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The New Westminster News Mar 1, 1913

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 The tallest ship in the British empire, the fourmasted steel bark
Dumfriesshire, was towed through
the KraEer river bridge the other
day without let or hindrance.
Delegation of Ratepayers and Councillors Confer With
B. C. E. R.���Outcome Will Be Announced atlTouncil
Meeting���Extension of One Mile on Sapperton Line,
Two Miles in North Burnaby, Expected Concessions.
Edmonds, Feb. 28.���Negotiations between the B. C, E. It. and the Burnaby
municipality as to franchise matters
were reopened at Vancouver thia
morning wnen a deputation consisting
of the Burnaby council and a committee of two ratepayers from each of
the six wards Interviewed Mr. It. H.
Sperling, general manager of the company.
While nothing definite was decided
upon, Mr. Sperling made It plain that
he was quite willing to reopen the
matter and that the concessions mad"
some three months ago as to reduced
fares on the Central Park line would
still stand.
The question wlll probably come to
a head next Monday evening nt the
council metting when a letter will be
on hand from Mr. Sperling setting
forth in concrete form the concessions
thc company is willing to grant. If
these prove acceptable to the council
tho original bylaw of 1909 is likely to
be again submitted to the electorate
for sanction or rejection.
Results Expected.
Once the franchise ls ratified by
the required three-fifths majority, Mr.
Sperling promises that a mile of lino
extending from the terminus of the
Sapperton   line  will   be  commenced.
This would give the people residing
along th" North road those transportation facilities to New Westminster
that  they  now  lack.
Then again the people of North
Burnaby will have a car line extending
two mili'K from lhe present Hastings
termlnilS running due east and tapping th" populated districts of Vancouver  Heights.
Owing to the present stringency of
the money market throughout the
world,   tho   general   manager   of   the
I company would not promise any more
construction tn Burnaby as the com-
Ipany bad plans for spending the huge
: Bum of $8,000,000 during thc coming
j year throughout the lower mainland.
In order to allow no loopholes, the
i company agrees. In event of the franchise passing, to sign a subsidiary
agreement embodying the different
concessions promised.
Three Opponents.
Tbe   chief   opposition   to   the   pro-
! posals   of   the   company   came   from
* Ward Six, Councillor Mayne and Delegates Russell and Fraser objecting to
ithe franchise again being submitted
They took the stand that an appeal
should Immediately be entered by the
municipality against tha decision
handed down by Mr. Justice Murphy,
j which awarded the first fight in the
franchise tangle to the B. CJ5 It-
Councillor Coldicutt of Kast Burn
aby also kicked against the proposals
and at one period of the meeting the
members of the opposition were on the
point of gathering their hats and coast
land leaving the room.
Reeve McGregor, who during his
pre-election campaign, advocated a
settlement wllh the Ii. C. B. IL rather
than   have  tho  case  go  to  the   Privy
; Council, again spoke In favor of the
agreement and hoped to see the day
sometime during the next few years
when Burnaby. Point drey and South
Vancouver   would     be     amalgamated
1 with the city of Vancouver and welded
. Into one big metropolis.
Creates   Much   Interest.
Pending   the   outcome   of   Monday
night's council  meeting the transportation problem Is the one topic helm'
discussed   nnd   interesting   tinvi"   are
foreshadowed if any of the councillors
t:iko the stomp explaining just why
they nre for or against lhe agreement
MARCHING ONWARD!     ���� *���;   IMPORTANT CASE     ��� ���r11i .re J. L
Monthly Returns to Hand
Tell Usual Story of
Building Permits Wipe Out January's
Set Back���Large Increase Shown
by Customs.
Mayor Gray Appoints Building inspec I	
tor Turnbuii to Act as Perambu-     Royal Bank Called on to Pay
latlng Labor Bureau.
Mayor Gray has Instructed Mr. Thos.
Turnbull, building inspector, to see
that tho clauses in the city contracts
requiring that local labcr sball be
given preference by the contractors,
arc implemented.
Mr. Turnbull will be a sort of perambulating labor bureau, keeping in
touch with employers and employees,
accompanying men to the work they
are capable of executing, and seeing
that fair treatment Is meted cut to
them, without overlooking the Interests of the contractors.
Superintendent Murdock of the Bithulithic Company stated yesterday
thv. ahout 85 English residents were
employed on the various city contract
jobs and that fair consideration would
be given to all such applicants.
He said the Italians employed were,
he understood, isen who had been
residents in the city all laBt winter
or had worked for the city during
the previous fall.
A. P. Montague, Alleged to
Be Implicated in Robbery
Is in The Toils.
$693, Amount Paid on
Raised Cheque.
Judge   Howay   Finds   Thar  Plaintiff
Filled Obligation to the Bank���
Far-Reaching Consequencea.
Ottawa, Feb. 28���- "So long as I am I
minister of mllltla," suld Colonel lion
Sam Hughes at tho military confer
ence this afternoon, "there will never i
be allowed in the militia camps any
wet messes 'mild' or light' beer can
teens. Vou will kindly not waste any
tlniu discussing this question further.
It Is settled."
This loaves no doubt in the minds of
any of the officers who have been en
dcnvorliig  to gel  the order rescinded
which   did   away   with   canteen,   thai
tbere Is no chance of any more beer
cr liquors to he sold in  the training
camps.     This   assertion   cume   unexpectedly Just at the time, when several I
speakers  were endeavoring to    Intro
duce this question into the discussion j
Needless lo say It called a halt to the |
discussion as far as "mild beer"    or I
any other kind of   liquor    was   concerned.
Captain   Lavcrgne,   of  Montmagny. I
Quebec, Introduced thc (IIbcubsIoii. lie]
said he waa glad to see thc women at
the  conference,   but   It  was  thn men i
they had to look after In Iho mllltla |
He said that they should be treated Ml
mea.    Hnldlcra  In   camps  should    be
given  the saiiie liberties  In   "amp n* j
they had at home    It >vas the custom
In I. s province and lie believed 111 the
Otbei   provinces  as   well,   for  a  man i
to be able to get a drink If lie wanlei! I
If the men could not gel beer li
camp Ihey would go to the neari'si
saloon and perhaps got vllo whisky
there and return to camp In an un
manageable coudltlou. Ilia regiment
had made u long march at camp and
during tho march the men were halted
and given beer nnd It did them good
Ilia remarks were warmly applauded
by a large section of the officers.
Colonel Mitchell, of Winnipeg, had
taken the contrary view. He Bald thn:
mllltla camps had begun to come back
to become unpopular from the dnv
canteenB were allowed In them
Mothers refused to allow their sons to
���o to camp when Ihey knew that they
would be submitted to such tempt a
tlons. I.ast year with no liquor In
camp conditions were excellent In i>
camp of four thousand men ho had
acen ono mnn drunk.
Ills  remarks wore Interupted  wllh
"No,  No,"  from  the audience.
Only  One Way.
"Tho only wny that you can go'
back the canteens In camp wlll be bv
changing the minister of mllltla," sn'd
Colonel Hughes.
"I have had morn experience It-
handling men Ihan have most of yon
I kr.ow that tho greatest blight thai
a camp can have Is a canteen. I whp
on the march that Captain Lnvorg""
���poke about nnd I did not dr'nk nnv
of his beer. He cannot convince ni-
but that his men, and a fine lot lhe
wc-c, would not have done Just as
well on beautiful spring wnt-er along
the roadside.
"Wn allowed the permanent force In
one camp to hnvo Its canteens because
It had cautwna at Ita barracks . and
the men wanted to bo able to drink
���beer like gentlemen. On one nlaht
ithere wore fourteen of these gcntla
n.i'ii drunk. I have had all the fact.-,
about the case and am watching these
men. There wlll be no more beer for
"1 saw a regiment of British rogu
lars at work, in Kngland last summer
and they can out march, out drill or
out manoeuvre any other troops In the
world, nol excepting the Canadians
Vet 90 per cent of the.Be soldiers did
not dr.nk. They fouud that tliey
could not do the hard work if tliey
Mrs. A. It. Gooderham, Toronto.
pros.dent of the Daughters of the Km
pile, said that she would not allow a
son of bur's to go to a camp If she
knew thai liquor was Bold there.
A feature In the afternoon session
was the speech of Principal Gordon of
Queens University. Ile said that the
advisability had been Impressed upon
hlin of universal training, it wns also
perfectly clear that thc boys should
be laught military training in earl>
It had heen suggeBled that trades
unions in Winnipeg had opposed military lraining. This was a serious
matter. The great body of Canadian
working men In trades unions were a*
sincere lovers of Ihelr country as an'
man. lt was u serious tiling lo g
against the wishes of the trade*-
iinlons. lie thought that they should
be consulted and shown the ndvant
ages of universal training.
"No apology Is necessary for e
mlnlBler of the gospel to use his Ut
most energies to advance the welfar
of ihe mllltla," ho said.
Rev. Cnuon noulbe of Laval llnlver
slty explained the excellent progres
the cadet movement and officers
training course In that nnlversltv wii-
making In one faculty of 120 student"
out of a total of Lift who hnd enlisted
In the officers' training course. Cap
ta'n Archambaull, inspector of th"
French Canadian cadets, announced
Hint there was 9600 French endets Ir
the Montreal division.
Colonel Alkes, Brandon, said thi*
thn radets corps were nursing school-,
of national sentiments.
The dry bopes of the figures for tht
past month need little clothing of extraneous words in ordtr to enable
residents of Weslminsier to Bee for |
themselves that the onward march of i
the city ts in no way abated, despite
tbe adverse conditions of wintry weather which have militated against any
great activity in outdoor pursuits.
Reports from all    the   centres   of j
statistics  are   npt   yet  to  hand,  but j
���aueh as are completed are contained
herein. In building Westminster again |
shows to good advantage, Ihe cusioms
figures, an excellent weather vane ol i
prosperity or otherwise, also registei
a  favorable   change,   while   the   ducB
upon timber cut in thia district have
���welled considerably.
Some decreases are to be noted, b;ii
for  all  of  them   Batisfac'ory   reasons j
are ascribed, and their occurrence   is |
therefore only 10 be expected.
Building Permits.
The total building permits lBsued
for the month of February thi3 year
iggtenate $191.7:15, as aga!nst $112.61.''
in February. IML', an increase for this
year of $711,085.
The total issued In January las'
amounted to $88,726, compared wltb
$111,288 in January, 1912, tx decrease
of |7g,B68.
The comparative few permits issued
last  January   was,  of course,  due  ti
the prohibitive weather conditions, bu
it is satisfactory to note that February j
more than compensate d for the falling !     Atlanta, Oa., Feb. 28.���J. K. Harris, ;
off. and  ,here  is  an  increase in  the!alias  J.   P.  Montague,  was  identified:
aggregate for the first two months of' here toninl.t by private detectives as
1913 of $1622 over the first twoTnontha lone of  the  suspects  wanted  in  con-
of 1912. nectlon with the robbery of the [link
The figures for the first month of of Montreal In New Westminster, B.C. |
1912  are $823,938;   and for the samejon Sept. 14, 1914.
period In 1818 $225,460. Harris  is  also  believed   to  be  onei
Dominion Offices. of the men who beat up Poiice Lieu-1
Substantial      increases     are     also, tenant Hums in a Chicago saloon last'
noticed In the  monthly  figures given   September  when  the officer  was  at-j
out  by  the   various   Dominion  offices j tempting  to   arrest  the  men   in   con-1
located  in the cily  for the month of junction   wllh   the   New   Westminster
February. | robbery.    After he was taken  to the
In th�� customs department an    In-I police   station   Harris   was   Identified I
crease   of   $2285.69   over   tho   corres !by   photographs    and    the    Uertillon
ponding month of 1912 was announced I method.
the receipts for the last month being I    The man Ib Leltg Held by tho police
$49,529.07. who are Investigating his movements
Dominion lands took a big slump ,and It is probable that he has some
only $6.80 being collected, as agalns ;connection with the attempted rob-
$556 89 In 191-,'. This, however, is on j bery of a bank at I.lnipkln, Ga., which
account ol certain legislation now   be-, took  place  recently.
Ing transacted at Ottawa, a halt hav . 	
Ing been called until the matter Is set      Should   this   prove  to  be   the   man
clear during tho preaent session. I Montague,   It   is   believed     that    the
Another decrease was noticed In the Pinkerton detectives have scored an-
mines office $*.'Sa. 10 being collected in other Biiccess In apprehending Bus-
February 1918, as against $2677 In peels who are alli_ged to have buc-
ihe corresponding month of 1912. One oessfully looted the local branch of
payment however, of $2600 was mad Ithe Bank of Montreal. Montague dlB-
ln February. 1912. for a coal lease and |appeared following the robbery and
this will probably b��> paid some time
$35,000,000 for Purpose of Defence of Empire Assured���
Would Cost One-third More if Built in Canada, Battle
Cruiser, Three Cruisers, Six Destroyers, Three Submarines.
this coming month which wlll br'n
up the total well past the ordinary
figure for the present year.
Crown Timber.
A sum of $2040.OH wus paid In'o lhe
local crown timber office during
February for royalties on timber cn'
on Dominion lands. The tnrrespord
Ing month In IiibI year showed the
returns as IH16.0!, an Increase for
this year ol $63(1.38.
Ottawa. Feb. 28.-The government hns passed an order
In council mnlilng new provisions In regard to the free en-
trv of animals for tho Improvement of stock.
It provides that no nnlmnl
ImwrtSd can he admitted Into
Canada free of duty unless the
owner Is a tlrltlsli subject residing In thn liritish empire
nnd furnishes an Import certificate stating that thn animal
Is recorded in a Canadian national record or In a foreign
record recognized as reliable by
Ihe national records committee.
New Council Holda Camera Session���
Chairmen of Committees
Tho new council of the bonrd ol
trade nu t last night In the board of
trade rooms and discussed fully a
vnrlety of subjects of paramount Im-
norland- to the advancement and material prosperity of New Westminster
and  the districts cf which   It lo  Uncommercial metropolis.
The deliberations of tho council
lasted nearly three hours and were
iharaotorlssd by a business liko du
termination and sober enthusiasm
which augurs well for a record year
of successful achievement,
Among tho subjects taken Into ear
nest cotisld' ration wrre agricultural
development, transportation nn<!
freight rates.
Ihe Chairmen of the various committees   were   appointed   ns   follows:
Agriculture- Oeorge Kennedy
Commerce and Industry W. II.
Finance   M.  Oc.ulet.
Fisheries    M.  Monk.
Lumber  -T.  .1.  Hobson.
Legislation    11. S. Curtis.
Municipal-  .1.  W.  Cunningham
Membership -W. It. Ollley.
Navigation -H.  P. Vldnl.
Postal   H, Ityall.
Heads    W. J.  Kerr.
Transportation   -I.. B. I.usby.
until he was seen in tlie Chicago sa
loon by Lieutenant Burns had been
missing for over a year.
lie Is well known to the police In
the Pacific coast stales and is said to
have been quite friendly wllh Charles
Dean, who is being held In the provln- j
clal Jail In this city awaiting trial at
the Next assizer
It can be presumed that Harris or
Montague or whatever nam? he
travels under, will put up n strong
fight  before    he    Is    extradited  and
brought back to New Westminster,
New Routs Completed.
Geneva, Bwltierland, Feb. 2s.- TV
last rail of the l.eiischburg rallwuv
Joining Berne With llrleg was laid to
day. The new road opens an inter
national highway to North and South
Kurope by way of tlie l-oelohbiirg and |
Slmplon tunnel across the Central
Alps. Kxpress train schedules will be
stnrtiil over the new llii" next week
Kaiser Lost Lawsuit.
Killing, Germany, March 1. Emperor William today lost a lawsuit
brougbl against blm by a tenant farmer named Sohi, whom he bonBted dur
Ing a recent speech he had thrown
out "hecuuse he wan no good" The
district court decided that thu emperor wan uot entitled to terminate
the lease of Ills tenant, which ran until 191H.
HIb honor Judge Howay haa decided
that the Royal Bank of Canada Is responsible to D. H. O'Byrne lor the
sum of $693, the increased amount ln
a raised check, altered from $7 to
$700, by an employee of O'Byrne'B
named Jensen, wbo has since disappeared.
The case Is a highly important one
and may have far reaching consequences.
ln his Judgment Judge Howay Baid:
"1 have no hesitation, as 1 Btated
at the termination of this trial, in finding that the cheque was drawn originally for $7.00 and was afterwards
fraudulently altered to $700.00. I also
find that Jensen had no authority
whatever to change it in any particular after tbe plaintiff bad signed
"The plaintiff is an Illiterate person,
unacquainted with banking business.
The various cheques upon hiB account
show that hiB custom was to have
the creditors fill uo the cheques which
were then signed by him. Jensen being iu plaintiff's employment appears
also to have filled up not only his
own cheque but some for other persons.
The cheque in question which was
payable to Jensen was drawn by him
and signed by the plaintiff with a
space after the word "seven" and after the figure '7.' Jensen, by an act
of simple forgery (see Crankshaw
Criminal Code p.p. 526, 5291 added
words and figures "to the right of
these originally written In the cheque
so iiirning it apparently into a cheque
for $700.
"In this form It was presented to
and paid by the defendant bank
While this cheque was scrutinized under the microscope bears
clear evidence of the alterations made
in it, yet these alterations were so
carefully done that In the ordinary
course of business lt was honored by
the bank without he-sltation.
"The whole question now ls, which
of these two persons shall bear the
Icbb caused  by   the  forgery?
"In Young vs. Grate (1S2��> -�� Bing
253 where the plaintiff had given a
iblank signed cheque to his wife, who
I ln filling it up tor $50 had lett a space
i before the word fifty, with which was
j fraudulently inserted the words "three
hundred and," the court held that
Young owed a duty to bis bankers to
draw his cheque with ordinary care
and hence could not recover.
This case after being severely commented on and questioned was limited !
In     Scholefleld     vs.    Landesborougb,
1888 A.  C.  514   to  cases  of mandate
gem rally  and   particularly   to  banker
and oustomer,
"But In 1906 the Privy Council dealt
iOontluiiei' no  M��r�� Klsnt.l
Ottawa, Feb. 28���Shortly after the
house met today consideration of the
naval bill was taken up in committee
of the whole. In committee details are
considered and a member is at liberty
to speak as frequently as he desires.
The UEual result is a series of short
speeches confined to a few members
of the house.
Premier Borden took charge of the
delate, answered ln a courteous manner a volley of questions put to him
by the members of the opposition who
were evidently out to get all the Information they could secure in regard
to the government's proposal.
It Ib understood that this line of discussion will be followed for a few
days and that subsequently there will
be amendments which will call for set
The feature of the discussion today
was the statement of the probable
cost of the Laurier fleet units, submitted by Premier Borden and based upon
figures obtained from the admiralty
in so far as the cost of construction
in Great Britain is concerned. To
these figures an addition of 33 1-3
per cent was added to cover the additional cost for construction in Canada
making a total for two fleet units of
upwards of $68,000,000
Opposition members argued that the
cost of construction in this country
would not be so much higher as the
estimate showed, more particularly
as within the past couple of years
wages in the shipbuilding line in Great
Britain have increased by at least 25
per cent.
During the course of the discussion
.Mr Borden made the announcement
that the naval college at Halifax would
be maintained anil that the curriculum
would be enlarged to include engineering subjects.
At 11:80 the first clause of the bill
authorizing the setting aaide of $25.-
000,000 for the purpose of the defence
of the empire waa carried and the
house rose.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier set the ball rolling by requesting information with respect to the cost of building such,
ships as would be comprised in a.
Laurier fleet unit. Mr. Borden submitted figures which he said had been
supplied to him by the admiralty In
January of thla year.
Coat in Canada.
According to these figures the cost
of  building  the  ships  in  Canada as
proposed by the Liberals would be aa
One battle cruiser, $17,785,650; three
cruisers, $8,305,850; six destroyers,
$5,745,000; three submarines, $2,450,-
300; total, $34,388,600; total for two
units as proposed by the Liberate,
These figures, aald Mr Borden,,
were computed on a basis of one-third
higher  than  the  cost of building in
I England, this being the estimate add-
I ed and  he  quoted  the following fig-
jures as the cost of building the same
I vessels  In   England:
j One battle cruiser, $12,906,886; three
cruisers, $6 009,846; six destroyera,
$4,102,600;   three  submarines.  $1,776,-
; 333.
j In addition to this, he said, the admiralty included in its estimates the
sum cf $313,413 for sea stores, anil
fuel as a part of first cost Members
of iho opposition at once began to
���"���Titiri-e,  cliiimin? that   these  fibres,
; were the tenders which had been received in 1111 from British firms ��htt
were ready to build in Canada.
Mr. Bcrden replied that his figures'-
were from the admiralty and he knew.
as did every member, that the cost or
building ships had very materially in-
(Continued on Page Four.)
The steady growth and prosperltv
of tbe Royal City Is couspicuouslt
marked by the subjoined -statistic!
furnished by City Treasurer Mackay
which shows In tabulated form the re
"elpts of the differed! departments al
Iho city hull during the months o.
February   of  both   1912  and   191.1.
The signal contrast In the amounts
collected   for   the   respective   periods, j
must appeal to the most unreflecting
and   affords   premises   to   base   most [
ileasing inferences    for    the    future.
.'he  figures are as fotlcm-a:
1912 MU
binding     |       83.20$     212.SO
Licenses            405.50      2,003 50
Police            195.50      1.4M.2S
Electric   light   ... 11,515.21    lf.582.Sl
"iter   roll        3.512.05      1.M4.7*
Water Con        200.00        ltOW*
liuinting Inap  76.00
Garbage         350.55-
Totals   J15.920.46 $18,304.13
Dr. Mawaon'e Silence.
Sydney, N. 8. W��� March 1.-There
la considerable anxiety over thn silence of Dr. Maw-son by wireless since
he sent word, two days ago, of the
death of two members of hla expedition,   i-
Hsve Given  Additional  $30,000��� Hospital Will Now Be Abto to Open
Frte of  Debt
Mr. T. Gifford, M.P.P. for Now
Westminster, Is In receipt of n letter
from tho provincial government pledging a donation of $30,000 to tbo Iloyal
Columbian hospital for 1914. This will
bring up the total amount of government contributions toward the now
hospital tn $100,000, made up of $30,-
000 in 1912; $40,000 In 1913, and $30,-
000 for 1914.
The generosity of the government
lo such a deserving Institution will
bo appreciated by everybody Interested In tho alleviation of suffering
and illness
Four    Bodies    Recovered    from    Destroyed Omaha Hotel���Thirty
Escape���Building Gutted.
Omaha. Neb.. Feb. 28. A score of
bodies perhaps more are hel'eved to
be beneath thc debris of the flru
which early this morning destroyed
lhe Dewey hotel. CeaseleSB toll dur
Ing thu day and late into thn night
of fireman and other city employee's
failed lo reveal the bodies of tin*
guoBls of tho hostelry who lost their
lives. Bstltuntes cf tho number of
victims which ran as high as 75
dwindled during the duy to as low as
ten or twenty, but all Indications tonight are that tbls lower estimate Is
The register of the hotel probably
was burned and the nnmes of all the
victims probably never will be known.
Tonight only four bodies had been recovered. These were of persons who
either Jumped or who died from exposure or Injuries.   They were:
Charles Kuninilngii, a bartender.
Unidentified man. nude body recovered by firemen before Interior of
bii"'iuig nolUtnted,
Mrs. Alice nonnevue, sister of Mrs
0, C. Wllklns, wife of thn proprietor
of the hotel.
Charles nevcrly, employed by a
local commission llrm.
The Are occurred at nn hour when
few persons wore In the vicinity and
the Interior Of the building which wiih
an old ono, was a mass of flames be
fore the firemen arrived! Not less
than 50 persons were sleeping In the
building St the lime and estimates
of the number run as high as 75,
At least thirty aro known to have
escaped. Many of them wero scantily
Tho lire wai so intense that firemen
did not get tho flamna under control
for aevnral hours after It started.
When thny finally wero able to enter
tlio structure It had been gutted and
the entire Interior bad fallen Into the
hasement. Here, beneath tone of debris, lln tho bodies and It may require two daye to remove them.
Edmonds, Feb. 28- Legal aid Is
likely to be called In to Bettle the dispute between the Hurnaby municipality and the British Columbia Electric
Hallway as to the running rights on
the lllghlaud  Par'.; cutoff.
A meeting between the members of
the council and Engineer Conway of
the company was held In Vancouver
this afternoon In connection with the
signing of the agreement which has
been held over several months.
The company. In constructing the
new line between Highland Park and
New Westminster, crossed several
highways leaving the grades In many
cases In bad shape
An agreement wits drawn up by the
municipal solicitors but It hus yet
to be signed by the company and rumors have It that steps will be taken
at once to bring the company to book
for their delay.
London, Ont., Feb. 28 Verne Raker,
20 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. 0.
W. Baker, of Byron, employed on a C.
P. II. Biirveytng party, was Install ly
Killed near C'entievllle, a few miles
from ingersoll, hy a shock from the
hydro-electric  high   tension  wires.
Baker and a number of thn other
men were working alongside tho high j
tension  line  when  one of the p��rt> j
threw a sttiel tape line over tho wire
In order to measure the distance from |
he ground.    Baker grasped tho tape
uud as hc did so 110,000 volts pasjed
through his body.
Mr. T. Gifford, M P.P., Announces that
Government Will Extend Illumination System.
��� ���
��� ���
��� London, Feb. 2R-Sir William ���
��� White,   K.C.H.,   famous  ns   dl- ���
��� rector   of" naval   construction ���
��� for the admiralty between 1885 ���
��� and  1902,  when modern types ���
��� of warships wero evolved, died ���
��� suddenly here last night from ���
��� an attack of apoplexy. ���
��� Hn  waa  born  in  Devonport ���
��� In 1845, being educated In thu ���
��� royal school of naval archlteo- ���
��� ture and entering the construe- ���
��� tlon department of Ihe udmlr- ���
��� ally In 1867. On bis retirement ���
��� parliament  voted  blm a ape- *
��� olal grant. ���
Tho Fraser river bridge wlll havu at
full lighting equipment very shortly.
