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The New Westminster News Apr 15, 1914

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 /^fu^5s *
Volume 9, Numbf ft.
Price Five Cents,
m myst^ous stranger
Sheppard and Phillips Released Following Inquest
on Jag. Taylor.
Jury Returns Open Verdict
���Pleads Guilty to Gambling Charge.
A mysterious stranger, wearing a
grey raincoat and a dark soft hat,
(he whereabouts and identification of
whom is still unknown, waa the fea-
lure at tlle Inquest in the Taylor murder case ln the police court last
i ight. held under the supervision of
Coroner Dr. A. L. McQuarrie.
Kre.ni the evidence presented by
carious witnesses, little could be
>'caned as to what the next move
'���ill be, nothing incriminating any
body being given, un\ following an
i pen verdict by the jury. Chief Brad-
: liaiv released the men. Sheppard, of
V.eticouver, and Phillips, of this eity,
who had been held over night as ma-
ii*iial  witnesses.
Crowded Court Room.
Standing room was at a premium
when the proceedings opened at 7
o'clock, the corridor leading to the
court room being crowded, while men
and women lined up against the windows on the north side anxious to
gel a glimpse and possibly hear the
The full verdict was as follows:
"We, the jury, (ind that James W.
Taylor came to his death through
blows received on the head with a
blunt instrument by a person or persons as yet unidentified, between the
hours of 11 and* 12 p.m. on the night
Of Sunday April 12, 11114, in the city
of New Westminster.
"The Jury after due consideration
find that some of the material wit-
ucss"s were not present, which mighi
have added considerable information
in reference to the case and recom-
raend a further rigid investigation of
all occupants or frequenters of Eloff
Nelson's residence on Kelly street on
April 12,  1914."
The jury were Albert Shoelbenger,
.1 tt. Parrett, S. F. Knight, W. T.
Campbell, Edward Kiddie and Robert
Crafg. i
T< day   the  search  wlll  bave  begun
for the  mysterious stranger,  mention j
of  which   cropped   up  on   several   oc ,
caslons last night. He Is the man whe> | ov''r
is supposed to have shadowed Taylor I
from    the    Nelson   house    to   Major
street, where he was struck down by
the   switch   iron.    Failing  in   his   attempt   to  stun  Taylor,  who  retained
ins fenecs and cried out for help, this j
person is   alleged    to   have   doubled \
^^^ along to i
ed all questions levelled at him by
Solicitor W. C. McQuarrie in a
straightforward manner and never
appeared to hesitate. His contention
that he boarded the ear at the switch
was home out by evidence given by
Miss Florence Wharnock, who was
awakened by the cries and noticed
tlle man run along Major street as
the Hurnaby car was passing.
An Alibi Proved.
John C. Phillips, the 11. 0. E. R.
conductor, who frequented the gamb
le.r's den on Sunday, practically
proved an alibi by stating that he
boarded the _ Sapperton car leaving
there af 0:45" o'clock aud stopped off
at the employees headquarters at. the
depot before going home. His evidence was substantiated by Conductor Glanville of the Sappenon car.
Phillips admitted that he had dropped $.10 in the game that night and
that he had made frequent visits to
ths place.
He Went Broke.
John Forrester, a cooper at the B.
C. distillery, residing on Keary street,
proved a newcomer ln ihe way of
evidence. Forrester was mixed up
in the game until 11:80 o'clock when
he played his last hand and "went
bust." He dropped $2H that night,
Leaving the Nelson houBe, Forrester
stated he went home by way of Major
and Columbia streets, noticing on
the way a man on the corner of Slier
broolce street and another on Hospital
Important Evidence.
XV. H. Gray, principal of Richard
McBride school, and residinc on Kelly
street, west of Major street, brought
up the mysterious stranger clue. He
had retired for the night on Sunday
when be and his w'fe heard Taylor's
cries fer help. Slipping on some
clothes, Mr. Gray threw on the porch
light, getting a glimpse of u tall
man dressed in a grey raincoat and
scft felt hat passing from the direction of the cries towards Sherbrooke.
The man quickened his pace when
the light was turned on. At the same
time Mr. Gray heard the Burnaby car
passing, on which the man Sheppard
claims to have boarded. Mr. Gray's
I lestimony appeared to substantiate
j the remarks made by Taylor when he
regained the Nelson house suffering
from the blows, that the man had
turned and had run along Kelly atreet
towards Sherbrooke street. This
stranger, claimed Mr. Gray, could
not have posalbl*? caught the Burnaby
Nelson on the Stand.
Eloff  Nelson   was on  the  stand    a
considerable   length    of  time,    going
the same story as he told    the
police the  morning of    the    murder,
and which was covered in The News
yesterday.    Nelson admitted he acted
as banker and cook In the house frequented by gamblers from Vancouver,
Fraser Mills,  Eburne and  this city.
Other  Witnesses.
Dr.  E.  II.  McEwen, who was    first
City Council to Ask Vancouver Mayor to Withdraw
Mayor Gray Tells of the Attitude of
Opposition at Grain Commission
Naval Demonstration Evidence of President Wilson's
Determination to Back up Rear Admiral Mayo's Demand Although no Time Limit Has Been Set in Which
Huerta Must Comply.
Canadians Feel Deeply Loss
of Most Distinguished
back to Kelly street running aiong ne	
Sherbrooke street, where all trace ot j called into the case described the in-
Irm was lost.
juries sustained  by  Taylor  and
���--"���   made
though  one of them asked  for a revolver,  stating  a  hold-up  had   taken
place.    Whether one of the two had
any connection with the case remains
for the police to follow up.
Nelson Pleads Guilty.
Of the three men who were held in
custody  on    Monday,    Eloff    Nelson
pleaded  guilty before Magistrate  Ed
monds in court yesterday morning on
a charge of keeping a common gamb
ling houBe.    This is Nelson's  second
offence of a like nature within    the
past  two months.    Sentence will    be
handed  down  in court  this  morning.
Should Have Gone Back.
Henry  I).  Sheppard.  an electrician
of Vancouver, latff night  claimed  he
boarded the Burnaby car at the liraid
street  switch   after   beating   bis   way
back along Major street, where Taylor had cried out for help.    Sheppard
explained ihat he ought to have gone
back  to the Nelson house and assist
ed  his pal, Taylor, but  llgurlng  that
three other men were present ut the
house besides Nelson, he jumped the
ear.   lie had visited the Nelson house
a  dozen  times during  the past    few'
weeks always   for   the   purpose    of
A  Heavy  Loser.
Taylor, explained Sheppard, had
lost something like $400 at the house
ucently and Sunday night's game
was the first time he had won. clean-
inL- up close to $100.
Sheppard,    while   plainly    nervous
pany, ...   	
lor was an accountant In his employ
and hailed from Indiana.
The jury retired at 10 o'clock and
d'd not return a verdict until a few
mlnutis to 11 o'clock.
Toronto, April 14��� That Pollman
Evans has tailed frcm France on his
way to Toronto to stand trial at the
assizes on a charge of conspiracy to
di fraud iu connection with the affairs
of ihe defunct life insurance company, v,as the statement made by E.
A. Duvernet, K.C, this afternoon at
the opening of the spring sitting of
tiie assizes.
"I would not like to go on with
ihe> cases against Symens, Millichamp
and Hughes without having Evans
here as well," said Mr. Duvernet. "I
expect that he will be back very
shortly, probably next week. 1
be able to speak definitely on
matter  then."
Mr. Snow, K.C, on behalf of T. C
Hughes, made application that his
client be allowed out on his own
ball. He pointed out that Mr. Hughes
had come twice from Edmonton at
his own expense, and no far as he
was instructed, there was not much
of a case against him. Mr. Justice
Middleton: "1 can't let lilm go on
his own ball.   The present bail stands
^r first Took the' smutl. answer I UU the end of the sitting."
Dangerous Buildings
Are Ordered Removed
l aother step in the effort to rid the I
City of nil the unsightly and danger-'
ous buildings in the lower end of the
e Ity was taken yesteiday when at a.
meeting of the city council, attended
ley representatives of the owners of
the property in question "life" limits
were placed on a numbf r of houses on
MeNceley and Hlackle streets, and
others ordered raped at once.
There was considerable'discussion
as each building was taken up in turn
hot the following were the decisions
ultimately arrived at:
:.ot 11, J. M. Wise, owner   -All build-
As soon as the copies of the evidence submitted by Vancouver and
New Westminster before the grain
commissioners at Winnipeg in connection with the application for the
government grain elevator, is received
hire. Mayor Baxter of Vancouver will
be asked officially by the council of
this city to withdraw from his case
the obsolete chart he submitted of
the channel in the Kraser and to correct certain statements which are
held  to be absolutely  false.
Mayor Gray at the city council
meeting lasi night made a verbal report of the case presented by the
delegates advocating the selection of
the Fraser river and expressed his
genuine regret at the attitude adopted by Mayor Baxter of Vancouver.
The delegates from the Kraser river
district explained the I.e Baron
scheme and submitted a list of sites
available between the mouth of the
Fraser and the Pitt river, together
with the names of the owners and the
cost of each.
Mayor Gray told of the endeavors
of Mayor Baxter to discredit the
Kraser by the submission of an obsolete chart and the stories of the terrific current, the heavy fogs and ice
in winter, even going so far as to
state that although the fishing industry was of inestimable value, the fish-
! ing nets would prove a drawback to
These allegations were of course
denied and proofs submitted that the
Kraser was navigable at all times and
that there was a minimum depth of
27 feet at an ordinary' tide between
the mouth of tin* river and New
Alderman Annandale moved that
the report be adopted and at ihe
same time referred to the rftport that
the Vancouver delegates included in
the evidence submitted by the Vancouver board Of trade, a letter from
the Burrard inlet harbor board that
had never been before the board of
W. I.. Darling, one of the delegates,
was given permission to explain ihat
Colonel J. D. TayloT had challenged
the secretary of the board of trade
on this point, but the question was
openly evaded.
Alderman Jardine also expressed
hig regret at Mayor Baxter's uncalled
for criticism and mis-statements and
seconded the motion whicli was carried.
An amusing instance of Mayor Baxter's stand was given by Mayor Gray.
The Vancouver representative had
been telling of the terrible fogs which
hung on the Kraser for days at a
time, when the chairman of the grain
commission remarked that in Vancouver he had experienced the worst
fog he had ever seen. Mayor Baxter's reply to this was that during the
same spell of fog an automobile had
plunged into the icy waters of the
To Meet Council.
The controversy arising out of the
failure cf the Brunette Mill company
to pay any of the $10,000 for which
the   citv   agreed   to   withdraw   objections to the company's application for
foreshore rights,    to close    a    short
street, for which the city  was to receive In addition to    the    cash    consideration a sewer easement and 250
feet for wharfage purposes was again
brought  up.    After  some    discussion
it was decided to meet Mr. l,ewls of
the mill company on April 24.
That G. N. F*,. Depot.
T. V. Brown, solicitor for the G. N.
R.  In  the stale of Washington, notified the council tbat the question of
a  new  depot   for    New   Westminster
was being handled by the bead office
at St.  Paul, through  A. H.  McNeill,,
of    Vancouver.      Alderman    Jara.ae
said that  the company proposed    to
move the depot about 400 'eet further
east, and it is probable that the tnat-;
ter will be taken before the railway
commissioners  when  ihey    meet    in
Vancouver next month.
Only One Tender.
The tender of the Vulcan Iron
works, the only one received for the
steel pipe for the extension of the
sewer outfall at Sixth street was referred to the harbor committee and
the hoard of works.
James & McClughati made applies
tion for the lease of a water lot near
Sixth street. The harbor committee
will  consider  the  application.
Two  applications  for street  lights,
one  to  be  placed  at. the  corner    of
and   Kingsway   nnd
Washington. April 14. ��� President
Wilson today ordered practically the
entire Atlantic fleet to Mexican waters to force a public salute to the
Stars and Stripes from the Huerta
government as an apology for the arrest of American marines at Tampico
last Thursday. No ultimatum has yet
been issued���that is, no specified time
has been set within which the Huerta
government must comply, bui the naval demonstration has been ordered as
a concrete evidence of the fixed determination of the United States to
back up Hear Admiral Mayo's demand for a salute.
Up to tonight General Huerta had
not made satisfactory responses to
that demand.
"Future developments depend upon
Huerta himself," was the way a high
administration official close to the
president summarized the situation.
The decision to send the fleet was
reached after the president and Secre
can war. Eleven great battleships
with auxiliaries, earring in all 15,-
000 men will comprise the force off
Everywhere, at the White House,
the state department and the navy
department the hope was expressed
that the dispatch of the fleet would
not lead to serious consequences and
there was a confident prediction that
General Huerta would see the wisdom
of satisfying the American demand
and close the incident. Officials were
careful to point out that negotiations
with the Huerta government have not
ended and that the way was still open
to General  Huerta  to make amends.
The navy department Bent complete
instructions to Rear Admiral Badger,
commander-in-chief of the Atlantic
fleet, on board the battleship Arkan-
l Passes Away in California Where He
Was Spending Holiday���Prominent Railway Man.
gas at Hampton Roads.   Rear Admiral j
Fiske, chief of the  bureau of operations,   left   tonight  to   personally   explain to Admiral Badger the diploma-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       tic side of the situation and the dis-
tary Bryan had conferrtd for an hour I patches from  Rear Admiral   Mayo,
with John  Lind, personal representa-1     While the navy  moved  on  the At-
tive of  President Wilson  In  Mexico, j lantic  coast,   Secretary    Daniels    to-
Tlie* feeling of sorrow and regret
over the death of Sir William Whyte
extends over the whole Dominion from
the Atlantic to the Pacific. Among
those who will sincerely deplore bis
death will be H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. During his stay in Winnipeg
two years ago, H.R.H. with the Princess Patricia, was much in the company of Sir William In public affairs
and on numerous occasions the governor general expressed his regard for
the Canadian railway leader. Other
governors of Canada who have visited
the west in recent yearB met Sir William and were the recipients of kindness at his hands, and his friends on
the other side of the water are consequently numerous and influential, and
his death will be as deeply deplored
there as in Canada.
In railway circles the unexpected
death is naturally most deeply felt.
As an expert in the profession and as
a man of wide knowledge and varied
and after a two hour cabinet meeting | night was giving his attention to the | attainments,  in   all  that  pertains  to
during which dispatches from Charge
O'Shaughnessy revealed that the
Huerta government disputed the right
of American marines to be ashore at
Tampico. and contended that its recent public statement of apology was
Steam for Tampico.
Immediately after the cabinet meeting Secretary  Daniels  issued  his  or
situation in the Pacfc. Most of the I railway construction and operation he
Amercan war craft in the Pacific are | was recognized as a master. His as-
already n Mevic.an waters. While the I sociates fully agreed with the state-
navy was active not a wheel turned | ment recently made in the house ot
in the army. Two explanations for i commons that he was the greatest of
this are advanced���the desire that the *. the railway men In the Dominion,
constitutionalists, who are in control Died in California.
In northern Mexico, should not miain- Winnipeg, April 14.���Sir William
terpret the action and the fact that Whyte. probably the most distinguish-
the United States already has a big ed private citizen of Western Can-
ders to the Atlantic fleet, and wireless I fighting force within striking distance ada and for many years one ot the
messages flashed up and down the of Mexico. Twelve thousand troops most trusted officials of the Cana-
Atlantlc coast to put the fleet under are at Texas City, where four army I dian Pacific railway, died suddenly
steam for Tampico. It will be the transports are at anchor and thou-1 today at Coronado Beach, California,
largest fighting force the American sands of cavalry and infantry are | The news was received In Winnipeg
government bas assembled for pos- Bpread along the border where they
sible action since the Spanlsh-Ameri-' can be moved quickly.
shortly after 3 o'clock this afternoon.
In accordance witb his custotm for
the past few years, Sir William spent
the earlier part of the winter in Winnipeg, leaving later for the south. The
winter  he  had  hoped  to  make
Burnaby  to Keep Balance
Received from Treasury
ADDS RIDER TO VERDICT [past       ^	
i-* . i Ithe Journey before the close ot    the
The following verdict was brought  year.    He was. however, detained by
in by the jury in the case of Alfred j pressing business, In which much of
O.  Jones,  who  was  electrocuted    on j personal interest was extremely small
Kingsway on Saturday night last, the   and the public Interest very large. He
being  held  in  the  Fales   un-1 "Pent   the  Christmas  and  New   Year
parlors    yesterday-
dertaking     ^^^^^^
"That    deceased met
electrocution  on  April
after-j season  here, and. also the first
j weeks of January.    Shortly after the
his death  by   middle of the month  be  went  soutii
11    at    11:30 | to Coronado Beach. Call., hoping    to
p.m.  while attempting   to  fix  an  arc I spend   some   time   in
Wilson  road, of ! warmer  climate.     He
Some   Cases    Have    Spent    More
Than Received���Wait Until
Sale of Bonds.
light in front of the _____^^_____
the E;. C. E. R. lighting system. We
would suggest that ropes used for
lowering these lamps be placed at
least eight feet from the ground so
as to be out of the way of an ordinary person."
According to the evidence made before Coroner McQuarrie, deceased
was a clerk in the employ of the B.
C. E. R. and knew little about the
handling of an arc light, especially
when the wires were alive. Seeing
the lamp sputtering in front of the
E. B. Cale residence near McKay,
Jones borrowed a rope to lower the
lamp and upon touching the wires
was almost instantly killed.
Sergeant    Lyne looked   after    the
case   for   the   Burnaby   authorities,
Awhile A. E. Beck, solicitor, represent-
At the Burnaby council finance committee meeting last night, Reeve
Fraser submitted a report upon the
financial position of the municipality,
with a carefully compiled table of
figures which was adopted, Councillor FauVel dissenting. The report
was as follows: I^hm���
In the matter of dealing with the I ed the B. C. E. R
bylaw  bond  issues of  1912 and  1913,      ""*���- *���" ' �������"���
this council must face a situation created by an issue of treasury certificates In lieu of selling bonds.
The bond issues totalled $1,716,000
and they are security for aa issue of
$1,250,000 of treasury certificates front'i
which we received $1,137,500 net. London. April 14,-The    reopening
There are expenditures against the of business after the Easter holidays
bylaws amounting to $841,805.20  and J was marked by a resumption of
the schedule shows that in some in-1 underwriting  of  new   issues
stances more money was spent on ac
i   e.n*c   ....   w   ��_.   ���
The funeral will be held in Vancouver this afternoon.
travel in the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ never left tile
bsach, being seized while there with
his final  illness.
Appeared in Good Health.
His health had recently appeared
excellent, and although his age was
somewhat advanced, his friends looked forward to an unusual career for
him owing to his singular position in
this city. On several occasions he
had. however, been seriously 111. One
of these attacks prevented his departure for London last spring, at which
time he postponed making a journey
around the world. At the time of the
termination of his active connection
With the C P. R. in 1911, he gave as
one of his reasons for retirement the
desire to -preserve his health. His
condition, he said, was excellent and
he wished that it should continue so.
Unsuspected weaknetses existed, however, and to one of these he succumbed.
Sir William Whyte had resided In
the west for a little more than 25
years. During this entire period he
was in the service of the Canadian
Pacific railway with which company
he will be permanently Identified in
the history of the west. He came to
ings to be removed except two stables Nanaimo  street      Vft���rteenth
on the "-ornttr. which are given until | the other at Nanaimo and Fourti entn
Wise,   owner-  Two |
corner, v
Dec. 81, 1915.
Lot   14,   I   M ^__________m__
pool rooms to be given the same lire
as the Cosmopolitan and Merchant's
hotels. All other buildings to be removed at once.
��� Lot 12. Cash estate���All buildings to
lie removed except two houses on MeNceley street.
Lot 13, McQuarrie syndicate, owners
��� All buildings to be removed by Dec,.
31, 1914.
street wore referred to the light com
mlttee to act.
Tenders Resignation.
William     Guttridge    tendered    nil
resignation  ns  patrol  driver    statin'
that   ^^^^^^^^
an   Increase  of  wages
employed 1!) months ago his frequent
applications had been Ignored,
mnn  Dodd  pointed    out    that
ridge's contentions  were correct anil
the matter was referred to the ponce
and health committees.
count of some bylaws than we now receive from the sale of treasury certificates.
