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The New Westminster News Jul 9, 1913

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News Classified Ads.
Have  proven  their worth by the
resulta    they    produce.     They    till
large    or    small    wants   at   small
The Wea
id: Light to i
-ate \
cloudy  with
to higher t
t.i pt
,v-- *
Of ROYAl CITY]  N0T|)|NG T0 f[AR
Chief Justice Macdonald Advises Traversing of Remaining Cases.
Dean    and     Macnamara   Will     Have
to Will Another Six Months If
Suggestion Is Adopted.
Ministerial  Association  and  Christian
Cndeavorcrs   Will   Comb   New
A   rompri hi nsive  social   survey   of,
the city of New Westminster Is lielng,
planned by the Minlst' rial association
and   the   Christian     Ktnleavor    union.,
and, following meetings of both organisations, a union gathering wlll be
held this afternoon, when a plan of
work will be mapped out and the
question of methods discussed,
Although such survi ys are not usually taken In the smal'er cities, the
local   workers   apparently     are     con-
| vinced of iiu necessity and are preparing to meet it.   If the details usual
ito social surveys ar*- carried out, community life, social conditions, and Institutions  tending to  the  betterment
ior otherwise of thete will be Investl
gated  and  reported.
At a meeting of iim C. E. union lasl
'nighl.  Secretary
V. M  ('  A., spok
Big Men in Financial World
Nct   Worrying   Over
Mackenzie and   Hamber  Bank
Dominion���Conditio-is   Will
prove in the Fall.
I in
land 0. (lordon wcre appointed to n-p-
I resen' the union at the Ministerial
!association meeting Ihls afternoon.
Tbe remaining cases waiting for
trial at the present assize court will
be traversed to the fall assizes, provided the ciiirt takes the advice of
Chief Justice Macdonald of the court
of appeals, which sat In Victoria yesterday. W. .1. Whitesld", K.C, of this
city, wns told that the only safe course
to pursue was to traverse all the
cases until the next assizes, owing tt
the question of the validity of thi
preBent court, following the amendments to tbe Jurors act, which cam���
Into  force  July   ].
Mr. Whiteside, who was counsel foi
Louis Cebar at Monday's session of
the court, made the trip to Victoria
In order lo argue the legality of the
trial of prisoners under the old act.
but no argument was heard. Chief
Justice Macdonald not deeming it necessary undi r the circumstances.
Iloth Mr. Whiteside and Stuart
Henderson, counsel for Moses I'aul,
raised the question that since the
present grand and petit Juries bad
been drawn according to the old Jurors act, which w*ent out oT force on
July 1, the present court had nothing
else to do but to conform to the new
amendment, which would necessitate
the drawing of new grand nnd petit
Affects Big Cases.
The Information given out by Chief
Justice Macdonald means that the
Hank of Montreal cases against ("has
Dean and James Macnamara, the
charge of murder against Jay Kin
and nine or ten other oases will be
traversed  to the  fall assize court
In the case of Dean and Macna
mara. who have been under arrest
tince January. 191U, the recent decision of the l'nited States court of ap
peal, refusing to stay the extradition I
proceedings against Martin Powell. of|hiB itinerary waH subject
fietroit,  alleged   to  be an  accomplice | m,.ntx   at   Victoria.
London. July  li.- -At  a  meeting tool the Investment  Corporation of
Canada, Eric Humber. chairman of the
corporation,   said  their   managers  on
the other Bide pointed cul that there
was   a   marked   tightness   in   money,
bankers  were restricting credits, old
customers  bad  had   th"ir  lines   reduced  and  new  applicants were refused    accommodation.    Undoubtedly
Robertson     of     the   the   stringency   was   severe,   he   said,
and P. T. c. Lever  and ibis position Imd forced commer
Progressive Association  Preparing f
Visit of Minister cf Marine and
Fitheriec to  This City.
Al   the  meeting  of  the   Progressive I
association   >eslerday   afternoon   the
business    transacted     was  chiefly  of [
a routine character
The  prospective visit  of  Hon. .1.  D I
Hazen,  Dominion   minister of  marine
and fisheries, to the coast and bis entertainment to luncheon by the asso- |
elation,   was   dlscitssed.     It   was   explained   that,  while  an  endeavor  will
be made to induce Hon. Mr   llazcn to,
devote a whole day to New Westminster and tbe river points In the vicinity, no definite dale could be fixed, as
cial bouses to restrict Iheir credits,
Ordi rs from t'.ie country were not being filled, notwithstanding that the
brake had been applied on business
I" ration :.
The report went on to say lhat the
bank clearings wir- as big as usual
tnd othc-r Indications of progress were
In existence. TM reason the coun-
ry was not feeling the monetary
Iringency more severely was due
probably to the fact that the grain
" p of last year was not yet fully
marketed and was an excellent one.
emigration was increasing iu western
Considerable money has gone In
from New York. I'aris and Amsterdam. As to the future, ail depended
upon the current year's grain crop,
wlilch at present was excellent, conditions giving promise of lAtebiind-
a:it   yield.
If the supply cf English money
were cut off, said Mr. Hamber. naturally much development must ceaFe.
mcre particularly railroad construction and important municipal works.
In conclusion the chairman said undoubtedly some "wild-catters" were
In difficulty, but they received no
sympathy from the business c-ommu-
nltv and a check on speculation waB
[healthy and even necessary.
Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island Merchants
Coming July 30.
Queens  Park  Will  Be  Scene  cf Much
Jollification   When   Retail   Men
Gather There.
Such  is Claim cf Man Wr.o  Lost Foot
and   Use  cf  Arm   Under  E.  C.
Electric Cai.
Who yesterday resigned h's charge of
3 . Andrew's church in lha city to
bee ire field secretary of social service and evangelism for iir- Presbyterian church in Britiah Columbia.
In the Hunk of Montreal robbery caBe
will probably mean that Powell wlll
!>������ braudit ber* and Klvon bis preliminary hrerlng In police' court tn tlmp
In have all three man placed on trial
at  the  -same time.
The present assize court stands ad
jounu'd   until   Monday   morning   next
and until then it Is unlikely tbat anything definite  wlll  be done an  to  the
advice  Of  Chief JuHtice   Macdonald
Sir  William   Optimistic.
Toronto,  July   8.    "There  is   every',
indication   that   the   wheat   crop   this
year  will  be equal  to tbe beet  yield I
In the p-ast ���an-a-'the-'Cll'-nadlan  North-I
Ottiwi. asking hln,  ft 1mpre��� ,n��.ni-n^rrRLC g ,Vt^ otT'l
Rev. J. S. Henderson Will
Take up Social Service
Wcrk of Church.
Completes   Ten   Year3'   Pastorate     in
This City on Seo-terr.ter 1. When
He  Leaves for New Post.
F II. Cunningham, Inspector of j
flaherles, reported that be had taken :
upon  htm*eir  lhe duly  ot  dl-ap-fttchlag >
telegram to the deputy  minlmer nt \
close to 3000 people will gather in'
Mew Westminster on July ilu when the
retail merchants of Victoria, Vancouver,    Kburne,    Cedar Cottage,  North ,
Vancouver, and likely Chilliwack and I
oilier places will unile to bold a great *
merchants'   picnic  in   Queen's     Park.
This figure is based   on   estimates
given out which place thc number of I
Vancouver visitors at 1600, and other'
places   with   corresponding   numbers.!
Already the Princess Sophia bas been
chartered to carry an excursion party'
of COO from   Victoria to this city  Tor
the day.
While plans for the big event are i
still  incomplete  it  is  likely  that  the;
day's   amusement   will   be  opened   at ���
11 a.m. when the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders' band and the local band will i
parade to meet the Victoria excursion
boat.    Sports will be held during the
afternoon and the retail clerks of New ]
Westminster are preparing to hold a
monster dance In the Agricultural hall
In Queen's Park.
Getting Together.
Most of the local groctrs have de-:
elded lo close their Btores on that day
and it is expected that other business1
their  example.     Al-
it was the Vancouver grocers alone who ehoBo to cele- |
brate  their  annual  picnic along  with
the   local   merchants,   men   in   other
lines of business in that city have decided  to  unite  with  the  grocers and ,
all  will  come  together,  so  that'It  is i
probable thai many of the Vancouver
stores will also be cloBed.
A program of sports has been
made up. suggestions for the improvement of which are asked. The list of
events bb It now stands is:
Baseball match between the Kelly-
Douglas and W. H Malkin employees;
; grocery   clerks'   race,   quarter   mile,
grocery  driverB'  race, half  mile;  fat I
I men's  race,  200  pounda or  over, 1001
ardB;   hen  or  duck  race,  50  yardB. I
driven with fan; beauty contest, men;
oi��?.y.  wholesale grocers and produce,
r-ace-.  liean eating conteBt,
An acMcii. Involving a curious point
of law, has been commenced by Alexander Donald, New Westminster,
against the D. C. Electric Railway
company, .Mr. Donald sues tlie company for unstated damages for Injuries sustained on May 10 last by
being struck by an Interurban ear if
the defendants, whereby his right foot
had to be amputated anil he lost the
use of his right  arm.
It anpears from  the pleadings that
Donald was In Vancouver on the af-!
ternoon of May 10 and in due course!
boarded and paid his car fare to New
Westminster.   Afur esconstng himself
in   the   car  he  fell   asieep  and   con- J stance they
Untied ii when the car arrived in this I .   .      ,
city.   He was not roused or put offlSjlzrSr8
on arrival at the city and remained
in the soporific state whilst the car
made its return to Vancouver journey. The conductor discovered the
state of affairs on the return trip and
Donald was put off at Thome road.
which is described as a dangerous
point on the line. What his movements thereafter were are not disclosed but eventually he was struck
by a passing train on the track. The
plaintiff contends that th
servant   should  have  put
Force  Women  to  Witness
Fires Where Relatives
Are Fuel.
company B
him off at.
his condi-
not  di  so
Business,   Professional   Men  and  Students from Sofia A-non3 Perpetrators  of  Atrocities.
Saloniki,    July    g.���Father Michel.
superior of the French Catholic mission  at   Kilkish,  confirms  reports  of
massacres committed In that district
by  Bulgarian  irregulars.    In  one  inhumed to death 700 men
to  Kurkul,  by  imprisoning
them In a mosque, under which they
I exploded   bombs,   thus    setting     the
building on fire.   They bad prevuusiy
assembled   the  victims'    wives    and.
daughtera to witness the spectacle.
Kven more terrible scenes were en-
I acted at  Kilkish,  Plaintza and ltay-
novo,   women   also   being   burned   to
! death.
Father Michel asserts tbat anion-;
the irregulars responsible for these
atrocities were business, professional
men  and   students  from  Sofia.
lip  and it is expected
I   -li   men  will   follow
'   ij though primarily
New  Westminster, seeing  ...�� ..���.,���,-, _       ...      _
tion. and when they did not do so! Everything Regular: Kill Yourselves.
should have conveved him back to , '-ondon. July 8.���The Balkan war
Vancouver and should not have drop- having now been regularised by for-
ned him at Thorne road. Tbe man "lal declarations, it Is understood that
has a wife, children and a mother!the. Kov.-*ts will make no attempt to
supported prior to the acci-
Japs  Barred  from   Land  in  California
and Water in Colorado Have
Still the Air Left.
Denver. Colo., July S.--A delegation of Japanese today notified the
city authorities that tbey would appeal to the ambassador and their government at Washington against an
order issued by Ulto Tliuin, commissioner of property, this afternoon barring Japanese from bathing beaches
in the cltv parks. The Japanese declare that the order la in violation of
tlieir recent treaty rights. Thum's
order, which also bars negroes from j being
the beaches, resulted, as he declared, | termi
from a large number of protests from
white swimmers. Few negroes have
attempted to avail Iheinselves of the
swimming privileges, bul numerous
.lapaeiise have been among the patrons of the municipal beaches al
Washington  and  Berkeley   Parks.
Port Coqultlam to Purchase Fire Auto
Porl Coqultlam, July 8, -At n meeting of the council here (Ills evening
Alderman Milliard, chairman of the
fire committee, was Instructed to purchase an auto truck and hole at au
expense  not   to  exceed  $2500.
In the matter of financing the different propects now on loot, Alderman Langan suggested that the debentures be split Into Binall lots of
HO and $20 so that Ihey could be sold
to local people. ThiB, be stated, had
hei>n successfully carried out In many
cities in tbe United Stales and he aaw
no renaon why il Bhould not be successful In Cunada.
Following the meeting the new hospital wiib inspected and the council
entertained by Di-b. Doherty nnd Sutherland.
the minister the absolute necessity of
bis spending a dav ln the citv In ordi r to studv questions Involving the
fittiir.. requirements of the river and
th*-*-   fisheries.
Mr. Ctinnlngham'H action was approved.
Mr. Cunningham said he Intended.
If possible, ,lo call upon Col Tailor.
M P .   in   regard   Ie  the   matter.
Hon. Mr Hazen leaves for the c-oast
on the 14th Inst, hut it is probable his
Journey will he frequently broken by
stops on the way.
The pile-driving celebration formed
a BUbject of congratulation amongst
the members present, who complimented the secretary nnd the organization committee upon the perfection
of their arrangements. Tlle fun'tion
wss voted an unqualified success
Taking the cue from the board of
trade, copies of the reports of the
proceedings published by the local pa-
^ers were ordered to be Incorporated
in  the  mlnuteB.
The secretary was also instructed to
transmit marked copies of the paper5
Io the minister of public works and
minister of marine and fisheries, at
T. IV Bherlff was added to the campaign   and   publicity  committee,   and
A. Sprlce, Queensborough, to the municipal  committee,   both    gentlemen
referred    to     In     appreciative
for their past work as members
of the association,
Copies of the correspondence oi
former Secretary Kenneth Myers with
leading commercial bodies ami firms
in Bngland were ord' red to be made
mil vein to Alderman I.ynch, chalr-
���11-'".    r 'he city publicity committee,
'nd C. II Stuart Wade, secretary of
tho board of trade, for their use.
This Is what Sir William Mackenzie, president o! the Canadian North-
em,   who   has  just   returned   from   a
lour     through     tbe   west,   said   today
about prospeRStS out there.    "I was not
; through   the   wb 'le  country   myself,"
i he   went  on.   "but   tbe  reports  of our
superintendents and  agents through-
j->ut the wesi are uniformly favorable.
j I e-tnect a very large crop. .      j
"We shall be in good shape to lake
cum of a bumper crop. We have more
rolling pt ick and our lines are in better condition. Our terminal facilities
are excellent If we find the strain
ai For' William gettinng severe we
can switch over to Duluth By the
middle of the winter, I expect we shall
he able to move grain right to Montreal by rail. The connecting lines
ire rapidly approaching completion
At   present,  of  c--iurEe,  the  Canadian
New Westminster Ib to lose the ser* ^  _
vices of  Hev. J.  S. Ti-enderaon.    V< s- itravellerH'   .. . D  	
lei-day the paator ot St. Andrew's (boys under IS; ladles-nail driving con
Presbyterian church, at th- quarterly i teat; clerks walking race; wholesale
meeting of he Westminster preby- grocer and produce drivers; challenge
ten*, accepted the new position of cup tug of war, retail clerks vs whole-
Beld secretary of social service and sale grocers' employees; egg aud
evangelism for British Columbia andjspoon race; greasy pig: retail clerks'
notified the --.illng I >dv of lhe church .bicycle race, quarter mile; sack race,
in Tbis section ot the province tbat be-   boys;  girls' race, over 14; girls' race,;
under 74;   grocers' wives race;   High-,
land   Fling;   boys'   race,     under     14;'
comic fao*�� competition, boys under Iti;
clerks'     three-legged     race:     clerks,
otiier than grocery, race:   retail merchants'  race,  40  jr over.
mediate. The official Gazette at Belgrade published tonight notice of a
f irmal declaration of war aginst Bulgaria.
Military news waB lacking today.
Servian dispatches admit a strong
Bulgarian column has invaded Servia
at Konagevatz, which town they occupied after setting fire to the adjacent
villages. Cholera, has been brought to
Belgrade by tne wounded.
Official Greek dispatches claim a
great victory at Dolran, where the
I Bulgarians, recently reinforced were
iin superior strength to the Greeks.
I The latter assert that a whole division
Of Bulgarians were destroyed and that
.the Bulgarians fled in Buch confusion
\ that tbey even left loaded guns be-
I    This victory Is considered ot -great
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       1 importance   because   Doiran   waa   the
  I Bulgarian  victualling  centre  and   alt
.      _ithe. provision* tell Into the hands or
Washington, Inly ' 8���The" ���UnUe'dTTlr- GW��m.
Statea won Ihree ont ot the firm torn . It ls reported trom Sotia that the
.cases to be decided by the AmericanUenth Bulgarian division which retn-
1 anij British claims tribunal, which re- forced General Ivanoff, waB brought
cently completed its initial sessions at: from the Tchatalja district. This ln-
: Washington and Ottawa. These cases dicates compliance with Turkey's de-
Involved four of the numerous claims/n-ands that the Bulgarians exacuats
i.u.iiii.-i the two governments, which : Turklrh territory,
their    respective     legislative     bodies/     The   Bulgarians ar* taking  fhe ot-
dent. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Messrs. McQuarrie, Martin & Cassady are acting for plaintiff and the
ease will probably be tried at next assizes.
International Tribunal Lets Him Down
Light on  Flr��t  Four Cases
[wished htn term (if office as pastor of
St.   Andrew's   to   terminate   the   last
i week   Ot    VuglJSl.
This will come as n great surprise
to many of his congregation and to
the cttitens in gtneral. who have fol-,
lowed the work cf Kev. Mr. 1 lender-
son since his Induction at St. And-
rew'a len years ago.
Among a few, however, it waa '
known that Air. Henderson desired a
cliai ge of work. Although he has enjoyed his pastorate In New Westmin*
ser. has enjoyed his work wiih pub-;
.ic b-i'dies, re lias felt during the past
would benefit hia
Pacific railway affords the only means'veil"- that a change
of ahlpping -urain east, but In another health.
few   mcnlhs  there  will   be  three    thej Offered Another  Pert.
(Continued on   Paire Four.)
Democrats  Put  One  Over on   Sena'or
fmoct   in    His   Tariff
Washington, .Inly 6,
ine'iiH, i ha.rman of the
Oldest   Mason   Attends
London.    Ont,    July    8,
Mantle, the oldest  Masan  In
who Is now In his 104th year, arrived
In London today from his home In Toronto  and   will   attend   tomorrow   the
wedding of his niece. Miss Katharine
Colipiohoiin. to Arthur Kssery, of Vancouver,   B.C.,   son  of  former   Mayor
Senator    Sim-
iinaiue commute . turned a trick on Republican
leaders hero inday when be pot bis
baud in a lengthy analysis of the
Democratic tariff bill which had been
prepared under the direction ol
Senator Smoot. pointing out what the
Republicans rtaini are scrioim defects in ih" measure.
Senator Smoot had studied for a
month the Introduction of the analysis, despite the insistence of Senator
Simmons thut it be printed. On tbe
last day of the caucus, when the Republicans were assured that the
Democrats were through with the bill.
Senator Smoot consented to send the
document In for the printer. Hut the
Democrats have not yet printed tlieir
bill, and have u day cr two to make
corrections and laugh nt their oppon-
when she was awakened last night by j,,���,., Inasmuch aa debate will not begin until next week.
Knowing ihat th? Republican docu-
me'H might contain valuable pointers.
Senator Simmons directed the finance
subcommittees to get ever iheir scbed-
Sure They Were. But lhat  Was Just
Ten Minutes Too Late to Catch
ths Burglar.
Calgary, July 8 Mrs. A. P, Patrick, wife of n well known land surveyor, w:is disagreeably surprised
ist night
In Trouble Over Chinks.
Iloston, Mass., July S    ("apt. II. I..
Mure, of the  liritish  slenmer  Ah-tla,
was arrested today charged witb land-
inf t'hlneae in violation of the law. He he will be
was released on $500 bull for a hear  '    "M-~ -~U1
lng tomorrow.
.. burglar who stood at the foot
lier bed with a drawn revolver.
The Intruder threatened Mrs. l*nt-
loseph I rlclt  that her life would be lhe  pen-
('iiirula lally of any outcry and Ihen proceeded
to  go  through  the  house,     lie  must
have   become  frightened   al   Ihe   fact
that  Mrs.  Patrick  had awakened  and
departed hurriedly, but without having    left     anything  Of  value  behind
him that wus within easy reaching distance.    The pollce were nt once notified and were on the spot In less than
10   minutes.     Mrs.   Patrick   was  able
to give so good a description tbat Ihe
pollce feel certain of their man, nnd
it   is only  a question  of time  before
ln custody.
The robber made away with about
$200 ln cash and Jewelry.
Last ;.ear Iie was tendered the position of i-migration officer in connection ������ ih the church, bin this be felt
was not the kind of work he wanted.
as .'.  would noi    nn ,-.n    vary    much
'ii'ie ��� and would have continually
;rpt  him  in  Vancouver and  Victoria.
be two leading    points    of entry    of
migrants ln this province.
At the general assembly In Toronto,
held ri cenilv, he was offered ihe posi-
t on of ll"ld secretary of social service, which work Will take him
i ver the province. He accepted
the announcement was
Ten  Years  Here.
September l. 1918, will Bee bis completion of ten years as pastor of St,
Andrew's and thirty years of service
in the ministry.
Rev. Mr Henderson csme here
from Hensall, Ont., and It was noi
ion" before be found his church work
did not Interfere wltll civic work, so
tha during his stay In thin city he
has been  Identified with more than
cn" publ'C body working for tbe common good.
Hi* has been an ardent mernbnr n'
the board of trade, and waa Identified
with sports of all kinds. His love of
lacrosse brought him to thi Drniidencv
of the Westminster club and ho was
tne of the citizens who welcomed the
bringing to this city of the famous
Minto cup. In atnuteiir sports especially he has been active, having been
president for several terms
local brunch of ihe 3,
Athletic union.
He  is  also  ciiapla;,i  of  the    lOI'.l
(Continued on Page Eight.I
Firm      Stand      Reassures
Financial  Circle* After
of   First-Second.
Pittsburg. July S.���To the decisive I
Btatement of Secretary of the Treas-'
cry McAdoo, issued last night, is attributed the restoration of almost
normal conditions in financial Pittsburg tonight, despite the closing yesterday of the First-Second National
bank, an Institution that bad been
accredited one of the s congest in the
The closing of the First-Second wn' !
followed naturally by suspension of
its affiliated bank, the First National
of HcKeesport, and the appointment.
of receiverships for the banking house
of J. S. and W. S. Kuhn, Incorporated,
and a like action wiih the American
Waterworks ami Guarantee company.
Another Kuhn Interest affected. Ihe ;
Pittsburg bank for savings, suffered a
run yesterday, chiefly by Bmall depositors. This was continued in Bomi'-
what greater magnitude early today,
but appeared to abate as the day wore
Small groups of depositors who entered the bank were promptly paid
*ii0 upon demand, as yesterday, and
required   to  give  the  legal  notice  of
were unable to adjust
I The most important point decide;;
lln favor nf the T'nited States was fn-
(volved in the case of U'm. Harran. a
British subject, who lost property at
Sibcney, Cuba, when that town was
destroyed by American troops during
the Spanish-American war. The court,
held thai the destruction oi Harran's J
property along with the town was a j
necessity of war, but re".'omirended *
that congress give the claimant some'
The coui-t refused to allow claims
against the I'liited States for the pay-
ment cf i rown dues of $4 per thousand '
feet on timber purchased by the war |
department from a contractor for the:
building of a fort in Alaska, and for i
compensation for the use of a steam-1
er. the King Roberl, for the transpor-
tation of coal for the navy department.
A British claimant was aworded demurrage, amounting to cbout $150, on
nccunt of a collision between the
British steamer I.iiulesfarne and the'
United States army transport Crook.
In New York harbor.
Bcafnsi .Vlsh. according to au-
noiincenient from Sofia.
HfiHf flftf ON
Cc'diers and  Brigades
Time Yesterday on
Have    Lively
South   African   Administratiun   to
Censured for Shooting  Down
Striking Miners.
Pretoria.    Julv    S.-The
San Francisco. July 8.���With every
avallable man  from  Mill  Valley and
tbe   surrounding   country,   reinforced
: by trcops from tlie bay posts, on the
'fire line, officials expressi'dsconfldence,
!at 10 o'clock tonight ihat they wowhi"
save Mill Valley from destruction by ���
the Mount Tamalpias brush fire.   The*
lire at that time was ovtr s.wil? lr?oii
jthe  principal  part  of  the town.    An
offshoot from the fire was eating    its
way toward tbe tow.ns of    Larkspur
and Corte Madera, which were calling
for help.
A forty mile gale Is blowing around
tin top of the mountain, It was this
wind which caused tbe Are to jump
over the bare rocks at the summit,
and swirled the roaring fluod of
flames more than a milo dowu tho
slope before a back lire could be
Btarted, , ,
A detachment of firemen with
thousands of feet of hose-went-to Mill
30. 60 cr 00  days to  withdraw
amounts above staled flguroB.
