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The New Westminster News Feb 6, 1914

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Volume dumber 282.
Price Five Cents,
Opposition to Raise Ques- Debate on Measure to Abol-
tions in Manner to Force        ish Capital Punishment
Bill English, Nanaimo Striker, Guilty on One Count
���Is Freed.
In Such a Way as Will Mark Memor-j One   to   Abolish   Granting   of   Titles,
able   Event In   Parliamentary
Procedure," Says Gazette.
Another in Connection With Deposit Meet Defeat.
Court Suggests Cure for Lawyer Who
Addresses Jury More Than Once
in One Trial.
Wilson Announces Intention to Seek Repeal of Provision
in Panama Canal Act Which Exempts American Coastwise Vessels from Payment of Tolls���Expect House
Will Carry Out Wishes at This Session.
I.sn.ion. Feb. 5. An important
meeting of the opposition leaders was;
held today at I.ansdowne house, tho
residence of the Marquis of l.aus-
dowse, at which 19 wero present, in*
eluding Lord I.ansdowne, Austen
Chamberlain anil Robert Cecil, the last
two the only ones who were not members of the Unionist sdailnistrutlon.
The Pall Moll Gazette Rays that. the.
leader-, decided upon the meeting of
parliament next week to raise the issue r,f Ulster and the necessity of s
genrr.-'l electioo in such a way as will
mark a memorable event in parlia-
inentir.v procedure and inaugurate im-
medir>ie>ly and decisively the great
Struggle e,f  the session.
This is interesting in view of the
tact that the Pall Mall Gazette is the
originator of the scheme that tho organization should continually shout j
"Resign, resign
ness Impossible, The Pall Mall Gazette slates that the recent conferences between Premier Asquitb,
Chief Secretary Burrell and John Redmond, produced a scheme of home
rule without home rule for Ulster as
outlined hy Sir Bdward Grey. The
newspaper adds: "To such a scheme
the *ifp(;mUoii cannot agree in view
of Bonar Law's promise to the Ulster**
Endeavors are being made to Induce
n geaeral wearing of the Union .Tack
by spectators at the opening of parliament by the king on Tuesday next.
Ottawa, Feb. 5- The commons had* Hill English had bin trial, was con-
a field d*y for Che oonalderatlon of Ucted .,������ ri>Rallud hlB frced all
public hills and notions. Two bi Is between 10:30 0,c,)pk veH,,.r(* monv
wn.rh  have excited some general   Uv Ing ��������� , (1,..,Jf.k yeft;ri      ftf&�������
terest were killer) at the second read-1    ........ ���
Washington, Feb. ii.    President. Wil-1 a desire to avoid any Ill-feeling  with
son announced  today  that  he would U5���8' Britain,
endeavor  to have  repealed  at    the'   Th'- PresWenfs announcement grew
Three Amendments to Railway Act Suggested���Include in New Bill.
All   Steamship   Companies   to   Ceme
Under Jurisdiction of  Board-
Settling of Claims.
Ottawa. Keb. 6.���Joseph Armstrong,
M.P. for East Lambton, has presented
ing stage without the house being divided.    They  were  both  fathered  by
Mr.   Burnham,  Wc-Ht  Peterboro.    One
was to abolish  the granting of titles
to Canadians through the medium of
recommendations of the cabinet;  the
otiher   to   provide   tbat   in   provinces' AiiK\re't" d"'ri
where candidate's of the  local  house j
do not have to put up a deposit, the!
same rule should apply to candidates
for federal elections.
Hon. George B, Poster on behalf of'
the government refused to be moved
by  Mr.  Huniham's plea for the aboli-
Hon  of titles.    He preferred  being a :
democrat,   but   titles   were   conferred
which is fairly speedy work even for
the special court of assize now sitting
in the city on the Vancouver island
strike cases.
The trial of English, who was accused of rioting and of having taken
part In an unlawful assembly last
ng the Btrike troubles In
Nanaimo, was out of the? ordinary in
several ways. In the first place
Bill's name belies his nationality. He
is called English, but he's Scotch.
That's a fact because he himself admitted il in the witness box yesterday afternoon and Bill wasn't admitting anything that was going   to hurt
important  amendments   to
t".ie   railway  act.    It   is   stated   they
f. >���   merltous   performance   of   public I ^  ��0nUUon  as  ��  POaceful  citizen
���**.  .i...inn in
... ,     , i and  other duties.
""' ,:,i:; ll,:,k" ,,ns       Si,* Wilfrid Uurier, while agreeing
j with the principle of the bill said the
member for Peterboro was going about
! the matter in the wrong way.   As the
; irranting cf titles rests with tiie home
* government, the proper method of pro-
* cedure would he to send an address to
j the   imperial  authorities.
A prolonged discussion was evoked
by  the  motion  of  Robert  Bickerdike
i of Montreal for the abolition of capi-
i tal   punishment.    It  received   support
and  censure  from  both  sides  of  the
hoine  hut  it   was  apparent  that the
the second place it was the first
trial of the Vancouver island, con-
tlnued-ln-our-next   series   which   the
out of a  report  that he did not seek
present session of congress that pro-  action at the present session.    Sena-
i vision of the Panama canal act which   tor  O'Gorman  on   leaving   the  White ! to the mini-ater of railways suggestions
exempts    Ani?ric;ui    coastwise    ships  House yesterday said    he    had    dis- j for  three
from payment cf tolls. I cussed   the    tolls    question    casually
Tin* president believes the Hay- with the president and expressed the
Pauiirefute treaty with Great Britain I view that congress could do little jllav" been &erced on by the railway
guarantees equality of treatment to j else at the pres-tnt session besides commission und will be embodied in
all nations, including thn Unitrd .passing the trust bills and appropria- the new consolidated railway act when
States, in the subject of tolls and tliat, tion measures. The president sought " is brought down by Hon. Frank
the United States is in honor bound | to make clear today that this was Cochrane shortly.
to charge American vessels the same \ Senator O'Gorman's own impression Tlle first provision is that all aavi-
tolls it imposes upon those of foreign'of the legislative situation, but that gation companies handling freight and
nations. The president impressed so far as he was concerned, he earn- operating on Canadian wate?rways
upon bis callers that   he    would    use  estly hoped for action at the present j s'la" oa Placed under the jurisdiction
session. of the railway commission.    At pres-
Some Delay Expected enl the only ateamship companies un-
-.,      ... .  ,,,   , ' . i<ler the control of the board are those
The  illness  of  Chairman   Bacon  of
the senate foreign relations committee, which is holding up consideration
cf  the  arbitration   treaties   including
every   legitimate   influence   at   his
disposal to have the* exemption clause
eliminated from the Panama canal
House   Will   Concur.
This  announcement   was    expected
administration leaders at the capi-inne with Great Britain may delay ac-
i.il.    '1 He  presidents   views   will    be   tion in congress on the toils question.
presiding Judge has referred to as a earrn el out In the house, according to The president alreadv has communi-
small affair. In the third place Birt H^resentalive eVdamson, chairman of cated bis views on the subject of tolls
knew his fate shortly after the jury jtlla interstate' and foreign commerce to the committee. There has been
pronounced bis guilty of having taken committee, who said tonight congress no developments on the diplomatic
part  in   an   unlawful    assembly,    in- | undoubtedly would act quickly    by   a | s*de of the controversy since the last
note of Sir Bdward Grey was received
in 'undoubtedly would act quickly    by
stead of having to wait in   jail    for | "straight out repeal."
sentence like the rest of the convicted i Senate May Object.
strikers.    !��,  wasn't such a hard    fate!    Net so certain, however, are some
in  the closing days of the Taft    administration,      Great    Britain    since
either, involving only a lecture from! of the Democratic leaders in the sen-!turn liaB not pressed for a reply,
the presiding judge and then dismiss- ata that the president will be sus- .which circumstances generally has
al from custody. Iu the fourth place talned in his resolve on this question been taken to mean that intimations
the irial will go down into history as |which has agitated American relations ,of  some   kind  of   President  Wilson's
to Chair and It* Forced
to Leave.
concensus of opinion was opposed to  thc' occasion  en  which a judge from   with  England for several  years    and  friendly  attitude toward  the    British
the proposed innovation in the method  tllP ,,H,Klh Sav<J his Unbiassed opinion   has  been a subject    of international  contention has been conveyed to the
of dealing with those who have been on  %vhat should  happen to  a  lawyer  controversy since the passage of the  t��ndon government.
proven   builty  of   taking  human   life. ���vsno talks too much to the jury. Panama  canal   act   in   1!H2.    Senator!    President  Wilson's  decision  follow-
Mr.   Poster  urged   that  It  would  not] <>n ���  Horrible Fate 1 IO Gorman,   chairman    of   the     inter- j ed more than a year of -Study of*   the
be wise for parliament to decide, upon1    TllP judicial opinion referred to, as |CCeanic can Is committee,  which had   Hay-Pauncefote   treaty   and   the    de-
such a momentuous cjiange in the sys- rendered    by    the honorable    Justice !charge of the bill  and  who led    the  bates in congress for and against the
tern as the result of one brief debate  Morrison    yesterday,     runs     tliusly: '-victorious fight in  the senate to    ex-  exemption.    He always has bsen    op-
in  the house of commons.    The fact "Gentlemen of the jury, if any of you'etnpt    American    coastwise     vessels  Posed to ship subsidies.
that tho practice of hanging murder- ��������'   go   to   parliament-and   I   hope  from  tolls,  tonight asserted his  pur-j Free Tolls Advocate.
ers was an old one did not prove that  that  some of  you do���I    think    you  po8e to stand by his convictions and!    senator O'Gorman who was in'tru
It was wrong. should  use  your  strongest  endeavors  flght th(, president's desire. ! mental  in    having    a  free tolls' for
These who supported the bill in- towards having legislation put on
eluded Hon. George Graham and Uevi the statute books making it a criminal offence*, punishable with transportation for life, fcr counsel to address n jury moro than once during
the course or one trial. Today in this
little case you have bad the law <ex-
MUST  RETURN THELMA plained to you  four times by counsel
TO AMERICAN OWNERS  aid you have listened to five different
 . addresses."
���Judgment    re-      Counsel for the defence opened the
of the supreme   le'e-al   tango   yesterday   morning   with
court of llritish  Columbia  and  of the  a few steps in objecting time.    There
provincial    court    of appeal    In    'he   was a  panel  of  IL'li  jurors,  the  legal
chartered or used by railway corporations. Kor instance the Richelieu and
Ontario company operating between
Niagara and Toronto and which carries large amounts of freight antl fruit
in the summer, is not under the commission's   jurisdiction.
A second amendment will provide
that power be given the railway commission to adjudicate claims against
steamboat, railway and express companies which have not been settled is
Rn days. It is claimed that at present
shippers often have claims standing
as long as two, three and five years.
The third  important amendment is
to  the  effect  that where  a  privilege
has been given by a railway company
under   the   railway   act,   the   railway
commission   may  he  given   power   to
order it extended to shippers ot other
commodities.    At present shippers of
livestock   can   stop  a  car   in   transit
and complete the load for a charge ef
$?��� for  such stop.    Shippers ot other
commodities would have tho commission given power to order such ��riv-
ilego to them.
RefllSeS tO V0te Or Apologize  Thompson.    Hon.   J.  C.   Doherty  de-
clared himself against the bill and
adjounted lhe di'la'.e* which is hot
likely to te renewed this session,
8400 IN IDLE
Uediclne Hat, Feb. 5. -Alderman Vancouver, Keb. 6
\lfl,r n was tonight ejected from the versing the decisions
.niinc;i   meeting during  a discussion
of the license bylaw. He refused to
vote when called upon to do so and ca'o of the American ���gasoline representative of ���he prisoner pointed
wheat celled upon to apologize to the schooner Tnelma the master of which out, and the defence had only f.->ur
chair   tc     disrespect,   again   refused.JWSS accused of fishing within the In-  challenges,  twei  for  each  of the   pair
He mis given the choice of walking f ter national  three  mile   limit  off the of charges preferred. Now, the. crown,
out or going in a  policeman's arms,I coast of Vancouver Island on July 24. it it  so desired,    might    comb    that
nnd chose the former                                1811,   was  handed   down   by   the   su- panel  to  neatly   that   the    jury     box
The  resolution   met   with  only  one.  preme court of Canada at Ottawa yes-  would be packed and .
dissenting   voice.    On   Monday  night  terday, according lo advices received- In  the   Frigid  Zone.
ihe earns  alderman  caused  some  ex- this morning    by    Messrs.    MacNelll, At tills point In the discourse from
cltement by calling -liar" every few  Bird, McDonald  ���*  Darling,  who had defence counsel his    lordship   inur-
jutee  and today  was pursuing the charge cf the*  appeal.    The  effect of Jen-teel a spoke that  flattened out the
t?ctlcs                                               the   latest   decision   means  that    the rim e.f the oratorical wheel.
" ._JJ _-                , fishing vessel which was declared con- "It is  utterly  futile." said  the  pre-
ifiscntrd for the Mlegrd Infrnct-ons of siding judge,  "to  wrap  up a  speech
the international laws. �� ill now be re- for the benefit of the jurors sitting ln
turned to Captain Carlson, of Seattle, the court room in this manner. What
j owner and master of tho Tlieima. the law allows to be done is done,"
I..   ����i Ar  taKmiva     The Thelma was captured near San I   "But your lordship-,".counsel for
*    flTV  flF   Tlllmlilll  Tnan  bv the Canrtlian  fishery cruiser the defence r.r.oe more essayed.
ll   VII I   Ul     lUnUHID JNewlngton, Certain I,-dwell, the com- j    "I don't wish to hear from you any
'mander of the patrol  host  declaring further," was the frigid line of   con-
 |that 'he fishing r:hoener was Inside versatlou from the bench and the ob-
I the three siile rone  wtv n    shs was jectlous were formally noted without
��Bto, Feb. 5.���Developments ef;.|,hted hauling in her reets. 'any added forensic embellishment,
Ike test fortnight  which have to do     B  As Aforesaid.
wM  llio    unemployed    situation    In                 yy-,1 Cj,| **.,>,. Them. !    The evidence for the   crown    was
Tonaio. *re demonstrstive of the fact
Stat relief can come to tha thouaands
���f workless m��n and women in the
And  Again, It  May Not. |American ships clause inserted in.the
Other senators pointed to the recent Democratic national platform, said to-
acUon  of  the  foreigu  relations cci   night;
mlttee   in  recommending  the*   Britifch j    "1  have unalterable conviction U.iat
f&tni-al  arbitration   treaty  for exten- the Unittd    States   should    maintain I
sion as au indication thai the senate.her present position   in   this   controls ready to rescind its action on tbe  versy.    The senate's position on the 1
tolls questions, fear of having to sub*' tolls  question  was  emphatically    mc-1
mit it  to  arbitration   having delayed   pressed in  1912  when the    act    was
Its extension by the senate last sum- passed.    Approval was  given  to    ex-
mer.    Senator  Stone,   who  voted   for  rmption of American coastwise ships!
the provision, hies s;<id he would veto   by a \ote of 47 to 15."
for  the   repeal,  taking    the    position*     Senator  Hoot  sought   to  have    the
that   under  the     treaty     the   United   clause repealed  in  January  1913.
Slates still has the  right  to levy any;     It   is   probable  the  proposed   repeal j
jtolls il  wishes,  tiie  exemption  should !legislation  will  be?  introduced  in    the
I be stricken out in deference to inter-j house   by   the  foreign   relations   com
Hans SchmitJt, Fake Priest,
Convicted of Killing Anna
national good feeling ami In line with (mlttee
Wlnni'mf,   Feb    J.���The   shippers' sVnig the same lines as that submit-
sectior* of the I  ard of trade decided ted in the Baird case the day before. ^Gunn Bremner, who won his way to
tn nCify the customs department t-hat all   the  testimony   dealing   vlth    the
eiky tmly through the resumption of i ,ft n^m-j^r, wculd call for sil pack* hnetling   of non-union   si��n   at   the
industrial    activity.      The   establish* : R(fps 8. ^^ customs house lnste-ad of Nanaimo mine and    tbe   stoning   of
seen* of a roglstratlejn bureau by the | ft(,wpttnr  tbe   government's  propjsl- Itliem and the bouse in which    they
eivie social service commission only ] .jnn t0 jeuVer goods st ths rate of lived, much   to   the   damage of   the
Robert G. Bremner, Member
of Congress Dies After
Fight for Life.
-Robert j
=;;-��� Victoria,  Feb. 5.���Ma.vor    A.
O W. Gray headed a New West*
C- minster     edeputation     which
'.':��� waited  upon  Hon.   Dr.   Young,
# provincial secretary, this morn-
=;,- ing, with a request for an In-
*-'= creased grant to the Royal
-::= Columbian hospital. The depu-
:'.'( tation  was introduced    by    T.
* Gifford, member for New West-
?.: minster. The grant to the hos-
���-::- pitai last year was Jio.ooo.
New   Vork.   Feb.   5.���Hans   ScbM.'dt
was found ftuilty today of the mursler
' ;:; jin the first degree for killing    Assa
.,,.  Aumuller,   a   ycimg    woman   lh?   had
:��: (married through a self-performe-d ��vre-
^imony while acting as * priest at    St.
*.;;: .'Joseph's church.    The penalty for the
;;tjcrim* is death tn'the electric chair
$ a{ Sing Sing prison.    He will be seat-
fenced next Wednesday. . j
-.     Schmidt,  whose defence    was    te'i
=;;-.  sanity, laughed when the verdict �������*
:���; pronounced.    He had steadfastly ��t��v
���^Iclared himself guilty and at  hie tr-
:;Hfaignment before being  held for ike
ef supreme  court,   pleaded   that   Its   be
%'-. | punished by death. Later he protaeted
*.;;:' against    the    insanity    defence    ad-
���^Jvanced  by his counsel, and said  U>
*�� night he would not assist tbem ia a��y
way if they prepared an appeal.
As It Should Be.
"I wculd rather die tonight than ����-
morrow," he said.   "It is as K she��W
tfkd fn providing temporary em
Thr t'.lrs of the registration bureau i
���f to   the  present   show   that  tb*re'
16 cents per package.
Baltimore,    lid.,    Feb.    a
Refused Hl�� IVIonSy.
ths national house of representatives) I    i^cthbrldge   Feb. 5.-A. Barons,    a
from the Seventh New Jersey district fa,,.vfr   j0iiru<>iD�� to ths land dfflcebe and as I wish it."
after  a  oareer  that  was  as  varied   to '^j^e    pre-emption    payments   of |    This was the second trial and kto
perhaps, as any ever sketched ln the |C^ liati t,*s mPney refused.   He was Jury was out a few minute* less tfeaa
congressional record, died today.  He told that an orde-r had been received five hours.   At the first trial the
scalps of a couple and the windows ihad bean suffering from sancer    for uot (u    o^c^pt    payments    until    a disagreed.    Alienists for the prose
of tie above mentioned house. Ifour years and came here    last De- :88ttleui*ent had  been  reached by the tion and defence supplied most s)f
For th�� defence, the accused took joembe-r to uudergo radium treatment. 'K0VC,-nment  wifri  reference  to    pre-j testimony at both trials,
the stand In his own bohalf and re-ialthough he was told there was mil cmptioiis.     It  is  inferred   from   this
C P. R. ttstion Destroyed.
Edmonton,    Feb.     -S. -Fire    which _	
net over  MOO  men  idle  in  Toronto.   Dr0K*,  0���t at  noon   today   destroyed  lie4 altogether on his own testimony ��� much  hope  of  prolonging    his    life (ll8t tn,, n0minion government Is con
l.s-sor lenders ssse'rt that this winter tne tntire (- p R, j^pot &t Leduc, Ito (ill tiie bill. The result was ae-
hs�� been mere severe In th? way of g,,^ cultlng off both telegraph and ;riuittal on thfc charge of rioting and
sices   employment   then  any  se��aaon ' telephone ooramunlcatlon.    The dam-1 Conviction  on  the*, charge of having
���is**   1907.
'sge Incurred Is estimated st $5000.
Would Amend Criminal Cede
to Restrict Use of Detectaphone
tikiti part in an unlawful assembly
followed by a lecture from the bench
and freedom once again.
���n��wa, Feb. fi.��� Answers
SPff's lr> a number of Interesting
ejeetilons during the hour of ths
rsnttiiie in the house today. Mr.
