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The New Westminster News Oct 30, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have  proven  their worth by the
resulta    they    produce.     They    All
large    or   small    wants   at   small
The Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: light to moderate winds,
I generally fair wltb not much change
In temperature.
VOLUME 8,  NUMBER   198  ff
Charges of Assault Heard
Against Four Cumberland Miners.
Story of  Flpht  in  the  Home  of .lohn
Thompson���Another  Trial   Will
Commence Today.
After n trliil which occupied the at
tentlon of the assize courl all daj yesterday tho Jury empanelled to hear
iiie charge or assault ami Intimidation againat four Cumberland miners
disagreed.   The aconaed were Richard
Qoodwln, .lames Connors, John Taylor and Jack Hall, and they were
charged with assaulting nml attempi
lug to Intimidate, John Thompson, a
tire boss In one of tin* mines of Ihe
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) at
Cumberland In the early stages of the
Vancouver island coui miners' strike.
The assault nnd attempt at Intimidation is alleged to have taken place
at   the   home   of   John   Thompson   In
Cumberland on the evening or Nov. a,
1812, about two months after the
strike started.
The accused received their preliminary bet.ring nt  Nanaimo and later
elected for trial by jury. The case
opened in tin- New WeBtmlnster assize court before Mr. Justice .'lenient
yesterday morning and wns handed to
tin- jury late yeaterday afternoon.
About S o'clock the jury returned to
the courl room nnd the foreman announced that they were unable to
reach an agreement. On query by
Mr Justice Clement If there was any:
possibility Of them reaching a decision by retiring for a further period
tin-   foreman   replied.   "N.i   possibility
Granted Bail.
Arrangements were made last evening for tho release or two or the men, I
Taylor and  Hall, on  bail.    These two'
men have been out on securities ever
since   their   trials   commenced,
other   two   men.   Goodwin   and
tiers,   hnve   been   Incarcerated
thovt July
In addlllon lo the charges on which
lhey faced the Jury yesterday there
-nre several other Indictments against
Goodwin nnd Connors, the chief ot
tti*** being -assmilt noon a police ot
finer and participation In unlawful
A retrial of tbe fnur miners will
probably take place tliis morning. Mr
Mrs. Thompson succeeded in getting
out of the house and rushed for the
police. Taylor und ConnorH departed
rig.it after her while Hall and Qoodwln dragged Thompson oul to tha door
and Ihen disappeared when tlle police
arrived suddenly on the scene at the
call Of Mrs Thompson, He accompanied the policemen, Jawetl and Held
to tiie shucks of Iiie four accused und
pointed them ont to tha officers who
look  Unir names.
Was Prize Fighter.
Cross examined   by   counsel   fur  the
j defence, Thompson admitted that he
had been a prize fighter several years
ago.     ile hud  rought  Ills lust  fight  111
1811. There was no strike in November, 1812, declured the witness, the
miners were merely taking a holiday.
He hud come out with the other men
Whan the strike first started and hud
received $11 In strike pay from the
union for nine weeks Idleness. The
bosses were not looked upon as Hcabs.
Ile had supervised lhe getting of coal!
oul of No. .; mine and acted as flrei
boss when he returned to work ln No-j
vember. Witness hud never expressed strong views as io strike-breakers.
He agreed that he bad picked up a
baseball club when knocked down by
Hall and used the dub In defence.
Thompson stated thai he believed In
a union ns long as It was curried out
right. This strike was not carried out
At tliis juncture witness stated that
111 his opinion the strike was started
wllh the objeet of booming "coal In
Washington," wlllch brought forth the
remark from Mr. Leighton that the
Witness had apparently been "well
Corroborated    Husband.
Mtb. Thompson gave a general corroboration of the testimony of her hus-
band though she differed in some
points Thompson had not been sitting on a chair leaning up against ttie
wall as he stated, hut was sitting on
the wood box and when knocked over
by th*- bloat from Hall, had picked up
the club from  thut  receptacle.
When she was making for the door
Connors knocked her down She had
hir  second   baby   ln   her  arms  at   the
Bonar Law Says Mandate of
People Must Settle Home
Rule Question.
Conservatives Not Over-Confident, Al
though Victory Expected���Much
foeculation In Otta -a.
Speaks from  Same Platform    as
Edward    Carsen���Government
Confuses Issue.
Newcastle. Oct. _'.. -Speaking from
lhe same platform ns Kir Kdward Car-
sen, the  lister   Unionist  leader. Anil-
Ottawa, (Jet, 22.���On the eve of the
voting in South Bruce, there is much
speculation  at   the  capital   us   to  the!
winner In  tomorrows conteBt.    While!
the general disposition is to anticipate
a    government    victory    In    a    constituency which went Conservative at ,
I lhe general election, party workerB on j
both  sides  who havn arrived  In    the
Sir capital wlihln the past few  days ure
not over-confident a< to the result.
The same uncertainty which charac-1
terlzed the vote In Chateauguay marks
I the campaign or the South Hruce con-1
, test     il  is   said  here'that   the    two'
pnrtles have broken about even in regal il  to the platform campaign.
Liberals are hopeful lhat the house
Defeat Guards After Batted
and Capture Mine anq."
v/(t.c tfi
Guns and  Revolvers Disappear���Have
Not Been Surrendered to the
Trinidad,  Colo.,  Oct.   29.���Violence
nrnong  the  striking  miners    ln    the
southern   Colorado  coal   rields   today
shifted  from  Ludlow and  its immedl-    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ate vicinity, to Aguilar, six miles north j change  their mode  of  living.
,, , ,, .-__._i_.itO    house    canvas    conducted  bv  Mr
few Bonar Law, the opposition leader:... ^���^���^
In ilu- honae   or   commons,   tonight
pledged th
yh.'itline   hut   she   believe*!   her   fnll   had i
Con-  |i,.en caused by accident, Connors col-1
Since |Hdtug   with  her  while endeavoring  to j
get   to   her  husband      Sho    had     no i
s-.ililii.tliy   wllh   the   union   and   never
had   any.
"I believe In a union under the Itrlt
Ish   riag;   not  under    Ihe    Amerlran
flag,"   Mrs.  Thompson,  who  Is  a  wo
man of small stature and decided Rug
lish   accent,  declared   with  emphasis.
"Who told ynu  to wave the flag?"
^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i asked  J.  E.  Hird,  who was cross-ex
Justico   Clement   having  ordered   the  nnilning  the  witness,
court  to be enlivened  at 1�� IS. "No  one.'  replied   Mr��   Thompson.
The case of the crown sgainjl Tay-1     Mntthew   nrnderlck   who  was   next
Ier. Goodwin,   Ha"   and  Connors   waa|*oai)<ed to the stand testified thnt  Mrs.
thai  on   the evening of  Nov   tt,   tilt  Thompson hml passed hlm on her way
In company witli h man named Arthur J to  the  engine  house  of the  mine  to |
Jnaliti they entered  the home of John|phone Ior the police.    Pbe seemed ex
Thninpson. flre-tioas, No. t> mine. Cum
berland, and nsHaulte<t and attempted
tO Intimidate hlni. The case of the
ih '��� nee is thai the four men merely
made u friendly call upon Thompson
and that the trouble started in Thompson's house thnl evening was en used
by Thompson himself.
The  prisoners   were defended   by  J
v. Bird, of Vancouver, counsel for the
l'nited Mine Workers of America and
Arthur Leighton ot Nanalmo    a. D
Taylor, kc. conducted tha eaae for
the crown. He was assisted hy I K
Shietiothain. the attorney general's
representative, Mr, Foster, nn official of the Nanalmo local of the I'nit
Mine  Workers,  sat  alongside the
���    ^^^^^^^
counsel ror tha defenc
in the empanelling
men   were  challenged   I
and six by  lhe crown
selected   -were:     Robert
Ossefnrd,   foreman.   W.
tint,    W.   .iray. Oeo
I'.rny. Jamieson  M
Us.   Perce   Cnselllne.   Henry
KOI"!*; Gooding.
The pr'.nclnal v 'mosses for tin
orown "ere Jack Thompson and Mrs
Isabel Thcinpsc-i, while one of the ac
sited nt that time and he noticed two
men running running trom her doorway.
Chas. Jpwett testified as to visitfiic
the accused Bl their shacks Immediately after the incident at the call of
Mrs. Thompson, while Oiler Provincial Constable Stevenson tor Nanaimo.
Comox and Alberni who was in Cumberland on  Nov.   'i'i.  witnessed  to the
effect  that  he  had  seen  Thompson
on the evening of the Incident and had
noticed B swelling on Ills brow.
Thompson previously testified lhat
Hull had  struck hlm on the head.
The chief constable ulso stated that
he had seen the four miners in the
lockup nnd also participating in thn
riots which followed later In the history of the strike.
This concluded the cuse for the
Made  Personal  Call.
,    Arthur Joslln  occupied  the  box  as
T. Oeulii. Samuel the first W'tness for the defence.    He
Oraham, Alex Oil-j testified   that  Thompson   hnd   been   a
member ot the Ragles' lodge but hnd
been     expelled     subsequent     to     the
trouble on th�� evening ot Nov. 22. Joslln had been appointed chairman of nn
Investigation    committee,   constituted
Is own and j to inquire Into some complaints made
support ot the Unionist *
I party to lister, .ven to tbe extent or!
[forcible resistance to home rule. But;
his eagerly awaited reply lo Premier
Asqiiith's. of a compromise on October 2.'i consisted merely or a state-
menl that the Unionists would care-!
fully consider any proposals the prime,
minister cared to make relative to a '
solution Of the home rule  problem, if*
a solution was possible.
Mr. l_aw expressed the opinion thai
the only logical way the government
could avoid the responsibility of piling
ing the country into civil war was to-
secure a inundate from the people by
a general election, which if it ravored \
home rule. It  would  be acquiesced in 1
by the Unionists.   Ha said he could j
not   speak   for   lister,   but   believed
that such  a  result  might even Bettle I
the queation
The Unionist leader compared thej
situation In lister to conditions In
America preceding the civil war. He
said be had urged Sir Edward Carson
to attend tlie meeting bo that the
pledge which he (Law) had made at
ihe Blenheim palace rally In July.
1912, to support lister In her rcBist-
enee lo home rule might be made perfectly clear.
To Confuse Issue.
The   speaker   maintained   that   the
l government had brought forward    Its
iland proposals ln order to confuse the
��� issue,    if the government moved to
go to the country  the  Unionist leaders  would  not decline  the  invitation
to  a conference  and   would   property
c< nsider   any   proposals   referred     to I
Uiem   with  a   real   desire   to  And     a I
solution    Sir Edward Carson, who fol- j
lowed Mr. Law, said.    "1 will consider!
all  the overtures  when  tliey are  pu* j
into   plain   language      I   wlfl   submit j
them  with the best  advice 1 can    to j
those  who  trust  me.    But  1  tell  the
government as fur as 1 am concc:
any olter will be of no use unless It is j
consistent  with  the solemn covenant |
which    lhe    government    has   driven
lister into.
mux may have turned a couple of
hundred votes while the Conservatives
reply on the  work which    bas    been
done in tlle
or the big Ludlow tent colony. Pos
sible federal complications were precipitated at the office or the Southwestern Fuel company where last
night and early this morning a hattle
waged between strikers and a handful of mine guards.
After defeating the guards and  re-
-���I'.MiiAn nt t'i? churches have taken
up Mayor 'ijray'a proposal made yesterday morning "-.hen the police commission and a delegation ot citizens
met to talk over enforcing the amended criminal code against restricted
Mayor Oray said tbe abolition of
this district must be treated in a
Christian manner. Therefore women
from city churches must go down and
try  to persuade  the  girls there    to
���constituency the minister .capturing   the   mine  office.   jn   which
this was done he would give warning
to the latter and thoBe who remained
must leave town, pour special policemen would see to it that they did.
The delegation consisted of Rev. \V.
W. Abbott, Rev. J. S. Henderson, D. S.
Curtis and A. Hardman. It met yesterday   afternoon   and   accepted   the
and by Hon. Adam Beck. Mr. Weit
obeli, member for North Waterloo,
and Oeorge Clare, member for South
Waterloo, amongst the Germans who
number one third of the voters.
proposal.     No   limitations   were
,gested.    Every detail would    be
President Wilson Has New
Plan to Restore Peace
in Mexico.
the    postofflce    alBo is  situated,  the
strikers  are  charged    with      having I flVled
knocked  over a stove, setting fire to ���     b-__.vi��_,  .���  ti,,   v- ,    .     r u.
lhe building, which was completely de-! ,,^P w   w    _ .T  ���      ?  '   ,\- nig1 ,'
stroyed, together with Its contents of! iev'   '\'   W'  Abbott  6a,d:   . .Ue  *"'-.. ... ���.��� ���.��� .���_���.���-
As stated, however, neither side is  United States mall, money orders andiT as tne major suggests,   women of ilation  of their policy toward   Mexico
overconfident and the result is being  money. he ****** *f *�� '��, these girls. No'     -   -     -
awaited with the keenest anxiety  by |    Postmaster Arthur Samples late to-|_f?f.__���_. be_l0.t-    Plans wl"  be lm"
both parties
Scheme to Be Made Public in a Few
Daya���Formal   Note to the
Washington, Oct. 29.���President
Wilson has under consideration a new
plan tor restoring peace in Mexico,
which he will discuss with his cabinet Friday and make it public within a
few days.
Officials were reticent as to what
is contemplated. As the United StateB
has asked not only the European, governments, but those of Latin-America
and the Orient to withhold the formu-
day declared evidence    was    present i mediately completed."
j that the mails had been rifled before I Regular Meetings.
!the building was fired, since envelopes!    A'ter  the  reading  of  the minutes
i opened, were found nearby, half burn-j0' the last meeting the mayor stated
ed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The mine ofrice was also completely destroyed with all its contents, the
camp having been surrendered wholly
by the guards.
The Hrenien who were at work In
the tipple were the rirst o! the work
that the first order of business would
be to hear the deputation.
His worship asked, in the tirst place,
a question as to the source of the
petition, which was answered by Kev.
W. W. Abbott that the petition originated   in  lhe  Citizens'  league.    The
ing miners to be fired upon. They I mayor then asked how many meetings
tied down the mine siren and desert- 0| the Citizens' league had been held
ed the place, which was then being 18ince the nurr-. of a year aJio anli
subjected  to heavy rire.    The  lifteen , wa8 told thal ^ ,ea|_ue had met .
guardB gathered al the post office and , lar,y ever-. tw0  weekg ,,       , duri
there  fought   with  the   strikers  until   ,he ,ummcr holldays.    At thla  ^n.
they were overpowered   by   superior ^ mayor guggeBted the pre8ent��lon
numbers. ;ol such petitions was an ev
After  working  their  will   "J"1 thel
Southwestern otrices, the miners went* .    . "**
_�� . -.to the Empire mine of the same com-      2?���,!_..������v,>~.,. ,_.-.n__�� .��._. �����.��
Expected that Salaries of  Lieutenant jpany and there began an attack.   Nol    To this Mr. Abbott replied that the
Meeting of Provincial Premiers   Concluded   With
Few Results.
until the Washington government can
make known its plans for dealing with
the solution, the solution upon which
the president and Secretary Bryan are
working is believed to be more comprehensive than any suggestions heretofore made for the pacification of the
southern republic.
High otficials of the government,
while declining to say what steps will
be taken by the United States, declare
that the purposes and aims of the government has been explained in the
president's speeches at Swathmore,
Pa., and Mobile, Ala.
Formal Note.
The American government's course
ot action will be embodied in a formal
note   which,   It   is   expected   will   set
(forth the principle that constitutional
,""""'      ""government must  be  established  out
Idence of 1
(Continued on Page Four.)        .
Governors Wilt Ba Increased���
Other MNfueete Doubtful.
Ottawa. Oct. 29.--The much herald
residence was ottered them and they\petition was being presented U    ">���   C ll IIAtl    ntirilHl
withdrew shortly, doing no more dam-1**^"0?^���"^^ KlMJILi)
age than riddling the boiler house with I Jnt�� effect of the amendments to the
t,u]letg. |criminal code;  was not designed    to
No one was injured In either camp. '��� reflect upon anybody, but was simply
Devoid of Rifles |&n expression on the part of electors
j    The strikers' camp at Ludlow today jof their objection to segregating vice,
ed    Inter-provincial   conference    was I was devoid of all show ot rifles end j and a reasonable request that the law
concluded at 6 o'clock without a great j revolvers which had been eo prevalent j be administered by the proper author!-
deal    being   accomplished.    Tbe   de-I for the last two days.    Monday and! ties.
clsion on the final day were subjects  yesterday hundreds of men were ga-j    Replying    to   a ..etatement of the
great deal.    There is a very general thered in the camp stockade all heav-' mayor that he did not agree with Mr.
in   regard   to   whicli   delegates   failed !Uy  armed.    No  person  not a  striker, Abbott's policy of fining the  women,
to  come  to  a unanimous  agreement'could pass along the road toward thej the  latter stated that  that  was  not;1
with  the   result  that   the   resolutions I mine camps without being being sub-ihls  policy.    That  while he had  seen!
'"! i proposed  were withdrawn. jjected to scrutiny.    Today nothing offjt successfully pursued in other cities
rnea i    The   mogt    lniportant   development  the sort was to be seen. under  the  old   code  be  believed  thej
wus the filial decision of the delegates      Officers of the   Colorado    National  better policy under the amended code
that tbey could not support tbe claim  Guards  which completed today Its or-;wag to flne or jn,prlson t(,e men.
'ganfzatlon   and   established   camp  on | Churches Help.
His worship again  raised the ques
tion as to what tbe churches were do-
[Fishery Official at Ottawa
Says Fockeyes Could Get
up Fraser.
of the maritime provinces for an
irreducible minimum" of representa
tion in the federal house. This means
lhat if the provincial governments accomplish anything in the future it will
be a. Ihe result of direct representa-
Dominion government.
the outskirts of the city, say the rifles I
and ammunition was not surrendered
Further Comolieated.
London, Oct 31,    iiv. A. P. Special
Cable,)-  Mr. Bonar l<aw's reply to the
offer or a conference made by Premier ,
Asqulth ut Ladybank on Saturday last.! 00JJ* l0 '",       . .*.        _,__,_.,
took the  form  of a  vigorous demand!    fhe opinion of the majority of dele
for a genernl election upon the Issue ��"" w"3 ,hat " ls a ������� whl^!l
of the exclusion cf lister of the opera-   ? __________________________^^^^^^^^^^
tions of the    home    rule bill.    In    aj'on   "'"  tl]e   l**ree   dissatisfied   prov
speech   of an    hour's   duration   the;
to them.    Nor was the display ot wea-i
Report that River Was Blocked Exaggerated���Forty Million  Enga in
-.-.������ ... -,!-.���  .-,������_ _.,-,���_.ii,. .- n.n i'ng  to  help   these   women.    To   this I
pons ln mine camps generally so pro-  -,       T   _,   ,,     . ,,   , ..   . ..
nn.,nnnj ���_ nn .���_...n..i,��� -Tnn-,--.- 'Rev. J. S. 1 ender*.oti replied that the
nounced as on jesterday. Today no p.-.,....,,.,-.. \.P,hodlsts Anglicans
heavy armed guard met visitors at the: rreeoyterien.   Metnoaists.   Anglicans.
mine camp stockade gates.    Only an .��� . ... ., ,       ..-_..,._ .  -,, ���
apparently unarmed guard    was   on  Iwere    ?"    establishing    redemptive official of the department of marina
duty at each mine camp gate, though homes for fallen women and that this,and  fisheries  the  reports   that  have
should be settled between the Domin 'armed guards were seen within    The >'ear   lhe   Presbyterian   church     was |recently appeared in the press to the
Roman  Catholic and  Salvation  Army      Ottawa. Oct. 29.���According to.
Tie   jury   14
the defence
rhose finally
Cr.iv,     Cecil!
I.,   (.-inimon.i
ens   1 en'erei' ihe box in       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ills companions' behalf jas   to   Thompson.     He   wns   a   great
En'-rcd Without Knocking. |friend of Thompson  at  the time and
lohn Thompson whom 111" four mln-1decided to make a personal call nt his
home on the evening of Nov. 22.    He
ers were charged with having assault
ed, wus  the rirst  witness to take the
stnnd.     He suld  that  he hnd  lived  In
Cumberland rive years und on Nov
22, 1912. was a firo boss In No. �� mine
of the Canadian CoIUsrles.
He knew tile accused a llltle over a
year. He hud a wife and a family or
three, the eldest nf whom wns under
flvo yenrs On Ihe evening ol Nov.
22 the four accused enme to his house
accompanied bv a man named .loslln.
They entered the house without knocking and Slipped the latch atfer they
liud entered
asked tlie four nccused to accompany
hlm. It was the custom In the settlement nt that time for people to pay
Unexpected or "surprise" visits on
tbelr neighbors and this was the main
Intention of the visit.
At a party held at another house
s tme time previous Mrs. Thompson,
who witness stated, was one of the
guests. Invited the boys who were
batching to visit her. Contrary to
the statements of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, the five visitors knocked at thc
Thompson  door before entering  and
leader of the opposition claimed that
thf government had no mandate to
| force home rule on Ulster and made
the specific statement that the Unlon-
sts would accept the people's verdict
even If it were against the claims of
the extremists in Ulster. This complicates the situation, but the Ulster
leaders have definitely stated that,
even lf the resull of a general election
was adverse to them they would still
decline to recognize any government
at Dublin, but Mr. Doner Uaw pins his
faith to the belief that the electorate
would refuse to endorse home rule
as proposed by the Asqulth government and In that belief asserts his
v. iilingiiess and that of hls followers
to accept tiie result of an appeal to
the people.
As to Mr. Asqulth's offer, the opposl-
ti.n leader said that the Unionists
would not decline to respond, but. being really desirous to arrive at a final
solution if possible, would carefully
consider any definite proposal that
might be made.
the cnuse of the visit. He told Thompson thnt It wns bis last chance to quit
work and that he would not get an
other chance. Joslln, who appeared
to be the spokesman, lifted a safety
lamp fro* Its book <ui the buck of the
door nnii turning to Thompson said:
"Throw that lamp In the other scabs
"The ether scab," according to
Thompson was the paymaster, a Mr.
tilnton. Thompson was given five
minutes to carry out the Instructions
of .loslln, but when It appeared that
he had no Inclination to do so, the
Tlve men, but particularly Connors,
commenced to abuse him In the vilest
Meanwhile .loslin hnd departed and
while witness turned hls head to attend tn one of his children, Hall hit
hlm and knocked hlm to the floor,
tloodwln then rushed at the witness
who caught a floeting glance of Connors struggling with hls wife on thn
floor. Mrs. Thompson tried to reach
the door to secure help of the pollce
but Taylor obstructed her path and
when she attempted to get hold of the
.'latch Tajlor got hold of her.   Finally
One of the men Immediately stated ' were received ln a most friendly manner..
Flamea Women.
Under cross-examination Joslln admitted that the accused were not members of thc Investigating committee of
the Kagles, He had not told them of
the lodge investigation. One of the
five bnd suggested a musical evening,
nl answer to a number of enquiries
from crown counsel. Joslln witnessed
that the things wero rather warm In
Cumberland at that particular time
Imt that the women were causing all
the  trouble.
Leonard Caw thorn, Joslln's shacking
partner, took the stand next, substantiating In general the evidence of hls
predecessor In relation to himself.
With Joslln he agreed that Thompson had Informed them that he was an
official at the mine and therefore not
directly a "scab."
Taking the witness stand In hla own
hehnlf Richard Goodwin testified that
the visit was merely a friendly call
such as they were accustomed to having In Ihe neighborhood. That night
In his house Thompson   had    asked
Home, Oct. 2��.���The Trlbuna communing on the Mexican situation,
points out tbe Italian Intereat Involved.
"There are nbout 14,000,000 Italians
on the American continent whose fate]
would be affected tf an Imperialistic
policy should triumph at Washington.
because, In addition to meaning the
conquering of Mexico It would tend to
the suppression of nationalities outside of the American. As Italy Is a
latin country, Bhe Is Interested In the
preservation of the American-Latin republics," says the paper.
(Continued oa Page rive.)
London, Oct. 29.���It la understood
that King (ieorge la so dissatisfied
with tho biographies of his father, the
late King Kdward, which have already
appeared, that he has consented to|
the preparation of an authorised biography from state papers and recollections of Intimate friends under the
general supervision of Viscount
Knollys, the late klng'a Becretary. It
la said tbat Lord Roeebery will be Invited to write the biography.
on   and 	
It is believed the conference has
not succeeded In accomplishing a
inipresi,on lhat the demand upon the
Dominion government for one-tenth of
the cusionis and excise revenues is
not likely to be acceded to. It ls also
doObtful whether the principle Involved In the resolution will be
Subsidies based on revenues and excise taxes would fluctuate, it is sa'd
and g.'e the provinces a direct interest in the Dominion tariff. It Is believe! while the provinces are aJ-
mor' certain to get an Increase In
sub di' ?, lie new arrangement will
be n the basis of an increase ih the
prt3er' per capita grant.
Lieutenant Governors' friary.
The resolutions adopted on Monday
asking for an increase in the salaries
rf lieutenant governors wlll probably
be acceded to by the Dominion government.
The question of representation of
tlie maritime provinces In the house
of commons was discussed at both the
morning and afternoon sessions today
nnd ll was finally decided to do nothing In the matter. Premier Flemmlng.
of New Brunswick, filed a memorandum on the grounds of the claim of
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for
special treatment In regard to representation. Premier Mathieson, of
Prince Bdward Island, also filed a
memorandum of the claims of hla
province ln the same matter.
Increase Subsidise.
Premier Soott. seconded by Premier
Slfton, moved "that ln .he opinion of
the conference, any action by tbe
Dominion government towarda earning on provincial work for the benefit
ot the provinces, should take the
torm ct en Increase of the subsidies
paid to tbe provinces by the Dominion."
The conference was adjourned till
the afternoon when the resolution waa
withdrawn "In view of the divergence
ot opinion whlei' aeeme to prevail
among the members on the subject
matter of thfi.resolution."