The provincial government Ib at prevent negotiating with tbe Wnsteni Canada Power Compauy to Instal the
lumps and f .rni.ili thn light acroea the
southern half of the bridge.
Owing to what tho government csn-
sld'icil an exorbitant rate of 5 ceat.-v
per kilowatt hour, thn proposal to employ city lighting was abandoned.
Thn question ot the adequate lighting of this Important thoroughfare ha��
lung agitated the citizens cf New
Westminster and the rural munlc'pall-
tlOS to thn south of the river. Shrouded in darkness the southern part of
tho structure la a menace to pnMIrr
safety as well as a source of personal
Tho main outlet from Vancouver
and Now Weatmlnater to tho American aide It afforded a means of escape
from Justice not overlooked by acuta
criminals, devoid ot police patrol or
scnlry nu It la.
That the consummation of a project
so Ion.: and strenuously advocated. Is
in sigh;. '�� a matter ot cnngratulm-
t'on and Mr. T. Clifford and Mr. K. J.
MlcKenxle, tho representatives ef
Now Wostmlnstor and Dolta, respectively. In the provincial legislature.
who have boen endeavoring with
worthy persistence to ncconmllah this
end, merit no small meed of thanks.
Strike Called'Off.
New York. Veh. 28. Tun garment
workers* strike In prognose here alneo
"arly In January, Involving at It*
height 150,000 or more workera, wa��
officially declared off tonight Tto
workers accept tho manufaeturera-
terms. which Include a ralee In pay.
revision of certain working conditions,
arbitration aa to hours and open shoo
.'.  *. -MM WOT TWO
SATURDAY,   MARCH   1,  1413.
A* tmdrvendett meriting paper devoted to thc interests of New .Vr.ifmiti.sfer umi
the Fraaer Valley. Puhtiahod every mornlni; esoept Sunday iy the National l'rintini.
*-*d Publishing Company, Limited, at 68 Mclienzte Street. Seio UV.sf nilti.ti-'r. liritish
OotumttU. ROBB SU Til HE LAND. Managing Director.
All c*mm**ic*ti��aa ahould be a-SSrotted to The New Wettmintter Jfexot, and not
tto i*i!ii ��luul iii��*ui/,i-i-. of the staff. Cheques, drafts and inoitnii orders should be mads
fa^Mi- to Thc National Printing and  I'utilishino Company,  Limited.
TK_L_KP/;0.V��8���-Stt��t��-M�� Office tint Manuger. 'JI.9 .* Kltitorwil Rooms (fill depart-
nt*>. til.
IH'liaCRlrTION RATHS -By -carrier. H per year. $1 fur three miintfll, 40c per
nth. flv tixail. S3 per ftear. the per month.
TO CORRESPONDENTS���No litters Kill be published in The Neirs creep! ncer
writer's signature. The editor renerve* (he right to refute the putllloatfon of any
1901, whereas the population of these
oonntrles is now 802,000,000, and in
1901 was 283.000,000.
The growth in wheat proportion has
outplace d the growth of population,
and has hud a marked consequence
in the rapid development of imperial
trade in this staple. Thirty years ago
Britain Imported only 11 per Cant of
its foreign wheat from the other parts
Cf th" emplye. Today the overseas
dominions supply f.r> per cent, of tlie
total Importations.
A growth of forty per cent, in ten
years in tlie wht:
ions and India and of 44 per oent
in thirty years of their proportion of
the wheat imports of the motherland
f.how beyond question Hint the Unionists wero thoroughly logical iu their
oontention that a duty on extra-imperial wheat entering Britain would
not increase the price of bread because it would still further enlarge
the granaries of the empire, and thus
make its food production still more
self-contained.- Toronto Mail and Empire
d stingtiished Pagets of England, Sir (and the Baint cried out, 'Take me up
Arthur has an  American  wlf&j ��� the
daughter of  the  late  l'aran   St-ffVens
of New York.
nirthday greeting.', wlll be extended
today to the young Duke of Leinster,
tho premier duke of Irlund. Maurice
Fitzgerald, sixth duke of liis line, was
born in County Kildare twenty-six,
years ago todav. He Is also Earl of
orruly. Earl of Kildare. Viscount Leinster, nnd Marquis of Kildare, and this
hy no mean3 exhausts the list of titles
t ana of the chimin-! held by the youthful Hibernian, noble
Ile comes of a family whose name
hns been written large in the png"<
of Irish history. The Eltz Geralds
claim descent from a Florentine nob] i
of the eleventh century.   Maurice Fit?.
with Thee.'
The ctormy month of March, which
Is ushered in today, brings with It
many important religious festivals,
Easter Sunday como* on the twenty-
third, the earliest sine* ISM, when it
fell on the same day of the month.
lt has not como earlier Ihan since
1H18, when the festival of eggs and
hats was celebrated on tlie twenty-
second. It will not come again in
March until 1918, when it will be observed on the last day of the mouth.
1'alin Sunday, tlood Friday and �� n-
niinciiitiou are also important Christian observances during March. The
Jews huve no important festival this
month,  as  Passover  does  not   come
Gerald was a leader In the expedition  this year until April
We would like to direct the attention both of the City
���Council and of the School Board to the fact that the appearance of one of the beauty spots of the city is seriously j D01N��S 0F A GRAIN ��r wheat.
threatened. Thus he finds that the grain would
We call Library Square a beauty spot because it is the!develop m the following way;  m the
" TV1   -       . J , i. ,i        -,     ,i_   .. ���     second year, 2500 grains, in the third
one open space near the business centre ot the city that is year. 126,000 grains, in the sixth year
left to us.  For a considerable time one of the rooms in the J5'^,000'0^ s������  ���n"d   '"   ,the
-. -., ,    ....       ,        . , - ,       -, , twelfth yrar 241,1*10,625,000,000 grains.
Iabrary building has been used for f.cnool purposes, and as    The third years crop wouw give
a result of the children playing upon the upper portion of :*U1(I men one meal, leaving enough
., .  ., '��.        ,,       * , i        i       ., .     bran to ford eight pigs   for one   dav.
the ground the grass, after the recent snow, stands very The produce of a single grain m the
little chance of serving its mission of usefulness if some, twelfth year would suffice to supply
��� ���   j    �� _     i. i_ i     ii j -i. Sll Ihe people of Hit  world with food
���period of rest be not allowed lt. jri���r'n.r   their   lifetime. ��� Banker's
Not only is this open space used by the school children | weekly.     ^^	
lint, as we have pointed out bafore, it is thc gathering place L ^ # ^ ^ *** + **** ****
lor youthful followers of all sports. We trust that withL Canadian history tooay ���
the new school buildings that the board now has in hand it|* ���������������������.��������������������������� ���
may speedily be possible for that body to manage without
the room at the Library, and we would^suggest that some
Enroll 1, is 17. on" of the most
disastrous of oh ction riots'
steps be taken by the Council to preserve Library Square p*"""' ���'"." disastrous of election riots rare,t.BnaMpson^����.ne �������
_     i j i J       i occurred   n generally peaceful Prince oan apqp~u��i v nor" ue no* ( in *.u
intact to the people as a whole. There are many places
handy for children to follow their natural bent for games
snd they should he made to confine their practice to thorn.
As long ago as last July we appealed for consideration
*ol the need for a few seats both on Library Square and in
other public places in the city. These were reported to be
in hand from time to time last fall and we hope that with
the coming of the long evenings these welcome alternatives to seats in hotels may become very much in evidence.
Seattle and Vancouver seem to be takiru
each other over the (to them) doubtful b
a fall with
Edward Island. There were two seats
to be filled and four candidates in the
field - Douse and McLean, supported
chiefly by th" Scotch element In the
population, :''nl Little and McDougall.
the favorites of the Irish Bectlon.
Tho cxclti im tit wen i'ltcnse, and
when the poll was opened at Plnette,
a dreadful riot ensued, Several men
lout, their livts: a mi'ilicnl man. Dr.
Hobklrk, testified before the executive council that, trom eighty to one I friend
hundred p run,:', were wounded. Thi
election could not be held; but a largi
force was sent to keep orelr-r, unci or
which resulted In England's gainiiif
her first toe-hold on the oold sod. anil
received as his reward the title of
Daron of Offaly and several big estates of the vanquished native chiefs
The descendants of this Pits Oerald
huve been highly honored, and many
of them have engaged in revolt?
against England.
A man who has exnlored the American continent from Canada to Chile
Charles Fletcher l.ummls, was birn In
l.ynn, Mass., fifty-four years afro today. The wanderlust first sei7oi| Mr
l.ummls thirty vears ago. when he was
editor of an Ohio newspaper, and he
set out on foot for T.os Angeles, walking 3507 miles in 14.1 davs.
In the City of Angels he joined lhe
staff of the Times as eitv editor, hn'
��oon tired of clxill?nli--in. nnd snent
five vears among the Pueblo Incl'in*3
of New Mexico, learning their Inn
guage. He hit travelled on font and
'���"TRpb-T-"'-; nil over western Canada
iha southwest, Mexico and South Am-
in fiau'emnla he caught the Jiragl"
fever. a"d for a tlmn was rcmlT"''
totally blind, b"t. recovered his sli��hl
under the heneficient influenie of th"
rarelt'ed atmosnhero cf *ho New Mexi
noteworthy scientific excavations.
As for the weather that may be expected during March, the least Baid
about It the better. This month has
long been notorious for its meteorological changes, and a Scotch poet has
thus adequately described the month
that "conies In like a lion and goes out
like a lamb:"
The first, it shall be wind and weet;
The next, It shall be snow and sleet;
The third, it shall be   sic a   freeze now in force.     The   government has
Sail gar the birds stick to the trees,   gone a Bt���� further In opening up tho
��� territory for settlement and in afford-
I ing those who desire to make   their
��� ���������������������������������������������I homes there every chance of success.
��� i A start has been made on   the   Daly
��� i river, a stream navigable 200 miles in-
��� land.   Farm sites have been surveyed
* and a steamer traffic arranged for the
; fit tilers.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
ways been a menace to the great
White Australian Policy, and to that
extent a menace to the Empire.
Recognition of this danger was tlie
prime motive In the defence   scheme
Mr. Massey, Prince Minister of New
j Zealand, states that next March the
! government proposes opening 55,000
acres for settlement, in addition to
246,000 acres as pastoral lauds. I luring the financial year lam! to the value
|of ��-KO,ti0o had hern purchased for
Mr. Deakln, always a prominent
Australian and for many years a political leader in both the State mill Federal houses, has at last been forced
from public life an account of ill
health.   H" was one
fuse il a title on Ih"
man can servo two
c:' Uiobo who re-
grounds that no I
masters   at  one i
This Is necessary when it Is considered that the settlement is at least
loOO miles from the nearest railway
and shipping port. Five thousand
farms of an area of one square mile
each have been offered and free
transportation from any part of Australia for the prospective selector and
u loan of ��500 to be repaid over an
extended period of thirty years.
* OUR    POET'S   CORNER. ���
Bands I
���sp*"iricail��iiH, uKruerm-niH of tale aevtl*,
busii^ww ltfKrH, etc -, circular vvui R Bpe-
cuillst. All work strictly coitfldenUul. H.
Hurry, room 418 Westminster Trust  Hlk.
ITmnu  70*1.
L.  O.  O.  tl..  NO.  164���MEBTS ON   flrnt,
h, i-i.imI nail !h!nl W'l-ilin .siIjivm In each
month in K. of P, Hull at 8 p.m. H. J.
1^-iiniy, dicuitor; J. H. Price, Hfiiretliry.
BegUllir meeting of Anilly lOilfte
27, 1. o. O. K, In lu-id every hxondtxf
niKttt ut 8 o'clock In OUil I'VUiiwh' Mali,
curin-r Carnarvon and l'ilgiuii nt n-eis.
viKitintf   bretharn    cordially    invited.
H. A. Merrlthew, N.U.: J, Robertson,
V. ii.: YV. c. Coatliaiii, P, u., recording secretary; II. W. HuiiK*-ni*r. financial secretary.
er & Hanna, 1-til. i -Funeral directors
in,I 11111 ���.,:11l. rs. Parlors 40S Columbia
u.it.   New   Westminster.    Phone  ��'j3.
itt   mine
water marl? of "boom-tide"   Westminster may once more
rejoice that even sidotracking and not being on the map of puc
March   If.   Douse   and   Mel,run   wire
iii*.    inU'S of adver- returned without opposition,
.,        , -     i , ,i ii       ��� j   �����.     i ���   i  '    In the following year the attention
���pity, hach accuses the other of having passed its high 0f tie assembly was called to the tact
that the polling In a general election
being on  different  days in  different
aces In the island gave gn at opportunities to the evil disposed to attend
one election after another In considerable minders and'to create disturbances  In  various  districts  successively
\ccoriliii|rlv an net wns passed,
which provided for all the elections
taking place on the same day and Ibis
proved an antidote to disorder."
some of our neighbors' minds has its compensations,
laughs longest who laughs last.
Now ihat spring is near at hand
����nsideratiri!i should bo r,lvc:i to the
use that might be made or Ihe vacant
city plot, as well as Ihe cleaning uy
and boadtifying of tho various school
In the country to tbe south of US
Sreat attrntion i:i paid lo tiles" mal
ti'rs by t\e civic authorities, and in
man.   of   the  large  cities   tluri'   is  il
I'roni lured an-d erld-Baprcad movement
in operation to cultivate the vacant
11 *ts. 'i '*s movement apeHs economy
-tind is valuable! in tho culture cd ideals
jis Bl'ov-n by the experience ol Min
fieapol fi.
Mr. Lanjy /luugher, president of the
������garden club of that cily, write*! lh.it
""more Mian SOO men and Women have
been Ki'-nn an opportunity lo return
��� c> the soil, or to go to tho soil of
which they know noOiing," and that
"'the ujc oT the vacant lot answers
.the appeal of the soil."
Thc Kyiraimic feature nf the movement ia  pointedly  expressed  In ihe
���Blatemrnt   thnt   "eo   tnimy   Vegetables
were -grown cm vac.'int plots that cum j
lilalnls ware made by grocers," as an i
e.inmple, "Ihe ptir.e Of tomatoes being I
mduced from $1.M�� to 7,'ic per basket.1 i
In   every   ciiso   where  tbey   were   pro  ,
prrly  attended tn, "thr economic  v:il
tie rf thu meant lot gardens lo Ihosi
Mrho took them up greatly outweighed
!*hcir rost."
���lie   further   calls  attention   to   th" I
value of the movement to give young j
-and old  an  opportunity   for  hi altbly *
sn ei delightful eserelM; and, Chat |i
inn nn educational and Inapt-rational
value, not only in the mailer c,r e-cou j
nmy but as well in thr general flecor
���tlon tf the tlly.
Ilegiiuilng wiih one plot in V.ilH  the
movement found aueh tavtir thai  in
1K11 lhe re were Sn?, and In IBID f v
times this  number, trr nntuil   IMIC  n
���cul Iota eel to vegetables ami rio�� ,
.���era.    Vi ry  wmcly the propel  wan g'v  i
��-ii great publicity by the planting or
si model incni,! lot garden nl Ihe fa i
fnlgnrv   might   prefil  hv  lhe i".|' ri
��� ���nee of Minneapolis; und a Strong ill
petnt could be given to such it nicvc
ment  by  the publicity I f a  model  v:i
riui' lot garden em the oooaslon of
��� ur neat f.iir   Calgary Herald,
and  lo purchase supplies  there.
With the French nation we have no
such treaty, but our law is so lax that
Krenoh   trawlers,   of  which   there  are
a considerable number al v. ork off the
Atlantic coast, have come and gone
In our ports with Impunity, There
is no doubt thai this hospitality has
been abuse el, nml that these ti.iwlers
have ubccI Ihe visits to port as a pre-
tex for fishing within territorial waters.
Mr, I la/i ti. ub n consequence has felt
oompalli il in Introduce legislation
which will forbid tin in In intor any
Canndlan port oxcepi dnder tircss of
weather. Any fishing vessel Will come
Under the same ban. and if the clause
seems somewhat drastic, it ih doubt-
leas beoause the department of marine
unel fisheries can Bee no other way of
preventing an abuse which is ruinous
to Inshore fishermen.
The French trawlers leave a good
deal of money In one or two ports lor
supplies, unel these ports win apparently be so much out of pocket, but
du" concensus of opinion of tin- members cif parliament from maritime constituencies Is Ihat this loss will be far
more than counterbalanced by the Improvement In lhe fisheries.
The government cutters will have a
much easier tusk In catching any of-
fenders against thr law, Montreal
New York  Newspapers.
The  first  number of    the    pioneer'
dally  newspaper  of  New   York  city
was issued liiK years ago today, under
the till" of the  New  York  Daily  Advertiser.;   it was the si cond daiiy pa-1
per In America,   The first New York i
weekly  publication,  Bradford's    New;
York  Gazette,   made   iis  appearance:
sixty yeara before tho Advertiser, and
was followed soon after by the Week-
i ly Journal. j
The  oldest  general  newspaper    ln '
New York, now published, Ih the Olobe
and Commercial    Aiive-rti-ner.    which',
dates from 1797.    The Daily t'orniiict-
i clal was founded in 1796.   The venerable Kvenlng  Post was born tn 1X01. I
; The  beginnings   of  oilier  New   York'
newspapers nre as follows:     Morning
^Telegraph. 1S27;  The Sun, IM?,;  Herald. 1886; Tribune. 1041; Times, 1861;
World, i860; Evening Telegram, I��fi7;
Evening Mall, formerly Mall and K\
press,   1867;   American,   1S82;   Press.
1887, and Bvenlng Journal, 18HC.
With Ihe exception of the Socialist
I daily, the Call, no Kngiish daily of | Holtt
] any Importance has been siartnl li
* New York In Hourly a score of years
I The Recorder and the News are
' amongst the once famous New York
' papers that havo given up the ghost
(By   George   Matthew   Adams.)
Kind  out  what  boi_k:i   your   friend
reads and you'll know  what  manner
of  man  or  woman   yod  have   for   a
Hocks ure u sure Indication
of iniu r wealth or poverty of character.     Hooks  contain   the   wisdom   as
well as the foolishness ot Hi"   nges.
i The greatest thoughts. I lie deepest experiences, the results of the most profound and prolonged experiments, ure
all embalmed In books.
Crow uBeful from books.
The character of a man   is shown
by the books he'selects.   The character of u nation Is largely determined
by the books that its men and women
read.    The wealth of the world Ib In
its books, not In its gold and silve-r and
precious stones and  structures   and
<*. ������ v  useful from books,
fiood   books  are   real.      They  arc
cross-sections  of  life.    They  tell  tb(
truth anil conceal nothing.    You tnkf
or leave  what such a book   teaches.
You  know,   without  asking,   Its  true
value.    You  think, act,  walk,  work
live with It.    Kor the time you ure of
It���a part.    You live over the  thought
that the  writer lived.    Though   lmii-
years In his grave   again he breathes
and   warmth   ls   in   hla   blood   again.
How marvelous ls a book.
Crow use fro iiibooks.
(looel books make sympathy a world
trait. Progress is but the -accumulation of book power. Books gone the
world would rot awny. (looel hooks
will put poetry and music Into your
smaller tasks.
(irows useful from books.
The world's greatest doors havel
been the world's greatest readers. ���
"He-nil again," Bald Napoleon to an of- |
ficer on board the ship that was tak- j
ing him Into exile forever, "read '
ngiiiu" the poets: devour OlSlan
PoetB lift up the saul and give to man
a  colofisal  greatness.
.I'i" Cornish, American representative of a large firm of Vustrallan woo!
brokers, forwards the information
thnt during the past yeans some 2<\-
000 sheep of tin- famous Australian
merino bn e cl have been imported to
the D. S. for th" purpose of improving the local flocks. This is a pretty
sincere complement t'i those Scotch-
Australian pastorlallBts who took the
IVi'iiming upon t'.i*
eyes to gu/c
Beyond  tii"   Infinite   :"nl   heaving
Tho tar horizon, blurred In cloud and
Bends o'er come  beach   (1 muse)   a
thousand   leagues  from   view.
"And there," saith Kaney, "looking toward   those'  sands,
wistful,   like   the",   an   unknown
dreami r stands!*"
W    1
iini-iT Kunirai Director
1   Kml.almiT,
611-618   Agnes   sti-iut.
-.-in- Carnegl
��� Library-
t i ai-law, sollcltur, etc. Telephone
lii7ti. Cable address "Johnston."
c.'iiili', "Western Union." Offices, Kills
Block. 662 e\,|iiinlil.. atreet, New Weatmlnster, H  C,
old fat-tailed Spanish merino of fifty      Robert Stanley v.Yir iii North Am-
erlcan Review.
Till'.   DEAR   OLD   DOLL,
I bad once a Bweet little elill, dears,
The prettiest .doll  in  tb"  world;
Her cheeks were so red and so white,
And her hair   wub   so  charmingly
But   1   lost   my   poor little doll, dears.
As I played In the heath one day;
And 1 cried for more than a week,
eh ars,
Hut I never cculd find  where   sin
I found my poor little doll, dears,
As 1 played lu the heath one clay;
Folks say that she is terribly changed
Kor ber point ia all washed away.
And her arm trodden off by Hi" cowb,
And her hair not the least bit curled;
Yet, tor old '.lake's sake, she   is still,
The prettiest doll In the world.
Hy Charles Klngsley.
years ago, and made It what it Is.
Now   that   the   construction    of  the
transcontinental railway from cast n>
west is well under way, lhe Federal
Government is entering upon the task
if constructing a line from Oodnadat-
to to Alice Spring clear north to
south and through lhe heart of the
depart. By way of local color, il
would surprise' those of conservative
imagination to see Split-Lip, Hump et
Co., i. e��� a canul, in cbarg" of a lur
bailed Afghan, ambling along with a
pair of steel rails for the building of
the railway, However Australians do
not nek a precedent in anything that
they do, and are a bit proud of some
of the things that are being done In
that big th si rt today.
The attention of the Federal Government of Australia It at present directed tpward the much talked of need
of peopling the north coast. This
shore, semi" TiOOfl miles In extent, and
backed by unoccupied territory
amounting to half Australia, by rea-;
Hon of ila proximity to the most densely populated section of Asia, has   al-
J. BTILWBLL CLUTB, Barrtstor-at-law,
solicitor, tic; oeroer Columbia and
Mt-K-enzL' streets, Ne-w Westminster,
li   i'.   I', o. Hox  111,    Telephone   Tie.
solicitor ami notary, 6iu 1'oluiulila
street    Ov,-r C. V. H. Telegraph.
Banisters ami 8oUcttors, Rooms 7 una
*. uiiicli.in bloak. Ne-w Weatmtnster.
c;. I-;, Martin, w. ci. MeQuarrta uftd
���fieiirfci* I., Coiaady.
WHITESIDE * EDMONDS ��� Barristers
and Selloltors, woatmlnater Truat BUt
Columbia street. New Westminster, lit:.
I'.ibie ueleiri-m "Whiteside, Western
I'nlnn. P. c�� Drawer -uu T.-l,-phone
c-3.   W. J.  Whiteside, ll.   I..  Edmonds.
A.    lU'HNKTT.
mutant. Tele. 11
W8,   ii...,in
ster liimrei i.r Trade nu-i*-*
room, city I i.i ll, ax (ollowt
eliev   nf   e-eie-h   ineieith
lhe   (till I   l'i I.I,, v
AllKilst   anil   K
Tumi  meetings
February,   S. II
uf Pebrus
W K.ST MINIM Hi.' hulird
Ihlrel Krl-
i tine
iiiIiit eel  8  \, in.     An-
the  HiIki   I'Uiluy  uf
Stuart  Wade,   t*ar*.
Sound Naval Policy As
Seen By The .London Times
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
' Formerly at 610 Columbia Bt., now at
��07 Iront Bt.    Rhone It 1081,
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
A i re age   and   Choice   Kruit   Lands   a
B. I     I....U  .
*      SCRAP BOOK FOR TODAY.      ���
���   ���
one of the Ideals of British Imperialism Is uu empire self-contained In
the production and exohange   of lis ***e*************
find supplies    Th" motherland with
an  agricultural  population of only  181
��� THE   HUMAN   PROCES8ION.    *���
��� (By  O.  Terente.) *
,tc> develop luie '��� i imp)ro trade, and es
peolally the mpplj of colonial food to
Hi" im,tin r ci uniry by means of spc
clal transportation facilities and trade
preferences   among   ib imponenl
pnriH of the empire,
Mini un h to ibis end, howevi r. af
feet many diverse economic nnd tradi
,i:iiiriiis, particularly thoie of foreign
countries, and may nol always bar
monies   wiih   lb"  self inli rest   of  any
oonstltuenl of the empire ring, or tin
tii am  trawling  plays anoh hivcoj vlowa of the majority In control of Its
Willi the fisheries nf any neighborhood   fiscal  policy.
where it is carried on to nny extent i Bo progrets with Imperial trade pre-
that ibe lime is fully ripe for more if ferenoe may be fast or hIow, accord'
f-nrtivi' legislation on the anbjecl than ing to time and circumstance, but tin
we have at present. Our ttntiile s now i eiiindnu ii nnd strength of Hi" under
Tm-hul   II   within   three   inlh-.i   nl   tb"   lying   Idea of  Imperial   unity  Is  siiffl
-shore, but it in exceedingly difficult I dent guarantee thai bo long ub ilu
per ccni ni the whole', mint depend
Inoreaslngl) On food exporting countries for sustenance, and niniinr'. these I
"oiiiitrii n ih" eiiii f overseas   dorain   Thsophlle Delcasse, "Ketper of
Ions  unci  dependencies,  Canada    tus ' ope'u  Pence''  Is 01   Today.
trails, Ni w Zealand ami India stand     One of the foremost flguros In world
rnrih prominently, politics li Theoplillo Delcasse, French
To ib" imp rlallrtle mind, therefore minister of marine in "tb" grand min
one nf ih" nun natural ambitions ih. iHiry" or m. Polncare, and r i n,.
ti�� I'nfori'o that rognlatlon.
