing ai
RraviJ pit at Port KeHa, saymg thai
the -rross-ing hi question was sot on
a. public highway, and e.xj-ressln.--
tbeir iYilliiigin-ss to put In a crossing
is-nti the proper highway.   R-erciivd aud
s-prerred to Councillor InglU*.
From Olway WBkk��, notice of an-
n-ml meeting of the    leaser    Valley I
: ."Waniri-LaJ     Publicity     Bureau*.     Re- j
autog and other vehicles passing over
! them.
Westminster does not appear to be
; inconvenienced as much as it might
have been. True, walking has been
! made very uncomfortable and strenuous but vehicular traffic���on sleds-
has continued without a stoppage.
Even hearses have been placed on
The Fraser river Ehowed less signs
cf freezing up yesterday than on any
previous occasion this month. This
was not due to any easing of the temperature. The ice which had been
practicaly stationary all day Sunday
and  Monday commenced to break up
In the County court yesterday
morning Judge Howay dismissed an
action brought against Robert McLaren of Langley municipality by
Natha Singh, a Hindu contractor for
$750 claimed to bo due on a certain
clearing contract.
The Hindu claimed that he agreed
to partially clear seven and a half
acrea of Mr. McLaren's land at $100
per acre but the defendant produced
a written contract showing that $100
ftMrthe entire acreage was all that waB
to be paid when the work was finished.
This contract it waa stated waB
mane In the presence of Mrs. McLaren, wife of the defendant and explained to the Hindu contractor at his
own request.
Singh at that time It was also stated fully understood the contract and
hail viewed the scene of the clearing
which consisted of gathering, piling
and burning the brush, cedar tops and
rotten irtumpe on the land.
After the work was finished the
Hindu waa given $100, but he claimed
that $650 more was due him which
Mr.'McLaren refused to acknowledge
and accordingly the matter was carried to court.
His honor took the view that the
written contract was tlie one agreed
upon and dismissed the action with
costs assessed to the plaintiff.
Mr. 0, L. Tachereau of Vancouver,
appeared for the plaintiff, while Mr.
Hampton Bole conducted the defence.
Less at  Fort Saskatchewan  Is    Estimated at $200,000���Hotel Guests
Have Narrow Escape.
Edmonton, Jan. 21.���A large part of
the business section of Fort Saskatchewan, 30 miles from here, was destroyed by fire early today, causing a
loss of mo.-e than $200,000.
The fire started early this morning
and was not brought under control until  tonight.
Several guests of the Queen's hotel
had narrow escapes before being removed from the upper floors.
The fire started it ls said from an
overheated stovepipe.
Representative Carter Glass Speaks In
Pessimistic Vein at Convention
of Chamber of Commerce.
Will Preside   Over   School   Trustees
This Year���Plans for 1913 Will
Be Mapped Out Caturday.
West Burnaby, Jan. 21.-���Mr. F.
Temple Cliff was elected chairman cf
(li2 Burnaby school board for the
coming year, at a meeting held thit
evening. Mr. Cliff headed the polls
on Saturday for school trustee, coming a cloBe second to the given to
Reeve McGregor. This is his sixth
year on the board and the llrst time
that he has assumed the post of chairman.
No opposition was made to the
nomination, all the trustees, Messrs.
Sanderson, Patterson, Morrison and
Floss, favoring Mr. Cliff as their head
for the year 1913.
Little business was transacted, this
being left over until Saturday after
noon when a program for the coming
year will be mapped out.
The remarkable growth in school
attendance in Burnaby during tht
past year, and which shows no abate
ment at the present time, will mean
a strenuous amount of work for the
school board; and, although over
$100,000 was voted by the electorate
en Saturday last to be used for school
purposes, the affairs will have to be
carefully considered in order to keep
within the estimates.
l^ast year requests were made on
the provincial government for aid
and this waa to a small extent answered, but not enough to satisfy all
the districts.
t>������  i��   /-   ,,,         , ,        . land  move yesterday  so  that even  ,i
.^r^Z'-     t fv^l   I' I*���1' many of the smaller craft were!
������at mw-mtL'V. K, *tatmg Oat he had j able t0 gal- ab0lJt wlthout fcar  ,
.Ks-ren instj-i-nions to tta-ve the culvert   damage
jSLTaiSi.?^ 2�� SidB ��' iH The unseasonable conditions have
2^5i ��� �� ,���"��? 2 ������� ��_}���<-'"-] proved a veritable harvest for thc un-
sT^ .JU """*" S done-  employed, and practically every avail-
���i��s.*iiiai- ab,0 man ln ,he clty lias been     t t0
From J. Newsom and J. Laslam it work shovelling snow off roofs, clean-
-aitcn, along the niods-lone Toad. Re-1 ing out gutters on. Btreet sides, or
���e-rt-u-sl nnd laid o-rt-T Un- .-n-v-***As-��v-<m.i shovelling  the  suoiv   otf   sidewalks.
"Ths- ComTT-Jstss-s-�� 1     The   snow   has   been   the   cause   of
On -motion    the followisg   appoint 1 considerable inconvenience to the B.C.
merits were unit: j Telephone Company, several lines hav-
Ish-euBrng board -The Re-eve, Ooun-llng teen put out of commission on ac-
���cTHora Keery aud    tgnrphy    and    H.: count of It.
Gunboat Wheeling Is   Sent   to    Vera
Crui���Lives of Foreign Residents
in Grave Danger.
Washington, Jan. 21.���Alarmed for
the.safety of Americans, whose lives
are iu jeopardy because of widespread
lawlessness of Mexican rebels in Vera
.. raz state, and throughout Southern
Mexico, tiie state department again
aai called upon the navy to protest
American interests in the republic.
The gunboat Wheeling ia steaming
tonight   from   Tampa,   Ha.,   for  Vera
Cruz,   where   Am
face a graver cri
by the cruiser Des
of thc Ilia/, uprising
Washington, Jan. 21.���That lt Is nol
unreasonable but wholly in accord
anco with past experience to expect
"for some time in the future, a finan
cial panic similar to the one ln 1907,"
was the declaration of Representative
Carter Glass, of Virginia, chairman or
the sub-committee of the house committee en banWng and currency, in
an address tonight at the convention
cf the National Chambers or Commerce.    No one could tell. Mr. Glass 	
said,  when  Buch  a  financial   disaster  Tales That Are Told of the Great Ens-
would come,  but be declared  "there |jsri Humorous Poet,
are symptoms that should not go uu- j    Thc ,a(o gir w   Gul)crt wiU ]on��� |(0
oDservea. remembered for what lie did  for the
At the outset of his talk Mr   Glass g^j,-, ,taf>ei   Hc found the ,���mp ���,
called    attention    to  the    statement bu�� b��urni       ,���w a[u,  niUklot-
made  recently   before  his  committee ' - ���
The Island o< Tea
The choicest tea in the world grows high up on the
mountain-sides of Ceylon. The native purity and garden-
freshness of this superb Ceylon Tea is preserved by the
sealed lead packages used in packing.
Black, Green or Mixed om
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckie's Boots and Ahren'a School Shoes.
A  $20,000  Stock to  Select From
by n banker of the West that never,
net even in the panic'of 190T, did he
experience greater difficulty in meeting the demands upon him that last
autumn, when he was obliged to let
his reserves run down to accommodate his customers.
"I would not commit myself to any
definite prediction as to a recurrence
of the trouble of 11107." said Mr. tllass
"but I do say that it would be the
height of folly for us to defer action
until it is forced upon us by the imminence of panic."
Laughs at   Idea.
Representative Glass  ridiculed  the I
ous, and he invented .1 new hikI ell
chantim form of entertninm-i! t. su'--
tle enough, with its delicate rony, t<>
captivate the most exacting intellect,
yet rippling over -with a deliclou'
gaiety that a happy child iniulit
share. He had a mordant satire,
fearle.-.-i and keen-edited; an inexhaustible wit, scintillating in every
lire; a Puck-lik"! aptitudj for paradox, whimsical nml mere) -, and with
it all nn word wa.- spoken which un
honest man or woman need blush tj
In   The   Century   Illustrated   Magazine there ii an llltsreftll 3 aiticle en-
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.  Paper Hanging our
Specialty.  Work guaranteed.
Chas. Mannering    34 Begble street.     Phone 393.    Ed. AUcock.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot,
New Westminster B. C.
The request from the state depart-1 .lr-rPnt and the time rjr action is ripe,   . ..
ment to the navy came after the re- i ana- expressed the conviction that the
ceipt of a long series of official    re-jch!cf points'to be dealt with ln ony
ports from   Ambassador   Henry   L.an.e I effective measures ot rellet are:
WlUou and consuls In Southern Mext-1     Provision for rediscounts or sale of
B��s��, J.I��., and IL S. Inj-lis, S.P.
Kin-mrc rommittc*- The Reef* and
���ninmril'urs  MacKensic and Brown.
Hoard of health���-The -whole council.
Board of works���The whole coun-
F��nr�� viewers -O. 11. Wales. H. H.
Is5lin*ar. John Stewart, Alex. Murphy
*ai-d William Iirown.
���edka] health oftlerr���Dr. F. D.
Chief of police- A. 1). Matheson.
PDiioe n-UfiiatraU."    1L Bose.
lVliee committee���-The ll-pr-vo end
���JVmnciilors MacKenzie and Keery.
Clerk Applications to be received
ail the next ini'i-ting at a salary cf $.')(>
-r-��r mr nlh.
Assessor and collector -Appliea
stions to be rer-el-red at next meeting
tar combined nlTiccs; salary J100 per
Roast tax collector and dox lax col
lector Applications to bo in at next
sneeting; applicant to state commis
-sjsTHi desired in each instance.
t'oiirwrillnr MacKenzie gave notice
that b,- would Introduce nn lndemntt-.
"bj-l��w and a temporary loan by-law
at tbe sc-.i meeting.
Councillor Keery gave notive thai
he s-.ni.lti introduce a pound bylaw al
the ra-xt. meeting.
vUnanclllor Iirown gsve notice that
"lie would introduce a doj* tax bylaw
-at  the next meeting.
Accounts to the amounl or $2^6 V-
sj-rere passed and ordered paid. Coun
ell then adjourned to moot n*;ain at ^
-in on Saturday, February 1, at the
-municipal Hall, Cloverdale.
Ever f-lnee the first fall about 20
days ago all street Improvement work
being curried on throughout the city
has Lcen brought to a standstill but
the majority of the men who were
employed on them either hy the city
or contractors have found work shovelling snow.
EfflCiENCY Will
President-elect  Wilson    Takes    Firm
S'-and���Refuses to Remove Republican Office Holder.
er Aristlde Brland    of    France
Selects His Ministers��� Will Act
as Minister of Ir.terior.
Paii'. Jan. 21. A FTiTinfmar) meet
i*aa> cf tlie nnw French cabinet under
stfcs* l-s-einiurship of Aristlde Llrland
s/rajs hilil tonight, when Ihe person-
*a was Boincuhal ij.oiliiiil from that
-rau-ut <��� ���>:, enrly in the day. The new
��������.!���' *rnow��*
���ftrmi-j and Minister of Intcrior-
prjilit..- [iriond.
Minister of Justice   Jean 11. Arthou
Minister if Foreign Adair* ('harlo.,
Jt\, Uc-ansri.
Min-slsr of War    Eugene Ktienna.
Minister ol Marine   Pierre llaudlii.
Miaistor or Finance IjouIs I.. ETlotl.
Her of Public Instruction -
Munis's-j    of    Public   Works-Jean
ot     Cominerce   Gabriel
of   AgTiculture   Feernsnd
of Colonlti*���Jean Morel.
nf  ij-h-BT   ltene Lsssoar.
Trenton, N. J., Jan. 21.���Kfflclencj
In public service and tile merit ay-i-
tern rather than partisan -politics will
be the basis on which Presldenbeleei
Wilson will make his   appointments
to office, he Indicated  today.
Oovernor  Wilson   had occaalon    to
declare  himself  In     this    connection
when u delegation of thirty men rep
resenting      various    labor    Interests
made an earnest plea lor the appolnt-
j ment of a Democrat  to fill the state
i eoinniissloinraliip  of   labi.r  now   held
j by a I'l'piil.'lir.'in.
I John T. t'osgrove, a Ilcmocrnt und
'labor leader, was urged for the posl-
I tion to Bitceeed Colonel Lewis T.
I llryanl, ineunibent, Who waa appoint
] ed hy a Republican governor.
The president-elect told the delega
I tlon he recognized the force of their
jargumint that labor should be represented In lhe government by one who
knew its Interests, but he saw no rea
son to displace Colonel Bryant, who
had performed his duties f.iitlifull:
and efficient.
can cities, all reflecting a condition
of anarchy, especially in the state of
Vera Cruz, where federal authorities
face the problem of restoring civil I
order with a disorganized and divided
irmy. Guerilla warfare, brigandage,
sacking of ranches and villages and
.tlier desperate crimes place Americans ard other foreign residenta in a
Uate of constant danger and the
latest advices to the state department
express fear of a worse outbreak.
When the Wheeling arrives in Vera
Cruz harbor, Americans and other
foreigners  will  be taken aboard and
fficlals express the hope that the
3ight of her guns may have the same
moral effect that followed the arrival
of the lies Moines a few months ago.
Today's action by the state department indicates that the administration's policy of non-intervention will
he adhered to, to the close cf President Taft's term of office. While the
present administration will endeavor
to take no action which will embarrass the succeeding regime, it is
taken for granted that aggressive action will he resorted to if disturbed
conditions menace tho safety of
American citizens.
commercial paper ln a way and to an
extent that will enable banks to get
fluid resources whenever their customers may require; the Issue of a
sufe and elastic paper currency,
gradually displacing the bond-secured
hank notes;regulation <-i government
deposit of current funds with the
banks of the country and more string
ent inspection of banks.
Secretary of Commerce and Labor
Nagel, In addressing the convention,
declared that the present methods of
framing tariff legislation was disorganized, antiquated and without system.
The secretary's Statement met with
much opposition from Representative
Henry D. Clayton, ot Alabama, who
upheld the methods now ln vogue ln
shaping tariff legislation. He contended that congress 'Is amply able to
frame tariff legislation without the
"aid of a few men who work behind
closed doors."
WAf"N*J lawyer;
1,08 Angeles, Jan.  21.���Judge  Cor
ley, presiding over the second trial of
I Clarence S. Darrow  for alleged jury
j bribery, declared hlniFelf today on the
I subject of   wordy    clashes   betweer
counsel  which   marked   Ihe first triiti
Iff the nceiiKed Chicago lawyer. After
nilmcnisli'ns Opposing counsel    twice
In tlie midst of the hea'ed tilts,    the
court nnnoiii-ned that tin re would lino "third warning.1'
When adjournment time was reach
"d tonight the defence hail temporar
I lly passed the twelve men in the Jury
1 box. onlv three of whom had been
| examined and tentatively accepted by
J the prosecution. One of these appear-
| ed ln court today with a physician's
1 certificate upon which hc based a re
'quest for discharge. The court will
jact upon it tomorrow.
I In ordering the prospective jury
j locked up for the night, Judge Conley
j allowed the twelve men permission to
read the newspaper*, but placed thorn
on their honor not to read anything
concerning the trial.
$93,840,177   ARE   PASSED.
Washington, Jan. 21.���Carrying ap
propriatlons aggregating *93,830,177,
the annual army appropriation bill
was passed by thc house late today.
