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The New Westminster News Mar 19, 1913

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 mtr**-* vcm nwoTMlMOTPR  NirWS
New WeBtminater.
Whit attractions does New West-
mlnsti r offer Industries?   Trackage
and  waterfront sites,  railways and
ocean   transportation.
���   -Kayn AyMtfilinster   land    I-cwtr
'Wiiinlan'd: 'Light to moderate winds;
cloudy    with
i VfuhW
C' ���'
VOLUME  8,  NUMBER   11.
After Long Fight Against
Extradition Alleged Robber is Brought Here
Construction of Wharf at Cueensboro   Arrangements Complete  fer Pointing
Will  Be Followed   Immediately
by New Buildings.
Actual  work on the new plant   cl
Progressive Association Will Take the i Provincial Inspectcr cf Education De-
Out Advantages of the Port of
Will Be Charged with Theft of Automobile���May  Be  Implicated  In
Bank Affair.
A meeting was held yesterday after-
���I,,,   ii.-ana Engineering  Works    was noon lu Captain A. O. Powell's office
."inmenced  yesterday   morning  when  to discuss and arrange  the evidence
le   driver  started   work   on    lhe Ito  he  laid  before  the  grain eommis-
f fronting the North Arm of tin 1 sloners on their visit to New Westmin
near the    Lulu    Island i Star on Thursday.
General Ojeda Says He Must
Cut His Way Out of
Matter  Up  with  B.  C.  E.   R.���
Secretary Cces to England.
partment Confers v Ith Trustees
���Meeting  S.-'orday.
At the  meeting of thu Progressive
Associa'ion   yesterday afternoon    the
secretary, Mr.    Kenneth    Myers,    re-
S-irrounded by 2003 State Troops Who I ported that he was \n communication'afternoon will order the inauguration   Degenerate Greek Arrested, But
West Burnaby. March IS.���It is
very probable that the school trustee-.
at   their   next  meeting   cn   Saturday
King George of Greece Shot
to Death in Streets of
w liar
i i raser river
The    pile    driver     was      recently
I brought down from   Uusk'n  and  Jusl
i as   soon   as   tlie   wharf   Is   built   thi
i piling for the foundations of the many
billillngs lo bo erected on the
i Island   site  will  be  started,  thc    em
; ployees of Uie company clearing   the
I l.iml as required.
This ls expected to give employment to many additional men as tli
plans or lhe C. N. 11. which owns the
present site of the Schaake Machine
Works, are such as to require the
site for railway purposes before many
: uu ntlis  have passed.
A scow load of lumber was brought
down   from  the   ltuskin   mills of  Ihe
; Heaps    company    yesterday    and    is
moored  at  the site  where the
' wharf is to be constructed.
At er an uneventful trip across the
Atneiican continent with the exception of being snowbound east of Winnipeg Ior Iiii hours, John J. Mac
namara, alias Australian Mac. was
lauded in the city Jail on Clarkson
���street a few minutes before 12 o'clock
lasl night and will probably appear
before Magistrate Edmonds in police
court .this morning to answer a
charge tt the alleged theft of an auto
owned by Mr. T. J. Trapp on tin.
morning of September 15, 1911.
Thus ends one of the biggest light..
agninsl extradition ever put up by any
person aci used of crime. Macnamara
was arrested in New York 15 months
ago and since then hc lias been tight
ing Ihb case from the ordinary city
police court to the United Slates
supreme court, an adverse decision
being handed down against him on
every occasiou.
As If expecting that something un
usual would happen a small croivt
had gathered at the C,  P,  K. depot I
late last evening waiting for the train ���	
coming in  from Coqultlam  and  whei i     . ���_,._,
,t ,1 Id  eventually pull into the depol i Eight Votes Disqualified and  London
nt 11:50 all necks were craned to tak. | Township Is Once More
Are   Rapidly Closing  in���False
Alarm at Laredo.
Tliere were present Mr. John A.
I.te, president of the board of trade,
Mr. Stuart Wade, secretary, Mr. Kenneth Myers, secretary of the Progressive association, Alderman A. E.
I in White, chairman of the harbor com- by nearly 2000 Btate troops who are
mjtlee | rapidly closing in against  Naco, Son-
Tho presentation of the evidence j ora, General OJeda tonight admitted
was fully discussed and arrangements | his predicament. Intent on prevent
were made to charter the Transfer to
1 convey  the commissioners to varioin,
I points on Ibe Kraser to enable them to
j more fully appreciate the advantages
I afforded by thc river and the border-
! ing  country  for the establishment of
! elevators and the convenient facilities
by rail anil water for the shipment of [eral  OJeda.    "Despite my former vie
The commissioners will be notified
of the arrangements and if suitable
their section will take place on board
the transfer. Captain Powell, the harbor engineer will tubmit plans and
maps and furnish explanatory details
during the trip.
It is suggested that the veEscI may
call at several pointB probably Co-
e;uitlam, Port Mann. Annacis island
and Woodward's landing if time permits. Transportation officials and citizens possessing special Information
and data have been invited to attend.
Naco, Ariz., Marc iilS.���Surrounded
ing a recurrenc? of the federal vic-
i rv of last Sunday. Colonel Juan
Cabrael is taking time and pains to
hem ln the small federal garrison
"I  am  hemmed  In  and  some  way
with Mr. I.arsen, of the local Scandinavian Society, in regard to the proposed luncheon to Captain Amundsen,
the Antarctic explorer. Captain
Auiuiidsi'ii is expected to arrive in
New  Westminster cn April 11.
The arrangements were left in thi
secretary's  hands.
The secretary also reported that
Mr. Darling and he had acted In cooperation with the city council and
Board of Trade in preparing Informs
tion for the grain commissioners on
their arrival in town on Thursday-
Eburne Car Service.
The meeting discussed a suggestion
mains   Impassive���London  in
mpst cut my way out." admitted Gen-lha,   representations should be  made
tory, I feel humiliated, but determined
to light to the last ditch. I have 400
trained soldiers behii.d mo, haying
driven disloyal ones Irom the barracks. I'm prepared to give treble
my number a warm reception."
It virtually is assured ilial the next
battle will take Dlaoe at Naco, opposite here, and prepa"atioii3 are under way to protect n-n-combatants
on the Arizona side.
False Alarm
Laredo. Tex., Marc, 18-Nuevo
I.-aredo, the Mexican town opposite
this city, prepared for buttle late to-
to the 11. C. E. R. company, through
Mr. Purvis, their interurban manager
in the matter of establishing a halt
hourly service between the city and
Eburne, to run in connection wltl'
the Ladner ferry and which would
connect with the Vancouver Bervict
to Steveston.
A suggestion of the secretary tr
form some organization wiih the ob
Jeet of encouraging the purchase of
Eraser valley farm products by tht
community met with warm approval,
and Mr. Myers was instructed to take
further steps in the promotion of the
scheme,  by   enlisting  the  sympathies
of  the manual  training  work   in  the
schools of the municipality after the I
Easter holidays.
Inspector Harry Bunnell rf the pro-1
lincial   education   department   visited J 	
the offices of the beard late last week I
and discussed the matter with ] Saloniki, March 18.���King George
Trustees Morrison, Patterson, Ross let Greece, was assassinated white
and Chairman CHIT with the result | walking In the streets of Saloniki
that it was practically deeded to . this afternoon. The assassin was a_
organize classes In llle West and East i Greek of low mental type, who gave
Burnaby schools. ; hla name a3 Alexe Schlnas.    He shot
Later  extensions   will   probably   be! the  king through the heart.
made to other sclioob throughout the      The king was accompanied only by
municipality. jan aide de camp, Lieutenant Ccloncl.
While in "the municipality Inspector J Krancondis.    The assassin came sud-
Dunnell accompanied Mr. T. D. Gillies i denly at the king and fired '6ne shot
school  Inspector  for  Burnaby.  on
tour through th? various schools.
a peek at a man whose case has beei i
in the limelight for the past year and j
u half.
Well Dressed.
Macnamara looked the picture ol
health and showed no ill effects of
his enforced stay In 'he famous New
York prison, the ToonibB, while his
cbbc has been argued before tin
lie is a big burly looking man.
will dressed In a perfect fitting black
overcoat while a neat looking derby
hat  added   to  bis  make-up.
Except tor a glial of steel which reflected   from   one  of   his   wrists    the j
crowd    of    onlookers    would    hardly
hav��   noticed   that   this   was   a   man
who is Eald to be Implicated iii one
of the biggest and most daring bank
robberies ever pulled olT on the continent.
Accompanied Prisoner.
Willi   Macnamara    was    Mr.  P.  K.
Ahearn, superintendent of the Seattle
branch or the i'lnkerton agency, and
two members of the detective force
had come all the way from New York
taking turns in guarding the accused.
At the depot was drawn up the city
patrol und with little delay
of  the conveyance   was  opened    and
closed and a few minutes later Mac
namara was lodged in a  special cell:
at the city lockup.
Just whether the man will be kept
In  the city   jail  during  the time  the-
preliminary   he-aring   ie   being   heard
remains   to   be   seen,   although   some
reports aro to the effect that the pro-1
vlncil Jail authorities have refused to
take care of Macnamara unless be Is
committed for trial, when lt would be
compulsory   for  the   Jail   officials   tt I
accept the custody of the accused.
Now  Rests with  Crown.
When seen early this morning De- j
tectlve Ahearn stated to The News |
that his ��or.i on thc matter was Jusl
American   Duly   on   Ha/   Discussed���
Vc'.e  cf Ccnfiience   in  Government��� Elect  Officers.
I...I,.!...!,   March   18,-Thc   local   op- lAjJ   IlLjllLU I lUNj
tinn bylaw recently pasBcd In London township was today declared invalid by Judge Macbeth. His honor
flin'.a that eight votts were cast iy
men without the requisite resldenoi
qualifications,    When these are quali-
lii d the total number polled falls short I 	
of the three-fifths, by two-fifths or a
vote. Judge Macbeth, however, re T'.ie annual meeting if tlle Central
frains from signing bis certificate un- Conservative Association of Delta rid
til Thursday, in the meantime the I ing waa held ill Cloverdale municipal
icinperance people will have an oppor-1 hall on Monday. Representatives of
tunit y to make application in the high I tha different branches Irom Alder-
court, for an order to appeal. I grove  to Weatham   Island were pres-
The original count gave the bylaw eat.
llin nH.:i and fills against. These totalI The officers electo1 were: Honor
1427. When the eight votes dlsquall- ar>- presidents, itignt Bon. R, L. Horned by h!s honor are taken eiut thai den, Sir ltieiiard McBrlde, J. 1). Tay-
number of votis for stands 861 and; ior m.r,, und V. J. MacKenzie, H.P.
the total 111'.!. Three-fifths of this \> ��� prealdent, David Harris. Langley;
gives 851 2-6 votes, exceeding the num-' vict-president, Frank Kirkland. West
ber pollid by tWO-flftha of a vote Mr. ham island; secretary-treasurer, Ed-
John Gunn, who represented the torn-i w->, r(| Wade, Br., Surrey Centre: exeCU-
the doors Perance people, stated this afternoon tlve, S. II. Shannon, U Davis. .lame-
that be was unable to say WhetherIJohnston, E. Ilntcherson, R. KiUson
or nct an appeal would be entered. |q Dennis, A. Vnnetla, G. Blair, Stan
Sonic   time   ago   Judge   Macbeth   re-1 |t,y Towle, t
celved a letter threatening his life
should hc give Judgment ln favor of
the liquor men.
day, federal trocps barricading them-  and ^operation of various local as30
solves In strong buildings, sharp
j shooters took up positions on the roof
I of tin- Catholic cathedral and all was
I in readiness to repel an expected at-
��� tack when it was discovered that the
I "rebels" seen in the distance were
I :��� wbovs  driving a  herd  of  cattle.
It also was reported that American
Consul Aloni-0 B. Garrett, who was a
1 member of an automobie partv riding
| through the hills near Nuevo Laredo.
had   bee-i   Bred   upon.     Mr.     Garrett.
however   is'r.f the nolnlon  that  the
eeveral   billets   which   Whlrxed   over.
| their heads were stray shots from a
cowboy's pistol.
Tbe Carranzisti's. who were defeat-
I ed when they attempted to capture
, Nuevo Laredo yesterday, are Bcat-ter-
i ed about the hills and arroyos. are
waiting reinforcements according to
'��� ranchers arriving today. General
, Trucy Acbert nud 200 federal troops
| are expected early tomorrow and a
light is predicted.
Eleven Men Arrested  In New York-
Four Remain Silent���Many Contemplated Robberies.
ciations in the movement
Purchasing Centres.
Mr.  O.   Wilkie  mentioned  that   Mr.
Smart Wade, secretary of the  Board
of Trade,  and  he  were arranging tc j
visit  various  districts   in   the   Eraser j
valley  with the  view ef establishing
local purchasing centres for farm pr-i-1
Mr.     Myers    was    granted    three
montha leave or absence to visit Bug-
land.    A temporary secretary will be |
appointed to perforin his duties while j
be is away.
about ended and it now reals wiih the ' +
crown authorities to try the man and +
lind out whether enough evidence hasj^
been compiled to give grounds for n *
ffnntlnilPd nn  fare Eight!
��� ���
��� OIL  WELL  FIRE ���
���                              *
*. .Bucharest,   March   18.    Several ���
��� oil well! belonging to the Con- ���
��� Bolt-dated Oilfields Company at ���
��� Baiuiniori'iii  are on  fire.    The ���
��� engineer In charge, Harold M, *
��� Anderson, and  six others con- ���
��� nected wllh the management ���
e asphyxiated. Many men ���
p been Injured    The flnan- ���
loss Ib heavy. ���
Wood and A. Bamford.
Satisfactory  Reports.
A number of reports were made by
the  representatives
Unidentified Man Found Badly Burned
Shortly  After   Fire   Destroys
Second Hand Store.
New York. March 18.���Seven of the
eleven men gathered in raids laEt eve-1
ning suspected members of the band
of taxi-cab robberB that carried out
many bold robberies in the last six
months were identified or made confessions htoday They were remanded for 24 hours on charges of detectives that all of the eleven would be
so deeply incriminated by tomorrow
that none- would find it worth while to
deny tlieir guilt Chief among the
confessions was that of Jce Taylor,
who blasted that he was the leader of
the band.
According to the police Taylor told
of a number of contemplated robber-
jies.   Two of these were of postofflce
1 substations. Several others were abon-,
Idoned because of the presence of wo-
I men clerks.   Taylor explained that his
| followers had no desire to raid shops
I where women would be the victims of
a gun play.
Another prospective robbery was of
a fifth avenue Jeweler, where one man
was to have Bmashed the shop window
with a brick, grabbed the valuables
and escnped In a taxi-cab while the
crowd was covered by weapons in
the hands of confederates who planned
flight In another car. This scheme
was abandoned because the
feared   women   and   children   in   th
The high hopes entertained by   all   will number 100 per cent, more than
Interested   In  salmon   fishing  in  the  In an ordinary year-will be set foi
Eraser river have been dashed to the  the flsh.
ground by the action of the Washing- Leave Traps Open.
ton state legislature In repudiating! Tho negligent admlnls'ratlon cf the
the fishing code, recommended by the present law encourage the unsrrupu
commltteo appointed by the governor lous I rappers to leave the apron of
of that state to Investigate the best their traps open even during tin
means of preserving the salmon sup- ��� existing close time. To show the rf
piles, and passed by the Benate. I foots of the ruthless Improvld mc" dls
The principal feature of the report I played by the operations of lhe Pugal
as It affected the Kraser was tbe ex-1 sound men the following approxlmati
tension of the weekly close time from figures are Impressive:
86 to 48 hours. Those who aro familiar In 1901 1,000,000 cases wero pi"V
with the trap fishing method and the ed hv the Eraser onnnottlps. In l��o;
|o. is mode oT enforcing the present 750,000, In 1809 500.00 nt-d this yen
regulations on tho American side the most sanguine expectations only
know the destruction wrought upon (esllmn'e 4DO.000.
flsh loaded wllh ova Becking the In '"il It mny nlso bn pointed oul
breeding beds In the upper reaches very few of Ihe fill run of lOBkeyes
of the river. They hailed the new ! were canned. In 1905 a larger propor
regulation us an honest attempt to
perpetuate tha supply.
The  Big Year.
Hut lhe    Interests    on    the   ether
aide, the short-sighted Interests, have
becn at work.   This Ib the big year.
ns the season Is called  which comes
tlon were sn treated and In 1909 full:
one-third rf ihe pack was canned,
Altered Conditions.
The conditions cf the (tailing i"
itiRirv have also altered and nov
tend to much greater catches tlmn r
few years ngo. In 1901 there wen
round every fourth year, and In which i few, If any, gasoline bonis nt work
pxperli nee has provid the richest har- ! now there nre ninny large gasoline
vests have unvarlnbly been netted. I vessels, fully equipped, working in
The Puget Bound fishing men are ' fhe o-cn sea and flsh v hlrh would
lothlng to lose any opportunity of Kavo been rejected in lhe past are
present gain, cost what It mav in lhe,now accepted by ennners.
future,    They are out for a big haul Gloomy Outlook.
So traps and purse seine nels will I If Iho 48 hours close time had been
cMillnuc lo work havoc union;: the [authorized hv the Washington leglsla
shoals or breeding flsh, which swim-j turn It would help Immensely by on-
i-ilnir up the Juan du Euca straits torlabllng large number:! nf the breeding
tho Eraser become easy prey, anil Ibe \t\ah lo psenpe capture and propagate
waters of British Columbia wlll be I their species, or even If effective
eo much the poorer. | means wore adopted to   compel    the
Every available trap and seine net I trap men to  keep  tho aprons down
��� und  this  year  It  ls  reckoned thoy I (Con Inuod oa P��ge Five.)
of each district
on the organization work in ihelr respective areas, especially upon the
work i f registration of voters, which
wore considered eminently satisfae
ln a vote of continued oonfldenci
n lhe Dominion government the naval
bill was specially endorsed.
A resolution pxpriwslllg conlid-nce
ii the provincial government undei
_V:r Richard MoBrlJ*. was enthusas
cally carried and voles ef thanks
were accorded to Mr. Taylor fer his
work In the federal parliament, and
���,o M. MacKenxio .'or bis IndofaOgabll
"fforts for the Delia riding, In thi
local legislature during the past year.
Endorse Governments.
Speeches vveie delivered by Recvi
Sullivan, of Surrey. David Harris
jiei dint if the association, C. Wood
of Port Kells. Harry Hutcherson. ii
Ladner, and others, eulogising the
work of the federal and provinc.al
As belli ting an essentially ngricul
tural constituency the farming Indus
try came In for the greater part ol
the discussion, and a resolution WM
passed that the agricultural depart
ments be Impressed with tho noces-
dty of supervising the Importation ol
hay from the United Stales, bo thin
the propagation of noxltus weed
should, as far as possible, be ellmln
ated from that source, and thut tin
quality of the Imports should approach the standard of Delta hay.
Duty on Hay.
The Injustice Inflicted upon farmers In tho discrimination exhibited b.
the United Slates In the Itnposltlooi
of $2 a ton on Delta hay, above thi
duty charged by the Dominion govern
ment. on the same product from thi
other side, was adversely coimrentei'
on and urgent representations mad.
that It should be equalized.
Mr. E. J. MacKenzie, M. P. P., giivi
a BynopslB of the irovlnc'al govern
mint legislature during the past boh
s'on. Complimentary references wen
mnde to Ihe privilege conferred V.v the
new game nct which permliiiil farm-
are t' bunt on their own land with
oul taking out licenses.
Juroro  Indemnltv.
The raising of the petit Jure rs In
demnlly to IH and grand Juror i foes
to ?4 per dav with reasonable expenses, wbb also alluded t i apprec'a-
lively and satisfaction was general regarding the work of Ihe provincial
administration In respect lo local re
quiii ments.
Mr. Harry Ilntcherson was appointed represents!Ive of the association
at the annual Conservative convention
to be held ut Nanalmo some time In
the fall this year.
Saskatchewan  Man  Wins $1000 prfce
in World Wide Competition for
Best Bushel of Oats.
I    Chinatown tt:rncd    out   en    masse
about  4:30  a.m.  yesterday  when   the
] Oriental quarter tff Ihe city  was endangered   by   a threatened   conflagra- I streets might be killed
tlon   which   started   Wl     the     second!
! hand store owned by J. G. Smith i"i   * a ******** i
I Mclnnls street.
Owing lo the lelephone system be-
--    - - jng out of order it remained for one
, of  the  night  operators  at  the   B.   C,
Columbus,  S.A.,   Marcil   18- , auada ._    gub.s,atlon cn Tellth  street to
has  Jiirt  gained   world   wide   renown,    ���        tracks for U)e    flre stat|on    on
for its oats, the growers eif tins cereal   (, ,      b:a 8treet and by tile time the
being J. C. Hill & Sons, l.loydmlnlster, | ^ (ruckg w(,_,e on th(? 8pot ,he blaze
had   assumed   serious  dimensions.
After an hour's fight the brigade
under Chief Watson gained control
and prevented the fire from spreading
Satkatchewan. who have been awarded the Colorado trophy for the best
bushel of oats shown at the Corn exposition held In re.
The prire of flllOO was open for the
whole of the North American cantl-
nnt. J. C. Hill & Sons are now famous as growers of prize oals as they
captured the $1000 prize for tlle best
bushel al the Ohio corn show last
year. The family belongs to the Barr
Colonists and ten years ago when
they left London they had absolutely
no knowledge of farming. Since
starting In tbe wrst however, they
have given up most of their time nnd
ground to growing oats.
Winnipeg. March IS.- --Lieutenant
Colonel Maynard llogere, recently appointed superintendent of the Jasper
national park, arrived here from Ottawa tonight nnd will stay over tomor
row before proceeding weft to take
charge of the park.
He Is well known to wet-tern old timers, beolng a veteran of the Rell rebellion besides a noted big game hunter.
Until his nppolntment he was In command of the Eighth Infantry brigade
at Ottawa.
to the Chinese tenement houses near
A sequel to lhe tire wns the arrest
of an unidentified man who was picked up by the police near Eleventh
Btreet and when examined was found
to be badly burned about the head
Uld face. H Is believed by both the
police and tlie fire department thai
the lire was of an incendiary origin
and if the man recovers from his in
Juries u charge may be laid against
him  In  connection with the blaze.
The building was practically gutted,
land was a tumbledown shack affair
wblch il Is understood was condemned by the building Inspector several
weeks ago. An Insurance policy of
$1000 was carried on the building.
As is usual when a fire occurs In
the ChlneBC quarter the Orientals
p'led out laden down with all klnda
of bundles of clothing and housing effects and IheRe were left In the street
until the fire had been subdued.
Calgary, March 18.���Hund
reds of settlers are flocking
into the Peace river country
dally according to the statement of Provincial Publicity
Commissioner Hotehklss, who
was In Calgary today. Eor the
part 30 days every train leading into the Grande Prairie
country have been black with
bomeSeekers, many of whom
are taking in with them stock,
farm Implements and provisions enough to last a year.
from a seven chamber revolver. The-
tragedy caused Intense excitement.
Schinas was seized immediately and
The wounded king was lifted Iiitei
i carriage which carried him to the
Pa-Pafion hospital. Htf~was sill
breathing when placed in the carriago.
but died be tore reaching the hos-
! pitnl.
Prince   Nicholas,   the  king's  thiril
i son, and other officers, hurried to the:
I hospital. On his arrival. Prince Nicholas summoned the officer-i, and spea'--
| ing in a voice choked with sobs, aaid:
"It Is my de^p grief to have    an-
1 nouueed to yoi the death of our beloved   king  and  invite  you  to swear
fidelity  to your lew sovereign, King
Assassin   Impassive.
Crown   Prince     Constantino,     whe>
succeed-, King George, at present i��
at   Janina.     le  Ib expected  to Cornell! re   with all  possible  speed.
The assassin of the king- on being;
arrested refused to explain hia motive;
for the crime. He declared that his
name wa* Alexo Schinas, and. in reply to an officer, who aBked him whether hc had no pity for his country',
announced ihat he was against governments.
Schinas maintained a perfectly impassive  demeanor.
' Precautions were taken at onc��
throughout the city, and perfect
order is'being maintained.
The king fell into the arms of his
aide when shot. Two soldiers ran
up on hearing the firing, and helpeel
to support him. He was placed ia.
a carriage aud efforts were made tti
-nop the bleeding, but he breatheel
his last on the way to the hospital
When Prince Nicholas bade the offi
cers swear fealty to Conslantine, they
shouted "Long live the king."
Prince Nicholas is the only member
of the royal family In Saloniki. Mouri.-
robbers ',ng enlblems   are    ""splayed    everywhere.
*****   'reek governor has issued    te
.   iaiiiaticn   announcing     that     the
ostb   Of   fealty   to   King   Cor.star.tine*
has b-'en taken.
Queen  Oloa.
Athens.    March    18.--Queen    Oleav
who arrived at Athens this cvenling.
will  embark  at  midnight on  a  Russian cruiser for Saloniki.
