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The New Westminster News Mar 4, 1914

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Volume 8, Number ?r>/.
Price Five Cents,
Vote of Censure on Minister of Labor for Negligence in
Duties Defeated by Government Majority���Discussion
Continued Until After 1 O'clock This Morning���Liberal Member Makes Severe Criticisms.
miners of Vancouver island, is and
waa marked by persistent negligence
i ami absolute Indifference and deserves  the  censure of this  house."
I Defends Minister.
President   Will   Commence
Fight to Repeal Exemption Clause.
Joint Session of Congress on Thursday When Wilson Will Give
Ottawa, March 4. After over eight
hours of bitter an-1 incisive debate
tbe government majority at 1 o'clock
this morning voted down an opposition motion of censure on Hon. T.
W. Crothers, minister Of labor. The j Mr. Morphy. North Perth, defended j joint session of congress Thursday,
motion which waa moved by Alphonso Ithe minister with vigor, lie said | advocating repeal of tlie clause in
Verville, Liberal    representative   of that the men wen- notified of what
Washington.    March    I
Wilson    will    personally
address    a
Thought Amicable Settlement Between City and Cannery
Company Has Been Reached���Special Meeting.
Mainsoneuve, accused the minister
ol negligence and indifference in
connection with his manner of dealing with the strike in the mines at
Nanaimo. The motion was defeated
by a vote of SO to 43, or a government
majority of 37.
Introduces Discussion.
Mr. Verville, of Maissolieuve, again
Introduced a discussion of tin* Nanaimo labor trouble. He spoke at some
length and concluded with a motion
of censure of the minister of labor.
Mr. Verville said that he was surprise d at the nature of the correspondence labled relating to this dispute, The strlkim? feature of the
corn spondence, he said, was not what
it contained, but what was omitted.
The trouble broke out on September
IT,.  1912,    (in September  19 the m-en
was  required of  them  and  the  min-
p-.-evlous speaker claimed that both
sides of this case had never been set
forth, but there was never a case
which had been presented in a better
manner than this case by the minister during the previous discussion
in the house.
Res��nts Criticisms.
Mr. Morphy resented the criticisms
of Mackenzie and Mann. These men.
he said, had built 6000 miles of railway in Canada and history would put
them down as great railway pioneers.
Few would approve of ihe statement
. that they could not be trusted to
were notified that they should apply \ ���iv(, ,hejr employees fair treatment.
[or a board of conciliation. On the , N() t mj,i0ycrs in'the Dominion have
following day a reply was sent to the , 1)ad so -*,,.; |al)or troubles as Macken-
department saying that the men were \ zu, aiui Mann when tbe number of
not ou ou strike, but had quit work l!)H|r employees is taken into conns a protest against discrimination. A. | sjQ, ration.
Was Silent Then.
the Panama canal aci which exempts
,.*, I,...!, unite and wired them at | American coastwise shipping from
the inception of the trouble. He en-1 the payment of tolls,
closed forms of application fur a White House officials arranged to-
board of conciliation, although the! nighl with the majority leaders of
claim was made at the other end that i bolh ilous(.s for a j0i,it session at
these   had   not   been   received.     Tbe| tf.ffi p,ni.  Thursday.    The president
The hammer of the pile driver on the harbor improvement work will '
be started once more this morning which indicates a, 'mpt-edy settlement of
tbe dispute between the city and James Anderson At the St. Munga can*.
nery. I '      O
Those attending the conference between the city\authorities and Mr.
Anderson and his solicitor, held yesterday afternoon tefused to give out
any information as to what transpired but it was made known that a special
meeting of the city council wou'.d be held this afternoon ^htJ o'clock, at
which time the harbor committee would have a report to matt which, it
accepted would  mean a settlement.
Mayor Gray when seen last night by The News, stated that he could
not divulge any information but that the details of the conference and
proposed arrangement would be submitted to the entire council for its
approval or rejection. Alderman Annandale, chairman of the harbor committee, was in the same vein although stating that he saw no reason why
an amicable arrangement could noi be made between the city and Mr. Anderson. The resumption of work by the pile* driving crew indicates that
the city  is confident of Straightening out tne  tangle.
I Cheers, Jeers, Hisses and
Applause Greet Suffragettes.
Political  Wrath  of 4,000,0(73 Women
** * M
Will Be Visited on Democrats,
''������        Threaten*  Speaker.
pondence shows that the men did uot
follow the law and thnt their conduct
became unlawful Throughout ths
trouble tin- Nanaimo miners, bad
never asked for a board of conciliation while Frank Harrington, ihe U,
M. W. A organizer, had forced himself into the fight.
markable feature of the correspond
enco,  In  tbe opinion  of   Mr.  Verville.
W8S thnt the operators had never actually set forth their case.    It almost
tempted him to believe that this was
v-becnuf.- tin* C, N. B. was interested
nnd   the  minister  had   some   interest
In tbe company,    lie would not go so
lar bs to say that, however.
More  Criticism.
Another point of criticism advanced
liy   Mr.  Verville  was    that    for    five
months subsequent u> May s, 1913,
practically nothing appeared on   tha
r* < ord relating to the strike. The
only letter was one from the Wfie*
ir.ry of s:r William Mackenzie who
volunteered that lhs men realised
mat they had made a mistake and
ihe union would be broken up It ap
peered as though the minister was reiving on this information and he ex-
ptcted the trouble would scon be
over. Mr Verville thought that the
Whole correspondence showed a dis
position on the part of the minister
io prove that the men were wholly lu
ihe wrong He was not prepared Io
say thai soma of the men had net
done wrong, but that was no reason
why the action of the operators
Bhould not have been inquired Into.
In September last, Mr. Verville said
the matter had bjcen taken up by tho I 	
Dominion labor congress    at    Mont-j
real.    He did not propose to say what | New Westminster would be Headquar
the   members   of   that   congress   said ,
about the minister at that time.
Not Done Anything.
The members Of the congress. Mr.
Verville went on to say, wanted to
ask the prime minister to ask the
minister of labor for his resignation.
lie did nol propose to ask that, but
In- would like the minister to say why-
no efforts had been made by way of
correspondence to deal witli this
trouble for live months; also why the
operators side of the case had never
been set forth, lie was prepared to
leave it to the bouse to say if some
thing had not born wrong
has prepared a brief address in which
he sets forth his opinion that congress should reverse itself and keep
the obligations of the Hay-Pauncefote
treaty which he believes were violated by ihe Panama canal act.
National Honor.
The president holds tbat the national honor of the American people
is at stake, and that European nations should not be allowed to get
the impression thai treaties made by
the American government are not adhered to both in letter and in spirit.
The exemption clause, he points out,
was passed on the assumption that
while the Hay-Pauncefote treaty guarantees equal treatment to all nations
in the question of tolls, ihe document
was to be interpreted as meaning all
nations  except the  United  States.
The president believes there should
be no debatable ground on treaties
once made and believes the United
Changed His Mind.
Originally   Mr.   Wilson  had  not  intended to deliver a message on this
subject.    He had conferred with senators and  members of th
sentiment    in
Witness in Cummings Case
Says Provincial Member
Aroused Mob.
Washington,  March  3.���All  phases
3f the woman suffrage question were
presented to the house judiciary committee today, accompanied by cheers,
jeers, hisses and applause.
Reciting sentimental passes for suffrage argument, Mrs. Crystal Eastman
Benedict and Mrs. Mary Beard, New
York lawyers, threw down the gauntlet to the Democratic party in no uncertain terms, warning the committee
that  the  political wrath of 4,000,000
women   in   suffrage   states  would   be
visited  upon  the party  unless favorable consideration was given the constitutional amendment for woman suffrage.
Wore Trousers.
__________ Anti-suffragists  told the committee
j that woman suffrage would be harm-
Elwtp-rl flvpr lampv T, Trpn. fuI not onl>'t0 women but to the coun-
muinu \j\tr .jdinLfe u. iitn- try    And at the conclusion of the
hearings, Dr. Mary Walker, trousered
holme by Overwhelming
Nanaimo   Striker   Convicted   on   Two   Chief   Supporters  Yesterday   Brought
The  member  tor  Maisseneiive,  Mr.
i Morphy said, claimed that the govern*
ment should have held up Mackenzie
1 and Mann v.h'-n they were looking for
'. aid last session, but surely it was
ithe  duty  of    the    representative    of
labor in the house to protest But
i Mr. Verville was silent on that occa-
j sion. He was also silent when legis-
1 lation of the Grand Trunk railway
1 was held up until the railway prom
j ised to give fair treatment to its em*
' ployees. ln view of these facts, it
; was difficult to give Mr. Verville
| much   credit   for  liiH  pood   intentions,    of the situation should be emphasised
Mr.  Morphy  thouRhr  that  the corres
Counts and Remanded for Sentence���Alibi  Failed.
That Jo'nn Place. Socialist member
About Recall in 1911���Reform
,B is iii honor bound lo keep the   *,n &�� provincial legislature, bad used
t of the Hay-Pauncefote treaty.      language   while  addressing  a  riotous
Seattle, March 3���Hiram C. Gill,
who waB elected mayor of Seattle in
\ 1910,  recalled  in  1911 just after the
crowd at Nanaimo last summer calcu .
listed  to  arouse  the  mob  instead  of 1 women  of Washington had  been  en-i
i pacifying it was the main feature of   franchised. and defeated in 1912, was
tbe   evidence   produced   yesterday   in   elected   mavor  of   Seattle   by   a   ma-!
. '.the trial of William Cummings on two
e  houBe and i cnargeB of taking part in an unlawful   ,.
fa���r.   ��!.���^e r^Ial 1 assembly and rioting, on both of wblcb| U
he was convicted
seemed to him to be strong.    Some
of the leaders   however, were of the ,    Con8tab;<.  shirras. of the  Nanaimo
opinion that the international Phases . f who hag ^^  evidencP in al.
of the situation should be emphasised I mOBt a��� ,he Ntuu,im0 cageg arjsing out
In   a   communication   from   the  prrsl- I   , fte gtrike trouWe, there lMt A
dent to    congress   to impress   upon  ^      id  th t when a  plea WM Q,
ters of one Division  Under New
Plan of Presbyterians.
A   decision   to  divide   the   Westminster     Presbytery   into   two   separate
Presbyteries, the first to include Vancouver  and   sutu:bs   and  the   second
New Westminster and the Fraser valley was reached at a meeting of the
Westminster Presbytery held  in Vancouver   yesterday   which   was   largely
attended' by  Presbyterian    ministers
"I chum." : {rom Westminster and the Fraser vnl-
contlnued Mr. Verville. "tbat nothing hoy,   The division woo made because
was done toward a settlement of thia i thi- work of the district had outgrown
trouble, The minister will say he has, the scope of one PreBbytery.
but I say he has not done anything.
The prime mlnlsbi r does not know
lhe milliner in which this matter has
been conducted. He Is the greatest
sufferer of them all because he has
this kind of a minister of labor.'
The change dees not become opera
tlve until ii is passed bj the Presbyter.an sjnod which does not meet until April. New Westminster, as the
logical centre of the Fraser valley,
w a.-* selected as the headquarters of
Mr.  Verville said he  would close j t'.u- projetced New Westminster and
wiih a  motion  which  would convey | Fraser valley Presbytery.   Vancouver
those who had voted for ihe exemption previously the necessity of
changing their votes regardless of
domestic question* involved.
Open   Fight  in   Earnest.
The message to congress will open
the tight on the Panama tolls question in earnest. Senator O'Gorman,
chairman of 'he inter-oceanic canal3
committee, is expected to oppose the
president's views. Lately it has been
said that a majority of the committee
would favor a repeal. The White
House is confident that in both
bouses of congress the re#eul will be
passed, Republicans joining Democrats in making the change.
Sir   Cecil   Spring-Rice,   British  am- j
bassador,     discussed    the    Mexican
situation  with  the president  tonight. I
but  White   House  officials  said    tho
canal tolls subject was not mentioned.
dressed to the mob gathered at the
No, 1 r'.iaft on the afternoon of Aug.
12 to get them to disperse on the promise of Mine Manager Stockett that
no work would be undertaken by nonunion men for a space of 24 hours.
Place addressed the mob, urging Its
members to persist in the tactics employed to imprison the non-union men
on the mine property.
Shirras stated that he heard Place
and silk-hatted, presented to the committee what she called the "crowning
constitutional argument" to show that
women already have the right to vote
under the constitution, ln the mean-
| time debate on the suffrage amendment was continuing in the senate.
The   suffraglBts  who appeared  before the committee were divided. Mrs.
Antoinette Funk,. Mrs. Medill McCormick and  Mrs.  William Kent,  representing the national woman suffrage
association, urged that if the committee   would   not  Teport  the   proposed
amendment, it report an amendment
to allow  the suffrage question to be
decided by referendum in t'ne various
states intsead of by the legislatures.
Mrs. Benedict, Mrs. Beard. Mrs. Evans
and Dr. Cora King for the congressional  union, asserted that tbe time
had come to make the suffrage question one of political expediency.
Veiled Threat.
"It is because I have the interests
of this administration at heart," Mrs.
ie the.  Derao-
er what after
jority well over 14.000, defeating Jas.
Gill ran today on a platform of
strict enforcement of the laws. Four
years ago he was elected on an
"open  town" platform and  his recall
resulted   from   his alleged   toleration lEvaus said,  "that I
ot vice.   QUVs ��btet m*n*a*mt%mtn Vu t** \ _
present campaign were men who 1 its way clear to reconsl
brought his recall in 1911. Many of } all was a somewhat unconsidered actus supporters in former campaigns | tion of the Democratic caucus."
were against him today. Mayor-elect | Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Benedict warn-
Gill is a native of Wisconsin, 48 years ! ed the Democrats not to dodge the
old. His father, a distinguished offi- I issue, and said that a connection on
cer in the Civil War, was commis-, the suffrage question must be taken
sioner of pensions under President i at this session of Congress.
Gran;. "Gentlemen." said Mrs   Beard, "you
- I cannct answer us by shaking in our
faces that tatterdemalion of a state's
KILFOIL   RELEASED  ON 'rights scare-crow and then expect us
say that the  promise on  the part of j E0ND F0R $20,000 ! not to read the newspapers when you
Mr.  Stockett  not   o try  to work the   , diate  youi.   platform   and   vioiatP
mine for a space of .'4 hours was only , Ix)g Angelf>Bi March 3.���Philip Kil- express state rights in the matter of
a subterfuge to gain time for the ar-|foil. lhP voung reai estate agent, ac-j a presidential prlmarv. Vou cannot
rival of the militia and a force of, cused of a statu-orv offence was ar-1 tell us that the platform will not al-
specie 1 constaWes who would be used | raigned today In police court and re- *ow this suffrage discussion because
to cover a fresh attempt to start op- majided under bond of 120,000 until
orations down No. 1 shaft. ' March   18
"We've   got   them   where   we  want;'  Kilfoil's attorney demairded an im-
them: keep them there," are the words mediate hearing, saying his client had
the witness said were used by the pro-;been   held   in  jai]   "unf)Pr  suspicion
vincial member
: fur two  weeks.    City and county de-
The rest of the evidence in the Cum-1 tectives investigated the death of Kil
mlngs trial was along the same lines j toil's sister by pojson last Ja���uarv.
as that submitted in other cases aris-1 Miss i.aimer, the state's principal
ing out of what is no*- known as ridt witness, Was unable to appearand the
number three. j CASt>   was  adjourned   for  two   weeks.
The   defence,  directed    by    Israel . This action brought forth such
Rubinowitz, attempted to establish an I nement   protest   from
it is silent, but will permit the repeal
of the canal tolls exemption which it
I expressly forbids,   It is under estlmat-
1 ing our resources to suppose that we
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a  v e-
Peoria,   111.,   March   3.-
the  loan  of  1150,000  to
-A   plea  for
the  interna-
Ccmmunication   with   Outside   World
Being  Established  After Disastrous Stcrm.
lhe Sentiment expressed by the Dominion labor congress at its meeting
m September last. lie then moved
as an amendment to the motion to g;o
Into supply  "that the whole conduct
city will be tin- headquarters for the
oth' .-.
Those who attended the meeting
from this iciy were Rev. F. J. Kerr, St.
Andrew's;    Rev.    M. Q.  Melvin. St.
of the minister of labor in regard to ! Stephen's and  Kev.  IC. Q
the  claims  and  rights  (f    the    coal   Sapperton.
alibi, but the evidence for the crown
was evidently over-riding and following a charge from the bench against
the prisoner, the jury' convicted the
accused on both counts of the indictment.
As usual the prisoner was remanded
for sentence.
protest from the prisoner's tional organization of the United Mine
attorney that the court threatened pro- * Workers of America to carry on the
cttdings for contempt. j labor war in. Colorado precipitated a
 ��� i fight today at the convention of the
Search Spectators. \ Illinois   Mine   Workers.    The   resolu-
St.  Ixmis, Mo.,    March    8.���Henry j tions committee had recommended im-
Zang,  who shot    and    killed  Wesley | mediate advance  of this sum  but at
Huerta Institutes Habeas Corpus Pro.
ceedings to Obtain Freedom of
Five Thousand.
Tex.. March 3. Asserting
is do warrant of Interna-
or treaty under which the
El Paso
that there
I . ia1 lav,
tSfifiO Mexicans who fled *to tho United | war with nny other country, and yet
States   after   the   battle  of   Ojinaga, 1 that   was the only  contingency  fore-
a group of belligerents from one
country warring with another takes
refuge' In a third, the third country
must Interne them for the period of
the war." said Mr. Wnlthal today.
"The United States and Mexico are
signatures to the treaty, but that instrument contains no reference to 8
situation like the present, where the
conflict is Internal.   Mexico is not at
nnd who are interned at Fort llliss,
can le held, representatives of the
lluertfi government lure are preparing to institute habeas corpus proceedings  lo obtain  their  release.
Harris Wnlthal nnd 11. It. Gamble,
lawyers, nre acting for the Huerta
government under the Immediate direction ef Miguel E. Diebold, Mexican
( onsul general at large.
"1 assume the clause on which these
Mexicans tire being held Is Uu- one In
The Hague treaty which states that If
the   authors   of  The-   Hague
New Ycrk, March 3.���New York
dug Itself part way from under Its
deep blanket of snow and ice today
and re-established something like
normal communication with the outside world.
Within the city 16,000 snow shovellers, 2,ri00 extra teams, the entire
equipment of the street cleaning department, millions of gallons of water
for thawing and flushing, about six
hours cf warm sunshine, made it
possible to maintain on the trunk
thoroughfares a semblance of normal
traffic. Little, however, could be
done on the side streets.
Communication with outside points
was on a basis greatly Improved over
that of yesterday's virtual prostration
of means of transit. Except In a
few cases, railroad tracks leading Into
the city were made available for regular use, but trains during the day
were still from 30 minutes to five
hours late.
Trolley car transportation continued crippled in suburban and rural
���Much improvement was effected In
telegraph and telephone connections.
In this city such perishable food supplies as milk, butter, eggs, fresh
vegetables and in some cases meat,
were in short supply, due to disorganized train service and interrupted
sireet   traffic.    The   Bame  conditions
Premier to Give Expert Advice When
in  Ottawa This  Month.
Otuiwa.   March   S.���The     commons
i Red i Simon, three hours after the
latter was i ut en trial for the irnir*
' der of another gangster yesterday.
waa bound over today to the grand
jury by the coroner's jury, which
heard Za" ;'s own story of thp shoot-
the time of adjournment, an effort
was being made to submit the question
to  a referendum  vote.
Duncan McDonald, secretary of the
state organization, in opposing the
loan called attention to the action of
in^..    Befi re the Inquest was opened jthe  Illinois   state   board   in   loaning
each of 350 spectators was searched \ $100 000   to   the   Western   Federation
committee on  forests and  waterways| *>or weapons by policemen on hand to  of  Miners.    He stated that this loan
prevent another killing. Zang will was for 90 days and up to the present
be held without bail pending the ac- j no return of the money had been made
ticn of the grand jury. i although it was over due.
proposes to inquire more fully into
questions affecting the conservation
of water powers, forest protection, re-
forestratlon r.nd allied subjects and
at a meeting today decided to call in
B number of experts, including James
White, deputy minister of consultation, Col. Adam Beck, H. H. Compton,
superintendent of forestry and Sir
Richard McBride who is expected here
in a fortnight.
seen  by
treaty. I hampered Coal deliveries.
"Before lining into court we will approach the stnte department on the
subject. If we fall there* we will apply
for a writ of habeas corpus' for that
right is suspended only In time of war
and where martial law litis been declared. Neither condition exists here."
The attorney suggested that the
ease might result eventually In au
amendment to The Hague treaty to
cover  the  points raised.
Burned to Death.
Fargo, N.D.. March 3.  -Gilbert Jar-
obson, cashier of  Fort   Kninson  state
bank,  an inland  town  BO  miles from
here,   was  burned   to  death   early  to-
1-iosi Angeles, llarch 3.- Efforts today to ascertain tho whereabouts of
Constantino V. Riccardi, said to be
the son of a Roman senator and well
known K>cally as an attorney, wore
unsuccessful. The authorities believe
he is on the Atlantic ocean en route
to Rome.
Riccardi was charged with having
embezzled $6000 from William E.
Shaw in a warrant Issued by the district, attorney. Besides this offence,
it wns Bald the federal authorities are
searching for him en a charge of violating the Mann White Slave law,
Social  Service Congress    cf    Canada
Meets  in  Ottawa���Socialism
and Anarchy.
