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The New Westminster News Aug 13, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by tbe
results   they   produce.     They   fill
large   or   Bmall   wants   at   small
The V/e at her.
New Westminster and the Lout
Mainland: Light to moderate! w.ndi;
chiefly    cloudy     and     cool      with
Launching of Independent Organization Which Claims
Bl�� m PILOT      ��� mi\  COL. SAM HUGHES    VALUE RECEIVB)
.ninan    Envoy  Will  Not Cail    from
Vancouver.  Dot  Will  Head To
v.-arda Atlantic Port.
Association Does Not Agree
With Pilot Board on the
Herakles Stranding.
Shown to Policies, Dominion or Provincial
Extcutlye Places Ite Views in Writinn .���
and Asks fer Satisfactory InvSStl-
tlon of Affair.
lilt direct  order of the
ernment.    Instead  of  leaving  on   th
Empress of Russia t -morrow,
Vancouver, Aug. li. -As a nsult of
telegraphic despatches irom   Mexico
That Old Association Is Being Run in Interests of Few city,   received   tonight   by General
| l-Vlix   Diaz,  tlie  plans  of lhe general
in Control-Trouble Is Local and no Opposition Is and^party^ye^en^mged w.tn
"This," said the general, "has nothing to do with the press despatches
from Tokio or anywhere i Ise, but is
lilt dirtct order of tlie Mexican gov-
Port  Coquitlam. Aug. II!.   Claiming   Mr. Qullty claimed, was being run en-
to be heartily in accord with the poll-  tlrely In the Interests and for tlie bene-
eicB of the  Dominion  and  provincial  fit of the  few   who  were in  control.
governments, hut thoroughly dissatii-,-  It   wns   impossible   lo  get   a   hearing
fled and dlf Rusted with the treatment  from them of any matter for the good
the city has received ut the hands of  or the city  which  did  not  appeal  to
the local Conservative association, Of  their personal  Interests and  for this
which Arthur Mars, hrother of Mayor | reason It hnd been decided to form an
Mars, is president, the members of i Independent  organization.
which   they   charge  with   running   tin' Will   Use  the  Ballet.
local end of the party for their own ;    The new body. Mr. Qullty went on to|Japan   by   way   oi   'n,- i rauniueriiui ��� tU(i   |,roKn,Esive   association   bn,.   it.
personal benefit, about 70 Conserve- explain, did not propone to adopt an
lives  gathered    here    tonight    and Uttltude hostile to the Dominion or
launched  the  Independent  Conserve-   provincial  governments, hut    if    the
tlve association under the presidency I worst came to the worst and recognl-   .
of T. W. Qullty. t'.i of Port Coqultlam's rights could  luday to receive blm officially as    a
fallowing   a   meeting   held   severa'.': not   be  obtained   in   any   other   way, I representative of the Mexican govern-
days ago. another gathering took place ithen they would have to vote against   ,n!.|,t  has everything to do with  the
tonight, when the new association was  the Conservative party candidate and  change in plans.
erganlzed  and  feveral    more    names   the Interests controlled locally by the Gettini Into Touch,
w-ere added to the llBt of 66 signatures.older  Cotiservntive  association.    The;    Wa.,..nrton   " t2_News    frcm
already   secured   to   the   membership  ms iter of a post office site would be <    Was lin.to,    A "�����   1-'    ^**��    fKm,
roll, which has been In circulation less coming up In the near future and In Mexico Cltj that John "nd. Personal
this the Independent Conservatives In-!representative   ol    President Wilson,
voted to the  tended  to have  some  sav,  or  know:ana brederico Gamboa, Mexican min-
chair nnd he In turn called on T. VV    thn reason why. "tar of foreign  relations, had estab-
'   lished unoiiicial relations loday by a
Spcuse of  Impeached  New York Gov-
ernci- Said to Have Taken Onus
cf Publicity.
���::< =:>
Montreal    Paper    Charges Britain's Refusal to Show in
Craft   and   Minister of       Panama Exposition Ex-
Albany, N. Y��� Aug. 13.���1
a.m.���Governor Suli.tr has
been impeached In the all
night Bitting of the legislature.
Albany, Aug. 12
|row night and w,ll make our way
1 across the continent to Quebec, but
i that depend.', on the stale of the
bookings. We propose to go Irctn
Quebec to London, PttriB, Berlin, |
Vienna and St. Petersburg and reach
by way ol the Translberlan ;
In Byite of Oeneral Diaz's denial, it'
is  the  Impress'on  among  those  who
profess to know that Japan's refusal
The onus ill on the pilot.   At least it
WiU .has been  placed there by  the report)
meeting of the execu
tive of th
connection  with  the findings of t!.e;U.vv-8 rcsoiutlon t0 impeach Governor
pilot board  at the  investigation  held;
to emiuire Into the grounding of the)
|Norwegian  steamer Herakles at thc
mouth of the river.
The  matter  Is  far  from  settled,  if
Militia Answers.
Purchase of  Property  for  Militia
partment  E.arts  Controversy���
To Choc*, cr Not lo Choot.
plained in House.
Government  Anxious to Be  Friendly,
But Results Would Not Justify
Largo   Expenditure.
Ottawa,   Aug.
-'I'he lower house (has   broken  out
12.���a   controversy
between   Hon.   Sam
leave on tho Imperial Limited un.or- �����?��,�� *-'j^gC" ^mclatton ta I ?' \K N>w Y"rk ,#,WS! m,et '?,e I HuBlles and ** Montreal Telegraph
    !toni?hl t0 VOte U!"J�� Malorlt>- LeaflM I regarding the purchase    of land    for
London, Aug. 12.���William Redmond, Nationalist member of parliament for Clare Kast, raised the itues-
titn cf the government's decision not
to participate in the Panama-PacAc
Bulser on charges of wilful and cor- ' ��� tary purposes at Montreal. The exposition during the session of *****
nipt conduct In office and high crimes , Teli graph yesterday said: house ol commons today.
and misdemeanors. , , On June 24, 1012, William ThomaB  ,M!'  Re*imon-i said  ihe declination
The Democratic organization claim-1 ' ' .'"   **'0���**' 0f the government to exhibit at   Sau
ed more than enough  votes to adopt!Iuddtn sold to    His    Majesty    King  Francisco  has  caused  great  dlasall*
Its    resolution.      Governor    Sulzer's  Oeorge  v., represented  hy  Hon. Sam   faction among all  the Fellah auMk
wav   aill    the  Secretary   was   instruct-   Manila miiilo no nhlm.     The tiesl r ,-,i * l;.    v. .       -  ,   .     ��� , iT_     .     i speai,
ed to forwa.d copies of the report to | *��,*"*.,.i���^.,���,^���;..JI?.6..'"',1 "el11 Hu**eB' Part? of lots * ***** ���. parish :">S peoples.
conn- , organization's
rats, nl
indicated  the correctness of tlif:
cf Lachine, witb a combined area of i    Kl'anei-S u>'1;e Acland, parliamentary
under secretary of the foreign office,
.,   .     ,. replying to Mr. Redmond, repeated in
answered    to    their  Most ot the property lay In the rear  substance   Sir   Edward   ilrey's  atal��-
.A"?,l.'!.P.r "TT"1 reai^edl^?|o�� the Forest and  Stream club prop-  ment In the chamber last Tuesday, in
th-'O one week.
J.  U.   Mackenzie  was
the board of trade and the
Their  Vie*. , ,vv
Following is the report, as adopted:   name
In the first place we see nothing in  chamber  after   roll  call.     i,i**s   man   .....    .. ,,,.,                     ,.                   - ,,,  ,   ,,     ,.                                 .. -'.
the evidence which warrants the! half i, dozen of these were expected 28LW?��S , pu"ic "*? a"d *'i lr ^ ��^�� "'i""31" "1* ��*-
Btatement made by Captain Berg of Ito vole against the measure. ^xtending in the rear to the tracks Mder the present circumstance lay*
the Herakles to the effect that "lt ap- Hepublicmf.and Progressive leaders,! ��J 'he Grfnd , T.r,un\. and Canadian British government would not be
pears lo me that -he government Is the governor's erstwhile political foes, i Hac',"c ���'lroad; the I'stance of 133:1 justified in asking the country to into blame for not keeping track of the and now his sole champions, save for  yard9-    The price of sale figured out Cur the    heavy  expund'.ture  reqWred
Less   than
Channel." ja  couple  of  independent  Democrats,
In view of the fact that the pilot is j planned a savage fight on the resolu-
rctained  by  the city  for the specific ! tion.
at exactly 11200 an acre for    vacant  for participation in the exposition,
land 13 miles from the Montreal post:    Mr. Ac laud said that    the   sovern-
office.    The  price  was  enormous for ment. was    anxious    to   cultivate   in
.every  way  the  friendliest feelings of
the United Slates, but that tlle whole
With a power of attorney, Colonel'mattcr  r���������d itself into thc que
Roy, at that time district officer com
tion whether a sufficient expansion oi'
Qullty to  state the object  for whic,      In reply to a question put by I-rank  UBUea unofficial relations lo-ua y oj   a ; Re of watchlng the channel and!    indications  at  midnight  were  that  that property.
the meeting had been called. Beabrook, of the old association, and  personal  meeting brough; encourage   has al ^ di   0Bal the 8S   SarnS0nithe session would last all night.   On! Enormoua Profit.
Trouble Is Local. another   member   of   that   body,   Mr.  iiit-nt to adm.tiis.ration officials here.  or   BUch   oth      KOvernm(.lu    ,raft   a8  the eve ot lhe governor's probable lm-1
Mr. Quilty said that lt wan his he-   Keith said that lhe older organization   It was felt hy tlu in lhat the first .-.����  ^   be  avallable    tor    laklnK  SUch  peachment.    the    story    was    spreadI
lief  that  the  Conservatives  who  had   was lifeless  and  spiritless, devoid of  In the program Of the American gov-   8,mndln(,s or otherwise- surveying the  broadcast throughout the capital that; "an'd7n*"tht��"mTlirarv TilvT��inn" ��et7e\  lradp would b(" Uke,y  *�� reBult fron��
gathored tonight had no fault to find  sny   capability   of  helping  along  the  ernment  to   throw   its   influence    In '.channei at Buch limes as he may deem I Mrs Sulzer had assumed all the blame iZrrlnrihZT    ����       1^1   participation  to  justify    the  govcro-
wlth the policies of the Dominion oi   pi bile good     It did nothing but oper-  the  direction  of  a  nuict and  peace   de8|rable or necessary. for the revelations brought out by the {���J v��'??,.     ,,*a ,'  ���V li      ,Z   ,,     ">��*  >"  expending $1,250,000  ot Uir
provincial   governments,  or   with   th >   ats for tha benefit Ot the tew ln con-  ful   settlement   of  the    revolutionary The   to|iowing   question   presents Prawlev investigating committee con-1, ,,,,     V      llnQ l0 ���*��. klnS Ior lne  taxpayers' monev.    Turnine    to    Mr
treatment which the city had received   trol and made no effort to secure new  troubles had succeeded. I itself, viz., "Why, lu view of the ract  renting the governor's transactions In   m,     a  ?,P      ,}     ,',    ,   e ,,*" ���enorm," ���Redmond,   Mr    Acland  said:     "If  -ten
from the authorities at either Otinw*.  Word In Its membership or to r.-.h��r-      Th.s Incd. nt. however, il was learn-  ,iiat thp pn0t  had knowledge  of thelWall street. ���?i    i .       i��C.^'      ,*     ��� ,       were  having  an  international  exbibi'-
or   Victoria,  but,  he  continued,  there   wise  kt ep  abreast   of  the  times  and i td  ,rom on,t*,ai  Murcsl tonight,  wll   jj.ioqt  dri-ught of tbe SS   Herakles,1 ""     '"    """'"'���',   "���������   '���'',     ��'���'���������' "
was widespread dissatisfaction at the Uie city's beat Inti rests.
manner In which the business of the . Tha meeting finally adloi'nie.i to
party had been handled by the local e .fur again at the call ot President
Conservative association.    This body.  Quilt)*.
lot   change the  procedure  previously   and   acquainted  as  he   was   with   the)
"r.   I.ind  before he    left:narrow   margin  between  the  draught1.
Wash'naton.    He   will  submit  ail his  and  the  depth  of  the  channel  under!
mlined  to  Mr.  i.ind  before  he    left   narrow "margin  between   the   draught  I A fif   f\f   UHMFV
representations to ('barge    O'Shaugh-jthe most  favorable conditions, did he!
I lBll, he purchased the old Belair
(race track for $4X,fi00, then on June
IS, 1912, he bought the adjoining farm
tion  here,  do    you    think    congre����
would  be  anxious  to  vote 11,250,900'
Bessy, who will transmit them. In ac-nct durlin; the period that the ship
cordance with diplomatic, proprieties, ,wns moored in English Flay, take steps
to the Mexican minister of foreign re- to assure himself that there was suf-
lations. flelent water in the channel to bring
Thc mee'.ing ot  Mr.  Lind and  M n-tl-.e boat up or, as an alternative rec-
Ister   Gamboa    however,   was   looked 'otnmend tc the captain that he !ight��r
by officials here ns the begin*  the cargo to a sufficient extent to war
Indian Killed Last Night and Chai
Phillpct Crushed to  Death  Yesterday  Morning.
rant a safe pas
We do not consider that the evidence adduced is sufficiently satisfactory to warrant the findings arrived nt by tiie pilot board and believe
that the matter should receive the |
further  and   careful  attention   of  thel
If City Binds Are Not Sold Soon Con
tract fer  New  Building Cannot
Bc   Completed.
The second fatality in one day,
pel-sons being struck by II C B
cars, occurred lasl evening about
o'clock whin a Sapperton car,
struck and Instantly killed un Indian,
believed to be Cultus Billy, although
the Identification will not be oomplete
until thin nn ruing
According to Motorman John McPhail, in charge of thc car. he was proceeding towards Edmonds, when,
i.erring the intersection of Carnarvon
and Twelfth streets, passed a moving
Incoming Vancouver car. The Indian
slapped from behind the latter and ��������� i s
stmolTbefore the motorman had time
to stop.
Gaily this irornlng the pollce succeeded in Identifying the body as that
of Hurry Mussell, an Indian rrom the
Chilliwack reservation, who only yesterday came In from Steveston where
he wns engaged at one of tho canneries.
Coroner McQuarrie is alrcai!-- holding two Inquests today bul vvill en-
iVivor to call one upon Mussell al 6
o'clock  this evening.
Terribly Manpled.
Fulling to heed the warning not to
pop* In front of n moving car. Chas,
Phlllnot. a Burnaby man, was Instantly killed at How rond station yesterday morning when he was struck by
Drlllngham. Ait;. 1- The annua!
���invention of the Photographers' as-
l��c1i   . n   of   the   Pacific    northwest  "poo
pencd hem lhis nftcrnDon tor a three ning of frank, though unofficial r- m
Miv-?' session.   Th*"tssoclatlon tolteB' tlons, through   which   the   m-m;.*.
,|,,  .,.,.. ftatcs of Washington, Oregon government might  be informally and
���6    -..; ;.,,,, D ,i British Columbia. Pub-  more fully acquainted with the ideas
.'���   rnrtratlons  of camera    work if    Washington    administration.     It
md the di relopmont and printing art  has  been  left entirely to Mr.  b'nd'a
��� ���,   among  the  features  of the  pro   dl cretlon upon whom to call. While
gram there Is nothing In Mr, land's Instrui
A day will be spent ln the San Juan  tions which  would pn vent h'v  frcm
Q. j archipelago   where   the   visitor:'   will calling    <-n     Provisions!     President  ��" J*^." be no'possibility of contlnu-1 tlA completion  of the  new  building
K   have  access   to  ic nie  opportunities  Htierts, it is net    thought    that    h<   at)0,i of strandlngof deep sea ships ta IXJnless before tho meeting, sufficient
from the estate of the late Duncan ^in p.rdtr ,that th,e V?'\':*1 Sute8 ��***
i Mclntyre, the two blocks composing .Participate' 1 believe cong-res*
1 the farm that he sold to the country
later lor $180,000 cash,    lt was   announced    with    a  -.treat    flourish    tf
trcumpets  that  the  land    had    been
purchased  to  enable  the.    militia    ol
.Montreal   to   bave   a   flue   rifle  r.ii;3<
ranted only $50(1.000 toward the Stan
Francisco exhibition  while this coon-
try is asked io appropriate over tw'c
as much."
At the next meeting cf tin
i, i for  pi
traphy.    I..  A.  Sprague, of v,.,ild do so unless the latter hid In
.   .    ,���,n ^..j. Is prei'lilcnt:   J   E   Ralston,  d'eated his desire to receive lhe    un
'��� in Seattle, secretary, and W. !!. Cal- official envoy.
this city,
Ilu' river channel.
Vancouver, treasurer
S.  Govfrn:r.Rnt   Funds  for  Ytvini
Crcos Will Co Only to Bsnics
Worthy cf Support.
c. B. it
Washing! n, Aug 12.- Banks which
b, itov, or loan money for speculative
pi.ri ises vvill be denied any portion
o'. the $50,000,000 cf government
fundi about to be deposited In tin
natlon.il banks to assist in moving
ih< crops and the entire amount will
go to Institutions that earnestly strive
to in.-, t the currency demands oi th.
ag :������.:' nral si ctlons,
This policy of the treasury department .vi's announced today when Act
No. lMli hound from. mu Comptroller of the Currency Lane
Chanr.e   in  Line-up.
Certain International aspects of the
B'tuatlon here gave added interest to
Mr. I.ml s ml 'slon In Mexico, it i"
came known that Japan, which had
hitherto recognized the Huerta government, had prs tlcally decided not
t.i r. c Ive General Felix Diaz, spec al
..ib: .sailor, to express thanks for tht
��� iu t i*'patio:: by .Injian in Mexico's
cent nnlal s few years ago.
Likewise tii" statement of the Br'.t
Ish government, explaining thai ' a
will a< Germany and Franca, had
recognised the Huerta government
only after Ambassador Henry Lane
Wiis.n had made a congratulatory
'speech to President Huerta. encouraged administration officials tc
believe that the foreign powers would lllceman  waved an
I w,thin eaay reach cf thp'city.
A   modern   rifle  rflngt-  has a range
, cf at least  lOOO yards.    The farm  in
Mts  longest   dimensions   extends  onlv
i 1330  yurds  and  it   is  13m  iles  frr.ra
Montreal.   As one gentleman express-
led it today:  "Either Ihe railway pas
st-ngers are  to   be  riddled   with  lead '
:or the Fcrtst and  Stream  club  will J
s"jor  be a pretty unhealthy place at whic"- j
to ilnc."
The Telegraph  further stales thai
city bonis nre sold to assure funds t!'e property scld to the government]
ror carrying on the work, the balance for Jiv 1000  cosi  Redden    somethta3
Iof thc prisi-ni  building contract  will  over $g-<;008.
have to be cancelled, wiih the usual N0t Rifle Ranr: at All.
expense of such    a   proceeding.    Of
course the work could be gone on with
city which  employs the pilol  and all'hoard,  to  be  held  soon,  lite trustees
public   bodies   Interested   In   the   de-  will be forced to come to some decls
velopment of this port, to the end that I Ion on the financial arrangement
Mulyihill    Nev    in    Price.-*
After S
-.1/ Mile Cha=c���Caid to
Hi .
0  Killed  Old  Tic.-iy.
I i.t. with no money In sight, the board
fee':- this  is poor business.
When the tructeoB lart met they discussed this matter, but decided to wait
i month It lore taking action. Now,
howpver.   a   crisis   is   imminent   and
Their  Hocd'um  O-atory Art-uses Salt  either of the moves mentioned above
must be mnde.
Lake  Crowd���May   Be  Charged
With  Attempted  Murder.
The bringing rf Jereiniil: Mnlvi'iill.
in charge o:' a provincial constable to
Colonel Sam llngl..'-- when s'wii !n this city yesterday brings to light a-
regard to the matter said: 'The Bite murder which was committed near
was note bought for a rifle range at Burns lake Beveral daya ago. when
all, but fer a barracks and u school  F: 1. Kelly was shot through* tlie heart
while  stani.ing  in  the doorway  of a:
grocery stare.
Mulvlhll! is alleged to have committed the deed.
The affair is said to have ended u
lung  filed  between    the    two    us.
of military instructions.'
It i.-i near  Dorval, he    further   explained,  some  miles  to  the  west    of
-Montreal.    The  rifle   range   is   away
cast cf the city.    There vvill not be
Had there heen sufficient money, the I any  danger  there  from  rifle  bullets,
new  Royal Columbian hospital would ' as there vvill be no shooting.
have  been   ready   for  occupation   by      "What kind of a rifle range would  was shot through the heart, the bu1
next month, but now all is uncertainty.; it be with two railway tracks running  let  plowing   through   a   vvoodeu   wail
| The only thing which will assure tlie  through it '.'" askitl the cclonel.   "The  bef ro it  str'.tc'.i  liiirr
t--:i!t Lake city. Aug. 1.'.���Feur by- continuance of the contract Is the sell-! Montreal paper is as badly astray in     Muivihill, Immediately following the
standers were shot seriously and three tag of more city bonds. {its other facts as   it is   in its   geo- shooting, disappeared ami was   o;^-*--.
less   seriously    injured In a riot  onl    This is the situation  explained  to graphy. The agents of the department captured after a 60 mile .ebaSB ���tiKili-n
ast Second Street tonight when a po- |The News last night hy Robert  Lane   who chose the property and made the  took  Provincial  Constable    Mucastt.V
Kelly, while 6ta*pding ins de the -ster*-.
American  flag  In of the hospital board.
give  their  moral   s-.iTiprrt to  th
forts of    President Wilson,    through
constitutional processes, to Influence
the restoration of peace in Mexico,
The mini nlstratlon bus decided
keep foreign governments fully
formed aa to various steps taken,
Vancouver to Westminster.
I'hiiipot wan attempting ti
i.*-..i .1 ei cry national    haul:    in    th,
catch ii ci un i*:* to report detailed information
train tn Vancouver nml lulled to wait of all   money    loaned    or    borrowed,
until the I'Mtlinund car had passed by Upon lhi   basis cf this data, exp cl   I
His  body  was  terribly  mangled,  h'l to  bo avadtlib'  In  Ume  for  the d.s-
Iwo legs and one arm being severed, tribal on     cf     the     $50,000,000,     the
Tbe car was In charge of Motorman ireasurj  department  will tr..* to d I-
T. K. Pratt and Conductor .1 Arm
Deceased, whose home is within 800
yards "f lhe stStlon, leaves a wife and
lh-"c sm-'ll children.
Chiof of police Parkinson and a doc
tor from Central l'ark arrived on th"
scene n few minutes later, hut could
render no assistance,
The Indv vv-"s removed to Murchle'u
i-pi-tp'fnltlxr partofS where an Ininn :-t
will be held al S o'clock Ihis evening
P"'  lne Vincent.
Ottawa, Aug 12. f, i'. v:'i-"i.
K.c. n. well-known French Cinidlnn
i"wy>r. Is likely to be apoolntotl
tleputv i*"ini-ier of Inland revenue lo
succeed Mr. Oval I. who was Mu')i""ri
iiiint"d <*iiii,* months ngo, Mr vin.*-"'
nnmHti'd todav that It was altogether
likely he would h" ('Hen thn pnsll'ri
hul i-i-'-.i that 'i" vel nolh'm* d* "
nlto had been decided upon.
fei ent aie between lhe banks wblch
borrow or loan lu connection with
speculative operations or aro chronic
b ri'owers and thos.. who endeavor I
relieve financial strain wherovor li ev
Information   of this   aharscter,   it
v   :i ��� nn  "l-ci d, vv 11 now regUlarl
i btft'n nl by the i oniptri Her of
cun- nev ;;s a foaturs of his cal!
-������ dl i
that tl"-   t'-e*nni-v   depirtmrnt   niy
know ivhsl Bi"i'i'ns   of t'-e   c  '.'.r'
nr*' in ii 1 pf nddltionni c'rnulatlor
ni var': n.-i norlod i of lhe year.
,- b-
Masters  Gay   Sooner Tlwin  Meet   Dc
mands They Wlll Tie up Work
Worth $67,OOC,O00.
T-"->ts   A'aik-'P  fits'.
\',tl,,i���    Cal.,    \IU'.   12.     The   c-.i; I  ���
Maryland came to Mare Islnnrt i" 	
e'nv. 24 h'*'i"s nhi-'d of schetlule. S'^c ���
lenvli'i: th'�� yard i-rlv in thn n ������"
m��r the Msrvland  his  cm'pnl   '���������������
Dsad from fJicw Over HeaH.
i -i 'si*. 13. c. ,\ug. is,- Ernest
���v., iP, wi,,, worked nn the govern-
,.. .,| |u ,,,| , *,,... ;.| Prlcltscn, wn i hll
��� v.r the in ol hv ii half ;' id namnti
Neds a' Erlckson last night, ���!. was
hk��n "��� Cranbrook tvhern iie d''d todav, Nose is under arrest. Thn nl-
lerceil murdnr was witnessed by Thos.
cil ���ni. Aii Inquest win bo held tomorrow.
Wheat Prices Fluctuate.
Winnipeg, Aug. 12, - Cables
���lilies and vls'ted evi ry scoess'ble liar, v**ak -r and with fovornhle conditions
Imr In the Far North. Blvtenalvo t, i ��� generplly the local wheal market.
bnvi< been mnde v.ith Alsskar c'.i opened lower for all months. Later
nnd the cruiser comes back with 700 lhere were rumors of rust damage In
tons of (his produot, which Is to he lhe Canadian west and assisted by
irind and conditioned imd uBed In nd- strong rorn markets, prices advanced
dltiouni speed trials in Hanta Durham fractionally, weakening again Bl the
channel. Close,
of- I the face of nn I. \V. W. orator.   Thousands of people gathered at the scene
of the shooting and it was necessary
to call out tlie tire department to disperse- the crowd. Niiin of the injured
will die.
The I. W. W. orator hnd heen lai'u-
jlng on the Btrret for sun,' time ami
'had Just uttered the words: "I am not
one of those  who  stand  for  this  so-
called   law*   and   order," when Axel
Steele, a former deputj sheriff, waved
a flag In Ws face and proclaimed his
. lefl nee of the law.   At the same mo-
"H i.t   Beveral  shots  were  fired   and
tour bystanders tell seriously w  undid
i���';",.. three others received minor |n-
I. w. W, Responsible,
The ctinotlng vviib done hy members
of tlle I. W W.. four of whom wero nr-
rested chsrged with inciting a riot
Beforo the police snd ".re departments
finally succeeded In charing the street
Vow-ever, more than a score of arrests
had been made.
When the poliec attempted to oi-.-ir
'ho streets after (he shooting, the
I. W, W. orators refuted to leave their
stands and urged bv Urteners. begun
calling "free speei ��� .' which they con-
���hiued until th v were driven from the
street by several streams of water
'rtuii fir" hose, The police were more
thr.n an hour In rest irlng order.
Orderr to Arrcrt Tiie-n.
Chief of Police ll. F. Grant an-
% ni ��� d tonight thil ho would not
nermll the I. W. W, to again hold
* i   ���*���'.��� i-i the Btreet horo and snld
bargain    are    Colonel    I.abel'.e    and  its far as Decker lake,   TJio ptisoTter-
Colonel   Wilson.    Their standing and   is now in the provincial jail here*
reputations   are   sufficient   answer  t i 	
the allegation of the wanton waste of' Three Years for Paddfn'-.
the public money. 1 knew nothing of Calgary, Aug. 12.���Fred St, Amour,
the property myself, but valuations (he young chief clerk of the fuel de--
showed that it was cheaper by 25 per , partment of tho Canadian Pacific nii!-
|cent. than other available sites i n ! rind, was adjudged guilty of padefftis
the Island. Although it was purchased his payrolls to the extent of $7(l0f��
only u short time ago it could be s ld this morning and was sentenced hi
out now al a profit of 100 per cent.'   three years In the penitentiary.
Foregone     Conc'usicn     That     Hard-
Heatied Schemer Will  C**> Elected
Pretider.t cf  China.
Pittsburg, Aug. 12. An ncute situation in tlie building trades developed
here late today when a strike of labor'
i . f natlonol banks In'orier '���'���< t*t'(l "P worli *-" u,m' 1"rK'' bl11111-
im s. Tiny were Joined by et'ier workmen and early this evening the demands of tho men were met by lhi
announcement that at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning the master bulldorB
would lock out oll union men and suspend oui "nt! ns on structures valued
Rt   :'''.', nun. '.
The laborers, who were working oi
a departmenl store demanded iis \-i
cents un hour, :'. is cents more th ir
line-, ever boen paid for the same labor
iu  Pittsburg.    The demand was ref-.is
ed ami ihe hoisting engineers Joined
them early in the afternoon.   Before
nightfall ninny other branches of the
building   trades   were   affected, ihe
strike spreading to other buildings.
A  meeting of  the  master bulidi rs
were   Wns '"'1(1 "'"' " waB <|o('lll"d to call 81 tonight   would   ht
meeting of all nub-contractors for to* j tempted murder.
morrow  morning,  at  which,  It Is re- I
ported the loCk-Ollt  would become effective, since they nre the direct employers of labor.
If the lock-out is declared nn army
of Bklllcd workmen variously estimated from 30,0011 to 40,000 will be out
of work.
Pekln, Aug. 12.   While the restoration of order by the government troops I
Is reported  from  mosl of the centres
of  the  recent  Chinese  rebellion,  the
governor of the province' of (Clang Hij
is striving to organize fresli opposition |
to the government of Yuan Shi Kai.