B��e��aneti (Dcthbrielgel was Isformed
by th. minister cf trade and com-
ssftrf: that there would be s grain
nre  elevator  freeied  at Calgary
Charles   Snsuel,   who   was  accused
i [of assaulting and doing bodily iisxm
'tto William Ktsiiedy. the youug son
wereiduced s bill tn smend the criminal!of Thomoa Kennedy, of Mahony and
code. He siplalned that It was a Kennedy, came up in the police court
double bsrrellod measurt>. Inasmuch I yesterday morning and was r-emand-
as it dealt with the subjects and led for eight days, as the boy wbo ls
amended the erimlnsl code. In regard ; alleged to hav? beou asssultcd Is
to esch of them. The general purpose still under the elector's care. It Is
of the bill was to cstend a larger said that some oilier hoys were snow-
measure of protection    to    Canadian  bulling Snazel when the man set    s
veer,   construction   to start   aa |citizens against indiscriminate use- of : fierce  dog on   young   Kennedy,   who
sis  the question    of   site    was
Kvte was  told by Dr.  R.Md
more than a few  ntontiis.
He was 39 years old and married,
but had no children. Funeral services
will be held at Passaic, N. J��� where
the body was taken  tonight.
Born In the northernioet county ou
tho mainland of Scotland, the heritage of bravery handed down by Mr. I
Bremuer's forefathers from their bat-
ties of the sea sustained him {
through many trying experiences as
teacher, carpenter and electrician,
soldier, reporter .editor, publisher and
Mr.'Bremner was stricke>n with)
typiiold fever while a private in a
Ne# Jorsey regiment during tho.
Spanish-Am-erican war and wus oblig-
ed to return home. He borrowed ;
money, bought Uie Passaic Dally Her-1
| aid, when it was facing its end, and I
made it a profitable ester-prise.
tn  the  same  spirit  lip  fought    his
slderiug the matier ejf cancellation of
prs-emption payments.
firearms and none the less dangerous I states tbat he had not taken a hand (a!M>s(.  i,attie and  physicians who at-
employment of certain  modem    con j in   the  bombardment  rrt  all.    Snnze'l !u.nded him said that only liis indomit- Parcels post system on February 10.
trivances whereby  the characters cf followed bis dog to the charge, It !��'aDie wm kept bjir,  alive  for    many j All  the  regulations,  raU  card3,  etc.,
Sben appointments to the outside cus-1 private Individuals as well as tho JuStlsoid, and bent the lad so severely that wee��i9 '   nav0 DPen sent throughout the coun-
toiss  service  since  September,   1911,1 secrets of deliberate  meetings  were, he is in be*d with a physician   in at-
ajowib- rod 7fiS.    Thero had beon    not exposed to public ottaek. jtendance.
trri-t' rs to the inside service exespt Carrying Firearms. ��tie other rhargr was called yesterr*
Sfjl��r   proper   examination   had   been      The first clause, Mr.  Vervlllo    ex-'day before Magistrate Edmonds, that
��iM<��d. I plained, aimed    at    preventing   em-'of a mnn who persisted In taking   a
ft* minister of agriculture Inform-1 ployers cf labor tn person or through  drunken sleep In  the ladies' waiting
e. Mr,  Kobb  (Huntingdon)  that tho|thclr agents from employing on their room at the P.. C. Electric depot and
Hon. W. T. White Imorcves. ... ...
Attawn. Feib. 5,-,-The following bul|^bie in starting or operating    the
letln  was issued today  in rep.ird  to
the condition  of  Hon.   W.  T.  White
A. G. Koelble, of Schmidt's oossmw**!.
asserted after the verdict that owing
to    the    former    priest's    persssteat
silence conceruing the crime, it sate
not  been possible  to  place  all    sbe
facts before the jury. He said Scheldt
was  not   guilty  of murder,  but  m*4
ihielded a physlciau after the wossSJs's
death.    She  was not  murdered,    the
lawyer declared.    If the police wtmid
display  energy,  he  said,   they acrtM
get at the truth.   The lawyer was) sd>-
det-ided   whether  ��c   would  take  M
appeal.    "Father Schmidt  wil! ns*v��r
go to the electric chair," he ad<*M.
Cut to Pieces.
Ansa Aumuller's body was *wi�� top
with a knife ln Schmidt's flat, on 8es-
���ember 2, end the pieces. In ne-veral
bundles-,  were tossed to the HsAsoa
river,   where   most    of    them     were
found  before  suspicion  was  dtreeSrd
against Schmidt. The head was sever
recovered.   Schmidt in his confession
said he was commande>d  to make    a
"sacrifice cf the Aumuller girl's life
by his patron, St. K'itabeth."
Dr. Ernest   A.   Muret.   a   defttlst.
Schmidt's friend and companion, w*��
try and they  ar:  regarded  fts being |was  arrested  shortly  after  the    �����
so simple in character as to avoid any ??ert *�� plawd In the Tomb* ~*
PosUI    AuthcrWes    Complete    Final
Arrangements t0 Inaugurate New
Feature February 10.
Ottawa, Feb. ��.*���The post office
authorities are oosipltting final ar-
reengoments frrr the institution of the
Th�� postmaster general announces
that no special statements will be
used  for  the  parcels  post.    In    the
minister of finance, who underwent nn
wjrmment was considering the con! works or premises any  man or men then gave a police officci a tussel be-1 operation t-n dnf^rs ������-: "Mr*. White's
l-Wiistlon this year of the bonus    to bearing flreftrms.   Tho proviso to the fore he was arrested.    He was fined ��� condition is much improved today and,United States this was done at first.
VUghbred horses. jelause safrguards the watchman wh<   Ave dollars for his jag and fifteen ftrr no complications are looked for.   From I hut  was  abandoned  and  the depart-
Crlminal Code. .   obstructing un officer In the perform-1 now on he wlll make rapid progress j ment will profit by the. American ��x-
l*r  Vervllle (Maissonneav��)  Intro-1 (Conthmsd en Page Fonr.) anoe of his duty. te recovery. ijerlence.
sentenced In October to seven years*
at the federal prison In Atlanta
being convicted of counterfeiting*.
To Spend Over $3.000 000.
Bdmontom Feb. 5.��� The el'v cm
today  approved the    expenditure.
J2.1R4.lffi  for s��-wer extensions
$1,126,880  for wuter extensions.
1 t*AO( TWO
Clark is alive and will be found soon.
She did not want to leave Santa
bura  but   her   friend;*;   Vine
that  she   return   to   Spokano   to   her I
I relative's   promising     her     that   they
would  do all that cculd  be done, as I
Interests nf New Westminster and] they have been doing, to furtrier the I
Arrangements I
Ad ln.lf'pvmle'nt morning paper devoted to tli
the Rrnser Vall<*y.    Published every morning exoept Sun-lay l.y the National PrintingI work of locating him
SlLOSK $50'000
nnel Publishing Company, Limit..),
at GJ McKenzie* Street,  N.W Westminster,  Uritish j
ni)iii! SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
ave been made with the city officials j
of Bants Barbara to continue the sys-, Manuel    of    Portugal
All communiwitieins should he addressed to The New Westminster News, and not tematic search and Mr. Clark's valet, i
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable to The National Printing ami Publishing Company, Limited.
tblkphonks���Business Office and Manager, 698; Editorial Rooms (all departments), 991,
SUBSCRIPTION RATBS-iBy carrier, $t per year, *1 for three months, 4iic per
month. By moll, $:: tier year. 26a per month.
ADVERTISING HATKS on application:
Formally    Renounces All Claim to Throne and
Salary la Cut Off.
Walter Hhiite, is working under their
r'ackmail  Letter Was Fake.
"We are convinced that the black-
mall letter waB a fake.    There never
was any response to the statment of London, Feb. 5.���Hx-KIng Mamie
Mrs. Clark asking further particulars  of   Portugal   has   just   lost   $50 000
|*-&1K8?ftTl miles ,. beingH ,7 W" '~' ^ ^ ta'
i patrolled constantly and the fact that ���day of January this sum was furnish
the sea has not cast up the body lends !ed to him from the private purs.i oi
strength to our theory that Mr. Clark; King George of Kngland, and at the
is still alive. People scan tho beach same time;, he lost the title of "King'
at every tide and some even searched I in Kngland, also by order of King
the shore of the island after the big George. This event was ths formal
storm. Fishermem in boats are keep- ,enunciation cf Manuel to all claims
Ing a constant watch." to lhe Portuguese throne in favor of
On  the  possibility of an accident,  the  Oruganzas,   which   took   place  a
Mr. Jones states that the dock is the fortnight   before    the    marriage   of
onlyone.givinga full view of the sea,  Mauuel   aml   Prlnoe8S   Augustine    of
as it extends about 1000 feet into the Hohenzollern at Blmgarengen.
water.    There is a guard  rail for a _ . "
short distance only and no lights at I    ���,.      Renounces All Claim.
tt    j       " e 1V p-       ,     -.      , ,��     ,     ,      all.   A detective working independent*      T.''�� tather of the princess  refused
Under present conditions Canada, in her efforts to iy had the hat examined  and   the Ipositively to aiiow the marriage of
conserve the fisheries, is doing all the work, while Ameri- j g-g ����� of the o^jjrttt. jj ��**; Jg - ������� 00f ��&
r"   ' " "  "        '"'" '- "-      """""  " "        "" " '""" us tho Portuguese revolutionists havi
Ferry Train Across Stream. Staged within the last few years, and
i��     's. A      i.L    TV   a e  *        ��� ,u e       The party arrived  in Spokane yP8.; Manuel, who had already earned the
limit for the U. S. government to sign up the agreement|u.dav just seven days behind time a��i��*opt of King Alfonso 0f Spain b>
which would establish equal protection on both sides of the They^ro^arooned y-Jgi-J ^r^SS^orS KsiWiK
time, without newspapers for six days tugal, an<i wn0 ls llc, tm' ���������orp llkpd
and with only telephone and telegraph ; b>' ,,u' royalists on account of his re
communication.    Kven at tho present |fusal  '" contribute    money    to    the
It may be that pressure of other business has prevented the government of the United States giving the fisheries treaty with Canada the attention which that important matter deserves, but, at any rate, the fisheries agreement between the two countries has received but scant
recognition at Washington and, if matters jog along as
they are at present, it is very likely to lapse
street, where the former now lives.
Tho application to 'nave this Investigation was made by K. A. Armstrong
i citizen in the v. aid.
Judge McTavlsh decided that llein
richs was not properly qualified, and
Un retore Dalhousle ward will have an
jthcr election.
can fishermen, as well as Canadians, are reaping the bene-! Bh0rt time.
fit therefrom.   After waiting years, Canada set a time!
time the train on which they travelled I royalist cause, readily fell. in with
had to be ferried across ono stream. **is prospective father-in-law's desires.
They rode in trio superintendent's car,-"*d a  fortnight  before the  marriage
border. That time allowance expires in three weeks and
so far nothing on the subject has been heard from President Wilson.   .
The matter yet may be arranged, but if it is not the
Dominion has Only one COUrse Open tO it.     Canada mUStlfor '6o miles and then caught a train |by  formal contract, resigned all pre
pursue her policy of protecting the fishing industry all!of &W coaches only.    Many bridges.tensions to the throne of Portugal.
ri ,        ,       j j u-j    1.1.    5 u-   u ��� s. and miles of railroad are washed out:    Six  weeks ago at a meeting of all
along her borders and bide the time, which is sure to come j and Mr, .inne8 said the fi00ds were the the Braganzas in Vienna, Don Migue
when she will be able to make reciprocal relations on the i worst in the history of the country,    of Braganza-, who is now 6i years of
. . ., j... �� l ,       *. .  i    .1   ,!'S��.    waii    formally  chosen    as  pre-
Amencan side a condition of some agreement which the CHINESE DANCe may tender, while at the same meeting it
U. S. government urgently desires. ' take place of tango was decided that it was impossibii
T, i'i     j _   i. ��   ���     ,i     .   n J"        l   j.  i- ,   'or  hlsf  eldest   son,   Don   Miguel,  the
It certainly does not seem fair that Canadian hatch-!   London ,,>h 6,_Tne rea, FUCCe8gor husband of the former Anita Stewart
eries should liberate fry for American nets to snare, but,Ito the tango has at last been found t0 succeed to the title because he
if TWIp Sum fnik tn rrimp in timf>   thf��VP i<5 nnt-ViiniT plop  and officially approved.   It halls from had married an American, nnd nol. a
ii uncie bam ians to come to ume, tneie is notnmg e.se,thP m0Bt unexppcted quarter.   The person of royai biood, nnd the rights
left to be done and the day Will dawn When he Will be ask-   Paris academy of dancing masters an- of  the  pretender  should   fall   to  the
ing for a real favor from Jack Canuck, which will be the I10"""; ����\tt��?r' dinr i8 falreafdy ^^s'secomf mffiltr/wh?!. now
s> i ���     . . ., , .,,    being taught.    Thev prophesy for it a  tenaer s Siconu marriage who is now
latter S Opportunity tO force him  tO Come  through With | great   success,   for   it   is   everything seven years of age.
the right kind of fisheries legislation. i a*t.the tango is not The new dance JZ?,^ h���!"tlo,n;   ,-,���., t���
ft                                                   �� ! *s th.   ta-toa, which has been popular      ' ��e  reigning    Douses    ot    Europe
                                                       ! in China since the year 2450 B.C. The  were  informed  of the formal  abdica-
If Mary had a little lamb these days it most likely Kte�� a ("-linT? wrrf'' wlVch m?ns Liic'1..t,',,'i>!a,^lu'/,uul,!lia BI,rr��,,ld,;j.of
,,,*'.          ���  .      ,     ,.             ,. J                              ���   sweetness nnd  harmony���1s a slow, his rights to   the Braganzas,    King
WOUld DC a piece OI Australian mutton. kraceful  measure rull of movements. Georgj, only recently  learned    thesf
  i .\l.   I.efort  or  the   Paris  academy   of  facts, and has now stopped  Manuel's
���r,.           ���      it.  '   a     i        i'    <-i   i ���       i dancing masters, who Is Introducing It,  allowances and ordered that the roya'
DoinffS in   the   Quebec   legislature are   Commencing; said   it  was  quite  an  easy  dance  to  title be no more given to Manuel "or
to strongly resemble the everyday rows that occur in the IeaXn- account of the internal conditions in
At   '   n r\     li ��� "II  ls  0f!f*��>ntially    an    harmonious  Portugal,
UStrian parliament. I and dignified measure.   The feet move      The   royalists     who     have     giver
______ in one-two measure and many of the unqualified allegianca to the  Bragan
Tiu^   T>~~i.:~4n~   ��.��^...��� ������i-   *���   ���u:.    il ���,-     -C     ,-i   u      graceful tteps seen in thn tango -the  zas do not think revolution  is neces
The  PentlCton  growers Want  tO  Ship their fruit  by  balancing en one foot, the slide and sary, but expect the downfall of   th.
dip, with one knee almost touching republican government ef its top-
the ground -are included in this old heaviness within six months. Never
Chinese measure," he said. thelcss.  the  plotting  continues,    and
One of the greatest charms of this many royalists have resorted to Ixin
dance is its unbroken twing, keeping don in order to be prepared for any
time to a slow, tuneful melody in a eventuality. An important meeting to
minor key.    Tue ta-tao can never be-  be held    lure    lias    In   n    called foi
Little Over Three Days from Sydney
to Auckland Snatching Laurels
from 8onoma.    -
I    Victoria,    Feb.    5. -Several    smart
passages have been accomplished by
the Canadian-Australian liner Niagara
despite the  fact that she has  never
been thoroughly tested out since entering the Victoria service, and it was
not at all surprising when the huge
steamship  reached  port    thta    week
Your Boy's Room. from    the   Antipodes    with    another
If you have two rooms to turn over   speed record nailed to her masthead
to the boys I think they wlll prefer a I    Captain H. A. Morrlsby, commodore**
den  and  a  bedroom,  the  latter  fur-   ��( ihe Canadian-Australian line,  wu.s
, .   j     .....     .j     .        ��� highly elated over the recent Derform
Dished  wlh  twin  beds,  two dressers   _���_��� ,.f hlu m_���.���j  ... v,   r,
auce ot nis command ln establishing
or high shaving stands and oue big a. new steaming time from Sydney u>
chiffonier, snld mi interior decorator Auckland during tho run to thta ooast.
recently.    The Uen  should contain a      Tne time occupied  by the Niagara
broad couch without back, a large ta L^S* ^'ViTf"]8," M* tcIipfM"
          ,.         ., tnt record established by the Spret-k-
ble with the shelving beneath parti- ie8 liner Sonoma, from Auckland  to
tinned   off   for   reading   mutter,   two Sydney   some  years  ago.
large   easy   chairs���boys   like   morris '|,h��'   Niagara's   performance,  ta   all
chairs better than rockers-a bookcase. *��" niore, creditable when  it ta con-
,     ,,    .,          ..      ,   . ,            , sldered   that  she   has   not   beem  drv-
preferably the sectional style, a spleu* (lock,,(t  H|nc()  ()ctolx>r  ,��    JJ�� ��W
did rending lani|> and if possible an   t0 contend with unfavorable weather
open fireplace, on the  first duy  out from   the Aim
As to color schemes, on Uie north   tralian coast.
walls use either a golden yellow nnd   J���* .was    'tlrto   ,MW|'    for    tw'��
-..i.   .,..,i    .    hours by a dense fog.
rich   yellow   brown   combination���the
Kver since the Niagara was launch
parcel post, so the next thing we hear of probably will be
refrigerator mail cars.
That Sigmaringen princess who married Manuel of
Portugal must feel proud of her husband who has been
turned down by his own family as a poltroon and a coward.
come a vulgar exhibition of romping.   February 26.
Charlie Murphv of Tammanv Hall has been dethron! #?/7/^OP/l^   tOA?1 TI4F
ed, but, like old Bob Fitzsimmons, he refuses to believe]M\tt^\^\^i\B^u   \Sl     I I JLi
that he is licked.
yellow iii the bedroom, brown In the lHi from ���,��� n>de about y, mciulhii
living room-or u red combination, ago, the Union company's 18,600-ton
Brown makes a splendid background liner has been regarded as one of the
for college trophies, pennants, banners, fastest and most comfortable vessels
etc.. and sporting prints, while yellow afloat. Although she has been en-
for tbe bedroom gives a good reflection gaged In the Canadian-Austrialian ser-
for shaving, dressing, etc. vlct- Billc" Mu*V of last year, the liner
If you use red select n warm gera- ,uls,no,t bien fu"y extended as ionium pink for the bedroom und ror the f.anls lur stfamiiig capabilities  until
den  ��  rich,  deep  red.   which   wlll   be   ���� ^ffil^T?,*^ r    ,
, , ,        . Ak i Advantages of Ol   Fue .
sImply  tt deepening of the geranium :    Tnp Nla(.ara burng 0��� fu(,,
pink, or dry pinkish terra cotta for tbe great advantage over coal ror steam-
tieelroom anel n very deep, warm terra ing purpose's has again been demon-
inllii fur the den And always have a stntted. When she was first built, the
plain cartridge paper when you can Niagara was littcd with etial burning
get It in the right shades or a line furnaces, but on her (im visit to this
sal in stripe paper which ta lu a sort coa8t from Australia these wero re-
two tone effect. moved, and oil burning furnaces were
ir vou use a border select for cither lllted ln thelJ' ')lacP- oil fuel. wl,elv
the brown or tern, cotta wall covering u^d fl 8,"a' ha? ^^ Immeasurably
Of the den ., hunting or riding or skat- jSpTSS B Tl KtTSS
ingaesign. nid rt.guiting |��� a Kreat 8avlnK   0)-
I-or rugs use as many skins as you labor, and greater cleanliness in tho
can muster or the imitation rag carpet engine room and stokehold,
nigs, which clean and shake splendid* j The Niagara has a carrying capacity
ly. Have plain Marseilles or honey* of slightly under 5000 tons of oil,
comb counterpanes and uo shams. For which is more than sufficient to carry
bureau scarfs have plain hemmed ller from Victoria to Auckland and
strips of linen. Hoys hate lace rnrlie >s>dney and back to Victoria again,
lows and ribbon bows Thu  l,<"'8  iltta>'  wilh  the otherwise
��� ��� ...... necessary process of coaling at norts
I bear some mot her of slender purse   en route ^
say   that   this   is   all   right   for   Hie ,        '      8p,endid Daily Run8.
woman  who can   furnish  a  suit,  but |    The actual steaming    time    of the
when you have only nn attic room for  Niagara from Sydney to Auckland nn
the laddie- whnt IhetiV the  present trip  was  three days one
And nguin I s:iy consult the hoy. hour and 48 minutes. This was taken
You'll be surprised at Ills resource* from the time the order of "full Btoani
fulness. Here Is what a mother and ahead" was given rrom the bridge at
her boy  living In u  small town hnv��   s-vdn<'>'  11<4ads to  the Ume the ci-.ui
done:    She told  (Ilu  laddie or firte-en
was stopped In Auckland hnrbcr
If they pass the literacy test for immigrants in the
United States the well known "honest Japanese schoolboy" will have a chance to make good.