Ottawa. March ".��� One of the most
I remarkable gatherings that has   ever
| assembled in Canada���the Social Service  Congress of Canada���the object
of   which   Is  to arouse  Interest
enlist all    Canadians    in    behalf    of
I s- cinl righteousness, with the purpose
i of  Improving    social    and    economic
-, roblems, wees held here today,
At   the   morning  session  addresses
The police say Hle.eardi left Los of welcome were delivered by Premier
Angeles owing thousands of dollars Borden, Sir Wilfrid Laurler and Canto various firms and that he swindled ; troller Dr. Parent, representing the
many  poor Italians.    The grand jury | city.
will be asked to return Indictments The theme of the afternoon Besslon
against him on these charges it was ; was "The Church and Industrial Life"
said. iand many notable speakers, including ! Winnipeg, and Dr. Charles Steltle, of
M:*s. RIeeirfli, v1--^ ��������� r. Miss Culver j Dr.      Charles     Stelzle,     consulting New York.
Pidgeon, D.D., Vancouver, and Rev.
W. A. Riddell. Toronto, were heard.
Labor Bureaus.
At the conclusion of the afternoon
session, a resolution was adopted that
deputations wait on the government
advocating the establishment of
labor bureaus. Speakers also urged
that the congress take steps fo ask
the federal government to take Bteps
to remove the evil of unemployment,
md I in this connection, Controller Simpson, Toronto, furnished tljeurea to
show ihat ln Toronto there were 10,-
000 men and 400 women on the un-
employed register with probably 5000
more unregistered In that city olono
Archbishop Hamilton presided at
the evening session at which the
speakers were the Hon. Rodolphe
Lemieux, former postmaster general;
Rev,  C.  W.  Cordon  (Ralph  Connor),
dny   when  gasoline  exploded  setting j cf Indianapolis, is in San Diego, sari- sociologist of New York;   Controller
fire  to  and  destroying  the  building, i ously   ill.  It was reported.    She filed  James Simpson, Toronto;  Rev. .!.  W.
Jacobson  was cleaning au  ink  well suit hen-  !or divorce last Saturday,  Aikens,  pastor of  the   Metropolitan
I with tho gasoline. I alleging Infidelity, I church,    Toronto;     Rev.   Professor'
Social  Question.
"Today no serious minded man will
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WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   4.   1914.
a concert of nations, and the dispatch
of war fliets and armed forces for
the protection of foreign residents and
foreign interests there.
Mexico, in the enjoyment of a long
reign of peace  under the  mailed  but
An Independent morning paper devoted to tli" Interest! of New Westminster nnd   |)P1;, volent    fist   of   Diaz,   invites   forth* Fraser Valley,   published every morning except Sunday by tbe National PrintingI eign capital to the development of its
��� nil  Publishing Company, Limited, at 6?,  McKenzie street. New  West minster.   Iiiitisili | ricll    natural    resources.      Responsive
to that invitation men of enterprise
here on a charge of defrauding a Co-
boorg bonlfaee. He was tried and convicted and served a short term in jail,
lie lias repeatedly expressed his Intention <>f opposing the annulment of the
marriage, but he was not represented
at the hearing.
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communication! should lw addressed to The New Westminster News, and nol
and   genius  go   there   and   build   rail
to Individual members of the staff.    Cheques, drafts, and money orders sliould be made I roads, construct factories and develop
psyabie to Th,* National Printing ami Publishing Company, Limited.
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SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. $4 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per
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The Minneapolis school board has laid hold of a good
idea. Whether it is original or not doesn't matter; it's a
good idea any way and it's a wonder it hasn't been put
into general practice before now.
Briefly, the Minneapolis plan is to combine school
work and house chores for children, giving the youngsters
credit in school reports for wood split, dishes washed and
other little odd jobs done at home. At first glance it looks
like the closest link yet forged to concentrate the education and upbringing of the child.
If the result aimed at in teaching children at school
and training them at home is the common one to make
good men and women, then it would appear that any move
which would tend to draw closer together the two courses
of instruction would be a step in the right direction and,
after being viewed in this light, the Minneapolis plan is
entitled to more than passing consideration.
Too often the boy or girl attending school thinks that
his or her full task is well done if a high standing is gained
in studies and in these days of higher education and specialized instruction it is often the case that the child considers it a piece of imposition to be asked to do anything
about the house.
Education along such lines is one-sided. In the first
lace it fails to teach the child responsibility and in the
second it fosters selfishness, with which quality most children are plentifully enough endowed without requiring
encouragement. Therefore, any plan which would tenci
to impress a child with his or her responsibilities and gen-;
erate in the juvenile mind the habit of thinking for others
would be a help and not a detriment to school training
Ths Yukon Is Navigsble For s Stretch
of Over 2,100 Miles.
Dismiss from your mind any notion
that the Yukon river is a puny stream
fed by eternal glaciers ami trickiiug
away'to  the sea.    lt   Is  n   river  so
mints.     Then   civil   war   harries   the
i unhappy laud.    Foreign lives are sacrificed,  foreign   Investments  are    de-
| strayed or confiscated,  and  the sltu-
i iitiou   becomes   internationally   acute.
[ Ci villas tlon  Itacflt    generates    forces
that often  break  in  war.
��� It would he both vain nnd foolish to ' miKhty that it can spread out o.er a
close our eyes against these unpleas- Width of sixty miles on the lukon
ant truths. A day may come in the j Bats and still bave depth enough in the
distant future when Americans may; main channel to float heavily laden
safely Hay aside the maxim of Wash-1 freight steamers. I-'rom lis mouth
ington, to prepare in peace for poten*. (near St. Michael) at the Bering sea
tial war, but this generation will not; it is navigable all the way to White
be blessed and gladdened by the sun | uorse, in tbe Yukon territory of Can-
New  Plan  Adopted to  Make  Children
Work at Home as Well as in
shine of that great day.
Importation  of  Hen   Fruit a   National
Shame  Says  Ontario
[ ada. nn unbroken stretch of over '.MOO
S miles���two-thirds of tbe distance from
New York to San Francisco. Add to
this the navigable water of its tributaries��� .'170 miles on the lnnoko river,
320 on the Idltarod. 820 on the Koyu-
kuk and IIP-' miles ou the Tauana-und
you will begin to have a fair Idea of
what n big river we have In our great
empire beneath tbe Northern Lights.
The valley drained by this wonderful
Minneapolis, March 3.--Pupils
Mineiipolis schools next year probably
will be given credits for fixing the
furnace, cooking, making beds and doing other woik at home.
A plan with this end In view was
announced today by B. II. Jackson,
assistant superintendent, who said he
would recommend tbe system to the
educational committee of the school
"A boy should be given credits at
school for looking after Che furnace
and a girl for making the beds and
cooking for her mother as well as for
doing sums in arithmetic accurately
or reading fluently," Mr. Jackson declared.
"School work and home work
should be more definitely united,
(living credits for work done at
home would establish a closer relationship between the home and school
river svstein of the north is the hope    an.'\8,!c" �� "--latlonBhip Is n.-.* I
Of Alaska.   The wealth of the past nml I       A   b"-v   ,s   learnln��   ^  '""'01""
i of  today  bas  come  from   mines  nnd
fisheries, and the lifetime of all mining
legions  Is  briefer  even  than   human
i life.    It  has been only a  few years,
London,  Out.,  March   3,    li   is  said   you remember, since tbe Klondike was
that  a  number of poultry  fanciers in   tbe  most  active  mining camp  in the
and around London, who have hither    ��l>rl(l    Toil"*v il '" " ""<? lo,n8 ,,nC"
..... .    , ,. deserted bv Ihe individual  miner it ml
to specialized    In    producing    fancy
Accountant Telephone it m. Boon
22 Hart Ulock.
P. H. Smith. W. J. Groves*
(Vork   undertaken    II    city    und    outside
l.ijIiHB.   211-12    Westminster   Trust   Uld*.
Phone  8��4.     P.  O.  Hox  6(7.
li. & P. O. of Ulks of the I), of ('.,
meet the lirst and third Friday at
8 p.m., Labor Temple, Seventh and
Itoyai avenue. A. Wells Gray,
Exalted Ruler; I'. II. Smith, Secretary.
.. (i O. M.. NO. 8.r.4.-���MEETS ON I-irtsi
and third Tuesday in each month at s
I* in .ii the Ijibur Temple. ll. j.
i.. .nny. dictator; w. j. Qrovea, secretary.
(. O. O F. A MITT LODGE NO. 17��� Tbs
regular meeting of Amity lodge Now
27, I. O. O. V., Is held every Monday
night at S o'clock ln Odd Follows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
R. A. Merrlthew. NO.; H. W. Sangster
V. O.; W. C. Costbam, P. O.. nSor?'
Ing secretary: J. W. MacDonald. financial secretary.
���V. R, KALES���Pioneer Funeral Directs*
nnd   Enhalrner.   112-118   Agnes   street.
birds for exhibition purposes, may ex
tend their operations to the commercial field. Professor Graham, of the
ii. A, s., set them thinking when he
tcld them at the very successful an
nual banquet of the poultry association last week that the number of
eggs a chicken would lay and the
..... ii-ii ., ... number of   pounds    il  would    weigh
place it fails to teach the child responsibility and in the were mon- important than the color
of a feather or the angle of its trail.
Une cf his facts that  made an Im-
pn ssion was thai  Ontario must  havi
imported 500 carloads of eggs in the
; last year, and    that    American    egns.
I were   being  eaten     in     Canada     now,
there being few Ontario eggs In cold ;
Incidentally   tin*   Guelph   professor
It is right there the Minneapolis plan seems to fill the bill. pald ,i compliment to London's big
  cold storage plain.    Many  people de-
, ( cried cold storage, but, be said, if it!
There seems to be some difference of opinion as to were ������*������ tor cold storage eggs would
1 be still six and seven cents a dozen
dear* r in the summer time, and no
on.* knew how much in tbe winter.
London had one of the best cold storage plants In Canada, and he advised
poultry fanciers to Inspecl it to se**
how they bandied chickens there and
the magnitude of tie* business.
In the course of his address Professor Graham said that it was a national shame that Ontario did not produce enough eggs to feed its nun peo
pie. The O. A. ('. expert's explanation of this state of affairs was that
turned over to two big dredging companies, which work the low grade mil- I ^1V''"   ,or baking
ings.     And   these   also   must   shortly
pass.���Edgar Allen Forbes in Leslie's.
good man and a useful citizen   when
he is helping his mother around the
house Just as much as when he is in
school reading his lessons to his
"The giving of credits would stimu-
late a desire to do outside work.
"For instance, a girl is learning to
become a good housewife when -In*
is  helping her mother cook.     A  credit    HimKI)  OH- TRADK-NEW   WEST.MlN
opposite Carnegie Library.
ter * Manna. Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and ambalmsra Parlors 406 Columbia
street.    New   Westminster.    I'bone   Ml.
bread   toward   lhe
number needed for graduation would
add interest to the school work, ll
would be a great help to mothers,
It Takes Lots of Treading to Make It
Soft and   Fluffy.
"Otter bunts are fashionable in England." said tbe manicurist, "und I call
tbat a sensible kind of hunt. Look
at tbe otter skins the girls can collect
���nnd otter coats so fashionable uow
"I wouldn't mind collecting an otter
coiit myself But bow would you like
to beliuig to a suble bunt, girls, und
ster Board of Trade meets In the board
room, city Mall, as foliovk: Third Fri-
day of each month; quarterly mtmiOA
on Ihe tblrd Kriday of February Un.
August and November at 8 [> in ao-
nuiil meetings on the tblrd Friday oJ
February,   c.   H.   Stuart   Wade.   Mors.
Sale,  Deeds,  Business Letters   etc * clr-
oular work, specialist   All w.,rk strictly
confidential.    H.  Harry, room 418  We-51-
mlimter Trust Hlk,    Phone 702
New Vork. March 3, Miss '-Charlie"
J. nines, is, has the distinction today
of being the first woman to pass all
preliminary examinations as an < n*
li.-ted seaman,
Hair  closely  cropped   and   carrying
a cigarette, Miss Mines presented her-1CORBOtnJp. chant a MoCOLL   bar-
self for enlistment at a recruiting Bta-      [!*"r!;!��� ""Ih'ltn-s. etc.   40 Lorne Street
tion  her,*.    She  deceived   the  recruit !    J?*WT^MW??.u,r-. ^"t.CorbouW, K.
ing officer completely and passed tin
preliminary  examinations    with    ten,,,,,,   .,,,.,.,,,   ,,
���ul.   ���   ,      ���"  ADAM SMITH JOHNSTON BARRISTER*
asked   to dis* .    at-law, Solicit
New  Westminster.    O
C    J.  R. Orant.    A.  E.  McColl.
whether the auto cases in the Burnaby police court have
been prosecutions or persecutions,
The suffragettes are anxious for a personal audience
with King George but it cannot be said that his majesty
is pining away to talk matters over with the militants.
collect a sable coat? preliminary examinations    wltl     ;���
"A customer of mine, though, a fur j other   recruits.     When
denier,   told   uie   I   wouldn't  know  a   robe Miss dines broke down and con      Baiiit'of
sable  If   I   saw  oue.    I   thought  of | fessed her sex.    She said her Bweet*
Code    Western
etc.    Solicitor for the
Vancouver.     Offices:    M'T-
ei.,nits Bank Building,  New  vVestmlns-
course, they'd be soft, fluffy little fei- Iheart joined the navy two year.-: ago]    address    'Johnston/' N '   "'  ' '     ' l''1**
lews, but he says tbey bave a hide as   a,n*  as .-he had not heard  from him     Union.
Hat us ;i  rot's     lie says thnt  when   she thought she might be able to rind | "���"	
tbe skins me taken from tbe animals   nlm " Bne enlisted
tbey are so bard tbat they nre placed i ���-
in ,*i tub and n barefooted man steps
in nml begins to tread on them lo soft- !
en tbem    The nib Is tilted so thut at '
W.    1-
etc.,  Cellist, r  Block, corner i-,,|-*f
nml.la ana McKensle streets  ,N'**w Westminster,   [i.e.    P.  o.   Hox  286.    Tele-
phone .144.
The former Toronto rector who said the people were
tired of Mother Hubbard in the pulpit might have added a J
similar remark with regard to Mother Goose.
each   step   tin*   iii.ui   takes   the   skins
������lide  down   the   slope   and   are   kept
 ring     The  man  trends  for  hours
und   hours   Inf..re*  nny   pile  appeara
When it  begins to rise lhe skins are
poultry-raisera   had   not   been   paying ��� o|)���u  afld  -.���,  tn,uill^  beg)M n���,l)n
The province is to have a chief detective. If the opposition in the house at Victoria gets much smaller it wil:
take a good chief detective to find it.
, sufficient attention to constitution.
\     A   chicken   without   u   constitution,
he declared, was like ,, .- ati h �� ithout
j a mainspring,
Poultry Characters.
Poultry  charactei     were  a   matter
| ef Inheritance*, nnd ihere   had    been
This is continued until tbe skins are
as supple iis chamois and the pih has
bee.une so high tbat the fur has thai
soft depth und beautiful rich gloss
Wblcb we see in I'Tftb avenue.
"1    always   thought   n   sable   wus   g
Tendi i" for the building ol   i el  I.:-  ind
ivv.i  ehi.!.-  n 111  be  n c Iv i .1  by  the  undi i
sun. .i up to Mnrcli  loth,  ; B  i
Spi clflc.itlons c oi be seen at tie* Munl-
eii-.ii iifii, ."��� ... ih. chairman ol the H,..ir,i
of Works. Tenders to stats that they win
employ ratepayers ror labor. Work to
l,. don' ... i woikmnn liki manni i The
lowest   ���      in     Lendei   not   necessarily  ae-
. 10: .. . \    HAl.ii'.t l:l'< i.v.  .'MI-
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors. Want*
SJSf'SS   Trust   B'k.,    Columbia   street
Swki"",",'"!}'",r:7' "��� '"*   ,'ll'la addresiJ
Whiteside."     Western    Union.     P     o.
Drawer    200,      Telephone    tn      W     J
���Sil'!.'"'"!!!''-   K-  C;  H.  L.   Edmonds.    Dl
solicitor,   etc.;    corner
McKenxie    streets,    Ne
H   C    R  O.   Hox   111.
Burrlstei   alow.
Columbia     nut)
w   Westminster,
Telephone   71��.
n-ii i a \.jii    i ir -ii   ���       n u    much speculation ae to hereditary In-    pretty creature, witli p.uffv  fur like u '���
lhe movement for simplified spelling will, in all prob- ,|,,���1(,��� The be8t ^formation ytoey  kitten, didn't your-tW v���,k thi, j
Russia is trying to force Canadian cheese off the mar*
with a brand manufactured in the czar's <"
Canada might get back by turning out caviar.
ability, have the heartv support of little Johnny Jones ���������'*��� ������' the experimental   farm   was
who failed in that subject at his last examinations." ^; roo^^nyow'Z^wiii' ia> m
  the spring," added  Professor Graham,
but, he said, there was no reason why
the ordinary hen should not lay live
ket with a brand manufactured in the czar's dominions.!to seven dozen eggs from November
.to  March.    As  for an  Indicator,  they
had concluded from experiments thai
  j ihe  slow   feathering   chickens   were
It's a sure sign of hard times in Montreal when the'. thS,vP����r<*! la>;f'rs-
. " ... ���   ,. . . ,       ,   ., i     rliere  were  no  cast   iron  rules  fbr
bunco men stoop to swindling tolks out of lonely dollars chicken house architecture, but   the
and nights' lodgings.   Not much of the Bill Miner feature H^��� gave as the eMentlal t0 suc-
in that sort of stuff.
dry house, with plenty of fresh
lair nnd  lifiht, and  reasonably  clean
  He advised as the    best    system    oi
A,*.    .   ,i      ...   i       .   c  ii  ,, . .      feeding:   breakfast   of   wheat,  green
news item says that the total rainfall this year to food at noon and com at night, with
date was 18.28 inches, of which .918 was snow.   Why not Lsomf  buttermilk,  and  a  constant
i,     .,    mi      ,    ,    , /.   ,1 ,, ��� i    . io Sa      �� Munch counter of crushed oats.    Little
write it: The total snowfall this year to date was 13.28, oi ,;i:i,, aa should be  given   plenty  of
Which 12.362 Was rain ? green  food, and   sand iii.d  hard  coal
, ashi s  wen-  recommended  as appeal*
.... jng (i Quicker] instincts.    In the mat-l
News  dispatches  tell   US  that   Becker,   the  COnvicted  ter of green food, Professor Graham's
mid reprieved Rosenthal murderer, may try to get back ^^VtuSeTu?; ������?
of frequent turning up of land used
by chickens, so that they would have
tendi r instead of tough grass to
chi '.*���" from.
The speaker critlelzi d Ontai n
poultrymen tor wasteful methods, and
Bald i he n ason Dan sh farmers ma .
Buch a hiifee succi ss was that i hi .
did i.ni waste, and they did take bi -
tei (aic of their chickens. He urge I
l.i-iidnii poultrymen to be awake to
changing conditions, pointing out thai
,'iv years ae-o Toronto was the '���;..-.* il
kind of egg market, but was now the
most critical on the North American
A Way to Distinguish Twins.
Twin brothers wbo have been called
uj) for service in u Paris regiment are
so nlike that It Is impossible to distinguish betwyec tbem, The other day
one wns cotitined to barracks, and by
chunking his cap. with' its regimental
number, for that of his brother be was
able to puss the guard whenever tie
wished to go out The colonel bus now-
Issued the following order to obviate
sueb irb-ks: "The soldier bonbomme
(even iiuinberi will wear bis hair
long US the regulations, construed with
the utmost leniency, will allow and
will shave his liearil ami mustaclie.
The soldier lionhnuinie lodd niiinben
will allow his ben rei and mustache to
grow full und will lime bis bait* regu
larly cut ns closely as possible by tbe
regimental bitrber."���London Mall.
Including District Lot 172, Group One.
PUBLIC   NOTICE  l<   heri bj   r ,,  ; ,
F. ":���-  nl   thi   :������.   100I   I .   triol   ol   It ir-
n 'by   thai   !   :-.i.    lhi    pi    ��� ��� , ,   ,,i   ihe
said   l*:i.. lors   al   the   Municipal   rial!   on
at  12 o'clock  nocn.
for    III
Solicitor and N.,*sry. Office* Hurt
KjTbc street. New   Westmln-
Barristers and Solicitors. 6��5 to iii
Westminster Trusi  Block.   O,  e   M��r.
CasHHdv '"���   M,,-U,lrr"'   and  Qeor��.  u
���V ��I0
��� prrrpose of electing persons to
serve on the Board ..I School TrtlHtci n ,,i
Burnuby  In ; ursuani i   ol     n ... I. i  of the
Honorable  tin   i' luncll  of   Publl,    [na	
tlon. bearing date ol   Februarj   27th   i*;i    SYNOPSIS   OF   TOAL
which order In  pari   rei Iti h        follow - ....
"The   Honorable   Uu   Council   of   Publii OULATIONS.
Instruction baa di clan d  lm did tl 1<
tion   "I    the   four   trustees   li. 1.1   In   \...jri
municipality In January lust     The  reslg-   ,   SS OH, fINI^
I nation of the fifth nnd remaining mei r    5  MJ,n'",,"l:. a
i*   ot the board bus also been   ...  ,i..i    The    ,.e  F"kon Terr...	
