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The New Westminster News Jun 30, 1913

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 . -      ������*?*     .;
News Classified Ads.
Have  proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   fill
large   or   small   wants   at   small
Ceremony on July 3 Will
Mark Big Mile Post for
Flnt Unit of Actual Work on Harbor
Improvement 8cheme to Be Started
on That Date.
With the decision to drive the firs-
pile in the harbor improvements at 2
p.m. July 3 there come to a definite
point the efforts of the cily council,
assisted by the support of the citizens, to get under wuy a harbor
Bchome thai will eventually gain for
New Wes.minster the trade and commerce which are considered her right
us the only Britlsh/��Pacific fresh water
The passing of thc bylaw last summer for $500,000 to complete the llrst
unit was described as the parting of
lhe ways and, since that time oltliens
have waited anxiously to really see
some work done.
The biggest part of ihe work, however, has been done and, although    it
does not show on the surface, it was
vital to the success of the scheme.
Enviable Position.
The passing of the New Westminster harbor commission act, the order-
iii-council approving of the harbor line
and the granting of the foreshore
rights by the Dominion government,
together with the fact that the city
owns with a few exceptions all Ita
foreshore property, have placed New-
Westminster In an eviabte position.
This, however, haB taken months of
work and waiting, but not until every
thing along these lines was absolutely
settled, would the council consent to
eveu commence the great work.
This period, however, waa also devoted to other matters, so that, as
soon as the legal end waa attended
to the equipment necessary to carry
out the work, which wilt be done by
i'iy labor, wag on the ground ready
to start operations.
Tenders for   the   equipment   were
called  for. and    contracts    awarded
after careful consideration.
Mostly.Day Labor.
One of th# features of the scheme
is tbe decision of the councll\o carry
.uut 'he ipaiof portion ot the Drat unit'
by day tabor, outside' of the contract
awarded to Waugh, Melsner & Bailey
for the supply and erection of cedar
piles from Eighth street to ihe city-
market, the price being in the neighborhood of J100.000.
II Is this part of the work that will
be commenced on July 3. Thia is for
the purpose of extending Front streel
a distance of 117 feet Into the river.
making It a width of 192 feet.
It has been decided hy the committee, of which Alderman White Is
chairman, acting In Conjunction with
Harbor Knglneer A. O. Powell, that
as soon us u short disiance of this
work is completed by the contractors.
tiie cily will do their part, filling in
wiih sand and silt and constructing
the atone protection.
This part of the work is whnt Is dee-crib d aa section B, taking In lots 13
to lll'ii Inclusive, lying between
Lighth slre-ci and the city market Inclusive. The total estimated cost of
thlH portion Is $241,(100.
lt wub pointed out by Knglneer
Powell before tenders were asked foi
1'lulpiueul. ihat if the work wns to
be done economically the councll
would have to be prepared to do the
filling with a municipally owned plaat.
operated by day labor.
Iu order to give contractors an opportunity of demonstrating whether
Ihey could carry out the whole
scheme cheaper than the city could
do it by day labor, lenders wire cul!
ed for. Only ono firm sent In an estimate and the engineer did not recommend that  it  be accepted.
Tho board of trade and the Progres
alvo aaaoclation, following a meeting
of the harbor committee or Ihe council, ha've decided to ut once make the
necessary arrangements for a Suitable
ceremony to take place on the driving
ef the first Jlle on July 3.
Murdered by Her Mother Whose Husband   Alto   Is  Accused  of  Another  Killing.
Duke of Connaught's Term
as Governor General Is
Salt Lako City, Utah, June. 29 ���
That Frances Williams or Eknian, the
12-year-old girl found dead in a trunk
at Ogden yesterday, waa murdered
by her mother, Mrs. Augustus Kkman
is the conclusion cf the Salt Lake police tonight.
A pott mortem over the body of
the child, held here today, disclosed
the fact that she had not been assaulted  before being  put  to death.
This waB taken to confirm the story
which  the  mother  told,  accgrdiOJ to,
the     police,     that    Bhe    herself ire
chloroformed   Frances   to   pre�� Judg- i
L.   Anderson,     her    fort^ilri i.i'  tie*   W!*,���,   In-   i harge'u^ng
learning that rhe hadjfi likely to In- (grossly ill-treated  lh.
Will Ee Bast*" in Autumn���Hofrd Her
HlflhnM-f-* Wl�� B�� Well Eno^h
,Jf Accompany Him.
Ashcroft Potato Growing Dlttrict Organized to Market Product and
Prosecute  Fakirs.
Ashcroft, June 29.- In future those
dealers who make a practice of selling potatoes from the outside, labelled
with the- Aehwoft stamp to secure for
them a higher price, will find themselves up against a serious charge, lf
the newly formed Ashcroft Potato
Growers' association carries out the
intention for which it was formed.
... Recognizing that many dealers and
ilia excellencypemsumers  were  being victimized   by
received   a j uiecnipulouB    brokers    and    growers
Otlaw/J: ,-"""'    ***���
'he   p,'��0"ni8trator,    haa
kle, a student��� "E "���  ��*���* "'" huh* Ashcroft, a district which, by
nine   of   (on- | reasoi of its eoil aud climatic coudi-
I tlon, Ins brought tuber culture to a
���:r',r:r*:s��p*��- *" ��ten.um ofIUon. ���
governor gen-   high pout of excellence, the growers
child.     Thc   fact  tha^from the Unit   ' ry, No. 236 of No. 2 divM JTSl , h, of    lhls   locality  have organized an
ub insured   for $15' to increase our| juced as evidence of the 1    y ���__?!?; |a.ssocIatl<n which will market the en-
bad an influence, -nandlse  from  that  sault a broken pair of eye itlasi'
tire outpu of this district and which
111    Ull    ill I i ii'*i,v.:,    ;,aii',ir"-    iiv,,,,     ......    Viiuii    il    ni'meii    pan    "i    "..*-.     f''��".^^       , '  *- ~    "    �����������"   "'">.. .-.,.   **��,,.    ..ii.i.n
According to tl\u- we floated  loans : Iorn   and   bloody   shirt  and   exliimttr.-*1   "ill proceuite any person found Bell
ed iu largo part-f -J31.n00.0C0 in the
son arrived or ?'out 11.36 per cent.
Los Angeles/iecur'ties negotiated.
He ma./ledge rate of duty collected
cock, Mich., *cal year ending March,
for a reconcniortitlons of dutiable
arrived, Mrs. he l'nited States was
fesslon, murtSfi pi r cent., while bas-
glving her crW'x from that country-
body In a truniMe) it was lesi than
night In a localver than importations
in their room, tttn In spite of the ad-
den. Anderson \ the latter under the
was in the trunk-,
nbout   from   placeVpidlty with which
was arrested yestelof     manufactured
Mrs.   Ekman,   Int.ti d    States    Into
and  apparently ratlc| ondtb.e .-"��*!. .^..jly
these details without a Btglf of emo-1 Y
Anderson left Mrs. Ekman 14 years
ago In  Hancock, Mich., according tol
various   marks   and   bruises   ty
stateid were Inflicted by Curry.
it   hefting spuds   mder a spurious Ashcroft
There are-some things the Ashcroft
IN S��W$
ISiiatnct canttt raise, but one thing it
Province Goi
and    Westminster   Billed
r   ft* Pro.  Lacrosse Game*
in the Capital.
���nn produce almost to the point of
perfection & " . potato and this territory's t.ubT known from east to
wes-   so fjvc that   'he.Ashcroft
brand on a tvdd has come to mean
almost ai much as Manitoba No. 1
Hard on wheat.
In the pain, dealers who care nothing for -heir own reputation or their
customers' satisfaction have sold
hundreds of toiiB of potatoes grown
elsewhi tc on low, wet land under the
ABhcroft name and so extensive has
this praeSice developed that it has
threatened to ruin the buslntar of the
bona fide Ashcroft producers. In several cases outside growers have been
Westminster and Vancouver la- known to ship their potatoes to Ash-
Mrs. Kkman. to escape arrest after icrcsse t��J|" will play rour games It) | croft and from there bill them to the
killing "an Irishman." A year later | Victoria vhis season another Bxture .coast bo thnt their agents In the coast
Mrs. Ekman met eCIorge Williams. He beI��S addr'�� . '"e "J* ����� "-"urday, I citieB might be able to show bills to
left her after Frances was bom. Foiir!when the preffiwr. *-<r JUgM-TO Mc- ��� the wholesale buyers and thus secure
years ago she married Augustus Ek-1 Bride, came through with an offer of the higher price paid for the product
man, although Bhe was not divorced I gold medals to the wlnnlna team In ! from this district.
from Anderson.   Eknian, now In Kein- jan exhibition game to be played dur-1    In order to put a stop to such prac-
ing carnival week in the Capital City, jtices the growers In this section have
following   a consultation   between [formed the Ashcroft Potato Growers'
Managers Gifford and Jonea in Vic-��� association.   This organization's sackB
torla on Saturday afternoon, It was ��'1U hold every apud grown in the dls
Tallest Policeman in Canada
DropsvDead at Regina���
No Foul Play.
Ancient   Foes  Meet  in   Peace   Where
Half Century Ago the Guns of
Battle Roared.
Gettysburg, l'a., June 29.���Gettysburg stepped 50 years backward tcday
into the halo of history  and looked
New Westminster Near Top
of List in Interorban Elec-
���     trie Tftffic-
Was  21   Years  Old,   Six   Feet   Eight  again upon an army  of blue and an
army of gray,  meeting at her    door
and a Half Inches In Height and
Still Climbing.
Itegina, June 29.���John Johnston,
the tallest policeman in Canada, was
found dead on his beat at an early
hour thl3 morning. Brain trouble
wub evidently the cause of death.
There Is no suspicion of foul play.
The deceased stood six feet eight
and one-half  inches  In  his  stocking
step. From>arly morning until long
after sundowij the veterans In blue
and gray trooped into the little town
which has slept peacefully among Its
hills since Lee and Meade turned
tlieir legions southward long ago.
Four    Hundred    and    Seventy-seven'
Trains Dally at Columbia Street
Kour hundred and seventy-aeve.n in-
More  than  30  special  trains came  texurban trainB lea*** and arrive at tfie
Into the village during the day    and ;n\ Westminster depot of the B. C.
SfKSfifc?  ltteranV V,;h��   ^^  ����� ����� "cry 24 hours.   Figure cut jwt
up from tlle    Shenandoah    on    their !..... ���...
former visit rode in comfort from what that means. Calculate how ninny
HarriBburg, Baltimore and Washing- ipassengers are carried each day on,
fe.-t and i�� he vir onlv '1 v..-i*���** ..lil i,on- 'nBtead of the roar of guns that jthosc* cars,
was s IH growing He had ton in greeted them to *�� ��lher ****���>��� the* Ncw WeBtmlnst-ar. with a popula-
Uegln^one month to 'a day, coming i entered in the unlet Sunday calm of to of JO 000 ia the fourth eft, ox,
from  Londonderry,  Ireland.    Kor  the  a c����n"->- t��w<->- * ,h* Am,er'ca,n ,C0"t^nt WllC!li,ntfr-
past three weeks he had been a mem- ;    Augustus    Brown,     of     Uvermore :"ba" �� f���ctrlc tra"'c '? TfT** j��l
ber of the local force and had become i F*����. Maine, was the first veteran to i?'*"anpaol'8Uvco���f "r8t' M *�� ^
a prime favorite with his comrades.! die on the field.    He was taken aud- I��aJ2?.ai^JS? 5.ll?^6*? *",���"^
Sergeant Roche, in the course of his ! denly ill late today and died juat as : b>  ���� h���dre.'L *h��uBan7d"- ' _
rounds met the deceased at 2:30 Sun-   an   army   surgeon   reached   his   side.   ..*"e. **00*e "Bureb, r,it irfuna ��rery
The heat probably hastened his death.   da>; does "��   lnclud�� fre,Sht. en��re��*
  motors  and  locomotives,  nor dees  Jt
1 include city cars; juat interurban traf-
RATEPAYERS ONLY      f;'���= -~
Pernaps the featureline of the entire system    is    the Chilllwack-New
day morning. Johnston was then In
the best of Bplrlta and made the remark to the sergeant that he had gained nine pounds bince coming to Regina. Oue hour later Conrtc.ble Clews,
whose beat adjoins that of JohnBton.
Btuinbled across the body ot the dead
officer lust outside the ball park on
the north Bide.
mer, Wyo., says the woman had told
him Anderson had murdered a mnn
in  Michigan.    Anderson denies tbls.
* TO Kill IHEM
decided to play the game on Wedneaday, August 6
trlct and shlppedout of It and they
wlll be Btampe-fe ac-tfordlngljj,    while
It is expected that Victoria will bqltts agents whMvor the product  is
crowded during Carnival    week   and |"��W will keep *olose cf* on the mar
meeting of the two coast teams fcettor colhterfeltB. th< Aiglnators
give eaBtern and American vial- lot "hich wlll be prosecuted as far as
.  -. -_ ._ ii -i.i o. . . thn law wiH nermlt .....   ���*���     *,*,.-
Automobile  Stopc on  Railway Track
and Two Are  Killed When Express Comes Alonfl.
Snohomish.   Wash.,    June    29. -An
autotnoblle contauilng seven men be- i
came stalled on the Northern I'acific I
track  at the Second  avenue otoSBlng
today and, while the men were still in j
the   car.   a   train   struck   It,   InBtanth
killing   Ben   Hennlng.  a   logger,   aged
Sf,.  and   liert  Carson  Wells, aged 25.
Aihcrl Michael, the chauffeur, was severely   cut,  and   Prank   Morgan  sustained   two   broken   ribs.     The   other
three men were unhurt.
Ili'tinlng leaves a wife and the
Children, and a wife and oue child
survive Wi lis.
The street had been closed i'or repairs, bul Michael says he did not
observe the obstructions. He drove
Into the Obstacles and his engine went
dead. Before the men could get OUl
of the car a train bore down on them.
tore a chance to get tx (lne an Western Canad��'a summer ���seatlme:
Thc   premier   was   an    Interested
spectator of Saturday's game In V'c
tha law will permit.
The assyimton wm commence ty
wnrlt with Uie*l��l3 cr&J>, all of whlc'
wlll he sacked and sold under Its bu
s*-.��.-^Txhi = of -the rffi^-i^jrsi-rs1 a k*s
F0H IHK WORK ( kn      ;l |,ra
'ser valley branch.
Built at a  cost of over $3.5-<K).*8<k'.
 i this line is the longest tramline in the
Dominion and one of the longest op
Italians Discharged   from    Kingsway  eratcd by an Iriclmdual compsuy od
n    ,       . L      j _        ..    ��    ,        i th-e continent.
Paving Job and Burnaby  Real-       |    opened to traffic in October. 1910.
the B. G, IC. R. operated the twu-car
traln Bervlce for some little time. It
  was not long, however, until tbe pnt-
1&0 men wanted.   Ratepayers only.' ron age  demanded  a  bettei*   serrice.
Apply   to   Canadian   Mineral   Rubber  Three-car  trains were operated am*
Escaped   Inmate   of  Mental   Hospital  company.    Signs bearing these words t0<ia>' evcn five-car trains are making:
' were displayed in several    parts    of ithu trif over tbe e* mfIea ��* tra'*
Burnaby early Saturday. which  separaUa    New    Weitniioster
dents Get a Chance.
Supposed to Have Drowned Himself at Wenatchee.
Leaving a note on the Columbia
river bridge at Wenatchee, Washington, addressed to hla wife, Mra. Dora
Green. Victoria, to the effect that he
intended jumping In the river. Daniel
Green, an escaped inmate of the New
Vfettmtniter asylum, baa diaappear-
������aa* and Do.trace fa* be found ol hlta
*��mrr ,.  .       .       .. ���      _.     .
It  Is   the  outcome   of  the  proteBt j
and Chilliwack.
Last Sunday, for example, no leas
than 1900 people were carried on Use
ing work and a later decision of (tolgT.W **���*.-* ���*-**
.������_.., .��� ,ii������,...��� ��# ii. u���...i,....  time when no celebrations or Unwa
made by ratepayers that Italians were
being employed on tbe Kingsway pav
third  quarter.
In the special box set apart for the
provincial party sat Mayor Gray, T.
Gifford. M.L.A., Acting Reevo Fau Vel.
of Burnaby, W. Dltchburn and several
���-In r well known lacrosse enthusiasts
cf the province.
to 107 ponnds and sold at 100 pounds
to allow- for shrinkage.
Wrapped   Eread   ImpoMibfe  Till   Machine is Perfected���A. L. Lavery
Eaek  From the East.
company  to  dispose  of itB  Southern
European tabor.
While more than this number are
yet out of employment, cauaed by the
curtailment of all municipal work, the
effect of the new order W things ta
thought to bt a   Messing   to   many
*\t*r lAlijWwp heglwilng to feel
mfagt*>��tal bosirttal   about   tour tte ��toch STSerr wage eaSnerrime-
montht'wttfp he disappeared.    Laat
\^tcne^thrtaOreeTeiaad In 'thant'wefek that the Canadian Mineral Rub-Viicith; *��t 5i ��mpaay otteved to
niw^ anfbr Doh��tT wT^d tt.e au ,*�� company had refuted to pay their lmak�� a trial ot 1ft for two w**�� at
place and Dr Doherty wirea tne au ,mcn but thJg wag ,atcr flenied Ma'*ieMt, eowmenetag flfflrl. NeirtTo.Br-
tnoruies to aeiamnim explained to a   News   representative dav the flrat car bnt of Chiniwartt
Travelling Guard J. :Fraser j^f this     * who)e ,n    the  ^ lEave        . ^   ^^^  ^ ^
city, was   hen Bent  o bring him back, sub-contracting  firm    to express freight train.    This will  mu
but the  United States authorities re-'co * A���   upM| Ju]y ]5 ^^j ft(. ^h^^, ,B
fused to turn  lum jw.    Green was UabilttlC8 of the snialler firm were  BUfflclent, CWIllw^k and intMrenins
released as It  was    found    that     he i       * up t (he Kubbe]. conipaI,y with 'points will havo three extra limirsr to
the   result   that every   - '      '������  '   " "���"   '"*' "   "'   v""'   lv��""";"--
were close at hand.
Tbe other Ohf the residents or Chilliwack asked Intemrien Maoscer
Purvis of this city to come oet and
see them. They Wanted an addHfrnnV
tr��te, leaving CWWarack eariy in
nes8l'l"'J*B_.  .    _...        _,T
A  rumor  galued  ground  late    laat Whts"^ "mS'V *****- ��W ��������
Thousands of Dollars Found on Nine
Men Arrested for Betting.
Seattle, June 29.���Nine men were
arrested Saturday afternoon at the
Dugdale baseball park and taken In
the   patrol  wagon    to  the    city    jail
where    charges    of    gambling-   were If^Xg day ttL "Stowi'teSd."���  ��������rs ,'ias >-, i,  <������-'���    ������'������*������   ';   :' ' '   <U^
lodged  against  them   as  a   result  of rgEJen   ,f fB��� ttd, was committed ."ePt at wort
order  of  the  superintendent  at
asylum was not BUfflclent authority to
hold  him  In  the  I'niled  States.    The
anything coming  from    the    grading,ter,  quite  an  addition,  especially of-
Tor any Thomas Bdlson who will Invent an economic broad wrapping ma-
_,,.,..      , chine lhere awaits a fortune, accord-
Du I In Montreal. lng to A. L. Laverv. jutt returned from
Montreal, June as.���A one point tha ,,n[Uml convention of the Makers
rise In C, I'. It. and some liquidation Bnd CakamakBrs' association of Can-
of Quebec railway, which curried the L^ hol(1 roct,niIv In Toronto, where
price at one time to a new low ror tin ;,-.,,, f|U(,sllon (:f I)1Itti���K pil,,er wrappers
year of 108%, were the only feiitiireHon all bread delivered was discussed
Of a perfunctory session of the Mont | At pre8sn| Bnch a machine ls In use
real stock exchange Suturdav. Hut hut it will only handle a one size loaf
fur a turnover of about 500 shares in lllmi |8 V(,,.y expensive, coating $1250
lhe low priced traction issue, tlie com What the bakers want is one which
mission business for the day would !n-||| wrap lonvrs of all shapes and un-
huvc bten the lightest so far this year, lil the advent of such a piece of ma-
('. P, H. was the only other Issue toichlnery tho paper covering will nol
give a Ihree figure total, and less than he practical, according to the opinion
lie   Issues,   including     stocks,     botieU |of the convention.
alleged betting on lhe came. All or
the raid victims were released on bail
with the exception of one who was
allowed liberty on his personal recop
nliance. The cases will be heard
Monday morning.
This is the first time in Ihe history
of the city that arrests have been
made as a result of wagers laid on tbe
result of a ball game.
The money found on the persons of
those arreBt, d when they wire searched at police headquartrs ran Into
thousands of dollars.
Several of the victims of the raid
declare they will employ attorneys
and light  their cases.
Montreal's Big Amusement Place Destroyed Saturday Night���Gasoline Torch Did It.
Montreal, June 20. Dominion park
Montreal's Cone- Island, was partially
destroyed by fire Saturday night.
Thirty thousand people witnessed the
flames ent tholr way through half it
dozen concessions- In one of the mosl
spectacular conflagrations seen here
in  yeurs. '
Owing to low water pressure, the
fire practically burned Itself out. Tugs
nnd fire fighting apparatus were present hut powerlens.
The fire was caused by the overturning and explosion of n gasoline
lurch and the loss Ib estimated nt
I ^	
Oitdlek Is (low Mr. Umps.
Portland. Ore.. June 29. President
Fielder Jonea today announced the
appointment of Harry Ostdlek, former
manager of the Spokane team, to umpire In the Northwerprn league, buc-
ceding Tom Nordy: f, resigned
nnd unlisted securities
setiied In tlie Hading.
No Turmoil In London.
London, June 2!l. -The Block
kel was qulel Saturday. The absence
of failures during lhe settlement induced fair Investment buying In Hrli-
luh sccurltloB and consols closed
higher. National Hallway of Mexico
shares ndvancid on bear covering
and Purls supported Iti favorites.
\ii-.eticnn stocks opened steady and
higher, Trading was quiet until the
last half hour when prices reacted r.
fracilon under realizing. The cloning
was steady with Atchison )4 helow
and the roBt ol the list from l,4 lo ���%
above parity.
were    lepra I     Mr. Lnvery waB honored by his 111"1!
fellow members and was elected fourth
! vice-presidenl   of   Hie   Dominion   or-
jganlzntii'ii.    While In the east lie vls-
miir llttd Quebec,  Montreal, Toronto, l��n
Ho Was Crannied.
Fort Stevens, Ore., June 2D.- Following (lie coroner's verdict at Ho-
iiilnm Sulurday morning thai I'te J.
S, Crawford, government witness in
polldtUg sedition cascB here, had heel*
strangled to death before heing thrown
'to i iin* hay, a vigorous Investigation
>f the care Iihb begun. A civilian
tailor named Vo,:el was Placed under
���'inst  by  tin   commanding   officer,
Col, Slrnith. Later he was released
nem'liig (he Issuance of i warrant,
ind took advantage of his freedom to
Christian  Scientists Meet,
Portland,    Ore.,    June 211.���In the
presence of 10,000 people the second
world'B  Christian  Science conference
opened this afternoon In Multnomah
stadium. The session will continue
for eight days.
don. Winnipeg, Chicago and olher
Me nlso was one of S00 delegates lo
the C. Oi F. annual tmwtlng held In
London, Out The Btauding of thlr
Hoclety, Mr. Lnvery reports as excellent; there is $4,600,000 In the treasury nnd the membership lolala 75,000
The InteroBl on this Immenso capital Ib sufficient to pay all death dues.
FInanolal conditions, Mr. I^ivery
snya, are mutual throughout the entire Dominion and also in the
Dn'ted States. Money Is rather Bcarce
In many places more no than here
but everywhere the Inpe of u change
for the better Ib maintained.
Lruqhee-) Denies.
Calgary,  June  29���Senator i,oug
heed Ihls evc'ilne denied the stite
m-jnt by If. IL Illiu-ens. that
hnd linen no npreeinenl between hlm
���md Sir floorr"1 lloss ns fo Ihe passing
���f the na"al bill through thn aemte.
Stevens' rtory was of a dissension
between Lanrler. Dandurand nnd Bfitf
ns to the passage of thn bill nnd the
threnf of Sir Wilfrid to resign. Mr.
Lourheed flayB Sir George had no
agreement to pass the bill.
Titanic Criticism Ends Hio Career in
London. .lune 29.-Joseph Brace Is-
tnnv, survivor of the Titanic disaster,
will retire tomorrow from the position
of managing director cf the While
Star line nnd president of the International .Mercantile Marine company.