He  declines  scornfully   to  follow   the
example of Huang Sing and Or. Sun j v
Yat Sen, now in Japan, who are de- causing lhe death uf Miss Claire Wll- : Innison's estate and was proee-Mlius
scribed by the government us "pitiful liamaon, an English woman In Kitsap -o take charge when the British vicc-
cowarils." locality, and  accused of manslaughter consul .it Tacoma intervened and tho
Only a small number of the mem- and sentenced to trom one n twenty prosecution was begun'under direction
hers of tlie Chinese parliament have years in the r'n'e prison, Mlt. Has- 'f special counsel, exployftd by thc
departed from Pegln, The remainder sard appealed the verdict returned on! v'ti.h vice-consul, Miss Dorothea
are proceeding with the regular busl- Feb. 1  181!
Olympla,. Wash., Aug. 12���The stateI Alalia,  In  Kitsap county.    A montli
supreme court today  upheld the con-1 at r Claire died.    Mrs.  Hi-.iard, who
[viction of Dr. Linda Borfleld-Haward, already had obtained powilrs or attor-
I known as the "Starvation doctor," Who I noy from the sister, had herself ap
: was tried .ar first degree murder In | pointed    administrator of  Miss  Wit
ness In a satisfactory manner, while
a special committee Is engaged lu
drafting n constitution, which, it is
understood, will be presented to p.ir-
Tlie supreme curt over-ruled the
defendant  on  inch,  of 'he 12  h.-tint..*-
raised In tho appeal r.-.ni In conclusion
said   lhere   was   amnio   testimony   to
liament when the regulations referring I surtaln the conviction. Th" court said
to  the  presidential    authority    and that In fixing sentence fron one to
olher Important matters   has   been twenty yecrs the trial judge "temper-
���ie i.*,.| issued orders to arrest any completed, thereby enabling the two|��l with Justice, mercy," so the con
l.enl'er <f lhe order who attempted  bouses of the assembly    to    elect a i vlcllnn    was    affirmed.    Klvo of the
���n ii" rt During the riot several mem- , president. Initio supreme court judges, Including
���:"!���*. Pf (he I.WW, were heard to call i     There appears to be> no longer any   the chief JUBtlae, signed  th= Oec-Mc-i
to their comrades to shoot the polloe.|aQUbt  as  to  Yuan  Shi  Kal's  being     The trini of Mrs. Linda Burfleld-
hut  nil  such   were  quickly   disarms
and taken to the police Btatlon. it was
sail] that sc"e:*nl of the men arrested
charged   with   nt-
Heavy  Increase for Year.
Calgarv,  Aug.  12.���The voter".'  Ihni
compilation of which was oompleted
today, shows thnt    t'irre   are   10,139
elected, his only  remaining opponent
being virtually powerless.
Killed  In  Panama  Slide.
I    Colon. Aug. 12.���Thirteen men were
I killed today by a slid
'A'l'llamscn  was  removed    from   the
���i" ,i iu.'i and Boon recovered ho.r ao*
t'Etcracd lieaith.
A civil cult tor ��2r.,000 against Mrs
'���'���z.'rd ind a. Seattle undertaker for
'   ���irit'iig   Miss Claire WIllianison'H
��� dy by performing an autopsy with-
ut authority, Is pending in the Klt-
��� - i ounty superior court.
Mr". Hsssard, who Is not a lieniiwj*
I'liylciii-i, bas for years treated skJi
xc.nlo by prescribing a method ��t
'fftlrp. Ten of her patients iavn
Hod, the causes being given in th<m>
"uses where Inquests were hold. �����
itarvation.   Mrs. Hassard waa form-
Hassard "or caiisln;*; the death of Miss
Cl'.lr" Williamson by starvation was '
one rf the most notnil In the history of:
the state,   Miss Williamson and her|wly known in MlnneapoTli"u ��1��
vpunser Bister, Dorothea, two wealthy turer nnd fasting specialist.   Sbe Ma
English  spinsters,  who  were  touring  married there to ex-Lieut. Samuel r
at the I'orto-1 tho Inltcil States, read of Mrs. Haz- i Hersard. a former United States arma
hello quarry which completely buried.|sard's starvation treatment and Went officer,  who  had  been  dropped  from
February,(the  army  rolls for desertion.    A��i:r
n steam shovel near which thoy were Ito  hi
for  I rent ment    In
working.    Tlie dead comprise Charles \ 11111.   In a few weeks tlio sisters wero Ws marriage to  Mrs   Linda  itnrfi-eleL
Nyland, an American citizen, and 18 helpless from lsck of nourishment, and Hasxard was prosecuted   ror  binmv
more voters In Cah.-ary this year than  negro powder men, drill men and pit; were removed by Mrs.  llazzard  from ami served a tern In HtlllwmL.  uin,,
were  on   lhe   list   of  hist   venr 'mon 'Senlllo  t��� lw,r Bl���r,���lln���  ���...,!....i. ... _      ..       .. '  "' ���'"''���Wi Mltlll.
were on the list of last year.
Seattle to ber starvation sanitarium at penitentiary, PA6L  TWO
An ttwff-*p*-M��i*ru< mortiititf paper dtfVOtfld fo the interests of Sew \\~ rst minster and
ikm ftuhct Vaiietj. pu-biish-pd every morning a cept Sunday by the National Printing
���mttd mbHlftJMg Cow-pony, Lwn'ted, at 68 Jf0&0n*i4 Street, Nsw ire��t7?ii/i.ster, ZJritis/i
Ootomi'u* RORlt SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All rttmnvnuMt���(***�� shi>uld he uddrexitd to The Sew Westminster Newa. and nnt
Co intiir,*tikt*tl m-tmbrr* vf thc stuff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should, bc made
���payable  te   The  National  Printing  and  Publishing  Company,  Limited.
IKLF.PHONti6���iiKStncsH Office and Manager, B99; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
SCHUCRIf'TtON  RAIKH���Ph carrier, $4  per year, %l  for three months,  40o per
���month    itti mutt, $2 per year. Hoc pt,r month.
AOVRRTifUNd RA t hs on application.
Victoria  Has to  Dig  Up  Another  Mil
lion and  a  Half for Sooke
Water System.
How Brave Man Earned
Sailors9 Victoria Cross
Victoria, Aug. 12--More money with
which to complete the Sooke lake de-
veleopmcnt work, which, to date, has
cost, acocrilins to figures recently submitted by the cily comptroller, approximately $1,000,000, will have in be
voted by the ratepayers, The original
estimate of cost, which has sint"
j Drove il   to   hnve   been   B   mere   guess,
Iiuule 0T1 thc Hon   was $1.500,000.   The ratepayers wen.
Montreal, Aug, 12.���Sailing into the
port, of Montreal as Becond officer of
the "Englishman" a While Star liner,
Is a true son of the sea. and one ol
the very few, if not the only one, sail-
in? hero, who holds the liritish S.iil
ors' Victoria Cross, lhe highest honor the lliilish board of trade confers
upon stamen for valor on the high
Albert Edward Thomas i-i his name
a sailor who comes of u rati' of sail
| ors, and whoso ancestors for genera
Board of Trade in Gallantry for Saving Life." On the obverse side is a
scene of men, women and children
clinging to a wreck, and with a lifeboat in the distance pulling to their
Round the edge of the medal Is the
[plain Inscrlptlqn, "Albert Edward
ThomaB, wreck of tho 'New-minster,'
mi  the  89th  November,  1897."
A fitting presentation to as brave
-.-. man ns ever gripped the rail of a
st amer's bridge and looked unflinchingly into lh" teeth of tlie fiercest
galo that ever blew on the broad ex
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
I by-law
ote that
Much depends on tiie impression 	
Mr. Hazen, minister of marine and fisheries, when he vis .���  .
its this fresh water port in a few davs.   He will be getting :!���''"!"��� ;���  ?'!!,;"(;',"";'"!',
..��..,. '      ��� , , ..     ���   ., . ��   i i        hand aboul  5460,000, hut I
his first direct contact ideas ot New Westminster and her ���>��� i yei half completed, ai
'.i     i. �����   __   avno-n-atvi-i portion  Is  v "t   li
amount, und tha
a year ago    last
there is on
the work is
iiiDiu.-. *j..-w��� .. * v���   ^^^^^^^^        and the most
harbor and those initial impress ions will stay with him asl6^"181,��� p��rtlon",�� >'';' "'1,p. ,'""i;,
, .        . ... ' ��� i    The bids recently submitted for the
long as he remains in Office. construction of the cement and Bteel
The inference is obvious; it is up to everv man who p-"6 ' "r; "''"i*1""1" ��������" ���"���ll .f60'
. ,      ,   ... ,.    _,    ' ,   ,,   ��� .-.-i'i *. have been under consldera-
comes into touch with Hon.  Mr.  Hazen  to make that tion by wynn Meredith,   the city's
gentleman feel that he i.s a welcome guest here and to give ?,0,n?u,tli;g engineer on the work, ami
; . .   , -i i        ���  i       . '' ��� /��� ��� Water Commissioner Rust, and it  Is
him every pointer possible Without appearing tO force in- expected  that their    report,    recom-
dividual  ideas down  his  thl'Oat. mending  the  award of the contract,
r, ,       ,.       .        ,    .   . ,, .,, will be before the next meeting ol th"
Concerted action is what is necessary, together with ,;,-.��� council,   These bids, taking the
a thorough knowledge of what  is needed  to  make the ' v,.!   !'l;'n"l- w��uld ,mean "!" ''x'
,, P ii  -j    i       i i i i.i i ,,,-!    pendllure by the citv ot approxlmate-
r raser river all it should be and the man who cant talk i, jtoo,  but as the bids of Messrs.
intelligently and effectively on the subject will be helping tT.nn*8 * Rant the loweat bidder ""
the cause along by keeping his tongue back of his front
There will be results from the approaching conference and it rests with the local men who meet Hon. Mr.
Hazen to get the right kind of action.
The press dispatches are not telling the whole tale
of the impeachment of New York's governor and readers
between the lines can draw tlieir own conclusions from
the following facts: Governor Sulzer originally was elect-
ed to the post of chief executive of New York state by the
Tammany Hall machine   Some months ago he bolted from;
the Tammany ranks. Lately charges of crooked work have
been preferred against him by Tammany agents.  The ma
jority of the legislative committee, including the chair
man, that investigated these charges were drawn from the
Tammany ring.  The commit te has reported Sulzer as wilfully corrupt in office and Majority Leader Levy in the
house of representatives, also a Tammany man, is conducting Sulzers impeachment.
AU these facts havo no particular interest on this side
of the line except as an object lesson on the danger of a political machine with almost unlimited power.
the Bteel pipe, is J80,000'less than the
next lowest bidder, nnd ns thai llrm
has, it la stated, not complied with the
itrlct terms of the specifications, the
total price will, if Messrs. .lones &
Rant's bid is discarded, come to approximately 1800,000. 'I'llis figure docs
nol Include that tor the steel trestles,
tv.o detailed figures for which wer" baton the coii'ii 11, hut until theso are
worked rut by the engineers, the
council will not know the aggregate
cost of iir- tn stie work.
Mcie Funds Needed.
The total co-1 of the work tor which
the bids have been called vvill he approximately $900,000, or, perhaps,
more. Thus the cily will have to find,
for tbis work, an amount of approximately  $500,000,  In  addition   to  the
' 160,  now in iinnii.   Then there is
���iie    watershed   still  to  be  acquired.
Some 17.non acres of the Soolce lake
watershed is being held by the B. &
: V   Railway   company  in   a  figure  of
��"ii.| 000.    The Leech river watershed
" iihont eoinl acreage will cosi approximately ih*. same figure,  making
���-, - veen 5500.000 and l.fiOO.OOO yel  t .
spent   for hind  required,   Further,
''"*���'���  Is n  large amount  of  work  in
Hie way of dam nud  head  works at
the lake nnd Hie Humpback reservoir
work still to he done and financed. In
"ll. II  is predicted, that  another $1.-
-i .i tun will hive to be voted by the
-ntepnvers. just  doubling Hi" cost  of
the entire system as first estimated.
tions past   have billowed  tile  per
Like all genuine heroes, the domln-
atlng nan of Mi. Thomas is medesty
of the genuine kit d, uud the stirring
incidents which cauBcd his d b inc.tlvi
decoration, by sir Donald Currie, In
the city of London, In the year 1897
were related by a friend und ship-
| mate und ure authentic to their slightest detail,
Saw  Ci^nnls  of  Distre-,s
Chief Officer Thomas and the c::in
I mandor of the  ss.  'Nelllo"  wero on
tin   bridge ol  thi Ir crafl   In us dirty
u gale as the Hay of  Biscay  is able
: to strv"  up,  whon Hie lookout  cried
out, "Signals of distress on the star-
fa iard  bow."    Altering  the course of
the 'Nellie," who  vvas herself ' jumping about," aa sailers say, they cam.,
lln  view   of a  helpless  steamer  with
one maat, stepped, on her beam ends,
jthe crew having cut away the oilier
In an endeavor to rlghl  ''i":r craft.
A heavy sea was running and every
time she rolled her stoke hold ven
tilators would go under water.
Before the "Nellie" got within hall
of the wreck, Thomas said t ��� tii * cap
tain. "If there is anyone aboard thai
crati I wll go in a boat to gi I Hi em
The captain replied, "I am hanged
1 would
llous panse of
the Ni rth Atlantic ocean.
SEEK SITE fCR   ���	
K.   of   P.   Hull,   Eighth   Straet.   A   Well
���������- '  ��,.w-   p.  II. Smilh. .s,-r
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
BUSINESS  DIRECTORY     fc^fe   Qf   JJoiltreal
ii y, Kxull
���d'llulrr; P. II. Smith.
Contractor   Ready   to   E:*]in     Fcunda-
liens���Mus*. Reach Deciaon
Montreal, Aug. Vi. Whether thi
Cartltr iiioinoii.ll monument v..!l bi
erected t,n the sue first chosen i r on
the one that is claimed to I. ��� bettei
is to be discussi il ut n meeting to be
held in tnia citj.
There  si ems  a  gem ral  concern ui
of opinion ihat  Hie proposed sit . i ..
tiie  first  bend  of   Ihe  road, over  the
mountain   Irom   v-.u-.t avenue,  la  ...
confined   to  ptnun   t:t  justice    *   -
don    lo a  monument,    which    is  t
stand *>,j teet high Und lo havi a b.ts
if 65 teet.   That tins Bite Baoutd h-ve
i..  been chosen a year ago, without  anj
opposl ion, s.'.'ius Btrange, for it wuo
..     O.     iv     M
llrst, second,
.lay     l
111    tin
NO,    SES*���MEETS '>:���
third and fourth  \\ ednes
,-utli    tin.mh    ut     s     p.   ni
Mooss    ll.,in**.    II. .1.    Leamy
1*'.     K.     ,)t>n"H,     secretuo
A ten dollar option on a $1.50.000 property looks as
though some person is anxious to sell out.
Tncle Sam's plan of sending a Swede after a Mexican
promises to be interesting���for the Mexican.
Perforated hose are all verv well under a split skirt.
bul they don't do the work in the game of watering the
France has returned to Russia a large bell looted
from a Sehastopol chureh during the Crimean war. That
little bit of generosity rings true.
A young Nev, Yorker has obtained the court's permission to drop his last name as being too highly flavored and
Jiable to produce tears.   Tt was Onion.
General Chang Hsu' announces through his press
ragent that he intends to fight his way to the imperial
throne of China.*  Queer how some men go looking for
Low Water Pressure and  Recent Fire
Tub-ec*   of   -rnnuiry   in
It looks as though Cipriano Castor belongs to the dis-
card class. Tic has made a noble effort to come back in
the Venezuelan ring, but President Gomez seems to pack
the punch necessary to
make his job good holding.
Tf home rule fur Ireland becomes law and Sir Kdward
Carson carries out his throats, that well known difference of opinion between the wild cat and the buzz saw
will be classed in comparison as a scene of sweet and happy
A poor little Minnesota orphan thirty-seven years old
has married n woman twenty-two years hia senior. He
says he's tired being ;��� norohan and wants a mother. The
���miesuon is, will he .'.and for being spanked for stealing
When an eastern girl swallowed a scarf pin the other
;day, the surgeons turned an X-ray on her chest, located
ithe jewelrv, reached down and took it out. Now where
on earth can a oerson hid" his valuables so that the doctors can't get their hands on them?
This data, torty years ."���-���'*. Auguel
12. li?::. v.n.-, nn Imp rtanl daj In On
nadlan hlstorj Tbe Canadian Pacific
charges agalnsl the Macdonald ministry were then to the tore and hs i
iii-. -'������'! Ill" :���,' �������� Domini I: .:* i hostlli
liart'snn camps. Karller in Ihe yonr
thi" allegation had been madi In the
huiii-c of commons thai the govern
in<ii' bad ' oiiniviil v..  , .-rrt In
cor.ni   Hi u with the Cam .in-:
iinii  in 'order to obi iin ii.:> '���    ' ��� "di
bauch tin* const t. ��� i
tinn of 1872     Pari anient
���elect  committee, <���,
Com ���   ��� . nntl   '
ea        on  an   I
t:>  An.'il. '    13tl       i
, pro
���   .*   ���      !
_..iri.'- *
pointed to take the placo ol the Beli ct
cwnmlttoc, Th.- commission was com-
" bi ���! of tii" Hon Antolne Poletto, the
Hon. Roi, ���: Gown .. and the Hon
irli I iowi :* Dny, all proml-
nenl |ud| ������ '. Iltl .* ivi t- two months
lul : i * . reported to the govt rnor-
.   **. :���.' v h * '* lli il parliament to con-
* '* : ..' i. o taken  undi r oath
: th" i mtnl * ii A resolution of
"i overe ci :*.* un " was mi *��� ed by Mr
'.; it k* ,, li .*ii. r of the Liberal "h
I.." Itlon :.i tl a heated and acrimonious
di hnto I illov ed Blr John Macdon-
nid's *-).* ech of dofeni i *. hlle a mas-
. . ne, did nol n ���. t the sltuntl in,
... i. Igni.! ��� . : n renl Ht* p isi
:i* ��� Hi.   vote ol   * i   in
. i lunalor,   ���
*.   In   11
lllllli .
... cianadlui
Toronto, Aug. 12. A thorough official Investigation into the cause of
tin- l tck of water pressure, wblch waa
respi nsllble for the great loss resulting from the iinitniito Btreet, Jersey
avenue nnd exhibition fires a week
ago, is to be undertaken by the board
of control, and will also include an
entjulry Into tli" reason for the nb
. in*" of keys fron, tbe f.ri* nlnrm
boxes ai ih" exhibition, While engaged in ihis, tlie controllers intend
to uo into the BUbject eif the recent
large fire at the Island, when iho
I same difficulty was experienced In
turning In an alarm,
Aid, Burgess appeared at the meet-
'.; * I iii" hoard of control to demand
an explanation of tbe 1"�� water pres-
sni" :il th" fir.*., rii'dil lar-.-.. fires
nml made a vigorous protest nonius'
the niter Insufflc ency ,,f the water
snnj.'v ns evidenced by th" reports
if ih" f rea He also had .1 word to
aj on the - ebjeci of the 1 n*l< of l*. *��� *
i for the exhibition lire bo: os, wh **'
caused such a delay in turning In the
alarm, remarking thai the a  thing
hnnnened ni  the Island  with a resul
tani 11 t.iliy unnecessary losa
i' e board of control n reed ��Ith
Md iiiiitess as in ihe ii"iii 1 f n thor
ough Inveatlgatlon, Controller Church
r marking thnt n thorough hou e
j cleaning in necessary, and ihat Com
mlsslonor Hnrrls should he nsk,-.] t ,
find out the reason for the low* water
Controller Krister then presented a
resolution requesting the chief coroner to hold  n  f re  Inquest, which although objeoted    to    by    Controller
Church, was adopted,   1 ner. however
it a jirivnte meeting it was decided
''".'.'. '.'_���; Investigation Bhould be con
jduotad by the board rf control, in or-
Mer that the matter mav h" deall with
with the grcatosl exped tl m imssible.
Commissioner Hai r.H Will be requlr-
; to pr" iciii tho result 1 f the mv 1 a-
1 1 n- into Ihe Inefl c!en ���* of the
.��� .t.-r pri ss..;-". and the 1 re ch el  Is
it be asked to give b report on the
of hydrants al tho Island, further
enuli '���* ni f - the wa'erfronl nnd lha
nosslblllty of convcrtln? tho tug
Oenry Into n fire i.iit The quest on
whether Iho fire dppurtmnn! is pro-
perly equlpi ed    and    11 * 1 ed     and
v iii ili"r M    !.| be Bd       bb   ��� * .1 1
; *  .'    with   h r . *.  on id  suit
strut * motors, ��ill nl 10 1        '   n   ip
The crew were huddled together ob
taining the best shelter they could
on the poop, and loki-d lii;.- a crowd
of Lascars, being black from heid
to foot, owing to their exertions In
the coal bunkers, Bhovelling conl over
the side to see if she wonld rlghl her-
self, as ci.rso and coal bnd shifted to
port, giving her n heavy list, which
a westerly unle na.s accenuatlng
every minute.
Volunteers  Risked  Their  Lives
A boal wns lowered, five volunteers
from the crew of the rescue Bhlp r * i:
lng their lives to Bave their brethren
in  imminent danger of  going  under
The boal was null, d to leeward 1 :' 11*.
fast  sinking craft,  which  gave  somi
iiitly  lurches  In   1 in -  heavy  s>-:i   running, and Chief Offlci r Thomas Bhout-
id Instructions to the Btricken crew
to jump, one at a time, Into the holing   Bea,  at  a  certain   favorable  moment   when   the  poop    wna    almost
tun* excited forca^tie hand chose
Hi" wrong Hm" for the jump for life,
and the huge craft coi.ii:i< down
smack on the spi I wh ro I ������ dl ip
poared, Ills life was despared of, when
polling back, he roappean l from bo
neath, pa Idling d ~ fashl 11 Lo 1 11
small boat, whero willing hands pull
ed him to safety, literally Buatching
him from the Jaws ol death.
The chief engineer jumped for hi-*
life, clutching In ins hands a median!
cal top for his little eliilel al home
jilns being the ouly thing he saved,
nnd the only thing he- thought of sav
iiij: when Krini death, in the form of
drowning, stalked before hlm.
The captain of the ship was tlle
last to jump, und the peculiarly ol
his exit from lus doomed command
was the manner hc walked up and
down the deck of ill" vessel apparent
ly choosing a "soft spot In th" ocean
to jump Into."
Chief Officer Cut Away Mast
Aii example of the strength that
desperation vvill give to sirimi; men
was forthcoming in the act 1 I th"
chief officer of the vessi !. wh 1, when
she first look In-r 11 sl to port, and
receiving the order to*cut awny the
Iron foremast, accompanied thla herculean task with a cold chisel and
hammer, with heavj sens breaking
over the deck al frequent ii tei *. *1.
His Ii ii hand was a bleeding mass
when hi was thrn igh, bul th * mi <
eventually went over the side wi'h-
out Inn ing any .11 cl tn r ghting tho
only by skillful seamanship on the
pari of in" chll : *:'.:* In Ch -.: ��� d I
the hen' with iis fro ghl of hum in
derellc s. blai ki ni ii 1 j ci al dual a: .1
w. nkeni 'I wub ,.,i sure and anxloti -
iiuspi use reach th" "Nellli ," win n
ti,.* 1*.*.* ued 1 i.-w wi i" berthed ac
c irdlng '.1 tholr various departments
le ���*:. hand 1 wenl In the fo castli, firo
men si ii sink.is aft, 1 ugli ��� ers In t'i"
englnn r.' quarter 1, while tho offlci :*s sh ired rooms v. Ith their R illant
ri-sti. ra
Tho only concern  cf  lhe engineer
who jumped woh the 1 resi ni  1* 1  h
little son was tor ih.. mechanical toy
he was -akini; home, saying
"Wha' B terrible llnnn ll would
have been if I had been drowned, ns
my little boy would never have hml
his iny,1 n loiiriiinc, example of par
entnl unself shness nnd affection
whl * in the shinl" of 'lie shadow ol
death 'lis remark, touching in sin
pile tv. broughl tears t" th" ��� ye ��� '
those gallant llriiish sailors, win
braviv! death lo succe r th" hclples
iti   ilistr>"s
' S'r DoinM Currie, in prfcsontln'?
the heavy s-.lld silver medal to I h 1
Off'ci i* 'I iiomns,. complimented hlin
on his l" ivi ry and cleverness In such
sl mal .... * Ice, hai ding him ;:> oddl
Hon. in a ; rronnl gift, �� pair nf ill
v.- mar 1 t,las ���- 'I In cn w iff.*'
were preiented with money In aeerr
dance ��Ith their ratlin:, nml pera m
ally complimented by 8 r Donald on
their con iplcuous bravery,
Wreck   Pictured   on   the   Medal
The 11. .<*i!  which   ivns  the reward
I-,  chlel   1 fflcnr  Thon ai   h ars  ll
hentl . :   * ���  Into mn est'   " 101 n V ������
torln   and   1   1 I      'Awai li 1   by   tho
11....I.;.tut. is   of   lodge   I-i   Bee   II.nis.
corner of l-'uiirth un.l Carnarvon Btreoti
I, O. O. P. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Tf.
regular ninetlng of Aniltv lo.lgf N.
27. I. o. O. v.. Is hul.l every Monda
night ai 9 o'olock In Odd Fellows' Hal
corner Carnarvon ami Bhvhth mre-titi
VlsfUns brethern coriilallv Invi:,--
H. A. M. nnii. vv. Nil.; H. \v. Sangstor
V,   Q.;   W.   C.   OoHlliam.   P.   11..   r. ll
Ing sccrntarv    .1. W. MacDonald, flum
clal secretary.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RLSERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and ln Umdon, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
haiilnni; business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of tbe world
Savings Hank Department -Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum |present rate).
Total AssetB over $186,000,000.00,
O. D.  BRYMNER,  Manager.
ter & Hanna, l.nl. 1 ��� Puneral dlreoioi
ai',1 embalmers. Parlors 10;, Columbl
Hlr.-et,    Ni.-w   Westminster.    I'lmuo   110,
not until now. when the men are en
gaged in levelling it up 111 piepara
Hon for the masonry, tba! the idea 01
a 1I1II. rent and mnr. BUltable 1 :.a
tion seems tn have occurred ..' anj
one. Hm it is noi y< t loo late 1
make an alteration,
Ready to Chanoe
The committee of the: 1 artier memorial offer no objection to any alteration,  provided  ii   is the wish ol  tin*
'citizens.    The new  s.i". proposed bj
B, I iyoiini-t. a member of the IL C. A
i.nil secretary ol the Iloyal Canadian
Si.c.etv   of  Arts,  is ai  the    base    ol
Mn in  Royal  ai   the  Intersection  ol
Rachel Btreet,    lt  is a fi.it eminence
at  the top of Park avenue, and dominates the whole of the city.    Then
is pliiity of spat" around it. so that
a circus could be 1. rmed, and citizens
and   visiters  alike,  would   be  able   to
vi. w   ihis monument  from all  points
of the com pas 3.
In the course of an interview wltb
Mr. Dyonnet it was learned that In
was emphatic in his opinion that thi
site should he altered. He sa id th.-r,
would i.e i.n trouble at all In gettiug
this ih ne. because the only aeri ms
1 bji c lon was the remi .al ol thi
tramway track; making it go round
a curve Instead ol Btraighl on: and
he did nol belii 11 the . oulil b any
difficulty in gi ttlng th ������ dom
Momy ^pent is Nothing
"The i|i' si .... * 1 ���* 0 1: * ney Bpent
by the city in li veiling the pr ��� 1
.: I.e. which has bi .11 ch a *. b ..1 :*.
year." continued Mr. Dyonnet, "Ie
nothing. Thin wcrk ������-..is to havc beei
done   this  yi ar,  even   If  the  I artlei
monument was not going ta h 'ect
ed there,    lt is an unsightly piece ol
ground, nothing but rocks and ti
and  they  bad  levelled  almosl  every
tiling up to that point and wcre  go
ing to fix that.
"The two thousand doll irs Ihe c ty
voted for that, which is being Bpent I
now, will not therefore In- lost, it
was necessary for Hie embelllshmei
of the park, as it could not be used
for anything before, Th" original
sile Is right in the bend if a 1 idi
road, and there is no access to li
except from what would be the back
of the monument or from Bteps lead
lng to it for about twenty feet. Any
one Btandlng there would hnve t
..ni" his nick to see the monument.
"Il is going in be such a his thin :
ih it it cannot be placed then thi r
nr.. four rows of trees In the way .f
a good view; nnd you cannot ("it
down avenue trees even for a mom:
ui nt ll must he placed In the mos.
prominent place in the ctty with plon
ty i.t apace around."
W. E. FAXJS8���Pioneer Funeral Dl
anil   E.-.'>alin��'r,   518-618   Aimii-n   1
OPPOSL- I'anie'-slH Library.
T   J,   A.   BURNET"
vt. luntant.    Td.  R.
I,In. I:.
'.   AUDITOR     AM
188.   U.1..111  '-.   I'"
Koyal Bank
Incorporated  1S6D.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,500,000
RcBcrve   Funds     $13,000,000
A General Banking
BuslneBB Transacted.
New  Westminster,  B.C,,  Branch.
