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The New Westminster News Jan 26, 1914

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. ���       * ��� <��� -'�����,���;.
r.SB v*
VO^'ME 8, NUMBER 271.
Project to Be Taken up Wilh Canadian and United States
Governments���Would Cost Between Two and Three
Hundred Million Dollars���Several Routes Mentioned,
But That via St. Lawrence River Favored.
of the  most ardent advocates of
the   projoot.     He   said   recently:
"it  does   not  require  an   economist
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  nor an expert traffic man to show the
a   deep   waterway   for  ocean j economy   which   would   result   to   the
Washington, .Ian. 25.    A project for one
tbe'joint   construction  by  tin* govern
incuts uf the  United  States and Can
ada   of
Efforts to Obtain Confession   of   Murder   from
Druggist Fail.
���Wny   Did   You   Murder   Me?'
Ghost in Darkened Room-
Trial Today.
Lack of Funds, Intrigue and John   Redmond  Says,  Bar
Defeat Fail to Crush Accidents, Measure Will
His Spirit.
Be Passed.
Despite   All   Obstacles   Says   He   Will   If Any Changes Are Made Will Be to
Dominate  Situation  in Three Purchase the Good Will of
going steamers from  Montreal to Du- stupenduous   Industry   of  the   middle
Ited  wett ��t the I'nited States and Canada
luiii, Minn., has been inaugura
through the international joint com-
mission which has jurisdiction over
tin* boundary waters of the two countries.
The discussion was instituted us a
result of tiie recent conference in
Washington in which Secretary Bryan,
Chairman .las. A. Tawney of the Am*
erlcan section of the international
commissi! *, and Senator Townsend
of Mlcliigan participated. It was arranged that ihe matter should be taken
iijj first with tin* Canadian government through lhe commission. Chair-
many Tawney will confer soon with
T. Chaa. I'aFgrain. K.C., chairman
in  Canadian section.
! he project for ir.i ocean waterway
' mu the head uf navigation on Lake
Superior to the Atlantic has been ai;i-
tati 1 for many years. It was considered seriously ai ihe time when Presi*
dent Taft entered into reciprocity ne-
gotlatii DC  with  Canada.
���   Several Rcutes.
Si vi ral routes have been proposed
for tin waterway, the cost of which
is estimated from one hundred to
three hundred million dollars but the
if the burdens of re-shipment were removed and cargoes could be loaded at
lake ports and unloaded at the ultimate destination.
"This benefit would be increased by
the similar advantages resulting to
In-bound freight rates from tin* Atlantic coast and from foreign ports
tut these benefits coming directly
trom the actual use of the ocean waterway would not be the only ones
enjoyed by industry. Such a waterway would produce the result which
has followed the creation of water
transportation, namely, it wili cause a
reduction of rail rates and an improve-
I.os Angeles, Jan. 25.���The "third | Mexico City, Jan. 25. i'resident
degree" with a "ghost" as the central 'Huerta betravs no sign of yielding, al-
figure,   was  applied  by arresting offi-' fa   ,   cognizam 0I tllB ,ncreaBe
cers in an attempt    to   ootain    from .     ,
John  II. Orondin, a young druggist, a   n ,he Strength of his enemies intrigu-
confession to the murder of his wife. llnS  w"hin  the capital,  and  those
of ment of rail facilities from all points t&l\ml to move lilm or to obtain from
,,n even remotely competitive rail him th * .lightest admission of guilt.
lines" '    <'ro|*uin.  who    was    charged
Three Obstacles.
Senator Townsend 	
obstacles to the realization of th's
project. The railroads will oppose it,
the Internationa] complications will
have to he met and the cost necessarily will he so great as to make its
realization difficult.
The   senator   believes   that,   if   the
j having  poisoned his  wife    and    with
recognizes three having attempted to establish that she
killed herself by inhaling gas, was
said by lhe police to have tried once
before, while living in Portland,
Maine, to kill his wife, but for some
reason had been afraid to complete
the act and had resuscitated her.
Declared  Suicide.
Waterford, Ireland, Jan. 25.������- "Every
sane man knows that, bar accidents,
the home rule bill will be the law of
the land this year," John E. Red;
mond,   leader  of   the   Irish   National-
ability  to procure money and  is con- |lstB'    "88erte<--     "e1"���    a��   immense
lhat fronted  with Washington's determina- gathering here today.   "If any change
tion that he must retire from Mexican I is made  in   the  home  rule bill."  Mr.
affairs, j Redmond  continued,  "it  will  only  be
Personal and political friends and to buy the good will of our opponents,
the highest officials of the Catholic, But I say frankly that I see no pros-
church in Mexico, who have been en- tpfccts of their good will being
deavoring by methods for the most
part discreetly indirect to bring about
his elimination, are seemingly cfinvinc*
ed tonight that they have failed.
Huerta  Optimistic.
General Huerta talks optimistically
of the outlook, displays pride in the
size of his army, which he estimates
as considerably more than 100,000 and
appears to believe that in spite cf all
obstacles and reverses he will be able
lo dominate the situation within three
months. It is conceded here that ex-
Minister Flores  Magon  has failed  in
his mission to Mr Und at Vera Cruz, ,   b ,
and that the United States wlll listen !jury [0 the cause
Delegates Arrive to Attend
Sessions���Continue   All
Zelia, according: to" a'statement" made itl?<r..field'    He  is   handcapped   by   in-
public today by his attorneys.
Grondin's counsel declared
shortly aft.r he was arrested last I
night, iie was taken by detectives In i
a darkened rcom where a "gl.ost" I
soon appeared and demanded In !
gloomy tones. "Why did you murder i
me ?" I
His attorneys said they considered
such method outrageous,  but at    the i
same Ume    positive    proof    cf    their
client's innocence    as    the    shadowy
form  and   the  dismal question   alike
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ purchased at any price. That good will
is worth purchasing at a big price,
but any change in the bill should be
consistent with the unity of Ireland.
There are no lengths short of abandonment of the principles you and I
hold to which I would not go to win
the confidence of the men cf lister."
Referring to William O'Brien's
resignation from bis seat in Cork,
Mr. Redrncnd asked his supporters to
refrain from contesting the seat, declaring that a fight between two professed    Nationalists    at    the    present
Call First Meeting to Order
at 10 O'clock���Addresses
of Welcome.
question   were   properly
government   of   Canada
handled   the
i ne most favored In the I nlted States could be persuaded to join in the move-
provides for the utilization of all the ment tin* burden of cost to be shared
lakes and the Si. Lawrence river. This nn the basis of proportionate been-
Voute, it is contended, would not re- fits accruing to each country,
suit in any material lowering cf the t'ntii tho governments were actu-
waters ol the Great Lakes, while it ally agreed on this project Senator
is said a considerable change in the Townsend believes It would be wise
i ike !< v *'s would result if any of the for the tinted States to plan every
othi r proposed routes were decided
Economy Would Result.
. ��� -iati  ���   Townsend   if   Michigan   is
When Mrs. Gremlin's body was
found dead Octobr 30 last, Grondin
made public a note he said had been
written by his wife and left as an ex-
to no proposition short of the unconditional elimination of Huerta.
Treasury Empty.
No one���not even President Huerta
-attempts  to  disguise  the  fact  that
the   Mexican   treasury   is   practically
Mr. O'Brien resigned liis seat in I
parliament a week ago in answer to a
challenge issued by Augustine Roche,
M. P. for North Louth, to test the
strength cf his following. He assert-
In the capitkl" the government ed his readiness to meet any member
of the Irish party from John Redmond
down,  as  the  opposing  candidate,  to
The fourth annual convention of the
B. C. Federation of Labor will get under way in New Westminster this
morning in what is e.vpected to be an
epoch-maker in the history of labor
movements in the province. Saturday
and yesterday delegates from all portions of the province began arriving,
while the Victoria, Vancouver island
and Vancouver contingents are due
to arrive early this morning in time
for the opening session .
Owing to the large seating accommodation being required the commute* in charge have obtained Eagles'
hall for the week where the daily sessions will be held.
At 10 o'clock this morning President
|D. S. Cameron of the New Westminster Trades and Labor council will take
ithe chair and will welcome the visit-
jing delegates on behalf of organized
| labor in this city. Mr. Cameron will
|be followed by Mayor A. W. Gray,
i who will present a civic welcome. Ad-
,dresses by School Trustee R. A. Stoney
and Alderman Walter Dodd will then
Co-operative Society.
j    Thomas Turnbull will make a brief
address on the work of t'.ie Co-opera-
tive  society   and  what has  been   ac-
planation  oi   her alleged  suicide.    It  payrolls are being liquidated with rea-
coiiliii.icd   an   admission   of   Infidelity   sonable promptness, but It Is uo secret
and Cue hope t'.iat ha would be happy  that, the diplomatic representatives and decide whether the home rule bill as cc,mpHshed by the local organization.
with  the  "woman  who    truly    loved .consols  abroad   In   many   cases   have,'1' "ow  stands  is acceptable    to    the 1    The chair will then be turned over
him." |not been paid for weeks and that the Irish people.
harbor improvement on the Great
Lakes with a view to the ultimate
construction cf a 35 foot channel from
Duluth to Montreal
international Demonstration
to Force Retirement of
Essad Pasha.
Will Control the Canal Zone and May
Later Oo to  Alaska to  Superintend Railway Construction.
Washington, Jan. 25, Colonel
George W, Goethals will be made civil
governor cf the canal zone and when
he gets  through  with  his work  there
  an effort  will be mad? to get him to
waters io enforce their demands that supetmtend   the   construction   of  the
Mssad Pasha give up his claim to the proposed Alaskan railways.
London. Jan. 25. The powers of
Europe have decided upon an international    demonstration    in  Albanian
HaildwrlUflg experts asserted
i writing in the note was a forgery aud
; their assertion, ccupled with the arrival li om Watervtlle, Maine, of a
I wealthy young widow in whom Grondin was said to be interested, caused
Ithe exhumation of Mrs. Grondin's
i body, although a coroner's J .:'..' had
declared her a suicide.
Found Poison.
Pathologists   reported   vest  rday   on
their  examination   of   Mrs.   Grondin's
Vital   organs,   stating  they  had   found
| poison  in   the  mud.    Grondin's arrest
J followed.  He  will be arraigned tomorrow,  when  the time for him to plead
to the charge of murder will be fixed,
Mrs.  Grondin   was  the  daughter of
Gi urge Daviau, a druggist of Water-
jville.   where    she     married     Grondin
w'heu In* was 21 years old. Mr. Daviau
engaged     attorneys     and     detectives
shortlj   after liis  daughter's death  to
make an  Investigation.    He also was
said to have furnished the authorities
In iv    with     information    concerning
Qroudlu'S  alleged  attempt to  kill his
wife  In   Portland,  Maine,  last  year.
the j troops   outside   the   capital   often   re-
ceive their pay long after it is due
In most cases these funds are derived
from local sources, some time,s tiey
are from forced loans levied on the
inhabitants where tbe troops happen
to  be stationed.
Extra   Taxes.
j    Extraordinary taxes are being levied
in the capital as well as outside points
and there are rumors that other decrees are soon to be issued that will
exact still greater tribute from the
There is little change of importance
since last week in the military situation  and  the  residents of the  capital ' 	
are expecting that the rebel chief Gen-      _,, . ���,     _ .    T
eral   Villa,  who  has  appeared  outside      Ottawa,     Jan.     25.���One     of     Lord
of Terreon, will reach here at an early  Strathcona's very recent benefactions.
date.    One of the disquieting develop-1showing the deep interest  he took in
meats has been the increased number Canadian  bovhood,  was  a  promise  io
of   the   rebel   bands   between   Orizaba
Took   Great   Interest   in   Scout   Move
n-ent   and  Contributed   Large
)to President Seivertz of Victoria who
will call  for the regular business.
Recognition cards have been received tor 130 delegates and it is expected
that practically all of this number
will be in attendance by Tuesday eve-
On   Thursday   evening   the   local
rades and Labor council have ar-
1 ranged for a smoker to be held in
! Eagles' hall in which local musical talent and speechmaking will be in order.
| Just bow long the session will prolong has not been decided but an adjournment before Kriday or perhaps
ISaturday morning is not expected
( Tiie sessions will be open to tiie
and   Vera Cruz,  and  south  as  far  as
the isthmus of Tehuantepec.
Of COPPfRflflD
throne of  Albania.    Each  nation   will
bend om* ship to Durazzo.
This action is also taken as an Intimation to Turkey that the future of
Albania   is  now  a  European  question.
In the event of Essad Pasha yielding
before the ai'rlval at Durazzo of the
inti rnatlonal fleet it is possible the
ships   will   be   utilized     to     welcome  petted  here
Prince William of Wiede who has been  .it a banquet	
selected   by  the  European  nations  lo  will talk with President Wilson about Court Clerk K. Lamond and two con-
occupy the Albanian throne. the status of Colonel Goethals
The* demand of the prince for a loan  believed the president will tell	
with   which  to  finance  Mi'ciiel   that he  Is  strongly  desirous  be made within the next few days,
of  keeping Colonel  Goethals,  so  that      The agreement between the munici
his  engineering ability   may not    be Pal*t>' and Wood, Gundy and company
This was the opinion expressed by
several persens close to the admlnls-1 South Vancouver. Jan. 25.���Pollow-
tratlou today in commenting on re- ing tm, recent upheaval at the muni-
ports thai the chief engineer - event- cipai elections, the council vesterdav
ually would become*, commissioner of decided to dispense with the services
police of New York city. of   chief  of   Police  Jackson.   Auditor
Mayor Mitcbel, of New York, is ex- M.    .1.    Orphan.    Building    Inspector
on  Wednesday  to  speak Young,  Plumbing Inspector Thurston,
and it is likely that he Municipal  Electrician Rawden, Police
about Court Clerk K. Lamond ai
It  is stables recently appointed.    An amal
Mayor gamation of several departments is to
Governor Orders  Town to
Be   Disincorporated���
Martial Law.
of $16,000,000 with which to
his administration of the new state
has now been agreed to by the powers
so that the reason for delaying his assumption of soverlgnty has been removed.
lost to the United Slates government.
The president, It became known to-
day, bus from the beginning favored
the f. e-man plan of government, for
thr canal zone as proposed by Colonel
Goethe.���=. in opposition to the suggestion of a cablegram,
Secretary Garrison has agreed, and
it wns stated authoritatively today
thai the administration has intended
from the tirst to name Colonel Goethals ns the lirst civil governor,
financial agents, was cancelled, although tho council intends to still
deal With the eastern financiers in the
matter of debenture sales.
Towns   in   North   Rise
Arms Against Government.
Trouble   Located   at   Essondale   After
Bering Tunnel  100  Feet���Temporary Repairs.
Afli.l several weeks work boring a
tunnel Lowards the leal? in the li-inch
water main passing through the
I. sondaie farm, government workmen
yi sterday made temporary repairs
which will be chnngi il to a permanent  nature before the  week is out.
The tunnel had to be bored a distance of Kill feet where it was dis
���revered that the had packing in the
big main had blown Out at a Joint and
the hole had been enlarged by erosion.
An all-night shift was placed on the
work Saturday, while the repair gang
San Francisco, Jan. 26���Rabbi Jacob
Nlcfco.    addressing    the  congregation
Sherith Israel today warmly commend-!
ed tbe tango and kindred dances and
rouiidlv scored those  who condemned
them. |
"The old padres in the early days I
of the California missions were wise
men," he said. /'Every Sunday after-;
iioon they let lhe people dance and
.Watched them while they did bd. ln
Ithe middle ages Ihe Jewish rabbis had
the young people dance every Saturday
afternoon In the presence of the par-
jents and  all  enjoyed  it.
"What we need is more common
sense and less theology. In the
temples of India today young women
dance entirely nude. Nobody thinks
of it
Prees Gallery  Meeting.
(Rtawa. Jan. 25.    The parliamentary |
press gallery  had  its annual  meeting*
on Saturday and elected the following
officers:  President J. A. Portin; vice-1
presidents, L. A. Patrie and \V. A. Da-
fot,   Montreal   Telegraph;     secretary,
Arthur Ford, Toronto News; executive,
committee.     E,     W.   Grange,  Toronto,
Globe;   James  Muir, Ottawa Journal; |
M.   Chisholm,   Winnipeg   Free
A.   It.   Hannay,   Ottawa   Free j
and Geo.  Pellctier.  Le  Devoir. |
11. E.
$25,000 LOSS IN
Port au Prince, Jan. 25.���The revo- Ways had faith that under proper or
utionary movement in tlaytl grows ^auization and management the move-
tronger day by day. All the towns In ment could not fail to be of the utile north are In arms against the n)0st value both to the boys them-
government and several of the most Belvcs, but to the mother country and
important points have been captured the empire. The present position of
by the revolutionists. thi   Boy  Scouts' association    in    the
In the south Petit Qoavl, on the i:,,:teii Kingdom, in Canada and in
north shore of the southwestern pen- 0uu,r dominions beyond the seas,
insula and Miragoane on the south shows- tow wisely General Baden-
coast of the Pay of Gonalves, 50 miles Powell judged of the outcome of tbe
from Port au Prince have joined the project."
movement. ,  .���. . __
The situation at Port au Prince is |
tranquil. The I'nited States armored J
cruiser Montana arrived today in Hay-,
tien waters, and the German cruiser i
Vineta  is expected  at  an  early   datfei |
There  are  two  aspirants    for    the |
presidency   among   the   revolutionists, I
Senor  Davllmor  Theodore,  who  i ii iti-1
ated  the present revolution and  General Bevilard, who is in command in
the  north.    The  president of  t'.ie  re-1
public, Michael Oresta, had practically
decided to abdicate, turning the executive  power over to General  Bevilard
but today Senor Theodore proclaimed
himself  chief   of   the   revolution   and
President  Oresta then  announced  his
determination with the support of the
chambers to offer every resistance in
his power.
contribute $5000 a year for three years
to a fund  being raised  to permit  the
appointment of a  Dominion  secretary j
t3 travel through Canada and organize.
His   lordship's   offer   was   conditional
on   the   raising   of  an   equal   amount
from other sources.    A  passage from
Lord  Strathcona's  letter  on  the  sub-j
ject reads:
"On the initiation of the Boy Scouts i
movement some years, back by General j
Robert Baden-Powell (now Sir Robert |
Baden-Powell)     he    consulted   me  on 	
the subject and as he found it impos-
ible to procure the necessary means '    Salem.    Ore.,    Jan.    25.���Governor
of proceeding with  the project owing   West lias instructed Attorney General
t) the fact that at that time very few  Crawford   to   bring   suit   immediately
bad any belief that it would be a use-  to    disincorporate    Coppcrfield,    th<".
ful  association.  1  was  very happy  to  Baker county village which has been
give him the substantial aid which en-  kept under martial law  for the past
abled hi in  to proceed  with  the work,  three weeks, following the closing of
1 mention this to show that 1 have al- the saloons there by state* forces under command of Miss Fern Hobbs, the
governor's secretary. Simultaneously
with this action Governor West has
notified Mayor Stewart, of Copper*
field, of its commencement and told
tiu mayor that the only way to bring
a halt to lhe dislncorporution proceedings is for the mayor and all other
city Officials to resign forthwith.
"It being established to the satisfaction of this office," says the governor in his letter to Attorney General
Crawford, "that until taken from
them by the military authorities of
the slate, the government of the town
of Copperfleld, Ore., was iu the hands
of a lawless element, which was using charter as a shield for vice and
as a protection against criminal prosecution, I hereby request that your
office kindly take the steps provided
by law In order that the act of incorporation  may be voided."
Fairbanks, Alaska, Jan. 25.���One
man is believed to hav? been killed
today when the Third avenue hotel,
a three storey structure, was destroy-
Montreal Motor Show Opens.
were trapped by the lire last Wednes-
Montreal, Jan. 25.-In the"presence <��������>���   '������ the tunnels where the fumes
of nearly  5000  people. Col.     Hughes, I had    thinned,    crews     pursued     the
minister of militia for the Dominion,'search without using oxygen helmets.
 ' British  Aviator   Killed.
i London, Jan. 25���George L. Temple.
Bingham. Utah. Jan. 26.���Although j British aviator, was killed today while
bulkheads erected in the Boston mine flying at London. He was making a
of the Utah Copper company shut off difficult dive when a gust of wind
part of the workings from smoke and caught the tail of his monoplane and
gas today searching parties, up to a ithe machine crashed to the ground,
late hour tonight, had failed to find ,ihu aviator's neck was broken. He
truce of the two Austrian miners whojwas tho first British aviator to make
worked all of yesterday. .������������.���  ,-���,,,<-,,    ,��� ,.,,    ���  _ ... ^^ ^^^^^
Assistant  Engineer of Public Work3 anything or It,    No viciousness should  ed by lire, with a loss of $25,000. Fire-!on   Saturday   night   formally   opened   So   far,  efforts  to  get   water on   the
Napier, Road Superintendent  Bonson, !]e connected with dancing. j men believe a body is buried In the  the Montreal motor show.    The local  burning timbers in the upper part of
City Engineer Blackmail and Water "The tango danced by cultivated per-, ruins and art* searching for it. Many garrison was well represented and in the shaft, where the tire had Itts
Superintendent Ankers paid a visit to pons is beautifully pleasing; by the|of the guests had narrow escapes and uddition to the entertainment provid- j origin, have failed. It ls believed
tho spot yesterday and formed a plan awkward it appears vulgar; you can'several were Injured. One fireman ed by the show a reception was ten- that several days will elaps? before
whciAby permanent repairs will hi
carried out Immediately.
a flight upside down in this country.