The schedule shows that the amount
still to be expended on bylaws as per
receipts from treasury certificates
amounts to $431,362.08, so that by adding the amounts expended and unexpended we require the sum of $136,-
667.28 more than we received from
treasury certificates. This will require to 'be carried until the bonds
are sold.
1 advise that the schedule be ad-
] hered to, and the balances be allowed
to stand, excepting the school balances, which I think should be credited to school bylaws. This will add
$62,949.06 to the amount expended and
will reduce the amount of unexpended
balances, but will not affect the deficit.
Owing to the fact that the bond sale
Is a future event and the result an
unknown quantity, It would be well
to keep Intact until a sale is effected
the unexpended balances as a reserve In case of urgency.
Have Three Years.
The reeve explained more in detail
and said they had to meet these treas
ury certificates, $1,250,000 in not later
than  three  years.     They  might  consider   the  ���conversion   of  their   4   1-2
leans to 5 to meet the issues squarely.
Councillor  nose,  chairman,  said  it
this,   that   the   present
, Winnipeg as the    general    manager.
     A   4V4 j eventually  became the  vice-president
for the city of Mont-, jn charge of western lilies and finally
has been under-jthe western director. It was widely
believed in earlier years he would
become head of this large corpora-
ion, a position which he would
worthily have filled. His great value
��o the company in connection with
the development of the system in the
western provinces was finally recognized by the president and board ot
directors and he had for many years
a practically free hand In the administration of the C P. It. in the
per ce-.it. loan
real f.ir I .',500.000 ^^^^^^^^
written at par. The issue price is 1VJ
over the loan placed by Montreal In
November, which reflects both *~
Improvement of Canadian credit
the live months and the easier position of 'he London market for money.
Saskatchewan yearly bills for $2.-
500,000 have been placed here at 4
per cent.
Professors Get Degree.
Toronto. April 14.���At a recen:
meeting of the senate of Victoria university it was decided to confer the
honorary degree of D. D. on the Rev.
Professor James Elliott, of Wesley
college. Winnipeg, Man., and on the
Rev. James Edward Carru:her.s, Lind*
field, N. S. W.
Warrant Five Years Old.
Regina, Sask., April 14.���Edward
Gagg, arrested at Winnipeg on a warrant five years old. charging hlufvith
horse stealing at Lipton, Sask., will
be tried at Belcarres, Sask.
Labor Members to Act
Independent of Liberals
ent   Labor
  amounted   to   	
ilthough he had been promised council should deal with the monies
when he waa received from time to time and let
these old over-spent issues stand and
work themselves out as the sale of
the bonds go en. He suggested the
appointment of a committee to make
April 14.���The lndepend-
party In session at Brad
ford, passed a resolution Instructing
the Labor members to act Independently of the Liberals lu parliament.
The Interest of this action in face ot
the instructions might produce a
government defeat If literally carried
out. but as the labor party political
^^       It is
plated at the next general elections.
It Is estimated that at least $400,000
would be required to carry out this
program and it is believed that the
Laborites would be lucky lf Ihey get
thirty seals under the optional levy
for political purposes now legal. The
position ts understood to be causing
the leaders great anxiety and no
way out seems In sight except by
agreement   with   the   liberal
(Continued on Page Four.)
.fund  is apparently non-existent. ,. ..
not likelv that even the most strenu-1 some
I OUS effort would put  them In a posi-j party managers as was rumored had
fun to tight the   D3   seats   content-
| been arranged sonic time ago. PAGE TWO
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tha Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
and Publishing Company. Limited, at C3 McK.nzi.' Street. New Westminster. British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHt:itLAND. Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and net
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, sua ; Editorial Booms (all depart-
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SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year. $1 for three months, 40c per
month. Bv mall. I'i per year. 2f*c per month.
ADVERTISING   RATES on  application.
e'd to be the commissary of police-, and
Hofmann was immediately arrested.
The evidence of other witnesses examined went to show that the officiuls
ef the Okhrana had paid large sums
of money  to obtain  information.
Opportunities  in Colonies for Daugh
ters of Old Land���Some Safeguards  Urged.
London, April 14- The -nnual meet
ing  of  the   British   Women's   Kmigra
Some of the closest observers of the trend of political
events in the old country are prophesying that the country
has entered upon a period of constitutional reconstruction which will greatly alter some of the existing institutions before it is finished.
For vears Britain has been storing up problems for
settlement and it needed only the breaking of one of the
political ulcers to start all the others running. The home
rule boil has set irritation going all over the political body
across the water and it is almost safe to assume that pies ami standard, mn it is evident
Welsh disestablishment, the house of lords, the land ques- ^t^S SMiSEi.
The Bishop of Yukon, for example.
has had   unique  opportunities of  see-
Ing what the influence of a few good
women may achieve In a newly open-'
ed district, and a large audience showed much sympathy with his emphatic j
declaration   that   "if   we   encouraged
the men to go to the overseas domin
ions   we   should   also  encourage   the
women to go."
Another   speaker   reassured     those
who apprehend the loss of too many
An Englishman's Protast Against Postprandial Garrulity.
All men euL most men speak; but
though all men eat a dinner, only the
few speak after  it,   while tbe  many
listen and suffer.
To say that eating and eloquence 90
'''"��� band in baud may be a solecism, but
I It Is a fact, at any rate a condition.
1 in these days and these latitudes.   Aft-
tion, the poor question, the temperance question, the labor
question, the question of religion and education and the
women's suffrage question will receive more serious consideration than has been theirs during the past few years.
That these matters should be taken up, each in turn,
and dealt with fearlessly will in the end work out for the
betterment of the nation, but in the meantime it promises
to involve the old country in a feeling of unrest which will
take real statesmanship to handle.
Education has brought the nation of Loday to a point
where it can stand sudden and sweeping reforms, but just
how much added strain can be put on and resisted will require keen and resourceful political guides to determine.
Now they're growing Turkish tobacco in South
Africa. Pretty soon we'll be eating Fraser river salmon
caught in the Danube.
tion association was held at the Mansion  House  recently,  at which   some
interesting speeches were made
ing the course of which it was stated
that it is more evident each  day to
those   who   concern  themselves   with, , ���      , ������ ,,
Se matter that emigration i.s too lm- �� <-"��f "��� ����f ls "����� *!" .P""1'"
portant a subject to be left to the to no land. It Is an infliction that
enterprise of mere commercialism audi obtains a wider vogue lu civilized
speculation. 1 countries than in those that are still
The whole secret of successful emi- dose to the primitive Ideal. Tbe sav-
gration, both from the point of view of! Bge \ias not reached tbat stage of de-
the emigrant as well as from that of; *,,.ner,itIon where he Imagines that the
the country in which he settles, lies in , r,rocesses 0( digestion are aided by
the intelligent selection of individuals ; ���scu8slon aod stimulated by dullness.
who will best suit certain places and
conditions. If the right women, the
homeniakers, are to be encouraged to
go to fields and pastures new. women
that is, who will live by high  princi
The primitive man clings to tobacco
nnd repose ns the pleasurable adjuncts
of bis victuals.
Postprandial garrulity reaches Its
most virulent development among tbe
English speaking peoples. It bas be-
e-onie almost a ritualistic and religious
function with them, and tbe resolute
Englishman or American goes to bis
feeding function, bis banquet to eat
drink nnd be talked at seriously and
To gorge a man with dishes nnd
delicacies as a preparation for goading
lilm with deliverance nnd dullness Is
the substitute which a modern civilization provides for the Soman holiday.
for, though this sge abhors blood nnd
by  reminding  themi^that_ the  slailgh,er and Bumiders remlniscently
over the memory of gladiators, Nn-
niidliin lions and Christlnn martyrs. It
eloes not hesitate to make martyrs of
its guests snd throw them to Its lions,
the after dinner spouters. ��� London
His Father Wait a Missionary lieforc
Him and as a Child He flayed
With Kedskln Children ��� Has
Spent Over Fifty Years In the
West, Fart of the Time Acting
For the Canadian Government.
For over half a century Rev. Dr.
John McDougall has carried on missionary work in the Canadian west,
with unflagging devotion to the cause
of Christianity and civilization. He
ls one of the moBt eminent of the
pioneer missionaries in tbat part of
tbe Domnlon.
He was born ln the wilderness near
the shores of the Georgian Bay, tie-
In., the first white child born ln tbat
district.   His father was a missionary
Accountant.     Telephons   K447.     IUxjid
22   Hart  Block.
P. H. Smith. W. J. Qrasem.
work  undertaken   11    city   and   outside
points.   211-12   Westminster  Trust   Bida
Pbone  3��4.     P. O.  Box   6*7.
While President Wilson is all for the "watchful waiting" policy in dealing with Mexico, Mrs. W. takes a different line in getting her daughters married.
If the anti-saloon folks in Chicago get their way about
it that town will not only be windy, but most painfully dry
as well.
A young German has succeeded in swimming across
Seattle harbor. It's a wonder some of the dock rats didn't
bite him when he landed.
population of Canada and of London
were almost identical, and he show
ed thp hopefulness of life in a country calling out for new citizens as
contrasted with that of the congested
cities where so much capacity never
has the opportunity of its fullest development.
In the March number of the Impe
! rial Colonist some very interesting information is given. Professional women who are thinking of Canada are
urged to add practical housecraft to
their qualifications; stenographers of
good education are wanted, and at the
one hotel at Kelowna, B.C.. a resident ls teaching stenography. The
hotel is intended as headquarters for
gent!"women seeking employment in
the Okanagan valley.
The monthly organ of the British
Women's Emigration association in
speaking of the second interim reoort
of the dominions Toyal commission
dealing with Australian matters, lays
stress on the importance of female
immigration, but recommends that the
supply of professional women be left
at present "in the hands of the various societies for the emigration of
women, whose work, we may add, appears to be of great imperial value."
The quiet, persistent efforts of the
societies are evidently bearing fruit.
li. P. O K. of D. C, meet the flnit and
thlril Kriday at 8 p.m.. Labor Temple,
Seventh anel Royal avenue. A. Wells
Uray, Exalted Ruler; P, 11. Smith Secretary.
and third Tuesday in euch month at 8
p.m. In the Labor Temple. David
Boyle, Dictator; W. J. Urovea, Secretary.
I. O. O. 1*. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���THE
regular meeting ul Auny louge a>���
27. I. O. O. F.. is beld every Monday
night at t o'clock In Odd Fellows' IUU
corner Carnarvon and Eighth street*
Waiting brethern cordially Invited
H. W. Sangster. N.G.; J. J,. Watson,
T. Q.; VV. C. Coatham, P. U.. reoord
Ing secretary: 3. W. MacDonald. financial secretary.
W. ED. KALES ei CO., 612-618 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegie library.
Most up-to-date funeral parlors In
the city. Specialists in shipping.
I.ady assistant iu attendance. Always open. Day phone 176, night
phone til.
ter A Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral director.
and embalmeri. Parlors 406 Columbia
atreet.   New  Weatmlnater.    Phone Sti.
It's almost as cooling as an ice cream soda these balmy
spring times to read of the Ottawa river lumber mills held
up by ice.
When the weather man sent along a bunch of frost
and spoiled the Florida watermelon crop he played a low
down trick on the "cullud" population.
A Chicago man committed suicide because he said he
���was a "piker." Now how7 are you going to make that dovetail with the theory that every man who takes his own life
is a coward?
Helslngtors, Finland. April 14
large meeting organized by the
cialists took place in Helsingsfors recently for the purpose of protesting
against the custom tax the government is proposing to levy on corn.
Similar meetings were held In other
parts of Finland.
Hon. Sam Hughes, minister of militia, has been visiting the battlefields of Virginia. Judging from the way
the opposition in the federal house sometimes handles the
Hon. Sam, one would think he could get all the war atmosphere he wanted right on Parliament Hill.
Persia Is Unsettled.
Teheran. Persia, April 14.���'Most
unsettled conditions continue to prevail in Southern Persia, and the un-
ix-.-i is particularly noticeable In the
neighborhood of Kazerun, the scene
of the fighting between the gendarmerie and the followers of Nasr-Di-
wan in February last, T.he notorious
southern chieftain, Mohamed All
Khan Kashkuli is attracting large
numbers of adherents, and it is gen-
1 rally in lieved In Teheran that if he
succeeds in joining forces with Nasr-
Dlwan the position will become e*x-
tremely critical.
Methods ef the Wily Native Hunters of
North Africa.
As hippopotamus hunters the Shnllas
of the Sobat region, North Africa,
stand aloue. A native hippo hunt ls
11 u exciting nnd dangerous sport. The
hunters are in dugout canoes; two or
three paddle while one manages the
harpoon or barbed spear, to which are
attached a stouv rope and a float of
a tn batch.
When the hippo comes to the surface
to breathe an attempt Is made lo steul
upon him with the harpoon; when this
is accomplished the hunters make a
hasty retreat from tbe enraged beast,
und iu turn engage Ids attention while
attempts ure made to spear biiu by
those in the other canoes.
When severely wounded a hippopotamus goes ashore to rest or to die and
not to attack its assailants, as has been
-A so often reported. The native hunters
So-I wait for this, und when tbe animal
goes up out of the water n volley of
���-pears is thrown Into it, und slowly
the huge beast bleeds to death. Tlle
hunters do not always escape. Some-
times the life or a limb of one of tliein
Is sacrificed to their daring.
The hide of the hippopotamus is cut
Into strips and elriid to be sold to
Arab trailers, who. in turn, sell it to
the wbipmnkers of Omdurnian and
Egypt Certain portions uf the hide
are much prized as shields. The flesh
is .'nt Into long, narrow strips nnd
dried in the sun; Its taste resembles
tbat uf coarse beef.
Illl.  M'tlOOIlAI 1..
among the Indians so that the boy's
early associates were redskin children. He learned to speak Ojlbawa
before he mastered English, and also
gained an Insight into the habits and
customs of Indian life that few while
men possess. When very young he
became his father's assistant, serving as guide, teamster, steersman, Interpreter  and  general   h *lper.
He attended college a few months
at Cobourg, Ont., ami afterwards
went west and became* a teacher and
missionary at Norway House, oil the
Nelson river. During the years that
followed he traveled all over the
northwest territories, often serving as
peace commissioner among turbulent
As agent of the Canaeiian Government, he paved the way for the Northwest Mounted Police. In 190*1 he became Doukhobor commissioner and
and retaineel this post until 1911.
Through his untiring zeal and work,
scores of churches and schools have
been erected and civilization brought
Into  the  wilds of the  west.
aler Board ot Trade- meets Irf tue uoara
room. City Hall, aa folio xa: Tblrd Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February, May
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings 6n the third Friday ol
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, aecretary.
rleters. Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorne Street
New Westminster. U IS. Corbould. ML
C.    J.  R. Grant    A. B. alcColL
at-law. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for the
Hunk or Vancouver. Offices- Merchants Hank Building, New Weatmin.-
ter B.C. Telephone N���. 1070 Catu>
address Johnston." Code WWen,
Code     Western
yii,iw,,^N8EC!??D-   BARRISTER.   SO-
SL& sMSgS SSm, N��r Wat
WIf5IE3InB* . .BD*****>.N��8    *    WHITB-
���'*������ ��� Barristers and Solicitors  We-sT
Sfcfg   S3*   B,k-    Columbia' ��r����
"���Knliyaa'iAttahU*3V-   B    C'      Cab">   ��***rwi
Whiteside."    Western    Union     P     o
&MSJ"fc     Telephone   ��."     W.    J.
San Jose barbers have placed a premium on whiskers
by boosting [he price of shaves. Probably this is another
result that can be laid at the door of the approaching opening of the Panama canal; the canal serves these days as
an excuse for almost anything.
The home rule row has put the Dublin society season    Liverpool, Eng., April u.���The pos-
on the hummer.   Those who can attend the functions fifg^ K3ftS!&,S5
Won't  and  those  who  Can't  WOnt  either,   SO  the   Laii  Of  town by tramway, for the carriage of
Aberdeen has decided to close the Dublin society shop till g^^AJ'^Sff .eunTiS
the "deuced fuss" is over. ISUrection   was   madi'   recently   when
c. VV, Malllns, manager of the Liverpool corporation tramways was instructed to talk the matter over vlth
ihe* representatives of the' districts
It is proposed to make' an experiment with two cars only, which will
tr.iv*l at night, and Va- number of
cars will, of course, he* lncn asi I and
the routes lengthened as tiie* traffic
grows. The cars wlll be either electric trams running on rails, or motor
wagons for whicli no track will be re-,
Experience must, show which of
these* two methods of transit Is the
inori* su'table. It is estimated tiiat
about 2,630,000 tons of Roods, most of
which will be 'otton, could be carried
by tr.e tramway In a year.
When Andy Carnegie lost a dime under a table at a
public luncheon in a New York hotel the other day he
waited till the affair was over, got down on his hands and
knees and located the" lost coin���also a nickel that somebody else had dropped. That's the way Andy made his
money, fifty per cent, interest on his investments.
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Indispensable to best results���saves
worry���saves work���saves money���
saves health  saves complaints at table
Vienna,  Austria,  April   14,    To  the
recent   political   trials   In   Marmaros
Szlget and Lemborg has to he added
I tin* espionage trial now proceeding in
Vienna.    Nine  Russians are  accused
I of espionage anil so far only one of
the prisoners, a woman  named  Hot-
! man,  has   pleaded   guilty.
1 he trial is likely lo throw still more
light upon the methods and deal ngB
of ilu* Okhrana, the Russian Becret
p< lice. According to the evidence of
the woman Hofmann, she flrn ctme
inl j touch with the Okhrana at Kletf
as the result of an advertisement
which she placed in the newspapers
offering ber services as a teacher of
This advertisement was answered
by the chief of the Okhrana at Kleff.
who after some negotiations commission? ,' her to go to Luuberg and pay
a sura of money to another of tin* ac
cused, a man named Koiuig. Arrived
at Lemberg, Hofmann went to the
hotel to which she had been directed
and on being called upon by a military official paid over to him the sum
given her under the Impression that
he was the man with whom she was
to have dealings.
Tho military official, however, prov*
A King's Dorj  Lest.
Lord Northe rule's reference to King
Chillies' cry for tils lost el"'_' as being
among tbe earliest English newspaper
advertisements reminds <>i>e\ snys tbe
! London Chronicle, ol the tone of those
I pioneer  announcements.     Here,  then,
is Charles in search of n dog:
"We rnu.si call upon yon again for a
liiack Dog, between a Greyhound und
a Spaniel, no white ubout him, only a
streak on his brest nnd his tayl a lit
tie bobbed. It is bis majesty's own
dog, and doubtless was stoln. for tilt*
Dog was uot born nor bred lu Mug
land, and would never forsake bis
Master. Whosoever tlnds bun tl 1 Jl >
acquaint any nt Whitehall, for the Dog
wns better known at Court than those
who stole him Will tbey nevei leave
robbing liis Majesty'/ Must lie not
keep 11 dog? This Dog's pluce Is Hit*
only pluce which nobody oilers tu
For Short.
Mrs. Butler had 11 new cook, who
was 11 buxom negress. She came one
morning, and after she bnd been us
Signed to her duties tbe mistress asked
tier uiiine.
��� "Yo'  tony call  me  Kloreutinn,"  was
the reply.
"What Is your other name'/" Inqulr
ed Mrs. Kotler.
"\\ by, missus," mild the colored wo
num. ")��' see. my odder name is Ida,
but   I se  allllS   liet-u   lulled   Kloreiitiuu
to' short."���I'hlladelphla liocoid,
The  Black   Cap.
DlscusBlng tiie- action of Justice]
Ridley recently In passing the* eleath j
sentence at the' ol*l Bailey, London,
without assuming ih�� black < ap,
The Law Journal says. "Justice!
Ridley was well Justified on this occasion in omitting the- grim formality. The black iap owe-s its origin
to the Order of ilu* Coif, and. according to Serjeant Pulling, tin* historian
of the order, Its existing use Is In
keeping with Its primordial purpose.
