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The New Westminster News Mar 21, 1914

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Volume 9, Num1
P^ve Cents,
"WAPMILSTER" IS CRY mmm[ f rascr can now accommodate $eoo,ooo >fire ;
(Jovernment Takes Precautions to Maintain Order
in Ireland.
Ulster Volunteers Number
110,000 Men in Flower of
Their A^e.
Feeling at Fever Heat But
Danger of Civil War Not
Guilty  of Assisting  Krafchenko to Escape from
Winnipeg Jail.
Jury Called Back After Reaching Vcr
diet  and   Recharged   by
Rebel Leader Ready for Attack on Federal Stronghold.
South and Southwest of City Protected by Mountains���Must Approach  From   Desert
London, Mar, 20.���"War In Ulster"
I*; the startling headline which the
sensational London newspapers are
displaying in the blackest typo.
Thi government began inday to dis-
pose nf its regular troops in Ireland
su il :et they may bo In a position to
ilea! with any situation that arises, j position and today waa spent in the
The* cooler ine'ii among the loyalists | ""���'���"linK and draging of the fielel-
and the Ulster unionists, however, lie*
lleve that nothing resembling war le
yet In sight.
Redistribute  Forces
The army  council  some' time    ago
��� considered the possibilities of home
Constitutionalist Headquarters, Yer-
mo, Durango, Mex., starch 20. Oeneral Villa and his army <��f 12,000 rebels Infested the federal stronghold
of Torreon today.
The khaki-clad columns occupied
environs of the city  without op-
pieces into position  to shell  the  fed-
] eral trenchi s which have been dug
at every point where the federal com-
t raander, General Refugio velasco expects attack,
ills army  is estimated  to number
9000 men. South and southwest ot
the city his position is regarded as
almost Impregnable by reason of the
mountains through which only three
passes run and th*'se have been ran-
the forces" In |dered almost impassable by fortifications and barbed wire' entanglements
In other directions lhe eity is reached
through the desert and high hills.
Villa's recent progress has been
slow because it was necessary to repair the railroad  tracks and  bridges,
Winnipeg, March 20. After being
out a little more than two hours and
following a charge from Mr. Justice
(ii.ran,   which   was   directly   against
Thirty Foot Channel from Mouth of River to New Westminster on Twelve Foot Tide���On Ordinary Tide the
Lowest Depth is 27 Feet���Importance of Carrying on
Jetty Work Emphasized by Board of Trade.
The important announcement that. committee was naturaly very jubilant
Pilot Ford while taking soundings on ifter the discovery which means so
Thursday held found to exist a clear
channel on the Fraser river between
New Westminster and the* sandheads
much to N'ew Westminster. "It is the
best water 1 have known in 80 years."
he declared enthusiastically.    Mr. (iii
Costly  Blaze  in   Mainland
Storage Co.'s Building
Nell  McDonald  Falls 60  Feet  From
Aerial   Ladder*���May   Not
Vancouver, March 20.���Fire caused
damage  to the extent cf  *<500,000  in
lightship, eef the depth of 80 feet at a   ley  declined     that  the
two accused, the jury empanelled | 12 fo(,t tjde was made by W. It. Gilley
channel I the premises of the Mainland Storage
rule strife and instructed Lt. (len. Sir
Arthur Henry Pltzroy Paget, who commands the Irish garrisons, to take all
necessary precautions to maintain order and safe-guard property. A gen
era! redistribution Of
Ireland, was therefore begun today.
Twee regiments were seni from the
south to re-inforce the Ulster garrisons, while the troops in Ulster were
removed to new stations in conformity with the custom that In the event,
of hostilities cr rioting soldiers should ���*s morning, however, the read was
nol tee compelled to encounter people 1��P��m fro��- Vermo, where the troops
with whom thev had formeU frieud*'' ���iave oeon mobilising, to Mapiml and
ships. In pursuance with the same Bermejillo, which are only a fejv
rule Borne Irish recruits were sent i miles north of Torreon. and are' v.r-
from the Armagh reoruitiuK gtaHon Uually suburbs ot \fi.e oUy.
to Kngland.
Efforts to  Pacify. '     _     n.r.m/\     fit  iiiin
The possibility of a collision bM Til URFVV I I MM\
tween the Ilriiish soldiers and the |U | \\_JJ vLHIlflJ
Ulster volunteers resulting from the*
superheated political feeling are re'
cognized, but the leaders on beith j
sides are trying to exert a pacific!
influence. John Redmond, the Na
tionalis; lender in parliament., today]
telegraphed the Nationalists ill Bellas', an urgent appeal to abandon a
parade arranged for Sunday in Londonderry, which it waa thought would
likely result in rioting.
Sir Kdward Carson, the Ulster lead- j
er eued   the  members  of  the   Ulster
council invoked calmness on the part ;    The city council, board Of trade and
of th" volunteers. 1,arbor  commission   will     each     send
Majority Must Rule | delegates  to  Winnipeg on   April  6  to
Four cabinet ministers spoke- < n mpk(, thp *asI stand before the Do-
the Ulster situation at different meet- hninlon grain commission in favor of
ings tonight. John Hums, president ' tn(, establishment of the coast gov-
of the local government board. In an ernment elevator on the Kraser river,
address on the occasion of the unveil | A mc,.ting of the commission has been
ing of his portrait in the Nations* ^-ranged ,or |n the prairie metropolis
Liberal club, said: "Home rule i8t0I, tnat ,jat��� to hear argument in fa-
a question mainly for Ireland Itself. vor 0f ,)u, respective suitabllltes of
Three fourths of the people* there' ] nurrard Inlet and the Kraser river for
have demanded It persistently for the elevator and at the meeting of the
years and we have no right to listen ' board of trade last night it was an-
to the demand for more concessions nounced that three delegates from this
or yield to olatnor. We have no more city would attend Including a repre-
desire to yield to lawless lawyers sentative ot the board.
than to lawless laborers." The delegation will  he armed Wltb
Thomas McKinnon Wood, secretary arj salient facts concerning the advan-
of state for Scotland, said: Mages <<f the Kraser river for the site
"We will carry home rule by agree. ��� all(| **t |8 expected an invincible argument if we possibly can, but without j ment will be pm up. A large dele gall if we must." tlon will attend the meeting from Van-
Augustine, nirrell. chief secretary couver to present the brief of that
tor Ireland, In liis speech declared j city and Burrard Inlet and it is the
that lhe government's proposals gave intention of the board of trade as evi-
lister freedom from coercion for six'denced by the sentiment of last even-
years, and that the scheme of An- ing'a meeting if it cannot outnumber
drew   Ilonar  Law,  the  leader  of  the Ithe Vancouver delegation  to at least
Three Delegates to Represent City at
Session of Grain Commission in
to hear the charge of assisting John
Krafchenko to escape from the central city jail preferred against Percy
Hagel and John Westlake, brought In
a verdict of guilty.
lt. A. Bonnar, K.C, took exception
to Mr. Justice Curran's charge* to the
jury which he claimed was in error
in many places. Mr. Bonnar pointed
cut that the judge had said that the
evidence was corroborative in all cases
and counsel went on and endeavored
to show that far Prom such being the
case it was very contradictory.
He read out numerous instances of
what he contended were very serious
and material discrepancies. The jury
had left the court to discuss their verdict shortly after 5 o'clock.
Recharged Jury.
.Mr. Bonnar then took his exceptions
and asked that the jury be recharged.
He then went on with his arguments,
some of which Mr. Justice Curran concurred in. While in the midst of the
argument the jury sent in word that
they had already come to a verdict, i
Mr. Justice Curran. however, refused I
to accept any verdict until they had
been recharged as had been suggested by Mr. Bonnar. Ile then sent for
them and recharged them. The jury
was told t'r.ey could adjourn for dinner. On their return the jury again
weighed the evidence and brought in
their verdict at 8:30.
Hagel se-emed to take the verdict
coolly. Mrs. Hagel, who has been a
constant visitor ln the court room
every moment of the day, turned her
face towards her husband as the verdict fell from the lips of the jury foreman. A look of agony passed over
her face as she looked long and hard
��t her husband. Slowly the sherltl
walked towards the two convicted men
and slipped the handcuffs on their
wrists, the one handcuffed to the
other. This proved too much for
Mrs. Hagel and she dropped in her
seat, sobbing silently. The two men
were taken across to the provincial
Remanded for Sentence.
In view of thp judge's charge to the
jury, the most sanguine did not for a
moment imagine that Hagel would he
acrdSS   the  sandheads  was  not  quite j company   tonight   and   at   the   same
completed but the widening operations   time one of the firemen named  Neil
were now bi'ing conducted.    All that   .....      .,       , ,     ,       ,  ,  ,    ,
would be necese-ary in future, he said. I McDon*ld sustained such Injuries that
would be to keep it clear ami in that M1'8 "f,i ls despaired of. Though the
connection he pointed out the neces- 1|IV department was on the scene
sity of keeping before the government   of tll(; outbreak within a few minutes
from   the  time  lhe   first   alarm   was
chairman of the navigation committee,
at the meeting of the board of trade',
lata   night.
Information   Authentic.
The announcement was made   on
trie authority of the pilot board  and
was received with great enthusiasm the need of hurrying along the work
by the me*in!.*ers of tiie board of trade. | on lhe jetties.
Mr. Gilley tinted that on Thursday I Forty  Feet  Soon.
Pilot Ford conducted soundings on ! If the dredging is continued and
the river from the start of the new J the jetties hurried along Mr. Gilley
channel cut across the sandheads to sees no reason why there should not
New Westminster at a 12 foot tid<' : be a 40 foot channel at the end of
and found a de-pth of SO feet for all i this year. With the depth of 80 feet
the distance, or sufficient water to! the Kraser is now available to the
enable any steamer drawing 25 feet I largest vessels on the Pacific ocean,
of water to navigate the river. At or-i The information concerning the dis-
dlnary high tides Mr. Gilley stated the i covery of the new deep channel will
depth would he about 27 feet, which ! likely be used to gooel purpose in con-
wruld readily admit of vessels draw- j vineing the Dominion grain commis-
ing 22 feet of water to enter the I sion of the suitability of the Kraser
river. | as the site for the elevator to be es*
Rush  Jetties. ] tablished on the Pacific coast by the
The chairman    of    the    navigation | federal government.
  i ______^__
Killing   of    Editor    in   Paris   Brings   Applicant for Lease of Civic Property
About Inquiry into Trial of Fails  to   Attend   Special
Paris, March 20. -Two former pre- ��� The negotiations between the city
mlers of France, Joseph Cailloux and i council and James Brookes of the
Enest Munis, and the chief public, Westminster Woodworking company ���n-.,,,,.H
WnWet-utor 61 the republic, Victor Un renpeet to tho latter learning cUy\ .,
Kcb'-e, were questioned today by a I property on which to rebuild the
parliamentary committee concerning j plant destroyed by frre on I.ulu island,
their acts and motives in hindering came to an abrupt end yesterday af-
the trial of the banker Henry Roch-1 ternoon at a special meeting of the
i ette, who. it is averred, duped inves-1 council.
I tors out of $3,000,000 and ultimately j    it  was  understood  that  the  appli-
! eSjBgyed punishment. cant would be on hand to state bis
1    The death of Gaston Salmette. edi-, case  but a brief letter  was read  at
I tor cf Klgaro, at the hands of  Mme.   the   last   moment  from   Mr.   Brookes,
| Caillaux,  caused  this  secret  page  of I stating that it would be inconvenient
ihe judicial history of France to be re-1 for him to attend the session.    Alder-
turned in, the flames had secured
such a firm hold on the building
that their efforts were confined principally to keeping it to a certain
area. Other business premises (in
the same block also caught ablaze
but ufter a couple of hours work the
fire was got under control.
Fell From Ladder
McDonald, of number one firehall,
was on the aerial ladder when he
slipped and fell a distance of 60 feet,
seriously injuring his head and back.
He was carried to an adjacent house
where he was given first aid by the
police and afterwards taken to the
hospital. The heat of the fire was
so intense that persons standing a
block away had to move some distance further. All the available fire
apparatus in the city was brought
into use and even these were found
not quite adequate. It was three
hours before the flames were finally
Firms Involved.
The following firms were involved:
Nelson Shakespeare *& Watson, wholesale grocers; Standard Brokerage
company; Turner Bros., asbestos manufacturers, Mcl.eod and Clarkson, the
Imperial Storage company and the
Canada Power company. There were
125 men engaged, who used 10,800
feet of hose, there were eighteen
pieces of motor apparatus in use and
31  streams  of  water  playing on  the
acquitted. His lordship went over
Buxton's testimony almost word for
word   and   on   several   occasions   re-
j opened. Many of Its prases, still obs-
; cure, are likely to be unrolled by this
i inquiry with its background of intense
man Jardine; and Goulet thought that
the curtness of the communication
was  enough   for  the council  to  drop
terred  to what might or might not P���11? ff ��?���?*���   Deep per^ and po- negotiations and so moved accordingly.
! htical   rivalries  are   interwoven   with ! It was  carried.
the attempts to raise the screen hid-]     President D. S. Cameron and W. E.
ing  the  strange  transactions. | Maiden of the Trades and Labor coun
cil were given an opportunity of stat*
have a bearing en the case. On the
defence side of the ease lie hardly
touched at all, so that when ihe jury-
did not return the first time there was
every expectation ol the verdict which
was rendered.
The court room wa? crowded to the
utmost -capacity for the last session
of the trial and again ladies held a
p:ominent place among the crowd.
R, B. Graham for the crown, at once
moved for sentence to be passed and
H. D. Cutler, for the defence asked
that it be suspendi-el as Mr. Bonnar
would have Eomethin,, to say. His
lordship thereupon nc'journed court
until tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock
and remanded the prisoners for sentence.
���nml... ;
Progress   Being    Made   en    Dredging
Operations���First Jetty Almost
While M. Caillaux. restless and with '
an air of suppressed passion, replied
to questions asked him by members |
of the committee, the bells for M.
Calmette's funeral were tolling. Almost all the notable literary and dramatic personages in Paris either were
in the little church ot Saint Francis
de Sales for the funeral service or followed the hearse to the cemetery.
Former I'resident l.oubet and former Premiers Briand and Barthou
were among the 900U persons who
went to the place of interment. The
route through which the cortege passed was thronged, the spectators standing bareheaded in the intermittent
opposition In parliament, meant immediate coercion if a referendum
went against Ulster.
sir John Simon, attorney-general,
said the government proposed lo go
steadily on. adding:
"Whatever happens, we will see
that law and order are unflinchingly
observed in Ulster."
In view of the partisan claims re-
gardins the number of men, the organization and equipment of the Ul-
outpoint it in the way of arguments.
During the discussion on the question of sending n delegate' last night
W. L, Darling, acting secretary, pointed mu that no matter how large a
deputation of Vancouverltes made the
trip it would have no effect on the
commission's decision. It was a matter of convincing the commission on
the suitability of the different sites
recommended by the delegates. The
hoard unanimously adopted the rocom-
r volunteers, statements by Colon- emendation of the executive committee
el Dacourt, military correspondent of
the London Times, and H. W. Nevin-
son, a prominent Liberal writer of
tiie nation, who have been louring Ulster, are Important.
Ulster's Army.
Colonel Dacourt says the 110,000
men enrolled are in the flower of
their age and are of excellent physique Decentralization lias been the
system of organization. Each counl.v
forms a separate unit. There' are 6ii
battalions of which lis are ln Belfast.
The volunteers have 400 motors, 200
motorcycles and a complete system of
communication by flags, lamps and
that a delegate be sent and a BUbscrip
tlon list was opened to cover the expenses of the man selected for the
A special meeting of the board will
be held next Kriday evening to further discuss the matter. A special
committee consisting of D. S. Curtis,
W. G. McQuarrie, A. E. White and W.
It. Gilley has been appointed by the
hoard cf trade council to make all the
necessary arrangements nml report at
next Friday's meeting.
Both Col. J. D. Taylor, M.P. and H.
H; Stevens, M.P. for Vancouver will
attend the meeting at Winnipeg, itesl-
detit Engineer c. c. Worefold will also
ing their case in respect to the white
labor clause which they maintained
should be includeei in all cases where
city property is leased to industrial
Mr. Cameron stated Ihat the Trades
anel i.abor council was absolutely opposed to Asiatic labor and thought
that any corporation leasing land from
the city should be able to compete
with other firms if only white labor
was employed. The union men were
quite in sympathy with the leasing of
such property and have the interests
of the city at heart just as much as
any other citizens but the-s Idea of
oriental labor was repugnant.
W. E. Maiden spoke in the same
vein, stating that 75 per cent of the
money earned by orientals went out
of the count-y never to return.
A'derman Dodd in upholding the
inn rests Of the union men went into
statistics   vr'iich   showed     that     Mr.
Estevan,    Sask.,    March    20.���Two
years in the common jail at Regina
was   the  sentence   passed   by   Judge ...     , . , , ,.    ,,
Blwood, on  George Ferjruson,  found Brcokes wruld be practically give,, a
.guilty  of  manslaughter 'yesterday  ef I ***��� at  <*e  ��""��  Pnce ?*��* *>
j Kdward Smith, at Big Muddy, Sask.        lle city.    A motion was carried that
Asked   ir  he   bad  anything   to  ��v   '"  *"  other circumstances  where  in-
whv  sentence  should  not  be  passed, \ ^Z * XP    V ,2^
Ferguson said he realized the serious-!"111   "abor ""  would  be  not., ed
\r.aaZr,t  eho    ��   ������.!   OA-.M-4   il   ������*,. I ���*"**�����������    Riven   B    Chalice   to   Speak    Oil    the
Mrs. Elvide Ch<*ng Alio ved to Resume
Maiden Name���Granted
ness of the crime and admitted it un-
| der great provlcatlop, having  twice
San Krancisco, March 20.- Mrs. Kl* I previously   warned  the   deceased    of
vide C. Cheng, white wile of Enseng I obstructing him aud calling him  foul
W.   Cheng,   a  Chinese   physician   of   names.
Boston, was granted a divorce in the      The jury, having recommended him
���superior court today on  the grounds e to mercy,  he asked  the judge to be
of extreme cruelty. After six years
Of married life Mrs. Cheng admitted
eto the court that as far as she was
concerned, inter-marriage of white
and yellow races was a failure.
Mrs. Cheng was allowed $100 a
month alimony and permission to resume her maiden name of Nielson.
Dr. Cheng made no contest to his
wife's suit, but wrote a letter to Mrs
Cheng's attorney advising him how
to conduct the case, saying among
other things:
"Be decisive, earnest, and fight for
all you are worth. I will not contest
Ihis suit as it is a batch of lies. Handle the case so that there can be no
warning given by the presiding judge.
You  will have to work hard for my
as lenient as possible.   The judge said
Sent   Poisoned   Candy.
Portland. Ore., March 20.--Not only
did   Mrs.   Edith  Edna    Hawley     send
poisoned candy  to her    three    step-
hildren  and  the housekeeper of he
he' had taken Into consideration    the | i,usband's family, but she also sent a
provocation under which he did the
shooting, also that the first jury had
disagreed. He did not wish the accused to think any the less seriously of the act. for the sentence he
That Carson  Sword
Ottawa.   March   20.���In   the   senate
today Genera)   Cloron    asked if the
government bad taken stops to ascer- j
tain if one of the ministers had been
present when a sword was presented |
to  Sir  Edward    Carson.     Hon.    Mr. j
Lougheed said the question should go
In  the  industrial  "war" order  papei;.
A bill amending the    South    African
Blebty   thousand   rifles,   according   be present
to Colonel Daccurt, have been distributed in parcels, each containing five
srlcotod men so thai wholesale seis-
ure of the weapons would be Impossible.
S'evinson estimates that between
tin,000 nnd 80.000 men would respond
to' c call for the mobilization of the
volunteers. He thinks the rifles of
the volunteers nbsolete and of sever-
(Continued ou Page Four.)
Discuss C. P. R.