London, Feb. 5.���At a dinner of the  ing his own during an Episcopal vtal-
    _ Authors'  club   In   London.  Sir   Lewis ] utletn.xThe chancellor excommunicat*
. , j 0*'bbin, K.C., Dean of the Arches."gave! ed the"��chdeac.on, lint then it appear-
I OU hear OT SO many freak engagements, marriages an extraordinarily interesting account |ed the chancellor was '.limself under
���nnrl Hivorcps thp��?P Hav^'it'**; a i-plipf tc, rpnrl nf a pmtnlp of Lbf! adventures of the lost or for- excommunication for contempt of his
ana OlVOrceo inest aays HSd lClltl IO reaaOT a COUpie eotten reCc*.-ds of the Court of the superior, the Court or Arches. So the
that Went together three Or fOUr years, married and then Arches -the ancient ecclesiastical j chancellors sentence was revoked and
livpi-1 tncrpthPT* annthpr thrPP or four VPar<? 'court.    These    records,    which    were i the   archdeacon   was  restored   to  the
nveu logemer anoiner mree or ioui >ears, ke,pt ta varicus placeB after tbe tire coramunlon of the faUhfll,.  But th(.re
  of London, were removed in 1865 from wore   endless    subsidiary    conflicts.
Some neonle annear to he sorp hecause Lord Strath-' st Pa?VB c-ilhedral t0 Lambeth pal- While Dr. Eyre had been sitting in
, " P����Pl�� apptJcW W UL SOie UCLaUSe l^OlU Oirain- Bce, where they lay buried fry.- nearly ihls consistory court In Wells ceahed-
COna ICit no bequests tO Western Canada.    It Was Strath-,-*0 years "In a deep stratum of Lon- ral excommunicating the archdeacon,
cona's own monew that was bequeathed and he had a right j I1���, vdaUiu�� o?IhXL"d th�� n'AiuT" " r,a'n -by8tander8"qulte i,s if thpy
to leave it where he pleased. just heccmc discovered.
had laughed.   They were promptly ex
On  becoming   Dean   of  tho   Arches, communicated.    A  vergei   who dared
v. rj     .       , ,-, ,   , .   , , in 1903, Sir Lewis Oil bin did what he J to remove a document from the cush-
I\le\V   Zealand   WantS  Canada S   piscatorial   expert   to'could  to explore  the  room  In  which lion  of  the chancellor's    desk,    eiver
tell them some fish stories, so it's up to Professor Prince Ith6 ',0f,',,,1ents wtfe k<'pt* ����t it was J which he was wont to contemplate a
., .   , , i    c i      , o       .,       ,      not until tno summer of last year when I   e.uuboKea and contumacious world,
to think up some gOOd Ones betore he leaves lor the OO- he was helped by Rev. Claude Jenkins, was also excommunicated.   In the end
, ,              ,                ,          ,,          , For the first 24 hours the wtather
Just how mil.-h money she could spend condition  were   anything   but   faror-
on Ills room when they moved Into the  abie,   strong    northeast    winds    and
new house   Tho attic wns not plastered, head   seas   Ixing   encountered.     The
nnd the boy bought plain tan colored   liner,  however,  made  geiod time, and
building paper to cover celling aud wall at the end of the first eiay had logged
and make tbe room warmer. 383 miles, at an average speed of over
This made a stunning background 17 knots.   The second day she logged
for his squirrel skins, high school bun* 4n  mlles.  an(J  on  ll"'  thlnl  day sl"
tiers, fishing outfit nnd all other hovish re''!ed ��ff 4��2 ni'U>a   ,
treasures that would ������hung."         ' I    But for Uie fact that a dense fog
,,,.,,.                              .    ,. , was encountered when the vessel was
He built a cosy corner of old boxes stoamiuK between   the Three   Kings
and   burlap   bags   which   his   mother and ,.app Marla Van  pieman, a pas
helped blm to rip and dye n warm red. gage of under three days would have
ne painted bis own floeu-. and be nnd been recorded.
his mother braided rugs at night. The Tho Niagara was logging 18 kuot-s
girls gave lilm pillows for liis posy when Bhe encountered the fog bank,
corner, and nMor he hud repaired nnd and aB 1t was too thick to discern
piilnte-d ti huge porch chair thev made lIle liuid' Captain Morrlsby slowed his
more pillows for thnt. * ship (Jown and Proceeded very can-
That room Is beloved by everv l>ov iti'!llrly'1   . onn     .,                    .
��� ���    The last 200 milts was made at  a
minion down under.
The  New   York World  restates  the
Panama tolls dispute in succinct form, i
To  begin   wltb   it  says:   "To  rid  our
selves of one treaty with Oreat lirit-
ain relative to an Isthmian canal we
accept another more favorable to us
in   Its   terms,   which   we   hav<G   since'
undertaken to violate by ae-t of con-!
gress.   By the Clayton Bulwer treaty
Of  1850  we  p'edged  oursedves  Jointly
with (Ireiit   Hritain  forever  not   build
a canal or fortify it as a work of out I
own.     When   Croat  Britain   in   view
of the changed conditions, cancelled
this  agreemi nt  to  facilitate  the  e\>n*
ntructlon   of  an  exclusive   American
irsi wa solemnly subscribed ln the
Financial  Agjnt for  Missing Spckanr.
Millicnaire  Confident  He  Will
Es  Found.
Spokane,  Feb. I
his valet to give
side   deee.r  of  the
"Since li.. asked
iii in the key t.o the
hotel,   ut'trr  seeing
Mrs. ciark iff at tho ih'pot to Santa I tom���It  was difficult  to exaggerati
librarian rf Lambeth, that he was able! however, Ur. Eyre's excommunications
to go through them. They cover a! were all revoked by higher authority
period of i'00 years, from 1060 to 1856; and he was ordered to pay everybody's
���and provide a set of precedents, about  costs.
\ 2000 in number, decided in the prlnci-!  *.
1 peU   ecclesiastical   ce.urt   in   Kngland.!
They fall into three groups- testamen-l MUST OBTAIN PERMISSION
I tary  nnd   matrimonial   matters;   the
morals   and   ccclesiiiFtical   duties   of
Ith" clci-ny and laity;  and the control
of church fabrics, officers and endow-
1 Hi e lit*,".
Sir Lewis !;:iiel ho wished tei lay
Streps en the. human rather than on
the technical Interest of these 2000
tales of rea:, life, t ,lei often with a
particularity which not even the modern newspaper could safely achieve.
Wlon they considered that they re-
latcd f.o people- of every class���there
was the fash ion eibie divorce case at
tho top, und the defamation of one
village virago by another at the hot-
Ottawa, Feb, 5, The board of railway commissioners have just issued
an ord. r of very considerable importunes to the smaller towns of the
west, it would appear ihat in their
desire fori'moro economical administration of their systems, the Canadian
Pacific, the Canadian Northern, and
the Grand Trunk Pacific have been
carrying on a process of retrenchment
and have without notice been removing station agents from many of
Following the complaints made regarding  this,    Uie    board    yesterday
cnlty with obaracteristlc directness
Orea: Britain wishes to arbitrate the
matter and a specific treaty with tha1
country wi: h might ere.*miK'l such an
adjustment of tbe controversy h it
long been held by the senate, With to.
many senators the question has been
one of negotiation, bluff and force
With the president it is one of right
honor and  dutv."
Tfce writer concludes: "When a nation Is wrong and knows it is wrong
It should have the courage to act ic
eordlngly. When a congress enntro''
ed by Democrats who In other mat
ters have proved to be honest, is re
spoctfiilly asked to recede f.-om a po
sltlon Involving monopoly, 6utcid>
and bad faith, there ought to be no
���Lca.-iLX'U." i
ed moved  without  the authorization  of
o relatives In th eel?     i-vnXi Z. ��"'   ifel���* f8��ffe^n? if  t0 rM��*ln there'and express business during the year
.bly go to the Clarko home in   I!iI- ?s   v',rU"r.u' '"1 *!** discomfort previous,    It Is  further'ordered that
in lat en,*        tC ����   rrttfr0,t1ffli,IV0?lr,.,!,tLn8 near by' M ,'"��ul��r Ktali0" a*ents s'.'all be re-
,,',,, recuperate,   Theodore     One iliitft that had rather snrprlc
Oark will remain with his motbi r mr ; Vm was ��le4��mhe': of cases In which tv -l0A-A"
iltho recovers her normal condition hersons were cited for d'srespeel   lr-| _
md will then return to cont'nue bis    **rrr<--.t behavior, am! so   forth' to
���tinii-s at the eastern unlvors'ty ttatmenorv, commise
"These cJSis who knew Mr. Clark Jn-   lis   fttdgca  of  the
on lhe laddie's list of friends, nnd a
certain club e.r Isiys and girls nieels
there once a week, thus saving maternal parlors.
On his bed he has Great Grand
mother Uurrell's counterpane, crocheted lu red and blue He repainted
the bureau nnd made a Ile rnek to
hang on ono side and u  whisk  broom
speed ot over IH knots, which is
valent to 21 land mile's.
Toronto Feb.  5.-If  the  police, can
discover  the   identity  of  the   woman
.   ,. .whose   face   was  cut   from   a  photo-
holder on the other from burnt wood 'graph found lfi the room at 10 Mem-
He bus a homemade bookcase, and be ulng avenue, where an aged cemple.
and his chnni are now building some supposed to have been Mr. and Mrs.
re-al mission furniture to finish off lhe [Richards, of Lake St. Joseph, were
.asphyxiated lust ueek, they believe
that they Will have the solution of
the mystery which surrounds the
case and ��e> far has baffled tbem
| Shortly after the two were round,
the police, took charge or their effects
and the bodlc.4 were removed to tin-
morgue, Among their possessions
was  found a   leather  wall, t  c.are(Vlh
Birthday Candle Rir g.
If ii birthday Is soon coming in yoill
household, buy one of tbe churmlog
little candle rings lu go around n birth
day rake. These rings nre made e.f
wood,    eiiaiiielj.il    white   and   painted
with sinall plnkV and blue fiiiwers Tbey   lied up with string and containing
nn* perforated with sockets for holding will signed by Mr. John Richards,
many, small caudles.   They sit securely   larmer In the township of Humph ri
mi lhe table outside the coke, and there 1'" tne I'arry Sound district.
Is no danger <>f burned cloth or scorched cake when tbey nre used, or course
ibey come lu different slze>s nnd cost
according to size.
One with so many  boles (bat the
Net Mr   R.ch; rds.
The  evidence  or  identity   appeared
so conclusive to the police? that    an
inquest  was  considered  unnecessary
and the bodies were taken to the pri*
,. ,,   . .mortuary of II, Hanks.   A day after
possess,,,  of  that  many years I.. ber |the tragedy, a man, who claimed thai
ho had known the Richards family,
state<l that there were in Muskoka
four sons and one daughter.    He was
rieti and official)
ir>ti   of   minor
timately fool fiat he :<��� t tin alive and   wrr -  ,-V,-:i  eTe-rcfsedl ec'tnesiastlcal
*atu he  Is either, taking  treatment  :srrKrfIcf.icn.    There  w.-.-e  sevhh-.or     Ottawa, Feb :>.-
tor his   bcaith In scmh scu;he* n snni   efght prricesees; rcntteifed about in "as nis a public school
arlum or is beln
said Mi*. Jones,
"If he lost his life we feel that he
was tho victim or foul play and that
!lit�� body was disposed of.    The
Put out of his scat
.     ..,������. tiuste-e In the lale
.'������������.I for i .ufiom,    many different parts oPBie muniment I. S. nelnrichs received this morning
room,   il relating to one gigantic quar-1 at the hands of Judge McTavlsh.
el between a ce tain ReV. Dr. Ryre.l    Helnrlchs wns elected to represent
who was chancellor of Hath and Weils] Dalhousle ward and an act of forget*
acci- j Rome time in the I8th century, and the  fulness in not appearing In  time    to
reillt would nt tempt to forget It costs
fi 75, A group of three small onees
.usts ��.'_'.   ir only purl or the botes are
needed to a,���commodate the necessary   sent  to  the detectives,  who  In    turn
number of e-niulle^ the candle's ran be   notified  Samuel  S.  Hobinson, of O"
iirrmigisl symmetrically, sklpjilug one   r"lfl" tho attorney who drew up th<
or two sockets between each two inn-   w111 toxmA among the belongings   of
dies,  nnd   the  empty   sockets  can   t)(, | tbe dead couple, that his clients were
covered with flower beads or boubous ��   , ..            <    ���  <*        ..     r. mi
,,,,���,. ������ ,��� .���,,    .... A   letter  received   from   the  Orlll.a
done up in i tt e niotto nuiiers .���                  ,      . .  , ......  ..
'                            i "i" ��� lawyer yesterday stated that both Mr.
and Mrs. Richards wero alive and now
Children'*  Luncheon  Dainty. "vln8 llt I/!lkt' st* Joseph.
A favorite luncheon sweet for small
children w|th eliilnty appetites Is made
from a box of nnliunl crackers, one of
snltlne^i mill a cntiriil of pure maple
sirup. Moll In the sirup until It furnw
a sort ball when dropped iii Ice wader
Then put a Utile on each Sal tine nnel
pr<-��s mi animal Into thlstn a standing
position, cri'iiiu cheese and marmalade with saltlnes la also a good coinbl
For Playroom Floor.
i gextd covering for the nursery playroom floor Is cork carpet,    It Is thick
and warm. Is wiislmbie and dm^ not
!       'hn���7, "   "��J'"To  "rova!*',n at   then  archdeacon or Wells.    The dis*; have his name put on tho assessment
ta,   ^,i   ,���.$ p,lt'!i0 01"nlon ���*���*���*��� PWte originated   in  the  arOhdoacon's ro�� lost him his seat.
;,:iHiidonerl that  thiHiry |failure to pay surfie-Ient iteference to      Instead of Helnrlchs a man named | r,,��""1'l   ��'"'   noise  like hard  boards
Mrs. narK  is confident  that.  Mr.  tho cliancellor's Jurisdlctioa supersed-1 Dunio is assessed at 242 Cambridge  or thin tlnoUuui.
J       '
Nelson. Feb. 6,���-Through thri pro*
gresslveness of Its citizens and tin*
fact that, the tiro limits have been e\
tended us rapidly as possible, Ferule
Is now In excellent shape trom a fire*
proteictlon standpoint, declared Cfhief
C. McDougall or the brigado in thai
city, who. Is in Nelson. .
In the business section, said Chief
McDougall, so inanv substantial bul.il
lngs have been constructed since the
great flro of 1908 that there are at
the present time ro danger spots sm-li
as exist ln citien whore whole blockk
and hulf blocks of wooden buildings!
.end to increase *ue fire hazard FRIDAY,   FEBRUARY  6,   1914.
Itenance,   fixed   charges,   engineering .lhe floor before the Cohen sare.
ropervision,    collection,    depreciation      \\hen   Inspector   Paurot   heard     h
���uf plant, etc, these items amounting hysterical woman's voice screaming
to about .;*'. cents per yurd, outside or I"BurglaiS, cume eieiick," with 20 dee-
i'.ie actual cost of the first pavement tectives he hurried toward the Cohen
An thn system is operated, the plant factory, while 2C policemen from the
is   in   the   position   of   a   contracting  Charles street station surrounded Hie
QLACKl    MIXED     0ip]   F,"e Samples mailed on enquiry.
NATURAL GREENJA-dr.es. -salada," T.r.nt��.
EiH lDMUr.0 II, OU*. ER. 1*1 l�� , Pnf_tion4T.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
If You Live At A Distance
from this branch of The dominion Eank, take advantage of our
syr.tern of Banking Ey Mall, It will save you many trips to tov/n
and. at tht same time, give you all of the advantages ol a
Savings Account.
Deposits :-.iy be madi a.l cash withdrawn���Ih fact, any
banking bu Iness transacted   by mail without trouble cr delay.
The manager will r, ve you full particulars ol thta convenient
way ol Banking ly Mail.
rMiriSTtn BRANCH !   C. H. MATHEW80N, M.v..
���uaemaw/a&exL xnn wrj-spw*. +s;~Mt^-i.'- z:.v*.xu. axi*��v.*
Victoria Council Considering Proposal
to Dd Own Work���Wait for Contractors.
Victoria, l*'e*b. 5.���What action the
city council win take relative t.i paving ie* '��� question now exercising tii..
. ngineerlng branch of the city service.
Pending the receipt of a reply from
ihe Canadian Mineral Rubber company, which has been given until the
end ol the present month to state
what it proposes to do. nothing definite can be dime towards advancing
the proposition for a civic-owned plant.
The engineer Is now securing Information 'is to the cost or a plant and
this Will be ready by the time the re
].., . f the company is at hand.
The council as yet 1ms reached no
definite decision as to the extent to
* le  ,  the city will go if it decides to
Institute  a  paving  plain of  Its own.   what is termed No
portant one.   if the paving company
la willing to go ahead and complete
lis contracts it is hardly probable that'
any  additional   paving  work   will  bo
done this year by the city, as the work ;
already  let by contract is about as
much as can be financed this year, i
As for the question  of repairs,  the
work  already  done  as  well  as  that!
let but not* completed is subject to the
company's   guarantee   for  five   years,
and   must  be  kept   in   shape  by   the
company. |
Winnipeg's Experiment.
Winipcg t'day possesses ���probably
the best civic-own. d paving plant on
the continent, Its municipal paving
h..s been done for nearly 16 years
and the Bystem involved hud apparently worked to the best advantage.
The first asphalt paving there was on
lhe contract basis and proved unsatis
factory. Tin* city purchased the plant.
of the cnntraotors and proceeded with
Its own work. At first difficulty was
experienced in securing a full supnly
of material because of the so-culled
asphalt trust, and the material secur-
.*il had to be obtained where pi sslble,
Put the City held to the idea of a municipal owned plant and today can lay
nil n* 3000 square yards of pavement
per day. In 1910 the city secured its
'������:��� portable plant, with which is laid
pavement   This
firm financed hy the city. The pavement Is inspected su it would be were
a contracting concern laying it. While
the initial cost is somewhat higher
the results have proved excellent, especially when the question of repairs
is concerned, this work being done
more rapidly and the disputes relative
to guarantee being eliminated.
Average Cost.
The average cost to the city per
yard, on business streets has been
about ?il.tir> but on the business streets!
a pavement consists first or three j
Ine-hes of gravel ballast, then six
inche.'s of concrete base and inch and
a half cf binder course and three
inches of asphalt wearing surface.
Broken stone drains every 50 feet are
also Included in the cost. The city j
advertises every Job us open to com-
petition, tho engineer putting in a bid
and so fur the city has always under- j
bid the contractors. The strictness of i
the specifications are such that the'
contractors claim they cannot com-'
pete   with  tho city.
Ottawa, Feb. 5.���Once again the elfin form ot Gipsy Hogan adorned tin.-
j prisoner's wicket in the police court
this morning, after paying a fine en
ten and two, Hogan was given hi.-i re-
j lea.*-,.* to allow him to finish out a pipe
contract. After the day's toil he once
more filled up on the merry mucilage
and Btarted on his usual house clear.*
in-   that night.
"He earn.' back again Wednesday
nighl drunk again and after cursing
and Bwearing, raised a general disturbance," stated his father, James
Hogan, to  the magistrate.
"i am : .y yer honor," wailed Hogan, Junior. "Shut up." commanded
ih.* constable doing sentry duty.
"1 think the man is crazy. Couldn't
yon h.rec him examined?" asked the
father, with a note of appeal, to the
courl  clerk.
"Crazy like a fox," commented one
of the detectives who was standing
hard by.
"I don't know what is the matter
with him. He can't control himself
at  all,"  persisted   Hogan,  Kr.
"I just was drunk," answered the
prisoner, assuming a penitent air.
"You're a bad man and you have a
very bad record. 1 will sentence you
to "four months," rasped the magistrate to Hogan. Jr.