Revise Civil Service Act.
Ottawa, Jan. 25- -A bill for the revision of the civil service act will, it
Is expected, be brought b:forp the
house very shortly. The bill will
establish four instead of three divisions.    The only  divisions    in  which
tike a rellcious ceremony and make It' \was caught under a falling wall and  dered the minister by the officers oilths  smoke  clears  sufficiently   for    a I salaries  are, to be  increased  at
tike a religious coremonj ana main ii*wub >�� a   ^ i       g5(h regiment thorough search to be made. is the third.
l.UU. j j j a j
IHK i\kw wkstmin:
��� 11.-
���>�� >
up G.T.P. officii
Aii Independent morning paper devoted to the Interests of New Wi
tin* Fraser Y.il,. >-.. Published every morning except Sunday by in** National Printing
nml Publishing Company, Limited, al ' ���'��� McKenzIo Street, New Westminster, Hrltish
Columbia. Rolen SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All commuaicatl ins should l<*   addressed to The &ew Westminster News, and not
tn indivldualj)*tembei*s of the staff,
payable in Xb" National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
'I !
-Buslm ss * iffice and Man i -
m. nts i. 991.
SUBSCRIPTION  RATES���By currier, Cl  per
month.  I'-  n  ill, *'��� i" i' year. 2fic per month.
ADVERTISING:   RATES en  application.
Cheques, -i. und money orders should i>*
llslung l'..iii|..-iiiy,
:���:���!'. Editorial Rooms (all depart-
i ar. ?1   tor three months, 40c per |
Montreal    Officials    Receive    Strange
Missive  in  French���Object to
MONDAY   MORNING,  JANUARY   26,   1914.
Montreal, .ia;i. 25. The gem ral
ffic > ��� f the Grand Trunk on McGill
jtreet an* to he blown up in thirty
Jays, according to the terms of a
notice b rved on the company. This
ictici was typewritten in French,
md signed by the "Anti-Blokle French
Canadian Association  of  Montreal."
ii has been observed by this association for some time past." says the
notice, "(hat the Grand Trunk has
been employing large numbers of
'blokles' io the exclusion of good
French-Canadians, cf whom there ar
large numbers available in the city
without having to go outside tor
others.    This  it   deems  an   injury   to
Hise ot Joseph Pulitzer.
Joseph liiliteer was born In the village of Muku. near Budapest in
Hungary, mi April lo. IM 17. Ills father was a Jew, his mother a Christian. At the age of sixteen he emigrated to the United States Ile landed without friends, without money, unable to speak a word of English, He
enlisted Immediately In the First New*
Vurk (Lincoln I cavalry regiment, a
regiment chielly composed of Germans
Mo Scientists In Burglary.
���'Scientific burglary absolutely does
not exist." says M. Xavier Guichard.
one yf the foremost detective authorities of Cnris. And away at one sweep
of official truth vanishes tbe walking
wonder of housebreaking and safe
cracking against whose miraculous
equipment it were vain to set up or
diiiary bolts and liars. Along with the
scientific burglar, too, we may place
in  Ihe gallery  of the nonexistent  the
MONDAY.  JANUARY  26.   1014.
Accountant, Telephone R.447. Room
22 Hart Block.
and in which German was the prevail- I ���������,,���, |,*..|nvnvm..n. the gentleman bur
An Ottawa dispatch says that the federal commission
to look into the causes which have brought about the extreme high cost of living will hold sittings in Winnipeg,
but they may not come any further west. If the government at Ottawa is a government for the whole Dominion,
why not investigate the h.c.o.l. bug all over Canada? Perhaps the folk on Parliament Hill think no inquiry is need-Ithe French-Canadians who are"on" the
ed out here, or it may be that thev consider a probe of con-1**101-  Therefore, \< tin* Grand Trunk
]���.��� , i ,     "      i i ���      .i ��� i       .    i ,���        I Ices   nol   mend   its   ways,   hv   getting
ditions in the east would give us in the occidental section ' ���   ��� B
an   idea   of how we stand.   If they are laboring under
either one of the last two mentioned delusions, it's fully
time they sat up in their easy chairs and took notice. This
is the very part of the country where the h.c.o.l. germ
waxes and grows fat and moreover you can't reach any
conclusions on conditions out here by investigating prices
and rates in Muskoka.
In the past there has been altogether too much of
this special - privilege - for - the-east-and-let-the-west-go-
hang policy served up from the federal capital and in pursuing this line the men who stand for that kind of administration are simply laying up trouble for their section of
the country in time to come. It will not be so very many
years now till Winnipeg will be the centre mark of the
Canadian federation and the preponderance of population and wealth will be found, not east of that point, but
over the prairies and mountains towards the Pacific. If
the east does not mend its way it will leave itself liable to
doses of medicine similar to those it has administered to
the west with such consistency ever since federation and
when the balance of power rests with the provinces lying
towards the setting sun there will not be much heard of
commissions taking evidence in Ontario and Quebec and
stopping at Winnipeg or some other intermediate point.
Everybody seems to be preparing foi- President
Huerta's downfall but that distatorial gentleman himself.
The United States senate has voted a forty million
dollar railway for Alaska, which is just like that much
found money and more to British Columbia.
ing tongue.
Within a year the war ended, inn!
Pulitzer found himself, in common
with hundreds of thousands of others,
out of employment at a time when employment was most difficult to secure.
At this time he was so poor that he
was turned away from French's hotel,
in New York, for I lie lack of BO cents
wilh which to pay for his lied. Twenty years later he bought French's hotel, pulled it down anil erected In lt��
place the Pulitzer building, at thai
time one of the largest business build-
ItlJtS In New York, where he housed
lhe IJ'orld.- Alley ne Ireland In Metropolitan.
P. H. Smith. W. J. liroves,
Work   undertaken    Ir.     city    und    ou'.-ldf
points.    "11-11!    West! ilnster   Trust    Bldi
Phone   3(H.     P.   O.   HoX   607.
rid of the 'blokles,' both in the gen or
al   offices  and   the  shops,   lhe   former j
are to be blown up in thlrtj days.
"And do not think that this is mere
badinage," adds the notice.
"We   mean   business,  and   we   have I
the power to carry  out  our resolves.
trom  which we will not slnink.    The
matter   is   in   Ilie   hands   of   the   com- j
pan}'.   If it complies with our request, j
jood and well; if not. then the threats !
if the association will be made good I
on  the dale mentioned.    We have    a '
duty to perform on behalf of our peo- |
pie.     We   have   noticed   the   way   thi j
company 'has been employing blokles -i
for some time past to our loss, while
it  the same time the company  could
have gel all the men it wanted from]
imong our own here.    We have form- j
d  this association for mutual prdtec- |
lion, against the 'blokie.' and we have !
made our resolve in the premises."
Pen  Picture ot  Lord  Lister.
In   Ur.   Wrench's  biography  of   Lord
Lister,    lhe   discoverer   of   antiseptic
treatment of wounds, tbe author says
of the great surgeon:
"He was ever gentle, eoiirleiius and
linn Trying as are the exactions and
responsibilities of un Important surgical post. I.lster was never known to
speak n sharp word to house surgeon,
dresser or any one in his service. His
sclent!He spirit and discovery attracted
(he curiosity of the students and young
graduates of Edinburgh; his personal
nobility won their hearts; Ids art of
winning llielr loyalty was by inspiring
enthusiasm and giving encouragement.
'Often in the middle of n trying operation.' wrote one of tils pupils, ii gentle
n smile bestowed on us young student**
when we were honestly trying to do
our best us assistants was most en*
conraglllg.' Many of the students
afterward confessed that their contact
with lister was tin* hest aud purest
inlluence of  their  lives."
In the language of the poet, we had a fall of the beautiful on Saturday, but in the common talk of the street,
the week-end brought with it some doggone, sloppy
.       tma^B
"Don't you find it  very louesoroe In
the   city?     You   didn't   know   n   soul
'when  ,\ou   went  there,  and  city  folks
are not  like  villagers.    They  nre not
much   mi   tin*   dropping   in.   1    have
".No. Indeed; we have many callers."
"What, so soon?"
^^^^^^^^P^-^P^^^^^^^^^��� ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      "Well. see w*> bought eer fiirnl-
. ,.        ,     ,, . , ���..,, /, ,,      tr        I ture and fixings from about a dozen
According to the waterworks committee of the van- different installment bouses."
couver city council, Burnaby has been running a sort of a * 	
blind pig in the water business in selling sky juice to South I  .,_,        ,jhe R"Eon-
-. *   �� ��       ��� ���   J "They say that couteulment is better
Vancouver. \uu\n   Krea<t   rlcbes.    1    wonder   who
��������������� ' knows nbout It'.*"
It takes a strenuous man to be premier of Austria-1   "^ ��' l^��"
Hungary.   When he isn't busy throwing opposition depu
ties out of the house of parliament, they're busy challenging him to fight duels.
This is the dav the labor men gather in the city for
their annual confab. Here's hoping they enjoy themselves and do a lot of good business for themselves and
"There are inure people who can gel
the   conteuiment   than   can    get   the
riches "
Easiest Thing You Know,
"Yon   simply   caui   persuade   some
���Oh. pshaw!"
"It-* a  fact     Some of theni are Ibe
ronirarlpst  things alive."
"Did you ever try lo persuade them
| thut lliey are smart and handsomer"
The old country supporter of the Gaelic tongue says
that the continual speaking of English deforms the mouth. I    ���      Th�� ?r>��^ -���*������*.
.... ,   ,   *,    *     j      _ ,*, ,, *,  ,i ,        ,, fie bad ii scheme to uiake a  mil
Of course, a lot depends on the mouth and then too there; 1U)11 ������
nre different kinds of English. !   "Then why did you break away si
Music is n job lot uf vibrations fur
|   nished   to   hotels  and   restaurants   for
I  the purpose of adding to the discom-'
I  fort of the guests.    Music Is also used
i  for other purposes.    It comes in plunus, ���
harps    and    organs    and    sometimes,
| though   rarely,  iu   human   beings  and
phonographs.   Babies often furnish mil-
��� sic when least expected  I at  hours'
!  not always approved of by respectable
Music :it one time was culled a heav
!  enly   inn lit      But   she   \*   noW'   mostly
clothed   in   ragtime   and   is   known   as
'���  flossy.     In  short,   music  has  rtiu  the,
1  scale from classic to classy
I.Ike eggs and other historic back ,
j numbers, music Is now kept In cold j
{.forage and comes In reels and cans.
Handmade music Is gradually being
superseded by lhe factory made article
At one time music, singular as it
may seem, was u-od to make music.
Now it ls used to make u noise.���Life
Worth Looking At.
A man who was soipetblng of n gourmet ordered a dinner for himself and
his parly which, from the menu, should
have been very palatable, but apparently il was not so Course succeeded course, and toward lhe end of the
meal the host could restrain himself
no longer, lie called up Ibe waiter
and'expostulated "' ordered a good
dinner, and we have wailed patiently
for some satisfactory dish The soup
was n ful I ll re, the fish was a dlsap
point inent, the entree uneatable, and I
j am sorry lo tell you that during the
i whole dinner tlicit- has been nothing
\ worth looking at " The waiter looked
��� troubled for an Instant, aud then
brightening Up, said. **lf yon wait a
moment, sir, I will bring yon the bill "
|  -Chicago News.
glar.  the Arsene Lupins und all  their ,
class of gallant. Indomitable offenders. ;
"What people do not realize." M*
Guichard continues, "is that burglars
belong lo an inferior grade of humanity and are very seldom intelligent."
Plain fads of record have shown
over and over that a career of crime
does not pay. Nor does it appeal to
the intellect. A man with brains
enough to be a sctentllie burglar would
make an easier anil better living without risks in some honest line As for
the romance of crime, it esists only
In books, and the man who writes
ubout it knows better than to seek It
through experience.���New York World.
A Way to Woo Sleep.
The following method is described
us one winch Is illlliosl certain to woo
slumber with success On going to
bed you assume a comfortable attitude Iii Which every muscle is relaxed,
Put not the attitude In which you are
accustomed to go to sleep. I bough
something resembling it. Every movement, coughing, yuwulllg, is strictly
repressed, especially the desire to turn
over. The same attitude is maintained
without change, constantly resisting
the lunging to move or turn over.
As a  rule,  by  the end of  fifteen or j
twenty  minutes of this persistent main- j
tenance of the same altitude you  wlll
find yourself growing very drowsy, and i
then,  just  as   the  desire  to  turn  over I
becomes absolutely uncontrollable, yon
turn with the least possible ellort and
assume the position  In  which you  ha   j
bltunlly go lo sleep, and natural sleep
follows at  once.    This  method, it  is |
claimed,  seldom   falls  and  should   be I
given a thorough trial, at least before j
resorting to a drug lo bring sleep.
aut, 3'JG Westminster 'liusi bulldinfj
Phone  128'. i 2i 3 I i
ating Engineers, Local Sill, nieeis in
Labor Temple every tirst and third
Thursday of the month. II. Mei.uniilin,
president:  W. C. Saunders,    secretary,
I'.  I).   Hex  528.
B. * P. O. of Hlk!** of tin* l>. of C, met.
Hit- first nml third Thursday at ti p. ra.
K. of p. Hull. Eighth street. A Wells
liruy. Exalted Hult-r; P. H. Smith, BeO*
ii   i)   M , Nl i   K54
nnd  third  Tursdni
P    i i.   ,n   He    Lai
i .* amy,  dictator.
In ry.
in  ..!.:���  month  al
or    Temple.     II
VV.   *'-   Groves,   si
1. O. O. K. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Thn
regular meeting of Amity lodge Na
it. I. O. O I*'.. I" hclil every Monde*
Dtghl nt ��. o'clock In Odd fellows' Hall
oorner Carnarvon and EUhth sire, it
Visiting brethern cordially ln\-!*<*<i
R. A. Merrlthew, no.; II. W. Songster,
v. o.; W. C. Coatham, P. Q., record
Ing secretary: J. W. MacDonald, financial secretary.
W. E. FA I.ES���Pioneer Funeral DltectOl
and Embalmer, C12-s18 Agnes street
opposite Carnegie Library.
ler ft Manns, Ltd.) ��� Funeral directors
and embnlmers. Parlors 405 Columbli
slieet.    New   Westminster.    Phone   nil
ster Board of Trade meets In th>: hoard
rouin. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meting
on the third Friday of February, May.
August and November at 8 p rn. Annual meetings on the third Friday ol
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secretin y
Queer Taxes Abroad.
There are some ipieer taxes Imposed
in some of the countries of the old
In Serviu vanity Is taxed, a 40 per
cent tax ou wigs, on rouge and on pads
and hustles
Bachelors are heavily taxed iu sev
eral countries, but spinsters everywhere escape this Impost.
.Matrimony Is taxed iu China, and the
older the bridegroom Is than the bride
the greater the tax levied on him. It
Is the wise Chinese theory that when
nu old man gets a young wife he is
necessarily n rich old mini and one
well able to stand u heavy tax.
In  Italy salt  Is taxed.    Matches are j
taxed   In   France      These  things   yield
UU  enormous  revenue,  and  the  tax  Is
very little felt. !
Germany tuxes music.    If yon play |
the piano yon must puy a tax, and If
you slug you are taxed again.
Semiprecious Metals.
It   appears   from    recent   geological
survey   publications   that   the   "semiprecious"  metals are copper,  lead und
zinc    Where quicksilver and  tin get
off on this classification we nre not Informed.     Aluminium   also   sometimes j
sells higher than the three first  mentioned   and   antimony   for   more   than |
lead and zinc.    These are probably the
quasi precious metals.    When we were I
younger   the   metals   were  classed   us j
precious and common, we believe.   Now j
probably   Iron   Is   alone   In   the   "coin*
; Dion" category.     What is the use any*
way���If  there  are   no   privates   lu   au
army what Is the joy in being u cor
poral, and why "semiprecious" If there
Is going to be only  Iron  besides?���Kn
glueertng and Mining Journal.
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly
confidential. H. Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.    Phone 702.
rlslei.s, Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorn** Sir'-et,
New Westminster. G, E. Corbould, K.
C.    J.  R. Grant.    A.  E.  McColl.
at-i.-iw*. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for the
Bank of Vancouver. Offices: Merchants Bank Building, New Westminster. B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cable*
address "Johnston." Code Webtero
ilcltor, etc.. Colllster BlocKFcorner Columbia anu McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B.C. 1'. O. Box 285. Telephone.  344.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster   Trust    Bit,    Columbia   slreel.
New Westminster, B. C.    Cable odilria*
"Whiteside,"    Western    ITfilon.    P.    O.
~ une    69.     W.    J.
L.  Edmonds,    V
Drawer    200.      Telephone    69.     W.    J.
Whiteside,   K.   C.;   H.
W lilt. Hide.
J.   STILWELL CLUTE,   Barrlster-at-law
solicitor,   etc.;   corner    Columbia    an**
McKenzie    streets,    New    Westminster,
B.  C.    P.  O.   Boi   IU.     Telephone   7IS.
Solicitor ami Notary. Offices Marl
block. 28 Lome street. New Westminster.  H   C
Barristers and Solicitors. ��ui> to lit
Westminster Trust Block. (1. E. Martin,   W.   G.   McQuarrie   and   George   L
Nov/ it's Uncle Sam who's putting copper toes on his! rowe-j a dimi
boots to talk business to the Hindu.   If Johnny Canuck's'
legislators at Ottawa decide to do the same thing turbans
will land where they belong in British Columbia, in the
curiosity shops.
wanted to cscnpe before be bor
Why were the P. G. E. bonds, which were guaranteed
by tiie provincial government, placed on the London market at 5 per cent, when Victoria, Australia, a few days
before had an issue over-subscribed at four and one-half
per cent?
Knew Batter.
"Tblnk for yourself,"
-w hair
"Ynu don't think I nm fool pnougb in
tblnk  lur .'.li.vbi.d.V else,  1  llopel"
tin* bowels of ibe earth. Many mounds
ur -  lolly  feel  blgll.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Members  of  a   party   rescued   from
;i cave   recounted    bow   they   saved
Tokio, .Inn. 25.���Bishop Walter And- themselves  from   being  roasted  alive
rows-*, of tbe English church in Hoko- By   holding   thick   boards   on   their
Kaldo, the famine stricken disiriel  in []earig)    Japanese    umbrellas    having
Japan, writes tbat the suffering every- H|,,-jNl.]|,.,|  a  few   minutes  after  their
wn.-r    is  intense.    The    farmers,   he frightful  Might began.    Tbey   uer,-  in
says,  are hit  bardrst and  llielr fami- the cave for three days, and expected
ln'rt are eating soups made oT chopped t0 *,���, thrown Into eternity every miii-
,i    | -����� and rotten potatoes nnd i;,,. ot* the time.    Tbey had  no food,
meat taken  from cats, dogs and fish. [*,a,  *  llM| s,,,,,,. drinking water.
The more fortunate have a thin gruel 	
mad*.' in i*.    oi   ..i: ������' Pendleton, Ore., Jan, 25.-  The Elks'
The   tut   results,   be   writes, are lodge is planning the expenditure   of
many deaths from cold and starvation -fur,,not) tins spring in the remodelling
and an increase'.oi orime nud beggars. ,,f tin* tempb     Tbe plans call for   n
Many girls,  ha  declares, have    been t.wo gtorey addition    to the    pr sent
s Id   into slavery.    He  tells of many (W()  storey   building  and  a   complete
children fainting in schools, sick from remodelling of tin*  preseni  quarters,
I-,,.., . i��� f, i.,;. Tb.*  lower floor,  as al   present,   .*.,li
The Investigator of the department be*leased for business purposes   but
ff the Interior who wind the govern- the three upper stories will I.
ment  regarding   lhe   number of  -mr- up for lodge purposes a
v.vors from the island of Sakura, r.* venlences
ports that lie saw pumice stones    on Irds     I'oi ^^
the island three and five fec-t In dla- proposed  to commence  work on n
meter   tbat   bud   been   vomited   from Improvement carl;   In  the spring
Different From Other*.
"I don't like li.m lie doesn't knnn
m; thing "
"Well, inn see, in. knows it. and Ibut
.mikes aim bearable."
Awful Drinker.
The motor's feed or uais is phnrt,
Baled hay Is nu delight,
Iiul do not thin i from that, old sport,
Jl I,,i3 nn appetite.
flnly n great mind can feel ebaiily
fur those wbo tlon t appreciate its
Servants In Bogota.