The board also tool; up the question of the removal of the C.l'.K. operative terminals from this city to
Port Coquitlam and a special committee was apoplnted to consult with the
special committee of the council. Alderman (Joulet announced that he was
trying to arrange a meeting with
Vice-president Bury of the C.l'.K. and
(Continued on Paze Five.) ;
money if you get it.    Snap case does   volunteer  bounty  act   and   to  extend
not mean snap money." j the  time  and  substitute  for  a   grant
The  letter  was  introduced  as evi- | of land a cash payment  cf $300 was
de nee. given a second rending.
box to her own two year old daughter, according to an alleged confession she made today when confronted by the police with further evidence
Mrs. Hawley was arrested yesterday
on complaint of her husband. The
couple have been living apart. After
her alleged confession today federal
and county officials conferred und it
was decided that she should be turned
over to the federal authorities on a
charge of sending poison through the
mails with intent to kill. She will he
re-arrested tomorrow on a United
Stat'-s warrant and given preliminary
Reports from the river mouth indicate that the first unit of the north
jetty will be completed by the end of
the month. Very rapid progress has
been made recently under the favorable weather and tide conditions and
the contractors are sanginue about
finishing before the month is out. So
far no word has been received from
Ottawa in respect to the contract for
the second unit but It is expected that
Resident Engineer C. C. Worsfold will
have something to announce in this
respect on his return from the federal capital where he is now on a
visit in connection with departmental
The dredging work is also advancing by marked degrees and it is likely
that it will make more noticeable progress in the immediate future as the
dredging fleet was supplemented last
night by the arrival of the Vancouver
Navigation company's dredge. The
Vancouver Navigation company holds
the contract for dredging a channel
5000 feet long and 200 feet wide. The
Fruhllng is now at work at the river
mouth and the King Edward will resume operations about the first of next
week. At present the King Edward
is lying at the Sapperton wharf finishing the installation of a new suction sand pump.
University   Head   Resigns.
Berlin. March 20.���An alleged letter
from Emperor William in which he
is said to have expressed strong anti-
Catholic views is attracting much attention in the press.
The letter is understood to have
been written by his majesty to the
Landgravine of Hess, who was a princess of Prussia and was converted to
the Catholic faith on Oct. 9. 1901.
The Volke Kruend, of Aix la Chap-
elle, a Catholic newspaper, declares
the letter contained the phrase: "1
hate the religion which yon have
The letter is said to have been discovered amoiij; the papers of the late
Cardinal Kopp.
To Patrol Border.
Austin, Tex., March 20.    Reports of
new disorders along the Mexican bor-
Regina  Horse  Show.
Regina, March 20, ��� Regina will like-] cation   has  discharged
Iowa City, la., March 20���John C* der, including the attempted kidnap-
Bowman resigned tonight as president | ping of an American citizen by five
rt tine state university. He gave as'Mexicans today caused Governor Col-
his reason that the state board of edu- mtrltt to order the ranger force recruit-
a    professor i ed   wii.h   "men   who  can   shoot."    "li
Opening of Nriviunticn.
Port Arthur, Ont., March 20.- The
official reports on ice conditions In i ly have a big horse show next month. | without a hearing and without consult- have instructed Capt. Hughes to look
Thunder bay are that it is 22 inidu'*- ! provided the ,*itti.ndi"cP of a big j in the head of the university. Pre",!-j for men suitable for the ra'iger ser-
thick and solid except on top. This string of high grade luersi-s can be j dent Bowman charged that this was a | vice. My instructions to him are tc.
is much more favorable to an early secured from the east. The city un- violation of his contract agreement; get men who can shoot and w>>o Will
opening of navigation than at the { dertakes to guarantee the success of with the board and said that il indlcut- i shoot when necessary," Governor Col-
ami' time last year 'the show to the extent of $10.01)0.        ed lack of confidence. | quit sale! tonight. ���PAGE TWO
SATURDAY,  MARCH 21. 1914.
An lr.el��*pendei>t morning pn|��*r deveeted tu tie,* lnte*re*stH of New Westminster and
the Fraser Valley. Published every rnornliiK ,*x,v*pt ssuneiiiy ley th,. National I'rlntliiK
��� nd Publishing Company, Limited, at f,3 McK-nsle Street, N,-w W,*stmlne-.t,*r, British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU comiiiunie-atlons should lee* addraaged i.t 'l'U,* New* \V��*Ktmlnst,*r Nt-ws, and neet
to Individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and me>ne*y ord>*rs slueuld be* made
payable tu The N'eitlonal I'm.tie ;: sad Publishing Company, Limited.
TKLKPHOXK8��� Business Office* and Manager, 9!)8 , Kdltorleil Rooms (all departments). 991.
SVTHSCRHTION RATES��� By currier. S4 (.er year. $1 for three months, *0C per
month. Bv mall, $3 per year. 2t.c p<-r month.
ADVERTISING   RATES  on  application.
must be remembered that these expressions are those of an Anti-Cluiu
v iniat.
The  Chauvinist.     Nationalist    and
Ministerialist,    taka    the    opposite
ground, thai war was an "historic necessity," that colonial expansion  was
Decenary  for Italy's redundant popu
lation  and  growing capital, and  that
Italy   must  assert   herself    in   Africa
to preserve her    Mceliterranean    bal-
i ance.    As usual neither side is quite*
I clear in its arguments, but it ls a Big-
niifcaut fact that  Signor O.lolittl  has
I spoken   more  sharply   than   usual   In I
'answer  to critics.    Ile has defended |
While those American papers and politicians who are
opposing the stand taken by President Wilson for an honorable carrying out of the Hay-Pauncefote treaty with
regard to Panama canal tolls are turning out columns
upon columns of arguments to show why the United States
has a right to exempt its own coastwise shipping, they are
very careful to refrain from putting into print any of-
tener than is absolutely necessary the exact wording of
the clause in the Hay-Pauncefote treaty which deals with
canal tolls.   Here it is:
"The canal shall be free and open to the vessels
of commerce and war of all nations on terms of
entire equality, so that there shall be no discrimination against any such nations or its citizens or subjects in respect of the conditions or charges of traffic or otherwise."
Here also is the straightforward comment on the situation made by one of the leading American weeklies:
"Any person able to understand the English
language who reads this clause and then refuses to
admit that we are in the wrong in endeavoring to
exempt our coastwise shipping proclaims thereby
his own personal moral status.   No statesman was
ever on stronger ground than Wilson is in the matter of canal tolls."
Those papers and politicians who are advocating
preference for coastwise craft flying the Stars and stripes
make the burden of their cry the statement that the build
ers of the canal surely have a perfect right to give their
own ships a handicap sufficient to place them in the running with the more advanced merchant marine of other
nations.  They forget that the time for making that pro
vision passed with the signing of the Hay-Pauncefote
treaty and that, now, having made an agreement, they
must, if they are to be considered honorable among the
nations, live up to it.
The clause in the treaty dealing with Panama canal
tolls surely is plain enough and, while "big business" in
the United States may attempt to bring Wall street
methods and Wall street standards of honesty to bear on
the controversy, President Wilson will have the backing
of every honest American who has read and considered the
clause printed above.
Rome is in darkness owing to an electrical workers'
strike. A city set on seven hills possibly cannot he hid, but
at night it must be pretty hard to find just now.
Packs of ravenous wolves are raiding the flocks of
Northern Italy. Sounds almost like a Wall street news
item, doesnt it? '
' If the French cabinet breaks up over the shooting of
a newspaper editor it may set a bad precedent for the future and necessitate pencil pushers taking to bomb proof
shelters at times when the people become dissatisfied
with the government.
President Wilson's Plea Will Be Conceded  But Only  By  Small
Washington, March 20. -More stub
born than anything thut has arisen
to stir the tranquility of the Democratic majority since the party came
Into control of the national government in the opposition to President
Wilson's plea for repeal of the toll
exemption provision for American
ships in the Panama canal act.
With the time almost at hand when
the question is to be decided, the
opposition of the Democrats who be
lieve it is an economic escape to reverse tho policy of the government
on the tolls question becomes more
active and iu senate und house it
promises to be ihe most vigorous that
has been precipitated by any issue'
the Democrat congress has had before It.
While Uie preside nt and Democrat
ic members in both houses who will
support this position are confident
that the repeal will pass by a com
fortable majority, few have any idea
that the majority wul be* large. Die
bate on the repeal will begin in the
house Saturday,
I'resident Wilson conferred yesterday with Senator Jones of Washing
ton, informing the senator that then
was no basis for conclusions he had
referred to in a speech in the senate
Wednesday to the effect that the tolls
repeal was the price to be paid as a
reesult of negotiations With Greer.
Uritain for non-interference by foreign powers in Mexico and for England's defence of the Monroe doctrine.
The president told the senator that
he was "skating on thin ice'' in circulating such conclusions after read
ing them in some publication. Dis
cussing the question with other call
ers, the president said his address to
congress on repe*al of the tolls clause
was written before the visit to Washington of the Uritish minister te
Mexico, Sir Lionel Carden, to whom
Senator Jones had ri lerre'd in his
speech, and that the canal controversy was not mentioned during the
minister's conference ai tin* White
Later Senator Jon< a made a state;
ment to the se*nate' asserting that he
had not wished to misrepresent anybody, that he had referred to the conclusions as he had read them in a
newspaper, and that it was due to
the president that he express to the
se*natc his  flat  denial of the subject.
Pure--- Wholesome*���Reliable���
Its fame is world-wide. Its superiority
unquestioned. Its use is a protection
against alum food. In buying baking
powder examine the label carefully
and be sure the powder is made from
cream of tartar. Other kinds do not
make the food healthful.
tile SJ
Across the border fiftv-eight railroads are to be asked
to increase the wages of their firemen and engineers.
The next piece of news will be that fifty-eight railroads
have raised their rates.
According to press disuatches from the front, the
Mexican war now has developed into a betting proposition. Perhaps President Wilson might be able to proceed
against General Villa for running a gambling game.
A nineteen-year-old New York man-killer says he prefers death in the electric chair to twenty years' imprisonment. Evidently he doesn't value his own life any more
highly than he does the lives of others.
The imperial government is going to appoint a special committee to look after the blind. The opnosition
likelv will claim it will be a case of the blind leading the
Arginetine   Engineer   Believes   in    International   Control   of   Panama
A clever Montreal swindler, who raised a cheque from
one dollar to thirty-five hundred bones, not only did the
pen work neatly, but he raised the thirty-five hundred
just as easily.
Rival  Parties    .n    Italy    Differ as to
Va'uc of  Lessens  Learned  in
African Campaign.
Hon,.*. Marcli 20. -Tie* discussion of
the Libyan war bees continued through
out Italy, in BOme cases consisting of
criticism too weighty ami calm to Ih*
disregarded, in others ef entihuslatsic
defense of the war. In still others eef
too  p.i.'Bsionate  disapproval.
The profressor bgbrfola, who lately
defended the war has been read oul of
th= Soc!allE*t parly, nor Indeed i:. tb b
surprising, as the whole composition
of thee Socialist platform is against
militarism. The discussion, roughly
speaking, trvidca Itself into three
beanches, the politico-diplomatic aspect and results of the  war, its mili
tary conduct in a professions sense,
and its bearing on finances and colonial expansion,
In regard to this last it is. of course',
: well known that the Italian troops
have never penetrated feir from the
coast, win reas iu tin* absence of min
eral resources or eif Important commercial depots ths shippings points,
it is neceesary that Italy's neve pos
session should have* wide agricultural
On this question the critics eif 'he'
government have been plain spoken.
One thousand two hundred million
francs, they Btay, is not as big a war
bill as many other countries have had
tei pay, but it is a high price for sandbanks.
In speaking of the war and its con*
duct, ee writ' ��� in II Secolo e.f Milan
pays that Italy has displayed In turn,
as In a colossal cinematograph, tin
classes t*t tie* army and three-ginr
tera of all the officers, spent twi Ive
hundred millions of money, and with
what practical result?
He proceeds to say thai far from
being a military lesson to the army.
Libya lias not shown it what rea! war
:.-��� like, and tint the entrenching habit
has been far tco much encouraged,    it.
In an interesting lecture' delivered
it ehe Atemeo Hispano-Americano of
lluenoB Ayres, and recently published
Senor Pederlco Corren, an Argentine
engineer, discusses the effect of the
Panama c-anal en tin* balances of
'orces in the new world. As Co: t'.i"
lotion   of  the   United   Ht.eie**   in   1903,
while sympathizing with tiie wounded
feelings of Colombia, he does not cc-n-
1' nn. I'resident Roosevelt for ������throwing tho sword of Brennus" into the
scale when so much depended for humanity on the csst. Of tin* ulterior
consequences of the* occupation of
Panama, however, lee takes a Berlous
view from the standpoint of the* Ibero-
American republics the* objects to the
term Latin American), ami his argument is Interesting as throw...:: additional light i/n the feelings of Intelligent South Americans on tie-* subject.
Had tbe canal been placed, like that
of Suez, under International guarantee, he argues that it would bave been
balled by all as an unmitigated boon
to humanity at large .ind the* Atne*rl-
cas in particular. But the* fact that
it has been made a fortified outpost
of the United States carries w*lth it
momentous consequences, for not
only does its ultimate' security demand
the supremacy of the, United states
at sea, but also the control of access
to it by hind. Hence, in Senor Cor-
rea'a opinion, the aggressive policy of
tlte government at Washington towards Mexico and the Central Ame-ri-
;���:.. republics, its ob.ii*(*t being lo obtain unfettered control of a railway
rente from the United State's to Pan
ama. Hence also the tightening grip of
the United States on the less advanced northern republics of the South
American continent.
Central American  Statec.
To disguise these ambitions of the
tj'*'" "Yankee imperialism" and to
Bcothe the somewhat "platonlc" outcry-
over the wrongs of Mexico nud Colombia, recoi.se has been .had to the
"Pun-American lubricant, with a a *a
aoning of Mnnrnism truths, and half-
truths, and other efficacious pickles."
Tin' truth being, pays Senor Correa,
tint. This famous Monroe doctrine, so
ofti n hoisted against Imaginary and
fantastic European aggressions in this
continent, ought to be held In great
er respect by Its own authors and applied equally to American aggregations." As for th,> Central American
republics, their doom    ns    sovereign
are deep-curved lenses
which not only wonderfully enlarge your field
of vision but give you a
^^^^^^^ lot of real comfort and ^^^^^
vastly improve your personal appearance. If
you wear glasses, you should know all about
Let us demonstrate and explain  their many
40 Sixth Street New Westminster.
Buy  It Because
It's a Better Car
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Car, f. o. b. Ford,   ^fa   N I
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Get particulars from
Fraser Valley Motor Company,
Cor. Carnarvon and Lorne Sts.
states is sealed, nor is it. to be much both services, aud also teach the Bible
regretted   in   view   of   taeir   turbulent class.    The  lopic  for Bible class  will
and  bloody  record.    It  is  otherwise' be:  "Is the Church Losing Ground?"
with  those South  American  republics Young men and young ladles are cor
whose* Isolation from the' main centres dial ly Invited to Bible class,
of   Spanish    American     culture     haB
hitherto kepi them in a backward
state of development. The opening of
the Panama Canal will had to the
exploitation Of their vast natural
wealth; lt will also bring them into
closer touch with their more advanced
sister  republics.     Already   there    are
CHURCH Services ll a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Pastor, \V. W. Abbott, H.A.. H.I).
At the morning service Rev. Thomas
Walker, who Is visiting in the city,
will preach. In the evening the pastor
wlll  preach  ou  "Things  Ihat Count.'
gratef.il signs, that this republic will ! T,ie service will be of special inten*st
refusi- to put themselves Into the ! t0 young people. At the close of the
hands of foreign trusts, "peetrollforos,: regular evening service the young
trlgoriflcos,, and ferrocairrlleros." As People will spend a social hour in the
for the Yankee menace, the opening of Sunday school room. All young peo-
the Panama canal should give an lm-iP,e ar<! Invited.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ give
petus to ti-.e' effort to create a "South
\merican entente," so as to unify the
force of lhe Southern continent with
a. view to any eventuality. Having
regarel to the community of race, language', and religion in the South American republics, Kite-h a union, concludes
Senor Correa, shoulel not be Impossible cl realization.
Church Notice
I.uman ItnxikH Crosby, D.D., pastor.
Morning worship at 11 o'clock when
Ithe pastor wlll speak on t'.ie theme
] "Co-partners. In the afternoon at
2:30 the Sunday school will meet, at
which time the Iiuraca and Fidelia
classes will hold their ri'gular sessions. The topic of the sermon for
the evening service which will be at
7:30, will lie "Disowned." .Monday
evening there Is to be. a young people's rally. eaye-r service Wednesday   evening  at  X   o'clock.
CHURCH Pul,lie worship, 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p.m.; adult Bible class 2
p.m.; Sunday school 3 p.m, Rev. Dr.
Peter Wrlghi will preach in the evening.    M. Cordon   Melvin.    It A.,    min
No Poor Peiimbers.
Kansas City. Mo., March 20.- Judge*
Bird virtually ruled yesterday that no
plumber may righteously plead pov-
irty. lie compelled James A. McCau-
ley, n plumber who Is suing Kansas
later, i cltv. to put un $i!f> as a guarantee of
I costs in the> suit.    McCauley had con
ST.    ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN tested the' city's move' to obtain costs
CHURCH-   Minister, K*ev. K. W. Kerr,  on the- ground that he in a poor man. J
Services  at   11   a.  m.  and   7:30  p.  m.   In   IB   years   of   practice   Judge*   liird
Bible clasn anil Sunday school al 2:30 ; Bald he had known of only one bank- I
p.   in.    The   minister   will   preach   at  rupt plumber. '
II.   J.   A.    Ill'KNKTT.   AUDITOR    AND
Aceeiimt.ll.l.       Telephone     IU\~..        RUMS
tl   Hart  iileeek.
i P. H. Smith. W. J. QroTM.
! Work   undertaken    II    city    and    ou'.��t<]��
'point*.   211-12   Westminster   Trust   111*1*.
Pbone   364.     P.  O.   llox   6*7.
B I'. 1) K. of ll. ('.. meet lie* first miel
t lit ret   Priday   lit   S   p ill.,   ljel'.er  Temple,
Seventh m��d icveei avenue, A. Wells
Oray, Suited Bator; P. li. Smith Secretary.
L.o.o.M.. NO 85�� -MBBT8 ON KIltST
and  third Tuesday   III eieeh   month  ut   N
p.m. In tho Labor Tempto, David
Boyle,  Dictator;   W.  J.  Qroves,  Bocre-
I a <>. ������'��� AMITY L0D08 NO. 17���TfUI
regular meeting of Amity lodge N��,
27, I. O. O. P., te held every Monday
night at S o'clock In Odd Fellows' Halt
oorner Carnarvon and Eighth street*.
Waiting brethern cordially Invited.
R A. Mt'rrltheW. NO.; H. W. Sangater.
T.'O.; W. C. Coatham. P. Q��� receding secretary: J. W. MacDonald. financial  secretary.
W. K. KAI.KH���Pioneer Kuner.tl Director
nnd Bmbolmer, G1--1118 Agnes street,
opposite  Carnegie  Library.
3. nowni.1. (SUCCESSOR TO CBN-
ter A Hanna. Ltd.)���Funeral dlreuiora
and embalmers. Parlors 406 Columbia
street.   New  Weatmlnater.    Phone  til.
rieiAitii OB" THADI-:-NEW WB8TMIN-
nie-r Hoard of Trade meets In tne i,.,..i j
room. City Hall, aa folio in: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meetlos
on the third Friday of February. May.
A'ikiibI and November at 8 p.m. An-
iei.e. meetings on the thiol Friday of
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
rlw.-rs. Solicitors, etc.    40 Lome Street,
New Westminster.   Q. E. Corbould. K.
C.    J.  R. Grant    A. E. UcColl.
Ht-inw. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for tin.
Bank of -.ancouver. orflccH: Merchants Bank Building, New Westminster. B.C. Telephone Nee. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." Code Western
V.    V.   HANSFORD.    BARRISTER.    SO-*
Ilclteer, etc., Collister Block, corner Col-
umleln nnu McKenzie streets, New West
mlie.st.-r.   B.C.     P.   O.   Box   285.     Tele
plione 344.
slde ��� Barristers and Solicitors. Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street,
Ne'-'w Westminster. B. C. Cable addresa
"Whiteside." Western Union. V. <X
Drawer 200. Telephone 18. W. I.
Whiteside. K. C.; H. L. Edmonds. D.
. STILWELL CLUTE. Bsrrlster-at-law,
eaollcltor, eto.; oorner Columbia and
McKensle streets. New Westminster.
