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The New Westminster News Jan 7, 1913

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Post Office Business Big.
In 1912 tlie New Westminster post
office    took    1*49,632     through    th
wickets In fees for services rendered.   In 1911 II only got $40,948.
Canbrical Corporation
Advise Taking Annacis
Island Into the City
Stating tbat their aim waa to assist
financially the establishment of any
sound Industries on Annacis Island,
tbe Canbrlcol Corporation of British
Columbia made several Important re-
guests to tbe city council last night,
all of which will affect the industrial
development of, the district. These
were briefly that the council consider
the advisability of taking Annacis Island Into the city limits, at the same
time giving the corporation assurance
that there would not be Increased
rates on the property which they own
on Lulu Island; tbat a bridge be built
across Annacis slough from a most
convenient point, say at the road ad-
Joining the present city limits, In Lulu
Island and to cross Patrick Island. It
was suggested with respect to the latter that the provincial government
grant appropriated for the erection of a
bridge, bnt which was held in abey
had been made for a detailed account
of the extra expenditures made by
the contractors.
Bylaw Approved.
The Traders' Licence bylaw was
considered for the last time and ordered .signed, sealed, approved and
registered, according to law. The final scale of charges for licenses is
as follows: (Note; The charges are
for six months unless otherwise stated.) ' Restaurants, $5; billiard saloons
$5; bowling alleys and rifle galleries
?5; wholesale or retail merchant
businesses or both. $6;'hawkers or
peddlers, $100 for Six months, $20 per
week, or $10 per day; from every person who, either on his own behalf or
aB agent for another or others, sells,
solicits or takes orders for the eale
by retail of gooda wares or merchandise, to be supplied or furnished by
any person or firm doing business out-
ance Pending the completion of the .1(to tne municipality, $50 tor six
harbor schehie, be uUlixed. It was also i roonths )n ad)olnlng municipalities,
suggested that when the harbor ,10. waBbhouses or laundries. $5;
scheme wes developed that the bridge pawnbrokers. $125; from the owner of
could be destroyed. ca0Bi automobiles, buggies, carts, etc.,
Mr. Henry Pearce, one of the direc-^kept for hlre t,2M for six months for
tors oCthe company, who was the au-, every ��uch vehicle, provided that no
����or ot the letter, stated that the ,,���,������ or company paying .le*
co-directors ln London were willing | four or ������,��� vehicles under this see-
to give financial aseletance to any j tlon ehal )De nabie at tno game time
sound Industry, but they did not wish 110 uiie out or pay for a license ln re-
the Interests of the concerns to which ep���ct 0f tj,e Hvery stable at which the
they extended assistance to lag, and, vehlcle mentioned in such licensee Is
therefore, requested that the council ^kept. |-Tery stable, $10; from every
give full consideration to the requests.; paron carrying on the business Ska
The Canbrlcol Corporation, as is banker or company receiving money
fairly well known, is backed by mil-1 on nf>poBit at one place of business,
lions of old country capital aud ia In | s>��Qq for ev���y year an(J for eacn other
a position to carry through any pro-1 place of business $60; auctioneers,
Ject it undertakes. -r ;r,u; transient traden-or other person*
The tact that it Is willing to assist
ln the establishment of Industries on
Annacis iBland, which It Is ultimately
hoped by Mayor Lee, will be part of
New Westminster, will be of inestimable advantage In the building of the
city along industrial Hues.
The communication was referred to
Cold Weather Threatens a
Total Loss of Crops in
the South.
Smudge Pots Used   by   Thouaand*���
Damage Is Already Heavy���Outlook Not Encouraging.
Los Angeles, Jan. 6.���Thousands of
men were out tonight battling thu
cold. In an ellort to save from further
damage Southern California orange
and lemon crops, which were valued
at nearly $50,000,000. What the loss
caused by last night's freeze will be
cannot be estimated, but it was
serious; so serious, growers and citrus
experts say, tbat it will have an appreciable effect upon the price of
fruit. The outlook tonight was not
encouraging. The weather bureau predicted a calmn, windless night with
temperatures as low or lower than
those which shattered the record of
thirty years, last night.
Within a range of 125 miles of Los
Angeles, an area which embraces
practically all of tbe Important orangu
and lemon growing sections, smudge
���jots by the thousands smouldered or
blazed, emitting dense clouds of
smoke, which. It was hoped, would
raise the temperatures within the
orchards and groves sufficiently to
prevent any further freezing of fruit
on the trees. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
AU srrts Of smudging systems wen
Alleged Bank of Montreal
Robber Will be Brought
Washington, Jan. 6.���Tbe supreme
court declined today tb Interfere with
the removal by extradition of John
McNamara from New York to New
Westminster, B.C., to answer to a
charge of larceny of an automobile.
An attempt was first made to extradite McNamara on a charge of stealing $271,000 from the Bank of Montreal. McNamara fought tbe automobile extradition case on the ground
that It waa but a subterfuge to try
him for the alleged stealing of the
The contents of the above wire indicates that McNamara's fight against
extradition had failed and that it will
be but a short time before he will
face Police Magistrate Edmonds tn
the local police court, charged with
larceny of the automobile owned by
Mr. T. J. Trapp.
Readers of The News who have followed the case, will perhaps, .remember the details of the getaway of the
yeggmen���how they entered the garage of Mr. Trapp on Royal avenue, on
the morning ot Sept. 14, 1911 and
pushed the machine out into the street
but were unable to start It owing
to the spark plub having been removed the evening before by Mr. Trapp.
McNamara and Charles Dean were
arrested on Jan. 3, 1912, after one of
the  greatest  criminal   hunts  on  the
A Dozen at Work on Municipal Street Railway.
Calgary   Infested   with   Men   Whose
Records Would Scare People
of Any City.
Calgary, Alta., Jan. 6.���Planning and
executing their depredations while
employed as overhead wire men for
tha Calgary Municipal Street Railway,
a gang of a dozen of the most astute
criminals tbat ever infested Western
Canada was broken up by the arrest
ol three of the band, James W. Sullt
van, Leslie Ayers and Edward Murphy.
Sullivan, Ayers and Murphy ar?
now ln Jail awaiting trial for carrying
explosives and all me other members
of the gang have fled to unknown
parts. As a result the overhead wiring dspsWUitfUsI of the street railway
has had its* rafks seriously depleted.
The niii- who have escaped artj__ believed to have been connected with
practically every serious crime that
has been committed in Calgary with
in the past eight mouths, and William
I who occupy premises in the municipal
1 ity for temporary periods, $260 evsjry
six months or part thereof;  circuses
or  menageries,  $209;   theatres,  S100
fer one year, or $5 for one day; from
every express company, gas company
telephone company, etc., J50 for six
______________________________________ .    months;  Investment  and iaan  socle-
the finance and harbor committees to 1 f)p, *��g. agents of loan societies
consider and report but it Is not pro-1 whlch have not paid license tax, $50;
iMble that an-thin* will be dome with ,fr,.m  ��Mh ���stroleger.  sear,  palmist
employed.   Crude oil was'used to roll | American continent; the former being
thick clouds of black pungent smoke
among ifca orange and   lemon   laden
These smudging operations were in
progress all of last night ana today,
and will be continued until the cold
wave abates. When the colu wave
parses it will be possible- tp estimatr
the cltru.i
Turkey Refuses to
Give Up Adrianople
Suspend Conference
London, Jan. 6.���The flrst stage 01
the peace negotiations which was regarded by diplomats largely as one 01
pretense on Turkey's part to avoid tbe
appearance of yielding to tbe demands
ot Hit allies without pressure from
the powers, is now over. It is expected that the second stage now will
soon begin, with the powers behind
the si enes pulling the strings which
will compel Turkey to concede the
hdlk of tbe allies' demands.
Turkey renounced in favor of the
allies her rights In the Island of
Crete at the conference today and
promised further rectification of
Thracean frontier, but insisted upon
the retention cf Adrianople. The allies
declared that was not satisfactory and
suspended the conference.
The conference may be resume*,
do not   claim   the   cession
Islands ln the Aegean sea.        �����������,
"If notwithstanding these enas
sacrifices, tbe allies reject all id.
entering the road to concessions, 1
ing   to break    the   negotiations, the
whole responsibility   for   the   UW11
quences of this rupture will fall   oa
them.   In this eventuality we declare
all of the concessions made until today null and void."
Allies Displeased.
The Balkan plenipotentiaries could
uot conceal tbelr dissatisfaction wills
the statement.
Tbey retired for a consultation after
which >'��� Novakovitch read the Hoi-
lowing statement:
"The position of Ottoman delegate*
do not correspond with the dcmaiMU.
formulated by the allies in the I
sitting. The negotiations on the l_
(proposed basis not being of suck
shadowed, to New York while Dean
was located in Los Angeles. Dean
only took one appeal .from the first
decision and was brought to this city
several months later and committed
for trial by Magistrals? Edmonds.
Had Lot* of Honey.
Apparently seeing the plight of his
alleged partner In the -crime and be-
by notification    from"Thrkey [_    . -_ _
that she haa fresh proposals to sub-! nature as to lead to an uiidnratandin-s.
mlt, or by tbe allies on the ground j tbe allies see themselve3 obliged un.
that th��y have communications to I suspend the sitting of the confareaco."
wake to the TurkB. It is expected Uechad Pasha protested energefco
that the work Of the conference will ally against this proceedure, saying:
be taken np again the end of the "When M. Novakovitch Bits in Un*
week. <- chslr be 4s not tbe president of   tt**
Itechad Pasha, before reading his allies, but the president of tbe whole
statement todey, made a brief speech, conference which Includes the Turt*.-
saylng that Turkey was prepared to ish delegation. Therefore the sin-pea-
give further proof of her conciliatory decision of the allies is not Buffldeat
Hillis, former superintendent ot the Isplrit, but he regretted that the allies to suspend the sitting, without-tte
wiring gang, is the man who handled seemed determined to concede not'a- opinion of the Turkish delegation tfaratt
the nitro-glycerine ln the blowing of ing on their part. He then read the being heard."
the C. N. R. express office safo at Ed- fallowing: I    M. Novakovitch answered:
monton. Among the crimes attributed j "It we refuse the cessation of "It takes t no to make a ban-gala. It
to the gang are dozens of robberies Adrlanople it is because its cession is "me side declines to enter Into a dl��-
from BtoreB, numerous hold-ups and impossible, for the security of Con- cusslon it is useless to continue the
the cracking of a safe In a Crescent  stftntlnople  and the Dardanelles. sitting."
Heights grocery store and another "We still are ready today to dls-! Rechad, followed by the whole Turk-
safe blowing in the offices of the Cal- cusb the frontier lines between Tur- i ish delegation, immediately left ��_
gary Aerated Water Company    some I key and Bulgaria,   but   this   frontier  Jame3 Palace.  ���
months ago. must leave Adriauople ln Ottoman ter I    The general hope now Is that   in
Among the regular members of the ritory. Wishing to give new proof of j tlie next three days the olive brand*
gang were men whose police records | our spirit ot conciliation, we consent! will be offered in the shape of official
would strike terror to the people of'to desist from our rights over Crete: or unofficial intervention by tte
anv city. Hillis. the leader, spent]on condition naturally tha*. the allies powers.
eight years ln the Kingston penlten-
t lu-   matter  until
takes office.
Call for Tenders,
the    new    council I clairvoyant
the  damage   not only  to  thai 	
nrop, bit!   lo    the    winter    vegetable I ing  we'l" supplied  wl��b   tnonry  "Aus
$50;     transient    realty props and the orchards of walnut and < tralian Mac," as he is known to the
I agents, $100: stevedore cr stevedoring I''''0''1"""8 fr,llt tree9' which   also suf -j police and   I'inkerton  detectives,  ap-
Contractor*.'$10;  persons licensed toirerc<1 severely. | pealed his case to the highest court
Further developments in the harbor  engaged in blasting rock, $5; oculists, I    According to the sales managers cf j in   the   United   States  which   decided
Improvement BCheme occurred in the!$G;     land    surveyors  and  civil  em-t-ivarious   grower*'associations   '���nrdlv 'yesterday against him.
form of the receipt of further recom-' neors. ?*>; architects, $5; connnlssio-.'! more than a tenth of tbe orange crop 1    in conversation with Mr. W. H. G.
-     , Inn been shipped out. 1 Phlpps. carhler of the Bank of Mon-
The weather,   breaking   all winter I treal, The News was informed early
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 mors,        ,__^^^_^^^^^.^^^^_
mendatlons from Harbor Engineer A.. merchants, $B; lee cream vendors, $5:
C).  Powell  to the effect that tenders ', employment offices, $D; distributers of,       ���. ".���. ., - ..._,���.      -s. �� ...        .  ..    . ,
be called for the construction of 178: I samples of goods for sale for merchant I reecrdi the last thirty years, created; this mornlug that the court decision
lineal feet of cedar piling along thr j carrying on  bus! s ss outside ot the I much  Inconvenience.
tlary after being convicted at Hamll
ton of burglary, of bringing stolen
goods into Canada and of carrying
concealed weapons. Charges of theft
and of having explosives, were dropped wben he was sentenced for the
other offences.
quay wall and for the supply of about jelly, ib; book ageutn, $3; real estate
30,000 tons of quarry run rock. 'or land agents, *-G;  occupations, pro
Tbe  recommendation  was  referred Ifossions or tradeB not enumerated, $5;
to the harbor committee and if it is
adopted the tenders will be'advertised
in tlie two local papers.
In view of the requests of a number
of Sapperton ratepayers that a new
fire hall be erected In Sapperton, Alderman lleiilfv recommended that the
present hall be torn down and that
another be constructed on a site suitable to the property owners.   The new
hall, he also suggested,    should    be 1 - ... ,_.,,���, .������., .    ~K   ��. ,u
more   adequately   equipped   than   the | ?a���a *ta   nltlal readlngB-   T*,eJu,,d
' ' '     ' ' lino-   InnfiAftnr   urns   fflvssn   aiithorltv   If
Presents Scale.
Alderman Curtis, chairman of the
water committee presented a 191?.
scale of charges for water to tbe varl-
out civic works departments and
schools for consideration.
The agreement between the city and
the Westminster Arena Company for
the lease of the horse show building
was Introduced for the first time and
present   one.    The    recommendation
was referred to the IMS council.
The board of works department was
given authority to make arrangements
for the purchase of a new oil pumping apparatus to be used for cleaning
out the ditches and sewers on Lulu Island.
A request from the Trades and Labor Council for assistance In lu efforts to have the New Westminster
Clearing House association reconsider
��� its decision tt�� close ill the. banks on
Saturday evening was referred to the
finance committee for action. The request ' stated that the closing of the
banks on Saturday would, work great
privation on the working men, a good
many of whom, were unable to cash
1 their Checks' except on that evening.
Dr. Ella Soarlett-Synge suggested to
the council the advisability of/keeping
the library open fro ? to 12 a.m. and
2 to 6 p.m., for' the convenience of
the members. Her communication together with the request that she be
appointed a member of the book purchasing committee wss referred to
tlie library committed for consideration.
Mayor Lee will Investigate the complaint of Mr. J. Stewart to the effect
that tbe H.C.K.R. Twelfth street cars
had discontinued stopping at Fourth/
avenue without notice.
The application of J. P. H. Bole, on
behalf M Chinese clients for the street
grades at the corner of.,,Thirteenth
Btreet and foii-th atifnue wlUbe taken
up by tha engineer. It was stated
- that It waa propose dto erect a two
storey building on this corner.
Ooed Librarian.' ,
Alderman White, chairman of the
library committee, In delivering his
annual report, stated that the library
Md Increased graitly- ia li�� usefulness
since the appointment ot the present
librarian.. Three hundred and sixty-
eight new members had been added,
while 283 new hooka had been purchased. Ninety-six! of the books ware
fiction and the balance of a more advanced class ot literature. The
volumes Issued during December numbered 1��2�� while the total member-
amp was TOO. the librarian It was
also stated was engaged at the present time In re-claaslfylng the books.
A meetlngof the new Ml aad store-
ouse committee will be feeld this at-
srwoon at 2t30.   Alderman Lynch re-
Ing Inspector wns given authority to
expend $200 tn the reinforcement of
the seats for the Horse Show building In order to safeguard the lives or
the public.
The last meeting of tbe 1912 council
will be held sometime next Monday.
On the evening of the same day the
annual public meeting will be held In
the opera house at 8 o'clock. On Monday, Jan. 20, tbe 1913 council will
take over the adinlstratlon.
Reeve Mars Refers to Councillor Mar-
mont's Alleged Stand on Oriental
Lsbor Question.
Suburban trol I will be of great Importance to the
lev lines were demoralized through prosecution,
the freeing of air brake vnlves. In Mr. Phlpps wired Washington yea-
'.cs Antreles, water mains bnr3t and terday afternoon but received no rein ore instance a householder was | ply and expressed himself as well
forced to ct-.ll the lire department be-! pleased with the result when Informed
cause his garden hose had frozen snd I by this paper. He expects to see Mc
could not be Used to extinguish 1.1 Namara lodged ln the provincial Jail
'.-'ic'-en fire tbat threatened to damage , within the next 30 days, for as soon
his home. ! as official  notice ts  received of the
Ions icicles on fire plugs were   in   outcome, steps will be taken for tbe
evidence, and in 1 ob Angeles si'-d the  lor the dispatch of officers, either of
towns of the orange belt. Ice formed
so thickly over standing water that
children attempted skating.
tsmoon _
ported thst the preliminary sketches
for the new buildings had been drawn.
There la some doubt prevailing in the
minds .of some of the aldermen as to
whether the site on Twelfth street wll)
be large enough' for both storehouse
and Jail and It Is possible on this account that a new location may have
to be secured. '.
Alder man Gray reported that the
matter of adjusting the Powers Construction Company account tor the.
Arena Horse Show building was progressing gradually and arrangements
Members of the present council,
prospective members and a large
number of ratepayers gatbere.d nt Co
qiiiilnin yesterday aiiernuou unuti
the chairmanship of Mr. D. WeUher
h former reeve, to hear some account
Of their stewardship from those wbo
navA directed the course of the muni
clpallty during the' past twelvemonth
hioorporatlun.' removal cf the sta
tion snd road Improvements were the
main topics of a lengthy program of
speech-making. '
Reeve Mars produced figures show
Ing that the amounts spent upon roads
during the past year' were, In the
townslte $118,566, and tn the outu'de
districts $101*2*1. a total of $204 "l
Ha thought that under the mcorpora
tlon arrangements three-firth* of th1*
total amount should be assessed to
the township and the remaining two-
fifths to the outside districts.    -
He referred to his efforts to secure
40 acres lor ���- hark site from the
Dominion authorities and said that the
project had been favorably entertain
ed hy Mr. Si Maber, who represented
the government ln that department.
He pointed to the sound state of ths
credit of the municipality, and said
that he had no program tp offer as he
expected that tlie life of the council
now te be elected would be only some
ten weeks, and its principal work
would be to expedite Incorporation
matters. ���
Reeve Mars dealt In a general way
with Councillor Marmount, a gentleman whose candidature was built upon British fair play and a squar*)
deal. He asked whether his hearers
thought that Councillor Marmont was
exhibiting these qualities when In
June, 1911, he proposed tn allow
(Continued on Pag*. Four.)
J. S. Bryson   and   George    Kennedy
Enter Alden-sanlc Race���Latter's
. Decision ��� Surprise.
Listings on the munioipal election
stock juargot took, a decided rise yes
terday when It became known that
Fcrnier Alderman' J, 8. Bryson and
Mr. George Kennedy had decided to
enter the race for seats on the city
Mr. Bryson retired from the council
of 1911 to contest the mayoralty seal
against Mayor Lee. He was chairman
of the water committee for a time and
as this Is his pet scheme He promises
to divulge some Interesting csmpalgn
matter to the electorate before thr
speakfest comes to an end on the
evening of January 15.
Tho decision of Mr. Kennedy, comes
as no little surprise to the citizens
although It was known that he, had
been approached from time to time
by those who would like to-tee him
on the council.
Mr. Kennedy gives his views on the
present situation In another column
of this paper.
That there are others who are Just
on the verge ot the precipice Is un
questioned and some Interesting features are liable tb be sorung at any
moment from now until nomination
dav, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Just to have no ret-etUlon of th=
Vancouver fiasco, let It be fcnnwn to
ell prospective mayors, aldermen end
school trustees that nomination paper*
m'-at hn filed between the henrs of
12 snd 2 -<n the afternoon of Monday.
January 13. .
the local force or Pinkerton men, to
New York to bring the much wanted
maa  to this city.
The party, on'their return, will probably head for Niagara Fails, and
once across the international boundary, there will be Uttle danger of
additional proceedings In. the Interest
of McNamara.
Martin Powell Ib still In custody In
Detroit on a charge of being mixed up
wltb the robbery and his case Is said
to be away up on the lists of the
United States supreme court so that
it is probable the trio win stand trial
at the spring assise court.
Hot Fight Will  Be Waged for
Vacancies���J. Temple Cliff to
Run Again.
Many   Valuable   Suggestions
by Alderman Curtis fer Bettering Conditions at Lake.
 ��� *>
Park City, Utah, Jan. 6���Mrs. ���
Minnie   M.   Holland,   city  re- ���
oorder, was arrested today (or ���
alleged padding ot the payrolls ���
of the city street department ���
Shortages also are'said to have ���
been found In the accounts ot 4>
otber city departments under ���
her supervision. ���$>
Mra. Holland, It Is ��Md, has ���
agreed to reimburse   the  city ���
for her alleged shortages and ���
Will not be prosecuted,   She Is ���
a widow and mother ot two ���
children. ' ���
��� ��������������������������������������������>
After considerable effort Alderman
Ciirtle, the energetic head of the water
committee of the council has finally
succeeded ln having the city watei
ot late Improved to a great extent.
In order to accomplish this and It wa*
necessary tor' the Vancouver Power
Company to suspend construction operations on the dam at the lake and
to make several temporary changes
In tha delivery ot the water In certain
sections of the elty.
The downtown district and all those
sections which . are supplied by the
Queen's Park reservoir, ar�� how being supplied direct from th* lake. Thlp
will continue until the discolored
water -With which the reservoir was
tilled. Is emptied out, The other reservoirs are on a higher level and the
water in them Is fairly clear.