While the latter was being led to
the dugout be volleyed a line of profanity at his escort, who was forced to
sj).*.*il blm on his way bj moral eua-
While Hogan i.- wearing the negligee outfit, supplied to the stone cu-.-
;. rs at bhe rock foundry the rifts in
his think tank will be subjected to a
high pressure test to see whether he
is normal or otherwise.
Accountant. Telephone KI17. Room
22 Hart Ulock.
Oriental    Lines    In
This New Costume.
Mayors of Ontario Cities Discuss Proposed   Deep  Waterway  for the
Upper Lakes.
P. H. Smith. W. J. Grove*.
Work  undertaken   is    city   and   outside
points.   211-12   Westrtlnster   Trust   BHg.
Phone  364.     P.  O.  Ilox   607.
Windsor. Out., Feb. B.���The mavors
of nearly a dozen cities of Ontario
met at the city hall here last week'
in response to an invitation issued by
Mayor Henry Clay to discuss a plan
which, concisely expressenl, signifies
"every lake port a sea port town."
The derogates who registered  with I
lhe city clerk are:    Mayor John Allan, j
Hamilton;  t'.  W. Gardner, controller,
Hamilton;   George  McCrae,  mayor of
I'rescott;   Alderman  J.   P.   Dunne, of |
Prescott;  Mayor J. B. Dagan, Sarnla; j
Mayor John  McCorvle,   of Chatham; j
Mayor II. Howe,    Walkerville;    Wm. j
A. Livingston, of    Detroit,    president |
Lake   Carriers'   association;     Mayor]
Oscar B. Marx, Detroit, and Commissioner of  Public   Works   Kenkel,    of j
Lake Ports as Sea Ports.
In  his address,  lending up to    'lie J
thought  that  the aim  should    be  to
make every  lake  pert a  tea  port, J.
H.  Dulliie said, in  part:
The project Which    we    have ^ now
under consideration   is an enterprise
|with   Infinitely   greater     possibilities
than   the   Panama  canal;     it  means
propose*  to  bring  c-.ir    lake
Hihig Engineers, Local 643, meets In
Labor Temple every Urst and third
Thursday of the month. H. McLaughlin,
president: W. C. Saunders, secretary.
P. O. Box 528.
B ft P. O. or Blk* or the D. of C.��� rneel
the first and third Thursday at 8 p. rm..
K. of P. Hall. Eighth street. A Wells
Gray, Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith. Secretary.
.. O, O. M.. NO. 854.���MEETS ON FIRST
ami third Tuesday In each month at 8
p. in. .n the Labor Temple H. J.
Leamy, dictator; W. J. Groves, secretary.
I. O. O. F. A MITT LODGB NO. 17���Th��
regular meeting of Amity lodge No.
27. I. O. O. F��� Is held every Monday
night ret 8 o'clock In Odd KeJIows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
R. A. Merrlthew. N.Q. j It. W. Kangmer.
V. Q.; W. C. Oostham. P. o . recording secretary: J. W. MacDonald, financial secretary.
that   we
ports in direct contact with  the
lanlic ocean;   it means  thai   thi
'ports  and   exports  of  thi
W. E. FALE8���Pioneer Funeral Dliectos
and Kmhalmer, S12-I18 A*n;>s street
opposite Carnegie Library.
It ihe Canadian Mineral Rubber com* is a pavement of the type known as
pany di cldea nol to proceed with its asphaltlc or bitumen concrete for the
contracts the suggestion may be made residential  streets     The  cost  of  the
i *,,*,*  the  work be given to tli" VVors- paving done on  the business  stri'ets
v Ick   Paving   company,   providing   It there Is considerably higher than that
II   undertake it at  the same  pric. charged here, but asphalt costs more
The question of money Is also an Im- and liberal charges are made for main-
Telephone Call Prevents Yeggmen
from Getting Loot.
Nee*. York. Feb. ."��� A telephone* oeill
frcm an unidentified woman early today foiled a $1000 sat't* robbery at
C. Cohen's paper box factory. The
yeggmen got away. The police round
a complete kit of burglars' tools ein.
Chinese lines have been exploited in
evening wraps for several seasons, and
oriental effects both in materials and
trimmings have received a perfect sartorial ovati.iu from the feminine public, but this year tbe silhouette designed from Chluese costumes is new
in the dress world.
The chic little three piece costume
pictured is of such n genre. The material used is tan wool for the skirt and
the same shade in iluvetvn tor the little mandarin Jacket, which lias a sash
of silk worked with metal threads
finished with bauds or fur. The ens*
tuiue is original and smart in lhe extreme.
will    be    Teceived at and  forwarded
from what are now inland pcrts and
be   delivered   at   destination   without
breaking bulk.    It will bring    to   the
; individual    citizens    of    the    central,
western and northwestern sections of
'the United  States aud Canada direct
benefits of almost incalculable  value.
; It means a reduction In  the cost cf
living lo each and every citizen, as it
will Inevitably result in the lowering
of rail rates.
The report   of the commission appointed by the United States government to investigate    the lakes-to-the-
gulf canal project shows conclusively
that it  is  impracticable  as    a    deep
waterway to the sea, and it is evident,
that the drainage canal will never be
required as the first link in a canal
Trom the lakes to the Gulf or Mexico.
Gorgian Bay Canal.
The cost of the Georgian bay canal
would be enormous, and even if constructed  it  would  not  be.  used commercially by the class of vessels for
which  it  is  designed.    Delays  would
be inevitable in connection with transportation    by    that route, and there
would always be grave danger of disaster from the possible destruction of
the reservoirs  which would    be    re-
quired to hold the artificial supply cf
water which would be necessary  tor
the operation cf the canal.
A Natural Artery.
The  St.   Lawrence  river    forms    a
natural artery from  the lakes to the
oc:an,  and   by   taking    advantage  of
it we secure a deep   waterway    with
ter ft Manna. Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and einhnlmers. Parlora 405 Columbia
street.    New   Westminster.    Phone   811.
ster Board of Trade meets In the boar*s3
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February, May.
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday ot
February. C. H. Smart Wade, secre-
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.; circular work specialist All work strictly
confidential. H. Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.   Phone 702.
Haters, Solicitors, etc. 40 Ixirne Street,
New Westminster. Q. E. Corbould,* K.
C.    J. R. Grant    A. B. McColl.
at-laW, Solicitor, etc Solictor for the
Bank of Vancouver. Offices: Merchants Bank Building. New Westminster. B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Western
Jie Case oi
AB. SMITH has a dry ��oods store in a certain Canadian City. He docs a good business, but wants
* to do more. He believes that Advertising in his local newspaper is the
way to get more business. So he advertises-every now and then.
This is where our friend Smith is wrong���in advertising every now and
then. He should advertise regularly���as frequently as his local newspaper
is published.
Smith says he wants to advertise regularly, but he can't always find the time
to prepare advertisements, which is true, for he is his own buyer, sales-
manager, director of slore service, credit man and half-a-dozen other things.
What Smith should do is this: If he is located in one of the smaller cities, in
which there arc no advertising agencies giving a local copy service, and he
has no one among his own staff qualified by instinct or experience to
write the daily announcements, he should go to the publisher of the newspaper in which he means to advertise, requesting his help. In nine cases
out of ten, the publisher, through his advertising manager, will be only too
glad to give Smith the assistance desired.
If Smith is located in one of the larger cities he should secure the services
of a recognized advertising agency which will take over the work of preparing his advertisements.
In this way Smith can be sure of having his advertisements prepared regularly and intelligently, with no more trouble to him than the supplying of
the information required by the writer of the advertisements.
So Smith can do more business, and more business means a larger income
for himself, to soy nothing of other gains ihat go hand in hand with the
doing of bigger business.
Will Man Dispose and Woman Propose?
.Liver in st.i. i.liu in it dreadful discussion is I'lijrinu, liee-.'iiisc wuineii Wish
to he Riven the vinlit to propose, a,
BtnU'ineiit nf l'r. I'unl 8. Hunter of
the Wisconsin In.mil e.f health to the
effect that vroniHii i-i prior in man after
nil seems tu (jive, the much Bought
privilege to the woman If l��r. Hunter's statement Is scion tl Hen ily correct
ns he says it Is, woman eslsted on this
enrth ages before num. live* lived In
tbe garden of Rilen ;i great many .ve-urs
before Adam appeared, nml therefore
women eiin reverse the old situation,
for trouble only begun when iiinii was
"The femnle ses cxisti-il nlmie on
(liis earth for ages," says Dr. Hunter.
���When the male came he cftnie us tin
Dffshoot of the female, ami. although
the minimum of canal mileage   and I . ��� '
the ;ereatest stretch    of free-running | vvhitehide,
water,  and  we  must all admit    that
these    are    two essential  necessities
for a channel of commerce that is to j
be of service    to    the  people.    This i
route presents the only feasible plan i
by   which   we   can  ever  hope  to   cb-\
taiu  a  waterway  capable    cf  taking i
care of the immense  volume of traf I
tic which wiil move to and from the
ocean when the work  is compli; ei
The  reconstruction    of the  Weiia'eu \
canal,  which    is tho most  expensive I J.  P.  Hampton
part  of  the*   work,   is  already  tinder
way,   and     the  money    that   ie-   being
spent en  the new   UYIiand canal  will
be   wasted   unless   it   is   followed   by
the development of the St.  Lawrence
At  ���"��� o'clock an  informal  reception
was  held,  at  which  Mayor Clay,  assisted  by  the    members of the city *
council,   welcomed   th?   visitors    and j
extended   the*  hospitality  of the city. |
Later the entire party were taken in
a special car    to Wolfe's,    a    famous
roadhouse up the river, where dinner
W. P. HANSFORD, BARRISTER, Solicitor, etc., ColUster Block, corner Columbia una McKensle streets, N.*\v Westminster. B.C. P. O. Box :S5. Telephone 344.
stle ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Wee;,
minster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
New Westminster, B. C. Cable aiMie-ss
"Whiteside." Western Uhlcn. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 48. W. J.
Wliiteslrle. K. C.: 11. L. Edir.o-e io, Ll
STILWELL CLUTE.   Barrtater-at-lkw.
sollel'.or. etc.; comer CViumtUet spi
McKenzie streets. New Wostmtnstbf,
B. C.   P. O. Box 112.    Telephone   Hv.
Solicitor and Notary. Otflcea Hurt
bltxile, 28 Lome street. N*rw Westminster, B. C
MVgtJ.ARRIK.     HAKTIN      *     CABBAD1.
Barristers   and   Solicitor**.    (-.5   to   SJr
Westminster  Trust   Block.    G.   E.   .\4ur-
tin,   V,*.   a.   lfcQuarrle    ami   George   I
for ages the great processes of life
, had gone on without him, he began tn was Berv*ed.
claim priority for himself ns suoli lis he '              The. Night Conference.
- developed a physique strong enough to The rjoiiforence? proper    was
I force bis demand.    lie has been tell- in the city hall at night, takitu
! Ing these stories about himself ami his form  of a  mass  meeting, which
great superiority until today, but now largely  attended,
science can disprove Ills claim." Mayor     lay,    who    occupied
'ei..........      '......,���.,  ���-^���,iu��� nhn.,, chair, explained ln a few  words
The average person wonders about ��� ~r^l^er\nT*^��i^
tho future stand of science tow aid lnaugurate a movement for a through
woman's right to propose. If woman walcnvay f,.om ocean to ocean. With
is man's superior (as she undoubtedly   the uew Welland canal built so that
it may be deepened to 35 feet to ac
This man Smith���do you know him?
Are YOU Smith?
If you are doing a local Wines* talk over your Advertising problems wilh the Advertising Department nf this newspaper.
If vou are doing a provincial or national 1 usineis it would be well for you to have
the counsel and assistance of a gocd advertising agency. A list of these will be furnished, without cost or obligation, by the Secretary of Canadian Press Association,
Room 503, Lumsden Building, Toronto.
Is or is ueiti she should certainly mau
age her owu matrimonial ventures.   A
! great   many   women   would   propose
I more gracefully  nnd  more discreetly
' than some men. but the sad things that
! may   happen   to   the   Impressionable
weaker sex (In the light of the new
discovery!   when  they  are  unable   to
forbid a  lady to marry  them can  lie
pictured.    It Is consoling tu think that
the peior abstracted scientists will  he
le-iist able to resist tho danger Ihat
ihey have brought ti|">" themselves.
High Collars.
Hltfh collars, if tight, do more lo Induce n double chin than anything else,
mid. moreover, by pressing the tlesti
underneath the chin back against the
throat they cause the two front neck
cords to become unduly prominent i ud
stringy looking, which is unite as deplorable us the double chin This cat! |
be nvolilt-d by baring the collar of a I
tleslble material, such us a ��ood quality of net. nnd boning It po that it
flares a little nt the upper and lower
edges, which is best necomplislieil by
running the net through the lingers to
stretch It. 	
Odds and Ends.
ir your milkman brings you warm
milk make It hot for blm.
A Hy In tbe milk often means a mem
hwr of the family In the grave.
Have an expert examine the drains
It will cost li'ss than a ease of typhoid.
When you see a child looking like
iu angel do not kiss It: yon might
make a real anirel out or It There are
ill sorts of cerms In ������ k'ss.
If you let the child have measles
when he Is young ynu may save n
doctor'* bill biter on. hut V"U may
Have to pay the undertaker now.
commodate ocean-going ships, and
the deepening of certain parts of the
S' Lawrence river, the hardest part
o, the work will have been done, he
However, before such a waterway
could be completed millions of cubic
yards of stone and earth must be
removed from bottoms of channels
that connect the great lakes. The
plan is. said Mayor Clay, to have the
channels made sufficiently deep to
permit ocean-going bv.ats to come
from the Atlantic coast up throuj-.li
the lakes, or vice-versa, and in order
to attain sufficient depth to permit
the former class of craft to navigate the lakes, many channels would
have to be dredged and otehrwise im
Brantford,   Ont.,   Feb.    5.���Three
hours nfte.r he had taken au overdose;
of a pate nt laxative, Lorne, the   two
year old  sou of En.est S. and  Mrs.
MlnshoJl, of Mount Pleasant, died in
convulsions,  suffering   intense  agony.
The   Mlnshalls   have   for   some   time
re-side'el  at   Hanelagh  and  had    jus;
moved to the back street of    Mourn
Pleasant, consequently things were in
a  disordered  condition    around    the
house.     About    2  o'clock    yesterrta;
afternoon the little fellow  went into
a spare bedroom where the medicine
.had been placed, and got hold cf the
box,  and  started  to  eat  the tablets
which are much like candies.    After
partaking of a number, he cam3 out
iof the  room,  and  waa seen  by    his
j mother, who took two of the pills out
iof his mouth, not knowing that   he
'had   taken others.    As the  pills are
{mild  ones,  the  parents  thought    nc
; more  of It at the  time,  but  the iad
Mock violently ill ar.d at 5 o'clock died
jin convulsions,
COAL UININQ rurhta of the Dominica
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Provinc*
of British Columbia, may be teswd for ���
term of twenty-one years at an annua,
rental of 11 an acre. Not more than S6(f
acres wlll be leased to one ui.pil.Nirw-
Appllcatlen tor a lease must be ms.ds
by the applicant In person to the Ac.nt
or Sub-Agent of the district tn whlcii tb*
eights applied tor are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must he
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, Sod In umnirveyeO territory the tract applied for ehsll bs
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompani*.*
by a fee of tt which will be refunded If
the rights applied for are not svallabie.
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on tbe merchantable output nf tb*
mine at tbe rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine stall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn retvn-s
accounting for the full quantity of mer
chanlable coal mined and i��y the rv/-
llty thereon. If the coal mining rttft>t*
ire not being operated such returns snout*
t>e furnished at leae��t once a year.
The lease will Include tbe coal mining
rights only, but Uie leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necue-
iiary for the working of the mine at tb*
rate of J10 an acre.
Kor full Information anpllcatle>n should
De made to the Secretary of the fepaii.
ment ot the Interior, Ottawa, or le an*
tgent or Sub-Agent ot Dominion Laoda.
W. W. CORt,
Deputy Minister ot the Interior..
N. B��� Unauthorised publication of this
tdvartlsement will not be paid for
New Wellington
Office, SS4  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Residence T. W. C. A        Phone 1324.
VIEOICA1. CXK.SS   a-rv-.-.        ,
\    'I r   s.s.0   s.our
FRIDAY,   FEBRUARY  6,  1914.
We offer Robertson's Jams in
tins at  a  reduced   price.
Strawberry. Raspberry. Black
Currant, Gooseberry, Plum,
etc., in 4 Ib. tins 65c; in
glass,   1s.   25c.
Buchanan'8     Red     Gooseberry
Jam. 4 lb. tins 65c.
Bmpress   .lams,   assorted,  4   lb.
tins, 75c;   in glass,  ls 25c.
Kootenay     Brand     Strawberry
Jam, 2 lb. tins 35c.
Climax   Drand   Compound   Jam,
in 5 lb. tins. Strawberry and   E
Raspberry, per tin 55c.
Apricot, Plum, Blaokberry, etc.,
per tin 50c.
Model Grocery
JOS S'.tli St. Phone 10012.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
Taxes are a superior lion upon all mortgaged property. Heal
estate may be sold for taxes,
leaving the careless holder of a
bond ami mortgage with no security. Insurance may be allowed to lapse; thfcn, Bhould a
fire occur the mortgage holder
has only the bare ground security. Methodical attention
absolutely averts these dangers.
The maker of the mortgage
may default in his interest payments. Here again experience,
and skill are needed to properly
conduct a foreclosure. Much
money lias heen lost anil many
titles have been impaired
through luck of skill and ev*
perience in such matters.
You cannot afford to be without our services, an interview
will c.est you nothing.
Dominion Trust
Hip  IVrpt'liial Tnislce.
()!lic..s ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Cbarlottetown, London, ICug.;  Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
BOfi   Columbia   Street.
C   ������>   KEITH, Ma>-��'oer,
Local News
land P
New  Dcg Tags.
The*   1914   dog   tags   have   been   received at the city hail and all owners
of canines are being notified to take
out same.
Buy your wines and liquors from
the old reliable Freeman's lieiuor
store.    Family  trade a specialty.
You score every time you take
home a box of Hill's Saturday Special
Chocolates. (2916)
Weather Today.
The weather for New Westminster
and the lower mainland during the
next 24 hours will be light to moderate
winds, mostly easterly and southerly;
cloudy with rain or sleet.
Coal ! Coal ! Coal I Large shipment best Nicola coal just in. Just
the thing for cold weather. Westminster Coal Co., Phone 880, B. C. Trans-
The dance to be given by the
Knights of Columbus in St. Patrick's
hall this evening, in suppoet of the
Children's Aid society, promises to bo
the social event if the season. A
large number of people from the sur-
roundlng district have promised to at-; By Occult Means, Finds Evidence that
At a meeting held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Walke-r, North road, Burquitlam, last evening, it was decided
to give a whist drive and dance on
Wednesday evening, Feb. 11, the proceeds to be handed over to the Women's Institute of the Burquitlam Agricultural society. The entertainment
will take place in the Agricultural
A very  enjoyable  whist  drive  and
'lance was held at rhe home of Mr. and
and there found revcii Written (locu-
mLilts which when produced as evl-
deuca were very damaging against
John Wilson, her husband, and lie is
now serving life sentence for wife*
murder  In   the  Indiana  state   prison.
  jThis is only one case in which Mine.
Tangley   had   figured,  and   she offers
After a search for three mouths by jthe above  stated amount to any one
detectives from Chicago,  Indianapolis! who  will  disprove her statements  in
Convicts John   Wilson  cf Wife
Murder���Apoears Here
Next  Week.
and Cincinnati who were employed on
the case where e\Irs. Maud Wll-.on
was found  murdered at Connersville,
the case. This wonderful woman is
appearing here all next week with
the   Tangley   stock   company   at   tlu
Seattle, Feb. 6.���Adown th" light
[ breezes which held the city almost
[becalmed  last  night  there  floated   to
the ears of Patrolman J. D. MoLen-
i nan the* notes of a ringing bas3 voice
i raised in song. Somewhere in the
' murk  nnd  mystery  cf  the    night.    :i
heart   of  oak  was   roaring  forth    u
real iiee*p-sea chanty cencerning    the,
'���flay ot Blscay-O."