B. C.   P. O. Box 112.    Telephone   "IS.
Solicitor and Notary. Office* Hart
ble��-k. J8 Loroe street. New Westm/D-
ster. H. C,
Banisters and Solicitors, de'6 to lis
Went minster Trust Block. G. K M��r-
t'n. v; u. McQuarrie and George U
COAL MINING rights of tbe Dotnlnlee
o Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta,
he Yukeen Territory, the Northwest Ter-
Itorles and In a portion of the province
if British Columbia, may be leased tor a
erra of twenty-one years at an annual
���������ntal of 21 an acre. Not more than S6IS
teres wlll he leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be mads
ey the applicant In person to the A***!*
.r Sub-Agent of the district In which the
iKhte applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
tesortbed by sections, or le��al suh-dlTl-
���le.em of sectlona, and tn unsurveyed ter-
Itory the tract applied for shall bs
naked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
>y a fee of 16 which wlll be refunded If
he rights applied for are not available,
"il not other-wise. A royalty shall be
���aid on the merchantable output of the
nine at the rate of five cents per toil.
The person operating the mine sliall
ornlsh the Agent with sworn returns
iccountlng for the full quantity of mer-
ihantable coal mined and pay the roy-
ilty thereon. If the coal mining rights
��� re nol being operated such returns should
.e   furnished  at  least  once a  year.
The lease wlll Include the coal ralnlna
IkIiIh only, hut the leasee wlll be per-
nltted to purchaae whatever avslUblt
nirface rights may be considered nee*i-��-
mry for tbe working of the mine at the
ntte ot lit an acre.
For full Information application should
ie made to the Secretary of the  I>e|��,rt-
Tient  of the Interior,  Ottawa,  cer  to any
Agent  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion   ljimla
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of thle
idvertlaement will not be paid for.
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front Street,
Foot of 81xth Street.
P. O. Box 345.
Phone 105.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone  137.
Begbie  Street.
Baggagd Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News
-1 SATURDAY,  MARCH  21.  1914.
Prerr.etr    Borden    Tables    Statement
Proving Authority for Proposed
Action���B. N. A. Act.
Uie par-
lm .-i ;is< d to s.\ membei��� i
li.eiii' n:   of  i :iii;ii!.i.
By the |(.  N. A. act,  1871,  it   is  pro
vidid, seciieeii 2, that die parliament
cf Canada may establish m w provinces and may al the* time* of such h
l.iblislime ut make provision for their
re-presentation ln ihe said parliament,
and section 3, that the parliament ol
Canada, may with tin- consent of the
legislature of any province, increase
tin- limits upon such termi and con
diiions as may be agreed lo by the
said  li gislature.
The II. N. A. act, 1HXG, provides,
section 2, us follows:
Ottawa, March 20 Premier Hoi- , An act passed by the parliament of
den yesterday tabled in tile bouse the '��� Canada before* the passing of this uct
Opinion of E. I.. Ni'wcomb, deputy ! for the purpose mentioned in this
minister of justice, in support of tbe I act: The representation of territor
view that the Dominion government i' s not ln any province, hIibII. if uot
lias   the   power   without   seeking   an   dissallowed by the queen, be and shall
Americans   in   Mexico   Use  it  to   Pro
tect   L*fe  and   Property���Some
Strong  Opinions.
Seattle.  March 20.   Denied protection   by   tiie   American government,
millions of dolalrs in property and
hundreds of citizens of tie* United
States residing  in   Mexico  have  ben
amendment to the II. N. A. Act, to ap
point additional senators from Mam
The memorandum Is as follows:
"Department or Justice, Ottawa, om.
June il, r.G2:
Hear Mr. Borden,
be- deemed to have been valid and i compelled to seek safety under tin-
effectual from the date at whicli it ! British flag, according to F. C. Mintle
received the assent in her majesty',*; millionaire banana planter and for-
name of the governor-general of Can- , In<.r n.sl()(.nt of Baattle,  who arrived
Iin  ihis city   Monday  from   Se-attle  to
It is hereby declared ihat any act I puronaM Uvo 7000-ton steamships.
passed by the parliament of Canada., Mlnlh, Ilot on, ,u.elared tlmt h(.
Referring to your letter 0 the llth ; whether before or after the pauing \__. been compelled to carry bis hold-
111st with regard to the appointment of this act, for lhe purpose* mentioned j mg, ���,���.,.,, HlH nag ��,f Great Briiain.
ol additional senators for the west- In this act, 1871, has affect, .101 with 1)ut n^���vtod that there but few Am-
.111 provinces. It is provided by the standing anything in the B. N. A. act, LrlCWli who were* abb* to de, anything
Manitoba act, sec. 3, that the province I i*o,, and the number of senators or , ,,|K(, amj *.���, ufiKurn.,i {)f either life I
after it has a population of 75,00.. th.. number of members of the house 1 ,)r propBrty He asse*rte.i that while!
SOUlS Khali be represented in the sen-   Of commons specified in ilu* last men- ! railroad   property   In longing   to   Am- |
tloned act is Increased by tii
GIN PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Out., Memh sfith.
"I bad been suffering for some tune
w.th iuy  Kidneys and  Urine.    1  was
constantly passing water, which  was
very scanty, Sometimes as many an
thirty times a day. Bach time the pain
was something awful, and no rest at
I heard of your GIN PII.I-S and
decided to give them a trial at once.
I sent my chum 60 miles to get them
anil 1 am pleased to inform you that iu
less than six hours, I felt relief.
In  two days, the pain  hail left tne
entirely.   I took about half a box and
today I feel as well as ever ami tny
kidne-ysare acting quite natural again."
GIN PII.LS soothe the irritated
hlaelder ��� heal  the sick, weak, painful
kidneys. "and strengthen both these vital
organs.    Money back if tbey fail.
50c. a box, 6 for $-2.50. Sample free
if you write National llrug and Chemical
Co., of Canada, Limited, Toronto.     179
ate* by four members. By the act
of last session to provide for the ex-
tension of the boundaries of Manitoba, it is provided, tec. 7, tbat the
province shall continue to be repre*
sei.ied in tin* senate by four members
provided that such representation
may after tin* completion of the de
eennlal census of June, 1911, lie from
time to time Increased td six by the
pai llamenl of Canada,
in the Alberta and Saskatchewan
nets it is provided, section 4. that
thai the province shall be represent
ed In the senate by four members
provided that such representation may
after the completion of tin.' nexl decennial census be from time in lime'
number of senators or of members as the*
case may be, provided any such act
'I tin* parliament of Canada for the
11 presentation of any province* or territories of  Canada.
It   therefore*   appears   to  be   compe
ie*nt to parliament eit the* present time
���ee increase' tin* representation in
the setia* 1* of any province from foui
to six members,
(Signed) K. 1.. Newcombe,
The;   memorandum    was   tabled   at
in*  request   eef  sir  Wilfrid   Laurler
eellO dissents from  tile*  views expr, IB
ed therein,
ericani  and   valued   at   $1,000,000,000   election in our country In which every
had  be-en  dl StToyed, not a spike bad
ie ���> n pulled or a train delayed on any
e.f tie*  roads  owned  bv   British  capital.
Wilson's policy of "watchful waiting" Mintle saiel, would culminate
���ooner or Inter in intervention, a
thing desired by no one.
Hundreds of Americans had be-en
robbed in  the northern  part of the
horse' and cow would be- called upon
to exercise the ballot. In fact. 1
think I: would In* easier to teach the
average horse and cow lhe* ihte real ���;
of e-eiv .riiiii.-n- thftn it would be* lo
gi" a.i Intelligent expression from thee
peon element tha1 oomprisea ninety
per cent, of tin- population of Mexf- I
"Zapata is a bandit on the order
0ES your loaf often
sulk in the bread pan?
or is it high and light? If the former,
the trouble lies with one or three things
(1) your baking, (2) your yeast, or
(8) your flour.
Canadian housewives are about the finest cooks in the world, so we wont' discuss baking; it is fairly easy to buy
good yeast, so we'll pass that by���but
FLOUR! Flour can make or mar any
batch. A flour that performs one way
Monday and then balks on Fridav is
you're after. UNIFORMITY first drew
Say "ROYAL STANDARD" to your
grocer when you next need flour.
republic,   he*  said,  and  as  many  more ' eif our own Jesae Janus,  with a  long
New,  Spare-time  Profession for   Men
and Women���One Man Makes
WjOO in  Six Months.
owing to the large number of ni w
motion picture theatres which an* be-
ing opened tnroughout tli? country,
thi re ia offered to the men and
'women of today, a new profession,
narai ly, that of writing moving pic
lure plays. Producers are paying
from $25 to $150 for each scenario accepted, upon which they can build :e
photo play.
$3500  in  Six Months.
ka it only requires a t<-v. hours',
time to construct a complete* play,
you can readily see the Immense
possibilities in tliis work, o.ie* man,
v. Ito gave the* Idea a tryout, writes
that lee* earned $3600 iu six months,
it is possible for an Intelligent person to meet with equal success.
One feature- of lhe business which
hie.uld appeal to everyone, is tbe the
WOrt may be done' at home in spare
tune. No literary ability Is required
nnd women have as great as opportunity as mi*n. Ideas for plots are
constantly turning up, and may be
pul 'n sceneario form and sold for a
gi '.(I price.
Particulars Sent FREE.
i 'omplete par'ictilars of this most
Interesting and profitable profession
may he had FREE OF CHARGE liy
i*. ndlng a post caret to
Photo-Play Association
and Miss1
L.R.A.M., A It.C.M
I.eBsotis ln Tianoforte, Violin, Slug
-ing.  Voice    Production.    Theory     (in
Majority of One for Proposed Amend
ment   But  Two  Thirds  Affirmative   Vote    Required.
Washington, March 20. Woman
suffrage advocates yesterday lost
'heir fight in the* I'nited Stales senile for a resolution proposing an
Amendment to the federal constitution giving women the* hallo;.
The \ote was 35 for tin* measure
u ::i against it. a two-thirds afflrma*
Ive vole* le ine; required for passage.
When it was ail over suffragette leaders jubilantly pointed to lhe* majority
.,f on.* as conclusive proof that their
u-ause had scored a triumph in defeat
and was Immeasurably stronger than
us opponents had ever been willing
io concede,
Vesterday's action following a long
debate on the* floor of the* senate dur-
HU4 which many leaden, iu the suffrage movement pleaded for postpon
ment of the filial vote-, marke-d the
climax of a spirited campaign launched here* the' day before the Inauguration of the president,
Beat   Him  to   It.
Immediately after the vote Senator
Shafrotb of Colorado, sough; to Introduce a new resolution for a con
stltutlonal amendment requiring each
state to vote on granting suffrage to
women, ..pen petition from five* pe*r
cent of Its voters. The* Benate went
Into executive session b* fore the
senator could get the floor however,
and the resolution will be offered
lat' r.
Th.- resolution defeated waa the
first Introduced In the present congress,    it  was presented  by  Senator
murdered; but in tbe southern portion, when* be lias an immense plantation  under cultivation,  there  bave
been   few   atrocities.
Mintle has made' a careful study of
conditions in Mexico and speaks au-
tboratlvely conei .ning conditions in
that country.
"Ninety per cent, of the people." be
said, "can neither rend nor write.
Tiny know nothing of the affairs of
state; or of government, which in turn
haB done' nothing for them. The various revolutions since the formation
of the republic have all been agitated
by politicians trying to get llielr
hands on the tax revenue.
"Diaz was a higher type of grafter
and realized that by maintaining order and encouraging development of
the nature] resources be was producing greater tax revenue, thereby giving him more money to manipulate.
Through the thirty years that Diaz
held the reins eif government, rob*
be.-y .murder and disorder were practically unknown. Life and prop, rey
were safe in the most remote* byways.
"Al the time* of the Madero revol
ution the country bad enjoyed thirty
ears of prosperity, peace and qulel
record of crime. Under the Diaz re-
gime he* was captured and inste ad !
of being executed was exited into
southern Yucatan, with the fall of j
the Diaz administration he escaped
and walked across the country to the
bills surrounding Mexico city wll* nee*
he has since* harrassed the outlying
"Villa is a half-breed Indian who
can neither read nor write. Ilis or- j
iginal excuse for the campaign of
robbery was for tbe abolition of the
Bchools, churches and railroads, on
the ground that the schools were a
nusiance, the- churches unnecessary]
and that tbe railroads competed With
the   burros.
"Carranza a half-breed Portuguese,
set out to avenge the death of Ma- i
dero and met with considerable sue-
cess and had some support in ihe
north, Villa soon attached himself
to the Carranza forces, but lately has
been so inflated with his own sue
cess that he has consigned Carranza
in a way to the shelf and says he bim-
Belf is going to be the next president.
Protectorate  Only  Solution
"As soon as the Huerta government
fails, as i* probably will, for it is a
marvel   to   us   all   how   he  has   been I
Every Mcnday at 12 Midnight���
To Prince* Kupert ami (iranby
Every  Thursday,  12  Midnight���
To Prince Kupert.
Every   Saturday.   12   Midnight���
To   Victoria   and   Seattle.
Monday, March 23. 12 midnight���
To  Massett and  Stewart.
Grand Trunk Pacific VI
EABTBOUND passenger trains leave
Prince Rupert Wednesdays anel S.*tt-
ui'lay* at in a.m. fe.e Tye-e-, Terrace, Pacific, Kltwauga, Hazelton,
New Hazelton and Bmithers. Mixed
trains leave Bmithers Thursdays and
Sundayo at 8:80 a.in. f.ei liarr,*tt
Lake*. Rose Lake and Priestley
(mile :i:.7.i    Stage tee  t'eeri   Fraser.
WESTBOUND passenger trains leave
Edmonton dally at 10:45 p.rn. for
Kelson. Hawes, Jasper, Mount Robson, Ti te .laiine. ami McBride, and
leave McBride Mondays, Wednesdays
andFrldaya at s :iui a.m, tor Willow
River  and   Prince fl^eerge*.
EASTBOUND���Ths Limited leaves Ed-
monton dally at 9:30 a.m., arrives
Winnipeg :t:-.'. p,m. cin hours I
The* Madero revolution overthrew the able to maintain a government at all,
Diaz administration ai a time when | harrassed as he lias been by the l.'ni-
there was $300,000,000 gold in tiie j ted States supporting the bandits*���it
treasury, the country was out of deb  | -vvill simply mean  Carranza, Villa or
some  like   fellow   going  into  power.
We represent all Trans A tlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. & T.A.
527  Granville St., Vancouver. Phone Sey. 8134.
'and forging ahead In tli>* development of her natural resources prob
ably  faster than  any  other country
I had done In the history of the world.
Money  Disappears
was several millions In debt",
and property were unsafe*; there was
less thnn $50,000 in the treasury; the
national credit was destroyed. The
people* rose and demanded that Madero resign. He replied that be wa**.
elected for eight years and was gt>-
Ing to continue*.    The  result  was an
j ..prising in Mexico, a resort to arms,
and   a   terrific   battle   culminating   in
Ithe overthrow of Madero and the restoration of the Diaz regime, headed  by  the  present   provisional  p.'e*si-
! dent   Huerta.
"In  a   very  short  time   Huerta re-
stored order" in the section of the re-
He, in turn, will shortly be overthrown
hy some other aspirant. We feel
thai affairs have* gone so far then the
liy  solution   will   be   a   protectorate
In less lhan two ye��n�� th�� country lover the republic  either   by  tbe   Uni-
me 1 toj states or some other foreign pow
"Forty-two per cent, cf the resources of the republic are owned by the
citizens of the I'nited States; about
2.) per cent, by British subjects, about
Iii by Germans���ln fact a very small
Tier cent of Mexico is owned by the
invite the  Indies of this city  to   inspect  their  spring  stock  of  the
latest fabrics  and  styles.    Special price for two weeks only $35 and
$40.    We guarantee perfect' tit.'
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
S'-attle,    March 20.���Five   hundred.
ami  forty chickens  will leave on the
Steamship    Alameda    for    Skagway.j
class or privately), Harmony, Counter    senators,  all  democrats,  lined   up  al
,point, Musical Form nnd History.
Pupils prepared for the examtna
-Hong of the Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
(College of Music. Also Professional
Dipli'tnas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 61 Pufferli
���Btreet.    Phone 411 R.
public where eighty p<*r cent, of the where they will form the nucleus of
entire population reside and it is gen what is declared to be the first bona:
erally conceded by all Interests iu ' fide chicken ranch established in
Mexico tlmt had the United States 1 Alaska. The ranch is being estab-
Chamberlain of Oregon and th.* wo- recognired the Huerta administration Uahed bv Robert Browning, who has
man suffrage committee lam' author- . s'|n]��� as ,,V)>rv other governmenl j nved In Bkagway for some time and
Ised .Senator A.-hmst to report It Lj done or at iea8t protected the believes there ls a big1 future ahead of
favorably, Rif,  ���;,*anQ(-,  border  and  stopped  the | the chicken industry in Southeastern
Southerners Oppose. illicit  importation   of  arms  and   sup-j Alaska.
vote   Vlr' I plies   for  a  few  bandits  in  the  north '     Heretofore   all   the     Alaska     ports
" "' '   "' ! peace- and order would have been re- j have had to depend on eggs from the
Although   otherwise   the
tually was non-par.iznn.  thi
I Pacific    northwest    states.     Strictly
President Wilson has attempted to | fresh eggs bring fancy prices in the
follow  an Idealistic  theory, probably  north.    While many residents in the
tuated by the slncerest motives, but j southeastern coast  ports keep small
I ac
I. I" .v��n. n
i; iris
most solidly agalnsl  the amendment
They  contended  it  would complicate
the*  negro question   in   lhe  states.  Of
the southerners only Senators Rams-1
del of Louisiana ,Sheppard of Texas,]
and Lea, of Tennessee, voted for th*.*
Senator Vardaman led ., movement i becauselt apparently closes its ears!    The chickens are all thoroughbred
among  friends of woman  suffrage in L gnd H��� w)K, 'ari, in a position  White   L-eghorns.     On    the    voyage
the* south  to    repeal    the    fifteenth L     fUi*niali   it  with   facts  concerning  north  they  will  occupy  fifteen large
STREET, j amendment  to   the   constitution    by j exl8tlng conditions and adheres dog- crates,   While horses often give signs
gedly to a policy that we feel will j cf suffering from mai de mer and the
surely lead to intervention. This Is more peaceful cow Is affected to some
the one thing that we have all tried (extent by  heavy  seas,  chickens,  ac-
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited bait yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of ths
CHAS. G. PEN NOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
nevertheless   impractical   In   dealing 1 flocks for their own use. Browning's
with   the   situation   there.     Most   of   ranch,  it  is said,  will  mark the real
the  interests  in   Mexico    find    fault  tnauguraitlon  of  the  egg  industry   so
! with   the  Washington  administration j far as concerns the great north.
COLUMBIA    STREET,I ���'"' ,:"'"' *'   *��  ul"  constitution    by
' which the states are prohibited from
EW   WESTMINSTER   denying  lne r|ght to  negros  to  vote.
classes.  Tuesday  7:30   p.m.;   Wil i the ne* vo question removed, he
Adult  classes,  Thursday,  10:30  a.m.;   saiel, he* favored the granting of suf-
Bewlng  classes, Thursday,  7:30  p.m., frage  to  women,    ilis  proposal  was
Boarding and room rates reasonable, defeated by 48 to 19 and a proposl- j
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen : tion by Senator Williams to give the |
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30   ballot   to white women only  was de* |
"""        I feateel  by  44  tei eel.
Three   Hour  Debate.
For particulars call  phone 1324.
The vote was preceded bj a three
hour debate. Senator Martini* of
New Jersey, was the only member
who staled thai he was opposed to
woman suffrage on principle". He declared the participation of women in
politics had failed to purify the bal-
r. n.r.^r- 1��' and that it would be a sad and
B    C. COAST  SS. SERVICE  sorry  day  for  both  women  and  men
' when they were given the ballot uni-
so  hard   to  avoid,   because  it   is  un-  cording  to  waterfront  men,   are   im-
necessary  and   will  jeopardize    hun-, mime  from  seasickness.    Browning's
dreds of lives and heap a tremendous flock of 540,  accordingly,  is expect-
exDense on the I'nited Slates govern-  ed to reach Skagway in fine fettle.
m(llt The Alameda  also will carry four-
Popular  Election  Impossible. I teen horses, ten for Cordova and two
"A popular election of a president, j each tor Juneau and Ketchikan. The
���is demanded by Pres-dent Wilson, is I animals bound for Juneau and Ketch-
a. phyaical Impossibility    In    Mexico | tkan will be employed In delivery work j
and   would   be-   just   as
sensible  and by the Cartstens Packing company's
practical  as  it  would  be to hold  an , meat markets in the two ports.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
jo fill a.m ,)lll'-y
; no   pm niill>'
11:46  p.m Dally
From Vancouver for Seattle.
jn-00 u.m Dally
11:00 p.m Dally
Steamer  leaves at  11:45  p.m.  on
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
>:00   pm.