Premier Slfton's'aottoe of motion regarding the control of their resources
by the provinces et Saskatchewan aad
Alberta waa withdrawn without aay
discussion. A resolution was paaaed
expressing the teeUng that the a>
elalon ln the ooenpaales eaae recently
���iiii . in
munitions   which   disappeared    trom apendtog 170.000'In  such  work   and effect that sockeye salmon have thin
the mine camps are not in the handslthat three months ago such a home ���  - A��-
of the troops.   No trouble t*t any char-j was opened in Vancouver
1    The major also contended that as
acter occurred
year been prevented from reaching
their spawning beds in the Praser
river to tbe extent cf decreasing tbe
^^^^^^^^^^hetween    the    mine    .^^^^^^^ 	
guards  and  strikers at  and    around j members of the board of police com-j big fourth year run to the proportion
Ludlow colony today.    Mine    guards j missloners or of the city council they of an off year, were somewhat exag-
came and went at will along the high-1 were no more responsible for the ad- jgerated
way bordering the strikers' colony and j ministration of the law than any other
strikers were not embarrassed by the; citizen.    To this statement exception
mine guards. [was taken that they were the proper-
Mine guards and strikers have been
(Continued oa Pace Four.)
given twenty-four hours from today
noon to surrender their arms and ammunition to the state forces and unless
they refuse to comoly It Is indicated
that the troops will remain In quarters where they will be reday to deal
with any disorders that might occur
In the future.
Much Bitterness
The presence of the troops here has
caused mucb bitterness on the part
of the strikers and a meeting of the
executive board of the Allied unions
of Colorado met ln Pueblo tonight to
discuss the situation and to call a
meeting of delegates from each trade
union In the state to determine upon
the advisability ot calling a Btrike In
every department rf organised labor.
Many of the labor leaders are aald to
favor the plan aa they openly charge
that the troops were not sent to quell
disturbances ao long aa the mine
guards had the upper hand. Six hundred militia men are camping here
What They Oo In Reeina.
Itegina, Oct. 20.���Duck Yin and Mac
Quan* were lined $50 and costs or one
month imprisonment this afternoon In
the elty court on the charge or running a disorderly houae wherein gambling and opium were Indulged In. B.
P. Bryant, counsel tor the aconaed,
gave notice that he would appeal the
Accepts Invitation.
Toronto. Oct ��.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier haa accepted an Invitation ot the
Literary and Scientific aoelety ot University college to be Ita gueat at honor
at tha opening meeting to he held late
In November or early Jn Deembr.
Renewe Request te Auetria.
Vienna, Oct ��.���Thf Britiah embassy haa renewed lta request that
the Austria* government, pending the
trial ot Samuel Altman, the company's
manager, ahould permit the Canadian
railway to oevry ��* Ml ordinary boal-
naas. outside of the tfanaporUtan ot
lContinued on Page Five.)
Another One Caught and
Authorities  Get  Busy
Cleaning up.
Seattle, Oct. 29.���The catching ot a
bubonic plague   Infected   rat at   Uni-	
veraily avenue, U feet farther nortblfer reaches In the Praser.
than any Infected rat heretofore had    ���
In building its road along the side
of the river east of Hills Gate Canyon,
the Canadian Northern railway allowed large quantities of rocks that was
blasted out to fail mto the river. Thla
resulted In a considerable change tn
the flow of the water. Tbe work wha
not performed during the past summer, but before lhe run of the salmon to the river last year, but notwithstanding the last season the flab
readily ascended.
This year the early run of, salmon
got up, as is evidenced by 'the fact
that at the salmon UatcWsry at Sbne-
wap lake much farther np the river,
more salmon were*taught In the
hatchery pens early; In the serpen
than would be required to yield auhT-
clent eggs to NM tbe hatch*?.*' An
these fish wotdtf not spawn for aeveral
weeka and-as lt ia not desirable to
bold flsh In the pens for a long time,
tbey we liberated and a Inter run relied npon to DU the hatchery. Bhue-
wafttke la hut one of the many re-
aorta of spawning salmon tn the up-
been captured, waa the occaalon today for City Health Commissioner Dr.
Jamea E. Crichton taaulng nn order
for �� mon vigorous campaign against
the rodChts. Seven plague Infected
rata previously had been caught nt the
foot of Jackson atreet in aa old build
lag whloh la now being dentellahed.
As n result of todaya catch n force
of 40 men will begin work at I o'clock
tomorrow morning laveetlgntlag tbe
method of garbage disposal along the
waterfront from Spokane atreet to
Denny ****> n distance et two Mies,
nnd extending hack Into tho beatneea
dlatrlct three Meeka from the wharvee.
"My uten will nt ewe laatraet ewn-
.era or agents ot baatooas property thnt
Infl garbage ntuet be pieced tn eev**red
[ceaa eo nts cannot have neflena to
'food." snld Dr. CHdMM tonight "A-y
.pefrou violating thlt order will he
fglven one warning. V the* tajaatared
arrest and proaeeutlon will Mow nt1
ie* n
.   The Manl health ��"thorlt��ea an
The water level in the Praaer during
the time the balmon were ruanfcg
wna, an n general thing, unuaoal for
thnt sennon. It remained nt medium
height much longer than ordinarily.
In the letter part of the aeaaon when
the water wns nt medium height tt
wan ascertained thnt many flak'lien
below the obstruction, end na a result n passage wny wna. provided..
through which the flsh, then burred.
got up. The oMeMl aaya then ta
tittle room fer doubt thnt n mtMtr******* ���*���
ty luge number of the salmon tttmm**
ed then epnwnlng ground to keep up.
It not highly tncronae the big fourth
yenr ran.
-Mnrwvrr, tat the hntehertea on. Un
river then ara nt pissint over forty;
mlllioa i
Thla Ottawa dlapatt* hae to
a  report  coming  Aran
Beweer nt Vletorln '
fiedleg It ��Cflct* i
'   ���''���������mt
* 0-lC'
��� '''im' PAOE TWO
' A* inde.tmdenl momlnf paper devoted to the inter-sti of Nexo Westminster and
Me Praser Valley. Published every moi-Binj e-rcep! Sundav by the National Printing
mat J>��kli��k��n�� Oompany, Limited, st 6J JfcKen-rfe Slreet, New Weetminsler, British
OaHmtii*. ROBB BVTIIBRLAND, Managing Director.
AU oommenioatione ekould be addressed to The New Westminster Newt, nnd not
Se individual members of the tt.iff, Cheauet, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable to The National muting and I'utllshtng Companv, Limited.
^TELEPHONES���Business Office and Afanaiirr, 1199; Editorial Rooms (all departments). iSl.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. M per year, 11 for three months, 40c per
OMHtk.    Bv mail, S3 per year, 25c per monl��.
ADVERTISING RATES on application.
An agitation has been started in Victoria to alter the
present rule of the road in British Columbia, that of turning out to the left to pass.
The main argument used is that everywhere else on
the continent, with but very few exceptions, the right
hand turning out is the rule and for that reason it should
be the mode of procedure here. Usually such an argument, that a certain thing should be done because other
people do it, isn't worth much, but in this case it seems
to carry a good deal of weight. What a man is accustomed
lo do he likely vvill do in an emergency and that's right
where the danger lies in the left hand turn.
A stranger comes across the boundary line, or from
the east with his automobile and, driving down a British
Columbia city street he suddenly gets into a corner in the
traffic. In his excitement he switches out to the right,
there's a smash and an ambulance call. He did what he
has been doing for years in spite of the fact that he knew
there was a different rule in force in this province. Or,
on the other hand, a British Columbian takes a motor trip
across the line, as B. C. motorists are doing every day.
If he gets into the heavy traffic of the Seattle streets and
loses his head he is just as likely to cause an accident there
by turning out to the left.
There would be a queer state of affairs on the high!
���seas if the ships of different nations observed different
navigating rules and the same argument applies to traffic
on land.
That the turn out to the right is natural is demonstrated by the foot passengers on the streets, who, nine
times out of ten, disregard the left hand rule and pass on
the right side.
The time to make the change is now, since it has not
been done before. The heavier the traffic grows the more
difficult it will be to alter the rules and the more dangerous will become regulations that call for traffic conduct
totally different from that in vogue elsewhere on the continent.
Calls It Fighting to Help Humanity���
Has Specialized in Concrete
Minneapolis,  Oct.  29.���"Ths    man
who nets on the street corners mid
flnhts for the betterment of humanity
is religious.
"1 am an experiment in religion. 1
hour the same relation to the minister-
la] body a�� an eye doctor does to tho
medical profession. In other nurds, I
have specialised in concrete religion.'"
Rev. Herbert Blgelow, minister of
lhe gospel, member of the Ohio lesiu-
luture, chairman of Ihe state constitutional c.iiiveiitloii and most widely
known preacher-politician in Ohio, bo
declured today.
He is in Minneapolis as the suest
of the M. K. A. and will lecture tonight at the university.
"The stained glass of the church,
the mystic light of altar candles and
tho ethical discourses havo their places
in the scheme of religion," he said,
"but I want to roach humanity. Tho
only way to do this is to bo practical
In religion and lo demonstrate that
only Is ready to fight as well as
"The preachers of today don't roach
humanity for two reasons. One Is because thoy havo never had any training. The theological schools nro too
busy with ethics to teach practical
fighting for humanity.
"The other reason is that the rich
parishioner, tho moment his conscience is made uneasy by truths,
withdraws his support from tli"
church or makes it uncomfortable for
tho preacher.
"Tho more peonle get the more thev
want. That applies to politics and re-
ligon. I'or every good law, tho workman's compensation, tlio referendum
and recall, old ago pensions, tliat is
granted, tho people lako another stop
tn know-lodge and raise another degree In their conception of what th
want and are entitled to."
Everybody  in  Norway   Is  Related  to
Somebody in America���Boom
in   Land  of  Vikingr..
Dr. Sun Yat Sen still figures that he can give Yuan
Shi Kai a bunch of trouble. In the meantime Yuan should
worry; he's boss of the situation as it exists.
Now they're boring for oil down in Seattle. Probably
the evidences of so much natural gas in the Sound city
have led to the conclusion that there must be something
underneath it all.
Invade Canadian Prairies for Pick of
Dairy Breeds���Dr. Tolmie
Has Returned.
Victoria, Oct. 29.���Dr. S. P. Tolmie,
livestock commissioner fur the province, has returned to tho cily irom
Saskatoon, where be has been attending the first convention of the Weatern Livestock union, as one ort he delegates representing British Columbia.
lie reports that the party who went
from here were much Impressed by
the Immense areas of agricultural
land which they pa<* ed Mining!) on
thoir journey. Everywhere in Saskatchewan there wero signs of a heavy
grain crop, and everywhere could be
seen the threshing machines at nork
among the stooks in all directions.
He noted, however, with reg.-et the
large numbers of good dairy cattle
and young stock which are being purchased by the Americans since the an-
nouncement of the new tralff regulations. In tact, dairy animals mav be
said to be growing scarce, and ho saw
lots of what would have been good
dairy Btock bi Ing sold for butchering
at $6.50 per 100 pounds live weight,
well as good breeding cows going
abattoirs.    He was confirmed
to tin
Burglary insurance experts have definitely placed
Chicago in the lead as the best stamping ground for thugs
in America. Now isn't that a great ad. for Chicago to go
out into the world bidding for tourists.
Court fines to be paid on the" installment plan is reported as the newest innovation in England. Soon you'll
see signs like this hanging over the bench in the Old Country: "Your credit is good; we make it easy to pay your
fine; special bargains today in the burglary department.
Premier Sir Richard McBride seems to have made a
mistake in talking naval policy to the Ottawa Canadian m this opinion by the cun, , ,,*
cluo. Alter reading some fit the newspaper comments onir"r A,,!(,-ta. who informed him that
his utterances, the knight of Dewdney probably will come\Zt provfncl, *%*% "^tSrle
to tne condusioiiihat he ___ud the ritrht thing at the wrong year8oW an'1 upwards being -.a.*- need
time in tllls manner, tu the detriment of the
herds of rho future.
The convention of the Western
Livestock union wag presided over bv
the Hon. \V C. Sutherland, opening
on October 22,
On Hie question of the wost being
represented mi the National Record
board, it <\-.,i stated that fur a number
of years past hreeders of pure bred
Btock ill the fuur western province!,
had fell that their Intereats wore not
receiving   sufficient   consideration  at
the hands of the breeders in tho east
It waR claimed that tlio woaterr men
did not receive either on the Nal on I
Record hoard or on the executive bod
les of the breed associations thai rep
resentatlon to which they believed
themselvi s entitled, In \ ��� ���*. or the
largo Interests which thev held In pure
i.red livestock. And it v.-.,-. this feel
Ing, accentuated which has led to the
formation of the WeBtern Livestock
union bv the four weetern provinces
Haskatchowan Manitoba Alb*
Hritish Columbia.
Humor and
*r -tV/tCA/i It. SMITH
TJNIJ.ss you have ��� superstition In
the morning thnt you are sbout to
hand out a pretty stiff day's work you
are not likely to be ot mucb account
during the day.
We sometimes welcome a humbug,
but we are rather hard on blm If be      ,     ���    .    .,
doesot bum in tune with our parti*   *����  ��,��*g�� "����� '���"1��� '"
ular bug.
A mnn who is a hard drinker can't
occupj a soft place very long.
Tbe pessimist works not for faint
nor honor nor gold, but because Ik
sees tbe poorbouse looming In the mid
die distance.
One woman says tbat spring honae-
clennlng lacks test wben ber husband
Is away because sbe needs the stimulation of all bis old houaecleaolng chest-
mi ts.
Should yon ever suspect tbat gold
bricks Rouietlines lake tbe form of
siitiiirtian lou and fruit farms In No*
Generally the man who bores ns to
denth Is the one who Is going out of
bis wny to do us, la bis opinion, a distinctive fnvor.
She Is n Inrky woman who ean snve
enough from the month's grocery bill
to buy tlie hahy a oew bounet
Sometimes s careless mnn wlll settle
op after lie tins peou called down bard.
'letting even wltb the fellow thnt
has tried to Injure vou costs more than
It comes lo. even tr It costs uothlng.
If life veer. n!*..:iys Bunny
And it were always May
TVe ahould nnt quit* appreciate
1 feur. a pleu=anl day
Jt taken a (lash of winter.
A little ol the *tlng. *
To make us thoroughly enloy
'i'he coming nf the spring.
If we had all the money
That any one could spend
The )oy we hav. In buying
Would very  sl.ortty end.
But If we can o.  busied
For lus. a week or so
Then we can fondle softly
The dollar tha. wa blow.
Minneapolis,  Oct  89.- "Eve-rybody
in  Norway hus relatives lu America."
This was the statement of Isaac Pe-
teraon, cousin of Jamea A. I'otorson,
country.     Isaac
|Peterson is a Chicago text book pub-i
"1 find there Is unite a boom In lnml
and   Industries ou  iii   southern   Nor-1
! way,"   ho  said.    "Thoro   ls   u  special!
furore on mor the development of the
wonderful water power facilities with |
'which    the   country    abounds,      The
strothlng is rent by a richt over ths
! proper method of developing this waller power.
"The government ownership faction
insists upon Ihe conservation of    the
natural resources in this respect and
asks that    the   Strothlng    retain    the
[ownership of tho water power, grant-
\in'l* only short franchises.
"In fact, Norway Is racing this and
many other problems which are live
Issues ln the United states just pow
I Tho progressive element Is trying to
save the nation frum some of the consequences already suffered by this
country in connection with loose hand
ling of national resources."
Lease Extremely Moderate.   For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
MIlj'S Kl.l.\
Ptanoforti .
*..*_   Ki-aiy   Sl .   New   Weal-
ball Krancisco. Oct 28. William
I Bastlan, the youth who last week was
captured mainly through tbe efforts
iof n bull dog, and who later confessed
, to au amazing series uf burglaries
committed in this city, has given the
police a long list of bouses he lias
lobbed. Haitian is still racking Ills
memory iu order to aid the police in
clearing up numerous burglarii 11
the lasi nve years, the period covered
li> his operations. Ho admits that tho
task of remembering all the places he
has robbed is almosl Impossible be
cauae of his Imperfect memory,
Bastlan told the police yesterday ha
had planned to rob only a few more
places which he hoped would brim?
him sufficient tu buy an automobile
After that ho was to havo given Up
Ills career of crime.
His little sister Josephine, who up
to the time of his arrest was Ignoranl
of hi r brother's win i s, was permitted \ P. H. smith. w. j Orovss
to soo him at tho city jail yesterday [__ auditors and account a nth.
and an affecting seen,, ensued.   Both
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VANCOU\ Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American  and Canndliin  Knglneera' Association.
Wa would also call attention to our Vltrlfled Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. ln diameter. Tbls Is also made lu this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed Crave!, Sand.
Mme, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones IS and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
pianoforte, harmony nml singing i'u
pi Ih successful), prepared fur sxaminn
Uon In It- A M. anil It. C. M. l-'ur term
apply ��",'. Third avenue.
the Iau Professor Allan Macbeth
Principal of the Glasgow c.iII.-k.- of
Musk*, ati.l 1'rof.nnor Qfoasland Hirst, of
the Glasgow Athenaeum, bags in Intimate thai sin. wilt accept a f'-w pupils
in singing and voice production. fct-
tensive repertoire of high class songs.
Kor terms, call or write to no**! Hamil
I'm  streel.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000 00'
RESERVE    I16.000.000.0O'
Brunches throughout (una.la and.
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago und Spokane-
������ U.S.A., and Mexico Cily. A geuera.
Iianl.lng business trumutcted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department -Deposit*
received lu sums of tl aud upward'
and Interest ulli.u.il at 'i per cent, pat
unnum  .present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,000,00040.
O,  D.  BHYMNHIt.  Manager.
II    J.
A co
l.luiil. Tel.  it.  118.  Room  1.   Han
If we had ell the honors.
If we were truly ureal.
I fear thai mer. existence
Would ba a humdrum state.
But when from out lhe lowly
We nerve ourselves to climb
In cnliu; up the  adder
We nave a bully lime.
brother and sister were
i thoy emerged from lhe
weeping when
prison chape]
Work undertaken In city and outsld<
lnts. .11 1*. Weetmlneter Truat Bide
hone  36V     p   O.  Box  (07.
ill!   has   a).
We need (he <1l-app-.lnimi.nt_.
We need the (rliflis tone.
We need at times a setback.
To sort of Klve us tone.
We'd yearn fot useful labor
If we could alwaya play
Bo we would nnt be happy
Jt It were a.'.'.ays May.
There's a movement on in the old land to spike Easter
Sunday down to the same date each year. If, in the face
of the terrible rise in the cost of living, we were sure of
spiking down a few eggs for the occasion, we wouldn't
worry so much about the date.
Huerta says Felix Diaz acted in a cowardly manner
when he took refuge on an American ship instead of accepting the dictator's offer of a special train to convey
him to Mexico City. Huerta may sav so, but Diaz evidently knew Huerta's methods pretty well and that special
train didn't look good to him.
Davenport. Wash., Oct.
of the Underwood tariff
read; been anticipated in th�� Hawal
ia.i  islands, according to Meldon Jar
vis,   returned   capitalist  of   Honolulu
who   is   visiting   at   the   home   of   his
hrother,  C.  \V   Jarvis.   lu   Davenport. I
Mi. Jarvis said:
"The now tariff, soon to lake effect,!
will paralyze the prosperity of the
islands, whose staple crop,.mii;i_r, will
be hard hll by it.i provisions. Under \
the now measure Hawaiian sugar win
he unable to compete with tho product
from Islands farther west whore cheap.
er  labor enables  the  marketing of
siiE.-ir around $40 a ton. us compared
with ahout tH~> with our product.
"Several   weeks  uco  companies  all
'oilier ihe island began cutting oil their
, labor boats that have for vears brought
able to check yoo European labor   for   the plantations,
Id   your  mad  ca- and   it   has boon sonic  months since
jthe principal sm.-ar companies dei lir
led t'-olr regular dividends. Many mills,
will  shut down  shortly.    Th"  pineapple bualneaa wtll also be hurt, though
to a smaller extent at present than the
alma Knaitnc-cis, laical r. 4 3. meets In
I-ibor Tempi! every Brat und Ihird
Thursday t.f the month H MoLaughlln,
president iv c. Saunders, secretary,
P.  i)   Mux  ISS.
B. A P. O   of Hike or thn I)   of C mw
i the tlrst and third Thursday at �� |i. m.
K.   of  I".   Hall.   Eighth   street.   A   Weill
I Oray. Exalted Rulor; P. H. Hmlth. Sw
Us* For Hsr Cheek
"My son?"
"Well, dad?"
"1    dont   know,
bow  we shall be
"I'll tell you."
"I     should    be
pleased to know."
"Kind   au   heiress    for
I-. O. O. It, NO. 864���MEETS ON
flrsl. second, third nnd lourth Wednesday In each month nt I p. m.
in the mii.im- Home. ii. j. Leamy
dictator; (���'. E. Jones. seorctury
Headquarters of lodge In S-e House
oorner ol Fourth and Carnarvon streets
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
t. O. O. P. A MITT 1.0IX.E NO.  17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodge N(
27. I. O. O. P.. Is held every Montis;
night at I o'clock In Odd Fellows' Holl
comer Carnarvon end Etelith streeti
\ Pitting brothern cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew, N Cl . H. W, Songster
V. O.; IV. C. Coalhiioi. I*, o. racor-j
lng secretary: J. tv. MacDonald, flimn
clal WH'retnry.
Commencing Oct. 2.1
time table, as follows.
Vet) a.m- for Toronto,
1:_5 p.m. -Kor St. I'aul
8:25 p.m. For ArusbIz
8.-10 p.m. For liuporlul Limited. Mon
treal, .te.
I'or rates, reservations
particulars apply to
Kamloops i.o
and     .i.ier
II.  W
E. UOUI.ET, Agent.
New  Westminster
IlllODIE, O. P.  A.. Vancouver.
VT, E FA LBS���Pioneer Funeral Dlreclo
and Bhnbalmer, si2-��in Agnes stree
Opposite Carnegie Library.
Hamilton, Ort. 211.- As a result of an
impromptu call made by Sergeant i ter|ou
Hawkins and Constable Pickett at thei
home of Kurd Ratheovitch, on Gage
avenue, on Monday evening, the ringers of Court Cashier McKay's good
rl|(ht rand twined around a roll of
JlflO this morning. Sergeant Hawkins wont to the house in search of
liquor. Ile found but a few bottles, not
enough to warrant a prosecution, hut
Ratheovitch took him into his confidence, and informed him that there
was moro money ln booze than in running a straight boarding house.
"How's that?    What do you mean?"
asked the sergeant
Some mys
killing  cattle  and|RANCHER  B
���nnn. Austria, Oct. 20
animal is
she. p over an area of ahout 100 square
miles In the mountain nnd forest districts of Styrta. Nearly every night
for the last two months two or three
oxen, cows or sheep have boen killed
and partly devoured. Tliere are many
Burmlsee as to the nature of the animal, Wildcat, puma, wolf and wild
dog have Lem suggested. It is also
thought possible tiiat the destruction
Is tho work of ;. Hon or tiger, escaped
from some traveling menagerie
The Difference,
"What's the difference net ween ths ''-u'
young   woman ot  me  period nud tha
young man?"
"8'pose there's 8 lot, but what Is Ihe
Specific thing you're trying to stirlug?"
"One Is fuml of fancy bolls, end the
olhc-r la fond of blgn balls���bn, nu!"
18.    ROWBI.L    .HUCC'EHHOn    TO    CBN
II   '     ter A   Hanna.   Ltd.)���funeral  director
and ������inlnlmers.    Parlors 405 Cotuinbt
of    tn.]-,..-    r���.i    .... i     ii   I     "treet.    New   Westminster.     Phone   It)
ot    tiirkev    led   mul   h|iio*Jteni   wheat
Walla Walla. Wash . Ocl   2:1    11
Vtncenl yesterday sold 70,000 bushels I
i--raiti hrought about SO coins for
item and 71 cents fur turkey red
George  Kellougb and s   I*;, Larson
"Old 12, 1 bushels or turkey red. blue-
stem and hybrid at t'10 _am(. prices.
Mos' farmers ar" holding off wiih the
wheat, as the prlci b do not suit.
ort 1 and
this assertion
brought   forth
showed  Sergeant   Hawkins the
lie kept of the booze he sold.
"Quito  interesting,  quite
ing,"   sighed   the   sergeant,
liooze without
of this evidence this morning Kathco-  mnnntal
viteh made a vlg rous denial, and said .    '''"'  pes
that ho had no conversation with Ser- children   co  outdoors
���scant Hawkins. have decld
"Too deep, too deep," quoth Magls-'an area of eighty square mil
trato Jeffs, as ho daubed out a flno of hoped that when snow comes the uni
Bellingham,  Oet.  29.    What  is  be-
loved to hive heen a plan to hold un
the nreal Northern Vancouver-Bi ttie
owl passenger train, which reached
here nt :i o'clock Monday morning 'ns
lust l"cko(| om from railroad nf!l. ialg
and thai only the accidental passli * of
a rancher and bis wife In a buggy
north of CuBter prevented two high'
waymen from carrying out tho ��l
temnt. Is the firm belief ���r tll��� r;ii,
ro��d men
Returning late Sunday from n visit
to their home at Blaine, Mr. und Mrs
['.tl Whaling saw two men on horHe-
back with black masks over tholr
faces alone Iho tracks In it lonely n ic.
near Oakntah creek. Without gtopnlng
to Inventleate th.. i-onPhPr hurrl
peasants, terrified and cxasiier-
I buys da booze, ami i sell it to da ated, have organized hunting parties
was Kago's reply,   To make of from BOO to 1,000 men. bul without
more convincing Kago success,   The animal frequently trav-
mammoth  book,  and/'Is  thirty  to  forty  miles  in   a   night
record I Military aid has boon Invoked and 160
gendarmes, mostly experienced forest
interest ''is Bnd hunters, have been sent. Into
. md  then  the district, but It is doubtful ir they|Bl��'nfi and reoo'rted to the airont
breaking away he Journeyed back to will succeed In killing the boast It Wben IV "owl" -.,.-iv. .1 .1 t>
the-station, and had a summons Issued Is estimated that 40.000 men would bo!"'" ir,'.,,,,,.., wer��� Informed ��?
for Kago, charging hlm wllh  selling reoulred to search tlio countrv   which rancher's  story
license.   In the face 1 contains   dense   forests   and rugged ��RV" ,hB ""alneer orders to nroc,   <
this morning Kathco- mountain.-. Un Bellingham without paying anv ��
'"���.  fearing to  let  their jentlojj to signals to stop, and'to watch
authorities ;f"f ties across the rails.   The mall and
1 tp close the schools over fiYoress clerkR  wore ordered  |0 close
It i8 "II doors, lmcr the stool windows and
I'ehtB In the cars and to
ma] will bo trucked and killed.
mil out  the
Not Detenorsled  Much,
"Tlow  did they eotne to give yon a
"To get rid 0, me, I guess '���
"Then   you  were   oot   1.   prize  stn
"Well, I know almost as much when
1 cane out ua when 1 went lu."