Thc queen waa Informed cf the assassination of the king on board t f
the steamer oa which she was returning from a visit to Provasa.
Immense   crowds     thronged      the*
streets tonight.   All tbe theatres were
closed and Hags wero at. fclf mast     ,
London Startled'-
London,    March    18.���The    official'
world at London and thc general public   was  startled  tonight  by a  fen*
message   from   Saloniki    announcing
the assassination    of   the    King   of
Greece.    Interest in the troubled Hal
(Continued on Page Four.)
London, March 18. ���A dispatch from Vienna to thn Ex
change Telegraph Company,
says that Ihe bombardment of
Scutari Ib proceeding antl thn
Austrian oonstilate haa been
partly destroyed ae well as an
Itullan eonvent In which one
nun wus killed. The Catholic
population has taken shelter
In Ihe cathedral nnd the toawn
Is burning.
This newB has caused great
excitement in Austrian official
circles. According to a Cet-
tinjo ditpatch the Montane
giiiiB huve Bent an officer under a white flag to Inform the
Turkish commander of Scutari
that the foreign coiibuIb and
their attendants may leave the
Uncle Sam'e Military Forces.
W'ashlnglon, March 18.���In an cffl-
e'a! statement of policy todav, Secretary of War Garrison declared in
favor of Immediate preparation of
i|h> mil tarv forces of thn United
States to meet any emergency, hold
Ihi a discussion of d'sarnfnment bv
Interest agreement to be entirely out
of place In the consideration cf whi1
Ithe United States government should
do   to   meet   the   existing   conditions
Tho   secretary  proposed   retention   if i Bliier was the right of Ihe speaker to
Hie  regular    army    at    its    present
strength, Improvement of the national
guard, and creation of a reserve.
Conservative Nomination.
Calirary.   March   18.    II.   T.   Jarrett
cf llcthrcl was nominated by the Conservatives of the Cochrane riding yes
terday for the provincial legislative assembly.
Suffrage BUI  Flret.
Juena, Alaska, March 18.��� The senate today passed the house bill grant
��� i Ing votes to women,   lt was the first
��� bill passed by the legislature.   There
bill passed by the legislature,
wus  not a dissenting  vote in
Ottawa,    March    18.���Hon,    II.    It.|of the members and rrocecdurc*.
Eiuuiersun  asked   when   the   long  de- i     Speaker   Sproule  said  It   was    nui:
layed  report  of the commission    on (open for the member for -West more-
technical education would be present-  land to evade the rules by    tndirecc
ed to the house. means.
Hon. T. W. Crothers. minister tf ��� Mr. Kmmcrson said he had no In-
labor, sad that he was at a loss to (tuition of laying any charge uTiinut
understand why the report hud not j the S'eaker. He simply desired to
been received. He thought, however, j ascertain what were the privileges of
hat it would be ready for presenta- a member. He waa not actuated, he
tics shortly. Bald, by  political feeling or motive..*;.
Mr. Emmerst n then moved the ad- prompted by the recent occurrence*
Joiirnment of the house to discuss a in the house. There were, loud cries-
matter of great urgency. It had refer-1 of '[Order and elt down" and the
i.nce to the occurrence Of Saturday ! speaker asked the house to mis-tain
'gh' �� hei Bpeaker Bonnie ascended ' the ruling of the chair, i
the dels when trouble bro'e out tn i At this Juncture Sir Wilfrid Uiurler
tho committee <f the whole during | intervened and asked the speaker tu
lie consideration ef the naval b 11. clearly dedne his position.
What Mr.  Emmerson wanted to con-1 Must Give Notice.
Speaker Sproule eald: "I slid that
lake tin" chair iint.l he had received'the authorities lay down that the only
the report from the chairman of the   proper way fo challenge the action Ct
mmlllee, or except under such cvn
dltions aa were provided for by the
Speaker Sproule salil that, in lily
opinion this was net u matter i t
urgency nor waa II proper to call into
question the action of the speaker.
He quoted from Bourinot the point
to the effect that a member could
not bring up such n question except on an actual amendment as opposed lo an anticipated case.
Submits to   Ruling.
the chair Is. If a member wishes tt>
Challenge his action or ccd'icf he
must proeeejd In the usral wav. by
gtvlnq notice cf a motion cf the ���abject"
8 r Wilfr'd sa'd that such a cotirsi-v
would simply censure the speaker a, il
that wns nol the Intention cf Wr.
Emmerson. who simply wanted to determine whether he was right In taking a oar'/'n course.
"It is not the right or duty of anv
I member." said  the speaker,  "to calf
Mr.   Emmerson   nt  once  submitted  In question the speaker's authority to
to the ruling that the house could not j take tho chair.    The spcuker is pr��-
bo adjourned, but claimed that he had I earned to have that authorltv bv he-
house. " Thc bill exempts women from I the right to raise the point as a ques-1 lug elected ae speaker, and it is not'
Jury duty. tlon of privilege touching the rights' (Continued on 1'age Pour.) .In inrfnumdcwl "i"*��iot0 paper rtfi'iiled* to the interests of .Vein l\'e*ittninstcr and
lhe Fraaer I'ullett I'ultlishi-d every morning except Bundap Itii the National Printing
and Pubtithtng Company, Limited, at 63 MeKentie Street, New Wettmintter, Itnttsh
Columbia. ROBB 8UTUBRLAND, Managing Director.
All r.imm-Miiicoluti-i.s should he addressed to The New Wettmintter Sews, and not j
to Individual members ol the staff. Cheque*, drafts and moneii orders should he made
been working on the process for over
two years.
The Germane called the art "poly-
autography," and the name lithography was not applied until it was
introdueid Into England in 1801. Ac-
kermann, an Englishman, made many
Improvements, as did Bngelmann and
waa a marked recognition ol his ability.
One of the wealthii 11 of Englishmen
ia the second nuke of Westminster,
who pauses his thirty-fourth milestone today. The Duke is an enthusiastic pololst, and it. is said that he
He Nuti
ihoi I'rinuog arte I'lthli-ttitiig
-ttustness Ulllte and Mauayi-r
nnpouii. lAmited,
S99; Editorial -Rooms lull depart-
men I .-
"nf'llltt lill'l lOH RATBB���Xtp carrier, tl per i/e.ar, tl for r.rce months, 10c per
fmnit'1   Up   mall.  Sii   per  near, 'ihe per   mould. ^
ini /���.*;., i.m.v, ha run mi <i|i|i/icii(ioii.
Jtt inl,'l;l,M*il.V/'^.VI,'''���No letters will be P'tbtishril in The News except over
.*. .~rtters signature. Tlle editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of anil
the Inventor,.Sennefelder, who died In wJU spend a half-million   dollars, if
1841. j necessary, to  get  possession   of the
Printing in eclers was firrt com- international cup, now held by Amer-
menCed In. 1-465,'tut the flret success-1 jean poloiats. lie will spend some
ful process for color-printing, called '. time in New York this slimmer,
chrouio-litlicgraphy,  to  be  applied  to
WEDNESDAY  MORNING.    MARCH   13,   1913.
pictures was the Invention of Oeorge
Baxter, In lSSli. ('.. 6. Uelghton commenced color-printing by machinery
In 1861.
Five yiars Inter the Illustrated London News issued the first of its large
colon d prints. 10. Meyerstein work
i d OUt n proccta lor printing many
colors at otic impression in 1876. Since
tben the art ol color-print.ng has so
ImproV) d that ) veil the cheap) st periodicals issue far better prints than
the first crude lithographs Of Senile
.hibition al
the Munich Museum.
The increase in the assessment roll together with the	
general financial status tif the city with regard to taxa-jiefder, which are now on
tion as set forth in the report to the council on Monday "
night is indicative of a state of things upon which the peo- *****************
pie of New Westminster are to be congratulated.    For ��� Canadian history today ���
therein it is shown that it is possible for the city to con- ������.���������������������������������������������
tinue to forge ahead by the strength of its natural increase j       march  nineteenth.
in values without any increase in the rate of taxation.      I   At this time, one hundred and three
This is a splendid showing, particularly when it is rS^Mt^Mo?a?"����1
taken into account that most of the property assessed is hand, the Governor, sir James craig,
priced considerably below its present selling value. In ES^ESF EUaplcloUB of tha Krcnch"
nearly every case the taxes and ordinary exoenses of the on the ether, tha recently-started
man owning his own home in this city are considerably ^.STtte^W'tt.
below what expenses in rent would be. More than this,|Prench to a share in the government
the man so placed is also reaping a steadily increasing ^"K, S? This \Z
benefit from the increasing value of his property. |seemed to Craig  unendurable;  and
The natural conclusion to be drawn from this state of
affairs is that it pays any city to borrow money in sufficient sums to make itself up to date, attractive and a pleasant place to live.
In all communities there are the men of small minds
who do not like to .;ee property advance nor new people
The DucheES ot Westminster   is  a
sister of the Princces i.r Pleas and of
George Cornwall',!! Wet t, whose wife,
the former l.ady Randolph Churchill,
of American birth, recently sued for a
restitution cf conjugal rights. The
Duke nud DucliesH had only one son,
who died a few years ago, and the
Duke's uncle, Lord Arthur Qrosvennr,
is now the heir to the title and Ihe
vai t. estate, which ineludts 600 aeres
in London and 30,000 acres In Che-
I hire and Flintshire.
I).'.   Oeorge   Herbert   Palmer,    pro-j
lessor nf philosophy at Harvard, begins   his   seventy-Fecund   year   today,
and  has becn a member of the Harvard faculty for forty-thn e years. Dr. I
Palmer is one of those who vouched.
for the statement that a Harvard pro-j
tesBor has spent* twenty yeara   without, sleep.
It is said that this ulueator, when a j
vietini  ol  insomnia   and    threatened
Cousin cf R. L. S. la One of Two Girls
Responsible fer Ncvtl and Simple
Willi insanity a score of years ago,
discovered the lost instinct which
enables hlin to do Without Bleep. Dr.
Palmer has Ion;; been a elose friend
of Ibe sliepless professor, who rests
in the "twilight Btate" without losing
conscic-usneEB, and who, despite the
deprivation, is alleged to have "a keen
.mil virile mind."
increased burden of taxa-
come into the city to bear the
tion, if such it may be called.
advance either in values or in taxation; in other words,
they wish to stand still. Were their outlook broadened
sufficiently to know the absolute truth of the law that
there must be either a going forward or a sliding back,
it would be better for them and for the community that
carries them, for they are in themselves a burden of a
heavy type.
But, we are glad to say that Westminster has again
and again declared herself in favor of going forward and lining from further agitation
under a wise and progressive policy those who would stand
still will gradually grow less in number or grow broader
in vision.
under the belief that several genlle-
iirin Including Captain Bedard, the
leader ol the popular party In the Assembly were interested in the pi-
jper, lie had dismiss! d them from thi ir
! pi! Itlons in the militia.
As  this did  not silence  "I.e   Cam-
dicn,"  Craig,   in   March,    1810,   sent
troops to close lhe oltlce and seize
I lhe printer and papers of the obnoxi-
.... ,      ,     ., .oils newspaper.    This blow he lo'low-
lht'Se persons look tor 110  ,d on March 19th, by the arrest of Bedard,     Taschereau,     Blanchel     nnd:
otlnrs.    The two latter, on expressing
regri t tor "the extreme tone taken by I
them" wire released at the   end   of
Bedard gl firit refused to accept;
release, and when, after a year's Imprisonment, lie applied for a writ of
habeas corpus, it w.is refused. Craig
Ignored petitions on his behalf, and
only consented "to his enlargement"
Minn  sieurity  was given  for bis re-
Napoleon Correct in  Describing   Him
as   His  Countryman���Recent   Discoveries   Prove   Stcry.
*******���**������    -****
>        OUR    POET'S    CORNER.
England,  where llie  sacn il   flame
Today throughout the world men of all races and ^\heXl ttViovTUfname
Christian creeds will do honor to the memory of a Scot-!   Consecrate their hopes ami thine,
tish laddie who was born in humble circumstances one ^ [hci^hadow ^t^IT1
hundred years ago.  We have set forth elsewhere the story i watch beside thine arms tonight,
of David Livingstone, who, like the great Teacher whose Pray ,lK" Gcd lMl'ml ,hP aUsht
servant he was, gave his life ungrudgingly in the service Think that when tomorrow comes
of his fellow men.   His story is ever new, and should come'   xv" ;���"'������ 'lu"" �����������������������������������>������'��� '"��� "
as an inspiration and as a message to many, for tbe light
that flames across Africa goes on burning brighter with
the years.
Viewed apart from a religious standpoint, the work of
the man whose body lies beneath the floor of Westminster
Abbey and whose heart rests near the great falls of "the
sounding smoke" that he discovered, is the keystone of
practically the whole fabric of geographical and scientific
knowledge of Africa. It made possible the labors of another one, Cecil Rhodes, whose body eleven years ago this
month was laid to rest in the heart of the map he had further unrolled.
I Thou must hear the roll of drums,
Thou must hear the trumpet's call.
[Now, before thy silence ruth.
I Commune with the voice of truth;
Kngland!  on thy  knees tonight
Pray that (lod defend the Right.
Hast thou counted up thc cost.
What to focnian, what to friend?
dory sought ia Honor lost,
How   should   this   be    knighthood's
end ?
Knrw'st thoti what is Hatred's need?
What the surest gain of greed?
Kngland wilt thou dare tonight
Pray that (!od defend the Right?
One of the most difficult problems
to deal with satisfactorily is Dial of
the short term prisoner. The. obli-
���gatii n to temper justice with mercy
is 1) "ng recognized more than ever,
and that this higher ethical conception is growing in favor Is shown by
-munltics or slates are now endeavor-
the fail that all well governed coming io reclaim rather than punish
and to redeem even when pnnishment
is unavoidable.
'J l��i_* ethical conception also takes
into account the. fact thai the criminal should not become an unnecessary
burden to law abiding citizens by be
Ins confined lo idleness.
All over the continent efforts an
ti lug made to g'vp practical expree-
kc.ii in those views and to apply thc
gi Iden rule to the administration ol
justice, and It now reported that Kd
I.ii nton iu to make an attempt ali.n *, I
the ie lines.
tt is said that thn city council w.li ,
this year establish a farm lo which I
shorl term prisoners will be commit
ted and set to work in order to pro j
vide for their own expense and nlso |
So help them toward eventual rc::'.v ,
irry. The plan lo be followed is thai i
�� i reformatory farms in Ontario and
many of the Btates of the south.
It is believed that this would be a
more satisfactory method than the
present one in dealing with arrests,
for petty thieving, drunkenness and ,
i in moral ity. We sincerely hopo that
���our cily lathers may before long In
vestigate this method with a view |
to its aipllcation here. Calgary Her
���ctual living time was only thret
hours and five minutes, an hour tine,
ten minutes having been spent at
This is flying at the rate of IM miles
ii hour, er more than a mile and n
half a minute. No automobile or
railway train ever made such a re-
oord. If this rate of speed could he
maintained for twenty hours It would
be possible to Ily across the Atlantic
The. only problem that remains to
be solved Is the building nf a machine
'hat can carry sufficient petrol fnr
'he trip, ard this would seem to be
a comparatively simple matter. T(
find  nn aviator   who  would   risk  his
lllfe in an attempt tn cross the Allan
tie  v "iild  in,i   b,. d rr cult
I Probably a hundred would eagerlv
volunteer for the honor if the build
ers ol aeroplanes would show ihem
any   reasonable  prospect   if  malting
' the Journey.
II   siems   | n liable   that   in   a   vear
.or two the Atlantic ocean  wll havi
I been connuered, us the English Chan
nil nnd the Alps have been connuered
j by  the daring adventurers of the air.
Toronto  Mail  nnd  Empire.
Single-hearted, unafraid.
Hither all thy heroes came,
On this altar's steps were laid
Gordon's life and Outram's fame.
Kngland:  If thy will he yet,
Ily their great example set,
Here beside thine arms tonight
l'ray that (lod defend the Right.
Ro i halt thou  when   morning   comes
Rise to conquer or to fall,
Joyful hear the rolling drums.
Joyful hear the trumpets call.
Then let memory tell thy heart;
"England; what thou wert, thou art!"
Oird  thee  with  thine  ancient  might,
Forth! and God defend the Right!
���Henry  Newbolt.
Tbe deaih of an aviator does not
produce the sensation it d.d a couple
of years ago, unles the circiinislanciw
ore   peculiarly   spectacular.     In   facl
there li not much  more discussion
ovi i*   tbe  death   nf   a   b rdiiian
ever the death of a  brakesman.
We take tlieir mishaps for granted
and become Interested only when
some notable new record has boei
���et, us was the case a lew days ago:
when a French aviator flew over the \
Alps in un hour or so, or when another Frenchman flew Irom I'aris to
J_om!on  in  four hours and a Quarter,
This flight Is, In some respects,
thi' most remarkable ever made. The
disianci) betwicn the cities is 2X7
miles, and while thp trip occupied
���Ometbing rrorp Ihan tnur hours, thc
From a rock-bound coatt, mi nf th'
fog calls Ihe voice of hardy, loyal New
fnundland; a daughter of Iher empire,
small, but mighty In the quality of
character. It is the voice of a true
patriotism, and it declares thc desire
for okfccr affiliation with the big sister Canada, and, like her, more punitive identification with the mother
To thin end presentations have been
made to the gnvernment nf the United
Kingdom, that recognize the existence
of an emergency and express a willingness to bear n part of the burden,
ns In lhe enre of New Zealand and the
Malay Stiles.
Newfoundland offi ring   the   coulva-
t;iul|]ent ot a first-class battleship should
| be on Inspiration and encouragement
to the Iinmlninn  Government   in
present situation.- Calgary Herald
��� (By  O.  Terence.) *
Secretary Bryan, 53 Today, Oldest
but One  of  Wilscn's  Advisers.
Secretary of State William Jen
nlngs llryan, one-time "boy orator Of
the Platte," Is getting tiling in years,
and will be recipient of congratulations today on the fifty-third annlvir
sary of his birth. The eminent Neb-
raskan heads a cabinet remarkable
for Ihe youth of Its members, since hi
is the oldest, with on" exception, of
President   Wilson's official  family.
The patriarch of the cabinet is William Cnx fledfleld. who will be fifty
five next June, while l'rof. Houston In
the "baby," having celebrated hlr
forty-seventh birthday )ant month. Mr.
McHeynoldn, Mr. Daniels and Mr. Burleson all >anned the fifty-year mark on
their lant hlrthdayn.
Mr McAdoo and Mr. Hurlenon are
"going on" fifty, nnd Mr. Harrison
and Mr. I.ane will be firty next year.
Mr. I-ane in thc only member of the
cabinet net born In Ihn United States.
He In a nntlve of Prince Edward Island, Canada, but was rearid In California.
Discovery   of   Lithography.
Tho first lithographic picture wan
exhibited in Munich 115 years ago today, March 18, 179-S, and was the Invention of Alois Sehnefulder, who had
Percy Illingwnrth. chief whip of the
Liberals In the Ilrltlih parliament. Is
a comparatively yrung man, today he
Ing the forty-fourth nnnlvirsnry of his
birth. lie In a Cambridge man. a barrister, and was formerly captain of
the Wrrtminster Dragoons. Since he
entered parliament seven yearn ago hn
has rlnen rapidly In the esteem of his
Libera] colleagues, and hln elevation
to the potdtlon ot chief whip, who per
lormn the non-official bul highly Important duties ot looking alter the interests ol bi�� .party, and of securing
thn attendance of as many members
aa  porsible  at   important   divisions,
Genoa, March IS.- A recent discovery lias proved   that   Napoleon   was
literally cornet when he called Columbus his greatest countryman.   Thei
surmise that Columbus was born  at |
Calvl in Corsica, and   noi  in   Genoa,
has   bi en   lately  confirmed    by   tli
n ti i.  which  Christopher's  son,  Fernand Columbus, left hi hind.
In these  Don  Fernand  relates   that
his father came from a little   known
family, and was the son of a weaver.
Two other members of the   Columbus
family   had   distinguished   themselve:
at sea, and hence Christopher himself
went  to sea whin  14 years   old,   but
Iafterward studied at the I'aris unlver
isity and  was sent by King  Rene   t;
j Tunis.
In Calvl there originally lived twi
sea captains of the name of Colum
I bus, and the present Columbus streo;
in that city in olden tinn h was called
"the sin it of the weaver" cr "tii
sired ol yarn."
The EOn also statis thit his tathei
took with him Corsican dogs ant!
horses and placed the first island;
and harbors that he discovered undei
the protection of saints, who wen
particularly worshipped in tbe vicin
ity of Calvl.
ln his reports Columbus also speaks
of fish, wheh he called "toninas," a
word nnly used in Co��sica, and tin
known in Spain and Italy.
Prospects of Home   Ru]e   in   Ireland
Prevents Flow of English Capital.
London. March IS. There are again
unmlstakeablc indications that the
prospects of a home rule parliament
being set up In Dublin are preventing
the flow of English capital into thi
channels of Irish industrial develop
mint. Lord Killanin is largely reepun
sible for thlB state of things.
A son of the famous judge Morris,
whose brogue was as broad as his
wit was keen and indigenous to the
soil���Lord Killanin famous for his
"Banshee" speech In the Moure of
Lords against home rule���has practically spent hiB youth and manhood
among the west nf Ireland peasantry.
For the last year nr two he has been
promoting a scheme to make his native city of Galway a port of call for
transatlantic steamers. And ho has
also lent his Influence to other Irish
schemes    of    Industrial    development.
Hut at a cruclcal moment hc dc-
ilarts that Inland under home rule
'vci'id l-e a nunuce ii England, and
hat ir thi bill p-itae�� the "Banshee"
vould le fir tvermore a disturbing
"letpi nl in the poaci lul atmosphere
it the House if I inls. llin altitude
'ins made a rerloui Impression on
Kngl.th financiers, and consequently
'hire is now a difficulty In getting
he nicisinry funds lo carry out his
:wn pet (chime.
Londcn, March IS.- Two young l'_ng* I
lit ll girls are responsible tor an odd
torm ol entertainment which lias'
caught on at the most fashionable of
London's fashionable "At. Homes,'
Tiny are Margot Balfour and Claude
Nicholson. Miss liaiiour's lather was
first oousln ol Robert Louis Stevenson and her mother, Marie Clotlnlde
Balfour, has publish.d several euo-
Cl sslul novels.
Willi the reversion to eighteenth
and early nineteenth century dress
amongst those who lead the fashion
Hure has come a craze lor the musical and dramatic programs In their
private house entertainments to blend
into n complete picture and yet be
Ibis demand has bien suppliid by
these two clever young girls. '1 hey
give eighteenth century vigntttis In
! powder and patches and with inln-
uette accompaniment, Their principal features, however, are "Moral
and Poet Moral Lh ynu s," which con
slat of rhymes published in 1810 ana
Ici I'lain satires recently brought out In
, the same vein.
These they do primly in the seven
In tun it the time, and using an old
quadrille for the music. Claude Nicholson also gives vi rses of Herrlck and
from other restoration poets with suitable scenery and mln r stage accessor-
il B.
Varicu3  Characters.
They also sometimes present varl-
] ons Brittany character studies in
dresEea that come from Immlperte In
Brittany, for Claude Nicholson lived
I iu Brittany fer five yiars, and li-u-
I studied old time Breton customs and
I modes and Bongs.
Mils Nicholson, i:i an interview,
"Although what. I do la necessarily
done slightly, and Is mainly destined
to entertain British drawing room audiences -which are the least attentive und resent the lasl mental strain
imt upon Ihem, as a rule -yet 1 would
like to insist on this, that it is very
thoroughly worked at on my part, it
may be no more substantial than a
posy of viohts, but I hope people find
it is as fresh and as fragrant and as
Specirren    Rhymes.
The following specimen of the "Mor-
il Rhymes" with which these two performers now delight fashionable l.on-j
Inn. It is entitled "The Reward of
Virtue" and the part of "The l.ady" is
'nkm by  Margot  Balfour, who says:
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Toronto Man Puts Up Remarkable D:-
fantic In Civil Suit���Says Plaintiff Threatened Him.
Toronto, March 1".���One nf the
meat remarkable defences tu a civil
-.ull evir In aid m the Ontario courts
i-s an affidavit lib d In ihe masters
chambers at Osgoode hall today by O,
M. Mackie, Brantford, who is being
sued by D. v.. cummins f.;r J1266.81,
the alleged balance fur two promlsi ry
mils which me plaintiff s.iys were
;ivtn ai payment inr
capital stick in the
Appliance Co.,  Lid.
plaintiff   moved "for  b       i :i*>
Bucclfloatlons, agreements of sals th-eila,
iniiiiiis.s letters, etc.! circular work sp-fr,
eloltat. Ml work strictly confidential. IL
harry, room -118 Westminster Trust Bit
Phone 70J.
ii!!., shares
Acme   Bill c
Mini Lucy Wright, tho' not so tall
A ns just the age if Sophie Ball.
lut  I  have always  understood
'liss Sophie was not  half so good.