Except  Sunday.
Ninalmo,  Union  Day and  Comox.
<i en a ,n Wednesday and Fridav
Vancouver,  Union  Bay, Powell   River.
tl ��� /jr, a.m Every other Saturdaj
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11: (io p.m Fob. 14 and 2S
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
II:��0  pm Wednesdayi
Cor Gulf Island Points.
7:M)  n.m.   Tuesdays  and  Fridays  for
Victoria, calling at points  in the
Gulf iBlnnds.
r-l>   GOOliBT, /gent. New Westminster
*L  W. BRODIB, G. P. -. Vancouver.
ve.rs.illy. The* speeches of suffrage'
senators, he added, had excited in
liis mind the wonder If they found ob*
jectlon io the- Saviour for not choosing six of the apostles from among
the women.
Se'.ieitor Qalllnger asserted that it
would be a crime to repeal the fifteenth amendment, even If it were a
blunder to have passed it. Senator
Townsend insisted it was no blunder
I to have* passed it and added that il
i was not necessary to do injustice to
the negroes  In order to do justice'
to the women.
Rash Washed
Away by D. D. D.
Phone 826 or 880
For Prices on
Sand,    Brick,        Plaster,
Lime,    Cement,    Crushed Rock,
Sand and Gravel
Prompt Service to any Part of the
B. C. Transport Co.
For  Week  Ending  Sunday,  Mnrch 22
High.    Low,
2:00   7:00
10:30 21:00
3:20   9:25
11:40 22:05
4:10 10:40
13.25 23:��5
4:45 11:30
15:10 23:40
Sand Head
High. l-ow.
Time. Ht. Time, lit
1:02 12.ii 8:00 iO.E
0:30 10.9 17-54 2.2
2:18 12.4   8:26 10.0
10:40 10.1 19:00 2.5
8:08 12.6   9:31   9.1
12:21! 9.6 20:00 2.9
3:45 12.6 io:OS    S.1
U:1Q    0.5 20:51    1!.2
We* want all Bkln sufferers who] The effect of I). D, D. is to soothe
have suffered for many years the tor-1 instantly, as soon as applied: then It
tore of disease and who have sought
medical aid ln vain, to read this.
We, as old established druggists of
this community, wish to recommend
to you a product that h.:s given many
relief, and may mean the end of your
agony. The product is a mild, simple
wash not a patent medicine concocted Of various worthless drugs, but a
scientific compound made of well-
known antiseptic ingredients. It
made in the D. D. D. laboratorl
penetrates the pores, destroys and
throws off all disease germs and
leaves the skin clean and healthy.
We are so confident of the marvellous power of D.  1>. D. that we have
! taken   advantage  of  the   manufacturer's guarantee to offer you a full-size
bottle on trial.    Vou are to judge the
merits  of  the   remedy   In   vour  own
,-   particular   case.     lf   it   doesn't   help
0f I you  it  costs  you  nothing.
E. H. BOCKUN, N. BEARD8LE1,       W. r. H. BUCKUN.
Pres and Deal. Mgr. Vtee-Preaideat. lac. ant Traaa.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
Chicago  and   is   called  the   O.  D.   D. j     ,-,   n  T)   So(l]) ,B m.,ll(, of ���,,, s:imr
Prescription for  Eczema. I healing Ingredients,    Ask us about It.
This ls a  doctor's  special pres* rip-
lion   one   that   has   effected   many     Frederic   T.     Hill, Druggist,.New
wonderful cures. I Westminster.
D.D.D.-for 15Years-the Standard Skin Remedy;
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
 ���      BURN OIL     	
P.   O.   BOX   442
SATURDAY,  MARCH  21,  1914
is near and the desire to garden
come.- to one and all. As a pood
deal of time will be put into the
garden, it should be essential, in
order to get best results, to heave
good seeds���seeds put up by
firms with a reputation behind
We have D. M. Kerry's and
Rennie's vegetable and flower
seeds, ail new���1914 stamped on
even- package, 5c. 10c. and 15c.
Sweet Pea seed, bulk 3 oz. 25;
Nasturtium,  Dwarf, oz   5c
Nasturtium, tall, oz 5c
Onion  Sets,  Dutch,  lb 20c
.Inlon Seta, Multipliers, lb. .20c
Rose Seed Potatoes, sack $1.50
Model Grocery
XOR Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Pbone  1111L.
Who is
Is he financially responsible?
Appointing a Trust
Company as Executors
is for many reasons rapidly meeting with popular favor.
Our facilities in this
regard are unexcelled
and may be proven by
our record.
Trusts under administration, 1912, $6,000,-
000.        ������: -.
Trusts under administration 1913, $13,-180,-
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Per Cent on
Ncw Westminster
��06  Columbia   Street,
C   S   KEITH, Ma--aofr,
Local News
Weather Today
Westminster   and
this morning In police court on the
oharge of unlawfully entering Canada.
It is probable that they will be deported. Two of tbe i-ieu speak ling
the* lower
ie e     aeiu     tiler*.    ,,,��,,
to  moderate   Winds,
--J ���-������ ��� ���������   - r-
maiuland: Unlit to moderate wind
mostly northerly and westerly, gene
eilly lair and warm during the day.
Mortgages���A. w. Mcl.eod.   (8118)
Pay   Employees.
The city treasurer's office present
ed a busy  scene yesterday when tbe
semi-moiu..,y  pay checks  were handed  out to civic employees.
Try our tea. coffee and pastry.
Grant's Bakery, 737 Columbia St.
!'. II. Brown will sell by auction at
Moreton ball, Kdmonds, on Saturday.
March Jl, at ;i o'clock in the after
noon, a quantity of apple trees, removed for convenience of sale.   Thes,
tree's Were' grown 1.1 ill" neighborhood
and are thoroughly de*climatized anil
will be sold in quantities to suit
buyers,   Terms cash. <310S)
datura   O'Ryan acted as Interpreter
[n   e  caje ol   cruelty  to a horse  pro-
��� l against one Uyashi, a i.ulu is-i
land truck gardener.   Chief Watson
and a police* oOfloer dishid up tiie evi- ',
dence against tbe accused which car-,
rled enough strength for thee l.e ak i<�� \
I !<).'. N K
The  Funeral
k Uyashi to divvy up with a double*
and  cost:;.
Joins Board of Trade.
.hisi'ph Poster, manager of the New
Westminster branch of the Kelly-
Douglas company, was elected a member if the board of trade last evening.
Will Exhibit Here.
The Maple Ridge agricultural association has again decided to exhibit
at the annual provincial exhibition and
also at the Dominion fair to be held
In Victoria.
Wood!  Wood! Wood! To Burn.
The best wood in the city delivered
at  your house 55 minutes  after you
phone the   order.   Superior   Sash    &
Door Co.   Phone 503. 18120)
Want Thirty-five Men.
Tiie excellent work which is
accomplished by the municipal
bureau under the direction of
Turnbull. yesterday received attention
from the head of a big mining ami
smelting company located up the
neirthern coast, who asked Mr. Turn-
bull to locate, no less than 35 rock
machine drillers. Good wages will be
paid to these men, $3.50 being the
scale while transportation will be advanced if necessary.
insure in
largest fire
W.  Mcl.eod,
the    Koyal,  the   world's
company.    Agent,  Alfred
the Insurance  Man.
Brown's Tested Seeds.
They are reliable; try them. Brown
Hros. & Co., Ltd., 744 Columbia street.
Phone ::-':.'. (3095)
Ratepayers' Meeting.
Ward Six Ratepayers' association
of Burnaby will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday evening next when a
report from the committee Interested
in the recent school board election
will be presented.
A meeting of tiie contract holders
of tin* Canadian Home Investment
Company vvill be- held in the* Board
of Trade rooms, City Hall, ou Monday
evening (March 231 at 8 o'clock, to
discuss matters of interest to coir fact
holders, t::iir;i
Prepare Playground.
Herein' summer is feu* advanced the
grounds of Central I'ark wil! be fixed
up in splendid shape for Ihe benefit
of tourists and picnics. A contract
was let ley the park board yesterdaj
for the clearing of 111 acre's in the
vicinity of the agricultural hall whicli
will be made into a playground.
Money  to  loan  on  terst   mortgages,
Improved  c'tv  and farm   propertv   9
per cent. Alfred W. McLeod.      (3009)
Meet on Monday.
Tin' i-te--.nl ir monthly meeting of tlu*
Ka.-' Burnaby auxiliary of the Yictor-
lan Order of Nurses will be held on
Monday, March -���'! at 3 p.m. at the
home of Mrs. Martin. Tenth avenue,
near Second street. There will be a
program .'inel sexual hour after the
business meeting.
Endorse Vancouver.
The rece nt action of the Vancouver
board of trade In urging upon the
federal authorities ihe appointment of
a Dominion customs agent at New
York was endorsed by the local board
ot  trade last evening.
Auction off Poachers.
After being laid up at the boneyaril
on the North Arm for many months,
awaiting action in the courts by the
American owners, the gasoline launch
Bonlta and the gasoline schooner Active will be put up for auction by
Chief Inspector F. H. Cunningham, of
the nonunion fisheries department, at
the Sapperton wharf on Thursday
ne xt. Iloth vessels were captured
while fishing within the three mile
limit, by Canadian fishery cruisers and
brought to  this city.
P. Mott wlll sell by public auction
(under instructions from H. .1. Hus-
s 1!) on Wednesday next, March 25,
at 2 p.m., sharp, the household furniture of Mr. W. IC. MacU'od. 1103
Seventh avenue. Sale will comprise
the* following articles and must be
sold as Mr. MacLeod is leaving the
city: Brussels rugs, solid oak bedroom
suites, Morris chair, rockers, Mounel
City range, sea grass chairs, vacuum
carpet sweeper, dining table and
cbairs, toilet e.ets, hammock, springs,
mattresses, lawn mower, gaidi n hose,
tools,  kitchen   utensils,   etc.,   etc.
Proposed Amalgamation.
The proposed amalgamation of the
Progressive association and the board
of trade was only briefly discussed a!
the meeting of the latter organization
last night, a committee being appointed to confer wltb the Progressive association in the matter and report to
the beard. This committee consists
of George Small, Ih-. Holmes, A. P.
McDonald aud Alderman Gimlet.
Fred Davis will sell by public auction this evening. Saturday, at 7:30
p.m. sharp, the remaining stock of
Mr. Edward, jeweller, on the premises
opposite post office. Columbia street.
The sale will comprise gold and silver
watches, diamond und other rings,
bracelets, brooches, silverplated table
ware, cut glass, etc. (3186)
the   late
Mrs. Prank Dunne, v*. hose' tragic end
occurred on Thursday 'at Pitt Meadows, wlll take place this afternoon
frum Murc'.iii 's parlors. Si-.vices will
be- conducted at St. Andrew's Presley
terian church and interment will be
made in the Oddfellows' cemetery
Rev. P. W. Kerr will officiate at both
the church and graveside.
Ilesieles her husband Mrs. Doane
leaves to mourn her loss two seiies.
Lionel, agi ei 8, ard Leonard, aged
14, three sisters. Mrs. Capt Dogherty
of Kort Oeorge, Mrs. Joseph Donaldson of Bakerifield, Cal.. and Mrs. Q.
Cillard of Kdmonds.
CAMPBBHjLt- The funeral of the
late Alex. Campbell whose body was
found In the Kraser river on Tuesday,
took place yesterday afternoon from
Murehie's parlors to the Kraser cemetery.
BARLOW -Alfred H. Darlow, aged
40 years, passed away at his home,
321 Alberta street yesterday morning.
He was a native of Kngland and by vocation an attendant at the asylum. lie
leaves a widow to mourn his loss.
The funeral will take place on Sunday
afternoon from Murehle's parlors to
St. Mary's church. Sapperton where
Rev. K. Plaskett will conduct the funeral services. Burial will take place
In the Oddfellows' cemetery. Members of the K.O E. of which lodge thp
late Mr. Harlow was a member, will
attend  the  funeral.
"War In Ulster,, Is Cry
of London Newspapers
(Continued from page one*
al  different patterns and that ai.iinu-
, nil ion is scarce.
"in scattered groups." Mr.  Nevin-
1 son   Continued,   "they   would   Hy   Id
! harrass .lie regular army sent to occupy the country.     The   movement,
, therefore, is not a bluff proper.    Nei-
j tlur Is it formidable from a military
point of view.    Their intention is serious  though  fantastic,  and  it  is  formidable because    no one    wan!a    .o
shoot his own people."
Carry Carbine*
New Bridge, County Kildare, Ire-
land, March 20.--The Fourth Hussars
of the Sixteenth LancerB of Curr.agh
camp are now armed with carbine*
instead of their usual lances und
swords. Fifteen rounds of ammunition were Issued to each man of the
entire garrison last night. Guards
over the camp have been doubled and
special patrols have been detailed at.
some distance outside the camp.
Complete Committees.
At the board of trade meeting last
evening the following committees
were announced completed in addition
to the others formerly arranged: Finance, Dr. A. .1. Holmes, L. M. Rich-
ard SOU and C. A- Welsh; membership.
A. P. McDonald. Dr. Holmes nnd A.W.
McLeod: navigation, W. It. Gilley, C
A. Welsh and Henry Schaake; transportation, W. F. Butcher, W. L. Darling ami C.  VV.  Davis.
MERCER   The funeral of Mrs.  A.
G. Mercer or Port   Coquitlam   took
place from that eity yesterday after-
neion lo the Church of Kngland eem-
etery, Cannon d'Easum and Rev, Mr.
Mitten oi Vauoouver officiated, The
pallbearers were W. I). I*'. Godwin,
w. a. vhiirsby, P. ii. Beabrook, Otwaj
Williie*. T. J. Mars and W. Sprott.
Many  floral  tributes  were  received.
OF  Y.   W.  C.
1 and P
in Moreton hall on Thursday even-,
ine*. a lectori' and concert was held,
Rev. M. Q, Melvin presiding. There
vvas a very large audience, e*xtra accommodation having to be provided.
Rev. A. M. O'Donnell gave an inter-;
esting and humorous lecture on "The
Irishman and his ways," or "Through
UlBter on a Bread Cart." a musical
program >>f a very high standard was |
rendered. Among those contributing
were the following: Mrs. Stephens,
L.lt.A M.. who sang "Kathleen Mav-
ournee-n" ami "Mountains of Mourne."
Mrs Stephens rendered two other
beautiful Irish melodies. John Logan
ot   Vancouver  rendered  "The    Little
All kinds of Ice en*:'.:, on hand a.
ilu* Crystal Dairy Co.. Ltd. Bricks in
all varieties. Ten quarts of pasteur*
i;-,e el milk for one dollar delivered to
anv  part of the city.    Phcne 1150.
He Can't Ec Found.
No tii!iocs of Nicholas F. Hester,
who disappeared from sight on Feb
2". have been picked up by the local
police. Yesterday Chief Bradshaw received communication from Calgary
authorities suiting   that   although a
sesreh hart been mate t'aere no trac"
bul Veen found. The* police are in-
cllned to believe that the man lost
i.'s s;r.* through drowning.
Tommy  O'Ryan   Is Japanese.
Hail it taken place on Tuesday last ,
an  incident in  .police coirt yesterday   1'    -   "��� ,;'!      ���"���'���"���''   Ml
might have started a small sized riot. |
Who ever heard of a Jap giving liis
name as Tommy O'Ryan? It was a
mild shock to Magistrate Edmonds
who required to be shown how such
an oriental ecuid bear such a nomen-
Varlety  was
a pianoforte
He also wees encored,
iiivi-n to the program by
solo and duet by Miss Alice Bremer
and ihe Misses Meuiill and Park. Two
other muslcail Items were given by the
young ladies o: Mrs. O'Donnell's class.
.vis**. Butcher Of Vancouver acted n-
planist for the evening. The proceedings were brought to a close by the
singing of the National Anthem.
We  serve light  lunches.
Grant's Bakery, 737 Columbia St.
Twenty Dollars and���
Twenty dollars and costs was assessed against a Columbia street firm,
Rubensteln and Octover, in police
court yesterday for failing to keep
their back premises free from inflammable material. Chief Watson anel
Sanitary Inspector Pearce gave* evidence on the Stand after the accused
had pleaded not guilty tt> tiie' charge.
Other prosecutions are likely to be
made against residents unless their
ya'ds are- kept free from litter and
Jingle Pot coal,
city, Barry Davie
and -111 L.
Sole agents for the
& Co.    Phones S80
By Underground Rcute.
T'iree Austrians giving theft" names
as San Ca r, Yuan Ontrial and Sam
Morlina respectively v. re taken Into
(i, tody yesti rday morning by the city
police after they h:e<i been rowed
across the ive*;* by a fisherman. The
men stated that they had got. intei
Canada by the underground mute at
White Hock which prompted Chief
Bradshaw to notify the immigration
authorities at the border; Inspector
Lawrence a-riveel on the afternoon
train and took steps to have the men
appear    before    Magistrate Edmonds
Choice Lines in
Smoked & Salt Fish
Baked   Potatoes  and   Gcda   Biscuit
Fvcry   Night.
Music  in  the  evenings. Phone 398
Smoked Salmon   2 lbs. 25c
Smoki d Halibut -... . .2 lbs. 35j
Pin nan Haddle, 2 lbs. fe 25c
Salt  In: ring,  per fish    5c
Codfish .Strips (hone-less)  ..2 lbs. 35c
See*.    Queen    Sarriiiies, ' in    oil    or
tomato Bauce  2 tins 25;
Sovereign Brand Salmon... .2 t:ns 35c
Daisy Hra:id Salmon, half fli. tins....
 2 for 25c I ���
Minced i lams, per tin 	
Herring, in tomato sauce .3 tins
Mackerel, in tomato sauce, per tin
Our stoe:k of Lawn, Flowe r and (
den s *. ds is complete���-o.de.* now,
Fr'-'sh    Hothouse    l.ettyco,     Ct
Onions, Ci lery, Etc.
Large Grape Fruit  3 for 25.-.
Sunklst Oranges 20 for 25c;
Large Size Lemons, per dozen  ...25c,
Dean's Grocery
Phone 3S6.
.lire Slock "alurnbla   Street.
The People's Grocer
City Store    193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West  End   Branch    650
Caiarab fiss
The Dainty Cmfecticn
Use it for your parties and afternoon teas In place of < aoi o-
This ie the pure tig ������:.- tal
llzed ".el is both healthful and
delicious,   l er lb. 30c.
Wedding  Bells
The maer.age took place in St. Anel
rew'B church on March is of Mi*-.**
Mabel Isabella Hicks to D. Campbell,
both of Abbotsford. Afte'r a shorl
visit to a number of the coast cities
Mr. ii ii ii Mrs. Campbell will take up
their residence at Abbot&ford.
The> boaiil of directors who have
worked so faithfully and with sei
much enthusiasm in connection with |
the establishing and maintaining of
the Young Women's Christian associa
tion are- just coming to the close of
their first year's ili.iie*s. it la now
the time to renew membership In the
association, and with the imp'- of
reaching and Interesting every woman and girl in the city they are' Instituting a membership campaign to
begin on Monday. March --. and continue throughout the we< k .
The plan is lo have a large, nun.
ber of certified canvassers go through
the entire city by districts and personally Bollcit members and collect
renewal fees, Tbey are very anxious
t.i Cll ar off, by the end Of their financial year (March 31) their Indebtedness In eo.miction with the refurnishing of the boarding home and
are trusting to the g< od will of all
friends of young women to uiake this
M.   M.   P.   U.   LOCAL  054.
The members of the above Local
are requested to 11,<��� <-1 In Labor Tern-
pli on Sunday afternoon, Man'. 22nd,
at 1:15 o'clock, ror the purpose of attending the* funeral of our late member .-'*. F il. Barlow. Sojourning mem
tii rs are* respi ctfully Invited to at
ti ud. { i
13122) E   VV.  PI2CK, Sec'y,
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention i.s invited to the *
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
Posse Kellc Bandit.
Shawnee, Okla, March 20. In a
battle with a sheriff's posse near here
tonigiit. Joseph Patterson, who it is
charged robbed tbe State bank at
Newella late today of $1200. was shot
and killed and Clarence Hawk, chief
Of police of Shawnee, and Frank Tim-
mona, a deputy sheriff, were injured.