Bringing Hsr To.
She Jumped  sn   (eel and littered  ��
plenliiR cry.
"What Is the mutter, darling*.'" h4
"Yon stepped on my p*t corn '
"I in mire It musl be ouly a |iopcorn
on your dainty foot"
Ms/be Hs Wss In Love, But���
"I see you have quit culling upon
Lnelle '
"Vn ns,"
���'Charuling girl!" 1
"Y11 us; charming girl, all right mil
I don't like the t.rand of cigars uei
father smokes."
A Criticism.
"I'd hsve yon know tbat I know
food thing when I see It"
are too
tog It."
1 bave Just tbls tn say���yon
Infernally   alow   about   aea
stand guard, fully armed.
-irm- a* men.
H e gets s voie.
Pruy wtci wtll men
1 oe Bur-Sees tote?
Chares Blanco Light.
I'ortland, 0 t. 29.���Showing a Hxod
Illumination I >r the last 43 years, the
light In the 'ape Blanco lighthouse,
one of the n ,-si important coast stations of the fi st order, Is beln Changed to an  cci   ltlng light.
Novo Scott* Man and Wife Both   '
Benefited By GIN PILLS
<T~?l'ST   how   much j
difference   GIN
PILLS csn mnke in
the home hie can be
guessed from the I
letter below.   Where I
formerly   b oth
husband   and  wile
were in more or less
constant misery .vith
backache,   tb.-y   are
now delighted to be
almost free of the old
Lyons Drool., N.S.
"Vou are perfectly
free to use my name
in any way to benefit
GIN PILLS, for they deserve the high.
est praise. Mv back has never troubled
me since taking CIN PILLS, ami my
wife feels mucb better after taking CIN
PILLS for her back. She thinks CIN
PILLS will make a complete cure "
Why shouldn't you or any o( your
friends   wlio   may  be   suffering    with
Backache,   Rheumatism,   Lumbago,
Sciatica, Weak or Strained Kidneys.
Burning or Scalding Urine, Painful
Urination or frequent colds in the
Kidneys and Bladder, get the same
relief that so quickly came to the Nauss
home when they started to use OIN
Rememlier, you buy CIN PILLS on
onr standing guarantee that lhey will
cure or your money will be promptly
refunded, joe. a box, 6 for fl.jo,
Sample tree if you write National Drug
snd Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Toronto, n,
s.er Board of Trade meets In the I.our.
room, City Halt u fullowt: Third Frl
day of ux'ti month; (pinrte-rty mei-tlm
on the third Krlday of I-'ehrunry, Mu)
AogUSt and November et 1 Ji.m. An
nual   meetings   nn   the   third   t'rtdtiy   t
February, c.  H.  Stuart  Wads,  seen
Sale. I)c. ds, Kiisln'-ss I..*ii.-ih, i tc.; clr
Clllnr wurK Specialist All we.rk slrlclh
confidential. H. l��Hrry. renin 4 IS West
minster Trust Plk.    Phone 71!'/
Haters. Solicitors, etc. 411 l.nrn��. Hlrcel
New Westminster, ri K. Corbould, K
C.    J   It. Cranl.    A. K   MeColl.
teUU-laW, solicitor, etc. Tnlephon
ISTU, Cable address "Johnston*
Code. "Western Union." Office*. Kill
Hlock. r,.',2 Colurtibta street. New West
minster. H. C.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Wist
minster Trust lilk., Columbia street
NrV Westminster. B. C. Cable sddrem
"Whiteside," Western Union, p. o
Drawer 200. Telephone ��!i W. .!
Whiteside, K. C. J it I.. Edmonds, I
J. HTILWKM. CLUTK, Barrlster-atlsB
solicitor, etc: corner Columbia ar-
McKensle streets. New WeHtmlnstei
H. C.   P, O.  Box 113.     Telephone   71.
COAI. MININO rights of the Dominion
lu Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta,
Uie Yiiii.n Territory, the Northwest T��r-
rli.irl.-s nnd In c iiortloii of Uu PronnSSi
of Urlilsli Columbia, may bs leased for a
ie.ru, ut twenty ono yeari at an annual
rental of II an acre. Not more than Z.t*
I acres will be leased lo one iii>|.tl.'unt.
Application   for a  lease   mi.st   be  raadBi
I by  the  applicant  In  person  to  the  A��:d��
| or Sub-Agent of the dlstilot in wblch lb*
rights applied tor are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bs.
deaerlbsd   by  sections,  or  legal   sub-dlvt-
I lions of s.*ctlunB, ami In unaurveyed ter-
ritory   lbe   tract   applied    for    snail    be
I staked out  hy the applicant himself.
mson application must is- sprnmrsnle-ft
by  a  tea of |6 whloh wlll  bo  refunded ir
die  nubia applied for am not available.
! mi    not   oilwrwlsa     A   royalty   shall    be
: .mni  on  llie   merchantable  output  of  tb*
I iiil'.e ut the rBlo of five o, nts per ton.
lho   iiersou   operating   Uie   mine   ahslr
furnish   the   Agent   with   swern   return*
.icciiintlng  for  the full  ouantlty  of merchantable  conl   mined  nnd   pay  the  rpy-
i.liy   thereon.   If the coal   mining   righta
ire nol being operated suoh i. nuns shout*
bs furnished at  lenst onou a yiw.
!     lne  lease wlll Include the ,e.| ailr.ln*
MffitS only,  but  the  lea*,,  will  h? St?
mttt.d   io   poroliaae   whatever   available*.
surface  right,  may Ihi i ald-red n*wn��-
.",_��� 'i'r.i_" working of the mine at tb*
'rule of |10 an acre.
i h. ma fr. l,','"'���,"'m application shoui*
be  made  to the Becietary  of the  Department   ���f ihe imerlor, Ottawa, or to aor
Agent or 8ub-A��ent of -Dominion iJinthx
W   W   ^*ORT
_^���   ,. ~! "ButhorttM publication nt thla.
artverllaement wlll not be paid for.
Transfer Co.
Solicitor un.l Notary. Offices liar
block. 28 I,orne street New Westmlr
Bter, B. 0.
Unrrtstera and Solicitors. COS lo 11
Westminster Trust Block, fl. ns. Mat
tin, W. O. McQuarrie and (ieorge I
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The Daily News
Phone 1��5.     Barn Phono lir
���egbl* Str((t
llaggege Delivered promptly to
any p��rt of ths elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newt Bldg.
ol all kinds.
Prlcaa right.   Satisfaction guaranteed,
Bl McKtnilt tt THURSDAY, OCTOBER  30, 1913.
Icratlonj may urine. Kucb, however, Ih|
Improbable,    Tim country    is   going I
along     jirotiprruiii.lv   and   the  present! 	
mln! iters are strong believers iii  Hit- furious Methods of t'arlng Kor Bpnn-
Only One Fatal Accident  During Cc n-
ttructlon���K. V. R. Gets New
Moiling Stock.
I1. iillct'.'ii, Oct.  29.    Tho  firm  train
ran  across Trout  oreek  bridge this
week,  for thu highest  rallwuy  trestle
in   it.  C,  now  stands  complete nnd
principle of tariff stability. When any
radical change is ruad.' n will bo only
nfter careful Investigation as to pre-
'. .lillug conditions, and the c-ffect of
uny alteration that may bo made.
Tin- Underwood-Simons larlff. just
iii force, with Ub probable vital effect
upon Canada, i�� an Incidental factor
n th" domestic tariff situation, ami
������.hill' its operative effect ia being
observed awhile a new reaaop Ih fur-
nlshed for Canada moving gradually
'in dealing with its tariff. It may be
Bald that, when the time oomes fur re
vision, tin- tendency win be tor revision downwarda and not In the other
direction.    Tliere is little linllentii.il of
it.li Fighting Hulls.
Whatever one's views ina;- ' . In
regard to bull lighting there Is ont-
feature of thu national sport of
Spain which is particularly interesting    to   the   viBltor   and   slglitB'-ir
Ittii-inn Women Demand 1'i.lu. minimi
Freedom nn.l Ar.- iMmii.ig Out.
If over Alexander II. of Itu-snia met
on his walks a girl student in spectacles and Oarlbal'ian cap he began
to tremble, thinking that she must be
a Nihilist, bent on killing hlm.   His
'fhe bulla for the arena are UKiially  haired of women who endeavored to
tor  iriiflic,    Tho  bridne cos! ths presenl rates being generally In-
$11,00(1 and is aboul  250 feel creaeed at any time.
it is apparent thai the tariff win i.e
high   and   aboul   the   name   in   length. |otaculIe<*|   ������,   e���KI,U,t,,  ������,    Liberals
kept in large paddocks, wild and un
fettered, for, aa Sir Albert Itolllt,
who tuts visited one of these paddocks near Seville, Bays, "The a -
mals know nothing of ropes or chains
during lifetime."
It  Is  a  dang'rous  business,   bow-
ever,  entering  Ihese  paddocks.     Sir
Albert  stood   some   fifty  paces  from
the  bulls and   in   bis  interesting  let
t  - describing Hi
Country Life, says
obtain higher education to fit them-
���elVCea for the service of the masses
would have been ludicrous if it had
not been such a serious thing for tbe
women themselves.
And yet even the prejudice of kings
could do no more than temporarily
shock the feminine march to educational freedom. Kecent eveirts Bhow
lhat woman's part in publlc life bas
ino, published In grown to the proportions of a mass
We entered With   movement with the awakening of hu-
Ol the hundreds ��f men employed In attempting to make ur
Its Construction there was only one In    high cost of living, und
tal accident, a laborer falling from the therefrom  In cutting
girders n few waeka ago and being
daahed to death Inthe creek bad.
'Iin- Kettle Valley  railway has pur thai the larlff Is a hard and fast prop
chaaed  five new  engines and  these oaltlon, admitting or no change, bm
win arrive shortly.   Craws are already before H is varied generally there will
on the way from  Merrill to lay tbe be Inquiry Into all the governing fac-
steel from Trout creek to Osprey lake, tors of lhe situation.
Tbe work on the summit, near Kelow- In say event tliere is no present in-
Ith, ;- proceeding very rapidly In spite jdlcatlon of any Intention to effecl al-
our lives In our hands."
Tin; bulls, bow iver, are kept In
order by a cordon of lame oxen,
which, If a bull attempts to escape, at
once   prevents   It   doing   eo,   acting
man conscience, and that Russian
woman are actually making as ranch
progress as the women of other Kuropean countries. The t'nlversity uf
.omsk has petit oned the MinlBter of
<.f the engineering difficulties. Alto
gether lhe K V, it. have accomplished
a greal deal more than was expected
oii account of tlie wet  season.
So Says Youth of Ten, Who Hae Wan
derlust Because of His Step
issue  of  Lha
.���"���king relief
Itherefrom   in  cutting  down   the cus>, .       . ., .   ...
loins ilulles     The goveriiinlieiii  |s lit 'skillfully anil effectively as a species Education to enable woirfen of hlber-
tle likely lobe Influenced by anv such i of bovine police.    "The night before Ian birth to graduate In medicine and
"ampalgn.    It  Is not  to  be assumed  the spectacle In the bull ring at Be- an Important congress in St. l'eters-
I vlile," to -quote <-ir Albert, "the bulls burg, presided over by tbe ex-Mlnis-
are  driven,   i-lill   quite   at   large,   by ter   of    Kducatlon,   and   comprising
picadors along the boulevards, Inter- 1,000 delegates, has suggested many
mixed  with tbe oxen and restrained reforms that will render the path of
only by thern.   On my asking If there women's education le3s thorny,
must not be danger to the pu' lie us-       It is a psychological effect of tbe
Ing Hie boulevard, the reply was tbat recognition of woman's advance that
occasionally a bull might li.de in the lhey  have   spontaneously   developed
buabes of tbe central gariena and fall i * amazing ubliiiy, courage and or-
fi.til of a workman  In the morning, ganizing power.    The fact that there
I ul   such  Incidents  did  not seem  to are  now  about  a  tliouasnd   Russian
be regarded  as matters of much Im- women practicing as doctors is suffi-
portance compared with tbe popular- rlent Justification for their advent In- j
It    of the national amusement.     At to that profession.
times   many   of   the   aristocracy   and       The question of admitting women ;
others of both  sexes  ride on  horse- to the bar was recently raised by the
back  In advance of the bulls, which appearance of a lady, whom   the   St.
Is  regarded as line, but rather dan- Petersburg   liar  Association   had  ac-
gerous sport. cepted aa a member, as attorney in a
* Winn   at   or   near   midnight   the criminal case.  The prosecuting attor-
bulls  thus  enter   the  bull   ring,  the ney refused to proceed with the case,
-i.ene Is one of great  turmoil,  noise 1   Iding  that  women  under   Russian
and excitement.   In  rush the driven law were  not authorized  to practice
animals   bulls and oxen, helter skel- and he was supported by the Imperial i
ier.   a  motley    crowd    of    men   and Senate.   Over 100 women have quail-
I beasts, a veritable pandemonium. The fied as lawyers and they are making i
Frull coin; any  of Ib.s city  now comes   ��      ��        is moat Interesting of all. great efforts  to obtain  a footing in i
:,:,,li   ,,i:,!   h"  ,;""    'l| Stables  wllh  open   doors  encompass the local profession.   There is urgent
the arena, in front of each of whicb need for their services in wide areas
is  a sliding door and at the back a where the population of the country
lighted  lantern.    These  lanterns  the districts Is entirely without legal ad-
bull  makes   for   one   after  another, vice.  The agitation to obtain that re-
a -lashing them and extinguishing the form  is powerfully supported and a
lights, and nr. each light Is observed large and influentially attended meet- j
by   an  attendant   to  be  put  out.  he Ing has been h.id in St. Petersburg!
���<l!ps down th" door of Ihe stable and to protest against tbe continued ex-'
t!:-'  hull   Is  thus  encaged  and  ready elusion of women.
for tb" Spanish holiday of the mor- 	
rcw. Successively the light dls-
- ppear. and when all are out and the
doors of the stables closed the police
'.rations next session.
Winnipeg, Oct It Last week a local paper published a stat.-ment. by C,
O, Johnstone, who bad charge of the
Britiah Columbia fruit exhibition at
the land and apple show here, to the
effect that  most of    the    Winnipeg
i wholesale frull dealers were controlled
by a combine with headquarters   iu
Minneapolis, and oonsaq.upsntly very
| little IlritiHh Columbia fruit was to be
found on the Winnipeg market    Man
i.ter Orlsdale, of tha Scott Wholesale
mv rate. Is a party to any combine.
Hut he says tliat the reason British
Montreal, Oct 28.    Arthur. Juvenile  Columbia   fruit   growers   make    such
delinquent,  Is  Just    ten,     "And    the poor headway here   is   because their
brightest smartest lad I've bad before 1 agents are selling more fruit than they
mo."  remarked Judge ('hoquet. of the1 are   producing   and   promised   carload
Juvenile court, yesterday    Wherefore 1 shipments do not materialise He adds
the Interesting nature of the follow- that British Columbia growera appear
Ing colloquy between  llie boy ami the   to  be  overlooking   their  own   market.
Judge: (instancing  that (irand    Forks, II. tv.
iu> you smoke, my boy''' baa 1 n shipping peaches from Mar
"Oli.  I   use,I   to  years ag",  but   I've   CUS, Wash., paying duty, because grow-
���worn off." | ers  a'.   Keremeos.  II,  ('..  though   ship-
' \:.d you didn't steal anything?"        ping  through
"I  wouldn't steal. Judge.' jand   Rossiand
'What games do you play With those | market at their own door.
Mr Orlsdale thinks the Hritish Columbia producers need more competent selling agents.
. lodge
I know
Cards   given   you   upstairs?"
"I'aBlno. ami. and���-"
"Do   you   play   poker?"
"ub,  yea."
' you'll make a great gambl
you grow up. won't you?"
���iih. nil i wouldn't gambb
I wouldn't bet If you paid me.
lhe i^ils of gambling,"
And this all at Ihe age of ton 1
Ar'hur was one of four boys who
made an adventurous trip 111 s potato
<ar to Brockvllle and return lasl week,
landing hack In Montreal Thursday
Whin tbla was mentioned iu court
this morning. Arthurs' big Irish moth
or turned to hlm with a gasp, and
nsked him when he'd been to Ilroiik-
"It's the first I\e heard of II, your
worship," she- said.
"He has the wand  rlust." exnlalned j
Probation  OlnVror   Mrs.   Rosa   Mender
���on.    "He    doesn't   want    to    stay ut
horn.  '
' I can'l g.-t along with my step-
fiiiher." volunteered the lad In explanation
Arthur will be looked afier nt Ihe
Hoys iii-iine-im Mountain street for the
nexl few mouths Then be may have
other plans made for his future, as
h" had plenty of friends In tbe court
today, among them being Hon. Arthur
Hover, member Of th" senate, who
commented admiring]] on lho lad's
I" havlov.
Pity tl.e Editor.
"What's the matter?" Inquired the
,-,.. , i   i'  ,i     , ,  *,*.,, i     ��� , . .,' '*   ,',    i   ���  foreman  as he entered  the sanctum
'      ,'    T,rha]   **** ��rp "riven out of tbe bul   ring ,     ^ . notPd thfi editor's swol-
actualll   neglect    this I t0 return to their more peaceful pad-  ,_n fo^hPadi puBe(, red eve. and tat-
doc'-i and  to render similar service  teredi dugt�� coat. "Did you fall down-i
to other bulls and other devotees e'-gtalrB*"
tna bul1 ring."  I     "No���only  that," replied tbe edl-
! tor.   pointing   wlt'u   bis   linger  to   a
("itorofoi-m and Stains. ' paragraph  In the paper before him.
Paint, grease or other stains can; "It's In our account of the Crapley-
!>e removed from colored garments or Smith wedding. II ought to read: I
from materials the colors of which Miss Smith's c .pled, shining face
���re not fast by he use of chemically formed a pleasing contrast to Mr.
purs chloroform. Take Ihe garment Crapley's strong, bold physiognomy.'
Into th" open air and lay It upon a But see bow lt was printed."
(lai surTace with a piece of clean And the foreman read: "Miss
white blotting paper or absorbent Smith's pimpled, skinny face formed
doth under the spot. Then pour on a pleasing contrast to Mr. Crapley's
s few drops of the chloroform and strange, bald physiognomy."
pass through the stain. Do not rub; "Crapley was Just ln here," contln-
hard and b" sure lbe chloroform ll ud the editor, throwing one blood-
chemtcaltv pure. The spot wlll come streaked handkerchief into the waste-
out readily and without Injury to paper basket, and feeling In his
fabric or color. This treatment bu picket for a clean one. "and he���
proved efficacious where gasoline i but Juat send that proofreade.- man
beniine. naphtha and other cleaner!. here! There's fight left in me yet!"
have entirely failed.
Montreal. Ort. _!i. A party of thirty
or forty prople, whom the aitendant*. j
at the C P. K emigration 4)iisrlers be-;
iicve in he Mohammedans from Asia .
Minor, left Montreal last night on their i
way from Calgary to Sydney. N, S. W
The women and children were clad
In bright costumes, and two or three
of the girls who had tambourines and
an accordion, executed a fantastic
dance for (he edification of the oilier
travellers in the emigration quarters.
[A pnrty of Herman and Austrian Inv
tnizi at.li. gathered to watch the dance.
and when lhe tambourines were requisitioned as collection plntea, thc offi ring was generous.
The party arrived Tuesday night
from the west, and was up al break-
fust by seven yesterday morning At
Six  o'clock  the attendants assert, the
entire narty went through what was
evidently a form of worship and which
the guards took to he prayers to Mahomet. Kneeling on lhe rugs they
carried  or on  the bare concrete floor
of tha room, the strange visitors turn-
. il towards the east and bowed their
beads to the ground. Then they began
to CiRiit, In which tbey attendants
sa'd they noticed the words Allah, and
Di via, thought to be a dlalelic term
for (.oil
The wanderers do not understand
English very well, and w(,-re sparse in
iheir remarks concerning rligious beliefs. When a reporter asked one of
the women whether slu' was a worshipper of Islam, she shook her head.
It May Come S ut Day, But It is Not
on Cards for Next Session
at Ot'iwa.
Ottawa, Oct 29 A Statement could
n.i! 1 '��� obtained here in regsr.l to the
���cal'1 quoting Hon. '���'. T. White ss saying thut there will be no tariff changes
next : esslon. Those who know thai
the -.blister has no aversion either of
talking or being quoted upon the lar-
Iff. doubt very much that, for publication, he said anything of the kind.
At. the same time, ns has bepn pointed out quite frequently, the chances
are strongly against tariff revision
next session. There may, and probably will be. some Incidental changes
ns Ir iiHiinl every year, and it is even
conceivable that between now and the
time of the budget next spring conditions Justifying somewhat extensive al-
Fruit Output for Season Promises Big
Money to the
Cramming down lll-choeen
food, and rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with all It means la
Proper habits ol Baling,
with a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after eaoh
meal, restore good digestion, haslth snd hspptness.
A box ol Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tableta costs but
60c. at your Druggist's.
National Drug and Chemical Co. at Canada, Limited.
Vernon, Oct. 29.--A total of 1,179
carloads of fruit have been shipped
from the Okanagan valley this year,
according to figures compiled by 0. P.
li. ferlght agents at Vernon, Okanagan
Landing, Armstrong and Knderby.
That figure Includes . carload shipments only, up to the midnight of
Tuesday, October 14, but does not take
Into account less'than carload shipments, nor express shipments, which
would greatly swell the total.
The total shipments from Vernon
so far this year have beea 338 carloads; from Okanagan Landing. 832;
trom Armstrong, 196, and from Enderby, 313. These shipments were comprised of fruit, vegetables, hay and
general farm produce. Included ln
the Enderby total nre 128 carloads of
flour and feed manufactured there.
The O. P. It. freight agent at Knderby
also reports ihe forwarding of 426 oar-
londs of lumber and 20 carloada of
The 1.179 cnrloods of fruit produce,
for wMch >7RP a car would be a conservative estimate of value, represent
an export value of 8884.260.
Vernon's shloments from September 28 to October 13, Inclusive, were
as follows: 92 carloads of fruit, SIT
carloads of vegetables, two carloada
ot canned goods, and six carloada ot
Little of the crop of winter apples
has as yet gone forward, nor hava potatoes an.l other vegetables been mnr
keted yet In any very large quantities.
The output so far la therefore ettreme
The Sun Krom a Balloon.
At tbe height of two miles tbe sur
shines with a tierce Intensity un
known below, where the dust am' th.
denser air scatter, the rays, which
thus diffused, lose their intensity
while Illumining every nook and cor
ner of our house.. At heights ex.eed
Ing live miles thl*. diffused light ii
mostly gone, and the run shines t
glowing ball, sharply outline! in t
sky of which the blue is so dark ki
to approach blackness. At the outei
limits of the atmosphere tbe sut
would appear a brilliant star of mrs
s'.ve size among other stars, and ll
onf stepped from its Immlng rayi
Into shadow he would enter Egypt'
Items of Musical Memory.
One of the most notable cases of
sudden  loss of musical  memory related is tbat of Emile Prudent.   One
day  In a concert while playing his
own concerto with orchestra he lost
all consciousness  of   the connection
between  the   notes,   and   from that I
time I*_* had music only as confused
sounds.    Neither from his own play-1
lng nor from that of the orchestra
could be gain a   distinct   idea and
found that he   bnd   completely losi
the ability to read the notes.   Fron:
this attack, however, he soon recov
ered.    The gravest symptoms disappeared tho next day. but from that
time he could play only from notes
Watering the Garden,
if Ihe garden needs water badli
(few regularly cultivated ones do) di
not sprinkle the surface, as this gen |
erally does more harm than good j
Take a hoe and open a trench along i mirth.
side each row or around each bill ol Ab be passed a prosperous looking
plants, pour water therein, and whet! house a maa stepped from the door
It has soaked away fill up the tronetk way and hailed him.
No Reason To Work.
A large, aiouchy colored man we."'
shuffling down the read whistling like
a lark. Hla clothas were ragged,
and hla shoes were ont at the toes
and heels, and he appeared to be in
the depths of   poverty   for  all hls
es with dry soil. An ordinary sprlnk
ling of the surface does not react
the roots, and the sun soon evapor
ales the water, bakea a crust on thi
soil, and the garden consequently li
In worse condition than before. If yot
must sprinkle, do It tt oroughly in tbt
evening and cultivate the soil thi
next morning.
Steer For a Uoal.
Are you Just drifting along, o.
have you a real ambition? Tbe mai
who works because he must, wltb nl
higher purpose than to live from du)
to day, Is little better than a ma*
chine. Work for something beyonJ
your work. It It's only to build i
chicken coop or own rour own home,
and you bave become a human be
lng. The world haa plenty of ma
chinos. They all go to tha serai
String Up the Situation.
"So sch waa untrue to the man shi
was engaged to?"
"Yes. You sae, ha drinks, smokci
and rambles."