\ctunlly the Changs In management
took place soma time ago, as Ismay,
hewed beneath the weight of criticism |
heaped upon hlm following the wreck
of the Titanic, has for minlliB taken
Mule   part  In  the  nctivo direction  ofj
the grent Atlantic line
Much Milk Carrfecf.
,    ,,.,.     u ���..,���.,���-;;,..     .*.*... lum     ai:,-r   ~ ' Approximately    7400    gallons    of
, , i, , in l 111 is w fe   who was sir R'=hard Will Be There. 'mi!k and cream are brought from tber
threatening to k.i   h s wire,    no was     gM       Jwa ..,y___An ttI.rangern,nts Fraser vaMey cvery day for COBSaB3p,
saved by her sun ns Green hail raised ^^ conipl,.u,d for ���le Im,etlnB  UoI)  ,���  tniB city anll Vancouver,    to
an axe to stnke lier. ^ i()f tfae  rv-HtJona| conference of Cbari-  addition to tbis, two through expreh-i-
ties and Corrections, which will con- trains are being operated eadi way
'vene here Saturday for an eight days' dally between Ohllliwaek. New We-rt-
Isession. Leaders of the conference , mlnstet and Vancouver foi Cie haucf-
[ assert that, with the opening of the; ling of garden truck and perishable
I Panama canal, the Pacific coast will I products. New WeBtmlnster, nftKa
Till CAI) FDIIirF have to deal with this problem. Gov- well established market and wftfi-
N All niK rKAWLL eruors Oswald West, of Oregcn, and I plans for an even better one, will
kjnil.   I VII   ��"r,"v"-:|,.rM8t   Ugleri   of   Washington,     and   look to the Fraser valley for produce,..
  ; Premier Sir IHchard McBride, of Brit- The  farms up  the valley urea -ret*-.
' | Ish Columbia, are expected to attend'lew   In   imml-r   comparcil   tufh    In
Negro  Pugilist  Wlll  Try  and   Recu-land take part lu the discussion.
perate   His  Purse  in   Europe���
Canada Looks On.
The  man  who  was  called   upon   to,      '   h  fi>   lof0'm  s\IH,,Mnell    ,���
choos,,   between   11 ��   and   den th    and I ,tM)j    ���e (1(iclam, tha, ,���. w011
whore choice of life brought down
upon him |Iio ersoratlon of millions-
including, in all probability, many
who would have acted exactly aB he
did���IS 60 ye>nrs old. lie comes of a
family long prominent In shipping
circles. He nierrled an American woman, Julln Schleffelln, ahOUt 26 yearn
igo and h:is two sons nnd two daughter', it Is slated Hint he Intended to
retire tomorrow, nnd h'ul nnnounend
his Intention, some mouths before the
Titanic disaster.
During the lart vcu- nf Isnriy's man-
���"imrcent lhe dividends pnld by the
White Star lhi" imnunted to only :10
per cent, la 1911 the companv nald
1,erc 1 dlvideitii of 00 per cent., hut the loas
of tlm Titanic and tha withdrawal of
the Olympic for repairs, together with
labor troubles reduced the profits to
����� mere SO per cent, on the share capital. At their Inst reetlng the dime-
tors pi'reil n resolution In which thev
referred "with regret" to Mr. lsmay's
Impending retirement.
The Pfsnk Proke.
Moose Jaw, June 29.���A. Droken-
shlre. n Bteel worker, was almost Instantly killed Saturday In the power
house when a plank on which h* was
working broke. letting hlm fall 40 feet
to tho concrete floor.
Liberal Win*.
Hanley, Sask., June 29.���Macbeth
Mnlcolni, the Liberal candidate, waa
elected over T. J. lljorndahl. Conservative, Saturday by a malorltv of 400.
In the general election of 1912. J. W.
MacNell, Liberal, was returned by a
majority cf 430.
Montreal, June 29.���Jack Johnson,
the negro pugilist, accompanied hy his
white wife, sailed for Havre on the
Allan Hue Steamer Corinthian at 3
o'clock this morning. Johnson hoarded the Steamer al 9 o'clock last evening In the presence of the Canadian
Immigration officials who win watch
his progress Europsward until ho is
beyond their jurisdiction.
Jusl before going aboard the Corinthian, Jobnton reiterated tha declaration that he had no intention o!
lumping his ball bond In Chicago and
was going to Kurope merely to roll Is
trials. He declared that he would be
on hand when his appeal la urgned in
The pugilist took with him two
automobiles, n limousine and a high
power touring car.
u'l-enge.    More produce should  m��xo
bettfr rates and bettor transportatiiin
rates should mean a praB."rt(-.-:-itojt"r;
dilution In  the  price <** p.-odusc.
And Still Growing.
But to get back to New Westminster.    Few  people realize tbo number
e-r cars  which  enter and  make Uteir
,   ,, , , i ��� exit from the Columbia slreet depot
held at bay by timber wolves for three  TheM ��� ��� md,^-,,,, tUat ���e^re*
days and liter two ol the, party were U, haB ��� th��� numbe(. "J
drowni'd ln  muskeg.    Ihey  had  IIred |  t���cll t;lc 600 marfc
Mr. Brown Tells It.
HatlLford, Sask.. June 29. ��� Mr.
Brown, from Meadow Lake, arrived
in town yesterday and reports that a
party of four government surveyors,
working 36 miles north of here, were
And the end its net yet   Owing to
Walt for Them to Die.
Saskatoon, June 29. Uev. Wylie C.
Clark In Knox church today in hiB
sermon said: "As far as unanimous
ehurch nnlnn poes. I om sorry, but 1
do not think we are any nearer to It
thnn we were seven or eight years
ago. If union Is to come, our only
course Is to allow the split in the
Presbyterian church to tike place and
go ahead and form the united church
with Ihe hope lh"t those who refuse
tn |oln us now will do so lo;��r. Otherwise we must Ifiy to the Methodists
ind ('-mg'egntlon-illsts. 'lie natlent for
10 vcti Ic'rnr till tlie older opponents die off.'"
all their ammunition and were unable !
to repulse the wolves until relieved th��� financial etrtagency. it la Hoibt-
by ihe halfbreed who brought In the ril, wheth8r anything will be door to
bodies of the victims. | connection   with   the  propos-wl    Mn*.
 ' I Coqultlam-Pert Moody line UUm y**nr;.
Bob Burman Breaks Record. hut  the   movepept  is on  foot     Mev
Portland, Ore., June 89.���Bob Pur-1 Westminster and��h�� terrltorr afTectml'
man today broke hia own world's are hot on the tn�� tee thi* Ifae to b��
record for oue mile on a dirt oval, I built. The compeajr may aay "Show as
making the distance In 4S.1 seconds. | the settlement and we will taild tin
The nutoist's previous best record lino." The (ettleftenC i�� Seinx trtaut**
was 48.68 seconds, made at Brighton j already. Coquitlaii is growfn-g atmad-
Beach, September 2, 1912. The track illy ami so Is Port Moody. The on-Mat the Country club, where the races pany's franchise with the BurNBtry--aaa-
were held, was In perfect shape when tilelpallly require* ft to constract one
Burman made hie record-breaking tnlle of track along the North ma* towards Burqunltlam. That arts ��l
track will take It'past the KniOi
Another One Called.
Washington. June 29.���Further sensations lu the senate's lobbv Investigation were foreshadowed today when
It became known tbat a subpoena had
bi-.il served upon Martin M. Mulhiill,
of Baltimore, reported to hnve been
for many years   the    active    "field
dash. Burman'B record was made in
n trial sanctioned by thc A. A. A. and
is therefore official.
Dolphin Rune Aground.
Seattle, June 29.   -The Bteel BttSjn-
croBslng. which' appears to be thu
stumbling block jnst nt the prwietui.
time. Once at Burqultlam. thei Uae tu
Coquitlam  Ib said to offer little
ship Dolphin, or the Alaska Steamship n0 engineering difficulties. More line*
company, which left here Friday night |�����n �������� o*""9,and more ears meni
for Skagway. went ash,ire at 12:40 this
morning near Alert Bay, B.C. Th
only Informal!* A received from thr
Dolphin was contained in a v.-ire'.esi
message lo lh" company which snld
all the 153 passengers, many of whom
were eastern tourists, were taken off
by the C. P. R. steamship Princes-?
May -Officers of the company mid
the Princess May had landed (he Dol
"hln's passemgers st Alert Hay, ns It
is believed the Dolphin could be floated undamaged and thev would continue their Journey northward.
mor"  business  for the merchants *&
N'ew Westminster In particular.
P.iware of Folding Betfa.
Toronlo. Juno 29. -Mrs. Fred
' eiiion, 37- years did. died today, tol-
wlng nn accident Which oixurrwl
hree   weeks   ago.    She  sustained  a
-actiire nf the spine when the toM-
'tig hed lu whieh she waa Ijrlnfi start
up accidentally.
At White Reek.
Wh'te Rock. June 29    Dnrfac ***?
summer  months    regular
���oncrts wlll be given by tbe ]
Tenth   In   a   Month. .
Moose Jaw, June 29.--The homo of
J. A. Maharg was entered by burglars I it  the  new open-air    theatre
last    night    and cash  and  valuables Two  concerts will be given <
taken.    No arrests have bean  made, minion day.   Yesterday
agent" and  lobbyiat of the National This Is tho tenth robbery here this and this afternoon
Association of Manufacturers.
I month.
was given.
jA*-i2**m*******4w *��E TWO
MONDAY, JUNE *C- 1913-
siege of Fort Erie, and after a desperate conflict were on the point of success, when an explosion killed a large
number and forced a retreat.
An indepentlt
Fraxcr Valley
nt morning poper devoted to the tnter:its ef Sew Weetmlneter riittl
Published every ttiorniii0 except Sunday uu the. Sational PHntinp
ami rrxblisliine Company, Limited, at 63 UcKeniie street. Sew Westminster. British
tttohxmhia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All commutitcufiotis should he nddiTs.wcd lo The Sew Weetmlneter Sews, and not
tn -tiattwittital members of th* staff. Chceues, drafts, and money orders should bc made
m-***-ble tti  The Sational Printing and Publishing Company,  Limited.
TRLltrHOSES���Bueinees Office ond Manager, 999,* Editorial Rooms (all depart
tl, SSI.
eCHtxClllPrWS RATEB���By carrier, tl per year, $1  for three months, lie per
Bu -mail, $3 per year, 26c per month.
ADVBRTIBINQ KATES on opplloatfon.
A terrible railroad accident, one of
the worst in Canadian history, occurred forty-nine years ago yeBterday, when a train ran off a bridge at
St. Hllalre. Blghty-three persons
were killed and about 200 more or less
seriously injured.
Yesterday was the birthday or John
Veo, long a member or the Dominion
onate,  at   Fort   Hill,   Prince   Edward
Island, 1S87,
Following  the  announcement  that  the   Okanagan
growers are organizing to market their products and the
move in the Praser valley along similar lines, comes word
from Ashcroft that the men who are 1
Ashcroft potato have launched the Ashcroft Potato Grow
ers' association with two objects in view.   The first is
to procure the best possible handling  of the  Ashcroft
spud, so that it will reach the buying centres at the right
time and the second is to protect the growers and the pub-
lie alike from the practice of conscienceless dealers in putting the Ashcroft label on inferior grade tubers.
Aside from the ordinary interest taken in such an organization, it has more particular bearing at the present
on the Fraser valley and the men who are working for centralization and unity among the growers in this fertile
Reports from the upper country state that already
'the benefits from similar work there are making themselves felt, while the Ashcroft growers anticipate a vast
improvement in conditions on the potato market when
the newly formed association there has a chance to demonstrate its ability.
These facts and the eagerness of the Fraser valley
growers to organize should have the desired affect on the
provincial government with whom h request has been
lodged for assistance in the work of getting the best possible results 'out of the thousands of fertile acres along
the Fraser river.
* General
, 1114th   :
An aviator named Frank Clifford is going to try a
flight across the Atlantic, using frozen petrol for his engine. The congealed fuel will come in handy to keep his
Siead cool in case of accidents.
Inspects   Militia   Brigade   at
s   from   Sidney     where    lhe
id   other   regiments     are     in
eanip  state  that   lhat   the   inspection
and review took place Friday hy Gen,
sir Ian Hamilton, who arrived at 10:no
with his stair In three autos rrom  Victoria.     The   starr   includes   Col.   Sim
Hushes. Col. Maddock. Col. Hick, Col.
sponsible for the Bott,   Lleut.-Col.  J.  D,  Taylor,  Col.
Mas.   Mnclnnalil,   Capt.     Moore    and
I.lent. Treesdale.
The   fil'St  is      <)n   arrival   the   brigade   presenti-d
I arms and the band saluted,    ('.eneral
'Hamilton  then  Inspected the brigade,
'which inarched past, saluting as they
j passed Ihe saluting point.   The movements were well executed In spite ol
uneven ground and other natural dis-
| advantages.    AHor a rest  the  troops
marched out to attack a position held
hv a eupnosed enemy.   They advanced   in   open   order,   the   Highlanders
leading.     Major   Satter   seemed     repulsed when the other regiments advanced, and the whole brigade charged and carried the position.
General   Pleased
Oeneral     Hamilton       subsequently
made an informal speech to the offi-
rers,   shaking  hands  with   them  and
chatting with those who had seen active  service.    As  tn the  manoeuvres,
he said they were interesting anel on
the  whole well    carried    out.    "The
Highlanders,"  he  said,  "were  a  little
too   impetuous,   but    Highlanders   on
previous occasions had gone  forward
too  far."    lie  complimented  the sig-
���lallers and Warned them they should
keep under cover.    As  to ceremonial
parades be said  Hint  it  was hardly a
lair test, as lie- would not review militia  camps  nt.  home on  the  first  day
of camp.   The march past he described as very good.
He left in the afternoon for Victor-
All the men are in good health.
TEA reaches you
just as it left the
Gardens of Ceylon,
with its fragrance
and flavor
In Scaled Lead Packets Only.
Black, Green and  Mixed.
I., Alexander for the reclslon of agreements to purchase several lots at Port
Mann, on grounds of alleged misrepresentation, was concluded before Mr.
Justice Murphy in the supreme court
Friday afternoon. HIb lordship, In
reserving judgment, intimated that he
had already made up his mind upon
the case, but owing to the certainty
that an appeal would he made by
whichever side loat, he had decided
lo Becure a transcript of the evidence
and give his reasons for Judgment In
No Treasury Notes.
The suggestion that the city give
treasury notes lu payment of the
$1,(100,00(1 worth of paving lo be carried cut this year received Its quietus
at the meeting of the finance committee Krlday when Alderman Hepburn stated that on no account would
contractors be paid for their work In
this way. Providing that they will
put up a bond to do the work when
the city can raise the money on its
bonds, Hie Columbia Bltulithic company, ****j-���*% was the lowest tenderer,
he award in a number
racts. iVhich will amount to
over 800,000 forypavcnie|Ui j��� many
parti0' ,lle r,lv-     V
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
The Nerv---
Tcmas .1.  llraden, lat!
. or,,  was    an    unsuccesi
- -  I ypterday  In    an Interest!
(.ttr North Vancouver pn
Provincial  Authorities Claim Juriadlc-,(,,,,    wbo  eight   years
deposit on a $180 pnrchas'
asked the court to declare th.
Mrs. Sarah A. Mcl.agan are
Capital paid up
neterve Fund -
Total Assets -
tion Over Sand Banks���Stolen
From the way the Terminal Town is blowing about the
population given her in the last issue of the directory, the
ordinary man is led to ask in what part of Greater Vancouver British Columbia lies.
Milk that keeps sweet will be the product of a factory likely to locate here in the near future. If somebody
will perfect a process to prevent the milk of human kindness from going sour it will help a lqt.
Fire Ranger Reported Drowned is Safe
and  Sound
Vancouver, June 110.    To   hear   the
distinction   or    having    an     obituary
printed about him while him while he
; Ib  still  In   the   land  or  the   living  is
'*���" experience of a fire ranger named
i Tln-rpp rf the Tele .lauiie Cache dlB-
'triet, who it. was feared, had lost his
j life in a boating accident while follow-
* Ing   his   employment   two   weeks   ago.
Announcement of his surety was received at the provincial inspector's oMce
An  empty canoe, identified as that. | rled  until  near ready  for trial,  when
belonging  to Thorpe,  was discovered ; a special motion was made lo appoint
Vancouver, June 22.���The pevincial
government claims the Meshore
rights cf Spanish Hank and wishes to
fight out the question will the Dominion government in he higher
courts. Hon. \V. ,1. Bowsir, attorney
general, said yesterday tiat tbe federal authorities bad no -ight to giv
an exclusive lease of th' property t(
the Silica Sand and Gt-fVel coinpam
which is seeking to obtiin an injur.,
tion from Mr. Justice Murphy restraining Messrs. Champion ii White
taking sand therefrom His linn will
withdraw from the solic'torship for
the plaintiff company, and he himself
"ill take sides with Messrs. Ohamplon
& While.
Building   Permits.
Aboul $14,0(111 over the to'.al of last
week, but rnurh below the ��;arli
a million dollar usual week'v s-?nr��-
gate, permits to the total ��f $68,085
were Issued by the I ulldlnc tlenart-
ment during Ihe past w^ek. Last
week the amount wns n little over
$44,000. More than the usual number
of permits were nsked /or, but the
value of no Bingle one of them. wa3
Appoint Arbitrator.
Judgment has heen handed down hv'
Mr. Justice Murohy in the cas ��� of C
F. Jackson vs. the City of North Vancouver, ln which his lordBhip grant
ed the request to appoint an arbitrator to assess the damages done to
the plaintiff's property on Fifteenth
street, North Vancouver, by reason cf
cutting down the street for Ihe purpose of krading it. The action was
entered on  October 12.  191*.'. nnd car-
C. A.  BOGERT, General Manager.
Newport, Wash
was burned
stroped In
v ister
match 7
that a tl
horse  tied
badly  that
new one. was OUI
or Ihe engineer Ci
a hard light to exlia
and save the engino.
Collections A Specialty
The Dominion Bank has exceptional facilities for making
collections���not only-in Canada   but in a'l parts ot the world.
Complete list cf Branches and correspondents furnished
A former Brazilian president, Dr. Salles, has
died at Sao Paulo, Brazil.   It comes as a relief to read of
one of those southern country builders shuffling off peacefully "r.i bed without the assistance of a revolution.
The driving of the first pile in the harbor improvement work is to be preceded by a luncheon.   The joint
���committee in charge of the arrangements believe that men
always feel better after a square meal and the cei
following should be carried off with a maximum of en
uti -side down on the Fraser river alter
a i pell ol rough weather, and, as no
Unt Immediate response was given to the
��� nqutrlea thai were set afinot regarding the missing man. it was included
that he had perished. Accordingly
"onl was jent down tn headquarters
that the tint tragedy in the provfiiclal
governmenl ron*.*: Bervlce bad opour-
n d.
\ communication was received from
ot of the rangers in the Tit, Jaune
Cache territory 'hat Thorpe, who was
fit and wi 11. hnd reported the loss ol
.'lllfiny 'ii-* canoe. It was not stated how the
incident happened or whether Thorpe
was In the boat at Ihe time or not.
A few San Francisco women have been
chance to keep an eye on their worse  halves
offered a
who   use
""lodge flight" as. a cloak for poker games and grape juice
3&K.sions. The ladles have appreciated the value nf the opportunity and 2U0 of them have rushed for the three jobsl-shape or three parks, tin. purcha
school sites anil contributions ii
erne*, as policewomen.'
' The railway commission is going to force railway com-
��� panics to carry trunks containing wearing apparel by
j freight. This looks like a solution of the exec
t problem, but if the commission will only set a time limit
it will ensure the delivery of "freightized" baggage before
othe gowns in it become a couple of seasons out of style.
Tlie American ambassador to Britain, Walter Page,
having the same trouble in London that an / family man
ixperiences on moving to a strange town.   When Walter i-
not busy reading the "Hou.-e to Let" signs ii  the daily pa
per:--,, be is tramping the streets looking for
residential flagpole on which to drape the
Stripes.   Meanwhile the hotel bill's running up.
���.:' Canadians
vanlagi   mi  tli
Iccnl nei of faith on t'i'* p irl "f i h ���
Canadian Dominion," while the promoters and builders were praised ae
bavlng oomph I. d  "W iv II a  few   ;. 0 ,:
���ggei ].��� ,,  a work which a generation ago mlgl
v. ll have c.tip*.lied thc wi
moi i powerful nf nations.
lltlllcSl Till'
Thous ind
-.it pnlnl.H ot  vantage on the  N.iagara
' river, just   below" the   falls,   fifty  tour
yenrs ago  today  to  willies.-,  the  feats
��� -bharle-M Bland tn, greatest of tighl  t";>
,p-irroniu-,-*    The rope which su*.''i        Nlnely-nlna  yearn    ago    yesterday
.tl acroaa Die fiver was aboul    hreo  Major Oeneral  Jacob  Brown  arrived
i inches thirl-., nearly 1,200  feel   long,  in  Buffalo to iiBBume chief command
.-���mil   ��-a��   suspended   aboul    l""i   feel  ni  the  American   forces    along    th
:.*hovt- the -witter.    Blondin cross   i II   Magsro  frontier and to carry oui, if
���mn stilt*, wanted across It enveloped in  possible, th-n plans for tho i  nquesl of
Three Acres in  Point Grey  Set Aside
by Government
Victoria, II- C. .Iniii' 29.    Point Orey
wan  granted  nearly  all   It  asked  for
from  iiie provincial executive in the
fund  ror grading  University avenue.
Reeve Churchill ami Councillor Lock-
!:n represented 'In- municipality.
'1'ln y asked the government to re
serve rnr  Point Grey three separate
,1(r,r,,.,-,,    iri is fer park sites, to fix a sui'able
'" bat Is for the purchase of a sohool site
in Western Point Grey, and to assist
in Improving I nivorsity avenue by
Hon. Dr. Voting, minister of ed i
tlon and provincial secretary announc
"d  the  government's  favorable  deel
'lbe po li s ti i He in hind Marine
Irlvo ii thn " vi ry large ravines Tho
'"l**il ni-. .i i * 63 icres, nnd when in
proved it it expected that they will
��� l" atitlft I narks.
Th ��� *.*'*���- rrni enl doi B imt give tl e
I i*'*n   palltj   lh      I.md   for   nnv   othi i*
, * *11 * i ;   rks and !;��� eve Chur
;  pr  ��� ri    I   it    the    munlclp ilitj
ould beatulfj the land In accordance
�� Ith  thi   gi i" ral i - ntour of the dlB-
Tho  purrhi -  price  nf  the  school
te .. ���*' ���' ���' ii    i .\r,''''n an aero.   The
' * I ' ��� n. *��� - - of "ne acre and a quar
'er *i"���' ."! "in* the land on which ilu
Wi sl  i'i Ini Grey land stands.
a suitahli
Stars and
���mi arbitrator, Mr. VV, B. .V Rilciiie.
K..C . acting cn be-half of Howser, Ueid
ft VVallbridge, counsel ror the defendant corporation, contonded that
ihe Mme hid passed fi.r asking for
F. W. Peters Returns.
Mfl :��i the station yesterday by a
party of 0, P it. officials and newspapermen or tha occasion of his return rrom a Kuropean vacation, I'. W
Peters, ge.neral BUperlnt' ndent at Vancouver, said thai he had met many
Canadians on his lour, thai they were
everywhere regarded as natives of a
great country, and that nowhere was
ther * much serious concern over the
remarks of 1 lorne Payne anenl Canadian securities. He visited Scotland,
England and continental cities, lie
left Vancouver on June 6,
Empress of India,
Completing a voyage accompanied
by pleasant weal her nil through, tho
('. P. li. liner Empress of India, Capt,
A, .1 Malley, arrived In porl shortly
afier IJ.IIu Saturday. The vessel was
berthed by Pllol A. .[ones and a large
crowd of friends of those aboard were
on th" wharf '" wi lei me her. sh *
carried a larg- list of passengi rs on
this trip Including 77 saloon. Sho had
aboard. 2H3^ tons of general merchan
dise from the Orient and seven ear
loads of silk, for New York. Aboul
lud Chinese came across for overland
Recover Stolen Goods.
Diamonds, watches, stickpins,
razors, knivi   and other articles whlc
" '. ii ���' *��� i    :  t'n at i. la of dollan
��� . ���'���     f,   'lid      n     'lie     ���   .- |i a ' , n     nf
I iii mas l.affi rty, i ni ��� I tba t.r-:**' nol
iii!*- in pt ui' i   node b*,  the pollen im
in) month * He fi II Into lhe de
ti ' ives' trap I inlay uftWnoi II and
ph aded gu It) "��� three chai i t i
lie breakln ��� .'nd tin ft v h n ai
rail ii d beti * Mag! itrata Shaw In
tin- i "lice c : i ve lord tv, I. , ��* i
ship remanding him until Wi dnesday
i* ��� ntene The pollc| ������ 11 lay
si ven or elghl ' ther charge  agalnsl
liiin when In  is a ralgnsfl on M lay.