Secretary McAdoo will ask Attorney
General    McReynolds   wlihln   u   few-
council today adopted a resolution. In- Y*}}** from this.city, tonight and are
troduced by Councillor Ware, a labor
member,  sympathizing  with the relatives of the men, women aud children
shot at Johannesburg
Mr.   Ware   gnve   notice   that   be
would  Introduce   a   resolution   tomor-
other  row condemning    the    action    of the ^^
government In depriving the people of the soldiers climbed to_th
Johannesburg ol the r'ght of free
speech and to bold public meeting
and demanding the recall of Viscount
Gladstone, governor general of the
Union  of  South  Africa,  for  the  part
nli-s I day. and biniseli studied the ���'������
Smoot analysis. He beard some weeks :
ngo that Republican leaders had eau���'-.":
tloned Senator Hmoot to bold back :"-���
the analysis. "Don't send it in yet" -.:������
tbey urged, "it will give us away." sit
The finance committee chairman de- .-a
lermlned lo lay in wait for the docu-;:::'
mint and today found the result of ���'.';���
Senator Sinoot's careful labors for a ;*'.'f
month, aided by a corpB of cxpsrts,*
anil assistants. {>>'���
The bill probably will not go to tbe imprinter until tomorrow night. A
Londo". July ��� -Right Han,
Joseph Chamberlain celebrated
his 7?th birthday today. Only
four members are still In the
liouse ot commons who were
there when "Joe" Chamberlain
entered In 1870, Vls.l Right
Hon. Arthur J. Balfour, Lord
Claud Hamilton, Henry Chaplin nnd Thomas Burt.
days to investigate alleged Irregularities In the conduct of the First-Sicond
nnd is now engaged In the collection
of all the facts connected with Its
Thomas P. Kane, acting comptroller ct,���, Inoffendlng and riefenc
of the currency, by long distance telephone late today, advised Secretary
McAdoo that the receivership was
progressing satisfactorily and re-
Iterated that the general blinking conditions in  Pittsburg were sound.
aiding lhe d"iiartment of that town.
Fight for Tavern,
The famous Mount Tamalpias
tavern, at the very summit of the
mountain, was saved ohly after an
heroic battle by troops. When the
tavern caught tire at a ddzon places
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ roof and
beat out the flames. These feoldlera
now are marooned at the top of fhe
mountain, but it is thought tbey are
In llltle danger.
The lasl engine to come do.wn   tho
he took In causing tbe Imperial troops mountain brought a party from    the
who shot and Instantly  k'Hed Iiimo-
 !ss men.
women and children" and the Immediate recall of the imperial troops from
South Africa because tbey were used
"only to coerce thn working class��s
nnd protect the privileges cf ibe
favored few."
A Big
July 8.-
rhe Halifax Dredg
ft * # * # * 9
* fl
Will Try It Again.
Washington. July 8. -The- senate In        -,...������
'vesication of conditions in tlie West      *' "���'*" ,.-,,,.      .,
Virginia   coalfields   will   probably   be, lng company, having forlel.ed to   the
resumed next week, Senator Swanson, .government  a  cheque  for  $,5,000  on
chairman   cf   the   investigation   com-  account of us failure to go ahead with  Woods and  _.��� ���..������
mlttee said today Hearings will be the contract for the Prince Kdward try were surrounded by the fire and
resumed of witnesses for tbe coal op-j Island terminals, a new contract will had to flght their way out. Two
orators In the Paint Creek and Cabin \ be let by the department.   The work soldiers were overcome by smoke, but
1 Creek  fields lw,l' c08t about $1000,000. tlieir comrades carried them to safety.
tavern. When the engine reached
tha "double bow knot" on the rail-
ii/iid, a point wliero the (Ire was burning on both sides of the road, the
engineer slopped and asked IiIh passengers whether tiny wanted to make
the dash. All but one man elected to
do so and tliey were brought through
in safety. The one man, whose name
v as unknown to the rest ot the parly,
alighted. Nothing has been heard or
him since and fears are expressed
that he may have perished.
Late tbls afternoon Lieutenant
2 men of tlie 16th Infan- #AGt TWO
An independent morning paper de.vc.ted to the inter-sts nf New M'r.vfinjustrr antl
t** Frtisttr Valley. I*ubli*h-*d every morniny except Siindav to/ the National Printing
.ad l-ul,l,shing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street, Hew H'e.itmin.iiir, British
Columbia. ROBB BUTllRRI.ANn, Managing Dfrsotor.
All mmmuniexxtlo*. should b* *ddrr,ssM to The New Westminster News, and not
to inrtn idtxal members af thr. stuff. Cheones, drafts, and money orders should be. made
payable  io  The Nati*K*l  PrixUina and l**itllshina Compan,/,  Limited.
1 hi EfHONES���Business Office and Manager, 599; Editorial Rooms lall depart-
*sist-i.  991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES -By oarrier, ��4 |Hir year, f 1 for three months, 40c per
month.    Uy mail, S3 per year, tie imt month.
ADVERTISING RATES an application.
A  Few More Newsy Notes  From  Different Parts of the
According to The Monetary Times, whose reliability
ilS i
Its garden 'reshness
and fine flavour ara
protected by tha
sealed lead packet,
which keeps the
goodness in, and all
contamination out,
Winnipeg   Merchants  and   Authorities
Have Some Different Opinions���
Bey Mlssinq���Soldiers Return.
Two  hoxes of literature have  been
sent off hy the Vancouver island Development League lately to the agent-
Igeneral for the province In London,
These < I'litnini'ii some 600 pounds cl
the  poultry  and  fruit  pamphlels anil
I Victoria leaflet, and will he supplemented within the next ten days by
2(10  pounds  mere of the city  and  is
in matters financial is almost above question, the present land 1)00klot8- Ne|son
condition of the bond market in London is a natural one,,   indicating that an unusually large
calling for no such hysterical outbursts as the Bovno ^!^*~Z'Tir^inli^.
1 ayne declaration, requiring only to be left alone till, in ing division this Bummer, many eer-
its own time, it resumes its usual business of taking up se- "r'ia!e!. ?' "'"j", hi'v" ''7'". isfr'
... '  .   .       . -i      ,1 . r,��� . P ���  r at lne Nelson mining recorders office
���curities, municipal and otherwise,   lhe lime set is not (claims in many parts of the district
later than the month of October, this vear. arp lm',"ded -" [hos'\ n',on wh'c]> ,h;
Air-iU j i    tt t�� i ��� j. u      ion ��� necessary work has been carried out.
With regard to Horne Payne, his cry of wolf against invermere
Canadian municipal paper and his subsequent attempt at   ,Thp ,,nrk ,r construction on the
..,-.   ��,.���i���_���i.:   _    rr>i_     si       *. m* ��� i-     1 missing link ol the Kootenay Central
an explanation, Thc Monetary Times is exceedingly to branch of the Canadian Pacific ran-
lhe point.     It SayS' vva>' is beln6 PU8hed ahead by Messrs
"Mr. Payne is on the wrong tack entirely in giving K, *���lt���tC. ^inTthetast"
these morsels to the London market, which is not a child week two of their steam shovels were
in matters financial.   He should forswear such criticisms,! Sd Vud^efTo ",? feels'
denials and statements, joyfully watch Canadian North- along the shore of windemere lake.
ern debentures rise and encourage the sale of Canadian;   The m  RevMt^luLord El8hop ������ manner ,n whlch parinU8 are beta   ,; , ,
municipal bonds.    There IS enough monev in Great Hritaill   Pencler has announced his Intention  Issued during the first few days of.thej of the varlom
for all legitimate borrowers, and it is a pity to start an.?f,Jis!!/"* .J^'11' "" f. 1fth  ,o1 -
i ���     it.     r       -i    �� Ju,y'  for  ,llp  P"rP0Be  ol   laying  the  .    ,.���,M,__ ���_._,���� ,,���..��� i,������n iac,,0,ili's next  session to go thoroughly   n-
unnecessary quarrel in the family. 'conn.-stone of the pretty new church ���" bulldlns v<'���>-'- h**e been issuedi(o the who)e matter ��  ���
The summary of the situation  as  it   reallv does CX- now   under  construction  on   Granite  ��������������� July 1.   There were more than Bcy Missing
-, 4UTJ 14---1 i ' a-        avenue.    His  lordship   will   stay  the  $60,000 in permits iss,ml in one day       Howard   Mathen y,  aged   1"   years
1st on tne  Umaon market IS Simple  ana  means  notnmg week end and on Sunday will preach  Among the big items since the first of  of  014   Mulvey   avenue,   disappeared
more than that the agents are giving the investors time both ���" MErr"t and Nicola. Ilu, year )a the permll ,-.... ,,���, Bridge- fr "' 1,is home between nine and i >n
tO   assimilate   those  bonds  already  Underwritten,   before     The   regular "monthly   meeting   of  land school issued al   $163,500.     The  lTL��\TTehZ^'hZ\\3oi
placing others before them. the   Robson   Farmers'   Institute   was  p'umblng, heating, etc.. In thla build-   .*,,.,.���     The   boy   was   dressed   In   a
dnxat  Hr-it-ain   it  ic ncHm-itofl    oan  nrmrirln  annii-nllv  '" ''' '" "''' Co,umbla ,10UB ��� the Presl- ''���'- wl" ''ri��K lhl> total ' ' about $185.- I: ���  I   blouse, knee pants of grey mlx-
VjftdL iMlldin, 11 lb LSUnidU.il,  tail  piO\��Ut   annudllj   den;. A. Mitchell, prEsidlng,    The Be- 000.   The contracl lei n :ently for the tun   cloth, black Btockings, black laci
new capital for new securities to the extent, VOUghlv, tif cretary, Gordon  li.  Brown,  who was new  Balmoral school also will  mean boots aud dark crush felt hat.
^1 10(1000 000     Oinnnir thp first five m fin llin nf IQiR'now delegated to wall upon the royal com- the  issuance  of another  permil   ap- Soldiers Re'urn
3>l,tUU,UUU,UUU.    IJUnng tne lirst IIVL montns OX l.U.-S new   ,��������..;,,,���   that   convened   at   Castlegar proxlmatlng $186,000 ln a few days. Clad   In   rough  service  suits   with
Securities were placed On the London market amounting recently, with refer nc- to the Instal-                  New Market Open. rl les trailing, and preceded by a niar-
1o nearlv $760000 000    T.ast vear tho nuWrinrinns! ilnnno- Iil,i"" "' ;l telePbone Bervlce for Rob-     As soon as the public market open .*,' : md of 20 drummers and 20 bug-
;   nf?n/*'w��uw>"uu.  uascyear cnesuDsenpnons tuning sr���, reported tliat the oommlsgJon ap. ,,, on .,,���,. 5 erowda 0, eager ,,������,,.   ,,.,.,, th��� ,.������, reg,men, marched ,-,,���v
the first five months were $520,000,000, SO that the under- peared to receive his mission favor- h Iders began to throne; the building the C. P. It. station fo their barrackB
writers of Great Britain UO to thc end of Mav 1913 took ",,!-v- ,""1 "'" P-rowW wero ��l��al The special service of street cars was ������--,,,..��� formed the rear of ihe rour
���^,'1V;;;. ,f;.��� -    V       -���    ,', .V    iw.��jr, ���-���"���'���i u>vr. they would recommend them  to the  much   taken  advantage of,  while    a
Winnipeg,  July   S.���There  is  goinK
to be a  final showdown on  Ihe overhead  slxn question.    For  months  upnn months the city  has been  waging
a   campaign   against  merchants  who
persist In displaying signs hung over
the street, contrary io a bylaw  which
was passed prohibiting such signs  Recently the campaign has become more
strenuous  and   a  great     many     merchants   and   others   hare   been   summoned  to appear  In  the police court
I and pay a fine for continually refus-
j Ing   to   take   In   th��-lr   signs.     Then'
I has been a feeling among the merchants that  the bylaw  is  unfair and
unwarranted, and three  -irons organ-
* Izatlons,  ri pn sentlng   practically   all
.classes of business afferled have joln-
______ (d   together   to   tlgh,   the   Issue   to   a
; finish     These  organizations are   Ite-
Since    July 1  Total. 'all   Merchants'  association,  the   Until Keepers' association and thu Then
trical  assoclatl
A deputatl n composed of A. II. s
.Murray  of  Murray   ^-   Robertson,  solicitors,  and   II.   E.   It.  Rogers   waited
upon  the  hoard  of control  as  representing   the   ' imbined   organizations
and received the promise of the board
that  there  would   be  no more   prosecutions for a month, by which time
lt \yas hoped to arrive at a complete
The   representatives
associations  will meet
*.!������:   Mirr.'t  on   ihe   lL'th    of  ,���,..,.-.,     Already  more  than  $300'00OJ the works and property committee at
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Permits  Issued
Over $300,000���New  Public
Market  Opened.
Calgary, July 8, -Building operations during the present month of July
promise to run close to the remarkable
record of last year, Judging from the
over $230,000,000 more in bonds than they accepted dur
intr the same period in 1912.   Therefore, there is no cause    Th
for hysteria, or excited prophesies of blue l'tlin tO be found  tax rate.,V'TheyUdidn't BlrlkeYfhard there was a bountiful supply of fruit,  service    ��������**.*      i ,
in the decision of the British underwrites)- to give John '.'1(;I:--- l0 (': .���'"> *-'""'��� i""1 >' will 'v.h."'1.!���,i!',,,>niS.,L���t0��',','.'..!!!!'.. "I*'!]...?""1" '���'��� Hlgglns avenue the rank and ';i"
govi num nt.
city  council  have  struck   the
Winnipeg regiments which returned
lame numlier of patrons arrived in frorn Cai,.p Sewell on iheir tour of
automobtlea and rigs. The supply of _uly_ The 90th returne(] dressed for
fresh  vegetables was  nol  great,  but   servlce.    They  went  out dressed  for
retaliate  on   Un-   ratepayers,
:*h   this
i>,  ii r .        -i- ,   i  ���     i [������ -i i      n   ,-_��� . leiaiiaie   on    me   ranuiavers.
fuill a chance to digest his heavy linancial meal of this ty.four mills win i   the touc.
vear before placing in front of him further bond fond. y"*r- '" ml|1a ''"' interest and s
In dealing with the London market, it must be re- Ichoci'^rpose^^T^m.nst" , *
membered that to the British investor come requests for '������������| purposes   The r mills for school
immense sums from all over the world.    Canada, while X^ ��� ^ng^inds6 b^fev'e"
requiring much capital for development, is not by anv ai Bimoieons, in tact some $3<  win
means the heaviest borrower, while she has the additional !'.;'v" '," '" ';,kn" t;or,\ibf ,;'-""r,a
,.<������     .-        * ���*,       ,-       -     ,,      r,     .     i    .     , ���*"*,s '" make up the shortage crea-
qualmcation for consideration in the fact that she pro- i d by limiting the school rate to
vides exceptionally good security.   The Dominion, how- ' '''"
ever, viewed on the basis of her population and her coni-
bj  tanners from nearby
Mrs. A.  MeLeod  Dies.
The  death  occurred  al   the   family
residence. First Btreet, of Mrs.  Alex-
uct   sold.    The   Albertan   vegetable    ,.,,,,,,,   ,1|1K.h   ,,,,,.,..,,,,���    ,���,������������,
pi ri 'l   10   have   been   on   their  Jobs
both early and late.
Finally   Settled
ander MeLeod, wife of Alexander "'. '"' I''"1""***''! dispute over th.- re-
'**'l of MeLeod & Co. wholesale pair���and maintenance of the traffic
nlothiers, of this citv. Mrs MeLeod "'"'" ol the C N. It bridge over
had been 111 for some time and the end '-'' Asslnaboind river al St, James,
��� as no' unexpected Mrs MeLeod Is *as settleU by Hon 0 It Coldwell
rurviyed by her husbind, (our daugh municipal commissioner, who directed
-iters nuri i��n ��nns.    Th- children are 1the.rural   municipalili*   ot   A.sslnabola
neral  BupertntenQeut  Beasley  ot*j|r,   j   r-   Hinith. Mr    H, D. Powers ''�� do the work and assessed tin- city
paratlVe youth, has heen receiving her share from thel?8 K* a N railway and Superlnt-Sn- Mt��i Daisy Mcl.eod, Ml��s I.iz/ie Mc'10' Winnipeg ai imif the cost nml iii
>.r,ffr.��-i.. ,,f ihn ���-,, -tL,��.l.,-r,,l 111* il,,i Q7 -,i i mi ll i i ll id i���l-,,��� ,,,-, (1"'" Ooodfellow was in ihe olty t Leod, Georpe MeLeod and Alex Mc- '"*r municipalities concerned at on-
COtterS Ot tllC motherland.    Ut the IXolUIIIO.OUtl taken lip connection  with  the new  station  i   ���   t.ood   all of whom reside In Caleary    sixth each,    Mr, Coldwell further ru
bv the British underwriters during the first five months  company will build In Nanalmo. Oon   Mi-eMcli  d  came  to Caigary  from ''���'! that  Asslnlbcia  be responsible for
/if t*)ii"s   i/o-ir   r-nn-xrli-xn   nnhlin flnfoh'nno   .them-Uni)   ��QQ   iirticts  will  be called  for shortly for  Edinburgh, Scotland, about four years  the  repair uiul   maintenance,  on  the
VT   tits  year,   Oanatlian   PUOJIC  notations   aDSOrDea   .\M.- the big freight shod which bas to belasi. ground thai  ii  w-as unon thai munlcl.
474,000, or more than One-eighth of the whole, and this in   b"lll   before   the   station   is   started. They Will Do It. pallty*s application  that this  part of
icnnn-pfilinn with thp wnrlr) ""'"  "'"  ���ff'""w the grading eif the!     One more unfortunate paosed to thel the  bridge   was  constructed.    As  to
t-ujjijreuuuu  wiliii  tm,  wuitii. _ yards.  ,Just when the work will start barracks  when  Thomas  Cunningham the question of responsibility for dam-
At present there IS in the hands of the Underwriters on  the  station  Is  not  known   but   It   was sentenced to six- mouths' impris-J.re   or  -accident,   tin-   commissioner
a large percentage of the flotations accepted this year, but wUI n"; lik"'-v b0 lon�� and wl�� be S=^e1��w,lth -"K?,,,^by MaRlst"a���^ mad0 "^T^'lL
._     ,    ,,      <,.,���.,. .    ,       .,,,        ' , v ' i    j> i   Sanders  for skinning  a   young    man New  Bank  Buildmi
the l)Ulk Ot this, it IS expected. Will have been disposed Ot from High river out of $Vn at the fair      IMms are In lng prepared for a mo-
to the investors by the earlv fall and about October first    G0VERNMENT   LA_B0R   BUREAU ,r;,���mls on Thursday    Cunningham's dem office building for the Molson's
,,     T       j ,   J.      ... .      ���'     ,     . ,, .    .   I,   . _~ wife,  had   been   runnuiK  a  ring-the    bank, to replace the old three-storey
the London market Will be ready t() Commence the aSSimi-  Labor Aoent Officer Has Opened Of- enne booth on the mldwm   On Thurs-   structure  row  occupied  by  the bank
lation of the balance of its estimated annual capacity,1,   M0ntreBifiYuiv%M0R^ on the southeast comer cf Main street
���lonireai. juij s,    Before very lonrr  came into the city to pee the big ex- mul Bannatyne avenue,    It is not yet
e-fjknowu   whether   tin*     new     Molson's
iin amount to be taken UP in the    neighborhood of $350,-  laborers coming Into Montreal will be hihltlon,  fill  a  prey  to  the  wiles    if
000,000.    If Canada is able to place the same percentage "l,lp J" s.eo.urc ? J"1' without leaving this sllurlng attraction, snd In a w- hank will be six or ten storeys high
,            ii  imicni.1 iu auk          "^           -""��-  I"'   tnulL.1   the   Dominion   Immigration   office   If tie while by dint of recklesB betting but it is understood that excavations
Ol  paper (luring the latter part of 1913 as she did UO till  plans   m   present   being   worked   out'mi hlfl ability to rine the elusive little win be begun  this fall   and work on
the end Of Mav her flotations OH the London market from ?re   con",l,eted     ���'���   A    Mitchell,   has articles with the rings supplied, lost ,i���.   superstructure   commenced   next
*u     c*     ,     e t,  .   i         .     .i        i            c ,i                       -ii                   been appointed by tin- Oomlnlon gov- 1-26. snrliiR
the tirst ot  October to the close OT the vear Will run  to ernmenl   as   labor   ag nt   officer    io
air .it $44,000,000.    If that market opens its heart  and ';',:" rl,,in-'" ,r labor ""'i" '"��� the
��,,.,.  i j.n   ,i -ii  -    r i i v rt departmcnl   of   immigration   throuch-
purse next fall, the well informed prophesy heavy ( ana- out  the  province of Quebec and has
dians loans, even in the face of the certainty of large de-l�����'""''��� ���" ��" ,lls ����������������� ���|"|'"*J
1    p i i ' An office will  be fitted  up in  the
m.tr.tls Iiom eisewnere. _ Immigration  building on  st.  Antolne
In  any event,  there will not   be  nor  hns  there  ever street,  and  here  by  means or n  fit.
been discrimination against municipal or other legitimate l!l,tS2hewllth^^tar"ttlwtta^li
���iuintls from the Dominion atld the Situation, instead of be- over   the   countrv.     Wherever   labor
ing critical, as portrayed by Horne Pavne, is exceedingly fc.Ta.'.'he" ^li^Thl i!lZ
satisfactory from a Canadian municipal standpoint, in to Buppiv the lac*
that the records of this year show the Canadian munici-1   Mr   : ,n nr"
palities to have absorbed $42,817,910 on the London market np to the entl of May last, or one-sev<mteenth of thi
tfttal amount of capital supplied by the British investoi
Tor world consumotion.
position i" the provincial lal or b irenu
bul Hi" two will endeavor to co irate for the ultlmati good of iho *
who nre newly arrived In this country,
Will   Operate     in     the     Fall   on   City
Street:*, and  Serve  Outlying
12   Knots  a   Day
All reel ids for .lune marriages won'
hy Ho* board In Winnipeg during the
pas*   month,    The  city clerk's  office
reports sum" :j7;i couples having  entered  Hi"  hlissful  stai".  which   is  at
���h    ni" of more Ihan 11' n day.    This
dot's not constitute a  record  tor any
   month,  howi ver,   for  In   December last  there wi re no less than 411
marriages rcorded    For the half-year
ending Juno :;u there were 2-22 persons married   In   Winnipeg.
Building  Permits
Building  permits  took  n  big  Jump
when  new work aggregating $168,000
' 11 ;   pi i-i'i" need    Uus    week.    Two
iparlmenl   blockB   figure  among   the
Saskatoon.   July   8     For  ihi'
Home Payne's utterances mav militate against Canadian municipal securities in certain quarters   but the
facl - and figures of the case prove him to have been draw- u i ""��� history oi saFkatomi jud'u
ing , long bow at an imaginary target. ^ ^"'1 ti'^vt:^,-
his   negl . * : ce   wss   sho* -u   i-,   havi
I'M   I'AMinAX STDRV   lis'a brother-in-law of the fourth Earl
ju\   u^\iNrtU.rt. O D 1 *.JX\ I    ,(,rry_ wll��� snr,.(ll,,,,.,, ,,,!��� aa ?OVernor.
general of Canada The family eBtates
Gilbert oJhn Murray Kynyninonil Bl- cover about in.i i'i acreB, and Include
Slot, fourth Karl ot Minto, who was j Minto tu-iiii-. Bl Hawick in Rox-
tgoverncrr-general of Canada from hurghshlre, ami a Scottish scat In
189X to 1904, was Ikiiti sixty six years ; Kifcshire.
iiBo lodaj     He wns educated at Kton j 	
!iml  Trinity  college,  Cambridge,  and]    v-eTTe ,,,  m,,vtu,,  siiur  d'Iberville,
entered  the  Uriiirh   army  as  ensign CanBa|an   explorer,   died   In   Havana
tn   thi-  Scots  Guards  at   the  ag.--  of, ,m  y(,.irs  ,,.,.,  ,,.,,.,..     ,,,,  wag  ,,r)rn
iwenty.     He  served   with  tti"  Turk-  ,n MonU���a, |n WA '
lnh army In  1877, and  in  thi- Afghan
far in  1870,    After a brief Bervlce as
-private secretary in l/ord H iberls at
the Cape, he look pan in Hi" Egyptian
campiiiKn nl 1881 as a volunteer,    lie
came to Canada llun     yearn ago as
military  Becrrtary  to  the    governor-
Jacques Burean, fanous aa lawyer,
member of parliament  and  solicitor
ceneral.  wat   lorn   al   Three   Hivcrs.
l'. '.)., fifty   hree yeara ,*u o today,
Mo   ini'iest   NesSssarv
11 bri 1.   Ra li     Ji iv   8,    DecVtrlng
t'--r    hi
W niiipi; , July 8.    Ji hn  W   Ryck
man  tnnounced thai be It In n iclpl of buildings  for    which    i��*rinltH    were
nformation  irom the car builders  iu irantnd,  and    ��   number    of    costly
io    I'ni'il   Statea    thai   the  deBlgna dwellings.
oi  thi   Bpeclal type ot autobus for the Police  Alarm  System
W nn peg Borvlci an  aboui ready, tnd      A   b ll  rung  by dav, a llghl   flaBh-
hul ii is expected th   Ber Ice will be '-1   bv  nighl    and   tbo  policeman   on
n operation on the i-treeta of the city Irs distant   beat  on  tlm outskirts of
early In thi   fall.   The bus will be of ihe city will be summoned Into com
/en   light   and   strong   construction, mttnlcatlon   with  tho central  Btatlon
mil  while It wll Iseat forty persons, or as his need dictates, ho will him'
"on  in   least   I'-rih   responsible  I i   ',) A ''"""' ""/.'"'V, "'T^'l'' W��m ','" Belf '"' "hl" "' ��"' ln toucb "**��� ������"���
the Dreldrnl    The case mi  trie,  i        " '   tj���-!        ,""  "'","S, Wl",   "' ""'"���,"  Btatlon   b��  ,h"  n'"r"  turn"*i
H.r the workmen's comp. n acl    "' '";'s'r:" *'," ��*;,'" ".'sib; lurn Into of ���  key in one of the black painted
���mil grcnl inionst was evinced win n
li was known n precedent had been
created by tho Judgment,
The case w-as thnt of Kennedy vs
the 0 T, P . the plaintiff, who wo. -,
hraki num. h-ivlng been Inlio-'il while
working in the yards at Wilkie on
February 21, mt'2. so hadlv thn' hp
later died, Judgment f* r his widow
wns  given  for 12.000 nml costs
W M Robs act��ri for tho pinlntlff
md A. E   lii'iic" fm- the defendant
narrow Btreets;   thej   wil  lhave
usually   strung   and   flexible
boxes   thai   ara   already   to   lm   kcoii
spriiiKs  ,,.,  the Btreel  corners In  many  parts
' uni tho tires will be of hard rubber  ���f the olty.   Thus a system of ready
Sns' i   Julv 8,   WMllam  Hason
fits    | |l -"l":|    glllltV    I"   |h"   'I'    , -
of great flexibility and pliability
in connection with the running nr-
rangementa It is understood that the
autobuo company will agree thai after
the operating expenses are deducted,
ih" clt.' nhall participate In the earnings of Hi" service, the amount io-
cp.'vetl rrom this " urce to be devoted
to ilu* upkei p of ih" streets,
li n- nlso Btated thai busses will be
run on regular schedules to outlying
districts noi served by the Btreel railway and whero the service may prove
unprofltal le lor a while in order to
make thesi distrli is Immediately
available for much needed moderate
prlci il homes,
Mr.  Ryckman will leave next we k
the purpose of hogs and sheep. The
Winnipeg bankers and business men
expressed the view that providing the
townsmen joining In this movement
were careful to appoint a competent
committee to pass upon all applications for loans under the proposed
plan, there would appear lo be no
renson why It should not work OUl
successfully and result in contributing largely to the prosperity of the
lown as well as the Bur round ing countryside.