The  trawlers  have I'vvrj   right     1o
���umi' within the tbm mil" limit  anil
nuki: ull their preparatlima in fish
Thi-y are not tnld to contravene thi
law rxcrpt Ihey nre cauiOit In l'i" D ll
tint act of Ashing, and anyone cun sec
flow vt'ry difficult thai is In fad it
*m*\v Im- mlil  thai   v II hn ll I -   ll
tun's lhe B10I j   ��� l&Uaitl  nl  ,
Ixaitn wlll not In a rnnt'ih Im Hi
���iiiir, nf Ih" trawb rn ami Uio Ins!
-ateney nf tho law.
���While It may in admitted thai the
Iran lira nf all nations. Including our
��mn, are equally culpable, wo are' Urn
iiiii by treaty and other obligations|depend
tm  what   we can  do lo ntop lhe evil.
Wn have,  for  Instance, B  treaty  dat
��� ns: from imx wiih iho United slates
which given Ihe vrnmls nf tluil nation
the right to tish in n rtuiii Canadian
cmpim rc'uiiiiiis politically Intact thi
policy of Integration musl go forward.
Not in gn forward i�� to go back,
It would be Impossible, of course
for ib" empire to I ecome self con
t*.rnd in ib" iupply of lis food if li
did nut produce enough f I for it.
population.   Practically, li may be ob
i e rvi ii. thoi    i.-. ii ��� ' Kpeatatlon   th ii
���I'  *.���. i in ii tti ii stagi      Mont General H.r Ariimr lionry Pa
', i, H ill .'.tii i n'heri   < ���. :i si i re    m   get, who hns jusl bnen nnpointntl
tome food nipplloe from th      hi na   tho command of the Irifh Irooos, "��
tlcns if the > *.nii. b rn slrij two yeari ago todnv   and
wiin Is hoped Is Hi.ii Hi" empire lias imd forty-four years' Bprvlee In
;win produce enough staples of life, the iiiiinOi '.rmv. He u the son of
suoh an win nl, us In h" practically In ]n   warrior,  Hi"  hit" (ion.  Lord  A,  II
"the keeper or muropo'a pi ace" whoi
li" wn*. minister i r foreign affairs I'
', a ronne r cablni i.    M   Delcasse will
I cell brale bis Shty-firil I illulay In
��� day.
I.Ike many  l''n ni'li bfl Olall, h" was
��� a Journallm borer.' he onton i    tin
I" lltli -il   .'!" i..i.   nn.I    *.mi*;   fi ;*    niiiii*.
yoari an editorial writer on tho stafl
i ( I .a Republlque franca'se, ll" en
lered the chambi r of depullos In l����ii
and became und T Hccri'lary for col
ciiiiM In 1803 nml colonial minister a
year later, M, Delcasse ws.s a poll
Heal disciple or 111��� - great Qambetta
Me was Influential In forming the all-
iaiic" betweon franc i and tluBi'a, ami
n 119B ni'.'i as a mediator bctwoot
the I'nliiil States and Spain,
As minister c,r marine M   DelcnHsi
continually advocated u bigger navy
Ills I nigrum ror HiIh vi nr Ini lud i
i'i ur new super dreadnoughts, and
when   tlii'Hi'   voMHc 1 ���.    nre    "iiin|ib.'.r
I'l.in: <��� i, ill have i It von flrul class b tl
Unships i.r over 23,000 ions burdon
d Delcasse has Just been appointed
ambassador lo ltunn'a.
the  Red  Drnrjon  Flag, for 'Tie
St.  David's  Day!
Hoist the l'.ed Dragon Hag, for this
lis St   David's Day, when all the sons
land daughters of Wales do honor to
the memory of their patron saint,  In
i Wales ihe celebration win be   mow
general end enthusiastic today than in
many  years, owing to the revival   of
! Wilih   national   sentlmi'iit.   which   followed ihe coronation   ot   ih"   young
I'rlnce of Willi I, anil which has since
! in i il r ih r Ih h ilitnlnlrhi rt.
l'i"    anclonl    Welsh    longui    in
, !-i   David becomos
'""'i  '* d In Hi" cur
of  ib"  elementary
The day is a genie every
which I y thn
Bt, Di wi 'i p. v.-
riciiliii'i i f most
i cbi nis i f Wall ie.
eral hi llday In Wales  and
olty and town there ��ill bo
��� -ri in s. Bchool children wearing daf
re iiiis win assemble In halls and sohool
buildings, ping patriotic songs, ami
listen in addresses In the anclenl
i tongue,
Tb" festival of si. David is nol con-
. rim d to Wall v In this city and sec
tlon tho Red Dragon banner will bi
flaunted    from     many     lionii'H,    anil
throughout th" United Btatea and Can
nela, In Auetralln and South Africa and
the Islands of dlstaul seas, thousnndi
if expatriate Welshmen win join In
Spirit wllh the feslivllie.'H of the fnlhc r-
nl ni outside i iipplliH. and Dial
Iho prepnii.il rant prffjlortlon of trade
In such food staples shall be ki'pt
in Imperial chjtrinols tihti nn* now
under wheat cultlvnUoli iu lli.'.iln,
Oanadtt, Australia, New Ccaluud nml
si. David, patron s'tint of Wales,
was n nn of Bant, Prince of Cardigan I
and Ni'li. and riniirli',11 il In the sixth I
century Trndltlon Iuib it thai mi
David's birthday In mo u great vie I
lory was won by Welsh arms over'
Saxon Invaders, nml thai ever sin""!
Wolthmon im'." placed David above
.ill others In the calendar of saints.
li ivld  "mnnii'tii. d   Ills   ri lli'ii.iu   "ii
rnr   under   SI      I'nullnllB,    who    bad
bi I'll n nt tn Britain by Pope si r.i-i
��� ��� i m* to ��� ..mi ni th   hen y n( "��� '*
li Is alb i' d thai David, when
'��� illi d upon i" iiddn i���>' t'i" ii'** c'" **" i
win thorn rrom their horetloal beliefs,1
wus enabled i ike himBcif heard by .
n multitude beoause "Die ground beneath his feel rose and hecaine a hill "
Doubters and higher critics may still'
see tha hill.   David was inndc n bishop
TWO things nre clear. In the first
place, there can he no practical development Of local flct-ts, unless provision Is made for the training of officers and mm In considerable advance of the construction of ships.
in tho second place-, naval development on those lines ran add nothing ill
Hi" empire for some years lo como, It
s no doubt with'a clear reganl to
there considerations that Mr Borden's
naval proposals have taken Ihi'lr prOS-
. ni form.
if Canada desires to neid Immediately to the fighting strength of the
naval forces of the empire', she can
do so only In Mr. Borden's way Sin-
tannoi as yi t build eir man ships h"r
self, und wo can only help her to do
���ii by gradual iiigriMs. in view e,r
these coniiiiioiiii, Mr Borden's is a
practical as well as a patriotic plan.
It     Offers    splendid     ships    to     lb"
Umpire to meet a pressing need, and
; offi rs them on terms which Uie ad-
mlrnlly, with a clear <���>���" to all its responsibilities, can whole-heartedly ao-
: 01 pi.
The admiralty policy In dictated hy
I nooessityi there is no room ror oholce
! if the proposed Canadian ships wen'
not io in' made available in iii" manner which Mr. Borden suggests, the ad-
i mlralty, with tlm besl will In tho
world ii) further the alternative plan,
might still be compelled al ihe prcs-
ini Juncture to keep lis skilled and
trained personnel for other available
ii seems indeed thai such n course
���nay be dictated by the imperative re
qulrements   nf    Imperial    security.
which cannot be set aside in favor of
nny scheme, however well conceived,
that neglects the present in pursuit of
more distant aims.
While, therefore, Kir  Wilfrid Lau-
Tier's  suggestions   may  well   embody
the principle of future developments,
It Is difficult at the present time to
regard It as a practical alternative to
Mr. Ilorili n's If prompt action Is what
the Canadian peopla desire. Mr. Hor-
de'ii's proposals win add al once to
tb" affective naval strength of tbe
Empire;   sir   Wilfrid   Laurler's   will
On Hi" other hind, Mr. Borden's proposal! which at" definitely put for
ward as an emergency policy ere In
no way Incompatible with future "x
pension or modification on the linen
which sir Wilfrid Laurier has skcich
id. Similar considerations apply to
the policy which Coloni 1 Allen ih bere
to iIIhciisb
Tho 1'ncirio is nol ol presont e
threatened sphere, and time may well
be taken, while New '/.' aland Is work
Ing mil her responsibilities as Colonel
Alien suggested, to frame a Pnalflo
pulley mi well-considered lines, Thai,
lis we have Often  Urged, Is a subject
for conference between nil the gov-
iriiineiilB concerned, and we Irusl lbat
i in b ii aonferenoe may be held in due
The New Zealand  sets oul   today
alone,  bul   she  carries  wllh   her  the
promise of a rii-i-t. not yet In being,
whloh some day will sail the outer
seas as the empire's naval patrol.
The Times.
It ll-
il ut  riiiioveel his sue to a spot in the
wat-nni    Wo allow them under lii'iiiie , India, about 80.000,000 hitch, iih i oui
So piri into our ports with thalr cal oh I pared   wlUi   only  i!6,U00,i)llo  acres  In
Paget,    Knli'i'lng llic Scots ("iiiarils In
1809, lie soon saw active service In lhe
AhIiiiiiII war.
I.nii i* bis valor and mllllnrv genlii   'dei e rl,   where    ho   mid     IiIh     nks
���nun honorable menllon, medals nnd "mlRht servo Clod away frofn the noise
promotions, cmi Hn was the hero of I of the world." Ito died on the first of
numerous engagement! in the Boudin 1 March, nei, and, "as his agony closed,
four  Other ,<>ur Herd ItOOd I i fflrt him In u vlelon,
unci   Smith   Mrlra.     I,lhe
hoi oak&Sm made with
ROYAL Baking Powder
are dolloioum. healthful and easily made.
COAL mini.no rW'ta of the Dominion
In Miinllplni, Kt.sk :t i I'h*'w.ti i it i nl A Un-rt A,
lha Yukon Territory, UlQ NorlbWMt T��t-
rKorJ'fi mid  In  u  portion *>T  thfl   I'rovtnoti
of llrlitflh t'iijumljlii. iiHiv tti> leaked for tfc
term <>f twettty-our yeara in un   umiSuU
ivutul of $1  nn ucn\  Nut  more Hutu  2b$9
.k-m'h wiii Ih- ii .t.'H'tt to oui- ivpplloani
Al'l��)U'Wl<>n   for  ii   10040   musl   Ih-   rimrfft
by tn. it|-|.iu .n.t in parttn tn the \K*nt
ur Hub am* nt of the dnrrloi lu whleft tr����
rurtiti :ii>i>iii'i for mi' MitNiitui
In Hiin'oyt'il tinllqry the land tmi'tt tm
ilmarltKil ��y qeotlom, or latfn. vu6*alvl��
ri,r\nn of eeotlonii and in uniurveyed lei*
ritory tn. imn iti��i��lt#-��l for nituli be
RUikod out by tin' ,i|.|.!i��'.iin hiimielf.
lOiich ;i;.|'iii ,u inn inu'ii iir ticoomoanlM
by a fee or |8 wtUch win be refunfflrd if
tbe itKinn appllotl for are nol ovniii.bio,
'mi nol othorwleo. a royalty Himii be
imi'i mi tin* meroliantable output of tb*
mine m tho raw of five oente p��r Ion
rin' j" raon oparatlng tin- mine fihall
fuitii^h Mi*- Agitii wiiii iworu roturni
iconuutlMR for Die full iiuuutiiA  ��>f moN
trhfMltllbll'   OOllI   oiilifil   iiml    |i,iv    the   I ov-
iity Lhonoa ii the ooal minion iIi;ihh
ire not being operated eueh roturnfl ���nottla
be fmiiiMin-ii ut  i��'��Mi once u  year.
'I'll*'   li-flMc   Wlll   Im Iml.'   lln-   <������-..il    roll Ilia
iiKbtii only, but the leaifle win bo fin*
ntiiioii to puronaifl whatever avalli ute
mrfaqe rlghta may be ooneldored noiwa-
Muiy for tin' working of tin- mine tit ��n��
rate of )iu on aore.
Por fun Information application phould
bo made to the Hoo rotary or i.he i^t.iitt.
manl ��>f the Intnrlor, OtLawa, or to niy
AK'-nt   or   Sub Ar.. nl   of   HiHoini..n    14tn In
w. w <*(>nY,
Doputy Mtnliter of the inivrinr..
N.   Il     I1imutborlK.il imhlloMtloti of tills
ulvertleoment will nol be puui for,
For Rent
7-rooiiieil bOUie, fully minium
wllh furniiee ami lillcliei) riniKii,
linoleum ami hiiiuiH.   [.ease if
required, $25.00 per month.
8-rcioui hOUIS, one hloclt fioiii
car, $16.00 per month.
h room   limine,   modern,   with
liiiiiiuiii'iit, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.     East Burnaby. SATURDAY,   MARCH   1,  1913.
Congratulated John Redmond In Lobby   Pulpit   Thunders   Agalnct    Imrncdcst
Slit Skirt Now Becoming Com- Mr- and Mrs.  Frank Ellis leave to-
l night for Hu'/.cUon, und^ill not re-
mon   In   London. turn until the autumn.
of Hcu:e of Commons���Lady Aberdeen's   Influence.
I��ondon, Feb. 28.���Her association
with Lady Aberdeen appears if have
had quite a stimulating influence up
on the political vIbIoii of MIbb Violet
Asqulth, daughter of the English premier, Before her recent trip her po
litlcal views were of a somewhat negative character, ajul if bIhi had any
leanings at all they were not in the*
ltadical direction.
Miss Violet Asqulth returned from
her trip a confirmed home ruler. She
signalized her new faith by personally
congratulating John Redmond on his
parliamentary victory. The incident
caused somewhat of a sensation in the
lobby of tho House of Commons,
where she walked up boldly to the Irish
leader and shook him cordially by
both hands. Up to that moment the
feeling in regard to her had been that
she took no interest whatever in Ireland.
A young woman of keen, intelligent
powers of observation, the Nationalists in the House of Commons believe
that the interest which she found centred in the Home Rule question during her visit was a Btrong contributing
factor in remoulding her views.
For some time Bbe has been on
terms of personal Intimacy with John
Redmond and his family, but until
now she has shown no disposition to
follow his political activities.
Husband     Killed     She    wages   War
Against Revolutionaries���la Blown
to    Pieces.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 28.--Mary Ra
ehad/.e, (anions as one of the most
beautiful women ln Caucasia, has met
with a terrible fate, She was nyir
rled to a young man who was once a
revolutionary, and Mary Baohadze
, shared his views.
When reaction, however, gained the
upper band, the man became afraid
anil turned informer. Due day he was
blown to pieces by a bomb placed on
his own doorstep.
Mary llachad/e, who loved her bus
band passionately, became enraged
against the revolutionaries, especially
as sh" did imt believe that her husband had acted as a spy.
For years she has persecuted the
adherents of the revolutionary cause.
No less than .SMI of them have been
arrested through ber Instrumiiilality,
and many have been executed.
Sbe knew that she had been con
demned to death, but continued ruth-
lesaly her plan of revenge,   sh" took
the most vigorous precautions. Bhl
never stirred out unless accompanied
by detectives, and her flat coininuiii
eau d by means of a secret passage
with the police bureau
Rut she. loo, wus caught In the and.
She reoelved a basket of beautiful
'cherries from an eiid flame of hers,
and was Imprudent enough to take il
Into her flat An awful explosion oo-
iiirnil und the beautiful spy was
London, Feb. 28. An outcry Ib holing raited regarding the immodesty
I of the sllt-sktrt which is now frequently sei n In London.    Several mill-j
latere have denounci d It from ihelr.
' pulpits,  and  wonn n   wearing  tills  ul-1
j tra-fashlonable    skirt   have    actually
I been  refused admittance to places of
j public entertainment.
With a view to securing expert opinion upon the controversy, I put the
matter before Madame Holierteau, the
well-known fashionable London dressmaker, who Invented the "two-hook"
dress.    Mme. Robtereau writes:
"The silt skirt has been worn for
several years occasionally, and lt has
been in general uae for walking and
evening gowns since last spring, when I
Its appearance became so general that
oue passed lu the Etrett without re-
marking it.
"It never haa become popular as a!
Bmart afternoon gown.    It Is used In I
the walking skirt utility,  and  In the
evening gown for artistic effect,   but i
there does not seem any reason to use
It with the afternoon gown.    Only one
after noon gown with a slit has been J
made at my place in Dover street.   It,
was to be worn on the stage, and was
of champagne colored silk.
The skirt was slit as far up as  the
hip.    Under the slit was a  piece   of
white satin  which  waB held tight   to
the leg by elastics, so that when the
wearer walked, the champagne-colored
OVer-dreSS   fell   quite   away   from   the j
white satin.    There was  nothing Im-1
modest  In the skirt;  one was left   to'
guess what became of the white Satin.
"No dressmaker striving for artis-
tic effect would  tolerate  an  exaggerated slit In the skirt    that is, a skirt
with an  untrimmed slit exposing the
entire leg.   The human figure ls beau- *
tlful only wbeu it Is either artistically
draped  or  nude -any  other  exp'osure
can  only   appeal  to  the   vulgar mind
looking  for sensational  developments!
In women's fashions which never ap-
oear except on those who cater to satisfy such minds.
"One hall gown made at my establishment this winter waB of putty-
colon d satin heavily embroidered In
gold, At the left side was a slit which
ran well ahovfl the knee, but laid in
thn slit was n layer of putty-colored
chiffon covered with palest yellow
chiffon trimmed In black net hands
on which were traced a design ln'
gold thread.
"Purple silk tights were worn with
jthls   gown,   with    slippers    of  purple
am in, the Ill-els being of filigree gold.
and  a small  button of tlie same fill
gree trimmed the front of the slipper.
:A gold  filigne garter was worn just
, lit l_,w the knee.    The iii tails were not
emphatic, covered as they were. One
i w'iis never sure of what they Baw, and
'y<t the  whole blended  so   artistically
th it the effect was beautiful.
i    "The Immodesty of the slit Bkin is
��� in lhe mind of the beholder."
Mrs. Turner and Miss (.llmon, of Victoria, spent Thursday in tbe city   as |
the guests of Mrs. Rant
Mrs.   Mathers,   31   Columbia  street,!
will receive on tbe third  and fourth
Thursday of each month,
Miss   Mackenzie,   of   Vancouver,    is
the guest of her siBter,   Mrs.   Swan, j
Fifth street, for a few days.
,    .    .
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Holmes returned
lust week from   Southern   California,
Where they  have  been spending   the!
winter months.
.    .    .
Miss Thelma Insley gave a farewell
party last evening for her cousin, MIbb
Dorothy Lloyd, of Everett, War-i., who'
has   been   ber    guest    for    the    last.
.   .    .
Mrs.  C.  C.  Worsfold   returned   on
Thursday    morning     from    Victoria, \
where   she   has   been   visiting    her
mother,    Mrs.    Charles,   for   a   few!
��� ���    .
Mrs. W. C. CurtlB and her son    re-,
turned  home  on    Thursday    evening
after a stay of three months In California, during   which  they   visited  all!
the cities and resorts on the coast.
Miss Rand entertained a number of
her friends at an informal danco on
Thursday evening. Among thoBe
present were: MIsb Pope, Miss Alma
Leamy, Miss De-Wolf Smith, MiEB Nan
Phillips. MIsb Nora Armstrong, Miss
Curtis. Miss Edith Curtis, Mr. Keith
Macgowan, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Frank Ma-'
jor, Mr. Knight. Mr. Wylie, Mr. Pelly,
Mr. Albert Leamy, Mr. Sellery and
���Mr. W. Keary. |
��� ���    *
A skating club has been formed by
a number of ladies In. town, who have
engaged the arena from 10 to 12 on
Tuesday and Friday mornings. Some
Of these noticed on the Ice were Mrs.,
Charleson, Mrs. Corbould, Mrs. Ma-
lins, Mrs. Cotton. Mrs. Diamond, Mrs.
Coulthard, Mrs Pyne. Mrs. Doyle. MrB.
Davidson, Mrs. Marshall English, Mrs.
Swan, Mrs. Eddy, Mrs Bulloch, Mrs.
Richardson, Mrs Inotherwell, Mrs. Ardagh, Mrs. Sutherland, Mrs. Sinclair,
Mr". Rutsell, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Charles
Cordon (Burnaby), MIsb Pope, Mrs.
Corbould, Miss McBrlde, Miss Jose-
nhiii" Martin, Miss Peele, Miss Efrie
Warwick. Miss Nora Armstrong. Miss
Nan Phillips. Miss Marlon Martin,
Mini Alma Leamy and Miss Rand,
Will positively close this monster sale. There will be many
bargains to offer; let us urge you, if you have not attended this sale, to do so today. Prices will be reduced lower
than any time since this monster sale started.
We opened the sale with a great rush, we are going to
close the same way, so be on hand early and share in the
bargains of the last day of this mighty bargain feast.
It means much to you to act quickly this morning. Lay aside everything, no matter what it may be, and attend the closing day of this wonderful sale.
It is money in your pocket to do so, as money saved is money made.
Don't be slow, don't be left. Don't let your neighbor beat you. Be on
hand to get your share of the Bargains Saturday holds in store for you.
The White House   617 Columbia Street
London, Feb. 28, The Commonwealth Government, which hae been
working In entire agreement with the
liritish admiralty in the selection of
an admiral for the Australian fleet.
baa accepted the admiralty's nominee.
ih" r.'iir admiral nominated. Is desirable as one of the most promising
British offici rs
A despatch from Sydney states that
Crave Indignation has been caused hy
:i report that the announcement of his
appointment Wlll he made In London
first, but It Is officially stated tonight
Ihat tile report  ls incorrect and  tint
the announcement wlll   be made  in
Australia  first  or   slmultan-eously on
both sides.
lUNlKAllUKa   rOR PRICES ON :~ Cl_     J O        J- 1
i      -l.     i   *i_       j  ci_*    i         onades, Keading Lamps, etc
Lumber Lath and Shingles 2 c	
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
Bid Harvest in Qalicla Causes Unemployment���Soldier  Suffer on
Vienna. Tib. L'S Thousands of persons in (ialii'ia, the poorest of Austria's provinces, are threatened with
Btarvnliuii The bad harvest has
caused a Ihortage Of the food supply
of the peasantry of th iiinlry districts, while In the- towns th" w.ir
s"ni'" has brought 'rail" ami Industry
to a standstill, Factories are closed
mul thousand! of persona aro without
empli ynu ill.
In Li'iiiln i'K, Cracow, Slaulsliiw ami
other ciilet, ib" suffering is so ureal
thai  ih" authorities are distributing
bread from place to place. The iiiiuii
clpal funds for this purpose have been
exhausted, bowever.and a deputation
has arrived In Vienna lo appeal lo the
government  for aid.
The president of thn council of ministers has promised that sufficient
support will be given to the country
(or  the  distribution   of  food.
TRINITY    Rev. Canon O. C. dlCasum
MA., rector,   Rev. Qeorge A. Ray, M |
A.,   assistant  curate.     S     a.m..    Holy
Communion;   II a.in..     Matins,    Holy
Communion   and   sermon;    8.30   p.m,1
Sunday school;  7 p.m., evensong and I
Sermon.    Dally service and address al
r> p ni   during Lent on  Monday, Tues-
days, Wednesdays and Thursdays and
at 7 30 Fridays.
iKland), Sapperton Iter. Frank
i lias ett. M A., vlcnr. Holy communion
j i am.;     Matins nud senium  11 a.m.!
I Drensong and sermon  " p.m.; Sundaj
I school 1:80 p. in,
CHURCH   Pastor, W, W Abbott, 11,1)
'111"  pastor   will  pfeach   ill   both   hit
vices, Monro ng subject. "The Com
mopplgoe Things of Life"; evening
lubjsn . "Au Adequate OOspal." Young
people's meeting Monday at s p,m .
prayer meeting Wedneaday al s p.m.;
Women's Missionary Boolety Wsduss
day ni 8 p in, ui Hi" borne of Mrs, c
��� ;. Major, r>oi quoi ns avenue,
Soldiers Suffer From Cold.
Vienna,' Feb. 28. Many thousands of
Soldiers encamped on tlm Servian
frontier are suffering great hardships
owing to tho rigorous winter, Inadequate shelter and the deplorable state
of the cnmmlsssnriat.
The complnlnts of the soldiers have
heen so bitter that many of tne Rr
olitltets and Liberal deputies are demanding that Ihe war office begin ile
mobilizing tho army and sendliiK the
mon homo.
London, Feb. 2H. The West Knd Is
fuller than usual nt this time of year,
owing largely to the oarller arrival of
the eourl In London.
There nre many Rind hearts and
tired faces today, as It Is the day after
the second court, which was more
crowded linn ItB predecessor. The
buds nowadays who mnlte Ihelr courtesy to the throne show wonderful self
They say Hint the actual presentation Is nothing to the repealed ordenls
IM-Mlously undergone In the atollers
ot (ne famous eoust dressmakers.
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue am
Seventh street, Scrvloes il a.in. and
7 p.m. Bvenlng subJeoL "Neo Tamer
Ci tnsumebatur." Suini.iv sohool and
Bible elass 3::to; (iuild meets Monde? I
at X p.m. M. Cordon Melvln, UA. !
���Rev! J. S.  Henderson, paslor.    Ser
rices 11  a.m. and  7:80  p.m. Sabbath
it'hool and llible class at 2:30 p.m.
Ot-tVBT BAPTIST CHURCH,   oornsr QUOenS avenue nnd Seventh streei
Publlo worship  11  a.m. and 7 p.m.
with sermons by thc pastor, Rev. A.