For as they both had  faded teeth
Their teacher sent  for Doctor   Heath.
ludgment,   bnt   the master   decided
[hat. in the lace nf the affidavit tiled,
tlie cade must gn tn trial.
"The plaintlfl   secured  the  signing
let the notes cf agreements through
threats of personal violence to ine un-
! less I signed that. The plaintiff
!  iireatened in kill ine unices I entered
into the agreement, giving the notes,
In lleved  his  threats  were genuine
' and that he wpuld carry them nut If
I I did imt comply with his demands.
He   insisted   on   me   guing   with   him
I then and signing at one I," wore slat"-
ments made bv ihe defendant.
,. O. O. M . NO. B5-W-MEBTS ON first,
necond and third vVednesdaye in ��'iich
month in K. of P. Hull ul S p.m. IL 3.
Leamy, dictator; J. H. Prloe, secretary*
I. o   o
H. A.
V.   li
AMITY LODOH NO.  1,7���The
nn.ting   nf   Amity    lodge   No.
. O.  !���'..  Is held every  Monday
s o'clock in Odd Fellows' Hull.
Carnarvon  and   BHgbth  streeta,
brethern     cordially    Invited.
Merrlthew, N.Q.; J, Robertson,
W. C. Coatham,  P, <!.  record-
niaiy;   11.   W.   sangster,  flnan-
ii i * Hanna. Lid.)���Funeral director*
ami i rnbalmers. Parlors 40B Columbia
street.   New  Westminster.    Phone lit.
w. E. FA LBS���-Pioneer Funeral Director
umi Bmbalmer, 6Li-618 Agnes street,
oppoails Carnegie I.ii��rnry.
nr-at-law. solicitor, etc. Telephone
1070. Cable address "Johnslim."
Code, "Western Union." Offices, Ellis
liiock. 562 Columbia street, New Westminster, H. C.
J. BTILWBLL CLUTE. Uarrister-at-law.
solicitor, etc.: comer Columbia ana
McKenzie   streets,   New   Westminster.
II.  )'.    1'.  O.   Box   112.     Telephone   710.
.   P,   HAMPTON
solicitor    and
lul Sophie made a
\nd would net havi
While I ucy Wright
adful rout
hers taki'ti out:
nilurid the pain
\nd  did  not even once complain.
li r tilth returned quite   Bound   and
Hut   Sophii's   achid    both   day    and
Li ndon.  March  i'
j i  young man  name 1
i \shfnrd.  Kent,  has  i
his   deaf   and   dumb
j her   powers  of   Bpo ���
I'he suicide of
Percy Curl,    of
io-! l  :   'owed  by
sic.ler   regaining
ii   and   hearing.
Barristers und Solicitors. HooniH 7 ana
8, OulChon block. New Westminster.
O. K. Mnrtin. W. O. McQuarrie and
Oeorge L.  Cussady.
'The  Centli man,'
Claude   Nicholson.
The recovery is suPi)o<cd to be the
eflect if ibe shock cau".i."J by the
leath nf the girl's hi.rher.
It is a curious fact that she became
1 af and dumb on tbe day that her
brother wan born. In his farewell
letter ihe brother wrote:
WHITESIDE   ft   EUMONNS���Barristers
and Sellcitora, Wastmlntter Trust Blk.
I'oinini'ia street, New Westminster, B.O.
Cable address "Whiteside," Western
Union. P. O. Drawer 208. Telephone
69.   W. J.  Whiteside.   II.    L.  Edmonds.
Bhould    ah!  hurry
1 uev's teeth
those dear threp   of Bo-Peep's
's f.'ict nobody conld invent:
And we are much rejoiced to know
Ihat they returned as white ns snow
\nd everywhere that Lucy went
Those to'ih were    ah'    "warranted to
"Dear Mnth
live to see Lil
. Ileve it wlll
prayed about
I Hhould lVke fo
hearing restored; I
some day. I havu
for   the   past   five
Accountant. Tel. R IHS. Boom 'it
Hart block.
New Tralee Irish Club Makes Gaelic
Tongue Obligatory.
Unllin. March IS Thc Inhabitants
>f Trnlee have just hit upon a novel
method of popularizing the Irish language. They have founded the "Tralee Irish Club." which Is to he composed of business ram, professional
men, and men ot other conditions ol
It Is to be Irish in the literal sense
Tor it Imposes the nbllgntlon that
���Gaelic murt be thn ono and only language In ure In thn club. Beyond
this the mrmbrrs enjoy nil the freedom of ordinary social Institutions
where persona meet for Intercourse
nnd ncrrntlon. In it one can drink
Irlfh whisky, nmoko Irish tobacco,
play whist with cards maniitacturcd
In Ireland, lake a hand nl billiards and
have a modest bet with a friend   nn
the latcrt parliamentary election, but
t ciist nil be "done in Irish."
The Gaelic league movement has always tried to avoid "luxuries" of this
kind, ro (hit the Trilcc cxocrltnent
will hn watched with considerable
Mystery cf Alps Rtill Remains
solved By Scientists.
Geneva, March IR. ��� A Strang" acl en
tific discovery made by Professor
Quervaln, the well known Swiss er.
plorer of Zurich, on the Jungfrau
Thn workmen employed 25 tons -f
dynamite while constructing the highest section of the line, and there were
explosions which were distinctly
heard within a radius of thlrtv mill ���
hen within a tone of tho nn-rt 14
lilei there wm allenc.". but f-irtber
*���- lo n concentrii**! .circle of 1,0 miles
the nolso was again heard clearly.
Thia Intervening rone the Swiss scion
list has named the "Zone of Silence,"
but he stales that he is unable to
account for the pnooi inennn.
The professor asks whether this
discovery does not In a way clear up
the mystery of the Austrian General
Daun, who In thc Seven Years War
"deserted" General Lnu Inn when the
latter was being attacked bv the ar-
my of Frederick II. at I.iegnlt7., about
40 mlloB away.
Goneral   Daun     stated     afterward*
that  neither he  nor  his  stall heard
he  firing,  while .nsny  miles behind
his  nrmy  the  boon  of cannon  was
London.   Ont..   March   17     On   the
advice of I)r   Hugh Steveson, the Women's Canadian   club  and  the  Union
Mothers' club of this city will petition
ithe Dominion government to grant a
[per capita pension to widowed mothers
With  families.
At a meeting held at the normal
school the doctor called the attention
I nf commission club members to the
number ol mothers who were being
i left without means of support In the
I city lie urgul that the ipiestion receive prompt attention.
Grand Forks. B.C., March 17 John
Koftenholf, a Doukhobor, was today
committed for a trial on a charge of
stealing a watch. The thefl Is alleged lo have boon, committed Ihree
months ago when the watch and licensed disappeared from a local
Jewelry simultaneously.
Ile appeared in tuwn Saturday nnd
wns arrested with tbe watch In his
possession. Particular Interest surrounds the case from the fart that
considerable petty thieving locally In
charged up to Doukhohors, hut this
Is the flrst ease to be brought Into
Youthful Marconi.
London, March 11.-- Krnest Rungn.
a youth al tending Iho Ilattersea Poly-
���ech'i'e h-is '"vented n portable wire-
less telegraph apparatus, by means
ol which ho has received messages
trom North Africa. Toulon, and thc
Bifid Tower, Paris,
London, March 1H.--A flock of sea-
gtlltl Inland had taken possession of
i newly-snwn field at Kims Vale, near
Dover, and were pecking away, when a
still more numerous floek of rooks
swooped down and attacked them.
The rooks, being about two to one,
soon drovo the gulls off, and proceeded
to enjoy themselves In the field, hav-
'ng first set what wore apparently sentries along the side.
Brown ann: Anderson Again.
l,os Angeles, March 17.���Ili'fl Ander-
wn, ot Med ford, Ore., and Knockout
irnwn, ol New York, who fought a 2D
���-"und draw nt Vernon arena Saturday, were virtually re-matched today
Tor a similar encounter on the after-
���inon cf Anrll 12. The only possibility of a hitch is In Ihn weight making,
ns Brown wants Anderson tn make
IDH noitnds ringside and Anderson
wants tho weighing In at noon. Both
ire ecger for thn match, however, and
a compromise of tha disputed point In
expected with the boys weighing at 2
Lsrlnite Mill*, Que, March nth. 1911.
"I was tronMc". lot ��mmy years with
Kidney Disease, and . friend told me to
take GIN Pi U.S. Attei taking ��� tew
boxes, I wss greatly rcliord, and after
���finishing the twelfth box, the pain
completely lift me.
My wile is now using GIN PILLS
��� nd finds that she hat heen greatiy
re.ievcd of the pain over her kidneys.
I can Rstely recommend anyone sufTrr-
ing trom Kidney Trouble to give a lair
..mltoClN 1'ILI.S."
We allow you to make this trial
absolutely tree ol cast. Simply write
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited,Toronto,ond they will
send you a tree sample ot Gin Pills.
Try them. Thev will do you so much
good that you will gladly get Ihe regular
siae bases at your local dralcr't: 30c.
I. tot, 6 lor f-J-S". 143
ster Board of Trade -meets In the Ixmrd
room, City Hall, as follows: Third-Friday of each mdnth; quarterly meet Ins
on the third Friday of February, Mny,
August and November nt 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the thlnrt Friday of
February. 8. H. Stoart Wad,-, secretin v.
COAI. MINLNO rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberts,
lhe Yuknn Territory, Ihe Northwest Territories nnd ln ii portion of th,' provlnoe
of llriiish 1 ,,'nmlilii, may lie leased for a
term uf twenty-one yeurs at an annual
rental nf tl an acre. Not more than 2510
-uin-M wlll bs li'iised to one applicant.
Application for a liiise must Ihi niaile
by th,1 applicant to person tn llie Agent
or Kith Am ut nf the district In whloh th��
right!*) iippli'-il for are iiUhhIi-d.
In survey,,,! territory the land must ba
��� l,.��Tll>.,l by fu-cllnns, nr legal mih-dlvl-
Hlnns of sn-tlnns, anil In Unsurveyiil ter-
rltnry the tract applied for shall b*
staked nut hy ihe applicant himself.
llactl   appllcallnu   11111.1t   Ih,   .ii-cml-unled
by a fee <if ��:, which will be refunded If
tne lights applied for arc nui .ivalh Mm,
tint not otherwise. A royalty sliall he
I'liid nn llie merchantable output uf the
mine at the raM- of five -gents per ton,
The iM'rson operating lhe mine shall
Furnish lhe Agent with (WOril return*
accounting fur tht- full i|llanlll-y of merchantable coal mined nnd pav the tm.
ally thereon, if the ooal mining richta
are not Is'lng operated such returns nnould
he  furnished  at  least   nnce 11   yi-nr.
The lease will Include Ihe cul mining
rights nnly, but thc leasee will be |>cr-
mlltid to purchase whatever avail,tile
surface rights may be considered nm��-
���wry for the working of the mine at ths
rale of 110 an acre.
For full loformation application should
Ihi made to the Hecretar/ of the  l>*p>,rt-
mi'iit of th)' Interior, Ottawa, or to ��n��
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion  ljuida.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N.   11.-    Unntitharlaed  publication Of Oils
plvertlsement will not be paid for.
 >1 JB
Notice la hereby given that tha
Court of llevislon of the Assessment
Holl ot thin Municipality will be held
In the Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.C.,
on Tuesday, March 25, 1913, at 10
o'clock In the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints mual
given to the assessor In writing
least ten (10) days previous to
sitting of Ihe Court.
O. H. 8TEFFENS. Aeeeaaor.
Dated at Edmonds, thlB 25th day    of
February, 1S11. (TM>
���    ���������,, , ...        ���
PHONE   R1031. 1
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to order*.
607 Front St, New Weetmlneter, B.O. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 1913.
Ladies9 Apparel For Easter
Smart appearing Cheviot or Whipcord Street Costumes made from excellent materials and splendid linings
at $20.00, $25.00, $35.
BUSINESS SUITS of all woal fabrics, with good Hr ings at $10.00, $15.00, $20.00.
DAINTY GOWNS, in well made and wearable silk in the new shades of Blues, Browns and Greys at $15.00,
$20.00 and $25.00.
ELABORATE SILK COSTUMES at $25.00, $35.00, $45.00 and $75.00.
LADIES 'NEW COATS in full lengths and "Johnnie Coats" made from Cheviots, Whipcords and Chiffon
Broadcloth, shown in new shades. Prices at $15.00, $20.00, $25.00. A new line added for elderly
ladies is a handsome Long Black Panama Coat.
Spring Easter Offer in
Ladies'   Kid  Gloves
an extra quality Glace Kid, selling regularly at $1.50 Easter price $125.
EASTER KIDS at 50c.���A quality formerly selling at $1.00; they come in Browns and Blacks only.
WE SHOW AN UNUSUALLY FINE LINE of Ki d Gloves in qualities at $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 every pair
=Ladies9 Lingerie --
This season's assortment, greater in variety, more attractive in styles and quality better than ever.
=��� American Lady Corsets==
More popular than ever are thc new spring styles.  Seems as if we have the style "just wanted," by the way
they sell and the prices range at $1.50, $2.00, $3.00, and $5.00.
Ladies' Hosiery in qualities at 25c, 35c, 50c that are splendid  values for the money.   Bought  in large
quantities we are enabled to give you better qualities than heretofore in the same makes that has served
to build these lines up to such handsome proportions.   Lonely Qualities in Ladies Lisle at 50c, and 65c;
Pleated Silk Hose at 65c, 75c, $1.00; Extra Heavy qualities of Ladies' Silk Hose at $1.50.
Men's Hosiery at 25c, 35c, 50c, Silk at $1.00.  Children's extra grades at 25c, 35c, 50c
Newest Novelties in this week.   Handsome Jabots at 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00; Robspun Collars at $1.00, $1.50,
$2.00 and $3.00.
JERSEY TOP UNDERSKIRTS, $5.50, $7.50, $9.50 $12.00. Modes; black and greys. Underskirts in popular
priced qualities at $ 1.50, $2.00 and $3.00.
NEWEST STYLES IN LADIES'  WAISTS Open for your selection: Tailored Waists $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00;
Lace Waists, $1.00, $1.50 and $3.00; Lace Net   Waists at $2.50, $3.50, $1.50 and to $10.00
LADIES SILK.WAISTS.inall the newest shades, Browns,, Blues, Greys and Mauve Messaline and Charmeusc
Silks, $1.00, $1.50, $5.00, $5.50, $5.00.
Spring Draperies  and Hangings
It is almost time to think
about house cleaning and interior decorations. Wc again call
your attention to our thoroughly
up to date facilities to care for
your every need. Wc have skilled men to handle your work and
if you care to consult about
changes a telephone call will
bring one to you. Mr. Bennett,
a young man of much experience
in interior work, will be pleased
to submit sketches if yoa wish.
Large stocks of Carpels, Curtains, Linoleums and House Furnishings arc arriving. Soon wc
shall be very busy again, therefore wc invite your early orders
that wc may give you the best
-Hats for Men
This season's styles show no pronounced change from last.
Dcrbys are about as low and brims as wide and perhaps flatter,
but the prices are better, $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50.  Our $3.50 grade
equal thc quality shown elsewhere at $5.00.
Men's Soft Felt Hat* at $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00.
We can suit yoa in your
wants for Men's Underwear,
Hosiery, Neckwear arid Shirts.
New Spring Assortments in this
week. Patronize 'our Men's
Wear Department. You will save
A $1.50 28-in. Matting Covered case, very heavy leather corners, 2 straps, heavy brass lock.
Priced for week-end at $3*50.   ��
Special week-end offer on Matting Suit Cases at $1.00; 26-in.
cases, two straps, leather bound and solidly made, priced for weekend at $3.00.
We Fuinhh Your Home Complete
Dry Goods���Furniture
Trip  Watchman   Who   Helped to  Put
Them   cn   Shore���Army   Officers
London. March 18.���An pntcrt:iin
ing story of four "cracksmen" win
turned pirates and stole a pri vat;
yacht, the Snark, in order to tike thelt
booty from Stokes Day to Kyde, Ish
of Wight, has Leen made public by
Major Q. H. Stephens, one of the crew
of the yacht during a cruise In the
With three other army of.lcers on
board, the Snark pul Into Ciiwm one
day, where Ihe crew ft und a telegram
recalling them for "general inspec
tlon." They tried to make Ports
mouth, nut the wind failed, and they
were forced to land at Stokes Bay,
leaving the yacht at tho beach.
One of four burglars who were waiting for the right moment to break in
to three houses in the nelghbrohood
saw the yacht, and decided to "borrow" her. With their booty the four
met on the bc��eh in the small hourc
of the next morning, put. to Rea and
sailed to Kyde, where they left thi
yaeht in charge of a boatman.
When the real owners of the Snarl
returned to Stokes Bay they found
only a disconcerted watchman, whi
had actually helped the burglars U
get  afloat  with  their plunder.
Four days later the Snark wa-
found at Hyde, where the claims ol
"ier owners were ridiculed hy another
boatman, who, says Major Stephen'
in telling the story in the "Yacht
man," referred affectionately to thi
late crew.
"Gentlemen they were! four of 'em
���they gave me ten shillings for landing 'em," Bald the boatman. He added
that they had won eighteen prizes
with her this season, and that he had
put them ashore with three big glad-
stone bags and two sacks of "metal."
Tours Paris With Stranger Volunteering  Services as Guide���Is  Drugged and Robhed.
Paris, March 18.--/y curious story
���vas told to the I'ariB police by a young;
Canadian. James Huritly, or Hent'.ey,
���if Winnipeg.
Mr. Iluntly is a real estate agent hy
profession. After a short stay in
London he arrived, he said, at the
iare St. La-rare, in Paris, on his way
to Nice. He intended to remain only
one day here, lie says that hd put
his luggage in the cloakroom at the
station, got a check for It ami went for
Opposite Cook's, on the Place de
I'Opcra, he was accosted by a guide,
#ho offered to show him Paris. He
agreed, and got into a taxicab with
the man. After showing him Eeveral
points of interest the guide proposed
to show him the Apache quarter, and
drove with him to a house in a slum.
He does not know where it was.
The guide took him into a room on
he flret floor furnished with a few
chairs, a table and a cupboard-nothing euse. The $200 guide opened the
cupboard and offered Mr. Huntly a
drink which he accepted.
As soon as he hid emptied his
glass he flel asleep and knows noth-
ng of what happened to him till he
woke up late iu the afternoon in a
hair in the Madeleine Church. Hia
locketbook had disappeared. There
were, he says, twenty ten-dollar bills
in it, several papers and the check for
lis trunk. The trunk had been taken
iway from the cloakroom, presumably
by the thief.
The charity organization of the
British Embassy sent Mr. Huntly back
to I-ondon and he wlll be repatriated.
: .
Obscure   Indian    Woman    Had    Long
Worked  Rich   Lode of Free Gold'
Near Calcutta.
I-ondon,   March   18.���The    London
Daily Chronicle's   Bombay  correspon-
I dent says a romantic discovery of
mineral wealth on a vast scale is re-
' ported   from  an   area   covering   1200
i square miles in the Dalbhum district.
'about 150 miles from Calcutta.
Extensive deposits of gold, copper,
icoal, iron, asbestos, mica and man-
ganese are reported to be located on
the esate of the late Prince Mohamet Buktear Shah, who died a month
igo. The estate is In the hands ot an
official receiver, who has engaged ai
expert geologist, Philip Billinghurst
of Vancouver, to survey the estati
and to ascertain the value.
This expert declares that the estati
possesses immense Quantities of iron
ore, some millions of tons, averagim
between 45 and 70 per cent, of metal
Several Important gold finds are al
so reported. The expert discoverei
a Santhali woman, reputed to be 111
years old, earning a competence b.
working free gold in u secret plac'
she discovered fifteen years ago.
She   was   induced    to   disclose   tin
source of her wealth  by the presen'
of a silk shawl and a tew rupees, an
the expert  on  sinking   a  trial   sh
found  quartz   yielding  130 ounces   i
gold to the ton.
He says the rich leaders and strin;
ers of auriferous quartz would yieli
fabulous amounts, and concludes:
was dally expected to confirm th
opinion that it was potentially cue <v
the world's greatest golilfields, and il
was with great regnt I had to leavi
so much ground unexplored."
Large Increase Shown in Returns at
Yesterday's Council.
Cambie, Lulu Island, March 18.���
An -Increase in assessment of about a
million and a quarter over last year
was shown at the council meeting
yesterday. The amounts in detail follow:
Ward   1���I.and, $774,765;    improvements, $85,350; total, $860,115.
Ward 2--I-and, $768,160; improvements, $71,550;  total, 839,710.
Steveston-Land, $272,090: Improvements, $107,450;  total, $379,540.
Ward 3���I_and, $822,085; improvements, $134,700;  total, $956,785.
Ward 4���Land, $1,377,398; improvements, $77,050; total, $1,454,448.
Ward 5���Land, $1,890,736;  Improvements, $71,850; total. $1,962,586.
With thc assessment this year the
snail holder will pay increased taxes,
Ut will get in return benefits   which
ie has long been forced   to seek   in
Richmond lands are still assessed
the lowest of any within a similar distance from Vaucouver and New Westminster.
A large amount of development
work will be carried out on Lulu and
Sea Islands this year. The municipality is In gocd financial condition.
Eight   Harrison    Liners   Building   in
Readiness for Panama Trade.
Victoria. March IS. -That eight
i ferlghters of the most modern type
| are now under construction In British
I yards to the order of the Harrison Dl-
j reet Line for the Liverpool-Victoria
[service was the news brought by the
[Harrison freighter Crown of Seville.
! which arrived In port last week from
I Liverpool via San Francisco.
According to the offictrs of the Se
ville, the new steamers building for
the regular service of the company,
have teen distributed among various
shipbuilding yards in dreat Britain
and the contracts call for the comp'.e
Hon of' the vessels before the opening
of the Panama Canal, when a double
monthly freight und passenger ser
vice will be lnaiigur.il' il from Kuro
pean and British ports via the Isthmian waterway Ui San Francisco, Vic
torla and Vancouver.
The eight vessels that are already
the stocks, will each have a carrying
capacity of lo.ouu tons, and will be
equal In every way to the new liner
CCrown of Seville, which Is here on
her maiden voyage.
���.: rian Colonel  Saves   Life   of    Hi��
.'.'ife Who  Is Famous on  Vaudeville   Stage.
TRAVELED   381,000  MILES.
Woman  Journalist   and   Preacher   li
Now Visiting  Scandinavia.
Stockholm, March 18. Miss Jessie Ackermnnn. Journalist and preach
er Ib now visiting Scandinavia. Hav
Ing lectured lu Copenhagen and Stock
holm, the has left for Cliristlania.
Miss Ackerinaiin has now travel'i:
381,000 miles, has been seven times
round Ihe world, teen everybody am!
everything worth seeing, and been
everywhere savo Greenland. She
keeps accurate account of all the big
people she has met and of all tin
clever things they have said. She will
shortly write a book about Australia,
and for that purpoBe intends to retire
to Borne quiet little Kuglii.li village
instead of her native city of Boston.
Previous to that she will visit dels
tngfors ln Finland, here she expects
to meet the Finnish architect, Mr.
Saarinen, who has recently produced
a plan tor tbe new Australian capital.
St. Petersburg, March 18.���The new
medical treatment that promises to
e the craze of Europe is the transmission of blood. The doctors who
look to It as a last resort are watching with intense anxiety the experiment that iB being made in this treatment on AnastaBia Vialzeva, the Yve-
tte Gilbert of the KuEtian vaudeville
stage. i
Only a dozen years ago she was a
simple siamstress in a large dressmaking establishment here. Her wonderfully expressive voice attracted the
attention of a customer, who paid for
professional training, and Miss Vialzeva was scon known throughout Kiih-
sla. At the time of the Japanese war
she went cut to Mukden as a nurse
to tend her fiance, Captain Kouplin-
Recently overwork and the Etraiu
of the long, dreary journeys in the in-
'.ertor of Itussta broke down her
health, nnd she came to SL Petersburg stiff) ring from extreme an '.euii.i.
Tonic treatment did not help ht r; and
as a last hope it was decided to make
dinct transmission ct human blood
uto her body.
Her husband, new Colonel Koup-
Husky, at once volunteered for the
operation, for which Professor Kiuler-
leln came specially from Augsburg.
n . r> minutes a quantity of blood was
drawn from his hand and passed by
tube Into his wife's body. No chloroform or ether was used.
'I he colonel bore the operation
steadily, but bad afterwards to be put
lo bid as a precaution against faint
less, and now it is stated that another and similar operation is necessary to save his wife, and that for
this another volunteer will have to be
Th?�� Njmber Presented to French
Government by Private Parties.
Paris, March IS.---Some months a.-;o
a number ot newspapers proprietors
and private people subscribed for a
present to the French nation in the
form  of aeroplanes.
An official letter published by the
National Committee, which received
subscriptions and had the aeroplanes
built, was published recently.
Seventy-two aeroplanes, all fitted
with the latest military requirements.
were the fruits of the subscription.