V. Ii   Smith. W. J. Orovei
Wnrk   undnrtnk mi    in    city    and    outHid-
points.   211-12   Westmin tu r  Truat   uuit
Phone  864.    P.  O.   Box   &07.
Sal*', Deeds. Business Letters, etc olr
cular w>rk BpeotnJlst. ah work Mtrlcth
confidential, if run v. room i\H Wesl
minster Trust Hlk     Phone ""-.
nti r Board of Trndf meets In tii** hrmrr
room, '"ity iinii, h�� foUowsi Thin) Ptl
rtiiy nf each month; Quart��rly m'*'itni
nn ibe ttiir<! Friday of l-^-linuiry, Ma\
Atiirunt and November nt * p.m. An
nual nv��"tinKs on thn third Friday o'
FVtbruary. 0. H. Htuart Wade, aocrc
risterSj Boilcitora, eta 4n Lorne Stree
Now WitsUnlnstit. (5 K, Corbould, E
C.   J- R. Grant    A. ED, MrCoii.
ter-at-law, snlicltor, *>,c. Telephon*
inVO. rati!*' address "Johnston.'
t'odft, "Western Union." Of/lces, SUI
Hlock. 662 Columbia street. N'ew West
minster. B. C.
b if-* Barristers and Solicitors, w.-h��
minster Trust Blk., Columbia street
New Westminster, B. C. Cable addres
"WhlteMde," Westi-rn Union. P. <
Drawer 200. Telephone fi9. W. .1
Whltealde, K. C.; H. L. Bdmonda, I
COAL MININO rlffhts Of the DomlnlOSJ
in Manitoba, Baskatohewan and Alberta,
the YUkon Territory, the NorthWem Ter-
rltoiics Hiid In B portion of the pro vinos
of British Columbia, may be leased for a
term of twenty-one years at an annua*
rental of $l an acre. Not mora than UN
acres wlll be leased to ons applloant-
A ['plication for a lease must l>e mads
by tne applicant In parson to th" ak'-oi
or Bub-A genl of the district ln whicb ths
rights applied fo.- are situated.
In surveyed territory the land muat b��
described by sect Ions, or legal Hub-divisions of seotlons, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for thai! bs
Staked out  by the applicant  himself,
Kach api'Mcitlon must be ao-ctompanied
by u fee of $6 wblch will be refuudejl If
tho  rights  applied for are not  available.
but  not  otherwise,    A   royalty  shall   bs
naid on tbe merohantable output  of  tb^��
1 mine nt the rate of five cents p<;r ton.
|     The   pt rnon   operating   tbe   mine   shall
furnish   tbe   Agent   with   swam   returns
j accounting for the full quantity of mer*
l chantable  coal   mined   and   pay   the   roy-
j alty   there��jn.   If   the   conl   mining    rights
i are not being operated aueh returnsanouM
j he  furnished nt  least once a year.
The lease wilt Include the oeal mining
I rights only, but the lease** will b��i per-
| mltted to purchase whatever available
I nn-face rlRhta may be considered *,o*>v\*~
I sary for the workmg of the mine at ths
j rute of $10 an acre.
I     For ( 'It Information application should
he  mart.-    " the Secretar/ of the Depart
ment  of  the  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent  or   Sub-Agent  of   Dominion   I<anda
Deputy Minister of the  Interior.
N.  R.���Unauthorised publication of thli
advertisement wlll not be paid for
B.  C,    P.
.1. CLOTB,   Barrlst
oto..   corner   Colun
Ktr*-.-tM.     Nt'W     Wfl
O   Hoi   112.     Telop
ibla    an
.one   71(
Bolicitor   and   NotHry.
I,i.,ck.  Ji  lorm,   mr-i-t.
nliT. B. C.
Offloea     lUr
N,-w   Wcfltirilr
linrrHi.*,*,. nn,l Solicit.,rn. 606 to *1
Weatmlnater Truat Hlock. a. K. Mai
tin, Vi, G. McQuarrie and Qeorge I
Notice is   hereby    given Hint   the
.partnership    herolofor    pxiHtitiR    br-
I tween     Qeorge     Cunningham     nni
riminaa Cunningham, jr.. under   tho
Arm nami' of Qeorge Cunningham &
Son, linn t li Ih day been dissolved.
Dated, August 6th, 1913,
I I1SB2)
P.O. Box 34 Dally  News Rldp
of all   klntlH
K. gin i Aug 12 Tho iliini degree
wiiH used by Chief Zeata on a man
bi fore in. wns proven guilty tha <>th"r
morning in court, and a murmur ol
astonishment circulated through the
court room.
The accused was called to the wil
ness box after ovldence from the
prosecution was given, anil hla uton
told to thi court. Upon finishing his
testimony, wherein nn attempt was
mado to satlsfaotoril) explain tha
charge, the chief of pollen took th"
witness nnd asked 2 questions Which
surprised the court.
"Aren't you in the habit of steal'ng
little things whenever you can'.'" ask
ed Chief Zeals.
"Why certainly not," Indignantly ro
plifd the prisoner.
"Dldn'l Non steal a bottle of V*'M'<
koy from tl"' Voii's hotel list we.k?'
c mi., back ibe chief.
"i did noi sir." in amazement from
the wltne is.
"Oh, you didn't th" sarass'ca'ly
..lit d the chl f.
This .ill look id,,co before tho ac
cused waa found guilty, and it seem'
inch questions might exert n let i'
Influence upon anybody charged In
Prices nub!
Satisfaction guarsnti
McKenzie   St
Transfer Co
itflte   Phone   IBS,       Barn   Phont   11
Begbl* attest
HauKSge  lisllvers*  Promptly  to
��uv part nt tho city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
For a License to Take and Use Water.
.Notice Is hereby given thai Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster.
will apply for a license to lake anil
use one hundred Inches of wnler out
of an unnnmeil creek, which flows In
n northerly direction through wild
Iland, owned by Mr. Patterson, and
lempiles Into a ditch mi subdivision
near Scott rond. Tho water will be
���I verted nt u point south of I.adner
road and Will be used for stock nnd
domestic purposes on the land do-
scrlbed ns a subdivision of fractional
lection 2fi. n. 6 N��� It. 3 W
ThlB notice wna posted on the
i-roiind un the Rtli dav of .luly, 1913.
The application will ha (lied In the
office of the Water Recorder at New
Objections may be tiled wllh the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parlla-
mpnt Buildings, Victoria. R.C.
< 1718) Applicants.
B.t. Coasl Service
��� for Viotorla
nili,.  lit
Advertise in the DuV.y News
*vt*rt Vunonuv
p. in. and 11 Ai>.
Leaves Vancouver for
I And 11 p. m
Len 'en Vanoouvor for Nnn;ilrno in nn
I nnd fi :80 p m
Leaven Vancouver
antt Hoptlipm PntntH
'! i.. n  nnd   Hat urday n
11   p.m.
"The Playground 4 B.C,"^ w
-'���'^ SMe$& Co.,
Chllllwaslt   7
l *-**.*>:rdnv.
i.  m.   Tuesday,
ti��avf'n   '
Id j
ff   a.
i ���    ���-;- \*   '.'.'��� r1 mli
a..  \ ..;   iiivor.      ^
We nn * have four linlns dally and
will give jou lli>. nie :i|icsl rale going
nol only to Bnstcrn points, but to
Kootenaj and . hor points, Wo are
alsu        ..��� II   ������'.������i'.:-.,ii|i   line .
i ation uil oiliei   pm tlculnra
��� . .  .   -u
E, GOULET, Agent.
Nc.. \. ei tmiDster
ii, w. iiKoiiii*:, 0, i'. A��� Vancouver. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1913.
StranBe   Fight   Going    on���Old   Botr   Hed Been Robbing College Students ot   Real   Drama   Enacted   in   Wir.nioeC���   Her drlcatures Ars All the Ra3e
Thinki New Not Dutch Small   Sums���Arrested Ennancd Young  Lady  Was London���Displays Good
Capetown, Aug. 12. A   new and a
strange war is being fought In South
lt Is s war In which Boer Is opposi d
to Boer. And it Is waged with pen
and Ink by post. 11 Is an epistolary
struggle for the moment, a campaign
by correspondence. What the grent
mass of tha Dutch dread more than
anything else is that it Bhould develop
into an open conflict at the polls. Por
that way lies the return of the liritish
section to power.
The forces ot radicalism ami reaction, led by General Hertzog, are attacking the nriiiy of the moderates.
which swears allegiance to General
Hnlh:'., the prime minlBter of the union.
One day there is a skirmish between
outposts in some Dutch journal in the
backvcld The next, the leaders indulge In a long-distance duel with
heavy guns���by letter. Everywhere
letters The weapons Ot the generals
ore almost unknown to Kngiish poll-
tics. They are long letters, portentous
letters, letters tilling six, seven, or
eight columns in the newspaper-!, let -
terB Impossible save lu a land where
tomorrow Is also a day. They are full
of personal details, quaint expostula-
tlons and appeals, and special arguments addressed to a primitive people. The deluge of written words
would Interest very few people outside
South Africa. Vet llie letters are Important. They will Bnd a place in history. For good or 111, they are Influ-
enclng tin- future of the union of South
Africa und its relations wllh the rest
of the liritish empire. They show that
there is in South Africa a new Boer,
unwilling to follow In the footsteps of
the old liner, who made possible the
tragedy of Krugerism.
Apostle of Conciliation.
General Botha Is the new Boer. He
He Is 'hi' apostle of racial conciliation
Ever since the war he lias Etood for
the new faith. He preached conciliation as a candidate for lhe first Transvaal purlin ment. He practised it ns
premier of the Transvaal. He does the
same today as prime minister of the
same union. Between General Boths
and Sir Starr Jameson there stood
but the slightest differences.
General Hertzog. on the other hand,
has appealed always lo the old Iloer
He raised a bitter language controversy in the Free State. Ills attitude
has always given the public the Impression that he Is anti-British. He
may vow Unit he Is not���then all one
can say is that he has been unfortunate in choosing wordB in which to
express his ideas. And since General
Botha turned General Hertzog out "f
th,. union cablnel because he became
an Impossible member of a ministry
pledged to conciliation, the very vir
tm which :ittr:u*ts Britishers to Gen
erel Botha's side has been systei
cally ii' n..une-il ns a v j. .*
Oeneral Hertsog 1ms brought about
a split hi the South African pur-..
which is roughly the Hutch pari
Dally he mil hi.*- followers attack their
chief. IL* hns ranged Boer ag i i
Boer And if mi'' summarizes lhe tn n <
of correspondence launched bj th''
llirtziH* faction against General Botha
h" wil' (lnd 'hat tlo- premier Is charg
ed wltli lielng too conciliatory to"
British 'oo Imperial too regardful
cf Downing streel too prone to keep
on,, eyi  uoon London.
Tho plain truth is that the old Boer
reg-T.i thc new Boer as nol sufficiently  Dutch
After Chase.
Ni w ".'oik, Aug. 12. Thomas !���'.
Gibson, a Columbia university student,
who lives at No. i'i. West One Hundred
nml Twenty-first street, was ut work
over a drawing table on tin- fourth
lloor of the Avery Hall when some one;
leaned over liis shoulder and spoke
to him.
Gibson looked up into tin* handsome
I:.i .* ..i :*. lall young sl ranger, anil be-
.*���.... he wns a stranger looked away
���������* iin. The other continued to talk,
however, until Gibson asked rather
tartly, to be left alone, v.'i'.h an apol-
ogj :!,,- stranger vent.
Soini thing made Gibs: n feel then
for th** wallet he carrltd In h's coat.
which wns hinging over Uie back Df
ills chiilr. The hook v.as gl ne umi
with th.. }i" and two ticki ts to the
winter gnnleii it contained. Gibson
sprang for the hull crying an
ilarm, mul heard Uie echoing footsteps
���;' the Btranger on !':������ i airs .f the
third t> ih" second floor. II" nisi"!
. still louder alarm, nnl l'rof ���'. A.
Harrtman came from h's office on the
third lh or to ask Its cause.
"I lost ;:if, myself Uie other day,"
said Harriman, when Gibson told hlm
whnt had happened, and the two bur-
rind in lo the campus. There th.y
caught sirlit of the stranger hastening
tiwnrii the gateway at Amsterdam
;r.. nue and One Hundred ami Seven-
t' ruth  street.
Superintendent Dennis Walsh anil a
number of students joined in the chasi
Winnipeg, Aug. is
tor three years from a
had been unk.iu! to 1., r,
gag;d to another man,
h, r wedding, and then
husband   when  making
Living apart
husband who
becoming eu-
preparing for
meeting ber
a pre-nupt a!
���ul in Amsterdam avenue Detectives
Haw kins and Daly of Ihe West On"
Hundred and Twenty-fifth street station wen* met.
In the cellar of house No. 430
Wist One Hundred and Eighteenth
street the detectlveB caught their man
��� -d started for the station with hlm.
In the meantime Thomas Byron, another Btudent, of No. r>r>9 Avenue
street,, John Br nix. hul heard Oib-
ron's .ilarm. He was under a shower
bath but when "Stop thief" tell upon
his curs he went to his; locker and
found that his wallet, loo, wns gone,
lt contained four tl bills.
At the station the prisoner said
he was held In default of J500 hall for
draughtsman, or 416 West One Hun-
di-eil niul Eighteenth street, '.'li yenrs
old His (', feet 4 inches of height
���mil the grace with which he carried
his 190 pounds of weight made him a
striking  figure.
He lold the detectives he wss a
graduate of the Royal Artillery school.
Woolwich, Bngland, and tbut h" hnd
held th" commission of lieutenant 111
tiie British army His father, he Fald.
was n Church of Bngland clergyman,
and his mother, who is rich, made him
nn allowance.
Frost  was arraigned before  Magls-
thate   Marsh   Just  before  the   Harlem
courl .--.il i.i-.ini' d nt -1 o'clock.    Gibson
preferred   a  charge of  petty   larcen>
lust  him, and  on   Froi t's rei
* '  '.     i .    llloWl ���'  I.f- ltn  .'���  Inv v :*
he as hi Id in default il |G I "hail for
further i lamination.
Many Thefts.
v  a  'i. ���    . ;.*. h Gibson I '��� i titled as
hli   .:"j found in the pr *-..-���������    posses
. i   Mi., detectli'���- ��� *������   *��� ith another
*  *   .*.*.*���   lm i!   four  Jl   hi!!.*.   U<t*':
was ii*.t able to Identify this positively
tt h
|.-r. ,., (i, . f.H | ,|, .j ti,0 parlor car
.-In .!������ between New Vork and Boston
: \*. a ll-.vin wri* found i'i PrOSl's
p --(session Hawkins ami Daly Bald laat
ii glu that they thought tiie young
������ in nil hi have been pi,sin" .is ii
' nl of Yule nnd Harvard, ns they
sn-. he has heen about Columbia.
('.nip! ilr.ts of thefts among stu-
li. i ��� nt iho university hnve heen fr- -
 :.t  for the pnst  week.    Charles  1'.
��� htndler. who lives in Havemeyr
Hall, li *-; sin in:*! Saturday nnd i" ���
sides money many articles of value
have disappeared.
visit to her home town, Misa Mary
Meade, cf Winnipeg, s Irred up a mar
i. nl inngli! from which she only es
c-jped hv figuratively killing hers i
and in i  broth r hy faked telegrams.
The husband in tile case is a in:...
named Chlcery, vin, lived at I.iuuni
i.i:.*. Sask. a cailous stepfather mak
ing lier life unhappy, constra ned tlie
girl to marry Chlcery, and the girl
mu away to Winnipeg, For three
ynir.-i she worked in a department
s on- and during that time met Reg n
nid Salisbury, for whom slit conceived a liking which she thought developed into lasting affection. A short
t me ago. Salisbury, for business re *
so:iB, was compelled tt take up his
residence at Maple Creek, Sask., and
Miss Meade promised to marry him
nnd go wist witli him. All the de-,
la :s of tlie wedding wero arranged
: ml tiie customary "showtrs ' and pr I-
Bentatlons were made.
Premonitions cf Death
Then the girl decided to run "up
Iv nn." Slit tilked of the journey
with Mrs. Salisbury, mother ol h r
fiance, and to her confided thit she
had premonitions of herB'df and h r
brother being killed in a runaway.
She went west and not many hours
afier her departure telegrams were
received by her friends telling of a
fatal runaway smash in which Miss
Meade- and lier brother had been k lied. Tlie distance cf the stat on at
Radlsson, wbere Mlsa Meade had d b-
embarked, to the girl's home- was 2,",
mills, so that it was dlff cult ti verify the details cf the accidi nt, and all
Inr friends went inti mourning, tie
young man being almost prostrated,
Then starting details began to l"-.ik
out. lt was found that Miss Meade
h:vl not left tiie station with her br i-
ther. but with her husband. Tben it
began to leak out that Mr. and Mrs.
("uie ry were living with her parents
in a quiet and secluded manner nm!
ih ii t'.ie whole premeditated schem;,
was   revealed.
Reconciled to Husband
M'ss Meade, or Mrs. Chlcery. m"et-1
ing her husband unexpectedly, after
:v long absence, fi rgot her real or
lanced wrcngs and the pair became
reconc 1 d. The only flaw in th"ir
new scheme of happiness, however,
was the Winnipeg wedding, and the
fiance, nnd in lur dilemma Mrs.
Chlcerj thoughl ef tho Btory she had
t il Mrs. Salisbury ns io her premonitions of a vii lent death. Tin- tilling
in of Ui.* Bchi me f. llowi ii
Telegrams win sent tei lne of hT
..*;: |. s.-i i\- ;<->. Her appr lac .::;-'
wedding made tlo' item tn" of newi
interest, ami i' waa widely published.
Th" story then began to leak back
into Luxutnburg, and 'seetflng li to
t'i*- minds of wondering neighbors,
; nnr*-. resulted in tin- slow revealln ���
, i ih. wi" an's .:.-. io regain her
old husband and dodge the new.
Pr'coners Obtain  Cocaine  Aoparen'.ly
Without   Trouble���Officials   at
Lots to Find Source
l.endm    Aug.   \2.    Brine-si   "Pit.,'
tlie charming daughter of tht Duk
it Connaught, baa sprung mt*) sml
den fame in Boc.ety bere as u cur.
ca urlst, All at onse Patricia cur.
catures have become the rage, a d|
iin- girl in. nds '..mi have Becure i
specimens of Princess Patricia'B sieiil
with pen or pencil think no end of
in ir newly acquired treasures and
i.. ver fall to iml; aboul them in the
stiiarl sit, or to sin.a them v*.i h ..:;*,
disguised pride tj their r latlvos :....i
fricn .s
i i " t her day -.-. "I ver Ami rican
g rl told Princess Patricia in confl
i* "��� ths .-.ii" was about lo 1," marled, and wns delighted to find i.e.*.
mornlnj a caricature had come to lier
as a wedding present. It wus entitled he Was Hungry:" and il showed
the lit" King Kdwurd r.s ng fr in Hi
luncheon table with a more than us
ually expansive smik_- on liis face and
clutching eagerly at his Inevitable cigar, 'lht Btudy was nit unkind, but
It had that hint of good natured fun
that peeps In and out of all Princess
Patric'a's sketches. And to make no
mistake about tlie fact thut Edward
VII., was a real king the royal artist
had placed a crown upon his head.
This  caricature: is  really an exc'il
lent example of the deft   way    the
princess suggest?  a  likeness.    As a
matter of fact, however, thf b lliard '
room  at   Bagshot   park,   the  country
home of the Conn&ughta, has its wall s
covered  with specimens of her    art.
Some of tlitui ar*- most amusing.   Kor
Instance,   lhere   is   one   representing
the late;  King  Edward,  Prince Christian  ard   the  late   Duke  of Fife,   ail
de-cending  the  steps of  Malborough
club,   with  umbrellas  firmly  grasped.
entlll d "Charge of the mot tool 1 ght
brigade."   Another   shows the  Prinee
of Wales at the time he as-iumed his
first  naval uniform,  looking extreme
ly proud  of himself,  and    wiih    the
caustic  comment  underneath,  "D n't
I 'o-���k pretty?"    Neither has tiie pr n-
cess spart-d  herself,  for one  ef    lier
most numerous efforts shews her  as
a "wild Irishman" twisting the traditional  shillelagh,  and  trailing  an  ul- i
: tra-fashlcnable coat in the wind. This
.carries the terse  title of "March  17.
'. 1886,"the date cl the birth of her Uoyal Highness.
The lutest gossip, of courBP, Ib that
Princess "Pat"   is engaged  to  Prince |
Adolf Kr'.edrich. heir to the Duchy of
Mecklenberg Strelitz. Her      Royal
Highness has had several desirable
��� suitors for lier hand, notably the eldest son of the Duke of Cumberland.
whose younger brother married the
only dauglit-r ot the Kaiser a few
',, ks ago. Princess Patricia conll
��� ot Bee h' r way to accepting the hand
of lur cousin, the voung Hanoverian
Prince, who was afterwards killed In
an automobile ace'dent. but now it
is recalled how Prince Adolf stayed
in England a short time ago. and
while Bt Bushey bad his portra t
pa tited by sir Hubert Herkomer. it
la nol v.;'ru"" significance that his.
father, the reigning grand duke, is in
England at present.
His grandmother, the aged Dowa
g r-D'.ichess. of Mecklenberg-Strelltz,
who is still alive, and who wns visited by Ki:g George and Queen Mary
wben lhey wen In Germany recently,
id the last remaining grandchild of
George III. She was horn at Hun
, ver when lu-r father, the first Duke
i i Cambridge, was Ri gent of Hanover and was n sisier of the late
Duchess or Took, and is. tlierefi re, an
aui i of Queen Mary.
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moment: in
is be
May   Ettab'ish  Technical   Classes
Montreal Public Schools���Bo;k-
bindlng Also.
Died   Tuddcnly  in   Ireland   While
Talking  About  Death
Hi glna, Aug,  IJ.   While d ecus
the news of the Irani;' death In
diis it Constable .lohnston. the
i   man  who dli d ou bis  bin;  n
Montreal, Aug. 12. When sir l.o
mer Oouln vvas waited upon here by a
delegation representing th" printers
11 Montreal, both employers umi employees, he expressed himself ns being
heartily In favor of a technical class
nt tho Montreal Technical Institute to
leach boys the rudiments of printing
The deputation pointed out that it was
becoming mure and more difficult to
got apprentices, and that those hoys
who wanted to learn the trade had but
little chance to do so In tlie printing
offlc, B.
The cost of establishing the plant
at the school has been estimated at
$10,000, ami the cost of maintenance
fB.OOO a .var. Sir l.onier promised
to do whin he could towards giving
the $10,000,   in regard to the yearly
charge   of   16,000,   be   suggested   that
tlm delegation set In touch with thi
city of Montreal wllh a view to havlns
the Olty c operate In raising tills
amount The provincial government
he intimated, would be willing to subscribe n I'Ttlon of the yearly charge
New Class Plan��.
The pin us for the new class provide
for th" teaching of both printing nnd
bookbinding,   it Is nol proposed   th.n
n  complete   printing   "lant   shall
equipped, I ut that sufficient
be i'i", i   I"  allow  c' th
bovs test"'! 'inn a knowledge
nieiitnry  iiihii'ls.
The ih nutation presented
i""tiu'r'ii   which pointed out
s'lloii held iv lh" printers In the everv
day life of Hu' community, nud thai H
���fist i cntl-il thnl  there sh mid be n
reboot t'.-'i tin stinnly of siiii'"'1 w ������'���
men cruld ba kept up,    I"  Montreal
nnd ntiMiro there wer" 8B1 pHntlnr
estaWrhm ,  snld   tho  deli gatlnn
nnd tin * all toll the iii id of ��*.p rl
In ,., card to fees to he nhstrp ' 'he
hovr. n vv FWfgepted tliol "Tin :���
month bo nsked to he refunded to thn
punll. If ''I tho end of his tc -it lr*
had attained o certain poreentagi ot
mark*. All l oys entering the rcheni
will be taken on probation, and wlll
be dismissed to other fields "f activity
If they sh"w no signs of aptitude for
lhe btislhess.   In time It Is hoped thut
night clas8��i win be established,
w, e:
di nt
i   no.   \\ i 11 iinii
i.i  Knocknakllt,
In 1.md.
a  res.
aid     ;i
Mi ntrcal, Aug. 1.1. -While it
11 v J thai >* i .i.i.e. i t'aer dn:
t. !. hi*.i are being trafficki d
im ' openly in : lie Montreal jail and
in the penlntentiary at St. Vincent d
Paul, oflfclals In charge of those n-
st tullons Been) to be at a Ijs-i to s*l
ul tli" course ots upply and have b">\i
unsucci s ful in cutting it off.
Less   than   one   month   ago   an   it-
Death in Two
Burned    to
firH'li -.*
teaching of
*  of  ele   I
n   ! rlef
the po- ;
fr "i d . r the dend oonstable, w.,s
..I v\ lii heart failure on July B, Iti
f otn  his chair,  and  Immediately  ex
B ch Is the nature of the newa ocn
taincd ii a paragraph ol tho Belfast
Wi . kly Telegraph for July 12. The
Item  is as follows*
Fell Dead at Fir-side
"A firmer named William Shieldl
iv iiin,- In tlie towniiiid of Knickna
kilt, mlt- Magher.i, died v ry sudden
ly e ���, Wednesday. Tho deceasod 7;
yeara ot age, was sitting nt the fire
side engaged In oonverBatli n with his
son, William Qeorge, about the rum
loreii Budden death of John Johnston,
son of lioberi Johnston, .1   P���  wh
lem'grnttd to ('niinili about six weeks
i|-o, and whose phctograph, owing to
his remarkable height, npiniifil In
the Telograph al the time of lis d -
pari ure fr in Belfast, The young
man Shields, noticed bis father plac.
Yniil over his heart, ask d
j if he wns unwell, whon he suddenly
f I! forward off the cha'r on which
he vvas sitting, and Imm d'atelv ex
pn il,   it appeared ths di ci i "tl h i;
i '.*��� "i '��� "ited fc- some tin . with hcirt
iffeclli ii 'ud under the clrcvimttince'
t* ier d d nol ci ns d r an  in
i ,��� ii ii ��� lessary,"
To  Avid  C'ums
0 '-.wi   A"g   1-'.    E��-A'd   I'M.  Mc-
- a ''   '���-��� i'l-'l ���  I" be n  cm! d  I,.  fo-
��� h . i. ���'������() tf control n - '  ��� " r. and
,.!��� ii-.. questions h ''1 thi p taki
���>-. i.i r-.. housing of Prlaeks and the
,... ���,. fpfpi -nors In Ottawa,
"i suggest lhal the citv should nut
nn hoi'cs and let tbem to tii"*" for-
,.*.,.,������������; nnd si e that thev are kept in
���'  healthf  condition."   sn'd   Mr.  Mc
Grath,    "Bvon  shucks   if  Lhi V  were
,.,,.-.���..,. nn,i commodious would   bo
nreferable tn the hovels    In    which
���h"y now exist.   As long ns wc need
f relcncrs as laborers   nnd   encourage thetn  to rome here, we should
j see that they live under better con-
! ditlons, nol only for lhelr own good
i bit that ot the community."
mate ot the Ja.l at the corner of Di
i It r.mii r und ('rait; Btreet d od BUdden
ly, An ail psy Bhowed death wa,
caused by an overdose of morphine
yel nothing has been aocomp.lshe!
.ii ih" way ���' finding the perscn wh
Bupplled the drug. The stat m n Is-
sin d by the sheriff wus that lln
'dope" hud heen thrown over the
fence by an unknown pi rson and li r
i'i" matter lias apparently ended. A!
Iho igh ttiitids employed al the Ja.l
have no hesitation In statin's that the
man In charge since Gov mor Valoe
pi. vi ' ltd give valuable Inf rm i-
t*. m in regard lo the maimer In whl:.
' this drug is im.  -lit  In.
Easy to Obtain
One  guard, one cf the oldest   of the
|st ff nt t'-e loci! Jail, stales that co-
i ruin", tobacco and drugs of d ffi rent
kinds ure as easily obtained by In-
mites as by an outsider who knows
all the mysterious channels through
him which they are distributed. He s'ni ���>
that it Is understood among t th
guards that the prisoners are beitm
supplied   with   cocaine,   and     pointed
out Instances where
ii ..ii supplied nf er
hsd Lien "fired." ln other cases, he
said, money bad 1)0 n supplied prison
������-���. bv friends for the purpose of pur
chasing tho drug 'on t!v Insld '." T'lls
money had heen i:ik"t> away frrm ih
prls.'P'f.i by tlie guards and not r *
."i riff 1 ����� nlctix. when nsked nbi''
t|m vulti-r snld Hint such Btorli ��� or
Iglnato n lhe brains of Kiiiils who
are j* alois because one of C'e'r cin
Montreal,   Aug    12.���A   panic   waa
.. * .  wly avcrti d hi r the other  n'ghl
when a film  In  the operating  room
of the TIvolH theatre, at  the corner
of  St.  Catherine  and  Hleiiry  streets,  Total   cf
i iught  fire.    People  In  the  baloon-*-
rirst noticed tbe flames In the room
and s reamed towards the exits. Sion
'aper the people in the lower part of
the building caught the fever and al30
Btarted   a   stampede,  and   when   the     Hamuton Aug. 12���The third fire to
'music atenned the situation  was ss* -   , .