Porl Minn Case.
'I   *     ill of VV   .1. oilpbaiit agalnsl
Lunch Concern  Must Pay for
Masticator. J ���
New Vork, June 2a. Kphrlim Benjamin, a merchant of l'.i Walkfr street,
went Into the Capitol lunch, in lower
j Broadway not long ago -fc'nc] ilarl a
J cup of coffee and JLJsSiidwicii. The
sign, "Mince"Pies as Mother Makes
Them" attracted his attention anil he j
decided lo try a wedge. At the first
bite his teeth struck a hard substance
nnd with tho next bite he broke a
Benjamin  sued  the lunch  concern |
for  JnOO  damages  and  the  case  was j
tried before Judge Snltkin in the second district municipal court.    The de- I
fence  was  that altb nigh  the  resl.au- |
rant baked the pip It bought the filling
from another concern and should noi
be   held   responsible   what   what   was
In it.   The court ru'ed that the lunch
concern was responsible Tor whatever ���
was in the. pie and ordered it to pay :
Benjamin $150.
good, or better, mauurac.tured In B. C, viz.: the
COI'\ ER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
lerlcat and Canadian Engineers' Association,
call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe rrom
'ameter. '.'"his is also made In this Province and we
to any Imported article.
stock  it Crushed  Rock, Washed  Gravel,  Hand,
re ordering elsewhere.
902 Columbia Street W.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
5,400   Men   in  Camp.
S, well Camp, June 29.    With 5 100
Imen under canvas and 3,600 horses,
the annual training camp of the mth
military district has settled down to
business, and a growing stiirit of enthusiasm is shown In every corps, I).
<>.   ('.   arrived,   with   Major   H.   D.   I!
'Kitchen, his chief of staff, and their
arrival was the signal for the Immediate commencement of drills and
maneuvers. The great military city is
a model business-like arrangement.
The aclual camp covers an area of a
I mile and a half, by three-'iuarters of a
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Sunday, June 29lh
Tuesday, July 1st
Will  Leave
!L ('. Electric Ry Wharf
G P. M.
$1.C0 for Round Tr?p
Eraser River Eerrv & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.   Office 903 Columbia St. I
The Uank of Vancouver
Branches  Throughout  the   Province  of   British  Columbia.
Savlrgs Department ,-.t nil Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and  Trave
Niw   Westminster   Branch:
leu' Cheques sold, payable in all parte of the
General  Manager.
A.  W.  BLACK, Manager.
RWfttp.t. Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
p   o   box   an?
jtuKthic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting ��llh the greatest favor wherever  laid.
Canada, which remain
projeel of the Ui lted
ment    Brow n's army i
*i. ii.i of two brigades,
a. aack,  wheeled  a.  barnm   ncroBn   ll
���cari-i-ril a man  across,  turned somer
m&iiHh on the rope, waa ph il  graph
-while m. a ml ini; ih the ci litre,    id p I
fbrroeil other daring teats     Blondln'ii
neal n��nm was Emile Oravi       n id he
�����nx a native of St     Omer,    l-'ranci
Karly in liTe he adopted the p r lou
-profiiei-di-n  in which he excelled. Thi
nui-Kt tamoiiB cf his feats, il      Ini   fain, then garrisoned bj  17" men. un
��� oT the Nii'gara river on a  i   po,  \vv.i der   Major   Buck.     Three   daj     later
wvi-ral limes repeated and m : '    Llie movement  began.    SepU  and h's
,�����! to nunc   large crowds   fi '   brigade <*r : ��������� d on  boats and landed
ovi-r oantcrn Canada, as well as     .i milo below the fori   while Rlnb   '.
the Kates. j forces, after n delay of b day, effected
  a landing a mile above th" tort,   Tin
Manitoba     and     SaBka'chewan     Wll!
Split  Next  Year.
*��� katoi ii. .inn" 211    The proposed
iloi   movi menl of the Knlghta of
i .' ilnn lodgi :  of Saskatchewan trom
he Manitoba don aln, �� ill l h di fern d
Oenerala Bcotl and  lllpb y. a number
ni' volunteers and 000 Seneca Indians
Iirown   Immediately   bi pan   prepara
tlons f"i*   in attack ou  Port  Uric, on
Hn* Canada Bhore tiPnrly opn ii Ite But
en  ih*- favorlti for sovnral months as the result of ar
States govern Hon  talti n  al   a  caucus   if  the  8a
' InvaBlon con knlclu wan  dclenrntes  here.     Betwee i
commanded by thirty and '������ rl / delci itea wi re in al
accord  voted
following tic
An r-iirtiirinl tribute to Canadian Canadian stronghold
ability, wiwlom and foresight Hint was deserving Ita name, 1
all line mure appreciated because bo condition Major Duck, realizing Ihe
Tons; i-Mayoil. was, published In the futility of resistance when opposed bj
l-imilun Times l wenty-seven years ago n force so vastly superior iu numbers
tiwtay. The opening of the Canadian and equipment, surrendered Ihe fort,
I��-*-u-ific railway was* the Thunderer'sIand ofllc'crs nnd nten were r.mil across
Oka   *      and   lhe   < ''iiipletiotl     of *  !he|1ho river aa  I ��� f t ��� ��� u. rs of war     lii  th ���
jnlgjsiy project was called "a magnft 'following month the Britleb begin 5
was    far from       Thi:i   action
Iiik Iii ;��� wi ak  Boparallon  of
tendance and iv 1 th ono
postponement ol action,
teni ral  discussion.
n   v       .��  iii*.-i  proposed  to launch
'li ���  :'������'��������� lon   movement   during   th
nrei em K   '    r  convention, 'it "1
is 1 * * *' ������ bandoned, Lhe delegati -
"' mlns tn th * conoluah n thnl li w
' n< ���** i". <������ :. 1 through mu *
ti .in:.1 1! ivorli before the division ������'
the two provinces is Anally conaura-
mati d
meana thai the final
tin* Saskatchewan 1 1 d
Manitoba lodgea mul tlle formation nl
Lhe Baakiiichewati grand lodge will
" I take pli ce until the HIM cenvon
Hon. a committee ��as appbtiiLrd
1 f'laj 1 ' lake charge of Lhe w 11'-.
prellmlnai > l . thc dlgRoltitlon of Hi
icdgi a "i : iu* two provlnci b,
oiiday Snaps
I    :,l*
Mi n
" ���:-
See   IheSO
from   ....
;  all 1 i/i a
Baref nl Sandals;  sizes 3, 4, nnd  5   	
Ban \i ol  Sandals,   I :/es 7, 8,  II.  1" and   II.
- i Kunnln shoes; rubber soles,
White Cam.is Shoes; leather soioa
1 li "I Pool ubber nnled Oxfords .
navy leather Soled Canvas shoes; abea I, 2, 2. \,
eavy leathi solid Brown Canvas ahoea; all sizes
inappy Tan Oifordaj every slz.o, I'or wock-ond
ran Willow Cnir Bljjoher boots! snappy shapes ..
JB.OO  Boo-      iiiiv pair In the store; week-end only
DreBS Boots, Broken lines;   every size;   value to $fi.
Box  Kip  i*. I'hir  Hoots; every size 	
Tan   CtlOCOl   te   BlllOber Boots;   every   size   	
Hn     Hunt:    tin toe; glove leather; every size ....
Tan Willow I'arii Button nnd Blucher lines: tr, up I
P r i' iir il  	
'tlnn      bal BjW'hers; stub tbo;  Long Life make ...
.'.'..:     V ..   K.   Ilnols, l.celiic BOOtB, etc.
���fflai acniiT- v  :-3-^jil��ea��T:*s��-.-��i5a��r3iia-a
Li dl
Lad 11
i . . ���
rii nl
Ci ni
Oi ub
.. 60c.
. .40c.
. .50c.
. .75-..
Second Street, New WeBtmlnster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centro.
BltllllthlO Is noiseless,  non-slippery, practically diistlesa, easy   on
horaes' feet, ami, above all, particularly durable.   For theao reasons
lliliilllhlc. Is commended highly by owners nl automobiles and horses,
Iioiiik holders, and city officials. It has been adopted -by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred In lhe United 8lultJ|
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.        i'14-717 Dominion Trui.i
Vancouver, MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1913.
| pills   and   enclosed   in   vegetable   fat,
Ithe usual pipe anii lamp for smoking,!
envelopes addressed to Chinamen and ;
: other persons living out Nelson, lists i
i r i the.rB to whom It i& supposed the
| orug was sent by ('lions, and playing
Cards, In which the aocuced man, fori
bome reason or other, folded the opium
In Cn-ccnt lots, and scon-'*  uf other
paraphernalia rrom the    Joint    were
j piled on the table in court when the
' Chinaman faced the magistrate.    The
opium alone Is estimated to be worth
many hundreds of dollars.
TT Colllngwood Secures Library
Liiutcd States Ship- Goods Valued at $1,233,875 to Canada i   coiungwood   Kast, June  29,-The
| people of Colllngwood are to be cou-
Every Working Day of the Year���Import Only Av
ta'.t Year One Company Alone Spent
$12,298,733 For Provisions and
crage $402,836���International Trade Growing.
During  every  working  day  of  las;
yat the average exports of merchandise to Canada hy the Culled State;
averaged 11,268,875,   This la calculat
ed on the basts or ihree hundred working days during the year; which  is
the gl nerally accepted  standard,
The total figures for lhe twelve
months are 1376,162,489, or within
about 39 per cent, of the total exports of the United Slates to (Ireat
Britain. These figures are taken froin
the Official report of tho United States
governmi nt,
Second  Best Customer.
Canada Is now easily the second
best foreign market of the United
States, (J, rmany, which ranks third
Is $46,711,869 behind Canada in the
purchase of  American products.
And it Is a significance fact that the
export tr.ide or the United States Is
growing more rapidly with Canada
thin wllh any other ol the leading
countries of the world. The experience ol the past ten years proves this.
the Increase in that period being 236
per cent, with Canada, Sll per cent
with tiermany, 14 per cent, with the
United KliiKdom and D4 per cent, with
The Canadian market is worth
more to the United Slates today than
the combined markets of the six
countries comprising Central America, the fourteen comprising South
America, the whole of the West Indies, atnj China and Japan. In fact,
lt Is ni-i-iisary to throw In that ol
Kuropean Hussia as well In order
secure  a total  export  trade equal
[proximate to the value of the mer-
Ichandlie exported thereto,
Adverse   Trade   Balance,
ln the meant line we have a balance
: or trade against us, and in favor of
the United States or over $256,000,000,
and It is relatively becoming more and
more favorable to the United Btates.
According lo the figures furnished by
'the Canadian department of trade and
commerce, out of our total Imports
I from all countries fur the fig-sal year
lending March, 1012, no less than 61.2',
ner cent, c-.iuie from the United States
; alone.
Borrowings From United States.
Were Canada a creditor nation, and ;
In consequence was drawing in'erest
frnm Investments In the l'nited tSatOB
this adverse balance would not be so ;
objectionable,   lint the trouble is Can- ]
ada Is not a creditor nation.    We are*
borrowers and not lendcrn.   And judg- ;
ing  from  the trend of affairs  of the
past year or two we are likely to increase our borrowings from the Unit-'
ed States as well as to increase our
purchases  of  merchandise  from  that
country     I .art year we floated loans'
to  the  extent  cf  $Sl,��oo,0r-0  In  the
United States, or about 11.36 per cenl.
of the total securities ncgotiatid.
The average rate of duty collected
during the fisral yenr ending M:>reh.
1912, on lmnort-itions of dutiable
goods from the United Stiti-" was
slightly under 25 pir cent., while based on total Imports from that country
(free and dutiable) it was less than
ti-jlD per cent, lower than Importations
to .frcm Croat llritain in spite of the ad-
gratulated on the fact that they have
I for their use one of the finest little
I collections of books on political h*Oh- .
lomy,   sociology   and   philosophy   ever,
brought together,   a gentleman, well
known as a student Is leaving Vancou- i
! vi r for the east and has been obliged ,
lo give  UP  following  the  subjects  in '
I -.vblch.be has ti'V.'-n a deep Interest tor
many years. Knowing that Colllngwood has In the winter a lively parlla-
I ment, and having taken a keen liking
tor educational matters, he has offered
i his whole collection, to be* kept In j
tact, to J. Francis Burslll, for about
one fourth its market price. Mr. Uur-
slll speedily overcame all difficulties
and the collection has been procured.
There are tome 250 volumes, right up
to date and thoroughly representative!
I of every school of political economy.
Kvery book has been selected by the j
former owner
with    knowledge    and
Some interesting figures are contain
cd in tbe annuil statement of the!
I North German Lloyd for 1U12, just ia- i
i sued, which gives some Idea of the j
! enormous eost cf feeding tlie travel-]
1 lint.; thousands.
Last year lln company's bill for pro-
' visions alone was $4,920,000 while dur-
ring the same period the coal man was
| paid $7,826,736 for 1,758,740 tons or
'coal, which were shovelled Into the
' maws of the ships' furnaces d111-iii���
the twelvemonth. Kor these two items
: alone���-provisions and coal the company paid the enormous turn of 12,- ;
; 266,735.
Seasiokr.tss and Appetite
That Bi-asickn<?8B does not always'
Interfere with the appetite of ocean
���travellers Is evidenced by this expenditure of almoit five million dollars
I ror provisions. The butcher, as usual,
reaped the great harvest in the matter
of provisions, his bill to the North Cer-
mati  Lloyd I'or the year having been
Says Cop Beat Him.
Toronto. June 29. -William N. Winkle, a student of Toronto university,
caused a sensation in the police court
when he charged that he had heel-.
grossly ill-treated by Constable Curry, No. 2116 of No. 2 division, and produced as evidence of the alleged as-
Bault a broken pair of eye glasses, a
torn and bloody shirt and exhibited
various marks and bruises thlt he
staled were inflicted by Curry.
that whieh is done with Canada. This vantages accorded the latter under thc
Is a fact which is probably realized 1 pr terentlal tariff.
by but few In either Canada or thej In v'iw of the rapidity with which
United States, lt la by comparisons jthe Importation of manufactured
like these that we are able to grasp g-oods from thc United States into
the Importance to the United   tSateslCantda is Increasing, nnd the    very
of Canada's market.
Canada Chief Buyer.
While, generally speaking, Canada
now ranks seoond among the foreign
Customers of the United StaieB in regard to manufactured products alone
She easily ranks flrst. This phase
will be apparent from the accompany- !
Ing table which I have compiled from
the report or the United StateB de-
partment of commerce for the year
ending December 31st last.
What probably strikes one most for-;
cihly In this table Is the preponderating value of the Canadian market ror;
such   manufactured   articles    as     are
composed in whole or in part ot iron
and steel.
Taking the ten classifications given
above the United States last year ex-;
ported   to   Canada   merchandise   into *
the Manufacture of which    Iron    and
steel enters, either wholly or in part.,
no less than  $44 5"".15S worth, com-
pared with *14.477.,<0 to Croat  Ilrlt-'
ain, $8,166���196 to Germany ond $0,378,-
160 to Prance.
This lives one side of the trade be- j
tween Canada and the United States |
Now let us take a glance at the other
side, namely, the import trade with
Canada. And again I have resourc*
to the P���Trs furnished in the report
of th'- United States department of
Small   Purchases  of   U.   S.
As already pointed out the United
���States i-m" rted to Canada during
every working day of last year. $1,-
253,875 w trth of merchandise. Based
on the same method ot Calculation,
we le irn thai tli" amount they ini-
jMirted from the Dominion during the
80Q worm-'-. da\s ol last >ear averaged >*4i>2 836 per day.
In   otlur   words,   tor    every     three
ivikiri.' worth of merchandise   they
sild us thev bought lens ihan one
dollpra! worth rrom us.
There   is another feature in  regard
lo international trad" between Canada and the United Stales worth referring to end that is that the imports of the latter country rrom the
Dominion are increasing at n greater
ratio  than   from   nny  other    ol    the
four countries named. During the
ten voara the increase in the Imports
from Canada was 180 per cent. The
Increases from the other countries
were* (ire-it Britain, 78 per cent ���
Germany, 87 per cent.; France 5,2
pi ��� "*nt
With the exports to Canadi increasing Bl the ral" tliey lire, the day
is obviously 11 io��K distance away
whrn  the  United states'  purchasers
from   Canada   wlll  even  begin   to  ap-
tnoderate character of the duties that j
are levied against them, there Is not 1
pinch   Inpe  for  the  cause  of    those i
who nre clamoring for a lower tariff.
The facts nnd conditions againft them 'cl''���"'���*:,!i'
are too strong.
Provincial Ministers for Lethbridge
Irrigation Gathering.
Lethbridge. June 89,���The arrangements for the annual meeting of tho
Western Canada Irrigation association at Lethbridge. August 6. fi and 7, | register o
I$1,686,000.   This docs not Include fish
| and game; for the former the company
I paid an additional $239,960, while the :
! bill for game amounted to Wi.'.'.CQ, a'
' total of $662,020.   These two items ad- j
'dition to l,720.fil',4 litem    of beer    in
1 ded  to  the    bill for    meat    proper,
brought  the amount to $2,3:17,020.
In  our  household  expenditures  we
are not likely to pay much attention;
1 to the cost of pret-erves, and yet the j
i North   German   Lloyd   spent   $255,760 ',
I ���over a quarter of a million dollars
j���for  these  sweets  during  the  year,
i The bill for fresh vegetables amount- j
ied  to  $12R.110,  while  lor  "sundries"!
including  bread,   flour,  spiceB,   fruits
land the thousand and one articles that
iare used in the kitchen, the company
,3311' $1,688,890.
Astounding Figures
More potatoes were consumed dur-
: ing  the year  than  any  other  single
article.    The  total    amount    having
]been 17 875S73 pounds.    Flour ranked
(-���si-,.  D,���iji��� ,�� ,-�����  r , ! next with 6,313,162 pounds; fresh beef*
Going Rapidly to the FrontkQ&S[��ltii B,769,184 poundi, while the
���Princess   Marquinna  Largest        bread     was    fourth    with    2,353,083
pounds.    The  passengers    consumed
Boat   Yet   Built  on   Coast : 7,098.610 eegs, 4,271,069 oranges    and
I lemons. 707.H25 pounds of onions
'.and 983.802 pounds of salt. They
used 465,340 pounds or eorfee and 49,-
729 pounds of tea, and 528,619 cans
of sterilised milk, to say nothing of
14,918 bottles of fresh cream, it was
necessary to provide 19,118,242 pounds
of ice to keep thingB cool and 12.097
boxes of matches for fires and lights,
ln the bakeshops. 83.G51 pounds of
while tbe quantity of
The total number of vessels on the
register books -of the Dominion, ac-
to the latest official figures
was 80SS, measuring 770,440 tons, a
marked increase over the total for the
previous year. The number of steamers is given as 3444 with a gross tonnage of 5S8,741. Estimating the average value to be $30 per ton. tbe value; yeast were used
of the net registered tonaage at the  butter necessary during thc year was
end of theyear would be  $23,118,380.11,056.037 pcunds.
New veBEels added to the list dur- j    Of   wlni s.   Rhine   and   Mosel   were
Ing last year numbered 339. with a ne
36   tons.     Estimating
fast  nearlng completion   and  the  the value of new tonnage at $45 a ton,
Indications point to one of 'he largest attened and most educational
sessions this organization has ever
held. Invitatious have been sent to
th" mosl representative men In agricultural development In Canada and
the United States and acceptances
have been received from a large number thus early. The premiers, ministers of agriculture and deputy mln-
Isters of agriculture of each of the
western provinces have heen extetid-
| rd Invitations to participate and near-
Ily everyone or Ihem, it is anticipated.
I wlll  he  present     It   Is believed  that
Hi"   representation   from   liritish   Co
lumbla will be one of the boFt  ever.
'and it is hoped that Sir Richard Mc-
Ilriid, the premier, will head It. Invitations have been accepted by Hon.
Price Ellison, minister of finance and
: agriculture and Hon. W. U. Ross, minister or lands,
the value or the new vessels is given
at $1,148.120. During the year 279 vessels were removed trom the register.
The department estimates that 41,447
men and boys found employment on
the ships of Canada during the year.
Thc provinces appear In the list as
follows:    Nova Scotia, 2105; Ontario.
most popular, heading the list with
112,211 bottles, as againft 35,987 bottles of champagne. Beer, of course,
was the favorite beverage, 302,521
bottles having heen consumed in addition to 1,720,634 lilt* re of beer In
barrels, a liter equal to about one
From there flKures some Idea maybe obtained of what it really costs to
provision a great steamship line and
2014;   New  llninswlck, 966;    Quebec. \ of the vast quantity of food consumed.
1511: Prince Kdward Island. 149; Brit- I 	
ish Columbia, 1227;  Saskatchewan, 5; Wins Out at Last.
Manitoba. 98; and the Yukon Territor- j    Greenwood.  June  29.���E.  William-
it;.-   15. Ison of Rock creek, has just received
Out of the 8000 odd steamers on the | returns from two  cars ef  silver-lead
about 2700 -are at-
l.irvronce  und  the
Complete Manufacturing Outfit Raked
In at Nelson.
Ni '.son. June 29 Displayed on the
table Iii front ot the magistrate's
desk ut the city police court Friday
I morning was one of tho most varied
coll dions or opium manufacturing
and merchandising material thai has
ever been raked In by the Nelson po-
lice.    The "dope" nnd other material
[came rrom a house in Chinatown, lu
which lives Get Chong. who was
charged with having opium in his possession tor sale, lie became before
Police Magistrate Irvine and was remanded until this morning tor sentence, (i. I). Beymer, arrested on Sal-
urday on a charge of having opium In
bis possession, Informed against
Chong and the display made in the
police   court   yesterday   was   the   re-
Poppy feeds from which Is manufactured opium, utensils for converting  the  seed  Into  the    drug,    crude
opium, opium lo the form ol little red
Can idian register,
tached to the St.
lake routes.
The growth of th" lake marine Is
keeping the shipbuilding yards on the
lakes busy, and a great deal of new
tonnage Is being tuni"d out. A shortage of skilled labor is reported which
(notwithstanding the high wages paidi
���t will be difficult to make good from
Canada as long as th ��� present activity
in ship! ulldir.g continues,
The feur principal lake shipbuilding
yards are at Kingston and Toronto on
Lake Ontario; Colllngwood, on Lake
Huron, and'l'ort Arthur, ou Lake Superior. The l'ort Arthur yard Is the
newest. The "late freighters" represent a distinct type, bulky, strong and
constructed on linos quite different
trom those wblch obtain on the Atlantic. Many of the larger boats are
500 feet to 600 feet in leneth. with a
carrying capacity up to 12.000 tons
Such vessels cannot pass through the
St. Lawrence or Welland Canal, and
nnii', therefore, be built locally.
Shiphuililitn: plants are already established in British Columbia capable
of undertaking Important work, and
these pi-nits are estimated to represent the Investment of over three million dollars.
The C, P, u. steamship Princess Ma-
���niliiiui. now near completed at the B.
c Marine Railways. Esquimau. Is so
'ar the largest vessel turned out ot a
'iritirh Columbia shipbuilding yard
ore shipped to Trail from hiB Sunny-
side claml. The ore gave returns of
near the {50 mark and the two cars
netted the owners nice sum. Williamson has shown great faith in the
lames Lake section, having worked
single-handed for some three years,
but tils confidence aud patience are
now rewarded, as it is reported that he
can with the present slate of development mine himself a ton a day.
E. & N. to Have Better Accommodation  In  Nanaimo
Nanaimo. June 29.-L Qoodfellow,
superintendent of the E, & N. Railway,
was In tlle eity. as was also Mr. Stokes
engineer Ior the company, who was
busy surveying for the new yards, station and freight shuls to he erected
In Nanalmo with the least possible delay.
Plans for the new improvements call
tor the construction or separate pas-
���eiiger and freight sheds, the former
to be bulb close to Selby streel. allowing of uninterrupted passenger travel iii and from the station.
The new freight shed Is to be built In
the vicinity of I'rideuux street, allowing of freight to be handled from that
street clear of all passenger travel.
Work Will be rushul us expediously
'is isissible and when completed the
Nanaimo yards of the ES, & N. Wlll be
'he finest  along  the  whole line
��� ^ji-*'
Wear Our Clothing
For the 1st
We've cool suits of serges, Cheviots and thin fabrics
in two-piece models.
Suits at $7.50, $10.50, $12, $16 to $25
Flannel Outing Trousers $4, $4.50and $5
Panama Hats.
$12.00 Panama Hats reduced to $9.00
$10.00 Panama Hats reduced to $8.00
Cool Summer Underwear.
One lot, extra value, regular 50c.,
85c, to clea: 35c, 3 for ��1.00.