Tbe domeslle problem Is reduced to a
minimum In Uogotll, (loud domestics
lire plentiful and clienp five to ten
dollars n month is high pay. In Un-
houses ot tin* well Iii do tile servant*,
are Well treated ami lead happy lives
They bavu ample i|lllirti*|ti of their
e\*. ii. centering round their own putlo.
ami enough or tin- old patriarchal
regime oiirvives lo inula1 them really a
part of the litiuliy     "l uloiuhlll "
Mfthod   In   Her  S*n*]ing,
The Culler \\ hn Is mat singing'*'
The llo-dci*.**. i'h il'�� inn new maid
Slu* iiIwii.vh slims ul her Work. The
I iiller - What II happy (lls|*Misltloll
Mi'l'ey, Mow loud ��hc slugs! The Host
,'*.- 1,*s When -lie sings loud she's
breaking soillelllllig.-CieVelilllil I'hiln
Woefully  Mistaken. ���	
"I suppose." wild tile new saleswom   'SYNOPSIS   OP   COAL   MINING   H��
an.  "tbat  yon   want  a  suit   that   will i QULATION8.
make you look attractive to your bus
^^^ 111 led
 I 111' i'i" *
to be  found  In  a mi d rn
il   bo  Included     ll    *
b.l lid'!"
"Attrnetlvp to my  husband!" echoed
the  shopper.     "I   Should   stiy   not.     lie
wouldn't know if I wore a suit ten
i years old. What 1 want Is something
1 that will uiake my next door neighbor
turn  a  pale pink  green  with envy."-
Uuffalo Express
Ingenuous Daughter.
"What Is It your husband  wants to
: see me ubout. DeliaV" asked  Mrs   Kur
rough's father.
"Why. father.'' said India, "I think
he wanted to borrow a couple of bun
drill dollars limn you lie's so an*
inns to gel out of dclit."-I.lpplncott's
Corsica's Forests^
The  forests  of  Corsica,   the   little  is
land upon which Napoleon  Itunapiirle
| was born, are managed by the French
govern ment.     Tbey    produce   I u m ber
: firewood and turpentine, and all parts
| of the various trees are far more close
wealth Is owing i*i his frugality, good   |y uU||zed *,,,������ ,n Amel-|cfl.
j habits, strict alliiili'iii to business and	
the   fact   thai   an   uncle  died   and   left , -Too Wabbly.
Illin IlliUIIlO.-Kilitui and liibli.tier. |t S0Ir.,,t*m(,s  nappens'that  when  a
��� man arrives home at 2 a. m. and his
Advance  Information. wife commands lilm to go straight up
' Wa- it a case of love nl llrst sight?"   st���|rH ,��� |)pn* ���|K. |H attempting the Im
���iiiev   call ii  Unit, although before   possible.���Chicago News.
they   met  she bail  heard  that   he  was 	
|  wealthy,   and   lie   bud   been   told   she I
All editor who -larled  about  twenty
years  ago   with   only  fiu  cents   Is   now
worth .fluoHim     His iiceiiinuliilloti of
COAL MINING rlifhts of the Dominion*-
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta..
lhe Yukon Territory, the Norlliweni Ter
rltorles and In a portion of the Provloos
of British Columbia, may be leased for ���
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than t&tt
acres wlll be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be roads
by the applicant tn person to tht- An-n��
or Sub-Agent of the district tn whlca lbs
r Is liis a in.I led for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must tn
described   by  sections,  or  legal  sub-divisions of sections. Bind In uniurveyeit  ter
rltory   the   tract   applied    for    shall    be
stake.) out by the applicant himself.
BJaoh application must be accompanist
by a tee ot (5 which will be rofunderl if
the rights applied for are mil nvallnMe
but not otherwise. A royalty shall he
paid on the merchantable output of 'in
mine at the rate of five cents per ton
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
accounting for the full quantity uf mar
chanlahle coal rained and pay the ruy
ally thereon. If the coal mining risnts
are not being operated such returns should
be  furnished  at  least  once a year.
The lease wlll Include tho coal m!nln��
rights only, but the leasee wlll be per
milted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered nec.es
sary for the working of the mine at Hit
rate of 110 an acre
For full Information application ehmili*!
be made to the Hecretary or the Depart
ment of the Interior,  Ottawa, or  to  an��
Agent or Huh-Agent  of Dominion  Lftndi,
Deputy Minister of the Intel lor
N. B.���Unauthorised publication nr tht'
advertisement wlll not be paid ror
was uii heiress."-I let inl t Free Press
Enough Said.
She    I >t ���   you    Itpuw    Mr    Horelelgh.
the author;    lie-No.    Hut  I   have s
nodding iici|u:iliiliitiee with tils works
-Host'Hi Transcript.
A tiuin of honor nerer pnrchasps
happiness ut the expense of another's
Up to Date.
Old Fashioned Individual���Well, lit
tie man. building a castle?   L'p to Dale
Infant���Nope.    This Is a  hotel; there's
no money ln castles.-Iinrper'a Maga
7.1 ne.
What Money Can't Buy.
Money wlll tiny n lot of things, bin
It can't buy the loyalty of n dog or
ihe friendship of a baby���Ciocluiuiti
New Wellington
Office, 554 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105 MONDAY,  JANUARY   26.   1914.
system,  which  was  characterized    us'key dealer to save the man slie loves.   SPOKANE  AUTHORITIES
I slow and expensive,  was indicated a'. , When   the  Judson   clan   hear   of   I.i. REFUSE  LUNCH  LICENSES
ia laigely atti nded   meeting    in    tin Ielopement they ride out in pursuit of
rr\t\       r�� , town  ball, called  by  the council  for the   man  against  whom    they    have      Spokane, Jan.  28.���Twelve applica-
filR    ftPIIKH    ( AP\   l::   purpose of discussing  tbe matter .swi.rn  lifelong  hatred.    Anne escapes   tions  for  licenses  by    salcon     lunch
I Vll   DUllljll   VnllJ  prior  to  the  meeting  of  the  govern* and sees to Kenton, whom sha urged  counters have been  rejected after    a
ment   good    roads    commission    in to  have.    Being  now   in  love  with preliminary  inspection  by restaurant
  IGuelph. , her,  he  goes  with  her  to  the  moun-   inspectors from tie city health elf ice
lit eve VV.    fl.    Nicholson    presided. \ tain  fastnesses  to evade  the  Moo res  working  under  the  new city  restaur
Chamber of Commerce Makes Suaflcs- Kx-Warden    Captain   Robert   llcUnm and JudBOhS, who join forces tc hunt  ant ordinance.
moved the following motion, seconded   them  down.    Trying to save Fenton,      Several oi those rejected will prob*
by Robert McCullough, which was car-j Anne  la killed by  Moore.    Over her ably go out of business rather than
irkd unanimously:    "That in the opin- dead   btdy  the   two  men  join   hands  spend money  for repairs,  but others
lion  or this meeting it would be pre-  in  a common  sorrow.    When  Fenton   may seek  to fill the requirements ot
mature and  unwise  for  the    govern-  re;urns to New York, the applause of  the   new   restauiant  ordinance  as in-
, ment at present to extend the system  uud*i necs   ring   in   his    ears.     Many   terpreted by tbe city health office.
Stabllshment|cj aj(]  in  roa(j  improvement,  as  the  times thire comes befcre him the pic*      m*.   Anderson,   health  officer,    has
tion to Motor Manufacturers in
Ottawa, Jan.
-The est
Tibet's Perilous Bridget and the Way
Thev Are Crossed,
ln Tibet they have not yet pro
gressed far beyond the primitive. Especially wben It comes to engineering
the Tibetans are at about the stage,
reached by Europeans six centuries
ago. At that time In Switzerland they
used a long cable and swinging carrier i
Humor and
mr OV/rCA/t M. SMITH
f^be'^ra^port"^ "beav^" weight jTH^ ^llow who spends most of his
even of cannon from one mountain tot   .t,m��   �� <��rean.land Is generally 10
,,..,    , , i bad with the tax collector,
another a little lower down.
Now.  in Tibet they do not try to
build bridges across the Mekong river. I , .���.,,,,
Kl* ;nnon a self made man if be bad had a
ibie!.,' ,     . ,        . ,   .,     .,
Perhaps it would be an improvement
in  Montreal, Toronto and other part:i rural population  have scarcely  awak*  ture  cf a brave and  beautiful  moun-  been  surprised  at  times  to  find   the ...    ,������. ,
Of Canada by Hrltish motor manufac-  ened to the    situation,    and    require  tain girl who gave him her love end  cleanly  conditions  maintained  In  the ', ,      w     ,   \        "re    f       ,*     , ,J�� j little advice wbeu be was selecting bis
Hirers if "depots," receiving and dis- more time for discussion before they her life. Creek coffee  houses   Chinese  noodle   ls stretclled to lbe other 8lde or tDe i model
tributing branches, as the best means'!can intelligently declare   themselves   Joints and Japanese restaurants    as I rivor* and for a trim"S fee tbe person . ��� _
of attracUng Canadian trade, ls the!as to the real needs in the matter of j     rrtMBnv AT rtDBBA UftIIBC        compared   with   some  of  the   lunch | *no wishes to cross_ clings to a thick | n   who     , kmjW((
gist of a report prepared on this sub* road improvement, and that we are
jeci by the chamber of commerce of decidi dly opposed to the building of
London. Kngland, and included in a trunk roads, either by ths provincial
report lo the trade and commerce de- or Dominion governments."
partment by J. B. Kay, acting    tradeI	
commissioner In Great    Britain.    At i
present Oreat Britain's share of the    A 1        Tl
Canadian meter trade is  but. 3V4  per   x\,t   "ttlC     1  ilC2l'tt*��S
cent, iu  value and 2 2-:l pi r cent,  fn
number of the total, in  spite - f    the
fact that the tariff on  Uritish  cars Is
counters   and  cheap   restaurants   run
Wednesday night at the opera house  by "aUvt? Am.��ioan8'   Th,> foreigners
the Harry L.  Stone Colonial Ccmedy   reaUa��  that they must comply when
company will open for a ten days' en-  al"der ls 1BSued by the c,ty h^hh
gagement, featuring the opening night
in a tabloid musical farce, "The Sweet-
bark carrier and slides down, holding
up bis feet at the point where the wa*
enough to keep still ought to draw a
salary for it���and be often does.
est Girl in Town." Of the company
to appiar here little need be said
save that the cast includes Miss Ar*
line McDonagh, Miss Elsie Moore and
Raymond Bell. The comedy is In the
bands of liilli e Scanlon and Dave
Caston, two of Broadway's shining
lights, ('kind'* Orchard, baritone, and
.Allied Trembell, tenor, go to make up
the comedy, assisted by the "Beautiful
six Academy cirls," a chorus which
"sings sweetly and dances delightfully."    The curtain rises at 8 o'clock
���.������.���.   un     as i i ti    uu    i ji 11 mil   litis   im i
only   22%   per   cent.,   against   35   perl ~	
cent, on the foreign vehicle. "Local Color," a Vitagraph film In
The report slates: "As th* outcome two  parts,  featuring  Ned   Finlay  and
of information gathered from a great Ada Qlfford, is the special attraction
variety  of sources  in  Canada,   1  bo- at the Edison today.   The story is as
lleve that the only   really   effective follows:
way to secure thi   Canadian trade is In   order  to   perfect   himself  in   a
by  British motor    vehicle   manufac- part for a Broadway production, Ed-
mrers establishing themselves in Can- ward Fenton, an actor, goes to the
ada by means of depots.   Hy a depot southern  mountains to acquire    the ���s'liirb-
is meant a receiving and distributing speech and mannerisms of the moun- j
branch,  with,  of course,  offices    at- taineer.    Ile disguises himself as   u ' hu^BAND CRUEL FIVE
tached,   garage  and   repairing    shops, mountaineer  and  travels  through  tin*          "                                  c-avc  vunZm
and finally, an .assembling factory to wildest   pan   of  the  country.    After                       YtAHb ^AY***> woman
develop ultimately  into a branch fac- days Of wandering, lie  falls senseless                                 ���~~"    '
tory, on  the  ground, overcome by  fatigue. I    Wallace.  Idaho,  Jan.  25.    Her  bus-
"The     establishmeni     by       British He   is  discovered   by   Han   Moore,  an   band   told   her   as   she   boarded   the
manufacturers   of    these     depots    In illicit whiskey dealer,  who. upon  Fee-  train   for   Spokane   for   a   short   visit
Canada on such a scale as to enable ing a signet ring upon   Fenton's  fin-  that he hoped she would never come
them  effectively  to cover  tin*   whole ger, mistakes him for a revenue offi-  back,  and  has  treated   her  with  ex-;
of the Dominion would, l quite antlci- eer and  decides to  leave him   Her-   treme cruelty  for    more    than    five!
pate, he rather mure than cm* could to die.   Anna Judson, a pretty moun- years,   Mrs.   Florence  M.   McConnell,]
expeci tin m to undertake without be- tain  girl,  happening  to  come  along   age  50,  of   Mace,  asserts   In   a  suit |
iiiu   assured   of   the   economic   sound- finds the actor.    Sh*- revives him and  just   brought   against   Edward   I).   H.
ness of the proposal.    To covi r    the takes  him   to  her  home.    He  Is  re-  McConnell for absolute divorce.   Th"
Dominion effectively there should be ceived as a mountaineer and is shown couple married in this city  Nov. 18,
depots at Montreal or Toronto, Winni- every  hospitality.                                     1903, and  have  lived  In  this  district:
peg, Regina or Saskatoon, Calgary or.    The days  go  by,  and   Fenton- be    since   that  time.    The   defendant   is
Edmonton, and at   Vancouver or Vic- comes   more   and   more   absorbed   In   an   employee  of   the  Federal   Mining;
toria, or all   of   these    places.    The gathering  local  color.     He  does  not company,
chamber's  suggestion  now    Is    that notice the change that takes place In      The plaintiff alleges thai   the bus-
small groups of motor manufactur rs, Anne,    She has learned to love   the  baud repeat dly told her that he want-
each specializing in a distinct and d'f- rnan she saved, and though she would   id   to get  rid   of her  and  says  that I
li r. ni   type of  nu.tor  vehicle,  should like   him   to   know   it,   he   is   totally  he circulated untrue statements about j
between  them  arrange for the  flota- blind to ber affection.   Not so Moore,  her,   making   her   sick   from   almost
tion ol a subsidiary companv In Can- however.    He  is  aware  of her  love  continuous abuse.   The pair have no |
ada with a Dominion charter." and jealously  forms a resolution    to children
���               - win  her for hlmsi If.
TOWNSHIP OPPOSES Betwaen   the   Moore    -and    Judson   Will  give   her  a   portion   of  the  I'din-
GOOD  ROADS SYSTEM clans  there  exists  a   feud.     Knowlne   munity  properly,  consisting of house
  What  world happen to Fenton should   and lot ln Mace, some lots in Spokane
Harriston, Jan.  26, -Thut   the  rate* Moore expose bitn as a  revenue offi-  and an automobile, and $50 attorney'?.
payers of the township of Mint*,)   a*' eer, as he now threatens to do, Ann-  fees, she can  support herself taking
opposed to   the present   good   read*; consents to elope with the Illicit whls   boarders.
ter nears ihe perilous bridge.
If he wants to cross back be must go
farther up or down the river to a point
where another cable Is stretched from
a high cliff to the other side, aud again ,'
he performs the "slide for life" T[|e ffho consi(,erg Ug ,,���,���,
This may not be a very comfortable   ���|fflp|cnt ^ for ������,������ ��� tb,     gen.
way of crossing a river, but it is easier w|j dKslre
It makes a lot of us mad when the
reflection  is forced upon us tbat we
deserve what we get.
Air Pressure In Tunnels.
The effects of air resistance nre well
shown In the twelve and a half mile
Slmpli'ii   tunnel,   where  an   exception*
ally high amount of energy Is required
fur   running  the  electric  trains    The
tunnel, which is fifteen feet wide and
eighteen  feet   high,   with  a  sectional
urea of 2fil) square feet, has a ventilating current nf H.fiW) cubic feet  of air I
per second, maintained by  two blast j
fans  at   the  Rrlgne end  and  two  pX- |
haiist fans at Iselu*   Trains going with    ^he First Attempt Was by Anaximan. I world that it can be depended upon to
than   Rwlmming  across,   especially   If
there are rapids In ibe stream, and It j
Is tbe favorite and cheap way of build-
Ing   bridges   among   tbe   Tibetans.��� I
New York World.
Is entirely Impotent.
Ambition is a deadly antidote for
Work Is a good thing, hut nt that
what's tho use of saying anything
about It?   There's so much of it in the
this current encounter lass resistance
than in open air up to fifteen and a
half   miles   an   h mr,   hut   at   hlgliet
speeds or in the opposite direction the
resistance is much ureater than outside. Coasting by gravity down the
seven per I.onii maximum gradient, a
train, even though going wilh the current, cannot exceed thirty the miles un
hour on account of the braking by the
Queer Trices of Memory.
In later life Emerson's memory played him some strange tricks James
Cabot, bis biographer, says that be
met him one day In the streets of Boston apparently at a loss for something
and asked him where he was going.
"To (line," said Emerson, "with an old
and very dear friend. 1 know where
she lives, but 1 hope you won't ask ma
her name" Thou Ile went on to de*
scribe her as "the mother of the wife
of the young man���tbe tall man���wbl
der About 560 B. C. I take care of Itself.
Anaxlraander,   a   pupil   of   Tbales. \ ���
about r*Gl> It. C. sketched the first map. \ Of course it was the other boy that
It was In the form of a disk. Hemoc-i led little Johnnie iuto temptation, hut
ritus of Abdera. about 100 years aft-1 what mother can't explain Is how be
er, with a wider range or knowledge,] got halterbroke.
drew a new map. giving the world an! A��� R womaii ^ |g {0 |w n���owed
oblong form, showing extension east. tQ g0 ���er own way aQ(] ^ he(. ^
nnd west rather than m-lh and south, j ^^ w(th Lep
Tbe first application *    "sirunoray to _
geography was mad.* Pytheas of nemember tbat. though each Is the
Marseilles about 32h  li he having , 8rchltect ot jl|s ow��� |ift._ m ������ ba9
made tbe tirst observuti I latitude.   not tbe ordorins ot tne mater1al.
Hipparcbus of Nieaoa. UUi u  L., lirst. _
determined latitude and longitude.' The person who bears burdens cbeer-
Marinus of Tyre, about l.,U U. C. was; f|1,.y mav lm rt ^ b(|t hQ |g ft go-
the tirst to make use of  Hipparcbus * cja( tI.eus,ire-
teachings in representing tbe countries, 	
of the world
rhe plaintiff Bays that if the court, speaks so well." and so nn until Cabot
guessed to whom he was referring.
This failing led to a pathetic scene at
Longfellow's funeral. After gazing
long ut the face of his lifelong friend
as he lay In bis coffin Emerson said to
a bystander. "That gentleman was a
sweet, beautiful soul, but l have entirely forgotten his name."
Claudius I'tolemy of Peluslum. Egypt,
about 1UJ A. I)., was In reality the tirst
scientific mitpmaker.   Notwithstanding
���errors in boundaries and locations, the j
method was correct. The Romans j
contributed nothing to muptnaking. j
No improvement was made In it front
; the time of i'tolemy until the ihlr-l
teenth century, when a map appeared j
'  in   Italy   which  was constructed  with |
', the aid of a compass.���Exchange.
Rank imposes obligations���
���as the French put it���"Noblesse Oblige."
It is a very natural and right principle that those who
by their position in life command the respect of others
should deserve it and be worthy of maintaining their
position.    "Much is expected of those in high station."
An Old Ruse.
The  Influence  ot   women  In   Louis ;
W.'s day was all powerful.  The uieu.
In consequence, feared  them.   It  bo-
caine the fashion for women to (lush
about I'aris in cabriolets, driving often
somewhat  rashly,  and  Increased  aeci-
dents   were  put  down   to   this  cause. |
GuBriel de Sartiues, minister of po'.i e,
Old Time Football.
In  the twelfth century   Loudon  en*|
Joyed football.    Kits Slepheu. clerk to!
Thomas a  Kecket. tells how after din-
ner the youths of the city would "ad I
dress  themselves'   In  football.    These i
sportsmen   were   fastidious   in   their \
way.    Tbe scholars of each school bad!
a  ball peculiar to themselves, as had. I
indeed, most of the particular trades j
The  fathers of the players,   too,  were
as   youthful   'is   the   youngest''   Iof.;
j "their natural  beat seeming to tie re-
But this principle is not confined to persons of noble birth
���it has a hundred applications. It applies, for exairple,
to those manufacturers of
reputation and prestige who
make goods of high quality
and who advertise them constantly in the newspapers of
the land.
By their advertising they have
attained an eminence where
the very best in quality and
good service is expected  of
them. They have set a standard and their very business
life depends on the constant
maintenance of it.
So that when you buy advertised articles you rest assured
that you are getting the best
value that money can buy.
Well may you place your faith
in advertised goods. Well
may you give them preference over articles which you
can only hope may prove
For the principle of "Noblesse Oblige" is
your guarantee of excellence in Advertised Goods.
If m or. dolni �� iMsl hiatBSIf t��Ik OT" TOm ettettttmmt pro!��-
Urn. with lhe Ad����rtitin�� L��pu*tro��nt ol llm mwipwn.