St'ng   hi  the  extreme  for a  few   nu.    occur  in   two  weeks  In  which  horses
ments.    Fortunately no one was hurt   were burnt to death occurred on Au-
and the flames were extinguished In Lu8t 4 in the large stables owned by
11  few minutes. nH1  Hamilton  Brewing association at
,!. a. Wayland, of ��?. w?* a": U* f00t of Catherine street, when ten
tectlVO iigencv, was In Hi" bale n.)   ill .,,..,.  _,
the t'me of the fire.   "The first thing'horses belonging to the Grant Cart-
1 noticed," he Baid, "was a small red j age company, and nine owned by Aleck
: spot on  the  Bcr< en In  place of the
picture,  niul  'hen  oil  was    dark.    1
turned round, and In the operator's
r0 in 1 c ni'd see fiiiiiu's shooting up,
oii.er people hi the balcony saw it.
'and started to stampede towards the
exits    a   little  girl  was  the   firs'   lit
one exit, and she was roughly torn
i.-.slde by 11 woman who took her pi ice
opened the door and got out.
A   colored   man  and   myself,   stood
up  and  told  the  people  to  sit  down
Bnd we noticed that In the lower par:
and stranger than this, tlu
the . umi' district.
The chli :' said thut as far as ho
could learn. Mr. Mclsaac had his
In ists Insured to the extent of $2,200,
while the cartage company carried
(4,000 Insurance, a rough estimate
of the loss of ilu* building he Judged
n-nhid h" $2,000 and for the entire lot
Mclsaac, James street north, were
roasted before there vvas a possibii
Ity of saving ther... When the depart
or Hie theatre the people were
Btompedlng uud then tbe music
ped.    lt   vv.vs very exciting  for a
moment v.   '-'.it   the   flames   W"
oul, and  when th 1 music win
r"   pul
ment responded to the alarm, which
came in by telephone, It was at once
seen the building could not he saved,
and the attention or the Bremen was
directed toward an old Icehouse standing but ten feet away, and the Qompt
brewery building in the sanie block
The stables were rented from the
association by Mr. Mclsnuc. who sub-
let a portion'of it to the Grant com
Calgary, Aug. 12 ���The armory
which the federal government Is to
erect in Calgary vvill he built on the
Mewuta park site. U. II. Bennett, K.
C., M. P., with Aldertnen Freeze and
Crichton, visited very suggested armory site in the city this week. The
matter was gone into very carefully.
At the conclualon of the trip about
town Mr. Bennett, whose word wlll be
final with the government, expressed
the opinion that, in his judgment, the
Mewata site is the only desirable location.
The armory vvill cost Sl'.BO.OOO, will
have baths and gymnasium In th"
basement, which will be open to the
athletes of the city, ln addition the
city Will get a grant of $160,000 for
the site, and this would form a very
useful    undi us of an athletic    park
lund. Then ilillhursl and Victoria
|. li .- would have to be pul into proper
Bhape and fitted up tpeciall for Is*
athletes of the city.
Witli these privileges and the fact
that the football ground at Hlllburat
would then be used all the time, atld
that there would be a vast iinpro-ve-
tnent In the red line car service. ther����
IB 1. thing to prevent tho giving of lhe
south field in Mewata park for an
Fix up the West Field!
The west field would, of etourse-,
have to be fitted up better, and facilities provided, but lf these were
guaranteed the athletes of the cltj ut
Calgary who are now better off thuji
Huy ever were in the matter of parks
should put nothing in the way of tin-
city council giving over the fixitball
pitch in Mewata park for the site of
the armory is the opinion of many
tptrt fans.
Approve Franchise
Tcrouta. Aug. 12. -The Forest Hit?
railway compaaj will net their Tr-au
cillse for tlie build nR of an el ctriei
line out in tbe suburbs north urtl west
of the city us far as the York township couneil is coueterned. Tlio mem
bers   have   un-iu'tiit'iisly   approved   nt
the third reading of the bylaw, which
praotlcally closes the dea'.
the   drug   lind 'ngaiti, tbe people
ie man cn dutv
resumed tin- seats."
up of boulevard;;
rnlgary,    Aug.
i Tenth   street   west
panlons has attained more promln ncs ._ an(
Ihni  another,  and   makes   the  Btate-  .,_ gpwe'r- on
ment  that  he   is   Informed  daily  nf
whnt is gnliuT on inside the pall walls.
The sheriff admitted, howevrr, thai
less than n year ago nine guards were
dismissed because it vvas shown thev I
,- .-e smusgllng cocaine to Inninics. j
While this traffic ls suld to be K'- ;
'ng on briskly at the Jail, Btrrles of
how Hie drug Is obtained nl St, Vin- j
i"*nl do P.ml penitentiary, ar.' also*
brought to the front occasionally.       [
12    Residents on
between Seven-
iVcnth and Nineteenth avenues, nre In-
eeised because of the fact that just
when ihe grass hul heann to grow
n'c-lv nn Hi" recently finished parking
rflos between the sidewalk nnd the
Btreel curb, the public works de-
lrlmei't sent n gang of men. tore
d is engaged in laying n
the boulevard strip. This
is only one of several like Incidents
lately, niul many complaints have been
puny. Kach of the tenants stabled |
tin ir horses there, ami the loss of thtr.i -,
at this time ol the year comes as ai
sever'' handicap, as It is thetr busiest |
season. Berlilts the complete cut-1
ting of the barn, the brewer:,' buildinr I
suffered slight damage, the window
frames on the southwest side several
fines being Ignited from (lying sparks.
This structure t '.'.tains terns of malt.
Which is stored there by the owners,
'nnd Hu- water penetrating to the Interior caused much damage to It, 11s
lit is useless when wet. Several valuable game chickens owned by J. Murphy were housed In the basement of
the disused ice house, but although
they were not all burned to death,
some of the more valuable met their
'��� fate.
j    Chief  Ten  Byck .  First     Assistant
; Chler James nnd Second Assistant
Chief Altchlson were all in attendance
at the blaze und all are of the opln-
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented*
I made by residents.
The outrageous part of the Tenth I ion that it was the Work of nn In-
street west Incident Is that the tore-1 cendlary, They give ns their reason
mnn In charge of the work of finish-! for making this statement, the fuct
ing ofT the parking I'lt'iu told Mr. Uve- j that five horses were lost In the stn-
lv. n resident of Hie neighborhood, that jbles of the Poyaler Ice company and
It was too bsd n isng of sewer men three more In a Hay stn< north lire,
would t'-i'ic along In a short time and iAU three started within an hour ot
tear it all up. I each other on the different mornings,
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines ;il-
ways   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that thi-y
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works. ���tA-it  FOUR
Fresh Water and Salt
Two Hundred of the ThrJe Thousand   Down River Collecting Tug Gets 1080
Piles Are Driven Along the
Local  Waterfront.
Fish from  13  Boats���Many
Humpbacks in Strait.
ir the present rate of progress is
���maintained the first unit of the har-
J>or Improvement work Bhould be
Buisfced In excellent time, tor alines:
MO of the 3000 piles to be driven between the Eighth street slip and the
nty market wharf have been placed
A down river cannery collecting
boat yesterday received 1080 sockeyes
from 18 boats and fishermen around
Steveston say the catches have bten
about in Ihis ratio all week.
Prom the figures given it is quite
evident tliat sockeyes are non,. too
plentiful  in the  river at present and
Between these two points the river oannerlels are accepting all the    lish
is Ui he drlvi n with piles, capped ard
filled with earth lo a distance of 260
feet from the present street line. Most
dl the "00 plies now driven have been
capiied and as soon as the city dredge
is ready the work of filling will begin
li is expected to have the dredge
ready by October I.
At   the   loot   of   Eighth   street    In-
brought them. Yesterday's catche
were even smaller than .Monday's and
ii is likely Hint lhey will diminish
until the end of the present week.
What the run will be afUr tiiat is the
usual mystery,
Bellingham reports yesterday having rec; Ived HO.OOii from all sources,
with   seiners  dolus  well,   while   Ana
I away for Victoria at onec. It is ex-
peced that she will arrive there on
j Captain Muller, master of the ("hii- ,
ean sailing ship County of Linlithgow, i
one of the few four-masted full-rigged
ships now afloat, is certainly making
J a long passage up tbe coast from Valparaiso. Shipping men have heen looking for the fast sailor to put In an ap
pearance off Cope Flattery for some
j dap nast. She Is out 61 days today
from Hie I'llilean port.
All the forme,- passages made by the
j Linlithgow from Valparaiso or Anto-
ifagasta to ihe Royal Hoads hnve been
exceptionally fast. Two trips age
Captfiln Muller set a record for the Pacific, sailing from the Chilean port to
* the cape in 2ii days. With good winds
th" County can saM along at regular
.steamship time. She has been on -
.gaged in carrying lumber from Van
'couver to Valparaiso for several years
and Bhe has attracted mucb attention
In the Bhlpplng world as a result of her
smart passages,
[iight winds nnd calms in southern
latitudes and strong northerly winds
off the California coast, similar weather to that which prolonged tli" passage
of tlie liritish barque Holt Hill, Capt.
llray, now in port, undoubtedly are responsible for lhe slow-
County is making.
Social and P
H>e��lor <'.A .  Iirown is looking after  cortes  has all  tlie  fish  lhat  ean
ihe work for the city, and B. K. Spen-
���rer, ���fkipta.'ii Powells assistant, is Inspecting the dredge construction
bandied,      Here,    however,    tho
comprises  many  humpbacks, and
proportion of these seems to be
creasing daily.
The li. C. Canners' association re-
pert gives Kraser river deliveries as
small, in some cases no more than
100 or 200 fl.-h being cau3ht by each
James  It.  Smith is a visitor iu the |
city from Kamloops.
A. VV. Smith, of Delcratne, is regis'
tered at the Russell.
A. E. Smith, of Cincinnati, is a
guest at the Premier,
David ft. Boyd, of Ferndale, Wash., j
is registered at the Windsor.
IC. II. Whyte, of Calgary, is a visitor in the city for a few days.
\V.   !',.   Richmond  and  .1.  R.   Beach,
i i  Bdmi nton, are gliosis at tho Uus- ,
Archie Preston, of I'icton, Ont., was
in the city yesterday calling on his
old time friend. Eddie Richardson.
Lieutenant Colonel J. I). Taylor. M
P., was in Chilliwack yesterday where
he attended a meeting of the military
board  which convened  there.
Charles Pittendrlgh, turnkey at the
city bastlle, was removed to St. aMry's
hospital   yi Bterday suffering  from  a
complicated 'rouble. Ho expects i i lie
otu and oa duty again within a few
Councillor Mayne ol Burnaby leaves
this week on a \ Isl I to his old home
in London, Ont., having been granted
four weeks' leave ol absence by the
counoil. While in the ens' he will
run that thr j visit various points In Ontario and
Quebec returning via the American
1,'iv. C. E. and Mrs. Wincott lefl
yesterday for Crescent where they
are spending several dayB, tlie guests
of Mi *s I.. \VIl3on. It* v. Mr. Wincotl
wlll return Sunday in order to hold
servloi s at St.Paul' hsr uc
services a: St. Paul's church.
JL^, I JWT I T & ��D
Figuring    o:i    Dominio-i
Structure���Mrs. M. A.
Is D;ad in Vancouver.
A  Few of the
Planned for
I   ^ Day of Great Wash Goods
���Stats    Authorities    Take    Charge
Three Traps Near Eei!ii-<*tfiam���
These May Be Abated.
Bellingham, Au,;. IJ. For the dr..'
(iiiif in ilu- historj of th ��� s::'1" of
Washington three lish trays have
been seized by Un* lish commissioner
and guards have been placed in
charge to prevent the owners from j
fishing there.
The rea.-on fir the Beizure of the
traps Is beesi se of their being placed
in a greaier depth of water than 65
feet, at the lowest low tide i.f He1
year, which is tl:,- maximum depth
in whicb they can bo constructed under the law.
One of tho tr:r,is, t'n* property of
K. A. Welch, is located nt SumV. r j
bay on Ouemes island, and is regard
������rt as possibly the most valuable on
Pugrt sound. At tlie time of its being taken mi charge by th" deputl s
of Kish CommlBBloner L. II. Darwin,
it had abrrat t9,000 sockeye salmi n in
it, and them  are being held there.
The other traps are the property of
.Krank V.'Vight, of the Carl sle Packing
���company, and are known as the Village Prim and Point Mldgley traps,
and are very valuable, as ihey rani;
possibly third in Importance as lish
.���ng locations on the sound.
fMaregardlug the orders of the lish
���tsBsaait -i-. mer, nil the fish wen- taken
���tral ol what is known as the Point
Mldgley trap yesterday morning.
The foreman  in charge of    taking
tomt thai fish was arrested by Deputy
r'is'h Commissioner Mlllott jus: as he
completed the work and was broughl ,
to Bell Ingham.
Actions were filed yesterday afier-
-ioon by the prosecuting attorney of
.'.Vbnteori county asking for the abatement nf this tr;*.;'. as a nuisance, tho
* iih-nv laws providing that a trap
. ij-von in :m illegal depth et water i-* t
�����[ nuk; ino.--  and is abatable as such.
The county attorney ia also aBklng
.���for ire Injunction from the court   to
prevent Wrighl from fishing or In any
msj hindering the lish commissioner
a his assumption   of charge of   the
raps, and   i:-  also enter::*,-;  a suit  for
mit.ui" for  flsh   whieh  ii   Is alleged
have t. 'i-i. Illegal!) taken by the trap
���furing thi    Beaaon.
It is .* id that Governor Lister was
rognl..**-' * * the action to be taken,
ii,,' ���*.,.- ha i his approval, b icause
thc three traps In question were
Lo hi in too great depth of
��*al T id ��� i days uk i, Their
ownei wi re in llfli d to ihs effect,
and boll appt aled to the sovernor f >r
pern to 1 .*"���' them  there    tli-.
rematnda; * * ason, whieh    per
ioi . v.ruor denied.
The  pi ��� ���     ���!  Involved  are  worth
���SLMMI.II    *
W:r . : i r th    i	
-ol u ��� Welch ai i Frank Wright, as
ii,, opera! i o( the trap It J ver;
hk<i. ish  C mi *i.;s oner   Dar
win  will a pi      ��� * the c mrt  f'>r    an
, inier to a e traps aa nuisances.
Local Newspaper Men Arc Having Bi j
Dredge's  Mechanism   explained
tc  Them.
Vancouver, Aug. ii. Several large
lin.'s are uuderstood to be tendering
on the new Dominion government
deck whicb is to be constructed on
Burrard Inlet between Salsbury and
Commercial drives, at an estimated
cast of betwi en $1,600,000 and ?1 7.",0,
000. The government wharves will b
ef the most substantial character.
Contracts tor the work will be award
cd on August 21.
The docks will be 800 feet long and
SOO  feet  wide.    A  bi rthlng  Blip   11
feet wide will I e    i r ivldod    on    earl
Owing to the kindness o: Dominion  side,  dredged  out   to  a  depth  of  38
officials and of Captain Rogers, of the feet at the lowest Btage of the tide.
K ng  Edward,  representatives uf the An   appropriation   sufficient   for   the
local  papers are  being    taken    down   first  year's operations has heen  alio
river  today  to  Steveston  to  eee the cated and the funds for the compl
big dredge at work.   The party loaves tlon of the dock and the Installation
the department of public works wharf  of all the latest  contrivances In  thi
aboard the Point Garry at S o'clocs way of electric travelling cranes, etc.
a.ui. and will return during the afternoon.
i ��e fame of the King Edward as a
dredge has gone abroad up and down
the coasl and now she |g recognized
ns probably the most efficient in this
section of the Pacific seaboard
dispatch with which she lifts and
'disposes of material is often commented  upnn  by  visitors,  and  today
will be appropriated  later.    It i
pected that the docks will be finishei
within two years.
They'r;  Home Arain.
Bringing with them rare and vi'.u
aide specimens of flora und bird life
The somo of whicb will be preserved    in
the Dominion museum at Ottawa and
others  at  the  provincial  museum  ai
Victoria, SO members of the    iiriiisi
this pressmen are seeing her at  work Columbia  Mountaineering club    have
and are having the  �� bole
of the dredge explained tc
The cement freighter Marm'on
which came up river the first of the
week has gone out, after unloading
cemi nt at Gilley Bros.' wharf.
Tbe tug Maagen was al Gilley Bros.'
wharf for a short time yc3terday and
cleared for down river late In the
The ing Glenboro, of Vancouver,
was at the city market wharf yesterday afternoon with two empty bcows.
The power cruiser Folcomu
this port yesterday,
The Fearless docked at the
of her owners. J,  Mayers ..  Co., yesterday  after bringing  logs  trom   Pitt
lake  to tin. Small  &  lliicklin   mill.
The Annacis was si II al Pike's
wharf yesterday, after having recenl
ly returned from a record trip down
the coast, and  to   Vane ,nv.r   Island.
At the Fraser rivi r bridge yester
day tbe draw was opened for the following vessel... Clansman, down;
Transfer, up and down; Glenboro, up
and down; Samson, down; Baaver,
The Samson
Pitt   hike     yes
member of tin
,.leer's   stulT.
whieh came down from
���iday bad aboard a
Dominion resldi nt eu-
ind  while at  the  lake
surveys were made for the new
to iie built ni the ht ad of th
Upon her arrival here Ihe Samson
went down by the Lulu island I.ridge
to remove several Bnags, coming to
the departmenl of public wi rk.< wharf
in Hie evening,
just returned to the eity from a
pleasant two weeks holiday spent In
mountain scaling and exploring in the
Gnrrihaldl Lake valley.
Prominent Woman Dies.
Mrs. M. A. Macdi na.d, whose hus
hand, a barrllster in the llrm of llus
sell, Kusseii Ss Co., Is the leader ot
the Liberal party in British Columbia,
died last night at the general hospi
tal, She was the daughter of Sen;:*, i
Ueorge T. llaird. of Andover, N.B.
lh.. late Mra. Macdonald was a
niece of Mrs. .1. II. King, i���;' Crati
brook, B.C., to which city sin* removed upon her marriage to tli. Liberal
leader, October 26, l.'lu. Two yeai
ago Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald came ti
this city. She was b.ru in New
Brunswick 29 years ago and wus edu
wharf cued at Victoria college, Montreal.
Alderman   Rcsnnt,.
In a  formal motion, by    Alderman
Hepburn,    seconded     by     Aldi rman
Evans,   the  resignation  of  Alderman
Cameron of ward si.*;, submitted    be-
cause he had disposed of liis qualify-1
ing property under a mlBtakt n opinion
of the law, was accepted by the city
council last    night.    Alderman    Cam
eron's seat  iu the    e< uncll    chambet ;
was vacant. Imt  lie  was In the build |
ing.    Regie;:. ...ere expressed that his
resignation Bhould have I n Bent '���"���
and it was hoped that he would bi
able in qualify in time for tho I: ���
Coca  Back   East.
After a tcrtni ;ht    visit to   BrltlBh
Columbia, G,    .1     l' liberate,    ���!������; .i
minister of naval affairs, Oitawa
wharf leave tonight for home,   l'e has bo ���-.
1 '��� busily occupied inr * and   at Victoria
Blnce returning from the n rlh,    Frl
day  was devoted to an Inspection of
the polnl 'ire, wIreless station,
The marriage of Herbert Marshall
and Miss Mabel Roll, South Westminster, celebrated recently, very
quietly, in Holy Trinity cathedral by
Rev. Canon d'Kasum, wa? made the occasion of a happy wedding supper last
week in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Bell, South
Wesiminster. Tliere were between 50
an.l iio guests present and an exceedingly pleasant evening was spent. Not
the least happy of the events was the
presentation of a number of presents
to the young couple. Alter supper a
large number adjourned to Biggar's
hull to dance to tlie music Bupplied
hy S, Nelson. W. Evans and W. Paterson, while others enjoyed a musical
night. H. Marshal! i**. a sen of the
well-known real esia:.* agent, A. G.
Marshall, South Westminster.
The   following   were   a   list   of   th I
Ipi-'sents: E. Bell, let 10th avi nu , East
Burnaby;  Mrs   E. Bell, kitchen uten-
i -ills; A. G. Marshall, i ix oak *'.i tlrs
and four pictures; Mrs A '; Marshall,
lemonade .-<t: Miss May Marshal;.
pickle jar: Miss Olive Marshall, spoon
holder;     Miss    Klsie  Marshall,   rrull
.dish; Master .Lick Mar.* hall, carving
s>.'��� Mr. nnd Mrs. Atchisrn, Sapperton.
marble clock; Mr ami Mrs AUsbnry
kettle: Mrs. Robinson and daughters,
cake dish: .1. Holl. cake deli: Mrs. W
Munday. bedroom set; Councillor am!
.Mrs. Walker, Burqultlam, berry set;
Mr. and Mrs. Sherdahl. Pitt Meadows,
cheque; Mr nnd Mrs. G. Ferguson,
South Westminster, sei flower vase's;
Mrs Goodwin, berry set; R. Jeboult,
butter cooler; Mr. end Mrs, T. II
Sails, frillt set; Mr. and Mrs. Edwnrds,
We   want   to   mal
This  lot includi s
fancy  zephyrs,
'22  inches wide
e  cne  final   clean   up
two-tone  linen   suiting
wash   goods.
crash,   repps,
white  vestlngs,  plain   mulls,  etc.;   :���?  to
all  this season's  best fabrics;   absolute
fast  col* rs;
��� j ard   	
n gular   values   to   46c   per   yard.
6 Yards Wash Goods
for 88c
Seme of the most popular muslins, mtilis, cotton foulards,
voiles; in an exceptional variety; fast colors; 27 to 30 in.
vide; regular values to 86c a
yard.    Today,  C  yards... 8SC
Rare Values in Children's Dresses for $1.08
Five dozen in this lot, fitting
ages up to eight years; developed in ginghams, ducks, muslins,
cords, Hollands, linen, etc.; winsome  little Styles.     These dies*
es  sold  as high as f2.25.    Today    $1.08
Children's Dresses $1.68
Three and a half dozen children's dresses in tlie lot, and
another rare chance to save,
made of gingham, chambray*
ducks, linens, etc.; fitting ages
t , '-! years; a great variety of
.������I.s; but not In all sizes; sold
.-is high as $3.76 each. T.i-
day    $1.68
Children's   Wash   Coats  at  Half Price
New Westminster. .'Ivor fruit
Mr. and Mrs F, Johnson, Lasl
aby,  silver  pickle  jar
One Grand Final
Clearance   of  Bathing
Children's    Underwear
A   Special August
for   Quick   Clearance
Four ri -zen   children's  fine knit
cotton drawers; lace around the
knee;  fitting ages -' to 7 years
Today, pair  16c
Summer  Vests  for
Extra  special values this week'
fine  Swiss   knit,   lisle  and     cotton;   Willi   h,ng.    short    or    no
si.eves:   ell   sizes;   regular  36c
and 40c values.   Today per garment    29c
Selling of House
One  of  the   best  August values
���Our  entire   Stock  at   Reduced
Special     grade    of     fine  lustre
bathing suits;  well made in two
pieces,    waist,    bloomers     and
skirt; daintly tr! nmed with contrasting materials;  in Bhatfts of
hrown. cardinal, navy and bla.-:;:
sl7eB :.4 io Ai.   For iiuick clearance    S3.28
Dresses, $2.38
With   magnificent    assortments
of  the season's    prettiest    and
most becoming    home   dressoB;
marked    exceptionally low;  de
veloped    iu    prints,    ginghams,
cbambrays, percales,    etc.;    ail
newest    wash    colorings;     well
made   and   fast   colorings;   all
sires. Pi misses to An bust;  sold
as high as $4 a garment. About
: ix  dozen  in  the  lot..    $2.38  1
American   Federation  of  Catholi
cities Dees Not Favor Sex Hyfll
in   Schools.
1     l.e.ul.   lo
York, ns pre
Roman Bring 90.0M Pound-3.
The 'I *��� ol  the Cl lumbia    Cold
"Storagi   eompanys' fleet,   came   Into
porl   . ���  .*:.'.   m   riling     witli    111) illt
Mum.  ..... , *   h .1 hal     These wi re
,ir,Y-:.u m   '.:..  rig tin   ���! :\     Tlie Roman
11.1a on lhi grounds a shorter
time than usual this trip, having laid
up for Beveral iu    Vancouver
iif ter cl .. ':���-..-.   i i   tn re hist week.
Vessel  Movements.
Un         .* lea     '. : ���     12 Arrived:
Go*i v.. ���    I     et i     ��� ���< ���   ' '������ I ne, Will-
apa harbor;  Wellesley, Eureka;   Ava-
Ion, Will .. .i ���             *' * I *'. Yucatan,
Portland.    E an **.    M ulca Eureka;
Band* n
-r :v SER R   /"FI.
Tor W ���������   tr*" -.
Wi Rtrrili ���
Data   Time.
High.  Li   *.
21   16  10 :
14:58   I   16
32-2H  ii   |n
16:16    0  10
23  15 1
17:-M    -,  .'ii
l.tday   '���     ust   I"
Sand  ii*
Time   Hat. T mi
. . io.7   :> ���
���     ,1    ..
:*'   ' ���   10.7
15:1(1   7 u
J2:l     |0.8
~   13:00     '   ' I  '
17:17   6 1
���*   ���-.   ���:
,   ������,    i    m     17:66    6.6
i      i     : *���
.      :
Crown   of  Castile   Ma
Trip   from   Glasgow
Completing the fastest passage ever
made by a liner of the Harrison  Dl
reel   fleet   from   the   BriH-di   coast   via
South America, to the Pacific, the
.teamship Crown of Cast,I... Captain
McKlllop, has reached i-km Francl co
after a passage ol f fly [ive days from
<; lasgow
This is the beat time ever made
by one of the fleet, which Is chiefly
due to a change ia the Itinerary ol
the Harrlaon steamers, most of tin
former portB of i ill having been
elimlnati d.
It :s the [ntcntl ti ol '!". company
i   o* : 'i ig io Ettltour, Guthrie A  Co.
P i iif *��� Coasl   agents, t ititnie to
. i   In  flftj   to fifty three  dat i  In
fi ture.    Hitherto the Harrison  liners
have li.*en allowed alxty-flve days :t
llt-t. which to make tin  passage to the Qol
���v" dei. Gate, and �� iventy davs to Victor
:: 0  la
r ti  Crown of Castile made bul i i o
���   li after lea Ann ' fla   ** ���*     Tl   I
n * ii:   Brazil an i oi I ol Santor re
:.     I 11 *.     COI       "I*... :*!    Of    I    ffl
loadod.    Afti r  discharging   800
- 7
:��� 5
���   ���;
* ���  if  cai   **        Ban  Pedro tl * :     Hy    i'
���I   I ������<���:���.,,      . ���'!���.������ 1 '       |i),        ��� ly   foi
���    I.S day, she proi ���    '   *
12; '   ���   ' in ' ch ni  Id lend
...  n * iread specutal
13:17 1* I Cns- * '  *
Out to  Fight for  Mcre  Power for the
Farmer and  Dominate the Party
Washington, Aug. 12.- Tin light ��� f
s .culled "insurgent"    democrats    ti
broad, ti lhe power uf the farmer.! an,I
cotton raisers to use wan hoi. v receipts as security for credit, wiih In ���
proposed federal re ervo banks, dom
ii ate.| today's caucus ol thu rieui
i ra'.lc mi mbers ol i he house over t'.n
Glasa currency bill.
Tin- "insuri i nl ' forces i lain I n
ii ghl to havi bi cur d Borne add d
Btrongth  during  the  day.
Chairman Glass again defended tho
bill  on   llie  ground   that   It   gave  the
fanner ample power to use his wan
house  receipts as  Becurlty  for  red *���
counl ible notes, provldi d he wanl -.1
money    f< r    bon i    fldi    agrlcti
���    opi i al Ioi .*   Th,* o ni ndi * i.t - di .
Ions ed ;*���  the "in. ifrgenl ���   Id   ni
Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 12, Social
iam. immoral dances, antl Catholic
press reports and the action of mine
owners In Lead, S.D., were Ecored today :n the adopti in of ri lolulloiu during tho afternoon session of the Am-
erli **n Fi deration of Cath il bo lie
I .**:.���*...* ti i rep ** bi * tins the three
���niiii. ���*. mi "i ��� rs of the nirlous societies votel unanimously to telegraph
Mrs. Ph< ehe A. Hi arst. , r Pie tsanton,
Cal., mother of W, H. H-rarst, as ihi.: :
owner of cerLiin mln'na properties In
"    .)      II      II    Eglll,    Of    N'ew
I ' 111 cf the BBI :���*. :i. .1 to
F .1 ilner, i ( Lead, super ntei dent,
emphatically proti 11 Ins |:* uni t t ������
abnormal contlitli es In Li ad, which
tho federation claims Impoile I I
.ii rk of i*. !*.:'i'.n and which h u :aus
.*.; Blnh p i* bi ph :���'. Dush I * bc ��� tiled
from th * ell�� of hla diocese.
