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The New Westminster News Jun 6, 1913

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 Newt Claoslfled
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at    small 1
VC.7    IE 8,  NUMBER  76.
] :.:���'������<
Progressive      Association's      Annual
Gathering This Evening Should
Ee  Well  Attended.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Points Out Circumstances Under
Which This Measure in Coming Session Would Receive | ���o��-���*.
Same Treatment From Senate as Was Meted Out to
Naval Program���Bennett Stirs up Lively Scene.
Ottawa, 'June 5. ��� Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. in opening the debale on
Hon. Mr. Cochrane's motion that the
house should not concur in the senate amendments of the highway bill,
said il v as regrettable that there
should be a difference ol opinion between the commons and the senate on
this kill. He read to the house thc
bill as passed and reviewed the
amendments which had been made In
the upper phamber. He could not,
ho said, see wdiy tin- government de-
cllned lo put In the wording of the
bill that Which they Insisted lo put in
practice, namely, that the division of
the appropriation for good roads
should he on a basis of population.
Sir Wilfrid deall at length with the
Question of an appropriation among
the provinces by population basis, lie
said thai pressure had been put upon
i tli-e goveini'-eu' from some quarters
thai the .irib' tlon be not population
hon, ".-..nl. Cochrane: "That Is
not  true.1'
B. C's Position.
Sir Wilfrid held lhat such a demand had come from llrllish Colum
bla on the ground that road" were
more dillicull io build there than In
other provinces.
11 had heen said that lt would Le
more convenient to have the appropriation provided for in the supply gjj
hill, bul he would point out that Iho
Senate cannot amend the supply bill
and if llie supply bill of next year
should provide for an appropriation
in a basli dlfferenl from thai of this
year it would not he possible of
amendment by the upper house. The
whole supply b.ll would be thr, wn
Ihem ier llorden said that he had
already twice stated that, except for
exceptional circumsiuncea, be saw no
reason why the money should not be
appropriated on a population basis,
lt was curious that the leader of the
opposition did not. Insist ou this in
connection with the agricultural bill,
but did insist upon it In connection
wiih the highways bill
As for the contention that the sen-
ale could not amend the supply bill
Mr. Bordi ii said that the eenate could
reject tbe appropriation in the bill if
they thought it unjust no matter what
the bill itself might say. Ile ventured
to think that the senate had overstepped  the  limits  of  Its  power    In
amending this bill.
Dr. Clarke (Hed Deer) said that
the history of the parliament seemed
to be resolving Itself into a quarrel
be,ween the commons and the senate
and he di sired lo be on record Up
to now, hc said, histury was rather
on thc aide of llie senate. There had
been a good dial of unreality In the
attacks upon the oilier houst-. for il
better roads was the real aim of the
government they would not hesitate
to accept the senate's amendments,
The roads could wait as well as the
navy and lie thought the navy could
wait the best. They needed good
roads in this country and he saw no
r:ason why   this   amendment   could
no:  he accepted.
Stirs Up Scene.
iir. llennett, of Calgary, proceeded
to discuss the  recent election  in  Alberta, with the result that he stirred
up  quite  a  scene In  the  house.    He
said  thai  I'm    Liberal    workers    had
been sent Into the province from the
OUtSlde and  that    one    of    ihe    road
workers in    tlie    Clearwater    district
was now undergoing trial on a charge
of Impersonation.    Vet  this was    the
government   wiih   which   the   federal
government would  have     to deal,    if j
the spending of Ihe money was    left
entirely  under  the  control  of provln-1
clal governments,    in    closing.    Mr. i
Bennett remarked lhal one word from 1
Wilfrid to his servile majority in j
the senate  would secure the passage!
of a bill.
Speaker Sproule objected to the
word "servile" and Mr Bennett with-
drew ii.
Sir Wilfrid protested against the
i-liii'nn nl. taying. "The majority in
tin* s.-nate is quite Independent of me
and can  act  for itself.''
Hon. F. Oliver, who replied, made
reference to elecilons in Manitoba
saying thai in that province a min
who voted againat the Conservative
in vcnimfht was lucky if he kept out
of jail.
Hon. It. Rogers, aroso and in indignant 'ones said lhat no man had been
arrested In Maniioba who was not
known to he a political crook of long
Mr Oliver said the liouse would observe that when the Conservatives
wore met with the same kind of argu
n-.eiu that Mr. Bennett had used, ihey
did not like it. As for the minister
of public works, he had made a state
tmtu  which was absolutely untrue.
New Westminster business men arc
looking forward with interest to the
g of the Progressive as-
ich  will  be  held  In  tht
city   council   chambers   this   evening.
The reports of the president and
secretary, as well as those from the
ChAlrmen of the different committees,
will be received and are expected to
DrOVe of more than usual interest as
they will indi'cate in no small measure
the progress that has bun made und
the things ihat have been accomplish-
. d during the part year.
Officers for the ensuing year will
ilao h" elected and this is looked upon
ts one of the most Important events !
"n the program, as the association isl
starting oet with an entirely new policy, that of Inducing Industries to
locate lure and of ascertaining the
standing of companies desiring to sell
BtOCk  in     New  Westminster.
To accomplish this end. an Indus-
trial cotnmlssiOQ-yr will he appointed
j and this will be one ol thc first under- 1
I takings of the new  executive.
Thi- meeting Is called for 8 o'clock
I sharp and the hall should be crowded.
Anglican  Synod  Strongly  Opposed to
: It���Change in Collection Day
tor Ministers.
Right  Hev. A. U.
D.D.,  Lerd  Bishop
Kiected President
render. M.A.,
the Diocese,
the    Anglican
Merchants' Picnic    to This   City Wlll
Start with Parade and Close
with a  D.-.nce.
An  elaborate   street   parade
Census Finds More Presbyterians in Canada Than
Church* Knows of.
General Assembly Probably Will Order Another Vote on Church
Union in Corr.in3 Fall.
mt ruing, a  program of sports  in
afternoon  and  a   gland   hall  in
evening   will   serve   to   entertain
visitors   who   will   come   to   the   city
for  the  big   picnic   which    is    being
given hy the retailers ol lower British
Columbia on July 30.
Twelve members of the Vancouver
committee came over to New Wesiminster last evening io discuss with
the local men arrangements to lm
made for trie-day.
It is expected that thousands will
make the U-ip to New Westminster
from Vancouver. North
Victoria and Vancouver 1
as well as from up the Fraser valley.
j the business men of which places are
taking an aciive interest in the arrangements.
One cr two bands will be brought
ever from Vancouver to assist the
New  Westminster hand,  ami  a  local
Torento, June 5.   -The church union j
'he  question, the only controverted mat-!
the ier which will come before the Pres-
bytertan general assembly this year
will i.e precipitated ou tiie gaiherine I
Vancouver, June 0.���An important
change effected at the Anglican synod
now ln Bitting was that made yeSter-
i day when It decided ihat the annual
i collection for ministers will be taken,
I up on Christmas, Instead of Eastei
I Sunday, as had been done formerly.
The  question  of allowing  Anglican
i ministers to hold services in the general hospital in Vancouver was again
j brought  up and  lhe bishop,  togcincr
| with Rev. Pane Edge, were appointed
i to meet the governors ol the hospital
I to try and make arrangements whereby the Anglican ministers will be allowed to hold religious services in ths
institution when it is deemed necessary.
At the morning . session the
memorial which was originated in the
easl by Rev. Fred Scott, of Quebec,
and Rev. Ur.-Symonds, ol Montreal,
-elating to christian unity, was voted
dewn by a large majority.
The effect cf the memorial was ini
he following two clauses recommended: (a) To admit ministers of
the various religious bodies, "under
certain restrictions and by rightful
authority," to the pulpits of our
churches; lb) to permit members of
other communions, being members in
g-jed standing In their communion, on
occasion, and wiih consent of the
���ordinary, to communicate In our
lt was signed by B. R. Bartlett, G.
IC. d'Eaaum, O. Bulkeley, G. P. C.
| Caffin, H. C. Lewis Hooper, C. B.
Clarke, H. Edwardes, H. A. Butler,
I \. Hume Smith. W. Bell, P. Plaskett.
i t). Dunlop, P. E. Perrin, J. W. Thurs-
! by, George A. Ray. J. Hlnohllffe.
This was seconded by Mr. Hellish
; from the laymen.
Election of Delegates.
i    The election of derogates to the pro.
i vlncial synod resulted as follows:
Clerical���Hev. G. T. d'Kasum. Principal C. A. Seagi r, of St. Marks. V
Burnaby Council and Ratepayers Indulge in Personalities
���"Lie," "Money Hunger," "Subservient Slaves," Etc.,
Some of the Choice Expressions Used���Residents Come
Forward With Protest Against Heavy Tax Rate.
The opinion was voiced somewhere
and Sometime that, a house divided against itself cannot stand. The
house cr the crcwd  in  tho  Burnaby
Mr. James Herd, of North Burnaby.
Kick Against Tax.
Mr. Herd Informed the council that
a large delegation    was    present    to
record   a  protest   against  what   they
municipal  chamber  last  evening eer felt was an exorbitant tax rate. They.
tainly  was plit within  itself   and    it had been led to believe by the    last
was therefore in line that something reeve that everything was rosy,    the
should happen.    It d.d  to the extent council were conserving the Interests
lhat t*o of the councillors narrowly cf the municipality    iu an    efficient
averted a fistic encounter, threats and manner and all    work    carried    out
counter threats being passed between would come to less than 10 mills.    He
them, the    row    reaching    a climax thought the    raising of   money    for
wln-n Councillor Mayne came through paved roads should be left over for a
with the short and ugly word. time, as thc only ones benefitted were
That was    enough    for    Councillor the antomobilists  traveling    between
Macpherson,  to  whom  the    lie    was Vancouver    and    Westminster.      Mr.
passed, and he immediately rose from Herd pointed out that South Vancou-
his seat wiih    the  remark. "Ill slap ver that same  morning had struck a
your face," and squared off. tax rate of 14 Vs  mills on  Improved
Councillor Mayne, in  no wise look- and 20 mills on unimproved lands. He
ing alarmed over the situation,
squared off too, backing up his movements with, "If I do hit you, you'll
not get up ln a hurry."   Things look-
thought the Burnaby rate should be
lower and the ratepayers giveu more
time to pay. The school board should
be taken to task for buying so many
ed pretty serious for several moments  school sites.    Here    Mr.    Herd    was
when other heads councilled quietness called to order  for alleged trespassing on school  matters which had no
connection with the council.
at ihe opening of the deliberations to- 1 Archllt.aC0Il   Pugh, ot Y*le,   Rev.    I.
morrow, according to the present plan i
thc dance
will  dispense  the  music  at
in the evening.
tendants held an elevator for him. but
the president thanked them and declined, "l guess I'm a good Democrat
and can walk down," he said with a
President   Drops   in   for   a   While
Read His Diplomatic List to
Kingsway Base.
Central l'ark. June a.--A start was
made this morning on the laying of
the concrete baFe for the Kingsway
paving, which will extend from Boundary avenue to the limits of New
Wi: tmlni te.-.
Washington, June 6. President
Wilson appeared unexpectedly at the
pre: ident's room at the capitol today
with the biggest list of diplomatic suggestions he has made since he took Office.
II was lhe president's fifth visit tn
the halls of congress, bul this time he
found tin- door Of lhe "marble room"
locked, the senate had odjoumed and
the HT-'ciiiit-at-arms wns taken by
"1 guess I'll have to get a duplicate
kev of this door." said  the president
smilingly as the Borgeant-at-arma iiis-
p-itohul r. messenger boy for Ihe key.
While Ihe president has not definitely fixed cn some of the countries
to which he will make diplomatic appointment'!, be has fchoaon the men
who win net the posts and about these
he consulted Republican as well aa
Democratic senators.
The Individuals about whom the
president talked and some of the countries  are  as  follows:
Thomas Nelson Page, of Virginia,
to he ambassador to Italy
Justice J. W. Gornrd. of New York.
to he ambassador to Spain when the
pill  making   Madrid  an  embassy  in-
Riise in  River Wrecks Freight Train
Up the Line.
The first accident  in lower British
: Columbia caused by the spring freshet
in Ihe Praser river occurred at Maple 1
' Ridge on Wednesday, when the C. P.;
! R.  tracks at  that  point  were  under-1
j mined  nnd  an   engine  and  a   freight
car slid into the river.    Fortunately j
| no one was injured, as the  engineer'
and crew  managed to jump in time.
The tracks are cn a b:iuk about   20 1
teet ftom the level of the water, but
the freshet has brought the water to
with n  ten   feet    of  the    rails.    The
inner metala were nct affected and **.
delay  in traffic  resulted.
It is appurmtjy well known here, although uo formal announcement will |
be made until the union is committee |
reports to jy-ie assembly, that the proposal of the committee Is to ask the
members of llie Presbyterian church tc
vole on the union question again dur-
Vancouver.  ing the present year.   On the occasion
and points.  c,t the  last   vote,  the   Methodist  and
Congregational churches were practically unanimous for the change, while, j
of   the   Presbyterians,   about   70   per j
cent were favorable.   Friends of union
in the Presbyterian church express the
hope that when the new vote is taken
in the fall of this year the decision
will be still more favorable and that
the number of those who will be finally opposed will be less than 10 per
The evening service was devoted tc
the cause of home missions, for which
the denomination raised about half a
million dollars during the year.
Mrs. J. Kipp spoke for the Women's
Home Missionary society of which she
is the secretary. Oue of the recommendation of the home mission committee fixes the salary of missionaries
in Westi rn Canada, which, for married men is ple.ced at $1200 and a
The Steady expansion of Ihe west
war shown at Ihe assembly in the n-e-
Dawson. Substitutes. Rev. Owen
Bulkeley, Rtv. F. A. P. Chadwick, Ven.
Archdeacon cf Columbia.
1-ay���J. R. Payne, J. 11. MacGill,
Charles Sprott, W. I.. Keene. Substitutes, A. J. B. Mellish and H   Lister.
Representatives on the board of
governors of the provincial theological college���Clerical: Uev. L. Dawson,
principal Industrial school, Lytton;
Vrn. Rural Dean Bartlett and Rev.
Owen Bulkeley. Lay: J. H. MacGill,
A. Dunbar Taylor and A. McC. Creery.
and tbe trouble simmered down.
Stormy  Session.
lt was one of the most stormy
meetings ever held in the new municipal hall. Many will remember the
troublesome times about two years
ago. but last evening's session was on
a par with even those and kept Acting Reeve Fau Vel on the anxious
seat for nearly two hours rapping foi
Tlie house was divided against it-
self, not only among the councillors,
but also among the large audience of
ratepayers who had gathered to register, either collectively or individually
their protests agalnsl certain actions
taken by the council.
On tbe one side, were ratepayers
asking why the tax rate of M and 4ij
of    f
Mr.   Ci-ry     Receives  Warrant,
Lecture and Lesson All for Half
a Hundred Pesos.
Convicted of Picket Charge.
Paterson,   N.J.,   June   5    rhlrty-
elght   silk   workera, who as pickets
gathered in front of a mill during th-. i
| strike disturbances on April 26, were
couvioted of unlawful assemblage to-
Fine p--1'1" '''���>' :l county courl jury.   The de-
"'I tendants, one of them a 17  year old]
eir!.   each   face   a   prison  sentence  ol j
from one to three yetfrs or a  fine ol !
iny amount up to ?5nu or both im- '
prUonmont and  fine.
of    Burnaby's    Financial
���Credit of Municipality
Ic Unimpaired.
Oeorge II. Barry, a piano 'dealer,
Vancouver, waa taught a rather ex-
pensive lesson on the etiquette ot New
Westminster police court ceremonies
yesterday morning, He was lined ��'-'.",
and cosis for contempt of court, $"d
and costs for failing tp stop his auto
while passing a train car slowing
down to drop passengers, admonished
by the court for levity and threatened
w-llli ih" further rigors of the law
for a templing tn sell the chief ot
police a piano without    a   license.
Barry waa one of four summoned
to appear before Mr. Bdmonda for infringing the motor regulations, He
failed io appear   and   further   trans*
N. R. Will Start cn Lulu Island Line
June 15���Chance of Freight Service to  Hope.
  Actual  steel  laying  will  commence
i lend of u legation is passed, probably  greased tlie proprieties by phoning hii , rune Bl on the Lulu Island line of the
worship to send him along his "fine" I Canadian  Northern, according  to the
acCOUUl   aid  he  would  remit   in    dul ', "iiiouiu-emeni   yesterday    of    V,'.    Q,
course.     All   very   line   and   com- Swan, divisional engineer of the commercial,  lint not in accordance with | pan
within c few weeks.
Co)/Thomas Birch, of New Jersey
to be minister to Persia.
Charles w.  McAipiu, secretary
Princeton university,  lo  he  minister
to  the  Netherlands.
Joseph Fl, Wlllard, or Virginia, to
be minister to Belgium.
Major 15, J. Hale, of North Carolina,
to he minister to Costa Rica.
P. A. Btovall, of (leorgla, to be minister to Switzerland.
Former Oovernor Benton McMillan,
of Tennessee, to he minister to Peru.
Dr. IV I.. Jefferson, of Colorado, to
be minister tn a South American
country, probably Argentina
Henry Morgontluui. or New York,
to be ambassador probably i�� Turkey.
Albert Sohmodomann, of Wisconsin,
to be minister to Norway.
Frederick c Penflold, of Pennsylvania, probably ambassador to Austria.
The president left the capitol as inconspicuously ns he came.    The at
lin* dlgnlly of the admin titration ot j The rails am at preaent at Porl j
the law. What was remitted was a "Mann a ' wlll be taken from there on |
bench warrant per Detective Burrowa '''"' ca, to Steveston. The Oreat
Thai oil,en- annexed Barry aad Ncrthorn wlll bring the ears to New |
bn Ught  hun to the dungeons whence   (Veetmlnater nnd th.- B. c   K. R, will;
taki them the balanoe of th
(-Dentation Of petition for Cue division
everal ol the Presbyteries which
now fo large aa to b-.- unwleldl;
The Prefibyterloa which are to be divided are  Regina. Bkttleford aud Keil
Ot i.-.
t.oct Presbyterians.
During the afternoon session Rev.
Or. John Sommi rville reported for the
committee cn statistics and pointed
,*i the facl thai there wai* a difference
of a quarter of a mllllmt In the number ot Pri BbyterlanB In Canada as re-
norted by the Dominion govt rnmeni
census and th" number reported hy
he church. The ci uses etfflmetatora
had apparently found a very large
lumber of adherents and members ot
ino church who rtrere never found hy
the Presbyter'an tnltilfttefs and elders
He declared thai the spiritual showing to
of the church was unsatisfactory. The
finances of the denomination on the
other hand wcre never bitter.
G. N. R. Prepare fer Bridge Building
on North Road.
Contractors for the Q. n. R. yes-
terday had men preparing the site for
���i catip on the old Hardy ranch, off
the North road, on the Burnaby side.
The men in camp will be employed
tr dear "<> acrea comprising portions
of the Hard", (lunn and other properties, purchased by the railway Ccm-
-anv for Ihc'r dev'aMon. The move
is taken es an indication that the
company are lo proceed with the
steel bridge structure without nuch
he  wns soon after extricated on $100
After conviction Magistrate Ed-
mi uds let hlin know exactly how tho
police court In the Royal City was
conducted  and  the    nonchalant     Mr.
Barry rt tired.
in the sanctum of chief Bradahaw,
while parting with the shekels, bis
commercial enterprise revived and be
extolled the merits of some particular blend of piano until the chief
nipped his melody wiih a warning of
thc penalties hanging over the purses
or unlicensed traders.
1    Exit Mr. Bany $50 poorer.
lo Sti vision.
Grading is practically completed
and th�� lies nre now being taken by
sc iwa tor distrlbutii.il along the right
*'f way. The rails will be transported
abi ii' tune ll'.
The O. N. R. line will connect with
the B. C, V. It. nt Steveston, which also
connects with ihe C. P. R., thus giving
lhe C.N.R. Immediate connection with
a transcontinental railroad.
Work on all sections of the C.N.R.
In British Columbia wlll he rrn-hed this
aummer and an announcement of a
freight service to Hope Is expected in
a short time.
Ottawa. June 5.���Richard C.
Mil r. the prisoner cf state
who has be��n Incarcerated in
lhe Carleton county Jail since
February because of contempt
uf parliament, will be released
tomorrow morning. The contempt consisted of refusal to
answer questions put to him
by the public accounts committee as to certain payments
alleged to hnve been made to
secure government contracts.
BdmondB, June 5.���The following
���statement was obtained from Acting
iteeve FauVel by The News this evening pertaining lo the financial condition of the municipality-of Burnaby
at the presi nt time:
"Various wild, unfounded rumors
beinr; in circulation as to the oredlt
of Burnaby, it seems necessary that
tin public should be made acquainted
witli  the  true  conditions.
"The credit of Burnaby is absolutely unimpain d, the bankers of the corporation having advanced all monies
asked for, and unsold debentures t.)
the amount of $1,716,000 are security
lor the advances made. The ( fundi
it the beginning of the year, considered it lo be in the best Interests of
ilu- residents of Burnaby to commence
work on the roads nnd waterworka and
Ill's purpose secured an advance
frchit the hankers at that time. No
difficult:, was anticipated in the disposal of the di benturrs.
"However, as it is the unexpected
which happens a period of financial
Stringency set in aud prevented the
sale except at an absurd price.
The monies advanced have now been
expended, and Ihe council considered
lhat the wisest course to adopt was
to close down all work as far as possible until Hie debentures had actually been sold and the proceeds placed
in the hands of the bankers. There Is
at the present time sufficient balance
in the hands of the bank to meet all
current  liabilities."
Saves Two Lives.
Two local young men were saved
from death In the Fraser river on
��� Monday night by tho bravery of J. C.
jciray, jr., son rr J. C. Cray. SIS Fifth
tt avenue. The reamed men an- li.
="������ Collier, of the B. C. 13. lt car shops,
-Mand H. French, son of Mr. French,
tt 'contractor. The pair were returning
* in a launch from a pleasure trip and
:".; In attempting to make a landing on
tt a boom of logs at the Lulu island end
11 of the city bridge across tho North
���'������ Arm, French fell from the slippery log
������':��� into the rapidly moving current. In
���i endeavoring to rescue hiB friend, Coi-
���:;��� Her also was dragged Into the water.
���'.'.: Both were In danger ot their lives
tt when young Cray, realizing their pre-
1? dtcament. crawled along the boom
tt and. arter assisting Collier to land.
���a held French above water until a boat
���=K arrived.
mills had been struck, while on    the
Other were    ratepayers    asking    the "By-* r. ���."' ,   l��
council why work was not    in sight        "'""'        :,r"  '"
which would require money and a consequent increase, in the present taxation.
Real Estate Everywhere.
One amusing feature of the evening was lhe real estate transactor.
put through between William Hand-
cock, of New Westminster, and Councillor M&cpherson, It seems that Mr.
Handeock owns a half acre of land
near Royal Oak. for which he is as
sessed $900, After bilng ruled out of
order on Iwo occasions, the former
aid. rman of the Hoyal Cily managed
io get in his little say as to financial
matters, ending up with offering the
;ia:.d in question to the c. ::c:l for
the atv.otint he is assessed ni.
The words were hardly out of bis
mouth before Councillor  Macpherson,
; to use a sporting expression, called
his hand and informed Mr. Handeock
that a marked cheque would be waiting for him at the offices of Wilson &
Jameson, Rogers building, Vancouver,
at \i o'clock this morning. Later in
lhe evening, after Councilor Macpherson had informed the gathering that
in his cpinion taxes would be even
higher nexl year than this. Mr. Hand-
'cuok piped out, "Want to buy any
mere lots," which was received with
roars ot laughter.
Back to Business.
But to gst back to the council meet-
; Ing.
The trouble was in Ihe air from the
OUtsel for Councillor Macpherson
echoed the paving contracts, moving
a resolution that, owing to the financial stringency, Reevo McQregor
should lirst report back to the council the result of hia negotiations In
London before definite action was
taken on selling the bonds of the
latest hond Issue cf $5(10,001) Tor paving reads. Finding no seconder, the
Kdmonds gentleman remarked that
he would light this matter to the lasl
d till and gave notice of motion of
rcclndlng the calling for tenders for
the work.
More Trouble.
The reading of a letter from the
cLrk   of   Richmond   municipality   re-
Mr. Handeock next got a chance
and urged the councillors to show a
little patriotic pride by reducing their
own salaries and work more for the
Interests of the municipality. Mr.
Handeock. forgetting the reception of
Mr. Herd when commenting on school
matters, brought up thla subject,
which was ruled  out of order.
The municipal solicitor, "W. G. McQuarrie, was asked for a ruling, but
Acting Reeve Pan Vel stood firm and
told Mr. Handeock to quit.
"Subservient Slaves."