Representative Sharley of Kentucky,
succeeded In having an amendment
aded to the measure, limiting the price
to he paid hy the government to private manufacturing concerns for gun
The amendment provides that not
more than 51 cents a pound rhall bt
paid for powder for use In cannon, and
not more than Ut! cents fer small gun
powder, filr. Sharley said that tlie government plants could not turn out all
the powder needed and that the war
and navy departments had heen buying considerable quantities from the
Dupont Powder Company, paying 60
"nd "0 cents a pound respectively for
cannon and small arms powder.
Prices in Alberta Lowered by Effect of
Ealkan   War���Black   Fox   Brings
Madrid, Jan, 21.���The government
has cancelled the punishment Inflicted on a Protestant soldier for refusing to kneel during n mass in Ferrol
snd shortly will publish a regulation
drawn up In such manner that a repetition or tho incident will be impossible. The soldier had heen condemned
hy tho highest military court to six
months' imprisonment.
London. Jan. 21.--The Morning Post
understands that Dr. Sun Vat Sen is
coming to London at an early date
under authority of the Chinese government to submit Important railway nnd
mining concessions to financial men
Commonwealth Banks Opened.
Sydney, N.S.W., Jan. 21.��� The first
deposit In the Commonwealth Dank,
brnnchea of which have been opened
throughout the statea, was made by
the Federal Government, and amounted to three million dollars.
Edmont'-n, Jan. 21.���That the war
in the Balkana aid the possibility of
trouble in other parts of ICurope hot
had Its effect en the price ot furs In
Albetra had thi:s on one of this prov
Ince'B mort nourishing Industries Ii
stated by local fur dealers.
They say that n htnever there Is un
rest in Europe a very marked decline
In the price of furs Is noted. The ex
planatlon is that society abroad it
taxed heavily, mi n��y becomes tight
md furs nre alien! the first of tho luxuries to be dlscanled.
The demand for fur* is lees and, as
a natural result, prices dropping,   ln
some cotes very considerably.
Muskrats  Plentiful.
What will furtlirr reduce prices ii
the fact that this season the rupply of
furs h:vs been remarkable. In some
cases, nrtalily muskrat, the uumber ii
about '5 per cent, greater than for
several years.
One dealer of long standing in thi
district says he has never known
muskrnt to be present in such quantities. It le thought that tho exeep
tlonally mild weather oxp* rlonecd last
yeor is the 0 .uze.
Valu^bio   Fu;:.
Only one Mack fox haB heen
lironpht ln this season and the price of
$1150 was paid for It. The fox was
kllled^.325 milea northeast of Edmonton. A silver few was purchased by
the Edmonton Hide and Fur company
for $900.
At the coming sales It ls expected
that muskrnt will decline at least 25
per cent, nnd lynx about 20 per cent.
Marten will prcbably advance five to
10 per cent.
The remainder will in all probability
ahow a decline. The fact that musk-
rat is becoming nn unfashionable fur
In Europe may alao have something
to do with the present decline.
author ul "I'inalorc,"
Grey' my immediate and amused iiu-
prc-ti-'ioll   was   thst   he   tonk   al   (-rent
{Mills to be dull as other* do to he
iritliant, wi'h almost equal sucee-".
Uo what ho would, the wit sparkled
nut, though lie never enjoyed Diakllli"
a joke so much ��-��� when hc made ii
to  a dullard.
His table-talk wi'l not he garnrred
up in dismal liKle volumes nliere the
champagne is flat nnd Ihe lamps burn
dim; lirtvity was tlie soul oi his wit.
'Ihe terrible verdict as to a certain
"Hamlet" whose impersonator unwisely osked him to lie candid is historical: 'funny, my dear lellow-lun-
ny without being vulgar. ' A i-msrk
about another conceited player wu<
made   to   a   very   limited   audience;
Poor  ! hc has all tlie faults ol
an actor without the excuse of bein.*
Mere black snd white can never
convey the intimate charm nl the library where much of his later work
was done at the orderly writinx table
at which, when a play was in progress, he regulsrly spent the morning
hours. Strange creatures were allowed
tree access to him, discovering tho
vein of tenderness which would make
lii.n sit still with a lemur asleep upon
his shoulder rather than disturb jt by
moving. There were always (lowers,
ul which he liked mignonette best,
but tlie chief ornaments uf a room aU
sunshine and harmonious col irllhl
were the whito she!ves laden with III*
richly heiutnl book* which ho rend
chiefly late nt night; and the favorite
of them all was the Book ol .lob.
Sir William Gilbert contradicted
every indication regarding genius,
Micliaelongela, as "eternal palitnce."
His mind was as disciplined as it wa-
brlginal. His eyes never nil dl with
"fire frenzy," but tliey weic keen ti
discover any flaw in his work. II.-
considered every detail as worthy ���(
special research.
Ha would buy the he*t and most
ek**s-*ns>va flrcck lexicon to insure tlio
iierfeot sccur-cy eil the Greek Worth
and phro.es intloduccd into a llngli)
long in "His Majesty," and lie would
copy a whole play in his clear liiiul.
writing when new editions called lor
alteratio. i, which his warmest devotees often deplore.
As we glance respectively at the lolls)
see|uenco ol p'.sys Gilbert li-ii given Oi
as an inheritance, the chiel iinpro-
sion left by his work is Pint it will
endure lor all its lantasy, bi-cati'o l
is the work ol one who will staid
among the makers ol the English Ian-
I'.ungii. He invented new meter- which
are pure music, and made his bright
mischief with words bent to hU airy,
intricate uses.
He never borrowed, and lie never
stole. His quick brain was too It's
soureelu! for any risk of nlsgarisin,
iespile (he , . I.CdUuf* which Mil lie
a positive snnrt to a less ormi al
mil el. lie Ini.* absolutely no inisliuy
with any ofner writer in uny i'.'im
country. In li s own province "III*'*'
is no one beside him and no one above
him." He is sole autocrat nf a luiry
realm, where' delicious thought, thcie
are no bores. Fan and Frolic are the
cupbearers of his dainty Muse, who
could never, like Mr. Kailyard Kipling's, "travel with the cofluo and tin:
pork." He hsd no need Irr his pathetic lament that humor was exhausted,
though when he looked at the poverty
ol the wit ol our "funny fellows und
clowns uf private ll'u," ho may well
have been too depressed In realUo
wl.mt, a host he wai ill hjmscll,   '
New Tram Regulations
On unit nft��-r Jan. 1. 1 f*13 oorlnln i,lt.'i:itloriH will be -mud-, In lhe re-cu-
tiitlons off this Company cuverlns Uie IriLnsportutlun of pussenat-rs ovi-r Ita
-he Cpmpanv Is tlotnK n. tliut "men onil money" can do to provide an
adequate train service wiilc.i will *-ti:ir.uite-e convetnlence anil safe! ��� tor lis
paiu-siifrer* and tills policy will ,..��� continued tn the line of tho provision of
ntlilitiniiat curs.
After New Year's Day riillns on the nteps. bumpers or fenders of cars
wilt be a violation ot the . rovtnclul reiriliattons and sucn action cannot be
permitted by t.e Company. An speem v us possible, with due re-run! to public
convenience, the platforms nf a.   cars will be equipped wltn sates or doors.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New  Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machinea.    Small Musical Goods of all Kinds.  PHONE I
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bids.
Good Buys in City
With Easy Terms
Mx roomed house on Alberta Street, Sapperton, close to Columbia
street.   Trice 12800; $500 cosh, balance $26 per month.
Six roomed house, new, on Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
mr line, lull alzed baaement, furnace, flrepluce, and laundry tuba.
Price $'1700; $800 cash, balance arranged.
Three roomed house on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street car
1 nn. Large lot In fruit. Chicken house and rune. Price $1800; one-
���liiurti-r cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Klve roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Price
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1913.
PAGE tnV��
Tommy   Dunderdale   Scorea  Winning
Goal With Half Minute to Go.
Victors Increase Lead.
League Standing.
Won LoBt-For Agst.
Victoria     6       1     28     23
Vancouver     3       2     84     24
Westminster      0       4     13     26
Next match���Friday, Jan. 24, Victoria at Westminster.
Vancouver, Jan. 21.���With an overtime period staring them In the face
and imyl thirty seconds to go, tbe Victorias, through Tommy Dunderdsle's
efforts defeated Vancouver this evening in one of the grandest battles seen
on the Coast this winter, the final
score being five goals to four.
It all happened In a flash, each team
had four goala to their credit and 6000
wild and enthusiastic fans were
thundering forth appeal after appeal
to Taylor, Grlfris and Frank Patrick
to go through with the puck when
I inn 11 nl-i Io Intercepted a pass iu mld-
Ice, skated to the left wing and with
ii wicked long Hint beat Parr for the
winning goal.
Although they saw their pets de-
feated, the audience could do no more
than to cheer the well earned victory
Jor the Senators from tbe Island had a
shade on the Millionaires in the battle
until the beginniug of the third quarter when scintilatlng plays by Taylor
nnd c.riffis brought the teams ou an
equal footing
Tonight's game waa the fastest yet
played this season and for the full
Kixly minutes the spectators were
tni'i' 1 to the highest standard of hoc-
kc\ yet produced
quite a classy player to get the ball
on the bound, lie unually had one or
two assistants to get ballu that went
past him. A team consisted of from
10 to 14 players. The original bagE
were wooden stakes. Baseball did not
begin to assume Its present status until 1866, wben the National Association of Baseball Players was formed,
with Arthur Pun Gorman, later a distinguished United States senator for
Mar.vantl as its first president.
Today Is the 38ml birthday of Ira
F. Thomas, catcher of tbe Philadelphia Athletics. He waa born at Balls-
ton Springs, N.Y., and began playing
professional ball with tbe Hartford
team of the Connecticut league, 11
years ago.. After three seasons with
Newark and Providence, in the Eastern league, Thomas hecame an American leaguer, first with New York,
later with Detroit and since 1909 with
Senior Fours���Winnipeg.
i    Senior Tandem���MeKenxie
liott, Toronto.
Senior Singles���McKenzie, Toronfiv
George Hodgson, Montreal.
Army Howard, Winnipeg.
Law,rt Tennis.
Women's���Miss    Lois   Moyes,   Toronto.
Men's���Hobert TTaird, Toronto.
Men's���George St. Lyon, Toronto.
Women's ��� Miss Dorothy Campbell,
Eight-Mom Team���St.  Hubert's. Ottawa.
Individual ��� Walter   Kwing.   Montreal.
Indoor���James Smith, Buffalo.
Ice   Skating.
Professional���Edmund Lamy.
Amateer���-Robert McLean.
George Gouldlng, Toronto.
Pole Vaulting.
William  Halpenny,  Montreal.
Prlxe   Fighting.
Heavyweight���Tommy   Burns,  Calgary.
Lightweight-   Joe Bay-ley, Victoria.
A meeting of the Westminster Rugby Club will be held In
room 522 of the Westminster
Truet building at 5 o'clock this
evening. Tbls boa been called
by the president and secretary of the organization and
every member is expected to
make an effort to be preeenL
The Tisdell cup series will
probably commence the first
Saturday ln February If the
weather conditions allow and a
discussion will take place this
evening oa to the advisability
of again commencing training.
President Murphy, of the Cuba, Does
Not Believe Peerless Leader Can
Make Good as Manager.
We SeU Skates and Skating Shoes
McCulloch and Automobile Tube Skatea.. AUks large, aosortirmnt of
other makers such ss Starr Manufacturing Company and Bokers
Special Boys' Hockey Skates at 75c par pair. McPhorson's Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boots, $4.00 per pair. Skates screwee' on boats free
of charge.,
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
65 SIXTH sfREET. ���     PHONE 237.
Jack Thompson and Dan McLean Will
I Be Head Liner.
A feature of the Moose Athletic
I club's smoker which takes place in
| the K. of P. hall this evening will be
nt In front in the open- a four round go between "Two Round"
ing period when Lester Patrick engi-, Jack Thompson and his sparring part-
neered a pretty rush which drew first I ner. Dan. Mclsean.
blood. In the Becond quarter the Sen-1 Thompson, since the Blaine fight
ntors kept up the paco and although I 0n New Year's day has kept in train
Charlie Kendall went through with I |ng and will likely extend blmself to
two goala these were equalized by j the limit tonighL
liohby Rowe and Walter Smaill. The proceedings start at 8 o'clock.
The last twenty    minutes    opened	
team still further ohoad, but the call
f the crowd was answered and Fred
Chicago, Jan. 21.���"Frank Chance
was successful as playing manager; 1
;<im not prepared to say that he will
prove a wizard as a bench manager,"
says Charles W. Murphy, president of
Hie: National League Baseball Club of
H'lncttKo, in a signed statement made
public here.
Continuing, Murphy declares that
the popularity of a manager or owner
does n..t figure In the success of a
club; It Is a winning aggregation
that counts with the followers of the
game. The local owner intimates
that bis club has been reorganized be
:ause some of the players were going
Hale with age.
"Thc pasBing of Chance, Tinker,
Brown, Hoffman, Stelnfeldt, Overall
Klin*; and Lundgren from thc West
Side hi not pleasant for me to contemplate," eald Murphy. Murphy says
thot baseball club3 want fewer super
intendeuts criticizing from the bench,
and more enthusiastic thinking players.   He alludes to Chance when   he
1 lurrl* arid Toylpr placed  the  teams
nn io   equal footing. Taylor'a goal was
i' ���  ! ��� st effort ot the evening, he pass-1
in*:   man   after   man   and   eventually'
l.eatlng Lindsay with a close shot.
I'rodgen was aent off and thinga
looked blue for Victoria but Lester
I'airick and Lindsay proved a stonewall, repelling every attack until
I'rodger* re-turned. Half a minute
from time Taylor Patrick and Griffio
blurted out to score but Dunderdale
whipped In with lightning speed, recovered tlie puck and before he could
he headed off, had got the rubbt. past
I'arr fur the winning goal.
The Teams.
Sancouver v      Victoria
l'arr   Lindsay
1"   Patrick    :...-   L.  Patrick
Grlffls , Prodgere
Taylor     Poulin
Right Wing
Harrln    .,'.    Rowe
Kendall      Dunderdale
Left Wing
McDonald       8metll
Referee, J. Gardner; Judge of play,
E. O'Umiui.
Goal Summary.
First period���L. Patrick, Victoria,
Second period���Smaill (Vic.) 3:17;
Kendall (Van.) 1:23; Rowe, (Vie.)
6:16;  Kendall (Van.) 4:18.
Third    period���Dunderdale     (Vic.)
!< 56;   Harris.  (Vert.)    2:36;    Taylor
(Va.i.) 4.04; Dunderdale (Vie.) 4:600.
First period���Rowe (Vic:)
Second period���U. Patrick (Vic.)
Harris (Van.)
Third period���Dunderdale (Vic.)
Harris (Van.); 1-rodgers. Prodgere
I Vic); Smaill (Vic)
Secretary MacVeagh-s Plan to Rsduae.
the 8izs of Banknotes.