A smilar plan lias been adopted by
Ihe citizens of Ashland, Wis., and the
outcome of the progressive slip which
tin business men of North Battleford
are now* taking will be watched with
much  Interest.
.Merritt, II. C. July 8, At a meeting lasl .Monday held In the city hull.
between the large caltlemen of lh"
disirict and the city officials, the key
of harmony was struck whereby In
future the existing city pound hy-law
will be laid al rest as far as it effects
the larger cattle raisers in this immediate vicinity.
This by-law has been a bone f contention between the above nami 'l par-
tleB sine', the Incorporation of the city
of Merrltl and now thai a mutual undi rstand'ng and agreement reached Is
to the effect that the cattlemen will
in future pay a certain fixcl salary to
ih" city pound keeper from about the
flrsl of April to October, ihe pound
I" "���>"!��� In return is to drive all range
".nil" found in the city limits belonging to those who form this protec-
tlce aeroctatlon hack to their respective ranges.
Later on In the fall when Ihe cattlo'
"ome down fr un the hills to fi-rd on
the lower benches the cattleman will
keep their own herders With the bunds.
Hamilton in Darkness
Hamilton .lulv 8. Caused by the
same trouble defective Insulators
hviii-o nower went out of business
again the other day and was not in
commission uuiil the following morning. The flickering of hundreds of
hous" lights in Hamilton about eight
' 'clock ;n nighl testlfud lo impending dsrkneas Circuit after circuit
was affected and rinnllv, shortly afier
midnight, the entire system from the
Falls throiiRhout lVp��t��rn Ontario,
waa erijipleit. At tliat lime, the Hec-
tric pumps ��i tbe Peach Stopped, lhe
old iiarishore pumis were put in commission, and during the early pan of
Hi" morning four si'tm pumps were
In operation. Cltv lOnftfneer Macal-
lum gave Instructions to cease streel
watering nnd flushing while the power uas off. With the water In the
James slreet r servoir rapidly receding, he feared a shortage of water
when the hot weather demand is so
Market Ready for Business
Nelson, July v At a meeting of
the directors of the Kootenay I'rui!
Growers Union, the manager, itay-
mond I. Flicks, reported regarding the
marketing arrangi merits for the handling of the crop of larger fruils, lh".
market for the smaller fruits having
already been arranged. The resolution in connection with the management of the publicity bureau which
was presented, was passed bj the di-
rectors. According to Mr. Hicks,
everything in connection wiih the
marketing of the larger fruits is In
shape, and a good Beason is looked
forward to from the present outlook
While Hi" wel weather continues, the
advice of the management of the union io Hh members is to send ns many
shipments as possible to lbe local
jam   factories.
Quartet From Regoletto Is Due to Ap-
Dear at Chautaqua.
The White City Hand of Chicago,
which Is llm- to appear on our Chautauqua this summer, Is an unusual al
traction. ThlB band was the official
hand of the United Btates I.ami ami
Exposltli ii Fhi ��* In 1910, has been to
the Texas i Lit" fair Iwo vearj mi su
cession and Missouri state fair ihree
This large concert hand plays the
'"���si operatic selections and playa
them well. Its soloists are among iiie
hlgheBl paid BOlolsts Inn musical circles, and all of its men nre union nm
slclans. These union rules make complications sometimes, uk happened In
me of the large ChautaunuaB In the
'.ot a year ngo. The band had played and the grand opera company had
sung    with    great   eclat the   quartet
* from "Rlgoletto."
The audience waa so worked up
that they applauded again and again
demanding an encore. According to
union rules the time to close the concert had come and If the leader broke
the rules and yielded to the audience.
! he would be subject to a line, and If
he refused to break tlle rules he would
lhave lo offend the audiences. Finally he persuaded his men to break this
!rule for once and not to mention it
to the union officials, so the band was
persuaded with the opera company to
| repeat-the number in  spite of iinlon-
; Ism.
Had  any  member of  Ihe  hand  de-
j sired   to do so  lie  could   have caused
Ithe   leader   trouble   by   reporting   the
I matter to his  union.    As they are all
, loyal, however, and all of them musicians,  they  appreciated   the  love of
the audience for the music they wer��
playing .-ind tbe incident passed off
good naturedly.
ft. A p o. <>f Klk* ��f the li. "i C, meet
the rirst an.! third Thursday sl i p in..
K of V Han, KlKhih itreel \ Wells
limy. Exalted Ruler; P. II. 8mlth, Nw
I. 1) O, M., NO. BM.���MEETS DN
llrm. ..am,l. third and fourth Wednesday in each month at s p, m..
In     the     Moose     Home.      if    J       [."amy,
dictator; l-\ K. Jones, secretary.
Headquarters of l",lg" in See Ileum!,
corri'-r of FrMirrh arid Carnarvon streets.
1. O O F. AMITT LODOB NO 17���Ths
r.-imlxr ni��-etlnu of Amltv lnilift' Na
27 I. O. O, F.. ts held ev.TV Mendsr
nlKht nt S o'ctnek In Opt Pellows' ll��tl
c��rn.-r ("-nrnarven and Ettohth mr-wts
Vl.sitinK hrelhern OOrdlolly Invited.
R. A. .���M>rrtth-*��w. N. O. ; J. Robertson.
V. li. ; XV. C. Cnatham. P ll��� record
Imr wrretary; H. W. Hangslir, financial sceri-lary.
ti.    BfiWEl.l,    (SUCCESSOR   TO   CBN-
ter *  tr.-mns.  Ltd.)-���Funeral directors
amf  'inhalrm-rs.     Fnrlors  IHI,  Columbia
wtrei-t.    New   WentminHter.     I'luine   9tl
W.  F-. FALEO   Pioneer Puneral Director
and   PTmhalmer,   CI-J-61S   Agies   street
opposite Carne-j-rie Library.
FM-rc.N-KTT.     At'lHTOU       ANI>
t.      Tel.   R.    138.   Room   i.   Mart
P. II. Smilh. W. .1   Ornvc-a.
Work unil,-rti��S'n in cily and outntda
points. -Jit-12 Westminster Trust Hid*.
Phons 3ii4.    r   o. Box  r>07.
Sal", He.'K Basinets Letters, etc.; dp.
rutar work spectaMaL All work Hirlclly
CenfldWrttal, H. Barry, room 418 Wesl-
mlnerer Trn-st BIS.    Phone 702.
ster Board of Trade meets in the hoard
room, lily Hall, as follows: Third Frt-
O.iy   of  each   tiKinth ;   quiLrterly   n..*.-tina
on the third Friday of February, May
AiiRust ami November st 8 p.ui. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February. C. tl. Htuart Wade, secretary.
communication will be established between the patrolmen and station and
will he ill full operation within a
month, This Is the nu r" Bkeli ton of
a system which is being Installed for
the cltv under the direction of F. A.
Cambridge, city electrician. That it
will, when completed, give Winnipeg
Hi" most up to dale police patrol sys*
I. in that can he devised,. Is the opinion of those who know of what they
rlatim. SolteUors, etc.   4u Lome Stixet,
New   Westminster.     I'i.   }*..   CnrboutlS   K.
I*     J    It   Orimt.     A.   K.   MoColl.
tiTHt-liiw, sellcliur. etc. Telaphons
1070. ruble loidreHH "Johnston."
Code, "Wostern Union."     Offices, Dills
Itli.ek.   :,,r,2   i -"iionl'lii  Htreet.   New   West-
mlniter, it. u.
sid" - Barristers and Bolloltori, West,
minster 'I'rust ink., Columbia street.
New Westminster, It. <'. Cable luhln-ss
"Whiteside," Western Union P. O.
Drawer ino. Telephone mi w. J,
wiiii, :,i,i,,, k. C.1 it. L, Edmonds, D
i BTILWBLL CLUTE, Barrl��tor-at-law
solicitor, etc.; corner Colombia an*
McKensle streets. New Westmlnstst
ii  ''    P. o. llox nil.    Telephone  710.
S'.liellnr and Nolary. Offlees Hart
block, '-H Uiriie street, New Westmin-
sler. U, 0.
Barristers and Solicitors. t)nf, to Sit
Westminster Trust Hlock. il. D, Martin, W. CJ. McQuarrie and licorice Lt.
-general,  the   Marquis  of   Lansdowne.
-and was chief of stall  In '. , -fan idu"i .
Nort.hv.'si rebellion or 188S    In 1898 ' "''   '"'   "':'''*     '[   f,"i   after  careful ihofl   when   arraigned   In   tho   pol'ei
he   returned   to   the   Dominion   this "''"' rv  ""''   "" ''' '"*'    "r    Tlmmss .*"������      Ho   was  ,���'���,--< -i    ������ *��;,    n���
Ume ss governorrgeneral. and     main ''''''*'  the   Englishman whose thofl   <r  nn  undershirt,  Bhln      *.   i for Chicago   Cleveland   PlttBburg and
cd Intnl..-. until iflt.4. 'l'i,,-. .,,��� :���,; Wj wan f"-';'l_"; ��  i"-   |�� the niv -hoes  snd  hose   valUed  al   $34  from Detroit to Inspect the autobus systems
year he wenl  to India as vl y. a yard ai  He*  I   linn   ndustrlal Bchool, his  emplover, in ,,,���,��� rjlil's .���ir, ,,., .���,,,���,,. ���',,.,.
position in- held for r,ye years   Thl "'J8*";*'" ��   ;"' ",;i1   ^rown'n�� '��� "   Bailey who anpeared In n.ourl |ar8 for tli- guidance of the company
yesr marks the centenary oT the ere Dr. Hunt, tho coroner, announced that asking  for leniency  In  la-halt  .,r h|n |lrri
ntlon of the lirst Karl or Mint.,   wlv no Inquesl would h   necessary,   row- former clerk, said thai  ho hod  lived     The ehu''.* is now In oroceBS   of
���was governor-general or Bengal and nrd, who was ampl fed on o 0, T   P -, crlmrless life until ho had become preparation for filing and as II Is stsl
toeM   other   important,   adminiiitraiu. section gang here, had announced be sssoclfttei with   questionable  eharao ed t ml pledges have already heen re
posts.   Th" fourth Karl married Mary, ioro leaving his companions Hun  he tcrs durlrR the last few months, The celved lor more than ' I'lleleni capital
slaufliler ot 'len   Hon. Charles Qrey, wub going out for n bath    His clothes magistrate   decided   to   suspend   s--. to ensure success of the enterprise, no
thirty years ago, and they  have twolwere round closi   lo tin. pool and Hn* tence   p ndlng  u bond   for  good   bo-lr'clays sre nntlctpnted in getting  'the
souk and lln"* daughters    Thi- l-;,nl bodj   was naked, havior, sorv':     ti o] ttlcn
Winnipeg, July 8, On the occasion
of ih" visii of the Winnipeg business
men lo North Battleford, ex-Mayor
(iriese laid before them a plan which
ill" cltisens or North Battleford had
under consideration, by which it was
proposed io have a considerable uuiil
ber of the promin ni business men of
the town Join In guaranleelng local
i.iiiiis (or nny advances which mighl
be made by ihem to farmers approv
cd by the guarantors, to be used f<*-
mxtj-    ' r^     i   rfc      - TmWr . WL/'                                                 *   ' jrf&t', r^ibt ���    VJ^
'��������������� ''rxt.<':'   ��� ������;a. '&$$is*\*V * *"*:"v ���
��� ��� : \*wy*\
1   ������'-- ' *'���������   I
\*>-" aJ*Pm���**sW'1'*r'*' ���   ' '.TtX3Sr?SH
The iiboi-e oul slums lie* White City baud as it will appear at lh:
Chautauqua n xi Monday, July 14, Under tho i rllolo'nl leadership or Mr.
A. !���'. Tiniviu. tiiis bund has hold some of the mosi notable hand engagements or neeni years, having played at the White City of Chicago, which
is the largesi amuBnmenl park in Um i-orld, for three conseoutlve seasons.
It was also the official band at tha Texas stale fair for three years, and
this fair Is ihe biggest meeting of lis kind in the Boulh, The Missouri state
fair considered themselves fortunate in Boourlug the band for two seasons.
Between these various engagements, many e.itens've conoerl lours have
hi'i'ii glvpn, They will appear at th. Chautauqua tnr two splendid con-
certs in no additional cost whatever !o rcj .lm season ticket holders. WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 1913.
We respectfully ask for the payment of all
accounts.   May we send your bill?
During July and August our business hours
are from 8 o'clock till 5:30; Saturdays, 10.
Is a combination that unlocks all pocketbooks.   That is the way Prices and Qualities work; especially
in our offerings during the Liquidation Sale of our $30,000 stock of
In Oriental, Persian and Conventional designs, all sizes, three four and five frame, in every
color scheme imaginable, suitable for the drawing room, dining room, living room and bedroom; rugs that look well and wear well, which add to the appearance of the home and
comfort of the family.
9x9 Wilton Rug, regular price $38.50; now $29.30
fi-9x9 Wilton Rug, regular price $24.50; now $18.30
6:>x36 Wilton Rug, regular price $10.00; now $7.75
54x27 Wilton Rug, regular price $6.50; now $4.95
36x18 Wilton Rug, regular price $3.25; now $2.45
9x9 Axminster Rug, regular price $30.00; now $22.50
6-9x9 Axminster Rug, regular price $23.00; now $17.50
63x36 Axminster Rug, regular price $5.00; now  $3.95
54x27 Axminster Rug, regular price $2.50; now $2.00
9x12 Brussels Rug, regular price $30.00; now $21.00
9x10-6 Brussels Rug, regular price $24.50; now $17.00
9x9 Brussels Rug, regular price $18.50; now $14.00
I ��'.V./    ;i.MIIIIimi'{      IVUft,    It'-t^UIdl     |JI ItC   ��P��J(J.UU ,    IIII*! -yaai*-,.-'\f       I ts.h..'   M-*h tmaxjxjixmaxj   m.-mhsx-a.-   * *-t** �������-     ****** **>��� **���   Y-.ww ,  ..���,.__  ���
You  can  Beat these  Rugs, but you can't Beat
this Opportunity for saving real money
Te ronto Street Railway Company Valued at $15,000,000, But Ai-
eesed at Only (3,000.000.
Toronlo, July 8. The city Ib determined to secure the largest revenue
possible from the Toronto Street Hail-
way and Toronto Klectric Light companies, At tho meeting of the hoard
of control Assessment Commissioner
Qorman reported that the rolling stock
of the railway company wiih not liable
to assessment. Me also stated that
under Ihe business tan the company
is assessed on a rating of only 2i> per
cent of the value of the lands, liuild
infts and fixed machinery. Mayor Hoc-
ken estimated the value of the rolling
slock  at   $4,000,000,  while  Controller
shall manage the farm, and harvest
the crops now growing." The total -ts-
tnte Is placed at $4,'JUS, all of which
pas; cm to the widow.
The bye-election campaign iu North
Qrey Ih proceeding apace, and at last
three of tlie Ontario cabinet are speaking on the government side. lion. I.
11. Lucas Ih already fn tbe riding and
is expected to have tbe greatest pos-
Bible influence, owing to his own constituency being adjacent. He Is addressing meetings with ('. a. Cameron,
the Conservative candidate. Hon. W.
J. Hanna and Htm. W, H Hearn arc
also hilled to speak.
Authorities   Want    to    Send    Brother
Over Same Route as Sister Went
a Few Days Ago.
j dental, relatives claiming he had met 1 almoBt two hours to dig his dead body \
i with an accident while at work in the | out.
Qrand Trunk roundhouse. ���.���.oc ^."t1 Red H��t|r��n-
I     Philias  Maheu,    a    blacksmith em-,
Fined for Smoking. ployed at the Angus shops, was coni-
The flrrt case under the new tram- j mltted for voluntary statement, July-
way regulations prohibiting smoking j8th, on a charge of stabbing Yvan
on the street cars, was heard in the ' Mlsecovltoh, a fellow workman, with
recorder's court, when Omer lMlon
was charged with smoking on a Notre
name car.    The case  was heard  before Mr, Recorder Qeoffriop. Oohduc-
j tor  Bene (iregeiro  said   the  prisoner
i boarded the car on Notre Dame street
The  deportation   and, although told of the new rule pro-
followed by ajhibiting  smoking,  persisted.
f a   red   hot   iron   at   welding   heat,   on I
| June 27.    The two men  were  fooling | Fifteen   Year   Old
with each other. Maheu throwing wat-
er on Mlsecovltoh when they readied
the large barrels where the tools were I
cooled j IT.    .Misecovitch tried the wat- I
er on   Maheu   when  they  met   again.
and, according to three witnesses, thej
latter ran to the furnace, and. taking
out a red hot bar of iron, plunged thc '
.,     ,      ,    ,���,,,  o   _The  ,ioDortation   in��,��������f"��i��""  ---   <-���������������  ���-' �� ��� - = |     Montreal. July 8.���Avowing her In-
r,0"r���,:    I "... b, followed' bv aihibiting  smoking,   persisted,   and   had , out a red hot bar of iron   plunged the  u nUon   of      ,       ������   t|R,  gtage   01ad.
. r Louise Hail is to d   io �� .     ih| k(,   ut    when an attempt wm heated end In hte victim's side.   The        M,,.r.,���.r   flf..,������   ..,,���_  old   of
request from the Cityjor the deporta J J-^ (o nu,  hjm ofr t|u, (.;lr ha had | man  was  so  terribly  burned  that  he  >s   WoArthur,   fifteen   v.ars   old.  of
��� *        Columbus   street,   dlsap-
inade to put
Church protested that instead of being taxed on a valuation of between
llR.ono.non and $16,000,000, the corporatl":! was only paying taxes on
property valued at $8,000,000. The
mayor assured Controller Church that
he would support him in any attempt
at a later dale to secure amendments
to the assessments act which would
allow the cily to tax the companies
up to their proper valuation
Scoffed at  Murderer.
following his interview- with Judge
Winchester,  In which be complained  paid
il   improper  conduct
Stated   at   Fort   William   That   They
They Will Buck Milling
tlon of her brother. Thomaa Hall, wh.       -
is nn  inmate of  the  Verdun  asylum .acted In a very disorderly manner and
Louise Hall    was    deported    on'   the  was then given into custody.    Mr. Re-
ground that she had become a publi*    corder Qeoffrion  said the case was a
charge. An Kngiish girl she arrived In  very  serious one,  and  this
Montreal  on    September tl,  1910.    In  thing   must   be   put   down.
-���--- -to- j l'llon J10 or one month.
Well  Burled.
Cnupht beneath more than a ton of
\k\nd   wan   at   tbe   Star   theatre.   St.
.Henry, about a  week ago.
Gladys  has  been  employed    as    a
AUflkir    THF    III Cf IMS'    ",a'd   '"   "'*-"   '""'���"-'  "'  Ar0""'   -McMas-
nrnl/lfU   IIIL    IfllJOIItU   ter. Arlington avenue. West-mount. Oa
I Monday  evening alit*  threw *  bandit*
. i   ^ ^r clothing over a wall in the rear
r-g.   ot   the   Mc.Maatttr   residence,   climb,-J-
I over  tlie   wall  after  the   bundle--and
I disappeared���coic:*icte!y   and     abso-*
No notes were left behind nor waa
i there any  word of explanation.    Th��
girl  simply  disappeared and  has  not
been   seen  since.     Her   mother.   Mrs-
Ada McArthur, was well nigh frantic.
"Gladys   waa  badly   stage   struck,"
her  mother    admitted    today,    "and
igtit  look   for an  engagement,  luiL
Daughter   of   *
McArthur Did  Not  Even Leave
a   Note
sort    of
He   fined
p-.in ^^^
mal ohargi
fore  Chief
reads ln  pirt
part   of   P   c.  Chapman
Charles Olbson, Sr., made n for
against the constable be-
c.niHi-tt.   The   complaint
^^^^^^^ 'One  of  your   men
Coin-table  chapman,  whose  duties.   I
understand, ih lo accompany prisoners I amount   of   $100 Ihn)
to and from the pollce court and Toronto lall. called on my son In the death
chamber at  lhe Jail ami  approaching
hlin   addressed   him   In   the   following
Fort William, Ont, July 8. Tha'
the Washburn Crosby Company, the
great l'nited Statea millers, with head
quarters in MinnenpoliB, have entered the Canadian field as rivals to the
Ogilvle Milling Company, of Mon*real.
I*i'ii William and Winnipeg. Is the
conviction of the grain interests here.
and is not directly denied either by
representatives of the Washburn-
Cro*bv interests, who havi- recently
sevrral visits to Kort Wllliasi
..nil   l'ort    Arthur,   or   by   local   men,
said to he associated with that corporation's proposed Canadian branch.
fhe elevator firm of Davidson and
Smith have entered into an agreement
with the city of Port Arthur whereby
the city guarantees bonds to the
fur   an   elevator
April  last, according to the city re*
ords.  she attempted   to  take  the  life
of her mother.    She was arrested and
ou  being  taken  before the court   wai
remanded   for   medical     examination.
Sell   was sent  to  Loiigue  Pointe  asy
lum on April Iti and Ave days later th
municipal assistance depart ment fliei
a request for deportation with the Do
minion   immigration  department.    On
May 15 she was deported.   A remark
able feature    of    the    case    and oni
Which   has  aroused   the   widest   comment    is that the request for deportation was acted upon without any notification being sent to the girl's moth
er, who did nol learn that her daugh
ter  had   been   sent   back   to   Kuglani'
until she went to the asylum to paj
her a visit.
Such Gratitude.
David Jones, Ihe popular guii'diai
of the pence of Dominion park, whl
has served for a number of yearB as :
fireman in the old country, Buffered i
striking example ot human ingratltudl
at  the recent  fire.
As soon as the first alarm was giy.
. arth which fill on him without warn
in:;. John Cominski. 21 years of age.
f St. Patrick street, was practically
dried alive while working in a trench
��� the corner of Richelieu and Lacasse
I reels.   St.   Henr'      A   pang
na . 	
Washburn-Crosby   corporal ion  arrives
hi re.
An agent of Ihe company admitted
lo business acquaintances here that
tile   bis   corporation   la   desirous
wordH:    'Gibson, what did 1 tell you'   .   '"  . ;.
and snapping his fingers In his face     l '
said: 'Ynu haven't thai much chance'
I respectfully request that you will
have this matter broughl before the
bonrd of police commissioners nt thi
earliest possible moment, hh I wish It
fully investigated.
Thirsty   Crowd.
Upwards   of  thirty   thousanjd   picnic
wer        .^^^^
th" thirst of thla crowd, a numlier to
tally inadequate to the
perlntendeiit   Hutchinson   states
he w-as aware of the lack of pres
that  I!   has, In  fact, been  BO  several
times  during  llie  course  of the  past     -,.
