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The New Westminster News Sep 26, 1913

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 Newe Classified Ade.
Have  proven their worth by the
result*   tbey   produce.     They   All
targe   or   small   wants   at   email
N'ew     Westminster   and   thc   lower
[mainland:    Light to moderate uiii.ls.
[generally   fair.     Stationary   or  low��
SMITH GUILTY       ��s and crops   pRM.jp piNG UP FOR  CANADA'S TRADE   maple ridge snow   BARRISTER ON BAtt
ON ARSON mi   DESTROYED BY URE   |��(^W [[[Q|QN f|(J|l{    FORGING AHEAD     "sycciss       AT NANAIMO
New Westminster Contractor Lost Case in Criminal
Assize Court.
Jury Out But Forty-five Minutes���Witnesses Themselves to Be Tried
Big   Bam  cf  Joe     Gillmore.     -bu
Curned tc Cround���Caute Ur..
known���Loss $7003.
Ilobert o. Smith, of Sinlih A_ Whittaker, contractors, New WeBtmliiBter,
war   tound  guilty  yesterday  of  arson
in the assizes court and remanded 'or
sentence. The Jury wae only out Iif,
C.eurge   .lohn   Smith,   the   prisoner's
tenant and occupier ��f ihe secondhand Store which was set nn lire I y
prisoner's hirelings, was the firs, witness yesterday and hist for the crown
Examined by a. H. Macneil, K. c, tor
the crown, lie denied any relation*-!, p
with  prisoner,  despite    the    lattor'o
claim i" be his half brother.   iii�� rent
waa  !7"   and  he  hud  11,000  Insiir.ii.e ���
on his stock, whloh be valued at $2,
i ��� ii
cmsi examined by Mr Robinson r.u
the defence, witness staled tli-- e   vas
a small quantity ef niul "ll on tin
premises a well as gasoline and ben-
*/ine. He owed money on u note whi, -,
Included two months' rem, lo prisoner
a hout  MB0 last  April.
.1. im  Lindsay, foreman    carpi n'.i
h.it.i lie knew licensed  fer tw.i yearn
and   never   heard     anything     against
ci-"-   examined    Prisoner was du.
r,i - father money and was being press
id (cr payment. He did nol know a:-\
thing  at' ii!   prisoner's  financial   af
Pnroner's Testimony.
I!   i)   Smith, prisoner, then entered
tli"   liov     lie   said   he   cams   I '    *>i *'
Westminster    three    years  ave    snd
started contracting three months uft
orwards, He owned property In Chinatown worth IftJOO, a home :,n l.niu
island, tiflOO, a bouse In Asn Rtie>i
11 SOO, Ihd notes due hlm for |1.100
and ?.ri'"' 'lhe properties wei" not
ie irtgaged.
Became Friendly,
He   bad    Ihree   Jobs   on   hand    laBt
eprtng    Ke gol acquainted with Naas
With a blaze lhat lit up the sky for j
miles   atound,   the   bttge   barn   if   due
ioillmof-*, situated  cn  So.  I  read  and
tin* Kiver road,   was   destroyed   las; ,
night rrom Boiae mysterious cause.
u, the barn, which waa .0x160 feet, ,
was   s-.ond   all   lhe   ��(anon s   crop   o!
: hay und grain, together with six headj
I i.i prise uorses, ail ol which was di
I struyed.
Ulllmore himself is In Victoria at-
lei d:iiK the fair and exhibiting Beveral
prlte   horses, and    therefore   knows]
! nothing or his Iohs, which is i stimati d :
' to be about ��7000.     '
'I wo men, one named Russell, were j
iii.   lie-   barn   at   sunset,   one  of   them
.leaving bis nam Of horses hitched in
.n,   si.ibl. s, and  both  had retired far,
' the night hi the house nearby v. lt< 0
ihey first noticed the flames breaking
i ut I'he Point Orej fire department
were notified, bn ihelr efforts were
ol no avail as the flames had sot! ired
a llrm held ��� f ths structure by thi
. I, ��� tb<.. ai rived wltb tbe chi mlcal
Rev. R. E. Tinowles Before
Association Talked of
i    City    Free    from     Boodlers    and
Grafters Is Much to Be Desired���
Address cf Interest.
Sir  Wilfried   Laurier  and
Hon. T. W. White Will
1    Ottawa, Sept. JB.- Sir Wilfrid ..war- j
j Ier left  tuday  for Montreal to confer i
  ; Entries  Included  All   Produce of  Dis
Figures for Month   of   Au-1    trie*��� Hothouse Lemons Chown���
gust Show Increase
��    Over 1912.
W. G. Manson, M.P.P.. Spoke.
with Ihe district leaders in regard tol
  'a  candidate   for  Chateauguay,   where!
|u bye-elecllon takes places on Octo- |
Before the  Progressive association  ber  11     A  convention  wlll  be held
Outlook   Good   ter   Billion   Mark   and
Two Hundred Millions Over Mark
Set Last Year.
Ottawa, Sept.
The trade figures
Port Haney, Sept. 'in.- The Mapl.-
ti.di... exhibition which coailuMu ji
the agricultural grounds today proved
oue ot the most succes-tai h-lu trom
a financial and other standpoints eve,
held. The big feature cr ue tair this
year was the fruit and gaid'.i pro-
duce exhibits. Ibere wire on -how
some extra fine specimens cr apples,
p-ears plums and mi.all fruits, includ-
ng iwo lemons, notho__e grown, witn
His Honor Judge Howay Released 1.1. Rubinovitz on
His Own Bail.
Fixed   Trials   ef   Eleven    Men
South Wellington in Connection
with Recent C'.rike.
at luncheon yesterday Kev. Robert B. (early next week, probably on Monday. I for  the   month  of August  show  that  out artificial heat by Q    \   Davenport 'over the Nanate
\\\\^2tt!3^^ *--*��- * �����w*kH2lI-3Tefa^fT^ w'^|terday- ���" rele
on  ���'Opportunities  for   Voung  Men  in , ability be the choice of the party. Al- :Th" lotal lraile    fur    the    month    Of  *~"���"..        uel'ar'lnHnl   '���-'   "c" jvltz, the incarce
Western Canada.' IthoOgh   he   possesses  an   Irish   name,. August
'1 hough the subject is as old as the;.Mr. McGowan Is a French Canadian I $ JO 022
rsiuntry with which lt dealR. under Mr. who has ambitions to become a mem-
Knowles' touch became rejuvenated: ber of the upper house of Quebec, or.
it was not one of the "get rich quick" I In other worda, a legislative council-
talks dealing more with dollars than lor. lie would prefer that, lie gays,
'������ute, ner was il by any means con- to a seat ln the federal house. In
fined to the time worn channels of i the event of Mr. McQowafj declining
Ihe "land or opportunity." oration, to run. i; is said that Mon. Sydney
ror at  the speaker said, It  was the Plsher, ex-minister or agriculture, Is
His   honor.  Judge   iloway, presided
mo criminal court yen-
eased Israel 1. Rnbiao-
cerated  Vancouver bar-
nd poultry departments |ri8Ur'   on   "*"   own   reco-salzance-a ot
.,--.,-, *    .   supplied,
was   |91,742,681,   as   againut      Tlie Stool
9.   for  August,   1912,  an    in-jwtre  we]| furnished  with exhlbiticnB \*'>0I). and  fixed  the  trial-, of  11  Kw-n
crease or $7.7111.077.    For the first five I The   exhibition   was   formally   opened i.'roin South  Wellington, charged ��-it_.
months    of    tlle fiscal  year the total'today by W. (i. Manson, M.P.P. Sptak-
tra4e    was    $4iiti.11-11.16".    as    against  ers at the opening-ceremony included
$-4C,*81f<,74S      in    tbe    corresponding' the  provincial member.  Colonel J. D.
period cf last year an increase of $37,-[Taylor, M.P., Mayor James Mars. Port
564,419, iCoquitlam;    Keeve    J. ('. McFarlane,
The    present    outlook    is that    the   Mai ie   Itidge.    and    A.   H.  Anderson,
ppportunll)   fer  health   in   this   won-  almost certain to he the candidate for grand total for the year will be well j president of the Maple Ridge Agricul
derful climate, the opportunity of mak-   tbe  Liberals.     Mr.  Jas.   Morris,  who ever a  billion dollars and  will prob-, tural society.
Ing this countrv to ful tit the place It   was beaten at the general elections byi ably Ue two hundred    millions   In ex-.	
that     "ounted   a majority of forty, is definitely In the.cess ol last year's high mark.
fle'd  Tor the Conservatives. During August there was a large in
Hen. T   W. White, minister nr fin-   crease in agricultural exports.
tinee. will he one of the principal Con-!    The   experts   for   the   rr."*   ''   	
edrvattve speakers In the federal bye- $13,736,741, as against $6,603,843. Kx-1
elections, Mr. White will sp'-ak both porta for Canadian manufacturers are j
In   east   Middlesex   and   South   Bruce | ,Us0 -[.creasing rapidly. For the month ;
New Hampshire  Attorney-
General Advises Extradition of Lunatic.
Governor Felker, However. No: Cans
fled with Jerome's Ar-un-rntj
and Will Stay Proceedings.
Tha; At-
Tuttle   has
Vat-OSS through Lindsay     He met   ��.lv lead i;*jve��c-or Fell-cr to honor tha
round   lhe  city   and   had   a   few   request or the state ol  New   Vork  f��� >r
Ci in old. N. 11.. Bept.
arse; i',"H��r��l   JameB
was   destined   to   fulfil
ii;   n .
in telling of tbe province, its v.* >n-
erfnl     resources,   ."nd   111   unllmtit.'
"-"'L-llltles.   Mr.   Knowles   said   that
wblte Hi" forests, fisheries and mine:
of   British   Columbia   wcre   Known   ot
!,   ervwbere,   little  of   its  agricultura    and   posr'bly   in   Chateauguay.     Hon
stbflltei  were known  by  the  pub-   Arthur   Meitrhen.   the  new     solicitor-
��� lie outside.   "People i.-i Ontario," he general, may also bs heard lit tbe cam
said,  "speak  of a  trio    across    tht paign.
! rocky   passes,   and   then   th'nh   thit, ��� ������
i .if.,  these are  nnt   behind  the  t-all
slides down riiuht into the Pacific. They
know, most of ther1. little of "he valleys   greet and small, between these
���reel pe-Ks wblch nwall fie agrlcul-
���nr't    l'er It is the land that Is really the backbone et a country."
In   te'llng  "' his  hones   nnd   nmhi-
- * '*'     for    \*e'v    Westminster,    Mr
Rnowles said above all thai he would
"ke ���-' "i   it i: -lean elty.    Not th--t in
���In*  t'uritvi  sense.  Imt one  free fror>
''���'il'i-   and   grafters,   the  home  of
rri '  tnt n.
''���������   ;'"* r  "11     Ol   the  themr
jof the sddress ths' kepi tbe listeners
iin  "''riant  attention,    it    wae    the
...... Iter'j control of words, lhe IMuini-
';*-;i)ng rptfrence. and th" hp' allusion
' '-i-i' nlti'- nth unnoticed nontrfbuted
nit (mate  rc-nlt   and   mnde hi
Vacancy    in    Port    Conuitlam    School
I_c_ra Sought by Two Mer.���
Voting on Monday.
of August 'he exports of manufacturers were J4.911.47S. as agalnsl
iJ.170.i-G_: laBt year. For the five
months there were an increase in experts of manufactures of six million
d-llars. namely from $15,000,000 to
Imports for August were $84.".66.2:'.S
as agais.st $81,419,001 in August, 1012.
crnnes in connection  with the ret-tt-it
miners riots, for October <_
There are from    ISO    to 200    m-fiti
charged collectively and indiv��t_ai.
with riot,    riotous    destruction.    aaJ
specific crimes.
Besides the 11 men from tho Soui-i
Wellington collieries, there are fc". irv-
volved in the Kxteusioi troubles, fij'
edd In the Nanaimo riots, while th*,*?
ethers are from the Ladysmlth niul
Cumberland districts.
Knowing that Mr. Ilubinoviti -claimed  to  represent    some    ot    the    imprisoned miners and that he was    in
c;i3tLdy. Judge iloway caused iaUiu:-
j lien to be made tc  liir.i  that he -nas.
  ! to  hold  court  at   1   o'clock y-snterv-iaj
. .1 afternoon to fix the dates of the triaij..
Plan to Teach Scriptures in and informed him thai ir he wished
to  be  pn..lent,  instructions  would  bf
i.i'111 to tbe jaikr to allow him U��
1 dt so. lii ri-sponse Mr. Itubmo-riS-.
1 appeared. The learned geritleraa-i
i presented a very dishevelled appear
j ance as he sa: in court, eollartesa anrf
unshaven.    He ha:-: been several days
in pris.-n.
Tiie somewhat  lengthy  interval be-
Public Schools of All
Publicaticn    of    Plcn    Likely
Watchej  by  Whole  Province
and Dominion.
to    B:
.irm ii Upon nparenily g'lod
A  Hitch  Scmewherc.
A   dlfferen :e  of opinion  is  -.aid
hetwi < -i  Q-overnor  Felk' r'l   ad
, ,*.   , ��� to whetber he should honor
th     '��� qui ��l   ot 'he  state  Of  New   Vo   i
t, - thi  "���.i.-.nHion or Harrj K  'i'li - *
kt ��� -.   < ���  ' i* "i i ike the attitude (hat
drinks with Ihem. Walters borrowed
t'i on one occasion from hun and }.'
on the lTt��< er March. Witness said
nothing whatever about buying gaso
line with the $"'. Wallers was arrested
long befoio Kaas or himself. Nass
���pas arrested the same day witness
�� -
' Irosa ��� s imined   l  found onl  Walters wi i  irrosted ror fir- raising tin* ;,,. v,.  Vlirl. ���,,���.., ,,, . ,,, proper |,
day of the I   a In my premises . ., , _���,.,,. , ,;,,, .. ������ ,,,,.��� .,  ,...,., f���r
lhe governor to mi below theli  ser
��� e ������  In  .* ii  Inqnlr"   Intn  the easts ;>r
i ..����� i"-a wblch they ������������
Others nl the slate house I tit
poslte vli ���'
Got to Show  Me.
)*���������.  <' "'ernor Felker. who
',*'���" -I ta   ��� ,���:���  is understood to attach
le  '��� rtai  to securing r.irtlvr inf.ir
i n 'l nbject or the r-n *rte:1
- '   ef  Thuw   I'v   'le    Miioh"ss
fNfw   Vnrki   grand   lurv   ror
    '*i f""i"��'etion with hla es
.. ..., ,|,,. M;litoawan insane asv.
the extrsditfon or Marry K. Thaw wasiBtidlnnce sorry when the address had
Mr   Macneil    Whit did  you do"
i'** si   ' ���    l don'l know.
.; * net]    Bul   you   owned
oertj   i'i i   was   burned  and
ok   no   interest   in   the   mattl f
I'liiom;    i   got   some  lumber
���   ted up the building.
Mr   Ma. nei!    Ven took  no steps  to
���Isl ::���'   pollce    vou did nothing ex-
ipl  patch the building up
D:d Nothing.
I   don't   know   thst   1   did   ci tt * '
anything. I have a five years' leas	
lhe   burned   down   premises,   leur
v tsed
an op-
I'rlj ���
eeks before
e    drinking
i r which  have to run.
Mr Macneil When did you become oui '
Acquainted with these young men, '���e.l
Walters and Nass?
Prisoner   About two ���
the flre,
Mr,   Macneil    Vou    wt
with them around town?
Prisom r I met them several times
round tin lown, My offtce was in town
and lhey were always hanging around
the City. I was not always going round
lown wllh them, nor buying bottles
of whlski i I bought one bottle of
w! 'kev oil" ntghl  and some one , Ise
had another going up the bin one
Mr   Macneil    Were you drinking on
the nay un?
Drank   From   Bottle.
prisoner   Ves, i believe we   did -
Wiiiten- and I had a drink out of the
bottle ' had no talk either with Wai-
t. !������ or Van Hedlam on the wuy up the
Mr Macneil Iou heard Van Bed-
Ism's depositions read In court yesterday?
Prisoner    Ves
Mr    Macneil    As   to   your   offering
hlm money to lire your premises, what
have you to say to that?
All Lies.
Prisoner That's all lies. Walters
nlso leld a lie when he said I offered
him money to lire the second hand
(tore. 1 know nothing about Naas I
don'; know whnt his evidence was. 1
never snoke I" hlm on the subject.
M,r Macneil���lie said he overheard
you   'neaklnit   to   Walters.
Prisoner Whnt did ho say?
Mr. Macneil That you gave hi -i $r>
to eo tn Vanc"ii"pr and buv gas-'lne
cd not to buy It In New Westminster
Pr'nonpT .' d""'1 believe h" ever
beard nnvlhlng of the kind, because I
never-said it.
W-o I- Dobson?
Mr, Macneil���You beard what Dob-
rot  stld  yesterday.
P"Vni>"r Who Is Dobson? He never
worked for nt".
V: Mncnoll���You heard his state-
I'-'t-c������"-- V prrtnlnly Is untrue.
Mr, Msttnflil���Some person pnlr' tn
*'-ans '\nn mnde a poor Job of th.it
flrn rf ynnrp."
Prisoner- I don't remember that at
Mr.  Maene"���And that Naas    said
"flee,   here   Is   another   felolw     who
knows we set flre to that plaoe."
(Continued on Page Four.)
>* ,  Indlcttnenl  Has been  made
l":t   William   Trovers   Terone
In nrgulns nn New York's pet!-
"' n  for evtr'iditien  before floverno**
iV'ker   Tti"sd:iv   the'   an     Indict *  '��� *���
|, ,,1    ' ppn    '..!"���,)    I'll    t- ���    l;i "I     -   ���
"I   h' rn >'t      It   is   saM   thit   ��������� "i
the governor learns more t|eri'i oi*
Ins) ���vh"! attitude Ins been I'V " hv
ti-,. Po'dieso nr-'iui lury he proi-ahlv
- 'II defer hh- dee'-loii In rei-in! to
..*. ..*.,,. ,',,, pvti-pdltlcn warrant
it h- believed the ttov***rtrir will i^ran-l
���' "��� ��'   "uo'"  h*-  T!)-.w's  p.nnnsel
��� -,1:     ���������;) ���;.���! I-,, -ii, ������ ed until 0 ������ <
��������� - " ���    'lie additional briefs in the
'f'h" lu"c!i""'i was held nt the Ptta-
ee!1 hotel, His worehln Mayor Orav
nreelderi and Introdu-ced the sneaker
In a brief address Seat,-,! al the ta-
������!������ with Mayor (true, were Pev.
ifnowlef Rev, .1 S. Henderson, Rev.
Oeo A. Rev, Itev. R I Wllenn. V'nn.
"Ol"   '������'' T. Hi id vie" ur sill -*i nf 'he Progreslve ass" 'le'li ���*. and
Industrli 1 Commissioner  Darting.
'-.ig. C_" to Meeting Ser: Out *.c Mc-n-
bera c(  H. A. &.  I.   _.ciety for
This Evening.
Final ri ports fr< m all committees
*������ iii t"- tl.e cider ai iiie meeting of
he executive of tlte It. A. t. I. sorie:.
'l I'm* i *ly i lunoll eli. mber tills e* i i
lng, and as it v.ill be the last meetingIvlted lo attend
i Die executive before thi  cpenlng of ������.���
e   ta r on Tuesday, President Welsh
and  Manager Mackenzie are anxious
Port Coqnitlaiu. Sent. 28.���There
will be ii cint'st for the v��.��l-,i poh/.
Ifou on the school board. Two prominent business nun. W. A. Thursby
and J. R. McKenzie. who were nominated before Returning Officer John
Smith todav are bbe eompeiiiors for
the office.
The result ef tbe nominations today
occasioned genera] surprise, as ii was
rumored thai there possibly would be
no candidates. At the most It was be
lii ven thai oniy oue candidate would
be nominated, and this one W. A,
'hursby. Mr. McKentle is a son of
dark horse
The election coming in Monday the
time is loo Bhorl for any sort ol cam
paign and it is probable that the candidates will await the decision cf thi
people witiiou any active application
for votes.
Race fiicts at Trinidad. Colo.. Caused
by For-ei-sners���Are Nsw Working
Tovard   Mexico.
tween the sitting Of th-e court tixiix..
the dates and the actual trial la o*w-
n.;.i  to the peculiar circ'-uaistances at
  leiiding   tue   employniuu   of   cmin.*)
-tegi-ia, Sept. 25.-There is a move '-"the alleged riou-rs. There ��.
meat cn foot to formutate a course of j^'^f l]>: a uiisunderatandinG b<K*e��,
rellglcua teaching for the' BnWicK*- ^��2fc "i^^f1^* * Ul**t
schools Of this eity, whi'
is success-
| lon. and Mr. Rubinov.u.    Mr. Darliru.
clainitd   to  represent  all   the   muwis
Trinidad. Colo., SepL C5. A coroner's jury this afternoon returned a
verdict declaring that the killing of
Marshal Robert i.ee at Begundo yesterday was felonious, and that Tliomas
I.arius, a (Ireek coal mine striker, fired the fatal shot. Testimony was introduced to the effect that Larius and
three other ilreeks plotted the shooting at a saloon at Segundo a short
time i ofore the tragedy
Under Sheriff Zete Martin and his
post e, :>*' sui-ii; the alleged murderers
through the hills bevond Starkvtlle. reported late Ihis arternoon that they
had sighted 'he tugitives. The Greeks
are said to be all armed. They apparently are trying to reach the New
Mexico line.
ml  here, mav   spread  thrcughout    the        ,  .,      , ,
province, and.  perhaps Canada.    Thel""1 Mr """ """u **'���'���������������"<> '������' '���":������'
committee has boen at work for some
months,   but   the  object   lias only   be-
Port Ce'i'.iiil;:ui. Sept. 'in \ further
meeting Ier the purpose of organ!
ing the Find Coqultlam troop R. V.
Horse will be held In the Agricultural
Hall on Tuesday evening at B o'clock
The necessary i umber -or men to o 'in*
plete the trrop are expeoted to he ro-
cmlted at this meeting. Mayor Marl
and other civic orr.ck.is have been in-
Ccnserv-itives Meet.
Port Haney, Sept. 26���An execn-
tlve meeting or the Dewdney Conservative association was held her" this
morning, dene-rat business was transacted. Those who attended were Col.
.i. 1). Tavlor. M. P.. Mr. W. .1. Man-
pon, M. P, P., Mr. W. O, McQuarrie,
New Wesiminster. Mavor lames Mars,
l'ort Coo,-,iiHam; I!. Abernethy. president.. Port Moody. Mr. Qeorge Aider-
son, BurquiUam.
[come public today. The idea la to find
a course of scriptural teaching for use
.n the publlc scuools which would be
acceptable to the parents cf all chil-
dren attending the public schools of
whatever creed or denomination.
The cily has been set agog by the
iiibllcation rf the proposed plan and
it Ib expected considerable interest
vill ue tn'-'i; both bere and throughout Canada,
Llctcr  Affairs Checked   When  Lca-'tr
Is Ordered to Ded���Revl-J'.v on
Belfast, Sept. 25. Further confer
Iencea pf ihe newly termed provisional
j government to take over the admin
liatrstlon   or  lhe  affairs  of  I'lster,     it
si ntatlon or
���  , lo uri "Mi "���   Rtr*'",*|i  n]	
i-i   i, ���.'���-.   Ftr'ot'-   !""!   suhurhq
no*  i*  ti  Ptnvens, al
onlv cnsunl attention,
that there be good i
.ite cm OUtlvo | rei ��� nl
\\ i,lh*  almosl   , verj thluR
; r lbe opening of ihe Mr. thi r * .ir,
il il a tew matters to be dec.'ded and
Ihese will remain for the meeting thli
i 11 inn;*..
Exhibitors ore busy ai the pink pr.-je
aring tholr exhibits in the Industrial *..
and     manufacturers'     bulldingi   nnd t
��� tin r entries are also beginning to ar
I'lve. The (.reatir purlieu ot the eittlei'l
noi stock will   arrive   on   Baturday,
���' I'Hia*.   i,ml   Monday,   This   applies   ;
particularly lo the stock showing at ���.
,nse;ii al Viotorla,   which   will   b>
broughl  lo New Westminster. ������;:
| The grounds are in excellent cond- -i,
tlon and a _latf of mon arc At presenl 14
making minor re- airs to the bulldlnga, it
i'i' uu
Left Large Estate.
, Beut. 25, ti im nil!, i
! pioneer contractor ef this city, w hi
died  lately,  left   ME9,1T0   to  his son-
sented some ii    them,    but   did    tic:
know  how  many  or  who  tliey   wen-.
as he had been arrested before ha ha.i
time or a vhaiice to find out. Mr. fur!
ing   appeared   lo   be   unaware   of  th.:
retaining of Ur.  Rubinovitx and  ��������.-
'inclined to Ignore lem. It ua_ f-;r Lh_t-
Ireason the com-;    decided    to    alt-v-
ample time and opportunity Ui .'.u-----
j sei   lo   adjust   tlie   mater   aud   l-arri
[where   they   flood,   an!   a'....   ;     _���.-
!: I** ;... . lor thc d tCBCA
At ti.: re. '.  !.n cf .a    prieaEmr
fixing the  de; -  i*   trial,   hij tumor
add-esiiing Mr. Kubinovitz, sad he un-
derstocd he vas in custody suxd thaf
: gentleman replied yes. The court ttak.\
[asked  htm  if he wanted bail a.ud ou
* Mr. Rubinovit- replying iu the afftraun
' tive ordered him to be released ou Mt*
iown   lecogni-anees   cf   $GU0,   on   thv
ground that if he    wcre,   a_i   st-rt. '.
counsel for BCme of !!'.������ prisonuns    it
; v.as unfair tc these r'.r-'i to keep tb<��ir-
lawycr m confinement
His honor mentioned a matter in
iOur; which only the exceptional cir-
cuinstoncea surrounding .vir. ir.ule.-t.,
I nu at tbe present time and -rxciijui-. io
u barrister. He sa'd he hail reuti-tvil
a letter trom Mr. Rublnovlti in sshiiH ���
after detailing all his troubles lie c^l-
|eluded   with    "I   respectfully     roq.:.-r-
neci ssary. hav
���II", ss   of Sir
imd  daughters,  Mrs,  Leu It  Marshall
Winnipeg, being len $s . ooO.