Tbe size of all United States cun-en.
ey and national banknotes will be reduced by one-third and tbelr deshruei
revolutionised for the sake of ecosm-
mien to tbe government, convenient*.
to Ihe public and safety against conn-
terfelllng If Secretary UacVeagb ol to.
treasury bas bis way.
lt is proposed to make tbe dliiieHsksiw
0 by 2V4 Inches. The paper money now
In circulation measures 7.'-'S by H.IM
inches. Tbe designs of all p-iper money
��� United States notes and i-ei-IIHt'iitea
end national bank notes��� Would he **"�����
tematiaed nnd made uniform for every
TIiIm move is exiiceted to save Ihe gov-
ernuirtit about f'JUU.UUO annually and
tlie national hanks, which pay for the
plates fur tbelr notes aud purt of the
cost of redemption, about f'.tlu.DtiU.
For many months the only deterrent
to the step by executive authorities bin*
liei'ii the belief that It would be ueoes-
anry for congress to appropriate about
a-l.tHMi.uiK> to replace tlie national bunk
plntea whicb hare been pnid for by the
national hunks. This problem has been
solved by a.plan to have the general
de-sign of till national bank notes uniform, requiring only one engraved
plfl 10 for each dennmliiatlou, and to
place on the notes by surface printing
ihe name, location nnd charter number
ot the hunk. This would do uwny wltb
separate plates for each bunk.
Kliglilecn months would lie required ',
to effect the change. To meet the objection thnt for a time nt least there
Mould be two sizes of currency in elr-
filiation It bus been siigei'ste-d that the
f-overiiuietit print In inlvtiiicc a smite-lent quantity of (lie notes of tlie new !
size to be exe'h.'in-.'1'd at tlie Mil.trens
olios and national hanks on a fixed
date. The change could lie substantial-
ly iiccomplislie-d within u few days.
treasury olllcinls believe.
There are now nineteen different lie '
signs nf currency. Tlie change would j
reduce these to nine. I'ne-h ileiioinlnii
lion would he ihanicterl-ti-d by *u ON-
lllicllvely American historical portl-nit
engraved In the center of Ihe note). In
lime I lie portrait would lieu dlstliitritlsh
AL. W. GILLIS  manager.
Three Big Features
Marvellous   Hatters     Sensational  Clublsta   In   a   Panto-
mine novelty.
Vaudeville's Clever Juvenile
Singer of Classics.
"Aurora Floyd"
Store on Clarka-m  Street, between MrfCeszfe and 6th Street, hot
water heating.   Rent $20 per month.
Store in the Westminster Trust  Block on  Clarkson  Street,  every
cenvenienee.   Kent $50 per month..
Cffice In the T. H. Smith Block, Columbia Street, hot water heating.   Rent (OS per month.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Office:  28 Lorne 8treet,      New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking b-iaineaa transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
seM payable In all parts ef the world.   Savings bank department at
ail branches. ���
New West-minster Branch, Car. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.     .
-says that the time to remove a player
Is before a game has been thrown
away, and not after the game la over
and lost.
Praise for  McGraw.
McGraw, ba said, saved    many    a     	
ame by his oulck wit In removing ^|i,l),r(.11,urt, ,,, ,,���.,, ,n������iii.lii:itinu nnd
CONTRACTORS i=or prices on s-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
pitcher   at     the
President of N. L.  U.  Does  Not Be
lleve He Could Get Good Team
Under Commission.
Toronto, Jan. 21.���Jimmy Murphy,
president of the National L-acrosBc
Unlon, bas announced that he will not
go to thc coast with a view to tak'/
charge ot a Victoria team In the Pacific Coast league. Murphy realizes
t.hat lt will be difficult to gather a
team under a commission, as he
would be forced to take players from
the NLU. wblch does not amount to
lt was practically agreed last spring'
that Murphy would coma to the coast
this year and handle a third team in
(ho B ('.LA. which waa to be placed ln
Victoria, but If the lacrosse war la to
be finally settled the old manager of
the Toronto lacrosse club say*'--tie
could not hope to get a team together
that could compete with the Salmon
Bellies and Vancouver twelvee.
Real Interest is being evidenced by
music lovers in the fortcoming    engagement of the Berlin operetta, "A
.������ .--,-.,, -- ���j. ;-,-,,- Modern Eve,', which Martin Beck and
r,gnt| Vinilil lie a siiri-cimrd iiunlu-'t i-iniiiter , Mort  H.  Singer  will  present at the
IfeitlH'.'. i-spee-lnlly the prevalent prui' j Opera Houeo Krlday evening next,
[tire uf raising ii milc'lo a higher de |    The  delightful   melodies   of   Victor
s-umiiinilluu.- Kuo-ms City Star. Hollaender and Jean Gilbert, compos
-.   -x ..-T-- ...���        i      ..i.v.  s��il  '���' .     s \s-TS ot the music ot "A, Modern Eve.'
... and not to those who wish, to ..��-�����   rf>n,.   .... ���       \e\reaAv enjoy wlrtempreaa vo��u-��. Mori
lraw pay tor telling others how to do      IVORY   MADE  FROH.   MILK.       H. Singer is credited wltb the great
| t." Murphy says that his 1913 club Is  _ 1 egt BUCCess In his producing careei
������ood for a batting average   of    .300.  gH  g,  ^   Latest  Achievement!  et [In this musical offering, which   wa--
Synthetic Chemistry. j imported from  Berlin and presented
Py.ilhet'e .-lieiiilatry Is srorklng won  I laat April In Chicago and sprang III
ii' en lo  litany  fields, ninl mio of Ibe
"My    enthusiasm,   however,"   con*
���tin-en Murphy, "is pretty much con
, fined to those men -who can play tho
| same
��� ���
��� ANNALS. ���
��� ���
��� ��������������� * m.omm * * * * *
��� ���
���*��� 8PORTOGRAPHY. ���
������ (By "Gravy."' ���
����� ��� ��� ������������������������>'��� ��� >'��� ���
it was D6 years ago today, Jan. 22,
1867 that the flrat meeting of baee-
liall players to attempt ��� revision of
the playing rulee waa held'In New
York. The original eotle- wa* adopted,!
ln 1845, and, although numei-oue revisions were suggested few Were
adopted and the rulee remained, practically the same on all important,
points. Some of the provisions ot this
code would seem very aiuang* today.
The base runner wae not allowed to
leave hie bag after a fly until the ball
had been returned to the pitcher and
had nnce been pitched to tbe bat. ]Bf-
forts to change thie rule were iu.w.- at.
the ������"*? -leeting, but. tbe -*bange wua
not adopted until two yeara later. Balls
wero not called on the twlrler untlU
1863, although from the infaney of
the gnme the batters wei*; iten��liae*}
for not striking at fair bails. '������'
At first It was only neeeeearr ��r a
arose runner to go near the baaee, Ml a
niie was adopted making tt neeeieary
to touch the bags. Until UU a tatter was ont 11 a fair fly ���*��� enught
<m the flrat bound. At flret tfcf game
ended only when one aide had made
21 runs, and It wae not until several
yeara Inter that contetrts were made
to consist of nine tanlnge. I* early
daya the catcher^5.*t*t.pl**f ��P ctoee
to the tat, buV �������!��**��! --Hi""***
1896���Frank  Erne'.knocked  out  Joe
Leonard in two rounds at New
1804���Joe Cans defeated Joe Grim In
10 round* at Baltimore.
1*��7���Harry Lewie knocked out Hube
Smith in the' eighth round at
1902���Ray Broneon nnd Jimmy DUnn
fought a ten round draw at In-
1S09���Charley Goldman knocked out
Charley Vlttur In aecond round
at CJiarleaton. B.C.
1909���Leo Houck defeated Kid Broad
in all rounds at Lancaster, Pa.
1910���Grover Hayes defeated Young
Jack Redmond In tt rounds at
New Orleans.
1911���Johnny   Coulon ' knocked   out
Harry Forbes in third round at
Kenosha, Wla.
p" s'Vali-ii       i  ���        ..      ���- ��� ��� ���
��� ���
m      CANADIAN CHAMPIONS.      ���
*.'.-��� *
Amateur���Winnipeg Victorias.
t rofesslonal ��� Quebec   and   New
We trainater.
' nternatlonkl���Torontos.
Dominion Asaoolatlon���Toronto.
British   Columbia���New   Westminster. .
NaUonal Union���Cornwall,
Dominion���Hamilton Alerts.
Intercollegiate���McGlll TTnlvcretty.
Interprovinoial ��� Toronto   Arga-n-
Quebec Union���Ottawa Beoonds.
|~ Senior Bight*���    maattts.
Senior ir��*r���Ottawas.
Senior Pali**���Carter   sad   Willis,
War Canoe���One .mile, Toronto*.
. VTtx Ca*o*���Half jBHei, *b*oiiloe".
barring only the pitchers, and ex
"retscs the opinion that the lovers of
the garni, who are not deploring tbe
1033 of eld favorites, will be tbe flrat
>n cheer the rejuvenated organize,
Winnipeg and Fort William Join the
American Cities.
Minneapolis, Jan. 21.���The Central
International league, a four club organisation, passed from existence today and ln its place there Is the Northern league, composed ot eight clubs,
providing the sanction ot the National
commission and the National association Is secured.
The new organisation is to be composed ot Winnipeg and Fort William.
Canada, Superior. Wis.; Grand Fork*.
N.D.I*. Duluth. Virginia, Minneapolis
and SL aPul, Minn.
New York, Jan. 21.���Manager McGraw of the New York Nationals who
returned today to New York, announced that he would take a young brother
ot Johnny Brers, manager of the Chicago Cube, on the Giants' training trip
Young Ever* le an lnflelder, 22 yeara
old, haa played semi-professional ball
around Troy, N.Y., and has big lea-goc
New Haven, Conn, Jan. 21.���W. J*
Roos of Hoboken. la the new stronf
man In Yale university. It wa* an
nounced today that ke broke the
heavy test record with a total of 2666
point*. The former record waa 2490.9
points held by John R. Kllpatrtck,
1911, the football and track star.
Roos lea member ot the Junior clear
In the scientific school and la a ahot
nutter. . n
Chicago. Jan. 21,���Pltcher Larry
Cheney of-the" Chicago NaUonal* has
demanded more money and haa been
given permission by President Murphy
to try to get It from some other dob.
"I have written Cheney that he can
thake a trade for himself with any
club in the league," aald Murphy today. "If he can get more money than
I offer him, he Is welcome to lt aa long
ns the Cubs lose nothing by the trade.1
This Is eald to be the tint time thst
Murphy ha* given a hold-out thla privilege.
mi i Y.,1 ui
W-mhtaejton, 'Jan. 21.���State laws
slmiiar-to" that in Ohio abolishing the
"free lunch" in saloons ln order to lift
* "burden off thf already orarbsiid-
.med retailer," waa ad-rooated ��T st.
F. Farley of New York. presMeAt of
the National Liquor League of the
United State*, which met here in conference today. In hie annual report
President Farley declared that "no
fear need be entertained that any adverse legislation would be passed by
m*^mw'm*mr*nr ~
^^^_ .. ._ Immediate favoi-l
V.'i~J<'!iiJ^,,,.V!!,iJl*iir''liiritrwriii is hotv I    lts record run  of sustained capac-
!'"'  ..A. "V. 'i-  -.!{ .^-.!.CV.ii,���  n?^! "y   bualne-s,  speaks   volumes  fer  Its
" Mr, Singer has been liberall-
O'smplimented for his elaborate stag
ing of the Berlin operetta, which I*-
!n iiiuke Ivory out of milking more-1m"",r|"��
wonderful I'lin C"W�� nillk-niiily-;'-
���iivid Iviiry nl Hint, according lo all
airouuto. The orlj-lnnt idea was le
use (lie new "Ivory" for piano and orpin keys beeauxe It lire-serves lis oriel
���ml i-nlor Indefinitely, whereas the genu
ine artli'le turns yellow after a time.
Kut II lias been found that lhe new
pi-odiit'l |a uot only an edlileiit anbstl
tute for Ivory, lint can easily lie pre
-aired sn as to take Ibe plai-e of amber,
hum. coral, evllulnld ' end such like
priNliirtt and. It la e-lnltned. ran hardly
in* illhtliiKiilHlird from I hem.
If Ik lu Ita iMwUlon ns a eiibatltute
for Ivnry thai Hie new material haa
mused most fiir-irl-K', b'>we*-i-r, be
rniif-e It luu- lhe a|tpeiiraiii-e of lielng
aiieilla-r Inateur* of lni(irpnng niion
���inI ure. The new ixnrf lakes a very
hlg|i and lasting rwttsn ami |*i-tiliutily
still not lack a ruiiiiiu-n-lnl Held fur
llrn-lf. us iiiitiirnl ivory contlnuee In
gmtv -u-an-ar and dearer year by.year.
���Allahabad I'loni-r-r.
3,500 tons, 7,000 horse-power
Sailing Every Monday (12 Midnight)
 I for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points east   of
Prince Rupert
Connecting with S.8. "PRINCE   JOHN"   en   certain   dates   for
Stewart. Granby Bay, Hassett and other Queen Charlotte Island points
SATURDAYS   (12   Mldnigbt)   for VICTORIA and SEATTLE.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way porta, 3rd, 13th
and 23rd of each month.
ii i iii T   ii    ,       i        I   i n       n li il   -.
Through UesAts to aYt slsUteTU AesUBaUona an* to -BnlropsV' '"*t-����K
choice ot tall and ocean lines. ^^H
H. 0. SMITH, C  P. ft T. k. W. E. DCPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
Csnranv Asking "Whyr"
Ceriimni Is U'CliinltiK tu Iw Mpilblrd
ever the dwlliiliig birth rate throughout ll>e iui|ilie. Last year Ihe eiceiw
nr Isirilirt oter deaths In I'rnaal* was
i'.Ki.isai. but In* 11)10 It wae 1W1.U00.
sliutviiig a Insa of -'Xif-s-s In oust rear of
UI.IIOU, nr nearly HI per rent In Ita-
Turin lite vxeem of births over df-iths
In linn true HJ.ikU and In Hill only
1.1**0. a loss Inejeeoe of 11.000, ot
over II per rent Tlie rotniihete atatls
thv tor. the ipi-dW .m\% ,**��,**>�� avll
side, out lhe Kerlltv -rtffIki^aM re
garrf it as rrrtale that th* year's ln>
rn-eae.l* i��|iulailon will tie.less thai
ino.000. As a treeott tht- government ot
I'rumila haa instituted au Inquiry lute
���It* causes of the eMIna-Bst-hanf*
0i^ I* T-e4l*w Rtige. . '
Within the hurt few year* vegetal*
lyes have bee* eiineraeiled la ibe Tur
klsb rug waking Ipduatry to ��� grea'
etfeut by rual tar and aniline pre-iara I
Hhuk. owing partly ,to the tower prlet
of the latter, partly to Urn difficulty oi
fettle* ���naugh nf til veteetalsle dye.
to supply the fiat growing buslnee*
Tin* aallln* dye* Boon fade In the ���tin
light, whereei tlio vegeUble dye* wk"
nol fade etiber In waak)uK or In tht
Miiiilght end will grow softer. rletM
i��d atoeeiee Wltb tho peseirtg ye��r�� .
,    ,    si.   I    jii li   IS.l 'in ,
Or. Robert Turner Deed.
London,  Jan.   21.���Robert  Turner,
head surgeon and phyeiclan ot Catn-
brMge, who ha* m��*V oopnectkme in
Canada, died ln tt Peter'a Hoeptal to*
pronounced the laat thing In scenic
environment and costumes. The
scenes of the story are laid In France
and the intereat centres around the
Cascadler family, consisting of father,
mother, and two attractive daughters.