���   ������ -��� ���.,,1.���i tho offlcinl�� ter   and   Journeymen   plumbers
he ! pending  which   will   pn bably
which Ihe company will erect between len. Jones, throwing off    his    unll'oru
the  two cities,  at a  cost of  $860,000- coat, rushed  to one of lhe reels and
and a $500,000 flour mill. j started to make connections with the
elevator haa hydrants.   He worked like a Trojan
tin       ^^^^^
It  Is learned  that   the
plans   for   the   flour   mill   have   been
drawn   up   in   Minneapolis,   and   that.
the  contract  for the  mill   will   be  let
soon   as  n   representative   of   the
nnd even risked his life by entering
tho burning buildings. While lie war
struggling against the flames, thieves
went through the gallant re-'-uer'*
nockets and robbed him of $189, al'
his savings.
Thrilling  Rescue.
utile four-year-old Elizabeth Lar
rlsee, who fell ofl the deck of a stenm-
r   at   Luchlne.   owes   her   life   to   thl
lay   in   the   general     hospital     three .^ Christopher ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
weeks. Ho apepared against the ac-: peured from her home and place of I do not think she had enough nioner)-**-
cused and testified that the amall, 8mDloynier.t oll Ju���p ��� and 8in ' to get out of town. I am sure she
amount  of water he threw  at  Maheu  *'"'"-'���naam Ju--e   -���'���   ano   since * iierfectly
was  done  in   fooling.    Judge  Lafon-   then   none   of   her   friends   have  re-; ^ ,'���" ��m*xi*. on ihe'sta^e
tame committed the accused for vol-   celved the slightest clue to her where- I always have been- but 1 want her to
untary Btatement I aboutB, I returll ,,������,���_ ^ me now
.,.,    ,.    a ,,,,,-,,orner' , Although only fifteen years old. she       When  last seon, Gladys  was  wear-
rhe Consolidated Milk company has  u   la���   for  her d   r(llnarkilbl     ,       a white m[loT dn,si willl a uluB
purchasedtne  corner of St. Urbaln and '
St. Vlateur streets from C. A. McNee,
for $308,800. It has a frontage of 147
feet on St. I'rbaln setreet and 100 feet
>n St. Vltaeur street, so that the price
ier square fool was about $14.20. The
���ompany la composed of nine fanners
.vho are entering the milk business In
his city. In the deal the purchasers
vers represented by Mr. Q, E. Haird.
if Ormstown.
pri liy. She has frequently told her
mother that she wished to go on the
stage, and on a few occasion has actually appeared in local theatricals.
. Her  most  recent  appearance  of this
collar, a black velvet coat and a larse
white' pauama hat with black *-t.V*��r
trimming. She is abont 5 t-ael' 8
inches in height with Want Wl* and:
browu hair which she wears Cl WO�����-
Un. JOnN   ti,  .,NUKES':
ii  was with considerable difficulty
that Dr. .lohn I!
: by th<
Andreas was secured
management fer one lecture on
Upwards   of   thirty   mousnure  f"   i U)(,   bl���   corporation   Is   desirous    in or  at   Lariune.  owes  ner  uie   io   uu ,        hfl manggetni infer one lecture on
-kern   visited   the   park   at   I BUM"? galulns ., ,*0���thold in Canada, but sahl fact that her father, who happened tl      '   ,.,,.,,���,������,������  thlal summer. BB Mr,
lnml yesterday, ����'l >'<" throusnout no h,ng dl,rln|t(, hl,(( ,���,������ decjd- he standing hes  her, and Is an ex-               hns n:.l(|(, ;l mum, f,���. hlmge,f
o entire length of the ground?  here lg 0   )t,cll,d   ,hll,   un  0ti\oM oellent swimmer, shot Into the water                     whi(,n ]ms   1,u.,,d Mm in
"re only  live founla ns  to  aSBaugl ,���������,,���,,���������,  wm be made wlihln a , md had her In his arms almost before  '��                                     , fc   , ���,���    lu
��� t������.K, of this crowd, a number to- annom �� i         ^ ^ ^ M tlmo ���, ,)(, a,       d,               ������",.���,"',   ���,,���������'  m debate   a
n..  i������^,���,iinte to the demand.    SU-   *������>  i  ^��� ���       _ ... I"'', 1 :,.,..,.,      l   i���  *hl��
f pressure*
but that   as  yet
had received no answer,
Tho Crops, Too.
of the estate of the late Bam
fanner, of King  township, i mee
Of Ihls year's crop, now grow
Settle Strike Soon.
Saskatoon, July  S.    That a  confer-
between n oommlttee of the mas-
of the  past   enci
iommer.   He had notified th 	
st the cily hall, butjbel ns *���*������ ��* | j~ut - ���ettjement of the -strike trou
ble,   wns   tho   statement   made   by   a
  member of the master plumbers at a
ran of in ""'Wi',',','. '(''wnghin I meet ing of the Saskatoon Builders'ex-
HBl  Sloss.  (���"�������>.��; ������n8nowSrOW-|ohangO. DlSOUSilng the matter further
���consists   - - - - "~
,'    i ., tr.no    A clause'ho declared  that  In  nil  probability  a
lng which IS valued at $500.    A Ciausi ,       .   ���, k ,._, .���,���,������, ���,���,
In the will which was drawn four days
before thn testator's death, directs
that  "my  beloved    wife.    Josephine,
settlement will be reached without any
Increase over the wnge schedule ln ef
foct laut year.
had time to be alarmed
N*ay Free Him
A v.rltt of habeas corpus his been
'titercd In the civil courts for Ih
'indy of Ixuils Oi-hIhI, who Ih now Ir
lal] nw.iltlng trial for the murder of
hla cousin, l.lbernto Orslnl. who died
at the general hospital on May 23, after having been treated privately at
hla home in Walnut street. Cote St.
Paul. Charles Wilson, K. C, appeared for the accused, and mndo a demand for his client's discharge on the
grounds of Insufficient evidence to
hold him on the charge of murder. Or-
sinl's death was disposed of as accl-
and   ready   cf   speech.     In   debute     a
very formidable opponent  nud  lu hia
,   lectures  a   moat   convincing   speaker.
, I It Isl true of such men as Dr. Andreai-..
that the better thoughts are spread
broadcast nn.l their messages made
most helpful. Some of thc olher attractions    at    the    Chautauqua    this
The   Noted   Pie   Thief.
Ottawa,  July  8.    The  reappearance
if  the  Chelsea   pie  thief,   now   in   his
third season of activity, has created
in odd situation up the Qatlneau. It is'
not often that people are pleased when
| tlieir home Is robbed, and humiliated
when the thief passes them by and
���teals from their neighbors, but that
's the exact situation now about Chelsea.
It was two summers ago when the
plo thief llrst made his appearance.
; liouse after house was entered, but
nothing was taken except plea, lf
! the [lies were good the thief returned;
;lf not, he never again paid that par-
' ticular house a visit. Any girl whose
j pies were rohehd twice or tiiree times
in the season began to take this as a
Icertificate of good cooking and the
'community took il thai way. On the
other hand, if nny liouse was persistently passed over by the thief the
neighbors began to shake their heads
and say, "Why, she cannot be much
of a cook."
Hut the cap of humiliation was placed ou one household last summer when
the thief broke lu, but found the pies
so bad thnt he could not eat Ihem.
Next night he again broke Into the
same house and returned the Ipes he
had taken the night before.
Already there have been a couple
of robberies thlH year, but the thief
has not been caught, sb he Is remarkably nhrewd and knows the countrv
and tho habits of the cottagers we
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest fav .r wherever laid.
summer will furnish the amusements,
but such men as Dr. Andress, Senator while last year there was one arrest
Durkett and a f:w of the olher neri-|n connection with these pie thefts,
oub lecturers will really furnish the the man arrested was not regarded by
loBtlng good Do not miss Dr. And- the community as the guilty party,
ress on Tuesday, July ID, us his lee-.At best he was but a feeble Imitator
turn will not fall to please you. 'of tho only and original "Raffles."
w Westminster with Boulevard Dowr Bltulithic on Second Street. Me
the Centre.
Illtullthlc Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless. easy oa
horses' feet, and, ubove all, particularly durable. For theae reasons
illtullthlc Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and borsea,
liuus-.-holilers. ami city officials. It bas beea adopted by Dfteen cltn -.���*���
tu Canada, aud over two htindro 1 lu the United Statea.
Columbia BituKtbicLtd.
Phone 8e>mour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. PAQB  f-OUR
Fresli Water and Salt!��� ��>���
land  P
Ito come south under the care of Capt.
IMcLeori. The Influx of Dolphlnltes
filled the May to capacity and she arrived at. Ketchikan with 246 passengers. On her southbound trip she had
a good list, and brought 142 people to
  The   Princess   May  had   unpleasant
weather for the round trip and heavy
fraser Heavily Laden with T��es and   rain storms were met.   On the north-
| bound trip the sun was never seen ex
Is a visitor
paled on
Body    Windina    Up���lm-
Anchor Belt���Apostoli;
Dcaawood���James Both
-.  Down  River.
Up and      [cept lor 15 minutes off Taku Glacier.
Ship   Movements.
Sydney, N.S., July R.    Arrived: Herman    Wedel,    Jarlsberg,   Newcastle
Cleared!    Herman   Wedel,   Jarlsberg,
Los Angeles, July 8.���Arrived:
President, Puget Sound: Doris, Wll-
lapa Harbor; Falcon, Tacoma; Gray's
Harbor, Aberdeen; San Jacinto, Grays
Harbor. Sailed: Roanoke, Portland;
buoys ISvalon, Wlllapa Harbor; Portland, Seattle;  Louise, linipqua river.
W. L. Edwards, Si
In the city.
C. I). Manuel is a visitor In the city
from Medicine Hat,
Thomas lister Is registered at the
Hussell from Glen Valley.
M.ss Haze! Phelan is leaving for
Portland for a short vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Dunsville, of Chilliwack, are registered at tho Russell.
i  , !    .!.  m.  Micks and  wife, of Everett,
Vancouver, July 8 For the purpose ! Washington, are guests at the Russell.
nfiwinriing up the affairs of (he joint' Mr. and Mrs. H. WobsMr, of Swift
s*>|-*enm�� oommlttee composed of rep- Current, are registered at the Wind
relentatives  of  all   municipalities  on'sor.
Mr. and Mr*. C II Ogle, of Delo-
ralne, Man., ar.- in the ci'y on a short
Delegate Is Coming.
the peninsula. Alderman Hepburn, thej
chairman, has called a final meetln" ]
of all  members for Wednesday morn-
More driftwood has come down the
Fraser river this spring than in many
y "Hi's pnst, and, as a consequence,
the snigboat Samson, of the department of public works, has been constantly in operaticn keeping the
channel clear and replacing
bolM up and down the river.
The Samson came np stream yesterday nfternoon with most of her cables
and chrins in need of extensive repairing after two days' work clearing
jams and removing dangerous snags.
At the old government rock wharf
many uprooted trees and other dead
wood had lodged and in removing
ihose. the heavy hawsers parted several limes. Similar work was also
-done' at Woodward's Blough. and a
number of freshly painted buoys were
placed in position and the old ones
taken up.
Male G. W. Boyd tells an incident
-which look place at wing dam No, 2
when, after carrying a heavy GO foot
tree out of the channel and attempt
1ng to lay it down along the shore.
the huge spreading roots acted as a
tripod and the tree had to    be    I*,*
���K'andihg perfe-'lv vertical, where ih--   	
mate gays it will remain for years to   RcporU  From  up  Coa8t  Say  Fish
conic  fn'- out Of reach of high  water.
Some of the trees lifted were 100 test j      Is
long  and four or fivt  feet  across at
the base.
Last Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday the Samson worked at llatzi,
and Puce's landing, clearing jams anu
trees. Memhera of the crew- state thai
In the three days 2000 trees and logs
were removed and al least two acres
of driftwood released. Bes'dea this a
number of trees overhanging bank?
where the current had carried awav
the enrth were cut down to pt - '
The Samson returned this mirn'ug
to :he Delta to remain there in:; i '. e
tnd  of the  week.
ap- !
His First Voyage.
Montreal, July 8.���The steamer
Montreal, which arrived toriay from
Antwerp, reported the death by accident on the voyage of Heri Varney,
sixth engineer, who fell into the crank
pit anil was crushed to death. Var
ney was 21 years of age and lived in
West Cowes. Isle of Wight. He was
making his firi-t voyage on thc Montreal.
Eecn Ci
iught Yet.
Tlie Senator Jansen dockr-ri at
G. X.  It. freight whari yesterday.
The Heaver discharged a cargo of
mixed freight nl the II. C. B. !!. freight
depot yesterday.
From the Skeena river reports cam"
late yesterday stating that, spring salmon are still running freely although
usually in that district the spring run
ia over by the end of May. t'p to a
day or ��o ago the first of the so.-keyes
had not put In an appearance. Everything, however, is in readiness for the
commencement of the big run.
Fishermen In the city agree that
'he end of this week should see the
first of the sockeye in the Fraser In
goodly numbers and most sei Aug. 3
or 4 as the time when the catches
will be largest.
No abatem'-nt in the number of licenses being issued from different
Bources is yet apparent, At the fisheries office here on an average of l.">
to  20 are  given  each  day   while  al
  isteveston last Friday alone ir,n were
The  car  ferry  Sydney  No.  2   went   Issued, and  over  100  were  taken out
down river bound for Sydney with six  yesterday.   So far this season the pro-
icjit  ca
rs aboard
The Scanlon, the fishery protection
boat llestless and the tugs Linda and
C.P.P. were all at the ci'y market
wharl  yesterday  afternoon,
The old government rock wharf
down the FraBer is fa-El going to pieces
according to report.- brought in regularly: by offiot rs aboard the vessels
nf life department of public works.
vinclal police have given 1300 licenses.
M Monk -S- Co. yesterday re eived
aboul ' vo ��� >ns of springs umi 400
Bockeye, these last mostly from up
river, and other canneries proportionate amounts
It is expected that the applications
p* milts win continue t:i come in
another week at least.
ing at 10 o clock. In view of l
preaching announcement ef th*; provincial sewerage commission, whiiii
will take over the powers of the committee, Alderman Hepburn suys that
it is necessary that the accounts do
passed upon and handed over to the-
new body. Attorney General Bowser
he says, has asked the committee t)
suggest names for the secretary
treasurer cf the commission, The
committee has been in existence for
more than a year and a half snd did
all Ihe preliminary work leading up
lo the drawing up of plans for truul
sewers over the whole peninsula,
Terrible Injuries.
Impaled on an anchor bolt, after
falling 40 feet on the construction
work now proceeding at the new
Oeorg'a-Harris stree: bridge. Hqlgl
Johnson, a young Icelander, sustained
terrible Injuries yesterday, but ia
expected to recover. Helgl slipped
through a hole 30 inches in diameter
and fell on a protruding piece of Iron
encased in concrete 40 teet below, the
metal barb en'ering his body hHilnil
the lefl shoulder. He was immediate
ly rushed to the general hospital In
the ambulance, where enquiries thli
morning elicited the Btatement that he
had passed a fairly quiet nighl and
stood a good chance of recovering.
Will Visit Vancouver.
His   excellency    Mgr.    Pellegrlno-
Franctsco Stagnl, Aposotolic delegare
to Canada, will  visit   Vancouver, ani
al'hough uo definite date    has    been
fixed  he   will   probably   arrive  about
'July 17. The papal representative w'll
be received with all tlie honors apne ���
jtalning to-his high rank by Most. Rev.
Archbishop Casey, D.D., and will also
be publiclv welcomed by the Catholic
priests and laity of the city al  a re-
ception to be given In his honcr,
Freirht Rates Case.
Investigation into the freigh; rates
will be resumed by tiie railway com-
mlsslon In September, according to
W. A. Macdonald, who represented
the provincial government in the case,
and in ihe Interval the American expert. Mr. Muller, whom the Dominion
government has employed to collect
data in the matter, Is to file further
exhibits outlining his scheme for the
construction of rates in Western ('anuria. Mr. Macdonald returned to the
city from the east on Saturday.
Awful Con'ilomcration.
The liberty of James Kelly, who is
to i* me up before Magistrate Shaw
again tomorrow for disposal, centres
around an alleged pil�� of magazine*,
beveral newspapers, a bottle of whisky
and a jam pot. and the evidence given
against hlm on the charge ihat hi
slot ���   a   suit   of   clothes   frnm    Jo'in
Richardson and I. Edwards, of
Sllverdale, are registered at the
! Windsor.
Mrs. It. (.!. Scolt. of P mbroke, On'.,
Is visiting her son, Dr. .*i,"itt. r.:evo
of Fraser Mills.
Miss Mary Robertson and Mlsa
Jean Elliot aro visiting friend i in
S attle anri Tacoma.
A. N. Mcintosh and wife and w. D
MclntOSh, Of New Westminster, ar"
| registered at the Savoy hotel, Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. Drinkwater, of Mer-
jrickvilln. Ont., ar-- guests *at the
i former's niece,  Mrs. G,   It.  Speck. 100
Third avenue.
Postmaster  MacDonald  la spending
ja short  vacation al  his summer home
at  Crescent and  will  return to New
V. i Btminster tomorrow.
At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon
A. W, Gray, mavor of New Westminster, and Miss Margarel I! A. David-
eon were united in marriage at the
residence ot the bride's mother, Mrs.
James Henderson, 516 Fourth street
Tl ��� ceremony took pli'**- In the presence of only immediate friends ind
relative:-., and was performed by Rev
J. S. Henderson, of St Andrew's Presbyterian -"hurch. The hr'de, who ,vaa
given away by her brother, Mr. John
Davidson, was becomingly gowned in
white satin with a long cour tra'n
Miss Janet Davidson, BlBter of "h"
bride, was bridesmaid, and thc besl
man waa Alexander II Gray, brother
ol  the- groom.
Mayor and Mrs. Gray left during the-
afternoon for a trip through the south
^**r I    ���*��� ;   *- r**^-r w *���*-
:''���   ., i   ���
,* , *      . ri
j..* ir^r i rrEED
This Gigantic Midsummer Clearance Sale
Provides .Most Attractive Offerings of the
Season���New  Values Still Being Added
��� *   i ���-  ������ ���   i ���- -* -
at Irresistible Low Prices���Come Today
Rush Clearance of Children's Dresses
This great selection, together with the saving prices, are features that make it well worth while to provide
an assortment of pretty dresses for the children.    Come and Bee the assortment.
children's Dresfes, made of white muslins, check and striped ginghams, plain chambrays, Holland
linens anri White ducks; Mother Hubbard and French styles; sizes fitting 4 lo lt! years; regular
values to $3.50,    Sale price   $1.58
( hildren's Dresses, in about six different styles of good quality natural linen, white muslin and duck:
also striped cheek and plain gingham; to fit ages 1 to ti years: regular values to $22.1 each. Sal��
prico,  each   ...' 97*
Clearance of  Women's   Coats at Less   Than   Half
Sale Price. $2.98
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linen anjjl d ick coats; Bome thai are slightly soiled in handling; odd sizes. Clearance Sale price.$2.98
Exceptional Bargains in Fancy Linens Marked for
Staple Section---Read Quick Selling
C.   E.
in  Los
Endeavorsrs Gath'.
Les Angeles, July 8.���The Christian
Endeavor banner floats here tonight
with the fiags jf all nations. Christian Endeavorers are arriving by train
I.ads from alf parts of the world.
Beginning tomorrow forma! sessions
of the 2ilth international convention
will stir' Railroad men estimate
that nearly 10,000 visitors will arrive
for   the   opening. ,
Preliminary to the convention proper, officials already arrived here are
entertained by a choir of 100 voices,
E icompanled by a choir of 60 p:ec".i in
the mammoth  tent.
Tabic Clc'.hs Heavy union linen I il I cloth;
hemmed ready for use; size 64x86 inchea Sale
Price,  each         $1.18
Table Napkins- l>xis inch union Table Napkin.-;
hWnmcd,    Sale  Price, each 8-C
Crash   Towelling���18-inch   Crash   Towelling;   striped
border; all linen; regular 16c.   Sale   Price,   per
yard    He
Table Damask Mercerized Table Damask; t>4 incheB
wide; pattern of maiden hair fern; excellent finish
Sale Prire, per yard   48c
Towels���-Excellent quality all linen Huckaback
Towels; *n hemstitched, fringed and hemmed ends,
large sixe; all pun- Irish linen. Sale Price,
each     19C
Guilts���Kxtra 'iiiaiiiii s heavy white Grecian Quilts;
hemmed;   size T-iif''1  inches     Sale  Price   -
eaoh   *   $1.18
Wash Goods at Less
Than Cost
The following vessel movement!
were reported at the Fraser river
bridge yesterday: Trader, Terra Nova.
up; Beaver, down; Senator Jansen up
anil down. Tlie gauge at the draw
showed a clearance of 23 feet last
night at 7 o'clock.
At the last moment the cul,in
cruiser Cecilia, which was to have
been sold by the sheriff yesterday,
was withdrawn from sale. Mr. Armstrong received Instructions to this
effect >i'.-*i.**.*i|;:y fr nn Vancouver lawyers, v Iio were attending to the matte;-.
The gang of Russians who lasl week
i nib d cetpent from the l.eona v ere
realn emnloyed yesterdaj In place of
the regular longFhoremen, who gol
In o difficulties With the officers of
thi vessel by asking 60 and 7" cents
an hour for ilu-ir services. The Russian laborers came from Vancouver
on hoard tin. l.eona, whose cargo *.*:
eluded 5(  sacks for Gilley Bros
German?   Like   Salmon.
Vboarri the Princess May. which * r
* '. from up coasl al Vancouver yes
* iv     - i "��� 70 tons of cured  Balmon
irom the rtalinoral cannery, consigned
u   *
Attempted    Murder   of    Police    Chief
Stirs Up Trouble.
Havana, July 8. -While public ex-
citemenl still runs high over lhe attack on General Itiva, chief of the
Cuban national police, by General
A.-liit: and his friends order is being preserved. General Rlva was
still alive tonight, I al Lhi r ��� Is no
hope tor bis recovi rj
Strong forces of police, Including
extra squads or moun'ed nun, are
on constant patrol duty In Central
park, the Prado and adjacent Btreets
All political snd gambling clubs remain closed under police guard.
Supreme Court Judge Edelman, who
was specially appointed to examine
bro the charges agalnsl General
As1,*:'. Representative Anas and
Si later Vidal Morales, has committed
Asbert and Arias lo lhe city prison
on the charge of attempted homicide,
assault With (inarms and n-.-ristence
to authority. The charge against
Morales has not been determined.
The newspapi rs in general de-
nounce the conduct of General Asbert
and his associates.
L\  S.
���   tell Rdvantasi
:   ��� ���-.   ii**    i'        :   in
tin    Vmi r cai   ���*.*!
alii red, II Is  iald,
i    There wlll
In -liking Bockeyes
side tliis vear -ii
unless prices are
It    has   boen    an
Carload  Lo's from  Wenatchee  Seized
in  New York.
Wenatchee, Wash.. July 8,���Conrad
Ruse, presldi .ii  of the  Produi m-
puny which shipped tlu* carload
chi ; i .*        Izi ���!  In  New   Vmi.  b)
comtnl islom r i f wi Ights bi i ai	
b .*M*s were Bbol measure, said
nighl thai the matter had bei n
justed  at  a  loss of less  than  ?ii0
Berry is so Interwoven    with    thi
articles  that  he  needed  another rii
;to consider hia decision.
Mining Exhibit.
H. P. Brown, suprrin'endent ol ll "
mining exhibit at tiie Vancouver exhibition, has arrived in the city from
his home at Hedley, B.C., to copfer
with the directors of the association
regarding the plans for the mineral
display at the fair this year. 1!-* declares that the grouped ore, which
lasl year was said by experts to be
the besl collection In Canada, will be
materially adrii ri to, and the display
which will be housed in the new
forestry building promises to eclipse
anything of the kind ever befor
shown in this province.
Rev. O 'itn Recovers.
Rev, C. C. Owen, rector of Christ
church, sufficiently recovered from
his severe injuries in the accident of
some weeks i go aa to be able to undertake tli-* Journey, left for Victoria
yi sterday, accompanied by his wifi
and little child. Mr. Owen will slay
on the island for two or three weeks.
residing at Dr. A. P. Proctor's summer residence at Flnnerty bay, near
Victoria, Afier recuperating tbere.
Mr Owen will 'aki- a prolonged holiday, either In the south nr on a sea
voyage, according to the advice of his
e j Educationists Hear Add^sies by th:
I    Salt.   Lake  City,   Utah,    July    8.���
.Thousands of teachers here attending
"'the   National   Education    association
^convention,  escaped   t'.:e  beat  pf the
i   city   by  spending   the   afternoon   on
r  the shores of Oreat. Salt  lake, whil"
they listened to an address by former
Governor Edward B. Hoch. of Kansas.
It  became  known  tonlghl  that 'he
committee nn membership of th" ni
tional council of education would sub
mlt the name of Robert J. Aley, president  of the  University  of  Maine,  to
the business session Thursday for the
pos   of president of th ��� organization.
The committee's nomination |g con
sldered equivalent  to election.   Other
nominations will be Carroll G. Pearce.
Milwaukee,   secretary,   ami   David   P.
Johnson, South  Carolina,  member of
the  executive committee.
One big special In wash goods to crowd the store
righl fronl the start; Scotch ginghams, Kngiish
prints anri costume Bui tings; aboul 350 yards, including checks, plaids, stripes and plain shadings;
w iikhs 28 to 31 Inches; values 15c. Sale Price,
per yard        9c
SALE PRICE, $1.58.
