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The New Westminster News Sep 20, 1913

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 Newe Claaelfled Ads.
Have proven their wortb by tbe
resulu   they   produce.     They   All
large   or   email   wanta   at   amall
The Wi	
New Westminster and tlte lower
mainland: Light to moderate winda;
(air, with rtot much change In temperature.
Powell's Request for Time to
Get Money From Chicago
Is Refused.
Court   Say.   Prisoner   Had Better Retain Local Counsel or He Vin
Assign Him He!?.
Wben (ho assize court resumed >ob-1
terday morning Mr. Justice Clement,
presiding, the firm proceeding waB the
appearance of Martin I'owell, alias
Charles Hutcher, committed on thc
charge of robbing the Bank of Montreal.
He elected tor trial by jury.
In the afternoon the grand Jury re
lurned a true bill against I'owell aud
later  he  was  formally  charged   with
Ineaklng   and   entering   the   Hank   of
Montreal and stealing fill.121.
Accused pleaded not gullty.-
The  court   asked   when     the    trial
would  come on;   10 dayB or so.
Crown Ready.
Mr MacNeill replied they were anxious to bring on thlB case at the earliest possible moment. He would be
ready to go on with the ease. In fart,
on Monday morning.
N��.d*d Tims.
Accused I have to Bind back to
I Chicago before I can retain counsel!
1 hsve to muke arrangements through
people there as I have no (innls I
want also to get witnesses from tliere
It is Impossible for me lo go on now.:
In a Hurry.
The Court -I think you Bhould ob- '
tip loesi counsel,
Aroused 1 am quite willing to do
that If I can, but I hsve no money
here to pay any counsel.
The court  Intimated  that he would
Government   Representatives
and Officers of all Organlzatlo
Pinal arrangements for the of(l
opening of Kingsway, the newly paved I
road between Vancouver and New I
West-plaster, wer" discussed at a I
xectlng la the Burnaby municipal hall
yesterday at which representative'- of!
Vancouver,   south    Vancouver, New
Westminster and the It. A. & I. society were present, and it was dually
decided to hold the ceremony In conjunction with the opening of the provincial exhibition on Sept. 8.1.   ,
The opening of thin highway will be
an Important event In the history of
the lowi r mainland of BrltlBh Columbia and the ceremony win be a
(pilestone In the records of the general movement for good roads in this
The road IoItih two o( the mosl Im-
DOrtant centres In the province. New
Westminster nml Vancouver, and also
unlteB two o( the largest municipalities, Burnaby and South Vancouver.
Officials Invited.
Many of the moBt prominent men
in the government ns well a�� the elvlc
Officials "f Ihe cities and municipal',
ties on the lower m&lnl'iiid will take
pirt and the presidents of the boards
of trad", the Progress clubs, nulomo-
MlB clots and o((lclnls of the Cani-
dlsfl Highway association anil the I'-i-
ll'Ehway sseoc'ation will be In
1 t_ participate.
Ths    government    representatives
ays He Received
from Huerta
Diaz   Believes  Coldness  Shown    Him
Whin in Vancouver Was Mere
Board of Trade Asks Co-operation in Securing Better Facilities.
Local  Body  Endorses  Request���Other
Business at Last Night's
I'aris, Sept. Ul. -Felix Diaz, who
has Just returned here from Itiarrltz.
thp Associated I'ress today that he had
seen Iiie dlBpatch from Mexico City ln
the Paris newspapers announcing that
A meeting of the board cf trade
was held last night in the city ball.
.Secretary (.'. H. Stuart Wade stated
that as both  the president and  vie
London Bus Men Who Have
Not Gone Out Agree to
Canadian   Northern   Construction   Co.
Wlll   Run   Semi-Weekly  Trains
Over New Road.
"While we Intend to accommodate
the sub-contractors and resident*
with   a  passenger    service    between
Court Sizes up Importance
of Testimony of Orientals
in Forgery Case.
Danger of Railway  Walkout Not Yet [Port Mann and Hope on Tuesdays and
Fridays,   we  have  no  lnteiiticn,  and
Over���Birmingham Leaders
Urge   Strike.
London, Sept. 19.���The siriKe situation In London was improved ton.gnt.
The bus men who had not already
gone out, agreed to a truce, pendiU-*,
urb.u-atioii   by  tbe   board ol  trade oi
hn i,.,,i h��.n iiiTn-mnnfl-l hack to Mexico 1_���  "'���   ~���  *********** ������"'"-'- ithtlr demands by the employers.
be bad been summonea nana lomexico pre*Ment were   away   it   would   bei    Mrtnrrnen   ������;,   ,*,,<���,,.,,,;.  ,.,  ,hP
by President Huerta, but that he taew ��� ���     .   .      .   . - .    I    Motormen   and   conductors  or   tne
Nagir   t;ngh   Convicted   of   Uttering
Forged  Cheque���Couldn't  Fool
Detectiv? Burro-, s.
nothing of the matter.    Thus far, he
si'd he hail received no order o( recall und would remain ln I'aris until he i
did   so.   holding  himself  In   readtneBU
to start at moment's notice.
Central Diaz Bald when he whs or-1
doted recently to go to Japan hls In-'
Ftructlona  were   to   go   to Tokio  and
���"-etiirn as soon as possible so as to be
in Mexlc. t"fcre the presidential elec- !
|''- ns took place.
| Not Interested.
As'.ied   It   President   lluerta   would
support his candidacy (or cliie( execu-1
rive o(  Mexico, Gerera!  Dlvr. replied
! 'hat  General   Huerta   would   take   ao
necessary to elect a chairman, and by Tming omnibus    company,    uowever,
a unanimous vct.j Mr. Small took thelW|U remain   jdie   meanwhile,    which
i    ?,".,   .        ,     _ .     wl"  keeP  ���>���>'>   huses  ort   the   strtets.
r. II. Cunningham, inspector o( flail- ��� Tw0 0, the motor bus companies whe
erics, was elected as a memUr of the!have  agreed   to   recognize  the  men's
A comm"nlcation (rom the Chilliwack board of trade with regard to
the provision of a bridge in place of
the ferry was referred to the commit
Ue of roads and bridges ana suggested that as it was a local matter
It wsb best to get the co-operation of
the board of trade.
furthermore we hive no right tc
charge fares along the line at present
owing to Its not having been approved for passenger traffic hy the government inspector." This statement ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
waB obtained lait evening from Chas. | In the ar-iize coart yesterday even-
Guy, head of the Canadian Northern : ing Nagir Singh waa convicted of nt-
Constructlon company, with offices in. terlng a forged cheque tor |W. nn-
Vancouver. regarding the report that a! lawful}- attempting to obtain a suit ��f
regular passenger and freight service i clothes by a forged cheque, and on-
was to be commenced tomorrow morn- j lawfully attempting to utter a forged
lng between the two places above men- j cheque. His lordship directed thc jury
tloned. ] to consider the three no-ants aa oni��.
Mr. Guy further intimated that on | lho trial lasted all day and the jury
Tuesday afternoon the (Irst train will t was in re'trement (or hast an hour.
be  started   (rom   Port   Mann,  Friday;     Nagir Singh cashed the ***0 cheque
being   the  second   day   of   the   week ��� through   Philip  Sangster, a clerk  iir
when another run will take place.        [s.hith'8 dry goods store, tm Colnmoi-r
The service to be started next Tues-1 rt- pet    It purported to be drawn by
day will be (or the accommodation of ihupoor
unions wlll continue to operate   the
vehicles even if arbitration fails.
The danae?*o(  a^aUway strike Is l���he con(r��ctc'��� and according to Mr.
not vet ovfr     The MvlrSol strikers  9uy' no reRu!ar !>"<*">*" ���>��*<�� *����
not yet over     ine Liverpool ainiters be commenced until stB,iona arc. ,0.
have accepted  the offer of the man- cated a,        &a ���       accommodation
agers to reinstate men.who are will- ln  the ���,  wa,u e_tab
ing to handle traffic which, under the ltahed and offlcIa,  Ba��ctior,  obtain..u
law, the companies must accept, but from the government.
Inadequate. 'they    made  their  acceptance    eondl
 _        .    The existing (erry  was  unsat'sfuc-1 tionil ���pon ^   acqui.sence   cf   the
'ere-t   in   the   election   beyond   see- 'ory  and entirely  inadequate  for the*men ln Birmingham and other strik-
hat It was properly carried out., increasing traffic. _  jcentreB to the plan.
Ite was confident, however, o( the I    Mr. Hall did not want to find fault
....         . -uccess of his candidature (or which, with   the   resolution,   but   would   like
from Victoria Will be fet at 'he Van-'he declared hla friends in Mexico are'more in(ormatlon tn regard to this
couver hotel at in i 'clock on the morn- i new working hard. He also was optl-1 particular bridge. He considered it
Inf 0( Pept 80, nnd will he escorted I mistlc with regard to the situation In ��� was not right for anv bonrd to appeal
to the Bounds ry road, which crosses! veneral In Mexico and thought lhat! to the government for a proposition
Kingsway ns the dividing line between j everything now pointed to the early * that on the face of lt the government
Burnaby   and   South   Vancouver   and  re-istabllslimcnt of  peace. may   say   It   was   more   or   less un-
here the ceremonies wll] he held. The Reason  Why. jfam'llar with tlie conditions and have
llurnahy and South  Vancouver will J     According to one o( hls secretaries, [made a mlsttake
have charge of this pan of the pro
Want a Strike.
Birmingham labor leaders still are
attempting to (orce a general strike.
They met tbe committee of tbe national union today and the result of the
decisions reached will be announced
i Dublin Quiet.
I    Dublin was quiet tonight.
which   will   commence    at     llj-e
own counsel.
Some Advice
nssign counsel If accused  was unable j <""
tvi obtain one. ('clock.
Accused    I would like to retain my To Open 8how.
Following   this   ceremony   the  offl-
icIbIs who take part nnd u numlier of
The Court���I think you naa oeuer I others who will be the guests of the
make arrangements to retain local IH A. -K- I society, wemhers of wh'ch
counsel. He wlll probably wait until i will Mljdt'Cl them to the exhibition
you make your arrangements for pay-1fWIWda where tliey wlll be Invited to
ment. otherwise I will have to assign
counsel You mill hardly want that
Vou had bettor arrange at once The
case will be mentioned on Monday.
Accused was then removed. ^^^^^^^^
the day It was announced  two ceremonies
leirtlclnnto   In   the  formal opening of
lhe exhibition',
This ceremony over. th" II   A. t-  I.
society will tender a luncheon to the
officials who have taken  part  ln  the
General Dial believes that the cold-1    one member said the commit tec had i""���J?I   of strikers
hewn  him   during  his   trip   to thoroughly    discussed    the    situation      ��    ,.pavv     ���!.,    Bt0rm     however I
Vancouver was due more to suspicion aT,d ,hev were perfectlv aware of the      * J   Zl   mYriLt.   to seek   cover
��������� the motives of his mission to Japan  conditions    In    ~     "--������    ���������'cauw'd   tne    Btrike"   t0 6eck    ccver'
than to nnv .--ntagonism bv the peo nie ��� b���en  gur.0rlng  winter sfter  winter ���
beosii-e  of  the  pan   he   took   in   the thcre were probably three months   In
overthrow of Madero.    The secret.'.rv   m,nv winl>T, )hBt tllcv co���)d not e,,,
-"'d-"'   lhal   General   Di:i7   feels   that ^^^^^^
'he 1'iilted states   government   nnv
���������-"<   b..  enfrlendlv  toward  h's  nmbl-1
Hon   tii  becorre  n^c-ldent o(   Merlcn.
Ha   Mtd   Ger��r-,|    niis   e-����erted   tb��t
'rlendyh'" fnr the l'nited States would
be ore nf the main features of his oo-
llcy should he attain the presidency.
gb, contrat for at Brunei".-
favor of H�� r<]l. Singh tutd
Nagir fiBgll impers-n-ited Hart,.
Singh. In response to inqnlries mal*'
hr stated his name was Hardit 8Iii<;Ii.
His attempt to obtain money was on *\
second forget -hequc bv pnrchasing a
rv.> of clothes frortj tt. J. PVI'i'K
Columbia street was foiled through tli ���
astuteness cf that gentleman and bis
clerk. To the latter he aaaerted he-
was Hardit Singh.
Deep and Dark.
Nagir   Sing's  defence waa  that  It
was a vile conspiracy to get him sent
to the penitentiary In *t**f*-m**a for his
refusing to give certain teatfmoay in a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ litigation in which Kapoor Singh waa
; interested.    He got the iuigud cheque.
Also Discovered that Ice Was Used by (from K��Dnor Singh ia payment ot a.
,.,.__. -n. __     .     .... Idebt o( $180 and the otfcer eomoron.-
Chlneee 500 B.C.-lee Water l,8inp pa;er8 ,��� th. ���,, m p,,-,^
economical. Iln his coat-   So f,w
Later In ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
privately that J !' Hampton Hole had
been   retained  as counsel  (or  Powell
Record Crowd Expected on
Opening Day of Great
Final     Arrangements    at     Important
Meeting o( Executive���New
Attractions Secured.
It Is expected also that a large auto- '
mobile   parade   will   be   arranged   and
lhat   several  hundred  autoi  will  tnke
n*'-> In thc celebration o( the opening j
01   Kingsway.
The general public is also expected '
t '   turn  out In  large numbers ns the j
���'���.,:   of   the   new   highway   Is   an '
..vini    of    Importance to tbe whole
!i ,'   r :" ,::ii?.nfl.
A i the meet int- yostc nliiy It was ile-
rtldert to leave the matter of arranging the ceremony o( opening Kings-
way to ttie two municipalities most directly Interested, Hurnaby and South
Vnncervi -.   nnd   Alderman   l.vnch,  of
New Weatmlnater, was appotnfed general organizer of o'her arrangements.
Mayer Cray, of New Westminster.
\-,.,..,,,. Baxter, of Vancouver, '"e��ve
Mc(! recur, of llurnahy, Pounclllor
r)|e)i<-'ui. nf South Vancouver nml
President C. A. Welsh, of the li. A. ft
1 pnclety were among those present
nt lhe meeting, together with a number of al'lermen from Vancouver and
New Westminster and a number of
councillors from Soulh Vancouver and
nd'catlors    Are    for    a    Change
Finan:ial Matters���Talk on
C. N. ft.
* thus breaking up the parade.
At Manchester, the trade of tha port
is paralysed.   Five thousand dock men
: across the river, having to go W milea I8.r�� ifLSJlSS   "nd   "^ P��n   "
; out of their    way.    In    view of   the  closed to buainesa.	
smount of traffic It was recommended i
��� that the bridge be constructed. j
It was said Westminster should ad
here to the request of Chilliwack an
come to tbelr assistance.
Conflicting  Interests.
It was also considered thst Chllllwack was pretty well served In regard to trnnspoitatiou so far as the
B. C. E. II was concerned, and
whether it was be against the interests of New Westminster. The board
of trade had taken up too many things
in the past. It should like to help the
valley us much as possible, but to dj
Jt In the bei;' way (or fear a mistake
might be made.
A motion tc idopi the reeommenda-
t'on was carried.
Freipht Rates.
A recommendation regarding the re
Chicago, Sept. 19.���While delega e*
to the congress were having their out
ing, members of the natu.al ice association listened to addresses by O. S.
Hayward. Boston, Mass.. J. Li. Hob
j bins, Minneapolis. Minn.; J. B. Black,
'Des Moines, lowa, James W. Iron,
Mason City.  Iowa:     J.    SL    Simpson
^^ Utterly ^^^^^^^
Justlec Clement's -charge to the tary
gave an excellent idea of the relian<c
to be placed on 11 lnd��� testimony���absolutely none.
His lordship said tkat thia was a
cosmopolitan province aad proceeded:
"We have in this ease ****** la -which
the testimonv of any oriental race Is
involved. HndonbtedTy we hare difficulty in coming to any cnnrloaion tu*
Slips Quietly into Show Shop and Has
Merry Ha Ha by His Lone
Washington.    Sept.    19. -President
Wilson sat in the bulcony of a vaude-.jje.
ville theatre ton'glit and enjoyed  the
show much mor-s ��i;a lie d:d a week I
ago, when he occupied a state box for)
-�����������"-    Before |
Waterloo, lowa; John C. Sparks, New /the   testimony of the AstsVa
Tork city, and  Madison  Cooper. Cal-   " '" "*" " ���""""
cium, N.Y.
Hayward stated    that    water   from
melted ice Is pure and lhat as gallon
of water can    be    made    (rem    nine
pounds of ice,   its  use  is  economical
where pure water is desired.    Records
found in China  recently,  the speaker!
said, show that  the use of ice as    a j
refrigerant obtained 500 years before j
the Christian era.   A prayer book waa
found,   he   said,   which   contained     a
petition to prevent rapid melting    of
Here a man Is ehsn**tt with fcrr-re-v
and Jt Is yonr duty lo ttm tha ht*at ron
can.    My own opinion I*, to the first
place, try tip* case in my own mln't.
discard air foreign testimony and sec
what result r arrive at.    As a, matter
of fact you are not safe to den-end on
Hindu   testimony  at  ��IT.     I  bave no
right and have always end*"-*rnrvd not
to influence  the jurv one ****** nr fh*��
other about facts.    If ynn be"eve tts*��
evidence of the crown, the nrlsoner fa
guiltv.   The indictment emntr Inf*-*t1irf**
counts,  but   It   means  one  crime.    It
seems to me rhe defence Is pmctjcallv
this: 'I am th" victim of a dfaWdi -i'
conspiracy.'    There is no doubt about
(Continued on  Face Four.)
adopted      ^	
It  was considered the rates should
be reduced  iu order to prospect    Industries and   to have a   better  share
,..   in fhe market.    It was recommended
i f  tha; the board of trade pass the re-io-
ill  he
Very gratifying report, were re
celved tiom the chairmen 01 the com-
mlttaoS -whu reported at the meeting
ol lbe executive of the It. A. & I.
society last evening and Indications
are thrt when lhe doors of the pro
vluola] exhibition are opened to the
imbllc on September ill) there ��
inaugurated the greatest fair
. beld In British Columbia.
Th8 arrangements for the opening
of the exhibition In conjunction With
tin npmlhg of Kingsway and the hug-
nut mohlle parude assure the sucoaai
of   tne   opining   day   and   the  atlrac
lions,    Including    two     Minto     cup
lacrosse games, are expected to prov
Hiich a drawing curd ns to exceed
records for attendance.
There was a good representative
meeting laBt evening and the flnal re-
porta of committees were received.
There are a few matters to be arranged yet, however, and these will
ho decided on before thc meeting next
Friday evening by which time It Is
expected everything will be complete
but the nr'tngemoiits of the exhibits
in the buildings.
Horse Show.
K. il. Cunningham, chairman of the
horse show committee, wns the flrst ;
to report at Ihe meeting and his report    was   of   a most   encouraging
nature.   The new stable Ib about cam '
ple'e nnd n new hitching and washing ;
shed wlll also be ready by September :
The horse show building Is being
decorated and the floor of the are ia
Is helnit Imcrnved ao that there wlll
be nothing lacking, even to the pro-
v's'on for the comfort of the audience. Itefreshmenta wlll be served In
(he li'illd'ng snd every accommodation
will be provided thoso who attend the
The decorations for sll the build-
Inm wlll be left In the hands of M'
l.lttlo, who had charge of the decora
lions for the Vancouver fa'r, and h"
will work under the superv'slnn cf the
decoration committee, of whlob A!d"r
man .tardlne H chairman.
fl. J. Ititchie reported proT"*" '"���
Ihe arts committee and stated 'ha*
Ills department would show a decided
��� ���~.n nvr.r nrevlons year
Thought    He Had    Divine    Ap-    fl
pclntment to Kill,
Nt w  York,    Sept.  l'.i.    Hutu
Schmidt,      slayer     of      Anna
Auinuller.     asked     for   quick
death Iti    a    H.utemeiit    today.
" llie district    attorney    wants
��� me to go to the electric chair   (
and 1 want   ti go,"   he   sad.
"What's tba use of delaying J'
Seiiniidi afterwards expressed Ideas on the taking if
human lire that filled in with
the theory of Inspector Fan-
rot, In charge of the ninrdi r investigation, that he might
bave been planning a series of
homicides. He declared hlnisi lf
��� u  believer In  euthanasia,  and
he said he believed he  would
������   be  doing  right   In  taking  the
I   lives of the crippled and of peril   sons    undergoing    mental    or
physical   BiilTcrlng,   detectives
��� who talked with hlm this after-
.    noon reported.
ii Queer Belief.
���j       "1 believe I would be carrv-
.    lng   out   Cod's   will," Schm dt
:;-*   said, "If I pul oul o( this world
:;���   sll such people.    I would end
:.   their lives without their Buffering any pain."
:;<       Paurot's suspicions of Hum
0   Schmidt's    possible    homicide
*::*   plans were strengthened by thc
iii   discovery     nmon,,     Schmidt's
'ii'    effects of a hook of plivslrlnns'
Z   death   certificates   and   other
*���',:*���   necessary  blanks In d'sposlng
ft   of   the   dead.     Schmidt   said
���it-   ihss;' were for use In the case
���':���   of   Anna   A imuller.   lie   had
stolon the cert'flcales from    a
renntnble physician upthwn. be
told the detectives, because he
had Intended to kill the girl in
a wny that would make It appear  she  had  died  a  natural
denMi.   But af   rwards he had
drclded tn cut her throat and
dispose of the body as best he
Winnipeg, Sepi. K'.-Sir WVHtam
Mackenzie, accompanied by l.ady
Mack' n_le and M, II. Macleod, general manager of the western lines of
ths C, N. R.. arri-vd lu the city this
morning on Ills return from a tour of
Inspection over the western in.., _.       .    _
the system. Sir William has been lution to the railway companies re
over the portion f the line and had garding various reduct'ons In ccrta'n
an opportunity to vi-.lt several point., articles manufactured, wrought ircn
on tlie system, eastings, etc.
Sir William  say.; lhat  the sieel on ! Publicity Needed.
Sudbury 1 nc will I    A member deplored the fact that so
and:much information was given through
reports in   the   press.   "II   cuts   tbo
��� ound from under out teet," ho sad
duction of freight rates between New'his first  sight   of vaudeville     Before
Weatmlnater     and     VanoouS-jr     was  every  time  a joke   was  cracked,  the
-        ��� 'president noticed the crowd gazing at
Winnipeg,    Sej��t  " 19.���Application
j,. .- .  was made lhis meming for a permit,
him. and it spoiled his evening. This) for    tbo    Mani.,,:,d    ne,v    p_rl*ariien;
time he slipped quietly In with Dr.
Grayson and a secret service man,
and was not reccEn'.-rcd.
He did not wait (or s-imc pictures
depleting Harry Thaw's adventures ln
Canada, leaving as the lights wcre
dimmed and walking back to the
White House, while a crowd waited
around the White  House automobile.
the  Pert Ar bur t0_________________
b-> completed  by Christmas time
thus tin w C. N. R, lin�� to the east
I another all-red route to Eastern Can ,_,  --..-���
���uia   irom iho city of Winnipeg will     Mr. Darling remarked that
be  complete which  was lo have public support ro*
On the subject of the main line con    quires a certain amount   if publicity.
s ruction    lhe    work    Is.  prooeedin.   It   is a question of opinion  as to re
J rapidly and tho line will be, he con j porting
Ifld'iitlv expects, Joined up bt f.,re the
end of 1914.
Sir   William   is   OUttmlst'O   as     TO*
jgunls Iho financial situation generally,
regarding which ho says thero nre In
|i|lciillens of a change for the belter
Motley  wIM become  a
the near future.
Mr. Darling ltegarding Rcr-ap Iro-i
b"'ng chiatur than in Vancouver 1 do
not see how that can be. Reports
biped on specific eases thu oome under my notice and cm put un nr"ii-
little easier In j ments to show that the reduced rates
'Continued on Pige Flvo )
W. R. Trotter Tells Ontario
Folk a Lot of Queer
Pulls Long Face and Cees Blue Ruin
Running Wild All Over Western
Canada Very. Very Coon.
"and the use of militia to quell striker
would be the big subjects for discussion at the congress this year.
"There are special reasons why this
question Is of burning interest this
vear," he s:ild. "The country is now
flooded from ono end to the other with
thorsandp of  people who cannot get
Improvement over previous	
���"ssssfc "Sirtsstbft is ��.* ��� * ��� o����� *. *.# * ���
Ottawa, Sept. 18���"During the 90
days ending with July, 10,000 Americans who had come to Canada went
south again (rom liritish Columbia
alone. Western Canada Is flooded with '
Immigrants and people Irom the east,
where the cities are already full nf unemployed and now that the harvest I?
over, we are going to have, In my
opinion, by far the worst experience
we hsve had so far."