The coif, he explains, was originally
a close-fitting bead-covering made
of white* lawn or silk. The black
cap, or sentence cap, of judges and
Serjeants, ie; the covering expressly
assi.e.'ne*'l to veil fee. coif on tbe only
occasion when the coif was required
to be hidden. By tin* anclcnl prlvl-
lege of the Serjeants thc coif wns not
to be taken off In even the royal
presence, The chief Inslgne of Dip
order, it was to ie.* bo displayed when
Bitting on the Bench or pleading at
the r.ar, but this rule. Beems always
to have* be*e*n departed rrom In pass
ing sentence of death. The head ol
the administrator of justice was then
covered or veiled as a token of sorrow by the biae k sentence cap.
1. STILWELL CLOTH. Barrlster-at-Uw,
solicitor    etc..   corner    Columbia    anj
uC$en\,e r.*,,?��U*.. J*6"    WertmlBBte"
B   C.    P. O.  B01  111.     Tflephotm   71��
Solicitor and Notary. Office* Hurt
block. 2��Lora�� street. New Wflattnio-
��t��r. B. C.
Rnrrlfttt-ra anil Bollcltora. SOI to lie
Wf at minuter Truat Block. <]. .R. Martin. W. a. McQuarrie and Oeonte L
Montet's Burning Mountain.
The "burning inotintalu" or Montet,
in Aveyron, Fr-inee-, is often mistaken
for uu active volcano because 11 pillar
of cloud rises from it by day and 11
pillar of fire by night but It Is In reiill
ly 11 conl mine, which bus been liurli
ing for several years.���Loudon Opinion
In a Bad Way.
"Here  Is  n   doctor   who   snys
mustn't ent when you're worried."
"But suppose you're always worried
Ten f(.(ir you ain't goln to get any
thing to eat'/"���Cleveland I'laln Dealer
'That Is n sweeping argument." remarked n bBsblind whose wire used a
broom to convince him that ho ongbt
to have been borne several hours previously.
Be sure thnt the wisest persons an
the least severe.���Montague-
Premier Irish Baron,
li Is quite ttitieiii ilie* nature of
things tbat the premier Daron of ire-
lanel,   who  is  Lord   Kinsale, lend   who
has tbe right to elon his headgear In
the presence* of bis sovereign, eloer.
not possess a single aire in Lhe dii
tressful country. Si ill lie* Is in .-,
position to boast that bis pierage ha.*
been in existence* nearly seven hun
dred years, so tie* can afford to turn
up his nose at those wbo have recent
ly acquired tho slrawbe'rry leaves.
Lord Kinsale is one of the ten peers
who bave solemnly sworn Ihat Ihey
will never accept seats In tho Irish
Legislature, The Bwearini; Is decidedly premature, for the noble baron has
not received an offer, but Irishmen
have a penchant for being before or
behind the clock. An ancient deed
declares that Lord Kinsale's family
relingulshed their rights in Ireland to
Henry III., so Mr. John Redmond has
no linger in this pie.
COAL MINING rights of the DomlniM,
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan aud Alb-tta.
the Tukon Territory, the Northwest Tor
ritorlca and In a portion of Ibe Provlnoe
Df British Columbia, may be leased for ���
lerm of twenty-one years at an anrcis'
���-'���ntal of II an acre. Not more than !'!���
teres will be leaaed to one applicant.
Application  for a  lease must be mad��
ley  the  applicant  In  person to the  Asenl
or Rub-AKent of the dlntrlct In which tht
iKlita applied for are Bttusted.
In surveyed territory tbe land must b.
te'Rcrlbe-d   by  sections,   or  legal  aub-dlv'-
"lonn of sections, and In unsurveyed ter-
I -Itory   the   tract   applied    for    shall    t>��
itnk��d out by the applicant himself.
Each   application  must   he  iiecompanlea
' by a  fee of 15 which wlll be refunded tf
I 'he   rights  applied  for  are  not   available
"nit   not   otherwise.     A   royalty   shall    le
' nald   on   the  merchantable output  of  tht
nine at thc rata of five cents per ton
The   person   operating   the   mine   shall
i 'ornlsh   the   Agent   with   sworn   returns
tcnnunilng   for the  full  quantity of mer-
���hantable  coal   mined  and  pay  the roy-
| >lty   thereon.   If   the   coal   mining    rights
j ire not being operated such returns shoul*
I ie  furnlRheej  at  least  once a  year.
The  lease wlll Include the coal  ralnlnt
;   lirleiH   eenly,   but   the   leasee   wlll   be   per-
iililed   to    purchase    whatever   available
; lurtaot   rights   may   t>��  considered   neces-
���mry  feir  the working of  tbe mine at  tin
lite or  110  an acre
For full Information application ahoul*
ee-  made  to the  Secretary of the Depart
m*nt   of  the Interior.  Ottawa, or to a:i��
"egent  or  Bub-Agent  of  Dominion  I*ne>fc
Oeputy Minister of the Interior.
N.   B. ��� Unauthorised publication of thta
ulvertlsement wlll not be paid for.
Aii Apt Quotation.
Lord Lyons, the famous Ambassa
dor, was not what one would call 6
witty man, but there Is one gooe
story told of him showing that h'
co  Id make an apt reply on occasion
One of his friends, Mr. August tn
Craven, was Intensely mysterious ii
manner, and once on meeting hln
In London Lord Lyons asked if hi.*
wife were with  him.
It happened that Mrs. Craven wa;
staying with Lady Cowper at Wrest
ami Mr. ("raven rtplied, in his solemn
mysterious way: ���
"She   Ib  at  Wrest."
"Itequlesrat in pace!" replied Lore
Lyons,  with  equal  solemnity.
Municipal Markets.
Some  280  British  cities  maintain
municipal market bouses.
Power Plant Destroyed.
Baker, Ore., April 14.���The South
Baker power plant of the Eastern
Oregon Light and Power company-
was totally destroyed by fire early
this evening. The loss Is estimated
at 175,000.
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 1*7.
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1914.
Judge Howay's Court Scene of Varied
Cases  Yesterday���Seventeen
There were twenty-one applications
lor naturalization papers as Canadian
citizens before Judge Howay in
county court yesterday. Kour were
rejected by the court and the remainder were granted. Ilis honor refused
the four applications because he said
l were likely to conclude today was
welcomed by .Indue Howay. who was
! holding his court iii the obscurity of
' aa upper chamber. This obscurity
handicaps litigants In their ciforts at
punctuality and may even cause
them to misB their objective altogether. As Judge Howay observed It
was possible a defendant or a party
lo a suit might be in the building and
not know where the court sat. lie
piously hoped the court would not
have the misfortune to sil in the
same apartment again.
'There were many judgment, summonses before his honor, a number
of them eloquent of the recent financial stringency. There were others,
however, in a different class and
these were keenly scrutinized by the
judge whose pnetration into fraud
or cussedni ss is as marked a feature
the deb-
is children, of the great se-al of Antiquity of Spectacle*,
of  the   Albanian   eagle  as   the     The oiu.iiary   magnifying spectacles)
national    emblem,    and of the royal j *���*,iin ,ou\ ex lenses came into use some
mantle.   The two latter are of special'
Interest    The  mantle  as  it  appears
on the great arms of state is to be e.r-
mine  lined  and   purple outside*,  with _, fact
a liiack double-headed Albanian eagle ;   ' ,, . -   ,���,..,���
'  the intide.   The breast of the eagle"1""'   "Ul   """',le   lu   ^���a"y
Unpleasant   consequences  to
Another gentleman cf the _ real
ettate persuasion wai* quite chirpy
about bril.jjtit prospects, which he offered tei disclose to his honor in pri- j
vate. but �� as adverse to the gros3
publicity of a court.
To another voluble person to the La^XitolTr^rswenttai a pea
toll, be advised torn to rfj*^ ; fc ������, bjM of thi> Wi(,, hous���,
literature he perceived  In Ws Poctet| __ �� ^^ ^ Klim,muie(] hy a bur.
der in white and red, the colors of Albania. The same eagle will appear
on the smaller arms and the flags of
Albania, only in red. One perceives
from the care the young prince' has
taken to have these* important details
ready for his accession that Albania
has acquired in him a ruler of foresight and a practical turn of mind, at
any  rate In small things.
I  l-UUVl-S   "__________
tune   iie-eei   the end  of the  thirteenth
century.    Their invention is generally
! attributed to tw<> Italians
. tnut-   old
jse ne saiu   "���  *.���������>��������������.ion .= �������� ������--     ������
lie   would  not accept  the certificates  of his court as his consideration for
Of the man who supported them. unfortunate debtors.
The new citizens comprise men | From one who admitted himself
formerly Norwegian. Russian, Span-! hop-li-ssly insolvent and professed In-
ish. German and Japanese subjects.' ability to make a monthly payment of
as well as United States citizens.       j$5 his honor expiscated the fact that
Alfred John Stark elected to be ; he had given some $1500 for a cus-
tri.d by a Jury on the charge that he terns broking business in Huntingdon,
attempted to break into, by night on I Ilis honor made the $5 order with
March 26 last, tlle dwelling house of the Inceslve comment that the debtor
Nick MeBSere with intent to steal. He I evidently wanted a keeper,
was remitted to the asslzoB. Another Ingenious financial juggler
Nick Messere, accused of unlaw-| fenced with his creditor's counsel
fully wounding one Walker Ross with I with great apparent skill, but his
Intent to maim or disable him. elect-! lienor cruelly laid bare the fact that
ed for speedy trial and the date was ! the d'-bt (for lumber) had been con
lixxl for April 23. His honor elicited itracti'il tor his wife's property. "The
from J. I). Kennedy, Messere's coun d blor assumed the d<*bt and the wife
H'l, that the facts In botb cases were, ki'pt the property," laconicallv re
the same, but as his client was a narked his honor as he made an
storekeeper in town, he was anxious order for .flfl a month. He added
that the charge should be tried with-1 ihat were the order not complied with
out delay. I he would be prepared to take a dras-
The news that    Ihe    civil    assizes   tic view of the situation with possibly
aid concentrate his energy upon
rais'ng $.*��� a month to satisfy his
One young gentleman coolly announced his intention of leaving liis
debts behind him and betaking himself to Honolulu in the morning. He
had been engaged in a pool room
speculation ami endeavored to throw
responsibility for the debt upon a
partner, while admitting he was pre-
pan-d to share the profits that might
accrue. The philosophy of "heads I
win and tails you lose" did not appeal to the court, whose opinion on
the emigration proposal may be Inferred from the fact that he declined
to make an order, significantly mentioning that plalntiff'a counsel knew
the remedy.
Aruiati and
 at this
iu Germany were
wearing glasses According to (i. II*
Oliver, writing in tbe British Medical
Journal, the lirst use of concave lenses
was eel oiiiih later date, probably not
until the middle of the sixteenth century Ii appear* that at first tbe doc-
tur* were down ou glasses because
tbey Interfered with the sale of lotions
tor weak eyes. Tbelr tirst mention by
ii doctor is credited to Bernard Gordon,
professor in Moutpellier, wbo Informed
(tie world tbat they were unnecessary,
ttiuiiks tu bis wonderful lotions, in
these early ihiys their use was limited
They were clumsy
Serviceable   Suit   For
All       Round       Wear.
for many reasons.            ^^
and ill shaped, making tbe wearer con-
P. kin. April 14. -It looks very much ; J*""" und ���Weetl,ig him to ridicule
as if the net were being gradually "/tentltnes of far from gentle type.
drawn closer around the dictator presi- And above !1" thl'y were very ^P*"*
dent of China. The menace lies In ���lve- I'"01* example. Or. Oliver says.
what is known as the White* Wolf "At tbe end of tbe sixteenth century
movement, which is operating chiefly tbe priee per pair, expressed in terms
south of the capital. of present day value, was from $50 to
It is impossible to say just what the ; $|0o."
strength  of   the  organization   behind! 	
the now noted bandit may be, but it n��..���� i. cui..
e ri   . ��_    .  ..,     i Ginseng in cnina.
is very certain that he has something; .,..._ ���# ..    ."   _,  ...   .,���.������_ ���_�����
more than 10,000 good men at his com- Much of tbv *������*!������ ?���"��������� *D��
General  Creagh   Receives  Deputation
on Eve of Quitting the Service
in India.
Calcutta. April 14. -If is a long
time since a retiring eominander-in-
chlef in India has received any special attention from any section of the
Indian community, but a deputation
consisting of leading Sikhs recently
wailed upon General Sir O'Moore
Cri agh, who is laying down the chief
command of his majesty's Indian
forces after the usual five years' incumbency.
Sir O'Moore Creagh has served in
the Indian army for nearly half a century, having begun as a subaltern in
a Sikh regiment over 47 years ago.
Thtre are many interesting cases ou
record of the esteem and affection
which has resulted from close asso-
c.ation, in barrack and in the field
between these fine soldiers and the
Ciitish officers who have been set
in command over them.
Deputation Presents Addresc.
The depu'aticn, which consisted of
48 Sikh gentlemen, many of them
covered with iiudals. and all of
Ihem very striking locking men, presented an address which read in part
as follows:
"In your person your excellency re
vived    old     traditions     ol     personal
friendship, and    amidst    your    multifarious duties you always found time
ito  cultivate  personal  relations.    You
were never too busy to see a friend;
never iu doubt when a friend sought
your assistance;  and always ready to
make the interests    of your    friends
your  own.     That   is  how   friendships
are made, and this was the secret of
ibe  success of  those  who jnade  this
vast  empire.     This  is  the  only  way
for the future to secure loyalty    and
trength  for the country.    It  is per
mand. They are moving always; at
tacking, plundering and at the same
time advancing nearer Pekin. The
men are armed and feed on the country  as they go.
The danger lies in the fact that the
whole country ls quite ripe for another
revolution as the discontent with Yuan
is widespread. North of Pekin the
revolution against Yuan ls stronger
than it was at the time the movement
was against the Manchus. This will
be denied in many quarters but it is
true that south of the Yangtse. Chang
to China brings small prices because
lt shows cultivation, being smooth,
round and light in color. Whnt Is
wanted ls tbe wild looking root Tbe
central theory ot tbe use of ginseng
decoction ls tbat It combines ln Itself
tbe virtues of nature���wind, water,
woods, the elements and wild nature
generally; hence the gnarled, twisted
wild root is tbe Ideal, and uny domes-
ticuted or cultivated variety Is merely
a substitute. This substitute ought to
be as near like tbe wild ns possible.
true* that south or the > angiRe, i naim   ���*���- -- ���-  -
Bsan is ready to throw in his lot with   If the root grows In the shape ot or
on,en   en   i ea���)   iu   i... ;  . Q���mu fesetllhhmce. even
any one who is calculated to win and
who will pay in advance to Chang.
This factor ls all the more formidable because Chang is looked upon
with terror and his troops are probably better in a rough and tumble
ficlit than even what Yuan may call
his picked men.
ii   euc   .n.,i   n* ��� ������ ���   ���   ���
seems to bear some feseuiblune-e, even
by severe stretch of the Imagination,
to some animal It has inerensed virtue
In tbe trade. For this and similar reasons it Is necessary that the small
bend of tbe root Joined to the rest of
the root by n small neck shall remain
a part of the product Breaking off
such little heads reduces the value ot
tbe root lu tbe Chinese market by fully
half, us a rale.���Chicago News.
Expert Says Burden of Panama Tolls
Should Not Be Imposed on
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts ot the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Maneger.
Juvenile Financial Genius.
"Jobuuie." said a prominent mine operator to his youngest tbe other day,
; "I'll give you a dollar if you'll dig up
j the front yard for your sister's new
garden."    "All   right."   said   Johnnie
: thoughtfully.   "But 1 shall have to ask
' for 28 per cent of the contract price in
^  | advance.   Not as an evidence of good
  I fultb, but for working capital."    "But
I ��� what do you meauV"   "Well, you see,
Washington,   April   14.  -The  econo-l 1   guess   I'll  bury  the qunrter  aome-
mic  side  of  the  Panama  canal  tolls' where  and  tell   all  tbe  boys  In  tbe
controversy occupied the senate Inter-1 neighborhood tbut a  pirate hid ��w
��� _._ , ... .    ,       treasure round there. Wben they strike
oceanic canals committee yesterdav ._~z , * ,,, , ' * . ���_
, . , , , , J I that quarter tbey II make the dirt fly.
to the virtual exclusion of the treaty . can te��� you ,n thllt way , ,.aa
obligations involved, and neither as-1 clean ,lp about 75 pcr cent. In fact,
pect was in evidence elsewhere about p_ "Well, wbat?" "In fact I don't
congress. ' know but what 1 can also arrange so
At the Wliite House President Wil- as to Bnd that quarter myself. I'll
son reaffirmed his belief that repeal \ work it Just like tbat suited mine yon
of the exemption  trom tolls  granted! were '~ -*x~**~m
��� -  .     -w,��� ...������m I nn t
A blue serge suit fashioned in a.
jaunty manner Is the most serviceable
garment a young girl cau Include in
ber wardrobe for all round wear.
Illustrated Is oue of the prettiest
I models designed for the demiseason.
1 Tbe coat Is cut on Norfolk lines, and
j the belt Is dropped below the hips.
I New Things In the Shops.
A   new   broom   sweeps   clean,   but
1 there Is a newer one with a long han-
| die and the brush part of fiber, which
sweeps  clean   and   does   away   with
backache,   tired   arms   aud   blistered
bands us well as no dust-
There is a small fire extinguishing
appliance that Inspires confidence In a
householder's breast and gives her the
assurance that a small blaze could be
quickly and effectively overcome.   It Is
a small nickel plated affair tbat holds
a   quart  of  fire  extinguishing  liquid
and works on the same principle as a
youngster's popgun, spraying a blaze
quite a distance away.
This device costs $". but la well
worth lt in tbe feeling of security it
gives dwellers ln suburban places aud
From fire to water ia but a step, and,
for those wbo dislike overshoes ln wet
weather there comes a waterproofing
poured  on.  spread
tt Just Tike that salted mine jr.-n I JJ* *J�� J^wU' "to" dry on a pair
telling mamma about ����^,% ^f   ,hoS   renders   them   weten
American   coastwise   ships   would
strength  for the  country,     lt   is  per-, ,0   American   coa9twls(l   ,���,,���   Hlllmi
sonnl friendship between two people, I,,,,, conB,jtute an interpretation of the
��� '" -"������""fth.f��.���0���__fHt_ x.a_jti    but    merely
Pres aad deal MP-
W. r. H.  BfK'KMN
���eo. and Trees.
Hr, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 17?
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL
continued llfe-lonu, Ihat can strength
en the foundations of tlle empire, and
ke-ep in hanj* the forces of disorder
which dominated India before the advent of the British rule, and fiv��
short years are much too short to in
fluence the course of events in the
cause of active loyalty and gedd governmenl of the country. Your excellency, India is passing through a
period of transition, and needs a continuous policy."
General  Creagh  Replies.
Tiie reference to "five short years,"
is  to  the conventional   period  during
which the chief offices In  India    are
held.    .
S'r O'Moore Creash, in reply, pointed out that after nearly half a century's service the time must soon
have come, in any case, for him to
resign his high position.
Nevertheless it is generally admit
ted thai the Sikhs are right, and
that when an administrator in whom
the country has confidence arises, it
is not well to circumscribe his term
of office bv the ordinary rule, lt is
ilso admitted that India Is passing
through a somewhat critical phase.
Hay-Pauncefote treaty but merely
would indicate the unwillingness of
tlvs country to bring up the question
of  discrimination.
Agrees  With   Bryan.
The president agreed with views recently expresesd by Secretary Bryan,
that no amendment was necessary to
the pending repeal bill reaffirming the
sovereignty of the United States over
the canal.
Before the canals committee. K. T
Chamberlain, freight commissioner of
navigation and Prof. S. S. lluebner of
the University of Pennsylvania, discussed the economic question of tolls
Commissioner Chamberlain declared
were veiou*   u......~	
on the street last night" And the
father wept tears of Joy.���rail Mall
Jewels of London'e Lord Mayor.