Open Late Tonight Closed Tuesday All Day
reid & Mcdonald
707 Columbia Street.
Semi-Ready Clothing.
P.O. Box S4 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarautoed
59 McKenzie St.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia  Street.  New  Westminster.
6ln(jer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods ot all Kinds. PHONE
Your Vacation at WH
The Beach, Surroundings, Water Supply and Train Service Are Unexcelled by any Resort in B. C.
������"'���ft ���*,! *�����+>������������.;
���'   ' -i      "     . - ii
There are summer cottages, white canvas camps or the 50-room White Rock
hotel to choose from. Water is piped from artesian wells and springs, milk delivered fresh from the ranch, stores, restaurant, telephone, daily mail, etc., are all
there to provide for your wants and the bath in ir. boating and miles of sandy beach
cannot be surpassed anywhere in British Columbia.
: :i''l Wr-Sft  *     ' *     . -V.
White,Shiles & Co.
Xew Westminster.
t tt. Sands
Resident Managtr.
-   v--*4:v?S**ite&-
MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1*11
i JonFes who a taw years ago were
among   the   atara   of tho American
' league. Fl< lder Jonea, greatest of ull
the baseball Jonaes, and leader of the
'While Sox. retired from the game five
years ago. t harley Jones, the great
old Washington gardener! disappear-
  eil from the major league box Bcores
about the same lime. Tom Jones,
Porl  Mcotiy  Leads  Port  Haney    and I "rst baseman  for S*    Louis  and  De-
Jtroit, and   Bumpus Jones,  the Tiger
pitcher, also upheld  the glory of the
' family on the diamond.
I'iti-hei-s of the American   league
I are relieved at Davy's passing, for he
iwas one of the hardest men lo pitch
The Niw Westminster Civilian Mil* Jo In the circuit.   In fact, Ed Walsh, Of
"he White Sox alwaya declared lhat he
Tw Hoyal City A-jorega'ions on
Baige Saturday.
Children   Render   Enjoyable   Program
and Prizes Are Distributed
An'ong Them.
The convent srhool children of Maillardville wound up the summer ses-
Baseball Results.
.uu.ociati.il double header team match   w,n|M rlllh(,r f|lcp any 8watter -,��� the I s[on "with  the "prise distribution  and
Saturday proved a huKh succisb, Port , league  than  Davy,  with  thn  possible | !ln   excellent,   concert   on   Wednesday
Moody  taking down  flrat place and |exception of Barry ot the Athletics,
(he   two   home   teams   taking   second ]
ami third.
The bonorB of the day were very
.pvrnly divided. 1 on :.:,iody taking tbe
iMghest  loam aggregate.    New  West-
minstrri the highest. Individual scorn
i'or the three rungeB, and Port Haney
rhe  highest   Individual  score  at    any
oue range, the possible made by W.
���. Hynck at SOU yards.
it mixi fihiurtunalu    that the    New
���WiBtminater members did nol turn
crnat in sneh good numbers as usual,
.-which lett lbe home    teams    lacking
one roan i-ach, but the difficulty was
overcome by taking lha low score of
���the* opponents lo balance up.
After the matches an informal
.-gaUic-ring  was held ut the Clarendon  ��'."ntm ,
where   supper   was   provided   by   the       nattarlas
snemberi of    ibe   New Westminster	
'.rams.     Matters    pertaining    to rifle
..limiting in general and Inter-city
iTn��tct��va   in   particular   were   discus.i
��hJ. bringing to a close a very success
,��-ul day's spurt.
Standing of the Clubs.
\V.    I..
Seattle 47
Vancouver    41
Portland    35
Victoria 85
Tacoma  38
Spokane 86
Yesterday's Games.
At  Seattle: lt.
Seattle   9
Mclvor   and   ('adman;
McQInnlty, Kurfess and Harris.
It.    II.
.  5      X
.   2      8
KnlI. vi in�� are the scores:
Pert Moody.
201)    500 600
tS.   I.i'wij    3.1      33 32
<*.. Chun-hard   29     .".4 2S
A. tfchoiield    30      26 2S
Cartwrlght   30     29 23
it. A. Qeddes  25    32 22
I>.  (larr   27     23 26
W. I*. Mackay  21     22 25
At Portland
Vancouver ...
Portland   ....
Batteries;     Wilson    and    Konnick;
Hynes,  Mahoney  and  Murray,
time limit): II.    II.    K.
Vancouver 3     6     0
Portland   3    5     2
Batteries:      Schmutz    and    Lewis;
"'   Eastley and Murray.
"J 1 	
New  Westminster Team  No.  1.
VV. Jewhurst   29
l/mdahl    31
II. Vidal   28
P. Ueoxles 32
Robertson   27
II.   VV.   Harrison
. 14iw score	
Al  Spokane*.
Batti rii's.     Narveson
Coveleskie and Hannah,
. 1
New  Westminster Team   No. 2.
W. .1.   Sloan    31
IU. J. Km* ill    Hit
M. C. VTliamberlin...28
*Jf. Oliver    2R
��.  Firkin*   ........27
J.   Drum    23
Port lianoy low ...22
���ser. Hynck
W. Beat ..
<1.   Ilildir   .
Pert Haney.
 2R      29
 27      30
 26      28
���O- Abernethy   ..
'II. Haney	
O. rat-otter ....
W. Webster ...
97 1
76 !
5!i '
Standing  of  the  Cluus.
W.    I
Philadelphia   38
New York   41
Hrooklyn    34
Chicago   33
Pittsburg  30
31.  Louis  26
Boston   26
Cincinnati   25
evening.   The following were the prize
Catechism, Alpheo Payer and Fleur-
eltn Auger.
excellence, Henri Baublon..
Assiduity, Leo Couture, Louis De-
hard, Leose Pare.
Application, Agnes Choquette, .losa-
nhat Payer; Maria Duplin Veronlque
Kngiish, Wilfrid Payer, Hose Bel-
French, ltrola; rhnriftntl, Florence
Grammar and orthography, Beatrice
Lecture, Hose Ilelanger.
French clasa, Valere Duplin, Ger-
matno Bedard,
Kngiish class���Sleanor Gowan, Agnes Choquette.
Arithmetic, English, Henri Ileau-
blen. Gladys  Deinirs.
Arithmetic, French, Ida Couture,
lierve Marcellln.
Geography, Wilfrid Croteau, Gladys
History, Victor Heaublen.
Scripture,   Hechelle     Pare.     Florence
Politeness, Eugene Boileau.
Fancy work. Florence Stewart, Ze-
narde Duplin, Kosa Sauve.
Among the donors of prizes were
Hev. Father (laron. the Hev. Provincial Mother, the Hev. Sister Superior,
the Itev. Siiiers. A. ID, Beaulleu, Mr.
and Mrs. Michan. Mr, Choquette, Mr.
and   Mrs.   LapiiTiv.   Mr.   Lehose,   Mr.
Croteau    Eugene    B&ubten, Vitelllen
Pare, Mr. and Mrs. .Ionian. Lne Ma-
dore, 0. B, Bastide, Mr. and Mrs
Auger, Eugene Boileau.
The concert was a great success and
ihe church of Notre Dame fie Lourdres
was filled with an audience of over
300 parents, guardians and friends.
Besides soncs and recitations, admirably given by the nnpils, two delightful ilr-imatle sketches, one by 14
little children, tho eldest only six
408 years old, were rendered, entitled "La
84 'xoce de Nicolas," and "L'llopital de
Poupees," by 12 little girls and one
Britannia's flag, a drill piece, where
In Greater
Reeve Nicoison, of Saanlch, is on a
visit to Mrs. Johnston, Port Moody,
and reanimating the friendships of
his  earlier  years.
It's a Son.
The birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs.
W. Jardine made their home happy on
Friday evening.
Will Have Pollce.
The C,  P.  fl.  Intend  shortly  to ap
point  two constables    to  look    aftet
lhelr  properly  and   Interests  in    the
terminal yards at  Port Coquitlam.
Home from School.
Tho Misses May and Kathleen
Quilty, who have heen attending
school In Toronto, have returned to
spend their summer vacation at their
home In Port Coqultlam.
Saw the -Game.
Councillor and Mrs. Walker, Bur
quitlam, enthusiastic supporters oi
the Salmon Bellies, went over to Vic,
tcria to Bee their favorites win the
lacrosse match on Saturday.
Talks School Matters.
Councillor K. Mar!In, chairman ol
the school board of Coqultlam, visited
Victoria lust week and consulted the
heads of the education di partment on
school matters appertaining lo the
With Hindu Ritec.
A IHiulu burial took place at Fraser Mills on Friday afternoon which
was accompanied by thr. quaint
ceremonies which these eastern Asiatics officiate at. The deceased had
been an inmate of the asylum.
Want That Tram.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Noble, Port Moody,
were vi: iters to New Westminster
yesterday. They deplore the want of
tram communication with New West-
mine te.'.
Yesterday's Games.
Reds Still Climbing.
Cincinnati, June 29���Cincinnati won lall the little boys with flags in their
the final game of tho series with hands, gave a picturesque exhibition,
Chicago here loday by hammering wns a much appreciated Item, as was
Pierce out of the box in the tifih also the Festival of tlie Daisies, a
Inning, The score was 9 lo 6. It was musical play by the girls. The pro-
somewhat of a hilling feast tor both gram concluded with the slngini.: of
sides, although the locals had much God Save the King,
the better of the argument.
It.   II.   K
Chicago     6     8     2
Cincinnati     9    12      2
Batteries:      Pierce,     fiichio     and |
Archer:  Ames, Brown and Kllng.
Pirates Lose Close Game.
St Louis, June 29���St Louis wound
CouHn't Stay Away,
ll, II. Smith, the original proprietor of the Strand hotel. Port Moody,
has again secured the premises and a
transfer of the license at a sneei.il
meeting of the licensing commissioners. Mr Smi"i sold cut some time
ago to II. II. Jones.
Close for Ffrrt.
The mills cf the Canadian Western
Lumber company at Millside closed
down yesterday until 7 o'clock Wednesday morning. This will allow
many of the employees to visit their
former homes across the boundary
lino and also in  the interior.
Half Holiday There.
Tlie Port Coquitlam retailers hav
set an example to the merclnn's of
some of Ihe larger towns of lbe lower
mainland by voluntarily granting
their employees a half holiday every
^^     1   ****** 1I>*1r'I rTy JS X3
Great  Clearance
of Waists
This clearance of Waists offers a great saving;
made of natural Pongee, striped llabltu In black
and white and navy and white; in plain shirt styles;
double collars and cuffs. Regular $4.00. Sale
price    S2>98
Waists of Fancy Vesting
Another elegant range of Fancy Vestings and Cjrd
Waists; also double collar and cuffs; patch pocket;
sizes 34 to 42; included are a number of while
'Batiste with embroidery and eyelet front; double
soft collar and cuffs. Regular to $2.50. Sale Price
For Today Only,
Women's Coats, all
at One- Third Less
See this eli-Kant range of Summer Coats. Thia season's newest Styles, developed in Pongee. Wool,
Taffeta, Limns, Mohair and Silka. Among the new
shades are the popular Alice fawn, natural tan. and
white and black. On Sal-? today only at. ONE
Women's Suits at
Clearonce Prices
We have prepared about filly of theae Bults for
Monday's selling. Smart mannish Tweeds, Serges,
etc; attractively rqt and finished; coat lined With
satin throughout; i-kirt panel buck and front, some
with side pleats; high waist lira ; value to $27.60.
Sale Price  ..������ S12.50
Look! Women's Suits
at $2L50
This Is one of Lhe best values we have offered fnr
months; made from the better grade Imported materials; Tweeds, fancy Worsted suiting, Serges, etc.
Strictly man-tailored, well made and fit guaranteed; coat lined with Skinner's satin throughout;
skirt attractively cut Regular values up to $36.00,
Sale   Price    $21.50
(By "Gravy.")
Wheat Market.
Winnipeg.  June  29.���The  Saturday
wheat market during early hours was j Wednesday    afternoon,    commencing
easier   on   favorable   weather   eondl-   July   1.
tions over tiie three prairie provinces. ���	
while Americans were firmer on high- New Prindoaf.
er Liverpool cables  and  the  insuffi-      Miss   Marguerite  JohnstOjl  Will,  et
up li8 second Btay ut home bv defeat-  rj| M(  ralnfffl-| ;U.rf,Rs the line, especl-|tbe opening of the rail term, asmi-n
11 g   Pittsburg here  tins  afternoon   i
nail  secured  11   lead  of Ihree  runs by
Davy  Jonea. bunching  bits in  the  fourth  and liflb
J��avy   Jim���, the  veteran   outfielder   Innings,   Sl.  bonis  came   hack  in   lhe
ttlhts vijis rfecoaiUj sold by the Chlca-   sixth  ami  sr.mil  tour    runs    which
��u White -flee to the Toledo Mudhens,  proved Enough 10 win the game.
will paiiM his thirty-third milestone to-1
��� tav.   Jones was born at Cambria, Wis
',>tiw* :���!). J8K0, anil  lirst attracted  at
ally   in   South     Dakota.     Later     the   the  prinripnlship   cf   the   l'ort   Moodj
to  3   and   made   it   two  out  _of   Jive   w,;���.,,  B\tuation  weakened.    Winnipeg \ school, succeeding   Miss  Holtrof,   whl
has occupied the post for a time. Visi
Johnston heretofore assisted Mis:
games on the aeries.   After Pittsburg I opened  j.g cen,  higher to "-x ceiM
lower anil close 1-4 to 3-8 cent low r.
Chicago opi md unchanged al 3-8 ci at
higher and closed 3-8 to 1-2 lower.
Standing cf lne Clubs.
-..ream   ��0  his  baseball   ability   wber.
rie. was -rnayu-ig with tbe Dixon college   Philadelphia
'earn,    attor leaving college, in  1901,  Cleveland
l)av> .mined Bm Ilockford club in the
��� Three--1 league, and later In the Bame
.Mar   wns  sold   to   Milwaukee,   in   the
American The Brewers turned him
���-���wtt to Did St. Louis Americans, but
ixtxvy jumped to tho National League.
xml for Ihrve years, ].<tfr2-4, played
1 *r, the o��Us- garden fur the Chicago
^"���ubs.    He made his first trip hack to
the   nTmoi-3  in  1905.  when   he   played 1,- ",
with Minw^iik   11,. was ,������ a',;l; ..J* '�����������'��� same ol the Bertes   from
' Chicago  ....
' Boston  	
St.  Louis   . .
New Vork ..
Council and Board.
On accounl of Tuesday being a
holiday Iho Pen Moody council wil
hold their fortnightly session on Wed
nesday evi ning at 8 o'clock. Tho
Port Coqultlam school board will
i meet on Saturday, July 5.
Yesterday's Games.
Hal Chase at Bat.
Chicago, June 29.-Chicago won the  f?"r ilnl.a halr P'm*,rs above Friday 1
New York Lor.kr Up.
New   Vork.  June   29   -Toward   11
close of Saturday's session, whieh li
fair to be the fullest ol" the year, t!
prices   were   sent   npwarrt.     Advice
enme   from   Washington   th'I   .1   flna
agreement   has  been    reached    will
President Wilson for the apnroval of "
the plan  for dissolving lhe  Harrlmai Saturday   Doublchraderc.
merger and that tlie plan would In ; Residents or Fraser Mills are high-
presented in court Monday. Traders 'v gratified at the action ef the 1: C
took the view that nnder conditions Flentrlc company iu fmrognratlng
the assent of the conrf tn tbe plan; loubleheaders on Saturday evening to
was virtually assured. I'nion Pad nd frim Westminster. Overcrowded
fie  made a  vigorous  response,  rising j  ars and too close proximity to dusk
5 in. Taffeta
All the newest shades of this
excellent quality Taffeta Ribbon. Suitable for children's
Hair Hows, Sashes, etc., Sale
Price    ���������  13C
Socks* 13c Pair
in short and three-quarter lengths;     cashmere,    cotton    and
lisle thread; in. black and
while; values to 26c. Sale
I'rice,  per  pair    13C
and Belts,
For a quick selling we hive
placed these samples on sale today. These Include chiffon
neck scarfs, lace and ribbon
collars, new styles of jabots,
collars and yokes, Hush Sale
Price  ai       73e
Kayser and
English Make.
Long Silk
Gloves. $1.38?r.
Ma,!'* from heavy quality silk;
double tip; 211 inch length; open ar wrist, wiib two dome fas
tellers; in black and white
only. Sale I'rice today, per
pair S1.38
Am.-ricart   Association  that   year.
***** rinis'fieit tke Beason  with  a sw-.it-
r*th**B aw-rnzr or .346.    Ills  American
i fe-iRiie (an-er began in 1906, with De-
I bolt,   i-.-il   he   was   one   of   lhe   stars:
������ of the Tirnir aggregation until he was
xsttH  tUa  >oar to the  White Sox.   In
his   lasl   vear  with   the   Tigers   Davy
���SraUi-d 294, -which was not  so bad for
m pitri.iren.    Detroit  planned to send
1 X-.-ivy   Ui   Kansas  City,  to  close   up   a
.leal,   tint   (he   refusal   ol   Chicago   In
wa'r.e   resulted   in   1,1b   going   lu   i;,(.
Windy CHj   Davy's return to the min
urn   wa^i   Bflt  kmj!   oelayeil,   however.
.inti  th.   veieran of the  famous Tiger
mi>helr. bos funis himself on the back
������������-.ith trail    Thirty three is no mi old,
lum ever, ni Jones may yel gel back
i  mln  the   main show
)��avy   is   the   lasl   of
Cleveland today 2 10 1. Chase batted In
Chicago's runs in lhe fourth, scoring
Rath and Lord, who had singled, wit*
a triple.
It     If.    E.
Chicago   ...8     8      0
1 l' i. land  1    5    0
Batlorles Kiiss<ll and Schalk;
Kohler, Blandtng and O'Neill, Carlsch.
Cobb and Crawford.
Detroit, .lune 29. Sum Crawford's
home run gave Detroit a victory over
Sl Louis in lhe ti mil game of lhe
series tbis afternoon by a score of
5 to 2. Two nn 11 wer,. cn the bases
when  Crawford   connected.
II     H.    10
St.  Louis   . . 2      9      5
Dotroll     5   14     1
Haiti lies       Mitchell    and     Agnew;
I iiihur and Stallage.
close.     The   remainder
moved upward strong
nf     the
'���ntals   were  not   relished    hy     tie
white  citizens  of  the  municipality.
An   Accident,   Ent   He'r   Dead.
Winnipeg,   June   29     It.   W.   Waldo
Webster, aged 2<i, ch rk In tiie Union
bank   branch   at   Sargent   and   Slier
brooke streets  here,   was  fatally  shot
|on the bank premises this morning bv
a bullet from a revolver In the hand:
,-if   his   fellow-clerk.   Walter   K,   Carr
nged 19.    An inqneif will be held tomorrow  and   meanwhile    Carr.     who
comes from \"lrden. Man . is under aires*, but there is no Question of the
accidental character et tho fatality.
Direct from the Factory
A Two-Reel Feature Broncho.
One of those Keystone Button-Busters.
When it Rains it Pours.
It's a Keystone���Schmilx is Featured
Showing 22 of the World's Latest Happenings.
A Thanhousei Come ! .
Alt .Scats 10c.
Children 5c.
CbBiipIcle Change of Program Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
Af tern��on, 2:00 to 5:00.
1908    Sailer Burke stopped  .Iin  Bav
age   in   three   rounds     ill     X' v.
York,   Th" Bailor, whoso   real
name was f'hnrles l'n; ner. wai
once i.n aspirant tn Hi" middle
light   t'tle.   but   bul   vear    hi
Kingsway  SUIT Cfosed.
Contrary to expectations, th" o-
aervlce on Kingsway bern-een Tenln
avenue and Kdmonds will not resume
this mcnlng. An offTcfal of Hie H c.
B, lb has informed Thn N'ews. that
hist ns soon an the paving contractors
���lear the line of material fhe cars will
be routed clear through to Kdmond i
Engineer Wirf Repirt,
Reeve  Barth   of Contrttlam,  Inter-
���U'l'iit fm r'-Mi- ���"���Tks department,
'/letOr'      '-|   t1 t��,-p r,r  ti,q  pvtdT).
:"���    '     ihs    *.-, ,.,(   ii'-'iir/li   the
-pv'ti ...,,'.��� ���"  [���*, "onriaic   to con-
'" '   'he  ' ������'���*   nemo road.    The
'I'*'* ��� , ��� ��� n | ,- ��� ,( .,n , .j :ineer to
Ignpct ���>���!��� rlehf ii*" way deseed who
������ill repnrl �������� "'"-n :", possible. Reeve
H���i'i nnf'-tnites "i real difficulty
viih the government,
Th" qiif
abandoned    his   ambition    snd numlclpnl
opened a refreshment parlor,
Burke was star performer when
T'lues were going his way. Imt
h" was never very fne! of the
receiving end. In 1907 he stayed six rounds with .lack Johnson  al   Bridgeport.
1909 Jack JohnBOn defeated Tony
Ross In six rounds at Pittsburg,
1012 Charley Ledoux knocked out
Dlggi r Stanley in the seventh
round at i'aris.
1909 Dob McAllister, in tlie second
boul of his career, defeated Ous
Audi rson in three rounds nt
Oakland. McAllister, who Ibi
bail'il as the mining middle-
wclghl i hamplon by the I'acific
coasl funs. Iris sin"" fought a
scorn of lii-iits. umi yt yel to
n*,' 11 defeat. Bi fori !"��� lomlng a
|ir. foBslnnal,  ho  i.i Id   the ama
War Browing,
���in   of   "le   |0-ltlOn   of   th"
"II for C'onuitl im is bv no
Tienns settled. Tii" vague murmurs
���nd rncnuepq   m    legal   proceedings
Tai-en Hn. c* nnell hv dissatisfied rate
-layers hn"" taken concrete .-.hnpe, in a
'awyer's letter, fin-mending that the
matter he refer-od to th" municipality,
������= craved 'r-r i., n-i- reacted petition,
The pren.cpd'i ca nf the c *unc 11 are described in lie reverse nf complimentary termr nud n l��<v suit ii threatened unlcs the '"unlclnal fi'hi rs desist
from settling down at Maillardville.
Coqultlam  Txcurrion.
T'*�� m i.ri rf the Arnhs -'eh. of
Ver; Coqultlam, held an enloyable nnt
nil ai Rnlrbov falls, Pltl lake, Sat"r
day. About 150 people composed I'*"
nnrtv, the trip io and from Ihn falls
beini made in the steamer Transfer,
of Now Westminster. 'I I" Port Co-
qul'lam lm"'] which was in attend
ane", kepi Ihlnga morry I���.>t��i coming
teur welterwelghl mlddlewolghl  aml  >''���''"���  and  at  ihe scene of  the
1 iy's t njoynu n
iVilliidr. s.hocl.
Th" matter       .- school for Kraser
Mills   has   bi":.   dlllflUBAod   with   the
and h ywoighl championships
,    : i��� i'*,.*:���;.*��� cOBM
H i.'y   Paob.p   iii f ated     Marci I
Moreau  in   15    rounds at   Paris
(:,*i*;ipi d ���
lay   lii-oii--*-ui   defeated    Harry education pupcrlntendent,   The prox-
Brewer in ten rounds at Indianapolis,
���Bankers Win.
' li  nils rluh of t'n   Kr.*:.->*r Mills
iinity of Milli ;i!c school, which serves
Coqultlam ' hlldn u. Is a factor in tho
Bituation and it is it ifcal '������ nn ar-
i nn ��� :" nl w ll I." arr *,' d a: between
Mi * boards of the two mun   Ipalltles
ffvnninir  (l*t(, tit, 1. *{)i)        "'"'"''  '''���' '"'''  defeal  :t  t:.- hando     her by ihe r-h - l will be available
bruun-g,g><ivHiii.uv.   * ()| ,,,,. New vvestmlnster hank clerka 'cr both wlthoul a couple ol achools
sterday on ihe Millside courts.        ovc-.' I ,*; :**  ..na otliti    'ilu dlatrlct
Inspector will pay a visit  and negotiations  will  take  place  between   I.'...-
school hoard3 i.n the initiative ot the
I education depart ment.
Development   Expected.
The Bubject of the extension of the
II.   (I.   Klectric   railway   from   Frasi r
Mills     terminus     or   oilier   point,   to
Westminster Junction has given  rise
to high  hopes  among  property  owners, surrounding the  Pitt  Kiver road.
It   is  pointed  nut  that   great development might be expected  frnm such a !
line   as   is   suggested.     The   govern- ;
i ment   farm al. Port Coqultlam and the ;
asylum   would   both   have   more  con-
] venient  aocesn   to   New   Westminster. '
: while, once tbe extension  was made, ,
the new line along the North road to ,
which the company Is committed could
he easily pushed along lhe Austin road
to  joint   It  and   form     a     bell     lm"
through magnificent  agricultural and
horticultural   land,  and  splendid   real-
i.inlial areas.