Congressman   Dead.
Thnmas'-llle.   tie...   Sent.     !5    -Con-.,
gressman Seaborn A. Itoddenbery. who [{���*"er ''!
luis   been   ill  at   his  home  he'e since   has
nervous I
'. be"ii chicked  ly  the lyou to take these circumst__ar.es   uiti
Kdward    Carson,    the ' consideration    in    dealing    wl'lti    ttu
the I'lster    Unionists,    who
i   i rdered    to   bed   bv
Sunday,   died   late   today.     A  nervous I Physician     to    prevenl    a      complete
breakdown  last  week  had  prompted I breakdown,
him to leave Washington, hut not un-       BxtenalVe plans are being made foi
til   Sunday
did   his  condition   become
Ottawa Sept. 25. The
monthly bank sln'eineut will
be Issued tcinorro*.-.-. Tlie chief
tputure cf the staieinent is understood to be an Increase of
live million In circalatioii used
largely for the movement of
the crop In the west.
Crocks Worklnq In Belgium.
!>nssels. Sept. SB, A gang of international crooks have heen operating prnfltably here. They stole a bag
containing Jewels to the value of $20.-
000 frnm a Parisian dealer as he was
going up in an ho'el olevstor, bv substituting another bag. Although the
then was dlscovored almost Immediately the plans of the thieves were so
' well   laid   that   they   made  their  es-
International     Conference     Held
Berne Takes Up  Important
Berne, Switzerland.   Sept.   'in. --The
olt/Blng day of the International con-
ferenos for the protection of wc kers
was marked by the adoption (f n reso-
lul Ion declaring thnt workers must he
allowed a nightly repose of 11 consecutive hours, wlilch in all casaa, must
Include the hours from to p.m. to 5
i.ni. Kxceptlcn, however, is made li;
regard to the coal miners wIiohc
hours of repese may he changed, hu:
musl l:a longer.
iiv another resolution boys Utld-T l'i
vears rf pre weie absolutelv forbidden
o work it nltht.
The convention was attended bv
' ��� utes Hum (jreni Br'talft, (lor-
���iniiv. Auslrnlla, Belgium, Snnln.
I'lanee, Italy, Norway, Holland.
Sweden, Pevlustnl und Switzerland
Bttbleot to legislation in the various
which we have read of, but which has | should, and 1 am sure will, turn to
never been dene before In lhis city, at |and improve the appearance of their
least for many years.    Kc^p up   the
The News idea of making Baturday,
September   27,   "Clean Up Day" ha--
taken   rool.   Sprouted   and   will   bear.        , .,-. -     ,. ...    ,
good woric.     lhe elty authorities arc.
fruit tomorrow.   On all aides resident!   doi���, ���,| j,, the,r pu���er ,0 ^iear wha, I
are taking to lho idea of cleaning tn-idtbrls there is on the struts and l|
lho cily  and putting  it upon !t_ ber. j have every contidenci from fi.e health
behaviour by  the time the  big open   deportment   that   tlle   men   employed
ing day of the fair rolls along, and j will be etjual to the task."
that opening Is Tuesday next. ! He Liked It Too,
According to comment made on the!    Allan Purv.s,    Interurban   manager Went he passed when seen yesterday.
street   yesterday   there   aro   hundreds j lor thc II. C. li. T..'and    pfc.sldent   of' "New   Westminster is my  home,  has
rial review of volunteers Satur
day, but lhat war preparation is DO!
the chief absorption of the people. i<
indicated bv thc request of the pro
meters lo advance the hour of nn itn
pi rtant football game to as not to In
tcrfere with the review.
Rerina's  Chief   Executive   Atl:3  Taxpayers tc Psy Up as -.arly as
Regina;   Sept.   KB.���Ths   tctlowlr*
appeal   to  the  luyaltv   of  the   Itegina
Cl citi-emi who before The .News toolt j the Progressive association! showed a
Up the agitation for a "Clean Op Diy,' ! wnniuh  of  feellug towardli  the  idea
never realized that tliere was work t   I whon approached yesterday,
do In thli !me, hul ihese hundreds ap ;    "Yes, sir, anything that *ill advance
homes and gardens."
Could Count Him in.
President Charles K. Welsh, of the 1 citizens wns made by Mayor Martin
It. A. & I. society, was naturally today: During a year of abnormal
pleased all over ut the campaign be- financial conditions. Regina has held
gun by this paper. "One of the best her position remarkably well and her
stunts ever suggested." was the com- eredit today In   the    London   money
market stands higher than thst of
any other cite west ef Winnlr"-;. The
year's program of new work hn�� been
or is being carried cut pract'cillv In
Ils entirety mid sufficient capital Is In
been for ninny years, and anything I
can do to further the cause of the city
beautiful, well, yeu eau count me In,"
Members of the board of trade were
lhe B>iit of ihelr property nnd tidvtus
up in g 'ileal, gardens surrounding
their homes.
Mayer rntliu*_iastic.
Mayor tlruy. who Issued an appeal
Oilier dele-rates  ninong   them    the I through The News columns yesterday
Russian, decided to refer the conven- morning. Is enthusiastic over the Idea.
lien  to their governments  fur Bif_na- "This Is n new stunt for thc city   of
ttu e. I N'ew   Wvetmiuster.     It   ls   something
sight to ensure Its completion in due
ear more than willing to lay to   on jthe city and eopoelally ue exhibit on equally enthusiastic over the cause.     loonrte.
Saturday afternoon and do their par; il am with.   This Is the lint year that     Saturday, tomorrow. Is the date set]    To enable the city to inalntaln this ^sesi-ion
Whether J.irgs or small, In hnprovln* 11 have  beon associated  is  any  wayjiside for the general round-up of Mr.! enviable reputation, It will be noon j    It la the Intention of Kin eniwn t*
miners' cases that may come befor->
you." His honor pointed out that t*.
could culy consider, as Mr. BttBfawsHt
well knew, the evidence that might tie
brought before him. and h�� de;w-��-
cated Mr. Hubiuovitz's conduct. ��-._.
serving that it was very ireproinr.
The peculiar circumttances in whicii
counsel had faund himself n'ccntSi;.
being probably the reason ba osHl
overlook the mattir and nr.ike no ftaP
thtr remarks upon th.' subject. In
normal circumstances he felt it uuiiH
never have been done.
His honor went cn to say thnt ir
was ihe Invariable onslom when any
matter concerning subject? In <xniri
was intended f.r the judge to m-md
the communication thro_gh thc nctf*
Judge Howay wlll try al the (sri*
ouers who elect rur speedy trial at
Nanalmo. Arter the S.ttta VV-rtHin-gi'iiu
prisoners have becn trie.L tbe l-i��tv
smith people will be pute.n triaJ aOOtor
immediately at the c-ose cr on tbe M-;
lowing Mcnday at any rate. Nan-U-nu-
and Cumberland men will tatty* am
well as individual chargc3 against -iu^
dividuals, as distinguished trom ttm
collective chnrges of riot and riorflttw
dcstfiietlon. In the Soufi Wtnisvwiiw
rumpus thi re ls ono man accnand or
grevlcus assault. As another lnvtarrcf**
the x:.so cf J. H. Place, M.P.P, may be*
cited. Place ls the n-etnlier tor Nanai
mo ln the lccsl legislature nntl la i.t
Jail, charged with rccelvtns ��lole����
gctds. knowing same to have b***i
stoHu. Some rf the ams **���***:���������*��.
frcm the special coostsbtea are -it
ieged to hav�� boon found In h'ji aoa,-
wilh the exhibition. Never knew what | Rubbish  and  Mr. Dlrl.   This appeal, sary thai sufficient funds for CMrr"<?t I pursue the trials   ccntimnraaly
it was like  to have connection  with j while Intended for Saturday, does not j administration expenditure reach   the the llat is exhausted.
such an institution uutll tils fall, but I naturally mean that anyone who can
yon put me down as favoring any
scheme whereby tho aspect of the ctty
Is improved. Given good weather, the
coming fair Is going to ie the best
and largest in the history tt the It. A
& I. society   so that
to   le
irv if
not spare the time that day need fall
by the wayside. The fair opens on
Tuesday afternoon so that during the
interim, there Is vet plenty of time
for the cltltens to buckle to and enter
residents i Into the spirit of the scheme.
city's treasury well hefor�� th�� close
of the year, and the council earnestly
appeals to every taxpnver to show hte
loyalty to the city bv making payments of his taxes at the very earliest
possible moment,
It is estimated that tbe whole t
dar will occupy aome week*.
The Ladvsmlth prisoners tut*
flued iu Nanalmo prison matt
Nanalmo prisoners In Victoria.
Mr. A. D. Taylor la eon
(Signed)      Robert Martin, Mayor, iprosecution for the crown (���Ai;*-*-   two
As **Sntts******i\ -noming paper devoted to the tnter'sts of Hev- Westminster anO
t*. Itater Valley. I'ubltshe-l every morning except Sunday 'ey ths 2,'atwnal Priiitinit
m.a PmtHtthtiig Cnmpany, Limited, st 63 Uctienzie Street. .Veu- ll'cstioiiister, liritish
Cotttmlita. ROIIH SUTIIKKlASIj.  Moiiatjinil Director.
All rominiutitrotititts should be addressed to The Wets Westminster Nets*, and eel
/,, ,W-:iiji...i .ne.itIters of the staff. Che.ouet, drafts, and mottOtt nrtters should Oe mail''
aat.'tt'.-le tn  lite. Notional _*r*��tinp and PuhHshtnil Oompany, Limited.
TBLBPHOVBB���_fu*lne_- Office and Manager, 11911, Editorial Rooms loll depot!
���rats), u"
DVUaCRlPTlOS PATEH���Hy carrier. H per year, tl  'or three oinitths, 40c per
******     li" '"it.!. I) per near. 2i-��c per month,
illl'Ettt ISIS'ii  RATES on ayiillcation.
jit. readies that high place among the
I countries  of the  world  tliat   ils  wua-
ther,  soil  and other conditions  Indl-
' cate it should hold.
Wb wnnt Immigrants, but we want
and  need  tlie  right   kind.
SEPTE1V1I.ER __,  1013.
There'll be a whole lot of people here next week to
i. ok us over, lots of them, and a good mariy will be coming for their first visit; further, first impressions are most
often the ones that stick, so it's up to local folks to fuss
up for that exhibition occasion. Cut ihe grass on tho
lawn, titivate the flower beds a little, swab down the
front ���verandah���nol forgetting the steps���take a look
at those curtains, bath the pup and put on your best
cTothes. Anything else you can think uf that will help
this fresh watt ���: port to look i*..'- swcllest, goes. You e_u.'-
travel too strong on the clean-up game.
The soap and water bug has been turned loose under
the auspices of the mayor; there's no excuse for lagging
This is one of the pleasant duties that fall on the
shoulders of those who are lucky enough to live in a handsome city like New Westminster, a town with a reputation
like this'old timer. You've got to live up to the name and
this port, when it comes to names, has a record that's as
good as another bank roll.
While the individual citizens are doing their respective parts to make everything shine like the noonday sun,
the council has undertaken to give the streets, boulevards
and other sections under its control a course of physical
culture scraping. For instance, it is understood that that
pile of rocks that has lain on the lower side of Royal
svenue between Sixth and Seventh streets for the past
thirteen years is to be removed. Of course, some old
timers will miss the landmark, but then, this is an age of
chaneres and to get the people to fall into line for the
swabbing process the board of works must set the pace.
A lunacy commission over in Washington state ha.
adjudged a man insane on the ground of his refusal to take
a bath. At that rate of going the asylums will need a
whole lot of enlarging.
A Battle Creek medical statistics faddist has worked
��rat to his own satisfaction that the human race is gradually becoming extinct. That gentleman wants to take a
look in at the baby show at the provincial exhibition here
next week.
Tanker Advl;es  it.  But  Financial   Institutions Will Nct Advance
Meccccrary  Coin
".'.  v,\  ii, wh*.-.. in.in . - ir    i i    ti.i
'. nn. o, i . mini rce, ol W innlpeg, bas
iin.b.iii.d a  magazino published  In
ili.u city, au article i n mixed tarmln t.
Bj a greal arrai ol racti aid figures
Mr.  Rowley  proves conclusively  that
he   tai.    ra ol   ilu    ,vi 81   c(.n   maki
in ii* money  bj   reducing  their acre-
j*.     *,.:..! i   grain  .enl   Incri Being  thi
iiun-.b* .   i i'  lm .-:. .*'.   !>��� pt,"  : ays  lie*
iiu,n   Growers'   Guide,  i.f  v\ Innlpi g.
All i .' ihis ie  vi iy  true,  i i   doubt,
.' i    .e   i. ,:si   Hi:*.',    .'.r.   [low le;.   and
b   ��� bauki ra \ 'i: remi mber ii  when
,.i: no ri  c< ie,  to ie in to ie rrow mon-
.>   vM.ii  which  io luy livestock .'.ml
build   barns,   tone s,  < :��� .
" , 1.**    i'.llliiel .   i.i    the    W6S|    '., ill    i; I
into  mixed   [arming   more   extensive-
1,.-. as si eii a i Hn  conditions warraul
it.   Tlie reus;.ii ihai a great many ol
'   *..:* farnii is are confining lh ill  oper
: itii'is almost entlrelj  to t;:.uii grow-
i ns is because if they wenl Into live
��� li e'.  :ln >  would le- e. mpi 11' il i ' na *
ixhorbltant  rates ef Interesl   tor the
Alia  capital   required,    they    would
i.ve  io  pay  tribute to  ih"  lumber
���i ii.lniie and  t'ni cement combine In
securing  their    building    materials;
���in ,.  would in tunny eases, he unable
,ii r* t   young  Block  to feed   without
paying duty tn bring them across the
United States boundary line, and en
belli their materials and their finish-
��� d   product   tliey   would   tie   chained
grossly extensive freight rates.   Then.
when lhey had fit cattle to sell, thev
ivould he compelled In hand them i ver
10 i'ut Burns, Gordon, Ironside and
Fares, i.r some oilier big packer, who
would give them just what he chose
ter them, "'!";:. '.'my would '.ave t
i.s; rse of i'..eir dairy prod,.cts. ce^f
r vegetables to a middleman, who
-..jiild  give   them   a   little   more  than
half what he roi id Bell them for.
"There  is  no question  that  mi-ved
farming pays.   There is a big demand
11 the rities el the west for meat,
irr*. produce, oggs, poultry and vege-
ubles, ami all these things might he
:.s 1. le ; un dined in the c mntry
-,1th profit.    Befure very many of tho
i farnii rs of llie wosl will go int-' mix-
;  u   lanniiiE.  bowt '.. r,  they   want    to
| know  that al  leaal  a  portion ol thi
���jrofit will go to themselves."
'Through a printer's error a wild joke was perpetrated
tm the peace delegates at The Hague at the conference
there a short while back. One of the placards read: "Program of universal oeace congress���A gala representation
each dav of three hundred animals���cycling and skating
bears���impressive groups of lions and tigers���a caravan
of trained animals at liberty."
For the nine thuusand. nine hundred and ninety-nine-
and-then-sonleth time this moulder of public 'pinion begs
to announc that the season's crop on the nrairie is the
best ever.   Thanking you, one and all, etc.. etc.
A.lcged     Murderer    and    Robber  Has
Ceres of Lcng Tcr-ns Ahead
cf Him.
It came with a cold iolt to hoar the union men talkiner
Christmas presents at their meeting the "ther evom'ng,
We know we've fo1 to htiv 'em. but have a heart, fellows.
don't spoil the whole fall for us.
The heaven nn earth fnr booze fighters h'>s jusl bepi
discoverer! al Griefswald Oermanv, where folks who will
not drink beer are proved into a dungeon. Tbey say the
dungeon wns used this week for the first time in a couple
��� if centuries.
Uev. !'. E. Knowles looked over the Praser vallev yesterday before addressing the Progress club luncheon.
Mo wonder he v.as eloquent after that trip.
place for drones
One ef 'l i big lloi
ada   must   la'-'-   nays    thi
Ni un,   editorially,
here, or
bill    hi
* i: i inuli
Immlgi ml
lie lityled
of  people  from enui   countries  who
expect  to mak    th :i  h n i
ul   least   to  make  n   1
l line.
Cunad .  i ced    lm nig -anti
, nnoot afford to ai   ������, * al
application at hor doors,
There are tv, o classes i
which might quite roadllj
���either productive oi non-productive.
r,> this v.e iv, nn that some by Ihelr
labor contribute the things tha! are
necessa-o for the life of the country,
-.vliile others are eonmtmers In a larg ���
measure u, the product of tbe labor
ol the other class.
One nf the hardi sl questions thai
r.iuny have boen farced to try and
���otto '���* the Bei uring of sufficient help
t-i till the . II, plani ind reap the
crops and pn pare them  for  market,
i Front all  Bid           "'" crj   "Mure
t),-l[, nei di "        fl there li  tn i    a 1 to-
portior.ati    i     ���
Were   r*r.--'e   f.-r  the   Land
Tlie "bae.i ' ' lhe . ** i" mi vi 1:1 in'
,:. galnli���*��� daili    i i    thi   * fl ' ' ��� are
,-.���l v, i  fell  ; nd laiiiii't  I"   f r si	
time! lee ii i '    the extetil or tin* call
The i mn'* * i lal centres of Can ida
*,. i in tn he ri :��� iuil more and more
, rowde.d whih iholr la an appri i bl
decrease In lhi number nl pool Ic who
���wn hi their i ��� il nod from Ihe ��� si h
���fli'e    ,11  ".  1:*"    nn is ���������   * '* '"   nl    I"'
,..,ii.   i )������ Incri    ��� ������        t ol
i ml  ( I nude     * tl    ni "        ��� ' ll
.  thai < an-   u   ii.imli i anl ;  who  **. ill  tale up the
Chath ira  mi ni   wi ri-  and li     >    ici rs ol
coming in ih" necessltlei ol life '*."*��� n <*d men
.i iio i Ither hav* a training along thii
line < r are willing to be taughl and
���.Min will se, before them .*��� futare in
.;���'- ��� articular worte
'I'lu inl'lii. oi nun who desire ti
do lit'Evj inauuai labor in the cotntner
i la! centres or veil.-, enme as trained
artisans hoping to Hnd very remunnr
ntive occupations in their respective
lints will onlj add to tin. congestion
and nv un added Increase In our Iiv
lng cost,
Failures Ne'.  "/anted
v\ linl v. t. want ii n ���* and women of
ii* ..* i I ��� *. . full i "ii r.v, e-.itliii
-lie-in ai d Inti ��� ':���' ��ill talie then
pirn e In tin i . ,i... '��� departmi n! ol
our countr either aa owners cf land
or an as.-slut:* I*,, men who nov
'oun and are prod cers. The men
and  womi n   ��������� ho come   hotild  b ��� oi
good moral chari ������ tol  ihcae  .*. hi
are   running   P ��� H i  | el   as *-ei-i
tlons in flu lr nan* i 1 iere thi,
have boon, ued pi ' ������'��� nm, |uil be
fi rn ii" ���* li ave, In trn i: ���>. th the
police for la .i lnfractlo.ni Wi dn nol
waul Ihe men or women, who, because
i i Indifference er lack of energy, have
made u (allure al home and are coming in i" hoping 10 make an easy living 'l lure la iio place In the makeup of Canada for the drone.
Now le the time tor tbe authorities
to -. i up a di finite rule that will assure um of Oi" Incoming of peoole who
v ill take th   i  place In dally lire and
lassiel in building up the t*..iintt*y until
.- attle, Sepi   -���'.    With thc   ��� ntencc
*��� ��� il.,*.   by  Judge J.   r.   Ronald  In
li,* i . iminal court of from tive lo f f
,,,ii years for burglary, Peter Miller,
King's ccuntj   mosl  notorious prison-
,-, ., lm ;i i stands chargi d �� It i mur
.. ir   In   un*   hi  i   degree,   must  serve
.   ���;��� twi utj-elghl t" si venty yi ars
in,   sate pi ii ti ntiary  II  the supretm
e url   upholds ' ach < i  his  tout  cou-
* ictions.
Al ; n . nl Lhis Is lhe onl; aentene ���
tn in   Kni * .count).  bul    thi     Piari ������
i*i*';*:,  criminal i    iltted hun
io fr: ui twenlj to fortj s ��� ars for bur
I;.:;. ,ini as an habll ial i riminsl, an l
ii' in  three lo fifteen yea       inprison
nun   tor perjury,   Each ca ie has been
i,i ��� th .i and Is uow In ti"* Bupn ni
On   ' leleli' I    21     M lloi    *    II   I ICI    :���
.ui *���   iii  .lud^e   llonald's  courl   un    a
. hai -','��� ' :' ha\ Ing gal rotti d Hugh     ���
Main ii. a bal li li 1       e   he   .* ll
iug  bis in,,:.i   "'���   i'h i.i-i*- - Ivii *  * i
l ms      *.'ai Main '    .-.a -  robbed i [
.ie    uud  '.'i ������ nh  '     di
, i  ...    md J    ' i        i . ������
i.i^   found   lu  a   Spi *  no   po -
��� .1   ������    dis;    u * ���     * ��� a     '
M 11 ii
All    tho    I'lel* '     '     ml       ' ���
ven1 I  i     o change i     veniu
crlnii ,-  i ei * . l  e having   bei a
committed In Seattle.
��� . ��� foi in cf i . ' ��� prepared
bj Si oclal '"������ ii " l'i' - ' utlng Ul ir
ui -. Bvi i*e:t Ellin i i" ���!".. thai M
Ier shall first sei *��� r fro n i v ��� nl I
fori years oh thc flret burglar) n d
li ibllual criminal convlct'i ns then
ihe three to f I een yeara for pei-jirry
und then Ihe five lo fifteen yenTS in,
pomd ysterday.
Wl��hdraws Objectior5
t,v,.t.l|    M.   OlasgOW,    atlorlu*       fi-
Mlller, who two weeks ago succeeded
in having .liidK" Ronald postpone lh
aecond  burglar)   Bentnnci   until  arte:
thenturder  trial,  Burnrlsod  ihe  n'oi
ocutlng attorney's olfle.e bv *uddcnl'
withdrawing his obejctlons  The stsi
had  already  obtained     irt���'    th
preme  courl   an  order  dt'i ������   .Tnd
Ronald to Bhnw cause w'iv lm ;'������ ��� ''
not pass sentence upon Miller Immed
Glasgow told ihe court lbat i" er
dl r ie flghl  that order hn would  hfl
lo prepare a separate ease while Iv
���* as i iihv  in preparinni hie dofenc" '
ile- murder charge end  thnl  it  ��'ae
I.oo much work In thc llmltnd fi""
Th" siieeirie crime f ir which M lie-
was sentenced was the burglary of
the residence on North Broadway of
iin- late HarcelluB ll. Voung, durlnn
.lune. 19011 lie was convicted before
Judge Mitchell Gilliam thai var a-d
��������� nti need in serve from five to ff
tei a '.i m'-s. bul the ��� upreme courl re
vei . i| || boenun * ol the allegsd "third
dsgrei nielhods employed by the no-
lle.e to force a confession from Mil1-"
and hls boy accomplice, wills Taylcr
Former   L.av.ycr   Free,   After   "crvin*]
Ti rm.  Tells cf  Conditions  in
Diu  Prison
The Seul iel, ol Ti roi in. tbo re
pn . er.iati*. ,��� i ap *i* (i' the Orange or
di: maki a ci Iticlsi i 11 the eystom
ei govi rnmeni In ih iv u j iti u pool-
it e.t.ary,  i aylng,  in  pai i
". he Sem ni i na e *��� n supplied
wiiii Information front a tnau nauii i
Ui . il n i.i.m.i ll. * li" bst in en r *' aa
i ii irem ih" institution, which lends
.iil-l, il tore ��� i em* a. - ii in.' ns. Mr
Russi ll wa - a lawyei, vho ���"* Into
ui uble ovi r some Invi stmi nta. lie
la an i dui ai d man, an . i v. ,i .-'��� ���
and au:. naturally amazed by tbi eon-
ii Lii ns ie- found >> .hm. ia penlnteu-
n.i....     ! ,i e*  is whal  in* .-.r.i
**i lie pi niutcntiar)  la ;, disgr ic * to
i an.i ei.    l'i ople have no Idi i oi  the
i Mi m  oi  the graft  and  In   flctcnc)
1 hi   whole  lusiitutli a Is i  tl  :.  from
li p io bottom.
' The i ���.liuvaganci i ; nn Ins Itu
ticn Is partly shown by the number
i.i , Cl'li lals. Ai iin- Tori 'iio jail I isl
wei ii ibi to i'. re 31 0 Inmat' ��� and i
i li.i .ills, bi in , roughl) ' : * official ' ���
i very f,n ien pi isoiu v^ In Klnga cn
ih, ra' wei.* i * i imnati b and 1 ' ofl
clals,  or  on    official   tt   even   f iur
pi   selnrs.  ���
Irnorant Offioialo
"An exideuee thai mi rii does nol
gi v rn pronn tiona, si nn i I the lead
ihr officials i innol make out a read
able ripen and gi I ile* prlBonera t i
help tin in. i ni;- In*' per has g i me
to help i:n* several times. Several i I
i ll'ieials are seldom BOber,
"The guards are uot n Hal le (lne
man was senl S10 hy his mother and
aunt, hut h" never ���;,". n Coinplainl
was ninii" in Ottawa and n is forward
ed in Kingston for a reporl th":-' in
The p:. cai :* was tc id Cial hi ? m tb .
and aunt oould lie prist o.:t. il for try
ing lo break lhe rule; in Bending lu
money, and was told that he had hitter let the matter drop and sem! in a
request for parol". "Hut.' he said,
"parole was refused nie less than two
weeks ago." "Never mind, take a
llini." iie was told. "Send ii in again
ile did so, and in a few days vvas a
free man. notwithstanding liis record
in ih,.- penltentlar) was ihe worst possible, and while serving his sntence
had been tried nud sentenet 1 to an
additional term tor an assault on an
Favoritcism  Shc*"n
"A man nkown by the name cf Fa-
ilt ra. wbo had been in for rome '..iron a fourteen year term, a noted des
perado, was released recently. He
know too much, with an Inqulr) coming on. He is a man who had si ,1
he would ser u constable who had
caused his imprisonment He kept
his word. As eoon as he got oul he
shot ih.* constable I' nas uu tliis
lie Wits sei'.! down for fourteen yi ars
He was a troublesome prisoner nnd
was frequently reported hn; ah ul
!-i\ months ago he was given a 'atar,'
which lie had not earned, which hail
an unfortunate effect all t!.r"URh ihe
institution, and now he Is ai  liberty
"Graft is everywhere. Tliey have
.' condemning board, whose members
at" constautl) changing, Tool-, and
in icliiiierv in bad shape ar" condemned  and  are  ihen  put  bach  Into
lln*      lei 1.        1 he   new    supplies   go   I i
���ii- officials Instead of Into sto"k.