Tbe gold chain ami jeweled Insigtla
of tbe lord mayor of Loudon areiiinulig
tbe most wonderful ornaments In 1 tie
world, being composed of pure unid
nnd adorned wltb an enormous uiimiier
of dlamouds. Their value bas been estimated ut not less than C120.UUU. Kv-
ery loni mayor, before be Is elected. Is
culled upon to enter into a bond for
their safe custody during bis term of
otliee. und before be resigns tiie insignia at Ibe close of his mayoralty they
are most carefully examined  by  s|>e-
P.   O.  BOX   442
Elective Apr,, 5. 1914.     Subject to ^"g*^
w   t   H1glSMUfluSS   8.20.13,85,18.15
_r. New West   ���-M.  *00' J8'00        Ar Npw We8t. n.0o. 16.15, 20.55
Ar. Chilliwack 12llVeclAL MORNING LOCAL:
SPECIAL   """ N w Westminster at
Every morning except     id     a localHeave ^ ^ ^ Jar
7 a.m., arriving at J rdine u    ,o t s.50
dine at 7:55 andI arrives in New^mu ]eavos New Wegt.
on Fridays (Market Day)   ik  "��"���;��� RRn_   Relurn,���g leaves Mt.
master at �� :a.m., and runs to ^^....^ at 8;B0.
Lehman at 7:20, arriving ���" ._FCIAL_Tllis service will be con-
SB&W&T*��8K ���"��" N'w WestmlnBter al 12:15 a-m-
arriving at -lardine at 1 am' .,o(j     ��� 15.8B dttny arriv-
The new king of Albania arrived in
his kingdom fully equipped with designs for all royal ami state insignia.
The elesluns have been executed by his
command, by Prof. Kmil Doepler of
the llerlin museum of applied arts and
present an ingenious combination of
the arms and colors of the house of
Wied and cf Albania. The crown ts
ntiiely  new  creation  as Albania
ir bail any, and the Wieds lost it	
long ago at the time ef the tnediati-1 in  the same light
nation under Napoleon I.   It is to have ' 	
ten 'points and a white edging, says
the Manchester Guardian, and to exhibit at the crown a five-ray star of
Albania placed on a hemisphere'   The
same star occurs on tlle new state and
mercantile   flags  as   well   as  on   the
Mbanlan  eagle.    The  great arms of
state are to represent a purple ermine
lined royal  mantle, adorned with  the
crown as described above, with a blue
ribbon fluttering over the upper edge
and inscribed  in letters of gold  with
the   motto  of   the   Wied   house:   "Pl-
delitate  et   veritate,  "By   faithfulness
and truth."
Further   paraphernalia   of  the   new
royalty   in   Albania   consists   of   the
personal   arms  of   the  prince,  of  the
standards of the prince, his consort,
Commissioner Cbaniuenain oeuiaiou . r|,,| jewelers In order to see that diir
his belief that the United States had; , the Tear*s wellr ,ts diamonds have
no right to exempt any of its snipping *, ^ ,     helr ,   ,���,       lim,
trom payment of to  s, unless it spe-   "    ", ,.    " _���,_,
eifically provided that the govern* ,,li't "ls ��'*cee*��or may wear hem with-
ment should meet the expense of pass-1 0,'t anxiety. No wonder thut wheu the
ing the exempted ships through the l""*d mayor Is wearing all tbe Insignia
canal and that the exemption should of bis proud position he is a special
not add in any way to the burden im- object of intention liy a special police
peised upon foreign shipping.. I guard.-London Saturday .lourual.
Controlled  by   Railways.	
Prof. Huebner expressed no opinion I
on the repeal issue, confining himself
to  the   economic  discussion   growing
out of his statement that the house
committee  investigation   had   shown |
over 90 per cent of the coastwise ships
Over VV  \ie,   i:*r,*v ��,   ...~   .  	
on the Atlantic coast and 50 per cent'
of those on the Pacific coast were eon-
trolled by the railways or "conferences" of steamship companies so far
as rate making is concerned.
Prof. Chamberlain asserted his belief in subsidy for American ships.
The subsidy contracts for foreign governments he said, shower it to be a
military measure and not commercial.
The United States shoulel look at it
he  thought.
May 15 -B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
May 19���Moose vs. Columbus.
May 22���Columbus vs. B. ('. B
May 26���B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
May   29���Moose  vs.  Columbus.
June  2���B.C.E.R.  vs.  Columbus.
Jpne 5--Moose vs. B.C.E.R.
June 9- Moose vs. Columbus.
June 12���B.C.E.R. vs. Columbus.
June 16���Moose vs. B.C.E.R
June  19    Moose  vs.  Columbus.
June 23   B.C.U.R. vs. Columbus
June 26.    Moose vs. B.C.E.R
June 30    Moose vs. Columbus.
July  3   -B.C E.R.  vs.  Columbus.
July 7- Moose  vs.   B.  C.  B.  K.
July 10���Columbus  vs.  Moose.
July 14���Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
July 17    B.C.E.R. vs. Moose.
July 21���Columbus vs.  Moose.
July 24   Columbus vs. B.C.E.R.
July  27 -B.C.E.R.  vs.  Moose.
July  81���Moose  vs.  Columbus.
Aug.  4    Columbus  vs.  B.C.E.R.
When clouds are driven past one another by wind currents eicctrn-Jty ul a
frictional kind is produced. Lightning
Is caused by the passing of ltie electricity between the two clouds or from
a cloud to ibe earth. As it travels It
expands unit drives the nir lu front of
It When ihe lightning has passed Hie
in lh.it vi ns driven nwny returns witn
a rusti, nieei it is this rush whicli can��es
the noi>e or thunder. ��� I'eursuus
He Won.
Mrs   Bacon���Wbut a the matter with
Toinmie's lace nml tiiimls'e    Tliev nre
; badly swollen    Mr*. Egbert���Vou ��ee.
they offered n prize nl  Ins school lur
the hoy wbo wetMiei nrlna in the itrent-
est number ot dend wasps, und 'turn-
I mie won."��� *i outers Statesumu.
ny sua aeeu����u ,.��� ���.���   .... ..
of shoes renders them waterproof.
Applied two or three times during a
season, this preparation makes the
owner of the shoes wonderfully Indifferent to dampness and overshoes. The
price is 25 cents for a full sized can of
tbe liquid.
Cure For Laziness.
Are you lazy? All right. Wear
something red und become full of energy.
Are you feeling blue because of tbe
Inclemeut weather? Dou't worry, but
put ou something red.
Tbe American Association For Ihe
Study of Spondylatberapy (whatever
that mennsi at tbelr annual meeting
recently gave out n new cure for laziness.   Tbe cure Is to wear something
The Idea Is this: Tbe society bas
come to the conclusion that certain colors work on a man's nerves to such an
extent that they control bis destiny.
Kor Instance, a person wbo sleeps in
a room papered In white Is calm and
collected. Likewise tbe man who
wears a green eyeshade. The green
bns a certain effect on the retina,
which In turn communicates the color
to tbe brain, the result being that the
eyes are soothed, and consequently tbe
whole body Is at peace with tbe world.
Ited. the society says, has a tendency
to arouse any one wearing it.
Cinder In the Eye.
A railroad eugiucer wtm gets a cinder In his eye never rhbs It; he rules
the eye thnt has no el nder In It.   This
starts tbe tears to flow In both eyes
j and probably washes out tbe ciuder.
Posting the Judge.
Judge���Have you ever seen the prts-
��� nnei at the bar":   Witness���Never, your
tumor;  but  I've seen   bim  wheu  I'vo
strongly   suspected  he's  been at It���
1 Boston Transcript.
Silent Heroes.
""To our silent hemes," little Willie
rend from the memorial bronze.   "Pa,
! what are silent heroes?"
j    "Married meiv" aaid pa. ��� Londoa
Rearrange Furniture Often.
In some houses one enters the nr-
���nugetneut of the furniture never varies from year to year.  In other bouses
lhe furniture Is changed about every
week or two.   lt may be easily .judged
which practice is the more agreeable
aud refreshing for ail concerned.   One
woman is on record whei actually stuek
pins in tiie carpet nn sweeping days to
indicate for tbe maid the exact spots
where feet of tables nnd chairs must b��
set again when the room was finished.
This was going to extremes, but there
are many people who are Inst ns narrow and prejudiced in their ideas.    It
Is a good thing to change furniture
about,    it gives the relief of variety
and often  increases  our  appreciation
of the beauty of some particular piece.
Furthermore, the rearrangement Of furniture helps to develop the quality of
resourcefulness  and  discourages  narrow prejudice.
D.  D. WILSON, Manager.
Girl's Temperature 131.
Kiev,     April     14.   -A     temperature
which amazed doctors and broke the
thermometer is recorded In the case
of a girl who 1-. suffe-'ng with typhus ]
fever.    In the presence of professors MERCHANT  TAILOR.
and   students   her  temperature    was ,    Spring  Suitings  just  arrived.    See
I taken    with    a    special    instrument, i them.    Perfect fit    and workmanship
which  showed  122  degrees.'later  lis-   euaranteed.    Prices    from  $18.00 up.
i ing to 131 degrees.
Very Latest In Negligees.
One of the latest fashions In negligees Is the one Hint Is made with a
deep yoke of lace that extends In ttsfi
old "Mother Bubtmrtl" fashion to lufr
low arm depth. To this the lower paA
of tbe negligee is draped so that the
folds fall In long, graceful festoons.
The sleeves nre In one with the yoke,
which Is lined witb mousselfhe de sole.
701 Front Street.
Rockford, 111., April 14.���While
Thomas Kinnane, deputy warden of
Leavenworth prison, slept In a berth
beneath him, Carl Miller, serving a
ten year sentence for forgery, crawled from his berth and leaped from a
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul
train yesterday and escaped. t PAGE FOUR
Sauces, etc.
add to the enjoyment of a meal.
We have a well assorted stock to
choose from. A few items below:
Sharwood's     Sweet     Mango
Chutney, jar   30c and 50c
St.  Ive!  Chutney, jar    25c
Mango Chutney, jar 25c and 50e
Punch   Sauce,   bottle    25c
H.   P.  Sauce    25c
Yorkshire Relish, bottle. .. 20c
Lea and  I'errin's Sauce, per
bottle    .35c and  65c
Tuckfield's     Sauce,2.   large
bottles 25c
Mbby's Chili Sauce, bottle 35c
Heinr.'s Chili Sauce, bottle . .35c
Snider's Chili Sauce, bottle 35c
0. and B. Mushroom Catsup.
bottle    25c
Royal Pepper Sauce, bottle 25c
Heinz Pepper Sauce, bottle ,25c
Tobascn  Sauce,  bottle    50c
Noel's Capers, 2 bottles ...25c
Parisian Essence for coloring
soups, etc. bottle   25c
lleinz's Mandalay Sauce per
bottle 35c
Model Grocery
80g Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
Local News
Burnaby Board of Trade.
The   Hurnaby   board  of  trade*    will
hold a meeting in the municipal hall
this evening.
broke' from arrest a few days ago j aiel of the sick and needy of the mu-
after having taken part in a streei I ulclpallty, this to be considered as a
scrap, was boaked ten boms as a re-1 donation to the object
minder   that   the  arm  of  the   law
somewhat long and tenacious.
Insure In the Royal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent, Alfred
\Y.  McLeod, the Insurance Man.
Every square in our Immense stock ,
marked down for the Easter trade. |
Denny A Hoss. (3222)
Court of Revision.
A court of revision will sit to hear
objections to the assessment roll on
Thursday morning at 111 o'clock.
If you want your carpets properly
cleaned phone 588. Our big vacuum
machine does ihe work well. Denny
& Hoss. (3222)
Market Receipts.
Market Clerk  D.  K. MacKenzie reports  that  the  total  receipts  for  the
market during March were $208.85.
First Spiritualists Society, New
W'esiminster, will hold their meeting
in the Sterling block. Royal avenue
and Tenth street, Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock. Conductor, Mrs. E.
Clarke.    All are welcome. (32111)
l Gave Entertainment.
The young people of the East Burnaby Methodist church gave an entertainment in tiie church parlors last
nighl, assisted by Vancouver and New1
Westminster talent.
Board of Works Report.
The following report of the boarel
cf works was adopted at the city
council meeting lasl night*: That the
work of repairing the Brunette river
bridge be proceeded wiih Immediately, as a communication has been received from the municipality of Coquitlam stating that it is willing to
bear half the cost of tbe repairs. That
a letter has been received by the
city engineer, stating that the Deisel
oil engine for the pump on Lulu island has arrived. That road oil be
ordered as required for the coming
It was agreed to permit the medical
'. health office, to attend the conference
I of health  at   Victoria.
���The Yeomen of the Guard" Will Be
Staged Here Thursday and
venting   a   disturbance   of   i lie'   peace j < d" sign  was hoisted.    Young claims
are entirely two difference vocations,'1"' �������� married to a  near relative* of
but  the  preventative  system  fell    on  S��*f __* !__ 'I"'10'' F**���*!4 ,U
,.      .     ,, ,, swim tin* Knglish channel. Magistrate
the shoulders ot Alderman annandale I Bdmonds will take a peek at young
and  !��� ne Chief Watson,    the    former | iu po,i(.t. coutt ���lis mornill���.
signally   the   police,   while  the   blaze ] 	
< xtiiiBiiislier corr:;llcd the twain.  Mc* |
Donald presented a battered appear-
Mortgages���Alfred W. McLeod
1 and Personal
Welsh  will not receive
Mrs.  C.  A
on Thursday.
Mrs.   J.   II.   Gray   will   not
ihU afternoon.
Miss .1. F. Scoti. of New Westminster, and Miss A. Scadding. of the
same place, are Stopping at the Em-
pre-s hotel while here' from the mainland.���Victoria Times.
Is Your
To enable a company to do a
trust business it is most essential that Directors and Officers
be chosen who have made a success of business, and who, financially and otherwise, are able
to carry our your instructions.
The Dominion Trust Company
is in an exceptionally good position ln this regard,., .,
Invested  Funds      $13,480,221.65
Other Trusteeships $26,518,000.00
Let us draw you*-/will "Wills
drawn and kept without charge.
F. Mott will sell by public auction
(under instructions from H. .1. Russell) on Thursday next, April IG, on
the premises at the corner of Eighth
avenue and Eighth street, all the
household effects, consisting of two
Malleable ranges, rugs, oak dining
table and chairs, rockers, pictures.
b^s beds, springs nnd mattresses.
kitchen   cabinet,  .crockery,   kitchen
utensils, garden  tools, linoleum, etc.,	
eic.    Sale at 2 p.m. sharp.       (3227) | ' "        "
  arrangements for financing the coun-
For Sick and Needy. cil out of current taxes this year.
In  aid  of the  sick and  needy    in j    The reeve said they required $250,-
Bumaby, the Edmonds Follies are ar- | 000 from the hank to carry tlieni on
(Continued from page ono)
Dominion Trust
Tiie Perpetual Trustee.
ranging for an entertainment to ue
given at the public hall, Edmonds, on
Monday, April 20.
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Davis & Co., Phones
SS0 and  411 L. (3190)
Returns from the 'Peg.
Reeve Marmont, Coquitlam, returned from Winnipeg on Monday
night. The reeve, besides representing his municipality on the Eraser
river delegation before the grain
commission, renewed his old associations with Manitoba where he farmed
for many years and also gained his
first municipal experience.
New Weatmlnater has a history, a
history that Stands prominent in
many countries. Prominent from the
point of variety 'varietie ct cetera."
And when you attend the "Yeomen
of the lluard" at the opera house tomorrow night, you will see und hear
some thing that - already--has made
history in New Westminster. "We
speak that we do know," because we
have heard--we  bave seen.
The writer was at the dress rehear*
jsal last flight and -let the critics bal*
receive   tie, let those whose agreed  with Mr.
I Qutnlan,  when he said  "B.  C.  people
I do   not   appreciate   good   opera."   ro
and   see,  go  and  hear,  and   we   feel
assurred   thai   words  of  praise   from
anyone will be weak to fully express
what  the New   Westminster Operatic
Company has done for this city.
Readers everywhere will be won-
de ring bow she" is going to do, ami
how "he" is going to do because all
tiie* talent and management, are local
people. Everyone does splendidly* -
miff said.
There' sre twenty two pieces for
iin two acts, J. Burton Sterling of
Ne w York has painted this scenery
for the occasion and its genuine depiction will defy the severest critic.
[I was copied from an authorized
guide to the Tower of London as it
was in the sixteenth century. It
shews the bloody tower and gateway
and the Wakefield tower, tlie wall of
the inner court to tower grounds and
tlu* old harbor tower and prison
Each window In these towers Is
beautifully Illuminated and the moonlight effect in the second act Is
magnificent. There nre no less than
180 luelus used in special Illumination
on the stage, and the scenic colorings
are truly exquisite in every shade.
Most of the seats are gone for tomorrow night, and Its no guess to
preelict a crowded house for the second  night alto.
ance when booked at I lie station.
Hoth will make u showing before
Manistrate Kdmonds this morning.
Alfred Henry Young is Ills name.
Handles* and almost toeless to say
nothing of being hose u*ss. BergcaaL
Pentium! lamped him wandcriujl
around various saloons in tin- city
yesterday carrying a fair sized Jan.
Just how he hoisted lhe sundry
schooners with a luck of tackle lu
the way of hands is a puzzle, but
In Charge of Col. Sam.
Lindsay, Ont, April 14. -The 4.'.tli
Regiment-Will this summer go into
camp at i'etawawa instead of 1:'infield. It is understood tlmi Hon Col.
IliiKhes will personally take charge
of this year's camp.
On  $5000   Bail.
Kegina,   April   14.    Max   Krienkle,
general storekeeper of Prussia, Sask.,
was allowed out on $5000 ball pending his hearing on the charge of ob-
howed unmlstakeable signs of   tabling credit from a local wholesale
intoxication   when  the   "patrol   want-1 firms under false pretences.
phone tlle   order.   Superior   Sash   &
Door Co.    Phone 503. (3101)
until   siioh   time   as   the   taxes
Councillor Macdonald moved that
the matter lie over until the finance
committee brings in a report as to
what could be done In the way of financing the council. The motion was
The North  Arm  Harbor.
Robert Abernethy, chairman of the
Noeth Arm harbor commission, made
a request to the council for a grant
of $7000 towards the preliminary ex-
pttises of drawing up plans and estimates necessary for the commencement of the harbor board  work.    He |
outlined the scheme and gave a glow-' CHAMPION  WRESTLER AND
ing account    of    the benefits  which 1       HANDLESS WONDER IN COURT
would follow the harbor in return fo.-1 ���-���-
their small investment.   They expet\      "Yes,  sir.  I     was    the    champion
ed to make valuable industrial sites | wrestler   of   Cumberland,    England,
plans and submit them to Ottawa with-   lb-it"   \e:i-      I.**    r. ui.iii*.     i-o ��������� ���!    *o
The Safe and
Sane Investment.
7% Interest is
more than your
Bank is paying
Sales  Agents
Kellington & Hendry
Bank   of   Vancouver   Block.
The Reason
we can guarantee our White
Rock property
is because we
are spending all
our surplus earning on improvements and added
attractions for
this great natural pleasure resort.
Wood! Wood! Wood! To Burn.      I
The best wood in tiie city delivered j
at your house 55 minutes after you | bm Uu>y cou,(, nt)t K0 allpau with Vm,[t j an(i  ,  wam  you  guya l0 get IW
that,"  was    the    remark    pn*-*-.''!
out pecuniary subsidies from the municipalities    interested   in   the  river.
The   Dominion   government   was  pre
Serpeant i'entleiiiel. Turnkey l'itteli-
dt-ig.li and Constable F.d. Johnson in
the  police station  yesti rday  by  Bob
Vandal or Vandals.
Some vandal or vandals have been
busy in Queens    park.    In fact    tha*
they have been altogether loo    industrious, but If cau?ht Will be given an I the  Ninth  Arm of the Kraser should j b. rland   was   the  coal   mining  centre
opportunity    to direct    their   energy \ not be lined with industries within tbe | on Vancouver island.   Campbell, who
pared to back their debentures. What I Campbell.    Hob laid Bpeclal emphasis
they  wanted  in  this  country   was  In-Ion the word England for fear the off l-
idustries and there was no reason why I cers   mighty make   out   that   bis  Cum
along oilier lines. Alderman Jardine
reported at the- city council meeting
last night that tin* men effecting the
improvements In the park, frequently
f iiind their work undone when they
resumed duty In the morning. Tha
polic.'  will aiteiiel  to tliis case.
from the grant they might make.