II r��� .,. rfolnf �� rro��incUl or n��lior��l bun'imn '* would bo wall
for you lo h����o tho couiuol ��nd tiiistanco of * good ���dTcrtnias
���gency. A Hat of thou will be furnuhed, wiuioul coil or obli.o-
Hon. br Ibo SecreUry of Canadian Praaa Aaaociation. Room 603,
Lumadeo Building. Toronto.
dared not forbid any woman to drive , vh(>(1 .,, (he g,gtu 0, S(, 11|1K,U ,l:,ui,y
in Purls, so he caused an edict to be I
Issued prohibition their dolUK so until j
they were forty years Old.   "After this
declaration." notes Mrs   Rearne in ".V
Court Painter and  His Circle." "there
was uot a cabriolet to be seen diiveo ,
liy a woman."
Effect of the Season.
Do   not ulame the hunibl*.* poet
II lie must explode or sing,
Though in measure lame and Halting.
At the comim; ot lhe spring
Though he niDy not burst a hamstring
In a grand r.oeiic swell,
tie at least can trip a duty
To the Illy in the dell.
���Who would not when spring is comins
Pegasus serenely climb
Ami express ins pent etr.ollons
ln a bit ot vagi am rune.
Or. It he is nut a rider
Or lur cowboy methods keen,
In his dingy, *mnk�� stained office
Peel*: it out ou his machine'.'
So uplifting Is i|ie coming
Ot lhe season young ami strong
That the 'luilest leeli tho throbbing
Ut his pulses io 0, sung, ,
And he grubs up alt lhe lar.guag**
That he learned in days gone by
And proceeds to lane a f.ier
Though his nieier may be shy.     .
Ends and blossoms. Utile birdies
And the balmy. Irienaly breeze
Group themselves upon ihe pages
And are very tniich at ease.
So the man becomes a poet.
Sliming, light ot heart and gay.
Em he very soon recovers
When the btizxsrO comes next day
Hot Remedy.
Cayenne pepper is said to be a reliable and effective means of prevent*
tux seasickness.
A slice of bread is tirst buttered nnd
sprinkled with the pepi>er and Is ihen
folded over so that It can be eaten
without humiiic the mouth and thrust
-Popular Mechanics.
tbey sprung from their stands into lhe
arena     In later days. loo. the excite-1
ment of the Kami" has been known to In*
fe< I the spectators    Somebody wrotenf
ti jjiune lu 101W!   "These two men were;
killed bv Ould tinnier    Hunters sonnes '
and   ve'..'ro*_-o,*fi.s   fell   lo���.-ether   bv   ve   Had Been  Held fcr Years and No  Im-
years at  football.    Ould Hun;   r drewe-j movements  Made
hjs   dagger   and   broke   iMinthj   llielr!
heads,  and  they  died  Lootlie  ��iililn  a
fortnight aiiei'."
Chatham, Jan. 23.���The Hleb ��� lands
I owned by the Church of England h.iv *
One of the Fsmily.
Mrs. Puff ito new maidi- Hut. Mary,
there are only two in Ibe family. Mr.
been sold to Byrd and Sawtellt   rea1
estate dealers in this city.    The land
 ��� ��� has been by the church for years, and
Lightning   Shunt   Women, no  Improvements  have    been    node.
Statistics appear lu show  that  men   Several old shacks now there will  be
tern down, and the section will b;?
built up to correspond with surrounding sections.
I Mitt  and  myself     Why  have you  ki
t I
places for three'- The Sew Maid Sure.
mail in, It was the eook that Intel me
you hud a planer playet iu the house.���
Harper's Weekly.
Her Yearning.
She��� Ilo you love me as much when
you are absent from tne? He (fervent-
lyi���I love yon more, durlinjt Sbe-i'ti.
why can't I be with you theiiV-Ho.v
ton Transcript.
Equality In Iceland.
Men aud women are political ei|il*i'��
In Iceland. The tuition numbers TomO
people and ts guverneil by reprexei'.'u-
ttven elected by men and WolUeU toilet her.
On the Jtrent cloeli  of time there l��
imi   eiiu   word    Xn",
Ottawa, Jan. 26.���An order   of   the
are more likely tu be struck by li.nbt-
11 lug than Women, more than two meu
being killed by it for every woman
Put a London Journal points out that
the man's occupation Is mure likely to
take blm into the open when lightning
is about. It bas been observed, however, that In a group equally composed of both seses lightning seems tu
prefer lhe men. and we may theorize
ut pleasure as to whether It Is tbe
rouiprtriv'e height that does It or some
protection afforded by the woman's
dress or a difference In condnciiiiiiiry
between lhe sexes The fact that children are seldom killed by lightning
supports to a pertain extent tbe tirst
of these theories.
Let Down the Blind.
A youngster bad lieen lo the theiller
��� ud npe'i Ids ret urn his uncle asked
li I in how he liked the play.
' iii.' le replied "the play wns ah
right, but I didn't see nearly all nl 111'
"Why. how did that happen';" a-Ueil
his uncle.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Dally
2:00  p.m Dally
11:46  p.m   ...Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
tn-nn a.m Dally
11:00 p.m Diily
From Vancouver for Nanaimo.
f:0t)  pm Daily
Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver, Union Bay, Powell  River.
11:45 a.m Every other Saturday
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Every other Saturday
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
11:00 p.m Wednesday��
For Gulf  Island  Points,
railway commission of interest to all   boy from bis history, "was burn IVI,
Uritish Columbia  municipalities    was   !!'-* I i3U. A. l>'
issued yesterday.    An application was!    "What  does 'A    D.   stand  for;'  In
made iii l!Hl by the C. P. R   for an   quired the teacher
order excusing, fencing at a large num-      The small  boy   pondered
ber of points along the railway  line
"lloc'inse."  answered  the youngster
"the roller must have been broke, i"r   7.on a.n . Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call
the  window   blind   fell  down  two  or;      In? at points in the Culf Islands.
three times "���London Express j bd. qoulet, Af-nt. New WaatmitMier.
  _  ! 8. W. BRODIB. O,  P   A.. Vnnon.iv.r
His Idea of It.
"Oeorge Washington," read the small
"1  don't
in Uritish Columbia
) An application was granted covering large sections on the Thompson
and Fraser rivers, where there is ths
j river on one side and mountains on
I the other. One point excused was be-
��� tween Savona and Pennys, three
miles, where many caltlo have been
'killed.    Attention has  been  called  to
exactly  know."  he  hesitated,
dark, I guess '-Exchange.
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display.    See them.    Perfect fit and
After 1 workmanship guaranteed.   Prices from
I 18 00 up.   701 Front Sire-*
Can't Do Both.
"Pop, you an' ma have got me guess.
"What's the matter, son?"
"Ma tells me to always speak  the
truth, an' yon tell me to always be po-
the situation and the former order lite, Now. which shall I doll"���Hons*
rescinded. ton Posl
I    The company will now be liable for
'any claims brought against it. ln
future when the railway makes such
an application for no fencing the local
municipal authority, In.the provincial
government must be notiutd.
All human history ts the history of
reform. The evolution of the rare,
physically, morally or mentally, has
been thus accomplished.���Anon.
Telephones: Office S3, Residence *2��.
JOHN UBID, Proprietor
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
Bnglnes,  Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Bex 474.   New Westminster. B.C. r    PkQI POUR
MONDAY,  JANUARY  26,  1914.
for groceries will be well looked
after if entrusted to the care of
the MODEL. Our Stock is large
and   well   assorted,   everything
that goes lo make up a first
class grocery.
Our "money back" plan is the
best guarantee we can give; that
is, anything we sell will he cheerfully replaced or money refunded
if you are not. entirely satisfied.
We allow monthly accounts
and might say our system is very
much liked by our customers,
for il enables tlieui 10 see al a
glance how their account, stands.
For   the   convenieiiec   of   our
cnsi  mers who so desire, our solicitor  calls   for  orders  twice  a
Wei ;..
Delivery to any part of the City.
We Solicit Your Patronage.
Mode! Grocery
SO? Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed*
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone  1111L.
Local News
Appointments Confirmed.
The appointments Of .Miss Winifred
A. Bond and Miss Mary B. Peebles to
the stall' of lhe provincial boiler inspector's office in this city, arc con
firmed in t'.ie current issue of the
a C. Gazette.
Word ! Wood ! Wocd !
Kiln dried wood, delivered at your
house 55 minutes after you phone
your ord r. Phone 603. Superior
Sash and Door Co., --ti Fourteenth
street. lHSf.2)
Sweeps up the Snow.
Saturday's fall of snow caused the
operation for tiu* first time this winter oi the snow sweeper by the Ii. ('.
!���:. p.. i.ate iu the afternoon a trip
over tin* entire system was made with
good results.
Buy  your wines and   liquors  from
Ilu*    old    reliable    Freeman's    liquor
store..    Family   trade  a   specialty.
l (i.'77'.i
Ross la Remanded.
Charged on three differenl counts
with burglarizing hoiisis .lack Robs of
West Burnaby, came up before Irs
honor Judge lioway in county court
Saturday morning. Owing to the prisoner's request to see his lawyer, an
extension of .'in* week was granted
by   the  court.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
Improved city and farm property, '.i
per cent.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (2705)
W. C. T. U. Today.
The regular monthly meeting of the
W.C.T.r. will be held in SI. Stephen's
church this afternoon. Educational
work will he tiie feature on the program.
Get your skates sharpened at Geo.
Speck's, G26 Columbia street.    (2706)
Taxes are a superior lien upon all mortgaged property. Real
estate may be sold for taxes,
leaving the careless holder of a
bond and mortgage with no security, insurance may be allowed to lapse; then, should a
fire occur the mortgage holder
has only the bare ground security. Methodical attention
absolutely averts these dangers.
The maker of the mortgage
may default in his interest payments. Here again experience,
and skill are needed to properly
conduct a foreclosure. Much
money lias been lost and many
titles have been impaired
through lack of skill and ev-
perience in such matters.
Vou cannot afford to be without our services, an interview
will cost you nothing.
Dominion Trust
The lYipetual Trustee.
in iii.*.- - Vancouver, Victoria,
New \\ i-stnituBler, Nanaimo,
Calgary,    Regiim,    Winnipeg,
Mi.Hire.il.   ChSl'ittetOWn,   London,   Kng.;   Antwerp.  Belgium.
Now Westminster
son   Columbia   Street.
G   s   kf.i rn. Manager,
Special Work for Judge.
Acting as commissioner to enquire
into all matters pertaining to the purchase by railways on Vancouver island of-,the Songhees Indian reserve
for railway terminals, his honor Judge
l-Towiv will hold a sitting in Victoria
on Wednesday next. His appointmo >
is mentioned in the current issue of
the British Columbia Gazette.
The  City  Treasurer  reminds  water
consumers, who are not using meters,
that in order to save
for first three months
must be paid by 1
January 31, instant.
rebate,    rates
of   the   year
p.m. Saturday,
No Longer a Cruiser.
Completing her charter as a government protection vessel patrolling the
waters of tie north Pacific coast, the
halibut steamer Roman is now tied up
at the wharf of the Columbia Cold Storage plant on Front street and will remain there until March when the noli- ;
but season opens. General repairs and
overhauling will be carried on before
the vessel leaves again for the banks.l
room to be occupied by the general sec
ret-:-v*"and donations for t lis purpose
will lie gladly received. There is no
heat radiator in this room nnd a
sma.l stove or heater would prove acceptable, it was ciso decided to give
the i:e of the V. Vv. r. A. building
to any women's societies or organizations for the purpose of holding busi
ties::  meetings.
Specal attractiens at the rink tonight.    Speed skating and races;  cxhi-
. biticn and fancy skaLing by H. Bur!<e
cf. Montreal.     Burlesque   hocxey   Sal-
, monbellies vs. Hornets. Spcciai band
inucx with regular okating cession fol-
loving   the   features. (2357)
Scots Make Merry.
Before the largest attendance ti:at
has yet greeted any function under
'the anspires of the organization, the
Burns' concert given by the Thistle
social club in St. George's hall Friday
evening last was an unqualified sue-
cess. .Mayor Cray occupied the (hair.
In Ing assisted by the president of the
club, David Boyle. Peter Peebles gave
an address on Burns, while the following assisted In the musical part of
the program: Mrs. W. .1. Groves, Miss
Robertson, Miss McLellan, W. ililles-
pie and W. Menx.ies. Following the
concert the floor was clean d for dancing, which continued to an early hour
Saturday morning.
There will be plenty of amusement
at the rink tonight when the arena
management will stage the second
special feature program. Races, fancy
skating and burlesque hockey.. Regular admission. (2S57)
Typos Install Officers.
The following officers were installed
yesterday  at  the  regular meeting  of
New Westminster Typographical union
No. 632.   They will hold office for the
ensuing year: President, R. A. Stoney;
.vice-president.   Jos.   Tyler;   secretary-
. treasurer,   L.   Netherby:    sergeant,   at
|  rms,   Peter Smith;   delegates  to  the
Trades and  Labor council,    H. Gioii.
R.     A.     Stoney,   W.   E.   Maiden,   Jos.
Tyler;     executive    committee,    Jos.
|Tyler,   H.   W.  Smith.   W.   B.   Maiden;
correspondent   to   the   Journal,   C.   E.
Two fast amateur hockey games will
be staged at the arena Thursday night.
Fraser Mills vs. Beavers; B. and Bs
of Vancouver vs. Sapperton-Moose
seven.    Regular admission. (2857)
Y. W. C. A. Benefit.
Mrs. Cave-Browne-Cave has arranged to meet the members of the ladies'
choral class, now preparing for a floral
cantata to be given in the spring ln
aid of the funds of the V.W.C.A. on
Wednesday evening next at 7:30. All
ladies wishing to take part, are invited to be present at that time at the
assembly hall of the above association.
Imen declare they will remain on strike
until tie.', receive a guarantee that
I tbey will get straight time and a re-
���adjustment of wages to a higher point
than they are now.
Rescued Five Seamen.
Boston, Jan. 25. -Five sea nun from
jthe Nova Scotia schooner wrecked at
Neuvitas, Cuba, Dec. 28, arrived here
Ion ti" sti inn r Hortensia, having
[been forwarded from Havana by the
British   consul.
Ore   Receipts   at   Trail.
Nelson, Jan. 25.���Ore receipts
.Trail  smelter  last   week    wen*
ti as, n aking a total for the y
date of 23,129 tons.
r to
must  pay their workmen in stale cur- |
ivney issmd by the Insurgent govern-
London, Jan. 25. The state opening
of parliament next week will mark the
beginning Of the spring season of society and already many dates have
been taken by hostesses for dances
for young people, but tbe exti nsion of
the week-end country habit, leaves
only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights available for entertainments.
The   Do
owager Lady Limerick has
suddenly gone to Switzerland taking
with her her daughter. Lady Florence
Perry, whom rumor says has been
displaying too great a liking for a
popular airman with whom she looped
tho loop in his aeroplane at Hendon
last   Monday.
Warning  leucd to Ships on  North  Pacific  Coast  to   n.-Mnain   in
Seattle, Jan.  25.    Warnings  to shipping to remain in port because of the
rapid approach of a severe storm off
ithe north Pacific coast were issued today  by  the weather bureau.
I   Tin* rapidity of the approach of the
(Storm    was   indicated    by   the   lowest
.barometer   ever   recorded   dining   the
-1 years the weather bureau lias been
established In Seattle, the glass registering  28.80.    The   previous   low   ree-
jord was 28.81, recorded In  December
lSiM.    At 5 o'clock tonight Cape Flattery reported wind velocity of 28 miles
an hour, albhough early in the afternoon  the  wind  had  reached  (10  miles
an   hour  at   the   cape.     The   weather
bureau predicts that  the entire north
coast will feel the effects uf the storm
before morning.
Import New Zealand Butter.
j Ottawa. J%n. 26. W. A. Beddoe,
Canadian trade commissioner to New
Zealand  reports that  the steamer  Mia-
jkura which sailed  from Auckland for
Vancouver  lale   in   December  had   on
board   2(1,(198   boxes   of   butter,   which I
was the largest shipment of New Zeal
'and   butter  ever  taken   to   Vancouver.
The   Makura  also  carried   to   Canada
lii'7  quartprs of beef.  882  carcassi
Of  veal  and  170  sacks  of  meats.
The Le.tie Trotter.
"When uiy liitfier's got a lame trotting horse, sir. that he's trying tc
shuck off bis bands," faltered the
while linen nurse, "he doesn't ever gc
round mournful like, with his head
hanging, telling folks about his wonderful Hotter that's just 'the littlest,
teeniest, tiniest mite lame.' Oh, no.
What father does is to call up every
one he knows within twenty miles and
tell 'em: 'Say. Tom. Bill. Marry, or
whatever your name is. wiial in llic
deuce do you suppose I've got ovei
here in my barn? A lame horse that
wants io trot, lamer than Ibe deuce,
you know, but van do il mile in 2:10.' "
Faintly the little smile quickened
again in the while linen nurse's eyes.
"And lhe barn "ill he full of men In
half an hour," she said. "Somehow
nobody wants a (roller that's lame, bul
almost anybody seems willing to risk
a lame horse that's plucky enough to
trot."-From '"The While Linen Nurse'1
in Century.
Real Wolves in France.
Paris, Jan. 25. The long continued
cold, especially in the central districts
of France, is bringing numbers of
wolves, frantic with hunger, out of tie
woods, A little girl at La Couquille,
near Perlgueux, was devoured by wild
animals, the searching parly finding
only a torn pinafore and a few bones.
Hunting parties are being organized
For  all   building  supplies  and   fuel
o:l apply to the B. C.  Transport  Co.,
Ltd.. 505  Westminster Trust building.
Office  phone 820,  wharf  phone  S80.
I (2707)
Mayer Roe on Leave.
I At a special meeting of the Port
Moody council held Friday afternoon,
Mayor P. D, Roe waS given leave of
absence for one month. Alderman
White was appointed acting mayor
during the time Mayor Roe is visiting
the east.
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 586. (270S)
Lad'Cs Seek Knowledge.
With the view of being enlightened
en certain' subjects of municipal administration the executive of the local
council i f women, at a meeting held
Saturday afternoon, went on record
as favoring an invitation being extended to the mayor and aldermen to
address the monthly gatherings. It
is expected that Mayor Cray will be
the first invited speaker, subject to
be decided before the next general
meeting to be held Monday, Feb. 9.
London, Jan. 25.���Five cabinet ministers made speeches on Saturday
night bul so little interest is taken
In politics that the most generous of
the Sunday papers gives the lot only
a column of space. Percy Illingworth,
lhe chiil' whip of the Liberal party reiterated the determination of the government Io carry home rule for Ireland and dis-establisliment of t'.ie
j Welsh liur'h and abolish the system
Iof plural voting before the general
elections are called.
Rt. lion. Herbert Samuel, lie post-
Imasler  general   referring   to   the   Pis*
Iter question said th��re h*>d hr -
Iversations behind the scenes, but the
I'natter would now be brought be��ure
parliament in full view of the nation
[and until these debates occurred noth*
"ng more could be said.
New  European  Railroad.
Paris, Jan.  25.���-Within   18  mends
Western Europe will have direct rail
road   communication   with  Greece  by
! means of a projected new  line called
' the Piraeus. Athens and Larissa railroad  with the Oriental railroad.    Th
!contract   for the construction  of this
iine  was signed today by the    Creek
minister at Paris and the French contractors in the presence of the Creek
premier.    The journey  between  Paris
und Athens thus will be reduced to 60
Mangled Names.
I remember one London critic telling
me, writes B, N. in the Birmingham
post, how he had wired to o Glasgow
paper the news that the great Nil.isoh
had just arrived and would conduct
Hie London Symphony orchestra on
such and such a dale. The telegraph op
orator, as usual, spelled the unfamiliar
name along lhe line of least resistance.
The Glasgow subeditor, not being a
musical man, had never heard of
Nikisch, but, as the adjective "great"
was prefixed to the name, he naturally
assumed that he must be a Scotchman,
so the Glasgow public was Informed
the next day that the great McKi.sh
had arrived in London.
I remember also a London colleague
reduced to a state of collapse by discovering I hat he had been made to say
that Andrew Black had sung "Ninepin
Andrew" instead of "Non pill undraL"
For Sunday School Teachers.
A teacher In a mission Sunday school
In a Scottish town has some Interesting stories to tell, In the Missionary
Record of the United Free church, of
the answers which have come from
infant lips to her Bible questions.
Sometimes one gels a perfectly natural
but wholly unexpected reply. Asked
what Naaman did after washing in
(lie Jordan before he returned to his
native land, one mite gave the obvious answer, "Dry lilssc*!'." The class
was told the story of the little Shuim-
mlte. his sunstroke and his restoration
by the prophet, and wishing to in
entente gratitude the teacher asked
what the mother would do when she
got him back, "Pit a bannet on his
held," shouted Immediately a practical
insure with Alfred W. McLeod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Insure In the Royal, the world's
largest lire company. Agent, Alfred
W. McLeod, the Insurance Man.
Bankrupt stock bargains in electrical goods of all kinds at Weber S
Soley's, 6:i Sixth street. Call and save
money.    S. Fader, assignee.        12810)
Rerume   Debate  Today.