Such was the rather depressing prediction made by W. R, Trotter, of the
Vancouver Trades ond Labor council,
who Is In Ottawa en route to attend
the 29th annual meeting of (he Trades
and Labor congress of Canada ln Mon
treal next week.
work:' railway rtaffs and those of
manufacturers, business houses and
the like have heen rndu'-'fld. The chief
Immigration Inspector for the IT-nlted
Stnteo In Vancouver tnld me 10,000
American cltlfpns lofl c-inada for the
south egnln dtirlne the 90 davs ending
July 31. th-ough three British Columbia ports alone.
Horrible Outlook.
i "I see thst J. Bro"* Walker. Imml-
er'""on collector at Winnipeg. Is erel-
'ted with the strrtemetU thst 50.000
���nc-ile wcre employed In thc harvest
fields this year. Only 15.000 of these
cinie from the eaat, 26.000 from the
oitlea of the prairie provinces and 10.-
"no are new lo the cduntry altogether.
This shows what we may expect ln the
west at the end of the harvest. One
third of theee men (rom the east have
gone west with the Intention of settling tbere so that weatern Canada
will have to take care of 40,000 people
who will be turned tooae after the har-
Ottawa, Sept. 19.���In tho past few
months no less than 88 post offices in
various parts of the Dominion, bu'
mainly in the east, have been closed.
0( that number 77 have beon close!
up on the inauguration of the rural
mall delivery lu the various districts.
Forty offices hsve been closed for
this reason in Ontario alone. Kigh
teen aro closed In Prince EdwarJ
I'lanil. six in Nova Scotia and eight 10
New Brunswick.
Borden Back.
Ottawa,  Sept.  18.���Premier Borden
will return to the capital rn Saturday
.when It ia expected several importani
| matters of business will be taken up
[in connection with fixing the dates oi
bye-election*.   As It is now practically
certain parliament will not meet until
Januarv, the voting is not likely    '.
take place before November.
Lav; Clerk Honored.
Ottawa, Sept. 18���Dr. J. K. Poran
assistant law clerk of tbe house ot
commons and well known Irish Canadians orator, received word this mor-
Ing 'hat he had been created a K.C.
by the Quebec government.
buildings. The plans are filed by
Thomas Kelly & Sons and call f.r the
expenditure of $2.��-..7r><i on the work.
The granting of thi. *permit will
bring the total penults for the year
well over $18,000,000 and with three (
and a half months still to go before
the end o( the year, there Is every
prospect o( last year's grand total of
over $-.0,000,000 being exceeded.
No Work.
Ottawa. Sept. 19.���If the lord's Dav
alliinco officials insist on the workmen employed by Peter Lyall & Bona,
of Montreal, from working next Sun-
dnv on thi extensions and Improvements to Rideau Hall, the men will
net work, that Is all. This ls the
statement by repveaantatlves of tho
contractors at work today.
Beautify Ottawa.
Ottawa.    Bept    18.���Hon.    W.   T.
White wlll likely announce the honor
ary commission, under whose direction   and    aupervtslon     government
plana for the beautiflnatlon and   development ot Ottawa, Hull and dlstrlot
will be carried out. by the beginning
of next week.   The whole queation !#
haa already been considered bv   theio   rupted
cabinet and will likely be definitely (��
Ha rbralned Harry Still Knows   -i
More Than His Lawyers.
Concord, N. H..    Sept.    19.���    fl
Harry   K.  Thaw's official   cus-   ������':
todlan was in consultation toduy with New Hampshire officials   regarding   the   arraugo-
menta  for Thaw's hearing b'.-    :
fore Governor  Samuel 0. Fil-    .
ker   next    Thursday    on    the   =i
question of his extradltkn   tn   i
New York state. i
If Governor Kelker approves,
it is probable that thc hearing
will ia held In the state senate
chamber aa* that persona   allowed to be present    will    b_   i
limited  to  those  directly  concerned in the case, newspapermen and members of the bar.
A report came from  friends
������   of Thaw  tonight that he had
expressed a personal wish that
the   proceedings     before   the
i   governor be handled for hlm
���   exclusively by his New Hnmp-
I   shire   counsel,   but   attorneys
':���   here declined to dlsciiBs It,
. ttlll Butting in.
. Much of Thaw's time is spent
in preparing nttea for his
Letters and telegrams continue to pour into the executive
chambers, awaiting tb�� arrival
of Oovernor Felker next Tuea-
The Early Bird.
Counsel William Dwyer. who
-tt   la acting aa secretary   for   the
tt   governor, saya manv   are   Important.      Meanwbll.      word
cornea    from    the   governor's
home In Rochester that he   Is
having hla troubles there wtth
"cranka"   In   connection   with
the Thaw eaae and that afle-
belng routed out of bed several
nlghta by telephone   calls,   ha
haa made arrangements to prevent hla rest being thua Inter-
Objections to Fo��r Senators
as Members of Court Is
(Sulzer Coneedea He Ka* no Waht *��.
Office of Governor Pcrdlnnlm.-
oeachment Oecisian. %*i**t
Albany. SepL 19. -Coooael for WB-
liatn Sulzer lost tbelr flret sktrmisb ia
a legal battle tbey began loday at thn ���
second Bosslon of the Wgh court ot
Impeachment, to prev-cat (ha accused
executive from coming to trial. Their
objections to permitting fo-ar senatorn
to sit as members of tha ooarl wore
They next attacked tha validity of
the Impeachment with a saoUoa to dismiss the proceedings, tat failure to-
complete their argumeats when adjournment was taken UR Moo-day, precluded a decision la the matter.
Meanwhile  Governor Salaar formally conceded that ho had ao right tor
act  aa chief executive,  pwdtlig  tho
decision of the Impearhacat.  Thla bn-
jdid to  Lieutenant    Ooreroor   Clvnu.
fl<: turning over to tbe tatter a request for
O Ithe extradition of a prisoner, and ex-
������;��� '��� plaining that he had takwn each- ac-
���*,-  tion because of recent *ferarnn�� of tho
:;> I supremo court  that   f ho   "rveootfvw
i\', I functions should be peifiioud by your
-."! self aB acting goverBor."
$ Strove nt VWfe.
:���-, After striving ftrtfly ftooi noon until
.i 7:20 tonight to obtaflr enough antl-
... Sulzer votea to fnaneo tie -gaanago nt'
J.: additional Inipeacftmeat c>'��i��p". Ua-
;; Jorltv Lender Lew mwvwd Oet tk* ta-
.ill eembly recess unfit. aett Thursday.
X The motion was adopts* amkf rhouta
,; of l'iv and members -daafeod for Unlaw
and their Bowes.'
Threw Charges.
It Is understood geoaran
charge* were ooaii
threo chief allegattoao. ft lh i
that the governor i
of hie office durfhg 1
made a pre-eleeOoa peoatMa ta :
Dr. Jnllua Bh>dXl~
et health, and fikOM ��^ t
��� the fund* whMt la
"Immigration,"   said   Mr.   Trotter, | vest.
decided tomorrow afternoon.
tt * tt tt tt tt tt * tt tt tt tt tt O O tt Uk dlkoet
.-i-a^-Hs. ��>*(_fc   TWO
SATURDAY,   8EPTEMBER   20,   1913.
country (or tho purpose of ascertain-
iIiik their nature and value, and lncl-
| dentally a multiplicity of other aspects i
iof n moro technical hut not less Important nature. That undertaking may
occupy mo for a year or moro, but It
A* ttttitspendent mnming paper devoted to tha Inter'nts of New Westminster and must he done and done thoroughly.
Valley.   I'u.tithed aver, mornlnp except Sunday fry the national 1'rinting more thoroughly than eevr before.    It
mm* fts****t**S0 Ctt***ma*i, lAmlttd, *t ��S Mc Kent ie street. New Wettmintter. liritish  ia our object,  that   Is  ln co-operation, I
C.tam.ia. ROBB BVTBBBLAND, Managing Director. [0 arrive at  ii definite conclusion  ro-   Important  Mining   Proocrty at  Hazel-
AU tynmtnaniootlo** thotxld b* addressed to The Neie ))'esimi,i.I' ���  sieus. ,1,ui nni  gar()inp  the  timber  resources of  the'
tt, tamUaattttxl taoniber* af ths *Uxff.   Oxen***, dratta, and money orders should be mode  t.nt'ri'   Dominion   for  purposes  of val-
t**a*t*at to The National Printing and l'ublithing Compann, Limited. 'nation and otherwise, us I havo Slid.
r��.MI'-UME8-Basin*** Office and Manager, 9811,- Hdttorlal Hooms (all depart-  an,-| my assignment lies in Hritish Co-
�������� ���*���'��� lumbia.    1  shall, of course, have  tho
SUUHCRIPTIOS RATBB���By con-tar. tt per year, $1 for three months, 40c per  valuable assistance  of tbo  nrovluc'al
ton Changes Handr. and Development Wiii  Be  Rushed.
Big  Annual   Event  in   Leather  Trade
Is Fair at Nljnl Novgorod.
���u__��     Hy mail, 11 per year, tbe per tnontl'.
AHVbtiTISINO,RATBB on application.
forestry department) which is now di-
Now    Hazleton,   Sept.   19.���Another I    Of   the great   annual  event   in   the
ing excellent work, ond I hope to ro- important   mining   deal   in   the   New   world's leather business   lbe fair    at
pay thom in kind for information tlm'   H-Mleton district lhis season litis been   Nljnl   Novgorod,  Duns  Rovlew  says:
comes to mo through that source.    I  completed, und us a result Keleigh P.      "Tbe Important annual avenl of the
unite realize thnt this nrovlnc��.  v t'i  Trimble  becomes  the owner of    the  your In the calfskin trade, the fair ul I
Its necullnr and  difficult  topojrratihv, <ireat Ohio group of eight claims on   Nljnl   Novgorod.   Russia,  la    drawing
renders  such a  tisk  more havardmis  Koch-cr de Houle mountain, and  Wil-  near its close and though full detailed
than it might bo elsewhere, bnt nt tlio  UM��   Sargent  and   Colin   Munro     re-   Information has not been obtained up I
snme time this province reorosouts ���*-. ceivo $S5,000 in cash and a block of  to tlle present time, it is knoun that i
AS ail executive and a party leader President W'llSOn  _reat a percentage of lhe timber vleld  stock when a oompany is organized.      the bulk of the goods In the calfskin !
nf thr> ITnit-nri ^t-ntps wi-plrk ���. hicirpr stick than Theodore of  the Pn,irp  Dominion  that   it  ho-     The deal Is one ot tha most  im- iine that was brought to the r.iir has
M Uie united States WieiOS a Dlggei StlCK tnan I neotioie oomeg al) {ho moro neceMarv ,0 havP portant yet pulled off In the district, been sold, and that the pries obtained
ROOSeVelt ever dreamed OI  and he does It Without  that i< thoroughly In hand In this way so and there Is considerable excitement  havo beon bettor than was generally
ured.   t'onai rv.i !
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
-hiil-ahi-lr-in inr. hr"9��<: hnnrl ncfwrmanimPllt that character- that wp wl" know what we nri> ������*���*���'*��� in the cump'    U assures another one expected would be secured.   Consi rv.i
nuiaDaioo ana mass Dana accompaniment inai cnaratter ,   ���_.r Fprnoiv wag .-p���.,P(110 lin(ler. of tta blR proml8lng prospers under- Uvo ostima.es are that the total offer
lzed the COlonel S tenure OI Ottice in tne White ilOllse JUSl.|take this nsk  in  the first  Instance, going development Immediately.   An- ings of calfskins iit Nljnl did noi ey
��ver the border.
The folk of
months in which to size up the man who graduated from i not t
. _. _._���_ i    1 i_.._ -.. ..���.- ..) - tl- l 1   die t!
ings ot calfskins at Mj
and ho was out there somp time ago, other pay roll will be established and ceed 8,000,000 skins, and while about I
,-_,,      _-.  ���       . ,, iv    i     a        .....1.   in.n.r, 1.1.1 dv '  ,hinV* '" con"��otion with thP m��*- kept going all winter. one-third of those are reported as st l:
The  folk  OI   the  republic.tO  the  SOUth   ha\e  had  SIX  tpr     lIp,.���   realizing   that   ho   would I Looks It Over. ungoid ,|U. remaining million    or    s
ho able to remain hero and han-!    Mr.  Trimble  has  left  for his  new consist   chiefly   of   extremely   light
_. i ��� i " i -     .     ,i i .   .1,     u      ,1   "ie the work, be was good enough to property In compnny with four or flv ��� weight  stock   such  ns have  been    In
a professorship and governorship to the place at the head rffrT ta m8i aml hera ��� am ln 08on86. m,ner, who are bent on putting i��� a p^? demand alio? this year and nii.
of their nation and there is one thing they cannot get quence." figure for the early contract work, very low quality skins, such as infer
around, viz., that President Wilson todav is complete mas-: go'ove^groun^si^^p *? wor" M^^r;.^*^t
ter of the ruling partv in national politics, directing, if DDAHIRITinNICTC and it is expected that they win have brack-bracks.   Practically  an ,-r r���
Hi.!-!,--. ���v..v ���vB ���f l-mn.r-____ and d_l_._ it all rlflJUIDIIIUKIMe ^^hKi_lJ_-S-.SS ^SmTrtTm"JfSJB1 fi!
not dictating every move of importance and doing it all
Without a sign of bluster, also without creating the antagonism that seemed to go with every move made by the for- j
���mer holder of the office, Theodore. ���
In the past six months the president has tackled tariff
revision, currency reform and the Mexican situation and Washington sou Methodise win e.**
Iiis tackling has been attended with results the equal of:      Divided into squads to Fight
those attained bv the best full back that ever played foot- Liquor
Aside from all this, President Wilson is coming out of
the special session of congress with a great personal vic-|wl*'
tory to his credit so far as the tariff is concerned.   The hibition
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, Tls.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVHH" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer I'lpe from
4-in. to 24-ln. ln diameter. This Is also made lu this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
arrival in town, and the contract will
call fur tho commencement of opera-
Sians, have hen sold, as well as nboni ;
all the heavyweight Pnlloys. which ar ��� j   BUSINESS    DIRECTORY
tions on  Monday morning er sooner. a    medium    quality  description   but! ________
Mr.  Trimble  Is  leaving  for  Portland there  are  plenty  of  lightweight   Pal-
Sunday meriting :ii"l everything must [ojs still available,
be in running ordi r bi fore he loaves. o-iened Last Month.
He will return next mouth tor u few      "The Nljnl fair opened in tho mid
days. die of August, but little trading   or
rresii '.Vork. consequence developed b fere the first I	
The proposed work is a drift on the ���,* th,, month, when all of the buyers  ���*������'���?   V  ,"'*   i isiiku.   TEACHER   OF
No. 1 vein, u new ven discovered ami were in attendance.     Many  of    three i    p||, su^sf-jly p?_pa��d "or ��__imln��
opened up by Sargent and Munro this buyers have onlv opi rated recently, as I    tlon In It   \   \i und it. C. M. For terms
year, and a crosscut   tunnel    and    r. they   believed   that   the   longer  t'liov I    "|lilly ''"''-'' '' '''''��� :l" '"*'''	
drift on the Kltsegukla claim, another bold off lho mon
Miss     P.     JACKS IN
Teacher.    Terms modsrat
Bt, I'li..iv SOS,
Bank of Montreal
''"   BbMjfl*   RESERVE
Sea'tie. Sept. 19
be made to carry Btatewlda pro- npv.-  one   discovered  and  opened   un  wo,,| i  ,���������������������.���:.   i,
mat   an   oriort ,,,.,t1   ,. ,.,,. ,. ,    .     . ,  . , ...    ,. , i .. Bdvantageous    it i
opposite j
through  the  initiative,  and  this Beason.    Cabins tire to bs buill   to this has been proven to be the case
tariff bill has gone through the senate and it Carries air that the campaign will be backed by iuul ""' No*  '  tunnel s!u <��nnected anil  it  Is learned  that   those buyers
the features which Wilson said it would.   He found stiff, the Puge, sound conference ot  the r*���*5B^���"!Bnt��� \Xm���\�� ?^^'^ w'ho^M whip
Pianoforte 243 Kmry Bt . S iw l
ot tne men aviio at tirst stood out against
every turn he has developed characteristics as a concilia-1 ���rh' ,1,; "V' .f,n;! "'!' fbe,waR",fi ,on
���'   ,     ,       , ..iiii ii ii-i     both the sale and manufacture of liq-
tor and a leader which nobody dreamed he possessed, while: nor in the state,
he has also given evidence that he has a keen appreciation: Announcement of the  impending
_�� --. i _> ___���   ���_ i   ,1       ..1       _   ���      i   ��� ��� struggle  and   the   part  of the  church
���Tit the value of publicity and the theatrical in arousine.body win piay was made yesterday ai
the sentiment of the country.   His attack on the tariff i^mP.M'>;v.Su?pIi.",_'>.n.'!_"t (:corBe T
lohby was a masterly stroke that offered counter-irrita
tion wben tariff opposition was at its height.
Certainly President Wilson has accomplished muchiwartareU01uportntaidenhte tr"1'i!"""I!
next  to  the  government   wagon   roarl  of ;,t)(���|,  2,000,000  calfskins, it  Is b
running   up  Juniper  creek.  and_ is  a   ||eVed  that  between   1,000,000  and   1.
00,000 were for  American   account,
I'lANoiiir.Ti:  CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$18,000,000.00
Dranches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and In London Kng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokans
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available witb correspondents In all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department -Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
ami Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000.0011.1)0.
G.  D.  UHYMNE-t.  Manager
nearer   the   railway   at
Conger of the conference.
By  Squads,
that the church will be a
Crossing   than   the   Uoclier  d
This group was the first gronni
stated in that district. Sargent and
Monro found it in the early part of
August. inin.
Boule ai,d ���,osi';,f thMe"pTrcba7ea wwTcf  aAccouAnu?LUtSFr.' wW���'
the better d;scri|Uions.    It i:> n.'i ex ���    Block.
pected that American buyers wli tak   ���������������������������������
much  of tho stock  still remaining  i-.   p- H...i*ni<h. w .1  urovw
Call and inspect our fall
.. ,    , ... ATJD-TPB8 AN!) ACCOUNTANTS. .. , X   .. . ,
NUnl and these Inferior holdings w.II jwork undsrtaktn   In.elty   ani   oulsla.   lines and new fall Styles and
bv conciliation and publicity, but his main strength lies in seed a call for ail
hts Tvossession of a big stick and a marked ability to use
.   ..  ters��to8d.vlds An-'c--i��" Capitalists cn Tnp Through mn
Ymir.  Sept
19.    E   Ward  and  Col
their congregations into squads in order that the campaign  mav  he  made  ,,        . , ........ ,
a more personal ono than ever before.   'tP-v"nlrt��- "' ?,*nJ "I��._?" w.rf '   Nl n   f,f al",," 1:'"'n0" HldM wftre nN
probably  be  ialor  absorbed  by   Ivir
"There were comparatively small of
ferings of cattle bides at t'i" fair, ai
of   the    supplies    Cf    lll"Se    W' r'
previously contracted by Itussian tan
n"rs. and tlie estimated offerings    at
tnts.   211-1*2    Wsstmlnstsr   Trust    Bldf
p. o.  Boa  6117.
it effectivelv.
A COniDhment Will cover a whole lot, even, in somejsont into the field at the earnest pos- ���e* iMPi!rit'-.h Columbia InwhWbSey 	
Cases, a multitude Of Sins.                                                                               |"'5"e momcnt **���* advantage may be ob   ar(_   ���������.-���,,,���     Th���v  w|||  remain   In PROSECUTED FOR SELLING
                                                          -,,,,,               ...          _     .   Nelson a day or two and visit some of LOW GRADE OF SEEDS
  .    Iho chief function of these church thel,. propertlea in the Slocan and will 	
���Sometimes the nessimist WOnders how it WOUld feel to delegations, however, will bo to work return tn Vr,llr on Tuesday    They are victoria,  Sept   19.    AcUng  for  the
b<��'hfir'n niHrriprl with thp nntinn nf hPfnmincr q haphplnr '\l        Si S��8     , r,'B'i,;ri,""n-     Her<" much Interested in tho general eon-  seed branch of the federal departmenl
.        marntU Wlin me OOUOn OI  OeCOming a Dacneior  they will be on hand fer the opening ditlons ol the Yankee Cirl and Yukon  nf agrlcultr          "'
���ai what now is considered the marrying age.
,   .    .    W. ll. Bullock-Webstei
jor tho 1914 registrat.on honks, ondon" here, anil  are  representatives  of  thc  has brought a prosecution against the
|Of  their  duties,   it   was   learned,  Will owner-.                                                          Sylvester Feed com pan)  in ihe police
"~,                                                .                         betn sign their names tn an initiative Values in the Yankee O'.rl continue  court, the charge being tbe sale last
Prettv no a HV ever1'' time VOU road Ot an aviator these Petition.   The workers then will rnn- to hold good, and are better In  fact   spring nr a poor grade of seods
��.FIV<? Vfni fin'rl  thp ni-pfiY  "fWrPrWil" s.iipV  tn  hid nimp   cf'n.tratR  their  attention   on  all   who than was expected.    The company is      As   the   Information   was   laid,   the
���U.iV-i \tni linn int. preilX    naientVll    MUCK   *0  nlp name, register. shipping steadily at the rate of about  company was named, but, as it Is nol
Which, in most Cases, is a longer Way of spelling "fool."           Seattle,  as  the  metropolis  of    the four car* a week.                                   'a registered concern, II was necessary
                   '                                  ;state, will be made ihe battleground, B. II. Washburn, superintendent of lo make a change to which William n
,                                                                  iand  already  the various  temperance the Dundee mine, will soon move up Sylvester, who apepared, consented  It
Wonder how  the hoarding houses managed   to  keen'organizations    of    the city,  who will to   tho   mine.   A dwelling   house   lajnow reads:    Vi  ll. S  B. and J  ll Svl
goine before  nrunes were invented  and neonle hadn't ��� ra"oLt'ague\re''r'per""ning''p^^'s
thought of the hash feature to get away with the Scraps. | that are expected to render their cam-
aign effective.
Mayor  Will   Lead.
Mayor George F. Cotterill, who
nearlng completion and will bo ready vi.-t.er.   carrying  on   business  as   the
for   occupancy   in   a   few   days.     Mr. Silvester Feed companv.''    The nccu
Washburn found this necessary in or- satlon is that en April 'i'i the firm had
rler to be constantly at the property, red caggahe seed nol capable of germl-
 ��� nation lo the extent ,,f two-thirds per-
says HE SIGNED Away centage, whloh Is tho official standard
^omebodv wants to know whv a man swear? so much. ...... 	
while olavine: crolf and doesn't do any cussing while pok- ^s!5?��ed.<.ne, "V"" mos' radir:i' rights while dazed of yitsiitv
���u-n-      -i *l   n     _.     _      -n   ��� i     _i     ja.             _i                 i_     Prohibitionists in the state, and who _.    ,          ...   ,���    ���-,.>   , -      -,         Mf. Byivester was asked whether he
in-er ? billiard ball ahout.   Evidently the gentleman who has talked statewide prohibition for si",kan"- sept. in.  with ins   leg would like an opportunity to  obtain
out tbo nuprv never nlavorl frnlf                                                       some time, is expected to be one of 5rok!n,,n ,hrr" pl'l0f-+?;n(, V,s lenB.e8 r1""1' ,,,:l Jwllned,   He sahl th��L
f>ui int querj  ne\ei piayea gOlX.                                                         the leaders of the local forces ,1""'1   fr"m  rtruE9'  ' r'",r  "''<'k'  for oresumably, the government analysles
                                                                   Lester B   Klrknatrlck   a Beattl,   m $r,r'  v''aF  Persuaded  to Blgn  away  his  must be accept, d    The official rospon
The Suker impeachment case has come back just in ^^U the prlbt r^^^^SSSTS'S.S: SST^ Ta *^A\��*&
W to keen the press correspondents from going out of adopt at the v,u .,*��MVta.k �� ^*��*%&8*^ mB" m'\^X ffiio Tde?endIntsn0hWndWno
business.   With them life's .lUSt ono darned thing after an-: signed him by the Amisalnn,, league. ,���.,.k ,,s Bulng t0 recover Jll.OO In means of  legally   proving otherwise
���ither and sometimes two at a lick.                                   !^525?r���r T*yZi weeks hu? l-ti lara,age, fS"V ,thl' wmpany ,alihough Mr' s>',^'"r' however, on behalf oi
rneasure  tor  Beveral  weeks,  but  sniil ,he local ofllr-laln have presented a re.   the firm, maintained his plea of Inno-
                                                           this morning II has nct yet gone be |en80 showing that Beck accepted $r>n cense
Some of those iurvmen Thursday must   have found !",'''I,,,,,T flT!r';,ir'v<* J;taT'' A1"'"./.' fo>" his Injuries and exonerated   thom;    Alfred   Bastham,    nttaw,,.    acting
.       ,,              ���    ,,        ���                                       ,          ,,          ,              ,,   ���         i Ished  the attornov declared the draf from blame.                                                     western representative and chief seed
each Other mighty DOOr company whon thev brought in a will be submitted to a committee   ���r.   Th- local   ogent   of   n,.. harvester analyst of the seed bwnch. gave evi
rUfJl verdict after failing to aerrec. all because thev heard  ten 5e8,tt,e !nwvei's. who will h" nre- company, testified  thai bo presented dence <o tho effect that Insn'ector Tav-
_.                       ,     i      i     i    j          .         ,-.        e       ,t         ���   i,   '                    pared   to   det-rinine   Its   sali.T.i   fi-a the  r< *h ���: se. hit  s-id  tint  he did  not lor had forwarded the nacknae of send
they Were to be locked up together for the night. |tures and provisions. know I -, ,��� ������   , *.. i   -.  was In-  in nnestlon to the department, that It
Kir'ipatrick  'n;d it    wn"ld    h��    il" Iin    '   * ��� "i  ''  '   *          * -   ' e"  he  wasihfld boon trsterl nnd that. 50 per cent
NKW    WK.-iTMI.N-STKU    LOH'IK,    NO   I
H   A P   O   "f Elks ef ths I'   "f C nws
tho rtr��i and third Thursday sl s tx m.
