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The New Westminster News Jan 13, 1913

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 Mm .*. up
,��������., "   !������������ Ti'j'r���jrsr.i.i'.r
General Progress.
Every branch   of business   made
progress during 1912.   The figures
of every administrative department
prove lt.
The Weather.
New    Westminster    and    Lower
Mainland���Light westerly winds, accompanied by snow or gleet
,  MONDAY   MORNING,  JANUARY   13,   1913.
" C'EI
Battle in Senate Ib Very Bitter-Over 1,300 Names on the
President's List-Vote on Archibald Impeachment
Case Begins Today-To Find Substitute for Aid-
rich Plan.
AS A is shown! H0M[S f0R GIRlsrrm mm P tftWL
Alderman Gray, Mayor Lee
and Others Speak in
Ratepayers Should   Be   Prepared   to
Vote Money for Improvements
te Water Supply.
,   ���
Washington, Jan. 1J.���Problems of I
the approaching Democratic administration will hang over congress again
this week.   Tariff, currency and antitrust    legislation    characterised    by
Presldent-eect   Woodrow   Wilson   as
among the most Important subjecta to
come  before him  are    to    be    the
centre of hearings and investigations
by house committees throughout the
week and  will divide attention wltb,
the Democratic-Republican   fight   lu
the senate over President Taft's ap-1
polntments, over 1300 of which are I
. awaiting confirmation.
The scope of currency aad satl-
trust legislation haB not aa yet been
outlined In the house, although the
sub-committee, which began a currency reform Inquiry last week, has
opened Its Investigation with the announced plan of finding a substitute
for the so-called Aldrlch_ plan^rccom
mended   by   the "     """'	
steamship companies will be renewed
The special commltte of the senate
Investigating campaign contributions
will also hold a short session to interrogate witnesses alleged U> have
heen connected with the acquisition
by William R. Hearst of copies of the
ietl*rs that passed between John A.
Archbold of tho Standard Oil company
and members of the house and senate.
Vulcan   Iron
Take  Party  up
River on Steamer Using Oil Burning Boilers.
Matron of Vancouver Branch of Vle-
torl.in Order of Nureee Greeted
Thefe was a good number present,
despite the stormy weather, when the
ladles' committee working on tbe Victorian  Order  of  Nurses'   project  In
Westminster, was called to order in
the  Y.M.C.A.  Saturday afternoon.
MIds  Hall,  matron of the Vaneou-
������.i,m.i  .cori.itarv I ver branch, came over specially tor
��S2ft��S?��3. UM occasion and gave a very lnst��*uc-
Alderman A. W. Gray, mayoralty
candidate for 1913, was given an excellent hearing by the ratepayers of
Queensborough at his campaign meeting held in the Strand hotel, Ewen
avenue, on Saturday evening. The
gathering was not punctuated by the
excitement that featured the meeting
ln the Mandeville building on Friday
though practically the earoe candidates for aldcrmanlc honors were present.
Alderman Gray advocated better
fire and water protection for Queens-
borough, stating that In h's opinion it
was necessary la view of the vast ex-
The use ot cfude oil as a means of
raising *steam ,*6r both h����n�� a"��
propelling purposes was again demonstrated to local cltlsens y*W��V
when about SOvot the prominent business and proteistonal men of tbe city
took advantagifof the hospital ty of
Messrs. J. R. Duncan of the Vulcan
iron Works alijar. Robert Jardlne
to Lite a tripartite steamer Transfer after she hid been equipped wltb
oil burning boilers.
The fact that the new apparatus Installed by a loeM firm, the Vulcan Iron
Works, of whicb Mr, **. R. Duncan Is
managing director, allel to the Interest. '/ A,    *
The Transfer Is one �� W _������*��
river vessels to be equipped With Oil
burning boilers, and tt srlll "�������"���
epoch in the manufacture and inataiia-
tion of such boilers In Westminster.
The boat Ib well known In the City,
having been on the run between here
and Ladner tor several yeara, giving
communication to the tanas at the
points  with  the
Many Millions Forthcoming
to Fight Great Social
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Said to Be
Behind the Scheme���Hard to Care
for Victims.
, (i|>(
Children Suffering From Disease Allowed to Aa-Mst"���*%*
Milking Cows in Dairy���Board of Health Issues Order
Forbidding Holding of Public Meetings in Sapperton
District���One Death Reported.
commission,  which "���������^lo^a, 0c.urf; |��7e telkT'tully explaining BU^ work In
rency system built
that city and the benefits already en-
oentral bank, l'romlnent banters and
financial students ar,�� to be given a
Will Vote Today.
Tbe vote on the Archbold Impeachment caBe will begin at 1 o'clock tomorrow and li charges against Judge  j^t   which   has
Archbold  will  bo disposed of before joining   the   ladles
adjournment.  j ultimate success.
pansion'tie district has taken recent-  Delta  and  midway   -
ly along Industrial    and ��� residential | business houses of New Westminster,
lines.   He wotsid bring the matter before the next council, he declared, In
order that Use people might be prepared as arly as possible to pass
upon the expenditure the Improvements would -necessitate. A more secure water supply for tbe district
could  only  bo   provided  by   another
Washington, Jan. 12.���Stanley O.
Finch, who has been in charge of Investigations instituted by the department of justice in enforcing the white
slave law, now is ln communication)
with a group*** philanthropists for
making plaps for a national move)
ment to reclaim victims of the traffic. |
Mr. Finch has just returned from
New York, where he consulted some
ot the leaders ln the proposed philan-
throy and although he declined to discuss the details of the plan, he said
ua embarrassment for fund* was expected, it Is understood that" John D.
Rockfeller, Jr��� Is one of the principal
financial supporters of the undertaking.
While men who are convicted under
tho law receive adequate punishment
Yesterday* trip waa the flret teal
the newly ����*^������"'��>*��^ I Se problem of caring for their vie
dergone ���� ��^ng toUM^iwrr * f,���t hM been the h���d
X"1 ".V *Id!!*ta. ��_.^irUn�� tZ*  ��t one with which to cope.   It is the
the boat, everyttlng waa workliiK fine, j inco_e fro_ % ]arge
xx"A sa. ____hwtrj: =��� wgsti.
meettJSg :and In a short speech answer-
led  orUietsmB  that  have  been  made
feature of the oil burners
(Continued on Page Four.)
Is a I
permanent fund which may amount to
several millions tn maintaining rescue tr.-ncs in which girls who are re-
The first death from scarlet fever
since the epidemic broke out in Sapperton during the Christmas holidays
occurred last Wednesday when Gladys
Bushnell, th eight year old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Bushnell of 313
Sherbrooke street, passed away after
an Illness of 24 hours from the disease.
Such was the startling Information
given-out yesterday by Dr. A. L. Mc-
Quarrle, city medical health officer,
but nevertheless though between 30
and 40 other esses have been discovered and more are expected to develop
within the next 21 days, aasurance ts
given that the citizens have no cause
for serloui alarm.
The epidemlo bas been directly traced to milk distributed by ono of thc
drivers of Mr. W. Fellows, a milk |
dealer of Burqultlam. This driver se-
curd his supply of milk, which averaged from 10 to 12 gallons per day
from a dairy sctobb the river, where
It has also been revealed by Dr. A. L.
McQuarrie and Dr. Sinclair, the medical health officer of Cloverdale, that
several  members of the proprietor's
cue n-.-nes in wn-cn sirm ��..���, ��.= ���**" !.__���������  wh0 Is a woman, are now suf
claimed from Uie underworld may be ��������� +        ^^ ,ever
given care and Instruction necessary |    rbtmttmM ������ this family are now In
considered the
most dangerous stage. These children
50 days or until the cases are discharged by the family physicians.
Further precautions have been, taken In the way of closing all churehaat
and Sunday schools and cancelling all
public meelnga in the1 Sapperton dte-
trlct until further notice.
The entire situation Indicate* tk*
serious lack of proper Inspection *t
the sources of the city's milk supfAr-
Thls Is not ln the least the fault or
the city, as Its medical officers lusvn
no jurisdiction over dairies
outside the city, the Dominion
ment exercising supreme control st te>
Etated. __l_B__i_,
Made Suggestion.
During the sitting of the Hbytd Wte-
vlnclal Milk Commission in Ftewr
Westmlnster a short time ago. ��_�����
significant that a system of InspMOot*
of the source of the cltys milk �����������
ply was suggested by Dr. A. 1* ��e-
Quarrle which, If It had been la I
at the preeent time, would have
bably prevented the epidemic.
McQuarrie brought up the fact
these outside dairies supplying
ito the city should be forced to call
I In the doctor at the lcari sign of IU-
ness and that the doctor be rwnlreeT
The canvas,!
I I.'* l�� .n >'��< mm*���*���**��v\*���i*������ ^^^"^'.no^ed
lias occupied the attentloa ot the see- lm,Imiu m i>> .."- =,..->..,..... .���    -���- .   ___���,.������ ,,, ., ��������(,.,,
ate. continuously since the beginning, ,hB ������<������ to ��*J00 and It tojtestred that "^^1* a number of  tmio'clpall-
of this sesloan, will make-way for the *-,  members send In tjrrtr subscrlp- ^���^s,*'^"rfcanac^ wereon
the  resolution   for    a    constitutional
amendment tbat will provide   a    ��1��
BT?' nriSfl* _aLl"" CTiJSP'fiSv
JS. tinVilSit^rVSin J, xSFZJir 2K
centre largely etoom mswr apprsvjn-us.
tlon  lilltvr   - --      - ������ ���
Conferences aro expected to bnfrln
loe In
soon between Democratic laderH 'Of
the house nnd senate over the tetine
of the tariff revision bills that are to
be prepared for President Wflsmi's
examination in March. Actual .preparation of these bills probably will
be started before the present hearings
are concluded by the house committee
on ways and means.
A Bitter Fight.
The Democratic flj*bt in the annate
against the confirmation of President
Taft's recent federal i opointments
has approached a erlsls ��.d will Involve the senate in a bitter trugglc
this week.   The abort -execuil' >   nes-
nine Into many milllotis of dollars New
V.'es-tmlnster was one of t*ie four who
were .successful In maki-ti- a sale at
that lime,  the most of thein   having
l*s��  tmmuo trs-aaury ootam wttle-Ti   weld
" igsssl'tes rswis.* sa 7^ ����r ��as��
Mere vf ry tcriiirthie In or>T b.-n--
the Fraser���Heaviest Snowfall
1901���Small   Boats Ars
Frozen In Slips.
for a new start tn life. ... | the peeling, or what Is considered the I ness aim '�������������""-= r^T^" _,_!_, ��*-
.which special InvesUga-1 ���^|,V""��rOU8 stage. These children! to  rejOtt \o **). ��i^._f_S_ ,_
ere alii
nd the
used by this specific onver were wasu- ;-Tpt"-.   f ml,��� or heip.
department wil, have a detailed his- !��*�� ��he ^���^^^^�� ^CWSStlaaUm.  it is nnd-Jrtoojr.-
torPy ot tbe inmates c, segregated .MS^^t^ ��i"!!��^ 1%V�� l^uchme^-
r.1- CMAUI IM 1ft ls^VQltorsof th<" department of justice have |���^1 "^"k ��ere allowed to assist tn^erof
Ul aWUlV iW JU UMjU^ niaklng ot women who were l^'Uwm- and the cans which were ,supplied
VI    tflW a   ���"  JV  wrt g rtctoug ,iveB w,u be; continue^   _Sd b" thla specific driver were wash- Utaeaae ���
and lt is expected eventually tbat the I ~
I j .......   ..[11    V,,,,..,   <>    ,l���t,��ll.,a   hie. 1 "11
to  reporv   iu   ms,   ���"������-���---.- ���__, _,
I fleer of the city to which the milk Its
any infectious or contagloos
connected with the dairy pro-
trlcts  throughout the country.
-e but only ttiat aist.riDui.eu oy , ������������"������ --7; _*___ ���nv .uch meUaxI
driver and it has been found ^ethcr it ^vlsea any sucn ^
..._ 1 ���  ,.,,.,,,11. ,1 v,�� him  ir.  Is  not   Known.     11  is   ������������	
Tbe project for the reclamation of I"""  ""' 1'   ""T ._,0_ea bvhim arei,s not  ra���"'    "���. "��   '""J   'iZ:���_���
Municipal Fathers, Will Gire
Account cf Work Done
The next big Item on the municipal
elections campaign program Is the Annual meetlag of the ratepayers In the
opera house tonight at which his wot
ship Mayor Urn and all the members
slon Saturday, In which two army ap- i of the council will give an  account
polntments  were  confirmed,  will   bei of their stew.urdsh.lp during 1912.
followed   by   other sessions  Wherein |    The annua!' reports of the various
Three Killed���Cold Weather Prevails
the struggle between Republicans and
Democrats will be developed fully.
Republican leaders mntrt they will
not agree to the plan proposed by the
Democrats .to dlscrr-shiate against
some of the Taft appointments and select others that shall be at once confirmed. The senate haa agreed to
proceed -with 'tbe eonTtrmution of
army, navy ' and dlpfcsoadc appointments, but the Republicans will attempt to compel the Democrats to
yield further and take up all of the
pending appointments'tot} definite action. \       ���     '���  '      '
Hearings before the bouse committee Investigating the alleged combination among shipping   Interests   and
departmcBJts will be brought forward
by their respective heads. The reports
will no doubt present unchallangeable
proof as te whether the Insinuation*
of several vl the "would-bes" regit nl
Ing reckless -expenditures of thc ratepayers' money have any grounds for
foundation <or not. 1
< The report or'the finance committee
by Alderman Oray, and the hoard ef
works and engineer's department by
the mayor and Alderman Kellington
v 11 hi at.wt tbe most Important produced. ' ���
All candidates for municipal houtirs
will be extended .on opportunity to
express ttoir views on civic admtaits
tration. ��� '       ,
Ing to resort to this means ol finann
tni;, as conditions have boea ffetttnc
��� (.'onllmieit  np   Pnrs t'.lehl.*
Prospects of a break ln the preseut
*olC spell are none too bright accord-
li_: to Mr.   VVIIsujn.  tbe local meteor-
the  only  ones
been reported.
so tha, definite help may be | ^' ^slribt?^ %$���� ^ ^^yj^SfJ^Z
m       ia*     ntr.      st oeaemr***     w.w     .���-������.
loiH����.   ssto ��*mrd*r.    ore*.
love   zero,   the   coWssm   exp.
a sufficient number of homes, perhaps
more than 2000 in all parts of the
offered to every woman who will con
I seat to gl��o up a vicious life.
ed and is happening that soue method
along the  lines Dr.  McQuarrie  uug-
in Washington at
Will Go
I Ttm QCTtaiuT-c
Turkish Delegates Are
Preparing to Go Home
Lsondon, Jan. 11.���The British secretary of state for foreign juTfatrs, Sir
Bdward Grey, and the at-etausadors
of the Buropan powers have made
representations to Rechsd Pasha regarding the projected departure *t the
Turkish delegates, which is equivalent to a definite rupture of the peace
negotiations, for whieh Turkey _-��otv
atdsred responsible.
' In reply Rechad Pasha aald he era*
not responsible for the suspension of
Ike conference, which was decreed by
the Balkan allies, not only aria-out
asking hla ���oplhlpi.^uf even, without-
permitting him to express It when he
beggad leave to do so. He had waited
��� whole week, hoping that reflection
would bring the allies to more reasonable attd modrate Views, but aa-no fle-
clre had' been manifested to hear
what further rectification of the frontier Turkey was prepared to Indicate
���Without ceding Adrlanople���the
Turkish delegates could not remain
In London Indefinitely.
In deference to England .and the
other powers, whose ambassadors regretted the rupture of the negotiations, Rechad Pasha consented to telegraph to Constantinople asking for
definite Instructions.
The allies also are tired of waiting.
They do not believe the note the powers will present ln Constantinople will
have the desired effect, but not wishing to take a decisive step without
due notice to Europe they have notified Sir Edward Grey and the ambassadors of their Intention to denounce
the armistice contemporaneously with
or shortly after the presentation of
the note to the'pbrte''-"1*'
The allies will be ready to resume
the war four   days   later.   In   faot,
Greece haa not aaaed hostilities. Servia has nothing more to conquer.
With respect to Montenegro, Ure:
armistice hat not 'been observed hy
Turkey,,whose snUkuis have made frequent sol-lien from Scutari. There-!
fore, the resumptinn of hostilities
really concerns only the Thraoesn
field of operations, w"here the activity
of tile allies *e*.nif ��o' be limited to
the conquest of Aatt-M-rple. "The Bil
gan military experts here think thai
under present conditions Adrlanople
can be taken in a few days by the
sacrifice perbapa of low men.
The-Greeka . nt*'determined tnore
than ever to hold the Aegean Islands.
as well as Salonlkl. Regamding Salonika they say: "War gave It to us and
only Wat can teks Ittwajr."     . <
All the resptmsil.i��i!t�� fo/ttie^gravlty
of tho situation Is placed ��y the allies
on Europe, which they say, after having encouraged them to conclude an
armistice and come to London���even
holding contemporaneously a conference dt the ambassadors to facilitate
matters���finds itself Impotent, because
of lack of accord, to adopt measures
compoftlng Turkey to obey Us WlB.
TWs failure of agreement, even, if
manifested ln a passive manner, the
allies point out, gives encouragement
to the Turks, whose hope Is that they
will succeed Anally, as they have th
the past In playing oft the powers one
against the other.
The attitude of, the powers, It' Is added, also encourages Roumanla to'take!
alleged unfair advantage of the situation, forgetting that only a short tlmo
ago tho Roumanians and Bulgarians
were under the same yoke and fought
shoulder to shoulder the same battles
for Independence.
Seattle. Jan. 12.���Continuous .snow
slides ln the Cascade .mountains
kept the three NorUieru Tcaneeontin
ental railroads tied up today And over
land trains were sent around the
mountains by way uf Vancouver.
'Wash., and the Not-lto Hank,row!.
The Northern Paciac Tenoned .progress in clearing its line and announced that tbe mountain division
would be cleared te time lor tenltin^
trains to get through .over their own
tracks. Trains from the east due ye ���
terday and today are coming 'in .over
the North Bank road. Heavy enow Is
falling In tbe mountains -tonight, ac
cording .to reports s-ocohsed iby the
Northern Pacific and the Great Northern. All Milwaukee Atiiqgtaph lines
are down and no report of conditions
along that Itpe haa haes recelvnB.
The   Milwaukee's   Olympian   tain,
the crack train from Chicago due .bore
at 8 o'clock last night, was Ibcld at.
Cle Elum, east of the sssnmit, until 5,
o'clock tonight, when it waa sent hack
to I.Ind to be transferred to the Worth
Bank road.   This detour wffl require
fifteen hours and the trsrn is not ��x-
pccled lu Seattle until late twmornrw
The eotbound Olympian,   fjeueflnlot)
to leave hare at 10 o'clock this morn
Ing left at 5 o'clock tonight to mike
���the sSutour. " ;  .'     '
The Great Northern la also cam-
state*!-' tied up and Its eastern trains
��re reported many hours late, becans;
of the detour via the Columbia river.
The tx-d'es of .William. 11. Holt, ef
T_ariten. BnglasttJ; Patrick Morsn. et
New Ihrven, Conn., and John BrasSy.
of Bl Paso, Texas, who were killed In
a snow slide which caught a gang of
lahotera at Tye on the Otwat Norttrert'
���a�� Monday, have be-n brought to
Seattle trad will be burled here.
Preering weather'prevailed In Ka-rt-
et-nWaehrn-gton, today, Snow stopped
fallen ln Seattle soon after midnight
and' was foRdwed *by a drop ;fu tern-
perature to,2T degrees ftbove sero. Thr
weather bureau predicts lower tem
ifiratt-re-4 with tittle' snow and none
for tonight   '     .!���':���
above"- sero,
this winter, and tbe movements and
faces of the people on the street at
that time denoted the fact that Kins-
Winter Ib not thc best of entertainers
/or the Pacific slope at least
Even the mighty Frsser, fast flowing river as she is, culd not resist the
ravages of Jack Frost and a film of
ice was noticed in all the nooks and.
corners of thc river. Several of the
mosquito fleet were frozen in at the
different slips along the waterfront
and their owners had some difficulty
in breaking a passage before the-?
could get away.
Should the cold weather continue
It will probably tie up the river traffic to points Inland from this city.
The cakes of ice are act considered
thick enough to damage the hxslte of
the boats but the paddle boxes of "fbe
stern wheelers are liable to be
ed should the Ice become clogged
During the past 30 days a total of
36 Inches of snow has fallen In tble
ctty, which contitutes a record since!
January, 1901. Sleighing was general
ln the city yesterday and tHturda-r
and the sharp frost whieh followed,
the last fall made things all that could
be desired for those who enjoy tfbc
wintry climate and the sleighing and
coatsing that goes with It
Yesterday . morning the ���wurtalus
to the north and south presented one
of the finest views obtainable to lovers of, scenery. Wltb the son shining
on Mount Baker,, tbe glittering maes 'SO
miles away could be seen to Its toest
advantage, while the smaller snotm-
tains of North Vancouver, with the
trees fully dlrcernable, loaded -wrfh
snow presented a view which we -estss-
era could duplicate.
1 exception of a certain quantity that,    S"^��� !'tt0Vthlch I^taSll
corned    from    an    entirely  different  river���  fthe  ��ft^* ^*^_LS,*,
Uerc sod I. not handled directly by | tvjthheldtor_ ��tvious reasons^
imitm or any  ot hi*  employees.
Many Steamers Wrecked���
Telegraph and Telephone
"Wires Down.
��� ��� ���
��� PUBLIC   A9SEMBLIB8  PRO-   ���
a> HIBtTKD. '
    any ot hla employees. I considered to have been mei** a
The rtrjv.r secured the milk at thsfr "? IgnoRvnce that the disease ��x
dairy across the river and distributed /is-ted.an-o-i*>iit them than anytblui;
it without taking it to headquarters and when interviewed by Drs. McQimr-
and it was not even mixed with thelrle and Sinclair, they offered  to *��
supplies from any other source.   The I every th Inn in their power to bel"x^Osnv-
driver, lt was also announced by Dr. bat the disease.   They are now tjsjiir-
McQuarrie last night had become nt-|ant'.ned  and  the  milk  is  belugj oe-
TJntll further notice ,no public assemblies of any kind will
be held In Sapoerton, owing t��:
the spread Ot the Scarlet fever
epidemic' By order ' oi Majror
Lee. Schools. will be- .closed
today, church services will "be
suspended, and no public
meetings of any kind will be
permitted until further orders.
Two Boh Sleds Run Into Street Cars
in Seattle���Qlrt Haa Leg Ampu-
tatadwBoy buffers Concussion.
Boattta Jan. 11���Seven persons
were injured, three seriously. In two
coasting accidents today when two
bob-sleds ran Into street cars.
The *rat accident happened on the
Woodland Park hill. A sled carrying
���re people traveling at high speed
after a thi-��e block run down a ateep
hill. rsR- Into the forward ti-uek of a
street car at Fifth avenue north and
West Sixtieth street All the occu
pants were thrown off except Lillian
Poulsen, who became entangled In the
sled and waa struck by tbe roar truck.
She suffered an Injury to her left foot
that necessitated its amputation.
Ernie Burnett. If Yeara old, who was
in command ot the (tad, sustained a
concussion of the brain and te ln   a
��� serious condition. .
��� Teresa' Poutsen aufered a broken
��� .nose and cute about the  head   and
��� arma.
���'   ' David Olson, 17 years old, and Alll-
��� son Brewer, 15 years old, escaped with
��� a tew minor cuts and bruiaea.
:Ih tbe other accident, a sled carrying Morris Fisse, 13 years old, and
��� Morria Angel. 12 year* old, ran Into s
��� oar at Twelfth avenue south and Main
��� street   Both escaped serious Injury.
��� Flsse suffering cute about Ute toga and
- Ism-Bon, Jan. 12.���The United Kingdom was swept Saturday and Sunday
by 'heavy gales and snow storms.
Small craft were wrecked and coast
shipping was damfged. Vessels arriving In port today felt the fall
fury of the storm.
ln the north of England the stona
was terrific, lasting 33 hours. There
was a continuous snowfall lu the Newcastle district. Telegraph snd telephone wires are down ln all directions.
tDbe steamer Mauretanla was held
alongside the landing stage In Liverpool until 8:20 o'clock tonight when
she sailed direct for New York.
The steamship Celtic from New
York January 4, which arrived tn
Queenstown tbls afternoon reports
���raving experienced terrific weather.
The gale was so violent on Friday and
Saturday that the passengers were
Tofbtdden the promenade deck. The
Celtic Friday apolie with the British
steamer Wayfarer from Liverpool
January 5 (or New Orleans.
The Wayfarer had lost e ���tii-set end
sll lifeboats and her atuerlng gear i.!*��"
disabled. The Celtic reported the
Wayfarer was putting back to Llver-
-ool and that the Corslcan and-Megan-
He were standing by. -V   '������
The British steamer Womborne,
PaDadfnphla December 2? for Hamburg, reports having spoken on January 4 with the German steamer Abes-
state which sailed from Hamburg D*
eeir.Vrr 22 (or Philadelphia. The
Aheasmm signaled she had met wltb
sn accident, t'.y naturo of which,
however, was not disclosed."
The German steamer Clans Horn
from Jacksonville, Norfolk and. other
porta for Bremen, reports losing all
her deck cargo and two blades ot her
propeller. She is proceeding to Bremen.
The DanlBh steamer Qkoch was
wrecked off Girdlcness, Scotland, with
tho loss of seven lives.
fected by the dtseaBe. A list of his
customers has teen secured by tbe
health officer and today a staff ot
doctors will visit them and examine
every member in each household.
Mild Attack.
With the exception of the sad ease
of little Gladys Bushnell, the cases are
Invariably of a very mild description.
Both adults and children have been affected, the majority of whom reside
In the East End of the city or In the
Sapperton district One case has
been discovered on Twelfth street,
where lt Is again learned that the Infected milk was delivered slnoe Dec.
Five cases have developed among
the Bta-deats of flt Ann's Academy,
while a number of homes on the following streets are reported to be under quarantine on account of the da-
eaee: Kelly, Sherbrooke, Richmond,
Knox, Shiles, Simpson, Geary. Brunette, Cedar, Hospital and Cunningham streets and Albert Crescent and
one case on Twelfth street
Some of the patients have been put
<n quarantine ln the hospital while
the homes of others hsve been fumigated and qnaranVned for from 40 to
The  school  board  Ib doing
thing In its power to prevent j
ther rpread ot the disease,    m Medical   ii   -lector  has  been  supplied  to
each school and two to the Cental.
Their duties will be to carefully examine the children every daw.    Bfc
McQuarrie calld a consultaica of a
number of the doctors of ther city tm
consider the situation and they nasnsi- -
meanly declared themselves te fs-ror
of keeping the schools open, as wit_
Increased medical inspection sit cases
among tbe students will be detected
at the ot-taet   A dally check is stenC-i
on the membership rolls snd stisiaa
lous absentees are being lookd up by
the five doctors as special school inspectors.
Mr. W. Fellowa whose wagons, some-
of which are named tftreen-tboroogri. .
by the way, but are not connected
with the Queensborough dairy, distributed  the milk, was Interviewed
it waa found that one of bis
crossed the river every morning
secured 10 to 12 gallons of milk 1
he delivered direct to the 1
This simplified matters a g-renst da
for If the milk had been taken to II
(Continued on Page Four.)
��� ����������������>��>������������� ��� ��� ���
Nominations for   mayor,   al-   ���
dermen   and   school   trustees  ���
must be (Ned at the City Mall   ���
today bstwsen the hours Ot   ft   "*"
o'clock snd 2   o'olock   In   the
Candidates who aspire t��f
Civic positions would do well to
file their papers early so that
there will hs no repetition of
the vanoouysr tangle. Mr, i.