While in conterence with Mr. G. R
G. Conway ot tbe B.C.E.R., yesterday
Alderman Curtis stated in council
last night, several suggestions ware
put forth to prevent the requrrenoc
of the trouble. These were, chiefly,
that a coffer dam be erected around
the intake- to keep any. foreign .ma-,
terial out of the water, tha construction of a pipe line extending from
Surther up the lake to a point far
part trom tha dams tp carry the
water to tbe Intake, and the construction ot a system ot filters.
"The water committee has done
everything It could to give the city
pure water," tha alderman stated.
"We have got to deal with conditions
aa we find them and the committee
lost no time ln bringing about whatever Improvement was possible,"    ���
City Engineer J. W. B. Blackmail,
atad one ot the Dominion resident
enrineers y sterday visited Iatke Co-
qulth.j. in order to thoroughly invae-
tlgata conditions.
Edmonds, Jan.  6.���A spirited con
est fur the two school trusteeships is
jertnin to be waged in Burnaby dur
ng the next two weeks following the
uinouncements of six candidates for
(he two vacant seats on the school
But one .of the two retiring members
Is seeking re-election, Mr. F. Temple
CUff, of East Burnaby, yesterday mak-
ng his decision to.again contest the
Mr. Cliff stated to the News yesterday that, hi response to the de s-andj
of his many friends, he had decided
to seek the suffrage qf tbe people for
another two year terra.
In tbe Edmonds district Mr. W. S.
���lose Is tn the field and Is gathering
data to be presented at the different
Central Park has two candidates in
he field In Messrs. Donald Ross and
Prank Russell.
Mr. Lomas has been mentioned as
Seine in the field, hut there are strong
doubts as to hla eligibility.
Mr. Ross, who has seen several
vear's service on the school board, la
'Ikely to cause no little trouble to
'he present board. When seen by
tbe News yesterday he stated be was
���gainst the present methods of the
board and thought the two by-laws
aggregating over *10fl Q00 was far too
���n'ich to ask at this time.
North Pi<maby has two candidate*
'n the field. Messrs. "fhomos Wlchea
md W. J. Holdom having been en-
lorsed bv the ratepayers' assoclstlons
vf the northern districts,  " a
Inspector Turnbull Says They Should
Be Revised���Building Shows In
crease of Over 25 Per Cent.
In presenting his annual report tu
the council last night Building Inspec
tor Turnbull stated that the bnlldinr,
bylaws as at present constituted
were uot su:'.^:jntly clear as to tbe
requirements of buildings to be erect
ed in the first and second fire limits,
and needed revision in several clauses.
The same difficulty was being experienced In other coast cities and the
by-laws of some were under the course'
of revision, be said.
The inspector recommended as a
remedial measure that a copy of thu
revised by-laws of some of the other
cities, be secured and the same rules
and, regulations be copied from It Into
the Westminster by-laws.
Speaking of    tbe    premises    some |
B. C. E. R. Forced to Abandon Service on Sixth
Street Line.
Cue of the heaviest falls of aao*r
of the winter season visited No**
Westminster and district yest��rch-a-
tying up traffic to a certain eamsv
and greatly Inconveniencing pe***av
trians, especially ln tbe evening:
The storm, started in the moraine
although the flakes did not get vo-rr
thlck until about 4 p.m.
The first signs or trouble occurred
at 6:46 o'clock when tbe oar shxetttr-.
on the    Sixth    street   lino    botsnw
Fourth  avenue  and  Columbia  street .
was suspended for the night.   It was .
buildings occupy under the city streets felt by the officials of the lac. R. it-
Mr. Turnbull stated: "I think the that without the assistance of a c*sr
present would be an opportune time sweeper the service could not bet wam-
to notify all owners of buildings using talned up- to schedule time so ttsst is*
areas under the sidewalks to sign an old city service via Queens park
agreement that has been drawn up by. kept clear, the passengers for
the city solicitor    so   that'  tbe city Burnaby aud intermedate points
New York, Jan. 6.���In their efforts
'n Intercept 660 young women employed ln the clothing manufacturing
concern of J. L. Tftylor tt Co.. as they
were leaving work tonight, 800 strlk.
Ing garment workers, the majority
women, attacked the police on guard
In front of the building. The police
used their clubs on the arms ot the
striker* who tried to seise the dresses
ot tlie glris.
This waa tbe only disturbance of
th* day which marked the beginning
ot massed picketing by the strikers.
The police at Newark, N.J., today
cheeked the 800 strikers wbo marched through the factory districts. Fire
arrests were made.
could be fully safeguarded In case of
The final figures on the building permits tor 1912 show that 683 permits
to tbe value of 11.634,618 were Issued,
as compared wltb 442 permits to the
value of $1,134,687 In 1911, but by add
Ing a monthly average ot the ten
.months tor January and February ot
{.the latter year would bring the total
tor 1911 up to fLM0J63, thus during
1912 an actual increase cf 25*4 per
cent could be showed-. To the 1912
figure* -nay be added, however, $98,-
000, as tbe amount ot work done by
the lesees ot tbe waterfront properties, whl^h. although later enrairg lot"
[enernl schem* of harbor Improvements, was not effected for a time, th������
Work being done outside the. jurisdiction af the building department.
A* tb the distribution ot the per'
mlt* - Sapperton erected* building* to
the value of $344,4*5. Lulu Island
$136,328; the'remainder ot the city
$1,164,696. For n*rw buildings, 349
permit* war* Issued to a total value
ot $646,106, or an average of $183$
���ash. Permits for repairs, alterations
and. additions to existing buildings
were l*��ued to the number ot 181.
Twentyrseven permits were issued ftr
store .and apartment block* at the
avesage coat of,$l0,��(W0 a piece; 12
permits tor store* only, at the average
cost ot $4437; 36 permits tor hulld
ing transferred at Fourth aremur"
From early in the afternoon
transportation companies,
the B. C. E. R��� had large gangs _
men out at work clearing tho switch
points on all lines and the'so>.-*J��***i
kept at work continuously.
Mr. Allan Purvis, Interurban mm>
ager, and Superintendents VV. IHL
sou and Ed. Stirling were oo
til late In the evening directing
tlphs on the many Unas operatt-nr.
and out of the city. In the ta*a> af'
many obstacles the crews kept remarkably good time on both the eKy
and Interurban systems and few eossv
y.lalnts were heard Trom thtt patrasn;
of the company.
Trouble on the city servfoe waa resorted at 11 o'clock last night, one of
the car* being stalled on First a
near the park; A gang ot men
soon on deck and removed-the
On the Interurbsn lines, the
was hardly deep enough to hamper tfx*
movements ot the heavy ears, although the Hillside crews
difficulty owing to the tenders
ing clogged at time*.
Many of the merchants were
with shovel and broom during-
afternoon, but quit their Job* v
they found they were making
A prairie scene wai noticed on C*��-
Vlsnna, Jan. 6.���A Sofia dispatch aay* ,that at the reque��t
of th* commander of Adrian-
Turkish delegate* mat thi*
morning for the purpoie, it is
inWposeo, of discussing tha
question of cailittilatlon.
lags ot an Industrial or manutacturtng lumn,a 8tre.t atlrlnl, th8 evell,n,, wftmi
i��*i��" ��n M����fe   wst   ot W274 L ,���..��� party of voun|, nopef,,-. c^
2��:.*taUr.frm,U   ..,052?l,co!?i?x tere�� �� Nt horse   team   an*,   hob
|$11W.5bO, three permlto tor hospitals,, ������.,������ ,nd whooped It through   Ita
C3��t:ng $200,800;    four   permit*   for ��lll��������s*****s**********��***s*l��B^*J*��J.TJ����Ta$l
additions to churches, costing $2660;
two for buildings ot a public -nature.
c*>rting $18,600; one tor an hotel, costing $16,000; 63 permits tor garages
and stable*, costtni $26,385.
' The recommendation* ot the Inspector ware referred to the building com-
Seattle Thuf. Killed.
Seattle, ���>*�����>���   *������J��hn   Moore, 80
year* old, was killed, Ed.Collln*. aged
lit, wa* shot In the neck, and John
"I*, a Snohpmltm policeman wa*
n the let late last night ln a
it that began when Moore
1* attempted to hold up a
lit Snohomish, a town 30 mlle-i
Street*. .^aaaaaaaa........���������s.^.���-^_
Those Inclined to skating felt ���**���>-
o.npolnted at the' snowtall as tn<> wfis-
ter sport would have beenpoa-ribtaem
n-irnabv lake today. Some few **���*���*���
were out there on Sundav *ite-rs****v
tj-*i! th�� timid ones decided tn w-efl air-
other dav. Thev may posilblv na-ratk*
wait now until tn�� artificial rink as-
opened to the public.
Damaged In Collision.
'Kiel, Germany ,Jan. 6,���The Oetsa
crtilser Strassburg and the'DM
steamer Koenig Christian IX col
ed thla evening off Frledrictamt
the entrance ot Kiel harbor.
I the cruisers compartments wer*
1 ly damaged.
"'"$?'��� f AGE TWO
Ak independent morning paper devoted to the interests of New Westminster snd
As Fraser ���'alien. Published every mornfnjj except Sunday by the National Printing
.�������< l-ablubtHii- Company, Limited, at 63 McKentie Street, New lyestmlsster, British
ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Dirsoror.
.ID s-o?nitiuui,-<i'ion.sj should be addressed fo The New Westminster News, and not
MststJ��,*nut members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
***** to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
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BVIISCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. $4 per year, Jl for three monfha, 40�� per
th   Bv mod. 13 per year, 25c per moit'h.
ADVERTISING RATES on application.
TO CORRESPONDENTS���NO letters will be published In The News crccpt over
signature. The editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
The past year ln many ways provid
���a* **erw records in British Columbia
feat records cut both ways, and we
"harass to state with regret that during
saw previous hunting season In this
gsrs-svince have there been so many
savooting accidents.
The roll of the dead and Injured is
like glancing over the casualty list of
am affair of outposts between warring
nations, for tn little more than threi
rucaths no less than twenty-one lives
-svere lost, four ot which were due to
hunters mistaking people for deer.
Other deaths were caused by drowning
siml a large proportion through care
lessness in the handling of firearms,���
the old old story. There were nineteen cases of grevloiis injury during
the past season.
A considerable section of the peo-
gie who make up the coast population
in particular���and the bulk of the
-accidents occurred on the coast���hav.i
twif previous! experience of the wild.
but there is also a big percentage
whose, knowledge of the untamed
British Columbia is limited to the
w!ew through a transcontinental car
-window and an occasional expedition
gram the coast cities.
We have to realize that it Is not a
matter of great difficulty to get amid
conditions similar to those which pre
waa on the for away frontier a thousand miles north by simply taking a
lew hours tramp or ride from the
citK's on 'the lower mainland. Conse-
���cioently the tenderfoot need3 to be on
tie guard and to be anxious to learn.
The majority are, but there is always
as certain number who can be taught
nothing and there constitute a danger
not tnly to themselves, but to oth irs
for that. It provides for an audit by
persons to be chosen by shareholders
at the annual meeting. Everybody
knows that a shareholders' meeting
is a perfunctory affair, at which the
shareholders approve of what tho
board has done and what the board
proposes. It could not be anything
else. A large body of men meeting
for a couple of hours ln the year cannot pit their judgment against directors and officers doing business all
Who, then, will really name the
auditors? Will the directors do so?
Thin the supposed power of the shareholders  la  a  delusion.
Apparently there is to be an audit
only. That is, an accountant's Inspection of the books and securities.
What about the quality of the securities? A security which looks beautiful on the books, such as stock ln
a mine, may be absolutely worthless.
Mo Inspection is of any value which
does not allow tire inspector to make
a real physical examination of assets.
He must Bee the thing, not merely
a row of figures in a book.
Banks are to be allowed to lend
money to the farmer on his threshed
grain and to a rancher on Mb cattle.
This looks like a good thing for the
farmer and the rancher, but is it?
The point to be borne in mind is not
merely the lending of the money but
the lien on the grain and the cattle.
The extension of the practice of
taking liens on property, especially
secret liens Is very questionable policy. The essence of banking is to
lend money on business and credit,
rather than on property. The Banking Act as it now stands forbids banks
to lend upon mortgages on land and
upon chattel mortgages. It allows of
certain exceptions, but these do not
affect the principle. A bank is not
intended to be a pawnbroker, and the
more It goes into the pawnbroking
business, the farther it goes away
from  good  banking.
soul of a reserved Anglo-Saxon.
Devote members of the Orthodox
Greek Church throughout Canada and
tbe United States will celebrate Christ
mas today with feasting, song and
prayer. In the larger cities th��
Greek Churches will be thronged with
worshipers. The program of the
Christmas services follows that of tho
Mother Country. On entering the sabred edifice the Greeks bow before a
picture .of Christ, and then k!sB it.
Each member makes a donation for
a candle," in accordance with his
'Ihe men, in accordance with the
c-istom of their native land, stand
throughout the services, while the
women kneel in the pews. At tho
close of the services, small wafers,
h��nring a portrait of Christ, are distributed among the congregation. All
members of the Greek Church have
abstained from certain foods for forty
days, preceding today's services.
Thousands of Greek laborers employed In construction camps all oyer America will celebrate Christmas today.
In Buli-arla and Servla, In Greece
and Montenegro and Macedonia, this
will be the happieBt Christmas in
years, although ln many families the
rejoicing will bo tinged with sadness
iod sorrow for those who gave un
their lives ln the "Holy War." Red
wine, mastlca, ranula and cognac will
flow ll'-e water, for not tn five centuries have the Bulgars and Serbs
been so happy. They will drink to a
free Macedonia, to a free Albania,
to the downfall and eternal damnation
of the Turks.
And thev Wni sing a song that has
been sum? for a hundred years bv uncouth but gallant men, an anthem of
red war and black night and the cqm
Ing of the dawn of peace and liberty:
When the moon comes over Rhodopes'
Aad silvers the tips of the fir-trees
And  the  wind    sighs    through    the
boughs and rocks,
It is then that the men of the night
pass hy,
Trotting along the half-hidden trails,
made bv the scrambling -roat.
Lean black shadows that flicker out,
Each wrapped in his shcep-skln coat
For the ropr\ of the night, the night
Is day;
it Is then that we do our work,
That  the  rifles  crack  and  revolvers
And o��p more blow is dealt at the
They   Have   Supplanted   Interest
Changing the Guard at et.
James   Palace.
��� ������������*>���
��� ���
��� THE    HUMAN     P**,0C5*:?I0N.   ���
��� ���
��� ������������������������������������������a)
Viscount Gladstone, Governor of South
Africa, Is 59 Today.
Herbert Jonn,  first   Viscount Gladstone, Governor General of the Union
Wo realize that some accidents are
maavoidable.    Even the very best    of
woodsmen must take the It'ck "f the
trail, but the freimncy of accidental       These and  other matters  ought to
-staoUfigs   taken   in   conjunction   with   J!*? ""'w''''8 ?' "earchi,nK  'n��'l"ry
_.__��_. "     _ iand thought in Parliament ���Toronto
"-"a* favorite means    ot    offence    cm-   stur
sieved      by      thi?     criminal    classes' 	
I here Is also an Injustice to other j 0r south Africa and son of one of Eug
creditors in allowing banks to be the Urnd s greatest statesmen, will effle-
holders of secret chattel mortgages, brate hi3 fifty-ninth birthday today,
either on farm products or on goods |As a ruler of a new nation with ���
in process of manufacture. If these I heterogeneous population and diverse .,
Hens are to  be permitted,  and  their  interests, Lord Gladstone faced a dif. ' hlay.
throughout the continent points to
the nrod cf a closer r-id ! rttter sntitr-
visicn pf the method by which people
are enabled to procure and to use
JR rearms.
operation extended, tbey ought to be I fiCutt task when, three years ago, he
registered just as an ordinary chattel I ,va3 cho3en as the first Governor c.
or land mortgage is registered. | thc ���j03t recent of tUf, vast dominions
to be added to the British Empire.
Hatred of everything English still
smoldered in the hearts of the Boers,
conquered but not convinced of the
desirability of British rule. In his
work of reconciliation and readjust
ment, Ixird Gladstone has acquitted
himself well, and today the Transvaal
is filled with the homes of a happy
and contented people. The Union ol
South Africa, with the son of "The
at its helm, has be
London, Jan. ti.���St. James Palace
on which the attention of the wholl
civilized world ha3 been fixed, on
account of the momentous Peace Con
ference, is a dark, grey pile, every
stone of which enshrines historic
Kor many years the visitor from
oversea has made early morning pilgrimage to the palace for it is here
that the picturesque ceremony of
"mounting the guard" takes place,
and it Is generally one of the regiments of flashing guards that supplier
the officers and men to pursue their
old world task of protecting Royalty
and the Bank of England, it is also
the haunt of the London nursemaid
for here she can combine the morning outing in the park for her aristocratic charges and the glimpse of the
worshipped guardsman.
For the last few weeks the guards
men have lost their attraction, and It
has become a more favorite occupation to stand among an idly curious
crowd and watch prominent states
men arrive at and depart .from the
great conference. There is nothing
here to suggest the bloodshed and the
carnage that have stained red the
page of recent E'trotican historv.
Althongh "Our Palace of St. James"
is no longer used as a Royal res'denee
it still gives its title to the Engliili
Court. The Levees are held in the
The site of St. James Palace wa'
formerly occupied by a leper hospital i
founded in 1190 and dedicated to St
James the Less. 1'enrv VIII. pulled
down the old structure, laid out :i
park and In 15*'*' began the b"lM'nfr
cf a palace. Of the orglnal buil'l'-i*!
orly thc red brick gateway, thp Pres
ence Chamber, and the Chapel Roya'
ne'v remain.
Klne Edward had a great lik'n-; for
the old Presence Chamber, and he Is
sakl once to have discussed with tils
"r'nr.'pal officers of state the possl-
blitv of holdine the courts there In-
stoful of at Buckingham Pa!ac<\
The Stuarts were partloulttrlv find
"f St. James Talacp. That ill-fated
prlnce. destined to bp James II was
hTn there. Queen Anne lived thee
tnd George II was the last cf the Fill'sh monarch* to reside at th's pal-
-co. Tboi'tth ho (lnallv emitted It for
Buckingham Palace, he continued ti
'""-1 the services at the Chapel
The-".   r-"ir('lns-   t��   M-"'-* ��� ������   "Y ' - :
the   King   stayed   so  long  over
For Alderman
Ladies and gentlemen, as It will be
impossible for me to meet you all personally before the forthcoming municipal election I take this means of announcing my candidature for Alderman and of soliciting your vote and
Influence on my behalf. I have had
several years' exporleuce as City
Councillor and If elected I will do my
best to assist in carrying on a forward policy for the advancement of
our City, at the same time having due
regard for the finances, and seeing
that we get value for money expended.
Yours respectfully,'
To the Ratepayers and Citizens
New Westminster City.
Ladles and Gentlemen, In response
to requests, I have decided to subm"
my name as a candidate for Alderman
at the elections next week of a Municipal Council for the City of New
Westminster for J913.
I stand for sane, well balanced progress along all lines: for an earnest
endeavor to ascertain Just where we
are at, financially and othorwlse; and
for securing the highest poBs'hle percentage of efficiency and value for
every dollar of expenditure.
I am perfectly aware that alms are
one thine, and accomplishment an
other, and with the becoming modesty
of a new man in the municipal arena,
with something to learn from actual
experience and contact with municipal!
I problems, refrain at this stage from j
making any sweeping declarations or j
rash promises. |
!    1 believe that a thorough open mind-!
I "d -i"d  fair    oubl'e    tl'sciiasion    and!
ventilation of municipal questions  is
most desirable at this season, the an- |
ntial election, and shall be content to
have contributed to that end If    my I
offer to serve the ratepayers and cltl-1
zctis for one year In the Council shall
be respectfully  declined at the polls.
I expect to participate, in the dis-|
"���isslon nt the puhMc meeting in thc j
Opera House on Wednesday evening
npvt. and at subseouent meetifim j
throughout th�� c!tv divine the cam-'
palgn, but shall make no personal can- ]
Respectfully your*,
Right In the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side cf 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Paid-Up) ....$16,000,000.06
RESERVE     $16,080,000.00
of i Branch** tbrougnout Canada anr
I Newfoundland, aati in London. Bag
and, I.sw York, ChUag* and Spokane
J.8.A., and Mexico City. A genera.
Making business transacted. Ls*i
ter* of Credit Issued, available wltl
correspondent* In all parts of tk<
Savings Bank Djpartmeat��� Dapoalb
*ecel"ed In ���uin* iff $1 and upward
snd interest allows I at t per ceat. pa-
annum  tpreseat rat*).
Total   Assets  Over  $186,800,000.08
Q. O. hrtmner. Manager.
To most of us tin present v'ntry
������season brings the happiest of receol-
TM-tions. and during this spell of some
thing approaching conditions east of
tSee mountains there is no section of
tko copimunlty that    welcomes    the
."-osow more than do the children.
��� Where the enjoyment of the kiddies
��B concerned we would be the last to
suggest any curtailment, but, at the
present time, the majority of sidewalks throughout the city and district
are being rendered into a dangerous
. condition   hy   the    children    utilizing
tl ��"jera fur runways for sleighing.
������T'hlB -practice  constitutes  a doubll
��� (laager for already three accidents
bave occurred to the actual panic';-
IMBt.s in this sport, and, while no mls-
Jhapn to pedestrians have as yet been
reported there Is every likllhnod ol
someone meeting with u bad fall
which may result in serious injury and
complications ln the way of damages
and law suits.
Thc ptlir.e are doing their best to
r.top tin- coasting on  sidewalks    and
���a** *TOU)d urge upon parents anil el'illy*-��� ii. pU- tin game stralghl and
nbcy  tin   law.      Nobody  wishes the
...ilrighing to stop, but there la surely
lots nl  room on the  roads In par.jI
of Ihe city  where traffic Is just now
Musi ol our parks and open spaces
are. on the level and winter sports
caa be indulged m for a short space
.of lime  in our beautiful climate that!
lUtrai is hardly sufficient reason fori
acquiring a public tract of land suit- ���
able for this purpose, but the tendency '
auiiii our young people to loam and !
pvactice  their  games  In   the  streets
.should and nni3l he ebeoked,
There are  slopes    In   plenty    with
srStasj- open going, quite mar to the
risy. The good healthy walk ono
nerd:;   to   E1 '   to   them   v.'ill   help  the
children and Iheli elders :> enjey the
liir.  : ".   '.       i lore
S"vcral reasons for American emigration to British Columbia are at
band ln the form of attractively printed and Illustrated pamphlets purporting to tell the truth of that new coun-j^n'd oid^Man'
n^w"','",,  U,'CSt0r'i   S..fP9   co',^!come a real nation,    its    component
plaining of the loss of settlers would tB aB flrtnly kmt a9  tnose of th,
do  well to adopt a similar campaign
his prayers that "the Queen and fam
(ly drooped oft one bv "ne tis^d t"
Jp-��vp Ihe Kincr. th-1 n-.-qon. ann" Hia
Majesty's equerry to freeze It I'.it to
Hitherto, the only d'strntp ar'^v-'-,',���
rr\ with St. .tames Palace wai who-
Q..,-�����i t-iotor't w'shpd to i-it-��l por
mother there, hut was tbrawted bv th'
3pif:shnr*�� i f th�� K'ri'- of Hanover.