K. of r Hall, Rlg-hm slreet A WMb
Dray. Kialt*��d Ruler; P 11. .imiih. Use
L. O. i) Hm no. lil.���MEBTB 0^
first. Second. Ihtrd and fourth wodne-s
day In ^nch Biomh at 8 p. m.
In th�� Monao Mmn�� 11. J. l^��my
dictator; V. E. Jnn*s. aecretary
Hcedquartsrs nf li-os** In gse Hoot*
corner of Kmirth and Carnarvon atre^li
I. O. n P\ AMITT l/lIXlB NO 17���Tb'
renular mating of Amity Indu* Nc
27. 1. O l\ F. la held i"v��ry Monda-
night at �� n-r-ltx-V In Odd KalloWS' Hal'
eorn-��r I'amari'on and Klghth atr.-#tt
Vlallln-T nr-^them rordlollv Invite**
71. A. M"i-rlih����-, N fl. . II IV S.oiK-trr,
V, il ; r\ C. i"*OH��haei. P o r-..-nr-
Iob Moretnrv t W MacDonald, flnan-
Hal  iw��-r.mrv
W. K PAl.V.D���Pioneer Puneral riirmn.
iirid I'lf-hati-nT fir.' tl* Atrnet strea,
opnoal.., Carn��irl** Library.
"I noWKl.l, (RT.CCB880R TO t*M*.-
ter A ftanna. Ltd)���Tnneri] d!.��.-tor
and  -^tnhnlrn->r��      Parlors  th'.   Columbii
atr-^i,   N'��w  -nfestmtnster.   Phons ill
sur Board of Trad" me��ta In tho tKar*
rnwn. I'ltv Hall, ns follows: Third Frl
day of en.fi rn-?niii; ifUHrterly ma-i^lnii
mi t'te third Friday of February. Mny
Aumist nnd N'nvemher nt * p.m. Ao
nu'tl rnoptlnicn on the third Friday o
February. C. it. Stuart Wade. s��er��
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
a    rr i j- l   l l l   it Signed   In   Prohibit   "'t   onlv   the   -.nie    nndet    "
A German has discovered how to nroduce coal from but also tho manufacture of iimm- istored i
I'-    N*
: flu  '' drugB admin-
t'io physh lens
������ -n ���'- ��� '" *i ni*.'   he   st-
'     COAL MININO rlrhts of the Domlntoe
In   -tanltobu.  Saskatchewan and  AJberta,
ths yi-knn Tarrttery, tha Northwest Ter-
| rltorlee and In a portion of tlie  I'ruylnas
of llrltlali Oolumbla, may be leased for a
SPECIFICATIONS.    AGREEMENTS   OF ' term  of twenty-one ynare at un   annual
Sato, norrta, nnalneaa irf'ttera, etc.: otr    rrnuil of $1 an acre. Not mor*: ihan WW
culnr work speotsfllsi.    All work nirtctly : acrea wlll be leaned to one n|.[.ii,i,tv
���vinPdentlal     H   tlorry. room 418 west        Application  for a lease muni   lm mads
Of the miplltant In peinen to the Agenl
or Stib-Aaent of thn dlatrlct In whloh UM
rlshta applied for are situated
mlnnter Truat Illk.    Phone 702.
several substances hv submitting them to intense heat throu��hnui the state,  -n,,. ia..* win
t Tit i    �� i i      \r xxr     ._._���. ���    i ,   also ileal with the Mia'-'ior in wlrch I'
iindcr pressure.   If he d come to New Westminster rightu* ,., i,- enforced.   The t"-m��� w'-en|covpr' '
now and do some producing he'd get a land office business.." w<>��w ro into offeci ->"d naeifoidlpor
bo   germlnablo
^-cashier of a Los Angles bank was calted on thp par- aoon
twt the other day to exnlain how he was able to drive a
minor provisions, sccord'P-J to k'-'*
rick, are still  ma'tors for dr-lih-r
I'Oflf -     the
|nt-to    indostrtsl
ti'i.-i'L'h'  '* c oompii
on lhe -''��� rnloasc.
onlv   was   found   to
In  view of the  noeepHltv    to    fullv
nrevo iho charge, a remand was asked
did    not io e-'ve an opportnnliy to call Inspector
luripdlotion  of the|T.,virr from BaSkatohewBn  in order
insurance   a"t    he thai he mav nrovo the purchase of tha
,-  "got  olT  o-sv";fccd from the defendants.
Th" ea-se will cn 	
Ito the .if-v todav,    Beck was crushed Cat-hlr-|  Ovatern  Ana'n.
by ���) h'-i'-r nlatform si Sintn avenue     Il'aine. WaRh.. Sent. 19.���The nyrtor
blPPcr and more eXnenSIVe automobile than tho hreSldent   GU0STER MINING C��mp ;-���'   \r*n  .���mot while unloadUife  ma-!��onson  acnln  opens  thin   month.' and
- _-.       ._-,_��� r>     i.i    '      '     t il *,).*     *. IS AROUSING INTEREST ;C''ner- | tho  Drayton   Harbor Oynter comnnnv
of the institution,   prettv nearb everybndv within hear-!   havn n(r-ln .,,,���_-,������ iJgSSSoSS  The
Inff drODPed dead  V'hen  it  \v;'S discovered  that  his books      r'-*""'   l""r'-".   Ropt    HI.���Tho   min-' Caonery fir Creston. voeV  of dr,,d-..|nR  In now going    nn:
i-i   .  tux       j _t_   i u    _.   n *   u     *x  n      ^,"iv I'ng onr"n nf oio-tor, on tho north fori;     Crouton  <-'���i   11     v canning en tab- Stanley Hill in ppelrtlnc Manager  P
Wfcre all light and that he han inherited a million. rr ti... Kettle river, Is no-v attracting llshmerl  for  the froston  district  lRJ\v,|eoT In hln duties, and before
^-.v^^^-^v^-^^^-s^w^^^v^^-v^^^^^^s^ [eonshiirahlo   attention.     Some   years now -,������������ -'d     -n-.vi-t Tlmmlns nnd as-
tliat  Is belna undertaken  bv  the nrn ln,:n ",Pr'' waB a r"rh to that '""',ir",  "e'-at.-r h* -��� n'e*���*'*' tmenced opo-
vnci.     o   str    denar, nent P       2nd n K0"" raan>' rM��� werp 8Uked'   >"*   ������' ,s" '">��talr. part of tho ;,..-
Mr Wh  f.id   who hs he..,, In the hut the development done nt that time rtltorlum hulldlng.   Mr. Tlmmlns has
__..__    Ill   '_._.._..''...  l"_ln ""   'Ud not show nnv proposition no to ex- had   eonsldi��rfcble  oxperlence   In   tho
tiectalionn.     However,  thp  work  done   buslnoss snd is one of CrP'ton'S pro-
latch-   haa   borne   nurprlslnRly  greBSlvn   frn't   crnwera.     Hls   asaocl-
rl-V'-rs. Snllnltora. etc. 40 Lorne Stree*
Ne-ar Wenlmlneter. O. Fl Corbould, F
a   J. It. Grant   A. n. MeColl.
t'*.'t-lnw. aollrltor. etc. Telephon
1* . Cabin nddreae ".fohnaton
Code, "n'ontnm l'nlon " Offloea. F.IP
Block. .'..IJ Columbia street. New Weei
mlnnler.  R. C.
In surveyed territory the land must bs
   ">d   by
if aectlona. end In  uni<iirv.,y,
ritory   the   tn��ct   applle.1    for    ��h��ll
dssOlib��0   by  nectloua," or  legul   aub-dlvt-
aluna of aectlons. and In unaurveyed ter-
atuked out by tha applicant blmseH,
moh  appll-natto-i)  must  be aecntnl
by a fee nf Id -w tilch wlll he refun.
Kach appllnatl^i must be aecompenlee
�� fee of H, ��hloh will he refunilfid 11
he  rlnhla applied for ar* not nvalUM*.
nlife ��� Rn-rtnten, and Solicitors, Wee'    ,w,.���   ���,
minuter   Trn-ii   Blk.,    Cnlnmhla   streel i rlfrtita only, but the leaaee will  be
���r. R. C.    C-able nddr.e ! mltted   to   purehaM   whatever    aval
New WestmlhStef
service of the government for soi
TA  UAUF   CIIDVFV timP' ltt a reC0Knii!ed authority on the I thor
IU nfAlVL   oUnTLI  ��<jWeot of toreatry, not only In Can   g0od results. istes  Pro sll  mon  of ���ood  Btttnfllng
ada, but  In  the  UniUd  States also.l    The thirty tops of ore from the Un-  Tsklng Into consideration the   enor-
end of the month a valuable nt-~ei<
win le cosily t'ickod in their confining  nets  In  fhe  botlom  of the    Imv.
^fonperr wicox will then commence
tililpiilnfT.    They are ahlpnetl to every
"���--rtlnn   of   tlle   Htal.es:   the     Drayton
Harhor oyptera have established a ren-
f'on  tit a pnner'nr prade, and  ar.
of   Dominion
Commission Co-operates with
B. C. Government.
,..,.,....,. ,,. ,'n honvv demand. Shipments are oftan
and  Ih  the  author  or    the    standard. Ion  group,  which   Louis  Johnson  and. men- p-or,-nt nf fruit and  ve~otahles I ������do rtoely to oonsnmers as well as
work upon  the  lorc-ita of thn  Philip-.hla   partners  had   hauled   down   from  "' i   ihls   dlptrict.     a     factnrv   wholesalers and pacltera
Conservation  pines ln two substantial volumes, Ile jthe minn to I.ynch ore-alt ami shipped "honid  provt> a  ni-t'*; proposition.  A! ��� "	
baa  studied  the  matter of conserva-(from there hv tho Kettle Valley r"ll-  Wlnn'ncc* whoifSslR hot'so hs�� ulrftii'v fJee-.-- Mcre Heln.
Hon from all Ita various burIi-h, and way to tbo Qranby smeiter hero, has I p*nrt ���" eotlattrns for the entire out- |    ,,or* Haney, Popt, 19.- -Owing to the
bis  presence  In   Hritii.li   Columbia  a'   given belter vhIiipb Ihan expected. Mr.', put of thc factory. "iild Increase hi tho volume of busl
this  time,   when   the   quesUon   Ih  at, |. lohn son   will   not   dlvuleo   the   exact!   -
lain! uk such  n  IiIrIi  measure of lm-lvalue of tho oro. hut It In known ihot; w-���id  Help "hi t*n\\,
portance,  is regarded officially an one :he la wall pleased with the returns. On !     "ort   ii-.mmoi'd.   Rept,   ">    -BaoVnd
Sept.    19.    That    f *.restr>   of tlie best omens for th" hocombh rf the strength Of the returiiH from this
in hand hy tho provincial "'" efforts that aro  now oblng put  l"""'  carload  Mr. Johnson  in puttln
recognised   as   be1n�� fnrtl'   *��  P^-iorve  In  perpatultv  th-
pltlren of thn
on mere teams snd Intends ta "Vo a hi" I-i
carload a week  this coming w'-'ier '""ird ���*. '',o or.-noii nt it" oe-vt m-P.Pt
Tharp Is a good wagon road between lag,  Bsi-'ng  that   the  wighp��  ef  "o,.
Qrand   Porks  and   the  ninst.cr camp, prospective  ruvors of tlie  Hammend
the   distance   being  4.r)   miles,     If  tho m'll  r"-nc-tv bo nooeded to and  that
-work now
���NM-HHrnt 1. I..*,*.,....,   .....   ..   .    ,,.;il ,:.,,���,..,,,,!,,,���, ,���,.;,,, c,,,,,,,
.-<in_.Dri.il alntiR proper llnea, and t-xl-  |,,a
tr.uhstrtl to brine about the diisired ro-, Ready to Start
autta, and also that it Ib earning the]    ' 1  hav..  not   started    actual    work
bixheat esteem of the federal forestry
.��uflu_rjtioi. was further    emphasized
���seetirday   by   tlle   leinarks  of Ii
Whit-ford   forestry expert for the
tsmaaxtmOa commission Of Canada,  ..                 ,,   ,������,,,   ,,:,   -,|,*iinm   iiiiuiti.iaai   'i'* '*��� ��� n. -un,. ,:, ,',.-. t,i-, i, >���...-'] i ,���,.:,���   incri ti-.-mn In ilu ""it"- everv d*iv   fi-en
las aarrlved  here   with  a commission   ly tell you that, my mission Consists of Medal*   for  the   Qranby   smeltar  and  I" tho town stld tn Ml�� htislnass men lam  now  being  handled  and  Inv  will
t�� cooperate nn behall of llie Ikunin-  gathering In all tha available Informs- the  business  rrom   there  wlll  be dl-   ''���   tha   m-iter'al  Incresse  In   thai also ho another commodity handled In
-�����a ^tnrcrn.nent  ln  the special  worli  Hon concerning  the  forests of    thlsjrectly tributary to (Irand Forks. ponthly pay  roll of the village.        I'ho near future.
"Whltesl*," Western    Union,   P. c
Drawer    it)1 Telephone    ��9      W. J
Whiteside,  K. C.;   H.  L.  Bdnirrnds, I
J. RTII/WEM. Cl.r-TW. Barr1ater-st-la��
aollettnr. etc; oorner Columbia an
MrKenile atreets. New Westmkiate
B. C.   P. O   Ros II!.    Telephone   71'
J.   r   HAMPTON    BOl.E,    BARRIflTF.F
Rolldtnr rfhd Noftirv. Offlcea Har
hlock. 2H Um�� atreet. New Wratmlr
ster, B. C
but nnt otherwlae. A royalty sliall be
paid on the merehantable output of Ut*
mine r.t the rate of five centa per um.
I'he peraon operatlnn the mine ahall
lurnlah the Asent with awem returns
icrouptlns for tlie (ull quantity of m-ar-
eiuintahle eoal mined and pay the ror-
nlty Iherenn. If tht eoal mlnlne ii��Ma
are net being operated aueh returnsshouM
lie  furnished at least once a year.
The lum will tnohide the cenl mlnlne
.......    .....   .. -   -- ...  ���,
.       available
surface  righta  mar be considered  noe**-
j sary for the working of the mine at Um
rule of 110 sn acre.
|     Kor full Information application should
, tie mnde to tbe RecreUry of tha Do-pert.
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to era
Agent or Huh-Agent of Dominion  "
w W co*. i
Deputy Minister ot" the Infer!
N. B.���Unauthorised publication ot I
advertisement will not be paid for.
>ess handled hv ihn United Farmers.
'.til.  th" directors h->ro decided  to
���-.rov'do tho roerotorv. I,. -3. f'arr. with
jon ��F8t��taht and J, Pope has received I
,. t'o^i n.-o---,,,!   o petition  'ha  pn-Htlen.    Ilo-,.nftor the shods ofj
"Hinted  and  will  he  n'o.    ,'"' ""i-pTiy nl  Iio-mrnnod ao^ lliney'
wll Irernsfh oppn nil week. Th�� Hammond shad beliiu men on Mnndnys
and Fridays, while the extra amount
of wnrk done nl the Haney sheda wlll
Ranisters and Rnllettora. HUH to IH
Westminster Trust Block, o. n Mar
tin, W. O. MrQuartlP and Oeorge 1
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 1H.     Barn Phon* iay
Begble Street.
Telephones:  Offles 93. Residence 429
JOHN IlKin. Proprietor.
Anents     Palmer     Bros.'   Qasnllne
KnRlnoB,  Marine   Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office snd Works: Tenth St.
Baggag* Delivere* Promptly to
aay part ot tha elty
Light and Heavy Hading
��� ,     ���... - ���fr
P.O. Bex 34 Dally Newa Bldg.
of sll kinds.
P.O. Box 474.   New Westminster,'B.C \Pr-*-'"* r|Kh'��� Batisfsctlnn guaranteed.
59 McKenzie Bt
Only another month to get summer
tourist tickets at reduced rutos. Observation, tourist aud dining cars on
all through trains. Kor reservations
and rates apply to
E. OOUI.ET, Agent
New Westminster
II.  W. IinODIB, O. P. A.. Vancouver. SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER  Is,   1(13.
Montreal   Miss   Left   Home, Donned
Trousers and Masqueraded as
a Boy.
Montreal, Sept. IH. -Word has been
received from Toronto that Miss
Benedictine Wiseman, of Kill St. Andre slreet, who disappeared on July 111,
bus been found these. She was located by a policeman and was mas
iliiernillnK In boys' clothes. She In
hut 17 years old.
According U) the news from Toronto, the direst was effected under peculiar circumstances. Constable Mc-
llurney hud scanned the picture of the
voung Birl which the Montreal police
hud sent to Toronto, which hud been
circulated an soon as she disappeared
from home.
Ills Ina' Ilea alotiK QueSn street,
nnd slops at the comer of Queen and
Vongs streets. As he was standing
there last Bight he thought that a
"vounn mini'' who was standing on
the corner wus "wanted" ln police circles, lie watched "blm" for some
time nnd dually It dawned upon him
that "he" closely resembled the missing rlrl. Ile accosted the "young
mnn" and ssked him to step Into the
detoetlve ' "tee whore Inspector Kennedy wished to see blm.
Held on Nominal Charge.
Protesting the "young man" com-
nlled with the officer's wish. When
taken Into the detective's office Constable McBi'rnay explained his case.
Inspector Kennedy questioned thc
'young man" and Anally obtained the
admission that he was the missing
girl. She was held on ix charge nf
vagrancy until the arrival of Montreal
officers, who wll Hake her hack.
Althoiiyh only seventeen years of
n"e, the tin claims that -shortly after
she left her home In Montreal, and
before sh" assumed male attire, she
married J. hn I'arcenecll This man
has been working in a Toronto department rtoro. and It never dnwned
upon her employer that she was the
pifteh-wanted eirl In the evening she
obtained employment sinning In s
nlcklc theatre, and Thursday evening
���'���* won a pilze of 320 at one of these
"I almost forrcot that I was a girl
during the lust few months. I,Ife has
been a perfect dream to me. You know
a t'ov has n much bettor chance of
making s living than a girl. 1 was
11red of having a mother trailing at
my heels." said the girl to Inspector
Kennedy, of the Toronto force, who
was giving her some sound sdvlce.
The girl will be brought home today
or tomorrow
Spokane. Sepi 111 -Miss Edna Ford
cl Walla Walla, s school teacher, wan
run down by a Spokane & Inland
train at Orchard uvenue at I 'i'i p. in.
yesterday almost In front of five of
lier pupils, and died at the Sacred
Heart hospital at 7 p. in. without regaining uucoiisciuusness.
..ui..- l-\ id had been here but a
week. She wub leaching the Adven
list scliool at Orchard avenue and
Was running for the station, followed *
by Ihe pupUS, al the time of the ace-
(lent A Bhort distance frum the uia-
lion Bhd hud Just crossed from one
track to another wben tha train
struck ber. Pour teachers from the
publlo school, waiting for the same
train   at    tue station, screamed out j
The  children   wltb   her  we_�� from ;
tlle city,   tlii-ir   paieiiiH   having     sent
Ihetn  to  the  Adventlat school.    Miss!
Fold wus ubout 21 years old.
The irainini-n placed the Injured
woman In the baggage car and the
ofllee of the company in Spokane was
nc tifiod, which Immediately secured i
an ambiilam��������� nnd Dr. H. E. Wheeler
to meet the train and rush the victim
to the hospital. Ilrs. J II. and T. K.
lloxev and Dr. Silas Yiirnell. with Dr.
Wheeler, attended her. lt was found
that she had a fracture at the base ;
of the skull, badly bruised back and
body and right leg broken.
Chicago, Sept. 19.���A plan, which ha
declares   will  curb  the  divorce  evil, |
improve the digestion,    increase    the
luipplncsB of Chlcagoans nnd add *1��.-
nun to the treasury was suggested to
the county board by    County    Clerk
Hobart   M.  Swcluer.      Sweltier    presented an offer of a local publishing
house to pay 86 cents each for Imi"
lng each applicant for marriage    u-1
,*. use one of Its cook books.
"*t*~y of the prospective brld-vi
have little knowledge of domestic sc_
e"ce" Sweltier wrote to the board.
"This msy be the cause of much domestic infelicity and any means that
will aid tho new wife In thc preparation  of  meals should  be encouraged
^hlVmay be the remedy sought by
vsrlous reform bodies seeking a means
of eliminating or at least curbing the
dlVire.dVJcd" that the partnership
would sdtl S10.000 yearly to the county treasury.	
Clenbsnk. Sept. 19 -Thfi young or
Charts which were set ont Bve and six
'vear. ago sre now beginning| to tfvo
profitable returns or the time *���
money Invested ln them. A good a, ���
erM* crop of npples ts assured for
,M. year, despite a recentL heavy Wind
storm, which. It was fearedI m'-f" "tr'pf
the trees of the fruit, and manv of
ho orchards nre showing good yields
of ernbs. plums and other aeml-hardy
W$onf. t the flvo-venr-old orchard.
Charles Gregory's Is especially prolific wh'le for six and seven year
tree. A A. Moul's and Robert l-aRH*'*
are bearing heavily. The Home-ranch
oppln orchard hs. now reached the
comrher-olally profitable stage.
The lrte ve-retables are also looVlhR
verv well, nothing tuvlng as yet been
touched wltb early forst. and nreoarn-
tlons are under way for both large
nad small exhibits at the fall fruit lair
to be held at Nakusp.
Test your efficiency as a bread maker
.   and learn the etficiency of
Win a valuable prize!
We are offering at the New Westminster Exhibition, commencing September 30th and lasting throughout the week, two prizes (First Prize
$15, Second Prize $10) for the best home-made bread made by any lady (non-professional) from Royal Standard Flour. Here's an opportunity
to put your reputation as a bread baker to good account and by using Royal Standard Flour place yourself in the prize winning class. The contest will be judged by the exhibition authorities. The winners will be awarded the prizes on presentation of the Royal Standard coupon contained in each r.ack and the name of the grocer or dealer from whom our flour was purchased.
Royal Standard is tested for you, madam-It must bake fine loaves
There's no such word as "can't" when you bake with Royal Standard. It is bread making with all the bother left out. With it a poor loaf is
impossible. It isn't much wonder when you think of the trouble we take at the mill. Why, do you know, we have a regular kitchen there and a
little testing mill. We grind into flour each sample of wheat that comes in and then bake loaves with it just like you do in your own kitchen. If ,
the bread is good enough to take a prize in any competition���perfect in grain, color and texture, smooth and velvety���we order a shipment of
wheat like the sample. And we are just as particular in our milling methods as we are in the choice of our grain. You know yourself you can't
bake good bread in a kitchen that is not just spick and span���we can't mill good flour unless we are just as particular. And we are! Go through
our Vancouver mill some day���visitors are welcome���it's as clean as a new pin and ever so interesting. Just try your hand at bread making with
Royal Standard.   Enter this competition���just for fun if you like, but you will be astonished with the result and you may win fifteen dollars.
Order a Sack From Your Grocer Today and Enter This Competition
Grocers: Order Your Supplies From the Local Brat.h.   Phini Nsw Westminster 1435.
JAMES W. HALDON, Local Manager
Telephone New Westminster 1435.
3 I
Following arc winners ot tlrst and
special prizes al llie Central l'ark Agricultural society's annual fair, which
opened Wednesday:
The ticketing ot Uie prises was not
ytt completed, but below ure glvnn
some ol the special arid first awards.
To the Central Hark Women's Insll-
lutlou, special prize.
Vepetablta and Fruits.
Kale, B. Emery, ; rsi.
Sweet corn. W. Hamilton, f.rst.
Celery, J. 8. Slncla'r, f rst.
Pumpkins, M. Wright, first.
Squash, J.  A.  Sinclair, first.
Marrows, J. S. Sinclair, first.
I>( tiitoeu, J. N. Sinclair, f.rst and
Ilhubarb. .1. S. Sinclair, flrat.
l-ettuco. J. aBtterham, first.
Cabbages, B. Emery, first and special.   J. Halim. first.