While advocating sex equality, tbe
mother assumes superiority and
dominates the household. The . bus
band and father ia really the housekeeper, while Mine. Cascadler practices law and attenda her club* Thc
two daughters are also engaged ir,
profeesicnal pursuits, one as a physician and the other as an artist
Tbey are to be independent of men
and above silly love affairs. But two
ardent and desirable suitors complicate matters, finally routing the fore
ful mother and compelling the daugh
ters to capitulate the love..        .   . ,
Among the moat attractive numbers
to be heard are "Goodbye Everybody," "Rita, My Margarita," "la. The
Girl You Married Still The Girl Yoi
'over "Every Day Is Cbrl.stnta*-
When You're Married." Included', Ir
the cast of principals are Adele Row
land, Alexander. Clark, recently wit)
Valeeka Suratt In "Tho Red Rose,"
Henrietta Tedro and Ariloe Boiling
-ind the Marvellous Millers, the'world
greatest whirlwind dancers.
In order to make things more comfortable for the profession performing
In the coming ehowe a new hot air
furnace, making the third, has been
Installed In tbe Westminster opera
house. The. new furnace will be used
ehlefly for warming tbe stage and the
wings ot the theatre.
W. ft. OILLEY, Phane ItL O. E. OILLEY, Pr-ens 1ST
Phonos, OtTteo It and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of C0M0X COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will_b$U for cash only
Proa sod Deal Ms*.
Bee. a.--* Tree*.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and S77.
Major WllkwhjHi Dlvetaad.
London, Jaa fl^MaJor Lionel
Bottle WllbMbats Wae divorced by kla
wife yeetenlay. Thfe suit was node,
tended. I-taJof Wil**rahaa*i la now Ut-
ing h mm ^Colombia    '
A Ml-wndereUisdlrit.
"And bow dU you get Into tbls nlewa
my poor manr asked tk* female **,
veattgator, aa abe paused t* treat ol
; "Through ml*un*>ratandliig ��� V*.
ecripfton.". replied the occupant
"Whet do you meanr Mtvd tb* *l��
iter. ���   .,-���-, ...
"My *ietor advised me to tak* mm*
tMng before going to bed.** eald MSW
Clneianatl Enquirer. n ���<������*
Ol Ceureel   >.
"Judge, t sht no vagrant 'rnf->
hard lock oow, but I've eeen Better
"llut this officer aay* yoo bay* been
���noatW repeatedly,"
"IX* mmt be elladln* to tbo ttoae. ||
wiet. I owned me own eatoawU-eL''-
WMhlnctoa Herald.
l ' ��l    i        (      ( .
#���*   *4tsfTsBJ s-OBBBy   *BBy   a.ssVgOOs|-| lOJBgjs
"Talk, la cheep," chuckled tbs potl-
ttete* wHh tho utophon* traak in hie
After taktag WO Worth no porte* not,
bt* tnbk and found it had    "^rr-J
Death ef Lake Captain.
Toronto, Jhu. 2L���captain Joseph
Wood, who called the Great Lakes .tor
ner thirty yeara and was well known
to navigators on thee* -water*, died
here today, aged 87.
���a*-*-*a*g*aa*g ,    ,n   aim- n a  i, i -see
so** t*.*m*m.'^#4t- UbMiy.
Amerhm'e   foremost   frodjeeer.,
preaenU for your ap-vo-aal'.tb-a
���  great Partsiaa succee* -,"_'
- . !
with a celebrated, eaa* and full
""   vilnglng chorus,
float* on sale   at Tidy, ithe
Florist's, 789 Columbia Btreet
Prloe*: $8.00, ti-N. VM, SSe.
Box** SjJBO.-   ' PAGE   SIX
WEDNESDAY, JJH41KARY 22, 1313'.-
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
u.iy; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as ro-
.luired witl.ln one year rrom date of
ii.ntract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
neoth Notice 60c "or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Tbanka 50c Fer
for couple in private family near
8th street and 5th avenue. Please
state price ln first letter. Box 525,
News  Office. (526)
maid, 815 Agnes Street. (500)
ner ln Sapperton, 100x100 feet.
streets opened and paved. Practically cleared. Good opportunity
for builders. Price $1650; one-third
cash. F. A. Hose, 202 Westminster
Trust Building.    Phone 159.    (536)
sacrifice my lot, 66x122 on carline,
5c fare, worth $1000; will sell for
$550 all cash, or $700 on terms. Apply H. O, Brsckman, Windsor Hotel, Vancouver. (512)
thc best laying strains of White
leghorns and White Wyandottes,
also White Pekin Ducks and White
Indian Runners, write now for catalogue to L. F. Solly. lakevlew
Poultry Farm. Weslholuie, Vancouver Island, B. C. (501)
Stove.    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada  Range Co.,  Market Bquare.
Block "U," south half ef District Lot
1352, containing 45 acres, more or
loss, Municipality of North Vancouver.
Whereaa, proof ol loss of Certificate
of Title No. 11690 G, covering the
above mentioned property, issued in
ihe name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, has been filed in
this office, notice is hereby given thai
1 shall at the expiration of one month
from date of first publication horeof
Issue a duplicate nf said Certificate
of Title, unless in the meantime valid
objection be rinde to me in writing.
Dated at th> Land Reglatry Office,
thla Uth day of December A.D.. 1912.
(3111 District Registrar.
suit, ground floor; bath, phone,
etc., at 224 Seventh street.     (540)
Three rooms, pantry, closet, bath,
etc. Close to Central sohool. Enquire at 224 Seventh street.    (535)
rooms. Apply at Coldicutt block,
Sixth atreet and Thirteenth avenue,
East Burnaby. (522)
keeplng rooms.   1020 Third Avenue:
Apply 607 5th avenue. (527)
out board.   607 5th avenue.     (627)'
roomed bouse at 428 Oak street.
Please call for all particulars. (515)
Council "Refreshed" With    $50    Per
Day���Damage Claim Ate Up
$45 A Minute.
TO     RENT���A     LARGE     DOUBLE
suitable for two, also* single room
with  board,   also    table    boarders
wanted.    Apply  703 Third avenue,
corner 7th street. (513)
housekeeping rooms, 815 Agnas
Street. (500)
unfurnished; modern conveniences
at 1316 Cariboo street. (425)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
Btreet. (398)
small rooms over the NewB office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
Extension of Time.
Notice is hereby given that the
time for reception of tenders for
Dredging at False Creek. Vancouver,
B. C, Is extended to Monday, February 17, 1913.
By order
Department  of  Public  Works,
Ottawa, January 13, 1913. (534)
London, Jan. 21.���Forty-five dollars
per minute waa tbe cost of an extraordinary trial wblcb has just come
to an end in tbe British Chancery
court, and haa proved the most expensive on record ln thla country. It
lasted 12 days, and the documents on
each side weighed half a ton.
This legal battle, ln wblch no less
than five K. C.'a and a whole galaxy
of "juniors" were engaged, aroae out
of a $5,000,000 contract mode by John
Alrd ft Co., the famous English eu
ginoerlng firm, tor tbe building ot a
dock at Singapore for tbe Tanjong
Pagar Dock board, Alrd & Co. claiming $2,000,000,000 damages for alleged misrepresentations regarding the
strata through which the trenches
bed  to be  sunk.
The opening statement ot W. H.
Upjohn, K. C, took four days, and be
called twenty-four witnesses. Most
of their testimony, of course, was
technical, but some of It was exceedingly funny. Among other things, it
was affirmed that there ia no mud
ln tbe world to compare with Singapore mud, which ls slithery, oily, watery and impossible to handle."
Those of Aird's men who did not
catch fever got some form of skin
disease, the frogs made a, noise at
night "like a motor-bus in Fleet
street," the timber fell In, and If a
man slipped into the mud, he disappeared unless somebody was near to
pull him out, and then he left his
boots behind. If a tool dropped into
thc mud, it was gone forever.
The dock 'board denied misrepresentation, declaring that the plaintiffs
were well aware of the conditions,
and claimed to hove suffered a loss
of $2,500,000 through Messrs Alrd
not carrying out the contract. The
Judge, Mr. Justice Parker, held thai
there had been a blunder from carelessness, but no Intention to deceive,
and reserved judgment on other
W. H. Upjohn, K. C, tho leader for
Messrs Aird, received $12,500 on being briefed, nnd the leader on the
other side $10,000, each getting a
"refresher" of $500 per day of the
trial. In the fees paid, the mass of
documents and the time occupied, this
case beats the previous record-holder,
the famous "Wvler vs. Lewis" action
in the King's Bench Division, which
lasted thirty-five days and was known
aa the "everlasting case."
Judges Rule that British Government
Must Pay Company Sum of
Re Lots   4, 5, 7 (except    the    southwesterly 32 feet by .4*4 feet of said
lot 71 of portion of lota 1. 2 and 5
and a portion of 20 feet by 106 feet
marked "Lane," of Lot 5, Block 34,
Map 904, In the City of New Westminster. ' -*-*
Whereas proof of thcJass of Certifi-
c-ite of Title Number 12868 F, issued
in the name of Robert   l-ennie,   has
Wn filed lu thlB office.
Notice is hereby given thst i shall,
at the expiration of one month from
ihe date of tbe Orst publication hereof.
In a daily newspaper published ln the
City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In tl|,e meantimo valid objection
be made to me In writing.
C. 5. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   January
3, 1903. I   (407)
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
1 A Quarter Section In Saskatchewan
in exchange for  Bumaby property.
2. A fine Three Storey Illock tn a
thriving Manitoba agricultural sec-
tion. Portion of block leased for
$40 per month. Balance In uae. This
ii   a   going   concern   clearing     ten
thousand per annum. Will exchange
lor revenue producing B. C. Property.
3. Two full bearing orchards in the
Okanakan Valley. In each case owners will trade for coast property.
The properties are handy to the best
educational facilities.
4. A Matsqui ranch In exchange for
' lberta acreage.
5 A choice chllllwack 50-ocre ranch
with choice buildings, for revenue
prodncin*- city property.
Write or eall on us If you want to
trade ns we have a number of bargains worthy of your consideration.
Fire, Accident. Plate Gtaos, Automobile. Burglary, Employer's
Liability  Insurance.
Trade License Bylaw, No. 185.
Notice is hereby given that all licenses for the half-year ending July
lr.ih, 191*-, are now due and payable
at the office of the License Inapec
tor, City Hall. Application for same
should be made immediately.
(511) License Inspector.
London, Jan. 21.���The British government Is to pay the National Telephone Company of the United Kingdom the eum of $62,576,320 in reaped
of the transfer of the company'a system to the state, according to a decision just reached by the Railway
and Canal commission, sitting as a
court of arbitration.
The whole of the telephones of the
British Isles passed Into the hands
of the state on Jan. 1, 1912. The National Telephone Company originally
claimed $106,000,000 for its interests,
but during the trial, which lasted 73
days, this claim was reduced by many
millions by way of agreemeut.
It had been expected by the Ix>n-
don stock exchange that the National
Telephone wouid receive $80,-
000,000 to $1)0,000,000. The atock ol
tbe company, which at one time stood
on the list at 162, and which had been
at 141 for some time, immediately upon the announcement of the award
fell to 109.
During the trial, the parties came
to an agreement aa to the coet of
the plant, the sum being $51,668,825.
The court then had to decide the per
centages which should properly be
added to that sum and also the depreciation to which the whole cost ot
construction when ascertained, should
be subjected.
.Tbe Railway and Canal commission
consists of five judges of the High
Court. These are: Sir A. T. Lawrence. Lord MacKenzie, Justice Madden, Justice A. E. Gathorne-Hardy,
and Sir J. T. Woodhouse.
lament ls contained ln the official report of the committee on medical service-in the Scottish Highlands.
Dr. Murray told the committee that
the unsuitable and somctimeo Insufficient dietary is causing Berious
physical deterioration, especially the
excessive indigence ln overbrewed
"The great feature of this decadence," tho report goes on to say, "is
the abuBS of tea. Tbe good old porridge pot haa. fallen from Its high es
tate aud the teapot bas been exalted to
Its place. _
"Probably more than 60 per cent,
of the children, go to school on a
breakfast of tea and bread. The former ls usually long brewed. A large
proportion of these children live so
far from school that tbey cannot go
home for the midday meat, and work
all day on this Inadequate breakfast."
Tho report states that lt soma difficult to Induce the youngsters to carry
food to school.
The forty-sixth Annunl Meeting of the Shareholders of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce was held In the banking house on Tuesday, 14th January,
1913. at 12 o'clock.   A large number of shareholder and others were present.
The President, Blr Edmund Walker, having taken the cbalr, Mr. A. St.
L. Trlgge was appointed to act SB Secretary, and Messrs. W. Murray Alexander and A. J. Glaiebrook were appointed scrutineers.
The Prsident called upon the Secretary to read the Annual Report of tbe
Directors, ae follows;
The Directors beg to present to the Shareholders the forty-sixth Annual
Report, covering the year ending 30th November, 1912, together with the usual
Statement of Assets and Liabilities:
The balance at credit of Profit and Loss Account, brought forward from laBt year, was $   203,394.89
The net profits for the year ending 30th November, after providing for all bad and doubtful debts, amounted to  2>11,806.42
Transferred trom Rest Account of Eastern Townships Bank  2,400,000.00
Premium on New Stock     242,180.00
This has been appropriated as follows:
Dividends Nos. 100,101,102 and 103, at 10 per cent, per annum... .$1,418,622.43
Bonus of one per cent., payable 1st Decmeber, 1912      150,000.00
Written off Bank Premises      600,000.00
Transferred to Pension Fund (annual contribution)          75,000.00
Transferred to Rest Account $2,500,00.00
Transferred to Rest Account, premium on new stock ..     242,180.00
. Balance carried forward     771,578.88
Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 21.���To
make room for new law books, the
Harvard I,aw School has put down
'n the cellar statutes of such famous
Americans as Abraham Llrroln. Daniel  Webster and Charles Sumner.
As explained earnestly by nn official at the school:    "We hsd to put
them  somewhere.    We couldn't  very
well nut them in the dump heap, anil |
the Salvation Army doesn't take that j
kind of thing.    So wo put them here. |
You see we had a lot of alterations
to make on the building and a lot of
new books to put in.    So we dee'ded
Lincoln and  the  others  would  have |
to  go.
Pursuant to Section 7, of tbe British Columbia Railway Act, 1911, notice !b hereby given that there has
been depoaited with the Registrar In
New Westminster, plan, profile and
book of Reference ot the location of
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway, mileage 5 to 15, Lulu Island, approved by the Minister of Railways of
British Columbia. (469)
Chief Engineer.
Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.
Tbe most comfortable rooms ln the
city. Hot and cold water and stean
radiator in each. Bar and first clafu
cafe run in connection.
Cor. Front and Begble St.   Phene 18*.
for   Bxcelence   In    Shaving.   Halrcuttlng-
an* Shampooing give thn
35  Eighth   St.    David  Beyle,  Prop.
a trial.    Four aklll-*d workme-n.    Our sys
tern   of   treating  the   scAlp   for   dandruff
and falling hair cannot be Improved upon
Try lt.
"���"aw Mie-uagliig a speciality.
Well Built Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
Just oil Plxth Street car line, with
hot water heat. $3150.00; $1000.00
< ash, balance to arrange.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
' Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C,
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prlcea right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzle St.
Minister of Mllltla Aims to Follow the
Lines of Officers Training Corps
n  Britain.