Mr. Handeock: "Then all I have
to say Ib that you must he subservient slaves and the ratepayers who
sit around here are worse." Here
followed the real estate transactions
Burnaby lake, then
had the floor. Brat informing the
audience that Rome was not built in
a day. and thought that eanh roads
were plenty good enough for settlers,
tor a time at least. He was fraid of
those bond issues and. "By Jove, they
may pass some more." (Laughter and
applause, i
Councillor Coldicutt here suggested
that the company appoint a committee cf three to inspect the books of
the municipality with the comptroller
and see for themselves in black and
Jesse I.ove, East  Burnaby. was the
iContinued on  Page Five.I
Tomorrow  Westminster Will  Have
Chance to A=3ist the Mercy
I Tomorrow is tag day for the Royal
Columbian hospital, when every citizen of New Westminster, as well *���*.*���-
; all out ot town visitors, will be gfven
a splendid opportunity of assisting,
the Women's Auxiliary in furnishing
the new building.
At  a well  atended  meeting cf ttu'
auxiliary    yesterday"   afternoon  final
arrangements were completed.    Voting
ladies   will   be   stationed  at   different
polnta in the business section nnd will
tag every plaaerby, pinning a badge
of the latest style on his coat and incidentally collecting the small sum of
ten Centb.    It must not be understood,
Ihowever, thtt sums in excess of  ten
'cents will  be  refused, but only  ono
badge will bo used and rich and poor
will he dressed alike In this respecL
Ileadauartrrs for the business section    have    heen   established  at  the
store of J. K. Brown.   Mrs. A. C. Eddy
and Miss Wright'wlll be In charge in
garding Ihe payment of |7000 by Bur
naby in return for the boundary line the morning while Mrs. I). Walker
bin ween the two municipalities being : and Mrs. -T. F��� Insley will look after
moved  from  the north shore of    the  the evening.
Arm    lo    the centre    of    thel    Mrs. George McKay of Third  nvc-
stream, brought en more trouble, nue and Pirs't street, has"kindlv given
Councillor Macpherson contended that ithe use of her spacious veranda for
as the North Arm harbor commission (lie afternoon rendezvous and hero
had passed the house at Ottawa Bur all those who are willing to assist in
naby nor Richmond had nothing to Ithe afternoon are requested to report
do with the boundary lines. This'at 1:30. Mrs. A. H. Gordon will have
was seconded by Councillor Coldicutt charge of the arrangements,
so the prospects of the payment of In the ntyornoon the ladies will
$7000 lo Richmond look mighty slim visit Queen's Park, where the Vuncou-
at this period. ver and Westminster lacrosse teams
[ Such a matter cf referring a com will battle and will be permitted lo
munlcatlon from the Vancouver city seek subscriptions from the Crowds
solicitor regarding a proposed general both bl fore and after the game They
hospital commission bill to either a w'" suspend operations while the
special committee or to the health P^'-V is in progress
committee could not pass without a ���*��������� l**�� members who have red
d,vi.-lon. the forces ot the amend* '-r"s" ll:l<!w3 "re asked to send them
ment, Councillors Stride and Macpher- tn MisR Armstrong, secretary, or to
sou, winning out against Councillors thf Columbia street headquarters.
Coldicutt and Mayne, the acting reeve ,r,u' requirements of the new hospl-
votlng for the former. Councillor Mac   "J1 <'ons'st ",  ���"""niahlnga for 88 beds.
Donald was absent.
-Iso   t.-.iblp   linen,  covers  nnd   towels.
The call for deputations to be heard ; ?*}��*? ���h",,vo���^���" ,i,nvltcd for thesll
led Mr Handeock to rise to his feet "r,lc,e9 and unt" thp8t> Brc ��P''ne(1
,m,    .���,���.'.11    ..Hi   k,.   ii.l.   ,-������" ratfCt  amount needed wlll not bo
'known.    It Is not expected, however.
with    the   remark.    "Say, Mr. Reeve,
how about - That was as far as; lhnt it v,u, bt, leM than $-,500i whlchi
that gentleman got. for he Immediate- j although a large sum, will be made
'ly was called to order, giving way to possible if everyone gives hla share.
. -***Utl TSfO
FRIDAY  JOfJI  6,  1913.
An -Mrf.fiMiVn: morning twvtr ttcvaU-tl lo the tattrtttt of S'ew HVatuiliisler ana*
��� Hnwr VttUm-f. Published every morning except Rttnday ���!,,-/ the Sational Printing
I I*-.bl-*ktsn9 *Ootn**ny, United, at 63  McKenzie Street. New   Westminster, liritish
ROBB  aVTIIERLAS'lt.  Managing  Director.
AU extmt*Mtt-ic*-ti��n* should be addressed to The Hew  Westminster News, and not
So Individual menitrr. of the sin*.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be mads
**x**ttile U>  The Motional  renting and  /'iiMwMiiij  Oompany,  Limited.
TltLKI'llOKSS���SwlMM Otter and Manager, tii; Editorial Rooms  (oil drporl-
MUMSCS:!PTtON RATFH���Uy earrtar, 14 per vear, tl  for three months, 40c por
Hv n*aU. tt per gear, lite per month.
ADVKRTIHINO RATHS an application.
Reports from the Okanagan country go to show that
alike in small settlements or in larger centres of production the co-operative principle is being recognized and
fruit farmers are banding themselves into societies whose
output will be administered by a central selling agency.
All this change in the past few months has, to a very large
extent, been brought about by the farmers having had the
opportunity to become acquainted with a method of salvation through an organizer deputed for that purpose by the
provincial government
The seriousness of the present state of affairs in respect to agricultural conditions generally in the Fraser
valley has led to an effort being made by this city and by
prominent men from the various public bodies in the
Fraser valley aimed among other things at securing the
.services of a goverment organizer in this district. On
Saturday week the government has signified its intention
to hear the claims put forward by a delegation and we feel
P. R. Steamers Compelled to Coal
In American Ports���Oil Fuel
Likely to Boom.
Nanaimo, June 5.���In common with
other steamship Interests the Bhipping
of the Canadian Pacific Railway com-
mpany has heen badly affected by the
Btrike In the coal mines of the Island
and those vessels which are Btlll burning coal have been obliged to acquire
It at Seattle, ln fact .there would
have been a serious tie-up In the ferry connections except for the conversion of the larger Into liquid fuel
The PrlnceBB Royal and Princess
Mary are being supplied ln Vancouver and here, lt not being poBsihle to
spare them to go across to the Sound.
The Princess Beatrice Is the other
coal turner In the RrltlBh Columbia
coast Bervlce. All find the American
coal greatly inferior to the products
of thc Vancouver Island mines. More
men are rt>quired In the stokeholds
than is the case when local coal is
supplying the furnaces.
A great deal of the bunkering trade
haB hern lest to I'nion hay, antl other
points through the stride, and lt ls
freely stated in the Washington and
Oregon papers that firms which were
in the habit of buying Rritish Columbia coal are abandoning it for American products.
It is Inevitable that these Industrial
A Breakfast
in Ceylon
would not bring you a
more delicious cup of tea
than you may have at
your own table by using
Black, Green and Mixed
Copper    Bearing    Region    of    White
River Now Being Explored���Dr.
Cairnes on Coast.
the transformation tn liquid fuel which
: will prejudicial!-,  affect the market of
���that we are voicing the sentiment of all parties concerned Ito'tto^^rciS^ratoTta^eteS
luct of the island securely TO miles away.
'lie champions of the women who want
to take up government land.   At pres-
. cut no woman can do eo in her own
disputes will more than ever lead to  nftme unIe8 8hc ,��� thp lload of a fam.
when we trust that a way may be opened for this gentle-'ence to a prod
man's speedy appointment. i! "lly 7( " ''
The world has changed very much within the past decade and agricultural methods have altered accordingly.
One fact that both townsmen and agriculturist would j Gilbert Maicoim sproat���Gold com-
dn  . .  ��__    ___���    -L,      j     ���    i_   i  i.   j        c mlssioner and Literary Scholar.
o well to get into their heads is that today farming, to    victoria, June b.- The death oc-
be successful requires just as much business abilitv as anv: ��"m '��� yesterday of Mr. Gilbert Mai-
. i .- enlm  Sproat   cue of the most  promi-
Otner aVOCatlOn. Inent men of letters of the west  nnd
There will always be found in any community in any i"1 ��_d ,:"n<>r who has b��en **���}��� k"own le,
��� .     ,, u     ' _        _���     ,"_ ���_ ��       "hn the province since his arrival here   ,���_.���  ������,,
place in the world persons who object to any change from |in *���
the old order, and cannot be convinced of the effectiveness
of the new. These are part of the burden any progressive community has to bear, but they should not be allowed
to detract one whit from the purpose to which we sincerely
hope the farmers of the Fraser valley have set their faces, j��Mger  of  Anders,,,, &   company'.I   vtotor^��l"^*H^tt|SL-, .,
r    , ���     _; i _���        v i��   i _j x Victoria customs otltei r. justice of the       v letci la. June a.    lion.   1 hennas  lay
namely organization along co-operative lines, linked to a
Victoria, June 5.���Dr. D. D. Cairnes
of the Dominion geological survey, after a visit to Valdez Island, has been
conferring  here  with   Mr.   W.   FU>et
RobertBon, provincial mineralogist, respecting the BrltlBh Columbia vlBlt of
the International geological congress,
which  is to meet ln Toronto In  August,   lie will have charge of the excursion to the Yukon and Atlin districts.    About 100 geologists are expected to participate.
j    At  Valdex  Island  he  made  an  ex-
jamlnatlon of a mineralized lime belt
ten miles long, extending from Gran-
j Ite Bay to Open  Day.    A number of
rirtii  ta   iii/\aani clalma.  Homo  of  them  with  surface
|AhM    III   WIlMlN  ahowlnga ot  gold-copper ore, and  on
I nlllll    IU    TfUIHLIl  which   considerable   work   haB     been
! done, are  located along  the trend  of
 1 the lime belt.
The Lucky Jim, prior to a euspe-n-
Ontarlo    City    Champions  slon of operations several years ago,
made Beveral shipments of ore.    The
'mineral on the island occurs In contact with  metamorphic deposits.    Dr.
; Cairnes waB greatly interested in the
! geological   conditions     there     where
New  I.lskeard June 5,���The    hoard   small   quantities   of   gold     tellurides
trade   have   appointed   themselves  have been discovered in the course of
development work. Ills observations
will be published In a special bulletin to he issued this year.
Dr. Cairnes is now Joining two geological survey parties that he will i
have charge of and which will make a
geological examination and a topo- !
graphical survey of an undeveloped;
copper-bearing region on White river, I
which  enters  the  Yukon  sixty   miles j
Cause of Fair Sex���Government
to Be Approached.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In II. C, viz.: tbe
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-tn. ln diameter. This Is also made ln thia Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Crave), Band,
Ume, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Mr. Sproat was a native of Calloway. Scotland, where he w:is horn in
1*:M. Since his arrival in this prov-
'nce he has held a number of prominent offices, Including that of resident! Re-0Pe8e!;ta province  at  Internationa
peace, coroner. Indian agent and gov-
lor.   minister   of   public   works,   left
certain selling agency for the produce they have to offer. | ernment agent "    Mj^'".'*���^ *lure,,t"-' wiu
���'     *' ?. .        ! . ' . .     . lie was also gold commissioner for!' mbark for Liverpool.    Ile will repre-
tluring  the  construc-
R, Among the several
| bocks and p apers which he has pub-
sent the provincial government and
the province of British Columbia at
the annual gathering of the International Good  Roads  Congress    which
That the competitors in the produce markets of the west Kootenaj
prairies and British Columbia are alive to the exigencies 'itmk0' lh" *'���'
of the situation is to be seen in that the Washington fruit ashed or read before various  ....
Growers have already  secured  verv  Considerable  redUC-  "',s   ls  ,llat   entitled    "Scenes    and I opens In London cn June 23,   Hew
V1. . , ,,      /,   1,   n     ��� J  '     -t u J   1 Studies of Savage life." sail irom Canada on .lune 12,
tions in rates on the G. N. R.. in order, it may be presumed,.
to meet the reductions which will shortly go into force on!
Canadian lines by recent order of the Railway Commis ���
Washington fanners are organized and awake to the)
���situation.    Fraser valley farmers must follow suit and 13SSSS5S��2_ ^"{^ia* t'-SSS. ^JS-
This has long been regarded as a
treat injustice to the women of Ontario. The New Llkeard hoard of
trade brought the matter before the
issoclnted boards of trade. As a result the Temiskamlng and  Northern below Dawson.
Ontario boards of trade will  niemor- The ascent  of the river to a point j
iallze   the   Ontario  governmenl   with 150  miles  abovo  its  confluence  with j
a   view   to  obtaining  legislation   giv- the Yukon, will he made In a fiO-horse- i
ing women the right to take up farms power   motor   boat.     The   copper   oc- !
in  the  province.    The  matter  will  he curs In a  pun- er native state and  is '
broughl  up for further discussion  at said   to  bave  enormous    commercial j
the in xt meeting when Hie resolution possibilities,    The region  has    never!
will probably be framed. been  reported  on  by an expert, but
A project Ib alao on foot to get tho miners   have    located    many claims j
overnment  to  establish  an  agricul- there and have shipped out pieces of
_e in the district of Tern-'pure copper weighing as high as 700 j
iBkaming..   The matter aroused much pound8,
Intereat and it was warmly endorsed. I'r.  Cairnes  observed  that  reports
 '��� Indicated  that   the  White  Kiver  cop-.
TAYLOR GOES OFF 1" r '���*'" waa onfl of ""' 'aBl "f ""' un
developed native copper districts of |
I the globe. The region could be
reached by building a railroad from
Haiins Mission, near Skagway, he
said. A sulphide copper belt known
as the Rainy Hollow district, nearer
the coaEt. will be examined this summer by Mr. It. (l, McConnell of the
Dominion geological Burvey, who will
reach  hire  shortly  from  Ottawa
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
From Those Who Advertise
'   fi   Algerine May Be Ordered���
Rare  Mascot from  Pitcalrna.
Victoria,   June   5. -There   is   much
iiiucsh   water   before     selling     them,
enting the liritish government on thiB
coast will he dispatched north on the
Bering Sea patrol.    Although nothing
The International Good Roads Con- Spur  Track  to   Mill���Campbell   River
_;-Cos   Ib  an   organization     that     was Road Pole Line���Aoorooriatlong
.���rented  a  number of years ago,  and Cloverdale,   June   5.���The   Hadden
if comprises representatives of all the Shingle  Company  have  heen  granted
European nations as well as the Uni- prmission  to Install a spur track to
ted  States  and Canada.    It  is  recog- their mill here provided    any    neces-
nlzed  aa  the  leading  body  interested sary crossings be put In when demand
in the development of fine highways, ed by the municipality.
a  we,rk   that  haa  been  taken  up   en- At the las, council me-eting Goddard i _SCWS.    It helps US
thusiastically   by   many   countries   in and  Son   Limited  asked  for  Informa- i
recttit yeurs. tlon as to cost of construction under I
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
ifflelailv   Ins   hern   mido  nnhlle   It   i'i        Bver>    l,ruvlnc"   ln   the   Dominion   local  Improvement of a road tr,  their
rehy     teaching   Wail   street  itself! lhe g'nerar,,n^ssion on i!o^d  the fo" B^,�� ?el��*ateq'  -luh; Australia  property  In section  29   B. 6  N���  ft   2
The  United     States    has      nlmost   how to water stock. Algerine   that  she  will  lie  the  vessel   1V "   Zfal<">0   ;U1(I   South   Africa   will   W.     The   reply   is   the   municipality
���dropped out of thi rata of the beef      ' ���>"   Present    Inquiry,     therefore, selected  for the northern  cruise, as *',''. !"e"  represented.    Tbla    is    the does   not   make   estimates  until   the
ti     r     I _T��7   LT,    ,,l  BhouW "ot be r^''" ��P ,0 ,hiB ���*-**   Shearwater was last up north. i <h'.(!   ���nR��^- ."��>   ��rst_ being   held   necessary petition is received for the
__��T��rtti�� Kcrlr___JTthe Ar w a sign of Increasing depravity. It: The cruise to the Bering Sea Is
SSuDfSSSita"^TtfnS^ m"ely BhowB that we recallthe..each-; made annually, and i, is ;probable
���check its declining be>ef exports. The
-council   of   miniatra-s has  decided   to
In  Berlin  and  the second In  I'aris.
An  effort  will  be  made  to  secure
of the past and practice them in I that the Algerine wlll leave port about Ithe nf'xt  conSr''a* f��r Canada.    Mr.
ways. Ithe middle of next month, proceeding I Taylor is not on the official program
the load as much as $500.
The disclosure of this trick of the
ask the national congress To taxe the   th-,  wh���    ���,��� Jol)b���rl,  fnr lhe reta)1
exportation   of   be-ef   in   excess   of   a
maximum to be fixed by the govern
ArriTiUni is the Rrcatest fresh beef
'reservoir in the new world, nnd ir it
'finde; rn-Mn-unt upon beef exports necessary, th-we ia indei-d an alarming
pro-spe-ct of an inl.-rri.iliini.il beef famine     niit.iin imports from the South
Amcrlcin   republic   ahout   $50,000.(100
���worth  e>f 'fiv-Sh berf -every year, npe-
���clal   liww  o-C    r-efriperalor    -steamers
���ope raliaa hrtww H and the Argen-
Mxif portK
But the moUiprUuid draws very lit -
tie   beri   from   tlle  "North     American
co-ntin-ent.    I* 1912 the total number
ei   cattle   exfiorted   from   the   United
States wa,-. ?._.ft��-n. s-gain-fit 14S.0O0 the
jfeixr   prev ii-mR.   and     only     9,000.000
poiindx erf elrcw-ed beet was exported,
ss against  23JEWJNRI pounds the year
The htar��liiiR tJexTme in the numbcT
nt be-et  cuttle in    the United  States
simply means lhal -exports must prac
tlcally   ceiise-  for several     years
cotD-e     QshU    ispidly    increasing
IH>r< .'jJi-.Hi will prevent it from hr-com
iw? a much lar-gcr exporter of cattle
"The d -round at home exceeds the supply*.    Tornnlo   Mail  and   limpire
Tlie pressing evil lies in ihe fact I as far north as Ihe ice will allow-
Since she arrived In port from her
trade swear they will not buy sanded long cruise to the South Sea Islands
Chickens, the shippers nre unwilling the Algerine has been busily engaged
to give up the established tpractlce in restocking her commissary depart-
of feeding a mixture of bread and ; ment and by the end of the month she
gravel before offering them In the . will be competely overhauled. When
markit. It is estimated thai a car- the Algerine waa at I'ltcairn Island,
load or 4,01)0 hens can he increased In the Isolated island in mid-Pacific, her
weights ns much as 3,.ri00 pounds by officers secured one of the native goats
trick  feeding,    thus    increasing    the | that    abound    em    that    island    and
brought it north aB a masoct.
This precocious animal can be Been
The II. C. E. It. asked for instructions as to setting poles along the
Campbell river road to the Campbell
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
fir a  paper,  but he Baid before leav-  River  Lumber  f'ompany'a  mill.    Tin-
lug that he expected to have plenty
of opportunity of describing the pro-
press this province is making in  the
poles may be placed from the Clover
valley road to the mill along the
north side of the Campbell river road
opening  of highways.    The  object  of   six reet from  'he property line,
his trip,  however, is  to gather  polnt-
f rs  which may be uspful for hiB d"-
trade Is an interesting contribution   to > any day wandering leisurely about the:     Nelson. .Inn
Arbitration     Board    Gets    to     Work
Among   Building   Trades.
Appropriations were made as follows: Gordon Road. Ward 1, JHOO..
00: Daily road. Ward 1. $100.mi; Frith
road, Ward 3, $36,00; Campbell rivet-
road, east of Clover valley road, Ward
!>,  $100.00.
Tenders on contracts were received  as  follows:   No.  S.  clearing,  grub-
I!. A P, ei ,,f Klkx of 111,- H o! C., mee
ihr firm and third Thursday ut n n m.
K   nf  P   Hull.  Eighth street   A   Wall
finiy, Cxalted Ruler,
re* tary.
1'.   II.  Kmlth.  H<��
the   high   cost   eif   living     discussion
Chicken prices for sand    are    rather
more thnn   the  average  income
stand.���New  York World.
'lea hundred veers ago today w, -. a
Sunday, and the good people of Halifax were quietly wending their way to
church when the "tn ws spread like
lo | wildfire" t'i it the British ship Shannon and her prize the Chesapeake,
were approaching the harbor.
The Shannon's victory, after a long
tiring of I'titlsh defeat?) naturally
ireueed the patriotic enthusiasm of
the peopli   of Halifax, and the clergy-
naval yard, making new acquaintances I been selected as chairman of the ar-
at  ivery   turn,  and  on    good     tarma '. bitalrlon   board   which   was  appointed
can   with everybody,    lie Is a hardy little las provided In the chief term of Fet-
| chap,   and   totally   oblivious   of     any ; tlement   of  lhe  recent  Ftrlke  in   this
! danger.     It   Is   staled   by   tlie  officers   city.    The work of the board  will  be
of  tlle   Algerine  lhat   the  goat comes j to  Rtrtke  a  standing wage  for brick-
a breed that was taken hy the lloun- ; layers and stone masons' helpers, ce-
ty mutineers from the Tahltls to Pit-   men!   mixers' and  common    laborers,
"airn  Island, which   will   be  the  average  rate  per
float8  of  this   breed  are  Buppopeil j hour on  tiie bads of the number of
I   Fred  Hume has   blng   and   rough   grading   connecting
to have originally been taken to th
South Sens by Captain Cook, the f-i
minis navigator and explorer.
After ��� Rn��at deal of worry and
study we ha>��- at lay! figured out how
no many e'ej��ntry oeiilors get rich Here
.is ihe si-i-rvt e>f  their succors.
Thctrt- in tx child born in the neigh
iMirh-nod.     T_��     atteading     physician
geth $10.    Thr editor gives the loud
'-fiim%i1 ycMin^-sler a great send-off and
Beth JW    It is christowel. and the min
ister pet* *(S> en* 1iir editor -Rets J00
It growa and man-Ira. The editor
-p-ublLdicH another long winded atllcll
and tells a -flpwtt ���!�����*. ilienit "the beautiful and acro-mpliBhcd bride." The
minister gr-ts $10 nnd a pieer of cake.
"Thf* editor -g-rta fOOO and a request
to carry the groom's subscription account smother year.
In the course of Ume she dies, the
-editor -publiabpe a notice of death nnd
an obtiiiiiry two columns long, lodge
resolution, a tot of poetry and u
card of thankn and geta $0,000 No
wonder ho many country editors get
rich.- -Kschajise.
London,   .'une r,    Perhaps tlie most
pleasant  experience  of  the Canadian
cadets' visit  h,re wan the time spent
| with lord Roht-i-U     Al Acci the vet.
eran   field   marshal  rhowed   tin  Inils
men preached lhal in..ming io all but CV?r hlB r'B,;,!,"nc" ,'n"'--, Inapented hli
, ... , ., >rdi vs.  medalt,   nnd   i  IiobI   of relic*
empty pews.    Wildly excited  crowds   w������ |��� hard fiKi���inf, ,��� ������
rutin il  to the  waterside to welcome |,,in world
tlie ships, and cheer after cheer went
.i-  re
i"iirs which i *ch claps was employed
during the building Reason last M*:ir
Under Ihe Bettlenrnt till three classes
are to he  p iid the name wage.
The I oard !*-- cm * I i f Aid  .1. A
���\ustin nnd Prank Phillips, represent
Ing th<  tradra council, and John Toy,.
ind   Mi v:iimI. r Carrie
���lie Knp', vi i- and  Mi rchanta' association, with Mr   Hum    is chairman
"P as the capmr and captured cam,*
iu Mourning was mingled with glad-
it i se over the death of the gallant
Lawrence, comamnder Of the Chesapeake. i,,r tin* people of Halifax, Intensely loyal, could .set appreciate
the bravery of a foe.
The American prisoners, Bhackled In
the Irons they had provided for the
Shannon's men, were tr. ated with consideration, albeit wiih good-natured
raillery The division of the English
crew' between tlie Shannon and her
prize made It impossible to clean up
the vessels before Halifax was reached, nnd in consequence the decks resembled shackles rather than clean-
scrubbed and spicL-and-spun men of
He. "Ribs" presented each each <n-
.U l with a tlgnid copy of his book,
"li \ er.rs m India," an I with an aut >-
graph photo. He furthi"- placed his
sllnalure on some of th" boat tnr-
Eeta made by the cadets In the shoot,
lm    u ;   i i*.*s here
t'iptaiii Marshall ..-.is present' '
with  i l.ionze medal.
Rev. J. S.  Henderson  Honored by  Inclusion   In   Lint  cf  Preachers.
Toronto.  June  f,     British   Columbia
Presbyterian mlnlrters   figure prominently in the list of preachers select
1   rtrnp,   snd   in   rase   le
my . I Inr pnrt of ihi, bod:,
'..""' "r viml spots.
The magll trate snlil tha'
"nurse   would   hare  been
d for the Toronto diMnct during the   tin. boy. He gave Mr. Whiti
Expel   Unruly  Ones���Don't  Indulge   in
F.-rre St Ad.