Carrots, J. S. Sinclair, first. B.
Emery first.
Parsnips. .1. 8. Sinclair, first.
Cucumbers, J. 8. Sinclair, first. B.
Errery. tlrst.
Turnips,   Children'*     Aid   society,
H-iVsltni .1. S, S'fieln'r. first.
Oreen peas, J. Datterham, f'rst.
nreen peas. J. Bntterham. first.
Punner beans. J. Batterham, f'rst.
F. Perkins, first.
Oarden horbs, B. Bracewell, first.
l,eeks, N. Hahm. first
Pickled onions, .1. Hahm. first.
Beets, W. Hamilton,first; B.Emery,
Onions, R. Bruce, firBt.
i    Apples, D. M. lluyd, first; J. 11. Uai
lerliam,   first;   W.   Hamilton, first;   J.
Walker,   firBt;   .D   Jones,     firBt;     II.
bracewell, f rst;  A.  Moggee, first;  .1.
il. Reefer, first.
Tomatoes,  B. Emery, first.
Blackberries. A. A. Stewart, first.
Damsons, W. Hamilton, first.
Plums, I). Jones, f.rst: W. Hamilton,
tlrst; J. Batterham, first.
Urapea, 1). Jones, first
Pears, W. Hamilton, f rat.
Pears. W. Hamilton, firBt.
Hyslop crabs, J. Batterham, first.
Collection of fruit, J. Dahn, special.
Flower* and Bouquets, Eetc.
Dahlias, Hilling, first.
Pansies, E. c. cocking, f'rst.
Bouquet. II. Jonea, firsts and special.
Hoses,  H, Jones, first.
Cilndlolas, 11. Jones, flrat.
Lilies. H, Jones, first.
Cut flowers, J. Batterham, first and
Asters   Pilling, first.
Flowering plants and tor foliage, J.
lla'terbam. first and special.
Fii��chlss. J. afllter'-tam. fl'st.
Geraniums, J. Batterham, first; Mrs.
Nelson, first.
Table bouquet, hand bou"Ue' hand
boumiet. roses, dahlias, cut flowers,
R. Crawford, flrBts.
Asters, n. Jones, first.
Pansies, R. J. Taylor, first and apeclal.
Bwoet peas. R. J. Griffith*, first.
Children's Aid   society,   first   and
' special.
Products of Heme Industries,
Honey, m.  Keedhatn, f.rst,
Bottled   fruits  and   am��,   N.   Datum,
I first, ���   ���
Home-made    cake,   Mrs.   Wagner
,v   Eggs,    J.    Smilh,    first;   11. Kaiery.
Dressed ducks, J. Smith, first.
Dressed  luw.s, .1. Smith,  first
', special.
Home-made bread and    bunt,
Kullham, first.
I Ladles' Fancy oV.'rk.
I Mrs. Holmes, first; Mrs. Clover,
!first; Mrs. Wagner, first; Mrs. Sp-?!--
jwell. firBt; Mrs. Eosson, first; Mrs.
{Hall, first; Miss Fitzmaurice. first;
{Misa Simpson, first; J. Uyton, f rst;
Mrs. Taylor, first; Mra. S'mmons.
!first; Mrs. Edwards, first; Mrs. Taylor, first; Mrs. Comte, first; Mrs.
Wagner, first.
!    Oil painting an* waler colors, Mrs.
Simmons,  first.
Free-hand    drawing.   Mrs.   Taylor,
Children's Exhibits.
I Fanev werk. Mr*. Wagner, t'rtti
Jean Simpson, first; Margaret D-vine.
(first; Ruby Taylor, specal; Helen An-
ipleby. first: Norah Browne, first; An-
inie Pain, first.
Dressed doll, Edith Bray, first.
For New Bridge.
New Hazle'lon, Sept. J-*.���The o-h'ei
iwere atrung across the Hagwllget
canvon this week, and now the con-
tractors are working on the bridge
proper. Stringing the cables waa a
big job and esneclally bere where the
proper kind of labor la so bard to
get. Good progress ia alao being made
on the approaches to the bridge. Engineer Spencer says that with -ordinary luck the structure will be ready
for uie the end of thl* inonth.
Seattle, Sept 19.- When police, Immigration officials and government
men had failed, after two weeks' continuous search, to find trave of Baby
Schleup. the pretty, 2-year-old boy
I who waa believed to have been kld-
inaped by his father and his mother's
I uncle, Mfs. John Schleup yesterday
{trailed the youngster to the place
I where he was hidden and recovered
him through the assistance of a small
ad published in a local   paper.
The chubby youngster, (lightly the
worse for the remarkable experiences
he had passed through, was located in
a residence ln Tacoma. Mrs. Schleup
and her employer, the proprietor of a
restaurant on Third avenue, being taken to him by the husband and father,
who had been found In thia city.
From the moment, two weeks ago,
when Mrs. Schleup returned home
from her work to And her baby and
her uncle, Adolph NIeth. missing from
the apartment she exhausted every effort to trace the baby. Heartbroken
at hla disappearance, ahe enlisted the
sympathies of her employer and ransacked the entire northwest., going as
far aa La Conner on blind clues.
After Ten Daya.
After ten daye had elapsed without
result, Mr*. Schleup gained her tint
Inkling ot the baby's proximity to Seattle when *he Inserted aa ad la a city
paper offering a reward of $S0 for Information concerning tho destination
of Sohleup's IrOak. which' had been
carted  from his former residence in
thir olty.
The paper had been on the street but
a few hours when the telephone at the
restaurant rang and a man's voice Inquired where he should go to claim
the reward. The,proprietor, who answered, though that he recognlied the
voice, and Immediately after the connection had been severed traced the
call through central te a saloon.
"Juat as soon as I learned that." he
said, "I closed my place, and ordered
every man In lt to come with me. We |
rushed down to the saloon and found |
Mr. Schleup.   I started talking to him
and  when a policeman approached I j
asked the officer to arrest him. Instead I
the  officer arrested  both  of us and I
called    the patrol.   When we got to;
the station we were both dismissed
and I clung to Schleup.
Bay Found.
"After considerable discussant we;
persuaded him to go with us to the,
baby. Mrs. Schleup joined us and we
got the boat at Colman dock. We
found the baby with NIeth in a private
residence in Tacoma.
Mr. and Mrs. Schleup w���e married
three years ago In New York city, both
being natives of Murten Canton. Frle-
borg. Switzerland. After coming to
this city Schleup was employed aa a
conk and hls wife ns a waitress.
Flvo weeks ago she filed a petition
for divorce. After separating from
her husband she made her home in the
Abbotsford. whllo Schleun resided at
70S University atreet. The baby waa
left In care ot the day nursery while
Mra Schleup worked.
Two weeks ago har unel* visited
her. and on the second afternoon,
when abe returned home, both uncle
and baby, aa well as th* youngster's
loses m nm
Banker   Extradited   From  V:
Must Strv* Term in
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 19.��� B. F. ("Barney") O'Neil, former president af the
defunct State Bank of ConuBeree of
Wallace, must serve an indetersafa
term ot two to ten years In th* I
state penitentiary, the supreme
having tonight affirmed tbe .
to that effect rendered In the i
court tor Kootenai county..
The opinion Is written I.
Isaac N. Sullivan and ia concurred
by Chief Justice James F. AiUfciea
Justice George II. Sulll.un.
Making False Reriorte-
O'Nell was convicted on Um
of making false reports to the state
bank examiner of the financial txmst-
tion of the Wallace bank.
The fight to extradite
Vancouver, B. ft, to Idaho,
Interesting chapter lai tha
trotersy that waged abont Maa. lta>
appealed from the convictloe. ha* a��
tk* opinion loee* his caa*.
At. present O'Neil. fonarrtr
Mat aa a bualness maa aad
te Idaho, la In jail at       	
baring beea tmaali to fcraM*
Fresh Water and Salt
!    The pontoons built for the King Ed-
I ward   by  the  Mercer  shipyards  huve
been launched anil arc
made no headway. Both Packers and
St. Lawrence have a narrow market
anil advance and decline rather easily.
Brazilian was ahout u point easier.
this In ing to reflect the unsettlcment
caused in London by the labor trouble.
Barcelona on the other hand was rirm
though quiet. Spanish Kiver moved
up fractionally, hut Macdonald Btock
iiKaln   declined.     Twin   City   was   In
ii. s. poiicv
1 and Personal
ready for  go,,,] demand and moved up to 107 1-2
Tlie l.eona which was in Ihis porl
yesterday with cement cleared down
river  late in the  day.
CMef Inspector of    Fisheries    Makes
Tno Around Vancouver Island���
Fisoa Boh.-tves Well.
Chief Inspector Cunningham r.tiirn
id on   i imi-.iday  from  an  Inspection
tour nf the district known us L);stnct
.No. 3,  which  includes the  whole    of,
Vancouver island. 	
Accompanied    by    Inspector  K.  D. !
Taylor, the chief inspector first visit- Trade Conditions Across Canada  Im-
World's Markets
��� d tiie cold storage plant at [.chuckle-
sii, loenud in Markley sound, and belonging to the Wallace fisheries. They
alao inspected the cannery  belonging .
to the Claoquot Sound Canning com !
pauy,    proceeding    to    Mootka    and i
Qiiotsino  Hounds on   the   wesl   coast,
rounding Cape Scott and returning b>
���way of (ioli-tus channel.    Starting at
Hardy bay and Quathiasca cove, they
inspected the cannery operated at thli
point by the Quathiasca Canning c; m-
So  far as the  trip  was concerned
th-e n��w  government    cruiser    l-'isp
proving���Coast Commerce
New Vork, Sept. 19.���Despatches t-
Dun'a Reviews irom I ranch offices c.f
K. O. Dunn & Co. in the leading trade
centres of the Dominion of Canad i, re
fleel a steady improvement  in sent.
Montreal, Sept. 10.    Six points rise
in Lake of the  .foods common during
Lhe afiernoon provided the feature of
jan  otherwise  dull  and   uninteresting
tivtrket.    A  meeting  of  the  compauy
i win ho held on Oct. 1 and the understanding   is   that   the   company   will
nrefelil a very satisfactory statement
The common  stock rose from 1S5 bid
on  T"i"ursdnv  lo    140    bid    yesterday
I morning without any transactions and
' In the afternoon rose to 142 with the
(close strong at that price bid.
I London. Sept. 19.���-Money was in
shorter Bupplv today with discount
rates firm. The stock market maintained a good undertone. This was
principally due to coverine over tomorrow's holiday. Rubber shares were
the, best In the speculative sections.
Consols recovered the earlv loss, hut
home rails were uneasy over Ihe labor
outlook . at    the    week-end.    Diamond
ment   with   merchants  generally   W-|item1ftd Marcon! issues closed flat.
paring for an active fall trade. American securities after moving ir-
Montreal reports fall business open !       larlv, ���en- off unaer tll(l ���,���,, of
lng up nicely, although there is   no Canad)aT) Pac|fj0 on Berlin and New
proved herBclf to be a good sea b-at  particular activity.    Business   In   dry : Vnrk 9p|iing
and    acted    well    throughout.     Fine  Roods is normal and groceries aro in
The close was quiet.
London Spectator Says States Has a
National  Foreign   Plan  Mapped
London, Sept. 30,    "There now   is a
national foreign policy in the l'nited
Stati s which may be called lmperial-
tstlc, or not, as one choose," says tlie
I Spectator today In  summarising the
work of President Wilson's administration, Crediting  I'resldAt Roosevelt
with extending the Monroe doctrine
so as to establish protectorates over
Santo  Domingo    and    Honduras, the
i Spectator adds:
"The treaty with  Nicaragua,  which
j.Mr.     Bryan    hopes  to  have  ratified.
I menus that the Democrats havc minle
bodily the foreign policy of the Republicans, lt seems unlikely that such
a thing ever could happen, but the
character    of    the    Nicaragua  treaty
���leaves  U3 in  no doubt.    It  is evident
that Mr. Ttryan has taken over Presl
din1 Roosevelt's policy- -an'event comparable  with  the adoption    of    Lord
, 1 ansdmv.ie's  policy  by    Sir    Edward
'Gray, the British  foreign secretary,
"The immediate motive for this
national forelcn policy Is of course, to
be  found In the Panama canal.    It  Is
| convenient for tho l'nited States,
vhlch bas tn protect 'he cana], that
the Caribbean sea should he as far aa
possiblo an American sea.
John  Oliver, ex-reeve  of  the   Delta,
was a visiter in the city yesterday.
At   the   Russell  -J.   Lee  Mackenzie,
Vancouver;    J.    C. Day,    Vancouver;
!john    A.    Turner.    Calgary;     llryce
j Wright, Calgary;   \V.  Van de Vauter.
New  York;    tleorgc    BJ. Kills, Winnipeg;  M. li. Stelne.
At the Windsor -R,   T.   MaoBwen,
Hope; C. A. Thomson. Victoria;
Charlea J. Muff ord; Mrs. C, it Webb
and sou. Seattle; Charles I loud, Chilli
wack;   T.   Ross.    Vancouver;     A.    S
Griffith,    Hazlemere;     w.    Naylor,
Clover Valley; Walter Richardson
Clarence Fair, 11. S. Gerrard, Vancouver.
Choice Fresh
Fruits for Week-
End Shoppers
Tabic  Peaches   4 lbs.  25c
Tokay Grapes   'i lbs. _"n-
Jonathan Apples 	
Gravenstein Apples . .
Local Tomatoes	
New   Figs  in  .r.c and
.;i lbs. -Tie
.n lbs. 25c
.-. lbs. 2BC
Out of thc High Rent District.
25c. Bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FREE.
Buy one dozen shoe laces at 10c. the polish will
be given to you.
Ladies' Dress Boots, every size $1.93
Gents' Dress Hoots, every size  1.95
Leckie Boots, Slater (P. W.) Boots, K Boots; $30,000
stock to select from. The finest variety of low and
high cut boots and rubber footwear in the city.
weather wis experienced  nnd  every-1 seasonable  demand.     Footwear    knd
thing was found satisfactory; and the i leather are quiet,  bul  arc  very  firm I
.district,   in   bo   far   as   the   flshor'es  and  anticipations  are  that   they   will j
���KV.rn concern rd,  in  good   shape  g2n-  shortly show activity,
ctra.ly. ;    There has been no marked improve
Cm tractor*   to    Double    Number    of
Crtw���P.I- Driving Work Through
in Two Weeks.
ment at Quebec and while the sltua
tic n is rather quiet prospeci-i are rn
Whol: sale trade at Tcrcnto is fa'r';.*
active, the cooler weather
the sporting up demand fc
[clothing and kindred merchandise.
Groceries are quite active, while
leather and hides are llrm. Seht'tnent
has Unproved because of the splendid '
harvest and the grain trade is '
Conditions at Hamilton are normal,
the crops in the adjacent territory be  j
r    three,ing    generally     satisfactory.      which]
work   at  caused a good demand for seasonable '
Winniner   Sep'. 10.    Heavy receipts
land lover Liverpool cables, a slackening of lh" American demand, caused a
depression   in   wheat,     prices     again.
I American  wheat wns easy during the
'preater   part   of   the   session,   closing
steady   and   with   little     change     in
tlmulatlng :    Winnipeg opened unchanged to 1-s
dry goods, | lower  and   closed   1-4   to   ?,-S   lower.
Minneapolis opened unchanged to 1--1
lower and closed unchanged to 1-4 advance.
Church Notices
(Continued rrom T.iee One i
With in  two and  a tialf
weeks  all   the   pile   driving
the l-'raH.r river jetty will have been merchandise.
Rntehed, according    to    a    statement West.
made by N. K. Broley, or tlie firm    ofl    In the far west and northwest con- '*	
Jiroley & Martin, the -contractors    in slderable confidence now prevails ow-  the evidence that, some or.o has been
���charge. ing   to  the   usnallv   satisfactory   cron   forging Kapoor Singh's signature. Thc
Preparation* are    now    completed, results and every indication points to   case pu(, forward  by accused  is  that
Mr. Broley said last night, to put    a an active fall and winter trade.          |Kapoor siugh and 0,hers put up tllis
a   an active  fall  and  winter trade.
double crew on the work, which will .                        Winnipeg. ,
���work   every   minute   the   tide   allows.!    Winnipeg   reports   that   everything 0M* *"*  Mm ***"���  that KaDoor Sln*h
The work or filling in the brush   and  promises a larger wholesale and  re- forged his own cheques with the oh-
sUine in progressing rapiillv.                  tail  movement of merchandise    than i*t of putting him In the penitentiary.
Resides  a   pile  driver    and    other '. last year and merchants and manufiie- i    Here, however, they had white tes-
���craft, there are eight scows used  in 'turers are busy preparing for a brisk tltnony  to guide  them.     His  lordship
bringing the brush treni tht  con tra o-1 demand for all kinds of commodities.
tors camp at Howe sound.   Altogether!                     Prairie Cities.
.some 6600 cords or this are needed.
The rock is being supplied by Gilley.
Mr. Martin, who lias boon ;'i charge
cf the work. Ir at presrrt siclt. and
Mr. Tirolcy has for the past week b-e-i
constantly at lbe scene of operations.
Jobbers at Moose Jaw report r.n
active demand for merchandise and
retailers note a general increase in
Retail trade at Saskatoon show mar-
ket Improvement and the wholesale
movement of merchandise is becoming
quite active. ���
I Trade condiMon*; at Edmonton are
satisfactory. Wholesalers are busy
��*('. s-rtlng up orders and collections
are better.
Calgary reports ihat c'ty retail
trade is improving and that wholesalers are receiving larger orders
from outside points.
S.   S.  Governor -Leaves  Seattle  With
Fruit for Australia, a Duke and
Some  Newly-weds.
Seattle, Sept. 19. -More than 80,000
About the usual  volue of business  tence reserved.
then dealt with the testimony of
ports In handwriting, lt was not testimony of fact but of opinion and was
only useful in ruggcst'ng to them the
lines of examination lhat they might
not otherwise think of. but it did no'
re'ieve them of the responsibility of
acting on their own good faith. Evidence of ihe  expert could  only sug-1
:d*i  to Jhjprn  points  which should  be j
hrcteiM-*- tlieir attention.
Diabolical   Plot.
He did not think it ��"t< the duty of
a jury to decide on the differences between   Hindus.     Ac"P��d   said   because j
he would not give evi'i-rnee in certain
litigation  the result  was thlr diaboli-i
cal plot.    If that impressed them, acquit.
Accused   was  convicted    and
CHURCH,    oorner    Carnarvon    and
Blackwood streets.    Services 11  a.m
and  7:80  p.m.:   Sabbath school    and
llllile class 2:30 p.m. Rev, Dr. Pidgeon
will preach tomorrow at both morning I
and evening services,   As many of tli"
congregation as possible are earnestly i
requested to be present, and a special
Invitation is extended to :1ms ��� living
down  town  in    hotels    and    rooming
houses.    As Or. Pldgeon Is noted f ir '
his practical and    eloquent    sermons I
you will be   amply    repaid    for    you:- i
walk to St. Andrews.
CHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 !
;P.m.    Adult  llible class and  Sunday I
.school  2:30  p.m.    Guild  meets   Monday at  _  p.m.    Prayer meeting Wed-
nesday    at 8 p.m.    The    pastor    Will
preach at both services.   Evening sub
jeet, 'The Second  Co+ilng."    M. Gor-'
don Melvin, B.A., minister.
A. S. Lewis, 11.D.. pastor. Public wor-
ship 11 a.m. and 7:,ln p.m.. with sermons by 'he pastor. Morning subject
"Seme Present Dav Tendencies of
Church Lire." Evening subject, "The
Christian's Duty nnd Christ's Plan." '
Primary Sunday school 11 a.m.;
Baraca class for young men. church
auditorium. 2:20 p.m.: P d��lia clasi
for vnung women pame hour Yr-un-.
People's meeting, Monday evening, 8
Oranges,  Bananas, Drape Fruit, Peppers, etc.
Choice Table Butter il lbs. $1.01
Eastern Kresh Eggs, per dozen     . ...Sc
Picnic I lams. p< r II) 170
Special values in Tchs and Coffees, at
iluc, 4llc and 50c per lb. They are lhe
finest obtainable.
We solicit a   trial   and   guarantee
Dean's Grocery
Plione 336.
i Burr Block. Columbia  Street
is reported by  Vancouver and    New
Westminster with u normal   demand
for groceries,  dry  goods    and    hardware.
Cross earnings or all Canadian ral'
mads reporting to date for the firs'.
Ills lordships rcn-vrks upon
expert handwriting evidence wat occasioned by the testimony of R, J.
Mr.   Snrott   gave   it   as   his   opinion
that  there  were two different  han
boxes of'apples from the yat-lma 'and! week in September show s hss of 3 1   writings on the forged cheque. In th
Wenatchee  valleys   destined   for con-  "er cent, as compared  with the earn
Humption in AiiHtralia, Jo/I Seattle to-  i"-?3 of tbe K!lnie roa(l8 "f tlle corr,?8
���day on the Paciric Coast, liner (lover-  ponding period a  year ago
nor for San Krancisco. where the fruit      Commercial   failures   -   i ������    n- in n
will  be  transferred  to  the  steamship  ir>" tll(
Sonoma.    This shipment  marks    the  l*st Wl
���beginning of the movement of eastern   >'ear-
Washington's apple crop  ol   1913   to
.the  marts ol' Europe and  Australia.
Although Australia Is the greatisi
apple producing country in the world.
ami exports millions of crates or the
t'niit annually to New Yoik. London.
Hamburg. Naples and otber world
peM-ls, the shipment of 80,000 boxes
xoing on the QovM-nor is the forerun
nor tif it gr. at many more shipments,
.is large eir larger, thai will leave S-
aitlo during the next f' w jntiiiths for
the- same destination.
tn Australia Ibey eat us many apples as they ship, and wnen (he Inr:
baeotn-et scarce during ti*.- hoi * lm-
mw months, the Washington prodncl
is in great demand. AiretraTta"a sum
mer is now just beginning, while W *������
thst is almost at band here and 'he
Yakima and Wenatchee valleys are
harvesting their applet
week numbered L'n against 27
k and -1  the same week Ia.-;t
���Market Generally Was Sluggish���High
Grade Industrials Strong fer
S  Time.
Ni w York, 8e]
confusd movements of the
day  lt   wns Impossible to
thread of a predominating n
speculation.   Tentative efforts to sway
the market In either direction accom-
Movement of all kinds of rrelghl  lo   plished   little.     Industrial   stocks   re   ,
fairly   heavy   for  California  pprti   atUponded to the monetary Impulse lent
present and the Governor, In i ddltlon  by concentrated buying or selling, hut 1
���In th" apples, carried shipment:    tf the  markel   In   general  was sluggish!
vanned    salmon,    canned   mPk,  V   r,
���gnun   and   misceHa-neius   feed   Btul-S
making   'n   all   a   cargo   of   approxl
mutely  '-OOO tons
Passenger acooinmodatlcns on  'h��
liner were sold ont many davs ahe ��d
for this vovsge. Ainor-tr her p'lS"���"',-
ftt'tty. nre lne Ouke and T)tinhess De
KlOhlieu. who imde the Alaska excur
-rtlon v*i the steamship Bnoknne and
-since have been tonrtng British Columbia and Washinr.io'i Two hrid 1
crn&Iea made ram intlons for the
.For Week   Errtlms  Bundav,   i-'pt.  21.
frentmlnster.       sand Head'
_Tln.s\ High. Low
'High. lo-.     Tiree, HL T'-*V '"
60fi    IM I    RtOS 1nr> 11:12    *'���'
'���*r.*   ,���*���*<,  i   11-11  11 S   ")*'���     '��� '
tt-ri   n.*\% ���   n-fio -inn \\*M   ������/���
jos-^ 14:nn i 1��:(16 11.7
���Jir, jM I -B:J�� 11.1 ��:24
l��-25 14:^1 I 1R:?3 ll.fi T2:17
���g-20 t-.l* I t:** 11- n:M
19-40 14S5 I tt'.a�� n.�� 12:81
9-10 4:11 I 8:10 ILS 1 ���"���������
19 -RR 14r-r. '. l��:r>1 11 -6 13""
innft    4 Rn |    9:02 11.0    2:"^
ft-H ir,--. ; 1��:14 J 1.8 14:04
-��1   11-M    R-nO ! 10:01  10.8    2:44
ii\.~i* 1SO0 | 13:36 -JU M:-J7   9.S today   -ut tbe most    active    stock
end  failed  to respond
Btrength of the coalers, the Hill
stocks and a number of the high grade
industrials gave the list an appearance
rf strength for a time, hut the advance
In these scares wns offset by heaviness in l'nlon Pacific, Steel, Amalgamated and Hock Island stocks nnd
bonds. Tlle tone grew heaw In the
late trsdlng, resulting In the levelling
I down if the Ftrong features and material  losses  In  otber quarters.