Stllwell Clute is the returning
oflleer. v
Huge Packing Plant
Is Destroyed By
Calgary, Alta., Jan. 12.���The most' escapes from exploding amonte
, Isastroua fire ln the hlatory of West , 5ut n0 o"1" **��� seriously Injured.
ern.Canada occurred today when the
targe backing plant of P. Burns * Co.,
wag totally destroyed by fire. The
los*, including carcasses In cold stor
age, will probably be tn excess of
$1,000,000. Ou account of the low
water pressure, the Bra "department
wa�� unable to do much work and at a
late hour tonight the lire, was atlll
The lota la serious In that the local
plant was the largest Institution of
Its kind ln the West, trom which all
of tbe wer.tern cities. Including VaiJ-
couve'r and Victoria, and the coast
cities drew largely (or their meat supply and butchering occupation may
naye to ha resorted to tp prevent a
meat famine. The storage plant contained  from  15.000    to    20,000    car
��*������>��� m mm ��������>������>* ��� ��� Angel cuts and bruises about the bead. �� ��� ��� ���'��������� ���������������������������������
The Are waa discovered about 12:30
o'clock .Sunday morning. . the whole
ot tbe basement waa In lames, and
tbe peeking plant department augmented by allot the city Ore depart
menta were unable to make any headway against, the flames. This was
due In a measure to the low water
pressure and also to the amonla
fumes in the basement, which were so
Strong that the men could not endure
them. ,
BepeaUidly the firemen entered the
basement only. to he driven hack by
the overpowering amonla fumes. Tn
a abort time the fire had gotten Into
the grease-soaked floors of "the upper
storeys and when this oonurred the
water had no effect whatever. Several   of   the   firemen   had   narrow
(Ire. raged furiously all day and   twilight irttie remained ol me
cent plant but charred ruins.
.The Burns plant was a local l
tlon with a history. It had it* swart
when Pi Burns, then a .very
man, came to Calgary about
years ago. It la related that hi*.
capital waa One lone beef steer, its.
growth haa kept, pace with the development -of this section and It tost.
made Its owner one of thr rlrhisst
men in the West, his wealth betas-;
reputed to bo In the neighborhood off
$15,000,000. Aald* from this large,
plant Burns also operates smsdtar
plants In Edmonton and Vancouver.
but the bulk of tbe meat product weak
out of the Calgary plant     gjlfit
Tbe property destroyed wait fully ftt-
itired, the Insurance on the!stock irt
storage being In the nelgh*torbocd ef
one million dollars.
Mr. Burns, bead ot the concern, te
in Toronto, but It Is understood tbat
tbe work of rebuilding tbe plant oa m
pretenslous scale, will be niiiliiiliihwi
as soon as the weather will permit.
Vi.000 Damage In Saskatoon.
Baskatoon, Sask., Jsn. ��.���FIrw thtn
morning completely gutted the
Dig of the Western Foundry am
ohlne Company here.   Many
patterns were destroyed and tha I
on plant and buildings win total 1	
$25,000, which Is partially covered �����*-
insurance. The firemen had a dlfflcaM
job fighting the flames as It waa ��_��
of the coldest days ot the year. Mm
explosion trom an overheated bolter In
said to have caused the 11 ro. The <	
pauy will rebuild at an early date.
___Ll'V i
J ���    ��� ,       %a^ ���AO�� TWO
An independent morning paper devoted to thc intercuts nt New Westminster and
the Fraaer Valley. PnbUehed every mornina except Sunday by (si Satinnal Printing
and Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 HcKentie Street, Nem Westminster, llrltlsh
Oslumbla. HOnn BUTBRRbAND, Managing Director.
AU communication* should be. addressed to The New Westminster Sews, nnd not
sVs individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
ayensmbhe to 'ihe National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TKLMPUONBS���Bueinees Office and Manager, 9I)��; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
onr.nts). Dill.
SUBSCRIPTION RATHS���By carrier, tt per i/oar. $1 for three months, 40c per
ononth. Hy mail, |:i per year, 25c per month.
AIIVKUTI8INQ  RATKS on application.
TO CORRRSPONURNTS���No letters will be published in Thc News except oner
tne writer's signature. Tke editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
new president's cabinet are men of
national reputation, sound statesmen
and capable of giving their country
the most valuable service. Yet had
the Democratic party been beaten In
November and continued to go down
to defeat, tlieuo map would never have
been called upon to help guide the
republic's destinies or assist In the
federal administration of her affairs.
Not only with the cabinet, but with
i  . ns
er sees, through Qualn's eyes, the Inside workings of Thc Day, Courlan-
dcr's descriptions being Jtist sufficient
to give the layman a faint Idea of
the mechanical requirements of a modem daily, without unduly boring linn
with perplexing explanations.
Tbe story of Qualn's progress from
cub reporter to Paris correspondent
of the ltad.ng London dally Ib well
tr>ld.    Of course   the human  emotion
tho departments under its oontrcl will |must enter, but tills is rather cleverly
this rule hold good. When new hend.s
are chosen from outside the service,
it la fn!r to assume that tbey will be
Democrats, who are men of lone experience In the technical matters ot
which knowledge is required, nnd well
qualified to fill tho posltlonB.
The   same   denountnent   In   Canada
followed the express will of the peo-
treated. Necessarily, n reporter can-
rot make love like un ordinary man.
It la even doubtful If he can experience the tender passion In a really
human way. Certain It Is that newB-
paper work and love seldom fuse, as
the hero soon discovers. When thc
-���rials comes, the attraction of Fleet
Street la  paramount,  not only  once,
nle a year and a quarter ago. Apart I but three times, and with a different
altogether from the .question of poll-' type of woman on each occasion,
tlcnl patronage and Its evils, as long j The cynics will probably argue, and
as the system of party government | with Bonis good ground, that Hum-
obtains, the ruling power will name jphrey was never In love; that his first
for the most Important offices ln Its ]_ffa.tr was merely Infatuation, his ao-
gift men of Its own partv.    It was a
decided loss to the country thnt dur
ng the sixteen years of Liberal tenure
If ever there was need for the citizens to take a
broad view of matters affecting the welfare of New
Westminster it is at this present moment. . The mayor
and aldermen will tonight render a full account of the
manner in which they have performed the tasks entrusted to them, and we believe that their stories will
speak for themselves.
The point of view of some candidates for civic office
���appears to be of the narrowest, especially with regard to
the street improvement work effected during the past
year. It is not claimed that the whole of the streets are
In as good condition as we would like to see them, but no
sane man can argue that because he may get his boots
muddy in going to his own home the Board of Works department needs reorganizing.
The past year has seen a wonderful transformation
In this particular branch of civic endeavor, for, under the
business-like administration of Alderman Kellington, the
various departments have been co-ordinated under City
Engineer Blackman and Superintendent Furness, with
the result that the whole Board of Works staff has been
���convinced of the good results within their grasp, and has
loyally co-operated with its management. In this way a
large saving of civic money and an avoidance of departmental bickering has been effected.
It will be remembered that the Board of Works early
last year planned out its program of work for 1912. This
was exhibited in the store windows, the people were told
what it would cost and they responded by voting the
money required. It will be found that not only has the
whole of this work been done, but, in addition, much
work unforeseen last January and which has arisen during
the year, has also been completed. In many ways 1912
has proved to be a record year and it is important to note
among so many achievements that never before in the history of Westminster has so much permanent improve-
ment work been taken in hand and completed as during W����J vod^i^r^ wmtlve
last year, lhis despite the adverse conditions both of to work overtime to supply the de-
weather and the money markets, over neither of which ]'na"d   ���*the expiration of the oeie.
u 1.11 s    ��� ���      swt       i     i    iTsj .... .   ,. brntlon the people Will fast and attend, ���,,i   ,
���could control be exercised.   Nearly half a million dollars solemn religious services,   and  winjtod.y
has been laid out upon street work alone; the arena, andd$%\?t��%d���:'gf %H\r*nTE^E!2��mof
-| new isolation hospital have been added to our assets, "-*���
of office, Canada was deprived of the
services of lending lawyerB, In the
Judiciary, of trained experts In th
civil service, and of capable parliamentarians on government commissions, just because they did not belong
to the party In power.
In fact. In some constituencies, remarkable ns It may seem, offices outnumbered the men capable of filling
them, and more than ono office holder has been henped with unsought
honors. While members of the opposl
tlon in parliament have their part ln
the government of the country���and
In the case of Mr. Llorden while he
was In opnosltlon, It was a large part
���It appears to bo one of the weaknesses of the party system .that proct-
cally one-half of the people of the
country are shut out, so far as official
or representative work Is concerned,
from doing public service of Importance.���Ottawa Evening Journal.
��� ���
��� SCRAP   BOOK   FOR   TODAY.    ���
��� ���
Belated   Russians  Will  Celebrate  Arrival of New Year 1913 Tpnlght.
Russia Is backward about every-
lliiiiB, Including the reckoning of time,
and clings to the old Julian calandar,
long ait'} discorded by western Europe.
The New Year 1913 will be welcomed
Jn the land of the great White Czar,
and In the Balkan States where the
Greek Catholic church Is the predom-
inent faith, at the stroke of midnight
tonight. The Ruaslan New Year festival begins this evening and will continue two weeks.
The Emperor and most of his subjects will attend mass, and as the
decks strike
will be fired
gin.    The feasting and  merry-making
cond the Inevitable result of propinquity to an admirable character, and
his third a temporary menial aberra
One cf the best drawn characters of
the book Ib Ferrol, the mnsterful owner of The Day. Courlander hue Invested him with the outstanding attributes
of the three greatest figures of modern English newspaperdom: the commercialism of Harmsworth, the ar
tlstlc soul of Pearson, and the humaneness of Newnes, and has succeeded In
making of this combination an Ideal
moulder cf public opinion.
The climax of the Btory conies with
amazing suddeness and In an unlocked for manner, among scenes that
could have perhaps been extended
with advantage, for the struggle of
thc vignerons of Narbonne against the
grinding exactions and extortions of
Ihe wine merchants could have pointed an excellent moral. As It Is. the
reader is left to solve for himself the
problem of what constitutes the consuming attraction that lures and holds
so many bright minds In thrall to
Fleet Street, and makes men sacrifice
their youth and manhood, and life If
need be, in the service of a mistress
that Is chary cf reward nnd unmercifully uncharitable when the best has
been squeezed out cf a man
It is the same force that sends the
soldier to bleed on the battlefield for
a shilling a day, or the millionaire
explorer to sizzle under the burning
sun of India or to freeze to the marrow In the uncharted Ice lands of the
ncrth���the love of the game.
'Mightier Than The Sword," by Al-
phonae Courlander. T. Fisher llnwin.
publishers, London.   Cloth. 6 shillings.
pondent, novelist, Socialist, ex-sallor,
ex-hobo and ex-most everything else,
celebrated his thlrty-Beventh birthday
yesterday. Mr. London is a natlvo
of San Francisco, and still resides ln
the Oolden State between trips to
every part of the habitable and Inhabitable globe.
Once a tramp, he la not now especially hospitable to the oohb of rest, for
tbe front door of his home bears a
aiirn "No admission except on bus!
ness, no business transacted here";
while tho back door haB another warning, "Please do not enter without
knocking; please do not knock." Mr.
London wroto a ton or more of assorted verses, stories, dramas and novels
before he succeeded lu finding a publisher for his wares.
At last one of his stories was accepted and published. It was 4,000
words ln length, and tho purchaser
promised to pay five dollars. The
magazine failed and London did not
even get the five. He was almost
discouraged, when ho received a che-
nue from another magazine of forty
dollars for a 2|000 word story.
(By O. Terence.)
For Alderman
Ladles and gentlemen, as it will be
Impossible for me to meet you all personally before the forthcoming municipal (lection 1 take this means of announcing my candlduture for Alderman and of soliciting your vote and
influence on my behalf. 1 have bad
several yeara' experience as City
Councillor and If elected I will do my
best to assist ln carrying on a forward policy.for the advancement of
our City, at the same time having due
regard for the finances, and Beeing
that we get value for money expended.
Yours respectfully,
twelve a hundred  guns   ^ttttt 44tt#tt *t t
and the revelry will be-1
Prince Arthur of Connauqht Is Thirty
Years Old Today.
Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert,  only  son  of thc  Duke  of Connaught.   Governor-General  of Canada
celebrate   his   thirtieth   birthday
There  sre tow  more  popular
The Annual meeting of the Electors
of the City of New Westminster will
bo held In the Opera House on Monday night next, tbe 13th inst., at 8
The retiring Mayor and Aldermen
will address you, giving sn outline of
the  work  done  durlns  Uie  pest  year.
 cross,   lo   prevent   di��_ssi
nto Mnjvnty from oroamln* ttiO throe.
"(erect,   he   te
the  superior
After   tber   si
Will   fee   sjlrsrn
epuken.   opportunity
all Aldermsnlc and
observance of New Years Day In j He nas (na true British love of
-lie Czar's domain tomorrow. An al- Sport. and has hunted big game In the
most universal custom In Russia Is, j1IIIKiPg 0f Africa and the Canadian
the heaping un of n pile of sheaves, I wilderness. He Is a great favorite
behind which the father cf the family I in the Dominion, where Prince Ar-
hides, asking Ills offspring if they can | th���r's dominant traits    of democracy
, cubage system haa been developed and a myriad otherP"-"^ ob8ervance8 win mark\t?l\ uZtitT'" *"
4*ngineermg works accomplished, all at a cost which we the "
believe will compare favorably with that shown by other ''
cities, witness for instance the very low percentage which
is debited to engineering expenses.
But, apart from this, the systematic plan of the present board of works in linking up the city to its contributory districts by setting in order the trunk roads leading
thereto, the grading of streets hitherto impassable, the'"*1" hide him in the luxuriance ot
clearing of roads for the benefit of settlers in remote parts    a sSs-TuaAera in the Russian New
��jf the City, all Contribute in the greatest and most Valued  Year, and another follows in the early|f"pclu���ly"cured"of',thrs" 'desire by" his
measure to the general industrial and commercial pro>'nr"im"-   l'"����'.:'l"l""">' *.��".'��� ��j""'fHth.-r. wi.,. .ur,-,,! th.. 1.-..1 t��� ,���,���,!,-
jjress of Westminster.
the    British (Mayoralty Candidates to address the
see hi'n. Custom subscribes that they
reply in the negative, upon which the
father remarks that be hopes the
crons  will  be  so excellent  that they
and good fellowship are most highly
appreciated. Ills appearance la al-
way a signal for cheers, and the applause is more for the man than Tor
tho prince.    ,
Prince  Arthur's  earliest    ambition
was to be a watchmaker.    He was el
This   is   your   meeting,   your
Duty calls for your presence.
I paid by everybody to everybody else
within the range of their acquaintance
the roundB with the man who attended to the clocks at Bagshot P.ark. Too
Alderman Kellington  and his  associates recognizel^edfle1,;-.0,'Lclal._an^-m!lu?.7...c^i9in,uch of a thing was enough for the
. . . ������  ,*-. take a very ceremonious form.
"that mucn'ls left to be done, and, despite the bleating of BpiMtaw and bachelors send their ser-
parish pump orators, we are certain that the ratepayers r^ft^^-MSS
-will endorse the record of the present Board of Works, i that these are the names of persona
and will see to it that they be given an opportunity of V** ��g ���;Itural 8ect!ons tnB
���carrying to further grades in the scheme of ultimate com-; youngsters, after the ceremonial which
"* Is thought to ensure abundant crops,
arm themselves with grains of wheat
��� and bombard all passersby.   Queerest
pietion the work which they have so splendidly begun.
Tbe salmon packers of Puget sound
are commencing to prepare for the
��-ip**ii'd big year of the sock eye sal
mon run- if expectations are met, tin:
pack on Puget sound the coming sea
.son will be the greatest on record
At is the recognized pecularlty of tht
-salmon run that it is largest a,t regu
laily recurring Intervals of four years.
Four years ago the sockeye was at Its
maximum. It has fallen far short ol
thst record In the three succeeding
years. This year is tho big one according to tile precedent!!.
The sookeye salmon Is the besl fish
which conies to these waters In com
incrrial quantities. There are various
��if*hiw salmon, It is true. There is al-
emne a heavy pack of those inferior
Tish, thc aggregate pack being suino-
times as large as It is in the years
nl the big run of sockcyes. Hut the
other fish command a smaller price
and do not make aa big returns either
tn the canneries or the fishermen.
This year will be important also In
its s'ho win,-, whether or not the methods
taken to conserve and to increase the
supply of sockeye salmon have been
aa effective as it was hoped they
would be. The fish spawn in the Fra-
sser river, in Hrltish Columbia. They
pxvs through American waters on
thi it way to that river, and thus are
-taken in huge quantities by American
fishermen, who have tho first chance
-at ttu>m before they reach Canadian
-waters This fact haa boon the cause
*/f some Irritation to ltritlsh Columbia,
'whim has to conduct Balmon hatch
sT-ries to make good the deficit caused
l>y the heavy taking of fish. A mini-
"ber of sueh hatcheries are, however,
���maintained, and this year will deter-
��� -mine whether the work of the hatcheries ha.i been sufficient to make good
tke loos of fiah captured before the
sua reaches the spawning ground.���
Seattle P. I.
est and finest tubers are found, on
cutting, to be hollow. This Is an occurrence which is not uncommon in
seasons which have favored the rapid
growth of the tuber, and for a similar reason it is found more commonly ln large tubers than in those of
small or medium size.
A potato grows by the addition of
j new layers of tissue Blightly below
the skin. The cells composing this
; tissue are at first small but rapidly
expand to their full size, and in .��> do-
', lug set up a state of tension. The lay-
'era of cells towards the outside, being young, are capable of dividing and
, expanding In a similar way so that
'an external (tracking or splitting   is
j avoided. It is different, however, with
tha tlsjue In the interior.
This Is composed of mature cells
'no longer In a state cf growth, and
if thi' tension becomes too great a
I tearing or rupture of the tissue will
I result, followed by degeneration and
I the formation of a cavity.
Cavities of this nature are much
j less serious than injuries on the out-
Bide of tho tubers, since the latter per-
! mlt of the entrance of numerous organisms of various kinds which cause
rotting. They do, however, necessl-
j tato Increased trouble In preparing
1 potatoes for the table since the' discolored surface of the cavity muBt be
cut away.
Hollow potatoes are particularly objectionable for baking. However, the
factor of rapid growth which la liable
to bring about tills condition Is In the
main oi.e neces.iary to the securing
f a large yield, and moat farmers
'.ill probably prefer to so stimulate
tjTOWth bv cultivation and fertilizers
is tc attain tills end and take the risk
of a certain proportion of tubers becoming hollow.
Daring thn past season there have
a  good  many  complaints  from
growers  that,  although     the
yield bas been good, many of thr lars-,
of ull Russian customs is the assembling of the family group about a jar
of water, In the belief that, if their
faith la strong enough, the miracle
performed by Jesus by turning water
Into wine will be repented. Their
faith Is never equal to the performance of the miracle, but thev are not
discouraged, and hope for better success next New Year.
��� ������������������s>Os>0��>s>s>s>
��� FROM    0_R   BOCrkSHELF.
��� ������������������<>���������������������
royal youngster, and ln a few weeks
he could not look a clock In the face.
At Eton Prince Arthur was immensely
popular. At Sandhurst hi! learned to
be a soldier, and in 1903 he was sent
to South Africa at the head of a draft
of recruits. A severe attack of Illness
cut short his active military career.
He has since served with the Iloyal
Horse Artillery and the Scots Greys.
The Prince has undertaken many
foreign missions, bb the representative of King Edward and later of King
George. Aa Royal envoy, he has at-
tf-nded funerals, weddings and baptisms in most of the countries cf Europe nnd Japan. I'e has be, n invested
with the order of the I lar't Bagle by
the German Emperor, and the order
of tbe Chrysanthcniim by the Japanese Mikado, and with numerous other
royal and Imperlnl honors. It waa
recently reported that be is soon to be
made a Duke by King George. Prince
^Arthur Is as handsome as his lovely
_ sister, Princess Patricia, who Is throe
While the diverting process of slate-
makliiK for Woodrow Wilson's cabinet
goes on one Is reminded that, If for no  character, from the~"nioment he leaves
A study���or, rather, an analytic
glimpse���of that whirlpool of luimuii
emotions, Fleet Street, Is what Al-
plionse Courlander has attempted In
his latest work, "Mightier Than The
Sword." This Is net a romance, lt Is
not even fiction, but. rather the grouping of events of national interest ol
a decade ago. and thc connecting of
these with the types that Courlander
lias Invested with a peraonality In his
pagca ,
Tho atory deals with the life of
Fleet Street men, and Is as good a
bock of newspaperdom as lias been
published for some time. In Its portrayal of rcrortorial life on a big new-
paper It Is a faithful mirror; the hero
(Humphrey Quoin) perforins no modern miracles. llepor(er-"*/e, he merely works hard and finally achieves a
measure of success, no greater than
thnt within the reach of any avcroge
writer In the "Street". Qunin's prototype has been scribbling copy In the
city room of larj-e dailies since tin-
newspaper, as v.e know It today, first
made its appearance. Alert, resourceful, daring, with an Inordinate capacity for hard, i-rinding work and a supreme belief in bis own powers," coupled wltb a measure of ego-worship
commensurate only with his devotion
to his newspaper, Qualn Is a likeable
other reason, It Is well for a country
to change politics now then to get the
services of the men of greatest ability
In all  parties
Some  of those  mentioned   for  thc
his country village to go to work as
a reporter on The Day, owned by a
former sweetheart of his mother, although this latter has never been
known to the young man.   The read-
years his Junior.
O. K. Davis, newspaperman, magazine writer and war correspondent.
will he the recipient of the congratulations of his Journalistic colleo-'iies
today on his forty-seventh birthday.
Mr. Davla waa born In flaMwinsvllle
N. Y.. and was christened Oscar King
which he has 8'nce shortened t:> O. K.
He has served as war correspondent
In Cuba, the Plillllplnes, China and
Japan, representing the New York
Sun, the New York Herald and Harper's Weekly. He made an enviable
reputation In 1984 as the Herald's representative with the first Japanese
army. Later he served as Washington correspondent of the New York
Times. Mr. Davis Is a great" adrnirer
of Col. Roosevelt, and la no-.v the head
of the Progressive Party publicity
bureau at Washington.
Mra. Arthur Stannard. known to
-nllllons of readers on bou, s des oi
the Atlantic aa John .'Itr.in-re Wi.itrr.
was born at York, England* fifty-sevee
yearB ago totlnv. Her father was a
clergyman, while her grent-great-granrl
mother was Hannah Prltchard, the act
rcBS, to whom a monument has been
erected in Westminster Abbey. Mrs.
Stannard'a first atory was published
when she waa only eighteen. Most
of her tales deal with army life, and
she wns referred to by Uuskln as "the
author to whom we owe thc most finished and faithful rendering ever yet
given of tho character of the British
Jack London, creator of the "red
gore" brand of literature, war coires-
Solicits  your vote and
for Alderman
He stands for
Sound Progress
based upon
Economic Principles
Representative for Ward Three In
1912 Council, solicits your VOTE and
INFLUENCE In the coming election
as i
Candidate for Ward
A General Meeting of the
School Board will be held in
the Council Chamber at the
City Hall on Tuesday, the
14th instant at 8 p.m., at
which the affairs and progress of the City Schools
will be fully explained.
All Candidates for School
Trustees are cordially invited to speak.
Everybody is particularly
requested to attend this
Secretary, Board of School
Trustees,     New    Westminster, B.C.
Right In the heart ot building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Is Respectfully Solicited in Favor of
Geo. H. Leaf .
A Staunch Advocate of the Workingman's Interest.
Electors of Burnaby
Your   Vote and   Influence are   Respectfully requested for
at the Coming Election.
Burnaby Municipal Electors
Your Vote and Influence Requested by
President of the Board of Trade and Magistrate.
Candidate for the Coming Election of 1913 Respectfully Solicits Your Vote and Influence. A Pioneer
Who Has Served Seven Terms as Alderman, and at
Present Chairman of Fire Department and Market.
Electors of New Westminster
Aid. A. W. Gray
The People's Candidate for Mayor
has arranged the following
Frldsy, Jan. 10���West End, Mandevllls Blk., 12th ��t and ��th At*.
Saturday, Jan. 11.���Queensborough, Strand Hotsl, Ew��B Av��.
Tueaday, Jan. 14.���Gapperton, Johnston's Hall, Columbia St.
All Meetings to Commence at 8 p. m.
Come and hear the city's affairs discussed by the retiring council
and others seeking election.   Ladles especially Invited.
Oray stands for Progress. Elect a Progressive Council and Watch
Westminster (Irow.
All Candidates Invited to be present and will be given opportunity
to speak. I >*.���*����   | s*64'
Your Vote and Influence
Respectfully Solicited
Present Chairman of Board of Works
For Alderman for 1913.
Hooley Out of Jail-
His Meteoric Career
to atop bleeding, how to do everything
In the way ot first-aid, from flinging a
life-line to attending to grit in the
eye. Thoughtfulncss tor others percolates down Into such little deeds as
rKHffl   lJllmlNHlNYr<:In"villK orange peel from the pave-
iiivs-i   i/uiiisusviswj^,^ aljd  BprlnkUng ,and   over thc|
.   111 ���    I I 1 .       BUS       -,,-	
I frozen road where the horses Blip.
London, Jan. 12.���Hrnest Terah
Hooley, the financier, has been re-
leaned from Wormwood Bcrubbs
prison, lie was met by a friend In a
motor car, and the release was effected in quietly that nothing was
known of It till the next day.
Hooley was sentenoed to twelve
months' Imprisonment In the second
decision of February 10 last for fraud,
and secured the usual three monthp'
remission ot hla sentence for good
conduct. Hooley's health was not
good In prison, and a great part of his
time was spept In the hospital. <
This did not mean neooasarlly confinement to bed, but lt relieved him
of bard tasks. In prison he was a
general favorite. He was chief alto
In the chapel choir.
Hooley was Indicted for obtaining
from Ueorge l.eech Tweedle, a young
mechanical engineer, of llochdale���
who had Inherited a fortune ot ��54,-
O00���six cheques for the payment of
��2000, with Intent to defraud.
Judge Also Agreed.
The case arose out of the transaction ln connection with the purchase
of the Thorney Hall Estate "���>-"���
represented,    lt ""���
coming financier tasted blood. This
opened hiB eyes to the possibilities for
buying concerns cheap and tben persuading the public to buy them at a
Hooley soon found a small provincial town was altogether Inadequate
| hh tho scene of hiB expanding ambitions. So he came to London and
took up his quarters at tbe Midland
Grand Hotel, where he hod a suite of
eight rooms. His big schemes began
with cycles.
Floated Huge Companies,
In 1896 Hooley brought out the Dun-
lop Pneumatic Tire Company, with a
capital of   ��5,0110,000.    ThlB was fo)
Relnststement  cf  du   Paty  de  Clam
Raises etorm Afjalnst Falllere*
Ministry. ,
Britain Anxloua to Extend System ot
Interchange   of Officers-Present
Paris, Jan. 12.���The rolnBtatement
signed by Preaident Kallleres yeBter-
day ot Ueut.-Coionel du Paty de Clam
a leading character In tho Dreyfus
trial, to hla former rank ln the French
territorial army, has caused such u
sensation ln parliamentary circles here
that It threatens to affect the approaching presidential election.
Frenchmen   generally   are  opposed
8__�� WWSSShin"'"he
ter ot Defence, was raised In the
House of Commons, when Sir Gilbert
Parker asked Col. Seely, the Minister
of War, how many Imperial o"'00"
eapiusi us  ��ww,v���.,-���    ��� ..    ,    pvehebmen   geuwitwij   s��.~   _-�����-----, _Arn ft. present serving In the i"    ���
- .  ,..���....    ....nr,    Ihs,    In
Some critics complain because the
Scout world is Imaginary, the, war-
songs gibberish���that the whole thing
la one big game of "Let's pretend."
With such critics I have little patience
If they had ever been a boy they
would have known that the boy dwells
London Jan 12���The question of In a world of romantic make-believe.