Brantford,    'line   5      'Let   me   give
���' II   a   p linti r,"  paid   Magistrate   Liv-
'" ati ne . i " PHncloil (*,. c. While,
if 'In- Kme Edward School wis ch-trg-
mI with nratitl un n Stephen n. Phlpps.
���ti   heli-If   if   his     f, urleen-vear old
--on    "When vo,, w im ,,, do Ihls again
lon't do 't.    In tint tin r rase expel the
boy, but don't have a rough nnd tumble fight with him."
The pr'.nclml rrad  the srhool  ree-
shnll I
road   between   Biggar   properLv     and 1
HJorth road,  L. S. Itlce, $515.00;  Jas. I
P.  Borg.  -$.'1112.00;   F. W. Smith,  $830.-
00;   Laplaca   Bros.   Construction   Co.,
$ix.'4i;.00;   A.  C.  Sagett  $479.00.    Con
tract awarded  to J. P.  Borg
No.   8,   clearing,   grubbing   nnd   re
grading,     straightening     and      rough
grading a  portion  of th-e Coast   Nferi-
dlan   road,   north   of  Campbell   river
bridge;    A. C, Saggot, $1467.60; A. T. |
P'-poff.   $14,111.TS;   I).   Sackoefl.   $2420.-1
30,      No   lender   accepted,   the   work
from   the   Campbell  river   road   south j
to the bridge to he done by day labor J
No. 7. gravelling portion of Latimer i
road   and   trimming  of  sld'.   ditches: IS.
representing   ,,-,,, Smith.  $487.20.    Tender too high ,
and  no contract  awarded
No  8, regradlng, etc..
Scotl rt ad      I.. S. Itlce $71
L. O. O. M. NO. 864.���MEETS ON
first, second, till ret und rmirtii wednes*
day In each month al 8 p. m.,
tn the Moose Home. It J. Leamy,
dictator; r It Junes, secretary.
Headquarters of 1"<!k" In s,*'* Hou-bs,
cm'T of I'tuirth umi Carnarvon Btreets
port ion   of L
6.00;  A   C. I,
t. O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Tt
regular mei-ilns of Amity lodge N
27. I. O. O. P., Is held iv,*ry Mondn
night at * o'clock in Odd Follow*' l'e'
comer Carnarvon and K.lRhlh -street.*
V'lsUlriK lirwhi-i-n corillully Invto-
R. A. Mnrrlthew, N. '!.; J. Robortsoi
v. Q.j w. c. Coatham, f <*,. mean
Iob secretary; H. W, Sangster, fina-
cIh! secretary.
ter H ilannii. Ltd. 1���-Funeral dlreotoi
nn,i omhalmers Parlors to.', Columbl
Btrc-t.   New   Wesiminster.    Plum,-  tin
i rlst'-rs. Solicitors, etc. Id I.orne Slreet,
New Westminster. O. EL Corbould, K.
tt    J. K. c.rant.    A. E. MeColl.
ter-ot-lHW, solicitor, etc Tel��phon��
IH70.      Cable      ftadren*      "Jotindton."
I CikIc. "Western Union." Offices. Kills
Block. fi!>2 Columbia Btreet, N'ew Weat-
I     minster,  B. C.
slfi*  Barristers nnd Seillcltori, Vefest-
mioMter  Trust  Blk.,   Columbia  street.
New WeKtlnlllSter, H. C. Cuhta Ulliln-Mi
���Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 2110. Telephone B9 W. J.
Whiteside, K. C., H. L. BdmondB, D
J BTTLWHLL CLUTE. Barrtster-at-Uw.
��..lienor, etc.; corner Colombia an*
MoKSnsie etreets. New Wesiinlnster,
It   C     P.  O.  Boi   112.     Telephone   71C
Solicitor nnd Notary. Otfleos lh��rt
block. Sfl Ixirnc strm't, N,^ WestlnlD-
ster. H. (t.
Barristers and Solicitors, 106 lo sit
Westmlnstsr Trust Block, il K Mitr-
tln, W. O, McQimrrli: and ileorse L
W   K. fa LBS ��� Pioneer Funeral  Dlrw
saggot,   $.12.,.00;    Laplaca    Bros.   Con   i     ���n,l   Kmtiamier.   BI2-��|S   Agnas   sir*
strtii lion     Co.,     $3380.00.
award".I  to  A.  C,  S igg' t,
No ie rough grading, clearing, trim
ming, etc, portion nf Newton road
east   if   Scott    road.      A.   C.   Saggot.
$162 ;  A   T   Kepofr, $3836.00;   l.-i-
plm-n Bros. Construction Co., $lfl-1S.0D
Tenders too high and no contract
The Surrey Loral Improvemen' I'r"
ceduie Bylaw. 1913, passed Ita first,
second  and  third  readings.
('in,- rncl     oppoalt
Bale, Deeds, Business letters, etc.; nr
cular work specialist A.II work strict!;
aonfldantlaj 11 Iturrv. room 418 West
minster Trilit Blk.    I'hone 7"2.
The S'irrcv Sanitary Bylaw. 1913,
which provide that a pupil IWM reconsidered, adopted and final-
truck on the hi.ids onlv with   'v Pn88ed nnd the senl of the corpor-
Accountant Tel. II I'M, Room 2
Hart block.
; dismissed   tin,
Kir Ji in, Alexander Macdonald, the
, dlrtlnguli hed  statesman, died  In Ol
: tav a i.i nt> -two    i sara    ago  tod ty.
The passlne  of the  "greatt 11  of the
1 ullit. ra of tl    . mplre" c tusi d unlver
nnl  mourning,  and   the  state  funeral
Complaint   to   the   Jobbers    in   the  was   a     manifestation   of   a   nation's
poultry   trail*-  ar.aihHl   the trickery  of * grief.     The   Centenary   Ol   Sir   .lohn s
shippers who wnd  chickens  to  mar-   birth  will  be celebrated  a  year  from
kpt loadisl with Hand and gravel, pro-   next January.
setnts a new phaw t>I an edd problem 	
In  the  comparatively   prlmlltlve  und!    Many   buildings.   Including   Jesuits'
tWO week's session of the general us
Among   those  hem-red   hy  selection
for filling pulpits during the assembly
in Prvs David Jami s, II, It Cr-.nt
t'eti r Wrlghl 0. A. Wnndslde, A. L.
Bnrrh I*: A Hi nry \ I) McKlnnnn
of Vancouver; Rev   i  i, CampbeH, of  mainly  In
ibbctsford; Rev r W Kerr, of Prince and   lead,
Rupert; Rev, c. M, Wright, of Port Union group of clalma In the Franklin
Oeorge; Rev, J, S. Henderson, of New camp of BrltlBh Columbia by Lew
Weatmlnster; Rev, c k. Kidd, of Den- Johnson and associates
man's Island; Hev. .1 ]i Patterson, of Production haa been stnrt
North Bend: Itev Leslie ciay, Rev. shipments will begin as soon as a con-
Joseph McCoy nnd Hev. .1 c. lnkster. nectlon or one and a hair miles le
nf  Victoria;   Rev,   A   MacAulay,  of made at 01nuep-��ter city    with    the
fliisted   on   a,!"0   ordered   affixed. i        _
1     ���'       ti.    L- ,        , i . r.      \V, H Smith W  J. rirnvei
except lhe;      '"" Surrey Local Improvement f on        AUDfTORS AND ACCOUNTANTB.
ttrnct'on   Bvlaw,   10H,   for   Kdenholm   Work   undertaken    In   city   nnl    Outsld
the D-oorr road, paaod  its  first  three  readings. M'nts.  Jll-1! Wostmloster Trust   iiiiIk
', puspend     The  Sureey  Pound    Bylaw,    ml".   Phone 3'.t     i    "   it"��  ..",.
advice and   pased I's Ihird reading
Accounta to the amount of $3865.18
w'cro passed and ordered paid.
'irrenwoi ii   ii i  . |unp :,    or��� |,v.
Ing a vain,, i r $co to $100 to the ton
i llvi r,  l til   partly  In  gold
has   l een   opened   In   the
Innocent day of the r.Hy It whs charged tolh lie,   the  church,  and   the   prison
against Daniel Drt-w oi isiit)ing in.'m were destroyed   by   a   conflagration Lynn  Valley;   Rev, A, fl, Mar   i   of wagon road f.    i ���..,  >--,.i
���ry  tbat he used  to bring cattle    tei that    BWepI   over a  part  of  Montreal fertile, and Rev. J. A. Bow, of Powell   tie  valley   rail  point    "0  miles  awav
Sown, salt them  wt-.U and -tiie Hum 110 yean ago today. river. "   If!," ere will be t led at Trail
Nelson, June r. On Mondiy the
west inn of Kootenay lake rose 10
Inches, which creates a record for the
past live years. The waler ia now
standing at Ll feel 9 inches
On Friday evening lhe waler stood
nnd at lii feet 2 inches, and on Saturday
evening at 12 reel II Inches, a rise Of
li inches. The water is still rising
fnsi and extremely high water Is expected by those who are closely In
touch with the conditions In thla district.
i COAL MINING rlghu of the Dominion
��� In Miiull'.l.u KuHkuicliewun und Al!**rlm,
1 the Yukon Territory, the Nnrthwrnt Ter-
I rltorlea and In a portion of the l'n,vine*
I of British Columbia, may In, loused (or a
I term of twenty-one years nt nn annual
rental of tl nn acre. Not mon. than 261*
��� iicn-a will be leaned lo ono uppUennt.
| Application for a leans must b�� made
by tli�� applicant In person in the A-gnat
or Hub-Agent of the. dMi-lct In which thf
rlRlits applied for are situated.
In anrveyed territory the land must be
described tr aectlona, or legal mil>-dlvt-
, lions of auctions, and In unsurveyed territory the trnct applied tn} sbull be
. staked out by the apt'llcnnt blinw-ir.
I Kuch application aiUSt bo Kc/-<mipanlM
I liy ll feo of $6 Which will he refunikvl If
: ths rights applied for aro not nviillahlii,
but not otherwise. A royalty shull tw
paid on the merchantable output of tha
mine at thn rate of five cents per ton.
The   person   operating   the   mine   shall
fuml-Ml    tbe   Agmt    with    sworn   return*
aoaounijng for the (ull quantity of mer-
nhantAlilo   ooal   mined  und   pnv   Ibe  my-
ialty  ibre.n    If  the coui   mining   rights
jure nnl IicIiik opernleil such returns should
be furnished  ut   I, uet   unco a year.
|    Thu lease will Include tho osal  mining
 . rli/h's  onlv,   lull   tin-   leasee   wlll   be  p��r-
1   i mlt'eit  ,o   purohass   whatever   avullabla
em tin*.*  rights may be considered  nocta-
Dally Nevus Bldg. I'"tv for the working of the mine at the
HOP       I 'ute   of   |tC   un   lie.ro..
nur j,,nr nin information application should
��ry i ivi _"��� mul*~- i'"  made to inr Boorstary of the D,'r*H-
r^KIrN I IrWlj . io""i  of ih" Interior, Oliiun, or to any
����� oil  bi, j��� Agent  or Hub-Agent of Dominion  Lamia.
of all kinds. \y  -^ CORT
Satisfaction guaranteed |    v  n Jjn'alitfMlB'**1' 0flh" 'n",rl*r-
stir Board ol Trade meets In the bear
room, City Hull, us follows: Third !*"r
day of cad, month; auartsrly mctm,
on the third FTIdiiy of Pubruary, Mu;
August   niul   November  nt   H   p.m.     An
i.uul meottngs on ths third  Prldav o
l-'etiruury.   CI.   II.   Stiiurt    Wade,   seen*
Dli y.
P.O. Box 34
Prices right
58 McKenzie SL
N   B.���-Unauthorised publication of i
, .id*. oiJseimiit #111 not be paid for. FRIMY JUNE I, 1913.
Relieve South Vancouver Conductor ot
$20���Fire on Hastings���Shout for
Dry Dock���Police Preparations.
Within  Two   Years  British  Columbia
Should Be Famed for Excellence
of Ita Breeds.
A daring robbery waa effected laBt
night by three masked young men, of
medium build, all wearing capa, who
about ��:50 o'clock last night, held up! try eamn he to the rancher, and also
Victoria,  June  5.-The  department
of agriculture,  recognizing  the great
Id that the keeping of well bred poul
a street car In South Vancouver and
relieved the conductor, J. Morrow, of
about t'2il.
Tbe car aelected by the highwaymen was one running on the Main
street line from Twenty-fifth avenue
to conenct with the Kburne-Westmin-
ster Interurban aystem on Main Btreet
Just as It reached the terminus, the
desperadoes darted from the sidewalk
and the next moment obtulned control
of tho bar by releasing the trolley poll
the benefit to the province at large
which wil lresult from a greatly Increased local supply, ia initiating
through the poultry division of the
live stock branch, a scheme which will
within twenty-four months augment
very considerably the number and
quality of the fowls ln the province.
The system folleiwed is on the lines
i f the demonstration orchards and
farm plots or another branch of the
department.    A  reliable  poultry man
from the wire, placing the car ln dark- j is selected In some rather out of thc
ness. There we're no passengers In ! way district and supplied by thn de-
the car. (partment with twenty-two pure bred
Get Out Quickly. | fowls, chOFen especially for their good
Damage assessed at over $11,000 ! breeding qualities ar.d stamina.
was caused last night In a disaBtrous: He receives these birds free on the
blaze which, originating in the rear of j condition that he shall sell each scathe Kngllsli second-hand store, 267' son at a price not exceeding $1 a
Hastings street east, spread to a ! dozen a certain number (f settings of
frame building adjoining, and for a eggs to his neighbors. Bv the end of
time threatened all the structures In Ithe second year, during which the department may supply him with anoth
Low Fate torsion tickets Now
on Scle to the fast aid to tape
S.3. "Prince Rupert."       S.S. "Prince George."
(Leave Vancouver at 12 midnight.)
Mondays for Prince Rupert, Stewart, Massett
Tuesdays  for  Victoria,  Seattle.     , -
Thursdays for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay,    Skidegat-e,    Leckqport,
Jedway, lkeua, etc.
Saturadaya for Victoria, Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trains
for Tyee, Terrace, Hazelton.
C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
Granville Street, Vancouver.
Ihone Private
C.   A.
r. d.
that block wiib total destruction. Ab
it waa, the Becond-hand store was almost totally destroyed and the rooming bouses, both above and next door,
considerably  damaged.
A  score of roomers flitting from a
nearby structure with scanty apparel
and  hurriedly    gathered    belongings.
added to the general scene.
Want a Drydock.
A subcommittee of the joint com-
mittee of harbor mattera of the city
couneil and the board of trade Is
bemrlnc its efforts to secure the B(-r-
vices of a recognized expert on modern drydocks, whose opinion will be
takeft on the conditions of Burrard
Inlet and the nature of drydock most
suitable for the waterfront business
of Vancouver, during thi- preBent period and looking toward the future.
Locking  the  Stable.
The chle-f of police haa been re-
(luested to prepare a llBt of all the
vacant lots In the city which require
clearing. This list will be- forwarded
to the city council to tuko the necessary action. The subject was brought
up by Mayor Baxter at the police com-
mlasioner meeting. He said that the
council waa determined to aid th"
police in every posBlble way. Desperadoes fled to these places for refuge.
and the Archibald tragedy waB the
diri-ct outcome. StepB to remove the
shacks along the waterfront are also
to be taken
Chief Takes Long Hike.
Sole representative of B. C's constabulary. Chief of Police Mulhern.
will attend the annual convention of
the chief Constables' Aaaoclation,
which will be held in Halifax from
June 25 to 27. He has been given three
weeks' leave, of absence. The convention was held in Vancouver three
years ago.
Magistrate on Gas.
An adjournment in order that Magistrate Shaw may have an opportunity nf looking into the matter was directed in the police court yesterday in
the prosecution that Ib being brought
under the Dominion art againat the
Vancouver Qas company, which is
charged with supplying gaa of quality, inferior to that stipulated in the
statutes to Its customers.
Bridge Directors Meet.
The ndiourned meeting of the shareholders of the Burrard Inlet Tunnel
A Bridge company, fe>r the purpose of
electing a new set of directors to supplant the provisional directors, waa
contlnuetl yesterday and was again
adjourned until today without a final
adjustment of the reorganization. It
Is anticipated that there wlll be completed today tbe election of five directors who will represent the munl-
Clpalltll s and permit the carrying out
of premllmlharlea which wll tenable
the company to take advantage ot the
recent orders or the railway eommis-
slon   nnd   Btart   construction   of   the
bridge acrosB the Second  Narrows.
Boom In Cadet Engineers.
The rankB of the now cadet corps.
Sixth Field Companv. Canadian Engineers, are rapidly filling up in North
and South Vancouver; the tlrst to he
enrolled being the "boya in green" of
South Hill, who attracted so much at- lot
tentlon at the Duke of Connaught's
review last year.
Feed  for  Merchantmen.
A reception to the oflicers of the
steamers Niagara and Empress of
Hussia, whieh will in all probability he
in the form of a banquet, is being
arranged by the city council. While
final arrangements have not at yet
hem mule 11 is thought that the affair wlll be beld on Tuesday evening
next. The board of trade will also be
batch of poultry, this breeder will
have a stock of poultry ln his yards
of considerable proportions, i nd will
be able to distribute large numbers
of settings around hia neighborhood.
Which In a short time may be expected
to be well -stocked with pure bred
poultry of good strain.'
Demonstration poultry plants of this
type bave been established In llclue-
let, Courtenay, Graham Island, Bella
Coola. Wilmrr and the Columbia River valley, and Mr .J. K. Terry, Btates
that first rate reportB have been received bo far of the number of Bettings sold and the enthusiastic way
ln wihch the ranchers have seized the
opportunity to obtain pure bred Btock
at Buch a low price.
How to Make It and How to Use It-
Cold  Frame Good for  Hardening Plants.
A  good hotbed  is a    very    handy
thing  on  the  farm,  and  it does  not
| take a great deal of time or trouble
[to make one.   When it Ib made, lf the
farmer himself has too much to do at
, .lie time the hotbed ls moBtly ln ubc
1 (and he generally  has)  he can hand
i it over to one of his boys and teach
I hlm how to propagate vegetable plant
from seed for planting outside as soon
as weather  conditions will  permit.
The hotbed should be made on the
south side of a good windbreak, and
I care should be taken to select a spot
i Abe-re the drainage is good.
Dig a pit about three feet deep, and
| eight to ten feet wide, and any length
desired. Board up the Bides to about
[a foot or sixteen inches on the north
side, and four to eight inches on the
si.il h side. This gives a slope from
i north tc touth so that the hotbed gets
' all the sunshine possible.
The sash,  when ill  place should be
three  inches  Irom  tbe young plants,
[lt nearer, the beat from the sun will
j blister  the   tender  leaves.     1111  the
pit   up  to  about   four or five  inches
from   the   lop   with   manure,   which
, should   be   thoroughly   wet  either  be-
I fore or after you put it Into the pit,
i a province free from bovine tuber-' *�� "^to start  fermentation and pro-
rulosls is In a fair way to be realized,'dace heal.    '1 ramp the manure firm-
liven  to  a  steadv  adherence  to  the lb',   leaving   the   top  level    and   over
policv at present'being pursued, (this put  three to five inches of good
The  benefit   to   the  health   of   the  rich brick loam, put the sash on and
-ml.lie   and  especially  to that  of  ita ; leave It  for three or four days,
children   will  be  almost   Inestimable,      During the first three or four days
ind in addition the value of all stock "the temperature will probably rise to
will gt. up when exporting. 100 P. or over.    Walt till It drops to
At present, however, there ia no .ST, or a little less, then sow the seed,
question of the export of stock from , ei hi r in the aoil ol the hotbed, or
trltleh Ce'iimbia. lt Is the earnest '���In boxes two feet by eighteen inches,
desire of the government to increase j by three to four inches deep, with
by   every   means   in   their
universities and either e-ducational institutions and wit hthe various re-
l.gious  organizations.
2. The stimulation, organization and
direction cf community effort ln our
arlous cities, towns and rural districts. ThiB would probably ultimately mean several specialists, e.g., for
work among immigrants, fiublic
health, organized charity, country-
2. The securing of one or more
tra'ninti  schools  for  social  workers:
Complete organization will not be
attempted until next autumn, probably at the time of the meeting of
the Canadian conference of charities
and correction to be held in this city
in September, when many representative Canadians are expected to be
A provisional organization was f-
fected last night. Committee: Dr.
Daniol Mclntyre, Mr. R. T. Riley. Dr.
Halpenny, Mr. J. Bruce Walker, Mrs.
Dr. Bond. Mra. A. V. Thomaa, Mr,
Nothing  In   Rumor  That   He   Is   Dissatisfied With Karluk for Northern   Exploration.
Government Helps to Replenish Herds
of Province���Campaign Against
Tuberculosis Succeeds.
Victoria. June 5.���The campaign
which hns been waged by the department of agriculture against bovine tuberculosis in the province for some
time past has been conducted with
���he most encouraging results. In the
Islands not a single animal re-acted
to the test.
Recent tests in Saanlch have shown
i great increase tn the proportion of
eattle with a clean bill of health In
that district, and altogether the Ideal
K. Tench, Mr. G. M. lleid, Mr. C. A.
Kimball, Mr. Roderick Mackenzie, Mr.
W. J. Bartlett, Mr. Ixmls Ron, Mr.
S. K. Bedford (convener) and Mr. J.
S. Woodsworth (secretary).
Emphatic -denial has been given by
Captain Robert Bartlett to the statement attributed to him that he was not
Impressed with the Karluk as a vessel
j for exploration purpo6ea, and that she
was better fitted for a place in the mu-
| Beum than for a cruiBe to the Arc-
I tice.
H. I    When queBtlonad as to the authen-
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  West-miMteat.
Sdiaake  Machine Works.
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
Transfer Co.
ticity of the report Captain Bartlett
indegnantly denied that he has expressed himself in any way as regards
the suitably of the steam whaler for
bucking the pack Ice within the frigid
"You can quote me that there Ir absolutely  nothing  to it," said  Cautain
Bartlett, referring to the garbled account which implied that the Karluk i
not strong enough to Btand the
eat  of  the   northern   ice.
"Of course. Bhe cannot be compared ���
', with the Roosevelt or the Fram. the '
| bulla  of  which   were  constructed   ofj
i Kngiish oak and sheathed with iron- I
I bark, but she is a staunch little craft'
land  BOlid   enough   to  buck  what  ice j
: we shall come In contact with," said
Ithe genial sailing master of the Cana- I
  I dian-Arctic expedition.   "1 guesB It is 1
I a fabrication on the part of Bome of
Seattle, June a���immigration Inspec j mv friends." 1
rs yesterday arrested at Bellingham \    Speaking ot the date for the depar-
'"   "  ture of the expedition, Captain Bart
Dtflcs Phone 189.      Barn Phone
Begblt Street
Baggage Dellveir-i Promptly to
any part ot the city.
light and Heavy Hauftng; <o
American Immigration Officers Round
Up Eight Near  Blaine���Coming
From  Vancouver
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
eight Russian aliens ranging iu age
from IS to 1!5 years, suspected of having been smuggled acroBs the border
through a "private gate" in the woods
near Blaine, accordicg to word hav-
Ing been received tonight by Commis*
lett stated that the final plans would
not be known until the arrival of Mr.
Stefansson. In hia opinion it was not
neceBBary to catch the Ice break before June 25 or even July 1. and the
power the
number of livestock, and to induce
ranchers to increase the number kept
on everv kind of holding. The testing
of the hcrdB for tuberculosis and the
subsequent destruction of those that
re-acted, has of course, in certain
oaer-H decreased to some extent the
number of milk cattle In a district.
th->t  could  ill afford to lose them  in
rd bottom for drainage. These
boxes are handier to to move about,
and the young plants can he more
readily be removed to a cold frame
to  harden   them.
Before filling these boxes with Boil
lt Is a good plan to put a layer of
small stones, or pieces of broken
flower pots or tlle, about three quarters of an  inch  deep in  the  bottom
sioner of Immigration Klis de Bruler. i expedition might just aB well wail at
The men wtre Bent back to Blaine]thla end as in the north,
and  Peter Markow,  aged 26, was or- \    Captain   Bartlett  haB  beeu  advised
from   his  country-1 by StefansBon that the tender Alaska |
vestlgation to di-jhas already been purchased and is now
dared   held   apart
men   pending an
spite of the fact that the owners re- , of tllp box t0 8nBuro plenty of drain-
celved compensation.                              .lgp    -p-pp gasU of thp hotbed should
To obtain new stock in this western   m, optneQ a llulp every day   s0 lluU
province is no easy* or Inexpensive tne lllita receIve a plentiful
matter, for the individual farmer and |         )y   _f fregh   a,f   _n(|   gmml(,   ,R,
the department of agriculture. reeog-;d . ,            d thickness
tiizing   to  the   full  the  necessity   for,
facilitating the purchase of more and |
better stock, hnve set aside a portion
Dawson People Can See Her Working In the Surburbs
Dawson, Juno 5. -The largest gold
dredge In Canada, and likewise the
largest and finest In the world, is
now working In tho surburbs of Dawson. Her career began when thc har-
neeaed llgbnlng from the North Fork
hydro-electric generating station flash
ed over the copper nerves and
through the magnificent gold-dredging dreadnought No. 3 at Bonanza
basin at eight-thirty o'clock last night
The gnat machine wns quickened
under tlie magic power ns Oeneral
Manager Joseph W, Boyle gave the
gentle turn to the handle iu the pilot
house. Slowly and gently the ponder
ons bucket line began to crawl, and
thc acme <f gold dredge construction
In the world wan under way.