This lot Includes Centre Pieces, Afternoon Tea
Cloths, Runners, Scarfs, Tray cloths In Batten-
burg, fancy and embroidered drawnwork. etc In
a great many pretty styles; all linen qualities;
regular valueB to $2 60. Sale price $1.58
Extra  Value in Summer
Underwear, 23c
Women's fine knit cotton Vests; no sleeves and long
sleeve styles; lace at neck; drawers to match,
knee length; lace trimmed; all sizes. Sale Price,
garment    23C
Wo men's Com bina tion s.
$1.00 Values for 63c
Just such gannenta ae would add comfort for present
wear;   fine  ribb**d  cotton,  in  kin**   Lengths,  lace
trimmed:    wV-ittm   :U   tO   40;    vallien   regulur   t<*   $1.00.
Sale   I'rice       63t
Picnic Hat,   Special 43c
i'or a rush clearance, about four dozen in the lot;
made ill Mexican atyle and colored trlmmlngB;
usually  sold  as  high  as  $1.60,    Clearance  Sab-
'������"^e   43e
nouiieei] that the prices to be paid foist eki yea on the Frnsi r is *j.'. cenls per
flsh Al a nu ��� iin,* , : the Pugel sound
mln*' n i mm i ., held al Dlaine, Wash.,
in Saturday last to consider the price
of sookeyes, al which the representatives of IS of the hig Arms were
pr.t*, nt. 11 was* decided to pay seiners u0~complaints have
IB cents per BOckeye up to 2000, Afier
that the markel price is to rule, but
the pfice is not to exceed IE cents,
This decision sets the price of sock-
eyes on  Pugel sound.
transferring the fruit from Ihe disqualified baskets Into those ol re-
qulri d size and Bhape, Mr, Rose tonlghl dlvi i ted a bi conri c r of cherries which ..,!.- due to New York io*
morrow to another destination. lie
sairi new laws enacted last winter are
causing trouble al certain points. The
same law is in effect In Chicago, but
been received
from there. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
III  this connection  it   is  interesting
to note thai the law passed by the
last Washington legislature affecting
tli" sizi* anri shape of fruit containers
has been held in abeyance until January 1, lull, because growers already
had large stocks of the olri boxes on
hand and it was believed it would be
an unnecessary hardship to require
them to destroy the old boxes. It. Is
believed   the   seizure  of   the   cherries
in New Vork today will result In
shi|ip* rs complying strictly with all
fConHnueri irniti pare one)
ami our
in 11
Arrived  in  Vancouver With
j      ers From Dolphin.
Brlt&lng  12  passengers    from    the
Bteamer Dolphin, which recently went,
ashore, the C, P. R. coast liner Prin-i
cess   May,  Capt.   Mel,cod,  arrived   at
in a in   yesterday al  Vancouver from*
northern ports,   The Dolphlnltes who
came Bouth on the May wi ro Mr and
Mrs c  I; Sn  th, Mr and Mrs. Drown.
Mr   and  Mrs,  I Indner,    Mis:.    Mills,
Miss tjtiWEnn, MIbb Gardner, MIpf Har
per.   .Vlrs,   Beesnn    mhI   Mrs   Gllmore
and th*v proceeded to Seattle via Vic
torla on tin* Princess Charlotte yes
Tlie Dolphin wont ashore near A Url
Hay on June 29 tnd the Princess May
picked up her 135 passengers and look
them to Ketchikan. The Alaskan
Steamship   company,   owners   of   the
Dolphin,  made arrangements  for  the ^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
passengers to return on one of their wnlmm ihe Banction Ol the trio men-
tesfrels, but the ones named decided tloned,
Muzzling the Press.
Calgary, Aha . July 8, Bj a motion
������' hich * *i - railroaded through tlio
i Ity co ncll sl thi meeting hold Monday evening, the Bourci b from which
the newspapers obtain news io lie
printed for tho Information of the
ii ople oi the city regarding the workings of thi city were reduced to three
men. Mayor Blnnott, Commissioners
Samis anri Graves, The motion was
to the ' (feci thai lu future no m wa
Is lo be given oul ot   the   city   hall
Cri'l Trunk i'   	
:i ��� well."
"Do yen ex| ��� ������������  ���'*���  p -esenl  financial   stringency   to  effecl   the   movi
mi-iit  of crops unfavorably?'1 he was
"No, I don't think so," he replied
The hanks always seem able to scrape
togetiier enough money for thn. I
do not think the stringency will be so
serious tben, anyway. People are not
so eager to go Into new enterprises
n >w as tliey wen* some time ago, anri
tbere is not mucb ri. mand for money
fi'r new projects The nreseni tlphl
ness has been due largely to the great
prnspi rlty of the last few years, where
it has caused a gr--at expansion in all
lines of business and consequently a
heavy call for capital Slackenlnn
this yiiu- iliiiuld bring things back to
Miners. Not Horses.
Suit*' v, \.s.. julv s Fifteen hun
dr-ri rffinoT-s at Sydnev mines *��� * - i
out on strike this afternoon Tl -
i,-iii.~c of the s'ri'e |b that no horses
nre in* !.*.��� sup] l ed In some of the
mini h and practically all of the work
of hauling cars, shove'llng anri filling
falls on the miners, Three of the
collieries are nnrkeii by the Provincial   Workmen's   association,   which
tuiii: tbe Inltive ill the matter. Manager t, ,i. Brown assured the then
that llie matter would be laid bi fore
the il.lectors today. The men will re-
seiii* ��ork pending lhe decision ol
tin  directors.
Judge Objects.
San Francisco, July 8,���Strictures
upon actions of President Wilson and
Attorney General .Mclteynolds in connection with the resignation of U, S.
Dlsiric Attorney McNab nr" contained in the report of the federal grand
Jury, In tore which was presented ti.e
evidence In tho Dlggs Camlnettl white
slavery cases, the postponement of
whirh led to McNah's resignation.
When lhp i epnrl wns rea I Inte today
in tl*" l'n!l d SI itei *1 strict court,
Judge V lllam C Va ifli el would nol
all : to li ci inn a i un nl ihe
i t record I *: . ��� I the gi and
|ut . fc-rmtiltl i :������ -��� repo -l We
in-.*,* , .: mil 'I the li tters, the in] *
gra ;. - ,-."l ot! c ri c i tond * ii '���
P i j** rs r ��lath '* ii the i osl pom ment
of lln .*    ca '���   " tli    report   *;r
fee|   >ve   WOUl i   ll*   I 1    ���!.. i          I   '
If i e d d nol I--I-: r.l ��������� r Judgnv :   a. !
oplnli n i hei    :.."
Mr. R   I',.  White,
New Westminster, B.C.
Dear ?.ir. Whiti'..--So many of our
letters must sound like hot air, but
we will write you om- which will not.
Hay letter trom Sacramento written
by Ben Chapln says:
"Everything lias been going like
clock work all along the line The
Chautauqua movcuvtit here has a
bright,  future."
In explanation of the above, let us
say that Mr. ciiapin giyes "Abraham
Lincoln" em tiie cloning night of th ���
Chautauqua Invariably to a larg ��� audience in each place.
Yours cordially.
July 5, 1913.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
Pres. and Genl   Mgr.
N.  HKAllllHLEH.
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
Bee. cul Treas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonet No. 7 and 877.
sourci s, pn
sfry  Ccnv:rtticn.
July    -.   "Natur
ntni and actual, i:
greatesl sttidj of governments and of
Individuals outs'de of what Is actually
the besl form < t ��������������� rnment thnl x
istH today," Bald Vlce-Rres'denl i;. ��� >r;-.
Ilury, cf the Canadian Pacific railway,
who addressed tli" forestry convention lur- loday on tlie ra'lway and
forest prolection. "If governments on
this continent," ha went on "could h**
made I * lake the same interest In the
preservation of natural resources of
the domain lhal Is being taken by In-
dividual! -t. Inn d with only the love i I
country, tho face cf iiiii continent
would in- changed in a generation
Vour association exists because you
li lleve lhat every man, woman and
child In the cotiutry should understand
the cht ii ���* if i revi nling the nee ||< ,
waste of the timber resources and o
i-e-iri h of th   i* e* '���')*, of lilts compani
Wlll    Sllliw    jllSt       ll"*.'.       tie  ll   '
officer, sympathize  wtth  yen  tu  tin I
To   Make   Drupnists.
Saskatoon, Sask, July's. -The il lc
gates   to   till   annual   meeting   of   the
Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical assoc'.a
lion unanimously voted today to
establish s pharmaceul cal collcg In
conni ctlon v. it;-, the Unlvi rsit .* of
Saskatchewan here, The oouree will
li * Ir.ai g ::*:.!  .1 litis fall.
Mon., Wed., Fri.
Aii Seats ICc
Children 5c.
Matinee, 2 to 5 p m.
Night, 6.30 to 11 p.m
Fast Passenger Train Service by !>. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
55Q-Ihroughbreds m Mion-550
������c-'.i****%******* ..j. rnsTMB* ���WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 1913.
phtit rtvt
News'Sport Page That Everybody Readsmm]^
And They Expect People to Believe���
b-bb-bask���etaoin,    shrdlu,
Writing about a ball game, a Medicine Hat Hport writer describes a recent game thus: "It was a wild game
and anything but to the visitors' credit,
In which foul language and umpire
halting prevailed."   The latest ls that
and three children, ile is the owner
of a prosperous farm, which he conducts along scientific lines, as he has
studied agriculture at Cornell. Next
to his wife and children, and baseball;
Her/.og loves dogs, and he is au en-
crops were never better and the last  thusiast on fox hunting.   He is also
great west Ib still on the up-grade.
pigeon  fancier.
Bombardier Wells haa at last won
a bout. Last week he landed on
Pat Mahoney, of Cork, and fractured
his Jaw In the fourth round although
the Irishman hung on for 13 rounds.
The pendulum in the lacrosse tangle
is beginning to swing back to Its
former position; In fact it Is a little
past the murk on to the Westminster
.side of the case Hlnce the publication
of the statement made by John Virtue, of Victoria.
One great victory was obtained yesterday by th�� local club when the
whole of the correspondence relating
to the present trouble appeared on the
rear page of a Vancouver evening
Try as they may, the sport writers
of the Terminal Cily are having the
time of their lives suppressing the
nal facts of the case and it was up
lo the managing editor of one of the
evening papers to order the correspondence,    including    Virtue's   letter, '
published in   big   headlines   in   the
paper last evening.
Metjpwhile  those  alleged    sporting ���    Sensational fleldin
editors an- keeping awake nights try-! with   two  small   rlota
up new- excusi s for Con
Baseball Results.
Balmorals, Taking Tip From Electrics,
Drive   Herd  to  Cover  at   Ball
Park Lai* Evening.
ing t-xscrap'
Jonea  presence In B, C, lacrosse.
Those Basket:*,-.
The latest effort resulted in the
Btatement that, two baskets of correspondence had been sent in through
the mails from Vancouver sportsmen,
commending Con for his stand against
(he Salmon Bellies, Just think of it,
two iia.skiis full of letters, all on la-
crosse, No wonder Vancouver is hard
up for finances whin it is compelled
to repave lbe streets leading from the
Vancouver post office, worn and frayed by lhe ceaseless passing of many
postmen carrying letters by the has
ketftil, Shades of Dr. Cook, Annanias,
et al !
In Victoria.
Victoria has evidently taken a
Iambic to ItHclf. A paper there mad"
the mistake of the week when it
published the Vancouver reason as to
why New Westminster left the fif Id
on Saturday las:. It did not figure
that John Virtup had some little say
in the matter and, according to the
���lates* issue to hand, the tide ig turning in favor of the Salmon Dollies,
The article in uuestion gives an interview with Mr Virtue, dealing with tho
now famous letter which has taken
Ihe same prominence as the one
Raiser Hilly sent during the Doer
war. Mr. Virtue is quoted as roundly
scoring Jones for walking on the field
al Victoria and trying to Influence
"tbe ref- rees. Victoria had not asked
��tir a postponement of last Friday's
meet tuff, ns repotted In the Vancouver
The article closes with the Informa-
���on that the prospects do not look
vi ry bright for Con Jones unless he
.effects a settlement with Westminster,
as the latter hold tbe whip hand nnd
can afford to wall until the fall cup
I.i i ii be stilted thai nn far aa Jonea
and Westminster are ooncemed, tbe
Bituation remains -be same, with little
change either for better or worse, li
is just -now passing the crisis. Con
is figuring Juat Imw* much In- will be
in tin- bob' should he pull up stall's.
The adding machines will finish their
work some time tcday, wlun ihe Westminster club can expect u little Intimation that a meeting nf the II C.
1.. A. might he in order.
[By the Potter.)
Yesterday was the half way marl-:
in the major leagues. Just to celebrate the event all the American
league  teams  laid  off  for  the  day.
Sapperton and the West Ends will
clash at Queen's Park tomort w evening. So far this reaso-i th'* west enri-
ers have hid the better uf the argument, but, with vision" of the Kerr
cup slipping away from them, tho Sap-
p, rions are liable to .-,pr:..g a surprise
New York won and the Phillies lost
agal . yen rday. Paring the past two
miks ":.s his i ���' n an endless pro-
. , bsIi ,i in favor of Mct'.raw's team.
Five double baggers and five tingles
told the tale at the hall park last eve-
jning when the Balmorals, with a new
I line-up, compelled the Moose lo *ake
the shore end of the score in one of
tie most exciting games a-rn ut
Queen's l'ark for ;i long time.
stunts, coupled
caused bv the
|Moose riispi.img Umpire Corbett's decisions, wore the order of the evening,
much bitterness being displayed when
Corbett called the game at the end Of
sixth on account of darkness,
This was the first time that Horn",
the twlrler of tli�� heard, had been
n-ally hatted hard and. following the
first inning when the Hals sent over
thr,-e doubles and one single, the
fielding of the opposition could hoc
stem 'he tide of defeat.
The Moose, first up to bat. scored
two when Newby and Williams cio3s-
ed In quick fashion. Then the fir.--
works  started,  Bmie  Sinclair,  Riley.
; chaput   each   pounding  out  two  base
jhits, followed by Peck's single.    Thai
tied up the score, two all.    From till n
I until  the  last of the  fourth  no  mor.
scoring ensued, smart fielding by Cha
, put being responsible for several sudden deaths on the bags.    On one   >c-
ieasios, the clever shortstop pulling ofl
ia double which could have been converted into a triple play had not one
I man been out in the first up,
The Hals came back in the last of
the fourth and began pounding out hits
', which meant runs and they were two
alu-ad when th'-y retired.
Art Sinclair was in the limelight
when   the   Moose  became   dangerous.
i retiring the side w ith a difficult catch
��� In centre field.    In the fifth the rials.
jcame   through   with   two   more   runs
I which,  had  Corbett   been  acquainted
I with the rule hook
twisted   into  three
Standing  of the  Clubs
Vancouver 58
Seattle    50
I'ortland    ' .....43
Victoria    39
Tacoma    36
Spokane    26
Yesterday's Qame��.
At  Seattle: It.    II.    E.
Seattle       6    11      2
Victoria      9    16      3
Batteries:  Mclvor, Meikle and Cadman; Kantlehner, Toner and Shea.
At  Tacoma: R.    H.    E.
I'ortland     2     5     0
Tacoma     0     5      1
Batteries:   Easterly   and   WilliamB;
Belford  and  Grindle.
At   Vancouver: R.    II.    E.
Vancouver      C      8      2
Spokane      4    12      2
Batteries: Clark and Konnick; Har-
dine. Covelaskle and Hannah.
At the Theatres
1 "Mary Stuart," a reel just from the
manufacturers, which Is something
out of the ordinary, will be shown at
the Edison theatre this afternoon and
evening. The photo-play deals with
the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, and
takes one back to the real historic
The characters are among the lead
Ministers Do Not Appear to Be Popu
lar with  Edmonton Trades and
Labor Council.
Kdmonton, July 8. -Alleging that
the delegates of the Edmonton Ministerial association belong to the employers' class and that they had joined the council merely to obtain ItB
aid in BuppreBsing band concerts, moving picture shows or other things the
working  man  enjoy-B,  and  which  In-
ing members of tho art in the country, | terfere wUh the collection plate, Jos.
The play Is gorgepualy costumed and ""
beautifully staged and It ls enacted by-
one of the strongest casts yet gathered together ln any photo-play.
The days of Lord Darnley, of Mortimer and Queen Elizabeth, culminating
in the death Bcene when Mary Queen
of Scots ascends the scaffold, are
vivid. The pla> ia in three reels and
will be shown for the flrst time at tlle
matinee performance.
Standing  of the Clubs.
W.    I..     Pet
New York 48    23      ,678
Philadelphia 43   27     .614
Chicago    40   34      .640
Brooklyn  35   34     1607
Pittsburg     ......35    38      .479
Boston    29    40      .420
St Louis   30    42      .416
Cincinnati  28    43     .368
Yesterday's Games.
At   New   'lork: lt.    H.    E
Chicago    5   13     4
New  York     6     8     3
Batteries: Lavender and Archer;
Tesreau. Marquard and Myers.
At   Brooklyn II.    II.    K
Cincinnati      2     6      1
Hrooklyn       1      7      3
Batteries: Ames and Clarke; Allen
ind  Milbi
At   Boston: It.    II.    E
St. Louis   2     6      1
Boston     6   io     3
llatteries: tiriner and Wings; Tyler and  Rariden.
At Pittsburg: R.    H.    B.
Pittsburg     6   13     0
Philadelphia ....*  4     9    o
Batteries: Camnltz, Cooper. McQuillan. Hendrix nnd Simon. Coleman;  Seaton and Killifer;  10 innings.
Locates Coal Areas.
Ottawa, July 8.���It is learned that
Dr. Relnhart Hoppe, of Oakland, Cal.,
recently located one of the best coal
areas in Western Canada on the Sudbury river in Northern Alberta, about
200 miles north of Edmonton. The
fields are located within 40 miles of
the main line of the Grand Trunk
Pacific and experts have reported that
the deposits aro anthracite and superior to Pennsylvania hard coal.
Knight, Socialist candidates in the
recent provincial election was the
prime mover in urging their expulsion from the Edmonton Trades and
Labor council  last  night.
The discussion was opened by the
carpenters' delegate alleging that unfair conditions existed on the new
Robertson Presbyterian church. It
was then discovered that the Ministerial association was behind in the
payment of its dues and. owing to the
defeat of a motion to inform the association of its omission, the delegates were automatically expelled
under the laws of the council.
To Get Industries.
Seaitle, July 8.���Recognizing tha
keen competition of other cities in the
work of attracting manufacturing
plants and other industries to this
city, the industrial exploitation hii-i-u
of the new Seattle chamber of commerce this afternoon considered the
proposition of creating a local guaranty fund, similar to that successfully
employed in many eastern cities.
Naramata School Improvements.
Naramata, B. C, July 8.���Improvements  to  the  school   accommodation
here will  probably total at least $5.-
000.    The completed  building will be
furnished  with  a    full-sized    cement
basement with a central partition, providing separate lunch and  play room
for both    boys and girls, an improvement  which   will  supply  a  long   felt
want.   The heating of the school will
he by hot air furnace set in the basement, assuring the    necessary    comforts during the disagreeable  periods
of   the   winter     months.     The     playgrounds will be considerably enlarged !
by       the      acquisition       of       three ]
additional lots immediately to the east I
of  tlie  present  boundary."
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors.   .,
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards.
J. J. JONE9, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
To Investigate Pen,
Ottawa, July 8.���The commission nf
three, which will inquire into the affairs of Kingston penitentiary, will la-
elude C. A. Arius'.rong. head of the
prison branch of the Ontario provincial secretary's department, and
Jos. Downey, director of the Orillia
asylum. The Inquiry will be somewhat general in its scope and any
recommendations made by the com-
missloners will be applied to other
penal Institutions. The third commissioner, who will be a lawyer, will
be named shortly.
Opium Aareement.
The Hague, July 8.���The inter- |
national opium conference which1
opened here July I, has agreed to the |
final pro.ocol. which provides that If j
by December 31 the powers have not I
all adheted to the opium convention.!
those who signed shall be invited by
the Dutcn government to appoint dele* I
gates to meet at The Hague to con !
sider the possibility of putting the |
convention in force in spite of the
non-adhering states.
followed   hy  a  double  by   ES.  Slnclai
lat   Hecond.   Handtord   scoring   in   tht
mix-up.    Corb-Mt  ruled the latter out
I for not touching third, but when things
assumed a dangerous altitude, he re-
I versed   his  decision   ami   sent   Hand
: ford  back  to third.
Wiih  the  shades of niuht  creeplns
(over the mountains, tbe Moose got to
Sayce, aided by errora and almost tied
'the  .-con-  with  tbre,*.  tullles.
Corbett then called the gnme on ."�����"-
i count of darkness.    .More eheerine by
the cr iwd and  more warlike displays
, by the Moose.
Score: R.
Moose     5
Balmorals      6
Batteries: Hdrne and Gentry
and Decker; umpire. Corbett.
Standing of the Clubs.
hould have beeu I Philadelphia  54
Hanford singled. Cleveland  48
?��<>^l    37
St. lxmla   S5
Detroit    30
'New York    20
It    E
ii     :
io*    :
: Save.
Ike Weir, th"- "Belfast spider."
knocked out "prof." Jimmy Connors in the third round at Buffalo. This was Weir's first hattle after losing the world'f
featherweight tStle to Australia;-
Billy Murphy at San Francisco
and the Belfast boy's victor;
helped to redeem his reputation
as "Prof." Connors, who w-as
:>:!-.!(!'��� Instructor at the But
fnlo A. C.i had lhe reputatiot
of being a classy bnjrer.
Charles Greeley held Ad Wolgast to a draw in four round!
: ������ Cadillac.
Danny WebMrr knocked out
Frankle Sullivan :-i the thirteenth round at San Bernardino,
Internal-oral League.
Toronto 6, Buffalo 2.
Montreal  4.  Rochester ������"���.
Baltimore  5.  Providence 6.
Ji i*:-, y   City   u.   Newark  7.
Goes   Another   Step.
London. July 8.-���A motion to reject
the  Welsh dis-estabiishment  was de-
Match    at    Y.    M.    C.    A.���Coec'ators
Watch   J vi mm inn  Races.
The waUr polo match held last
night in the Y, NT, C. A. swimmin;
lool resulted in a tie, three all. The
��ams were: O, Trapp. K. Rose-
brotigh, A, Itogers, R. Shoesmilh and
C. Biggs. E. Danford. Donaldson. |
Caydzlen, The .tie will be broken a'
a game to be called within the nex
few davs.
ln    the    50   yard    swimming   race
senior. Donaldson  took lirst  in 20 8-5 I
seconds,   breaking  last  year's   B.   C.
championship   of    :'.;!     seconds.     lt (
3hoesmlth came second in this event. ]
oilier . venls resulted as follows*
15 yards for   beginners   who   have L,      for ,( ,(n(l ���,������,������ frotT1 port
learned to swim during the last week   Mood       T)u,  0���   wi���   bp   brough,   by
More Capital Stock.
Ottawa, July g._The Evening Citizen says:    "While no move has been
made toward the matter, according to
Dies from Injuries. information secured in official circles.
Calgary, Alia.. July 8.���At 2:30,the rumor is again going strong that
o'clock Tuesday morning. W. T. Mad- .the Canadian Pacific railway will, this
den. 74 years old, died from injuries autumn press its application for au
received In an accident which tookjthority to issue $60,000,000 of new
place Monday night.    He was driving -capital stock.
on the east side of the city ai a point i	
near  the  trollev    bridge    when    his With Military Honora.
horse suddenlv took fright    and bolt-      Moosomin, Sask.. July 8���The fun
ed, throwing him    from    the    buggy. ieral   of   the   late   Major  Hon.  Claude'
Every eftort was    made    during    thelH. MannerB took place this afternoon I
night to save his lite, but thev  were i with   full military  honors.     The  ser-
unavailing vice  v''a8 held in St. Peter's church,
  Spring Creek, and  was conducted by
Bishop DaDvits, of Regina. assisted
by Bishop Harding, of Regina. and
Hev. Hural Dean Wirifams. of Mooso-
min. Many British officers, friend*
of the dead man, were present.
Accused  of Threatening.
Port Coqultlam, July 8������Accused of
threatening ro murder M. Knoulton
a man named John Bettz. formerly of
Pitt Meadows, was placed under restraint by Chief Thomas this evening, the arrest taking place at the
Coquitlam shipbuilding yards. Bettz's
case will come up for hearing tomorrow  morning.
Amidst Island. Mountain. Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth tor Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route  of  Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at small additional coat.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW. G.  A. P. D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Kitty   Is Out.
London. July 8. ��� Miss Kitty Marion,
a suffragette who w-as sentenced July
3   to  three  years   penal   servitude   for
setting lire to the stands of the Hurst
l'ark  rdce course,   was  released   from
prison  tonight   on   license.     She   was
in a very weak condition.    When sentence was pronounced after her trial at
the assizes    Miss    Marion    said:     "I
shall go on hunger strike, and 1 shall
refuse  to leave prison  under the 'eat
and mouse.'    I sliall insist on staying
there  until  dead  or released  a    free
Onr Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lmt*. and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
I feated tonight  in the house of
i mons hy a  vote of 347 to 224.
bill passed its  third  reading.
Oil Station There.
Port Coqultlam, July 8.���The
It.  company  have    commtnoed
Btructlon work on a new oil station
here, which will be the receiving sta-
C.   P.
Mlke i.>ti i, as manager of tho Bp >-
;, me ti am, should make a dlften ni ������
v Ith the Inland Empire aggregation
They need boosting some, according
t, tlieir preaenl standing In the league
As the war correspondents  mleht |
���send through from the Balkans: The
lacrosse Bituation la critical.