Prisoners are pul i" work repairing
personal belongings of officials. Tlio
official are i niy charged for ihe time
ai i nol for 'in- nu'-- rials usi d I can
gl ' iii tanci s in.'I givi the nami a nr
pr st 'i' is w ho know nil about l!
Fraud in M-j.-ls
' '1 In* pi isotiers ui*" '1 fr md' d a!
"i i : meal. They are supposed to
havi mutton iwlce a week, hm have
nm had a snell of It since Mareh.
.': h ral ii 'I en the farm, bul Is
.-i ��� *   in  Klngatou  and  si id     '-l:li   is
i. i. irtil.   the   er- . "i   ������: nn*     i*,i"   Inn
ni   md sold and the i * -t  waten d.
"The medical Inspei tlnn Ifl a faree,
The snttar) appllanci a In menl if
imt   all,  departments,  have  not   been
esi" ' ,.(( im    ..at*.   md tin y ai
'li    er.h.llilv     I  Ithy,       1:    |       110      * miller
! ���,   uu r   taki   I) i'h i       \   p   - *      ii
i     I. enl     .i ��� .*   bflei    can'i   gel
.���'.. ' .' dirk nl  v ,t  '      l   ey are i * i
ipplieri       *     * i*  ���    .* ��� 'i   * i
i    n sick i n lifl
*.i ...   Ilu
:        er i * .
d  tn  be     en!   to
Iml   ihi     -I* I. ���   '���* '
��� !*;.." Ids    III"
it'.elil *���     OUI
or do       lioul
��� i    miiB
' ���   ��� .i
.      i"d
j,,, i    A ������   r nami 'I M lalre gol       d
.1 ������'.,��� i'     d ;i   ' :���    -.
i��� i ii ���".,! i ���' row, B"d !;" i'1 f if ��*i*.
r 'nil. ti, 'iii. man ������ lm di Berved the
rrodll   w:���������   in*- *   Iiie   roronto   man,
n,e    j.o    nti    |.r ���" i I'jlre    Wll       th*
r.ii.ri w Ik  htruck the 1 ral blow."
Expert of Canadian Product to United
Kingdom   Shows
The Canadian London trade bi m-
mil sieiier In reporting to lhe dep ut-
menl of trade and (omrnen e Bays
"This      eh i ee    markel    continues
i trong and prtci b aro higher than ror
��� ���*, i ,*nl years pai i both for ' 'an d ��� i
and New   / ��� aland,   The ir.nl.* ju ni i
alii   has   nol   yel   realized   lhe   ,'tn i * ���
situation i-ast vear s i man) bougbl
al n.;ii prices, ��hen thi re wns no *���"!
,d foundation tor the prli es paid, thai
doubtlei s Uni,- maxim in. 'on ���" lull' n.
twice shy ' Tin- position lh sr li
very different Th" make of cheese
in lhis country opened very well, hut
Ridersbly reduced the output, espe-
the le ' and dry weather in June con-
clajly in Hie Cheddar dlstrlcl of Knit
land, and though sllghl rains have
fallen in .luly. the rainfall of the
nnn.ih so far is below the average
The home production is reported lobe
so far well under Hn- ordinary output.
"in Canada a verv serious position
ovists,   antl   'he   make   lhere   is   i '
i���.| iw   thi   average    Shipments from
Mai   I  to I.e i  l-'i-;il i>   July  iv   *   '���'���   a
shortage compared with Hie snme pe
riot!   I'.ll"   of   1930   Imi..   or   lhl 1'   per
,*. n;. ;'*.,,! R471 tons, er "4 1 per '* ni
1 . ; >!*;ii*. ,1    ��� Ri    I1M1.   llll'l    I'lil-    d"fi'*i'
is being Increased everv week i'i 1
ilu* eli v ��� *i  'v "lis th" shloments Bhow
an aver:  rhortsge - :' MO ions ner
week The shortage m the Canadian
ihlnmi nt�� however, is no' Hn- nnl)
factor '1 hi re In a tti neral belief In
Cn:,-ni.1  nnl the United suites that the
prnposi 'l " ",'"" ef three ci nis i" *
pound in ih" duti 1. im payable ��� ���
i* inadlan **'.' 1 si ��� nti r ng the Uhlted
S-.'les wHl he ini-M-il Into law If
tins happens,  Vmi rie.-i n ill be able I *
���������;��������� ,* n:   ���    '  . In  vi rv rn".*'ti
erabln quantltii �� al lo" ��� r pri'*' a ihan
Mn. has In*, -1 able '������ hltherl 1. ami If
American  el se has  tn come down
lis pi r ew t as " ��� r. .. ��������� I. r to mcel
the competlMi n o( Canndh a. 'he '. 1
sumption will Increase In eonseqi" n *���
of the lower prlei s nml thousands 0'
tons of Canadian will he deviated f im
our markets to those of th" United
states. So confidently is this v. ��
being held in Montreal tha' on '"ly
is the stocks there Amounted tn l"n.-
000 boxes, mosl ol it wail ini: f"'- the
American market. Ijshi year ilu-
FtneUs in Mon'--ea! "t th's do'e wer"
44.ono boxes The above facta de-e-���<���
the serious i^onslderatinn of cheese
traders in this country "
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing antl residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can Ret as Hood  or heller, manufactured In B. 0., vli.:    lhe
tlm celebrated "VANCOUVBK" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American und Canadian Bntfneers'  Association.
We  would   also  call  atti on   ti our   Vitrified   Sewer  I'lpe  from
4-ln. to 114-ln. In diameter. Thli Is a!:-" made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article
We also carry a stock of Crushed Itock. Wasb-sd Uravul. Band,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See UB before ordering elsewhere.
Phones IS and 16.
902 Columbia Street W
Ml.-s      I-      JACKSON,      I-I \S< il-', Hi I T.
i.e..     Terms  moderuii .  '- *   HI tcklv
SI .    Ilu li.    ������ ' ' ���""*'
...!:,-     '*    .-     II -lllllt.   TKACHKH    c >l*'
1 i. .' Munv   and  slnglna      Pu
pita    I'Osfut)    I*' * 1 ii* 1   f.��r .v.iniln.t
Hon n, ll    \   M    ind It  C   M   I'm ti nns
apply .'.**-. Thin!   i\- nui
\ll-i*~  ill.l.v  '*   HARD.    TB vin *:  OF
l'i inofnrti     -I--  K'-.o*.   Bl    Ni ��   '���'��� ���
S1N3.Nj and voice production
IMAHOAHKT     V     OH l\ K*     I't'l'll.    1 'I
|���t,      1'rofennor     Allan     Hatbetl
I'li..,;..     ..f     ll,,-     aillSKOW     l'"ll-<-     '���!
Music mil 1'r.n. *.i 1 Ire sl ���.! HI rii ol
thi lihiHH m vu. 1.,- uni '*��� S�� to l'i"
inuli' thnl ��� wll *!���.*' ;* ipli
1-1   slnalna   .'"-1   vo       prixlucl E>
���       * .     ��� i.. ���*..i..   ,,<  Intu ���
Pm  1. * ���!,-   cull nr write to llun II "" I
[innelnn nntl raiuth-.nlcs, will vUll Sew
\\*. -������,.,., -1..   one* a  week     Claiisei foi
* ���       Write 01   mi.pit   for particulars
��� . *,..w . 1*   House,   llm *ii* -    ���"' ��� '    v "���
,     ������- 13047)
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)   ��16.00000000
Urancbea throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, ling
land, .New York, Chicago ami Spokan-t
USA., and Mexico City. A K��'!iera)
luiiililiif! business transacted letters
of Credit Issued, available win, cor
respondents tn all partB of the world.
SuviiiKS Hunk Department Deposit*
received In sums ol 11 and upward
and Interesl allowed at 3 per cent p����
annum 1 present rate).
Total AsbcIs over tl8f,000.MO.M,
r,. d   HUYMNKit. Managtr.
11    J    A    BURNETT.   AUDITOR     AN!
1 miaul   Tel   I!    IS!   Room   I.   Hart
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall stylos and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
p. II   Bmltl W  .1   Oroves
Thero   Will   Bc a  Raise  In Quotations   .v.rk'',1m!.'',V^ ^'m* '','�����' nil ^ouUid.
.'.."ter Charge in United
Stetes Tariff.
ixiiniii   lll-l.   Wnetmlnster   lium   Bldf
Phone  tit.    P. O.   Hus  not.
Toronl 1   Sep;     26.    The    probable  '���-���-"*	
effect of t'nlied stales tariff changes ntkrnati in.m. stem
on live Stock and dead meats waa dis- '                       '    !;   ',"
,              j      ,     .,     ,,            . .1 .:          ....                         -     third
cussed yesterday by Mr. Harris of tin* ..
Ilarri-i   abattoir     "I   have   heen   look ���������               W
I    "   1: .\ '   ���
lng for tariff changes In these com-
mcdltlee  for six months." Mt   Harris
only another month to gel    suramst
��� ni Isl  tli i ets  .11  reduci d met.   ob-
Bald, ""i'i am still look 1. *    Prices 01   "*��*. .", ���'������-,' ;.'^l';,,\i',:''l'";\ ,-'���''  '
cattle  ,i..i meats, 1 ke nvnter, will find     -Thert���i In 1 third Thiriiai ... -i   ."    :"":" ,,r'* """' s'  "-1'- dlnln�� ':,r" ""
a level    Tin* presenl  prlci    ror   ial       K  ol p   h��ii   Riichth - 1   *  w.-ii
,, ... , . f'.ruv    Flv.,I!,.I   Hnl-r     f   11    .in-.llh    Sw-      'I'    Inroll*-!     tra   18 '-1    I . M- 1 vattO 1*
tie on  the ( nlcaan markel  rn.  from     r,V���,v
4c to 9Vic a pound ind this ls attrs ' ind rates appl] to
i ng Canadian cattle nov i.    ,,    ,,    ���,-     \,,    v-,,    MBBTfl <in
K  OOULET, Agent
Now Wesiutins'si
������If cattle i'" on the free H.-i il will nrst. iveond. ihlrd  md fourtli w��!i
thin onl Hi- fai . - hen  and the prlci ''"*'' .,"""'    ',','"'"'   ,','  ���'  ,:'   "
.,..,, , .... '',    in.*    M,...��r    Home    ll   .1     Leamy
of  beef   wll!   eo  up.     In  oul   abattoir dictator       I*-      i*l     Jones       lury
huBlnesi    ��� *��� wlll ha  *  to paj  more ror Hradni -    r     ���'*'"  In   l*ei    Kouae
our 11 vi   Bl        ind Dl course  will have oorner of Fourth and Carnarvon atreeU   11,  W,  BROt-IE, 0,  P   A. Vincouvsr,
to soil  dearer." ____^____________	
Alex    Butler    wholesale   .1     ��� '   "  ",   *'"   *M]TV  LODOB NO   t?-  Th    ��� '
,    -, r'-Knl���r    int-i'ltia    nf    Arnltv    It,.!*-,-    \.
Praln     and   flour   .     rjtilti    ��� rl ������-,    j   ,,   ,(   ���*' ���. heir] every  Montis
tha'  the  proposed  ni *   Hn ted  State* niein ,ii I ,,*.*i,^it in Odd Fellows' tlal
tariff   will   be   Bdvanl igeoiis   to     I   ��� ','","'"'   Carnarvon   and   Rfcthth   ��re*ti
rs^ors  *.,  -h" Cansdian  wesl   "Un TO^ISSTn.o.? u'w" ��!?����
Ml the  rates an   deflnltel)     pitied  i' V. fl ;  W   C   r?o"th��m   p  n    ,	
vvill he difficult to form   * n til)  ror ���'���'', " ���'."'    '   "'   MacDonald   fl
re," idea ������' whal the changi  meai ''   "������""������'	
hi Id  M ������   ilutler   'hul on the i iti ���   nl
nreeeni ntitlini d l th nk li 11 ri Un l n * FUNERAL   omEr.TORS.
the   llnr'lr.v, -*'   I iriin r   ���' 1!'   e-*t
1YNOP818   OK   COAL   MINING   111
tn .
II     '"*'���
' IPJ    foi   li  ���       mi   '    '"   *'i"   .it  lll'ltlli     '.\-    R    FAI.RR     IM"n..,-r   l.-n-e-iii   Dln-rlo
markets   of   Wnshlngl in    ������* I   i >��� ������;���  -,       and   r.* 'halmi i.   til-Ill   Ani.��   stree'
"Th-  dul    of    ���    '   bushel   atn      "l'1""'    C��""�����<�� Library	
'.'���'    ','     '     .:'���'    "���"'   ,    ''    ' "    ' <~Tn~n7rTl.      ,H,'.'.^-l"^~
""*   "" '    list  It  I     llkeli   i*.   ra* .*   Hit        ,,..  ,-   Manna,   l.ot ,     Puneral  .Hr..-i
prlci    '.    feed  In   '' I . ***      *   *    '     r .���
mill    ������..,* . ������ ,>
���   ������*���*  ., uttii  mi ri  fnr I  *���
,;..        , .   ,   . ,
nn tin     ri *   '       ��� i.    ��� i. ���  hurl    thi
COAL MININO rlithts of the liomlnloa
rn Manitoba, Baakalohewan and A|tn'r��,
lhe   ViSlnfi  'renltory,   thr  Netlliwet  Tor-
' en and In ��� portion of the ituvIiios
ol iiilii-.li Columbia, rnny lie lasssd (or ���
'iin    term of iwt-niy one rears ��t an   snnttSl
mni of ��i an acre  Not more than ��M
ni i  emhnlmem     Parlors 401  C-Olumhl1    acrea will t���. leaaad to tm* applUMni,
streel    New   WMtmlnster     Phone  III        i\pplloation  tor s  leaae musl   be tttsM
 ��� by ii... applloant  in person to tl'" Aural
i   ''ii' vk.i,i ,,r ii,.- dlatrlol in whloh tni
BOARD   OF   TRADE. rtghu applied for ar* situated
In eurveyod territory the land musl I*
Irenrlbed   l.y   sections,  or  leaal   miI.-'Uvi-
i  . ���
il   *
���     *'
���    1 '    ���   '  '���'
oat loath      I'd        ia ure thli
.  i - ���     i.ii.        .   *' mu
Test   Cne   to    Ce    Tried    to    Settle
Vfxrd Questirn.
Vlefor-i..   St pi     i'li    Tn   ai -i rl tin
Imi *,-.'**i In meant by the worda "site
thereon" where used In the Mttnfclpal
.... ,,,.i oxomptlng churches from taxation,/!  o -'!    rn licit r i-'i'l  bring a
'.* t case,    1 hi * '��� '*' *   '���*��� ''i'li*' " '���"" hi
Bcrtis In the Municipal apt while thc
���iri'iii provincial .''-in wero being
enn initialed twn years ago, li Is to
del r*i;n"  viie'h'- ih" \i-e-dr,  mean
���  tii   land whereon |t"t chnr *h edl
fi' e Is . rt '-ltd, f r nil lhe lands In Id
bj lie church, whether used as a iltr
'���:��� nol
Tie. iv n i V**"-* r-'l--i-ii his' year
v hen ' "'"e ef lhe thlirchefl pntered
pi-oie-r*: ngnlnst the collection ot lanes
:i thi 'hurch lntitln. nnd while they
paid t *  taxes lhey did so under pro-
��� sl. l|i other cases the cbur'-heK p-ild
ihe ts wlthnnl pi-teii. hdlifinx 'bil
no hm i   religious or otherwlgo, should
he   o)e M'ptt tl      It   It   t >   aet   a   riillnii
from -iie courts thai thij te-Jt action
111 b' be.aun    City Solicitor Robert.
son Tti ''it' Treasuror Hmiih were In
���    ..f,r,, ..,,.,.      ,M|,|    ,]1(,    ���,,.I],,,!
will  ppbably rtnrt  In a few  days.
'',���.."'���        ,'      i::''"      ���'     in,,,-,,,,,   Tlixoi*     NBW WB8TMIN    ��� �� '���' ��" '��� -"*���  "",1 In uHSTn ef-a ier
.   '   '        s"   "'   *    '            lcar.se,        sior Board of Trade i sin the bear. '���"">'   "'"   "��et   applied    /or   shall   *>
l'i      v*  .    ran   i   !!��� i    '  I!    but       "*      "'.n,,  'in   u.m   ut r,.i i,..t-a    Third Pr! ��������K��1 oul i". the applicant himself.
win   ���    '.'���         .*     ���     bettor   mill ,,v  of each  oionih; nuarierly  i aim ,  ,':"'':1 application  musl  be acoom-Mnnf
ii,i.   ,,,         third Prirtar of February   ��,<    ''v �� <��������� nl %������ whi.ih wl ������funded.H
11                                    v.,-,-,  nnd   November sl  I  p.m     Ac '���'"  "��l"�� applied  for iirn not  availsbls,
niml  ' Unas  '.���  iha  mini  Friday  " ''"'  "'���'   otharwlee.    A   royalty   ��UaJ)   ft
���������������,                                                 ,                            tMiimiK     f     II     Wluii't    Wade     seer. "aid   nn   the   ilierehiit.liililii  outimt   of   IM
'.              "-   "         '���       '          theij^  mTb.V��^SpS^.M? m.ri��sMll
' "' I.     furnish    the    AK"tit    wllh   rwern    rrllirnS
, -    die ���       pil lei        Mr       Rutlei PUBLIC    BTgNOORAPHKR ai nntioK  r.n   ti���. mil quaullty oC last*
��� i     ,���,   ,   .,,.   ,, ,,,   ,,..,,,        ,   ���^^_^-J-^-^^^��-_--.-^^-^--^^.^-^J-^_--~^-_-.. ehiiiiinble  cuul   mined ami  |wv  the roy-
,.      ',     ,', ,     "',',' " "Hy   thereon    If   the  i I   inliili,..   rl��ht��
even  t ," n bushel w  old still be qn In   BPllOtl'tCSTIONB,    AOP.Bl-lMBNTH   "l are noi being operated suoh returnssbOUM
a h^nrtlesn  mid   v-iild   prevent    any      *""'��� '""ls. Bualneai la>tters, oto . olr lie fnitnsh,,! ���i  i,Mi nnet- �� year.
l-,i���n  , vneii*.  . f  Ihls  ...,-....i    ���i     n ,       ''"'"' **'"rk "l ''','"     'XM *���"'*��� slrlctlj The leaae wlll  Include the t-��al tnlnins*
',,!            ''      , ,"   '   '"' '  '"       '������ .n-.l"iiti.,i     ll   Barry, room 4�� Weal rights only,  but   tl.e Iraete  wlll  he per-
t"    '          ,> inn ' e   im   hls   artniments.       mlneter Tnial l.iv     Phone 701 mltted   lo   purohaae   whulrver   avelleliM
,ii-    ni.'l'*.   ptiaeeel  .1   thai     with     n ���  surfaoa  rlahu  rnny be considered neoej
'1    ''   '"'I   '''   lhe Stutes     Ihls                      PROFESSIONAL. "te rt'llO tS0^ * "" ra'M '
'"";i1  ''' :'   f'"' "l""  f<"  the Cana    ���__^ _^^-^^^^-^^^-J-_--v^^_, For f���n Information application should'
i"--   i'i--*!  h.ive    tho    American '"' ,nl",,' to the secretary of ihe fnipert
rfiarket opened                                            CORSOtlLD,  ORANT * MoCOLL   hah ';"'"'."f the Interior, Ottawa, or to sj>
,    rlaters  Holloltora, etc    40 l-inn* nine' *��������>�� "r Bub-Agent of Dominion lj"4*
R'CH STRIKE REPORTED                   l    g*Wj Vommf'��� A��*lMmSSii0UU1' " "eputy Minister oY thi totertj*-
FROM   FINDLAY  CR^EK .     ��������unauthprlaed publloatlon Of ��*
��. b.���unautnonaed publication ��
idvertlsement wlll noi be pnlrl for
Transfer Co.
���eg-bl* gtreet.
,.  . , , ,,     c   ,,     r,       ,      ,     ,,,���        ADAM    SMIt.1l      JOHNSTON,    HAItlttK
Crnnrrooji,  Sent.     i.     \.   .1    Miller     i.m,,,,-    eolloltnr,   -to!      Trlephon'
������ In ��� * ������ n v* Ini  'l.v and reported      ' n��M>     nddreas     "Johnston.*
"it       rn* i  "��� ke of copper and  gal        .'���"���*. "?tZ*]i"? ''n"1""     Offloea, Kin
-n had recently bee adn on l-'iml       Smsler. B. a "'"'     '*     '"'
lay creek, 1	
ihe'rhowCg' i',���.':,;::":,Xe'i',vi;;' w:!,f;i',::s!;::rris^:^!^���,^���,,r,K I<"��'������ ^on. ,M. ���.����� ��.����.. w
a width < < nl' ui l'n feel minster  Trust   nik���   Columbia   s'reel
P   c    n :    '���    MnNarth    r   Pie       N*w Westminster, 13, C.   Cnhlo adrtree
I    ,,....,,���    ,,    I,,,.., j,-,,,,    ��   ,     -IWIlltealdB,"     VV^iern    Union.     I'     i -*--
t m\\mt are lhe locators of il,'. c"alms      W&   n^M.TwSmondl   .'        U^^ ��'���"'����� Promptlr t*
'��� ��� ���' h ���    re incited on the south '    Whltealde, snv nsrt ef tha olty.
.*,!,.   pf   fi,.,!'.,���.   ,.-,., |,     :||���,|||    K|x    ,.,i|,....	
wesl  if "h"re Findlay creek empties J, BTti.wuM. oi.htb  Bnrrist��r-Rt-las
into Hi" Kootensy sollollor,   etc..   oorner    Columbia    sie
'       'All    III, m.   lot-Ill,���!,��   hnve   l.eei,    ,���.,.!,. MOKonSlO      Sliei-le.      New      Welt ,iUn"l e-
ai   i i'��i  locations nnve been made      ��� ,.   ,,  r,   ,,���- ,,o    Telephone  -.it 	
in -vimi lem i "<'ii knows im the copper  ,  : citv of ufw wfrtminbTEB. ������C-
belt, a eonslderable number of nrfis-
nnetors havina alreadv at.rlod fnr lhe ���'���   ''   HAMPTON    BOI.IO,   HAIlltlHTF.a I J....                                                       BB���a)
iijcrorH navmg aireany styten ror thi H.,ileltr,r   n'ml    Notary,   Offloea    Hnr !
new   rind.    Hain'ilcH  of  the or,.   |m]| hlook   2*  Lome   stroot, New  WestmlD  i P.O. B��X 84                 Psllv Neuva Bldf.
eutea copper and polenn, an.l thai Hi stsr, b. c.                                         ,   j  T  BljnNF-rT.8 PRINT 8MOP
ore   from   thl    i iirfitt'"   Showings   is   a ��� 	
concentrating proposition; but yoUlt-MoQt.ARM*   MARTIN   a  CABBADT       JOB     PRINTING
tli   or no  work  bis  been  done,    and      Barristers  and   Bollartpra,   r,os   to  ��li ���. .11 Una.
lihi...   ili.ilb   Is  .I,!...,,,..I   ���,   Urn      l���,l,.'     Westminster  Trust   Illock.    II.   10    Mnr���    ., , , K""ia.
!.-!.,.    -............... ..,"''  b0d5       '.!".   v.'   "���   McQuarrie   and  Oeorge I.    I'I IMS rlghl     ""H-mcn,,., .-  arallteed.
Light *.d Heavy Hauling
i it rich ore -.uny de uncovered.
68  l-.--iveii-.le St. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1913.
*t\Q*. THRIC
Writer  Throws   New   Light  on   Death
of  Entith General���Not  at
Hand  of  Indians.
Mi re '.han one hundred nml nr*.
yti'i i alter his death, says a writer
In tho Toronto Mall and Umpire, facta
concern tii     Qaneral   Brad dock   are
mm.ni. to light, and wlll nomewhal
alter the Conception we have received
t.f the British ni neiai through Tim ii
������ray antl other historians hwu    have
tl' alt   With  hlm.     Wilfrid  I'owell.    the
British consul-general In Philadelphia,
lum  heen   unsparing  lu  his efforts  lo
unearth Information concerning this
commander, who all or theae years
has rested under an Imputation that
now annears to have been baseless
Prom Th.i'-keray we learned that
BraddOCk was a typical liritish bulldog, brave to the limits of human gallantry, but rniig-t, spoken, Ignorant and
stubborn    in a private soldier e-our-
Bge mav t 'ii n take tlie place of other
nualltlea. but more than bravery Is
demanded in a general, and became
ll liis heen taken for granted that
Braddock ��"s�� nothing but n brave Ig.
fioriinius.  hls   memory   Is  not   one  of
those cherished by the British i nl"
We hsve been  too anxious to believe
his detractors,
F-iddock's Grave.
I'm imps ihe most Interesting facl
lha' Mr "��� wr-jll has attested In connection -''it Oeneral Braddock Is tint
he was killed hy one of his own sol-
��� lh ra, and  ml   hy the Indians, as hss
iu. ������ .,..,���. _,.,| |, i��� related tlmt in
ISM. when q gang of men began to
make -e..-,;~.; nn ihe Braddock rend,
near Unlontown, l'a., an old man from
ii    *��� *       "mi'  anpronched    them
Be careful or vou wlll dls-
!������ ������ of the braveet man I
"'hen questioned  hv  the
inbnrerSi   he   continued!