"Oh, I aee. She waa too good to bt
A Gentle Bint.
"Ufa at beat la but a gloomy pria
dn," said the moralising bachelor.
"So much the worse for men wh��
deliberately choose solitary conan*
ment," remarked tbe girl who hat
her trap aat.
Tha Vot* That Counted.
"And what waa your family's deal
"Practically unanimous 1st my It*
or," anawared tha young lawyer,
"mother voting ay* and father die
sauting." ���
Found Volturno lifeboat.
Hoston,  Oct.  28.���A  smashed  Ufa- __    _.       ���.,_. u
boat of  the burned  steamship Vol- T* .��H* **"<*% Houae.
turno waa sighted In mid-ocean by of- Waehlngtoo, Oct, 2).-���Women trom
fleers ot tho Wilson liner Toronto, President WUson's oWfc atate will
which arrived from Hull today. Tha swoop down itn the Write Honae oa
Toronto circled the boat aeveral tlmee Nov. 1��, It wu apiiB#*nd ��� today, to
���Hey. Jim! l got a Job for you.
Do you want to make a quarter?"
"No." aatd the ragged one. "1 done
got a quarter."
(Met and Remorse.
"Mo," sal .1 the stage manager, "too
arc ihe heroine. You are supposed
to -uffer more than anybody else la
ths play. You muat put yourself Into a frame of mind which represent,
grief and remorse."
"1 know," replied tbe leading woman. "HI try to make irfyeelf bellcv*
I'm one of the people who paid IS tc
see tbta plajr"	
Bride ot Soma Montha���My tempera you aay ara trying.
Ha���At tlmee.
"I would not hav* you worn oul
with.tham. If yeu cared to be re
leased from���"
"Oh. no; not at all; not a mint*
t don't f**l ao even when I am crgaa
I'm no ninety day volunteer. I en
listed fer the wnr."
MfcSjH-wed Wndnose.
"lan't Bugsby the klnd-beertet
���hap who built the luxurloua paten
kennel for stray dogs?"
"How did It work?"
"After ha waa bitten seven time,
while trying to coaa the doga to en tei
It th* Humane society loeked him ut
for cruelty te animals."
11 >i
���natty Seen.
Colored Person (In departmen
stern)���I mat to look at a pah ol
sUkitoaktol to* a ladr.
Saleswoman (nonchalantly) -
Whnt else aad color.
"Uerdv. gall U ron blind?"
ly satisfactory, and Indicates that the
total at the end of the year will run' to make aure no bodies were la tht dlabups "voMM. tor
Into larger figures. | vicinity. President.
wltk tho
The demand for the beautiful New Westminster Pennants last week far exceeded
expectations, and all were
delighted with them.
A large shipment has been received, including a few McGill University pennants,
and all comers can be supplied for the
next few days.   GET YOURS EARLY.
;e Coupons
and   25c.
To this Office and Receive a Handsome
Pennant in Three Colors--Size 15 by 36
.   ,n**W*%
Bring three of theae coupon* end twtnty-fUre eenU tft- 5fce News o/fiee
and receive one of the bwntiitf WtttaM* *W>k$hi&***i*�� not
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one month's tdhRriptioc a_rf t6 cents for pen.
nant Address all mail orders to The NeWa, New WwtmiMhr, B.C. Enoteee
5c. extra for mailing.
Aw**>�� it'/'-'^wr,
jgjfS k
> im in
%'_ r   *AOE FOUR
Fresh "Water and Salt
Case  Over  Vessel  in   Boneyard   Here
Being Heard in High Court at
Fraser Mills to Ship 3,000,000 Feet of
Lumber to South Africa in
Build   New  Sheds   to
Feet of Lumber-
Store   25.000,000
WHI Run All
Scuttle, Oct. 29.--Keplying to Collector P. .'. Harper's request for Instructions concerning the wearing of aigrette:! and other prohibited plumage
by tourists travelling from tlm cast
by way of Canada and whether such
plumes could not be listed ns theatrical companies list their Bcenery, the
treasury department yesterday made
a final ruling.
The rilling declares tiiat Its recent
construction of the traffic provision
applies to people in transit through
Canada between American ports
1 and P
Mrs. A. \V. (iray will receive Tor llle
fi.Bt time Blnce her marriage on Friday* October iii, from 4 tu -ti, ut -Iiii
Second  street.
While lier owners are disputing in
supreme court over the right tlie Dominion department of fisheries had to
seize her, the Thelma lies at the bone-
yard at Lulu island in the custody of
the government.
A dispatch from Ottawa tells of the
case now in appeal.   This reads:
Ottawa, Oct. 29,���In the supreme
court yesterday the appeal in the case
of Carlson vs. the King was taken up.
Carlson was the master of the
American ship Thelma and was himself a citizen of the United States, engaged in the fisheries on the coast ot
Vancouver island, near San Juan. On
July 24, 1911, tbe Canadian fishery
���cruiser Newington, on protection service, sighted the Thelma iuside the
three mile zone hauling In her nets
and arrested her.
Carlson insisted that he was outside the zone, and to test the distance
from shore. Captain Ledwell, the
commander ot the Newington, took
the Thelma in low and ran straight
to the nearest point of the shore, [
measuring the distance by a patent I
log. shown to be accurate, and estate *
lished the distance at two and a |
quarler miles. It took Iti minutes fo
make the run an ' lh1 soundings at
the end i t' run showed IB fathoms.
These obsei vati' us, in eiiect, corroborated the result shown by the log. An
action waa then brought by the crown
to confiscate the ship Thelma. which
was maintained by Mr. Justice Morrison, in the supreme court of liritish
Columbia, and his judgment was affirmed by the court of appeals for
British Columbia unanimously.
On the present appeal, Carlson contends that his ship was not, in point
of fact, within the three mile zone at
tbe time of the seizure; tliat the nets
"wer" cast a mile or bo outside the
zone, but tiie seine immediately be- i
came entangled with the vessel and!
her propeller, rendering her helpless1
and that, in this plight she wus carried j
by the tide and wind over the line,
���while her crew were endeavoring tn I
clear llie Bcelne; tliat the condftion ofl
things did not constitute lisliing with- j
in the meaning of chapter 47 of the i
revised statutes of Canada, and that j
as the Thelma had no knowledge or j
means of knowledge that she was in |
Canadian waters, she and her crew-
could not be held guilty of committing |
any offence.
IjAte in December a steamer is to
���tome up the Fraser to the Canadian
Western Lumber company's mills here
and load a full cargo of lumber for
South Africa.
This announcement was made yesterday by the manager of the company. Tlie shipment will amount to
between 2,500,000 and 3,000,000 feet,
lt is is now almost ready at the yards
antl includes many large timbers.
Who the buyers are, was not stated
ana it is tliey who are chartering the
viitsel. What, the charter figure wlll
be, therefore, rests with the buyers
and as >'el no word has come to
Kraser Mills of this.
Considering the   present   condition
of the lumber market all over the
coast, this big shipment is creating
much comment.
The unreliability of rumor was am
ply proven  yesterday when uponTS.|to (.������_,,,, ,ul(1 ���..., |n ������. Clls|1 l)f       .
lng questioned on a report tbat   the sengera travelling between   Canadian
'Canadian Western Lumber company S point,, nn,| entering lhe l'nited Stales,
plant at Kraser Mills was to close ,���,���,-, pag8angerB mav place all pro-
down completely for four months, the hlblted plumage in baggage for bond-
manager, w. s. Rodgers, emphatically I ing through the Dnlted States
j stated  that no  such  move  was    ever, ���_	
[dreamed cf;  in fact the oompany was. Study Agriculture,
building accommodation for 30,000,000 j    Saskatoon,     oc..     29. -Sixty-three
more teet  of  lumber and   would  run   students have registered fnr the com.
Miss Nelson, of Chicago, who lias
been in the city for some time, left
yesterday for tlie east via   Beattle.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 3. Rodgers leave
today for New York city, on a month's
trip. While in the easi Mr. Rodgers.
who is manager ot the Canadian West-
.nu ern Lumber company, will undergo
I treatment at the hands of a spei ialist
ill an elTort to remedy throat trouble
from which be bas been Buffering for
some lime.
Victoria, Oct. 29.���After being on
the frays for the better part of a
iribhtB, the Canadian Pacific steamer
! Princi ss Maqulnna has been floated
ifrom the yards of the Victoria machin-
I "ry depot and within the nexl few
days will again lie made ready tor
se- vice.
l'ollowing her mishap In Yakutat
ibay, Alaska, the Maqulnna has been
I undergoing repairs thai cost over Jl;:,.
i000. which was something like the fig-
ure t-Altioned after she had been sur-
jvye.i. Many plates have been replaced and the Maqulnna is now in
just -is good shape as when she was
This makes tlle second vessel to
come up the Kraser during the next
'month and a half, the other being a
'coastwise freighter which is to take a
cargo of piles out from Ruskin at the
mouth of the Stave.
all winter even if not one stick were
"Right now we are at work increasing oui* shed and lumber yard capacity." said tliis official. "We will soon
hllve additional shed room for 25,000,-
j 000 feet and for 5,000,000 or (i.ilOO.OOO
more feet in our yards.   Yes, trade is
jnol as brisk as it might be, but we
arn't going to cry 'wolf on this provocation. When things brighten up again
i we will be right  to Hie front if    the
* market."
Mr. Rodgers gave the knockout blow
I to the bit of .streei gossip regarding
i lhe mill closing when he told of u
cargo nf about 3,000,000 teet already
Isold in South Africa and to be shipped
j there in December.
Shingle trade he sa'd was belter
than   a   month   or   so   ago.   and     his
jfirm  was  Belling  right along,  a good
: part to local trade.    The shingle mill
j was working full capacity now.
Tiie common sense optimism of the
I Kraser Mills concern has been com
mended as "a sensible summing up of
the linancial Bituation."
ing term in the agricultural course of
the University of Saskatchewan. This
number it is staled Will be largely increased within the next few days.
Skating in Reolna.
Regina. Oct. L".i.- Wascana lake was
alive  last  night   wltll  people enjoying
the  Ii rs t real good Ice skating of the
season.    Many  Improvised
their canoe canvas, and  w
Miss Alice S. Stark has just arrived
in lhe city after spending a pleasant
three months' holiday at her home in
Slarkvills, tint. While in the east
MIbb Stark took a post graduate
course in Bchool nursing at Toronto,
receiving her diploma,
Mrs. Jack McLean, of "Sleepy
Castle," Port Moody, left on Tuesday
night for Port Coquitlam where she
will make a holiday  visit.
rapidly  before a fair breeze.    The ic.
is reported nearly iwo Inches thick.
Mayor  P.  I).  Roe and  Mrs.  Roe. of
Port Moody, left on Tuesday nighl for
sails from !a visit to Kamloops,
nt  gliding i
That   for Cold Weather  there  Is
Nothing Quite so Good as Our
Special Hot-Water Bottle
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
(Continued trom rage onei
Montreal,  Oct.   29.���Brought   before
Judge Lanctot In the arrignmeut court
yesterday on a charge of threatening!
to   murder   his   wife,   Louis   Phllllppe
kBastien pleaded not guilty, and was re-:
manded until the L'.th for trial.
Emile Blllette, his counsel, made
application for bail, which was opposed by L. T. Marechal, K. r. who
characterized the accused as "a dangerous man and a professional wife-
: Judge Lanctot declared that he
would  not grant the application. The
���last time Bastlen was before liiin he
had promised to keep away from an
niiying hls wife, and he iiiii not think
,he  would  be Justified  in  giving  him
another chance.
Mr  Blllette announced his intention!
.of appealing to a Judge of the supe
rior court.
Mayor Mars, of Port Coqultlam, was
a visitor in the cily yesterdaj
William Manson, M. L. A., was;
among the prominent visitors to thej
city yesterday.
Sam Atkinson, of Buffalo, NY., who
spoke at tiie labor smoker last even
ing. is a cousin ol Philip Bnowdi ".
Die Socialist member of the English
parliament Mr. Atkinson is the son j
t.r u clergyman and was for a time
iu the ministry himself beforo'
affiliating wiih the BociaiiBt Demo
cratic party of Canada
Blow  That  Wrecked   Nome  Tied   Up
Power Schooner at Kuskokwim
for Eight Days.
Seattle. Oct. 29.���The storm that cre-
  ated   Buch   havoc  at   Nome  and   held
'captain Louis Knaflich and  bis little
VICTIMS OF NOME 'power     schooner     Bender     Brothers.
DISASTER ARRIVE IN SEATTLE '��� which arrived yesterday from  Bethel,
  J bottled up at the mouth of the Kusko-
Seattle, Oct.  29.���With  245  passen-'kwim river for eight days.    According
gers. many of whom  were  victims of, to Captain Knaflich, tl
tbe storm'October ... which desolated   Kuskokwim w
Nome   and   the   surrounding   district, |",e storm
the steamship    Northwestern   arrived
at  Seattle  from   Bering sea  Tuesday,
Those who arrived by the vessel confirm'd    reports    previously    received
here of the catastrophe.
The Northwestern made a call   at
waters of the
ere raised twelve feet by
Port Townsend on her way hero and
landed Sii of her passengers who were
bound for San Francisco. They were
picked up by Uie liner President,
which left yesterday morning.
On board lhe Northwestern was
$250,000 in tn-asure and a consignment of valuable skins, whalebone and
Not on Ways Yet.
Though raised and brought up river
from the Sandheads last week the
Fin fly has not yet been put on the
ways here, Shi* lies moored near the
Westminster Marine Railway company s yards.
For the Week Ending Sunday. Nov. 2.
West in in ster.
High. Low.
4 IB 11:20
:, .''i   0:45
10:46 11:45
6:20    I 56
17:20 12 20
iii')    2*411
17:50 13:U0
S-.20    'iin
18:20 1". 4 Till ir,    4; 10
18:65 14:45
K)>ir,   4:66
19 26 15:46
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. IU.
8:16 11.1 9:0fi    5.2
15:16 12.7 21:59    8.1
4:18 12.0 9:68    0.2
15:47  12.8 22:27    1.8
5:19 12.S 10:49
Hi: 19 12.9 23:17
0:19 13.4 11:41
10. 511 12.8 23:59
7:1S 13.S 12:36
17.22 12.5
8:18 13.9
! 18:27 11.4
���Owing to the severe drought all over
northern Alaska, the Kuskokwim river
was lower than it had ever been before In years, until lht- southeastern
gale blew up from the Bering Sea.
Captain Knaflich says on his arrival at
the river it was so low that only at
high tide would it float the Bender
even as near the mouth as iffteen
mill s In-low  Bethel.
About $6,000 in bullion from the upper Kuskokwim distric:  was    brought !
liy   tlu-   Bender  ami   $8,000   worth   of;
Alaska furs.   She also brought six pas-!
iangers, Including    w.   Keeler, who!
made  the  flrst  strike  in  the Idltarod
district and who has not been outside
before for thirteen years.    Keeler has
located  at   the head  nf the  Klk   river
and  is so pleased   with  tiie prospect
that iie plans to take in a large outfit]
in th" Bprlng
Those returning on the Bender report that thc drought held up mining j *on
operations greatly ir, the Kuskokwim'
region, anil that little mw than tlie
annual assessment work was done in
the greater par; "f ihe country They
|ir:i!se the work of Dr I W. Reed, who
was sein to Kuskokwim by the gov
ernment. Dr. Reed Is tiie only physician in the whole territory. He is
doing a great work among the nativ s.
according to Die Bender passengers
They also sav that the condition of 'I"*
natives have been further Improved
by   the  onenlng   of   the   government
7.2   school at Klnak.
12.0 13:38
13.9    1:28
n 1
'l in-  Bendi r  Brothers,    which    for
years nasi has been taken to the Kuskokwlm riv - by Captain Knaflich, has
ii,Jul'* lor last trio this year to llie
north, and she will he tied up for the
winter. Tli" Bender is jointly owned
i'v Captain Knafl ch ami .1. E, Shields:
This oast summer she was employed
to 1'i'lrl cure salmon al the mouth of
lhe Kuskokwim
'of the chaos in Mexico and will sug-
igest means for accomplishing tliat purpose.
Although the state department has
not been informed formally of the reported intention of Oeneral Huerta to
declare Oeneral Blanquet as having
been elected, it is certain lhat in line
with previous declarations the election
of last Sunday will not be recognized
as constitutional.
The inability of the lluerta government to conduct a constitutional election, will lead th" American government to suggest a method of holding
the elections, it is believed, iu which
safeguards and guarantees can be
given which will permit the Constitutionalists to participate freely. Many
diplomats here believe that before any
suggestions for an election can he
carried out. the elimination of lluerta
from the Bituation must be accomplished.
It is thought that the president will
repeat the suggestions he outlined recently to John Lind upon which a satisfactory settlement of the trouble in
Mexico seemed to be conditional, but
will add the stipulation that some one
acceptable to nil factions be placed In
provisional authority to conduct a fair
and free election. Details of an election plan, it is thought, will accom-
panv such suggestions,
With the united support nf the for
eign governments, li is thought by
some officials here that the retire
menl of Huerta could be accomplished
although others who know of Huerta'
personality, declare he will not yield
to any foreign pressure, and will retire
jonly If lhe Constitutionalist arms an
successful. Various alternatives, BUCh
as moral support to the Constitutions'
cause, or lifting the embargo on arm'
have been suggested as ways to In
fluence Huerta  to retire.
Criticized United States.
That some comprehensive plan for
dealing with lhe situation is expected
hv Europe was apparent today when
the character of t'.ie representation'-*
made by the diplomats at Mexico Cltv
to their 'Mine governments became
known. Although no collective opln
was reached at tlie recent confer,
"nee of diplomats at the Mexican
capital, manv -of ihem. li was learned
todav, criticized the United Slate* se
verelv for not. taking such steps as
! would restore tranquility. Some suggested intervention in one form or
another. The French minister is sail
'o have been among thoae who round-
'v criticised the American policy,
while the Spanish minister is declar
*'l t ' have in,nie caustic reference i"
���h" Invasion of th" rights of Spanish
natlonsls whli" th" l'nited States
tnalnta nad  a  quiescent attitude,
Drill Hall for Ottawa.
Ottawa. Oct. 29. A. li. Fripp ami
Dr. .1. L. Chabot, Ottawa's representatives in the Dominion house, were assured today that the department of
militia would authorize without delay
the construction 'f a drill hail for Ot'awa. A sum of $60,000 wns placet! in
'he estimates last Beason for the work
hut delay lias occurred in connection
with tin- preparation of the plana ami
the securing of a Bite
MAIKIN'S WEEK suspend public
Fox Breedinq Spreading.
Ottawa, Hit '.'9.- Hon CharleB Dal-
���on. th" cell) . te.l fox breeder for
Prince Edward island, who lias been
here for a few flay'S says that fox
br""ding Is spreading all over the Dominion. Rflcenfiy Mr. Dalton received
���in offer of $5000 to organize a ranch
i*it Edmonton, bul he was too busy to
Once and for All.
F.tItr-^nton. Oct 28.���An order pass
il in tiie provincial cr*unci] today will
settle onee and for all tbe much mooted question as to whether the moving
Dlcture  theatres of tiie elty  may  remain open on Sunday. Th" new order
which becomes effective November l
i"tIn.rizos    ib"    cancellation  of    th
'iconso  lo do business of nnv  plctur
tin atre remaining open <��������� Sunday,
(Continued from page one)
handed down liy th" supreme court
"should be regarded as llnal and conclusive" because of "tlie disturbing
effect of continuing th" uncertainties
in regard io tlie matter." Before th"
��� wind-up cf llie conference late this
! afternoon Premier Sir .lames Whitney unit Sir Loner Oouln were again
[authorized to call the next conference,
the principle of holding these confer-
encea from time to time being en*
doraed. Hon. W. it. Boss, minister of
lands for British Columbia, was pri �����
"in at today's Beaslon and Hon. Mr.
Caron, minister of agriculture for
Quebec, was present yesterday mil tn
Taken Back to Ontario.
Regina, Of. 23.���Malcolm Kay. who
was arrested In this city tiy Sergeant
Dubuque, of the It. N W. M. P on
information supplied Ly tlie Ontark
pr< vincial police was taken to Ontarli
yesterday under escort of Inspectoi
Boyd, of the pri vincial force of thai
province. Bay le wanted on a charg
i ( embezzlement, but neither the local
police nor Inspector Boyd were aim-
to give any of th" details.
Twenty  Dollars for Game of Di;e.
Regina, Oct. 2:' -Theodore Schmidt
in prieior of th" Vnns hoti I, wns this
ifterncon fined the minimum \�� nalty
it '."1 nml costs in th" city pjollci
���1 url for permitting a game of die
��� 1 Like [lace in his liar room last
Saturday night, Mr. Schmidt declared
ie bad never violated th" license act
or permitted gambling of any di
icrtptlon in his hotel. If he k:u*w It.
. ..AT...
Dean's Grocery
This week we nre demonstrating
Malkins Best 'leu. am! Brown Berries
Coffee, if you have not tried tins
delicious Toa and 1 offei come m, our
etore anil have a sample cup
Buy Malkin's
Tea and Coffee
This Week
are  giving  awa ���
wllh every  pun 111
dainty  china-
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block
Phon- 3SS6.
Columbia etreet.
City Threatened with Roldemic of Infantile Paralysis���Fevcn Cases
Buroka, Cal.. (jet   29,   Because of a
threatened    epidemic    of    Infantile
paralysis, tlie city board of health issued .111 order toduy closing all  Eureka    publlc   parochial   schools.    All
houses where the   malady   has   manl
fl sh il Itself nre being belli under rigid _________________________  .
Quarantine and pan nts throughout .In* I Kidnaopinfl  Cote Dropped
city bine in" n Instructed to keep Dubl|n ,���., '._���, Th��� ,)r���,,olio* of
their children Isolated Publlc dances fha nrosecutlon of Mrs. Lucille Hand
have been postponed Indefinitely, daughter of  Henry T. Oage of Call
Seven cases, two resulting fatally/ fnnl|.*, and of Mrs. Dora Monteflere, a
hate beon reported. Many new cases j_<,n,j0n philanthropist, virtually was
w.i" broughl to tlie attention of the decided on today when the case
health authorities today when two against them on s charge of kidnap
babies belonging to one family were ping eame up before a police magls-
stricken, j trate here.
Sumas, Oct. 28    Because he failed
to report at the United Stales custom
office on crossing the line from Can
ada, Burnham Freeman, a commission
agent,  Ib   nov.*   lack    In    Vancouvei
iwaltlng trial  for embezzlement, after
bavtnR onee successfully escaped fron. i
I officials seeking to Berve a warrant i
I    Freeman crossed  Hi" line lato Saturday night In a tilth power niitomo
Idle   without   even   hesitating   at   thi
customs  office.    Officials    Boon    got
busy on  the  phone and  Freeman  was
arrested al  NookBack, five miles dlst I
I nnt niul brought back.
When returned here Freeman was
held only on the charge of failing u
report to lhe customs office and Inn:
li" reported he would have been pas.
ed.    A Canadian  Immigration officer
however, happened In the detention of
rii" and recognized Freeman as a fu
gutlve   from   Vancouver.     Vancouvei '
officers were soon on the border with
n warrant.    Freeman at. first refused
to go back  without lielng extradited.
but later changed his mind  and sur-,
An Easy Egg Dish.
Mir equal quantities of water and
good veal gravy, two tablespoonfuls of
esch, with a teaspoonful of vinegar
snd a seasoning of pepper and salt
Pot the whole ln a Btswpan, and stir
In gradually the yolks of two well-
ben ten eggs. When lt tblckcTiS, and
before It boils, have ready half a dozen
nicely pom bed eggs. Cour tbe sauce
over them, gnrnisb with parsley nnd
���erve promptly, This Is an excellent
emergency dish, and only takes about
ten minutes to prepare.
To the   Thrifty
We  wish  to reduce our  stock
for stock-taking purposes and
are ulfcriug the whole at a reduction of from in to 'in per rent
For Seven Days
sh. We invite ynu Iti come
We  will  save   vo11
for       ^^^^
and  see us.
floods ileliv
tii" City.
���red to any part "f
Corner Oth St. end 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
C. P. R. Ready-Made Farms
More than 9,000,000 acrea good Canadian I'acific Hallway Coin
pany land In Ilrillsh Columbia, "Sunny Alberta," Saskatchewan uin!
Manitoba awaiting  magic  touch of tlllerB' are to blossom as the rose.
All C. P. it land for sale op pew twenty year, colonizntlon payment plan: $_0llU will, if desired, be loaned se!tiers for farm Improvements.
For descriptive literature and settlera' transportation rates cull
on or write the Canadian Pacific Railway company's official Laud
Selling Agents
D. E. Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Financial,   Insurance  and   Real   Estate Agents.
Rentals and Collections.
General  Rail**.!/ and  Steamship Agents.
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
c>. SMITH,
' Granville
C. P. & T. A.
Street, Vancouver.
W.   B.   DUI'EHOW.   fl    A.   P.   D
1 bone  Private   Iin I.n nge  M'i 4
Milled in a
Wonderful Way
The pick if Canada's wheat crop Is
ground Into flour by the Royal Standard milling process. Boob grain Is
cleansed   and   passed   In   a   golden
stream over many sets of rolls, each
grind,ng gently anil 11 little Oner From
tne machine to another, untouched by
human hands, sifted through Una
silken mesh ami automatically packed
Into sacks branded "ROYAL STANDARD." This is the flour for you
er":.niy. nourishing, pure IIOVAI,
Vancouver,   New   Westminster,   Nanaimo, Victoria.
A Girl's Bedroom.
French gray wall pnper ln soft satin
Snlsb Ib exquisitely charming for a
voung girl's bedroom. The background
>f gray Is lovely for pink and blue
lowered banging* and furnishings.
New British Citizens.
Only  1,33-1 alien,  became naturalized
Int.iiin.H   'luring   i'.il'i,  according   to   the
 nt report isimeil by tbe British home
���tlice. Russia supppliod no fewer than
1:1:1, Oermany 89. and France 23. Of
s'ew Britain's. 1,2 .1 havo taken up their
osidences in Engli nd and Walos, 5_3 uf
hem living in  Li .iou.