��� Interchange of officers between Not only Is he romantic, but he is also
tie Dominions and Great Britain, brimming with energy. In his lmagl-
whlch received the strong advocacy nation there are always people who
of Col the Hon. Sam Hughes and have got Into unaccountable distress,
��� ..-���..linn Minis-1 and he himself Ib the gallant knight to
Continent.      Altogether
cycle    companies,    floated
1804  and  1896,  were  capitalized
Besides cycles, Hooley had many
other large schemes on hand. He
dealt with the Tratford Park estates,
near Manchester. He floated the well-
known concerns known as "Bovrll"
and "Bchweppes." During these
years his rooms at the Midland Grand
Hotel were thronged with people who
came to offer schemes for his consideration.
According to tho Official Receiver's
statement, Hooley   promoted   twenty-
Ul    11113    V/llf"so*-".. _____________���"'
care ministry Is seizing upon the |_-|����'* v(fTe employed   In the
. .......i..���   ,h�� I War Office or engaged In British mill-
cldent as a means of attacking    the|
ministry, and of Injuring, if posslbIs< ��� nnmlnlon
Premier  Poincare's   chance,   for  the|o. Imperla, ���j��� the Dominion
dx companies, having a total nominal
capital of  ��18,610,000. Interpellation,  ne,,,,.:  ,,������.,,   .
His "consideration" for the same��� on which the Versailles CongrcBa meet
1. c, the price at which they were sold   n,e French President.
������e ^l��l��^-._^^4MI^"^S^?i.TO au'ackTof
was alleged, that,
there were no chargea or pledges on
property. Ills defence was that the
existing charges on the estate were
not orlnary mortgages, as they did
not restrict his power to sell.
Mr. Justice Phtlllmore, in passing
sentence, told the jury that he qulto
agreed with tbelr verdict of guilty.
Few men have had a more diversified career than Hooley. In a few years
he piled up what was apparently a
nolOBnal fortune, and then there came
a sudden collapse, followed by bankruptcy proceedings, and all his vast I were
wealth vanished Into nothingness.
He dealt In millions. One stupendous
scheme  followed   another,  until   the
public were dazzled at his   apparent  repun,   ..... ..���.	
success, and his name became a syn- tlon of the above-mentioned twenty-
onym for financial sagacity and dar- six companies appears to be a loss of
Ing.      Peers and baronets and titled   *l[Mw.
ladles crowded his rceptlon rooms to T'e bankruptcy proceedings ln 1S98
ask for "Inside" Information as to his ; made a great sensation. The estate
companies. IWBB finally wound up ln 19011, and un-
Born at Nottingham. 1 secured creditors received a dividend
Estates were bought ln six counties, lot 4s. In the ��
there was a town house, there were
two country  residences, and  palatial
suites  of   rooms    In   London   hotels
There was a splendid yacht, once th
property of I/ord Lonsdale.   Hooley i.   	
the son of a lace manufacturer In Not-I trustee In bankruptcy,
tltighamsiyro, who from tho position |    ��' 19"4 he had to face a trial at the
of  a  working  laccmaker���what   was  Old Bailey  for alleged  fraud  ln con
 ��������-s"���svsriti un ainectlon with company promoting. H
presidency of the republic.
The first actual step ln connection
with the du Paty de Clam affair was
taken tonight, wben ex-Premier Combes convoked a meeting for Monday
next of members of the Democratic
group in the Senate, of which party
--- ���<*-_- ssllnn nn the
on a sealed lead package of Ceylon Tea, is your
safeguard and guarantee.
M SALADA" means freshness, purity, exquisite
aroma, delightful flavor.
"SALADA" means purity, healthfulness.
tary service.
Col. Seeley replied that the number
^������������������������""""""""""Ss*"--.. Dominion
service was: (janaaa, ou, Australia,
11; South Africa, 14, and New Zealand, 16.
Of officers holding appointments as
A. D. C.'s, Dominion officers serving
_ In thet War Office and with the Bri
be lschalrmanTTo""UkVactlononthe  "j* an_ 'nh,lltt,n ,f��rc*?' ��*c'UBl���v,e ,��f
Clam reinstatement."   The object for  ^Zt^Z^riZ^^ZrnL^'
the meeting Is to arrange for a debate  8t���r"c"0"' ?*?���,?,,���   ' AuBtraUft' 2'
ih. u. ,,���i��� ,,���,i���, it. .������, -�� ������   and New Zealand, 1.
tho Senate under the former.      ������������ glr a|lbwt parker,B   |Bqulfy
-..-   ���..,.nlunt   would
n  the  senate  uhuei   ���� 	
Interpellation, before Friday, the day
"  "    "- 'n-. ���"vintrresn meet
Promotion Expenses. i unites Id
This showed an apparent gross pro- 1n���
fit of ��6,028,908, but this by no means
represents the actual prollt which he
made. According to the Official Receiver, his "methods of promotion
were such that of this sum he disbursed ��4,097,981, while the promotion expenses cost another million."
And in the language of this official's-
as to whether the government  would
consider a considerable extension of
win extreme Radicals and their at
tempts to weaken the ministry at what
is colled a critical moment ln European politics.
The du Paty de Clam affair Was
considered at a meeting of the French
cabinet today. At the conclusion of
thc session an official note was issued
| which said that Alexander Mlllerand
the Pole, with the thermometer at an I pnont R524
unthinkable point below zero, but he I -1.
does actually endure little hardships
without a whine, and he does become
more sure ln action and more resourceful. He becomes capable of
looking after himself and others, and
will make the better husband, tbe bet-
Wed    anotner.   uiit.ii     w., , ^^^^^        turn   ,���um   	
���������....  ..... dazzled at his   apparent  report, "the net result of the promo-1 mMK,er of war   ���-��� ag8mne(j entire
success, and his namo became a syn-  tion of the   abovementlo""*'   ������ntv., ,������,���  ,nr thB remB,ement 0f
. ��� i,w ������,t rinr-1 six companies appears to
CUUBiuei    s��   **,���_.���	
the appointments ot overseas officers
In the service here, not only tor tbe
purpose ot extending the good feeling
existing, but also for the acquisition ot
the knowledge necessary for the proper development of the Imperial system.
Col. Seely replied that the government was very anxious to extend this
interchange of officers ln every way   win mane me um��, _._. , .
they could, and would take every step  ter father, the better citizen and pa-
posalble to do so. triot in consequence,
IUIUIDH,,       w.         ,    _____ I  1 #_^	
responsibility  for the reinBtement of MINERS' STRIKE EXPENSIVE           In uniform   or out ol it, the   Bay
du Paty de Clam.   It appears that M.   8cout goes on his   eager way.      He
Mlllerand had not consulted with his Hm Co%t the Ooma W8<000 Additional  >*nowB how to tie the   reef-knot, and
colleagues in the cabinet, as ho con- t0  Re_u|ar Disbursement-             that Is Important, but he Is   making
sldered It purely    an    administrative      gout_h Porcupine Jan  12 The cost  ready at the Bame time to be firm and
meanure of no consequence. of  ,lghtmg   the  B'trlk " .-' porcUp.ne  taut and tlnsllppable as   a   bow-line
It was reported  In  the cabinet to- haB been  h) h  ,���  Beveral  ln9tance8.  when the real "pull" comes.    He la
day that M. Mlllerand offered to resign -ne lategt figure8 given out ln con-  able t0 follow the trail, and that has
*   "'��� ���-'   ��� .- iv��� �������������, th���)   Its value, but he Is also accustoming
-      --.s._. j���,��� OIlrt  trnrllv
succor tbem; there are always Co
llaths, and he himself Is David; unchartered islands with savages are always receiving shipwrecked sailors,
and for resourcefulness the boy himself ts a match tor "Mastertnan
Ready;" here are always burning
decks on which stands the boy himself, when all but he has fled.
That Ib the world of the everlasting
boy, and, If lt has Its dangers, It has
Its splendid possibilities, too. The
Boy Scout movement puts this romantic world of boyhood In juxtaposition
with the world of dally service and
obligation. The dream Is crystallized
Into the duty. The boy Is still Richard
Coeur de Lion going out to deliver the
Holy Sepuchre from the Infidel, but he
does actually deliver a dog from its
tormentors. He Ib still Sir Walter Raleigh casting his coat over the muddiest road for a visionary Elizabeth,    LADIES'
but he does actually get up on the ln-  ,,. n-.i..-- ..,.., ph... H0 ,
stant to offer his seat  to a lady   or  ��28 Clarkson Street. Phon. *M , _.
child.    He is still Nansen bound for ���l_       i ,   9| Ulinertl -aicTS,    ACraiea -�����**��
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Vine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. O. BEATON, Proprietor.
It't ths Work.
Eighty Rooms, Nev�� and Modem.
Tiiu most comfortable rooms lo thst
city.   Hot and cold water and 0
radiator in eaeb.   Bar and first 1
cafe run In oounectlon.
Cor. Front and Bsgbla St.    Phono
NEW MOHOD CIMRS      sa.-sw***
*=cwL.^.^f*Tv Iflire's Root Beer
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Shlmnoy Sweeping,
Eavotrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, scptlo Tanks, Etc
Transfer Co.
Office Phono 18S.     Barn Phono 137
Begble Street.
Baggage Deiiveisd Promptly to
any part of  he city.
Manufactures) by
"���Uonon. R  tl*   Office:  Prlncoos �����,
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
UghtandHeavyHanlmij-THE  TAILOR
�����   Lorne   Stroot.   New  Weatmlnstor.
l^tyi^S^B___* hus^r^^ Survivor  of  Tltanle  Dime
small but profitable lacemaking bus!- advocate tbe Aottor-1 sculptor.     ,_,_,. r|Mlm
������, ��t lxmg    Baton, near    Sotting-  Wj,.  rnera,_lhen Rufus Isaacs, K.C
bam. .      M. ..���,��� ml���.!and he was acquitted   after a   long
It was In turning his father 0 ousi ,
bring the total figures to a large sum. |*___ _T"  "i"irC"' rT" lu , ,
B   good report.   Faithful in the very lit
tle, he shall have authority   over ten 1
g I cities.   Pod blesB the Boy Scout! I
It was in turning u�� ���*""";fc-."".C. 1 trial.
a limited company that the 1 wmn
nets Into
Did You Know Your Own
Home Is Fullj*f Romance
ir you  olily   Isnstw  It,  qus,��r  lUUss  rss-
irinnreM   are   psseplns;   out   at   you    all
over your house, from attic to cellar.
They nre well worth looking for.
Framed pictures had to have n beginning. They date back to about
Ave hundred years ago, when peaceful
monks painted the walls of their living rooms with Scriptural subjects.
The one day someone conceived tbe
bright Idea of nailing wood around
these frescoes so as to separate the
subjects. A little later came gliding
-and the evolution ot the modern
Fcather  on   Furrftura. 4*
"Kitchen," by the way, is derived
frm an Anglo-Saxon ward, meaning
"to cook;" while "scullery"���which
positively has nothing to do wltb
"sciillii n" comes from a word meaning "a bowl."
Some of your furniture may well
have a political bias! It certainly Is
so If It bears that familiar design based upon the Prince of Wales' feathers. Hepplewhlte, the famous furniture designer, began It.   In his time
ter Make* Unique Claim.
Montreal,  Jan.  It,���An   action
?gflO is now being tried In the Superior
Court here over the damage sustained
by  Sir Wilfrid  Lauricr's nose, or at
least the nose  of hiB statue  In   the
Chateau baurler.   The plaintiff le Mr.
Paul Chevre, the sculptor, one of the
survivorr. of the Titanic disaster.
After his escape from the Titanic
.Mr. Crevre went to Ottawa to place a
marble bm.t of Sir Wlllrld l.aurier ln
ihe Rotuuda ot the Chateau l.norler
At   thn  unvvlllnc. 1^ waa  learned    tbs
picture-frame was simply a matter of I*---  -
j there was a strong Tory party supporting Oeorge III., whilst the Whig
party was headed by the Prince   of
The drawing-room Is a perfect mine
of history. As moat people know, this
is stralghtly the "wlthdrawlng-room,"
to which one withdraws after dlaaer,
as tbe name Implies. The* antimacassars over the backs of the chairs similarly carry their object ln life ln USelr
I��n1vtrhvn.rhlr m nr<w���nCrneaekPrr<;l^nd '     ���a1 was a memorable day, three or
Staced * he st "ue * ' �����* yea��� ������� when toe flrBt lltt,e
1   la now allelrld bv Mr Chevre tha" lTro��P  of  B��y 8couts  came  wlth   a
1 1, i.ov. jiiegea uy mi.yaeyro tna. | emootb qulcki and B���gnt Bt(,p mt��� our
the Smith Marble Co., of Montreal,
through their employees, were responsible for the accident, hence an action for 1800 entered today by the
sculptor against the firm.
These more or less artistic things
had their beginning some. ISO years
ago, wben everyone used macassar
oil for the hair. Tbe mistress of the
household then would no more permit
greasy poles to spoil her fine chairs
than would tbe modern mistress. And
lot tlie antimacassar.
When Knights Wore Cold.
Of chairs themselves, perhaps the
most Interesting feature la the familiar cross-bar���technically known aa
the stretcher���which Joins tbe front
legs. Nowadays its purpose Is usually ornament, sometimes strength,
though often it ia absent altogether.
It harks back to tbe days of the
first chairs, when knight* and dames
wanted to keep their feet off the cold,
draughty, rush-Uttered floors. Hence
the stretcher. Originally, the stretcher waa only a tew Inches above the
ground; bnt when later on rugs and
carpet* came Into more general use,
and room* became more comfortable,
the stretcher gradually lost ita importance.
It la curious to note that tbe cosy
armchair wa* tho last stage of all.
Cushions and padding were tbe flrat
addition* to .the   plain  cent     Then
came painted chair*, and afterward*
carved leg*; and, finally���a leisurely
last���came back* and arm*.
Curtain* for All.
In point ot fact, the chair 1* easily
the moat important piece of furniture
. you have, historically speaking.    To
. this day, "taking the chair" denote*
taking the head ot affair*,   remlnls-
ment of the time-when there was only
one chair In   a room,   three-legged
���took at the moat being provided for
leu Important folk.
Window curtain*, again, have their
little romance. Originally, all window* wore In the roof, but in time
came open window* In the wall. In
the Middle Age* (omeone brought
from China the Idea of using cloth
to cover the window*���and there Is
the origin of your curtain, with Its
frill* and loops.
The glas* chandelier, If you have
one���thoy are out ot fashion now���
���can be put down to the workmen refugees from Prance driven from their
homes by Louis XIV. by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes In 1885.
Even the drawer In the kitchen table
any table drawer, for tbe matter of
that���had to be thought ot; but nobody did manage to think of fixing a
drawer to a table until some inveterate card-player���hla name la forgotten���wanted a handy place for tbe
cards when they were not ln use. The
llepplwhite was an ardent Whig,
and accordingly, Introduced Prince of
Wales' feather* Into hi* furniture designs on every possblle occasion. Perhaps Tottenham Court Road will
adopt tbe idea, and produce a Home
Rule chair or a National Insurance
sofa! Incidentally, tbe sofa I* an importation from thf) ease-loving Arabs,
whose "suffah" waa a long bench outside the bouse.
And finally, "hall" simply means a
place which is covered ln, and the
word come* from exactly the same
root as���tbe Infernal regions!
4> ���
*>       ctni,   poct'S   CORNER.       ���
Many French Canning Establihment*
Decide to Suspend   Operations.
Lorlent, France, Jan. 12.���One hundred and sixteen sardine canning establishments in Brittany have been
closed by their owners, who declare
that trade conditions make it Impossible to continue.
The trouble Is attributed to the
fishermen, who refuse to adopt measures of fishing which would ensure
adequate catches.
The canner* also complain that the
public authorities for years post have
ceased to take any Interest ln the sardine Industry. The closing up of the
along tbe coasts of Brittany, as more
than fifty thousand workers are dependent on sardine packing.
Because they act so gently (no
purging or griping) y��l so
on bail lor tha chlldr.no. s���ill as '
IJMJHips.     38*.  a  baa al
sMkaal Bras tat Cssalttl Ct. 1 tentH. tstsM
16*1 '
Burnaby Reeveship
The only Candidate with anything new to offer. Hear him on Tueo-
day, 14th at $ P.M. sharp, in burnaby Municipal Hall. Cheap light.
Better transportation, ability, courage, honesty and Integrity and
A cordial Invitation to D. C. McGregor; a SPECIAL Invitation to B. O.
Walker; * friendly Invitation to all candidates for Council or School
"""���-���' (467>
No difference where you habitat
No difference where you dwell;
Tou'H find a bunchy ot knockers,
To tbem let's bin farewell.
So burn your little hammer,
Forget your little grudge;
Oet In and pull together
And watch U-lI* city trudge.
They are blocks ln the path* of pro
They are clogs ln the *and* of time;
So get In and jump together
And see this city climb.
Can your little knocker,
All come Into line,
Oet ln and hike together
And watch Westminster shin*.
���Ou* Averltt.
There'* a niche for you ln the world
my boy,
A corner tor you to till;
And It wait* today along life'* way,
For the boy with* frank "I will!.'.'
So lad, be true; the world wants you,
In the corner that you may till.
There's a niche for you ln the world,
my girl,
A corner for you to fill;
For the girl who's kind and purer ft
mind,       i
A place that Is waiting still.    .
So, lass, be true; the world want* you
In the corner that you may fill,
Italy Follows Lead of Egypt In Buy*
Ing Her Coal in.America.
Cardiff,'Jan. 12.���Italy bas now followed tbe lead of tho Egyptian railways and has placed au order for 200,-
000 ton* ot coal ln America, while
���he has also invited tenders tor a
large quantity trom the .Yorkshire
Bonus for Teachers' Babies.
Amsterdam, Jan. 12.���The Dutch
Gktsitniucnt proposes to increase tho
Balurlts of married teachers who have
reached the age of 28 and who have
two or more children. They will re*
celve $17 a year In respect of each
child until the children reach the age
of J,8. 1
There'* a niche for both In th* world,
my dear*,
A corner for you to fill; .
And work to do that no one but :ypii
In God's great plan can till.   * "
So both be true; tba world, want* you,
And your place I* waiting *tlll.   "
���Band of Hope Review.
��� ��� ���
��� FIRST   THINGS. ���
��,��.'���' *
��� ������������������������������������������>
The first apparatus to enable per.
sons to enter a noxious Infla-nabit:
atmosphere was called oo "acrophore"
and wa* the Invention ot M. Denny-
route, a French Inventor and scientist. It was given Its first official
trial at Chatham, England, thirty-eight
years ago yesterday, and wa* reported
The* apparatus comprised an air
pump, lamp, and flexible tubing. Vast
Improvement* on tht* device have
.since been made and these have beea
instrumental ln saving', hundred* . ot
live* in mlue accidents And otter disasters where rescue work would he
impossible without their use. ,
The first national organization for
fostering and developing the science*
iijof aeronautic* and aerology waa founded' forty-seven years ago yesterday
a* the Aeronautical Society of Great
Britain. The, Duke of Argyll, Sir
Charles Bright .James Glatsher and
other distinguished men were prominent In the movement, which has been
of great assistance in advancing ft*
newest of the science*.
suburb. Their khaki outfit, cowboy
hats, bare knees, loose neckerchiefs,
brown belts, six-inch shoulder knots,
haversacks and staffs���all mode an n-
stantanteous mpresslon.
It was not altogether a flattering
impression, for many people seemed
to regard the spectacle only as a rich
addition to the humor of the streets.
These lanky youths were accepted as
a cross between football players and
toy soldiers���not quite so big as tbe
one nor so small as the other���with a
handful of "Robinson Crusoe" thrown
A dellbltated lad puffing a cigarette,
declared that the Boy Scouts were a
"rum go," whatever that may signify, but from tbe manner in which
he said It, I gathered his opinion was
unfavorable. Even my neighbor, who
is the kindest man ln general, discovered a latent capacity for sarcasm.
"Don't you teel an extra sense of
security this afternoon?" he said, as
he left his garden-gate untouched.
"We may h,ive no Drake or. Nelson
nowadays, but the country is quite
safe; we have the little Boy,Scout"
The Boy Scout himself appeared
happily oblivious of the amusement he
was causing. His eyes ware with his
heart and that was far away���at the
Red Indian encampment in Clapham
Common, or where the wild boar
leaves Its trail In a Surrey jungle, or
with the slumbering alligator* on the
mud-flat* of the Amasbn, the river
which In more prosaic days was;
known aa the Upper Thame*
Yet there was a certain quality about
our. laughter���some ot It I think that
while we pretended to laugh at the
Boy Scout*, we were really, in our
heart of heart*, laughing at ourselves.
We, -and not they, were th* cause of
the fun. Our own slouching gait and'
denly began to amuse us, our own
stooping shoulder*, our unobservant'
eyes, our unready way*, our clumsy
finger*, our bad manners, our lack ot.
the heroic, lt wa* tbe force of coni
trast operating to our disadvantage,
that made ua laugh when we saw that
little company marching with something like military awing and precision along our suburban road.
That wa* In the dim past of fo��r
year* ago. To all appearances, the
Boy Scuots wer* marching to the next
suburb to astonish the people there'
but although we did hot know it at
the tlnie, their actual objective wa*
th* nation'* heart They are encamp
ed there now for good and all.
Advertising has established a new order of things in commerce. It has become a mighty power in business progress; a
complex yet comprehensible transmitter of many parts for the
distribution and selling of merchandise and service.
It* function I* fivefold:
To enlighten or educate���to, create
n*v�� want* or to satisfy old one*���to
protect and fatter legitimate enter-
prlso��� to establish a medium of understanding between buyer and **ll*r
a* a bad* for mutual profit and advantage���to prescribe an economical
prlo* and th* maintenance of a flxad
standard of quality.
No** know better than th* buying
public how well th*** function* have
This very night In the midst ot the
thronging traffic ot the Tower Bridge,
I taw a coator's donkey pulling* It*
load up the Incline, with a flabby Individual about twlc* the slse of the
donkey seated heavily on tho. cart
But behind, pushing with aU .hi*
night, wa* a little Boy Bobut From
time to time ft* aster turned round
in mute amazement at this ourioas
phenomenon. But th* Boy Scout
heeded him not a bit He wm doing
hi* om good turn per day and I lttad
tpy hat to him.      ' -���>
Th*r�� is something *Of the chivalry:'
of the knight-errant >n the. mavement"
combined with the practical bent M
the ambulance man, >t_�� - Bom*
know now to revive the drowning, how
Modern advertising ha* given us an
Insight Into various manufacturing
precoxes, Th* producer ha* taken .
tu, ft* consumers, Into hit confidence
and told us Just how hi* mince meat,
hi* flour, hi* clothing; *tc, It mad*.
. W* know why certain thing* should
or should not be.    Advertising   ha*
: told u*���broadamd our understanding
and guldad ehr Judgent
Modern advertising ha* *nabt*d us
to unlock th* tre**ur* house ef th*
world'* devlnnt melodise through th*
medium of th* playtr-plano. Th* motor
car ha* lengthened the business day
and brought ft* fragrant countryside
to our door. M*n ahav* In comfort In
ton minute* wh*r* they used to tak*
twenty. A magic bottle provides mr
wlth cold drink* with the weather at
90 degree* or give* u* a warm bsrver-
ag* when Jack Frost dip* at 4�� he-
Modern advertising ha* elevated the-
standard of business ethic*. It protect* th* manufacturer from unscrupulous competition and the consumer from has* Imitation. It eon-
���ervea trade���extend* business, or*
ate* good will. It enable* th* corporation, th* manufacturer or private Individual on trial to tak* hi* cat* directly to th* public, and to aocur* thai
public'* Judgent on hi* policy or 1
aeter based purely upon their 1
tlve merit*.
Modern advertising has
n*w opportunities to   tha
and poor of far-off and*.   It ha* t-sriv
���d an uncmlng tide of Immigration....
to nsw countriss.   It   haa devslepod -
nations, and mad* the nam* of th*
N*w World a promt** of batter things
among th* people of tho Old.
All thi* advertising ha* dona and
will continue to do. It I* th* ever-Increasing Influence for th* advanoe- .,
m*nt of mankind���tha most potent.
Ind**d, of tho many force* Influencing
human action.
Ad-s-teo regarding your s*v��rtlslng preblsms i* available through any
r*o*gnlMd Canadian advtrtltlng agency, or the Wwtary of tho Canadian Free* Asoeolatlen, Room MS Lum*d*n ttuHdln*. Toronto. "Enquiry Involve* no obligation on your part���oo writes If lnt*r**t*d.,,
in .
,,,-. ;���
, w:,\tii*lwiia\*k-.
*l vv**"***W*(>����><v" V'"'   !
"'Mir ,<   i
- -���
Local   Labor   Men   Left   Yesterday-
Cameron Says He Was Not Shelved
to Make Room for Hogg.
Messrs. R. A. Stoney and li. Nether-
t>jr. representing Typographical union
Na 632, and Mr. D. S. Cameron, rep-
. -VMsonting the Westminster Trades and
"labor Council, left yesterday for Vic-
torla where they will attend the annual convention of the B. C. Federation
erf Labor, which opens this morning.
One of the first Questions that will
receive consideration will be the attitude of the Federation towards the
stsjwly appointed labor commission of
the government which opens ita sittings In Victoria sometime this week.
" " Mr. Cameron, one of the Royal City
delegates, will return on Tuesday ln
time lor the labor "mass meeting to
tn hsfd in tho opera house on Wed-
neaday evening in support of the labor
candidates running for office in the
civic elections.
Wben seen yesterday Mr. Cameron
-desired The News to deny the rumor
that has been going around the city
tbat ho was shelved in order to give
room for Mr. Archie Hogg, who is
running for the council. Mr. Cameron
��� states fiat such a thing is false, he
-withdrew his name on account of certain business interests which he cx-
��� pecta to enter into and the fact that he
was elected chairman of the Labor
oommlttee, he adds, does not appear
to give ground for such a rumor and
���e is working for the election of the
Liverpool Dally Courier Declares   an
Agreement Has Bene Reached���   ,
Capital $150,000,000.
Liverpool. Jan. 12.���Tlio Liverpool
Daily Courier says an agreement haB
been reached for the amalgamation of
Alexander  Mill-rand  P.esigns Post of
Minister of War as Protest Against
Reinstatement of Paty De Clam.
Paris, Jan. 12.���Aldexandre Millerand, who won a reputation ut horn-?
add abroad as a great war minister.
the Peninsular and Orieutul Steam ire signed from that office today. M
Navigation Company and the Iloyal j Lobrun, minister of colonies, bas been
Mail Steam Packet Company, with a - appointed minister cf war, and M.
capital of $150,000,000. ' Basnard, under  secretary  of  finance,
Rumors were current in Ixindon at I replaces M. Lebrun.   The under secre
different times last year that the
Royal Mall Intended to acquire control of the Peninsular and Oriental,
but on each occasion the report was
denied. Tho Royal Mall under thc
direction of Sir Owen Phillips, chairman, with Lord Pierce, not long ago
bought several companies, including
thn Union CaStle line,'Lamport and
Holt, Pacific Steam Navigation Company and the Elder Dempster line to
West Africa.
��� ��������������������������������������>������
s> ���>
* ���
��� .��� ������������������ *>..*. + *���*
Tlic editorial stuff for the college
paper, Lux Cclitniblnna, has been
elected for the winter term. Owing to
resignations by the editor-in-chief
Mr. Best, and several of the sub-editors, the staff Is considerably changed,
and now stands as follows:    Editor-in
taryship in the ministry of finance ls
abolished temporarily.
This ministerial crisis was the
direct outcomo of the reinstatement
of Lieutenant Colonel Du Paty De
Clam in the French territorial army.
The reinstatement led to dramatic
sessions of the cabinet, at which M.
Mlllerand explained thnt he felt ln
honor bound to re-establish Paty De
Clam In support of a promise by his
predecessor In the war ministry, M.
Messimy, but as this act was'causing
serious attnckB against the ministry,
he desired to withdraw.