Eburne Conference.
The clerk read an invitation in con
11 nectlon with  Mr.  Abernethy's appeal.
I to the council to attend a meeting of
��� the Fraser rive'r municipalities affect-
Eat at thp Royal cafe. Dominion ed by tli" scheme to he held in tin-
Trust building. Good cooking: gone! | board of trade rooms, Eburne on Fri
service. ("189) | day evening.   The invitation was sign
ed by Reeve Churchill, I'olnt Grey.
next tin years.    No liability whatever]  s   said   to   have  been   released   from
would attaeeh to the municipality apart   the  provincial  jail    on   Monday,    got
into an argument with a steel worker
named Sandy McDonald in a bar yes-
U rday, the    pair    adjourning    to the
,-reet to stttle the argulnent  in  the
rough-and-tumble  fashion.
Inspecting Chinese shacks and pre-
Police Court Wails.
Eei. Morris, who blew into town Sit
u rei a
his vest that he couldn't tell the difference between his own trousers and
thos > of other people', wns sent to jail
It was agreed  to defer the matter
until after the Eburne conference and
ami i;oi so much booze b"iiind | the   whole  council   was   appointed   a
delegation to this meeting.
Would   Be  Costly.
A request by Central ratepayi rs ot
for  three  months yesterday by    the Burnaby to be supplied with a copy
police magistrate for the* theft of the of the minutes of each council meet
nether  garments   from   a   local  store ing was received and filed.   To accede
Tony   Hruzzi.  who celebrated   Easter to it meant an augmentation of the
by shooting at the clouds with a gun, clerical staff and the council did in*;
i*a*i( $10 and costs, besides losing his : see that was justified.
nat. while a misguided    youth,    who      It was agreed to Kraut the use of
__________     _____ the public hall free for a concert in
Hlock   wood  pe*.-  loael    $330
Good   bark  slabs,  load    $2.50
Factory  wood  and    dry    cedar,
per   load       $2*50
And  now   is  the  time  to  get  it   in
and have  it dry,
Office Phone 74 Hcuse 424.,
Just cleared from the customs, a huge consignment of canvas
shoes and slippers - theright thing for May Day. Just what you
want for summer.    Low   prices.    Kool and (Comfortable,
Barefoot Sandals,  sizes to 2s AC
Misses      SjOC
Ladies' $1.50  Rubber Heeled,  1   strap  f**m
Slippers     90C
Kiddies'  $2.00 Tan  Lace Bluchers, sizes '_t_   OC
to  10s        91 ��-��0
Youths' and Misses' School Boots, sizes G 4    At_
11, 12, and Ei   $ I .40
Boys'  strong school  boots,  sizes G4   m,f���\
ls to 5s  9 I ��� ' 9
I.idies'   Dress   Boots. G*   Q|"
Per  pair    9 I 1*99
Gents'   Dress   Boots. G>4   QC
Per pair    9li93
641   Front Street.
The Home of Low Prices. Out of the High Rent District.
Per Cent on
New Westminster
G06  Columbia   Street.
:   S. KEITH, Marafler.
UlHE BEAVER INTERURBAN new advertisements
12'e  Water St., Vancouver.  B.C.
have started an auto freight service
between Vancouver and New West
minster and way points, a reliable
service guaranteed. Charges reason*
able,    Die e* us a trial.
Phcnc3:   Seymcur  1843 and  6651.
\K*A      MODERN     G-Rl ' I MED   BUN : *..
low ;     full     cement   basenr nt,   -
t'leeu!. furnace, firnplac *, pane lied
. tc.    Inside ������nt ranc    to bnseme nl   **    r
I lib  stree I   cm*;   t'J!    M I
une .   $20 i"*e  iiiiii: Ii.
FIVE   it" 11IMEI'   "J" ITTAOE   N'K ��� It
itve nuie nnd Srd trrrvi ���     Lol *.* \ I
I .nn'       Kin.   lawn,   r irrte 11.   fruii   1
��� 1 ���     ' Huso ne     Pi 1      I ;  .-  on
:     bul ������ *     *    ���
\NI iV   NEW   Ml iHERN   I  il'
'ii'*.'*.   full   <��� en. * 1    b;i	
All   modi rn   <   ������. .'"tile ac
Oth   -ii. .1   car;    tlSOO,   ?:::..
:   in .mill'.
To Overlook These Money Saving Prices.
We Certainly Sell the Rugs.
Delicious Oranges. 20 for 25c;  larger
sizes per dozen ... &c 35c. and 50c
Tangerine Oranges, per dozen .. 15:
Large Grape Fruit, 3 for   25c
Large  ar.d  Juicy   Lemons,  dozen  25c
Our Specal \.r,e of Chocolates,
Creams znd Caramels, fresh
everv   week. _\ta\a*a
Per'lb _-OC
wouldn't it i "��� uie for a little snack
Assorted Sandwiches, Toast and Tea,
rn i i.i iv i.i it
��� d     i 'I..'." in "th
A  snni   ul $Hi('ii
11   .111.1 1
Phone 398
NEW M'M'KKN :. ROI lYIKIl 111-
I* * to ,-i'nl <���*:�� ap t" I-. HOonafbU' *
All 0 cleared Ai-i ..' land close to
.' nd  11' .ir e*.ir. tee rent,
���iv    ROOME1
modem In e*
Residence:  Room IIS McLeod Block.
Phone 489 L.
;K.    AnSOLUTl
v.M-y respect ; furnace,
Near Qmion'a park ;  $::
h, balance e*;esy.
Open Saturday Eveninos.
Phcne 6. 451  Columbia  St.
Canned Corn, per tin   10c
fanned   pe.n*..  per tin    10c
fanned Pineapple, 1 lb. tins. 3 for 25:
Canned Pineapple 11/2 Ib tins, 2 for 25c
Ii. ('. .Milk, per tin   10c
Dean's Grocery
"���urr  Block
Phone 369.
**jlnmh'a   Strnnt.
Read - [he - News
Materials are  the  best obtainable;   in all .sizes.    Cut to any length.
1'iices very  moderate.
MULTIPED   RUBBER   HOSE��� v.  Inch at 18c. ft;   \   inch at 20c. ft.
"SUN"   RUBBER  HOSE���U  in cil at 13c. ft.;   %  inch at 15c. ft.
COTTON   HOSE��� ft   inch at  15c. ft.;  % inch nt 17c. ft.
Prices.  Trowels,  each      5c
Weeding   Porks    15c and 20c
Hand Trowels anil Forks  25c
New Westminster.       Pbone 69.
8-plcce Mahogany Parlor Suite.
A  snap   	
Quartered Oak Dining Room Suit"*, fumed
Tn:.:*. ;>;*;  Leather   Padded    Chairs
A nice clasBy Bulte.
Remnants or inlaid  Linoleum at,
per  si|iiure  yard   	
Haby ('ribs, with Kelt Mattress,
Fumed Oult Leather Couch
Oak Davenport, a couch by day. a
bed  by  night.    Special   	
Fumed Quartered Oak Library Set,
three  pieces.    Special   	
Eaby BuggiOB, 6 only, values to $10.00.     QC ^C
Special     tfpmta ��� <*0
Iron Red with Spring Mattress
$6",.00 Davenport, Leather, Quartered Oak frame.    A
high grade one ..$52.50
Brass Bed with Spring and All
Felt  Mattress complete	
Bed Room Furnished with Bed. Bug, Spring and
Mattress, Pillows, Sheets, Hlankets, Spread, Comforter, Window Shade, Curtains, Dresser and Two
Chairs, complete
and     Buffel.
���v.'.i feel; regular |8.7l
7.8x9 feel
9x9 feet;
regular $8.60,
regulai   $11.26,
regular $16.00, $11.50
for   ....
8x10.6 teet;  regulai  $33.1
9x1'; reet; regulai  $26.00
regular $13.60,
G.Ox'J feet
9x9 feet; regular $21.76,
9x10.6  feet:   ri'gular  $22.60,
8x12   feet;   regular  $26.00,
0.9x9  feet;   regular $22.60,
9x9 feet;  regular fill).00,
8x12   feet;   regular  $45.00,
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 588 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1914.
page rtvt
LACROSSE                   GOLF                      BOXING
BASEBALL                                          CRICKET
at the Beach this sum-
home, playin
Both   Harry  Pickering and   Mickey
Ions,  who  played  for t le Tecumsehs
before they went to Vancouver, bare
a longing for their first love, the In-
i dlans ami if Manager Querrie can net
; tin m back the Indians will be greatly
! sLcnglhened.
Billy Fitzgerald when he played with I cenilel |<runt tb
the Torontos two years ago. was ac-
j knowledged the best home player in
I tiie Big l"our. but. according to Billy.
I Cliff Spring is the greatest player in
j the game.   "I am pretty fair myself,"
said   Billy to one  of  t'.'e Toronto officials, "but I take off my hat to Cliff
American, National, Federal and Northwestern Leagues
Get Under Way���Mixed Weather���Pennant Leaders
All Licked���Home Clubs Fared Well
Tillicums'  Game. <
Seattle,  April  14.    Seattle celebrat-,
ed the opening eif the 1S14 season to*
day  by  defeating  Portland  2-1.    Al
though * driszllng ra'n fell throughout the same,  making Ibe  field  slippery, botb  teams played snappy ball. |
The locals won Ilie game In the first!
two innings  when  liiey  bundled  two
baggers on  Stanley.
Score ll.    H.    E,
J'orUand      1     7      1
Seattle        2      S      1
Batteries: Stanley and Murray;
Schneider and Caiman,
Heavy Scoring.
Tacoma, April 14. in a game played
in a steady downpour oi rain, Kaufman outgiimod Claris nnel Tacoma won
the opening game of tiie season here
S*7. Both clubs rallied in the ninth,
making three runs each.
Score It
Tacoma      S
Vancouver    7
Batteries:   Kaufman     and
Clark und Cheek.
game of the season after playing for
two hours and eight minutes in a
drizzling ruin. The rain, which began
shortly after the time fur the starting
of the game, not only kept down the
attendance, but caused Cheney to lose
et.*n trol.
Walter Johnson Again.
Boston, April 14. Waller Johnson
pitched shut out ball tor Washington
today and the Senators won the opening game of the season from Boston,
3-0. A big crowd enjoyed the contest
with weather conditions almost per-
Chester and Austin roads would be
}Xl.uii or IM00. l-ipes would cost
$-900 a mil"'. It would nut b�� pos-
Slble tei supply the goll bouse by gra
vitation pumping would Le necessary, lie would, however, like to go
into the mattter more care fully before making a definite statement.
Councillor Kau Vel doubted  if tiny
use of their engineer
and dissented  frcm tlu- rerolution  instructing  Mr.   Macpherson  to  report
00 the Coquitlam proposition.
II. I. Ceperly. Burnaby Lake, made
a strong protest against being charged for water at the same rate as commercial enterprisf-s. His greenhouses
were not a money making concern but
of his retirement and play with the
Blue Shirts, thus giving them one of
the g realist homes a team ever had.
Perhaps with the coming of Cliff for the beautifying of Burnaby homes
Spring, Billy H'itzgerald will come out \ by propagating flowers.
Tin* matter was left to tlle chairman
of the committee and the engineer to
A number of applications for water
were received and remitted to the engineer for report.
The regulations empowering the
cu:*.ng of the water supply to those'
in  arrears  will  be  enforced.
Confirms Toronto Report.
Vancouver. April 14. ���Cliff Spring,
home fielder of the New Westminster
world's champions, was in the city
yesterday and announced that he had
forwarded the signed contracts of him-
scir and Len Turnbull, the clever outside home ot the Minto cup holders,
to the Toronto club, where they will
play this coming summer. Turnbull
will leave next Sunday while Spring
and his wife go east later in the'
month. Tom Bennle Is being sought
by the Toronto club and lie may also
go east this season.
Mitchell, an English Amateur, Knocked Out by Carpentier���Lasted 1
Minute and 35 Seconds.
Some Battle at Detroit.
Detroit,   April   14.    ll   took   13
ningS   for   the   Tigc*:s   to   defeat
Louis in the opening game, splendid
twirling, coupled with five errors, al-1 North
lowing Ilie visitors to put up a game j night
I'aris,   April   14- (Ieorge   .Mitchell,
the amateur heavyweight champion of
England,  was  knocked  out  to-
'by     tho     French     champion,
Seattle, April 14,���Charles swartz.
aged 58, of Snohomish, the passenger
who was wounded last night when
Clarence Trew and William Sears attempted to hold up a Tacoma bound
Interurban train at Rlverton, south
of Seattle, died today. Trew, who was
beateui into Insensibility with a sand
drill wielded by one of the passengers, died in a hospital tonight. Swartz
was shot in the left lung when Sears'
pistol was discharged during the fighl
on tlu- cur when passengers overpowered and severely beat the two robber:
'lhe prosecuting attorney announced tonight tbat he would file an information tomorrow charging Se-ars with
murder in the first degree. Trew.
wlio was beaten over the head with
a sand drill, was the most seriously
Inured of the bandits. Sears will re
8-roomed Modern House, 616 Hamilton Street. Rent,
$30.00 per month.
2 7-room Modern Houses, 1214 and 1216 Hamilton
Street.  Rent $20.00 per month.
5-roomed Cottage, Modern, 207 Clinton Place.  Rent
$20.00 per month.
5-roomed and den Bungalow, modern, 726 2nd  St.
Rent $20.00 per month.
All the above specially recommended. Call in
and see our listings. Modern Suites and Offices for
rent.  All rents reasonable. Apply Rent Department.
Down Athletics.
N' v. Vork. April 14. New* York's
��� major league baseball season was
��� I opened auspiciously today. Prank
Great Spokane Crowd. j Chance's men defeated the Athletics
Spokane. April 14. The Spokane I H-. It Is the first time in years that
Indians before a record breaking]the local American league team has
crowd defeated the Victoria Bees in won their opening game. The game
Ihe rirst game of the 1!I14 season here \ was New York's al! the way.
today  by  a score of 111.    The crowd | 	
was so  dense that ground rules  prevailed.
Score                                     It.    II.    E.
Victoria    1      0      4
Spokane     3     6     1
Batteries:   Driscoll   ami Brottea;
McOyrry and  Shea.
Giants Lose Opener.
"Philadelphia, April 14���Two home
runs by Capt. Wages gave Philadelphia j
a ten to one victory over New York
In the opening game of the National
league today ln four trips to the
-plate, Magee got a base on balls, two
home runs aud a single, hi8 hits driving  In  six  runs.
Seventh Inning Rally.
Chicago, April  14.    A baiting rally
in   the  seventh   inning  turned   defeat I
hito victory tar the Chicago Americans
In tfhe opening game of the season to-1
day, Cleveland losing a thrilling con- j
test "6-2,   A two base hit by Tom Daly, i
a recruit, sent in to bat for Schrelber. :
drove Bodie across the plate with the j
winning run.
Georges Carpentier, In the first round
after one minute and 3f, seconds of
fighting, At that he managed to last
22 seconds longer against the frenchman than did Bombardier Wells *n
Ills bout with Carpentier at the National Sporting club in London a few-
months ago.
In the single round of the fight Carpentier knocked the Knglishman down
five t'tnes.    Pour times he
to get on his feet after the count of
But oil'the fifth knockdown the referee counted only as far as six and
then said: "Gentlemen, the fight is
over;  this man has had enough."
British System Hives Every Chance
to the Accused Person.
A strange fascination exlBts for the
public in the personality of criminals, as Is shown by the numerous
plays and countless cinematograph
managed Plot8 around the exploits of some
famous "dramatic" detective or
"crook." The powers possessed by
some of the detectives of literature
and tbe drama are very amusing
���when compared with the work of the
real   detective   who   specializes   in
Dodgers Beat Boston.
Brooklyn,   April   14.- The   National
league season was opened here loday
with a hurrah, Governor John K. Tener of Pennsylvania, president of the
orjoiiiizntioii. tin-owing the first bull.
The contending teams raieieil an Am
erlcan flag, a bund played and Brook
lyn beat  Boston *>-''.
Seaton Wins His.
PlttsbUrg, April 14. -Ideal weather
brought out ii big crowd today to witness the opmlng of the Federal
league se-ason here. Brooklyn defeated Pittsburg in a ten inning game, the
game being a pltohere' baltle.
Score��� It.
Brooklyn        1
Pittsburg      0
Batteries!  Se a ton and Owens
sar mul  Herrv.
H.    K.
5      1
4       1
Mitchell entered the contest, he said crime. The private inquiry agent has
in  advance,  with  no  *dea  of beeiting  no more  standing ln the matter of
Carpentier* he was merely curious to crime than an ordinary cltlien.
see how long lie could last. j     The system for the recognition of a
  suspect by persons who allege  they
are able to identify him is a model
UAfclV FFATIIDFC of fairness in Great Britain, although
IflrMll   llAlUnLj in maBy other countrl"s tb<> Prison
er's chance is tampered with by cor-
FftP   MAY   llAVi     In the first place, the detective of-
I Ull   If In I    l/HI   eficer ie charge of the particular case,
1 thongh present, takes no part in tbe
 ��� proceedings connected with the identification,   which  ls  carried  out  en
is one of the chief reasons why young ,
people stay contentedly there Instead |
of  seeking   their  amusements    else-
where. ,, ���
Let us furnish the piano that will 1
make    your   home   attractive.    The |
I DOMINiON PIANOS are here for your ij
419 Columbia  St.,  New  Westminster. \_
Trades Figured.
St.   Ixruis.  April  14.     Players traded
to  St.   Louis   during   the   winter   by
Pittslrarg, played a prominent part in I
the defeat ol  the latter in t'ne open    ,,,,,,
ing g.tini- of Che season today, 2*1. lt ' jujjj,
was   "Chii'f"   Wilson's   single,   in   the'*
ninth,   al'tr   two   were*  out.   that  sent i     At
At Brooklyn
Batteries:    Taylor,   Crutch,   Howdy
Whaling;   lleuibach,  Pfel'fer
1  IIUCKUOB,      WUICU     IB     vai i icu     vw��     �����--��
Children -Will Practice Folk Dmcea��� \ Urely  ���*by the   un|form  inspector -or
j other officer in charge of the police-
station at the time.  The various wit-
, nesses   are   never   permitted   to   see
Atit�� Parade���Committees
APRIL   16  AND   17.
Gilbert and Sullivan's
c^omc Opera
The Yeomen of
the Guard
In Aid of Local Hospitals..
Produced   by   the   Westminster
Operatic Club.
Chorus of Fifty Voices and Full
All Local Talent.
Seat Sale opens at Hill's
Drug Store
Thursday, April 9th.
Tickets    SOc. to $1.50.
Report*<of committees ~ens ihe* tva-
ture of tlle May Day committee' meeting in  tbe  biiard  of trade  room   last
���>   night.      All    committees   wen.   repre-
j sented and tin* reports   showed    that
md I arrangements are  rapidly  being  com
| pleted for the big evenl.
for the
home   with
the'   winning   run
R.    II.    B,
Herzog Right There.
Cincinnati,   April  14.    Chicago  was
defeated   10-1   today  in  the opening
ASK       WRITE      CABLE
Building   Ccntracts   Arranged.
Easy  Terms.
Close iin property  $8G'3 to $2003
r.iM   Local   Improvements..?20C,ooo
Lots  50x122.
$15000 $250.00 $350.00
Cleared, graded, sidewalks, water.
Three blocks from new school; 0
blocks from Beach.   Exclusive sale.
White   Rock   Resort  Development
Co.,   Ltd.
619   Hastings   St.,   West,   Vancouver.
Terms: $50 Down, Bal. $10
per month.
Prizes, 3 lots. 2 houses. $5250.
Guarantee rfe^drehase at advance
nf **0 per cent.
Chicago       1 1      1
Cincinnati    in ii     0
Batteries:  Cheney,   Koestenn und
Archer;  Benton and Clark.
K.   H.
At St. Louis���
PltWburg   l
St  Louis     2
Batteries: Adams and Gibson
<���:   and  Wingo.