Tbo ostrich in
iot  in   the   Vin
i-g firm alone hi
..���ry handsome fi
lie  district, wen
:ent  Agriruituru,
. ol  i-urhun.
istry has tuken firm
ti County of Nutsl,
ng 1,500 birds. Home
ithera, the product of
exhibited st the re-
Sbows in Muritzbuig
Aladdla's Lamp.
"Aladdin's In ip, in good working
irder, price ��601* J00," Is the inscription on a -"ard 1 th' hed to a curious-
* 'king lump ext ised for sale in the
in ip window of s Kingstoa (Eng.)
u.'ique dealer.
Furniture Bargains
Dining-room chairs In Golden Oak finish, set of fl, regular jiri.no.   sale  11.50
Bxtenslon Tables. Oolden Finish  $ 9.S0
Kltohen CabinetB complete top and base, two bins and two drawers,   itegular $15.   Sale  512.75
Kitchen Cupboard, glass doors.    Regular $16.00.   Halo 511.50
English Breakfast Tables.   Regular $7.00.   -Sale 5 5.00
Kitchen   Tables,   large  size    %  2.50
Bedroom TableB, Qolden Oak.    Regular $4.80    Sale  % 3,25
Brass Beds, full size.   Regular $l'f,60.   Sale 513.50
Hed Spreads,    Regular $1.60,    Sale    Sl.OO
lied  Quilts.     Regular   $2.00,    Sale    *,   I.50
For thc balance of this week we offer you a reduction of 15 to 20 per cent
off all lines.   It will pay you to give us a call.. Above prices are for cash only.
Thc Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
i THUR80AY, OCTOBER 40, 1913.
i.  ���  M6E FIV��
Arctic   Explorer   Arrives   in   Montreal
After   Abie nee   cf   Sixteen
Crowds at  Local  Games Fail to Help
Out  Financially���Two Dollar Collection at One Game.
though  a  crovtd
band, while the ni
id   at  oons.dera.bl
Soccer Ib a game warranted lo stand
any Climate without Inning color and
any weather without shrinking. It ih
for  tlieno,  among  other  reasons,  tiiat
aocoer promises to become ths universal sport   in New Westminster the
game la down lo a solid footing as
far as the playing iH concerned, but
th" same cannot be said in connection
with the support accorded the teaniH
by the fans.
,\ glaring Instance Of this lack of
support wiu shown Ian! Saturday at
t; i iwo games played on local parks
in  Hie Iroquois cup contests.    Out  at
s.ipt ��� 'ton. a crowd of several hundred
puherod on the side lines, but when
thi   iin' waa passed around the small
.'in:  if l'i   11 wo dollars)   was counted
by ih.* collectors.
Ilu' kiiiii wan insuil'lcieiit to even ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
puy ti.. referee's fees, which does notIclubs in meeting presenl expenses, bu'
reflect credll on ihe support accorded ii would slso mak.- possible the bring
a gan" where intercity teams are in Ing ul lhe best teams In the prov-
action. i Ince to n.w  Westminster, when   tbe
Tin         ... applies in the gunn'  i.t ti ns could gunge  tie   strength ol
ai  Mood)  park between thc City aim  local  soccer as   compared  with  Van-
North   Vancouvei Wailance   Rutgers couver,   Victoria  nnd  perhaps   teams
when. }���;  .'.ns taken up in the hat. al-, from  'he upper country.
their first workout tif the season yesterday afternoon.    Prank I'alrick was
ner mi Lhe capital looking 'em over,
handed over to lie*  hall  teams al tin
time of the world's series.
'Jos. I.ally. Canada, via America,"
wan tiie simple address ou a communication from AuHtralia which reached
the factory town of Cornwall the
other day. P, J. I. is num well known
on tbls (jpntlnent,
Montreal, Oct. 29.���Hal
apt.  Hernler, the Arctic
��� and hearty,
explorer, ar-
Well, it bad to come. Frank linker
starl'-d tba ball foiling by saying lit*
would retire from baseball and go
Into business, Now watch Johnny
Kllng, Ty Cobb, Kube Marquard and
Jimmy Archer kick in wltli their
nual retirement yarns.
over  300   was  on
bleachers, erect-
    i _.....,..    expense   by    the
league leaina wa.s taken advantage of
by  the same crowd.
Among all visiting teams, tlie tenti-
I ment is expressed that New Wet: mln-
ISter lias the besl playing grounds on
jibe   lower   mainland.     Al   each   park
tin re is dressing room accommodation , 	
[for tiie players which cannot be said | "Niimmfs de Guerre" is tho idea of
of many of tlie playing grounds inja Toronto boxing tan to be proposed
Vancouver and North Vancouver, ;at the annual meeting of the a. a. r
People may iiHk what expense) urejof c to permit amateurs to enter box-
attached to a soccer team in any log championships under assumed
league,    Suits bate to lie purchased I names,   He claims that many promts-1
from  time to  time, new  footballs are ling  mars  would    come    out     in     the
necessary every few matches, while I arena bui fur family reasons. How
ether Incidentals add up the total about tbls one, "Ouimet Snowball" for
which in many instances have to   bei O'Connor.
paid out cf lhe pockets of tlie playi ri 	
themselves. Rumors   are   leaking   through   from
Several     <:     the     prominent     en-  Winnipeg  thai  Savior  was  robbed OM
tho-: mis of the elty have approached [a decision over Freddie Welsh   in the
'II,.   '.. ws lo make this appeal for bet    "Peg city last week.    One can Imagin-
ter support.   The) are not asking for marry   Pollak  jumping  around  forty
  much  when  ihey  mentioned  the different ways when his dear pet was
small sum ei ..oi cents irom nnii fan. bowled ,,,,r with that alleged foul.
Noi   only   wonld   that   sum   assist   the j  _^^|
rived in Montreal last night, after an
absence of 18 rnonttiH in the northern
part of Baffin Land. He state*, thai he
is   absolutely   convinced   that   Canada
has an Inexhaustible harvest of furs
and other commercial commodities
along her northern boundaries.
"I  bave brought back with  me," he
said, "a full cargo of furs, Ivory, fish
and oil.    There Is a harvest up tliere
be glad
accused   endeavored   'o   Ket.   away   as i
won an possible. No attempt bad been
made   to  detain   Mr��.   Thompson   nor
had the door of the shack been locked
when the miners entered.
CrOSS-examined   the   accused   Btated
that  he had  known Thompson  for  a
long   time   and   that   Mrs.   Thompson i
had   Invited   them   to  her  home.     He I
had  assisted  Mr.  Thompson   in  erect-; 	
ing a woodshed ami doing other work ! **]-*\ (-��nada of the future
��� t hls bouse and  Mrs. Thompson had j<jf', fvor " ,is b��u5dle" a"d has har'JI>'
sent a -ie to his shack In return. J'*'1 >.<'<n touched.    Of ihe furs I have
i    Cross-examined by Mr. Taylor Good- brou?*1 >;ack ���*��� to*, blue and white.
(win admitted that there was a charge I ""   ���**  bts''   but   I   bave  some   very
Iof   rioting  and   assault  against  a  po.;r'""   lfar   sklnS   and   E" 8kins*     '<<"
Ucenrfa in the riots of July this year P?** from natives regarding the con-
'-till  hanging over hls head.    "I  beat:d tlo',s of -^ . (ur bearing animals are
no s policeman myself and four of US ��� the very best     ihe skins   I  have
could   not   beat   up  Jack   Thompson." |bear aat their contention that the anl-
the accused Inadvertently admitted.     i'nalfl  of   'he  Arctic   wilds   have  been
There was another witness for the\%DterllJ5 we.1 and musl *���*'** Increas-
defence, a  teamster,  who deposed   to  Sd considerably.
the effect that he had seen Thompson L , as9,n** through the Straits of
at his door, club In hand, abusing the;J:''lle , Is M ��'�� skirted the coast of
accused as thev departed. Greenland and from there went across
In summing up for the defence Mr.! [" l-ancaster Sound and thence to
Leighton submitted that the case was\Y��Di*- l?'et ? '��� ,ornT' a ���party
not a difficult one to defend. Thomp-; [hfr,e,an'1 'ravelled south Son miles to
son and the accused had been friends iIflollk- s,��PPing at our various sta-
up to the night in question. Thomp- 'i('ns,?�� the wa-v* Th(' natives are as
son was a prize fi titer and probably friendly as ever and with the guns
the aggressor *������*** ammunition  I  left them  the tr.p
In'addressing the jury for the prose. j Previous had spent the winter profit-
cutlon   Mr.   Taylor     said     that     the\,rA .,,   ,
chances were that the ston given bv j, Canada will draw a huge revenue
the defence witnesses was probably '" *Y- fu,,ure fro? lhe coun,r>' nor,h
cooked up.    Ile thoughl that the onlv:of  "".8   Place   wlllcl>   has  n*v.er  been
On Inside Westminster   Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
At Reasonable Rates and Terms
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streets.
Bob   Slevier,   the   versatile   founder ...
i' the Winning Post, Is mixed up with JfM?na>b_a conclusion thai could be ar
snotber libel suit, although this Um. 'rlved **' from ,he vi8lt of *������*��*��� toon ">
K, bert is staging as a plaintiff. Prettv l^*,J?rn?L*0UM Ba8 tha' th"'V ""nt
soon Selvier wtll be on a par wiih a ���
when it
hockey and lacrosse magnate
comes to tree advertising.
It'port baa it  that  Len t'haput will
play centre with Ute Bapperton-Wttlte
Rook aggregatlCO lhis winter. The
uiithor of tills report evidently is not
keeping posted with the latest action
. I th- n c A. A. U. in refusing to
reinstate Decker, Munn. Horn and
Huhnke, who played ball In lhe city
league last summer.
Kil  Savage,  manager if you  please,
loaves  ior Portland  today where  hs
will Inspect tlle work  being done    on
tlie new   skating arena iu the Oregon- , _        ,
tan citv    New WeBtmlnster capital ia �����?,���S 1aoi,wa**
interested In the project. lroa<1 hm ���*-���*���������* t0
The team of tbe City football club
playing against Ilurqultlam at llur
quitlam on Saturday will be selected
from the following: fiuthrle, McAllister, Hums, McLaren, Lewis, Ball, Hart-lay. Craig. Walker Andrew, Davis.
I'etrie and Ityall. The team is required to report at liiirqultlain at 8 o'clock
sharp. The men are Instructed to
take the Sappertoti car, get off at the
���down the North
I roatl hill leading to the -grounds.
purpose of intimidating
Before instructing the jury to retire
Mr. .Justice Clement summed up the
evidence and asked the jury to eliminate the relations exiBting between
employers and employees In the
aideratlon of their verdict.
tapped by the Hudson Bay company.
After 14 months on land, spent visit
ing our new stations, I left the natives
with more guns aud ammunition, for 1
Intend to go back next year.
"I did see a few mineral deposits
which I will show later, but it was incorrect when stated over a year ago
that 1 had seen gold, for I never reported seeing it. The party are all fit
and as a business trip, it has been a
greater success than ever. The na-
.lives are well diBposed. I do not believe that the Codwell party was kill-
led, for when I got to Fullerton the
i natives there told me Codwell's Eskimos had never got back. They were
evidently  lost.
Pros, and Ooal.
W   r. H. BUCKUN,
Bee. aad Treas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
P.i'foi'i' another    year    comes    along j
Portland. Tacoma    and    Seattle    will
either run a hot-key league hy   them
Helve, or else amalgamate wiih the
ll. C league, thus making it an international allalr.
One  Shot Wins    the
Which reminds us that the Sapper
ton White Rock combine are going to
Btage one of the best dance affairs of
the  leason   III   SI.   Patrick's   ball     on
Wednesday evening, November 5, The
Invitations nre  now   being  nnt out.
JiDmy Oardner, last year manager
Of lhe New Westminster team, and
ii.'luge Kennedy, <f   the   Canadiens,
have failed  lo reach an agreement an
to terms Jimmy was mentioned for
tin* position of bench manager of the
Canadians this winter.
Talk about big cots la hockey sala
r.es here's the record for the season.
Didier Pltre,  who failed to live up to
iiiu agreement with ths Patricks last
winter, was signed by Quebec after
Prodgers. McDonald and Oatman had;
been Coaxed away from the Ancient
City, and later taken on by George
Kennedy, of the Canadiens, will only
get Jsili) this season. Last year lie
WU the highest priced player in the
N. H. A. with a salary of $3000. His
work was disappointing, hence the out
tn price.
The best team won last night when
Iteid a McDonald took three straight
from c. A. Welsh, but the besl bowlers
fall down  some  times.    A.  McDonald
Thirty three  to        ^^^^^^^^^^
Cambridgeshire  Stakes���Ctellar
Autumn   Event.
s    Prohiibted    from    Communication
with  Any  One  from
Prevent Plotting
had  high
high total
and  !���'.   Knight
Reid  _-
A. MoDonald
Ramsay  ....
. in
.  187
Vera Cruz. Mexico. Oct. 29.���Oeneral
Felix   Diaz,  now   a  refugee  on   board
jthe American     battleship    Louisiana,
; learned   today   that   the   privilege   of
Loudon,    Oct.    88.- At    lhe    New-J asylum on a battleship carries with it
market  Houghton  meeting today, Hip I certain restrictions not  unlike prison
great  autumn    handicap,    lhe    Cam-(regulations.    By    order    of    Admiral
bridgesbii"   stakes.   i.'117r>.   one  mile | Fletcher.   Genernl   Diaz   Is   prohibited
an out | from   communicating   witli   any   one
from shore, without the admiral's permission.    The admiral has given General Diaz to understand that such per
year old gelding Cheerful. 6 st. 9 lbs., I
.;:: to 1, was second, and the favorite.
'and one furlong, was won by
!s;der. Lord liarewood's three year old I
bay     colt     Cantilever.    The    winner, j
whicli tarried 7 st.   'i lbs.,  started at I
"���' to 1.    Another outsider, the   three '    |Bslou wlll ^ glven 0|l|y ,��� rart, ,���
I stances.
C.  A.
K   Knight
K. Knight ��<"
Sir John Kelks' four year old Santair,
579    601    533 1813 j 7 sl. 8 lbs.. 1U0 lo 9, was third.
Tin Held numbered is. the also rans
Including Maiden Krlogh. equal favorite with the winner at 100 to 9; Drin-
more, lu to l; Lorenzo, 100 to 6; Blue
Stone, Bonbon Flose. Bugler, Equanimity. Fairy King, Florist. Jameson,
Light Brigade. Mercutio, Mescato.
Osulle and Wise Mac. .
. 97
. 103
.40    495    588 1483
I'lke vs. Walters.
White  Sox Win.
Muskogee.   Okla..   Oct.     29.���Scott,
pitching for the  White Sox, held the
Olants to six seattefcd hits today and
struck out 12 batters, Chicago winning
7-1.    Five  of Chicago's  runs came In
the third Inning.    Henni then relieved
Fromme,    U'bert's home run  In  the
, first,  wan the Giants' only tally.
Ill   play   ill   a   new   arena I     Score: It.    H.    E.
The  cigar box  arrunge-!Chicago 7      9      1
It   practically   impossible j New   York      1      6      2
the  visiting  teams to  get I     llatteries: Scott and Daly; Fromme,
And now we In ar that Skene Itoiinii
will not come wesl in place of Carl
Kendnll Evi rytbing was arranged for
the trade, but the Otiawn star has
kicked the traces at the last minute.
The Canadiens are after hi in along
with Fournler.
Quebec  t
this waiter
ment n'.aile
tor nny  if
a fair shake In lb.. N. H. A.,
killed   any   chances  of   the   Patricks
ever  visiting  the   Ancient I'ity.
The stimuli rumor is afloat in connection  with  SI.   Michaels of Toronto
turning pro and affiliating with the
OntSJiOB, Jimmy  Murphy us manager.
Sen nil if the Toronlo lacrosse
playsrs Will try their luck with a
hockey slick this winter. 'Mag" McGregor, who was with Cot) JoneB' aggregation In 1912. will probably play
with a Maritime club. Eddie l/ong-
fellow, who was given e trial by New
Westminster several years ago. will
again be .ml, while "lted" Dohinee,
who nearly, created a lacrosse war between New Westminster and the east
this past Hummer, believes lie Is some
pumpkin with  the puck
inlchacl   and   Art,	
mentioned. ^^H
Ice hockey Is due for a boom In the
Kastern States. Cleveland wlll have a
strong team and games have been arranged with the bust amateur leums
In Montreal and Toronto.
, Harry llylnml, Art Itoss and Jack
Latlolette will get 8500 less than laat
winter If they play hockey with N. H.
A. teams.
Newsy Lalonde gives out to the
press that being married makes il
awkward for hlm to move hls effects.
Flash a good fat cheque In front of
tho French-Canadian and he'll charter
n Bpeclal freight train to move hls
baggage to the coast.
Percy I.nsseur, tho Ottawa goal-
tender, comes through with the statement thnt salaries wlll not receive a
big cut. but that the so-called stars
who have created trouble among the
other players, wtll be minus the long
���green unless tbey are really worth It.
,  Victoria   bockey   players   enjoyed
and also illeame and Weyers, Wingo.
(By the Potter.l
Gave Englishmen Hard Row.
Portland. Ore.. Oct. 29.���Vardon and
Hay. the English golfers, found H. K.
B. Davis and E. Chandler Egan. their
Portland opponents, as hard as any
matches they havc found in their tour.
In the SB hole four handed match
played on tbe links of the Waverly
Country club today, Egan and Davis
held their opponents to two up in the
36 holes played.
NEED $125,000
Unless that  Sum  Is  Forthcoming by
January, Olympic Fund Will Be
Eddie Car-
Warwick  are  also
The pocket lacrosse Held. Mascotto
park, Montreal, wlll bc used no more
by the Big Four and N. L. U. teamB.
George Kennedy's Irlsh-Canadliins will
be forced to look for new grounds
next season as the stands have been
lorn down by thc owners. Beal estate
Is Increasing In price ln Montreal.
Sporting Editor The News -How
mnny times has New Westminster
won the Minto cup and dons the
record of the Salmon Bellies compare
with any eaatern club ?
The Minto cup was donated by the
Earl of Minto In 1901 to tho Capitals,
that team losing to Shamrocks of
Montreal In the aame year. The
Shamrocks have won the cup on six
different occasions, while New Westminster held it live years. Here are
thn dates and teams: 1901, Shamrocks; 1902, Shamrocks; 19*3, Shamrocks; 1904, Shamrocks: 1905. Shamrocks; 1906. Ottawa Capitals; 1907.
Shamrocks; 1908, New Westminster;
1909, New WeBtmlnster; 11110. New
Westminster; 1911, Vsncouver; 1912,
New Westminster; 191.1, New Westminster.
The United States Is being kept
equally balanced these days, for while
such shining lights as Theodore
Roosevelt, tho New York (Hunts and
the Chicago White Sox are spreading
light to othrr nations, Mrs. Pankhurst
Is expounding to thn Americans the
beauties of' arson as a means 'of uplifting the human race. Emmellno
might find tho grind hard picking up
money for continuing the noble work
of pln-plcklng the British Lion, because most of tbe loose change waa
l-ondon, Oct. 29.���The special Olympic games committee unanimously de
elded today that if the fund, which is
being raised for the preparation of a
British Olympic team for Berlin, does
not reach 8125,000 by ths end of the
year, the committee would not be
instilled In going further in the matter.
The committee expressed great disappointment at the Inadequate support
given by the public and the money le
greatly needed.
In the meantime several of the beat
Kngiish trainers are being soaght to
train foreign tennis and unless a quick
decision Is made they wlll be employed in caring for the rivals In Kngland.
The funds now stand at $47,800.
The order _i__J_____g enforced rigidly.
"Will you please go below, sir ?" said
the oflicer of the deck today, sahitin-;
the general when the latter had begun a conversation with a man who
hnd brought Ills baggage aboard.
Oeneral Diaz appeared to be annov-
ed for an instant, but compiled without hesitation. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Admiral Fletcher explained that i w��uld be.
while hc was willing to place his flag- I Thls Proposal was agreed upon by
ship at the disposal of General Die__ commissioners and delegates. Now
as an asylum, he did not propose to the Citizens' league Is busy getting
expose himself to the charge of mak -Women to visit the area for the pur-
Ing It a place of possible plotting. Ile P��ses proposed,
asserted his confidence that  General \
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ly constituted   and sworn administrators of the law.
Mayor Gray said he proposed to give
the chief of police instructions to
give the women of these houses 24
hours to leave the city. Four special
policemen would be sworn in. uniformed, and the houses guarded. They
would warn any man about to enter
that so doing meant arrest.
Rev. J. S. Henderson interrupted to
object to the abruptness of this
meihod, but his worship continued by
saying this would follow the canvass
of church people of the houses. It
might be that some girls, if approached in a proper spirit, would leave the
old life. One persuaded thus was |
worth any amount of trouble. Then
if they stayed on after being warned,
stringent action would follow. Mayor
���Gray did not believe In trapping anyone and men frequenters should also
know    beforehand    what    the  result
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
��� "I di
641 Front Street    Out of the High  Rent District
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Now selling shoe stock of the M.  E.  Price Co., from  11S6 Gras-
vllle street.    Open evenings  till 9 o'clock.
TONIGHT'S   SPECIAL���MEN'S 13.50  BOX   KIP   BOOTS   FOR   $1.50.
Diaz would not attempt to abuse hospitality by meeting friends there and
from safe vantage points Indulge in
intriKue or conspiracy, but he was resolved to take no chances.
May Be Set Ashore.
The disposition of Diaz and his companions has not been determined, but
it appears probable that they will be
set ashore from one of the battleships,
Washington, Oct. 29���Invitations for
the White House wedding on November 25 were being addressed tcday.
The invitations are engraved simply
and read:
"The president and Mrs. Wilaon request the pleasure of'the presence ot
 at the wedding of their daughter. Miss   Jessie Woodrow,    to    Mr.
probably the Louisiana herself, when |
she sails from Mexican waters the flrst I __^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
week In November. I Francis Bowes Sayre on November 25.
Oeneral Diaz has expressed a pref   nineteen hundred and thirteen, at half
erence to be landed at Havana, add-!after    four   o'clock
ing, however, that he was willing to
(Continued (rom Tnge One l
them lf they thought he had becn
scabbing and Oootlwln had replied that
there waa an opinion abroad that he
waa a scab. Connors told Thompson
outright In answer to his queries thnt
he waa scabbing whereupon Thompson Jumped up and rushed at Connors.
Jack Hall endeavored to separate
Connors and Thompson, and during
the scuffle Thompson Belied a club
and struck at all four men, Joslln hav-
[lag lett before the trouble started. Aa
aoon m the trouble atarted the tam
be set ashore anywhere except a British port, since he was convinced ihat
the British authorities would send
him back to Mexico. He Inquired of
Mr. I.ind, who visited him today, If
he thought landing htm at Havana
would embarrass the United States,
lt ls probable he will he landed at
Key West, from which port he could
go to Havana, If desired,*
With reference to the future. Diaz
prcfepses to be through with politics
and the rebellions and says he wlll ask
nothing better so long as hls country-
is in Its present Btate, than to be per
mltted to live In peace abroad.
i Members of the Burnaby board of
trade hMd - lucceaiful "get together"
smoker In Moreton hall last evening,
a representative gathering from praotlcally every dlstriet ot the municipality together with visitors from
South Vancouver aad New Westmin
ster swelling the throng.
Prealdent T. D. Coldicutt held down
the chair, the councillor for Bast Bur.
naby handling a laughable yet laudlble
mode- ot securing funds ror running
the board by appointing himself mag
Istrate of a "Kangaroo court," lining
different members (or different stunts
ln fact getting them coming and going. ;
Songs wero rendered tiy 8. O.
Walsh, A. ... Lobely, Wellliank. J. R.
Wllaon, Joa. Child, C. Bangs, W. N.
MeCloy, T. Matthews, Ifclnl
Waterman and T. D. Coldl
J. Frances BursllI, of Colllnt
tertalned tha audience with
ing recitations. Quit* a *
waa realised, while wMsyoao
te have ob* good Urn*.
^^^^^^^^     at   the   Wblte
The number of Invitations baa not
been decided upon and detailed plans
for the wedding are not yet ready for
THEATRE      I   ^
Entire Change of Program Daily
Pathe Special Today
"The Haunts of Fear"
A Dramatic Masterpiece.
Maurice Costello and Clara Kimball Young In Vitagraph Drama
Edison Photoplay
Comedy Drama.
Selig Melodrama
709 Colombia St Westminster Trust Bid*.
The Royal Mercantile Co.
Is now Open for Business at
Davies' Old Stand on Sixth
Street   .-?';;...,
We aim to conduct a fensine Bargain Store.   Oar Styk wig c���fat of
Smallwear, Dishes, Glassware, Kitchen ware, House
As our store is too ssmU to carry Furniture we aro
down in order to run it off quickly.
We have on sale now Brass and Iron Beds, Spr
Buffets. Chiffoniers, Library Tables, small Tables,
and Rockers, etc* snd tbey are all marked at prices
in a few days. nmuuuuuv^
'^���f^* I ______________________________
at ffcaliu
Thursday, October 30, 1913.
r*t     -r-  1   a j     I���ICAUFORNIA DOESN'T
Classihed Advertising j      mm T0 m
ctivod ror Tne News at the follow-
tag, places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
*2S Columbia street; A. Sprice,
QiieeDHborougU, l.ulu Island.
*h RATES. ���
assarted��� One* e-eut per word per
4*V : *c per word per week, 10c per
������Tilth; i.tHtO words, to be used as re-
ajoirer*. vltHn oue year from date of
���emu-act, S2R.00.
tare in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will gtve full value or
will b��*ll your household goods aud
effects by auction. WiU guarantee
to realize value or ao commission
charged. H. J. Russell. Westminster
Auctiou House, King's Uut_i block,
Columbia street. (2101)
machine, .20. Apply Sapperton hotel.