S.   Lewis.     Morning subjecl, "Human
Nature,   l'nst   and   Present"!   eviii'ln
subject, "Is Life Worth Living 7" Sun
day sohool li80;   Bursas  class   fir
young men saiiie hour.    Ilonrty sing
Ing. boarty discussion,    hearty   wel
Alderman Ppdd wlll preside at r
special meeting in the Edison theatn
Sunday afternoon al 4 o'clock.   Rev,
R, J, DoiiRlns will spenk on "The Red
Horse of Wnr." Mr. Ira Snelgrovn
wlll sing a tenor solo. The Y. M. 0, A.
orchestra will play. All men welcome,
admission free.
SCIENCE Service is held In tholr
hall, 7:m Fifth street. Sunday, 11 a.m.
Vtinday school at the close of lhe
morning service. Wudnosday evening
meeting at 5 o'clock.
McLaughlin "31"--Roomy fore door tourlug
type, five passenger;, moh��lr top with dust
hood; clear vision glass front; large size
magnetic speedometer with gradomrter; demountable rims; speclul i ynamo and full
electric Hi'.hiii throughout! side and tall
lamps In combinations oil and electric;
DIsOO self-starter; regular equipment on all
MODEL "31"
Five Passenger Touring Type; pricfl, f.o.b.
New Westminster  $1500.00
McLaughlin "24" (roadster); price Ifl-W.
f.o.b. New Westminster. **2S" (touring tyaer,
flvu passenger*: price tl6SO, f.o.b. New
Westminster. "30" (roadster); price JISOO.
f.o.b. New Westralaetor. "40" (touring
typo, five passenger); -price %'HOD, f.o.b.
New Westminster. No distinction Is mado
lu thu (luullty of material used In any of
our cars.
Motorists in New Westminster and vicinity will be interested in
the announcement respecting the arrival of the new McLaughlin
models. Our stock at present comprises the complete line of 1913
design automobiles of various sizes and colors, including three
typos of touring-cars and two roadsters. It is especially interesting to note that the McLaughlin principles of construction, which
have proved so successful under the most rigorous Canadian road
conditions, are retained; and while, of course, substantial improvements have been effected, no radical experimental ideas
have been adopted.
McLaughlin Carriage Co. United
Head   Office   and   Faotory,   Oshswa.     Western   Branch
Houses:    Winnipeg, Reglns, Saskatoon, Calgary
and Vancouver.
Efficiency and durability (always such a large and important
part of McLaughlin service) characterize this year's models, and
every effort has been made to add to the already high esteem in
which McLaughlin cars and McLaughlin service are held by the
intelligent motoring public of Canada generally.
Your critical inspection is invited on these models at our show
rooms on the fourth floor of our new block on Columbia and
Front streets.
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Agents for McLaughlin Vahlolea fer Over Tan Vearm. PAQft FOUR
SATURDAY,   MAftCH   1,  1918.
fffftt CAPIURf
Two Suspects Arrested with Goods on
Them���Exciting Chase Through
City Streets.
Detective llurrows arrested two
mi u on Thursday suspected of several
robberies in Vanoouver. The suspects
-aroused the suspicion of Mr. J Smith,
storekeept r, From street, with whom
they were negotiating the sale of a
.quantity if personal property.
Mr. Smilh secretly despatched a
message to the police uud Detective
Harrows promptly arrived on thc
scene. On Burrows' identiiy being re
vealed  the men broke for freedom.
The de'eetive secured one and
liaiuird bun over to the custody ol'
Mr. Smith, while the other was sprint
ihg, for cover. Burrows followed in
ihot pursuit and after a long and tor
t.tious chase finally cornered his
quarry in the I!. C. Klcctrlc Company's
car barns.
The Vancouver police were com
rnunicated wiih and identified the
Roods in the prisoners' possession as
stolen property. The suspected thieves
were taken to Vancouver,
I German, of Welland, Mr. llorelen
'stated that the naval college at Mali
i fax would be kept up. lie read a
statement from the admiralty setting
rorlh that eight cadet ships in the imperial navy were open to Canadians
who passed the necessary qualifying
Mr. German pressed for Information
: as lo whether the graduates of the
naval collBJre would serve in an Imperial or Canadian navy.
Mr. Borden parried tbe question b<
remarking thai  Ihey would be quali
j (led   lo  serve   In   either  one  or    the
] other.
British   Government   Propose   Method
of Settling Panama Controversy���
Nothing  Definite.
of young    bucks  who    are
around this community."
"Don't lor Gcd's suite, marry a
man to reform him. He wouldn't
marry you for that purpose, and you
know It. This marry-'ein-to-reforin-
'tm gag is what is responsible for so
many wliippoorwill widows uroiinil
this town."
"And don't walk down the street
with a man while be is smoking a
cigarette. He wouldn't be caught dead
with you, if you were smoking one.
If a young buck asked my daughter to
ti.ajdi Naval
first Cause Carried
il'onlinued from page onei
���creased In the last three years.
Replying to a question hy Mr. E.
TM. Macdonald, Mr. Itortlen iiaicl thai
the admiralty was responsible for the
���statemi-iils as to cost of construct ion
in Great Britain Put Che governm-inl
was   respoii.-ilile   for   the  estimate   ol
cos-t   if building in Canada.
Mr. Pugsley said it wan important
to know on what h:i*is thi government
uui-i* its estimates, lt was to tie re-
>nt niirid that in thc past couple of
years there had been an increase of
"fi per ct ul in Uie wag. s p.till in Urit
lsh shipyards. In view of this it was
probably not correct lo arbitrarily in
Crease the estimate ol the cost of pro-
duction   'i Panada tv 113 1-3 per cent
Mr. Pugsley then placed on the
Tectrdj the correspondence between
the government and Cammell l-aird
Company, who put in the lowest
tender for the ships which the lati
government proposed to build.
Mr. Davidson, of Annapolis, wanted
to know if this company would have
received tlie contract if the late government had been returned to power
He noted that Sir Wilfrid had stated
that in the event of the Liberals being re-elected ships wuuld have been
constructed in Montreal.
Sir Wilfrid arose lo remark that the
������contract called for works at both St
John and Montreal. They would have
fceen proceeded with. An amusing ill
���cident arose when Mr. Pugsley gave
the house the figures to show that the
Jjoverninoni has not an actual major
Ity in the country on the basis or
Thursday night's vote tin the second
reading At the general election, he
���Baiil, llie government hail a popular
tnajor ly of 44,00ft.
Wli. " tile seats represented by the
SMven   Nationalists  were    lakes    Into
���O0"ii ���' Inn. Ihe government  en  the
popular   vote   was   in   actual   minorili
of iii. hui counting the constituency
ri'i.r. m tiled hy Colonel McLean, who
voted ' r the proposal, lt had the
���anvil n ajorily of H000.
Maior Currie rose lo remark that
this win about the most foolish argil
mint  Iir hud ever heard ln the house
Mr. PugBley asked the speaker if it
���was permissible for one member to
stccise another of beim; foolish
Chairman llloudin ruled Oiat Major
Currie must withdraw, which he did
���midst genera] laughter.
Hon. J. D. lla/cn said ihat he had
been accused of not speaking siiITi
ciently that he thought il would In
better for the house mid country ii
Borne of the gentlemen opposite would
follow his example.
American   Ships.
Ills Information wan that lhe cos',
of building American battleships eras
9120 a Ion mure than in the United
Kingdom. The coat (rum the It. S
waa };,t: a ton and In 1011 Ihe I,Ion
was built iu .England for $4iin a ton.
K. M. MacDonald wanted Ihe source
<if the Information,   and   Mr   I laser
mi li ll   had  been made up by  the offi
vera of the   naval   service   and   thi
nn iiinrantliini lie hail In his hand  WM
���Igned iiy the admiral of the depart
Dr   Michael t'lark expressed doubi
us iii the accuracy if lhe statements
submitted bv the prime minister In
regard lo the increase cos! of con
���traction In Canada. In (in-at Britain
a' the preienl time, be said, there
was l'-ss unemployment among skilled
artisans than in any other country in
the world.
Tl" Hguros hIuiw thai the porcenl
sige i r unemployment la l.H per 1000
tu* had seen It Btated the other daj
thnt  H'it" were enough unemployed
In the city of Calgary to man a war
whip. II nan to be remembered thai
wages paid lo   shipbuilders   ou _. ihi
Tyno an' very high, As for raw ma
tiTiai. Canada hus an Immense ad
vantage In Ihis respect. Dr, Clar'
���Willi Umi much time would he saved
tf the premier would state definitely
thai in- had come lo tbe conelusloi
that warships can mil be built li
premier Borden remarked thai ii
hia Bpeech which he delivered on Do
cernber t thnt the govommeni wa'
tibie to do ship bulldlna in Canada
but did not consider thai the besl
way lo go ahoul it was hy Hie con
���traction of dreadnought Hi h i Id
Ing miuiil veBsels lit'i. the business
would be started on ��� bv Is
No Agreement.
At the evening silling l'n ���  li t   II n
���den in replying to some furlhi r   iii
nerval ionic hy Hon Mr. l'ligsley so I
thai  the government had nol recelveil
nny Information that n ���peolflo ifrw-
ment  hnd  heen  arrived    ul    between-
tlrtuil Itrllnln and Germany ihat    no
prole-als bad  heen received from  Alia
tnililt  about  any  departure  from   lhe
���greemenl of the oolonlal conference
fiat the overseas dominions   should
i,n i'i navies.
Jlt'lilylng  lo Munitions jnil   by   Mr.,
Xew York, Teh. 28.���Tho publication
today of the statement that the Brit
ish government has proposed arbi.ra
tion io the canal question in a note
to lhe.slate department, coupled with
the comment of the liritish press in
despatches to London papers purpori
^^^^^^^ Ing  to represent  President-elect Wll
  I son as, against free tolls,  brought no
definite statement from Mr. Wilson.
Speaker in Conservative Club  Rooms |    The president-elect declined to make
any comment beyond a denial of thi
published report that he had express
ed himself with finality on the question. Mr. Wilson said that he did nen
feel It would be proper for him to dis
cuss  the  mutter  of  canal  tolls  until
Argues for Emancipation of
floating information on llie subject of com ensilage, Mr. Grisd.tle was summoned by
the select standing committee of the
1 house cf commons on agriculture and
colonization,  to  give  fl���� lence based
on his experiments and observations.
! This evidence was printed in a pain-
1 phlet cf sixteen pages and sent out
in large numbers but there are still
available   for   distribution   a   iuunr.it
I of copies in -tlie bands of the publl
] cations  branch of the  department  of
to take a joy ride in an auto at midnight, I'd kick him off the" verandah
and clear down the street. "Lord." he
added, "what stories some of these
big automobiles could tell if they only
had volceB."
agriculture al  Ottawa.
Corn will do well in almost any
kind of soil provided with good drain
age and well prepared. Barn yard
manure, which may be applied iliiriin-'
the winter or spring, is the best fer
Maintaining that there could be no
salvation or progress without the shedding of blood, Dr. Ernest Hall an
American sponsor of the women's
franchise case, speaking in the Conservative club rooms under the auspices of the New Westminster Political league last evening, gave full justification to the recent depredations
-,f MrE. Pankhurst and ether British
suffragettes in England.
Dr. Hall held that, what th* women
were    rioinp    t.o.i'y  in  aid   of   theirI
cause  was   practically  nothing   when
compared  with  what  meu  had  done
when in a similar position.   Ile referr-|
after he became president and had
had a chance to discuss it with members of tlie senate.
The possibility that the senate
might take some action which would
remove the grounds for the British
protest and thus relieve the new nd
minis ration from all embarrassment
is cited in some quarters as the chief
reason fer hiB reticence.
On the other hand it is said by
I hose Who know in general the presl-
dentrleet's ideas on foreign policies
that If the eiuestion is flatly put up In
him he either would indicate opposition lo the proposed method ef grant
"If the mothers only knew the char-1 m}**S&  material   to  use.    From  the
���icter of some of the  men   you   trot | middle to the end of May. according t
around with they'd rather have you
play with a den of rattlesnakes."--
Columbus  Post Dispatch.
Llk* Human Beinss Visy Breathe,
Eat, Sleep and An  III.
Trees literally lire-alh.', inhaling
oxygen and exhaling oarbotuo acui
gas. The leaves are the lr s- ot the
tree. On the lower surface ol Hie lea!
are vast multitudes of minute in ulli-
or openings (100,000 to tha fqmre
inch, it is estimated) which admit the
air and expel the carbon.
There  are    other   openings,  called
the weather and soil conditions, I
sa'd to be the proper time to plain
the seed which may be put In hill*
or rows. After describing the neces
sary cultural operations, varieties suit
able for various provinces and districts are named.
For the more northerly latitudes
Longfellow, Compton's Earlv. Angel
of Midnight, North Dakota Flint and
Sanford are recommended. Harvesting and ensllolng are fully descrihed
and feeding la dealt with also. For
feeding young Block some bran or clo
ver hay should be added lo the silage
Rations are given for all classes of
In discussing silo3 a table is en'bod
led which shows the capac'tv of thos
(Royal  Mail   Steamers  Sailing Every  Saturday.)
New S3. "Laurentic" and "Megantic"
(15,000 tons)
SS. 'Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
CS2 feet long.
[.It feet long.
Now is the.time to arrange for the passages of yosr friends from
England. We Issue prepaid tickets, and our offices in Kngland communicate with pussengers, arranging all details and advancing any
funds deposited with us.   We alio Inform you when passengers arrive.
For Sailings and Further Particulars Apply
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,     three   dears    from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific R., and W. F.
Butcher, Agent G. N.  Ry., Kevt Westminster.
ed in this connection to the Boston tea|'ng freP, ":lls, ,0 f"!nrlf��� ,Rl,ips, -
favor submission of the question to a
party, which  resulted  In  the  American rebellion against British rule and
Ito the olden clays in Kngland when
men had burned down customs houses
and other buildings In an effort to gain
the  franchise,  which  they  now  hold.
|"Apk my man today if he would give
up his franchise wtthou' fighting," he
r. nen-  th" course of liis remarks
i Dr Hall aeiil'.i commented on the action of thi government in declining to
introduce legislation granting the fran-
: chine to women,   He ridiculed the re-
ieent Btati mint of the premier that "as
a matter of government policy we are
jiinnlil" to aure:' 'hat it would be in
lhe public interest to bring down proposals  of  the  charaoter. ad-ted   for."
���"In the Interests of whom?' thc lee*
tnrer  asked     "The liquoi   Interests?
|The white slavers? Oh, no; Oh. no."
lie added that a greater falsehood
���tied never beer li ard on the floor ot
i parliament.
Iir. Hall Weill on to state that any
| man who had the Interests of the nation at heart would join in the great
emancipation oi women. Tie nnnpic
were learning thai the greatest asset
to the nation was life and also thai
life began In the home.
Man legislation was Belfish, tin
speaker charged. What did this universal movement mean? It meant
that women were becoming acquainted with their condition. No more
could they keep the women In slavery than the native of India anil
China after they had get a taste of
The movement of the women waa
the twentieth century movement.
Continuing Ur. Hall enlarged that
I true freedom waB Impossible when
| half lhe community was In slavery.
He ridiculed the talk about lawlessness among the Butfragcttes in Ring
|Ian. "Women lawless?" he asked
I "They did not muke the laws."
The speaker then proceed at  length
,on "Some Unpublished Reasons Why
Women Bhould Vote'." lie quoted the
statements of about a soore of pro
mlnent persons on the i UffragetU
question and enlarged upon them in
turn. He was given a good hearing
tliroiighoiit the course of his speech
The seating capacity of the Conserva
tlve rooms were taxed to capacity by
the audience which was composed
largely   of   women.
I court of arbitration.
lenticeU,  in the bark  dots and  ��"����I ot  different  dimensions.    A  hni dred
which can be easily ?een on the twwitnn   ^     ,      s,,0
and smooth branches, which help the f   , d d -f
leavesi just as lliepn.e. ol the skit   ������       f ���|ffr     ,
help the  lungs.    Tlie perspiration jI
plants is technically known as trans- '.
The  exhalation  of   water  from  tht |
leaves is very ureal. Thut Ir in a larjc
oak is estimated at 150 gallons a day I
during the summer.  The evaporation
of water from the forests is filliy as
important as that limn H ccean, il   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
not more so.    The ocein clone cuid    Biitish Parliament  Is Not a Stranger
materials nre ileal'
i'ith and their construction described
Cnnient silot nronerlv constricted nn
referred to as being probably more
durable and satisfactory than those
built of wood.
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. OILLEY, Phone 2��l
Phonss, Omul 15 and 1��.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
ruin enougl   to sustain
American  Cl Inlon  Is That Cue   Ribbon   Wlll   Leave  These   Shores
After Coming  Tussles.
Regarding the polo prospects for the
International matcheB a New York
paper says:
"Our representatives will find that
the men they will face this year are
much superior in quality to those who
opposed thorn in 1811. The Kngiish
players are ino per cent, faster and
better poloiMs than tbose thai male
up the team in the former contests.
"The Kngiish ponies rate 100 per
cent, better than the mounts that tin
riialleugers rode in 1911. This Is an
increase of W per   cent, ln   quality
among the players and  horses.    Now.
the  question   is:     "Can  America  furnish the native players and lhe ponies
ito meet this advance in quality?"'
In those words, Pdxall !'. Ke>one, one
J of the great) st pololsts In the country,
[and  one  of  the  five  nine-point  men,
ilhe highest  handicap in polo   in Am-
erica   the ether four men are  Hurry
' I'ayne Whitney, Lawrence Waterhury,
[J. M.  Waterhury and   l-everaux   Mil-
liurne���.'truck a note of alarm   as to
the future retention of the blue ribbon  polo trophy uT the   world.      Mr.
Kenne  was  rather  pessimistic   In  his
views to iho result of the forthcoming
match! s.
To Fill Requirements.
"Wi- will have to work hard to rill
the requirements with first-class nia-
terial both In players and ponies," continued Mr. Keene. "There is plenty of
time  lo  do  it  and  get  everything  In
shipshape if the players win only
buckle down to work, it will mean
plenty of hard training of a serious
nature, Unlets the pololsts of thla
country start In nl once with this object In view, we will' meet Certain defeat.
"We had no such man to face on the
KiiKllsh team in lllll as Walter S. j
lliickiunstc r, who wlll he on the team
this year as lhe captain. He Is by long
odds the greati'st pololsts In Kngland.
Hi' Is 'ten-piilni. man' iu that country
In Kngland I the men are handicap
pul us high as ten points. The members of the American team that won
not p oduc ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
vegetati in.
The tip ends of the ire* rents absorb moisture from the ground, even
in ?.i'rn weather, but the passage ol
| wi.ter Irom the roots up tae trunk is
retarded until winter relaxes it- li ild.
The largest roots anchor the tree tc
the soil ami do hut little el.-e. llie
slender rootl'ts anil the tips of Ihe
large roots collect ull that part ill tin-
tree's food which conies from the
Trees c..t and drink tliriui?h the
leaves and the routlet-. While they
breathe all the time, day and night,
rain or shine, as steadily as we do,
they feed only part of the time. They
sleep in the night, duriii.**; rainy weather and throughout the winter. The
growing season is very short, ending
hy midsummer, Tlie summer drouths
cut off or diminish the supply of water. The leaves are battered and eaten
1 y insects.
A long period of rest ia essential that
twigs may harden and the wood ripen.
Careful preparation for winter takes
the place of further thickening of the
trunk or lengthening of tlie lunhs. The
twigs and stems and Mots must be
stocked with food. The trees strives to
take in all the nutritious parts ol
each leaf before it ca;-ts it off When
winter comes it generally finds tlie
tree ready. The i��nticels are sealed
during the winter t. prevent the
breathing away ol the tree's moisture.
Bach leal is a laboratory,   where
minerals  and gases,   water  and  sun  I Irish
shine are made into nourishment i>r ' and   Mr
To Fisticuffs.
"How many  more times," nn M.P.
; persistently Inquired in the lobby of
Hi.' House of Commons recently, "is
lhe Home Kule question going to make
: ne mln is  lose their temper an I dig-
nityr   And  how  msny  nine 'traitors'
. aii'l 'Judases' nr-.we going to discov-
i er?"
"Judas,"  of  course,   was  the   word
which  led  to the  memorable  nprosr
: in tin Chamber on July 27th. 1803, in
comparison -Aitli wblch the affair of a
I tew days ago wns but mild outburst
Chamberlain  wns sneering nl (il>td-
stone's Heme Rule arguments, when
Mr  T. P. O'Connor shunted "Judasl"
n"id then the uproar began.   P:r IM-
ward Carson shouted something at the
, Irish members, upon which Mr. [>ogan
j cam ��� over ami threw himself Into the
: sent text to hittl,    Mr.  Hayes Kislier
, promptly s��� ised him by Ihe neck nnd
', flung him from the bench.   Then the
battle  became general,  and  lor  three
miniit<*s the floor of the Bouse was a
| mass of  surging,  struggling,  and  ex-
; cited legislators, many of them hitting
out light an I l"ft.   Tlie members were
i brought to their senses by the hisses,
loud and sustained, from the astonished spectators in tin' galleries, nnd
when they cime to count their losses,
on- member discovered tlmt Hie use of
his   eye  had   been   tenipornrily   interfered   with,   nnd   annther  complained
tlmt a colleague had attempted to mnr
tho beauty of liU nose.
In   1831   no fewer    than    thirty-six
members, including Mr.Parnell
lu-tin  McCarthy, were sus-
Phone 173 Beach SU Lulu Island.
K. II.  BUCKLIN, N   HI.Alilis-l.fc.il.,        W. T. H. HUCKL1N.
Fres. and Oenl. Mar Vlce-l'ismdcnt. Sac. aid Trsas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonei No. 7 and 877.
tlie living i..-uc, fron^ which conies! perilled after scenes oi Indescribable
wood, cork, flower, fruit nnd a laryc uproar, during a debut-a on Mr. For-
number Ol itum-, oils, esseiicc* and : Ster'j Coercion Bill, and in Ihe till-
perfumes which have become indie- | lowing yi'nr twenty-five menihen Irmn
pensable In nrt. inauulaclure and j th- other side nl
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.   Paper Hanging our
Specialty.   Work guaranteed.
Chas. Mannering     34 Bcgbie street.     pkob* 393.    Ed. Allcock.
^^^^^^^^ land defi niled the cup In 1B09-1911 and
j Agreement  Reached Between English, I Mr.   Keeue   are    ruled    aa   'ten-point'
nn in Brag-land)
American,  German and   French
Peking, i'i b 28 Work on tbe
Kukuang railroad li lo ba begun forth
with,   nu   ukp i nii ii���    having   in en
reached an a resull of prolonged nego
llalloii.H      wllb      Ann "���hmii.      English
Kreiieii nud Oerman bankers concern
ed in tin- oonstruotlon loans, who will
advance  finidi-t in the BOOUrlt)   of Hu
road pending the reorganliatlon of thi
Chinese provincial transit revenues,
The original contracl provided for
a loan of $30,000,000 secured on these
revenues, which were suspended In
oonsequi noe of iho n volution Ameri
can, llrit'nh    nnd   Herman    engineer!
were ready to start on nil three soc
tlons of tbe railroad simultaneous!)
ami the Chlneae govornmonl ii hope
fid ilini many thousands of soldier
whom it in anxious to disband wll
find employment In the construction
London, Fob 2H Vlsoounl Haldane,
lhe lord hiiih cliiiueellni'. Will be thi
guest of lhe American Bar UBHocIn
tlon   nnd   will   deliver   tho   chief    ml
dn cn at the annual mei ting of tbo at
Boalatlon, whloh Is lo I e in Id In Mon
treal Bi pt, 1 next.
'I hi' ll nl c hiini'i Hi r, as soon cn h
vi ii i*.i (i tho Invitation which was ten
' r* i throi ih  Krunk H   !<������ Hogg, i x
n ��� n mi p nei il dl siri i" ttooi in
' 11 : ���. in* le the I .Ub ,* i r '.' .   <*;*. *:i
. il i i* i i -i-   In   h id i i li ..v.   Hn   eon
i ni i ; ihe king tu lenvc thn ci unto
during hia term of offloe 'I hie he has
now received
Informally accepting the Invitation
of tho ll.ir ii!*oi*l,:i,iiin, VlM'fiunl Hal
dune wrote
"I esteem tlrn Wvllnllon u�� nn ex
������.optional honor and I look forward to
tlie pleasure of moetlni tin groal law
yorit of the United Stales and Can
Hut   with    ii   mini    like'    Iluckiniii ter
in an npjinnont, and Captain Leslie St
I George Choape, Captain   -I   Hardnosi
Lloyd nnd i.'aplniu (I. KiIhoii. as as
alstants, ihe Amerlcgn players win
have as adversaries the greatest team
I Ihey lie r  I'm cd
Gre.it   Expcnre.
"The i.iiiii whi inuiii h lhe Interna
iioiini games possible is th" Duke oi
Westminster lie will finance tho i *
penses of the [English team    ii will
��� ..ii him about $160, i   'i in Duke o
Wostmlnsti r in one i f ihe rlclu il nu i
In Hie world Ile OWnS l'i III i : Lite ll
the henrt  of  London.
win n the ICngllsh tiniii came ovei
here In 1911, the members of the 11 nr
llnghara club lubseribed 188,000 ti
purchase ponies, By popular sul
scrlptton ?: 5,01,0 mere was ralccd Th
170,000 wiih spcnl Tor ponies.
"And yi t Hi.-il i iiiii win un ilile I,
pureli in- nil the good ponies in oei
sary In lake pari lu the games, Man)
IHngllshmpn, who owned one or twi
pi nli B, Ion it ell their horses to tbo toaro
Tin' Hurllngham members were un
[willing in go io HiIh expense again,
li   I. in led   for  a  time   un    if   there
would be no International polo naim
In 1913 when the Duke of Westmin
sler same In lhe front and offered tl
bear the financial burden,   ills agenti
have bought nianv fin I ponliii slnCI
The leaves take charge ol tlie nourishment of the  tree  us soon as  they
open.   Tbey prepare food only in the
daytime  and   in  Hie  presence of  tlie
sunlight j  the more warmth the more
wurk.     They   make   a  complex   substance  known  aa  starch,  containing
I carbon, oxygen and hydrogen,   The
tree finds it.*- growing season inaugur-
; nted when it is supplied with foliage
i Eaoh leal is a builder.   A large sii-pir
I maple   is  estimated  to  have   I.IJ.niHl
I lenves, presenting to thc sunlight an
area of  half  an  sere.