Rvcrv otnc- *ri��nc!f*t,on, has he^n overshadowed by tbe Dalkan Cr-"tf-oriro
���"Hen In ti���os to come "'111 hp lnp'tpd
'nr1; ,'-c-< ����i tlie most Important
event in Its history.
of advertising.���Boston Ti""ir.cript.
��� ���
��� FIRST    THINGS. ���
��� ���
��� ������������������������������������������a)
The first writing machine was patented In England 199 years ago today
Jan. 7, 1714, by Henry Mill, an engineer. It wa3 an Ingenuous appll
ance, and its only drawback was that
it would not write���at least, not at
a speed that rendered it at all practi
cable. Mill's idea was permitted to
lapse until 17S4, when another Englishman patented a crude writing device.
This was also a failure, as was the
"Typographer" of William A. Burt, ot
Detroit, patented in the United Sates
In 1R29. The only Burt machine ever
built was destroyed by a fire at tho
patent office In 1836. A Frenchman.
Xavler Proyln. patented In 1S83 a
machine based on the principles of
modern successful typewriters, ('has.
Thnrber. cf Worchestcr, Mass., came a
little rearpr to a practical maehln"
'n 1843, but was unable to secure
commercial backing for k'" Invention
The first really practical writing
machine was built In 18R7 at Milwaukee, and was the product of the efforts of three Inventors, C. U Sholes,
S. W. Soule and Carlos Olldden,
THE   r. ������KKING   L.AW.
The banking Let is the most inipor-
piece of legislation  before   I'ar-
t in this session, uiul ought to
���ry thoroughly discussed,   All par-
interested ought to be heard be-
the Banking Committees of I'ar-
t or before a special  commit-
The  revision  of    the    Dunking
has been delayed  for two years,
(he work ought now to be tlior-
��� ���������������������������*>���������������
��� ���
��� SCRAP   BOOK   FOR   TODAY.    *
��� ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Bulgar* and Serbs Will Have Right
Merry Christmas Today.
For all tbose who reckon time by
the Julian calendar���the Christmas ol
RuSBla and the Near East and all ad
herents of the Greek Catholic Church
���today is Christmas, the *Jlnd festival of Nativity. And a right merry
Christmas It will be for the Bulgars.
Serbs and Creeks, for at last, after
centurleB of persecution, Ihey hnvc
triumphed over their ancient enemy
and former ma3ter, the unspeakable
'It Is freqrontly said that "Chr'.t
">08 corves brt once a year", but this
'> not rue for those people who live
'-I th" border to" lis between Bussla
ind the Balkan States and their nel
-(hoofing conn tries.   In these c.ommun1
le�� '"hoTa religious allegtancp Is di-.
Vlded, between the Eastern and Western churches, Christmas comes twice
a year. Nativity is the favorite festival of the Muscovites, and few there
are so poor as to be unable to afford
some decoration for their houses at
this season. This morning of mornings will lie ushered In bv n universal oculatory salute. Everybody rises
early and rushes out ami kisses ever"
body  else.    To see two stalwart and
Dominion of Canada or the Commonwealth of Australia.
Herbert John Gladstone was born
at No. 12 Downing street, lxmdon, on
January 7, 1864. He was the youngest son of the Rt. Hon. William Ewart
Gladstone, the distinguished Prime
Minister of Great Britain, and Catherine, the eldest daughter of Sir Stephen
Glynne. He was educated at Eton
and at University College, Oxford, and
for three yearB was lecturer on his
tory at Keble College, lie began his
political career at the age of 26, when
he contested Middlesex County. At
first successful in politics as the son
of his father, he Boon demonstrated
his right to high office by his own
ab'llty. As a Lord of the Treasury,
Financial Secretary of the War Office Under Secretary of the Home
Office. First Commissioner of Works
������nd chief v h<n of the Liberal party.
he demonstrated his fitness for the
lmpor'ant position given him lp 1810
when he "as e'pv^ted to the pppragp
���an honor refused by his dlst!n**""<'i
ed father���and sent to South AfHns
as thc first Governor cf the new Union
Although fifty-nine todnv. lor''
Gladstone Is usually spoken cf as onp
Of thp youncpr Bob or. 1 nf "Irtish '''atp
<;mpn. and t*-�� ���'-���-tWulneis. of h's an
nearanc" Irmtlf'ed th* c'*->-iotprl*''i
tlon. Says a writer in a London puu
"lip dppo pot leek a dav -ver fortv
nnd this Is rrtliaM'' due to the whole
hpar'crt "��v In ��'���'?> h�� enfrt InK
everyth'n:! he deps. e'ther work tie
ilav     Pe is * firm b��llev*tr   in all
nppftt. B*'d st'II pc-pi '*��� r- r cricket
cvcll"-,  sl-potlpi",  tntl  fishing."
1 cri cinristniip's lob W nn| the
-nstiest In thp v-c-lrl. I'p I'as hppn
the p"b'pct ef hittpr s*t^ei,^ p�� n_n
aristocrat who "show* a tendency te
tuni" pprpmpn'al"  nnd  has  hppn    ac-
""���ed of wishing to establish somp-
'���,'n���� re^p-nhlip*- n rov*l ftpurt In
���psn'h   Hfricn.    n">  t1-" "ther h���>��*(] H��
'n   rVn'-.f'    ,.'11,    ���.sIIaaIIsj*?,    nnf|    suo-
irrv'pnee to the bhor lnad"rs.
On the wh-lp, i-ov-p-or ho 's "*i6*vi��
'ir n.i|r\ thp rso-l" ft ihp now Union
������ml    Ills   RPflec.   -,��/>    .Ir.n    f ,|]   rsPI^
���^tlon   v."  thp  pinsaps  nf  the  neople.
���'is chivalrous -,"������.-.i��� *^...���^^ the
tloprs has von the'r frlcidshlp.    and
-.(<;   SHp'IpV   p*   en����"'t1->t'e^    hi^   ^|f..np'
-,! ,- '.r"o n ".tr, .,...-.,.,���" "oprcot M*;"
.wt..,',. Iq�� r-,t',' ���! ���. r. ��� -' -1 p.-^*^'p1v H<M*P
'I'lPd.        licet-    l��-l��"     -l-n    net     '--������
���-���   --��� -   ������������'    le   <t,o  Kst  ditch
agalns' thp Br'Mali "ow occupy places
nf lienor In ('i-.ii'��enn'fl govPrnment
and hlR conllpl n'tltndn toward them
has salv'-d whatever sore spots remained from the long and terrible
country  demands  a thorough j long-bearded  Russians embrace    and i Creek,   In   the   Fernie   district,
ion  of banks.    Tbe  Bill    laid | kiss  each  other,   with   a  resounding ] nrlep 'nf J400Q approximately.
Sr.hnolhruse at Coal Creek.
Victoria. Jan.  5.���A    contract    has
been awarded hy the public works department to Ceorge Cody for the erection of the tipw schoolhouse at Coal
at  a
A  Scout  In  India.
Mrs. J. Brundell-Smythe writes as
follows to the Cnlcutta Statesman
"May I through the medium of your
esteemed raper publicly thank a
young lad who was the means of aav.
Ing my own and my child's lives ai
a considerable risk of losing his own
On Friday .evening I and my child
'���ere returning from our evening drlvi
'n nvr trap al-ng the Bed Rend, whop
thp h't s"emrd to snap In the animal'
'nou'h. p'-'de-'l'' causing it pa'n, fo.*
It sportr-d and b-o!te into a terrific
galle-, -M'd nn p'ferts to stop it onlv
res- lt'd 'n th" rclps sllnnln* from the
tn'mal's month. I *vr*'1 terrified with
fear, and BOO'tlg f'e animal must dn^h
Tnin the ��� enni-npt at p'p tno cf th'
Red pp��d, I cat'gM np my c.h'ld and
resolved   tr,   !--ien  opt   of  thp  ten.
I  had J��sl  stood ttn  when   I  heard
a volep shouting, "Kppp still, n-a-tam
keen st'll, ��*.  devn!" Reassured   1
snt den-p nnd saw a voting man run
n'pi- nlopp *hp rr,-"] leading from Ih'1
M"lrn-n p*-��*'p *n the rnnd n�� which
pit 'ran then ���������>>. (T�� ran ard stood
'n fhp d'reel. ����������"> of h-p anlm-H and
������������'ted ������ "'��� '���""I- en hlns for It to
come up tn h'm.
When    II   .pce-r-l   ��p   nip.   that   the
hprnp "-S" en fc'es " saw h'ni thrOW
1.     hnnd'-Creh'-*     'e     *hn     h-rqe's,     fnC*
".nd then ������ ns|r pf let.* w-c.p n-O'tntl
thp s-'^al's reeV. and *hp np-t mc-
sisiit he n-��^ js'r'de of Us shot|ldcr��,
Then, Ippr'-s: ffir-**ft-H" i-e t-^ut,ad th'
~n.��� .' ��v0 n"��"'��- herio and
b��nti*-M it. to a standstill.
T*n   ���Tsnn    i-p��"    w    ���h>,r-.., ������'    ,,.1,��    �������
���l.nl's-   h--     ncr*-,p   ��>Onpv    te   (e^d    *h"
iinrsjo wltn �������� lp the t'ap to ���"������ re*1
d,.-pe, G*fy'*>r, ...^ ���erp linh"rt. I'
tVd 'l-nod-n'-h-' Red pnlv ��o + ,.rnp.
nn   ��,"   ref.'   peypent  Pnt''P'ttfcs   to   lilt
A public meeting in the Interest of
the new AI.DERMANIC CANDIDATES particularly, and to open the
generally, will be held In tbe
Opera House
Wednesday Evening, Jan. 8, at
8 p.m.
All new candidates will be given a
special opportunity to address, the
meeting, with a reasonable time limit.
The Mayor and Aldermen are also
Invited to be present, to occupy seats
on the platform, aud to reply briefly
to criticisms and questions, reserving
their main speeches till Monday evening, the 13th Inst. \c    (417)
For  ExcpUpppp  hi   Bhavlna.   Hslrout
ting and Shampooing give the
35 Eighth St. David Boyle. Prep.
a trial. Fonr skilled wnrlrmarv. Out
system of trpptlnr the *n*lp fer dnn-
*lruff nnd fnllln' hair eannat be Isa
proved nnnp. Trv It.
Fnce Massaging ��� specUlty.
Artistic M*pding.
London   has  adopted   a   French   In
dnstry which alms nt neatness     It Is
Hint nf the "slop) r."   The word re
fer* to the nrt nf mending clothes III
furls the "sioppeur" I* well and fs
vornlily known, HuMixmlng n gentle
intin tears his rnnt nr linrns 11 hole
with bis cignrette In his triiii*rr*. til*
���rare-lent is rnnreyH to the "stop|H��Hr.'
who In  some  mysterious  wny  r��	
���trui't* the mnlerlnl. In mine way
tliey seem to weave In the stuff. Jolti-
lug up 1 breads of a bit of cloth cut
from another imrt
-nrt    |,l
h-t ���-���
Parliament  does  uot  provide | smack, Is a spectsole to Sicken    the  win proceed forthwith.
!-���_���.!.      ... -1       .l-1-.,,,,! ,.���������-..      'S��,
'.,_    t   ��n-���^t   n^npr.!   an"thlnt.   I   ern
n li*"  "'���������   -" ���-���<������������
ttn ti'wi terned and n-aikpd briskly
awpv, llmn'nir. and wc-ld net rpturn.
1 got thn fh-.^rtsl to fetch the hand-
Ucrch'pf "hich lsv where It had fallen and found1 the na.mp. I. -laMw'n,
'n the pnrner. 1 preilirnfl this Is the
narnp of mv pallant rescuer. I fur
"���*' lee-nied from the Chtiprasl that
thp he,. t|Vpd '" (hp forp'pp pffice and
wns the son cf the superintendent In
L. Ttald'vln. thr hov mfermrl to. is
now at school at Kurseong. Last winter he wn�� n patrol leader ot Simla
Boy Scouts."
Sunday Matin*** F*r Children.
The Royal theuter at Berlin, In answer to the request of many uttlketi*
"to give il performance ||| reduced
prices, so Hint school children might
receive thc lieneflt nnd the plemUtre,"
responded by setting aside a Suiuliiy
afternoon for thnt piii'|iuse. The lions*
was Hllt'd to enpnclty by nn it|il>ri>elii-
the   youthful   audit ,   and  now   a
movement   is   nu   font   In   iniike   the
���seiinoi children's matinee" n ihtuis-
"������'il feiitiire.-.N'fn   York Tribune.
Ad* Maka* E"ficl*ncy.
night on top of the statement of
George l>\ Bner thnt nt seventy be feels
more useful to the Rending railway
nnd ln the wake of Dr. Wiley's statement thnt nt sixty a man Is nt bis best
come* the hard statement of fnct that
the Pennsylvania lines hare In active
service todsy more than 4,000 employees who are Iwtween sixty end seventy
rears of nite.-New fork Herald.
Arrival: Cloning
10:Ed���Vancouver   via  Q.   N.   R.
U:4B���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. it.. . 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
f: 40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:IE
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:011
18:00���Vanoouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).2u:Sc
10:00���Port Mann (dally except
Sunday) 9:45
1:40���Victoria via B. C. B.  R.
(dally except Sunday). 11.it
10: SO���Uarnston Island* arrive*
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leave*
Monday, Wedneaday
and Friday 13:1:,
10:50���Victoria via O. N. R.
(dally .except Sunday).20:3"
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sum-
day)    16:00
11:20���Tynenead   1 Tuesday   and
���������rtdavi  14:00
18:10���Abbotalord. Upper Bums*,
Matsqui, nunlLugdon,
etc. (dally exoept Bun-
day)    7:18
.B:IE���Crescent, White Hoefc and
Blaine (dally exoept
Sunday)    0:41
IE: 15���United State* via Q. N. R.
��� daily  exr��Di   Sunday)..16:01
16: IE���Hall'* Prairie, Fern Hldge
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:46
11:59���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)    7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (dally)     7:1.",
18:10���Sapperten and "Tweei
Mills     (dally      exee->t
Sunday)  ....13:16
9:26���All point* east aad "Europe (dally)   ,13:lj
11:50���Coqultlam   (daily   except
Sunday) 7:lf
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
aondi (dally except
uday)       U.ll
10:90���Ladner, Post <~ra1chon,
Westbam Island. Burr
VlHa      13:15
18:90���Rest Burnaby tda'ly except Sunday I   13:09
19:06���Tlmberiaad (Tucwdity *ad
PWdtW)    18-30
11:80���Rand. Majuba Bfll via
0. O. B. H. (Monday
Wedneaday and Friday          9:00
U:��0���Chllllwack, Mllner. Mt.
Lebaa. A Idergrov*, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murrayvllle,
Straw bent/ Hill, Sontb
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlaa. der
dls, Sperling Station,
Dennlsnn Station, lirnd
ner, llellerese, viu 11.
C. E. R. Idnfly exoept
finnday)    S:m
10:00��� Annlevllle   and   Sunpury
(daily except Sunday). 13:|A
16:46���Vanoouver,   llper's    Siding     via    A.     N.    R.
(dally exeept Sunday 1 .14:2'
7:30���United States vis O. N. R.
(dally eieeot Sunday)     * 4l
20:40--ChilliwacK via B. C. K. R.
idaliy exeept flanday).17:St
11:20���Clayton iTu-eedsy, Thursday. Friday aad Sat-
day         14:0i
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kelts
via n.   N.  A,   IdaHy exeept  Sunday) 14:0
11:20���Abboteford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. B. R. (dally
exceot Bnndav)  17:8'
���'O^O-^loverdale   via    B.C.EJl.
(dally expept Sunday) .17:31
2:00���Frsser    Arm     nnn     Alfa
Vista and Oakalla ,...23:l)(
COAL MINING rights of tbe Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe
Northwest Territories and In a portion of tbe province of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term of twen
ty-one years at an annual rental of
tl an acre. Net more than 2,660 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by ttie applicant ln person to
th* Agent or Sub-Agent of the dlstrlot
iu which the rights applied fur are
ln surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sectlone, and in unsurvey-
ed territory tbe tract applied tor shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which >IH be
refanded If the rights "applied lor are
net available, but not otherwise. X
royalty sttall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated sucb re-
tarns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The leaae will Include the coal mining rights only, but tbe leasee will be
permitted te purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of tbe mine
at tbe rate ot 910 an acre.
For loll Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Mlnieter of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
Phone R524 619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney 8w**plng,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
������war Connecting,
Ceaepool*. 8*ptl* Tank*. Etc
who do aot receive The Newe before
I a.**, should
sal .' V* complslnt. Only ln thi* way
"nay aa ���Blcloat delivery be male-
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
WlneTa. Water*,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured hy
T*l*)Dh*na R 111. Office: Prince** ��t
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Poel'Table* ln the city. Fine
lino of Cigars and Tobacco. Snorting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
It's the Work.
Us* Your Phon*.
MS Olark**n Street. Ph*n* 490.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan/Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
W Metoaes Street. Phone 1001.
Eighty Room*, New and Modern.
Tke most cemtortable rooms in the
city. Mot aad eeld water and steam
radiator In each. Bar and first class
safe run in connection.
Cor. Front and Begble St.   Phone 18S
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
48  Lorn* 8tr**t,  New W*stmln.t*r. TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 191S.
Inauguration of President Wilson Will
Be Signal for Outbreaks���Nicaragua Again.
Washington, D.C., Jan. 6.���The bold
neBS of Clprlano Castro In recently
taking passage for the United StateB
on board the French liner La Tour-
alne is interpreted in both official
and unofficial quarters in Washington as another indication of the expectation of thc professional disturbers of the peace of Latin-America that
President Wilson's Inauguration will
bring in an era of license ln the turbulent Republic.
Hardly a day passes now but what
Washington hears fresh reports of
the determination of the lawless elements ln Central America and the
Caribbean to start trouble Immediately after the fourth of March. Dally
confirmation Is received of predictions made last November that a Democratic victory in the United States
would Bet to work the men who have
been promoting revolutions and seeking the spoils therefrom ln recent
The hopes of these elements that
the Democratic victory would brine,
a reversal of the Latin-American policy of the United Stales Government
have now crystallzed Into a belief
that can be shaken, according to reports being received here, only by
some positive act to the contrary ear
ly in President Wilson's administration.
Travellers returning from Latln-Am-
erlca Bay that In three republics nortt1
of the Panama canal, it Is accepted
as a settled fact that there will hi
trouble after March 4. Advice to the
State Department contain reports
showing the same popular belief.
In Washington men who have man)
times acted as representatives of revolutionary factions ln I>atin-Amorlcaii
countries make no secret of their belief that President Wilson's inauguration will be the signal for the lighting of the fires of revolution ail along
the line. These men Include not only natives of Latin-America, who find
it convenient to reside in the United
8tates rather than In their own countries, but also American cltlienB who
have found it to their interests to
take a hand ln the political game as
���played lu the Republics of unrest.
While the stale department Is confident that the mere application ot
the Immigration laws will be sufficient
to prevent Castro from setting up his
residence In the United States, nevertheless it Is known to the department
that there has been for many months
considerable activity among the Venezuelan colony in New York city.
Tho department does not fear any
serious trouble from this activity, bow-
ever, as it does not expect tbe Venezuelan group of emlgradoa polltlcos
to prove itself capable of starting
anything serious, and In addition, the
present Venezuelan Government has
apparently so firmly establlihed Itself and so thoroughly convinced the
country of the advantages of peace
tbat Venezuela I* safe from the revolutionary activity.
in Central America, however, th*>
situation Is far- less reassuring. The
teemendous upheaval in Nicaragua
list summer, which was prevented
from spreading throughout all Ceo
tral America only by tho prompt action of the United States. I* expected
to prove the basis for renewed revolutionary activities sfter Mr. Wilson'*
Only todav. a lawyer of New Yor"t
C'��v. who ha* been connected with
affairs in Central America for a number of years, snd who I* In especially
close touch with tbe present revolutionary element declared that after
next March the Central American lid
would literally b�� torn off Its hinge*.
It'll believed here'that the Demo-
cratlc admlt'lstrntlon will be confronted at an earlv date with a situation
which will force It to determine Its
ljitln-Amerlcan policy soon after Mr.
Wtl*on has been Inaugurated.
��� *> ���
It was then put into an open grave,
and a part of the decomposed flesh
taken up and eaten, or rubbed on the
Tho past year has broken all previous records with regard to the number of new settlers arriving in Western Australia. To date 9697 immigrants have landed since the beginning of the year, and the total for the
twelve months will probably exceed
The Hon. W. A. Watt, the premier, will visit London in February In
connection with the financial affairs
>f Victoria.
There has been heavy buying of
wool by representatives of Yorkshire
firms at the sales. The prices continue normal.
The Hon. C. Graham, MInlBter of
Agriculture, Is dissatisfied with tht-
dearth of farm laborers among tht
Immigrants on the Demosthenes, that
Is duo to arrive here with 600 new set
tiers on the 16th Inst.
A Stawell farmer, who says that he
is the father of 25 children, has applied to the military authorities at
Ballarat for exemption during harves
ting of five sons between the ages ol
14 and 18 from the compulsory train
Ing section of the Defence Act.
Some wonderful shooting was witnessed at the Victoria Kifle Association meeting at Williamstown. In the
700 yard section of the Templeton
match, E. R. Dabron, of the Charlton
Club, made ten bulls-eyes, and, keep
ng on, put In as many more ln all
before breaking down. Dabron's rue
of bulls-eyes has never before been
equalled In any part of the world at
this difficult distance, so far as Is
Hon. Moses Livingston Delivers a
Great Oration.