Julv 7 may yel go down In history
In memory of John Virtue, who. although he might never have cut down
:: cherry tree, came through with the
Manager Doings, of Port, Coqultlam.
IB hy no meana satisfied Wtth the remit on Monday and Is coming hack
next Monday wltll Huyl" in tho box.
A Kingston paper is undecided tin
to whether baseball or cricket is the
f.iitir  game.     Monday    p.m
came v.-as pull  ��� ,*:,.:: .;..;|was not a student at that Institution
lie waB twenty-one when  he became
In a crick--l match they wouldn't
to brow the toa In that
ed ofr nt Queen's
n less than on" hour nnd thirty
(By  "Gravy.")
Charles Lincoln lierrng. the famous
Infltlder of the New York (Hants, will
pass his twenty-eighth milestone today, "Buck." as he is called, was tin
hero of the last world's series, lead
ing both teams In stick work, pulling
off many lensational plays, end going
through the entire series Without
having an error chalked up against
him. Iler/.og is a native of Baltimore,
where he was horn July 9. 1885. He
waa only a "kid" when he began playing ball, and hla tlrst and only ambition was to become a professional of
the diamond. As a boy he played with
the Sparrow's Point, Maryland A. ('.,
and II. & O. teams, and for a couple
of seasons w-as shortstop on Ihe University of Maryland club, although he
ir Turkey is unable to keep up in
the big league she will have lo drop
back to the Asia Minors���Washington
Bookmakers   at   Ottawa  Inst   week
lest juno.ooo on a horse named Christian Science. We suppose Ihey just
tried to believe they still hnd tho
Jack Johnflon is on hia way to Russia Out there they have little regard
for bail men aud wllh Siberia In Close
proximity, where people do lime 111 the
iilil fashioned way. it is only natural
timt John Arthur will bear these llttlo
trifles In mind.
professional with the Ilidgely. Md.,
cluh, of which he was marie manager.
Among his team mates were "Home
Hun" Baker, Jam Frock, later a Boston pitcher: the late Simon Nichols, of
Ihe Athletics and Orioles, anri Kellogg, afterward of the Dallas Texas
league club. "Home Hun" Baker was
then a pitcher, atld It wbr Ilerzog who
llrst tried him out at third. In 1907
"Buck" Joined tlle New York team of
the. Trl-State league, and finished the
i-i ason with Hearting. Dan Brouthers
saw  Ilerzog perforin at  Hearting, and
���Edmonds llrst and Mci*llan second.
2.', vards. junior- Heid, flrst; Caine.
second.    Time 17  4-5 seconds.
Plunge for distance?���Qsprge Trapp,
flrst, 4*-' feet 8 inches: K. Hosebroug'n.
Becond, .19 feet 3 Inches...
The relay race was won by C
Bigg's polo team.
The galleries above the tank were
well filled with spectators.
Deliver   Tax   Bills.
il imilton,     Jul)    8.   Preparat'.i as
have been completed by the city's tax
oiiictor's department for the annual
janierlng of the   financial    harvest
Starting  this  week and necessitating
tho employment of extra clerks, tin
rills  for general  taxes for  1918  will
be distributed.    In all 36,027 accounts
will be senl out, as compared with 30,-
105 for last year.   Witt the exception
ff certain cases, the accounts will br
lellvereri nt the various homes.    Last
year complaints were made to the ef-
ect that In some cases the acoountt
were shoved under the doors and were
not discovered  for some time    later.
Provision   to  guard  against  that  has
heen made this year, whereby any person  who desires his    tax    bill    sent
hrough the malls has only to notlfv
he tax collector.   These accounts wlll
vleld  approximately    $1,300,000.    The
Irst  payment   Is  due  on   August   15.
���'ebruary   of  next  year  will   see  thi
-ear's debenture rates are being paid
his year, however, which evens things
ships to l'ort Moody and pumped to
this cily for use In the railway yards
of the company.
Preparing for Ferry.
Provincial government engineers
are at work at Steveston locating the
landing stages for the new ferry service, which will operate between Ladner and Woodward's landing It ls
expected that tlle service will go into
effect some time in August.
Well Enarned Penaion
Nanaimo, July S. -Mark Bate, provincial assessor of the district of
Nanaimo, haa been retired on a pension of $100 per month, after a continuous service since 1S85. Mr. Bate
has resided ill Nanaimo since 1857.
when vou can get as good, or better, manufactured iu B. C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VANCOU\'ER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americat and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call atrention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-in. In diameter. This is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We alBo carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc. ���
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Jail Instead of Canada.
London, July 8. The chairman Of
'.he Middlesex stsslons told the advocate who asked that a burglar he
illowed the chance to. go to Canada.
hat the authorities did not now believe In sending the country's worth-
'ess characters to the Dominion and
ile intended to support that view. The
burglar accordingly went to Jail Instead of to Canada.
Special Today. Big Educational Feature
recommended that be be iirafteii by l
the Ciianls.    He  wns of great  nsBlst-| Mor" ~~***:*i f.'cncy.
ance In landing the Bag for New York I     Lotulon. July 8,   -The American To-
that year, anri again in  19L!. bacon  company   has  IbbuoiI  an   artdi-
llerzog has a charming wife whom  tlonal   ��50,000   In  f5  shares  at  one
he met while playing ball at Illrigelcy,   guinea.
A magnificent production dealing with the life of Mary Stuart, Queen of France and Scotland, and pretender to the throne oi England, one of the most dramatic chapters of history. Gorgeous costumes, lavish
staging and an especially strong cast, make the film a real masterpiece. It is historically accurate In every
detail and represents months of study and preparation.. Thla is the picture about which Louis Reeves Harrison said In the Moving Picture World of May 31st: "A beautiful spectacle, characterized by exhaustive attention to detail and splendid acting, this photo-drama ranks with the best of its kind.. The aettlnga are admirably choten; the Throne Room Interior crowns the designer with glory, and the handling of those taking part
in  the  large  ensembles  reflects great credl- on  the director." PAliE   SIX
Classified Advertising
celved for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
i'iil Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
CUsslfled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
t"Uth; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
��� ��� ired within one year trom  date of
contract, $26.00.
$1000. with 300 records, $5u0 buys
the lot. Also other furniture for
sale. Neukerchln, Sixth street. East
llurnaby. 11714)
milch cow, seven years old, with
calf by her side one week old. Apply 613 Dlackford street. (1716)
Young   Englishman   Made   Victim
Two  Confidence   Men   and   He
LoseB Trip to  England
ofjCalgary  Council   Figuring   on   Agreement With  Flour Milling Concern���Flat  Rate.
Montreal, July S.���An old game was
played uron a  young man  who was
Calgary, July S. -That the city will
offer the Western Canada Flour Mill-
goods    in    good    condition.
649 Columbia street east.
going from Medicine Hat to his home I lng company %'.W power develope.il by
In England, by two would-be friends j gas engines at the flat rate of 1,000
[whom he had met neur Solimer park | horse  power  for  $30,000  per  year  ia
Ottawa   Buys   Arc   Lights   From    Its
Own Plant at Reduced Rates���
Saving   Money
was in the city for lhe exhibition,
and wus crossing Second street cast
in a democrat with a friend when a
car coming through the Bubway struck
the carriage, ills companion escaped
but Mr. Fullerton was thrown to the
ground and rendered unconscious,
An ambulance was sumoned nnd the
injured man was taken to thc General hospital, where he wae attended
by Dr. Spankle.
Seventh avenue.
Phone 7ati L
housework, 903
phone  L955.
street,   or
furniture In good condition; must
be cheap. Apply Hox 16S4 The
News. (1684)
as general good cook;  experienced.
Box 1666 News. (1666|
ing and demonstrating for quick
selling household article. Apply
box 1663 News. < 1663 j
Principal for High School, New
Westminster. Applications with full
larticulars will be received up to the
luth inst.   Address
Secretary   Board  of  School  Trustees,
11681)       New Westminster.
rooms, all conveniences. Apply on
preuilseB. 434 Seventh street. 11708)
timber laud,    lf you want to learn
particulars  of  this  I   can   tell  you,
and help you file application to buy i,],,
at  $2.50 per acre.    Box  1707  News I
office. 11707)
HOUSEHOLD jm  this city     	
Appjy|    John   Phillips  arrived  in  the  city,
(171:1) ian(j a3 the boat he was to take for
England,   where   his   sweetheart   was
waiting for him  to  bring  her to her
tie- home, did not leave until late at
night,  he  thought  he  would    take in
sights.    Near the entrance to Solimer   park   he   was   accosted   by   two
men   who   askeil   him   for   a   "light."
Phillips  complied   with  the   request,
and  on  being  nsked  if he" was  from
the  old   country,  told   them   that   he
was sailing tbat night on a visit home.
"Well, how fortunate that we three
should  meet,"   remarked  one.    "We
also are sailing tonight anil might as
j well  keep    together.    You  know  one
can't be too careful here in Montreal.
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The   place   is   infested   with   robbers
���������^������--������������--��� and thieves."
FOR SALE-A BARGAIN, CLEARED, It was then proposed that they
lot, 66x132 corner Ash street and I Bh01ll(1 g0 to the nearby hotel and
Fourth avenue.   Kor quick sale will | cement  their  new   friendship.   While
FOR SALE���$500    BELOW    VALUE,;
four roomed house, partly furnished,
Sea  front  lot,  graded;   flower  gar-;
den;  White Rock;  lovely situation; j
spring water piped to house. Owner
leaving    neighborhood.     $1000    for |
cash or $1250 on terms.    Apply E.
D,  R.,    care White    Rock    cottage,
White Rock. (1667)
sell for $1100 below market value, j standing at tbe bar
This is a money maker;  Investigate I by  the two  others  thnt  it  would  be
at once.   P. O. Box 164 City. (1665) 'wise   io   put   all   their   valuables   to-
   gether   for   safe-keeping.     This   was
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER agreed upon when It was explained
week, Canada's Pride Malleable that Phillips would carry the bag with
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar- the money and the others would fol-
ket square. (1677)   iow   him   at   a  short   distance   to  be
_  able to defend him if In- win* molested on the way  to the steamer.
LOST. i    The two men produced what looked
to  Phillips as  healthy  rolls of bank-
the statement of Alderman J. H. Gordon, chairman of the railways and new
Industries oommlttee of the city council. City So/icltor Ford, with the assistance of members of the committee, has beeii working on the draft of |
an agreement which will be sent to j
the representatives of the big com-!
pany In a few days.
It will be recalled that the city
council some time ago voted to sup-',
ply the company with power developed
by gas engines at $30 per horse power. I
Since then the committee has heen
working out the details of fhe agreement which is to constitute the first
effort of Calgary to Induce manufacturers to locate here and use natural
gas for power purposes.
While ihe council agreed to the
proposition to furnish the company
up to 1,000 horse power at the rate of
$30 per horse power, developed by gas
engines, the committee feel that it
would be wise to fix a fiat rate of $30,-
I'hilllps was told i 000 a year. Then if the company
uses say only 80 per cent, of the power
furnished by the city, the city will
not be the loser on the deal.
Ottawa, July 8.-The board of control, which is nlso the municipal electric commission, has decided to reduce tho price of street lights from
$45 to $40. These are not lhe white
way lights, but the arc lights. The
city pays tor its street lighting and ! sart"
the  lighting of civic  buildings to  lhe i    "  Tender
Separate tenders supercribed,
"Tender for Residence of Heud Gar-
"Tender for Residence for Engineer."
"Tender  for Residence of the  Bur-1
for  Residence  for  Assls-
municipal electric department just tn , taut  Medical  Superintendent
the same way lhat any other customer
of the electric planl would. There
are nt least about seven hundred
strert lights in the city. The result,
therefore, lu the above reduction In
the price of street lighting is that the
city's general fund this year will have
$3500 less to pay.
Initiate Successor
In his last official report  to the local   board   ef   health   nl   the   special
meeting of thai body. Dr,
reff.  retiring  medical   health  officer,
gave,  besides a resume of the activities of tiie  department    during    his
term  of office,  some  very  Important
recommendations,    These recommendations  included   radical   changes   In
some of the  branches of the  depart-
< ment and also the establishment  of
one  or two  institutions  whose  existence would work toward the Imprnve-
| ment of the city's health.    While Dr.
| Shirreff's successor in office
| rive   here   shortly   to   takp   i
respectively,  will be received by  thel
Honorable  the     Minister    of    Public '
Works up to noon of Monday, the 28th
day   of  July,   1913,   for   the   erection
and completion of the  following residences at the Menial Hospital, Essen- i
dale, B. C:
"Residence for Ihe Head Gardener,"
"Residence for the  Engineer."
"Residence for the Bursar."
"Residence for the  Assistant  Merii-
w. T. shir- cal superintendent."
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender for each building may
be seen on and after the 5th day of
July, 1913, at the ofices of J. Mahony,
Government Agent, Vancouver; S. A.
Fletcher. Government Agent, New
Westminster; and the Department of
Public Works, Victoria, B. C,
Intending tenderers can, hy applying to  the undersigned, obtuin  one
copy of drawings and specifications
will ar- of eacli building for the sum of flf-
ver   his  teen   dollars   ($16)   for   each   set  re-
Tl nilers will be received by the undersigned for tlle constnicl ion of portions of tho Canadian Northern Pacific
Railway   on   Vancouver   Island,   Prov
jlnce of British Columbia, as follows:
I. From the City of Victoria to i>
point near Headman's River in the
I District of EHquimuuil, a distance ol
approximately five miles.
I 2. A line leaving the above at Ro-
Igina Avenue, Victoria, and extending
to Union Buy, Saanlch Peninlsula, a
distance of approximately 15'i  miles.
Tenders to lncludo clearing, grabbing, grading, bridges, trestles, culverts, masonry nnd fencing.
Contractors will be required to submit two lenders for thnt portion ot
the work Included In the grading, ono
being on the basis of lhe following,
Solid rock, >
Loose rock.
Hard pan,
and the other on the basis of a classl
fication for "solid rock" and "all other
Plans, profiles, specifications and
forms of contract may be seen, ami
forms of tender obtained al the offices
of Mackenzie, Mann & (*i\. Ltd..
.Metropolitan building. 837 Hastings
street west, Vancouver, B.C., or at the
offices of Mackenzie, Mann H. Co .
Ltd.,  Pemberton  block,  Victoria, B.C.
Tenders to Include clearing, grub
offices of Mackenzie. Mann Ai. Co.,
Ltd., Metropolitan building. 837 Hastings street w-est, Vancouver, B.C., not
Inter than noon cn Saturday, July 19,
1913, und to be enclosed In a Bealed!
envelope marked "Tenders for Construction." The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
July 5th, 1913. (1700)
duties, the retiring M.1I.O. Is remain- Uulred,   which   wll    be   refunded   on
ing for a month, at the request of the  their return  In  good   " <<>r*
board of health, to give the new man1    Each   proposal  must  be  ^compan-
a  proper  Initiation   into  local  eondl- led by  an iirci.pti-,   bunk  *..or
ti0yS v |certificate  of ileposlt   on  a  chartered
iel. black and white. Reward. Ad
dress F, Ray, 815 Tenth street.
sellable for lady or gentleman. Apply 66 Sixth street. 11705)
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.     (1692)
furnished housekeeping rooms at 37
Agni^ atreet.    Telephone 638 L.
funished housekeeping rooms, llr-st
floor, at 224 Seventh street.    (167>>)
214 Fifth avenue; answering to
name of Oeo. Finder please return
to 214 Fifth avenue and receive reward. Anyone harboring same after
this notice will be prosecuted.
notes and placed them in a handbag,
wherein tlie young man deposited a
wad of $200 and ihe return half of
his ticket back to Medicine Hat, Ha
was given the bag when they left the
hotel, and his two "friends" walked
a few paces behind as had been
They  had  not gone  very  far when
Phillips   missed   their  footsteps   and
Artist   Has   Lofty   Ideals���Refuses  to
Be Dragged at Heels of
Montreal, July 8.���Frank Colllnson,
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver, B.C. (1678)
looking around could see no trace of:of Grafton Btreet, London, whose fathom. He waited a few moments,
and then growing suspicious, opened
the bag and examined the contents.
He found it contained nothing but
two bundles of paper with a one dollar bill stuck on top. No trace of his
$200 could be found. He went at once,
to the detective office where, with
tears in his eyes, he told his story.
Two men were sent out to look for
the thieves, but up to the present
they  have not been traced.
He uses to Trade
No. 708 Seventh    avenue,    city,    Ave
room,    fully    modern,    new    house.
AND    ROOM,    62
Everything   new
Terms reasonable.
5    SIXTH
and    flrst
rooms with board, suitable for city
���   gentlemen;   references.    Apply Turney, 703 Third avenue. (1662)
Owner will take lot as cash payment. A good deal for few days
No. 1030 Fifth avenue, city, seven
room, fully modern house, large lot
to lane. Owner's equity 11300, balance easy payments, will take a lot
for equity.    See  us about   it.
I Six room modern house at the corner
of Tenth and Belleville streets;
lot 66x120. Owner's -equity $2500.
Balance payments small and easy,
being only JSJO every six months.
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender for Manual , Training Building,
Alta Vista," addressed to the under
���ogned, will be received up to the
hour of 7:30, July 10th, 1913.
Plans and specifications can bo
"sen at the office of the architect, 116
Crown building. Pender Btreet west,
Vancouver, or at the office of the
School Board, Kingsway, Burnaby.
Eacii tedder must be acoompanied
by a duly certified cheque for a aum
tMVial to 5', 'of the tender, which will
bn forfeited if tbe party tendering de
cliniis to enter into the contract if
called  upon  lo  db  s>.
The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them on
sign.ni; of contra"!.
The Hoard does not bind themselves
to accept the lowest or anv tender.
A. .1. BARHAM, Secretary.
Box 207, McKay, P.O. (1701)
Nos. 207 and 209 Seventh avenue,
city, two fine new houses for exchange. Owner will take reasonably
priced property for equity. Investigate at once.   These are good buys.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
Theairc  Building  Columbn   Street.
Sealed tenders, superscribed Tender
for general won;, plumbing, heating
and electric lichi as the case may be,
and addressed to the undersigned will
be received up to noon of Wednesday,
LCtti Jul) for Un* erection and com-
pletii -i of Theatre Building ... be
erected on Columbia street, New
Wesl *, nstei. I3.C,
Plans and spei I Ilea tions can be obtained I ��� '* iponsible contractors on
application  to the architects.
The company do not bind thom-
���elves to accept the lowest or any
(1702) Architects.
of British Columb
by  virtue  of
fi  fn to
directed    and
golds   and    c
Furnished throe room suite, with
hath. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
1218 Fifth Ave.
Ralph   Asser   and   Sydney   Asser,   at
the suit of Columbia Trust Company.'
Limited.   1  have seized  and   will  sell ]
al    Heaps   Engineering     Company's
premises, Front Street, New Westmin- i
sti-r.  on  Tuesday,  the  24th   day    ot
Juni-,  1913, at  2 o'clock  in  the after
noon,   the    following,     or    sufficient
thereof to satisfy the judgment debt
and cob's herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia." powered
with a four cylinder cycle 20 h.p.
Dotiian engine, 1912 model. Length
over all 36 feet, beam 8 feet, upholstered in green plush, finished Inside
with hardwood, sleeping accommodation Inr six persons and fitted with
'toilet, coo kstove, and electric llghtB
TermB of salo cash.
Nev. Westminster, June 7, 1913. (1562)
above sale is hereby postponed
Tuesday the 8th    day    of July,
nt the same time and place,
Telephones:  Office 53.  Residence 429.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
Hiiglnes,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
Chicago, July 8.���Three women
who are believed to have charge of
the sale of raffle ticketB In which the
prize to be awardetl iB a baby girl
;nlno months old have caused three
days of fruitless Bearch on the part
ot Hugo Krause, secretary of the anti-cruelty   society.
Three days ago a woman  talked to
; Mr.  Krause  over  the  telephone,  telling him  that  a  woman  was    stilling
"baby raffle" tickets at the corner o(
East   Forty third   street    and     Grand
Boulevard.    The  tickets, according Io
Mr.   Krause's   informant   Btated   that
the   1/aby   would   be   raffled   at  some
picnic,   o   be   given   by   some   lodge
some  day  in  August at  some oue of
the local parks.    It was "som-ji"' baby-
also, according to  the picture on  the
Immediately tho heat, dogs and
horses were all forgotten, as the secretary of th>. anti-cruelty society saw
a chance to aid suffering humanity
A search of the neighborhood at East
Forty-third street and Grand Boulevard gave no clew, no one having
seep any  raffles, babies or tickets.
Finally by a series of deductions
the search came to the home of Mrs.
Irene Hotter, South Ada street. She
was the woman reported to have the
charge of the sale of the tickets.
She admitted that she had heard a
friend remark thai a "baby raffle"
was to be belt! at an amusement park
soin,- time In August at a picnic to
be given by some lodge, the name
of which she did not. know. By dint
of persuasion and promises of immunity she aaid she would make an
effort to obtain a ticket "on tbe baby"
and hand it over to Mr. Krause for
use  in   prosecuting  the  offenders.
Seized Third Party's Goods.
Hull, July 8. That, a Bewlng machine In-longing to a third party could
be seized trom the party who was us
ing it as pari payment of back lent is
the tt xt of a judgment given ou: by
Judge McDougnll.
The case was lhat of two Hull men,
named st i.ouis vs. Bourgon. Bour-
gon had bought the sewing machine
from tlie Singer Sewing Machine com
pany, an.l .'in it was being paid ; ,r on
tin- Instalment plan he owed a small
balance whq-^it was seized, St, Louis
Beized the Sewing machine among other articles for back rent.
i    According to law a sewing machine
is nol Belzable.   The defendant based
ihls evidence on that fact The court,
however, held that the third party's
machine could be seized as responsible for rent. The Singer company
Should have given notice to the pro
prietor thai the machine belonged to
them and was nol sellable as rent.
Tbe case aroused a good deal of In
I terest in Hull, as there are many such
aohiius tliere being paid  for on Hi"
intsalmenl plan.
ther was the founder of the old and
well known house of Collinson anri
Lock, the artistic anri antique decorators and furnishers, was a visitor to
the city for a few days. Years ago
Colllnson anri Lock, striking .mt In
an entirely new line, resuscitated the
early English styles of furniture and
decorative work, with striking success, until the products of iheir hands
had great vogue among the wealthy
classes and those who sought artistic
merit above all else.
Frank Colllnson ls practically the
only representative of this school.
Brought up as a painter. Mr. Collinson attended the well-known Blade
Academy, was under Professor Legros
for two years, and later proceeded to
Dresden to continue his studies on
the same lines. Mr. Colllnson makes
his own drawings personally, wheth
"The  Biggest   Day"
It is announced at the Ottawa Electric  street,, railway  offices  that June
; 28  was  the  "biggest  day"  the  company  has ever had.    More  than  125.-
000 fares were collected on the entire
system during the day.    The Somerset   street   line   alone   accounted   for
60.000 tares, a record smasher on that
branch   by   several   thousands.     The
* new   record   established   exceeds   the
one broken by several thousands and
it is anticipated  that  it  will  be some
time before the 125,000 mark is reached  or  passed.
To Stop Liquor Sale
Calling for tin* reduction of the
number of bar licenses in the city
by twenty, and the number of shop
licenses by ten, the petitions which
are being circulated for the submission of a pleblcite in January on license reduction are said to be receiving a large number of signatures.
The campaign is being conducted
by prominent professional and business men, J. Y. ('alder, real estate,
dealer, and assessment commissioner
William Stewart being among th
workers, lf a sufficient numl
ratepayers sign the petition, council
must  submit a  plebicite.
Family   Re-united
It was a happy family re-union that
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honorable the Minister nf Public
Works, for the sum of 5 per cent, of
the lender price, which sliall be forfeited if the party tendering decline
to enter Into contract when called upon to do so, or if lo fall to complete
the work contracted for. The cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsucc-ss-
ful tenderers will be returned to 'hem
upon   the  execution  of  the  contract.
Tenders will not he considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
Bignitd with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of Public  Works.
Victoria, II. C, July 4th, 1913. (1712)
I Section 4S)
Section 348)
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta,
the YiSenn Territory, thn Northwest Ter-
Illnrli-H and In a [KUI-ion of the Provfcio*
of British Columbia, may be leased for a
j term of twenty-one years iit an annua*
rental of tl an acre. Not more than tit*
acres wlll I-.* lt-aaed to mum appllcnL
Application  for a leaiw must   u-  made-,
1 by tha applicant In person lo th" Agent*
or Bub-Agtnt uf the district ln wblch ih.
rights applied fitr are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must t��
described by si-ctlons, or legal sub-illvl-
Slons of sections, and In unsurvi-yi-.l -territory Ita* tract applli-d for shall t*.
slaked out hy the applicant himself.
Each application must be iii .'��� unpanle-Vft
by a fee of 15 which wlll bc reftimlyjj If
the rights applied for are nol avallabla,
but not otherwise. A royally shall hte,
paid on tbe ni.-ri-hnntiibl,. output of th*
rnlnn at th* rate of flvs cents [s-r lon.