The wood of the tree is not alive,
neither is the hark. Hut between the
Imrk and the wood is a peculiar ccllu- I
i.'ir substance known ns cambium,
which is lhe living part ol tlie tree,
(mm which new tissues Are developed,
This ministry, by the lenves, is what
lengthens ths branches nnd roots suit
adds In the tree's diameter. The upward mounting ol the sap remains one
o.' the unexplored biyslerias of plnnt
life.   If a tree is girdled it usually
-lien because ths descend,ng sap can-
not reach the rout-*, winch -.oein |*-rii||
01 -innalign fn sis link nl the looJ
soul them by lite li eves,
\ In e dues n"I dis "f old nge. It
ii. un il* - Mini lugs w Hi tin* >cnrs
and has nmnv d.s met, li may -tnrve
nr il.o ni iiiir.-i , cuterplllnri may est
ltd ��� n.'o. scale I'U;.- -ink ii- luiceie
beelli - tunnel un I *   Hi ��� bark, scab,
iu ���!.   i ini I,   rot,   Im *lit.   inn,    |ii V
upon il.    lln* mi.,I i) it.-,i nn enemy.
were- relieved from
ful obstruction.
It was on 'lu-
Irish meinli rs rel
lobbies for n d ���*,
named, their su*!
aril carried, bul ll
George's Channel
H 'iiilauce for wil-
ccasion  Hint   the
<l to co into th*
Ion.    They     were
i-ion was moved,
Irishmen refused
The i.'riH and young women of C
.,n*i I'*. Ohio, oould 'i' mu h In r iii
ng the m ral i f ind ird of thi < I *
Billy Sunday di clarcd In hi:*. Tlmn
day night larmon.     He  sandwiohed
IiIh tnllt In them with  largo lltOOfl   of
pal advice,
"Ynei hold yiiiirHi'lf too ehi'iiply,"
Im told thetn, "You'll ro with any
Tmn niel'.iind llnrry Just to have
Hlenily   oompany,       When   you    ulrlH
lake n : land for Christ  and  demand
Hint Lie >��� ���line men you go wllh sliy
ii total yi u'll Clean up the dirty gang
The  Dislomo  nod Ihi  Pe-arl.
In the np "ii ' f ri iiiy ox pert-"
pearls nre lhe product nl decay,
i h' free pearls loui I In ihe oomui 'ii
pcirl bearing innllu��k nre little louibi
surrounding Iho limim of the marine
worms known n- iii-iiui*". In Mis
month nf Anvil l iiitniii iii'iilu.-k- ur ���
Iniiiul Hint linve num-will .-Mini! red'
disli yellow  points  in  Lie sp >(   where'
pearls usually form, Then begins thu
imprisonment of tin* creature,   In the
lirst singes Hi" Mirinci' of the i! .-tome
is sprinkled with liny grains ol cii-
bniinte i>l 'une. Those granulations
grow mul Like lha lurm >f eryiUn,
which   end   by   forming   a   eniciiiei.us
deposit nn.und the aresture's body,
Valuable Information Offtrnl BygBov
trnment to Firmer*.
Tl e  l-'H'li   i I'    ,* II Hu    Vttlll
111<I ' I   ��� i"' i       S ' .
' ' * i 	
.1    If,  C.r   .-i il        I I *   ���   ,r  ���
tni farms, ������ I��������� Has I   ..   I *     nun
in many pons of tha Hi* ilnluti, ��� n
for forage or ror onslla *    r  ,    bi
grown to advantage In almost hi pa i
i f Canada i coupled  by stook   far*,
Hint's. Kali re li hi ���cure ��� i sfacttiry
rc'n.li i have i.flen  lii*."ii due I I winn
cultural methods practiced n* niisuti
niii' varieties gfown, cather Hum i
adverse clltnatlo nnndltlonB,
In   onliT   lo   IH l"llll   Till'   ' te *    '
of stock Rfowi'in Bflaevall    reiioi
I CO blldge an Inch  until il body of po-
j lice  walked Into  the  House.     Even
I then it was n- much ns ihe' constables
could elo lo move thetn on.    As a mutter of fact,  Ihe  l"l c"  ami  lhe  Irish
members  bad   a   r-t-ubir  light  before
Hie former conquered, snd carried the
Irishmen oul nl the Bouse.
The recent seene recnlls tluil of July
la't year, when for the first lime within livinir memory the I'rima Minister
was shouted down, Th i occasion wns
Ihe discussion nf t-he Veto Hill, when
the Opposition refused, as Ihey did Ihs
oilier day. to allow any ipeeohes to
Ii" made, On Hint occasion, too, tbe
word "Traitor" was burled nt the
Prims Minirter, nnd ultimately bus.
iuess |,ad to be stopped umi the Mouse
l-'e.rluniili'ly   for   the   dignity  of   the
liritn-li Parliament, however much
the  passim i of  members nmy  rise,
they never fori! t the respect thin is
dl" to tin' Speaker, and in* only hns
to   riS"   |(,   nt   lllll'e   i|llll'le|l   llie   HOUSB
This  Is by  no  means  thc cnsi', how.
��� ver, iii i Hi r parliaments, nnd in
Se| leniber of Inst year, Mr. Willis,
ilu Speaker nf Ihs Sydney Parliament,
was bombarded   wuh  books i ause
li ��� Imd ordered n. i removal ol a eet
tain mi mlier The execution of lhe
order wns frustrated by the rosls
tniice offered by other members, Bnil
limilly the police lind to hs sent ful
lie (ore the turbulent M.l'.'s calmed
For Vancouver, via Central Park .
���At !i nn and 5:45 a.m., und every I
15  minutes  until  9  p.m.     From  9
p.m. until midnight half hourly ser- '
Sundays���Al 6:00, 7:00. 7:30,
8:00 und 8:80 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter,
. For Vancouver via Burnaby At
B:45i t-.lb anil s nu u.m. with hourly service thereafter until in no
p.m., und late1 cur at 11:80 pin.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7 cm a.u>. mud hourly until 11:00
Sunday���Klrst cur at 8:00 a.m.,
ri'KiiUr week day service thereafter.
(t'oaaeetion with cars te Stevea-
lon and other points on Lulu Inland la innile at Kbume.
Far Chllllwack and Points In
Scuth Fraser Valley���At 9:30 u.m.,
1.2* p.m. und ti It) p.m.
Fer Huntingdon and Way Points
Al 4:05 i>.m.
i en
t. m. Mccormick
Phone e.'��/.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R.  Depot,
New Westminster B. C.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Weslmlne ter.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.     Small   Muiilcal  Goods ot  all   Kinds.  PHONE  6*1
���v 2-yone z-zlci
uist night about
the ilew show
at ttie ROYAL
07 pieoo Dinner Set $9.75
li/ piece Dinner Ket $10 50
104 pleoa Dinner Bet  '..' $14.50
vviiie 11 Hearth Ruga, only  $5 2i
AxinliiHtiT Hearth Kukx, only $2.50
Tapestry Hearth 'Rugs, 87x64 11.83
Comforters, regular price $8.76, now  $2.50
tII Wm 1 8 Ih. Blankets only  $523
. 1- ��� ought t/i see our line or Hardware tyid Blleotrlo inuiH,
lit us Klu>*, you our l.lnoleiiiii anil Floor iHIh.
Our l''un> une 1* ile Ih hI.III nn ami we have some ureal burgiiliin   fur
tlioso v.' 11 001 nrly,
Take a Twelfth Street Car and Get Oft at Store. SATURDAY,   MARCH   1,  1913.
page nvt
We6tmintter Cricket Club to Hold Annual Meeting���Good Rumors Regarding  Grounds.
Two Ice Hockey Games Open Program
Today���Girls Resume Grass
Athletics among members of the
Iloyal City high school wlll have a
busy time today, no less than five
games of various sports being
The opener will be at the Arena at
in o'clock, where the second ice hockey team of the aehool meet St. Louis
college In the first of- a series of
games for the Bchool championship
of  Hi" cily.
Atrfl o'clock Ihe senior team will
clash on the same ice with the Van-
iniivir high txhoul septette. During
Ibe past few weeks the youngsters
have been putting In a lot of training
:.l ilV winter game anil promise to
make a good showing in thi'ir Initial
The- girls' hockey club at the school
will reopen their schedule at Moody
Park nt 10:30 o'clock where Ihey meet
i I* Burnaby girls' tiuu at gr.isB hoc-
k. v.
The day's entertainment will end at
I!,.- Y.M.C.A. when Hie It.C.U.S. "A"
l.isketball team meet the quintette
Irom St. Andrews church. Vancouver.
In ilu afternoon the It. c. ll. soccer
team will meet the Cedar Cottage
e liven on the Moody square grounds
in a Junior Alliance game, Thu standing of the league clubs gives the
locals im excellent chance of winning
Hi'* championship and a victory can
in- expectod this afternoon,  The game
stills nt .1 o'clock.
Y. M. C. A. and Fraser Mills Meet on
Tuesday Night.
There  wlll  be  no  amateur  hockey
game at the arena thiB evening owing
| to the fact that arrangements have
ibeen ipade with Manager Wilson of
jtho Arena company to stage the
I Y.M.C.A.-Frascr Mills contest oifTueB-
jday evening next when the two teams
| will have the opportunity of playing
���on good ice.
This will he the first schedule game
^o be played on fast ice and will en-
l able the fanB to get a peek at the
| simon-pure s when they have nothing
,to contend with in the shape of holts
or rough Ice.
' The Y 's have yet to lose a game anil
1 a win against the Circle  F will just
about place the Kcltae cup on ice
i but according to adviceB from the
i lumber town this feat will be next to
Sigiir of spring aro to be seen
jeverywhire these days and these must
have bten noticed by the executive
of the Westminster cricket club for
'he annual nic.eiing ot Ihe club is
called for next Thursday evening at
the Mecca tea rooms at 8 o'clock.
The season of 1912 waa one of the
beat In New Westminster for many
yearB pad, and, with no dearth of material In the way of players, there up
pearB no reason why the old English
game should not flourish to au even
greater extent than last year.
The question of groundB will natur-
iilly be an important item during the
discussion but from rumors beard
within the walls of the city hall, the
city fathers are planning extensive
improvements to Moody Park which
will allow both lacrosse and cricket
teams to play there at the same time.
We Sell Skates and Skating Shoes
McCulloch and Automobile Tube Skates. Also large assortment of
other makers such as Starr Manufacturing Company and Bokers
Special Boys' Hockey Skates at 75c per pair. McPherson's Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boots, $4.00 per pair. Skates screwed on boots free
of charge.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
��� V -
Calgary, Feb. 2S.��� The Sherman
hockey team won from Taber tonight
hy n score or 11 to 2. At half nine
Tab.'r was leading 2 to 1, but Hie
locals came back strong In the final
period, scoring twice- without, letting
their opponents bag the net,
The' Hnal game bi'twee-ii the-se teams
will be played Monday, the winner of
the series, goals to count, will at once
chall inga for the Allan cup.'
Frankle Russell Matched.
Los Angeles, Feb. 28,���Frankle Hub
sell, Ihe New Orleans lightweight, has
j been matched  to fight twenty round.
at Vernon arena on April 12 wiih the
j winner of the Hud Anderson-Knockout
I Brown contest which is scheduled to
take place on the afternoon of March
Burnaby's Soccer String.
East llurnaby, Feb. 28. -At a meeting of Hie Burnaby soccer club held in
Topping's store last evening the following players were selected to form
the eleven who will play Sapperton on
Baturday afternoon: Corbett, W, Lord.
M.'iithe'WH. C. Oxeiibury, \V. Douglas, .1.
I'wit, Wilson, O'Malley, Coldleutt, J.
II. Hobson. BS. Newsome, E, Reid and
H.  Forrester.
Royals Swamp Vancouver
Eleven Goals To Three
* SO   LONG,   BILL. ���
Hill Turnbull is going to take to the
Well, so long, Hill.
At playing  lacrosse he is there with
the goods,
Hut It's so long, Bill.
The call of the wild  wanders in on
the breeze--
It  carries tlie scene of the towering
The breath of the mountains, the Bait
cf the seas,
And It's so long, Bill.
We hate like the dickens to Bee William  leave,
Hut it's fo long, Bill,
i From granclsire to grandson the boyn
all  will  grieve,
Hut it's so long, Hill.
We  hope  that  onr  William  will   not
linger long.
Hut will list to the call   of   the   old
Fraser's   song
And Hie voice of the multitude, steady
and strong:
"Come  back.  Hill!"
--Hill  Maiden, Canada,
his antagonist when the referee waB
not looking. Smith and Joe Walcott,
the "Black Demon of Barbados" used
to mix tilings quite frequently, and the
way Smith treated that coon was
something scan'louB.
The first Smith-Walcott bout waB
btaged ln the Boston Music Hall 18
years ago today, March 1, 1895 and it
will never be forgotten by those who
witnessed It. There waB a lot of race
feeling in the Bean Cily, and Walcott
feared the crowd more than he did his
opponent. The referee was an old
pugilist named Aaron, and he was
blind as a bat to all Billy's foul stuff.
Once he actually hit Joe's coco,
which showed mighty poor Judgment.
Joe was afraid to protest against
Smith's fouling, because the fanB were
constantly yelling "kill the smoke,"
and every foul put over by Smith was
greeted with applause. Once Billy
brought down the house by brazenly
asking the referee to disqualify the
negro because, explained Smith, "he
is biting me."
The whole affair was a disgrace to
the sport, and, happily, nothing like
that could be pulled off now. Despite
the handicap, Joe had the best of the
affair, and the referee had to give
him a draw,
Not long after the Boston battle,
Smith anil Walcott fought again, this
time In New York, for the world's
welterweight championship. Charlie
White was the tiii.'d man In the ring
and he made the men fight fair.
This bout went 25 rounds and the
decision went to Smith, who had all
the better of the latter part of the
engagement, at one time knocking the
'demon" down for the count of eight.
In 1898 they fought again, going 25
rounds to a draw, ln two following
iiattltB with the "demon" Smith lost
both on fouls.
eighty  people    took    part,    including
Reeve Mars.
ln the course of a happy evening's i
entertainment Mr. Harry Bettz offered to present the club with a building
Site for a club house, conditionally on j
the    membership    attaining    1Q0    by-
July 1.
It at present numbers 50.
The offer gave an additional stimulus to generosity and Messrs. Routley
and Martin, of the Coqultlam hotel,
came forward with a donation of $100
on the same condition.
Not to lag behind the Hlnes Ornamental Works Company followed with
an offer to do all the Interior and exterior decoration on similar terms.
The members consider the fulfilment
of the obligation easy.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale   of   Real   Estate.
Listings of city property and municipalities of Surrey and Langley
acreage. We also wish to have the exclusive handling of a subdivision of five and ten acre blocks.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Saving  Crystal   Palace.
London, March 1.���The Lord Mayor
has announced in connection with the
special  efforts  being   made   to   save
Crystal Palace and grounds for the na- j
tion, that Lord Strathcona has under-
taken to provide the  last J50.000   of
the Bum needed, over a million dol- '
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
eold payable ln all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Frank  Patrlck'i  Stars Were  Never in
Runnin-g���Eddie   Oatman
Eleven   to   three     No,  that   la  not
the lime of day;   It Is only the Bcore
dirly tactics. Hoih of them got handled
none too light, (iriffis being sent
againsi the bOBTdl on one occasion,
while Harris Is nursing a bruise or
two for his "Joe  Hall" Btiiff.     r   .
Last night's victory makes the third
out of the last four games and if the
players will only attend strictly to
ut the hockey game at the Queens business second place for New West
park arena lust evening when Jimmy [minster will he an assured fact. The
Gardner's aggregation of puck chasers [boys have hll a stride Just now which
just ran wild over, above and through   will   defeat   any   team   pitted   against
the  Vancouver     team,    shoving    the  them and still    with    visions   or   lhe
hand and emergency brakes on the eight to one jolt handed them in Vic
bunch   trom   the  Terminal   City   who  torla  a   week  ago  they  are  planning
until lust evening thought they saw to give beater Patrick the time of his
a chance to oop the Paterson trophy. ||f0 when he brings his out ill to   the
The score looks onesided, the game Eraser City next Friday night,
was onesided, but for all ihat the sup-     The following shows the game at a
porters of the orange and black were  glance:
in  their element  watching the    local | 	
boys wallop  the    Terminals    to    the' Line up.
King's taste. Wcttniliutrr
Never before had the Royals Bhowii ] Coal
the   sliced,  scoring  abilities   and   the  Lehman    ;    i'arr
i ndurance stuff as Inst night and the | Point.
way they overcame a one goal lead at  Rochon       T.  Patrick
the siart of the second period notch- Cover
Ing nine goals to their opponents nil  Johnson     llrlffls
First   Round   of  Tlsdall  Trophy���Thc
Locals Lack Two of Their
iu the last forty minutes of play will
In   Jolted down In the history of the
Pacific  Const   Hockey  Association,
ll was the heaviest score made this
season, even wiping out the Jolt handed the Royall In their last  game    ai
Victoria and demonstrated to the fans
Tobln   Taylor
itlgbt wing
Oatman     llarrlt
ll.   McDonulel       Kendall
Left  wing
that  had   llaiiie   Fortune  only   played  tlardmr I  McDonald
kind to the Westminster team al    tlm |    Slbby Nlcolls replaced Jack Mellon
beginning or the season in ths raattei ioid in ths third period
of injuries and delays ovsr ths   rink      Referee,  Skinner  Poulin;  Judge ol
opening   ii   dlfferenl   tuns  night   now 'play, Ooldls  Prodgers;   goal  umpires
be playing as to ihe league leaders!) i   "Biscuits" Peele( Mickey Ion; penalty
Vancouver was in the running tjnl'  timer, Charlie fount;   game   timer
iii ihe flral period   wlytn   big   Ered Lester Patrick.
Harris notched three tallies, onn   ofl Goal Summary,
them  bi  ng  evoeedlngb   lm-ky,  whloh      First period    linn McDonald (Westl
im. ii *, so tette * li-.iti of one when [1:00;    Harris   IVan.)   s; ri r.:    Harris
lhe rung sound il.
After Hint  tin re was nothing to I
bul Westminster,   Ths puck would bs
picked up nenr Lehman's goal, two,
three, sven f *ir players would bs seen
l' i' iii  roll  sp 'ed up Hut Ice nud III
tha same order lbs strings III the net
I   liiml   Allan   I'iiit   would   be   bulgl il
Hi < mul again,
Just iii demonstrate tho scoring
nil,in is of tin' Royals last svenlnj
noil goals were soored in the second
pi rind iiiHiiie of two   minutes   and
Iw'h"  seconds,  while  Eddie  Oiilin.in
notohed n new record In the count
limine by souring rmir tallica nil In n
row, Quito ii teal for nny player,
tun the funnel' Quebec player wus jus'
would take ii body
(Van.) 1:10; Han McDonald (WesL)
1;85|   Harris  (Van.I   12:If.
Second period   Tobln (WesL) S:10i
Tobln   (WSSL) ,8:00;   Han   McDonald
I West I  ��:"U;   Oatman  (Westl   1:80;
Oatman (WssL) :80i Oatman (WesL)
Third       period    Onttniin       (Went.)
4:80; Johnson |W��gU 1:88; Ran Mc
Donald  (West I  !4:01.
First  period    Patrick    (Van.)    Out
iniill   (Weill.)
Beoond    period,   Tobln    (West);
Harris (Vim); Onlinaii (WobI.)
Third period ' Tobln (WesL) 2 mln.;
Orirris  (Van);   Harris  (Van.)
Standing of P. C. H. A
V.    A
i;:i   re
fid   cn
iu bin   olomont,   	
rhnr'.i nnd give   one   In return,   had W.
Prank Patrick and Hi (irirris looking Victoria   J
IT" ii iino i.f bushsrs most of   the Vanoouver    '
time nml was not too hoggish io for Westminster     *
gal   Hi"  (net  that  nlher players were      Next   gnme   Vancouver nl   Victoria,
wini'iii" ivsstmlnstor uplforms whenlTuecday, March 4th.
in in* Hn  Vancouver goal. ' ,,
c.i in,ui played llie star game of lhe Individual  Scorlnq
o i ii'iv   bul H would be a bard mal
ter to I'li'U oul nnv other Individual DunderdalOe Victoria
si- ii s- among the Itovals,   Every man iKsndalli Vancouver
played his pari In the oontoSL Jimmy Hafrls, Vancouver
Oardner, Charlie Tobln and Ran Mc  i. Patrick, Viotorla -���       "
ii ��� ,i,i actlni   thnlr role in the for-iToiiin, Westminster
���hiirei line, tho litter Inoroeslnf h'-'ii. MeDdnald, Wert.
Games Goals
i:   '       rage to ths limn of four.
Johnson and Roohou demonstra'ccl
iii.-' i hiijh ''in is defence work to per
f'Tiioii. while whal ihey mlssi d Nsh
i  in stopped,   Lehman had ths fans
(!UCSSlng nil evening, stopping Ihom
till'.li mul low With Hie exception Of the
li'io iililiiliied hy  Harris.
For Hie viiiiiiuIhIiciI Parr was lhe
onlv shining light, having the brunt
nl Ibe work lo perform.
Thai the defeat nettled ihe Vancou
vers was easily notlosd by ths heavy
chocking hitnilecl out by (iriffis and
llurrln. who nt limes even resorted In
v. Patrick, vin, ...
Ciltfli:,   Y.iucniiver     IS
Oatman, Westminster .. 12
.1   McDonald,   Van  18
Taylor,  Vancouver     IS
Johnson, Westminster .. 12
Bmalll, Viotorla   io
RoWSe   Victoria     IS
Prodgers, Victoria   is
Poulin. Victoria   is
Mullen, Westminster .... io
Gardner, Westminster . - ii
iiooiion, Westminster .. 4
lllrluh, Victoria   8
Henge, Vlctorlu   3
The local rugger season will reopen
Ibis afternoon on the Queen's Park
oval when (he Hoyals meet the Fire
men of Vancouver in the first round
for the Tlsdall trophy. The fact that
thiB Ik a knockout tourney leaves very
.ittle hope lor the Hoyals to emerge
Into the second round, not forgetting
also that few of the players have
touched the ball since the Bnowfull In
laniiury, but the team will go on the
field full of confidence of giving the
Terminals a good game
The departure of Marcon to other
fields und the Illness of Savage leav ���
two strong loopholes to be filled but
Capt. Lloyd wlll place hiB trust in a
fifteen composed of the following:
Smith, Moult. Stucey, Lloyd, ColllnB,
Dart,    Saunders,    Clark,    DuncauBou.
uiggs, Stevenson, Lost, Ford, Turney,
Deckii', Graeme, Rogers and Andrew
The kick-off Is scheduled for 8
Rothaus Had Vancouver Boy Going In
Last Round at Seattle Fight
Last Evening.
Seat lie, Feb, 'in. Clarence Hothaus
and Ernie Barrleau, of Vancouver, 11
i'., fought four rounds to a draw here
tonight before the members of   the
Washington  Athletic club.
I tot ti   lighters    were    schi'duleel    te,
weigh In at 188 pounds, but the Canadian failed to trim down to lhe mark
hy eight pounds, thus having a big ad
vantage over the Seal Ile boy.
Barrleau had It all IiIb own wny In
tbe Hut round, lull Heliums came
hark In lhe second after sizing up the
Vancouver boy's defence.
The third spasm was featured as a
iluggliiR match both llghlerB going nl
it hard and fast, Barrleau was Iii
noor shapa In the fourth, only his elu-
ilvi'iiess saving him from the K. O.
Ths gong went with Itolhuun very
iniii'h on the aggressive,
* *
��� my "Gravy,") ���
��� ���
Anniversary of First Go Between
"Black Oemon" and "Billy the Bite"
�� ���
�� ANNALS. ���
> ���
Ki94���Frank Craig, "the Harlem Coffee Cooler," defeated Fred Prit-
chard for middleweight championship of England at London.
1S95 ���Mysterious Hilly Smith and Joe
Walcott, fought a 15 round draw
at Boston.
1910���Johnny Coulon outpointed Joe
Coster in 10 rounds at Brooklyn.
Patsy Drannigan and Charley
Goldman fought 15 rounds to a
draw at Dayton, O
Young Saylor outpointed Jack
Redmond In 10 rounds at Indianapolis.
1912���battling Nelson and Sammy
Trott fought 15 round draw at
* *
> ���
A new social club has been estab
lished In Port Coquitlam and promises
to be one of the most successful of its
kind. It has been dubbed the Arabs,
and Its inception has been murkfd by
every encouragement that public
spirited citizens curt give it.
At a smoking concert held In the
Commercial hotel on Wednesday night
Program  for Today
A Romance of thc Pails
Two Women and Two
Hypnotism in Hickville.
Pathe Weekly News.
"Mysterious  Hilly" Smith, the find
Queensberry weltsrwslght champion,
bud   ti  repertoire    of    trlelm     ivver
squalled by any boxtv before or since.
He might well have been culled "Hilly
the lllle," bePSUSe Olio of IiIh playful
niitlcn was lo take tx "chaw" out of
The   Mini   Who  1 ro' e
Bronohos with Luther
Harmony  Singing,  Eccentric
Dancing, Planologiie.
Matinee  10c, i>0c
Night 10c, 25c
Clothing Parlors
Advance Styles in FIT-RITE
Suits and Overcoats
AS USUAL, Fit-Rite is the first to show the new
styles in Clothing. The whole store is gay
with Spring styles and Spring colors, the most complete and effective display of fine, hand tailored garments you have ever seen.
Spring has been mighty good to the men this
year, the new season has brought with it an array
of styles and effects for men's wear that are quite
the handsomest we have ever seen. BROWN is going to be a favorite again, and we can show dozens
of strikingly unique patterns in this popular shade.