Premier Polncalre admitted had the
minister of war conferred with him
he could not have seen hi3 way clear
to ratify the reinstatement of Du Paty
De Clam. Nevertheless he wanted to
stand by the war minister and believed it was the duty of the entire
ministry to resign.
The. decision of the cabinet to remain in office Is accredited to the influence of Arlstlde Boland, minister of
���        . ,., , chief, Mr. Hobden;    assistant   editor,' (ustioe.
���aatlre list of candidates endorsed by j lloy   cyhrn-t    literary     editor,     Mla-ij    M. Millerand's resignation was   ac-
fJhe labor men o! ihe city. | Burnett;   social and personal * editor, | cepted and the    cabinet   reorganized
Miss Reta   Gilley; joke editors, Miss1 this afternoon.
R. Wheeler    and    Mr.    Von    Moore';	
sports editor,    Mr. Crowe;    religious I
editor, Rev. Frank.    Mr. Swan Mill re    |>||!] IDPEIUFC      ADF
mains as business manager, and his i | I]||J| | IPsUj     MM-
assistants are L. Cray, 11. Henderson
and R. Gilley.
Mr. Cameron further intimated that
���on Wednesday evening at the opera
house he would reply to certain state-
_nents made by Mr. Bryson regarding
the civic excursion made to Coqultlam
during the summer.
Manuel Quezon, Phllllplne Delegate to
Congress, Wilt Suggest a Practl-
1 cal Plan.
Washington, Jan. 12.���A conference
on the question or Phllllplne independence will be held between President-
Early   Appearance   of   Ice   In   Travel
Routes Causes Or-'.er���Begin
on Wednesday.
New York, Jan. 12,���The iccberj
3rason, which began uuuBually earl)
last year, the first drift of bergs ap
,,,., ,  ,,        , ,,       ���   .���   I pearing to the vision of high latltudt
elect Wilson and Manuel Quezon, the  sklppers. m08tly  ln  comm_nd 0, ol,
��� Continued from page one)
Rev. Stapleford, cf Vancouver, took
lunch with Principal and Mrs. Hetlter-
ington at the college on Friday.
Tho basketball matches with the Y.
M. C. A. on Friday evening, when our
first team  met with  d'.-feat and    our
spcond team came off victorious, was
j witnessed by the whole student body. I
Fellows' headquarters, It lo probable , Although  the  result of the evening's |
that a greater district would have been sptrt was disappointing to Columbiana
United   States   Manufactured   Cotton
Cloth Sold in Large Quantities
to Islanders.
Phllllplne delegate in Congress, early
in February.
Mr. Quezon, who left today for Boston to address the Atlantic club tomorrow night on the independence issue, in reply to President Taft's suggestions in his message to congress,
said he plannd to later confer with
Governor Wilson.
In his Boston speech, In reply to
President Taft and his presentation ol
the case to President-elect Wilson, Mr.
Quezon said he would suggest a practical plan by which the Democratic
party might c:s_*y out the pledges
of Phllllplne Independence.
"The president" said Mr. Quezon tonight, "should send to the archipelago
as governor-general a man who sympathize with and is thoroughly ln accord with Phllllplne Independence and
who has the courage of his sonvic-
A governor-general can make or mar
independence plans. Ue could if he
wished, bring about the e3tabllsh-
ment of an Independent government
within the four years of Prsident Wilson's administration. I believe congress will pass the Jones bill for an
experimental period of eight years and
absolute Independence thereafter, but
wo have a fight ahead of us.
"Even with the enactment of the
lonos bill, the president, if he wished,
of his own authority could establish
a provisional Phllllplne government.
Th<, real chance with'n the eight years
provisional period proposed by the
Jones bill Is the establishment of an
ipper house of the PhUlipinp leglsia-
tankers, in January, may  begin next
The hydrographic experts say In the
January pilot chart that reached tills
city yesterday that "field ice may be
expected about February 1." But 11
may come before, the fierce north'
westerly gales of December contrtbu
ting to the ice movement toward the
steamship lane. Tho Hydrographic of
flee In Washington announced yesterday, having in view the possibility ol
the ice coming down lower than normally, that the southerly tracts beginning on February 15 and ending on
August 14, when all fear of bergs i>
past, would be slightly lower than
the present winter tracks, but away
south of berg danger.
The Hydrographic office has had a
conference with the steamship representatives and they have agreed to
have their commanders cross, when
westbound, 47 degresB west longitude,
in 41 degrees north latitude; east-
bound skippers will cross 47 degrees
west longtitude in 40 degrees north
latitude. This is in pursuance of the
suggestion of Captain Jamison, of the
American liner St. Paul. The new
lanes will be more comfortable In the
bitter early months of the year, ae
much ccoter weather and heavy gales
will be avoided.
The new routes are net so low as
those adopted just after the Titanic
disaster, but they arc subject to
change in case ice comes down in
unusual quantities later. The impression of navigators is that the bergs
will be numerous this season because
Washington, Jan. 12.���For the first
| the game3 were good. Our boys were i time in a period covering approxi-
! at a disadvantage, having just return-; ma'tely a year, the Phillipine Islands
affected by the disease.
Before anything was found out; ed f_om thp Christmas holidays and I have become the greatest purchasers
about Mr. Fellows Dr. McQuarrie and j not Deing yet jn shape, while the "Viol' United States manufactured cotton
Mr. YValmsley crossd the river and I hoys showed their form by their per-1 cloths. Ffteen years ago it would
���rinited the dairy.   The children of the ifect combination. ; have been difficult to obtain enough
j United States cloth in the islands to
ture to be composed of Filipinos. This | of the heavv weather that helps to
the president can do by appointing as j detach them from the glaciers.
memherB of the Phllllplne commission I The ice season is supposed to begin
now the upper house only, Filipinos, |n earnest In April, but sometimes
instead of Americans now constituting bergs have drifted pretty close to tht
S. m^orlty" ! lanes in the latter part of March. The
Mi*. Quezon said he represented in   Hvdrographlc   office,   in   a   red-letter
his  ideas  the sentiment  of the rank   notice at the top of the January pilot
Jeetlcally, "Oo below, sir, and report
yourself under arreBt."
"Leave the bridge," thundered thej
Norwegian grimly as be grasped the
wheel more firmly. "This ship Is In '
my charge, and I'll have no Interior- [
ence with my orders from emperor or ,
The offlcrs on deck hurried silently j
aft,  wit-iiing  luck  to the  sturdy  old 1
sea dog, who, knowing that he had !
the law as well as common sense un
ilia side, stood nt his post unshaken
by the threats, unheeding commands
and  steered  the  llohenzollern  sufely
into port.
The next day tho emperor came to
his senses and decorated the pilot���
the king at the wheel���with one grade
of the Order of the Black Eagle, and
also appointed him his life pilot In
Norwegian waters���Pearson's Weekly.
Released from Blazing Asylum, They
Killed One and Injured Nine.
Elvas, Portugal, Jan. 12.���One person was killed and nine others serious
ly Injured this morning by a group of
five terrified maniacs who had been
released" by firemen from an insane
asylum in the outskirts'of this city
which had caught fire.
Altogether thirty-five lunatics were
set free, and these rushed howling
through the streets for some time.
Thirty of them, however, were easily
gathered together, but the other five
secured some Iron rods from a scrap
heap and attacked every one they
Denny & Ross
Get Our Prices.   It will
pay you.
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon
Sts., New Westminster.
ana file of the Phillipine people.
lady   proprietor  were  found  to  show ;     Mrs.  Deckort.  from Jubilee,  was a
���signs of scarlet fever, and when ask-1 visitor at the college Friday afternoon. (llia now ^ PnilllpmeB tave   become
sad to whom she sold milk, Ehe replied ;    Miss  Emily   Hobbs,  from   Cadborojthe best customer the United States
to   Mr.   Fellows.    On   this  revelation 1 f'a>'.   Vancouver   Island,   commence-! j had   and  the outlook  for  furtherin-
being made Dr. McQuarrie immediate-1 stl,(ilcs at the college this week. Mrs.  crease  is  considered  excellent.
ly wired   Victoria,  asking  that  3ome
peroon   be  appointed   with  provincial
powers.    Dr. Sinclair, medical  health
officer of Cloverdale, was then locat-1    Tho students enjoyed    a    splendid j    *$he-total  exports  from  the  Philli
' make a Filipino maiden a calico frock
Hobbs accompanied her daughter on I total  Phillipine  imports  of  merchan-
the trip. i dlse for the ten months amounted to
_'      , . .   _,_,, 618*1,608,130, of which 40 per cent came
Go -Meirh Riding. | r.om  the Unlted  statcs
Tho  students  enjoyed
ssd and he and Dr. McQuarrie again I evening on Friday, when about fifty pthe island for the ten months ending
visited the South Fraser dairy, Both of the young people took advantage of: Oct. 23, were $46,000,000, as compared
-seretd that five of the family were "le snow and went slel.shing. Two j with $33,000,000, for the same period
.suffering from  scarlet fever. /four horse teams left the college    at/of^the preceding year.    The increase*)
chart, says:
"Steamers are warned not to use
the northern routes which heretofore
were used during the period from
August 24 to January 14 when bound
east, and from August 15 to January
14 when bound west."
The office also says in the notice
that the routes adopted for the season
beginning in the middle of this month
and ending in August are tho "regu
lar southern routes, standard since
Ready to Aeelst.
IS o'clock with sleighs, heavily loaded J nit* eemeral In all phllllplne prod
..,.,, -,.,,���       , and   proceeded-   out   toward   Edmonds J tB**aPt eejmr.iwhlab �������<"���*���'<* doer****.
Mr. Fellows was next vteited at Dar-/H      ' whlatlas and other Instrument. !from 104.000 to me.ooo tons.
,., . ,    ., .:. .... ......    .......   arnl.ln.  . .   . ... ... ..... ���-
- sDrttlUa/D and the situation whb explain
��*I to bin aad be was ahown tho Hat
sor Infeeted places. The driver who
sdelivered the milk across the river
was called into the meeting and he
identified every name on Dr. McQuar-
rfe's list of the affected aa being his
customers. Mr. Fellows was anxious
to do all in his power to straighten
things, out and assured the officers
that none  of  the  affected   milk  had
capable- ot noiao announced the parry's)7 The greatest increase was in Manila
coming to all the interested towns-j hemp, the money value of which was
people along the way, and songs re- j increased from f 11,686,480 to $17,708,-
vealing yet undiscovered vocal talent j MP. During the same period the cus-
rent the air. After a couple of hours! torae revenues increased approximate-
driving the party returned to the home ' ly $1,700,000.
of Mr. and    Mrs. Gilley    on    Eight!- ;	
strict, where they wore royally enter- _.���_ .,,,. ���_.,
-alned. Lunch was served and mttstc j PRESIDENT-ELECT sW'"-f��� .,.-_
Indulged  In, after which a vote    of; keeps his promise
thanks was tendered to the host and |
Sandglasses Mark Hand Washing In
a German Hospital.
Tbe whistling egg boiler und othei
patent Inventions bave threatened the
existence Ot tbe old fashioned sandglass as part of the Ultcbeu purapher-
ualla. and lt seemed likely that the
children of a later generation would
be ciulte ignorant of the use of what,
with the scythe, so often stands us the
symbol of time.
A Cerman surgeon,  like many Germans    a    strong    disciplinarian,    li.-is.
however. 'oirOd *,Wt��nne torjbo nana- I ^^^ ytrhloU ��������� hMU i���,ent.d and
��i����s.dmif.Dsi-r ��i_.-_:ii-s?tio* on. or ipau.nre(f by Mr Joseph tlelchenbach
tho larger Berlin hospitals has Just - of thia city Mr R(,i(..)ienhach, when
placed an order for n score of sand- l]le crijde ol) burners first came Into
glasses, which, however, are not timed notice set about to Invent a starter
for tbe boiling of an egg. but for rather . which would do away with the long de-
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
A new record made on Saturday.
Money Talks. Value Speaks. Your
Dollar works good while our January Sale is on.
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren'a School Shoes.
A  $20,000  Stock to  Select From
IContlniisM) rrom Page One I
New Tram Regulations
Jan.    12.���President-elect
been mixed with the general supply,; J"".'��� ��*�����������*������������������������������ "������'���<- ���"�����<��� <���"" j    Cn!(.af.0
.tart had been delivered direct by the ^'Z���v��2��*tE,ed    hrXffiSlfn  snow' WP������row Wilson, of Now Jersey, left
��� one particular driver. -   l^'ri^Jwo 8 ! ���cr*i  for Trenton.  N.  J., at 12:40
Speaking last night T)r.  McQuarrie me college. this afternoon.   Governor Wilson, tru��,
-stated:   "Mr.  Fellows  did   everything      Chapel  service  was held  yesterday   to    his   announcement   on his arrival
lie could to help me and 1 have writ-  morning in the assembly room, Prln-, here  yesterday,  to make an addrcBf
ten authority from him to publish how   clpal Uetherlngton delivering   the ad-1 before the Commercial  Club, abstain
he was  unconsciously  the  means of  (in.33     This being  the  flrst   service; ed from making any statements, form-
-spreading contagion." since the commencement of the term.' al or Informal on public matterB, with
���The  situation   is   considered  to  be' the talk  was in  the form  of a New I the. exception   of  his  address   before
��� one requiring careful handling bu: as  Year's   message   and   dealt   with   the j the Commercial Club last night.
apparently the cause of ihe epidemic  nib'.ct    "Meals."      Quotations    wer-5      Governor Wilson passed the night ln
has been   discovered,  it  should  oaly  read, setiii.- forth worthy alms    and | the residence    of   David    Jones   nnd
lie a matter of a few weeks time be-1 ideals, and it was shown that success I breakfasted tn the home of Clyde P.
jtore fresh cases will cease to appear. I in great ,,,.n-3 lives could be traced   Carr, president   of   the    club.    Prom
The incubation period usually extend*  to  their  ceaseless Integrity  to-such  Mr; rJarn's heme he was driven to the
from ten to fourteen days but some,   ideals: al-.. ���,.��� faiIureg ln nat|0ns or I station.
-lines runs as high as 21 days.    With , individuals    careers   were   traceable i ���	
proper care after this period of time '-either to fal��.    Ideats     or    lack    of    '
elapsss  it  is  hoped   that  the   spread   strength   in   the   tiersual   of   a   noble ' ICEBERGS ADDED TO
will die a natural death. aim. ' anouie CAPE  HORN  DANGERS.
Dr. McQuarrie suggests   that   any! 	
.   families taking milk from    this    Mr. I    Owing to  tlie  fact  that Miss  Mar-1     Astoria, Ore., Jan. 12.���A hugo ice-
Fellows'    dairy    be    very careful  to; Ear'"*   Smith   will   not   return to    the |Dorg four or five miles long and over !
-watch out for any signs of the disease, j college  this term, a new    basketball | joOO   feet  high���thc   biggest  seen   In
longer���for five minutes.
It was discovered that some of the
younger surgeons were mtber easy going ln tbe matter of cleansing their
hands before operations. Tbe regulations prescribe four processes of live
minutes eaeb, but rarely were the
times kept with any approach to accuracy.
Tbe excuse was that it was difficult
to estimate tbe time without a clock.
Others pleaded the dllllculty of keeping count of wheu they begun and then
reckoning minute by minute with only
a small watch to go by. The sandglasses, however, are to put an eud to
this. Each wasbstaml basin Is to bare
its sandglass.
For Bve minutes the surgeon washes
lay of getting the fire box heated before the crude oil would burn and a
few weeks ago, he made arrangements ���
with  the  Vulcan  Iron  Works  for Its
manufacture at the latter's plant.
The guests yesterday moraine were j
first shown the newly Installed appar- ,
atiiB,   which   In   mechanical  terms   ls !
known as the locomotve type of boiler, j
The oil Is pumped from a tank In the
bow of the boat, through a small pipe
to    the    firebox where a  mixture of
steam ls  made and  this,  when  once
Stttftedi forms a heat which is equal
to the best coal or wood used n the
old type of ships' boilers.
Where the economy  lies ls ln  the |
tact that when the boat ls tied up at
her dock or any of the wharves down
the  river,  the  cost of operating  the
bOtler stops  automatically, for th  oil 1
Oa an- aftrr Jan. 1, 1915 certain alterations will hs- Bade In tho rrgu-
lationa of this Company covering tlm transportation of pussenaers over Its
C-AI'AC-Jl'"".      WI1KN   THIS    NU.-1IBK   OK   l'AriUsCN<JJ-...s   AJ-t.   AUOA.IU
f-oS^^TH.'!---;;   sXV-".,"   K.J,LU'!:*>.����_0��_n!��   RKAR   PLAT-
ItmiNG   ON   THK   STEPS   OK   CAR.    WILL    DE   STRICTLY    PRO-
I !���_���.
Company Is dolus; a.
Km'K',.. ,W" ,K''"'y wl" "�� ���'0",lnu--1 '" ,he ���"�� mpm^mwtmm ot
,,, ','"''' f,_"*\.T""r'" ,I,,:"y HUI!,��,0'> "" 't'Pe. bumper- <r fVnuYrs or airs
will be it violation oi tho rovlnctal nffulatloai nml ��, action c-nnotb.
permitted tsy L.e Coraluoiy. As spewn.v as pos-Mbl*. with doe ���~_r.t tn Dubllo
convrnlt-rre-s. ths platforms of a curs will be equippotf wlui mlrn or rtoors-
Iri U-VE-s*.
t. ti. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit It, I. C, B. R. Oe|>ot, Nsw Westminster B. C.
.Scarlet fever general manifests ltBelf captain for the ladies' team had lobe
hy a s?o!d or sore throat and some- chosen to All her place Miss Rosas-ins vomitin*-. Later a rash, which mond Wheejej was elected to the posl-
may be very slight might develop. tion; and flnce MiHs Maud Smith will
"t-would suggest," slates the doctor, not be back either. It will be necflS-
"that in the case of these symptoms I sary to appoint a new V. \V, ('. A.
developing In any home the famllj president. It Is regrelted that the
physician be Immediately summoned.' (Smiths could not return, for their ab-
Since the first signs of the fever ap-' sence with leave several vacancies in
l��ar��-d Dr. McQuarrie und the statf college organizations, and especially
est tho health department has been on the basketball toam. Miss Honsle
-evorttlng practically night and day In Smith, of P.owen Island, has also dean endeavor lo discover Its source, serted tbe team and college owing to
"Plccaiise the onset was so abrupt and tlio completion of her course, and Misi<
tbe cases occurred apparently in a lo Violet lMiiBmore, of Grand Forks, has
c-aliM-d area, it was thought that there! also found It expedient not to return.
snrat be Some particular cause as it! Mi.��� _. __iii, ...j ��r n simlth
,*��anot an ordinary epidemic. j ,��������' <*,��$* &&����**&
(college Friday evening, having   come
yeais���was sighted by the crew of the
British Barque Metropolis, ("apt. John
Abbott, which has reached here after
a passage of 189 days from Ruenos
AjTrS. Thc huKe berg was secii In
, theftvlclnity of Cope Horn.
While the ship wns blocked by Ice.
a terrfic storm arose and disabled thr
steering gear. Tie topsail yards wvrr
canned away and only tbe most heroic
offorts on tha part of the crew saved
the rliip from being dashed to pieces
af-alml the walls of Ice.
"     , -STOLE.FOR   FUN  OF  IT,
Wealthy  Man Became Thief. But Re
')    ;i turned   Plunder.
Geneva. Jan. 12.���In September last
-a burglary wus committed In a large
-���/Hla at Zurich, and was so cloverl;,
performed that the police could not
trace tin- author, who escaped with
.-bares, jewels and money valued at
���errer Jotinn.
A well known Brm of solicitors al
���St-i*'-*aM returned all tlio stolen goods
to the Judge cf tbe Zurich Trib mil
and etalod in.a letter than under pro
���ffssa'.o-nal secrecy they could not give
the name of tl.pir client, who was a
wealthy man, and who became a burglar like Baffles���"under the stress of
I down  to  take    away    thetr    sisters'
1 trunks.
Miss (Irace May, from Vancouver,
visited her sl3ter at tho college yester
Rrockvllle, Out., Jan. 12���Mr. W. H.
Scacc, for 29 years business manager
of the llrockvllle Times, has been ap
polntrd jailer of the united counties
of Leeds and (Ircnvllle in succession
to Mr. A. D. MoDrtigr.ll. who has tendered his v'slgnatlon, after 21 years
of service.
On   Saturday   Mr.   Scace   was   pre-
l sented with a solid silver service  by
I the staff of the Times.   The appoint-
Rcjects Pictures Unless They Por.rav | ment of Mr. Scace gives excellent sat-
a Fierce Look. pfactlqn.    He  entered   upon  his  now
London, Jan. 12.���The reason why duties yesterday.
sjiapehol portraits of tho Kaiser diff'i.-'
so materially from the , elaborau
photographs that receive the royal lm
primal ur has been disclosed. Tli-
Kaiser ls the hardest man In the
world to please with a photograph.
A photographer much vUited by His
i Majesty, who takes him    every year,
Drowns from Hydroi'ane.
Fpcainn, France, Jan. 12.���Jacquc-,
I cvasseor, while making an overseas
flight today In a hydro-aeroplane, accompanied by a mechanic named Mal-
lot, met with disaster. The machine
collapsed and both men fell into   the
The German firm of lawyers hoped; says that at least a dozen negatives I sea.   Mallot was drowned, but Levas-
as all the goods have been return-1 have to be made each time, and with
-���1 and their client is very repentant, I the resultant prints brought to the
���o further measures will be taken In! Kaiser, who rejects all save those that
the case. present tho well known fierce look.
Tho Zurich judge, however, has The negatives have to be smashed
other views, and demands tho arrest | in his presence. On one occasion only
��t the burglar. Tlie federal govern-, did His MajeBty choose a copy of hla
nenl agrees, and through its llerllu'.photograph bearing a suggestion of a
���itatster has demanded the arrest and 1 smile, an enlargement of which he
leMlisililliii of tbe burglar. ordered for his mother.
seur was rescued.   The cause of the
coUmpre of the machine Is not knotvn,
Not a Proper Weapon.
Calgary, Jan. in. Mrs. Gordon Robinson, charged uiti, having beaten ner
husband over the head with a rolling
pin, was sentenced to two weeks' imprisonment today for her use of wo-
men'fi weapon. ���*���
From  thence the nose of the boat
was headed towards Ladner, a stop be- i
ing made at Burr's landing where the
guests  disembarked   and   entered  the
his hands with soap and warm water,and steam is turned orf.
and tben cleans bis finger nails.    An-      The boat was first headed for the
other turn off the sandglass, aud five I Frascr  -Min8  wKhere1   B<',ve/al    *��CBU
_< ... . _���._ ����� i. a ���������i.i������ ���hi,  were taken on board and from thence
minutes more of band washing with   to Lhfi wharf of fte B  -  Tra      ()rU
soap nnd warm water Is to follow. Ihe j t|on _���_ wnpre o|1 ���,���.,���,, t____ (lr,,
third turn keeps time for a third wash., located and a fresh supply of fuel was
tbls time In alcohol, and Ihe fourth is   taken on board.
for the priw-ess ��t sterili-.'ttion with n
wash nf corrosive stibliiuiMe,    Over all
these operations the sand-lass stands
ns arbiter  lo do, ide   when  each  lute .,
been   tlir.ri.ughly .arrled out.-London   h<?me of "r. an."-  M���rB'    UaTT>'    lhm,
.     . where  a   light   luncheon   was   served .
M"","n' and after photographs had been taken
of the group the steamer was again :
boarded and the return trip made to,
the city.
The use of oil burners, which ls becoming more popular among the busL- i
ness houses of the city. Is the result
of a three years' agitation made by
the   Vulcan   Iron   Works.    Th   latest
to come under this head Is the new j
Royal Columbian hospital which is being erected at Sapperton, while at tbe |
last  meeting of the  school  board"  a
representative of a   Vancouver   firm
was present and outlined the cost of
an oil burning equipment in the new
Connaught high  school  whicb  la being built on Tlpperary Park,
Other users of the fuel are the
Westminster Trust Company, T. J.
Trapp, Russell hotel and the Western
Paper  Mills  Company..
BOILERS Riveted Steel Pk>e��
      BURN OIL . ,    .. '"
One In Italy That Seems to Run Backward to Go Forward,
There ure very few modern American lueiniintlv-is of uuissiiiil design.
After years of experiment, during
which many e-tniordlnary engines
were |>ro*>o��ed. We Imve udopted cer
tain fundamental types, nnd unless
(here Is a complete revolution In the
construction of our locomotives lt ls
hardly possible Unit thc engines of the
future will lie much differc.*: from
those of Ihe present
In ICnrope und other foreign countries, however, they still continue oc-
('iisloiinll*r to build an engine that embodies very unnsiinl feature**. Oue of
the latest whs constructed for tbe Itnl-
inn sitate railways, and the cub was
placed lf> front that the engineer might
have tbe clearest possible view of the
track attend.
When In operation the engine pre
splits n very strange appearance, says
Ihe Itilllroad Man's .Magazine, for.
while It Is actually running forwnrd.
tlie action of the driving wheels would
be considered backward In this coun
try. Tbe euglne seems to run backward to go forward.
It Is a four cylinder compound, with
tbe cylinders arranged In a peculiar
manner, the two lilgb pressure cylinders being on one side of the centei
line and tbe two low pressure cylinders on tbe other. Coal Is carried In
bunkers In the cub, though in this respect tbe accommodations for fuel ure
(Jecldcdly limited. Wntcr is carried In
tba circular tank tender.
A Pilot Who Knew His Business and
Had  Lots of Nerve.
In a fit of impatience because the
speed of his yacht was Blowed down
on entering a certain harbor, tho German emperor on one occasion tried
to assert his authority and rang the
boll for "full speed ahead." To his
great surprise the pilot, an old Nor
weglan.named Norhuns, who knew tho
dangerous nature of the channel, placed himself In the way, and leaning
over the wheel, called down the tube
to the engine room, "half speed ahead
���never mind the bell."
"What! You dare to countermniid
my orders?" cried the impetuous
monarch, again ringing the bell.
"Disregard the bell, calmly repeated Norhuns through the tube.
For a moment tbe kaleer glared at
tbe Intrepid pilot and then, drawing
himself up to his full height, gold ma-
Six roomed houBe on Alberta Street. Sapperton, close to Columbia
Street.    Price 12800;  $500 cash, balance $25 per month.    '
Six roomed house, new, on Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
car line. Full' sired basement, furnace, fireplace, aud laundry tuba.
Price $3700; $800 cash, balance arranged.   ,
Three roomed house on Dublin Street, oIobb to Twelfth Street car
line. Large lot ln fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price Sisoo; one-
(-uartcr cash, balance C, 12 and IS months.
Five roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Price
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669
i MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1913.
By Defeating Canadian* Stanley Cup-
holders Lead th* Table���Wanderers Trounce Ottawa.
different cities with only part of tho
prize money earned.
Secretary Jenkins, it Is claimed, has
nover made a success of running a
congress whether t beHn Seattle, Spokane or at I .oh Angeles, where it was
hold last spring.
The announcement of President
Morley Just about settles the matter
for tills year at least as It would be
Impossible, ln event of neither side.
agreeing to different terms, to stage I
such a congreBS iu any other city on
the coast.
N. H. A. Standing.
K.      A
; this same ship, by the way, that Bob
1 FItzsimmons later took passage to the
New World.   The captain ot the vesse1
; was a great sport, and he was largely
instrumental In Inducing both future
champions to emigrate to    America.
Blessings en the old skipper! Murphy,
i like Ruby Robert, was about an green
i as they make 'ern when he landed In
'Frisco, and he never wholly got over
it.    Bob was a bright 'un, and Soon
i shed his cockney accent and    other
| peculiarities, but Australian Billy   remained the same to the end of his
career.   He always* came in for a lot
nf Joshing, and it was the greatest Joy
of his friends to get Billy "orating."
Murphy had an Idea tbat as an orator
he had  Robert Ingersoll and Demosthenes faded, and he never overlooked
a chance to get over a spiel.