Tho Journal presented three monoplanes, each of which carries two passengers; Tbe Petit Parisian presented three, and most of the other newspapers In Paris presented one or more I :���'���*
WMSS Wlll 61
tJis-.initive    Features    Arranged    for
Event  Which  Will  Bs Opened
Tuesday by Mayer Gray.
l'lans are progressing for the Kir-1
Micas that will be given in aid or the
Royal Ccliimbian hospital in    St. Pat-
TicV's hall en March 25. 26 and il, and
all Indications at the present are that (
the alfair will be a great success.
Such   a  thins  aa a  K.rmess  is  an
Innovation  in  New  Westminster  nnd J
those, in cham of the arrangements
arc  doing  their utmost  to  make    it I
something  that  will appeal  to every-1
Irody.   The program is most elaborate
and contains many specialties hitherto cover seen In the city.
Mrs. Sziver, who baa the hulk ot
the preparation ��< r_t in hand is de-
visini; many .uriom, means by which
the ladies can raise lioucy tor the
���hospital She is it p-ii-tnt arranging
the slnlls which will be the chief at
traction of the three days'  event.
A regular .vaudeville show, a restaurant which will be known as the
"Cafe Chantant" an.l many other notable features wh'ch cannot hut attract
the interest of thr.a > who attend will
tie run in conJtmeUfti) wiih the slinw
which will be o^-ncJ hy his worshll
Mayer flray on Tut .'ay.
Ono cf tho dU-tiiictivr fi attires rf
the Kirmess will be a voting contest
in which anyone can take part, on the
most popular dance of each evening
Tho prizes it is nndoretood will 1:
well wf.rth winning.
excited by the smallness of the vote.
This was simply the thin edge of
tho wedge. Next year government
house   would   be   asking   for   $25,000.
Mr. Borden remarked that Mr. Car-
vi II had made a Quite unjustifiable
statement when he said that the vote
was asked for by government house.
The president of llle association, he
said,   wns   Sir  Thomas   Shaughnessy.
Hon. Charles Murphy suggested
thai the work ol the association
should be merged with that of the
public health.
Dr. Clark, of Hed Deer, supported
the vote. lie said that the associa-
l on in question was doing splendid
work throughout the Dominion, The
division was shortly afterwards continued und lhe committee proceeded
with the consideration of other items
Citizens   U6ing  Carnegie   Library
Advantage���Educative and Technical Decks in Demand.
A gratifying feature of thn usefulness of the Carnegie library Is noted
in the Increasing demand for cdacii-
live books by the citi-_cns.
Those chiefly borrowed are techni
cal works dealing with engineering
and kindred mechanical crafts and
on bookkeeping, drawing and coin
mcrclal subjects.
lt Is - proposed    to    augment    thc
World Startled
By Assassination
(Continued trom pane onei
kans has been waning ot late, but
the news ol H1I3 wholly unexpected
tragedy caused an instant nnd Immense sensation, It was not known
generally that the King ot ('.recce
was at Salonlki, as nolhln? had been
heard of his movements for
ncorn regarding the details of the
assassination wns Intense, but ns the
hours passed and no further news
reached Louden il became evident
thnt a rigid censorship was being
Canada   Leads   Australia   In   Imports
But latter is at Top In
Supply Bills Now
Before (he HouseE
Ottawa, March 18.���Writing to the
trade and commerce department, O- IL
Rofs, Canadian commissioner nt Melbourne, draws a comparison between
the total tr.ide returns cf Canada and
those of Australia for the last two
yearB. In both cases Canada is on top
:in the matter of imports hut the re-
' verse is thc case In export Irade. In
total trade expansion however, the
: figures are more Hum double those of |
Taking the Canadian figures for the
fiscal  year  ended   March  ill  and  the j
Australian tlgurcs for the year ended
Dec. lil, the  imports and exports of j
the Dominion and the Commonwealth
in   1911  and   1912  are  shown  as   fol-
carefully selected \ The strained relations between the
the requirements]Grecian and Bulgarian contingents al
Saloniki gave C.rcece the greatest fear
thnt crsassinition ol Kins George
might be Incident to a clash between
the alios: but a messngo received at
midnight dispelled such apprehensions
by Identllylng the tassassln us a Grrek
Another  dispatch  refer
1 hrary  shelves  by
I additions  to  meet
nt those  thirsting for  knowledge    in
this class, so far as funds will allow.
While works of fiction form tlie
great majority ol the volumes Issued,
historical, biographical bookB and
thoae dealing with travel and exploration also provide large numbers j degenerate
ot oitlzen& with mental nourishment.
Neither are more abstruse studier
neglected, scientitlc, sociological and
philosophical treatises being frequently  borrowed.
Reference  Library.
Tho wants of the more juvenile patrons of the library are amply provided for with a due regard for their
ages and capacities.
The reference library i3 fairly well
equipped and It is hopid to make 11
��t.ll more useful and available lu
the near future,
Miss O'Meara, the courteous librur
Ian, Ib ever ready to furnish any In
formation and Is desirous of further
ins the usefulness ot the Institution
undor ber care in every way.
Numbers cf valuable becks an
periodically added to tha collection,
Continued trom page onr 1.
���w'.th'n lhe right cf any member to
crlttctre the speaker as to what he
docs there."
S:r Wilfrid suggested that the
speaker was human and liable lo
make mistakes like anyone el3e and j
that oven parliamentarv rules were
subject to the final authority of the
lion so.
Premier    Borden    then    RURsOStod
Ihat    the member for Westmoreland
-should  make   clear  what  lie   wauled
and then try to arrangi*. some line of j
action within the ordinary proceedure.
The speaker then quoted  page one
and an article in Hourinot as authority |
action Saturday night in tak
chair when there was troubli
liouse.    This  closed   the    in
Canada .
.. 325,401,991
559,320,544 315317,250
379,657,801 383,130,787
The total of Canada in 1012 showed
nn expansion of $105,193,889 oyer
1911, while in the same period the
trade of Australia increased $50,848
February   Shows   Increase   of   Eleven
Per Cent Over Same f.'onth Last
for his
ing the
in the
A. K Mncl.ean inquired ns to the
truth of a statement appearing in 0
Montreal newspaper to the effect thai
Ihn West Indian steamship service
contract had been awnrdi d,
Owing lo the absence of the Hon.
C. H. Terley. acting minister of trade
and commerce, no ministerial reply
was  forthcoming.
Hon. ft. Lemleux asked if an.*, ottl-
clal application concerning the amalgamation of the Home hank with the
Itanqee Internationale had been re-
���f'.'ive'i bv the government
llin. Mt. White said he believed
that no application hud been received
in  the  department of finance.
S'r Wilfrid Laurier drew the ?t
tention Ol the finance minister to
the fact that papers relating to the
remission of duties on behalf ot the
.Mgoma Sti el company tabled in par-
'Hiannnt u,,r. pet complete.
Hon. W. T. White said lhal so far
vis the department of finance and customs were concerned all the papers
had been hr-iuglit down.
S'r Wilfrid Laurier said ln Hie return tabled it was said Ihat an agreement had been arrived at bo: ween
the government and the company, it
���was hnrdly conceivable that this
would be a ���'crbal nsrrooment.
Premier Borden said he wns unih""
the  livmresslon  that    the    statemenl
���was r.-,ade in a letter addressed to the
gov: r-imi nt and not by  anyone con-,
'���ncc'oii viih the government.
Sir Wilfrid hs3tired the premier
-thn' Iho statement was made by the
���minister of railways.
Mr. Borden said that if this wire
���so an ncreoment micht be In the
pc sFosslon of that department, He
���pri'tn se��l that the matter would be
looked Into.
r.'jpc'cmcntary Estimates.
Tbi Sot-Be then weni Into committee of supply to consider the eupple-
incntury estimates for the current
year, cr In other words, to vote money
to meet expenses already incurred. *
The tlrst Item passed was a vole tl
-JG4X li) pay Inspector John C. Rich
aids f.ir mounted police clothing de
j--:i.i\ii| by lire at Wood Mountain,
. "ria -ik.
Tho second item called  was a granl j
�����f S-iVrti lor the St. John Ambulance
sii--i :��� '\t mi. Mr. Borden described!
the < bluet of the association and the
work It is doing throughout the Do-
rninicn-aud said that he considered
it desirable that It should receive aid
j'rci'i 1 In' government.
F. B. Carvell. while admitting that
'the association was doing good work,
ltioug.it that thc voting ct this sum
would open wide the door for appli-
--cations for aid from other societies.
Salvation  Army.
Thc Salvation Army, ho said, was
���doing more good work throughout the
���country than thc St John Ambulance
association, and yet a proposal to
drive the army a grant would not be
iseriously considered by the house. He
thought that perhaps tho money was
b -in;; asked for because t,t tlle names
cf thei people associated with the
Hon. Sam Hughes remarked thnt
the aim and Objects ef Ihe association was not charitable, b*:t cducn
rl t-nnl.
Then Ioi them go to tbe provinces
said "it. Carvell.
Mr.   Borden   said   thnt   he   thoughl
vote could be justified on the ground 1
thr.t  Hie  work being dene by  the as- <
Mocialion tends to the conservation of:
the  public  health.    It was on a  par. |
lie  aaid,   with   the  annual   vote    tc |
rn vent  the  spread    of  tuberculosis
Nr   Carvell said that while he quite
believed all the etatraremU made by
Two Men Leave Families and Decamp
With Two Society Belles���
Now in Jail.
Sacramento Cal., March 18.���Maury
A. DigRs and i'"-. Drew Cumlnetti, who
deserted their wives and children to
elope with two young society girls of
this city, will appear before the United States commissioner Krull in San
Francisco on .March "7 to answer to a
charge under the provisions of the
Mann white slave act. The two men
are now at liberty, having been released tonight under bonds of f500(1
tor each charge. There are two
charges againet each man.
The three Btate cases against them
were postponed until late In April and ;
they were releasd on tlieir own rcog-
nizance, so far as these cases are con- \
cerned. This lett the United Stales
marshal free to arrest them on the
federal warrants._.
They were led frum tha county jail I
to   cue   court   and   then   to  another j
through the crowds of curious i-pecta-i
tors, the prisoners being active   dodging photographers,   They had little to
do but sit and watch the proceedings. 1
Not a woman was seen in the throng
that gather! d In and near ihe court.
Winnipeg, March 18/���Although the
increase In the Immigration into Canada during February was a little less
than In the flret month of the year the
figures show an increase of 11 per
cent over the corresponding month
In 1912.
In February, 1913, those entering
Canada by way of ocean ports totalled
���jT.Tti as ngaltift 6889 In the corresponding month last year���ln other words,
an increase of 2ti per cent.
The total arrivals from the United
States on* the other hand shows a de-
' crease of 3 per cent, compared with
Fi b. 19, 1IH2. Last year the total was
5752, while last month it only reached
Will   cf   Late   Mrs.   Leiter   Bequeathe
Large  Sum   to   Earl   of  Suffolk
and  Sir Colin Campbell.
* *
* *
liis excellency, the governor, deliv-
erde a lecture before the Natural Ills
tory and Antiquarian Society and pre*
sided over the annual meeting of the
Douglas  Nursing Association.
ll   ls  In pt d   lhal   the  Church  i f   SI.
Nlnlan's will be dedicated by the Lord
Bishop on Lady Day. March 26. The
Vicar-Designate, the Uev. D, C. Wood
house, expi ������is lo shortly commence
work in the new parish,
il !���'. Clusas, formerly a member
1 f the House 1 f Keys, is on a vis.l
to the island, and is welcomed by a
ho3t of friends. He is now resldenl
near Bristol; and is hardly likely ti
resume residence in the island In less
than two or three yiars.
Washington, March IS,���Th
Mrs.   Mary   Leiter,  widow  of
Leiter of Chicago, dated June '.
was    filed    today    for    probat
quests of $500,000  were made
Earl of Suffolk and Sir Colin
will of
Levi V.
3, 1912,
1. Be-
to the
Campbell, her son-In-laws as trustees tor
her four grand-daughters, children of
the late Lady Cur/1111. The children
are to receive the income until they
reach majority,
Joseph Let ier, a son is Riven valuable securities. He also is to take
one-third of the remaining estate. The
daughters of Mrs. Leiter, the Countess
of Suffolk and Lady Campbell, are to
divide valuable jewels lefl by their
mother nnd each is lo have one-third
i*f Iiie  remaining estate.
A   hook   written   by   Nora   Lorliner.
oalh il " 1 in- Pagan    Woman,"    Is   a
Manx slory.    11 Is of psychological in
terest, and Ib calculated to grip tin
I imagination of the reader.   There an
several interesting references In Man.
archaeology and  folklore.
Mr. Mundey who died at his resi
dence, Taubman terrace, Douglas, car
rled on for years an extensive drapi r*.
business, from which he retired some
time ago. In Ills prime he was i
prominent Freemason, taking special
interest in the affairs of "The Athole'
which wns his "mother lodge," and in
which he attained the rank of W.M
so   far   back  as  the  year  1875.
Lady  Raglan   wtiles  to  the  press
"On two occasions I have had a Manx
cottage at a London bazaar, and sold
with Intense delight    to    purchasers
���.nicies ol  Manx    mam facture    lace
homespuns, blankets, knitted articles
oys, wood carving, ard even "rock'
ind kippers, and anything ornament
-d \<ith the three legs or Man.   Alat
���hlna lailloss cits, have a wi
fascination tor customers at 11
I am most ready, willing and enthiis
a.stic Hi do all I can In the direction
of  starting  a   Manx   Industries  Association."
Relative  cf liiqh   Prussian  Official   in
Sere Trruhle.
llerlin.    Mardi    is.   Tho    Berliner
Tagi hint 1   ct ntlrms  a   1* port   thai   ;
Prussian officer  a relative if <;:"' ol
the highest  officers  In   lhe  Pruss'a'
army, bas been arresied cn buspIcIoi
I of high  treascfl,  presumably   In   the
form of espionage,
He was arrested on February 2 al
'the instance if the  Imnerlal  depart
menl of public prosecutions at 1 e't
1 'ig. 1 le i' as Impr som d In Berlin
i but was released on Friday in  '.'P
Bald to amount    to   seven   hundret
thousand marks.
Durii'g  his  five  davs  -f arrest  the
prisoner was allowed to receive hie
[ wife daiy. The utmost Becrecy ii
j observed with regard to the natun
jot tlie charge.
Servant Famine in Budapest.
Budapest, March 18._ The d-��"i'"lh o'
servants In Budapest has caused th'
city council to appropriate $240,00'
for the construction of three munici
pal homes for servants. In connection
with which a munlclnnl employment
bureau will be maintained.
Women's  Public  Houie  Clubs.
Birmingham,   March   18.   -The   Bir
minshani  magistrates at   the'r annim'
licensing meeting, thanked the trad'
lor co-operating with them Is an en
ml!*rfui 1 (leaver 10 reduce tha number of wo
i tiroes. I men'* clubs in  public houses.    Only
eighteen now exist In the city.
red to him as demented
The British forelgu office, Marl
borough house, where the Queen
Mother Alexandra, sister of the dead
king, is residing and the Creek lega
tion were besieged by reporters, bul
no one at these places had any infor
ination except the newspaper bulletin,
until nearly If) o'clock
King Receives News.
The King and Queen of Kngland are
In  Windsor castle and  the  firsl  offi-
j clal confirmation of the tragedy came
to  the  foreign  office  in  a  dispatch
i from Prince Nicholas at Saloniki and
j was  transmitted  to Windsor and  to
i Marlborough house and then given to I
ithe public.   This dispatch announced
j that the king had ho n 1 hot and had j
i died  In  half an  hour     Another  tele-
gram, carrying similar reports was re-1
reived from the Greek administrator at
The greatest sympathy is ti it for
: (.un 11   Alexandra.     King   Oeorge   ol
1 Greece was her favorite brother. Slit
'.only  recently    suffer, d    another    although less tragic blew ia  the death
of her brother. King Fredi rick of Di 11- '
��� mark.     The   Princess   Victoria   broke
ithe news to her today.    Queen  Alexandra   is   said   to   be   prostrated   and
King George and Queen Mary will go !
j from Windsor castle tomorrow to give :
her what consolation Ihey can.
Even if the king of Greece's close
relation with the royal family of Britain did not exist, the circumstances of *
his death would debar Ihe court for a j
time from social functions. It is ex
pected thnt court mourning will be announced for three months and that all
official engagements except the most
necessary ones will be cancelled
Tho  body   of   the   murdered   king
may   be  taken   to   Athens   for  burial
aboard   a  warship.     He  went  tn  Sa- ���
loniki   immediately  after  the  occupation  of that  city and   remained  there
in the capacity of commander in chief
of the army.
Meet oosevelt.
King George was a frequent visitor
to London, his last visit being on tin
occasion ot King Bdward's funeral,
wlnn he met Colonel Theodore lloopc-
velt and became exceedingly friendly
with the ex-president, whom he impressed as one of the most democratic characters among the European
sovereigns   assembled   here.
He remained as a guest at Bucking
ham palace for several days and with
his brother, King Frederick of Denmark, walked about the streets entirely unattended and unrecognized. Sev-1
' eral times they joined the crowds gathered in front of the palace lo cheer
the new Kngiish king, tlieir Identity
wholly  unsuspected  by  the  working-
j men with whom they rubbed elbows.
On a former visit to Hie city the
London corporation entertained him al
the Guildhall and presented him with
an address of welcome. Of all the
crowned heads of Kurope, King George
of   Greece   and   liis   Danish   brother,
.King Frederick, who was overtaken
by a fatal illness while strolling in
the Btreets of Hamburg alone, were
among the most unostentatious. He
had many friends among diplomats of
tbe various nations and Borne of his
warmest friendships were with un-l
till' il  persons.
King George had a particular fond-'
ness for a gncd dinner and a game of'
; cards and was known to all the fore-!
j most restaurantera in the continental!
capitals and watering places. He was!
popularly credited  with being rather j
j easy going in the matter of hard work.
1    At a meeting of Moslems and Turk- i
i Irli sympathizers herd tonight, the an-
|nouncemenl ot the aegasslnatlon wns'
an 1 ���' 'I   with   cr ��� ���.-  < f  "1 bame,"  although i'i "���  weri  rome cheers.   The;
lud'i-nc'   i- * ���  a  i'ken of respect
to the di ail king's mmi ry
Crown Prince.
Cn w- Prince Ccnstantlne conns \
tn the 1'1 nr,e if i;,* ice at tha very
Viiht if his onpulir'tv which be his
won in Hi" f'eld ct battle in Mace
ib nia, and which Cue capture of Janlna relsi d to the highest pitch.
it was always thus. Ile Buttered
with itlnr members of the royal family fer the failure ol the Greek arms
'u the Turklfh wnr of 1907 and when
Bt Ihe conolusl n of the war an act w \
passed creating Ihe post of commander In chief and conferring It on Con-
stantlne, the hltleriit. opposition was
He continued to hold the post, however, until the revolution of the Military League In l!)fi9 wh~n he was forced, with other princes to resign from
the armv. Allegation of cowardice
during the Tnrkirh war were made
Train't him and It was thought possible thit when hc went a short time
afterwards t" virit the European capi-
'nis. ho would nct return to Greece.
But like his father, whose abdication
was after rumored, he returned In
time tn more than regain Ills populs"
Ity with the people.
His repeated triumphs In the ores-
nt w'- arcused the wildest enthust-
tpi and "nlv n few days ago It was
"uinctmcrd tV't -m cuertrlan rtatue
wi-i M he 1 rented ln hie honor ln the
Crown  Prince Constantino  recently
"The Ways of Destiny," the feature
1 film al the Edison for today and tomorrow Is a grand drama which leads
the spectator through a labyrinth of
middle class and high society life,
following the vicissitudes of the career
:!'""'1;" of a beautiful girl, the daughter of a
|ctnd-hearted old shepherd, who Rl a
time when his little daughter needed
him most, was forever lost to her;
cut off while tending IiIb flocks In thc
open meadow by the most realistic
stroke of lightning ever shown in a
motion picture.
A giant tree under which Ihe old
man has taken Shelter la shattered by
this   blinding   Hash.
Lovers of good pictures which hold
one spellbound from the start to finish -pictures which thrill one with
the wonders of their realistic benuty
and granduer should not fall to see
this picture. The story stands forth
clean and strong sr a cameo and furnishes an entertainment as enjoyable
as the most finished dramatic production. The drama is produced in
Miss Frances Hamilton, thc singer
with a aweet voice, will contribute
"My Hero" during each of the shows
today  and   tomorrow.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, dratta and letters of credit
Bold payable lu all parts of the worhl. Savings bank department al
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New  Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE SH.
London, Ont., March 18.���Something
rather unuBual In the way of litigation has gone through the ninth division courl before Clerk !���'. II Whetter
A retired clergyman who resided In
the ncrth end of the city Ins garni-
Bheed ?"i of the la.l.uy Of a young
Scotchman who wns 1 mployed as a
brakeman on the Canadian Pacific
This amount is the tee charged for
the wedding of the defendant lint October, The brakeman. it is claimed,
was not aware that he had to pay and
had to remit as the clergyman expi etui. Court proceedings erst ?. and this
amount was added to the garnishee
which has been served upon the
C,  P.  Ii.  here.
?   ?   ?   HAVE YOU SEEN   ?   ?   ?
Our assortment ot ltoyal Victoria China consisting of Chocola'.o,
Cocoa and Tea Sets, on display ln our window.
We are In a poBilion to furnish yonr home from cellar to attic,
supply you with Stains and Varnish, all kinds Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
and our prices defy competition.
Let us show you our Linoleum and Floor Oils, our patterns are
sehced with care, and we handle only thc latest styles appropriate
for the different rooms of the house.
C. N. Edmonson & Co, Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street
Song by Miss Frances Hamilton
"My Hero."
Farce Comi dy.
An  Ind an  Story.
.'atho 3; ct'ial Colored Drama in
Two  Rei li
The Ways of Destiny
���     E. II. BUCKUN, N. BEAIIDSLEB,        W. T. H. BUCKUN,
Pres. and Oenl. Mgr. Vice-President Sec. and Trees.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
t. ii. Mccormick
Phone 927.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R.  Depot,
New Westminster B. C.
Ladies and gentlemen's tailoring.   A fine stock from
which to select your Easter Suit.
i Eighth St.
Dunsmuir Block.
in motion pictures at the
���W^WSm��*'. ������wrvATg&r.V'
Something That You
Never Seen Nor
Even Heard cf
Inok ovit tlu; command nf thc army i
Tared and  Feathered on a  Liner      hcHlrtlnn .Iinlnn. nnd, hiding his time
Sydney, March  IS.    A pasenger on and by a military ruse, captured thc
boar-J the Norlh Herman l.loyd steam-1 fortress
Wife of Canon Rl-gby   Dies. er  W.hsjWnWrst  wns   larred   hi r.   leu j    The new queen, who was 1'rlnccss
Port Hope,  March  18.-Mrs.  Illgby, j therwl by   his    fellow  passengers to i Sophie, Bister of Emperor William oT
wife of Canon ftigby, bead maBter ol' Australia Ier    brutally    striking    a |(ierrnany, has become deeply attached
Trinity college, died here today after j young   woman  who   playfully   pelted ito tho conntry nf her adoption and is
tfhe*rprTtti1*'r   liis "iiusplclofl had been i a long Illness. |hlm with an orange peel. | extremely popular In Greece.
A Parisian Novelty -In Kurope it is
used this year aa a littlo Easter
present or rather a mark of courtesy
to friends and relatives. Hs value as
a token lies more in the novel idea
than in the price of the article. It is
irrangod so that It can be sent, just
like a postcard, for a cent or two, tc
Miy place In Canada or the United
Hates. The endearing idea about It
i the embedded luminous cross which
iv.ll shine all night long (or ln any
���lark room) in a glorious, mystic blue
light, after you had it exposed tt
daylight for a few minut03. Thi
,irleo is so low that anyone is en
bled to b9 convinced of Its real na
ure. II Is indeed an article which
Is held in high esteem by any Chria
uan family or person. T'.ie. shining
croSB is made of a stone, which Is
found only near Jerusalem, and of
which already the IJible speaks as
the luminous stono ln picturing Salome's temple.
Prices are : 15 cents each, 2 for 25
cents, 5 for 60 ccntB and 12 for $1.00.
A. Notkow, S32 Yonge Street, Toronto,
Ont., sole agent tor Canada 4nd the
United States,     '��� (873)
Summer Schedule
Effective MARCH 24th
SS.  "PRINCE   JOHN"        63. "PRINCE  ALBERT"
Mondays   Prince Rupert, Stewart, Massett.
Tuesdays���Victoria ami Seattle,
Thursdays    Prince Rupert anil (Iranby  Hay.
Fridays    Aiert Hay, Hardy Day, Rivers  Inlet,    Ocean    Kails,    Queen
thai lotto Island (direct service, last time),
Citurdays    Victoria  and  Seattle,
II. O   SMITH. C   P   & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW. O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
W. R. Gil LEY, Phene 122. Q. E. OILLEY, Phene 2��i
Phonei, Orticv, 15 end U.
illey Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend fer Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash ojilf^ BASKETBALL TEAMS
T*o Games at Local Y. M. C. A. Go
to Boys From the T*rmlnal
I rem lhe Bcores which were hung
up al the Y. M. C. A. lasl evening
I isliitlmll is Just in its infancy in New
Westminster an compared with Van-
ri n\i*r.