To Meet arrCan-ia
Juarez, M.'x., Marcli 20.���General
Manuel Chao, military governor of
Chihuahua, arrived here tonight tee
meet Oeneral Carranza, who is expected to arrive by the first of tn-xi
x We
���a at * in-
The members   of Ne
Aerie No. 20 are' requ<
tele* In the F. O. B. hall on Sunday
afternoon at 1:15 o'clock, March 'J'-',
for tin* purpose of attending the funeral of our late brother A, F, H. Har
low. Visiting merabi rs an* Invited to
(3120) I!. SCHOFIELD, Sec'y.
Granville Street,
Vancouver. KC.
Residence:   Room  11��  McLeod  Block.
Phone 489 L,
' N . 1 E 3
. each
1 ide
each   ..
e a< ii
Pi anu
t  Butti
rrom   15:
.   up
'.:.i ������. toe
1 unch
��� In
tins, SOc.
his.   I'i
pie,  Apr!
Pi ars,
���s.    Cherrie -.
from   15c. to 40c.
p*r tin.
,_.-j?zt.'.-jjza: -i*.**.
Read - Ilie - News
The.   W!SS  Make  of Scisnors and shears are the hig!::,  quail
tbat we can procure.   The cutting parts are of High Carbon Crui ib! ���
Steel" and  these are welded  to   a   tough   ;-*tee*i   fore-eel   frame.    The
i .ears are thn tempered and ground by expert workmen and finish   '
l*y polishing and plating.
Every plir proving unsatts-faotory by not keeping thi Ir ed;   . * r
from  any delect  in  material or workmanship, wo will replace  '*
<-, charge.
To the Values We Are Offering in
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Etc?
China Cabinets;  in uuarter cut fc? 1 Q 7K
oak, from #lwi"5'
Extension Tables in ijuarte:   cut GIK ftfl
I.a!'.,   from     ��P  I mt.mlm!
Sot   ��.i   Diners,  In  quarter   cut   o.-k:   with   leather
ssr.^r? $13.50
Kfteben Cabinets; top and base; Cl-Jf) RQ
Kitchen Tables; good, well-made (ti   Qjflj
Kitchen  Cupboard;   with  glass $12 7S
Moat Safes;   large, size  at. $3.00 H��0   OR
r,rnal!e*r  size    ��?������&%>
Curtain Stretchers; worth $2.75, fl?"!   <%C
A  good   eUreing   Iron   Bed;   with   double   woven   vviiv
Spring and   Sanitary   .Mattress, <CQ  "7K
complete   ��P���� I 9
Brass  Bed,  vvith  Spring  and   Rest*        COO  t\t\
more Mattress, for 9CUaUU
Oak   Dresser;   with  large  bevel   plate  mirror;   good
r0."128:00: $19.00
oak Dresser; good value at $19.00,     ttl/B   Kf\|
Mahogany Dresser; good value at        ff^O tEfl
$37.50,  for    9CO-9U
Birdseye Maple, four-piece Bed- QK9 ITifS
room  suite,   for    9vG��'>U'!U'
We* can save you money on Window Shades,
Curtains and Draperies. i*'ir Carpet cleaning our
powerful   Vacuum   Machine*   dues   the   work   WELL,
New  Westminster.
I'hone  69.
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588 SATURDAY,  MARCH  21,  1914.
HOCKEY       RUGBY       sua,**
City   Versus   Sapperton     on   Latter's j Annual Session of New R. A. Tomnh
Grounds is Only  Fixture for
This  Afternoon.
Prospects Are Bright fcr This
Only one soccer game Is scheduled
for this afternoon, the City and Sapperton clashing on the letters" par'k.
An lnti resting struggle is bound to
ensue for the Sappertons, keyed to
the   highest   notch   through   the   two
A  good  turnout  of riflemen   Is  ex
petted al  the   board  of trade  room,
tonight at eight o'colck when the an
nual   meeting  of  the   New   West min
ster   Civilian   Rifle   association   will
be held.    Last  year the organization
achieved  its  highest  success  bo'h   in
last   victories,  are  anxious  to annex   competition   and   membership,   but   a
tho  sculp  of  the  City.     Longley   will: strong effort  is to  be made' this sea
officiate. i son to increase  the number of mem
The game starts at l!.4j o'clock.       | tie-is taking part  In the* weekly shoot
  ; It  is alio  planned  to form    a    team
Grass  Hockey  Game ! whicli  can   be   epexoted  to  make*    a
Tlu. Vancouver "A" grass hockey ��� showing at the annual provincial
team wil be the visitors at Queens \ shoot on .he Lulu Island ranges.
park this afternoon In a mainland' With renewed enthusiasm among
league game against the local t am. ��� the members of the 104th regiment
The following will turn out for West- 11 is expected thai Interclub iboott
minster:    Wedge, Watson; c,  .spring,  will bee arranged  with   greater   fre-
it.  Kirby, J.  Browne,
Alllway,   Langford,
Sec It, J,  Kirby.
C.     Kirby     and
First of Season Shoots.
The first shoot Of local rifle men
both civilian and militia, vvill be held
on the Brownsville ranges this after
noon commi nclng at - o'clock sharp.
Thn good weather of tin* pus' few
days has given the sharpshooters an
opportunity to open the season earlier than usual and a good attendance
is  promisee)  for  the  initial   sheet.
quency this summer as also the Inter-
municipal meets with teams trom
Port Moody, Agaulz, Port Haney ana
other ponlts in the valley,
Following the election cf officers
for tin* coming year, the prizes won
by the members last summer will Ik
distt Ibutf d.
/��4v��t Facings on tha Newest and
Smartest Shapes ef ths Season.
Tbe young girls have a splendid stock
if bats to cliex'se their Easter bouuet
from. At this early dtite most of those
H'cii are wide brimmed, with a slight
Saie on uue side, while others have a
leclded roll all around, tbe under brim
leoiifuclng of changeable silk, the extreme outer edge being covered wltb
���traw. Most of these hats have very
little trimming. Some hats have only
one large quill, which penetrates tbe
brim ou tho left side. Three small
bright red velvet bows are also used to
trim the side crown ou the left side
Another becoming shape for dress oe-
sasions has a wide brim, which droops
Amendments to Act  Now  in  force
Registrar  Gwynn   Says   Everything   Works   Well.
Victory for  Frisco.
S.i u    Francisco,    March      20.-
Franctsco batted  its way to an
ii vie.cry today over the second
of the Chicago Americans.
8 to
City Baseball
President Herb Ryall. of the City
baseball league*, hit the nail on the
head at the annual meeting Thursday uii-ht when he stated that Satur '
day game's were required for this,
cil'y and that crowds of 1000 anel better weuilit turn Out should the best
brand of ball be. handed to the fans.
With the clubs on the verge, of open
training, the time has arrived when
a bi'tter understanding between the
different managers must bo entered
into and all bickerings which caused
a blow-up of the Saturday after..con
idea lasl summer, be buried deep in
the soil. Strong clubs an* being organised in the various communities
surrounding New Westminster and
numerous home games can be arranged if the proper management is elec
ted to handle* the affairs of the league.
With chaos i listing In professional
lacrosse, circles the baseball magnates
have an excellent opportunity to jumn
into the breach and place* baseball
as a major sport in this city. Amateur lacrosse will take up several
Saturdays duping ihe Bummer but
the schedule can easily b<* arranged
so as not to conflict v. ith the' doings
of Alex Turnbull's contingent of
would be   Mann   cuppers.
No Allen Cuo Game
Atlhougb the chalenge has eo' been
accepted ihe circle* f hockey team
provincial nmateur champions, show-
ed a gnraeness in in.eking a bid for
.lie All* u cup, something tiiat hail
not been done by any British Columbia team before*, .lust vvha* the* lineup of next season's team will he> is
hard to conjecture, bul the* success
attained by .he 1913 Beven has form
ed tin* nucleus of the* French-Cnna
dian colony being Uo- real red-hol
amateur   hockey   centre   of  thi*   pro
'slightly. The crown ami upper brim
:sre made of white yedda. Tbe under
[brim has a black velvet facing edged
with knife plaited valenclennes lace.
A wide piece of black velvet ribbon encircles the side creivvn and Is finished
��� t tbe left side back in n soft knot.
The ends are drawn over the edge of
tbe brim and tied again teu inches
from the ends. Ono large red rose is
secured to the right side front of the
brim. A chic little hat witli crown of
'! rainproof outlines nud brim of blae*k
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 velvet Is this model by Ora Cue, the
vine.* aud in all probability, an aggre-'mnn milliner. Tbe mulines is shirred
gation just as strong will be fielded . ovt'r ('able c'01"a''* ,vlli<l1 B|ves the et'
when the ice is congealed at the rink feet of plaiting, and un aigret ol tbe
next  fall. naliiies U the on:.r trimming.
World's   Hockey  Title
To   be   licked     In    thre<>    straight
games  is  mortifying in the eyes    of
semi'   hockey   tans   but   the-   [act   remains that Victoria put up a brilliant
article' of the  winter pastime agaillB
the Torontos and  went down  to defeat   fighting  all   the  way.    .lust   as
In lacrosse, a  western team  fighting
in the i :,st must be far stronger than
the borne aggregation on account of
climatic conditions and the same* ap-
plii s to a  visi;   made by any  eastern
hookey   team.     This   hu��  bt>��,n   shown I
fcr years past lu lacrosse when team |
after team l'.as made the* trip to New!
Westminster but have been overpow-
e red  by   usually   large score s    even j
though  the  visitors    have    h* en    a |
cliampioushio   twelve    in    their   own
camp.    New   Westminster   fans   st li
keep to the belief that had ih<   Royals or even Vancouver made the trip
lo Toronto, tin- chances of a western
victory would have* been greater. Id*
garded as the best team on the coast j
as   far  as  the   combination   brand  is
concerned, the  Senators according to j
the  telegraph   reports  have  been   unable   to   forge   ahead  as  against   the
Individual rushes of the Blue Shirts '
However,   the   world's   championship
is now decided.    Prom a professional
standpoint the victory eif the Toron
tos (onus as a  blessing to the N. 11. j
A. magnate s for it means a big wedge I
In the position  which heretofore lias I
been maintained by the O, ll   A.   In
the Queen City.    Nexl yea.' the eastern  champions   will  make-  a   trip   >o;
the   coast.    Strange    rinks    and    the
Ice together with tin* peculiar cllma
tie*  conditions  of  this  province'   will
probably  result   In   the  Stanley   cup ;
finding a resting place for one season
.... hast in one of Ihe western cities. |
(fly  the  Potter. 1
son.     Tl
lise    Of    the*
the*  courtes
which  a.
club  has  secured   th.*
ylnin  grounds  through
���*>���   of   Dr.   C,   !���:.   Doherty,
perhaps th:> finest   in   till I
Oil of Lavender Excellent For Driving
Away These Pests.
Certain strong smelling oils are often efficacious In keeping away tiles,
and some housewives use oil of sassafras for painting over window frames
* of larders and other rooms, or n sponge
sprinkled w-itli three or four drops of
! oil of lavender and put into a saucer
\ ot hot wnter Is set ta the window or
| near the door or the room, or the oil
1 of lavender  may  be sprinkled into a
| saucer of hot water without the sponge.
Enu de cologne to which  have been
added a few drops of glycerin and tincture of absinth  is recommended for
application to the skin of those troubled by the attentions of mosquitoes.
Two mixtures, whicli must be put
about In plates or other shallow vessels, were used by our grandmothers
and great-grandmothers to drive away
flies, a dish being set wherever they
were troublesome���e. g.. by a sleeping
child or an Invalid. Oue consisted of
half a teaspoonful of black pepper
(ground), a teaspoouful of brown sugar
end a tablespoonful of cream; the other, a mixture of gum uralilc, brown
augnr, honey nnd alum.
Tbe fly marks wblcb nre so disfiguring to picture glasses and gift frames
may be prevented by painting them
over at the beginning of tbe season
with strong onion wnter���1. e., water
in which onions have been boiled���nnel
gas and lamp globes may be rinsed in
It for the same purpose. Kor wasps,
If they become numerous, it Is wise to
provide some trap��� a vessel containing honey nud water or water with
plenty of sugar In It, ln which they will
lie drawn by the sweet contents nnd
find It difficult to get out again.
' K.erytliing   is   working   smoothly
and I believe the public is finding it al
matter of great convenience,"  statee]
J. C. Gwynn, district registrar of titles
to 'lhe   News  yesterday   when  asked '
as to the workings of the uew amend-
meats to the Land Registry act whicli ;
wen- passed at the last session cf the
Seventy-three changes ln the routine
Of the department were introduced I
and are now in effect while four more I
will come Into force on June 1. Mr.
Owynn stated that the office had no
great difficulty In enforcing the different amendments, the public finding
the scope of the new act ls to facilitate the work uf the office and thus
obviate the delays which have been
a source of annoyance to patrons.
Of course there are several little difficulties In the patli of the public using
the land registry office, and one of
'.hese is iu the fact that the full name,
surname, address and occupation of
all parlies to any document produced
.'or registration must bp furnished.
Previously "John Smith, New Westminster" wns a sufficient description.
Now John Smith's description Iras lei
be supplemented with the number of
hia hi us" and the name of his street
And !f he sells to half a eloz. n people
each of that number must give a full
description of his address and business. Tin' object of this provision is
to enable the land registry officials
In tlifi event of any defect being dis-
covered In the title to he able easily
to locate or trace the parties.
Ve*t another aim inline .it is one tc-
quirlng every vendor of land under
Lgreements of sale, sub-agreements or
assignments where the purchase price
Is payable in Installments to register
his title, and eii! agreements of sale
must be in such form aud executed by
such parties that they can Le registered.
Hitherto there has been no such provision In the law, as in Battled times
and  conservative communities    it    is
usually th" actual owner of the land
who sells to the purchaser.   Ti.e re-
cent booms, however, resulted in such
quick turnovers in land that often the
final purchaser would be making payments to somebody who In turn was
paying   to   somebody   else   who   had
bought from the registered owner. In
these cases,  where one of the inter-
1 voning parties made default, the final
j purchase was left In a very awkward
predicament as he had no right of ac-
: tion against the registered owner un-
I der an agreement of purchase he had
negotiated with the middle man.
This new amendment is retroactive
and  makes  it obligatory  on  persons
who have sold land nuder agreements j
of sale and sub-agreements to deliver1,
I agreements   in  such   form   that   they
Fcan  be registered, and to proceed  to
' register their own titles as vendors. In I
/.eases where tais renue.sl is not com-1
Splifd with the purchaser may, 30 days I
after the demand, bring suit to compel
the vendor to comply  with the new
requirements  of  the  Land    Registry
act.    Where the vendor has not registered   his   title,   this   would   probably
be  a   bar   to  an  action   to  compel   a
purchaser to continue his payments.
Further  protection  Is  afforded    to
married  women wiio are, called upon
j to make .acknowledgements In regard
: to property, the amendment providing
[.that no acknowledgement    shall    be
! taken unless in addition to the exist-
' ing precautions, she is made acquaint:
' fed   with   the  contents  and   nature  r.f
j the  document and  out  of hearing of .
ithe   husband   states   that   she   understands the same, and has executed the ,
| document without fear or compulsion'
.or undue Influence from her husband,
janel dods not wish to retract the exe-1
I culion of the same.
J.J Jones. MANDIR.        J.A.Rennie.SECY-TRES
Money to Loan
Inside City Property
FROM $500 OP
Agreements for sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms.
Safe deposit boxes to rent from $2.50 per year
Starting Monday Night, March 23rd
A capable company of players presenting real
Plays of merit, staged with all Special Scenery.
One Show Each Night at 8.15
Change of Program Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
AU Seats Reserved, 10c, 20c, 30c
Seats Selling Now. Phone 1068.
If not a policy in the NORTH   AMERICAN   LIPE  will  do  it.
SOLID AS THE  CONTINENT. The policyholders'company.
WHITE, SHILES & CO. (Agents)
746 Columbia St.      312 315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
"All those In favor of Con Jon. s
gi'tlin*.; back into the lacrosse game
say aye." it's a safe* bet that 99 per
cent, of the professional players will
come through with a big AYE.
Pine weather for the national summer pasttlme, The kids are out on
tho Library square with the gutted
stick whih' the parks and alleys nre.
being utili/.e'd to get in training,
There  must   have been  a   walling
and gnashing of teeth iu Victoria dur-1
ins the past  week,  when    their    pet
hockey team went down to defeat
the one-two-three order.
May Sell
Winnipeg. M...eh ^^^^^^^^^^
the Winnipeg baseball club may :ak*
place tomorrow. This was the announcement that President A. H, Pul-
ford of the local club made tonight
veiu'.i asked how the negotiations for
lhe transfer of the club were* progressing. .Mr. Pulford did not care to
dlvulgo any of the particulars owing
to the fact that the (ha! had not been
dosed In.t he though I that it would
most likely go through, l". E. Brown
and Jack Degnan, local men, are* dickering for the Hale of the club,
Literary   taste*   is    displacing    the
longing for poker In big league bane-1
hull  can i*s.     Years   ;u;e>     the   player
figured    thai    In*   had done'   enough
as a  hook   worm  for one day  when I
ho wended his way through the men-j
no oard.
Ken Chnpttt, l:.st year with the Hal
morals, and SllVer, of Maple Leaf
nnd II. ('. R. 1!. affiliations, have slgn-
i'd with Arnold and Qulgley's team
of Vancouver. They stack un agalnsl
Hob Brown's Northwestern team ihis
I.arkiu. who twirled for the Moose
last Benson and who started with
I'TnRer Mils in the playoff for the
mainland championship against Coiiuitlam, is being given a tryoul by
Manager Delmas of Victoria, He will
lm back here Bhould he fal tio make
The New \\'i Btminster cricket team
is going  to make a great    effort    to
retain the mainland championship this
Aberdeen Gets the Bug
Aberdeen, Wash., March 20.���Ne-
eotialions have been opened for A ber.
deen citizens looking to the purchase
nf the Victoria Northwestern league
baseball franchise and the placing of
an American team In the league,
A hunt $4000 has heen subscribed toward a proposed $10.00(1 stock company to finance the deal, in case' the
negotiations succeed.
Hopoe Retains Title
New York. March 20. Willie Hopoe
cf ihis city retained his title as the
ev . lei's champion at ls.i balk line
billiards hen* tonight by defeating
Oeorge Sutton, of Chicago, f,()0 points
to  22S  111  21   innings.
American Bowling Conrjres-
liuffalo, N. Y.. March 30.- -Today's
bowling ln the American bowling eon
gress tournament caused a change In
the standing of leaders In both the
two-man and individual events. J.
Hadek and .1. Danek, Of Chicago, took
fourth place in the two-man event
with a total score of 1227, while Na-
thanial Labelle, of Montreal, classed
among the leaders In the singles, taking eighth place with a Bcore of 6S5;
Practical   and   Pretty   Are   the   Linen
and   Ratine  Frocks.
Linens of all Uliuls lu the natural col
orlngs ns well ns In rose, gray, greet),
navy, brawn and Balkan blue will be
worn this summer. Cotton ratine and
epouue as well us other novelty wash
ffllit'los are employed ID tho mailing of
these suits. The combination Idea Is
used in the construction uf many. A
coat 'if rose ratine may be made with a
skirt of white, und n suit having n
liieitise of brocaded cotton ma'.p/nsse
may have the skirt made of a plain
Ratines with handsome borders are
smart, im are also linens and ratines
With openwork lionlers. While some
suits are made on strictly tailored
lines, so that they can be easily hum
de'ivd. most suits are trimmed in bouih
way I'm' instance, printed ratines ol
linens used as a trimming for light col
ore'd suits are very effective. Silk Is
also used, particularly lilm-li litultv.
faille' eer hroc-ilde
Blouses of all kinds, eutawnys nnd
straight cut Chinese coats are eir*
usod fol wash suits. The rejiniiitlun
M.en*!* will) il... fullness drawn Into
place several inches below the nnr
tual waist line or with Ihe fullness
lm lining ove'i* the hell is the faroi'lte
The iiiiijiirit.v of the blouses opetilnu
In fruit wllli small revel's are more
sultalile feet* warm weather than tin
blouse fastening up at the throat ur un
the h*ft shoulder. The skirts are usual
ly plain, although some are made wllh
u few plaits or a suggestion ol drapery
(Continued trom page onol
Ithe civic committee. The memhers of
'the- board were not agreed as to the
I advantages of the branch line bolus
| electrified as suggested by the city
I council..