Patrolman McLennan cast    bis eve
From high abow him came the
I voice and the lynx-eyed policeman
; discerned a dark form reaching fur
;the ball at the top of the flag staff
which surmounts the Right hotel, 7B��
First  avenue.    The   patrolman  went
,     ,        .,        Indiana, no evidence    was    produced iopera   house,    commencing    Monday, I    George Wier, 34 years   old, of   the
Mrs. Cowan. Austin mad, Burquitlam  against her husband, and  he  was al-: Februarv 9.    Monday, night a society  ?*a"far|n* P*���********-***. 'cIune BtOUtly to
'"      '    ' '"lowed   a   new trial,   awaiting   new comedy drama, "The Divorce Cure," "��� *""* b}*�� ab<";? McLennan ahead
evidence,    it was then that Mr. John Swill   be  presented.    A   play    dealing iaad d(;nwi lhe POl'ceman to get lilm
port dock.
North Arm Harbor.
The annual meeting cf Ward One
Ratepayers' association, Burnaby, will
be held at Highland Park this evening. Mr. Vogel, secretary to the North
Fraser harbor commission, is scheduled to address the meeting.
on Tuesday evening, some 16 couples
being In attendance. The prize winners were Mrs. T. Dobson and F.d-
ward Hassall, the consolation trophies
being awarded to Miss H. Bishop and
j. Cobban.
Rev. James Reid, Salmon Arm, and
his brother, John Reid, a successful
farmer of Yorkton, Sask., are spending
a few days-with Mrs. James Reid's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Williams,
Columbia street, Sapperton.
Fawcett,  editor of the  "Connersville | with the troubles of a Jealous wife,, |do,wn:    McLennan  pondered.    He  re-
Mrs. L. IS. Twiss, city manager
Spirella Go. has moved from 237 Sixth
street to 2 17 Third street, and will be
nt home Wednesday afternoon of each
week to show and explain the merits
of Spin Ua corsets. Phone 67S for appointments. (2900)
Auto 5410 had an exciting experience last evening about 5:30 when being driven up McKenzie street from
Front street It came In contact with
tho belt line B. C. E. R. car. Little
damage was done to either vehicle
although ih" auto veered completely
around, reaely to descened the grade
w'.iich  It  has just made.
Examiner," and Earl Williams, of the ; from the pen of William C.illett, who calIcd a11 ,nat he had read and npai(1
"Times Star" office, called upon Mm*, lis also the   author of "Held   by tha|fj^I.H'f-"* that gave uu
Pearl Tangley, a seeress who was up-  Enemy,"    "The    Gilded    Fool"    and   "'""""	
peering at a local t hcatro there, and others.    A  complete  change  of  pro-
she took them to an old rubbish pile|gram nightly wlll be given.       (0000)
strike in 1906 the veteran broke into | Death of Rev. Wm. Hogan.
.    ,    ,    ,      ,,      ,���      I prominence when he attempted to set i    Prince  Rupert,   B.C.,   Feb.   5.���Rev. I ���intil  sober,
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Corder. Mrs. Ceo. i flre t0 a strcet car     Following this William Hogan, one of the best known j"1- "l ^a^eM I was a squirrel clinih
"All hands on deck!" he bellowed.
"Man the ladle; heave in the grog I"
With a smart "Aye, ayo, sir," Wler
slid down tho pole. At the police .station, where he was booked to "hold
the adventurer remark
Corder and Arthur Heathorn returned
last night from Victoria where they
were called on account of the very
sudden and unexpected death of Mr.
('order's father, T. N. Corder. Geo.
and W. J. Corder of Oakland. Cal., are
expected to return to New Westminster at the end of the week accompanied by their mother.
The young ladies of Columbian college will receive the young men from
i to C o'clock this afternoon.
notable event in Dick's quaint career,
lie was adjudged insane and placed in
the asylum, where he passed the remainder of his days.
Anglican missionaries In the we-Bt,
died at Masset on Sunday. Deceased
was born in Ireland 60 years ago,
coming to British Columbia in 1893,
laboring lirst at Metlacatlah, then at
Port Simpson and Masset, for ten
years bejng stationed at Port Simpson.
ing after a nut.'
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Twc Turbans to Appear.
Two more wearers of the turban
gave trouble to the police last night,
both being placed in custody. These,
together with one lone member of the
garden variety of drunks, constitute
the proceedings on the agenda for
Magistrate Edmonds this morning.
(Continued from page ono)
Money to lean on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property. 9
per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.      (2889)
Skating on Lake.
Skating   will   be   possible   on   Burnaby  lake by Saturday or Sunday  if
the present weather continues.   A considerable  coating  of  ice  now  covers
has a license to carry arms as provided for by Sec. 118 of the criminal
Mr.  Verville  took a  concrete case
instancing the riots and bloodshed In
Buckingham a few years ago.
The Detectaphone.
In explaining the second clause of
the bill the member for Maisson-
neauve said that it dealt with the detectaphone, a new contrivance whereby conversations cr deliberations may
be overheard and made public afterwards. Unless legally restricted in
its use, it would be a menace to
society, no man being safe, no family
secure, no organized body safeguarded while such means of detections
and revelations were in existence.
The first subsection dealt with th;
use of such contrivances for the purpose of injuring the character of any
person or disclosing the tli liberations
New York, Feb. 5.���The new system
cf interstate express rates, 16 per
cent, lower than those formerly pr-e-
vailing, are now effective under orders issued by the inter-state commerce commission. On the same
basis of decrease in rates the states
of iMaine, Vermont, Connecticut,
Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, New Jersey,
Illinois and Louisiana are putting
into fore: a new system cf interstate   express   business.
The new inter-state rates are based
upon a block system, the country being divided into 826 blocks formed by
tho intersections of the meridians of
longitude  and   parallels     of   latitude. ,
The   first  and  second  class  charges officers  place
are based upen rates per 100 pounds, j $12,000,000,
The  third  class  rates are  one    cent   ���������.
for  each   two  ounces   not   to   exceed !
first class  rates.
OHIO WANTS $12,000,000
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 5,���Deputy
state taxation officers for Cuyahoga
county went to the home of John D.
Rockefeller, on Fort hill, East Cleveland, today, and filed a written demand on him that he pay taxes on hiB
personal property, estimated at 4H00,-
OOO.OuO, into the treasury of tills
They claim that under the Warnes
tax law Rockefeller, by residing in
the county for the greater part of the
preceding twelve months, has made
himself liable to taxation here. Th-
Rockefeller'B  tax    at
Week  commencing  Feb. 9,  1914.
In repertoire of plays giving a complete change cf program and featuring
Pearl Tangley
as an extra added attraction. Com"
ask he? any question. Her advice is
Prices: 15c, 25c, and 35c.
Seat   sale  at  box    office    Monday
morning.    Phone 961.
Ccntralia, Feb. 5.���J. M. Layliue.
superintendent of Centralla schools,
With his bride, Mrs. Alice E. Hill, of
Olympia, was serenaded last nigh? by
more than 100 local high school students with a band. Mr. and Mrs. Layliue were then taken to the high
school, where Mr. Layhtie delivered
an address to the students, after
which the newlyweds were placed in
a buggy  and  drawn  by  higli    school
the  lake  and   another  frost  such   as of any body.    To explain the sub-sec- I pupils   through   the  business   section
Wednesday  night's  will   probably  be
sufficient to allow general skating.
Insure in the Royal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent, Alfred
W. Mcl.eod, the Insurance Man.
by  Rev.
Scries cf Lectures
A series of lectures on the
of  Religion"   is  to  be  given
Dr. Crummp, pastor of Wesley Methodist church. Vancouver at Columbian
college, commencing at 3:30 p.m. on
Tuesday,  Feb. 10,  twice a  week, and
continuing for five weeks.    On Thursday.   Feb.   19.  at  3:30   p.m.   Kev.   Dr.
Chown. general superintendent of the
Methodist church in Canada, will begin a series of lectures on  sociology.
Insure with Alfred W   Mcl.eod. the
Insurance    man.    All  kinds    written ]
Hundreds of millions to pay  losses.
Topping On* on  2ail.
For the- purpose of looking up eer-
taln legal points advanced by Ailam S.
Ibhnstcn, as counrel feir Joseph Topping,  the  case against the  latter tn
ho   Burnaby   police  courl   yesterday
morning waa remanded by Magistrate
Beatty  until  Wednesday  morning of
I next week.   Evidence was given that
the sum in arri ars, whic-'ri the accused  is charged  with misappropriating.
I h-is since been paid over t,. Councll-
I lor J. C. Allen, the owner of the property in dispute,    Miss Mllliken, who
purchased   a   lot   from   the   accused,
| gave evidence at the h*:i-i'ig yesterday to the effect that  tho prisoner's
j wife had offered her $300 as Bettle-
| ment if the would not appear against
I', piling.    ,\  remand until next  Wed-
tion, Mr. Verville asked the house to
suppose that a Masonic ledpe or even
in the privy council over which the
premier presides, such an instrument
were made use of where would be the
secrets so jealously guarded from
those who have no right to chtaiu
Publication of Records.
In sub-section two, the bill dealt
with the publication cf the records of
the detectaphoncs or similar instruments. The bill left to the attorney
general of the provinres the power
to accord the necessary permit allowing sue'.i publication and he be-
c-ame the judge as to whether or not
such publication was i.i tho general
interest cf the public.
.Mr. Verville stated that he did not
wish to interfere in any way with the
Icj Itimate prevention of the punishment of crimes when the detectaphone
was used by lawfully authorized persons for the purpose of doing so and
In the t.iird sub-section it was clearly slated that nothing in the second
Tsection should be held 1�� prevent or
| restrict the* use of the detectaphone
or other like contrivances in the de-
��� tection of crime cr rfrtud.      . -~
Two policemen attempted to arrest
several of the students, but desisted
at the solicitation cf the school
Dead  for  Fortnight.
London, Feb. 5���It was stuteel by a
doctor at a coroner's inquiry at West
Ham that Sarah Ann Beecham. aged
71, had probably been lying dead in her
heel for a fortnight without the knowl*
! edge of  relatives  living  in  the same
, house.     Her  daughter   said   she   last
I F.iw her mother about a fortnight ago.
"She was asleep," she said, "when  I
! went into her room.   The coroner asked if she didn't go to her again and
, Bhe   replied:    "About   a   week   after-
i wards   I   went   In   anil   she   was   still
j asleep."    "Still asleep?    How do you
i know she was not dead?"    "I do not
know."    When iliel the die?"    i don't
: know."
by Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed,
Licorice and Chlorodyno
Mr. J. Seward, Bromptonville, Que.,
writes :
"Two weeks ago I took a severe col.l
which settled on my lungs and my chest
was very sore, breathing tight and severe
backing cough. I was feeling miserable.
I bought a bottle of Na-Dru-Co Syrup of
Linseed, Lie-otice and Chloroelyne anel
after a few eloses 1 felt great relief ituel I
went into a Sound sleep, a thing I was
not able to ilo for some nights. Next
day 1 was able to lie around again, and
before completing the bottle, felt as well
as ever. It is a fine cough anel cold
Na-Dru Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
anel Chloroelyne relieves the irritation
and "stuffed-tip" feeling in the sifrpassages, soothes the tickling which makes
you cough, loosens the phlegm and
drives out the cold before it gtts troublesome.
In 25c and 50c bottles, at your
Druggist's National Drugaud Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited. 322
LADIES come and see our work.
Bring us your combings and we will
make them up any way required.
The Wig Makers
108 and 103 McLeod Block,
Corner   Columbia   and   Sixth   Streets.
Gpencer   Su-.ceer's   Nixon.
Ottawa.   Feb.   5.���George   Spencer,
who has  been  ;iHsie*;ant chief operat- j
ing officer at Winnipeg, has succeeded I
A. J. Nixon as chief operating officer I
to the railway commission at Ottawa
Central  th��pot.
:. Know?*! cia". a """I
Hamilton, Ont., Feb. f
nounci mi nt of the elreit'i
Pirn at the asylum for
lu re will rw.tl! to many Hamlltonlana
the eccentrioitioa of this eld veteran,
who for many years was a familiar
flguri en the Btree s ef this city. Tire !
di ( east ,l wan In his 7*>tli year, and
death followed an nitark of apoplexy
with which li.* was stricken several
days ago, Hamilton has had many
unique  characters,  b, t    none    mere
That  Tenmcrance  Trouble.
8t.  Cathjrincs, Ont.,  Feb.  6.- Tha'
declarations frcm 20 persons who vot-
rr* act a:
booth    In
The    an-
cf  Richard led in favor of Va:: ti*:rp>>re!
the   insane i i.;.   p.   Sculrburs'.'s   polling
ilrid*;. ���'
:r .
ly, will be pre
sented by the prosecution when Soult-
huret appears before the magistrate
at Brldgobu'.-g Saturday morning, is
the statement made by ,1 loading te n-
pei wee worker heir'. Coulthurst was
t-.* have been arraigned today hut
counsel for the temperance forces wait
unable to come and a postponement
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
Mixed   I'i< i,1-....  I. ge  Bottles 25c
Chow Chow, large bottli 8  	
Stenh  n's   Pane}   Sevect   Tickles,  a
choice    line   or   small    tender
pickles   per  bottle    35c
Bweei Gnu itinB, pei  bottle   25o
Sweet, c   , rkins   in bulk; 2 dozen, ,25c
Dill   Pickles, per dozen    20c
Olue   1 .1 ���     und   Knider'a   Catsup,
1" ������   bi Uie    .'.30c I
Monarch  Cstfup,  bottle    25;
Libby's    Choli *     Pineapple,    p"r
Cn     25c.   and   35c I
Canned   Pears,   Peaches,  Strawberries,   I,a.-*, I    r'u   . etc.
Choice   Navel   Oranges,   20  for  25c;
. .25c, 33c, sed  50c.  doercn.
I croons,  per i!< to.ii    23c, |
Crape* Fruit, 3 for  25c
The Min.*r,il Heave Rented ���- Ih r sure and eafe cure fir throat,
stomach and lung heaves and al! pulmonary and wind diseases in
ir-rees.    Sold en its merits,    P,*icc*i:   Small   tiee  $1.25;   Ijrge   si:e,
e3 75
Dean's Grocery
-ne 3^8. j Colf.muia Healing Fcwdcr fcr  ulcerated  ami  raw  son
~jiumw�� tafe��t.      a     chafing, outs, etc.   Acts like magic  on  Baddle    ami    collo
���urr Slock
Read - The - News
Columbia Healing Fcwdcr fcr ulcerated anil raw cores, burns,
ar     n*-Hs.
Prices:   25c,  03c,  end   $1.03.
New   Westminster.        Phone  69.
The Big Furniture Store
One Block up Sixth Street from the P. O.
Phone 588
. FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY 6,  1914.
���   .   PAGE nvsj
(Uy the  Potter.)
Dopestera Got Busy Yesterday Afternoon���New Amateur League
Although the opening of the baseball
season is several weeks away, the
bug got working overtime yesterday
with the result that a prediction to
the effect that baseball wlll be much
stronger tiian ever In the Hoyal City
this earning summer, Ib not far off
the  mark.
The American game made its way
to the front rank last summer due no
doUbt tn a deflection In the ranks of
lacrosse magnates and this headway
Ib considered sufficient to place* the
, ity un the map when Inter-clty games
a ith Vancouver and Washington nines
a .)  considered.
Two new teams are likely in the
, Ity league, these being Fraser Mills
,iikI the Knights of Columbus. The
Circle F crowd are intent and eager
to pluce a team In the league providing; their application for a franchise
is granted anil there should be little
difficulty In this line. The French
lUnudiiin colony at the big ihIIIb stick
together with the clannish spirit and
v. Ith ie baseball team invading New
Westminster every week the attendance  will   be   materially   Increased.
lhe rumor published in The News
several weeks ago that the Knights
ol Columbus were planning to orga-i-
.. u team Is fast taking root. Tommy
Walsh, last yr-ar with the Balmorals,
being   at   the   head   of  affairs.     The
Knights  are  entering  into  the  Bplrlt
tin*   game   and   have   promised   a
.-tJiora of financial and moral support   with   the   evident   intention   of
;>yiiiii   the   pennant.
Sbehjld the Fraser Mills scheme go
ti'irough It will mean considerable
work for Manager Graham of the
Moowe who has won the championship
two successive years solely through
the assistance of players from the
New League.
Together with the talk of reorganizing the city league cotneB the story
that a slmon pure amateur league will
be formed. This organization will
likely come under the wing of the local
amateur union, very few of the play*
e'rs In last year's league preferring
to take out an amateur card as thla
would practically prevent them from
playing with teams other than In Van
couver. which taken on the whole, are
not lu Westminster's class: This
does not necessarily imply that the old
league will be of the Beml-pro order,
with the kale dished out here and
(here. City league baseball has not
yet come to the stage where salaries
ear. le paid cr even retainers, which
does away with the Idle rumors that
nearly every player on the teams Is
a professional. The league magnates
arc determined to give the Westminster public the be-st they know how.
Teams like Blaine, Sumas and Bel-
llugham will he brought here this
summer, which were the local association to Join the B. C. A. A. U. such
attractions would be impossible to
The' Patricks are reported to be after  Jerr>   ('oughlan,  a  speedy   rover,]
with Ingersol) 0. H. A. team and last
year with Peterboro.
Joe Corman ol  the Victoria Times,
quoted  Jchnny   Howard   with  the  re-1
mark   that   the   latter   together   with j
two other Salmon Belly lacrosse players, are willing to make Victoria their
home this Bummer.   Joe sure has got J
the bug.
Pete Muldoon, trainer of the Van-'
couver hockey club, has got really
peeved at all the publicity given the]
Victoria-WestminBter ladles ' hockey
game. Yesterday he started out to
round up a team to represent Vancouver and threatens they can lick anything In sight.
the present cold weather. Manager
Qrant is ail prepared for a straggle
although another week would ghre
him plenty cf time to bolster up several of the players who plainly showed signs of Saturday's gam** at the
Port  City.
Manager Crawford's "Cyclones," representing Cunningham's hardware*
.'.tore, defeated the Westminster Woodworking company's septette at the rink
last night, the final score being 5-2.
The victors came back with great
speed, following their defeat at the
hands of T. J. Trapp and company,
and leel in the scoring from the first
face-off. Featuring for the hardware
boys were Follis and McDonald,
while liollielay, Main and Bud Gordon
were the shining lights for the band-
saw  artists. I
Branch Hockey, the new manager of
the St. Louis Americans, refuses to
play ball on Sunday, a clause In hiB j
contract stipulating that he does not
have to don the uniform on that day.
From past records we are not aware
that the Browue ever played baseball;
on any of the other six days.
A threat hy Kiviat and Kolehmalnen, j
the two suspended amateurs, to take
theh- case before the supreme court
Judge, soon compe-lied the N.Y.A.A.U.
to rescind its previous decision. Tho
pair were accused of fixing a race
when both tied at the tape.
Unless   a  complete  change    take.-s
| place In the temperature the chances
i of Coquitlam, and the Hovers clashing
on   Moody   I'ark  Saturday  afternoon
j appear   mighty   slim      although    the
official announcement will    not    be
] known until late Friday night or Sat-
i unlay morning.    It was expected that
'he blanket of snow would have disappeared   by  thiB  time  but   weather
I bulletins   indicate   a   continuance   of
The opening series of the House
Basketball league at the Y. M. C. A.
was played last nigh:, the trophy In
competition being the Pacific Canadian shield. Art Dawe's aggregation
triumphed over G. Whlttaker'a ejuln-
tette by a score of 22-2, while C. Warwick's crew nosed out a 2-0 11ctory
over T. Aunandale and his team.
Crack   Vancouver Team  Will  Tackle
Bsavers at Ring Tonight���Exhibition   Game.
An Interesting struggle is likely  to
Im   waged   at   the   rink   tells  evening
when the Vancouver Columbiaa stack
up against the Beavers ln a friendly I
game.    This will be the first appear-,
ance of  the Columbias on  local  ice,
and  critics  in   Vancouver are of the j
opinion that they are even faster than
(Continued on Page Eight.)
:J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. J.A.Rennie. 5ECY-TRES
Nine - Roomed,   Beautifully
Furnished House
Five bedrooms, on Sixth Street, between Third
Ave. and Queen's Ave., $30 per month.
Also modern 3-roomed suites, steam hea,t; close
to Columbia Street.
Safe Deposit Boxes for rent at moderate prices.
Forty-three thousand people witnessed the English cup replay at Sheffield yesterday, when the Wednesdays
detested Wolverhampton Wanderers
1-0. Four persons were seriously injured   when   a   wall   collapsed,   1'e.ers,
the Wolverhampton custodian fainting
:et the spectacle, and did not resume
playing. Neither team scored following   the   accident.