Young  Edmonton   Contractor   Thinks
This Side of Line Good
Enough for Him.
Victoria Traffic Experts Eelieve Passing to Left Has Caused Mary
Lord   Arthur  de   Freyne,   Now  .
ceant in Philippines, Is Hei
to Large Fortune.
modern liouse on car line, excellent
location. Apply Box 2296 New..
olllce. (2296)
Seattle, Oct. 29.- -California with Its
orange graven, palm gardens, bathing
beaches and other boasted attraction*,
has not further fascination for A. N.
si;i vik. prosperous young Edmonton
building contractor, who i- returning
to the Alberta city after a Bight-seeing
FOR     SAI.K ���  HOUSE     PARTLY trip of nearly three months, most of
finished, and large cleared lot,    Ed-j which he tpent In the south.
monds.      Clear    deed.    Cheap    for     "Suoh a jumble of sumptuary laws
cash.   Apply owner. George Warne.|
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone.   I_o\ _2'__ News office.
Eighteenth avenue. Edmonds. (2140)
miles out, le.s than ill) minutes' rale
on IJ. C. Electric from New Westminster;  soil excellent,   bottom    or (unity for the toiler.
ami such a mixture ol races as they
have there are not for a white's man's
country," lie declared regretfully. "A
man is not a real man there unless he
has nothing to do but idle about am!
spend his money. There is no oppor-
lt horrified  me
upland as desired; trnm frontagr
$ir>0 an acre and remainder iust
back of frontage lots $100 and $126.
to fee such a condition of labor as the
influx of Japanese and swarthy men
from  ether  lands  has  brought  atom
ish��Nl housekeeping rooms, private
family. $8.00 per itioi;(h, 310 Warren
avenue. (22121
Terms quarter cash,  two years  for  threrc. ,
balance. Tliis is a sacrifice; e-tate "1 did nol know w'.iat the Asiatic
to be cleaned up al once. Sole peril they talked of was when I went
agents, Curtis & Dorgan. New West : south from Alberta tor my first visit
minster. Phone 466. No trades. to the states. I have seen enough of
(2161) ' to convince me that it is a real
I menace for these Pacific Btates and
FOR SAI.E-Jl.no DOWN, ji.nft PER that Alberta has much to be thankful.
furnished or unfurnlshi d. al reasonable terms.   113 Oakland street.
apartments to rent, right on car line,
*t,ain heated, hot aud cold water,
Ras ranges, electric light, separate
bath to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and ren;
.s very reasonable Including gas and
Ughts. Also Riu*c>e rooms, both
���furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, suite 1, second
floor. Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avonue and Twelfth street.
well    furnished    modern    bungalow.
Durham street.    Apply  I'hone 1.227.
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges: every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. I21G0)
for in thai ii is still bllssfuly Ignor
ant nf it."
Ski vik has been contracting in Edmonton for years and took advantage
iof slackening in the building boom to
i take a few weeks off.
"Wild speculation In city lots is the
'cause of  the  present  dullness   In   Ed-
jn.onton." ho said, "but the depression
bids  fair  to  be only   temporary.   Pro-
i meters havo given the cltv a  platted
iarea large enough for a city of Chicago's  size,  and   speculation   became  bo
frenziul that the real estate, loan and
itrust  companies  simply  shut    down.
But  that does  not affect  Edmonton's
ELECTRIC     LIGHT     TROUBLE real Stability,    The town has doubled
originating inside buildings repaired   in F'ZI> in  'wo years and is bound  (o
day or night,    by    Woodward,    613  STOW'
trade   protection    specialists.   J. M
Gawa.    general    manager.      P.    O.
drawer 110, New Westminster.
Columbia street.    Tel. 766.      (2302)
keeping rooms. $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (2163)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile As
���ency, 336 Hastings street weat. Vancouver, B.C. , (2162)
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Hros.'    Gnsollrip
Engines.   Marine   Engines   and.Auto
mobile  Repairs.
Office and  Works: Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Wettmintter. B.C jhall
"Floods of immigrants continue to
come to our vacant lands, but all seem
to bp absorbed easily. Americans and
English predominate among the Immigrants. Wages are good. $3 for com!
i mon labor, and since I left home I1
j have not "-een land that compared with
that on the other side of the line."
Victoria. Oct .2'.'. The bulk of public cpinion in ihis city seems to be In
favor of the change In the rule ot tha
road proposed bs tbe Vanoouver grand
jury the other da] Four men vitally
Interested in the traffic laws were
Been this morning by a representative,
of the pr.ss. Three ot them had bul ' :il��i"d. "s a
one opinion as to the advisability ol
the change an I the other, a representative of tho Hritish Columbia Electric
Railway company, based ids objection
on the expense II would Incur tn
changing the company's rolling stock.
Flre chief Davis i (pressed himself
as heartily in sympathj with the pro-
poi .*il change,
"That acctdenl wouldn't have happened at Sooke the other day." he
stated, "if we had the same rule of the
read as practically evi ry other city In
Canada and thc United states. All
these i thel places drive to the right
hand side of the road and why should
not we be uniform? Many accidents,
in Vancouver especially. I have noticed
happened because a drlvi r from Washington or the east icstlnctlvely turn3
to the right whi ii unexpectedly con
fronted with another vehicle. I had
many narrow escapes when 1 eame
here first, but, of course. 1 have got
accustomed to the left hand drive
now "
"The law ought to be changed In the
interests of tlie safety Of drivers."
Btati il Chief Langley of the police de-
nartment this morning "1 am surp
that lives will be saved if thev Institute the right-hand drive in Victoria,
making Ihis citv uniform with the resi
of America. There are some 7,000 au
tomobi'es in British Columbia Sup-
nose 1,000 of thi m go Into the l'nited
States nn tours. Then all those people
run serious dancer of accidents by
the'r instinctive inclination to turn to
the left when confronted wltfl another
ear Furthermore, American who
come over here, run thi same danger ' *r-''
and. in fact, pul ns in equal danger.
Many times in going over tlie Malahat
Drive I have had to turn tn the right
to pass an American motorist, who
was either ignorant or forgetful of our
rule of the road."
"Aside from the amount of capital il
would take to change over our stock ,
I don't know tliat we have any objec- j
Tacoma, Oct 29, -Although a lot or
unenviable notoriety now attaches to
the name of Lord Arthur Reginald de
Freyne.   lhe   British   nobleman     who
served  as  a  private  In  the  United
Slates army, no batter soldier ever
crult under the  Stars
and stripes, according to Deputy Unit-
led  states  Marshal   n.  A.  White, of
Tacoma. White was battalion ser*
Igeant-major In charge of recruits for
Rhe Eighth United states Infantry al
Fori Slocum, New Vork, when Ihe
; much-talked of nobleman enlisted in
' that regiment.
Lord de Freyne was recently  found
In a small town in the Island of Mindanao, IV I. where he has lived since
his discharge from the Eighth Infan- he saw service It the regi
ry    lie disappeared in New York ...,, ���,st g) ht   , ,,im ;���, ,    ,
I in o,    His fat K c.  the  fourth   Baron
Then I put hlm in the third squad,
where (he recruits learn the manual
of arms, lie had lie manual down
pat    In facl. there war. a finish and a
Idiscipline to his work    ili.it   showed
years of the moll careful training,
"lie did 10 well  that   I  turned him
I over to Company A without further
ado. He made a model private. Winn
you consider that he himself had been
'an olllcer for years and was more
used to commanding that obeying, it
speaks well Of hia. us a man, I never
saw a private buckle down to bis
work more conscientiously or Intelligently. Aside from tliat lo* became
popular with nil of us. Everybody
had a gecd word for him, .ind all of
us wi.o served in the ranks wiih hlm
would hal" to think of anything to
Ills discredit.
Gumshoes  on   Trail.
"Ile   bid   been   In   Company   A   Iwo
n   private  deb cttvea  em-
hla  family  to  race  him!
io me on a clue they had
it the recruiting olllce    l
to   Trench,   as   we   knew
admitted his Identity, but ;
was going to stick oul his '
II   tile   Imt"'   of   llllil...K. 1*1
ommtsslon.   Apparently his
weeks   win
ployed   liy
down came
nicked   up
took   Uiem
him, and he
declared he
Magistrate Heggle.
Tiie prosecution imd been ordered by
uanliiious vote of Ihe cily council,
and when tlio eases were called City
Solicitor Hillings WaB present for the
prosecution, as was llr. (V Id ward
Duncan, medical health officer, Dr.
Duncan had with blm Ills milk tesllng
apparatus, win. which to demonstrate
the alleged inferiority of the product
Bold  by   Messrs.  Downing and   Fulton.
Ii. ll. ling.'rs. solicitor for tin, defendants, made a preliminary objection contending lhal in view or the
provincial milk act enacted in March,
L018, which came Into effect jn June
Ihls year, the city by law 162, enacted
in June, 1811, was no longer in force,
because it had no. been remodelled to
conform to the provincial statute
Mi.gistrale lleggie askeil City Solicitor Hillings what reply be bad In
make to th" objection, "ml no ri idy
being offered, he dismissed boh cases
w Ithoul  further hearing
de Freyne, died recently at his country seal In County liosoeoinnion. Ireland. As the eldest son the former
private soldier seucceeds to tbe title
and to one of the greatest landed estates iu th" green island. Following
his father's death the American war
department   ran  down    the    missing
lady de Fr"}",", according lo press
dispatches, Is Investigating a report
! that her adventuroua husband has
taken te himself another wife in the
Philippines in ihe person of a comely
native girl. She threatens bigamy pro-
ceedingB. Dispatches also state thai
siie is abont to file libel sails against
������������"iiinent Kngiish newspapers for alluding to her as a former barmaid,
l.ady de Freyne denies she ever was
employed bs 'i barmaid. She was married in de Freyne a year or two before
his disappearance
The nobleman enlisted in the Eighth
infantry   as   Arthur   French      He   i.r
ived In New York a efw months prior
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. 13. Drown, 17
.Uogbie streeL New Westminster.
Toronto. Oet. 29.���The annual meeting of the  Woman's Auxiliary of the
Anglican church was continued yesterday  afternoon   at   St.  Simon's  parish
The Bishop of Mackenzie river
an   interesting   address   on   his
lie  I^ot S, cf Blocks  1 IS and   113, of
Lot D'i. Croup 1, Map 17..7. in tl.e
District of Now Westminster.
Whereas proeif of the loss of (Vrtifi-
icatc of Title Number "J 1:::.:_.. isBued in
the name of Harry Cline,    has    been
filed in tliis office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall.
at the expiration of one month from
���.he dale of the first publics' ion In ri of,
tn a daily newspaper published in the
���City of Ntw Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the Said Certificate, unites* in the meantime valid objection
-.in made to nie in writing.
District Reglstrai of Titles.
I .and llegistry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October !),
T.13. 12226)
N0T1CB IS HKltKllV OIVBN thai the
CorporaUon or the City of New Weil-
minuter Iiah deposit*, with Un Minister
nt ivrtiiio Works and in me office of tti"
Sle-rlKlrnr of Ih-rtlt for the Dlstrlcl Ot
-New Weatmlnater, Brttlsb Columbia, pl.on-
aati daaertptlona ot eentre line of propos-
ttti HaMieitim Bewar outCatl crossing Bro-
���_'((*���   Hiver   tn   sn.,1   ulsiilre
t.\,nt 'lie <-<ir|Kir:illi��i nf lie riiy c.r N>-w
S-wniltiHti'i   will   n((*-r   �����*�����   month   fr-iin
* ;tw (fun* pubUeatloa ni n,n- noth pply
���o the Governor -General in Councll fer
*m****a*sl nt aueh voiles.
ftATFCD al Kew Wsounlnster, H ���'. thli
���titri day of Keitfi-mtH-r. 1918.
Kotir-iterM   for   ihe   Corporation   nt   t.i*'
'"try  of   New   \Vi*Miiiiii..l< r
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display. See them. Perfect fit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
S1R.I10 up.    71)1   Front Street.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Daily ;
ufi   pn. Iiaily
11:��   p Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Daily
11:00 a.m Daily
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
3:00   p.m Dally
Nanaimo,   Union   Bay  and  Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday!
Vancouver,  Union   Bay,  Powell   River.1
11:45  a.m Kvery  Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
il :00 p.m Every Saturday
Prince Rupert. Granby Bay and Skeena
River  Points.
H :��0  pm Wednesdays
For Gulf  Island Points.
7:00 mi   Tuesdays for Victoria,   call
lng at points in the Quit Islandr..
ED.   OOUI.KT.   Agent.   New   Wh.tmli_.-_i
H. W. BRODIB. (J. P   A.. Vancouver.
'.v-irk amoni* the Indians and Kskimos.
| The bishop, who bas a keen sense of
humor, raised much laughter by his request   to  the  Dorcas  workers   not  to
send  garments  to the Indian  women
whieh were cut in the prevailing styles
as, owing to the nature of their work,
thev required roomy clothing.
His address was followed by a dls-
jCiisslon on the methods of wnrk to be
adopted.   .Mrs. Plumptre recommended
short   courses  of  mission   study,   and
statorl  ten   to he the ideal  number of
students for a course, and that short
papers and long discussions were pref.
erable to long papers and short discussions.
'o   his   enlistment   and   burned
rhunk of money In seeing lie
town. He wenl flat broke and decided
to drop out of sight. At leasl his financial condition was given ns the reason for his dlsapnearanee. \t that time
he wns captain in the crack Hoyal Fu
While everybody else is engaged
more or less In taking B whack at tiie
nobleman, Deputy Marshal White nuts
tlon to the change" stale,i the acting '" :' ���**-'""��� w"nl f"r hlm B" '��������� American
too:.! mannger nf the British Columbia TOldler' Tl>" deputy learned today of
Railway companv ihls morning, Uhe present status of his former com-
"Needless to sav, all onr rars, all ourin"'" in i,rms
switches,   frogs,   wiring,   etc.     would      ""   w:ls ***���*  *"  ,n<> s"rlnK "f  ''"ir*
have to be change,! ami lhat would bei"/" '"' was lurned over to mc at Fort
Slocum ��s Arthur French, recruit."
'said White today. "1 shirk hlm in the
[awkward BQuad, but in a few minutes
h knew he had boon a soldier. 1 transferred hlm to (lie second squad nnd :'
i'vas tlie same story over again, lie
i knew   >h"   squad   drill   to   perfection.
Of the Westminster Oarage Co., Sixth
stieit and Carnarvon street. New
Westminster. I have been Instructed
by the assignee, Mr. (',. H. Milne, to
sell by    Public    Auction    i absolutely
nn immensely expensive undertaking.
We should oppose any (hange of the
rule  of  the  road   unles   we  could   see
where  this expense  was going to be
naid us.   Personally, though, the argument of danger in a different system
from the surrounding country appeals
to   me   and   I   see   the   advantage  of)
iadopting   a   uniform   system.     I   was!
jraiFed on the American rule, but  fori
convenience ln driving I really think !
I that the left hand is superior, because i
Lnne can see the wheels of a passing!
vehicle more easily."
II. I) White, an officer of the Vlcto- j
ri', Miter Country club, slated that i
the only people he knew of who were j
opposing the change were a few old-
timers who could see no merit in any I
"The population of thiB prnvlnc" is ]
a mere atom compared with the popu- :
lation   of  the   surrounding    territory
where the right-hand drive Is In force " '
be stated.    "We are expecting  hundreds or thuiiSands more    people    to
come into (he country within the next \
few   years   and   it   stands   to   reason
that the most, of them will come from j
portions of the continent  where the
left hand drive i3 not known.   Further-
more, we are encouraging tourists tol
enme  here  and   they  run   Ihe   risk  of
their lives  when  they go driving under enr unique  rule    unique on     this i
continent   nt.   least.     The   automobile
association  tried  to  bring  about   the j
change a vear ago. but failed.    I am
heartily with the grand jury's proops
family dropped blm then, for when hi
father died they had no Idea Df his
whereabouts.    The  war    department
traced him to the Philippines, where
nt Before
been pro :
moled   to   acting   tirsl     Sergeant     in
charge of recruits, and l understand ho
bas a good record In the Islands
"For   B   while   lie    Koyal      Fusiliers
oarrli d him on thi ir books as u di
serler. Int afier he was found at Fort
Slocum,   the   liritish   v,iir  department
gav him an honorable diacbarge
"Proi sl lj no man evi r enliBted as
a private- In thl American army in
limes of peace who had such a card
robe. lie had ciolhes to suit everv
DOBSlble occasion, and they were the
finest money could buy He took to
his fellow privates from the first and
soon made himself one of the bunch
The fact tliat lie made a good An * (
can private should be considered when
these recent reports are under discus
sion "
Lord de Freyne I- of distinguished
ancestry on both sides. His mother
"���as Lady Laura Dundas, daughter of
the Maru.(is of Zetland The former
private was horn in 1 sTfi and was onlv
26 years old when he squandered hiB
money in New Vork.
The existence of a wife in Bngland
was unknown to his fi rmer associates
In the American armv until recently,
when the English papers. In announcing that io- had beep found In    the
Philippines,   referred     to     l_ady     de
Preyne as a formi r barmaid, leaving
the Intimation thai an ....fortunate
matrimonial alliance might have been
the  cause  of   hls   disappearance.
In any event he was a good soldier
In the American army and is now
enormously wealthy.
Vernon. Oet. 28 The cases against
A. c Honing ami u. Fulton, charged
with Belling milk that did nol meel the
requirements of the olty milk bylaw,
were quickly dismissed when Ihey
came   up   for   hearing   before   Police
Chicago Post Office Inspector cn Look
Out for Man and  Wcman
Chicago, Oct 28 Postofflce Inspectors today sought a man and a woman.
both  well  educating and    possessing
���ome   knowledge   of   medical   science.
and partners in an attempt to black-
mall   several   of  the   moM   prominent
society women in Chicago through letters said to contain deadly germs.
The  man, according  to  Postofflce
Inspector  St..an,   was     the   brains  of
the blackmailing plot, and possessed
tbe scientific eclue.itIon necessary I"
frighten Ids victims by referring to
the deadly germs supposed to be contained in leti rs nut to thetn The
woman selected 'he son,.!-, leaders to
whom the missives should be sent,
probably from a personal acquaintance
in the society set
Julius Kosenwaid. multi-millionaire,
bead of Sears. Roebuck _.* So and a
nhllanlhropist admitted today, that
Mrs RoBenwald was one of the women
to whom the "germ letters" were sent,
Tiie letter she reeelvd. he said, told
lor that by opening the envelop she
liberated two million malignant germs
whicli would caiiBe her death within
nine days, unless she deposited $2,Min
In a niche In the Craut monument In
Lincoln park and obtained In return
a formula for wiping out the disease
That was a month ago and Mrs Rosen-
waid has suffered no ill effects
Mrs. Frederick M. Bteele, of High
'and park, whose husband was the
first to appeal to the federal authorities, and several oilier Women, whose
names are bring kept a secret, were
threatened with death in a similar
(lne   of   Die   envelopes,   supposed    to
contain poisonous bacteria, lias been
turned over to a chemist for analysis,
iin every case tlie hlack mail was Tor a
remedy whicli would neutralize the ft-
feet of the germs.
without reserve)
Ke thr  Southeast Quarter  of  Section
26, Township X, in ihe District   of
Nr-w Weatmlnater.
Whereas  proof of  the  loss  of Cer-
UOcate  or  Tille  Number   131B4F.  Issued in the name of James C, Forlong
and Charles Rommel has been Hied ln
������his office,
Notice in hereby given that I shall.
:.t the expiration Ol one month from
rhe dale of the first publication here-
,(. in a daily newspaper published in
t !����� Cily of New Westminster, issue
i dordieate of the said certificate, tin-
loaa in the meantime valid objection
tbe made to me in writing.
J. v.. OWYNN,
District Registrar Ot Titles.
�����.nnrt Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October IS,
1813. (221)0)
Notice Re Household.Voters' List.
Applications to bc placed on above
list most be received before thr first
stay ot November.
Kor tba benefit of those who may be
tillable to attend during the day, the
iimt-erslgned will bn In his office at
the City Hall on the 30th and 31st,
between tbe hours of 7 p.m. and 9
P tn   to receive applications.
W. A. IKTHOAN, City Clerk.
tCU* Mall, October 26. 1313.        (3301)
BEALED TENDER8 addressed to
tin- undersigned, and endorsed "Tender tor First class Detention Building,
William Head. B.C.," will i,e deceived
���at tins office until 4 mi p.m., 0n Monday, November 17, 1913, tor the eon
Btructlon of a Flrat class  Detention
Building,  William   Head, ll.'.
I Plans, specification and form of cou.
tract can be seen and forms of tender
'obtained at the office of Mr. Wm.
Henderson, resident architect, Vic
toria, B.C., and at this Department
Persons tendering are notified Hint
tenders will nol be considered unless
inade on tlie printed forms supplied,
and signed with    their   actual    signa
'turns, stating their occupations and
plaoes of resldenoe. In the case ot
firms, tlie actual signature, the nature
of the occupation, and place of resi
dence of each member of (he firm
must be given.
| Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
.bank, payable to lhe order ofthe
Honorable    the    Minister    of     I'.ililu
Works, equal to ten per cent. I lu p.c.)
jof  the  amount   of  the  tender,   which
j will be forfeited If the person tendering  decline   lo   enter  into a   eon'.'act
when called upon  to do so, or fad .*,
complete the work contracted for.   if
the tender be not accepted lbe cheque
I will lie returned.
Tlie Department does act bind i:siir
to accept tlie lowest or any tender.
| Hy order,
Department of Public Works.
I Ottawa, October 17,  11(13.
Newspapers will not hc paid for this
advertisement If they insert it without
authority from the Department--
48238. U2S-)
at 2.30 p.m.
* harp, the entire Btook of automoblli h .
machinery, lutings, office furniture i
and effects of tbe above com; any.
The sale will comprise' In part: Two
30 horse power Everett auto noblles, I
one 40 horse power Jackson    automo  j
bile,  gasoline and  air pumps   belting
and     shafting,    grinder,    dnil    press
lathe,   inner and  outer tin B,  i II  cans
Chains, etc., etc., also office  furniture i
if _af". roll top ibsk, etc.. etc  Everything   will   be  on   view  until  lime  of
sale.    Particulars of same cut. be had I
from Hie Westminster Auction  House, I
Kings hotel block.
3_ffi MODERN CARPET     4
Troops   Llkllj
I .land Csa
���   to   De   Recalled   from
F elds Thu Week���
to  Open  Again.
Notice of Application for the Annroval
of Works.
Take notice tliat John William Wise
and Kdmond Thompson will apply to
Ihe Comptroller of Water Rights for
lhe approval of thc plans of tie works
to be constructed for the utilization of
Hie wuter from Allen or Osprey "reek,
which tlie applicant Is, by Wati r Permit No, 153, authorized lo take, store,
and use for Industrial purposes
Tl.e plans and particulars required
hy subsection 111 of section 70 pf the
' Water Act" as amended have heen
hied wiih the Comptroller of Water
Rights al Victoria and wllh the Water
Recorder at  New  Westminster.
Objections to the application mav be
Died with the Comptroller of Water
lllghls. Parliament lliilldlngs, Victoria.
Dated al New WeBtmlnster. B.C.,
Ihls 30th day of September. 1913
Victoria, Oc 29 About 60 per cent
of the troops In t in coal strike zone
are lo be recalled this week, il is understood, There will he no soldiers
lert in Cumberland ".here the Canadian Collerlea had a $110,non payday
recently, and the output Is already
over the aver:.;*, 'nr the normal times
preceding the ei rik"-. The Nanaimo Hit
uation Is still felt to be critical and
alio..I Mi men will be left there, while
Hma'.l rtetaobmrnts -���>��� UI Still be garri
son.il in Bxtenslon, South Wellington
anil Ladysmlth, it Is expected.
Atiorm y-Oeneral iBoweer was in
conference with Colonel Hoy last evening, and ihe probability is that this
Hep was decided upon. The time of
th" withdrawal iB not definitely fixed,
tier is tb" pi rlod which the detach-
incuts still oil the job will remain any
more ee-* .in.   The   attorney-general
stilted las' evening that with the completion of ihe speedy trials he thoughl
the gravi   . danger was past.
'..se commissioners. It In
also considering lh" ndvls
poping up the saloons which
closed since August 13. the
oops were dispatched, ll b
as unlikely, however, thai
he opened until Hie troops
���i  reason  lo believe  that   the
I not be It. Nanaimo another
i nleis it is the Intention of
orltles to keep Ihem there un
1 unpletlon of Hie Jury trials,
iy bo many weeks yet, there
son for not Issuing Hie recall
nice, It Is Htated. According
SiioehoHiain, the prosecutor
ent trials, ihe strike spirit Is
abed by the heavy sentences,
slated, a
ability of
have be,
day the
they wi"
are with
troops ��
the until
HI Hie .
wlilch n
is not fc
order nt
In T. li
In Hie ri
badly ci
If r"u ��r�� doing a local
hutinqti talk o*er four
advertising problami
with the Advertising Department of thlt otwi-
If ynii *\rt* {Miff a pm-
vtiirial or nutionui tnni-
ne" it would be well for
you to havn the counael
and aiilgtance of a good
advertising agency.
A Hit of capable advertising agents will be tent
you on request, without
cost or obligation, by the
Secretary of Canadian
Press Association, Room
V). Lumsden Building,
'X'HERE are few people who do not know the story
*   of the wonderful carpet on which the owner had
pet (
but to sit, wish to be at some place and, lo I
immediately he found himself there.
Some sgents of this nature would be appreciated by msny s
msnufscturer in jumping thc demand Ior his product into
s thousand places, a thousand miles awsy (rom his factory.
Appsrently to such a msn there is no mesns of "getting
there" snd placing his name and his goods right into that
territory, except by slow, laborious bit-by-bit scqusintance-
ship���snd mouth-to-mouth testimonials.
But he hss overlooked the modern Csrpet of Bagdad.
It is Newspaper Advertising.
Fsncifull yeu ssy?
Did you ever hesr of Edwards' Soups? Well, the genisl
old cook who forms the trsde msrk just jumped right from
Ireland to a thousand places in Canada in a week���on the
Carpet of Newapsper Advertising.