Honorable lhe Council lue* ruled Din nn- ,��,VSf, 'J,K' '" �� rK'rtlon of ,h>' Province.
other election tor the chole ..I five ti . i>r I.rltlHli Columbia, may t���* leased for *
tees li" held In limn.,I.v Mui :..,". on r'.',li"L t*JBfflw-0ns years nt an ar.nusl
Saturday, the Uth of March nexl und ,5 ruJ"iii V f &CT": Not "���""' ��1H�� ���!6��"
that al this election the three candldKti *��������JJffi.HL'WI'* l? one sPPHoent
receiving lhe highest number of vi te
on the Now York police force. From information received
concerning that force it looks as though it's where he
United States on Verge
of Armed Intervention
Ti . onto, Marcii :;, The i icietj
sensation which shocked the aristocratic circles in Cobourg and Toronto
The following from the columns of senate   foreign   relations    committee,
tho Spokesman-Review,    e.r Spokane, j who has hitherto been a staunch bud-
gives  ;*.  typically   American   *iew   of porter  of  the  administration's   Mexl-
the present conditions of the Mexican can poMcy, that, after the happenings
situation- of the last feW days, lu* n garded arm*
Burl Grey, spe akin.-; for the British ed Intervention as inevitable and per-
government,  has  assured  parliament haps Imminent"
that the United States is probing VII-     This   critical   situation   affords   an
la's killing of the British subject Hen- impressive  Illustration  of tho  power- j last summer when Miss Doris Reid,
ton with all the earnestness and rigor [ul physical and moral forces existent Queen City belle, quietly became thi
that it would bring to the task If the even In this enlightened age to draw  bride of Robert Anil, Jr
murdered man had been an American a peace-desiring nation Into an unwill-   from St. Louis, who was also sum:,; -
citizen.   Undoul tedly thai Is true, and ing war.   At moments in history these
whih- ihe actlvltj of our slut.* depart-1 forces gather even  a*, the forces be-
ment In thtB Instance has the unani- hind   the   tempest   and   the   cyclone.
mous approval of the  iVraerican  peo- They  are beyond  the power and  na*
pie, the point is made In Washington ture of mankind t i curb or control. It
that  Karl  Grey's  statement   :s  more       i      nuob  the  part
Out It Went.
"(lood night, my sweet; farewell, Uiv
love; my soul goon out tu thee' Kill
time Is speeding fnsL my love, nnd I
must quickly Bee! "lis bill a few
short hours, my love, nml you must
think of me till ive meet hruIii tumor
row, love!    My snul cues out lo thee!"
Thus spoke a  lovi-i   tn his lllSB    Deep
in in r eyes guzed he    .Now. one fond
kiss, one fond embrace���bow sweet li
W Us to see!
''li  horror!   Then her pn appeared
"What means ibis, sir'.'" said be j
Then, wltb mi ungry snarl, he run red. !
'My Mjle goes out to thee!" ���London j
icr.a wlll I:
Application   for  a  fean--   must   he   n*-.,i��
I" lared elected for two yen      ������   lmtll X? bub ffi'K ,l!L 'ir"0,"  l,"  1!l"  A*"n*
January,  I91B, and the tw idldati     re rLt'�����** ,"' "' ihf <"��trlct   n  which tlis
celving the next bighesl   number ..I  votes "Q'V��?"8A'SLST* �����t��ated.
shall  be declared elected  foi   one   ..,,   o i,i"o .,'?' d.^"ory ,n", "ir"'  ��"����� ��>���
until Ja iry, IB16." , ,?'',,\}'y,. r"��� ' ,"r  leKaJ   ��'d. divl-
,.,,          ,     ,                                 , , *',""' of sections, nml in unsurveyed ter-
i                                  ......                fl rltory   the   tract   ap[,ll>.d    for    shall
.shall   I..
illowa . The ' landldati n shall I ttaked ,
be nominated In writing, the writing
In- Rubecrlbed by two voters *.i   the Si
Disii'ict   as   Proposer   and   Seconder,
shall   li.-  il. llvered   I i   the   Ri turning
tii'.-i   at   tins   time   bi tween   the   date
mis notice cul :: o'clock I'.n:. on  lhe il
of  nomination, and  In  lh.   evi nt  of n poll
h ill       Bach
nit  by the applicant  himself,
I.. Ing  nee an .ry
eh   poll  will   I pern I   furnish   the
application must be accomnanlee
:   by a fee of ��B which wlll be refunded If
ind   th'-  rights applied for are not  available,
";,    ^h""1   P'h��rwl��R*     A   royalty   shall    bs
I , paid  on   the  merehsntsble  output   of  the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The   person  operating   th
SATURDAY,   MARCH   1-1.   1914
at 9 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.
mine    ai-.all
AK'*nt   with   Hworn   returns
jcoountlng for the full quantity of mer"
���hantill.le   00al   ,,,1,,,.,,   a  d -
ilty tberwm. If the ooal mining riihu
ire n.u being operated such returfis shouli
be furnished at least one., a yHnr
The lease will Include the coal mlnlns
rights only, but the ].������.,. lvlM (,e "���*
,-nltted to purchase whatever svalinol*
lurtace rigbu may b�� oonildered  neces-
Municipal   Hall,   Edmonds.
Hamilton   Roal   School,   Burquitlam
Barnet  Hall, Barnet.     ,,.   , ���.
Mr.   Topping's   Store,   13th   Avenue. : ^fj (Jor|],J'*aworkh;g of the mine ai  ths
EBurn.ab5yLake Store, Burnaby Lake, j ./madeV"^^
Kingaway  West School,  McKay. ! 'n,"n*'  nf the  Interior. Ottawa,  or  to any
Methodist Hall,  Boundary and  Pan-   *gent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands
th-m true. prev      n to be prepared to face them I lady
"How many American lives does il when they come as it is the part ofjriage
take   to  equal   one   British   life?"   is wisdom for tbe mariner to be prepared
asked by senators and represi n atlves ror lhe  ipesl and the typhoon.
who de-.uht the wisdom and efficiency        Wars the Result of  Progress.
of our state* department's handling of      Occasions arise when these evil war
this critical  Mexican  problem   -)iun cloud.-*,   ca':', >;   I...   dissipa'cd   by   tin*
Ing at the Canadian Newport, and
whom 5-he had known but a short time,
had a sequel at Osgo ide Hall when
ii. Watson, K ('.. iiiinii* application
In f ���-" Mr. Justice Latchford on I"*
of wiBdom and | half of G. !'. Reld, father of the young
Logic of Youth.
"Father.'    cv.-ialined   John   vljroi'0118
y.     vhy don't gunkers take olT then
"ileeaiise.  my  sun.  It  is  llielr  beliel
ili.it tu remove their lints Is a mark ol
i respect   that   they   think   they   shoulC
a young man ! *,ay to no mnn."
"Well." remarked the boy after a
liioniotlt'.H silence, "how do they mnn
ntte when they have tu have their halt
e-ut?"- Youth's Companion.
ft.,   an  annulmenl   of the  mar-
The   hearing   took   place    In
I. r.i iliip    reserved
Rooks are pletlsnuC but If by belns
,   . , e-ei-imlioiis we iuinnir our henltti nnd
���amera, and  his    lordsli p    reservedL  j, .        �� .,    ���
iudemenl ' ,���'("", '"""<>l'- two "f the best
Mr. Reid claims thai his daug iter u"'"^ "v b"ve- ,,'t ,,s iflre " "v,'r '
was under age at the time of the mar ' '"-v ,,;in- ���'"" ""���' "f "l*'s,' w|1"
rlage and tbat Anil married her know*  ','i"k ,,1:lt "" fr"'' derived from tbem
_ W.  W. COP.T,
Deputy Minister of lhe  Interior..
N.  B.-
trivertlsement wlll not
Unauthorised publleatlon of thli
ne paid for
dreds of Americans have been  kilted     an  ���    * ol civilization.    In truth theling such to be the ease.    Aull   how I1'""   reenmpenae
in  Merlco,"  'they  add,  "but mo march of civilization and the spread [ ever   claims  that  Miss   Reid   was of, Moniai-ne.
mu   fc'ivnt    a    Iush.-
heard of this one execution than ol   11       InternaMi nal commerce multiply in*
of lh*-m'.'
Nobady Wants it.
The Washington corre p.....lent of
the New Vork Herald reports that
"armed Intervention in Mexico, although it is the last thing desired by
President Wilson or Congress, is now
clearly foreshadowed" The Herald
correspondent was Informed by one ol
Che most conservative members of the
fluences   that   may   at   anv    momeul
gather ilu* i lectric forces of war.
The world nan's missionaries into
thi heart of heathen China. The superstitions of emes Inflame the native
mind ai'.iinrt them. A Boxer uprising is followed by mission massacres.
The wave of intolerance rolls across
Cathay, and America and Europe an
i: ���   and that ehe has been Influenced I
agalni I him
The ca-e- has attracted widespread
attention owing to the prominenl so
rial standing of the lady and i ie
events which followed rapidly upon i
tin- marriage. Tin* young couple came
nt once to Toronto after the ceremony
Lines on the Forehead.
The lines on the- forehead me caused
hy perpetually raising the eyebrows,
nnd no permanent help can be bnd un
ill the bntilt li In ��f)ine measure con
'Pieteil     1 In- linos should he mnMltgpd
and tin- husband   was denied  admls*  IH'I'()"'' ihe furrows nnd wltb n rotary
ion  when he went lo tin* home of his: movement   outvnird   townrd   tbe  ti-iu
driven, much against their desire, toi bride's parents.��He was then arrested  ���>�����������
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
dora,  North  Burnaby.
Social Club Room, Capitol  Hill.
Schou   Street   School,   Broadview.
Nel3on Avenue School, Alta Vista.
Sperling  Avenue  School,  Lakemere.
River/i/ay   East   School,   South   Burnaby.
Any person being a male British, subject, and liavlni; lm n tor the tli r ��*. iSjMUlis
next preceding the day of his nomination
the registered owner, In the Land Registry Office, el land oi real property situate within tiie Municipality of the assessed
value, on the last Munlclpnl or Provincial
Assesamenl roll, ..f two hundred and fifty
dollars or more over and above nny n*K-
Istered judgment or charge; or being a
homesteader, lessee from the Crown, or
pre-emptor, who has resided uiihln the
Municipality for ih" space of one year m-
moro Immediately preceding th.* day of
nomination, and is assessed for five hundred dollars <u- more on the last Municipal
or Provincial assessment roll over and
above any registered judgment or charge;
or being n homesteader, lessee from the
Crown, or pre-emptor who has resided
within tie* Municipality for n period of one
year Immediately preceding the nomination, and during the remainder of said
year bus been the owner of said land, of
which In* formerly was a homesteader,
lessee from the Crown, or pre-emptor, and
ts assesaod for five hundred dollars or
more en the last Municipal nr Provincial
assessment roll over una above anv n-K-
Istered judgment or charge, and bi Itur
otherwise qualified by ihls Act to vote at
an election  uf school  trustees In  tha said
sc! I district, shall be eligible t., be elect- j
ed  or  tO  BOrVQ as a   school   trust,-.-  in  SUCl
district municipality school district.
Civcn under my hand at Edmonds, this
llni day of March,   lull
(3027) Returning < ifflcer. I CITY OF NEW WESTMINSTER, B C
Transfer Co*
Office Phone  185.        Barn Phone  137.
Begbie  Street.
Baggage Delivered  Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   4.   1914.
HARD TIMES! A prominent advertiser who spends a fortune every
year in publicity has established a
significant rule. Whenever he notices a slowing up of business he increases
his advertising. This is the reason: "When
business is booming it is unnecessary to
fight for it���it comes of itself; but when
business is slow I insist on having my share
of it, and the easiest way to get it is by calling attention to my goods. I do not wait for
hard times. I scent them in the distance,
and before anybody else gets busy I make
my contracts for advertising on a'big scale
and get my orders in before my competitors
know what I am doing." The logic and common sense of the attitude of this gentleman
account in large part for the remarkable
success he has achieved
Women   Refuse    to     Convict   Alleged
Murderer  Cn   It   and   Jury
Spokane, March 3.���Circumstantial
evidence is too frail a
which to hang the chance of a human
life, In the estimation of Mrs. H. .1.
McMillan, UMn Fifth avenue, one of
the two women jurors in the trial of
"Mitch" Nance, churned with the murder of his brother which resulted in
disagreement Thursday night. Mrs.
McMillan voted from first to last for
acquittal. She declared yesterday
that her vote was absolutely uninfluenced by the presence in court of
Nance's wife and baby, and rested
wholly on the lack of evidence.
"if you want to know just why I
voted as I did," she said, "it was because there was no evidence to convict that man. I would never vote to
convict a person on circumstantial evidence. Wi* have to put aside all our
sympathy when we go into a trial like
"I would like to talk with you about
the case because there are things that
I ought tn be said, hut 1 don't want to
do anyone an Injustice, if the case
was over I would be ghid to discuss
it. That is all I have to say about
Blames  Liquor for Crime.
Mrs. .1. .1. Pattee, the other woman
juror, of Qreenaorea, said:
"I held out for manslaughter because of my conviction that the killing
was due largely to the evil Influence
of liquor, and was not premeditated.
This trial waB one of the best Illustra
tion tii it the accused be released <'"
I.    i   .   discussion  ti.at followed  the
conrl expressed tin- belief   that   the'
new   triad   mlg it   be  held  next  month
am' a: latest not later than April.
M Rebel "a thought Ik* i-mild handle
the - ��� ������ I.;. April and tiie understand
:.. . thai the tie.-, trial should be
.-.'M   a that month.
I.aii m the evening a rancher from !
'In* Mii-.i .icetion, s.iiil to be worth
,<jiin 000, . ailed at the courthouse, said
he wanted to take "Mitch" Nance
bome and that he coual give the $lu,-
000 build suggested by the court, but
at that time the lawyers in the case
thread upon 'hud left the building and nothing further was dene.
Dm* of the incidents connected
with tiie Nance case was the presence;
of little Robert Harlow, aged \\ nephew- nf ".Mitch" Nance. Robert fol-.
lowed the case with keenest interest,
but was dissatisfied that lie had to
remain in the city. He told his .mother Thursday evening that he wasn't
going to stay in Spokane any longer
and started on foot to cover tin* 20
miles between the courthouse and his
home at Mica peak. Ills mother said
yesterday that she supposed he was
just about home last night.
scrawling  his  teacher's  name  in  tbe
place ii*.- tin- signature.
Mi..-, Knowlton was obliged to write
'he college heads explaining tbe mi-
take. And sin* wrote to the parents
of the young philanthropist urging
their supervlselon in tin* matter of
hi   distributions.
Made   In   Chains   In   the   Balkans   and
Laundered In China.
Bread is made iii different shapes
and in different ways, according to the
tusle of the various nationalities. Mr.
L. Lodian in forest and Stream says:
"'lhe bread of the Italkuus. curiously
Was Thought He Had Discovered
Hades, but He Hadn't.
At a gathering in Milwaukee a well
known minister wus culled ou to tell a
���tory, and this is what be told:
"Did you ever bear of Coulter's bell?
Of the two uivo lost by tbe great
Lewis and Clark expedition of 1SU3 on
its lung journey through the northwest
one was u man named Coulter. He
was captured by Indians, who stripped
bim and set him to running tbe gantlet.
���'Outrunning their blows, he snatcli-
>d a speur from the lust Indian, killed
bim with it und run into tbe mountains naked and wouuded, but at last
free and  armed.    Wandering toward
made  in  the  form  of  chains,  (s gold
from the arms nud necks of Itinerant thesoutbeast, be presently found hlm-
pedlers.    lu tent life In  Bulkuiiin the st,|f in a iam] where tbe forces of na-
detached liuks are often used for fun ture appeared to bave  gone mad  to
ut quoits or serve a more useful purpose In suspending temporary curtains
und awnings Tben wben the campers
run out of provisions they literally ent
their curtain rln
bamboo   bread,   s
gether. Itlvers from which be sought
to drink ran hot water, boiling fountains gushed hundreds of feet in tbe
air, volcanoes of black mud vomited at
s! The Japanese uim, bubbling fountains of snow white
.   named   from   IU   u)uj  gushed  around,   with  others   of
London, March 2. - The conviction
by Weet London magistrate of a chauffeur for driving about In his master's
moto:- car and fur coat establishes a
new precedent which has attracted
considerable attention in motoring circles. It wat stated in court tbat the
chauffeur had often used the car for
his own purposes, and on one occasion lie accepted an engagement from
a gentleman and two ladies to drive
them to Guilford for a guinea. The
charge on which the conviction was
made was one of "stealing petrol."
An official of the Automobolie association pointed out that this was the
fiest occasion on which a chauffeur
who had been "joy riding" in his tnas-
shnpe. is a somewhat similar product crimson and blue aud green.   A inouu-
lt is sliced and sold in strings. tain of pure sulphur crystals rose on
"The sun dried bread sheeting of cen- oue uamj   and from  beside a stream
tral   Asia   looks   much   like   chamois rose anotber composed of black glass
leather nml  Is made  up lu  pieces of almost ns clear us n window pane,
bed sheet size.    It is compounded from -At Inst, escaping from the place, he
Hour and raisin sirup und is highly es- wng   fol,nd   uy   some   trappers,   who
teemed by coffee drinkers. In the
bazaars uf the caliphates it Is frequently seen banging In place of awnings to shield the stalls from the sun.
"One of tbe strangest crackers comes
from Iiussin. It ls known ns bt the
month   begl  and.   besides  being  much
clothed bim and took blm to St. Louis.
where they reported blm as one whose
mind bnd been wrecked by bis experiences. Wherever he told of tbe frightful country which be swore be bad
seen men ronred with mirth at the
yarn nnd made him tell nnd retell It
tions I have ever seen of tho evil of | l(*>r's car had been convicted of stealth"   liquor   traffic.    1   am   now   more   ing petrol.    The legal position was a
than ever that this traffic j rather peculiar oik*.    A chauffeur who
i borrowed  his  master's  car could  not
I be charged  with  stealing it after he
Advertise in
The New Westminster News
convince   ^^^^^^
i Bhould  be abolished.
I     "Some of the witnesses  who  testi-
! fied in the case just ended have come
to no- and  said  Uny  feared  for their
lives If 'Mitch'  Nance    Is    released/'
declared  Prosecuting Attorney G. H.
Crandell    to    Superior Court,    Judge
Bruce Uiake, in opposing an effort to
release Nance under bond.    "For this
had returned it. The question was
considered whether offenders could
be successfully charged under an ancient act of the "theft of use" of the
car; but li gal opinion was not In favor of this method of procedure. But
if a man uped his master's motor car
rearon I contend the defandant should | without authority lt was clear that hei
not be released." | was using the petrol in its tanks for
Claims Nance Is Harmless. ; his own purposes.
Attorney F. C. Robertson said: I     "Taking chauffeurs as a class they '
"'.Mitch' Nance is perfectly harm- * ar(. a very reliable body of men," said *
less, is a law-abiding citizen and if he the official, "but occasionally they put1
Is released and does anything wrong   niotor cars to an improper use.
I Bhall withdraw from his defense. Li* 	
quor is to blame for the tragedy. If re-1
leased I will see that 'Mitch' Nance;
does not return to Mica. peak. I will'
make  other provision  for him."
Mr. Robertson 'hen said that the
people interested In Nance were poor
and that he thought $2,a00 should be
th�� limit of the bond fixed. Judge
Blake said he would not consider any
, bond    lees    than    $10,000.    Attorney
'Robertson then withdrew his applica- j Nottinghamshire   Man   Held for  Murder of His Father and
appreciated as a tea biscuit, Is quite fill within ii few years it went all over
commonly used by merchants Ignorant the west nn an example of the effect
of the three It's as a makeshift abacus 0f the horrors of being lost on the bn-
In counting money, tt luwer string or man mind. It wns commonly known
ten serving fur kopecka and an upper Hs 'the story of Coulter* hell.' and unstring of tbe same number represeut-' der tbat name it frequently appeared
ing roubles. More picturesque still Is ju the eastern papers In the early thirds usage as nn extempore ring for tics and forties. Coulter himself final-
marryiiig poor peasants with whom |y died regarded to tbe last as a bope-
the gold Ls lucking.                                   j |eSs maniac.
"Most singular of all. however. Is tbe      "And   tben  in   ISC!)  some  Montana
peculiar pith bread of China, which, In* trappers wandered Into the region nnd
stead of being baked. Is laundered out came  buck   wltb  the astounding  tale
in narrow strip* with a hot Iron, much that Coulter had told the truth and bud
in the  manner that a collar receives uever been Insane nt nil.   The govern-
Its finishing.   It is made from the cen- ment Immediately rushed soldiers and
tral tissue of the fatstu trees aud Is scientists Into tbe country, and before
valued  highly  by  the citizens of  tbe long  It  became  the   Yellowstone  Na-
llowery republic' as n dainty cracker Mortal park.    And that ls the story of
to eat with their little cups of watery,! Coulter's hell."���Milwaukee Journal,
unsweetened tea."  _
Result of a Wild Throw to Third With
the Bases Full.
Charley Dooin. one of tbe famous
catchers of the National league, tells a
story to the effect that after a brief
trial with the St. Paul club In 1SS9
Charles A. Comlskey. then its manager.
. advised him to return to the tailoring
business nnd stick to IL
Another yarn concerning Dooln tells
bow u little Inter on nud wben be was
: still little more than n youtb and
weighing in the neighborhood of 115
pounds, lip wished himself upon Man-
. ager McKlbben of tbe SL Joseph club.
When Dooin reported Mac walked
around him twice and then announced
that  be  wanted a catcher and  not a
TheTaleTW Wagons
My office window
faces a street, close
to the railway freight
All day long a steady
stream of trucks and
lorries lumber by -
loaded with boxes,
barrels and bales.