Junior Gymnasium Exhibition
and International
At Y. M. C. A. Tickets, 15c, 25c,. 35c.
Order Your Suit at
We guarantee satisfaction.
WO  Clarkson   St. Collister   Black.
j  |
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Fashion Craft and Society Brand Hand-Tailored Suits.
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This Means any Suit in the Shop.
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Any Overcoat in the Shop, Burberry's Excepted,
Saturday Only, for
15.00 PAGt    Sl��
FRIDAY,   FEBHUARV  6,   1914.
Classified Advertising
OREGON DRY ELECTIONS UPHELD  purpose  of giving  legal  color  to  the
    proceeding.    It  is a  foregone eonolu
The Most Romantic Figures In His. Court Rules Towns Adopting Prohibi- sion that the council will approve of
tory Were the Old Vikings. I .   tion  Did  So  Lerjally. anything  which Yuan Shi Kai  recom
eelved for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
B. Lardeu, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis, Alta Vista.
��� ��� ��� ��� ev a >�����������������**<
��� RATES *
��� ����������������������>���������������������
Classified���One eenl per word pe
ttj; 4c per word per week; tf><- pe
���month; 5 (inn woids. to be used as rr*
quired within one year from date ..
lortract,  125.00.
FOR  ��Al E
Iiaiel in. fcr sale at pood discount.
Curtis  &   Dorgan. (211061
in eight minutes walk of Edmonds,
$3000, Half acre cleared, sidewalk.
light and water to place. I!ox 287S,
News office.
i _____���_���	
erty through an ad. In this column.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week. Canada'B Pride Malleable
Ranges: every one guaranteed. Mnr
kei square. <2S84i
Perhaps the most romantic figures
In history, at least to tho boys and
girls who love adventure and daring ^j0"*  '" ,s?"   al">p;ll"(1  ������   on
deeds,   are   the   Vikings.    Centuries dry<-it>   elections  held   in  the  slate
�� .    r.11    Vnii'.n h:r    1    lout      ,,,,
Portland,    Feb.   5.���The    supremalmends.   When this final step is com-
eonrt of Orofion has handed down ele-  pleted, opponents of Yuan assert, the
,      .   vM   U     ��� ......        j
'M.N\3P. effl*1t*-B|-t> ���
���VANTED- WISCELLA -"     ���   �����
WANTED ��� HOI :-'!���:!!.���.,I> FURNI
ture' in large or small quantities;
���highest price**; paid. Auction Bales
couducti a. H. ���)��� lluasi :������ K'ng
hotel block, Columbia s reet, Phone
881, -2&32)
ture, er stocks In trade, in lai - or
small quantities, bighi ;���: pric i*:' 'i
nr rr d Davis i 111 bi i! your goods
bj public auction with guarantei a
resul -. or uo c imniti sion charged,
tho export on furniture bi tore
you gi i ���' r'our goi .!���*. away. Addn bs
Fred Davis, 548 Columbia street,
New Westmlus'ti r, (2898)
Improved properties anywhere are
,,;*, ed to communicate with us al
< ncc. We must have* at li ast 1000
new listings for our Eastern and
Old Country clients before March 1
it st prices si euivl for choice prop-
��� rl,. b Wri'ie lotl i; , Clarkson,
li, pt, .1-2, 907 Lindsay building,
Winnipeg. *'-'s'!'*>
���ehere No collection, no charge
smeric.au Vancouver Mercantile Ap
���nev S'16 HhKllngs Htreet west, \'an
c luver. (2886)
��� t'ltxiri its, btoreSjtocks AND
i.n in sal.**- coiieliicled. Furnlltiri
bought for cash P li Drown, 1"
Begbie si reel. New Westminster
To the Board   of   License   Commls-
slonei a of Surrey, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply :ii the next meeting of the
Board of License Commissioners for
the District of Surrey, for a license to
Bell lieiuors by retail on tbe premises
known as the St. Leonard hotel, situate on lot:-, numbered from l to 12.
S.W. corner Section fi, Township T, in
the District e-*f Surrey, B.C.
2?46 Applicant.
���-.)   ������,
nisli.il housekeeping rooms, furnace
heat, 37 Agm a street. Telephone
638 L, (2908)
ply 309 Pine street.   Phone 953 L.
land in CoqultjfLm. Apply Mr. Gale,
Sterling Hotel (2879)
Hol water hi at, pleasant rooms,
borne comforts.    Moderate rates,
ire rent try an ad. In ! li is column,
keeping rooms. Jlu am! $15 per
month at 22*1 St'\e".ith street. (2883)
Rf  Blocks ,"., 17, 19, 20 and the north
half of Dock 21, beings parts   of
Section 33, Block 1 north, Range? 1
east    (otherwise    the     southwest
quarter of Section 5, Township 7),
New  Westminster District.
Whereas  proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 327F, Issued
in tho name of Charles A. Loom is has
been tiled In this office.
Notice i.;i hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
tha date of the lirst publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
.1. ('. QWYNN,
District Registrar of Tii les.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., January 28,
1914. (2807)
Two    Men, Two  Women    and    Baby
Hurt���Stcrc Front Blown Out���
Building  Rocked.
Spokane.  Teh.  5. -Tiie* explosion of j
gas In an oven at N1815 Monrcc street i
late  yesterday  afternoon   tossed  two
men, two  women and  a  baby about, |
blew out   the  glass front of the confectionery store, and caused the occupants  of  the   Monroe  apartments,  in
Which the store is situated, to hasten
to the street.
A. B. Williams, a linker of Hillyard,
Buffered minor lacerations of the facv
and a  hand.
.Mrs. .1. J. .larvis, th:' owner, standing near the front of the; store, was
shocked almost to the point of collapse.
tias had just been turned on by an
employee of the gas company and tlie*
three burners had been lighted but a
few minutes when the explosion came,
according to A. B, Williams, th,*
baker. Mrs. ,i. F. Black and baby boy
of Monroe street were thrown agalnsl
a table. 1'. S. Hoffman, a patron,
standing in the front of tiie s'.ore, was
raised from  tile floor, lie' stated.
Occupants of nearby stores and
apartments felt the floors raise and
the building rock. Pedestrians saw
glass shooting out from tli,- windows
to tiie street, Not ,-i pane in the front
remained in place
Mrs. Jarvis had just bought tii*
store io engage in tin* candy an!
bakery bustness, and the baker was
starting the oven for the firs', time'
since the gas was turned off several
days ago. The chief loss seemed to
bo the destruction of glass, which is
estimated to have a value of $2ihi. Tiu*
property is owned by J.  W. Sreene,
C. (!. Allenbach, manager of the
business department or the Gas company, says that the explosion wa?
caused by lighting the burner when
the oven was filled with gas. The lire,
match failed to ignite the gas bul
lhe flow was not turned off pending
the second attempt at lighting.
have passed since the appearance of
on  November 3 last, under the local
���'republic" of China will be nothing
but a name.
Today's mandate declarres that tho
an unknown ship at sea was the sig- ��Ptio" law. declaring that the elec- district councils interfere with the
l.al for terrified prayer by priests and tio"a were vali(l anu* as a result the administration and that the council-
people, the burdt l of which was, towns affected are dry under the vote lors Intrigue with the rebelH.
"Save us, O Lord, from the rage of cast ��l the election named. j
the Norsemen." Hut even to this day The cities involved arc: Salem,
the word Viking has power to thrill Oregon City, Stayton. Springfield,
such as few other words possess. Oresham and  Hillsboro.    As all    the
Norway ls the real home of tbe VI- questions raised were covered in th.
kings, for, from the fabled t'me when HiliBboro appeal, the court wrote the
OJin. their god, led his followers out controlling opinion in that case. Thee
of Asia and settled with them ln court also upheld the right of the
Norway, such an unreasoning love of Salem council to prohibit the licens
freedom Influenced the fierce Norse- Ing of saloons.
r-.eu that not one of them was willing
to be ruled and all wanted to rule,
'.'hus It came about that the country
was divided into very small portions,
a id over each portion ruled a petty
lord, known as r, jarl or earl. These
little  domains  naturally
Last Acceptance Makes Total of 32
Nations to Come.
San Francisco, Feb. 5.���WiUi the
formal acceptance of Turkey to participate in the Panama-Pacific exposition, the. total number of foreign
nations to b.* represented In San
Francisco  in  1915  is  32.
A telegram was received today by
the exposition officials announcing
that the state department at Washington was in receipt of a letter from
the ambassador at Constantinople,
transmitting a note from the- Turkish
minister of foreign affairs lo the
effect  that the imperial Turkish pov-
Peking, Feb. 5.���All the distriet
quarrelled councils in the provinces of China
continually, and so things were tn a have been dissolved by Yuan Shi Kai.
sad plight until Harold, th3 Fair- This dictatorial action is regarded
Laired, upon the death of his father, here as another important step to
was proclaimed King. The lad was ward the suppression of all semblance ornmeiit bad accepted the president'*
onl yten years old at the time, but tin1 of popular government in China. invitation   to  participate   in   tho    ex-
Norsemc matured early, and so Iti    The nnni move |��� tlif�� direction   it position.
was not very long before he fell In is sa|,i   w|i]  De tlll, _iBper8ai ���,- ������*.��� I        	
provincial assemblies.   A mandate to "
this effect is being prepared by Yuan
Shi Kai.
Tlii-e will  be submitted to th    administrative council in Peking for tin*
m New Westminster, B.C.
V, dwelling houses, all modern, in
Tine locations, close ln mi good streets.
Also one store on Columbia St., and
two on Sixth St.
Apply to Cunningham Hardware
or to Jas. Cunningham.
Vttl C   h     COLU
s . tl .\!.r\.  fj E W
Girls' classes, Tuesday 7;30 pin.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing  classes,   Thursday,   1:2H   p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
rBpecial dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
For  particulars  call  phone  l:'.24.
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
���display.    See them.    Perfect fit and
workmanship guaranteed.   Prices from i
18 00 up.    701 Front Stree'
When going on a long journey if
on our railway there will bo no an
noyance ol transfer noi delay-
Toronto Express leaves at..7:60 a.m
St. Paul train leaves at 1:25 p m
Imperial Limited leaves ,-it. X:lu p.m
For rate and reservations apply to
Or li. W. BltODIE, Q, P. A , Vancouver
Having  local, d  several    groups    cf
mineral  claims through  Burnaby  and
Coquitlam and  having  applted  und r
ihe provisions of sections  14 and 40
of tiie*    ii. c. Mineral    Act    for   the
're-cording of same,    Mr,  F, ('. Catnp-
i bell, mining recorder for New West-
Iminater district, heis re-fused to record
the  said   claims  subj cl   to   the  provisions of Section  li of the said Act.
Tins  matter shall  1*  taken  up with
the authorities   al  Victoria,   and    if
found necessary al  Ottawa.
Pending the settlement of this matter we wish to warn all whom it may
concern  that it  is a criminal offence
in disturb or  remove any  legal post
"tertiel  by  the  undersigned  to mark
the location or boundaries of the said
mineral claims,
I Signed |
Joseph '/.. Lajole, Lajole Falls, B.C.
Ray O. Smith, Vancouver, 13.C,
Emerson M. Bailey, North Vancouver, B.C.
Aiphonse    Beaubien,    Malllardvllle,
B, C.
George Corriveau, Vancouver,  II. C.
New York, Feb. 5.���Lucius >���'. Lil
tauer, form; r congressman, and Wil
liain LIttauer, his brother, both of
Gloversville, N.V., pleaded guilty today in federal district court hero to
conspiracy t-j .smuggle jewelry Into
this country. Sentence w��s suspended.
United States District Attorney
Marshall urged the court to inflict
lhe full  penalty of tbe  law.
"The evidence established," he said,
"that William LIttauer bought this
tiara in Venice and that Lucius !,it-
tauer brought It Into tin* United
Slates through this port clandestinely,
Even had he desired to bring it in
free of duty as an antique, he knew
it should have been declared.
"1 submit to the court thai these
defendants are guilty of smuggling. !'
has been the oustem here to admin
ister lave taps In the, Bhape of pun
Ishment to smugglers bi" the t*pe and
standing ot these tv.o defendants. I
truet that there will be no -love t . :��� '
administered in this case.
"A fine spectacle we have here of
em ex-meml er of congr ss, who In
his publir* life was a continual and
active advocate i f the high tariff,
seeking to evade the tariff laws for
gain. Ex-Congressman LIttauer is *i
beneficiary of the tariff laws. The
fact should be taken into considi ration."
Counsel for tho Littauers said the
defendants had regarded the jewels
as antiques and not dutiable. It was
pointed out that they hud been intended ns gifts and not for commercial purposes,
love with (Jyda, the beautiful daughter of a petty king ruling over a
neighboring land. He sent an ambassador to ask bor hand In mar-
llage, as was the custom of the time; I
but t.'yda, who evidently was very j
ambitious indeed, cent back a nies-.
gage saying that she would become
King Harold's wife only wben lie had
conquered all of Norway and bent It]
to bis rule as King Erik bad conquered Sweden. As soon as Harold
had received his message he took a
solemn oath uol to cut his beautiful
hair until he won (l.vda for a bride on
her own conditions.
True to bis word, lie conquered
Norway, and. as a consequence, Oyda
became bis bride.
Up to the time of the wedding
feast he bad been known as "The
Frowsy Haired"; but afterward bu
was called all over bis conquered
kingdom, Harold Haarfelger, which
means the fair-hatred.
It was vttb tho reign of Harold tl;*?
Fair-Haired that the Viking age began.
Although Harold had conquered
Norway, he had by no mollis subdued
thee fierce love tor freedom in tha
hearts of his sui rects. Those who
had ruled over petty kingdoms refus-
el to be subject to the rule of auy
man, and so they sailed away and
became sea robbers, or Vikings.
Read The News
Transfer Co.
mica   Prion*   ItB.       Barn   Prion*   117
legbls ���treet.
Toronto. Feb. 5.���Theodore  L. Joy.,
American Civil War veteran, and well
knonw resident of West Toronto, died
early this morning at  his home on
, Pacific avenue, aged K2 years.    Death ,
- rrame following a year's Illness.
Mr,  Joy  was born  In Ohio, and hei
: fought for the north in the American j
I I ivil Weir.    When peace, was declared j
he   moved   to  Smlthfleld,   Ont.,  later'
I moving to  Peterboro, where  he lived ;
! Tor about 20 years, and up to tho time
of  ills  death   belonged   to  the   Peter-1
j horo Masonic lodge.
HagKSKS Deliver**: Promptly t*
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
' ^ UMiilAN I'AUHl
From Vancouver for VictoilJ.
30.00 a m Dally
2.0C   pm Daily
Jl:4o   p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dallj
11:00  p.m !> i.i.
Steamer leaves at  l!.t.> p.m, on
From  Vancouver  lor  Nanaimo.
? .*;..   p.m       li.illj
Except  Sunday.
���Nsnslmo,  Union  Cay and  Comox.
9:00 a.in Wednesday and Frldaj
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,  Pu-.vtM   River
11:45 a.m Every other Salurdaj
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Feb. 14 and 2��
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
H'tOO p.m Wednesdayi
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays nnd Fridays for
Victoria, calling at points In the
Oulf Islands.
For Oulf Island Points.
WV. QOULET, A srent. Ncw  Westmlnitar
AL W. BIIODIB, U. P. A.. Vancouver.
��a MissCave-Brownc-Cave
L.lt.A.M.,  A K.C.M
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ng, Ve;ice Production, Theory (iu
8lass or privately), Harmony, Counter*
iioint. Musical Form and Histery.
Pupils prepared for the cxamtna
'Ions of the Associated Hoard of the
Itoyai Academy of Music and Itoya
College of Music. Also Professions'
Diplomas, Toni her or Performer
For terms, etc, apply ni Dtifferli
*troei.   phone tun
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
National Drug and Chemical Ca.
of Canada, Limited.      t 75
WANTRD    11     r*     |,ANT)
enpnbie ..f rlolnn onslni >���
plications,   ��iHi   stilt, in* nt
required,  wlll  be  i*,.**l\".i
nturday,   the.   1 ith  Inst .
from  whom partici
nn ���   hi   had.
It    V   PAVNB,
I. in*.ic>    Muntolpnl   Clerk,
Murrnyvllle,   13
n; v.,irk \\i-
is in salary
* to noon or
,- the unelor-
ini   rogarellns
VOTl 'E I -  HBflEBV 1SJVBN thnl   I   ".iii
nl  tin   'i* xl  1 ��� ������ llni, ol  Hi*   llynnl r.f |J
��� nslllR i-.ii.i*    ���������! ,.i**r** 1 pi.lv  f,,r n  Irana-
1 i* ,.r 111.'  WI ol, -. ile  Uciun    1. ������ line from
nr mists ei'ii.'l > ,111 1,,,. Sine * *t 1.
",!'*.-:���. Twrntv-fmir I'.'li, In thr i':*.* nf
���'��� ,.- v.'* "it" fr, 1 1 1. ������* H". ��� *i 17),
111 *.*''   "G,"   ii* ���,.> ���   Sf.'i   * * ,''i n'.iii   -;..,.,
��� J'ti I 1 I.KSI 1:.   1:    HALS'US.
Dated,  riril  February,   1P1-I.
NOT1CB IS IIKI'.KI'.V GIVBN thnt t will
ni ih" next meeting of t!" 11,,,r.t of Licensing Commissioner apply f*.r ,1 trnns-
f.*i   ni  Hi.*  bottle  license  for  the sup. ..f
I ll.|i'or by retail from tho premises situate
on 1-ot Nino (0), Bloclt Twenty-fuur 1.'I 1
tn lie- City of New Westminster, lo Lot
Seven   iti,  tllnrle "Cl,"  number  ^'*:<  Col-
1111 il.iii street.
! f291(D l.Ksi.ll*-.  E.   HAINIiS,
1    l idled, i'.nl February,  11)14.
Branchea  Throughout  the   Province   of   Brltlah  Columbia.
Savlnga Department at ull Branches Deposits of Ona Dollar and
upwards received aud Interest at tiie hlHbent current rate paid or
credited half ) early.
Oraftc and Travellers' Cheques told, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK,  General  Manager.
Weetmlnster   Branch: ��� A. W.  BLACK.  Manager.
rea   etd ileal   Mgr.
v S; i.l'1 ciidtnt.
Bee. end Trsaa
Anatomy of a Violin.
Taken to piece a violin wool
fo md lo consist of the following!
parts: Hack, two pieces; belly, two;
coins and blocks, cix; Sides, (iv.*; side:
linings, twelve; bar, one; purtlings,
twenty-four; neck, one; finger board
one; nut, one; bridge, one*; tailboard
one*; button for tallboird, oni*; string
ft * tailboard, one, guard for string,
one; sound post, one; strings, four;
peek's, four; total, sixty-nine. Thrci
kinds of wood are used���maple, pine
and ebony. Maple Is used for the bat k
tli.* neck, tbe side pieces and then
bridge. Pine ic used for the be'ly, ll.'
bur, the coins and block*.', the side linings and the sounding post. 1
Is iie-"d for the finger board,
and   other  parts.
irlr9 Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 87/.
tail hi
Madcap Princesses.
The three princesses al   Ihe courl
of  Louis XIV. delighted  In  practical]
lokes and    were   for   e ver   In  sonii
scrape or other.  One night at Trian 1 i
they procured a petard and explodi
ii beneath the window of monsii ui 1
bedchamber.   Once   when   the eoui '
was at Marly the* odor of ail exi 1 e .
iiuily pungent tobacco was wal     i 1
the king's nostrils as be was on th
point of retiring to rest, whii li, upo ���
inquiry being made, was found Lo pro
ceed from tho apartments of Mme. d
Chartres,  where she  and   her sisteti
were  smoking  pipes   borrowed   fr*...
the Swiss guard.���From 11. Noel \\ 11*
liams'  "A   ltose of  Savoy."
\ Chinese Joke.
This is a sample of tho jok?s tb 3
like in China:
A courier, bearing importrnl die*
patches, was givn a liors" and told
to make all possible speed towai 1
his destination. ?ome time ufterwarej
he was found in the road, walking an,i
pushing his horse before lilm.
"Why In tbe world aro you doing
that?"  he  was  asked.
���Oh," be said. "I reQected, and I
came to the conclusion that we shou'ei
make more speed on six feet than v.s
possibly cculd 01 four."
Mouth American Oil Birds.