Development League.
On  motion of L.  M.  Richardson  it
was decided to renew the board's nieni-
rbership in the Kraser Valley Develop-
, ment   league   under   t'ne   new   propaganda if the league providing sufficient other  municipalities joined  in  lo
.'niiike the organisation    a    workable
fsuecess.   J. \Y. Cunningham delivered
���i  lengthy  report dealing    with    the
' changed   constitution   of   the   league.
i Reeve Marmont of Coquitlam, vvho has
racted as chairman of the special com-
[mlttee which revised the league's con-
, stitution  was present and  also delivered   an   interesting  address  on   Ihe
j new alms of the organization.
Conserve Radium Lands
Ottawa,  March 20.-The formal or-
S der in council reserving to the crown
' all  mineral  deposits whicli  may con
; tain in sufficient ouantlty raidum for
.commercial extraction anpears in the
Canada Gazette,  The order in council
stairs that .lie nction is taken by the
|government in ihe public interest.
Fresh Ranch Eggs, 4 dozen $1.00
Best New Zealand Butter, 3 lbs  1.00
Fresh Rabbits, each  25
Sugar Cured Hams * 21
Sugar Cured Ham, heavy 18
Sugar Cured Bacon 22
Picnics     .15c.
Call and arrange for regular account.
Phone 300 Columbia St.
Lack Jurisdiction.
Portland, Ore.. March 20.���Conten
e;,*n by attorn, ys for the defence that
tho court lacked jurisdiction, tndeiv
halter temporarily the acse against
John i.arson, husband or Troutdale's
mayor, on a charge of selling lleiuor j
to  minors.
Six months' hard labor was the pen
relty handed out yesterday morning by
Magistrate Edmonds to Charles Levi-
ano, alias "Dago Charlie." ami John
Peterson for peddling whiskey to in
elians. Levin.io pleaded guilty and
had nothing to say before being sentenced, lie had a former record on
the hooks, Peterson, however, was in
no mood to throw himself on the
mercy of the court although he* made
a vain attempt to plead tor leniency ; attendance on behalf of the depart-
when confronted by evidence given hy ment. Following the conviction of
several Indians. Peterson alsei hai! the two men. Mr. Byrne stated that it
been  in  the tolls before. .was   small   wonder   that    a    serious
Four Indians, one a mere' slip of a Charge was not laid against the Coqiiil-
boy, gave' evidence against the two lam Indians, who had heen plentifully
men which Bhowed tbat Leviano and i supplied with liquor, It appears that
Peterson had been in th" habit of the red skins became warlike last
mooring their boats underneath , Tuesday and threw rocks at passing;
wharves, where the Indians were sup-, C.l'.K. trains, doing damage to win-
p'.le d with fire water. ; elovvs and to the great danger of pas-
Indian Agent  Pete:  Byrne was in sfrngers. I��AGE   SIX
SATURDAY,   MARCH  21.  1914.
Classified Advertising
e*ived  for The News at Lie following places:     V. T. Hill's drug store'.'
��2S   Columbia    street;    A.    Sprice,
Q���WlllinimMjIl. 1 lllll   Island;    Mrs.
B. ljirden. Highland Park;  Mrs   V.
T^ewis. Alta Vista.
��� ���������������������������������������������*��>��
*��� RATES ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day, ��C tier word per week; 16c per
month; 5000 words, io he used as repaired within one year from date of
contract,. $2f,.00.
eeeRS, |1.50 per set.inn of 16. Apply
ill'' Eighth areaue. (3U4)
I'Olt    SALE    TWI)    CHOICE    LOTS
a.  Staple Beach    i'ark.    Boundary
Hay.    Apply Hox 999 News offlec.
tising machine. For particulars apply al The News office*.
and saw table* complete. Apply at
The News office.
erty throuch an ad. in this column.
Resurrected     Relic  of  Great     Writer
Describes His Methods of Doing
H;s  Work.
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN. $1.00 PEH
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
k. t square. (8010)
keeper and office man.   Apply ��ii!i
reference to n<>\ 3127, News
smart hoy io learn lei graphy,
��;rand chance to learn good bust
ness.   Apply Western i'nion. 131191
Hon aa   bookkeeper  or   any   light
work;  wages aske d $40,    I'. O. Box
�����X7 City. (3123)
IF YOU C IN hi ll.!') HOUSE IN EX-
, hange t r i ivi nue pn ducing prop-
i n .*,-. close In, leave name and t .1
dress In llox 3110 The News. ilHlu.
/or my eaulty of $670 In 15 1-:'.
area, balance due, $980; house
worth $H.o, garden and fruit trees,
}0 acre's easily cleared, soil the IF
best lhrei!-i|u.i.ie.s of mile trom
Aldergrove.    Hox 3101   News office,
vitiedie. no collect.o.i, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
encv, 336 llatitings street wept. Van
couver. (3011)
nicely furnished house.. Apply box
No. :i092 Ne.wn office. (3! 92)
lure in large or small quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. H. J. Russell, King's
Rotel block, Columbia Btreet. Phone
HSl. (8012)
ture, or stocks in trade, in large or
small quantities, lilghest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell vour goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. 548 Columbia street.
N��'w  Westminster. ClOl-ti
with or without board, 516 Eleventh
street.    Phone 1060 L. (3112)
430 St. Oeorge street. ('.MOT) '
with ail modern conveniences, three
public rooms, large hall, five bed-
moms, kitchen pantry, hot and cold
water, bath room, large basement,
furnace, electric light and convenient to car.    Rent moderate.    Apply
Hox 3106 News office. (3106) '
 ~~ ������^^__^_�� l
modern, large garden.    22:1  Fourth
avenue, $20 per month.    Dominion
Trust Company. (3098)
_________________________ i
furnished suites and Blngle rooms;
modern, convenient, lisht and sanitary. Apply on premise's, Twelfth
street and Sixil. avenue, Mrs. Man-
dr.ville, floor 2, suite 1, or Oray &
<H!christ. (3073)
to rent try an ad. in this column.
tarm sales conducted. Furniture
bought tor cash. P. U. Hrown, IT
Ue-gb.e Btreet, New  Westminster.
Re   Lol   1,   Subdllvslon   of   Lot   396,
Group 1, Map 830, In the District oi
New  Wi stminster.
wiii'ivi's proof of the lost of Certificate of Title Number 6624F, Issued In
jthe name of Jchn A,   Campbell   hae
1)   ell    feleei    ill    this   Ofl'ilV.
Notice is hereby given thai I shall.
al the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the ('it> of New Westminster, issue*
a duplicate of the said Certificate, un
less in tne meantime valid objection
b * mad   to me in writing.
J. ('. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office'.
New Westminster 11. ('..
12th March. 1904. (3082)
��0. Box ** Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
���'rices right.    Satisfaction guarantee*
���SB   MeKenzl*  St
When going on a long journey if
>n our railway there will be tio an
Qoyance of transfer nor delay.
Toronto Express leaves at. .7:50 a.m.
St, Paul train leaves at 1:25 p. ni.
Imperial Limited leaves at 8:10 p.m.
For rate and  reservations apply to
>r TL W. BRODJE, G. P. A.. Vancouver
A  precious  relic    of    Scott   has recently emerged from the strong room
of Messrs Charles and Adam liiack,
Ihe publishers in Soho Square, This
is nothing le*ss than the author's own
set of the Wavcrlcy novels, a special
impression of the' collected idition
of 1S22-T. in whicli he embodied tho
correction! and editions for what he
used io di scribe humorously aa his
"Magnum opus"- the 48 volume issue of 1829-38, published by Robert
Cadi 11   of   Edinburgh.
How Scott Worked
in ivm. after Cadell's death, this
remarkable collection of books passed Into the possession of Blacks, who
purchased tbem, along win. tin* copyright, for ��27,000. Containing as
they do. ihe* original manuscript ot
the* Introductions and notes that for
such true Bcott lovers add such
charm to the tales, tin's., volumes
are of exceptional interest to tie* professed Scit. student nnd the mere
dealer In valuable books. They are
of Infinitely mon* Interest, however,
tn those who woul gel an Intimate
glimpse at tbe literary workings of
me wizard's mind. Page after of
careful correction, of commas, testifies to  Scott's desire to repair the
j hasty   writing   so often   laid   to his
'charge.    Not that  the mere physical
. writing betrays any signs of lelsure-
limss. One suspect-, there must have
he'e'i. good reason for the author's appeal to the printer In a letter Inclos-
ing the introduction for "Peverll of
the Peak." tn tliis Interesting document, bound up here with the book.
i be beseachi b him to exercise* the*
greatest of care In setting up the
type,  reminding him  that  tbe work
: had been composed under circumstances of exceptional difficult., a
touching reference lo the financial
wearies that clouded his closing
years, The b tter itself is no easy
matter   to  decipher,    But   if  Scctt'B
! writing is sometimes indistinct���considering the spied it is on the whole*
��� wonderfully clear -lt possesses the
advantage, to our eyes at least, of
being consonant with the conception
we hav,* formed of Its great and lov-
' able progenitor.
Two Signatures
In this connection it is Interesting
to note that il." reputed Illegibility of
his sieeua ..re was a source* of consld-
able amusement to Scot.. In the
Waverly volume before me then* are*
two signatures, written on the Bame
piece of paper, one* very stiff and
formal, Intended to be reproduced In
facsimile' on  the. "Dedication to  His
1 Majesty" In the m*w edition, the other,
I written    in    fun,  to    show   his    me-
! thod o fslcning h'gal documents, This !
(latter variety was Interpreted by u.
contemporary American as "Whop!"
Ultimately, the signature, which was
; on its best behavior was rejected as
being uncharacteristic! The writer,
who has been employed in making
an Inventory of the manuscript, found
it difficult to dispel a sensation of
sacriliglous guilt, in turning over the
pages bo often thumbed and so often
; written upon by the giant of Abbots-
This feeling was enhanced, perhaps
hy the fine old Russian leather bind
Ing, stamped in guilt by the owners
alius,   ;.   stag's   head   and   the   motto
; "Vigilantia." A certain amount of
ease was undoubtedly  established by
; tin* discovery of iin* passage In a let*
! ter from  Scott  n.   Abbotsford to Ca-
; de-li "Anne troubles you to forward
tliis enclosed to    Louisa    Kerr,"    re-
treating as it ei,ee*s, a pleasant picture
nf ilie* writer its a family man. Ann',
ee.   e* iurse,   was   his  daughter,    The
s. nteuce conjures up before the mind
a vision ot demure maidenhood not
out of keeping with the baronial atmosphere of the mansion on the
Twei d.
in  the introduction  to "Roigaunt-
ie i"    poignant    evidence    is   afforded
of the final break-up in Scott's health
Here we see that  for the first time
the master's hand lias been compiled to relinquish the pen, a sentence
being broken off midway and  finish*
< el   iu  a  Strange   writing.     From  this',
tine  onward,  he  resorted  almost   en- '
tirely  lo   dictation   in   preparing   Ills I
introductions.     The   frequent   recast-
inns and  deletions that occur  in  the'
... w  hand  writing  make one  suspect i
thai   the  new  method  Of composition
was not without ils difficulties. Doubt-
less,   after  all   those  years  of  stren-!
nous work    with the pen between his*
fingers, the great magician was dis-'
concerted by the- absence of his faith-
fill wand.   Other writers lhan he have ]
been indebted for Inspiration to the
fi i I of a penholder,    An  interesting
link   with one  of  the   most   valuable
eef   the   writer's   many   friends   is  af
I'e riled  in  the original of two letters
from  tin* Scottish antiquary, Joseph
[Train,  who during  their   long    acquaintanceship supplied so much    of
the  material on   which  tin*  novelist
I .   ei his storie's.   Tn this gentleman
Scot)    was   Indebted   largely   for   the'
ei gcoverj of the* character of old Mor-
' tal Ity,   I'i    which    subject    one   of   the'
!. .. is mentioned  refers,    According
to Lockhart, he was also responsible
I for ihe whole     machinery   of   the
"Tales of My   Landlord."
Author's Corrections.
Authors    whose* agreements    with
publishers   make*   them   liable*   for  all
e ��� lis of correction in excess of a certain proportion of ihe. original setting
may be interested to know  that Sco*t
had no scruples in making heavy alterations  on    proofs.      Some*    proof
\-.\. ea v-i ih.* Introduction ti   "Wood
stock" bound up in the author's copy,
.-how his keenest int.*re*sl in th" forth
coming edition, an Interest which . vide, need Itself by  wholesale deletions
and additions,   in facl it may be* said
thai Scotl vas adding a:ni correcting
I almOBl   up   to   the'   day   of   his   death.
We may be' sure, thai if he had lived
I..- would leave* hail many corrections
'and notes for a later edition.    As it.'
j was,    ho    d;d      not      live      io     see
the completion of liis "magnum opus" .
���and   many   mistakes   in   ilia'   edition,',
(ft. n the result of his faulty handwriting, was nol sei  rlghi  until the
Dryburgb issue of 1892-94.    A  rather I
1 untidy habit of this most, painstaking '
of men ol letters was the scribbling .
on the end papers and fly leaves ef
1 these   handsome   books    memoranda
concerning the subjects on which be
would have* in write notes.    When ar
tended to these reminders were cross
eel  out.   leaving   a   somewhat   unsightly confusion.    !n the narrow  confines
of j  single* article  it  is impossible I
; do justice io  Hn*  many-sided  charm
.  of these choice companions of BCOtt'S
; declining years.    Carefully  preserved
ever since leaving bis possession, the
set  is  ill  as  pood  condition  today  as
eighty years ago. !
Our Interior Finish ls manufactured from timber specially select
ed for Flat tiruin.
We are also specializing In Kir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are belter In construction, more beautiful aud no more expensive than  the old solid  raised panel doors.
Qet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
We have received a consignment of HYDRATED LIME  FERTILIZER wh.ch is highly recommended.
Lime  is almost as important for the .successful growth of plants
as sunshine aud water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
Phones 15 and 11.
���02 Columbia Street W.
Operated for the convenience of recidents of the western section of the South Fraser Valley who desire to visit New Westminster or Vancouver on Saturday evenings for shopping trips, to attend
theatres, etc.
Westbound Eastbound.
Jardine   8:05 p m. Vancouver, Carrall 81 11:26 p.m.
New Westminster ..... 7:00 p.m. N'ew  Westminsier  ...12:16 a.m.
Vancouver  7:45 p.m. Jardine   1:00 a.m.
This train runs through to Vancouver and will be in service
every Saturday evening. (Subject to cancellation or change of
schedule without notice.)
Week-end rat..a an* granted on the "Owl" special hut such tickets are gooel only [or return on the same' evening. Passengers will
also be carried on regular tickets under tin* usual arrangements for
return passage.
A DOLLAR Spent at home reacts in its
benefits with unceasing general profit. Sent out of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a
messenger of continuous benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping this dollar at home and
make a bid for it liy judicious advertising.
Holden at New Westminster.
In   ��t:<    Matter   ..r   the   KRtati    nf   James i
CJroenway,   Deceased, and  iu  .he  Mat-
ti r e.f  tl."  "Administration  Ae'.."
TAKE NOTICE thai by order oi ti..* Honorable   Mr,   .Instil*.���  e'.e  Bory,   dateil   111*
**s��e   day  .if   l'* bruary,  A 1.    1914,   I   was
-\crv< *.*,(, .1 Administrator of all and singu
l.ir   the   Estate  .if  i.e.   Bnld   P* ������ 'lined  and
rhal   net. f   micli   order   was   thereby !
ordered ... be published t<.e two weeks i*i a
Kepw Westminster .i;iil\* newspaper.
Ai*l further take notice thai all t�� r ot
'���*..:. h|.*,l t.e the ,il.eiv< estate ,*.r< required
ten pay in.- Ihe nmniltil ..' it,.-e* Indebted-
n*""*s forthwith, and Ml pi��rsons having
rlnims against tho said estate are .'������-
���jrttrvd to prose'nl thmn to me duly vert
���'!��� .1 by affidavit em or he>fore ilie I Itli
>>..*/ e,f April, A.D. 1914, eefi.i which date
t ��-iIl proceed i.i distribute the sai.l i Hate
n.>virir re*,*!-.! nnlv to such claims as are1
*.j,.n properly  t��*f<ir** ine*.
ev ei.  MAJOR,
Official Administrator
1>->|<*<! this uth day nr March, A.n   L9H
C.Wih) ,    ,||
Re part of Lot 167, Croup 2. and of
rh<- northeast portion 'if the north-
fats quarter of Section 2. Town-
'hip 2, in the Distt* ct of New
Whereas proof of tin* loss of Cer-
tificate of Title Number 4311F, issued
hi the* name of John Allen Wilson, lias
been filed in this office.
Motiee is hereby Riven that l shall,'
at Oif. expiration Of one month from
the. date of tho first publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published in
Use City of New Westminster, issue
h duplicate of the said Certificate, on
ir-sr. in the* meantime valid objection
ibe made to me in writing.
.1. C. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Y^and RegiHtry Office,
Krw Westminster, lie. January 28
1H4. (2BS6)
Spring Suitings just arrived. See
Hw-m. Perfect fit and workmanship
���cuarunteed. Prices from $18.00 up.
mm. Front StreeL
SUPPLIES    1914-15.
SK \I.KI'  TEN! 'Kits  adtlrPHHiel     o. t  .
��� glie .1 a'  Vane mver, B.C., a. I ��� n
..... hi .1 .... th.. . nvelope "'l ��� ���;���: i     ror Sup
t.li* s"   Will   le.     ri .*��� iv. .1   11..   to   i:...|i     Mei. -i
iSth.   HM 1.  f..i   thi   supply  .e      fi il.,*.
i- Helen    for    'I..     ".-���-   ..;    i. ���     I;     ('
! -.. du ng Fli>e t, :,t New \v.   mill    * *    B.i
.e.i   i     :    mills   endl   ���   Mare It   ' 1   *    1915
Kai . *. . i ���
I'. ;. Ingn
M     ill.,   Hope
V. II.    I;.....
1 ':   indli :
\   AA - ���        i;.|     I   ,   *
Gasoline   and  '    o  11 i
I'iiih*-.   ihls   .m.l   V.r;.
I :...=.
Ste , ,  . 'timing
Fresh  rish
Fresh   v*^* ml |.
Th.. stipplie .    Bt  be eef the beet qunl-
II     *.i   lliwh   se vi ral   kinds,   and   musl   bi
���i*! * *i. 'l  ;ii   ii..*  points spe clfled   in   the
iirloua  torn     of  i. nder.
'i'i..- Departuvnl re*H>-rves lh.* right o.
i -.*��� i'i   the  whole  or  part   ,ef   any   tender.
."iiiins e.r t��no>r mav he obtained al ths
office of .). s M.e, I. eehlan, I.-*... Re ilden.
i: ��������� . ��� r, Victoria, B.C ; .,' Ihe office of
C, '' Worsfold, Ks.,.. N. ����� Westminster,
B.C.,   md ni  tho ..fli..  of the   Supet Intcn*
dent   ..t   Dredges,   614-18   links'    ling,
\  iuvi i.   B.I'.
'I'H,* department ,!,��-se ne,t bind Itself Lo
ei- pt ti,.* lowest or an * tand'-i
.!   I.  NKLHl IN,
Supe rlnt. nde nt   ol    i ire el;, s,
Vtincouvei    B I'
March   17.   191 I
Newspapers   evlll   noi   be  paid   for  this
idvertlsi nn e*   If the V In n-rl   ,'   .* Itiioul  ail
thority  from  i;..    I icparl neiit.
*i. ,eei f   from   !!,������   l>. n irtment. (31(12)
Without Leosons 01 Knowledge of Koala
Any Ouo Cat Pia7 tha Pleeno or
Or;;au ln One Boor,
TTondcrfii! New System !hnt F>on u Ct!) OaB I'm
Court   of   Revision,   1914.
NOTICM is hereby given that the first
mei liia: ,..' the I !ourl ..( Revision foi
the Ai sessnn til Boll of the City ������! Now
Westminster will bo held in the City tfali,
New Westminster, B.C on Thursdav,
April 16, IH t. ae 1ft a in. All api ��� ,1s
Against the Vi iei nn nl musl be in writing, and delivered to the Assessment ('.>ni-
missloner at h itst t.-ti daya previous te.*
��� ii i Ittlng "l the said Courl ... Rei i lon.