��� i   where v. n are dltginr
"f (i.-nerai Braddock    '
I   n-l   Tmn   Pastel "        The
.1 'heir chief, and node*
,n< the digging nroceeded
more carefullv, ami after awhile .nn-tp.
bones were ''innd wrapned
i'i    *eirf.      Thev    were    Identified      I"*
'���'������ ��� ������������il others as the remains of
|l ii-iii'i, ,.. ���era!, and later on were
retnterred under a great oak tree
Thai mi' has died loun sao, bul othf-"
"Riehl   nn
I"   ih" hoi
phi t him
rm a  not!'
liis dlreci
wen   planted on tbe spot
now a monument is about to he reared
"'��� ������ ������ In commemoration of   General
Hi* nid. i*'
P.eMIs of  Mononaihela.
',"".*      ���   -      I'llHfflt    tOld   ii'.oill      lhe
I.r".  rf M  nongahela in whieh Brad
dot k fell, hns no' I."en recognized hy
,* ..  blBlor ""-*   hu'  tliere Is everv  r'*:'
t-t-n to believe thai it Is the mosl "���*'
ioldll i-     who    had     :t ci iuil
training   in   Europe,   know
aboul   Hn*   Indian   .lyle    el'    fighting
.   ii in* came oul irom Bngland   to
i'ml .��� mixed force ol colonials and'
iiiihiis i troops agalnil    th"   Indians
and th'* French, he was irked llie \
same ��� uestlon by Oeorge Washington,
who was In command of ;> company
ei colonials and wh*, explained to
Braddock thi methods adopted by the
Indians, who wen* 'he originators ofj
ihe modern style of open order flght-
Erave  Man't  End.
Braddock seemed to realize that the
methods in which he antl Ids men hud
hull   drilled   were   not   best   suit, tl   to
Hn- enemy he was ahout tn meet, lut
tie   ni'd   lo   Washington,   "The   Ilrillsh
soldier has in en taught io flghl
shoulder to shoulder     I cannot    al
thin lime alter this method. We will
lo   tin-   duty,   and   fight   us   best     we
cap." So l'e went Into the battle ai
a iamb to the slaughter.   Concealed In
iiu- woods the Indiana picked "ff ihe
British troops by the score, while thev
themselves suffered hardly anv losses.     The   liritish   coultl   not   even   see
their enemies, but with fstal courage
stt "tl ih'-ir en,untl soil refined to re-
t-i-'t from the veritable crater of fir"
that ringed tbem in. Washington ami
h's colonials foueht wiih more know-
led ��e, .".ni therefore with better result*, bul Braddock refined to take
shelter end according to old Passetl
it .as plain ihat unlets aome deeper-
-���I,   ���������.ivi. 'ere made   t'i" whole coin   .
u*md wonld be annihilated. Some
,...,,.,.;,.,,,| the -leile'i of wounding the
general in order thai th" enmmand
w-uiii ,|. ."iuil to Colonel Washington,
who would order a retreat.
Killed Zj Friend.
Fassetl fired ai Braddock with the
hi, ���, , .* ,.., .....e,... him. bul tie- ball
passed thn ugh bis arm ond Into h's
body Inflicting b wound from which
'.������ died ��� ""ii aft" ward I .*���* * tt'i
pla-n w - .-,. ���cofs'ul, In ths' II iPd
i" v\'ash'""* -' irine'i'" the remnenl
t.r "i.. expedition aately ru! of the
ami ui-.-: de. imt the Iif" of the brave
-, - , |.,] - ��� . sacrlllci 1 Al v\**.Hhi,. -
��� ���, or'ers the bodv was buried in
sip.-. Ho- '"i'i. "mi the little force was
n"- ���' ��� i I screes ll again and analt *
.���rd. - "r' -ill i��� " of the l'-'v'��� mlghl
be  "������!'���. nhd   '--"i  the  Indians     8o
-1  .'-ii   i ���'  '���  e* ive thai    late'
Washlngtcn himself was unable to
'ecte it. mni nobody but Passetl
knew nroc'aelv where Rraddoek had
' .-��� n l ii'led, Mr Powi 'I baa verified
���he '���������in features ol this stir" and
he ��i.s thai the report t'mt Brad-
,i.ci. ws overbearing tnd arroinnt
iii      *. i r*. '��� man ������'��� in his"*-.,    it,..
 l'i ...hie. '������  I'd Wa'hlnrton there
' - ���-. il -t n.e'i'tl reeneel imti esteem,
....a   ���-���?>,.,,   th"   i-"",.r*.l   w*,;.   on   1   *
ed. 1 have spent seven summers In
the north for Uncle Sam and am now
on my way to Washington, where I
will apend the winter preparing my
report and superintending the making of the maps and charts
The parly consisted uf hut four men.
lot these the chief. Mr. Kakins, and C, ,
���p  Moore ol Lincoln, Neb., aie guests
all   his in the city.
nothing  ���	
Mo. 1 vt In. On Saturday night, It. J
Trimble, the new owner of the Oreat
Ohio group, considered the various as
liina'.ti presented by the local miner.'
 I lm stitt ted that ol Oi orge Jen
nings.   The work Is to commence im
  diately und Jennings has been busj
Kov. E. Appleyard, of London,  Ont., ''" v,("" Betting together his suppllei
Who Har Becn Making A Study of '''"' Mherwlae  preparing  to start op- j
The Evening Luxury
NO RT RTtai!
the Torelun Elemeuts in Canadian
Citizen-snip, Has Had Also to Deal
With Acnto Dearth of Homes
Among the Poor.
Unique   Congregation   Celebrates  Anniversary  of  Founding  In
iv, H. Appleyard, M.A., rector of
St. Matthew's Anglican Churoh, nf
London, Ont., Is u graduate ol Huron
College and of the Western University,
lie ii ii native of Bngland and obtain
eil his early education iii the grammar
School   at   l.ei'di.,   iilier't*   In-   It!-,i   put   iii
two years as a medical Student.     Be-
aratloni The contracl calls for
' mplolo camp, Including bunk houses
hi u* s mni blacksmith shop.
This work will take aboul a month
and by that time Mr. Trimble will bl
back to atari the 800 tool tunnel on !
lhe No. 1 vein. The contract wlll |
aoep :������������-.t ral toen busy until early
��� ii.nr
ronto, Sept. in    Pounded
ii  years ago by a iiuniln-i
il   slaves,   the   chestnut
Britiah Method (st    Episcopal
of i s-
observed its anniversary last Sunday.
Only pne Ot the founders of the '���
church was able to be present Mrs.
Snrah Wilson, a remarkable old lady
who resides iii Itose avenue. Mrs.
Wilson Is a nonoKi'iiurlan With her
husband she escaped to Canada several years before the abolition of
slavery Together with other escaped
slaves who came to this countrv by
tba "underground" railway, Mrs. Wll-
-* 'i helped to establish the British
Methodist Episcopal church.
Atio'ho- veteran   member   of   the '���
church who participated In the anniversary services is Albert C. Jackson,
-' Toronto postman, who was horn In
��� 11 :���    Jacksi n's mother escaped to
'   -   di when he wis ������ pma'l hoy
rheatnnl Btreet British Methodist
l-'ii'scejeii c'.uir"'' has seventy members Bnd :s tniireh frc Trom debt.
Recently the Instillation of a fine pipe
��� ������* n was undertaken bj tlm congre-
" . i *. *i
Rite   p-u-ht  for   p��r*Y   P-"jnds.
"''"'   '*'. b   wis     rleinallv   known
s th.   ,vtr **..|    Mi lhi -list    Pnizcopal
*'���h. snd  the alto upon which    it
��� ������' ���: was bough! from fohp Beverley
"-���I Invoo for the sum of forty p-iuiids
1   zlmately two hundrod dollars).
"'���" -asior. nev. !(. A. Ball, says lhey
*������ -'ti want that much per foot ft-.- the ���
l * .i tod v.
'��� siicc'el ennlversary eervlee was
held '" Bundav afternoon wJien the:
r ���. i hi n ib Crawford, M P r . Hev.
t-ly Jonea, Alderman, Weston and
rthera spoke, while Arthur Lye or-
i   i. ������     ri   Holy   Trinity   Ansllcan
ehnrch    orerlded  ai   th iw   crgan
The -ii *   - rt in was John Montgoroerv
t>"   Morday  evening   i'e<*   .Th"   Mc-
J,/'   1
1 w
New British Citizen.
Only  1,334 aliens became naturalised
Britain! during  1918, according to the
 ent report .-mh-.I by u���. British bome
iliii-i-.    Itunsia i-n|,; [ilieil in, fewer than
ill.;, German}  DPS and  Prance S3,    Of I
N'ew Britain I, l:i'i.', have taken up their j
e-elein-,.*. in England and Wallis, n^ll of
'��� .litttii  lii tug iu  i-ond-ii.
Ostrich rarmlng.
I    The ostrh-h   industry has taken  llrm
|rout   in  the   I'mvoti  County  t,f   Natal
j ine firm alone having l,50li birds. .Some
' .cry handsome feathers, the product of
tbe district, were exhibited ut the re-
lent  Agricultural Shows in Maritzburg
-ini   In.ii.Iiii.
Anticipated with delight by all who use it
Mlt..HIST   !*,ll��B   M, IOU*.   IMI.
Aladdin's Lamp.
Aladdin's lump, in good working
price ��600,000," is the insrrij.-
ion on a card attached to a curious-
nuking lsmp exposed for sale in the
lop window of a Kingston iT.oo.j
atique denier.
I1KV.  V    Al'l'l.KYAIin.
gniuu  to  St.  Matthew
three years ugo Mr
ru'tor of Ht. lienrite
buy, Ont.    II,- obtain
Appleyurd was:
riinch,   Thorn-
il   tbe>   degree   nf
II. A.  from lhe  Western  University
London In 1000.
As n candidate for the degree of
M. A. this year he was asked to muK.1'
a study of the foreign elements in
Canadian citizenship with special reference to the social conditions in London, arising therefrom. As a solution
of tne housing problem, which is ucutc
in that city, he strongly advocatei
adoption of the methods "f the lug
English co-operative housing cm
v, ll]
Men ���
t*. -v |CC
.1 i���-.,lire's ���*'���' -v, !.*��� \v j
" P P . v. Mill*. K ���' .1 h'l
'd and ethers took part in the
���i ��� in* ..pit of th��t atrlcVen field
��� ���  > ,*t *i   published     Hi* nl'1"' 'k
���   ghl  bave been expected ol   a
w    V
.1 lie gan
"  I -������!    lltl'l
. hlm
favorite '* - *
comnu nded
Bin  Bankruptcy Case Is Finished .ind
Creditors Get Bare Taste of
the  Coin.
Si attli . 3 pi   -���">    Thai  a dlt  .
,    i  por cenl   will be dli Ided iiin.'iiiz
the  ,* flil  ri  "'  the   Western   Btei
rail   ;. llnall) -fringing to an end
i ..   . mi -tangled affairs ol thai con-
., rn and  Its steel plant  al  Irondale,
Wai b .   was   made   known   yi sterday
us n r, suli ol a meeting of the ered
Iters  ol  ihe  bankrupl   compan;  bo-
��� ��� ,   Refi  ��� >* .luhn  I'   lloyt.
The ultimate decision was reached
nfti -��� the mandate ol tbo circuit
courl ol appeals was banded down
. ,,.��� lining the district couri In allowing the claims of  the  Metropoll
t m     Tnil I'Hi'   Of  New      Vmk  for
ai,un xlmatel; j|2,000,00fl agalnsl the
Bteel corporation, presented by virtue
of flral mortgage bonds originally given by thi wi tern oompanj to the
trust compan) is security for loans
aggregatln ��� '���'"" 000 and later pur
chased by tbe trust compan) when
the loans matured and were nol met
At tin* same time the creditors allowed the final expenditures   of  the
,.���: .- Amounting to M91 tr,. and order dlreciiiii' their payment was made
by federal Judge Jeremiah Neterer In
in dlstrlcl court this morning, with
the "i< ��� "ni ol ihe dividend as declared, the estate will he closed, ter
mini nn'- iie- largesi bankruptcy ease
m the history or tbe li��'��l court.
The Western Steel corporation, In
wh'oh James A Moore nf this city, al
on" time .vus lariii'iy Interested, wm
loilvli-'d I'i'iikruut by former Judge
i' )'. H.inrerrt October 26; 19U. Tlie
er'vtu'il petllinn asking fnr such action was fU'"i October 1". the creditors being the Metropolitan Trust
company, Port Townsend PH�� Driving comnanv nnd M. llarde & anus.
It was chirved thnt an act of bankruptcy had been committed when the
steel cornoriitlnn on September 2
transferred certain Iron afid steel to
one of its creditors, ChtistOr Thorno,
preferring htm above the others.
Because of the court's decision al-
|��wlng the cinlm of the Metropolitan
Trurt company ngnlnst tho estnte.
!���" otint'tiK to mure    thnn    $1,000,000
��� .tc- the amount
for th
I"   'h-
i.. d in thi ii  gravel i, which all.
���   less, contain gold  b id  platl
r   F  l.a*... �� ho k' **.*.    the ���! *
*   pi n*n tin*  production  i r  platl-
fri :*i  tin* Tni.ni" "ii .ii il  iis nib
,   .. . ���     ���   .'������ 000    i ta.      Whilst    th's
..  .     .'-   i '���."ii and  marketed   ii
.   rti   i much mcre wa-s lost   Th"
,,*,,.' roua    ands held In tbe
��� ��� *.    and slulci   bi ie    * err n gard
11 i      f no a     e lu thi       layi
.. -   ���  i     ...    i.     For Ins! mee, ac
'..    oral Industry, pi i!
Eliln    in H " !'������������ ������''
'      " .    ; 1 ell l|    '
i; .   '
��� i average lm reas
per conl per an
'��� -��� i ��� i, 8( in :'��� Annetta I ilka
Is an 18 '��������� r old domestic, 'i in-,
months apo she came to Canada from
Russia He.-' ihe renewed ncnualn-
' ince with Mike Bymkos, a Polish
l ii n. ��ho had kno�� :i ber in iheir
' :*" c m'ntry Mike helped her iti
gel work In Toronto and promised to
ni-rrv her within h iborl time, aa be
had   a   steady   j"h   and   w :*,s   s.tvinr.
���in ni >'    Yesterday hi appe ired bi I
Working Mice.
To an  Ingenious Bcotehtoan goes tlie
.-re.lit of being the first person to luir-
in'-s   a   niouse  and   make   lum   a   nunev
earning factor.    He was  David  Hutton,
I a native of Dunfermline, and u ipmner
of   tlir.'ll 1.
In 1812 he visited I'erth umi among
tl... toys mni trinkets manufactured b)
the French prisoners there, in* v.as ut-
traeted by a little toy bouse v.itl, a
uhe.-! in tiie yulile uf it that was running
rapidly around, Impelled by the gravity
of a common house mouse.
Button purchased the houre, mousi
i't"l wheel, took tbem homo and sol the
tiny rodent to work.
A half-penny's worth of gauniaa] wai
sufficient fur its food fur '.).", uayi .i
Lng Which tune it ran lilt- miles. He kept
two mi'-e constantly engaged in tho mak
lng of sewing tli'ead for more than a
Provincial Exhibition
Queen's Park, Stpt. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4,1913.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    $60,000
Largest and  nicst  extensive truly agricultural exhibition in the wei
In tbe hett arena west of Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
High Class Special Features and Attractions.
Getter Babies' Contest. Three Bands In Attendance.
C.  A.  WELSH,  President D. E. MACKENIE,
Manager and Secretary.
a* tOMUNOB. OSLtn. MP . pntbiDIIiT. w. 0   MATTHEWS. VICC-PftE&'Otl-rf,
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Rtline Fund -
Total At-icti -
hull.". Mmrson In    the   county    court
* harged with si dm tlon
'.   pathetic figure Indeed  wa
netta, who in dtfrh and pretty.
ahe walked up to the *������ Itni is
to  if llf-y   against   lier  lover,
charge had been laid by a proti *i:m
girl     ������i:..r pleaded  vi It)
"But i lovi   ���',! oi i'i." he Bald to thi
���ii'.i* U ugh    'i Interpri ter. ' 1 prom-
.-t Mill
mill   wuh   bo   i*iiii-trn,*tC'l
i* waa able t" twist, twine
100 t" 120 tlir.'i.l- ii day,
.'jit,..!,   'in perform th -
.    n.An-   :i   ���: i   .
,*t oase every othe
���   i   * ' ten veav    ;: ed :������ mm > her nnd 1 will.**
Ti.    ; 'i ���    i��n  platinum!   rtc classed     'i'i'-  veteran Judge looked down ni
.. i   rd - i'ml the   man,   wbo  Bal   hnddled   In    the
tex and gave him ��������� Bevcra reirrimand
ncluding with: "You would be-do--
ing this vcung i-'ir! u great Injustl e
���Tin ."'I ".'" try i" rlghl th" v. i* >nu
��� u have el:*'mh ii inn." lie then
I ti Id tl. e courl ci n stable i ��� til *��� the
'���' nple tn the home of th" Polish
prleBI i" Agnes Btreet fer '.iu* eer'*
raony So the two wore married
* 't'in ','1*'" I* hn Brown and an ithi *
court nffl.'lnl acting   aa    attendanta
h'id been deducted ,"!
acni'lsltinn "f the corporation ���
loci  ��nl��. tho dividend    de-
rhat's   All   That   Saved   Them,   Says
Member  of  American  Geological
Survey   Party.
Seattle. Sepi in While ttudyiiii;
th,- geological formation mi a steep
mountainside in tin- Yukon-Koyukuk
region lust summer, H '-i B-aktns ol
Washington, i> C bend ol a govern
manl lurveylng iurt) nnd an iu-sIki
ant. i. C Doyle, were charged by a
1201 pound gristly henr. They owe
tin ir iiv-. they believe to the tlmelj
breaking ol tho .trap that beld Doyle's
knapsack,  letting  fall  tin  pans  and
iIIkIiih the rat I It- ul -hich frighlOUOd
llle liar.
���\\\. were slowly climbing a itei i-
mounUttnslde when we noticed u grla.
r.l>'," Says Baking.    "As Ihln henr iHel-
diiin charges we paid little attention
and were unconcernedly watching it
pic': ltn way over tho rough boulders
when the monster sighted us     Tho
gristly rsvp one 'woof untl < burned
us. Ab jou mny surmise, wa lust iiti
time In dashing down that precipitous inountnln. Tho bear was almost
upon ub whrn the tin -aiuif In Doyle's
nnck fell wiih n clatter that awred
the hear and he left in; unexpectedly
ns hc cnnie.
"Ours wub the firBt scientific expe-
lltlon Into the   Yukon-Koyukuk   ro-
on- nwav trom thc river many
mnnv nt'"tp of which had never before
heen visited bj white men.    We saw
c'-.red yesterday wae loss than 1 per
Whli" expcVI ef admlnlBtri'lnf
the eit'ite In the hsnkruptcv r urts
bav.- n' ' v' 'ecu trilled. It Is Vuewn
that ������'������v "III evened 146.000. O' 'hi-*
rom �����" non w��nl to attorneys n-d at
lonal ���ir.e'ui k, the trnsteea nntl receiver* Other rums Included fm-B o'
-���-,.-|Hr--   fc"�� for Judge lloyt nnd
1,,-Menf' i"fnii". .   ���      ���    ,
ti,- leher clalmB. prfCtlCRllv nil "   ,_._�����.
,,.,14 ����� '-een paid, amount to more |. _ ^
than 1-0.000,  |-" ������* ���
"i'-'b fr- lbe absence of tbe pros-
-���-���cr. The pack horse In the sum-
"ie" pud don teams In the winter uf-
fprd the on'v means of travel, aB there
Bre no navigable streams.
"Wn found a large body of granite,
but the only discovery of geological
Importancn wss that part ot the Yukon-Koyukuk divide haB been glaclat-
hut few evidences Of prospectors. The
geological conditions are Blmllar   te
th-ose on Indian river, where a small
jn'-cer cP'-,n Inn    been    established.
I This would  Indicate that such parts
]"ro  worth   prnanectlnK,  although  the
[occurrence of gold la not certain.
I    "Much of this region Is above llm-
"��� line, hut sufficient timber mav be
btrlned for mining purposes.   There
1 nn abundance of large and small
ro the tirosneeteir nei d rnt wint
rhe country is verv diffi-
atul this probably   ac-
Wealth In **\f<*l* P���d<i of Slmllka-
meen and Tulannssn
Prtneton, flnpt. 25,-The aiinllka-
meen and Tula.neon rt������ to����J�����
fnr many vears (anions tor the re
laZlle. .iuantllles of black    Bauds
Kollcwlng the wedding Mike was taken   I     a   cell   end  the  girl   wns  again
placed In charge ol the society.
Bi ttie. Sept. IT, From the tretnb-
llng little prisoner thai aha wus yesterday, IndHe'l ill lall, Pollj l-Bgg.
'ill '5.* renl name Is Miss Marlon I,ecu.
1 :��� free and happy girl. PrtendleBs
is she thoughl hersilf a month ago,
���ii" fnis she hss many friends; hotne-
lesa, as she believed, she hums that
there ore several homes waiting for
l.t r until the can find u permanent
it took Judge I'red C Brown ten
minutes In tha tustlce court t" Biqull
Uttle ^lariotl of the chirm t,t burft-
1 -ry and lav the ct.su of the   case to
" ctphilnlni!   "Uness.  Mrs.   M in-
I 1 --en 'he. falling to pay these, Is
now In lall.
lt Ib hard to toll who Is haunter e"er
,-,,., ,-i,t--i-ie Marlon nr ber friend the
leputv sheritr, Mrs. M. a. Cummtngs,
'I  's a vlcttiry for I oth.
In   etunniiiv with M>-'t. Cummlngs
ind M-s. QeorgO A. Smith, a preml-
���lent club wemiin, whnift BympaUites
had been actively enlisted In the "use,
Marion celebrated h"r freedom by a
lunchaon down town, site win stav
'u Mrs. Putntnlnga1 home until ahe can
'iml ei'">Iev'*'ient li stin"-* ether heme
which her friends nre trvlng to find
'11' her. where the mistress thereof
Will a'��r t-n a friend.
So Pol'v is no longer Pollv the h'int-
>d culprit She is Marion, And it
'eciks as If, after 18 storme yeira,
���'hen everv hand seamed aginst her
Clarion was comhi��� ut last lute even'
human hoin,.'s r!trht to a share of
���icnce and ��i��,��i����eB
The thread
that tl.,* nn. m
lUnl reel l row
Suudays no! 1
task 11 had to fun "1
which it >i..l with pert
On tlu- half-jm. liny'b wovth of o&t
whicb Lasted for ti\t> weeks, one oi thos*
little niiee maOe 3,350 threads '-" iaehei
toagi and as a penny waa paid to w< mi i
foi every hank made in the ordinarj way,
tbe n.i'U'f at thai iau1 earned Is cent ,
.".f.\  six weeki.
Allowing for board and for machinery, |
TtTcf ir "WirT""^���rlrirr
each mouee of $1.60
It waa V.r. Flutton's Intention to an
ply .'or the loan of Tin- Dunfermline (a
thedral, \.l..* ii wus empty, where I ���
planned t.i set up 10,00U mouse niiii*-
i-j. an i ;t li leave room for the ttoopen aud
Eeveral bundrmla of speetatorh; but this
wonderful project wa* nevci rarried out
because ut the inventor's sudden death.
��� fm tv    j.rulit    I rom
" X Tour de Luxe "
is an expression supremely fitting in connection with a trip to
the East on this PALATIAL
Transcontinental Train.
It combines the enjoyment of
rare scenb beauties with the
idi aaure of a journey in absolute
ease   and   comfort.
Fur further Information re-
pardlng fares, train service, etc..
call en ur add * i -
City Passenger Apt,
Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. Paul Railway.
Ki Columbia Street,
New  Weatmlnater
$1 Gives You A Bank Book
You do not need to wait untl you have a larre sun oi no-riey,
In order to open an account with this Bank. Yeu can cp-u an
account with $1.���on which interest will be compounded twice a
year.   Thus, your savings are alwa-ys earniag n.cnejf (or you.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New  Weetmin? ter.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Good! of all  Kinds.  PHONE  *
Free  end 0��al. M-p.
Rao. **iA Trta*
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
Flct tu -uurder Kitchener.
The authorities at Soot-ami Yard aro
on the hunt for an Egyptian ttudeul who
wu*- lately at Oxford] und who i*- allege 11
t., have Ieen engineering a plot to :i-m.i
.unite   l.i.r.t   Klteli'-tier.   according   tu  it '
story in tin' I i.n t v ESxuress,   This rtud- I
enl n- 'leiei.' associated wltli Mohammed
l-'arul Bey, who at tbe Katloual Egyptian
tlongren at  Brussels In 131(1 deaoun-re.il
Kx-prosideni  Roonvelt  for   rtirriog ap i
rlngland ier alleged aoglect ot Egyptian ���,
At ilu* titiiu' caagreftj which was foi
i bidden to meat on Krench territory, I'm..I i
Bey declared that the programme ol the
" i'oung Egypt" piny confuted only ol
tWOWOruS,   * ' l-lvui ..alltni "   llleI   "IV.lrl
New South African Hallway.
Tbe new railway -itbifli link-* up the
I town of Seuokal nub Dathleheiti] m
tut! Qrauge Kree Stutn, hut heen opened
i for tra at., uud in [u^vlug u great boon
; lo tue iti.iuh'.tuut- ot luis |,r\igreesi\*
j euiniiii.tiiiy. 'the line pUKSei. tltrou^'.i n
' i-u-h agribultural ilmthit which Uuasts,
j iiuiony-t other ludiiMtiei*, u large orcam-
lury, kue pioiiuit- ut ivtui'h have ti bigb
| reputation tbroagbout South Africa.
Necktie Ear Trumpet.
_ iiui'lttic whieh v* ill kelp dcuf people
to li-..it lum been produi'id liy nn mutinous inventor, "'this is kot tiecause tbe
putterii i�� ii loud one," suya "Meu'e
-tt'eui," "but Is bocauaa tif u Mimll i'U'c-
t r ic si I reeelvor, hidden 111 thc knot of
thc tie, transmitting s._u_d to thc ear
by menus of un unobtrusive wire."
Auction Boom Curiosities.
Everything, it is said, comes into ths
London miction room sooner or later,
��� ud the list of cuiiosities that have
seen sold in the past is curious. Among
ihem have been locks of Nelson's nud
Wellington's hair, the head uf a Peruvian Indian, a human skull no -bigger
than a walnut���that of a dwarf found
in .the interior of Mexico ��� "Oom
I'aul's" hat, a curious, greasy, battered
icadgcar that fetched (126, and the
>lue silk vest which Charlea I. war* at
iis execution which wis purthasad tor
11.000. ...