Ottawa, Jan. 21 ���It is expected that
the estimates, when brought down,
will be found to include appropriations for drill halls in connection with
the University of Toronto and McGill
University. The erection of these
halls will enable the u: iverslties to
embark seriouBly upon the work of
the officers' training corps, in which
the minister of militia is deeply Interested.
Much has been done in Great Britain through the officers' training
corps to prepare young men who are
attending Institutions of learning to
become leaders of the community In
military as well as in  civil matters.
Students at universities are regarded as men fitted by their intelligence,
spirit, t(nd social position tb become
offlcera In the citizen forces of the
country, and accordingly, such cf thes
as volunteer are given training with
tho special purpose of qualifying
them as officers.
The movement has assumed large
proportions in the Mother Country,
and is expected to do wel In Canadian
universities as soon as facilities, such
as drill halls, and armouries, are provided.
Both McGill and Toronto authorities have shown much interest in the
proposals. Principal Peterson was in
the city te>day with regard to the matter, and members of the board of
governors of Toronto University have
recently been in communicaton with
the   minister.
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone
>28 Clarkeon Street. Phone 490
Phone RS24
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. 8eptle Tsnks,  Etc
for Ladies and Men
46  Lorne  Street,- New  Westminster.
Ottawa, Jan. 21.���The' death has or
curred of Mrs. Mary Jon-j S-r.tire. at
her home ln the Kennis m apartment
building. Elgin street. Tho lit.) Mrs.
Squire was 95 years of a*-", and was
born in the village of Gorleston, Suffolk, England, and was thc daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Captain Henry Wilson, of the merchant marine, trading
to St. Petersburg.
She lived during the reign of six
sovereigns���George 111., George IV.,
William 111., Queen Victoria, Edward
VII.. and UeorKP V.
She came, with her husband, to
Canada In 1850, and settled In Hamilton, Ont. In 1881 she moved to Toronto, and later took up her residence with her son, Rev. F. W. Squire
at Rico Lake.
When he was called to Alexandria
she accompaniodi him, and later went
with him to PartKam, and finally to
Ottawa. She wA3 known as a very
charitable woman. For the paat sixteen years she has bt-en confined to
her bed. Her only relatives are her
t'on and Mr. N. J. Squire, ef East-
240.000 Massacred.
Berlin, Jan. 21.-The Berlin Tage-
Watt prints a despatch from Rome
quoting an unnamed diplomatic representative of a great power in tho
Orient who in referring to tho alleged
outrages perpetuated upon the defence
Ic-Hs Turku ol the Balkan Statea, says:
"The number of those masoacred la
estimated at 240,000, and I consider
that this number ls not too high."
All the assets of the Bank have been aa usual carefully revalued and ample
provieion has been made for all bad and doubtful debt .
In accordance with an agreement entered Into ln December, 1911, thla
Bank took over on 1st March laBt, the business of the  Eastern   Townships
Bank, with headquarters at Sherbrooks, Que., and ninety-nine branchca and
EUb-agenciee, chiefly situated in the Eastern Townships District of the Province of Quebec.   In addition to fifty-two new branches and thirty two sub-
agencies in the Province of Quebec the Bank thus acquired new offices at Cole-
' man and Taber, Alberta; Grand Forks, Keremeos, Midway, Naramata, Phoenix,
Summerland and Vancouver (two offices), British Columbia,  and   Winnipeg.
i Manitoba.    The business of the Eastern Townships Bank brancheB at Leth-
, bridge, Princeton, Quebec and Victoria, was at once transferred to our own of-
I fires, and later ln the year the business of their principal offices in Montreal
' aud Winnipeg was also consolidated with our branches ln those cities, the
change at Winnipeg taking place as Boon after thc opening of our new building as it could conveniently be effected.   The nine months' experience which
we have had with the new business haa given ub every reason to feel satisfied
with our purchase.
There were issued to the shareholders of the Eastern Townships Bank
An'v one havtnis o-ie for st-iintei nf ln exchange for their stock In that institution GO.OOO shares of new stock of
���ir.tablos; mleht dicker to advantage IU*'8 Bauk' havlnB a Par value ��f *3,000,000. This has increased the paid-up
with Lincoln Webst" Sumner and ! caP|tal Etocko* the Bank t0 *15-��00.000. The by-law passed at the last annual
othersi nf the H -irv-ird Iaw School ' fieneral In,-et��-K increasing the authorized capital stock to $25,000,000 received
1   M '   ""1"��1 l"' - ��� ithe approval of the Treasury Board on 20th February, 1912.
In addition to the offlcce acquired from thc Eastern Townships Bonk, the
j Bank has opened during the year tbe following branches: In British Columbia
���Hock Creek, North Vancouver, Powell Street (Vancouver), and Oak Bay
Avenue (Victoria), in Alberta���Athabasca Landing, Hanna, Ttlley, Vulcan and
| YoungBtown: in Saskatchewan--Blaine Lake. Laird and Lewvan; In Ontario���
Brackvllle, Cornwall, Ingersoll, Niagara Falls. Port Colborna. Port Stanley,
West Und (Sault Ste. Marie), Smith'* Falls, St. Thomas. Sudbury, TIlleonburK,
Danforth and Broadview (Tor-into), and KarlscourU Toronto)! ln Quebec���
FruBervllle, Malsonneuve (Montreal), Prince Arthur and Park (Montreal), Ni-
colct and Three Kivers; in New Brunswick���Frcdericton; and In Newfoundland���St. John's. The eub-ageacles at Keremeos, B.C., East Angus, Howick,
St. ChryeoBtome, Ste. Elizabeth and Wecdon, Quebec, have been equipped aa
branches. The branches at Bounty, Sask., and Stewart, B. O, and the sub-
agencies at Midway, B. C, and St. Constant, Que, have been closed. Since
the close of the year branches have been opened at Courtenay and Pandora
and Cook (Victoria), B.C., Port McNicoll, Ont., Campbellton and Moncton,
N. B.; the Dunham, Que., sub-agency has been equipped as a branch, and the
Upton, Que., sub-agency closed.
In accordance wltb our usual practice the various branches and agencies
of the Bank in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Mexico, and the
Departments of the Head Office have been thoroughly inspected during the
The Directors again desire to record thetr appreciation of the efficiency
and zeal with which the officers of the Bank have performed their   respective duties. B. E. WALKER.
Toronto, 14th January, 1913 President.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE   $18,003,000.00'
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters-
of Credit Issued, available wltb correspondents in all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits'
received In sums of $1  and  upward
and Interest allowed at S per cent, per
annum (preaent rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. I). BRYMNKR. Manager.
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m���
2 p. m. and 11 :ii.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 it. in.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalino 1 p. m,
Jjeaven Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and northern Points 10 p. in. Wi-dm-a-
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday ar
to p. m
Chilliwack Service
Isfaves Westminster B a,., m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Ist-nv-'H C'lillllwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday mid Siitunl.-iy.
BO. GOULliT, Afent, New Westminster.
H. W. HltiilitK. O. P. A.. Vanoouver.
lo Ousted From Scottish Breakfast
Table by Teapot.
London. Jan. 21- "Sanelv" is ahan-
doninp hla triwHtlonnl porrld-re tor t��a
with -li-ploraMe elects on the phvBl-
que of the rising generation.      This
Sale of Groceries
Assigned Estate of W. H. Smith,
Eaat Burnaby.
Tenders will be   received   by   the
undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon on
Wedneaday,  the  Twenty-ninth
January, 1913,
for the purchase of    the    stock    of
groceries, etc., herein.
Inventory can be seen on application to
T. J. ARMSTRONG, Aasignee.
Sheriffs Office,' Court House,
���New Westminster, B.C.
Tie New Westminster District. Block
8 of Lot 91, Group 1, Map 1140
Whereas proof of the loss of Cer
tiflcate of Title Number 2S620F, is
sued in the name of Lily Rita McNeill
haa been filed ln thla office.
Notice la hereby given that I shal'
at the expiration ot one month from
the date of the.first publication here
of, in a dailv newspaper published In
tho City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the aald certificate, un
less In the meantime valid objectioi
be made to me In writing.
C. g. KEITH.
District Registrar of Tltlea
I-and Registry Office, New Westmin
ster, B.C.. December 22n4,  1912.
, 'VP'1 (34$)
COAL MINING rights of tbe Dominion
In Manitoba. ���iuikatobt-W'in and Alberto.
the Yukon Territory, lie Northwest Ter-
rlio-ri-*s and In a portion of the Provlnof
of Brlilsli Columbia, may be leaae-d for n
ts-nh ot tweMily-one years at an annual
re-ntal of 11 an acre. Not more than J5��0
acrea will b�� leased to one applicant.
Application for a Xesmc must be> -madt
by, the applicant tn poraan to the Agt.nl
or Sub-Af-eat of the dlstrlot In wlilcli the
rls-hta applied for am situated.
In survoywl territory the hind must b,
de-scrlbe-d by sections, or 1-gal sub-divisions of sections, and In un-nii-veyed ter
rltory the tract applied for shall b,
staked out by tha applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $�� which will be refunded It
the rlahts applied, for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty ahull be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five oente per ton.
The person operating tho mine ahall
furnish the Aip-nt with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable ooal mined and pay .the royalty thereon. If tbe cool mining rights
are not being operated such returns Bhould
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will Include the c��al mining
rights only, but the leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface! rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of 110 nn acre.
For full Information application should
be made to the Secretary of tlie De-part,
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny
Agent or Sub-Atfent of Dominion Lands.
w. w. cony.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. D.���tTnnuttiorised publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
30th November, 1912.
Notes of the Bank in circulation $   16.422,864.68
Deposits not bearing interest ....  .'..'.' $ .,8,686,813.55
Deposits bearing interest. Including Interest accrued
to date  139,030,648.45 197,617,462.00
Balances due to other Banks In Canada	
Balancea due to ctber Banks ln foreign countries
Dividends unpaid	
Dividend No. 103 and bonus, payable let December 	
Capital paid up $ 15,000,000.00
Rest     12,600,000.00
Balance of Profit and Loes Account carried tor-
ward .: ..-.  771,578.88
Coin and Bullion
Dominion Notes ..
.$ 11,273,485.39
Balances due by Agents In the United Kingdom . .$   2,082,538.49
Balances due by other Banks ln foreign countries    4,718,362.03
Balances due by other Banks tn Canada  28,645.40
Notes of and Cheques on other Banks     10,092,360.90
Call and Short Loans In Canada      8.779,459.47
Call and Short Loans In the United States        .  .     9,003,590.37
Government, Bonds, Municipal and other Securities      14,362,116.82
Doposlt with the Dominion   Government   for security of Note
circulation '        707,000.00
$ 77,229,029.12
Other Current taans and Discounts 163,753,659.28
Overdue Debts (loss fully provided for)            487,738.94
Real ICstate (other than Bank Premises)         208,372.77
Mortgages  404,096.96
Bank Premises (including the balance unsold   of certain   premises acquired from the Eastern Townships Bank      4,423,993.07
Other Assets ' :      '    64,499.61
General Manager.
The motion for thc adoption of the report was put and carried. Bylaws
Increasing the number of Directors of the Bank to twenty-two, and Increasing
the amount available for the remuneration Uf the Board of Directors were then
passed. The usual resolutions expressing the thanks of the shareholders to*
the President, Vice-President and Directors, and also to the Oeneral Manager,
Assistant General Manager and other offlcera of the Bank were unanimously
carried. Upon motion, the meeting proceeded to elect Directors for the coming year and then adjourned. ,
The acrutlneers subsequently announced the following gentlemen to be
elected as Directors for the coming year: Sir Edmund Walker, C.V.O., LL.
D., D.C.L., Hon. George A. C.ox^John Iloskln, K.C., LL.D., J. W. Plavelle, LL.D,,
A. Kingman, Hon. Sir Lyman Melvln Jones, Hon, W. C. Edwards, Z. A. Lash,
K.C., LI..D., E. R. Wood, Sir John M. Gibson, K.C.M.G., K.C., LL.D., William Mo-
Master, Robert Stuart, George K. Gait, Alexander Laird, William Farrell, D.C.L.
Gardner Stevens, A. 0. Flumerfelt, Oeorge G. Foster, K.C., Charles Colby, M.A.,
Th.D., George W. Allan, II. J. Fuller, F. P. Jones.
At a meeting of tbe newly-elected Hoard of Directors held aub"->quently, Sir
Edmund Walker, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., waa elected President, and Mr. Z. A.
I Lash, K.C., LL.D., Vice-President. .   ��� ,   ,-.-
16,850 Tons Register
34,000 Tons Displacement
16,850 Tons Reglater.
34,000 Tons  Displacement.
These  new  palatial  liners  will  leave
Southampton on  April  let and   Ma/
27th respectively   for   Vancouver   via.
the Suez Canal, calling at   Gibraltar,
Monaco or Villo Tranche, Fort  i*aid,
Colombo.    Singapore,    Hong     Kong,
Shanghai,  Maji Nagasaki,  Kobe   and
Around ths .World Tickets From Vancouver, $639.10.
Choice of Atlantic steamships from St.
John, Montreal, (Juebec, Halifax, Portland, Boston or New York.
Passengers will have the opportunity of taking many side trips during
the Empresses' stay at the principal
ports. Time of voyage from Southampton to Vancouver about two
months. Pull particular*, rates, etc.,
on application to
BD. aoui.KT. Ageui
New Westminster
Or H.  W.   Hrodle. G.P.A .  Vancouver
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Miami Waters.   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
Teleehona R 111  Offlc*: Fi-inesst at.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 1SS.     Barn Phene 1S7
Begble Street.
Baggage Dellveie-I Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
who do not receive The Newe before)
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only in thla way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Second Hand Store
,    J. O. SMITH.
Buy and aell new and   second   hand*
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
10 Moloaea Street. Phone 100*
TWEED, IRISH 8ER0E, etc, Just
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workmarv-
thllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street "WEDNESDAY,, JUVHUARY 22, 1*1$.
��ua*ae*****t**********r*** I told her II wasn't so end tbat be never iippi'iind la like you, but Just the
mine li studied all my mourning for
j -litis. I haven't la-en to the cemetery
���-luce flie told uie thnt. Did be ask yon
ii marry liim'r" Ida Benjamin's voice
sunk to n low inn* of bitter anguish,
and her harsb fare was dlatorted with
an vlfort for control. Sim leaned forward, her eye* Hied on llelieeca's face.
A Man Had Honor to Defend In
the Old Days.
A Story ��t little River
In the weaving shed under the walnut tree, Itebecce Oswald sat with kite
hands before tbe big loom. There win
e pungent smell of green walnuts and
the peculiar, otter of rnnkly growing
hollyhocks that latticed the window
with fluted pink cupe.
Itchercas III** were curved In e
III tier smile as she dreamed In lhe
mellow gloom ef the shed. Her slemtei
form, erect ami motionless, waa sharply
outlined against Ibe light
Within the shed everything was Im
iniii-ulutely clean and fresh wltb tbe
penetrating odor of cedar shingles
The big loom tilled one end nf lhe
room wltb It* massive framework, nnd
In the corner* were roll* uf rag carpel
and several baskets Oiled with bright
luii'il rag strip*.
Maria Oawuld pa used In Ibe doorway, ber round eyes peering sharply
nt her sister's tense proflle. "Uebec
.en. what the land are you doing?" ah*
jinked sharply.
Rebecca started and turned her head.