N;w Zeslsnd.
The lion. James Allen, Minister of
Finance, was the guest at a civic fare
well banquet here, on the occasion ol
his departure for London. In hi?
Bpeech Mr. Allen said that he must
reserve his views on the naval ques
Hon pending a consultation with the
Imperial authorities.
Tlie Government is Importing o
large number of Holsteln cattle from
Stormy scenes are reported to have
occurred in St Paul's church. Auckland, the vicar of which Is regarded
as a ritualist. Several resignation*
on the part of members of the congregation have taken place.
Admiral Sir George King-Hall. Commander-in-Chief of the Australian station, lu an address delivered to the
members of the New Zealand Club,
said that ln the whole of his forty-
nine yearB' experience of the Royal
Navy he had never known it to b��
more alert or efficient than It was
at the present day. '
Famous Kentucky Spellbinder Deplores the Fact That No On* I* bvsr
Contented���The Ca(* ef th* Jone*
By   M.  QUAD.
(Copyright.   UU',  by Associated Literary
IS name was Hon. Moses Llv-
Ingstou. aud b�� was trom
He wus cock eyed ln both
rye*, lame ln tbe right leg and bud a
droop lu his shoulder*, but be bad oratory and to snsre.
Ue got Into town three dsys before
tli* regular meetin*- of tbe Lluiekllu
club snd lodged wltb Brother Uurd-
uer, borrowed money of Samuel Shiu
and begged a swallowtalled coat uf
Shindig W'Htklns.
lie gave out that be was s sou of s
veteran, s m of liberty aud a son of
s gun and tbat he bad walked TOO
miles ln the middle of the road for
the purpose of delivering a Bpeech before the club.
At tbe proper moment be wss
brought In snd introduced. His was
not s smiling, cheerful countenance,
but It wore a look of determiuatlou.
as If be would sit down before a good
dinner and stay  there until the last
Act Well!
And that you may, profit by
the health-restoring, strength-
giving properties of the time-
la boxes, 25c.
For Rent
7-roomed bouse, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum and blinds. Lease If
required, $25.00 per month.
l-room house, one block from
ear, $16.00 per month.
5-room   house,   modern,
bssement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone  1024.
Coldleutt Blk.     East Burnsby.
South Africa.
In consequence of the Increased
South African demand, no Cape wines
are available for export at the present
The drought has broken througout
the Union, but there will be a serious
shortage of food in the Transkei un
til after the reaping of the crops.
Mr. Van der Riet, the Unionist candidate, ha* retained Sir Starr Jams
son's seat at Albany for hi* party by
a majority of s;il.
A whirlwind has don* considerable
datnace ln the Ladvbrand district of
the Oranaa Kress- Slate.   -���
Mr. Chris Botha, M. L. A. for Blocm
fonteln, maintains that it is essentia'
to Introduce oversea agriculturist' ir
order to ensure, the predominence of
thc white papulation of tbe Dominion
It Is announced that in the terms 0|
the new msil agreement, the outward
bound liners will leave Southamlon ot
Fridays, arriving st Capetown on Mon
day*, and the homeward-bound vc*
seU will leave Capetown on Satur
days arriving at Southampton or
Tuesdays. This will enable letters tc
be replied to In tbo same week at
each end.
Dlnlsula. the deposed Zulu king. Ir
suffering from rheumatic gout, and
has been recommended to take ��
course cf treatmont at Carlsbad-
Standard of Empire.
*>     FROM   THE   BEVEN
��� -  . -
Public opinion In the Commonwealth has been deeply stirred by the cabled report of the Admiralty memorandum on see power, prepared for submission to the Canadian Parliament,
and  by  Mr.  Borden's speech.    The
actual facte have never been so clear-
JTand authoritatively laid before the
general public, and the result of their
oubllcatlon has been to quicken Imperial sentiment throughout Australia
Although the government and the
people of this country have chosen a
SJfferent method of contrlbutlni  towards the defence of the Empire from
That to be adopt* ^ Canada   the
Dominion's generous actloris warmly approed.   Australia to ifully ready
to aeiept an increasing share In the
defence of the Empire of which she
is proud to be a member.
The general opinion here is that
odr responsibility n* "���J"-^''" *!
Pacific, and thst the best service we
Tin render to the Motherlandinadthe
wmoire as a whole Is to   co-operate
'    ZT&j&Sfae^XS,
llevlng the taxpayer at Home of the
'&& of detSdtag toe- bb Aus-
trails Is determined to keep pace
wKh Canada tn the matter of sharing
Uie duties and privileges ot Bs��lre
Much satlsfsctlon has beea oecse-
Australian navy tor training purposes.
The Chief Protector of Aborigines
(Mr. Howard) has returned after, an
InU-eating tour of the north. He vle-
SJd Mornlngton Island In the Gulf of
Carpentaria, where the natives scarcely ever come Into touch with Europeans. The blacks were friendly. They1
accompanied the party tata^.-"!*
showed them lagoons. At Lloyds
Bay the Protector Informed Mr. Howard that when the husband of a woman died she was not allowed to
speak until her hair was cut. That
operation might be postponed indefinitely.   The body of a deceased per-
Wss Left at Bsss of Supplies When
Amundsen Pushed to South
Christiana, Jan. 6.���Captain H. Jal
mar Johansen, s famous Arctic explorer who had achieved much sue
cess In polar re����*trch. convnjtted aul
clde here on Saturday night.
He was a member of Captain Rcsltt
Amundson's reoent Antarctic expedl
tlon, but was left at tho base of sup
piles when Amundsen and four com
'anions pushed their way to the
South Pole. The fact that he was noi
among the leading party preyed1 OB hi*
mind snd he brooded over It until his
return to Norway. .
He was the author of "Nsi-w" Mf
I at 86 degrees 11 mlns." After Nan
sen's return from Greenland JohMseP
was a member of several expetUtons
mSitalM those headed by th. Prlnc*.
of Monaco, and Wm. 8. Bruce.
r-rldtijjoft Nansen, speaking of J0-
hansen's works, today paid hlro a high
tribute, characterising him as an en
terprlslng and brave explorer.
I t*ranel�� Joespl. Not III.
Vienna, Jan. B.-The a,"m^�� .1!'
port* In circulation abroad ooncelti-
Eg the' health of Emperor Francis
Joseph are untrue. His majesty
promenaded tor half an hour today
on the gallery of Sohoenbrunn Castle,
received some court ^"J-" *>**��"
tenuo and worked at his desk aa usual.
crumb was devoured. lie exhibited
no embarrassment aud wus cheered as
be took the plulfurm und began:
"My freu's. I bus urrnve yere, sume
ns I bus srrove nt hundreds uf other
places, tn Und men and women strlvln'
fer place aud power, fer riches nnd
bupplnesw. fer de bend ob de pert***-1
���Inn and de bla end ob de cake, 1
"Hut's only tmuiiin natitr. eocmiraa- I
ed by ebery bonk we read and ebery '
iwtper we pick up. At de pretseut date
ilar am n Billlyuu u|ihniii* In dl* world
eiK-nurni-lii' d*' resfolrts* to <���!�������"> UP-
I ley trill* II* mm toes to sdopt sud pre
eept* and example* to fuller, and dey
tell how easy It am fer any one tn go
from de tall ob de class to de bald.
"Olier dar sot* I'lrkle* Smith. He
am JM aeuln' In rllmh lo de fop und
own nnd run a postnfH'-e and reiser**
ten hole* fer hi* own insII.
-Ober dl* way ��ot�� Elder Pen��lnrfc
He tins been told d*t dur ant oo i-eaenn
on alrth why be shouldn't be goberuor
ob dl* state, and lie em tSMtln' dp fried
oyster* lie will have when dst eveul
Heneaty snd Industry.
���In front ob de store, wld Id* year*
workln" bsck and roth aud hi* eyes
shlnkr wld amblshini. am nr* whack
White. He bs* read del ImneKty snd
Industry will bonai a man to de lop ob
de nolo, and he em lookln' fmwnrd tn
ownln" a ateamlmat and bnotlu* dedeck
band* about.
������So It goes from one 1o de odder, all
wsntln' sunthln' better, nil acbla' to
.limb up. No one ob you em content
wld bis station In life, f-lrh ob you ns
kin afford clsnn. don't wsnt to stop el
dst. Yon wset lotinter. Bleb ob yon a*
hsve patent leather ��hoe* am sights'
fer gold headed rears to match.
1 am fur from wsstlu' ds world l*>
(tand still *r dlscoursgln' siublsUua.
bat I am at de ssme time compelled t*
*.k. What* de s-h-T We ha* sll mad
eb fseesr. He made ap his mind ta gs
in de toft, sad he got dsr. Bern* he l*��
Suo tryla' be wss a coatented map. If
e flour and mrtstaes sad liawa was
���ut he knowed whsr he rsaiid git uto'
If d cirrus csisMj along be wss dar. II
dsr wss a boas rare be had bis tt sp
en the right mm. He hsd de money Is
hi* pocket to pay hi* Use*, sad If be
went Into a sale** aad tetind ��� dues*
men dsr be didn't have to drlah alone
snd msks s soesk.
���H��w was It whet* Caesar reached d*
plnnscle? NnHln' Hut I rouble st aeon
trouble wbea he Isld bis weary head
..o de itUs-r. Be bsd best* ob money,
hul no eploymcnt: b�� hsd Ii-mi*"** of
fren'*. but ma" enemies: be had heap*
ob i-ower. tint nut 'null t�� save "Is own
life. Some lew wept wben dey burled
blm, bnt dsr was hundreds wbo re
rot !*�����(.
������Kin any ob you tall me what wa* d��
The Case el Hannsrable.
-T)nr waa Haapersbie. AS ��� thm-
er'a son be boed corn, milked �����*'�����
de hswg. and had Wad ��mm i w*J
a week. He dr����# to town #�� a good
lookhV girl whebebber oar �������������*
run. and he was alius ����� **�� �����
camp meetln's ��od eaoBtjr twin.   He
wns content nnd gro-vln' fat till am-
blshllii bit blm. Ue got It Into bis
biiitl thut he Wanted to climb up, and
nobody, could hold him. lie dumb und
dumb and cliimli. lie got to de very
lop. He got to wbnr be could look up
and see uo one uu de limb above him. | , ,, ,
He got fume, but be didu't have time , tested famous family remedy
to eat his meals.   He got glory, but be j
inmle  enemies every   hour.    Ue  won i
victories, but be cmne borne to llnd
that de liuwg* hud broke Into his garden  and  rooted  elierything  up.    He j
reached de top only to die. and his
lirenth hud only passed away when (te
newspapers   was  saylif   mean   tilings
itlxnit blm.
"Nnpoleou  was  de  msn  ob sll  de
world   fur   u   quarter  ob  a   century.
I'rniii llbblu' lu a garret he come to
lliibln" In a palace,    i'mni belt)' a nobody be come to lie a ruler of de world,
lint man could go out and lick a ken- {
try and annex it an ensy as you or me I
could go out and saw bulf a cord of ,
wood.   Hut what did It sll amount to !
In de end?   Wbnt was de use?   Oar I
come a day when be was pulled off de j
perch nnd liblied and died an exile.      I
"I wus talktn' wld Clveadnm Jones .
ob dl* club last nlgbt   He works lu a
woodysrd st $2 a day.   He has got a
cuckoo clock and a red sofa lu  bis
house.    He owns a  winter obercost j
wld s velvet collar to It.   He kin put |
up a dollar on a boss race any day lo ;
de week.   If kerosene goes up s cent
a gallon be don't cuss.   If bacon drsps
s cent s pound be don't chuckle ober
It.    He has got a name dat compels
respect   Wben be starts for home at
nlgbt  ehen  de  police git out ot  his
road.    HI* wife gibs a high tea one
week nnd a low coffee de next, and
sbe kin bub two palm ob two dollar
shoes a year.   Kin yon draw me a picture of contentment and prosperity to
beat dat?
Glvsadam stoma
"And yet wbut does Qlreadam Jones
waut? He wants to change his front
name to Claude: be wants to And sunthln' to take de kluk out ob his ha'r
and pass for a Cuban; be wants a diamond plu aud a plug hat: he wants to
be de mayor ob dl* city und gradually
climb up to tbe presidency: be wants
to be known as tbe 'it' ob de United
States. He would leab all contentment
beulud blm fur a few years ob greatness. Think ob ill Think ob swuppln'
such a mime as Glveudam fur dut of
Claude! Why, sucb a thing would
make de very planets bult in delr
"My fren's, I ask you ugnln, what's
de use? It's a question I ball asked
lu.iKHi times and shall keep ou uskln'.
Nobody Is brung Into dia world wld
any particular objec' In view. If he
drups Into a good place, what's de use
ob kickln' nnd wlshln' It wus u better
one? We are bo'n und lib our time and
den pass away. What's de use ob wust-
lif half a lifetime iu a struggle dat
don't amount to shuck* If you win?
Huln't it better to lie content wld what
you've cot and sot down and enjoy It
to de utmost? When you've got de red
sofa you've got to begin to look out fer
moths, and so It goes right aloug up to
de top. Think ob dese things. Turn
i 'em ober tn your minds Don't let a
I day ico nnst wtdont a*ktn" youraelt.
\ 'What's Ao use';'
"l didn't arrove yere to take nn ytnir
Tal-ubl* time. I list Wanted tu Kit off
what wns on my salad, aua. Unvla* a*'
i-nuiplUhed d��t purno-s*. 1 now retnrn
my heartfelt thank* and bid you all
cnod nlgbt"
A zebra and wild beast killed by the Ralney expedition, motion pictures of
which will be shown at the Opera Hou ,e Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
rransf er Co.
Office Phone Ids.     Barn Phon*  1S7
Bsflhls Iti-eel.
Baggage Dallvsiet Promptly to
any part of the city.
Ligfet aa*! Hmmtt Baaing
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Wnlissass -
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
We Will Show You Hew!
If you have ideas���if you can think���wc will show you the secrets of this fascinating new prcfesBloa.
Positively uo experience or literary  excellence  necessary.    No   flowery language" is wauted. a
The demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers are moving heaven
and earth" ln their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They are of
terrlug $10* and more, for single scenarios, or written Ideas.
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ESSA-
photoplays to  tbem.    We want moree writers and we'll gladly teachh you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplsys wrlten by people who "never before wrote a line for p'ublication.
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think ot only one good idea every week, and will
write It out as directed by us, and it sells for only $25, a low figure.
Don't hesitate,
and your future.
Doa't argue. Write now and learn lust what this new  profession may  mean  (or
1543 Broadway
son was
not burled tor several days, I etc.
Aid for the Farmers.
Ottawa, Jan. 6,-Hon. Msrtln Bur-
rell Is busily engaged In preparing
his bill for the encouragement of eg
riculture. It will be more eomprenen'
slve than that of last year andjcontemplates the assistance ��t MjrUml-
tural education, fair*,   stock-raising,
Homomoorod the Oreeare.
Bh* wa* apt to ror��-et tblujr*. sod so
���ib* wa* afraid ��he would fonrei to order th* eblekeii* la time. All day. te
iniard nc-iluxt If. abe would keep r*.
Iientlos lo hernelf. "Cblrkena���snos-er-
rlil<'ken��-*rrooer.'* Filially at llie time
Mb* wa* atvimtouied tu rail tin* amcar
���sue went to the telephone sutl asked:
���'Have you noy nice young ���trwer*"""
"Why. yes. ma'am." ��nld s ��urpn��ed
volte lil tbe otber end of the Hue.
������This I* Mrs. Joues talking." she went
on. "nnd I wsut you to send me * couple drr-Msed."
"Send you a couple dressed'f gasped
the grocer.        /
"Well, no: too hsd better send them
imdiwsed. snd wben uir binbsud
eomes home be will wring their necks
md the ������ook tan dr*"s* tb��ui."-Kun*a��
irity Stsr.
Wheee Neeef
Hid you ever hear the story aboul
how s yeuag diss bswled out su unknown bore st th* ibsalsri Well, bent's
how. Be was staadiag up ��"d trying t*
*e* the .hew. B..s*�� an* leaned vvr
bl* .houlder. Tbe yeuug maa drew *
handkerchief aad. without lookln,
around, pim-hsd Ihe ssau'* uose wltb It
������ere!" shouted tho sssa above the
dla of tbe orebertra. "What do you
mean by palHnif *V ���"���'V   ���,, ...
������Pardou me." ht s.iologlsed. "Il ws*
ao rlos* to taj faca that I thought It
wa* mine. Waa It really fvmt aoser-
Chmlsad .Mala Uealer.
Weuldnt B*.
' "If* ���������le*- to urge ������� t�� wHTtj ������>���.
When I say ao I msaa ao."
"And can aoiblng arer bwak row
determination wben ones ytW -waits) ��P
your mlndr"
"Absolutely nothing"
-Well. 1 wonldn"! cart to inarrir ���
girl Ilk* thst. aayhow."-B**stou Tra��-
script. '
Varying It
��f-r-er-*oa-* of the ftscetlou* gentlemen la tbe congrrgstlon." says ��b��
minister, ss tbe deacon* WW to take,
up the collection, "tare t*bro l�� th*
habit ot dropping Wttona tato tha
pr��tV M'����i(����^t^'j��2j;
of a recent arrival st the ."'���ol,*f������
they substitute sstety (tna ��r    "
time belngr-Judge.
BUYHB flf NEW VTOflSlffl
make your purchases in your home city. Every dollar you
spend here helps some other resident and incidentally
yourself. One of the surest ways of building up New
Westminster ia to spend your money as far as possible
at home
ijggg t�� jw jggji
tell the people pf four horn* eitj through the columns of
The News about the goods you lute to sell They will then
be able to see for themselves Ihat you have the goods they
want at prices as low and lower than other cities.
No Steamer, t* Ban '��B��'��e*
Montreal, Jan. ��.-Mr. O. M.,Bos-
worth, vice-president of th* C. P. R..
denies that his company contemplates
the establishment ot a ttaamer service between Vancouver and Ban
Doctor Killsd Hlmadl;
Uttle Rook, Art, {�������� .������7W���J2
Greene, .'ormerly president of the Am-
erlcan Institute of Homeophtttr ��hd
ofTe Boufh.m��� Ai-Jtatta.��t���Ho.*
onathv Shot ABd WHwd W*��*r at nia
homi'her* last night. Ha had b*W
ln Ill-health for ��me .ontha. ,fiW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
Reeve and Council of Burnaby to Go ! Forest Ranger Has Rather Harrowing.- E.iflht Men Killed in Explosion In the
to Victoria to Discuss Paving
of Klngsway.
Edmonds, Jan. fi.��� Very little busi-
Experience Near  Bellln-ttiam���!  '        'Stoke Hold of Massena���Cause
��� r [r
Had No Gun.      > '   - p Unkown.
Bellingham, Wash., Jan. 6.f-Tr��jSiiiV'4   Toulon, France, Jan. 6.���Eight men
was transacted at the last board I Dy a big cougar while fifty riiile3 ttvro I were killed today by an explosion in
of wca-kB meeting of the present couu j clvlllzat,on    Forest    ntL.'   TQ3pnh'ltnc 6lok�� hold of the French battle-
��al which was held Ibis morning. ��� civiiuat.on.    rorest    Ranger. J,q^S**4r8nTp.w.,fsena.    The MasBena, accom-
A wire was received from the Hon. I Ridley walked for two days uatll. ...jhB.l prated by two cruisers, was proceed-
Settle "Wet" or "Dry" Question    In
Cities and Towns and Elect
Councils for 1913.
Thomas Taylor, minister of public | reached tlie forestry reserve tele
works, requesting the presence of the phone station, above Marble mountain"
reeve aud council al a meeting to bet I and dajit.the newB of his harrowing
held In the    capital    on Wednesdaj | experience    to    Forest Ranger' A. h.
morning of this week when the tend
���en for the, paving of Kingsway w)Jl
be discussed and contracts probably
let, subject tq. tjijj ratification of the
roads by-law al the coming election.
A communlcaffoh was read frcm Mr.
11. Sworder, chairman of the Central
Ratepayers' Association, stating on
behalf of thc association that a vote
��* thanks had been passed at their
last meeting to the reeve and council
Ridley has traps set in Uie moira
tains. One of these is on l.ightain
Cree*v-flfty nrlie�� 'northeast of ;Ma-ibli,
Mountain. There he arrived" late Tuna
day afterngon to see if an animal had
become entangled In the trap. Tnls
waa emrJty and as he turned to go A
large cougar stood a short distance off
The beast, says Ridley, stood watch;
Ing him for a few seconds and    then
Tor the untiring efforts made during  walked nearer.   It did not offer flgfit'
the riast year in upbuilding the muni
The question of rocking between tv
1"t. C. K. R. tracks on the Twelfti
street line was, again brought up In
a letter received from Acting Manager
O H O. Conway, which stated that a*
tOus municipality proposes.to pave the
street the company believes It un-
meces'-->-T to do any filling in between
the rails.
Thf*"'rernie*tt. of n number cf tit"
���rasidertts of Edmonds asking that Ed
jmonfls road be continued through to
the new cut-off. of Ihe B. C. E. R. wa.?
���Jwa*��**-t*h. following a report rT the
municipal engineer. The renort stated
that two courses were fensahle. one
tbe W->t- in ef t'te ravine and th"
other tbe constntrtion of a trestle
brid-'P. The first would cost about
$12.*lfin -while a bridge would mean a
Having of about min. The ��� lattfr
*enerne was adopted and the residejjts
] SsriR be notified. | jl
A short session of the council will
be held next Monday morning nftT
-whieh the reeve and councillors will
bold tbe annual ratennvers meeting
in the Burnaby public hall.
but acted as if it wanted to make
friends. Thc ranger, armed only with,
i knife, did not care to start a flg(r\
lie Tracked off, but the cat followed.
When Ilidley again stopped the animal did 1'kewise. and stood watching
the  forester  with   apparent interest:
The  ground  was  covered  with   snow
and as the ranger did not care to have
the big cougar as a bed companion fti'
thc night he kept on his way toward
the ranger's station.    All New Vear'*
Dav  the  beast   followed  Ridlev until,
f-itltin about twenty miles of the sta ! A,1)e"a
tlon.   There he dropped back and wasl
lost from view.
The ranger declared the cougar
had in all probably never , seen ���
human being before and was lone
some. Tn speaking of the mntter Conrad  slated   there  has  never, been  a
ing for Blzerta, She was passing the
Hyers Islands when the steam collector pipe of one of the boilers burst.