We Sell Skates and Skating Shoes
McCulloch and Automobile Tube Skates. Alao large assortment of
other makers such at Starr Manufacturing Company and Boktrt
Special Boys' Hockey Skatetat 75c per pair. McPheraon't Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boots, $4,00 per pair.    Skates screwed  on  boots free
of charge
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
��� ��������***"'"'    ",_""  PHOWF   M7.
PHONE 237.
���Quebec 4
Canadians 4
Tecumsehs 3
Ottawa 3
Wanderers _
Torontos 1
Quebec, Jan. 11.���ln the presence of
a record house and after the finest display ot hockey seen in this city tor
a number of years, Quebec defeated
the Canadians last evening by a score
of 4 to 8, and placed themselves
leaders ln the N. 11. A.
It was a battle of giants from the
first sound of the whlBtle, and kept
-the spectators guessing   all   through
the match, for, until the gong Bound
��d "time" It was Impossible   to   say
who would win out.
The line-up:
Canadlens���Goal, Veilnn; point, De-
beau; cover point, Laviolette; centre,
Lalonde; right wing, Pitre; left wing,
D. Smith.
Quebec���Goal, Moran; point, Mummery; cover point, Hall; centre, Ma
lone; right wing, Marks; left wing, T
Smith. ,   i       ,   ,
Referee, Tom Mevllle; Judge of play
Charles McNamara.
EaBt Burnaby, Jan. 12.���
About twenty ladios ot East
Burnaby took advantage of the
offer ot the management of
the People's Pool Room on Friday afternoon where, under
the expert advice of William
Grant, they learned the first
rudiments of the pool game.
Afternoon   tea   was   served.
Wanderer* 11, Ottawas 5.
Montreal.   Jan.   12.-Flvo   thousand
Mutator, watched tbe Wanderers de-
gS Ottawa last evening Ir> .he   oca,
arena to tbe tune    of 11 goals to D.
Harrv  llyland  showed up    in    great
"""soring tour goals himself.
The game was dirty at times,
less thau Otty dollarB being collected
'" Both8 teams went st a great pace In
the first period, especially the Wanderers and with the exception of a
brief'period in the second 20 minutes,
Had the Ottawas tided off the boards.
The line-up:
Wanderers-Gt-V Boye*; point,
Ross; cover polDl,*. Cleghorn- right
wing. llyland; <*�����. Russell; left
wing, O. Cleghorn. \        re.     pom,,
Ottawa ��� Goal,    l*"*"* ���_"���     "���.
;Shore; cover point, UM- $ht ". "*'
Itonan;  centre, uiarracb;    �����"    v.in**,
B7-���nr. wood. Toronto; assist-
ant, D. Brennan, Montreal.
The 8ummary.
First perlod-1, Wanderers. 0. We*
����������������� is- 2 Wanderers, llyland, 3.OB.
��� Wanderers, Hyland, 1:25; 4. Wand-
ere�� Ross. 2:05; 5, Wanderers, O.
^ecTdperiod-6. Ottawa Broad
ben?. ��V I 0��'*1It��? ���    Ot"
B��TTrdSperiod---. Wanderers.   Hy.
��� Cleghorn, 1:_0-
Indians D*f*��t Toronto.
Toronto, Jan. 13.���Before the largest
crowd that be* yet w*tched a professional hockey game In Toronto,    tne
��� Tecumsehs defeated the Torontos last
evening 6 goals to 2.
The Macnamaras r-layed star games
for the winners,    who   were   easily
-ahead In combination. Cameron being
about the only  player ot the    blue
shirts who showed any class.
Both teams bad tbelr full quota of
���supporters and great rivalry was
shown nt the first meeting of the two
local clubs. ,    ^^^
��� ����������������������������������� + ���>
International Entries at St. Paul for
New Cup Given by Louis HIM.
St. Paul. Minn., Jan. 12.���Ninety-two
rinks have entered for the annual
bonaplel of the Northwestern Curling
Association, which will open here
January 20.
Besides IhoBe from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Manitoba,
entries have been made from Vancouver, D.C., Toronto, Ont., and Michigan.
A new trophy has been donated by U
W. Hill, of Minneapolis, to be contested for in the International event.
It Is a silver cup more than three
feet high
Rugger Meeting.
An Important meeting of the Westminster Rugby club Is called for
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock to be
held In the office of Mr. W. F. Edmonds, room 523 Westminster Trust
block. All members are requested to
be present at the gathering.
Deaf and  Dumb  Hockey Playsr Ha*
Won Two  Games  After  Extra
Time Had Been Played.
Unable to hear the applause which
Four roomed flat ln the Marjorlbanks Building on Begble street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent 130.00 per month. Possession January 1.
Store on Begble street, near Columbia; size
Possession about January 1.   Will lease.
20   feet   by   66 feet
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Office: 28 Lorn* Street,    New Westminster.
Iowa Woman Aided by Husband Perpetrate* Widespread Matrimonial
Des Moines,   Iowa,   Jan.   12.���Five
First  Leaguers  Do  Not Make    Good
Showing Against Smaller Clubs���
Bolton Wanderers Out.
(By the Potter.)
The customary surprises took place
on Saturday afternoon in the first
round of thefCnnllsh Cup and, while
only two of the First Division clubs
were eliminated, the number of drawn
Unable to hear the applause wbicn i    -����� -sums;.,   ���������_,   ������...   ...
greeted his shot which won last Taurs- hundred love-sick bachelors from New
day's game at Victoria, und respond-1 York to Montana aud North Dakota
ing to the congratulations wblcb were [
..'.lowered upon him by his team mates
aud friends. Jack Ulrich, the deaf and
dumb member of the Victoria hockey
squad, has been the hero of two big
wins  for  tbe   Senator.;,  once against
Vancouver and tlie other game against
Westminster, on  each  occasion    the
silent  one   slipping  by   the  winning
goal after overtime hal been played.
The Victoria people are Just crazy
over hockey tills season. Every game
played bo far this season in the Capital City has been witnessed by a
crowded house and lo let Ulrich slip
out after he won Thursday's game was
too much, they lifted lilm shoulder
high and carried Wm a-ound.
"Silent" took the praise as a matter
games made Ivy the Second Division j of course and simply g/inned as his
and Southern league   clubs   plainly! team mates endeavored    to   express
Defeats Barney Oldfield.
Los   Angeles,   Cal.,   Jan.    12.���Although defeated In the first heat yesterday in record time. Teddy Tetzlaff
I won the mile race with Barney   Old-
n<; | field on the motordrome track today
by   taking   two   straight   heats.    The
first heat was won In 0:38 2-5.   ln the
deciding heat Oldfield had engine trouble and Tetzlaff won easily In 0:41.
1880��� Australian Billy Murphy won
featherweight champlonsnlp of the
world by knocking out Ike Weir In
the 14th round at San Francisco.
1906���Johnnie Coulon defeated Eddlo
Greenwald In three rounds at Chicago.
190S���Battling Nelson knocked out
Jack Clifford ln third round at
Ogden. Utah.   .
1908���Joe Jeanette knocked out Joe
Phillips in second round and Grlf
Jones in third round at New York.
1911���Frankle Conley was disqualified
'for poor showing against Frankle
Andrews at Milwaukee.
1912���Al Palzer knocked   out   Sailor
White In fifth round nt New York.
Yesterday'* Annals.
1869���Tom Allen won heavyweight
title by defeating BUI Davis in 43
rounds at St. Louis.
1S85���John L. .Sullivan defeated    Alt
Greenfield In four rounds nt Boston.
1900���Kid McCoy knocked out Joe
.Choynskl'ln fourth round at New
York. ' ��� '.    ;^
1906���Aurclia Herrera, Mexican lightweight, knocked out Young' Corbett
in fifth round at Los Angeles.
1909���Joe Rivers. Mexican lightweight,
knocked ont Max Weber in fourth
round at Los Angeles.
1909���Jimmy Clabby defeated Ralph
Erne in six rounds at Philadelphia.
1910���Tony Ross knocked out Tommy
Dugsn ln second round at Newcastle, Pa.
1911���John Kllbane defeated Guasle
Wilson In ten rounds at Cleveland.
' President Morley Says B. C. City Has
���'   Forfeited:It* Rlqht��--Maonat**    .
Stick.by Th��li\Gun��.   .
��� .    ���
��� 8PORTO0RAPHY. ���
��� (By "Gravy.") ���
��� *
"Funny Business" Cost Vvelr His Title
Twenty-three Years Ago Todsy.
A lot ot fighters are fond of Indulging ln "funny business" In   the   ring.
show that either the senior teams are
not playing up their usual form or else
the lower divisions are showing remarkable strength.
Nott3 County, by their standing ln
the First Division, were expected to
: go down before Bristol RoverB, while
I Bolton, playing away at Oldham, loat
! out by two clear goals.
The following aru the results:
Fnlham 0, Hull 2.
Millwall 0, Middlesbrough, 0.
Manchester City 4, Birmingham 0.
Crystal Palace 2, Oossop 0.
Southampton 1, Bury 1.
Halifax 2, Queens Park Rangers 4.
Rochdale 0, Swindon Town 0.
Sunderland 6, Clapton Orient 0.
Bristol Rovers 2, Notts County 0.
Crydon Common 0, Woolwich Arsen
al 0. .	
Oldham Athletics 2, Bolton Wander-  as Vancouver,
.era 0. '    """-���"- -* "*���*���
L    Plymouth Argyle  2, Preston North
���! End 0.
*, I    Manchester United 1, Coventry City
* 1.
* i    Tottenham Hotspur J, Blackpool 1.
* ���    Gilllngharn 0, Barnsley 0.
*[    Chelsea 2, South End United 1.
'   Tbe following games were postponed
on account of enow and tog:
Mvarpool vs. Bristol City. ��� ���      ->-
Everton vs. Stockport County.
Bradford vs. Barrow.
Leicester Fosse vs. Norwich City.
Southampton vs. Bury.
South Shields vs. Gainsborough
West Bromwich vs. Westham United
Newcastle United vs. Bradford City.
Sheffield Wednesday vs, Grlmsb;
Wolverhampton Wanderer* vs
Shrewsbury Town or London Caledonians,
Portsmouth vs. Brighton and Hove
Blackburn vs. Northampton.
Stoke vs. Reading.
Leeds City vs. Burnley.
Derby County vs. Aston Villa.
Chesterfield Town vs. Notts ForeBt.
Ilnddersflcld Town vs. Sheffield
London Scottish 14, Harlequin* 13.
Bedford 6. I nndon Welsh 5.
Blackheath 20, Richmond ���.
Leicester 6, Coventry 3.
Old I.eyslans 11, Rosslyn Park 0.
Cumberland 20, Durham 3.
Scottish League.
St, Mlrren 2, Aberdeen 2.
Dundee 1, Alrdrleonlan* L
Celtic 1, Queens Park 0.
Kilmarnock 3, Clyde 2.
Falkirk 2. Partlck Thistle 0.
Hamilton Academical* 4, Heart* 2
Hibernian* 3, Morton 1.
Ranger* 3, Motherwell 1.
Third Lanark 0, RalU. Rover* 0.
their feelings.
About the only ho-;\iv player on
the coast who can talk to the Dummy
is Cyclone Taylor, and he and Ulrich
are frequently seen together wben
tbe two teams are in the same city
talking in the sign language.
This is his second _e_9cn on the
coast, having been spare man with
Vancouver last season, and was with
I; am until about three weeks ago
when Lester Patrick decided that
Ulrich would come in handy as spare
as long as brother Prank had Sibby
Nichols to fall back upon.
It was a strange turn of fate that
Ulrich should be the man who set
his former team mateB back in tho
league race and should also be the
man who two weeks later brought
his team once more on the same plane
Both of his goals were secured I
thro'-gh Individual efforts and scored II
after the teams had been battling |
to Texas were susceptible to the "love
hoodwinking" of Florence Gamble, of
Boone, Iowa, who pleaded guilty today to using the malls to defraud, and
was held to the federal grand Jury.
Her confession came when she was
confronted with letters she had written to eight of her "prospectB." They
were R. A. Randolph, of Nfagara Falls,
Ont.; Louis Gallltzer, Halllday, N.D.;
Orville Wilson, Minneapolis, Minn.; E.
E. Runcorn, Blythe, Cal.; N. A.
Weaver, Colorado City, Col.; N. A.
Carnahan, Bunch, Iowa; Adolph Blessing, Victor, Mout.; Bert Gates, CoggB-i
well, N.D., and J. L. Prater, Arlington,
The information upon which she
was arrested was based on the Texas
love letter, through which she got $-!).
Sbe is thirty-two years old and married. Her husband, she Bald, posed
as a brother-in-law, to whom sbe referred and who substantiated her assertions thst sbe was good looking, an
heiress to an estate of $20,000 and a
sixty-acre Iowa farm.
HE* 'PHONE 890
Lumber Lath and Shingles
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters 'of credit
���old payable In all parte ot the world. Savinga bank department at
all branches.
New We��tmin*ter Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
A Scotch Comic Who
Amuse You.
Get Your Skate* Fixed for the Ice Will
Be Ready at Park This Week���
How It I* Made.
From the Orpheum  Circuit.
NUP   8EV,    _.,
-���ssssss^. !        I      I    I
BLAntfHIN   st   HUHH       ���
Those   runny   People   With
tbe Funny Names.
3,500 tons, 7,000 horse-power
Sailing Every Monday (12 Midnight)
^^^^^^J for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Orsnd Trunk Pacific Rail-ray tor points east of
Prince Rupert
Connecting with S.8. "PRINCE JOHN" on certain- dates fer
Stewart. Qranby Bay, Massett and otber Queen Charlotte Island points
Saturdays (12 Midnight) for
Victoria and Seattle
SS. "Prince Albert" for Prince Rupert and way ports,
3rd. 13th and 23rd of each month.
1    '-     '���'   -':-      - in ��� n" '  i       n- ______________
Tbrous-n tickets to all It-stern destinations and to "Europe. Youi-
cholce of rail and ocean lines.
H. 0. SMITH, C. P. * T.
Phene Seymour 7100.
A. W. B. DUPEROW, O. A. V.
VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville 8trs*_
our     =
Lo* Angeles, Cal., Jan. 11���Vancou
ver has forfeAed It* right*,to,the an
nun! tournament of th Wsstsrn Bowling congress. Thi* announcemnt
-come* ft* a great surprise today, but
President Morley verltl** It. The situation is now such that the yearly affair may be given up until another
turhot thrwHeol.
"the above, wjte has? occuloned llttlr
- surprise among the leading bowler*
-who were back bt the deal to take the
Western Bowling congress ln Vancouver this coming March, hut to local
bowler* there will no doubt be tiner
tlons asked as to,the raason of the
president's move.
The whole trouble tn a nutshell Is
the tact that Vancouver bowling magna te* w|U not stand for a ��tranger
��� coming to that city to.be placed In
charge ot the congress. ' This strange
cr 1* Secretary Jenkins of thr Western Bowling congress, who according
to some queer organization ruling*,
-was preparing to pack hi*.grip and
take supreme command ot the show in
Th* Terminal City, men point to
the tact that It left alone titer ooultl
make a ��uccess of th* affair, mor*
than break even on the ���-**-**����� sheet
-and not allow *"��Taer��rct*rn to their
of "the'WrlXwhp"lost his title to Billy
Murphy, the little fighting cyclone
from Australia, twenty-three years ago
today, Ike, .with true Hibernian exuberance ot spirits, was fond ot playing to the grandstand, Intimating hi*
contempt for his antagonist by doing
clown stunts In the ring. He did It
In the fight with Murphy. In tbe fourteenth round the "Spider" turned a
back flip, whieh was one of his favorite turns. H* had barely landed on
hla feet when Murphy sent over* terrible right that stretched Ike out for
the count, and cured him of all dls-
nosltlon to play the role of Clown.
With that blow. In a bout in which he
'md seemed outclassed, the Australian
won tho featherweight title, This bout
wa* staged before the California Athletic Club in San Francisco, and Ike's
defeat waa expensive to a lot ot
Golden State sport*.
Billy Murphy, the second feather
weight champion, was a native ot New
Zealand, but, a* hi* monaker might
Indicate, ot .rial. d��*c*nt He began
fighting tat IS*?, ant) in the following
yettf went to Auitralla, where he
clean��d up all of the boys of his
weight. Including Jerry Marshall, the
clever American negro featherweight
Murphy'* tame r*ito��d the'California
Athletic Club memW*. and In 188*
Billy ooarded t*4-*t*sa*hlp Zealandta
for the trip to America.   It was   on
��������������>���>���>��� ��� ��� ��� ��� �� ��� ����� 4
���' . ���
��� OVER TH�� FOUL LrhtE. .     *
��� . ��
.The weekly Inter-City Sweepstake
event will be pulled off tht* week at
th* old Front Street Alley on Thursday and Friday night*. About eight
toam* are expected to take part, four
teams occupying the alley* each
Ef forts are being matte to form *
city" bowling league, compo*ed of
from ten to fifteen three-men team*.
Such a league should prov* Y*ry'interesting lo the bowler* of th* city.
Last week'* high icore oris* wa*
won by B. Owen, with 180.
Manager Shirley, of tho Chllllwack
Alley, will be ln town thi* week With
hi* crack five-pin team to roll a match
game with the Front Street men.
The following Hon** IstMfiM games
will be bowled this week:
Tonight���Petersen v*. Ay*r*t
Tuesday���McDonald v*. Knight.
Wednesday���Lane vs. Ararat
Thursday and Friday will ha glv*n
over to the Sweepstake team*.
Fdtlwolag Is
House League:
McDonald ..  .
Ayerst      ....   <____________
McDonald and Ayerst have a post-
ponded game to play yet
Harry Pierce I* the leading 100
���core-getter to far thla montji. and
they are all weU over th* aukr.*, too.
While the date for the opening haa
yet to be officially announced local
skaters and amateur bockey players
will bave to wait just a few more
days and then they will bave the time
of their lives on the artificial Ice at
Queens park.
Certain 'small details, minor in importance, hare cropped up during the
past few days which have delayed th**
storting of the n-B-hliicry, but according to. President'Welsh of the Arena
Company the electric Jstce will be
running through the motor* either to
day or Tuesday. -    -
Once these have settled down to
tbelr regular hum, the huge machinery
will be set/ ln motion forming the coating ot ice which Ne.w Westminster
people, young and UA, . havfj been
waiting for during the past . two
How do they make artificial to. ?
Well, here is the system which they
are using at Queens -park for1 hockey
and seating purposes.
>A large tank of brine I* used,
thro- gh which enormous coil* ar* run.
Liquid ammonia I* forced intb these
coils by ts.V aifysioil tt��e%lfifcv-�����ljd
this preslhte"acts _��* a' compressor
and changes it into gas. the brine is
pumped wit ol the tank through tbe
pipes laid Oil the floor, and Is returned by pipe* to the tank again, When
tbe brin�� IMfCI the tank lt I* 12
degrees, and Wfc-ii. it returns It I* 22
degrees. The fcriiYe, being so cold,
cause* an excess fi'SSi, Thi* tyatem
I* very economic and? ��*.�� etsryihlng
over and over again.
'-.     ���!,!   il   li'jfliM'      S t        ,1,    -,
' ** o*itm atett Memsmai. ��
, n*dltTO* m^-mm* eoupl.ted foV<_#
memorial brt<-_�� wljleh ttV ��.ti ��*
Ait-just*. Olu. 1* to ariset In honor of*
Major Archibald W. Butt, who pet*-
Ished In tb* Titanic dlssster. It will
be a hsndsptn* re-enforced concrete
atruFtur* In (bra* arch**, spanning tbe
Angusta canal, which 1* ISO feet wtd*.
Memorial adornment*. Including a
t-rous* tablet and ��� handmillng formed j
of sixteen Inverted cannon linked by
!a heavy rable chain, will be added by
tbe Archltald Butt Memorial association. i\
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of HaMtun Cenipreased Concrete (Patented)
Thursday, Friday and
Paths'* TWOsRMl Film D'Arl
A Cla*slc MMterpKc* In faitH.
The moat maffllsnent production or thi* famous tragedy ever
conceived���a marvel 6t bestdry.
w. r. oilliv, anon* its. a i. an-uav, pinm
Phene*, oiriw 10 and ii.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Columbia rrattf WMf,  -
We haVS a limited stock of COMOX COAL
whieh we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
,   Fir, Cedar
the *tandtttaT   of
��-i-     , , .
The Tree* ef Pari*.
Tber* ar* tw#*ty-*_e kind* ot tr*e*
growing In tbe Pari* boulevards. A*
In Loudop, til* plane Is moat numerous. i��tt i* clo**lr followad by tb*
horn <***taat. Th��n comes numerically tl�� .UK-is-*, or tra* ot mvem.
of which there are 0,000 apecltMna.
Tbl* magnificent Chine** tree waa rac-
om mended for Klngswsy. London, bsrt
rejected partly bacau** tb* Bower* ar*
wslodorotts. Thar* ar* only two ash
tree* la Part*, no oak* and bnt oa*
���oeclmen each of mulbarqr aad catal-
et, -Utaitm kaa.  '
Furnishing Homes
Get Our Prices
It will pay you
Corner Sixth and Car-
rutrron Streets, New
���'   ^mmWImtmf. -
la*, and -rraaa.
sii-MW LUMBER C0,lM.
PrrMM N*. 7 and 177.
You c��i rent that room through the medium bt
a classified advertisement in the Westminster
Daily News at the small cost of one centa word.
_____________��������  ^
ClslAUCfhrand r^tMSD
Udtes* and   tltessl--' *>It�� dyed
....... ssjei"..  .'//.v. . ...U.00
Ov_r*o.U Cl**n*Va1ltf<^<eMMI
.......;...; ....-.,,...f1J��
New Velvet Collar":���;.,/.���..�����
W* do repair* at'a"Bma1v'*M*
dltional charge.
t4| Colombia ��t    Nwha _U7��
..,,-^-,mWmer-.     .       -     ���
7-roomed houa*. fully modern,
'-with furnace and kitchen range,
liaoteum and blind*. Lease if
required, 92SM *m mor-th. ���'
g-room house, aaa block from
ear, fld.00 mm m-Mrt*.
5-rocm  houae, modern, with
basement, ��20_M
Winer, Bangs S Co.
Phone 1004.
CcWtcutt Blk.     Baat Burnaby. , -_-.���,��� mmWJmmi*mtm
Classified Advertising
��� RATE8. ���
���>���>���>��������� ��� ��� ������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required wlttln one year trom date of
contract, 2-5.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice Jl.tM). Card ot Thanks 60c Fer
4 and 7 years old.   Phone 499. .
housework. Mrs. Gregg, 213 Columbia street. East. (452)
lot 30x150, price $1000.     Box   451.
Island. Price 2400 per acre. Apply
Box 415 News office. (415)
Stove.   Canada's   Pride   Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, 21.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
gratlon agent at Vancouver, is anxious to locate Immediately Robert
Wright, said to own a fruit farm.
Postal address New Westminster, B.
C. Lord Stratbcona has cabled the
immigration authorities in reference
to this man's son. (450)
suitable for light housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh street. (449)
keeping rooms, suitable for bachelors.   Apply 828 Royal Ave.     I (453)
new house, furnace heated. Apply
418 Ash street. (457)
unfurnished; modern conveniences,
at 1316 Cariboo street (425)
TO     LET ��� THREE
housekeeping   rooms.
Seventh avenue.
Apply   1303
rooms tor rent at 224 Seventl.
street. (397)
keeping rooms, hot and oold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythla3
hall, oorner Eighth street and Agnes
atreet. (398)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes. Will lease for two
er three year term, singly or en blec
Apply to Manager the News.
seller and buyer together.
Pursuant to Section 7, of the British Columbia Railway Act, 1911, no-
-t.ce is hereby given that there has
been deposited with the Registrar in
New Westminster, plan, profile and
book of Reference of the location of
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway, mileage 5 to 15, Lulu Island, approved by the Minister ot Railways nf
"British Columbia. (469)
Chief Engineer.
Re Now Westminster District. Block
8 of Lot 92. Group 1. Map 1146.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate Ot Title Number 28620F, issued In the name of Lily Rita McNeill,
be* been tiled in tbls office.
Notice te hereb;   ���	
_. M*m mxotrmtto* ot otto tnoeten  rrorm
-  MtoVrS." �������'��������_��'__��_
Municipality of Buriraby
Quaint1 Bed Drsptry For Your Old
Four Poster.
To many Americans there Is no style
ot furnishing which appeal's so irresistibly as tbe colonial, and especially la
this tbe case In regard to bedrooms, tor,
while lt Is a question sometimes as to
tbe advisability of furnishing a modern living room lo tbe quaint fashion
that Is not always well adjusted to
modern needs, tbe bedroom furnished
lu colonial style Is nlwsys desirable
and perfectly convenient, a* well aa
most attractive to look upon.
Tbe old crocheted lace ranople*
whicb wer* among the handiwork ln
wblcb our grandmothers excelled ar*
���till packed away tn the trunk* of
many an old house, but tbose with
a taste for tbe autlque ln furnishing
have long since disinterred some ot
these canopies sud put them Into use
on tbelr four |>ost beds. Tbe art of
crocheting these canopies or valance*
I* not a dliiliult one. and women wbo
are not accustomed to crochet hare
copied the patterns with great ��ucoess
for use on their four porters. When
these vslunces sre used on the four
posters h spread crocheted in the sums
msnner Is used, both rnlanr* and
spread having a liorder of deep points
snd hii edging of cotton fringe, either
tbe ball or a straight fringe. Arouud
the lower part or the bed, to carry out
tbe antique style in detail, there Is h
box plaited flounce or white muslin, or
thin flounce may lie gathered, llenvy
white linen, shell iih linen sheets are
made ot. Is also used for this Bourne.
First White    Boy   Born   In    Montana
Find*  Father  He  Thought
Notice 1* hereby _��i������_*��_/ iSSi'/sVsM* Burnaby.
the Cl\
��� ^*m\iy~a��*^^pi?~t>��*i*e*o* i���
the Sit" of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
C.   S.   KEITH,
District  Registrar  of Titles.
l_s.nd Registry Office. New Westminster   B.C., December 22nd, 1912.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
In the matter of thn Municipal
Elections Act, Chapter 71, 2 Geo. 6.
Public Notice Is hereby given to the
Electors of the Munialpaltty of Burnaby
that I require the presence of the said
Electors at tho Municipal Hall at Edmonds on the
18 "O'CLOCK   NOON."
for tho purpose of electing; persons to represent them In the Municipal Com -il aa
Reeve and Councillors, also for the'purpose of electing School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of Candidates
shall be as tallows:
The Candidates shall be nominated In
Writing. The writing shall be aub-
scrll>ed by two voters of. the T.Iunicipalily
as Proposer and seconder and shall be de-
liv_r��-> """, tt,0 Returning Officer at art^
time between the date of this notice and
2 p.m. of the flay of the nomirution; tin-
said writing may be ln the form numbered 5 ln the Schedule of this Aet. and shall
state the nai s, reslih nee and occupation
or description ot each person proposed] In
such manner as sufficiently to Identify
such candidate [ and ln the event Of a
Poll being necessary sucii Poll will be
opened on
SATURDAY,   THE    18TH    DAY    OF
JANUARY, 1913, AT:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Hamilton  Road School, Burqultlam.
Barnet Hall, Barnet,
Mr.   Topping'* .tore,  ,3th Avenuo.j
Whit* Brocade la In the Lead This
Tbe blouses In luces, brocades and
chiffons are more than tempting this
year. Tbe waists of white brocade
are quite Ibe mge. and unite rightly,
for they are wonderfully good to toot*
upon. To appear to the best advantage these brocade  waists should bo
Missoula, Mont., Jan. 12.���After be
Ing separated 43 years, each believing the other dead, George Harland,
of Salmon City, Idaho, and Will Cave,
of Missoula, father and son, and pioneers of Montana, were united In a
little mining camp named Bay Horse,
near Salmon City, last week, and returned to Mssoula to celebrate the
holidays together.