At  Maillardville.
The    thriving     French    Canadian
?e!.tlem'nt of Maillardville does no*
meni affected by the vagaries of high
finance. What tin*"" years ago waa
forest now contains 102 substantial
bouses, and 22 in course of construe
tlon. Among the principal residences i
b ing erected  are     I hose   by    Joseph
Boileau, J. ll. Decalre, jr. o. Vallere
,1. Parent, a. Beaublen, J. Choquette
' F. Allard and l.rhlane.
The   residents   are   congratulating
themselves upon tbe distinction of be j
Ing     tho     centre     of     Coqultlam,'
Thry  consider  thnt.  their Importance
in population and transportation fie li
lies afforded by Ihe 11. C. B, It. and ('
| P. It. justly entitle them to the honor :
,They  point,    out    that,    the O,  P.  R :
gives the eastern section of Ihe muni
Ictpallty reasonable access to Malllard
I ville, which Burqultlam, the rival site
���does not possess.
Real  estate  If also acl Ive and   Mr
A. E. Beaulleu has transferred a largt- !
number of lots during lha past month  i
The knowledge thnl there is a French I
Canadian community near the  Frasoi
Mills  has  proved   a  nlrong  attraction
to  tho  o.lemitit   of  the   province   and
newcomers    ar"    cOllBlantlv    arrlviri"
and  adding   lo   the  population,   whic.il
is now estimated at 410.
V'\ and Mrs llaiiilen Proulx '-IT'*
en'ertalnad lasl nighl hv a largi
gathering of Mends on the occas'm
of Iheir arrival  rroin  lhi*  Kasi   al   lln
termination of their wedding trip,   a
very pleasant Social evening inlivin
ed by the musl:'. of ill" Par" family
.all talented musicians, was spent and
Mr. and Mrs. Proulx received thc
heartiest good wiBhes for their happl-
n s t and prospi rity,
Mr. and  Mrs.  David S"-ii;i are r<
juicing over    Ihe    advi nl    I n    I'r Ida)
iiicniln-j of b little dauchlpr.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty design* In Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 In.
Kxceptlonal bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from   $3.95 to $18.50
Oenulne Oak Dresser ��� - $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers In Golden Oak. itoyal Oak and Mahogany flnlah.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror. This suile
Is an exceptional  bargain at $4*.-9*t) complete.
Our Dry Goods section Is attracting -great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
Fast Passenger Trrin Service by B. ('. Elcctpic
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Ihroughbreds in Mion-550
a., ii.": tana������ m MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1913.
Pt.***. ��nv��
News'Sport Page that Everybody Reads
wearing his majesty's uniform, having
come in from the militia camp at Sydney, and one look at the scarlet anil
blue convinced the police that T4m
was O.K.
In the closest but not the best game
of the season tbe champion Salmon
liellles Came home with the bacon
unco more, this tltno taking the Van-
COUVers Into camp at Victoria Saturday afternoon five gouls to four.
Tbe contest was such as not to excite an ordinary lacrosse crowd but,
owing to the fact thai this waB the
first professional fixture ever staged
In the Capital City, It was only natural
lhe fans, with the exception of those
attending from WeBtmlnster und Vancouver, should go Into hysterics every
lime cither side Bcored or worked In
some pretty plays
To Cordon Spring lies the honor of
scoring thu winning goal, the little
home player beating Johnson after
Pi minutes of play In the last quarter,
just at a time when one of the old-
time free-for-all lacrosse riots bill
started, which, until the arrival of the
liluecoutB, threatened to assume serious proportions.
Griff Was Busy.
While Grumpy Spring was daing
the trick of placing another counter
on the Westminster win column. Harry
Griffiths, captain of the Vancouvers.
wus making a name for himself, or
rather adding a little to his present
unsavory record nf Starting things in
the rough-Stuff Hli".
The whole trouble started when
Griffiths niul Ion e itnmencid to rough
things. Two health/ wallops, one
from Ibe stick of Griffiths and the
other by Ion prompted Referee Dewar
to send llle former off for 10 minutes and Ion off for five.
Two minutes had elapsed on ion's
lime when bis skipper nent him on
t'i" field again, jamet McMurphy
raised a In.Her loud enough to attract
*.-"iu" attention, which was followed
hy Griffiths prodding the Westminster timer to make blm keep quiet Did
Mr. McMurphy keep quiet? Not yet.
The llayloy Campbell fight had nothing on what followed, A few sticks
swished In the air. there was more
noise from the players and spectatojrs
and the trouble ended for a short time.
1 luring   the   melee   Grumpy   Spring
had i luded  his check long enough to
place his team in the lead.
No  Whittle.
Throughout    the     whole     of     the
troublfsomo period, no gong sound"'!
ami :i* i-icii had gone up from either
i i the officials so thai despite whal
protest Miit- r loin s may make to the
C.   I..
kick   will   not  hold
Tl  *
ing .-*i
fourth quarter was an Interest-
islon The spectators whi numbered about 5000, went wild with delight whenever a goal was scored.
The Game Begins.
Tlie long grass at tbe weft end of
ll," grounds gave trouble from the
outsat and several plays were missed
by the players being unable to pick up
the ball. After nine minutes Nick
Curb r opened the scoring for Vancouver It ' ok just 1", Beconds for
Grumpy Spring tn equalise and a minute- liter I.in Turnbull turned the
trick w;;ii a Becond for th"  Royals.
That i nili d the scoring tor the first
Bp li m
Si;cr.d  Quarter.
Tho play became faster In the second quarter and Vancouver soon went
in the lead With Itoals by l.alnnde
and Allan. This was followed by a
hook shot by Bill Turnbull. but Jutt
then llun Clark" managed to incur
the displeasure of the officials for
holding Carter and Hun took his first
trip to ihe penalty area since he Joined the club iwo years ago.
Huck .Marshall went In between the
sticks und pulled off several saves until l.aloude sent through a long shot.
Tbls left Vancouver ln tbe lead when
111" whistle blew.
Third Quarter.
Clarke resumed his place between
the netB nt ihe commencement of the
third quarter and, with a desire to
Bhow the Victoria crowd lhat penalties are nothing to hlm, he played a
stellar game for lhe rest of the ses-
: Ion,
Cliff Spring tied up lhe i core five
mlnutea after reminpt m ol play, tiie
teams being on equal looting when tl\e
whlBtle blew for a five minutes' rest.
Tin third quarter which has been a
fi atiire With Wi sti'inster this season.
failed to mak' good, although everyone thought there would be plenty of
fireworks in lhe fourth.
These came afier 10 minutes' of play
when Griffith and Ian were ruled off
iuil on their wuy to the bench (I.
Spring placed lhe game on Ice for
Hi" Hoyals, In vain did Con .Innes
protest the goal, stalking out In tho
middle of the field and using language
to tiie officials.   The goal counted.
roll iwing Ihe scrap and the clearance of the playing space by the police, lon resumed his tactics by trying
In cut down Cliff Spring and was jimt
as quickly benched for the reBt of tho
game. Cliff Spring and Tom Hennie
were also given a rest.
'lhat was enough for the afternoon.I
Westminster, with the one goal lead,
wmi   nfter  more,  but  the  stroke of
the  bell  frustrated their efforts.
Behaved Themselves.
\ The real stars of Ihe game were perhaps Irhnny Howard, II. Olfford and
Lalonde. The former nnd the latter
played great lacrosse, showing no
s-lgn or anything published In the rule
book as Impolite and. while lhe \an-
ci.iivir star wis i Imping lit his besl. so
did i: .ward hold hlm in cheek. The
younger Olfford was as usual in the
thick of the fray and picked off some
faal ones near the nets.
Hum Johnson, the former Victoria
amateur who made bis first appearance for Vancouver, was given a good
reception, but was nnt really tested at
i,nv lime during the play. The Wesl-
mlnsti r home were away off on lhelr
ii; u;:l display, which allowed ihe Vancouver defence In keep Ihem at long
���distance from the ueln.
Deforces cullen and Dewar ruled
wiih a firm hand, Every penalty they
handed oul was coining to llie players -mil lhe Victoria duo will nniloubl-
i :i, handle Tuasdayls game i" Van-
i   lUVC.
How the Teams Lined Up.
Vancouver Westmlustar
HeBS     Clarke
Griffith       Howard
'on  Marshall
First Defence
Pickering     G. Itennle
Becond Defence
Prlnglo     T.  Hennlii
Third Defence
Godfrey  H. Clifford
West       Keeney
Third Home
Murray    VV. Turnbull
Second Home
Nlcol   Wintemute
First Homo
Carter       t'.  Spring
l-alondo   I,. Turnbull
Allen  (J. Spring
Referee, P. Cullen; Judge of play, It.
Dewar; timekeepers, C. Young. Vancouver. D. Gilchrist. Westminster;
penalty timekeepers, V. Hussell, Vancouver, .1. McMurphy. Westminster;
goal umpires. F. Patrick, Vancouver,
J, Mahoney, Westminster.
Goal Summary.
Plrst   quarter:
1  Carter. Vancouver, 9:27.
2. g.  Spring.  Westminster,   :1B.
:;. L, Turnbull, Westminster, 1:00.
Second   quarter:
4. Lalonde,   Vancouver.  7:10,
fi. Alien, Vancouver, mis.
6. '���'���'.  Turn! ull.  Westminster,  3,:10.
7. Lalonde, Vancouver, 8:10,
Third   quarter:
5. C. Spring, Westminster, 5:15.
Fourth quarter:
ii. g. Spring. Westminster, 10:oo.
First quarter���-Fee-pey, Westminster.
5  mlnuteB.
Becond quarter���Clark. Westminster, 5 minutes; Allen, Vancouver, 5
Third quarter--None.
Fourth quarter���Griffith, Vancouver, ll) minutes;; Ions, Vancouver, 5
minutes; c. spring, Westminster, 6
minutes; T. Hennie, Vancouver. 6
minutes: Ions, Vancouver, rest of
B. C. L. A.
W.    I,.    F.    .V
Wi etmlnster     5     l   -14   "4
Vancouvi r     1     5   21    it
Next j:n:,.'. Westminster at Vancouver, Tuesday (Dominion day)
July 1.
Nationals Turn Trick by Heavy Score
���Tecumsehs   Down   Torontos
and Take Second  Place.
Montreal,     June     29.    Playing    on
their own grounds before nearly 5000
people,    Ihe    National!    routed    the
Irish   Canadians   Jriuuirday   and   sent
ilheiii  home  with  tha ihort end  of a
110-3  score.
For two periods the league leaders.
.although handicapped by the absence
1 of some of their star players, put up
I the besl brand of lacrosse which had
won them four straight victories. Then
I they faded completely and the French
(Canadians romped Off with the game,
I scoring five goals to their opponent's
one in the third perijd anil four In
' the final session.
TecumBehs Are Climbing.
Toronto, June 29.- -The Tecumsehs
on the Island grounds revenged themselves for the overtime defeat two
weeks ago by trimming the Torontos
hy exactly the same sore as that
plied up in the first encounter between th" two local teams, viz., 5-4.
As is usual when local teams are battling, the crowd turned out ln thousands and watched tlie play from the
start to finish, neither side gaining
the advantage until late in the last
quarter when tlle Indians pulled away.
This win places Querrie's Indians
in Becond place, although the Irish-
Canadians should defeat the Tecumsehs on Tuesday at Montreal.
wlll oppoHu the Point Grey Hed Sox.
I This team met dereat a little over a
| week ago, hut they are by no means
'satisfied and are coming back stronger  than  ever.
In the arternoon the Westminsters
will cross hats with Port Coquitlam,
present leaders In the B. C. league.
The latter contest is a league fixture    and,       if    enthusiasm    counts
for    anything,    the   Hoyals  are  just
! going to show Mr. Ruyle, the Port City
I fllnger, that IiIb offerings are as pie
served at a political picnic.    The. af-
itrrnoon game starts at 4 o'clock. The
! team will be selected Bometlme today.
Sandy Cowan, Stanley Peele and
Wells Gray, all veterans of former
Salmon Belly teams, were noticed
chatting in front of the WeBtmliiBter
headquarters Saturday  morning.
(By the Potter.)
Saturday's game between Fraser
Mills and Wesiminster, scheduled for
Queens park, was postponed ou account of bad weather.
Tecumsehs   . . .
Big Pour,
... 4
...  2
F. .A
SB 28
26 22
24    Iiii
Perfect conditions, except for the
long grass, prevailed at Victoria. T,
GlfTord, M.L.A., and Acting Iteeve Fau
Vel, of Hurnaby, held a consultation
before the game and decided that four
tons of hay could be gathered from
the  playing field.
Mickey lon and Harry Griffith will
be reported to the 11. C. L. A. by
Referees Cullen and Dewar. It Is
possible that the association will have
to dispose of a complaint against Con
Jonea at the same meeting.
lf Victoria ever hopes to draw good
patronage at their games next season
they will undoubtedly line up wiih
WeBtmlnster in forcing ibe players to
play a clean game.
The News lacrosse bulletins, giving
not only the scores, but the Incidents
of play were the first on the street
Saturday afternoon, a large crowd
gathering sround the Columbia slreet
office at Hill's pharmacy throughout
the entire play.
The three cornered shoot between
Westminster, Port Moody and Port
Haney, which took placo Saturday
afternoon, will cement tlie good feel-
lug between the tyros of the three
The kid who owns the baseball la
the kingpin at any back lot contest.
The other players have to treat him
right or he will call iu the ball and
go home. This also applies to lacrosse.
A few days ago. during a game al
Queens park between school boys,
Karle Gray, son of Mayor Gray, was
deputed to referee. lie owns a Btlck
and one of the teams being a boy
shy Gray's stick was turned oviir to
a liltle youngster who looked as quiet
as a lamb. Thia quiet looking youngster laved on tbe hickory to audi an
extent that he got ruled off. The
referee afterwards explained that hc
feared more for his stick than the
hammering the youngster waa doling
out to the opposition.
Next Saturday Is the day of days,
when Weatmlnater ahould turn out al
Queens park. The V. A. C. wlll bc
the visitors and at the pace Dad Turn-
bull's outfit are making it should be
the beat amateur game of the season.
Arrangements are being made for a
parade of all school boys carrying
lacrosse sticks, starting from Columbia Btreet.
i i ���
On good terms, splendid
apartment site. Close to *
Albert Crescent. Convenient to down town district. Size 132x132 ft.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
1 '
'   -
Ill   ���
.   1
Pat Feeney provided the beat effort
of the afternoon Saturday when he
passed two men and had only .lohnson
to beat. Doss came out of his hole
In time to meet  Pat's stick.
Westminster and Mocse on the Diamond Tomorrow.
Indications point to a good crowd
In attendance at both ball gamei at
Queen's   Park   tomorrow   afternoon.
At  the  morning session  the  Moose
A few stragglin? grer n colors were
noticed on Victoria streets before the
name. This gave way to the red and
blue ribbons immediately after the result. Two Westminster boys reaped
a small harvest peddling out silken
pictures of several of the Hoyals.
Any old time that Harry Griffith de- j
sires a scrap he Is likely to*,leave   a!
Westminster timekeeper alone.    Griff
certainly came out second best in the !
Between    lulls    in    the game   Tim
��� Mahoney   informed  The    News   -that
there were one million mosquitoes to
every  blade  of  grass  at  the  Sidney
military camp.
709 Columbia ��t. Westminster Trust Bid?.
Tim Mahoney, the trainer, nearly
got pinched for trying to quell the
riot  In the fourth quarter,   Tim waa
Saturday Cricket.
Central Park d-ffeated Lynn Valley
at cricket Saturday afternoon, the
linal score being 55 to 40.
At North Burnaby the Vancouver
Moths defeated the Suburbanites Gl
tn 38.
Pras. and Q-onl. Mgr.
Bee. and Tret*
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Coal::   S;ored
G. Bprlng, West . ��� ���
Lalonde, Van	
('. Spring, West ...
W. Turnbull, West.
I.. Turnbull, West.
Wintemute, Wast ..
[���Vi in*.*.  West	
Allan,' Van	
Adamson, Van.
Mathes ai.   Van.   .. .
I'arte..   Van     	
O. Rennle, West. ...
II.   Gifford,   West,
Oorman,  Van	
Phelan.  Van	
Nlchol, Van	
Games Goals
il 111
ii 11
V.  A. C.
Amateurs Blast Hopes of
Taking tlie count before the V. A.
(' amateurs to the tune of IS goals
In 2, ibe hopes of Victoria winning the
Mann cup this aoaBon from the
Terminals flickered out Saturday
afternoon In one of the most onesided games of the season.
The absence of Hobs .lohnson between the flugs and another of Ihelr
regulars also missing lefl Victoria
with a weakened bunch to stack up
against the well trained V. A. C's.
Even Sam I.or.mor, the manager of
the Capital! and one of lhe old time
Victoria players when they were mix
id up In the three cornered leagiu
against lhe Balmon Bellies and Vancouver, donned a uniform, but Sam'a
200 pounds of flesh was more than
enough to cart around a lacrosse IU Id
and unless the ball headed his way
he was i r lii'le use lo his youngsters,
Crookall und Davis were the individual slurs, the former scoring no
less than light of the eighteen goals.
Fred l.ynclLand Ed, Ruvey handled
the   game.
ich and
wub   comparatively
p. c. A. L.
A.  Etandinp.
I..     v.
...  4
0      45
\\ est iii mat it  ....
Next game, V.
minster, Saturday
...   1
A. C.
. .luly
2      IH      21
4      25      52
at New West-
liday Apparel
SELECT your Outing things today. Whether you want to
attend the races or go on a picnic, we have the proper
clothes for you to wear. Nifty Outing Shirts, Flannel
Trousers in white, grey and striped patterns, Ties, Socks and
Sweaters, Panamas and Outing Straws, cool, comfortable
Underwear and Bathing Suits.
Coqultlam Easily Trims Fraser Mills
Pounding out live hits, accompanied
by six errors in the first inning, the
Coqultlam nine yeBterday afternoon
garneri d a"ven runs, which were
more than'enough to defeat the Circle
W learn on the Millside diamond. The
final score was II to 5, and but for
the galaxy of mink plays In the first
spasm the usual large Sunday crowd
would have had the pleasure of witnessing a tight gnme. Mlsplays appeared to Infect both teams, tin lesa
Hum 'eleven being registered against
the lumber shovel's, while the Port
City hoys escaped with seven.
Silver nnd J. Guy were away off
form, the former being struck out
i twice and made four hooters which
lei  In several runs.
Ruyle for Coqultlam pltohed spien-
i dill ball  and  came  through  with  flying colors In the pinches.
The  score  follows:
fraser Mills   5
Port Coqultlam    5
Batteries: N'ellson and Bubnke;
I Ruyle  and   [mining.     Umpire  Genlry.
MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1013.
0 ived for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
62S Columbia Btreet; A. Syrice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
dav. 4c per word por week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
i, i,red wlttln oue year from date of
i-oulract, $25.00.
four roomed furnished cottage,
particulars In lirst letter. I
Hox 18S.
. o.
Aged  Dr.  Ealdwin  Hears His Call
Far North and Makes His Life
Worth While.
bungalow; five rooms and large attic; cement basement, with laundry
tubs; panelled dining room, beam
callings, built-in buffet, book   cup- j 	
boards, fireplace, electrical fixtures;
on Ninth Btreet, with street In rear, j Winnipeg, June 29.- -Big and liroiu-
between Third and Fourth avenues; ied. a man in a dark brown suit that
walking distance; a bargain. In-j matches his complexion, with a look
quire of Owner, 908    St. Andrew's lot vigor and strength aboul hun,
Knowles made a frantic effort and
raised the $100 cash bull demanded by
Chief Cuddy.
Of the nine persons taken ln the
raid, live were women and four men.
Two of the men were soldiers, being
members  of the  '-Hrd   Alberta   1 lorne.
  | Detective T. Turner, who gathered in
| the soldiers, made an effort to notify
���� *'" ���***��� ���"<������� ow n~ uu in tm*,.. >����, aii *^^^!jjyg?iSys "
inonth. price $575; also new house,
three rooms and pantry, on CR foot
lot with 12 fruit trees on, $1550,
$100 cash, balance to suit. Apply
(l. Waterman, Btride avenue and
Twelfth street. 11610)
meeting the large and small inves
lor. You may have bad no ex
t erlenoe and yet bo the man
tors -easilv earn $350 to $5.00 per
uay. Call 4S Sixth Btreel, Weslmln-
between 9:30 and C.        11649)
wanta work, by   day.   Apply    Miss
_.;cLean, iSIM Seventh street.  116391
Written applications for the position
< f engineer for the new hospital will
be received bv the undersigned up to
C p m. Monday. July ". 1913. Applicants
must possess third class papers. State
\ aether married or single, and salary
E. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Koyal Columbian hospital, New Westminster, B.C. U650)
horsea weighing about 3200 pounds,
seven and eight years with harness
and wagon; also one team 3000.
seven and eight, with harness and
wagon; also one extra wagon, IHi
Inch skeln, will sell altogether or
separate, cheap for cash, or might
consider trade. Apply 1406 Fifth
avenue. N'ew Westminster.      (1550)
May  Bu Forced in the
Nlagara-on-the-Lake, June 29 -The
order has gone forth that every soldier in camp imiBt wear a mustache.
Major-General Lessard is a tirm believer In the cUEtom of wearing nius-
tachi s which prevails In the imperial
army, and also to a certain extent In
the Canadian permanent force. After
persuading several smooth-faced
mombers ot his headquarters staff to
make the attempt, the general has
now issued an order, calling attention
to the paragraph in the king's regulations and orders for the Canadian militia,   which   Bays   that   the   upper   lip
FOK SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (1451)
with a merry twinkle and hands that
'are big with toll���and  freckled���that
lis Sheridan Lawrence Of I'eace river.
j who is a, siKht worth seeing on Main
l street these days.
Sheridan Lawrence   sat    In   a   big
iarm chair and told surprise stories
surprise and human Interest,   Almost
everything he said  was wonderful to
la city dweller.    For Instance, he discovered  to the    world    another  Dr.
Qrenfell, another Dr. Luke of Lahra-: shall not be Shaved
dor. In the person of a fine old man I Men  Are Displeased,
named Baldwin, who ministers to thel Niagara camp, Ont.. June 26.���Gen-
wants of tho settlers and the Indians eral L.-ssani's notice calling attention
and take what they can give in re-ito the klnii's regulations that the upturn, perhaps a load 61 wood, or the | per lip of his majesty's soldiers must
carcass of an elk, but inure often his
services are free.
There ia a story of adventure and
romance woven through the life of the
old physician. lie was bom in To-
j ronto, served In the South African
|war. later in the Hoyal North West
i Mounted Police, and for a time
'head Burgeon in a San Francisco
near  Cetitral school),  711 Queens
avenue. (1635)
street, apply A, L. livery, City
bakery. (16541
minster disirict to meet the lady
demonstrator at 4S Sixth Btreet and
learn something of interest to every
housekeeper. Free demonstrations
every afternoon at 2:30. (1649)
but   financially  unable  to  cultivate
write post office box 1405, Vancouver. (16311
I pltal. Ever he has heard the call of
the frontier and ever he haa obeyed,
land for the past five yearB he haB been
lat Vermilion. He has found his work
| und to him it is a labor of love.
Lawrence says that it was old Dr.
Baldwin who assle "1 In bringing his
��� last two children into the world. There
��� was not doctor for the other seven who
arrived before his advent.    For years
I and years there was no doctor in the
 .settlement, and the Indians died off by
ANXIOUS1'10 ravages of disease. Now they are
I carefully I elided and nursed back to
| life, the babies .are given a better
i chance In their struggle to grow up,
jthe pains and aches of the aged are
; softened, arid life is happier for his
nol he shaven has developed no end of
consternation here coming so soon after the visit of Major General Sir Ian
Hamilton, inspector general of the
overseas forces, and Colonel Sam
Hughes, minister of militia, ll la believed that they inspired the order.
wub I In some regiments there ia a dlBpo-
loa- | sltion to rebel against the order, and
it is possible some examples will be
made of the mutinous ones before
camp is over.
lt is likely Major General Hamilton
and Colonel Hughes will make similar
suggestions to commanding officers In
camp in the west to put the order In
Staked Out as Mining
New Lickeard, Out., June 29    While
excavating for a cellar under his shack
on   Lake  Shoro nud  In  the  town  of
New l.iakeard, John G. Myers uncov- |
ered two silver bearing veins und has I
Btaked a claim on it.    Myers is a picture dealer, but as a recreation takes]
to   prospecting   In  summer,  so  when
he  saw   the  Cobalt   bloom  under  his i
f.padc.  he  dropped   work  for Ihe  day j
and  rushed off h the Halleybury  recording office to llle the right to search
for mineral under his own house. The
discovery is alleged to be of Coholat
and Cobalt bloom and runs nbout five
ounces In silver to" the ton.