Two straight games went to the Terminals each by big scores and while
lhe crowd enjoyed the evening's en-
ti iMinuienT they were forced to ad-
mil thai the I'aeific coast champions,
the Vancouver Y.M.C.A. have the an
ol liming the spheroid down to a fine
po nl
The locals were never In the run-
i, ),:��� m the senior game, George TUolt
:,: il his confreres trebling tha score,
i , ���nre board Indicating 48 points
to 18
Inti riiiiiliates nlso lost thi ir
in the Vanoouver seconds by a
ol il i" 26
Senior "Line up.
,'i atmlnsti r Doherty, Horn, Smith,
Storme, Kenny.
Vancouver - Matthews, Phlpps
Ki mlall. Tuck, Davis.
ployeo at llolhcrg, Vancouver Island, '.
Ib the trainer of the white hope, and
When lu the city yesterday expressed j
cunlidence that he was a winner.
* ANNAL8. *
gf les.
��'. i
-Joe Rivers (Jose ftlbera), Spanish-American lightweight, horn
at Los Angeles.
-Sam r*nford defeated Blacjc
Fltr.simnionB In 11 rounds at
Webster, Mass.
-Buck Plotill held Ad WolgaBt
to a draw in 15 rounds at St.
't'lly Papke had the best of Jim
Flynn In 10 rwinds at Ixis An-
n:ily Papke knocked out Willie
Lewis in  third round at Paris.
Hugh    Mehegan   knocked   out
Young Kelly in tenth round al
Brisbane, Australia,
Luther McCarty   knocked   out
Jack  liai'er in llrst round    nt
Bprlngfil Id, Mo.
Kn tl   Telle  defeated   Louis    de
Pi ntieu,   French,  in   12   rounds
at llosti n.
Vcung Stmgriie    knocked    oul
Karry Phillip:-, In third round at
l'i rih Ainboy, N. .1.
decessors, and might have became a
champion If he hadn't tackled eld
Knockout Barleycorn.
Pete Rvcrett, another Mexican
fighter, was fairly good when things
went his way, but was a quitter from
Qttlttarivllle, One good punch would
make Pete lie down and cry his heart
i ut. Hivers hail never attempted to
keep tho Peoria distilleries working
overtime, and he lias never shown a
yellow streak. In his recent battle
with Knockout Brown he took a thorough drubbing before he was able to
put over the sockdologer that ended
the  mill.
The Mexican's flrat professional
bout was with Max Weber at Los Angeles, early ln 1808, and he won hy a
knockout. Ho first tasted defeat In
October, 1911, wh"n ho was knocked
out by Johnny Kllbane at Vernon.
LaBt year he was defeated by Ad Wcl
gast and Joe Mandot, but whipped
Mandct In a return engagement.
Joe says Mandot is the best man he
has ever mixed with, hut be also has
great respect for the prowess of
Knockout Brown, and considers
Webster a hard man lo beat Rivers
declares that he whipped Wolgast last
July. Joe's father was long a pro
reusional sprinter, and his. elder
brother was something ot a boxer.
Hc Is live feet four, with the chest,
shoulders, arms and neck of a middle
weight, but from tbe watBt down hi
Is built like a featherweight. He has
a reach cf 65 inches.
Clyde Engle, utility lnllelder of Ihe
Boston world's champions, will celebrate his 29th birthday tc.day. Ensli
is a native cf Dayton. ()., and Ilrsl
played professional ball with Augusta
Oa., of the South Atlantic league, i-
1H04. He went to Newark, N. J., ir
IBOfl, to the New York Americans in
1909, and Joined the lted Sox the
following year.
Waivers were recently asked upon ;
ESngle by the Boston team. Clyde Is j
assured of a permanent niche in the i
bam ball ball of fame as the man who j
hit the fly that BnodgrOsa muffed.
Imt Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and  Sale  of  Real  Estate-
Walk up Sixth street and see our display of tools.
It will pay you.
M.J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE  237.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Americans Endangers
fishing Industry
(Continued trom page one)
Defeated Eurnaby in Fast Game Last
Evening by 3-2 Score���Lumber-
Jacks Swamp Moose.
B. C.  A.  A.  U.  Meeting
The I). C. A. A. U. meeting is to be
held on Thursday evening in the office of W, II. Keary., as announcnl in
The News yesterday  morning.    It Ib
; understood  that   several  of  the dele-
j gates    are    of the opinion    that  the
met ting Is called for tonight.   This Is
a  mistake  and   the  secretary  of  the
union has n quested The News to announce the meeting for Thursday evening.
Dredge Beaver.
The dredge Heaver and Ub accessory pontocni and piping are being
rapidly put In shape lo proceed up
river for the dredging operations at
the mouth of the Pitt river, Coqultlam. They are at present being fitted
up at Fader's wharf.
'I""" Pacific Dndglng Company
which has this contract has also got
the oiuitraet to dredge False creek.
The dredge King Edward is at
Klcotnen island cn a dredging expedition.
The tugs Cheerful and Fearful passed   up  the    Fraser    river    yesterday   Canting the salmon    fishing    on    this
with booms for the Fraser Mills. coast   have  been   in   progress,   Inter-
Salmon Queen, mlttently  from  11109,  when  Or.   Ilab
cock was deputy minister of fisheries
I i for the province.    In a report on the
subject in   that,   year   he   made   a
chartre   that   the   law   governing   the
during thc present 36 hours prohibition, the outlook would not be so
gloomy. Now the existing deplorable
conditions cf aflalrB not only remain,
but will probably be aggravated.
Resume Negotiations.
A brief resume of the negotiations
between Ihe liritish Columbian and
Washington governments may be interesting.
The negotiations between this prov-
inee and the state of Washington con-
Agreements of Sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
BOILERS Riveted Steel Plp��
       BURN OIL
P. O. BOX 442
The Salmon Qui en left the city yes-
; tenlay for up rivi r fishing centres
| to   collect  catches   for   Martin   Monk.
The boats last down river trip only |
resulted in the colectton of five fish,*
All bore evidences of encounters with
seals, Eeveral being badly torn.
One fisherman, Lewis Morrison, reported that the only "strike" in his
net was grabb��d by a seal.
Champions  of   N.   H.   A.  pnd   AllT'.ar
Aggregation  Under A-!  Ross Will
Arrive  Next rt'eek.
I'.ith the ijuebec team and An
Iti ss' all star aggregation are now on
i" ir way to the Pacific coast and
in tl week the fans ol British Colum
i i ill lime a chance to compare
eastern style of play against thai
I ruled i r displayed In the wild
-   Ily
S'nturally the worlds' cbanfl-lonshlp
in   Victoria  between  the  Sena
i  ra  and   the   Ancient  City   scxteiir
�� il bo ilit- feature as this will be the
I   .   i.nie in the history that a world's
* ��� - has b' en arranged.
I he scoring record of the Queher
f rwtirds during the past N. II. A.
i ti on wlll go a lung way to convince
i my ol the coast fans that they can
the trick on the Paterson cup-
I li rs, although the goal aggregate
notched by tho li'inch under Lester
I'atrii 1, in tlie P. C. II. A. show up
i ��� ar!) aa strong as doei) that of their
i ; pom nil-..
Vrl Ross and his picked team will
I ��� : iI.i- western all-stars in Winnl-
p R en Thursday and Friday even
ini's of this wee'.; playing tlle all
i"nn game, both teams leaving fat
\ i:    tivor un Saturday morning,
No little comment haa been heard
��� i the Btreets as to why Harry
! jland v.:m lift off the eastern line-
i" ini according to Information re-
i' Ived here during lhe past two days
I'.i s. uus Instructed by Frank Patrick
i�� Ignore Hyland altogether pn ac-
��� mnl if the latter breaking his con-
l ra "I.  last   fall   with the   Patricks.
Several of tho fans polnl out the
f:n*l that Patrick grabbed a bunch of
i ntract breakers from the N. II- A.
lasl tall which he is playing against
the visiting players, so that the least
lie might havo done was to taken no
action as lo what players Uoss was
t'i  bring  OUI   here.
liiiinbv Shore la al.'O Ir bad with
the Patricks for somo reason or ether
nnd although the Ottn a player has
played a brilliant game fer the
i ni iv as il* ring thc vast season he too
was letl  off iiie t am.
Vlsalla, Cul., March 18.- A home
run bv Collins in the third inning,
villi two on bases, gave the Chicago
Americans first team a lead which
Pi i Hand, ol the Coast league, cculd
ii i overcome, and (he White Sox won
r. in l today, Krapp. ot Portland,
.started n batting rally In the eighth,
with a three base hit, which netted
three runs, llagerman struck out
five ol thu Whlto Sox. He was replaced in the sixth by Krapp.
Chicago substituted Kd Walsh lor
'Smith at the request ol a deputation
ol fans who wanted to see Walsh In
action.    The score:
R. H. E.
������Chicago    5   *    2
Per.Und      *    *    3
llaUorif*: Smith, Walsh and Easterly; 1 lager-man, Krapp and Fisher.
According to Information received
In this city yesterday a real whlto
hope is being grronicd at some lonely
point, on Vancouver island who Ih
Btated to have all Uie requirements ln
the way of build and physique.
The man Is a Swede, weighs 240
pounds, stands 6 feet 8 Inches high
nud according to tho Informant has
tlin bearing of another Carl Morris,
the Oklnhoma fireman, who has made
w veral appearances ln the ring, although  with unsatlBlactory results.
The Swede ls said to have lived lor
a time In Holland, where he gained
his strength by towing scows along
ihe si.ialf canals.
Home Fennel, a government   em-
Amateur League Standing.
P   W.    I..    P.    A.
Y.  M.  C.  A 5      4      1    18    11
Heavers    3     2      1    15      6
Fraser Mills     5     2     2    22    11
Moose      5      2      3    13    15
llurnaby    4      1      3      6    16
Sapperton   3     1      2      4      8
By defeating Burnaby lart evening
at the rink the Y.MC.A. hockey crew
completed their schedule for the season having but one defeat chalked
against them so that a play-off with
tlie Heavers, providing the latter win
their  remaining  two games  will  be
necessary tO decide the ownership of
the Mcltae trophy.
The Hurnaliy-Y game was the lasl
on the program of the double header
and what part of the crowd stayed to
see the finish were well rewarded with
some excellent hockey.
The  surluibanites  took  the lead   in
the first period which they retained
until late in the last 20 minutes,
Iteid for the Y boys coming through
with two goals that placed the game
on Ice for the association men.
The  feature  of  the  game   was  the
playing   of   Yorke   lor   llurnaby,   who
although   but   a   youngster   displayed
remarkable  speed   and  stickhandling.
Moose Milside.
The Fraeer Mills-Moose game war
of a listless character, the lumber-
jacks running up a rcore of eight
while llie Moose obtained two and it
waa easily Been from the outlet which
way the tide was flowing.
The game was a clean one, not a
single man being sent to the bench.
A dispute over the officials delayed
the opining somewhat, the Mills objecting to Eddie McCarthy being the
udge Ot piny. The trouble blew over
by the lacrosse player leaving the
Frenchmen to choose their own official, McCarthy coming back in the
seoond i ncounter when he and Charlie
Tobin handled the game to perfection.
The teams and goal summaries are
as follows:
Fraser  Mills- Coal,  Dunbar;   point,
Iirown;  cover, Lett;  centre. Iloileau;
, right wing, .lefford;  left wing, Hox.
Moose���Ooal, Oraham: point, MeColl; cover, Itoss; centre. Darkle;
right wing, MeDnugall: left wing, MeLeod.
Goal Summary
Fraser Mills -.lefford. Lett, .lefford,
lefford,   nox,  Hox.  Hrown,  Lett
Mocse   Darkle, Darkle,
Durnaby-Y. M. C. A.
llurnaby Coal, Statiilish; point.
Corriden; cover, Hall, rover. Yorke;
centre. Madlll; right wing, Kcll; lett
wing, Livingstone.
V. M. C. A.���Ooal, Scott;  point, 11
Cunningham;  cover,  Knight;   rover,
Stacey; centre, S. Cunningham;  right
wing, Whittaker; left wing, Held.
Goal Summary.
Y. M. C. A.-Held, 8; llurnaby
Yorke, Madlll.
Penalties���Y. M. C. A.. Whittaker
H. Cunningham, Knight; Burnaby, Cor-
Referee, 0, Tobln; Judge ot play.
Eddie McCarthy-G. Hastle; timere. F.
. Lynch, V. E. Andrew; goal umpires, Tom  Rennle, O. Swanson.
* (By "Oravy."! *
Senor Joe Rivers Is 21 Today.
Senor Don Llto Jose Ybarra, better
known under his ring alias of Joe
Rivers, will arrive at manhood'B estate
today, having been born in l.os Angeles on March 19. 1892. Senor Hivers
!h now a happy benodict, having recently married the daughter ot an
Angel city contractor,
HIb next Important bout will prob-
ahly be with Leach Cross, the Jewish
dentist., whom he delented ln New
York some tlmo ago. Joe ls by all
odds the best Spanish-American scrapper In ring history, but there havo
been very lew, thc generality of Latin-
Americans never having taken, kindly,
to flsticulta. . Aueralla lierrera was
tlio best of Joe's Mexican  ring pro
lUNInAllUKd i=OR prices on :~
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Well   Known   Lacrosse   Player Comes
Up from Behind, Ties in Tenth
and Makes Grand Finish.
weekly   closed   time   for   salmon   had
not been observed by the    trap men;
I of the slate to the south and that in
! consequence of this the salmon were
I not  reaching the  spawning  beds    In
the Fraser in  sufficient numbers    to
guarantee a permanent supply. There
was no agreement between  the governments   on   the   Bubject, but each
department of fishing had imposed a
closed time.    In Canadians waters lt j
was 36 hours a week.
l*\vt Nct Observed.
MAV   HAV   DFVFIC      The American    law    called    fnr    ���
Wlnl    Uni   nLYLL'Vweckly respite of 48 hours, but it was
I complained that it was not observed,
  land  that  was  the beginning  of    the
investigation   which   has  Jimt  closed
for'w'ith Buch unfortunate results.
Ordered Investigation.
The senate of the state  ot Washington ordered an Investigation in \he
question and invited this province to
send their representatives to give evidence.    Dr.    Habcock    and Mr. D. N
Quick Service, Good,Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Standing    Committee    Working
Tralninr, of All Children in Old
Fashioned Dances.
In   one   of   Ihe   best   match   games
I evpr seen  In  this city  Buck Marshall,
was returned winner over W. J. Sldan '
n a i "ii came series at the (Tub al-
I leys Monday even'n;;, the two trund-
' Urs Using  in   the last   Irame,  which
necessitated an extra game.
j     Marshall in the last four games had
[ crept   up   to   equal   distance   of    his;
:opponent and  won out  in easy fash-
tip-top form and mado a showing that   (.
augurs well for some of thc Vancou-'
vi r tourney  money  being  brought to j
this city next month.
Thi' following srorea tell the tale:
Marshall  156,  170,  197.  ISO. 173,
200. 191, 211. 192; tolnl 1828.
The circling year has again brought i Mclntyre, the present deputy minister
I May   Day   within   the   range   of     In- of  fisheries for the    province,    were
I terest. and the initial meeting of the delegated to go over the line and at-
standing committee held last evening tend   the  sittings  of  the  state   com-
II   uie  Hoard  of   Irade  rooms  iB  but niittee.
the  pri cursor of  the  calling cf    the t    This committee resolved itself lnte
general   committee   togethi r   and     a a general conference and  the repre
gt-tiing into harness ot all those who sentatives of this province submitted
have   the   interest   of   this  delightful their information on the subject  and
children's day at heart. then returned horn?.   The committee
Whin Mr. J. J. Johnston, chairman, however, continued to prosecute*    its
called the meeting to order, all wero Inquiries and finally drew up a report
i        ,        ��� ,      -,,.*,,             ' | present,  these  being   Messrs.  W.   A. bearing out  the contentions    of    thr
ii i ,  eni  -     ;',i   ,,; Jk.i, "'         ,'    Gilley,   this   year's   master   cf    cere- provincial delegates, and recommend
.     !:  Sloan  and  Marshall  were    in   nwn-^  ���   E    MaoK(.Iui(,]  Beorttary, \nR that piltrol should be provided foi
II.   Peele.   C.   H.   Smart   Wade,   P.   tbe Sound witters to ensure the    en
W. I.uce and II. Savage. forcement of the regulations.    The re
The last  named  detailed  the steps   port also recommended that a differ
that have been  taken towards    Intro- 'ent method of closing the traps should
,,,  .      ,,.,    ....    ,,, ,   ,,..,   .,,..   .,,,..   ,,.,    duolng  the  old   country   dances    and   be adopted.
,��-,,,-���,,  i��sb      ' ',May Day dances among the children,       ���      Another Investigation.
1    *      ���'���     '"��� -  -    of the city.   It was due to   the kindly      This finding was followed    by    an
'.interest of Miss Lena Cotsworth that   other investigation or rather another
] some 50 children had been trained at   conference, and again the representa
Christmas time a'-'d since then    the  tives ol this province took a promln
speaker had  broached the matter to ' ent part in the deliberations.    As    r
, individual    members   of    the    school   result rf this joint conference it was j
  board, to teachers nt    lliree    cf    the   recommended   that   a   longer     closed
It Was a Rathsr Mean Advantage, but   school8, and up to dale had succeeded   season should be established  in    the
It Won the Gams. In  enlisting  their  sympathy  and    In    Sound   waters,   conditional   upon   thr
An unusual golf handicap was played   terest together with that of some 150  Dominion   government  enacting  simi
i on one of tbe local links recently, the   children who had  since been taught,   lar legislation for the Canadian waten
1 ... ����� .h�� On,���o ivImiiIiil- linnils ' p|an Competition. so affected.    According to the plan of
: proponent of th. sane winning hUnfls ,     .^ ^ ^ |(  ^ ^ ^^ 1 ^.^   ^  ^ I_)el__b���g   ���,
.down.  Oue of the rules or goir  s in u   a__   UiB cllil(h.ell  in  the  city   bpfore the conferenoBi the Canadian closur-
I one must not talk to a player wnen lie   May ])ay^ thr(.e Qf t]_e country dances, was to take effect 24 hours later than
' is about lo make a drive, nor must uttl- | ,lncj l]lal {rom u-0 more profiC;eEt of the closur? on the Sound  waters.
* ers discuss any subject In his hcnriiig. : nMSe   there   might   be   chosen   eight That was the essence ol the report
' It might take his mind olf the gniue for   boys  and  eight    girls    to  represent to the legislature.    It was passed by
Just nn Instant, and thut might prove j their school and  to take part    in    a the senate and then thrown out, and
|..,|.,l                                                          j competitive  May  Day dance,  that  ts no one appears to know exactly who
In run-in Cltv lives a crack but et-   the  plaiting of ribbons around    the was responsible   for   the action,   al-
in '*'"���'�� "4          -nihiislost   lie  Pole-   For the winner it was planned though a strong indictment has been
retnely   mm go�� ����"**      *  to gi.v6 a banner. indirectly levelled at the head ol the
had been In the habit of beating af.it      ^   cotmniUee e,ldorsed the action rules committee.
nnd phlegmatic friend until tbe latter        Mf   .^^   apd    appolnted    him 	
tired of It.                                                    | chairman  of  the   dancing  committee,1 Distance ef Planets.
"I'll tell you what I'll do." the friend   y,*nloa should  approach    the    school The distance of the sun nnd ptnneta
said  not  long ago.   "1  will  play  you   board,  requesting that    body's    sym- fr0__- the cartij may beSt be perceived
eighteen holes lf jou wlW give me a  pathy mid co-operation in the scheme. |he foIlowlng fact: a train of cars
handicap."           -                                     -it was made plain that   the children ���             ,nute   ^.^a
uld no, be taught Uiese^dance^diir- ��*��   �� ^ ,a m ^a   Vcml8 ���
Comfortable  Family  Hotel
All trains
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on 0. N. Ry.
stop at White Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gull;
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.   For terms and rates apply
White Rock, B.C.
P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Ing   school   hours
"Dune,"   said   the   nervous   player,
"Name tbe handicap."                                 �����*   ���   ��u""'n8^ *Ftmmlms* *���S ****** *lnra ln "ovet.ty-slx years,
"Three times during the game, nnd  Hrrt ^���*nL�����*��n���rVte Mercury In 110 years, the sun In 175
not more than three, 1 am to be per-   ^ years, Jupiter in 7-40 years. Saturn in
mltted to stand behind you and  say      The committee  was Informed  that 1,470   years,  Uranus  In  3.H10  years,
i!ou!'   while   you   are   preparing   to   Mig9 cotgworth had promised to de- Neptune In 5,0f>5 years.   To reach Ihe
drive."                                                        vote her time shortly after Easter to a(,urcgt died star our train, steadily
Kvery time lt wns the nervous man's   teaching these dances, and they   ex- mB|ntalnlng Its mile n  minute speed.
piny bis fut friend walked up and Just ; pressed entire approval thereat, and wouy reqU|re about -4(1.000,008 years,
stood behind blm.   Never once during  also heartily commended tho    teach- _. {.    gtTOrlll acr���.
the game did the fat roan say "Hoo!"   era of those schools that have   been the above Kbedule.-New fork
80 *       Rests with Teachers. Ovseoeme by ths H��at.
It  was  felt  that  the  success    ot |   "1 hev come to tell yes, Mrs. Malone,
Bltulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bitulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fllteen cftiea
In Canada, and over two hundred in the United States. ,
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
ucrvc shuttering, and tbe fat man *��u
bands down.���Kansas City Journal
Grant and Lee.
In reminiscences of President Grant
by Robert M. Douglass, his private secretary. In the Youth's Companion ba
"Oue afternoon n tall, handsome mnn
of splendid presence and with * grave,
courteous face cutered niy office nml
modestly announced himself us Hubert
K. I.ee. Wbeu I tnld the president be
directed me to bring Ibe distinguished
visitor In at once. Their meeting wns
Cordial, but nppnrentiy tbelr recollections brought feelings of sadness tu
liolh men. The president, with his
usual  consideration,  presented nie to
the matter  rested very largely  with  that yer husband met With an Seet-
tbe   teachers,   and  several   members  aent"
presitit testified to the Interest being
evinced by the children.
A letter was received from Mr. J.
P. Hampton Bole, acting for the
Native Sons ball committee, and it
was decided to accept the offer of
that body with regard to the May
Day committee taking over the decorations now there, provided that a May
Day celebration be held. This step
will eliminate much ol the usual preparations and will Bave some outlay.
Always Late.
"Men ate always late,   I bare waited
here since 7 o'clock for my husband to
General Lee, who knew my fnmlly npd 'come.  Now It U half after 8.'
who greeted me kindly. I expressed
my pleasure ut meeting him ami then
retired fronTtbe room. I felt that at
such a time no one should Intrude. Tbe
visit was merely one ef courtesy aud
did not last long. I believe that it waa
the only lime after the wer tlin^ the
two great generih^met."
"And when were you to meet hlrnr
"At 5 o'clock."-Lustlge Blatter.
Hie Finish.
"Re slipped on Ue polished floor end
killed himself." .
-Serf of a hardwood finish, ttkr-
frinceton Tieec
An" what U tt nowr welled Mrs.
Malone. tit]
"He   wae  overcome  by   tbe   beet,
"Overcome by the heat, was he?  An'
how did It happen?"
"He fell Into the furnace at the foundry, mum."���I^uidou Telegraph.
Really Considerate.
"ta Mrs. lilnks considerate of her
husband's feelings?"
"Yes, She nlways airs bis overcoat
so early In the season that bis friends
cannot detect the odor of moth Irtlls
when the flrst cold snap cunie��."~Buffalo Express.
Kltty-Isn't It a most fortnnate thlngl
Ethel-What? Kltty-Tliat peoplecao't
read the kisses that hare been printed
upon a glrt's llpe.-��. Itvxm Poet-Ufr
patch.        -     -  - > �������������'' itt.
Easter Week
Under the auspices of Mrs. Sziver of San
Francisco, Cal., for the benefit of the
Aforcfc 25, 26, 27
St. Patrick's Hall
Tuesday Evening,-Wednesday and
Thursday Afternoons and.
Admission and Vaudeville���Adults Fifty
Cents; Children, Twenty-five Cents.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest lavor wherever laid. PA.-E  SIX
t RATES. ���
Claasifled���One cent per word per
tay| 4c per word per week; 15c per
vmnth; 5,000 words, to bo used as re-
iiilrcd witl.ln one year from date ol
ii'ntract, -$25.00.
Dirtli or Marriage NoticeB 50c.
Heath Notice 50c or with Funeral No-
'ice $1.80. Card ol Thanks 50c per
flat, close to car line. Box KH1
News office, t��Hl)
once, Bohemian cafe, opposite B, C.