Dated ul New Westminster, B.C., ihis
2nd day   >1   March,  lull,
W.  .\    DUNCAN,
(5021) City C'brk.
He->"Yovi��uipmedme! You told mo yeiterday
you couldn't play a not�� I "
5ho��"l roulcln'l; f lcr.nu.*d to pUy ir. one hour
by tho wonderful '��acy McetnoeJ Magic t''
Tmpopslblo, yon say? lV*t as projo lt at
mr oxpenae. Wo wlll teach yon to play
ibo piano ��r orRan mid will not asli ono
i. nt until >*'iu can play.
A musical genius from Chle.iao han
invented a woin.1 ,-rful sy t. m Whereby any*
one enn l.tira to play the Piano or Organ
in one boar. With this mm' iii"tne.il yeni
���'.een't have to know 0:10 no.o from another
jci in ien hour of practice you enu lie
playing yont favorite musla wi'h all the
Ungera t.f botli hands and playing lt well,
'i'bo invention ii to simple! that even a
e hiiei can now master muslo without costly
instruction. Anyone can have litis n"w
iivtitrKi on n tree trial merely by asking,
Minply write soylnir,  "Bond ine the Kaiy
Koria   Z-l:'..:i  Uothod   as   anuoanced   to
in    .s  ���   we-..nunster News.
The complete system toreothnr wllh IN
pieces of music will tie IX be sent to you
Froe, au charges prepaid nml absolutely
not ono cent to pay. You ke.op lt seven
elavs to thoroughly provn lt ls all that ts
claimed for It, then tf you am satisfied.
Bend us (1.50 und ono dollar a month until
tern In all ls paid. It you am not delighted
with H, senel lt back ln seven days and
you will hnvo risked nothing and will be
under no obligations to us.
Bosuro to state number of while keys on
yetttr piano e,r e.rtinn, nine, [���ist <iiri,*,H. Ail
rtre'ies Rosy Method Music (Jo , 2,22 VS'ibo^
Illdit.. Toronto. Canada.
Rank imposes obligations���
or���as the French put it���"Noblesse Oblige.
It is a very natural and right principle that those who
by their position in life command the respect of others
should deserve it and be worthy of maintaining their
position.    "Much is expected of those in high station."
But this principle is not confined to persons of noble birth
��� it has a hundred applications. It applies, for example,
to those manufacturers of
reputation and prestige who
make goods of high quality
and who advertise them constantly in the newspapers of
the land.
By their advertising they have
attained an eminence where
the very best in quality and
good service is expected  of
them. They have set a standard and their very business
life depends on the constant
maintenance of it.
So that when you buy advertised articles you rest assured
that you are getting the best
value that money can buy.
Well may you place your faith
in advertised goods. Well
may you give them prefer*
ence over articles which you
can only hope may prove
For the principle of "Noblesse Oblige" is
your guarantee of excellence in Advertised Goods.
If too m doin. �� loci b'jiinf�� tnlk oyer your ���dirrlue'nt problem! with Ihe Advrrti��in< D.pwtm.ot of Ibi. new.p��p.r.
If yon are doing . proTJnci.l nr n.tion.l butin^i. it would be well
for you to h.To th. counsel and uiittanc. of a good odvcertitinic
��� It, nr y A lilt of the., will b. fiirninhed, without colt or oblif.-
tion, hy the Secretary of C.nadita PrM* Awoci.tioD, Room 503,
Lumnden Building. Toronto.
(1) SATURDAY,  MARCH  21, 1914.
Conditions Are Steadily
Help along the good work
by pushing YOUR business.
Place your order now for
advertising space in THE
NEWS,and use it everyday.
You will be surprised at the amount of
extra business you will pick up. Besides
you will help keep trade in New Westminster.
There may be business ��oing out of
town that you might have if your advertisement was in THE NEWS to direct
people to your store.
Orders In StockB, Bonds, Grain und Cotton executed for cash or
on margin In Montreal. New  York and  Chicago.
Direct private wire to Montreal and  New  York.
Stock Brokers.
Telephone 817. 316-317 Westminster Trust Building.
Brisk Trading in Almost    Every
partment���Large Business in
: vailed in regard  to the settlement of
' tbe .Mexican trouble.
I    The market moved up In the ���Jler-
j noon   with   groat  regularity  and  uni
formity  and  held  its advance  up ts��
; the close with but trifling recession**.
The eutlre   market showed good  net
gains  un   the   dealings.    Total  mCe.
Prom  the' standpoint of attendance
I und condition of the trading the mar-
| ket  yesterday  was  better    than    for
i Home weeks past.   Kxcept In ihe poul-
t.y  department there was an  abundance of supplies to furnish t'ne needle;
I of    all    comers.    Thi;  only   material
price change was noted in spuds.
A   biggu-  trade   was  done   in   eggs
| yesterday   than   for   some   time.     Altogether it  was estimated that  $600
I was expended    on    this   commodity
j alone throughout the session; und this
| ilespite   the   fact   that   vendors   were i
selling at life cents a dozen retail to- |
wads  the close  in  order to  get  rid ,
| of     their     stocks.     Wholesale     eggs'
brought     about     the    same   as   last!
week,  although showing a  very  pro- j
nounced tendency to weaken.
I'otatoes  were  an  undeniable  drug!
(| on the market.    Altogether not much'
I more   than   five  tons   were   sold   and '
| these   mostly   in  small  lots direct  to1
Int.  Met.  Pfd.   .
Mex. Petroleum
Mo. Pacific 	
N. Y. 0. &  W.
N. Y. Central ex
Northern Pacific
ITe Consumers'" Retail' prices slumped | ��cadin1*.��.��1,n
from %1 to 90c, while as low as $15
a ten was paid wholesale.
Although the demand somewhat ex
ceeded  the  supply    there    were
(Quotations furnished over the private wire of Sutherland & Ardagh >
The following are yesterday's quotations.
i Am. Can 30%
J Amal. Copper   75
Am. Car Foundry   51%
American  Locomotive ��� ��� 35
American Smelting    6914
i Am. Tel. & Tel. ex div... 121%
j Anaconda   35%
Atchison Com  97%
Bait & Ohio Com 89%
I).  R.  T 92%
[Ches.  &  Ohio      53%
: Canadian Pacific  206%
Con,  Cas    134%
, Cliino    42
;Erie   Com   28%
(ireat Northern Pfd 127'��
div. ...  89%
Rock Island       4%
St.   Paul     98%
So. Pacific     94%
noj Southern Ry  25%
. I Soo Com 126%
O. S. Rubber Com 61%
Westinghouse      77%
changes In the. poultry prices as an*
ticipated.   The meat stalls were well j  *"��� �� ac. Lom. ..
represented and did a good business.! \    ����� ������e> t^m
Some young pigs were sold for $4 and | U. S. Steel I lei
$5 each according to size. Florists and
nurserymen   did   an   attractive   business   in   potted   plants,   cut   flowers,
shrubs, etc.   The auction market was
The    following    were    the    ruling
prices: I
Dressed chicken, retail   25c
Butter, per lb 35c to 40c |
Eggs, per dozen, retail .. .25c and 30c ;
Eggs, wholesale  22c to 23c
Turnips, per sack   60c. to 75c. |
,-i.. . ~ m.-n.0tia t\(\n    tn   7Kn
127 >4
Montreal Market Rallies After Period
of Unsettlement���Iron and Power
alto Advance.
Carrots, per sack  60c. to 760.1
Carrots,  per  sack    "5f
Potatoes, per sack, retail. . 9Uc to $l.uO
Potatoes,  ton,  wholesale.. $15  to %Xa\
Fish, Retail.
Flounders, per lb 10c |	
Sturgeon, per lb 15c
Halibut, per lb 10c      Montreal,   March  20.���At the open-
Salmon, per lb ..15c.Jjng t}lig  mornlng Brazil was again a
Cod, per Ib   "J*0! weak feature,    lt acted the same as
Herring, 4 lbs   i&c j yeste.day  by  advancing in  the after-
Retail Meats. j nooIl aft(Jr London dosed.    It opened
Beef, best rib roasts, per lb. 20c to 2_c  a( 7fl   BoM down to 77 7.8 and cto8ej|
Beef, loin, per lb 2bc to 2ec ��� a[ ?g , 4   showing a i088 Df one point
Beef, round steaks, per lb...20c to 2ac .,___  previous  ciOBe,    Trils  weakness,
Boiling beef, per lb     ^ �� ! at openi'iK  unsettled  the  balance vst
Pork, per lb - * 20c   tnfl marke.t
Mutton, per lb 18c to 20c * power to
Wholesale Meats
Prrk. medium   	
Pork,  large   	
Veal, large    l^c to 15c
Veal, mi'dium    16c to 17M*
Mutton   12c
Poultry, Wholesale.
Hens, small, per doz $0.50 to $7
Hens, large, per doz  $8 to $10
Iron sold to 30 1-4 and
4.   In the afternoon, undttr
of  C.P.R.,  which  advance*
tho wlmlet
i-iii   I lh��   leaii   ' ���   	
���������HA0 I two  points   from  opening,
Sc   to  9c j IIl;,r)i,.t   nBd   a   K00d  rally.    Iron ad-
; vai.ee d to 31 1-2 and Power to 225 l-i
Outside of the securities mentioned
trading  was  small and  pricea practically unchanged.
I     In unlisted department Tram Power
��� i was  fractionally better at 39.  Waya.-
Chickens, per doz $e> to 17 ;       lc Koltl at 99.
Chickens, live, per lb 20c to 24c  B  .
Ducks, per dozen   $15 to $20 1      MONTREAL STOCK MARKET.    ?
Ducks, live, per lb 30c 1 	
(Quotations furnished over private
*ire of Sutherland & Ardagh.)
Ruling quotations on the Montreal
stock market yesterday were:
Open. Close.
Entire Market Moves up Under Lead
of Standard  Stocks���Good   Net
New   York,   March   20.    There
but little change in prices at the opening, the market falling to respond to
the  lower  London  prices  which  were
made    apparently    by  the dep-essed
feeling over the 1'lster situation.    In
the afternoon the market strengthened | O'tawaPow^r ex div.
und ithe entire market moved  up un
der the lead of such standard stocks | ^u<^'^ **��
as Union, New Haven, B. O., Central,        '
Pennsylvania Copper and  Lehigh, all
of  which advanced over a  point and
some of them nearly  two points.
The only reason for the marked
strength which has been shown was
the report from Washington of the
prospects of a favorable decision by
the I. V.C. before long in the rate
case.   A more hopeful feeling also pre-
B. ('. Packers    139
Bell Telephone   150%
Brazil      79
Canada Cement   31
Camilla Cement Pfd 91
Canadian   PaciOc    206%
Can. Cotton Com   32
Canadian Converter* ....  39
Detroit I'nited   71
I Dominion Canners   63
I Dom. Iron & Steel Corp..  30%
j 111. Traction     66%
was i bake of Woods Com 180
I Laurentide    186
j A.  .McDonald Co   16%
1 Muckay  Com   84
I Montreal   Power   224
I Nova Scotia Steel   74%
jOgilvie  Flour Com 118
Penman  Eld   52
R. ����� 0, Nav. Co 102%
I Shawinigan  137
I Steel Co, of Can. Com. . .  17
I Spanish  River    IS
.Textile       ���   81%
! Toronto Ry 138%
Tuckett'8 Tobacco    40
'Twin City   104%
Winnipeg Electric   203
66 %
A  Real  Lever  Simulation
A slralijlitlorward erenerotii
,*fTer (re.ei, *.n eetal'll-hod
Mere.. Wo ftre eelvi.ee ftwfty
V-i.e li.*. eo t.iousfteiiU ..I
ih, i-lo aU 0T6I tr.ee
noi id nl ft hurt
fteleeea tiMiinem. Now
ll .our r*i*ni-*' to
ol.tft.ee una. Write
now. t'n.-loeeieu 2*i
co.t. ten onee ol our
leuliionnl'.o 1. sel.eeee
I .nnel C. nftr.l*. ar
Grnei' A.e>m��. wnt
cnrr.nr epai.1 to w.-ftr
���er.ile t.*eo wm.'.i, wle.ea
WIU ba K"*i*n Free
ttheese     weelchil     ten,
Ittemnteed Ur. TSStD,
lh.iii.1 e.'O Like, .-i
���i*i.,-!. o. .nr iimrvtei.
lon�� nder. We eitwt roll to u*ll *..ur Iriiii.le
eiwi e-   ui  ind  ..how  tlieiii   ilea   neeotwnl   etten.
I..-..i I lltlik tall ofler Uxj fooel 10 Lo tree... l*ut e��.iij
SS iientft to -lefty ��n,l min ��� Jew w��t.>le Von
~ V I- .nievt��' -WILLIAMS A LtOTO, ��Tio'l��et��
Jewnllentbept-lfc-i). nt, Oornwallli H,.*e. LoDUem, N.,
Prince William of Sweden and Princess Marie Granted Divorce.
Stockholm, March 20.���Tho council
of state has approved the decision *n���
the consistory court granting a divorce in the case of Prince Willuuu
of Sweden and Princess Marie, wlio
before her marriage was the Oraad
Duchess Mary Pavlovna of Kus**a<-t.
and has lie^clare'd the marriase dissolve-el. ln their petition for dtToraa
incompatibility of temper was giv��i��
by both parties on the ground Bar
their appeal. They requested a spttcdjr
Negotiations between the courts nf
St. Petersburg and Stockholm for Cl������e
dissolution of the marriage began <��n
November last.
The couple were married in ISO*
and on account of alleged domestic*
troubles the princess separated frtia��
her husband.
SATURDAY,  MARCH  21.  1914.
���Clc-Temers   in   Desert   Mining   Camps
Drearn   of   Finding   Rich
Seattle, March 20.--Dreams of millions in radium have turned tile heads
cf hundreds nf old tune, prospectors
in the desert mining camps tei the*
���southwest, says A. 1.. Ilelgesen, an
Ogde 'i, I"tali, mining engineer and aa-
sayer, who is in Seattle on his way
tn Alaska, where he will spend the
coming summer In the MjVlce of one
of the- big copper companies of the
northern territory. Where once' the'
aid-line prospector dared death in the
���trren wastes or Utah and Nevada In
tJTr* hope of "striking it,rich" In gold
t^iartz, radium is now the lure that
rai.es h'im Into the waterless wilderness.
"And the most pitiable feature of
the new craze." saiel Mr, Ilelgesen toil. iy, "is the taci thai even the mosi
e\iee*rt mineralogist and aisayers are
at the present lini" Miiflile te> pass
offhand judgment on Anlium ores.
This fact has been responsible for
much less of time, money and what
is ume!, heartbreaking toll, on the
pa     ol  poorly educated prospectors.
"Me u who ceiulil not be deceived In
gold > " bIIvi i- ores aro constantly coming back to ci'.'ill/.atiou after months
i pi ���:��� on the desert, load* d wltb
worthless Iron-stained Bandstone,
ivhlch they have' mistaken tor the
precious yellow ca'motlte! the ore
*. ��� leh is the richest hi ra din in.
"Thousands  of  (Julian*,  feave    been
spi nt In the last two years in locating  supposed  radium claims of this
character and  samples brought many
miles over the desert on the backs of
burros or on the back of the prospector : imself, have be-en assayed in Salt
Laki   end  other  mining centres only
to   !:e>   pronounced     worthless.     Few :
practical   miners,   even,   realize   that
only an Infinitesimal quantity of ra- '
dlum exists in even the richest radium j
ores, and though  real    radium    ores
heive   been  found   in   Utah',    notably !
Emery county, it has been found that
the   values   were   not   reco*. erable   to |
an extent Sufficient to Justify the Investment of capital in the mines.
Slight Chance for Fortune.
"There  are   no   big  mining  compa- ���
Tiles engaged in the exploitation of ra- ;
dlum   prospects  and   tlw    prospector '
who finds real carnotlte has a  slen-
eder chance of being able1 to realize on
his   hopes   of   fortune,    The     mining
man who looks for radium as a  bus- j
im ss is on the wrong trail.   As a side ���
Issue,  tbe  prospector  searching  for
gold ;md silver Is justified In investl- j
gating  what   may   prove to he carno-
tlte    deposits,     but  the    chances    of ;
finding a fortune in that ore are one I
in a million at  best."
Use Beaver  Board for
Interior Finish, Because
[I |   , u liy and i heapty spplli d.
H is more durable anel sanltarj than poster.
it line's not crack or chip with a:-.'*.
I. makes wall paper unnecessary.
Samples and  Information Will  Ee Gladly  Furnished.
McAllisters.  Limited.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Use Beaver  Board fcr
Interior Finish, Because
ll :.  damp prutf and beat relisting.
i: can be removed ami replaced without damage.
Il is the mi st economical,
SamplcE ^nd  Information  Will  Ee Gladly  Furnished.
McAllisters,  Limited.
New Spring Silks
Now Shown in Silk Dept.
Our new arrivals are direct from the
centre and we have an assortment of th
weaves, as broche, crepes, satins, poplins,
s.ik.-. satins,  etc.
A Silk Crepe, with self-colored Jaco.ua el
floral designs; colors biscuit, N'ei  re.-.*'.
pearl ..ray, en am. tan ana black; forty
Inches wIde.   Per yanl at	
A lovely se it finished silk that adapts Itself splen
lasl) ion
effects, in
pink,   skv.
Excellent wearing
Small Venomous Sccrpion That is a
Deadly Peril to Mexicans
Mexico ts a land til it-llllWes. Perennial revolutions ravage the people
and bandits pillage snd murder when
soldiers are noi about. Hm whatever
the limitations placed upon life
expectancy in that country in Ihese
restless days the Mexican scorpion
t-t;ll holds the record as official executioner of the republic. Four thousand persons are reported as dying
rach year in Mexico from the stings
of scorpions.
There are several varieties of scorpions in Mexico, some of them exceedingly venomous and others little
fe>are<l. In the neighborhood of Teplc
the virulent centuris gracillis abounds
but it is little known about the more
northern state of Sonora. It is one
.of the most venomous creature's in
the world.
In the small city nf Durango scor-
.pious are perhaps more plentiful and
more dangerous
in the republic.
humid anil torrid it Is the ".ierra
callente"- -and ii is estimated that
more than 160,000 scorpions are kill-
��-d each year, with no appreciable ef
feet on their numbers,
A scorpion resembles a diminutive
lobster. Some specimens are eight
inches lone.*, though the average len
gth Ib from two to four inches.    The
did!)  t.i tae present style.
It les;  beautiful Bhades of purpl
ro3i. tan, br.iu a anel Copenhagi n
���in Inches w ilie*.   Per yard al	
We have Hroche silks suitable
gowns now fn demand.
$1.75 A YARD.
This Bilk has it splendid rich finish, is n heavy weight
and has splendid  wear;  colors rose, reseda, green,
wegdewood,   Mile,   pink,   cream,   sky,   navy,   whit**
pea* 1 gray, gold, etc,    Per
95c A YARD.
The demand for thlB stripe is large and we don't
overrate it when we say that for value this silk cannot be equalled, lt is soft and durable; In shades
e !' mauve, bine, cream, gray, liiack and white, etc.
N ite one price, onlv, per
Dn tin* Crepe de Chene order, but of heavier
and now  very fashionable, makes beautful
dresses; colors cream, black, ping,
rose and Wilson blue,   Oure price*.
per y.e.d   	
tan, gray, sky,
Curtain?, Nets, Voiles and
it pays to be particular in buying your window
hangings, for they are seen more from both inside*
and out than any other furnishing.
Scrims and  Voile*;; are best adapted  t,i the  present Btyle of draping.   o..r Btock Is most complete In
colors and designs, suitable for all rooms.