. The warship was Immediately
stopped and the engine room staff
rushed to the stoke hold, where they
found a petty officer, b!x stokers and
an artificer lying on the floor dead.
The ship put back and landed the
bodies at the St. Mandrlor naval hospital.
The cause of the accident has not
yet been ascertained, but it has occasioned great surprise among the
naval authorities, as the steam piping
oh the Massena had been completely
renewed two years ago and yas very
.thoroughly tested last year.
Legislature  Will    Guarantee
Bonds of Grain Growers' Grain
Edmonton, Jan. 6.���In   order   that
. .,    ,   i more pel feet provision may be made
case on record where a cougar attack- lfo. ^ nandling 0, farmers. grain in
a "KIM Cougar In Pitt L.Vs. Ttllis P���vmce, the government of Al-1
Ottawa, Jan. 6.���Results of local
cpticn contests in this district today.
Renfrew, local option repeal vote
defeated here by 110 majority. Finch,
local option sustained. Iroquois, local
option carried by an increased majority of 157 for to 70 against. Pem-
brcke, local option defeated on
straight vote by 162. Almonte. local
option sustained despite a fierce opposition by a vote oT 231! to 265. Carle-
Ion Place, local option resulted: For
the by-law, 380; against, 391. New-
bore, local option winB by a majority
of 12 over a three-fifths vote. Egan-
vllle, local option defeated by 148 to
54. Peterboro, local option defeated
by 125 oh three-fifths vote.
Eastern Ontario mayors:
Almonte. W. W. Plttard; Rocklind
N. Desrosiers; Urockville, J. A. Mac-
Kenzie; Kemptville, A. Langstaff;
Perth, Allan Grant; Finch, M. Arcol-
lus; Smiths Falls, Captain A. Foster;
Iroquois, L. N. Tenney; Pembroke,
Mm. l.eacy; Cornwall, Wm. Pollock.
Ottawa, Jan. 6.���J. I.. Ellis. M.UA.
for West Ottawa, was elected mayor
of Ottawa tonight by about 1000
plurality. He recently resigned the
city treasureslilp to enter into the contest at tbe request of a number of
prorninent ratepayers, who were desirous of seeing a firm hand rule the city
The board of contrcll will be composed of Joseph Kent, Dr. Parent,
Edward IHnchey and 1   W, Nelson.
A by-law to spend $1,100,000 on a
mechanical filtration plant waB defeated.
North Bay, Ont, Jan. 6.���Local option carried by a straight vote of 34,
hit lacked 97 of the three-fifths majority In North Bay.   local option hail
berta will guarantee the bends of the
[Grain Growers' Grain Company, whose.f ��\"
Ii..Jn.i.........��� ������ ... i. i .���   ... su��   lanaer.
The  company  in   return   will   build
to- the     srrnr'so  of    H'?^,^^^ Other reeves elected in the
Everything was foenrt satis-^J��� ���^���J^JlL^L- -J*   county  were:   Melbourne,   I..   McTag
'   ~ *     n*     r- u _     tl lis-IUiU'U   UlUnflO     lliaill    t    U III l"'! 11.. ,    tlUUOD
trapper named McDonald "'""ting In   , ���; d VVinillpeg, to the
Pllt  Lake   district,   brought %0 ����l&gft of at ���������. gnfc u)niioi. collars
-ise nf a luire enngar into the office
of   the   provincial   agent   yesterday
Jan. 6.���-James Hodglns
was elected reeve of London township
today, together with an entirely new
factory,  however, nnd   Mr.
Trri"""ii" I handle a large proportion of the cro;.
"���it raid  t'te pro
life of cougars
tlum placed on tlie
Alleged Bank Robber to Appear Before
Chief Justice Hunter.
Whether Charles Dean will regain
bis liberty or else stand trial at the
spring assize court will be decided to
day in Victoria.
Dc-in. who Is being held for alleged
complicity in the Bank of Montreal
robbery of September 14, 1911, was
taken over to the Capital City yesterday and will have a bearing before
Chief Justice Hunter today. His s"liei |
���or, Mr. Adam S. Johnston, is npplvlng
(or a writ of habeas corpus. Needles'
to state the crown authorities will
fight the    matter    for nil    they    are  $17..*ii.
���worth.    Mr.    E.    P. Davis.  Iv.C. will       Accrdin- In MeDo"""1fl, '"���-> ���vie"-"
bandlcd Hie case for the crown In the  ���>-���  nlgpHfi'1   i"   his  district  and  ar��
preliminary liearlne. is away In  Bug-; k'H'ng off tbe de��r.
land at. present, bnt bis -lace will bej    T''�� cnttt"'-' killed  In -1"'
| of this year.
At  the  present time  tlie  company
iho o- cougars, ������:���,,,,������   is doing a large business in Manitoba
The animal welched In the ne-rM,or i uie extensions of operation of the
hood of m pounds   and ^'"l J* company to Alberta will make it   one
(nt a loehes   ror, tin of t     to n9���� ,     the ���rm3 of tl)e continent.
. McDonald   SV     "   "MlW   '"he,     The nmmt ���, A,b���,a ������ ���arf
.mo-.ntalns *��*"'""��*" ^^..junder consideration for some months
cm januarv 8, and it took.hr- ��� ^ ** I fa w , Ueali with tne 0.
tar part of (wo days to bring it intpifW^j ^ farm BQ ahg t0 gecure .���
Westminster   ,,,-   the producer a larger return for   his
I'o was well reoomjwnsed fof'   * 4  ,    �� projects before    the I
work however, as shortlv f^f^l^-jmbera of the government were tbe
in. the bounty on tte ��ri"��M^Mp co.operativc p!anB0r saskatcbewan and
dav-he -old the carcase      ;C��wJ����n        �� �� has beon      rkM
:^^7p;;r^'Z���   ^.n^^t  by  the  farmers  of Manitoba un-
der adverse conditions.
, IJ. is stated here  thnt  the  government Is  reluctant  to  enter on  plans
aj__cp*nprehensive as those which ar:'
"jTT-^Ts'iggested by many of the farmers of
taken by one of t'te law finti of which, t   rpa>  ago  la3t    fall    weighed    13
Mr. T)avis is a member.
- ! the province. These include In nddi
tion to the handling of grain, the erection of packing houses, abbatolrs, cold
storage plants and the entrv nf the
government    to a large    extent    into
gart; Metcalfe, W. L. Toobill; Delaware, A. S. Monteith; West Nlssourl,
K. Fitzgerald; Allsa Craig. John Morgan; Lucnn, C. \V. Hawkshaw; Mc-
Gillivray. \V. T. Ulens.
Fort William, Jan.  fi���George Graham was elected  mayor of Fort Wll-1
Ham   today.    The   Labor    candidates!
for the council and board of education
with but two exceptions were defeated.
Toronto,    Jan.    6- Mayoralty clec- j
tlons held today resulted as follows: '
Bracebridge, Geo.   W.  Walker;   Belleville,  J.   F.   Wells;   Dundas,    E.    A.I
Woodhouse;   Gravenhtirst.    A.    Hill:
Huntsville,  11.   E.   Klce:   Paris,  J.   M.
Patterson;   Kingston.   T.   G.   Higney;
Kincardine, W. H. Mitchell;  Bowman--
ville,   S.   C.   Miller;    Lindsay,   Ii.   M.
Benl:   Niagara on-the-l.ake.    J.    Dran-
dall;   Parry  Sound,   J.   Purvis;   Port
Hope,   H.   T.   Bush;   Cobourg,  George!
OummOWj   Brampton. T.  W.  Dtiggan;
QoderlCh, Charles A. Reid;   Barrie, A. |
Cowan;   Newmarket.     E.     S.     Cane;
Aurora, W. J. Baldwin.
���Labor Leaders Sign Blank* Forwarded
to Federal    Prison    at   Fort
'srThieago, Jan.  6���Bonds for the 52
labor leaders convicted  in   the  dyna-
snJto suits and in whose cases appeals
were granted last week, will be submitted   to   the   United   States   circuit | companions denied they were
court   of   appeals   lu   Chicago   within {itonnblle-bandits.
ithe next   ten days, attorneys  for the
defendants  said  tonight.    The   bonds
will not, as was first announced, he
���submit!' <l   to   Judge   Anderson,   who
vrcsided  in  thc case in  Indianapolis.
Dtatrirl   Attorney   Miller,   who   prose-
���rates the case, will be asked  to aid
in passing the sun ties.
  i commerce.    Members ol tho    govern-
Admits   Many   Robberies.  But  Dsnlei i nie.nt  are   reluctant   to   assume  these I
Automobile Affair. responsibilities, but are  prepared    to   | ��� f\tjrv    fCAnrt    TPTC
TOf^tl^lllT    millsT      Chicago. Jan. 6.���A woman roomin?   render every  auslstauee  to  producers  l\,JHJ   \|V.\JI\\Jl_   ULItJ
I IUI VWl    VVjllUl   bouB? knur gave information ���.v.-l1'.<;',-.'lj,��. marrying out their plans "
VIUVVI1    VVUHI *J��>J lo )he arreat of ,our Incn accused i     The Alberta grain    -sro��
of being thc motor car bandUs who I from the beginning, co-operated Close-
terrorized Ghlcagoans for n veelt b> lly with the Grain Growers' Gran ( om-
Vbelr bold dav and night robberies. pany. Many of tliem are stockholders
The men under arrest a-" "^-heftlln tbe. company and they bave sup-
I C.attllth, Oharles MeNeff. Albert Cole-1 ported it in every possible way. The
cet and James Mitchell. All tne j company has sought to secure perfec"
prisoners have several aliases. Viola) co-operation from Alberta and the
Allen companion of C'attlith, also wa.sj closest relations are tbe result,
detained. . if!.' ��\ flnal decision In the case has not
Cat:llth, who Is believed to be .AUwfalel reached and nothing will be
leader of the Aa"g. has confessed to (absolutely determined until Premier
participating In three robberies snd j Sifton has returned to Edmonton from
fifteen burglaries, but both lie and his Europe. It is believed, however, thnt
the anviltBS government will pndoubted'y do-
lle is a son of the elde upon the plan ontl'ned and thai
county assessor at Marksvllle, La.. ' It will receive the cordial endorsement
and came    here   recently   from   St. I of. tlie farmers.
LouU. .  ���- ���������
Three  victims of    recent    hold-up
have 'dentlfled Cattlltb and some
the oilier  prisoners as the men  wbt
robl""'! litem.
All of the men but ''attlith were ar
Suretlstt will be tendered in vuri-;
���sections nf the United States, II
being necessary for each defendant
to obtain bondsment from his own
slate. Blanks for the signatures of
the prisoners bave been forwarded
to the QsdertU pru.ou at Fort Leaven-
rested last night, ('attlith escaped j
nntler (Ire and was not located until \
today. A guard was placed over Oat (J
lith to prevent an attempt at suicide. I
Po*es as Champion of Poor, But Puts
on All    Accoutrements   of   the
Wealthy Class.
Tribunal  Consisting of E^ual  Number
cf British and American Citizens
Would Mean Deadlock.
Banks    All    Over    Western
Canada and the Stater���Two
Men Arrested.
Highlanders Owner Will Give Former1
Cub   Leader   Full   Sway.
New   York, Juu.  G.--Frank   Farn II
ga-e-tiilent of the New York American  Covered
kssrrne team, left here tonight for Chi- j
capo tn obtain Frank Chance's tigiu-i
tsjrc to n contract to manage the New |
York team next season.
Mr.   Farrell   '-aid   lie   would   try   ti
hrinc Chance back to New York with,
bin), nn he ilnl not want to tend con I
tracts  to  New   York  players  wltboul
conuiiltcd   In   nil   matters   concerning ; MeFaildi n. an alleged boxer, who gnve
the club oven in signing and rsleasjng   an exhibition lure rteently.    Ho
���playrnt   <uit]
'���""hnnce't assint as to ilieir salaries,
fir. Farrell said t bancs  v.as to bl
i   i Mccse ,lav
Ins Beveral
"city i
, hunt f
Basil.. Jan. 6.
! 1 (i-idon, Jan. 7. -The Morning Post
ocnii-penting In an editorial on the n?-
port that President Taft yvants the
Panama canal n ferrejl to trtounai
coiiiiisting of equal numbers cf British
and   l\'ttierlc3n nlll ens. says:
"This would be to court a deadlock
fnT we have had enough expert! nci
of American fSOminblBlpns, even v.hoi
:!uy are eminent J' nsti to ktr.w tha1
FcjCottt |ll>**y  take an    Bxceedlrvgly    patriot'-.'
of ih'dr tlulles.
���veriil daring burglaries here tli*8lv;'"v "' "i��>" duties.
lOllce Today    started   on a Btlll'-'i   The Post admits that there
ir BUSpeatt. They picked up Jluu
cturminlng    their    eal
tUaitcd States li-mirratien  Inipectors
Located���Whcrt Arc CmunTlcrs.
."Ban Dlcgo, Ca,��� Jan. 6.���Rescued b? !
t%B   crriiisiT    Deliver    from    u barren j
lataml   tvei.ty  inlle-i    south    of    Sin!
*Tr*���'!->    I'.'j     ;  ini',i-a"ci     Ii'.sjm elms !
Cos T. .Ii'ii" i .'nu    l.n .    K iy!:> ndill
BBldf.'n--  sltico Sitturdiy    whin    tliey
-���tarted Bonth  l'i  a  power  boat to in)
'tercept  smiigyj"t".t.  probably   ��ill    b.-
landed here it morrow.
With the Inspectors Is S. Gerolaml,
csagineer of llic power boat, the wreck-1
sag*) of which was washed ashore Sal-
:*ivei 24 bonra to, leave town
Gerahl HI chords anil Alfred Auberr.*
were also arrested and I n them worg
Found   niuny  chrques
bad; these ranged from
thousand dollars and were on  s-iskn
toon.  New   We.stnilnster.   High  ltlver
llegina,  Calgar.'.  Chicago nnd    other
banks.    The  police  are  now  Invistl
gating.   Several;other vagrant* ftere
arrested -nid arc being held* for   In
vi itlgatlon,
Is Bom"
Jr:!llt in Hie Ann riean contention thai
nil the Hcagnlng nat.ons comprised I
{The Hague tribunal v. o'liti be Injured
the Panama. Act and  wonM there
the United States, bu<
Hint  there  Is I'-sn rea
alleged     to  In* %on ,n '<"lr ""' Just'ae of The I lain,
one to twenty* ^ribimttl than thut of any other   thai
.ioiifd be suggested.
) wair.p<
ton' .he. against
%l 11 oorislden I
State 0" r:o0d An'        '������ "-it Bulparlr
(f^ Haa Arranged Matters,
[�� London, Jan. ii - The Belgrade cor-
ftspoiident of th" li'tMv Ti��� |i'iri"i"'
,!tiiva he inn learned on unlmpoBchftblp
���itnorltv lhn< H'-l-rar'n no'l Roitman.jp
have ranched    nu    agr^etnenl    ender
Asqiilth!  daughter of  the  premier of
Knglnntl.  and  the  Countess of  Aberdeen, nre guests of honor at a colored
Normal     school.    The    distinguished
Tlie rescue of the three men hv tho  visitors spoke briefly, telling the Slu- MBTBtd territory Includes the town of
HOT narrows the known death list  dents bow glad they were to Hee "tbn p��listria    on    the    right   hunk of the
fee Saturday's storm to four. great  system  ol  the   United  States," I'-mniih". which vm an Important fort-
Whether    the    unidentified    sloop | and chatting personally with the pti-'mri wider the Turks ami has llgtired
-sanreehed  south of the boundary  line i pn��.    Later In the dav Miss Asqiihh'miminently    In    the    Kusso-Turklsh
atalned   the   smugglers   and     tln-ir  and the Countess of Aberdeen, iieeoitj- I'-jttrs.
M.vi j uanieil  by  MIsh  llryce, wllncssed th�� j^Bulearla will In addition pay an In-
Wpiliiurlon.    Jan.    f).��� Mips  Violet fv/h'cli bulgaria cedes to Itoumania   a
strip of territory extending on Its
Muthern boundary from near Oltnn-
i&a'io about Cape Oulgard, on tho
B|acJ< -sea.
has not yet been learnet
i and American officials arc search-
: tae coast.
lugs of the Hennte for a short
nnlty to cover the costs of certain
enaei Incurred by Iloumanla.
London, Jan. 6.--The National Review, one of the chief Unionist organs,
questions, in its January Issue, Mr.
Lloyd George's right lo continue to
pose as the champion of the poor. Thc
writer of the article In question says:
"There are abundant signs that Mr.
Lloyd George ia increasing in afTlu
ence, and can now be counted among
Radical ilutocrats. His son haa en
tered the same Immensely wealthy ani;
prosperous firm as the ex-Master oi
Klilnnk. The eimucellor of the ex-
ohef|t:er dri-es a luxurious rr"*or Ilk"
,l,���t   ���-��,,,,,,,���  h-   "���-  vlcltt.H   r'oh.
"Uo rlavfi ;-'f ind sier'fi,-". phess
at)** '- i-rrt, Jf.n In b��Vl|* like the
verie;t lor I T'e I* h"'ldlnc a hoeut
nn s""ii n ����*il*> ���'���'* he will soon b��
���is ������ '11 ' rovltled w'th country seats as
it' ���!���.���'" ���-<��� i- n>--i "fitrnt w',1i a"
t,-irH--",. -"i-'ni rn^iclence at No. I
Ho' n n- oirnc*.
"One BtateiV nbrda hai ris"n a'
",-'S.,!,,!���.   |i,,.  h,.  ,r"v  take lh�� B"*>
tlr    in    Ui's   Vrl-ih    vlllt^n    whVl   h'"
"'���rv fr-<-tu-r- r-'tidert llli'it-ious. A-
"-������ ���'"���)-- ��� . hni-.s) (��,    being    com,
nleted on V"'i-n t'os.th in orde�� thai
'���" ���av inr|i ' -" '��� ro"liv'tlesi fr- ths
��� I   ...,.t   ....,-,.. i    ..t���,".      The   tridn
ft demagogue jnust Indeed be prollt
" ' ���������'   -    "  ���'������ '���"������sei and a''
this mopnv ' I"- ,1-,-"'  ������-.    f-i"��   tl>
���inor *    "e "-M "��� r-s-isiff In Decern-
b"r. 1911:   'We hive greater povert'
'n   Hip   ���,--v.    ,io   ��s ,.��   t..f   s,0,.re     f,v,..
had. There Is more severe economic
i,. v.\;-n ti,,,,.,, Brp millions of men,
wofr-i   and   "hllrjrpn   'n   t^,''   r'^hes'
��� *   ''-s" "orhl. v-*-" tit.n��f;h no
fa'-'' it thpir q''n go tnri't"*'' ""'
���""'���''���" '" "vert", w'th v.T"'che(lnenr
���i*iH r1eR*ir>lr,'
"'���'' ' Mr. I lo-'l flooree st'" CflUlll*
���������  ,..nii���.,,., �����  ,i,.^���.    n|,    *"< nol    -
venr. to "-l.t,.),  (,.,  hts jilVoi fi'1--."�� '������-
' '"   "'���-���.��    M-'l   '^-la.-l   r.t  n~' -.fV-,-
���l  in  .""��� - -������ I'.i-i  "w�� '
"���'*"���-������ ������"���I ,'- <p.,i> lv ^nrnrt* " '"
!,..i|,''M.: r.....,t i -l' > ft'r h1-"-*lf*lf."
The wonderful and tragic adven
tures of Edmond Dante, the youns
Frenchman who is intrusted with a
message to the exiled Napoleon on
the Island of Elba, was shown with
telling effect at the Edison Theatr;
yesterday and will continue this after
neon and evening. 'It Is one of the
finest photo plays ever staged and
can truthfully be classed as Selig'B
great picture masterpiece.
When it is known that 300 people
are in the cast and that the production cost considerably over J20.000 the
patrons of this popular theatre in
the city can appreciate the efforts
of the management to stage the besi
The reproduction cf this master
piece by Selig is in three magnificent reels.
The first reel opens with the departure of the ship Pharaon from Mar
sellles, with Dantes and Danglars, the
man who later becomes his deadly
rival, as supercargoes. During the
voyage tho captain dies. At the mo
ment of his death he gives the charge
of the ship to Dantes, and also entrusts to him the secret message to
Napoleon, with the Imperial ring that
will admit him to private audienc:
with the illustrous exile.
Dantes succeeds In his mission to
Napoleon, and sails back to France
with a communication from Napoleon
to Nolter, who dispatched thj original missive.
On arrival at Marseilles Danglers
tries to get the command of the Phar-
|aon away from Dantes, but Morre.ll,
1 the shipowner, Is well satisfied with
i Dantes, and gives him his captaius
Dantes, after an affectionate  reun-
'ion   with   his   old   father,   visits   ~is
| sweetheart    Mercedes.      Fernand,    a
! fiery, young fisherman, has been try- >
i ing  to  win  her  for himself, la much
Incensed  at  Dantes' return.    lie discovers   Danglers'  enmity  for   Dantt-3.
and  conspires  with  blm  and  several!
! inhabitants of Uie Reserve    Inn    to \
| bring  trumped   up    charges    ngainsl
Dantes,    Their nofarlous scheme sue-
coeds so well that Dantes is torn from |
a jolly prenuptial feast by the magis- j
trates guards and  hustled   from    thc]
distracted   Mercedes'   side   to   a   dungeon in the Chateau d'lf. In Marseilles
Tbe second reel depicts the awful
years spent In the dungeon by Dantes.
He grows grizzled, ragged and un-
iani] t ln tl,e solitude. He manages
r'nally to get Into communication
through a secret passage, with a fellow prisoner, an old Abbe, who is "being persecuted by political and rellg-
lous enemies. The Abbe is an eccentric person, whose one thonght ln life
Is the recovery of the Immense burled
relies, the key to the finding of
which he Iioldi In the form of an old
chart. Finally the Abbe comes to.die I
and entrusts the chart to Dantes.