5 1
8 3
Ai Philadelphia - n.   H.   E,
Ne.\v   York       1      7      0
Philadelphia    10   U     2
Batteries:   Marquard, Fromme and
Meyers;   Alexander  and   Kiliiler.
Al   Ni'w   York' R.    II.    lv
Philadelphia   -     8     -
New   York       8    V2      2
Batteries:    Hush.    Boardman    and
Schnng, Lapp;   Mi'llale and Sweeney,
At  Detroit R.   H.   EEB. j
St.   Louis      2      8      il I
Detroit     3     8    ii j
Batteries: Weilraan, James and Ag-;
new;  Crcetfin,  Dubiic and Stallage.
A   Sensational   Essanay   Drama
in Two Parts.
The Other Girl
Edison Photoplay
At   Chicago
Cleveland      2
Chicago     5
Batteries:    Mitchell, Blandlng
O'Neill;   Scott and Sc.halk
Robert "Wintemute wax appointed
chairman of the grounds committee,
Mr. Calne being unable to take
charge  :il  the  work.
Tlu  parade    committee    -will
several new features this fear,
I order to give   automobiles   a   better
: opportunity  of climbing the  hill,  tiie
; bands  and   boy   scouts   will   take    a
I short   cut  to   Royal  avenue
I ihe Crescent.
Distribute Candies.
The usual distribution of randies to
: the   children   will   Include   chocolate
I bars and oranges, as last, year.
I     The hayseed  band  will  a*t*ain  be  a
feature of the (lay.
The  sports  committee  has  a   fine
1 program  in  preparation.
The May Queen committee "*-iTI AB-
* port the name of the, new May Queen
at the meeting next Tuesday evening.
A request thai the committee sanction the publication of a May Pay
program, the cost to be covered by
advertising, was not granted.
Folk Daeices.
The folk dances whicli proved a
popular feature of las; May Hay are
well under way and practices will V
held regularly as soon as the schools
lt is requested that some one will
be generous enough to give n banner
for competition by the various schools
in the folk dances.
the prisoner before he is placed with
others for the purpose of identification, nor are they shown photographs
or assisted by verbal or WTitten description of him. Before the witnesses are brought into the suspect's
presence tbe latter is placed among
a number of persons���eight or more
���care being taken that they are, as
rar as possible, of similar age, height,
general appearance, and class of life
as the prisoner.
The   accused    is    asked    to  stand
where be pleases, not being allotted
any special position.    He is also asked if he has objection to any or the
hiive , persons or arrangements made.   The
nd jn | usual    response    is   a    laconic    "All
right, guv'nor," but should he desire
his solicitor or friend  in attendance
no  objection  is made.
.;,,,,,,..;,        Now  the witnesses are introduced
' one by one and each is asked to touch
! the person they identify.    On leaving
tbey are not allowed to communicate
with  other  witnesses who are   >.ait-
ing. whilst the accused is pe.rn.itted
to change his position, if he desires,
after each witness has let'
Every circumstance connected with
the Identification is written down by
the officer who carries it out, whether the aocused be identified or not,
and care is taken that when a witness tails to identify the suspect, the
fact is recorded as carefully as when
he is identified. Any statement made
by the accused is recorded and read
over to the detective in charge of the
case in the suspect's presence, the latter being invite! to sign the statement.
I     The Incomparable
At  Boston-
Washington . .	
Batteries:   Johnson   and   Ainsmilh;
Collins, Kelly and Carrigan.
Decrease In l-'ur Trade.
Tbe lur trade in the tar north Is
still on very much the same basis as
when   Cartler   and   Champlain   first
traded beads and knickknacks   with
H. E,  Leash was appointed official  the  womjertng chiefs at Quebec.   A
Cliff Spring,   Len Turnbull,   Marshall
and T. Rennie Planning to Jump ���
*   ���Fitzgerald   Mentioned.
Toronto. April 14.���The Toronto lacrosse club did not win the championship of the Big Four last year, but
they kiok like the team to beat this
season. The officers have been busy
the past month negotiating for western plnyers, and Cliff Spring, the
crack New Westminster home player,
accepted   terms   by   the   Torontos.
The signing of Spring means that
other western players will be found
playing In the Hig Four this year.
Toronto, in addition to securing Cliff
Spring, bnve signed up Davy Gibbons.
who played goal for them two years
ago. "Buck" Marshall, the big defence player, Is also anxious to play
With the Blue Shirts again, and It
would not be surprising to sen Len
Turnbull of the   New    Westmlneter
Moving Pictures.
Mr. Erringtoll, of Vancouver, ad-
dressed the committee offering to
make moving pictures of the celebration nnd industrial scenes In the city.
The committee, however, could not
see Its way clear lo appropriate any
money for this purpose and Mr. Kr-
rington will be informed that while]
every facility will be given his company should they desire to take mov-1
ing pictures  for  exhibition   purposes. j decreage ,_ the gupply    ,
It  will not  be possible to give  "''-1" | lwenty yearB the world's c
million and a half dollars' worth cr
merchandise goes north rrom Edmonton every spring to be exchanged ror
the two and a hair millions or fur
that come back in midsummer and
autumn. So far as the fur trade in
Canada is concerned, the traders
claim that there is no perceptible
falling off as yet; that, in fact, more
fur is being brought to market each
year. But in Russia, Germany, Japan and Australia there is a general
ln the past
twenty years the world's catch of the
twelve most important furs has fallen
off rrom Use per cent, to seven hun-
', r7naan\xia I dred per cent., while the demand tor
COQUITLAM  BORROWS j the more expensive varieties has mul-
ENG1NEER  FROM   EURNABY ! tlplied enormously.   The ceaseless effort to satisfy this demand can have
but one end, aod it is only logical to
them  expect that even the great game preserves   of   the  Canadian   North   and
fur. i Alaska wlll iu time be bunted bare.
Many   Unemployed.
Hamilton. Ont.. April 14���Thnt con
dit'ens have not Improved much hen
with   tbe   advent  of  spring  was  evi
dent   this  morning   when   500   unemployed men stormed the city hall and
asked for work.
nnv  financial assistance for the  pur
A deputation from the Coquitlam
council ltiHt night requestcd the Bur
naby water committee to lend
their engineer. Mr. Macpherson, to report on how far water could be fur*,
nished from the Burnaby main on the
North road up the Austin and Rochester roads.
Councillors Oxtoby, Baker and
Whiting addressed the Burnaby councillors and it appeared the chief doubt
was as to tbe ability to supply the
golf club on Austin road. 'Ilie latter
was some Hi! feet higher than the
Mr. Macpherson, speaking approximately, said the whole cost of supplying water to the residents on Ro-
Toronto, April 14. Les McGilvrav
was sentenced to two years in the
penitentiary for administering knock
out drops to Jim Gosling, for the purpose of robbery.
Tomorrow Night
and Thursday Matinee
"The Girl
from out
PHONE 1068
Prices: 15c 25c 35c
Matinee: 15c 25c
Children, 5c, 10c
WatchThis 1
It wil) be occupied daily by the
of the
Western Supply
Photo  Supplies
Too Late to Classify
Quite a Bunch.
Iteieimi,  Sask..    April    14.���Robert
Morse was today committed to stand
trial   at   the  next   sitting  of  the  su*
prcme court on charges of obtaining
money  under false pretences and ut
taring and  forging  notes and oollat-'
eral securities in no fewer than three I
iudicial distric's.    Regina, Areola nnd
Estevan are the places named in the
Survey Townships.
Ottawa. April 14.-Upwards of 80
surveying parties have been sent out
this season by the department of the
interior tor the purpose of laying out
new townships iu the northern portion of the prairie provinces. They
will go as far north as Fort McMur*
thoroughly modern rented buiiipLloir
sitimte* one anel ei liellf blocks off Kiiww-
wuv (car line*) iiU't four telocks fn��m
Cedar GottagBi nortgEtge only encumbrance.     Will !mU�� IVer leet ,'inel pay i.-.ns-ta
for any dlffarence.    What have you u.
Cleise' In ilcmhle' ewne'r :et Cedar <"<��������
teiK'* for bungalow.   What have you t<��
reoicll ill ie K;ie,*j*tfie.'t>'. H;ih good ll'MI****.
Kooel water, good i*tiie*ke.*n runs, etc.:
five' acres in all. Situate only two mil.*.-
from clly. Ky*.* Drica nnel terms call os-
leliont*. ���     HuU   ��� '
FOR RENT-t��i:0..,PER MONTH���713
Till iive'-iie.'; ii'ero6ii��K, thoroughly inixi-
ern; lint ��� lot.
tU*e'.      Six    reioms,    thoroughly    Uiode-rtl.
new and every |a.j,t. convenience. Full
size lot. Biirnge nnd leine at rear, sito-
ate Dublin strt*e*t, close to nth. Owner
leaving city and wants offer, tnireatt-
gUte this bargain nt once.
Eastman and Co.
Phono  312.
201   Westminster  Trust   Bulldbvs. PAGE  SIX
Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
E. Larden, Highland i'ark; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
beis    power, auto in lirst class con*
d.tion     Apply Hox 2231 The News.
Mits   Wright   Chosen
British  Columbia
for  Another
President     of
��� RATES *
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
���day: 4c per word per we*ek; 15c per
month; 6000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,, J25.00.
lie.   room bouse, pannel setting and'
denlng  room,    full    plumbing    and.
b s. iii.'iit. tlrcplace, buffet,    davenport,    dining     table     and     chairs,
ktclun    cabinet, range,    electrical
light    All worth  $3200,    but    wil;
gi ll  for  (2500,  |100 down,  125 per
month inclining interest    at 6 per
c,nt.    Mrs. M. Wolf son.    Fifteenth
avenue and Sixth sireet, East  Burnaby. Please call after 6 p.m.. evenings or Sunday. (8232)
class farm of XO acres on B. C. E
K.. capable of pasturing 4n bead of
cows. 115 tons of hay in barn. Fine
lish  i�� rambulator.
p   ii.  l!u\   7m
buildings piped  with water.
Win.   McDonald,  Miirrayville
,  IV C.
housework.   Call
at 309 Pine Btreet,
eral housework. Musi be willing t)
help with children. Apply 538
Eighth street (3288)
at   Maple*  Beach     I'ark.     Boundary
Bay.    Apply Box !i99 News office.
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
Front St. Phone 213. Cash paid for
all kinds of junk, bottles, sacks, barrels, cast iron, old rugs, old rubber
boots and shoes. (3196)
erty through an ad
in this column
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN. J1.W1 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oue guaranteed  Mar
ture in large or small quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted, ll. J. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia sireet. Phone
881. ,:;lS4> ;
ket  square,
ture. or stocks In trade, In large or
email quantities. hlghOBt price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
���See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. 548 Columbia sireet.
New Westminster. (31S3)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
��ncv 33C Hastings street west. Van
couver. (3185)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
beeeiglit fur cash P. B, Browu, 17
Begbie Btreet, New Westminster.
furnished housekeektng renins, 31
Agnes street.   Telephone 638 L.
722 Seventh avenue. Apply "2*
Seventh  avenue*. (3229,
keeping   and   bedroom.3.
George street.
to rent try an ad. ln this column.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
i0:00 a.m Dally
00   p.m Daily
45  p.m Dailj
Tine I
4  ..f   South-
'ownsblp  16,
colored   roil j
861,   in   the
Teert   4. Ill   iic-cs  nf
west Quarter Section
Map   895,  as  shewn
on   sketch  deposited 'No.  861,
Tixtrirt   eef   New   WeBtmlnster.
Whereas proof of the leips "f Cei
of   Title   NUmber   2fl*49F,   issue*el
ti.ti'ie*   of   Alexander Johnston,   hei
filed In this office*.
Notice Is hereby gi\*e*n that I shall,
the expiration of one* month from
���teiie of tin* first publication hereof, li
dally newspaper published In the City of
New* Westminster, issue ;e duplicate of the
i*;iid Certificate, unless in the* meantime
valid objection he made to me* In writing.
District Resrlstrar.
I-eind Registry Offiee, New* Westminster,
*B C . nisi March,  LHL i 317" i
420    St. I   2
(3182) | 11
^J    -��� f Fr?m Vancouver for Seattle.
ifl.00 a.m    Daily
11:00 V>.m Daily
Steamer  leaves at  11:45  p.m.  on
From  Vancouver for Nanaimo.
\00   pm Dally
Nanaimo, Union Day and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday aud Friday
Vancouver,  Union Bay, Powell  River.
11:45 a.m Every other Saturday
at I      Par Prince Rupert and Alaska.
the; 11:00 p.m Feb. 14 and
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
tl:u0 p.m Wednesday*!
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00  a.m.  Tuesdays  and  Fridays  for
Victoria, calling at points  in  the
Gulf Islands.
and Miss'
L.R.A.M.,  Alt CM.
LeBsons in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
' log, Voice Production, Theory tit
class or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for ibe examlna
tlonB of the Associated Hoard of thf
Royal Academy uf Music and Royal
Cnllege of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc.. apply 51 HiifTerli
Street.    Phone 412 R.
UD   QOULET,   -sent.
4    W   BRODIB. O   P
New Weatmlnater
A.. Vancouver
Three transcontinental trains
with  through tourist,    standard
d'ning cars.
Toronto Express leaves ai  7:50
i Imperial  Limited  leaves ai   S;ln
St. I'mhI Express leaves at 1:21
For rates and reservations apply
Or 11. W  BRODIB, (1. P. A . Vancouver
*-'K \l.l*-.l*  TENDERS    iddre
iii*|. ?   ;..ne J   nnel   endorsee!       I'i   el
I irlll   Hall,   KumloopH,   U. C      wlll
. Hi. e!    it   the*   offiee  until   I  nn   I
Triune Iky,  M.e\   7,   1914,  foi   tin   ee
li"il   ol   Hi.     .1 II llnK
Plain?, spe. iii.* ition and ten i    of i
can be   Keen anel forma ol  i< pile i  <
n  Ihe offle i  Mi   \\ m   He ndersui
e.i. ne  Archlttct. Victoria,  I*.   I'.,  on
��� *. on ni   to  the  Cari'takei   nl   I'ublle
intj   Kamloops,  B   C, nnd   it lhl    I
m* n
Persons   tendering   an
i��� rn|. rt w ill nol be c inaldei
��.ii tl"   |.i*inie*el forma auppi
with their actual aignature
occupations,   ;m<l   fl
Victoria. April 11. The lirst annual
convention of I lit' liriiisli Columbia
Graduate Nurses' association came to
an end this afternoon, Vancouver being selected as ihe next convention
meeting place.
Of      the     officers      elected.      Miss
Wright,    of    New  Westminster,    was
prevailed upon  again to act as president.   Miss Randal, superintendent of
the Vancouver general hospital, was
elected      vice-pn aid ent,      and     Miss|
Breeze,  also  of   Vancouver,  is  to  be j
secretary-treasurer.     The   executive
re mains'tin' same*, with the exception'
of Miss Hull, who Is leaving for    the |
oast.    Miss Trevi   was elected in    her;
Yesterday's BeaslOU wai opened by
Very Kev. Dean Doull, who offered
prayers for the hospital, for those engaged in the. noble, work of nursing
the sick ami for the ��ui'i< of the convention.
Miss Wright, president of the aaao
elation, was in tiie chair, and in mak
ing her annual report, spoke of tbe
work done and the progress made by
the nursing profession In the matter
of the proposed registration bill whicli
bad been before tiie* legislature. A
letter on ibis Important subject was;
read to the meeting for Miss Ken-'
neely. who had worked on the bill in
Ontario. In the letter Bhe emphasized
the necessity for state registration in
classes, providing for both the fully
qualified graduate nurse and the
lower grade of household trained
nm ses, who might In* equally efficient
and trustworthy in the cases of ordinary illness, us was the graduate nurse
in more critical cases, Miss Wright
dwelt especially on this aspect of the
question, and Bald it was very necessary for the graduate nurses to look
aii r the less ecientlflcally trained
nurses, and to educate them to ivcog
nlze the need for registration. Thai
registration was necessary for the
public interest as well a*s in the Interest of the nurses themselves was
further emphasized.
Following the president's address
tiie minutes of last year's annual
meeting, held in Vancouver, were
read by Miss E. Breeze ami adopted
by the meeting, and the minutes of
the executive meeting whicli teiok
place in New Westminster were alst;
I read and accepted,
The    secretary-treasurer's    repor
was then read by Miss Breeze,    Sills'..inl that the association had been
not.fl.ed by Hon. Dr. Young that the
government could not adopt the registration bill as a government measure*.
Hi'   had   suggested   that   it   might   in*
i fad be presented as a public measure in the hands of a private member,
, and in  pursuance of this plan  H.  H
I We (son,   M.   P.   P.   nf  Vancouver,   had
' in*, n   approach" el   and   hail   agreed   to
i.ik.* charge* of tiv* bill     Letters had
been sent  to all influential bodies and
; individuals connected  with  the medl-
I cal and nursing professions, explain
' ing briefly  the  main features of tin
bill and asking for support, which In
: most   cases   was   heartily   agreed   to.
| The attorney general. Hon. Dr. Young
iand other numbers of the legislature
had  been  interviewed    by    a  special
1 committee   from  the association,  and
'. laier in the session  it  had been    ar*
tanged thai    the    committee    should
i meet a deputation  of six ladies, who
i were, however,  unsuccessful    in    ar*
! ranging for the bill to be* presented.
: The thanks of the  association   were
| due, said Miss Breeze, io Mr. Watson
for his interest. In the bill, and also
1 to Dr. A. P. Proctor,   of   Vancouver,
; for much valuable help and advice,
Affiliation had been arranged, Miss
Breeze stated, with the' Canadian
National Association of Trained
. Nurses, and five delegates from the
British Columbia Graduate Nurses'
association might now be* sent to
their convention. Tin* financial state,
ment of the association. Miss Breeze
reported as follows: Balance "n hand
June, 1913, $245.65; membership fees
$71; Initiation fees. $?,2: total
$348.65, Disbursements. $101.45; balance en hand, $247.20. The total
membership of the association was 79.
The business of appointing a delegate for the Canadian National association meeting at Halifax was then
discussed, and Miss Randal, of the
Vancouver general hospital, was asked to accept nomination.
This evening the visiting delega'es
were tendered a reception and later
attended the annual dance of 'lie* V;c
toria Nurses' association, held 111 the
Empress hotel ball room.
twixvi*: HUNDRED and FIFTY TRACTS "f live nnel ten acres i-.\e'\ to i�� granted to prospective se*uie*is
in throwing "i"*n Twenty Thousand Acros eef Rich, Southern Georgia Land, whicli is admirably adapted lo ihe* g-row-
i.ie of celery, sweet and Irish pom oca, canteloupes, watermelons, corn, <>ot a, cotton, hay���In feee-t. all ample crops
grown in thl* fi*rtile* ajectlan, as well as a large variety eif seml-troplea] fruit a, eemi the famous Immensely profitable
naper-ahell i�� cam
Providing you nre eligible under tne olaaaIflcationa prescribed by us, you an now offered an excellent opportunity to bre.ik away from the drudgery anel ie>u eif a small wage, m working rm- tbe benefit of landlords, and �����>
i. ,,'������< to ih*  land eii plenty, to which, if granted, you will hold a warranty <Jwd anel abatract.
The besl security on earth is the earth itself, and lend is the basis eef all wealth. Owners of productive lands
n,. benefiting by the Increasing high cost of living, while others are* suffering from IL
An Opportunity to Secure Rich Productive land Without Capital
Northern Pacific anel other rallroaeds when they m*^!...!
th��*lr lands, anel we* expect i" benefit thereby, as we-n as
tin* eiia-s who will receive the tr;ie*ts.
We have alsei planned i" develop what is designed tei
in- ill. best-equipped, most up-to-date, scientific, commercial farm anel orchard In existence, ll will consist hf six
thousand acres, and will be Included In ihix opening. All
who register and receive tracts will gel ihe benefit eif the
experiments and scientific methods In vogue thereon. While
we are arranging t<> prevent over-registration, we- will
avoid many disappointments, sucb as occurred in other
land openings conducted by the United Btates Government
anel railroads, by granting those who register In excess eif
Hn niinihei eef tracts tee he* granted, an Interest in ihls commercial farm ami orchard enterprise, in the* hope thai they
may later leee-at.* in one eif eeitr town HltcR.