A Tie Match.
Tho closeness of the 1'niish of the recent mutch between ! Yorkshire and
Hum ���-���.icrnliiri' at ShotteM does not by
any means constitute �� record. There
Iiu,i, been fourteen lliltaticea of tie
uiHl-lien iu llrst-t'lliss tfitkot.
New llaxelton, Stpt H.fi - Ooorge
JonulngB waa Buoceiatiil In getting
thn con'rift for thi e-rnctlon of the
cabini, building the ralla and driving
a three hundred fo it tunnel on the
It is direct but courteous.
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The resultf ul want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are made.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It speaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
J -"������!?-
-PAOt t-O-U*
REMEMBER: This means your unrestricted choice of new Fall goods.    "Society Brand Clothes"
for the high-voltage young fellow, and "Fashion Craft" for the more serious minded men.
Regular $15.00 Suit or Overcoat for
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ills & Co.
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rush in our
Tailoring Department.
Fresh "Water and Salt
'Contin'iM trom pate onei
George Doufllas and His Boy Put Oui   K. Yuyuma _____________-_>lllslon on Wat-
i,om. Steveston Sunday and Hav* erfront Last Night-Smaller Vet-
Net Ccmo  Ba.k. "I R��" Aground In Slip.
u? the
*   night
1 I ��� 1      *    !
O-l Sunday n'.slil    Oeorg-:
and  b ������>   young   ai n,   In I i   Ilshoi tin *.,.
teft ilu- Scottish i anadlan cam ery, nl
Steveston, and Binee that time ncil-iei
ii&s. t��<M'ii seen "i   heard    of.    ll
fi-an-ti it.in ;���.��������� drowned.
.Ml daj Sunday a sale blew
-;i-tt a.;ul lasted well Into tli
���ad it  li   anri il i d    ihat    the
OTtfOT   H's   100   mnill   fnr     t.llr
wr<_!l.    Fatbi ���* and si n  ������������ ��� e 1 ���        n
round bi ttom Ci lumbia river ;;an I n
/nut i itii.ti., green and mai '������ *.i 0   D
2108,  I.i"i .-'.i* l   .' i'i ::'l  gear ai d   *
lar^e .-t i .,�� , i   net.
in itglai    *  ��� i'i* i  li
h.-hii   and        . * ���     ul) |      i       ��� ��� ���������
-i-vliif-h   li ���   li nl.   K itli   lli::i   Ul    tlle
trip Sundae     ��� ml (Sreat i
it frit in  tin   ��� annerj. and lhe U. I
('anm rtf      ii.���:-��������� ;iii' n      has 'i
notices in an ,'~-ri to lind th   pa r,
..t li'-ati  to li.*-: *.  thell   I' i ���    ��im ��� vi :
it was.
No v.-nni has as yel been received
at the llntl, _ i.f tbe man and boy who
��.isappearc'l In the Mission dlstrlcl 01
On Monday morning the man. In
tympany with o hoy, hired a team
from Faby'i bam al Mission to uu nn
31 tlBhln-.' expedition to the Stave riv-
f.r. Blnce thi; nothing hai been
beard of them.
One of thn horses la a baj tho i.tli-
.. lii-irk 111/11 white forefeet.
A collision between the i in: Plunger and a Japanese cannery colic ting
boat from Steveston which took place
lasl i vening opposite Gilley liros.'
wharf, cam-ill two .laps to have a narrow escape with their lives, both In-
Ing picki 'I up b) Hi" crew pf the larger honl ti hen the Japanei ������ s ������ bbi I
wa   In a i Inking condition.
As ii  was  K.  Yuyurna suffered  In
juries which  necessltitod hi* removal i'i th    li epltal, where he wbb report) il i i ha. ���   bei n  sllghtl;   In lured,
while  lii:- c in*nanlon, G   Oumra, es
capi 'l wllh a ducking.
According tu T. li. Hrignlldson, mate
���nnl also owm r i ( thi Plungi r, tha
boal ���' as I ��� ��� Ing a boom of i''*;s frnm
ihe North Ann and seeing the lap
, oal turned ou! of her c mrsi The
:,. :��� sei Ing thi tug al the ��ai ic mo
ment, also veered their cour ��� - v i'li
tli" resull Hum the heavier vessel
erased Into the gasoline boat.
The smaller boal appears to be over
five tons in weight, which, according
to navigating rules, Is sui'i to require
a captain In command, nnd tliere wai
none i n tho -lap boat The crew of tin
Plunger hitched a hawser to the ��a
ollne boal before she sunk nnd
hrought hor to the Bebgie street slip,
where sh<   lien aground.
vFor  Week
Tim i
tliph. I
...    IJ;20     (1
���it,-r,-, *)(1
' '���". 7
���il.'i.t, 18
ti   18:00 8:
���', 00 2":
85  16:45 9:
i nn in
16  IS "'
Pi    ���' :.*' u
l,-. : '
.     ���
i r.
40 '
Sand i
Time. I''
11���in m s
m-rai 11 1
18:fifi 11."
20:37 111
18:DS 11.4
21:57 10.7
14:43 US
0:02 10.3
16:18 12.1
1:50 10.5
|5:4fl 1" ".
'"". 11.1
16:18 12.0
leail i
le   '
Flour From Seattle.
Bringing 600 ions nf fleur from Se-
'���He 'nr nhlpmenl to the Orlcnl on
tbe Monteagle, the new steel steamer
Comanche, Captain Bill Hanson, nald
her first visit tii Vancouver yesterday. The Comanche is owned hi the
Pugel Sound Navigation company, and
is a handy lltt'o vessel eoulpped with
pi ii-.-i-ev elevator. Hhe left at noon
for Bellingham and Seattle.
Bal'   Shipment,
���":"' ,*��� t -*,i of ii onn i er i-iit
������*.'��� p  | ,, a' >< r n- -i von  '��� l  V'n-
'*��� ' I   7   li     111.   ���eMenla-*   from   S*'*i
P  ; ���'��� 'I   i!o"lc .|   at   f'e   ,l'*l"i*.*" i
��� h '���*, - " -; nutting "���' oart canto
i'"'-': ;���"'! ;s also has ihlnmBntH ror
the '1   1   P. and Now England docks.
M.idc   Up  Stufl. ���
PrlBone:     It  is all made  up Btuft
Mr. Mu nei, Vou al.-" E von- In tin
police court that you were a hull
I r ul "r of Smith, your tenant.
Prison? r l made a tnisi ike 1 ti "*:
aski ii * ui Btiona so quicklj I could
nol  realize It.
Mr. Macneil then read prisoner'i
; -vi, us evidi nee In �� hich be detailed the relationship minutely anri
Iwhere the) were born. Do you 'liinl,
yen had nol mi opportunll * of i K-
pl-iiiiiin yourself after all that?
Prliftmer���I did nol feel like taking
it back afte ���    i-klng (lie mBilake
Mr. Macneil Is "ial the waj vou
give  yonr  evidence?
Prisoner I had a fi w drinks thai
Mr M!'-"'iil Von and Naas wen In
ai    ��� ���'_-, thl 1
Prisoner Ves and Van Hedlam -was
ip   ia''  eli o  for holding  up a  car  in
V,"-re-**a  '
Vr,   Macm il    Ho  ��ns  ac inlttod  of
Mr. M "���*.,-,' "' tltt rs w a* thi llrst
',",. i i vu-- e****i*. 'i he eta-mined He
: ��� act callj ���** i" the v hole ���.,;���*.
*' .* i*,',
i'**i ��� n< r    i don'l  know
Mr  \ia*   -  '    N me was osPed    fti *
i    ,,.,'    | , i  *..*.,] nothing much to add.
ih- did i" '���  i * h * ������  mu li to tell
Pris uiei    T don'l kno-ti
in-, i lioi" 'i  as i" the  Insurance of
)".ifit on the bakery to be (ired pris
[oner [len'ed  it  had  heen   nlaced  nnd
i��n|d It  hid onlv heen  snoken about
He .'��� -red   talking with   Van   Hedlnm
or   Waiters   aboul   firing   nnv   build-
i.Mr.   Vfacnell then  rend  an    extract
from  prisoner's previous evidence  in
which   lie  slated  that   Instead  of he,
prisoner, suggesting tho burning Walter" did.
Prisoner Vis. Hint is certainly cornel.    He suggested it
Ponfronted with several piece,; nf
evidence  he gave In i'"'  police court
he   now
Hive    no
oi plan,i-
Robinson  then   addressed   ihe
Jury on  behalf of the prisoner,    He
sdvanoed several explanations for fhe
c. P. n. Captalnr Change.
O-i-inu to th" Illness of Captain
flrfffin. inasii r ol tlio C, P ll. Kle.am-
[*r Princes Charlotte, 'he command
of the three-fun..idled liver han gone
tn Captain Hunter of the Adi lalde. The
Adelaide I" now command' d ],., Cap
tain Robertson.
flre other than Incendiarism.    Spon-
t*,*e   "��   combustion,    Ignition    from
* ���   'lerlne   Ore   In   the   stove   unon
which   i'u-   r.a��eline.  Ihe strsnee   pisn
��� :,.. !ie"*is''.l Wa'iers nnd demanded
:���!  ' ���" -    -.'.''-I   '*���" -.  doing  there.   A
'���ni* te- inslnu itlon ihnt the tenant's
finances were nol In good shape. Coun-
t:el* atiiiek, d the characters of Naas
nml Wallers but pointed out that both
denied firinK tbe building.
Mr. Macneil disposed of the lank nf
motive bv showing thai although the
i ind   Mere  rnlgh'   he   worth   *4 !00
it wis not worth thai to prisoner as
'". pad onlv four yenrs' lease of it.
lie pal: ?860 a month for II antl ro-
I leived :���'���'', an Income of $25. The
alue -ii ; '��� building to him deen ased
is i na vanced. i lomlng to the actual Bring "f the store, counsel drew
tenl: n i the fn it that when Walters returned from tbe sporting housi
���.iiiii tl e candle and mal hes he l,nun.
the fn ni ilnor open, whieh was pre
vlously locked. Was It lhi prlt inei
! who opened the door? Tiiat wns an in-
' rence for consideration. The gaso
line ea i had also disappeared. WalterB entered 'he building and beard
���ni. ie one moving abont In it Was
Naas anl tafly present and Bet 'ire to
the building, or Smith pursuant to the
am ���:���.���(��� "i**ii- As ' i spontaneous com-
bii! tlon he pointed oot that the flre
had been started in two places.
J'-"y Charred.
Tb >. irl ii charging the jurj b iid
"��� on ��ii*i a vi .*. serious mar r, Thi
diiiiei- ivas in i an rely to the building
bul to i In pn perty of othe * pi ipb
ud i" i ten For that reason the
maximum pi nafty was extn me Thi
jurj v ns the eon rtltutlonal lr bunal l
cidi upon ih" dlsputi 6 facts In
criminal eaaeK Their verillcl ".*n.' on
thai and whatever the fonaeiiuence
they had nctblitg to do with it. The
1. ��� pi. ��� 'd.*d foi Hi't In ar -ii it
waa in : :u--i-"n. trj f< r a . tan to appl.
a in ���      ���    ���    1 . ��� i  the cr'tne.    ff
iu   I '.--���'��� r ii   -in   *   h"  .ii
��� in.      '-. ti the e\ idence of
- > ia *r      i .ii    >,,'in���;
nu i   heri  v ho Kern Iheir own  storj
re a     ji ���   i ci *��� ai   the duly of
i-i :.'*iul a, '   their evidi nee
���    i   ��� "��� ily fm    :-ii y    musl    have
i   . a    -   > t       fai    III w n    when    they
��� : * ' do thl r a nionej con-
sldeiatfcs.   The lat did nol say tbelr
��� '. Ideuce  mual  li i corr in.rated,    bul
PS  1 ad   ll I vv l, vu   been   in   the   habit
��� i Buying that Juries must be careful
in look tor corroboration and acquit
ii there ach* nomi He could not say
thej  could nol cpnvlcl  upnn such un-
��� ' i-roborated testimony He could only
saj It would i.n extremely dangerous
to do bo. There wa.*. this feature of
the   ease,  thej   hnd   the  evidence    of
but tiny did nol tell
Therp h' no kukkcb-
agreed  to put it   oh
had   taken    i��-o   op-
M   the critical  point
of who startfd the Hro each  blamed
l the ��� 'iter.   'Dhey had dill'rent stories
I here,   it i i/where their evidence lm-
illcated acc/ised tbey must scrutinize
; ver\  carefully.   The crown's position
i ,mis lhis, i/uit oeeuscd  was iu such a
'��� iiiniiii ia   p'tiiiiiii that it wan bis interesl    . I: i"   tlio   building   burned
dc��'n,  iltfti lie picked  up  these disreputable J'inn nun and went round
'���ia i. niir.ki'i;   with them, plying them
V Hi   lienor   in   every   oei'ii.iic.n   illl'll
he   appioachi d   Ihem   wltll   this   pro-
position,   tu y had evidence outside
��� f  lhe accon slices altogether,    The
accused msn   ilmself and that of Van
Hedlam, v.lio in  his  deposition  said
| the  sin'���  pr position   wns  made  to
liiin.    They  i' e-i  not   dealroy or m*
��� ���'in  lha I'.nl tic of the accomplice
ntlrely.   Oul  if a tissue of falsehood:)
I Ihey might b-  iiii1'   to oxtracl a few
i ins of I  ii      Exercise their com>
'.rea :*;:'_i*.   ',   nlnc-tctUba were false
; the one-tenth of truth might help tbem
to arrive at the true state of the facta.
���    .. 'i  had  Ddmitl dl)   innd'*  incon
.   ���   i   Btati ue ni i  here and  In    the
lice court.   He i hould i oinl oul thai
for i��� i* ��� ii 'j.-nii.  whli h a ��� di '. i  ap-
oared        ���:  lo  learned  counsel    I.
.. ������ *   ti ft_  Ini line l to give cn l* n
o  the      ��� In mn..   if   w aiiei     rathei
ba    to thai  . * Nn * .
Thi   ���  ��� ';.    - . U ..in rs imd  in,n|.
i eh an l.i -.-.-it ol ii and asci Ibed hii
.  *. ..ill io I nti ��� ie.u.nc liquor.   Thai
n. . ii  bi   so,     I'he i H -.- 'i  ;: id  some
.ne - t,   mil      i Itn ���-.'���.    of    dubiou
reputatli a i    l  It  in id    i o  much   tin
in . ��� ii.'iici.ii  Ioi juries lo come to o
i in lii-!on    1   * i  must find their vet-
lie; ui 11 - - < _ - _ i __- i . the i vl-J'-in '     Thej
mid  n  *   ba ������ ab cl .i" ci rl ilm ���   li
the e caa        If I ������.*.*���. n  had fallod
to  i   ...���'*���   - le*     , '   thi    ren ronabl
* 'ita ,   prisoner's Built then    ac
'Ml'   !"'.!
A , i.i ued i 'isi ;.  i  wiis :* und B illtj
1 and   Personal
M   a Eunice Fleury,   .vho ha ���
r, iiiim 'l   ., lib bi i    moilii r    from    a
lln ���'    ne ui        ...    lo  i hied i i,   ���-,< ���
iiie ���__in a* ct   honor ������   rei ��� ;*i on
givi ii  by   the opei iton   i 1  Un-  r,   C.
11 tepboi     i om] an;,  tn    tho   Clarkson
���    nge lai; > vunlnii
Al the flusai ll v Ki mp, D 0
i bil i, Ni llie ' .-.iiiiai. vnnle Mi Cor
\V G. Bell, Vancouver; E E
md Mrs Wi bb, Si Bill . .1 a and
Mrs. Hi.ss. II. E. 11 III li rts A Evan
lh llin .' in .1 .11 and Mi Baati do,
* :   uls S. I lals, Manl * al
At   Hn   Windsor   Thomaa   l Itzp n
rick,      Vldergrovei     .1      and     Mrs
uni' ������ n. I.anda:,   Plain    II. A   How se,
I'.evi   lon;   W. C. McClastry,    i lovi r
ttali .   l. ' 1   While, s irdls; 0   Hi
I-'. Pli ti ;.. Vancoi_voi .   ll   .1   Ed i-ards
Vancouver, where tbey look the boal
for  Seattle and   i ortland     '���*    lhelr
leliirn  tin*.' ti ni   r.side ii.    ���'    .   Wl st-
mlnsti i
Guide   Shot.
i'i  ii. i i ton,  N    H .  Bepl   .'"���     Ben
jn min  Phillips, a   ivi I!  known  hunter
and  guide of  Booth  Btal lon  ti as  ac
cldentallj   shol   nnd   Instantlj   killed
wi il of Hi'i\'���>  station, Vork c mntj.
mi the main line i i the I     P   R   lai I
night bj n bullet either from his own
rifle or fi-inn that of his hunting com
panion.  HiiskiI]  Swan,  a  coualn
Y".Ja.*.    lluv.iird   Wnlt. rs   i'ikI   !lii.*..!i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Snu..'.  r.e  sell  i- nfeased accompllcci wmit-i-v
r.f ii, l.-,-, O   Smith   convicted " iter OILLEY-WHIT   L  Y.
i    ol a: in   will iii* their stand lul    The  marriage of  Albert   M   Hill
the prisoner    tlock at the asslz   courl anu    M|8I    ,\|���n, |  \\*   wblteloj    was
'r'!'      ;:'"  u"r  trlal    ' '""   celebrated yesterdaj afternoon at   ,  10
Oa  M nu.-.   lbe  no:, ran,-  Hank  of  oclock al tlio residence of the brlde'j
��� MontnaJ i  i*1'* ��"' ���" "il! ��Pcn wtUl  father'    u    "   Whltalej',   Cloverdali
| ,,,  ti  ,i**i hail,    ii  -a The : i'i m   was a listed  bj   Stanley
  Trapp, while    Miss Qladys Whiteley,
sister of lha  bride,  acted  as br d is
nm id    Tin- ' ��� i enn ii,   wns performs l
bj   Hi *..   Mr.   M'ltil".  Ol   CIOVI rilale,     III
ihe presi nee "I n largo number of lho
i lati ves nnd (rlendi i I I lie contract
inn parties Many useful nnd hand
|some presents testified tc tlie esteem
.n which the young couple nre held
The bride and groom left by auto foi
two accoinpllc-is
iin* same stori
tion  thai   the/
|il Bitl
Burnaby   Police   After   Firi*.   ^leedcr
on  New  Head"/,]/���Will   A-inear
In Court.
"They're oil," is tin-   ono   popular,
past,nn    among   a   certain   class of
motorists    travelling    between    New I
Westminster   and   Vancouver.     Now,
that Kingsway Is ready for traffic the ,
tutu plat lon for opi ninn up the throttle,
giving little heid io oiner vehicles or
pedestrians has seized sume of    the
speed  lions  with  the  result  that    in
several Itistancos already the -"��� mile
limit is being Ignored in lavor of u in 1
and 50 mile clip.
This speed craze hits two marks al \
one and the Bame lime. II gives joy [
to the driver of the car and bis fel
low passengers, while li affords a nice
mark for several members of the Bur-
nab" police, the results of the latter
to tie 'old lu detail before Magistrate
Beatty at a later date.
So far ibere has yet to be an arrest
for speeding on the King's highway,!
but  this lull    bniipens    before    every
storm,  and unless  the autoists  take;
warning from   the   prominent   Blgns j
placed id differs it points along   tho
route, the    Bumaby   exchequer    wlll|
likely   lie   replenished   1 ,   g   eotfslder
able degree frc::,  OllOS n.'tii; p��d nn  !'.*
Uie bi.il;.
Pancake Time is
Drawing Near
We carry lhe Olympic Pancake l-'h-ur
ami Peacock Buckwbeal Plour, spe.
dally prepared for making pancakes.   These s.-ii ai, per pkg 35c
Or ���'��� i.'k-.-s for          $1.00
Kellvs    dellclOUS    Maple    Symp,    lines
fine hi'li pancakes; In quart bottles
nnd I.lis ni    50c
llnlid's   Pickles  nnd  Chaw     III    ipiirt
bottles;   per bottle 25C
1 lh Tins Shortbread, pet i n 25c
Fine Cooking Apples, r. II . 25c
Preserving Prunes, per crate 75e
Preserving Peaches, per crate   85c
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
iBurr Block. Columbia  Street.
Chas. t. Royal Stock Co.
"The Snookums
PMt ******
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads ^MIM^l
The News leads the field in advancing ull sport* played in Naw
'*'��� <   inilliKler and the KrUKer vaalley.    'llie Newa  Ih  planning  to    im-
i ���   .e on lust season's reoord in retard in soccer, bockey, baikotball
and rugby Ibis coming winter     Athletic c.luba In    every    branch    or    0
aport can assist materially tha iporting editor ol Tlie News bj telephoning to thlH office any Information of coming eventa. b
rtiiiK up Hill between the hours of ll a.m. and il a.m.                           :���;���.
, ���       .���''':'*;
ot �� o tt a -'.:������ tt 9 # # b ������':��� bb m 6 * v *"i * 6 -tt -::= tfH b 'tt b o
Sutherland; secretary,   C.   Klrk'.M !;  abctlon in which the automobiles will
treuBiirer, (i. .Sangstir;  delegate to II.   ne allowed to stand.
C. A. A. I!., i'. Wattam. i    I'or  the convenience of merchants
In all probability tbe league will uIko, an wtll as express and dray men,
start about tht; 24th of October. *-X|llu. It. A. & I. society has decided to
meeting of the delegate! from tbe dlf-1laaue a ticket good tor tbe week,
ferent teamii will be held on Octooet i v.uicli will admit rig and driver, for
8th, when the schedule will be drawn ; tiiC sum of one dollar.
up and Change* made In the conatllu- \ It has alao been decided to fence ofT
"on. the vaudeville stand in front of the
An application was expected from a 'BM���_| ���tam| wllh an elgbl toot canvas
Discount Rates Were Firmer on Poor
Bank Statement���Close
I Graham Is s  Regular Jack inthe
Bea  When it Comes to Popping
New Ones on the Fans.
land lhe "ili'hriiiiillzcd" mien of    1818 I
will continue to govern.
Jusl   now   there  Is a  Crimson   glow
|all over the east, and all of the dope-
Item ure remarking. In unicorn, as 11.
I!i ";u would  say. tliat   Harvard Is the
goodl     Hut who knows what V
tham In Kdmoii*. but It was not forth
j criming. It ts likely that they decided to wait another year. It was
'also decided at the meeting to enter
'only one tlieain In the I'acific Coasl
I league.
Tonight is the time when Manager
lllll Oraham of tbe MOOM Hockey cluh
unloads sundry slips of paper from .
his Jeans and announces to tho mip-
porterg of the aiitlered herd Just what
material he has gathered In order to
make a race for the Mcltae trophy
Ever   Bine"     the   baseball     season
closed dovn with the Moose perched
i-aft-ly at   "he  top or  the  ladder,  lllll.
Crnham has  heen  laying low   for just !
two purpolea,    The lirst was to Ret a
well   needed   rest   from   hia   exertions
ol the summer montha Injecting pep in
the retl-hlrts. while the aecond was
in order to gel a line on tbe stray
ii'ieit, j players who mlgbt happen to
bio*    into   the   ellv   for     lhe     winter!
tnonthi with a rep gained In other
provinces and league*,
Veati rdgy Hill was able to announce I
the signing on of two prominent mem
London.    Sept.    26,  ��� Money    was"!
Istretched across tha driveway at eBCbIscarce today.   ..Discount    rates    were
lend of the grand stand lirmer on the poor bank statement.
'lii itt decision was arrived at owing I The Hlock market was depressed
to the fact that while the special at-(during the forenoon under local and
j traction* were being staged during continental liquidation, hut, suddenly
i ie 1012 lair, II was found Impossible, j turned upward In the afterttCon under
even with tlle aid or tin- police, to the lead of Americans,
keep the public away .from the aland | Paris bought Kaffirs and KioTlntos,
j a ith the result that there were one or and local dealers repurchased home
two accidents. rails, while Herlln supported Canadian
A charge of CO cents will be made j Pacific.     The  closing   was   generally
for grand aland seats during lacrosBe iflrm.   Consols, however, were checked
The  Fur Wlll   Fly  When Rover* and
Bankers Meet at Sapperton
Park Tomorrow.
matches and 23 cents ai other times.
An unusual amount of Interest ls be- '
ing 'aken In the forthcoming soccer |
battle between tbe Hovers and thej
Hankers which Is scheduled t.i take i
place on Saturday afternoon at Sap- I Corporation
perton and Indications point t��� a bum- |       Cause  Interest���Seat  Sale  for
and    Bankers    Trophies
Arena  Open* Today.
*    '�� ol lasl year's Y   M   C   A   septette
lie bai otber promise* which be win
spring  ai   the   rlghl   and   proper  time.
but  this  evening's  meeting Is  for the
purp e.f laving plans  Officer! might
till   * .  i lected.
One ' i the Spring brothers, who can
:��� 'u   bl*  ' ���'n   with  anv  home  player
n in  continent   spring's boring In
by the monetary outlook and prospective new loan*.
American securities opened easy
and a fraction lower. Light buying
rallied most of the list during the flrsl
nour, and later the market advanced
sliarpl) on Wall Btreet Kiipport and
forced bear covering.
Tlle close vvas steady.
actios have made htm feared by many 1 known  than  their opponent*,  navin
l)i r   crowd   being   on   hand   when   the
twi  teams clash. I
The Hankers  made their debut    lu 1
soccer   last   winter,  and   gathering   a 	
husky and speedy bunch together I Reservations are nuw being made
Captain Stacey succeeded In winning for t;"xl-8 for lhe llliri1 annual horse
the championship of the league. To show which will be opened ln the horse I
am team a championship I* coveted, show building on Tuesday evening
bin two in succession Is an lo cent ire Tl"' tickets were received by the
to any team, with the result that this management of the exhibition yestnr-
season's bunch of financial students day a,Hl wi" lj��" Placed in an office on
are in a class to make other teams Columbia street, where a plan of (hi
IiumIo  for championship honors ; Interior of the arena may be seen. The
The   Rover*   are    perhaps    better I location  of  the  office  will    be    an-
Arundel Mansions
Begbie Street
This high class Apartment Block is now ready
for occupancy. Steam heated, gas range, bath and
toilet each suite. Built-in kitchen cabinets and buffet. Electric automatic elevator, and all other accommodations in connection with first-class apartments.  Apply.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Weitminiter, B.C.