(.RAYS and BLUES will be much worn, antl we have the richest effects that
the leading mills of England could produce.   Price $20.00 to $87.50.
SPRING SHIRTS���Made from a fine quality of cambric, light ground, with
neat stripe of blue, helio or black. Cut in coat style, and cuffs attached.
Price $l..r)0 and $2.00.
SPRING SHIRTS���Made from fine quality printed and cambric, white
grounds with neat stripe or figure; cut in coat styles, with soft double cuff;
lounge collar to match.   Price $1.50, $2.00 and $2.25.
SPRING SHIRTS���In fine quality English Taffits, in plain and neat stripes,
in grey, blue and black.   Price $4.00.
These are "looking around days." Come and look around at the Fit-Rite
Clothing Parlors. j��A ^   _,
Richardson & Humphries
709 Columbia Street
Westminster Trust Block
*m**a*fm*m\ ��� -WaMHMM^MMMMinMPMH I MMMi - MM Hflfl '   ���"'
8ATURDAY,  MARCH   1J  1913.
f"\TES. ���
Claetlfled���One cent per word per
d.i,, 4c per word per week; lac per
u.i.nth; 5,000 words, to be used as required wltlin one year trom date of
contract, $25.00.
HirtB or Marriage Notices 50c.
Iftath Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.80. Card of ThankB 50c per
in I'll.
Apply  Mrs.  Yates,  4  Third  avenue
and Earl's road, South Vancouver.
hours work in spare time mailing
c.rculars for large mail order house.
Representatives wanted everywhere.
Outfit free. The Consumers' Association, Windsor, Ont. t'32)
house work for small family. Oood
home to right parly. Apply Mrs. A.
E. Easton, 20S Ninth street.     (737)
work on farm; $50 per month; free
house. Must be good teamster.
Apply 3. T. Brown, Colebrook, B.C.,
it phone Ladner R 491. 1750)
ern cottage In East llurnaby. Can
pay $150 spot cash. Balance $25 per
month. Will buy at once. Apply
1'. O. Hox S49. 1738)
gage; private party preferred; wlll
1 ay 8 per cent. Federal Investments, Ltd., 303-6 WeBtmlUBter
Trust block. <71��>
rebate book No. 9133. Finder rewarded by leaving at C I'. 11. station, it tii)
white body, black bead, four months
old.   Notify Mrs. G, Wolfenden, 10!
Fifth avenue.    Plume 24S. (740)
ished    room,    220    Seventh    street.
ed liouse, furnished; $50 per month.
Corner Fifth avenue and Twelfth
street. Gray & Gilchrist, 675 Columbia street. (735)
Chief   Struggle   Centres    Round    Increased   Protection,   With   Labor
Government's    Support,
day or week, 654 Columbia street,
over Royal Hank of Canada.      1725)
ed  rooms,  furnaco heated, use    of
telephone,  on car line,    Apply  433
Twelfth street.   Terms moderate.
Ing rooms, $15 per month, at 224
Seventh street. (690)
keeplng rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, comer Eighth street and
Agnes street. (603)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manutac
taring purposes. Will lease for tw>.
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
"seller and buyer together.
Three Roomed Suite with bat, hot
or cold water, heated, $25 per month.
Phone 750. 1218 Fifth Avenue.
Bradley Apartments,
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750
J. S. B. Benrie, 63S Clarkson street,
Live Stock and General Auctioneer
House Furniture, Real Estate, Marino.
Fruit or Farm Sales conducted any
where. Consult me; my experience ut
your disposal. 1677)
Melbourne, Feb. 28.���With the approach of May political campaigns are
Commencing throughout Australia
with vigor and a determined effort Is
being made hy 1-nbor party again to
occupy tlie federal benches, while an
equally determined attempt will be put
forward by the Liberals to oust their
opponents from the coveted seats in
Australia's federal cabinet.
Free trade and protection, it now appears, are to be the principal policies on which the opposing parties
will appeal to the country for support during the general elections. The
Melbourne Age is at present running
a series of articles demonstrating that
Australia Ib losing millions of poundB
annually in wages owing to the defects in the present tariff.
The paper is making an urgent appeal to the Liberal party to reject all
free trade proposals and to help Australian Industry by encouraging a
strong tariff.
On account of the fact that the recently elected Liberal leader, Joseph
Cook, is a noted free trader. Labor
ranks are jubilant, believing that their
party will be returned by an overwhelming majority.
The present labor government,
while promising to increase the present protection, also has determined on
a vigorous defence policy. The government promises that the compulsory military service will he continued
and that the building of the Australian
navy wlll not be neglected.
The prime minister, Andrew Fisher,
! intends to make an effort to discuss
I the adequate defence of the Pacific
with the Hon. George E. Foster when
lhe arrives, since Australia has not
I yet given up hope that Canada will
fall in line with New Zealand and the
Commonwealth in this respect.
Although an interesting campaign Ib
promised with the odds In favor of the
return of the government.
Man Of Forty Not Too
Old--Is Perfect Lover
GERMAN LADIES FOR    Sank of Montreal
Can Be Solved by Training
At last the man who is past forty is j In that "dangerous age" it is to the  Solution of Question of Urban Poverty
getting justice at the hands of   the I considerate,  steadfast man   of forty,
opposite sex.      Fair ones of   various j even fifty.
ages who have left him lying on the j As buc.1i a heroine of a tabloid emo-
shelf for bo long are taking him down.! tional drama recently produced ut a
brushing him off, comparing him with | New Yorktheatre, With the significant
exuberant .arrogant youth of his own j title or "Raiijbow Bridges," she says to
sex and declaring him to be, after all, the man of 45 in Justification *l
the only "perfect lover."
This  belated   discovery   stands   toj
the credit of Mrs. York Miller, a popular English novelist. She admits,
however, that the truth might have
been overlooked if the man of forty,
Engineering  Department.
Tenders for  Sidewalk  Lumber.
or thereabouts, had not "found   hi 11-1 Every wrinkle, every grey hair is an
Berlin, Feb. 28.- -All last year Ger-
herself and of every other woman in man newspapers and publicists dissimilar plight: ; cussed busily and as a rule,-unfruit
"Of, you men! HOW oan we expect fully, the problem of National Scr-
you to conceive the grief, the terror , vjco for women. But this was aH u
with which we approach lhe conliues j nl*|e implied state compulsory service;
of youth and    beauty still    unloved?  ,uld ti,e service which women were lo
self," by cheering up and airing   his
long-neglected   powers  of  fascination.
"It doesn't  matter,"  remarks   Mrs.
other dagger planted In our heart!
Oh, the mounting terror with whieh
wo realize tbe waning of our   powers
Miller, "if his hair is tinged with gray  to attract the love we have missed!
and his habits are fixed.    He is still
more   charming   than   the    youth   of
twenty or the self-satisfied   man   of
thirty.    He has few conceits,   is very
thoughtful and considerate, and, most
Important of all,  knows   his   proper
value ln the world."
His   Good   Points.
The chief advantages ot the middle-
aged man are catalogued by thiB writer as follows;
(1) He is Invariably a good talker.
He has usually had a varied experience of life, and he knows what to
say and what will interest his companion.
(2) The  young  lover   Is    usually
wrapped  up ln himself.    He gives   a
woman the impression that he Is con
ferring a favor on her by his
Not so the bachelor  of forty.      He
A clammy hand, with colder, yet
fiercer grip, BeeniB to clutch our
hearts as we count the years that remain It is the grim Reaper pronouncing our sentence of doom a thousand times more cruel than death.
Five years���four year���three years.
The bell of our doom tolls every loud-
jer,   more   relentlessly.     Two   years
one year!    Then we are frantic, and
we seek to crosB the shore of love by
the rainbow of bridges we have build-
Views  of  Women.
All  this  trouble  because  she  pick
cd  a   thoughtless  youth   of  twenty-
five to marry. Instead of the   settled
and considerate man of 45.
In   her   enthusiasm   over   her   dis-
Prcs- | covery of the valuable and  long-neglected  qualities    of the    middle-aged
Iman,  Mrs.   Miller interviewed  women
has grown out of that.    Hc  always jot different ages on the subject, with
makes a woman  fcei that she is con-  t^ese results:
ferring a pleasure by seeing him   at      ..[ ,i0 not 8ay that the  middle-aged
all : man is the most successful lover. But,
(3)    The lover ot forty does   all he  ir wollu,n oniy realized it, they would
can   to   please   you.     lie  never   neg-  ofte|l (lo WPu t0 accopt him in prefer-
lects any social politeness, us do many
young men.
14) Above all things, he is companionable. II' is very senium moody
or low spirited.   BesideB, being a lover,
ence to a younger man.
"I know Beveral men on the
side of thirty-five  who are the  most
Charming    companions   and    friends
There  is  a gentle  melancholy   about
he la Eomebody upon whom a woman   (he middle-aged lover that no woman
can depend. \am r.B|Bt.
Ihj2 NJorket
Tenders are invited and will he re
roll sale   FURNITURE   of   six neive,] t,v the undersigned up to 121   There was a good general liusinesH
roomed house; one block from post   |)()(m ���-, Saturday, March Mb, 1918.      transacted at ithe regular Wei kly mag
office;    purchaser   can    also    rent j    (.opv IM  specifications and  form  oflket yesterday.    The supplies were as
house.    Apply llox 763 News office,   tender may  be bad on application  t   iKOOd as the average und buyers were
 (763) Ithe engineer's Office, , as numerous as on tne previous Fri-
"  '       I  ~\   Tenders will not be considered un-lday,
FOR SALE    CREDIT  CHECK    FOR h,.SH ,na,|i. oul  on  the forms supplied      I'ricis   were  steady   in -most   lines.
1100 on MonteliUfl l'iauo, cheap. Box  ���,���, mugt -.���. MC0mpanled hy 11 mark -In the vegetable market there was a
748 News office, ('"-Had cheque for Two Hundred apd Fifty falling of of a few points and the
The most significant advantage possessed by the lover of forty or over
lies in the impossibility of "finding
him out" after marriage, because he
is so obviously himself during the
period of courtship. When women
marry young, inexperienced men, how-
ver, there ir always the danger of
their finding out afterward, when Ihe
sharp edge of love has worn off, that
their husbands are not good companions and that they really have
little In common.
The  Dangerous  Age.
In  such eases the  wife  becomes   a
perform varied from full military service to mere systematic training In
housekeeping and bringing up of chil
A good deal of levity naturalfy was
displayed; but on the whole, tho Idea
survived, as Is proved hy tbe fact thai
at present more than one organization
is trying to establish something like
voluntary national service. Thc idea
for widely different reasons, has ap
pealed  to Germans.
Stiff   Discipline.
Militarists like the suggestion of
st ff discipline; peace enthusiasts Im
agine that an army of women busy
in useful work would be a standing
reproach to militarists; and anti-fern
Inlsts claim that if women are com
pulsorily grounded in domesticity they
will forswear the vote and other male
vanities. Ingenious calculations have
been made to prove that barracks
full of young girls could be maintain
ed on the revenuo_.ylelded by sewing,
knitting  and cookery.
Dr. Felix Halm, an ingenious Stutt
gart statistician, proves that the whole
question of urban poverty can thus be
solved, thut If only the state Insisted
on 233.000 girls working hard for a
year there would be everywhere
enough bread, clothing and blankets;
and a still more ingenious statiticlan
shady I proves that, the state could make a
surelus of jis.noo.noo out of the female consi*rlpts'  work.
The objections raised in some quar
ters to women's national service are
alao worth mentioning. One was lha'
before laklng women in hand the stat"
CAPITAL (Paid Up) ....$15,000,000.00
RESERVE    $13,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago ami .Spokane
U.S.A., ami Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available wllh correspondents in all parts ot tho world.
Ravings Bank Department Deposits
received 111 sums of |] and upwurA
and intereat allowed at 3 per cont. per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1188,000,000.00.
G.   D.  BRYMNER,   Manager.
Highest authority (25 years experience) on the treatment of the
BORlp for the prevention of Dandruff
and stimulation of the hair by VIDRO
MASSAOH. My assistants are experienced in every branch of the barber business.    85 EIGHTH   STREET.
B.C.Coast Service
I.fifcw Vancouver for Vlctorlu 10 a. in.,
2 p. m. and 11 :45.
LttYM Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. in.
and 11 p. m.
leaves Vancouver (or Nanalmo 3 p   m.
leaves Vancouver for Prince Ku|m-j t
and   Northern   Points   10  p.   in.    WeatM"
|  ililVH
i      L*av*n Vancouver   every  Wrdni'sduy at
10 p. in
Chilliwack Service
l..nvet    WcHl l!lill.t!>T    8    It.    ill.    Mutt'liiy,
Wr.lnenday aiul  l''rliti.y.
Leaves ciiiuiwack 7 u. m, Tuesday.
Thtlrn-iitr mul Saturday.
ED.   OOttl.KT.   Xgent,   New   Wegtmlntttr.
H.  W    BRODIB, II.  P.  A..  Vancouver.
"A girl of 20 gave a novel opinion
'I like middle-aged men because they I must finish wllh men. The admitted
make me ft el 1 am somebody. They ' defect from the training point of view
always say nice things. They notice lot men's compulsory service is that
how you are dressed, and compliment i u takes its subjects far too late; and
you.   a young man has no eyes tor almost entirely neglects* thetn between
ribbons or laces. ' the   school  leaving   age   of  fourteen,
"They    have   amusing    views    on land the army service ot twenty, that
tilings, and a soothing   effeet   upon | ig at the most critical age because par*-
vietiiu of the phenomena described by you feel happy,'
one. Sometimes they nuote sweet
little pieces of pot try and make you
feel it is all ahout you.
"'Young men have no qualities like
that. They seem to have very little
in them.    They do not always   make
modern cottage, close In, only |1800,
wiih $41111 en ih, balance 828 per
month. Room 418 Westminster
block, Thomas liuileilgo Brokerage
Company, 1742)
Dollars ($260.00).
Iprice of fggs shows a further weak-
WM. GRIFFITHS,        enlng.
Comptaolier.     The fluctuation In the price of eggi*
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.C., Wil8 ���**������* "'���li"l>' '" Increased supplies
February 27th, 1912;
monthly turnover. Gray & Qllchrlst
��7;i Columbia streeL <7-iG)
Snce the weather began to improve
the egg supply has also Improved and
I If tin- present climatic conditions hold
rnni'iii'ATK.N   in    Tin*   nlATOIPT   f"r B"""' "ni" " is v''ry lik''1*' "'" ;'
 ���' of burnaby DI8TRICT further depreciation In the price maj
COnsptCUOUS ot)  the  fish  Stalls  wen
Karin Mliohaells In ber book ot worldwide celebrity entitled, "The Danger
ous Age." Reaching the age of W. or
realizing that ihe has missed In her
life all that women hold most dear,
she is liable to frantic moments of determination I" grasp a few years of
happim BS al any cort.
Hut in whom does ihe turn for lhe
companionship she craves? To an
oilier unformed youth of twenty-five?
Never!    When shB ImldH out her hand
"Probably much of the charm of
bachelor Of 40 depends upon his bringing up. If he has had no sister to
look after him he is probably nice and
"A good many young women nowadays prefer to tiik lo the middle-aged
bachelor in preference to one of their
own age. These things are to be
noticed In so-clety everywhere. The
middle-aged, even the elderly man, Is
im longer on the shelf."
A Peep At One Of England's
Famous Flying Schools
stove.   Oaoada'a   I'ridn   Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down   $1 Mi por week
Canada  Range Co.,   Market square.
1720)   ^ '"",  '�� , (1T  Pre?lou'  '"  "'"  small sloek of heels anil earriits wen
sitting of ths'Court, offered at 75 cenu per sack.   Onions.
i.   II   MM* PENS. Assessor ,., .,,  ���..,..,        ���.���,������-.,,.,    ������.
,'   NEWS    Ct,ASSIl''ll'.l)    AD    WILL
'sell that lot  for you.    Try It.
Phone R524 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chlinnry   sweeping, L
Eavntroiigh  Cleaning,
Sni-vcr Connecting,
OesSPOOls.   Si-tltlc   T��nm    Etc.
;u111k   i'.ii/i.k,  Ne
Ti "     ie  HO I'   ().  ll'K   VI
February, 1913, i7iil i
 ' | Fruit.
HH""���"��� I i Apples, per him    7r>o to $1.:!',
Vegetables, Wholesale.
1leel.il, per saek *\.no
OarrotS, per sack   Tf
Turnips, per sunk f .tiOi
Potatoes,   per  siiek       \ ,75v
Potatoes, i i'i 'mi  $13 to tl ���
Onions, per saek       $1.^",
Vocetiibles, Retail.
Beets, per bunch 5<
Onions, per lb    Be.
Qarrots, per bunoh  rn
Cabbage, per Ib,      4c,
Tui'iiipii, eaoh  Br.
Eggs and  Dutter
l.ni 4. of Block 19, ol pari of See Kggs, wholesale, p i doien 30c to :"���"
tlvn 8,   Block 3 North,   Range   7 biggs, retail, per do*   , ..-.25c tn 40c
Wost, Dlstriet of New Westminster Butter, retail, por Ib            IOi lo la
. " iiiiieiiie of Indefeasible llfle to rfuttor, whols Ma, pel Ib 'in
Cunik Biosk, New Westminster, B.C   l>bov8 prop��ty will be issued lo Fraud                    rich, Retail
N  Triii-a. on the 1211) day nr April p\n\- spiim*. Salmon, per Ih .
1913, unless in Uie meantime a valid Whlti Hprlnii Bulmon, per IU 16c
Phene 1277.
413 Westminster Trust Biflldlng.
[Hitlmatas given on application,
London, Tub: 22 -No business In the
liisiuiy im Bin-gland has ever mnde so
iniieh tieineiidiius headway in shori
��� i I une an that of aviation. For the
purpose  of  teaehluR man   the  art
listen  to the directions for ensuring
safely tbat are poured Into their ears
Aristocratic birth uud unlversit)
education do not seem to stand for
much qualifications for beootnlng
binia there are aerodromes scattered'firat rate aviator,  Quite as clover and
up and down the oountry, the most Intrepid flying men spring from the
Important or which Is at Hendon, humblest classes us from the finest
iboul   sis   miles   from   the   heart  of   faintly  or  soldiers  that  ever doniieil
objocllon thereto i��  made to mo   In Flounder*, (iiii1 lb                          lu
writing b> ii person or persons claim utnrguon, per lb                           Iiii
5,1,    t) (.,'u.h buys two full sizod lots, I ing un estate or Interest therein, or (falibut, per lb                             IOi
i.i '    >ti 132, two iioinie,  une tour  in any pan thereol Stuellmnd  pel Ib                           i"
rooms, one eight rooms; semi-mod-                              N QWYNN, Hmoltj, per Hi                              IOi
ern    Jinn i iitiiih    This is one                 District Registrar of Titles Retail Msnti
of lhe biggest sniipH In thu e.lly.          I.mul   Registry  on ee, ||(l|.r  |)|Ml| |l()|' -,,...���,.,   '    '     |r,��� ,,, |n,
Now Westminster, ii'\ February ���**, fj ���������, .'... .u.* i,. ;���!���*
$2800  l,uy��  six  roomed  home    In        2S"'*  ""'' I lleef. renml uieuli 20c
w* ' lend    i.oi 50x160: all oleared,    ���,, . n���in ���.. m���
Oi      srteroash,   Terms,   N���, 76. ���   '"' i'",1'"1,'" '"' '"���r*"1,11   having   i���    oil ���,���,  r uu
their custody or possession the follow veal .                               lBc to lit
i lug Title Deeds ri luting lo lhe said pnrk
SI.' '-o   buy��   small,   all   piaatered property are roquested I" deliver lli
ii"  iii   largk -Cleared   lot in   East same to ths undersigned ,,,,        ,   ,,
Dei naby, on Eleven!!, avenue.    |H()       (a)     llee.1    dated    lhe L'Slli  dav of I                    WhOlOialS Mutt,
nnii    $L'D per month,   lteiiiinu ��i�� November, min, from Frank n Trltea "*l> >**"**      ���fl '" 10r
per month,   No. :u. to Thomas Banned of the Wove   de   v"'11' l"n''1"  ,,,'1 "' H'^r
scribed  properly. I,'"f. ���"''""���   rter B��/fc0   I"  100
I40OO   buy.  good   eight   roomed     lb)   Dead dated lhe   I2.i,   day   nf ��������';'"I,''!ji""r,,,r ������        "" '" '-.������
h  near Blxih street   ear   linn No��imh*MM4. from Thomas Bennett gP"n��M����b  iil'li'liu!
nml Fourth avenue, oxoollant con- io Arnold iienneii   of the  above   ds   "'"'"n  ',:; "  '',.
dltlon    Tarma to suit,   No. 73.     Ilorlbed property ",rK  ���������������  '"r  ������> l1''
(ol   i i  dated  the  lath  dav or
Ootobor, 1900, from Arnold Bennotl I
Multiili .
I * ���  lu  l:i'-'
 I2e to 2(le
Here nn extraordinary number of
pupils are attracted by the sitccos ������
achieved'by the Oraham.Wh.lle ivla
Hon company, Within any period
from four ilnya to nit months I hey be-
comfl  fiillfledgeil  aviators,  imd,  nrter
examination, reoolvo the Royal Aero's
Club   brevet.
The fee fur the course of Instruction
Is $:!7,"i, exeept In lhe ease of an officer In lhe liritish army, ijnyd he Is
' '"ill '  'li" sorrels of Hie nl;  for |:inn.
This In priii'ilenl patriotism, for when
im has passed the Royal Aero club's
i KAmlhal ou lie gi in the whole of this
returned   lo  In in   hv  n  (ntleful
in**'i h *'. ,'��� i fiiie
Not   Much   Encour.iiirmrnt.
ii musl now, however, bu Inferred
from i'��� Umi tho Wngllsh mllllary
ii'iilu rlMes nre given in a, lib lj gcnei
on i eii'ii'ii 0 over aviation, For ox-
ample, onl) lasl mm tlin war ofl c
proml ii ii i" give financial supi ��� ��� I i
i.i Ival droim ..   v hi re   in lltory
ai '*'���; Iiii ould   bn   housod   d iring
-,., ___ .... Qclobor, 1900, from Arnold Bennotl In !'"""��� ��mo11' ��'"" l1"'""        ,s '" ""
f 10,309 *"* SttOOO reape-Ttlvely f],,,,,,,,.    VV     Hliay   of   th*   above de Huiih. large, per dozen |]0 lo 119
��� ''uy  two  nf  lhe  oholCOSt   mod* H,.r||���.(|   nroperlv I'hlelieim,  per do/en     ,..,       J.|  In (11
rf  i oiiie'i on Third avenue,   Finn N oWYNN Broilers, per dot 1^ to it
loMMod genorous termi,    No. 61 (T84)        Dlslrlot Uoirlitrar of Titles. ^"���1; ,l��VBr lb' i,     /""
and No. 73.   Chlokons, live, per Ib,     . 10c to 2:ie
the r i r. . ������< ni ti i r ���-��� jiuiri'i j s,
ll ll  I1 i- | irilie ul support  III nnw Btal    Ihey  work   III  the ee*  in
ml in i"' ii dollar per day for such
time ui Hie government machine may
neellpy    die    sin 'I        IllllHlllllell    HH    tllO
������'���nt 11 iu ordinary neroplnne shed
Ih (.'ini ii year, mid Hie utmost thai
tha governmonl would pay, even ir oo
oupylng II for llilli days In Hi" year
would he $:|(in, thorn la not nneour
agemenl hero a private enterprlio,
Military men from liul'n nnd other
pnrla of the llrlllsh empire are taking
OUl llulr homS leave In ever Inrreim
Iiir niiiniiers   In maliltiK themselves
proficient   aviators  al   lleiuluii.     I'er"
I  found llie oilier dav cheek hv Jowl
with Oormane, Austrian*, Belgians and a very Intorestlni
Aiiieiieii.n,   one ot the Amerli'Mii pu |explained on the
a uniform, And women pick up the
art iiiiite as quickly as men.
Mrs.  Btocke, the most famous ol
women   aviators  on   this  Hide,   was
trained   at   Hendon,   and   ho   wuh  Hu
Baroness Bchenk, a Belgian, ami both
these Indie* p'e'rt.eil up lhe technical
lies   with   the  rapidity   and   HiireiioHS
of the best masculine pupils that ever
climbed  into a biplane
Mostly  Doys  Under 20.
Many  of lhe |ui|iIIh lire bOVS  U' il ������
20    healthy, wholesome looking Brll
ish  lails who halo Hie Idea nl' a Had*
or profession and luiin in work In thi
open air They are nol In lhe husl
neHH for amusement Tbey reckon on
wIiiiiIhij: races mul buying lhe mi
i iiiiieH ami giving i" iiiii Hi n ri i M
ii* on travelling in distant eountrli
ami opening Bj in ��� sohoi 11 ol tholi
Boon, no Ihey pel eye, nn ellv of inn
sine will Im comnlem v lilioul it* in r i
limine und 11 h flying Iniilr lelir em;,.
Later, perhaps everybody will own s
flying machine but presoni pn apect*
ure quite nmy enougli to go oi with, ia
shed, or tear
aloft along the aerodrome, nnd feel
how Hplendld H Ih Iii be In u new and
young bunini'HH with all lis freedom
mul  hopes of HiieeeiH, and  wllh a I'u
lure thai slrotobeo oul to them long
bsokonlng IiiuuIh aflame wiih iho col
or of gold,
There  are   at HnieH   "quitters."  er
oourse, but thoy quit through lailnsss
no fear, throiiRh slaokness, and   nol
because tliey don'i believe flying la le
ho one of the lni',i"'il nnd inoili pro
lllahli, cureerit of the future.
Thn art of teaching hat  now  bOSP
reilneed lo a system al   Hendon   anil
lyStOrn   II   III   when
ipol   hy an  exner1
enUil control is then relaxing.