After  tho   discovery   of  the,lAl-lffi'* j
corpse   by   the   guards and   wlvllejfteJ
latter   have   gone   out   to   fetch   shots]
with  which  to  weight    the    sack    iu,|
which   they   have  wrapped   the   AJlbHr
preparatory  to caBtlng htm  into    the
sea,  Dantes manages    to    drag    the I
corpse   Into  his 0��n  cell   nnd   substitutes himself for the remain*.    Ho Is
oast  from   the   pnrnpet of   tho  castte
ln the sack which Is supposed to eon
tain the dead body.    He has supplied j
himself with a knife beforehand, and
as the sack sinks, Dantes rlps'tt open \
swims  to an  Isolated  rock,  from  the
top of which   he shouts,  in  his exultation over his escape:    "Tli8"\Vorld
is Mine."
The third reel opens with the rosette of Dantes from the rock by u
smuggler's schooner. During the
cruise of the schooner Dantes induces
the cantaln to put him ashore on the
Isle of Monte (rlsto. tho spot namud
In Ihe Abbe's chart ai the depository
of the hidden treasure. He discovers
the exact cave, and unearths the treai-
ure. He makes his way to the mainland nnd lives In luxury among th"
Arab*, falling ln love with the beautiful slave girl Ilalilee. CnntVn "ben
of the French army gets Into Hffi"n|.
ties during an ottaet upon hl�� 'roups
by the Arabs, nnd Dantes. bv his daring, saves his Ufa. Albert, on tak'ng
his departure from Dantes' tent pro-
fusrlv thnnks bin and invites blm t"
Paris. DanteB, who baa seen something familiar In the enntaln's fnee
fttarts when he reads his card, but
promises, without comment, to attend
the reception at A'bert's.
Dante-i. In dls- ilso. and known as
the Coenl of Monte Crlsto. visit* Paris
���vit'i I'a'dee. Tlrre he comes fac
to face vlth his old sweetheart Mer
'���odes, who has married his enemy.
F"rnand. Mercedes '"forms b'-��i thn'
'he young captain, Albert, Is his own
Tl"> f'p-1 s"enn '�� n desnnrntfl duel
between Dirtes snd Fernand, In which
Fernand  Is killed.
New Tram Regulations
On nnd after Jan. 1. 1913 certain alterations will be made in the regulations uf this Company ooverlna the transportation of punsenser* over Un
tramlines*  - , -
HI., i ED.
- he Compitnv ts dohig a., that "men and money" can do to provide an
adequate trnm s"rvle��* wnlcu will g-imninlfie oonveinlenee and safet-- for its
pusst ng-i ih nnii this policy will to continued ln the Hue of tlie provision of
udditlunal cars.
After New Year's Day riding on the steps, bumpers or fenders of cars
will be a violation of the rovincial regulations and sue. action oannnt be
permitted by t. e Company. A* speedi.v uh possible, with due resrard to pub'.lc
convenience, the platforms of u.   cars will be equipped wltn gates or doo-s.
IS GIVEN. . '      ��� .   i .' '
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Kdmomls, Jan ii - The annual court
of revision to go over the voters' Hsu
held this morning was one of remark
abtfl brevity.
Very few additions were made nml
n lev; minor changer. In the spelling
of names practicully formed the work
which took about hnlf an hour to ac
The short session brings credit to
the officials at the municipal hall for
preparing the lists.
New York. .Inn. 6.���Clprlano Cartro
took pernoiml charge today of his
'It-tit against deportation. lis called
a lawyer to his room where ho Is detained at Kills Island *��nd prepared r
new   petition   asking   for  a  rmierred-
g writ or habeas cnrptiB. LatT In
the flay thlK writ was granted bv
litdge Holt In the federal dlBtrlct
Tho new writ Ib more Bpeclfic than
'he original document sworn out on
his iKhiif last Frldav. CaRtro be-
llnves thai It will remiire a morn de-
-i!< t answer Trim tli" Itnlcr.itl' n nu-
bnrltles. l.'i'o the original,writ it Ir
refi'Ht-ibla Jan. 1".
Cartro wns alightlv l'i todav. The
oon'lii'ment, he said, did not agree
with  hlin.
London, .Tnn. B.--A "China group"
Is to be formed In London, consisting
of members of parliament, wrlt��rs.
scientists, and other distinguished
people whoso object will be to watch
the republic.
Tho foundation of tho group was
decided on at a meeting of tho house
of commons this evening.
""" PHONE 890
lUNIKAllvKt)   i=OR PRICES ON :~
Lumber Lath and Shingles
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting with O. T. P, Railway  for points East;  also with  8.8.
Prince John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massed and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
8.8. "PRINCE ALBERT" tor Prince Rupert and way   ports,   3rd,
13th and 23rd of each month.
Tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.
H. O. SMITH, C   P. ��  T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U.
Phons  Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.     627 Orsnvllls Strast.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 027.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot.
Nsw Wastmlnster B. C.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Sol* agent* for We��tmln��t*r for th* fsmous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckls's Boots snd Ahsen's School Sho*.*.  -
A   $20,000  Slock to  Select From
Good Buys in City
With Easy Terms
SI)) roomed house on Albcrt.i Street, Sapperton, close to Columbia
Street.   Price $:800; f500 cash, balance "125 per month,
Six roomed houne, new, on Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
cur line. Full sized basement, furnace, fireplace, and laundry tubs.
Price 13700; 1800 cash, balance arranged,   (
Throe roomed house on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street car
line. Large lot In fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price $1800; one-
Qtiarter >-.i��li, balance 6, 12 and 13 months,
I'lvo roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Pries
$3800;  $800 canli, balance arranged over two years.
The Peoples Trust CouL"
451 Columbia Street        Phcne 669
aafei'C p#
got everything about the case. The
most important witness, Mrs. Tlerney,
was away in Seattle. As Tlerney, it
was alleged, was addicted to liquoi
hla honor admonished him. as ttv*-
was New Year, to turn over a new
leaf. The accused pledged himself to
do so.
Paul and Bates' Tesm, Present Champions, Meat Royals Here This
Dilllard enthusiasts of the city will
be treated to some sterling plays this
ovenlng when the champion Paul and
Hates team of Vancouver meet the
Westminster quintette on the Royal
pool room tables.
If tbe Royals ever had a chance of
cleaning up and staying tn the running for the inter-city championship,
it Ib this evening and the boys, with
a knowledge of this fact, have been
moving the Ivories at full speed during
the past week.
A new. find, In a person named
Smith, will be seen on the local line-
cap and the third annual midwinter
tennis championship.
The Ohio State Baseball league, attains its majority today being organized 21 years ago, Jan. 7,1892. Today is also,the birthday of the Trl-
Btate as a legitimate member of tbe
baseball family, the National commission having admitted the. former outlaw circuit on Jan. 7, 1907.
Heavyweight   Champion   Will
Fight Jesse Wlllard When Latter Shows Any Class.
Chicago,   Jan.   8.���Hilly   McCarney,
manager of Luther McCarty, new king
up and he Is said to be some artist j of   the   white   heavyweight   dl vision,
with the cue.
The proceedings start at 8:30 p.m.
Roger Brcsnahan Is Secured by Murphy���Dreyfus Wss After Him���
Salary  Comes  High.
Chicago, Jan. 6.���That Roger Bres-
nalKin would wear a Chicago National
baseball uniform next season, was announced tonight by Charles W. Murphy, presidetn of the club. Murphy
declared Bresnahan would add 15 per
���cent to the strength of the team.
"He is a great acquisition," Bald Mr.
Murphy. "I won't say what salary
Bresnahan Is going to get, but I had
to outbid Dreyfus of Pittsburg for
Roger Tslks.
8t. Louis, Jan. 6.���Roger Brestiahan,
deposed manager of tbe SL Louis National baseball team, announced today he would sign a three ycarB' contract with the Chicago Cubs. "But the
story will have to come from the other
.nil," he added, Id refusing to give
-details of the deal.
says In efect, in a telegram to a Chi
citgo newspaper, that Jesse Wlllard,
the local fighter, must make a reputation before he would be given a fight
by the ruler of the big division.
Wlllard refused today the offer of
a local syndicate to manage him. He
announced that be would staud by bis
friend, Charlie Cutler, who discovered
Willard. The fighter said Cutler, fed
htm for several months before he secured engagements.
Boston, Jan. 6.���Ottawa University
defeated Harvard at hockey In the
Boston arena tonight by a score of
2-0. Neither team displayed any effective combination play. Both tbe
visitors' goala were scored by Chart-
rand unassisted.
New York, Jan. 6.���Savannah, Oa���
was awarded today the next Vander-
btlt cup and Grand Priz automobile
races. No exact dates for the contests were set, but they will be run
between Nov. 1, 1913 and Feb. 23.
Champion  Red  Sox Secure Signature
of Henrlcksen.
Boston,  Mass..  Jan.    6���The.   only
question of a holdout among ths mdny
After "a KcenT"eonference between I h��? ,"LlJje vor.M'* %*<"W��� SHsfSl
.. u.,,���>,��� ���7 ,\\L developed so far, disappeared, today
��   A.K��ta olaf "enrlksen, the dtmlnUlSV*'
Th* Upper Classmen Giv* Th*m Many
Lsssons In Humility.
Notwithstanding tln��>��;rf<>rts to sup
press bazlug. tbe pntb of a "plebe"
ut our famous military academy Is
not exactly rose strewn. VV. 8. flam
pie In Llpplncoffs gives nu amusing
and enlightening account of tbe ex
(���erlences of one plebe.
"For ths first ten days In camp."
tbe author tells u*. "plebe* srs made
,to wslk With their little lingers ou the
seams of their trousers, palms of tlie
hands to the front snd depressing their
toe* s* tbey wnlk-tbat Is. striking
tbe ground with the to* of tbe shoe
first It Is a very tiresome snd Midi
croiis process nnd Is called 'finning out.
"A plebe walking quietly down the
company street Is observed by some
visitors, when suddenly be throws out
bis hands snd digs tn bis toes.
"'Ob. Cadet Beanpole, why 1* tbat
cadet walking so queer!?? asks a pretty girl.
"That isn*t a cadet; Ifs a plebe.
He walks that way because he wants
to lie graceful.'
'The true reason Is that the poor
plebe beard some upper classman say:
���Fin out there, mister; dig In tbose
toes: tear up tbe gravel. What dc
you meun by dendlieatlng and golua
bow legged t
"Tbe cadets mnrcb to meals, te
church, to swimming, to dancing, to
everything. Tbe plebes are placed in
the rear rank of all formations.
"The first men I a plebe ests In the
mess hall wltb the corps Is never forgotten. Twelve endets are nested st a
table, at least three of whom are
plebes. Thr cadet ln charge of tbe
table sits n* tbe bend, while a plebe
railed the gunner* sits at the foot.
It Is the duty of the gunner to call
the table to attention each day and
to announce tbe kind of dessert A*
there Is no bill of fare and the dessert
I* different every day. thla Is not al
way* nn easy Job. If the gunner an
nounces the dessert Incorrectly, be Is
deprived of his portion.
'The plebe on tbe gunner** right I*
called tbe cocoa corporal snd on tbe
left the water corporal. It Is the duty
of tbe cocoa corporal to pour out the
cocoa, and tbe water corporal pours
tbe wnter.
The endets often hsve s fierce snd
wonderfully built jelly called 'Felix
trembled.' Tbl* concoction wsbble*
all over your plnte snd derive* Its
name from a cadet named Felix, one
of the oldest living graduates, who
nte some of the mixture snd trembled
violently. Cadets who eat It have
been trembling ever since. Molasses
Is called 'Sammy by the upper class
men. Pleoes nre required to cull it
the -Right Iter. Mr. Snmiiel. sir.' un
til   tliey    qualify,   wblch   I*   done   by
We Sell Skates and Skating Shoes
McCulloch and Automobile Tube Skates. Also large assortment " of
other makers such as Starr Manufacturing Company and Bolter*
Special Boys' Hockey Skate* at 76c per pair. McPher*orf�� Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boots, S4.00 per pair. Skate* ��crewed on boots free
of charge.
PHONE 237.
Looking for Week* for Negro Named
Underwood���Latter    Hanging
Around Station All Time.
New York, Jan. 6.���-Every police
bulletin for several weeks has contained a description of Anderson Underwood, a negro wanted by the police on a charge of attempted attack.
Officers at the West Lake station,
especially, were warned to be on the
lookout for him.
For weeks, a negro has been amusing   himself   loafing   about   tbe   Bee
Letter  Is  Found  Near Body of .Man
Killed by C. P. R. Trsfri.
The finding of a letter at the spot
where the accident occurred resulted
In the Identification of the body of
the man who was killed by; thi? ,C. P.
R. train on Friday evening as that of
Thomas Moriarty, of i.ake Buatzen.
A photograph of the man was contained in the envelope and by this the Cf
qultlum police are endeavoring to
trace his friends.
An Inquest was held yesterday in
Center & Hanna's parlors on the remains, Dr. A. L. McQuarrie presiding
A verdict of accidental death was re
| turned by the jury, but it developeu
from the testimony of the train crew
that thc train was steaming , tender
foremast   Into   Westminster,' thereby
tlon.    He  rode the steps  of  the  pa-, ���.,,;.,.    ,,    ,,.    ...        , .      -
trol wagon  when  It made runs, and' "^'Sl8J'"1 mcult f,or   tue,  ���*ia���'
frequently  rode  back  with  the  pris-  and ^em,in t0 8ee -clear aucaa-   The
Policemen made futile attempts to
drive him away from the station.
Someone asked him his name todav.
"Anderson Underwosd," he replied.
Underwood Is now In the county jail
and no one is trying to drive him
New York, Jan. 6.���Elimination of
street lamp posts and the substitution of street lights on brackets attached to buildings ts the novel proposition which the executive committee of the Broadway Association Ib
considering in Its scheme to make
Broadwav "the best lighted thorough
fare In the world."
The Incumbrance of lamp posts and
Hie shadows they cast are reasons
for tbe change, the cost of which owners of Broadway nroperty will helD
to meet for sake of the Improvement.
It Is proposed to have the new lights
every 20 or 30 feet.   While much of
Broadwav Is already known as
Great  White  Way
jury, on thiB account, added a rider
to the verdict recommending that the
engines of passenger trains in future
be operated with head towards the
direction which is being taken.
If the Coqultlam police are unable
to discover any information concern
ing the deceased relatives the body
will be buried on Saturday.
Four roomed flat ln the Marjorlbanks Building on Begble street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $��0.00 per month. Possession January 1.
Store on Begbie street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet.
Possession about January 1.  Will lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Haad Office: 28 Lome Street,    New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts af ths world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Calgary City Solicitor.
Calgary, Jan. 6.���D. S. Moffat, fo-
the past three years city solltor. will
teijder his resignation tomorrow. The
new administration will probably appoint a solicitor with the understanding that he will devote all his time to
city business. The salary of position
will be worth $6000 per year.
stretches  of the  thoroughfare which
are poorly lighted.
A Pathe Hand Colored Masterpiece.
Three Reels of Pathe Colored Films.
yj'j j Victor Rugo's Masterpiece Dramatized,
there  are  many | Ambroaio���The   Inseparable   Friend*.
Pre*, and Ganl Mgr.      Vlcs-Presldent.
Sac. aid Traaa.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Reclna. Jan. 6.���John R. Pullman,
���vho wns nrested and sentenced last
November te a' Jail term for thefts on
the C.P.R. at Saskatoon and who received a shot wound as a result of
an attempted gptaway wbile being
taken to the penitentiary, is dangerously III
lli-osnahan and Owner
<'htcago   club,  tt  wa*   ,��-,..,����������   .,,-,,   ,,.,,,.. , .   ,
Bresnahan was   of fared    SM0O0   for-J>*-*ch   hltt*r'   signed   a   contract   for
nnd $6334 a year salary. fe *S ^"Ve*worm's serlesXt WI
*.��.���.M.a-'*  oWsgninrt  th* 'St.���$$** TZ "dJeldma tors*"
It Is said seml-officlally this morn-
eating seven slice* of bread and mo- I ing that he Is dying trom blood poison
lasses, wben tbey inny rail It ���Sammy   I Ing.
"After fjnt*blug tbelr menl*.  plebe* 1     He Is one of a gang rounded up by
are required  to sit  tsolt  upright   sml I American detectives on behalf of the
Ambroslo���Plenty of Good Lungs.
Comedy. ','
Frontier���Th*  Ranchman'* Wooing.
Rax���Ths Wheel of Destiny.
Drama. X   <413)
BOILERS  Riveted Steeal Pipes
      BURN OIL    ���
P. O. BOX 442
Ixinl* club was compromised Saturday
��'��i be was paid today a sum estimated between $11,000 and $20,000, for
ai* contract which had four year* to
r<m. un,i which called for $10,000 a
.year and ten per cent of the club'* annual profit*.
��� - ���
��� IN    PUGILISTIC   ANNALS.      ���
-*> ���
*>���>������*>.*>*>�����> ��� ��� ���> ��� ��� ��� a
1834���Tom Spring, English, defeated
Jack Langan, heavyweight of
Ireland, near London.
1876���Billy Rhodes, ones prominent
pugilist, born at St. Paul, Minn.
1908���Jimmy Gardner defeated Joe
Walcott In 12 rounds at Boston.
1910���Ad. Wolgsst outpointed Oeorge
Meinslc In 10 founds at Los
-Johnny Kilbane defeated Tom
OTotle, in five rounds at Philadelphia.
giving the world's baseball championship to Boston.
gnse liiedly at * potato sUirk on
nuiti-hr-s In tlie renter uf tlie table
They are not allowed to fenut tbelr
eye* upon tbe i>ortnilt* nf tb* great
generals that drcorute tbe wall* uf the
mesa hall, hut miist nit and 'brace' au
til tlie rnmin.nd. 'Bnlialloa* rlne.' l��
(Iteo. wbea the/ fall ia and eaarcb
Tf-aukj to ramp."
Official  Opening  Likely to
pone:!���Amateurs Impatient
Begin Practice.
B* 'Post-
��� ��*�����>�����������*�������� ��� ���*) 4
��� ��� ,' .' ���-....���..���
���' SPORTfcOrtM'rlYl i .��� '���
<$>               (By "���Gravy.") ���
��� , ���
����������������������������������� ���'���'<���>>
*, n-_.
Although he new "attained the
���championship of his division, Billy
Hhodes, was one of the best welter
weights of his time. Ha was born In
St. Paul, Minn., SI years ago today,
but during most of hie active ring career, was a resident of Kansas City
Rhodes fought two great battlr* with
Tommy Aran and Joe Walcmt.'th*'
Ilarbados Demon," and in 1906 added
to his reputation by knocking out
"Tonv Caponl. In March, 1907, he
fought twice with Billy Papke, who
���was then Just coming to the front.
In the first bout, stsgsd,at. Peoria.
III., the Illinois Thimd.**rt"o.t.. bad a
shade the best ot IL tt was a terrific
tattle, and Rhodes took severe pnnlsh-
ment in every one of the ten rounds.
Isater In tbe same nrtlnixVtho.m"-n met
again, this time_at��� Davenport. I*
This affair went fifteen rounds, and
was a repetition of the flrrt, only
a little mora so. The decision was a
, draw, but Rhodes was SO 1^1;*injured
that It practically put an end to h ��
oftsmoloufliisi MP'r��t!oua. The drub
bint; he -rot from PSPk*, together With
au tnjiirv to His head, suffered In a
bout with Terry Martin, the Phlladol
uhla pugilist, In a battla dt Providence,
R.I., Is thought to have, affected his
.^mlod.lns afterwards he bften anted
Tha winter program of sports at
Pinehurst, N.C., is scheduled to begin
today with the famous midwinter $*olt
tournament the tenth annual event
of this kind to be played on the Pinehurst links. Next week the advertising men golfers of tha United States
and Canada will hold a tournament,
and this will b* followed by the sixth
annual midwinter trap shooting hand!
Misfortune appears to be running
a neck aud necK. race with the Arena
Company at tho present time.
Jut>t when everything was appearing
rosy the blanket of snow appeareu
which is hampering the wor.i of gut
ting ready the .Ice rink at the park
and 'I ia doubtful whether the ortcia
opening wtil take place before the
next hockey game on January 14.
'Manager Frank Patrick was in tn*
oity yesterday and together with
President Charlie Welsh visited the
Tlnk and the refrigerating plant.
. Patrick' was well satlsdrd with tbe
work and appeared pleased with Unlay of tbe riorse Show building whlcl;
he believes could not ho improved tip
on for skstlng purposes.
Double shifts are being kept on   .-.
tbe building and everything possible
Is being done to advance tha data of
opening. i ���
Tlie amateur hockey players are
cnimplng for the time when tney wll
be able to get out for practice ann
have everything In the way. of spates
sticks and outfits ready for Ae open
City leagues, both in lacrosse am
M-c-er football have alwsys taken
well In this city, but the amatdut
hooltey league bids lair to ontrlva'
these when the season ones opens.
Practically every section "f thr r'i'
-nd -inrroundlng district are represented In the organisation and al
nmdv nil-the .sit t��ams st* r'->��ti��'n/
around town the Information that th*
championship is theirs.
The llntMip ot thr, Rnvals wa* considerably strenttlienad ' yestCTddy
wlien.George Rocbon arrived in VaB-
.nuv>r frem Port Arthun Perron If
'���i>ri|n rlo-isf *���"��� ,*',"' ���"ho"^ as om-
of the host defence playerB ln the
game foi'Jtls age. He will ���-- '^
nlttce of Hddle Oatmim. the Qnebeo
nlayor, whose speed entitles him to a
forward po��lt,on-   ' j,   ���' .   ^
Tbe new arrival formerly played
ilongslde Ran McDonald and M regarded as a Bnd by the Peterson Cuppers. ';	
Tlerney Is Dismissed.
A man named Tlerney committed
from Burnaby on a charge of beating
his wife was dismissed by Hla bionor
Judge Howay in the county court yesterday. Tne only witness tor the
prosecution was the daughter of the
acoused, Not* Tlerney; she had for
Th* Drama af tha Sumac.
We never tire of tbe drama of sun
net I gu forth each afternssoo and look
into tbe west n quarter of an hour lie
fore suiiset wlth.fn��sb rarhsrity to ��ee
wbnt new picture will he painted there,
wbst new phenomenon exhibited, what
new dbwolrlng view*. Krery day a
new pkliire I* painted and framed
held up fur half nn hour In niieh light*
ss the (-eat artist i-Iiikissmi and then
withdrawn and the rurtaln fall* The
miiii coes down, long the afterglow
given light, thr ibtniHHk enrtains glow
along tbe western window, tba Unit
star I* lit, and I go boma.���Prom Tbo
reau'a "Winter."
n the  statett
W. R. OILLEY, Phane 122. O. E. OILLEY, Phena Ml.
Prion**, Offlcs) 16 and II.