The person oper-allrm the- mine shuli*
furnish the Agent wltb swern returns.
accounttna* for tbe Cull q.uuitity of merchantable coal mined and pny tlie royally thereon. If the conl mining rlghur
are not being operated nuch rcmnis shouhf
, be furnished  at least once a year,
that  on   the ���     Tlie  leaae   wlll  Include  the  ce.il   mb-dns
rights   only,   but   the   leasee   will   be   permitted   to   purchase   whatever   available*
Notice  is hereby  giver,
22nd day of July,  A.I).  1913, applica _____
0j tion will bo made to    the    Board    Ot | surfaoe rl(fita may be OOMld'ered''uw
License Commissioners for th
of  furniture or  Interior     BChemes    of | was   enacted   at   the   home   of   R.   H.
decoration,   and   pursues   In   this   th
policy   which   lifted   bis   father's   firm
Into the front rank.
Like some others highly gifted with
artistic faculties, Mr. Collinson acoffs
at the commercialism of the age, and
refuses to be dragged at its heels.
Just now- he la completing some works
for well known Montreal families and
his sketches in connection with these
are works of art of a high order. Always a great volunteer enthusiast, Mr.
Collinson has spent 25 years in the
service' in connection with the 87th
Battalion Middlesex regiment, and now
holds the rank of colonel.
Bank Managers Also Leaving
Calgary  for  Other   Fields
Calgary'. July 8. -Alfred Price, general superintendent of the Alberta di
vision of the C. P. It., has returned
to the city from Montreal where he
has been for the past week or two
on important official business. While
he would neither confirm nor deny
the report his promotion, Mr. Prico
said It was liekly he would leave In
the near future to take a higher position hut he did not desire to make
any official announcement at the pre-
ent time,
As Mr. Price has accepted the Invitation of the board of irade to bo
present at the farewell banquet which
they will tender next week to W. H.
Hogg, manager of the Bank of Montreal, and E. M. Saunders, manager
of th** Canadian Bank of Commerce,
anri himself, and as the two former
are leaving ihe cily shortly, Ii may
generally be conceded thai Mr. Price
lias been appointed to an  Important
position   on   the  eastern   lines.
Mr. i'rice denied lhe alleged Interview with sir Thomas Shaughnes-
��y, which appeared recently In a
M niti nl dally paper, but while he
expects to take a higher position on
one of the eastern divisions it is proper thai lhe announcement should
come officially from Montreal and
ther-for.- be feels that at present Ills unable to confirm or deny the rumor. 1: may be conceded however,
thai it is only a mailer of days
fore the announcement  is made.
Wbo Owns the  Buildina?
mistook,  July  8.    At     a    spei
Well. For Goodness S.ikec!
Miles City, July 8. The largest hail
ever known In Miles Olty tell this
evening about seven o'clock. Hail
the size of baseballs, weighing six
ounces and more seemed common, but
no damage other than two skllghls
has yet been heard of. Mrs. John
Towers found a alone seven and ono
inches In diameter and seven inches
thick, Mrs Porter one of eight inches
In diameter, O. M. Uunphor om- ninei
Inches In diameter and thirteen inches
the other way; (Ieorge Rogers onn
of ten Inches anil two Inches through.
Judge I,otid found one thirteen Inches  papers  and  documents
In circumference some lime afier tho
;storm. ���Cranbrook  Prospector.
meeting of the VVockstock city coun -
ell, which was called to decide what
should be done with the building for-
nierl*. occupied by the Woodstock
Automobile Co., the following resolution was carried:
Thai all papers in connection with
the title "i the property known as the
Woodstock Automobile property, in-
cludlng contracts and mortgages, held
by the city, be handed to the city so
Ucltor and he be Instructed to acl In
conjunction w-iiii s. G, McKay, K.c,
to take immediate proceedings to repossess such property by reason of default contained in the contracl with
the city, or sm-h ither proceedings as
they may ndvii
Very little ft -usslon toiik placo regarding the q. ion, but some of tho
councillors expressed the opinion that
e>n account of the tangled condition
In which tho question of the proper
ershlp of the building stands, tbe
Woodrotta, when Mr K. W. Hunting
and his wife were clasped to each
other's arms after a year's absence,
and after the one had been among
those reported as claimed by death
ini the terrible C. P. R, smash. The
one tired and fearful that his wife's
injuries might prove more serious
than was reported to him. and the
o'lter thankful that she had escaped
so lightly in the railway fatality that
had claimed eight lives, but both supremely happy in the knowledge that
they had been spared to meet again
���surely this is a fit subject for a
sermon. This was the mood in which
they met.
Workman Electrocuted
Coming Into contact with some ex
posed electric wires while working :
on a new building in the E. B, Eddy
yards, on the Chaurtiere, Dave Wilson,
of Clarkstown, was instantly electrocuted,
Wreck Victims Recovered
Completely recovered from the effects of the C. P. wreck, Mrs. (!.
Pat'ton, her four children and her little nephew have left Water street
hospital and taken the train for Winnipeg, where the husband awaits them
Mrs. Patton was thrown against the
side of the car when the accident
happened. She sustained Injuries to
her shoulrier. Her children were not
so  barily   injured  as  she
Pocket Picked of $170
Ernest A. Smith, of Quyou. enme
to the cily for a holiday, bui It turned out to be all expensive one, Af'er
doing up Hu sights uf Ottawa ami
the circus he star ed for Aylmer wllb
tho Intention of spending a short holiday there Before In- arrived, imw
ever, he was relieved of $170 bv a
clever pickpocket wiui evidently hari
been following llle circus.    Smith  was
unable to account for -he picking of
bis pocket except io sny it was near
Aylmer before he lefl tbe ear The
theft was reported to the Hull police
anri with the assistance of ilu* Ottawa
police they are working nn lln- ca.-i'-
A Joy Ride Did It
After a too free imbibing of lli*iiiir,
il is alleged. Iwo Ottawa youths In
a Joy ride through the Ottawa streets
knocked David Bonne-En fan t, of Hull,
off Ills bicycle, and severely injured
him. The Ottawa youths. Vital Plouf
fe nnd Willie Price, were driving at
a furious rate cf speed according to
the reports of lhe accident, and coming round the corner of Main anil
Laval slreets ran into Bonne-I'lnfanl,
wlio was on a bicycle, One of the
young fellows was badly drunk, Btate
^^^^^^^ ^^^ Muni
cipality of Langley, for the grant of
a license for the sale uf liquor by retail, in and upon the premises known
aa the "Lang ley Hotel." sltunte at
Kort Launley, In the Municipality of
I.angley. In the Province of British
Columbia, upon the lands described
more particularly as follows:
j A portion, containing by estimation
thirty one-hundredths 130-1001 of an
acre, of lot seventy-nine (79), group
two (2), New Westminster District,
in tho Province of British Columbia
and a portion containing one hundred
and nineteen thousandths (1191000)
of an acre in the said lot seventy-nine
(79). group two 12), New Westminster
District, Province aforesaid.
Hated   this   7th   day   of  June,   A.D.
1913.    ���
(15091 Applicant.
sary for the working of the mine at the
irate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application should
he made to thp Mecretar/ of tlie Depart-
1 ment of the Interior. Ottawa, or to anj
Ag.nl or But, Ac-nt of I>.,,,,lul,,,, l^jiil*
"Deputy Minister of the Interior..
I N. B.���Unauthorlaed Duplication of thle
i i-ul*. "rils.Mii.-nt  wlll not he iial.l for.
Real Elate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16.000000.00
RESERVE    ��16 000.000.00
Branches   throughout  Canada    an.:
Newfoundland,  and   In   London,   Bug
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
| C.3.A.,  and   Mexico  City.    A  general
i banking buslnesB transacted.    Letters
iof Credit  Issued,  available   with  correspondents in all parts of the world.
j    Savings Bank Department    Deposits
received  In  sums  ot  $1   and  upward
nnd interest allowed at 3 per cent ter
annum (present rate).
Total AsBots over $186,000.OOO.an.
O. V.  BltVMNEIt,  Manager.
We now have four trains daily and
will give you lbe cheapest rale going
not only to Eastern points, hut lo
Kootenay and olher points, We arc
iiIho agents lor all steamship lines
Kor reservation and other particulars
apply to
E. COt'l.ET. Agent
New Wesltninste
11.  W.  RRODIE, G.  P.  A.,  Vancouver.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
19  McKenzie  St
B.C.tat Service
2 p.
Vanoouver for Seattle  10 a. ni
Nanalmo l') a.m
therewith   Bhould   bo
ined and looked Into.
properly  exam-
Came Before the R^l'-vay
Calgary, .luly s. Neve I'ving regained consciousness :. r having
in* ii struck hy a street car. T, K l-'ul
li-rlon, it well known fanner and old
timer of  Springbank,  passed  away at.
tb.- General hospital. Mr. Fullerton
came lo Alberta in lsSe, the year before (he arrival of tlie ('. P. R. and
ban rosWed ev.*r since on his farm
about eight miles southwest of Calgary on the Springhank trail. He
leaves a widow nml four sons. Jake
fullerton Is well known as a rancher
ln the Calgary district; Tom lives on
a farm near his father's place; John
Eullerton Is well known ns a rancher
nnd Robert ia a captain In tho Salvation army In Quebec   Mr. Eullorton
Vancouver for Victoria 18 a. m
mid 11 :46.
and 11    ^^^^^^
Loaves Vancouver fi
ami ti :80 p.m.
Leavoa Vanoouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern pelnis io i, m Wedues
days and  Saturdays ;.t   ii   pin.
Chilliwack Service
To  Port   Mann  and  Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per Followinq Schedule:
Leaves   New   Westminster   lor  Port
Mann  8.00 a m.
Leaves   Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 8:00 a.m.
Leaves   New   Westminster for   l'ort
Mann and  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
1 eaves    Pert    Coqultlam    for    l'ort
Mann anil New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  WoBtmlnster  for  Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaven  Pnrt  Mann  for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New WeBtmlnster
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4
Leans    Port   Coqultlam
Tor  Port
:t.) p.m.
for   Port
6:30 pin.
- without
Mnnn anil New Westinlnsto
Schedule subject to c.hang
For further Information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Leaves Chllllwaak   1
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves Westminster s
Wodnesday end Friday.
a.   m.   Mi,nili,.
EI). OOULET, Agent,
H.  W.  BRODIW.  (1.   P.
New Weetmlnetei
A..  Vancouver
New Spring and  Summer Suitings
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front StreeL
Fransf er Co.
Phone  11/
Phone  1SS.      Barn
n*gble Strut.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
of the national chamber and chief executive of the Association of Commerce in Chicago.
"The forthcoming tour wlll be by
far the most Important one ever taken
In the Interests of commerce and
Industry In the western states," John
H. 1'ahey, chairman of the executive
committee of Ihe national chamber,
, Winnipeg Health Officials Sit Up and ' Regina  Builders  Keep  Black  List of  ��ald to the press upon his arrival In
_....,       ���,      . Chicago  from  oliston.  "With  the  in
Take   Notice���Cleaning   Up Union   Workers���Oroanlier
Winnipeg, July 8. Officials of the
civic health department have recently been forced to tho conclusion that
���slum districts aro rapidly developing
in Winnipeg, particularly in the north
und went ends, ttnd au active cam- j
palgn has been Inaugurated by Tenement Inspector Alex. Officer w".b the
object ol minimizing the evil as much
as pos-sil'le. Closing orders ure to be
Issued to all overcrowded houses and
tenements, nud the proprietors who
are the most flagrant offenders will
lie proceeded agalnsl in the police
courl The first closing order of the
campaign will be Issued against a*
small house wllh accoinmoilatlons for
one family, but'in which five families
are finding  shelter ill  present
"The departraenl would like it to
be fully understood that a vigorous
campaign win te waged against the
conditions which make for slums,"
said Mr. Officer, "We know thai we
have our hand*  full,  as   these  conril-
tlons are developing rapidly, especially in the west ami north ends, The
reason for the slum conditions In the
north end is the scarcity of small
bouses for working men and (he high
rents, but in the other parts of the
city it is the gn ed of tin- landlords
thai is responsible. It is unite probable that conditions will bee .ue- more
acute during th" fall anri the winter."
Extortionate   Rents.
Mr. Officer made an Inspect
tiie small house above referred to in
which five families were finding sin I-
tir. The bouse Is not situated In the
north coil, being iu a far more central
portion of tin, cily. It is a frame house
one anil a half storey.*- in height anri
contains nine small rooms The families living in lb*- house are newly arrived Imi Igrants from Bngland anri
Scotland an l are of lhe working class.
'llie re-''- ikiui io llie landlord vary
from $17 in }'i'i per month, the total
being $;���:! p.r month for a house that
Bhould t Dl rent for more than $30 a
month nt the outside, according to ^"r
Officers' estimate,
Three of ihe rooms iu tiie house are
very badly overcrowded One room,
occupied by a man, his wife .-md child,
contains only 643 cubic f. t of air
Bpace, whereas the minimum allowed
for good ventilation under these conditions Is 1,000 cubic feet. Another
room, used by a man anri Ms v ife,
contains only r,ox cubic feel ami <-:
overcrowded    to    the    extent of  -.*".-�����
k<���libit- fi ut,
It has nm yel been decided whether
the landlord Is to be proceded against
in this case, but the cloBtng order has
already been marie and will be served
sit once.
j creasing tendency toward federal reg-
illation    of   domestic   commerce and
investigates ; with   the  fast-growing  Importance  of
  our  foreign   trade,   business   becomes
more dependent upon national, rather
Regina,   July   8.���That   the     Home:thiln  ui,on  State and  local  regulation
Builders' Exohange keeps a black list a"(1 legislation."
of union men is the Btatement made I    ul>dn *������<* arrival of the party here,
by a prominent member of the brick->,liev wln *ie guests at a dinner given
by the trustees and on Saturday, the
layers'  union.
It Is alleged that ubout three weeks
ago, shortly after Ihe bricklayers on
the It. J. Lecky contracts In the city
went out on strike because the contractors were employing non-union
men lo Iny floor tlle, one of these
men applied lo the contractors on the
McCallum Hill building for a job.
Ile was promised work by the foret-
man. and told to come on after dinner.
He reported at one o'clock, but this
Mine,   It  ls  claimed,  one  of the  con-
closing day of the Potlatch, will hav
a chance to Bee Seattle's big summer
carnival In ful! sway, ir tho visitors
remain over Sunday they will be taken
for a drive over the city by automobile.
Saskatoon. July 8.  -Natural gas, regarded as of the greatest Importance
tractors confronted blm and asked his  to Saskatoon's Industrial future, Is re
name. ()n hi ing told, he produced
a list from hla pocket, and after looking ll over, Informed the man that lib
v.as not wanted.
About a week later the foreman
for another big contractor told one
of the union men thai he had been
g .ei such a list hy his employer,
with Instructions not to lake on any
nun whose names appeared, but he
lire  the  list  up.
'i'he matter was brought to the attention of om- cf tiie organizers for
tin- bricklayers' union, who is now in
the city from Calgary, and it is alleged that he took the matter up with
tin- secretary of tlie Builders' Ex-
..f change, v. im Informed biro that there
���:i bad In*, n a list of strikinn bricklayers, but thin most of the names had
beeu taken Off, only two remaining,
for whom there was no chance of
It was stated that these two men
w re in in*' Bi nt i ul of work, and had
In . :. for over a month, and that they
had repeatedly tried to secure work
during that time, bnt tlie lluilriers'
Exchange evidently had Ihem black-
porteil   to  have  been discovered  on  a I
farm thirteen miles southwest or Sas-
katoon,    To fully investigate its pres- '
ence, Commissioner Yorath and probably  several  others will  leave for Its j
reported   location   very  shortly.
August Keindel came to Saskatoon
from bis farm anri told of his dlscov- \
cry   to  Commissioner    Yorath.    The
commissioner Btated the story seemed
all rlghl    Keindel suid that while dig- i
ging  a  well  he  had  met, while at  B ���
dt nth of only nr, feet, an apaprently
large boulder, anil  when he tried  to
blast  It,  was  compelled  to  desist  on
account  of  the  gas  pouring forth  in
volumes.     He   had   made   two   blast*- ,
of the rock and  at  the third the (tas
commenced   to   pour  forth.     Putting
down additional charges the fuse always exploded from the he-it and ���'*
gas rendered it absolutely Impossible!
ti  continue  the   blasting  operations.!
The gas lirst made Its presence known I
at   11   a.   m,  and  continued  to  nonr
forth  from  the  mouth of the well  in
blue c! iuds until ", p. m. when he fllleil
the   well   In   with   earth,  leaving   the
iron  casing  In  position.
Renina   Men   Make   Charnes   Aoainst
Officer   of   95th   Rifles���N"ver
Were   Sworn   in
Exception  Taken  bv  Catholics to the
���?tat'men*s   cf   Missionary
Montreal, Julv B   -Excentlon is ink-
en   by   the  officials  al   the   Archhis
hop's palace  by  the statement  made
hv John  Hi drug, In which he claims
thai 4000 Ruthenlans living In Point
St.   Charli s.   are   lefl   without   ch"rr'-
or educational  facilities  of any  kHid
Mr. Ilorirug. recently appointed mis
sionary   in   that   quarter,   said   these
people    have    "neither    school    nor
church,   clergy   or   teachers."     tt   it-
this Btatement to which the official.-
Montreal, July 8. when Constable The iu-.-. Father MoCrory, vice
Pelletler stopped Peter lzori, alias chancellor, said tbe great majority
Ilryson, from continuing a fight start- of the-.* people ara Catholics, were
ed In a saloon ever a small measure born and broughl up Catholics it
meted nut to Ised by -In- bartender, their ..wn home country, and that the
and arrested the noisy fellow, along Catholic church is looking after tlieir
wiih his companion. .lames Coonry, spiritual welfare in Canada. He ex-
he had no idea what an otherwise plained that a Uuihenian mission was
ch ver man Izeri was. and what a established BO*ns time ago with the
mistake the two men made when they .Rev. Kather Demereas at its head
refused to move on when ordered toltbat exci-ptlonally good work had
do  so  tiy   tbe  constable. (been   accomplished   among  these peo-
lzod   kicked   because   his   glass     of  pie. anil  that  a lilshon was appointed
beer wns Bhort measure, "Pill it up," at the beed of th's flock.
Row   in   Saloon   Leads   to   Arrrst    of
Counterfeiters���Crude But Complete Den
When  Constabl -
Itegina. July
iiilisti-ii In go li
Rifles   without
,*re   paid   off
8 That they were
o camp with the 95th
being sworn In and
without any further
nllitary obligation attaching to them;
Thai when ihey enlisted they were
Informed that they would be paid at
the rate of $1.60 per day for the five
days they were in camp anil that they
received only $3.00 in caBh wben they
were  paid  off;
Thai before leaving camp they signed the payroll for the amount of $:i.75
ntul that Ihey received 75c less than
thev   signed   for;
Tlie foregoing are among the principle charges made by four men who
have   returned   from   camp   with   tin-
Path and w.re paid off.   Tin- names
of Ihe men making the charges were:
F   Harris.   (1.  Ather'on. Joseph  Shaw
nml s. Gibson, all of Regina.
According to tin- statements of these
men they were enlisted cn Thursday,
June 2ti,  liy   Lieutenant   Btyl
95th,  whom   they    allege
them that   they Bhould  receive
n   daj   tor   fi e   days   1n   cunip
furtlii r Btated that    Ihey
Bworn   in   and   lha'   they
not  gone  lo camp  but
sentations as to  pay
were not
would have
for lhe repre-
marie io lb. in.
When Interviewed, Lieut.nant W.
(l. sivb-s, Hn- officer referred to. declined  iiih i' to admit  or deny
charges.     "The   first   obligation
an   officer   enters   into   on   joining
regiment,"   said   the   lieutenant,    "is
thai be will give oni no Information
nl all.    That  ia all  I can say in
h.e told the bartender. "Do you want
a barrel for a nloklo." retorted the
mixer, whereupon the man next to
lzori got his elbow tun close to pass
unnoticed. L-.ori told him to move,
"(live us half (he liar, and with about
half a glass,' I get about siniare on
this tiling."
He didn't please either of the men
when he said that, and a hot area
mem un k place, which brought the
two combatants to the street. Coon-
ev had done nothing as yet, and the
first words he uttered were met with
a stiff punch in lb.- month. He gol
it for trying to stop the fight bo-
tween th.- two men. Constable Pel-
teller's order to move was obeyed by
Cooney, Izod's refusal resulting in his
arrest. Cooney wanted to explain
and  was taken along to the Btatlon.
Ilevilopmints   start.-tl   right   away.
lzori was loaded with counterfeit
coin in the shape of seventy-five spur-
lous twenty-flve cent pieces, Canadian money. Tlle detectives got to
work, and located his den on Dal-
Ihousle street, fitted up crudely, ye:
with the necessary articles to complete the whole deception in one.
room. His method was unique, and
promised  proved that he knew something about
It was also denied that these nee
pie are in the habit of spending their
Idle moments In card nlaving n"r'
beer drinking. Father Demeras said
the congregation is well looked after
and are as well educated, morallv and
otherwise, as any set of Montreal's
cosmopolitan   population.
of   tin
Encourare Small Industries
Lethbridge, July 8.���Following out
the suggestion made by Joseph P.
Tracey. commissioner of commerc.
and manufacture, on his first train to
Lethbridge. the announcement w.T
made at a businessmen's luncheon of
the forma!ion of a company to be
known as the Lethbridge Industrials
Limited, which company Is composed
of local businessmen and others for
the express purpose of creating a
stepping stone which should result In
the formation here of small industries. The company will be capitaliz
(26,000. W. C. Ives, president
board of trade, is one of the
movers of the new concern
is patterned somewhat after
the lines of a larger company of businessmen  in  Saskatoon.
ed at
of the
fusing of metals,
To gi i the right ring In the coin,
it required knowledge beforehand, or'
n lol of experimenting, He diri not
lose any time, which proves that he
hail the right alloy to work on. Willi
equal parts of antimony ami 'in, he
was able to get a nn It with very
little lu at. mul used a common cast-
iron Instead of a crucible of lead or
Band, These Iwo mclals fuse, and amalgamate readily, and In- was utile
to g t a clean pour every melt with
out 111. us" of a flux, by running off
iiu- scim, which contained the lm-
purlteis not  burned  In lhe melt.
ACC( riling to Cooney, he made five,
ilollars worth at a time, and leaving
out the labor, liny were worth about
throe cents each, for every twenty-
five cent casting. Witb u coal fire
In a house stove he. could c.aBt two
or three hundred of these In one day,
>t  lhe mass meeting t�� he held here  take another day to smooth the edge
Boon | where the gate left lt rough, and  in
Many    improvements    are urgently   .,   third   day's  work,  color   the  coins
needed  In  the district.    The principal   silver.
<me   Is   water  Tor  both  drinking  anil
Tire  protection   purp-u rs.    The    only
water supply that  can al  present
Mnunl Dennis, Ont, July s The
long-debated question which has been
agitating Mount Dennis for eeveral
e..,,-u will probably como to a head
held here
Commence Big Tunnel
Montreal, July S.���News has been
received by the C. P. R. railway thai
the work of driving the big five-mile
double track tunnel through the Selkirk Mountains at Rogers Pass, is to
begin during the present week. Special trains carrying iste'am shovels
and other equipment are on their way
t-i tlie scene uf operations. Messrs
Foley, Welsh and Stewart, who obtained the contract, estimate that the
new equipment required to curry the
project through will cosi no less than
$600,000. Although the amount of
their tender has not been officially
been made known, it la understood
to  be  about   $6,000,000,
"Isn't naval life
"Notquite! While
on duty we can't
smoke. We miss the
enjoyment of smoking our favorite
England's Richest and
Coolest Smoke
The fame of these cigarettes is due to exceptional
fragrance, smoothness and satisfying quality, with un-
usual mildness. Most Englishmen love them and their
fascinating flavor is making them equally popular in
Enjoy them to-day.   All dealers sell thetn. i
Obtained IB secured from wells, of
which there are very few in Ihe district     Owing   to   the   lack   of   wuter
Mount, Dennis Ib without any means
of lire protection.   Tho residents also
-state thai  it  ia very harri  to get itt
surance  on   Iho dwellings,  which  are
ill   mosl   cases or  frame construction,
An engineer of a private corpora
tlon, who went over the ground, ro
linrliil that 'here waH excellent  water
obtainable in unlimited quantities mi news
the neighborhood of I11ai:k creek hill.
Appeal   to   the   township   council   haa
boen unsuccessful and ihe ratepayers
nre  of   the   opinion   that   If  th
Bpondlng of
the   collecting  nnt.   . ,
own moneys they could do it  much Ban Pranoisco,
more advantageously Hum handing It I Seattle, in an
over to a  boily of men who are not
daily in touch wiib the community
ami are consequently not Informed of | whloh leaves Chloago today
the rcul needs of the district
Pay Double for Flour
Brooks, Alta., .Inly 8,���A warrant
lias been Issued for the nrrrst of N.
W. Dann, secretary of the Creole
Belle branch of the United Fanners'
association. He ls charged with nils-
appropriating funds totalling aboul
$600. Dann was given the money to
pay for a carload of flour, which was
shipped here, bul apparently could
not resist the temptation, and II Is alleged, the money went into a few
i weeks of riotous living. The formers
now will have to pay double for lhelr
flour. The man was a homesteader
and would have served the required
time on  his land  this month.
What Was All the Hurry?