Tho Conservative Deutsche Tamos-
r.eituiiK combats the proposal on a
more serious ground, In any kind ot
mass women's training it sees the
menu of a unlveraal female demoralisation. "The woman, when in asso
elation with ntlier women loses all her
good qualities. Women In the mass
are  frightful."
Teach   Law  and   Medicine.
A third objection is that If national
service were enforced on women, the
state could not slop at tlie programm<
ot teaching sewing, cooking and care
of   children;   that   It   would   have   to
leach law und medicine to the Intel
lei luaily superior conscripts; and thai
in the end the number of women emu
potent in sewing, cookery and rearing
children would be even smaller thai
it Is today.
As there ls no Immediate prospec
of the Hiaie tnkiim action, modest at-
empta al   voluntary  sen lee for  WO
men are being made by  private or
ganlzatlons.   The Union fbr'Women's
, Economic Bchools la starting  three
I women's  serving   plaees   where   girls
I wlll be taught agrloullure, gardening,
nursing and other occupation*.
one u ai BaarbrUeoken, a second al
I'irna In Saxony, and the third In Be
vm-iii. If these three Institutions
which are to be barracks with land
!,attached, succeed, then "women's Her
vIcc.plnccH" will be starled all over
QermatlV,     The   funds  are  to   be  ob
I talned through publlo subscription.
'     A patriotic society profi("i'".i to starl
'sotnewhal slmlloVlnstltutlons In Poe
en. Here lhe Klrls are to bo trained
in "German patriotic and colonising
work"   Thev are lo engago them
selves  to serve  a  year.
Imperial   Limited  leaves nt   7:T,r> p.m.
IToronto Bxpreea leaves at 7:66 a.m.
Ht.   I'aul   F.xpress  leaves  at..     2  p.m.
Instead of sending  money   fnr your
friend's passage trom the old Country you will lind it to your advantage
to  purchase  tickets from
N'ew  Westminster
Or H..W.  Hrodle, OP.A ,  Vancouver
D. McAulay
Tel   724.
Cor. mob nml Columbia.
who understands all Its teohnlo&IRIe
and yet  has mil  f unollen ll:i faiielmi
Fire, Accident, Piste Glass, Auto-
���nobile,  Burglsry, employer's
Liability Insurance.
Ifl the Work.
.**_* ************
Vi* Your Phene.
11 Ducks, pur doxen        U] to 11B
/miMMju  i'..i.  m a ornnn Duoks, flvo, per lb Mo to lie
ORDERS FOR EASTER Turkeys, live, par Ib  ARO to SBo
Turkeys, droned, per lb,    3Ja in tne
SUITS for IiiidioH and men
rocolvi bent attention NOW.
tlon und romanoo,
London.   Fob.   2n.  The  alteration
land     partial    rccniiiiiiucHnii    of   the
steamship Olmplo, or the White mar
.Line,  In   priiclleiilly  eoinpleled.      The
���H'l       iiihiiiw      VM.1111HW1 ^_^ _r->. w* I VI'HK"'  '""l ' "  ,"W|'1'  OUl    Of   llelfasl
WJ   CLEAN CLEAN      | HIli      I AILA-IIv '"'"'""'i *'i'ii 'i'el'fi��e'i"hef,,i1!*',''.','.7'''
LAOiKt' WORK oun specialty. I Ioeadi to ���outhampton,
*:a Clarkson Streot. Phone 430.  4�� Uorna ���treat. New Westminster, I   Tho altcrullun* m** Mlt UiMOiOOOi
i>iin. ii old bird" he in called, l|
over sl.lv year* of ai:e    to s'iy nntli
I ti k of olassoi and types of young Bug (
lliiluneii   who  lime    (IlgOOVIftd    thai |
there Is monoy In flying a�� well   n
fn,,,,..                                                                                           WORK    IN    HU80IA
A   Feareome  Ouslnees. 	
My own inpri'HHiiiii of flying lui'i nl     St   Petcriliurg,  Feb, m,   Automn
ways been thnt ii in * fenrinnm Iiuhi   hlle handHi hav* made their appoar
neHH  In   which,  If one only  slicks  b lane* In  the Russian  cupllnl.
It  Ioiik  enough,  otin  Ih  bound  lo  1)01    Till    iiitiirlouii   doiperadooi   were
brought home in pieces,  Tho Impress  arrested today charged with murdor
Ion wm, strongihensd by finding rlghl log throe oyollsti Oh the outskirts of
lawny in tho office* at lha   iii'iiiuiiin' nn* cltv, then esoaplna   in a motor
.While flvliiK ihadl, n Rl'isii ciihii nf ear. They nave flnht when police
omergonoy drilgl nnd bandanna and men, who had chased Ihem Iii nn
Instruments, ud a box labeled "Ambtit-1other   automoblta,  irimi   to   iirresi
Ihem,  ami  n  inniiliii'.   Hi'lii   well!    on
anoo dniinllnn*."    Vel   I   w*H, hy  on
authority,  lold  i-mpliallTilly   t tl it t   Ih
pupils nf lllnht nre seldom    nervoui
Indeed they nrn often ton Is/.y to nt mt v
Tor five iiiIIch, In which Iho policemen
were hitIoiihIv wounded.
Over   mu,   hundred    murder*    and
Treat Glrle cn Same Piano ,,-. Boyu���
Playing the Cimc.
London, Feb, H8, Average English
parents are rapidly learning to ao
knowledge their own inferiority when
compared wiih tbelr children     The
Complete i ulilei'Hoii  of the  mother  Is
i ui'iii in d i > a iiouidi i im i published,
i nlitleil    "Diiii'Ih!  !   | fer     Moth  rs "
Tlio ii (lowing nre some exlracle from
"iiii'i'i in ni yi ur girls as if ih")
win. Inferior to the boys,
"Hi ii'i waii hand and fool nu *>< ur
hoy, Tim son of a doiiim mothi t li u
generally a very poor opinion of worn
i ii.  i nil  his   will's  Hie  will   iml    ho  n
happy une. Foolish mothers main
unhappy inarrlagos."
"Dnn'l try lo 'break' yuur child';
will. If yen Insist too much upon
blind iiIh ilu in e, and coullmie to UXOOl
II. Iiiiik alter il r.huiild hive been re
laxed, lhe child ban lln  nppni tiinlly uf
acquiring self-control ur Initiative."
."Don'l 'let' your olllld i*ln ul gamoi
bOOaUSO he cries when he loSOB, Teach
li I (������ from lhe very liei'.liinlnr, lo 'play
Ihu Kiiiiie,' and you wlll nave him
much   iiiilinpplueiiii   when   Ills   school
days begin.
Only Three More Days cf Low Price*
on Suits to Order.
Get your order in early,
Transfer Co.
Offlc* Phone  1BV      Barn  Phont  13?
Btgbie Strett.
H��*i:��kii liollicid Promptly to
any ptrt of ihe city
light and Heavy Hauling
"��� ���������-������������*
Sole atront for
Hire's Root  Peer
''inera! VValeis,    A thlt d Witcis
Moiiifiii.tini*  by
villi du not reeiilin Tht Newt baton
t ii in Should
ind moll* OOUiplUlnl Only Iii HiIh wn.
may nu nfflcliint diillvaiy Im iniile
tin, ueohanlia of their angln**, umicmm or Incendiarism am laid nt thn
frequently too proud ur OUtlNl 10 door of ihe��ij bandit*,
.   i..i i     '���������� ���  i     I,,,    i
phone n 1031,
Employment Agency
Prompt iitiontinn givun tn orderfii
WT Pront St., New Wettmintter, B.C.
NEW  WE��TMIN8"tEH,  B. C.    '
f*laphont n   111   Offlrt:   I'll  at.
Billiard* and  Pool
DlggOII   mul  best   line    of    Pipes,
HlKiiru     mid      Hmolilni;      roqullltag.
Whnleiiiile nnd retell.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
00* Columhlt   Bt.
Sccand Hand Store
J. 0. 5MI1II.
iluv nml mil new nml    ne, i    hand
.ni.ili, nf 1,11  lillnln.     1'OOlS CMpiU'llllly,
10 Mi'ln ii-, Htrii-t. flume ion*
��� Mi   lln * 3-1 Dally n.-wii Dlrig.
nf all kind*.
I'rleim right,   Hiillnfiiclliin Kiiiirimleeil.
50 McKenzle Bt.
King's Hotel Pool Room
1'.'"it Pool Table* In the ellv Kim,
line of Olgari and Tobiicen. llpoillni;
event* bulletined.
A. Q. BCATON, Proprietor. 'SATURDAY,   MARCH   1,  1913.
Qsm Ste-teia*
Freckle*) * '       *���'
With  tlushliiR cheeks and  (tlenmlng
eyes  she   led   In   three  cheer*  Slid  n
i User.    Kreckles dipped buck Into the
mvnnip and held hiinseir tlRbt for fear
he mlfiht burst wide open  wllh pride
; and with his love for her.
The  nngel  subsided  on   the canvas
j and  explained  to   McLean   about   the
maple.    The boss was mightily pleas
I ed.    He look  Freckles nud set OUI t��
relocate and examine the tree.    The
niiRei was Interested to the making ��f
the   camp   and   preferred   to   remain
wllh the men.    Willi  her sharp eyes i
she was watching every detail of eon- !
[struction,   but  when   it  came  to  the
stretching of the dining hall canvas
Next day Freckles *aw them com
Inn. Tbe sngel wn* standing, waving
tier but. lie sprung on his wheel snd j
raced. Jolting and pounding, down the
corduroy to meet them The Bird
Minium stopped the burse, and thn an
j:ei gave blm the lilt ot print paper.
Freckles leaned tbe wheel sgainst n
tree und took tha proof with eager
tingers. fie li��d never before *een *
study from any of bla chicken*, lie
Hiimil Hturlug. When be lifted bis
;faee to llieui It whs transfigured with
lou sec!" he exclaimed, end fell lo
Bating again.   "Oh. me little chicken!'  '
lie cried.   "Oh, me llegnnt little cubk
't-n!    I'd be giving all me money In tbe
bonk for you!"
'Then be thought of the nngel> mtifT
end   Mrs    Duoenn's  hat   and  added- t
"Or nt least nil but wbnt I'm needing
lind   for  something   else.     Would  yuu
inlud my stopping nt the cabin n ram   '
ute nnd showing ibis to Mother Dun  '
con?" be Hiked
Freckles   Weill   harrying   "ii   ih"n."l  '
nnd ibev drove up lu time tu *c�� Mr*
Duncan gnftlng ns if o west ruck and to
henr her bewildered"Weel, I be draw
eil on!"
Freckles nnd tlie nngel helped tl,,
Illnl Woman to establish herself inr n
long ft:u nl tlie month of Sleepy
Knnke ' melt Then she sum ilu'in
uivhv nud wailed wluit link would
bring to her
' I.links n* If some one hnd been cut-
tlnu ii llng|iole," snld ibe angel, run
plug the toe of her shoe around a
smnll stump, evidently cat thai sen
v..iii "Freckle, whit! would nnybody
cut a tree ns small nn Hint fur?"
"I don't know." snld Freckles
"Well, but I Want to know!" snld
the nngel "Nobody clime away In
Iutc nnd cut It J|]"t for fun They've
token it away Let's gn back nnd see
If wa can see It anywhere nround
She retraced her steps nnd begun
searching eagerly Freckles did ths
an mc
"There I' l��." he exclaimed nt Insi,
"leaning Ju��l ���� naturally against the
trunk uf tbnt big mu, l* "
"Yen, nnd leaning ihere hns killed a
pslrll of luirk," snld lhe ungel "See
bow dried up It looks "
Freekles Klnred nt  her
"Angel." be ���.hniiled. "I bet you It'a
* market! tree'"
"Course It Is'" cried tlie nngel "ll
Is one of .Inok'n marked trees
The first New Westminster Troop
Baden-Powell Ltoy Scouts will meet at
tile drill hall on Wednesday, March G,
the Juniors at 7 and the seniors at 8
Scouts must bring their monthly
subHcribtion of 20 cents thla week.
l)re..3 drill order.
(Signed)      It. P, DAY, Scoutmaster.
"iVrilTBOIlT  I.Ml FN'
Mie proceeded to take command.   Tlie
n.en were driving tbe rope puis wben
Hie   ungel   ruse   on   tbe   Wagon   nun
leaning forward, spoke tu Duncan
who wn* directing lUe won.
"I -believe 11 yuu would swing thai
nrutiiid ii few feet liiriber yuu would
iii .1 ii better, Mr. Dunenn." Bhe snld
"That wu, will let the hut sun In ul
noon, und the sides wlll cul nil lhe
beMi  breeze.'
"That's n fact," snld Dunenn study
Ing  the condition,
So by shifting the pins a little the,
obtained comfort. f.,r which they
blessed the angel every day.
When freckles Joined In the work
nhout th* rump be coogbl glimpses ot
her enthroned on n soapbm cleaning
beans. She culled to hlin Hint ihey
were Imbed to stay fnr dinner nud
Hint tbey bud accepted lhe invitation
she ��:is having ihe time of uer lift
when Mi'l.eiin came link Jubilant
from his Hip tn lhe tree llnw Jubl
Innt he only told ihe nngel, fur be hnd
in-.Mi obliged to In** fnliti In some
trusted men of line nud hnd learned
i'.Im I ������Hon   by   M Iml   li.-   nulfcrcd      11/
Succe**    of    Troop    Depends    Very
Largely on Man at Itt Head.
"An Old Scout," writing under the
heading "Hints for Scoutmasters" ln
the Headquarter* Oazette, says tn
Everything depends on the Scoutmaster. How often do we henr this
said, and how true it Ib! A troop begins to flag, to diminish in size, and
perhaps, eventually, drops rut of ���������
istence. You enquire the reason. "The
Scoutmaster lett and ine new buui
wasn't a BUCCeBS." "The Seoul matter
��� "ik, and bo the boys began to
in nine eases out of ten it is the
fault of the Scoutmaster, rather than
of the Scouts. If he is keen and capable the troop will flourish, but if he is
not, nothing will go right until he Ib
removed. This must be at once my
reason and my i souse for daring te
write under the title 1 have chosen.
What I have to say -the outcome of
fonr yearB' experience of SooutmaE-
lersgiind BCOUlIng- may seem to rome
���ni re trui: ins. I hope it may be bo.
l'n ollu rs, I may seem to be merely
Impertinent Hut there may be a few
who are sadly conscious of their own
defioinecies and glad to learn from
ne tnistaki b ni others.
Ce    Punctual.
Nothing is more irritating to toys,
who am really kein, than to kept waiting nl i i.i :.:. B !������ gard for their pune-
u lity. Either Hey will get to like
be ai in! is loafing which is just win!
we want to avoid, or else they will
take care to come late In the future.
In either case an unpunctuul Scoutmaster can never hope to have a binart
troop. If he cannot help being late
for once in a way, he should mention
the reason to the boyn to show that
he recognizes hiB lateness and would
have avoided it if he could.
With regard to keeping one's word,
a Scoutmaster who says he will turn
up at a certain time and does not, is
simply courting disaster. The boys
'-'������on cease to trust him, and please
themselves whether they turn out or
loot, ii you have once said you will
1 be there, and there is no time to put
the boys off, there you should be at
ull costs.
Yes I know it Is very annoying if you
put off an important meeting or lose
[two hours' work (and pay) in order to
keep your word, only to find that the
j boys have gone to the "pictures" instead of keeping   their   engagement
[with you.    You are naturally annoy-
'. cd, and It ls right that the boys should
i be aware of it, but don't in your anger
say "Never again."
I Rather give the boy* an opportunity
! aB t'Oon as possible, of showing their
[penitence. They will turn up In force
next time, and your self-sacrifice will
not have becn wasted. No self-sacrifice ever ls, and no good work la ever
done without lt.
London   Weart   Ita  Old  Clothea���Fog
and Mud Cauae���Tailors Register Kick.
Such   la   Latest   London   Fad���Filling
Out Neck   Hollows.
London,  Feb. 28.���Beauty  by  injec
lion  is  the  latest  craze.    The   mode
1 for the beautiful is responsible for a
boom In beauty culture.
Tlie present decollete mode* are
making women flock (hi, the beauty
specialists in order to have hollows
nl the base of the neck, sometimes
known as "salt-cellars," filled up
Evening bodices which are mere wisp
of material and very decolette are now
worn in the daytime. Ily Hi" Iniection
of a new and Becret composition all
hollows can be perfectly filled.
The operation is so simile that i
woman suffers no Inconvenience. She.
e>i*i mull rgo ii in the morning and ye.
go out the same evening without bea.
I ing any sign of the operation or fatigue, The composition used actually
develops Into tissues of It doo-s
not remain  as artific' gn mat
ter under the skin.
Tlie charge Is from $260 to $300.
London, Feb. 28.���Any tourist In
London just uow would not be long
in coming to the conclusion that it is
the worst dreBBed city in the world.
Everywhere you go���In the city, in
the chief West End thoroughfares, at
I the most fashionable restaurants, at
the matinee performances in the theatres -nearly all the men are to be
seen wearing old clothes.
To teBt the truth or otherwise of the
accusation a correspondent took a
censim of the men passing along Piccadilly, and of the^flrst UiO who pass-
�����"���*���*��� at s given time only one wore a
silk bat and 85 wore very "baggy"
Of course the weather ls mostly to
blame. The fog and the mud Beem to
Invest the average Londoner with a
"Don't-care-what-I-wear" sort of feeling. This type of man will not put on
his morning suit or his smartest
lounge suit to have It straight away
spoiled by the greasy, petrollzed mud
that has made London Btreets a horror to the well-dressed person. He
prefers to look shabby.
W. D. F. Vincent, editor of the Tailor and Cutter, says: "The absence of
the sun always means a dull time for
the tailor. Man seeniB to think that in
the semi-twilight of the winter days
any old garment is good enough to
wear. Then, again, the really well-
dressed men are abroad���at the Riviera and enjoying the winter sports
in Switzerland."
The tailors who specialize in repairing, pressing and cleaning work
are doing a great business, however.
Do You Want To Build?
We specialize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, 624; Res., 755
Remember the Railroad
Track Is Path of Death
In the first place,
the railroad trucks.''
orally something we
long  enough  to  repi
"don't  walk  on
Advice  la gen-
reinember  only
at   to  someone
The clear,  ringing who of strongly   planned to begin clearing out a rond
swung uies '*iiine crashing tbruugh tba
""In the gang." shouted Freckles.
���"They're cleiirliiE n place lo lnnkr tht
���ramp    Let's gn belp!"
"UU ou'  youi  hatchet." oomiiinniled
the sngel. "I predict thla la tbo most
valuable tree In the swsmp. Vou
found It. I'm going to play that you'ra
my knight. Now, you Dull uiy colors
on It."
Kbt untied s blue bow In her hnlr
and doubled It against the tree. Tbe
angel bud called lilm her knight!  Hut
to tbe tree tbat same aflernoon nnd
to aet two guards every night, for It
promised to be a rare treasure.
"I inn coining to sea it felled," cried
(be ungel
"Tell ine. nngel." the boss mild Jestingly; "1 think I bnvii n right lo know.
Wbo really did locate thai tree."
"Freckle*." sh* answered promptly
aud ainpliutlcully.
Tbo buss smiled significantly at
Freckles, who had Just couio up. for
tbey bud planned tbat tbey would In
struct the coinpnuy to reserve enough
of tbe veneer from tbnt vrry tree to
else A few rules laid down by o.v
pert railroad men regarding walking
On railroad tracks should never be
forgotten by anyone who has occasion
to make a footpatli of lhe steam lo
comoiive's right of way.
The railroad truck has been called
"th" path oi oeatb," and not wlthoui
reason, since Hgiires show that full]
two-thirds of the deaths from railroad
trains result from people walking on
the  tracks.
People start out bravely along it
railroad truck, Comfortable In Ihe bo
.ii Hint there Is no danger because
they can always hear a railroad train
"Surely," they say, "such a in men
dons engine and Its rumbling train
i I' cars will furnish sufficient warn
Ing to enable nie to st< p out of the
way of (lunger long before the gie.i
locomotive Itself reaches me."
You  Cannot  Hear.
And ll does seem ua If this was
true, but It Is not trim. For man?
years experts have been making an
Investigation Into Ibis, and the figures
tie loved  Uerl    8h* muat not see his .._.. ^ bc#|1|,fu| dr���MlU|, uWe
face or surely  ber quick eyes,  wuu d y fl   ^_, fof ,���,         ,.��� ������-.,
rend wkut be wss lighting lo bide.  Ile JT '^ A*K0.���m
���did nut dere ln�� bla lips en thst ribbon ..WL...   w)|,           bax, for  .mn*��
than, but that ulgbt be wonld return fc- UfLm J, Frr,k]m
to It.   Wbeu they bad gone a little ills ,.(f l(l| ||( ^ fKmt |(( you_ ,.��� |)#
tunic ibey both looked back, nnd tlw |n         *&-**-,��� In music Icasons-lwg
���mulling  breese set the bit ��f blue .             pnrdon-YOlrt'lUltori." aald
wnMug them n fBrewell. s'recklee wllb u grliuuee.
She roecbed blm ber hand, ssrt. like ...^         .           UcUan the besd of
two children, tbey broke Into s run nn (|^  (|)1)|i]     (,(|r   _|K|k   ���)e  fl)0,    wl(b
they enmii nearer Ibu gsng    Tbey left (.j.^,,,, uu ,1|>r ,.(,,,,,. nnd t|���. mmber
Hie swsmp by Ihe wwi rond und fol WBshe4   brushed  snd atriilght
lowed ihe trull  until  tbey  found th',,...���,  .���,������  ,(,���   Ml   unfsmllinr  wltb,
��� >    TO ��'" "��K''I K sullied COtnpllll ,,���,,������,.���,.,,��� ���,,,, ,Ucb other.  tllleU Hie
cbnos ���,,,,���
In the Sh��dlfs| mint on Hie we��t Hide       ,. _._. H���vnrw| *nyn i���.fnre they com  j
���of  the   llni!.  elu* hi swiiuip and .,,,,,,.u ��� j.,,,,,) ,��� ti���. ������ble. big tn d
-*T) i lone to Freekles  room, Hiey were 'mm ^    |o f|1,|  ���      \ytiru Hie saw
lulling duwn bushes nud clearing OUt mfn nvU |n  proitlMI begun watching
1.1une r����r a lent i����r thi n's sleeping ��_.__,_. |hi, WHli w****. n n��i ine irall
quarters, another fur n dining bill nnd  ,MI|,I)(| frum i.iuif yhjclien'i irei-   il
ii l I slim I. fnr lhe COOl    Thi leniii    ^*     M ((l M)|. ���.w ���h(,|U| of ,,,�� g~n.
alers were iiulondllig. llie llorsea were    _._.j U|((M| ()l|W|1 .,���, ,,-j),., ^^^   ���;���,.,.
fully folded. It now lay over Ills b 1
Hi' sin iiriiiniNiiig himself a good dun!
nf e,unfurl  wllh Ibnl rlblmli when  In-
Should gu to the city  licit   uioulli   i"
begin hll "Indies sml dr n Ibe sum
mer   over   llglltl       II   WOUld   Help   I"
iiuilie things Innrlble     Wlien  he  vmi-
SUV. gniig hnd been cnrefully ��lft- drOHM'd "�� "Iber men mul shout bled, nud McLean now tell mat work lie knew where lie uicinil lu
there was mil n niiin lu It tbat luinie Hint preclom. bit uf blue It
wns mu trustworthy should he bi�� good Itis-h token, snd he
I bey bud nil licnrd of lhe nngel's would wear It iiIwiijh Io keep brlgUI
plucky ride for Frecklea' relict, and
levernl of ibem hnd been in the nioui
party. When she wns raicontfd on
tbe tvngoii I < tn tl of looting iBl "ill uu ��
roll or cnuvns like u ipieeu un ber
throne,   There wns not n mnn uf lhe
gang Ilia)   would mil  bnve luiiglit  foi
A�� they rneeil inwnrd ibe wngim -
"I.el me lell nlinill Ibe live, |ileil��e."
Sbl bPggPd Fteelilea
cropping leaven frum tbe bUlbUi nnd
en eh niiin win. doing bla purl Inward
the SOUS)ruction uf thu new Limber
Inst quarters
mRPgi.gs oryggi uti wt
llll-: gnug had been carefully ��lft-
In i nuiy lhe iln.v on Which tlie "iigel
hnd eulli'ii III mi bei knight
How Ile would study, nnd, oh, bow
be would slug: If he could fulfill Me
l.ciin'" eipei'lallimH, nnd mnltc the
ungel proud Of hll"!    " III l'��"111 "nl>
be n real knlghtf
He could mil unilerxlinid why the
nngel lind lulled to cotno. She hnd
iviinli'il to see tbelr tree Wild Kbe
would be too  Nile If she did  nol  nr
"Why. S ." mild Freckles, I rim   MM     TUl   men   were   seudlug
Ile   wiinl.l   prnl.iibly   luive   Mid   III!   ringing blOWl Into ttlO filling able of
show   that  most   of ull   these  d
are due  to the fact that   people ao
ually do not hear the trains approach
ing,   nor   do   they   take  one  half   tbl
precautions   they   take   iii   walking
aliing  a  country   highway,   while   lln
danger  In tenfold   greater.
Nu better example of lhe dangers o'
wulkliiR on railroad tracks could In
given than In these few figures o'
fatalities of Ono year. In Ihat inn
year 6.-C18 people lost their Uvea on
railroads. And of this number .ll!!!"
were killed by walking on the tracks
A few of these ileal lis of persons not
employees nor passengers, were i
tramps walking on the tracks, and
iihiiil a sixth of the whole number
were killed  ul   grnde  croaalnga.