GiHey Bros. Ltd.
C;P,h���T.dJi? a-l0Lle ��*&*} rec��rd   Will give New V,e.tmln*t-��Sso��tr��
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can reconnneTid for Steam and
Furnace use, .which we wi\\-se\\ for cash only
to talk about.
Married Gaiety Girl.
Isondon, Jan. S.���Grace Dundas-Sla-
ier. a Gaiety chorus girl, daughter of
tho late manager of the Alhambra
Theatre, was married on Christmas
Day to Charles Edward Throne Eton
of the Nineteenth Hussars, who became of age On the 21st of thla month.
Bull Baiting In England.
In tbe old days of Knglaud bull baiting was un rouiuinu il* footlMli. A re
minder of this exists In the will of me
(ieorgs Staverton of Worfc'ngbam. lie
bequeathed ont of bl* estate a -mm <>(
till) yearly wltb which to bay . bull fm
the baiting. Tbe bull waa to lie given
to the poor of Worklugbam to be halted ���
In the market pliue Dec. 21 af t-ucb
year, tbe remain* of tbe animal lu In-
sold und tbe proceeds devoted tu the
pumbsse of shoes aud Mm-klnga fur the
pour children. Thr will wa* carried
out until IrL'.V when Ihe rur-Miratlon
forbad* any more silch i*leliratluua
Why I* Nt
Here la a queatlnii In naval erlenr*
which Is to tha si-rrnge aallur own a
riddle unsolved. Take a vemsri of, nay.
2..VIO tons: pJn<>�� on It a mr-"---** "MKM
tons Tbl* give, you a tutnl of ���Usui
tons Hitch n little tug tu this rem
sel. and sbe wUI ynnk the Dig .Taft
iilntix st th* rate of *lx ur right kiiet*
mi hour Now put tbe tug's machinery
in tbe big reaael. It wont move twr
half a knot an honr.   Why la thlsl
A Little Persuasion.
Wife (Indlgnantlyi-What! Lin* In
the aubtiri>��. Indeed I woo't-ao thrral
HiiHhnml "who wants to erononilxei���
My dear, a pretty women like you never looks so charming as wben sitting
in a pbaeioo at a setmrban rail-gag
station waiting for hsr
Bhe went.
Another Lo*�� To Germany.
Berlin. Jan. g���Field Marshall Count
von S*hlelffen, formerly chief of the
general staff of the German army died
vesterday,, Count von Schlolffen waa
n his eightieth year. He was succeeded as chief of the general staff
by Lieut. Gen.. Von Moltke In 1906.
African Hunt
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, limited
Layers oi Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
In Titanic Diustsr.
Denver, Jan. 6.���Ignorant of the
'net that her himbsnd went to his
death In the Titanic disaster. Mrs.
Marv Wppey of Denver was granted
a divorce Friday. Yesterdav she
learned of fate from a New York At:
torney.   . i
Mere Pay For Stokers.
Liverpool, Jan. 8.���1' Is snnoun<-��(i
that after January 1 the White Star
lln�� w"1 ls-crei-ir the "agea pf tht
deck end sto'.ehold crews $2.60 a
Th* Oay ef Oays.
Kvsry itn* may nsv* his dsr.
As ihe ancient saying Is,
Win ii <-������** him llttl* sj-MMl.
No ���In* ever understoos
sVhlrlt u*y nsppaa-M to M hi*.
Tel why blsme th* foellsH dog
For his fslluras to perrelveT
If **flh man might *now hi* d*y
When It dtwiieil b/>�� many. pr*v.'.
Would nav* any cause in grieve*
-Chicago Krcorrt- H*rald.
Just Wsit a Li��M*.
"rsi# H.wi��lK>'ita,r-"Vhy can't rim
answer thin hell auniwrT The flr"'*
tint again.   Wl-wre harejtun use-ir
Maid of all work irralgtMMl and Mv.
Ingi-lve barn parkin' up my tblhga.
I rant amp tn do tbst. It'll light Itself
soon.   Tbe 'ouae I* adrel-Puncb.
Or Hit hy Falling Brie*.
Mow, aolns up la an **ropl*n*
or aoin��o*WB In ��� ���ubmartn*
Shiiii d*ns*rou* and scarnlr *ana>
Ttifi b*lt*r to keep to th* ��old*n etiemm.
Tw*r* bettor to plod ih* solid earth
Than to *lnk or *o*r till th* waa*. net,
Still, the wancr** lot t* of little worth
If he's ran dowa er en sutomobllsl
-Chicago Newa
. A Hellday
ftkelton-I called �����* yon
doctor, and yoir*'wvrs ��uL sJoctor-I
wss taking a holiday. Bow sn yea
fWllair? Skelton-Oh, 1 teJt splendid
while yon ware awayr-Isontsen Mai.
Hold on. held fttst, hold <
Is grnloa-Buffo**
Net In Then*.   '
"Whet are tbey rehearsing foe.
-l-or netne pentotnlinas. my dear.-
���Is maaans to be In'emr
"No, my dear; no one dean an* tall>
Ing te parto*taM��"-sIenlPJn ���tats��
Oh, Fadset
A ��M sssa whs S^rlehedj, I
Was hnsM ssaslM ai* irwtr*.
���* ^*tT5i
Marvelous motion picture* and new
facts about one of tbe greatest? bunt
Ing trips of modern times.
'   :"'  :
9th, 10th and Dlth
Thursday, Fridy snd Saturdsy
Prices 25 and SO Cents.
All    scats
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's
73$ Columbia street.
TODAY      '*,���
Murphy's      ;,
Educated Dogs,;;
16 -IN NUMBER- If'
Novelty Creation Introducing
Magic. Singing und 3word"
������   .-          ���               -. i ���
Walking.   .    -q   in
.   irndMl
1      '              !>' M   ).���
Thomat k Wright
Singars and Dancers.
Three Reel Feature.-
i.lil-H PAGE  SIX
%     ...  a   ., Ti liGOLD PROSPECTORS
Classified Advertising |   mm ,*��� m
*y RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
nay; 4c per word per week; 15o per
month; 5,000 wordB, to be used as required wittln one year trom date of
eontract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
suitable for one or two ladies, or
gentlemen.   Apply 06 Sixth   street.
street, below Royal avenue. Apply
201 Agnes Btreet. (410)
Captain  Munn  Has Narrow Escape���
Live* With   Eskimauy.���Traces
of Bernler's Expeditions.
able residence. Furnace heated, 201
Queens avenue. A. H. Gordon. (404)
Blacksmith. Apply Heaps Engineering Co., Ltd. (108)
housework. Apply Mrs. John A. Lee,
615 Third avenue. (S88)
rooina, bath, phone and fire place.
205 Carnarvon Btreet. (386)
private house by gentleman, la or
near New Westminster. Apply S67
Daily News. (367)
i ������������.��� ������ssssss���
Island. Price $400 per acre. Apply
Box 415 News office. (415)
acres, Matsqui, of which 20 is fully
developed; good buildings, fencing,
etc., boat wharf on property. $9000.
Terms arranged. Will trade for a
Btnall home in the city. Curtis &
Dorgan, 706 Columbia street, New
Westminster, B. C. (409)
Stove.    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
Btreet.  (397)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythla*
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (398)
rooms, also two connecting roomB,
bedroom aud den; furnace heat. Bex
366 News. (����*)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club er, light maaofac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, sirrgly or en blec
Apply to Manager the News.
A meeting of the ratepayers of Port
Moody will be held ia Bennett's Hall
Port Moody, on Friday, January 10, al
8 p.m., to decide the number of Aldermen to be elected at the first election
after Incorporation; also to decide the
number of Aldermen to form a quorum
at  council  meetings;   also  the  time,
manner, and place of first election.
G. 8. Churchard, Secretary.
Edmonton, Alta., Jan. 6.���Trapped
between two solid walls of ice near
the north shore of Baffin's Land,
while voyaging in the steamer Alger-
ine,, In search of placer gold, Captain
A.. T. Munn, who was a visitor in Ed
: monton last vTeek, had a thrilling experience in July last, when, with his
crew of Canadian seamen, he was
compalled to abandon the sinking
craft and drag himself thirty-five miles
across the great lce-llelda to an Esqul
maux settlement.
Their limbs, numbed by the excessive cold, Improperly clad for the rig
ors of the ice journey in the teeth of
a piercing Arctic gale, the captain and
crew fought for hours to reach a
place of safety from the storm. For
days they were the guests of the
friendly Esquimaux, living on native
fare, until by the merest good luck
they were picked up by a party of
New York prospectors in the ateatnei
Neptune, coming down from the north
While living with the Esquimaux
Captain Munn found a large store of
nrovislons cached by Captain Bernler
during an Arctic expedition of sonic
years ago.
On his return Canta'n Munn dee'd
ed to give up his frozen north pro
ject and spent the remainder of the
summer and autumn In the Paaoe
River country. He was accompanied
to the litter place by h's partner
C. A. Blackstock, of Toronto.
And 8oma ot th* Causes That Tsnd te
Make Them Harden.
"A   man  ts  us old  ns   nu arteries"
ts a common saying among pbyslrlnaa,
which   bus come   to   tie   taken  up  by
tbelr patleuts.    Ur.  Herbert U. Clnpp
of  Boston lo the New   York Medical
Iterord comes forward wltb sn article
declaring   thnt   worry   is   a   common
cause of arteriosclerosis, tbe bsrden
Ing of tbe arteries Is not Infrequently
considered as one of tbe customary and
proper accompaniments ot a ripe old
age���sometimes even of middle life-
It Is uot universally so. snd that even
st   fourscore   years,   ss   proved   by
autopsies, tbe arteries bave been found
to be perfectly sound.    Ha cites tbe
case of tbe champion old man. Themss
I'arr  of   England,   who  died  st  the
advsaced sge of 163 snd whose srter-
le* were found by  Harvey-wbo discovered the circulation ot ths blood-
on examination after death to be perfectly sound.
Dr Clupp suys that within certain
limits the arteries do not hordes because tbey are old. but are old because
they are dlsessed. Among causes for
arteriosclerosis he give* overeatlsg. excessive muscular strain snd excesstvs
brain work. Worry produces functional dlstiirbsnce* snd undue blood
pressure. Thi* bring* with It srterio-
acleroal*. Be holds tbat most worries sre Indulged la without sa adequate reason, therefore, and cite* tbe
following quotation: "I am sn old man
and hare had many troubles, but most
of tbem never happened."
tor return of small handbag containing  necklace,   Lank  book  and   small
amount of money.   This was loBt   on
���   -���    ............    ������..r,r--a Saturday on Douglas Road, Burnaby,
PRICELESS    CANINES    COMPETE between EdmoudB Road    and    Cedai
Finder return to Box No. 421 News
offloe. (421)
The Corporation Invites tenders for
u steam tug, new or second hand.
Further particulars   and    speclfica-1 (385)
tions may    be    obtained    from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511
f.14 Westminster   Trust   Block,   New
Westminster, B.C.
Tenders will be    delivered    to   the
undersigned    on    or    before, 5    p.m
January 20th,  1918,    The lowest,    or|E_ECT|ON FOR REEVE, COUNCIL-10f"Austria",  Instead of remaining "sta-
Municipality cf Buiriy
Outlook  In Central  Europe  I*  by  No
Mean*  Free  From   Menace
of War.
Paris, Jan. 6.���The war preparations
any, tender not necessarily accepted.   ,������    AN_    8chqoL   TRUSTEES,  tionary, are being increased with re
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk. newed activity.
City Hall. Dec. 31st. 1912. (384)
The Corporatloon Invites tenders
for a 3-yard clam shell dredge and for
three 2-yard clam shell stiff-leg derricks.
Further Information nnd specifications may be obtained from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511-
014 Westminster Trust Block, New
Westminster, B.C.
Tender* will be delivered to the
u-*der��lgned, on or before o p.m..
January  20th, ISIS.    The    lowest,
In the    matter    of the
Elections Act, Chapter 71, 2 Geo. 5.
Public Notice Is hereby given to th"
Electors of the Municipality of Burnaby
that I require the presence of the said
Electors at tho Municipal Hall at Edmonds on the
13TH   DAY  OF  JANUARY,   1913,  AT
for the purpose of electing persons to represent  them   In  the  Municipal  Council  aa
Reeve and Councillors: also for the purpose of electing School Trustee*.
The mode of nomination of Candidates
shall be as lollowa
newed activity
Municipal I    An   experienced   military   authorit?
Why th* H**t Literally Turn* th*
Grain* Inside Out.
A grain of popcorn Is (lied with
tightly packed starch grains. The interior of tbe grain is divided Into a
largo nnmber of tells, each ot which
msy be likened to s tiny box, tbe falls
whereof are sufBclently strong to withstand considerable pressure from within. Upon the application of heat tbe
moisture present In each little box is
converted Into steam thut finally escape* by explosion.
The Sagacity of the Shepherd's Frieni mmm
Is Celebrated In Story, But thi
Feats Performed at Sedbergh Gi����
Him the Palm Among Four-Footed Public Notice Is hereby given to the
., J _ �� .j b . au...,. electors of thc Municipality of the City
Animals���No   Quid*    But   Shout! ot New Westminster, that I require the
..j  Whi.tl.s I presence of the aald electors at  til* Cuun-
and wnisties. j;,, c,mmlH,ri Cu��� _��������, Columbia street,
,., , -j      j ���������������J'Ncw   Westminster,   on   the   lath   day   oi
It may be considered an open que* J]immrv  lal3f llt i-> o'clock noon, for the
linn �� In which hreed of don is the  purpose or electing persons to  represent
lion as to wnicn Dreea oi aug is vu-  j|( ^       (|u  Munloll,ftl council as Mayor
most intelligent, but those who under und Aldermen. 	
""���". ,    Tbe mode of nomination of candidates
stand the daily work of the sheep-dog  ghlll, b(. ������ follows: The Candidates aha
and the bate he is enpcbla of  per ^��jgl^%^f^Smn^nmt
forming, guided by a mere whir-tie oicipaii.^ %��%��*, �����, fSSSSSk 'of-
word from his master, are unanimous rilvP ,lt  m,y  tlm* between  th* date of
,, .   .        .,    .    , .  ..���   i, the notlc and - :t)0 p.m. of day of noml-
in  the  opinion  that  his  sagacity n gj^��� anll ,,, the event of a poll bSng
unequalled.  That there is much Just,Utc^ry^ch j."',,,'- ��*�����  ""
flcation for this assertion those   wh<,    st.  George'* Ball, oornsr of Clarkson
were present at the recent West Rid-I ���&0eh?Wn'l$ti?K*i>r} street,
ing sheep dog trial, at Sedbergh. Ol     ^J/felpL^.Wtih^
Park,   will   prooaoiy   agree,    ior   "��,   ..,. ���lke Ilol���.��� and govern himself ac-
these   occasions   canine   intelligence cimllngiy.
was seen at its highest level, and th�� ������   The i��'rso..s nuajiri.Hi to be no;
sheep  dogs  did  things  which  would I mtaatad ^^~^"^roiJiH_r.t..h
put many circus dogs to shame. subject*  of   the   full  as*  of   twenty-one
The trials at Sedbergh were an eg. years, and are not dlsnuallfledumtsr'any
ceedingly severe test, the dog.- having! "^' <*��, _�� f0��fr SMSS^tK
to drive  three sheep  over  a  nigzaj reatatared  owner,  in  the  Land  RsglWry
Officii,   of   land  or   real   property   In   the
course marked by red and white posts,
through sets of false fences and narrow openings, and at the finish work
the sheep through a cunning arrange
ment of hurdles in the form nl a Maltese cross, before bringing them home.
Not only  were  the  sheep  and  doj-i
City of the assessed value on the last
Municipal Roll of One Thousand Hollars,
or more, over and above nny reglaterea
Judgment or charge, and who are otherwise duly Qualified as municipal  voters.
" ��������� The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen ������"
shall be sucii persons as are male British
subjects   of   the   full   ageof   twenty-one
, .���������!,a.        >,,,!    Ihs ' SUDJt-CtS    OI    ine    mil    sV���1    oi     is-   ..j-��...
strangers  to   one   another.    But WM SaaSTandar* not disqualified under any
course '  -     ' '   '" ���"""" ' "" " " "' '
and   tlr
him but me wiusnes aim aiiuuia u�� us.; or-fK	
master, who was not allowed tomovi;city of the assessed value on ths last
from a oertain ��oot near the judge' Municipal Assessment Roll, of rive Huna-
irom a oeria.n spin, near >i >""*" > rea Dollar* or more, over and above any
until close upon the finish of the trial.   rCKlg(Prpd judgment  or charge,  and who
        -_ - - . yrilia,    .ii.-i    ..,,.-    ,<��,,    >��,���.,������-....���  ���      -----
was quite unknown t��> either, ������,-, and to have been for the six months
he   Hoe   had   nothing   to   guide' next preceding the day of nomination tne
ssiT^i'sT l �����-.<��� Si 1.1. ] registered   owner.   In   the   Land   Registry
it the whistles and shouts ot hiii ,K*m.���  of  lam|  or  r,.ai  property   in   the
In the tests at Pedbergh tluee sheep
were enclosed in a triangular space,
formed by three gates or hurdles, hinged at the bottom and fitted with levers, so that st a single pull on the
rope Irom the judges tent, fays The
Times, the ditches ot sll were lifted
and they fell outwardly and simultaneously fist upon the grass. Thus, with
are otherwise qualified as municipal  voters/"
OTven under my bund ai the City or
New Westminster, thc 1th day of January,   1913.
I 4191 R- turnlni!  offlc-r.
To  obtain   a   aatlsfnctory   popping I oiit anyone going near them, the sheep
there Is required a very filch degree of | were  suddenly  set free
Election for School Trustee*.
Is   hereby   given   to   Ihe
City   of   New   Westinster
if   the
As soon ss thi hurdles fell  the ownei
1 the dog, with a word or motion cl
his hand or arm. sent his dbg \n StartI ^STSe^L^mltm^m tt
the sheep from where they stood. They I January, Kit, at 1- o'clock
of the dog, witL a word or motion cl  thai  I  require th* prnenca of th* said
���     ��� I Electors   al    the   Council   Chamber,   (Tly
the lath day of
ck noon, for the
of electing parsons to  repreHnt
were then taken some 200 yards downIpurpox
the right side of the field and through ��� "":{"���.'
an 18 t'��it wide gap in a line of hur-1 shall I
the right side of the field and thtOOgb | "^^Eg.^^"J Jon.aStlon of candidate.
as follows: The candidate
just returned to Paris from a journey
in Austria and in Russia, when ques
tloned. stated that he estimated th��
effective strength of the Austrian
army already under the colors as ov*ei
1,000,000 men.
The companies of Infantry on thj
Russian frontier have been raised
from their normal strength of 75 men
to l:,0 meuv and the inf-.intry conipan
les facing the Servian frontier have
attained the full fighting limit of 20'
i'he. CandtdaAea  shall  be  nominated  In 'l men.
wrtUna.     Tbe    writing    *ub>���,  v��    ��ut>-1     Tho   Austrian  war  department has
���r\b��a bv two vot��r�� of the  ��� ....,..i..,.u, v. i
11 I dies.   Swinging to the left, thev were  b* nominated In writing, tn- writing ahall j
�� I brought  round on the  near  side ol ��I X.mv'" as'"pro,.o"r   mTemmm?^i\
u | red flag nt tlie bottom of tlie field, and,' shall  be delivered to the  Returning of-:
*��� still   t..   Hie   left     ..nUi.b.    a   tviiil^   flno    flr-r    at    any    lime    betwe, n    Ihe    dale    of
beat    This causes tbe greater part of
tbe  cells   to   eiplode   simultaneously.
The grain of coru then literally turns
Inside out and Is transformed  Into a
relatively  large mass of snow  white
If corn be old and dry It will  not
nop satisfactorily.     A   few cells nea
the  center of  the  grain   may   burs
but the general result will be nnsatls-  I 6tj|| t<,~ the left   AUtelde a white flag   rl,:"r at  any   tints  between   th*  dai<
factory.    At the ..ase of the kernels,  j and up another 200-yard-li.ng ni^aisht ^���^r_iIJ_r2^!W_kVln^.^v^tno?��
where they are sttmhed to the cob. run home, through another 18-foot I pof] being nscessary, such poll win b*
Ihe cell* appear lo b��* driest and It . opening, marked merely by red doableIop*n*d on tbs 16th day of January, 1913,
bas been observed that these cells are flajts on one hand and white double '���' st _aor*-e*i Hall, oornsr of Clarkson
seldom broken In (be [sopping. ! Haiw on the other. land Church sireets.'
I'rnctleHlly all the popcorn raised 1 . From here the sheep w<>re drivei
for market In tbls country come* from
New Kneland. Great quantities of It
are iinpiieil. butlered and packed for
sale all over the Culled State*.���
Harper'* Weekly.
the Provincial (lovcrrinient to Inquire lnt>
the Dindltlons of atrriculture In the Pro-
vine*. In Us various branches and In all
Us relations to Industrial and economic
development, will hold sessions at the following  places and  dat-s  asHls-mal: ���
Vancouver���Court-house, January 9th,
10th and 11 th.
New Westminster���City Hall. January
13th and 14th.
Victoria���Court-house, January 1 ��� tn
and ISth. ,    ,  ,.
All the sessions to be commenc-d at 111
o'clock a.m. of each day.
Anybody desiring to glv? evidence lie-
fore the Commission on any subject within
tho scope of this Inquiry Is hereby Invited to appear at any of the above slt-
tlnis of the Commission.
ft is the purpose to give the Inquiry
the widest ami fullest scope possible.
While It Is the Intention to lake up the'
Investigation from the point of vl-w of
the practical producer, be he hOrtlQUltur-
Ist, dairyman, or stook-breeder, etc.. It I*
sis* the desire to ascTtnln th.' views of
the consumer, the middleman, Ihe commission   merchant,   and   Ihe   retailer.
I'srtlrs appearing before the Commission will not be restricted to any formal
line of Inquiry, hut will be afforded every
opportunity lo take up the subject matter from any point of view they may do-
""*' W. tt HAVWARH.  M.I..A.