One truck I noticed
the other afternoon
was particularly interesting.      No two
boxes were the same,
and stencilled   on   the
end oi each was the name
of some well-known pro
duct   soap,  tobacco,   socks,
breakfast   food,   cocoa,  port,
tea,   chocolates,   perfumery  and
baking powder.
Gathered there in prosaic wooden
boxes were the results of thousands
of hand's labor in all parts of the
The cocoa had been
grown in Brazil,
shipped to Bristol,
transhipped to Montreal and finally
distributed from
The tea was gath-
ered by swart-
skinned   natives   of
the  romantic island
of  Ceylon;  from
sunny  Portugal the
luscious,    big    grapes
had been gathered years
ago,   fermented,  bottled
and   branded   with  a  famous
name; from Egypt had come the
cotton and from South America the
dyes that entered into the product
finally stamped with the brand of a
well-known hosiery.
There behind that obviously prosaic truck-load of freight was the whole romance
of modem commerce-the skilled production, the universal demand for food, dnnk
and^raiment, and the world-wide distribution of the things we use every day.
And then I speculated why we use these things every day, instead of some other
things! and that brought me plump back to my own job of advertising.
The names of some of the boxes on the lorrie were known everywhere to-day, but
The names oi soi c more clear,    than ever bcfore
Si SS reily ? greatChannel digger. It is like the Panama Canal. You
can'sailfroS MontrTalto Vancouver now, around the Horn. You can get there
t * ���! i ���in��r tn tike months. A year or so from now you will sail through the
Panama Si andSop The��� jourJy to less than half. A new channel will have
"been dug.
-r-. . -,-rr,^ in commerce to-day are those of the manufacturers who have let
roae^rS -   <*annel   ������� ^ isthmus of ^b^*
The ereat names in the commerce of to-morrow will be those of men who widen and
JredgTthis Jhanne" 80 that the greater traffic may pass smoothly and quickly from
���the source of production to the homes of the consumer.
If yon arr itoinn n local buslnrm
talk oveir yuur advertising problems
���with the Advertising Department of this newspaper.
nl or natlOBA] rv''*nc*.�� it would be welt lor you
'��� A list ol these w.ll  be  furnished.
Ixinelon. Mairch 3.���One nf the best
known farmers in Nottinghamshire,
l-'rederiek William Houghton, aged 01,
Whatton-in-the-Vale. and one son. Jasper, aged 20, have been shot dead at
their home, anel another son, Preder-
ck. aged 25. has been remanded at
Bingham charged on suspicion with
killing his father and brother. He
made no statement when brought be*
fere the magieBtrates, but in reply-
to the charge he said. "I did not do it."
The accused is a well built man.
and in addition to helping his father
in farm work he has been in business
on his own account as a corn factor,
owning a small mill near the farm
mei attending markets at Nottingham,
Melton and elsewhere. He is well
known in the district, where his family is held in high esteeem, Mr.
Houghton, the' father, having been
churchwarden of Wbatton.
About 11) o'clock on  Tuesday  night
Mr. Houghton, his wife, niece, and two
sons,  it  is stated,  were  sitting  talking quietly, when Frederick said that
he would go to bed, and went upstairs.
lasper   followed   almost   at  once.    A
-hot   was heard and  the  father rush*.
ed out and up the stairs to see what.
vvas the matter.    There was a second j
���-hot, and William Houghton fell head-
'on'g down the stairs.    Mrs. Houghton
had just found her son Jasper lying
lead on the stairs when the body of
her  husband   fell  at   her    feet.     Her
screams   aroused   the   servants,   and
doctors  and   the  police    were    sum-:
According to a statement which has
born made by Uie bereaved mother.
the family had spent a happy evening
together before the tragpdy. T'.ie accused hael been to Melton on the
Tuesday to buy a beast, being driven
to tiie Station by his brother, with
��hotn he was on the best of terms.
When he returned he talked over with
his father the particulars of his purchases. After the tragedy a man who
-vas in the prisoner's employ entered
lhe kitchen. The accused cum- in
whilst they were talking, nnd the distracted mother threw her arms about
his neck, both sobbing bitterly, but
neither speaking.
Shown   In   s   Quaint   Reason   For   Not
Delivering  a   Message. I
An Interview* In the New York Sun
between one of Its reporters and Mr
I'.edros KelJIk hears humorously on
the Turkish situation and seems to In
dicate that what is needed is not Increased political activity, but more attention to busirm-s. As nu illustration of the everyday torpor one of tbe
experiences of Dr. Blsa Tewfik. member of parliament for Adrianople, witb
a Turkish official may be cited.
Dr. Tewfik was visiting a frfe-nd at
Knde Kony. across the Bosporus
About   10 o'clock  nt  night   he  heard
the watchman cull, ������yaogiii v.ir, Gain-   	
tada yangln ������P tTtwra ���� Or*. tbara \ lockay.    mtanai to -raa-nVara. townet.
i.,  fi-.. i��� c.ni..*,i**,   ��h��� nn.i  oinm-n I pave the j^y Mn chance, and he was
Is fire In GalatnT"), the usual alarm
given wben tire breaks out ln any
It happened that Dr. Tewfik's own
home  wns  in Gulatn. and   he  rushed
to tbe  nearest telegraph office to In
quire   concerning   lhe   safety   of   bis
family    He received no answer to bis
telegram, and his  fears  were roused
Beit as no boats cross the Bosporus nt
night he was obliged to wait till nioru
He got home at last to find every
thing safe. When he asked why bis
family bad not answered the telegram
he wns told that they bud not received
nny. So Dr. Tewfik went to the tele-
graph office and deuiuuded an ezplana I
One Osmnn Aghn. to whom Dr. Tew- '
fik's telegram  had  been given for de*
livery, was called.
"Where is the effendl's telegramV
Ostnan Aghn fumbled in bis pockets
and drew forth the message,
"Why  did you   not deliver It?" de
manded Or Tewfik angrily.
"Ob. effendl." answered the imper
turbnble  Osmnn   Aghu
deiitly perused the tele;
I sent   in   to   backstop   for     Big   Jim"
In bis first game Dooin wanted to
prove that in addition to being a
catcher he was some thrower. When
he    heaved   to   second   the    baseman
i would have needed a ladder to get tbe
ball; to third his pegs were low. nnd
��� bis shoots to first nearly took the
aacker  off  bis  feet    After  his   wild
��� throws bad filled the bases In one inning he threw to third again to catch
a runner off the cushion The bull
went SO high the left fielder almost
got to it on the fly. while "everybody
came home."
When the inning wns over Dooln hint
four errors charge*! against him. ami
he walked to the clubhouse mid began
to pack up his clothes. McK'Iblien
stopped bim. saying his nerve In during to throw to third to catch a man
ofT with thp bases full, caused by his
previous bad throws, deserved another
chance. Dooin stuck nnd caught almost every game Unit season, Ills
next Jump wns to tbe Phillies, and his
who  bnd  evi   I reputation  was made-Ed A. Goewey
���uni lo bis own j ),, Leslie's
satisfaction. "II urns needless.   I knew
that your bouse was not ou lire "
Suspicious o* Bankers.
In n remote- farming district In which
I once passed a tew days I wns told
ot it wen I ihy farmer whose friends
fi'.rinu he would be murdered, sue
rceileil m ,-r nn lnf\*)lt.V of trouble in
peBSiiudliin bim to take his money tu
i b:ink Winn be Interviewed tin
mil linger lie asked how much the blink
would charge for taking cure of bl>
��� n~!i The manager replied that li
would i-hurge nothing, tint would pa)
him something. "I always knew yon
were rascals!" he retorted, nnd march
.si off. money and all.���I.oudou Clil
Made Her Mors Nervous.
She wns rather n  nervous old
I nnd.   fearful   of  being  robbed   of
; purse,  kept It  in u  pocket of ber  un-
i iterskirt    Taking  a  cab.  sbe.  at   the
end of tbe Journey, begun searching,
' ns Indies do. for the carefully concealed   pocket.     The cnbby.  misconstruing
I her movements, looked on*grimly
���Well,   mem."   he   broke   tn.    'when
you've   doue   ii-srrutcbinc.   me   fare a
; 18 pence."- London Tntler.
Very Thoughtful.
'The  clocks."   snld   the   bride
In England It wns the old practice
to Impeach for conduct out of office.
Private citizens could be Impeached.
Dr. Sncheverell wus Impeached for
preaching nu unpopular sermon, the
I mke of  Richmond  for proposing  nn
��~If yo
dolna ���-* 1-'ov
.,*���� col," or^USSnlTv r���; 7imtl\t 'rXl.,1*  Room 503.   Lumsden Bulld.n,. Toronto,
Mlnnapolla, Mnro'.i 3. ���There's a
boy in lh? first grade class of Madison school who some day Is either going to he another Andrew Carnegie���
or get hung according to his teacher,
Miss Julia Knowlton.
Last week Miss Knowlton received
i blank from a recently endowed
eastern college enclosed with a letter asking her if she felt like donating something to the college. Feeing no particular interest in the school.
Mtss Knowlton threw the blank into
the waste paper basket.
Yesterday she received an effusive
letter from the college thanking her
lor her munificent donation and asking "as a matter of curiosity." why
ho had not filled out the blank herself.
Surprised beyond measure, she began to question members of her
rinss. At : ��� i |i devi >ped that one
of the small boys, seeing her throw
the blank into tin- basket, together
with the addresaed envelope, had rescued it and filled it out with the generous   sum   of   $10,000,   industriously
miiipiv benutifui. and it wns iuVely"of; adjournment^of the house of lords und
^^"^ inigo Jones for tearing down �� church.
>ou lo give tbem to us. But���you Won't
think me luiiuisitlve'.'-nuiy I nsk WDJ
you gave us a pair of tbeinV Of course
It was perfectly"���
"I gave you two of them." interrupts
the friend, "because I'm very fund of
both of you, and if you ever get di
forced you will each have something
to remember me by."���Chicago 1'osu
But in America Impeachment iihs heett,
restricted to men In office for conduct
In office.���ArgonnuL
Avoid nr Comparison,
"Whai is your objection to me as a
snn-ltl-law?    My  character  is  beyond
"That's Just lt." said Mr. Olsport
"You don't suppose I want to go
through the rest of my life having you
bed) up to tne ns n shilling example!"
-Washington Star.
Crazy as a  Loon.
"Before I Sentence the prisoner I
should like to ask the attorney why
''e thinks thnt the defendant Is Insane."
"Your honor, he ndmlts thnt he hint
a perfectly fair trial."��� Philadelphia
Holding on Tight.
Yon cnn't always tell; the young mnn
who holds on to you as tightly sa a
vise before mnrrlnge. girls, mny hold
>n to UN money the smile way after-
w-nrd     Florida Times I'nlnn.
Leaving Earth.
She���M.v    husband    has    Just    left
earth.    He��� How's thnt���Is be dead?
Sbe���No; he's just gone up iu an aero-
plane.���I'eie Mele.
Never put  nil  of your goods  In tlu
flout Wludow    the)   Ills)  fade.
P.O. Box *4 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarantees].
59 McKenzlt St. FACE FOUR
WEDNESDAY.   MARCH   4.   1914.
Start the month right by placing an order with us. We stand
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are not entirely satisfied we will
cheerfully exchange or take
back any article or refund your
for  your  chowder    soup    or
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Sea   Breeze   Minced   Clams,
per  tin    15c.
Serf Minced Clams, 2 for. 25c.
Pioneer Minced Clams. 2 fo- 35c
Kastern  and   local  clams,  2
for , 25c.
Hlue Point Oysters 25c. and 45c.
Llbby's Asparagus Tips, tin 25c.
Ltbby's Asparagus M-immoth
per  tin    35c.
Libby's Pineapple, sliced, per
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We have a choice assortment
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syrup, Apricots, I Peaches and
Cristel Brand, per tin   25c.
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Hunt's Supreme Brand, tin. .40c.
Model Grocery
StiR Sl��th St. Phone 1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed*
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
to Loan
Property must be well Improved and worth at least double the
amount of lhe loan.
Kor full particulars call at our
office and  let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
Ilu- Perpetual Trustee.
Local News
' street, will receive Thursday and not
ngi.in this season.
Ve-ung ladies Interested in athletics
are invited to attend the gym classes
Small Fire.
The fire department was called out
yesterday morning to a small fire In
the basement of tbe residence of A. K.
Boston, 808 Ninth street. Little or
no damage was done to the building.
I at the V. \V. C
I lug to see  the
We serve light  lunches.
Grant's Bakery, 737 Columbia St.
a. on Thursday even-
athletic work inaugurated and to join the classes.
The girls' auxiliary of the Y.W.C.A.
is serving tea at the association headquarters every afternoon.
Miss Jessie D, Scott, superintendent
of tin* Itoyai Columbian hospital, is
indisposed, having undergone a slight
grafi in gambling, prostitution and
liquor violations, state troops vvill be
���ent here and the oily dt dared under martial law until conditions have
been cleaned up. Hi v. Ilulgin called
a meeting of the vigilance committee*
for tomorrow lo formulate a campaign.
Lost    Irish     setter     pup.
return to 470 Agnes streei.
Resume Operations.
The Kraser Mills have resumed operations  after   being   closed   down   a
few days for repairs.   The single shift
is still being maintained.
Money to loan on tirst mortgages,
improved city and farm property. 9
per cent. Alfred W. McLeod.      (3009)
Skating at arena tonight. Latest
musical selections. Kink will close
on Saturday evening. (3028)
School Attendance.
The total attendance at the public
and high schools during February was
2140, and :!4 at the night school. Tho
attendance at the different schools
of the city was: High school, 1681
John Robson, 894; !���'. W. Howay, 376;
Herbert Spene*er. 298; Lord Lister and
lord Kelvin. 665; Richard McBride,
288, and Queensboro. tili. The aver
age P'-r class room in the different
gohooll ranged between 89 at the John
Robson and 2.x at the high school.
Try our tea. coffee nnd pastry.
Orant's Bakery. 737 Columbia St.
(2D !H'>)
Complete Payments.
The Port Coiiuitlam school board
bus cleared off the 810,000 payment
owing to the contractors for the- new
James Park school. This sum wait Included in the disbursements which to
tailed $11,000 passed at a meeting of
lie* trustees on Monday evening, lnii-
mation was given ul the meeting their
work on the proposed new six roomed
Central school would he started this
.war. The' old Central se*hool -besides
being considered unsanitary twis outgrown its usefulness and a new building is practically Imperative.
Crystal Dairy Co.. Ltd., are delivering ten quarts best pasteurized milk
to any part of the city lor one dollar.
Send orders for first of the month delivery. Ice cream, table and whipping
cream  always on  hand.    Phone  linn.
First Spiritualists Society, New
Westminster, will hold their meeting
in the Sterling block. Koyal avenue
and Tenth stree*;, Wednesday i vening
at .X o'clock. Conductor, Mrs. K.
Clarke.    All are   welcome. (3026)
Tenders for Bridge.
Willi a view to obtaining the probable cost of a now steel bridge over
the Brunette ri\ cr on the North road,
which would carry the promised line
of the II. ('. I-:. U. towards Port Moody.
Engineer Macphaisou ol liurnaby litis
been authorized to seek tenders from
varli ".:i bridge concerns. Co-operat
ing wiih Hurnaby on this project Is
New Westminster ami Coquitlam.
For   .ill   building   BUpplios   nud   fuel
oil apply to the H. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., .-.or, Westminsti r Trust building.
Office phone 82��i, wharf phone 880.
Burnaby   Ratepayers  Discuss Actions
of Council���Also   Protest  Dual
A  resolution  asking  the  municipal
council to  place  Itself ou  record    In
respect  to  the  question  of  municipal
I employees   holding   a   dual     position
was passed at a meeting of the Cen-
i tral  Hurnaby  Ratepayers'  association
j last night. The association previously
| complained   to   the   council   of   H.
Burnes   occupying   tin*   positions     of
I municipal electrician and school trus-
I tee and a reply was forwarded by the
council  to  the  effect   that   since  the
I school board bad been declared illegal
the unit ter wns out of iheir hands.
Delegates to the meeting termed
the council's reply as most evasive
and unsatisfactory and they ask for
a direct expression of opinion from
tin* council on the question.
The action of the council in ordering a cut in the police estimates was
not indorsed und a motion was passed against the cut in police supervision    which    the    delegates thought
would be detrimental to the policing
of the municipality.
The decision of the council to further the waterworks system was endorsed.
in connection witli the special
school boarel election a special meeting will be he-Id in Phillips hull. McKay, next Tuesday at which the list
of candidates will be gone over and
,i selection made fur endorsation.
Otto Deckert, who is in the field for
election, was opposed owing to his
stand again st tin* association last
Miss Hobbs Will Be Busy.
Pendleton,  Ore..    March  :',.    \i    :i
mass nut liny tonight   Kev.  K. .1.  Bul-
gin   announced   before   2500   persons
in   the  tabernacle  that   he  hud   been
l in consultation  today over tin-  tele-
| graph   with   Miss     Fern     Hobbs     in
Coventor West's Office in  SeilPin, and
1 that   she  had   assured  the  Law     and
Order  league   of   Pendleton,   that   if
the local officers do not immediately
act upon   charges  of  alleged   official
Plenty   of   Aspirants   for   Honors   in
Eurnaby���Warm   Campaign   Is
There will likely be no dearth of
candidates for school trustees lu the
liurnaby election which is scheduled
to take place on March 14. Nominations will be received by Municipal
Clerk Moore on tbe morning of Wednesday. March 11. Two factions at
least are in the field with prospects
of others before the curtain is finally
dropped. Trustee Coulter who resigned from the board last week is again
In the race, supported by ex-Trustee
Otto Deckert and three others. Opposed to this slate will be found Herbert Burnes, John Churobland, James
Herd and C. B. Campbell, the four
successful candidates at tin- lust election Which was recently declared In-
vailld. H. W. Forbes of Kas-l Hurnaby
is likely to be the fifth man on the
Burnes ticket. Which will tour lhe municipality explaining the present position cf the school board.
Reeve Denies Report.
In respect to certain statements uttered by a trustee at tin- meeting of
the Edmonds District Ratepayers' association held Friday night last. Reeve
Fraser yesterday gave out tiie following interview:
"My attention has been called to a
statement in tiie press, in which a
school trustee, m a meeting of the
Edmonds Ratepayers' association stated thai tin- school board elections for
the  pasl   ten  years  were illegal.    Tii is
statement was apparently made without mature consideration and is liable
to can--*.* damage nnd loss of prestige
to the credit of this municipality; nnel
further, it is incorrect in the lace of
tho ruling of tbe councl] of public instruction that at the forthcoming election for school trustees the thre.* can
didiiti*s receiving tin* highest number
i f voles should h<- declared elei ted
fei- two years, and the two candidates
receiving the nexl highest number of
votes shall be declared elected for one
"I have hitherto refrained from discussing the subject of tli,* school board
election, and would not now do so bul
for tin* protection ol' ihe credit anil
good name of Burnaby."
Mrs.  Agret
invites you  to  inspect her first
display of
Tailored and Dress Hats
for Spring
Models from Fisk and other Leading Mcdisles
Wednesdy, March 4th
and following days
59 Sixth Street
Teachers Seek Salaries.
In the hope of having iheir salaries btought iiji to date, a petition signed hy practically every teacher in
the Burnaby schools wns yesterday
forwarded to Dr. Alexander Robinson,
superintendent of education at Victoria inking that Immediate action
be taki n in tl-.'1 matter of the usual
govcrnmenl grant for January, which
is now two weeks overdue. A reply
is  expected  before   the  end   of    the
Insure, iu tli" Royal, tin* world's
largest fire company. Agent. Alfr d
W.  McLeod, the Insurance Man
Finn large  Ki.-li.  each   	
Finnan Haddie, 2 lbs .......25c.
Codfish Strips, boneless, 2 lbs....35c.
Choice   Lines  cf  Canned   Fish.
Bruce's   lie. ring   in   Tomato* Sauce,
special,  1  lb.  tins ,it3 for 25c;   large
tins at 15c. each.
Packing (llr! Surd in i*e=. .". tii".;  ...   25c.
Minced (lams, per tin     i0c.
Sago,   4   lhe 25c.
Tapioca,   4   lbs 25c.
English Lentils, 2 lbs 25c.
Clothes  Pins, 5 dozen  lor   10r..
Old Dutch Cleanser, 2 tins  25;.
Rickitt'a Blue, 6 pkts  25c.
!san Juan Cleanser, jusl :i few tins left
special 5 for 25c.
Dean's Grocery
Pbone  386.
^itrr  Slock "alumni*   nlraat.
1".   Mott   will   sell   by   public  liuctie
under instructions from ll. .1. Russ
nt  lrs  Westminster    auction    houi
Kin���:'. '!.,:..; I 'ock, Columbia streei
Thursday  next,   March   6,  en   2   p
Bharp,  a   !.)i  cf  household   furnitu
consisting of'beds, springs, mattress
and  dn - ers,  nv. -.   Kitchen  cabin
rangi s, i.- ckery, tinv, an . i tc, etc.
eluded in , -i- sale will also in* a lot
groceries  broughl   to   store  tor   ci
v nil 'i .* of sale.    Pai ticulars of s--
at auction rooms.
bocial and   Personal
Mrs. vv. A. Pride, Hamilton street,
will noi receive today or again this
hi .��� ton.
Mrs. A. E. Hetherington, 032 Sixth
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193  and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West   End   Branch    650
Tetley's Tea     f
We have a few cases of Tet-
ley's 40c. Tea and until ev,- are
cleaned up on this we offer it to
you at 3 lbs. for $1.00.