-"1 wasn't doing anything. Maria. I was
���resting awhile."
The older sister advanced and oat
down lu a chair neur Ihe lomii; bei
keen eye* searched Helieri-a a sen
ultlve face and ber own reddened with
Indignation. "I saw Idn Benjamin's
be want?" she detnanileil.
"He brought some nurs: bla mnlhei
wnntH wime mnta made���fur Edna."
suld Itelieeca quietly.
"Of course you won't make them,"
protested Maria.
"I must-It I don't. Ida will aay IU
tiecause of Edna marrying Myron."
"If tbat ain't Just like Ida Itenja
mln-llie aplleftileat critter that ever
drew brentb! Why didn't sbe take tbe
rage dowu to reterkln?" Suddenly
Murla's disturbed cniinteiinnce became
an urbane mask. "Don't you dare cry,
Ilebecca Oswald." sho added Bercely;
"-.lie's coming now!"
A   shadow   inrkened   Ihe  doorway,
and  Ida  lleiijnniln entered.    She wus
lull,   strougly   built   woman,   with
That*, why you've been so hateful   H�� L0NfjS  FQR  THE DUELLO.
tn uie the last live years���because
you.'rw Jealous of thnt?" asked liebeet-a
The other woman flared fiercely.
"I'm not Jealous, not a mite, but Ktan't
have It thai wuy."
Now the power was In Rebecca'e
bands.   Hh" could day Ida Benjamin's
Th*r* Wss No Enmity er Vulgar
Squabbling, Says th* H*re ot Sixty-
-sight Encounters���Most ot Them
Csus*d by Misunderstanding;.
suffering heart wltb a detailed account i (copyright.  Illi.  by  Ano-clals-d Literary
CAN'T think of those good old
days without u lone-some feeling stealing over me," suld
Colonel Hunker in a grieved
voice mid wilb several shakes of the
Then, getting a brace for his feet on
the railing ot tbe veranda, bu continued:
"if I should eay to yon that It wss
a cloudy day und you should reply thut
Ibe Heavens were without a rloud we
should soon be calling each other liars
aud Indulging lu tbe vulgar squ'.-bble.
That's Ibe difference between tbese
days and the good old days ot tbe
duello.    There wa* uo calling uuuies
ur bow the defunct Jonab bad 'a his
youth wooed ber. Ills doglike devotion,
hie obstinate refusal to take "no" for
en answer, had been a village Jest
These facta were weu|ioiia In Rebecca's
baud*. With them she mlgbt avenge
herself upon tbls wonuui wbo bad deprived her uf the man she loved and
destroyed her hap-tliieri* through -toiu*
king i-herlHhed Jealousy.
Ida lletijiiuiln wa* walling for Re-
beci'ii's answer. Imping It would be e
denial Ihat she might carry forth to
confound her fellow buaybudlee, with
whom sbe waged ulternute war and
peace and In wboxe midst repututiuu*
were wun and lost In an hour.
All at once llebeci-a seemed to
down Into Ida Iteiijnuilu's sordid little :{*,������   or  reaortlng  to   fisticuff*.    The
soul, nnd n revulsion of feeling swept  |Hipuldr Idea  U Unit meu fought beaver ber.    A strung* light came Into
ner eyes us she looked ut ibe wouina
staudlug   there  su  curiously   subdued
aud  expectant,  suffering  tortures  ut
Jealousy, and she wns tilled wltb pity.
Then  It   was thut   ltebeci-11   Oswald
spuku tu tier enemy nnd tuld ber Ural
lie.    ".luiuili  came tu see  me 11  few
time*. Id.i. but I guess he got tired ot
iuu     I want j011 lu lii-ur lu mind he
never linked me tu many blm."    tie-
coming out uf the gate.   What did   --J"'*   ���*��� ��!����������� I""*  ***�� ���">�� ����
Tbe otlier wouiiin sighed relievedly.
Her head went up wltb ber ace-listumed
liii-uleiii-e. "I never believed a word ut
tt, Rebecca. I knew Surah yuiglv wa*
lying. I stipixise you're willing tu re
peat Unit before her'-"
. "I think I have ssld enough," replied Iti'U'ccii wearily. Tbe sunshine
had faded from lhe pond, und the
shadow* seemed reflected In tier face.
"I'll bave lu be Ruing now." Mr*.
Ileujnniln stuod In the doorway looking
dowu ut tbe weaver, a curious liesl
tuncy lu ber harsh voice and a strange
eipreaalon mingled with tbe liiunipb
lu her bard eyea. It wa* almost as II
she felt -surry for Ilebecca Oawuld
Wbeu Ilebecca wa* aloue she stared
colorless hair rolled stiffly away from | through Ihe Inlll.e uf hollyhock* with
a strange *ense of de-volution. Il had
been a bard day. The iiressure uf humiliation had been strong upon her,
and abe hud suffered All at mice she
lieut her list* upon the window sill
with a little fury uf despair. "II isn't
fair and Just," ��lie -ntilied. After
awhile she arose aud closed Ibe window Touching tbe loom with on*
sleuder baud, sbe looked duwn ul tue
mau of purple warp blurring before
her eyes.
"I suppose -penple'* live* ar* like rag
1-nrpetf soair'* plain, miiiie'* ��tri|>s-,i
and uther* are Just "hit ur uiloa.' wun
lot* of blight culur*. Mine's lieeli in
stripe*, with Ma uf gray and liiack in
between for trouble. I gue-ia It tin*
gtnpiied now Just a* I wa* beginning a
beautiful stripe, thinking all tlie rest
of Ihs ciir-iet was going tu be thai may
culur. Kilt I've gut to keep ou wear,
lug. It'll be drub colored fur awhile
until I get mine sense Into ine." Mi*
dashed away the lean end straight
ened proudly. "I've got to weave thons
mat* for Ida Benjamin. I've gut te
make them so as to pay me back fur
tailing that lis."
Tbe door flew open wltb startling
suddenness, and Myron Whits aloud
there. Hand some, black eyed und wiio
black brows meeting In a heavy frown
HI* attitude was one of mlugtrd sbuu-e
and detinues. .
"Itebeiv*. Maria waa down to tbe
store, and abe told me that Ida Beuja
niln luid brought mats for you to make.
Where aro 1 bey-herer At l.eber--*'*
aud of assent Myruu bent duwn and
swept Mr*. Benjamin's Uigs of rag
bulla Intu bis arms and deposited tbem
In a wheelbarrow he bad left uulistde
Ibe door. Then he i*eme tank aud
fared Rebecca in ibe gathering gluum
ef the weaving shed.
. "l*a> a dugg��eied toel." he said bitter
ty/ -l*te tern*** t*& mi**lt off from
the only woman I ewer wauled |o mar
rjt Just mmymS-^iapm'V^aYtm\��
ao'* to do right by jou. llelie.-��-a. Vuu
know I we* getting up courage to ask
you to merry me wben Ids Heajemtn
got after me. I don't kaow what ��ne
meeut by It but she eeld Bdna wet
dying" ror tov* of me. Well, what;
could I do** Wben Marie told ine you
waa going to weave meta for ���*��� I Jn*t
made op my mind 1*4 lie* men. eo I've
bee* and told little Kdna hit ahuat It-
Uat If you won't have me i ttea't's-sra'
whether anybody else does or net And
���be was Jest a* glad as I wan-aeM Mm
waa planning te elope with Mm-* \\*j-
tan-], anyway. ��ad she eald she staled
me and my old rag mala. I can't trust
myself to talk tn Ida Benjamin, but
I'm going to lake ber rag* hock 1
weal bare yon making mete for ner.
I hope you'll forgive me for all tba
ti-oubta. I guess yuu never srant to sea
me egala." He turned and walked dispiritedly toward the door. **l dont
eupisoee I deserve you ebotitd foi-gire
ae." he edded.
lleliecrit** eyea were henry wltb us-
shed tear*. She who bad pettently
taken up the wearlag of ber drab fa-
lure suddenly found lee Weft waa rose
and guid. Ail at once her restored
aappineee found utterance la bfokea
iipr sallow skluned fuee. Cold blue
ens were set unpleasantly close to e
prominent nose booked above a bitter
mouth. She carried ben-elf wltb the
proud insolence uf one whose weapons
nre always iiusheatlinl. Ida Reojii
mlns keenest weapon uf attack and
-defense la) I'clilud the even raw* of
her false leeth Now stie rustled for
ward with nu amplitude of starched
���inwy ���, , s^ itebecce. I declare
lure always at If, ain't yonj I'll
tike tills ctnilr, Marin. Ynu needn't
get up" She beamed amiably ii|��o
the sisters.
Ilebecca removed her fool from tbe
treadle and turned to Ihe newcomer.
"Hobble, brought tbe rags. Ida. Wbnt
color warp do you want?"
"White, I guess. Do ynu think von
can get tbem done by the 1st or Oho-
tier? Tbey sre for Kdna'a-new bouse
und "-  She panned slgiilHcniilly.
"Why not lake tbem dowu to IVIer
klnT He's starving fur wurk. and Re
liet-cg's got ell she ceo du." Interpolated Maria acidly, ��
"I waat aobody but Ileberra should
touch them." protested Ida Benjamin
������lielng Edna'* wedding outm, they are
very ape-tal. end Uebecs-a makes such
pretty mats."
"Very well, Ide: I ran make ibem
There's, plenty of time before the 1st
of October. Tell me bow yuu want
them made." eeld Itebe-re quietly.
'���'hlle lhe tWo women dlssussed the
making of tlie ruga nr "mats." a* they
are called lu Little Hiver-Maria arose
and silently lefl tlus wearing ��hed
Alone with Itelssi-ii caswald. Mrs.
Ib-nJ-iuiln drup|ieil the (nil of nice she
bad ueen displaying to lhe weaver
anil leaned Pack 111 her eliilr. "Well.
ItetiecM, 1 ii��t|>s- yuu dont hold any
hard reeling inward me and Kdna.''
she stnltl. wltn a mn Itclous smile.
"We never have tieen Intimate
friends, Ida: gnu know that.'' said its
tiei-i-a pniiiilly. "hut win du you imagine that I stioiiid feel any MiMHial ea,
mlty toward you iWWr"   "
Knr 1111 Instant Ida lletijumlii'* sallow
face reddened: then, aa If Itebw-rn'e
qiiesfliin offered an opeulng ror vriili-h
she hud long waited, the eolur left her
cheeks suiluw end strained, aud she
���spoke coldly and deliberately:
"Van needn't pretend you don't mind
tostnn Myron White after kee-iln*" com,
ifiany wltb him Mr Ire years. Of
kmime he'* older than Rdha. bat the
very minute be eel eyea oa bee he lost
���bla heart Too rant Nam* hla!. Rat-ecru: Edna's so young and fresh, and
. you-end tne. too -are uot aa fWftm as
���we used to-be. There; yea needa'} teti
���den uu and h��* wi proud. Webecra
Yon might a* well look the truth In tbe
fui-e ns to pretend yoi> don't care."
"Here you got anything more (a
���ay?" asked Rebecca h-Hy*.  -
Ida Benjamin, hesitated An eager
question bad tiurned her tongue for
five yeans,- To her roer*e strained mind
there v.m uo Indelleney In tbe Baking
-or sin u a qneetioa. bnt e*he did shrink
rrom Itebecrn'e answer. Hhe felt In
riim-tlvely that Rebecca Oswald would
��|ieak nothing hut tKetrnih. Her eager
*ie*H now round teat to "the qaesdoa.
-sareb QnigleyHaye that yeara aaw.
v>fore I married Joaib Beajeoita. be
t-uurted you and wanted to marry yaw.
Mlee Asqulth
New York, ������������� M.*rAtI#>**|!l.. ��>���
declares she woiild Hke t*M* ttot*9t
this (tounfry, Mlsa Vletjt Aatturt*.
daughter of the BHtWi ��t1��i^;��w��*0
has been vlslUng here wl,th ;0���� .-tJt-i-jm--
"Myroo. I rtsMnevee-forglTe yea-
if yea go away eow.*��
Marititne Prevleee CoirTerono*.
frederlcton, N, B��� Jan. 81.���Hon.
W. C. H. flHiamer, attorney-general.
Will hate tneaylar Ottowa. to confer
with I^re��lat.Ma��*eeon ot Prljca W-
rard Island, and Hon. 0. P. Daal
"D4W0001CE A riLLOW DCOl"
cause they were enemies snd thirsted
ror each other's blood. Never wu*
there a greater mistake.
"I wa* recalling my sixty eight duels
Inst nlgbt, sub. aud I found that lorty-
*li uf Ibem came about through simple misunderstanding*, aud beenuse uf
no enmity whatever. I'or Instance,
some years after tbe war I wus relating bow I put myself at tbe bend ut
my rrglineiit nod charged at Oettys
burg. Wbnt I said tu my meu was,
'.Now, then, gallant men. fullow me!'
Mu|uh llasrumb was one of my audience, and he at on<*c took eirentloni
lu my language. He contended that 1
should linv* said. 'Sow. sriilleuivu. It
you please, we will uuw rli-iru.*.' t
stink fur my point and he fur his, and
the result was I lint he railed me uut.
We chatted and laughed ou the field,
aud as I ran blui through the shoulder
I wa* never in better nature lu my
Th* "Cewibstlnstlan-* Co**.
"I was sitting on a hotel veranda one
day with Judge O'Conor. The Judge
end I lived next door to each other
aud bad been Memls ror year*. A* we
talked away be observed that owing ia
tbe 'conil-etliiutlim or clrcunistmn-*'
su and ao bad i-nrntted. Ue meant
'combination,' or Cone, and I took Ibe
liberty of corrertlng blm.
** -Colonel Ruuker, I aald "romballna
lion."' he au Id as lie turued to me.
" 'Ton did. Judge, but yuu meunt com-
Una Hon/
"���I lu��l��t tbat I was right In the
"The Jo-lav challenged ate. and we
met at Marl** neit nHirniug. I wound
ed blm In Ihe thigh, and he pricked me
In tbe arm, all In tb* best of good uu
tore. sub. That evening we were all-
ting together lu the same old cbuiuniy
���ray. That flrat duel led to a mhiiiuI.
Klve years after we had fought be stup-
p-dfnie on th* street one day to *ey:
���"COIoiiel Hunker, 1 wUh to apulu
gise to yuu.'
" "For whet preyr
-I waa wrong about the wottj. am"
yun were right.'
" 'I knew you were. Judge."
" 'Then, sub, 1 rballmtge you.*
-���Hat for whatr
���"Fur knowing that you were right's
"And we went uut end rum-lit. miIi.
ami this rtn'ie I gar* the Jiulce' ihe
l*nlnt so atrouily. that be was tak! ap
fur alt Week*. There was the em-r uf
Henatur Hhiaiie. We were imullng t��-
evtber In the Held* one day when lie
remarked bow alngnlar It waa Ibnt a
rabbit's foreleg* Were tbe kmiwat
, The ABalr et th* Buraeck, ,
-*Tt��H oieaa Ms bind legs, oyaetor.'
���������Hln.1 legs'
���������Colonel Hunker, I wilt read a
rrleud to you thla evening.'.