Myers'  partner is an  Indian  and  a
j well  known  prospector and    be    is
I quite sanguine of the result thnt will
attend development.
The Indian prospector has hopes of
tearing up the Myers garden and get-
i ting down to work al once.
Ile   plans   on   going   right   Into   the
I centre of N'ew Llskeard and slaking
olalms for mineral wherever he sees
the  slightest  chance  of  finding    bed
! rock.
The   find   was  made  right    on   the
ledge of the great clay bell and the
striking of rock only three feet down
j was  a  great  surprise  to   the  owner.
I The    partners    kept   their  discovery
'illiiet for a week, but the sign of tlle
discovery post, and the entry in the
recording office roused great curiosity
There Is no doubt that if the find
shows up at all there wlll be a great
destruction of garden property. In
the meantime New Llskeard residents are rather skeptical.
refused to arouse the commander of the
soldiers' company, and the redcoats
were compelled to spend the night in
Institute Federal License.
Toronto, June 29.���Federal licenses
to physicians for the practice of medicine, after passing the examinations
of the Dominion medical council, may
he regarili d as another Step lu the confederation of the provinces, according to the Concensus of opinion among
Toronto doctors. The difficulty recognized is that of bringing medical
students from far away points In the
Dominion  before a central examining
COAL MINING rlKlitamf the Dominion,
lu Muiiliiiiiii. BaHkateliewun und Alberta,,,
tlio Yi.-liun Territory, the N.��i thwil Ter-
11 toil, i and In a portion of the rrnvSict
of BiiuhIi Columbia, may he leased for ��-.
term of twenty-one years ut an aimuftli
rental of tl an mn'. Not more lliau *ibtt
acren will be leased to one applicant.
Application for u leurtn must hi: madffj
hy the applicant In person t.i the Asenv;
or Hub-Agent of the district tn whieh till -
ilKlilH upplled for are altuuted.
In surveyed territory the land must be,
described   by   sections,   or   legal   nut> dlvl-
nl.'iiu of sections, und In unsurveyd territory   the   tract   upplled    for    shall    be*
sulked out by the epblloant liliiuielf.
Daoh applffiation must he net .-i.;.,ini.^r <
hy u tee of $.". which wiii be refunded if'
lhe rlKhtH applied foi* ure not available,
but not otherwise, A royalty Hhnii u*
puld on the inerelmnliihli' output of the
mine al the rule of five oants per ton,
,      , ��� "*���   person   "i-'-u,tlrni   the   mine   slint'.i
body, distances in Canada being bo I furnish ih" Agent with sworn r.-ium��
great. Set examination papers for writ - I accounting for ihe full quantity of mni-��
ten   examinations  are  always  supple-   chantuhle ��� coal.jiiln��l  and  pny  the  roy
menied by oral examinations In the
practice of the medical councils, ll is
thus thought necessary, to be fair to
all. that the same board of examiners
BOUld preside in every ciibc where a
Dominion license ia granted. Toronto
medical men nre generally expectant
that, machinery will be devised for
satisfactorily carrying out the provision of the new act.
t ulty thereon. If the coal mining rl��hi��
jute nnt being i'1'fiuied such returns should
' he  furiilslied  nl   least   once  a  ynr.
The leuee will Include the conl tnlnln��.-
rlghis only, hut the leases will be per-
1 ntltteil to purchase Whatever iivullablft
(surface rights muy tie considered necet*-
��� miry for the working of the mine ut the
i rute of fill an acre.
For full Information application sboulA
be made to tt*r Beoretary of the Depart,
ment  of  tlle  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to an*)i
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Uinda
Deputy  Minister  of  the   Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be imld for
low, Durham Btreet; live rooms.
Phone   H331. (1640)
ished rooms, close to car. Hoan
optional. Mrs. Stanbrldge, Thirteenth avenue, between fourth and
second   streets,   EaBt  Burnaby.
itig rooms upstairs, phone and bath.
close ln.    Hox lfiiS  News.      Wl*)
bright and airy, hot and cold water
$2.(10   a     week     and     up.     Special
monthly  rates.    S45  Hoyal  avenue
where. No collection, no charge.
Amerlcnn-Vancotiver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (1449)
Coqultlam Municipality School Board.
Tendera will be received by the
undersigned up to 4 p.m. June 30,
1913. for the erection of an addition.
22x36, to the Blue Mountain School.
Plans and specifications may be seen
at the residence of Mr. Ewen Martin
chairman of the Board, North road
Burqultlam. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
P. BARTH, Secretary.
(1598) Fraser Mills P. O.
Mr. Justice Beck
For Sale���In Sapperton, close to Columbia street, car line, five roomed
modern house, new and well built.
$f>() cash, balance $25 a month. The
price is rlghl for quick Bale.
Calgary. June 29
sitting In chambers, refused the appli
cation  of  Samuel   Hodgkinaon  for  i
writ of habeas corpus for hla daugh
ter Elmlra aB against the St. Joseph's I an
convent  at  Red   Deer.     Ills   lordship'
dismissed thc case on the ground that
the girl had reached the age of choice
and could live where she chose.   It Ib
likely that an appeal will be made to
a higher court.
Two affidavits were presented in
the eaae, one from the father and tin-
other from the stepmother of the girl.
The father stated that the girl was
17. That shn had been sent to the
convent at Red Deer for education.
That Instructions were given to the
sister superior that she should.not be
talked to about religion. The girl remained at the convent till the end ofl
May of thiB year when she was
hrought bome, She escaped from her
father's home In the first week ini
June. The father said that the girl
[had said she wished to become a Cath-
lolic. and he wished to nave her
brought up liy a Baptist.
The most striking example of the
preventive effects of vaccination,
which, perhaps, haB occurred in any
country, certainly in modi rn times, is
that of the Philippine islands. Prior to
1905, some 6,000 deaths each year
were due to smallpox.
In that year the United States authorities, believing in Ita efficacy, Introduced the practice and their officers performed the enormous number
of 3, 096,635 vaccinations, this effectually stamping out this horrible
This is hut a modem Instance of
old and sound scientific practice
which, unfortunately, today is being
neglected by parents, municipal authorities and governments. Such neglect has entailed heavy loss upon many
communities; we should be wise before it Is too late.
Most people would be
���benefited by the occasional use of
Na-Drn-Co Laxatives
Gently, thoroughly, and
without discomfort, they free
the system of tlie waste
which poisons the blooil and
lowers the vitality. 25c. a
box, at your Druggist's.
National Dm*! Uld Chemlcml Co.
ol Cnnada, Limited.       176
This Veil Cannot Hurt Eyes.
In tho exact center of this thickly j
covered  lace  Tell  Is  a  medallion  of
TO RENT -$20.00, SIX  ROOM    COT-
tage, newly decorated, conveniences.
Princess street. Phone 438, evenings, about  7 o'clock. (1634)
For Rent���No. 609 Bent street, thle
city, eight roomed modern house in
first class condition, house all newly overhauled.    Lease $30 a month.
housekeeping rooms
bath.   Apply sin
pantry    and
Queens    avenue.
funished housekeeping rooms, (list
floor, at 221 Seventh strei".    (1503)
Furnished three room suite, with
I nth. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Telephones:   Office 53.  Residence 429.
JOHN REID, Proprietor,
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
EnglneB,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 4/4.    Nev. Westminster, B.C.
For Rent���Furnished, Mr. Wamsley'o
hoime, corner Tenth avenue and
Twelfth Btreet. To careful tennant
will give long lease and cheap rent.
For full particulars, see ua.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulilding.
-ctors of
ance of
the de-
Calgary, June 29.---The dii
the Red Deer Agricultural
through the generous asBis1
the Cuningham Land Co., am
partment of agriculture, are
the following prizes for
field   grains:
For the best ten acres of oa*
prize, $100; second prize, $60
prize, $.'15;   fourth  prize,  $15.
For the best ten acres of barley,
flrst prize, $100; second prize, $5ii;
third prize. $35; fourth prize, $15.
Fields entered for competition shall
consist of not less than ten acres in a
block and Bhall he situated within
twenty miles of the headquarters of
tho agricultural society with which
entry Is made. The len acres entered
for competition must be selected he-
fore the arrival of the Judge and staked out In such a manner tiiat the
ludge shall he able to distinguish the
block  entered   without  difficulty.   Neglect   to do  this  will   be considered  a
disqualification.     In    order  to  avoid
Province of British Columbia, County I mistakes   and   to   Becure   information
of Westminster. regarding  methods  of
I compel iters   Fhould
Judge to tin* field.
si;.*, lei ...... i t,.
i let    imd,   and  i ml irseii      ,
I'l'l'l*     UuliJIm tut ll .     ll.   i'.."
win  i.'*  " ,*.-i*.. .i       * -  until   t 1)0
r.  M . ..ii  Mond -.    .1 . .; .   [or  thu
construction ul a J Uu  duns
.an Btat *.*n. ll   ''
PlanB,   apei Ificatloi      furn   ol   	
cm le .-���' n and forma ,,i tendi i '���*" lined
.it the uflir" "I Ml v. : n mlt i it !;.--
: i lent An mi'- *. Victoria, U C, u il"
Posit Office, 1 nn.' .ii, Station H ' . and
;.i tid., 1 i'*i,iiriuii ni
IMaiiN. specifications tnd fnm nl ��� ntriu I
ilern will imt I"* considered unlei -made
ni the printed foi ins  lupplleil :
v .tli their actual signatures,
, coupations and  pliu es **i   i> ���  I * in
t ,-��� cts.- nf firms, He* actual   Ittuu
u-'tiir.* "f il -ni stloi    '���  I i
1'ileiit f inch  in* in! I   Hi'   : li i
ii given.
Eiieli   t'ln! *r  must   I"   itecom]
i  i  accepted clu tp >   ���   ������"**��� I
miv.itil" in Hi.- .."l'i- '���' thi! Hon irable tlm
Minister  ������'.   Publlc   Work ,  eqiuil   tn   ���
lier ei ni    il" i"* i  "f thc im**  nil
< nd.-r. which win !��������� r ir��f��ltod If the i*
��� tillering d-cllne I  Into  ntm ���
i hen c.tlletl upon i" '��� ' i-'t. '"- fill I*   '���*
i:-t"   the  work   contracted   fnr     f   tli
t nder li" ii'ii accepted tli" cheque will bo
T* turned.
Tin- Department does net il.'i.i lis.'lf to
a-coept tin* IowpsI or any lender,
Uy nrd'-r,
TVpurtnicnl   nt   Puhllc  Works,
Ottawa, June t>. mi:'
"Newspapers  wlll   not   I"-  mild  f"i   this
r-*verttsenient   If   thev   Insert   if   without
authority frum the Department    4UJ��
Under and  by  virtue of a writ of
fl fa to tne    directed    nnd    delivered
against   the   gii-mis   and   chattels   of
Ralph   Asser   und   Sydney   AHser,   at
the suit  of Columbia Trust Company.
Limited,  1  have Seized and  Mill sell
a'    Heaps    Engineering     Company's
premises. Front 8tre< t
ster,  on  Tuesday,   lln
June, 1913, at 2 o'clock in i'u- after
Inoon,  the    following,    or    sufficient
|tbereof to satisfy the Judgment debl
'and costs herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia," i��'��i red
with  a  four cylinder    cycle    20    h.p
Doman engine,  1012 model,    Length
over all 25 feet, beam S feet, uphol
stond in green plush, finished inside
with hardwoodi sleeping accommodation for six persons snd lilted with
toilet, coo kalove. and electric lights
Terms of sale caBh.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913. (1562)
Tin' above sale Is hereby postponed
until  Tuesday  lhe  8th    day    of July.
1913, ul Hie same time nnd place.
(1612) Sheriff.
accompany    lhe
tue new BCnou, rAT-mis.
sheer net, tn   which the fm*
framed ns In a window. This veil Is in
a new scroll pattern very fushlonuble
Juat now.
New Westmin [point, Major Ji
24th  day    of loonnsed for tin
Pointe  Claire  Elections.
Montreal,  June  2a    There  wil;
an election for the mayoralty seal   :
Pointe (Taire. it. 1 a result of tin* noml- ,
nations   which   have   closed   at   thai
in T   McBrlde ������ M be
honor by Holn rt Meredith.
There will be an election for councillor in only one ward Va1'is. i'*'i ��
Mei srs. Tremblay ami He Belleteullle
���11 ppoBlng each other,
Those elected by acclamation wen
11 Mahtfly ami C. W, Meaklns in tin
centre ward! VV F. (Toustoe, In lie
east Ward; W II Black and Sidney
Ewlng in Lakeside; .Ins. Thlbault, in
Valols, and 11. Blondin in the west
Norman Ogtllvte hns another year to
servo as aldreman for the east ward
and A Curlier has the same time to
serve in the wesl ward.
Paid Architect Over $15,000.
Calgary,   June   '.IH.    The   city     wlll
(image an  architect on a salary.
Last vear th" city of Calgary paid
ii:. ���<*:.:���'��� to the (inn of Lang r
Major as commission for work on
$.:2T,71S win Hi or building, Including
three lire ball stations, two hospitals
two pollce stations
This year ,th>- city has under way
the new power station, repairs to tin*
market building, a new sub-station,
���ind numerous other buildings, and the
bills are likely to be similarly enor-
| mimi'.
Therefore.  Alderman    Garden  and
'Aldermnn  Crichton  Introduced  a   mo.
Paste nn envelope In your cookbook
for recipes that you cut from paper**
utnl magazines.
When milking desserts allow om
heaping tnblespoonful of granulated
sugar fn each egg und a half pint of
Always In eooklni vegetables stnn
thetn In liollliig wnler. A tenspootlfu
of salt to each two quarts of water I-
the allowance.
For an ii|.|iiti7.ltig snlad mince a COU
pie of green peppers, mix tbem win
three talilespootifnls of chopped rblvet
and serve "ti while lettuce leaves will
French dressing.
Shredded red cabbage and white col
cry cut line mnke a very popular salad
Sprinkle lbe top of the salad with i
(:iiiies|iooiiiui of minced onion mi'
iii ess wltll ull and vinegar.
When cooking ketchup, Jelly, etc.. tr;
pulling a few marines ln Hie kettle |.
prevent burning. 'I'he heat will keel
lh" marbles rolling nnd thus prevent
tin- ketchup, etc.. from sticking to tin
When roasting n fowl In n gnu slovi
imt three table-spoon-tut* of water Inti
th nt tin tit tbe bottom of thc stove
You "III hnd the stitim wlll make tit.
hill i"iuler und nhvinte the necessit.
for coi.ttnuallv bus'llUI it
Pcnies  Are   Popular.
I'l.n mo, .lull" :".'.    The '���'" tue of the
and u children's  Shetland pony an*! basket cai- is being  r .;*".*ii  ami 1 **  prof< ������������ Ion il  and
busln< .1  men 0
the latter    who
il> net    in outsld
villi-.    ( r    rural
like Scat iioro.    A
itiii.   Ui" vogue.
mil  basket cart
I'oronto, 1  ,'i dally
have sunimi r rest-
1  wns, such a* 11 ���!���
re id' ntial districts,
two-fold idea is '-:i
Tlie Shetland  p-:n
are spoclall;  fan Is
1  lor making calls in tlie coun-
I tlon that th" city advertise for   anj try, or fm* children who must be 1 iii
architect to he added to th" engineer's en out by maids for a breath of fresh
department at a reasonable salary.      air,    in  the view of many buslense
Although  the mayor disapproved of'nnii the pony and cart are preferable
such an appointment nt  a time when] to the auto as a "runabout." In addl-
I much of tin-  building for the year la i tion  they  nre much  more economical
(By  "Gravy.")
From "Tex' 'Hickard.
Remember that little affair that was
pulled off at Keno three years ago
come next Friday'.' Then you may re
call something about a certain party
who answered to the name of George
Louis Hickard, although be was more
commonly referred to as "Tex." You
don't? Ah. well, such is fame. Three
years ago "Tex" was a first-page, top-
of-column celebrity, known throughout the world of sport as the "greatest pugilistic promoter of all time."
Of lat - "Tex" has vanished from the
limelight, hut he Isn't dead. The following extract from a letter postmarked Buenos Ayres. Juat received by the
writer from a plutocratic newspaperman who is "doing" South America,
may be of interest:
"Paraguay Is a country with a great
future, and Asuncion, Ihe capital. Is
one of the liveBt little towns on thc
South American map. There are a
lot of red-blooded Americans and
Kngliahmen in Paraguay, getting in on
the ground floor, and one of the llv-
est members of the bunch Is 'Tex'
Hickard, the dead game Bport who
gambled $101,000 on the Jeff-Johnson
light at Reno, 'Tex' Ib ranch superintendent and one of the main props of
the Perclval Farquhar company, whloh
owns a large part of Paraguay, inclining cattle ranges, and stores, trains
��� ml light plants in Asuncion, and a
railroad or two. Hickard is one of
the big men of Paraguay, and is said
to have laid by a tidy fortune. He haf
not lost Interest in boxing, and It
���eaching the 'manly art' to the youug
I'arnguese, from among whom be ex-
-iccts ta develop a whlto or light
brown 'hope.' "
This' will    not  surprise    RIcknrd's
friends, for wherever he goes or what
iver  he  does  Iie  always  lands   right
tide up with care.    Rickard was bom j
in Kansas City and    in now about   12
years old.   lie was raised uu a Texas |
���attle ranch, and his youth was sin")'
among the cow punchers.    In 1NH5 he'
got the gold fever and went to Alaska
getting   to  Dawson   before   the  rush.
I!" didn't have much  luck as a  prospector, but made a young fortune out
of  a   salortn  and   gambling   liouse   in
Nome,    At one time he spent a win
ter 111 camp with Hex Beach, the author.    He was in Qoldfleld  when  tin*
rush  began, und cfpened a  gambling
palace. In 190H he pulled off Hi" Dans-
Nelson   light   in   Qoldfleld,   ami   then
In 1910, he made his big splash a    thi
promoter of the Johnson-Jeffries hattle.
Earned   a   Licking   and   Had   Tender
Toronto, June 29    The evidence ol
Dr. 1'nnl. iy and Mirs Richardson, the
assistant teacher al   the  Kent   school
exonerated    Principal    John    Spence
; 'rom tin- charge of ill-treating Oeorge
;':*\it 1. ,1 nine ��������� ar "l'i  pupil  al  :'.n
chi ol, il'" charge hi Ing aln d in lhi
��� luvt nil" court   lii-fori'   Commissioner
siarr. *.i: 1 ���'' iml ised .t after hearing
,'.   1 ''-ii mi*
Iir Conboy ntnti A thai tin* 1 oy was
hrought to nlm by Hi" mothi r ami an
examination showed that ho had been
��; pped, bul in i'i" opinion of Hn
1 .- or, imt Immediately. Tim boy's
Bkln is exceptionally sensitive, aaid
Hr. i' uiboy, and for thai reason would
Jlsplay much more readily the marks
made by the strap.
Calgary. June 29, Whether the mil
Itary encampment or th" rainr weather waa in blame, the police "f Calgary
put iii one of the busiest twenty-four
fours on record lien- this week. No
li bs than 42 arrests were mail" from
morning until midnight, antl of the
number our old friend, Demon Rum,
wes for mice in his Iiie freed from
ih.* greater pirt nl Hie blame,
Th" blggesl consignment came Into
Hi" .-tiilion i.i,mil !���' o'clock, when an
alleged dis. rderly house at 0211 s,\H'
n*, nutt ��� *.' wss raided. 11 took six
di ii ctlvt n In 1 nglneer the raid. Imt
tli*. results wcre well worth Hi" trouble. >.'o : ss than nine persons were
locked up an a result of th.' expedition.
The house Is said lo be owned and
conducted by Harry Knowles, who escaped the pollce net. when the il"|i-e-
tlves   surrounded   llie     I10US1
B. & >'. O. nf Klks of the I), of 0., mee
the firm niul third Thursday at S n. m
K. of P. Hall. Eighth street. A Weill
Gray, Exalted ltuler; P. H. Smith, tier
Bank of Montreal
iCAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00'
; RESERVE    $16,000,000.00-
Urancbes   throughout  Canada    aniV
Newfoundland,  and   lu   London,   England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and   Mexico  City.    A  general
banking business transacted.    Letter*.
of Credit  Issued,  available  with cor-
reapondentB In all partB of tbe world.
Savings bank Department-Deposit-*
received  in  Bums  of  $1  and  upward
md Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
innum (present rate).
Total ABsels over 1186,000,000.00.
R.  D.   BRYMNER,   Manager.
I.. O. O. M.. NO. 864.���MEETS ')**���
llrsl. aecond, third and fourth We.lnes
day in ench ninnth at S p. m.
in the Mini.se Home. H. J. t.fumy
dictator; P. E- Jnnes, secretary
Headquarters "f lodge In See limine
crner nf Fourth and Carnarvon streets
l. O. O. K. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodK�� Ni
27. I. 0. O. F.. ls held every Mondn
night at H o'clock In odd Fellows' H��J
corner Carnarvon and Kwlith street*
VlsiUnff Urethem enrdhillv Invite/
R. A. M-rrtthew, N. O. ; J. Robertnot
V. Cl W. c. QoathanL P. O.. record
Inn secretary; H. W. Sniijnter. fln��r
clal secreuiry.
Specialty���Trent ment of the scalp.
hy Vlbro-MaBsaxe and Glover's Fatu*
oub Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Elflhth St.
4.    nOWKt.l,    (SUCCESSOR    TO    CEN
ter  &   Hnnnfi.   Ltd )���Fiinernl  director
nnd embslmers.   Parlors -tor, Colunbl
street,   New  Wsstmlnstsr.    Flume 99t
W E. FA !.!���>���- Pioneer Funeral IUrecte
iind t'.inl'iiliner. H1-J-61H Agnes slrobi
opposite Carnegie Library.
To Port  Mann and Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Followlno Schedule:
Leaves  New  Wesiminster for  Port
Mnnn  8:00 a.m.
LeavcB  l'ort  Mann   for  New  Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster  for  For*
Mnnn and Fort Coqultlam 10:00 a.m.
LeaveB    l'ort    Coqultlam    for    l'ort
il.  j.   A
t.    T'I.   II.   IIS,   Room :,  Hun
t'. 11   Smith. *   W. J. flrnvM!
,Vork   uiulei-tnti -u    in   city    nnd   outeld.
points.  -Jlt-12   Westminster  Trust  Bid*
Phono  364.    1'.  O-   Hox  507.
Snle. Ii in, Business Letters, etc.; ch
cular work specialist. All work strlctl)
confidential, H Hurry, room -118 Went
niinnt.-r TrtiHl  Hlk.    Phone 7112.
I p.m.
m.-r Board nt Trade meets In the bean
room, I'ny Hull, ne follows: Third Frl
day "f each month; quarterly meetlm
on the thud Friday of February, Ma;
Align*! and Nov.'inter n�� H p-��i. At
nnii) meetings on ihe third Friday c
February, ft 11. Btuart Wide, neert
rlstoi ���  Solicitors, eto
N'-w  Westminster,    Q.
C.    .1   It r.nint.    A.  B
40 Lome Btree
I-;   Corbould, t
Mann and New WefllmtllBter 1
Leaves  New  Westminster  r
Mann 5:80 p.m.
Leavea  Port  Mann  for  New   WeBtmliiBter 7: on p m.
Leavea New   Westminster for Port
Munn and l'ort Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   l'ort
Mann and New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information  inquire:
Fraser River Kerry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Dominion Day
TIo'kiIb on Bale June 28 to .luly for
one fare and one third for round trip:
good In ri turn until .luly 4.
lev iitluw. solicitor, etc. TelophOD
1070, Cable address "Johnston
Code, "Western Union, Offices, ISH)
Blnck, '" UolutfiblA street, New Wee
minster, 11. C
sit,* Barristers nnd Solicitors, Ws
minster Trust Hlk.. Col'iuihln streo
New Westminster, It. ft Cable n.hires
""Whiteside," Western ttnlon. P, I
Drawer J0f). Telephone S��, W. .
Whllnslde, K. C.; H. L. Edmonds, I
)r   H    W    Brnrite,
UOl'LKT, AKont
New  Westnilnrter
OP.A ,  Vancouver
Bolicitor. etp.: corner
McKenzie    streetn,    N
n. c. p. o. Box lis,
Colnntliln    an-
���w Westtnlnstei
Telephone   71C
Solicitor   nnd   Notary,
lil'H-lc.  -X  Lorne   slreet.
nie'. B. C.
Offices Har
New  Westtnls
Barristers and  Solicitors,   bus  to sic
Westminster Trust itiix-k.   O, li. Mar
tin,  w. ii. McQuarrie   and Ooorge I
B.C.Coasl Service
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*��� p. in. and 11 s45i
Leavea Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
���ml 11 i>. m.