Ever hear cf Tillson's Oats? The "braw Scot" who standa
for this prcduct stepped over night, as it were, from a small
town in Ontario to practically every town and village in
Wrigley's Cum���Sunshine Furnaces���Comfort Soap���all have
taken advantage of this Modern Carpet of Bagdad   Newspaper
If you have a name and a product that you wish
placed in demand throughout Canada, take advantage at once of the modern carpet of Bagdad-*
Newapsper Advertising.
Hindu Wants Equal
Rights, He Says
Speaker at Native Meeting In India Claims  Recognition  of  British  Citizen
ship Throughout Empire���Britiah Columbia Colony Agitating.
Victoria, Oct. 29��� At a meeting of
lbe loeal Hindus at the temple It wan
resolved to re-slut to the legal limit the
deportation or the :i9 iiiud.iH brought
In on the l'anama Maru, who have
boon ordlred hy the hoard of Inuuiry
to he returned lo their native country
know If Indians "wero to ba treated aB
ontoasta subjected to gulling restrictions, humiliating to national self-respect." The oolonles ��
the tenor of Queen Victoria's proclamation of ei|ual Status In HrltlHli cltl-
Zonsblp, he declared, and the meeting
w;ih held to vindicate the proclamation
Appeal hai already been taken to N Uphold th" honor o tthe sovereign
llm minister of tin, interior Section I"'"1 "���" British nation Ninety per
28 of the aet sayH: "No court and no:''1'1" "' U>a Indians In Canada were
Judge or officer thereof shall hav., jur- Nlkha, he said. Many had shed their
isdlelion to review, quash, revere, re- \*l***- In Service of the empire. In as-
Htraln or otherwise Interfere with any I'"ring the delegation  rrom Canada 0
pro. ding, decision or order or tha "��� tttm rtson* whole-heartedly to eo-
minister, or or anv hoard of inquiry ort"'",rH"' *'"���' ,,"'!" '" ""' Btrugglo ha
officer in charge." would suggest a commission, partly ot
Hor.l   Hardinge.  the  viceroy  of  In- '< n,u']  l""1   l,,,r">
dla, In opening the session of the imperial  legislative eouncll recently at
Binla, deal' Bl some length with thc
position of Indians In the self-governing dominions of the crown Ha said
In   pn rl
"This is a question to which the gov-
���rnmeni of India attaches tbe greatest
possible Importance, and in which   I
take a very deep Interest It Is. however, an extremely difficult question to
handle,   not   only  In   view  of  the  ex-
Chicago, Oct. 29. -Steve Goivea, a
railroad man of Hammond, lnd., was
watching a blasting operation when a
can of powder wus hurled through the
air and his clothes were sprinkled,
with tliu explosive, A few minutes |T
later he was working beside the track
When a passing locomotive smote him
between  tbe  shoulder blades.
Steve, presenting very much the ap-1
pearance of a plucked fowl
I'Oltnded by Bmoke and fire, lie grab
bed at hii; "clothes, but there wasn't
a piece of them ��h liig as a postage
violating | stamp lln sight. Al I that was left were
bis shoes
Iii a few moments ha waB surrounded liy fellow workmen. In a
lew moments more he was surrounded
by a barrel.   Then he ambled home,
surrounded   by   a   crowd   of   shouting
school children.
A. F. Wlancko, of Sardis, Selected
to Fill  New Post���To Look
After Milk Supply.
Acini   and   partly   non-olllclal,   to   visit
tl." self-governing dominions and report upon the position and conditions
Iof Hindus therein.
Seattle,   Oct,   '_9.    That   there   Is   a
|certainty of finding petroleum within
the elty limits of Seattle and a reasonable certainty that it will he found
Dig American Potato Deal Means Lot
More   Money for the
treinho sensitiveness of the colonial |��� commercial quantities Is the opln-
governments to any interference with I Jon of l'rof. I). .1. Morris, an oil expert,
their legislative independence in ad-1 who has been Investigating tha propo-
tiilnlstr-'.tive matters, hut also on ffC-fsltlpn fer tt period of several months
count of the objections raised by fhe Professor Morris Is at the head or the
Inhabitants of tho colonies to Aslatlo|or_taniratton that has erected an oil
Immigration of any kind except as iii
(lentured   laborers.     Nevertheless   th<
government   of   India  fully   recognizes
their  responsibilities,  and  that 11   Is
their  duty   to  do their dutv   to  main
tain the equality of our Indian fellow
But.)i cts and to lose no opportunity of
bringing  their  views  before  the gov-:
ernment of the king emperor.   I think
ih.i the govrnmanl of India may hon- with
stlv   claim   that  they  have  spared   no j
efT."!s to protect  the Interests of our
Indian fellow luhlects In the colonies
Since the year mm we havi' heen in
constant tn rrespondence with the sec-1
retary of ''-te on ihe subject of grievances of Indians in the colonies, and
we t-hall continue to urged our views
'111 redress Is obtained.
"We have, as honorable members
are perhaps aware, a commission com- j
Spokane,   Oct.   29. - The   northwest
potato  deal   negotiated   byt   lie   North
Pacific  Fruit  Distributors, chiefly  In
southern Idaho, will mean $700,000 extra  In   prices   ihia  season,  so   W.   N.
Yost, trustee from southern Idaho, be-
derrick at Ballard and In now Instal- j "eves. The additional prices are based
ling  drilling  machinery,  with  a  view Ion a conservative estimate of the Bea-
to   sinking   a   hole   through   t'.e   bin,.   ���.,,,-. ,.r,,1P   ���.,,,..,, wl;, b(, con3i,i,.rabiy
Victoria, Oct.. 29.���T. A. V. Wlancko
was sur-||iail t,cen appointed dairy instructor In
llie department of agriculture, and left
tliis morning on a preliminary tour of
inspection through the dairy districts
of Vancouver island.
Mr. Wlancko will make a general
study of the milk supply or the larger
cities of the province during tlie next
taw months, and during the spring and
summer will confine hlH activities to
tlie creameries and supervise tiie production of milk in the dairies of the
patrons of the twenty-two craamerlei
now In operation throughout the province.
Mr. Wlancko was horn In Muskoka,
Ont., and Is an associate of the Ontario Agricultural college, at which Institution he also took the special dairy
course, In 1900 and 1901 he was Instructor at the Quelpb Institution, and
'n tlie latter year wiib appointed hy the
Dominion government as Inspector of
creameries at Satkatchr-wan. ln 19U3
he was chosen as superintendent of
the Sardis creamery at Kdenbank. In
which position he has remained until
his nresent appointment,
"Mr. Wlancko comes to this departmenl with the highest endorsements
from the Quelph college and dairymen
In all parts of the west. He is today
one of the leading authorities on
neeameries iif Hritish Columbia." aaid
E. Scott, deputy minister of agriculture, in announcing the appointment.
Appeal to President.
Kansas t ity, Mo., (Jet. M. The Na-
tlonal Council of the Congregational
church appealed today to President
Wilson and members of congresB In a
resolution to call a halt "in the paraphernalia of war." The resolution was
adopted after some opposition.
I atlon which. It Is bettered,
cap of a stratum of oil-bear-
abale f"
forms ih,
Ing sand.
Harry W, Treat, who owns an immense acreage of land In this locality.
and who It watching the developments
rrr:it deal or interest. haB nu
financial interesl in tiie enterprise, lie
declared today, but no denial Is made
of the facl that he .s awaiting results
with a view to drilling his own proper! v,
T*>n   i.;rre't holders   in   the   nroiect
that Is now under way are I,. I , Moore,
o il. H-oafi rd and Judge J w. Robinson,  a   local  attorney.    The   work   Is
under lhe direction of O.  II,  Hoston],
Coni'derabla drilling w-as done with
posed of a member of the olvil service
and an Indian gentleman of industrial
experience, who at the present moment are \i-*i'ing those crown colonies
to which  indentured  Immigration  is
still permitted with a view to making
a thorough Investigation into the conditions of employment of Indians and
generally into their position and treatment In  these colonies.
To Grant Permits.
"We have  not  Ignored   the  dlaablll    CHICAGO HEADS LIST
ties  of   Indians  and  their  families  In I AS BURGLAR'S RESORT
Canada, and we have at last succeeded
a small machine before the standard
r!e was Installed, and although the
backers of the project have given out
no Information as to the results of
the e-ir'ler Investigations, It Is generally understood that they encountered
a smill amount of seepage oil and
stren" Indication* of the existence of
a body of oil Band at a greater depth.
li ss than a year ago.
"The  Bpud   growers  of  Idaho
practically decided lhat 60 cents
ill   the  I uyers   would   pay  and
Just ready to let loose when th(
tributors .-topped in." said Mr. Yost.
"Some had already tied up and a
dealer in Boise bought 10,000 sacks
sl 'liis price from a grower at Wen-
"After three weeks of agressive organisation hy the distributors the buy-
era offered Tr, cents, then sn cents,
then 90. and now they are offering as
high as Jl. Here Is a difference of 40
c. nts on 5,000 carB. amounting to
170,000, which will gravitate to the
"It ia surprising the great work the
distributors have accomplished In the
spud fields in Idaho. Last year the
state chipped marly 7,000 cars of
"Hundreds of cars rotted in tbe
fields.   Commission firms and brokers
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���The contract has
been let for the construction of a government experimental cold storage
plant at Grimsby, Ont. The plant will
cost (25,000, and will have a capacity
of 50,000 cubic feet. It will be ready
lor operation by next fruit season.
It is the intention of~J. A. Hud-
dick, chief dairy and cold storage
commissioner, to have experiments
conducted at the new plant in connection with tender fruits for shipping
to the northwest. Under present conditions peaches, pears and small fruits
must he picked green for shipipng
long distances, and even then frequently mould on the way. Experiments in pre-cooling of ripe fruits
will he conducted at the new plant.
The fruit will be cooled almost to the
freezing point prior to shipment. An
attempt will be made to ascertain the
varieties which keep best under cold
storage conditions, the proper temperature to be employed, and the degree
_ of maturity or ripening allowable un-
have literally feasted on the growers i der cooling.
fo.- years. jn addition to tlie experimental fea-
"When  the distributers entered the Imre the plant may be UBed by ship-
field  August  7  a concerted  move by.P^rs who are delayed for various rea
China's Man-Made Marvel In Nearlng
Knd of l/ong  History.
China seems to be wasting away in
many directions, particularly financially. Let us hope It is a case of
darkness before dawn. Even her
Great Wall, one of the wonders of the
ancient world, Is gradually wasting
away. Tbe process of decay, reportB
Mr. Monroe Woolley. wbo bas observed It, is nevertheless very slow, a
testimonial to tbe thorough methods
of tbe builders and the lasting qualities of the material. The wall was
built 24'J B.C., during the reign of
tlie Tsln dynaBty. Probably there
isn't a similar work of tbls magnitude, aB old as the wall, In existence
Cblna'B Great Wall, Bays Mr.
Woolley, la capable of rousing big
emotions, from wben one stands on a
mountain summit and Bees the wall
crawling here and there at irregular
angles like a huge serpent over mountain ran-es and penetrating into dizzy valleys as far as tbe eye can reach,
the magnificent work seenia wholly | w��"er waa an only son. He early
beyond the power of human hands.      (developed   an   Individuality   und   fil-
The wall seems to have no end.    It lent.    Instead of being made worthless
Sffiffi Z'SSl en^r^Bt ! * **��� b�� �� �� * ^ H��
bave been intense to bring about all ���*" "f �����!'�����'"' Importance. At col-
tbe toll that Ib wrapped up In thla ] lege he was au honor man and a lead,
crumbling barrier, wblch bas stood ler *��� .msa polities. He studied lb��
through centuries while nations have
come Into being and passed away.
The englneera, who superintended
Her Own
She Wouldn't  Have   It
When She Could
the hordes who worked on the wall,
must have been remarkable men. In
those daya they cared little for
straight lines; surveying instruments
were evolved maay hundreds of years
later. There were no hungry steam
shovels to eat away mountain sides;
no hydraulle dredges to fill deep depressions; no colossal machines for
automatically mixing mortar; no
giant traveling cranes for lifting massive boulders Into place. The supposition Ib that all the work was done
with  the  naked   hands,   with  plain
profession of the law and waa early
picked out for a prominent mun.
Such, in a nutshell, was Walter when
1 llrst met hlm. As for myself. I can
only say tbat I was burn Inordinately
Both Walter nnd I. though we were
conscious of nn attachment for each
other, were equally conscious of tbe
difficulty of two persons, each accustomed to expecting nil others to bend
to their Individual wlll. fu get together,  or.  what  would  be more difficult
words, nothing Twit worta-thnt yaaarv
capable uf giving wa; to any uo*. maa
or woman. And itincc. as yoa tare
observed. I am inordinately aelBHb myself I don't see what object there wowkt
be for os in _j ine oun��lm together."
"We would fulfill a -natural taw."
"By living nnuataral Hvea. Kev-
thaoks; 1 prefer lo remain single.
Tbere nre too many couple* wbo folfUl
a natural law nnd live a life of perpetual i|ti-invl nnd aid tbelr effort in
a divorce court."
lie bad taken my hand wbea making bis proposition; now be dropped K.
sny In,' that since 1 could nol gtve way
to uny man nnd I kad ao confide!*-*-?
thnt be could give way to any wontau
tbere was nothing fnr It hat to drop
the matter. Thla was not to my liking. Walter Imd a disagreeable way of
agreeing with uie
"Since It is ao soon done for." 1 "aid.
with some acerbity, "the woader la
what It was l-eguu for."
"It waa experimental oa my part."
he said. "1 nm looking for a girl wb��
will permit nie to give way to her ia
all tilings. It seems tkat I aball hava
to look further."
What impudence!
Ile rose aud was going ta leave ma
when I called hlm back.
"Hy what right." I aaM, "do yea accuse me of uot permitting yoa ta gtva
way to me.���
"Did you not say tt-at yoa i
sure I could not give way ta i
mun or tvomun?"
"Ynu have shown a
do so."
"Try me!"
"I will pnt myself nnder yaar order*.
The flrst time 1 refuse to obey yoa. ta-
giro way to yon tn any disputed point,
send me abont my boHioeea. Tbe tlrst
time you  refuse to be obeyed or to
orute  strength,  and  such  crude  de-. , l;1   _���,.  ,_        ,,     .,,, .    ,  ,,. ���
_���!���_,_  ���_  ,i>,   ninn ni .i,-,  - ���-  ���-...i,i ' mv deliberations on the subject were
vices aa the men of that age could |
still,  to  live together.    However,  for
my part���I can't answer for Walter��� j have your own way yo�� are to eeref*
me fur your wedded boabond wltb tka
ln obtaining that temporary permits to
British Indian subjects desiring to vis-
It Canada   wlll bc Usued In all proper
" In r are ether points that we hive
��� sui.mltted to the secretary of stale as
requiring redress, and we have laid
speolal stress on tha right of the entering of the wives and Children of
li itaas who bate acquired Canadian
The ouestion of Indian Immigration
into Bouth Africa Is s'Hl under dlscus-
sio'i with thc colonial government,
and I um In hopes that some of the
detects of tbe bill recently p-tsaed by
the colonial parliament may yet be
remedied "
A meeting In connection with the
campaign of the Hindus In India who
are letting before their fellow coun
try-*!"-*, lh case for an alteration of
the law Is reported fr'-m Simla. Among
lhe speakers wis __iand Singh, who
formerly r
fiur, ndr.in
thrse concerns to press the main crop
to 50 and fiO cents was In lull swing.
The distributors began an aggressive
campaign of organisation and during
the month fifteen large associations
1 were formed, some of which have a
600-oar membership. .Today you could
! not huv a spud fir less than 90 cents
to fl."
Chicago. Oct 29���Chlcpgo Is one of
the three best fields for burglars in the
l'nited States. The other two are
Kansas City und the state of California.
At least that Is the only conclusion
to l'e drawn from the fact that anywhere else In the l'nited States a man
Oan i: t '.:�� household goods insured
against burglary for a premium of
$12.6(1 for $1,000 or Insurance, while
in Chicago and the other two local!-
tier It will cost him IIS a thousand
On th'n h'tsls there appears to be1 Montreal. Oct. '.'9. -Statistics from
practically BO per cent, more danger.'he physical examinations held last
of a flat or a house being robb. d In -v,>lir' recently compiled by A. S. I.nmb,
Chicago than in New York. | physical   instructor of  McOill,  show
Tht ratis for burglary Insurance are 1 that the students in medicine are bet
a  rating bureau
ns in the shipment of their fruit and
storage will be provided so far as tbe
capacity will warrant ln such cases.
lid here.   The chairman. I financially
Banerpea,   wanted   to (losses.
compiled hy a ratlrg bureau in New
Vork and are accepted by all companies whloh write burglary insurance.
They represent the best Judgment of
the people who are professionally and
Interested     In     burglary
Personally Conducted Holiday Party
Leaving Vancouver December 7th
This "ALI^EXPENSE TOUR" will give you an
unusual opportunity to make the journey at minimum expense to any point in Europe.
Tlckelo will Inelade all railway aad ateamahtp transportation,
mealo and bertha. Tkare ara aa aalraa. A oholce of etoam.
���hip llaea la ottered.
The party will travel by ���Pecial train, via Chicago and Niagara Fall, to
Nt- York, th��re connecting with the various iteam.h.p lm*.. It wll UUcibi
in charge of an experienced traveler, who will look alter all detail, ol the tnp.
If intererted, pleaae call on or s-Ukm
City Ticket Agent
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul By.
��22 Columbia Street, New We.min.ter, B. C.
ter developed physically on the aver
age than the students In either ars or
Comparing science, medicine and
arts students in every particular, the
medical men are superior in all but
height and lung capacity to the engi-
nerrs while the arts students hold the
record for large waists. Although
science leads arts In several measurements, the Btudents in Latin show a
greater ability to expand their chests
than the highly-trained scientific experts. Medicine hold the fort in the
matter of age with arts second and
science third In lung capacity science Bhows the way, medicine being
next and arts third.
Owners of Disorderly Housea Are No
tified of Character of Their
The Great Wall extends from the
eoaat  along  the  northern   boundary
of  what  wis  ancient  Cathay  to  the J
westernmost province.    Since the ac- |
qulsitlon of Mong'illa, the s'.on*? bar- i
I rler stands as a grim relic In the cen- i
tre of the empire. There are several
i arms or branches to tbe wall. One '���
1 of these runs east and west just north |
! of Pekln, while the main arm to the [
i coast extends some distance still fur- I
ther north from  the capital.    It ex- 1
��� tends for hundreds of miles into re-
glons   where  ail  sorts  of  conditions i
I are to be met.    It wendB its serpen- !
I tine way across barren deserts, moun- |
��� tains, and lowlands-���now and tben
i making a break for rivers crossing its
j path. One of these is a twin, or dou-
I ble river, for many miles, and lt le
; Bald that It has changed its course
* nine times in two thousand five hun-
I dred years.
China Is notorious for her lack of
! roadways.    Kven to this day the re-
j mote regions can be reached only on
camels or by boats towed up stream,
for hundreds or thousands of miles,
by men running along the banks.   It
la claimed by aome that the top of
tbe wall waa used as a thoroughfare
especially  during    tbe   construction.
At places on the southern side ot the j
i wall, graded inclines are built to the
! summit.   These might have v "en used
( for driving beasts of burden to the
\ top of the wall tor trips up and down
j the length of the structure, while the
I work was under way.
The wall ls not high. In places an
, athlete might clear It with a vault-
i lng pole were Is not for Its unusual
I thickness. At regular intervals are
| formidable stone towers. Here no
| doubt the commanders of tbe defend-
| lng legions took their stations when
j Invaders came from the north.
naturally confliied to myself until be
proposed to me Then the subject wbb
opened between us without reserve.
"I cuDfesa." I said to him. "that I admire yon. respect you, and I am not
sure but that I love you. But tbere bs
one person whom I confess 1 love better than you."
He paled at tbis. supposing that I referred to a man. 1 quickly aet him
"This person whom I love ls a wo-
"1 see.   Tou refer to yourself."
While I nm perfectly willing to acknowledge my shortcomings, lt Is not
Ship Apples to England.
PenetlCton, Oct. M.���Tha decision nf
t'ie local fruit union to send a large
shipment of apples to England has
been arrived at, and today a large consignment of choice Penticton fruit
left on Ils way to the old country.
This will result In a splendid advertisement for Penticton and district,
nnd owing to the fact that the C. P. H.
ire providing special accommodation
for this slpment, splendid satisfaction
will he secured by people buying apples to send tn friends or relatives In
the old country.
Montreal. Oct. 89.���Willingness to
comply with the demands of the police and oust tenants Is the prevailing
keynote of the letters received by
Chief Campeau from owners of diror-
derly houses recently sent notices informing them of the undesirable character nf the occupants.
Six l'.nglish-Bpeaking and 26 French-
sneaking owners were sent official notifications, and all of the former and
most of the latter have replied.
Various reasons are given in these
replies for the slate of affairs previous
to notification. Several proprietors
answer that they were entirely Ignorant of the character of the inmates,
but would cause their tenure to cease
ns soon as legally advisable. One man
replied that he was not the owner of
the property in question.
One common excuse is that the
owner haB rented to a tenant, who. in
turn, has sublet the premises. One
prominent Montreal merchant writes
to thla effect, but says he wtll see that
matters are righted speedily.
The police are taking no chances
of the notices going astray, and In the
majority of cases the letters are handed personal}- to the owners by a police officer, who makes a return report to his superiors similar to that
used in case of the serving of a warrant.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout ths Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
OrafU and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of tha
CHAS. 0. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manaaar.
New  Westminster Branch: A. VV. BLACK, Manager.
Extend  From  New Westminster to Gulf of Georgia la tha Statement
Made by Commie-
sloisr. "i &���__-..!_���
KerrlBdale, Point
That plans for the Fraser north arm
harbor, which, once approval has beea
granted by tho marine department,
will be quickly executed, will call for
a freshwater harbor extending from
the Oulf of (leorgla to New Westminster and providing anchorage for the
biggest ships now entering Vancouver, was tho announcement of CommlBBloner Frank N. Trltes before the
municipal councll last night. Preparation of the harbor plans Is to begin
Tho harbor commissioners were
given a grant of $1,000 wblch, with
similar grants from Richmond,
Burnaby and South Vancouver, will
he uaed la paying an engineer's salary
until a further sum of $16,000 haa
been raised. It Is estimated that ttO,-
wiii cover the entire cost ot preparing
Orey, Oct.  29.��� a complete harbor plan.
It. Abernethy, a member of the
commission, stated that he had received assurance that, once plans
were prepared and approved, the Dominion government would Bee that the
commission's debentures were eon-
verted into cash, eo that Improvement
ot the North arm could be commenced
Immediately. Tha present appeal to
the municipality was necessary, he
said, because no assistance could be
received from tha government until a
definite harbor scheme had been outlined.
The commissioners stated that tht
Jetty at the mouth of the North ara,
tenders for whloh aro already under
consideration, will be carried out at
the expense and under tha direction
ot the Dominion government. It will
cost $200,000 and ��m Supplement tha
commission's harbor plana,
Neighborly  Amenitlea.
"No. we never stay at home Sun
day.    It's too disagreeable."
"Yes. Our next door neighbor goes
away and leaves his dog locked up
ln tbe bouse and the poor brute barks
and whines all day."
"It gets on ymir nervea. eh?"
"No, lt isn't tbat. But the neighbors expect us to Interfere."
"Veil, why don't you? Tell your
neighbor frankly about his howling
"How can I when we ve Jnst got a
new phonograph and my eldest
daughte- Is learning to alng?"
"Oh, Henry," Bhe said when she
had thrown oil ber wraps and flung
herself Into a chair, "I'm bo mortified."
"What's the matter, dear?"
"1 met Mrs. Biggies at the reception this afternoon and ahe seemed
s- nice that 1 stood there before the
crowd tor half an hour and talked to
her. When we were leaving her
chauffeur drove up ln an old four
cylinder car and after she had taken
her seat ln it sbe oalled oat right
before everybody that she would expect me to call on her soon."
What Surpriaed Hlin.
Dr. Thirdly was a mild, gentle anl
prosy clergyman. But at one evening
service he grew a bit sarcastic.
"I see a great maay ot you sleeping," aald the good doctor mildly.
"I do not wonder at tbls, for your
work la hard, and many ot you have
come a long way. Therefore. I am not
surprised to aee many ot you Bleeping souadly. but what doea surprise
m > a little ta to aee ao many sleeping
who had aueh a comfortable aleo? at
both oar morning and ear alteraoaa
eervlee." .
Horrible Oaaplrloa
Her Father (to yoang maa who
had aaked tor hia daughter)���That's
a very serious proposition. Caa you
aupport a family?
Her 8ultor ��� Oreat Scott! Tea
haven't laat your lob, have yoat
Telling Ways.
"Adele haa  some   telling  waya."
Tea. aad one ot them la aha eaat
keep a secret."
.       ai ���.-���        ������
AhM-la-aaa Wata.
Aluminium ware caa ba poltahed
with a mliture at boras, amssenla
aad watac. applied with * aatt atatk
Netable Weaalaa Yeaterday.
Charlottetown,  P. fc. t,  Oet  M.���
Louisa Pope, daughter of Percy Papa,
assistant receiver geaereJ, aid ******
daughter of tha lata Hml J. C Papa,
morning to U* T. Caehna* of Ottawa.
*B*   ��B_.T   BIOBT" I  SAID.
pleasant to hsve others agree with me
1 was a bit piqued.
"Quite  right"   1  assented,  and  In- I
stead of continuing, as I hud Intended.
1 retorted lo this wise: "It .xvurs to
me that two persons cast ln tbe same
"Selflshness." be Interrupted.
"Ves. selflshness���would not be likely
to get oo together."
Tbere waa a brief pause between us.
during which be seemed to be turning
the matter over In his mind.
"I admit" he said presently, "tbat
while I am tbe moat important man In
tbe world to myself, I am not the most
He had got mlsed la bis construction,
aud 1 took advantage of bis dilemma.