In h's : pi ."'i )  * terday Dish ip   '
Bald the miners v. re nol all wi d the
i ,.���!Its ��������� Punil *    ������ * t and thai �� hen ���
ii '. .1 io Mn . ll"*irst and oth *
holders he  wne  subjected  to
in h criticism tint he wns forced to j
remove from the seat of his dlocei
Ss a result or thia spei t ii thi
( -cl
���ii*. ���*.   * ivi r* .1  Hi*1  movement
Cr-.Ir.ntion     exerclres     at     public
Is i nd don mlnatlonal  ehu:*, hoi
u*er.. scored In 'he ri port nf the < i'u
rational   commit is   pro "mt' d   h"
'���!..  Kev.   Mgr.   P ttrlck J.  Supph. of
Th,. resolutions proclaimed "���" Inherent rlghl nf Ihs Cntlnllo child to
,*i Catholic educal ��� n a nl warne I all
par nts and guardians to give 'heir
eh n **es a thorouch Catholic ei ��� ���
';   n
\:i appci l i ���;��� ?! ite  ihi af Cath' l'e
* i i i w ii   vo ci d In the resolu ' - *
vas   the  admltl .nee  of  Catholli
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
Branches  Throughout   tho   Province  of   British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits nf fine Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques told, payable in all parts of the
CHAS.  G.  PENNOCK, General   Manager.
Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK, Manager.
if You Are  Particular
with regards to the quality of the
groceries you buy and the service you
get, we would like you to give us an
ipportunlty to please you.
choice Eastern   Township liuiter.   :i
lbs. fur  tl.iio
Fancy   Creamery   Dutter   (our   own
brand I. 2 lbs. r*:r      7 io
Local  Dairy  II.liter, per Hi     : , ���
Cooking Ilutler, per Ib    :;..,
Cakes  in  packages  10c
and . .
Almond Wafers, per pad   I
:.' Ic
itulithic Pavin
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Table Peaches, J Ibi
Choice Plums, -   lbs,
N'ew Cooking Appli s.
Choice    Okanagan    Ce
f nicy stock nnd  nlci ly
lbs.   for   	
fi i
li IC,       |eT
.     '.h.e
Mills      is
���hed I,     2
a result of th s spei t li the boi Ini t
itlon of th. com nlttee nn rosolni i**n>* .1
elded   to  make  a  pri tnst  ond   lhe 3
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block.
Phone  386.
Columbia   Street.
Ihe Popular Shoe Store
641  Front Street.
worth of Packard
Dressing for  . ,
of  llox   Calf
Special Slum
��� loot   [tunning Shoes  . .50::
is Oxfords, all kinds;
Uluchi r Hoois
I.*., \ i  and   literature
���  i" EugenlcB, i i*
. pposed.
Wife Cr.t-
.    *   i     '        >���
I'll        ���..    !,������  .       '
*   0
I   ���    COUI
iii    public
ex hygiene
!*>   All,
12      l'h.    ������ 11
.   :        '       ,;.���:...
hi   firm rl  .:
'i       Td  *���
'   '
..:..*        Th'
Bltulithic  on  Second Street,  New  Weatmlnster   with  Boulevard  Dowr
,, the Centre.
Iiitniitkic Is noiseless, non-allppery, praotlcally ditstleBS, easy on
horses' feet, and, above nil, particularly durable. Por these reasons
Hltulltblc is commended highly by owners of nutomnhlleB and homes
i.ur..-. hi Idem, nnii o;*y officials. It baa been adopted by lifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hind rod In tiie Uulted StateB.
1 ll   *** !:::���
St; le   ....
' Boys' Ului her       is for   dr
i ��� i   6:58   I.* til    i;hi iid  i *
:,.   end ol * ;.
toiuffibia Ditutathic Ltd
is Seymour ?': 3,       i'11-717 Dominion 'irin,    '    ' .     |, Vs icouvsr,
-..���-- ..      r *�����...;..   c
..81 95
\. ��� .* *
. .$1.43
. .61.88
.    "  'I  W.)  Dootn,
' Home of
I   *' Prices, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1913.
Ptxxit PIVl
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads]^^^
The high handed action of the
V. A. C. lacrosse team, Ihe newly
lurned professional outfit, In refusing
to form a new league which would
have Included New Westminster and
the two Vancouver teams Is beginning to show up ln a new light, for
yesterday it was announced in Vancouver tliat the green shirts had hung
up their slicks for the season and
would not participate In any more
games tor the Vancouver city championship.
Tho   question   now   Is   being   asked
������Where   Is   llle   V,   A.   I
<ll   at?"
Vi st probably before
No Money in It.
Con Jones has stepped imt of the
game, after losing several thousand
dollars in lhe venture for this season
alone, while it la a well known fact
that last year with the high priced
players he had on bis roster he also
broke to tlm bad.
Westminster In Utile better off, although the boys wlll draw down a
dlvy of a few hundred apiece, which
|. ok. mighty small against that handed  them  two seasons ago.
The   V.   A.  C.   boys   perhaps  realize
going to get iheir mistake of breaking into professional   company  this   yenr,   when   the
lhe week has signs   pointed   against   their   success
passed tliey will be miking overtures and they will draw down less than $100 .
���o ths Balmon Bellies, hut Bucb a each for the work done during tbe past I
series between the two teams would '.our weeks
not le  much of n  drawing  card  audi    There  is  a question  of  the  former;
hardly worth the trouble of the Minto amateurs  challenging  lor  the   Minto
cuppers getting into training again       CUP, bul   Whether the trustees will ae-j
'!!,����� lacrosse situation on tlie coastlcepi Buch a challenge Is problematical,
lhi.-   season has been a disastrous onu       i acrosse has  fallen on bad dayB in]
lor  all   concerned   and   tlio   lead, rs  iu   IheBe   party.     About   the   only   credit .
the game are just beginning to realizi   I i le claimed is coining to the bunch j
the fact that the publlo does not care  ef local  senior amateurs who started;
a  ri -i for scraps olf the field, so long, Mi.,  reason  with  a  debt  hanging overt
:,.. the schedule is run with any regu- them of 8300, which has been nearly
larlty. | wiped out.
Arthur Is a native of the Dominion.
Leaving theoretical claims and white
hope titles out of the question and
coining down to real fighting ability,
Canada scores again with Mr. Samuel
Langford. True, the "tar baby" has
lived so long in Boston that he is
usually considered a native of the bean
city, hut such Is not the case. The
records give to Weymouth, Nova Scotia, whatever honor attaches to being
Sam's birthplace. There Isn't much
doubt that Satn'l is tlie best of the
bunch of present day heavyweights.
Joseph Jeanette is the only boxer who
has any business to dispute this proposition.
Canada h;*.s turned out a lot of good
fighters. (Ieorge Dixon, the greatest
of tlle little fellows, was horn  In  the
Dominion,   Kid Lavigne, the classical
of lightweights, while a native of
Michigan, was of French-Canadian descent.
Baseball Results.
Ail   Heady for Annual  Race  in  Border
City���Twelve   Enter for Gruelling
Content Over Mount  Baker.
Ii lllngham, Aug. 1-'.���When the annual Mount linker marathon starts
i r i iy morning at f, o'clock from the
. entre of this city f r the long r,:e ���
��� the dome nf Mount  Baker,  11,	
��� ��� .i altitude, and return, l- men who
been  In  haid  training  on    I te
ta *i (or wei ks, will take up the
lllng contest.
.  , , which is staged annually
ypsterday's    results  In  the  tennis
���:.'*:, mi *it were as follows*.
'":-���  Rickman  beat  Miss J.  Martin.
lewis   and   Swan   beat   Stacey   and
Li wis.   li-:!.  6-4,
Gamer  Today.
3:30 p.m. - Wright and Gardiner vs.
Teal ��� ami d'Easum.
5:no   p.m.-  Stacey   vs.   d'Kasum   in
semi-finals of men's handicap singles
Mly  the Potter.)
II*.   the time Lester Patrick joins his
I rother  in   Montreal  to..arils  the  end
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ of tl-.e month, the eastern magnates ot
;is  the  mid-summer   testlvol,  is  n,,,  National  Hockey  association  will
I ef endurance, speed and head-  perhaps   be  In  a  frame  of  mind   for
runners are required    to  them to decide whether they want a
Standing of tbe Clubs.
W.    L.     Pet
Vancouver 71    47    .(ii!
Seattle   68    52    .iie'.
I'or;land    62   r.u    .553
Victoria   56    64    .466
Tacoma 54    67    .446
Spokane 44    71     .373
Vancouver  2.  Tnokane  0.
Spokane, Aug. 12.���Peters weaken
ed in the ninth today after pitching a
beautiful game of hall, passed two
Vancouver bat',, rs and tben con-
trlbuted a wild pitch. McMurdo's
sing'.n Bcored ll." two runners and
Vancouver defeated Spokane 2 to 0.
Clark pitched a good game and was
i specially effective in tlle pinches
Twice during the game Spokane got
out of trouble liy pulling lightning
double plays when Vancouver threatened the plate.
R.    II.    B
Vancouver   2     5     0
Spokane   0     8     1
Batteries: Clark and Qrindell;
Peters and  Hannah.
����/   (.-I    D*jnic�� M
Los Angeles, Aug. 12���Johnnie Dun-  it would be better to save
dee, Ihe New York featherweight,
knock< d out Jack White, of Chicago,
in the ninth round of their scheduled
20 round bout in the Vernon arena tonight.    Dundee led in every round.
Two Good Ones Coming
Tonight the Prank Rich musical
comedy .company wlll present what
it claims to be the greatest comedy ]
yet. Lvorybody enjoys a good hearty
laugh aud Manager Rich thought that
Hey Rube"
- Billy Papke defeated Johnny
Carroll In 2 rounds and Prank
Mantel! in 1 round at BoBton.
This was a really classy performance, for Carroll had victories to hiB credit over Sailor
Burke, Malty Mathews and other good men. and Mantell, the
Pawtucket welterweight, had
defeated Honey Mellody and
(ther fighters of near champ, unship class. In agreeing to fight
two  sueh  good    men    in
for one of his closing shows as It Is a
comedy that will he long remembered
by all. Por Friday and Saturday nights
and  Saturday matinee   Manager Rich
has another comedy  "College  Days,"
which is just as funny as "Hey Rube"
.but   on   entirely   different   lines.     In
jboth  plays which  are yet to be pre-
jsented, all scenery and costumes wlll
lbe new  from  any  used   in  the other
shows.   The chorus girls' contest wlll
take place on Priday night.
New York, Aug. 12. -William Harris, a i-eteran theatrical manager, was
walking down Broadway when at Por-
ty-Becond street he met Jacob Tanen-
baum, for forty years proprietor of
the Mobile theatre, at Mobile, Ala.
one jTanenbaum wore a wide band of heavy
night    tlie    "Illinois    Thunder- crepe on the left sleeve of his white
bols' friends thought be had hit   flannel coat.
off too  hlg a chunk,  but  Billy *    Mr.   Harris  delicately   edged  up  to
waded in so terrifically that the  the  subject of bereavement.
n I. ree had to stop both bouts. ���    "It wasn't your wife, Jake?" lie in-
I-'rankie Nell knocked out Clnr- iquired solicitously.
6 rounds in San
i-tic*1 Fnrbj
1909���Willie  Lewis knocked out
or  Burke  in  6  rounds at
Doesn't Mean Trouble.
Paris, Aug. 12. ���Published reports
of serious differences of opinion between Prance and Russia In regard
to tiie clauses of the Balkan treaty,
giving the port of Kastala on the
Aegean Sc-a to (Ireece, led the French
foreign office todav to publish a note
on tiie subject. It says that, while
Prance believed the port should be
given to Clreece and Russia thought it
ought to be handed over to the Bulgarians, neither government attached
enoueh Importance to its own view-
to ask the other to sacrifice its opinion. The relations between the two
allied governments, says the note,
were never so close as now.
"Nope," responded Tanenbaum, "it
was no relative at all, only an actor."
Then he mentioned the name of a famous comedian.
"But that man isn't dead,' 'protested Mr, Harris. "I saw him at the
Lambs' club yesterday."
"I can't help it if you saw him. I
say he's dead. I know he's dead,"
persisted Tanenbaum. "He borrowed
three hundred dollars from me down
in Mobile, and he says to me, 'if you
don't get this back in three months
to a day, Jake, you'll know I'm dead '
I haven't heard from him since, and
as the three months were up yesterday I put on mourning.
"You can't tell me he's alive. I know
he's dead. It was his ghost you saw,
William���the ghost that wouldn't
Do you not find your duties as executor interfere with your own
business and that you really cannot give the estate the constant
attention it should have ?
Westminster Trust, Limited, Is especially organized to handle
trusteeships of all kinds and will be glad to relieve you of your
onerous duties as executor.
Our strong Board of Directors of the leading business men of this
city is a guarantee that your affairs  will  receive  a  proper business
>    '���
T. J. TRAPP, President.
First Vice
Second Vice-president.
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Head  Office:   New  Westminster,  B.C.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid?.
B. C. Gold to Seattle.
Seattle. Aug. 12.���The United States
assay  office  In  Seattle  has  received
$237,300   In   gold   from   the  north,   in
h  the foot of the trails by   any
pi Bl   nl  .    The rest of tlle dla-
i   he    cn   foot,    alone
.i ph i Blcal assistance.
��� entire distance Ib a little more
,   l.i"  miles, of  which 21  mil-.-  is
"iii  and  snow of the  mountain  proper,    l'n Ier the    rule    this
,-oai   tie minors    must    nsc-nd    one
tra I Bnd descend th ��� other   line tra
the westerly side ef the mountain   :.*..!   "li" on  the  northern  side.
men entered are     .1   K   Mag
.-ii.   Joe Frankovli,   Victor   Gal-
'ii.      Paul      Westerliind.      Le t, r
Vaughn, victor Norman, Myron Baldwin,   E.  J    Milne,  Eugene   Butler   ilu
lian), William  Hick. A   M.  Burnslde
��� *i  R   A. Wilson. The first s'\  nami I
:������ in tl <��� 1912 ne.-, tin* flrat three
. :. ���  .:.  iiie pri/.,' limit
Importing Pure Stock.
Ottawa, Aug. 12.���An amendment
has been made to the regulations respecting the importation of live stock.
An order in council on the subject
just passed provides that no animal
imported for the improvement of the
stock shall bu admitted free of duty
unless tlie owner i3 a British subject,
resident in  the  British  empire, or lf
hockey commission this winter, or no.
The   coast   moguls   are   after   players
bars.   Of the total $KiS,<iOO came from
Some Tall Batting. I British   Columbia   and   $128,700   from
Tacoma. Aug. 12.-Heavy billing bv   la!r,    "   c>     ,�� *     ,     T ?"�� more than one owner  each Is resideni
... , .   , . . fields at Shushanna has been received more man one owner, eacli is resident
Victoria batsmen   who    made    seven j ���   ^  ,nral  offlcp     wha(       ,���   haj; -n the empire, and there is furnished
doubles out of 13 hits, gave the vis:- , Depn  markpt(V(,  ,B said t0 have been an import certificate stating that   the
an  S   tn  1
victory.    Kantlehner
were    engaged    in  a
and ond are determined to get them In or-1 o"u   rtmuuuau    no���   eu-ga-stsu    m �� ���
iler to retain the high standing of ihe   pitching duel, when  the latter retired I
Pacific Coast Hockey league. j In order to permit l.anhain to hit for
The scire of 174 made in bowling by R.
a New  York  blind boy  looks  mighty (Vlcirria    8
itaken to Dawson.
big compared with some made by
:]  cal alley sharks.   When pinB were left
Handing after the first shot the bowl'-
was aided bj sh uted directions as '.o
the l . itlon of lhe remaining pins.
A little Inside Muff lust to hand reveals   the   fact   thai   Billy   McCarney,
Taenia   2
Batteries: Kantlehner and
K lutman, B Herd, McQInnlty,
fi.ld and  Harris.
13     3
7 1
V.'ak ���
S. P.  Loses Money.
San Prancisco, Aug. 12.���The Son'.h-
I ern Pacific company gave out yester-
iday. through its news bureau, a state-
I ment that it is losing more than $7f,0.-
000 yearly on its suburban ferry and
. electrified train service In Alameda
animal is recorded in a Canadian
national record or. in case there is
none for the breed in a foreign record,
recognized as reliable hy the national
record  committee.
Hotel Dunsmuir
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
WEEKLY  RATES���All outside rooms $4.00; Court rooms, $3.00;
daily rate 75c. and $1.00.
Newly   furnished.    Hot   and  cold running  water and telephone
in all rooms.
The  Drys and  Wets Cheered.
Seattle,  Aug   12.    With  tha    scon
d.  two out and   tvvo  men  on   1
Johnny Wolff, of Portland. Will
Sneed Craft Against the B;M.
Portland, Ore., Aug. 12 Johnny
". ��� .* Portland bu Ider of motor
boats that f* r seven years held Pacific coast championships, announced
today that be would build a new crofl
ci mpete at the Porti la festival In
San PranclBCO In October, where he
will attempi to retrieve lienors lost
this summer,
Thi new craft will be v
hydroplane of nve Btsp type It ��iii
have a 300 horse power engine. Weill
il clares he wlll try for all honors nt
Portola event, ilu latest craft.
Oregon Wolf, bst its title at the
nt regatta at  San  Francisco.
former manager ���f Luther McCarthy, jln the niiuhi Martilll, Sea,Ue's recru
a-.,l  rommy Burns are dividing the BO ,,,;,-,..,,,���,.   frp���,   Walla   \Vlll,;l    ,ru,1
Percent o   the receipts taken In by .���.. ba��� ov���r ���.���, ,���,-, ,,,,., fppc
Vrthur  l'e,:-..  who <:.���:���>;���-  the bea--..   ,,  ....     , ... ���   ,     ���       ,,
.    . :������ championship.   The other diy  ^'""."   *��� e    I.f6 " \   ',
we were told that McCarney was Just V1V Ma,rtlnla "" *" KT ��r
resting in 'Kris,,, trying to forget th** r lir ba8e" "�� waa credited onlj with
Calgary affaL' ** '*'���"'" -'s ���'"' Same   ended   whei
"   '   -  |N 'I bc red from third.   Seattle had a
lead  from  the first  until  the    ninth
when   Callahan   knocked   a   home   run
after  May's   had   hit   safe,   tying     the
score.    Botli teams played fasl ba I.
n    ii.   E
Seattle   "     6     l
Wilson Pardons Lifer.
Washington, Aug. 12.���Convinced of
the innocence of Lawrence Oolden, of
Omaha, who is serving a life term for
the hold-up of a I'nion Pacifi' train
near Omaha in November, 1909. when
a mail car was ribbed, ami the mail
clerks injured, President Wilson today granted the prisoner a full pardon.
Recently two of tlolden's alleged con
Lost.   One   Torpedo.
London,   Aug.   12 -Japan   Is   afraid
one of her most  important naval secrets will fall into the hands of a rival
power through  the loss of a  torpedo       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
from the new battleship Koneo on her  federates wrote confessions exonerat
ami i trial trip recently off the Irish coast    ing him.
The Japanese government lias offered
a  reward of $1000 for the recovery of
the  torpedo.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
You've gol to hand It to Harry Lang,
i plut iber * f East orange, .v.i Harry
waa in-, i r much of a batter hut he bit
rn the Idea of perfecting a special
bal composed of aluminum and sine
Two home runs, a three bagger and :i
single   in   four   times   to  lint   was   too
Camel  Corps Cut  Up.
Aden. Arabia. Aug. 12.   -It is report-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ , ed here that a British camel corps con-
For   Pure   Food. sisting of Indian natives lies been cut
Regina, Aug. 12.���The health depart-  up in a fight In Comallland,    Three
ment    of    Regina     condemned   1020  hundred  troops have  been sent from
pounds of meat,  fruit and  vegetables  here to the scene of the trouble.
and 232 quarts of milk and cream dur-	
ing July, according  to  figures  issued,
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     	
P.   O.   BOX   442
much for the fans to grasp
ejected from the game.
He was
nn cries: Olpe and Cadman; C
ban  and   Williams.
Standing of the Clubs.
If n*e e>r plans * f Irral i-ccer men
go through the f.-ns and f nessi b will
nol l .* impelled to ������ ilt the side-
lines * Moody P-uk tv.a coming winter -. itch!' 5 the t tmi battling for
nui." .. A nie i nnii is on fo ; to
_.��,. ! ach rs on the west side o*
tho football g;-   mda at the park large
enough   l.   I" ��� o-nli: i.lute   ll   fair si'.-ed
crowd    When seen yesterday Mayor,
ii-**.    .i.i in* u:ih unable to speak for bor '1;'-v
il. rest of thc council, but. if tin- soc-
i. r n, .. presenti 1 :��� plan to that body,
approved by the building inspector, h-
saw   nn  reason   why  Buch  a v hemi
could !'��� i i.e undertaken, tho football
mnn, ..f coi e. standing the erpense
Th- worst feature of games played. ^^^^^^^^
lit   Meody   Park  'll  the  put   h:is been I 'hroiiel^ cnjils  l.ineso
lhe   f,*.ei   lha'   the  crowd   his   lvd   to
look n-i from the aldellnes and at
limes ih.. rpectators havo encroached
on 'he playing patch.
Th '   present  plan  Is  for the BOCOer
men to erect the bleachers themsolvns
ami for the collection taken at tho
games to be  turned over  lo pay  tho
'lhe plan for placing i rtrong city ���hruiiett
lenmin in ihn field, with the Rovers
Included, wlll undoubtedly srouso nv-an
greater Interest th's winter, no that
II o.i.i i-i ��� .nal.iv I ^^^^^^^^^
Plipporl given tho aamn will be bet'er
i' -.., fiver and allow the
"���organization to mere than break even
Charlies  Querrie   has   got   a   bum
foot  ste, r ever ihe  Mann  cup outlook  on
t'.e   ,*::.t     The  Tecumseh  mannger.! W.
IV  i';*:*.:   in  a   Toronto   paper  still   be-I                  Yesterday's Games.
!'..*.�� s that the amateur trophy should   New Vork    72
. ���  i-.ni back east now that tiie V.A.C, Philadelphia  01
turned professional.   He suggest? that  Pittsburg  F>r>
lo.. Lally aid  his  N.L C. take charge   Chicago    F,5
. the troph: I Brooklyn  44
II.���sion    44
The   Vancouver  Comets    and    the Cincinnati   43
Morse  will  battle  ior  the  mainland  St. Louis  41
championship  at   Queen's   Park   this 	
evening.    Came ft.irts at fitflO sharp.1. Yesterday's Games
I              _���  ...I    At Pittsburg: II
Industrial  Stock   Normal.
  m Toronto,   Aug.   12.���There    was    a
* **    *- steady   buying  of  local   securities  at
Too Much Finance. the higher prices on  the  local  stock
London. Aug. 12. John I.ockard exchange today and brokers were en-
McDowell, financial agent, the snn of couraged again to expect a resump-
*i hank manager, was remanded todav Hon and continuance of the normnl
on a charge of embezzlement from trading conditions in the majority .f
his employees. the Industrial stocks.
lloult Bl 'ins to have got the
measi re of Alf. Cooping, the V.A.C.
half inller The Westminster man
' ������it llin twice during the past two
week i nml stands a good Bhow of re-
���i.'.'hi", :il ihe Canadian champion-
-hips to be held In Vancouver on l.a-
Jack Miller, the scotch International
o,c.r player, made Ills debut In local
"���o'tnll lasl week when he played for
��� he asylum agalnsl the Colony farm.
Erolo iM.iesei Johnson pulled off ji
anertseular stunt when he went
^^^^^^^^^^ mil scored
ine nr the four goals of the Essondale
(By "Gravy.")
Canada Has Three Claimants.
Clne'nnati     ft    111      0
p ttsburg     a    13      0
Butteries: Brown. Packard and
Clarke; McQuillan, Cooper and Gibson.
At  Brooklyn: It.    II.    E.
New York     0      S      4
Brooklyn     6     7      1
Batteries: Demaree, Fromme,
Mathewson and McLean; Walker,
Ravon nnd Fischer.
At Chicago: R,    II.    E.
Chicago      3     E      3
Boston      7    in     3
Batteries: Cheney and Archer;
D'.ckson, Purdue and Rarlden,
Sec .ml game: It.    H.    E
Chlcago    2     5      C
Bis'im   Msss^HB.	
I Bresnahan;
Stack.   Lavender
Hess and  Whaling.
jijpe r'jTTr, in
"Old    W
ihe 'liin' '
Eliminating Jack .lohnson    and lhat
���ite gentleman is herehy consld* *
Bred eliminated, obliterated and wiped  Philadelphia
out   haa it  occurred  to you,  friend
rer.der, Ihni  the three men who have
pxnoct--.ii thil thel ihe best right to put   "heavyweight
nl nmplnn of the world" on their call-
in tho i lng  ei't-ds are all Canadians?
No, li hml not    Vet lt  ls even so,
Truly, the pn ss agent Is a great educational   Influence.     Kxcept   for    me,
i vou   might   have  gone  down   to  your
:��������� e without Ih'il knowledge.
First, there Is Tommy Burns.   Tom-
Is a net lve ef Hanover, Ont.,
:.ir.,--j   Wl'h    "-"    Sprinkling   -
Standing of the CUiba.
W.   I.
land  66
Washington    59
Chicago   58
Boston  no
Detroit    46
8t. Louis   41
New York   35
Ycterday's Games.
\i New York: n.   Ft,
St.   1 onu     7   1*1
New   Y rk      2     7
utilities:   Mitchell. Leverenr
Tonight and Thursday Night
 A Riot!
Special Excursions
Five     Days
Meals   and
Glacial,   Island.   Mountain  and   Forest
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug.
4th, Ilth, 18th, 26th and Sept. 1.
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
7th,  14th,  21st and  28th.
Boats remain at PIUNCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.   Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
II. C. SMITH. C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW,  G.   A.   P.   O.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Scream !-
      the pe: i     _
ween ti- ��� Mnnce nnd Mi" all-stan was theoretical h*
portioned iml '"e:'!nr. clthotinh n Mm reconntai
,    ... wns plavcd between iwo pickup
|,;,-.,i,  lhe   Mo..so  hi* inc.  enl   4-3.
���I'I .   del :���'  of I.e.kill  l'i n  .M*.,.se mil-
fl    '.     W IB   ���' 'i'lil.'illv   diflDdv .uia:'. i ::���'.
,... ������ :   to the niippery naturn of the
ball   l ri  ih.. l i    l ��� iirnir showed  ha
'    ���     h  fluff i n  Hr- nlll i.> -ii il ..
,.,*.,      ].,,,     j i,... ;, ������   . .,.,,. i   um    :��� ���
!        ���    ��� , 101     '    I  I  ���
1   ihn I bi      lilt ��� ������: ���
lh        lures.
Scott :"id Kuhn;
retloal hold on lhe title,    He wsb
d ohamplon until defeat- j
d b.  Johnson.    Considering .lohnson'
;.u  legnly  moribund, a  court
ii'tei- examining all tin- evldenc
on ci de;it��, would, if tl"' title were a, ^^^^^^^^^^^
piece oi' real property, like n corner hn  Bender nnd Lapp, Sohang
;���   le*. i'..:;..;ik.   prnh.'ililv   decide   Unit ^^^^^HB
*.*...   ..   ��� | .1,,. rlphl  el 1 .*���.;���
Then 11     * '���   '    hur I' ikj. or Pel
Alexander;   SchulU
noil imd Sweeney.
At Philadelphia:
|.1W   Chicago  	
,',���,{  Philadelphia
Plsher,    McCcn-
11.    E
6      5
S      i
Positively the Greatest Comedy Prcse n ted Yet by the
Rich Musical Comedy Co.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C viz.: the
tbe celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Amerlcur. nnd Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vltrirted Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to 24-in. In diameter. This Ib also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
Wc alao carry a stock of Crushed Kock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Seo us before ordering elsrwhero.
Phones 15 and 16.
002 Columbia Street W.
of     *.-
o      7
Innti *;
.   ������ :
r.   ii,   i*i
ll   *
hi i
I  Mni..:
INTERN"        ..'.!.   L2A3UF.
'   At Jersey C; : II.    II     1'
mmi i  --iclied b nli wys Toronto       n     Q     r
��� ��� �� ii 'ther or noi tli i"i   ,1 tn      Olty   	
hi ���*' ,r ,  ':.   Whnte'   r claim     (Call *ii oi *' of tv ��� nti I!
��� .* "��� i'   l.y      d tn tli    i .!'���    tho  ;. I ol ���' I '1 ne w.l
������ ���'"���   '. ���h.-.v i r 'h..     Batteries:    Honrne   and   Oraham
.  rtalnly de   Tl   i *    * . I       ;* i and Blair. ���
nl       *  ...   ��� .    . .      ,     i ���    -.*   [varlt, ;'".
ui CalRary,      in rfsio, 7;  i*1   ���> di nc i, B,
All Seats, 25c
Children, 15c
1st Show 7:25
C. A. BOGERT, General Marager.
c��piui P��ld "P
Rtiarva Fund -
Tot/*-.! A��itU -
The Influence of a Savings Account
V/hen you taks In a lew dollars er a lev hundreds, deposit It
St onoe In * Dominion Bink Savings Acco. ut and draw It out only
��s you need It. It la i.r easier to save it >ou do. for money in tin
Bank does not slip away like ittoncy in your pocket or at homa
Besides II !*> earning Interest all li.J !.:..��.
NEW WrSTMIN-JT-r: t,HANCH I   a H. MATHZV/30N, Mannj.r.
Roccptlon for II r.'.l I ���-.
ll t::.\:l,   Al',,'.   IV.    '���', 111 n   PI I.   H*iw-
i. Ini   ���   p     0   tt Inner.   ������- ll * B   in
��� ���   h,. will bo pn d with  -i
���   01 ������'���   Hi    I   v fie,      ���     "       I   li.ls
red ni  di borati  .* **.* ptlon,
lhe Flay ground of B.C.'