1   Chicago, Sept. IB,    Notwithstanding
reports thnl  at  the  present    c-i'i-u'n
cannot i'f*ni to enfnrcn Its anti-reel
procltv Ti""'--.-, the wv.eat markei  tl'*-
,,l-i-n,l   hpsv'ncOB      (-1    -innr,,...,    nf   t^e
;,,;,(���-. -.. ��� '���������i\i"i .������..��� ,������,! ,.' M'',yl,i���r
te-1 ,,|.v!;(,.le- lr, ���"--. enil'i n 'llipreent'i
. ���    ��� .������        ���    le    !*.,     f.,.,.,1   St-il"!       rins.
I he ""'* e> ih ������* ':  idy, ranged from
vasterdnv's closing figures to ?,s below, flther league stanlea all v-rcd
net gains enn, '-4 to J.4: oatR 1-4 to
1-2;  provisions 5 to 22 1-2,
body and signature and that, th
rtorsemeiit was bv a third partv and
that the handwriting on an exhibit
written In court by Hardit Singh was
the .ante as that on a document found
on accused. In tact, his evidence im-
nllcn-ted I'unlit Sine!- as a man of
Mcnhist'-pheliaii craft,
Kapo'or Singh swore he only knew
nrisimer iiv sight and newer had any
business   transactions   with   him.
Mardi: Singh repudiated his endorsements.
I'rsr-er swore the cheqiteB were
given him In payment of a loan and
that he and Knnoor Singh were old
friends nf  ene time
i>,.. I.'..-.  t|,��� direct  nvfdence nf the
storo':< op.ts ''s In prisoner stating he
was  Bardf!  Sinirh   Ic tried  t1"'  s-.-ne
gnme with Detective Burrows Hpl t'nit
officer v-niililn't ha'"�� :""��� nf it. as he
knew   the   real   Hardll   finch   and   ar
' re'leil  him.
lii    Through  ihe:    ��""   peon,'-r  c'renmrtance  t'  the
stocks to-   '"'*"'   wft*   M'"   mvsterv  of  -���   ��.,���.���.i
trace  the  "'���eonn nn K  -e,T R'ngh tn* JB0 .'vhieh
',iV(.  |n   he   snsnected   "-.-roi   ���-���in--'i   '--I   per-
netrateil    ..-i.i    t'*-    |'-'er   ,',-red    Tne-t
���trennounljr.     P"'l  hls   f-'.-ids  relm-
bufsed v>i,r...- e*i:-.; f. - -,
it. P fftlmntnn R"tc ...-luted .--nn
eoiue-el. t,..i...���,...,'���..��� Kapoor sinch In
���.   ,,r...-j_   , ,el!-.-.
C   L.   ["'ilniore defended    pris/iner.
Children Knit WoU Bonnets 2Bc
Children's    Cashmere     Polo
Caps 2.*c
Kxtra Special t'aps. assorted
colors 1",^
Ladies' Brooches ihr:
New Short Steel Hat Tins . . .5c
Enamelware, Tinware,
Kitchen Hardware
and Utensils, Crockery, Glassware, China
Towel Racks ......15c.
Come in and look around. You
will lind some necrssary art cl *.i
you wanl and the prloe will suit
you. We are at -t'i S:\ih street.
ju ' *i b tort i.'.oc; north or Co-
I ��� i, n .i-i ei. Out nf the high
r'lit district.
5, 10 and 25 Cent
_.��� w.-   , -.- ���*. ���viii    ��?
Until September 30
And   All   Points   in   the   Pacitic
To Round Trip
Chicago    * 7250
Duluth        60.00
Minneapolis         60.00
Montreal        105.00
Now   Vork       108.50
Philadelphia       108.50
Pittsburg       91.50
St.   Paul   Minn     60.00
Sioux  City,  lowa        60.00
Tr ronto, Ont     92.00
Washington    ��. . . .   107.50
Winnipeg          60.00
Omaha,    Council    Bluffs,	
K-^sas City, St. Joseph.       60.00
Proportionately reduced fares
to Many Other Points In the
Hast Ilettirn nay he made
through California at slightly
hlpher   fares	
Going Limit 15 Days.
Final Return Limit, Oct. 31, 1913.
f.lberal stopover privileges and
choice or diverse routes offered.
To  the  East  Daily.
"The Olympian"
"The Columbian"
Milwaukee Trains, Milwaukee
ftervi.e, Milwaukee Employees.
All the way across the Continent.
Por additional Information regarding rsres, ruuioH, sleeping
ear reservations, etc, call on or
Freight   and   Passenger   Agent.
Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. Paul Railway.
622 Columbia St.
.1.0 I Toronto, Sept. 19,���Advances In St
H.R Lawrence Navigation nnd ll r. Pack*
* 1 era wre features of the local marko
""roel'ent  !nt'r*-r*;t"r.
Mr--   Dalton yesterday ;���'���������-i -., ������
'erfretor  In   the  tral er  \'ap'r  S n-rh
and the flupnl nnd nnhe-��itaflng ���*-*���*."���
ner  in   which  she ,.-.-..ented  h'T nff'c ���
c rpearad most satisfactory to bench
brer ,-jnd Jurv.
Scouts Con-Inn.
l'ort doqnltlatn. Sept 19, T' e. Porl
Coqnl'tlatn bov scouts under Cspti'n
Thomas entertained thn Nev wist
minster scouts at the fair todav, tii.
VVostmlns'cr boys were headed h*
Scoulmastir It. P, Day. The heal biy
v III reciprocate with a vi<,it to New
Westminster   durinR   exhlbillon   week
An lu'erchtlri',' eveni took place on
Thursday evening at the home of ll
W, Ke-egau, EHglltll street and Thirteenth avenue, when he was happily
united in marriage to Mrs. Olive
Bpicur. The ceremony was performed
by It.**,. W (' Frank, The manv
fr;< nds of the liride and groom unite
In  wfth'lnjj Ihem every  happlneas    In
tholr new relationship,
Popular Players
The UON and
MATINEE:   10c.  AND 20e.
NIGHT:  10c, 20c, 30c
two snows
Come Early and
Get a Good Seat
25��|0 OFF
That i.s the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c  to $1.50���Now from 15c  to 45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of  Electrical  Work
Mondays ��� 1J miilnlRhti f>r Prince Kupert, Stewart, Massot.
Tuesdays ll] mldn ght) [or V;rtorla-Snatt|p.
Thursdays (12 midnight)  for I'rlnca Kupert, Gran hy Kay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alan  Hay, Hardy Bay, Kivers Inlet. Ocean
Fails, Queen Ch.irhit,   Is lands i direct service and fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Vli tona Seattle.
Close connections al Prlnci   Kupert   with   Grand    Trunk    I'acilic
Hiiilv.av truiiiB for Terrace, leilarvale. Hazelton. Morlcttown.
Through tickets to all pom's Bist via  Chicago and the Grand Trunk
H   li. SMITH, C   p   /,-  T    \
f.27 Granville street, Vancouver
W,   E.  DIIPKKOW.  O.  A.   P   D.
I'hone Private Exchange 8134
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Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our Bpecial ii!ot>es. they are money savers.
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Size 45x113 to lane.   Near City ear line, Heautiful
view.  Prices $550 to .?(i")0.
740 Columbia St.     312-.'J15 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Provincial  Exhibiton
Queen's Park, Sept. 30, Oet. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1913.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    $60,000
Urgest nnd  nu st  extensive truly agricultural exhibition In tho weet.
In the hem arena west nf Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses. Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
Hi��:h Class Special Features and Attractions.
Better Babies' Conte.t. Three Binds In Attendance.
Speelal rates on nil riillronris and stnnmshlp lines.   Entries close
Hf[>t    20,  1913.
C.   A.   WELSH,   President D.  E. MACKENIE,
Manager end Secretary. *9*MM ***>
SATURDAV,   SEPTEMBER   20,   1913.
pass n*m
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
bankers and shopkeepers wire made
by convicts In the Peterhead prison
waa a startling discovery made t diy
by Scotland lard detectives. In print
ing the bank notes the convicts used
paper in which rations hud been
served Ihem.
is iii 9
���!���_ i;f # ***% <J ��* S tt ft ft * ���*>
Bankers  vs.   Sapperton  and   City
E. R. Are Fixtures
B   C.
Hankers vs. Sapperton; City vs. B.
C h U.; are the two games scheduled
lu the City Soccer league for loday
and both should not only Interest tlie
tans lo attend, but will ulso allow the
supporters of the winter gam-am to
gauge the strength of the four teams,
who up to the present time have not
appeared In a league match thlH sea-
.-.appi rion wlll be playing oii their
own grounds agaiiiBt the HankerB, but
the sin.wing made by the linancial
students against the Moose last Saturday leads many to believe that the
cast aiders will have to be unusually
utrong in order to even gain one point
let al'iiie  tin- two.
Both of the tenuis figured in   the
linals lasl season, but the new alignment of the Hankers, who have added several of Ihe mars of the Koyal
City high school alliance team to
tlieir    ranks,    tug. tin r    wiih    W.    (I.
Swan, division engineer on the c. n.
It .  which  makes their eleven one    of
the strongest in lha organization,
A Mixer.
Swan, since be arrived in the city.
haB mixed up In several sports at
which be lias made himself known.
Last winter he figured on the BeaVOr
hockey team, Champions of    the City
league, thla jurnmer he has mixed In
igclf and tennis,  while this winter he
Will   tlgurn  with   the  Hankers ut soc
jeer   and    again    with    the     Beavers
hockey team.
Ashworlh will referee the Supper
ton game.
The Teams.
HankerB-Clark;  Stacey and    Shlld-.*
jrlok;  Wilson, Swan,    Allison;    Loug-T*
hood,    reeney,    Swenclsky,    Dunford,   '���'���:
Sapnerton ���   Dlrehfleld.      Jackson, i *
Aylesbury,   Hogg,  Uupbden, Sppedle.
I Harper. Illghion. fln.il, Crooks, Ocm
mell. Chell, Oravery and Mills.
Players are requested to be on the
Held at _;".,) o'clock.
City Comes Out.
At Moody park the City make their
debut, having as lhelr opponents the
British Columbia Electrics. As In
former vears the City are the dark
horses of the leaRue and ar" liable lo
haprlng a surprise on any of the c'kM
teams. With Jimmy ' Craig. Herb
Ityall and A. Maria,- n at Ihe helm
thc signatures of many promising and
also well seasoned players have been
obtained so that the ctciiIi chasers
are likely to have their hands full
tills afternoon.
Both of the City league games will
start at :i o'clock.
The I) C. E. ft. lineup Is* Coal.
Spring; full-hacks. Klrbv and Clark;
halves, Collier and Donald; forwards,
O'Malley. Kidd. Morgan. Kerhv. Ann-
ley; spares, Thomson. Coles and Cil
Schoola Lacrosse.
l-iird     Kelvin     vs.     Herbert
Spencer at Queens park; John
Robson vs. Richard McBrlde at
Queens purk.
City Soccer League.
Hankers    vs.    Sapperton    at
Sapperton,  3  o'clock;   City vb.
B. C.  E. R. at   Moody park, 3
New Westminster vs. Rowing
club,  Vancouver. Queens park.
Australians vs   Vancouver at
Brockton Point. 11 o'clock.
�� ������:;< -'i* ii' # ft # >:. * ft ft ft �� *
Tneatres Close.
New York, Sept. 19.���The nine hundred   motion   picture   theatres  of  the
|cily  will  be closed    Monday    during
Mayor Gaynor's funeral.
Baseball Results.
Mayor  Mars at  Port Coquitlam   Fair
Tells of Importance of  Such
l'ort Coqultlam, Sept. 19. The day
of the agricultural exhibition is not
over. As a matter of fact It Is just
breaking, stated Mayor JameB Mars
at the opening of the Ilth annual ex-!
iblbitlon held under the auspices of the
Coqultlam  Agricultural Boclety In the!
.agricultural hall today     The mayor'-
remarks in this regard were suhslan-j
;tiated by Col. J. I)   Taylor, M.P, who!
opened the exhibition, and W. J. Man-
son, M.P.P.
The exhibition scored another brilliant   triumph   today.     The   excellent!
weather brought out one of the lar<-
est  crowds  that haB ever attended a I
puhllc   affair   in   this  city,   while   lhe:
fair Itself  from  the point of  view of
exhibits,  was away ahead  of that rf
former   years.
The feature of an extensive program nf sports was a U'-lnnlng ball
game, which ended when the game waa
called on account of darkness, with
the score 10-10.
Rome of the special prize-: were:
Silver cup for best heavy draught
team to wagon, presented bv Allan
Mercer���Won by R. W. Hawthorne.
Klve dollars for best milk cow, any
breed, presented hy U. McLean���Won
by Miss A. Hay.
Ten dollars In prizes for best writing by  school children,  presented  hy
R   Q. Mounce���Won bv Misses Isaac
ed   for   New   Westminster   yearB   ago i son nnd Simmons and Harold McKay
when   Intercity   eames  with  Vancou- I     Five dollars for horse race owner to
ver.   Nanalmo  and   Victoria  were  the j ride horse
Officers    of    City    Team    Eleeted-
Should  Bring  Game in City to
the Front.
Offlerrs of the City soccer team
tiie local league were elected at B
meeting of the club In It. Ityall's office
Wedm sday evening and jiiBt abou'.
represent those of the sporting public
of the eity who have always shown
a desire to place New WeBtmlnster on
the map as far as- sports are concerned.
Dr. C. K Doherty heads the list as
Hon. president. Alex Beaten, a former player with the team ls Hon. vice-
president.   T. S   Annandale, who play.
Entire Change of Pregram Qf Ily.
Program Today.
Edison  Photo-Play
Comedy Drama.
E. sanav
Pathe Annimated Gazette
Vitagraph Comedy
Watch the Big Special Comino
Tickets Everywhere
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Aki-ii-U for  I). K. Brown. Hope &  Macaulay.  Ltd., General  Railway and
Steamship  Agents,  of Vancouver.  B. I*.
C'.-.ali and Rowing Club in Exhibition
Games at Queen's Park at
til s    Wi stni.miter's   rugby   In   will
commence the lessen at Queen's park
thlB afternoon when they meet the
It' wing club of Vancouver In a friendly
ran.�� Althoiith the contest will not
count In any of ihe cup competitions
the locals are determined to make a
good showing and get down to the
combination stuff so that when the
unison officially opens they will he
able to s'ack up agalnsl thn besl In
Vancouver and wipe out the stain of
defeats from iheir efforts last seas,in
Several new faces will be noticed nn
i ��������� line-up who are expected to ma-
terlolly strengthen both 'he defence
and the attack. The forward line will
be tli" heaviest yd fielded bill every
man chosen Is expected to use bis bead
In conjunction with his weight In or-
iii r '.i net n.ore than an even break
in th'> scrum;: and the line-outs. The
three quarter line will be more cf an
4 xperlnicnt. although the four chosen
to dutv have shown np well at practice
and should he .'hie to hold their own.
Hart and Saunders have both tbe
speed and ability around the scrums
to feed the backs while Smith, the
( uluiiiblan college Star Is playing his
onw brilliant game at full hack
This afternoon's gime will start at
���i 15 and the local rltrli are eipeotltlg
the rugby funs of the city and district to mm out and give them encouragement.
Standing of the Clubs.
New   York    92
Philadelphia si
Chicago    SO
Pittsburg   ~t
Boston    59
Brooklyn     69
Cincinnati    -R2
St.   Louis    4ii
order of the day. was elected presl-
I dent. Herb Ityall. another old timer
I and still able to kick the ball, wlll fill
jthe chair In the absence of Mr. An-
I nandale. while A. McLaren is slated
i for secretary-treasurer. For captain
j Hilly McAllister again heads the llsl
.and will be assisted by Mr Dickenson
! who last year featured with Port Co.
: iiultlam. Quite a formidable body to
��� be heard from before the season ends
presented by Ii W. Hawthorne    Won   by   Ceo    Alderson.
Five dollars for best gentleman
rider, presented by T. J Routley���
Won hy John Smith.
Silver cup for best lady rider, presented by B. H. Seabrook���Won by
Miss Olga Smith
Five dollars for best horseback
wrestler, presented hy A. B MacKenzie- Won by Geo. Alderson.
hi. H. BUCKUN,
Pres. aad Q��al Mgr.
. BEARD8I_E_-,
W. f. H. BUCKUN,
���ae. aad Tree*.
Yesterday's Games.
At   Pittsburg: l<     ll     K
Philadelphia  '-'    4     1
Pittsburg    3    9    l
Batteries Mayer and Killifer; Hen-
drlt  and   Kelly,  Simon.
Second game: It     H.    K.
Philadelphia    3     I     l
Pittsburg    3
Hatterles: Seaton and Burns; Can- I
lolraan, McQuillan and Simon. Kelly '
Called at end ��f ninth; darkness.
At Cinc.nnali: It     11.    E
Brooklyn    n    '    <���'
Cincinnati       1      7      0
Matterles: Peulhach and Fisher;
Packard and  Kllng.
Second game: It     II     R
Hrooklyn       2      7      1 ,
Cincinnati        1      4      1 !
Hatterles Itucker and Fisher; Row.
an  and  Clark"
Al  St.   I-nulB: H.    H.    B,
New York       i1     4      0
St    Louis      1    10      3
Batteries: Mathewson and Meyers;
S-i'lre and Snyder.
Second game! It    H.   K.
New  York       2 5 0
St   Louis       0 3 0
Hatterles: Marquard and Meyers;
Hooper nnd Snyder.
At Chl'-ago-                           B II. E.
n-~-toii      1 7 0
Chicago     6 8 2
Haiterles- Perdue. Plavis and Harl-
ilrn;  Schenectady and  Archer.
Their Game with V. A. C. Will Be One
of  Speed   Versus   Years of
Speed  nnd  youth  vs.  years of    experience will he the lest at the forth
Coming Minto cup games between the
Salmon Bellies and the V. A. C. and
interest has begun to take hold among
local fans as tu whether the seasoned (
veu rans ol  many  years, wearing the |
red   and   blue,   will   be   able  to  held I
���down th<' wonderful sped of the Van
couver boys.
Hud   Ni w   Westminster   never   met
the v   '   c. es tin v iiid .iiis past summer,  v. hen   they  went    down    to   a
stinging defeat  16 to 7. the result cf
the  coning   i.atm-  would  never    bei
qusstlonsd,    and    furthermore   lt   Is \
doubtful whether   the   cup   trustees!
would have i veu considered the dial-1
lenge Of the Vancouver team.
Lack of training and the absence of
nay cohesion lost the game In Vancouver and lo this end Manager Olfford has been putting the bunch
through some hard training for several weeks, so that there will bn little
fear among the fans that the world's
famous Salmon BollleB will not be In I
the besl. of condition when they trot
out on the queens park, oval on Tues-
tiiy, September 30.
Reports from Vancouver Indicate i
that rfhe V. A. C. men are training ,
thrice weekly with their younger!
brothers,   thn   Mann   cnpholders,   the
Standing of the Clubs.
Philadelphia    90
Cleveland  82
Washington   81
He-ton   72
Chicago    "3
Detroit     62
Ne*-   York    51
St.   I/o'iil..    53
Ye��-terday'a Games.
fit  Washington: H.    II.    U
Petrolt   1     8     1
Washing'on      2      5      5
Hatterles: Cnmstock, D-niss and McKee: Love, Boehllng and Alnsmlth,
All other games postponed; rnln.
Standing of the Clubs.
Newark    92
Rochester  92
Baltimore   77
Buffalo    77
Montreal  73
Providence  1*
Toronto 69
Jersey City 52
j i Refused    tc     Register    Plans���City's
Liability tor Injuries to Firemen
Vancouver, Sept.  19. -The right of
the land registrar to refuse to register
plans   of   subdivisions   which   do   not
conform to the requirements of   the
local    authorities    was    attacked    in
supreme    court    chambers    yesterday
afternoon  bv   \V.  It.  llray, on behalf of
W. R. Russell.    Mr.    Russell    is    the
owner  of   lands   In   South   Vancouver.
! which   he   Is  selling  by  lots.    Aa   the
cmtre street through the property  is
only 33 feet  Instead of 66 feet wide,
the   South   Vancouver   munic'pal    au
thorities   refused   to   approve   ef   the
[subdivision, snd in turn the reg sfr.tr
refused to register It.   Mr. Russell ha =
since been sellltic  lots bv motes nnd
bounds   and   applied   to  the  suprem*-
court   for an    order    compelling    the
registrar to accept the plan for registration. |
Gets $45 Osmarei,
An award of $4."> damages was g'v��- '
by a Jury in Judge Grant's court yes-
! terday in favor of Vaughan llos��. who
| had   been   run   down   by one of    the
Dominion    Taxicab    company's    cars
I while riding a  bicycle at the corner
of Ooorgia and  Granville street. The
verdict was not entered as a iudgment
by his honor, and is withheld pending
further argument.   The rrascn for this
Is thot the Jury In Its answers ti lits
honor's questions  found  both  pirtles
hnd  been  negligent,   the boy for not
having the lamp on his bicycle lit, nnd
the taxicab driver for driving on the
��� wrong side of the road.
!                    Civic Liability.
|     fho nii-^tlon  of the city's liability
as the result of an accident to a fire-
, man   was  referred   by  the    flre    and
I police committee to the cltv solicitor
, yesterday  when D,   P.  Mathers,    enn-
jtiected   with   No.   2   hall,  applied   for
j $253   compensation.     He was  Injured
when an automobile lire vehicle start-
I ed up while It was being cranked, hls
jle�� being broken and the 6253 sought
was for the doctor's bill.   Act ng Chief
Constable  McLennan told    the    committee that the city was not liable If
a policeman was hurt or killed while
In the ordinary course of duty.
Yesterday's Gsmes.
Montreal 3-7.  Buffalo 1-4.
"c-Mvintn 2-4. Rochester 3-0.
Other games postponed; rain.
Yesterday's Games.
At Vancouver: R.   H.
challengers paying more attention to Vancouver  7   10
stlckhandllng than In speed, they hsv- gpoi,ano   i     6
lng the latter by reason of their age.
One feature of the games will be
the fact that there wlll be no dickering an to the referee, Fred J. Lynch
having been accepted by both aggregations three weeks ago.
(Continued from page one)
September Pod and Oun contains a
list of contents appropriate to the
inonth and to the character of this
magasltio of outdoor I'fo. "Canuck
gives some Practical advice to duck
shooters and reminiscences of duck
hunting expeditions of da��S I*��� **v.
"Shooting Over a Dog.'
wlll hn i
Butteries:   Cadreau
Bmlth and Altman.
At Seattle:
Ra Merles:     Maves
Kc"v nnd Cadman.
At Victoria:
Rrtterles: Kraft and Harris
tlehner and Shea.
(Continued from page onei
the grounds were looking fine and
that they would be in perfect cond:
tlon  by  September 30.
Official Opening.
I    Alderman Lynch reported in connec
tlnn with the    arrangement    for    the
official    opening    of    Kingsway.    He
stated  that  it  was proposed  to form
ally change the name of the Westminster  road   to Kingsway  and    hold    a
short ceremony at the junction of the
j newly - paved  road" (HM   Khlght' road,
.the dividing line between South Vancouver  and   Vancouver     The  official
opening of the road will take place at
the  Boundary road, the  dividing line
between   Hurnaby and South  Vancou
ver, and that   the name   of Twelfth
slreet   will   be  changed   to  Kingsway
by a ceremony which will take plan?
at  Tenth   avenue,  the  dividing    Pne
between   New*   Westminster  nnd   Burnaby.
The ceremony at Boundary road
will take place at 11 o'clock and the
official opening of the exhibition wl'l
take place at 2 o'clock
Children's  Day.
Mayor Gray reported for the chil
droit's day committee and outlined a
splendid program of sports which will
commence at 9 o'clock in the mornin.;
and occupy the whole day.
He stated that he had prepared wllh
the committee the best program of
sports ever held on a children's day
at the exhibition. The program in
eludes foot races for the younger
children, and an athletic meet for tbe
older boys with a medal for the cltv
championship. The city school, championship lacrosse game will alBo b*?
staged while there are special events
.for the schools in the Fraser valley.
Much Music.
| Alderman White reported for ths
music committee and statsd that thses
.would be plenty of music. It was d��
elded after some dlscnss'on to secure I
an orchettra for the herse show as 1'
wss cor-Idored that this would b-��
moro s' table for the musical ride
than a ','rass bend
j The '.nal reprrt of the industrial
committee was olso received and was
very encouraging. A list of Industrie-
that will exhibit was given, tlm llsl
Including manv Industries which hsv
not before exhibited at the exphlb-
!tlon. Many of them will show the
I process of the manufacture of the
Ancient and Modern.
Another feature of the exhlb Won
will be the exhibit of the first street
car ever operated In British Columbia
and this wlll be shown together with
the latest model car now being ussd
by the B. C. B. R.
Allan Purvis, manager of Interurbrn
lines of the B. Q, E. R.. was present
and stated that the company would
be glad to place these two cars, representative of the pioneer days and
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.:
six    Standard   Continuous
Regulation  Alleys.    First-!