"Von couldn't very well be a woman
without being born over again."
"1 mean that tbe requirements of a
w.unan might be of more Importance
to me than my own."
lie had net put om tn a good humor
by agreeing with sae aa to my own
se'flxbnees. and I waa Indisposed to do
my part In making ream tor him oo tbe
narrow path on which we were trying
to walk side by side. Indeed. 1 con
eladed not to divide It with blm, tat to
*ttr aeHshaeee." I eald. -which, tor-
innately for aa undemanding between
as. yon hava notlced"-
-Vardoa me; I nwaat"-
-Xever mind what yon meant Tea
spoke tbe truth. 1 am quite earn thai
yoa could not give way to any on*
awn or woman."
"Tben why do yon make tbla *****-*>
~l hava not denied that I conld give
way ta a woman. I referred, to a maa.*
There waa a bit of triumph .In Mb
tone, and 1 knew vety wall that he hai|
Intended to trap ma far taking adven
Mge of blm wben he got mlied ap In a
arntenee that brought blm oat In a
rWlartie ad abenrdnm-tn other worda
(Mlrnlaaa. feasibly had he aaM that
he loved maa* wed ha wonld be bapftr
to give way to me lo all thtoge withe*
tMa tittle atlng attached to the deelara-
" have beea mam j*-*-****,
tha Mtsfni ihhlahlai
: words love, honor aod obey thrown to."
(Jood gmcloos!   He quite took away
my breath.
There was a  lot more talk  ia the*
I same vein. 1 nlTw-tlag to believe tbat
be wus not In earaeet or tbat be wonld
i not keep bis cuotrart.   Bot he adhered
f to bis purpose, and since I ninst rllber
1 lose blm or yhehl to biro I yielded.   I
didn't realtor that  I  waa yleWlo- at
| the time or I would not hare done tt.
He left  me. lt being understood tbat
the next time  we came together are
were not to speuk of tbe matter between us. bnt I was to be on trial,   lt
seemed very r.lxurd to suppose that I
wus to sefnse to bave my own way
about anything, and I felt quite sure oT
standinc the test   I aleo feK cooOdent
tbut be wan so used to leading every
one witb whom he came In contact tbat
he wonld try to muke me follow btai
In all things.
A week passed, during which Walter
did not come once to see me. TUedeye
seemed Inordinately long, tbe ev��niae��
endless.  All this time 1 was havtng aey-.
own way. every boar, evevy  mimrte.
Whnt  did   Walter  meea  by   keevtant
away? Was be never coming agate? I
wonld hnve sent for blm bad not my
pride forbidden me.   I entered npon a
I second  w.i-k   wltb  misgiving-*.  beRto-
I ning to eonjnre np ell manner of reasons tor his keeping awny from n��e.  A*
I Inst 1  settled down to this:   He ba*
I lieen convinced that It was use-leesi foe-
two such selfish persons to get un together nnd bad made up bis mind tc
drnp the matter.
Now. I im not noe of thnee ctlngfror
cre-iture-s who rather than lo-ae an Mot
will beg pitifully.   Not I.   I matte ap
my mind tbst If thH was We eame, tf
he n-mrr hdemilng to drop me. I wool-it
hnve fix- satisfaction ot rtroiiplng him.
I ���wrote htm a Dote Ktallng that .ifler
fn)   nn-Mleriirlon of bis proposition  E
hnl il.-iile<) thnt the facts would oo*
irwmiit Ms going any further with tbe-
mutter and I eotrld nut ronsent to receive Mm shook? be call again, caret*
with the nmlenti-inding that hi* salt.
wns uot to be renewe-4.
I recelref? m�� ref>r.v nt one*, as I expected I woirld. Imt In four or live day*
a note enme from Walter stating tbnt
he had been called away ou Important
business soon nfter parting with me
and bad not written elnre be had er-'
ported to return every day. His departure hnd been delayed and ha kn*
reached home to Ond my note. He added. "Your forbidding we to rail again *
as a suitor bus broken i��.r bmrti"
-Oh. heavens?" I ciclaliu.il "lUmt.-
hnve J done?" He had evidently
en my note for a dhmihnal. I
hasten to assure bigs that It had i
sent through a mhnppreheaalon. B
wrote him an explanation. He repNrA
thnt tbe mistake had beea very ass-
fortunate, bat since 1 had forbiddeef
blm to call except as a altaagei ha
bad not tbe heart to call at alt
How provoking! He should hnva
understood tbat tMa pntMMttua wna
recalled without any adyta*- iw la
surd* However. I mast wtlhdranr
It. nnd i did en.
Tbe aame evening hv canse ta
me tiad. fuldlag r__r to Mn
claimed: "Pre waa:   Tea
honor and obey  u_��.
"What dir ywi meaar 11
"Ton forbade ate to eaN i
eultor. aad when I gave yea year <
way la the matter yen '
*a It
-How rMlcaJaawT
-BMIenlewsl   Pa yaa.
have refoaed tn he I
ways to aM eat af Ik Wa wuasa earn
be (oroena ta a ****j* WS* that JPBB
Id had a-ttr n��ea_g����hto��n��^w
M P** ���\\**W**\*aW**' -*GmT ^Jfmw
���'i **'***
at.lt., ^e*l t***t***m *t** ** haa -9toto
���   ." i ' ''..<���'
 , k. ,��#!
::��C.ifIf EIGHT.
Our slock of groceries at only
a. fair margin ot profit. This has
been our method ever since we
commenced in business and our
healthy growth Indicates that
more people are recognising this
fact month after month.
Reader Have You Tried us?
Why not. this month. Wc sell
for cash  or credit.
Kresh Tniits anil vegetables
received daily We have a very
-good lol of potatoes this season,
quail:y considered, at a very low
Smoked Balmon, Kippers, Fin
nan Haddle, Dry Sail CPA Kast'
-ra Halt Herring, etc.. always in
I'ork Pies, Headcheese. I'ork
Sausages. Monii'-nuiiie Doughnuts and  Coke in  fresh.
Our Btock is large and varied.
Kvrrythlng that goes lo make
up a flret class grocery stock.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby  Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Greater Vv estmmster
that   unite   a
er to the fund.
sum   will   tie  turned
I.  O.  O.   F.  Dance.
Members  and  friends  ot  the  Odd-
j follows enjoyed a dance in their lodge
roome last  evening.
Card  Party  and   Debate.
Members of the St. Peter's cluh held
a successful debate and card party in
St.  Patrick's hall last evening.
Sanitary   Inspectors  Busy.
The sanitary Inspectors are busy inspecting  the  local  hotels  and  seeing
that all sanitary conveniences are pul
in  first  class shape.
Hospital  Finances.
After lengthy dismission the    board
Box Social and  Dance. I ?��"  "��'  *****  Columbian  hospital    at
Onlv a small attendance gathered its "P��ctal meeting yesterday adjourn.
at a concert and entertainment given <��1 without h aving inade much pro-
in the llurnaby publlc bull lasi even- ��Tess In solving the all-Important
ing under the "auspices of I,. 0. 1- No. I Question of dollars and cents
���inlC.   .1. Vi. Whiteley, grand organizer.
Vancouvei': Kev. I). J. Uordon, Vancouver: ll. Birmingham, Vancouver,
and Otway Wilkie, New Westminster,
were the speakers. \V, 11. Madill was
auctioneer at the hox social which
was followed by a dance.
Money   to  loan  on
Improved  city    and
0 per cent. Alfred W.
first mortgages,
farm property,
MeLeod.   (-159)
For plumbing, boating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham-
say, Eighth and Carnarvon streets
I'hone aSti. (
Japanese Celebrate,
in the Sapperton Japanese mission
Japanese frum this city, together with
some fronl Vancouver, Seattle atld
other places will gather on Sunday at
S p.m. in celebrate the 34th anniversary of the birthday of the Emperor
of  Japan.
Only Two More Days.
Only   two  mure days  nnw   separate
14S) i Ihe closing of the voters llsl for householders.    City  clerk   Duncan   lias  re-
| celved over 100 new applications since
' the bonks were opened and mme are
expected today and Friday.     Any person who is a British subject. who bas
resided   In  the city  for  the  past   six
months and Is paying a rental fee of
$10.1  annually.  Is  eligible  for  a  vote
at the mayoralty and aldeniianic election In January.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office, and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
I'aid   I"p Capital   and
Surplus $ 2.S00.000
Assets  4,973,083.95
Trusteeships Under
Administration over   C,000,000
Trustee    for    Bondholders over 25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
Now Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary. Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Bog.;  Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606  Columbia   Street.
Open    Saturday   Evenings   from
7  to  3.
School Board Meeting.
At a special meeting Tuesday night |
the school board sanctioned paying tol
Adkinson  &   Dill,  contractors  on  the |
Puke of Connaught high school, the
balance  due  for    construction.    Tills
was less some $.Wi Including the account   of  0.   .Munday,   sub-contractor.
Cricket Club Meeting.
A general meeting of the New Westminster cricket club will be held in
tbe offices of the Northwest Trust
company. 550 Columbia street at S
o'clock this evening for the purpose
of discussing business arising from
the past season. All members arc requested  to attend.
Thc Ladles' Aid of St. Stephen's
"hurch intend hold'ng their Christinas
sale of work on November 2S at St
Stephen's church. I-_13|
the board next meets further data will
be to hand and tlie furnishing and
finishing of the new building again
discussi d. While the passing of tho
interest bylaw recently makes It more
likely that the bonds will be sold, until this sale actually takis place the
furnishing of tlie hospital must wait,
in fact the situation is little changed
only that the chance of selling the
bonds Is greaier.
Sequel to Hold-up.
What is believed tn he a seiiuel to
nn attempted hold-up in the city on
Tuesday evening took place last evening when the local police placed in
custody a man who Is alleged to tally j
closely with the man who accosted]
J. J. Kelley, manager of the Hussell
hotel and asked to come across with
Ihls valuables, Although Mr. Kelley
caught what he thought was the
sight of a gun In the man's hand, he
had the presence nf mind to Jingle a
hunch nf kevs ln his pockets with the
result that the would-be robber turned
'and   fled.
The New Westminster
 and Fraser Valley	
Department  Stores
During the interior alterations and tho redecorations of this store, very
special prices will prevail in all departments. We are practically remodelling
this store completely on every floor; relocating and enlarging many of the departments consistent with a strictly up-to-date departmental store.
All members nf the Political
Equality league and friends are invited to an At Home at Mrs. Tuck-
man's. 714 Fourth street, on Tliur..
day afternoon at . :30. (.2:111)
Can Wooden Ash Cans.
Fire Chief Watson is making an inspection of business houses and residences seeing that no wooden boxes
are used as ash receptacles. Several
Buch cases have been found and the
owners warned to replace same with
steel or tin cans in order to reduce
the  fire  minimum.
Sue Chilliwack School Board.
A suit for $(!00 claimed by Forbes-
Taylor, Limited against the Chilli-
wack school board due for putting in
a steam heating plant in the new-
high scliool was heard before
his honor Judge Howay in county
court yesterday. The court reserved
decision, stating that acttnn should
have heen brought before Mr. Justice
Morrison in the supreme court. The
matter was adjourned  until  Nov. 6.
Mcre Money for Curnaby.
Auto speeders continued to add to
the Hurnaby exchequer, a fine of $:io
nnd costs being assessed against II.
Vorco of Vancouver yesterday by Magistrate Beatty for exceeding the
speed limit while riding a motorcycle,
It. Shannon for failing to show a numlier plate was forced to come across
with $10 and costs: J. E. McGlllivray
and L. .1. Stark, bntli of Vancouver,
contributed $5 each and costs for failing to observe the regulations respecting the lighting of vehicles.
Water Rates.���Consumers of water
not using meters are reminded that in
order to save the rebate on the last
*hree months of the year, nayment
must be made on or before 5 o.m. Friday (this week). 31st inst.. at the City
Hall, (2315)
Shop-jinn Abroad.
The Woman's Kducational club will
meel at 'i. o'clock this afternoon at the
home of Mrs. T. It. Pearson. 715
Iloyal avenue. Several members who
have been abroad will address the
meeting on "Shopping Abroad " Miss
Minerva Smith will render several
selections on the piano. Any one taking an interest in the work of the club
is invited to bo present.
Municipal Employment Bureau.���
People desiring help of any description ean be supplied at short notice by
applying to the office. City Hall, Clarkson street entrance. Phone S52. i2_n5i
New Masonic Temple.
The new* Masnnic temple on Shanuli
nessy street. Port Coqultlam, has just
been completed by Contractor ('has.
Oavies. Tlie building Is a handsome
two storey structure. The main as
seinhly hall Is situated on the second
floor while the ground floor Is devoted to stores. The building of the new
hall was necessitated by the growth
of the local lodge during the past year.
Orientals Are Menace.
"Resolved that Orientals are a menace to the country." was successfully
defended by the affirmative side of
an interesting debate which took place
In St. Patrick's hall las. evening under
the auspices of St. Peter's cluh. ('.
Ellis, as captain of the affirmative,
ably supported by Miss Suzanne (!r��g-
ory more than held their own against
the attacks of the supporters of Oriental immigration, which was In the
hands of Miss Nancy Walsh and Jos.
Houle. The judges were Father Bes-
ette and Messrs. O'Connor and Walsh
The members of the Altar society held
a card party and dance following the
PROl'SE ��� Death   came   suddenly j
yesterday to Robert Prouse, the eight
iyear old ticii of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Prouse.   The child was taken seriously
i ill with diphtheria In the morning and
died shortly before noun.   The funeral ;
i was held In the afternoon,   Rev   Mr.
Bartlett   conducted   the   service   and .
burial   was   made  in   the   Church    of
England cemetery.
For  all building
nil  apply to the B
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 820, wharf phone 88(1.
Debating Club.
Organization of the Y.M.C.A. debating club was affected last night at the
association building, where a meeting
was held. Membership of the club is
not restricted to V. M. C. A. members
and all wanting to improve in public
speaking are invited to take part in
the meetings.
Visited   Port  Coquitlam.
supplies  and  fuel 1    In  connection  with  the application;
C, Transport Co.. I made   fur   the   removal  of  the   ('.I'll
'depot at Port Coquitlam, H. L. Drayton, chairman uf the board of railway
commissioners,    accompanied    by W.
Kerr, one of the engineers of the commission,   visited   Port   Coquitlam     on
Tuesday   evening   and   examined   the
present C. P. R. depot and the sites to
[which it is proposed to move il   Block
16   at   which   point  the  railway   company favor the location of the depot,
was   thoroughly   inspected.     On   their
arrival In the Port City, the chairman
of the commission and Mr. Kerr were
met  by II.  Rtndahl and    L.    Martin.
C.  P.  It. officials
Troop of B. C. Horse.
A meeting of those interested in
the formation of a troop of B. C.
Horse in Burnaby will be held in the |
Burnaby public tiall at 8 o'clock when
the officers of .the regiment, will be
present to explain what is neoessarv
in order to join such an organization.
WALSH- The remains of the late
Hubert Walsh were laid to rest yesterday afternoon at :i o'clock. Service ���
was held at Bowell's undertaking
chapel and burial made In the Roman
Catholic cemetery, Rev. lather Bes
sette conducted the last rites of the
, church.
���o recognize and seize (he npportuni-
ties when they come to ynu?
to fit yourself to take advantage of
many future opportunities���It is the
opportunity to gain a practical knowledge.
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Baptist Convention.
The lirst annual meeting of the
Association of Baptist Church of Van
couver, New Westminster and vicinities is 'o be held in the First church
Vancouver, in Tuesday. November lv
Extensive preparations are being
mode to entertain a large number
representing all the Hantist churches
in th. district indicated. The "Gel
Together" s..pp��r is to he followed by
*i platform meeting addressed bj Rev
V S. Lewis, and Rev Luther Little
111), of the Tabernacle church
Elected   Officers.
At a  meeting of the St.  Barnabas'
Young  People's association last even
ing the following officers were eleel
and Miss'
P.. UA M.,   A R.C M.
��� ss ms in Pianoforte, Violin, Blng
��� ���(.  Voice   Production,   Theory    (In
etaseor privately), Harmony, Coupler-
point, Musical Form end History.
Pupils prepared   for   the   examina-
s.i-oc.s of the Associated Board of   the
Loral  Academy  of   Music, and  Royal
College of Music,    Mbo   Professional
EMptouas, Teacher or Performed.
Kor  terms, i tc .  apply  fil  Dufferin I
.Street   Phone 111 R, f21571 :
Phone B53.
. BOUCK, Principal.
610 Columbia   St
- *
. ... ��� _
ed:    Hun    president,   Rev    K.   K.   Bin
lett;     president,  C   K.  Stride;     vice    447 Columbia St.
president, II   Cox; secretary-treasurer.
Misa  l(.  Smith:   executive  commlttep
Lorne Sharpe, II.  K. ('reiver.  Miss  N
i Warrington, Miss IC. SIndley,  Mlsa  '
'Siio.heraiid Miss M Bacchus ii waa
':���*.* **d .tu meet every- Monday evening at S o'clock.   The tirsi Monde    ol
SWANSON���The funeral of the late
Andrew Swansea took place yesterday
afternoon from Bowell's chapel to the
Kraser cemetery. Rev. Mr. Swensi
of Vancouver, conducted the burial
COTTER-  After a brief illness   the
death occurred late Tuesday of Theresa Cotter, aged ">1 years.    Death oc
CUrred at the residence tf O. .1. Mor
row,   101   Braid  street,  Sapperton,  De-
i ceased had  been  In    this    city    only
about   cne   inonth.   staying   with   I.e.*
staler, Mrs. Morrow, and coming here
from Prescott, Ont.   The funeral takes
| place on Friday at  10 a.m. frum    101
[ Braid  street  to  the   Roman  Catholic
j cemetery.     Rev.    Father    Beck    will
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c
Per Quart    ���    -    -    - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    ...    -   35c
(Suecej.or to Ayling 4 Swain.)
ami attention to procure absolutely
eed  behind  every  purchase  made In
double   front   and
Our special   value
In our Men's I'liderwear Departmenl  we have given  every  care
the best values possible to be produced today,   Satisfaction guarante
this department:
At $1.25 a Garment���Men's Underwear; all wool, made  specially   for hard   wear  wllh
back, shaped In ample sizes fur hard work; storked  In every size to 48  Inches.
at. per garment $1.25-
At $1.25 a Garment���Men's   Underwear;   Imperial   Brand,   a  guod   full   medium   weight natural   wool   un-
dearwear     This   brand   gives   undeniable   satisfaction and is an excellent  value; ull sizes     Priced
at per garment $1.25.
At $1.50 a Carment     \ fine duality natural lamb's word I'liderwear. heavy weight, double breasted;  ideal
for warmth and Comfort; .tli sizes In stuck.    Our   price,   per   garment   Sl.SO.
At $1.75 a Garment    Men's  natural   lamb's   woool   underwear;   medium  light  Weight fur fine  wear, also
a   very   heavy   weight   do..hie breasted   underwear   made   frnm   beat   grade   WOO]   and   very   warm;
sizes to 46  inches.    Both  makes priced al  per  garment  $1,75.
At  $2.CO a  Garment���Dr.  Shield's  famous  underwear fur men.   a  real  natural cashmere garment  nf medium heavy quality, double breasted.    This Is absolutelj   the hest   value  ill Canada today   for the
money; all sizes In s.nck.   Priced at per garment $2.50.
The unrivalled Wolsey Brand underwear for men. stocked   in  all  sizes.    The  growing demand  each   season for Wolsey  Brand   I'liderwear speaks highly   of   Its   merits   both   tor  wear  and   comfort      In
single garments; priced  al,  per garment. 313.00    i" combination suits, at. per suit $6.00.
We also carry a full  line of Stanfield's  I'liderwear  for   men.
New Coats for the Little Folks
Now showing a smart Wingo of new coats fur the
little folka In Cheviots, Astrachan and Chlnohllla
Cloths; all shades, trimmed with large, fancy buttons; some have deep reversible cuffs, all well CUl
and smart tailored finish; lhere are coats to suit
girls of all ages and sWs. On sale on the rirst
lloor.    Specially priced from $3.75 '" $10.00.
We specialize nn a full range of the misses' Inter
mediate size coats; lu a good variety, special attention being given to the large misses' and small
women's  sizes;   good   assortments   tn  select   from.
at each $8.50 >o $12.50.
Sweater Coats for Women and
On the First Floor; Prices from $1.15 to $6.50.
Sweater Coat lune Is here, and we are fully prepared to supply all voir wants from our Immense
stock. No matter what size or what, color eornbi
nation yuu desire yuu are hound (o find it hei
There are long coat style sweaters, medium length
sweaters to wear under the eoat, or smart, close-
fitting Jersey sweaters to wear with knitted caps,
and every size, ladies' misses and children on si
In the ladies' ready-to wear department un the
f.rst floor    Priced from, each $1.15 to $6.50
known from  coast  to coast  this  beautiful  underwear always appeals to ladies who like nie
Merode  Underwear  is  perfectly  adjusted  for  shape, comfort and texture  for particular women
specialize Merode Combination Suits for women ill silk and wool mixtures;   made with high nr lr,*.*.
long or elbow   sleeves, and
ment, first flour.    Priced at,
lib   f
ill   or   knee lengt'i
garments     On  sale   Ladies'  end.
rwcar   Depart'
Inlaid Linoleum at 95c. yard.
Our rang* of Inlaid Linoleums would be hail tc
equal, There are many new and pretty designs
now In stock for halls, dining rooms, kitchen
etc. inlaid Linoleums always wlll he the best and
most economical flour covering In any home; they
always retain tlieir good appearance and nff"r almost unlimited wear and satisfaction. See the
selections of these Inlaid Linoleums in our Carpet room on the first floor. The regular price
is $1.10' a yard. McAllster's priee, per square
yard 95e.
1-yd. wide Linoleum at 60c. Sq. Yd.
Kor large spaces, a 4-yard Linoleum Ib essential It
obviates all seams and laying troubles, etc. We
carry a range of good designs, embracing both
hlock and floral effects in a good heavy printed
linoleum thai wlll give yuu every satisfaction In
wear.     McAllister's   price,   square   yard   60c
Special Values in Brussels Carpets by
the Yard.
Actual Value $1.50 yard, for $1.25 yard.
The new designs and artistic colorings in Brussels
Carpets now showing for this season; patterns
suitable fnr any room. For real hard wear nothing can e.|nal a good Brussels carpet, and our pres
ent range Is very wide and various, and we can
satisfy the most fastidious desires In carpets The
regular values are $1 .in ���,.. yard McAllister's
price, p.-r yard $1.25.
New Arrivals in Cosy Bath Mats at
Very Moderate Prices.
A pretty range of new dealt
Mats In nrt shadings of blues.
These come In three sizes:
lHx'14 inches, priced at, each  .
-"-Vs x41 Inches, priced at. each
27x64 Inches, priced al, ench  ..
:ns In washable Bath
greens ami maroons.
We have now relocated our electrical
iw rooms with all tht
fixtures, etc.
facilities fi
Estimates given
department ou
properly dlspla.t lng   .
m all kinds of electrical
the second floor
our   iinmc
range of
w   and   spac ons
chandeliers and
McAllisters Limited
nip rov i
ments the Further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
lu-r own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Btock.
the  montb Will be entirely bo.
the others short, addressee wil
i.*��� oi i 'I      Next   Monday   evel   ���
*. resslve v. hist will be the ord.
in the tins' a cordial well ome
given to all newcomers and ii
��� ii lhal all past members will n
regularly  again  during    the
I. (in
ii de
ill bi
. hop
-.1 out
.. for ..
���'ancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Rlock.
. un
. th'
1 and
2: n'l
. Coil-der.
In the West End.   Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
716 Columhia St.      312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg,
Phone S5R. Phone 85L.
Singing.   Piano.
I'or Terms and Ho.
Studio,   1011   Hamilton
1319 R.
rs Apply at
Street.    Phone
Ilesldence Y. \V. C. A.       Phone 1324.
i   Davis  Will  sell  by
tlon  (absolutely without rem-',
di r Instructions from 0. H. Mill
assignee)  three automobiles,  n i
cry. office Furniture, safe and   i
on the premises of the Went*;
[Garage Co., corner of Sixth stri ���
Carnarvon    street,    New West::
on Friday,   October   81, lftlS. al
p.m.  Bha.ni.    Full particulars
can   lie  obtained   at  the. Westn
Auction liouse, Kings hotel hh
lumbia      street.      N'ew    West.:
j Everything will  be on view  mi
of sale.
Successful   Smoker.
A   fair attendance greeted   I
i forts of local labor men in stai
i smoker in the  Labor Temple la
ning, the proceeds going towan
' fund for lhe children and wives
' Nanalmo miners, nut on strike
'man Dodd, R. P. Pettiplece of V
ver.  S'ltii  Atkinson,  of  Huffalo
iand   B.   I)   Grant   were   the   pt
speakers, while songs were re.
by   Messrs.   Casey,   RoBB,   Wood
Kercher, ' 'lirisli" and  Matheson
; Casey halls from Nanalmo, beln
of the  witnesses at. tlie courl
now on. and made quite a  lilt w'"n a|
splendid selection of souks     A   large
number of tickets were sold In the city i
BOILERS   gjveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Fiat Drain.
We are also specializing In Fir DoorB with Veneered Panels.
wlilch are better in construction, more beautiful aud no more expensive than  the old  solid  raised panel doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
������ ef-
ng a
* ihe
i   on-
P    O.   BOX  44?
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established U9I.
Ws write Flre, Life, Accident, Employtrs'
Marine Insursnoe.
Liability,   Automobile  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
car at
WKKKDAYS-6 and M5 am.
and every 16 minutes until 9
p m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight
SATURDAYS���IB minute eer
vice In continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���(, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 mlnuteB until
11 p.m. with lute car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
ItKfllJt.AR SERVICE���15.46 and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m���  with  lato car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am. and
until 10 p.m. with late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am.   and   every
buro until 11 p.m.
Connection ls made al   Eb-
hour -until 11 p.m.
. and other polnta on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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