WHITE, SH!LES & C>., Official A<
��� 3 PAUE   SIX
- ------ -"v ***- ���r.nriAiip! tow Ann nir
oalved for The News at the following places: P. T, Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
queensborough. Lulu Island. ^
. RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
dav lc per word per week; 15c per
month: 5,000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, $26.00.
etc., for sale; good quality, nearly
new. May he seen afternoons and
evenings. No. 3 Queens court, corner Second street and Park row.
Telephone 1174. 11880)
in good condition. Apply Providence
Fine Modern Vessels Will Replace Old
Style Wooden Craft���Contend
With  Ice.
Quite a
live or six roomed bungalow in good
location; will take lease if necessary, (iood tenant. Apply P. O.
hox 170 New Westminster.      1188.", I
St. John's, N. V��� Aug. 11
fleet of Newfoundland sealing steamers wlll he operating in  Hudson  Bay
11872) jthe present summer.    No fewer than
 1 five  of  the   modern   class  of  sealing
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER Ships*���those built of steel and special-
Leaves    No    Will   and
Fails to Find Huge
Son j Would Convey    River   Throuflh   Own   Ratepayers of Calgary Will
Territory Instead of Dutch-Cap- to Endorse By-laws Totaling
ture Ehippine Trade.
Be Asked  Clairvoyant       Trar.sia'.es       Woman's
Dream of Hidden Fortune���
fiends Term  in Jail.
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square.
marked A, MacKenzie, 1912, near
(ireat Northern station, Sunday
morning,   Reward. Box IS
ly strengthened in their hulls to contend with Ice. These are gradually
replacing the old-style wooden seniors
similar to the Scotch whalers, which,
until seven years ago, were supposed
to be tbe only ships that could suc-
cessfuly contend with ice.
They were small craft, not exceed-
500 tons gross burden, and of very
t steaming ca-
Aug. 12.���A fortune of $600,-
000, which belonged to a wealthy Parisian lady named Ferguson, bus vanished,    its disappearance is us puz-1 wants to make a
zllng to the heir of the estate aa ll is Rhine which will live In German terri
to  the   Paris  police,  whu have  been l
asked to lind It.    .Mine. Ferguson wus
Berlin, Aug. 1.���Germany wants to
divert  the  mouth  of the  Rhine  Irom
Holland  to her  own    territory.    She
second mouth to the
keeping rooms. State price by the
month. Apply box 927 city.     (1881)
ut 706 Gloucester street. (1SC6)
with    bath,    oil Slimmer street
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, Labor Temple
Phone  R280.
ornament  in  front.    Finder reward
Room    20,     Hart  building.   20
Lorne street.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1825)
t, nil cl. und,
Investigate i
66x132,   eer
for liens.-.  E
J|[ and clear deed to
3rd   Ave   mill    1 Ottl
f, rooms.
rooms; apply 7ol Agnes
near library.
828 Royal avenue.
keeping rooms, 516 und
,1011th at 224 Seventh street.
$18  per
modem   house,   See
ji-jiie.   wiii trade
for *
1 .1   .. iJ
low power, their greate
paclty rarely exceeding eight knots.
The new style ships run from u thousand to two thousund tons, muke 12
to 13 knots, und can force their way
through ice that would be hopeless for
Old style lioats to attack.
it ls generally believed here thnt it
Will lie ships of similar design to these
new style sealers tliat will have to he
used in the general truffle via Hudson
Ray, when the railroad to the shores of
that waterway, which the Canadian
government has now in progress, ls
completed, and a port for the shipping
of grain and other western products is
established at Nelson, at the mouth of
the York river, where ocean steamers I
vvill take on cargoes from elevators
end warehouses thnt will be erected I
Three  of these  sealing  steamers���
the Honnventure, Relaventure and Be- I
othic���have   been   sneeialy   chartered j
In connection with the proposed rail- j
way and kindred projects.   The "Bon"
and  "Rell"  are  under charter to the
Canadian government and arp sailing
from Halifax with cargoes valued    at
$60,000  each,    mostly    machinery,  to
works In
her Uf
been ;
rled In P
named Pr
for   "ome
originally of English nationality, hav
been horn In Nottingham in 1832,
tnd she died  111  Paris two yeurs ago.
���ltd  spent  tile  greater  part  of
iit France, and her history had   terprlse
romantic one.    She was mar   the n-"
iris   to  a   wealthy   dentist   long,
Tliey lived happily  as thi
but   ultimately   Mme.  again
i Preteree quarrelled with her husband i
.and abandoning her home, formed  a
I markei]   friendship   with   the   late   N.
'Osiris, the famous philanthropist and,
art  collector.
The dentist sought by every means;
In hia power to become reconciled, butJ
falling, obtained n decree of divorce. '
and his wife reverted to her maiden ;
name of Ferguson. M. Preteree. who |
predeceased her by several years, left
tory; and thereby to cut out the Dutch
ami the Dutch port of Rotterdam,
Which at present have a monopolist
control of Rhine traffic, und can stop
Rhino commerce In time of war.
Calgary, Aug. 12.���Inasmuch as the
city will soon be culled on lo vote a
million ilulliirB or more tor an extension of its water system, nnd probably
half a million dollars for a sewage disposal system, ratepayers Bhould consider carefully the various other bylaws aggregating more than two and
liollars to be voted
ter In
diversion of the Rhine is an en-
lit to rank with Panama, for
,v  river  will  be 215  kilometres
hich is mere than twice as long | against
Panama canal, and half aa long
is the Sue/..    Also the eost  will
be on a Panama scale, for the minimum estimate Is $200,000,000. This
num frightens thrifty Germans, but
they are comforted by the fact that
tlieir extra outlay on armaments alone
this year is $250,000,000.
Germany alius at diverting the Rhine
I for several  weighty  reasons.     Firstly,
the "Deutscher Rhino," which German
. one's  sing.  Is  not  "Deutsch"  at all.
The whole lower stretch, including the
: mouths, is in Dutch hands.
America would
if the  Mississippi  from  Baton
south  were  in  tin
different  small  country
Orleans  belonged   to
the   way   that   Rotterdam
Ave., near 3rd St.. ai
In and around same
ed to larue lot, ' 'li
i payment on house
oil BALE���A Bnap:
house, half block fn
cash, balance $26 n
$2400,  $10"
and supplies for the arm
on  each   ship���that   are  being   taken I
along to he employed  In  the several
her, despite the legal  separation,  ...
hulk of his fortune of $560,000, as well  'a In the position that
as an allowance for life. lbe
Subsequently M. Osiris, who friend- j P"
ship she no longer enjoyed, also died
but he left all his money to llie Pasteur institute.
Mine. Ferguson died two years ago. ���
and her only son, Henri Ferguson, laid
claim to her estate, but the Inventory
made by the authorities at the time
of her deaht falli d to show the whereabouts of the fortune left to the deceased woman by her divorced hus*
band. (deepening.   ...
Mother and son had not bepn on the j proving the Mississippi channel
best of terms since the decree ofl In such ease the one remedy
divorce  had been  pronounced.    Mme   he  to build  a  great  ship  canal   from
...I ....i���.   ���i,������t   Rninn   Rouge   to  a
And   thai     is
and   if
this country  In
  the   Rhine
port, belongs to Holland; as If the little foreign state had complete con
trol of the lower Mississippi
most of the strainers on the upper
Mississippi, huilt nearly all Mississippi ships, and had the last word whenever any project was raised about
marking, or otherwise lm-
of a J"''*1
New I
Id re
lie used in the various works in eon
r.ection with making a port at Nelson IFergu7oii* appears to have left no will
my or men--7o an(1 jt ,g aBgume(I that lf sho ^id not
make an anonymous gift of her fortune   to   some   charitable     institution
I'OR SAl.F. -Will
equity fer lot,
Av. halt block
loll eb
'.   rool
ap iii- ' :
i liens.-.
housekeeping      rooms,      81    Agnes
Phone 638 L. US30I
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per mouth and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave Office Phone 750.
Phone  312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
"Creditors' Trust Deeds Act'
Amending Acts.
ei Uie "Coinpun
named company i
ih,- date hereof, t,
���r Joint-Stock  c
nam.'    IO    "SI.net
constructive operations.    The Beothic I Bl���, .n.,v have hladen ���. .,���,, ������,., dled
is under charter to lhe North Railway , ,vItllnm roveallng the place of conceal
company, a concern which ts planning
some  other   undertakings   in   Hudson
Hay, also which  will have Nelson as
their objective.
Assigned to  Hudson  Bay.
The Canadian  government  steamer
"Minto" hns also heen assigned to thej
Hudson Ray service this year, and is
taking  Bomewhat  similar cargoes    to
I both the "Hon" and "Bell," though she j
will likewise do some scientific work:
and Profesor McCarthy, of King's college,  Windsor,  Nova  Seotia,  an  eminent murine geologist, is being taken
along   to   investigate   the   p.issibilties
of the fisheries of Hudson  Hay, as  it
iis believed that tiie waters contain an
1 abundance of fishes  which,  when  the
railroad and steamships are working,
lean be utilized to satisfy not alone the
needs   of   the   prairie   provinces   for
fresh fish, but also through the agency
of   cold   storage,   to   find   a   profitable
market In the British isles.
In addition to tho shins, the Nas-
do   today.
a  channel
���ii German
and the
a chan-
Pickpockets,   Extortioners,   Arson
Receivers'  Trust���Latter
Biggest   of   All.
.. Act." thai ib- abov
,1.11,1s. en- iiiuiitli aft-i
i ttpply to Hi- ReBlstnu
mpaniefl i" change It:
rd    Discount   Company
,1   New
NOTICE is hereby given that Herbert I
P. Vidal and Company, Limited, of|
New Weatmlnster, in the Province of oople and Adventure, of St. John's are
Hritisb  Columbia, has by  deed  dal-.l   also under charter for serv  In Hud-
the 30th day of July, 1913, assigned gon Bajl ,,,:s Mlllim,.r, the Nasoopie
all his credits nml effects, which may for ������, Hudson Bay company, which
be seized and sold under execution. partly own8 ,���,,. and ,,,,; Adventure
and all his real estate to Percy H. for ,]���. Revision company. Both these
Smith, of the said town of Now West-  ���������,.,������,  maintain  fur trading  posts
around  the shores of  Labrad ir    and
be  to build  a  great  ship
some point about Baton Rouge
I port  on Its own coast.
I what  Germany   wants    to
{She   proposes   to  construct  a
I for sea going  ships  between
Duisburg, on the lower Rhine
German port of Emden.   Suet
nei   wou'il   pass   exclusively
German territory and would mak(
I "Deutscher Rhein" of song and le
j a reality.
The complaints or Germany against I
'he present condition of the Rhine and |
' Rhine traffic are these: First, it ia an i
anomaly that a country which owns:
the whole navigable length of the
Oder. Kibe and Weser Bhould leave the 1
most vital part of the Rhine in foreign
'mnds. When tlie Uiiine crosses the
Dutch frontier ii loses its Indlvldual-
I ity and even its name; and takes (according to channel! the obscure names
of Waal and Maas.
In commercial and military stand-
in.ints Germany loses badly Holland
owns only a fifth and the least historic and uninteresting fifth of tlie
river, but hv virtue of the fact that
she has the mouth, she is able to eon
trol in several important respects the
v. hole course.
Control Trade.
The   freight   traffic     and     shipping,
even on the German  Rhine, is moro i -.--
! the
In tho Mailer of thc Estate of William .1
Sharp and II.i,rv I*: Sharp, b.itli of
the City of New Westminster, I'r..Miner British Columbia, enrrytng on b.isi ���
n.-hs under the firm, name snd Btyle
,,r the Westminster Oarage, In the said
And In Hi- Matter of tlie "Creditors' Trusl
Dm At Act."
NOTICK Ifl hereby  Riven  that  the above-
named Wllllnni .1   HI nrp snd  Henry !���:
Shain formerly carrying ,.n  business under the firm, name in I style of ihe V..
iniiist-r  Qurage  on   Carnarvon   street,   In
the  City   >,r   N'-w   Weatmlnsler  and   Pro-
vine ��� nf British Columbia, did by Instrument   In   writing.   .!.,!������!   I'-*   :: Ind  dav   nf
Jul'    A li   1913, assign to tienrgi- H. Milne,
of thn City of New Westmlnstel   U.C    foi
the  general  benefll   nf   Iheli   creditors,  nf
their   estate,   credits   anil   effects,   which
may be sels-wl or sold in  Ier -\* ��� itlon.
And notice i- further glvi n tl .: n
meeting nl creditors nf ibe said Willi.,m
.1 Sharp an,I Henry !���*��� Sharp carrying on
business under tin1 i ���* -������ ��. inv ind ��� '���
nf the Westmlnsb i   ilui ige   will  be held
at  the ..rn, ' .;...��� ;.   ll   Milne,  Broker.
v  ���'���������.'   Wi ttmlnster Tnisl  Block, New
Westminster, It C on Thursrtnv, the I Ith
ib,- of ..o-uii. a li litis ni i'i- hour i.r
���j ::t- o'clock In the sfternoon.
And nolle0 Is further given thnl nil t-r-
s.,ns having claims agnlnsl the wild Wll
limn J Share and Henry I*: Sharp ire ��
iiulr-il en nr before the I. Hi iin! ..f August, l'n:'. to send their nun.-, and id
,ir-..s. i, particulars <>r thetr claims, duty
verified by Btntuton   duclamtlnn,   md the
nature and value ef tbe s rltv  *
held h* ii.-tn in thi unders "Tied :o..l to
entitle nnv oredttor io \ nti   al  tin*
i-< lalm musl  he ril-,1 on or bol	
th- date ,.r Hi-  mnctii c
/��,n! notice is further given thnl Ihe
niHlcn��� will. ..n nn.l after the inn day
,.f liigpsl I til 3 m... ���������' '���* ���'. t'tbute It.
-,....,��� ,,r ip. snld \\ nil.,iii .1 Sh.iri
TTiMirv 1*1 Sharp among th' persons entitled thereto, having regard only t.. the
-Malms which he --ii ill have then I id no
in-��� and he win nnl b- held responsible
tor the nutlet*, <��r any pari thereof no
distributed to sny  person -r whose claim
1 hall nol  Ihen  |i .���.-�����  i n  m,!!"..,!
Dnt.-l   ..I   V    Westminster   this   :',lsl
day i.r July, ah   HUS
lis;*)) Assignee,
Hudson Hay, and the Bhips lake cargo-.- there of all the requisites necessary for bartering with the Indians
and keeping up the fur posts or "fno-
tori-s" in the region, and tli y bring
away the year's collections of furs and
minster, accountant, for the purpose of
satisfying rateably and proportionately and Without preference or priority  all  liis creditors.
And notice is hereby given that a
meeting of Hie creditors of the said
Herbert  P. Vidal and Company, Limit-j
. .1. ��ill be held al the offi if Percy peltries
II.     Smith,    room    211     Westminster " _^_^_
Trust  Hlock. New Westminster, B.C., eeMs for $200000
on   Monday,   the  25th   day   of   August.       Toronto    Vug   ���������      .   ,,;.,    ���.,- ,,,,,.���
A.D   1913 at the hour of two o'clock  ,|(.:l|  ,,,s  ,. s,   j ,', ���   *����J���,���
in the afternoon. purchase of the south west corner of
And  Notice IS hereby given that all
huvlnu   claims     against     tlie   _     ,.u���.,       ,,    ,,      , .. ,
rbert  P. Vidal and Company, Pr' c��arles M,;,f eydon, is l "' v,"ml"r
'ami   George   Waters   tae    purchaser,
Tliis property  is a well  known 'rian
gular shaped piece of land  consisting
���if aboul iv.., n ires having three front
\"i w Vork, Aug. 11'. -Crime is syndicated in New York. There is the
pickpockets' trust and tlle extortioners' trust, and the arson trust. Big-
uct oi* ull is the receivers' trust.
"Six men." said Morris 11 Mosko-
wliz. assistant disirict attorney.
"comprise th" 'receivers' trust.' It
has been estimated hy Hie Merchants'
������    lation that goods io th" value of   Dutch   than  German,
JT,  are annually stolen from tlie 1 share   is   declining.
piers and lofts of New York city and  trol the  Rhine shipbuilding  business,
from trucks 011 the streets.    A f-r-a; : md I uild 7", ni r cent of the steamers
share   of   tbe   stolen     stuff   passes |running on the German
tin nigh  the hands of the
trust.    Tliey  make  more  money  than
any other group of crime operators in
11 iiuurt. i- million
on early tins September,
This is the wanting uttered by
Commissioner    A.    0.    craves.
Craves' discussion of the subject was
not consciously    given  us a  warning
xtravagance, but that w;ib the
I general  tenor of Ills remarks.
It  Is apparent  that    CommlBBloner
: Craves  anticipates  that  a  numlier  ol
the by-laws which the council is pre-
j stilting en bloc to the people next Bl p-
Iteniber  fur  voting on  are doomed  to
defeat   The commissioner is hopeful
I tliat the stockyards by-law will pass,
land declared that the bridges at Ninth
street west and Centre stri it OVI
How lire 1111 absolute necessity,
Not Considering Finances.
"I  am  Inclined to think  that
council  is  putting  up these by-laws,"
said Mr. Craves, "without considering
the difficulty that  is liable to be met
.���ear   in   securing   the   money   lo
carry them all out   If they are voted,
It means that the eity will have to pre
pare to meet that much more interest land Hull there
and sinking fund 011 them    We should    '    �������-��
.-  i...,-  n��t overlook the fact that the ci'y will
owned i ���a|""1 have to face a problem of providing   probably  a  million   dollars   ir
I more  for  the  extension  of  Its  water
system, and this Ib something lhat has
Ito be done.    -Moreover, tlie city prob-
| ably  will  have to  vote half a  million
dollars this fall to provide for u sew-
���would age disposal system.   This is another,
I thing that has to be voted und cannot
be dispensed with.
"There are between three and four
million dollars of general and local Improvement debentures that have not
yet been sold, left over from last year,
and the city must he cup ful In Issuing Its debentures.
Heavy   Addition.
"The interest and sinking fund pay
ments on these additional millions of |
liollars are going to be a heavy atldi- |
lion to taxation last year.   1 do not believe   Hint   the  assessed   valuation   of
] property In Calgary is going to show I
any greal Increase this vear. With n
heavily Increased mill rale this means!11;'1 the treasun
correspondingly heavier taxation.
In    this   connection   Commissioner
pointed out thnt this year the
d valuation of taxable property
in Calgary is approximately $130,000,-
000, while in  Kdmonton    the assessed
valuation  totals  $180,000,000,
"I (hi not know why the assessed
valuation of property in Edmont in is
higher than In this city,' said Mr
Graves, "but it is a fact. The mill
rate In Kdmonton lant year was 12
mills, bul I understand it will be ralsi d
to 1<i mills th's year. Our mill rite
this yi ar is 189J "
Any citizen can figure   oul for liitn-
���clf wb.,..; -'.is means,    ir lh- mill rate
Is in * 1 ai ��� d much more next year and
asserted valuation of property is
Aug.   12.    The   last   chap-
���.   ... succession     of     incidents
caused by a dream in which four woni-
11 figured, nnd a search for burled
treasure in an adjoining state, was
written when Mrs. Anna Lewis, of 122
West Ellsworth streel, was released
from jail after nerving a sentence of
1 went) -live days.
Tb- service In jail was in default
of lhe payment of a Hue anil costs,
Which Mrs. Lewis ens,;./ ould have
paid, but which she thoughl was Illegal and backed lier sentiment by going to .lall anil occupying a cell.
"1 tell you I 11111 happy," said Mrs.
Lewis when released. "Hut 1 hid made
up my mind mint to pay tha' Iin" ami
I didn't. It is good to be lioiiic with
my daughter again, hut. under thc
same circumstances I would again
serve   tile   ("1-111   ill   jail."
It all grew ou' of a dream the
dream of a woman and Mrs. Lewis'
ri fusal to pay a license to Ihe City In
i th.
um of $'J", for rendering lie:
as n spiritualistic medium.
Has   Golden   Dream.
In   May.  1912,   Mrs.   Mary  Salglo. of
4500   Perry  slreet,  had  a  dream.  She
dn allied that her grandfather, Simon
Gardner,   left   buried   treasure  nn   his
farm   hack .near  Kellogg.   Neb.     Bhe
lined thai $20,000 of it was in gold
was $8,000,000 lu bonds
and   securities.     The     matter   preyeil
upon her mind nnd she called on Mrs.
Harry  llavlland, of 72?  Lowell  boulevard.    They  consulted  over  the  matter, for Mrs. Havlland waa a Arm believer in dreams.    Mrs   Saigle did not
take much  stock  in her own dream,
jiut agreed to let Mrs   IInviliuul hnve
the greater portion of whatever might
(he  recovered.
But   (n  her dream   Mrs.   Saigle
hi: if
and  Germany s
said   II ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Limited, are required to forward particulars of same, duly verified hv sla-
[tutory declaration, to the said Percy
ll Smith, addressed to him at Room
I'll. Westminster Trust Hlock, New
Westminster, DC . on or before the
lllti day of September, A.D 1913, and
that all persona Indebted to tlie snld
Herbert I' Vidal ami Company, Llm
lted ar- required ii pay tin- amount
due by them to the said Percy 11 1
Smith forthwith
And notice is hereby given that after the uald llih day of September.
A D .  1913, 'lo* a- slgni - will  pro< I
In   distribute   tlle   assets   of   the   estate
an one those parties v ho are entitled
lhere!.'. having regard only to the
claims, duly verified, of Which he shall
then hav. received notice, nnd will not
be responsible for Ihe assets or any
pari thereof so dl tr Imti .1 t" any per
son nr p-r-.ms i.t whose duly verified
claim lie Bhall net then have received
Solicitors for Die Assignee,
Dated Ibis Ilth day of August. A IV
1913 (188-1)
ngei���Bathurst street on 'h- east,
Vaughan road on the west, and St
clair avenue in th- north, The nor
jtlierly portion of Hie property, having about 3no feet frcntane on each
sin-1. is ihe par- transferre I.
The consideration is approximately
 section,  (ier-
recelvers'| mans also complain that the Dutch
purposely do little to improve t'i.
Rhine. Th" Dutch lower Rhine is
shallower than lbe German low
Uiiine. The average depth is from
���.vi to " metres. German authorities
report tint it Is easy lo deepen ihe
lower I'll ine to i metres. This would
make ii possible for most European
Rteamers to go up to the RhenlBh-
Westphallan industrial disirict. anil to
Cologne. Cologne was formely a Bea
Tlie Dutch, Germans complain, put
. hstacles in tli- way.    They prefer to
keep tb,. bin ships at  Rotterdam, and
..   to gain tl-.e profits of trans-shipment,
mob.    But  storage and other business, .���.���ul they
once  in  alspend much less money in Improving
then Its members scatter I thetr part of ibe channel than Is spent
The receivers' trust works  I 1 Gi rmany.
regular ial	
! not largely increased at the same time,
Calgarv will soon be al the dlsadvan*
t >::e of paying more laves in prnper-
t'--' than other western Canadian
New   York."
Thai means th::' they make more
money than any i ther group of crime
operators in the world, for New York
Is admittedly tli- richest fit hi. Mr.
Moskowitz did net attempi to compare the total graft in t'n- tenderloin
with the Illicit gains of the six Little
Fences, who handle tlte goods Btolen
from ster- and warehouse.
"Hu'  It  is quite safe to say thnt by
comparison the takings nf any other
group   in   the   city   is   lean   as   mountain   ba-*' ti."   said   I; \     "We   hear     a
it- it   di al  about  the  wire
t'o   wire  moil  only  works
whili     -mil
j for safety.
nil the time
Juch is Often the Qase With M
��� Oespi-red  Cow  as   M;ncy
s. Co*
% ��it M
i ,*��.*j.j/-'/1 ^*
^^^^^ They ar ^^^^^
.tiie   conduct   of    tholr   business    as
111: Ugll    tliey      were      lici l.se.i      by   the
i state.    Yen can order si.den goods byi
telephone from tin m    or order goods!     _., ,       ,, ,,       ,.   ,.   ,.
stolen by telephone Ottawa, Aug. 12    Father 1    v H-n-
Bla Thief Squad ,"''' Becretary to Archbishop Gauthler,
Nor did Mr. Moskowitz try i . estl-  *BB 'l',''" crea',e('" blBn"P    "ol v,,r'
ate iheir ,���t profit (   Evidently they K!?e diocese of Ottawa has been nub-
share   their   takings     liberally ��� "lvl(,ed'   ,""1   "'"   northern   pari   has:
South   Westminster  -Tchoo'.
ska I.Ill' TENDERS.  ���-<. hod
I..i .*-������',i . IVestminsti i ��� *
tie. i*..*.| ne i*. noon ..' Mondn
���l.i*, ..r Septi inner, 131.1. bv it,- lb
will b-
tbl.   1st
wiih some one for the privilege ���,t
doing I usines Ishlnr liador, now under conviction in the Tombs, was one
of tli- principal Independent operators In fore hi:: fall. Ilador has beep
charmingly candid about his business,
"I was a fence for fifteen years nl-
most without Interference," said in*
"llut l d'ln't make much money, al
thought 1 had 1 r,0 thieves working for
me nt once time, ll look too much to
keep  the  p  lice  quiet.'
111   ROhOol
Re Lot "B" of the  South 39 Acres of
lot 377, Group 1. Except One Acre
Theretofore   Conveyed,  in  the  District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title t"
the above properly will he issued   to
William  McBrlde on lbe  1 sin day    of
August, 1918, unless In ihe meantime
a valid objection thereto he made to
me in writing by a  person or persons
claiming at) estate "r interest therein,
cr in any pari thereof
.1  ('  GWYNN,
District  Registrar of Titles
l.atid Registry Ofllce,
New Westminster   B.C.,  l^ih July,
The person or i>ithi������ ���' having   in
their custody or possession thn follow
ing Title Deeds relating lo "*������ said
property nre reonested to deliver the
same to the undersigned
30th January, issn, gran! from thc
rrown In Charlotte Adele Rotigm
iflth July. 1KSP, conveyance from
ctinrlotto Adelo Rougue to Robert
rtcott Moncrleff
<1743)       District IlfLtlstrnr of Titles.
I-  Lets  605,  803,  ''���"I.  BOB,  '."l    I     *    .*
824,   62B    i.J.:.   027,   62*.  829.  8
,,r  Lie   278   Group  I.   Map   u I    In  lhi
Dlatrlol    of    New    WnBtmlnsler,    Porl
li immnnd  Junction.
Wii-i-.. * proof -f in- lew. "',  ' i-rllfli	
r  iltl-   Number   1 ",('������   I'.   Issued   In   the
n.on-   i.t    I Mw in    i '     Kit in ���.���;<!-.    lllll
filed     III     II.I-    *  'I   *
Nol  I*-  liiTi'by Rlvi n thnl   I  Hlinll,  nl
Ihn   .���M>ii**'"."i   >.f hi   front   tin
il.. i'   thi    te  * puhlli itlnn   '   reol
..   dn ly   in �� ipnpi * t ui.'i ilu *i   In   tl	
of    Ni'W    Wi     IT, '������    a    illiplletlt''
.,f lhe snld Certlflc iti ii II	
Hm.'   i ih.i   .a. notion   '*���*   in uie   tu   mn   in
.1  ('  OWYNN
DIMrlel   i:       ��� I   Titles
Land   It* ulntn   I en. ���     N. *-.   v.
I-1.   lir.   2nd   AllgUKt,   1913 ' I*-- IE i
Minister "f I'nhII- Wicks
i lon nnd completion <��f a iw.
nnd c invenlenci s. j ta
I'd,ns. BprclflcatlunH, contracl and Turin:
>��r tender mny  be h���n on and nftnr th.
: Iti   .t..i  ..r  .\iik-.i-'.  1913, ni  t: fflo,
..f Mr   A   a   Marshall,  ffc-eri tnry,  Hehoo
Hoard,   Bouth    Westmlniiter;    Mr    s     A
l-'l. l-n-r.   ibivi-riiiii'iil   Ai:-i;l.   Ni'W
minster:   -r   the   Dppiirtmtnl   of
A..ill*-, VI la.   IU1
Ititt'iidlnK tenderers can, I.
to ib- undersigned, obtain <"
niain   (iiiii   sn, -in-:, II*. ns   r,.-   I
ten .i..ii..is ill" i. which win i
..a  rcqi'ipt ..r plans  in ^"..-i ���
Km I. i -..I musl h
tin :e pt-'l hunk -'...ni*
di'pnHll   "tl   :i   -hat t.r-.l
mnde    piivnhl-     to   Iho
Minister of 1MbII- Work
in in per ���i.t   of  I
r..ir-ii,*,i If it mt
enter  hu..  -..nc irl
.1.. k���. ,,r If I-   r -i
��� ii ti ictod for    The
.,r deposll   -I
I... returned b
Tenders   will   nol   !.<>  c iimlilered   iint-ni
Under   feels   rather   bitterly   about
.rib ���
Ily li
3 :���-
Hilled bv
 II ������ it- ..r
!jnnk  nf i���uia,la.
Hu   . u ihlo   tho
foi i  lUlll
-. which  shnll  b-
l. ml. re.*.:  decline  In
a'., ii   culled   open
 *, li '������  I'1- w
.... .ill".M
lllisil��� .-���.'.:'    ������ *   '   ���*""   V
. Ih-iii   i:| ������ ��� Ki'Cllllon
forms  supplied   	
���   ,   ��� ,���  ..  ..   ii.   ... i.t. r,
i,.  . nvoinni s  furnished,
..- any tender not i isai
.1    E   ill'Il'I'tl'H.