Walking on  the railroad  trucks li
nn American habit, and this is lolely
I aiise Americans are allowed Hi di
so, or, In other words, the railroad
Officials are not ns slrlct iih Ihey nr
In other coiinirles. It la true thu
many railroads put up signs savin
thai people walking on railroad truck
are liable io proseoutlon for traapaii
hnt ibe trouble IS Ihat riillro'iil uH
Qiall do nol back up these bnllccs ll
having Ihelr employees keep wale
mul ami! every persnn found walk
Ing along llielr iriieks. If Ibis bad 0
been dune Ins! year nl least Hire
hundred lives would bnve be"" savei*
��� ii lhe Hacks were mil employees of
till road,
Never Do It.
in England and Qirmony and sorno
other   coimlrliH    no   one    Ihlnks   of
walking on the railroad trucks. They
would no more do Hint thun Ihey
would wnlk Into u man'l prlvnle gar
den or bathe In his fountains, Any
une eiiught walking on Ihe trunks In
thou coiinirles Is promptly arrested I
nud fined heavily for the offence.
Do nol  believe Ihal u train cun   nl-
wayi I'" heard,   it oannol,    For iiiIh'
"��� imiiii poopll nre killed.   People Ihlnlt
Ihey  oan hear  thi  noise   of  a   train
when II  In far away.    A lot of these
I phenomena, although to a less degree of traveling in straight lineB.
Thus a fast train approacniiig a sharp
curve on the concave side of wblcb
there Is high ground and on the con
vex Bide a broad plain will give a person on the curve almost no warning
of its approach until it swings into
view a short distance aw-ay.
Walking on a road With two oi
more tracks is particularly danger-
oue. A large portion of accidents ti.
trespassers uccur on double-track
roads where a man in getting out o
the way of one train steps onto the
' other truck iu front of another train,
1 which he has not heen or heard.
\ If   You   Must.
lt seems w*orth  while, therefore, ti
set down the following   rules,   which
should be observed by everyone   who
wiilka  on   the   railway   track,   as   follows:     (1)     Keep  constant   watch  01
Hie track,  both  In  front and  behind;
(2)    Watch und listen wllb particular
| cure win n approaching a curve;    (8)
��� When walking on a double-track road.
I keep  on   the  left hand   track   and  do
i not  full  tn  keep  watch   also  In   tin
rear,   elnco   reverse   movement!   an
lometimoi made on this track; (4) it
! is better to walk beside the track than
jto wnlk the ties;    (6)    When tempted
| to wulk on the track, remember that
you are placing  yourself   In   greaWI
I danger thau cxIbIb In  the most   hazardous class of  railway employment
and choose some other path!
Above all, remember It Is much
better to take a little more time and
wulk around by the road, rather U
walk on the track and have youi
friends say (us they attend the inr
vlcea), "I wonder what he was think
Ing about that occupied hla mind ti
such an extent he couldn't hear tin
tralnl"���NlW  York American.
SS, "Prince Rupert"
3,500 tons, 7,000 Horse-power.
Sailing Every Monday (12 midnight)
For Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points eaet of
Prince Rupert.
Connecting with 8. S. "PRINCE JOHN" on certain dates for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massett and other Queen Charlotte Island points.
S.S. "PRINCB: Al-BERT" for Prince Rupert'and way ports, 3rd, 13th
and 23rd of each month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe. Your
choice of rajl and ocean lints,   ^-su*.- i        ���__���;>__
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A. W. E. DOPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville 8treet
mux   i ji-_i.,Jj-
llie lice when  the Ihnh mile up.
iiik Oral word wai to Inqulra for
|||V mu el When I'l'i'i'lilca snlil III!
hnd nol jel come Mc Lciin itnve orders
to stop work OH the tree until sbu
iiI'I'IvihI     Aa the men Hlepped buck u
miiit morning brmi naught tho top
,,���,, ,���. p-^OuTbl UfflolJlOlt   that lowered  High nbove Us flllOWI.
will, every  tree In It "lived.    MlM  Wll  un   ...nluutis  grinding   nt
*  If ihe bud piupuii'il IU cul olT bl"
',i*ikI When Mcl.cilli rude Up lie found
her sitting Oil Ibu WlgOII, lluslieil mul
I "[everybody iliiial" cried ihi nngii
���I imve something to ��"v    VtitM*
h��n  been   guarding  here over I   >enr
tn  you,
was n
have  been  struck by  locomo-
.'���lieil    !,i'     "IM""I      lll'l'"-"       '
have taken thilr oath   thin
ii a iriiin within half a ralli or
ind to   good measure he hn. Just this hi   blllft   ��""JJV [*���.. W**%
morning lOOMWl the rarcsl onn of sll- trunk, nnd directly in line < f   tl fill
Si OM nround in from Iho M�� �������   "'" *���*���*��� w,"'�� """,'  ",""J"? �����&
iim.   Weaaiier spoke of thnt flrst dny. lug   UN of  lUo angel  look.nl in  on
BfarlSl the one you look ont nt flrst. "'������'"
AU toftlhltJ   BTerybpdfl Jlurrsb for
(To He I'onllnii'.'d.)
Tim nol' ��� made by <i fnHt railway
train i�� ohlsfly dlrooted away from
ihe train ai thi Hide.    Comparatively
a siiinll purl Ion Of thi nolso Is pro
lecled along Ibe Iraek In front of the
iruln,     Any  Other  unusual   nolso   nl
ihe same Umi may divert a pinon'i
attention from the noln modi by an
approaching train
Another reniiin whv tfaini tuny
Oome upon n Di  Bon  walking on the
itn>rk baton hi. riallni  tnilr  up-
Iprolich   Is il t|iiii.flly  that Hound   pus
'iii'hbcb in common wllh other ft.*.
Saye GIN PILLS Are Good for
Pain In The Back
HUN your grocer
tcilii vou lie uses a
certain ten in his
own Home, you
ful prftty sure it's
j'.-u".! 1fi��.
Aud when a |irn-
ll mm l ilrnvgist
taku i'.IN l'U.l.S
ior l>ia own Uuck-
uib��, you ran foil
quits aure there is
nothing elaequlle so good.
Tl'ieiilV��g, May Ifttl, 1911,
"Tn lhe autumn of ijtl, 1 sufltrrd
with a roiitlettal P**t\ is the back. Aa
s druggist, 1 tried vnrloiia remedies
wl'lioiil any iij.|>urfiit remilts. Having
Miidt'.lN l'tl.US lor 11 number of yrnrs,
I ihoiight Ohmc must I* uixkI in lliein,
otherwise the SaM would not Incrciise
M fast.    1 BIVI tbem �� fair tilal und
the results i ftod to bi jooa'.
c.KO. I',. ROOUU8.
CIN  riLliS   have Will enrnnl  the
oonAdinei wUlcii drumUts, si well ns
the public, have in llii'in. FOt vcarij
they have l*en relieving till Oil M
UliciiinnHsm, l.uinlaigo ami Kidney
TrouUll gencnilly, and OllSlglng
lortutcd CrtMlM Into strong. **V&*
nwin snd wimien.
Why aliouW you Koonan(Tcringwh��n
there il a remedy .0 easily ohlalncd and
ao rrllalaef <UN VU.lM coat hut M0.
nlMia.ftlotla.V". Money hack I Oiry
do htd help V"" Snmnli. (r�� If W
write N,.lion..l Drug anil Chemical Lo,
olCsusds, l.lilllU'vl.TotontQ, 160
Starting Ahead And
Keeping Ahead
Fit-Reform was tlie first in Canada to give
men hv*h class, hand tailored garments, complete
in every detail.
Eft-Reform was the first It) give men a complete system of sizes,
by which men of unusual size or figure arc assured perfect fitting
..' Fit-Reform was the first to make value the first consideration.
Fit-Reform started ahead and has kept ahead all these years.
Fit-Reform styles, Fit-Reform tailoring, Fit-Reform qualityt
have set a standard that stands unchallenged today. 733
^ FIT-
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
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il vou lisvv lilona   If you cm think���WI wlll show you tbl IIOTltl of tills fasclnatlnR new profession.
I'osli uiy no ixparlanoi or titcmry uoollinoi naoniary,   No tlowary'laniuasa" is wanted. ��
Thi demand Tor iilmthplnya la praotloally uulltnlti'rt, The big tllm miiiiufaclutdra ure Hmovlna hsavon
and 1 irttl" In lliolv attemptl 10 not anOUgh I00d plots to supply th�� ever Inonillng dciunnd. Th��>y sre of
n n 111' Mm. .mil more, for tlngti Mvnarloi, or wriitim Idm,
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phoMplayi to thoin.   Wi want morn WTltiri and wo'li Kindly tvaciit. you thi iwreti or laoonf.
Wl tb aelllug photoplaya wrlten by people who "never before wrote s line for p'ubllcstlori.
'."���iii..v.K so onn do tha uni tor you If you oan think ot only ons good Idea uvcry wnlh and %m
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'irn'l lii'sllntn. Don't argun, Write now and learn Just what this now pruteshluu may menu for you
nnd your future.
IS43 Broadway
8ATURDAY,  MARCH  1, 1913.
Rfm'nberjhe Place
33 Eighth St.     PKone 2
Yesterday permits were granted to
G. banning for additions and repairs
to a house on Eleventh street at a
cost of $2500, and to It. Smith for repairs to hia dwelling on Mclnnes
street $250.
In   The Courts
fork and Beans. Clark's 2 lb.
cans, extra special quality;
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Public Supply Stores
L, L.
ADAMS        S. K. BU1GGS
More About Wills
The trust company came
into existence to render
the community certain
services which the corporation was far better
fitted than was the individual to perform.
The primary functions of trust companies were to act as executors, trustee, administrator and guardian.
These still continue to
be among its important
functions because of its
peculiar fitness to discharge them.
When appointing a
private executor, a testator usually chooses a
friend of nearly his own
age; yet his trust may
continue so long as his
children and grandchildren live. On the
(loath of the trustee,
which may occur soon
after that of the testator, the trust must pass
to others unknown to
the testator. Thus he
leaves his property to
the eventual management of he knows not
Tlie  trust company
has a continuous life.
It takes no holidays, has
no illness. It is the perfected modern device
for executing the will of
Before making a will,
or altering one already
made, read our booklet
on the subject.
It is free for the asking.
Dominion Trust Co.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
Judge  Howay  held a county  court
i sitting in Chllllwack yesterday.
Mr. .lack I.ynch, Coqultlam, was in'
the city yesterday on business.
The regular monthly meeting of the
executive of the 1-oeal Council of Women will bo held on Monday afternoon
at H o'clock in St.  Stephen's church.
Expert skate sharpening snd riveting. Osoar Swanson, 13 Begble street.
Bishop Right Rev. A. U. De Pencler,
D.D., will conduct a confirmation ser-
vico at St. Mary's church, Sapperton,
on Sunday evening at 7 o'clock.
Sewing Machines cleaned snd rat
paired. See C. N. Edmondson & Co.,
corner Sixth avenue and Twelfth,
street. 0*3)
The first foal born thiB year on the
Asylum Colony Farm is a beautiful
Shire filly from the dam "Forage
Hearlgrine," sired by "Hector of Off-
Second hand sewing machine In
first class order for sale for $15. Mra.
Trenholm,  suite  6   Mandeville  block.
A memorial service to the late Mrs.
Samuel Holt will be held In the Sal
vation Army hall on Sunday evening
at 7:30 o'clock. Staff Captain White
will be in charge.
A. Hardssu. the cake man. Oet
-aad twee*. Eighth Street Uaker>
Telephone 181. (604)
The ladies who promised to collec'
for the Y. W. C. A. fund are asked ti
meet this afternoon in the Queens
Avenue Methodist church at 3 o'clock
Subscription books will be distributed
We sell, rent and exchange sewing
machines. All our machines warrant
ed. C. N. EdmondBon & Co., comer
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. 1752)
The new lightship will be moored a;
the Sandheads at the mouth of the
Fraser river within a fortnight, Is the
Information vouchsafed by Mr. C. C.
Worsfold, Dominion resident engineer,
A chance for the worklngman.
Three roomed house near Edmonds.
$75 cash and $15 per month. Apply
Patterson &  Fisher, Edmonds.    (7:14)
Messrs. Itamey & llodily, contrac
tors, New Westminster, are the sue
cessfiil tenderers for the erection oi
twenty houses at Millside to be oecu
pied by employees or the Western
Canadian Lumber Company.
"Sunset" Sowing Machines warranted fnr ten yoars. Cash or terms. See
them at C. N. Edmondson & Co., cor
ner Sixth avenue and Twelfth stroet
In the recent Issue or the British
Columbia Gazette notice is given that
the British Columbia Telephone Coin-
iinuy Is applying to the minister of
pffbllo works at Victoria tor permls-
[slon to lay a submarine cable across
I lhe EriiBer rlVer at Mission, B.C,
I W. Hay, ���teotrlclan, agent for Hot
Peint Irens; fixtures and wiring ol
411 kinds. Phone 126(1. 28 Sixth
street,  oppestte  Postofflce. OI5-I
A somewhat bulky letter addressed
to Mr. Merger Densen, lleniies, Kirtnei
ii.'uisi'i.   Westeraalen,   Norway,   was
found on Third avenue yesterday.
Owner can have sumo by applying at
Kennedy llros.' office over Merchants
The   Ladles  of  the   Maccabees and
ihelr friends will have a social evening
on March 4 at 8 p.m. at tho Inline ol
Mrs. w. A Duncan, ��ui Queoni
avenue, Mrs, Oeorge Adams will give
a lecture on her travels abroad nnd
Mrs. tiodfrey will sing a solo.
A branch ot tho Union Hank of Oun
sila was opmiiul for business on
rWinrriio, Jaauary 4, in tho premise.,
reciHilly vanaUid by W. K. Sinclair
���111   Columbia stroet (SOD)
CLEMENTS- The funeral of the
late James Clements was held under
the auspices of the Loyal Order of
Moose from Murchie & Son's undertaking parlors to the Church or England cemetery  yesterday arternoon.
Tlie    following    statistics    tor    the
month of February, show the state of
orlme and offences against the law In j
the community as evidenced by Chief [
of Police Bradshaw'a report.    Nlnely-
nlne cases were dealt with.
Drunk, 41; drunk and disorderly. 3:
disorderly, 1; keeping a gaming house,
7; frequenting a gaming liouse, 8;
vagrancy, 8; inmates ot opium joint.
7;' breaches of Indian act. 6; common
assault, 3; breach of Lord's Day act.
3; assault occasioning bodily harm, 2;
tHeft by conversion, 2; breach of
pound law, 1; Indecent assault. 1;
non-support ot family, 1; obstructing
peace officer, 1; In possession of
stolen goods, 1; carrying concealed
weapons, 1; using abusive language, 1
Total. 99.   ArreBts for other cities, 2.
Lineman Fined.
John Ashley, a lineman, employed
in the city, was fined $20 and costs
in the police court yesterday for assaulting William Haldson, constable
at the B. C. B, H. depot on Columbia
The assault was committed with a
pair  of  tongs.     The   original   charge I
was assault with intent to do grievous
bodily  harm,  but it was reduced  to
common  assault.     Ashley  was  under
the influence of liquor at the time.
Abused   an   Officer.
Abusing an executive officer in the
execution of his duty cannot be done
with  the  Impunity  some  people  imagine.
It coBt T. Fuller, a horee dealer,
Blackie street $25 and costs for assailing Robert Wintrip, poundkeeper, with
volumes of abuse and vile epithets.
Mr. Wintrip followed Fuller Into the
Cosmopolitan hotel to collect a dog
tax when he was subjected to Fuller'B
Miss Taylor is at the
head of our Dressmaking Department. See
her about your Easter
Our White Sale of
New Silks and Dress
floods came this week
Ladies' Undermusliits, Ladies' Waists
Council Makes Preparations for Adding to Available Graves.
Mr. H. Nevlle Smith is surveying the
new cemetery property acquired by
the city at the junction of Richmond
and Cumberland streets.
The number of plots added to the
burial accommodation by the new acquisition Is 600, bringing up the total
provision to 7080.
Aldermen Kellington and White are
the sunervising committee connected
with the work. Two sections of the
block of land will be immediately laid
out in plots and a scale of charges
and regulations are being prepared
for  the consideration  of the  council.
New    Westminster   Total   for   Short
Month $2,170,915��� Eighteenth
City in Canada.
Toronto, Feb. 28.���The Dominion
bank clearings for the month of February of this and last year are as
City 1913 1912
Montreal   ....$210,727,399 $189,650,913
Toronto      162,889,405    147,595,6241
Winnipeg ....  105,495,133
Vancouver ...    50,641,407
Calgary        18,680,004
Edmonton   ...    15,952,283
��� Ottawa        14.021.384
��� ���
Columbian college haB becn quar-,
antined for at least another two I
weeks on account of a fresh outbreak I
of scarlet fever.
The  unaffected   students   have   ac-
cepted   their   isolation   wiih   the   best |
Sra'ct  they could assume and are arranging as much diversion as the circumstances will allow.
Last night the ladies gave a recep
tlon Lo llie masculine element in the
college in which promenades and contests figured largely.
A comedietta was staged hy the
ladies, .Miss Kathleen portraying Ihe
Queen and Miss Ruth Wilcox the
Courtier:, and ladles In waiting Kit-
loro were in attendance and the performance was greatly appreciated by
the guests, expressed ill applause
and votes of thanks at the termination
and a very happy evening was spent.
Victoria     13,950,100
Hamilton  .... 12,815,056
Quebec    12.486,972
Saskatoon   ... 7.210,415
Halifax   7,339,675
St. John    6.296.496
London     6,788,293
Moose Jaw   .. 4,708,432
Ft. William  . . 3.385,734
Regina     12,750.393
I Westminster . 2,170,915
Lethbridge    . . 2.077,201
Brandon    2,103,288
100,037 962
45,35f 107 I
2.or,r, 9-tfi
2.4 51,371
Fcrty years in use, 20 years the
Standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Women's Ailments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
And Housekeeping Supplies
Moves on with gathering force
Saturday and
Monday Specials
In Men's
We add the following
items to dur long Hat of
attractive offerings.
50 dozen Ladles' All Wool lxl
ribbed 65c. Hose. Saturday
and Monday, per pair ... .50c.
30 dozen Ladles' Wool and Cotton Hose; extra weight and
wear. 3 pairs for  $1.00
25 dozen Ladies' 2x1 llibbed fine
cotton Hose; all sizes, 5 pairs
ror    $1.00
200 Window Shades, assorted
colors, slightly shopworn,
qualities varying trom 65c. to
85c. Take them as tliey are
at, each   35c
10 dozen Men's fancy 60c. Silk
ties, fancies and self colored,
at    ��� 4   for   $1.00
50 Matting Covered Suit Cases,
splendidly   made   and   leather
Very special prlceB
to clear:
24 Inch at  .
26  Inch   at
150 Men's Mocha Gloves, Kngiish make, all sizes, $1.50
grade. Saturday special, per
pair $1.00
75 Dress Shirts, good range of
sizes, but broken lots; $1.50
and $1.25 grades Take your
pick  at    85c
674 678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
���get the habit" EGGS and EGGS
III Gord
,1 Qasllc services wlll bo hold
m'H Presbyterian church, Ed
on   Sunday   afternoon   al
Itev.    Ilonald    MeLeod,    ol
The construction ol the dredge SCOW
tor the Initial harbor work will he
proceeded with Immediately. The
plans are being completed by Mr
Powell, the engineer, and tenders will
bo called for In the course or a row
The dimensions or the BCOW are 10 >
feet long. 40 foot beam nnd 7 feel fl
Inches In depth. Deck and bottom will
be constructed for four Inch planks,
gunwales eight inches and the flvi
keelsons with XxS Inches. Tho hull
will be cross framed.
The harbor committee. Intend having all the machinery ready to    start
operations before the summer rise of
the river and nothing will he left undone lo carry thin resolution Into effect.
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 ^ch
Values to $8.50
There are different kinds of eggs.
Now we know the eggs we sell are
guaranteed new laid, and why ? Bo-
cause we i.et them trom our own hens
every day ror the store.
Fresh Salmon for everyone today.
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phene 98. 447 Columbia Street.
646 Columbia  Street
Phone  453
Judgment In
Important Case
M'onttnuoii trom pare onei
Have Just been openod. For
style and quality "Tho I'.uiy
BOX" and "ObOOOlStel Den Ails
tocrales" will appeal lo Ike
most exacting nullify lover. Free
an tuples for the I .id Ins every
nf let noon,
(Successor to F. J, MacKenzie.)
62H Columbia Street.
Ths store with ths green lights
with the case or a cheque fraudulent
ly raised. This was in Colonial Bank
of Australia vs, Marshall, 1008 A C
r>ri!i. The faots In thai case were thai
one of their executors who managed
It | the bunking business of the estate
fraudulent!) raised, (orged as hero,
pertain cheques after they had been
signed li> Hi" others
"After paying these    cheques    thi
linnii charged thetn lo iin- account of
the . state    Tho Privy Counoil d> eld
led thai ihe hunk must bear the loss,
I Referring to Young vs Urots tie y sa)
(hat  it. wan orltlcally   examined    In
SohOleflold   vs    1,,'inili'Hliori'iiiii   which
I'lnm  now   become  the governing  au
ithorlly  which  mini   prevail ho far as I vll
Mr  Adam s. Johnston, oountol for ��>��� P'inolple laid down III II extend'
li.ariiiH Dean, the alleged bank rob-       ������' ���'"���i>IUl" '" lh" '"PP0" ���
ber, in ut ill, awaiting lull particular! !
North Vancouver, win oonduot th*
ceremonies and will also preach
tho evening lervlco in tCngllsh, au
Oaella speaking people are cordially
Invited io ih" afiernooii service
"Siiimoi" Sowing Machines have all
iho very latest Improvements and are
warranted to contain nothing but the
very heal material put up lu liiiiiiUonn*
quarter Bul oak easel; vibrating slim
Imh, rotary and CSblnots, For sale bv
(' N. Kdiiiotidaon H I'd., corner Sixth
Hemic and Twelfth street, (788)
Annual Meeting
of tho
New   Westminster
Will   lie   Held   III   the
Tuesday, March 4
at K p.m.
All Conservatives ef tho city tin*
il to attend,
connected jvith tho arguments heard
before Mr. .TuhIIco Huff nt Ottawa on
Saturday   Inst   in   the   haheiiH   eoipiin
proceedings,   Until these arrive rrom
liis agents Mr. Johniton in unable to
give anything out  In Connection wllh
lhe chho.
The branch OfflCSI of the I'eople'i.
Trust Company located nt I'eiitletoii
KamloopH and Victoria huvu beon
cloHed according to Mr. Ailiun S. John
Hton who Ih acting in the Interest! ol
ninny of the credliorH of the now defunct firm. Notices nre being lent mil
to holders of wnfely deponlt bOXSB lor
Ihem to remove Ihelr pnpei'H and valu-
ahli'H rrom lhe different OfflOSS of the
The iinnratiMiie that was placed on
tlie Snpperton Hiindny schools curly
In January on account of the sciu'lel
1 lever epidemic has linen . ordered
railed by Ur. A. I.. McQuarrie, medical
health officer. In ordnr to avoid In
feotton by personal onntnci of whloh
there Ih ill III Home danger, however,
parents of children who have been
Undor quarantine In Ihelr homes nre
ntjiienliil not lo send them to any of
the Sunday schools for unoihcr iwo
in relation to th
ence between the oue of aocepter and
driiwi i- of a bin of exchange on Lhe oni
hand nml n banker and oustomer ou
the oilier, the I'rlvy Council lliore kiIiI
that 'whatever the duty of a otttlom
er towards his banker may be with ret
erence to Ilu., drawing ot eheiiiicH the
niiin fin' 'ift'ii Hi" clii'i|iie In drawn
with space suoh thai a forger can utilize them for Hi" purpose o( forgery
Is nol by llHeir any violation of that
"The case seems to me utterly hulls
llnguli liable from the present. The
faclH nre on all fuimi The law (hen
laid  down   must  he  applied   here.
"There will lie judgment for the
plaintiff  for  $893 and  cm'lH."
Mr .1 It, linmi of Corbould, (irnnt
���fi   Met'oll,   was  counsel   for   plaintiff,
sir Charles Hlbberl Tupper, K.C.,
Willi counsel tor defendant.
New  York. Fell. 2H     A  nt  of I lick
ens, selling for $8-400, lei  tho   I onl
prloe for the Borden library sale.
The mi was one of In* I edition! or
92   volumes,  Including   mime   original
manuscripts with drawings   by Kyd,
Phi! Pnllthorpc ami others who litis
Hlrnteil tor Ulekeim A local dealer
bought the net nrior lively bidding,
ii. i.
11. MACK I'IN',1 l'i
ur   irtf.fr,.
Itevlsed and complete to date, show
lug public buildings, principal Industries, railway tracks and number ot
lots.   Hvery street plainly murked.
I.vnry  business man needs one.
I.argn Site, 9x8 rent; also pocket
Room 25 Hart  Bulldino.
 ii ..
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Bc��t In ths Market.
85c. per s <rk 100 lbs.
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front 8t. New Westminster.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layer* of HasMtn Compresgod Concrete (Patented)
esTiMXTes and ocsiaNii ruRMisiicn
Home For Sale
=To Rent=
ll-room house, close to 3rd and Queen's Avenue.
Modern throughout.   Rent, $40.
Furnished   7-room   house,   modern,  just   off
Queen's Avenue, near the High School.   Rent $40.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia St.
Are you one of thc many,
whose livelihood depends
upon the fishinjj industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines cannot be beat-
in. Economy and reliability.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Enflineeilna   Co,,   Ltd.,  New Westminster.
739 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Rldg.
No.   1    "ore   Is  n   splendid home for sale cheap.    In a gOO-d locality nenr Queen's I'urk snd new school.
lt   has  seven   lurRp   ciiintm table  rooms  with  every  modern  con
veiilencii;   Ml  huwimnnt;   on  n large lot. Bllxl.ll! feet.
This piece Is he\oyi value nud  thn  terms  urn  nich  thai   almost
anyone can handle It. ....
PRICE, 14400, $750 CASH, hahineo monthly.   If JOU want to huy
a home let ns Show yon tine place. ���
Agents for  Pacific Ooest  Steamship Ce.
F. I. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1811.
We write Fire, Life, Accident. Employers'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
under new management.  Quick Service, Good Meals.
Reasonable Prices.
j i. iu	
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes*
       BURN OIL     ���


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