Ottawa, Jan. 2". The debate on
tl;     address   will   be   resumed   in   the
[commons mi Monday afternoon by
Mr.   Lafortnne.  Liberal    member    for
j Montcalm, who  will  speak  in  French.
'He will prrbntily be followed by other
Quebec members who will speak in
the satin* language. Tie vote on sir
Wilfrid l.aurier's amendment will be
'aken on Tuesday. The Liberals will
meet in caucus on Tuesday morning
tnd will decide whether or not they
will move any more amendments or
to what extent they proposed In further delate the address. The Conservatives will also hold a caucus on
Tuesday to discuss the general plans
if the party  for the session.
Appoin* Matron.
At n cnt.("..ii meeting of the executive of the Y. W. c. A. on Saturday
afternoon Miss liaister of Vancouver
was appointed housekeeping matron
'f the Institution, Miss Plais^er is nt.
present matron of the True Blue or-
nhanage, Vancouver, and will assume
her new duties on Feb. 1. Arrangements are being made to furnish t'.ie
show   you  how   ive  can  satisfj   your
grocery v.mi'.s.    i ,. :..*....��� ,y and  ��� ;* ,   ���
our customers is our special aim,
Choice Table Butter, '���'��� lbs   $1.00
Fancy Ntw fcaifand llutter. 2 lbs. 75c.
Finest Canadian C-iliese, 2 lbs  ...43c.
Silver P..*:   Peaches, tin   25c.
Canned Pineapple. 3 tins  26c
Canned PinWple 1',-.* lb. tins, 2 for 23c
Itobin    Hoed     Rolled     Oats;   try
Citse  for  breakfast,  box    23;.
A   few   speci.-il   lines   that   we   arc
clearing cut of stock:
Ban Juan Cleanser, regular .1 for 25c.
Special, 5 for 23c.
Wool 8oap, regular**, for 25c.   Special
12 for 25c.
Glycerine Soap, regular 10c.   Special
4 fol' 23:.
Dean's Grocery
���"bone  136,
Uurr Slocl* tiluiibU   Street.
SLOAN -The remains of tin* lute
Robert Sloan who passed away in this
City on Friday at the age of 78 years
were shipped to Calgary yesterday F,
11. Janes of Sandwick, B.C., accompanied   the  remains.
FISHER Fred Fisher, aged 61 years
died in New Westminster on Friday
and the funeral was held on Saturday afternoon, Deceased came from
Xi .** Vi :!: : ome tli ic ago and il Is
not known if he ii ives any relatives
Ammunition Supply Price Cut.
Washington, Jan 25. Foreign com.
pi tltlon is f*. rclng d wn the cost of
proji ctlles, Rear Admiral StrauBs
chh f of ilu navj ordnance bur.au
ti Id the bouse naval commltti <��� He
Bald tha! on ��� i i Item of ami mnltlon
lu- had to i -i< tin ami nnl S400 100 be
low the nppr priat'on for the enrrft"!
year bi caus   - I i       p ti. bus'
!M BS   ���  '   lo: . '     -
Cct'-id" Wcrkcre S'rke.
Br i*!t ��� nl. Ont . ran 25 Plfty'meo
'���inpli yed on i utsldn work on the
". ������in':'* rd hydro i li ctric ayilorn are
nut e-i strike, They claim thai they
should nol be docked for not workln -���
on wei days w' en the wi rk la called
i ff ti;:-' ugh  no f mil  of theirs,    ii a
So   Says  Carranza   in   Reply   to   Mes
sases from Peace Societies in
ssagos trom
���, wiio as!; d
�� hlch  wa re
I'."o    days.
*-rat,*^.TVi*.t��*,ra/iri.-\-T*T��rfi*^ nun ,    B
1 ������*  our complete line of Coal and Wood Heaters.
\ few sets of China and Semi-Porcelain Dinner
Sel s left. These will be extra good value at the prices
we are selling them.
New   Westminster Phone  59
X>!tIlntMtS*-ZSCX^~wz'nniir.r>'rt~T~-'.-arTr*rj,i ^ | ������
Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Jan. 25.
Via Nogales, Arizona. Jan. 26.- "At
the triumph of the cause of the con-
. tuiioiiallst ordei which wo i ipre
si m, pi ace will be established In my
With this brlf sun ment through
the medium of the Associated Press,
General Venustlano Carranza today
replii d to a flood ol in
pi a"e goc ilies In K . :
tor p see in Mi xlco.
Ml i i these mi ssai-e-:
received during the las!
iskod for general peace In Mexico and
each coi tain* d th Spaulsb word f >r
peace. Tiny wen* sen I by societies
��� Kngland, Km-sii. Belgium, Portugal,
.-. n Itzi : land, Holland and  Spain.
'Phis simultaneous action gave Ksb
to much speculation among General
Currauza's advls rs. and the opinion
was expressed freely that ii bad been
brought about by some action of the
luertti government at Mexico City
tin ugli Its agents in Europe. The
; i * sb alone was us: d In answ erlng
communications frcm peace societies,
General < irranza personally answered a number < f messages from flroin*
Inenl Spanish publicists and politicians, \n of his answi rs to the
Spi ��� ���:.-���! Inquiri s Contained son"' ret-
ereni to iii" .Mexico City uprising of
I-', bruary, 1913, in which President
Madero i as killed. It was pointed out
thai the Spanish residents of Mexico
had been harried In i om districts
for assisting in the Huerta movement,
Tiie system of giving company currency good only for merchandize at
cempany stores, as a method of paying laborers Is being Investigated by
the constitutionalist chief during his
stay in Sinaloa, The system Is said
lo have flourished under the Diaz
regime and lo have constituted practical peonage. Carranza, it is said,
already hai t ,i< n a firm stand n-ralnst
it and warned all employers that they
Currency Committee Today.
Denver, Jan. 25.���Secretary of
Treasury   McAdoO  and   Secretary
Agriculture   Houston,  composing
committee  on  organization   under
new   currency   laws,   reached   Denver j
today,  but   transacted    no    business. I
Th"  first  hearing  before the commit-'
tee will  b.* at 10    o'clock    tomorrow;
mornlug, at  which    time    the    argument.-*  in  support  of Heaver's contention  as a    location    for    one    of the
regional  reserve  hanks will  be begun. ,
Utah and  New  .Mexico will be repre- ; _   . _        _. , . ,
silted   before  the   committee   In   the Test For a F.eldglass.
Denver hearings. I     inquiry has It that the absolute
  1 , ] Infallible test of n glass by  the
i chaser Is to see what size letters car*,
be read across the street from tbe optl-
I clan's shop.
It Isn't.   Tbe real test Is n elimli up
a long nnd brushy hill until the breath
; comes n  hundred to the minute   then
| 9 snatch for the glass, reposing in a
; shirt pocket, to see whether the buct
is the one you  want before you tire.
If It won't go in your shirt pocket  It
  I Is not tbe glass you want: others are
IME waits for no man. although it    made that will.    If It shakes In your
lias been known to loaf arouud a   agitated bands it is not the glass yon
want: you cannot sep enough more
with n high power glass lo pay for the
times when il Is unusable because you
cannot hold It steady.���Outing.
Humor and
���or OVACAje M. SMITH
year or two for .  woman.
The people who frequently I.ave to
resort to expedients are those who
can't uttord to. but do.
As a rule a lie costs ail you get out
of it.
Marrlage brings ont all there Is In a
man. Including tbe loose cbauge In bis
An optimist Is a person who believes
In tiimsell wben nobody Is looking.
Always believe in your friends It
will help them to help themselves to
your possessions more easily.
Nc* Aniy Citadel.
Saskatoon, Jan. 25 -The Salvation
army has decided to build a new $20,-
000 post home on the s.le of the Dominion iralmgratlon hall which will he
donated by the government. The pro-
vincial government is reported to be
willing to contril ute $50or and the
city council will e '.mil a bylaw au
thorlzina a donation of $4(i.��0.
Grab Thirty-clx.
Regina, Jan, 25, Thirty-six Chinamen wore laKen to the police office,
and over 100 bottles of liquor and a
i;11;i;11 i. *. of opium confiscated as the
icsul of a raid by the provincial po-
lici on an alleged opium and gambling den, shortly before 1- o'clock on
Saturday uigiit.
V/ill   Take  Tc-reon.
Chihuahua, Mexico, Jan. ",".    What
will ' e the Immediate fortunes of <ie,i
oral   Villa's   army   of   15,000   or   more
rebels   when  they  pass  soula  of  Torreon Into the central states of Mexico
received   serious  consideration   today
by the rebel leaders,   That the ri bels
will lake Torreon they have ever', con-
fldence,   although     General     Refugio
Velasoo,   the   federal   commander   at ]
that point, is believed to be acting on j
orders from  Mexico City lo check  the t
revolutionists If possible.    Bul   whal i
will   happen  after  the  defeal   of  the
Torreon federad garrison, Bhould they
be defeated, is no so clearly defined
in the mind of General Villa,
Ottawa. Jan. 25, A bulletin issued
by the inland revenue department on
dried and package frui'tst reports that
OUt Of l"*ri samples collected Ld were
found doubtful In quality and 15 adulterated within the meaning of the
adulteration act, This does not ln-
clude a number of packages found
short of the declared weight.
Origin of tha Drama.
The drama. In the only sense lit
Which It is worth talking about, hurt
its origin in Greece Immediately following the defeat Of Darius nnd Xerxes, about B. O. 400 Its lilrtlipliii***
was Athens, and Its fathers were Acs
cbylus and Aristophanes���Aeschylus of
tragedy und Aristophanes of comedy.
When tbe Greek and Roman civilization went Into eclipse under the black
cloud of northern biiibiirianlsin the
theater, ns with nearly everything else.
became extinct, but during tin* middle
ages acting was in a measure resumed
In the form of the "Moralities," or
moi'llI plays of the ecclesiastics, and It
"as trom such plays that the modern
drama was slowly evolved.���St Louis
Flaky Piecn/tt.
If you want the In*l pin rust It
should In* made the day before ynu
wish to use it and put tut,, lhe re-
ftlgerator. Then the CTllsl Will lie
(laky and crisp If yen wish it tu n-
till li the crispness after l Hl.lug let
the pics cool  thoroughly before plllMlig
into closet or sideboard Vever put lhe
linked pie luto the refrigerator or It
will be soggy,
|i"Oi ll   of
iked   Hie
Ragtime Oratory.
"Why do ynu  refer to lh.il
mine as ragtime oratory'/"
"Hecillisfi,"   replied  the  mush Ian,
was   written strictly  with a  view
pleasing the popular tasle."���Wushli
Ion Star
Got His Lessons.
Ilrown - Vou    seem    more    satisfied
wilh your wire's cooking than former
ly     lias she leiiriiitl wllb liin,*'; Sinliu
- Nu,   I   have.���Women's  Home Companion,
Poverty No Help.
Tile reason n girl's mother is Willing
for  her  io  miiiry   a  |����or  hill   boliesi
(���'ling man is because he Is honesu not
lus-iiuse lie's poor.    DiiIIms Newiv
In piacs of (ha Watchdog.
They  rtniiiiige somehow to gel nloiiB*
ui sblpbiiiinl without a watchdog, bn;
they  Inne two dug watches.   So met
rlllu Journal. ��� ��� ���ii   fin i ���    iitifcim *m*tmm -4
.*. -** + *u mn mm tm
MONDAY,  JANUARY 26,  1914.
���*Aae *ivm
1 in ��������� urn i iim mum!   in
Boston Tar Daby disposed of his man   l'< a: of the Wanderers being e:
in the lirst oi
round   affair,
a    scheduled    twenty
Shame    io    take   the
Stanley  Cuppers   Licked.
Jimmy Murphy's ontarios upset 'h
dope at Toronto win n    hey    defeated
the   champion Quebec t( am 4-J.   The
defeat of the Ancient  City    sexti te
probably   marks   the   passing   of   the
Stauli y  cup   trom   the   guardpcrt  of
the St. Lawrence, the veterans appar-
ie ,   following a   meeting  of ently    slowing    up   after   a    brill.ant
11  magnates held last week,  career.    Doherty was the star man of
the game, scoring three goals for the
winners.     Marks   was   the   on
on ilu* Quebec line-up to mat
N. H. A.  itandint].
.\o matter v ha: team wins the N.
If. A. championship the games deciding the worlds championship will
probably he stagi d on tin* Toronto
tha easti-      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'lhe stating capacity of the Queen
city enclosure is the largest in tbe
\. H. A. circuit and, taking the interest being shown in the pro game
this season, the Torontto Inns will undoubtedly turn out in thousands.
'|     Give any city in the X. !l.
ining team and the crowd wl
Last  year    Ottawas    were
jbadly,    the   amateurs   wrre
\. a win-  Ottawas 7
il  fellow,  Torontos c
breaking Canadiens u
playing  Quebec 4
proton   North   End    Victorici
Bolton   Wanderers  in   First
ion  English Soccer.
3    Over  Cham
pionship of Pacific Coast Hockey
League  Probably  Decided
This Week.
groat   hockey   and   the   Capital   pre-.,  Ontarios
V. A.
41 20
52 2S
40 2!
40      HI)
Although no i li.i.ige in th
. landing was made with the
clubs in first division English soccer
Saturday, several surprises were unearthed, 'he feature b Ing the victory
of Preston North End over Bolton
Wanderers. Preston is trailing i*, t In -
ci liar position and Its victory over
Rolton, fourth from the top, was en-
tii ely unexpei ti d,
Aston Villa's win ai EvErton, Liverpool's victory al Wis; Bromwlch and
draws obtained by Newcastle, Derby,
linrnley ami Manchester United away
from home, wen* the other features.
In the second division Wolwich Arsenal ami Xoits County still retain
their lead, the latter making a meritorious win over Leeds City at the
Yorkshire city.
Crystal Palace climbed within four
points of Swindon   In the   Southern
rganizatlon by reason of tbe defeat
of III railway tt am and the victory
. : the Londoners,
Scottish   League.
A peculiar feature of the Scottish
: ague games  was that    every    home
ih  won  its  gam,* and  that   in  only
oue contest, that betwe n Motherwell
i Greenock Morton, did the visiting team sec re.
The   following   are   the   r< suits   ol
iturday's games:
First   Division.
Blackburn It. :'.. Sheffield r. 2.
Bolton  W. ii, Preston North End :..
Bradford City 0, Derby County 0.
1 belsca 0, Burnley u.
Everton 1. Aston Villa 4
Manchester ('. l', Tottenham H. 1.
ittdham  A.  2,  Manchester  I'. 2.
���Jheffii Id W. 0, Newcastle P. 0.       i
Sunu' rland 4, Middlesbrough '*��.
.* st liromwiiih a. 0, Liverpool 1.
Second   Division.
Birmingham l. Wolverhamptton l
I... kp< ol   a.   Huddersfleld  T.  1.
liristol  ('it**    1,   Ll iccster  Fosse  0.
Clapton orient  l, Bradford 0,
illossop 1. Stockport Count) 1.
rluisb) Town 1. Hull city 3.
eeds   City   2.   Notts   Colllliy   I,
Lincoln City 0, Pulham 1.
. .t ts Fores I  1. Bury  1.
Woolwich Arsenal  1,  Barnsley 0.
Southern  League.
uthampton 2, Bristol Rcvera u.
ymouth Argyll* 1, Mcrthyr Town 0
. ��� st   Ham  l'. 4, Queens Park  ll.  1
��� .iding 2, Sw indon Town 0.
-ul   Palace 4. Cardiff City o.
. mr*.   cm   l,  Bxeti r City 2.
lord  2.  Mlllwall  Athletic  1.
rwich City a. Portsmouth 0.
lingham B, Brighton and Hove 0.
thampton 2, Southend United 0
Scottish  League.
v. rdeen 5, Hamilton Academicals 0
ic 1. Alrdrieonlans U.
h  Hovers 2, Clyde 0,
narnock 6, Dumbarton 0.
its of Midlothian I'., Dundee 0.
. ' ' li Thistle 2. Hibernians 0. j,
dherwell *i. Morton 2.
'������   I'nited '.'. Third Lanark 0.
* ci shire ll. Northumberland
. . i Bier '���'. Devon Albion 3,
a:.sea  12, Newport  0.
tin- Pacific
probabh he
nit of which
The   crucial   ;.���;:���;]   s  cf
coasl   li ck IJ   BI a . il   will
: taged   this  week,  th,*  ret
Bhould  give tie* fans an insight  as lo
What   team  will  make  the Jaunt  eastwards   in   qui si   of   the   Stanley   cup
and the world's championship.
Vancouver, with Its big lead, is
called upon to make the trip, but lhe
waj   Victoria  and  New   Westminster
are playing makes its possible lor
several lar^e sized kirk.; to be made
in Trunk Patrick's crew. The llrst
of thes may he made on Tuesday al
Vancouver when the Aristocrats
tackle the Terminals.
Victoria was licked good and proper
by the Royals on Friday last, but that
is   not   saying   that  the   impossible  is ,
created  for  Lester  Patrick    lo    turn I
tin* trick on his brother Frank. '
Victoria has nine nun available,
eii" man more than Vancouver, and
two mure than Westminster. Throop'B
Injury allowing Hugh Lehman no substitute lo send In th" game.
Should Victoria win tomorrow's
game it would mean that only one
contest separates them from Vancouver, while lhe chances of lhe Itoyals
taking Friday's game in Victoria look
bright, following two hard games
played by tie   Senators.
Vancouver will have Frank Nighbor
back in the game tomorrow night,
although liis long absence from the
ic will liki ly mean that he will not
be SI en at his best.
Hugh Lehman and Han McDonald
will  be the officials.
took it iu ils head 'o knock Percy
Lesscuer's aggregation. The club
wini in the hole several thousand dol
lurs. This season the Ottawas are
hitting a greal clip, being at the head
of tin* i ague, so thai Saturday night
people wire turned away from Pred
Dey's enclosure.
N*w Westminster has one representative on iii Vancouver rep team
which plays Victoria rugby aggrega
lion ai ih capital next Saturday,
Stevenson,   by   his ail   round display
throughout the pri sent season, \;.i:.
sell en d  lor the forward line.
For the Week  Ending Sunday, Feb. 1,||
An Interesting session is expected
at the weekly soccer league meeting
to be held in Ryall's office tonight,
The Bankers-Rovers dispute at Moody
pari; on Saturday afternoon when
Referee. Harry Hidy decided that the
downfall of snow was no preventative
as to playing, was Ignored, i: is al
leged, by the monied inter."Hs, is
likely to cause no end of a debate.
Every delegate is requested to at
Only  one  socci r  game  was  played
ou   Saturday,   Burquitlam   being    d -
feated   on   the   suburban   grounds   by
the  Electrics  to  the tune of 8 goals j
to  4.     The     Hankers-Rovers    contest
and the scheduled game cf Sapperton '���
vs.  City   were   postponed  on   account I
of disagreeable weather.
West minster.
Sand  Head-
High.             Lou
High.    Low.
Time. III. Tim .
i:4a    2:25
B;44  13.8  12: 2'.)
17:20 13:40
10:22 11.0 23:40
'     8:10    2: r, a
7:09 13.7 13 08
18:20 14:30
17:21  10.7
8:36   3:20
7:33 13.6   0:10
19:20 15:06
18:18 li..", 13:45
8:.-,.-,   3:40
7:.r,o 1 :���,.::   0:51
20:'a 15:50
1H:16 10.1  14:21
'<: JO    ?,: 55
8:19 13.1    1:2-1
21:16 16M6
20:15    I'.S 14: 5S
9:40    4:10
s:42 12.H    1:66
22: If, 17:2il
21:10    9.5 15:37
10:05   4:16
9:04  12.7    2:28
2'i:2D 18:30
22:28    9.3 16:20
Apartments  for Rent
This highj-class apartment block
is steam-heated, gas-ranges,
bath and toilet each suite.
Built-in kitchen cabinets and
buffets, electric automatic elevator, and all other accomodations in connection with first
class apartments.   Apply:
House Page Boy Took Out Basket cf
Papers as Ordered���Dumps
Them  in  Yard
New Retail Liquor Store
Now Open at 37 Eighth Street
Defeat Torontos in N. H. A
Prospects ot Winning the
Champ, onship.
Arena Management Arranges Program
of  Races for  Professionals  and
Ottawa, Jan. 25. -A pile of government papers and documents Whose
production has been ordered by the
house ami entailed much preparatory
labor, narrowly escaped an awful fate
yesterday. At the opening of the
Fixture��� house every afternoon, representative
and parliamentary papers are labelled
by the ministers and after being noted
on the scroll are sent out in baskets
to the clerk of votes and proceedings.