Take advantage of this offer
���is Tetley's is a household name
for i".'i anel :i guarantee of good-
Application  to Council  for Water  Ex-
tension  First Intimation of Proposed   New   Plants.
Dainty Morsels of Goodness!
fin.* Englli h and Canadian
Biscuits In a varied assortment.
Huntley and Palmer's, Crawford's, Peck Frean and Christie's
In Pi iii )'..-iii*i*i*. Coronation, Connaught, Colonial, Marzone, Rural, ECindi rgarti ���>. Puff Cr inns.
Butte ��� Pul rs, Sultan is, K g Bar,
Creamy Chocolate, Ai irted
Sandwich, Watei Ice Wafers,
Cat ��� Nolr, I lenic Assorted,
Shortcake, BUiiken, Tat ���.-.'���rake,
I emon Cri am, Arrowroot, Social
Tea, Rusks.
These < nki s si 11 ul various
prices, 33c. per lb., 20c. per pkg..
'O-.. ne.r lb., and 15c. per pkg., 2
fcr 23c.
I'ort CoqUitlam, March 3 That unquestionably within a short time several Industries wen.id locate on the
Pitt river waterfront north of tin*
C. P. R. tracks, was the assertion made
by Oeorge F. Graham In a letter to
the Pert Coquitlam council today urging the exl Dslon of the city's water
service to that quarter. The nature
ol the Industrli b or any definite date
as to the time the) would locate alonj
I ie waterfront wi s not mentioned by-
Mr. Graham but !.��� considered his iii
formation Important enough to war
���ant :i branch Une of the city waterworks system being run to the locality
"���hich is not al the present time
The letter was referred to tin* water
committee to si" what steps could be
: iki n to carry out the suggestion.
That $10:300  Debt.
Mr, Graham's announce nonl w is
practii ally tin* only matti r of Impor
tance that came up bi fore the cou u il
yesterday. Mayor Mackenzie and Alderman Keith were appointed to confi r
with the mn-ulclpal authorities on the
question of paying interest on the
f 10 'H 'i in*-", jn,rai ion debl that was
��� i Ing the municipality  for some time.
n uniclpnl   councl]   asked   for   6
������"������ cent on the money, bul Solicitor
Mclntj i" .<.i!d In his opinion II ��� mid
nol be ' ntitled to more than 5 pei
Park Site.
i D. Taj lor, .M.l'. *-. rote regpi t: ng
,'*" (Itj b request ror lhe grant of a
i" acre park site on Mary bill, to the
effeel thai once a favoral-'e reporl
from the crown hind agent at New
Westminster on the requesl was re-
i ived the city would have little dif
rioulty   In   securing   the  deed.
sition to tin- amendment.   Mrs Henry
White of Boston, said woman lias BUG-
needed In getting all her legal rights
without the ballot and that It was unnecessary.
A Losing Game.
"The wise state recognize! that woman niusi be preserved for the work
she only can do for the State," said
Miss Mice II. Chittenden of New
York. "When woman attempts to fight
with the weapons of man Bhe i-j playing a losing game."
Mrs. Margery Dorman of tin- Wage
Earners' Suffrage league of New Vork
said that working women did nol need
the ballot She said that women in
the labor world were "fi-.nscitory and
accidental" and could nol have the
experience necessary to cope with government problems,
During the debate iii the senate,
.-'ni.iter Clapp said all the sinister Influences of tin- country wen- lined up
against woman suffrage, He said he
regretted thai good people, In opposing suffrage, allowed themselves to be
used as a mii.sk for these evil Influences
Senator Bryan of Florida made the
first speech against the amendment.
He contended first of all that California had no more right to say whether
the negro women of Florida should
vote than Florida had to say that the
Japanese   should   vote   In   California,
Portland, Ore. March 3. In a bar
bor collision here today the historic
cruiser Boston, credited with having
tired the first shot at Manila on the
morning of May 1, 1898, wns damaged
to tin* extent of $3000. The Yucatan,
a North Pacific company freight liner,
bore down on the picturesque warrior, now used as the training ship
cf -li" Oregon naval militia, smashing
one Of the ��ix inch guns, te-aring off
the steam launch and tne davits, and
otherwise buttering tiie armored crafl.
The Yucatan emerged practically un-
Bcathed, 'lhe failure of the freighter
to respond to the helm as quickly as
exnecteri   causi I   the  colli* ion.
The Boston which was one ot the
fleet Admiral Dewey took into Manila
harbor on the historic May 1, fired
Un- first shot Ui the general harbor
manoeuvres and was at the front when
Manila was taken Aug. 13 . 1898 Dur
ing tin* Span Ish-American war the
Boston wai rated among the best * va:
riors of the navy.
reparation for Ureal Britain relieved
this tension to some extent, although
! it is clear that the Benton Incident
has developed an intention on Unpad of the American government to
take n more aggressive attitude toward
the contending factions lu Mexico.
The situation was discussed hy tin-
president in his conference with tbe
two   Uritish   diplomats.     It   was   t.o-
firsl time the Uritish ambassador had
called on the president since the Ben
ton execution, all his conferences im.
ing been with Secretary llryan. He
came primarily to introduce sir Lionel
| Carden, whose intimate knowledge of
ilu* political and diplomatic situation
in Mexico City enabled him to gi>"
tti" presdent first hand Information
on condtions there.
White House officials said after*
I wards that the conference was for
) "mutual Information and that no plan
I had been suggested by Sir Lionel. The
, lattl r. en route lo London, had !n*"ii
attacked In the American press as
j unfriendly to the American polio j In
Mexico. His meeting with the president was most cordial.
New York, March 3, Forty-two
aviators and two balloon pilots have
entered Into the United States aeronautical reserve, according io Information which has reached the Aero
t'lub  of    America    from    Albert     I;
a govern e.r of
who     hold*:
both     Hero-
airmen   of
Lambert,  of St.   Louis
the  club.
Besides Mr. Lambert,
certificates aa pilot n-r
planes und balloons, tlithe reserve include Lincoln Bcnchy.
Anthoy Jannus, Fred Child, Karl T.
Daughter^', John F, dray, Glenn I..
Martin, Hllkey Beacby, Francis Wild,
Delloyd Thompson, Orover C. Berg-
doll, Paul J. McCullough, William
Plceller,  Arch  Freeman    and otin ra
less   well   known.
siaence:   Room  lix  McLeod Block.
Phone 489.
maternity    SURUICAL  AND
Ten3ion  Which   Arose  Over  Killing  cf
Benton   Relieved  Since  Sir  Ed.
ward   Grey's  Statement.
Washing ,n, March .". Greal Brit
ain's pronouncement tl,rough sir Kdward Grey that the United States was
in no way responsible for the receni
exi < ition at .1 urez ol William s. Bi n*
ton, a Britis i . ubji 11 and that the
American government would not be
asked to ri sort to fi rce as a result of
ih" Incident, was the chief factor to
day in ill" Mexican situation.
Idenl Wilson In n conference
' m ghl with Sir Cecil Sprlng-Rlce,
British ambassador, ami Sir Lionel
larden, Bi Itlsh minister to Mexico, Is
undei Bto< .1 t > ha ie - spressed his ap
prova-1 ami appreciation of the friend-
I) si utlments uttered by the British
foreign secretary In the house of |
Tension which had been felt over
the killing of Benton arose largelj because   it   was   believed   Greal    Britain
might press the United stales Into
taking drastic steps to secure reparation. The British view- that tii" Unit*
ed States |s not obligated to demand i
Toronto, March 3.     I have been a *
id to recommend that you should In
i.i ulate tin* whole population of I Ian-
ada  with  thypiod  vaccine and i  .-���
tainly Been no reason why you Bhou i
not  do  BO."    Tiiis  some*, hat  star'   I ,
statemi nt wa - made at a gall Ing
of tin* medical fraternity lai; n fhl
by Sir William Lelshman, the fam iu *
physician, while lecturing on the ������ lue
of inoculation In preventing typho d
"In my shorl stay here." he con
tinued, "I have learned that you sul
ter very largely from typhoid In Ebb
country; that it Is, in tact a scourge
in some parts of the country and In
villages, if you organize a campaign
so that people exposed to the risk of
typhoid will be inoculated you will be
doing a gnat deal of good and we i an
thus compile very valuable statistics "
Will Run Anyway.
South Vancouver, March .1 Ex-
Ci unclllor Hold told the executlvi ot
the South Vancouver Voters' league
lasl night that lie Intends to Beek*Ye-
< lection to the municipal council and
thai no threati ned legal proceedl . i
will stop ilis candidature,
For   Week   Ending   Sunday,   March   8.
Wi stmlnsti r. Sand Heads.
Time, High.          Low.
High.    Low. Time. lit. Tlm     lit.
- S: 55   3:35 "!.'.,�� 12.0   l':ii|    t ~,
23:00 17:.>n 22:05  10.1   15:20    t  I
- 9:15    3:55 8:14 11.8    2:35    M
18 35 23:32 10.1 16:0a l i
I      0:30    4:25 S:32 1 1.7 :::!.: :* .
8:30 19: i'i 16:54 .; ~
2 40    5:05 1:39 1" 5 *l 03 10 :
9:55 20:35 8:64 1! 5 17:43 3 ;
3 50    7:20      2:51   11.0   6:18 lfi -
10:35 21:56      9:36 11.2 18:48    ��� 1
7      4:40    8:65 3:38 11.6 7:66 1" .
12:10 22:65 11:10 10.8 19:62 2 2
S     5:06 10:10 4:00 12 0 9:02 ii x
13:65 24:00 12:66 10.7 20:48 1 8
'Continued from Page
Tin* advantage of having money is never more apparent than
wiie.n examining our line ol' FULL VALUE Mechanics' and Carpenters' Tools and  able  to  buy  tie  bred.
An ordinary mechanic can do better work with good tools than a
good mechanic can do wltb poor tools.
ll cuality, satisfaction a:, el son lev count, come in ami examine
our tools.
New  Westminster.
l'bone  50.
cannot put these facts Into the hands
if   15.000,i 10   voters,   including   over
3,000,00 i free women. The political
party wi Ich will enter Into possession
of the federal government on March
I, ii'17. *.il! i�� lievi that woman suffrage ! a matter of national concern
and transi udanl national importance ."
All Talk nt Once.
The representatives of the National
Woman Suff ape association disclaimed participation In the political warning of Leu Congressional union, and
for some time the committee room
was ia confusion with half a dozen
women trying to explain things, At
times during the hearing spectators
who crowded the room gave vent to
their feelings.
Representative Helfin of Alabama,
who spoke against suffrage, was frequently hissed.
Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge, president of
the national association opposed lo
weman * itfrage, conducted tin- oppo-
extends an invitation to all ladies in New Westminster and district to come to her
On    Wednesday   end    Thursday,
March 4th and 5th
Note Change of Address:
���BSB3BBBBS WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   4,   1914.
v ishes   the   local   boys   to
ii..- game will not    take
mayoralt) Mr. Btephens ��raf< rred
with ins commlttM of 160, headed by
Sir '1 lioinas Shaiii.hnessy and Senator
Ilrtiidiirand. and made his preliminary
arrangements for ihe campaign which
promises to I,, tin* hottest contest iu
years  iii  Montreal municipal  history.
Defeat Victoria at Winnipeg 8 6���New;
Westminster Players in the
Burquitlam,  Coquitlam,   Port     Moody
and  Fraser Mills Likely to
Enter   Lacrosse.
The Iliiri|iiiil:im Athletic club is be
hind a move to organize a four team
lacrosse league in Coquitlam and
district, comprising teams from I'ort
Coquiiiam, I'ort Moody, Burquitlam
and Fraser Mills. Nothing definite
has boon accomplished as yet, but a'
a concert to be given in aid of the
Burquitlam team which will be bald
on March IX plans for Interi sting the
other centres mentioned iu tin' pro
ject  will  be  laid.
An effort was made lasl year to
organize a lacrosse league this quarter, but owing to tin* Inability of I'ort
Coquitlam to scrape sulflcienl materia] togetbet lo form a t'-ain the
proposition fell through, i'ort Moody
and Burquitlam ami latterly in 'in*
season Malllardvllle tell in line behind the scheme; and although tha
league proposition fell through inter-
est was kept alive by playing exhibition  games agalnsl   each  other.
Will   Attack   National   and   American
League Owner* for Grabbing
Back   Players.
Chicago, March 3.���The
war of baseball history was
��d    by    I'resident    Ollmore,
of   ibe
Winnipeg. March 2 Vancouver
I pulb d out ahead of Victoria in an ex-
j Hi bit Ion professional game here tonigiit In the Ampitheatre rink, the final score la Ing 8-6. The contest was
a nip and tuck affair from the first
face-off and only repeated changes
made by Manager Prank Patrick of
the Vancouver team won them the
i/ehman, the New Westminster skipper performed between the nets with
his usual brilliancy while the work of I
Oatman and Tobin also of New  West-1
minster, scintillated.    Cyclone Taylor |
made a hit with the fans with bis stel-j
lar mld-loa work.   The off-side rule in J
Federal league, today, us tin- result [mid-ice was demonstrated to local fans
of   reports   thai   the   American     and j fat ���*},��. nrBt time and although being a
ware     proselyting ; novelty, it was generally conceded that
the  rule speeded  up the  play  consid- i
Moth teams left for Toronto on the:
midnight train.
| National   leagues
j among  the   Federals'   players.     News
j that I'ltcher Blending bad rejoined
the Cleveland Americans after having
j signed a Federal contract forced
i'resident Ollmore to lake action. Be
sides Blending, Killifi-r. Williams and
Baumgardnor are players   whom    the
Federals claimed have violated con*
: tracls with the new league.
"If our contracts an- no good, their
contracts an* no good, and a player
can  disregard  a  contract   with a club
in organised  ball as easily as In* can
ours,"  said Ollmore,    "Then tore, if
ihe National and    American    league I Ponl'n
clubs  are  trying   to  take  our  signed
men  away   from   us,    we     will     take
theirs away.
"We   have  unlimited  cash  and   the
united support of all our club Owners
and backers.    We can bid as high for
| 'ilie  players as anybody."
Qenge  ...
i.. Patrick
K.   Patrick
....    Pitre
Right Wing
Smaill       llurris
Left Wing
Kerr      Nlghbor
Referee, Hilly
uni*'.  Uolden,
Field; judge of play
Eastern papers jui i
r.*ports ot entbusls-1 i
the Interests    <i   amateur
which have   bi "a    held    In
tow mi of Ontario, especially
ton, Brantford and  London.
to band bring
gatln rings  lu
Ilium p-
Al all
these meetings prominent men bave
attended, speeches hav. been made
and a general desin shown to improve the preaeni standing of Canada's summer pastime, Joe I.ally, the
Cornwall enthusiast, will In* in the*
city   during   th"   batter part ot   tin*
week   and   We   can   i ���.;>- Ct   mm"   news
i.t what is going (-ii in coruii ctlon
with this Dominion-wide movement.
New Westminster hud ih.* foundation
of a si bool league last summer when
t-air of n," public Institutions of
learning played a series of games, tin*
championship ol which was won by
Ho* John Itc.i"' ni school. A feature of
this :-��� -ual. howi li. Willi h c.u.not
b" overlooked must I"* the ellmina
lion of rough play on th,. Held The
time bas gone bj  when a butt-end ot
the stick  in  the    ribs,    raps    on    the
muscles and th" unnecessary crosscheck v. .li In* tolerated and He* player
who Is capable of doing things of thi.-;
kind   ought    to   Ii"   nil. d   out   ol   tin
game altogether  Rough play and con
linual bickerings on the B( Id practlc
nily   killed   professional  lucrosBe  last
s* iason,    An i ffori   Ib  being  made to
revive lhe league, but the success of
this move is problematical.   The only
real  hope of  tbe  game  being saved j
lb s with the youngster who wlll fight
Changer  in   Lineup.
First period   None.
Second period -Oatman for F. Patrick; Uriel) for L. Patrick; Howe for
Kerr; Frank Patrick for Pitre; L. Patrick  for Smaill;  Tobin for Nigbbor.
Third    period    Pitre.    for    Harris;
Ighbor tor Nichols; Ken* for Itowe;
Home foi  Smaill.
(Continued from page onel
! question the fact that the social ques-
I lion Is lhe biggest question before
us. Today the social situation ls lined
with clouds. To some the set idea
Is to ubolish trade unions and tbe
labor question will be settled.
"They forget that trade unionism
is not tbe labor problem. If It was
wiped out, the labor question would
be btlll before us and lu a worse
form, I believe," said Ur. StelzU-, con
suiting sociologist of New York.
"Some day  it  will  become u  question  whether the church will capture
the labor    movement    or    the    labor
movement will capture    the    church.
We hear a great deal of the church j
as saving tbe masses.   Some day, perhaps,    the    masses    will    save   the j
churches,    it Is far more Important
to have mechanics in the church than I
io have millionaires in the church. I |
say this In ull serlouBness. because In
the lirst place    the    great    mass    ot
winking men acknowledge Christ and
Ilis   divinity.     Tin*   average   working
man is about as orthodox as the average millionaire and    In    some    cases
that is not saying very much."
Socialism and Anarchism.
"When you talk to a working man
you need never apologize for re-
, llgion," he continued. "If you go
' down In his heart he will have noth-
1 ing but contempt for you.   In the end
there will not be one answer to the
| social question but religion. Social-
' Ism and anarchism stripped of their
'; political problems and more und
j ligious  problems.    Working men
today responding to the appeal of
church  as  they  have never don"
::",   . LIMITED
* J.J.J0NE5. MAN-DIR. J.A.Rennie. 5ECY-TRES
For Immediate Sale
As agent for the assignee we will receive offers up to, and Including March 5th, 1914, for the purchase of the busineae of the Edmonds General Stores, Ltd., at J.ibilee as a going concern. The assets
consist of:
Ileal Batata and Huildlngs, Cost    $4220.76
Furniture  and   Fixtures,  cost [  1332.6U
Two Horses and  Wagons,  cost     525.00
Groceries, Hardware, iJry Goods,  etc    3753.27
The store is jusl opposite the II. C. Electric Station at Jubilee
and occupies a prominent position, it la the only store at Jubilee
Station and should be a good opening for a live man.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX   442
re- 1
lor his team and
last  ditch.
for his school to llin
:30; L.
z**w&m vanaraaar
Two Star Players.
Two players stand out In the calcium   In  tie*  crowded   ranks  Of  base-
ball   "lm  an*   sure  of  their  jobs   lor
life,   or  as   long   as   they   want   lo   In*
Identified with the game.   The) never
...ill be Bent buck to the minors where
iin fans of the International, American association or the Pacific Coast
leagues can gal a glimpse of them;
and bring bach to memory tbe days
when they were winning games In the
Nation..I organization. These two ���
players in. Christy Mathewson, of
the Olants, and John Peter Wagner,
or Pittsburg, Mathewson was offered
:. contract this week calling for pay*
ment of $66,i 00 over a period of thri a
yens by President Ollmore, of the
Federals. No small sum to be Ignored, but the treatment Big Six has received at the hands of the New York
club and the Qolham fans was even
greater than tbat offered bj the lead
uioiiui of thi* outlaws Manager Mc-
Gran lias stated ihat .Mathewson can
remain   with   the  Club  as   long  as    he
pleases, acting as coach and adviser.
Bul wheu Matty is through pitching
be will quit baseball He is probably
Lhe most prosperous player In the
game and year after year he has been
pulling down bonuses for winning a
certain numbi r of games each season,
u a. ner has been getting $10,000 a
.. ir from the Pittaburg club Bince
1901 and il is Btated on good authority that he has drawn his salary only
twice during that period. When his
playing days are over ihe mighty
Honus will probably give all bis at-
tentlon to the automobile business.
Barney  Dreyfuss has  told  the Pitts-
Goal Summary.
First period    Poulin  (Vic
I'atricl*   (Vic) 2:00
Second period l'itre (Van.) :30;
Smaill (Vic.) 7:00; Nlghbor (Van.)
6:00; Oatman (Van) 4:00; Duuderdale I   Vic.)  1:10.
Third period Tobin (Van.) :36;
Nlghbor (Van.) :15; Dunderdale
(Vic.) 1:40; Nigbbor (Van.) 8:10;
Dunderdale (Vic.) 1:30; Nlghbor
(Van.)   1:00;   Oatman   (Van.)   2:45.
tho history cf the church in the past  I     Union HoUSC
25 years," f
Wage Earners and Church.
The line of talk which Kev. J. W.
Aikeens, pastor of the Metropolitan ,
church, Toronto. toe;k In his address
was to point out thai tbe relations
between the church and the wage
earners is a close one. Contrary to
the opinion held by some people, the ;
church or religion has got a great deal
to do with successful business.
Rev. Mr. Aikens held that the cross
of   Christ   represents   the     principles
that govern the world.
"The  church  too,    is    also    doing
��� much to bear    the    burdens    of    the
v eak. Ever) problem that faces
! society has greed of gold behind it.
if you could eliminate t'ne men who
'; are prepared to wade through blood
j to a money bag you would eliminate
; war."
White Help.
We use Local produce only.   First Class Cafe.
Reasonable Rates.
Cor. Front and Begbie Sts.
Rovers vs.  Bankers at  Moody  Park-
Sapperton vs. Burnaby at
Hankers  vs.   Ftoveri
round .of the Charlt)
lure soccer game for
noon in Moody park,
probably   be   at   full
the s
cup is th.
lloth teams
strength   as
urg slugger
an  slay   with
Ib   days,  but
,e  oiler will
ami shortstop that    he
the club for the rest of
it is doubt Hi! whether
be accepted.