Agents for I>. K. Brown, Hope A; Mitcaulay, Ltd., Generc
steam hip Agents, of Vanoouver, B. C
Railway and
Market Goe*  Up at  First���Gains  All
Cancelled and Slight Rally at
End of Day.
tbe challenging Minto cup teams
li Ifl   llie   east.
Baseball Results.
New York. Sept. 'ii,.���Stocks moved
upward briskly in the first hour of the
tiadiug today.   The course of the mar-
i 709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid?.
'"���'�������� " <   <i th-      Hassam Paving Co.. of B. C, Limited
culties  which  at    the    present    time i *
the !
���    Cowling    Tea-n    cf    American
Can Co. Tied  It to tht  Men
from the  Factory.
1,landing   of   III*   Club*.
Yesterday's Game*.
v Vancouver H    ll.   B.
Victoria  i     8     '
i ai *. uvor  "1-     1
1.nihil.an   and   Shea:   Hart-tad    antl
' i
I llle   Old   * I illi-e   two   tl   1 ITI
��� ait   Burnab]   branch  ol   the
i* ei  company  engaged   In
..nl.ai mi tin. i lob alley* lasl Orlndli
merging with the spoil* over At Beattle:
���*.   iu nti *;' Pacoma
. ring   * a*   the  feature    ol Beattle
ever}   gam ���    following   score " Glnnltj   and  Harris
nounced today,
playing     In     senior     company I    Increased Intereat Is being taken In I
against the crack teams of Vancouver   the  horK(" 'how  since  the  announce-!
��r��^tNfb0e^^ncroefraX- 'SS tlVo1%o^xTJma^ &~* *rf�� ^ST <����)      Layer, of Hauam Compreued Concrete (Patented)
th     ,..."��__���     V M     V,     M ��������   .   , .   . BnlMtdid   Mitw   himiltlon* on  tho  lo��K  slde-     Before     the
ine came are considerably enhanced ,J"~     *u' Bpjeuuiq   cups   i_ei\e ,    ��
The selection committee having in ,;r"" i"i'l"rt ������> the "'ready handaome|morning session waa half over
charge the getting together ol a ren.  P���*8 IIst .      ,
tentative nain to compete againat I Th" New Weatmlnater Corporation i market thereafter wus heavy with sub-
I'ort Coquitlam oa Wedneaday after- I ";,T' '���*'"' *��'���'���* allotted 'o -loss 298. This jstaimal net losses in many cases.
noon next at Queen'8 park meet* thla!clM"  ,!  'if-st'ri,,,'cl  as:   ''air or mares i which were cut down by a rally just
���or geldings, to be shown  to a lady's i before the close,
i hat ton.   lady   to  drive      Horses     to      There was no evidence of aggressive
count   60  per cent:   appointments.  4ii ; cperaiions for the long account which
pi*** tent    There an   also three ca.i '��� apparently were held in check by the
prtaes  In  tbt* event. -, uncertaiiuies of the    recent    session.
Tne Corporation cup must  be won I both here and abroad.
twice   before  becoming   the   property ! 	
Another special  print' has been do- ON MONTREAL EXCHANGE
'iid by the hanks of ihe city, to be! 	
kiivv:- ;,s the Hankers' cup  This prlM      Montreal, Sept. 25.���Business on the
t l.'ii allotted to class 388, ft ���' lh;'|looal  .tncK  exchange continued  uuiet
Saturday'*  game al  Sapperton will J
he played at 3 o'clock.
II     II.    K
,2     6    1
11     14       1
Olpe   and
. ��� ; �� ill ahow
i'i   ���   ������*! *.
R   r.u.'���!:���   	
till   -ii
li    li.liiain   ...
i   i alder    ���
Mc-i 'allum
r.".'   i!
,vt Spokani
in     16!   i*..*:..ii*l   ....
mi    272  Spokane        	
iu   ini      ������. ������'!���.'��� i  and   Marry;
80    286  nml Altman.
7!     187 I
11    I*-.
II.    R
Mansfield          .   ,
\    i. nn
���     :                	
516    471     186  1471 ; 	
Ye*!crd-y's Ginirs.
127    124    113    364       M Phlladi Iphla I!
86   280   Boston      1     ,;     '
32    'il   P! Iladelphla   3     6     8
131     ".".'      Uiiinn  and   Rarlden:   Chalmer* and
mn   369  in' In
Second game. It     H     1-1
"l'i   l-,'l'i   i: "ten             6    12      ''
Philadelphia       1   18     2
.- . ,- ; ., Tj Ii :��� and Oowdj 1  Ali x*
ander. Drennan and Killifer. Dooln.
u \"v  Vork: B.   "    '
Men* Vork    s   18
Bi    klyn     '     '
i*���'���!  dor  saddle hone.
' l\J* ��1��ti Italy to liirwIinMMttoni   being   in   still   lieht.-
bleb    ,*.,  ���,!;,, b nrst pnzn ,��� the;    , than Wedneaday   and
mil'* classes at  the New   v\   stuiln- !
ster   third   annual   horse   show,  .ir   al
"v ether recognlxed horse show, the
former to be nost entries.
In  ihe cattle department a Roecial .
prise has aleo been offered by Presl e><��lng '����el of the previous dav at
dent C. A. Welsh for the best exhibit -:',,:'-* '"������,rc!l Improved % to .'.'-_..
nf cat'le owned  In  liritish  Columbia jT1"' 'ai'Sesi  gams were scere.i  by    a
land virtually    featureless   yesterday.
I movements narrow and irregular.    C.
i P. H.  was '"asicr and opened  ��Ith an
overnight advance of one .K>int, sell-
ing off later with  N'c��   tni-k  r,  th-
Tlie prile Is a silver cup and becomes
tbe property of the exhibitor after
. Inning it two years.
Intercollegiate Football In Fu'i *"*
.': -torrow���'Jarvard   Looks
v, im for tlie past t��u season* haa
bti  in,,  en.is    league in  the soorlng
1   line,    lie is expected to advance hls
21average next  #eek against the V.AC
Marquard   and    Meyers,    McLean:
i**:*,'ii.  Pfeffer and  McCarthy.
*i Pittsburg: R.   H.   '���" !
Chicago     7   11     2j
I'ltuhurg    '     6     n
I'u'-Hii ������;. ������ and  ��rohor;  McQuillan, |
'���'.per. Duffy and Simon.
Vcuth fron American Side Could Not
Deceive  City   Police   Officer;���
Fined  *-20 and CosisT
few of the less active stocks.
Wlnnipeg, ir--pi   2."..--Win at   price-
wcre comparatively steady on the
local market, althougb ttili showing a
shade weaker. Continued heavy movement and the lower Liverpool cable*.
were the influencing factors, Winnipeg oats and flax was quiet and prices
Winnipeg wheal opened unchanged
to 1-S lower and closed 1-8 to _-S
Mii.ii'api'lis opened 1-s tc 1-4 lover
and closed 3-8 to 3-4 lover.
Out of the High Rent District.
25c. Bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FREE.
Buy one dozen shoe laces at 10c. the polish will
be given to you.
Ladies' Dress Boots, every size $1.95
Gents' Dress Boots, every size  1-95
Leclie Boots, Slater (F. W.) Boots, K Boots; $30,000
stock to select from. The finest variety of low and
high cut boots and rubber footwear in the city.
Ames Holden's $4.00 Boot for ladies; short vamp;
all sizes, $4  value; Cuban heels, for $1.93
Weston Dress Boot, for men; stub toe; looks like a
S5.00 boot; the price $1.95
.. rd,   Princeton,   Penn8ylvanla \
.      ��������� tmouth will open ihe football
i  ., ... tomorrow, when the copte��l lut  tvnah'naton
A��*P!5ir.AN   LFAGHE.
Yesterday'* Came*.
m  Washington: R.
Wcrld's Series Start cn Polo Ground.
New York���Third Year in Succession for Mr.Gra-.'.'.
Kord.  Fish
n... American Intercoiiaglate gridiron   n,     Vork
.,, , :. .      will he on m   mil   swing, i    i "
I'he    . ie sciu doled fi i tor irrovi be
i ..,     Princeton and Itul i rs   ih   of
,i bb ��� .     gnlfleauce, sin _ II was the
learns      theae i��" li  Ututlon*   thai
. u pated In the M* n Inti roolleglate
football battle In America In 1888,
llarvar ! - allowing will be watched
. ,iii itei it, ai the Crlmion aKare^
gai . ii .t itrong favorite In the 1818
ran Harvard has a lol of gi����i
,ei"i.i. material and praotlcally all
ihe win  guya   pieh   the   Cambridge 	
1 id* to  land lhe pennant In  Uie foot
: ill  league.    PMnoeton'a men are full   AnnuJ|  Meeting of New We��tmln��ter
id   Alnsniltli
' it   HI'1   S\' cent y
it  Boston It     H,    B.
Philadelphia    '     *     ���
He* ion          ��   10      2
Rhiwkey   and   I.apii.   Moaeley  and
Thi mar
(dill)  two itauiesl.
, i gn -n- ami talent, bul Ihe.v lack
;., r iho average weight of ttte Tiger
.quad  il around   105  pound*.    Which
,.,-;.,-,., of Princeton, for it is a fact.
baa< ,i i ii undeniable statistics, that on |
lie gf ilron as In the ring, a Kood big
man  .* pearly always belter than    " '
City  C-ioketball  League  Elect*
Officerr Lait Night
The  annual   meeting of  the   New
���,, .*   uie bdmbre! The Ponnay eleven (Westminster City  Haskethaii  league
ha* been all shot to plecos, owing &>,������ he|d In the Y. M. Ci A. lust even
the  (act that Captain  Mercer am     a | w|f]) Wult(,r SaI1Bst, r, last years
Pleading suilty to a charge of   as
, -a-.lt lng a Chinaman named Iaio Sin?
i ��� i!  being  deed  $-.'i  for um odence,
Edward    Kay    Beverley, said to hail I
fn in lhe   \inerieaii side of tlle border,
'������.ni-  confronted  with another charge
in  pollce    court    yesterday    m-C-mlng j
that  id  havuiK opium  In his posses
j sion.    Beverley, v. ho was represented j
Iby  Adam  S. Johnston, evidently had
Ian idea he could get awav with    tht |
I opium  charge and  never figured that
Chief Bradshaw a.id    Detective    Her j
to   thi I
|extent of swearing il was "Yen Sbe**' '
Indian  poppv pi
1 biladelphla, Sept. IS���In New York
���ii October 7 will be staged the open |rowa could analyze tbe "hop
Ing battle of the championship of tbe
utii.i between the Philadelphia Ath- a mixture of th
'etics und the Now  York C.iants, pro- , which   hv  various  cp-r-rationa  is  s:m |
vlded the latlcr    do    not    upset    the. tin-red down to the pipe dream stnlT I
baseball nnlverse and fail to win the "Nol nili*-." was his answer to thej
national league pennant,    lt will be second charg<\ bul after eonslderabla
the tliird couseonUve year that    the tcstln  .ny hal    been    presented pris |
lirsi  game of the big scries has In on |emer t-:iir�� to lhe conclusion, wltll lht
l-l.i)id In New  York.    Two years ago  aid Ol his counsel, that a clean breasl
ihe (Hants  won  the opening  contest lot the affair wai all to the good. Thl:
from the Athletics and last year
Boston Ued Sox took the llrst garni
The reports of Ihe president anl 'lie
secretary were llrst taken up: tlie
president's showing that Inst .vein's or
"inUatlon  hid   put   the  league  Oll  a
sheepskins and sent out
cruel world. _ __.,,_
Tlie  game* Of UlO  next few weeks
Bro prefatory to thek big.contest,
to b.. staged in November, bw'nnl"
on the firs,    vvlth   tin   inter** tona      rj..........       e  '���,-���,,-,...., sllowln, u
'1:"" '"'"T" SjTZr in the month Igord (lnanolal aspect.
ui   Ann   Arbor.    ''nl"r  "" .'"*  Khaeal    The r��>nrescntiitlv.'S   of last    year's
MleUigad  will Piny    ^rLhleSyra   teams  then   received  applications    ���'
and I'l'imsy at Ann Arbor, While om desiring   to   enter   thc
,���,,. will tackle St.  touls ung����M��  leRgu(,
St   I 'jiiln.   The first of the "'�� lnr"* i    Thp Tigers, the Adanac*. nnd Creg-
battfes "Ml ho I'-i-y** "l,'.r'"C0 �����/_.-,�� Icent Beach were the new teaniB atl-
\t '.'irhir B, when    the little    tlgw*  ,,,��� Columbian college and the llust-
wlll try to niiiUc �� n""*1 of���"1'        \j\  Ier* win compose the league for 1913.
time it was "Guilty, your worship."
That eost hlm another S_U which
adding $1( as costs, made hls appear
ance an expensive ono.
It will be rem "inhered that Beverley
was picked up by the police on Mon
dav ovening last after walloping r
Chinaman and after considerable
search work conducted 1"' P. C. .lohn
ston, the large sum of ��!!5tl was found
underneath one of prisoner'* armpits
Section Alloted for Motor Car*���"'ill
Be in Charge of Official While
Owner* fee Exhibition.
Crimsons Tiger and Bulldog win Thn T|R,,rg team Is icinpo*cd of tho
raise a rookUS In Now "Bvf,n ��� ITS* players who Intended to enter under
,,,;,, lm,| on Ihe 22nd the BUs and ������I lhp name of the Whit- Hock Harn.i-
rnhnnlM wlll mingle In classic Cam- r|pH (,���riter In the season.    Creaoent
riui  Polo  ground*  in  New. **nmx, -^am |* made up^mainly uf last
I be the scene of the Army- ynBr'8 v
M. 0, A. and consciiuently
All automobllea taking part in the
parade, which will form a part of the
gtaild celebration cn September 110.
when the provincial exhibition and
Kingsway will be formally opened,
will bc admitted to Queens park free
ul charge, Occupants of the cars will
be required to purchase tickets, however.
Tl.ls decision wns reached by the
management of the exhibition yesterday, who further decided to portion oft
a section of the park, where the autos
can be left in safely and to appoint
ia man to guard them.
., ,.i�� nn November 28, martini ought to make a good showing   i-.ni*.,
' Inn Of the SSSSi [year's U. C H, 8. team forms tl.e Ada- I    A" innovation will he miido In the
,     nermTuing    kicks    from nMs, who though light, might to make I admission   tickets   this "year   In   the
rJX |nm JSS ^Wnd .the line, In- j ^d by tholr speed. | ��wm o( an a -���; I, t-'**. ���   v. Mel,
Vein of Uranini and Pltehblend from
Which Radium Is Extracted
Found In Saxony.
Berlin. 8ept. 26.���A most Important deposit or uranium and pltehblend
from which Radium Is extracted, has
been found on the German side of the
Rrzgeblrge, a range of mountain* between Saxony nd Bohemia. The de-
poalt Is apparently a prolongation of
that on the Bohemian aide, which na*
hitherto been one of the principal
source* of supply.
The And has created great interest
The Battle at the Black Cat Inn!
The "Wolf" at home!
The Flre at the Country Inn!
The Kidnapping of LaBelle Rose!
The Broken Sword
The Death Trap!
The Curs* of Gold.
The Boat with th* Sliding Bottom)
Tho Thief!
Thc Surprise!
The Judgment of Prince Otto!
The Hopper and the Buzzard
The Death of Jonphinel
Th* Necklace of Fate-LaBelle    Roe*
i.i," from live yards back, Is ox-,
'���.Pd ��� result lit more open pay
1 ��� h.MOB. There are no other Im-
' ' ,-"   'langes In Um football code,
on account of the enormous demand
The election of offlcera took plane es l will udinit the machine and chauffeur for the treatment of cases of cancer.
follows: Ito the grounds at any time.   Two dol- German cltlea and state* have placed
Hon. president, A. 8. Mills:  nresl- liars  will  lie  charged  for this ticket  unfilled orders for uranium and ra-
tlent,  T.   Storme;   vice-president,   It. J and a man will be lu charge of   the  dlum amounting to $625,000.
Undoubtedly the greatest example of Photoplay acting and staging yet produced.   Has held countless audience* spellbound with it* tremendous grip and action aa scene after scene molds.
Scenario taken from the masterpiece of Eugene Sue, one of the greateat genius the world haa ever
sven, Is a classic of compelling power and tragic strength.    You feel the grip of a master mind.
Main Floor, 15c.
Box Seats, 20c.
Gallery Reserved, ISc.
Gallery Unreserved, 10c.
wi .... ..-,-,    ...��,
paue tia
Classified Advertising
,-lived tor Tne News at tlle following places: I'. T, Hill's drug Btore,
���'.iH Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
queensborough, Lulu Island.
, RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
m , 4c per word per week; 15c per
a,* nth; 6.11U'- words, lo be used aB re-
o , red wit l:i ii one year from date of
ci i: tract,  126.00.
.._ supplies. Oriental Contracting
i ompany, 413 Westminster Trust
Imilding.  (2180)
,, over. Apply foot of Eighth street,
.v'augh, Minener A: Bailey.      12116)
loomed modern house with furnace,
No. 712 Sixth    strei t.    also    double
house, corner Sixtb and Hamilton.
Apply 2680 Eton Btreet Phone Highland 1200 Li. (2128)
and tbey havc no fear of it running
out. Tbe money received from the
shipments wlll be used in further development. The property has now
reached ihat stage where ii ti-lli finance Itself, and the owners are beginning to look for profits in the near
English   Malines  Novelty
In    Coiffure    Ornaments,
Latest   Road   Eulldlno   Machinery
Use Their���Air Compressor
on   Road  Work,
beds, kitchen table and chairs, linoleums, all in Rend condition. Apply
818 St. Andrew street, fifth liouse
down from Eighth street. 12126)
KOR    SALE    AT    A    SACRIFICE���
Twenty lots on II. C. Electric cut-off.
Worth $4U0 each, $11100 cash buys
the lot, Kellington & Hendry,
Phone 6S0. 12122) 1
general housework and partial caro
if children; expert cooking not required; references. Apply Mrs. W.
.v. Peters, 03S Eighth street.    (20961
and pad, ladies' desk.
, ii re in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
v. ill sell your household goods and
, Ifects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H, J. Hussell, 'Westminster
Auction House, Kings hotel block,
i olumbia street. (19X11
completely furnished, elose in, all
conveniences; terms moderate. Aptly at Y. M. C. A. (21321
Hox 4S Post: the last four miles, between Hale Sid-
(2107) iin*?. on the line of the Great Northern
 'railway, and Phoenix.    Anohtre fere*'
ACREAGE NEAR NEWTON. JUST 8 ,of  men  is  pushing  forward  the  toad
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride up the north fork of the Kettle river.
on 11. C. Electric from New West- This latter road runs to the Glouster
minster; soil excellent,   bottom   or land Krankling camps.    Mr. Spraggetl
upland as desired;    tram   frontage expects  thai  the  nail  work   will   be
$150 an  acre and  remainder    Just j continued until the Bnow flies,
back of frontage lots $lo0 and $125. j    ln the close vicinity i f Grand Forks
Terms quarter cash, two years for'there  are  six   miles of  macadamized
balance.   This is a sacrifice; estate roadi and from year to vein- a certain
to be    cleaned    up at once.    Sole number  of  additional   miles   will   be
agents, Curtis k Dorgan. New West- treated.   The two roads running south
minster.    Phone 466.   No trades.       through the valley from the eity form
(2040)   a speedway  v hieli  would  be  difficult
���������. to beal in nnv country.
FOR   SALE���FIRST   GROWTH   FIR;    Amongst the road making macliln-
KOR    RENT    FAIR     WEEK.    TWO
*. ,.om furnished suites in Uoyal
apartments, corner of Tenth and
..gn-es streets. Apply lo Janitor or
\\hite, Shiles __ Co., 740 Columbia
street. (-123)
rent ten acres good land in Surrey,
elose to tram, for $30 per year, pay
able in advance.    Particulars from
bnx 2115 The News. (2115)
bungalow; $16. Also furnished
rooms.    Doling. Edmonds.       (2092)
keeping rooms, $10 and $15 per
month at 221 Seventh street. (19SC)
with board al Ijtl Sixth slreet. (211S)
tli and Forks, li. C Sept. 25.   There
are approximate!) 26 iles of wagon
and automobile  roads in  the Grand
Forks district, under the care cf  F.
Spraggett, the government road sup
erintetuieiii.    Year after    year    this
work  has been carried  on, starting
on a very small scale witb only picks
aud   shovels  as  tools,  and  continuing
up until  the  present   with  the  latest
1 improved road making machinery. Mr.
TWO VANCOUVER    HOTELS    FOR j Spragett has  been  111  the  employ  or
for sale at right price, 334 Eleventh j the government for lhe past ten years.
street.   C, G. (2109) jam! haa been connected with the var-
������������������������������������ |ious phases of road building that were
FOR SALE���ONE 16-FOOT AND ONE carried oll In the dlbtrict during these
20-foot counter.    Apply W. S. Rose,! years.     Persons   who   have   travelled
508 Westminster Trust. (2110) lover  the  roads  In   other  portions  of
-��������� ! the province say lhat they have seen
FOR     SALE���DOUBLE-BARRELLED  none better  than those  In the Grand
shot gun, price $15.    H. V. Wright,  Forks district.
Edmonds. (2108)'     There  are  eighty  men   working  on
������ jtiieBe roads.    Four gangs are coinplet-
FOR    SALE���CHEAP    FOR    CASH,  lng   the   road   between   Grand   Forks
small cook stove,    sanitary    couch and Phoenix.    They are working    on
wood; cord wood $5 per cord. Btovelery In use by Mt, Spraggett Ib
wood    $2.5 0  per
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner. George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges: every one guaranteed. Market square. (1983)
rick.    Telephone ; t,:,   air  compiessor,  which  be  puts
(2026) |lc  f-ood work In handling rock work.
With this cotnp'.issor two men with a
Ri nd drill cat, put In 36 feet of holes
111 a day. and lhey have don" a-, much
!!;*    42   feet    ill   '..   lia.V.      Oil   Olio   J0b   lasl
���������.itiinier ii hai*' mile of rock work was
f ui-hed In V .ee weeks from the date
of comment ��� g.
Upon his
English setter dog. ticked all over,
with black spot, on left shoulder,
''inder please notify W, H. Smlt-h.
���117 Victoria street, city. (21311
���.-.here. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1982)
side car. lady's black handb".g containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys witb owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, hunting case,
bearing raised monogram M. C, G.
Finder please return to this office.
Reward. (2066)
New Hazelti n, Si pt. '_;.. t pnn n
return from tha Silver Standard min
Angus Stewart stated that be never
saw the property looking better. In
the north drift, on the 250 tool  level
Ithey have encountered the same shoot
of ore thy had on tii" 100 fool  level.
They have extra good ere on the drift
on the upper vein. For the nexl few
weeks practically the entire force will
De employed in taking out ore. nnd as
snow comes the shipments will stun
;lt is the Intention to ship, not several,
carloads, but several train loads, this
winter.    Tbey have the ore Ih  sight
Alberta's Antediluvian Monster Has
Been Carefully Mounted.
A new dinosaur bitherto unknown to
science, was found lust summer In Alberta by nn expedition from tlie Museum   Of   Natural    History.      The    t't>*-*-il
and most realistically displayed by u
new meth -d���tbat of n long panel
mount. In this the actual hones are
shown, still partly buried Ul thfl original
reck from whii-li they have been
chiselled in relief, and for the most
part in the position ns found, excepting
thnt the skeleton waa lying horizontally
on its right side.
When the dinosaur wns found, ripply marked sandstone surrounded the
skull nnd u part of the skeleton. These
ripples, in which are seen worn tracks
mid impressions of horsetails, or scouring rushes, have been continued above
the skeleton, as though -the body had
been washed in near shore, making a
dum in the shallow water, and the
shofwnrd side of the beach had dried
up, forming mud cracks.
The skeleton, with pieces of akin
slinging to it here and there, was
evidently buried on n sandy beach
with comparatively little disturbance
of the bones. Millions of years passed,
the bones turned to stone and hundreds of feet of earth accumulated
above them ns the low lying marshes
were tilled in, while the climate, then
subtropical, changed to temperate
cold. Finally the lted Hiver, a com
paratively recent watercourse, began
to cut through these sediments, un.
covering fossil treasures of the Ore-
tacoous ug \ three or more million
yeurs ugo. In the side of the canon,
live hundred feet below the prairie
surface, a few bones were discovered
protruding from the rocks, which
proved to lie tlie spines er vertebrae
und the skill of the nearly complete
Bkcleton here pictured.
Tliis skcleieii presents characters
strikingly distinct from related forms
niul it hus been mado the type of a
new genus, Saurolophus [meaning
"crest* saurian,") which i** close!..
related to the well-known duck-bill
Triu-iiiid n. Tke new dinosaur is dis
tiiiguishi'd by ;i great bony crest on
the buck of the skull, which in life
evidently supported n leathery lobe
of skin similar to the living lizard
Basiliscu8. Other distinctive '-ln.r
acters nre found in the hip hones tiie
ischium of winch resembles in ���_*< d
erttl structure thut of the curiiivor-
otis dionsuurs nnd supported grent
citiido iibdoiuinal muscles. In life this
animal wus about thirty two feet in
length, and stood between fifteen und
-seventeen f *et In height when erect
These measurements refer to the
skeleton only, und div n.,t include the
.rectal skin portion of tli crest, which
probably added considerably to tie
'neigh* during excitement, when tbi
dinosaur must havo been a most un
posing cr.*:.tnr-'. The monster wns u
> erli cuter nud without melius of de
fenco from the contemporary fiesh-
oating din'riiiirs except in its powei
oi Bwimming away from danger,
DAINTY   AIOKKT  IS   I'Al-K lll.l'K.
English malloes In pale blue tone tl
used for tbis dainty nigret ornament
designed to be worn with a gowu of
pale blue chiffon und laee.
It can easily be made tit home with
two yards of malloes. Simply divide
three-quarters of a yard of malines in
three pieces, cutting lengthwise and
braid It ns you would hair. Then take
the yard ami n quarter which you have
left and divide it Into tlve pieces, cutting noroxs the material, which gives
you tlve pieces of malines a quarter
yard each
with these five pieces form on algrei
ns pictured and twist part of the
braided portion to form a loop to bide
the nigret Joining.