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
Coast. I- ���   - '	
R. H. corbett, Manager.!If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
s    7    n
16      2
. o
. 4
(I 2
8 2
who find big game hunllWs too strop
untie but enov the milder form of
sport Involved ln Iho pursuit cf small
winged game. "A Day Among the
Ducks." bv a Saskatchewan writer Is
n very amusing account of tho duck
hunting experiences of an amateur
would directly benetlt the ctty. This
body should give it careful attention
and action ahould be taken at an
early date.   This purely local question
le one which the more you atudy the 0f the modern style, on exhibition,
more you wlll lind It Important aa re-1 Special Care.
gards Industrial developments In this Mr. Purvis also stated that the
city. British Columbia manufacturers special cara from Vancouver would b-
were working under unfavorable clr- run straight to Uie B. C. E. R. depot
cumstances and In order to meet ��nd not direct to Queens park. This
eastern competition they found the ex. VM thought more suitable, aa It give*
pense of their property and plant and visitors an opportunity to see tbe bus1-
other expense their freight ebarge Is ness portion of the city and Is also
excessive. | more   advisable   on   account   of the
They Knew It Highland Park cut-off which gives n
Another member   said   that   at   a'double track ail tbe way, while   the
meeting in Vancouver a remark waa
made that they there recognised New
ai-s pfene D"-t   i Weatmlnater was to become the manu-
by "Sonex,"      i'nrls, Sept ID.���King Constantlne lecturing   city and   Vancouver,   the
" -���      --   --- ��� ���- ���"-- -���  commercial Vancouver, would support
of interest to W��l��rtJffi#*^
Incognito, arrived here from I/ondon
this evening. A representative ol
President Polncare received him el
thn station after wiii-th he drove to j
King Constantlne **m have luncheon
anything that would advance the
terests   ot   New Westminster   as   a
manufaeturlng city.
Finally the rec't <*n* tfleptcd.
A resolution was moved that   the
board extend lta heartfelt sympathy
with Prosldent Polncare at the Elyse I with Mr. Wade In his bereavement In
palace. the death of his mother.
other routes hss bat a single track
from Highland Park to Queens park.
The matter of arranging for tbe
banquet to the directors and Judges
which will be held on Friday evening
of exhibition week wna left In the
handa of President Welsh and Manager MaeKeniie.
Prlsonsrs Make Counterfeits.
Peterhead,   Scotland,   Sept.   1��.���
That counterfeit bank notea so skilfully executed as to   dceelve   local
Richardson & Humphries
Beg to announce that their fall stock is now complete in all lines, and they are
ready to show you the very choicest of
fall and Winter Apparel for Men
is clothing that any man can wear
with credit to himself and his company.
It is clothing that has more of the
fine element of style incorporated
into its make up than has ever distinguished clothing of former seasons���either in this store or elsewhere.
We have been called upon this
season to clothe Westminster's smart
dressers in large numbers���for the
word has gone around.
Our assortment is large, over 600
suits to niake your selection from;
sizes from 33 to 50. Prices $20.00 to
$37.50. You cannot get a better selection outside the large city.
The Man Who
Wears Our Hats
has the satisfaction of knowing that
the styles are absolutely correct and
that the quality is all there is to be
had in "Hatdom."
Fine quality English
Derby Hats, in shapes
to suit all feature's.
Made from high-
grade fur felt; all
sizes.  Price $2 to $4.
A large variety in Soft
Felt to please the most
particular. Colors
Pearl, Grays, Greens,
Browns, Fawns and
Slate. Prices $2 to $4.
Austrian Velovr
We have a nice selection
of Austrian Velours
*n Brown, Seal, Green
and Black. Prices,
Drop in today and permit us to show yon these representatives of fashion's latest decree,  a
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bio*. PAUB   tin
SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   20,   1911.
Classified Advertising
otived Ior Tne News at the toHow-
jug places: 1*'.
62S Columbis
T. Hill's drug store,
street; A. Sprice,
l.ulu Island.
, RATES. ���
cisssif ^-One eent per word par
month; B.ttuu words, to b�� um
,,uired wltfcln one 3    r from  dat*
llDtracL $26.09.
three rooms, also piano below first
cost. Apply 230 Tenth street. (2083)
s re-
general housework and partial care
,t children; expert cooking not re
quired;  references.    Apply Mrs. W.
i    'iters, 538 Eighth street.    (2096)
i ducation for outside position. Apply room 3, 644 Clarkson street,
New Westminster, before 10 a.m.
help around moving picture theatre,
learn run machine and chance to be
t ducuted. Board, room and wages.
Scenic Amusement Co., Ashcrofi,
B.C. (2070)
ture in large or email quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value er
wlll eell your household goods and
etfects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
with hot water; cost $10. Apply 252
Burnett street. . tUOSl)
Yankee   Girl   Shipments   Bring   Good
Return���B. C. Exchange Effects
Nelson, Sept. 19.���A new strike at
the Yankee Girl mine at Ymir is re-
ACREAGE NEAR NEWTON. JUST 8 j ported, by   Edward   Peters,   who   has
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ,.���-.���.   This ore
on JB. C. Electric from New. West- body was encountered, he said, by fol-
mllesout. less than 30 minutes' ride | recently visited the camp.
WWW,    H CDl- . ����,	
bottom   or jlowlng the advice of Arthur    Lakes,
who has charge of the Wilcox mine.
The ore that has been shipped lately
oacK oi iroiunge wm ��!���-�� ��,.u ...... ,from the Yankee Girl has been run-
Terms quarter cash, two years for j ning from $40 to $50 per ton, accord-
balance.   This Is a sacrifice; estato ilMr   to   Information   secured   by   Mr.
minster; soil excellent,
upland as desired; tram frontage
$15i nn acre and remainder Just
back of frontage lots $1U0 and $125
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New Westminster.   Phone 466.   No trades.
Thia le the Belief of Men Just Down
From  North���Big  Rush to
New Diggings.
Victoria, Sept. 19. -That the new
gold strike nt Teikwa, B. C��� will prove
a more Important find than the one
at Shushanna, Alaska, ls the news
brought south by P. 11. Moore, a prominent real estate man of San Francisco, who with Mr. Koche of Honolulu,
has been In the northern Interior. Mr.
Moore reports that great excitement is
prevailing at  Prince   Rupert  and  all
French General, De Negrler, Recently
Deceased, Was Commander of
Old School.
General do Negrler, whose death
was announced recently, belonged to a
family  of  distinguished  soldiers.
His grandfather was a naval captain of the ancient regime, who emigrated ami died ut Lisbon. Ills uncle
served under Napoleon, distinguished
himself nt Frledland, wns wounded at
posed   In   many  Btates, oue of  which as near perfect Inspection of meats as
was before  the present Illinois legls- can be obtained.    Meat and vegetables
lature, should not be necessary, must be kept covered.    In Idaho, one
"The  seller  knows more about his I never   sees   meat   and   vegetables   fly
article than the buyer In most cases, specked and dust covered, as In  the
and  tho  seller should  recognize and towns of Orogon  and   Washington,
assume  the    responsibility    for    hls      Mr.  Wallis also Is president of the
goods.  If we  want to escape  the  re- the N..tli mil Association of Drug anil
strictlons which will be Imposed upon ~ ' '      "    '- - *	
us by the 'hlue sky' law, we must ao
conduct ourselves thatt he demand for
this law will be wiped out."
Food Officials.    He Is a former news
paper   man.  having   been   tho  second
man to publish a paper In Idaho.
Big Bush Fire Raging Near Spangle,
Spangle, Wash., Sept 19- A big
timber fire Is raging In he vicinity ol
the Frank Stovall ranc'i, five miles
north ot Spangle.
A force of men from the sorWuind-
Ing  farms  fouught  the  blue  ull  day j
Tuesday,   and   believed   tliey   had   the!
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephono
1005. (2020)
Peters ��� .p.^.�����_, ���  _    ���
Hc stated that the Dundee mine, ad-  P��lnts a'��"K th�� ,{i- T   *���*'��� railway, and
Girl,   Is   making! 'hat   many' people   are   heading    for
finished, and large cleared lot.   Ed-
monds.      Clear    deed.    Cheap    for
cash.   Apply Owner, George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (1983)
ere, 716 Queen* avenue. (1927)
^  *************
ments, a four roomed suite, furnished or   unfurnished,   hot   and   cold
water, electric    light,    gas, private
baths, for $20. (2091)
side car, lady's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys with owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, hunting eaae,
bearing raised monogram M. C. G.
Finder please return to this office.
Reward. (2066)
joining the Yankee
good progress and under the superintendence of B. H. Washburn ore has
beeu encountered which ns of good
grade, ln the deep working*- of this
property. Mr. Washburn haa, i ince
making thla last strike, erected additional mine buildings, Including an assay office and a living house, and now
has his family located with hli I at the
The Wilcox mine, on Wild Horse
creek, near Ymir.. has recently encountered the ore body at the 800-foot
level, the values being exceedingly
high. In fact, even better than at nny
other surface of this mine, states Mr.
At the Sterling mine near Ymir. on
the wagon road, owned by Phil White
nf Vancouver, H. ('.. former owner of
the Wilcox mine, has been encountered a vein nf ahout 20 feet wide of
milling ore with a high grade ore shoot
about three feet in width, continued
Mr.   Peters.
Mr. White Is verv jubilant over the
new strike and laBt week left for the
coaat to pay hla family a visit and In
sll likelihood make arrangements for]
machinerv and more extensive development, he sa'd.
Thomas Wilkinson and Joseph Ki-
leel hnve started ooerationB on their
property rdjoining the Sterling, close
Ito the C. P. R. group.
A consolidation of the C, P. R. group
^^ many people are ^^^^^^
Teikwa. As soon as he completes Ills
business In the south he Intends to
head for the Interior of British Columbia and try his luck.
When the first pro?t>eetor came out
fmm Sibola creek with the storv of
hls find the people were not inclined
to believe him. owing to the faet that
he was nn old pioneer who through
his lengthy associa.ions In the wild
country, hr-.d learned to tretch the
point n bit. But when he produced
some of his takings everybody at
once commenced to outfit and follow
the prospector back to the diggings.
Many claims have now heen staked
iml the rush of gold seekers is getting larger every day.
The Grand Trunk rallwav will be of
treat assistance to the i len who Intend to go inland from thi coast At
the present time the train ls run "ing
to Morlcetown, 205 miles from Prinee
Ttie committee uf st. Italy's otlurch, Columbia street *-ii��i. New Westminster, are
open in receive (anders for the church
property, which in officially known aa part
nt Uii l, Suburban Block 'i, i'iiv ni New
W. KtmtiiHIiM.
On th��. property N a well tmllt l.room
houaa and u pari-.ii hall, i'u feel * -t'i feet.
'I'll., chufeh bnllililiK Ih not  Included .m.i
I* til u- r.-rmtvuii at tti��* coui of the vendors,
Tenders marked "Tenders for Bt. Mary'**.
Property" will bs received by the undersigned up lo G p. in. on .vloti.l.i
laiii. iin
No DledgK l" given to a pi tbs blghi
in   anv  tender.
REV    I'llANK   PI-ASKBTT,  V   A.
111 rnliimt'iii si   B
Hew Weetmlnei
Some Interesting stories of the valor
Id dash of lienor
se.enty-four years
and'dash "of" General de Negrler, who!     H   is   feared   that  nothing   abort
of    age,    ure re-   * heavy rain will quench the flumes.
.-Ued by Paris correspondents. He
served as captain In the Franco-German war, saya the Uimlon Telegraph,
was nind" prisoner after the capitulation of Metz, escaped, rejoined the
army, and was twice wounded. Later
he took part In severi.l expeditions
aeainst the Araba ln Algeria, became
lieutenant-colonel in 1S78. colonel In
1879, antl brigadier-general in 1888, He
took nan in the Tonklng campaign of
'SS4-5. and waa severely wounded. In
.S94 he wna elected a member of the
high councll of war and made an army
Marching   Feat.
He commanded li   the field against
the Black Flags In (   chin China, and
won   renowi.   by  ext.lcatlng  his  brigade from (-. perilous situation    by    a
Burnished Beans Not Bothered by
Bugs in Boise.
Seattle. Sept. 19. -.lames H Wallis,
the "fly man of Holse," otherwise state
dairy and food commissioner ami scaler of weights and measures In Idaho.
Is In Seattle for the first time In yeara.
"After a campaign of two years, we
have auccei ded In driving myriads of
tiles out of cur state and the moment
he crosses the boundary line a tnild
headed man can read the afternoon
paper without having to slop every
mlniit" to swap a fly," asserted Mr
Wallis "This may sound tlBhy, but It
Is true in a large sense, In our campaign we printed 75.000 pamphlets of
our Illustrated 'fly book' which we rt'B-
Uita II ami If, Block 1. Pub-dlvlslon
���f isn III, uroiip i, port Haney, In the
Dlstrlcl or N��-w weetmlDslei
Whir-ma, prool of the loss pf Curt t.cati
of Title Number 9338 *���*, Issued In nami
of   Alio..   Mav   I-Mini   n   haa  I n   f.:.*.t   In
I hls  office.
Notiee la hereby given that  1 shall, u
the expiration of ons month from tli *  i.tt *
of ths tlrst publication hereof   ...   i dall
newspaper published  In  lhi   City of New
Westminster, Issue a duplloats of ths **ni*t
. crtlflcjilc.   iinlcm*.
abjection bs roads
l-ilel H.-Bl��tIV O'flC
III'.    Ilth   September
���  In   wrltlni!
I l.VVN'N.
Registrar of nil*
v.-w w,, troiiisl
101? 1101
I, Itrlbuted   among   the   students   in   thej (SOU
| higher  grades  of  the   public  schools '
bungalow; $16. Also furnished
rooms.   Doling, Edmonds.       (2092)
furnished front rooms; private
family; 51 Columbia street.     (2087)
keeplng rooms, $10 aad $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver,  B.C. (1982)
Notice Is hereby given that an application wlll be made to the Board of
License Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at tbelr sitting, to
bs held on the 10th day of December,
1913, or at any meeting prior thereto
that tbe application can be beard, for
a transfer of the license to sell liquor
hy retail issued in respect of the
Occidental botel premises, Columbia
street. New Westminster, B.C., from
'he holder, Michael Gowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this 26th day of August, A.D.
'1979) License Holder.
THKS-- two very attractive homes muat
be sold. Owner forced to sacrifice In
order  to  raise n  little cash.
NKW HOME���7 rooms, thoroughly modern, and has never been lived In. situate
corner lot. 100x132 feet: 13th St. Beautiful view. Very attractive price and
Hupert.     Teikwa   Is   about   46   or   50
���**��*o further Inland, but as there are jremcrkable feat    of   marching,
stages   opcratlngn   from     Mnricotown , rnnersl exerted great    Influence
the trln will not take miny hours   ������>  the rank nnd  file of his troops,    .le,    ���
make. The prospectors will have shout ^Bvr- ,p.lrfri himself, and his bodily:���8 P��'nphlet has attracted Interno-
125 miles to mush before ge'tlng to strength and endurance were very re-i,lonal attention, re-quests for It cotn-
the diggings where al Ithe exciter-cm   markablc. ���"E from  Argentina   even,
has been created.   Pome men Intend to      nn one occasion he stood In the Ice       "���N,v  department has  worked to In
mush from Prince Rupert In aB much   cold  stream  of an   Alpine  river  with   ,,ire ,he protection of all food  prod-
as a shorter route has been discovered   the water up to hls middle while hia
hut it  will tnke more tlm" to get  In! whole    brigade    waded    through    the
thnn   by   going   part   of   the   way   by [water,     He   knew     exactly   how     to
  rail. handle the French soldier by word and
and other properties, taking In an area '���    A  number of unemployed  men  on ; example, and enjoyed great popularity
of 25 claims, hal been maSe through !thp ooa8, l,re now"  Preparlnc for the|W(j renown in tbe barracks.
- ��� ���   - -�����- rush, and during the next few weeks I    it was General de Negrler who sup- I
tt is expected that a similar stampede 'pressed with a stem hand ln 1KS1 the
to thst witnessed  when the men  get \ insurrection In South Algeria. To de-
away for the Shushanna will be again   atroy  the  prophet's tomb,  which  had
witnessed. been the centre of the revolt, he had
 11, undermined with dyn.mite and connectedly electrically with his camp at
a   distance   gays   the     London     Mall.
When all was ready General de Neg-
Coqultlam Municipality.
Please lake note that ths effL-es of th*
above   municipality   are  pttuated  on   tin-
flu   Kiver   Road.   Miull..-���*'���. Ill-
A    IIAI.IIiritTON.
.     . ��,      ���,,,   .,���   ��� _,  ������,       New Imported Fall Suitings now OA
nets  from   files  and  dirt,  and   In  our       ��� g" o_.ie.__i   m    ....t
efforts t, keen food clean, we hate ��lipta��. 8�� the:,, Perfect fit and
nroeecuted <f76 persons for violations workmanship guaranteed. I'rlecs from
of the state's pure food laws   We have | $18.00 up.    701   I
i Street
the British Columbia Mining Exchange j
SIX-ROOM new cement block houae. extra
large lot in lawn anil stone fenced, situate   Jusi   off   Kingsway.   i'rice   only
��*-.300.     Very attractive terms.
NOTE���These two houses were built for
homes und are offered at a price less
than what the material and labor coat
to huild ihem. regardless of the valuable
properties upon which thoy lire erected.
WRITE P. 0. BOX ir.4. CITY.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
NOTICE is hereby given that Oeorge
Richard l.ov.*. of tbe Municipality of Burnaby. Province of British Columbia, Contractor and Itullder. has hy deed dated lh>-
���.th day ol September, A. !>   191?.. assign-
��� i) i" me, Th.en.iH starch Annandale, Hart
'ii.**-. City of New Westminster, Province
..f liriimh Columbia, llroker, in trust for
Ihe benefit of all hls creditors, all his real
ind personal property, credits and effects
which may bo seised or sold or attached
onl. r exocution oi the Execution Act or
attachn enl
And further take notice that all tx-rsons
having claims against the sahl Insolvent
are required to deliver the wane* duiv ver!-
t-..i ��� . me at my office. Hart Bloak, Cltv
of New NVeHtmlnstsr, on or before the -_-th
��� <!���. ��� ��� ���'������ .pi��� imber, A   n . 1918, nfier wblch
��� I.it. ���*��� s.i-.t assignee wlll proceed to dls-
trlb ���    the pr teds of the snld estate hnv-
���ig regard only to such claims as have
l��m   duly filed with him
A meetlmt of the creditors of the said
���:��� -.���>���. R I ,. i Love win b.* held at mv
-"������ n.l-- Block. 1-orne street. New
iter ii r. on Thursday, He-
"5th dai of September, a. D��� I9U, at ths
' oui . : t o'clock in th* afternoon foi tie-
giving "1 directions with reference to the
dim������.-. i '���< the osttite.
Dated tew nth dav of September, A, I>.
T'-uM-*-: s-ffucti  UNNANDALB.
���'���it  Block, New Wesiminster. B. C..
<2*r.:. Assignee
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster,
By virtue of a distress warrant
issued in an action by Pearson's
Limited, and to mc directed against
the goods and chattels of Seabold k
Jones, 1 have seized and taken the
following: All the furniture, bedding,
carpets, linoleum, etc., in sixty-three I
bedrooms and halls In the Dominion
hotel, and all the tables, chairs, cutlery, glasaware, crockery, show cases,
stock ln trade, linen, cooking range,
utensils, etc.. in the Iloyal cafe, corner
of Sixth and Columbia streeta, New
Westminster, B.C.
All of which I shall expoBe for sale
at Pearson's Limited building, corner
Sixth and Columbia streets, on Friday, the 20th day of September. A.D.
1913, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the
September 17th, 1913.
T. J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff,
HailifT for the Landlord.
Terms of Sale Cash. (2084)
Kaslo, B. C, Sept. 19.���There have
been upwards of $500,000 spent in the
development of the property of the
Canadian Marble works at Marblehead
up to the present time, and the indications are calculated to Inspire confidence In the ultimate success of the
venture. At present the work ls being carried on in a conservative manner with a force of about 10 men.
Last week four huge blocks of marble were taken out. These were almost perfect blocks, the largest measuring well over 100 cubic feet. Thla
product In the rough is worth $2 per
foot and when sawn for ornamental
building purposes brings $10 per cu-
| ble foot. The tunnel where the quar-
' Tying is being done is so large as to
"[receive its lighting from the daylight.
and is about 30 feet wide, 20 feet high
and has been driven straight In about
���80 feet. The produot now encountered
Is said to be the best yet produced,
from its comparative freedom from
"beads" or seams, which may or may
not prove serious imperfections when
the marble is sawn. A drill hole driven
down almost perpendicularly to a
depth of 140 feet shows the marble deposit to be sound and good to that
depth. The whole situation Is said to
he most encouraging and gives good i t)it
hopes that a permanent industry w1!l|gav
n, o��� ."77     .wi.      u ._. 'rler pressed the button while he was
Tacoma   Sept. 19.-Although the au-  takjnv   coffe���   w���h   h|g  offlcer_   ���������
thorities have scoured  Pierce county  bl���w       ,he ahr|n,.    A number ���f na.
and neighboring districts for the last Uyeg  p,.,^^.!   *n  tn,.  r���|n9.
forty-eight hours, they are unable  to |    DurlnK forced mgrch(.8 when he waa
J. H. Todd's Music House
41t Columbia  Street, Nsw Wsstmlnstsr.
Singer  Sewlnf   Machines.    Small  Muaical Geo,.- ef all  Kinds. PHONE  6��4
find any owner for the $3500 herd cf a coionPi he refused to ride, but would
registefew thoroughbred heifers drlv- WBlk at thH roar ,lf h)9 r,.Bimt.nt with
en into this city Tuesday by a "cattle a knife, ready to cut the badges of
rustler." This afternoon It looks as if rank rrom the sleeves of nny non-com-
the sheriff's office will have to catch missioned officer who fell behind.
the  thief  to  learn   the  owner's   iden- j Duel With a Minlater.
tl ty. |    A real soldier of the old school. Gen-
All stock ranches    within    striking eral de  Negrler fought a duel a  few-
distance  of  Tacoma   have  been   noti-  years   ago   with   General   Andre,   ex-
fied.   but  so  far   none  of  them   have  minister of war.   De Negrler, says Undiscovered any loss from tlieir herds.   London  Chronicle,  took    the    matter
The  "rustler"  who  stole the cattle qui e  serlouBly.  and   asked
i_ .i-_ ....,-���i.,��� nn,i ,i-av_ th���m   weaDona   should   be   army     ,
bullets, and   that  the
709 Colombia St. Westminster Trust Bids;.
  that    the
early In the morning and drove them .weapons   should   be   army     revolvers
into Tacoma in hroad daylight, disao-.loaded  with  alx
peared   after   trying   to  sell   the   _,il -combatants   should   stand   at   a   dia
mala  to  the  Carstens   Packinc  eom-tance of ten yards.    As General  An-
���      -      -   ���    g.|j|  af  dre's secondB refused to accept theae
pany   for
the plant
$800.    Tin;  herd   ia
when  he did
Negrler re
very unusual conditions
meet  General 'Andre,   Pe
fuaei|  to  fire.
The military correspondent of the
London Telegraph. In an appreciation
of the dead DOldler says: "De Negrler
waa    a    great    student,    and    nrolifk i
  writer   of   military   science,     lie   dlf i
logging camp at Twelve Mile and   fer* il. however, frnm the fundamental
h evidence o( the need   if a  principles  which  have  heen  officially
Slocan City, Sept. 19.-Another scons accident occurred on Tuesday a'
result from the work.   The Industry is I doctor In Sloccti City.    Mr. l.ane, who  adopted   ...   ���    -.   ...-
'���  ��� with hls wife,   trmy, and hla theories on the Questions
of flre tncticB, shock, and the handling
of l.fai'try In general do not commend
financed by Winnipeg capitalists.