Public Winks Kmiln���r
.,��� IM'.ll- Works, Victoria,
in    1013 i I *>fi'.i
had to turn over three of my
best hauls, to one copper." said I
"He sp'H wltli ihem fifty-fifty, and I
didn't mi anything out or tbem at
all. And tliere was a guy who didn't
trusl any one. lie made 'em work
where be could watch Ihem. Any time
that lhere was anything comlna off
yon can lil tliat he got his share."
Mr. M -skov.ltz Ihlnlts Hnt fullv
$2,000,000 of II'" goods stolen from loft
and truck nnd pier oars through the
hands of Hie Sly Lit!'" Felices, His
Investigations have convinced him
Hint their im ���ines.s Is beautifully systematized, They lure their lawyers
and their bondsmen, end their wit
nesses ready to respond to a telephone
call like a bunch of iiniat-ur firemen,
The momonl .uie of tbelr operator'** i*"ts
'n trouble ih*:' moment nn Intrlctr
machine is .-et in motion to free
given lo th- new l.islllil
Tlle new dit eese takes in tin
���������i hall' of Wrighl  and   l.ahelle counties,    The most  BOUthem  point   III tlie
I  icese, on the Ottawa villey line. Ib
'Iraeelie'd      The  111 :,i|   ef   Ibe   a-v.   dlll-
ese will b" al lii- town of Mont Laur-
li r. tin* end of the C. I'. R. l/iiirentiaii
line. Tbe diocese will also l'e known
as the Mont Laurier iliueese
Bishop Hrunet Is now 45 years old.
II- was educated in the university of
Ottawa, where be obtained h's H. A. In
lMm. He was ordained in 1893 Iiv Archbishop Duhamel, and after acting as
���' | curate at the Hasllicii and Aylmer, he
became parish priest at Mayo In 1805
and th" Hrook in 1900, After that ho
became secretary to the archbishop, a
position lie has filled admirably for
some years now.
The new bishop was horn in St. Andre. Quebec. He will enter his new
duties at once.
New  Kprltig and  Bummer  Hulling*
nnw  on  display.    Sen them.    Perleol
lit nnd workmanship guaranteed.    701
1'ruiit Street.
Real Etate nnd Inourance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
FireT  ruck  Ruined
London, (mt , Aug. 12    one of i,-m
don's new seven ton combination hoss
and chemical motor trucks was com
pleloly   wrecked  and  all  llie  mi pill''!
of iis crew of elghi firemen wi re
more or less seriously bur: at three
o'clock the other morning when lhe
machine was struck amidships by a
Qrand Trunk manifest freight at wil-
Ilium street crossing.
Brantford, Aug   12,   'I'li
sir,ei   rallwav  owes the c!t>   sjts?"
n tax arrears, and ihe situation hai
b ICOtne   a    s  lions   olio   here.      i'llbl e
* r'     have  bi i n curtailed  owing to
* I. ��� difficulty of dlsposin ���. of civic
debonturt s, and courl actions bnve
already been commenced to recover
this year's slreet  railway taxes.
The street railway owes the city
ppproxlmately $29,000, and iwo no
Huns have I. en entered In recover
In view of tlie slreet railway Indebtedness a campaign lias been
launched here to acquire civic ownership of Hie street railway, and iii all
likelihood It will result successfully. A
reduction In the civic lax rate would
result If tiie railway paid the city tlie
tuxes due.
Because a farmer keeps a In rd of
dairy cows il does no' necessarily
follow that each one in the In nl is
especially adapted for dairying. 'I'he
type and general appcaranca may be
t ii *i, the tempcrami nt ami disposition
in:.;, promise fair results, I ut tb- real
value of each one is lo be mcasuri ii
actually and practically by Jiut her individual yield not the average i :' the
herd as, a whole, at end of a full Boa-
sen's work.
Over and over again when dairy
farmers have chocked up Hu* production separately of each cow then
have been found wonderful surprises
and serious disappointments.
Those   "good   lookers'   'have   lurned
li-pit to i*.e poor producers; the despised
I cow of insignificant appearance lias
o.ten   proved  a splendid   moneymaker
I "'111:11  lier  moderate cost  of feed  has
been deducted rrom the total yield of
milk und fat.
Some  cow   testing  figures  re
by the dairy division lit Oltawi
great contrasts. Kor Instanc
cows yielding tlm Bame weight or milk
may differ in production nl fat liy
lTfi pounds of fat. Two cows the same
age may differ iu profit by $1:5
aged -ow may do far better ""
live-year   dd.
Two mature cows In the sunn
have been known In differ in production liy eight thousand pounds of milk.
One hen! of twelve cows last var
gave thirty-six tons of milk more than
another In rd oT twelve.
How   nre   thess   vital   points   to   be
definitely ascertained by tha practical
Brantford dairyman? Such facts are brought to
light when li^ures are used.   II Is jusl
as simple as A  It ('.    Keep records of
Individual production; li lakes scarcely ten minutes per cow per month, nud
abundantly pays    every dairyman.
Department of Agriculture,
j neglected to continue her dream until
! Bhe locatl d the spot on tlie farm where
i where Ihe treasure wus burled, lt was
a large farm, and it was like going to
| sen to find lhe Identical resting place
of the grandfather's wealth. Then they
looked in a newspaper and  found the
1 very  ihine   they   wauled    Under   the
title of "Burled Treasure Found" they
round  Ihe  name of   Mrs.     Lewis,  ami
Mrs Havlland called on her. It was th?
simplest   thing  in   the  world   for   .\frs.
For a smull fee she called np the
spirit ef old Simon Gardner, who bur-
ami be talked frei ly
..bout the matter. He said lie buried
the gold and bonds in the northwest
corner of tlie cellar under llie old farm
Diqs for Treasure.
Mrs. Havlland hurried away lo Kellogg after first borrowing the ra.l-
road fare from a woman nelghb ir. Sin-
bin d a t. uni and a small boy and Hn y
went to 'he nid farm. Sin- found Hi"
cellar, and with pick and jhovel sh"
dug one whole day She stayed at a
fn**: house that night and proceeded
in .1 .- again tbe n"\i day. though her
handa were blistered and her muscles
Th,. spirit of eld Simon Oardner h * I
: Id her, through M:*'; Lewif as a e '
ilium, that the tn a u"- v is onlv thr- e
feet male- the ground, but .she .:
and dug until she reached msny more
'iet in depth, and dm: in all corners
of the ci Har ror fear lie- suirit's mem.
ory might have been shun on Hi" lo-
catli n.    llut   she  did   pni   Btrike  Hi ���
Sh- came hack to Denver and in r
friends teased her about bi r trip si.,.
became angered and wenl before
Judge Stapleton     if   the    municipal
'(.nrt. ami complained. Tho court
(���"iibi 'mi ail !ur in finding Hie burled
vealtb, In' offered to prosecute Mr*.
Li *��� ;s fn:- prai ��� icing clairvoyance
without a ]:censp.
'Iiu* case was called lune 28, 1912,
and Mrs Lewis was lined Kei ami
Just double Hie -11111.11111 of tb..
I ��� 1 e ; ho appealed the case tu tlm
. untj ci u:". That court affirmed ihe
11 or Stapleton a month ago an I
Mr     I.' -.. is went  to Jail.
: li- iwm a neat home, has a hank
accounl ami is reputed t.i be wealthy,
I ut sh" sa'd she would in I pay tin.
In > as,     ami she didn't.
srrjTFVCED to two ytar-
1 sho
I.   t w
than  the
Winnipeg, Aug. 12. "Thank you,
sir." wbb the pi Hi,- rejo'ner or John
W, Slott, nl lb'* cily police courl tlu-
other morning, as with a smile lm r -
e Ived a mmiIi nee i.r two yi ar I in tlm
penltontlary from .Magi--.tr.re Mud 11
uld siott. also smiling, pleaded
gu Ity to five cbargea of burglary ami
was remanded until his record could
ba Invi s; Igated.
On Hie production of this recent
Magistrate Macdonald gav-e vent 1 >
lhe opinion Unit lo nil appearances
Sl tl was adverse lo tlie principle it
working for liis dully bread. In December, 1904, Hie accused was oonvli-**-
ted imd sentenced to six montha In
Hie provincial jail. In 1005, shnrllv
after his release, he gol two years in
llm peiriilentlury for burglary, He
had   heen   out   hut 11   few   years   wh"ii
he wns arrested again and was s* n-
. fenced to three years for I'm sini" offence, Iii l'.'lii, two months after his
leaving siony Mountain, lie was arrested in Winnipeg and handed over
to (he Brandon police, sl which cltv
lm was sentenced to a further six
months  for attempted  shopbreaking,
"This In n very bad record," sulil
his honor. "You ate not safe to tie
al large and you enn go back to Stony
Mountain  for a  further  two years."
"Thank you sir." said Stott, end
wllh a sweet smile he walked jaimtily
from  the  courl   room.
"Duke" Collins Dead.
Toronto,   Aug.   12,   A   well   known
figure fit Toronlo passed awny on Au
gust r, ni st. Michael's hospital in the
person of Albert 11   Collins, commonly
known us "Duko" Collins. Mr. Collins hnd bein suffering frnm rheums
Usui for several yeni'H, umi recently
lm became so ill thai it was necessary
In lake hlin to llie hospital. Mr Col
llnfl, Who was In IiIb 57th year, came
from Kngland about il" years ugo, und
located iu Toronto,
DISCUSS Church  Evcinntlon-5
Montreal,   Aug.   Li.   Thero  la  still
considerable   discussion   ut   Hi"   olty
hall over Cm question of properties'
Ibolng exempt from taxation nnd while
ia number of aldermen think tlie exemptions slu uld be greatly reduced,
tbere nr,.  others  who   hold   thai   the
'cliv unuld gain but Utile if i' attempt
ed i" lesson exempted properties belonging to churchos, colleges and eon
j vents.    When  Hie subject  of exemp-
I Hon Is brought  up
in the autumn, ti
fruitful   source   iif
before tlte i
promises to
-iiiii-l WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1913.
Ge'.'.ing Common at the Opera and  In  Will T"-st S-atutcs cf Ontario and Do-  Canadian  Minister Likes   Educational
tiie Cafes���Not on the
tliat  the duties of the market inspeo  CHILD  THREE   MONTHS  OLD
ter and auctioneer could be discharged  by  the one  man.
There was little discussion on the
repot t, it being generally agreed thai
such a solution of the city's market
problem would be an acceptabli
min:on   in   Fight   With
C. N. R.
London,   Aug.   12. -Sometimes   the
London   pa;., rs  profess  to  be  shocked because thoy think they have dis
c; v red   that  everybody   smokes
wants io.
Tb *:i a correspondent wrote to Hit
Daily News expressing unutteraH'.s'
surprise at having seen two ladles
of goal position ail they Bhould be
Otherwise, SO h- almost regretfully ud
m.tt id    Bn ( Ling   a   cigarette   in   the
..* I', .ii manl He evidently
I ; i .| lha; Bomeone would write and
. i they ut least had seen nothing
i.f i'u kind and tliat this musl have
b    i - uiie temporary mental aberra-
i    ���       Sad   lo   say.   lhere   musl   have
bi  ���  othi rs who have seen iin* same
ii, ng.
Another correspondent writes to
Btate ihat he saw at a "matinee per-
[01: ai.ee at a west end music h ill
two young ladles, by uo means of the
ne.i, sl woman class, who wer- Bm I,
clg in ii. s. 'l hev were dainl I.
lu not efuslvely dressed, and wi re
*   ���     , anxious to lie observed as one
inlghl   .'I'd.     Tiny   were   also   evi-   	
di-ntly new lo the game, for a tremb   against  the  companies
line hand and  a  dropped match  end  , . ,-��� ing laws.
Toronto, Aug. 12.-Ti,e Canadian
Northern railway is up against tlie
��� .astute T. L, Church, or, it might be
or said, Toronto's acting, aspiring mayor
is "agin" the big railway. Also, Mr.
Church is going to see if tlie statutes
of Ontario and tlie Dominion of Canada wlll do what tliey ure designed
to do.
Some  time  thiB  week, on  a  charg ���
to be laid by the chief of police, Hie
railway is to be summoned to pi l c
courl  on charges of malnt
common nuisance and also ^^^^
ot the public health act iii respect to
shunting iu residential districts, tbe
blowing Of engine wblslles and tin*
���*t  hii   i-lii.o"   ol"   exhausts.
"We  tried to  bave  thla    iiuisaic
abated through the
board,  and  learned
System���Compares  It to Canadian   Methods.
lion. a. E, Foster, Canadian minister
of trade and commerce, before leaving Australia lor tlie Orient, In un interview, expressed some interesting
opinions upon Australia and Australian conditions.
"Australia seems to have," he said,
"most of her population massed in tour
or five large cities, served by harbors
'  of splendid   proportions    and    scenic
'  beauties;   but nl  Ithis very large city
;   population,  and   the    appliances    and
min".    a equipments for handling and distribut-
��� breach ing produce, must be predicated upon
a   large   and   increasing     production
iroin tin- country behind.
"Looked at from the view of uu out.
Bider,  it   would  seem  us  though  the
���a   im*    nilgai v.- population, and equipments in lhe cil
Dominion railway  i' b rath r outrun t'.ie production of th"
tbey  bad  no  pow    interior,    lf periods of agricultural (iif-
wi re
1:* le
Not on the Streets
ently   some   correspondents   i.i
jointly  responsible for a  burnt Mr. ( hurch said tin- Canadian Nor-
In one ol Hm pretty frocks." .|; , ,  had  been selected as the first
��� ��� ,;���   *.,. * ause of  ih"  flagrant    an-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ n.vaii,",   -..os-il  bv   I'n'r   tram
newspapers  only  spend  om-  nighl   a ufon  up the  Don  va','         Prominent
year tn the places of public entertain , :,.:,,  of  Castle   Frank   nad    and
',.,,:*   or  H.'*..   would  not  be a*!  sur Binscirtb  road  have  been  forced  to
.,,1    There is hardly a restaurant -, n  i- ir houses ami  B eli resldenci
ondon   .vhere   ladies are not  i.i ,.,. where,   in*   declared,   because   of
*.  d to sum1.,  and do so; 1 hav* ot the   unbearable   noise     Freighl   cars
, .   noticed   in   ladles'  compartments re allowed to Btand on the Btdlng-
i ���   tho  railway -trains occasional  fe- during th
ir io deal viiih it." said the aggress- flculty or disaster were to occur, this
;i- conlriller. "We suggested an ."I would I.'* fell very acutely. In the ul-
ded clause io the lh.in:..ion statu', tlmate analysis you will see .that pros-
which would give the railway c mmiB Perlty must in- in proportion to the
Blon   tli-  necessary  Jurisdiction,  and  Primary  production.    This  serves  to
  governmenl has allowed the mat- accentuate tin* fact Hint population is
ttr to stand.    Now  wc  will  proceed a ���""������' necessity."
and  test  Hie I    Mr. Foster was asked as to the hear-
Ing of lhe population problem on that
of di fense.
ith occasional cigarettes, and
in-cii   smoking   by   women   In   the
.- (    balls   is   by   i..i   means   unco:::
I1, j si,iiu'.;;. .   however,   I   have
yi ���  bi -ii  :.   .a'..i.i*' Hi- s:n ets e.v
���  .1, c rta n  cases which  1  peed |
; particularize.
lul   t Is bi und to come;  tin - ou:
��� ry Hm   worm n of the upper and
ill-  classes  smoke,  only  tlm   ma-
��� ity  do so at    tluir    own    hi mes
te they are not noticed. From this
...te shorn
:il around a'  night.
he replied, "in Its widest
t*,******,******,....^,^^^ not on'y drilled
battalions and effective warships, imt
rests primarily upon a large and prosperous population. The best mechanism in Hie world will not be effective
unless it Is backed up hy abundant
man power."
Educational   System.
Mr. Foster commenced   life   as   a
���  -- - - --  - teaclmr. and be iris been naturally in-
best part of tnejlay, and tor^Bted in what he lias learned about j
the educational s-.-s-em of Australia.
He stated that he has not had much
opportunity of visiting the schools
personally, hut one ihing which had
struck hlm particularly was the ccn-
'trallzation which was apparent everywhere, and this had led him to inquire;
us to whether something was not lost
when everything was done by the state
and nothing was left to be done by the
to to* v ace not noticed. From tills i u "This divides Itself into two hranch-
llfl' smoking  out  of  doers  is a short   Sale of Tobacco In France State  Mo-   M ()f thought," he added.    "First, as
-Recent   judgment to whether the increase of settlement,
land, combined with lis sparseness, thel
Interesting. I drain   lor   construction   and   mainto- |
nance of schools will not hear heavilyj
  as either to overburden the state or to
restrict  the  operation  of  the  system j
__^ to  the   detriment   of  the   people;   and I
.   state monopoly in  France   ,*,,, 0tJjer is ns to whether the feeling
of course, is why tobacco ls  of responsibility and a sense   of   coin I'aris   However. I operation In the locality, as a tactor
Traces of Past Fashions In Present-
Day Garments.
Man is naturally a highly conservative being, and in n��thine is his con-
Nervation more marked tlmn in hii
clothes. His nkeleton shows the rudiments of the tail which lie discarded
ages ago, and in much Ihe same way
the modern innn's dress is reminiscent ol pa-^t fashions.
Kor example, tak- the two buttons
on the backs of coats. These are by
no means pretty, and they certainly
are not useful, yet no tailor dreams
of leaving th' ni off a coat which he
is making, llut the buttons once had
h use. Ior they date iroin the days
when elegant figures were admired in
men ami the buttons were used to
fasten a strip of cloth which was
drawn in to give the wearer a slender
At  the  back  of  ulsters  ami  Inverness   capes   there is a slit   which if
L edged with buttons and corresponding
' buttonholes. These were useful in the
' dayi when civilians used to travel on
horseback, for the slit could  lie unbuttoned, enabling the man to ride in
comfort, whilst if he wished to drive,
say. the coat could be buttoned down
; to the bottom, so that his legs might
be   kept  warm.    Civilians  no  longer
ride horses, but the buttons on ulsters
��� still  remain, and are likely tu do =o
for another century.
Tlie buttons on coat-sleeves were
not primarily put there for ornament.
They are a relic of the days when
coat-sl teves were made so narrow at
the wrist Hint buttons and hutton- u n
holes were   necessary to   enable the [downe
Montreal, Aug. 12.���Ainato I'arlzzo, l
who is reputed to be the youngest |
person to brave the passage of the
Atlantic alone, was among those who
landl d at Montreal when the Allen
liner Corsican arrived last week from
Liverpool. Ainato is only 3 months
old and during the trip was cared for
by the ship's matron, The youngster
travelled ostensibly third class, but
no other passenger secured such attention from stewards or officers, nor
attaint d such popularity with his fellow tourists. Propped on a big deck
chair on the saloon deck. Amato was
the centre of admiring and interest
ed travellers from morning to night.
llut it cannot be said that he was In
the Last friendly.
Dur ni, the first four days of the
trip Ainato sulked or wailed, accird
lng lo his fancy. But a young lady
appeared on the fourth day with a
liny pomeranlan pup, which she placed iii the juvenile passenger's hands.
Immediately the wailing ceased and
AmatO became enamored ol' III" Pom-
i ranlan.
When the proud father, who lives
at 56 St. Monlque street, came to
claim the baby, Amato Insisted that
iin- Pomeranian must go to. The fa-
tber said no, the young lady said no.
and Amato, once more in tears, was
forced to land without the pup. Today, he is safe with his father, and
is trying to forget liis first shipboard
experience. Mrs. Parizzo will follow
her son to Canada some time this
NaDru Co Laxatives
are especially good for
children because they are
pleasant to take, gentle in
action, do not irritate the
Ixjwtls nor develop a need
for continual or increased
doses. 25c. a box, at your
Nation*! Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited.        177
Telephones: Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents Palmer Bros.' Gaaolina
I Engines, Marine Engines and Auto
|    mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth  St.
i P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
and easy a en.    Nor do I  think that \
the  Innovation  is mnde  U  w III
particular!;   shock   many  people.     In
t    ��� coui 11".   people    ure    now    fast
id ptlng the view put forward by tbe
��� n themselves that tf they want
ti io a thing a man does there is iml
:       ;:   why  they  should  not.    After
* rcryone   is   a   free   agent,   aud
ther,  ,.r,* no sumptuary laws.
Public   Tclcrant
iwadays   everyone   is    becoming
August   12.    The   sale  of  to-
hand to siip through.   Some- coats ara
-t:.l  made with the buttons running
klnntwisp across ihe cuff.   These buttons were used  when it was tashion-
nliie   to   have   cuffs   which   could   be
lurned Luck nnd fastened.   The buttons   nre   now   useless,   and   in  some
coat-i t'n y were discarded and a row
ol  braid put  in  tlieir place.    It one
day occurred to a   tailor   tliat   this
braid  was particularly  ugly, and he
1. It it off.    He could not bring him-
se.f. howev.r. to effect the reform out
and  out,  lint  with  Ihe   Englishman's I
love of compromise, he put a row of1
stitching In tlie place where the braid
had been, and thst stitching is put on
Contr,  to  this  day.   through   it   would
pu?.7'.e nny person to give a shadow ol
i a reason why it should be.
People \\ ho ought to know say thnt
Toronto, Aug. 12.���Suffering from]
en attack of that dread disease, te-
tanuB, commonly called lockjaw, said
to have been caused by scratching
some mosquito bites on his legs, Dalton Wodside, aged fourteen, I.uns-
avenue. last week died in the
Western hospital after an illness of
a few days. The lad died just two
years to a day after his father, who
was formerly employed as a fireman
at Orillia, Ont.
Voung Woodside had been sftiying
with his aunt on Lansdowne avenue
while his mother was in Orillia. He
came to the city to learn a trade, and
his mother left their home two weeks
I ago to take up her residence here so
tliat she might be near the lad.
Shortly after she had come to To-
ir-nto the lad came home one nicilit
from his work acting in a very peculiar manner. His head hung between
;hi3 shoulders and he answered his
j mother's questions as he had never
I done before. This continued for
appeared   to
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
bacco is
and that,
I dear ��nd  nasty ... 	
there is to he said for ths government
that if It rohs us ItEelf tt now appears
eryune   i��     wmui,���6  ..
��� tolerant    A member of par!la-  to be determined not to let anyone else
ihls   week  Btarted  to  siu.,1--.. a  il" s.. The big thief means to kep a
:  -t * after lunch al a coinmitiee  sharp eyi   on Ut" little oiks   Ai least
ng at the hi use of commons; he a verdict just given here In the courts
was  permitted  to  do  so.  and  others tends thnt way.
��� i    !  bis example,    li  is tru.. that
* ���   ns de the bouse Itself is a
*.i,i*  , tf, but i look f* rw ird coi
fid ntly to the time when then   ���*. II
be a go -I deal more latitude at  pub
���     itlngs   in   tins    respect     ti: in
��� ��� i ��� now Is. We have smoking eon
. ��� i, music hull entertainment <
where smoking is allowed. BmoUng
al publlc dinners, while long since
the working classes hav.. Introduced
smoking al their own partlculai bust
:.-*. meetings.
l i,. re is a i lunge we even may
lake one day. Whal s relief it would
ii.. if we could sin..:-.,, during bi m ���
bi rmons.
Montreal, Aug. 12, The Titanic d a
nsier, which occurred fifteen months
ago, set ii Montreal man thinking,
and unlay. Alex Dingwall Is the proud
possessor of a pattern which may re
volutlonlle shipbuilding a.id result iu
the production ol a realy uuslnkable
���ocean  Leviathan.
Mr, Dingwall confessed thai hi
hardly knew where or lr .. he bl Kan
Ins i Ian, but Bundrj scrll bllngs, many
discarded ,i'..ins(. eveutua,Uy led to
die i.odue ion of I .iished sketches
which bnve boen successfully patent-
< d and protected in (Ireat Ili-ltaln, the
continent o( America and certain European countries.
"I havo," suld Mr Dingwall, "con-
nil (d no nautical men. the steamship
planned is entirely my own Invention.
Th.. central idea 1 had In mind was
to provide u ship of great buoyancy
nnd flouting capacity, and In gel this
i have devised triple walls containing
vssi m,n,tiers of sealed air chambers
held In position hy holts, and Increasing In slzo and capacity from keel
tn gunwale. Thi re are also Innutner
nhl ��� mr chambers between each d"ck
mul lh�� ceilings, increasing In enpac
It? 'rem the lower deck to the upper
In all the big restaurants and hotels
in I'aris, when you ask for cigarettes
or tobacco the waiter brings you a
large a.-sort ment of boxes from which
the prices affixed by the reisie have
I een more or less carefully erased,
claps on anything from fif- y to one
hundred per cent, according to bl
own or his proprietor's sweet will
Tliis arbitrary overcharge Is a very
pleasant perquisite for the lu i"3". Bul
new the police hnve stepped in and
and have won a case against the head
waiter of one of lhe largest hotels on
the left hank of the Seine.
In this judgment by which the de-
r-.tidatit was incidentally fined over a
hundred dollars���the court laid It down
that it was quite illegal for hotels and
restaurants, In fart, for any person or
bodv but the stale, lo deal In tobacco,
ard thnt the s-rt of prescriptive right
cnloyod bv fucJi establishments might
and ti mild be withdrawn whenever
any price higher than that of the regie
sh -"Id he charged
The verdict should put an end to nn
irritating   and   unnecessary   exaction
which Americans have tolerated with
mutton-like meekness for too long already.
in   the   pursuit  and     development    of
s.-lii ol work, it- not weakened or lost
under 'he present system"
"How does the system here differ
from Hist which obtains In Canada?"
"!n Canada each locality is primarily responsible for Its schools, The
trust,-. ������ of the district elected by the
peoDle themselves levy the ral"R ���)>���������
ppsary to construct the BChools and
' In  and nay th" teaching staff.   They
ialro employ the teacher;:. Incidental
aid i* clven by certification, and tha
supervision of teachers is In the hand1
of the government Under this system
in Canada the schools have become
very efficient and are steadily pro- {
gresslve, although it Is found neces-
Bary  to keep up the  local  conscience |
I with regard to adequate remuneration
and the maintenance of high standards.
"On Hie whole I think the commis- j
slon may be said to have fairly well
carried out the first part of its mis- j
���-ion. which was to collect information ,
and make itself as well as possible ac-
qualnted  with  the  general  conditions,
land features of the country, economic i
and productive."
Mmaaam^^^mwmmmmmaamMmmmmg******m****m9**M***Mm**j-1 some days, and as he ^^^^^^^^
evnn the band "I ribbon round a ihis mother to be very Ul, Dr. Kerr, of
man's hat is descended from tl.e ] Lansdowne avenue, was called in to
fillet with which he used t'i hind the  attend him. I
cloth which used to serve as his bead-      Kive davs after he had been sent I
dress,  nnd  velvet    collars   on   over-   t0 the hospital the voung lad died.     I
coats   date   Irom   Klizabethan   times,      nr   Kerr palQ  th.lt   although  there
when  richly-lined  cloaks  were  worn    %.ere ���0 marks on thp bodv  the onlv :
with high collars landing up as high > mann,.r  1)V   whicb   he  couid   account
London, Aug. 12. -After being dumb I
for ten years, a Leeds boy found the
power of speech restored to him yesterday during the excitement of a]
cricket mutch. Not less remarkable
was the hoy's conduct lu concealing
ihe restoration of speech from all
around hlm until he had written a letter lo his mother breaking the news.
The youth while trying to get an
extra run. found himself trying to
shout, lie even thoughl lie heard hid i m
own voice, and much puzzled stole
awny to the woods after the match
was over, and there found that liis
voice was restored.
Tor a  long time lie remained  talk-
ling lo himself and began shouting wtth
and then went back nnd with*
Suggestion   Is   Made  That  Auctioneer
Be  Employed���Farmer Could
Bid on  Own Goods
���IV 'ron, lhe lower oecK u. ,���.-,���  ;,        ,	
and then there is_a cross wall con- out felting anyone know what had hap
poned wrote his mother.
He became dumb after an nltack ot
Saskatchewan more than 11,000,0001
I been spent by the provincial high-  WANTED IN GEORGIA,
ys commission since the opening arrested in calgary
taining air chambers,
l>gtna,   Aug.  12,    In  the  construction if rondH throughout the province
o( Saskatchewan more than (1,000,0001
has ���--���-! 1.1-1.
w*1yn    vuiuuiiBB,, 	
��� f the present uensoii. Before the
closn of the year the expenditure will
reach a much larger total. The work
has been curried on in nil portions
ol the province, nud especially In the
nowlv settled areas where the farmers are entirely dependent upon new
construction to provide access to the
railway towns.
VMirlng the past five yenrs new
turns have sprung up In Saskatchewan nt the rate of one every wek, and
Hie commission has found It a heavy
task in keep up wiih the development
six weeks past, tin
���������iv porlliitiH of nie
������>,... b*..-, -.-iri-vii'ii on rond construction, nnd  nbout fill hnve entered  Into
.1 drag competition organized
Ottawa, Aug. 12,���Thnt a wholasa'e
| markei, necessitating the tervc-s ot
an  auctioneer,  would   best  s. rve  tha
I Interests of citizens and farmers a! k ���
is tlie view held by a number of mem
hers of the allied trades and labir
council.    A report  to this effect  was
| brought in by  ll. Carson nt the last
ting and a special oommlttee wus
effective   the   recommendations,
mendatlons made and report hack to
the council.