It was the stnrtltu; of the second
of the Canadian Klondike Company's
mammoth dredges. The ihlrd large
one stands close beside, and will be
started within n fortnight.
the Dominion grant this year for
tha purchasing of several carloads of
good stock, pure-bred and grade,
which are to be shipped into the province ns soon as possible and sold at
miction  at   different   centres.     As fast
as each carload is sold the money re-1
ce've < will be utilized to bring in another carload, so that a constant sue-
���i Rfion of new stock may be expected
through the present year.
The government will use the per-1
vIcob of the best officials in its employ
iti   the   purchase  of   this   slock,   and I
the llrst carload should not be long In |
Coming In.    Full notice will be given
in the press of the place and time of
each sale nnd the kind of cuttle to be
i burlap or matting thrown over thi
glass if there Is any danger of frost.
A cold frame, which can be made
in the same way as the hotbed, minus
manure, is handy to harden tba
-dants hefcri- transplanting them to
thc garden.
termine whether a charge of piloting
a smuggling expedition cun be placed
against  hlm.
Information concerning the party
came trom Custer, several miles south
of BlaJtie, where the men were seen
trudging along the road In the early
hours of the morning. After reaching
Forndale by a circuitous route, the
party purchased railroad tickets for
Everett and boarded a southbound
train. At Bellingham th *> train was
met by Immigration inspictors who
arrested the men.
Markow, the alleged leader of the
party, was the only one who could
speak Enellsh. All of the men had
money and paid their own fares from
Bellingham back to Blaine. Beveral
had Canadian bills and all except
Markow carried Itussian passports.
This is the second party of Russians
intercepted recently by government
tits   after   the   aliens   had   stolen
|lying at Nome, where she will bo pick
ed up by the expedition.    The Alaska:
i -w ill carry coal and additional supplies
I fur the party and act as a meant! of |
I cotnmunlcalii i, with civilization.
Mr. Stetansaoti Is not expected here
for several days yet, as he Is visiting
hia mother near Saskatoon.
Pres. and OeaL 1st*.
Vlc��P resident
W. 9. B. bUtlKUN.
See. ��*4 Tnuw
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phor.er N
-�� 877
.he country across the Canadian
New   National   Organlxation
mote   Social   Welfare   Wlll
Running  Before   Fall
to   Pro-
Early In May a party of eight men
led hv Peme Nickaeff, was caught
and Nickiu-ff was held under a $8000
bond un a smuggling charge.
For several weeks the Immigration
officers bave been Investigating reports that ineligible Ituaslan aliens
have been landing in Vancouver, B.C,
in large numbers from Siberia and
walking across the border into thu
United Sta'es.
Victoria Buys Tug.
Victoria, June 5. To ho used for
towing purposes In connection wllh
the construction of the breakwater nt
Ogden I'olnt the tug L/OOUflt iwt been
purchased In San Francisco and is
now on her way up the coaBt. The
1/OCUBt, which waB purchased from
Messrs. Caverly, of Hnn FranclBC.-,, Ib
eighty feet king and sixteen leet i">am
and a first -claBB boat In every reaped
for the work expected of her She will
arrive here towarda the cud of the
Twelve   Bottom   Gang  Plow   Seta  Up
New Record In Alberta.
Lethbridge, Altn., June 5. Seventy-
five acres of land plowed eight Inches
deep In one day is absolutely a record for thla part of the country, at
least. But the feat was actually performed out nt Chin yesterday on the
farm of J, C, Bass.
The work waa done In one shift, too.
with a 82-horte power steam engine I
nnd outfit, consisting of a twelve hot-1
torn gang plow, ltecord of plowing i
w"l make some of the tractor men I
sit up and tnke notice.
it is B common feat to turn over
from twenty-flve to forty acres a
day, especially when the plows are j
only going about four Inches deep. ]
but' twice thut number Of acres antl j
twice the depth would necessary take;
twice as much power and speed und"
Sailing Commisalon Soon.
Victoria, .lnne 5.-Intimation ha-
h-Hin mnde to Victorians prominently
Identified with the sealing Interests
that the commission recently appointed by the Dominion government to In
vestigate tho grievances of the former sealers w 111 Bit at Victoria on
er I'bOUt July IB, Mr. Justice Audette
who will preside over the investigation, ia evpettd to make hi.i headquarters it the court house prior to'clubs, with Industrial
that date
Winnipeg, June 6.���At a meeting
held last night In the Industrial bureau, preliminary steps were takfcen
In the formation of a new organization to be known as the Canadian
Well fare League. The following draft
constitution was adopted:
1, To promote a general Interest
In all forms of social welfare.
2. To make a practical study of
Canada's emergent social needs caused bv our large and heterogeneous Immigration, by the rapid growth of our
oltles and the stagnation of some of
our titral districts, bv the beginnings
of industrialism and Renerallv our
entrance upon a fuller national life,
2. ln each community to federnte
-- otherwise organize for co-operative work existing Institutions so that
ch may give to lhe community more
off cive service.
���',. To enlist cur citheiiB in personal
���������larv'<������-��� for the common welfare.
6. To provide trained leadership In
B"clnl work.
What It Wpuld Involve.
1, The establishment of a centrnl
bureau. This bureau would be a
clearing house for all kinds of social
work, would Issue bullet Ins, distribute
literature and arrange for lectures.
It would bo as far aB poaslblo work
ln close co-operation wtth Canadian
bureaus   with
Inaugurated by Government ef P. E.
I Are long Step Forward.
Charlottetown, 1'. B, I., June 5.
There haB now been published thc
result of the work done by the government of I'rlnce Edward Island in carrying out a serieB of training clnsset
for farmers and their families during
the early part of February.
The courses coven d two weeks and
experts ill the Beveral branches of
funning took charge of the work. Special railway rates wi ra obtained for
those desiring to attend. No examinations were required, but for those who
attended for the full course scholarships Of tho value of (6.00 were provided.
The total  attendance for    all    thc
classes was 660. Sixty took the house
hold science course
for BchoiarshipB.   The arrangements
In tho various branches were well
made, und the Instructors slated that
they never attended Bhort courses
where more enthusiasm was manifested throughout.
Many Have Been Killed Through Ravages of Tick Paralysis.
Victoria, June 5.���A disease which
has been causing a number of deaths
among the sheep of the Interior, was
the subject of an interesting address
before the B, C, Veterinary Society recently by Dr. S. Bawden, first assistant pathologist. Dominion government experimental farm. Agasslz.
Dr. Bawden described his findings nt
some   length   nnd   said   tbat   he   had
proved    that    a    tick    (Dermaceutor
CenuatUS-BankS) carries this   disease,
and infects sheep by biting them.    By
the experiments  made it  was  shown
thai  distinct advance had been made i
and   no   doubt   means   will   soon   be,
evolved to combat the disease, which ;
seems to affect the sheep ln the dry
belt    and    mountain reglonB of    the
province in particular.
Dr. Bawden also stated that the diB- 1
Saael has betn known to be contract- j
edl by human beings more especially
children.   A number of veterinary and
medical doctors heard the lecture,
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street.  New  Westminster
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Gooda of all Kind*- PHONE 6M.
t. t-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster
S. C
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever lata.
' government Or civic departments with
Ono Way Out.
New York, June B. -Sixty small
marketB throughout New York city
la the remedy for reducing the high
prices of food proposed by tho New
York State Marketa' league.
Co-Operative Movement In Kootenays
Meets With Strong Support.
Nelson, June 6.���Two hundred dol-
are has been BubBcrlbed towards the
funds of the Kootenay Fruit Growem' i
union by residents of Kruitvale.
Raymond T. Hicks, manager of thel
union, haB returned to Nelson after a
trip to Savward and Prultvile.    At a
meeting   at   Hayward   on   Wednesday
evening   seven   new   members   Joined
the union and nt l'rultvnlo the follow-1
lng   evening   IS   new   members   were
added, the record amount. $200, being ':
subscribed   after   the     address,     Mr
Hickea  Is  very elated  and  sees  now
an  assured   future  before  the   union.
Wherever he went the growers were
Interested In the future of the union
ami i"*> ipiailfled realising its importance, he said.    .   |
"Everywhere there is promise of a
record crop of large an dsmall fruits. I
The majority ol the ranches at Fruit-
vale are looking excellent, particularly i
those of  Messrs.  Buchanan,  Sharpe,
Brewster,   Nelson,  Oily    and   Jnrratt
brothers," said Mr. Illckes.
"Very large plantings of amall fruit
are being undertaken and next year
the union will have a large amount of
fruit to handle from this point, when
growers reallie the good returns from
small fruit properly grown and cared
Bltulithic on Second Street. New Westminster wtth Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Bltulithic ls noiseless, non-slippery, practically <tu**.Vr*e, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor theae reaeons
Bltulithic la commended highly by owners of automobile* ar.d bnraea,
householders, ana city officials. It has beea adopted by fifteen eHiee
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone 8eymour 71SO.       714-717 Dominion Truet BulMN% Vi PAGE  f-OIJB
FRIDAY JUNE  ��.  U13.
Attendance   Grows   and   Accommoda-' Looks   Like    High   Priced   Smokes-
tion Is Taxed-Forecasts for To- U. S. Tariff Revisers Hot After
day's Trading.' Tobacco Companies.
With favorable weather prevailing
iliul���dU--. the past week, it Is expected
that $he supply of green produce re-
celv-SB at last week's city market will
be eclipsed hy today's receipts. In
fact ihe amount brought, ih ye*terday
hy beats from up and down the river
assufbs that In these departments at
leaamhere will be no Bhprtagu of offering. About noon the^rj-iuufer arrived.' with several shipments of fowl.
including a goodly number of broilers,
and feter In the day the Beaver from
up fiver, unloaded live'antl dressed
poultry and garden produce. More
offering!?'arrived early this morning.
Eggt. Will Rise. *
While no tipreciable change. In last
week's quotations is expected, still
it is anticipated that Bome slight advance may be recorded in the price of
eggs.'Al last market eggs went from
-7 to 80 cents per dozen, wholesale,
mostly at the former figure, while today it is expected that none will be
bought for less than 2S or 29 cents.
The outlook for a decrease In thc
figures paid for potatoes is not considered bright and buyers may expect
to give nothing less than $S a ton.
this being the lowest quotations at the
preceding day's trading. Supplies of
lettuce, radishes, onions and other
green' stuffs and cabbago. tomatoes
and celery plants are assured of a
ready sale.
The Innovation, Introduced at the
last market, of offering day-old chicks
and young turkeys was enthusiastically received by the buyers and augmented supplies are on hand this
morning. Chicks went at 75 cents
per dozen last week and young turkeys at 75 cents each and these figures are expected to hold today. Very
slight changes, if any, are anticipated
in meat and fish prices.
Attendance  Grows.
Reviewing the record of the city
market during the past year, a commendable growth in attendance is
strikingly noticeable. According to
figtwes given by Market Clerk D. B.
MacKenzie, the Incerase in the number who attend is at least :10 per cent.
Parmrrs also are paying greater attention'to the New Westminster market and every week when weather is
at. nil favorable' the stabling accom-
inodatfin for 275 rigs is overtaxed: on
au average day the rail lines bring
al li :;t 100 farmers to the city while
the river boats also contribute large
Washington, June 5.-In accord with
suggestions of Attorney General Mc-
Keynolds, there was introduced today an anti-trust amendment to the
Underwood tariff bill, which would
levy a speclul additional excise tax on
a sliding or graduated scale, upon the
manufacture of tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and Bnuff. The amendment,
coming from a Democratic member,
will receive thorough consideration
from the finance committee.
Seventy million dollars was the
amount of the total excise tax last
year on tobacco products and Senator
Hitchcock has estimated that, If the
proposed tax had been levied ou last
year's business, the foreign trust concerns would have paid the additional
tax as follows: American Tobacco
, company, $7,500,000; Liggett & Myers. SS.100.000; I.orillard company. $1,-
144,000; American Snuff company,
$77,000; George W. Helme company,
$69,000; Woyman & Burton companv,
1' r,1.000.
The government already has the
machinery to enforce this tax. Tobacco and snuff manufactured in all
forms are under complete government
Control. The power to tax to the
���loint of destruction is unquestioned.
lt Is summary, simple and irresistible.
If il succeeds in this line of tariff, it
: may succeed in others.
Interdicted Tailor    on    the    Carpet���
Drunk and Vag.
An Interdietcd tailor    pleaded    not
guilty  in  tin-  police court  yesterday
to indulging his bibulous propensities
to excess, despite the flat of the magistrate  that    such    actions    on    the
; tailor's part were unlaw lul as well as
sinful. His case will be dealt with
A drunk und a vagrant were the
other   two   transgressors.    The   first
; forfeited $5 bail and the nomad was
let   loose  on   the  wide  wcrld  outside
' lhe city limits to give the other municipalities a show.
Stefansson   Says  There   Will     Be   No
Wirelesa.fLink Between His Expedition and Outside.
Edmonton, June 5.���V. Stefansson,
who will lead a party of explorers
Into the far north for the Dominion
government, arrived In Uie city today.
He expects to leave on the trip about
June 10 and will be absent about
three aud a half years. Stefansson
came into Edmonton from Wynyard.
Saek., where he apent one dny -with
his mother and brother whom he had
not seen for five, years.
One of Ihe first questions asked Mr.
Stefansson was whether tlie start of
his expedition would be delayed by
the ship Karluk being condemned by
Capt. Bartlett. To this the explorer
said he did not believe the captain
had made any such statement and
that it was merely an attempt to have
people think that the expedition had
not been efficiently equipped. Said
Stefansson: "Due reason why 1 say
this is because I know the ship is a
good one."
During the interview Mr. Stefansson
slated that he would not be in touch
with the outside world by means of
wireless telegraph owing to the fact
that such a project had been abandoned. However, he hopes to be Instrumental in having wireless stations
along thc Mackenzie inside of one
year, and Is confidently awaiting the
result cf his investigations in the
1 he Water  Front
In the neighborhood of 1500 tons of
'coal   passed  up  the   river  yesterday
all consigned to conce-rna at Port
I Mann.    Tho  tug  Monitor,  of  Seattle,
brought up two barges carrying 1000
' tons, while another load was taken
I up stream early in tho day.
The Tallac, one of the biggest steam
I schooners on thc Pacific coast, went
I up the river yesterday to load poles
lat Hatzlc for transportation to Quay-
I mas, Mexico. Within a few days the
| big ehip will have taken on her cargo
land will clear for the troubled republic, The Tallac Is aald to be th*->
largest craft to go above Fraser Mills
since the completion of the Canadian
1 Pacific railway.
One hundred yards per day is what
Gilley BrOB., Limited, report their de
I livery of crushed stone into New
Westminster to be. Besides this.
i however, the firm iB shipping six car-
I loads each day to Kingsway where
I considerable street paving ia being
I done.
Can-dian  Western Company Opening
Veneering Branch���Big Foreign
S-pippient in August,   <^��
Not Much Washing,
ililmojiiis, June 6. [-residents of
Burnaby will hive to go light on the
! water usage during the next three days
following a break In the 24-inch main
| which supplies the municipality from
S, -. inoiir creek. The mishap took place
in North Burnaby, owing, probably to
the great press ure which h:is been
sent down during the past two weeks
and Is of such a nature and In such
a position that a temporary connection with the Vancouver system is out
of the question. A large gang of men
are employed on the repair work and
in the meantime the water in the
towers is the only supply available for
The Bitulithic Columbia company is
laying about '400 yards each dav in
various jobs in the city, among these
being the work on Fourth street.
The freight boat Trader of Victoria,
is expected to arrive at New Westminster this morning from dowu the
river. Among consignments for local delivery Is one to the Briekmaii-
Ker Milling companv, eonsi-.-ting of
20 tons of cerea's. This compauy a'so
received a shipment of baled hay from
the Transfer yesterday.
Councillor Coldicutt  Pays for Exceeding Speed Limit.
Vancouver, June tl. -"If any person
wapts to come forward and plead
guilty he may do so." This remark
fell on the ears cf Councillor T. D.
Coldicutt. of Burnaby, in police court
yesterday morning, who appeared to
answer a charge of exceeding the
speed limit while driving an automobile on Broadway In the early hours
of Wednesday of last   w <   k.
Councillor Coldicutt stepped forward, but before he could explain him
self a husky policeman made it out
to Magistrate South that ihe defendant had doused his rear light when h>>
saw the P. C. and lhat he was detected with the aid of a flashlight.
Everything the P. C. swore was admitted by the llurnaby councillor.
"Well, well, well," exclaimed the
beak, "that will cost you just five
beahlets mote. $:iu in all."
Tho fine was paid.
aemremsiT--. its.**crr-*J-l-rW**_
Wtthtn a few days the new- veneering plant recently Installed by.the Canadian Wi*st,eTir Lumber ctjutpsiny at
I-'im;? i- Mills at" a cost of $5,000 will Input In operation and another Industry wlll be opened at the doors of New
\V< stmlnstl .-.
This Is, thp, only plant of lis kind
In c.-itiiefh west of Montreal and at
present builders requiring veneered
panels have to import ihem. With the
opt ft ion of the new plant a large
saving will thus he made in duly and
that "M bugheac the high cost of living :: i.l building will come down a
About$50 men will be required for
this section of the large mills nnd.
togetherfwlth the 50 men now- employed on th" new shingle mill opened
tm May (!S. the staff will be numbered
a) over 1500 men.
The machinery for the new Bash and
door factory will be here in k few
wicks mill the Canadian Western
Lumber Company will then be able to
cut and prepare everything required
in the building of anything from u
���-small shack to the largest building,
lt ls also expected that the staff will
be materially increased within thn
next tew months. The mill is at present working the full ten hour shift.
Tin- ni m large vessel that will dock
at I'i i-i'i- Mills will arrive comet hue li*
Augu t. v.hen it is expected that shi
will load approximately 4,000,00,0 feet
��� of luml * r for Buenos Ayres. which will
constitute; a record for tin- (tr iai i
Mills (or pne shipment. Tin njme ol
th,- boat has not y, t bi en annot :i    I
Port  Coquitlam   Has  Two  Themes  to
l'ort Coqultlam, .June B.- Conjecture
is rife among the business men and
Citizens in general as to where the
new pest oftire will be located. An
appropriation of $25,000 for this building was included in the estimates
Which recently come before the
house rf commons at Ottawa, and indications are at present that a fight
similar to that which ensued over the
I proposal to remove tlio C, 1'. It. depot
I will occur between the section of the
f city lying easl of thc Coquitlam river
and the section on the west when tho
time for a BOlectlon of a site ccmes
The   probable  location   of   the   new-
city  hall,   for  which  $25,000  was    re-
iBlltlj  voted by the ratepayers, Is also
la lopic of general discussion and It is
��� possible   tbat   the  eiasi   and   western
I sect ons tif the city may also engage
ti a BCrap for the ownership of it. The
present hall ls In the western section
| or tlie main  business centre of    the
I town.     No   public  announeemi nt   has
yet  lu-eii  mad* liy    the    mayor    and
| council OS to the locution of the new
I hall.
Toronto,   June   6.
bank clearings for ti
June 5, as compared
ponding week ln L'I2
Montreal  .   ������
Winnipeg   . .
Vane uver  ..
Calgary   ..
Kdmonton   ...
���Saskatoon   ...
St.  Johns   . ..
Mtiose Jaw ..
Kort William.
Medicine Hat.
Brantford   ��� ��� ���
Lethbridge  ..
Tola is
I'he    Cnn'dl:..
*.*��� eeh eudii ���������
with the- ci't-rcs-
are us follows
$ afl.ilU'.i 6S
47,11 "..:��� ���
3,811.93 I
'2,420. v>,
 ._.. - -' ��� ���
168 ��M^��S 101
Crlef   Over   Death   cf   Dlind   Daughter
Causos   Edmonton   Woman  to
Attempt   Suicide.
Edmonton,    Alia,.    June    .",     Mrs, I
Em:.     flett hi r, al ed   14   wife  of .1
II.    Motrin r,   of   the   i'i. loin 1*    He ill
;ompany, Bhot her: -if with d
inllbro n vol\or In the i- ft I r ai I t'i .
ifternoon ::':**- pri bably wlll d;,
Mrs i-'U tcbi ,* has been low spirit d
for sou,,* tlmn nud has bean broodlns
over the death of her blind daughter
Mr Fletcher beard the shot fired in
Hn iii xl room and al once rushed Into
the room where his wife was. He
found her Ijing on the floor with thi
revolver  by  lier side.     She  !��:��� r'��   him
good-bye, thinking she was about t
die Mr. Fletcher al oun- calli
medicul assistance, The pollce war
also notified end Mrs. Fletcher's de
position was taken,
Ru-.hed  to Guay-n.is.
San  Hi' go, Cal., June 5.    Rn routi
to Gnu. ni.-    Mexico, on a  rui h  i *:
; to  rell vi    ih *  cruisi r  < ��� llfornia   ��� *
patrol dut.t   tl r   iruisi r Plitnbnr-3 ar
rlvcd hi ���    fn tn Hri merton llili     * **
I,    ;   i* :'.. I   '. ,   i   i n  ; upplh    .
, :i i r il;*   ���' * '-i"��it port
A pleasant afternoon, marking the
close of another phase of college life
for the year, was spent yesterday in
the domestic science building, when
Miss Pennington, in whose charge the
work has been for Hie past year, entertained lur pupils and the lady
students of the college. Decorations
of white snow halls and loops of white
and yellow ribbon, the colors of the
department, lent attractiveness to the
A contest relating to domestic affairs called Into i lay the household
knowledge of the guests, after which
the presentation of diplomas to the
successful graduates In the diff.rent
branches took place, Mrs, 1). S. Cur
tls performed thi pleasing little ceremony and those called forward to receive; their merit d certificates were
as follows:
Grace  Clayton, i ass  In  sewing.
Pearl  IleDaiu, pass in cookery  and
Btts Fleishman, pass in cookery,
household management and laundry
Gertrude Glover, pass in cookery,
sewing and home nursing.
Emily Hobbs, honors in cookery,
pass in sewing.
Florence Johnston, honors in cook-
cry, sewing, heme nursing, household
management and laundry work.
Edith Vince, honors In cookery, sewing, home nursing, household management  and  laundry  work.
Evelyn Webster, pass in cookery
and sewing.
Kathleen Splayford, pass In cookery.
Follow ing this. ;he presentation of
a dainty silver fern Jar to Miss Pennington, was made by Miss Edith
Vince on behalf of Hie domestic
science students, and an address expressive of their regard and esteem
for Ihelr teachers was read by Miss
Kathleen Splayford.
Miss Pennington's reply was cordial, and after heartily thanking her
pupils for thla unexpected kindness,
she expressed her regret at leaving
the work here which she has found so
congenial; apart from having one of
the best equipped domestic BClenci
buildings in Canada in which lo work,
her associations hero during the past
year have been most pleasant, both at
the college and ln N'ew Westminster.
Lunch followed, its dainty menu aa
ever being a credit to the skill of the
pupils of the culinary art. Mrs. w.
T. He-ill presided ut the table, while
the Misses Gertrude Glover, Kathleen
Splayford, Eita Fleishman and Tamils
Reid served.
A short impromptu address fron:
Principal Hetherington appreciative
<f the work accomplished by Miss
Pennington and her pupils, cuticlud *il
a very pleasant afternoon,
Trunk Smashers Elect.
Colorado Springs, .lune    r,    f,    j
Moore, of Clcvi laud, gi in ral h iggngi
agenl   fi r tho  Nit kel   Plate  railroad,'
was elected  pn t Idenl  of the Amerl
can Association of Oeneral Baggage
Agt tu--* this afternoon al th,* fin il bss
sion  of thi   annual convention,    Bei
I,.  Alb y, i [ Omaha, gem ral l agg igi
agonl  i '���  i'i    I'nion  Pncifti   ralln ad
was elei'i, d vice pn i Idei i   and John
l*l Qui tk, *    Toroi to, a  . >*i cted Bee
Btory tn ��� i un r i ir Lis ?,oth ti rm,
Grand Trunk Mulcted.
Columl us, O. June 5    The  United :
; ,: grand Jurj �� hich n porti d ln-n
ti i|n\ * lui m *! 20 Indlcl ments agalnsl
Lhe I! ** md Trunk    Westi m    r illwnj
minn        ch  rgln? II with making il
legal ( one .: Ioi 9 ln freighl rate:-* i b-
tween Newark, t). and Battle Creek,
Mich      i nder  tin*   federal   law,   tho I
*iimpany *   liable lo a minimum fine I
of JlOffl ter each alleged offence.