Iof  Russian  Siberia.    The  stamp  mill
whieh was erected on the tin mines at
that point In 1DH4 was placed In ope- ]
ration  and on   paying  basis   fur    the
first  time this summer.    Because ol
the heavy demand for tin plate on ttie
Paelt'ie coast nud the constantly increasing priee of thiit commodity, the
opt ning ol these mines bus an im-
portanl bearing on the canning Indus- ���
t ry,
The placing of tbe mines on a paying basis is ulso notable In view or the
fact thai Murphy's present chief form
of amusement Is to heckle one Wll-
Ham Sulzer, governor of New York
Sulzer hiinsell being no slouob of ii
heckler, bj the way und thai It was
Stiller who hrought the opportunity
i'or lines:ment in the venture to the
attention of the political boss, wbo is
now   trying  to drive  hlm  from  office
under iinpeuehinenl  proi dingH
The news that the stamp mill bus
been started np was brought to Sent
tie from Nome hv .1 II Ouffoy, a
Nome merchant, who reached tho city
yesterdaj for the purpose of nrrans
Ing for the construction ol two nev,
stores at .luni'nu. incidentally, he is
a nephew of Col. ".llm" Giiffev, whi
eut     unite    an   importun'   figure     In
Democratic polities in Pennsylvania
i until the vear 1912, when William
Jennings Bryan, a noted Chautauqua
lecturer und also secretary of state,
jut a gathering Of Democrats at Hnl-
tlmore. rolled a political vehicle popularly known ns a "steam roller"
across hlm and left Colonel "Jim's"
political aspirations In n badly
; mussed-up rondition.
The  Hn  mines at Cape  Prince of
Wales  were discovered    bv    William'
The True Source
of Beauty
is, and must be, tfooil health.
Sallnw skin tnd faco blemishes
ntc usii;.Ily caused by the
presence of Impurities in tho
blood 'impurities which also
cause headache, backache, languor, nervousness and depression of spirits. If, r.t times,
when there is need you will use
you will find yourself better in
every way. 'With purified
blood, you will improve digestion, sleep more restfully and
your nerves will be quieter.
You will recover thc charm of
sparkling eyes, a iipotless complexion, rosy lips and vivacious
spirits. Good for all the family, Beecham's Pills especially
Help Women
To Good Health
Ttl-- l.rlt.l -al- el i.n. mc-i. inc. Ttl'- _.r��c*i-*H--
Miit, _-._,, bos pui-t tba -wt-/ t., -0-Md :   -lib.
L'egend About Names.
There ii n chnrmlng legend nbout
the mime Margaret, imd nil Its vnrlii
tlous, from Men to Daisy, share It
Margaret Is "f Persian origin, und
means child of light or pearl. The
Persian legend suys tbnt oysters are
moon worshipers und that eneh night
they come lip from the bed of the deep
sea tu open their shells nml worship
tbnlr dlel.v.
Bach faithful oyster tbnt opens Its
shell lo worship is rcwurded for Its
belief, for the moon deposits In It n
drop of dew���translucent, shimmering
In light, nml showing wondrous colors
���which the moonbeams turn Into u
pearl. Murwuii Is the old Persian
inline: nml through tbe Greek nilnptn
Hon. Miirgnrites. It developed Into tbe
name it is today.
Round-Steak, per lh          18c
Pol Roasts, per Ib  15c
Holing   Ueef.   per  Ib   %***���   C
l.eg oi Lamb, per lh  25c
Hutu r. very best, three lbs     $1.00
Pure Lard, per Ih 15c
Picnic   Hams,  per  lb    .    . lTc
Fan Trimming to Be Popular.
Rlaek  broudclotli   Is  going  to  he  s
material much used this lull und win
ter for good suits. The chnrmlng model
In  this cloth  to  be seen  In   the lllus
THESE two very attractive homes iiiii.*-
be  sold.    Owner  forced  ie sacrifice  I
order m  mis.- u  little  ��� ..m,
Notice is hereby given tbat an ap-
| cation will be made to tin Hoard of j
I icense Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at tlieir sitting, to
I * held on the loth day uf December,
1. IH, or at any meeting prior thereto
i mt the application can be beard, for
i transfer of the license to sell liquor
i ��� retail issued in respect of the
' cldsntal hotel premises. Columbia
��� ri it. New Westminster, B.C., from
i ie holder, Michael Gowan, to Justus
Fwanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Hated tills _.tli day of Augusl, A.D.
' '791 License Holder.
Notice is h'-reby givin that an application will be mad-: to the Board
. I License Commissioners for the City
ef New Westminster at their sitting,
11 be held on the loth day of Deoember, 1918, or at any meeting prior
thereto that the application can be
1 card, for a transfer of the license to
sell liquor by retail  issued  in respect
of the Mbrcban's Hotel, in the city
of New Westminster, It ('.. from tho
holders, Paul Root and J. A. Malm, to
Ihe said .1   A. Malm.
Dated this 20th day cf August, A.D.
.1.  A.  MALM.
119711 License Holders.
NEW   lloMI
:    7  rooms, thoroughly mod-
ern. and ll
is   Tl.'V'l*   bOI 11   li', "'1   Hi.   SIIII.O
,* ,rm r lot.
100* 1 12  fei' :  13th Si   i; nu
1 eel   -. 1, w
Very   attractive   price   and
SIX Re" i.M i
ew cement Muck hens.*, extra
hil-fCe lei I
l.iwn and atone fi need, situ
no-    iust
off    Klntfswav.    Price    only
- * :'.'!".      V
���ry attractive terms.
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different in that tbey
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. Vou can
always depend on them.
25c. a box at your
Druggist's.     178
Nmlo.Ml Drug and (I1p1nl1.1l to
ol Canada. Limit,-
NOTE -These  two houses
hotm s and  are. offi 11 e
than what tbe material
to build thi in. reg,,*, 11.-.:
properties upon which th
w.*re buill  for
1   11  price  less   .
oid labor c'st
if th,- valuable
d 1
F'.'iX 154, CITV.
Phone 312.
201  Westminster Trust Building.
Coquitlam Municipality.
Please lake note Hint the offices of tho
above   municipality   are   situated   on   the
I I'm   River   Road,   Maillardville
. jut". 1 Clerk.
l-;-i: -���-.'. vr  * , :- ��� tlon  50, P ib
I. of tin   Brli    .  Columbia  Rallwm   Ai
1911     ���   ��� In   hi i*'-i'V   given   "  ���'    '   * '
���'���1      nil will   thi   Hei	
New   IVi ���:���������::������.   1  plan    nl   *���*��� Inn   propoaed . xtenston of I lock ������'���"������   Iron,  Ittiud
>:������   ���*��� ���    Canal 1     Mil'   **���    I.S   \   tn
Mil *    1  '    '.    l.ulu  Island   II    * *  1
unde'   in.   powei ������   u... 11  ���������        ,      tntuli
lhe   Can iillnn    Northi rn    I'm  IH    Ru Im   ���
c imp in*    u'lll  * 1      und  ..    ���*     * *-
1 ropi Inti   lhi   lands n quired for I!    ii ;ht-
T   H   WHITE,
New Imported Kail SuitinRs now on
d'splnv.     See  them.     Perfect  fit  and
"���orkmanshlp guaranteed. Prices from
'18.00 up.    701  Front Street.
. C. Coast bervlce
MUiet   Vnneneeer for TlOtOrfS   II S.   m.
.  n. in. ona 11 :45.
t-eaves Vancouver for Seattle It a. m
*    -lli|,    n:
Vancouver for Niuialmo 10 a.m
mi- 6        , ,,i
Leave*   ' ouver   for   Prince   Rupe��
1 ed   Nm     Points    10   |.   rn    Werfne*
'I'.i   ttnd   Saturdays   at   11   p.m.
Ctiilliwac!; Service
l-nsves Chtlllwsok   )   h   ui    Tnts-fla)
Thursday and Saturday,
Leaves  Westminster   9  ..   m   Monfln*]
1. ��� Ones-day mul Friday.
ll'   OOtJLBT,  A��ent.  Nut Wimitntmitei
II    \V    Ul.uIHE, Q.   P,   A..   VaUudUVsl
Province of British  Columbia, County
of Westminster,
By virtue of a distress warrant
isKiieti in an action by Pearson's
Limited, and to rue directed agalnsit
the goods and chattels of Seabold &
Jones, I have Belzed and taken the
following: All the furniture, bedding
carpets, linoleum, etc., in sixty-three
bedrooms and halls in the Uomlnion
hotel, and all the tables, chairs, cut
lery, glassware, crockery, show caseB,
stock In trade, linen, cooking range,
utensils, etc., ln the Royal cafe, corner
of Sixth and Columbia streets, New
Westminster, B.C.
All of which I shall expose for sale
at Pearson's Limited building, corner
Sixth and Columbia streets, on Krlday, the 20th day of September, A.D
191.. at the hour of 10 o'clock lu the
September 17th, 1H1?,.
T. .1. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff,
IlnilllT for the Landlord
Terms of Sale Cash, i2<j84i
IP, Lots -*��� nnd 29, Block I,
,,r Lol ::'������   Croup I, Porl Hnm 1   In the
nistrlel ef Si v  'v.   tmln ������ 1
Whereas, nrnnl nf the Ions of Cerl ric iti
,.r Title N'umbci BS3S ir Ineued 1" lhi  ���   ������ ���
cf Alio- May  n,,iiiiuii  baa 1 1  fib il  In
thli   office.
Notice W hereby given ihat I "hill, el
'the expiration '*r one month from tl ��� 'lati
of th'- llrst publication  hereof,  In  11 'I illv
newspuf'T puhllahed  In  i> Its-  of  Sew
V^estmtnstur. hsue a dupllci >r the Bil '
certificate,  unlese   In   the  meantlm"  valid
objection be mad�� to me In writing
J    i'   CWVNN.
Dlalrtct Registrar ,.r Titles
Lnnil Regletrv liTiee. Vew- V.'e-iin 	
B.C., 13th September, 1013.    12078)
Advertise in the Daily News
Telephones: Office 53, Residence 429
JOHN KKin. proprlntor.
AK^nte     Palmer     Bros,'   Onec-Un*
Engines,   Marine   Engines   am)   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth  St.
PO. Box 474.    N'.w Westminster. B.C
Larger Subsidies Tbi1- Year.
In Bubs idies tf Bt earn ships t-.i' Cnna
dian G ivemment will pay th:a year *-.
238,(J00, Por this Bum tho minis :<r��
carried free, atid freight and paiseng?!
service maintained un the ocean und
coastal routes for tli'* development of
foreign ai d domestic I rude.
'i'h ! | rincipul sen ice is thai oi the
Ul inti ��� beih������ n < 'ii..'.i-i and Great
Britain, lender thc new coi tn ��������� made
thia ;��� ear 11 c gov eminent i- pn> ng
H.Gl 0,000 ;m nui Ily    for   n    'ri ���,���.���-. ��� \\
n ��� p   <ii rformed   by   12   Rtcaim    -
instead of p      000 a year f u a wei    '
!������*    four   steamships,   as    I   i
merly,     Thc new contract is i\i��h  foui
companies:    Tho  Allans, tin' '".   ���'    l!
the Canadian  Northern and t.ho  White
���Star Domiuiun   i ,ii e,     in   former  yea r-
the contra*    waa with tho Alluns,  w h��
di\ ided    up the   - ibsidy   and    -    lii
with the C nadian  Pacific.
��� .a ii.i l*a< ific there urs -seven
. ��������� i ; sen ii ��� contructs, chief ol v ii" I
. ^ that between Vancouver and !!��� ng
Kong, China, w itli < ���. I1, bo) h wuy* nl
V ok oh a ma, Japan. 'Tti- service is i i
formed by the Canadian I at flc Co,
I th yeany subsidy b< ":��� $225,000, t I
fthich Canndt. puya $125,01(| und ��� Ireai
13 itnln  - 0.'
\ Bubsid . of $180,000 yearly - | aid
Por ii moi ���. Iv ien ice betv i en \ anci i
ver nud Auckland, New Zculaud, I '���
mile -.
Popularising Manufacture*.
!."iiu' years ugo   som rd  Jinn   in
i i ������ ot "'it n series of \cry b��aii11
ful < 'J-. ���. ti, fantastic picl in , l<
��� irm ��� he I nncv "f children nnd I ��� n
press ti. on their minds whal the greal
tow na of Kngland ''.err famous foi ii
manufacturing. It might ben goo t hi np
.f some firm would do tho same for Cun
adn, \ ;-��� .\ parlor game might I e de
vised, qtiitn n-* eciting as "Authors'
���r "tn ' Maid."   Por instance:
What town makes the best clothlni
In * ianado!
How mnny cities manufacture sugai
Whero ia the best fanning mill madef
How manv peoble art* required U
mako a self-binderT
What t'.rtu makes the most breakfast
Why are locomotives made In Canudii
nhen pins arc nol?
There might be hundreds of other
questions that would be as bewildering
to parents gs to children. Bul if the
manufacturers care to start campaign
of popular education they tnitri.t get up
��*ui ii un mt iroat tliat on en thp
"movies" would begin to put ou fac
lory show s.
Let us mako your reservations earl} and secure
host accommodation at the minimum cate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and ean give J I
vour choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
II   a   3M1TH, C   [���  .. T   A
527 Oranvllle Streel, Vancotivpr.
W   r   DUPEROW,  0,  A    1     l>
I'hone  Private ExchaiiRe 81-i
r*��x,_.-.!rx/.tr,.xia*sr.i . ���_.*.' .1
BOILERS   -Wiv<*>r<><i -^teci PJBgg       TANKS
P.   O.   BOX   4-1?
TELEPHONE    i.'-t
I A I l.i Mill. hUll   IN   It Li' K   llllllAMI.ilTII
I'utlnii hns runny ffutiirca Unit ure rn
I ii'ly 11.- \v. 11111OUK llii'in bul UK the
Inn pllllllliu mul thu novel .ill ul tlie
Bruit), nm, is lined oa u further orun.
ineutiitlou mi ihls advanced trottltiv
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forjfet to say that you saw their ads in The
! News.   It helps us.
',,'liat witli the lrirb'ir Improve*
nifnts, the further
the flulierlPB anil
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
mirely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Truat Block.
Dill he Know How to Spoil It?
A few ilays ugo 11 firt' occurred In the
stereotype room nf one of ' oronto's
: lurge printing offices, nnd after it was
out Policeman X-i.'ll enme In to make
��� Inquiries nml write out u roport.
''Wlint do you think was the cause
of the lir.'t" he nuked.
"Spontaneous  combustion,"   replied
1 the mannger.
"We'll put it down us nn overheated
furiniee.*' hni'i the policeman.
Ottawa Over 100,000 Mark.
Ottawii's population is estimated now
by   both   the  directory  publishers   nnd
] the eity nsHossors ni more thuu 11 hun
died und une thousnnd.
Tho Deceiver.
The Inind thnt rocks the cradle is the
hand that fools tha warld.
Hints For Removing Stains.
'irusM Stulim.���8011k In 11 k'ohnl,
I'.ffg stuiiiK.���Souk in I'oid Miter.
��� lum stiilns.-Bpongo with khsiiIIdh
Kly Paper BtnlnH.���Bponge with ben
el ne.
Machine Qronao Stains.���Wnsh wiih
:*"l'l wuter. uiinnunlii nud mmp
Indigo   nr   Billing   BtuliiK.-Witsli   In
tmillng  wnler.  or holl  for n  few  111.1
loo Cream s.kIii Stains.���Sponge with
"iisnlliie nr chloroform with n plere of
���ii'iin white blotting pnpor under tin-
���Iin': when dry. spoiiue with tepid
unlet- und rub dry (gently) with 11
l,i unel
Seattle, Bopl, 'iti. Charlea !���'.
Murphy, political lun-m of Now York,
haa siruek puy iii Cape Prince or
Waled, Alaska, a point less ihan
1 eighty miles distant from the   coaat
We have ono largo room abovo The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will bc given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1913.
North   Pacific   Fruit   Distributors     In i
'.Vaahlngton   Make   Rccoid
��� Last  Week
..-M.I ...iii".   Bept.   - ..   One   thoui ind
nr�� ot apples tor future deliver)   wei��
told through the North Pacific I   u
Plan Ibutoia in  the   last   wees  fur a ,
total  price ol approximately    a.	
Oou,    ara averaging auoui   ��i	
.mil Oue car ol -wenatchee apples
in Ni York brought 12000. li iinii
elated    ' Winter bananaa, jonathaua,
Km     I ,i*. Ida nud i.nnn*.-. '.milli ...  .Mi
nn i 'i-i cara averaged from |1 35 to
|2.00 ������ box, f.o.b. ahlpping polni i li,-
.!!��� i.. ba aooui ii, ,. u .*. a box bight r
iiiiiii  apples Bblpped  by  Indej li ni
di ali *
i ii-   presence ��� I tha North Pacific
D<i tributors in  tbe north  wi ���
I , .1  I'*     11.'L...11.,      'ill;-     1-' 11 ..1,1,     Vl lii
i i   aboul   *-'.'_ i.'"in  extra  to
tin . ��� ra. Bald 11 i*' Davldi ou, ol
ii 'i Km r, pn .,'ii'in ol the organl
caiii l isi night. "Aboul Au uai I
iii.- *, ben price we hoped for was
i>! to 11.29 u box. and i day the i"������
ta ui insi i.n centa per box higher
i: ��� ' rthweat apple on p i.r IBJ '. ia
,-i mated at 7-iiu'i ears, or aboul ���!,-
600.1    hox'--.
'.hrinks  Ten   Per Cent.
""   ���   apple crop  la shrinking  itxs
n, thai  la almost  startling,    li
baa , ��� ���:. vers greatly over estimated
Tin*i. haa "' >*.'i i. shrinkage In the
Ih-i thirty daya ol tan per cenl on
previous conaerv&Uve eatlmatea. It
hag been our oust >m lo bave tbe grow
In i ur dlatrlcta mv * an estimate
:,' ini ii monthly meeting of tho probable tonnage ,and ��t each monthl.i
meeting tin* reporta bave ahown a
di' nu*-' in the total northweal ton-
uage still tbe reporta show an In-
creased memberahlp In the distribu-
lors and within the last inonth 25
I, *.->  i cala iini" Joined
"Thi organization hae been able to
in., i .,ii iio' regular prices, bul last
>m i���;. quotations wore withdrawn on
ac, mm of the heavy bookings The
crop hrlnkage made thla necessary,
and 'i r several tin> i- we refused io
accept order*. However, prices -m. ill
be .im".'*d again Immediately i" harmony with the rapidly-Improving conditio!
Moving   Picture   Producer   in   Danger
ct Ccing Blind from Peculiar
Ki ������ ' ork. Sepi 26 Wilfrid North
stage manager for one of tbo liest-
known moving picture companies In
tke country, ��;.h painfully burned and
poaslblj made permanently blind yes
terdaj afternoon when the brass cannon over which he mus bending nn the
float ot the Atlantic Varht club. Sea
i '.,.<������ ��� roloded I
Mr North nnd a company of actors
ami actressea wer.' preparing.-m take
Hi,- moving pleturea of u Hlm piny to
in* i.n n us "M1��k Tom Boy," ���' f"a
i iv. of which Ik to in- the Btan of a
bt race. Mr. North had placed
powder In the cannon, whieh wan in
have bei a fired ns a signal fur tbe
starting of tbe race, and waa pouring
i" flour to make ii-d'-n���"!' smoke, fur
tilm purposes, when it ii- believed ,v '
*.* led Bp i'i: fr.iui a cigarette hi Id
i-. ' :i������ "f Uie actors waa blown Into
th.   ' nnnon.
1 I *  flare of flume awnnl niroaa Mr
\iiihi face, knockiin.- him down,and
nlso Walter Van  Nostrand. who was
I., ���������   >  taken t* Dirt In the plav.
i'-' Lillian Walker, actress hefore
���     * . ��ii   iu the  "movies."  und   .lohn
Bunny, one of tho moal pnnular -i������������-
Ini picture actors   with ntiii-*.* ���*' tho
���   ��� ��������� iv, .nn to the nid of Mr. North
and  Mr   Vnn  Nostrand,    Thes     were
carried Into the clubhSusa and  ph"
Rlclene  called,     Mr   Van   Noatrsnd'a
severe burna ab< ul    hi"   fn-"    were
dn li si I "iid 1"   **��** n ' I tn Ills home
Mr   N*-'i. Whose  in'-'rl"    were  mnr��
-'ii*** ���  .'.,*"��� sent '" tb'  '' "��� '* lsl��nd
hr����nl*ll 'Hie phvi1' .im* vv-.r,. li'l-
ulile ' ,i"-rii<l'i.' If I �� r' hi '-ml ' ' ��� M
prim.-- nil} di'Htr ve.' .M'"r being
atten I th ��e f ������ > era' hnura i v
Lir ���   ���,',.   Mr   No* i  Insisted    upon
l.i I i_  i ���   I  ti-  '-ii'   'ii ii"*
' *������' ,,i|, i, I -tunrt Rlsotnn of the
yachl cluh cn'' d snoe<liH��ts t.i Bt.tend
Mr, North.   ""ney aald thej would be
nual''"  to  toll   todav   If ha  is  to  '.use
st tue
hla ilphl ,
Mr  North wm no actor and
,������,,,.,,. hofow be became  den!
with moving pleturea, and since t
,���. hsa achieved    a    foremost    rank
among producers.
of the truth of this sale. The letter below tells the whole story. Everything
must  be sold by Monday night,
I Can't Let Prices Stand in sviy Way
I don't care a rap what we get for the balance of ihis high class stock. Its got
to go and that's all there is to it. It's a case of get rid of the merchandise at
any old price.
What do You Think of These Prices?
70c. leather soles, wool lined.   They keep the feet   or
warm; to go at     -ts-DC
50c. childrens' leggings to keep the legs warm.   To . HA
go at          ^UC
15c handkerchiefs, of good white linenette.   Tool/
goat     Ol/ZC
75c. wool toques and caps.   To go at     35c
50c. ladies' black and tan cashmere hosiery.   To OC ���
go at  sUDC
Children's  short   hosiery,  all   sizes  and  colors; ia
values to 35c.   To go at  * "C
$1.75 Perrin's gloves, all colors and sizes. To go at   o5c
Children's wool mittens.   Regular price 50c.   To 1 />
go at  * "C
Ladies' black and white hosiery.    Regular price 1 ��
50c.   To go at '  -I ��5C
A large selection of corset covers; values to S4.50. QC ���
To go at  -IvOC
Ladies' silk knitted bedroom slippers, all sizes and CQ-,
colors; values to $3.50.   To go at  O-2/C
Ladies' house and street dresses: values to $10. ^i OP
To go at  yl.LO
Ladies' waists and blouses; values to $8.00.   To O-^-p
go at   ���*-' **^^
Berlin, Eiderdown and Shetland  wools;  regular      C^,
15c.   To go at        ���*}{-
A large selection of corset covers; values to $2,00. "-iQ^
To go at   '-' -J^-
Ladies' all wool underwear; values to $2.50.   To flGLs*
go at   v; JL
(Copy of tin  Original Letter.)
The Royal Bank of Canada
'.ii.  t '"M MONICATIOSS
'able AdDRWIS "Royal Bank
New  Westminster, B. ('.,
ISth   September,   1918
Mrs. A. J. Birtch,
Dear Madam:���
Your lease to Agnes Blackie dated the
1st September, 1908, expires on the
30th inst.
As you know this property is now
owned by this bank, and your lease has
been transferred to us. You intimated
to us verbally some time ago that you
would vacate the premises when the
lease expired. This is to notify you
that we expect you to vacate the premises on the 30th inst.
Yours truly,
Did You Ever See Such Prices Before?
Childrens' all wool kimonas; regular price $3.00.   QC_r��
To go at    *mfOC
Baby's muslin dresses, sizes 1-2 to 2 years; values   ������>_
to $2.00.   Togoat    OJ7C
Childrens' straw hats, values to $2.50.  To go at..   25c
Silk ribbons, all colors and sizes; values to 60c.    1 ��*
To go at      *OC
75c. ladies' silk and lisle hosiery.  To go at    40c
Children's school dresses; values to $3. To go at..   SoC
Ladies' muslin underskirts; values to $5.00.   To ^|  o/J
goat  *pl****D
Pure silk cushion cords; regular price $1.00.   To   OC***
emr.   ���t **** **m*C
11 L.
Pro Manager.
The Balance of This High Class Stock
Goes On Sale This Morning at 9 a.m.
I will give free of charge to the first 20 ladies to enter
the store Saturday
A ticket will be given as you enter the door, so that
the first 20 ladies will be sure to get the prizes.
H. T. Lacelle
Out 2   :
Ladies' and misses' write dresses; values to $15.    O /JO
To go at    *mi*DO
Ladies' neckwear, jabots and ruffles;  values  to    f/l-,
$1.50.   To go at     I ��/C
Children's nighties, of good muslin; regular price   AQ���
S1.00.   To go at     *t*JC
Bovs' and girls' buster suits, all colors and sizes;   /?/?-,
'regular $1.50.   To go at     ODC
Cushion tops for Christmas presents; values to   n^_
$1.50.   To go at    -6^rC
Childrens' wool dresses: values to $3.00.   To go at   &QQ
Ladies' muslin combinations of good make; regu-   Q/lm.
lar $3.50.  To go at    J71/C
Ladies' muslin night gowns; regular $2.50.   To   *7Qfa
go at i______L
NT."/  PLAN"   FO^   .
Porn      CoqultUm,    Sent,    '.'i    The j
tronblPH ot thn sohool hoird npp.>arj
to bp In a fair way to bi>ln��r cleared
���"���tiny of tHint-pen tloil-1
At ll meet
win ..nil Mounco. all  '"<  �� 1<,f'  '  fte
hoard sinop the roimm . off ^pfl
(.���alrn,on.  Inst   nwilnr   alJ"�� *��
u..rt from tho Cpmiltlmn t onsmip
l,prtfr��      wnlvltiK their coi.tri.pt
Suaaetted That Arrangement Bo Mads   the returns possible, nml the (Ml that
89 'bis   turnover   Is  only   annual.      The
tlon rnmnany.
for tlte -'nines l'"rl< ������
Hon thit entirely new
rlrnf'-'i or tbP nrll'-*l f
that the company "
( , l-ld  r-l  t'"-
With Poatal Authorities to Aid
the Men on the Land.
vlile.l OUI ''f tbe state savings banks
fiuiils. tbe loans extending over pe-
Mii.ls up to 111 .wars ami bearlnfi moil-
erate rates ol Intereet and embracing
other featuru that are to the advantage ol the runner, while not inter-
fcrliiK wllb the se.urlty of the loan.