One of the miraal curiosities t.i
Poulh Amerhan is the "oil bird," 01
quacharo, ll breeds in roeky caves or
the mainland, ���*������������ I one of Its favoriif
haunts Is the ii-lau.l of Trinidad, li
lays its eggs In a nest made of nitiel
and the yoina birds are prodlsioiisl.,
fat The natives melt the fat dOWU
in clay pots and produce from It a
kind of butter. The caves Inhabited
by the birds un usually accessing
oiily from Hie sea, and the hunting ol
them Is sometimes an exciting sport
Itnw nml Boll. I Milk.
Haw milk and boiled milk are ve.j
1 different roods. The casein of ruw
I milk, unless modified so that il will
I not form bard and large curds, OlTeri
: serious difficulties In digestion thai
I are not present lit boiled milk.
Acre Font of Water.
An "acre fool" of water is equlvei
loot to 43,.'i60 cubic feet and Ib the
quantity required to cover an acre t.i:
the depth of one foot. The term ! =
commonly used tn connection witi.
siorage   for   irrigatlo. .
Swlngins Electric Lights.
Llectrlc lights suspended by the
familiar twlBted cord can be protected
ngatnBt injurious vibrations by honk
Ing the ends of a spiral spring Inu
the cord, slacked for a short distaii ���
to permit Ibis to be done.
liOve'i Song.
Love': song, Is all the sweeter if n
man Is 1 bin      reach the high notes cl
the wage rcale.
WEEK   DAY   SERVICE   First   car  leaves
5:30 a.m., wilh hourly service throughout day
eii.   To accomm 'date ilie "rush hour" t.ii!'r;c ::-
Westminster at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., thes    spociu
for the return trip one hour later,
., with hou
i'i   t  car leav ps  New
Ilu ,. after until 11:30
at 8:30
ammirsts^s ;y mans;���ragsw 'rare en
Every Monday at 1- midnight
to Prince Rupert and Granby
Every Thursday at 1" midnight  to  Prince  Rupert.
Every Saturday at 12 midnight to Victoria and Seattle.
Thursday, Feb. 5, at 12 midnight to Skidegate. Ikeda, Queen
Charlotte City, etc.
Monday. Feb, 9, at 12 midnight
to M'assett and Stewart.
W.   E.  Duperow,  G A.P.O.     H. G.
527   Granville   St.,   Vancouver.
Smith, C.P.  & T.A.
Phone  Sey. 8134.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat Grain.
We aro also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Punels,
which arc better in construction, more beautiful and no more ox
pensive than  the old  solid raised panel doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
*���> O   Box 14 Dally News Bldrj
J.  T.   Bim.METT'S  PRINT  8HOP
of all kinds.
Ptl'dS right    Rstlsfacllon cuaranteed
60 McKenzie 8t
Phonra 16 sr.el  te 002 Columbia Btreet W.
Wholesale nnd retail dealers ln the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal wlll, without doubt, boil more water
than  any other coal on  the market.
We also have a limited supply or Old Wellington (Ladysmith)
coal for Stove and grate.
We carry a good stork of building material, Including Vancouver
brand of Portland Cement. This cement i-i being u.seel by thi! l>o*
minion and Provincial Governments nnd nil the larpe corporations
and contractors in the. province. It is ground very fine and is very
uniform. Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tile, common and pressed brick, fire clay and fire
brick. ,,*,v*^
Alteraiion cf Schedule en Interurban Line between
New Westminster and Vancouver via Burnaby Lake
fn and after Monday, January 19, an alteration will he mail.* In
the schedule of the "Burnaby Lake" interurban llne whereby the cars
will hereafter leave either terminus at "half past the hour" Instead
i [ on the even hemr as formerly. The new schedule will operate as
follow s:
New   Wi .tniiiister  at
*;:,:, . .r   .til :30
i irs leave New
leaving  Vancouver
Grand Trunk Pacific
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 aim. for Terr.i-:*.),
Hazelton and Sniithers. Mixed
service beyond to Roso Lake
Stage to Fort Fraser,
Double trac, fast trains, modern
equipment, through service chi*
ohbo to .Montreal, Ileiston anel
New York,
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any llne to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
consideration. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY  6, 1914.
��to(  seven
When Run Down
in physical condition it ia usually because the action of the
organs of digestion has become irregular or defective.
Then there is need for a safe and speedy medicine to relieve
the ills which occasionally depress even the brightest and
strongest The one remedy you may take and feel safe with is
(Tho Large.! Sale of Any Mcdicin. In ilie World)
The first do3e givci speedy relief in sick-headache, biliousness, constipation, lack of appetite, heartburn, dyspepsia,
and lasting improvement follows the timely use of this favorite and reliable home remedy. You will become healthier
and stronger, and more cheerful if you let Beecham's Pilb
Pick You Up
Dir.cl.oo.wllh .vary Iv,, point Iba way to hullo and are e.peei.lly T.lo.hl. to wamaa.
I rcpnreJ only I / rhooi.. Boccham. St. Mel.,,-., l-.���,<*i*.hire. V.ntl.iio. ^^
Jold everywhere la (..null and U. S. America,    ln boic. 2S cent.
tillty of  Staaf and  some of the sup-   this sentiment that made Baron Honde
pored republicans is a question. Tbat such a favorite, and it is on this ae-
| there is a rival to Gustav with a very ! count   that   the   Conservative   party,
j strong  following  in   the Conservative ; which   might   naturally   be   expected
patty and supported generally hy the   to be a defender of the monarchy, ls
i aristocracy of the cojntry was proved | listlesB and cold toward (lustav. From
Throne of Sweden
Hangs in the Balance
some ten years ago. Baron Honde, a
lineal descendant of tho old Scandinavian kings, and a man of great
wealth and prestige abroad, was at
the head of a conspiracy that threatened to remove King Oscar from the
I throne. Though a member of the an-
\ icent aristocracy, Uaron Bonde was
la radical In politics, and thus might
I have counted upon tho support of
two parties In the house. However,
ihe movement or tronsplracy that aimed at placing him upon the throne of
Sweden was Ill-timed. Tho trouble
with Norway and the subsequent division of the dual monarchy drew attention in other directions, and the
plot failed. Whether Bonde waa the
originator of the conspiracy or whether his name was used without his
authority Is a matter upon which
Swedes differ.
An Unpopular King.
While King (iustav if a faithful and
i conscientious monarch, he lacks the
' elements of popularity. I'. is said
I that he takes a German rather than
| a Scandinavian view of his position
; aud of affairs generally. He is more
| than suspected of bnlug of milltaris*
| inclinations.   What is called personal
the Socialists, of course, he can expect no support, and the- Liberals are
ie'd by a man who ls reputed to be
his enemy. So It would not be at all
startling to read in the papers some
morning that over night Sweden has
bi en declared a republic.
Structed," said Magistrate Kingsford
"and I Impose a fine of $25 to cover
the two charges; and if the premises
are net cleaned to the satisfaction of
the Inspector la a week he can lay
another charge. I hope there, will be
no  more  obstruction."
Hucband   Threatened   Health   Officer
and Pays Fine in Court for Obstructing.
Toronto Feb. 5.���"On his first visit
he entered without knocking and walked into the kitchen, frightened me.
Ile said 'It's all right child' then he
sat dowu for half au hour. When he
wub leaving he Bhook hands with me
and wished me all kinds of luck."
Mrs. Leonard Parker, Mutton street,
was referring to Inspector Conroy of
That Norway will become a republic when the present king and Iub son
dies is no news, but It had been supposed that Sweden would stand fast
in her monarchical form of government. It appears, however, that Ous
uv Is no more popular lit Sweden than
is Haakon, and especially his English wife, in Norway, and that the
national legislature is not unlikely ut
any time In the near future to pronounce in favor of a republic. The
reasons for this are personal rather
than political. Sweden is a democratic country, its kind has few prerogatives that might be exercised to
the disadvantage of the nation, and
practically any laws that the people
desire they can make. The fact that
more than one-quarter of the members in the lower house are Socialists is un Indication that the people
freely express their wlsJies at the
polls.    Hut King (lustav appears to be
Swedish parliament. Ther- are the
60 Socialists mentioned. 100 Liberals
and 70 Conservatives. The Socialists
vote with the Liberals, and consequently the government ls Liberal.
Its leader is Staaf, who is known to
1 e on terms of enmity with the king,
not because Staaf is particularly opposed to the monarchy or to the king,
but because he believes that it the
popular thing, Staaf being a thorough
opportunist. Last summer when the
king .*.as ill the government attempt
ed to disregard the constitutional provision that the crown prince shall be
regent. A sensational quarrel was
the result, and the prime minister had
to recede from his position, which
was. In fact. Indefensible, and assumed only because he believed that It
would he a popular thing to show enmity to the monarchy Had the king's
illnet-si   not   been   of   so   alarming   a
magnetism he Ib absolutely devoid of.
j He has neither the prand manner of
��� the  Kaiser  nor  the  geniality  of  the
I late King F.dward. Lacking theBe por-
* soral charms that have made many a. ,,     ,���   ,,,,..,
,i , , i      ��.    ti      the  medical health department when
Worthless sovereign popular, he lacks: *^
I also the record that might appeal tojshe BP��ko as above to Magistrate
]the patriotism of his people. Hy high! Kingsford in the police court. Her
i and   low   he   Is   blam-d,  jointly   with I ),U8band was on trial charged with ob-
his late father, for the loss of Norway, ami the Swedes feel this loss almost as keenly as tlm French feel the
loss of Alsace-Lorraine. It is said
that Osc:ir showed too much weakness
and the then crown prince too much
strength. It was the place of the
crown prince to bo conciliatory, and
the king to be firm, but the positions were reversed, with the result
that Norway was lost. That the Norwegians had little idea of complete
separation Is proved by the fact that
they offered to accept .any of Oscar's
sons as king, an offer that was proud-
Ij  refused.
One of the Bernadottes.
There is also against the king the
structing a sanitary officer in the performance of IiIb duty and also with
keeping the Huron street premises in
aa  unsanitary condition.
Unreciprocated Wishes.
The health officer denied calling
the lady a "child" but admitted shaking hands with her and extending
good wishes. His complaint was that
when he went to Parker's house again
to make an investigation Parker then
threatened to punch his head and also
to shoot him, and incidentally shoot
everybody in the health department.
This was doubtless due to what Mrs.
Parke..- had said of the former visit.
Owing to the unfriendly attitude displayed toward him Conroy took a po-
Humor and
H*   Philosophy
T^EtPING at It brings success.
�����   That's the secret, tut 1 uuess
That It matters nulit a lot,
While you keep the matter hot,
WSal II Is, my ?<>n. that you
Slick to like a hunk ot glue���
What It Is yoei pleli and choose
Never from your mind to lose.
It you stick both night and day
To a scheme thut doesn't pay,
Hanging on �� Ith all your skill
Though the Way is all uphill,
Never letting griw the moss
While you ligure up the loss���
You will soon be busted flat
Sticking to a thing like il.at.
If you stick serenely to
Any cause that la not true.
Caring not lr> list to ihnse
Who its error might disclose,
Ite-lng stubb'.rn iu.= t to prove
That you cannet lorwaru move,
Vou will never srln, I tear.
Though consistent year cy year.
Pick a prnlecl that will pay.
Then unwearied by It stay.
I'lclt a cause tnal's lust e'nd right
And for it wltn vigor fight.
Keeping at It unngs success,
But before we go In press
Hay we L.eg nl you to pick
(something good lo whlcn to slick.
Mijht Take It Literally.
character, it is altogether likely that
growing more unpoiiular every day. I at that time there might have been a ; of foreign stock that never sank its
He; has no following Kven the na* strong move to abolish the crown. j rootB deep into the country of his
tive ariistocracy would fail to support ; A Rival for the Crown. j adoption, and the Swedish aristocracy,
the* throne If it were assailed. I     Whether   a   rival   claimant   to   the   though democratic  In many respects.
There  aro  three    parties    in    the I throne  is at  the bottom  of  the  hos-j has  an   intense  pride cf  race.    It  is
fact that he is. after all, the descend
ant of one of Napoleon's generals, Her-1 liceman with him on his third visit
nadotte, who was the son of a peasant, "I admitted him on his second call."
and throat upon the throne of Norway j said Mr. Parker in his defence, "I
and Sweden against the will of a con- ��� told him that the next time he came
epiered   pe-ople.    The present king  is | to   my   house  that  he   should   knock
and   If  my  house  was  unsanitary  he
should not sit in the kitchen for half
an  hour. He then told  me he  would
come as often as he wished."
"I   am  satisfied  the  men  were  ob-
pj-1 Dentists Seek Power to Prohibit Employment of Unregistered Practitioners���Suggest Fine.
Victoria, Feb, G��� Suppcrtlng the
bill to amend the dentistry aot i/it.ro
duced several days ago in the legislature by F. J. MacKenzie, of Daltu.
'a delegation of the dental profession
,from Vancouver and Victoria waited
ion Sir Richard  McBride Tuesday.
Among those who were present at
the conference were the following
members of the dental council of
British Columbia: Dr. Mlnogue, Dr.
Brighouse, Dr. McSween (New Weat-
|minster), and the following practising
,dentists from Vancouver: Dr. Spencer, Dr. Currie, Dr. Black and Dr.
Thompson. The delegates from Vancouver island Included Dr. Griffiths.
Dr. Burgess, Dr. Henderson, Dr.
Procter, Dr. Harper, Dr. Lewis Hall
and Dr. Tanner.
| C. F. Davie, who introduced the
delegates, stated that the objects *cf
the bill "were to prohibit tho employment of unqualified men or Use
operating of men under contract by
| qualified dentists." He said that the
existing act did not preclude men
; trom practising dentistry who had
passed the necessary examinations
and had not appeared before the government hoard.
1 Dr. Minogue explained that a man
employing unregistered men under
I tiie present act was exempt from
prosecution unless he had made a
| written contract with his assistant,
according to the decision recently
handed down by the judges of the
court. He said it was difficult to
prove the existence of such a written
contract; and he urged that the present act should bo enforced in order
to prevent such an anomaly.
It waa urged that the penalty for
practicing without a license should bs
increased until the maximum fine was
| $400, or three months' imprisonment.
Delegates also pointed out the present difficulty of getting evidence.
They were forced to employ people*
to visit the unqualified dentists in
order to secure a case against them.
The delegates urged that all premises should be open to access by government inspectors at all times, and
that if tliiu -was done It would 01081?
"John, yon shouldn't have told blm    "*l �� u"�� w<18 "u,,c ,l wuu'a ���� "f
'"'   ','       �� ��� the   doors   against   many   unqualified
to dreip In any time,
Why not, my dear? He Is au old
frieDrt. That was no more than simple hospitality.'
Sir Richard McBride. in thanking
the delegation for their visit, said
that the provisions of the act would
It Is Service That Backs Up
Advertising M<>st Successfully
But he bas Just bought a uew By  have the  most  careful  consideration
log machine."
of the executive, and that the professional men affected would be given
a full opportunity of airing their
views before the bill passed to It*
third reading.
In a very real sense every business is a
public service enterprise. A man who supplies commodities to a community, whether
that community is a neighborhood, a city, or
the whole country, prospers only in so far
as he subserves the interests of his patrons.
This sounds elementary, but an amazing
number of men are ignoring this doctrine
in actual practice.
In the past few years the public has
been swinging to this view of not only
large enterprises, like railroads and public
utility corporations, but of smaller institutions! The merchant, large or small, who
does not sense the full meaning of this
changed viewpoint is doing himself serious
injustice and is "in" for many a harassing
That the more progressive business
men everywhere are becoming more fully
aware of their public service functions is
shown by such phrases as these which are
occurring in greater and greater numbers
in advertisements: "Our store is your
store." "We pay the. clerks for your service." It is only by fully satisfying you that
they can satisfy us."
Many a business that is selling excellent
goods and observing all the conventional
rules of good merchandising is falling short
of its greatest success just because the directing intelligence fails to comprehend this
profoundly significant fact of business as a
public service. Regarding the public as a
body that exists for his convenience, the
manager keys his whole enterprise accordingly. Some day he wakes up to the sorrowful fact that for some reason or other he is
"out of tune."
A vivid understanding of his true position as a director of a Public Service Enterprise will enable anyone who is now groping
for the mysterious reason which will explain
his lack of complete success to clarify his
problem, will energize the business anew
and will raise unsatisfatcory service���and
perhaps goods��� that lose buyers into satisfactory service that keeps buyers and adds
to them still others.
Advertising that is reinforced by a
dynamic policy of public service is unassailable. It is practically competition proof,
given a measure of experience and judgment in direction.
Pleating the Kiddias,
"1 am so wurrle-d." ' \f
"West's tbe matter?"	
"I am afraid Ueorgle will go skating. |
I  promised blm  I'd take him to the   HER0 OF ROMANCE GUEST
matinee It be would keep off tbe Ice."   I AT GOVERNMENT HOUSE
���'l did bettei than tbat with my boy." > 	
"What did you do':" |    Ottawa, Feb. 5.���The second son or
"I'romlsed Him I  wouldn't take blm   the Earl of Antrim, Hon. Angus Mc-
to tbe dentist tt he wouldn't go skat- BonneU, who for some weeks has been
, (a guest at Government house of their
1 �����  Royal Highnesses, the Duke and the-
_.    _       -iiattatS; I Duchess ot ConnauRht.  was secretly
The True Condit.sn. marrled on December 13 at Evanston.
"1 suppose that you like those tbat   1U   ^ the daughl���r 0, Henry Arthur
have done a lot fot you." | jonegi trae famous English playwright.
Oh. yes, but I can't say that l like | her full name being Ethelwyn Sylvia
tbem as well as some other folks."
���What other folks, tor instance?"
������Those J HiiDb I msy be able to induce lo do u lot mete lor me.'
Arthur Jones, she being an actress, at
present appearing in Chicago.
The  news only  leaked out yesterday at Government House and much
  surprise was expressed at It    Mr. Me-
. ���. ". ��� Donnell is thirty-one yearSW agw and
SupprtiseJ virtn , hag  fof Fomp yearg bepn operating a
"TTby tin* uilario.is laughter; fru���  r..n���h  ln  Br(t|sn Columbia near
������L IH le .uusbt bis thuuit) III Ilie door J ya,.-.. ..,���..     m*ss Arthur Jones at thu*
sml made il lew remarks." | ,.���,���,, 0f i,Pr marriage was playing in a
������But that bMppened an bonr ago.''       Chicago theatre and    the   ceremony
-Sure, but I di.in t dare laugb uutll j took place very quietly In All Souls"
���af tei be bad left tbe bouse.'
Aftar Lenej Practice.
������She iu taking lung e-ir.auie.-J.
iii** third wile.'
"Others ail divorcedV
" I es.'
"He ought to know bow
wlte by Cils time."
Dreadful. <*
"It wn* .juKe a tragedy."
"til-i baby born in tbat lainily, and
it is tongue tied."
! church,  Evans-ton.    After  staying    *
i few weeks in (\iieago with his bride.
Hon. Mr. McDonnell came on to Ot-
��Jhe Is tawa l0 sta-v at Government House for
I a while, where he is a great favorite.
I Being a nephew of the late C.overnor-
i General Earl (irey. he visited here of-
I ten during the former's regime aud of-
}it * i ten passed through on the way to tha
| seat of his family. In County Antrim.
i Ireland.
It Is expected within a few days that
I Hon. Mr.  McDonnell  will    leave    for
Chicago and take his bride either   to
England or to his -ranch  In    British
Had to Be Going.
They are not oeerlnyeu lo leise���
lou nolle e how tr.cy naw auU hem���
BijI In their act Hit Manchus clinose
The only co.irsa that's Ittt toi it.nu.
Xt> man Is its good as he thinks bs
ts nor ns bud as tie would like to be.
We are a long time learning tbe art
of living sud ncmetlmes miss it altogether, but dyiug just seems to couie
Hope springs eternal. It Is true, but
sometimes it falls to score a good record.
The world Is always looking fur
something to laugb uL That's wby it
notices n lot ot us.
A lover bas the sympathy of most
people. Tbey all know what Is coming to him.
The devil li often blacker than tic I.*
Painted, especially wbeu uc paints red.
\ou can't help everybody, but then
the fellow who Is -striking ton for a
lenutt dnesu't want you to do that.
It Is o good thing to forgive your
enemies, but don t let that give tbeu
���i chance to get you agalu.
Always work for a good cause, but
don't let It work you.