-_._,.-t,--.|| ���||,��� ���IIHTTT -.~���~*rn-*-r*r-.-*. ���-TM-Snar'-CT
Next Thursday
Charles   Frohman   Presents
In  Her New Play the Great St.
James Ther.tre, London, Success
"The Witness
for the Defence"
(Ey A. E. W, Mason, M.P.I
Mail  i rders  now.    SeatB on   [
sal ��� Monday.
Prices $2X0 to 50c.
vertetx-itrirv- t-ocr
You' ( tievr r.o kick
c��ir.i tyg   ,' f-en yon
i ocb tn ��������� xmateura
.   W
To Regulate Apprcpriatlcno.
Washington, June 5. Tha Kbivh.,
plan for a budget committee of the
house to regulate apporprlatlons, fixing ii (Otal for each session and .allot
ting .this among the various qpf)ro-
printlun committees, was agreed to
with some modifications at a meeting|
today   of the budget committee named jdcla.
at the recent Democratic caiicps. **"*" '
Kill  Sonic  More.
Laredo, Tex., June- r, \ccnn
n courier who arrived her ��� I da
Milliter. ,-, 100 rebels nnd . f,
-.in- killed in a battle betwi
army ol Oeneral Tellez nnd
lioniKts iiinler .(cutis Carrnnza n
Queen's Park Ovafi
Saturday, June 7th
Free Off 3 p.m
ber on both
Tuesday.   A Inrg'
sides were woundi
j frit,'i*
li t
I Cn
General Admission, ��0c��
ma\7SaWsvs*tSm*a*Sx**tx*as*s^^ ,mum
Bargains, like flqwers, must be gathered to make
them grow. They are of your cultivation, and are
yours to enjoy.  This list is worth the picking.
Remember, do your shopping ea rly.   We close at  5 o'clock  during
June, July and August.   We want you to help us.
Tremendous Reductions
on Women's High-Grade
Tailored Suits
Twelve only women's best quality smart tailored
Suits; new spring styles, regular values to $-15;
today  S29.00
Eighteen only women's liijjh grade suits; sir;,llv
n::'ii tailored; excellent quality; regular $115
yalue.    Today           $24.00
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perfect fitting garments; regular to $25 Today   -  S9.50
Important Values in
Women's Waists
Sightly soiled tailored Waists; also a number of
fancy muslin and dark stripes; il dozen only in
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Tailored   Waists
Ilig Ebowfng of strictly tailored Waists; in tucked, embroidered and plain styles; laundered
cellar nnd cuffs; all sizes; regular to $3,60,
$2.75,  $ 1.0,1.      Today    .  $2.83
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������ ������gnaacn���3 MM
FRIDAY   JUt I  ��,   1913.
**.**%  *\*i%
For Sport Readers
Cliff Spring Replaces Feeney at Centre
snd Howard Goel orn Lalonde���
���eat Sal* Brisk.
Two changes ore likely to be made
ln the line up of tke Salmon Bellies
for Saturday afternoon aud It Ib
thought theae wlll in the needful to
post the game as a, Westminster victory. I'at Feeney -will be moved up
In the horn* {flytakm, his pluce at
centre being' tUrt#' by Cliff Spring.
Doughy Ib Hhotftng '.himself to be
faster and Iff better shape than ever
and will make Matheson or Oorman
step lively If they wish to stay the
pace. The other change posaible will
be on the defence, where Johnny
Howard may be delegated to nuard
Lalonde, buck Marshall being shifted
to watch  Archie Adamsou.
Lalonde scored no less than four
goals last Saturday, although Iwo of
these were at long distance- and there
fore would have been stopped bad
llun Clark had his peering irons on.
Manager Clifford Is by no means certain of his line-up, however, and will
probably not announce it officially until a few minutes from the start.
Vancouver n pons are drifting over
that a great crowd of the (ireen
Shirt   supporters   un-   planning   to
make the trip iu the hope of wltn ss-
itiK the second defeat ef the Mini)
cuppers. Playing on tbelr own
grounds, however, lhere Is little like
llhood of llie locals being stage Struck
by the cheering of the Terminals and
although ilu- score may bu close, there
is every reason to believe thai the
Salmon Bellies will pull out ahead.
iiuii Dewar and Fred Cullln, both of
Victoria, who handled the tirsl game
of Uie season, have beeu appointed
referees for Saturday's game by
President Kellington, of   the   ll. ('.
I,.   A.
So far this season there has been
little complaint from either Vancouver or Westminster at the way the
games have been handled and. if culy
the officials will rule firmly and pre
Vint any of tlle rough stuff which
-gigh placed the national pastime on
the blink, everything will b rosy.
The seat sale was brisker than ever
yesterday, both in the demand for the
pasteboards sl Kyall's and also tbe
bleacher seats at Mills' and Gray ix
That's What B. C. E. R. Ball Jugglers
Promise  the Crowd  at  Queens
Park This Evening.
Another attempt to lower the colors
of the Moose nine will be made on tiie
Queens park diamond this evening,
when the Electrics meet tbe herd in a
city  league  IIitUre.
Although Hill (ir-Sjhnm's hunch uf
brigands got away with the flral contest, this was mainly due to a series
ol errors whu-ii Inoculated the juicers
in two particular innings, although
Ci rheit. the port nidrr who Is delivering letter stulf Ihan    ever,    held the
Moose practically hitiess.
In thc game of Tuesday evening
marked Improvement  was shown  in
the  Holding  abilities of the  Electrics,
so that, lf they can land on Hc-rne to
any  extent,  a   victory  for  the  nickel
chasers should be in order.
Thai the Westminster sporting public ure taking to the American game
was evident on Tuesday evening when
tlie largest crowd of the season
decorated the expensive pews at the
ball yard and there Is no reason to
h li. v. hat t1" showing will be any
less this evening.
Ellis Turner will handle ;bc indloa-
ic r in t night's battle, calling the
game nl 6:46 O'clock.
Boy Scout r.-isketballers Trim Vancouver Team.
in a closely contested basketball
game, the llrsl Westminster troop of
In > scouts ' n Wertni 8 lay defeated the
Seymour trcop cf Vancouver to tho
lune of 1" to 7.
This was the llrsl defeat lhal lhi
Seymour bov s have >ei suffered and
excitement ran high a- the looil boys
forged ahead In the second bait,
The Westmlnstt r troop will return
ibe visit to Vanoouver In ibe near
The line-up wus as follows:
Westminster    U   Lewis.   Mel) maid,
10. Phillips,  10. L. wis,  I'.  Allen.
Venocnver   B, Peck, Blackburn, Mc-
Quire, Mills, Downes,
tl.  Mathews handled Uie whistle.
Edmonton Club Wants Ritchie an:'
Hcddie Welsh. Ent No Go.
lOdmonl n, Tunc 6, By Instructions
of ilu* directors i r the Edmonton Athletic club, lhe wealth'.esl Bportlng organisation hei". Hubert lluehanau
wind Hilly Nt Ian, manager of Wllllo
Ritchie, offi ring to match Freddie
Welsh, the English lightweight champion, agalnsl Ritchie lor $26,000, winner take all. An offer of a side bet of
?r,nii(i w is also mado,
The Edmonton city councll have
; -r, nl nnl  to i 'op prize fighting.
He  I.i Cooked  Ahead.
Ban Francisco, ,iune 5 it is stated
here on the besl authority that li wlll
be Impossible for Willie Ritchie to
:.ei,,pi the of fer of the Edmonton Athletic club to fight Freddie Welsh ns
he is tied up hy contract with Eddie
Granny of this cily Tor a fight with
come one on July 4.
Outplay   Sappers   In   Lacrosse   Soiree
But  Loosen  up and  Allow Tie
Score at Finish.
Outplaying the Sapperton team for
three-quarters of the game Ihe East
Hurnaby Intermediates fell hy the
wayside in thu lasl stanza at Queen's
Park last evening and allowed their
opponents to tie up the ecore to three-
all, which extra time could not alter.
The result wub a distinct surprise to
the lacrosse followers who graced the
field and bleachers and from now on
the suburbanites can be reckoned cm
as streng contenders for the pennant.
Kast Hurnaby started the s-orlng in
tin* flret few minutes of the game and
held Ihe lead until the third quarter
When they scored two more, allowing
t'n- Bappertons to score two.
In the lnsi few stares the eastsiders
came through with the equalizing tally
which necessitated extra time. Interest was at fover height for ton
straight minutes and, with little prospect of tbe two teams breaking tbe
tie, the referee decided to call the
game until a future date,
Some rough work crept into the
contest, "Hed" McDonald warming the
penalty bench for 16 minutes while
Bernle Feejlham was twice sent off.
Johnston, who can generally be
reckoned on scoring eeveral goals, was
������"I closely watched to be of much ure.
"-',,, .��� .,������ ��� .... ,,-!ir,ni were several intermediate and Renior lima-
tcurB, encroached on the playing
space during the last quarter, interfering wiih the play considerably.
Port Moody Wins.
Port  Moody. June 6.   -The local lacrosse team  defeated  the  Burqultlam
team   laat   livening   by   the   score   of
three 'goals  to  two.
put of Johnny Thompson, only to fall
a'vlCtlm booh afterwards to Jack Dillon, the lioosier middleweight.
;    tjloha begau his professional career
at' the age of 16 when hc defeated a
flliftpber of fairly good featherweights.
ij-Ot>n;arterward he graduated Into the
lightweight division and  in  1011 en-
ICVN   the   middleweight   ranks.     He
d-J$c*tfd   Billy   Papke,   Sailor   Burke,
| Jim Smith and several other rnldflles,
, hut afterwards was outpointed by Hilly
i Hicks lh New York.
After that he went out of training!
IJjra wlille and went up to 190 pounds
ia   weight;  although   he   only   stands
Svcfeet four Inches.    Wild  Hill will'
%>  hiff fighting   In   the   light  heavy- j
wtdght or commlsslonwelght  division
hereafter, und   hopcB  to  become  the'.
champion of that class.
��Cycto-e Johnny Thomas Ib another
yonnlf balloon  who    needs    anti-fat i
t��at1f*fcnt.   Ho won IiIb sobriquet as a I
Intw-tnght, but, after going to Aus- ]
trails, began to pick  up weight and]
tipped the scales at 162 pounds when
lie  foujeht   Hughle   Hehegan��� JUBt  22 j
pounds over the weight he had agreed j
to ni^ke.   Johnny Ib the same height
as m-nha. and about the best he can
do iiow Ia��175 pounds.   The Cyclone Is '
getting wVH along ln yearB aud  will
e Jljlhl* inonth.
 , ___	
-Tommy    Hums,   the  Canadian i
boxer, who was then a middleweight, and Hugo Kelly, at that]
time a strong contender for the-
middleweight title, fought, a 1U-
round draw on this date In Detroit. The following month they
went to l.os Angeles and fought I
20 rounds, this bout also ending
In  a  draw.    Kelly,  whose  real
name   is  Ugo   Mlchell,  was  a'
hard man to beat, -and many of,
his  bouts ended   In  draws.    In
1907   he   fought   a   terrific   10-:
round draw with I'apke in Milwaukee,  and   the  next  year he
held I'apke even In 25 rounds at |
Vernon. Cal.
-Hob   Moha  born  In   Milwaukee
-packey     McFarland    defeated
I'hll   Knight  In  10    rounds    at
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Cubs.
\V.   1.     Pel
fleftltle    ����� -21    19      .640
Vancouver   28    21      .671
Portland 25    21     .513
Victoria    -26   26     .490
Tacoma  2;5    29     .442
Spokane    18    21      .846
Yesterday's Games.
At Vancouver; R,    11    E
V-'iicouver   -      s      1
Tacoma    6   13     1
Butteries: Clarke, Doty and Lewis;
McQInnlty   and  Grlndel.
At Victoria: R.   H.   1*1
Portland          3     8     2
Victoria     1     t    2
Batteries: Easterly and Murray;
Narvison  and  Shea.
At Seattle- R,    11.    E.
Seattle       3      8      8
Spokane ������ 0     3     0
natterles: Olpe and Cadman; Kraft.
Covelaekle and Ostdlek, Auer.
Stardinp  of the  Cub*.
\V.    I..     Pot
Philadelphia   33   10     .767
Cleveland     33    13      .717
Chicago   26    21      .661
Washington   21    20      .64E
Boston      19   21     .ttl
St   I.ouis   20    31      .391
Detroit    IS   19     .38!
Ne-w York   9    33      .211
Yesterday's Games.
At  Hoston It     "     E
Chicago    -��.8    10      1
BoBton     ft     4     -
Haileries: Scott and Scbalk; Leonard and Carrlgan,
At Philadelphia: It.    H.    '"
Detreet        6    13      1
Philadelphia 1"    14     1
Batteries: Wlllett and Rondeau;
C< ttrell and Lapp,
At Washington: R.   H,   E
St. i.i uis 12   16     ���
Washington     3   ll     1
Batteries:   Mitchell and   McAllister:
Muiiin. Alt rock, Gallia   and   Henry,
At  New   York: R.    H.    E
Cleveland     6   to     1
New  York       ��� ���    3      8      2
Batteries: Sleln, Mitchell and
O'Neill;   McConnell and Sweeney.
Standing of lne Clubs,
\V.    L.    Pel
Philadelphia    24   '-     ���*������
Brooklyn   *������   "     r,TS
New York 21     18 .534
Chicago    22   -1 Bil
P il -.burg    22    21 .511
Bl    Louis         20    24 .454
Boston       IB   -'��� ������'������'���
Cincinnati   17   '-'8
yesterday's Humes.
At  Pittsburg:                  "���   " ���'���
Phil  llelpilia       2      8      II
pjtti burg *     7    "
llatteries: Rixey, Moore and KII1I-
,fer: Adams nnd Simon.
At  Chicago: R,    H,    E
Boston    s   18     i
Chicago       4      8      1
BattOricB: Hess and Hrown; Cheney Humphries and Archer.
At Cincinnati: ' IL H. E.
Hrooklyn    ��� ��� ��� ���   '      '      ������
Cincinnati     0    2    2
Batteries: Hunker and Miller;
Johnson and Kling.
New York ul St. Louis postponed!
(By "Gravy.")
"HOPE"   IS  24  TODAY.
B( b Mt hi, the Milwaukee boxer whi
has (om tii in all the divisions from
feather tn heavyweight, will celebrate
hla 24th birthday today.   Wild Hob Is
a native of Milwaukee, and Cl majority
nf his battles have been Blaged In the
Wisconsin metropolis, where he Is a
great favorite wllh the fans
lie Is one of llle most uncertain performers in Ihe ring, now making a
noise like a champion and now fight-
ilng   like  tl  contender   for   the   cheese
title, In recent battles he outpointed
Eddie MoQoorty and took the wind
(Continued from page ouel
next speaker, declaring that from the
annual report mailed to the ratepayers a few days ago, everything was
rosy, but a different aspect In his
opinion now showed Itself. He asked
for a government audit and moved
accordingly. Mr. Handeock seconded,
but the chair ruled It out of order.
Colonel Ward was again to the
front on the British subject question,
he believing thut the council should
have none employed in Hurnaby except ibose with naturalization papers
or British born. "Ah it Is now," he-
exclaimed, "we don't want them coming from Sicily or Vladivostock."
"Money Hungry."
Councillor Macphersou look up the
OUdgel tor the ratepayers, declaring
the present council was "money
"They propose." said he, "to pave
these highways without a cent from
the government. This hair million
contract ls going to be railroaded
through. It has been done so far.
The thing to do is to protect yourselves in next year's council. I am
going to tight this letting of the contract  to the hitler end."
Councillor Mayne, who previously
bad not spoken, stated that he was
surprised at the attitude of Councilloi
Macpherson. "Gentlemen," declared
Mr. Mayne, "he Is simply playing to
the gallery. He made the motion to
send the reeve to London and has assented to the paving contracts being
This statement did not appeal to
the Edmonds representative, who asked for the minutes of the previous
meetings and for a while things looked serious.
As a Anal spasm, the H. C. B, II.
was flayed hy It. Wight, rf Alia Vista
for not putting Into effect the reduced
fares for settlers, as promised by thi
company In event of tlie franchise bylaw pas-sing. He proposed lbat the
councll ask the company a refund on
ill  sellers' tick stubs.
CUude Hill voiced the sentiments
of Mr. Wight, saving that the fares
now being collected by lhe company
were Illegal.
The meeting then adjourned.
Batch   of   Fifty   Will   Hold   Alpinefest i
on   Steep   Sides  cf  Grouse
Abont ir, Y. M. C. A. boys will
leave this afternoon on the first week
end mountain climbing trip of the season. They have all been examinee!
b<- the medical stall and are in fine
trim for the climb up Grouse mountain.
The parly will leave on the 4:30 B.
C. E. II. car and will take the 5:3��
ferry for North Vancouver. Tbe top
of tlle mountain should be reached
seme time in the evening, where
camp will br pitched, The bunch will
return on Saturday evening.
Mr. Sovereign, of the Y. M. C. A.,
who will have charge of the trip,
offers the following suggestion as to
what to tuke: Double blanket
sweater, strong shoes, food to bs
packed in  the  blanket  or  haversack.
U. 3. Senate Investigating Committee
Now Wants to Know All About
thc Business.
Americans and Japanese no Cloocr tc
Solution  of Anti-Alien Law
Washington, June 5. - The president
had a brief conference today witb
Secretary Bryan and an Informal talk
afterwards with Viscount Chlnda. He
had explained earlier that he did not
expect to make any official reply to
the Japanese ambassador but would
discuss the Tokio note orally.
Tbe preBlelint let it be known that
there was much matter for discussion in tho Japanese note, but that
none of the documents thus far exchanged by. the two governments had
in ilietnseivi s suggested a solution of
the land la-v difficulty. He Indicated
tint negotiations would proceed v.ery
slowly and carefully, with the view of
obtaining a frank expression of opln- i
lon by the two nations. Sooner or
later. II was Indicated, the meaning ol
the federal laws on naturalisation will
have to be determined by the courti
thi ugh the Initiative might have ti
he taken by Japanesi residents as thi
government  could nol  Institute pro- ]
���l   *    lillLlS.
No suggestion of arbitrating the dlf-
flctlltles  has  thus far  been  made,  it'
w:>s learned authoritatively, hut the
White House officials today reiterated  their confident   expectation  of an
amicable adjustment  eventually.
Washington, June 5.���The spniti
lobby investigating committee decided
tonight to extend its present Inquiry
into a sweeping Investigation of all
organised efforts that have been madi
to influence action upon legislation
of any kind now pending before congress 05 under considejatlon in the
recent past.
Questions as to the Interest thi
Mormon church holds In sugar and
woollen factories in Utah brought on
i lively clash between Senator Smoot
mil Democratic members cf the eom-
t-.ittee late today. Senator Smoot
"aid the chureh represented a smal'
ituount cf stock in the Utah-Idaho
Sugar company and in the Knigh'
Woollen  Mills company at  Provo, but
e r1 si ute*' Questions by Senators
Reed and Walsh that be thought car-
ri, d Insinuations that be represented
'he iniererts of thc Mormon church at
"Here In Washington, I represent
ill the pi ople of Utah." be said
Bharniy. "I don't represent Mormon
or Jew or Gentile, black or white
Methodist or Presbyterian."
Getting  Facts.
Senator Smcot gave the committee
the n Pines of many persons who had
called upon him on tariff subjects. He
said he had taken no part personally
:n the organization of any ficht against
fr< e sugar, and he did not know of
the existence of a lobby or thc use of
mom y, further than as public advertisements Indicated it.
Senator Williams, whose sub-com-
mlttee has had charge of the Income
tax feature of the tariff bill, expressed
the belief that there bad been an organized effort by the Insurance com-
iianles to rally policyholders against
the income tax. Insurance officials
probably will be asked to appear later.
New Style Lobby.
Senat -r Overman* chairman of the
eon-mi' se, Btated today th-it the ln-
PEtlg tlon i. ready had established
he f' ��� ii* it powerful Influence wm
���-, , h1 ] , i i nators by the organised
tore n conducting campaigns lo mould
.- influence public opinion. This, hi
���������I. c UEtltlltcd a in w style lobby
of tremendous power.
The decision of the committee to-
nlghl hei so broadened the scope of
ts work lhat member-* do not know
when the inquiry can be concluded
The next phase of the situation will
he taken up Monday with the calling
of the first men Identified with the
fne sugar and  anti-sugar campaign.
One for Victoria.
Calgary, June 5, -Commissioner
Hm bridge, of the Hudson Hnv com
Uttny, here on a '.. Or of Inspection, announced thai Ibe compnny would build
i mercantile bouse in Vlctorin to
cost   $850,000,   would  make  extensive
improvements   In     Edmonton     and
would  put  four additional  stories on
the Ca]gary building of the oompany
In the course of a few years. The
Winnipeg establishment, Mr. Hur-
brldge says, will be one of the finest
establishments on the continent and
will easl 18,000,000.
For Once They Agree.
Ball  Lake City, Utah .lune 5.���That
the western  governor*  who  are  attending   the   governors'   conference
which  opened  In this city today  wlll
agree on some plan of handling conservation of public resources and other
questions   In   dispute     between     tho
western sinter -id "��������� fi t'er .1 government was the opinion expressed
tonight  hy  many    of    the    officials,
There is a general spirit of hurmony
hctv.ccn the governors.
Our Regular
Show Also
10c. and 20c.
First  Show  starts at 7:20.
lateurs  Appear  at  Close  of
First Show.
Thistle Social Club
in the
Lodge  Hoom. on     ���     ~*~
Friday, June 6th
At 8:15 p.m.
Tickets may be had from D. Boyl��,
:lj Eighth street, or at the hall door.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale  of   Real   Estate
For Rent
July and August
Beautiful furnished
house of ten- Moms.
Nicelawn. Goodloca-
tion.    Close to Sixth
St. carline.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
. *
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Home    of    the    Cinematograph.
Vitagraph���Two  Reels.
A    dramatic    adaptation    of
Kipling's      well-known      poem,
"The   Vampire."     Produced   by
an   all-star   cast,     headed     by
Helen    Gardner.      Unquestionably  one of the  strongest feature offerings of the year.
An incident cf the recent Mexican Revolution.
At the Theatres
l.ishts up the countenance of   the
nan  who  tries  a  bottle  of    "WINE-
i/VEISER" Ileer.    It  chases away   all
: fatigue  both  of  body  and  mind.    It
quenehes the thirst, pleases the palate
and    tones    up    the    system.    You'll
j never know what a    delicious    drink
i hops and malt can be made into until
you try "WINEWEISER" Beer.    Try
t tcday.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
At thc Opera House Thursday Night.
Rdille Foy and the Seven Little
Foys vvill I e at the opera house next
Wi due-day evening in his latest New-
York musical success, "Over the
Hiver." is one of the few stars on the
American stage who never had a
failure.    This  Is a 'record ever since
lie dies when he convulsed Chicago
i yenr at a time in "All llaba." "Over
the River" Is a musical adaption of
'hat well remember, d farce. "The
Man   from   Mexico."   which   was   one
f th" funniest plays ever presented
n Ihls country, John L. Golden com-
pt si d the music, which is said to
���auk beLer than the usual musical
ICtnedy JlBgleSI The scrre is tuneful
md enduring with a number of Insplr-
'in? choruses. Mr. Foy has a role
which Rives hlm one of his best chir-
icterlsatlona In portraying the grotesque clubman who was s;nt "over the
river'' for ilu days after spendiii; a
wild night  on  llreiadway.    One entire
ci -..hews the clever comedian ill the
,arb of a Illackwell island Inmate doing tiie lock-Step and avoiding recog-
t on bv bis wife ������'tid her reform
friends when Ihey call to Inspect the
1 fe Of prisoners.
Blanche Bates' appearance In a new
day. which promises to he one of the
most Interesting of the season, hns
Itllhulated local Interest In the hlih-
���"d degree. Miss Hates comes here to
the opera house next Thursday even-
eg under Charlea Frohman'i direction
'n "The Witness for the Defence."
This la the drama which enjoyed a
lens and prosperous run In London al
lhe St. James theatre. It tells a
���itory which is a veritable human
��� plsode. nut only human In its plot
Uld development, but novel and
iitiiiiue In Its treatment, lt Is llie
ltor,V Of a woman with a terrible secret In her lite, a woman badgered and
tortured until finally she finds relief
In confession. There have been
numerous plays with a somewhat
.-iliiiilar theme, hut in this Instance,
he heroine. Stella Hnllntityne, is not
put on the rack In one of those melo-
dramatic scenes of cross-examination
which have formed the "big" situations of   many   modern   plays   from
I "Mrs. Dune's Defence" to "The
Woman."    Her Inquisition Is of a dlf-
| Cerent sort and the torture she endures Is the more human and piquant
j because It Is a foregone conclusion
that "The Witness for the Defence"
will prove one of the really notable
'productions of the season.   Seats will
be on sale Munday.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs in Brass-vBeds, 4 ft and I ft. 9*In.
Exceptional bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from  $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser - ��� '-. i $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in Golden Oak, Iloyal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror. This suite
ls an exceptional bargain at MS uo complete.
Our Dry Goods section is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
Next Wednesday Evening
hew vofc*i **��&\ytitWhWp��.toV&iti&WrNl
i ���>
Mail orders r.ow.