Minneapolis, .luly S. In response to
a "hurry up" call from his business
associates in New York. Charles G,
dates reached Chicago this afternoon
on a special train over the Milwaukee
In  Chicago another special awaited
him on the Pennsylvania line to take
Portland, Tacoma anil   him to New* York.
ffort  to bring about a      Mr. Gates i Ived a te'curam from
acquaintance    with    western New York at l a, m. today at the res-
i  Interests.    The  delegation, I Idenoe of his father-in-law, v. I', op-
w 111  be   wood.
by  Harry  Wheeler,  president |    Al  3:66 he was aboard his private
Members cf United States Chamber of
Commerce Coming  West.
Seattle, July 8.- Prominent officers
uf iiie chamber of commerce ot the
United States of America, who are to
be entertained in Seattle .luly IS and
19 by trustees of the new chamber
uf commerce, are assembling In Chloago, preparatory to their invasion or
the Pacific rneti country, acoordlng to
dispatches from that city received here.
Tb" party, which Is composed of
ihe leading business men of eastern,
central ami southern states, will visit,
twenty  cities on   the coast,   Including
car "Superb" behind one of the Milwaukee's latest mountain engines. He
arrived In Chicago at :i p. in. anri will!
be In New York at 7 tomorrow morn- j
Chief Dispatcher Mauley 1'. Stewes
Of Ihe Milwaukee said the special:
tratn marie excellent time despite the
storm. One of the best engineers on
the system was at the throttle. He
WOS Walter Crouch, who has been In ,
the service of the road over 25 years.
He piloted the train through to Chicago,
The fireman. Robert G. Martins, was
relieved at Milwaukee. Conductor G.
II. Frost waa In charge of the train.
To  make riding easier, two of the
largest steel coaches were placed between   the  engine  and    the    private
' ca.-.
came so violent that it was necessary
to lock hlm up.
Chief Forbes was called by wireless |
to meet the Harmonic on its arrival.!
and the man was placed in his charge.
UulbOUt appears to be quite rational |
on a'.l other subjects but his pursuit
bytho cattle thieves.    Ile has a ticket
! ,r  France   by   steamship  from   New-
York.    He asked Mayor Bell to allow
Chief   Forbes   to  accompany   hlm   as
far as Montreal as he feared that he
would  be atttacked,    The mayor advised that he stay In the hospital for,
a couple of days, and consented t.i the |
police chief taking him as far as Mon
Sarnia, Ont, July 8.-Andrw Qui-
bout, an Alberta rancher, who arrived
on the steamer Harmonic here, caused
some excitement on hla way' down
the Soo by his strange actions. He hi-
boreil mirier the delusion that a gang
of men whom he had caused to be
convicted and sentenced to a six-year
term in the penllentiary for stealing
cattle   from   his  ranch,   were  on   his
trail Intending io kin him,   lie be-
accomplish tlieir purpose
with maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing  doses   are not
25c   a   box   at   your
Druggist's. 17*
k Natluul lirui md Chrn-ilul
lo. 01 Cansdl, Limltc-i.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
���T-iifsn I
"PAY    CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the teleplone No. 2
Hunt's Supreme Quality Hawaiian Pineapple ia 2 1-2 lbs.
tins, each 35c.
Glass Jar Asparagus. Equal
to the best and better than most.
Large cans 30c; small cans 25c.
Preserved Crapes ��� Spanish
(Sra-pes peeled and put up in a
heavy syrup. Very tasty. Per
Raspberry    Vinegar���Regular
homemade, per hot. 25c.
.,  Lime   Juice,   per   bottle,   25c.
and 50c.
Turkish Coffee --The coffee
with the delicious oriental flavor,'per lb. 40c.
Our Special Tea���Quality is
good economy.   Try a lb. 50c.
Pette's delicious Hutch Cocoa
-at reduced prices 1-2s, tin 35c.,
Ms, tin 20c.
Beautiful, fragrant Carnations
just  In  this  morning.     Let  us
send you a dozen for 25c.
Peaches, 2 lbs 25c.
Apricots, 2 lbs. 25c, basket 50c.
Plums,  2  lbs.  25c,  basket  50c.
Pears, 2 lbs 25c
Muskmelons,   each    15c
Watermelons, each 75c to $1.00
Cherries, No. 1 cookinlg, 2 lbs.
for   25c
Cherries, eating, lb 20c
Spend your money where
values  demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10, cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
See the special feature. "Mnry
Stuart," at tin* Edison theatre today.
The 104th regiment held its regular weekly drill in the armories last
Eacle    engine
Begble street.
station,    KI
It is quite true that 99 out of
100 wealthy men, except only
those who inherited wealth, gol
their start by regular savings.
But they did not become wealthy by that means only. After
accumulating a few hundred
dollars they invested it in sound
True, some speculated in
real estate, stocks of companies newly organized aud other
such ventures, but most ot such
sooner  or   later   loBt  aU.
Wiser   people     who     studied
UiIb matter watched the results
of others over a period of many
years,   or   accepted   the   advice
ol sound financial men and did
no*   speculate.     They -invested
In good bonds, or the stocks of
strong   companies   which   were
post the experimental stage.
Babson of Hoston and Moody
of New Vork, two of the best
-qualified writers and advisors
ou financial matters in the L'nited States, recommend regular
savings till a reasonable amount
is accumulated, and then holding these-funds until a time
when good seasoned stocks ami
bonds are selling cheap, when
they should be bought.
)t lhe present time we know
of H%particularly good seasoned
Btod-Nwhlch may be bought at
a price to yield tho investor 0
per cent.
Tliecompany is growing rapidly, haa excellent management.
plenty of capital. The stock is
listed -on the exchange, so it
can be sold at any time funds
are required, pays Its dividend
quarterly and there is every
prospect   that   Its   price   will   be
largely enhanced, while there it-
very gravn doubt If il wiii ever
again Bell so cheap.
Tlie interest earning is doutle
the savings bank rate, while we
consider the security quite as
The owner of this kind of security Ib always able lo sleep
well,  free from  fear of  loss
('all in and write for particulars If interested.
Dominion Trust
Company. Ltd.
"The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
A building permit was issued yesterday tro Clarence McLean, Ninth
street, -(or a seven roomed collage to
31 $'J300.
Get it at tlie   Koyal
Sixth Street.    Tel. 125!
Pharmacy,   47
The first New Westminster boys go
to the Y. M. C. A. camp at Howe
sound today and others will follow on
Friday and Wednesday and Friday of
next week.
at Second beach, Vancouver, Friday.
A special car will leave the Sapperton switch on Friday morning for the
convenience of the party, which will
be under 'he supervision of Hev.
Frank i'laskttt, vicar in charge.
A meeting of all interested is called
| for tonight   to discuss  plans  for the
annual citizens' excursion. The nuet-
* iflg will be held in the Conservative
: club rooms and If the idea of
'the yearly celebration Is still popular,
jthe Question of a picnic ground, trans-
; piit'-UlUon and other arrangements will
be taken up.
It Is not likely lhat. for several
years at least, there will be an examining centre west of Winnipeg, held
under the jurisdiction ol ibe medical
council of Canada. This Is the opinion
of Dr. 11. E. Walker, recently returned
from llie easl, who thinks that the absence of any medical school in this
province makes a centre here unnecessary.
Fatherland Buying  More Wheat from
Canada and Less from Australia
with Every Year.
"Mary Stuart," a:  big
feature at the Edison theatre
The Y. M. C .. will hold one cf
Its regular shop meetings today at
noon in the B. C. E. R. car shops. F.
T. C. Lever will speak and the
organist will be  Mr. Murray.
Ice    cream    grotto,
bakery,  telephone  281,
At   a   meettntg  of  the  city   council
.Monday a site for   the location of the
educational j Chautauqua tent was granted on the
today.     I Albert Crescent. This Is an ideal loci
tion.    The  large  tent  is  80x120  feel,
capable of seating lSOO people.    It  IS
tlle  latest   model   waterproof  canvas,
The tent will arrive in a day or two
in the private baggage car of Ellison
and   White.    It  will  be  in  charge of
six   husky   college  students   who  me.
thus spending their summer vacation.
Eighth    Street
A.   Hardman,
Ottawa, July S.���Canada Is worklus
up a good sized Irade with Germany in
wheat and is materially cutting into
Australia as a source of supply iu that
regard. Complete figures for 1912 received here Bhow that exportations
of wheat from Canada to Germany aggregated 2,690,299 bushels, as against ,
SX0,174 In the previous year. Imports
of wheat to C.erniany from Australia
last year were 692,719 bushels, a decrease of 526,000, as compared with
Canada also continues as a comparatively  large  importer  of dairy  products from  New Zealand,    t'p to May I
31si  imports in that  line comprisedi
60,646 boxes of butter, 10,7.15 quarters !
of  beef,  1554   carcasses  of  veal  and I
12M  of mutton.    The summer shipments are even heavier.    A report to '
,the department at Ottawa states that
ithe demand  In  New  Zealand  for Ca-
nadlan furniture, motor curs and ear- |
riages is on the increase, but there Isi
a complaint about delay in filling or- i
ders. .
Our Ad. on Page 3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Commencing on Thursday morning
all Westminster city cars of the B.C.
E.R, will make the stop at the near
side of paved streets and far sides of
unpaved   thoroughfares.
Sikhs   Fined.
Pollce   Magistrate   Harth   fined  two
SiKhs in the Fraser Mills police court
last  week $5    and    costs    for    being
drunk and disorderly.
Money  to  loan  on
improved city   and
S per cent.   Alfred W
first mortgages,
farm property
Mcl.eod. (1671)
Varying the class of offence agains'
the motor law. the owner of a motor
car was fined %'in and costs bv Polict
Magistrate Edmonds yesterday for
exceeding the speed limits ill the city
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.    I'hone 515.      (1675)
A fine crop of hay awaits some favored citizen, for the grass on Albert
Crescent has just been cut. The work
was started on Monday and was completed y.-sterday, a bosre and large
mower being used.
A magnificent production dealing
with the life of Mary Stuart, Queen
of France and Scotland, will be shown
at the Edison today.
George Richards, a Victoria man,
was sentenced yesterday In the police
court to three months hard labor for
passing a worthless cheque on JOBt-ph
Mayers, coal merchant,
Eagle engines are built by the
Standard Company, and are known
for reliability, durability and economv.
v supply of a new typo of fenders
expected to arrive for the B. C.
E. R. during the next few days from
Minneapolis. These were ordered by
the company several months ago.
For everything electrical Bee \Xe*.
Day. liouse wiring aud coiiduit work
a specialty. 1672)
Another party of Indians came Into
the city yesterday to be tn readiness
for the opening of (he Fraser river
canneries. These erected their tents
Front streel in front of the city
market beside those of other Indians
who arrived on Monday.
Save time, trouble and money when
buying gas engines. See Jack Insley.
of the Standard Supply and Engine
Company, lii  Begbie streel.        (1694)
Fraser Mills Council Put Several
Tin- Fraser Mills municipal council
met on Monday evening and finally
passed the streets bylaw, dog license,
redes 1 <��� use and animals restraint
bylaws. The procedure bylaw was
put through the committee stage and
will come up at next meeting for reconsideration.
The secretary was instructed to
write the C. P. R. authorities with a
request not to obstruct the tracks
passing through the main street with
cars, between the hours of 6 and 7
a.m., and thus impede the operatives
hurrying  to  work.
Motorman on Track Jumping Car Puts
Up $8000.
Motorman F. J. Allan, who was arrested by the Vancouver police earlv
yesterday morning, following the accident to the llurnaby Lake car running into Vancouver, was released on
$8000 bail in  police  court  yesterday.
Allan was running the car v hich
crashed into the building on lhe north
side of Venabies slreet and Commercial Arive and, according to 'he police.
a whisky flask was found In the Trout
vestibule immediately following the
I Continued from page onei
regiment of  F-ssilitjrs  with  headquar*
ters in this city.
Mr.     Henderson's    new    post    will
mean his travelling    throughout    the
four   presbytfixS Westminster,   Vic-1
torla, Kamloops nnd Kootenay, taking j
up  social   pyvblyjus.. ami   also  having j
charge  of
IPMlala work
O  i.
The   News   yester- ,
said    that    his
Sluicing  Completed  at the  Pitt  Lake
The sluicing of the big dam at Co-,
quitlam lake was completed yesterday
and  all  that  remains to  be  done    is
the facing work on the slopes of the
dam and machinery installation.   The
whole scheme is expected to be finish-:
ed in two months.
The occasion  of the completion  of
tho work was celebrated on Saturday
evening  by a concert and  dance and
presentations to    Fleming    Itamsnur.
the Vancouver Power company's resident    engineer,    Mrs.    llaniaaur    and
Master Jack Ramsaur.
.     (.1.    R. It. Conway,    chief    engineer,
land MessrB. lllundell, iirown and Harvey, London directors of the company,
and  lt.  Strouach,  Dominion    resident
engineer,    were    present,    and    were
among those who eulogized the excel-
lent services of Mr.  Ramsaur in the
work at the dam.
Conductor John
was on the car at
the most seriously
leave tlle hospital
turned to his home in this cily. Contrary to first reports of the accident,
Phillips' arm was not broken, but he
sustained several bruises on the arms
and head.
B. C. E. U. officials, while somewhat
reticent about the affair, report that
the damage to the car is only slight
and that little difficulty was encountered in dragging it back to its
position on the track.
Allan, the motorman. will appear ln
Vancouver police court next Tuesday
Interviewed "L
:day,    Mr. Hcn.clpxiyu
I severing his connection with St. Andrew's was a h.ird srrqi lu lake, but his
i new post will not.    uo an    his    losin;
track of this cily. by any means and
Ibis  new residence,  which  will  be    at
'Vancouver,  will  allow   hlm    to    visit
C. Phillips,    who! here    and    keep    in  touch  will    his
the time anil was  friends in the Royal City.
luirt. was able to (	
yesterday and re
C, A. DOGERT, General Manaper.
Capital paid up
Reserve Fund
Totul Audi    -
$5, OOO, OCO
Savings Accounts
may be opened In tbe name of two Individuals so that either one
can w.lhdraw and deposit money there.n.
This form of account Is especially convenient for a man a:,d wifs
tr two members ol a family.
Sanitary Inspector Pearce will be-
in to operate the new milk testing
apparatus, which arrived at the city
hall from tbe east a few days ago. According to the- inspector, the machin
is. one nf Hi,, latest in the market and
P. C. Bass Filled up Young Wanderer
and Mother Comes.
P. C, Bass, of tiie local force appear*
to be the boy-finder. It wan only re-
Icently tint he picked up a wanderer
of nine years who had been giving
the police of Vancouver and surrounding territory no little trouble.
Monday evening Constable Bass no-
j tlced
Coquitlam Board Awards Contract
At their meeting yesterday, thr
school board of Coquitlam awarded a
contract to build the new school on
the Port Moody road to Charles M,
Nicholson, New Westminster, at the
sum of $1190.
Two new teachers have been secured for the coming term, Miss Clay ami
MIsb Coulson, and they will be assigned to the ttlue Mountain ami the
' Millside schools.
It was announced that the l'ort Co- |
quitlam school board had not yet paid
the proportionate  share  due  the  Co- I
I quitlam   board,   for   the   school   sites |
taken   over   hy   Ihe   former  upon   the i
division of the old   municipality  into
urban   and   rural   areas.     The   secretary was instructed to bring the matter before the Port Coquitlam trustees
and expedite a settlement.
Tiie report of the medicul officer of
health was read and the suggestions
of several minor improvements In the
sanitary arrangements in the yarda
Making Good  Moros.
Washington,   July   8     Full   reports
of Brigadier General Pershing's cam- j
paign to disarm the Morns, which cul- I
minated in the battle of Bagsak. re- !
celved  at  the war department  today, I
give  accounts of  the  heroic  conduct ]
of  American  troopa.   fighting  iu   the
mountain   fastiuts*   with   savages   al
times   numbering   between   5000   and i
10.COO.    Hand  t.i  hand  conflicts  with:
Moros armed with barongs and spears'
were frequent, in which not a savage
surrendered-, and the encounters were!
ended only by escape or death. Major
('���eneral   Bell,   commanding  the   Philippine   department,   praises   Brigadier
(leneral Pershing and his men warmly, j
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone   473,  Queensborough.
IRAY -- DAVIDSON ��� AT r,16
Fourth street.' * New Westminster,
on the 8th inst., by the Uev. J. S.
Henderson, St. Andrew's Presby.
terlan church. A. W, Gray to Margaret, daughlt r (|f tin- late James
Davidson, of KJrttcaldy, Scotland,
anil of Mrs. Davidson, or New Westminster, H.C. 11717)
youngster dressed In a coat
and overalls wandering around the
'' | streets and, on questioning him, found
d|that his name was Ronald Flack, an
will be a source of help to him in orpharii wh0Be parents
running down the sales of Impure fever a little over a yea
"""1- 'was the story told by the boy
vhose   heart   is   in   the   right
ook   pity  on  the  nipper  am]
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the :
insurance    man.    All  kinds    written. I, j.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
had   died   of
ir ago    That
The  Hassam   Paving  company  are
filling in between the tracks on Front
street,   thus  completing  this  portion I
of the street which has been an eye- |
sore for the past nine months and has ![.','
I been a Bource   if complaint from the
tradesmen affected.
��� found
For   pressed   brick,   fire   clay,   com- i taken
in..n    brick,    cement,    lime,    plaster,  the m
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil. apply I to  thi
to the Ii. c. Transport Co, Ltd. Office   '
to   the   nearest   cafe   where   he
piled ihings good and plenty In front
���of his guest, even going  so far as to
| take up a collection, which amounted
ito a little over one dollar
The boy said he came out from Kngland three yeart ago anil tobi ?u��b a
plausible  Btory    about    living    with
Chinamen,  working nt  odd  jobs, that
position in the West  End  cafe wns
phone 826, wharf phone BSO
for  lum     Tbe  Job  was  to  be
up  yeBterday  morning  and  In
'.-ultimo Pass took the youngster
police  station   where   the  best
blankets were routed out and evry-
Heavy Dynamiting,
Some heavy dynamiting was done
on the 0. N. It. excavation works on
the llurnaby side of the North roail
ypnterday, A huge log blasted In the
operations going on tliere, was hurled
200 yards away on to Councillor Atkins' veranda on tbe Coquitlam side of
the road and broke two rafters. The
highway was strewn with rubbish and
at one part several large pieces of tree
stumps were lying on the side of the
road yesterday evening.
No Action Yet.
It is not likely that any legal notion will be taken at present, by the
Indignant ratepayers of Coquitlam
who sought to lay an Injunction upon
the municipal council prohibiting them
from completing tin- purchase of the
property In Maillardville for tbe pur-
noscs of a municipal hall. Sueh i.- the
I latest intelligence from the seat of
civic   wa.
loved husband of Haitie Standish,
at his home on Douglas road. Bur
naby, on July 7. after a long illness.
Aged 61.
Funeral on Wednesday afternoon
from the Olivot Baptist church at 2
o'clock. 117% i
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Throughout  the   Province   of   British   Columbia.
b    Deposits of One Dollar and
highest current rale paid or
Savings Department at all Branch!
upwards received and interest at the
credltee1 half yearly.
Drafts  ar.d  Travellers' Cheques sold,  payable tn  all  parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
Boundary Bay
Mapl?  Ileach   Park,    being    a  subdivision   of   the   historic   old   Whalen
estate    on     Boundary     Bay.    is    at
last on the market ln 50x100 feet lots
fronting broad  streets and  with  perpetual   beach     privileges.     This   has
been the camp ground for scores   of
local  people for yearn.    The lots are
selling   fast,   many   people   procuring
thu  locations   they   had  occupied    as
'.tenants   tor   yeara.     Prices  t22H   and
j upwards, easy lerniB.    Sole agents,
. 700 Columbia Street, City.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Westminster.
Sinper   S-winq   Machines,     Snail   Musical  Goods  of  aM  Kinds.   PHONE  60*.
Residence Y. W, C. A.        Phone 1324.
Fresh Plums 2 lbs. fir 26c
Fresh Peaches 2 lbs. for 26C
Ripe Tomatoes, per Ib 2!,c.
Ripe Bananas, per dozen   80c
Fresh Strawberries... .2 Iioxoh for 26c
Fresh Cod and Halibut..2 lbs. for 2.1c
lied Spring Salmon, per Ib.
Smoked   Halibut   2  lbs,  for
Thrc,. Indians anil four whin- men {
wire landed in the tolls by the police
last evening, all charged with drunkenness. One white man was also arrested charged with supplying two of
the Indians with Drewater, They will
have a hearing before Magistrate Edmonds this morning.
Chautauqua headquarters are a1
Tidy's old stand, 739 Columbia streel.
This is the only place In town  where
season tickets can be obtained besides
the Moose home. These tickets are
selling for |2.5o until Thursday night.
Friday morning these headquarters
will be moved io the tent on Albert
Crescent and tickets will cost $:i 00.
i ir,74i I thing fitted
I the  station.
up In  the  speci.il  cell  at
Imagine   Puss'  surprise   yesterday
evening when reporting for duty to
find that Flack's mother hail "tune in
from Soulh Vancouver to claim her
lost hope. He had been missing sinci
Sunday afternoon and the Vancouver
anil South Vancouver police bail beet,
searching for him  since then.
Railroads   and   Trainmen   at   Daggers
This spa.*.* is too small lo specify
tur complete lines for your use and
comfort. Uaihiug Caps, Tlnnios
bottles. Crape, Lime, Lemon, Rasp-
l-��rry Juice, Pace Cream, Mosquito
Powder, Talcum, are in pan what we
have. Safe lo say we have the best
Stock in thu city.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43:   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
k.       New Westminster. B. C.
The double track on the Sapperton
line in front of the asylum grounds on
ihe hill is now complete, The remaining portion to tin switch opposite the
Brunette mills runs opposite the penitentiary property and will be under
taken by the Dominion government, ii
, is expected, soon.
We make awnings, tents and sails.
| renovate carpets and draperies, remake and repollsh furniture, manu
Ifacture cedar dress und waist boxes,
window seats and do all kinds of
upholstery work in leather or tapestry. We are the largest makers of
draperies ami In-
Estimates given.
window   shades,
tnrlor    hangings.
I.ees Limited.
The Sunday school children of    St.
Mary's  church,  Sapperton,   and   their
���friends will hold thejr annual picnic
New York, July S Pence overtures
censed today between 45 caster:: railroads anil 100,000 members of the Order of Railway Conductors and thi
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen af
��� 1711) Iter the employees' representatives in
conference with the railroad managers announced lhal 0-1 per cenl of thi
men had voted to strike for Increaser"
wages Final action on the proposed
tie-up remains with the general com
mlttee of 1000 of the conductors' and
trainmen's organizations. A in..-ting
has been called for Sunday.
It is the unanimous opinion In op
crating circles that lhe strike vote
will be ratified unless the c impanles
offer lo pay higher wages or agree to
submit the dispute to arbltratli n
During the negotiations today the
Erie railroad and Its two subsidiaries,
the New- Jersey and New Vork, and
the New York, Susquehanna & Western, Withdrew, leaving 42 mails In
the conference. The Erie system
claims that the increase demanded
represents an annual cosi to the three
roads of $1,200,000 und that the system in paying this sum would suffer
in safety appliauces and equipment.
't-111-is bv the Miic.
Washington, July 8, A new print
ing. gumming and perforating machine
in the bureau of engraving and printing turns out a mile of finished posl
age stamps every  live minutes.
A Mo'-ical Spy.
iii Pai i. Ti v , Juij 8, I F. Muench
a German-American musician of
Tern- Haute, lnd, lately from San
Ant.min, Tct., lias been captured by
federal soldiers In Juari-7.. who sus
pect him of being a spy. The American Is said by federals tn have mail"
some sketches of Juarez and environs
Mayor I'ru-' Bald late tonight lhat he
would  Investigate the case tomorrow.
AU these Interested In the
Annual Citizens' Excursion are
requested to attend a meeting
i'i the Conservative club
Rooms, Columbia su-eet. Wednesday evening, July 9, 1913, lit
8 o'clock.
I). K.
(Successor to Ayling
447  Columbia St.
& Swain.)
Phone 98.
Suits to  your
order and sat-
P. Burns & Co. Ltd. isf action.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St,
1200, 1201, 1202.
Sapperton Market, Phone 1204.
Eighth St. Market, Phone 1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone   L883.
High   Class
Ladles   and
401   Columbia   St-
Take advantage of the Business  Man's Train    and
home at Crescent Beach (Blackie Spit) ior the summer
Train leaves at 6:30 p.m. dally, on and after June 15,
tlie  morning  in   time  fur  business.    Crescent    Beach    :
make    your
returning In
ffortls    Ideal
conditions  for  summer homes, combining  Ihe  best  of   bathing,   boat
Ing at all stages of the tide together with fine boach.    Artesian veil
water to all residents.    Let us show you tills property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1M1.
Ji   We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers-   Liability,
 ..        Marin* Insurant-*,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SA1CI1DAYS���15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 545 a.m.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
BUNDAYS���6, 7, 7 :i0 8 and
8..10 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car ut midnight.
For Vancouver via
HKOUI.AR  SErtVICK-5.45 and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m��� with  lato  car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until   10   p.m.   with   lain  car  at
For Vancouver via
and every
WEEKDAY8   7 a.m.
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS   S a.m.    and
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Ib made at
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS-fl.15 a.m.,  1.10 and
c.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.
Automobile  and


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