  Dr. Flint filled his basket yesterday
jUnd calling a page told him to take it
the brilliant form of out.     It  so   happened   that   the   boy
lis,    the    Ot'awas was a newcomer to the staff and has
ot  the  N   H   A   net yet learned the ropes.    When the
clerk of proceedings after a long wait
investigated the cause of the delay, if
was  discovered   that  the    page    had
taken the basket to the yard and con
signed its contents to tiie dump. For
tunately  the   papers   were  discoverer!
in  time to be rescued though  several
of  them  bear   the   marks  of  the  a;:h
Phone 395
E. G.McBride
Keeling satisfied that the response
given to the first attraction of its
kind in the city, the arena management this evening will stage another
interesting program at the rink which
will include professional and amateur
races, bur'esquo hockey, fancy figure
skating by ll. Burke, of Montreal, together with an extension of time tor
the ordinary  skaters.
Special prizes will be awarded to
the Winners while everything pertain*
inn to the comfort and enjoyment of
the patrons in the nature of good Ice
and up-to-date and catchy music will
he in order. The proceedings will
open at 8 o'clock and will continue
until  11 o'clock.
Following  Up
the past three we
jumped in the  l"-.:d
Saturday night by defeating Torontos
on  Capital City  ice by a sccrs of    4
goal.-:    lo 1.    Losing    the    first    two
games, tin* Ottawa.- settled down    to
business, and  have  taken   seven  contents ia a row.    They have also bright
prospects of defeating the  champion
Quebec team at Ottawa on Wednesday
ii. xt.
Although the Ice was in sloppy condition  Saturday  night, the two teams
uei.i  through the first period with nolon  ,;,e  resolution  to consolidate
thus  indicating  the
(By the Potter.I
Decide This  Week.
Indianapolis, ind., Jan.  25.���Action
_^^__^___,^__^__ the
I'nited Mine Workers of America with
the Western Federation of Minfn;
will be taken this week, probably
Tuesday, bv delegates to the conven
tion here. Action on the resolution
was put over until this week so that
the fraternal delegates from the metal
miners could be heard. It is probable
m������ that  the convention  will   be able    tc
lug been turned away unable to gain  C0Ilci���d(. its WOrk at the end of   thi
admission on Saturday. week,  as  the   meeting   thus   far  has
Canaciienb Swamp Wanderers. DePt1 devoid of factional  fights which
Tht contest  between the two Mont
scores thus indicating the evenness
of the aggregations. Broadbent open-
id tli. scoring for Ottawa in the second pei iod. which was followed by
two more counters before the bell
sounded. In ti:e third stanza, pare
slackened, both teams scoring a goal.
Professional hockey is drawing immense crowds at  Ottawa, people liav-
delayed  proceedings in  previous con
rial   teams  was  a  slow    affair,    the
Caiu.diens    taking    an    easy    victory ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
over the Wanderers 9 goals to 1.
The   defeat   shoves  the   Wanderers i       Seattle  and   Alaska     Jubilant.
n the cellar position, where they are j    Seattle.   Jan.   26.���As   soon   as   the
likely  to  stay    unless    Lichtenheln's news of the  passage  on  Saturday of
crow gets back to last season's form.
'. 'ilie   robin   is   in  juke  ��ilh     the
��� hockoj players of the oily. Sat-
.   mornings find Charlie at   the
i.   link  officiating  in   the  double-
'>��� t Junior   league   fixtures.   On
(iirday  muming   the    high   school
��� 'h rented  the Comets fi 0,  while
Centrals nosed out a om* goul Vic-
i ov-r Sapperton,   Earl Cray, son
lhe  inn\. r  and  a  member ef    the
'hi Robson lacrosse team, las: year
uplons, scored the lone counter,
The soon, r Arthur Pelkey quits the
iniR for another vocation the better
it will he fur everybody, Including
Pelkl y himself The latest from the
protege of Tommy I'.urns is that an
unknown bearing the name of Kid
Kenneth knocked out Pelkey in   tin*
Sixth.    Over lhe same wire comes tin*
story it a victory by Bombardier
Wells, the Britisher finishing bis man
first round. Sam Langford
over  1'al   Curran.    Th
I Lavlolette was  the  star of the even-
ling,  notching  four glials and  at    the
same time putting up a star game on
the Canadian defence.    Only a  small
crowd witnessed the struggle, the de*
iu   tli
also put
the Alaskan railway bill by the senate was received in Seattle, bombs
were thrown into the air and a band
and wagons bearing banners paraded
the business streets. The banners announced that the senate had passed
the bill and that a great celebration
was being prepared to take place after
I'resident Wilson had signed the bill
which has to yet to go through the
house. Alaska also is preparing such
a celebration as never was known
iiere   before.
M6 Columbia St.     312 315 Westminster Trust Bldj.
Phone 85R. """"-' m"
Continuous from 2 to 11  p.m.
10c Admission 10c
Need for Specializing.
Stratford, Ont.,  Jan.  25.    J.  I..  Wil
son,   superintendent    of    agricultural
fairs   of   Ontario,   pressed   home   the .
need   for   more   specializing     in     (Ingrowing of grain to tile representatives ;
who attended the meeting in the Perth
COIinty   court   house   last   evening  of
the   agricultural   societies   of   Huron.
Perth, Middlesex and Elgin,   The best'
plan, he said, was not to grow a hundred   or   so   varieties  of  oats  or  any
other grain In one district, hut  to ascertain what each district is best able
to produce and then grow thai variety
or  only  one or  two  varieties  at  the
most. '
Vitagraph Featuring Ned Finley and Ada Gifford in
Special Feature in Two Parts.
Local Color
He finds in the mountains the "local color" he
sought, likewise the love he cannot forget. Through
a desperate feud she stands by him and gives her life
in defense of his.
Edison, featuring Mabel Turnnelle
The Girl in
the Middy
A society girl goes back to childhood.   A quiet little love comedy.
Pathc Weekly
Around the World with ihe Camera Man
Always New.   Always Interesting.
Biograph Presents
The Detective's Stratagem
Posing as a hunted burglar he thwarts the
Bank Robbers.
709 Columbia St.
i���i ii in ��
Westminster Trust Bldu
Order  Your  Suit  at
We guarantee satisfaction. ^^   ^^
640   Clarlison   St.
Colonial Company   ''T^cXSZg*' "The Sweetest Girl in Town"  I
16   PEOPLE   16
with  the  Academy Girls' Chorus,  Introducing  Real Catchy   Musical Song  Hits.
Prices: 15c. 25, 35c
Prices: VOc. and 20c.
This Company will remain at the Opera
House ten days, changing Musical Comedies
Every Second Day.
Seat Sale at Box Office, 10 a.m. each day. paoi ai>
MONDAY,   JANUARY  26,   1914.
Classified Advertising
rO��   SAlt
Los Angelas, Jan.  25.--Since    189G
r.irt Alberni, Jan. 25.���At the Inaugural meeting of the 1H14 council of
the city of Port Alberni, Mayor Hurtle
read   a   telegram   from   the   Canadian
Financiers, fiscal agents, announcing
|La��SIFIBD    ADS    WM.i     ah   KB
r*:ved for The News Bl  tt.e follow  I MODERN    KI'SSKLL    CAR    HE1NC. ] llvssje  g    Kaneke    rated   as  one  of   *�����'*  ll|u sa|f of tlu' cii>'ti debenture
Iof Places     i   ���:   : UH'e dru* atore |   overhauled and repainted.   Will selll|a_M "n��n#�����i��.�� ���m1(i,i���,  i,���. j negotiated  by a  representative,  bad
been confirmed by the Investors.
All thai  now stands In  the  way  of
 __ jwj '��� "  ���"  �� ��� I the   first   instalment  of  money   being
right   to vote.   Federal   officials   In- Daid Is the approval of the bylaws by
���28    Columbia    stree..     I     SPrto* I on easy terms to reliable parly,    if ��� Southern  California's   wealthiest  Jap-
Queensborough,   Lulu Island;    Mrs yoll want a car here is a snap. Ap-lanese, 1ms enjoyed all the privileges
E   1 arilrii,  Highland  Park.   Mrs   V | pjy hox 2851. i0f American citizenship, including tho
Lewis, Aita Vista
t- RATES ���
��� �����*�����������*���������*���   ���   ���  *
CtaM'^sd���"ne c*��tit    0��1    ���
*nj;   4c  eer  word  per  wan.
mouth; 6,000 words, to be in-
Quired  within one tear  'rm
lODtrSOt,   I2BUU
,.-,,i-    SALE���SRL1     yoi'U    piioi,-!"h'"   ��� "*���<�����������        ��������   "*���*��� paid is the approve
env through an ad   In this column.  vestigating his status have made the'the attorneys for the buyers and this
' diBcovery that Kaneke is    the    only Question should easily be settled  boron SALE���ll.oo DOWN, 11.00 PER j naturalized Japanese   In the   United lf '    :h'   '>;!,t " "'" ,1|f ' :h
No   trouble   is   anticipated   In   Retting   the  attorneys'  approval   as    the 1
bylaws   have   been   made  out   to  suit j
the  most  exacting  demands  cf  hank i
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable   states
Ranges; every one guaranteed   Mar-j     '^^  ^   ,&y)  aenyjng  rlRh|g  q{
k('1 M''':ar'''      *nv> |citizenship to Orientals. Kaneke   was
: ����� ���       j. .ii ss IKran|((i fU|] naturalization papers IS'lawyers.    At   the  worst, anv  altera-
"Westminster, B. C. years ago by Judge George B. Otis, tlous   desired  could   be   mada   which
Jan.  16, 1914. Registry." 6190-1913. [of the    superior    court    of  ILv. rsidi*   would   mean   only   a   small   matter  of
IX THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH I counts'.    His eldest son. also foreign-   linn
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Throughout  the  Province  of   British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, p:i>;ilii�� In all parts ot the
CHA8. G.  PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK. Manager.
'.UNION lfc/TLABEC>  -
1-vin Cdle, Thomas Harrison and A, .1
Mciiiiffln.   Plaintiffs,
A NI��
Chlyoji Shfhobu, T.ii i in Chong Co. and
TmI   Bring  &   i'h..   I ii -I. ndants.
SS    AID   TO   i'*1'"1,   the  Honourable,  Mr. .1 . u	
i.   i'.i:
WANTED       i-MM     ��.=   ""'    *-.' ,j .���,.   in chambers.    .Friday,  lhe   16th
mcthei     experience "ith    baby    is ,.,,- nf January, A. O. 1914.
..I.,,  ,,   una L           C-X.rilii Cpon   thi    implication   nf    tli"    al  ������ ���
_ ,  named  plaintiffs,   upon   reading  tin   uffi-
  davit  of Thomas Joseph  Ariiistrong. filed,
FIRST CLASS COOK and  unon  In irlng  Mi    Orunt, of Counsel
ferences required. ' - tl    .���:���...:.���-���            .
this irder and ofn c"py of the Wrll  ot   Battalion  Orders No. 4 by  Lieutenant
w ', \ T E l>
lor y. W. C. A.; let
Ml; i. to the secretary, Y. W. C. A,
���     Idlne   cltl    between - and E p.m.   summons   In   this  action   by  sending   Hi
     ' "'       ' (2854)   si iv   b)   u  pri -paid  posl   regisl  red  letter
addn ssi il to the I >��� fi ndnnt, Chlyoli Shln-
  ..i.i,.   nt   lhe   city   ...'      New   Westminster,
'  \HY   WISHES   HOUSB1*   B  ���'��� and hv serving tin   same on om   '
bo; n, has been exercising the   franchise  in   tiie  belief   that   it  was  con- I
I. i'1'ed by the  father's certificate of
citizenship. ;
it. is announced that proceedings
would be Instituted by the government to revoke the oriental's natural
isatlon papers,
.v. ; ii, 1404 Tenth avenue
Shlnobu   n fern-d   In   in   tho  affidavit   of
--ul  Thomas Jos ph   Armstrong,  and
 ���-- i.v publishing  i cop> of Hi" said Wrll and
,, ,~���n��i    nninr \i'i.' order for one  ill  week In n  Daily N>*\vs-
!���'!',')���:   ROOM     MODERN    COTTAOb,   ,,,,���.,.,. Bhea In the City of NeW West-
wanted.     Apply   hex   2819 minster.   B,   C���   shall   be  good  and   suffl-
(UKl'.i) clenl  servlci   of tin     ..i.i wrll  on  tho said
C ..'.- ''    111.
News oii'ice.
i"i*.. in large or   small   quantities;   (
highest  prices paid.    Austlon sale.-:
conducted.    II.   J*   Russell,   King's
hotel block, Columbia street. (2778)   ,
Hire, or stocks In trade, In large or
small quantities, highest price paid.   \\
Or Fred Davis ���*��� ;.ii sell your goods  :
by   public  auction   with  guaranteed   r
n suits, or no commission charged,
Spe the expert on furniture before  '������
you give vour goods away.   Address
pre*j    Davis,   ""1s Columbia street,
New   Westminster, (2067)
defi ndnnt, Chlyo.ll Shlnobu : and that  thi
costs of this application  be costs  In  the
Dated   this   10th   day   of  January,   A.
En!  i*. .1   this   19th  day  of  January,   A.
1914. .'.. .1.  BRINE.
11 puty  I Ustrlcl   Registrar,
('.   Law  Si,null.  I'.'ir.
tmlnster,   H.
I: fj stry. 6196-1913.   .1.1 t'
I *vln Cole, Tl n*ni��  Harrison an 1  A. 3
'.* luffln,   l'iulniiffs :
A .'���':��
Chlvo.ll Shlnobu, Tal On Chong Co. and
': i.  S ing & i '.*..  I ii !'��� ndants.
O ������   Ihe   Fiftn,   by   the  Gi i I'  I lod.
of th    United Kingdom of i In nl  Bril iin
nd li'elnnd and of ill    I'.rii ish Dominions
I; yond  thi   Si ns. King,  Defi ndi r of lh ���
LOST    DARK   BLUE   PURSE   AT   11.      Faith,   Emperor  ot   India.
i*    ],;   )���    tr.i'.n  office  on    Saturd l)   To Chiyoil Shlnobu nnd Till On Chong Co.,
'   .,       I-.,, ...i, /..i   ,...r,l   utih   nam** '���''"' "'   ""'  ''''    of  New   Westminster,
night.    Contained  card  wun name PMV,lu,e ,,,- ,,,,, ,h Uolun,blll| and Tnj
<f Miss Marion Martin and also 5.11 ..-    ,.  ,.,   ,*,    ,,r tn    ,*,, . ,,.   i/ancouver,
in   cash.     Finder   please   return   to Provlnc   ol  British Columbia.
i"   Third  Btreet     and     receive     re- v"   COMMAND  YOU,  llial  ivlthln elghl
'",.���,���     .,,..��� ik       f)SRR1 ':    1 after the servlc   of I       '���    ll on you,
ward, or no.ii> phone 385.     (���..->)   .       , ,   ,,,- :1���. flliy ,,,- svch   .    ....._ yuu
���' 1 can -.   nn nppi ar nc s t.i b    enl ired  Cor
���' *. i.i n 1 action at the sull of \-. Ine I '..!���
, Thnniiis  Harrison and  A. .1    Mi* luffln.
Wt '.Nl'  T VKI-:   NOTICE,   thai   In   di :    ill
��� mir  cluing  h ���   tin    Pli     llfl     lay  nro-
Hni:��?FKEEPINC ROOMS ON FOUR-  " "' :'   rein    ind judg ly be given
in n m . **. I..-1 1 ���** _ ii,   vour  abseoci*.
tecnth avenue and   Uv.lfih   street..     svlTNKSSj T1���  ,,���,,,.,,.. ,*���,.,.���. ,,������.
tun half block from car line,    in a i..-  ohiei Justic?, the nth day m Uecem-
, ....   hnnenlov        Vll     cily     conveni-   ber, In tho year of nur I I,   thousand
QE      ""  h ' (2847)   "il1"   hundred  and   thlrteei *-
'  _    :"^ ;     N.B.���This  wrll   Is  to be served  within
 _���   ��������������� twelve   calendar   months   from   the   date
'iu   I'.'Vi'    TWO     LARGE     ROOMS,   theu-of, or,  if renewed, within twelve cal-]
moderate 'i'1-'1'  months  from  the dati   of ii.
Humor and
TITONLY may be the root of nil evil,
but   It   is  al>u   the   blossouilliy  ot
much joy.
Happy Is the nuin who can inaUe
capital out of his own awkwardness.
It is easier to be critical than it Is to
be prepared to meet tbe critical.
It Is something of n surprise to the
man who thinks he Is Ilie whole thins
to see the whole thins move smoothly
along without a hitch when be takes it
into liis little bead to drop out.
Natural Rns is always found quite
near the surface���lu the promoter.
A gambler is a man who is willing
to lake u cblince be knows be can't
He limy  lie called a successful man
nee, showing names ol N. C. o'.> and   who   makes  bis  family   half as  well
Prat  sad Q��al. Mgr.
vtc�� President.
R*c  and Tree*
Pir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
Colcncl J. D. Taylor Ccmmandin:
Extracl General Orders.���T!>e following extract from genera) orders
dated December 15, 1913, is published
for Information: Nomenclature, mill
lai'y district No. 11, the 104th regiment will in future be designated thi
104th regimen! Westminster Fusiliers
of Canada,   Jl. (j. 7-113-13.
Command���Lieutenant Colonel .1. 1>.
Taylor having returni d frcrn district
headquarters, assumes command of
the regiment,
Officers' Duties.���To be orderlj officer for week ending February 1 Inst.,
[ Lieut, mint    Knight;    next    for   duty.
Lieutenant  Lord.
Battalion Duties Battalidh duties
f. r the ensuing im- k, w ill be furnished by A company.
.-: hoi 1 cl Instructions- It is proposed to hold a school of Instruction
for offici rs and X. C. O's, comtm being February 1*1 Officers conimai d-
Ing companies will render a return al
BQSLERS   Riveted -Sfeci Pio^s
 BURN OIL     ���
O    BOX   442
TCt EPHONE    124
men  who wish  to qualify  for promo
li a.   The school will b * held al    New
Westminster and    will    assemble   at
1 as! four nights a week,
i '��� rtific ati a will be granti d.
All  provisionally appoint d cfflc r
a.d N. C. (i'i 11111st atti i.i!
1 laptain and Adjutant.
furnished,  well   heated;
terms,    Apply 237 Sixth street.
lar  monlhs  from  the  dati   of  Ilu   last
renewal,  Includins  the  day   "f  sm-li  dat
nt;.I  ii..i   afterwards.
(28500 1    The   Defendant   may  appear  hereto  by |
  *��� entering an  nppenrnnc    rither personally
, ..,,.,   '"'  hy   Solicitor at   ibe  office of  lhe   Dls-
I'OR RENT OR SAL!-:   -SIX ROOMED  i,*i,*t  Roulstntr of this Courl at the Courl
modern  house,  close to car.    Apply  House. New Westminster, B.C.
('JX46I   '-aw Stamp $
914 Henley Strei I.
to rent try an ad. in this column.
.un   of   British  Columbia
|8. c. s nl
i-  Sinn-i me  c
j Plaintiff's Solicitor.
FURNISHED    OOMPLBTB     HOUSE    , 'i'1" Plaintiffs claim Is against  the .1 -
t* l n.Moii fendant  for ,1   d'claratlon  that  a  certain
keeping  rooms.  Jin    mid     *1S    pel   agreement,  dated   tin    10th  day  of  April,
month at 224 Seventh street. (27111   A.D.  1910, for the salo of the Smith Hal?
  of Lot _'... Block "II.'' St. George's Square,
��� *-^������" jM'ip 163  (having n  trontagi   of 66 i">*l  on
Liverpool Street  by 66  feet  in depth)   In
COLLECTIONS. the City of New Westminster, made by the
^^^r^-^r*~^~-^-~~- iwuv>Muw. defendant  Chlyoji   Shlnobu  to  the  Plaln-
     tiffs, Thomas  Harrison nnd J.  A.  MoGuf-
BAD   DEBTS   COLLECTED   EVflln    rtn, nnd assigned by writing under seal to
v-ti^if*      No   collection,   no   charge !:'"- Plaintiff, Irvine Cole, is 11 good, valid
i*r Meroantlle An i;""'  "uhslstlng  agreemeni   and   that   th
satisfied w;:b blm as be is with himself.
Women are natural optimists because it makes them look prettier and
doesn't cost anything,
After a man gets to be forty be begins to wonder what makes his school-
mutes look so old and to fancy himself
In the same class with the youngsters.
Alteration cf Schedule en Interurban Line between
New Westminster and Vancouver via Burnaby Lake
On and after Monday, January 19, an alteration will In* made In
the .-.in diil.* ol the "Burnaby Lake" interurban line whereby the ears
wlll hereafter leave either terminus at "half past the hour" Instead
of 011 the -..ii hour as formerly. The new schedule will operate as
WEEK DAY SERVICE Firsl car leaves New Westminster at
6:30 a.m., with hourly service throughout day nnd tasi em* a: il.'-'-o
p.m. To accommodate the "rush hour" traffic special env- leave New
Westminster a! 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., theBe specials leaving Vancouver
for iin* retuin trip one hour inter.
SUNDAY  SERVICE-   First  car leaves  New Wi
a.m.. with hourly service thereafter until  11:30 p.n
itmlnster al  8:30
Aim ricail��� Vuiicouvi"
.assignment thereof is n good, valid
f-i-.cv :i3i> Hastings street west. \an an(] subsisting assignment'; and for a
couver. (2712)   declaration thai all moneys due, or to be-
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P, H, Brown, IT
Begble street, New  Westminster
No Place Like It.