Tbe mnn who puts bis pride In bis
pocket often (beers It up by soon after
���lipping a bit ot colu Id with It
The man wbo Is long on pstlroce
Jtlier ban all he wants or nothing
Toronto, Feb. 5.-~Dr. Gilmour opened an inquest last night on the body
of a newly born baby found in a trunk
in a room occupied by Mrs. Spence.
at a house in Mimlco. The inquest
was adjourned until Feb. 16.
Mrs. Spence is a widow, 29 years of
npe. She lives with her sister-in-law
and it is said" that on Wednesday she
appeared to be unwell and on being
questioned said fiat she had given
birth to a child and had put the body
iu a trunk. The Infant was taken
from the trunk 24 hours after it wast
placed  there.
The Inquest Is expected to show
whether the child was alive when born.
The case was reported to the county
Mrs. Spence Is now In a private hospital and Dr. Gilmour says sh�� is in
a serious condition. A port mortem
examination will be held on the hedy
and this will reveal the cause of
death.    .
Capt. Munn Will Book Them at $1003
Per Capita.
Toronto, Feb. 5.- A naval Arctic ex
pcditlon on which he offers to take
r/assengers at the price of about $10u��
per capita la planned hy Capt. .lenry
Toko Munn, who is well known in a*
number of Canadian cities. His pro-
|e>cted Itinerary Includes a visit to a
mysterious tribe of Eskimos ruryor yet
seen hy white man. It Is prob,U>r<-
that the Dominion government will bo
asked to assist the project by a money
"I am going to Scotland shortly to
complete arrangements and to look
over several vessels," said the captain. He added that more than hair
the passenger list for the trip bus al
ready teen filled.
i PAC"*:   EIGHT
FRIDAY,   FEBRUARY ��,  1914.
'ontinned from Page Five.)
the Rowing club, Uie probable champions, g �� .
Manager llolb' will trot out the
same team as performed service for
the l!< avers this season although he
is likely to give the younger Cunningham boy a fair trial lu order to he
'prepared for Tiieselay's game against
Fraser Mills. Ted Sutherland is also
getting back into condition and may
posBfl lv set into the fray for one
period. In Sutherland, Cunningham
and Wright the Heavers have three
excellent spare men, capable of putting up a good argument when necessary.
Tonight's game will start at 8:15.
skaters being allowed on the ice at
9:15 o'clock.. No matter which, team
wins the city league championship
game at the rink next Tuesday, every
Hub in the circuit will combine in
giving their support to do
winners when-they go after the Savage trophy, -Xest-erday i'resident F.
I Lynch and Secretary Andrew got
in toutfn witli Uowan Macgowan. the
local trustee of the sup, ami requested th-.i arrangements be made to allow New Wentuiiusu'r to challenge
for tin- troj.i.v against the wlrnera
of the Vancouver league.
at night Whether Vancouver will hit
a winning Mreak again tonight remains  to  be see n.
A strong delegation intends accompanying the Royals to the Burrard city
fe.r t'.ie purpose of assisting in every
way a possible victory. Every meni-
hejr of the itoyai liuei-up-is in the best
of shape, not a man getting any bumps
worth speaking of in Tuesday's game.
Westminster has to .win to keep in
tbe running for the championship and
lhe players are determined to do their
nan in keeping the Fraser city in the
Hugh Lehman will probably retain
the same formation as featured Tuesday's game. Ran McDonald taking the
centre position from Mallen, who will
go on the left boards. Eddie Oatman
on the right wing gives the Royals a
powerful trio in the way of attach
and if Tobin, Johnson and Rochon can
offer any good sized assistance in the
way of protection to Lehman, a Westminster victory  will be in order.
Should the Royals repeat in tonight's game, Victoria will take the
lead in the race together with having
the advantage of playing on their own
Ice next Tuesday after a good long
Arrangements were completed yesterday by Manager Savage of the
arena to have bulletin reports of tho
Vancouver game announced at tiie
rink during the progress of tho ami*
ii ur contest The News will also rr-
reive bulletins as to the results by
Crucial Game Pttws��n thf Royals and
Terminals Causing  Much
flr.vi-.'s v.i:.'i their hacks to the wall
the Royals are nicely to bit a considerable clip in Vuiii'ouier this evening
when they tackle the Terminals for
ilie second time this week. Following
a lone winning, streak the Terminals
struck lhe breakers U) this city last
Tui sd iy and gpl a taste for the* fi:. t
i i.,. on li cal Ice of a g iod old unadulterated lii'l.iii'.;.
Pi i- to coming to this city the Terminals were called uii.'ii to cinch the
championship hands down but tbe
previous defeat banded out by Vancouver has com/psUed, the supporters
of the Millionaires to figure that the
consecutive victory stuff was working
on the men, just like Rube Marquard's
string  of   victories  kept   him  awake
Monarchs Now Tied With Victorias in
Winnipeg Amateur Race���Made
Great  Finish.
Winnipeg,  Feb.  5.���Tho    Monarchs j
jumped   to even  terms  with .the  Vic* j
ti rias Tor the leadership of the Win*
nlpeg  amateur  hockey   league   Allen ���
cup race, bj defeating the Victorias
at   the   Auditorium   tonigiit.   by   the j
score or 0 :i after a fast game of hoc-)
key.   The contest was a thriller from j
start to finish with the Monarchs having tho best of Ihe play, but the Vic-,
tOrlas holding on like grim death to;
avert  defeat and  it  was only  in  the
last   i*".   minutes   tbat  the   Monarchs
unpaged   to   assert   their   supremacy,
and lake the game.
Standing or Teams.
W. L*.
Monarchs   3 2
Victorias  3 2
Winnipegs   1 3
V. A.
29   22
26 24
1*    25
At the Theatres
"The Wreck," a story told In a
thrilling manner by pictures, is the
chief attraction at the* Edison for today, it is a railroad story and in
brief is as follows:
Carlyle,    the    railroad    president,
visits his old friend, Hamiltcn, and U
so    impressed    with    Richard,    the
friend's  son,  that  ho offers  him    an
opening in the railroad business. Carlyle  notes the  marked  difference between  him,  a  fine,  manly  young  fellow, and  Herbert,  his    cssTn    son,    a
lui'er-do-wtll   at   college.    Herbert   is
in delrt and writes home for money.
The railroad president refuses his request.    In desperation the boy writes
to  Genevieve,    his attractive    young I
stepmother.    She confides in Richard.
Herbert calls  home secretly  and  his j
stepmother promises to help him. Car* I
lyle, comes lu  and   sternly  demands I
to known lo whom she was talking.
She cannot tell him,
A(.note arrives for Genevieve.    She |
tells Carlyle It is from a girl.    It  is |
from   Herbert,   who   wishes  to   meet j
Richard   that   evening   to   get   the
money.    Genevieve gees  to acquaint
Richard   of   the   appointment   and   is '
followed  by  her    husband.    He    witnesses  the meeting  and  hears  Gene
Vieve say, "On   the  bridge tonight  at
eight."    Carlyle meets Richard at the
bridge, seizes him by the throat, and
pushes him    into    the    water.    John
Squires, a surly, cowardly bully, who
has  been discharged from    the    railroad, sees the deed. As Carlyle sneaks
back Squires insolently steps out and '
points   meaningly toward    the    lake.
Carlyle   is   forced   to   re-employ   him ���
on   the  railrtad.     Herbert   coming to,
ni' et  Richard, sees his father. When
questioned   lie  tells  the  truth  about
the appointment.    Carlyle can hardly ,
bear the weight of his sorrow.
Carlyle goes west, away from the
scene of his crime. Hi3 son Herbnrt
accompanies blm, Engineer SquireB,
driving ths westbound express, standi
intoxicated, swaying from side to side'
in the eab. Squires attacks the fire
man and tries to throw him from the
window. While this is happening, tho
train tears on toward a runaway en
gine several miles down ths track. In
the head-on collision which follows,
the cars are thrown from the track
and splintered Into pieces; clinched
locomotives earc demolished, belching
fire and steam, passengers are hurled
from seats and crushed in debris.
Carlyle searches for his son. He
(mils him among the dead. liaising
his eyes heavenward, his epression
tells he realizes tbat liis punishment
is the retributive justice', "A life for
a life."
Special Program For Today
Vitagraph Special Feature���Harry Morcy
and Anita Stewart in
Special Feature in 3 Parts
Carlyle's horrible jealousy and vengeance is expiated in the death
cf his son, who is killed in a terrible railroad wreck, for which his
crime is answerable.
Edison   Photoplay���Barry   O.'Moore in the Drama
One of the most sensational scenes ever attempted. Shows a
man hanging by his hands from a swinging beam seven stories
above the ground.
Vitagraph Comedy
Lillian Walker, WaTlie Van and
Flora Finch in
Cutey's Vacation
Anxious to be a hero, he rushes into the smoke-filied building
sn<l rescues the wrong woman. The laughs that grr.*t him add to
his chagrin.
Friday, Saturday and Saturday Matinee.
Presenting the Farce Comedy with Music, Entitled
"My Uncle from New York"
Complete in Two Acts���By Request
Prices: 15c, 25c, 35c Phone 961.
Harry L. Sione's Colonial company's
conception of the musical farce
comedy entitled "My Uncle from New-
York," was displayed last evening a'
the opera house to a large audience,
The comedy work of Raymond Bell
and Dave Caston v.as well received
and kept the audience in one continual laugh from start to finish. Clo
Tiger and Arline McDonagh are de-
Bervlng great credit in their supper)
U!3 ab.iity i'j making the corned v
situations go with the dash and vim
I which furnished a round cf pleasure
not soon to be forgotten, Cln-id.*
Orchard  ar, the*  uncle had no trouble
' In holding up his end as a good-, kind
uncle, who takes things just as they
: happen to come and, of course, i-i of
la forgiving nature.    The chorus girls
| loi.i^i d    their   prettiest   and   danced
, their  b'*st.
"My Uncle from New York" will
continue tonigiit and Saturday with a
|special Saturday matinee for ladies
and children.
The    skeptics    who    have    forever :
laughed at the powers of mental tele ���
j palhy or thought transferrence being .
j used   for   solving   mure!, r   mysteries i
iand   tlie   like   will   have  an  excellent ]
! . ppcrtunlty    to    witness  one  of  the
j greatest  demonstrations    along    that
I line ever seen  here.    Some time ago
I Mme.   I'earl   Tangle y,   seeress.   ment- |
j aliet en*   whatever  you   care  to  torm :
I her, succeeded in locating seven writ-
ten documents, which when produced;
as evidence against John   Wilson    at;
Connersville,   Indiana,   convicted   him*
of the murder cf his wife.    This rase
is extremely important, because of the I
fact that  suspicion  fell npem   Wilson,'
jBtill  all  efforts    of    detectives    from i
i Chicago.   Indianapolis   and  Cincinnati!
; failed to revenl scything after s thri*e :
months search. It was then Ihat Mme.
iT��ngl;y,   who   was   appearing    st    a
leeal   thfstr*.  In    Connersville,    was
.celled upon to try her powers in thp
I ess*.     This   famous   woman   appear*
.lure all ne��t  week with the Tangley
'stock company at th�� opera hcusj and
will answer any  questions that anyone  wishes  to  r.*lt.    If  you   wan'   to
know of your pait, present cr future
simply  write your questions at  home
on nny pnp<*r. take tt  to thn theatre
and   she   will   1 < 11   you   all.   t-U   you
your  name  without  even  aeelng    the
papers upon which you have written.
[This srems like a very forccable te?'
and many will ta',-e advantage of it.
The   Tangley   stock   company   will
rhanqe their program nightly, opetiin*
(Monday night In "Tb' Divorce Cure."
I  society drama    from    the p'n    of
j William Oillett,
Ticntinuous from 2 to 11 p.m.
for a showing of J
New Enirolderlesi
and Valenciennes <
I.aces. Something)
for   every   need.
lhe New Westminsterrus'
Department   Store
New cottom crepe*
lu plain shades
of blue, green and
pink; also striped
effects. Price
Buy House Furnishings Now
Winter will scon be over.  With spring come the usual demands for new Furni-
-ture, Carpets, Linoleums, Electrical Goods, Curtains and Kitchen Utensils.   A
\isit to this store will convince you that we are in a position to supply your*
every need at prices which will secure a nd hold your patronage.
February Furniture
A   well   made   nnd   neatly   finished   Dresser,   has
three  large drawers  and   Uritish   bevel   plate   mirror.   This is a rare bargain and is usually sold at
Is fitted wit i cne long drawer and one extra deep
drawer and swing-to doer cupboard. A regular $1:1.50
A Dresser of superior quality in quarter cut oak.
golden finish; has two top drawers and two long
drawers; has a large bevel plate mirror of British
manufacture. This is the best value we are offering
in the dresse lrinc and is sold by other dealers for
This is a  solid  oak  Bed  in  golden  finish  and  in
the ,1-foct size only.    A very handsome piee*" of furniture  iu  Old  Colonial  design.    Regular  priee*  was
The best bed value ever offered;  with brass trim-
niiiu-s;   all  sizes;   good  condition.    Regular  $3.75.
In solid oak, fumed or golden finish; medium sizes;
modern styles.
SEA  GRASS CHAIRS.    $3.90.
Only Half a Dozen Left.
HALL STANDS, $11/00.
In   solid   oak.   golden   finish;   cupboard,   seat   anil
mirror.    A $15.50 value.
Six-foot Extension Table; in stolid oak; fumed
ish: octngon shaped pedestal; round top: a neat
Bign and the beet value ever offered. We can supply this in golden or early English if desired. A
regular $21.00 value.
SET   OF   SOLID   OAK   CHA-RS,   $16 25.
Consists Of one *\rm Chair and five Small Chairs;
In fumed oak finish; with genuine leather pid seats;
th:* best srlirl oak chair en the market for t.h" money.
Ci-unl  price* Is  $21.00.
SOLID   OAK   BUFFET,   $17.50.
In fumed finished st'lid oak, with one large linen
drawer, two cutlery drawers and  double door cupboard; has genuine British bevel plate mirror and is
well finished.    The regular price, on this is $22.60.
MORRIS  CHAIR   FOR  $10.50.
In  fumed  cr golden  finished solid  oak  frame and
loose velour cushions.    The old price was $15.00.
Brass  Bed.  Spring and  Sanitary  Cotton   Felt   Mattress;   all   guaranteed.    Complete
In  golden  oak  finish;   is  36  inches  wide and   11
inches deep;  has double glass doors in top "ection,
and  two drawers and  l.'.rgc cupboard  below.  This
Is a regular $12.50 value.
Fitted with two bins and two drawers, and has
glass door China cabinot In upper seclion; comes
in  golden  or natural  finish.
Fitted with two bins and two drawers.   This Is the
most, useful piece of kitchen furniture made, and is
an extra good value.
DROP-LEAF   TABLE   FOR   $4 00.
Strong. wH-seesoned fir Table In golden or early
English finish; with square top
Sprue* Top; size of table Is 30x48 inches; same
���iz��. with drawers, $2.00.
February Carpet
* splendid Hug with an excellent appearance, and
soft to the tread. They are of good wearing quality
and very suitable for bedrsoms or parlors; size 27
by 54 Inches. Regular $1.26.
8*1*   Price   	
A v*ry heavy Axmlnster Rng with  fringed ends, in
triors nf fawns, reds and greens.    This Is a  rich-
looking rur and may be usexi with good effooMn nny
i com.   Size 27 hy 1*54 Inches. Reg. $8.25,
Ba>   Prire   	
Februaiy House Furnishing Sale
These Prices on Household Necessities Should Bring
Crowds of Economical Buyers.
Self-Wringing  Mops;   regular 60c, for   40c
Dustlesa Oil Mops, each   $1.50
Spring Mop Sticks;   regular 25c;   each 15e
Knitted Mop Cloths;  large size;  reg. 20c. each..15c.
Iibre  Scrubs;   each    10c,  15c and 25c
Nail   Scrubs;    each     5c
Corn   Brooms;   regular  60c  values,  each 40c
Long Handled Hair Brooms;  reg. $1.00 for 75c
Regular  $1.50  inr    96e
Regular  $1.75 for    $1,25
Regular $2-.2B for   $1.50
Bannister Brushes; each ���25c, 35c, 50c and 75c
Galvanized    Garbage   Cans;    tight   covers;    each.
Wire Carpet  Heaters;   regular 25c;   each 20c
Magic Furniture Polish;  "5c size at two for...25c
Magic  Furniture   Polish;  EOo size;   each 35c
Brass Wash Boards; 50c value for  40c
Galvanized   Heavy  Bottom  Wash  Tubs;   four sizes;
at    65e. 85c, $1 00 and $1.25
Straight Galvanized Pails; each ..25c, 35c and 45c
Adjustable  Folding  Irouing  Boards;   on  stand;   reg.
for    $1.50 and  $1 75
$2.26 for   $1,75
Four-fold Clothes Dryers; regular $2.25, for..$1.75
Oalvanlzed Wash Boilers; No. s or 9: each ....$1.45
Copper  Bottom  Wash  Boilers;   reg. $1.75 and $2.00.
for    $1.00 and $1.25
Jaipanned  Dustpans.    Regular 20c, each 10c
Japanned Fire .Shovels.   Regular 15c, each 10c
10-quart   Retlnned  Dlshpans, each 35c
Japanned  Flour  Tins.    25-lb;   size $1.25
60-lb,   size     ji.fif)
100 lh.  size    $2.25
Japanned Bread Tins, each..$1.00, $1.25, $1.93, $1.75
Wire Waste Piper baskets. Hegular 60e., each 45c.
Universal Bread Mixers, each 4-loaf. $2.25; 8 loaf $2 75
February Electrical
Fixture Sale
The February House Furnishing Sale in the F>c
trr.il Depart ment will prove a boon 10 those desirous
e.f having installed in i.cir ne*w homes the latest,
and. at t'.ie same, time, the most moderately priced
Chandelier's procurable. Below we* offer a few sug*
gestlons from cur beautiful slock of Electrical ( i;:::i
A five light fixture In antique brass Ith cast trass
band, holding a moonstone ;��� .- c bawl and fe-ur en-
tle.'sed shades to match; regula $60. if AC rttfl
Sale   Price           $43.UU
A four-light fix:;.'", ir. ivory finish, with moonstone
��.uj.*> n.Kiues; conventional di signs; CQC f\t\
rwgu.ar  $40.00.    Sale  Price ^UDiUU
A sclid, polished, cast brass, five-light fixture, with
satin finish shades; a really beautiful piece of work
manship;  regular $45.00. CUE firt
Sale   Price    elVWiUU
Five-light fixture; finished in v erdem, with frosted
lanterns;  regular $;;5.00.    Sale QLOR f\l\
A beautiful five-light fixtures in oak, with leaded
amber glass shades; regular $25.*0. C*f Q rtrt
Sale Price  ��!> I *3>.UU
Five-light brush brass fixture; with cut star shades;
Kar.,17:B0-..8ale $f5.00
Four-light Mission style fixture; in Thiteh brass, with
frosted shades; regular $16.00. C l>fl flA
Sale   Prloe    **? PU.UU
Three-ltght Rngllsh deslga; silver CIO Eft
finished; regular $18.50.   Sale Price. ..���** ��������%*���*���#
Aad many others st lr��w��r figures, too sinneirous
to mention.
Nothing Is Mors Suitable in a Dining Room than a
Well Chosen Dome. We have Several in Various
Colors and Designs. We Call Ycur Attention Se
Just a Few of Them:
l.srge   Leaded   Class   Dome;   in
really a beauty; regular $25.fin.
Saie Price 	
green  and  nmhfr:
Four-light Porno;  with leaded amber glass;  In semi-
Indiree't  style;   regular  price  $30.00.
t ale   Price   	
Another Dome, with tendril glass;  in green, red and
$��.50 Sr:.rfW,nr.m.. ��� $15.00
Thi�� ernellent quality, eniorins snd.d^c^n nf th#r��i
rus* gives them admittance to -every well furnished
R're  27  Inchfs  by 54  inches.  Regular
$6.7*.  Pal* Price   	
Dome;  hand  pi.ntcl on f'loisonne glnne;  with solid
hrass chain.    Just one left.  Hegular
?2��,00.    Rale  Price   	
Size S6 Inches by 63 inches.
$8.76.     Ssle   Price   	
^B 1
**        ***%e*m-~jZ 1�� Limifat
'[her**** who cannot affrtr-d high-priced fixtures or fl
dnm^a shouMI not fail to inspect our show roomt}, as I
wa have fixtures from $1.00 up and Domes fresj $5.81
up.   Our aim is to plcane you all.


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