Mr. Harland, who Is 87 yeara old
left his wife and son at the ranch of
Robert Nicol, his wife's brother, near
Hamilton, In 1869. Harland and his
wife had been legally separated and
Mrs. Harland married Alfred Cave,
whose name her son, Will, took. Mr.
Harland, in his boyhood, had acquired
a stepfather named Hacleman, and
after his separation from his wife ln
Montana he assumed his stepfather's
Thus lt was that the father travelling under a name unfamiliar to the
son and the son taking a name with
which the father had no acquaintance
the two lost track of each other, and
as the years Went by each decided the
other was dead.
Last week Mr. Cave received a re
port through acquaintances which led
him to believe his father might be at
Salmon City. He took the first train
and after several days spent searching that section found George Hackle-
man at the Bay Horse mining camp.
1. \ Quarter Section ln Saskatchev. an
iu exchange' for Burnaby property.
2. A fine Three Stores Block in a
thriving Manitoba a_ncultural section. Portion of bloc,, leased fo:
$40 per month. Balance In use Thi-
ia .a   going   concern-clearing    ten]
thousand per annum. Will exchance
for   revenue   producing B.   C,   Pro
3. Two full bearing orchards in the
Okauakun Valley. In each case owners will trade fnr coast property.
The properties arc handy'to tbe best
educational facilities.
4. A Malsipil ranch ln exchange for
Albert's acreage.
5. A choice Chllllwack r.O-acre ranoh
wlili Iholoe building*, tor revenue
pnn! in-Ing city property.
WvJ nr call nn us If you want to
trade us . e have u number ol bargains worthy ot your consideration.
Fire,  Accident, Plate G'asi.,  Auto
m'o'ijil-.  Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
grlcuttural Hall,
Mr. J. Herd's Office, 3701
Street Esst.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Of   which   every   person   Ib   hereby   required to take notice and govern himself
accordingly. ___.  ___,���, I
Shall be his being a male British .subject
and  having been   for  the   Hire,     months.
next preceding the flay of hln r initiation!
the registered owned Ib th�� Laud Keglstr)
office,   of   land   or   real   property   situate
within  the  municipality  of  the  assessed
value, on the laat Municipal or Provincial
Assessment Roll of five hundred dollars or
more   over   and    above   any    registered;
judgment  or charge  and being otherwise i
duly qualified aa a Mualclpal % ster
OOU��CILJ..OR shall be his being a male
British subject and having been for the
three months next preoeding ��� tn�� day ol
his nomination tho registered , ner, In
the Land Registry Offloe, ot land, or real
property situate within the Municipality
of the assessed value, on tho last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll, of two
hundred and fifty dollars or more over
and above any registered Judgment or
chaise or being oT homesteader, lessee
from tuo Crown, or pre-emptor, who has
resided within tho Municipality for the
space ot one year or more Immediately
preceding the day of nomination and Is
i .uwteaaed for five hundred dollars or more
I on thc last Municipal or Provincial As-
fsBtnet/.t Roll over and above any regls-
' terefl Judgment or charge, Or being a
I tyimueiead-r. leasee from the Crown, or
M ���-emptor who has resided within the
Municipality for & portion of one year
tmuiedlately preoedlnu the nomination,
ana during the, remainder of said year.
ins been the owner of said land, of
which lie formerly was a tvswnesteador.
lea.,-,, fr���,��� th��� Crown or pre-emptor, and
n  fnr   five hundred  dollara   ���
kept simple.   They may have the In..
Kobesplerre collar or ihe more recent
Importation, the  Medici collar,  which
Is  very   -tunning softened   with   frills
af lace.   The front of the blouse Ik almost hidden  under tbe billowy  frill*
nf luce which form the pointed Jnbot.
'ihe  sleeves   are   long,   vltu   the   pic
turesque   luce  frills  falling  over   Ihe
hand.     Very   often   these   "jlonses   ol
white brocade are devoid of any color
Again, the suggestion of color may he
'. Introduced ever so slightly In the way
j of piping or lu the buttons.    The yet
I Jow of amber la sometimes  skillful1*
lined In this manner, with the amlier
buttons as the utilshlng touch.    Tbe
blouse illustrated Is a dressy liffalr **
navy blue chiffon over old gold sutlu.
Turkish City  Was thi  Horn* of
Young Turk Movement.
Saloni. i, now figuring prominentty
in the Balkan war, is the greatest seaport of western Turkey and the point
through which the trade of Macedonia
passes. Since tho Young Turks came
into power this Macedonian city his
been called the second capital if Tur-
key. It was the mother and the nurse
of the revolution and became the seat
ol an autocracy that controlled Con-
stantinople itself, and through its
agents, every vilayet in the empire.
. While the capture of the town by
the Ilalkan allies would be a victory
second in importance only to that i!
the occupation of Constantinople itself yet there ii little likelihood that
they will be ahle effectively to use its
possession to enforce their demands
in the negotiations for peace. Salonika is so wound up with diplomatic
intrigue, and so inextricably a part ol
the fabric of Germanic ambitions that
ita fate will be the greatest consideration in all Austrian demands.
Ever since the division of tho totter.
I iw    Tn rk-.li    ssniP'S*    "��    S'S.rop.    Isss.
seaport, and has directed toward its '
possession an unwavering course oil
diplomacy. It lias always been recognized that her demands for the rirrhl I
Father of  System    Ha*   HI*   Doubts
Now���M��y Return to Curing of
Montreal, Jan. 12.���Has cold storage
ln Canada defeated the very object for
which it was initiated?
ProtesBor James Robertson, the
head of the Conservation Commission,
who may be said to be the father of
cold storage in Canada, is now by no
means sure that the system which he
so sedulously fostered bas been an unmixed blessing; ln fact, he has hinted
that it may be fraught with grave
danger to the well-being of the people.
The original intention of Dr. Robertson was that cold storage should be
used to preserve food products in
fresh condition while in transit from
the producer to the consumer. The
actual result, he says, appears to have
been the building up of huge cold
storage Interests, whose object Ib to
buy products when they are cheap and
hold them out of the market till they
become high.
One of the things for which Dr. Robertson had hoped much from cold storage was the delivery of the products
of the Atlantic fisheries in a fresh condition to the ever-growing population
on the prairies. He now admits that
he has little hope of this being done,
for in actual practice the fish is held
so long in cold storage before it
reaches the consumer that it is generally deteriorated in quality.
He states that fish is one of the
things that deteriorate rapidly in cold
storage, and is now a question whether much harm is not done to the
health of the people by holding fish
and otber perishable products out of
the market for indefinite periods by
these means.
So marker", is the failure of cold
storage in regard to the delivery of
fresh fish in Canada, that Dr. Robertson is now suggesting that the government should Institute experiments
with a view to a new system of curing fish���a system of very mild curing, which would give the result almost of fresh fish. The present mc'h-
Jds of curing by heavy applications of
3alt militates against the popularity
in the prairies of cod and other fish,
which exists in such boundless prolusion in Canada'B Atlantic fisheries,
while such fish preserved by cold storage has often been in cold storage so
long that it is harmful to the dlges
hibits the importation of Indian opium
(or the sake ot. giving a monopoly to
the native poppy growers. The authorities further say that the police regulations merely stop the sale ot the
urug by natives, but do not stop its
English merchants, they say, may
import to Canton any quantity of
opium they wish, but they call attention to tho tact that while the treuty
gives protection to foreign trude and
traffic it does not guarantee a successful disposition ot the goods.
Public Notice is hereby given to the
..helms of tne Municipality of the City
of Now Westminster, that I require tne
presence of tne said electors at tne Couu-
oli Ciiamoor, City Hall, Columbia strout.
New Westmluster, on the 13th day ol
January, mj. at 12 o'clock noon, for ths
purpose Of elecUn* persons to represent
mem In the Municipal Council as Mayor
and Aldermen.
The mode of nomination of candidates
shall be aa follows: The Candidates shall
be nominated tn writing; the writing snail
be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, aud
shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the dale of
the notice and 2 :00 p.m. of day of nomination, and In the event of a poll being
n��.oossary, such poll will be opened on
tho ltith day of January, 1913 at:
St. Oeorge's Hall, corner of Clarkson
and Church streets.
No   4 Fire Hall, Keary street.
No. 6  Fire Hall. Thirteenth street.
Crane's   Store,   (jueensboruugh.
From 9:0o o'olock a.m. to 7too p.m.
of which every person is hereby required to take notloe and govern himself accordingly.
.. .....   -The persons qualified to be no.
minated for and elected as the Mayor ***
shall be such persons as are mate British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under any
law and have been for Uie six. months
preceding the day of nomlnaUon the
registered owner. In the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property In thn
City of the assessed value on the last
Municipal Roll of One Thousand Dollars,
or more, over and above any registered
Judgment or charge, and who are other-
wlse duty qualified aa municipal voters."
" ���"���*��� Tho person;, qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen ������*���
shall be such persons as are male British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under any
law, and to have been for the six months
next preceding the day of nomination the
registered owner, in the Land Registry
Office of land or real property ln the
City of thc assessed value on the last
Municipal Assessment Roll, of Five Hundred Dollars or more, over and above any
registered Judgment or charge, and who
are otherwise qualified as municipal voters."
Given under my hand at the City of
New Westminster, the 4th day of January,  isn.
(419) Returning Officer.
Hspr.ssnl.lls.    Advocjlss
1-(ssssss.     VVIsi    SSSSsilnfarns       j
Kings   or   President*.
Washington,  Jan.
12��� "When
to build a railroad through Novi Ba-1 privately, under the guise
7.nr, and her annexation of Bosnia and I ship,  mislead  the  King or  President
Herzegovina in 1903 were but steps to I in order to obtain an end other th;in
tliis end.    Iu all ol these
reor.- un tlie last Municipal or Provincial
Asscamnent Roll, over and above any reg-
latere-i Judgment or oh,irgo; and being
otherwise duly qualified aa a Municipal
follows: Any ie*r.-,,n b'-lng a householder
In tha School Dlstr.cl and being a British
subject of the full age of twouty-onn
years, and otherwise qualified by the
Public Schools Act. 190ii, to vote at an
election of School Trustees In the said
SohOOl Dlsirlct ahall '., eligible to ho
elected and lu serve ,.s a ^.-nool Trustee
In such Munlolpal District
(liven under my hand ill l'dmonds, tlie
thirtieth day of Doci-mhor,  1912.
(S73) Returning Officer.
BlHlards and; Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes,
Pigat-i and Smoking requisites.
Wholi H.ile  and  retail.
J. L�� Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg.
of ull kinds.
Tricon right    Satisfaction guaranteed.
59  McKenzic  St.
For   Bsoolooce   In    ShavlnK.   Malrcuttlng
an. .Shampooing give the
35   Eighth   *st.    Dsvld   Boyle,  Prop]
a I rial.    Four skilled workmen.    Our system  of treating the scalp for   dandruff
and faUlng balr eannot bo Unproved upon
fry 't- " . ...
Faci M;_ssaglug a speciality.
Housekeepers Srisuld Insist U��(
Attention Beini Paid to Refuse.
HouselteeiwjrH who lieinoiiii the wearing out of the garlmge can. no niattav
bow nonruHtuiile sstd costly It may K,
should see to It that mnld* keep It dry.
As this eannot be done without csre
fnl disposal of garbage. Insist on sll
the table refuse belug drained and put
tlie rest In paper.
Old newspapers kept In a bos In tbe
kitchen answer, hut cooks may be en
courages! to cleanliness by providing
tbem wltb paper bugs mnde e��|>ei-lslly
for garbage palls of nonntinorbs-nt paper.
Keep the gnrlutge psll dry and yon
will bave no odors, no fioslous gaises.
One houHekifper burnt- nil the gar-
liege ��be can. ('lose bjj the regular
can Is nn old |wes��>rvlng kettle with a
round broiler tilting about balfwsy
down It The gnrl-age ts set ou the
broiler, s few drops of cnnl oil put on
It to burn more easily, the ashes drop
Into the liottoiii of the kettle, and s
watch Is kept that the refuse Ik not
heaped too blgb *<i the flumes scatter.
Whenever a garbage ran Is emptied
the Inside should lie wiped out wltb a
cloth dipped In kerosene.
Vveii Bui t Modem
5-Roomed Bungalow-
just off Flxth Street car lino, with
hot water heal. (3160,00; ,1000.00
cash, balance to arrange,
Coldleutt Block. Fourth Avenue
Phone. 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
- e I ,ots 4, 5, 7> (excopt tho aouth
westerly S_ feet by 54*.i feet of said
lot 7) ol portion of lots 1, i and t
and a portion ot 20 feet by 106 fee
Niarkeid "Ijine," of Lot 5. Block 34.
lap 904. In the City of New Wast
Whereas proof of tho loss of Certlfl :
llo of Title  Number 12W8 F, .Issued
i the name of Ilobort    Lennle,   has
OetM liled In thla office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
-it the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof
in a dally newspaper published In the
City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
bo made to mo in writing.
C. 8. KEITH.
���   District Registrar of Titles.
LiBd Registry Office,
New   Westminster.   B.C.,   January
3, 1903. C407)
Tub Toys For Baby.
Quite tbe cutest and most practical
trifle for the baby that bas lures
thought of lately Is s small, heat quality bstb sponge, which Is at the Mall
time a tub toy. The top Is Ibe head
of an Indestructible celluloid doll. Join
ed to the sponge with a few tiny blue
bows snd n fulling of blue satin. It I*
to light that It floats In the water and
so Is always In reach, snd of course
It affords unlimited amusement to tbe
child. Any one wbo bas struggled to
amuse a child In Its tub and end the
bath eip.Miitv.iniy will rejoice ln tbls
dellchtfull; sttractlve dolly. It msy
be had for "ft cents.
moves and
aims Germany has been in sympathy,
since Solonica, at the head of Uie gull
of the same name, is the nearest and
her.t Kuropean point of access to the
porta that she is establishing on the
coast   of   Asia   Minor,   in   ootinectioD
with her Bagdad railroad enterprise*.
Salonlca is <>ne of the oldest cities
of Turkey, and has a long history ol
conquest and reconquest.   H was held
by   ancient   Greece   and   Rome,   aud
fought .over by Byzantines, Turks and
Slavs far many centuries." Its" various
conquerors have left their impress, not
only   in   wonderful   archaelogical  remains,   but   also   in   the   variety   ol
names by   which the city ia known
There ore six of these, and the variety of pronunciation by the different
people who trade at the port bring*
tlie number up to 22.
It has a population estimated al
about 150.000. Ol every ten of its
people six are Jews. The ('reeks conic
next in number nnd then the Turks.
The city is divided by one grcnt
street, the Rue Vardar (the Via Egna-
lia of the Romans!. which runs para!,
iel with the sea. On one sklc. ascend-1
ing the hill to the ancient walls on
the north, is the Turkish quarter,
where the Turks try to live the life "I
the ancient Turkish regime, untouch
ed by the modernity thnt presses clme
around them. This quarter is a hap
haiar.i labyrinth li| narrow alleys,
sombre and dark, with closed door-
and latticed windows, with gardens
and high wa'.U overshadowed l>>
trees through which shine the white
minaret* ol small moi-ques. Us sti.l
ness is scarcely broken except by -the
summons to the faithful st the hours
of prayer.
From this Turkish quarter, which
seems stranded on the hillside, the
modern Kuropeanised q.arter of ho
tels. shops, warehouses, banks and
connular offices, turbulent and noisy
descends gently downward to thr
white quays on the harbor. Greek
seamen from tlie Isles, and Moslem
boatmen, in bagey breeches and wlub?
'urbane, ming e with sailors from at.
the porta ot the world in the loading
���ind unloading "f the lioats that Crowd
into the bay. Greeks. Bulgnrs. Tu*k-.
Syrians. Jews. Armenians, Oerman-
and Austriane throng Hie bar.nars thin
are laden with all the wares of tin-
Down by the sea. where the citt
:neets the corn-try, stand- a prea:.
.���rim circular fortresses like building
a reminder of old Turkey. It is the
"White Tower of Balonica," in ths
dungeons of which thousands of people in Uie past have been tortured to
death. Us historjr has given the
themes for epics that bsve been sung
and recited from the Aefcean Sea to
the  Danube.   .
nubile welfare, they ought to hang," I
RepresenVatlve Sims of Tennesse, de-
clared In tlie House today upon the
conclusion of the reading of an editorial regarding the cabinet to be selected by President-elect Woodrow
Mr. Sims obtained the floor during
consideration of the Post Office Appropriation Bill, and sent to the desk
an editorial lauding the Presidentelect for the stand taken ln this matter. "Under the English lay, they
did not punish the King for any wrong,
but they punished his adviserc,"
Representative Sims added. He Bald.
when he read this tn hiB boyhood
days, he thought it a great outrage,
but since had concluded It was wise.
Mr. Sims continued: "Those who get
next to the King and next to the
President, who are entrusted with
his confidence, and who, instead of
telling him the plain truth, as they
Bee it, color it so that he does not see
the facts, but views them through
colored glasses and, therefore, does
wrong through misinformation, I nm
in favor of hanging, Instead of punishing the President.
;    In the last hundred years good presi-
1 dents  have  done    that which    they
would  not have    dorie   If  they  had
known the facta."
the Provincial Oovernmi nt to inquire into
the conditions of sericulture in tlie Province, in its various branches and In all
[Ls relations to Industrial and economic
development, will hold sessions ut tbs fel
lowing places nnd dates assigned:���
Vancouver���Court-bouse,   January   Otii.
lOtli and 1 1th.
.New   Westminster���City   Hall.   January
13th and J4th. . ,,,���
������'^^E^."!s_^_S-��"T!Ss, s*S""ll��s.   s,-/��-nss   b��-
r.sni (Tie <!i>m>nlsa>]un on any subject within
the scope of  this  Inquiry Is  hereby   invlt-
[ ed   to   appear   nt   any   of   tbe   above   slt-
i tln<s of the Commission.
lt   is   the   purposi   to   give   the   Inquiry
I the    widest    and    fullest    scope    possible.
men i While  It  Is  the  Intention  t..  t.-ik- up th"
nf  rrlonri. I Investigation   from  the  point  of  view  of
the practical  producer, be be horticulturist, dairyman, or stock-breeder, etc., Il  Is
also the desire  to ascertain  the  views of
the   consuni'T,   tbe   middleman,   ths   commission   merchant, and  the  retailer,
part lis appearing before the Commission will not t>e restricted to nny formal
line of Inquiry, but will be afforded every
opportunity to take up th- subject matter from any point of view  they  may de-
*��*���, 11. HAYWAlin, M.I..A.
C. B. ("HltlSTKNREN.
Secretary. (404)
Election for School Trustees.
Public Notice ls hereby given to the
Electors of the City of Now Westtnster
that I require the presence of the said
"���Hectors at tha Council Chamber. City
Hall. Columbia street, on tho 13th day of
January, 1918, at 12 o'olock noon, for the
purpoHe of electing persons to represent
them as School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidates;
shall be as follows: The candidates ahall
be nominated in writing, the wrltlna shall
be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder anil
shall be delivered to the Returning; Officer at any time between tho date of
the notice and the hour of two p.m. on the
day of nomluatton; and In the event of 0.
poll being necessary, such poll will be
opened un the 16th day of January, m:l,
8t. George's Hall, corner of Clarkson
and  Church streets.
No.  4  Klre Hall, Keary street.
No.   s Klre Hall. Thirteenth Btreet.
Crano's   Store,   Queensborough.
From ��� :00 o'clock a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
of which every person ls hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly. /
"In every Municipal School District any
person being a householder In the School
District, and being a British subject of
the full age of twenty-one years and
otherwise qualified by the Public School
Act. 1905. and amending Act, to vote at
an election of School Trustees In the
snld School District, shall be eligible to
be elected or to serve ns a School Trustee In such Municipal District."
Given under my hnnd at the City of
New Westminster, tho 4th day of January,   191S.
(450) Returning  Officer.
Block "B," south half of District Lot
1352, containing 4f> acres, more or
less.   Municipality  of  North   Vancouver.
Whereas, proof of loss of Certificate
of   Title   No.   11590 C,  covering   the
above mentioned property, Issued  1st
the name of Corporation of District of
North  Vancouver,  has  been  filed  in
this office, notice ls hereby given that
I shall at the expiration of one month
from date of first publication hereof
issue a duplicate of said Certificate-
of Title, unless In the meantime valid
objection be riade to me ln writing.
Dated at tha Land Registry Office.,
this l.th day of December A.D.. 1912.
(311) District Registrar.
B.C. Coast Service
l,oav--H V(incouv��*r for Victoria 10 a. UL*.
2 p. m. and 11 :-*!>.
Loaves Vancouver for BttLtUl 10 a. nn
and 11 p. tn.
Leaves Vancouver for N'aniilmo 3 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Kupeit
and Northern Points 10 p. m. W��S&M*
LctavM Vancouver every Wednetul.ty at
10 p. m
Clsilliwack Service
leaves   Westminster   H   a.   tn.   UoD-tsty*
Wi'dm-Hil'iy  ;\nd   KrltUiy,
Leaves   ChlUlwack    7    a.   m.    Till -(day,
Thursday jtnd Saturday.
ED.  OOUI-lBT.  A Kent,   New  Westminster.
11.   W.   BRODZBL   U.   P.  A.,   Vancouver.
Bail for Tveltmoo.
San Francisco, Jan. 10.���Ball bonds
'n tho sum of ��210,000 for the release
-.f Olaf A. Tv-ttmoe and Eugene
Clancey, the convicted dynamite conspirators sentenced to six yers In the
federal prison at Leavenworth, Kas..
were filed here today by the United
Slates District Court.
NOTICE  Is   hereby   given   that   meetings
of the Provincial lAbour Coniinlnalijii
will be held at  the following  places:���
Victoria ��� Tuesday and Wednesday,
January 14th and 11th. In the Maple
Committee-room of the Parliament Building-, at  10 a.m.
Vancouver ��� Krlday and Saturday.
January 17 th and lllh, Court-house, 10
a.m. . _
New Westminster���Monday. January
20th, City  Hall.  10 a.m.
Kamloops���Wednesday.   January
C.iurt-hnuse.   10  a.m. ....
Salmon Arm���Thursday, Januard .Jlrd.
Itcvelstoke ��� Friday, January 24th
Court-house,   10 a.m.
Other meetings will be announced later.
The Commission will bear evidence on
all matters affecting labour conditions In
the Province. All persons Inten sled are
invited to be pre-ent   q   pARa0N
(40*. Secretary.     la2
10.850 Tons  Register
34.000 Tons Displacement
16.850 Tons Register.
34,000 Tons  Displacement.
These  new  palatial  liners  will  ieav>
Scuthanipton on  April   1st and    May
27lh respectively   for   Vancouver   vlf-
the Sues Canal, calling at   Gibraltar.
Monaco or Vllle Franche. Port   Sa' I,
Colombo,    Singapore,    Hong      Kong.
Shanghai.  Maji  Nagasaki,  Kobe   and
Around ths World Tickets From Vancouver, $639.10.
Choice of Atl��' '" steamships from St
John, Montree uebeo, Halifax, Portland, Iioston or .,i'\v York.
Passengers will bave the opportunity of taking many side trips Coring
the ICinpressos' stay at tbe pr ncipal
nortH. Time of voyage from Southampton to Vancouver abou'. t,vo>
months. Full particulars, rates, etc.,
en application to
ED. QUI" LET, Agent
New WeatuiluFter
Or H.  W.  Hrodle. OP A,  Vancouver
D. McAulay
I"el. 761. Cor. ��th and Columbia-
Expert Wants  $25,000.
Calgary, Jan. 10.���Thomas W. Maw-
son,  the   Kngllsh  town   planning  expert, wants $25,000 tor designing the
Calgary beautiful.   The matter ot con
On* tvt the Si-pit: ef Kiel.
Kiel rsoesw-s-es a sifb* -"-'sit"-. rw> vis.
itor should miss. On liie iavm oaitttw
the yacht club stands a statue ot Alfred Knipp���frock coated, bareheaded,
his hair most socurately brushed and
parted and holding a top hat and
walking stick in his right hand. In
the opinion ol many critics this is the
most grotesque public monumcrt in
Europe.���London Chronicle.
The Planet Mars.
The whole globe of Mars, which has
a diameter of aboilt half that ol the
earth (528 thousandths���CflB kilometers, or 4,981 miles) weighs only 106
thoin-sjidths of our globe, or 626..^
quintUlions of kilogissns. The density
of the materials whl." i compose Mara
n Inferior to that of the substances
which compose the earth in the n-��-
portion of 711 to 1.000.
In Calgary a Week.
Calgary, Jan. 10.���If the cold weather doeB .not delay work the Canadian Northern rails will be laid to
the  city boundaries  within  a  week.
stmctlng a civic centre is before the The end of steel is about five miles
city commissioners. I from Calgary.
Canton, Jan. 12.���Opium amoklng is
now a crime here, death being the sentence for habitual smokers under 40
years ot age, and $2000 the maximum
fine for others.
The government denies the charge
of foreign wholesalers of opium ln
Hong Kong, who say that Canton pro-
who do not reoelva
I a.m. sbsuld
Tha News before-
COAL. MININd rights of the Dominion
lu Manitoba. Haskatohewan and Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of tho Provlnoe
of British Columbia, may be leased tor a
term of twenty-one years at an aunua'
rental of II an acre. Nol more than Jf.00
acres will bo leased to one ..applicant.
Application for a loase must be made
by the applicant In person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of ths dUtrlot In which the
rights applied for ars situated,
In surveyed territory the land must bo
deecrlbed by sections, or legal sub-divisions ef sections, and In unsurvoyed territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by ths applicant hlmsoir.
Kach application must bo accompanied
by a fee of ti which will ���� refunded If
the rlfchti applied lor are not available,
bit not othsJ-wW A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of ths
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine sliall
furnish the Agent Wl?h sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the .royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated such returns should
be furnished at least ones a year.
���nd make complaint. Only In thla war
may an ellolent delivery be maintained.
The lease will Include the o��al mining
right" only,  but the leasee will be permitted  to   purer
surface rights ma;
mlttcd  to   purchaso
surface rights may ���
sary for the working of the mine at the
whatever   available
be considered neceii
rate of 110 an aore.
For full Information application should
be mado to the Seoretary of the Depart,
ment of tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Aient or Sub-Agent of Domini��� ^rids.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N   B.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not bo paid for.
Second Hand Store
j. a. SMITH.
Buy and sell new and   second   hand)
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
HO Mclnaea Street. Phone 1001
Arrived. Perfect Pit and Workman-
shlip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1913.
Famous Warriors of
Pen, Camera and Brush
Lcndon, Jan. 10.���The splendid trl-1 first experience as a war artist In Ser-
btlto which Field Marshal Sir Kvelyn  ""a as far back ds   1816. and    since- i SajtSHiS- iSsn_ ft Km
Wood paid a few days ago to the late' me *-e ulla traveled   nearly all I trated book-��eited. it i-ivcifull
Every Woman
I Ia lntareMMi snd ihookl know
i about the wonderful
Mr. Melton Prior, when he unveiled a
memorial to the famous arttBt-corres-
pondont of the Illustrated London
NewB in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral, was ln no sense exaggerated.
Prior was one of the greateBt war
artists of modern times, and in these
days of cable, telegraph   and camera
over the world.
In 18S2 he was on board the Condor
with Lord Charles Beresford at the
bombardment of Alexandria; he accompanied the Nile expedition for the
relief of Khartoum; he went through
the South African campaign, and had
some thrilling adventures during the
Russo-Japanese war.
Mr. VIlllerB waa the first to intro-
lt is not easy to realize the conditions j duce the cinematograph   camera  on
under which he and   his   contempor- the-battlefield, and he was also the
arlcs worked,   As Sir Evelyn remark- j firBt correspondent to use   a bicycle
ed, Prior would probably be the last during a campaign.
of the artist-correspondents, for today Russell, of The Times,
the camera has taken the place of the |    It |g an interesting fact   that   the
���sketch book and pencil. i first correspondent sent out by a news-
Altogether Prior went through 13 j paper in this country to describe a
campaigns, dating from the Asbanti war was Henry Crsbb Robinson, the
war in 1874 to tbe Russo-Japanese: famous English writer, who" died 45
fight of 1003. He was present during years ago, and who, during 1807-9,'wit-
the Servian and Turko-Russian cam- nesscd and described for the Times
paign of 1876. the battles ln Spain   against   Napo-
tle witnessed    the destruction    of! leon.