This is a matter that has bren under discussion by the council for
Bome time and at the last meeting
Mr. Carson was appointed to look in
to the situation and report. While
his report brought out several points
lhat   met  with   general   favor  it  was
*""   ��      ,,,_   ,,,.���,_r I mat   moi   wnn   suimiai   i.,.>���   ,.   .....
ten  years ago.    HIS aocior \.��-M (0 rofcr ���  ,0 a Bpeci���i com
that he would  proi-ninv  re . revisions  calcu-
predicted  thnt  ..
gain  his speech even aft
of yenr.
er  the lapse
Cnlgary, Aug. 10. I, M. Llndson,
alias Moore, who Is wanted ln the
slate nf (leorgla. on the chcrge of appropriating some $1,500 which he had
received to be accounted for to another party, was arrested here by a
Pinkerton deteotlve, and is being held
nt the mounted police barraoka pending the commencement of extradition
proceedings. Lindi-on same before
Mr, Justice Simmons nn Monday last
and wna granted ball in the Finn of
$2,000, which hns not yet been pro-
mmmm-^���^^_^^__ , ,    ,,   cured, however,    lie will come up on
For six  weens pai-,,. ,���.   niunlclpall. . M,������|:,v.  w ,,���., a f,���.n���T n.ni,-i,���l   wlll
ii In many portions or the province ]n,���lv ,,��� ���,.,.,, ������ ��� ,.,,,���,, considerable
-���"'       '"   "''"���-   ���' ' <   Hie   exlr
est radii ion  papers  111
���     tho
��� il
v ernment,
i ison Is dlstrlcl manager for a
1 ig Insur nee company In (le irgla, He
had ������ c. I', il. ready made (arm neai
Nl lulngn ". which ho mir-hnsed somi
^l Ta" /��r ��:i     works ! [ir"0��He"wM ^Ted~by a Pin-
mlttee to  make any  revisions calcu
latod   to   improve   or   to   make   more |
effective the reocommendattona,
Mr. Carson's Idea is to have this
market in the form of a covered or
an encloaod market which would b-*
open for a limited number of hours
on the morning of each market day.
A suitable code of rules and rogula
th ns would govern the buying and
The I'l-iner and producer would
bring his products here and would,
hv the terms of the report, bo able
to hid on their own ns well as others,
�����toc':s. If they deemed the prices nt
this market Insufficient they would
he allowed to sell on the retail tnnr-
kel nnd sell direct to the consumer
! ns Is now the practice on payment of
. the regular fee.
II is nrgueii thnl such a market
would bring and concentrate produce
to the olty under tho supervision of
::n   iu u lor.   and   would     elenriiate
any shrinking of quality or quantity
i'v in iliai required by ihe bylaws In
"This market," says the report,
"would be the tactor In determining
1 cal markel prlci s."
Th ���  SUggi iti ui   is  also  thrown OUt
as tlie ears.
The I,rani on cloves is also a survival ot Elizabethan customs. G'ove-
ninkers were n<.t so skille.1 in those
day-, and gloves wore made up ol
several pieces of skin. Embroidery
was then put along the back of th-
clove lo conceal the scams, and the
three strips of braid on pli.ves represent this embroidery, though the
seams ar.- no longer ther.- to lie con-
cea'.ed Clocks <*n stockings an-i socks
were also lirst used to conceal seams,
snd clocks are still put on socks,
even though these are now made
Military and ceremonial costumes
have details which go buck to amnz-
u glv antique times tor their origin.
Epaulettes, tor example, were originally a contrivance for fastening chain
arm r. But of course in military costume these details are generally retained for the sake ol thc decorative
effect, But the hood en the back of
the Lord Mayor's coachman is not
particularly pretty and thut is the remains ot what x-ed to be a l>u' for
a wig!
No   Treasure   Found.
Led   by   Miss   Harry till   nn.l   Mis��
Genevieve Davis, the treasure-hunting I
party from Plymouth which lias been I
searching C-OCOS Island in the  I'acilic.
fnr  treasure   supposed  to   have   been
buried  there  by   pirate.-   many   year-
a���ro, has arrived nt l'miania on board
the   steamer    Melmore    without   am
spoils. The Melmore sailed from Barr)
in September inst. carrying, in addition to I'-ic officers and crew and the
two lo.l es mentioned above,  Mr.  II
Wlntw  ith. of London, and two other
gentlemen financially interested in a
venture   -,.hicn   was   londly   Imped   to
return 100 per cent, pruflt. The [allure
of   two  other  attempts  to  locate  the
buried gold  and jewels ol the bucca
ueers  made hy   Larl   l-'itzwilliuni and
Mr. Haloid Cray did not diminish th.
iaith of th*? members ol the Melmore
expedition,   who   doclared   tbey   bad
specific Information of the exact position o( the accumulated hoards.   One
| treasure   was  brought  from   Lima   in
1**-)C0,  consisting   ol   gold   bullion   and
articles to the value of about $25,000,'
000,   and   the   other   treasure,   which
is   placed   at  an  even   higher   ligure.
was taken to the Island by the latnous
pirate  Itnnito.    Despite the core with
which  the   Melmore  was  fitted  nut-
the expedition wnB estimated to cost
$500,000��� the  search appears  to  have
been  fruitless.
for the hoy's ailmpnt was the scratch-
*'ng of mosquito  bites on  hid legs.
From Tbose Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
Right  to  the   Point.
Probably the most concise summing I
up on record in a civil case has been!
attributed to Harun Bramwell. Tlie
defendant's counsel closed bis case
without calling a witness whose coming had  been much t*pected.
"Don't you call Jones, Mr. Blank?"
said the judge significantly at the
close "I counsel's address.
"I do not, my lord," replied the
The j*nlge turned round to the jury
and gave vent to a low and prolonged
"Whc-e-ew!" he said, or, rather,
whistled, "lleiitlomeii, consider youi
National Gardens.
There arc two gardens of England���
namely, Kent and Worcestershire,
'1 hat ol lr,*la,:.l is usually mid to he
Callow, in l.i luster. In the uu-l Ceylon and Burma have both received
the title, and the district ol India
so honored is nude. Glamorganshire
is often spoken ol as the garden of
Bouth Wales.
In the Highest Degree
Some men figure that as the mercury climbs
up sales will fall down. And figuring that way,
fate is kind and does not disappoint them.
So there lias grown up a commercial superstition that Summer is a dull season.
No greater fallacy has ever gone so long unchallenged.
Summer is a dull season for many lines���but
there is no fundamental reason why it should
For instance, take a typical case���that of the
Canadian wallpaper manufacturers.
They wished to secure their placing orders
from the retailers before the early Fall���when
American lines are offered. Through education by Advertising, they advanced the season
to start the middle of June, instead of the end
of August, and they now beat their foreign
competitors to the market by nearly three
Perhaps you face a selling problem that education by Advertising will solve. Perhaps
your Summer business needs the tonic of
Summer Advertising.
As the mercury climbs up to its highest degree, increase, rather
than slacken, your Advertising and selling efforts. You will
find it profitable���in the highest degree.
Advice regarding your advertising problems ii available through any
tet'Ognisrd Canadian advertising agcucy, or the Secretary of the Canadian Press AuodfUon, Room BOS Lumtdcn Building, Toronto. Enquiry
involves uo oblig'itiuu on your inirt- so write, if interested.
,i nufhlng the streets ���r^     PAdB  EIGHT
"PAY    CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
| Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Turkish Coffee, the coffee with
the real oriental Ilavor. There
is something about its flavor
which is more satisfying than
in most coffee's. Oround fresh
and sold at 40c. per lh. We wlll
introduce nt per lb. 35c.
Hr. Price's Baking l'owder is
:i little more expensive thnn
other brands, nevertheless it
saves you money since you do
not need to use the same quantify. We want you to use this
superior product, so we will sell
today only, per tin 35c.
Christie's Biscuits. New shipment just arrived. All assortments. Fig Bar, Sultana, Arrowroot, Social Tea and a dozen
others, per lb   25c.
Plums, 2 lbs 25c.
Basket 65c.
Peaches, per lb 10c.
Watermelons    35c.  to  80c.
Muskmelons,   each   ��� * 15c.
Apples, Oranges, Bears and
Our Fresh Tomatoes, the best
ln town, per Ib. 20c; per basket,
Greater vV estmmster
All   notices  of  meetings,  entertain- ]    The   Burqultlam
ments. sales of work,    etc.,    In    thisjlacrosse teams play
and   Maillnrilvilli
their third match
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break thia
rule, as their instructions are positive.
A permit tor a $3000 residence on
Tenth aveneu was taken out yesterday
by Mrs. Qeorge Reid.
Money to loan on
improved  city    and
9 per cent. Alfred W.
first mortgages.
farm property
Mcl.eod. (1S2S)
on Brehaut park tonight at ti:30, A
few changes have been made on the
Maillardville side which is expected
to result in n closer lltiish than the
last two  matches.
TAXES  1913.
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
is a motto every young
man should constantly
keep before him.
Money set aside makes
a man a better employee, a better man. It
gives to him that self-
confidence so necessary
to success.
An employer generally considers a savings
account as the highest
kind of recommendation.
If you have not yet
become a regular depos-
' itor, come here and open
an account.   One dollar
is, sufficient to start it.
You will bt' extended
every courtesy.
You will be a better
mar, every day for the
Lewis Prentiss, the young man
charged with passing a cheque for
$45 here last week, and whose case
wus adjourned, comes up in the police
court for trial this morning.
Insuro with Alfred W. MeLeod, tho
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
An Italian workman suffering from
a broken leg, was brought ln from
Fraser Mills early yesterday morning
and taken to the Koyal Columbian
Although the rainfall was light here
yesterday morning, people from the
Pitt lake district say it ruined heavily
there all morning and that during the
previous night a strong wind swept
over the lake.
Notice���The Ladles of the Maca-
bees will hold their regular review
this afternoon at ii o'clock in the Odd
Fellows' hall. (1SS7)
Manager D. B. MacKenzie, of the
R. A. and I. exhibition, has been in
the Okanagan country since Monday
in the Interests of the coming fair. He
Is accompanied by others of the society's executive,
For pressed brick, fire clay, com
mon brick, cement, lime, plaster
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil. appli
to the B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (182? I
The Japanese woman. Mrs. S. Mita,
charged with running a gambling saloon at 27 McNeely street, along with
five countrymen, appeared hefore Magistrate Edmonds yesterday morning.
They were represented by J }'. Hampton Bole and pleaded not guilty. The
hearing  was adjourned  till Thursday.
II. Glbb, of the Labor day celebration committee, who waited on the
executive of the Progressive association yeBterday afternoon, was assured
of the support of that organization.
Mr. Gibb asked that the association
use its weekly news letter, for one
week in advertising the* celebration
and this will be done.
S.  J.  I'earce.  canltary  inspector, is
culling attention to the fact that owners  of  vacant lots  in  the  city  must
comply   with   the  ordinance   relating I
to  obnoxious  weeds.     The   Canadian i
Northern and Great  Northern rallwav I
companies have already cleared their
property  of  Canadian   thistles   which
are   said   to   he   the   worst     weed     to
The city health officer is arranging
to supply nil residents of the city Willi
booklet explaining the dangers
which exist in allowing garbage to be
k"pt uncovered. Tlie booklet is 111"
work of several prominent persons
connected wiih bygenlc work on ihis
continent und has already beea distributed in Winnipeg and othen cities
in Canada,
ll now seems certain that the expected visit here of the delegates to
the I'acilic Highway convention will
noi be realized. Despite every effort
of ihe local motor club and tiie Progressive association, ihe time ef the
delegates is so limited Ihat the half
.lay trip rn the co! mv farm is out of
the question, .-nnl even an evening's
vIbII to Ni w Westminster is hardly
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued nnd tls the rebate period will expire on August 25,
owners wbo have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undei signed Immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W.  11. UBIFFIN,  Collector,
(1840) Edmonds.
Mr. Weather Mali is Ihe only person
needed to make the first annual horticultural show in Burnaby which opens
on  Friday  afternoon  a  success.
Iteeve McOregor will likely officiate nt the opening ceremony and is expected to make use of his real Scottish wit when delivering the opening
Besides the flower show, other attractions have been planned to mnke
the two days of the show one round
of interest, not only for Burnuby people hut also for residents of Vancouver, New Westminster anil surrounding  terirtory.
One feature of the show which is
not being lost sight of is th" competition for the best kept lot and garden
ln the municipality, many entries having been  received  for this event.
The judges have about completed
their work of touring the municipality
and will announce their decision on
opening day.
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHIIK & Co.,Official Apts
Doctors at London   Conference  Scorn
Fancy Name for Brutal
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
London, Aug. 12.���The accusation
of "blood murder" for ritualistic purposes, brought against Russian .lews
in connection with the assassination
of a boy named Yushincky in Kiev In
HUL was discussed at a join! meeting
of   the   sections   devoted   to   forensic
medicine end phychiatry or mental
diseases,   l'rof. George Puppe, of the
University of Koeiiigsherg. and l'rof
Henri Colin, of I'aris, produced evidence against the theory of ritual
A joint report signed by l'rof. Augustus Pepper, of the University ef
London, Or. W. II. Wilcox and Dr. C.
A. Mi rcier, both of London, wus presented, expressing tlie opinion that
the evidence proved the crime to have
been a coarse and brutal murder committed  by  a  lunatic.
The report suid: "We hold the
strongest opinion that there was noth-  prospects better.
lng in the details of the murder to "It will be the finest crop we have
suggest the race or nationality of the had unless, something interferes,
murderer and we are entirely, em- Everything was will advanced. At
phatlcally opposed to the opinion that the time I was there." he said, "the
the crime was a ritual  murder." wheat waB    heading    out    beautifully
Sir   James    Crlchton-Browne, who and we ought to have u bumper crop,
presided, said the congress was not ll   j  c011id   SHe  in  every   part the differ-
Cricdale Says Prairie Crop This Year
Wlll Be the  Finest  Ever
Ottawa, Aug. 12. J. il. Qrlsdale,
<i r cor of experimental farms, who
bus just returned from a western
trip, says he made a big circuit in all
ihree prairie provinces, north, suutn,
east   and   west,   and   nt ver  saw   the
Wong Song Loo Wanted Gambling Pal
to  Divide���Used  Force and  Police Entei.
judicial tribunal, but was cnt'Med to
say that it did not agree with th"
opinion that It w.ia a ritual crime. It
was in his opinion, a case of racial
antipathy amounting to a criminal
conspiracy, which seized upon an Independent criminal act and distorted
and perverted it for Its own purposes.
All the delegates present cheered in
intimation of their agreement witli
Sir James' views.
The meetings in the orthopoodlc
section led to the formation of a committee for the establishment of an in-iseve
ternatlonal association 'o further the
progress of orthopoodlc surgery and
to arrange for International meetings.
Or. Robert Lovett. of Boston, and Or.
Clarence. Leslie Starr, of Toronto,
were chosen as members of the committee.
once between the man who had cultivated and Ihe man who had not. The I
good farmer is coming into his own |
this year and the bud farmer Is really ,
going to suffer, 'i'he difference In the |
crops will he striking.''
Out west he looked out for locations far two new farms In Manitoba
and a couple in Saskatchewan.
"in Southern Manltloba, we ure
locating a farm for horticulture," he
slid, 'and that reminds me that on
nil of these prajri-e farms 1 saw-
some nice crops of apples. We are
grow iiu apples at cur farms at Brandon, Indian Head, Lethbridge, La-
sombe and Rosslyu. At one farm in
Mordeii. Man., I saw un orchard from
���which will be obtained hundreds-���not
a hundred, but hundreds���of barrels
   | of apples this season."
AND COMMITTEE ADJOURNS  Ordered Tombstone, Then Disappears.
  Maiden,  Mass..    Aug,    12. -Bdward
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 5,46 a.m.
and every ID minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with lato car ut midnight.
SATURDAYS���15 minute Ber
vice ia continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS-6, 7, 7.80 8 und
8.30 nnd every 15 mlnuteB until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  with  lute car at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and   every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is  made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS-9.1S a.m., 1.10 and
G.15 p.m.
BOINTS���4.05 p.m.
Pres sad Genl. Mgr. Vlca-Prasldsnl. Bee. iM Treat.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
What at first looked like a case of
attempted murder and which later
simmered down to a common assault
affair took place in the Chinese quarter last evening with Wong Ting as
the aggressor.
Wong, according to his statement to
the police last evening, is a king of
jack-ofall-trados, first being employed
at Eraser Mills and later jn the river
ub a fisherman.
Sometime ago he became mixed up
in a gambling game in the lower quarter of the city, ufter which he was
creditor to Wong Sung Loo to the extent of $3. Wong, in these -stringent
financial times, dearly wanted the
three slmoleons last evening and he
dunned his former gambling pall for
tin- amount.
Would lie pay then and there? No
slree. lie would await tli" coming of
Bome kind friend whose financial
standing was on a par with a Rockefeller or Gould. Waiting did not appeal to Wong so Ting grabbed an axe.
Enter the police. The affair will he
aired hefore Magistrate Edmonds In
court  tiiis  morning.
It Is tonighl Unit ('apt Powell will
expi i :i the ��� Ity's harbor improvement
plans to ail comers at the hoard of
trade room in the diy hall. The city
hai bor engineer has been asked to do
''' ' ' ' ��� vi ral 1 ;(.,! organizations in
order thai all tin ir members may have
a ch .:: Idea . : what le being and will
in- done Armed wiih th,. Information
Capl I'..*v.*ll will give, every.uu- who
attends tie* meeting is expected from
tonighl "ii to lu- an untiring publicity
n:i :;i for N.-w w. Btminster port.
Dominion Trust
Tho Perpetual Trustee.
New West minster
606 Columbia St.
Paid-tip  Capital  and  Surplus
Trusteeships   under   Administration, over ffi.non.fiOO.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Reeve Barth,
Vancouver    vest,
Coqultlam,    was
rday    on    munlc
Tin- loading ot ih.. s s. ii, rafclea :.i
tin- Fraser Mills . it��i lumber for
Buom a tyrea t olnmi m "1 on Mondaj
nnd is i-i lng strong.
Washington, Aug. Yi With its principal witness. Martin M. Mulhall. Ill,
the house lobby investigation commit-
I tee today was forced to adjourn until
'Thursday. In the meantime Mulhall,
who says he has been  literally  worn
[out by the strain of continual examination before the congressional investigators, will rest under the care of a
physician in an attempt to fit liimseir
to resume his testimony. Mulhall
spent   ahout  two  hours  on   the  stand
.today giving details of his lobby transactions with men now in congress.
Durlne that time he complained frequently of feeling badly, and finally
Hie (-01111111(161' was recessed for two
hours to allow him to rest. At the end
of that time, his attorney, John W. II
('rim. announced that his client's physician   said   h"   would   not   he   eble  to
I continue on the stand without a reft.
Adjournment was taken  until Tim:
: day.
Powers, a W year old veteran of the !
Crimean war, placed an order with aj
stone cutter here yesterday io have
his  name  chlsled   on   a  stone  beside
that of his dead wife.    Today he was j
reported missing and no trace of him
could be found by  the police ot    the
surrounding  cities.     Mr.   Power    was
one of the   officers    of    the    liritish
Veteran society, of Halifax, .VS.
Mayor Will Get Pack.
Seattle, Aug. 12��� Because Yi saloon-
keepers did not promptly obey bin
closing proclamation, issued the morning of July 19, following the Incipient
riots the night before, during wblch
property of the I. W. W. and SoclfJ-
'is's was destroyed. Mayor Cottrell
j,ri noses to veto their licenses as fast
as their renewals come up.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about cur special stockes. they are money savers.
Local Saks Department, Phone 890.
Tl:.* pretty
theatre at tii
road and Church
li.. readj tor us.,
little    moving    plcturi
corner   of    i'iti    rivei
strei : la expi eti .1 ���
within tlie nexl i,*>
The Rexall
'ih"   Maillardville   Land   has   purchased   Instruments to  the   vain.*  ,,r
M     These   are   expected    at    any
moment. An instructor has been engaged ami the llrst pracl .*������ :>. sched
uled im- Friday . vcnlng, Itev, Father
Garon has granted tin* use of th,
church hall for the players.
Tie* petition for a licensed hoi, I In
Maillardville has becn signed tiy near
ly ���'  people in tiie village anil   Sur
rounding district and duly presented
io Hu* Coqultlam council.' The latter
body is now negotiating with the gov.
ernmi nt tor the appointment or a
license commission to di al with this
and "th. i* poBBlble applications.
San Francisco, Aug. 1_'. A courl
:*..'.::; ei wded from the railings to
'lie di ors s:it iii hushed expectancy t i-
lay while Marsha Warrington picked
lut- way slowly to the witness stand.
ll was the climax of tlio ease which
til" ::< vi niiiiont is presenting againat
Maury I. Dlggs, former state architect
rf California, who is accused under
tlle Mann .act of transport ng the girl
for Immi ral ; crocs, a to Hi no Nev .
from Sacramento, Call., where he left
a wife and babii s.
Coun adjourned with the story at
llie point where tlle party of four,
consisting of Dlggs, F, Drew Camln-
etti. Marsha Warrington ami Lola
Norrls stepped oif th" train at Reno.
The i .rl Bwore t.ia! Dlggs bought the
railway lick, s and paid for the sleep-
Ing car drawing room they occupied.
She swore she su*.v the tickets deliver! ii to iiu* conduc or.
Other witnesses told rf the arresl
hi Reno and tlie condition of the
bungalow as round l.v Chli t Hill
lu use, ..i' the Reno pi I ce di partmonL
l'i.nil.ns (t ii;s :e: tm. ii*. cannot be
.Marsha Warrington, 20 ycar-i old
arrested in connection with iin Dlggs
case, gave evidence mon ot the day,
telling of lur illation with lhe nc
Adjournment was mail, until tomor
row morning at lu o'clock.
Ottawa, Aug. 12. - If the 3000 main-
tenance of way employees on the
Grand Trunk and the management if
the company d.-clde to accept t'i"
award of the beard of conciliation,
just appointed to consider the demands of tlie men for more wagi s.
there will be no strike. For s i.i
time there has ben a dispute between the parties on Beveral mattera
regarding the working condit ons
etc., but these with tile exception of
the question of wages have all been
settled liy mutual agreement between
representatives of the men and the
company. As neither party could
agree on tlie wage question iii" men
applied to tlie lal.or department for
a board of conciliation and the com
pany expressed itself favorable '������������
have the question considered liy BUCh
a board. The men have named G. 1).
Robertson, of Welland, and the com
pany named V. II. McGulgan, Toronto.
Tin- chairman hus not yet been
named, lt i.s believed that a strike
will be averted as the feeling between
the parties is very conciliatory.
U. S. Don't Want Him Either.
Host -n. Mas:*:.. Aug. 12. Kimy
Jmimsen. n Russian newspaper man,
who arrived here from Hamburg yesterday, hns been ordered deported by
the iii-migration authorities who deer.i
him "highly undesirable," and unquestionably Inimical to the best Inten its
of the United States. Jaumsen is eald
to have admitted escaping from Siberia where he was serving a Iiv ���
year Eentence for a political offence.
At $3 per Wcc!<.
St. Lnuln, Aug 12. Miss Delphlne
Force, a pretty society girl and daughter of wealthy parents, is now a millinery apprentice nt $3 a week and says
she likes It. She recently acquired
fatne by quitting society to lire une a
professional cook. Not thai sh" meana
millinery to he her life work; Bhe is
going to he n teacher of domestic science at Dana hall. Wellesley, Mass.
in the fail, and as millinery cornea in
the curriculum, she lias to know   il.
Residence Y. W. C, A.        Phone 1334.
Call and inspect cai' fall
line ; and now fall styles und
pluce vour order now.
Ladies' and Men's Ti.ilor.
401   Columbia   St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phonea
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Pii-one   1205.
Edmonds   Market,   Phone  LE33.
U. C.
New   York. Aug.  12.-
, variety   of   influ' noes,
admittedly favorably,
market  renewed   its  r
Hv rise    mbraclng   n
-Impi lie.l by a
many of them
t day's stock
��� cent  advance,
"re    than     the
always the leading store in
every city. We ean save you
money on your next pair of
G lasses.  Try
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43:   L. D. 71;
New Westminster,
Res. 72.
B. C.
usual number of securities and practically nil divisions of tlie list Trud
ing approximated 560,000 shares
which far exceeded any session of re
cenl months, Maximum gains In the
favor tes averaged almost two point.i.
but profit taking in the final hour
largely reduced this advantage.
ll    is   Interesting   as   showing     lhe
state  of  ih,*  speculative  mind,  that
much of the Improved sentiment is
attributed to the i:.t. mien of th*.
tr. usury department,   aa    announced
SOllie   l'e;..   ;k*|.(   J <>   lillulici    llle   ('������lljlrt.
Win n  tiiis  was  lint   made  known
tlie financial district manifested sum"
I thing more than mild resentment und
Auto scorchers    through    Malllard- openly   denounced   the     commercial
ville are noi in h.     lowed to continue paper   feature   of   tho   program   its
thell   unholy  Bpei I ng.    Ten  miles an   savoring of inflation.
hour is iin- hm ni will he rigidly      Now  a considerable  faction  refers
��� reed,    (hiei  Constable  Pare   se- to the government's action us a   hull
'   i  i his firai conviction for speeding argument, reasoning   that    noi    only
   the Kord, Koreshame company, will It relieve this centre of any mono-
Vancouver, was lined ihe nominal tary Blraln, hm will actually bring to
sue: liy 1'. M. Smith, for encouraging ll n large share of He* crop money,
Iiiii otlmrs Maillardville is a popu-j where it will lind an outlet, if not in
lions villa, ��� with numbera of Bmall speculative, in various other chan
I children running about nels.
Seven in One Family.
Chlco, Cal.,    Am-, li   -One   per ou
wus fatally injured    and    six others , I
all members of the Bame family. v.M i
less seriously hurt today iu the ph,  c
of an auto down an embankment inti
tlie Mad river,   (ii urge N'atli, a manufacturer from Snn .!<s-, his wife am!
live children  are  the  victims.    The
eldest sun's back was broken and it i.-
thought lie will die,
Jail  fer "icedcr-!.
Seattle, Aug. l- Harry Ji hnson, a j
chauffeur 20 years old. has hei n s nt
< need to one day in jail Tor violating |
the automobile speed ordinance by
Act ng Police Judge .1. Y. C. Ke'.logj.
A fine of $ir,a Iso w-as Imposed. This
is Ih" first time In the history of the
eity that any one has been sentenced
to jn il for speeding. Judge Kellen-;.
in passing sentence, warned all automobile drivers who nre Inclined to
speed that wltll every ease the number of days' sentence will Increase
Mystery Surround' Death.
London, (int.. Aug. i'i. Considerable mystery surrounds tin: sudden
death this morning of Mrs. \V. McGinn, who nuned here onlv a few
weeks ago from Toronto, ll is believed thai she met her death hv Inking
an overdose of choloform, Imt an Inquest will he conducted to deduce any
further facts in connection witli tin
Pack in your bathing suits nnd a
well filled hamper and Bpend a day at
Maple Ui ach. Boundary Hay. Plenty
of free picnic places on th" Band
heacii or under the wonderful Bpread'
ing maples, Lovely spring water.
Take the Hiver road to Ladner ami
the Goudy road Bomb
Agents for Whalen Estate.
N-^w Westminster,
2 Lb?,
Apr.coir, pn- crate $1.20, '���'��� lb    for 2 i ���
1 Mu.:k  Mellons, each    luc
Water   Mellons,  each ���<��� *   :.(  '��� lc
Apples   3 ''.:- tor 25c
Lime and Crape Juice, per bottle
to  '   :"'*
(Successor to Ayling & Swiin.1
447  Columbia  St. Phone 98.
Want Soecial Ccar-I.
Ottawa, Aug. li. An apllcatl in f, r
a board of conciliation hns been made
to the labor departmenl hy the mechanics, numbering 160, employed by
the Quebec Central railroad at sherbrooke. to consider ihe dispute over
wanes and working conditions. Wh ���
will form the board has nol Mt been
Democrats Object.
Montgomery, Ala.. Aug. 12, Henry
I). Clayton, member of congress from
the third district of Alabama, was
named by Governor O'Neal late thli
ufternoon as United Slates senator to
(111 the vaeancv caused hv the death
of Senator Jos. !���". Johnston Mr
Clayton's commission wns delivered
to him shortly after 5 o'chick in the*
governor's office. Democrats nt Wai:
inglon object to his appointment.
iie Northwest Canada Trust com-
panj has li i the contracl for road;
construction through   lis   large   Bub-
'I ������.:���.: II ( li lie* UP , ;!.,., tOWHSltO,
south   of   till     Pltl    rlvi r     l*. ai       Mr.
Voung. Maillardville, the contractor,
has Btarted tie . hai*., * ami grading
work already,    i'he Illverton    estate
slopes to the ii. c r i: between th,.
cltj   limits ;i!,il  I rasi r Mill:-
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train and muke your
home at Crescent Beach  (Blaoklo Spit)   for thn summer months.
Train leaves nt 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after June 15, returning in
the  morning  in  time  for  business,    Crescent    Beach    nffords    ideal
conditions  for  summer homes, combining the  beat  of  bathing,  boat
Ing at all stages of tbe tide together With fine bench.    Artesian veil
water to all residents.    Let us show yuu this properly.
F. 1.
Established 1391.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile
Marino  Insurance.
Fast l'assenjjer Train Service by B. C. Klectric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
55B4k��ireds in Action-550


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