"AihI be dkl. nml wbea w* met iw-ft
wawiilng He had lhe luck tu wnmul uie
In Ih* klMiukier ami to e*ca|se all harm
hlniselt. I Imre blm no nnire III Will
than iH'fure. We hnd simply differed
nml fiiucht It nut like gentlemen,
"A mil her ease, | wae walking la
lhe street* ot my native tuwn with
Captain (llhlere. W* bad. Just bad a
nip together and were ib* best dt
friends. In railing nif atteaUoa ta
the eondltioo of tba atreet be eattat a
burdc-'k a pigweed.. K-wtrlng that
he bad mUopoken hltoaelf I saoald
II S      ..I.       Ill        I ,   Il ��
have let It pass, bnt I was foolish
enough tu correct him. lie at once
belli over the plant and aald:
���"Colonel Hunker. II Is n pigweed!"
"���('iiplaln liildera. It I* a burdock!'
*'A plgwi'ed, stilif
"A liiirdock. Kiili!'
"Two hour* later a friend of hla
railed upon 11 friend of mine nnd next
innwnliig there was a duel. As near
as I can recollect we were both wounded, but It made not the slightest difference wllb onr friendship.
"On an occasion, sub; on an occasion, I was sitting lu front of the
piistolili-u with Mnjali Ooodwln. A
negro woman passed iis and went into
the uillce. I observet) Ibul her sbuee
could mil lie over No. 2'*. The uiujab
said tliey were -I'* If uot larger.
" 'Hut It can't tie, uiajub.'
" 'Hut it surely Is, culonel."
"*l say Iwosr
���"And I suy ronrs or betterr
"This time tbe challenge was from
me. There was n covert sneer In tbe
mu lab'* tones, a sort of doubt of my
Judgment or the site of a female rout.
and I wu* Irritated thereby. He wa*
expertlng my challenge and promptly
accepted It, and next niawnlog he lodged 11 bullet lo my leg. He la living
yet. and our friendship haa continued
unbroken. I may say In passing thut
(lie size of tbe negro woman's toot waa
No. 0.
Th* Yellow Dog.
"Almost ono of my lust duels wa*
fought wllb a merchant wbo waa a fel
luw passenger lu a South Carolina
stage, la fact, wo were the only ones.
Aa we rude along In tbe dust and heat
be tell asleep nnd snored. After be
Imd roused up 1 also fell asleep, but
whether I enured or nut Is a puxxle
to ibis day. When a Jolt awakened
me Ibe geutleman smiled und said*.
'"811I1, you are it good snorer.'
" 'Hub, yuu are tbe same,' I smilingly
" 'Hut I never snore.'
" -Neither do L'
* 'Hub':
- 'Sub!'
"And at ibe ue-rt village, reached
half au hour later, we descended from
lhe roach, burruwed pistols and bud a
couple uf shots ut eaeb otber. My bullet ruked bla skull, end he wounded me
la lhe foot, and tben we became tbe
best of fi-lcnels. Uefure we parted we
tacitly admitted that under the circumstances wo might possibly bare
been guilty of snoring.
"A* a lust case, sub, I will mention
that of Cukmel Davis. As we were
coming out ot the ruteboase oue day a
duwg bit film anil rati away.
"Dawggone a yellow dawg!" shouted
tbe colonel ns lie danced nround.
" 'Uut hi* waa a brlndle dawg.'
" it wus yellow.'
"*lt wns brlndle.'
"'Colonel Hunker, I insist upon yellow.'
"'Miijnh Davis. I Insist up brlndle.'
"Of course be sent his friend. He
could du nu lea*. We met at sunrise,
aud bulb were wounded, aud tbe llrst
thiug we did after sheathing onr rapiers was to shake bands-no enmity,
nu thirst fur blood, but Just lighting to
preserve our botiuli."
clarod that the houaewife'u pocket-
book was the greatest factor ln oar
national lite.
He contended that the average
wife failed to make the best uae of
her purse, being tempted by marked-
down prlceu, and buying haphazard.
He added:
"The tendency of the average woman Is to buy everything aa cheaply
as possible. That is the worst kind
of economy. It ls difficult to convince a housewife of this fact, but
when abe once realizes lt then she is
on the true  road to making money.
"The same principle that governs
a transcontinental railway In buying
Bteel rails ought to govern the housewife in her purchase of beefstakes���
not how cheap, but how good. There
Is nothing more Important In the life
of this nation, than tbe pocketbook
of the wife."
Two Serious Accidents Have Mads His
Condition Precarious.
Dublin, Jan. 21.���His colleagues of
the Nationalist party rear that tbe
British House or Commons will see
little oT John Dillon In the future. Two
serious accidents have reduced him to
a state of health that demands peace,
rest and quietness.
His attendance during the debates
on the home rule bill severely taxed
his physical resources, and he would
have taken a more conspicuous part
In the discussions that followed bod
his health permitted. On the financial
clauses particularly he was by no
means In agreement with his leader,
John Redmond, and would have fought
for better terms had he been the Dillon of former times.
He repudiated the English view that
Ireland Is st the moment In a condition of bankruptcy and made no secret
of his condemnation of the figure Juggling methods that Inspired the minis
ters    In    charge    of    the    financial ,
On that part ot the bill he waa more
In agreement with William O'Brien
and Tim Healy than he was with bis
leader, but In face of violent opposition on the part of Unionists, he kept
silent rather than strike a discordant
note among his own ooUaagues or em-
bai-aes the government ln any way.
Can Hear Distinctly Over Distance of
Over  250  Mites.
Ilerlln, Jan. 21.���A notable step forward has Just beea made by tbe tier
mans In the effort to transmit telephone messges without the use ot
wires, 'experiments have been made
daily for the seat few weeks between
the Nauem central wireless telegraphy station and Berlin, and according to the Taea-ltche, Rundcltau, they
are crowned with success.
Tbls Journal learns that not only
can a whole newspaper article be telephoned without difficulty between
the above mentioned stations, which
are some fifteen miles apart, but wireless telephone messages can be clearly understood at a distance of 250
miles, when the receiving appartus
harmonises with that at the station
from which the message fs despatched.
This surprising succeaa la attributed to tbe excellence of the machines
employed by the Telefunken system.
Moat recent statistics show that there
are at present about 3500 wireless
telegraphy stations hi the world, that
one-third of these are equipped with
tbe Telefunken and one-third with the
apparatus of various systems.
It Is said here that these statistics
are evidence of the triumphal progress of the German Telefunken system, and prove that the latter has
ousted the Marconi system from the
dominant position lt once held ln the
Complete}! Cared I) GIU- PILLS
Mr. W. G. Raid, of mmilton. Ont,
one of the best known and mostiiigbly
respected commercial travellers .in
Canada, was a c ripple from Rheumatism
and suflered terribly. GIN PILLS
eared blm.   Mr. Reiel writes as follows:
"I hsve been for the last two yeara a
cripple with M oscular and Inflammatory
Rheumatism. I tried almost everything
known to medical science to relieve me
of the inten��n pain aad inflammation.
I sought change of climate in Kentucky
and otber Southern points without relief.
Your manager in this city recommended
GIN PILLS and I have since taken eight
boxes and ara now cured. I consider
GIN FILLS the conqueror of Rheumatism and Kidney Diseases,"
Gin Fills ia sold with a positive
guarantee to core or money promptly
refunded. 50c. a box, 6 for (2.50.
Sample free if you write National Drag
end Chemical Co. ot Caaads, Limited,
Toronto. l<2
PHONE  R1031. -,;._
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
Billiard-* and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes.
Cigars and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd*
609 Columbia SL
Write Ideas For Moving Picture fS*ys
We Wai Show You Hew!
If you "have ideas���If you can think���we will show yeu the secrets of this fascinating new profession.
Positively uo experience or literary  excellence necessary.   No flowery language" is wanted. s
The demand for photoplaya ls practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers are ||movlng heaven
and earth in their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever Increasing demand. They are of-
ferriug ��10�� and more, for single scenarios, or written Ideas.
We have received many loiters from the film manufacturers, such aa VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ESSA-
photoplays to them.    We want moree writers and we'll gladly teachh you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplaya wrlten by people who "never before wrote a Una for publication.
Perhaps we can do the some for you. If you can think of only one good Idea every week, and will
write It out ae directed by ua, and It sells tor only $25, a low figure,
Don't hesitate. Don't argue. Write now and learn just what thla new profession may mean for you
and your future.
tarring Oat Aelatlee.
, Sacramento, Cal., Jan. *1.���Senator
Sanford Introduced today a Joint ree-
olution Indorsing the Raker, hill In
On��s> Her*.
The miner droiiped lite -pfc-t-L mita-
stared with bulging eye* at. the yellow \
maHS'wIiii-h a stroke of the Implement
bad Just laid bare. Kor a minute he
was struck ai-ets-liless. Then, like one
gone, mad, lie gave forth a mighty
Ills  mate came running  from  tb*
mouth of Ihe tunnel.
"What le It?" he cried brenlhleaaly.
"Gold!" yelled the other.   "Pure gold!
Ton* of II r
"Is that allT" exclaimed hi* partner
dh-giiKtMlly. "Kiom all tbe hullabaloo
ye were makln* one 'ad think ye Imd
dug Into a Brklu* 6' iHitterT-Judge.
1543 Broadway
Oa* Por Her.
Kdllb wa* light hcuru-d and merry
over s-verytblug, So one day her nmtb
er decided to luvlle a very ,-serious
young per-sua to dinner ami he wa*
placed neit tbe light hearted girl,
i-lrerylblng treat well until she exked
"Vou apeak of everybody having a
mission.    Wbnt I* yotir-T:"
"My inlsmloa." Maid the iiaraon, "I* to
nave young men "
-Good." replied ibe girl. "I'm glad
t�� uni-t Jou. I wl-.li yiNi'd save uae
for ue."- Milwaukee New*.
Net Advertising Copy,
A liny from tlie country came Into
Miititsval hihI saw' sn aptoinuUle fee
tlie flrnt lime. After a careful ttispec-
llun lie climbed Into Ihe mr. started
It ami rode nruuud the street* uf the
city for two hours without Injuring
either bliii-H-lf ur the amehlae.
No. tbls isn't ndrertialUR.
The iMiue of the car wasn't"given la
Hie new* Hem.
Ot rutHste you can guess which make
It traa. Wa eda't. - Cleveland IMaln
Dealer.    .���       	
Let the Buyer Beware
<-'���-- ��� ��� ���   ������ if ' '
For centuries the principle of "Let the Buyer- Beware"���
"Caveat Emptor"���ruled the world of business. In fact, it was
not a principle���but rather a lack of principle���yet it held sway
everywhere until a decade or two ago.
When a merchant quoted a price, he made it high enough to .
stand almost unlimited whittling, and yet be profitable���to him.
When he spoke of quality, his fingers were crossed, and you were
not expected to beheve him���unless you wanted to very badly.
lay Peeeree It.
X   IMa*ra7>aa ���y-apeihiee -alth ,
; lhe^etioWorutik,i.wi that be " !
> dkltit start tie scrap-I'm*.
Clwreaal lalV* Mi..*eB-e��leo.
"Knnay bow" a-Hue people ae-ralt gits;
enough trouble." eald Charcoal Kph
feelingly. "Beab'. me trie*' Kaatne
duoe married a wldder wld Bre gal;
rblllual Try anaieollvea. Ulatah Jack
miu.'*-U-*rtrolt r'rse I'ruee.
wit* ietaad. aad Hon. 0. P. Daniel*, Ctttmeaa. W-glu tor Ut*,
i'eTs Vfliberde^^i^toOajr tot | gto^fg^^ujfi��a-Bootl*-  ���� rf ***tt�� "* p*up*r **"'
A New Suit,
Oweoe-How do> jrea de. Ut. m***>\
I lag Its
r^ Xty**tmrd ot direetora
m%--mmta\ Haahra-f,-la *
article Jaat anbUakatt, 4*H
Buying waa a haggle���unless you
were a hardened haggler you came
oat second beat in every deal. "Caveat Emptor"���it waa np to ton. There
' waa no confidence between buyer aad
seller. -
Business���once an aggregation ot
deals���haa become the living embodiment of ideals.
Advertising kaa helped, because Ad-
���crtlsing creates confidence la tba
buy* r aad proves the eeilar'a. confidence la hla wares, eoafldence haa
eliminated tbe haggle.
Yew ace business confidence la a
good deal Ilka capital, tn that It ae-
cnmnlqle-t like sayings. The grocery-
eoafldence In a town will
be on deposits chiefly with a few cap.
able ��quare grocers; and dry-goods
confidence, Jewelry confidence, and
ao forth, are massed in, the lame way.
The retail merchant doesn't lock
this eoafldence in hla safe. He deposits it intura with the wholesaler,
who passes it on to the manufacturer.
And tbe manufacturer, to make th*
circle complete, must, give confidence
to the consumer. .
. The manufacturer with goods to
sell must draw apon all these reeervee
of confidence, jtte must de-oonstrate
hla own faimeaa ia dsoting. hla la-
tegrity ia mejatslaiag euallty, Ida
willingTieee to pat principle
Advertising is the means through which the manufacturer
makes this demonstration to you.
Advertising has given personality to commodities, so that
you now recognise your "friends" among soap, tea, or collars, as .
readily as you recognise your human acquaint^es.
Advertising fathered the "money back"i principle, and has
made buying a pleaiinire instead of a duel of wits. .   ' ���
Advertising haa spread the one-price policy���erased "Caveat Emptor" from the language of business, and made buying
safe to entrust to a child. . ^j?,   .
yeur aeWMalat jawbtoma le availably wtAiugh aay
raeetr��sa�� C*wsWtsi�� advertising agency, or the aecretafy ef m*<
adlae Weea*Jtos-Hilatton, Reem Mi UieAedea Buiidlag. Torosato.
Ouiry lasvrm aa ebllaatlsa ea **** part���ee writs. If Intereeaad.
*    ���'.  -���T^,^. i&niWtotimty**1** . PAGE  EIGHT
"PAY   CA8H    IT   WILL   PAY
���J t+-���
Bab White Soap made by the
Ivory Soap people, cannot be
beaten; saves you time labor.
Today    4 for 25c
P. and O. Naptha Soap, also
manufactured by the same people, beats any Naptha Soap;
reg. 3 for 25c, today 4 for 25c
If you have not tried Dya &
Martin's Blue do so now at 2
for ,,...,.'! .,.    8c
Mack's No    Hub,   the greatest
'laundry help yet Invented; per
cake 5c
San Juan Cleanser beats them
all and sold very cheaply. Three
tins tor  .25c
Glass Wash Board a; regular
60oj_today 40s
' Ammonia for   household   use;
"something newer   and   better;
per bottle  25c
Smaller bottles, extra refined,
perfumed for the bath; per
bottlo 25c
Uae "Bubbln" to keep that
dampness out of your shoes;
beats -any grease or blacking;
per can   25c
Catsup, In sanitary tins; good
values   2 for 25c
Cauliflower, per head 20c
Head Lettuce, per head 10c
Celery, very nice . .2 bune. 25c
Sweet Potatoes, per lb 5s
Rhubarl      2 lbs. for 25c
Grapes,  per  Ib ..25c
Apples from $1.25 to $1.55
Oranges from  20c to 40c
Lemons, per dozen  30c
Alter consideration  by  the provincial legislature on Monday, thr pnti-
tlons for the incorporation of Port Co- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
quitlam and Port Moody were referr- ] Tho directors uf the Burqultlam
ed to the select committee on standi*,** j Agricultural Association met in the
orders and private bills foj- consider*-j agricultural hall. Austin road, on
tion.    A petition from the Okanagan I Monday night.    Mr. George Alder-son,
Public Supply Stores
After an lllnesa of several weeks
Rev. E. R. Bartlett is now able to get
around town again.