Examination of ths land will cheerfully he permitted,
anel ito* opening wlll be ln-ld eei Browntown, Wayne County,
Georgia, een.* of the stations of the* a. ii. ft A. Railroad,
which la located on this property, and wlll occur as soon
��� iftei  tin  closing "i realstral ��� as arrangement* can be
Vi.ll   Will   lleel   he*   re*e|llir"ll  lei  leave  v.il'l*  pnsi'llt   sun lillllil-
Inga now. All wi ask of those to whom we grant tracts Is
that tbey plant. <>r arrange oi have* planted, a crop of one*
eel   the'  aheive-me-nt leeni tl  products  within   thl*e*e*   ye*.ers,   eefl't
whleh we will have it operated (harvested and replanted)
foi grantees, in consideration of 26 per oent. of the* net
l.rofil* derived from tiie* sale eif the crops, thereby allowing
auch time as they determine Jusi whal the yield of their
acres amounts to.    Consider what  this may  mean as a
.���Knit*, I Income, when statistics show that the- yield eef
one acre of celery amounted to $1,268,46, ami that one acre
..! weli-careil-for peeper she*ll p ins, in full bearing, should
ie I ils owner as high as $600.00 per ye-eer. We* an- eef the*
e.pinion that after it Is proven by ne'iual results obtained lu
operating the lanet that ihey win need no further urging,
end waste no time in locating iii ihis land e.i plenty. We
also re-eiutri* guarantees to occupy the land within ten
years, '"' sell li to some eme* who will oocupy it , otherwise
ii reverts back tee the grantor.
The  land Included in this opening is located directly on
ami adjoining the. Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic ltieil-
loilil. elheelll t W''llty-f lv�� lulh'H W'eHI eef I tmnswie-k. a thriving etiv ol fifteen thousand, having direct steamship Ber-
vie-e ie> New Vork ami Boston, anel excellent railroad transportation facilities io all points. The- average tempera-
tun for six months of ihe- year, freem April t*�� October, Is
77 degrees; lhi climate Is moat healthful, delightful, ami
Invigorating, anel then is an ample rainfall eef 6] inches
p.    yea.*.
As we* nre extremely desirous of h e\ing settlers locate <'u
lhi.*. property, anel .assist in Its development, and thereby
greatly Increase the* veilue- of surrounding and Intervening
property, which wi will hold, and to Increase ths traffic
along Hie Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad, anel
thus facilitate the* service, we* feel warranted In graining
these tracts to tlie>se* who register with ns. We. nisei have
in mint) business mul residence plots which we will e>ffe*r
r.n sale- after the* opening, bul whleh will not In* Included
in ii. We have "money-making afterward" considerations
in this liberal-minded opening,   simlllar to   those   of   the
registered  will   not   be
Th.*  presence eer in . 	
at Browntown "ii ihe .>ie> niniu ileex. unless they wish i
o ml. for Hare will be no r
will he conducted by
.   wish
riiism shown anyone,    n
i.nx.     i,. ���      w. ,��,     ."      i ....ii, min    >i i., w ii    nil.*, one.        11
will be conducted by a committee selected leer the. purpose
end those registered will he* notified of whal they have been
granted, as soon a*, possible.
.   ... posalbL.
With the ever-Increasing population    of    ihis country
there is no oorresi eling Increase in the area of land, and
tin- population Increases and seeks the land In
naturally as the population Increases anel seeks the land
pursuit of health, happiness and Independence, ii win e*..
iinue to in iinnlei io secure.
Southern Qeorgla  Railroad-Land Development Bureau,
Washington,  D, C.
Re glstratlon I lepnrtment :
1 hereby make application to register for your Fruit eiei Agricultural Railroad-Land Opening, anel furnish yieu
with the corrrcl answers io the   following questional
N'aiiu*    Cltv  	
.'inf.    Streei or I:   I*'   11   No	
Ag*. Marled or Single. Widow,  Widower or Orphan  Occuptalon 	
Nationality     Do ynu   now  own  ovei   len  acres  ot  lanel  iu   the   United  States?   	
It my application for registration is accepted, ple.es. semi nie, without obligation, further and complete intorma-
matlon and particulars, Including 'naps of the land, showing lie <*xae i lo.ntlon on the Atlanta, Birmingham and
Atlantic Railroad,  Its transportation facilities, agricultural,  fruii  nnd nut-growing  possibilities, 'ie*.
Very trulj   yours,
rupture shoulel be caused between Bolivia and Paraguay,    Some of the in*
1 formation obtained by t'.ie Paraguayan statesman did not please his gov*
e enment,    Tar  instance,   Bolivia,   ae**
I cording to Major Gar ay, '.:as an army
much bettor trained and disciplined
than that of Paraguay,
As a result of the strained relations
between 'ut; two countries S supreme
effort is now being made' here to
strengthen both land and naval forces.
Neither Paraguaj nor Bolivia has a
Beacoast, but the Paraguay river is a
formidable. Btream. It is hoped that
no extreme move* will insult from the
present strained relations.
The population of this republic ls
ahntit l.fino.nnn The regular standing army consists of afiun men. That
Bolivia is making ready to introduce
aeroplanes in its army has not proved
a reassurance to Paraguay, and the*
government is asked to adopt similar
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Triiift Funds Should Be Deposited
In a Savings Account In The Dominion Bank.    Such funds are
safely protected, and tain interest at highest current rates.
When payments are made, particulars of each transaction may
be noied on the cheque issued, which in turn becomes a receipt
or voucher when cancelled by the bank.
Sydney. N S \\ .. April 14.���The state*
government in aelelition to slate owned
brick   weirks.   saw   mills   and   joinery i
works, have' recently added pipe works I
and  bakery and a milk farm.
Tenders were, recently invited for
supplies of bread to the public institutions and it was found that heavy
advances were mad'' on the new tenders over prices charged last year, although flour was actually cheaper.
Tehls led to a refusal of all the tend*!
ers and fresh applications were called j
The  bakers'  ring  scenting    danger j
put In greatly reduced prices, but the;
government having exposed  the pres- j
ence of a ring or agreement to put up
prices against the state, promptly decided en a state bakery and purchased
a modern gojng concern equipped with j
the  latest baking appliances.
They expect shortly to supply bread '.
to all the public institutions at ap- j
proximately id per pound, and they I
also hope to be in a position to cater ;
for the requirements of the public ifj
the necessity arises. The bread will
be delivered to the government institutions by means Of fast  motors.
All the state enterprises so far have
amply justified the  policy of nationalizing Industries of this nature, and !
every   year   will   undoubtedly   see  the
number added to with gn*nt public Interest,
invite the  ladies of this city  to   inspect   their   spring   stock  of  the
latest  fabrics  and   styles.    Special price for two weeks only $:'f> and
$io.   We guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
he    re
M   tm
'   n
el , n  el
n, le**
i    eppll
notlfle-el thai
���d unless made
ed, nnd signed
t, stating their
resident''1 In
e h.   i.-ise  of  firms",  the actual   signature,
the  nature of He* occupation, an*! i*la if
residence   en   each   memhei   of   the   firm
inns*,  bi   given.
Each tendei musl I" accompanied by
.iii acceipte'd cheque "ii a chartered hnnli
payable to tbe ordoi "i the Honourable
Ihe Minister of Publii Works, cnuHJ tn
I'-u p. i ci nl i I" p.c. i I'm the am.nun of
the tender, which will be forfeited II the
person tendering di cline i" i nte e Into it
'iiriti i.*i when called upon to do so, or
I,nl  t"  i nmpleti   the w.rk contracted   foi
Thi    Hi
mill      Mu
.,!   plan     ���
of Pi
���   , ���   .  ,.
I      N
pre |i;
| in   done   In
���1       The
is   nn    ult
train'    consl rue lie
built In unite  en
:'.     The   typical
i   Si.| I
lit v   Invite
evi.i.   il   .
���   miction o
���   istees   nf   Murine    Bllbmif   :*.n
niit  room scl I
.mi approximate
following ptirtlc-
Klven  t".   guidnni
tion are placed on the
.!* - IgitH other 'lean ne ���
ind  white,  and to  l-s
��� I   te
-i. room !���'
' iii'l tie ^i^e
Ite    may   11,
ml   the   mini
be designed
building eef
spied   to   be
40.(1    fee 1    frontage   l,y   jii
nmi     size
Corder Trouble Between South American   Countries Causes   Serious
I  nl  the ultimate I.iTTTTl-
el twenty thousand dol-
1 (  lhe   te nder he
wll!  I-   returned.
The  Departmeni
��� ���nl   the    lowest
il   mr -pted   tl
.-   nol  bind
any  tendei,
sell   to
' ill'   sit
| depth.
4.    The total co
Ins Is not n. exce
1 lar-    e $2(1,1  0(1 .
The-   nllth f   (lie.
will be ;i|i|iniineil iirehlti el
eel' the first unit "I lhe lir
usual architect's commission,
6, Plans must he* submitted wllhoul
nny Identification marks Slgnea] phm?
e*.   colored designs wlll  nol  be   considered
��� Pt'
..ii Hi.
St    Seh,
at the
*. * ompitnyln.
i:  c   mcsiiortircns,
Seen tan
i-iil   ol   V bile  Works,
' II ��� iwn,  A pe il  K,   I '. ! I
.in. rs   will   nol   be  paid   fo    lhl
nn nt it in* y in:-"ti ;' wll   oul nil
ruin the liepartnienl      '.:���   :
muse  In
i ,e i     An  uiisim
togi the :    with    lhe
,i     11.e
.!   lyp
,1   :. port,
must    ful
ul   heal I
��� e. ii
,el��ll*Ve��n��    NEW
Girl*' classes, Tuesday 7::(o p.m.;
Adult classes. Thurs<lay, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing classes, Thursday, 7:30 pm
Boarding aud room rates reasonable*.
Meals served to ladies hiu| gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 Or 1:20.
For particulars call phone \32\.
ee ntll.iti'iu .
'VSti |v    ,,i    s.illi*  ilie.li
���v   plain  . nvelope   . ml lining ���
I.      '! I"    anil'el's   t eei in,    an I   a,Mr  SS,
j .\ bono fide tendei from a responsible contractor foi the amount "I the
author':   i Htfinate   ol   the   e*,isi
v    Tlu  Board of Trustees are nol c	
mitted i" in ui etny design.    Nu further
Information  other  tiiitii   these  particulars
Will    !��'    Kive-ll.
Plans nddressed to thc undersigned will
I... received up to the hour "l 12 o'clock,
noon, April 30th, ul the offices "I ilu
Hchool    Board,   Klngswnv,   W.,    Burnaby,
in.irkeil   "(' pelltlve   Plans."
A.  J,   I'.AUIIAM.
(D24U) Secretary.
Asuncion. Paraguay, April 14. The
press Is seriously discussing the military outlook, in view of what former
minister to 'Bolivia, Major Kurenio
Oaray, lias had to say since returning
from La Paz. The borde#questlon
has not yet been solved satisfactorily
and this is an increasing cause for
apprehension. On top of all that is being said regarding a possible conflict
With t.'.ii* neighboring country, the Ho-
livian government continues to materially strengthen its army. The arrival or German officers at Asuncion
for the purpose of drilling the troops
here is a sign that Paraguaj also de-
sins io be  prepared.
Attention is drawn to a number of
articles published over the signature
Of the Paraguayan statesman Itenja-
rnln Vell'la. According to one of these
articles Mayor Garay had been ii^
Btructed to examine into Bolivia's ca
pacity to resist, an attack ftom the
Paraguayan frontier. Part of Major
Oaray'B mission, it is claimed, was to
ascertain   Chile's   position   in   case   a
Washington, April it A statement
Issued today by the Interstate com-
meice commission concerning arguments to be heard April 21 on tlle application of Eastern railroads for a fe
per cent, increase In freight rales explained that while ibe argument will
close tiie record on the main Issues
of tiie case, the record as to "related
matters involved In the Inquiry" will
not be closed until hearings have
been held on those questions. The
maters referred to ari' car spotting.
lighterage and other services performed free for certain shippers by
the railroads.
Senator Cummins charged on the
floor of the senate today that a persistent and widespread campaign was
being conducted to arouse' public sympathy for the request, for a 6 per cent.
Increase in freight rates on Eastern
The senator expressed confidence
that the commission would decide the
que'stion on its merits but said the
public was being misled by incorrect
and  exaggerated  Btatemi nts
When to Dig Clams.
Ottawa, April 13. A regulation bas
been made providing thai hard shell
cluus and quahaugs -slmll nol be
taken between October 1 and May 10
and between July 1 and August 31.
[That hard shell clams and quahaugs
less than one Inch and three quarters
on lhe outer shell shall nol be taken |
and such as an* taken must be re
turned to the water alive.
Leave Vancouver 12 midnight.
April llth. Leave Victoria 10
a.m., April 18th.
Grand Trunk Railway-
Special round trip rates in connection with ocean tickets on sale
April 20th, 25th and 30th. Limit
October 31st, 1914.
PORTLAND   110.00
Halifax      129.35
NKW   YOUK    108.50
QUEBEC    112.36
St. John       120.00
BOSTON    110.00
We represent all Trans-Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith. C.P. & T.A.
527 Grsnvllle  St.,  Vancouver. Phone  Sey. 8134.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want It, In any quantity, large
nr small.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
I,o':al Sales Department, Phone 890.
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME FERTILIZER   Whleh   is highly  rucommended.
Lime is almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and H.
���02 Columbia Street W. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1914.
When Summer
Stops the Swing
Most of us can remember the school lesson in the
law of accumulated motion���momentum.
If you exert a pound of pressure against a man in
a swing, you'll start him moving slowly "to and
fro." If you continue to exert a pound of pressure against him every time thc swing makes a
trip, you'll soon have him going so high that he
almost turns the whole circle. If you stop pushing, the momentum will die out and the swing
come to rest at "dead centre.",
Winning trade follows thc same natural laws.
Advertisements are the force behind the swing of
public favor. Kach new advertisement increases
the momentum. Finally, the accumulated force
of these numerous impulses swings indifference to
the buying point.
If you stop Advertising, you lose momentum.
The moral of which is:
Don't stop the business swing in Summer.
Keep adding  the pounds of Advertising
AN ALPINE THRILL farming on shares
Wild Slide Down the Snow Slope
of a Mountain Peak.
Hew  They    Do   It     in  Australia���
scription of System  V/crked
Out in Antinodes.
Perilous Experience of an Explorer
Who Was Imprisoned a Whole Night
In a Treacherous Crevssse In a Glacier on the Brink of a Gaping Chasm.
�� *e   '. ������rn-; XaAvr
accomplish their purpose
with maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing   doses   aie Dot
25c.   a   box   at   your
Druggist's. i7*
Rational Drif mi Cktalcal
Advice Hoarding your sdvertiiing problems is available through any
irx-ogniscu Canadian advertising agency, or the Secretary of tbe < an-
adianPrsM Association,Boom BOS Lumsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry
involves no obligation on ye>ur part ���no write, i t Interested
You Can Sav 25 Words for 25 Cents in
2500 New Westminster Homes and Business
Offices Any Morning in The New West-
minster News.
Senile- tlirilliug <�� periences once befell Frederick Chumberltu while be
was exploring Uie Alps. In tbe Wide
World Magazine be writes of nn adventure thut befell hiiu ou tbe after-
noun uf u September day when be was
descending the snow slope of a mountain:
"Suddenly I found myself tn front of
a particularly nasty serae. or Ice ridge,
that gave very little footbuld. Tbe
surface was uot broken and crumbly,
but Just smooth, treacherous Ice. However. 1 was not going to be daunted, so
I wormed my way up und wus ubout
to descend tbe other side wben without warning my feet shot from under
inc. and I started careering down the
i>i"|ee ut break neck speed.
"Down I slid, straight through a funnel sbu|ied hole Into n partly formed
crevasse. I brought up sharply against
u small bar of lee that only Just prevented ine from continuing my bead-
long Wireer into u gaping chasm below.
"For a few seconds I Iny half stunned: then I carefully got on my feet,
felt my body ull over to see Hint no
beuies hail been broken and looked
round for my ice ux, but thut bud dis*
"1 saw a slight crack lu tbe surface
of one of the sides, nnd I tried to draw
myself up. but my Angers could not
j Pet a firm hold in tbe slippery lee. aud
I was soon forced to give that up.
Then I tried lying flat on my back ln
the funnel through which 1 had entered my prison and. liruily planting
my knees against its sloping ruuf. endeavored to work myself buck. Here
too. I failed.
"Itelng by this time quite desperate,
I took out my little pocket knife to try
to cut steps in the slope. M.v still turn
lingers let the knife slip at tbe first
attempt, and. although I groped uboiet
for n long time. I failed to recover it.
"My last chance had gone witb the
knife.   The darkness creeping on aud
enveloping   everything,   the   dead   silence, tbe bitter cold, were all begiu-
j ning to take effect, aud  I groaned at
the prospect ot tbe long night ln front
of me.   I dared uot lean tou fur back,
fur that slender bar of Ice might give
way.   I called uut loudly at Intervals,
but the sound wus stilled by the over-
banging walls.
"Soon it wus pitch dark, and to while
sway the time and keep m.v spirits up
1 loudly sang a popular American song.
But soon my thoughts became gloomy
again. There was no sound but an eerie
drip, drip, dowu below, anil sometimes
i the grinding, tearing, booming collapse
of a whole serae would set my nerves
j quivering.   I shivered iue'essantly. for
1 ] was wet through from constant con-
j tiie*t with the ice. and the night seeui-
; ed Interminable.
"VV lieu I was on the point of utter col
lapse the first gray daylight mercifully
begun to tilter Into my prison. Now I
must make by last desperate attempt
to escape.
"As ll forlorn hope I looked ubout
again for uiy knife. My eyes caught a
glint on a fan shaped piece of Ice, unit
there, just over the dark elitism, where
providentially it hud fallen the night
before, I spied it. Determined not to
lose It again. I attached It to my wrist
by n piece of string and started digging at the steep Ice slope.
"Three and u half hours I slaved In
the Ice cavern, and then was uble to
crawl up, digging my pees In ut every
step, till I could draw myself up Into
comparative safety on the ledge above.
1 lay there, gasping, for u few seconds;
then, taking the greatest precautions
all the while, I passed between the remaining crevasses nnel at lust descend
ed safely to tbe linn rocks."
Sydney, N.S.W., April 14.���In view
of the fact ihat the estimate of the i
present season's wheat crop of New
Soutii \Vak'3 is set down ni nearly
42,000,000 bushels, exceed ng laEt B2a
son's record by ntarly !*),fi00,003e
bushels, it is an Interesting proof Of
the value of the share-fanning thai i
considerable number of Hie win"!!",
farms of New South Wales, and particularly the large nne-i, are1 worked
on what is known in Australia as the
"shares" system.
Under ihls system a farmer possessing the necessary team and im
plement arra-nges with the land
owner to crop a certain nrta for a
season or for a number of seasons.
The usual form of agreement prov.de-
that the land owner shall provide
land, seed, two-thirds of the manure.
where manure Is used, and bigs for
his share. The fanner does the CUl
tivating and    harvesting,    using    his
Fcr  We:k   End
ng   Sunday
Sand Heads.
High.   Low.
Time. lit.
13    7.05    :*:30
6:05 12.4
21:46 16:55
20:46 12.9
14    7:40    3:15
6:39 11.9
22:50 17:45 '
21:52 12.8
15    8:15    4:25
7:15 11.3
24:00 18:30
23:02 12.7
16    8:55    5:50
7:56 10.5
17    1:10,  8:20
0:11 12.6
|         9:55 20:15
8:57    9.5
!18    2:10   9:4K
1:11 12.6
12:00 21:00
11:00    8.7
19    3:0U 10:35
1:57 12.4
14:10 21:45
13:09    8.5
$10 Minimum  Wage.