Very line weave'Basic Scrims; with shadow borders;
lawn,   brown,   pink  or  green.     Per   yard
White or oream ground;  with floral design
in colors.    Per yard
Tapestry  Voiles;  cream ground,  with
colored floral border.     Per yard at
Cream    Voiles;   hemstitched    border,   with
floral design.   Per yard
�����< #	
Muslins; white or cream; with borders oi blue', p.nk
or  fawn,    Per yard Ottt*
at      CUU AND
Cream Casement Net; fine lace edging; with Insertion to .natch. This is a very fine material
I er yard 	
i  dalnt)
i.e. pink
.h  inser-
LowRecord Priceson Carpet Squares
We h:i\. t! :.:������ I 1,'ro. Brussels Ruga ln stock and have selected
tbem as a Special Bargain for Saturday's selling. They are a spU-a-
dld harel wearing carpet, specially suitable lor living rooms, and bedrooms. Tbe patterns are very neat and belong exclusively to this
grade of carpet:
Size  ��x!�� feet; regulai J8.75. *J��C "Jf"
Special I'riee  *99* I 9
Size  l-xlce-i;   feet:   n^iiiu:'  $!-..".*i. ����#*   A|J
Special   Pric..   ^O.fcO
Size 8x12 feet; regular $10.60. &y OR
Bpeclal Price'  *vi .C9
lliph class Scan |i      ' v ilnsti .��� Rugs; iii deep, heavy pile.; in rich colorings and .ail tlu       cat patterns   Having  no seams and an extra
heavy pile, they make n very handsome floor covering; size. 8-8x11-6
reet; regular $3B.O0 COQ Cfl
Spi clal Price  4J'.S.*<J��*$U
Restweil Line of Steel Beds
These Beds are n ade of the beBi steel tubhif obtainable. No open
Beam tubing :*: used, and there la no better known method of construction than is used In making the Ii.!-tw.*ll 11. d and Crib. Every
Bi .I and Crib Is'fiulshed with leu- coats of enamel; each coat is baked
on sparately, and leaves ;���- smooth finish that has no superior. All
the castors are pressed steisl, ball bearing. Beda and Cribs are finished In white, light blue, lighl green, ere a:., and Vernis Martin,
or :n anj combii at oi of ( rlors.
Continuous Post Steel Bed; In any i'i.'::'.'.: with 7 fillers;    {ft 7C
I 6-16 Inch'posts;      gular $11.75.   Special  $<S}.f9
Straight P'cst Bed; I ra: - top mi lints; 1 1 12 In. posts     ff <i 4   {"ft
with 3-4-in. fillers; regular $13.75   Special  31 I .OU
Stralgh Posl Bed; with heavy 2-tnch posts and i*"h inch fillers, and
heavy cross tubes; ) . tea top mounts;   tny finish; (4 "\ Ef|
regular  $15.75.    Spi rial        ��JS I ��3>%?U
Restweil Steel Pvami Sanitary Couch; ia.* sections, one Bectton
tides underneath tl i Iher and makes a couch by day or a comfortable but for night, The mattress is sanietarj cotton felt, covered in
a good grade ol green denim, .'.ith neal valance; C 1 9 7R
regular $16.50.   Special   $!bi(9
Restweil Steel Continuous Pos! Cribs;  In blue, white, light green or
Vernis Martin:
No   1,   Regular $7.75. CC CR
Special   90-^09
Regular 0.    Regular $10.26. ��Q   Ag.
Soeclal    3>Oe,'��3
No. 00.���RegtfM* $12.25. ��Q (_igs
Special   9v.D0
Men's Underwear
A line of 1 'en nm n's Pine Merlna Underwear just reci Ived, Medium
weigiit, In natural woo! finie^li. ��ip
!'. r garment  | OC
New Balbrlgga,n\ Underwear also In thia shipment, ajj
Per garment at 35c, 50c and CdC
Everyday Needs Specially
Priced in the Staple Section
thirty-six     Inches
ill    V
Klne   Kngllsh  Longcioth;
Prlc-e,  par yard 4 Al _
at        IC2C
Madapolams; made from specially
perfectly pure.    Special  per  yard
at  12' 2c,   l6c, aim	
Knglisn Cambric; Ot fins .even weave; 42 Incni'K
Wide. Specially adapted tor ladies' and children'.*;
undeuwear..   Special, per
This lme iii rh ei* Nainsook i-* very special value
at the- price.   Per eiqi
yard     13*0
Victoria Lawn; 38 Inches wide, Special,    4 _\ \ ���
per yard    I sw 2 C
Latest Shades of new Cotton Crepes; self colors and
fancy stripes. 'I heae crepes are well known for t'.e*ir
hard bearing qualities, and they' are fast colors;
3d  inches wide.    Special,  pet
Bleached  Cotton   Bed  Sheets;
grade* of English Sheeting; in in
Price',   P"r  pair   	
Qiielcan Bedspread; 72x90; a quality you may depend
on for gooel service
Special,  each   	
White. Mercerized Vestings; in a fine assortment of
... it   designs;   very   moderately   priceel;   21  inci.es
wide,     Special,   p<*r
A new Shipment of navy bine prints;  in dot and
ured designs; fast dye,   Pi r
Pine and heavy grades of White flannelettes; also
heavy weave in striped flannelettes in various colors.    Spec tal, p.*.* a rt *
yard       IC2C
Heavy Orade English Cotton Sheeting;   70  inches
wide. A  grade that  Will give every  satisfaction, and
from     hea
mav depend
.ment ot
and fig-
will wear well.
(I'ass Toweht; homm
: * gular ll.'lo a dozen.
Colored Turkish Toweling;
quality,    Special, pe-r
.\    wide   range'   ot    PTancy
choice  selection  of  colors,
pe*r yard 	
I read) for use: size
Per dozen
��y _ 1
J" Inchei
19 I
wide;  heavy
hams;    In
Lim 1 tec
Saturday is Corset Day
We are now carrying a ful] line of the famous "8.
T." CorsetB,   Also "American I.ady" Corsets. Special
Price Bargains are offi led to fill your Corset wants.
"Our Special"  E. T. Corsest at 75c a  Pair.
These are' n.iiele* of gooel quality white coutllle;  with
medium low bust and long hip. perfect fining model;
made and shaped exactly  as  the  better corsets and
finished  with  four  hose supporters.  Spe-        fRm.
dally priced, per pair at     I OC
"Our Special" E. T. Corset at $1.00 a  Pair.
The   same*  make,   with   medium   low*   bust   and   long
hips;   also finished   with  hose Supporters;   a  corse-t
worth $1.7.").    Specially priced at,
per pair 	
1 lobster's;
crushes its
means of
claws  closely   resemble
with   them   the  scorpion
prey after disabling it by
The body of the scorpion
of several segmental join's.
five or more narrowing down to form
I the  victim  clutching  his    throat    as
j though  choking   on   a   foreign   body.
a   Prompt   treatment  al   this  stage  will
j usually  save-  life,
consis.s '1    If not treated the mouth soon be-
the  last   gins   to   froth   and   the   eyes   become
t reddened and hypersensitive to light.
range every Saturday by the range of-1 lino trom Udner,    it is thought, al-
:ir(;;';    . though  nothing has yet been decided.
All rifles must be thoroughly clean- Uhart  some reduction  can  be  made in
1 d and score cards must be handed to ' the n.att< r or fares
the tail, which curls up forward over 1 Within an hour or two the breath-
than anywhere else ; ||1(* body and terminates in the sting. . ing grows shorter and more difficult.
Here the climate is j This   business-like   appendage   is     a j the  body  turns  blue,  the  pulse   fails
Too Late to Classify
homey,   sharp  spine  containing   two |
little openings which    connect    with
the   venom  gland   within   the  cell  of
the last segment
In striking the scorpion gives the
tall a rapid lashing motion forward
In advance* of the body and liberally
administers a hypodermic Inpection
of poise*.1, e*r rnthiT Beveral injections
for it usually stings repeatedly when
1 it does strike.
ln  color scorpions  vary  according
I to  invironment.    One  ordinarily  col-
j orless or translucent  will assume    a
brown or blackish  shade* In dark  sur-
^NDI foundings.      Scorpions   li\**      in      lhe
cracks of the sun-baked  clay, under
I'eil:     SM.t:     IMPROVE!)     I'MIM
k ram ���   rlg*hl nl Norrln sti
lm    l.e*   Eii, ti pR lilwny, Prnuer Val- I ,
ley     Comprise     102  ncres,  all  cleared. Stones,   ...   the   chinks   m   the   adobe
 1 rich  noli   end undei   high cultlvn- huts   and   in   the  cracks  of  tht    plus
rim-.    11.. n will accimmodnte ter 0f old frame houses.   They prey
1,0    ij(.U'l    "f   BtOCk;    fl\i'    re-eenil    e|tve*||lllK . *
p.    :  wuti-i   and other oul  bulldlnsB upon Bpiders and other night-marratt-
. real farm and n money maker ding  Insects     A  Bpider Btung  by    a
man  who  wants  to make  ,;....! acorpion   may   i���.  observed   undergo-
P        and te *...    upon application.    The ,       ' , * ,   . ,     .,
ownn   will  also   lense.     Invistlgnto  nl Ing a convulsion just before death as
: annuals or human be*ine,s eii
and convulsions set in. Tht convulsions occur frequently during several
hours, but complete, relaxation usually ushers In the end.
Fortunately the unconsciousness
develops early, so (hat tlu* victim
does not suffer the tortures cf one
dying from lockjaw. The average
time required for a scorpion sting to
cause death is 12 or 11 hours, This
is calculated to make some rattle
snakes ashamed  of themsi Ives.
Tin ugh li.
��� i.e [able ree-
;:   motorcycli
Eastman and Co.
Trust   Bulldlnn
Seattle, March 20
Meagher established an
I*:*.1 yesterday both as
racer nnd .. cross-country runner, his
r.'iien probably will have been :' gotten in i he rush of passing events be-
I fore he getB out of jail to enjoj It,
Dnless sleeping cots are* well Bcreen* ' Mo' "'��� <:" *";r';H>\ '"' [,):!K""r
ed and the supports immersed In cans I ����� Patrolman K. ^orls were driving
of  kereseue  cr  carbolic  acid-water   'J"   '"""""'   Bvenu,c  l"*e  yesterday
afternoon in a Bpced}  runaboul when
j Meagher went by on  bis motorcycle
[1 . ne of the chief reason:; why young
people stay contentedly there instead
of seeking their amusements elsewhere.
Let us furnish the piano that will
mako vour home attractive. The
DOMINION PIANOS are here tor your
419 Columbia  St,  New  Westminster.
1 evaporates too  rapidly    the prowling
1 scorpion   may   find   its   way   beneath
the b'*d covers, and sting the restless
j child.    By nature the scorpion  is    a
nm* urnal   pest,    in   Mexico  everyone
! takes a peep in the 'on of   his shoe
before dressing in the morning to as-
i sure himself that  no undesirable clti-
i zen  is hidden there.
Contrary  to common    belief    scor-
i pion   never commit   suicide  liy   sting- !
! ing themselves to death   at least not:
1 In Mexico.   In fact they seem Immune
to their own  venom.    Two  well  mat- -
died  specimens will  battle  to  death
If   confined   In   a   Jar,   stinging   each j
other repeatedly, yet the victor does |
not die.    He tears his antagonist,  in
to   small   pieces   with   his  claws   and
VoaclOUSly    devours   every    trace*      ft
the vanquished   foe.   And the* cannibal thrives on the diet,
Some scorpion bites cause little
more than burning pain and numbness
in the part affected for a few .lays.
Bul  the    more    poisonous    varieties
ai thirty miles an hour.   Dagner wav-l
ed to him to stop, whereupon Meagher]
took one look at the Identity of bis
pursuers and "gave, 'er the imii.."
fly the time he* got-to Fourth bvi une'
south and Jackson street he waa go-'
ing  fifty  miles an  hour    Continuing
on   Fourth _nvenue south,  the  motor-
eye...  was   making better t.l.ari  sixty
miles, but the automobile, by this time
was under full headway and was con
stunt ly gaining.    The race* continued
two miles, nearly to Spokane street,
with the distance between the pursuer l
and pursued gradually diminishing.
l.eihing  faith   In   the*   ability   of  his
machine to  win,   Meagher, according
to the testimony in court, slowed up
and stopped,   Hiding bis machine ho
j hind .1 pile cf lumber he jumped the
1 Fourth avenue son:'.* bridge and Ptart-1
I ed afoot across the tide t'lut;.
The automobile came to ..  11 f>
To the Edltor-
Sir The provincial inspectors of i
fruit pests are rightly concerned at I
the neglect of careless citizens to have ;
thei*.- fruit trees sprayed now to rid '
them of the pes's whicli not only depreciate the*;r fruit crops, but inflict
tike injury ti|Min neighbors whose trees I
kept clear of caterpillars and insects 1
attract Uu* swarms from neglected '
������res, scenting better feed.
We bave  bylaws galore,  but  there ;
has  l>"en neglect  to provide for the I
j annual   cleansing   of   frni.   trees,   al-
. though this city has far more in pro- j
I portion than any other city in Il.f'.-
', and it would be :i direel benefit to tin>.
attractiveness of Westminster if such
tree;* *,'-er.   kept In he.p'ti.y condition. I
Ci".ni .   if  single   lots  can   11'ldoiu
afford  to buy a  spraying outfit, hut
if those better minded owners of fruit
trees  wbo nre  willing   to  have*  their,
tree* sp.ayed  will not".*,   the municipal    il or bureau al  thi   city  ball of
t'.ieir requirements arrangements can
be made to giv< some of the unomploy-1
r-d part  work by   getting an outfit to
work  by the help nf ihe* inspector ofl
frni' pests who will he abli   to locate'
the  laggards and  make examples of
March 20, 1914.
tbe range officer before leaving the
range.   By Order
L. B, II \!N'KS,
Captain and Adjutant.
Attestations -Drumme�� w. Ross,
Wadsworth, T. Archibald, VV. M. Adams. .1. Ilurnham, K. Cadenhead, T.
W. House, L, VV. Ikinne, A. J. Doane,
Harry Hrown, John Stein, David Als*
bury, drums.
New Vork. March 20.���Harry Sell j
aetfe r, aged lit. who confessed that
he- strangled to death William T. Mar* 1
tin, a Toronto milliner, on August 11,
1913, was convicted today of murder
in the second degree. Schaeffer testifying yesterday in his own defense, |
said he had not intended to kill Mar* 1
tin, bul with another man, had wrap* !
ped a towel af nnd his victim's neck j
In order lo make robbery easy, Schaeffer was remanded until March >,". ,
leir senlenci*.
When    the    jury    returned      and;
Fore man  Robert Bradley  was asked ;
if the* jury had   found  ��  verdict, the j
foreman spoke so low that he had to
be again queried by the clerk of the
cone t.
The verdict of murder In the second
degree carried with ll a prison sentence of not less than 20 years, Schaeffer smiled carelessly when he was
returned to the court room. After the
verdict wns announced be leaned care-
b Bsly over and said to his counsel,
'Thanks, old man, much obliged."
,     -Messrs.   Herby  Ingram  and  Kd   A.
: Baker of Vancouver who purchased a
j block  of  lots  during   the   past  year.
, were recent visitors to the bay, mak-
j ing   preparations   for  the   erection   of
I thei-r* summer homes.
The new ferry service from Wood-
I wards to Ladner has opened up new
possibilities for the Vancouver people who make their summer homes at
lUiLinriHry Hay. This service cuts the
distance Which was previously Hi!
.nile-s. to about 18, and makes It possible tor autolsts to go .'.nd come
Michael If. Whalen who has for
many years been |n charge' of an,
Alaskan fishing fleet, has resigned his
position in tbe company and will here
after make his permanent residence
at   the  bay.
duties  for:
���Battallen  Order  No.   12  by   M.-ipor C. :
E. Doherty, Commanding.
Officers'  Duties   To be orderly officer for th** week ending March 29,
Lieut,   Al.   .1.   Knight,   next   for  duty]
liLeleut. Lord.
Battalion     Duties   "A"
[will  furnish  ell  battlalon
tiv   ensuing week.
Rifle   Association   -rlu*   first   Bhoot
of   the   season   will   be   held   at   the
; Brownsville rifle* ranges on Saturday,
March 21, at 2:50 p.m. prompt.
The annual meeting of tho Rifle aa
' soclation was held al thi
the lfltb  Inst   and  th" following rf
' rices   were  elected   fir  t'.ie.  coming
At the* Fisheries Wharf, ftipperton, B.C.,
e.11  Thursday,  tie**  twenty sixth    day    of
March,  pel 1. ������.  twee o'clock o.ni.
'nil*;   GASOLINE   S(" li)( IN Frit   ACTIVW
with e qulpmt-nt nnd furniture.
Approximate length of "Active" 58 ft.;
beam, 16 ft. �� In.; englnp, RO h.p., 3-cylln-
el.-i*.    l-e*,'.-|i.,   "Frioco  Btandnrd."
"P.eenlia." approximate length, 27 ft ��
Inl beam, 7 ft.: depth, :i ft, 0 In.; engine,
.",   h.p.    "P.lhlleT."
Further  particulars   nnd   order   t ,*��   ln-
BpfCt    t IS   e*:en   I Ie!.*.ln.*<l   lit    lh.'   fVi-
mlnlon   Fisheries  Office,   New  Westminster.
f'!.le*r Inspector of  Flsherlns,
N'.-.v Westminster, BiC, March 20, IBM.
Work is being steadily pushed forward on the waterworks system being
in.'ti.lled at Boundary Bay. A concrete* dam has been built on the site
of the old spring on the Whalen property and pipe lines arc being laiel
following the street lines which can
be conveniently connected up with
practically point on the property.
Messrs.   Kellington,   Savage,   Major
and  Dr.  Mackay  are making arrange-
armories on j ments with tbe Whalen estate fnr thi
extension of the
roael leading to
minute after the motorcycle, and both   year: Captain. Capt. Thos. Armstrong; | Is the intention of these gentlemen to
,,..(���. ii,,,, alone (hf, I "nt.iry  subjects  re
water line aiong "������,���;,*���,���, ���r ,*,,.--.f,y.,| M||ll
t'.f. boundary  line.  It | Marks will I"  award
Entrance Examination, 1914.
n Is notified foi the Information nt all
encerned thai E'luml nnel Company Drill
(practical) Is added ... the list nf vol-
leei Hi. Kntrnnc ��� lO.eene-
ry College, 1914,
Dagner and Voris took up th<
on   foot.    After  a.  chase  of
pursuit   secretary-treasurer, Capt
illj   a  statistical secretary, Q..M
P   li. Smith;
Sergt. T. .1.
cause   ileatl...  and   that   speedily, < *���
neclally  when  they sting young chll-jmlle,  Meagher  was caught  hall   way  Mahoney; committee   Major O. h.
dren or debilitated old people*.    The to Georgetown.   Still game, bul wind- herty, Lieut. M.   i. Knight, Lieut
lower classes of p<-e;ple suffer more j eel, in* was placed under arrest, taken
than  the well-to-do, because* of their ; to headquarters and held under $200
custom  of going about    half    naked  bonds,  which he  was  unable  to  .'inmost of the time. j,llsl1*      ,      .       ,
���  in serious cases the local numbness      After hearing the* story thia morn
and pain or burning extend over the  ing, Judge Cordon  decided    to    glv��
body in a few hours.   Then follows  Meagher ten days to think ovei  hi:
a feeling as of n ball in the threat,  folly. |    Ammunition will be Issued on
.1. Groves, <). If. Col. Sergt. I
Simpwin, Col, Se.rgl W, .1. Sloan
Rifles ran be obtained only
Thursday evenings after drill from the
quarter maste..* Sergl and same must
lm returned to the armorli b on
following Monday evening,
, have their summer homes all connect
: eel   up   With   the   water   system.
E. Phillips of the Auto Transfer Co.
j was  In   Westminster during  the  past
' week getting Information preparatory
! to Inaugurating an auto bus line from
the EJburhe line to Boundary Uny. The
Intention is to serve the Westminster
residents via the Eburne line to the
the i North  Ann  bridge and  from there by
laiitn lino to the bay.   This will be a
Suueiel.   Drill
Company  H
Vie.   authorial d
i* e-e.   i*   "Infantry
It and Sections I
i,.���.le c in I"* obtaii
mandlng Division)
ci III '.
V.   A.   S    V
enel '.
led ft
Maximum    Minimum
I uie 50
111(1 F.ei
I    lleeeik    fill    tills   Sllb-
nlm;,   1911,"   Part
.1   Part   in.    This
"in (Ifflcurs    I'.��:"
Districts, price* S
'C.t.l VMS.
the, marked
improvement on the old stage
Di pnrtme nt eef  Mllltla nnel
taWU,   Meere'le  9,   1914.
Ne wspnpers will im. be p
ndvertlsomenl If they lnse*rt it
Henrit*. from Hi" departmi ni
l.'.Q.   74-3-1.���57401.
���Ir.ne I,
De fe'iie*.., Ol-
eIft   fnr   Ihls
without un
ci 111)


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