 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^m**********t^^^^^^*t***t*J^   t1"'  ('tli,'rH  "f  **
waa llvini; at ihat place^^^^^^^^^
wae struck by a lag coming down the
log shute, and his leg was hadlv bro-  	
ken. He was brought down to Sh, n themselves to the rising generation of
l-nn the boat and taken to the hotel. M , French leaders,
Spokane. Sept. 18���Mrs, K B. Owen, -f'li.uph, barlnv the story lake In his I He wan nlways readv to make new
who recently asked that a divorce ac- lluunch. to go to Twelve Mile t. p'ck friends, nnd was as modest as he was
tlon be dismissed against her husband, i up Dr. lirousc who had been wired to'distinguished. To any ofTicer whom
J. J. Owen, a wealthy lumberman. I from that place. The doctor had been he
when testimony was Introduced at the , unable to arrive and   Mr. dough
recognized   as    tx    real  soldier  he
. I would   spare neither time nor trouble
Tcnflcru sirA invlteii up to anil including
s��-pt cith for Rule of grocery bnsmesa
consisting <.r stock, furniture, hulldlng -md
property situated in K*-cih w.-��tminater
nnd lately operated bv Simon Svendaen.
i;si_i New tVestmlttstar,
trial  before Judge Bruce Illake showing   that   Mr,   Owen   h-_,d   played   hide
and seek with his niece, was grunted j
a  divorce  yesterday   by   Judge  lv   II. I
The trial yesterday was shorn of all.
sensational features as th" complaint I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^which   was  filed   yeaterday   afternoon :
._ ,,     ,   .       , Iroerely  announced   that   Mrs.    Owen
Notice is hereby given    tbat an ap- wfohed   a   divorce,  charging   that  her!
plication   will  be  made  to  the   Board  husband deserted her In August, 1912,
of License Commissioners for thc City   am] had  refused to live with her.
of New   Westminster at   their  sitting.      The  attorneys  announced     that     a
to be held on the Kith day of Decern   property     settlement   had   been   made
ber. 1913, or    at    any  meeting    prior which   wns   satisfactory   to   both   eon]
thereto  that   the  application   can    be testants. Mr*. Owens testified that her
heard, for a transfer of the license to :husband     had    deserted   her     W    I)
sell liquor by retail Issued  in respect   Owen, president of the Owen Lumber
of  the  Merchants   Hotel,   In   the  City '.company, bother of Mr. Owen, testified
of  New   Westminster,   B.C.,   from   tho:that his brother had deserted his Sjla-
holders, Paul Root and J. A. Malm, to  ter-ln-law and that lhey could not he
the said J. A. Malm. reconciled.)
Dated this 20th day of August, A.D. ���    The Owen eaae  recently    attracted
! much attention when Mrs. Owen filed
j-anit naming her niece, Mias Bawley, In
I the case. Owing to
! brought out at the hearing it wns de-
! elded to have the case dismissed the
second day after the trial opened.
The property settlement, reade out
of court. Is said to divide tho prop
erty eiiually between the couple. Mrs.
Owen formerly held a large amount of
the shares In the Owen Lumber company, of which her husband was the
The couple were married at Bessemer,  Mich., In 1K90.
turned alone. Mr. Anderson, however,
j attended temporarily to the broken
i limb and Mr. Lane sp"tit a falrlv com-
fnrtable night, being tal. to the New-
Denver hospital on the arly boat on
��� Wednesday  morning.
in   e.xtilaitiinir  h's   views.
Negrler loved   Kngland.
General   de
J. A.  MALM.
License Holders.
Would Send Train Through
on  Tour.
London, Kept. 18.- An exhibition on
v.ieels iB lhe lutes', project on foot for
bringing    liritish    manufacturers be-
| fore  the  people of Canaih     The  Idea
Mb   to   tiuv  a  train   and   stock   Itw   Ith
'British   products,   and   send   It   on   an
|ain-on continuous run extending over
;four   yeOH   from   the  Atlantic   to   tin
Pacific   it:   Canada.     The  chamber  ol
commerce In London which has taken
jthe Initlatlv    In the matter is nov lie-
Igotlstlug   with   IS   of     the     priii'-'pal
the    testimony ic,hi,n'UrH throughout the United King-
B.C. Coast Service
Vsaut* Vancouver for Victoria !��� ���, m
'.' p. tn. and 11 :46.
I-eavee Vancouver for Beattla IS *. m.
and n p. tn.
I_enve�� Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 a.m.
���iid 6 *Se p.m.
Leave* Vancouver for Prince Rupert
end Norther- iv,irit�� 1�� n m W-sdnes
tiny,   und   Battiiduys  st   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
leaves Chllllwack I s. m. Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves   Weetninaier   I   s,  in.   stnnday
v. i^tnewluy and Friday.
UD. OOULET. Agent,  Ni�� Wc-rtmli-Stsr j
li.  W   IMQVlxm, Q. P. A~ Vanoouver.
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries aad
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster ls coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Weatmlnster Trust Block.
Another Touring Auto Drops Down
Aosta, Italy, Kept. 18.--A motor car
accident occurred yesterday near the
little St. Bernard pass. A car owned
by an American traveling from Aosta
to Savoy, when some three miles from
the pass, fell from the road and plunged Into a ravine 600 feet deep. The
occupants, Mrs. Beverly Duer nnd her
son, Mrs. Smith, and the chauffeur,
whose name Is unknown, were thrown
out and miraculously dropped on a
ledge 60 feet below the level of the
| rond.
Assistance quickly arrived and Ihe
..travelers were taken In a motor car
I to the hospice. Mrs. Smith had two
j ribs fractured and numerous bruises,
while Mrs. Duer was suffering from a
jpractured leg The two other occupants of the car were slightly Injured.
(The cor itself wus Bmashed to pieces.
Pioneer Fireman of Portland, Ore., Is
Portland, Ore.. Sept. Ill William
A. Lambert, a pioneer volunteer fire-
jman, and for 27 years a patient In St.
i Vincent's hospital in Portland, died to-
| day. lie had been a patient In the hos-
irdtal so long that the oldest nurse tn
Ithe Institution does not remember
1 when he came there, nnd for the last
lien years h" lived In a wheel chair.
During ml these years he had heen
(kept by the sisters of the hospital,
while his clothing and tobacco were
supplied by the ofd Vol inteer Kidmen's association l-fimhert sustained an Injury to the spine Just after
the volunteer firemen were rnceeeded
by the paid fire department end from
that date to his death was practically
He had no relatives.
Walla Walla, Wash.. Sept. 19.���Mrs.
Alire   0.   Chamberlain,   founder   of
Whitman college, who died at Lewis-
ton Monday, was burled here this aft-
Dominion ernoon. the funeral service being conducted l.y the Hev. s ii. L. Penrose
Mrs. Chamberlain was the widow of
the late Kev B P. Chamberlain, with
whom she settled In IXM In Portland.
On-., where the Rev, Mr Chamberlain
had charge of the Congregational
church. Later lhey removed to Walla
Walla, where the Itev. Mr. Chamberlain erected a church, which was de-
Itoryed by fire In 1K6S. Another
elmrch was erected by subscription
and given lo him, but he later deeded
It to the Congregational association.
On locating In Walla Walla Mrs.
Chamberlain found no schools here
and prepared to educate her children
at home. She was persuaded to take
In other piipllii and her class finally
grew In attendance until school was
held In the church building After
the destruction of this building another structure was erected on the
Whitman grounds, which finally became Whitman seminary, with the
Hev. Mr. Chamberlain as Its first superintendent. Pat her Pushing Bets
'ster succeeded as superintendent nnd
Wli'im-i college originated from this
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX   44?
Washington. Sept. 19. -flabe E.
Parker, a choc-tow Indian of Academy,
Okla., the flrsl man of hls race to b"
register of ihe treasury, was sworn
Into office loday. Hls signature wlll
appear on all currency and he declares he regards hls appointment as
a signal  recognition of thc red man.
Realty and Stock Dealers Have Remedy In Their Hsnds.
The Chicago correspondent of Ihe
Boston News Bureau contributes the
following lo that publication: Vice-
President Hulhurt. nt Merchants' I_oan
& Trutt, says: "Crooked bond men
who sell socurtles In which they would
ii"t thetnielve'.i Invest lire the cause of
this widespread demand for state commissions to regulate the sale of bonds
Itemove the causes for this demand
nnd the bond business will be greatly
"In this country people arc waking
up and making Investigations and demanding them to be made, so that the
buyer may not bo entirely at the
mercy of the seller.
"The 'blue sky' laws, which aro pro-
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News. ���jATURDAY,   8EPTEMBER   20,   1311.
South Africa to nurse the sick anil
wounded proved so IneRlclcnt. Their
Intentions were the best In the world
uiul no doubt had lhey been able to at -
tend the sufferers In well iqulpppfl
hospitals and Sanitariums Ibey would
have done very well    Hut with all the
_____ _________ i Inconveniences   llley   were   forced     t'i
I endure they proved to b<\ ut least. In
Clrowth   In   Population  Increases City III OWrespondi to the stock exchange | soma   cases,   so   Incapable   that   tliey ; Conco    Chief
Values���Farm Lands Hsve Not
Yet Reached Their Limit.
Wllh    One    Eye    and
Smallpox Pitted Map Has a Well-
Filled Harem.
iKUinbllnK which goes on In older coun-   really needed cam themselves and one
l Ties during periods of expansion. Pot brutal doctor told several uf them that
I the  past IS  months   at  least.  It  has j tbe best   thing they could do was  to
j boen  generally   recognized  that spec- j sail home.
������ - I Gallon In western Suburban values has i Many Notable Exceptions.
(From Ijiinlnii Tin.��� i I been overdone and a steady presusre      Of  course  there   were    exceptions,
11  ���"���"���*' ii-.uulnst It has been exerolssd both byfl.ndv Sarah Wilson proved herself an
rue  inflation or land  values    In Ithe banks and by the most respoasl-l excellent nurse under    all    clrcum-
< uuailii   lias   been  one  of  the   strong-   ble newspapers of the country. The ef- * stances and  l.ailv  Randolph Churchill
est POlnta of the attack on the stabll-   feetl  of this are already apparent.  I | nursed her recently divorced husband
ity  or Canadian  conditions,    n    is was told the other day ttot real estate |hack to health and waa very useful ln many years, and boasts about the fin
easy to quota extravagant examples. I advertising in  the  western  newspa- the hospital, as,manv of the doctors last collection of royal mates in tht
I    is also    very    easy to exaggeerate' nrs had  fallen off by  something  like i would   testify   for   slie   waa   untiring
their    importance      To   n    great    ex - , fi'i  per cent. j nnd endured  nil the discomforts  w'th
tent  land  values In -i particular town1, Naturally Increased Vsluss. |a Sheer;  optimism   which   helped   the
nr  il strict   are   merely   a   matter    of;    Hide by side with Ihls gambling in-   patients bs  well a:: those  In  author-
bookkeeping,       I'or    lnst-iiice,     If    ���   Hiitlim, there has been a better ]ustl-   Ity.
manufacturing company oocuples   tan|fled Increase in the values of sites in     on the whole, however, thc society
"Wives! More wives!" cries the
Hlack Solomon of the Congo, who haB
ben a matrimonial  cunnoiseur    these
BOO of the gender feminine whom he
supports in th-e luxuries of palmetto
girdles, much of their favorite tallow
' " '""   '    ""   '"   "' ' ""   ' '   """"    ""    �� *"    '"    world.    This assiduous    marital    per-I
former  is  l.iipungu, chief r.t the   [ia- j
songl. and one of the most powerful j
rulers In thu Congo.
The last census of l.upungu's house-
with iis establishments, being th larger towns, ns a natural eons* of ministering angels did not prove a1!,1,0,1,'1 disclosed jwmethlng more   than
Itself l ie owner of the land, ll  makes quence or their Increase In trade and   grent  success. "" ' ' ' '" "	
no essential difference to Its position population.     Some     authorities     hold ,     Sinn, then there has been great en-
Whether the vail f the land Is sup- thai lure, ton. values have been raised i ll'i'si'ism In  regard  to the Ued Cross
|i"*-ei| to lie a thousand or a hundred too  hlirli.  while  others  declare    that   training and work, and  when war be.: face cream and never stints them on
thousand dollars au acre    n  affects they will be maintained and even go tween Turkey and the Balkan allies '"J1*1* ���rll|KH and ear trinkets.
the appearance of the bal.mee sheet, higher. No doubt ".iere will he five In- ! broke out nnv number of volunteer In appearance l.iipungu is a villain-
I,n' not the productiveness nr profits I atlon* In values In places like Winni- nurses went to help the sufferers on one-looking chap, having but one eye,
of    tbe    going    concern.    This argu-   Peg nnd   Vancouver,  perhaps even   In   both aides and a complexion  pitied  by   the  rav-
mcni holds good for an land occupied Toronto snd Montreal, such aa would! The society here i�� divided into de-iages of smallpox, He came into af-
in* Its owners for manufacturing or les readily occur In the old establish- jtachmente tor the different counties,Ifluence through s war he waged
trading   or   residential   purposes. ��1 and Slow-grnwlng cities of Europe,   '"'d each one Is headed by a president I against his own  father.    He crowded
I'v   If   land   values  are  unduly  in-   Bul In fuch cities well situated prop-  There are now about 47i> of these ile-:the paler from the family hearth and
nated; If property   exchanges   hands|erfv mul| always have ������ substantial tachmonta, and the women who com-.appropriated no less than fifty of his
lively on  the    inflate.!    values:.1':''""  Irrernectlve    of    tbelr    fu'ure :noie  them   get  a  certain  amounl   of'favorite  rraus,  and  he's  been   Indus-
��� i the i ellera treal the purch
us  profll   whloh  they can  spend    In i-'''1 wih is a certalntl
personal   luxury   or   in   other   unpro-   maj  vary.
the   purchasers!    The nrloe of lands
a price  growth; and. hiimanlv speaking, future   tr-iini'ig ln i-ii'-h work as would I
duct've waya; while
though It rate
xcepl In Ilriiish
S re.
quired In case ot war.
Th"  Princess ftnyal  Is president o!
County or London association, and
���'""   I *" with the nscessltv of earning 1 Columbia,  where  there  are    special I though she very seldom gives 1
the Interest on tbe inflated valu
there is, of course, s re:ii sourc of
i ilsi hlf and a nosslbillty nf danger to
ihe rinanolal situation To some ox-
tent this process bus gone on In Pan.
ada, but in I to a erent extent     Ther��
an* nol manv trading concerns which
have ii rtouslj burdened themselves
by acquiring real estate In nnv
-quantity at top value. Much p'oii-
env baa been written up in value,
would not affect its productive
caoaclty,    Most  or  tlm  buying
��� Ilitl-C ill the towns has been of r>"i-
rtentlal filer, and when such slu-s
bat '���   come   into   the   bands   of ul-
Ste purchaser, who Intends to oc-
<np> and not ti) Bell again, a fall In
value hns little practical effect So
rnr   :i,   lhey   remain   In   the   hands  i>r
speculators a collapse In values would
a!Ti:-' ihem Hnt li should be remembered that tbe hanks in Canada
nr" forbidden by law  to lend  money
"ii f: urlty or real estate,   Thus
ths greatest ilarjger from the eollauss
ol land i.iiues. vi?.. that
n-r per-
i,nnl services anywhere outside of her
rcumstanees ���can harillv  be s--id to
have become Inflated, owing, no doubt.
to the immense quantity available In
the prairie nrovlncea, land or ths best -""l'e or lur avertton to making an
quality, fnlrlv accessible to the rail- ; appearance In public, rhe ever takes
wav, c-ii he I -n-'ht a' n price ranging]'1 eioeo Interest in the work or the
from t'O'. to jr.o an acre, and  since society.
������e- llttlo -����oendtture Is required to l-ndv Ampthlll, who Is In '"h a mo or
nial" it prcductlve, the oroflts of two Bedfordshire, hns bad some training
cr three coed years will still nay for j 'n medicine, though she never took a
)*<* land Th' continued Immigration ' degree, and under her unflagging zeal
nt Vmnrlcnn formers is ihe besl proof 'hs detachment is growing   all   the
trlOUSly   building   around   his   nucleus
ever Blnce. |
Before Lupdngu was able to get j
strictly on the Job ot wife collecting!
be was forced to perfect himself in |
the  OCCUlt���at   least affect  the  dress j
Immediate   ramlly;   partly   because  ol  of   lllf,   ���,,,.-   aml   th���   my8t|c   master
I"       i:-..*.-|-i.-i:    li.   .'th    .1*1    partly    he-   of  wlt(,hf,R      H,,   boSSted   but   One   ev-
at the time, us a result of a youthful
combat  with  one  other  cf  his  dad's
I   "i
t f->j)>! values In the Canadian west
i���m not vet been raised to an exces-
slve figure
many offspring.
i.upungu dressed himself un in fantastic garb and insisted that his ab
sent -eye gave him a power over
witchery. He made things merit
around the roval camp uniil his father, tiring of his claims to attention,
chased him from the reservation. Hut
l.iipungu managed to trot out his
witching proclivities to the sa'isfac
Girl Sought by Relatives Is Astonished liol> cf several hundred dissatisfied
at Their  Alarm, young men of the community, and to-
tbe position of the hanks, does not ex
i.-t  in this country
A short time ago one of the shrewd- i
���   '  n In eastern Canada was asked
wha' w ulil happen If a crash came In
town ff values. He though! s moment, then replied "Nothing, except
thst .a coed many people would tlri'l
thej were not so r!'-h as they thought
up ������'  lhe  situation
Speculation  In  New  Pisces.
Ii'ii tbe .-iiicry against the Inflation
ft ! ;i.l values has not been caused
by th" increase or values In the can
Seattle, Sept   id     "What d'ye mean  gether  they  hiked to another Jungle
.I'm   missing? I'm  married,"  announc-   rendezvous.
_ led  16-ycar-old  Iva Thompson, of Kv-:     There he made the acquaintance   of
Ppirp    fin   U/AQ erctt, yesterday    when    Informed    by   Arab traders,  assisted them   in  manv
iLnV/L    Ull    TT All I Minds here.that a newspaper account i ways and obtained moral support and
jhad stated that the police were seek-  a few gross of firearms.   Forthwith he
 Og a "missing girl" of her name and,��''ilc<1   into  his  father's domain    and
i [description      Then   she   hastened   to  sent him scurrying off Into the brush-
t mav affect   Titled  Lady  and  Sewing   Maid  Show I till   her  uncle.  E   It.   Sturgis.  or  the   lands   with  little  more  than  a spear
What They Can Do in Field
Cooking and Nursing.
university district, and he. in turn, no-   and a burdensome array  or    anklets
���ified the police and Ivory wrist bands.
Miss Thompson disappeared from I Furthermore he installed himself as
iher home in Everett, July in last. She I chief of Hasongl. and he has been
came to Seattle and married Clyde ichleflng It ever since���at least In the
Bennington, aged 17, also of Everett, time he could spare from musing over
s one ] Kelatlves at  Everett  notified the Se-   the merits of frequent batches of fern
The 1{< d Cross so'iety,  -hich
nf th.* mosl  democratic Institution of  attle   authorities  of   the   girl's   disap-, inlty that his trusty cohorts rounded
Q rest'Britain, had  a remarkable dls-   neartince  and   for two  months, mem-   up in the midnight social calls on the
Is almost sn adequate summing   l>'��.   lately. In which tilled ladies and  hers   of   the   local   police   force  have  neighbors
working women showed what they heen on the lookout for the girl Only ; Hut i.urnngn annarentlv is satisfied
.ould do in the way of fit-Id cooking yesterday did fhe learn that she was w|th his lot for he readily pays the
and- nursing. being sought. . ,ax   of   32   P,,nt8   rn   each   spoils   de
in   the   books   of   the   society   the      Mr.  and  Mrs   Hannington are stay-1man(jed  by the state   then sees to It
Duchess    of    Montrose    and    Sarah ' |ng with the girl's uncle ln this city.      that his beloved subjects gather the
tral   districts of  the  larger  towns  so  Brown,  maid, or  Biddy  Smith,    cook.;   robber gum a trifle more asglduouslv
mi-rh as bv a gambling "boom" In sub- : may be registered nexl to each olher.' PREMIER TO RETURN !and bear - corner 0f royaltv'g burden.
���urban lots, which has particularly ar- : ff>f there Is no distinction except that BY NOVEMBER  FIRST j 	
fr-cied   western   Canada      Th"   extra-   of   knowledge   and   efficiency,   nnd   Ini 	
ordinarily  rapid growth  of th" towns   *   hMtlly  Improvised  camp  the really!     Vlcterla. Sept. 19.-Sir Richard Mc-
there begat an optlmtlstio spirit which  owhle nurse or cook  Is mnn- valu-   Bride  Is  expected  to  arrive  back  In
led   mery   village to look   upon   itself   *lt-'!e than all the iltles in the world.     : Victoria  by the beginning of N'ovem-
as the nucleus of a great cltv     The;     "Wr regard the work ot the British   her, and on his way here he will fill-
medus operandi ot the boom Is as fol- ' Red  Cross'soclety ns an  efficient an-   fill his engagement at the conference
low*.        Sneculators     buy     up     farm|*wer  to   the   antl-SttfTrave     argument    nf Canadian premiers, which is sched-
land*  in  the  vicinity of     son-e prom-   Men   an'   prepared   to   fight   for   the'r   pled for October 2'> at Ottawa.
Ising   township   at   a   few   dcl'ars   ��u  country,   bvr   what   can   women   do?"j    it   was expee-ed   when  the  premier
,v them out as town sites, dl- j ��1''* ,'a'1>' Arthur (irnsvrr.nr the otheVtook his departure  for Great  Britain
vide them Into "hulldlng lots." ten of. da ' that   his stay  would   not   be quite so
which may go to the acre, a-"d start an , Under the auspices of the Bed Cross |ong as circumstances have rendered
pilv..e.'-nie campaign to sell these to 'society cf (Ireat Britain a scheme for it. since his arrival In London, Eng-
"Investors." generally at a fltst��n��<e, the organization of voluntary aid has land, he has been In constant com-
The offer of a building let lor Jinn in been set on root which would supple- munlCStiOn with the other members of
the nelehborhfwd Of what Is snld la be menl the Territorial Medical service ;the government and according to lat-
�� rapidly growing towi looks Mke a .and th" Idea has been taken up withies! advices the above statement is-
che'an  speculation  to tho    small    In-   lhe greatest  Interest.    Kvery country  made.
vest��r in eastern Canada, or. perhaps,   town and vlllare may eventually ba'"      Sir  Richard   wenl   tn Great  Britain
i*a Great  Britain     At 'he same time. ! It own well trained voluntary detach-   with a view to interesting more cap-
Chief Justice Hunter's Decision to Be
Appealed���Working  Under
Ancient Otatute.
Victoria. Sept. 13.���The rccnt decision of Chief Jusilce Hunter relative
to Sunday trading will be tested by an
t   leavea  a   verv  handsome   profit  to ' ment   prepared   to   give   careful   and   itnl In the province, ond It Is believed |appeai to the court of appeals at Its
 '" '"     ! that tirron his return home he will he | n_xl sitting8 in November. The Retail
n   position   to   make   a   gratifying t Prolcctlve association, which was be-
ihc town site vendor    lf the partlcu
lar town happens to erow, as Edmonton   or  Saskatoon   hsve  grown,   lha
pur-harer "'ay get his money back,
perh.-'.ps with a lart-e p'oflt But '���:
th**-'"*. o.aps not nt f'-iif be -^-ill n-ci.-
nblv Mnd In 'he end that his "h��JH.
lng lot" hrs no more than an agricultural value.
Th'- sort ef gambling harmful ns It
--p.. ho fnr '*���* moment. Inasmuch as
It leads to allround eTtr--n��rince. and
to the efcwth of * na'-sltl-at class of
,,-���-,.!-������ |n >--.t IIVMv '-i oc-mnnont-
ly i'i lure the nrosperlty of tb" country.
valuable mrvlne
For Peace or War. In
The   Ted   Crocs   officials   point   out   statement
thai their training Is of inrinlt" value , trip.
In ponce as well ns **fnr.    it In'silo   a.
I'lowlcdce  or  how   to  act   ln   sudden
"-i-rpencics, a knowledge just as valuable In cs��e of a rallwav collision, a
motor -ccif'ent or an epidemic as in
-est or battle.
l-nte-ei-t In the British Hed Cross so-
"ictv has grown very much stronger
In England since the South African
war and this probably because many
er the society women who went out to
as   to   the   result of   his
hind the derence In the recent case
against A. Laity, clerk for Thomas
Gough, cigar dealer, will carry on the
appeal, which will be brought by way
of a case under the act of Charles II.
The association will seek a decision
as to whether the amendment of 1888
allowing trading on Vancouver islam)
is good or not. It will be argued that
there can be no prosecution under th"
Charles II, act. because cf the 188S
amendment, lf the court rules that
Doctors Tske No Further Stock In It 'this  stand  Is  well  taken,  lt  will b-
ruling contrary to the recent dec slon
of Chief Justice Hunter.   II not It will
and Innoculated Cases Ars Not
Being Watched.
determine thc status of that act In
respect to Sunday obsirvance with Its
much more severe provisions than
thue contained iu thc Dominion sta
tiite c' 10.1.
ln    the    meantime, one man, who
claims that he is acting wholly from
Montreal, Sept. ID.���No effort Is he'
ing mnde now nor has there been for
some time, to keep track of the
Friedmann patients.    Speaking to Dr. jthe standpoint of fair play and against
Su-i.L Indueemsnts to   Youna   Men I patch   him   promptly   to   the   private  Eugene (Ircnler this morning, a press  what he al'eges Is. under the 1 .ord'*-
Specisl Indueemsnts to    voung   m.    g^^* golMted Mr him.    One special I representative was Informed that    If Day act, discriminating In the enforce-
Who Wish to Go on the Lend In
Southern Commonwealth.
As n samplo of tho businesslike
methods being adopted by Australia
to Increase the total of its farmers',
the   following  outline  given  to    the
advantage of the scheme is that tt
government   give   their countenance,
and  the active  supervision  of their
officials and experts, to the lads sent
out under fits provisions.