I winners of tin* Westminster Berli -*
are Boheduled to meet the Vancouver
champions, Longiej will be the official, the game starting at ^':*la o'clock.
Sapperton will clash with Hurnaby
In a '(ague fixture on the Sapperton
grounds, which should excite some- in-
[ teres!   owing   to   the   position   of     the
Burnaby club on the league table.
Saturday's game.between Sapperton and Burquitlam, won by the
former, was tlirown oul by the league
: delegates, the contention thai Chiel
and Lambden had played with the
Cliy eleven boin; sustained. A replay was ordered and In tin- meantime a decision ns to the standing of
the two players In question will be
asked from tin* Mainland
Husband and Brother Finht���Wife's
New Hat the Cause.
Budapest, March 3 -A woman's hat
led to a fatal duel here last week. A
lowyer named Babocaay quarreled
with liis wife about a neve hat she had
purchased. The wife appealed to her
brother, an aviator, named Lieut. Ma
din to take her part. The brother did
so and was insulted by the husband.
The .'lieutenant thereupon challenged
lie* lawyer to fight a duel, and Bab-
acsay accepted. The husband is not
a duellist, but happened to hll bis
brother-in-law and killed him at the
first shot. Twice since lhe duel Mme
Babocsay tried to commit suicide bul
was  prevented  In   the  nick  of time..
.' She is completely demented and has
��� been placed in an asylum.
I *	
wish to announce their Spring Opening and the arrival of some of the latest styles in fabrics. Perfect
Fit und Workmanship Guaranteed.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
A report rear
from Chilliwack
men were nude
niiel- r guard by
lied the ci'y last night
io the effect that two
��� arrest there and held
members of the 104th
SIS lOmuriB B   OCeER. .'������ P , PRFSIDCNT. V.'   O   MATTHfWa -OCi-WltSIOtKT.
C. A. EOGERT, General Manager.
la! Pa;J U
rve Fund I
ndlvlded Pie
Mulvey & Mulvey
In   a   Laifghing   Dutch   Skit,
Entitled 'Cut That Out."
Charles D. Zaneta
Comedy  Juggling  Act.
Ben La Mott
Started with Nine Dollars.
.vim- silver dollars started the
Mhli Ic Baseball club of Philadelphia.
;*." : . dol ars In real monej. a si I of
. id unlfj via* and nine pairs of stock
In - not entln ly w hole was the
capital thai "Zack" Phillips, Sharslz
and Mason had when they formed
whal is now lhe most ramoua base
bad organization In the world. The
r*, nl of thi Ir grounds. Oakdale
ci -: them $3 a day. Kor thn e
the trio bustled for all they
worth, scared up crowds that
��� i.nn limes as big as 300, and
i mi i i' thai time* found that th
at the i
y had j
trtrenn Scottish Line-up.
i.. ndou, Mar, h 3. The Scottish
team picked to meet In land in Un*
International association football
game < E March I is as follows:
Brownlle iThird Lnnarks), McNair
(Celtic), Dodda (Celtic), Cordon
iGlasgow Rangers), Thompson (Sunderland), liny (New Castle), Donald
son (Boiton Wanderers), McMenemy
ll'. ltlc),      K' id      i Hangers I,      Wilson
Shi rfield Wednesday),
hi-* (Oldham Athletic),
and    Donna
the     Minn
rei    Comedian,
in   Purnt  Cori-.
Tabloid  Ccmedy
long Distance
10c and 20c
Rained $2 apiece for their ^l days of
labi r,   li was a case of give up or
do   Boinethlng   desperate.   They   de-
i lded to make or break anil    guaran
teed the Boston club, the big baseball
attraction of the days of 1881, 1300 or
$100 If ii should rain.   Then they sat
bacli and prayed ror fair weather, for | 55
llnre was noi a dollar in the treasury
to pay In case of rain.    Things broke
tight.     They   had   a  crowd     of   5000,
of  whom  ���IliUll   hud  to  stand   because
the sealing capacity ot the park was
only 400, but  nil  paid, and after pay-
��� Ing  lhe guarantee    and    giving    the
players 25 per cent, of the gate
three     promoters    had     enough
_v to   buy   lumber   for   stands.
e home-made affairs were "mi re
itrons  than  handsome,"  Phillips   re
���narked after thi ij   v, ere    completed
in:;   they   would  Beal  2000, and  from
thai time i'ii the succt
was practically assured
years the company
the penuanl winner of 1883 help
Ing   a greal    deal.     Their   success.
while   not    remarkable    by    modern
standards, wns sensational judged by
Domb. Wells Wins Victory.
London,    March    3,       Bombardier
Wells,   the   former   British   champion :
heavyweight pugilist, knocked out
Bandsman Blake, the middleweight
champion, In the fourth round of a
beduled 20 round iigln tonigiit
Blake, previous lo tonight's light had
never been defeated and was regard
ed   by   many   persons     a
'white hope" for winning the world's
heavyweight    championship.      Blake
was   LIS   pounds   lighter   than   Wells.
England's j stmviMl
At the Theatres
regiment of militia, bu spec ted of complicity in the Great Northern train
hold-up. A lati r report was to the effect thai the Oreat Northern authorities had Investigated the capture and
had found no connection with the
train hold-up in which the lives of
three persons were snuffed out. The
two suspects will probably be arraigned before a police magistrate in
the Veddar mountain city this morning.
Explosives Found by Ecy Near Scene
oi Recen* Outr.-.ges.
Redding, Cal., March 3. Twenty-
two sticks of dynamite with a fuse
attached, were fennel yesterday afternoon by an InqulBltive school boy. exploring the foundations of the Lee
school, In the town of Mauton, near
here. Tin- news did nt become gem
ally known  until today.
Manton has bt en the scene ol two
previous dynamite outrages. On Sent.
-4, the pipe lit*," ol' the North California Power company was wrecked. Two
weeks later the home of A. M. Head.
a wealthy English rancher, was de-
Head and his wife, however,
escaped with their lives. No arrests
| ever have been made. Tin* Manton
\ schoohouse is used hy tiie Socialists
! as a meeting place and they were to
1 have- met  there last night, it is  said.
You Can Start a Savings Account
with $:.e"*0. It is not necessary for yea to wait until you have a
large sum of money in order to start a Savings Account wllh this
Bank. An account can te opened with $1 00and more on which
Interest is compounded twice a year.
London, March 3. Fashion ever
trends dressed a.- nans were arrested
at (hisso on Saturday by the Italian
customs officials. They were going
past   >*. Ith tin- downcast ey< s an..
creei a;:* appropriate to their habits
ivben one ���>: them stumbled and from
In: ample tii eve fell a packet of cilia rs.
A lynx-eyed official noticed the slip |
anil pounced down upon tin woman
ami her companions. A search snowed
that oonoealed in their robes they
had unit-.' .' large supply of saccharin
and tobacco which they v*. rere bringing across the Swiss-Italian border.
The supposed nuns in tact belonged to a gang of smuggle:s, whoso Ingenuity In dodging customs authorities is well known.
Eag Clue to Paris Robbery.
Paris,   March   3.   The   bag   .stolen
from  a postoffice delivery wagon  in
the Rue Chauchat yesterday and which
' contained $200,000 in cash, was found
��� tnpty today iu a lot in Romainville.
With it was another empty mail sack.
Some importance is attached to the
finding of the sacks in Romainville
as the anarchist colony of which Jean
i Bonnet, Gustavo darner and other eel-
obrated bandits were members, is ea-
i tabllsbed there.
i.iilar  projects Of  the same  lilm
Shows   Nightly
15 and 9:15.
Game Postponed.
Scoutmaster Chapman, of  Ihe boy
SOQlltB, has been unable to arrange
the basketball game between the New
Westminster scouts and ihe Fairvlew
troop   at   Vancouver   on   Thursday
night and the game will probably bo
played in ihis city a week from Kriday   night.     Scoutmaster   Chnptuan
Ben I.n Mott and liis company scored
s ol Un- club   another  big hit  at   the  Royal  theatre
In l. ss than haat  night keeping tin* audience in a;
cleared $100,-1 continual roar of laughter from Btart
to finish.   This popular company will!
be  sei n   in  an  entire  change  of program   tonight   and   ailso   Friday  nigh!.;
For   Wednesday  nighl    a    tabloid
comedy, "A Long Distance Telephone"
is beyond a doubt one of the greatest I "   !"���'   -
comedies ever written;   besides three
other hig laughing acts.
Ginejster Guilty of Murder.
New York, March il. There was a
I sneer on tne face ol Cresto Shilli-
| toni, a gangster, last night as lie listened io the verdict of murder in the
lirst degree by a jury which tried him
lor killing Probation Patrolman Wll
liara Heaney ia Mulberry Btreel ou
tin- night of March :'. 1918. Charles
rcare, nnotlnr policeman, and  John
Itize.o.  a   citizen,   were   killed   by     the
Italian a fee.  seconds before he fired
at   lleaney.     The  jurv     was    cut     90
The convicted  man  is    22,
and has live prior convictions I.
Montreal  Elections.
Montreal, March 3.   "My hai  is In
the ring," announced  .Major Stephen'!,
ex-chairman of tin*    harbor    commis-
Another  Birdman   Killed.
Buenos Ayres, March :'.    Lieutenant
.limine/.   Lustra,  who   was  injured   in
nu    aeroplane   accident    in    which
Oeorge  Newberry,  the holder of sev-
sion, on his arrival back  in  Montreal ' ernl   areonliuie  records   in   iliis
today io light Mederic Martin for the-   try, was killed, died yesterday.
appearing with his
Royal Theatre this
Special Feature
Ihe Smuggler's Sob
Clnes-Kltene   Feature   in
two parts.
By the Unseen Hand
Song by Pete Murphy
The Two Ordeals
The second of "The Adventures
cf  KatMyn" Series. PACE  SIX
WEDNESDAY,    MARCH   4.   19<4.
J Classified Advertising |
ceived for The News at the follow*
nc place*: F. T. Hill's drug store,
<S2X Columbia street; A. Splice,
Queens'ioroiie'.h. Lulu Island: Mrs.
K. l-ard��'ii. Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Latvia, Alta Vista.
�������>������<> �����������������������������
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
*l3y; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as re-
antral within one year from date of
contract,. $.5.00.
i'ark.    Boundarj
}99 New.  office.
ai  Maple Beach
Hay.     Apply   Hox
Using machine. For particulars apply at The News office.
Court  of   Revision,   1914.
\,,   |ck   is  hereby  given   thai   the  Oral
me, Him  "t   the  Courl   "i   Revision   t*-i
.   >    . -*n. ul   It..11  "f the <'itv ol  N. w
,i.-i u iii n.  h. :.i In the City Hall,
*. ���     v., stnilnster,    B C.    on    Thurodnv,
\,,.,l   is,   1914,  at   l"  tt.m.     All  appeal*
���    a.   ABaewmiont   musl   I"-  In  wrt!
j, .     i, ,i delivered i" Mv Asm Mrnent Com*
...,V,i,.n. i    it   lasi   ���'"  ''ays prevloim  to
l ,,- ol  Ihe nald Courl  of Revision
|,ii,i   nl   New   Wi siininsler.   B.C.,   tbji
ul   Miirch,   1914
ROADS AND DITCHES   | No Sittings or Sweepings
BEfORE COUNCIL Nothing But Leaves, Yes,  Fresh, Tender,
Grown, Fragrant "SALADA" Tea  Leaves
. I I
I >UNC *N.
City Clerk
Surrey   Mnunicipal   Body    Has    Busy
Time at Last Meeting���Another
Assistant Assessor.
and saw table complete, Apply al
The News office
erty through an ad.
vorn    PROP
iii this column
l.'OH BALE���11.00 DOWN, 11.00 PER
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Rangcs; eiery one guaranteed Mar
k i Bquare. (3010)
on farm. Any kind of farm work
and housework attended to. Applj
inin Eighth avenue, (2093)
there ar,* no Miuill children, b:
w<*gi:in girl.    P. O. Box 35,
ture in laren*   or small quantii   -
highest prices paid.   Auction sales
���conducted     H.  .1    tlussi 11,    Kings
hotel block, Columbia Btreet, Phone
wnere.     No   collection,   no   charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile An
encv, 226 Hastings street west. Van
couver.  *::""'
i,.ru, sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Begble street, New Westminster.
Sealed Tenders for the supply ol iin*
ibovi addressed to Lhe undersigned,
marked as nliove, will bn received until
,���',,., 0f ii,.. n,ia day "I March, lint, vi*/.;
���mi students' Adjustable Desks nnd
Seats     (Tenderer to submit sninple.)
; Teachers' Oegks, I'lai ii-p, quartered
-.iii. ! drawers "ii ench .side
*..   chairs   na   sample   chair   In   board
9   Lunch Tabli s. oak.  8x0  feot.
2   Library'  Tnbles,   quartered  oak.   3x8
i; Commercial Class Tables 6 tt, r. in. by
3 ii. r, In. by 25 In. hls*1i,
i  Domestic Science Tabto ins per draw*
.v.Is,  gins
sizes  on  ap
i  Cupbi
I*.  Counter  Beats.
Ci stools,
:    Auditorium Chnlrs, adjustable, wllh
..!:.     for writing (to sull sloping floor.)
300 Opera Chairs (to sull sloping floor.)
Seel nl   Bookcase,   l:   units,   differ, nt
slzi h, ;; Im** *s nnd ;i tops.
113 Window 8had��s, light color; sub-
: i sample of material proposed. Tenderer e in  examine  windows.
Anv further details mi application.
Tiv lowest or anv tender nol neccssnr-
II;   ...���.   pted.
Srcretnrj to lhe Hoard of School Trusties
....I March, 191 1. (SOU*1
ture. or snicks in trade, in large or
small quantities, highest price paid
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
ay public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged,
See the expert on furniture before,! yrae a vai|d objection thereto be madi
Re the Northwest quarter of Section
14. Township 7, New Westminster
A Certificate ol Indefensible Title
to the above property will be Issued
lo .lames B, tluiin l on the 21sl day
of March, 1914, unless In the mean-
vou give your goons away
Fred   Davis,   548   Columbia
n.w   Westminster,
Address Ul me ������ writing by a puson or per
street, Bong claiming an estate or Interest
(3014) ith. rein, or iu any pari thereof,
  J. ('. OWYNN,
j,       -���| District Registrar of Titles.
TO RtNT ' Land Registry Office,
New   WestmlnBter, B.C., February
16th, 1914,
to rent try an ad. In this column.
When going on a lonp; journey If
on our railway there will he no an
iKiyance of transfer nor delay.
Toronto Express leaves at..7:50 am
SL Paul train leaves at 1:26 p. m.
Imperial  Limited  leaves at 8:10  p.m.
For rate and reservations apply  to
Or H. W. miODIE, G. P. A . Vancouver
The person or persons having In
their custody or possession the follow
Ing Title De de relating to the said
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned:
1, Crown grant to Jason Samuel
Lewis, dated the 16th June, 1893.
2. Conveyance from Jason Samuel
Lewis lo l.inaie Jane Lewis, dated
the 6th July, 1901.
129511 District Registrar
lhe Matter of the Estate of Mangal
Singh, Deceased, and in the Mattor of
������ ��� Administration Act.
I TAKE NOTICE that hy order of Ills
Honor Frederick W. Howay, dated the
Ixtei nth dav of .May. AD. 1018, I was
appointed administrator of all and singular tho estate of the said deceased, and
that notice of such order was thereby ordered i*. I- published ���>  in a daily newspaper published In the Cltj of New Westminster.
And  further  take notice  thai   all  persons Indebted to the above estate are required I" pay mo the amount of their Indebtedness forthwith, and all persons having claims agalnsl  the .**:ii.i estate are required  t*i present   tie in  to  mo duly verified   by  affidavit   on  or  before  the  ���_��� n111
, 'ay of March, A.J, 1914, after which date
: I     will    proc ������ il     to  distribute  the  said
11���stai.   having regard only to such claims
is are then properly before me.
C. <i. MAJOR,
Ofilclnl   Administrator,
Dated this 2lth day uf February, A.D.
' 1914. (lion J)
Shrubs fcr Sale.
Flowering  shrubs   and     evergreens.
I Including    Holly,  Cypresses,  Refines*
porous  and  others,  may  be  obtained
 ���   at  moderate  prices  from    the    I'ark
_ Ranger at the Queens Park by any-
BUR.JABY,      one ijcsjnng the same.
W.  A.  DUNCAN', City Clerk.
City Hall, February 26, 1914.    (2997)
The statutory meeting of the Hoard
of License Commissioners will be held
at tin* Municipal Hall on Wednesday,
March llth, 1014. at 10 o'clock in the
��� ia -"-   , forenoon.
Mrs.       fi-iift KfAUinA faun   ' leart       the Board of License Com-
and MissV-UYC-Di OWfiC-LQVt!        mission!
L.It.A.M.,  A.R.C.M. i
LessoiiB in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing i
trig,  Voice    Production,    Theory     tin j
clatxe or privately), Harmony, Counter
Seint, Musical Form and History. '
f*uplls prepared   for   the   examlna
dona of the Associated Hoard of    thf- : B.   C. COAST  SS.  SERVICE
itoyai  Academy  of  Music and   Roya!
-College of Music.    Also    Professional
���diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For   terms,  etc..  apply   51   Iiufferli
Street.    Phone 411 R.
ai the lasl meeting of the Surrey
I municipal     council   communications
were received  as  follows:
I'lom 11 H. Hunt ting, wishing **o
know If the council would approve
plans of subdivision on which survey v-oik was started at once without
requiring the clearing and rough grad
Ing of ih, streets Received, clerk lo
reply that no plans would be approved unless the streets were cleared
and lough graded pursuant lo the bylaw governing subdivisions.
From it F. Stlllman, asking that
tbe council take stops to provide a
road so that residents at ()c an Park
could g<i in and out. Received and re*
tarred to Councilolr Bradshaw and tiv
engineer for investigation.
Prom M P. Thompson asking that
the council open a ilitch along the
toad past liis property in the southwest quarter of section 30, township
:'. so that he could drain Into lt, Received, Council cannol see their way !
clear to provide drainage except fur
municipal roads and municipal prop*;
From  iv  1-'.  Collins, asking  for in!
[ formation as to what was roquired to j
proceed   with   work  under  local  Improvement    Received,   the  clork   to
give the Information desired.
From Burnett & McQugan, wishing
to know when they could sla.rt work on ]
the survey of the Johnston road, as
.nine persona fell unsettled ou ac-
eeitnt of the present conditions and i
wished to get this matter settled.
Received, clerk to reply thai  survey
would be made as soon a.*, nli Qer80ns
Interested In property infected sign -d j
the agreement as to the centre Iin -.
From T. W.  I lardy, slating tbat the!
church people- at  Mud  Ha>   intended
to fence their  property, and  asking
permission to dig a new ditch nearer
the read limits in lieu of the present
ditch, which was too near the cenl.re
of the road, so that thej  could n >w
put in a permanent crossing to the
church    grounds.     Also    requesting
thai  something he done towards giving a permanent outlet to the watei
trom the Semlahmoo mad to Elgin
Received. Permission grained In connection with the first matter, work in j
be done under the supervision of the i
engineer.   The second matter was re*
ferred to the engineer and Councillor ]
Iteov, u  to deal  with.
From Dorais & nick, enclosing a
petition asking tor the opening of
the North Hluff road tor a Bhorl ills
tance < asi from Ocean Park. Received and referred to Councillor Bradshaw and the engineer.
From Mrs M. McLean and others,
petitioning that the email ravine on
No. 3 road at South Westminster be
bridged and the road opened up suf
ficient to permit the use of vehicles.
Received. Council cannot .see their
way clear to open subdivision roads
except un.ier local Improvement,
From .! Benson and others, being
owners of property in the southeast
quarter of section IT, township -'. asking that the half section llne between
the northeast and southeast quarters
of section 17 be opened up for a quar
Costs no more than common-place teas.
Pras. sad Oeal. Ugr.
Vice President.
W. f. tl. BUCKUN,
8*0   and  Trans
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  Britten Columtfla.
Savings Department ar all Hranr.hes Deposits of Oue Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest currant rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Weetmlnster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,   Manager.
Interurban Lines 15. C. Electric Railway.
Trains leave New Westminster Terminal, Columbia and 8tli Sts.. as follows:
FRASER    VALLEY    LINE    Pmwenger I
trains   for  Chilliwack   nl   9:30  n.m .   .' 00
nnd   .1.'. p.m.,    Express cars at 8 30 a.m
and   I j" p.m.,     Past   freight,  , aslboimd,
every in..ruing.
I. \K I.    i -,i. *i   nl    ;.  30   .i in .   w :'li   hotll 1.
m i * '���������    until   11:30  p m       (In   week  days
���!������ cluls   it   ���*  it.ni   .neI .'.  p.m.     First  .��� irs
**i  S a. f..:- 8  30 a.m.
i-.  mlnutr* s.T*. !<���<���  to  'i  a tn :   20  minute
seri Ice   from  0       to   i   p.m.,   follo-n - d
by I ���'. inn 'in ... r.!.>- io 8 :30 i> m I t.ilf
hour servlcs thereafter until 11 p.m., with
Insl  car at   mldnlKlit     Or  Saturday^ tho
i * i.  nulii si i- li ���  In tie*  ii'* ���' ii extends
to 11 p in , w iii, last oni .o midnight < in
Sundai *  - a'.\\   .���. rs   al   B,   .'.   . :30  nnd   S
.���i in    follow) .1  I.-   20  mil -.  until
*   m p.i I hall  hour lo  l I  p m . with
late car al  ihi.Ii.ik:.*
FOR v \vi-.ir\ i:;; vi \  NORTH
>'   i'i; \-i-.i:    Conm cling at  Eburn
in   i ir   St. ������ ��� . '..!.      First   car   ..-    ,
j w lih   hourly   service   until   11   p.m.