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and h ���'���������< I'm.
Leavea Vancouver for prince Rupert
nnd Northern fitin-tn 1 o n m Wednea
days nnd Saturdays at   m   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leavoe Chilliwaok   7
| Thursday nnd Saturday<
LoaVea  Weitminiter  *
Wcdneidoy nnd Friday.
BID. QOUL10T, Agent,
II. W. BnODIE, (1. P
Mew WestmlnitATt
A.. Vancouver.
ompleted,   tho  motion  was  carried,las a  matter nl household  axpenses Knowles, said to be the
only Aldermen Ramsey and Cancallon and ure highly regarded by the ladles w��b taken Into custody as tin
lopposlni;. I und the youngsters. I Of   the   resort.     At   midnight.
Kat i
wife nf Hurry
Real Elate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Slreet.1
New Westmlnetcr. B.C.
Transfer Co..
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lit nnd workmanship guaranteed,   7ni
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BaKK.ane Hell vein* Promptly to
any part of the city.
Harry | Front Street
light and Heavy Hauling
This  Is  Policy of Canadian   Forestry   Mining   Development  There   In   Next  Railroad
Scheme   Proves   Winner   on : Some  Actual  Costs    Determined    By  Commission   Listens to  Returns from
Ccnventlon-Meetlngs at Con- Few Months to Ce Most Remark- Prairies-Mixed  Ranching Bet- Experiment���Farm and Town
vention to Be Public.
Winnipeg, Juno 29. James Lawlor,
able   in   Region's   History.
ter Than Grain Growing.
Spcltanc,   June   29.���The   next   few
S-iHkatonn,  June  L'J.���.1.  S.
Fruit���Want District Fairs Similar  to  Ontario.
Dennle,      Recently
tions  have
association, which wlll hold Its annual ; al.le development of the mines in the : It., II. Vanilerlioof, editor of the Can   .
convention in Winnipeg July 7, 8 andil'oeur d'Alene region In Idaho in Ills- i ada Monthly;  Allan Cameron, general  wlth   r,'Kard.H  to    profits    In   poultry
'.),  announces that all  the  meetings tory, and tlm output of the operating superintendent of the c. P. R,
will  lie i,pen  to the puhllc.    lie Hays   properties   wlll   be   Increased   during  department, N. J. Ilankin. of liin
that the object of the coming meeting   tli,. current year approximately BO per  liclty department, and  H
Is to place before the public the aim   cent  over   1912,   according  to   llurvy i mcrly  editor of  the  Chicago    Inter
Of  the  association  which   Is  to  have  M,   ROSS, of  Kellogg,  secretary - man -   Ocean  magazine, but now one of the
every acre lu Cunada put to ltn best agar of the  Nabob  Mining company,   proprietors of the Seed   Farms,  Ltd.,
use.     "Snme  people  Imagine  lhat   wejwho Ifl at the Couer d'Alene. | at   Leipzig.  Sank.,  were   in  Saskatoon
some   valuable  Investlga-      Nelson, June 29,~Heturns from 10-
been  carried on   in   Ohio  .war-old cherry trees in this district
want to grow treoo everywhere and In
always fight against a forest being
cut down/1 he said. "As a matter of
fact, the very flret principle of the
associaikui is lhal there should be a
survey nf all lhe lands In Canada antl
that those lands united for agriculture
ihould be gotten under crop as quickly as possible, but those lands which
will   never  grow   anything   but  trees
'"I'lic inlneB that have been dormant for years are being operated
again on an extensive Hcale, and many
in w properties are getting Into tho
producing claBS." said Mr. Hots yesterday. "The moBt Important of the
developed properties to resume operation!! are tin Tamarack k Custer and
the  Frisco.
The Frisco will be nnwatered and
should have the forests taken off that I working soon with a large force of
a new and better forest will grow in ' m,.n in the mine and mill, and the
each place. Tamarack  &  Custer already  Is  mak-
"We are using more substitutes Tor  lag steady Shipments.    According    lo
Intnl.cr in all partB of th" world today   men  who are  in  a  position  to  know
than ever before.    Mot the per capita j the  latter is n more promising prop-
scarcely any
for a time Thursday, leaving In the
afternoon  for  Ilattleford.
Mr. Dennis stated he had been
through the west looking Into conditions for himself and found the crop
In a satisfactory state of advance.
The new farming policy of the C.
P, It., he says, Ih very popular. In
spite of tlle fact that all speculators
are prevented from buying lands under the new policy, the lands being
sold only to actual settlers, the sales
during   April   amounted     lo    $50,000
average over a period of years from
land^,    The best results come from ��*���� ff'SL'KNS ��S ��
I. fi r   " l*t" fl��<!k ��f 96 fowl9' whicl1 gave   plums  range  from  $500  to   $600  per
"'*  a net profit  for the year above feed   a*--1"", and 10-year-old apple trees pro-
and  labor of  $237.37, or $2.47  each;   dnJK J' prolit ��f ,^,u0 T acre-
.     , '       Statements to this effect were made
the lowest results were from  a town | before the  provincial  royal   cotnmls-
lot  flock  of  30  fowls,  which  gave  n   slon  on  agriculture  by  J.  T.  liealby
net   loss   of   $27.In),  or  a   loss  of   93   and John HyBlop, two west arm ranch-j
e nta each.    Out of ten 'own  flocks,   ers.    From hogs which ho purchased
four showed a loss, while of eighteen   when six weeks old for $4. and which!
farm flocks every one showed a pro-   '"' tr,i on waste matter at hlg ranch, |
fit,  ranging  from  14-Mi cents to $2.47 ; ^r-  Hyslop  realised  14  cents per lb.
pe'r  fowl.
The average number of esgs laid
by each hen on farms was 71 as compared with 70 in the town flocks. The
profits therefore, with farm flocks,
did not arise from the difference In
egg   production  but  rather  from   the
of lumber is steadily
For Instance . though
wooden t.hlps are new
Iniilt we are uHing more lumber In
ship buildings Ihan ever before In the
history of the world. This is caused
by the greatly Increased numbi r of
ships, their large size and the amount
nf lumber required for decks and
cabin linings."
In reference to the opinion thai Canada Is too young a country to see the
effects of deforestation for many ybars
t'i come. Mr. Law tor asid: "Unfortunately wo have Just awakened to the
fact in eastern Canada that we have
already lost heavily through our pol-
Icy of careless deforestation and wrong
"Thero are today hundreds of abandoned forms In eastern Canada and
because of ihe large size and comparatively compact settlement of old
Ontario and Quebec these appear mosl
conspicuous lu those provinces. Hoih
Ontario and Quebec have begun the
policy of replanting abandoned farms
with trees. This at present is primarily an agricultural proposition to
save the adjoining good farms from
destruction from the blowing sand
which   would      come   over   from   the
abandoned areas.
Semi-Ready   Farms.
The Beml-ready farm scheme, by
which the prospective settler clicoae3
from sets of plans submitted by lhe
C. P. It. land department the kind
of farm buildings he wants and the
railway company constructs them for
him, is proving popular, as is also the
twenty year payment 'basis, and the
fact that the company aids the settler in purchasing stock for mixed
farming purposes.
The   policy   is   resulting   in   a   lino
class of Ecttlers coming to tli" country, and    In    mixed    farming    being
given a great Impulse in Mr. Dennis'
i opinion.
FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL That   there   would   be   200,000   im-
FOR LIFE OF YOUNG MAN ��� migrants    enter    Canada   from      the
                                United States this year Is the state-
more than in the corerspondlng month lower cost of fe.d and labor and from
ot-ty than the HerciiIeB. one of the
richest minis In the world, was at the
same stage of development.
"Olher promising mines that have
begun shiplpng recently are the Interstate and Callahan, also consolidated in the last few months, and ths
Idora Hill and Beveral ethers ln the
Sun.it I peak region will be rated with
thn producers soon. W. A. Clark, former United States senator from Montana, has s number of properties In
tbe Sunset district, and It is believed
that he is planning extensive development there."
ment of Mr. Vanderhoof, v hu says
the Americans are coining wholesale
to the prairie provinces. LaBt year,
'here were about 1311,000 came lo
Canada, but In spite of the fact that
Toronto. June 29. "I waB with Ihe
minister of justice nearly all day yesterday and laid the whole case before
him. He listened most carefully and
attentively to all I had to say and examined the affidavits I presented. Ija majority of people place the marl ���
had hnped this matter would be placed mum U. S. emigration for this year
before the whole executive council lat lfiC.,000, Mr. Vanderhoof Is strong
today, but this will not be done until i in his contention, and declares his
next week. However, from the gen- I opinion la formed as the result of spe-
eral reception 1 received and Hon. Mr. |clal and thorough inquiries.
Doherty's attitude, I feel confident of! Likes the Game.
securing a new trial. The minister ofl    "I  like the game."  said  Mr. Jonea,
justice would  not. of course,  express | when  asked fhat  had  led him to  lo
the methods of management. The
cost of feed for twelve town flocks
and one commercial flock averaged
97 cents ptr fowl yearly, as compared with an average of 61 cents on
eighteen  farms.
The great difference in favor of the
farm flocks is attributed to a Dumber
of causes, such as the use of the
gleanings from harvest fields, orchard
and garden, waBte products, like cab-
agas and beets from tli" storehouse
���iflie use of extensive pasture, weed
lief da and insects, dairy by-products,
a-|d the lower pri'-c o[ grain consumed by hens off llle farms. The labor
costs on farms and In towns averaged
2S cuts and 00 cents respectively���
another great difference in favor of
the farms.
11 was also learned that. In both
town and country, the small flocks
gave greater profits than large oncB;
ihat fowls with unlimited range did
better than those partly or wholly
confined; that, to compete successfully with farm flocks, the town poul-
trynian must keep ins producing hens
and sell at a higher price; that a
poultry system which requires the
keeping of fowls confined or which
necessitates a large amount of personal supervision, has no place on a
general  farm;  and that a better sys-
Toronto, June 29.���A tall, soldierly
looking man, with an aristocratic
drawl and an overpowering contempt
for all tilings colonial Is being held
by the police while enquiries are made
into his antecedents.
The man, who ghes bis name as
James A McKlnnon,
lie an officer In the Hi
sillers, walked Into the detective office anil complained Indignantly of
the treatment that was accorded tn
nil officer and gentleman who landed
in the city without bis baggage anil
Found it Impossible to secure accommodation in hotels without paying a
deposit, a condition that the present
states nt finances of J tx. McKlnnon
made II Impossible to fulfill
Inspector Kennedy offered tbe sh liter '���' the British Welcome League
io the distinguished visitor who is
honoring Toronto with a short sta)
pending his purchase ot an extensive
fruit farm Where bo can earn his
bread In that gentlemanly li Isure for
which   th"  colonies  are  provided.
The hotel of the Welcome League
did not appeal to James A. McKlnnon,
anv  opinion himself."
This was the statement of T. II
Lennox, K. ('.. In discussing the result nf his visit to Ottawa on behalf
������f Charles Olbson. Mr. Lennox returned to the citv after doing everything possible et the capital to secure
S new trial for h's c.ilent. The matter
now lies In the hands of the minister
of  lustlec and his colleagues.
The principal point urged by Mr
and claims to j Lennox in Fupnort of a new trial war
yal Sussex Kit- ithe evidence which is said tn be available, provlne nn alibi for Olbson, Thlr
evidence will be given by a witnesf
who declares be artuallv saw a number of men answering the deserlntion
-'ven by Gibson, attacking Rosenthal
He remonstrated with them, but was
himself chased off hy the men.
It was nlso urged thi: on medical
testimonv the murder must have been
Timnittted      roive    tirne after Gibson
���:ate   in   Saskatchewan,
lunities here are grand.'
on the Toot. The animals weighed
from 140 to 150 pounds when sold.
During the past five years apple
trees ranging from 14 to 17 yearB old'
at his west arm ranch produced!
an average of 10 boxes to the tree, j
stated J. T. McDonnell, who estlmat-1
ed the average strawberry crop grown I
with ordinary care In this district at |
5.000 pounds per acre. He sold his I
berries to a jam factory at B*M centsl
per pound. .
Mixed   farming  waB  advocated  by'
several    witnesses,    Mr.     McDonnell
stating that he was selling cream at
52'i cents per quart, Mr. Hyslop and
Alderman  Johnstone telling    of    thei
profit in pigs and poultry.
Poor Management.
Failure   of   co-operative   marketing
s'hemes here, it was generally agreed i
had  been due chiefly to mismanage-'
meat and to lack of confidence on the I
part of the  growers.    Need  for efB-1
clent  management,  which    witnesses;
considered the first essential, was emphasized.   Several endorsed Alderman '
Johnstone's   proposal   that   a   central
marketing agency for the wholle prov- j
ince should be formed under govern-;
ment auspices.
That butter was heing imported to i
British   Columbia  in   bulk,  and  then'
made up  into pound bricks and that
this practice had in other places led
to adulteration    was    the    statement
made by  H.   A.   Masters,    of    Cedar',
Point    He saw no reason why a co- j
operative    creamery in this    district
Bhould not prove successful, and said j
that Kootenay  could  compete  ln  the
manufacture of butter    against    the
J. E. Annable and George Horstead
Is   neided���one   that   will
Ihe firm  Mr. Jones Is interested in i the production of high grade product
carefully and expediously transported
to the consumer.
own four sections of land at Leipzig. It is their intention to specialize
in raising high-class si ed grai.i for
the farmers ami to devote their at-
te* tlon tn mixed farming. The. seed
department Is In charge of llr. J II.
I cttlt, the presldi nt of the company
ind who is the chief agricultural expert  at the  university of Ulnois.
The company bas In crop this year
1,300 acres of which 440 acres is
own In flaw Asked regarding Its
���ondltion, Mr. Jones said It was coming along very nicely and was already Ir. bloom
���The  oppor-.fem  of marketing  poultry   and   eggs  advocated  the  establishment    by  the
government  of district  fairs,  similar
to the county fairs held in Ontario.
All v.itnessess questioned on the
subject, inclduing M. 8. Middleton. assistant provincial horticultrist,
agreed that winter killing was almost
unknown in West Kootenay and that
conditions in this district were very
favorable fnr both fruit growing and
other branches of farming. That
trawberrtes, "while a profitable crop
Sounds   All   Right.   But   Undertakers
Still   Prosper.
Portland, Ore., June 29.���"There is
no reason in the world why a person |
was at  home and  in  bed.
hould   ever   die,"     declared
Gaze,  editor  of  Life Culture,
of  "How   tn  Live Forever."  and  the
chief speaker at-��She-annual convention of the National New Thought Al-
j liance in session here.
The wheat, he raid, both on his farm i    "At 100 yeajs." continued Mr. Gaze.
uk} in the district was making good | 'a person should be better to look at,
vogress, being, however, not so high [more fit to live than   he   was at 40
,*. usual, yeara.   Death Is merely a habit."
The company are going In e>ten- Mr. Qase declared his views were
lively for miN. ii farming and have harcd hy Thomas A. Edison and oth-
ilriii!y i   I'll'-:!. 1 ;m extensive stock j -r   men   of   prominence.     The   "new
Harry * if sold to the jam factories at the pres*
author (ent prices, would be a still more attractive  venture  when    an    efficient
marketing   scheme  had  been  carried
to success, was the opinion.
First Time
In '
Montana and Pcrhap:
United States.
Butte,   Mont .   June     29.     For     tin
first time in the history of Montana
and It is believed ill the Knited States
ass win be oelebrated In the open
who was haughtily stalking from the|orl ,hp mauntatfl side at Fort Dunboy
detective office when arrested by the Bncttnipm6nt of the Irish volunteers on
npearance on the scene of a chauf- rstmday, July 8. Permislson was gran
feur who presented a bill fr"
$75 Incurred by Mr  McKlnnon and a friend
m a trip to Burlington and hack.
According to the tale told by the
chauffeur the two men had taken bis
��� ar oul to llurllngton. promising to
pay on their return to the city. Arriving hack in Toronto they had tnld
the man tn wait outside the cily Ivil'
while McKlnnon went In and cashed a
ilnifl The chauffeur grew suspicious
or the long wall nnd entered In time
to confront McKinnon In the detection office.
U. S. Mov.il Recruitlr"- Officer Cue?
A'ter His Crew.
Spi kane Juno 2" "Militant mls-
Blonary marine," I' the title being ap
plied t ��� Si rgeai' l. C, MoLauchlln,
of the local marine recruiting office.
i auBe  *r his activities In recruiting
null for hia branch of the service,
lie lines not wait for them lo come
Into   the   office,   bill   goes   after  thetn
<ni tho slreet, three of his enlistments
��� I  by  llishop Carroll  last eve
���alslng Btatlon al Leipzig, with the re. ]
nit that the farmers In the surround- i
lng district are devoting more aiten- j
ion than heretofore to mixed farming. Mr. Jones said bis company had !
ilready creeled a unit of a hog house ,
which would accommodate twenty|
hog families and Intended io shortly
establish several others. Asked regarding the market attainable, Mr
fones said that with the abattoirs In
nlngto  Calgary and tho different cities, ther.
Old Schcol Goes
Toronto, June 29.���The last class
has been conducted in the old Borden
street school and the school itself ts
being suddenly swept away in the
wave of technical education. Only a
few   days   ago   the   order  came  from
bought" idea, he said, was the teaching of health, hygiene, diet and devel-jthe education di partment that yester-
opment of mind and body. |day  was  to  be  the  las;   day  of in
Other speakers were ida Mansfield jstructlon, and yesterday the process
Wilson, a teacher of Oakland. Cal.: ;of dismantling was In full swing. Next
Henry Victor Morgan, of Tacoma. and j week the workmen will begin the
li�� Hev.  Terry J, Green of Portland, tearing down if the building, and in
The convention will continue until a week or two the school, a landmark
V end of the week. in Hip north western section for thir
ty-eight years, will  have disappeared.
trouble  In  disposing of  thi
was   no
"Grain sewing is too much of a
tamhle," said Mr Jones. "The farmers muFt realize that and just as
'-non  as  they  do  so  they  will  follow
Army    Captain Transfered
From  Nelson.
in.   June   89.    Captain    11       K
ackson, who for the last 19 months
as heen the popular and successful
ommandant of the Salvation army
Father Hnmum of St. Mary's, who Will
lie the celebrant.
(in a rii'-'e altar In the hills near this
��� iv ihe offering of the mass on July
8 will be the fulfilment of a sacred religious duty of the Catholics and thi
revival of the memory of a dav that "he   farmers  across   the   border   and | this city has been transferred from his
has passed long ngo In Ireland.' when i devote a large share of their lime tithe Catholic regilimi was banned and  mixed   farming,
the priests were outlawed, the clergy-
men  guarded   by .lhe   faithful   people
nffered up tho sacrifice In  the glens
of the mt unlalns with  volunteer '.milters  stationed  at   vantage  pilnts  to
live  warning  of    the    enemy's    approach.
Cnuco   c'
Incendiaricm    Snld    to    E
Many Fires.
Saskatoon,   June   29    That   a lln-
i pldcn-'io Is sweeping the country dis
��� rids of Saskatchewan is the state
ment made by  R. ���'��� McLean, provln
clal Bro   commissioner.   During   th
IrsI   two  months  more  than  Jino.no
of late  being  men  whom  he tin I  an.1   juts been lost through tlle dMtruCtlol
interested In the service outside of| if farm bouses by Are, and f.   ������������������
n iiu*
To his former exploits of sending
��� me man In the hospital for an opera
lion and having another adopted hy
Corporal Hurry that Ihey mlghl en
list in the marines he yesterday es-
corted Martin William Foster, aged
21, a orpentcr, and till three months
ngo a Canadian citizen, to the United
States district court, where he aided
Poster in taking QUt the declaration
putters for oitlzenhlp lo make him eligible for enlistment.
Hav Woods, aged 25. a teamster, or
Spokane, was also enlisted vest������rtlav.
making 13 men recruited thin month
by thr marines.
mltnloner declams that leading Insur-
inct ilieiuls attribute a portion ol
llm;  to Incendiarism  by  farmers  who
are hard pressed financially ond are
destroying their homes In the hope ol
collecting on Insurance policies.
While refusing to commit himself
by the indorsement of the views of the
insurance men. Commissioner McLean Intimated that Incendiarism Is
doubtless responsible to a large extent.
In dlBCURSlnc ths situation, he said:
'Dtirluit the tiili*. two months ti."
-oun'.rj districts ol the province have
'���eon  .iwept  by  lire as never  beforo,
in .ui averagi 40 per ecu', if tli"
fires throughout the year nre record-
Sick and Tired cf Society.
Edmonton,   Alta.,   June    20.    Count
land Countess Tramp have just arrived
i here  from Denmark.    They are tired
i of the formalities of society In  th"lr
life  In  a land  wbere they oan  make
themselves   useful   members    of     tlle
community and engage in a profitable
occupation  without   losing the respect
of those among  whom    they    reside
They declare ll  was impossible to du
this in Denmark.
The count and countess have bought
a ready-made farm from the c. P. It
in on,or to avoid meeting wealthy peo
pie. and so that they might pot I >
know the elms of Canadian Immigrant
Count and Countess Tramp traveled
"olonlst cbsfl from Montreal lo tlieir
ile*Inatlon  In  Alberta.
Provincial   System    Will    Have   New
Headquarters St  Medicine  Hat.
Medicine    Hat.      June      29.���Hon.
Charles It   Mitchell, minister of public
works at Edmonton, was a visitor in
��� here to New Westminster, where  the    city    recently,    and    announced
will assume charge of the army's that,  while  public expenditures  were
vork in that r.ltv.   Captain Jackson is   being ktpt down to necessities, owing
being succeeded here by Captain Hall   to tha Condition Of the world's money
who is coming from an eastern station  market, tenders would be asked In a
to ���tssiune command. i '���'*' <la>'s for ,lu' m'w telephone build-
Captain Jackson conducted his fare- lng for tho government system Iv. this
wel service this evening and together   eity.
with his family, will leave Nelson in Architect Williams has been pre-
July 2 arriving in New Westminster paring the plans and specifications for
on July "��� where he vvill immediately his structure, and they are now near-
asaume charge of ths work th-re ':.' complete, the decision to give Med-
Durlr- his snv here Captain Jock- lolne Hat the latest and best to be
���ton Is declared to have brought the obtained In this line having been
work ��� '' the army up to a high point reached some time ago. The new tei-
ifefflr'ency and It ls claimed by those pphone building wlll be two stones
closely in'ti-ih with the work ihat iin height, of substantial atone and
the local corps was never in a better 11 rick construction, In a central looa-
���ondltton financially or otherwise. Uon, and will be bo arranged as to
���ie has imd -h converts during his provide for the expected growth of
'9 months sojourn In Nelson, and 18 Medicine I lit and ibis district, costing
���itizeus have been added to the sol- probably upwards of $86,000. In
Hers roll. Captain Jackson came to equipment, the government has plac-"
Nelson from Nanalmo.
Seloratne, Man., June 29.-That
there will not be enough cattle In this
country  for  tlve  years'lo  retiuire  an
ordi ra ier the best p isstble automatic
systi in  known to modern  telephone
engineering, with nil rf the latest at-
l-.ic.hnieiits and Improvi 'ln-nls. thn cost
of the same being estimated at ovp*
I'rlnce Rupert, Juno 29. -Arthur D.l$100,000.   It will be possible to install
Simpson  and  Forest  Clarke, the two 10,000 phonos In the new build tig
young CalifOrnlada who are paddling:    At    present the   government tele-
* t.. ���.,   Ban.Ma   i���   Rlrn-rwnv   in   a   can-   Phone  quarters  in    Hus    city  are  In
; export   market   and   lhat   beef   prices  from   *��">�����  Kn VttTtJ   ""-' eongestcd form, due to the rapid
wil! remain at about thc present level:   .<��  ��nn..  h.       ,urrw dj        i    o ,      d  lml;1,c,lluli  ^v,,,    of
was the opinion expressed lo the far    otter S rorty  nui" run iroin ui-ouruioi
mors   attending   the   better     farming Channel In the rain,     I'hey are tanned
demonstration   train   here   by   II.   It   to  a  copper  color and  bave  trenuii
Smith,  live stock  Inspector, C.  I\  li. idoun   appetites,  and   say   they   never
department of natural resources.
Mr.    Smith's    short    talk with th-
i outlook of Ihe live stoolt market was
OUly one of the features which lifted
the visit of the better farming special
to the status of an event among the
! farmers of Ihls districts, who turned
out In gn at numbers.