0. It. depot. (865)
Apply 621 Thirteenth struct. Phone
1.886. (861)
clearing. Property located at city
limits, closo to car. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
street. (851)
ferably in Insurance office, by experienced man. II. W. Tanker,
Tynehead, B.C. (854)
house. Send particulars to Box
117, City. (842)
wanted. Liberal commission, Apply box 833, News office
farm from 5 to 20 acres caU'and see
my list if in this vicinity. J. Cars-
well, Mllner. (884)
than a mile from Milner, mostly
cleared and fluent land, without
stones or gravel: 300 feet on main
road. $200 per acre; half cash. J.
Carswcll, Mllner. (885)
let,   (lne   locality,   close   in;   seven
rooms; furnaoe,
etc.    P.
(). llox 826
per day or week. 654 Columbia
street, over Royal hank. (K76I
furnished housekeeping rooms, furnace healed. Apply 37 Agnes street
or phone LtKIK. (852)
isheii bedrooms.   Terms moderate,
Cliff block.    Apply 32 Sixth Btreet.
Ohio Wlll Attempt to Regulate Dress
���Cause of Wave of Immorality.
room, modem conveniences, Bult-
able for two ge.utlmnen or two
ladles.   220 Seventh street.      (812)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Ag
nes street. (763)
small rooms over the News office
Suitable tor club or light manufac
turtng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Mauager tho News.
good lots close In on Iront block.
Sell cheap. Reply Box 860 News
office. (860)
Stoye,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range  Co.,  Market Bquare.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street, west.
Vancouver, 11. C. (766)
Notice is hereby given thai the first
sitting of tlif Court of Revision on
llie Assessment Roll for 1918 will be
held at the Council Chamber, City
Hall, New Westminster, B.C.. on the
16th day of April. 1913, at  11 a.m.
Notice of any complaints must be
given to the Assessment Commie*
Bloner in writing at least ten days
previous to the silting of the Court.
Dated at New Westminster, B.C.,
the 17th day of M'irch, 1913.
City Clerk.
$50 to $75 cash, balance $15 per month,
will buy a fine lot, right at the city
limits and only two blocks to car.
Every lot has a splendid view and
faces on a full 66 foot street and extends to lane. City water and light
adjoins property. Wo can recommend these lots to the man looking
for a homesllo or a good Invest
ment. Price for each lot only
$390. The owner has Instructed us
to sell off the few that are left. Call
for ful! particulars today. A pleasure to show the property us It will
stand inspection.
521 Columbia  Street.
Columbus, 0��� March 17. Declaring
that the Immodest; of the attire worn
by women on the Btreets and in public
places Is the cause of "a great wave of
Immorality now sweeping over the
country," Representatives Louis II,
('apple of Cincinnati, Introduced tonight a bill In the lower houBe of the
legislature providing for the appointment by the government of a commission of three members to "prescribe
the fashions to be worn by women in
the state of Ohio."
Under the provisions of the hill, tht
proposed commission would be com
polled to fix limits on decolletti
dresse so that "not more than two
inches of tho neck below the chin
shall be uncovered" Another clause
of the measure provides "that transparent stockings shall not he displayed
or worn in publlc places."
Another provision of the bill states
"that it shall be unlawful to display
or wear any outer garment trimmed
or combined with late, insertion or
any kind of embroidery mesh or net
through which the color texture of the
skin may be distinguished without
having the lace or other transparent
material backed with opaque material."
MemberB of the proposed commission, according to tlie bill would have
to be between 30 and 50 years of age.
Not more than two nl them would
have to be married men, and "of good
moral   character."
One of the members would be an
ordained minister, one a parent of not
less than three children nnd the third
a social settlement worker.
The commission would be authorized to prescribe rules anil regulations
for the designing ami manufacture of
women's clothing and to prohibit such
Crowds Flock to Nottinghamshire Inn
To   View   Prodigy   cf   Nine
Months   of   Age.
London, Marcil 18.���The Duke of
Cambridge Inn, at Mapperley, Nottingham,   was  besieged  all   tlle  week  by
Street Lighting a Good
Advertisement for City
Old folks who need something
of the kind, find
The following article In a recent Issue of the Calgary Capital may be ol
ink rest to citizens of New Westminster ill vlt'W of the Ultimate extension
of   the  lighting   system    which   now
makes Columbia stret t an avenue of
beauty by night:
The value of advertising Is thoroughly appreciated by the merchant
of today, who Is constantly   spending
people  eager  to  see  the  baby  giant   large sums of money in catchy news
discovered by tlie Dally Express. j paper  advertising,  attractive   window
The child, who is nearly 9 months displays, by elaborate signs, and oilier
till, is the son of the landlord, James ,devices having for thrir object the In-
Whittaker. lie weighs nearly 56 lbs. creasing of his business "It. pays to
is nearly three feet tall, and can lift advertise" Is nowadays an accepted
five and ten pound weights with ease. 'fact.
An Express representative, who I In hiB Bcarch for new advertising
visited the inn, found Mr. Whittaker, features the merchant has latterly
with the baby William, lu his arms, turned his attention to atreet lighting
The father dropped a five pound and has turned it to his own udvant-
weight on the floor, and holding .the i age, the results not being confined to
Child down to It, told him to pick it ! himself, however, but being Bhared by
up. He lifted it und set It down care- ! tho citUeus at large, tho merchant pro-
fully on the table, Ifltlng directly through Increased busi-
Mrs. Whittaker. who Ib of medium i ness, while the citizen is benefitted
stature, gave ber child an excellent through the Increased safety of the
character. I city Btreets, and the cleaner condition
Hc will be eight months and three  ��r same,
weeks old next Monday she said.    At '    "��� follows, as a   natural   Sequence,
birth he weighed about twelve pounds
and now he has five or six teeth He
Is never cross and Ib a good little
lie Is fed on the ordinary food proper to infants and Is a hearty eater.
Mr.  Whittaker  Baid   that   the  babv
that the better a city's thoroughfar
jls lighted, the cleaner will those be
kept ami the safer they will be for
both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Strikes the Visitor.
Well-lighted streets are a most ef
fective advertisement for a city.   Thf
most effective without any discomfort.
Incieased doses not needed. 25c. a box
al your druggist's.
htltnil Out mi Ctnnlcal Co. ol Caaala, lUltl.
Tendera for Furnishings.
niant enjoyed a hair slice of buttered effect on a visitor of well-lighted
toast and a saucer full of tea at break j streets is lasting, and the Impression
fast. is  not bottled  up and  Ib enthusiast!-
My  wife's father weighed about  12   cally passed around,
stone, lie Bald, and mine about four-1    A writer on ornamental street light-
teen.    1  am  one  of  the triplets  and   lug In general, in u recent issue of one
the  only  one  of  them  living. of the technical Journals, says:   "The
 | value  of  ornamental   street    lighting
***************** can scarcely be exaggerated. The
*, ' oolnmercial value  to  the  retail   mer
��� WELSH   NEWS ���  cl,ant is more lllan sufficient to war
��� ���
rant his bearing a large portion of the
expense.   The value to the community
lies  in the greater convenience and
A   farm   servant   named   Krederick I comfort    afforded,   advantages    well
Davles was  washed off the cliff    by I worth the cost to the taxpayer.
a wave at Gow er. South  Wales,  and '    "Still  another  Important   value   Is
drowned. Iwhat might be termed advertising or
| publicity value.   The city's Btreets are
At  Mold   licensing  seasions  Super- | its show windows.    A  live,  and   prostyles  and  patterns  of  garments  as' Intendent    Yarnell    Davles    reported i greBsive city,  like a  live   merchant
the   commission   after   hearing   shall1 that there were ninety-eight licensed ' dresses its show windows well     The
deem to bo detrimental to virtue and  houses   In   the  division,  or    one    to ! constantly  increasing stream  of
The bill goes so far as to prohibit
departmental Btores from displaying
undrnped artificial figures. The bill
makes a violation of the act punishable by a fine of not less than $25.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Wc can trade 10 acres near Chilliwack
tor eily property. Call and see us.
We can trade 160 acres in Alberta, 75
acres plowed and ready for crop.
Hi use and barn, price $4200, for
city property,   P-S7.
We can trade a lot at Edmonds near
cltj line fur small liouse In New
Westminster.    N.i.
Three roomed furnished sulto with
bath, hot and cold water; heated.
Vacant March 17.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750
Sealed Tenders will be received up
to noon of Thursday. March 26. for
tho erection and completion cf No. 2,
two storey cabin buildings to be
erected on the corner of Tenth and
Agnes Btreets, New Westminster, for
Arthur JoneB, Esq., Victoria, B.C
The successful contractor   will   be
required  to furnish  a guarantee com
��� ���
>                     IRISH  NEWS. ���
��� ���
I One of the finest specimens of sal
mon ever caught In the Blackwater
has been captured by Fitz Smith at
Kilmurry, near Fermoy. The flsh
measured four feet from nose to tail
and three feet two inches around the
girth, and scaled exactly 4'J pounds.
A fanner named Patrick Stans,
Cavanaoaw, near Omagh, was discovered hanging by a rope attached
to a beam in the roof of hia own
barn. The deceased, who was aged
ahout forty-five, was married as recently us last September.
James Frazer was presented with a
purse of sovereigns by numerous
friends on the occasion of bis retirement from the position of tow^ postman of Ilallymote, after 40 years' service. Mr. Krazer captained the Mally-
mote Football and Cycling Clubs for
years, and was prominent in other
forms of sport.
A horse attached to a van standing
outside the Coagh Creamery, County
Tyrone, took fright at the noise of the
machinery and bolted. Coming Into
contact with the pillars at the creamery gute, the animal rid itself of the
car and harness und dashed up the
street Miss Maud Burgess, daughter
Of Dr. H. BurgeSB, J. P., pluckily ran
to the horse's head and held the animal by the nose until assistance arrived.
visitors to the growing eity carries abroad
     , ,    ,      ,   i impressions, good or bad. which that
���ars of age. and  shortly  clty B00��� bo(,omuu characterized
ptain Colquhoun,   Chief uhslghtly or Insufficient light!
every 164 inhabitants.
Over   IO years Of ��,,..  .,,,,,   :,.. -,,,,    ,.,,y  ���.,.,.,  ,���. i-liaraeleri*/. ,1     An
cw2& Sffi - W��'   ^1 l********* or insufficient lighting sy
l.Zm ,  I ot*v"lu'n' ,"aile J ��allam |tem Ib sure to create an Impression of
attempt to stop a runaway horse at-  arrested development."
.ached to a corporation cart and was i ,,...._,���
knocked down. ���,.     U*M Made Broadway.
|     'Good street lighting," tho National
The St. David's Day committee a: 1 Electric Light Association's Commit-
Pontardawe have passed a resolution tee on "Ornamental Street Lighting"
protesting against the action of the ' reports, "pays in dollars and cents,
Ponlardawe llench as appointing as j W tremendously In attracting busi-
thiir clerk a gentleman unable to ne88�� P*yB In greater real estate value,
understand Welsh. It is pointed out | pa*>'B '" animating avenues that would
that many persons appear before the I6-*-* artt'r sunset.
magistrates who are unable to speak j "" 's "Klit that has made Broadway
or understand   English. Un -New York the most-talked-of street
! in North and South America, and the
There was a sudden death at the! most prosperous avenue In tbe world:
funeral of the late William Krancis, j light that causes newspapers to ad-
shipbuilder at Haken, Milford Haven vertlse it gratuitously us the "Oreat
recently.   The mourners had follow-  White Way."
ed the hearse to Etehoboth Calvinistlt Tliere can be no argument on the
Methodist Chapel, where a service truths above stated, and that fact that
was proceeding, when the undertaker over 300 cities and towns in the Uni-
James Lloyd, who was standing neai lted States have Installed ornamental
the door, fell to the floor and expir \ street  lighting  within   the   past    few
intensive lighting as It is called, utilizes the arc lamp Instead of the Iti-
candesoent lamp. The form of lump
used differs from that, used for ordinary Street lighting In having the operating mechanism below the centre i
of the light Instead of above It as In |
the ordinary lamp.
iiy enclosing the mechanism in a
casing which is dtsiguiii to harmonise with the Column on which it rests
ami surmounting the whole hy ii sclen-l
ticleallydeslgned    globe    of    ground
glass a  pleasing and  unobtrusive ef-1
feet is produced   A recent article com- I
metiting  on  this  lamp  stales:      The,    Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for
lamp employed Is tiie new ornamental. Furnishings"   for     furnishings     and
Inverted   lumlnlOUB are  recently    per   equipment for the new hospital build-
fecieii by the Oeneral Electric i'u. lis lug win be received by the under-
chief Characteristics are Its power of signed. Detailed listB may be Obtain-
distributing a large volume of light led at hospital, TenderB either In
evenly In all directions, and the fa- ��� whole or In part must be In the hands
Clllty with which It may be employed of the secretary not later than l'i
In oramentnl street lighting that Is, o'clock, noon, Wednesday, March 19,
Inverted on top  of   an   ornamental 1918.
street lighting standard or post. Onei B. S. WITHERS, Secretary,
of the peculiarities of the ornamental Royal Columbian Hospital.
Inverted luiuiulous arc is thai owing! New Westminster, B.C, (S40)
to the design of the globe it lias the
faculty of ubsorbing all shadows. Including the shadow of the post itself
upon which the lump Is erected, and
at tho same time diffuses un even volume In all directions.                                                          	
The  Inverted  Arc. Tenders   will   be   received  by    tho
The Inverted are was flrat Installedundersigned,   marked   "Tenders   for
In New Haven, Conn., und thiB Install��� Supplies," up to 12 o'clock noon, Wed-
atlon was shortly afterwards followed nesday, March 19th, l'.H:!, for supply-
by Installations at Balttmore, M. D��� mS "'������q Hospital from April 1st. 1918,
Utica, N, Y��� Lynn. MaBs. and Cincln- *-" March 31st, 1914, with the follow-
natl,  Ohio,  Chattanooga,   Tetin.    and 'ng!
other cltieB In the United States.    In      Bread   (white   and   brown),
this country the city of Calgary has In j    Meats.
stalled a large number of these lamps S    Milk    (per gallon)    and cream (per
carried on brackets, mounted on tlio | I��'"t��.  In  sealed  bottles.    Samples  to
Bteel  poles  supporting  the  overhead ! ��** submitted,
work for the street railway.      These I    Drugs,
have nearly been installed on Eighth      Groceries.
avenue and their Installation has re
suited in that avenue being transformed into a veritable White Way.
The   installation   of   these    lamps
which  Is  proposed  for  this  city   will
result  in the retail  business  district j
being converted Into White Way dls
Wood,  slabs  (per cord).
Coal (lump and washed nut), anthracite (lump and nut, in carload
lota), at per ton.
Detailed   lists  of  drugs,   groceries.
trlct which shall   bo second to none, i meats and   lish  may  bo obtained    at
with  beneficial  resultB   to  the    mer-1,he Hospital.    The    lowest    or    any
chants and the city.   The cost of this I lender not necessarily accepted.
Installation ls to be divided   between | E. S. WITHERS,
the  owners  whose  property  Is  bene-! Secretary,
fitted and the city at large, the form- Royal  Columbian  Hospital,
er bearing two-thlrda of the cost of In
Btallatlon, operation and maintenance,
while tho latter bears the remaining
Division of Cost.
This  is an equable division   which
s In vogue in Calgary.   The estimated
total  charge per front foot  per  year
New   Westminster,   ll.C
d.    Lloyd   was  4 7  years old.
While making a search for certain
documents. Dr. Lewis, of the Welsh
Universitv, has d'scovered the charter granted by King Edward I. tt
Aberystwyth. It was granted to I.Ian-
badarn, the name of the ancient
church and parish. In consequence
f the  direction   in   the charter  that j to the town or city's greate
years is ample evidence that they are
lielng brought home.
True, in many instances, installations are not extensive, and may be
either particularly elaborate or ornamental, but the spirit of progress and
Phone 1277
Westminster Trust Block.
Why don't you own a pool
Is   $1.58,   making  the  charge  against  rOOlTl      Clpar nrnfit **,9(\fl nnr
the property of $1.04 per foot per year  IUUI"'    Y  d\ V\0Ul ^W pel
and 52 per root per year against the month. Located centter Columbia street.
Thc Oriental Contract Co.
Bench  Warrants Issued for Arrest ot
Two More Chinamen    Trial
Seattle, March 17- llench warrants
were  issued  today  for the  arrest of
faith in one's city or town" Ib evid-|��**-m Feng and Dung Jeck, subpoenaed
ence, and a greater civic pride iB en-. by  the state to testify tomorrow    in
CAPITAL (Paid Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,OOO,0O0.0<>
Branohes throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London. Eng
laud, Now York, Chicago and Spokane
I'.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with correspondents In all puts of the world.
Savings Bank Department-Deposits
reoelved  la sums of $1  and  upward
':""""" �� ' ���- <"'" ""����� '���">���"'   me trial oM.o Yung'dlng""and Chin ^T^een���^ ' POT ^ '6r
Cast    Burnaby.
House    and    corner
$111110.     No. 34.
House and large  lot
$1800.    No. 57.
New  bungalow,   modern    except  furnace, on Wise road, $23110.    No. HO.
Three one-acre blocks on Lulu Island.
Large  lot on  Ottawa  street, snap at
Cottage to Rent.
Call and see.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Publlc.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Thomas  J,    Townsend,   an    Inland
Revenue officer,  indicted at the Nisi
I'rius  Court,  Dublin  on  a charge   of
pany 8 bond to the amount of 25 per !���hootlng  Martin  Ready  at  Knockado,
cent, of contract amount. Comxemara, on March 18 last was ac-
I laus and specifications can  he ob quitted.    The   venue of  the  trial  had
tamed    from    the undersign.id.    Th, t���,,,,   changed   from  County   Galway,
owner does not bind himself to acoept where it was alleged on the part of
the l^����/t��tar. the prisoner mat a fair trial   oould
GARDNER A MBRCBR, not be obtained.    Martin Keany, who
Westminster mart Block. Architects. I gave his evidence In Irish, said he was
181-' silling at the fire whin he was shot.
Hilling the hearing of an action   at
Longford Quarter Sessions hy a drain r's   assistant   for   a   year's    salary
He Lot 4, of Itlyek IO. of part of Sec- against a draper who failed and was
tion.'I.    Illock II  North,    Range    7'evicted,   Mr    Delany     ifor    defendant
West, District of New Westminster. I said the assistant stayed   on   when
A certificate of Indefeasible title to there was no business being done, and
above property will be Issued to Prank  When there wub nothing to Bell in thf
N.  Trltes, on  tho  12th  day  of April. I place.     For  mouths   before  the  ..vie.
markets should be held on Mondays
Aberystwyth keeps Hank Holidays on
A fire broke out In the hostel of thi
women students of the university col
lege of North Wales, liangor, in a bedroom Bitting-room occupied by tw,
women students who made quick efforts to put out tlle flames. The>
BUCCeeded, but not before a quantit;
of bedclothes and furniture had beci
damaged. One of the young Indie*-*
had her hands and arms burned severely.
Serious damage was done by fire
" thn c.?.rgo and refrigerating plant
of the Liverpool steamer KI Argi.n
line 11! Cardiff. The outbreak was
caused by a deck lamp being knocked Into the hold by the chain of a
crane. The blazing oil from the brok
11 lamp fi 11 on some straw at the bot- j
00d. I Queng,  members of  the  How   Loung
The citizens of Edmonton are, and   lon%. for the murder tf Wong  Song, j
"' '       "    ' "   proud of their   a  Hop  Sing man, .;vljo  was killed  In I
have good cause to b
city and Its growth, and they are not
in favor of its lagging behind in the
matter of street lighting is evidenced
by the heavy vote cast in favor of the
Klectric Light Department's program
for 1013, which was covered by and
which covers a very heavy expenditure for street lighting
Progressive   Edmonton.
The word covered by this by-law Includes not only  the largest addition
to tbe street lighting of the eity, particularly in  the   residential   districts
a Chinatown hotel last December.
If the witnesses are not found to
morrow the case will be continued
The two witnesses ure said by tin
police to have fled to Tacoma aftei
the shooting last night of Chin On
and Chin Yin. It was learned today
that the wounded men, who nt llrst
were reported to belong to the Hop
Sing tong. are memebrs cf tho Uow
I-ouiig long and the police now he
lieve  the  attack  on  Chin  Oil's  stun
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
which has bee, yet made in his city, Usi nigh, was made by gunmen hired
but a so ncluded the Installation of ,,.- u,e ��������� Si���g tong and thai thi
in extensive ornamental lighting sys-  .hooting    here   was    directed    from
tern In the rct::il district
���    Ornamental  lighting   systems   have
made  tremendous   strides   during   re-
jcent years, and has passed  In a very
short interval  from  the crude to the
torn  Of  the  bold,  and  the  place  was 1 lrt|,l|c       _,   orDMnenta,
immediately a mass if flames.    The
dock   and   city   brigades   soon   extin- j
gulsbed   (Iii!  outbreak   however.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best lino of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale and  retail.
,    J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia   St.
1918, unless In ihn meantime a valid
object Ion thereto be made to me in
writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or Interest therein, or
in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles
Land  Registry Office,
New  Westminster,  B.C., Februnry
28th, 1913.""'
Piano  Reduced   $10   Each
day until Sold.  Today
Frank Ma jar Musk and
Piano Houae.
L_^: 61 Sixth St.   _:i
The person or persons having In
their Custody or possession tlle follow
ing Title Deeds relating to the said
properly are requested to deliver tin
same to the undersigned,
(a) Deed dated the 28th day ol
November, 1S03, from Frank N. Trltes
In Thomas Bennett of the above de
scribed property.
(li) Deed dated tho 12th day of
November, IK!M. from Thomas llenneli
to Arnold Bennett of tho above described property.
(c) Deed dated the 12tli day of
October, 111(10, from Arnold Bennett In
Oeorge W. Shay of the above do
scrjbed property.
<7f,4) District  KegiBtrar of Titles
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newt Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
69 McKenxle St
tion the shop stock consisted of bun
drills of bandboxes and some antl-
nuuted tall bats that nuhody would
"I have heard," said Judge Craig
the Belfast Recorder, addressing the
Jury in a case In which evidence was
given In regard to the wearing apparel of the   accused,   "that   a   good
many ladles spend the sermon time
in church in Btudylpg the dress of
their friends. A new hat, a new bon-
jnet, a new bow, or even a new pair
of gloves, Is written down iu the tab
lets of tlieir memory. Dress Is a very
great point with them, and to be an
expert on such nuestipns is onn of
the   things   in   which  'women    prldi
An extraordinary row look placi
at a dance in a laborer's cottage at
Tonroe, near Klllala, ns a result of
which two men, named I'alrick Flaherty and Patrick Cunningham, are
In Killala Union Hospital In a serious condition. There was a large
gathering at tlio dance, and refreshments, were freely given round. Matters apparently passed off merrily up
to about three o'clock In the morning
when a row arose because Flaherty,
who was tho musician, refused to play
for a man named McDonnell. A general melee ensued.    Household Imple-
A sorlous landslide occurred '������'
Cwmtillery, wrecking several build
ings. A portion of tlie hillside, some
IG0 yardii in length, affected bv tin
heayy rains, broke away and slipped
lown, and some oottages and a farm
louse sustained considerable dam
ice. The latter was very badly
wrecked, and Its inmates had barely
���lme to escape the final collapse
vhich occurred somewhat suddenly,
hough there had been premonitory
ligns of the  landslide.
Judge I loyd Morgan had before him
at the Haverfordwest county court
a compensation case in which the
iwners et the Cleopatra, of Milford,
had offered a trimmer, Albert Edward l'lynn, agod 17, $100 as compensation Tor the loss of a log. The
registrar refused to record the
agreement because of tbo inadequacy
tf the amount offored. Ills honor
upheld the decision of tho registrar,
remarking that ho did not consider
��100 udequate compensation. ���
Thrilling scenes were witnessed at
a fire at the Dodwcllly Union workhouse at Tredegar, and several of the
officials were Injured. When the fire
broke out about 5 In tho morning
there were nearly 400 inmates in the
house. As soon as poasble this workhouse brigade got out of the building
about 135 inmates who were sleeping
in wards on each side of the assistant matron'B sitting-room, where the
fire originated. A large number of
Inmates sleeping on thc two floors
above were got out Irt excellent Order.   Some, however, ran to thc win-
Portland wbere an attack on the Uow j
Loungs was made by the Hop Sings |
N.  Q.  Van. a  Hip  Sing man,    whi j
was  wounded  during, the   lighting  in *
chin On's store, was not dangerous)} i
hurt and It is believed Ilu re is lltlli
likelihood of the Hip Sings taking ai
active part in the feud,  which dales
back to the murder of Beld Blng,   ��
How  l-oung, In Portland more than i,
[o^.f.f^f^J!*^8^^^.8*?!^10"^  et In Chinatown today
to inslal, hut left much to be desired
progress Is shown in three stages. The
first stage was the fittoon plage.
This   consisti'd     of    Incandescent i
lamps hung in festoons strung across
sidewalks and along curbs lines.  This !
Transfer Co.
)lflc��  Phone  IBS,      Barn  Phon*  137
Begble Street.
Baggage Dellveod Promptly to
any part of the city.