Sundays  first   e.-ir ;tt  8  .i.ni.
Wi  I,
-Care at r> iOO and 6 H
i-,r   i ..    i .v...: .   i. "ii   Columbia
ni.I Eighth rn '-.->. 6:20 and 7:45 a.m.,
with hourli service until 11:45 a.m. Leave
i lie,, r Mills for yurensboro .it fi. 7. nml
CENTRAL 1 S :S8 a in . va It li hourly servlc* until nilU-
ii.))).. with I night.    Last eir to Columbia Bt Terminal.
mm& pacific
TENDERS    ln    duplicate,    endorsed , ter of a mile from the Borgstrom road
"Hospital   for  the   Insane,"   fur  the  and  they  would open  up the sitbdlvl-
supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's \ ^ road themse yes.    Received and
fittings, boots and shoes, shoemaker's referred to Councillor Brown and the
meat,    fish, groceries, coal, I engineer.
From Robert Allcook and others, pe*
at the ii* xi  meeting of the Board of l.i-
ECTUrtng Commissioners apply for a trana
!"��� r of the Wholesale Mquor License from
I���<��� premises Bltuate on Lol Nine (I'i
'.AK-k  Twenty-four   (24),  In  the  City  of
"V'-w   Westminster    to   Lol     Seven      17).
!tl<K*k  "O,"  number   R00  Columbia   str.-it
'���11 ) LESLIE   E.   HAINES.
Dated,  3rd  Februury    1914.
.    I-: IS HEREBY GIVEN Hint   I will
��� the nexl meeting of the Board of LI-
-    -   ig Commissioner apply  f.,r n  transfer a      lie   i   ttli    llci nsi   lor  the   Bale  of
I troii   the premlsi s situate
i I.      Mne 19),  Block Twenty-four  i 24 I
City . ' N.-.v  Westminster,  to  Lot
���    Bio  .  "i I,'   number  609  Col-
���:   February,   1914.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m    Daily
[  2:00   p.m Daih
' 11:46   pm Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
I 10:00 a.m Daily
11:00 p m Daily
Bteamer leaves at 11:46 p.m. on
From   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
?:00   p.m     Dally I
Except Sunday
Na.-.almo,   Union  Bay  and  Comox.
I  9:00 a.m.  .   ..Wednesday and Frldaj
i Vancouver    Union   Bay,  Powell   River
11:45 a.m Every other Saturday I ,
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
11:00 pm Feb. 14 and 28 ���
Prince  Rupert and  Granby Bay.
��� ItilO   p.m       W'tdnnBdayi
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays for
Victoria, calling at points in lhe
Gulf  Islands.
Por Gulf Island  Points.
���5D.   GOULET.  Agent,   New   Westminster
���4   W    BRODIB.  O   P.   A..  VsncouvMr
nattressea and bedding, fodder, drugs.
.*���<���    for use of the said  Institution,  titionlng for the ope,,,,,,: of tbe Arch-
frotnlibald  road  from the Newton  road to
.1  the  furnishing of  funerals
e   Ist of  April  next  to
list  of ��� 'he FIohp road.
.-i.ire*h, 1515, will bp received by the
Hemorablp the Provincial Secretary
until noon on Saturday, tho 14th
Lists of thp articles required can be
seen at the Hospital, at which place
samples can also be inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at the
hospital  without Pxtra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for the dun
fulfilment of each contract will be re-
Tenders will not be considered un-
Received and referred
Brown   and   the   engl
to   Councillor
From VV. S. Vivian, assistant assses-
sor and collector, reporting collections for the month of February to
the amount  of $623.42,    Received.
From the Royal Columbian hospital,
New Westminster, enclosing outstanding accounts against patients from
Surrey municipality amounting to
$373.40, and asking feir payment for
same. Also staling that there was a
balance of $802.86 owing from previous
years  as  yet   unpaid,  and  asking  for
Every Monday at 12 midnight
to I'rince Kupeit anil Granby
Every Thursday at IJ midnight to  Prince  Rupert.
Every Saturday   at    1-    midnight to Victoria and Seattle.
Thursday.  March  5, al   12  mid
night   for   Sldegate,     l.ockeport,
Jed way,   Iked a,   etc,
Monday,   March   9,  al   l-   mid-
to Massett and Stewart.
Grand Trunk Pacific
Passenger trains leave Prlnca
Rupert, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 a m. for Teiiria,
Ha/ell.in and Smilhers Mixed
service beyond to Rose Lake
stage to Fori  Fraser,
Daily passenger trains leave
Edmonton 10:4�� p.m., arrive Mc-
Brlde l:-65 pm Mixed trains
,o Prince George Mondays,
Wednesdays and  Fridays.
ss   made   out  on   the   forms,   which
can  be  obtained   from   tho   Bursar  ot | payment   of    ���'.:*       U' ��� ;*. ���������:      ���   .,���
���lo-   Hospital   or  the   undersigned.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial  Secretary,s  Office,  2fith
February, 1914. (3007)
;   rl   ol   Lot   167, Group 2,  and  of
theasl portion of the north-
quarter  of   Section   3,   Town-
In   the   District   of    New
Wi   ���    'lister.
Moot    of   til**   loss   Of   Cer-
o   I Itle Number 4".11F. Issued
���  of John Allen Wilson, has
Ir this office.
Hereby given that 1  shall,
*.     expiration of one month  from
il      ���  the first publication here-
: ,  da   ���   newspaper published in
.   ..I  New-  Westminster, issue
*   p . iti  * f the said Certiflcaite, un-
���;     meantime valid objection
.de to me In writing.
J, l'. GWYNN,
DlBtricI  Registrar of Titles,
i aod i * ������������ tiv office,
New Westminster, B.C., January 2S,
IM4. (2��R6)
M.*t. i-  of  Lhi    Estate   hurl."
. i 11. ceased ami In I he matter "f
Admit Istratlon Act.
Ni ITIC'E   thai   by   ordi r   of   th"
In   the
t *!���:;;
Honorable Mr. .lusii,*,- Morrison dated
thi 'i-1 day nf Oecemher, A.D. 1913, I
u u   appointed  Administrator of  .ill  and
singular   tl slate  of  lhe  sni.l  deceased,
,:,.! that noli*"* of such or.hr was thereby
ordered to l- published once In a dntly
newspaper published In the City ot New
And further take notice thai all persons Indebted to the above estate are required to pay me the amount ..f their Indebtedness forthwith, and all persons having claims LguinM the s.-n.l estate are required I" present them to me duly verified bv affidavit on nr before the IMUh
��� lav of March, A.!'. 1914, nft.-r which date
I will proceed t.. distribute the said estate
h'tvi'ig regard only to such claims as are
then properly before me.
C. 0. MAJOR,
i Ifflclal   Administrator.
Dated this 2"\b day of February, A.D.
1014. 13001 ��
oil cannot see their way clear to as-
Buroe the latter amount and wish a
detailed statement of some of the accounts Included In the former amount
before settling It.
From J. A. Spackman, on behalf of
Messrs.   Davidson   K-   Meltae,    stating .
'li ii they would i.lee to have the coun- i
Cl!  opi ::  a   road  eleii'.'  the section  line
running west from the Johnston road. :
. i '.-. > en   ���'   tl  ns fi and  17 to the end j
I   i road  in  the Port .-.lanu townslte j
known as  WftMace Drive.    Also centre i
Btreet  from  the rallwaj   Hack to the
river  in  allow   residents  to    get    In '
their freight from the wharf   Rccelv- j
.���il, the engineer to prepare estimates
:or the  firsl  mentioned  road, but aa '
,, tiie*re was  some doubt ai  present asi
TENDERS     in    duplicate,    endorsed   Hj  ^^ Q_ Qo|  (h(,  poad  nQW  )ead
"Hospital for the Insane for the mg t<) )h(1 wnarf wflB pub,|r property
Bupply of clothing, dry goods, tailors tne ,.,,,,,r lnatu,r was laid over to al-
fittings, boots and shoes, shoemakers ,ow fllrti,���r investigation,
fittings, meat, fish, groceries, coal, r/rom HenTy Rhodes, enclosing plan
mattresses and bedding, fodder drugs, of propoaed subdivlslon of the east
etc., for use of t'ne said Institution, one.half ,)f tne oasI 0ne-half of frac-
and the furnishing ot funerals, trom t,ona] nort-hweBt quarter, of section
the 1st of April next to the 31st of *���*, townahip j, Utr approval. Received,
March, 1916, will be -received by the | clerk to forwaTd hlm copy of by.lftw
governing   subdivisions  and  ask  that
i *y<g2&'
We represent all Trans A tlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
W.  E.  Duperow,  G A.P.D.     H, G.
527   Granville   St.,   Vancouver.
Smith,  C.P.  &  T.A.
Phone   Sey.  8134.
the   14th
of Attar Blngh,
Matter  ol   the
Ihe N   ���       of the Kst.il
thf. is ���     nnd ii    tin
T I KB  hv   ordei    ol    Ills
Ijrm.-*'   Fn  ��� Howay,  dated  the
..,trw nth   ������ i       (May,   A 11.   1013,   I   was
appointed ir   il    II     id   ��� ngu-
t-xr On said deceased    md
that   not "I lei    w         then bj
oTtJereil   *.*��� i   "i -     In   n   dally
lanpapup'-r  '   ' '���<���   ,!l'   Cltj   ol   New
MC.i tminsl'-r.
And fin thei  i Ihat all pi rsons
ilwIiWilfl lo  lb ���   ' it'    ''      '    '
an r��iy <"' ""'       "'"���      ' '   '
r-,.-c\   rorihw-iih.     -      nil   persons    hnvlng
.'ta��ms against th'    mid estati       e rt-q
*-,*.   to  present  thi i     to  nn'
h.v affidavit on or L* I .r<
��,-,rrh.   A.I".   1>M
S.iTri*'**-'! '
.   _.....  .���  fujeii  planus  a     nr.    th
dulj    verified
20th   .I   ���   "I
;lfl- I   -...I lei    dntl    I Wlll
ilhitilhule thi
rt-KHTfl   onlv   to
Honorable the Provincial
until noon on Saturday,
-Lists of the articles required can In-
seen at the Hospital, at which pine..
samples can also be inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at the
hospital   without extra  charge.
Two sufficient snr. ties for the due
fulfilment of each (ontract will be required.
Tenders  will not be considered  unless   made   oul   on   the  forms,   which
can   be  obtained   from   the   Bursar of
the  Hospital  or  the  undersigned.
Deputy   Provincial   Seer.'tar.
Provincial Secretary.s Office. 26th
February, 1914. (3008)
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially select
ed for Flat Grain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive  than  the old  solid  raised  panel doors.
Get  our prices before  placing  your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
its terms be compiled with.
From McQuarrie. Martin & Cassady
enclosing statement of defence In the
Mackensen case.    Received.
The clerk was instructed to write
the Great Northern railway and ask
them to repair their crossing over the
Boothroy l road.
It was decided thai another assist-1
ant  to  the  assessor and   collector  be
appointed for a few months al a salary of %1a pe*r month, and that the ap-1
I potntment be left In the hands of the
rei ve I
Various  accounts  were  passed  and
ordered paid and council adjourned to'
meet again  Saturday,  March   llth, at
l 2:30 p. m. at the municipal hall, Clo-
Phone* 18 and U. 902 Columbia 8treet VV.
Wholesale and retail dealers in the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal will, without doubt, boil more water
than  any other coal on  the  market
We also have a limited supply of Old Wellington (Ladysmith)
coal for stove and grate.
We carry a good stock of building material, Including Vancouver
brand of Portland Cement This cement Is being used by the IK)-
minion and Provincial Governments and all the large corporations
and contractors in the province. It is ground very fine nnd Is vory
uniform Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tile, common and pressed brick, fire clay and fire
D.  D. WILSON, Manager.
; I . 11 .V��n.   new
PHHmilJ- before nv
Tvafrd  I
It) 14.
Official   Adml
his 24th day of Februars   A.n
\ o v 0 o (
Read Ihe News
flirls' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 am.;
Sewing   classes,  Thursday.   7:a0   p.m.
Hoarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
For particulars call phone 1324.
Spring   Suitings  just   arrived.    See
h. i.i.    Perfect nt   and workmanship
guaranteed.    Prices    from  $lS.on up.
701 Front Street.
A DOLLAR Spent at home reacts in its
benefits with unceasing general profit. Sent owl of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a
messenger of continuous benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping this dollar at, home and
make a bid for it by judicious advertising. WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   4.   1914.
are small and inexpensive,
but they bring big returns
when they are printed in
used Want Ads. in The News, you do
not need to be told how well they do
the work.
used  them, you should immediately
try them, and see for yourself.
Orders in Stocks, Uonds, Oram and Cotton executed for cash or
on margin In Montreal. New  Vork  and  Chicago.
Direct private wire to .Montreal  and  New   Vork.
Telephone 817.
Stock Brokers.
316-317 Westminster Trust Building.
Little    Interest   Taken    in    Montreal   Opening Quiet and After Brief Rally
Market  Showed  Sagging
Market���International  Stocks
Show Losses.
Montreal. March ::. Trading today
was very quiet with fluctuations narrow and little Interest mm taken lu
the    market,    Cablet    from     London
were lower and th'- International
stocks showed losses. Brazil closed
at *7 and ('. I'. It. 209, The local '
Mocks held very well and showed tew
changes on lhe day's trading. Bell
Telephone was better at 161%. Power
was firm at 228,
There was some selling of Iron in
the morning and the stock sold down
to IM1*,, hut closed beetter al 27, bid.
It. U. sold down to low on this movement to lot;. Tin* undertone of tho
market seems good and looks a buy
on reactions.
In the unlisted department Brick
was strong selling at 51*14. Tramway
sold at -11'-j. Coal and Coke sold at
Star���The  financial    statement    of
Asbestos      Corporation     of     Canada
New Vork, March 3.- The market
opened ijuiet and somewhat heavy.
Late in the morning there was sow?
disposition on the part of room trad
era to cover shorts as the mark tit
���bowed an unwillingness to dociint.-
fur'htr and this Imparted strong tonw
which  was helpid    by    Sir    Kdward
(in y's statement In the house of cum
mous on the Mexican situation. There
was on tiie whole, however, an indisposition to enter Into new cotumit-
mints and when the moderate amount
of covering had run lis course Urn
market in the afternoon once more-
showed saggim; tendency and very
gem ral declines were registered aa w
result of tlie day's dealings.
Steel as usual held up better than
other active stocks, though Reading
which for a long time was one ot tfes)
weakest of tile standard stocks, at
present shows as much resistance aus
Bteel Operations were again on verjr
llmited   scale,   being     only     slightly
whicli will be   presented   to   shared I larger than yesterday, but the tone ta
holders at ihe annual meeting on
March 11 shows net profits for the
year ending December SI Ithe first j
i full year of operutiens since re-
I organisation) were $270,923 compared I
I wiih $15u,304 for the Beven months j
ending in 1912. that Canada will not
quickly return to lhe condition of
abounding prosperity of the paBt few-
years, but that no serious difficulty
j need be anticipated was the message
j given io shareholders of British North
I American bank at the annual meeting
in London yesterday. Mr. McKenzie
attended his first meeting in his
capacity us general manager, but his
bunking experience qualified him to
satisfactorily diagnose the situation.
His survey of the si1 jation tallies
with the best brains in the banking
general    throughout    ihe    day
heavy.   Total sale 124,UU'J.
A post-mortem examination of the*
market movements last week, uamelv
ihe sharp decline on Wednesday and
the slow but persistent recovery oi
lost ground, indicates that the dealings remain highly professional, "thi-
outstanding feature is still the steady
resistance shown to the selling. This*
means either that the fall brought
out no considerable liquidation of
importance or that when prices de-
' cline sharply they meet with continued absorption. The factors which
niaele last week's decline possible ap-
' pear to have lost their force. The
Mexican situation changes daily. Wall
nt rum   in   litfciiuiiun   to  counUtur
Bible Intervention tiuemttcrt calmly. I*.
There seems to be little question in ! is pointed out that, however such a
the minds of the public that the ', resort to arms by Ihis country may be
Dominion Steel directors will not de-   deprecated,  neither  loss  of    life    or
elare the full dividend at the rate of
4��per cent, at the next meeting.   The j
tape  which  at  times makes mistake's ;
when prices are moving forward sel-'
dom errs  when ihe movement is on i
destruction of property resulting
therefrom would seriously depress;
the outlook for general business here.
Treide ropcrts say that Iron and Steel
business      is      somewhat     inactive.
Strength of Steel shares and Steei
common in particular therefore is a
matter of particular Interest. Southern Pacific again recommends itself
lor Investment from ihe standpoinf.
of current yield and prospects. Higiwr
bargains" of this  kind" of j Prh-i s  for  tfie  stock  in  recent yram
have averaged between liy and US
and ot present is nearly 15 points tm-
low the high of last year In spite oi
the fast that Instrlnsic value of tin-
property Is improving all the tinw.
The murker for Union this week will
the downward grade and the market
has been more or less reconciled in
the last expeciation that unfavorable news of some kind Is at hand.
At 35 on i per cent, basis Iron is
offering return of close tc 12 per
cent and
course are not offering on the stock
market without good reasons. In
sizing up the situation the Gazette
suggests that the shareholders prepare themselves either for reduction
in  the dividend to 2 per cent, cr for.
of   the   dividend   altogether, j bp relieved of selling  resulting trotz-i
operations between the cci>-
vertlble bi
1 passing
In some quarters it Is felt that the
I passing of the dividend  would be the
' shortest   and   most   satisfactory   way
I to any Improvement In the position of
| the company, to bring the s:ock down
I to 2 per cent, wculd only be another
I way   of   continuing   the   suspense   of
jthe last   12  months.    If  the  dividend
is passed altogether attention will be
' directed not to whether the dividend
i may be maintained or not, as it would
j be under reduced rate, but as to how
j soon the old dividend  would  be    re-
| sinned.    A   stock  market   languishes
; under uncertainty and thrives en anticipation.     In   a   market   way   there-
! fore ii is not felt that the passing oi
Ithe   dividend   would   have   any   more I Atchison  Com.
unfavorable  influence  them   reduction j [jan   ^. Ohio Com
en the rate.    At any event feeling in | rj,  it. t.
nels and the stuck.
I Quota! ions furnished over the private  wire of Sutherland  &  Ardagh..*
The following are  yesterday's qno-
tations on New York stocks:
Am.  Can  29%
Amal.   Copper      73%
Am.  Car Foundry      50%
American  Smelting      61%
Am. Tel. & Tel.
. 35 ",n
. 06 V'
��� 91%
st reel  Is that ihe present   price   Ches. & Ohio    6;?
of the stock discounts practically all ! (/[,j   (;rellt  West
unfavorable possibilities
An   excellent   statement   was     sub-1
mined   to  shareholders   at   the    an-1
nual  meeting of Penfllan's yesterday. |
profits  standing $102,(190  higher  than
litll and $89,695 higher than 1912. All
fixed charges were stationary through
the    three    years    after    the     usual j
amount of writing off. the full benefit I
of    increased    manufacturing    profits
was shown In the net profits available
for dividend.
(Quotations  fifrntshed  over  private
wire of Sutherland -St Ardagh.)
Ruling  quotations on  the  Montreal
stock market yesterday were:
Open. Close.
B, C. Packers  139      139
Bell Telephone   160V4    150%
Hrazil     S7%      87
Canada  Cement      31to      31^4
Canada Ci men! Pfd  91
Canadian   Pacific    209V6
Detroit   United    12
Dominion Can ner s 07'*j
Dom. Iron & Steel Corp..  35
111.   True-lion       tl7
Laurentide  190%
A. McDonald Co  18%
Mackay  Com  86
Montreal Power  .228
Nova  Scotia Steel       7S1-
Ogtlvle Flour Com IL'1
Ottawa   Power    149
Penman  I.td  55
Quebec   Ky    15%
R, & 0.  Nuv. Vo lu'l'-j
Shawinigan .      140
Steel Co. Of Can. Com . .   IS
Toronto   Ry .142
Winnipeg Electric  206
....  12%
Canadian Pacific   209>i.
t'hino      41%
Krie  Com   29%
Oreat Northern Pfd 12714
Mex.   Petroleum      66
N.  Y.  Cen:ral      89%
Nor.  ,*<   West 102%
Northern   Pacific    112
Pcnn 111%
Reading Com 164%
Rock   Island        5%
So.  Pacific      94
I'll.   Pac.  Com 158%
U.   S.   Steel   Com   G4%
V.  S.  Steel  Pfd HO'.i
V. S.  Rubber Com    59%
Utah  54 V4
120 Mu
66 V^
54 V,
Des Moines, la., March 8.���Fo-nr
masked robbers overpowered two
guards in the office of State Treasurer VV, C. Brown at tiie capital at J
ie. in. today and worked three boms
upon the big safe to secure $7,500. bat
failed to force an entrance wit'j two
charges of uit.-o-glycerino.
They secured but $5,000 from Ibe
caofi drawer, and escaped, leaving vt.
V. Carpenter and .!. M. Russell. two
night watchman, both civil war vet-
erans. bound and gagged on the floor.
The police were not notified until
the watchmen succeeded in loosening
their bonds an hour Inter.