Florist's, Phcae L 184
Seats on   Bale Saturday morning at Tidy, th
PRICES: $2.00 to 50c.
HBMM "U.i'T tss*s**\Wsn*\*Z Vkt-t **
FRIDAY JUNE 6, 1913.
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
lay 4c per word per week; 15o per
oionth; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
mired wltLIn one year from date of
oontraot, $25.00.
chickens with the hens. Apply 1119
Eighth avenue, city. (1472)
education for outside position. Box
1471, News office. 11475)
day    Auplv Box 1477 News office.
women in Sapperton. Apply Japanese Mission by phone. (14110)
slst  with housework and
(Vpply 1010 Sixth avenue.
TO    AS-
room   bouse
have  you
for ono
Jas.  W.
larger.    What
Connor,  with
Automobiles cleaned from $15 to
$25; pianos and office desks, etc.
I'hone 483, *14M>
poles. 30 feet to GO feet in length.
7 inch "tii 9 Inch tops. Can take in
water or on cars. Nestos Timber
Co.   Ltd., Bellingham, Wash.  (126SI
blocks 13 and 14, D. L 172. oh-eap.
Apply D. D. Ilourke, 1310 Cariboo
street. (1435)
pen of highly bred utility Rhode
Island  Reds,    In  prime    condition.
Hens $2.00, rooster, $3.50.
Fine street.
The Snapping of a Submarine
Line Entails Hard Work.
This Is Accomplished by th* Use ot
Sensitive Instruments, and Then
Comes the Difficult Task of Grappling
and Raising tha Ssvered Ends.
The 700 mile cable that connected
Hamilton. Bermuda, with BallfUX,
Nuva Bcotla, bud snapped. Somewhere
Apply 309 j un,|er muuy fathoms Of water lay thu
 U41.-I) ; twu (jfQ^gu ends, perhaps ouly
" Undies spurt���mors likely half a nillu
FOR BALE��� $1.00 DOWN, ��lon PER ; ur       frora mH.u otber-cniTled  rrom
week,    Canada's    Prldo    Malleable
How the B. C. Goldseeker Secures the
Precious Metal.
There are few people not connected
with the business who have any clear
comprehension of what placer gold is.
or what the difference may be between
the methods of getting the precious
metal from placers and from veins ul
quart/..    Yet  ever  since  the  rush   ol
Cariboo nothing has lent more to the
color of pioneer life in the Ear West
of Canada than this same placer min-
Placer is a Spanish word meaning
pleasure. It expresses the idea of
surface mining, or the mere winnowing and washing Ot K"! I from the
surface sands of stream beds, but with
improved   machinery    the   term  has ( BUgge��ted that Scott Day be
been extended to cover mining ol oil ���
kinds except that of ores in veins or
Dead Hero Born 45 Years Aflo Today
���Royal    Prerogative    Respecting
Widow Rarely Exercised.
Thirty Bushels to Acre on Sixty Acre
Farm���More Than  Doubles
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar-'
ket square. (1451)
brown cart horse; also one bay cart
horse, with three white feet. Wilson,
poundkeeper, Edmonds. (1457)
their accustomed bed by tbe wash of
the waves. Until the two ends were
connected the thousands and thousands
of dollars Invested In the cable were
bringing no Income.
As the result of the accident Hamilton  wus practically Isolated from the
! rest of the world, for the only other
cable went to Jtiniulco.    By sending a
1 messiice to Jamaica and tiuvlng It re-
1 laved to Newfoundland nnd thence by
telegraph to Sen York It was possible
; to get ti ff-tr words through In a fairly
short tlmp     Hut the tolls were etior-
\ uiuiwly blirh
LOST���AT    B. C.    ELECTRIC    STA-
tion on  Monday,  small  seal  purse,
containing    money    and    Rebekah I    The moment the operator at Halifax
lodge  receipt.    Reward   for   return : f id  that  the  key  on  the  Bermuda
to Sl" Tenth street. (14S4) j cable did not  respond to bis touch be
 '���-������ i reported the fact to his superior In the
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136 News office. (13S3)
Full milker. Not over large. Has
slrap around neck. Reward for Information that will lead to her being returned. M. W. Minthorne
phone 646 L. (14��0)
rO     RENT --HOUSE     AT     WHITE
Rock.   Enquire 211 Seventh avenue.
nished, mtielera, convenient, central.
Y. M. C. A., Royal avenue.    (1468)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes street.    Telephone L688.
TO    RENT -
1020    Third
or vacant lots for rent, snlo or exchange;  splendid position en beach
"  WttRt.    Winch, White Rock.    (11123)
D. R. & M. AGENCY. LIMITED.  520
Columbia street. New Westminster, i
wlll collect your slow and bad    ac
countB for a mere (rifle.    No mem j
bershlp   fee   required   and   comm'.s ;
slon  charged  only  on the  amount
collected.       Statements     rendered
monthly.    Collections made    every-
where. (1S66)
where. No collection, no charge
Amerlcan-Vuncouver Mercantile Ai
ency, 336 Hastings street west Van
couver, B.C. (1449)
Furnished   three   room   suite,
hath.    Hot  and  cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 756
ed complete, electric, light, bath,
phone, etc... $14 and J1S per month,
also one partly furnished room 18
per niontti, with other accommodations, at 224 Seventh street.  11450)
and rostumer,   411    Eighth    street.
Phone L71HI. (1460)
*��������� Notices*
The statutory meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners wlll be
held at tho Municipal Hall, on Wied-
nesday. June 11, 1913, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
t14Sli ��� Clerk to the Commissioners.
Wanted      teachers    for    the    city
schools.       including      high       school
^teachers, commercial teachers  (with
academic teacher's certificate), public
sclio-ul  principals,   vice-principals and
..-. '*\nls.      manual      training      and
domestic  science  Instructors.    Aptill
catioiWKn-inB may be obtained at the
offices   *P-   th"  Westminster    News.
British  t'olv.mbi.ui.  Vancouver  Province and Victoria colonist.
(i:i70)     New Weatmlnster, ur
For Rent���Beautiful home, has six
rooms and fully modern, extra clean
and new. Fine garden already in
No. 42S Thirteenth St., city. Lease
to careful   tennant,  $30  p��r  month
For Sale���Owner leaving city, will
BaerlHr�� fine home, has six rooms
and is modern. Lot is 52x1311 feet
Nn. 326 Ash slreet. This is 15(11
below value. Will arrange exceptionally good terms to right party
It must bo sold. See us abou: it at
Wanted a loan of $1800, have $4000 of
Security, Will pay 12 per cent, in
terest, Wlll pay back to suit. Full
particulars upon request.
Phone 312. Room 281
Westminster Trust Bullldlng.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
At Edmonds, a lot 66x113.6, fully
cleared and levelled, close to car
A snap at $��0>); one-half lot for
$500.    Term:).     No.  66.
At   Edmonds,   short
Lot cleared and ii
Small    bonne     nev
Terms.   No, 33.
block   from   ear.
garden,  33x121
ly    built;     $650
Notice 1s hereby given that al
next silting of the Board of License
Commissioners for the City of New
Westminster application wlll be made
for a transfer of the license to sell
liquor by retail in the Central Hotel
premise's situate' on Lot One il).
Block "fi," Merchants' Square, City of
New Westminster, from Jos. 1. Free-
man to Henry Freeman.
Dated    at    New Westminster, B.C..
thla 6th day of May, A.D. 1913.
Holder of License.
(13.11) Applicant for Transfer.
Advertise in the Daily News
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429.
JOHN HI-HID, Proprietor,
In the city. 75x300, facing two streets,
Jir.Oii; $160 cash, balance to suit.
This is a One building proposition
No. 55.
Uot on First Btreet, 44x141, between
Seventh and Eighth avenue, partly
cleared, runs to lane, $800.   Terms.
Nn.  oti.
This is one of the biggest snaps
have to offer. Eight room house.
well finished nnd well laid out. In
the h.-art of tho city, near car line;
fruit trees and poultry house, $1-1900,
on very easy terms.    No. 7:.
Ilnllfns 'itll'-e. Orders Hew back and
forth, telephone bells rang, messengers
scurried In nud nnt of the oilice. and
In a few hiuip- the cable repair steamer was on Us way fo Bermuda.
The operator-* nl IlllllfnJ nnd llnmll
ton had mer-ited the lirenk It was
slMiut six miles from the Hamilton end
nl the rnlile This ihey calculated
with sensitive Instruments used to rn-
cord rhe "resistance "
The writer 'wns In Hamilton when
the Mnehny Bennett steamed Into the
hiubni and through the courtesy of
ttie captain wns on board wben the
steamer went ont ami irriippled for the
ends  of Iho cable  and   restored   It   to
Even when the captain of a entile re
pair ship knows that the break ht nlKiut
six miles frem one end It's no easy
sfTalr to pick up the big wire ro|N-H
Tbe lloor of th* mean Is uneven, aud
be must allow for slack.
The crew wns ready when the ship
stopped With n splash tbe big grap
nei went overboard, and yard after
| yard of line was paid out until the
i book touched bottom. The water wns
1 120 fathoms IT20 feet) deep nt thai
! spot
Luck wns with the cable ship So
well bud the captain calculated that
the very first cast of the hook brought
up one end of the broken cable, ll
wna hauled on board. The electricians
attached their Instruments and railed
Hamilton. Tbe station answered tm
' mediately.
A   huge  bnoy   wns   attached   to   the
heavy wire rope and lowered Into the
water.    Then  we set out  to  Bud  the
' other end
Cast after cast of lhe grappling hook
' and not even a nibble from the missing
pari of tb* cnble.     Farther and  fnr
ther the cnble ship worked away from
jthe buoy     At Inst, after three hours'
i work,   the  grapnel   resisted   the   pull
I The BRh hsd lieen caught   There was
| a cheer from the crew as It wns pull
ed on bonrd, about a quarter of a mile
| from th* other ��nd.
I    This end wns connected with a tele
\ graph Instrument, snd the ojierntor st
j Halifax,   sbout  7fx)   mile*  awny,   an
i ewereel    There wss nothing usire* tu do
except to Join th* broken ends.
j    A new section of cable was carefully
spliced to the cnble that hud Just lieen
! picked  up.    Tbe cable  was pniil  out
I over ths stern as we steamed back to
: the buoy     This was hauled on board
and the broken end spliced tu the new
piece of cable, sn operation consuming
* le��s than hnlf nn hour    The repaired
��� entile,  ns  good   as  new.   was dropped
overboard to resume its place on the
ocean's bed.
Iturely does a cable repair ship have
sii' h good luck. Often storm* nrl*e
which drive the ship from tier roiirxe
tear the buoys from the ends they hold
snd compel lhe wink to be done over
In northern waters tbese conditions
sic  felt nt  tbelr  worst    The ship lie
* ciiiues crusted with tee, It Is dltttonlt
to iiinneiiver snd doubly so tu deal
With n cable on bow or stern when the
roll of (in. seas threatens to fracture u
ngaln, snd ibe launching or bouts with
| men   In   (Ueiu  to  buoy   s   loose  end  in
we i hasariloua
From these canws occnslrmullv rattle
ships get short of real nml Have to
siiniidnn work temporarily at critical
IhtiimIm. or tbey are enineuh-wl among
the tee tines or bergs and have, to let
go ill nml rctrenl - Karl K. Kitchen In
New  tors World.
few | deposits.
Gold   is  one ol   the  heaviest  sub-
I stance's   in   nature   and   while   being
! carried   down  the   slopes   by   newly-
| born streams it continually forms deposits, the stones ami sand with which
it  is  environed being  carried  farther
by   tho   water.     Often   the   gold   has
been carried into the placid breast ol
a lake, and then spread into a stratum
upon its lloor.    After many years th-
depression  has  been  tilled,   the   lake
disappears and a stratum of mud or
shallow earth forms over the stratum
uf gold-bearing  sand.    The  gold   has
been   ground   into   veritable   dust,   although it lias been common enough to
dis,-.,ver large  nuggets  in  placer dig-
In placer mining, whatever may 1>"
the character of the ground worked,
whatever  may  be  the  nature  of  the
tools employed,  whether in dry  diggings or wet washings, the Inct that
gold will fall to the bottom ami the
rent roll off on top is the phenomenon
upon which all the means of extricat-
, ing the metal from it.* silt are based.
! Th- early mining of Asia Minor was
dry and done with a knife and  pal).
The miner  loosened the goU-bearing
earth, filled his pan and winnowed it
I against   u   strong   wind,   the   heavy
gold  particles  lulling  upon  an  am-
i mal's hide spread  at his lot.
The miners have a winnowing machine arranged with screens of different   sir.es   of   mesh,   and   a   revolving
Inn.   The earth is sifted through from
one grade of  uu-sh  to another,  the
gravel  ami  sand  being blown  out id
the  end  of  the  box,  while  the  gold
finds its wsy below and is caught in
the  bottom.
The great source of placer gold-get-   M����-"
ting, however, is through  the separation  of  the  metal  from  its saii'ls by
the aid of water; and lhe most primitive utensil  hy  which this is effected
is   the   pan���a  Blrong,' round,   sheet-
iron vessel, holding about half a peck.
The   miner   fills   this   with   what   he
thinks is gold-bearing earth, takes it
to  the  creek   and   -inks   it   under  the
water.  Then In* shakes it slightly, inclining the side nearest lum upward
and tic sand and mud begin to spill
out   over   the   farther   run      He   continues tiie operation until hut a table-
spoonful "f Hn  contents remain, when
a' slight turn of the pan discloses the
gold,  if there  is  any.
The next most simple and useful implement used in placer mining, is the
rocker���a  wooden  box  on  a   pair <!
rockers, with a hopper at on,* end, Bel
above the lloor of the box.  Th,- bottom
,f th,- hopper i- punctured with hall-
inch liulc'.-     Saul  is shoveled  in ami
water poured on it while the machine
is being rocked   The conrs, r gravel i-
picked   oul,   win!,-   the   liner   passe*
thr ugh   the   perforations   ami   runs
down ile*  Blightly-inclined  floor,  tie
I being caught against a riffle bal
laced nl ','iit two-thirds ni the distance
to thg end.
Tlie  sluice  box  id  the   next   imple
ment of importance.   This is mado ol
boards and  is nbout 12 feet long and
thrc" wide,  with  riffle  bars fixed t-
its  bottom  a  few   !'*'-t  apnrt.    Many
such boxes nre  joined together nr.<
inclined   about   an   inch   to  the   foot
forming a line two or three hundred
feet long.    The dirt  in shoveled  Inti
the  head  of  the  sluice,  a  str-ani  ol
water   turned   "ii   it   and   the   dross
I washed   down,  the gold   being  rau.'l.l
I by the riffle bars.   Sometimes instead
j ,f  using riffle bars the sluice box is
; paved with rocks to resemble a nal
ural      watercourse.    Quicksilver     is
i thrown among the dirt ami unites with
the gold, the amalgam  being caught
in lhe interstices id the rocks.   Whei
1 i ollecteil   it   i s  placed    in    huckskii
......   t1"*  ugh   which   the  tr -c  quick-
silver  oozes   when  squeezed,  leavinp
. a  liar I   knob  ni  gold   and   mercury
I This is placed in a retort, tin- volatile
metal   is  distill *'l   "fl   and   the  gold
London, Juno 6.���English gecgru- deletion, Jtin�� 5.- Mrs. Annie
pliers and explorerB will hold a Williams, of fi.'elchen, Alta., had a
meeting tomorrow to cotamemorate record flax crop last year. She seed
the birthday of Captain Scott, the in- [ed 66.ill! acres and threshed 1S77 bush,
trepld explorer who lost his life on els, which ia equivalent to 28,93 bush
the return trip from the south pole, lt els to lhe aero.    The significance of
this will be more readily appreciated
annually observed by tho Hoyal Geo-1 when lt Is slated thai the average
graphical Society, and it ls likely that. ylnld per acre last year In Alberta
the plan will be adopted. In any event, i wa8 13,82, In Saskatchewan 12.56. In
the name and fame of Scott will not Manitoba. 11I.H1), In all Canada 11160
soon vanish from the memories of an<| |��� the United Statea 9.90 bushels
men, for few tragenlles In all history lt0 the acre.
have made so deep nn impression asl -~h(, variety which was grown wn-i
the death of the heroic Scott and hiB i ������pr(.m0Bt" a new kind which has been
brave companions. I developed   by   the   Dominion   depart
ment of agriculture Ottawa and which
: ripens  from   ten   days  to  a  fortnight
Robert Falcon Scott wiib born at
Outianda, Devonport, a naval station
on the southern coast of England, 4fi
years ago, June 6. 1888. Ills career
as an antarctic explorer began in 1900
when he headed Ihe English expedition that sailed on the crude wooden
whaler Discovery and established a
"farthest south" record. A born leader of men, a physical and mental stalwart, feiirleis yet never rash, determined, but always sympathetic, Captain Scott was the ideal figure of an
explorer. The long roll of modern
martyrs to icleiice begins with tho
heroic Brunn, mute and defiant in his
pyre of flames, and ends gloriously
with  the  Ice-enshrouded  Scott.
Canada and   Australia,  as   well  as
the  United   Kingdom,  have joined  In
bestowing honors and  more substan- ,
tial  appreciations on the families    ofl
Scott and others who lost their lives
111 the antarctic tragedy.    The widow I
or the great explorer  is now    Lady'
Scolt, with the same rank, style and
precedence as if her husband had been l
created a Knight Commander of the >
Hath,  as  he  would   have  been  If he
had  lived.
The king's prerogative of bestowing
a title upon a woman is rarely exer-
deed.    The last  noteworthy  Instance '
of  this  kind  was  in   1891,  when  thej
widow   of  Sir  John   Alexander   Mae- i
'lonald, Ihe great Canadian statesman,;
was made a peeresses, becoming Bar-
Macdonald of Earnscllffe,   The
distinguished Dominion prime minister died  ln  (Xtawa just    twenty-two
years   ago   tomorrow,     In   tin
year Ihe widow of the Ht. Hon
Smith,   leader   in   the   commons,
created   Viscountess   llambledon.
Perhaps the lirst notable case of
the conferring of a title upon the
widow of a great mnn was in 1801,
when the widow of Sir Ralph Aber-
croby, killed in the battle of Alex-
indiia, was made a baroness. The
bestowal of titles ou women whose
husbands were living ha,i been of rare
occurrence, but there have been several such cases. One of the most
noteworthy was the conferring of the
title of viscountess on Mrs. Disraeli
���some eight years before her husband,
���he eminent statesman, was elevated
to the peerage as Earl of BeaconB-
earlier   than   ordinary   flax.    The   record of Ihe growth of this crop shows
; that   lt  was   needed   Aprll   16-1S,   was
i one foot  high and In  bloom on June
211,   ripe   on   August   10   and   cut   on
| August 27.    Tho germination test ov-
i <-r   seven   daya   Bhowed  over  MS   per
| With the co-operation of the agricultural branch, department of nnt ural resources, Canadian Pacific railway, Calgary, a large proportion of
thin crop, namely 12rtO bushels, was
sold for seed purposes to a Hanna
farmer at thc price of $3.00 per bushel; Ihe C. !' It. also bought In a quantity for use on Its demonstration
same j ���f t|1(1
\V. II '
Architect   Not   Entitled   to   Lien     on
Building  fer   Which   He  Has
Prepared   Plans
Vancouver, June
yesterday decided that, under the Bri
Where the House Regulations Are Apt
to Vex Free-Born Canadians.
The hausbesorger ii the evil spirit
of Vienna, City of Flats, says a writer
He lives in a gloomy cavern at the
foot of tin- stairs and pounces on you
every lime you pass and t'.ll you you
mustn't I have never really mastered' the house regulations. After lb
o'clock a chill air as ol the tomb en-
velopes the house. Later thnn thut
you may not sing, dance or play an>
musical Instrument.
1 was once at a parly when one of
Ihe guests, not observing tin* laten-ees
hoiiit volunteered te sing "urn
Pro Nobis." Sh" had not gone much
beyond the first bar when she noticed
that ii only wanted one minute to iti
The speed with which she finished the
song, put mi her hat and cost, shook
hands nil around, ami was out in thu
strict before the hour had finished
striking wns a lesson from which I
; hav n.it yet recovered.
At  ii" t;'n" may   "tie   shnke   one'f
rugs out ol   tin    iron!    window, bet
I between  the  hours ot (', and w  iu  th *
j nu,ruing, one may heat them in the
! courtyard.    A visitor, waking up with
a start a litt <��� alter 6, mil wondering
winder ihe 'bunder  wi.l  give him  a
headache, fail- to appreciate tie* privilege. For nbont an hour the city
is as if wrapped in a sand storm;
everybody is in tic courtyard bunging
rugs. Tie- Viennese hausfrau iine-i-
nil Inr sp.ire cn-sh in rugs. It i�� tie*
proudest day i.f her lifi- when -)"-
has so many that s'.ie is t!*>- lirst to
sUrt beating .-md tlie lust t>, finish.
lf one kens a doe, on wet days "lie
must carry him up t" "lie's apartments, so Hint liis muddy feet do not
soil th--' staircase. Particularly will
do I know this la-t regulation, lor nt
on,* time I was the proud possessor
ol a mastiff In the first month of
niy stay it rained on IV days, nnd I
lost nearly 11 pounds in weight! My
medicul attendant snid I was not
physically strung enough V) own ��o
Judge Molnnlal large a dog, so, as my r,��ims were on
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in Loudon ling
Innd, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City A general
banking business transacted. Leltera
if Credit issued, available with corespondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department ���Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward
end interest allowed at 3 per cent *et
itinutu ([iri'sent rate).
Total Assets over 1180,600,000.00.
G. I). BRYMNER,  Manager.
To Port  Mann  and  Port  Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaven  New  Westminster  for fort
Mann  S:00 a.m.
Leaves l'ort Mann for New Westminster 9; 00 a.m.
Leavea   New   Westminster  for   Port
Mann and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 am.
Leaves    Pun    Coqultlam    for   l'ort
Mann and New WeBtmlnster I no pm.
Leaves  New   Westminster   for   l'ort
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for   New   Westminster 7; 00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Wiininiiisler   for  Tort
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Iyeaves    Port   Coijuittam    for    l'ort
Mann and New Weatmlnster 6.HO p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further  Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phono  164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
.the fifth  floor,  I  exchanged  him for
Real Etnte and Innurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block. 6"i7 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC.
Funelv Grinditones.
Fr cii   the   b *tt' m   of   tli"   Buy   ol
Fund;    'in'* s* in*' "f the finest crind
iton m In the world, and the nun nei
in whit li they ate procured is puunl"
nnd  ingenious, tho stoi uUitb mak
ii..- the ex "i tional tide perform the
hnniest part of the work When tin*
lid . out, which happens twice every
day, Ihe workmen quarry the *tnnw
Irom the solid rock and fasten them to
a bit liathoat. Then in comes the
tide   a   mighty   flood  rushing  In a-
i though the gr-at ocean had suddenly
changed it.-t mind. Wonderful light
it is, rising often an high as a house.
! And now the men have nothing mere
t" do, The tide lifts the boat, and up
comes the stone with it. Boat and
stone are then Brought close Inshore,
where the stone is removed at leisure
when the tide is out.
entitled to a mechanic's lien for preparing   plans.     Tbe   decision   will   bo
received v,ith more ihan ordinary*
interest as it has. up to the present
time, been lakin for granted that an
architect was entitled to a lien be
cause It had been so held in Ontario
ind either provinces of the Dominion
where   this  polnl   had  arisen.
Ills honor, in giving judgment, point
���d out thai lhe Ontario act was much
broader than the British Columbia
statute, and that an architect's claim
to alien could not be successfully established in this province, iu his opinion. Thn |K*iiii is a new on ��� in Hril
sh Columbia,
a case wa.s beard some time where
an architect sued for :i  lien amounting to some Jiliioo in connection with
tlie  Leigh  Spenci r  building,  but  the
issue  as  to  Uie architect's  statutory
right to claim a lien was nol taken.
The case responsible for this finding wiih that broughl  by  Mr   McKay
i-'ripp, a Vancouver architect, againat
j Mr. II. Clarke.    The plaintiff claim d
ia Hen In connection  with a residence
| being built ut Kitnllano on (he ground
of having prepared plana and specifications tor the building,
Dustbins, which arc generally kepi
in th ��� kitchen, next to the r;as stove,
havc to he curried downstairs  by tin'
tenant and deposited en th.* pnv,-
mon I for tin* convenience of thc du-t
men. An official makes his appearance a few minutes ahead l tic du��l
carl, and c'linys a huge bell at the
foot ol the- stiiirs in warning. At tli
sound doors fly open ns if by magic.
and the next moment lhe stairs nr
crowded with women young, old
strong   and   frail   each   wit I   nn Iron
dustbin  strai I    I"  h"r   bosom.     1'
yeui ai" wearing new clothe-?, j h
want to sec Unit th" dust cart isn't
in the street before you -tart tnounl
ing the  stairs.