UCh to be ileslr. il
from an artistic standpoint when
viewed either during tho day or
Following the fertoon stage came
Ibe arch stage. This consisted of
arches of steel cr Iron spanning the
Btreet and carrying Incandescent
lamps suspended from the under side
of the arches. The effect In the day
time was far from plcaBlng, while the
results at night time loft much to be
desired since the arches created hands
with light with areas of semi-darkness
in hetweon.
These arches were expensive to
maintain, due to the difficulty of replacing burnt-Out lamps and uIbo   ou
but the prosecuting attorney received
Information that the Chinese wen
arming themselves in anticipation Ol
further trouble und a lurge number
of policemen were kept on duty to
night in the oriental quarter to prevent another outbreak.
London, March 17.���.London's social
season, which will open In earnest al
Eaater, gives full promise of being
one of the busiest and most success
ful for some years. The dances, din
ners and receptions already aunounc
Light and Heavy Hauling
iccount of the structure being covered I ed form a big list and numbers ot lh.
in a very short time In grime, neces- beat known people In society are re
sitntlng frequent cleaning and  paint-. turning from tbo continent this week
Systems In Vogue.
The next step, which was a great
improvement over both the above-
inentloned systems, and one which haB
met with considerable snoops, wub the
installation of the tungsten lamp,
mounted cither singly or In clusters on
standards erected on the sidewalks,
close to the curb Hue       This syste
The King und Queen, lt Is expected
will entertain a large party at Wind
sor castle during the Ascot raci
week, and there will be a Blate bill n
Buckingham palace in Juno In honor
of tbe visit of tlle King and Queen ol
Tho   Duchess  of   Devonshire     wll!
give a big bMI at Devonshire housi
,.:.,, , ,.,  I Oil  the night  of tho Derby  and    tin
f������!.-  ..    y��� Ii.'fa.BiPK ofr.ect.R at   nlKl" i Ki"K will  entertain  the  members Ol
monts were concerted Into weapons, dows, and sheets were held by women
and It waB not till some of the combat
ants were badly Injured and others exhausted that peace was restored.
30 or 40 foet below. The workhouse
brigade, wblch Is composed of r.i"'.
dais, did splendid work.
the Jockey club tho same evening,
probubly proceeding later with hit
guests to Devonshire houae.
time, the light being soft, but lacking
In penetrating power.
It has tlle disadvantage of creating
wcl]-deflticd areas of light with comparatively poor Illumination between
standards. Theso standards in the It is understood that the Right Uev
day time present an appearance which ''as. OlSulllvan^ D. I)., Bishop of
la not Inartistic but gives a rather Tuam, Klllala, and Achonry, who Is
crowded appearance to tho sidewalk, In hU 79th year, will shortly reelgn
on account of the heavy top appear-, his See owing to advancing age. His
n'uee of the bracket arras and globes. I lordship was consecrated at Armagh
Tho latest form or ornamental or In May, 1890. '.^ ^
New  Spring and  Summer  Suitings
now on display.    See them.    Pertcct
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second    iiaml
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
10 Melnni-H StreeL I'hi.ne J00��
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
i28 Clarkson Street. Phone 490.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
607 Kront St.   Phono R1Q81.
New Westminster, t.C.
Real Cetate and Business Chances.
Acreage and  Choice  Fruit Lands a
Specialty. David Livingstone: Hero,
Missionary and Explorer
���    ,ua in a name that Is never far ale.    hi 1851, the journey tn Sebltnane
I*,  id  ihe  thoughts  of  anyone  when wm  successtuily  accomplished,    and
,  h progress is going on In Unit on the return Journey to Koloben, a
.: ,   ntlnent, and the establishment i.11li son was bum.
facilities iii' that  progress, uut-n I    Deciding tbut the Doers would nol
aappresston of tbu (Have trade allow  the  Instruction n   the  natlvi ,
i  in   aotlvlty of exploration are peaceably, Livingstone, by the liber
ell rooognlzed. allty of bis friend, Oswalt, tmk his
y(l 11   Is  only  now   and   then   thai   faintly  lu Cape Town, and suit  thorn
I      i,,,,* i I  all exploration work and   to  Kngland.
, |iarj i ntarprise enters Into lhe
ul    llioiiglil   regarding   Africa,
,.   memory  of him   who  gave
.,  i Ier Umi tho world might
l;   , I., i, n Ives the honor it merits.
Attacked  by   Fcvtr.
Arriving nt  Vlnyunti, the capital ol
tho  Makolnlo, on   May  23,  IK:,::,    thi
,, ,, .missionary who had found Irs home
I n ini'..lone  are  only   word I  an'1 ���fjeota at Koloben, bad  bee,, de
bul the great meaning lying  h,ri,>',"(1 ���>>��� the Boers, hud his first
��� realized by con- ****** of fever and prepared for his
Movement* alone, J';m'"">' further northward.   The bank1
nil the Christian ��* ""' /'illnl"'Bi baying fiiiied to show!
���   a healthy Bile for a station, Living-1
sione determined on opening up   a
a living skeleton, to rind that most
of the stores seal to him had been
Rescued by  Stanley.
Al thin moment a well-equipped
caravan under Mr. II. M. Stanley, ar
rived, which bud been son I out by thi
proprietor if the New York Herald
and Livingstone wai saved. The t'.v*
explorers set mil together early in
1S71, but Stanley became 111 and de
elded to return lo England.
Livingstone was determined to find
the source of the Nile, and concentrated on the Katanga highlands, bav
ing parted with Stanley In March
lBT'J. On Ills return. Stanley mcl an-
otlter ri 11 f expedltV n under Commander Dawson, tl. N.. whieh return-
id   to   Kngland   with  him,
Died on His Knees.
Livingstone   remained   at  linyany-!h(. would be able to dodg
< mill und siartid    for   Tanganyika,, lata."
Sidelights on War As
Seen by Servian Soldier
Belgrade,     March     IX.    "When     I
started to the war for the first time," ,
said   Vellmer   Mllkovltch,   a   Servian I
them up like straw so that tliey would
die   next  day.
Amusing Incident,
"Indeed," said Mllkovltch, "we near-
soldier wounded in a ret,,,, battle ! ,y (1*,.u r,om too much iilllKhi,,g when
and now in tbe hospital. "I was so Jflst as we got the order to start for
pleased with myself I thought every ja" advanced post outside. Adrianople
moment of delay was too long. I soon !L Private jaa up and told our com
bad enough of It and its uncertainty, ?an<ler  ,llal  '"'  *���'������'*  l"il"1  "  w*��
for   We   never   knew   where   we   were      .Sfl"* , m6rfi   "'"'   "'"""'     U     "s
bound  for, and  tben,  even  when  the   ��*t M  IUIWI     You   should   have
battle came; no man was sure that',0''!' ?e fiU:.',' "f the commander, bui
be had a smile when he heard us roui
Ing, and  still  the  private could not
the bui
ld them oan be realized by
,11011 ol ins acl
name Is before
1,1 ,ii presi nt, for ttday, the 19th
���curs ihe centennial of tin
i    rul.l    HH     i i n m ., ii i.i i    ui    mm: *
C|   mis  missionary  of  mission. I���"?**.! _","' ����"h
pliilan- *
i man, a Christian,
���   and a soldntlat,
Enters Cotton  Mill.
��� ;i  ,���   March   19,   1813, nt   Illan-
i.uiiariishin', Bootland, of poor
.: . David l.lving.-i'.i ne's early life
lining  wire niifli as to fll him
a was eventually
iiii father, Ne I Llv-
,. a i'i dealer, was oi e tf the
i arm ai and Qod-fearlng nun,
,*��� luile toward his f unily In-
i. ni , i i] lit and greater 1
mother was of gentle
haracter, mid her Influent
.   waa i I   great  a
i H in bla later years
i     when  ten   yeurs old,
i.i ; in< i ositlon of "spin
\i   flrsl  he  was not over re-
-   ibougb  bla love i r learuli ���
,,: |p hla assiduous study
i laa ill ������ b< uny. zoology   I
With a modes! outfit, the missionary descended the Tshi be, ascend, ,11
the   7,Mi,beii,   arid   passing   througjl
the l.iinda country, where he narrow  i
ly averted   a hostile   reception,   he
reached Bhtnte on January 16, 1564
He  oontinued  through   the  swampy
watershed between the Conga and tie i
Kreai work be was eventually  Zambesi io the Kloko country, when
fever and lack of focd, which had rov
to be bought with currency which it><
parly was(almost entirely without
bad a bud effect on the expedition
love and Livingstone was obliged to quel)
mother was of   gentle   and  the first signs of a mut'ny.
Fever-stricken and half-starved, the;
ih of great assistance to band  reached Quango    where    the: \
later years, were  kindly  reoelved by  the  Portti
ii.  keep tin-   wolf from  the guese, and eventually arrived al Lo
-: was s< "i io a cotton mill anda, win re the mpsl tord'al r     :
tlon wm accorded them.
Refused a Pa^snqs Home.
Livingstone was ottered i passsT
hi -I*, but refused, and on Septt tuber
20. it",-!, he began the return journey
-���   He Btayed fee a while ai  Pungo And i
iind ol  rudimentary    medicine,  ando to rewrite bis journal which bad
approached maturity rellg-   i, . ���, lost on the vcyage to Kngland.
look greater imld   if and  i ached  Llnyantl  In  September
*~'*\  l!f55, after   experiencing    rbeumat'"
i   fever In tbe Kloko country, which al
mi il cost him his life, and after re
prated attacks by hostile natives.
:,   i  to secure a mcdl-     The missionary did not remain Ion-
, a ; lallfy him fur work  al  Wnysntl, but set out fnr the east
Ileal missionary    In   China.  S������; accompanied by Bekeletu and
���rages,  earned  ���., a  cotton I200 :Makalolo who travelled with htm
Med blm to take the medl-  f, ,ii,r ,M *��� vlotor����  '''^ ".��'"'" !
il vnderson's College; Olas-   Wvlngstone discovered while f Uow
, the winter cf 1838-7. !,::'  ""  rr,:,s" 'f.���������" '-"V.""*'*
though djHentry ami loss of blood First hand experience of tbis phase
from haemorrhoids made him unfll of the war and personal impressions
for  travel.     Bnt  he   wub  Indomitable  are now so hard to get that 1 thought
and reaohed the dlsirlot north of Lake I would draw this sturdy convales-
Bangweolo, a country like a vast cent out of his shell. I give the story
sponge where starvation and mortal Just as he told it to me in the hospj-
111 ness constantly raced the party, anil tal, unvarnished, frank and untheatri-
cao ' *i  could   not   be  Ob'-.tned. cal in Hs bald simplicity.   Ita interest
All through this country Living- lies solely in the fact that It ls a
Stone went, though he was dying, and true silhouette of modern war. whicb
i I, April 30, 1873, he reached TbIiH- while intensely tragic, has lis funny
���initio's   village   In   the   llala  country,   side,
Tbe next morning he was found by . "We Servians, however, stuck to-
his  native servant,  Susi.  In a kneel-1gather,   Anyone standing out. by him-
If was sure to be shot.    I ean'l cx-
ing position beside his hed. wllh his
irms   Stretched   OUl   and   dead.     His
in art.  was  buried  In  the  village,  bul
his body waa eml'.'.lmid. liken to Br -.
'and b*  Ihe second reiiif expedition
iti   t hv the Geographical Bocle-
y. ami burled in Westminster Abbey.
��� that he had said anything quae
"We were gay enough too near Janlna, watching the Greeks What do
you think the Greeks did to pass the
time? They made a renoe Tor Jumping and had bets and Invited us to
Join. Our men could not do much
and the Creeks mocked them until
one of us said: 'No wonder you can
Jump. You had ItitH of practice going
over 1000 fences when Javitl lasha
was behind you.'
Were Full of Mischief.
"The Greeks were mad and never
Invited any Of our fellowB to Jump
Since tben, and no wonder. We were
always full of mischief. At nighl we
used to go in batches to Btartle the
(Ireek   patrol,   pretending   to   aet   as
tiie reflection of ihe flashlight, from !,Wt,U j,Mt���t?,hlla1r !'"''" &"���**���**���'���
walls of Adrianople    would    dry   Grk' Grk> ?rkl     Do��lJ8h?0tl      *"''
��� .every morning we asked them 'Whal
The Island of Tea
The choicest tea in the world grows high up on the
mountain-sides of Ceylon. The native purity and garden-
freshness of this supnrb Ceylon Tea is preserved by the
sealed lead packages used in packing.
Black, Green or Mixed
plain why, but the fact Ib, that our
chances were much better when we
niarelieii close together. We ha-1
some fun with fellows who believed
English Journalist
Advice to Authors
l.indr.n. March 18.    Tin re ha; been I
'i much  talk about poisonous print
the HiJokmnn. Sir Robertson Nicholl
weilds nation-wide power.    The aril-
n England lat, ly that's news corres- fioS and notM *?e,,hM .written under
ml li" rest Ived to devoti
, Hi *. .rn i.ii  i f  mij
A  Medical  Edj.i'.ion.
pondent sought out sir \v. Robertson
Nicholl, the best Informed man In
Lendou,  to elicit his  views on  the
in nil position.
The gnat journalist WHS optimistic
ind  undismayed.
"My own opinion is that every year
tu >v   shews a declining  taste fur ob   could have no mentor as helpful
sens  and  machine-made  novels,"   be
said,   "li is still difficult and will ue
dm ng tie winter it isao-i. . ,    _,     .   AT.
��� , sun r ,f is?,? he wort '""���".;:-,v'.::rnv"","* ?u"e?ane,t��r
trade   bul returned to his  May 22, 1856. nearly,four years_after
trade,  but  returned to ni��    ��� -.���--��� ���---��� ���* ���    - ��    ������   ���
r-i In lhe autumn, and dur-  ****** with bis fa...: ly at I aoe rown
_      .   .      I \fl,   ,-    ...,,,...     _   ���v     ��� I      M'.iir      i>   -       I.i,-
s, ri'inl   session,   offered   Ins
in lhe London Missionary S
After some stay at Mauritius, Llv
Ingstone  went home anil  wss the re
. in tne I.oiiui.ii Missionary mu-     .",     ;     ,   , ,        , ,.
,-hich b" selected because or c^e?   ot {U"<ro"   a,nd ';l,bl'
sertiliins   reeeivlne* ills,, lite t-i
tarlau character
���-    * se ipiinsee.'vngalso.be gild ne
bo's  offer  wai  provision- dal of the Royal Geographical Society,
cd. and In September. 1888, ,",,my1," " ,H,,|:'"h1f��^nf   "'"J  h'^
to  London,  was successful ^ ,,f'r"V:'H''"1 ,WJ *,"A       v"',
i mlnao eMftlnaUons, and '". ""rch' ��6S.helefl for the Zambesi
ii     ill      ���! ii       ..'.,',-,       ������ ��� 111/ . i ri 111 il      1 rt      nv
'  to the Rev,  it.   t'evll   ai
ii'igar,   Rsbox,  for  Ibe  con-
��� nf his training.   He returned
*.   and   i i,gaged   In   medical
entlflc  work;   nnd  It was dur-
>.iv   iii   tlle  metropolis  that
ilu r in Afriea was decided on
with an expedition appointed to o>.
plore Eastern and Central Africa,
lie was appointed British consul a'
Qiiilemane. and had severed bis con
nectlon with the I ondon Mlaslonan
Boclety, l'e brought his wife and his
youngest chill on the second  voy
rnca was ueciien on. ;       .-���  ,. _.
war  had   prevented  his   u"'   '""  'h""'  at  '*���  l JJf
Lo China, and meeting Dr. Rob
il  fi it, the South African mission
approached the London Mis
viiety. and Induced them t
Explores the  ^hire.
An   exploration  of  the  Shire  river
was determined upon, pending the ar
rival   of  a   suitable   boat   fer  naviga
d fflcult fer some time to get really
tine work appreciated in any populai
��� use, in,i there are a great many
people who silk It and stand up foi
t."     In  proof  tf  the  large  elements;
of health  In the public taste he call
ed attention to the enormous successI
f the "Cabbage Patch" type tf fiction.
Por several years Sir Robertson
Nicl,iill acted as Kngiish ed.tor for a
great firm, and speaks with authorit>
on matters of International taste. "Wi
often  f.nd that lhe l:��st  novels hen
lint sell In Ami rica." he sa;d. "and
Ihat some of the b"st sellers in the
1'nited Slates are unknown In Britain
As a matter of fact, the standard you
apply to Kngiish novels fails complete
ly in America."
Nation-wide Power.
As editor of the liritish Weekly and
the pen name if Claudius Clear hav
put several literary reputations on a
si cure basis. And there Is no one
in Kngland more pesterfrd for advice
by literary aspirants and ,yculd-be
Young   Canadians   wanting   to   gel
a  foothold    In  the    Kngiish    market
would-be novelists I would say, begin
��� with  short    stories.      Seme    success
a n i _  tliosi
tu favorablt
shout  Janina?'
"The (Ireeks have the reputation ol
' not caring to fight If they can avoid
It, und lt Is a well known fact thai |
the capture of Salonlca eost them no
more   than   300,000   francs.     Por     ' | Or H.
might  have  bad  some  sympathy  for
tin m. ever, in that, if 1 had known be-
I forehand bow  I  was  to have  passed
Ithe nighl afier the first battle. I
must ti II you about, it. This was before 1 was shot through the lung:..
To Dodge the Bullels.
"That particular night was as dark
as a forest Marko and I were running forward to get under cover In the
Itrefacfaes,  thinking the faster we ran
the better chance we had Of dodging
I the bullets, when at last my companion called oui in the darkness:  'Here
, We are Vel, come and lie down.
"I  stumbled  on,  groping  the dark
! ness In the direction from which his
| voice came.    Not another word did I
but  1 knew  the fellow
Single fare and one-third for round
t ip. on sale March 20 to 24. Good
lo return  up to  March  26.
. Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Hound Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Sundays.
B.C. Coast Service
New Westmlnstet
Brodle, O.P.A , Vancouver
LttVM Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m-,
2 p. m. and 11 :45.
Ltavai Vancouver for Seattle.10 a. m.
und 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p. ni.
Leavea Vanoouver for Princ�� Rupert
and Northern Point! 10 p. m. Wedne*-
dfl ys.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
lo p. ra
Chilliwack Service
Leavea Weatmlnster 8 a.  m.  Monday.
Wednesday  and  Friday.
Leaves  Chllllwack   7   a.   m.   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
BD. GOULET,  Agunt, New Westmlnst��fr.
H* W. BRODIB, O. p. A., Vancouver. ���
King's Hotel Pool Room
Rest Pool Tables in the city,
line of Cigars and Tobacco,
events bulletined.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
Sporting ' by  Yibro-.Massage and  Glover'B Fain-
i ous Stimulating Tonics.
Proprietor. I        DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
lines is a Rood passport., Ret from him
consideration as a writer I always dropped  off to Bleep as soon
of long slories. Their motto should
be 'Fly low and move cautiously.'
"The new or unknown -writer standi
a better chance today than he ever
did, because publishers read more,
carefully. The tldfashicnid firms
were once very chary of new names���
one of them refused KiplinK. Steven-
son, liarrio and Crockett. Publishers
are always on the lookout for new
writers r.ow-a-ilays. for they know
tin v cannot subsist on the cabs in the
The fact was then elicited that for
many years Sir Robertson Nloholl ha?
I en encaged upon an elaborate history of Victorian literature. This work
wlll run to five volumes cf 200,000
words each, and the first volume will
be published  in October. 1914.
lie lay down. 1 could n'jt hei',
swearing when 1 tripped over him I
nearer than 1 expected, and he did :
not even give a grunt. 1 wrig-tled ,
in beside him to keep warm, but if 1 |
ever froze it was that night.
"Not a Btir from Marko. and in the |
morning whin I  tried    to kick    him i
awake I found, good heavens  -1 had 1
been sleeping all night beside a dead
Every Woman
i la Interested and thoold know
, about the womlerfiil
society   and inuueeo tnen, ,.. , fl
��� ,��� n,r service ln Booth Africa    kejJ |)v Uv,nggtone and Kirk.   assailed for South Africa. ; wlis   followed by  two  more  journey?
.,   gained   a   iiu-diral   degree   if a similar nature ln  which f'liarle
���  Glasgow  I'nlvorsity. and being or-   I ivingntone asiBled,  the  result  being
nod,   Livingstone  sailed  for  South   the   discovery   of   Lake   Nvasa    nfte*
l on  December 8,  1S40. which the return was made to Tote.
The     Cape      Horn       route       waa      Thc new boat hnd now arrived   and
ti   by   lhe   boat   and   he   had   his   Livingstone desiro-d to plant a statlcn
gllmpBe ol  America nt    Hlo de  on the Kovunna river.
ui.<.rn, finally arriving at Port Kllr.a-      In the exploration of the Shire high
n May. 1S41.    On July .11 he ar-   lands the party first encountered the i
i   at   Kurunian   In   Ihe   Itechuana   slave trade   and the establishment of
itry,   and   turned  his  attntion   to  a mission at Magomero was only ac ,
��� rtbern  country  as a field  for  compllshed after several brisk fight?
onary labor, .with the traders.   Livingstone and his
Kuruman   was  the   most  northerly   parly, after exploring the west coast
on of lhe Society Livingstone was   cf Lake  Nyasa, returned  lo the boat j
i* lentlng and  the usual  residence   and met nt the Luago mouth,
tf  In    Moffat,  whom  he had met In I     The  mission party  sailed  for She* J
'��� n     Before the year had expired   panga,  in the unhealthy  season,  and
I satom   had travelled over sown   Mrs.   1 ivingstoJie,  being  attacked   by
I  indred  iiiili'H  in  the northern coun-   fever,   died   on   April   27,   1S62,   and i
���   nnd  determined  on  a ba?-  for  *rat buried under a baebnb tree at
*.   ' 'tains  iif.u  miles  north  of  Kuril-   Shuranga.
ln a d"gged way the missionary con !
tinned his efforts to explore the Shirr
river, but often penetrating a district
whore lhe Blavo trade flourished
where no labor nor supplies were
available, and with sickness attack
md their customs, lie seclttd- ing the party. Livingstone returned
ed himself from all Europeans and to the boat to f nil a despatch inform
I irticlpatcd in the routine work of Ing him cf thc withdrawal it the ex
1 *'��� I*' "���   eiiH   iiinonrst  vhom lie, wai   pedition.
I vmi      II,.   returned     to    Kuruman.      This cast  the    explorer    Into    tni
here  he remained   until   February, depths of despair, but he returned to
!'l\  when  he  again  visited  thc  Ha-   his  work  of  exploration.    The  party
kwena lu a loumey of some 400 miles   returned to the mouth of the Zambesi
In tlie R'ltumn or 1843, LlringStoneJ where  the  expedition  broke up.  and
wllh  a brother  missionary and  some   lhe  boat  was towed   to  Moiambli|iie.
i'' n ������inui. set out to establish a sla-   Livingstone tried to aell her at Zantl-
'   n nt Mabotsa, in the Ilnkalla coun-  bar, but finding no buyer, he wltn a
Iry, which ho had selected as another   crew  of nine,    crossed    the    Indian
Ocean to Rombay. when- he nl?o fail
,d to sell thc boat, and he sailed for
Kngland on July 23,  1864.
More   feleing   followed   his   return
but he again set off to  Africa    via
Married Dr. Moffat's Daughter.       iBombaJ,  to explore  Nyasaland     and
In  1844  Livingstone married  Mary,   the Bource of the Nile, having In mr
��� id oet daughter of  Dr.  Moffat,    who   meantime   written   his  ' Zambesi  ana
tnd  been    raised  ln    the    Hechuana   Its Tributaries,"
His Last Expedition.
Starting  on  thiB,  his  last  expedition, on  April 4,    1868.    Uvlngstonr
The Lenten Fast Meant
Much to Our Ancestors
Second Journey.
I'.arly In 1K42 Livingstone cr>mv<***r
I his second Journey In'o the Inter-
i    making  for   Moleptlolo   in  BecS"-
lanaland,  where  he  Btud;id   the  na-
rf operations, During thi�� j
i iv tho missionary explorer was
wounded by a Hon. IiIb left arm belf't
an occassional trouble to him for the
roit or his life.
Married Dr. Moffat's Daughter.
untry-and was emlnentlv fitted for
Ihe ardous and nomandlc life she was
destined to lead.   She went tn Matvit'  tion. on spin i,    ��o����.    ���������������������"-*--
sa and in 1S46 moved with her hus- | made for the Yas country, but here
band to Tshonnane,    where    hiring-ihe hnd grcit trouble with some Se-
stco's eldest son, Robert, was bom.   poys he had brought from India, ancl
The missionary undertook two with some Johana men. These av
Journeys eastward through the heart ter returned to Zanlsabar. with ��he
-'what I, now the Transvaal, and ln ' tale that Livingstone ha^ been killed
the second took his wlf-�� and rhlld. |hv Zulus, and an expedition under
and Induced the chief and his follow- Mr. B. Young, was son out 4* the
otb to oorao to Koloben, where all Royal Geographical Society to ascer
   _._  .       .    . '..- .-.i���  ihn  imih     Thev  found that h(
in the present husllo cf everyday
Ife it is d.fficult to realize the zeal
md energy displayed by our forefa-
hi rs in the exercise of their many
religious duties, and it is equally per
dating to trace the origin of some
of the various odd customs, which Ir
'.uinerous Instances the name alone
remans while tho more important
parts are lost.