The robbers probably gained entrance to the building by skeleton
keys used on the south door. T!i<>y
entered the treasurer's office on tire-
south corridor with skeleton key* Aini
held up the two watchmen, whom tkec
found asleep. PVCS CIGH"
WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   A.   1914.
Car  Sends Him Crathing  Thrcugh
Plats Glass Window���Dies on
Way to the Hospital.
aalvarsan may have been the fault of
thl   eh. Mei.iii  in piesi rlblng  it.  in an
imp,, per manner or the patlenl bj d ���
1: .*   .i-Mr.n tions   of   III'*   doc
lor.-. He declared thai ' if tha advau
tsges were nol fur greater than the
disadvantages, I would not permit its
��� *��� a I     another second."
!t  is  the opinion  in  medical circle:
;n iii rtin thai governmenl action tn
he dlrectil li  of pe, .enlii.n ol  Ihe  use
of aalvarsan is doubtful.
Toronto, March :: acting Cltj
Archiiii-i    Price will   give   evidence
��� when Hi.* Inquiry Into the city arch!
! icct's department is resumed,, chief
Plan  Inspector Sykes has  told bow
the   bonrd   ef   control   BCted   mer   the
; head of the department in giving   a
', permit to the Brnescllffe apar ments
which bad been refused, us the plans
wire   nol   up   to   the   rei|Uiremenls   Of
ilu* bylaw,
Mr.    Sykes    also    answered      the
: obarges made against him by IC. A.
Loiter, a former plan examiner who
I was discharged by him.    Mr. Sykes
stated  thai   he  had  kepi   tub on   Mr.
1.orier durinie his term  of service
the office.    Mr.  I.ozier, from  his evi-1
deuce  given  a  day  or  two  nno,  ;ils   |
I;* pi tui; on Mr. Svkes' mistakes, ,,1,,k
inn a rather peculiar condition in the]
office   when   >aeh   man   was   getting I
whal Information be could about th. j
other's mistakes.   Mr. Syie.*s defended |
assured of the  .-hip's correct  position
The  i- ' ..an,-   Aendiun  was    one  , i
lhe   vessels   thai    BUTViVed   the   storm
which raged on Lake Huron on N*>-
\. nbi r i' last, �� bi n tin- Canadian,
steamers James CarrutheTS, Wexford
mid Regina w. re sunk, and their
crewi drowned. The Acadian was . n
route from Cleveland to i'ort Arthur
j with a cargo of genera] merchandise
Several   lake     musters     when   seen
' today suited that while they agreed
I with the finding iu some respects
l thev thought that under the circuiii
Stances,   anil   in   the   luce   of   g  gall
carrying disaster with it   over   the
chain of Ink- s, Captain Mclntyre hud
resorted to every means possible   to
sent   his  vessel.
London, March S. A taxicab driver
i.i i wltb a terrible death in the West
end of Umdon last Bight Ilu- mnn.
whose name and address are given as
Henry White, of lUygoad-rosd, linns-
bury, wiia driving two fares, u mini
und a woman sp.Wee't street towards
St. MartnlS lane, when he was stop
prd to set down the male passenger a
few yards, from the end of Wast street.
White was aboflt to proceed with
the lady still in the rah. when his engine suddenly, failed. Without waiting eitheir to put on his brake or to
take the starting lever out, he jumped
down, ran to tho front of ihe cab,
nnd restarted the engine. The result
was that. im<"hiM-kPd by the brakes,
the car darted forward, As il did
so White sprang iipwn-ds. clutched
with outstretched arms the bonne! of
the car and rimiR desperately to it.
Meanwhile the car gained speed and
ran from Wast street across the whole
of St Martin's lane, mounted the footway and crashed Into tin- shop front himself agalnsl several obarges of
of Messrs. a��mon,ttnol*or agents The Irregularity, and outlined the system:
-!:���-;> windows were shuttered, but  so   of plan  Inspection.
great wtatps force of the Impact that  Toronto,   March   3.���Mrs.
the un fortunate driv-r. Impaled  upon |    .���., | Williams,   a   young   woman
husband in tin- a
uioosed to Be E. W.
Thought Victim of Drug.
Windsor. Ont,, March 3. -A man
I hough I to be Kdward W. Hoots, of
Detroit, died while being taken to the
police station in a taxicab early yesterday morning. Boots had been
around the llerend.en hotel duiiiur
the afternoon, nml had apparently be
come unconscious in a chair In the
lobby. The proprielor of the hotel
" {notified the police, who took the man
to the police station iu a motor car,
but be was dead before they arrived
there. He wus fairly well dressed,
between 85 und 40 years old. but had
no money In his pockets. Tho police
believe he was the victim of u drug.
thi helmet of-his own car, WSJ car
ried right through both wooden shut
tera and thick plate glass, He was
terribly, Injured and died on the way
to Charing Cross hospital
Tin- car was coin pa rn lively Utile
damaged, but the shutters and windows of ilm nbop were shattered, it is
understand that Whin- was a married
man, 47 years old, and leavi s a wile
nnd family. The woman passenger,
t1 l.r.h suffering': itolislilerably from
uiirm nnd shock, forliinately escaped
without injury.
Police Catch Two Much Want-
Men���Charges of  Flim-
Berlin. !VT��irrT��' kV The* latent agitation against; Vat. Khrlicii's salvursan
or "006" reirtul*',.prinke open last week
wi;h a movement .that the government
either forbid or" restrict its use. Dr.
Dreuw, medical advisor to the police.
sent a letter.'-bp'.ithe imperial health
authorities*. Mu Uie effect that siUvar-
siii hud not proven to be what Or.
Khrllch had claimed for it but that on
the contrary it was a dangerous remedy. If It was a remedy at all.
I>r. Dreuw said that medical reports
showed that there bad been moie than
275 deaths of persons on whom sal-
vSrsan haa-beea ueed, and that a huge
number of patients Hurt been"paralyzed or r^sdereji lilm) or deaf. He aiid-
r*d that the university of Strassburg
��� ikes a view similar to his in regard to
Toronto. March 2. Jerry Ha-ring-
ton and Hugh Anderson, two alleged
confidenr/ men, whom the local police
have been seeking for some thno, were
arrested on Saturday night by i'nion
Depot Constable Hunt and Detective
l.evitt. They were taken to No, l
station and will face a charge of fraud.
For the past month numerous com
plaints have been received from pas
sengers on the (i.T.IL and C.P.R. trains
passing through Toronto and from
people who have been waiting In the
Union station to the effect tbat they
have been defrauded by two confidence men. Detectives from head*
quarters and railway officers were put
on the case, hut It. was not until late
Saturday night wiien Hunt saw llar-
! rlngton short-change a traveller, Dun
| can Macdonald. that the two were ap*
had her
lernoon police court
before Magistrate Cohen, charging
him with assault, What she r< .illy
wanted wns protection.
According to Mrs. Williams the de
fendant and his sister attacked her*
self and her sister on the streets. At
the time Mrs. Williams had her baby
with lur. she said ihat Williams
knocked her down and threw her into
the  snow.
l order for non-sup-
ii ile court this morn*
Itoss, Mrs. Williams'
' Sin.-  got
port In the Juvi
lug," said A. ti.
"They haven't been living together
since Christmas."
Williams wanted a remand so   be
! could   secure   witnesses.
"Tbe* best  thing to do, instead of
I paying $4  u  week, would  be for both
, of you  to  bury  your differences and
live    together for the sake of    your
child,"  advised   Magistrate Cohen.
"1 would gladly do It," said Williams - "bUl   ehe  won't   do It."
"I wouldn't liv,. with him," retorted
Mrs. Williams sharply. Williams'
request for an adjournment was
I prehended.
the so-called remedy.
Dr. t^Ut*.,lai-,ssa>ly to this letter,
said that probably more than a million case's had been treated with sal-
varsan. He <Hd not know the number
of deaths attributed to "600" but if It
was only 275 that certainly was a
KmuYt putanntmn* In view ot the num
Harrington met. Macdonald, who
wus travelling trom Vancouver to
Halifax, in the waiting
station, lie showed him an envelope
In which he stated he was going to
send some money to his mother. He.
very thowever, had only some small  bills.
. \ tor which he asked Macdonald to give
her ot patients that it had cured.
Dr.   Khrflich   added   tiiat   even   the
deaths which have been attributed to
store. You need tbis
to keep tbe akin soft,
in    our
line now
See our
him a large one. The Scotchman complied and placed the change in his pocket without looking at. it. Hunt saw
him make the mistake and asked him
to count the change. When he did so
Macelonald discovered that in exchange
for a $10 bill he had only been given
$6 in one dollar bills. Hunt then followed Harrington and arrested him.
At the police station Harrington fur
nished Detective Levitt with the name
of his partner and he was placed under arrest later in the evening. Ile
was found in his room on Alice street,
where he was smoking opium. An
opium outfit found in a suitcase was
also seized and it is likely that a second charge of possessing opium will
he placed against Anderson. According
to the police, at least six charges of
"flim-flamming" will be laid against
both men.
March 'I. A treaty is
being negotiated between Great Brit-
ain antl the United States for the protection of migratory birds which at
room "at" the I different periods of the year pass be-
" ' tween Canada and the United States
The secretary of state is acting under
authority of a law of congress.
The treaty with Oreat Britain np-
plieH to birds that migrate between tile
British colonies in Central and South
America and ihe We;*- Indies as
well as Canada. It is understood the
treaty will in* followed by others !,**��
tween the I'nited States and France
and Holland, which have colonies in
Paper Mill Burns.
Lynchburg, Va., March 3.���Fire de-
I stroyrd the Iledford Pulp and I'upe-r
company mill at Big island Sunday,
with a loss of $500,000, covered by insurance. The company will rebuild
Mail Sorter Arrested.
Montreal, March 3.���Bail cf liiO.non
was demanded of Frank Ixirtie, mail
sorter at the central post office,
charged wiih the theft of a letter
from the sorting department on Saturday. He was not able to produce the
amount and was remanded to prison
for en e*uete on March 10. Ile pleaded not guilty.
is one ol the chief reasons why young
people stay contentedly there instead
of f.ceking their amusements else
Lei us furnish the piano that will
make your home attractive. The
DOMINION PIANOS ure here for your
��� se e"iion.
419  Columbia SL,  New  Westminster.
London, Ont, March 3.���An agitation that has been conducted in London for the past, five years or more,
and which has Included a couple of
election campaigns, bore fruit last
Sunday when a service was inaugurated within the city limits on the
liondon street railway. Thousands
of people rode to Sill parts of the cltj
visiting friends and making calls at
hospitals and other institutions. Despite the fact that many clergymen
opposed the Sunday cur bylaw from
their pulpits last January hundreds
rode to Church thus substantiating the
position taken by supporters of tie*
servloe who declared that church at-
tendance would be improved rather
i than  injured.
Many  people rode in  lhe cure during tin*  first day of operation  sa a ;
simple   matter of   novelty   and   when I
ilu* burns were opened In the morning!
ii large number of men, women and '
children wen* on hand.    Many rushed
into the bun:;- before the ears started
and thrust their faxes into the boxes
���ii nn effort  to be among tbe first to
pay fares, on Sunday cars.
Earl  Grey's  Dominion    House  Project
May Take  Another Form���
London  Opinion.
Too Late to Classify
,,-;il amounts io loin on rirst mortgagi
security nt curronl  rut ���*
.v-rrrK ROCK liovr. </
a sacrifice -Well fm.sli.
rooms nuiln floor., -' roo
basement, situate on two
t*-.n avi nue. Uflottstr-ucl
consider trade on pari i
vestlgate at once.
nt   SALIC   A
I bungalow,
II below, wll
lots   VV i -iii'
Will  strandln
Toronto, March 3.���According to a
liuding issued by Commander Henry
St. George Lindsay, Dominion wreck
commissioner, who investigated tin*
Stranding of the steamer Acadian of
the Canadian Interlake Line, Ltd., of
Toronto. Captain Robert Mclntyre is
severely   censured   for  his  error  and
i lack of judgment, but on account of
his subsequent conduct respecting the
salving and  refloating of his vessel,
his certificate is restored to him.
Commissioner  Lindsay,    who    van
' assl ited   al   the   Inquiry  by   Captain
James   McMauoh  and  Captain  James
������-���':"t. acting as assessors,    In    bis
liuding emphasizes the fact thai  the
of the Acadian was caused
On the subjeel of Earl Grey's Dominion House scheme on the Aldwych
| site, London, the Standard of Empire
Tbe latest news to hand concerning
Earl Grey's patriotic project for an
Empire Palace on the Strand-Aldwych
site is not very encouraging, Und
Chelmsford and Mr Ralph liond went
to Ottawa to lay before the Dominion
government    the  full  details  of  the
i scheme.     So   fur  they   have   nol   been
able to secure a definite reply,    but
| that must not be taken as an unfavor
able sign, even though the ri*|h).-ts
j published Indicate a desire on the
i part of ministers there to hesitate.
| They have abandoned the idea of
j building a ceniral Canadian office at
i Westminster, and are carefully con
j Biderlng the many sides of the whole
I subject before coming to a decision,
Earl Grey is now on a visit to Australia. In a speech before the Com
' mon wealth club (an organization bus
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Dining Room
Furniture at
Greatly Reduced
one large drawer;
mirror, with shelf!
Set of six soli'I oak dining room chairs:
Ish leather seals;  buffet  is handsome design
two cutlery drawers und one large  linen
ami has two-door cupboard and bevel plati
Kxtension Table has  11 inch  round  top.  with  heavy
pedestal base';   nil  in  solid o.ik;   fumed
plete, regular $63.50
Neal  Buffet, In early  English finish, solid oak;  .<
late design, w it'n two small and
two-door cupboard;   bevel  plate
on t<>i>; regular |21.75.
China Cabinet, In solid
design; with adjustabb
regular $19.26.    Bpeolal
Set. of six solid quarter
Ish;   leather pad si nt.*-;
Set of six Dining Chairs
with leather pad seats
s.*t of six Dining Chairs, In
wood   seat;   neat   design.     Thl
Hegular $13.60.   Specal
Specials in the
PouHnch   Glass   Fruit   Dishes;    reg.   10c
each.    Per dozen  	
Glass Top Salt  and  Pepper Shakers;  regu
lur 26c;   per  pair   	
Glass Double
six for	
Kgg cups; regular 10<- each.
���mon Reamers; regular 10a
Thin crystal Tumblers; regular $1 26 ��� do/.
l'oiir for 	
Six hole Putty Tins; regular 20c,
Tin  Pie Plates;  regular 10c.
oak,   turn
���   shelves;
cut ouk Chain
regular $~i
C1fl OR  	
$IGafc��W Loose  Bottom  Cake  Tin';   regular  16c.            1 fl-f**
,  , , ,.,, Each       IUU
Inlsh;   a   late
���d   finish;
in en-ly   English
regular 121
s;   fumed  fin*
igllsh   finish;
igllsh   finish;
icat bargain.
Vegetable Qraters; rogular 20c.
Egg Poachers;
\iily   English   finish;
. is a great bargain
Two couches, upholstered In best quality
Spanish leather;  strongly   constructed;
frames;  rob edge; neat design:
Regular $18.00 value.
Regular $11.
6 valui
Half Round Vegetables Craters, reg, -f><-
Each   ..
Five bob
Daisy Ollstove Kettl
I in   Teapot
Re-tinned Soup Ladles
Wire   Coat   Hungers.
French Eggs Whips.
regular  26c.
Flour -Sifters;   regular 20c.
tinned   Laundry   Dippers.
Wilton Rugs
n nib
Roasting   Pans
Superior to all other carpi
design and coloring.    All tl
A  beautiful floor covering
Size 6-9xf��  feet:   regular $23.50.
Size 9x9  feet;   regular  $32.00.
Size 9x10-6 feel;  regular $l,,9.r*>i'i
Si/.'* 9x12  feet;   regular $46.00.
texture and  finish,
st patterns In slock.
for dining room and  par*
Seamless Steel Drpplng Pans.    Each 20c,
25c, 30c and   	
100 feet Wire Clothes Line and one pair
Wire Toasters.      Each al 10c. 15c
Hig Hen Alarm Clocks;   reg.  $3.00,
Hair Brushes; regular 50c,
Clothes Brushes; regular 35c.
50 c
Size 6-9x9
SI 7.0
feet;  regular $23.50.
Axminster Squares
High class seamless Axminster Uugs, in deep, heavy
pile. In rich coloring, and all the latest patterns.
Having no seams, and an extra heavp pile they make
a very handsome floor covering and wil lwe-ar for
Fine Gloves
I'nlined and Silk Line
mocha, etc.; in black
$1.26 to $8.00 per pall
pair at only   	
Golves, of kid,
tan and gray;
Choice of any
rape,  suede,
worth   from
Going Travelling?
8-3x11.6   feet;   regular  $36.
No w
llxfl feet; regular $32.50.
9x10-6 feet
; regular $35.00.
9x12 feet;
regular $45.00.
bave a  fine assortment of Clu!
cases for either ladles or gentlemen:
Ladies Club  Hags;  Of heavy  calf skin:
lt-1uch,  for   	
Gentlemena Club Dags, of bull sea Hon
grain leather;  lined; IH inch, for	
Other sizes and qualities to choOBl
Suitcases, ranging in price
cording to duality and siz<
Hags and  Suit*
from $2.50 to $14.50,
at McAllisters.
property?     ir  ��"  '��'t  us   hav.*   panic
lars   of   your   propositi""   and   perhaps
we   can make a trade-
Eastman and Co.
Plum"   SI--
1*01   Westminster  Trust   Building.
I.v the poor judgment of the master,
who was not justified in assuming
that he was within three miles of
Thunder Hay, without resorting to the
means Of verifying his position by a
e-ast eif the l'-ad. The commissioner
considered thai it was not good seamanship, under the prevailing weather conditions, to atti mpi to make
the  proposed  sin lur  without    being
accomplish their purpose
w itli maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing   doses   are not
25c.   a   box   at   your
Druggist's, 174
National Drug andriicmlcal
Cv.ol Cauda, Limited.
ed on the lines of the famous Canadian clubs) at Adelaide on Monday he
asked his nearer:** not to condole with
bim. l^en if then* should he an overthrow of his plan, so far as the ere
operation of Canada is concerned
and that would, Indeed, be a severe
blow to its prospects-Lord Grey hinted at the possibility of the money being subscribed privately for the erection of a great House of Empire ln
the Strand. Before returning home
1/ord Grey will probably visit New-
Zealand and take the opportunity of
placing the details of his scheme before Mr. Massey. Tha matter of the
choice of a site" f"" their offices in
London Is, of course, one for each of
the dominions to decide for them-1
selves, but we are convinced that ,
sooner or later the wisdom and stati s* |
anllke farsightedness eif Lord Grey's )
,:-jii will lie recognized.
The Aldwych site is without equal
In London for convenience of situation j
���ind breath of appeal. As a great, cen-I
in rot- the offices of the oversea representatives it would impress the idea
of empire on countless thousands of
people who today do not know where
the New Zealand government offices
are, or where to go in order to make
an Inquiry concerning say. Alberta,
South Africa, or Nova Scotia. Such a
pile as the contemplated Dominion
House would therefore stimulate In
terest in empire affairs, which would
Immeasurably benefit trade nnd migration between the mother country and
the various dominions. The mere tact
that the
built  011
Australian offices are being Iof  the  dogs  wen
the  eastern corner of Aid-1 chances  of  his  1
j wych has already brought the commonwealth    into    great      prominence
' among   the   millions   of   London,   and
I the effect which on'* enterprising dominion can create would   be   propor-
I tionately greater If all the dominions
���aili^;   and     the
;**al   were   good
when indications of lockjaw appeared.
The new trouble was developing yesterday morning when antitoxin was
administered. On hearing of the
child's change Of conditions his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Tasto, NR02U
object they have set out to attain.
Spokane   Lad,   Er.dly   Bitten,   Dies   in
Hospital���Amputation   Fails   to
Save  His Life.
were to join hands and take over the Oolton street, went to him and were
whole site. In these commercial days 1 with him at the time Of his death.
It. Is not common to find men who for | Lockjaw developed from germs in
objects of pure patriotism are willing ; one of the wounds, it Is believed by
to expend their time and money on a j the Fiirgeirts. after the manner It de-
scheme of this kind for the benefit of 1 velops from a gunshot wound, lt wns
others, and we wisb Karl Grey and his j unexpected, because the wounds hud
associates every success in the great | been treated anel the condition of the
flesh w-as becoming normal.
Leg  Multilated;   Wounds Many.
The lad was going to his home two
weeks age>  tomorrow  night  when ot-
tacked by dogs two blocks from his
home.   The details of the attack have
never heen fully told because the con-
Iditlon of the child   forbade,  but the
horrible mtiltllatlon of one of his legs
I nml the wounds made by the fangs of
the animal ln .",0 places about his body
and face testified as lo its character,
1 People ie ard the boy's cries, but nnv-
I er  thought   they oame  from  one  on-
��� aged In -i Struggle for life.   The rollt-e
I the lad look In crawling to his home
.'.-as  readily traced  by  blood and the
I scene of    his resistance    recognised
.in the mme way.   There were marks
Spokane. March 3.    Mike Tasto, age gUggesting that he had  broken away
j in, the victim of vicious dogs, died at 1 from his tormentore only to be dragged
the Sacred  Heart hospital at 7 o'olock   down  again after riming a short  dis-
I lasl night of tetanus, commonly known tance toward his home.   One of hm
as  lockjaw. legs was amputated in tin endeavor to
The  wounds  inflicted  by  the  teeth   save his life.


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