He Lot thirty-four (34), Southwest
quarter of District Lot eight hundred and sixty-seven IS67), Municipality of North Vancouver, Map
Whereas proof of loss of Certificate of Title No. D9942 K.. covering
t.he above mentlonod property, iBaueel
n the name of Sham Singh, has been
filed in thla office. Notice iB hereby
<iven that I shall at the expiration
Of nne month from date Of first publication hereof, Issue a duplicate of
.aid f'nrtldcate of Title, unless in Iho
Meantime valid objection be made to
ne In writhiK.
Dnted at tho Land Registry Office.
Vancouver, B.C., thla 12th day of
May.  A.D. 191:1.
11118) Dlatrlct  Registrar.
mf   th**
A Star  Idea,
Stnnll   Edciit   htip|H*nw1   to
m��w   moun     MMntninii,H   uo
M(jni Uoii uifik* thtit nHHinir
"Ye*, tlpitr,    wii-  thp rt'[��ly
"Wtirii (IU) hP tl" vx _tti tlu- (itfl nni��r
qntTied the youthful Iminwtlnr "1>H1
\.<* <-ut It Up Into MtiiraT" ��� Cbt('Ul{0
Agents     Palme
Bros.'   Gasoline
Bngiiins, Marine
Engines   and   Autei-
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New We-Btmin3ter, B.C.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Vihrn-MassaBe aud Glover's Kam-
otis Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
W*ir Mo Wn Glum.
"TVhj su L'tiiin'.'"
"My wife threatened yesterday to go
home to tier  III"! tier "
"Ob. well, probably ��h�� wont co."
""She rtnlii t "- tlmiHtou   I'iibL
All persons supplying provisions Ol
goods of any kind to Stewards of vessels owned or operated by the Department of Marine and Fisheries, or tn
any other person or persona who
may have contracted for the) hoarding
of the officers and crews of such
Vessels, an- hereby notified that the
aforesaid Department will not. he responsible for any accounts contracted
by the stewards or Contractors abovo
referred to. , .,.,
\  JOHNSON Chllllwack,   June   B.���The   reslRna-
Deputy Minister of Marine and        tions of Miss S.  M. Stiff, teacher of
Fisheries. J promontory Heights school, and  Mr.
Department of  Marine and  Fisheries, j I'eter  M.  HugheB,  teacher of  Cheam
Daled at  Ottawa, 19th May, 1013      'school,   were   received   and   accepted
(1454) ���42346 ion Tuesday by the school board.
An luihrtrtlr-d tongue in the worst ot
fUseaS-t*     Ulirtldilen.
Teachers Resign.
Chllllwack,   June   5.  -The
Uniforms at Osgoode Hall.
An item of $300 for uniforms for
messengers at Qagoode Hall, which
appears in the estimates le causing
much speculation In the pile at tlie
lend  of  York  street, Toronto.
"Who arc messengers?" is a ques
tion that is asked, und the remark i-
' also   heard   that   a   cocked    hat   and
jeweled rapier should be among the
Insignia classed  as  uniforms.
Another suggestion ia thnt bell-hops
[ may be Introductd.
The  proi,ability is that a quiet Uni-
; form  that  will  [end  authority  to the
i wearer i.< Intended for a semi-police-
' man  who  will deter the  activities of
onat'-*��!intchera.   The   depredations   of
the   latter  have  been  complained   of
t la ir.'-crr-U'-"! nnd fhonW know
L abuuttliu wonderful
M��vel Iggjm
Ank '
K.   If he mnnot SOI, __
tha  MARVl.U accept no
other,  but e-ff-'l nlntup fur lllns-
tnttoa book ���MMled,   It (cWes
jntrttctiljir* and (ItP'-rtlmiMnviInablft
<i-t ''il  Agl-liU fnr CtuiAit'l.
Onr.'   Patient   Dies   in   Montreal���Another  Develops  Tumor
Montreal, .lune D.    'One child, Papi-1        Board of Health Department,
noau Marlowe, has died, four patients      Tenders will be received by tho un
have taken  turns for the worse, nnd |derslgned up to 5 o'clock, Monday, the
one  woman  has developed  a  tumor,'
was the announcement made today bj
Dr. Bugone Grenler, medical dlroctoi
Drill Hall Nearly Ready.
Chilliwack, June 5.���The new drill
hall will be completed within two moro
weeks if the good weather continues. The roofing Is well advanced
anil tho Interior work is proceeding
apace with tbo work outside.
of the Bruchesl Institute for Consumptives, when asked tor a Btalomrnl
in regard to the condition of patients
treated bore with his turtle "cure"
for tuberculosis,
The tumor affecting the woman patient has grown at llle exact spct
where Dr. I'l-iediniinii made the injection Of the "euro." Th" dead child
had tuberculosis of the bone.
Dr. Qrenler said thai Dr. Fried-
mann's methods of malting injections
wire unscientific.
Alderman Will Preside
Nelson, June ii. Alderman James
Johnstone WOS elected president of
the Nelson Street I.'.lway company.
at a meeting of a new board of directors last night. Win. Douche was
named  vicc-proHldcnt and A. S. Hone
will, secretary-treasurer, to hold office subject to new arrangement with
tho cily, under which, when it bo-
comes effective, an official of the
city's clerks office wilt hn secretary-
Ilth of June, for tbe lowing of garbage
scow to sea. Tenderers to state price-
per trip.
Any further Information required
may be obtained from S. .1. Pearce,
chief Sanitary Inspector, City Hall,
The lowest, or any tender, not
necessarily ncc.epled.
Acting City clerk
Cily   Hall,   New  Westminster,   11.   C.
May  31,  1013. (14H3I
Notice Ib horeby given that the nn
derslgned Will apply to the Board ot
License Commissioners at Its nexl
! regular sitting for an Hotel Llooim*
|for tho premises known as the "HoteJ
1 Dominion," situate upon lxit 11. Block
fi, corner of Sixth and Columbia
Streets, City of New WeBtmlnster,
Dated thla Oth   day   of May,   A.D
(1284)    KDWARD JONES.
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all  points east,  commencing  May 28.
Week  Klid   tlckels on  sale  lo  local
;iolnts at Single Fare for Round Trip
ui   Fridays,  Saturdays  and   SundayB.
For rates and reservation apply   to
New Westminster
ir H. W. Rrodla, O.P.A. Vancouver
,    . ji i i ^****a ���
B.C.Coast Service
Leaves Viinoouver for VIclorlK in tt. m-,
2 p. in. and 11 145,
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle 10 tv. m.
and 11  p. in.
Leaven Vancouver for Nanalmo !>���
a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Kupert
mill Northern Points 10 P. m. Wednesdays-
Chilliwack Service
a.   m.   Tuesday,
a.    m.    Mmi.lay
Leaves CtUUIwach   7
Thurmlay ami Saturday.
Leaves Westminster 8
Wednesday and Friday.
1CD. OOULB't, Agent, New Westmlnate
u. w. iiRonin. u. P. a.. Vanoouver.
Now Sprint; and  Summer SultinRs
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street. FRIDAY  JUNE  6,   1B11
Indians  Lead  In   Strike    for    Higher
Wages   Affecting   Ske-na   and
Northern Grounds
Farmers Losing Money by Reasonn of
Damage to Hides When Animal Is Inside Them.
Vancouver, June 0.- Northern flBh
operations, uocording to rcent arrivals
from the far north, this season wlll
he far under the average, not from
the fact that spring salmon in southern waters are lea proflllc than in
previous seasons, but that fishermen
in the north recently went on strike,
ibus practically tying up five northern
Last fall, according to some of Ihe
fishermen, Beveral of the Indian tribes
who constitute the bulk of the fishermen, il elded that this season they
would demand five cents a pound for
iheir spring salmon catch. It was
reported that It was tacitly understood the canners would pay five
cents a pound.
However,  when  the  season opened
rather until three weeks ago when
the fishermen struck���tho cannora
would pay what the Indians demand
i d. So the Indian fishermen of the
Skena river. Port Simpson, Kitsum-
kaluin, Bkldgate and Masset, 'went
to tbe besl fishing grounds, which are
off what Is known aB l-an^ara Island
the northermosl Island of the Queen
Charlotto group���and started fishing
fihhlns In what promised to be the
most successful  season of the north.
H developed, according to Information which reached the sound on laBt
arriving steamers, that the Indians, as
well as the white fishermen, were
paid bul 8 1-2 cents a pound for their
fish. Ill face of tlle fact lhat they bad
been lod to understand they would be
paid five edits a pound, the Indians,
li was reported arranged to strike,
and some of tln-ir leading medicine
men went among the white fishermen
, ticampi d upon the shores of Langara
Island and arranged a strike, which
was called las' week and resulted In
mi re than 1'"'" fishermen, conatltu-
ling 8 hi Indians and 300, more or less
white fishermen, slopping work.
���        Firms   Affected
Thi thr " largest establishments
affected hy the strike are Iho can-
ncry and fertilizer plant of tbe B. C.
fisheries of Bkldgate, headed by Sir
George Doughty, the Standard Fishing and Cold Storage Co., (f Prince
i: ini rt, and tbe Wallace Fisheries,
LlJMted, Of Nad* li harbor. The first
had si nt to Langara Island, in tower a trawling schooner, a raft upon
which was built an Ice houBe to reel* ve  the fish  as caught.
The Prince Rupert concern was patrolling the fishing grounds wltb ;
gas line launch which picked up the
fish tor transfer to the fishing schoon
er James Carruthors and the cannery
:*��� Naden harbor was working mere')
with tbe assistance of three launchi id
Af'.-r several meeting with thl
spokesmen of the Btrlkers. the can-
nerymen decided to "stand pat." wil.
th.- result that the spring salmon
catch, estimated to laat hut six woeks
al best, will be far less than was expected even should the cannerym ."i
finally accede lo the demands cf the
Some of the northern flshorincn,
even among the strikers, deplore the
outcome thus far, for tliey number
fishermen from the old country and
the Atlantic const who went north It
take up land, relying upon thc fishing industry for the support of them-
si Ives and families.
Ructions in Montreal Over Site For
New  Dril  Hall.
Montreal, June 5.���In defiance of
a citv byflaw absolutely forbidding
the erection of such a structure un-
edr p-enalty of fine or imprisonment,
iiie department of mll'tia and de-
fi nee has authorized Col. John Car-
sen to proceed with the construction
( f a drill hall at Ihe corner of Ks-
planade avenue, Rachel and St. Ur-
baln streets.
Notification of thc department's decision was conveyed to the city tj
day in a letter received by Mayor
Lavallee from Col. Fleet, deputy mln-
is-er of militia and defence. The letter Informs the mayor that "Col. John
Carson, of Montreal, has becn authrir-
Ized to >roceed with the construction of a drill hall for the mie cf the
First (Irenadier tluard.i to be erected
on the p-ililin and defence property
tn the corner of Bsplanade, Rachel
and St. Urbtn streets.
"The c uiract for the building has
been b" io Messrs. Tl. C. Lnnmls nnd
sous Tor t117,000, and It Ib the Intention of lhe department to procned
with the construction at once."
Mackenzie Will Not Finance Railway
As Was Expected    ,
S'ratford, June 6.--Stratford Is not
to hnve n street railway system lust
yel Nor is llle city lo gel C.N.R.
connection through the medium of the
proposed electric city service. On
.i-i"., 1 the franchise of the Stratford
Railway Company expires, and a definite decision has been promised by-
Sir William Mackenzie before that.
date, as to Mb intention of financing
the railway.
The "iiBwer has becn given In ute
form of a statement over the signature of President Andrew Waddell of
the Stratford Railway Company to
the effect, that Sir William will not accent Ihe f^nchls.-*. without the power
clause, which left tiie company free
to use power other than the hydro-
��]ectric If more reasonable ra'es
���should be obtainable.
The ratepayers, hy a large majority endorsed this clause, but the pri-
V��te bills committee of the legislature struck out the power clause and
passed the bill In amended form.
Keen   disappointment   is   felt   her   at
ihe deathblow io   Stratford's   long
cherished hopes for n stroet railway
ard connection with the C, N. It,
New Church  For Merrltt
MerrlH   June 5.���Work on the oon-
-slruction of the new Church of England here Is to be started as soon as
possible next   week  nnd the  work  Is
to be rushed to completion, w. Bowler has the contract and his figures
are, 14710. Bishop de Pencler will
consecrate the odlflce on completion.
Ottawa, June 6.���-Cattle raisers In
almost all'parts of Canada aro familiar with the small lumps that appear
on the backs of their animal during
the whiter months and from which
white grubs or maggots emerge at a
later date. Many theories exlBt as to
the exact life hlBtory of the Insect,
known na the warble fly, of which the
white grub Is tho larva.
The opinion generally held that the
eggs are laid on the bnckB of the cattle, and wheu hatched work their way
beneath the skin, Ib proved by careful
Investigation to be Incorrect. Dr.
Seymour lladwln, first aBslstant pathologist of the health of animals branch
of tho Dominion department of agriculture, who haB studied the subject,
claims that the eggB are hot laid on
the back, but on the legs of the cuttle.
This appears to bear out tbe theory
that the newly hatched insects are
licked by the animals and thus taken
Into the system and ultimately And
tlieir way to the hacks, where they develop beneath the skin.
The matter of chic! Importance to
the cattle raiser Ib not the exact
course taken by the Insect within the
body of the cattle beast, but rather
the economic effect of the grubB upon
the business of cattle raising. To
throw light on this phase of the subject Dr. lladwln has written a bulletin, which Is numbered 18 of the health
of animals branch, dealing with the
���eonomio  aspect  of warble  tiles.
In this It Is thown that enormous
losses occur each year through damage 10 hides causes by these insects
Tanners consulted ou the subject
claim that from U5 to 75 per cent, of
bides are warbled and that about -0
ner cent, of Canadian hides are more
or less damaged. The extent of dam-
tge is variously estimated by sixteen
large tanners to he from about 60
cents to $1.00 her hide; the estimate
of one Ontario tanner was 10 per.
cent, which is equal to $1Mi,0U0 per
The author observes that the man
who undoubtedly loses is the farmer;
'he laiiiu r does not want warbled
hides at any price and several of them
testify that ihey buy hides only during the seaBon when hides are not
-i-ulihv. He estimates the annual loss
to between 2H and 30 per cent
This bulletin of twenty pages, which
is the flrst to have been issued on the
subject in Canada, is helpfully 11-
'ustrated. Copies will be mailed in
"espouse to applications made for it
to tiie publication branch of the department   of   agriculture     at   Ottawa.
Saanlch Councillor Said to Have Been
Approached to Vote for Certain
Victoria, June 6.���H. P. Winshy, a
local real estate agent, has been arrested charged on the sworn information of Hugh Little, constable of the
municipality of Sannlch, while attempting to bribe Councillor Frederick
Oeorge Quick by offering him the
sum of 15000 to secure his vote In
favor of a change lu the present paving specifications and to open new
tenders for a different type of pavement.
A warrant for the arrest of Frederick A. Rarfd, local manager of the
Canadian Rubber Company, a paving concern, charged him with aiding
and abetting Wlnsby In the attempt
to bribe, was also Issued on Information of Constable Little. Mr. Rand
was arrested by Detectives Murray
and Turner at his home, 451 Durban
street,  shortly  afier  midnight.
The warrant against Mr. Wlnsby
was iBsuid by Magistrate George Jay
and charges the former with on the
third day of June offering Frederick
Oeorge Quick, a councillor of the
municipality of Saanich tho Bum of
(5000 for the purpose of Inducing the
said Frederick (ceorge Quick lo vote
at a meeting of such council ln favor
of a motion to change the bltulithic
specifications at present adopted by
the Baid council and to open tenders
for an asphaltic concrete pavement
for the construction of roads in the
said municipality, contrary to the statutes in such cases made and provided
Mr. Wlnsby was arrested at 1.30
o'clock yesterday afternoon. He was
taken to the city pollce station, where
bail to the amount of $250(1 was fixed
Recently the municipal council of
Saanich after Several healed sessions.
decided to call Ior bids for a large
amount of paving on several of the
leading trunk roads within the district. Towarda the cost of the work
!he provincial government was to contribute a very substantial sum,
The type of pav iment chosen bv
,'V���' maji-.rity of the council was blth-
ulitlc. a type net hitherto laid in this
pr.rtlcn of the island. The pavement
is what is known aB a patented pavement, and If oilier paving companies
use that particular type they must
pay a royalty to the patentees. The
present action is the firBt which has
arisen in connection with paving work
either In. the city or adjoining dis-
Confidence in
the efficacy of thia thoroughly tried
home remedy j3 never misplaced   In
| every v/ny-in health, Btrength, spirits and in looks���Women frid them-
Chalrman   Hayward  Gives  Advice  to I solvc-3   better  after  timely use of
"Port   Nelson"   Building   at   Toronto
is Christened���Goes to  Hudson
Bay  Shortly
Toronto. June 6.���Port Nelson was
the name given to the new hydraulic
dredge. In process of construction al
Ihe I'olson shipbuilding yards. Mr.
llowden, chief engineer of railways
and canals, came from Ottawa for the
lion. Mr. Hearst will represent
Hon. Mr. Cochrane In the latter's unavoidable absence, other prominent
government officials were stmt also.
Tlle dredge, when completed, will bi
the largest in America, and will be
used by the Dominion government In
connection with the dredging opera
tions in the Churchill river.
Despite Ih-e fact that it is the most
gigantic piece of work ever attempt
ed in a Canadian shipyard, the operations are being conducted with re
inarkable speed. The contract was
awarded on April 1 and the keel laid
two weeks ago. Mr. Newman, manager of the shipyard, expects to hand
the dredge over to the government
on August 1. The work Is being push
ed day and night, two gangs of men
working on the job, ceasing only cn
As the dredge wlll b-e towed around
the Labrador coaBt to her destination, which Is Port Nelson, her design
and Btrueture throughout nre being
mnde amply strong lo enable her to
take this trip safely, the shell plates
being 1-2 Inch throughout and keel
platcB 5-8 Inch. The shear plate ex
lends three feet above the main deck
and Is surroi ,.ded hy heavy steel hul
wurk rails, these lending additional
longitudinal strength to the structure
There are two 26-foot metallic lifeboats and two life rafts. The dredge
will be equipped with electric ligh
outfit  complete,  and  search  lights.
The dredge also will be equlppe.l
throughout for nal', w (or service,
with surface condenser and copp*'.
' The boat was designed oy William
Newman, M.I.N.A. Contract pric-.
Okanagan   Agriculturists���Proposed  Kelowna Hotel
Kelowna, B. C, June 5���The Iloyal
Commission on agriculture, under the
chairmanship of Mr. W. II. Hayward.
M. P. P. for Cowichan, Vancouver Island, beld a session at Kelowna today. A mass of evidence was given
by fruit growers and others dealing
with the Okanagan, telling of the progress of the valley during recent
The commission sat in the newly
erected board of trade building, and
were welcomed to the city by Mayor
J. W. Jones. In the course of hiB remarks his worahlp pointed out that
there were no BlgbB of a Rip Van
Winkle stage in the Okanagan, as
during last year In the Kelowna dls
trlct no less than 65,000 fruit trees
had been planted, making a total of
more than 450,000.
There wero 60,000 acreB of land
suitable for agricultural and horticultural purposes, two-thirds of which,
at a conservative estimate, could be
brought under cultivation. The district was Irrigated more or less by
four large systems, which lt had been
suggested should be merged and taken over by the government. There
was a Btrong feeding in favor of this.
Advocates Draining
Mr. Jones strongly advocated the
draining of land to the south of Kelowna by a lower water table. The
low-lying lands adjacent to the Okanagan lake could be reclaimed and this
land was most fertile. The matter
had already been taken up with the
provincial government.
Refl rring to tlie commercial and
tourist hotel It was purposed to erect
ut Kelowna to meet a long-felt need
his worship stated that plans were
now being discussed, and this scheme
would take definite shape at an early
In the com-"" of an interview after
the commission had sat, the chairman
spoke most optimistically of the posi-
bilitiea of the Okanagan valley.
What was wanted, he said, waa cooperation, and hc expressed the opinion that the newly organized central selling agency would certainly
tend to overcome the difficulty.
He strongly advocated the adoption
of mixed farming. There was no rea
son, he said, why thousands of dollars should be spent in importing produce which could well be obtained in
the valley  itself.
S*U ���r.rrwhtr..   In bo-m... 25 c����ta.
quarters, will be vaccinated against
typhoid fever.
Knough of the vaccine to treat 20,-
000 men has already arrived ln Calgary, and every C. P. It. man on the
division will be made Immune from
the disease which has caused such
ravages in other years. The compauy
has made a new regulation compelling
all Its employees to submit to the operation, and every one, from the general superintendent down to the lowest construction laborer, will be Inoc-
culated within the next month.
Dr. H. O. MacKld, the company's
chief physician for this division, Is
now making a trip over the Alberta
lines and arranging for the shipment
of the vaccine to the various district
headquarters. Once the work Is
started It wlll be rushed to a speedy
conclusion, so that all the men mny
be immune from tho diBease as soon
as possible.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News. . -
Quebec, June 5.���Prince Albert, son
of King George, together with his
comrade cadetB on the H. M. S. Cumberland, will be entertained at a garden party at Spencer Wo-od by the
Lleut-Covernor and Lady Langlier, on
June 10.
It was previously decided to give
a garden party on the King's birthday, June 3, but when tbe Lieut.-
Governor learned that Prince Albert
was lo arrive here on the 5th, hc
tried to have the Prince's Itinerary
changed to allow the latter to attend
the function, and sent his aide-de-
camp, Captain Victor Pelletler, to
Halifax for that purpose, but the program of tiie Prince could not be al- i
Comfortable  Family Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on Q, N. Ry. All trains
stop at White Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gulf;
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged eu suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, alio a Btore nui
tabling full line of groceries.    Kor terms and rates apply
White Rock, B.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX 442
Ottawa. June 6.���"Birch and beech,
on acocunt of their cheapness, are
becoming more and more popular as
the supply of oak and maple decreases ." This Statement, taken from a
bulletin sron to be Issued by the
forestry branch, department of Interior, Ottawa, on the wood using Industries of Ontario, Is based on reports received from over 1200 firms,
and is therefore worthy of considers
The average wholesale price, per
1000 feet, board measure, given In
the above bulletin for maple and oak
flooring is *__.HJ and $55.78, respectively.
The average price for birch and
b-'cch flooring, rn the other hand. Is
$19.71 and $21,7-4, respectively, which
repres.-nts quite a saving, especially
when compared with oak.
Going Down Mackenzie, Acrossl Portage  Into Yukon, and  Back
Via B. C.
Get 20 Per Cent. Dividend���Ontario
Bank Assets Realize $10,000,000.
Toronto, June 5, Since the Ontario
bank was wrecked, -$1(1,(100,000 ha*
been realized from the salvage, and
the shareholders who reluctantly paid
Up under the double liability requirement of Ihe bank act wlll shortly receive a dividend of 20 per cent, which
involves a disbursement of $200,000.
The 20 per cent, dividend will bo
paid this summer, probably In July,
and It in said, a second dividend will
follow soon after.
Somn of the assets of the defunct
bunk have boon disposed of at a much
better figure than was ever hoped
It Is Imposlblo to appraise the remaining overdue debts. The liquidators do not know what they are worth,
as some of them are very bad.
Kdmonton, June 5- Fifty-three hundred miles, largely through virgin territory, is the extent of a trip undertaken by Mr. James K. Cornwall of
Kdmonto, until recently representa-
tlce In the provincial parliament for
Athabasca, accompanied by Mr. Enter-
son Hough, of Chicago, Mr. B. K Mll-
er, of Milwaukee, Mr. C. A. l.uperti, a
moving picture expert, and Mr. Ceeirge
11. Praser of Edmonton.
They are now on the way to the hinterland of Alberta and British Columbia and will penetrate the Yukon
j territory, traveling by steamboats,
rafts ami canoes and across tlle country on foot.
The Itinerary shows a continuous
iourney from Kdmonton to Fort Mc-
PPherson, thence across the Rocky
mountains by way of Peel Portage,
down the Porcupine river and up that
Btream to Dawson mid White Horse,
returning by way of Vancouver. The
llrst stage of the trip from Athabasca
to Fort MoMurray, will be by scows,
after which the explorers will travel
to Fort McPherBOn by steamboat. The
journey to the Canadian Rockies will
lie made in canoes, after which there
is a, portage of Blxty miles across
the backbone of tlie continent, the rest
of tho way being covered on rafts.
Mr. Lupertl who will make photographic records of the first organized invasion of the little known districts north of the 55th parallel, was
engaged In 11 similar capacity
throughout the Russo-Japanese war.
His dramas, with primitive Indians as
actors, will be staged in the north
country, and It Is also expected to take
photographs of the big game hunters
and  fur traders In the north
Calt Woman Drowns
Halt, June 6.- Aboui 4 o'clock this
afternoon the llfless body or Mrs.
James Tutton was found In a cistern
at her home. Pleasant drove, five
miloR south ot Oalt. There was little  more  than  four feet  of  water b-
ih" well, but th" iT-d .,-ni gubaerged
At tho time of the tragedy there wits
no other person  in the house oxcep'.
her   baby,   which   lny  on   tho  loui.j;e
I in the sitting room.