Shrove Tuesday, commonly known
is Pancake Day, as everyone knows
s closely asoclaled with the familiar
edible, but why people Bhould indulge
n the luxury of eating pancakes on ��
specified day in the year Is often not
lulte clear in the minds of them that
enjoy them. The feast of pancakes,
which Is a ccntlnuation of an ancient
church custom, was observed in early
times as the last day of feasting be
fore RPttling down to the solemn fast
of Lent, commencing on Ash Wednes
day, the day after.
The Pancake Bill.
On Shrove Tuesday a penitential
confess-on was ordered by the church
and. although the eating of pancakes
rmed a conspicuous part < f the
day's proceedlngB, Iho faithful in pre
Reformation times were summoned
to the shriving by the ringing or toll
ing of a bell, which In later years
was known as the "pancake bell"
The penetential confession on Shrove
' lame from the adventures of certain
Tyne sailors who had used all their
prcvesions. and being in great strait?
discovered endings among the cargo
upen which they livrd until they
reached their destination.
Refers to Passion.
Another story  is tbat a vescl with
a cargo of peas forced its  way  inutile  harbor  of a town  In  the north
of Kngland and so saved the Inhaji
'ants    from    starvation.    The    word
"carling"  probably  derived  from  tin
Anglo-Saxon  caru.   grief  or   pain,   ie
mc-e likely to mean Passion Sunday.
Palm Sunday, or Willow Sunday, is
] still  commemorated   In  many  places
iand of Maundy Thursday, named from
the first Antiphon, and celebrated by
the washing   cf   feet in monasteries
and giving of alms, there is still some
vestige  left.
No doubt tho old-time customs were
exceedingly popular for a long period, and well adapted to the tastes
ot the times. Many have been entirely discontinued, and most of those
which remain" have bi en shorn of
much of their solemnity and true sig
Ask jour dnusl-ft for
M.  II h�� c*innot e*ap*pty
tbe MAUV1.U nrcrpt no
-nther   but send plump for Ulas-
traled book���-Muled.   It r\**** t*\V
parUcnlirs nnd direction* InTihrtble
to Udlos. WIVUW III Sf Pl'I. V CO., WInd��or, Ont
Geneml Aseuu fnr Canada,
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house.   Will give two years' lease.   Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Tuesdny Is no longer practiced in the ' Du_.ines��� pC8(8 fcr Men frrom Britiah
established church, and the strrwlnc i Universities,
of oshes crosswise on the heads of \ | omion, March IS -A bureau of
penltentB In the church by the priest I brains or as It is formerly styled,
on Ash Wednesday, who repeated the L  Uuginpss  Appointments  Bureau,
"Id  he free from drought.
The  trouble   he   was   having   with
thn  IkwrB determined Livingstone to
go  further  Into  the  un��Tplored   ro<T-
tain the truth.    They found that he
was alive and  returned  to  England
From   now   on,   Livingstone's   star
was steadily waning;  ln the Tangan
inner  Into  the  un��TPiireu   ran-   ntxa o,���^..,   " --,,  ~ ���- ,
and he aet out eerX, In 1849 to ylka country he su fored a greaUow
ll'UB      ... .    .....    .......     ...    ���
Cross tbo denort In soarch of l*ke
Ngaml, which he was successful In
April,  ISr.O,  saw    the    missionary,
who had returned to Koloben, setting
bv   Iho  thefl   of  his medicine  chest.
which caused him to write, "Felt ar
if I had received my death sentence.''
He continued through tho Rangwoola
wno had returned to Koionen, sevu.., , country Of Mpfto* tar**** gd ����
cut  to  visit  Lebetuane,  chief of the , ing bogs. ��"<ckwi^f fever   at Umes
Mahalolo,   accompanied   by  bis  wife unconscious, and ^l��r^j��Jl*
-.__-  ..   \. ... *    s-..a   u_   ..,r.Q   -vx.a  ��nH wBJi *��� wwi \\K\\ v able, lo ordei
 ���*1��1>'(\F,       in  i ���' 111 y** ii x* ii        ***        ��� -���        --
and hiB throe children, but he was
compelled to abandon the Journey by
the activity of the tsetse fly, and by
his wife's illness.
Tho party    returned    to    Koloben
whore a fourth child was born, which
���zed. and was eventually able, to order
stores to be sent to him at UJIJi.
He was well received ln the Itawa
country and contluued ln the Arabs,
company until March, 1871, when he
was horrified by a dastard massacre
where a rourth child was oorn, wnicn won ��������������"���*** "'."""":";,", ",,h
lived only a^�� weeks, and,Kuruman , by Y^S*��S2S?*?��JBP&3S
wa, made the next Stopping DotaC so! he tribes. g��*��42* ��** "��� ������
��� hat Mrs   t-lrlngstone could reouper- through to UJIJI. which he reached.
words, "Remember, dust thou art and
unto dust shalt thou return," is no
longer carried out in the English
church, but the old custom of eating
pancakes still survives, and, like
many another practice which appeals
to thc human side of nature, bids fair
to continue.
Football  Down  Street
ln various parts of England some
curious customs still survive In connection   with   Shrove  Tuesday. I In
one or two villages In the north It is
���I'lel.mted as a half-holiday and football Is played. Irrespective of law or
���rder, in Ihe main street, the game,
f it may  be so termed, lasting the
whole afternoon.
In the city of Durham the children
are granted a holiday on Shrove
Tuesday, when they aro allowed tc
play within the precincts of the cathedral, where they vainly endeavor
lo lift the knocker of thc north door,
ixpecilng pancakeB to fall from the
mouth of the dragon forming part of
thc knocker.
Tld Sunday Is the tenth day of l.ent.
mid-Lent Sunday, Refreshment Sun
day, or Mothering Sunday, when Sim-
nei cakes were offered to parents;
Carting Sunday, the fifth Sunday in
Lent, when carlings were partaken
of, were all festivals much observed
In the days of yoro. but nlmosl forgotten ln modern times. Carlingn, or
brown peas, were eaten with a kind
oT alcohol and sugar. Carting Sunday, acordlng to one atory, took Its
now being formed to conduct a campaign In favor of more bracing and
vigorouB life on the part of our educated young men,
H. E. Morgan, cf Messrs. W. II.
���^mlth & Son, whose article on The
Dignity of Business, was recently
quoted In the Dally Mall, supports the
scheme in an article In tho Review
of Reviews. The bureau, he points
out, will bring home to educated
young men the specific place ln business that they are fitted to fill; It
will convince business men of the nec-
ren��lty for freeh brains as well as
fresh methods; and It will act tn cooperation with existing appointments,
boards and similar organizations to
bring qualified applicants for business
posts into touch with suitable business houses.
The bureau, contends Mr. Morgan,
should have command of all the talent
available from public Bchools and
Rome. March 18.���Sebaatlno Angelo
a convict, who has been serving thir-
ty-tivo years for murder, has been
released with a royal pardon.
Ho ws tried In 1S77 for eight different  murders,   tor  which   ho   was
condemned , thrlja  to  life   Imprison
ment and a further total el 155 years' j
penal  servitude.
New   Westminster
'    Telephones =^
Will be out of business for a few days
News Classify Ads.
Are still on tke job.
and bringing good results to all who use them. You may
not be able to telephone your ads in for a day or two, but
aend them in anyway. Some one may be looking for the
position you have to offer or the property you want to sell
and an ad. in tomorrow's paper may bring you together.
63 McKenzie Street.   jgg/Ftfa '���*"   PAOB KKJHT
WEDNE8DAV, MARCH 19, 1919.
"PAY    CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Renumber the Place
33 Eighth ��t.      Phone 2
We have Jitpt received some
"Early Rom'" Seed Potatoes.
Have only a few Backs to retuil
$1.00 each.
No. 1 Binall White BeaiiB,
regular 3 lbs. for 25, today 4 lbs.
Crosse & Wad-swell's Sardines
extra special quality, at special
price. 2 tins 25c.
Turkish Coffee, "The Special
Blend," on sale at per lb. 35c.
Imported Sardines, 3 cans 25c.
. liaisinB, in IS M. pkga, seeded,
3 for 25c.
Lettuce, head   3 for 25c.
Lettuce, Leaf, each   5c.
Celery, per head    10c.
Cabbage, per lb  3c.
Cuullflower,  each    20c.
Green Onions, bunch     5c.
Radish, bunch   5c.
Davles' Kggs 3 doz. $1.00.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGC.S
You Are
Daily Working Hard to
You should now, while in
health, make definite arrangements regarding the disposition
of your estate at your death.
It ia neither kind nor Rood
judgment to make a relative or
friend of executor.
Both, just like yourself, are
now concerned In building up an
estate for themselves. They
have not the time to give your
estate, and It is doubtful if they
have the necessary experience
There Ib a great deal of difference between the knowledge
necessary to build up an estate
and Ihat necessary to conserve
It, and you require an executor
with the fullest knowledge of
the latter.
Anyway you would not go to
a lawyer for advice If you were
ill. You go to a doctor whose
whole life Ib given up to the
cure of a disease. For the
same reason you should come to
tho   Dominion    Trust   Company
ror help regarding the ad minis-
t.ration of your estate. That is
our business, and it Ib to that
phase of tlnanOB Ihat we give
cur undivided  attention.
Call in and discuss the matter, it will cost you nothing and
our help will be valuuble to you
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
46 Columbia Street Phone 45:
Advertisers and contributors are
requested to have their week end copy
at the office of The Newe on Thursday, as there will be no Issue of this
paper  on  Saturday.
Mr, S. Cawley, M. P. P., of Chllllwack, wftB In Ihe city yc'Bterday.
Mr. Karl Hays, formerly of tlie start
of M. .1. Knlglu & Co.. is leaving for
Fort George shortly.
Today $.'.0U. Are you watching the
elock ? See ad. of Frank Major Music
and Piano  House. (887)
Mr. Dugnid, of Mission ferry, is
seriously ill in the Hoyal Columbian
The Coqultlam Farmers' Institute
met tonight in the Agricultural hall,
The branch of tho Bank of Montreal at Sapperton will be closed tor
bUBinoBB on and afier March 29. (8451
Mr. Charles Murray, C.K., pf Mr.
Nevile Smith's office staff, has gone,
to Pitt Meadows on surveying work.
A chance for the workihgmau, three
roomed house on one-quarter acre, all
Bleared, for $100 cash and $20 month-,
ly.    Patterson & FiBher, Edmonds.
The wharf at Ewen'a cannery is being repaired, another Indication this
is the big salmon year. The tug
Stranger conveyed a scow loaded will,
lumber thither for the Job.
Skating sessiona twice dally at the
Queens park arena. Instruction lt
free to beginners. Only a Bhort titiu
now from closing and then a long
wait until next winter. (88l��.i
W. Day, electrician, agent for Ho'
Point Irons', fixtures and wiring of
ill kinds. Phons 1269, 28 Sixth street
opposite Postofrico. (760)
A wagon owned by the firm of T.
It. Nickson & Co., loaded with gravel,
collapsed on Columbia street near
Gilley'B bunkers yesterday and sun
ponded traffic on the main line of the
B. C. E. It. for a time.
Rev. Dr. Spencer, or Vancouver,
superintendent of special work beitiK
conducted In connection with tho
Baptist churches of the province will
occupy the pulpit or the Olivet Baptist
church next Sunday Evening.
Wo sell, rant and exchange sewing
machines. All our machines warranted. C. N. Edmondson & Co., corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (752)
Mr. Alt Jenson, of the B. C, Cannery
company, was in the city yesterday.
In preparation for the sockeye run
this year he intends to take a trip
In Douglas to engage the services of
the Indians of that district for his
(in Monday the C. P. R. trains were
I held  up  for  live  hours owing  to    a
| heavy  land slide between Port Hammond   and   l'i rt   Haney.     .excavating
work near the  tracks    coupled    with
heavy  rains occasioned lhe accident.
Send your spare table, chair, refrigerator, sewing machine or anything else you wish to dUpose of to
Benzie's Auction Mart, 638 Clarkson
��treet.    Prompt returns. (786)
A team owned bv lhe Model grocery
mused a little dlve-sion on Columbia street yesterday 'no't.ing by making a bolt when unattended. The
frightened steeds WW? corralled before any damage  nal  neen done.
The Ladies' Aid Society of Queens
Avenue Methodist church wlll meet at
the home of Mrs. J. C Loree, 327
Fifth street, this afternoon at 3
o'clock. The mombi'-s aro reminded
to bring their donations to tlie hos
pita) auxiliary Kirni*?.-*.*. wiiloh Is to be
hold on  March  25,  -iti  ..nd 27.
Money to loan from $50 to $5000 at
12 per cent. No delay. Loans granted
in rotation. Strictest privacy. Repayment arranged to suit your own convenience. James Ward, P. O. Box
:?;, Vancouver. (8471
The provincial government ha.i   a
squad of 50 men under Mr. Walter
.-.turret engaged In regradlng, rocking and steam rolling the Pitt river
load between the Kraser Mills and the
Colony   farm.     Bight  teams are  also
employed in the work.
Mr. Oeorge Walkem, resident
engineer, C. P. II.. Vancouver, was a
visitor to New Westminster yesterday.
Mr. Walkem came to (lastown, as
ViifTVnuvcr was then designated, in
1878, and has been In the ('. I'. II.
service since its advent to tlle Pacific
The people of this city and district
are becoming interi'Sted in the big ice
carnival at the Queens park arena
which will be held on the evening ol
Blaster Monday. It will be the event
if the winter und with a full hand
in attendance there will bo plenty
doing on that evening. (889)
To Contractors and Builders. We
iro now prepared to furnish you with
land, gravel, crushed rock, cement
and lime, office phono 826, Wharf
phono 880.    B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
Alderman Bryson and City Engineer
Blackman  left    yesterday    for    Lake
! Coquitlam   to   inspect   the   water Blip
I ply conditions. The discoloration of
the  water, although  probably  due  to
j melted snow, Is the chief incentive
for the trip on this occasion, but the
opportunity  will  be embraced hy  the
I party to acquaint themselves with the
supply   conditions   at   Ihe   Intake   and
���study certain Improvements suggested
by the Power oompany,
A new schedule on the Grand
Trunk steamship linen on the Pacific
coast which will men** a double service between Vauoouvel Victoria,
Seattle and Prince Rupert wlll come
into efTeC 0n tbe "vin'i:,; of March
i'6. Monday night's steamer out of
VaJicouvcr ruiiB through to Stewart
and    Thursday's    steamir     running
through to Granby Hay. Connection
is also made at Prin-.-' Rupert with
Monday night's sl.'.'i.ner for Port
Simpson, Massett 1111' Xaden Harbor.
Tho one and a hair mile purl of the
Port Moody road connecting the oil
refinery with the North road will hi
commenced by a government road
const ruction gang Shortly,
Prepare for the Ice carnival at thc
skating rink which will be held next-
Monday evening (Blaster Monday). H
will be the event of the season, spe
clal prizes being awarded to the win
ners In the fancy dress competitions.
A slight  fall or snow  followed  by
frost was what onr erratic friend the
clerk of the weather banded down tol
New Westminster last night   A number of staid citizens Involuntarily sat j
down on  the  sidewalks  during  tlieir i
homeward   trip   and   irreverent   juve-
nilcB  waxed  disgustingly  merry  over
tho performances.
A sick horse sprawling In agony on
Columbia Btreet just beyond Eighth
street attracted a great deal of attention yesterday morning. The animal
appeared to be suffering from a
severe attack of colic and waa removed to a nearby livery where It
was attended by a veterinary surgeon.
In  The Courts
I'atrick Berry was sentenced to IS
months hard  labor  by  Judge   Howay
in iiie county court yesterday for assaulting and robbing Robert McWalcrs near tile Iloyal City hotel
three weeks ago.
a Blwaah trcm Harrison river
named George Billy got three months
hurd labor lor assaulting Constable
Bruce and another constable while
being arrested tor drunkenness. A
nn mil ior the drunk charge wa.-i Imposed io run concurrently,
DENG 10���The renminB or tho late
John Benjamin Roderick Benge, who
died on Sunday were interred in the
Church ol Kngland cemetery yesterday
under the auspiceB ot the Ancient Order of Forresters. Uev. Canon d'EaBum
.The deceased was a resident of the
city for two years and leaves two
brothers residing In the city and his
parents in England. He waB born
in Chlslehurst, Kent.
Young   People  cf   Knox    Church
range   Varied   Program.
The Young People of the Knox Presbyterian church, Sapperton gave a
most successful concert In Johnston's
hall last evening. There was a large
attendance der.iite the wintry conditions and a most excellent and variolated program was gone through.
The rollowing numbers were contributed: Male quartette, Messrs. Snel-
grove, Osborne, Dobbins and Cray;
recitation, Miss Lillle Masterson;
solo, Miss Burnett; solo, Mr. Newman; reading, Mr. Guy; duet, Misses
ChaBty; solo, Miss Oswald; recitation, Miss Selater; violin selection,
Mr. MacDonald. solo, Mrs. Eddy; recitation, Master Joe .Masterson; solo.
MisB Laird; solo, Mr. Snelgrove; duet
Miss Oswald and Mr. Newman; reading, Mr. Hlgglnson.
The evening Concluded with the
singing ol the National Anthem and
cheers lor Ireland.
Australian Mac
Now in City kit
(Continued irom page onei
��� "DURNABY   NOTES. ���
Edmonds, March 18.���The members I
or the Ward One Ratepayers' as3ocla-'
tlon will hold  their regular meeting
in Cowherd's hall, Hoyal Oak avenue
on Thursday  evening,  March 20, at ?
o'clock. A commissioner ror the rejis*
trktion of voters will attend.
I    The Home cafe block on Kingsway
lis batng heightened to two storeys.
' Biddy  from   Cork."
"Biddy Irom Cork," that well known
Irish farce, literally took Edmonds by
storm on St. Patrick's evening. The
play was staged in the Burnaby pub
iio liell in which had assembled-, a
gathering or several  hundred  people.
The productiono was simply one
scream from start to finish and the
manner with which it wns presented
devolves great credit on the local people who made up the cast.
The part of Biddy was played by
Mr. It. J. Wilson In a most versatile
manner and the audience was convulsed with laughter nt his every appearance and action. He was supported In a most creditable manner by
other members cf thc cast. Taking
It all round the evening's entertainment was of a most enjoyable nature.
committal or a release from custody.
"I have nothing to give out as to
the trip as little occurred on the
journey from New York. We left the
New York state metropolis on Tuesday evening, March 11, thus hi ing
elghl days on the trip," he said.
Asked about the Martin Powell case
which la to come up for hearing be
fore a United States district court.
Mr. Ahearn stated he expected developments on ihls in thc very near
future. Powell has lost hia first case
heard in Detroit, where he ia being
held and should he lose out before
the circuit judge, the latter has the
right to deny an appeal if he thinks
the' evidence against Powell Is sufficient lo warrant his extradition to
New Westminster.
Powell was arrested lu the Michigan city several months ago when a
large roll of Hank Of Montreal bills,
which were later identified as being
stolen from the New Westminster
branch bank, were round In his possession.
According to Mr. Ahearn the man
Montague, who goes under several
aliases, has been taken back to Chicago where he is being tried Tor beating up Police Lieutenant Burns, of
the Chicago force, who attempted to
arrest two men slnglehanded In a
saloon   several   months  ago.
Montague is known to have been
in possession of a considerable
amount of the stolen money which
was afterwards discovered and turned
over to the Hank of Montreal.
Here in Plenty for Your Choosing
Subscriptions and classified advertisements for The News Ior Lulu island will be received by A. Sprice,
general   store,   Quconsboro.
The News is on Sale at
Hotel Russell, Corner Carnarvon
and Begble,
II. Morey & Co., Columbia street.
Oaskell Book and Stationery Co.,
Columbia itrei t.
W.   Brown,  11.  C.   E.  It.   Depot
Ira A. Iteiil, 752 Columbia street.
Late Express arrivals shew lovely NEW NECKWEAR, Ladies Suits, Costumes and full lines of thc
"Try New
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Spring
We are particularly pleased
with the extensive showing of
Smart styles in Street Suits
made from . Whipcords,
Serges, and Chaviots. Splendid costumes of Charmeuse,
Bengaline and Shantung
Silk. Strinkingly handsome
styles of evening costumes
in lace, and embroidery. We
cordially invite your early
selection. Our prices are always lower than elsewhere.
Extensive lines of NEW
KID GLOVES and beautiful
qualities LISLE and SILK
HOSE are now here and we
sell them to you at pronounced savings.
Our New
Ka'.B fer
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
William and Harry Benge beg to
express their sincere thanks to the
Ancient Order of Forresters and other
friends for their help and sympathj
during their recent bereavement.
Boundary Bay
Maple Beach Park, being a subdivision of the histore old Whalen
estate at Point Roberts, Wash.. Is at
last on the market it .10x100 feet lots
fronting broad streets and with perpetual beach privileges. This hns
been tlie camp ground for scores of
local people for yearB. The lots are
-lelllng fast, many people procuring
the locations they had occupied as
tenants Tor years. Prices J"30 ar.d upwards, oasy terms. Sole agent.!,
70; Columbia Street, City.
The division or the school areas to
be administered by the selieol trustees
or Port Coqultlam and the district
municipality have been defined and
will follow the civic boundaries, with
the exception ol a porl ion lying to tin
ncrth ot the new city.
The dividing line wlll follow the
centre ol tlie Coipiillaiii river to tin
Pipe Line road, and follow thai road
north to include 11. L, 379 and 380,
thence back to the Coquitlam river
and following that stream to the
northerly limils of the municipality.
I thence east to the Pitt river.
A cons derable portion of the    new
j municipality  will thus  be  included In
the city    school    urea    as all of    the
northerly end of the Coqultlam municipality with tlle exception of I). L.
i!S4A is taken lu and included In the
city district.
The Port Moody Post, the flret
newspaper to be published in the newly Incorporated city will make its first
appearance early next week. It will
he a six page Fheet containing the
latest news of the world and especially
news relative to the growth and development  of the city.
The     first  issue  is  expected  to be
ready by about Tuesday and both thi
editorial and business stair are now
hard at work In bringing out the In
Rial issue ol their publication,
The paper Will bo published by the
Port Moody Publishing company and
at the start will be printed In Vancouvi r but shortly il is hoped to establish an ofrice and printing department In   Port   Moody.
Fresh Garden Seeds
now in.
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
Revised and complete to date, show
ing public buildings, principal Indus
tries, railway tracks and numbi-r of
lots.    Kvery Btreet plainly marked.
Every business man needa one.
Large  size,  9x3  feet;   also  pocket |
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up      ... $_>,0O0,0O0
lletcrve Fund       .... $6,000,000
Total At����t. $76,000,000
Savings Accounts
may be opened In the name of two individuals so that either one
can withdraw and deposit money therein,
Thla form of account Is especially convenient Ior a man and wile
or two members of a family.
46   Lome   Street.   New   Westmlnttei
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best in the Market.
85c. per sack 100 lbs.
rURNIPS, per sa.k    50-f
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front St. New Westminster
Guaranteed new laid eggs from our
.iwn ranch, per dozen 35c.
Hed Spring Salmon, Freeh Halibut,
OollchaiiB, CreBCcnt Oysters.
Until tho phones are In working
order again our Bolicitor will call
every morning. We aak the co-operation of our customers.
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phene 93. 447 Columbia Street.
Roem  25  Hart  Building.
French Regiment Attacked.
Rabat, Morocco, March 17,, A
French column on the wliy to revlo-
tual Colonel Mugnlor's forces in the
Ouedzi'in region was recently attack-
id by a blind of tribesmen. The
escort Ing detachment cngngtwl the
tribesmen in u fierce battle and beat
them off after live hours hard fight
ing with heavy losses to the natives.
Tho French lost 14 killed and 35
Home For Sale
For Vancouver, via Central Park
-At 6;U0 aud 5:45 a.m.. and every'
15  minutes   until   '.i  pin.    From  9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00. 7:30,
8:00 und 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���-At
6:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. wllh hourly service thereafter tntil 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafler.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. aud hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car nt 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day Bervlce thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston aud other points on Lulu Island Ib made at l'.burne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
- At 4:30 p m.
No.   1- Here  is  n  splendid homo for sale cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen's Park nnd new school.
It has  seven  large  comfortable rooms with  every  modern  convenience;   full  basement',   on  a large lot, 66x132 feet.
Thla place is below vulue and  the  terniB  are  nuch  that  almost
anyone can handle it.
PRICE, $4400, $75]  CASH, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let us show you this place.
Agents for  Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marine Insurance.
Automobile   and
Have you never heard'
about the "YALE"
Gasoline Engines?
Let us send you a
circular describing
Made  In  New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Engineering  Co., Ltd., New Westminster.


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