Local Intersst,
Australian boys themselves are now
there should be a cure, tbe Friedmann I ment of the observance of the Sab
serum would not be credited with It. bath, has been busy securing evidence
For,'' said he, "the patients    gave
up hope in the cure a long time ago,
and asked to be given again the regular treatment for tuberculosis. Having taken the regular treatment both
to be used in esses to be brought un
der the act of Charles II. He has sub
mltted this evidence to his solicitor,
and application will bs made to Magistrate Jay for a summons ln each case.
prior and subsequent to the Innocula- if the summonses are Issued, cons-id-
., r ii ,..,>���. oiimne kiv-u u. t,,., *olnR on *he 'and ?uc,h ���or�� reB(,llv tlon. It Is only right that this treat- 'erably over one hundred cases will be
Inn-no stindart_ o"theT^ms of   U.e|��>�� '�� ��"> f��* having much more'ment be   lwn ���le cred|t an(| not th���|cal|ed in the poUce court. These case,
I .ondon Standard of th.  nims_ir   '. - ! readltv than ln the nast. havtna found gerum.   of course, w�� have lost sight' apply to practically every line of busl-
of the great bulk of the Innoculated | ness. which, under the Lord's Day act,
patlente. with the result that we could are apparently legal. His desire Is to
not give even a rough report upon anv 'have the act of Charlea II. enforced to
caee. aa not ono haa been under   the the limit, though whether he le desir-
l.ondon Standaro o mo ��"���������� "�� | readily than ln the past, having found
special fund committee, as given oy , ^ ^ ���fe ,g healthler and nr<v
the under secretary for'WWIilM of, mMiy ���trMt|oM and fo���|Wlt.
thn state of New South Wales, Is m-;^ ^ |(4 who ���ave no ,���,, for
terosllng: I clerical work and other cltv occupa-
"Th�� .r,i?.8.��a��� Mrtlc'ularly anx-' U01-*'   But the trustees realising that ���Vlred surv"elTlance." 'ous that the obsolete penalties pre-
.....1^ S^ftoetomKon of ������� "Tf1"" ,?' ,oca'r  *Py�� from 'h,e     Dr. B. S. Harding of the Poyat Kd -i scribed therein shall be enforced, is
Ious to encourage the immigration       AurtlmMjl|, cltleB ,0-vartg the   and Is ward ln8tltute expressed similar views
*  _,     __.-_._l_.     kin    i-nntiati     _as>A     n'llllrirT    in _, ._..._._ _.
fXit,, wil sit^assistance to no \*** ���*"*���* ��lg ��no��*h "c �����SS5 �� ��nd *M** th���� *��� eiPec,���� *�� ����"
"?['��� b._.._i .SSn* Thev prefer to !'"">��'a,���� ���� **** tro��� Gr**�� Brltaln. no more of Friedmann or his cur*.
Ct1*. S'jnt ti'teJdvearsTo IZ who lwho wl" nel' ,n let,V,ln.B th<L. P"!1 "Friedmann Is dead," he said, "and
?et Ud" aJaJa i���c��ntt"on for rural ��'��tP ��' N��w 8outh Wales-whlch la , hopo we do not hear an m0Tt) of
mS*.!_i12 !hoi"thS*th?y hsvet" nesrly three times as large as the Mmv innocullted paUents ire all un-
ht.\,n 2* nec^ssaiV love for It At ^���i*'** Wj-fAwh there are still der regtlUr tre8tment now."
Sht the gov^rnm^nt can *e ' re- ��n��ny million acre, awaiting the In BenfraI ^.^.t upon the wW^
5     ^.-r...t__14 of which the true  plough." I plague. Dr. Orenler sUted  that the
?_iLJfir��v half   They undertske to j    The possibilities of agricultural ex- only hope at preeent In battling with
t,����� win n�� imr.  >   __, Mdi   ������...������ i��� ��i.�� am.th ��wie�� .rn lm- it la a better education of the patient
and also of the physician,"���with a
view to an early diagnosis," he added.
.     .1,., i-,i nn h<a arrival and des   panslon.ln New South aWles are lm-
^i_ffMft^*����WJ__1 Mr AndeTn "���,��� ���w"0
For thos��� ;wft"an afford and deelre heslUUpn In   r^mmendlng plucky
to get an HyBU-allan education In agriculture theyVlll give */�����'�� ln;
structlon with board and lodging at
one of the government farm ��0h0����
free of cost, and at the end of hn
yoar wlll find suitable work for the
lad at the current rate of wages.
"If, however, the lad cannot afford
io give another year to his technical
education they will find him work Immediately upon his arrival and dee-
enterprising leds to take advantage ot
this offer, and "change their sky, but
not their flag." by becomln��*��olonlsts
under the British flag in ono ot the
most progressive and homely parts of
the empire. No Industrious and thrifty
settler has ever failed n that   state.
Handa Up I
Grand Itnolds, Mich., Sept. 18.���Two
robbers, with drawn revolvers, entered
the jewelry store of Q. J. Thompson
here early tonight, ro-mweniled    the
not certain.
Her Neighbor Turns Hie Quacks
Loom et 5 a. m.
Seattle. Sept, 19.���Disturbed by a
neighbor's ducks, Mrs. G. Lanton, 433
Dervey place, appealed to the police
yesterday for some sort of a near-
Injunction that wOuld prohibit the release of the water fowl tn question
at 5 o'clock in the morning.
"I ean't get my proper aleep and
rest because that man turns his ducks
loose so esrly In the morning. Their
raucous calls can be hesrd for a
block." explained Mrs. Lnntoa to the
complaint clerk.
Knowing of no way to effectually
nussle a duck without wringing   Ite
clerks to throw i-p their hsnds, and,
and exceptional opportunities are now'when they refused, opened lire.   John  	
given to poor men to secure their own \ A. Thompson and Ed. Smith fell dead .neck the clerk advleed Mrs. Lonton
farms by purchase oa government {and Paul Townsend was prcbablv to swear out a complaint charging her
terms. I fatally wounded. The bandits escaped.' neighbor with disturbing the peace.
It's Free to the Ladies
I will give absolutely free of charge to the first 20 ladies to
enter the store this morning when the doors open at 9 a. m.
a very nice pair of gloves. Tickets will be given as you
enter the door so that the first 20 ladies will be sure to
get the prizes���so you had better hurry and be here early
if you want to be a lucky one.
Mrs. A. J. Birtch c<
"Thp   Whlto   Hmitto** ^
"The White House"
Several of our mo& attra&ive
Fall Styles are florfolks.
The "Norfolk" Suit has been accepted by the best
dressed men of the country, for business as well as
for outdoor sports and motoring.
We are showing several distinct fall styles in Norfolk
Suits���in new Tweed mixtures and basket weaves.
Come in and see all our attractive fall styles in Suits
and Overcoats.   $18.50, $20.00, $22.50 up. its
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
It is direct but courteous.
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.
The want ad. cannot T)e turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The resultf ul want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are made.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It 6peaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
-  ������;���-....*. ix-* f-U-B EIGHT
SATURDAY,  8EPTCMBER  20,  1913.
Supply Co.
P. 0. Box 2        Phonee 1 and 67
641 Columbia St.
Fresh local Dairy Butter, good quality, S
lbs. $1.00.
Parnell's English Pickles, large 40 oz. bottles, worth 40c. at 25c.
Fancy Table Peaches, 4
lb. baskets, 25c.
Fancy Grapes, Tokays'
Cornishons, Malagas
and Concords, all 2
lbs. for 25c.
Fresh garden corn, per
dozen 25c.
Celery per bunch 5c.
Ripe   Tomatoes,   good
quality, 4 lbs. 25c
Supply Co.
Greater Westminster
All notleee of meetings, entertainments, salea of work, etc., In this
column are charged fer at the rate
of 10 centa per line. Please do not
ask mejgibers of the stsff to breek this
rule, as thslr Instructions ars positive.
Start Tracking,
(trading work in front of the new
car bams of the U. C. E. R. on Twelfth
street is about completed and the lay
ing of new tracks will probably \>o
started on Monday next.
Improve Pen. Land.
The agricultural experts In the penitentiary ure draining and eroas draining the large field facing Columbia
antl Cumberland streets, It will Improve tl|e land for crop mining purposes fts large quantities Of wuter are
wont to lodge there.
Dancing class Spec til discount
Thursday only!'.September 25, 8 p.m.
Adult beglnpers class, IB lessons, (6,
$1 down and $1 ouch' night until paid.
As pupils.advance there wlll be a
dance niter class work. No extra
tlarnett Academy, Ills Royal
Por up-to-dat�� millinery at moderate
prices, go to Miss   Davey's   Millinery i charge.
Parlors, Carnarvon block, nearly   op-1avenue
poslte the Hotel  Russell. (S095) -������
  Dean  Msy Be Up.
On Thursday. What case will really lie tried at the
The weekly dances   of    the    Royal i assize  court  on   Monday  Is not  defl-
Clty Dan-tin* olub wlll be eeld In St. i nltely  ktiown.    Justice  Clement,
Patrick's hall every Thursday evening
Instead of Wednesdays bb stated In
The News yeBterday.
Take the round trip on the Transfer
this afternoon, leaving U.K. wharf at
2 otlocV.    Fare $1. (2090)
Must  Go  Elsewhere.
Owing to the assize court sitting In
the  county   court  room     the    county
court will be held In St. Patrick's hall
���or>    Tuesday,    Sept.  23, at 2:30  p.m.
J Judge Mclnnes will preside and It Ib
expected  that Judge Howay will preside over the county court at Nanaimo.
known. Justice Clement, addressing crown counsel yesterday, said
he understood that counsel had arranged that the Dean ease would he
brought up on Monday. Mr. MacNeil.
however, would not commit coiiiikcI
apart from stating lhat the case would
be mentioned.
Flre Chief Watson to    Show    Public
Nsw Water Tower at Work-
Fire Don'ts.
j    There will bo ���������test very shortly of |
ithe  water tower on  the aerial truck,
'stated Klre Chief Watson In an Inter
I view 'yeBterday.    Trials    hav;-    been
made once a week in the early morn-
[ings, and as soon as the ciniticil can
be got together, he bones to give   a
public demonstration.
|    Chief Wntson also referred to   the
Idanger of rubbish, particularly as re-
nurds    Inflammable    material,    lying
! about in yards and other places. This.
he says,  Is due to nothing hut care
lessncBB on   th-e pari   of the   tenant".
The  liiBp-ectlon   wlll  Iiu enforced, and
no matter where the rubbish Is lying
ll will  have to bc cleared up by  the
people concerned.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
fjlmproved  city    and    farm    property,
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. U98B1
Women's Educationsl Clsss.
A regular meeting of the Women's
'Educational class will be held at 3
"���'(flock on Thursday. September 25, at
Columbian college, In the domestic i
science room, at which Mlsa Clddnld
will give a demonstration of heme and
fancy cookings.
, Scouts Dined.
Seventeen'boy scouts Irom the local
troop, in command of ScoutmsBter
Day and Assistant Scoutmaster Chap-Ithe Masonic chapel
man, were at Port Coqultlam at the have charge of tin
rnenine of the fair there yesterday.
Upon their return (Ieorge Adnnis and
Mr. Ifrlce Invited the scouts to n
dinner at the Dunsmulr. which Invitation, needless to staU\ was accepted
URADSHAW The funeral if the
late James Bradshaw will take p'ace
this afternoon at J: 30 o'clock fr;'m
Howell's undertaking establishment to
The Masons wlll
^^^^^^^^^^^ service Flurlal
will be made In the Church of Bug-
laud cemetery.
Are You
If not then you ��re
certainly   not   getting
the most possible out of
life because there ie jio
pleasure so constant as
the knowledge thatyour
money is safely set aside
for old age or adversity
of any kind.
A savings account
gives man that self-confidence withbut which
success in life is impossible.
An account in our savings department earns
4 per cent and the interest is added each three
Why not open an account today? One dollar is sufficient for the
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
I  C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-I'p Capital and Surplus
��    Trusteeships  under  Admlnls-
I tra tlon, over $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
'Open Ssturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Pleasant Evening.
A nice social evening waB spent
Thursday night by the members ot the
Olivet Baptist church in 'lhe leetere
room. There was a good attendance
and the evening was pleasantly spent
with music, singing, etc. Refres-.-
meitts were served.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the II. C. Transport Co.,
I.td., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Fine Road.
The paring, -widening and general
Improvement of the asylum hill is
making rapid progress towards completion, which ls expected within three
weeks. The work when finished will
he a credit to the city. At present the
road Is helng made of uniform width
to tlie beginning ot the penitentiary
property. There the rond has to be
widened and a sharp corner rut off.
The sidewalk oppoBlte the lowest pnrt
of fhe asylum grounds Is being narrowed a small portion to broaden the
road. The -extension of the work by
the Dominion government Is not expected! to Commence until next spring.
The work Is being carried on by the
Hassam Paving company under the
supervision of City Knglneer nlack
As Mt
Tho member^ ot Union Lodge, No. 9. !
A. i*. & A. M. are reqotvtn] to assemble
at the Free Mains' hal] on Saturday at
J p. m. for the purpose of attending the
funeral of our mto brother J;ih. Bradahaw.
Brethem <>f sist<*r lodges ;in��l sojourning
brethren please atte-nfl
W. J, HA( KINO. W. M.
Recall Old Paator.
Rev. O. B. Anderson, Sapperton
Baptist church, having resignea his
pastorate, it Is reported that the congregation,Intends to call, or rather recall Its old pastor from I'T-t Coiiutt-
lam, Rev. Mr. Greaves, who wbb tn
charge of Sapperton church before Mt.
Anderson's Incumbency.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. -the
Insurance man. All kinds -written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
���I (19*89)
Horses in Relay.
A unique way of enjoying a run to
IICalifornia   has   been   arranged  Try  J.
IIM.   Welsh   of  Eburne,  and   two  com-
'Ipanions.   With a buggy and two teamB
(these gentlemen Intend to drive over
the Pacific highway, one team hitched
and the other lead, the driving to he
done by relay.
Choral Society.
The New Westminster Choral and
Orchestral society is practicing ;���.���*���*-
slduously a high class German opera
for presentation to the public sunn.
The oratorio Elijah will follow and
this winter season wlll be decidedly
musical. Next Tuesday will be fhe
annual meeting in the school room at
Queen's  Avenue -Methodist  church.
aod Miss ^^^^^^^^^^^^
L.R.A.M.. A.R.C.M.
Lessons in Pianoforte,  Violin, Slag
Ing, Voice   Production,    Theory'    lln
class or privately). Harmony, Counterpoint. Musical Form and History
Pupils prepared   for   the   eiainina-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 tlons of the Associated Hoard of   the
OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT I Royal   Academy  of   Music  and   Royal
ASSURED SUCCESS I College ot Music.    Also    Professional
  I Diplomas, Teacher or
Lenses ground right on the premises, thus doing away with a trip to
"Vancouver, is the result of the establishment of an optical manufactury
located at 40 Sixth street by Urry and
Bewtley. v,
The handsome quarters of the new
Ann are located on the coming business street and are equipped in such
a fashion as to meet the most critical
eye and where the eye can be treated
to fhe most critical manner with the
litem instruments of modern science.
thus ensuring New Westmlnsier aud
'district people prompt and accurate
treatment on this important matter
of health ilhd Sight.
-Fieietttfore It has been necessary for
New Westminster people to order new
glasses through Vancouver firms,
������Which caused a delay of several days
and sflso considerable car fare before
the order was completed.
Both members of the firm, while
voime, have seen service with the
���heading opticians on this continent.
Speakirtg with both members of the
firm, Tlie News representative was in
formed that although their establish-
mtnt ha��l only been opened for business a Utile over a week, they wer"
surprised at the large number of
visitors and -what they intend th.ni t'J
be, regular customers of the firm.
For  terms, etc.,  apply  51   Dufferin
Street,    -"hone 411 R. (2067)
Day sessions the entire year.
Night session Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Individual Instruction In Shorthand,
"oucli     Typewriting,      Bookkeeping,
Arithmetic, Spelling, Penmanship and  ties In larg
i Hied subject   by specialists at cither Jpew ground
Fred Davis will sell by public auction a large assortment of household
furniture and effects (removed for
convenience of salel at the Westminster Auction House, Kings hotel hlock
Columbia Btreet, on Tuesday. Septern
ber 2',!, at 2 p.m. sharp. This is a
���->ry important sale of high class
goods. See II. J, Russell for particulars of sale. (20R5)
Hoadley Released.
M-. Mr-Kay of McKay & O'Brien, applied in chambers yesterday morning
before Justice Clement for a writ of
habeas corpus In favor of W. A. Hoadley who is charged with Betting flre
to a house in Burnaby. Mr McKay
quoted authorities to show thnt IIdihI-
Jey was illegally detained.    The court
had no hesitation in finding the contention correct and directed Hoadley
Immediately   released.
"Three Weeks."
I Paving operations on the Saoperton
hill arc proceeding apace, the contractors having nigh completed tli"
���curbiiig on the north side, while the
rniiteriiil for tbe renii-nl worli is already on the ground. Three mori.
weeks al the most, Is the time set hv
/he contractors to finish the work, allowing fur a fair spell of weather.
Grand Jury Through.
The grand jury has completed itn
duties anil was yeaterday discharged.
Mr. MacNeil, K.C, for the crown mentioned thnt there was one other small
matter but ub the witnesses were not
here It could very well stand over
until the next assises. Mr Hill-Tout,
foreman, said the jury's presentment
'would be readv by Monday and the
oourt informed hlm It was only necessary that he should be present al-
'housh It was desirable that those of
the jury resident in town should come
to the court.
Burquitlam   Fair.
;   A   splendid   program  of  sports  has
been arranged for the Burqultlam Agricultural fair to be held on Sept   2",
Saturday next,    on    the    picturesque
grounds    uf     the  association,   Austin
M��ud, opposite the golf links. The Bur-
|quitlam  fair Is quite a recognized so-
icl.il function, attracting ylaitors from
(the city and  surrounding munlclpall
We the undersigned agree
to close our stores on Saturday afternoons? between the
hours of 1 and 7 p.m. until
further notice.
H. J. KNIGHT 4 CO.. Ltd.
JAMES &   Mcl'I.uaHAN-.
T. J. TRAPP fi CO., LTD.
; -Firm at Last Week's Fioures
Meat and Fowl in Good Cuioly-
Plums Poor in Quality.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324
Mus. Bac.
Cifi-ging,  Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and Hour.. Apply at      |
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (19771 j
Tbere was a good market yesterday,
nui it was well attended both by
buyers and sellers. Pries were bold
lng much the same as last week. All
the meat stalls were filled with ven
di rs, and the Bmall fruit and dairy
sillers were quite numerous.
I'ork. veal, chickens and ducks wore
in good supply and potatoes were
Some of the plums are still affected
by the old trouble plum rot which
makes it hard to interest the buyers.
Thp prices were as follow.-.:
Plums, per crate   BOc lo 60c
Prunes, per crate  nlir tn I ��� 	
P,'ar"s perbbw mm Peaches for preserving le^t
Fancy and Evening Dresses;
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
A few crates   of   choice
Apple    ^^
*47 Columbia St.
M san>.'i
Phene 853.
UorrK. Principal,
610 Columbia
numbers. This year tin
have heen put In excel-
llient shape both for Ihe show* Itself
'.and the Bports The program Is an
extensive om- and the prizes numerous. It Includes races fur children
from the age to fat men A tug of war
among married men and single. Co-
fiultlam and Burnaby, obstacle races,
relay races, a human donkey race and
all the other various items that make
rural sports eo pleasant.
       per hox   	
Vegetable*.     ^^^^^
Potatoes, per ton  ?1_ to $14
Heets. per bunch BC   r^mmm.mmmmmmmm
onions, per lb 5c | Salmon
Carrots, per bunch  lii
Cabbage, per lb 4c.
Turnips, each  5c
Egps and Butter.
ICggs. wholesale, dozen   40o
Kggs, retail, dozen    500
Butter,   retail,   per   Ib    45c.
Butter, wholesale, per lb ���i_c
Fish,  Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per Ib 15c
|\Vhlte Spring Salmon, per lb 10c
."lou��dp.H, per Ib lu
Sturgeon, per Ib 15c ;
! Halibut, per ib 10c
-Smelts. peMb 10c
I Herring     3 lbs. 25c
Sockeye, per Ib 12^c
Retall Meats.
' Ueef. best rib roasts, per Ib, _0c to 22c
j Beef, loin, per Ih   28c to 27c
Beef, round steaks, per lb...20c to 25c
I Boiling beef, per Ib 14c
I Veal, per lb 16 V,c to 17c
��� I'ork, per lb 12He to 13c
Mutton, per lb 8c to 23c
Hens. Small, per doz $6,60 to $7
: Hens, large, per doz   $8 to $10
Chickens, per doz $5 to $7
; Broilers, per dozen   $4.00 to.$5.00
Ileus, livi;, per Ib 18c to 20c
Chickens, live, per lb me to 20c
Ducks, per dozen  $8 to $10
Ducks, live, per Ib Wc to 20a
at 90c. per crate, ___________________
Tokay Grapes, 2 lbs. 25c.
Ked Spring and Steelhead
and Halibut, 2 lbs.
for 25c.
Smoked Halibut and Salmon, 2 lbs. 35c.
(8uece����r to Ayling * twain.)
McAllisters Limited
Your Choice of SO Ladies' New Fall
Coats for $15.00
These days most ladies are thinking of new fall cbats, and for today's selling we
are offering you the choice of fifty of the newest coats in a big assortment of the
smart curl cloths, tweeds, etc., all man tailored, and made up in the latest and
most approved styles. The assortment of colorings include browns, navys, grays,
tweed mixtures and new coating shades. There are all sizes in this range of coats
and to those who require a new fall coat this special Saturday offering will give
an opportunity to choose from many coats that are well worth far in advance
of the price this opportunity offers.   Sp ecial for Saturday, your choice for
Saturday Specials in   Saturday Offerings
the Men's Furnishing from the Range and
special value ln new fall season's neckwear Ih jus'
opened und jou ean chwise from five hundred deferent patterns und colurlngs in the latest dr
siMns of mens neckwear. Including new knltvd
silks, plain and striped silk effects to suit all
tastes. See our special window showing fo>- thia
range.   Today's special vnluo at  50*.
Heater Departments
Our Keliance nnd Steel Hange viands practically preeminent for value and satisfaction; built on sub
stanltal lines, with body of blue steel, asbestos
lined, rolled steel oveu, heavy fire box, perfectly
ventilated, for either wood or coal; made with
polished steel topB: furnished with a large warm-
lng closet and all nickel trimmings Today's
Special  I'rice on this range is SS7.S0
Penman's $1.50 I	
Heavy Ribbed Under-
wearSaturday,at$1.25 The St C,air
Oak Heater
Now la Uie time to secure your fall underwear nnd
today wu are off-wing all sizes in our Standard
I'enman's heavy fall weight ribbed underwear,
regular $1.50 value   Special, garment at $1.25
Your Choice of 150
Men's Sweater Coats
for $2.75 Each
Sweater Coat time is here and we have secured a
very sp-eeitti purchase of 150 men's sweater coats
in assorted styles and colorings speciully for today's selling ai :i round price. You will find styles
with a "V" (.hapeid ruck to weur under a coat, or
wllh high collars, and some with the new extra
separaie vest and collar effect. All are on sale al
one price, aseh    $2.75
beautiful parlor or hall Hot Blast Heater, h-.n,l-
sornely designed snd elaborately finished; with
ulcl^'l large front feet door: cone centre shakini'
grate; made with heavy flre bowl and cast Iiu
jugs, and body of heavy gauge steel; finished
with a nickel plated ring and base This Is a
very special value, today for $32.50
Also our Washington
dally prices at ...
C.rand (Ink   Heater.
now sp��.
See the special values in all Cook Stoves
Ranges and Heaters for Today's selling
in our Stove Department.
McAllisters Limited
Phone M.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market Columbia St, Phonee
1200, 1201, 1202.
Sapperton   Market,  Phono  1204.
Eighth St  Market Phone  1206.
Edmonds Market Phone  L883.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout Ihe Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department ot all Branches Deposits of One Dollar aod
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rata paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* eeld, payable In all parts of the
CHA8. Q. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK. Manager.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
^^^^^^^^^^   Established 1891.
We writ* Fir*, Uf*, Aeoldent, Employer**
Marine Insoraae*.
Liability. Automobll* and
Notice to Passengers-City Lines.
CHANGE IN FARES-Eflectlvo Sept. 18, 1913
Por the convenience of pasengers, conductors
will be provided with strips of five tickets, good on
city lines only at any time, which will be sold for
twenty-five (25) cents.
Strips of ten tickets (five green and five white)
will be sold for forty (40) cents, good on city lines
only, but the white tickets will ONLY be accepted on
the cars between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. The green ticketa
will be available until midnight.
The rates and conditions previously prevailing
governing transfers, school children's tickets and the
requirement of a double fare after midnight will
continue in force.


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