There's no pi.ire like home, Bald the poet,  j
(Ir seme such expression as that,
Bul  that was. I feel very certain,
lvfore they Invented the flat,
I It-fun* every corner and crossroad
Along on each side of the street
Had stores that were open on Sundays
Willi yuods that were ready to eat.
The home that the poet had pictured.
Thut had In his mind such a charm,
Was sntne little cot ln the village
iu* some roomy hous.* on the farm.
With vines running over the doorway
With porches both shady and wi.le.
A lawn nnd some trees and a Harden
And old fashioned eating Inside.
Ills mind didn't hanker for dwellings
With walls that were bare nnd sever**
Up three flights of stairways and maybe
A few darkened rooms In the rear,
Just room for a very small woman
If wed to a very small man
And, waiting him there on tho table,
A dinner that came in a can.
in- under the said agreement havi
n paid, and that the said agreement
should be specifically performed and that
the defendant, ('hiyoji Shlnobu, is only
a bare trustee <>f lhe snid land for tin*
Plaintiff, Irvine Cole; for specific performance of the said agreement and for an
order, il necessary, vesting tin* said lands
in fee simple In tho Plaintiff. Irvine Cole.
For n declaration thai the defendants,
othei thnn the defendant, Chlyoji Shlnobu,!
have no Interest In the said land and that '
the registration of their judgments against
thi defendant, Chlyoji Shlnobu, Is not n
chnrge against the said lands, and for a
Lis 1 '��� neb ns.
This wrll was issued by Gordon Edward
Corbould, ol the firm of Corbould, Grant
.*. McColl whose address fnr service is
1 I..*:, street, N* w Westminster, Bollc
' ������ Hn Plaintiffs ��ho reside nl the
*'i"  ol > ��� ���*.  Wi sua nster   I; C.        im<i
I.it.v.". N
ildence V. W. C. A.       Phone 1324
in New Westminster, B.C.
22  dwelling  bouses,  all  modern,  in
ifine locations, close in on good streets. ,   ��� .. _          ^as
Also  one  More  on  Columbia St., and;   V*CT0R|AN  ORDER  OF  NURSES.
���two on Sixth St.
Apply to Cunningham Hardware
or to Jas. Cunningham.
��� - - " ������"'���   - ""    "  itestdence Y. W, (
Girls' Classes, Tuesday 7:30 pm;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 am;
Sewing  classes,  Thursday, 7:'*t0  p.m
Boarding aud room rates reasonable |
Meals served to ladies ana gentlemen
Special dimmr Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30 j
For particulars  call  phone  1324,
 !���������������!���       ������! II I
Applications for  the  positions of  road
foremen itwoi one for East Bnd ana on*
Wi st   Bnd,   will   bo   received   nl   thn
Municipal Offices, Malllardvllle, not later
than January 28th, at 1^ o'clock noon.
,     20) Clerk Municipal Council
SEALE1 TENDERS addressd to the
undersigned, and endorsed " Tendei for
addition and alterations lo the Public
r.iiiiiliiit,. Victoria, B. ��'.." will be recelv-
.1 al ihls office until I.nn P. M.. on Mon-
lay, February 16, 1914, foi ih" construction of Hn aforesaid addition and alter-
Plans, specification and form ��>i contract "an hi seen and forms ..i tender obtained at tin   offli 1  Mr.  Win.  Hender-
��>n, Resident Architect, Victoria, li C.;
.11 application to the Postmaster, Vancouver,   B.   C   and  at   Hits   I >"|ia rtlln-nl
Persons tendering are notified thai ours will not be considered unless mad" on
the printed forms suppled, and signed
with thcli actual signatures, stating their
icupatlons and placet ol residence. In
the case of firms, ih" actual signature,
ho nature of the occupation, and place
>t residence of each memboi i��: the firm
must  hi   Klvi n.
Each   tendei   must   be  accompanied  by
ui a. pt-d cheque on n chartered bank.
payable  to  th"  order  of   thi   Honourabh
n*   Minister  of   Public  Works,  "inal   to,     ..��������_,,.   ,,_   ������
���mi pei   cent,   nn p.. 1  of  Hi.   * mil  of Mnvlie   Ile   lo
th, tender, which will bi forfeited if the I tends tn be tile
-.. is.,1, tendering decllm to enter Into ai ... ,���.,���*,
���outran when called upon to do so, or white m .1 11 9
*h1| 1,1 eimpleti ile* work contracted foi hope.'
!, ih. tendei bi not accepted tin cheipia ,.v nrnrrllilM
,111 Iv   returned. ' '
Th.   11. piruniiii  does nol  hind Itself to    lit* bus lo lire Ilie
n*!*"pi  iii" lowest  "i  any tender. cool;.'1
I:,  order,
It     .'.    DEHROCIIERS,
Bi cretary.
. 1 -1 rtm.nl   ol   Publli    W01 :���;-,
1 ittnn ...   .Ian lary   1 6,   1914.
\. Us; ....a     i* III   inn   l��    paid   foi   Ihls
,,! r rtlsi n..-iit 11 they Inserl ii w Ithoul au-
horll 1   fi   tin   I lepurtmenl -   5203.1
There's no placo like home, said tho poet.
Some modern men say so as well,
For after they've tried It a season
They quite often seek a hotel.
Tbe yeai'nins for home and for mother���
What sticks In tho memory like that?
But will Ihe old man of the future
Revert to tho two by four flaiV
Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships
Every Monday at U midnight
tn   Prince   Rupert  and   Oranby
Every Wednesday at 12 mid-
iii'-iit  to Victoria.
Kvery Thursday at 1- midnight to Prince Rupert.
Every Saturday at 12 midnight to  Victoria and  Si attle.
Thursday, Jan. 22, at 12 midnight to Queen Charolette Island points.
Monday. Jan. 26, at \2 midnight to Massett and Stewart,
Grand trunk Pacific
Passengi r trains leave Prince
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at in a.m. for Terri">.
llazelton and Smltbers. Mixed
service beyond to Rose Lake
(Mill*   300.)
Iiouble true, fast 'rains, modern
equipment, through servic      h
rami to Montr.*.il,    D stcn    and
New Vork.
Wc represent all Trans-A tlsntls Steamship l.ncs.
Through tickets via r.ny lino lo Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us cu b'mit an itinerary for ycur
W    E.   Duperow,  G.A.P.D.     H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
b'1.1   Granville   St.,   Vancouver. Phone   Sey.  8134.
tt     K
Mare Likely.
"Father   is   se
fret I.v taking l>oi
I iug lessons"
"What  can   bis
: object ber"
' O   Box 34 Dally News Bldg
ut all  kinds,
'rices rlich'     Satisfaction guaranteed
SO   MrKenrL   Rt
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially select-
ed for Flat Grain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than  the old solid  raised panel doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders
Local Sales Department. Phone 890.
A Heavy Man.
' rie makes m..* tired.'
"lie is always standing in his dignity."
"1 -should think tie would wear it
When  going on a long journey if *,
in our railway  there wlll be no an-
noyance of transfi r nor delay.
Toronto Express loaves at..7:50 a.m.
St,   Paul  irain  lcuv.*s at 1:26  p,   m.
ippll   ��� m   foi   ho position of road and
.... ���,*, ciiil'C.oi   fn    He- municipality of;
"lultlam in   i pe]  ;;���"' ,/3'n-JM-iiI Imperial  Limited leaws at 8:10 p.m.
For rate and reservations apply to
���commission on lounl collected will l*
f.,-. |v. ii al the Mm lelpal Offleea, Matllurd
vllle, not later than January 28th at 18
. .'-. -k noon.
i���Cil ' Or H. W. BRODIB, 0. P. A., Vancouver
���I i
Munli Ipal Council.
A   teai her ror the  public    schools. |
Also o  night  school  teacher,    Please
all  for application    forms    al    the
3chool  Hoard office,    Applications re-j
-rived until Tuesday, January 28,
ROBERT II. GRAY, Lon:J s,art*        ,    ,���
Secretary to the    Hoard   of   School     "Touwent to school wltb blm t"
Trustees. New Westminster, H.t'. "Hes."
(2848)                               "He Bd]T8 be has forgotten nearly e��
i                                               erytbiim be lenroea ttiere.'
""                                                                  "He didn't bine u lot to forget."
ro fn,* Hoard   of   License   Commhv *,|1?m'?,0rtln9'
f ��nrri v   nc Why BO glllUlf
Nonce la heS given thai . Intend I   "l^w '���� "'V Rood opinion ot mj
o apply at the next meeting of   the ���ebt.'
ii.aid of  License Commissioners  for     ."Well, cheer ap.    Maybe some one
li    District of Surrey, lor a license to   wlll find It."
ell liquors by retail on the premises 	
known as tiu* St, Leonard hotel, situate on  lot3 numbered  from   l  to 1-.
S.W, comer Section 0, Township 7, ill
the District Of Surrey, lie.
2846 Applicant
Phones 15 and 11* ��02 Columbia Street W.
Wholesale and retail dealers in the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal will, without doubt, boll more water
than  any other coal on the market.
We also have a limited supply of Old Wellington (l.adysmith)
coal for stove and grate.
We carry a good stock of building material, Including Vancouver
brand of Portland Cement. This cement is being used by tho Dominion and Provincial Governments und all the lar^e corporations
and contractors in the province. It is ground very line and is very
uniform Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tile, common and pressed brick, fire clay and fire
_ �����*. * ���_     and Miss
Transfer C_-o. j       l.r.a.m��� a.r.cm
Mrs iJave-Browne-tave
Read - lhe - News
Offlc*   Phana   IRS.      Barn   Phon*   il
l��(|b>�� **��������!.
Baggage Delivered Promptly u
any part ot tha city
Light and Heavy Haulin g
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (In
class or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History,
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and Itoyai
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher nr  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply f>l Dufferln
Street.   Thone 41111. MHMilMWMHpMMVMP"   **"
MONDAY, JANUARY 26,  1914.
(ts Qelicious Qrawing ffiuar.tiesM
ftrejnanlfeated in masons ov Teapots daily
BLACK, fflm^oLeREEM   Sealed Packets Only
03 Addraui "SALADA," Toronto
FREE Samplw Mailed on Enquiry
C. A. BOCERT, General Manacer.
Don't Spoil Your Trip Abroad
by losing your money-losing time in procuring funds���or nuzzlin*
ZV.aT. T''0?01��� ��' f��rcign "chw'Be. Traveller's Cheque',
ssued by this bank are a pioiection. a convenience, a necessity
J lost or Stolen, they cannot be cashed by finder or thief, and are
redeemable by you. They are good all over the world-are cashed
by banks, hotels and the leading stores. They are self-ldentlfylne
and are cashed at their face value. Our Traveller's Cheques wil
certainly add to the pleasure of a trip abroad.
tiu* governm nt here docs is in addition lo what is carried out at Ottawa,
but us a matter cf tacl Ottawa Is
mad" responsible In mis treaty fur
necessary work done for the protec-
- lien of the Industry. The Judgment
Iof 1898 provides that British Columbia  may. if it deslr 8,    collect    such
local   tl i a as It  B6I s  li!   to  impose,     ll
will be observed thai the recent privy
Cl uncil  di ci.:i in  says    no'.;.inn    upon
'this point, so that there is no change
in that particular situation and British i i iumhla will i;o on collecting
llcens tees from the fishery interests.
\\ Inn this government bi ought
these provincial fees Into existence
sonic si ven years ago the cannerym n
w.nl to Ottawa, and as a result of
their visit ilu* Laurler government
brought its salmon gill-net license fee
from $10 down to $5, each govern-
nn ut in n levying that amount, lion.
.1. D. Hazen now proposes to restore
the $10 charge as well as to raise the
fi. s tor other types of license.
' Between now and nexl July, when
the season reopi ns, then* will be another cannerymen's excursion to Ottawa, ii is believed hi re. No one
Imagines that th y will Bubmii for one
moment���without a large sized pro-
tost al li ast to the di abllng up of
Dominion foes as proposed.
�����->������* 5*>1>0<>t> ���������O* ���*���*���> rtt�� M
It Was Difficult, but Ile
Conquered It
Provincial    Government    Proposes    to
Continue Fishing License Fee and
Dominion Doubles Charges.
Victoria, Jan. 26, "The fisheries de-
partment of British Columbia will
pursue the even tenor of its way and
. ontlnue to collect its $,-> fa for the
salmon gill-net    license,"   announced
\Uprney Qeneral Bowser on Saturday
when bis attention was drawn to a
: icent dispatch from Ottawa statins
that the Dominion department Inl ml
. il to restore its original $lii fee, probably In the belief thai In view of the
recent privy council decision the Uritish Columbia governm ni would cease
. illectlng licenses.
if the Dominion government
doubles its fees, according to the departmental announcement and the
British    Columbia    department    con-
iiiuis collecting Its regular charge,
the fishery Interests will have to pay
half ns much  again  in   Hi 14  and  sne-
ceeding years as formerly.
Thi British Columbia government
commenced levying license fees in
1907 and after that the Dominion
government reduced its salmon Kill-
net license charge, cutting the amount
in ha.it" so that the fishermen, although paying to two departments,
did not find themselves any further
OUl of pooket. The Dominion government did not at that time reduce the
fee for trap nets, purse seines and
drug seines, but now proposes to
double these fees as well aa the salmon gill-net licenses. It is acting on
the assumption lhal under th ^ privy
council judgment the provincial government will, as it were, "back away."
This judgment gave the Ottawa authorities the right of regulating fish-
ing in the railway belt, in the tidal
wati rs of the rivers, bays, etc., and In
the territorial waters along the coast.
Right to Collect Fees.
It Is apparent, judging from the
view taken by th>' attorney general,
that Hrltish Columbia has no intention of giving up its position of charging llcensa fees. He stated that under a judgment handed down in 1898.
tli.* province has a right to collect
such license fees and iii addition to
that, under the terms of the treaty
of union at the Ume of Confederation, a duly is Imposed ui" n the
Dominion government of lakin*-' care
of tbe tt .-ill ��� ries of this province   What
Vernon, Jan. 25.* There is jubilation in Vernon, and in the Okanagan
valley over the announcement of Sir
Donald Mann, vice-president of the C.
N, IL, that bis company will soon begin construction of ils branch line of
railway from Kamloops to Vernon,
and on the south into the Okanagan.
Signs bave not been wanting tbat construction would be rushed next summer. Now that official announcement
has been made, business is already
Sir Donald's statement is r iterated
that the development of the Couteau
water power, near Vernon, would be
rushed and tbat the lines in this district, would be electrified. The company's plans, as announced, provide
tor a network of electric traction
lines radiating from Vernon. Cheap
DOWi r for factories will also be furnished.
  ��� **i!
Toronto, Jan. 'ib.���An interim injunction restraining the Meaford town
council from giving a third reading
to the local option bylaw which was
carried by the vote of the ratepayers
at the recent municipal elections has
been granted by Mr. Justice Lennox
at Osgocde Hall.
It was granted on the application
of G. 11. Hair, who contended that the
bylaw was Illegal, as the ratepayers
had voted upon a similar bylaw last
year Under the statutes a period of
three years must elapse before the
question could be submitted to the
people again.
Another objection raised was tha
tbe voters' list was not posted ten
days before the voting, as required
by the act. His lordship thought a
prima facie case had been made out.
and  grant.d  the injunction.
"Sbe came out of Cox's store, got ou '
her pony and went a Kiting for the!
wesl bunk of the click. 1 fullered ber
ii little ways, thinking she was a ten- !
derfoot. nml i'ii lie blamed if sbedldn't
turn spang Into zigzag trail and disap- ,
Hump Teihtv.* looked around at bis'
companions guthered ubout tbe mess I
table in lhe In nil bouse ut the Twin |
sinr ranch. I
"Zigzag trail, eh?" repented .link
1'rnle.   helping  himself tu uiiuther  but ,
"Have ynu cwr traveled that devious
route?" pursued Jink in his deliberate
"No. but I've heard tell that since the !
landslide there ain't footing there for:
mini or beast" i
"No more there ain't," returned Jink.
buttering his ninth hot biscuit. "That's
why   I   reckoned   you  was  dreaming'
when  you  said   you  saw  a  girl  and !
pony disappear down the trail."
"It was blight moonlight and I saw i
ber plain as day," returned Hump, undisturbed   by  Jink's skepticism.   "Be
sides,   I   went  buck to the store aud
asked Dan Cox wbo sbe was"
"And who is sbe?" demanded a dozen
eager voices.
"Dan said he didn't know; said she!
never asked for mail, and that, al-
though she bought plenty of supplies
from hi in. be didn't know any more
about ber than he did at first. Been ���
around these parts about four weeks.
Dan says." |
Hnmp Tetlow might have continued
to discourse upon bis chance encountei
with the strange girl, but his companions were more Interested in discussing the approaching roundup than listening to him.
Perhaps he would bave risked their
ridicule   and   described   ibe   singular
Every business man should keep this statement in mind continually, for it contains
the whole gospel of advertising in a few
words.   ���
Remember it when you are asked to invest in any of the advertising schemes that
crop up periodically, with the chief end in
view of separating the unwary from their
The newspaper is the only advertising
medium that will pay you in actual returns
for the money invested.
Advertising in The News
Will Pay You
beauty or the girl, but he bad littu
desire to talk to empty air aud pres
ently forgot tbe stranger.
one man among those at the tablt
listened to Hump's story, and because
lie was new to the country Bob Deer-
lug asked questions about Zigzag
Jink Prole answered the questions
readily and went so far as to tell tbe
newcomer that somewhere nlong the
abandoned trail was the tumbledown
cottage of a sheep herder, wbo had
left the country ut the time wben cuttle hud crowded tbe sheep from the
The next day Bob Deerlng wns seut
in search of u lost steer.
Ills search led lilm down tbe west
iniiik of Bed Spider creek, nnd eventually he came to the point where there
were traces of au old trail that zigzagged down the canyon and disappeared iu a heap of broken rocks and
"Zigzag trull!" he exclaimed, bending dowu to examine the grass grown
way N
His ten yours of cattle ranching since
college days hud made the signs of
earth and sky as an open book to blm.
For tbe trained eye there wns much
t�� be read in the old trail.
"The lost critter went this way."
mused Hob. "and the girl goes tills w*iy
too Why? There Isn't a Illumed thing
on this trail except the liut-1 have
Jink's word for that���so the girl must
have been bound for tbe lint.
"I scent a mystery, und. us duty culls
me to bunt for the stray critter, here
Bob Deerlng left bis borse and scrambled along the trail that zigzagged
nninng the rocks iu the most puzzling
manner. So intricate were Its windings ttiat Bob presently found himself
���.(Tumbling on to tbe main trail again
nnd staring his horse in the face.
"Daniel, if you laugh at me I'll sell
?ou to a soap factory!" parted Bob aa
3nulel resumed his Dipping uf tbe way-
ilde grass.   "I've certainly got to set
on to th.' rigid trail if i' lanes me .
Jay.    I ni.sseil ii turn somewhere."
Bob turned about nnd otn-e i.mr.
scrambled along ihe trail. At nu egg
shaped rock lie paused and studied Ilie
ground, ami then, plunging through n
thicket of inesqulte. be found himself
on a well wein trail Hint circled Hie
shoulder of the bill and gradually led
Occasionally he stooped to study the
ground, and each pause only strengthened his belief I bill be was nn the right
trail of the lost steer.
"Hands up!" came n sharp voice, anil
instinctively Bob's hands went over his
bend with quick discretion
When   he  could   discover the source
of the unexpected boldup on Zigzag
trail Bob found himself confronting a
beautiful dark eyed young woman; who
leveled II pistnl at him with eii'll
steady hand
She was the most beautiful creature
lit* had ever seen: Bub wns sure of
that���jet black hull' wavlug about
shell pink ears, creamy skin, a pair of
wonderful eyes, sometimes black, occasionally :iIniii-t green. She wore H
riding skirt of khaki and a while shirt
wni<t    Her bend "as bare.
"Well." naked Bob pleasantly, "is It
niy money or my life?"
The girl laughed nervously, nnd then
tears tilled her eyes.
"It's neither one. if you will onlv eo
away," she answered lu a pleading
"Of course, if you wish it. only I nm
looking for n stray steer Perhaps you
have seen such a one It has the
twin star brand" ���
He stopped short, for the girl's face
bad turned scarlet anil then white. The
bands that held the guns wavered.
"I've seen it." sbe said at last lu a
rather Shaky voice.
"Where is it?" he asked quickly.
The girl's fa.-e went very white, nnil
sbe leaned against a tree tor support,
the  pistols  hanging  limply  from   bet
"It's���dead!" sbe said at last.
"Dead?"  he echoed,  puzzled by her
"We killed it. We needed it for
fond. I suppose we will bang for it."
she said, with a desperate attempt at
calmness, although Bob could see that
she was punk* stricken
He sat dowu on a stone and clasped
his sun browned bands arouud his
knee. His broad hat lay on ttie
ground, and the wind ruflled his crisp,
fair hair.