Olynjpia,    Wash.,    April     14.���The
own plant; provides one-third of the.meeting of the stute  women's mini-
 *  ' *  *   '        ' mum wage commission, whicli was to
1 ave been held yesterday, was post-
pened uut'.l April 21, because of the
In&b'llty of cne of the members to be
present, The commission at iu next
meeting is to consider the $10 a week
minimum recommended by the recent
minimum wage conference for women
workers In mercantile establishments.
manure, and bugs for his ehare
Up to a specified yield of the cmr*
the owner and    fame r    take    equal
shares; any excess becomes the prop-
| erty of the farmer a < a bonus to en-
[courage cood  and  thorough  farming.
' This  mtthod of  working large*  area
lis invariablv a success where the ar-
I rangement is drawn up on a truly cooperative basis,  and  is ore    of    the
I most satisfactory  ways    of    work'ns
large estates.   Share-farming enables
a settler with little monev r;t his dis*
Cu.lph. Ont., April 12���L. 0. Finch.
chief tf lhe fire department here, ha.;
resigned as the outcome of unpie**-
posal to accumulate enough means to ' antnesses in the department the past
buy land of his own. ! lvk*0 y(;ars.
You can say a lot in twenty-five words about the
property you want to sell, the man you want for that vacant position, the kind of work you want or any of the
hundred and one daily needs that arise in business or
home affairs.   Try it out.
With the Griffith Stock Company, wh  ho are; playing an engagement at th& '
Royal Theatre.
Reading Advertisements.
It Is not alone tiie people who nre Interested In trade who read advertisements.     Few   people   nowadays   buy I
either newspapers or magazines  wlfo !
do uot read these cleverly worded nnd
well Illustrated bids fur business.    If j
you   should   usk   thc  average   person '
Just why be or she Is in tlle bablt of
looking  over  the  advertisements,   the
chances are that you would get no di* |
reet and satisfactory answer,  but the j
real   fact   Is   that  subconsciously   the |
public  has come to regard  what  ap-
pears  In  the advertising columns  as :
Interesting   reading   matter.-I'ortlaud |
(Ore.l Telegram.
A Natural Cross.
One of the most beautiful natural
rock carvings in the world ls the
Poutliern Cross, ou the Island of (3rand
Miiiinn. In the bay of Fundy. It
stands at the head of n ledge or roeks
jutting Into the buy from the foot of
one of the Immense cliffs at the southern end of the lirnnd Manun. Its
shape Is thnt uf nu ulimwt perfect
cross. ���London Mull.
Ons Advantage.
"My papa Is n mounted policeman,"
Mid small Eric to a visitor.
"Is thnt better thnn being a walking
policeman?" asked the visitor.
"Course II is." replied Uric. "If there
Is trouble he enn get away qulcker."-
Cblcago News.
Men are not put Into thN world to he
everlastingly fiddled een hy the fingers
3t joy     llelirv   Wind Hee.-tier.
You Can Say
One Hundred and
Eighty Words in
One Minute
540 Words in Three
speaking slowly and distinctly. ,
P.O. Box ����� Dally News Bide
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarantee*
SB  McKemle  St.
The average business letter contains 90 words.
If your service is not satisfactory tell us
isters Great [aster Sale
A Final Week of Exceptional Values
Great Bargains in the Carpet Dept.
A splendid assortment in fawns, greens and terra cotta and blended
colorings;    si��.��   SnIlxll-6   feet;    regular   $36.50. 4.9Q 50
Sale   Price    ^fcW.WW
Rugs with a rich, velvety pile, in colors suitable for dining rooms
ane' living rooms:
Size 4-6x6-6 feet;  regular $5 50 KA   Aft
Sale Price   __T_lm_Z__
Size* 6-9x9 reet;  i tegular $15.Oi $12 00
Salo  I'riee  ,.    ��� ' ���������WW
Size.   9x10-6' feet;   regular   $22.75. Sift 75
Salo Price ...     '���' ' "���
Size  9x12  reet;'regular  $28.75 [_____ 00
Sale   Price       t\J_n**f *******
A hard wearing rug of excellent appearance;  in green and fawn
grounds;   in  various combinations;   a   splendid  floor covering at    a
very low .p+ife: \i
Size 4.6x6.6 feet;* regular $5.25. CA   pfl
Salo Price'...*.,.{J . *4w~f.mmmt
Size  6.9x9' teet;   regular  $7.2.".. CC  Oft
Saie Price  ^>W��Ww
Size 7.6x9 reet;  regular $8.75 C"7 Af]
Sale Price ..,...'.' W ��� 'VW
Size 9x9 feet; tegular $S.45. Cg "JR
Sale'   Price      *9mf* Iw
Size 9x10.6 teet; regular $9.50. GTf  M
Sale Price* W ��� *mMs!
Siz-e 9x12 feet;  regular $11.35. CQ  AA
Sale Price f'<��"
The best grade'of Oilcloth obtainable    and    the  best  value:   regular
35c per squaie yard. \ Oftc
Sale  Price ..',.,..,' WUw
A heavy .grade of Linoleum, in a large variety of patterns;   regular
50c a square yard. Aflft
Sale Price  .'. "tUw
$1.10  INLAID   LINOLEUM   FOR  90c  A   YARD.
A Linoleum t hat will stand the strain  of constant  service;   regular
$1.10 per square yard.
Sale Price  	
A most useful and economical floor covering; one yard wide.
Per  yard   	
Nicely SteriCIlIed Mats,  in Oriental  colors and designs:
Size 27x54 Inches, regular 25c. Ot\f*
Sale   price    CUB
Size  36x72 inches;   regular  35c.
Sale  price   ....'.....	
Size 6x9 feet;  regular $1.50, G4   OC
Sale Price 91 .WW
Size 9x9 feet;  regular $2.25.
Sale   Price	
Size 9x12 feet: regular $3.25.
Sale   Price    '.	
Made   of  good   quality   cream   cloth;   36   inches   wide   and   six   feet
long; regular 50c, ORft
Sale Price       WWW
Made of cocoa fibre;   well  woven and    strongly  bound;  size  14x24;
regular 55c  value: ARft
Sale  Price IUU
"���Size 16x28;  regular  75c value.
Sale Price	
A very   heavy quality; suitable for country houses;  will not rust anel
will give endless wear; size 18x30;  regular $1.50.
Salo Price 	
Size  22x33;   regular  $2.00.
Salo Price 	
A splendid quality Hearth Rug; in reel, green and fawn; size     TRf*
21x51;   regular   $1.25.     Sale   Price      OC
$3.00 AXMINSTER RUG FOR $1.95.
These are made of the best Axminster Carpet; size
27x54;   regular $3.00.    Sale   Price	
Buy Your Summer Dress Material
Now while the Assortment is Gocd
This spring weather turns every woman's attention to new Spring
Wash Materials. Never have the weaves and color combinations been
more attractive than they are right now.
Before tlle real hot days and while the choice ot materials and
colors is complete, is the time to make selections.
Crepes, Ratines, Seersuckers, Poplins, Fancy Vestings and rough
finished White Goods, are all very popular this season.   We are showing a splendid assortment at popular prices.
Plain Cotton Crepes; all colors. 4 P. ORft
Per  yard     ...  IwC AND COC
Striped  Cotton  Crepes;   all  colors.
Per  yard   	
Seersucktrs;   striped   and  checked. 4 "*P 1  ���
Per yard    I I 2 V
Rufweave Poplins. ORft
Per  yard    C9C
Fancy  White   Vesting;   a   splendid  assortment of  designs.
Per  yard   	
Heavy     White .Crepes,   with   rough   finished   stripe  or    bar    effect.
Per yard
at .r	
White Dotted Muslin; fine quality; 26 inches wide.
Per  yard   	
Barred or Striped Muslin; 29 inches wide.
Per  yard   	
15c and 25c
45c, 50c and 65c
E. T. Corsets
A   full  stock  of  the   famous  "IC.  T."  Corsets  anel   the  "American
Lady" Corsets; every size, and In styles that are correct in all details.
SPECIAL   "E.   T."  CORSETS  AT  75c.
In   good  quality   white  coutille:   medium   low   bust   and   long   hln:   a
perfe'e fit, anil finished with four hose supporters. 7Rf*
Specially  priceel  at.  per  pair    I WW
A similar make in a better quality coutllle; low bust, long hip, and
with hose supporters. G4   ftft
Specially   Priced   ai     *9 ��� .WW
There  is no better  house  eln*ss  than   the  famous  "Utility"  line    of
dress.    It is the easiest elress to  adjust,   fastened   only  by  two 'buttons   and in appearance the "Utility" cannot be excelled;  comes  In
percales, flannelettes, crepes and other       G4   pc C4 QC
materials.    Prices ranging  trom *9 I *ma*9 TO iDWitf-J
Basement Specials
Household   Varnish  Stains;   full   Imperial   Measure;   in  oak.,   mahogany, walnut or colonial green;   Vi-pint size. 20c;   'Vpint Qftf*
size 30c;  1-pint size, 50c;   1-quart si/.e wUw
Tbe  Velox  Water Motor Washing  Machine is strongly  made, simple
to operate and cannot  get out of order. C4 5 00
Bpeclal  this  week    9 ��� w.ww
Tho   Thermo   Hanilpower   Washing   Machine;     the     strongest   and
easiest  running  machine on  the   market;   built   to        CIA  OO
last a  life time.    Special   W ��� V��WW
the   Koyal   Canadian   Wringer;   solid   rubber;   11-Inch   rollers;     the
strongest and best machine een the market, at the OtA  Rft
special price of  V ��������
The "BZB" Ball-Bearing Wringer;  11-inch rubber rollers
and  covered  cogs.    Special   	
Specials in the China Department
Cut Class, Sterling Top, Salt and Pepper Shakers; QCm
regular $1.50.    Per pair  WWW
Three pr/.erns In Genuine Elite Limoges China, at a fraction
oi their value:
Cups and Saucers:   regular $1.00
Bread and Butter Plates; regular 50c.
Tea or Breakfast Plates; regular 75c.
Great Savings on Staples and Linens
20c Indian  Head    Suiting;    for
Middy   Waists,   etc. 4 C��%
Per yard    I WW
10c   Bleached   Shirting  Cotton;
strong  weave;   3ti  inches
wide.    Per yard   	
30 Circular    Pillow   Cottons; 42
and  44  inches wide;    pure  finish.    Per
50c   Unbleached   lris'.i
58   inches   wide;   hard
grade'.     Per
25c     Striped    (llass
good drying quality
wide.    Pel-
is; 42
e  flit-
24 inches
16c Strong Apron Ginghams:
various checks; 30 inches
wide.    Per
"eOc Sheeting;    In
twill; extra    heavy
inches   wide.   Per
12ViC   White   Flannelette
close weave: 28 inches
wide.    Per yard  	
$1.00 Pure Linen
Lunch Cloth; size
floral and fleur de lis.
Per yard   	
Size    8x10    feet,     Wall
plain     and
grade;    8n
>;     fine
Bargains for Today in Men's Furnishings
MEN'S $2.50 AND $3.00 HATS FOR $1.25.
Men's New Soft Hats, of Knglish  manufacture, in a good  variety of
colors and in all sizes.    Here is your chance to get a good hat cheap.
We also have a good selection of black stiff hats. GA   OC
All at the bargain price of   9 I ��C��W
50c AND 75c NECKWEAR AT 25c.
A big assortment of Men's High class Neckwear;  in good styles and
patterns.    Wednesday take your pick at the bargain _,_*._%
price  of    bwC
Children's-Wool   Knit  Jerseys;   in  navy.  gray,  brown  and  cardinal;
with fancy trimmed collars antl cuffs. 'JRat
Wednesday   Bargain   Price      I OC
A splendid assortment of Working Shirts now in stock.    Fine striped
twills,   plain   drills,   galateas,   black   sateens,  etc. Cftj*
All   prices   from    DUC
Or   fine  soft  mercerised   materials;   in   white,   cream,  tan   and   blue
Priced  at $1.50,  $1.75 efts,   mgt
a*'"  9C.WW
Beautifully finished: well made, of good   GA   AP <�� a   _*ft
materials;   all  sizes.    Priced  at   9 I .��3 AND   ��Pl.wU
We have put into stock the "Arrow" Collar, a selection of the    sstsm
popular  shapes.     Two  for    COC
Our New   Silks
For blouses, dresses and trim
mings we are offering a big selection of service Silks at .vie*
per   yarel;   widths   to  27   inche*s.
There are values up to S5c
��� amongst them. A big range* of
Plaids, Merves, Paillettes, Pongees, Duohess Satins, etc ; all
colors. Conn* anil see them
Vour choice', per
Heavy Cheviots are the correct
materials for the new (.'oats, and
we have then in the new colors
of  tango,  emerald,  brown    and
blue;   5*1  in
Per  yarel
in.  wide
In  shades of red. cream,  stone,
navy.   Per
Another lot of new Silks in
eludes some, value's that an
unequalled;   some up to  4"  In
uiele ; st-jpe*.s, plain similes and
many novelties. Something fot
any purpose, and silks of Bplon-
did wearing qualities
Per yard 	
Fashion demands Tartans, We
are prepared to supply tha
craze and today offer special advantages. We have- them in
many clans, with grounds of n-d,
navy, and green; 44 Indies wide
Per yard
Curtains and Curtain Materials
For fineness of texture and daintiness of design our Curtain materials
lor this season have' never been equalled. In very tine Scrims we
have just opened a new line: with border on one edge only Kor
bedroom curtains this is by far the daintiest line we have had this
year; in white or cream ground, with borders of blue, pink.   _Zf\__
green and brown. Specially priced at, per yard .OUC
Anot.ier very fine pattern, In white, cream or ecru Curtain Goods'
with fancy worked stripes. A very effective drape, suitable for drawing room or living room;  a  regular $1.00 value. ftm*
Per yanl for   Www
New   White   Muslin   Curtains;   with   fancy   lace  eeige
pure white only.
Per pair  	
Fine Scrim Curtains;
match.     Per   pair
in ecru, with eeigt. and insertion to
anel  Insertion;
Special Go-Cart Sale
All this week our Co-Tart prices will be reduced to make room lor
a new s'.ilpment. Every (io-Cart und Sulky on our floor must ro.
and we are marking them at prlci s that you cannot equal. A great
opportunity to secure a (lo-Curt or Sulky at a big saving.
Reversible Hack Sulky;  regular $3.75. CO fift
Special  Sale  #fc.WW
Collapsible   Push  Cart;   with   hood;   regular  $8.60, CO  Gf\
Special Sale     9fc��wU
Two styles of collapsible Sulkies;   regular $6.60. GA   OC
Special  Sale     wt.tw
Hegular $5.00 value. CO  a\R
Special  Sale     9w.WW
Semi-Collapsible do-Cart; regular $0.50. GG OR
Special  Sale      9w.WW
The following lot comprises all full colapsitie Go-Tarts, with four
bow hoods, flat or tubular steel   frames;     all   have    wide  seats  and
reclining backs;  several styles with panel sides or foot hoods:
Full  Collapsible;   two   styles;   regular  $8,7K Gy  OC
Special  Sale   9 I at.9
Keguar $11.00  value. GO "fR
Special Sale     WW" I W
Two styles; full collapsible, auto top, and foot hood;        GA A   OC
regula.-  $18.60.    -Special  Sale    91  I .Cw
Hegular $10.00  value. CIO  7C
Special  Sale 9 I m*. ��� 9
Three styles; full collapsible; panel sides; auto tops. These are
the right styles for young habits:
Itegular $111.25   value. CIO  ftH
Special   Sale    91 WsUU
Regular $19.00  value. C1C  OC
Special   Sale 91 W.fcW
Itegular   $27.00   value. C01    ftfi
Special   Sale    9fc ��� iW
Main Floor
Neckwear,      Gloves,       Hosiery, press   Collar    and   Cuff    Sets:
Handkerchiefs,   Ribbons,   Hand- Special at $1 25
bags, etc., at Lowest Sale Price, A flne ^..p mu��� mater)a]  ���.,,,,
We are selling    all the goods pjque   <dge;   every     style    and
that are generally  wanted    for Bnape    represented,     Specially
Easter wear at specially reduced .priced G 4   *_\t_\
prices    during   our   Big   Easter at    . 9 I afiiW
Sale.       Head -* carefully     over
the te   items,   then   look  at   the The New   "Medici"   Collar,    at
goods, and you  will be assured $1.50 to $2.50.
of   prices     which   cannot      be a   new   spring  novelty,   is  very
equalled, effective  anil   pretty;   comes  in
New  Novelty  Neckwear;    all mull, crepe* and crepe de chene.
kinds of it;  Dutch. Robespierre with   Dresden   silk  and     ribbon
and   Stock   and   Fancy   Collars. centre's.   Speclailv       ��A   W*f\
Jabots, Tics. Side  Frills.    Dress priced  at $1.53 te,       9>��.wU
and      Hlouse      Fichus,    Tango
Bows, etc.    All  new stock and Al����    ���     Nice    Collection     of
priced at Its very lowest. Ladies' Plain and Novelty
The New "Lily" Collar; Special Handbags.
at 95c to #1.50. A good  variety of leathers and
A new style collar, made so as styles to cnoose from;   also    a
to give a "Illy" effect;  of  fine quantity   in   silk  and  satin   Iin*
silk mull, with  Val.  muslin  set ings;   fitted   with change  purse
in,  and  fancy  fichu  front;   cer- and   small  mirror;   all  are  spe
tainly  a     very    pretty    collar. cially  priced    for    the    Kaste*r
Specially  priced GA    IJA telling,  ranging CO  CO
at 95c to   9 I .wll from   $1.50   to    9w.WV
Ready-to-Wear Values
(let your "Sailor" or "Middy" Waist during our Easter Sale, there
by saving about one-iialf the regular cost. All styles and colors ate
represented; some laci' lastened, others fastened with buttons and finished with silk tie, Aiso a big quantity of Lawns, Linens. Piques.
Delaines, etc., In plain and embroidered styles. All this stock of
Waists Is offered in Four Special Lots:
LOT 1 -Regular values to $2.00. 7Rf*
Special  Easter Sale*  Price   I WW
DDT 2    Regular values to $2.5*5. QCefl*
Special Easter Sale Price   WWW
DOT 3���Regular values to $3.50. GA   pC
Special  Easter Sale  Price    9 ��� "6w
DOT 4���Regular values to $4.50. GA   Q|-
Special  Easter Sale Price    9 ��� "WW
All styles are represented at each  price.
Ribbon and Dace Trimmed Corset Covers;  regular 50c ORf*
values.    Special for   bwv
Ladies'  White  Cotton  Night downs;   also  ribbon  and  lace trimmed;
a regular $1.25 value. Special Easter 7Rf*
Sale   Price    I WW
Regular 50c White. Cotton Drawers;  in splendid quality OC#��
cotton.   Special for ���WM
Ri'gular $351' value's Silk, "Moire and Satin Underskirts.     G4   QP
Special  for 91 .WW
Take advantage of these. Special Easter Sale Offerings by purchasing as goon as possible.
Great Reductions in Our Electrical
Regular $4.60 Electric Irons, Q��0_ __{_
Regular $.V;i>. Electric Saucepans, CC  Cft
Regular $11.00 Electric Stove, (C ftft
Regular $18.00 18-lb. Tailors' Irons, $1*d flfl
Regular $12.00 12-lb. Tailors' Irons, ��Q "7C
Regular $15.00  Electric Dome, ��Q Cft
Regular $15.00 Art Olass Domes, CO Cfl
Regular $5.50 Two-light Chandeliers, Gtp Cft
Regular $6.50 Three-light Chandeliers, G>*Jh Cft
Regular $10.00 Four-light Chandeliers, �������� g"ft
Regular $2.00 Electric Shades, CH-ft
each    WUC
Regular $1.00 Electric Shades, ORf*
each    fcWW
Regular $15.00  Leaded (llass Table Damp, *��Q QA
Regular $14.00 Table Lamp, Gf\  ftft
Regular $20.00 Table Lamp, SIC (\(\
Electrical Vacuum Cleaner ;regular $05.00, COC  ftft
for  909.UU
Electrical Vacuum ('leaner;  regular $35.00, Cl C  Ofl
One only Chandelier; regular $4.00, GA   Cft


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