Skates sharpened and set at Goo.
R. Speck's, .626 Columbia St.      (395)
Rev. George A. Ray has been confined to his home, during the past few
days on account of a bad cold.
Tbe annual meeting of the members
of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church
will be held this evening at 8 o'clock.
It Is expected that the llrst meeting
of the 1913 school board will be held
tomorrow evening at S o'clock.
A. iiardman. the ��� cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (894)
The Women's Educational club will
meet ln the home of Mra. D. S. Curtla
at 8 o'clock on Thuroday evening.
The incorporation of the Wash Sash
ft Door Company with a capita of
$100,000, divided into four thousand
shares, has been announced.
Tbe card party that was to have
been given on Wednesday night uy
the SL Peter's Social Assembly ha.
been postponed indefinitely. (542)
Mrs. George Aldersnn. North road,
has been eulfertng from illness receni
ly and is under medical attention.
Yesterday she was much improved.
The Vancouver, New Westminster
and Victoria Automobile clubs are arranging to bold a Joint banquet sometime in February probably on the 5th.
Don't forget the big musical comedy,
"A Modern Eve," at the Opera House
on Friday evening. Seats on sale at
Tidy, the florist, 739 Columbia street.
Mr. G. A. Coon is confined to his
home on account of-n painful injury
to his foot which he accidentally sustained the other day.
Telephone Company wblcb is largely
subsidized by Westminster capital, for
increased operating powers, was referred to tbe same committee.
Year  Saw   Unprecedented
, |   velopment in Business.
Elsewhere In these columns will be
found a report of the forty-sixth annual ^meeting of the Bank cf Commerce shareholders. The event, which
took place ln Toronto, was marked by
tbe UBual inte.**)sting address covering the Canadian financial buslnesa
field by Sir Kilinutid Walker and General Manager Laird.
No changes ln policy were disclosed, the general manager speaking
on the dividend nnoiion, saying that
tbe policy of pavl.i., bonus dividend'1
above the 10 per cent, rate would be
maintained at anv ,i e for the present ln view of the extraordinary development of the bank's bualness.
A by-law was passed increasing the
number of directors of the bank from
nineteen to twenty-two. the new
director.! named being O. W. Allan,
of Winnipeg;    II. J. Fuller,   cf   the
president,   occupied   the   chair,   and
there was a full attendance.
As it Is Intended to hold all kinds;
r.f social entertainments and meetings
n the ball lt was resolved to purchase
six whist tables for a proposed card {
tournament.    A  number of    Improve-1
���ueirta  In   the  internal  arrangements j
cf tire ball were approved.
The -annual meeting of tbe assocta
tlon Willi be held on Thursday, February si
Hold Inquest.
An Inquest into the death of Ruby
Gillroy, wlio was killed on Sunday
when a tree blew down over the Gill-
toy home on Beaver river, was held
In Center & Hanna's parlors yesterday. A verdict of accidental death
was returned by the Jury. The coroner
of Surrey presided. The funeral of
the girl will toYe place this afternoon.
Interment to be made In the Odd Fellows' cemetery.
TINGLEY���The news haa been received by Mrs. E. J. Bangs of 702 Second street of the psesing of her uncle,
Canadian'   Fairbanks    Company,    of j Mr. Obed Tingley of Point de Bute,
Toronto, end F, P. Jones, general
manager of the Canada Cement Company. -
The bank has bad a highly success-
fur and prosperous year, one incident
cf which was the absorption of the
Eastern Townships Bank. The average capital employed during the year
was $14,210,437, and the net earnings
en'ihe-iG were $2,811,806. at the rate
of 19,78. per cent., an increase over
the previous year of $506,397.
New Brunswick, on Sunday. Mr. Ting-
ley was well known on the-coast and
his death will come as a shock to
In  Early  Stages.
JOHN8TON���William   A.   Johnston I]
of  225   Seventh   street  passed  awav
yesterday morning at the age of 50.!
The late Mr. Johnston waa a native of!
Nova Scotia.   He was employed as a
carpenter   and   had resided In New
Westminster for the past two years.
The funeral will take place this after-;
_^-^__BBBB_ --.   , - noon   to   the   Oddfellows' cemetery.!
M,f."W. Johnston, Port Moody, was j Messrs. Murchle & Son sre In charge. I
n thp city yesterday, and reports the |    The funeral will be held under the [|
Incorporation bill .of Port Moody city  auspices of the  Fraternal Order    of
referred  by  the  B.  C.  legislature to Eagles, Aerie No. 20. tbe members of
the private bills committee.   The Co-  which will gather at their hall at 1:30
quitlam  Incorporation bill  Is at    the o'clock today.
same stage of progress. 	
  CARNCROSS���The   death   occurred
SNOW STORMS ACROSS BORDER. Ion December 5 from diabetes   of Roy
  A. Carncross. son of E. M. Carncross
Country   Around    Seattle    Swept   by]of    Cloverdale.    The    late    Mr     Rov
Snow Storms. j Carncross  was  the   partner Of  A.  J.
Mr. Harry Gibb who returned from, Burrows In a general merchandise
a trip to Olympla, Wash., last night J business. This death was previously
states that the entire country through ! reported as belli? that cf Lyall D.
which he passed had been continually j Carncroft, of Cloverdale.
Only one new scarlet fever case has ls*rhl 8WePt during the past two or
'three-weeks, though on  no occasion
���w     �����
Of  all your  friend*.
which would you choose
to act as executors of
your Will and conserv
a tors of your estate?
The young and vigorous ones? Each has a
business of his own that
^.CVtiands his best attention and thought.
The older ones, ripe
in experience? Beware
of laying your burdens
on one who will soon lay
his own burdens aside.
Ask us for our booklet about corporate executors.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,C0O.0O
been discovered since last Friday, and
Dr. A. Li. McQuarrie, medical health
officer, feels assured that the spread
is practically at an end.
A branch of the Union Dank of Canada was opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, in the premise.-
recently vacated by W. E. Sinclair.
611 Columbia street. (387)
Magistrate H. h. Edmonds left yesterday on a two days' business visit
to Victoria. During his absence Mr.
W. J. Whiteside will act as magistrate.
All trimmed millinery to clear;
regular $4.50 to *2n.t)(l tor $5.00. $2.50
and $1.95. Balance of children's hats
75c; untrimmed hats 75c. Mrs. Agrot.
59 Sixth street. (539)
did he find as much* snow on the
American side as in B. C. The lowlands through the White river country
near Seattle arc flooded and the settlers all around are fearful of trouble.
The same condition of affairs exist i
is tlie Suohomlsh country.
*Bh�� trains throughout the state arc !
running'behind schedule and consid-1
erable Inconvenience is being experi-1
enced on that account.
Burnaby Branch.
A social meeting in connection wltn
the above order will ba held In
Foresters' hall, Eaat Burnaby, on
Friday, 24th inst., at 8 o'clock.
Members of Nejr: Westminster Aerlt
."Co. 20 are request-d to meet at their
ball at 1:30 o'ctick tlii.s afternoon
Wfdnesda>) for the purpose of attending tbe funei.,1 of tho late Bro.
W. A. Johnson, nf Pasco Aerie No.
1530.  Washington.    Sojourning brelli-
ef ore Our
Inventory   We
Offer You Most
���S^_��� ���	
In Cloaks and
$40.00 Jsp Mink Bet.   We will close at $20.00
$50.00 River Mink Set.   We wlU close at     $25.00
$40.00 Black Persian Lamb at $20.00
$80.00  Sable Set at       $40.00
$25.00 Neck Scarfs at   $12.50
$35.00 Neck Sable Scarfs at   $17.50
$20.00 River Mink Scarfs at           $10.00
$15.00 Marmot Scarfs at   $7.50
$40.00  Cost. ,- We  will close  at $20.00
$35.00 Coat at   $17.50
$25.00 Coat at   $1X50
$20.00 Coa-t-a-t T-fT---, :.   $10.00
Our Clearance Sale on Furniture offers some bargoins
that are worth your investigation, as we are. willing
to stand a profit loss in order to clear the floors.
A  meeting of the  Automobile  club
may be held todav or Thursday to dis- ,
cuss the new  Automobile act anc1 tt>  ^��'\t ���i0$S ^"SSStJS,Ill
atAvrm'hSATSreT*^^ ats-M-aa-v-e  of   mmnliem  .vud
IH-Mttosiistodents -Who visit this city on  ��>1  others  Interested   In  this   worth;
Feb. 11. movement.
There will be no charge for admis-
For an hotel thoroughly up to date sion, but during the evening a collec-
and equipped with    all    modern    im- tion will  be taken in support of the
provements,     patronize     the     Hotel order.
Dominion,  corner  of  Columbia    anu . (544-     M. MACPHERSON Secretary
Sixth  streets.    Rates  moderate    by ���	
A splendid    musical    program    has! ren   are   lnvffd   to   be   present,     the;
beep  firratlged.    As this meeting    is i cortege leaving the parlors of Murclun
for the purpose of introducing Nurse'j& Son at
V.   KICKHOFF.  \V.   P.
H.   SCHOF1E1.D.  Bee.
rluy or week.
(538) I
The Ladle; -Aid of St. Andrew'f-
Presbyterlan church held ;i social tea
at the home of Mrs. T. H. Smith yesterday afternoon for the purpose ot
planning the work the order will undertake during the ensuing year.
About 50 members were in attendance
doBpite the inclement weather.
Jury Brings In
An Open Verdict
(Continued front (age one)
Owing    to    the
streets of town. V
had  to  1
_���ii    of    the
minis & Co. have
^���it their deliveries to one
-���is a.m. and one at S'15 p.m., ex-
���"'���'pl on (Saturday, when an extra delivery will b-> made at 5 p.m.     (533)
A new bai-tyer, shop and pool room
is to be opeiied in Sapperton this
week, Mr. Frank Hands, well known
In thla city, having leased a portion
of the Hotel Sapperton, located on
the corner of Columbia and llrunetli-
streets. Mr. Hands was formerly
with tire Hub barber shop.
William Steveson understood to
have been employed in a G. N. R. construction camp, was brought Into the
city on Saturday suffering from an Injured foot, caused by a rail dropping
upon it. He was removed to the Royal
Columbian hospital and is making
quick roads towards recovery.
"Messrs. Motherwell & Darling beg
to announce that Mr. Ernest 15.
Ifl Cairns, who for the past year has
been canvassing insurance for them,
is no longer connected with the firm.
They will be no longer responsible
'or any negotiations entered Into by
the said Mr. Cairns." (528)
Mr. Percy Kairhank of f'resrent, was
brought In to the Royal Columbian
hos;iltal on Sunday suffering from
serious injuries to his person throuf-h
being struck by a train which he was
endeavoring to flag on the O, N. U. nt
Crescent. He la now reported to be
doing as well as can be expected.
When You'reJSick
Is FIRST   the Doctor,
Then the Druggist to
put up your Prescription.
and   in   the   Prescription,  "Just
what the  Doctor Orders."
Thnt's what you get when you
go to
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie'.)
Chemist and Druggist. Phone 66.
Dominion Trust Building.
New Westminster, B.C.
Secretary and Mrs. Will Anderson
of thc Y.M.C.A., left last week end
for a three months' stay in California
during which it ls hoped that Mr.
Anderson msy sufficiently recover his
lealth to take up again his duties hero.
The wives of the directors of the
V. M. C. A. presented a small purse
o MrB. Anderson before they left-
regular shamble, pools of blood being
plainly noticeable on the covering oi
snow outside the shack in the moon
light. He had searched the shacv
and found trails of blcod leading ',0p-
the door to the place where the de
ceased was lying,
Mr. W, Stanton, fl^f-cial officer for
thc Mill company, also gave teBtl
mony in connection with the affair.
The evidence of ".v. Jones, who
was called into the case, showed thai
the dead man could not have Inflict
ed the wounds himself;' death was
caused by a deep wound underneath
the left shoulder blade which penetrat
ed one of the lungs. In his opinion
the man's life could not have been
saved even though medical aid might
have possibly been on hand iminedi
ately following the affair.
Mr. George McCrossan, of Vancou
vor, represented the accused, and will
ho present at the preliminary hearing
which will be held Friday morning at
10:30 o'clock before Stipendiary Mag
Istrate J. 8. Clute.
ard dog on Monday afternoon from
St. George's ball,   Finder please re
turn to .1. II. Viilal, telephone 3fii).
Gets Judgment.
In sn action over a diaputed plumb
r's  bill   amounting    to    $64.60,    his
lonor Judge  Howay   In    the county
ourt yesterday gave J. P. McMurphy,
lie   plaintiff,   judgment   for   tho    full
mount sued.    Mr, J. H. Watson,   of
lentral   Park,   was    defendant.     Mr.
lavid Whiteside   appeared    for   tlie
ilaltitilf, while the defendant conduct-
. d his own case.   J. P. .McMurphy ia
t local plumber.
of all kinds in great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
in all grade** and for every use.
Stephen's und Stafford's Inks and
Blank Books of every kind.
646 Columbia Street Phone 453
Is the result of using our
Hot Water Bottles.
Two and five year guar-'
antee with'every bottle sold. I
Curtis Drug Slorell
For   PHOTO   GO*-,,,,,,   SPECTACLEC ,2
���nd SEEDS. I
Phene 43: L. O. 71; Ree. 72.        I
Nsw    Wastmlnster.    b    C. '*[.
Are You Fully Insured?
For what amount should a man insure in order that his family and estate
may not suffer loss in case of fire damaging his property, accidental injury to
himself or premature death?
You should answer this question, but we can help you do so as we write
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
312-315 Westminster Trust Block, and 746 Columbia St, New Westminster, B.C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
feel the need of Glasses today when
EYESTRAIN it the rule and not the
Workmen who would have  reliable
help for their eyes should call on
Druggist and Optician
701   Columbia  Street Phone 57
If you want Reliability, Silence,
Economy, Satisfaction and Freedom fioan Trouble
The-fY ALB" wilt meet
>our requirements.
Adapted for the Fishing Trade.
Msds In New Weetmlnatar.
The Shaeke Machine Work
Heepe  Enolneerln. Co., Ltd.. New Westminster.
Theae ere sll In good locations and are   good
they can be bought for now.
1359���FIFTH  STREET    neer Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good bu/
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH  AVENUE  near 4th
street-' two lots; upper side; 60x130
all cleared end graded; price 91215
each.        /
1397���<t FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash Btreet; price $4000
oa easy terms. H	
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Investments  at  the  priest,
68 foot lot In good location; Just off
Columbia street; price $1200 ou
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x160
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
BOILERS R'--Pt��d Steel Pines
 -r-     BURN OIL    	
O.  BOX 442
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployere* Liability, Autcn-oblla
Marine Insurance.
Blr Edmund II. Oiler, MP., President. W. O. Matthewe, Vice-President.
���' C. A. Bogert, (Jeneral Manager.
Head Office Toronto, Ont
RBSERVB PTJND     ���,000,000
TOTAL ASlblTB     75'000'000
 __J*_,  *��� "-
A branch of this Bank has been esttbllehet. In ����*�������>>����
at the corner ot CoHunbla and Sixth Streets, oppo.it- the,Poet Office.
A Oeneral Banking Buslneee Traneacted.
a H, MATHEWtON,.*.��M0��r.


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