Baker  Pasha's troops   at El Teb   in j    Ultimately   Robinson   returned
1884, and was with Wolsey's relief ex-'
pedition  which  went  up the Nile in
the same year.    An incident related
In his   recently published   biography
provides a striking illustration of his
Intrepid character and the conditions
under which he worked.
In one campaign he got close up to
the firing   line, and while the  shells
hurtled around him he lay behind   a
hillock    and    coolly     sketched    the
iacene.   "I was very funky, but   I got
; what I wanted," be says, simply.
First Good One,
Ask yotir drm-elst   -
IV  If hs enn-ut Snpply
tbs  MARVEL, accept no
parlle.l&ra ami directions tnv-tloable
iO l-iUsW.W'I1-lDSOIlSUI>P���VCO..Wllsdwr.ODt
General Avsuu fur OMss-la.
this country and was called to the bar.
afterwards rlBing to be leader In 1828
with a pension of ��500 a year.
Perhaps the greatest war corres
pondent who ever lived was Sir William Howard Russell, who went
through the Crimea, and whose letters
describing tbe bad management of the
war officials led to the downfall of a
ministry. Later he was attached to
the headquarters ot Lord ('live In India, and was present at the siege and
I capture of Lucknow In 1858. while in
S1861 he went to the United States, his
Bank of Montreal
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sumS of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 8 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. D.  BRYMNER, Manager.
The first   of the   art.Bt-correapond-   account of the federal retreat at the
nts of the Victorian era waa William  flrat battle of Bull Run exciting much
Impson, who, in 1866, placed hla aer-! adverse feeling,
flees at the dispoaal of the Illustrated ' "Billy," to the  King.
melon .News, and went through num-1    Not only,  however,  was  Russell   a
us campaigns for that paper.    He | wonderful war correspondent, hia ac-
yeoman press service in the Fran- counts, for instance, of the Battle of
'ruaslan war, sketched thc French ! Sedan,  the Zulu war. and  the Egyp-
tie at Pellre, and entered MeU atltian war of 1882 being marvels of de-
surrender along with the German  acriptlve writing, but he was also   a
splendid peace correspondent, and
during his career was responsible for
much of the" International news and
revelations which appeared in the columns of the Times.
Russell was an intimate friend of
the late King Edward, who called him
In later years of another of the brll- !"BUlv." When he was invested with htn
lfant band of Illustrated Ixmdon News j knighthood ln 1902 the king sa'd to
war artists���Mr. Frederick V.liters��� i him: "You must not trouble to kneel,
wbo, at the present time, ts with the j Billy���stoop!" and gave him h's right
Bulgarian forces as representative of j hand to shake. At tbat time Russell
that paper.    Mr.   Vllllers   gained his was over 80 years of age.
igatn, when the Afghan war broke
he was to be found in the thick
1 the fight, and waB undoubtedly one
! the moBt venturesome war artists of
IPnodern times.
Neither must one forget the work
tlon to the iuoi of Three Hundred Thou-
Hiind Dollara ($200,000.00) in the whole
ln accordance with the- "Municipal Act."
Ani the is-iiil d*-bentur<m shall bit issued lo
Qoiulti of 616 debenture.* each, of the denomination of One Hundred pounda
Sterling (U00) and one debenture of the
amount of ��45 Ss. 8(1. being the Sterling
e(|uivab-nt of Three Hundred Thousand
Dollara < $300.000.00) ut the rate of
$4.86 2-3 to tbe one pound Sterling, each
debenture betas aluo expre.-ii.ed to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, and such debentures shall have
annexed thereto coupons expressed both
in Sterling and Currency for the interest
thereon at ihe rate of four and one-half
(4 1-2) per centum per annum payable
hi'If yearly on the 30th day of June and
the 31st day of December ln each year.
And sucii Sterling debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers of the _��k-td debentures, and both ;ih to principal and in>
tereirt ahall be payable at the Office of the
Royal Hank of Canada in London, England, or In Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver. Canada, or ln New York, at holder's
eic nr-i^ nnn tv- option. And the principal of the aald de-
$H>,OOU,OOO.Ulv | hentures ���hall be payable on the Thirty-
first (Jay of December, A. D., 19&2.
2. There shall be raised and .levied annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on ait rati able land within the limits
of the aaid Municipality tbe sum of Three
Thouaand One Hundred and Fifty-seven
Dollars and Feur Cents ($31&7.04) for
the purpose of forming a sinking fund for
the payment of the aaid debenturca and
the turn of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred (I1J.500.00) for the payment of the
intereat at the rate aforesaid, the said
apeclal rate to be In addition to ull other
rates to be> levied and collected ln the said
Municipality during tne currency of the
said debentures or any of tbem.
3. This By-law ahall take effect on
and after the Flrat day of February, A.D.
4. This By-law may be cited for all
purposes aa the "BURNABT ROAD IM-
DONE AND PASSED ln Open Council
this Thirtieth day of December A.D., 1912,
RECEIVED the assont of the Electors
at an Election for the purpose on the
   day of     A. D., 1913.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted.
by the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and Sealed with the Corporate Seal
all on the day of A.D.
Specification, agreements of sale deeds,
business letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly confidential. H.
Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.
Phone "02.
.. O. 0. M-. NO. 854���MEETS ON first,
second and third Wednesdays ln each
month In K. of P. Hull at 8 p.m. H. J.
Leumy, dictator; J. H. Price, secretary.
I. O. O.F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���The
regular meeting of Amity lodge N.>.
27, 1. O. O. F., la held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
Visiting brethern cordially invited.
C. 13 Bryson, N. G.; R A. Merrltbew.
V. G.; W. C. Coatham, P. Q., recording secretary; H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
CENTER & HANNA. LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors 405
Columbia Btreet, New Westminster.
Phone 993.
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall. Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School.  Fraser Arm.
Barnft  Hall,  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby   Lake   Store  Burnaby   I_nke.
I_akemere School. Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of,the District of Burnaby will be taken on'tbe above mentioned By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. G. MOORE. Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 81. 1912. (374)
W E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Director
and Embalmer, 612-618 Agnes street,
opposite Carnegie Library.
equivalent of Eighty-four Thousand Dollars ($84,000.00) at the rate of Four Dollars and Elgbty-slx and two-thirds Cents
($4.86 2-3) to the One Pound Sterling,
each debenture being also expressed to be
payuble in Canadian Currency computed
at such rate, und such debentures shall
have annxed thereto coupons expressed
both In Sterling ixml currency for thc interest thereon at the rate of Four and
One-half (4 1-2) per centum per annum,
payable half-yearly on the 30th day of
Juno and tbS 31��t day of December In
ich year. And such Sterling debentures
shall be delivered to the purchasers of
the Bald debentures. And both as to principal and Interest shall be payable at the
office of the Hoysil Bank of Canada In
Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada,
or In New York or in London, England, at
the holder's option, And the principal of
the said debentures shall be payable on
the thirty-first day of December A.D.
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate therefor on all
rateab'e land within the limits of the said
Municipality the sum of Eight Hundred
and Eighty-three Dollars and Ninety-
seven Cents ($883.97) for the purpose of
forming a Sinking Fund for the payment
of the said debentures, and the sum of
Three Thousand Seven Hundred and
Eighty dollars ($3,780.00) for the payment of the interest at the rate aforesaid,
the said special rate to be In addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected
In the said Municipality during the currency of the said debentures or any of
3. This Bylaw sliall take effect on and
after the First day of February A.D.. 1913.
4. This Byluw may be cited for all
purposes as the "Burnaby School Board
Loan No. 1 Bylaw, 1913."
Done and Passed ln Open Council, this
30th day of December, A.D., 1912.
A.D. 1912.
Received the assent of the Electors at
an election for the purpose on the.	
day  of       A.D.,   1912.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the day of	
A.D.  1912.
. , Reeve.
Take Notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 1Mb day of January.
1913, between 9 o'clock am. until 7 o'clock
p.m.. at the polling places:
Burnaby Public Hall. Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall,  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping'* Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road  School,  Burqultlam.
Dundonald   School,   Fraser  Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby  Lake Store,  Burnaby  Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time und place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
By order of the Council.
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
A. G.  MOORE. Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C., Dec. 31. 1912.
Catharine    In   Washington    to
Raooanlza  "Srsve  Ola-
of South Pole.
StJan. 12.���Captain Ilaolfl
noted  Norwegian  ex-
prmully  recognized   for
; in the   United   States
he discoverer   of   the
nd    honored    for  his
with   a   special   gold
National Geographical
annual banquet, where
eat of honor.
"Captain    Amundsen    snt
II Robert N. Peary, TJ. S.
to whom the society two
fstave a similar medal, recog-
as the discoverer of the
Die.    The  Amundsen   medal
[special medal awarded by the
Geographical     Society    to
Raold Amundsen for his Ant-
���enlevements  resulting In the
���ent of the South Pole, Dec. 14,
fine other side is a chart of the
Polar region, surrounded   by a
*h of laurels, with the emblem of
Rational Geographic Society at the
distinguished company attended
banquet to honor the noted for-
ner, who a year and a month ago
.king a few days, reached the goal
Ir which many notable explorers be
Pre him had striven. Captain Amund-
en, leplyine to l.he speech of pres-
Intxitlon r-f the medal, modestly tried
minimize hla own accomplishments
land gave strong words of praise to
those wh" hsd preceded him in the
Anarctlc. .fleV'.s. In ��� calm manner he
referred to his own work as no greater, no more worthy of exceptional
-commendation' than that of many oth-
-er explorers.
When Captain Amundsen arose to
accept the medal, a salvo of applause
greeted him from ambassadors, minis
tern, scientists, and other men prominent tn lite.
A smile overspread the strong face
of the explorer. He bowed slightly
-and waited for the applause to cease.
Then he expressed his appreciation of
the honor conferred on him and
thanked the society for its recognition.
Los Angeles, Jan. 10.���Policeman
M. O. Martin wu "tarmUV todhy
while walking Ms beat in crowded
Spring street by ��� man who gave nil
name ns George Pacnnok*. and who
was later sent to the county hospital
to await examination before the lunacy commission.
Martin was startled by hearing a
voice behind him saying; he waa under
��rrest and commanding him to throw
up his- htDiflf. Margin turned to look
-.own the parrel of an air rifle.
He i>,.motiy threw.up bis hands,
and obeyed his captor, leading the way
to the police station, where he turned
the tables upon Ws captor.
On his way Martin wu Jibed by
dozens of citizens, bnt kept his temper even though Pachnok* poked him
In the back with the rifle, every few
\       ���   Doctor Given Sentence.
San Francisco, Jan. 10.���Dr. Earl A.
Peabody, one ot the many illegal practitioners arrestee by federal agents ln
a national crusade, was sentenced today by Judge Van Fleet to one year
In tbe sUam-iita'Oounty Ian and fined
la  Enlisting  Them  From  Foreign  Nations���Votes   S.0,000   to   Supprese
London, Jan. 12.���The Times says
that tho Bulgarian Government Is
contracting for the services of 70 foreign physicians to help combat the
cholera and other epidemic diseases.
A creJit of $30,000 has been placed at
the disposal of the ministry of the interior for the same purpose.
A Salonlca despatch to the Times
under date Jan. 1, says that friction
has arisen between the Greeks and
Servians. This followed the retirement from the Fiorina district of the
Sixth division, which embarked on
that date for Eplrus.
The Servians then crossed the temporary frontiers, and occupied the villages, which were held by the Greeks.
The Greek soldiers-were disarmed and
ordered to leave. A Servian official
has arrived at Fiorina.
He says he has instructions to take
over the administration of the town,
but the Greek Pretest refuses to yield,
and the difficulty has not been settled.
"_tw, Solicitor, Etc. 65- Columbia
street. New Westminster, B.C. Tele,
phone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offluts,
Rooms 8 and 7 Ellis Block..
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 144.
Corporation of Burnaby
the vote or the Municipality will tie taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
11*13, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 1
o'clock p.m.. at the following place..: '
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds. -
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr.   Topping'*   Store,   13th   Ave.,   East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Jnmdonald School, Fraser Arm.
Uarnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr, Jas. Herd's Office. North Burnaby.
fturnaby  Lake Store,  Burnaby Lake.
I.iikemere School, Lakemere.
- Public Notice is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnnby will be taken on the above mentioned By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, apd that A. O. Moore has
been appointed Returning Officer to take
the vote of such, electors with the usual
powers in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 31, 1912.
Corporation of tlie
District of Bumaby
BYLAW NO. 145.
A By-Law to enable ths Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to raise by way
of loan the sum of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars (138,08(1..80) for Bchool
WHEREAS ths Board of School Trustees of Burnaby In pursuance of the powers granted to them by Section -0 of the
"Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a detailed estimate of the sums
required to meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally Incurred by the Board.
AND, 'WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) according to
the statement following, which sum together with the sum of Three Thousand
Dollars (18,000.00) estimated costs Incidental to this By-law and discount on debentures amount to the sum of Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollara (S2��,000.0l��.
Purchase     of    two     or    more
School Sites and or Additions
to Existing Sites and Clearing
Sites         125,000.00
Cost Incidental to this By-
Law and discount on debentures  t 3,000.00
J. BT1LWELI. CLL'TE. B.irrlster-nt-luw,
solicitor, etc. : orner Columbia and
SfcKensle streets, N.w Westminster,
MS.  O.    P.   O.   Box   1<_.      Telephone    710.
AND, WHEREAS, It Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon tile credit of the
AND, WHEREAS, under the powers
vested In Uie Council of Public Instruction under Section 6 (b) of the s��ld "Public Schools Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal School District of Burnaby
have been extended so as to Include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172). Group One (1), New Westminster District.
AND, WHEREAS, by Section 14 of the
said "Public Schools Act" where any territory has been Included within a Municipal School District In accordance with
Section 6 (b) the provision of that Act
respecting Public Schools ln Cities and
District Municipalities shall apply thereto, and such territory for all school pur-
A By-law to enable The Corporation of poses, shall be deemed to be united to
the District of Burnaby to raise by way such Municipal School District, and all
of Loan the sum of 6100,000.0(1 for the property situate In such territory shall be
purpose of constructing further Ex- liable to assessment for school purposes In
tensions of the General Water Works the same manner and to the same extent
System throughout tue Municipality: \*e if the same were Included In the limits
VIIC.-,, 7. i. ������.<!���, ._.". .v..I of the Incorporate City, Town or DIs-
WHEREAS lt  is  expedient   that   the  , lcl Municipality, and In this By-law thr
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.     -
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store, Bumaby Lake.
Lakemere School. Lakerxlere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that tba
vote of the Electors of the District* of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore hasrbeen
uppolnted Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31, 1912.        (377>
BYLAW NO. 146.   S
A By-Law to authorise an agreement between the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby and the Corporation of th*
City of New Westminster for the building of a Main or Trunk Sewer:
Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1., An agreement shall be entered Into
between the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby with the Corporation of the City
of New Westminster for the building of
a main or trunk sewer ln the terms of thf ..
schedule heron* which agreement ls hereby Incorporated with und made part of
this By-law.
2. The agreement shall be signed under the Corporate Seal of the Municipality after the final passing of this By-law.
3. This By-law before final paaslns
shall receive the assent of the electors
qualified to vote on money by-laws.
4. This By-law may be cited as "BUR-
NABY-WESTMINHTER SEWER Agreement By-law, 1913."
DONE AND PABSED In open   council
this  Thirtieth  day of   December,   A.   D.,  '
RECEIVED the assent of the electors
this -..,. day of ,,_	
PASSED this ....  day of	
A By-law to enable the Corporation of the
District of Burnaby to raise by way of
loan the sum of Eighty-four Thousand
Dollars 1184,000.00) for School Pur-
posts :
WHEREAS,  the Board of School Trus
J.   P.    HAMPTON    BOLE,     BAnRIflTRR,
solicitor    and    notary.    610    Columbia
street.    Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Late  AmbiM-or  Makes  Hie  Widow
Sol*  Executrix���Fortune  Estimated at Over $10,000,000.
New York, Jan. 12.���The entire
estate of the late Whltelaw Reid, a'm��
basBador to Great Britain, la left unconditionally to dls widow, Mra. Elizabeth Mills Reid, with the exception of
1110,000 which wai left to other be-
queata. Not a, penny waa left outright
to hie eon Ogden MUa Held, or to his
daughter, Jean Tenpleton Reid, now
Mrs. 'Hubert Ward, although It. waa
Indicated plainly that the k\to ambassador wished them provided tor liberally and equally by tbelr mother. The
value of the estate ia estimated at
from  ��10,000,000  to  $20,000,000.
Mra. Held ls sole executrix and becomes the owner of almost the entire
Issue of stock of the Tribune Association, publishers of the New York Tris
bune, which has been under tha direction ot Ogden Reid tor a year. It
was announce. Ogden Reid would continue as head of the Tribune Association.
The entire estate la.placed In the
hands of Mrs., Reid, without hindrance or suggestion except that the
late ambaaasdor expressed a wish that
his son Ogden, "It he displayed capability and tptltude," should ultimately
succeed to the control of the Tribune.
Ogden Reid was a bpy In knickerbockers when the will was written in
Mr. Reid also had an old homestead
and other property In Ohio which he
ai,;;**d should ultimately go to his son
and his Adirondack home ultimately
to his daughter, but he stated that
these bequests and the disposition of
the control of the Tribune must be
left to the Judgment of Mrs. Reid.
Among the specific bequests wer*
$50,000 each to a nelce. Mrs. Ella
Spencer Reid Morrison, ot Ohio, and
the Tribune Fresh Air Fund Association; $6000 to Everett Smith, a nephew
and Individual bequests ot from $100
to $1000 to employees.
Banisters and Solicitors. Rooms 7 and
h. Ckllchon block. Now Westminster.
O. K. Martin. W. G. McQuarrie und
Oeorge L. Cassady.
WHITKSWE 4 EDMOND8 ��� Barristers
and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk.
Colnmbla street. New Westminster. B.C.
Cable    address    "Whiteside."    Western
ft.    W.
O.  Drawer 200.     Telephone
Whiteside.   H.    V.  Edmunds.
Accountant. Tele. R 128. Room Trapp
ster Board of Trade meets In the board
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meetlns
on the third Friday of February, May,
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Corporation of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 142.
A By-law to enable The Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to raise by way
ef loan the sum ef $.00,0(10.00 for
Btreet Purposes:
WHKREAS It is necessary and expedient that the Counoil of the said Corporation be authorised to borrow the sum of
Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (1100.-
SSO.OO) to provide for Improving- and constructing certain rood* and streets within the limit* of tbe Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it is necessary to
raise tbe moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHERE!AS. It will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Three Thousand One Hundred and
Flfty-eeven Dollars and Four Cents (13,-
U7.04) principal and the sum of Thirteen
Thousand Five Hundred Dollars (113,-
600.00) Interest, making together a total
amount annually of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollars and
Four Cents (IH.0S7.04) for the term Of
tarty years for the repayment of the said
loon and Intereet thereon as hereinafter
AND, WHEREAS, the net value of the
whole rateable land tn the Municipality
according to the last  revised' assessment
Sill amounts to Twenty Millions. Five
undred and Seventy-si* Thousand, Two
Hundred and Five Dollars <l-0,i;i..
101.00).      ���
AND WHEREAS, the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality Is One
Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(|l,��12,15O.O0) exclusive of local Improvement debt secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of the principal nr intereet ia In arrears.
AND, WHEREAS,  to provide for the
B.vment ot Interest and the creation of s
Inking Fund for the payment of the said
principal sum ot Three Hundred Thousand
Dollars itSOO.000.00) It will be nfoessary
to levy a special annual rate sufficient to
raise the sum of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollars and
Four Cent* (|1.,S67.04) the amount to
be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised within the
NOWT THBRBFOR*-, the ' Municipal
Council of the Corporation of th* District of Burnaby enacts ss follows:
}, It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for ths purposes
aforesaid to sorrow or raise by way ot
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who m iv bn willing to advanoe
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Three Hundred Thousand Del-
lars <��3O��,n0O.O0) and te oauss the
to be placed In the Royal Bank at
nt the City of New Westminster. ...
Columbia, to the credit of the said Corporation tor th* purpose and with ths objects above set forth and to Ma* any
number ot debentures of the said Ooi*pora-
1 tees of UurnAby In pursuance of the po
fere ars-Ued to then, by R-ct(on .0 ot tho
' ������r-ubllc   Schools   Aet"   har.   censssd   to   t.
prsrpssi-d   ssnsfl   J_Jd   b*>fors>    th*    -funiefpel
Council a detailed estimate of the sums
required to meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally incurred by the Board.
AND, WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Seventy-five Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(S7&.8S0.001 according to the statement
following, which aum together with the
sum of Eight Thousand One Hundred uud
Fifty Dollars US.HO.oOi estimated costs
Incidental to this By-law and discount on
debentures amounts to the sum of Eighty-
four Thousand Dollars 1114.00.00).
Vancouver   Heights,   new   modern   eight-room   building 140.000.00
New building and additions   to
existing buildings 29,400.en
Clearing and Improving grounds
and feaeee     0.450.00
THIS AGREEMENT made In duplicate!-
the .... day of January. One  Thousand] ,
Nine Hundred and Thlrteen.
of the FIRST PART:
AND    ~
.of the. BEOOND PART:
WHEREAS the parties hereto have
agreed upon a Joint sewerage scheme to
provide sewerage accommodation for both
Municipalities for the area ehown upon,
the plan hereto annexed.
AND. WHEREAS, the party ot the Second Part has agreed to construct the said
sewer from tne Fraser River to Tenth
Avenue ae shown upon the said plan and)
to make the eewer of a slxe sufficient to
accommodate the sewerage requirements
of the section of Burnaby shown on tb*
said plan.
AND, WHEREAS, the acreage of Burnaby that will be benefitted by the said
sewer amounts to Six Hundred audi
eighty-three. (083) acres and the acreage
of the City of New Westminster that will
be benefitted by the said sewer amounts
to five Hundred and Sixty-four (664)
AND, WHEREAS, th�� Farty of- tho
Second Part has agreed to pay the cost
of the construction'of the said sewer from
the Fraser River to Tenth Avenue as
shown upon the Bald plan which cost I*
estimated at Three Hundred and Twenty-
General System ot Water Supply In   tffl \ g��_ "KESXTSlJ^JZLn  uS'^SZr^ stx Thousand Dollars   (1326.000.00)   less
Municipality should be turtheV extended,   p*^ atJw accortinaly conMrul*   Fifty-five Thousand  Dollars  <��56,000.0O)
AND WHEREAS lt will   require   the      AND. WHBREAB, it will be necessary  lh* v.!^u��_'g'iv�����'n**\*,1a5��r -   ..
-    - _   ��� necessary
sum   of   One   Hundred Thousand  Dollars to raise annually by apeclal rate the sum
(6100,000.00)  In order to lnstal such ex- of Two Hundred and ninety-four Dollars
tensions. and sixty-five  Cents   (6294.65)   principal
AND   WHEREAS    It   Is   necessary    to and the sum of One Thousand Two Hun-
ralse  the  moneys  required  to defray  the dred  and  Sixty  Dollars   ($126.00)   lnter-
' I above expenditure upon the credit of the J eet, making together as total amount an-
rnZ^i$**?r.^n," [^^ ��?   ?i^ Vu'r XSl."^ ^AKsf*SeSls
Total 676.660.00
Costs Incidental te this By-law
and dleosuat en debentures..! 6,166.00
AND, WHRRIAS, It is necessary to
raiso the moseys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the oredlt of the
AND, WHHHBAS, under the powers
vested in the Counoil ef Public Instruction under Seetlen 6 (b) of the said "Public Schools Aet" tke boundaries of the
Municipal Sehe.1 District ot Burnaby
have been extended oo as to Include District Let One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172), Group One (1), New Westminster
AND WHBRBA8. by Section 14 ef the
said "Publlo Scheale Aet" Where aliy territory has been included within a Municipal School District In accordance wtth
Sectlon 6 (b) the provisions of that Act
respecting Public Schools In Cities and
Dlatrlct Municipalities shall apply thereto, and such territory, for all school purposes, shall be deemed to be united to
such- Municipal  School' District,  and all
Rroperty situate In such territory, shall
e liable to assessment for school purposes
ia thc same manner and to tbe same extent as If the earns were included In the
limits of the Incorporated City, Town or
District Municipality, and In this Bylaw
the word "Municipality'' shall be construed and apply accordingly.
AND WHEREAS. It will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Eight Hundred and Eighty-three Dollars and Nlnetyrseven Cents (6811.07)
Srlnolpal and the sum of Three Thousand
even Hundred snd Eighty Dollars
(tt.760.00) Interest, making together a
total amount annually of Four Thousand
Six Hundred and Sixty-three Dollars and
Ninety-seven Cents (t4,66t.��7) for the
term of Forty (40) years for the repayment of th* said loan and Intereet thereon us hereinafter mentioned. ���
AND WHERBAB, She net value of the
���'������������ said Muniol-
Ons Hund-
....   _J before rets ths last.nerteeim-
t*  te *N*-oty_llil-
snu   sv-s.asns.siss, sua usss  .,
pallty (Including District Lot '
red and Seveoty-twe {171) as
D-llara   dls.lOt.'
lion* Eight Hum
sand, "fair, ma
AND WHIMUa to provide for the
payment ���( the Interest snd the creation
of a Sinking Fund far th* payment ot the
said principal sum of JsJtgnty-four Thousand Dollar* (IM.H*-M).lt will be necessary to levy * special annual rate
sufficient to raise the sum ��t Four Thousand Six Hundred and Blxty-three Dollars and Ninety-seven Cents tt4.Mt.v7)
ths amount to b* calculated annually on
th* wnoi* of' the rateable land comprised
B^T^ffi^rENACTTO, by th.