"1 hope you will pardon me. I'm
not a bit curious, but 1 can see that
you are In trouble of some sort. This
Is a lonesome country to lie In when
old man Trouble bikes along, so per*
haps I can help you out. You may
place perfect confidence in me."
The girl studied bis face with ber
wonderful, changing eyes. Then, wilh
ti little catch of tbe breath, sbe said:
"If I tell you you must never betray
my contideuce."
"Vou may trust ma." said Rob.
The girl drew a sharp breath.
"My  father  lies   bidden  iu  the but |
yonder.    He Is a fugitive from justice.
He killed n man     I came with him!"
Bob smothered an exclamation.
"What can   I  do  to  help you?" be
asked quickly.
"Keep every one away and help me
fo get some supplies.    Kuther Is almost
crazy with grief and remorse, ami be
Is anxious to return and give himself
up:  but." she ended   fiercely
told  blm   he  must   not���now:
eyes  of God   he  Is   innocent,   and   be
I  should not be punished.1"
"Thank yon for the confidence y<>u
repose in me I will do wb.it I can In
keep others nyeuy. Give uie n IM nt
tilings ynu need, nnd I wlll pack litem
here tonight "
fifteen   minutes   later   Bob   IWrinj
mounted   his   patient   horse  and  sued
ali-nut  his  business   for  the  Bed  Star i
After supper that ulght he rode over .
to Ited Spider postoffice snd astonisft- j
ed   Dim  Cox   by   purchasing  a   bin's |
quantity  of  supplies.   Including  some
tine cigars and u number of magazine*
nnd uewspnpers.
Bob read the papers while be wslt.sl
for bis packages, and when he rimiiiy
fumed Into the trail along the ereelt
bis face was a study of mingled pleasure und regret.
The trip along Zigzag trull In the
moonlight, with tits supplies for the
needy strangers, was no easy mutter,
and Bob was quite breathless when lie
reached the sheep herder's hut.
"Good news. Miss Orej'son," be sslil
after he hint received her thauks nud
those of her aged, careworn father       |
"Good  news  for  UB?"  sbe asked  Incredulously.
lie nodded and. pulling a newspaper
from his pocket, field It to the light
Streaming from the doorwnv aud rend
a paragraph that turned the current uf
their lives. ,,
It appeared that the man whom
.lames Greys.ui bnd struck in self defense bad recovered nnd every effort
was being made to discover the whereabouts of the missing timiiicler ami Ills
beautiful daughter.
Bob Deerlng shared tn their rejoicing, unit It was tie who helped iheiu
get ii way.
When they parted James GreysuB
held the young man's bund tn his
"The best ranch in the . ountry fnf
yon wbetiever you say the word. I leering Maybe you'll be getting married
some day and settle down."
"Maybe," said Bob dreamily, for he
was holding Helen's hand In pla.
llis eyes met I be splendid ones nf
tbe girl be had learned to love, and ha
rend In them that there was uo uncertainty before him. .
lie would be married some day. and
to ber!
And Hnmp Tetlow never guessed
why It was that Bob Deerlng nicknamed him "Cuoid."
The Finding of Omar.
It was the late Mr. Bernard Qua-
rttcb'a father who published FltzGcr-
Hld's ������Omar," and, linding that the
thing didn't sell, he relegated it to the
penny Ijo.x. lis subsequent success
was due to a fortunate accident. Two
friends of ItosHettl came across the
lioeui and thought il worth reading.
Itussettl read It and recommended it
to Swinburne. What followed Swinburne bus himself told, "Having rend
it." be writes. "Rossetti and I Invested
upward of sixpence apiece���or possibly threepence: I would not wish to exaggerate our extravagance���In copies
at that not exorbitant price. Next
day we thought we might get some
more for presents among our friends,
hut the man at the stall asked twopence! Itossetti expostulated with him
In terms of such humorously indignant
remonstrance ns none but he could
ever have comma tided. We tool; a few
and left him. In ll week or two, If I
am not much mistaken, tbe remaining
copies were sold nt a guinea. 1 have
since ��� * * seen copies offered for still
more absurd prices, l kept my pennyworth (tbe tidiest of the lot) uud bave
it Still."���London Chronicle.
Twelfth Century Football.
In the twelfth century football In
Kngland was a game for the streets.
The chronicler of that period tells how
after dinner tbe 'ity youths "addressed themselves to football," and how
the scholars of each school and the
apprentices of particular trades would
each have their peculiar ball. There
were spectators, too. in those days���
enthusiastic spectators. Fathers would
come to wntch their sons and "become
as youthful as the youngest, their natural heat seeming to be revived at the
sight of so much ability."
lu later years one recalls a famous
ball game played In Hyde park. In
1054, then, "there was u hurling of a
great ball by fifty Cornish gentlemen
on one side nnd fifty on the other One
party played in red caps, the other In
white." And���here the historical value
of the contest-Cromwell was a spectator aud applauded the "great agility
of body" displayed.
Aldine Editions.
The Introduction of the sloping lto-
man letters which nre known to every-
Itody  as  Italics   was  made  by   Aldus
Manutitis of Venice In tbe latter part
of the fifteenth century,    ne was the
most famous printer of Italy and perhaps   of   the   world.    The   books   he
printed, known as Aldine editions, are
much sought after by collectors.    His
first volume In  the new type was a
Vergil published In loOl at the price of
about 2 shillings of our money.    Aldus. In fact, was the ptoneer ot cheap
The Aldine mark Is a dolphin twined
aliont    an    anchor    with    the    name
"Aldys."   If any reader, says Mr. .1. A.
Hill In the Imprint, finds a cartload
of old  books  with  this  mark  In  hK
attic or lumber room, he is duly  advised not to use them for lighting tbe
fire.   They would probably buy him a
good annnlty for the solace of bis declining years.
How Koreans Advertise.
Although the Korean has stubbornlr
refused to adopt western Ideas, he han
always recognized the value of advertisement.     When   a   Korean   opens   a
���1  have' ,a'W shop or has any particular wares
In  (lie ��� h��" ,s anxious to dispose of or wben a
nobleman desires to convey u certain
piece of Intelligence to the people he
sevks   tbe   services   of   the   sandwich
men.    In the Hermit Kingdom, ao<C
ever,  these men do  not curry  hoard*
ii|H.n which the desired Informothyn Is
made Uu.i��n to all und sundry, but re
s.irl    I"   'he   medium   of   picturesque
(tags, upon which the announcement is
ItiMcrtlied.     Anything  from   one   to  a
duzeu (lags may be requisitioned, ami
these are carried through the streets
hy  tioys and  men,  formtng a  picturesque   moving   ndrertlsement. ��� Wide-
World Magazine.
Not His Fault. <
One of the women belonging to the
Mothen*' club nt the settlement hous*
came to excuse herself from the meeting with tier face swollen nnd highly
discolored.     She   was   hiding  It   with-*
a shawl, and she explained earnestly?
"He  wouldu't  have  done It   for uny*
thing, not for a hundred dollars     But"
he wasn't himself, and  I  said  some-.
thing that crossed him,   Then he done
It. but he's sorry.    I black awful easy,
anyway "- livery body's.
Sunstroke Is caused by Invisible violet mys from tbe sun and not by heat.
The temperature lo which stokers on
Atlantic liners nre exposed Is far higher than Ibe heat from the sun In tbe
most tropical countries, yet the men
are not affected In the same tiuiuiior.
Woman's Two Ages,
.loiix-Shakespeare told ns all about
the seven nges of man, but he didn't
say anything about the two ages of
woman. Hoax���And what nre the two
nges of woman? .loax���The age she
says she Is ami the age she really Is.���
Philadelphia Record.
Husband and Wife.
Husband means house bound, wife.
weaving one: son Is tbe cleaner: daughter Is the milker: spinster Is the unmarried sister of husband or wife, who
is the spinner.
Scotland's Grouse Moors.
There are some 3.000 grouse moor*
In Scotland alone thut are regularly let
by their owners at an annual rental of
about tl.OOO.iXK)
Always to think the worst. 1 have
ever found to tie the mark of a men a
spirit and a bnse soul.- Bollngbroka. 1
MONDAY,  JANUARY  26,  1914.
New    Westminster    Citizens    Attend
First Tango Tea in City���No
Criticism   Heard.
With a cash balance of 5120 on the
right side of the credit sheet and a
host of people well satisfied with the
exhibition. New Westminster's first
���"tango tea" has com.* and gone. The
memory still lingers. The people
tame, they saw and were not disappointed.
The dining room of the Russell
hotel was the meeting plae?, thanks
to the kindness of Manager Kelley
Of the hostel, who placed the room at
the disposal of tbe women's auxiliary
of the Royal Columbian hospital.
It was a fashionable crowd. Autos
and cabs lined up outside the hotel
as if a world's famous grand opera
company was staging "The Bohemian
Girl." Together with the charitable
feature of the afternoon's entertainment the people came to s e, for the
tirst time, just what Ihe tango dance
-about which England, the United
���States and other countries bave been
In mild uproar for many months���
really Is. Some went to criticize, one
could tell that from the expression
on their faces as they, sa: at the little
tables sipping thi ir t.-a and munching small dainties as the orchestra in
the balcony abev? was disccursing a
rapturous waltz tunc. Others went
out of mere curiosity and these
"Others'! included all ages, several
ladies and gentlemen boiifg will beyond the threescore mark.
Tin- tango lias been described by
some as "a series of bewhildaring
steps more difficult to learn thai the
Iii.-: hook of Euclid and usually
danced witli the same amount of
grace as tbat displayed by a camel
frisking around the oasis after seven
days without a drink.''
Judging from the exhibition on Saturday, however, there is nothing objectionable in this dance importation
from the Argentines.
Mrs. Legti i, the Vancouvi r
danseuse, was unfortunately unable
to aUcnd. bid the eight or ten couples
who occupied the floor from time to
timi did full justice in what has
hern heard about the tango other
iban that emanating from the pulpit..
New Westminster dancers predominated, although soiu" able assistance
was given by two Vancouver couples.
As mentioned above the tea was cf
the perfect blend.
j emptions,  which  are,  in   his  opinion.
, "A positive iniquity."
I    He iets  them    forth    as    follows:
Church   properties,   universities    and
colleges,  Dominion and Ontario    government    property,    hospitals,    cemu-
Iterles, Y. M. ('. A��� Y. W. C. A., etc.,
| ull exempt, totals $06,602,760.
!    "There is hardly anybody," he says,
i "who would want to tax church property  nor  would anyone  w;ish  to tax
government owned colleges    or    un!
veisities, where education is given at
cost to all. or public schools were education is given free.    But In the case
of private day schools for males and
females, conservatories of music, etc.,
where large fees are charged for tuition given, which yifld annually large
dividends tc their owners, there is no
good  reason why a fair share of the
city taxation should not be paid."
'were indicted with them. A telegram
'to this effect was received today by
! George E, Nichols, the special prosecutor, from O. N. Hilton, general counsel for the federation.
| Mr. Nichols replied that the indict-
:ed men must come at once, a3 those
who have been arrested under the
'charge are to be arraigned tomorrow
I when tile January term of the Houghton county circuit court opens. Unless
I they do return. Mr. Nichols said, he
would institute extradition proceedings against them.
It is doubtful whether the trial of
this case will be reached during this
' term of court, as there are so many
other cases that take precedence.
Combination Inspectors Lec,al.
Olympia, Jan. 25.���The attorney
general's office has rtndered an opinion to Secretary of State 1. M. Howell
holding that a city of the first class
may, under the new "weights and
measures law, combine with the
county for sealing and inspection
work. This opinion will mnke it possible for such combinations to be
effected in the cases of Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma.
President   cf   Western   Federation   of
Miners and  Other Leaders Will
Return to Houghton.
Houghton. Mich., Jan. 2D.���--Charles
II. Moyer, president of the Western
.!���'. deration of Miners, and the six
oilier union leaders under the indictment her.' for consiparcy, will return
voluntarily to the state and stand
trial  with the thirty-one strikers who
Request Assistance.
Ottawa, Jan. 25.��� A request was
made on Saturday to the department
of agriculture that the government be
asked to contribute to the losers at
the explosion at the Howick pavilion
tlast Monday. The city of Ottawa intends to make some compensation to
those who lost bread winners, to
those who were    injured    and    those
I who   lost   property   at   the   explosion.
| The Ontario government will be ask-
'ed fcr assistance later.
Employing   Only   WHITE   HELP. IT'S   DIFFERENT.
While it is possible something son
saticnal may be sprung at the Burn-
any council meeting tonight, it is be*
lievi:! that another week will have
to i lapse before the new council gets
really acquainted with the affairs of
ilu* municipality. During the past
week, I'i eve Fraser nnd Un* new coun-
cilh rs have been paying regular visits
i.i t.. municipal hall with a view to
sei king information as to certain mat-
tors which wire made issues during
tin* recent election and it is altogether
possible that Burnaby's new chiel' ex-
mxative may have something to give
-.ml when the council convenes at 8
o'clock   this  evening.
The action of the Vancouver waterworks committee in deciding to mulct
Burnaby to the extent of $14,000 fori
water alleged to have been sold by
Burnaby to South Vancouver without
legal right, has yel to pass the ap-1
proval of the city council and therefore' no written communication from
the civic administration is yet to be
Financial matters, however, will in
all probability be discussed, especially
tbe recent deal with Spitzer, Rorlck
and company of Toledo, Ohio.
Several meetings have been held
during the past, week between Reeve
Fraser Snd* W, S. Hose, chairman of
the finance committee for Hi.- municipality and J. A. Eastman, special
representative of the American concern, the result of which is likely
to be known this week. Copies of the
greements between Hurnaby and the
financial house have been supplied
ro each councillor so that all are ac*
quainted with the inside details of
the arrangements, which have been
concluded all bul obtaining the cash.
The rumor tbat is continually float-1
ing   :u*  '.mil   to  the  effect   that   several
heads ot departments  will   be  asked
for their resignations, has little truth
'������ It, according to one of the council
inn  who,   in   conversation   with   The
N*..s on Saturday last, said:  "Before
we dec le  on  any  changes  we  snail
look Into afrair   verj closelj and I hue
ourselvi i   from   making   atiy
In the opening period of tin*
;        rtratlon.   Whether any changes
11   made I am not at  liberty  to
ba       ' the i.n sent time, although we
will        i for a more efficlenl aduiiiiis
tration than that which fi atured 11)13 "
Advertising space is valuable, because the book is
in use by everybody, on duty constantly, every day
in the year.
Tt is the only medium that cannot be read at one
sitting and then laid aside and forgotten.
The Telephone and the Directory never part company. Side by side with the means of advertising is
the means of making the sale.
Do you not think it should have your careful consideration ?
For rates and information telephone
Advertising Department
Seymour 6070.
No  Tax  in  Toronto on Churches. Col-
leges. Y. M. Q. A. and Y. W. C. A
���Totals   $66,603,755.
Toronto, Jan. 25.���Somewhat Btart*
ling figures as to what Toronto lost .-
in tuxes through the exemption of
church-SB, colleges, etc., are embodied
ln a letter from Oeorge .1. Castle, to
the board of control, in which he
maker, crrtain suggestions for Increasing the City revenues.
II. asks that legislation be obtained  to abolish a portion of such    ex-
$14.00  Kitchen  Cabinet complete    $100.50
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< a tal Kxtesion Table, ���'> leather  upholstered   chairs,  all   Quar
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$40.00 Quartered <>ak Dresser for    23.50
$32.50   Mahogany Chiffonier for     19.50
$28.00So!ld Oak  Dresser,  fumed  16.50
Nice   Iron   Bed,   with   spring  and  sanitary  .Mattress, complete.. 8.50
$7.00   folding  Oo-Cart  complete for     3.90
$9.50   Folding   Oo-Cart,   complete  for     6.75
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upholstering materials in Leather, Imitation Leather and Tapestries
at   reasonable   prices.
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inQs arc our Specialties.
Denny & Ross
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lhe New Westminster
Department   Store
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Just Another Week to Secure the January
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of This Great Store
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Carpet Department.
We carry a large stock or these Carpets; in all the
latest patterns and colorings. The quality is good
and will stand a lot of hard wearing.    Per    Cf|��
yard     *��"�����
A very artistic and inexpensive bedroom floor covering;  a large variety of patterns in rich colors and
carpel   effects;   size  li   feet  by    9     feet.    *��� 4    Eft
Priced at      *�� ��� ��� ww
This is a good heavy grade Linoleum; in black;
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Odd Lines of Lace Curtains to
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One, two, or in some cases three pairs of Lace Curtains. All three or three mid cue half yards Ion,-'.
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Grecian  Bedspreads;   Ecft in finish  and effective in
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SHEETING,  27/20  A   YARD.
Bleached  Cotton  Sheeting,  heavy  gratie  cotton;   70
inches wide;  regular 35c a yard. 07 1 f*
Special,   per   yard     C I  2 W
Striped Union Bed Ticking; 32 inches '.vide. A heavy
grade, suitable  for  font hers;   regular 35c        Oftf*
;*   yard.    Special,   per  yard      WWW
Extra heavy weave, brown lines Turkish Bath Towel
"������;;'.��� 27x56.   A splendid towel J* 4   f
nt. each       �����* I n*
Kin** Marcella infant's Crib Spreads; size an bv -ix;*
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Last Week of January Sale
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I'ri- garment            Iwv
line    Fleece   Lined   rndeawear. ARtt
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Pegular $5.f*0 S-weater Coats for   $3.75
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What's What About
Beavei Board.
Heaver Board is tli" modern Ulterior finish.
it wears better, cists less and is warmer than plaster: can be applied either directly to the studding
or over old plaster and is practically Indestructible,
li takes a beautiful finish al a comparatively less
COEl than either wood or plaster, and comes In different size sheets to suit, any room and costs from
3; to 3'.-.-. per foot.    Let us explain it lo you.
These Urices on Stoves
and Ranges.
Cannot be duplicated anywhere. Every stove is
guaranteed to be a perfect baker and economical
fuel  burner.
Tho "Reliance" Square Steel Cook Stove; l(i- in.
oven; Duplex grate; cast, base and legs: asbestos
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gray squirrel, mink, inarm,1; and Belgian hare;
regular values  to $14.00 CC QC
( learlng  price    wwnJUw
All the Setter Furs are Proportionately Reduced.
S2C.0C   DRESSES   FOP.   C-3.95.
'ii materials of silk, ninon and allover embroidery;
Shades of pale pink, blue, tan and cream; regular
valuer, to $20.(iu Q  QE
Clearing Price is    ,    �����������33
$5.0C  Kimonas for $2.95.
In  colors  of  gray,  blue,   rise  and  cardinal;   regular
values to $5.00. ���*���*)  QC
Clearing Price is <<tfb>WW
$4.9!:  Coats for $2.95.
Good variety   ol    cloths;  sizes :: to 6 years;  regular $4.85 xal.i.s ��JO  QK
( [earing Price is  ^S^^tJ
Children'r Serge Coats.
In   sizes  from   .".  to  12  yea..*,   all  lh:*   latest  styles;
regular $6.75 values. fi?*^ QC
Oaring Price is    *y&a<J*J
Some I incs of Note in Silk and
Drcrv.; -deeds for Monday.
We are now  prepared to give you some unequalled
vniiies in  Black Silks.    Our own importation:
Black   Pallet:.';   20   inches   wide:     all    pure    silk;
makes     splendid       wearing     waists,     dresses,    etc.
regular 7llc. CO**
Special      WWW
Black Merve, 2D Inches wide; guaranteed wear;
a splendid soft silk of good bright CK*��
finish.    Sale price, per yard     WWW
Black Satin de Paris; a good heavy Silk; splendid
wear;   regular  SHc   value. 7t%fS
Per yard for      I WW
Black Fancy Silk; suitable for trimmings, waists,
eta.;  20 inches wide;  $1.25 value Qftf*
for,   per  yard    WWW
Black Catelle; useful silk; with heavy cord; 20
inches wide.    Sale  Price, 7Ql*
per  yard       I Ww
Black Bengaline; 22 inches wide; good black,
serviceable silk tf 4    OK
Sale   Price     ^1 ihW
Black Pallette; 40 inches wide 6>4   pc
Special    value,    price     a? I abW
Black Brache; splendid waist or trimming i*llk;
22  inches  wide.    Special price t*4   |?Q
per yard    �� I ��WW
Electrical Department on the
Second Floor.
Special January Sale Prices still continue in this
department, and amongst numerous other bargains
we offer for a limited period only:
25 Watt Wotan Tungsten guaranteed Lamps.... .400
Ail Watt, Wotan guaranteed Tungsten Lumps. .. .50c
00 Watl. Wotan guaranteed Tungsten   Lamps.., .60c
The quality of these lumps is unsurpassed, as our
many customers will admit, Reliability and satisfaction are one in the "Woton" Tungsten  Lamp.
Now is the lime to procure an Electrical Chandelier. We have a few more two and three-light
ones, which we soil for the small price of $1.5(1 for
a two-light, and $2.50 for a three-light. This price
includes shades in various colors. Do not wait until fhu.se are nil gone. They will not last long nt
these ridiculously  low  figures.


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