One of the Btriklng features of the
tirp this year, said  Professor l. A.
in charge of the field crops |has been paddled Is now t
very ileep Interest which
of Manitoba are taking ill
is manifest in the ques-
A   Mosqu'to  Did   It. il ns of unknown origin.    It Is Klfo to
Calgary    June   29,    Alfred   Tbonm.i jay that of tblfi Class between SO aiei
Kvans a young RngllsbtflMi of ?n, oplx i|i per cent,   are due to Incendiarism,
a month In Calgary, hns been elalrnel 'Since th" beginning or the prosonl
bv death in a fi'ddcn and nt the same II-c epidemic '��' per cent, of thn Dies
time simple fashion,   A mosiniiio blto in 'he country district have hen re-
was the primary cause, followed by n , no- <d as being of unknown origin."
week   of   HiO'ering   developing Into Bfforts cf the department are being I Moortouse,
Mm tl poisoning, and later erysipelas, dlreotrd toyard the stamping out of 0Brt| [. h,,
The death wis a painful one Indeed the oountry Ilns and every possible the farmer:
arising from  so slight  a cause. effort will be used fo trace down per-   alfalfa,     11
Kvans was nn Saturday a week aro sons guilty of arBon and bring about tions nskid as to proper seed to buy,
���Biting by a moBCltlltO while working on thelv conviction,                                         how lo innooulale. of the time to sow
lhe platform al his Job at Ogden. Th" I    Mr. McLean was In Iho olty making and the method of treatment after se-
lill"   was   rlghl   between   the  eyes   al Inquiries   In   regard     to     Information   curing stand.
the lop of the nose.   Ho felt llttlo pain which .he received from Saskatoon to     ah   along   the   line   the   farmers
nt lhe time and considered the mal lhe effect that persona In thla olty,have broughl samples of alfalfa to
ter of little consequence. An abscess had ben heard speaking of the Ore the ear, for m-nv firmers hnve al-
:ippin-,*ntly formid. and on Monday he'which destroyed the itegina grand- ready grown. There are good mm-
begun to complain ot pi��i��- and in tho Btnhd two days before it occurred,     pies and there -seems to be a genernl
afternoon his right eve and the fore- I Ile sahl that after a careful Inves- opinion that the acreage nf alfalfa oan-
lieiitl became t,o swollen Ilia I hc had to | ligation  he  Is salislled  lhat the    (Ire ' net   be  extended   too  socn   In   Manl-
cult work lwa8 Purely accidental, |tcba.
I'elt better In their lives.    On May ll!
the oanoeists left Seattle, and on May
121 reached Victoria, where thoy spent
ri couple of iliiys. Next Vancouver
i wis visited on May 25.
Since then the    Seymour    narrows
'rive been paused through and Queen
I Charlotte sound crossed, hnt no tnls-
hap has befallen the Lntrlpld voyagers
[to date. The distance Ihe little craft
miles, and
when Skagway Is reached the total
wlll be well above 1000 miles. The
\oung men are uncertain as to whether Ihey will be able to continue the
trip down the Yukon river to Nome
In accordance With their original plan.
because of the shortness of the season
ol open water In the far north.
The boat used hy these young men
Is an eighteen foot Indian model canvas canoe, over which Is fitted ft waterproof cover containing two openings
In which the pndillers sit, thus giving
the canoe the appearance of an Kskimo kyak.
the city, the quarters provided being
totally Inadequate for the forty or
fifty employees needed here to handle
lhe business. As a result it  Is Impos
| lible to instn 11 the phones fast enough.
! nor can the best of service be given,
the local manager working undor tre-
mendi us difficulties. As a matter of
fact, it will probably be next to Impossible si on to secute a new phone at
ill until the new system is working,
the local oftlolals, however, endeavoring to do the best possible undor the
Every, Woman
x Ib tntereftioci nnd should know
\ abouttliu wou'U'H'iil
Marve,   fsththaxjhp
batik} yonr ttlH&rilt for
It.   If tio cannot supply"
the  MAUVKL, nrccpt no
oihor, ,'tut unlit BUtQD for 111ns-
trated iKMik���ArnW. it rivm fall"
tinntculii/fi ntiil diroctlnrn invnlniihta
9 btUo9.WINI>?OHKi PPLY CO..Windier,On*
[ tienuiul Afjuu fur Cauuitu,
page  ati/Hh
McLaughlin Service Covers
the Country.
VITALLY important in buying a car i3 service���a feature sought by many but obtained by few.    Consider then that which
goes with every McLaughlin car. Throuch its depots located
all over the country over 5100,000 worth of parts are carried
for thc purpose of -giving quick, adequate and economical service to the McLaughlin motorist. You may never need this
���service, it is tiue. All thc same it's mighty comforting to know that it
ll ready when and where ynu want it.
No other company in Canada lias anvthiiiff like thc same amount invested  *
for th s purpose.    This is what wc mean by McLaughlin service.    It ii
all embracinc, speedy, convenient.    It cuvcrs the country
Call and see these new models at
our showrooms or phone 691 and
allow us to demonstrate.
We have the largest stock of tires
and accessories'in the city:
Gasoline and Free Air Station
Storage Batteries of All Kinds Recharged and Repaired.
T. J. Trapp &] Co.
MCLAUGHLIN Vehicles for
Over Ten Years
t. ti. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Weetmlneter
B. C.    a
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mlllwork. We have all ready
In etock panels, moulding! and
all neceetary fittings to expedite the rush Jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this clasl of work.
Phone 473,  Queensborough.
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above  ratci are ruVect lo change witl-out notice) IP
MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1913.
Remember the  Place-
33 Eighth Street.
a��d the telephone No. 2
Head I,ettuce, 3 heads   25c.
New Potatoes, 5 lbB 25c.
New Carrots, bunch    Be-
Green Onions, per bunch ... 5c
Oooseberrles, per lb 11c.
10 lbs. for  *1
, Bermuda Onions, 3 lbs 29c.
New Beets, per bunch    6c.
Rhubarb, ,10 lbs 25c.
Cni-iimbers, 2 for  25c.
Itadishes, 2 bunches   10c.
Fresh    hothouse    Tomatoes.
per lb 25c.
Cabbage,  per lb 4l,i.c
Strawberries are scarce. The
rainy weather accounts for this
nnd the crop Is very limited.
We have a few crates of local
berries to sell at per crate $2.60.
Or 2 boxes for 25c.
Cherries, per lb 25c.
l'lums, 2 lbs 25c.
Teaches, 2 lbs 25c.
Watermelons from 75c. to $1.25
Muskmelons or Cantaloupes
each   15c.
Oranges, do/.. 35c, 45c, 60c, 65c
Apple;, tn awfully fine schape
-    3 lbs. for    25c
Bananas, per dozen  30c
We specialize In Summer camp
Spend    your    money    where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. U. ADAMS       9. K. BR1GGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertain- Mr. Klctcht r ran Into a bunch of
ments, sales of work, etc., In thlr.'cows being brought Into the city by
column are charged for at the rate I Robert Scott, cattle denier. The col-
of 10 cents per line. Please do notUlqlcm happened on Fronl street, near
ask members of the staff to break this I Rider's whurf. Another auto man
rule, as their Instructions are positive. I narrowly escaped trouble In the court.
I Falling  to  turn  up  at  the  appointed
The city and Burnaby councils prill U|me, a bench warrant was ordered,
hold their usual weekly sessions this but lle put j��� an appearanoe just at
evening. \^v rising of the court.    An apology.
41   Instead of a fine and costs, appeased
15 minute service from the ilranvillc
station to Minoru nice track and to
the Bayley-Valsu boxing contest at
Hrighouse. Conneotiona -..ill be mud*
from New Westminster al Kburne. On
the Centrnl Park line double headei
trains will be run mosl of the day,
while extra trains will be placed on
the Burnaby, l.ulu Island und Fraser
Mills branches whenever the occasion
The Water Front
(let It at the Royal Pharmacy.
Sixth street.   Tel. 1263.
on  provincial taxes,
the outraged majesty of the law.
The ltomun docked last night at tlie
Columbia    Cold    Storage    company's
��� wharf with 130,000 pounds of halibut,
Todav is the last day of the rebate'    A ��Peclttl ,raln wln lu' nm���on the 'Although the catch was of good Size,
loii.n The  taxes  are  firoat   Northern    to   White   Rock on ;liamnlt are snld to be scarce and lhe
:          "  ������������'      "'"   ������'���-'        rather poor.    The  cargo  wiii
loade-'.  today. '
site at White ! White Rock at 8 p.m.   Single fare for
Rock before all  the choice locations | round trip.   Children over    five    and
are taken up. (1606) 'under twelve hair faro.    Above rates
' good on special trains only.    One aud
P ya'b.etn  he lessor's office  court; Dominion Day  leaving NnlMab ���8hl���g
hmme   this cltv s,er nt i,:50' slopping at trescont and  b(!  un),
houae, this titj. ()c(ian park>    RBturnlng ,rftln  1(,aV(.B
Secure   your   camp
Mayor Gray returned from Victoria
yesterday morning where he took up
several matters with the provincial
authorities  in  connection  with  civic
There will be Scotch games and
dancing at the Sons of Scotland picnic tomorrow. Come and have a good
time. U648)
We have money for discounting
good agreements of sale. G. B. Milne,
307 Westminster Trust block.    (1623)
Orange day services were held in
the Gordon Presbyterian church at
Edmonds last evening, the. Burnaby,
Central Park and Westminster lodges
joining in the parade.
Ice cream grotto. Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281, A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1534)
Eight drunks were corralled by t'.ie
police during the week-end. Nearly
every one of them is out on ball,
which means a light docket for Magistrate Edmonds this morning.
The schooner Capilano tied up last
night at the city market wharf with
a cargo of 88,000 feet of lumber from
mills at Swanson bay. The cargo was
a large one, including a deckload, and
will be delivered today to different
canning companies.
one-third fare for the round trip on
all other trains, with return limit
good until July 4th. (1645)
We make awnings, tents nnd  sails,	
remote carpet*  and  draperies,    re-     The tug Fearless !����*����""
make  and  repolish  furniture,   manu-   ��d��J *}tt roal t0 J- Ma>,rs  tthar *
��� facture cedar dress and waist boxes. laBt ">gni. 	
'window    seats   and    do all kinds of ..,,,,-, n
| upholstery work    in leather or tapes-1    The tug Fearless was at the ( .1 .It.
try.    We are. the  largest  niakerB    of wharf last night	
I window shades,    draperies    and    In-1 ~  "
terior    hangings.      Estimates    given. I    No change in the height of the water
Lees Limited. (1481)   In  the  river  hns  taken  place  lately,  |
and last night the gauge at the Fraser
river hridge showed 22 feet clearance.
The Transfer went up river early
yesterday morning and returned last
.1. Brooks was in the city yesterday
from Victoria.
A. Abbott, of Aldergrove. is In lhe
city for a few days.
II. It. Wyatt, of North Bend, is a
guest at the Russell. Coal Dealer Has Man Who Passed It
James Jones, of Bellingham, was In' rrts
the city on Saturday.
Do you not find that the care
of tbe estate for which you are
acting as executor entails a
great deal of trouble and anxiety?
Do you *ot find much difficulty In selecting investments
���vyhich will insure regular re-
Venue for those depending on
the estate and at the same time
be absolutely safe?
Do you not find it a good
d-gal of trouble to supply clear
detailed statements (if the position of affairs whenever requested?
Do you not. feel thut the
time devoted to the Interests
ot the estate could be spent
much more profitably to yourself if used on your personal
This company is authorized
to aid you in this.
You may appoint this company  your agent.
All the details and trouble
will be taken off yonr hands.
You may still supervise matters, even pass on the proposed Investments when presented
to you  in concrete  form.
��� Wc are now handling a number of estates  in  this way, and
complete   satisfaction is being
given to all concerned,
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
l'aid  up Capital and  Surplus
Assets       4.97:1.161.05
Trusts undor Administratis
Trusteeships for  Bondholders
Open Saturday Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New WeBtmlnster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Bug., and
Antwerp,  Belgium.
Winners of sultB In drawing al  A
S. Mills & Co. Saturday night are as I |glcrCd at the Russell
A man giving his name as Oeorge
Richards antl address as Victoria was;
H. B. Long, of Peterboro, Ont., was  ta)(en ,n by tne dty polioo ,Ht��� Sat.
In the city on Sunday. !Urday evening and will appear in thel
P,  Moreland. of Peachland, la reg- police   court  this   morning    charged ,
follow-B: Group 1, No. 98, I.. A. I
LdMa; group 2, No. 90, A. E. Ether-
Ington; group 3, No. 33, Mr. McWhln-
nle. (1653)
Delicious fruit, ices and Bherbets
served daily at the Nutshell Rooms.
Room 3 Dominion TruBt building.
This evening a number of senior
nnd junior members of the Y. M. C.
A. leave to make the ascent of Crown
mountain. The older members will
return Tuesday evening, but the boys
will camp ou top of the mountain and
ccme back Wednesday afternoon.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved cily and farm property,
8 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1444)
A box car attached to one of the G.
N. It. freight trains got off the rails
yesterday morning at Sapperton and
waa hauled in its derailed condition
over the tracks to the brewery siding
where it was put in position, but not
without interrupting traffic.
W.  L. Clark, of Eureka. California,
Is registered at the Windsor.
Joseph    Shannon,   of River   Creek,
was in the city for the week-end.
J.    B.   Johnson,   of   Walla   Walla.
Wash., was  In the city yesterday.
G.  G.  Stewart and  wife  .of  Praser
Mills, are registered at the Russell
Miss Alice
for a  week  c
with   passing    a     worthless   Cheque.
Richards   is   alleged   to   have   visited
Joseph   Mayers'   coal   yard   Saturday 1
and ordered a ton of coal proffering I
a $20 cheque in payment,   lie receiv- ,
ed  $11.70  In  change and  asked  that |
the coal  be  delivered  to  a  fictitious
address on Sixth street. I
Mr. Mayers became a little suspic- j
;ious later In the day and. finding that j
address I
d >
be worthless.    Richards was later I
stered at the Russell.        lous laier in uie uuj .tim. nuuiut *."��������
Mrllroom wan the eiiest!"0 8uch  Person  liv<'d  at ****** a(UlreBS
McBroom ���*. as the  guts  I   , mad(.  furthpr  Pnnillries  about
f Mrs.  Frank  Lister,  ot ^ , , ,   u ,       ,fl ,���������,,
Among  the  recent   arrivals   in   the  arre8ted on Columbia street,
city Is Stirret Wells, of Mission, who |    He has retained a lawyer to repre-
has made his home here.
A. L. Lavcry returned to the city
from the east on Saturday, accompanied bv his two daughters, the
Misses Blanche and Yvonne, who
have been attending St. Joseph's
academy, Toronto.
sent him and a remand will probahlv
be granted in court this morning in
order to allow the accused to communicate  with  his  relatives.
��� ! At the lheatres
.,,   , Noel Menard and Miss Dollie Lang.
..fi?"*���^ A"??-r?m?*?Z'��^!  ' 1��,   hoth of Victoria, were married Satur-
' '   "  day afternoon at residence of Rev. A.
E. Vert, Agnes street. Miss May Van
Decker acted as bridesmaid and Wm.
Yyte Vaughan waB groomsman.
fire, life and accident Insurance.    521
,'olumbia Btreet.   Phone 515.      (1537)
On the city market at Hamilton,
last week the price of locally grown
strawberries was quoted at from US to
18 cents a box straight. In New-
Westminster on Friday the price for
the l-'raser valley product was 15
cents or two boxes for a quarter.
Delayed    Pass    List    of
The  following   list   of   I
West    End
Por  everything    electrical  see
Day.    House wiring and conduit work   sclK>o1 Promotions was unava
a specialty. (1443)   Saturday's issue of The New
rd  Kelvin
lUal.lo Cor
and. aa
lit has not yet appeared in print, it is
In company with Publicity Commissioner Wnde, A. K. McLaren, of the
McLaren Imperial Cheese comp uy,
with factories in Ihe States and most
of the provinces of the Dominion,
visited New Wesiminster with an ob-
jeet of locating a factory here. The
company1 Intends manufacturing their
products in  liritish Columbia.
The Sons of Scotland will hold Iheir
annual picnic to Coqultlam tomorrow.
j i rains   leave    New Westminster   at
I 8:30, 8:30 and 11:80 a.m.   The Pipers
iand crowd will go with lhe 9:'','i train.
Tickets for the round trip 50 cents.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
I insurance man. All kinds written.
, Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
published to complete the pass list of |
;c:iy pupils.
Division   11.
Promoted to Entrance class, Rich-
aril    Cullen,    teacher.���Eden  Adams.!
Hope   liulterfii Id,   Nell   Craig,   Helen I
Craig, Vernon Carlyle, Clarence Con-1
nolly. Karl  Dow, Prank    Da**. Is,    Eva
French,    Myrtle   Gregory,    Deborrah'
Hora, Laura Matthews, Maurtel Moul- |
ton,  Mary  Morgan, Eva  Mosdell,  Ray |
Reid,    John    Smith,  Florence  Smith.!
Lawrence   Watters.     Alfred     Butcher, j
Klsie   Butcher,   Minnie  Chapiu.   Kilos- I
worth  Bonner,    Alice    Doon,    Harold
Laird,   Mary   Byrne,   Kathleen   M.-lii-
tosh, Christina Mcintosh.
Rolls of ilopor -General efficiency,
Alfred Butcher; deportment, Alice
McDougall;   attendance,   Ells   Merrill.
Filmt at the Royal.
The Royal theatre will be operated
jas an exclusive picture house during
jthe summer months, commencing today.     An   excellent   program   will   be
presented and there will he a complete
change of pictures three times i week
The admission will be 10 cents to all
seats,     children     half     price.       The
! change days will he Monday. Wednesday and  Friday.    Manager (lillis hts
aranged to run what ts known in the
film   world   as  the   Mutual   program.
Some  of  the  brands  turned   out  by
l this company are the Broncho, Thanhouser, American. Keys ono comedies,
j Lux, Kay-Ilee, Helium   , Majestic and
i the Mutual weekly.
Today's program will have six features, including two Keystone's. No
1 will be "The Tale   I a Black Eye."
People Arc Buying-
For the splendid reductions we are making all through this big store are proving mighty attractive to our customers.
We are pleased with the spontaneous
response and shall begin this week again
the price cutting that will keep the selling up to "concert pitch."
We have a big job cut out for us to
convert this mammoth stock into cash
and get in all collections as rapidly as
possible. We are going to ask all our
friends that owe us to kindly pay their
accounts at an early date and thereby
help our endeavors.
We promise you such real bargains on
dependable merchandise that you certainly vvill prefer to leave your money
with us when it will do the most good.
We mark everything in plain figures.
Look for the blue mark.
Spend the Holiday at White Rock
Residence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
The other Keystone Is about Schmltz, | QOITff AI   Q
who  makes  a thrilling  escape  Irom   Jl   Livlrtl it***
The Mutual weekly -vill have 2:1 ot
the latest happenings of tii" day,
taken In all part'' of tho world. Oihe-
plctures will be "Tiie Head nf the Ribbon Counter," and a rvii reeler entitled "A  Dixie Mother."
There will be no waits between Hum
reels as two brand new Simplex ma-
i hines have been  instai    ',.
Boundary Bay
New LaM Eggs 2 dozen $1 00
(loud Cooking Butter 3 lbs. $1.00
Fresh strawberries   2 boxes 25c
Bananas, per dozen  30c
Red Spring Salmon, per Ib 15c
Smoked  Halibut   2 lbs. 35c
(Successor to Ayling &. Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 93.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   in   New   Westminster.
Machine Works.
Hangman Kills, who has been in tho
Icily I'or some time, will leave for the
] '*asi today, in Toronto he will hang
a young man, 22 years of age, by
name of Gibson.    Kllis will then  go
I to   Prince Alherl   where, on  July  19
and on July L'ti two Ualiclans will be completed returns In tin
executed. On his return to the coast
li" will be in Victoria on August ti,
when a wife murderer and a Chinaman will pay the death penalty. On
August 20 Kllis will Ih' in Nannimo
and on September 12 in New Westminster.
Maple  Ileach   Park,    being    a sub-i
division   of  the   histoiic   old   Whalen!
estate    on     Ronndary     Hav.    is    al j
last on the market in 50x110 feet lots!
fronting broad streets an.l  wllh  per-
Year's  Increase  Estimated  at 25  Per  pelual   beach     privileges      This   has]
Cent. been the camp gn md for scons    of 1
Following   the   recent   civic   census  local people for yiar��.    Th    lots are I
which gave New Westminster's popu-  selling   fast,   many  people   procuring
lation as   better   ihan    17,000.   come  the locations  they had  occupied    as
1913 edition  tenants   for  years.    Prices  $;;:io  and
of Henderson's directory, which state |upwards, easy tetnis.   Sole agents,
Hello Hoys!     When- are you going
to spend Dominion   Hay ".    why,   at
White Rock of course; live trains
daily each way slop there, besides a
special will leave the O. N. It. depot
tomorrow morning at  9:30 a.m.. und
an 80c return fare We long to get|and Vancouver is estimated to be
lo that long stretch of hurd sandy
beach, breath tlle fresh salt air, forget the siulTy ofTice and that money
is tight. Follow the crowds Jim, and
come along  with  us. (1651)
ihat, Inclusive of Burnaby there ara
now 20.04.", persons In thai munlcl
pallty ami tha City proper, all 1 thai
the population in the sctthi! districts
ct Ihe I-laser valley has r ached 65.
Not counting   Orientals,   of   whom
there are about 10,000, ibere an
192,078 persons resident in Qreator
The population of North Vancouver
Is given as 8522.
riie Increase in and around this city
700 Columbia Sti   'it, City.
Suits to. your:
order and sat-;
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
For  pressed   brick,   fire   clay,  common   brick,   cement.   lime,   plaster,
j gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
Mo the II. ('. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
I phono 826, wharf phone 880.      (1684)
Further arrangements   were   made
on Saturday al a meeting of the Joint
committee Of the  board of trade and
r-*       1 -l        ...       progressive association fur the cere*
Developing and printing m0ny which win take mace on the
occasion of the driving of the first
pile     in   the   harbor   Improvement
I scheme A luncheon will be held at
12:45 o'clock on July 3, at which J. D,
'Taylor,   Ml'.,   will   be  the  guest    r!
^honor, following which the party will
adjourn to the tool of Eighth street,
where Mnyor Cray will officiate at Iho
pile driver, when Ihe first long
wuudi-ii spike is pushed Into the mud.
For  PHOTO  GOODS,  SPECTACLES      Fd-f foiling within the required time
���nd SEEDS, to report an accident, in which    his
automobile took u prominent part, C,
Phene 43;  L. D. 71;  Re*. 72. Fletcher was fined Jin and costs on
Naw Westminster. B. C. J Saturday, morning in the police court.
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store]
per cent, over last year's total.
Last year Henderson's estimated
that thefe were 160,424 persons in the
limits of Vancouver, the municipalities of Point (Iray,  South  Vancouver |40 1      ColtHTlblQ     St.
and  part of  Hurnaby.  now  according ^^^^^^^^^
lo lhat authority this Bame  territory  "~ ������������������
conla.ns  202,078 persons.
P. Bums & Co.,Ltd.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phones
i      1200, 1201, 1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
j Eighth  St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
hone your order in early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will   not find  us there.
always    glad    to    hear
from  you  and
ever sorry to see you.
0   phone   us   up   whenever you  are  hungry
we    will   e ndeavor    to
satisfy you and your
Amidst Island,  Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery lo
OBSEnVATOftV   INI.KT   (ClltANHY  UAY)    $44.00
Including Meals and Berth for Hound Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route  of  Grand  Trunk  Pacillc  Itail-
ay at small additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  O.  A.   P.   D.
I'hone Private Eichange 8134
B. C. Electric Expects Record Traffic
on  Dominion  Day.
Special rales and two section I rains
will be the order on the Chilliwack
line during the next few days, the
cheap rate going Into effect yesterday, good for return on Wednesday.
Throughout the whole system of the
11. C, K. It., the company is preparing
to handle the largest number of passengers ever carried In a single day
on Tuesday,  Dominion Day.
Tlie list of sporting events on the
lower mainland will lind use for every
Interurban ear In the service, while
several of the baggage trains have
been lilted up to bc Impressed should
occasion demand.
Beginning at 12:30 o'clock Tuesday
afternoon,   the   company  will   run    a
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train nnd make your
home at Crescent Beach (Mackie Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves al 5:30 p.m. daily, on and after .lune 15, returning in
the morning In time for business.    Cr.iscent    Beach   affords   Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining tho  beat of bathing,  boat
Ing at all stages of the tide together with fine beach.   Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployen'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
Round Trip Fare $2.45
Special round trip rates are also offered to all
points on the Fraser Valley line. Tickets may be secured from Saturday until Tuesday, good to return
on Wednesday.
The round trip may bc made in a day with a stopover of six hours at Chilliwack.
Trains leave Columbia St. terminal daily for Chilliwack at 9:15 a. m., 1:10 and 6:15 p. m. For Huntingdon at 3:15 p.m.


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