In Australia tbls method has been
found to be of the utmost benefit and
mii'ci Htul In every way.
1 Postal Savings Banks.
Inspired hy tb��  Australian system,
Btructlon comnnnv
  on eondl-
nlans nml snecl-
prepared andi
(liven nn opnor- I
:v|th otber con-
farmer has to borrow  In  u  competitive   market,   where  other  borrower!  ��� wRi'muut'tfl that It might be poe-
are willing und able to pnv a  higher j,ibla to provide tliat the amounts derate than he Is.   This condition Is not |posited In the Dominion governments
local, ns the Investigation!   of   the postal rtvlngi banks in British u-
beard of trade eommltlee bave tlio- lumbia conld be utilised for loans to
cloned, but applies everywhere, and agriculturists In this province, tne
has onlv heen suecessfulh neutrallwd money to be expended exclusively   on | ������
Improvement    Noted     More    Mental
Than  Physical���Case of Grace
name  should   not   be  attached  to  the
Statement, described to the corrospon-
jdent   Ihree  "cures"  among  the  Irish
[pilgrims at tbe preliminary InVestlga-
I Hon by which, by the Lourdes bureau.
he was present.    These weie the two
Downey!, of Belfast, both   of   whom
threw away their crutches, and Grace
Maloney  of  Killaloe.   who   was    also
able to walk for the first time In years.  of P'lsnms
' unable lo walk except on the toe of my
right toot. My knee was stiff and it
'was Impossible for nie to put ray heel
on the ground. My knee cont.tilled
to be stiff until tbe Thursday uUm
tbat I reached l.ourdes. Then I began lo bave excruclnatinK pains in ilu
.knee. Thtse continued until I'r .day
| morning until 1 joined the procession
���i. n
thp nlans
Vnnciuver nr-
��*;n^��wl be allow-H for
r^mltU of tht^ t-mders and an-
nth"" eon'rict. will ue n*i
of that period.        BamforUi om"lfl��
The plans of Mr. H! WW��� hniWh*
for a much more ����!������ lthe pW
,han the one ProP��>'ed(��;dBtr���^   the
hv  whieh  easier   agricultural   where   provision   has   been   made   fur   Improvements tn farm properties anu   - - ��
.ould  be seoured  for rarmers  lhe   assembling  of  special   funds   for Under restrictions which would ensure reduced   to  tneir
uh Columbia wns discussid.       loan cn improved farm land security,  absolute safety It l! to get furtfier The�� targW ��
Vancouver. Sept. SB.    A    an   mpor-
tant meeting of the land settlemcn
committee of the Vancouver board ol
ii.m of the con-itrade the westlon of Pwpoetag   a
lnNor    finalf reoommendatloni   were
m���de. but a suggestion was received
which will  be  acted  on, nnd  in  this
wnn.ii  "...        B,1(.rptnry of the bonrd,  rlml of years
ul" a   uinlr   wns instru'eted to secure Jan SO years.   The money Is loaned at ;asked for
nMntment with Hon. W. T. ia very low rnte of interest, and most
White minister of finance of the Do- of them embn.ee amortisation fea-
mlnlm   who Ifl expected to arrive In .lures, the latter charpes being so low
C       ;��� . shortly lha< PVP" w,,on ���*���������*������������ lo tlie int(iTe***
vanco��nr culturlgls' Difficulties. j the  total annual  payments are much
n..n    nt    the    features    militating .less than the ordinary rates for mon-
one    oi ���    ,  ,..���l.���.     in,,���-���v,.(| firm    lands    In    Cler-
o best
London.  Sept.  25. -Stories  of    the
cures" at  Lourdee    which    reached
y io uc c��i��-,...r.. .- .    ��� i"   rapid  succession   In    the
ivemenU to t��rm properties and j lust fsw days are now being rapidly
���-  1-_-�������__���  tn  i-h���ir    true    proportions.
^   ^^^^^^  Indication  that, with
Germany Makes Loans. Ilnfe-matlon     on   the   possibility   of ithe poasslble exception of Grace Ma-
(lermnny  such   loans are  made.' working out a scheme on these lines loney, whatever Improvement there has
payment extending over n long pe- that lbe anpolutuient with Mr. White. |been In cases of long-established dls-
somc of them ns blgh|ths   minister  of   finance,   has    been | ease will prove to be merely tempor-
plan.    It .If    gSWSjSUSd
''"'���'""""Vr'.ucc-fu "tenderer is
lne.  "..I. immedlnlelv af-
���f $ir.onn.  ���>,,l"j;rPi_"inmedi��teiv��f-
..xpected to start work Wt* ^^
"nil c��mmlBBl(m on them
���cninst   the  ngrlcnltiirlflt.   who owing ey.    Improved  r-irm    lands    In
tn the heavily timbered areas or    tho  many are regarded as among the
rovlnce Is compelled to make a large  Classei of se��� "y.
SiVtlav In clearing bis land hefore be      Tbe eommltlee also has In Its pos-
enn nut In tx crop, Is the hl-Rh rnte of I session reports showing what has been
nterest which he Is compelled to nnv  done In   \tistrnlln In encourage aRrl-
oi  borrowed   money,  compared  with Iculturlsts.    There the money Is pro-
It Is possible that legal and other
difficulties may he encountered, but
after careufl study of all the sources
from which cheap money may be obtained, the committee has come to the
conclusion that the funds locked up
tn the government savings   deposits
provide the only medium large enough
-   -      ---- _ . _._
arv aud more mental than nhystcal.
It should be said that the official
bureau at Lourdes Ib In nowise responsible for the premature announcement of cures. The doctors who accompanied the Irish pilgrims say the
bureau is harder to convince than any
sceptic. Bach case which Is reported
to them Is examined with scientific
The doctor confirmed the report that
Michael Downey suffered no further
pain after hiB "cure" nnd was able to
use his limbs, but the official report
from the Belfast hospital In regard to
Downey'! previous condition has uot
yet reached Lourdes.
In the case of Thomas Downey, who
was suffering from a discharging sinus, some time must relapse before
the "cure" could be pronounced per
niouent, as sinuses in such cases often
heal temporarily.
What Grace Says
There was more probability about
permanence being attached to the
case of Grace Malouey. Indeed many
who are sceptical In regard to miracles, confess tbat her "cure" was mar-
I was walking along leaning on the
shoulder of another pilgrim until opposite the statute of the Madonna I'o
ronnii. when 1 felt shooting pains from
iny foot up tny leg which I had neve -
before experienced. 1 stopped md
lound that my heel was on the BT und
tny knee was loose and Mippl-s and
that I was walking naturally. The
shooting pains left me Immediately
and 1 readied with joy that I was
f.v..���- .��� ���_ .��� ������ ���
and stable enough to offer a hope of
giving adequate credits to the agricultural community, that British Co-
lumliln conld "import with conditions
enccuraglng at the start.
minuteness, and the report thereon is
Carried Out Hie Threat
Tilbury. Ont., Sept. 25.���Antolne
Dalgneau, a thrasher, who lived on
Yonge street, banged himself this evening in a shed at the back of his
residence. Deceased, who was about
vellous. and Justifies the faith for | fiftv years of age. bad been despon-
thoee to whom miracles do not pre-[dent ror the paat few days, and bav-
sent any difficulties. i,lx threatened to commit suicide, waa
Grace Maloney was seen by the cor; closely  watched by his family.    Ha
respondent in London today.   There Is
nothing ol the mystic about her. Bhe
frequently   not   published     for   slx|'e a  ^PP'"*-   -handsome,  educated
months aid sometimes one year. SW of elghten    She said  :
One of the doctors, of whom It la      I had been 111 nine years and had
significant that he stipulated that hi! lundergone  eight  operation!.    I  Vas
managed to escape tbelr vigilance for
a few minutes, ud whea found by bin
aon Arthur and a friend, had hanged
himself to a rafter'of the shed nnd
life waa extinct. He leaves bis wife,
and four sens. MB
Supply Co.
>. 0. Box 2 Phones 1 and 67
611 Columbia St.
Mi jrflower Fresh Kggs, per di<z..4SC
Annandale's Ceylon Tea; it is always
ri liable and  is a money saver;  at
per  ib 38*
Half-gallon   Schram   Jars,   per
n.ilf-gallon   Kconomy  Jars,  per      , >
'i'" S1.65
(hie  pint  Easy  Seal  Jars,  per
iloz 9St
.Select Cooking  Eggs, -  ilm....*JSt
Regal Shaker Salt, 3 pkgs 25*
Sun-hine Tomatoes, per tin...lO<
Tokay drapes, 2 Ibe 25c
Ripe Tomatoes, very fancy, 4 lbs.3>5<
FRIDAY, SEKffMBRR 26, 191?.
Greater Westminster
I All notices of meetings, entertain-
[ments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Talked  Business.
The Daughters   of   England   held
their regular meeting at the Odd Fellows' ball ai 8 o'clock last nighl for
tiie discussion of general business.
Kor sale at a sacrifice, 20 lota on B.
C. Klectric cut-olT. Worth ?4ui) each,
$31(iii cash buys the loL Kellington &
Hendry.   Phone 680. 121221
Pilgrim   Fathers.
Under tbe auspices of   the   Loyal
Orange lodge, and in aid of their
building, a lecture was given last
night at St. Caul's church, by tlie Hev.
C. E. Wincott, on the "Pilgrim
Fathers" or "The Brave Men of the
Supply Co.
For all building supplies snd fuel
oil ftpply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 820, wharf phone 880.
Leaves for Vale.
His honor, Judge Howay, leaves fot
Yale this morning where he will hold
a county court this afternoon. Tomorrow, Saturday, he wlll hold court at
North Bend and return to New West
minster on Sunday.
Tlve appointment of Professor J. J
I'. Alnsley to be In charge ol the
theory musical department, marks the
completion of the stall' ai Columbian
college, tbis being made by Principal
Sanford during the paBt few days.
ProWssor Alnsley is at the present
lime   organist    of   the    Mt. Pleasant
i Me I boil isl  church,   Vancouver, ami  is
la Feilow of the Guild of Musicians,'
Kngland,    His experience dates back
125 years, for many years being principal in   music   at Wldnee   academy
I while  he  received   his  early  training
lat  Durham cathedral.
The   new   member  of  the  staff    is
���spoken of very favorably by the Associated Hoard of Royal college and the
i Hoyal Academy of Music and has attained great success in the preparing
Of pupils for examination.
Yesterday Miss tliddard gave a demonstration In the college building of
an advanced course ln cooking foi
ladies who do not wish to lake up an
elementary course.
Al the city market tliere will
probably be a fair supply of
pi lines and  plums, and apples
and pears in moderate quantities. Also some apples are expected on tlle Transfer lhis
There Is a good supply of
vegetables on hand, while potatoes atld other roots were further augmentul by the arrival
of the Beaver yeBterday afternoon,
It Is expected to gather iu
tiie usual Bupply of poultr..
veal, pork, etc. Chickens are
expeoted in the usual large consignments. Kggs wlll remain
about the same price, and lire
not likely to go up in price any
more for n while.
b b b o
Money to loan on
Improved city    and
9 per cent. Alfred W.
flrst mortgages,
farm property,
MeLeod. (1-.89)
Permit for $6,000.
A building permit was issued to the
city of New Westminster yesterday
for fti.OOO for moving buildings, completing stables, etc.. for the horse
bhow anil poultry buildings, new fence
and general repairs and Improvements
at Queen's park.
Little Boys and Girls with no PI
Go Looked After at True Blue
, Orphanage.
CORDON-The death occurred sml
tHnly last night of Hugh Cordon ut
bis residence, 2H7 Third street. Deceased was connected with the Rm
netie mills for some time. His widow
and one son, W. II. Gordon, survive.
The funeral arrangement! will be announced later.
BARON -The death occurred In this
city at 12 o'clock yesterday of Robert
Siewart Baron, aged 40. The funeral
will take place today from Bow ell's
undertaking parlors and interment
will  be at  Vancouver.
e to
Nor is he worried
with the fluctuations of
the stock market nor
real estate depressions.
He goes right along
with his work without
We have placed millions on mortgages for
investors and they have
never lost one cent of
principal or interesl and
they have made money,
too, because money at 8
per cent, doubles itself
in about 8 years.
We are thoroughly
equipped to relieve you
of all bother regarding
it. We will secure the
mortgage, look after all
collections, etc., for a
very small percentage.
Call in and let us tell
you more about our
Declaration of Trust
Dominion Trust
New Westminster
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
4 Per Cent, on Deposits.
Offices: Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal,
Charlottetown, Umdon, Eng.,
Antwerp, Belgium,
To Try All Cases.
By  an order of the lieutenant governor In council    Ims   honor,   Judge
Howay. will Iry all the cases connect
led  with  iiie recent  disturbances    In
I Nanalmo.     His  honor,  Judge  Barker.
Nanaimo,   will   perforin  tbe duties  ol
county court judge In Judge liov.ay't
Kor up-to-date millinery at moderate
prices, go to Miss Davey's Millinery
Parlors. Carnarvon block, nearly   op
posite the  Hotel  Russell.
Burqultlam Fair.
W J. Manson. M. L. A.. Dewdney
I riiling, will open the Burqultlam fair
on tbe Austin road, opposite the golf
links, on Saturday afternoon. Everything augurs a mosl successful exhibition and the diversions are numerous.
Athletic sports of a very varied de-
jscription are on the program.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
| insurance    man.    All kinds    written.
Hundreds ot millions to pay losses.
New Legal Point.
An important application for B writ !
of habeas corpus will be argued before I
tbe Hon. Justice Clement this after- .
neon, involving some nice legal points.
It Is In regard to the conviction of a
man named Gulseppl by Mr Verchere,
I P Mission City. Mr. Odell, Vancou- i
ver, is counsel for lhe applicant and |
\\\ Norma!.' Bole, K, C. Instructed by ;
the attorney general will represent the \
Perhaps one of the least known
least pretentious of   the   Institutions
devoted   to the   cause   oi   suffering
humanity In this city is the True Bine
Mrs. 10. Hardie. provincial grand
lnislrer.s. and Mrs. M. ri. Rennie, I ��� ������
retary, beld a reception at the orphan-
ago yesterday afternoon anil In the
.'veiling n meeting ol the I'me Blu<
grand lodge of British Columbia took
place. On May 1 last Mrs. Hardie
rented No. 81S Milton street and commenced the good work of receiving
���1,1-erless and motherless infants, and
at the present moment there are 13
helpless little ones being provided
fm. "This little boy's father was
blown to pieces in Scotland," remarket! Mr**. Hardie to some visitors, cf a
fair-headed infant sin- held In lier
arms, and tben introduced the youngest member���of the age of two weeks
- whose mother has just been taki n
to the hospital.
The News representative was shown
through the building and convinced
by actual inspection that every core
lis taken of the children. Order and
cleanliness prevail, the wards are
spctbss und well ventilated, even a
play ground is net overlooked, while
leach child is daily bathed anil cared
I tor.
Croat praise is due to those women
wlio by their untiring and unselfish
labors have brought this institution
| into being. Kxcept for certain grants
I from the grand lodge, the orphanngs
lis entirely dependent ior its upkeep
on private donations,
.M'nONAl.D���l.eo McDonald. ng"d
"0 years, the son of Mr. and Mrs. It.
C. McDonald, died yesterday morning
at 10:30 o'clock after a lingering illness. The funeral will t ik-1 place on
Sunday from the family res'dence. IIS
Agness street, and the nervine will be
; lit ld a! 8t, Peter's CMhtMroL IVi'.r
b-othen and five sia'ers survive Iho
TAMBOLINE���This afternoon the
funeral of Lena, eldest daughter of
Mr. anil Mrs. J Tamboline, of Wesl
ham island, will take place, the -������������
vice b.-ing held In the Methodist
church, I.adner. The late Miss Tamboline ili'-il on Tuesd.r. a1 St. Mary's
hospital, lollowing upon an operation
on the previous day
McAllisters Limited
Specials in New Furniture
A Beautiful Fumed Oak Dining-Room
Suite, specially priced, for
This handsome suite consists of a set of six chairs, includinn one arm chair; ull with good leather cus
ions and shapely legs; a six-foot round extension  table  with heavy  pedestal   base;   a  handsome buffe;
with a  large British plate glass mirror, and a new shape China cabinet  This elegant suite Is espeoiall-
priced,  complete   for     _��_,____.____
A new delivery of Sea-Crass furniture just to band. Including many   n.w   and   comlorlabl.
lounges, chairs and settees.    Also a number of pretty occasional table!   In  different
dally priced.
designs.    All   s
_.j. at
.17 Third Btn
I.    th
B      !'
1 \
Hugh o
will be
announced lat<
A Special Shipment of
Tapestry Carpets
Just Arrived.
Imported direct from Bngland, a  lug
new  Bhipment   of  Tapestry   Carp* ti,
.nist unpacked and ail ready for jrour
B ���'.;���   Tapestry Carpets;  all    shades;
and many new designs. Yard    BOc
1 ipeatr;   Squares, in every   coloring,
large and small patterni     Slse 9x9
feet, each          S7.75
Size 9x10-6, each  ........     S9.50
Site Bxl2       ;. eai h S12.50
Tapestry Stair Carpets, a full range;
18 Inches wide, per yard,       50c
_7  Inches  wide,  per yard 65c
Sweater Coat Time
is Here
Our stock is now complete with hundred! Ol Sweater Coata for mi-:i ami
women Also all sizes for hoys and
girls. Almost every com .-'ial,le rom-
hlnatlon of colors is here to choose
rrom. ami in many different sylne to
suit every want.
Men'i Sweater Coata,
trom si.95 to $7.50
Wi men's  Sweater Coats,
rrom S2.00 ��o $10.00
Boys and  Qiris' Sweater Coat*, at
fr'���"' Sl.OO to S4-50
Civic  Half  Holiday.
In accordance with usual custom i
hereby proclaim Tuesday. September
JU, from 12 o'clock, a Civic Half Holl
day, and respectfully invite the c ti
zens generally to so observe the same.
A. VV. OKAY. Mayor.
Minor's Office, Sept. 26,  1913.
Blankets, Pillows, Comforters, Etc.
At tke Theatres "is'
A   Niqht  in   Hosiital.
A lean named Curtis, employed on
the Greal Northern railway construe-
lien werk near Sapperton. was
bn ighi h*. tha city ambulance to the
Royal Columbian hospital yeaterday
afternoon aboul 6 o'clock Buffering
tn in minor Injurb s sustained In a
break down of tli" construction machinery, lie win probably leave the
Institution some time today.
Fred Davis will sell by public auc-
Hon on Saturday evening. September
27, .ii 8 o'clock sharp, at Russell's
Westminster Auction liouse. King's
In tei block, Columbia street, tbe
furniture and effects of an olglu room
bouse (removed for convenience or
sale i" the above roomB). Sale will
Include snme high class furniture, including kitchen range, heater, brass
i : d ron bctis. mattresses, dressers,
sldebi anl-, piano, etc., etc, Every
article musl be sold regardless nf
price offered. (2126)
A Good Night's Work.
One nice little game of :.in tan was
disturbed   by Chief of   Pollce   Brad
shaw,  Sergeanl   Bruce and   Detective
Burrows  in  Chinatown  last  evening,,
seven Oriental! being bustled Into the*
patrol   wagon   and   forced   to  disgorge j
lift each  before  being  allowed  thetr
liberty.    The $360 collected will like- I
ly  bo iiirnid  into the treasury thi!
morning as In almost all cases of the j
kind, the offenders fail to appear when
their names ,
.. for ..
His Honor Judge Howay, sitting as
royal commissioner, appointed to examine and report upon the conflicting claims of the Bquatti rs and the
timber company on tbe timber limit,
Lot 439, Chllllwack, has concluded
Taking testimony The commissioner
sat four days lasl week, taking evidence and two days this wei k examining the limit and nvery squatter's
hut upon the limit, Inspecting Ills
buildings and Improvements ror the
purpose or ascertaining whether he
was a genuine, bona ride squatter, or
a  man   merely  attempting  to grali  a
This   Is  the  Wend erf'-I   Production   a',
the Edicon Tcday.
l'rinee Otto, heir to the throne of
Kronholm, married beneath his station, much against tli" wishes of h a
father, Prince Unpen, the reigning
prince or Kronholm. For this tii, stern
old man has never quite forgiven his
son. nor wlll be condesci nd I i receive his sun's wife, Lady Margaret,
and th,* existence or their little daughter, Rose, is unknown to him. So bitter Is the old prince agalnsl the marriage that lie has already taken Bteps
tow;.!*d securing an annulment by thi
popi . and has received word from him
thai a decree will probably he granted. Through the force or these circumstances, Prince Otto snd Ladj
Margarel have becn obliged to place
iinii* child 'n the ear,' of au Innkei per
and his wire, hy whom sh,' is well
As the Btory opens Prince Otto and
Ladv Maigarel are visit ng lhelr child
:'i the countrj Inn. and all threi an
delimited. ���', little while later, at
i heir home, Lady Morgan ; becomes
aware thai her father-In law has tak
en steps to annul her marriage At
heart she Is a very wicked wnnian
and altogether unworthy or a man ol
sueh fine character as Prince Ottn
Entirely unscrupulous when. i,,.;- ,.-..
interest., are at stale*, she determincf
to thwaft Prince Ruperl al anj coal
Her brother Albert is or tho Bame
stripe as herself, and to him she sends
a note, by her confidential man servant, telling him that there is only
on,- sale way to frustrate the plans
or Prince Kupert. ami lhat Is to loin"
aboul his death In some manner, snd
thus secure the title rm- her child
Unfortunately for Lady Margaret her
messenger Is halted by some soldiers
who search him nnd find the Incriminating letter. The mess, nt,.- escapes
wounded nnd reports the seizure of the
letter to Lady Margaret who ttl one,*
prepares for flight to Paris, she goos
to the inn where little Rose Is board
Ing,  pays the bill, and  leaven a  fan
well letter to her husband, and taker
Hose away, must to the regret of the
"hi COUlple who have learned to love
the Bweel tempered child. Ledy Mar- '
garet, lier brother Albert and her mnn
servant make their escape fron Ihe
country In B coach, Arriving In i'aris.
thoy make arrangements with a poor
man and hls wife to board the child
for ab indefinite period, after which
take sllfp for America
10  llle  Btory   goes,   flrsl   in   t'.e [
f Paris, where the aotion een-
he Black Cat Inn, with all
and Miss^
1. It A.M ���   A .It CM.
SOCIETY OF musician:.
LeaBons In Ptanofi rte. Violin, S
oice    Production,   Theory    (In
or privatelyi. Harmony, C( uni  r
point, Musical Form and Hlsl iry,
Pupils prepared for the examine
tlons of Ci" As-'*i"a; 'l Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and R yal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Ti achi r or  i ti rmi r,
For  term     ��� I *    apply  61   Dufi
Street.   Ph n ��� ill II. 12067)
To get you acquainted with onr new i���-,:,!i;,K department, naw
giving very special prices on all Blanket!, PHIowi, Comforter!,
See big I'rice Tickets in thli department
opened OH  the main floor, we are gtv-
Flannelette Blankets, etc., for this w,.,-n
McAllisters Limited
n *^-im*Ktv*ii> *?*��
Mus. Bac.
1 .0
irs Appl;
* at
1319 R.
Fancy and Evening Drosses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Realdence v. W. C, A.      Phone !���".-.
Day sessions the entire year.
Night session Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Individual Instruction In Bhorthand,
Touch     Typewriting,      Bookkeeping,
Arithmetic, Spelling, Penmanahl td
allied BUbjeets by specialists ui either
31 ssioll.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branche��  Throughout  the   Province  of  Brltlth  Columbia.
Savings Department nt all llranrbes Deposits of Ono Hollar and
upward! receive,] and Intereat ut tbe highest curreut rate paid or
credited  half yearly.
ills and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Managtr.
Westminiter   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
Phone ��53.
BOUCK.  Principal.
610 Columbia
A few crates of choice
peaches for preserving left
at 90c. per crate.
Tokay Grapes, 2 ibs. 25c.
Red Spring and Steelhead
Salmon and Halibut, 2 Ibs.
for 25c.
Smoked Halibut and Salmon, 2 lbs. .'.">c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Fnqu'r- about our special stockes, they are money savers.	
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
P. Bums & Co. Ltd. If you read THE n'ewS you get all the news.
���147 Columola  St.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   8t.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Phone 98. j Edmonds   Market,  Phone   L88_.
pjpee of Umber.
in Vancouver the commissioner I And
hr.'ird further evidence from timberlelums
cruisers and  government officials In ters aroun
connection with the matter and it now |lts dOMnupolltan characters, ion,'  :, .*.
stands over for argument among the j 'ul and revolting, others the opposite,
respective counsel, until In the tlnal scene all iy forglv-
Aliniii .'in squatters and nearly 6,000 M'n and l.ady Marnnrot links Itose's for-
ecres are affected. The limit Ilea north iKiveners for hor attempi to end her
of tli" Chllllwack river and practically | life, and thnn passes Into the great !>'���
every quarter section has been appro- yond, wllh her head resting peacefully
nrlaind or attempted to be approprl- ln 'he arms of her daughter, th" royal
ated by tbe squatters. child of fate.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1091.
We write Flre. Life, Accident, Employers'
Marlnn  Insurance.
Llabll'ty,  Automobile  and
Notice to Passengers-City Lines.
CHANGE IN FAREf-Effective Sept. 18,1913
For the convenience of pasengers, conductors
will be provided with strips of five tickets, good on
city lines only at any time, which will be sold for
twenty-five (25) cents. 	
Strips of ten tickets (five green arid five white l
will be sold for forty (40) cents, good on city lines
only, hut the white tickets vvill ONLY be accepted on
the cars between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. The green tickets
wiii be available until midnight.
The rates and conditions previously prevailing
governing transfers, school children's tickets and the
requirement of a double fare after midnight will
continue in force.


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