Reeve and Counoil of the said Corporation
of Burnaby Ii Open Council assembled
hs follows, namely:       _'��_'_
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of ths Council, for the purpose
aforesaid, to,borrow or raise hy way of
loon from any person or. body, or bodies
corporate, who may be wining to advanoe
the same upon the crsdlt of the debentures herelimtVr mentioned a sum not
eeedlnsj W*ty-i-t7r Ttlousand Dollars
it��,��w!*��) and te cause the same to be
ot the soil
t-Whs/stOtir It
)) and to cause
ths Royal Bam
\ New W*stmlni
 Id Corporation for the purpose
and with th* objects abov* set forth sad
to Issue any neunbsr of debenture*_>* the
said Corporation jo, th. s^tjfMjhtf.
four  Thousand   Dollars   .
the whet* tn accordance with
otpal'ACt" And the said d*bentur-Sir
be Issued to consist of One Hundred
lures shall
ndred and
Seventy (17��) debenturee each ot the denomination of On* Hundred Pounds Merlins" (��100) and one debenture V> *���"*
amount of Sixty Pounds, Five Shillings
and �� peace (IIM-O) being Ut* BtsrUng
thirty-five CentB (11062.36) principal and
the sum of Four Thousand Five Hundred
Dollars (64500.00) Interest, making together a total amount annually of Five
Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty-two
Dollars and Thirty-five Cents <t6662.3&l
for the term of forty yeara for the repayment of the said loan and intereat
thereon aa hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of the
whole rateable land in the Municipality
according to the last revised assessment
roll amounts to Twenty Millions, Five
Hundred and Seventy-six Thousand, Two
Hundred and Five Dollars (620,676,-
AND WHEREAS the total exIsUng debenture debt of the Municipality Is One
Million. Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollar*
(61.01t.160.00). exclusive of local Improvement debts secured by special rates
ar assessment* of which none of the principal er Interest Is In arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of Interest and the creation ot a
sinking fund for the payment of the sold
K'nclpal sum ef One Hundred Thousand
liars (1)00,000.00). H will be necessary to levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise the sum ef Five Thousand,
Five Hundred and Fifty-two Dollar* and
Thirty-five Cents (66653.66) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised within the
NOW THBREFORE the Municipal
Council ef The Corporation ot the Dlatrlct of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Counoil ter the purposes
aforesaid ts borrow or raise by way ef
loon trom any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advance
thc same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding One Hundred Thousand Dollars
(6100,000.00) and to cause the same to
be placed in the Royal Bank of Canada at
the City ef New Westminster, British
Columbia, to the Credit of the said Corporation, for the purpose and with the
objects above set forth and to Issue any
number af debentures of the said Corporation to the sum of One Hundred Thousand
Dollars (t 100,000.00) In the whole ln accordance with the "Municipal Ad.''. And
the said debentures shall be issued to
consist of Two Hundred and five (206)
debentures, each of the denomination of
one hundred pounds Sterling ({100) and
one debenture of the amount ot ��47 Its.
lOd. being the Sterling equivalent *f One
Hundred Thousand Dollars (6100,000.00)
st the rate of 64.61 2-1 to the one pound
Sterling, each debenture being also expressed to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at such rate, and, such debenture', shall have annexed thereto coupons expressed both In Sterling and Currency for the interest thereon at the rate
of four aud one-half (4 1-2) per centum
Ser annum payable half-yearly on the
0th day of June and the list day of December In each year. And such Sterling
debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debenture*, and both
as to principal and Interest shall be payable at the office of the Royal Bank of
Canada, ln London, England, or In'Tor-,
onlp. Montreal, or In Vancouver. Caaada.1
or in New York, at holder's option. And
the principal of the said debentures shall
be payable on the Thirty-first day ot December. A. D.. 1*62.
t. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the said Municipality the sum Ot One
Thousand and fifty-two Dollars and thirty-five Cents (I106M6) for th* purpose
of forming a sinking fund for the payment of the said debentures and the sum
of Four Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars
(I4600.A0) far the payment of the interest at the rate aforesaid, the sMd special
rate to be In addition ts all other rates to
be levied aud coli,i:c<ti in thc said Municipality during the currencv ot the suld
debentures or any of them.
1.    This by-lnw shall take effect oh and
after the First day at February,   A. D���
4.   This by-law may be cited   for all
as   the   "BURNABY   **AiER
EXTENSION    BY-LAW  l��l��.
���/T \Jt\t\f9       .- -  - -  ��� .. ,	
DON* AND PASSED In  Open  Council th* Thirtieth day ot Deoember, A. D.
RECEIVED the assent   of th*   Xlec-
rs at an Eleetlon for the purpose on the
of ..:���. xtE��T.��.��.
8IDBRED and finally adopted
; signed by the Reeve and,
ed with the Corporate Beat
, day of Z  A. D���
Taks nolle* that the above   ts a true
copy ot th* la-epoMd
By-law upon which
AND. WHEREAS, the Party of tho
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
ot the Second Part Fifty-five per eent.
(55 p.c.) of the cost ot said sewer (tho
share, however, of the Party of the First
Part not to exceed the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thouaand Dollars (1150,-
000.00) In thirty yearly payments that
will be sufficient to pay the Intereet and
sinking ftlrd on the share of the Party of
"*f First Pert ot the cost of said aewer
  calculated upon the basis ef   thirty  (30)
AND, WHEREAS, the net value of the  "*����" with Intereet al five (5) per oent.-
hole rateable land In the eald Munlcl-   ha,,-fl?rljL.
run.as    ���. j       * W'snwnfm.wff     in      as**-     ii*i ***    let.     g
and   Interest   thereon  a*  hereinafter
��rty   (40) /"
aald loan I ���
rrer men- / ^
pallty (Including District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two (172) as before recited) according to the last revised Assessment Roll amounts to Twenty Millions Eight Hundred and Forty-six Thouaand Four Hundred Dollars ($'20,846.
AND. WHEREAS, to provide for the
payment of. the Interest and the creation
of a Slnktng Fund for the payment of the
said principal sum of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars (128,000.00) it will he nec>
essary to levy a special annual rate suf<
flcient to raise the sum of One Thousand
Five Hundred aad fifty-four Dollars and
sixty-five .Cents (61,564.16) the amount
to be calculated annually on ths whole of
the rateable land comprised within the
Municipality. j.
Reeve and Council of the said. Corpora,
tlon of Burnaby in Open Council ossem-
oled, as follow*, namely:' ._ .
1. It shall be lawful for th* Rseve and
Clerk of the Council for th* purpose
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to advance
tbe sams upon the credit of the deben
hires hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding ��� Twenty-eight Thousand Dol
lars ($26,000.00). and to cause the same
to be placed In the' Royal Bank of Can
ada in th* City of New Westminster to
the crsdlt *f th* said Corporation for the
purpose and with the objswts above set
forth and to Issue any number of debentures of the said Corporation to th* sum
of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars ($28,-
000.00) In the whole In accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the said debentures shall be Issusd to consist of
Fifty-seven (67) debentures each of the
denomination of One Hundred pounds
sterling (6100) and one debenture of the
amount of Fifty-three Pounds Bight Shillings Six pence (��61-1-1) being ths sterling equivalent of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars (t!M0O.*0) at the rate of
Four Dollars and Blghty-slx and Two-
Thirds Cents ($4.86 i-J) to the One
Pound sterling, each' debenture being also
expressed to be payable In Canadian currency computed at such rate, and such debentures shall'have annexed thereto coupons expressed both In sterling and currency for the interest thereon at th* rate
of four and ons-balf (4 1-1) psr centum
per annum payable half-yearly en the
10th day of June and the list day of De-
And such sterling
deliver*, to the
cember in each year,
debentures shall be delivers, to the purchasers of the said debentures. And both
as to principal aad Interest shall be payable at the offlc* of the Royal Bank ot
Canada la Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver, Canada, or In New York of In London. England, at .ths holder's option. And
the principal of ihe said debentures shall
be payable on the Thirty-first day of December. A. JX. 1*62.
J.    Tl
nually.-y a special rat* sufficient there-
' ^ 111 rateable hind within tlie limits
said Municipality th* sum of Two
and nlnety-fpur Dollars and aix-
~ (tut.*-) for th* purpose
Sinking Fund for the-payment of the said debentures and ths sum
of One Thsusond two hundred aad Sixty
Dollar* (61264,00) tor the payment of tbe
Interest at the nts aforesaid, ths said
special rate to be ln addition to all other
rates to be levied aad oollected In Unsaid
Municipality during th* currency of the
said debentures or any of town.
3. This By-Law shall taks affect on
and after th* First day of February, A.D..
4.' This By-Law may be cited fer all
purposes e* the "BURNABY SCHOOL
this Thirtieth day of December, A.D.,
1��U. _
RECEIVED th* assent of the Electors
nt an election tor the purpose on the ...
day of ..  .. A. D.,
-- BRED and finally adopted
il, signed by the Reeve nnd
 and sealed with the Corporate Seal
'all on the . .'Toey ot  ..
A. D., lilt.
Take notice that tho above Is a true
copy qt the proposed By-law upon.which
the vote of the I*iu0cl|��llty wlllSe token
on Saturday, tM Uth day et January.
1111. between I o'clock a.m. until 1
o'clock p.m. at the polling Places:
Burnaby Puctte Hall, Edmonds.
AjrrleullursJi Halt Ooatral Park.
Mr. Topp-asr* Bier*, Uth  Ave, East
Hamilton Road Wheel, Burqultlam.
_..A?D,' WHEREAS, the Party of the
First Part has agreed to pay lo the Party
of the Second Part fifty-five per cent.
(56 p.c.) of the coot of maintenance ot
said sewer.
that the Party of the Second Part covenants   and   agrees with  the  Party  of  the
First Part Its successors and assigns that
the Party of the Second Part will within
four months commence and prosecute to
completion and have completed on or before the let day ot January, 1116, (unless
prevented by strikes or other causes)  *
sewer from a point sn the Fraser River
to a point on Tenth Avenue of the location approximately as shown on the. plan
hereto annexed, such setter   to be   constructed of concrete pipes of a diameter
of not less than fifty-four (64) inane* at
Tenth Avenue and Sixth Street
. AND.me.Pai-ty of the Second Part whl
construct lateral  sewers   from th*   ealoT
main sewer running from the main sewer
to Tenth Avenue aforesaid aa ahown  on
said plan.
THE Party ef th* First Part IU successors and assigns shall have the right
to connect Its drainage and sewerage
ever the area of Six Hundred and Elgin,-
thr** <lll) acres as shown on the said
plan with the said sewer and to drain Into aald sewer surface water and ordinary
sewerage and to use tbe said sewer both
a* a.aonite���' and storm sewer.
,��ND "._��� ta '"""-d tnat the said ���ewe-twill provld* sufficient foil to take srw-
���rW,JrroJ? ��"*����ld* the boundaries of th-
sald Six Hundred and Eighty-three (683)
"pros as shown upon the sold plan the,
Party of the First Part may with the
consent ef thh Engineer of the Party of
th* Second Part extend lu sewerage
works outside th* said area.
Th* Party of- the Second Part covenants with the Party of First Part that
th* said Mala Sewer ootuttructed by th*
Party of the Second Part and Sewerw
oorstructed by the Party of the First
Part to connect with the said Main Sewer
shall be constructed under the Joint ��up-
ServUlon and to the mutual satisfaction of
' Engineer* of the Party of the First
rt  and of  the   Party  of the   Becon*
' SHE Party of ths First Part covenants with ths Party of the Second Part
Its successors and assigns tbat th* Party
��. *-* J1"' PBrt "'" sWjy to the Party
of the Second Part IU successors and assigns after completion of the said sewer
trim Fraser River to Tenth Avenue flfty-
flve per oent. (66 p.c.) of the cost of tho
���aid sewer (the said fifty-fiv* per cenL
(55 p.c). however, not to exceed the mm* -
of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (1160.000.00) and such i��yi��entte.
be made In half-yearly pay menu on tbe
Thirtieth days of June and Deoember tie
each ysar as will provide a sinking fundi
for payment ot said sum In thirty  (Mb
ffif^wsrtt U>t"tmt at ttn'<S) .���*** �����*���
A*?�� ���&! *-"*."*_��' *". F"��* s����rt e_*-
**nants with the Party of the Second Par*
tb ths Party oi the Second Part fifty-
flve n*r cent (SI p.e.) of the cost of
maintenance of tb* said i	
lNW"rTNESS '""FmSREOF the*parties.
Take, notice that thc abov*   is a
py ot the proposed By-law upon whWi
the vote of the Municipality wlllte-takme
to be hereunto affixed.
ln the presence sf:_ v_nan��
 C.at.c " - "ksWeC
o'clock p.nv, at the polling places:
Burnaby  Publlo  Hall,   l&ramds.
Agricultural HalU C-ntisiT^PariiT
Mr. Topptngs-s store, ltth   Ave.. East
Burnaby. ��� *""""*
Jt?mii,c".JRSas? �����hS*' Burqultlam.
��TJ!X!- Herd's Office, North Burnnby.
nabv will be UJten on the above mentioned By-law at the time ancTplaosalmasr
mentioned, and that A. o MooT*-
has been anointed Returning OfflcertT
to**, the vote ot such  elector- with  ths>
(Ml powers in that behalf.
Kd g_^?'g^"��*S*-
-MitMnjilfc B.i(C.. D��c 81, im, MUX
,!?k____i___t.;-.V.'*' .���������'. , _fe^*4 Jsanananal
m <;:Mt���� i^'i
jjlgtt'flifffe.f   '���
,��� ,W ,,,-irt
:^W>'>      ��� .      .     V.^i^_ .J, ___d__tt_o\l
j r���
.   * YOU".
Some new spceials to clear tip
before stock taking. These are
worth-while looking into.     ���
%oup,' Canned, No. 1 quality,
quaranteed satisfactory goods
at It "Special price; all flavora.
.  each"'. 10c, per doz $1.10
Canned Fruit, Duchess Brand,
quality    goods,    3    lb.    tins;
. Peaches, Pears. Apricots,
each '.{..20c, per doz. $2.35
Canned Salmon, 1 lb tins, each
......;....15c, or per doz. $1.70
Turkish Coffee, a delightful
blend, regular 40c. per lb. to-
*���_���.'.; 35c, 3 lbs. for $1.00
.Ca&pecf Tomatoes, 8 lb. .ti.ns,
today  2 cans for 25c,
Pork and Beans, Quaker brand
..   regular 15c, today 2 fer 25c
Van Camp's Hominy, delicious
'������   and appetizing, per can.. 15c.
Tickles' 2 lb. jam, ln all flavors,
per Jar   .....46c.
5 lb. pails  80c
' Sardines ln Oil. 6 tins for..50c
Geneva Sausages, Just fine,
I    -ssgulor 35c. today 3 for $1.00
Chickens, extra select milk fed
birds, from a local ranch, per
pound  30.
Gtiaranteed Quality, also Roast
Pork, sliced, at, per lb 50s
Parsley,   bunch    10c
Cauliflower, head  20c
Brussels Sprouts, lb 12'/ze.
Celery, per bunch  10c.
Head lettuce, per head .... 10c
___ ______ .
Sprlngbank    Creamery    Butter,
3 lbs for    , $1.00
Public Supply Stores
the coming week and explain his views
on school matters ih Burnaby.
Mr. Rose, it is expected, will line
up with Mr. Temple Cliff in the policy
of "better and first class schools in
'-M-V'..,- '  '  i
Because individual
executors die���often in
the midst of administering ,an estate. The
Trust Company is perpetual,
Because the Corporation can be held to
strict; account. The
individual executor is
frequently neither competent nor responsible.
Consult the officers
of this Company before
drawing your Will.
The Royal Agricultural Commission
meets in the city hall today.
Mr. T. J. Tyson, formerly of Ontario, has leased a store on Sixth
street, where he will establish a drug
store shortly.
Skates sharpened and set at Qeo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (395)
On account of the annual -meeting
of the ratepayers being held ln tbe
opera bouse this evening the city coun
ell meets at 10 o'clock this morning
Instead of 8 p.m.
A party of about twenty Knights of
Columbus, members of tbe local lodge.
Journeyed to Belllngham yesterday
where they took part In Initiation proceedings of a large number of candidates ln the American city.
The annual meeting of the Local
Council of Women will be held In tho
St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal church
at 2 o'clock. The meeting will be
open to visitors at 4 o'clock and at
6:30 a banquet will be served.
Trimmed Hats, Special���Regular
$6.50 to $10, to clear for $2.95. Mrs.
Agret, 69 Sixth stret. (459)
The News is reminded by a lady
living ln the city that our feathered
population ls In danger of starving
owing to the present snow covering
everything. A few crumbs throwi;
outside the houses would be appreel
ated by the birds.
A branch ot the Union Bank of Can
ada was opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, ln the premise-
recently vacated by W. E. Sinclair.
611 Columbia street. (387)
The current number of the Architect
Builder and Engineer, just to hand,
contains an excellent description of the
huge works at Lake Coqultlam. It
states therein that the dam stands at
the head of Ita type as regards sectional area and that sanitary experts
are agreed that the arrangements of
the B. C. E. R. there are well nigh
A general meeting ot the New Westminster Retail Merchants 'association
| will be held Tuesday evening, Jan. 14
at 8 o'clock in Conservative commit
tee rooms. The offices of the aasocla I
lion are in room 520 Westminster
Trust block, phone 868, (433)
Robert Wright, the man regarding
whom Information waa sought by Lord
IStrathcona, through the Dominion lin-
I migration  branch, Vancouvr,  was  located on Friday last.    Mr. Wright ob
I served the news item concerning him
f in  the two local papers and  immedi-
lately pre-enCed himself to tho Immigration autborltloa In Vancouver.    Mr.
W. It. J. Reid, the Immigration agent,
has extended thanks to the papers for
thir assistance ln locating .Mr. Wright.
The following persons have been
gazetted as commissioners for taking
affidavits under the Provincial Elec
tion Act: New Westminster: Qeorge
Kennedy, John 1). Jardine, Herbert
Gilley, George Mackie, Edward Gou*et
John S. Bryson, David Douglas, David
MacPherson, William McAdam, Robert
Buckland, William L. Johnson, Ed
ward J. Boughen, Frank R. Ennis, Al
fred L, Lavery, Malcolm W. Mlnthorne
and Joseph T. Brown, all of New West
minster city.
For an ho.tel thoroughly uf to dat'
land equipped with all modern Improve
Iments, patronize the Hotel Dominion
corner ot Columbia and Sixth streets
j Rates moderate by day or week. (464)
The B. C. Timber and Trading Com-
Spany'B Royal City mill plant hap Bfecn
purchased by Captain -DeBeC-, who
has .Bused the site on which It stands
(or the purpose of conducting a shingle
and cedar mill. The Interests operating tha plant will be known as ���_('
Hoyal City Shingle Lumber "jompany,
1- Ltd, The mill, when reopened for
manufacturing will have a capacity of
150,000 onlngles and 15/MK) feet of
clear cedar per day, it Is staled. In
the neighborhood ot forty men will be
c_polye<t at the outsfet The staff will
he augljiefttesl *nd tho $>'latit generally
extended latef +1 -the "business warrants lt.
A. Hardman. t\ie cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakerv.
Telephone 281.   ' (394)
,', A. F. _ A. M. Function.
0\friday evening the Westminster
Chapter No. 124, A. F. & A. It., held
a banquet which was largely attended.
The Installation of officers for the ensuing year was ably conducted by the
grand superintendent of British Columbia, Rt. Ex- Comp. W. Burns. They
are: ��� Ex- First Principle Comp.. J. B.
Jardine: Im. Past First Principal
Comp., J. O. Gamon; Ex. Second Principal Comp., A. H. Ferguson; Ex.
Third Principal Comp., F. J. Hacking;
Ex. Scribe Comp., A. J. Brine; Ex.
Scribe N. Comp., L. M. RlchardBOn; P.
S. Comp., D. Tuck; Treas. Ex. Comp.,
W. ft? J. 8. Gamon; 8. J. Comp., W.
A. Atchison; S. S. Comp., A. S. Bennett; Janitor Comp.. F Shaw.
Municipal Candidates Have Busy Time
at Mllliardvllle.
A number of the candidates for municipal honors ln Coqultlam participated in a somewhat lively campaign
meeting held In Mllliardvllle on Friday evening. The speakers, Reeve
Mars, Councillor Marmont, Councillor
Langan and Councillor Atkins, were
subjected to a great deal >of heckling
and the chairman experienced great
difficulty in keeping order at times.
Personalities were freely Indulged
ln, both by the candidates and hecklers. A verbal conflict between Councillors Atkins and Marmont also provided considerable amusement.
Boqth Reeve Mars aud Councillor
".farmont, the candidates for the
reeveship, were kept busy answering
(Continued from page one)'
As a result of a fracas out at Fraser
Mills, in which two Russians allege
they were held up and robbed, five
Greeks were taken Into custody and
are being held to await a hearing before Stipendiary Magistrate J. Stilwel'
Clute this morning.
The affair is said to have happened
about 10:30 o'clock on Saturday evening and a great babble of voices was
heard when the police took a view
of the situation and arrested Ave of
the combatants.
Meagre details only have been supplied and just what aniouat Is alleged
to have been stolen will not be known
until an interpreter arrives on the
Bcene. *<
WALKER���The death occurred in
Coqultlam yeBterday morning of
Thomas Walker, late of Hawthorn,
Ont. He was 72 years of age. The
deceased had resided here for a
little over a year. The"sremalns are
at Murchle's parlors.
TUBMAN���Thomas Tubman, aged
59 yearB and a native of Oavln county.
Ireland, passed away In the Royal
Columbian hospital ou Saturday. The
deceased was an Orangeman of good
standing. He had come to this country eight months ago, three of which
he spent ln the hospital."" He leaves a
wife and small family residing near
tbe Crescent. The funeral will take
place from Fales' chapel today at 12
o'clock, interment to be made in the
Odd Fellows' cemetery.. It Is understood that Mrs. Tubman and her children who are all of a tender age are
dependent on charity for their living.
Our Clearance Prices
Lightens the great expense of this
very unusual weather ��___________��
steadily worst and show no signs of
immediate improvement," observed
His   Worship.
The mayor also answered the criticisms made by Mr. Peebles directly,
and some of the other candidates by
implication, that the citizens' money
had been wasted and misspent during
the paBt year and challenged these
gentlemen to bring forward one concrete Case where this had happened
during the past three years.
Men With Big Ideas.
' in concluding his remarks the mayor
appealed to the ratepayers to vote
for only those men who had Ideas
large enough to see the advantages
that nature has provided for New
Westminster and cautioned them
iagainst voting for any man who was
WHITE ��� The late Mrs. Sarah
White, wife of the late Uev. Edward
White, pioneer minister of this city,
and mother of Alderman White, of
this city, and Rev. J. H. White, of
Chllllwack, was laid to rest In the Odd
Fellows' cemetery on Saturday afternoon before a large gathering of
friends of the deceased. The funeral
services were held In the Queens
Avenue Methodist church. Alderman
White has received many messages of
Edmonton,     Alta.,    Jan.    12��� Fire;
which started In Reed's Bazzar for a
time  threatened   an  entire  block  In'
the   central   business     district    here
early today.   Owing to a broken water
main the firemen were unable to get'
a stream  on  the  fire and  a number
of   small   buildings   were   torn   down
before the progress    of    the    flames
could be checked.
The  loss  was  $10(1,000     The  tlirr-
We have been busy filling
rush orders and now we are
about caught up.
We have half a carload yet���enough to
fill any demand
Sheet Iron Heater* at $1.95, $2.25, $2.65
No. 15 Coal Heaters, $12.75, or qualities at... $10.25
No. 113 Coal Heaters, $16.50, or qualities at
No. 115 Coal Heaters, $21.00, or qualities at..
Wood Burners at $4.50, $6.00, $7.50, $9.00
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
An order In council haa been made
affecting tho dumping of refuse and
oily substance into public harbors
which reads as follows: No oil, tar
or other like substance or any Inflammable or otherwise dangerous
substance shall be thrown or discharged or drained or allowed to fall, flow
or leak Into the waters ot any harbor
and any person violating the provisions of this regulation or any person In charge of or owning any ship
vessel, manufactory, works, house or
other premises violating the provision*
of this regulation shall be liable to a
penalty of (50 and In caBe of continuing violation to a further penalty
of $10 for every twelve hours during
which such violation continues.
so narrow In his scope that lie could |
only  contain  one single Idea.
"Beware ot the man," he Bald, "who
ib narrow between the eyes, as that
ls   one  of   the  best   indications  cf  a
very narrow disposition.    You will Invariably find that man so set in his
Ideas  that  he  belleveB  that whatever
he   says   must   be   correct    and     that
ovoryonn   eleo   no   matter     what     hla
(Itiallflcatlons   may   be   Is   absolutely
"We don't want quitters in the council," he continued, "but we do want
men with minds of their own who are i
capable of meeting people with whom
the city has to deal on a fair business '
basis and who after they have done
the best they could with all the evidence before them will be prepared to
deal reasonably with all concerned.
We have no room In New Westminster for the small man nor for the man
who Is everlastingly fault finding
without giving some reasonable anil
intelligent alternative for the uctlon
that may be taken.
The other speakers were Aldermen
Dodd,   Lynch   and     Kellington.     and'
roes-,-.  *i'"''le Hogg, Peebles, Bryson '
and Kennedy. |
Alderman Dodd reviewed his stand j
taken in council laFt year as to thc
appll-atiou of the British Canadian [
Lumber Company to council for permission to close certain registered hut
unopened streets. The application
was finally granted by the council but
not without Mr. Dodd's strenuous protest.
'stidt-rman Kellltifcton mentioned the
accomplishments of the hoard of
works, of which he is thc head, special-1
Izing on the efficient character of the
workmen and officials of the department. There was not one head of
the department, ho said, who had not
had the opportunity to accept a position elsewhere at greater salary.
Fulfilled His Promise.
Alderman Lynch gave an effective
account of his accomplishments ln
the present council. He had successfully advocated the abolishment of
the system of renting meters by the
light department. He had succeeded
ih fulfilling his promise previously
made to the ratepayers, regarding a
public park for Queensborough.
Mr. Archie Hogg, tho popular labor
altlermanic candidate, attributed the
present council with a great deal of
common sense, declaring that he believed they had not gone too fast as
regards expenditures aa they had only
followed the instructions of the electors.
Mr. Peebles expressed himself as In
favor of the old ward system, while
Mr. Bryson commented upon tho pressure brought to hear upon Alderman
Curtis to enter the field for alder-
inanlc bonors.
i mometer registered 30 degrees below
All our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear reduced
in price during this January
Clearance Sale
At Entrance to Halifax Harboi���Tufli
Taking off 660 Passngera.
New York, Jan. 12.���The steamship.
Uranium ot tho uranium Stciinir.hlp >
Company. Hotterdnm for Now yarn, I ����
with nearly 650 prtsflengers on board. I,
went ashore today in a heavy storm
at the entrance to Halifax Harbor, ac-
cordlng to advices received by the
agents of the line- here.
Tues hive been dispatched to take
off the  passengers.
Your    Chilblains    will
bother you till you use
Thc results obtained by
using this remarkable
remtd'y are marvellous.
25c. the Bottle.
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzle.)
mist and Druggist. Phone 66.
fully Insured?
1    (S.o*
4    Chem
Dominion Trust Building.
New Westminster, B.C.
For what amount should a man insure in order that his family and estate
may not suffer loss in case of fire damaging his property, accidental injury to
himself or premature death?
You should answer this question, but we can help you do so as we write
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
312*315 Westminster Trust Block, and 746 Columbia St., New Westminster, B.C.
Is the result of using our
Hot Water Bottles.
, Two and five year guarantee with every bottle sold.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS.
Phone 43:  L. D. 71;  Rss. 72.
|*       Nsw   Westmlnstsr,   b,  C.     r
Will Be in Race for School Trustee
Edmonds, Jan. 12.--Although It was
staled In a Westminster paper of
Saturday that Mr. W. S. ltose was in
the field for councillor for ward two.
an Interview with the same gentleman
1'iis afternoon confirmed the first announcement of The News that he was
out for school trustee and would- not
trespass on the territory of Mr. Macpherson, who appears to be the sole
aspirant as representative of the ward
in the 191. council.
Mr. Hose had been approached by
several of the residents of Edmonds
���KikiiiK him to run against    Mr. Mac-
I pherson, but the action of the Edmonds Ratepayers' Association In endorsing the latter for councillor left
j no other course open to Mr, Rose hut
In decline.
It  is  expected  that  Mr.  Hose  will
1 appear on the public platform during
of all kinds in great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
In all grades and for every use.
Stephen's and Stafford's Inks and
Blank Hooks of every kind.
646 Columbia  Street
Phone 453
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
feel the need of Glasses today when
EYESTRAIN Is the rule snd not the
Workmen who would havo reliable
help for their eyes should call on
Druggist and Optician
701 Columbia Street Phone 57
If you want
Reliability. Silence,
Economy, Satisfaction and
Thn "YALE" will meet
your requirements.
Adapted for the Pishing Trade.
The Schaake Machine Works
These are all In good locations and
they can bo bought fo
1359���FIFTH   STREET    near  Eighth
avenue; 50x138 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH  AVENUE  nesr 4th
street;- two lots; upper side; 50xl3'i
all cleared and graded; prioe $1275
1397���68 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
are   good  Inveatments  at  the   priest
r now.
66 foot lot in good location; Just off
Columbia street; price $1-00 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; seme are cleared; Btreet is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer.'  Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
81r Edmund B. Oslor, M.P., President. W. 1J. Matthews, Vice-President.
C. A. Bogert, tioneral Manager.
Head Office .,  Toronto, Ont.
CAPITAL PAlTD-DP % 5,000,000
RESERVE FUND '. ��� ���    6,000,000
TOTAIs A8SET8 75,OO0(00O
A branch of this Bank has been established in New Westminster
at the coirior of Columbia and Sixth Streets, opposite the Post Office.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
G. H. MATHEWSON, Manager.


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