Shantymen's   Missionary   Says   Many
Settlers Take Up  Land Simply
for Pulpwood.
I .-__-,
1 Montreal. June 5.���An interesting
visitor to Montreal today Is Mr. Wil
��� 11am Henderson, one of the mlssionar
les of tlio Shantymen's Christian As
sociatlon, thn headquarters of which
are in Toronto The operations of thii
association extfctid all over Ontario
but more particularly in New Ontario
where greal railway, mining and lum
ber development is being carried on
Mr. Henderson says that there are
ln Ontario over 100,000 men in varlotll
camps, all of whom are neglected bj
ithe missionaries'of the association of
;the regular denominations. During tin
last five years the missionaries of th(
! association had held some 1,200 Services among the moFe men, hav,
preached to at least 60,000 men, distributed 10.000 gospels in various Ian
gUftges  free,  nnd   have   reached   men
I speaking   20  different   languages.
Last season over 350 services were
the'.d by tho ten missionaries of the as-
Isoclation, and some 16,000 melt addressed.    Mr.  Henderson himself tra-
Iveled over 10,000 miles during the
��-8ason, one thousand of which v;ae on
the roads.
The president of the association is
Mr. H. IV Cordon, a well known Toronto architect, who was for a lonp
time on  the provincial  committee of
ithe Y. M. C. A. and the secretary ii
Mr. Thomas Vellowiees. of 211 Division
I street. Toronto, while one of tlle meni-
j bers of "ip council is Mr. John Murphy of Montreal.   T.\e association is
I inter-d('.loriini'.lirnal and asks no collection- fr 111 ei'ii -in lhe camps, but
Jependa entirely on voluntary contributions.
tn Northern Ontario.
Mr H'ndi rson naturally has many
nterestlng experiences to tell of his
adventure! on the fringe of civilization. He says that the waste which
is going on by forest fires in northern
Ontario is appalling. Despite the experience of the Porcupine fire, there
's evidence of terrible carelessness, if
n"t of deliberate starting ot fires, on
��� very hand. In addition, there Is
every reason to believe that many
10-called settlers only take up farm
WikIb Tor the pulpwood they cun get
off them.
Ileal eBtate men, it Beemtf, are busy
n Porcupine, where In some cases
tots are priced at $1,500. The scheme
of the Abttlbl Pulp and Paper coni-
nany, a Montreal syndicate at Iroquois
'���'nils Ib also being boomed for real
estate purposes. The townsite of the
station at Iroquois Junction Is being
hoomed, when, as a matter of fact.
il is seven miles from Iroquois Falls,
whier tho townsite Ib the property of
the paper company, and will be built
uii as a model village.
Mr. Henderson has traveled much
over the line the Canadian Northern
la building northwest from Sudbury to
the head of the great lakes, and he
says It traverses a magnilllcent country, well timbered and most In the big
clny belt, and therefore suitable for
All C. P. R. Alberta Division Employees Must Be Vaccinated. ���
Calgary, June 5.���Within a few
weeks every employee' on the Alberta
dlvlBlon or the Canadian Pacific railway, of which Calgary is the head-
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different in that the>
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. You can
ways ��� depend on them.
25c. a box at your
Druggist's.     i?i
NaUmal Brag .nd Chemical Co.
���I Cauda, Umind
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mlllwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone 473,  Queensborough.
In the Highest Degree
Some men figure that as the mercury climbs
up sales will fall down. And figuring that way,
fate is kind and does not disappoint them.
So there has grown up a commercial superstition that Summer is a dull season.
No greater fallacy has ever gone so long unchallenged.
Summer i.i a dull season for many lines���but
there is no fundamental reason why it should
For instance, take a tJfSiC-al cas��=that of the
Canadian wallpaper manufacturers.
They wished to secure their placing orders
from the retailers before the early Fall���when
American lines are offered. Through education by Advertising, they advanced the season
to start the middle of June, instead of the end
of August, and they now beat their foreign
competitors to the market by nearly three
Perhaps you face a selling problem that education by Advertising will solve. Perhaps
your Summer business needs the tonic of
Summer Advertising.
As the mercury climbs up to its highest degree, increase, rather
than slacken, your Advertising and selling efforts. _ You will
find it profitable���in the highest degree.
Advice regarding your advertising problems is available through any
recognised Canadian advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Canadian Press Association, Room 503 Lunuden Building, Toronto. Enquiry
involves do obligation on your part���so write, it interested. PAGE,  EIGHT
FRIDAY  JUNE  6,   1913.
Remember thc  Piece ���
33 Eighth Street,
and thc tcltphone No, 2
Maple Syrup, absolutely pure,
per quart bottle, 50c.
Quaker Pork and Ileans, 3eg.,
16c, today 2 for 25c; reg. 10c,
today S for 25c.
Krench Ileans, delicious fur
Sunday dinner, pur tin, 15c.
Minced Sea ClamS. The best
way possible for procuring this
delicious shell fish. 2 tins 35c.
Strawberries, per
per Ib
���8,  each
3 for $1.00.
1 lbs.  . .
City News In Brief
Miner   tlray
Is  expected   to  arrive   Seattle,      Two    bargcB    laden     with
The   News    Dollar   Day   Advertisers
Were Busv Yesterday.
Yesterday wns Thursday, it wub
iIko the day suggested by The Daily
News when every business man ilu,uld
heme e:i Saturday morning. A wire lo Seattle'coal niiBaed up the river yea- ! advertise $1 bargains, und that lathe
thai effect was received by Acting ; terday for delivery al Port Mann reason thut nearly ,ivory Btore On Col-
City Clerk ThomaB yesterday. land It Is the Intention of local dealers  uniblu streel had more than Baturday
i,j y to secure coal fro.., this source until crowds nnd bigger than Baturday re-
Lost    between    Agnes   street    and  the Vancouver island mines reopen.
Uoyal avenue, on Thursday morning,
from a moving van, a carpet square Secure your reserved tickets for
and door mat. Kinder please phone Saturday's lacrosse game between
703. (1480)   Westminster and Vancouver at Ityall's
drug   slore.    Bleacher  seals  are    on
Floridora for    the   Hair,   fragrant t*\t al thei office of Cray _ GilchriBt.
and  effective.    Prico    35c    and    00c, (14S7)
Prank Jeal, Tel. ami, city.       ti442)
I    Tho    Canadian    Western    Lumbal
Constable  Lundy  picked  up a    roll   Company  have  purchased  a  live  tun
if   blankets  nnd    a yellow    handbag   motor truck for the purpose of cater
with the name A.  II. Keren, Vancou-  |ng  more  to  New  WeBtmlnster  and
v;r,    nttached,    on t'larkaon    street,  district trade. (1375)
about 1 o'clock yesterday morning.
I    Building  permits  were ul  a stand-
Miss Davey's millinery parlor, Car-  Kl|ll  |g  fjj9 Issuing  department  fur u
iiarvon slreet,  will bo    closed    nt    5  few  days until  yesterday,  when they
o'clock during summer months. (14671   took a flight  for $1:1,850 wtirlh.    The
following  permits  were  granted:     K.
Asparagus, local   - ���
Largo bundle,
Wclla   Walla,   bundle    15c.
Cucumbers, each  25c.
Two for 45c,
Radish, Onions, hunch  5c.
Rhubarb, 10 lbs 25c
Spend    your     money    where
values  demand.
Public Supply Stores
L   L. ADAMS       S. K. BttlGGS
Gel It al thc Hoyal Pharmacy. 41
Sixth slreet.   Tel. 1253. (1463)
Another chauffeur charged with Infringing the motor vehicle law by
passing  a  tram  car  while  the  latter
was stationary depositing passijngprs .dwelling. ?HM)0; I. It.
will be tried in thc police court to- il.vVm".\ garage. ��1001
Auction sale of household goods at
Vidnl's warehouse, Market Square.
Friday, 11 a.m. (147,1)
Twenty-eight     applications    have
been received by Secretary  Darling
of  the  Progressive    association,    for
lhe  position  of    industrial     coinmi
Kor everything clectrlcnl see W.
Day, House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
Special offer up to June 10. Screen
door al $1,50 to $'.Uii), and hung free
Lees Limited. (14S1)
Chief Bradshaw has been notified
by the thief of police, Spokane, thai
Charl.s O, Weir, a native of Belfast,
Hell, Fourth Btreet, eight roomed residence. $-ltillti; W, K. Sinclair, Sixteenth Btreel, dwelling. $3000J A. L.
Morrison, Edinburgh street, dwelling
$260ii; J. D, Warnock, Kelly street.
Pearson, Royal
l; J. .1. Ashton,
Columbia street, warehouse, $moo;
Bal    Ueshnr    Singh,    lloyne    Btreet,
dwelling, $1000.
Vancouver will be the visitors at
Qui ens park mi Saturday afternoon
In the third game of the Minto cup
contests. Better secure your I'ckets
early at Ityall's Btore. (Mx7i
I��. H. Smith and W. J. Groves,
auditors and accountants, V>e will
keep your books, make out and col
lect your accounts, and prepare your
suits ut the end of the day
Placid strollers on Columbia street
asked what It was all ahout. but they
soon were in the swim, anxious to take
advantage of some of the bargains or- |
fercd by groeerB, Bboe stores, dry
good Stores, drug stores and ninny ;
nusIncsB men expressed themselves
SB highly pleased with the results ob- |
talned and purchasers were more sat- j
Isfled   with   the   bargains   reoelved.
"It Ib surprising," Raid some, "how
far a dollar will go."
Orders Received From Department at
"No mere I.utln. no more (Ireek, no
more Billing on the hardwood sml,"
nr words to that effect, will be Joyfully sung ni June 27 when tha
schools close for lie BUmmer holidays,
Kor thn e long weeks will the pupils
remain in durance vile, however, and
each day will be counted until the
hour arrives and they are free* for the
The department of education yesterday tiotified the school board that
though the schools do not usually close
until June 81, as June Ilu is a Monday
they will declare that day a holiday.
Closing exercises will therefore be
held on Friday, June 27, Parents will
be Invited to attend the classes und
watch th" children perform their usuni
exercises. There will le no concerts
this year, but each class wlll remain
in its own room and d,'mom trate for
Are just ubout the prettiest Ideas shown this
season.   Mado from heavy   corduroy   effect;
���noft velvet finish. Wide baud Irimlmng ut
neck and down the front with addition or
ratine lace nt neck and Bleeves; colors, light
blue, pink und cum color,   and    priced only
at S8.S0 and $10.00
Other Wash Dresses
at    52.00 S3.00, S5.00 ��"d $7.50
Shirts Waists at. 85t, 90�� $1.25. S1.50
and   to j	
You cun keep cool nnd conifortabh
Ing the new
by wcar-
financlal statements.   For, terms, ad-11]](, beneflt l)f ,i,nB��� interested
dress  211   WeBtmliiBter
lng.    I'hone 301
Trust   build-
A garden party uuder the auspices
of tiie Women's Btfucatlonal olub, of
Columbian  college, will  be  held on
the college lawn next Thursday after-
ioi n   and   i veiling.     The   ladi
We Have
the business of Executor and Trustee just as
you have learned your
business and profession
���by years of study improved by years of experience.
The individual executor, acting in this capacity -prolul ily only once,
gaa iio more successful-
lv perform the work
than a mnn totally unacquainted could sus-
eessfull.v handle your
_   Is not that a reasonable statement?
You are welcomed at
our office any time to
jdiiscuss thl_ subject
"-"������ you appoint
this company executor
or not.
being anxiously Inquired rm- by hla 1 preparing a line program and Intend
relatives.   The man has been mlssin
for a (���onsidor.ibli   time and was lust
beard of In Spokane.
Auction sale of household goods al
Vidal's warehouse, Market Square,
Friday, 11 a.m. (14711)
Tlle ladies' aid of the St. Stephen's
church will hold an Ice cream social
and sale of work at the home oT Mis.
J, Montgomery on the afternoon and
evening of June 2U. High lea will be
Dominion Trust
Company, Lid.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
National Finance Company, Limited,
for Fire, Life and Accident Insurance,
D21  Columbia  Street.    I'hone 615.
Tirkels inr the new bleachers for
the lacrosse game at Queens park on
Saturday on sale at A. S. Mills &
Co., Columbia Btreet (14S1I)
The management of the
Mills regard Saturday and Sunday
the crucial days which will settle the
question of closing the mills on account of flooding by the Fraser. At
present they have IS inches .o spare
belore the waters reach the mill floor
Delicious hot and cold lunches
-.ervil at the Nutshell during the
summer, Room 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
Nothing definite has been accomplished in connection with the formation of a cadei corps In thi1 public
schools in N'ew West minster. A leiter
was received recently from Major A.
il. Snow, who has been asked for
fur:her Information, but a reply hus
not yet Leen received.
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The quarterly tea was hdd yesterday In connection with tlio regular
business meeting of the women's
auxiliary of the Queens Avenue
MclliodlBt church at the home of Mrs.
,1. Carter Smilh. A scripture leason
was read by Mrs. David Hobson and
a (Very ootnplete report of the recent
convention In this city was given by
the president, Mrs. T. C. McDonald,
idi legale from the local society.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good   bread.     Eighth   Slreet   Llakcry.
this to bo one of the features cf tlu
pre-commencetnent exercises at lh
local educational Institution,
A large crowd is expected over
rrom Vancouver Tor the Minto cup
lacrosse game at Queens park. Seat
sale la now on at Ityall's store, Cray
Ai Gilchrist, and Hurry Godfrey's,
Vancouver. 114X7)
This will give the parents an opnor- I
lunity or flndln- out for themselves
just  what  Is being done.
Sunday   Open   Air   Scssi-n.
Edmonds,  June  6.-   in   Interesting,
time Is expected to take place at  I",- j
verness street and Griffith aveuue,!
Burnaby, on Sunday afternoon at *'
o'clock, when a meeting of workmen |
employed by the municipality and*alec '
tv contractors will be he'd. This is *.
,, jdiie to the laying ofr of n 4-irco num-
ber of the hands on municipal road- .
work. Thc meeting wlll be an open ,
air one.
Harvey   Porous   Knit    Underwear
A  new  idea  in  ludieB'  wear  this  Beason  and
prices are moderate ��� 50c 75c- Sl.OO
Light   Weight   Under   Vests   at   15$.   20C>
25_ and       30C
Muslin Underwear In all the popular low
prices, 256.. 35c.  40c. 50c.' Sl' '"
Ladies' Hosiery
Our   Hosiery   Department   Ib   advancing   by-
great leaps, this year'B sulea being twice that
of Former years.
Ladles'  Fast  Black Cotton  Hose
at .��������������� 25c. 35v. 50c
Sheer  l.isl"  Hose 50c. 75C' Sl.OO
Beautiful Silk Hose. ..  75c. Sl.OO' Sl.SO
Full  lines  of  Children's  Hobo
at  20e. 25C 35C
Keycr'B   Silk   (llovos.   75C,   Sl.OO.  S1.25
Mr. (I. 13. Poniello and faniilly de-
Biro to express their thanks to those
who so generously gave material as-
Btstance when 11 was most needed
Biter lhe lire which on Mond a v nigh'
destroyed tlieir home on Fifteenth
street. Kast  llurnaby. (14Sr,i I
The     Royal     Columbian    hospital
board, at  a sperial  session  yesterday
morning, awarded the following conn-acts   for  equipment   for   the    ne*
hospital:     For crockery.  II.  Morey  &
Co.; blankets, T. II. Smilh -X- Co. and
W,  S. Colllster;    pillows.    Denny    *   __���������_���������������������������-������
Uoss; mattresses, no award made >'';l:   boundary  BAY
silverware  and  cutlery,   lhomas Glf-
ford;   furniture   tor  the  public    and;    Maple  Beach  Park
semi-private   wards,   Denny  &   Ross; 'division  of  th
kitchen equipment, with   tho   excep-|estat<
tion  of the  large range,  II. T.  Kirk;
Fraser | no award  has been  made yet  regard
being   a buI
historic   eld   Whalet
it   Point Roberts,  Wash.,  is al |
last on the markel In riOxl'<0 feet lota
fronting   broad   streets  and   With   perpetual   beach     privileges.     This   lias
been  the camp ground  for scores    of
No Quorum. local  people  for vear-'     *~he lots are
The Fraser Mills municipal council I selling   fast,   manv   people   procuring
did not meet last nighl, a quorum not tha  locations  they  had  occupied
Men   are   learning   that   they     can
get   what   they   need   here   ut   much
lower prices.
N'ew Straw  Huts at  Sl.OO* $1.25
Sl.SO to S3.00
Straw Hats, for field und outing
wear   25*   50C' 75e
Genuine Panama Hats $5. $8 $10
and         S15
Soft,   cool   Underwear     for     men
in   all   sizes   and   qualities   that   are
the most satisfactory.
Splendid wearing Balbrlggan garments, each.   50C* ��r 90c. '** Hu"
Porous Knit Underwear 506. C5c.
fi, V. D. Underwear 50C
We have thc best shirt for 11.00 in the
citv.    Vou can buy li of them
for    S5.50
The best Lisle Sock Bold anywhere at
the price; per pair. 25-t
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
lng the laundry equipment  tenders.
being   assembled.
Calling  for  Tenders.
Coqultlam council have resolved to
call [or tenders for the ditching and
supply   of   piping   and   materials   for
Maillardville water Bupply.
tenants   fur   years.     Prices   $33(1   and
upwards, easy ti rm.=.   Sole agents,
7C0 Columbii Street. City.
Technical  Lectures.
There  will  be lectures  tonight    on
poultry,  dairying and soil  treatment |Residence Y. W. C. A.
Phene 1324,
Telephone 231,
Paul up Capital
and Burpltifl
..  $2,800,000.00
Assets       4,973,161.05
Trusts und.-r Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
Open  Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo.
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, F.ng., and
Antwerp,  Belgium,
Weld was received yesterday by
I Mr. nad Mrs. j. Carter Smith, of this
| cily, thai their son Arthur had suc-
ci isfull) passed his medical examinations at McGill university, Montreal.
He obtained honors in a number ol
BubJec'.B. Dr. Smith lias been appointed mi ilu resident doctors .-uni
ui the \ancouver g
will take up his duties on hia return
from Montreal about the end of this
neral hospital and  ['}  B'akins
Slough     Tli
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and rami property.
Terms easonable.   Alfred W. MeLeod.
Developing  and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
Definite Instructions have been
! passed to conductors on city and Interurban cars to observe the new
ruling of the It. C, IC. IC in regard to
the carrying of dugs. The order was
Issued a tew weeks ago that only lap
donn can be carried on pnssengei
ears,    it    having    been    discovered
through many i iplaints that ladies'
dresBes  wire   bring    soiled    by    the
movements of canines at large In the
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply the li. C. Transport Co., Ltd,
Phone 826,    Wharf phone 880,    (144G)
The following were elected Chairmen of tie* standing coinmitteee at a
* * i of the board of directors ot
thi V. M. c a. on Wednesday even
ing: Executive, .1. \Y. MacDonald:
finance,  in   Smith;  roliglousf P. .1.
.Williams; educational, I*'. (). Canfield;
physical, Dr. l-l. ll, McEwen; boys, T.
11). Kennedy; membership, w. u.
Glllej *, auditing, w. s, Colllster, and
n< minuting, .1  Carter Smith,
by government experts in the Burqultlam agricultural hall, under the uus
pices of the Coqultlam Farmers' insti; ute.
For Suncay School.
Tlie Ladies' Aid society of tho Blue
Mountain church held a successful tea
social on Wednesday evening, the proceeds of which will be de-voted to
building a class room for the Sunday
school  scholars.
Finishing Water Tank,
llurnahy council are putting the
finishing touches on the large water
tank erected on Mr. McKle's property, Off the North road, which Is
to supply North mad residents with
wnler as soon as the connections are
Need the Water.
A resolution was passed al the Porl
M ly city council meeting on Wednesday night to request the provincial
government lo conserve the water
rights of all laki s i ad i trenms ��� esl of
the Coqultlam i Ivi r t.i the In ad ol
Burrard Intel lor tho use of the city.
Laying  Oui  C.  N.   R.  Bun..
A  parly of ��� nglneers  from tm   at
flees of ll. Nevile Smith are ettgusi ���
ut   the   townslte  at   tin
rmlnals   ,it   Woodwnrd'i
subdivision   comprlsi a
':*��� i ei-i-i s ami wharf, elevator and rl i
tlon site   ho ��� '��� already been laid oul
Richmond councll have approved ul
the  plans
P. tturns & Co.,Ltd.
hone your order in early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
not find   us  there.
alv-vi-ys    glad    to
from you and
ever sorry to sec yeu.
o   phone   ua   up   whenever  yeu  are   hungry
wc    will   e ndccivor    to
satisfy  you iind  your
Buy a Home on Easy Terms
4-room bungalow, facing south, good view of river and gulf. Price $1700,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
3-room bungalow, 7 minutes walk from carline, good view. Price $1500,
Sl'00 cash, balance as rent.
If you have good vacant properly, will arrange an exchange for part payment.  Come in and see us about this.
We have several rooming house propositions, also houses to rent in all parts
of the city.
List your property with us, we can act as agents for absent owners, collect
rents, etc.
Westminster Trust Block and 716 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
urns &
f ��� I
Palace   Market,  Columbia  St.,  Phcnc
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phcnc   122't.
Cighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,   Phone   L803,
"Back   Far.t"   Excursions.
Low   round   trip   fans     to     I aBt( rn
';  in;.,   on Bile dally   lo   September
" i h   15 days going i mlt, final n turn
llmll  Octi her  ll     Oood on    Oriental ,
Limited.    Liberal   stopovers  allowed
both going and rei irnlng.    Phone 3011
:��� call ai  Hridge  S atlon  for    rales
iut< s and particulars.
:i_i_ Specials
,-,,,.      iN'0  ,lew developments  In tho coal
-   PHOTO   COODS.   SPECTACLES  situation  hav,   come  to light and  re-
and SEEDS, j pons  state that,   while  coal  is  still
.hard     lo    get,    there    is  no  serious
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Res. 72. scarcity and the local demand is h
N��w Weatmin.'ter. B. C
Mrs. Clifford Lord will not receive
today nor again this season.
Mrs. Harrison, ot Chilliwack. is in
the city for the week and is visiting
Mrs. P, Peebles, 410 Third street,
will not receive today nor again lhis
.Mrs. YV. n. Purdy, of this city, wai
the guest of Mrs. \V. F, FerriB at
Chilliwack lasl  week
Mins .Nellie Roberts and Miss Ethel
Simpson, of Leicester, England, ar
rived in New Westminster yesterday,
Tie-, are spending a three months'
holiday in Canada.
A. I.. Ai.niiiiil.ile. of the local branch
of iho Hank of Montreal, Is relieving
Mr Lawrie, teller in the Chllllwack
branch. A. L. PUber, of Chllllwack,
has been transferred to the local
branch for a time.
A quiet   wedding was solemnized at
Holy Trinity cathedral by Uev. Wm.
Bell, of Central Park, on Wednesday
when Miss Maud Isabella Lel'roy was
united in Iho holy bonds of matrimony
N.-w-  WeBtmlnster  Creamery
per lb	
New Laid EggB from our ow
per do?
i ranch.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Oupltnl paid *>
He lerve Fund
Tot.tl *A��r,*t9  -
$1 Gives You A Bank Book
You do not need to wait unt.l you have a laife sum of money,
In order to open an account with this Bank. You can open an
account with $1.���on which Interest will be compounded twice a
year.   Thus, your savings sre slways earning money Ior you.
[?ma[v|    A(x    F nTTlP St    South Westminster Rhubarb 6 lbB. !Bo    vSl
I  It,',II   4U   _JVXUC *^>*J* Also     Spinach,     Lettuce,     uarrqw,   f~
to401 Columbia St             " !
Watch for announcement.
High   Class
Ladles   and
Onions,  Radishes,  etc.
[fraaer River spring Salmon 1
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia  St. Phene 9B.
, lng met    with    fuel    imported   from  to Herbert B. Owen.
We have a live room, fully   modern  bungalow  listed  below  value
for Immediate sale.   This p)   has a good view, on a lot 33x188 to
a 33  foot lain1,  in ��  good  location botow Fourth avenue, and Is practically new.    Tho price is only   $2850,   $(iOU  cash,   balance  to   nuit
monthly If desired.
Let us show you this place   if you wanl to huy a home.
r. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1091.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers"   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WIOMKIIAVS���li and 6.46 n.m.
and every lo minutes until 0
p.m. Half hourly Bervlce until
11 p.m. v.illi lute cur at midnight.
SATURDAYS -16 minute Ber
vice is continued until 11 p.m.
(SUNDAYS 6, 7, 7.80 8 and
8.80 and every 16 mluutea until
11 pm. With late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
It I'll! I IL A It SKUVK'H 5.45 nnd
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  wllh   late  car at  11.110.
n.m. and 4.HO p.m.
SUNDAYS���8  n.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with lato car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS    7 n.m, and every
hour until 11  pin-
SUNDAYS���8 u.m.   and    every
luiro until 11 p.m.
Connection   Is  mado  at    HI)-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6,16 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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