Secretary. (481)1
province of Itritiah  Columbia, County of
Westminster,  to  wit:
Under n��d l,y rtrtut ��>f " writ <>f w- wa,
to me directed nml delivered uftlnst ihe
kooiIm und chatlt'lH of J. C.  Kulth, nt th*��
suit of C. a. Croibla* I have? letsed ana
will ""il at Bunnybrook Kurm, Flit Mou-
doWI.   formerly   known   an   the   HlKKinson
Farm,  or  Uquhart   Farm,  o:h*  mite north
of   Pitt  Meaiiowu  Htatton,  on   W.-tln'-Bilfty,
i th��-   Itn   tiny   oi   January,    1313,   at   ten
1 o'clock  In  the fort-noon,   the  follow line,  or
I sufficient thcrt'of la eailafy tho jutliinn*nt
'< deht  and co��U herein:
1      One   team   t'lydo   horses.   7   years   old,
I welifht   X900   Ihs, ;   7   Clyde   maris   and   h
horses, average welKht  M00 Ihs.;  _ saddle
i horses ;  s  yearling Clyde colts and DUlMj
I I   tirade Jersey  cow:   0   Moist* In r >wh all
In calf or mllklnet; 'i calves; 61 to 70 tfOf*
nnd n  lot  of  young  pUgmi   SO  gaMt;   500
rhlckens;  40n ducks;  4 turki-vs,  3f>0 tonft
potatoes-  II tons hay; lot lumber. 16,000
shlnietes;      1      two-s.-att-d     I)'*m��>crnl [     1
| buny ;    fi    farm   waxons.;    1    n��-w   Hludf-
! haker  dump w.mun:   lot   harness,  plows;
| i-ultlvniors ,  2  mowers ;   1   ttttor .   1   rake ;
< 2   hinders.   2   seed   drills;   1   ditchluK   m.i-
\ chine;    1   Victor   potato   dlffjter;    1   three-
notfOQ steel roller.   1  new huteher's cart;
1   Sawyer and  Massey  thn-shin^  ina''hlni-,
i ennine  and   water   lank;   I   hay   press;   7
! sets double harness;  2 saddles:  lot tools;
! ecrap-.-r. baling and fencing wire, etc., etc.
Lunch   wi..   he   served.
T.   -i     ARMSTRONU.   Sheriff.
New \v�� Rtmlneter*
Intending   purchasers   can    leave   Vancouver  on   the   7 :30   a.in.   train,   or   New
Westminster  on   the   7:5.".  il.ui.   train  and
��et  off at  Pitt  Me.tdow Station, 072)
M-iii,le\i.i-tn y \
ed    first.
Aft Offer   Osrcl.Md-
lt>e_a oy  two vown oi   tne   ���m\niii-ipi*.��iy i      t-,��'w��_,-Ma   n-nMrmon-L   nutiiit\lip>M   of  him
i-.ua.rv   fi'jm     uu liiu      ��iw��*>-w     or 1m Propone.r and Secondnr unfl lhall b�� d*'-   Wrcn��-*e��   onorniOUB  qutnmies  Oi   am utier   umcun*^
Z   *JLi\m*   *JS L��mttt�� ^M \��v��w4 to  the   ReturninB  otticer   i-t  ����y \munltton truck* tn Germany. Italy and I ..^_*  .   7^     ,"*..���.  ���__,,���..  .��
y, tetM*r    ����VaQ^��m��*P*Ta*51_^_Sw \t\me^betwwn the,  A-xte  St  thie. notlee  and \ France.     Ttoo   trementlo\i��     eftortn     ol \      Dr    I'ortal.   th*   farorlt*   tnedte.l   ��t
W.   A.   tWHOKN,  CVty   CImV. \ _ p.m. ot th* 4sv ����� ih% swjitaiai .cm ���.  n.�� \ pfc��� rtittt have  oompalM  Kunela  out  o   \ tendent   of    lacuna.    XVltl     of  K��nc��.
City  HrtVt��W.  ��l-t. WW. ImMSft rnrtffe��8S?53_J?S ���? feS SSFB&t eeU^teneo   to   take * ImHar%���������     w._ ufTerec. ao  uou.nai  r. w.rc. for hi.
state ttte siatn.a, rasrtanuat* an* fsc.upiiAltmI t,tnrva anil unless same cliange In x.nv \ ss-rvlcaa Unsrlns fiiresl Veatrta of a
Sue*' .\ar,"?"s?I Tu'tflST'���!? "To^aontllv\situation speedily ensues the Emporoi I ��,Ter* lllneaa. th* (amims dam-Ins;
���uch  ���ndw.is; and in thst   ��v~it   or a\ot TtuBsla will be obliged on January! mnMter said lo lilm- "Mv dear doctor
Poll   bfiln*   neoesaary   euclt    Poll   will    ��e 1 13   tn        ���    ���       -- '���
CITV OS? H��W "sV��*TI*lN-JTE��l, ��.C.\
openett on
Tim Corporation Invites tender* for
tba construction ot tour wooden bcowb
3�� feet by 10(1 fceet by 8V4 feet.
Further information and speclfica
tlon may bo obtained from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Knginenr, Rooms 511
EH Westminster Trust Block, New
\Vestmin��ter,   B.C. , _    . .���.���.,,���
Tenders   will   be   delivered   to   ��>"��� ��� *�������aoy-
nnderslgned,    on    or    before' t> p.
January  20th,  1913.    The lowest,    or
any, tendur not necessarily accepted.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.
City Hall, Dec. 31st, 1912. (383)
Block "B," south half of Dlatrlct Lot
1352. containing 45 acrcn. more or
lutia, Municipality, of North Vancouver.
WheroaB, proof of loss of Certificate
of Titlo No. 11590 C, covering the
above mentioned property. Issued In.
Uie n;imc of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, has been fllod ln
thla office, notice Is hereby given that
\ ahall at tho expiration of ono month
from date of first publication hereof
Ibbuo, a duplicate of aaiil Castlfloste
of TtHss. unlesH in th.i meantime valid
objection he t lado to me in wrltliiR.
Dated at th.- Land Registry Office,
this lUth day of December All. ,1912
AiiTnnrt n smith.
13111 District Registrar
Curtl* Black, New Weottilnster, B.C
Telephone 295. P. 0. Don 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?     \
1. A Quarter Section ill 3:iakatchowan
in exchange for Uuruauy property.
2. A flno 'I'liroo Slore;/ lllock in a
thriving Manitoba agricultural1 see?
tlon. I'orllon of block leaned , *ir
���40 per month. Balunce in uao. Tills
Ui   a  Kir.iiK   ir-i.ee:.    clearln,*i     tun
Chousanii pur annum.    SViil oxchatirffl
for  revenue  producing   11,   v. .property. \
3. Two full bearing orchards   lr    tho
fjknnakan Valluv. In e��cli '.������������;.  jy>--��-
ers  will  traue   fer  coast   property,
The properties an- handy lo the be.):
4-"lucutionu! fj"'l!l;cs.
���4. A MaiiiQiii  ranch  in exchange for
Alberta acreage.
"t.^A  choice Chllllv'ack  50-acre mneli
sCltli .ahoicii buildings, lur rcvunuo
producing city proptrty.
- Write or call on us if ynu want to
trade as we have a number of bar-
rains worthy of your consideration.
Firs, Accident,  Plate Glass, Automobile. Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance,
,   lar/rSi? �� ^ ��'",K��i''K ,"-ontl"Kcnl   I should never dream of offering you
SATURDAY,   THE    18TH    DAY    0F ������>��'  ��pW  I,���     by    a    ��� Between artists there cso be
..������,������   .���,,   A_. ukase cal  ng them to the co ors. i        ._,,, . IL       '"   *   ."
JANUARY, 1913, AT: |    Archduke Vrancls Ferdinand  Ib us -   0r�� drn,,n*' "��"��P�� ""��"��� ��" ��ratltoda
Burnaby Publlo Hall, Edmonda. Iin_,   to  (ho  utmost   his  authcr-tv  as    r�� demonstrate mine, I will give yon
Hamilton  Read 8choo', Burqultlam. I nrotoctor  of   the   Albanian   principal-   �� ����'uable bint en to your deportment.
Barnet Hall, Barnet. Ity. exceeding in Importance anything   ' "sve often noticed that yon bsve a
Tapping a Store,   13th  Avenue,  heretofore   proposed.    The    Austrlnr'| most ungraceful way of currying your
urnapy. persistence   ia  creating  a  new   Btatf
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake. ���,��� or the wild f|ghtliig'Albanlan free
Dundonald School, Frsser Arm. booters.    already    developed    among
Agrloulturiil Hsll, Centra   Park. ench other bv the animosity of thre-
Mr. J. Herd's Office, 3701  Hastings   rP,iR,on!V   Moslem,   Roman   Catholic
No.  i  l-'irr  Hall.  Kniry street.
,      ....            ,                 .       i .  .          j        N<>.   B   Kirr  Hull. TMrtsenth street
for fifty yard- or so straight toward.      _rsn*'s  Slora,  Qi nstorongti.
the   jiniies   and   spectators   to   where,;     l-n,m   8:00   o'clock   a.m.   to   1 .nn   pm
close to the place from w'.iich tlie dog  "r, wi'l'-l; "''rY l'-'"'"'  '�� l,L'���l*J!   ''���;""'���
,,,,,'        , ,,     _  ,, ",���,).. ,.!;,, i,0t,... ,uij govern blm���If ��0'
had  started,  stood the Ma.We cross,  corulncly.
through which the animals were work-.       In ��� ,.ry Munlrlpul H<-Vuwsl nistrln anv
'     " aa   it   were,   tr-m   north   j_ [_{3g'Blf*fc'C *t """'" '"'!'���'' '   '"  "'"  K'''""'!
 -  - lie  aohool
voli>   nt
obetacle,    nothing    renalbad    IsuC   til*   ,���la   nci100i   1 .i-s, i.,t.   ��i,���ii   iM.  t,llall>l"   <"
pentiing',   l>ut  the  entrance   to  tn*  pen t t...  . 1. rt-(I   or   to   s.-rvi,  ��w  a   Hc'iool  Trua-
was  only  26 Inches  wide.     The  whole   '"';.,ln *,eJ"  Municipal  Ulslrtot."
course    from   the   .ailing  of  ihe   hur- L-ST VeSSmmg WW"janS-
die* ut tlie Rtart to tho penning ol thttlary,   I'JIS.
J. BplLWemlth CLUTE,
ii    Lit i petraon   bdiiK  u   imiim tinhl- 1   In   th-   Bchcjol
, ,, ,  *   Jttl P��#trlnt.    unci    bcltiK   ��    HrllUn   ��ubj*-��t   ut
_:��utVi,   and   Ui��n   brought   r��>uim   ����a   ,hl.    (Mn    u<(.   ���f    tw**nty-on��   yi����ni_   ami
atrnin   put through  from  uaat to went,   oth.rw.**'  nuicitriod  i��y   tin-   puiiM*
Ono. tlw,, were over that loernl.lable 1 Act.^a.ir.^u,^ njfeBln,-**��{��
"       B,
"\     M
Street Eait.
Lakemere 8chool, Lakemere
and Greek Catholic, and this is cans
ing aprreher.iiou In Italy as well as
airrng the other powers.
Altogether the outlook, as present
ed by the auority quoted, who has
had exceptional opportunities of jud
gini- the situation on the spot bv hi'-
own eyes and ears, Is by no means
free from the menace of war.
Of which every person, is hereby required to take notice and govern hlmsulf
shall be Ids being a male British subject
ami having been for the three months
next preceding Ihe day of his nomination
the registered owned In the Uuul K-K.slr y
offlc, of land or real property sltu.it--
within   the   municipality   of   the   assnssnd
value, on the last Municipal er Provincial ������'	
Assessment Roll of five hundred dollars orj
more    over   and   above   uny    regimen.,! | PRINCE   OF   WALES  HAS
Judgment   or  charge and  being  othwrwise' TO  RE'-.lf'N  fl tin
duly qusliried as a Municipal Voter. IU  "*",,J'''  ^t-UO
THE       QUALIFICATIONS       FOK     A 	
COUNCILLOR shall b�� his belns; a mule I I��ndon. Jan. 6.���The Prince of
British subject and having been for the Wales has been compelled to resign
tare*  months  next preceding  the day of   . r, m      , ,L .
his  Botnlnatlon   the  rfgiatnr-d  owner.   In' 'ri)m   BUlllngOOD,   the   moHt   swagger
the Land Registry Offlc", of land or real | club of (Ixford
property   stttiuto  within   the    Municipality
of thi' asseased value, on the last MuoleJ-
pal or Provincial Assessment Rail, of two
hundred   and   flrty   dollars  or   more  over
and   above   any    registered    Judgment    or
ohiirgo   or   being   a    homesteader,     lessro
from  ,.,��� i rown. or pre-emptor.  who haa
resided  within  the   Municipality for   the
n;��.v-<��  of  em'  year   or  more    ItnmedlatWy
pr< ceding   the  day  of   nomination   and   Is
iuis.'i.eod  for five hundred dolh.ru or more
on the  lav.   ��'.uclclpal  or  Provlnolal   A��-
ars* nt   IU,',; ovw   ;tod alx,-  ���  any  n^g.
tered  Jiii'-rmem   or   Chans,  or   b-lng   a,   ,    ,
nsmestoaasr, ie�������> rr,��m iii�� Crown! or students thus to be   progged   as sueli
pro-omptor who  has   resided   within ' the | reporting Is termed,    but    when    111-
agefi�� t:c"s. i��mtEoit"','V ��w\(r-?"71����"'"���'-
Uld  during the rfiiiulndiT   of said  year    Ingham Palace anil reached the Royal
has been   th*   own,..-   ur aald   land,  of; ears. King fledrge commanded th�� fu
PS from'^'^-^r^r^SMor?^ K'"�� "r Kn��""'d ����� '"��!B�� '�����>
is   as.s����seil   for   riv,.   hundred   dollars   or I Hie  club.
more on the hint Municipal or Provincial
^ Ajuiesam.'in Roll, o^er and above any reg-
l.lslrrrd Judgment or charge; and Ix-lna
r-'iirrwiw, duly ,|iiaii[|,:d 'as a Municipal
Details of the affair
became known today. His Tloyal "icr
ness on a recent night engaged Ir
what students called a "rag" which if
a mild sort of frolic but discourager]
by the University authorities.
At the height of the gaiety a prying proctor came along and took dowi
the names of all participants whon
ho later reported.
It la hot considered a d;��cr:ic�� fro
���IMrrwiHo duly  qualKli
 TION     FOR     TMH
OFFU'I-:    OK   .SCHOOL  TRI'HTKK   U   iih        n- v     ,      i .
follow*:    Any person helug .-, houEihSld"       T'   W   Y"rl'"  '':in'  ��������AOOOrdlng  to n
in the School IjIhiiIci and le-lng a British   eahle  to  tho   New   York  Times   from
K!~     ','!i "",',  '"'!   fl**"   '.','.  W**ity I London,     there    Is  a   possibility     of
KSnt S���r':^)C*kI, '������;;! Prince Oeorge. the King's second son
lecilon of Scgool Trustees   In the   aald  "flsHting  American  ports  in   the  near;
self.    I can remedy I hilt lo s few It
son* snd  teach  you  how to enter s
sick room In  h a way as to please
the most electing patient H'e can
beglo now If yon like." Much to tbe
ifiinzeuient of Vestrls. Portal declined
this offer and so lost tbe esteem of
ids Illustrious patient
B.C. Coast Service
Tap Butt*nh*l* of s Cut.
Th* buitoubole In ore's '-oat does
oot owe Ita origin to lb* one* unlver
sully Worn flower, but In our sinva
mra' bubll of buttoning ihelr cuats
rlghl up to tb* un it lii.hioa changed
Ihe cuat waa luriied Hack, foruilng
what the tailor calls ibe "lapel," sou
the buttonhole was oMIIunI for tbe
(lower, which old portraits tell u* wns
berore Ibis time tucket) |Uia the waist
coat near the waist, or If s hell were
worn, lu Ihe bell. The prtaiitlvis uae
of lb* buttonhole Is still area In tbe
overcoat, white bne a cuaipanlna but
ion nu lb* utber side for us* la reogb
weather -Lendo* t Iirualcla
School   ln.Hiri.-t   shall   be  eligible  to  be
tJlrcti-,1  and  to  Btrvc  as a  Sch0o|  Truatoe
fn -Hiicn Municipal lUstrlct.
., ,ri!l*'.' ".'"'"r '"'' ,,;""1 ,lt Bdmonda th>-
thirtieth day of tied
ruber,   l'J\2.
Returning officer.
We i Built Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
Just off Sixth Street car line, with
hot water heat. ?;il50.00; $1000.00
cash, balance to arrange,
It Is announced that tlio Prime, af
ter four years' tuition In the Naval
Colleges at Osborne and Dartmouth
will embark on the armoured cruiser
Cumberland on Jan. IS, In comnany
with other naval endets fer a Inns
cruise to West Indian and other ports
Tho cruise is undertaken for Instruc
tlonal purpose but the Admiralty hni
decided that the Cumberland shall
visit some foreign ports lo enable the
cadets to see something of the world.
V Went Throuqh  |ce.
Tacoma, Jan. ti Several persons
who ventured on what |H known as
Dig Wapato Lake, south uf where the
greater part of the skaters congregated yesterday, went through the lets
Last night the lowering temperature
.���   i,     ,,   ,-.,    ,    . i Indicated that the Ire would be much
Phone      9 " Va�� B_*TU���r h'"*"*"" ""^     ^ K,"ili���^, fr0Z
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C. J over early  last evening.
Plaster Cast*.
Thnsa. who tisve plaster cast* thst
tbej wmb to prtwrve may proton thi-m
frmu dual by brushing tbem wltb s
iirepHrstiuu uf whit* was and wblt*
soup, bnir a teii.puuufiil of esch boll
���il wliu s quart uf rata er other soft
wsler I'h* wueu cold, aud wlies tbey
��� re dried the casts msy be wl|>ed with
\ dsrup .iota wll bunt Injury. To hard
en ra��is bniab witb a atruag noiutlou
��f uliiio water nml iirtisb with white
���������hi dismiived iu iiirpantlas l��ut tbe
'���a��i lu a warm place lu dry after using
the intiei. and tt will bat* a look out
uuilk* (hut of old irurjr.
Hs> to Creep.
"Why do yon ��m a iiiusb crept over
the face of tb* fair plalMlirr" asks
the edller.
"Hecaiisev" eiplnln* the *oclety esll
'or. "there wns so much powder on hnr
fsce the hliiHh bad lo creep or else It
would raise too oiueb dust!*'
The Clever Ones.
Origga���rvome men srs born ,Brest
rther* achieve arestnena.. ilrlitg-- Vea;
nnd other* simply bar* tbe trick of
Jinking other people think they're
sheep at the end, had to be done in
eight minutes. That it was a hard
and trying course is shown hy the
fact that only two.dog* out of forty-
one entries got the.r sheep home with,
in the time.
And all this time, it must be remembered, the owner of the dog wrui
not allowed to guide it in any way
except by word and whistle, his instructions sounding something like
this: "Whew! whew! whew!" (meaning, "Steady now! Wslk them along
easily!"), "Whoo-oo-oo-oo!" low and
soothingly ("Gently, gentlv. or you'll
scare them!"), "Whit! whit!" ("Now
you can hurry them a bit!"). "Wiiit-
oo!" sharp snd suddenly ("Quirk!
they're breaking!"), "Whec-ee-ool ' as
almost in a scream ("After them like
mad!"), and so forth; and as the map
motioned with his stick, swung hi*
arm, or raised his hand, the dog. n
mere speck, perhaps at the farther
end of the field, turned left or right,
went gently on, swung out in s w.d?
circuit, or dropped motionless to the
At Tririg Park the trial was for
twelve minutes. It was the dog's duty
to drive sheep through two sets d
false fences, cross the val.ey, through
narrow openings in two more false
fences, put the sheep each way
through a Maltese cross, and finally
pen them. Twelve minutes were al.
lowed {or (his heavy task, and if a
dog did not get his slier,i through
the first false fence in five minute*
he was csl'.ed off.   The shepherd and
Returning OKlder.
Ue New  Westminster District.  Block
8 of Lot ��2, Oroup  1,  Map I14ti
Whereas proof of the loss of Cer
tiflcate of Title Number 28t!2i)F, Issued In the name of Lily Rita McNeill
has been filed In this office.
Notloe Is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of ono month from
the date of the first publication hereof. In a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, issue ,1
duplicate of the said certificate, unless ln the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
C. 8. KEITH.
District   Registrar  nf Titles.
Land Registry Office. New Westmln
Her,   B.C.,  December  22nd,  1912.
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m .
2 p. iu. and 11 '.I-'-.
1., ���,���. Vanoouver for :-����� ��Ml<- to a. m.
and  11  p.  m-
l.,;,v"   Vancouver   for   NSpalmo   S  (.    m.
l~sss Viuwuv.r for Print*. |Uir���rt
and Northern Folate J* p. nl. tVotliiee-
Lesssaa- Vancouver every Wetlnreday at
10 p. m
Chllliwack Service
I.i-Hv.-.s W-'Stmlnntvr 8 il. m. Mond&y,
Wi'dnf-Hflny Hnii  I-'rlrJay.
I.f-nvi'!i Ohilliwaok    7    a.   m.    Tuatdai*
Thurmday ami Saturday.
KI>.  QOULBT,   Afrent.   New  We��tminster.
Ft w. hhodik, a P. A., Vancouver,
D. McAulay
rel. 781. Cor. fith snd Columbia
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldfl.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
S3 McKsnxle St.
Re Lots 4, S, 7 (except the southwesterly 32 feet by 64 Vi feet of said
lot 7) of portion of lots 1, 2 and r.
and a portion of 20 feet by 106 feet
marked "I���tie," of Lot 5, Block 34
Map 904, tn the City or New West
Whereas proof of the loss of Certlft
cate of Title Number 12868 J, Issued
In the name of Hubert    Lennle,   has
been died In this office
m limuby ::!.t!i that i ni>;M
his dog .-dood above the eou**M on  a I :tt tho expiration of ono month from
hill, and from a signal from the judge
three wild sheep lrom tho Welsh
mountains were released 000 yards
away. The dog saw them snd pricked up hi* esrs, but kept ss still as s
rock until hie master made s low, soft
whistle. To the onlooker this meant
nothing in parti-ular, but it told the
dog that he was to run in a wide semicircle to a spot behind the sheep. A
second whistle of s different kind
insdo him cr'vuch lo<v in thi giass,
while a third whistle made him go
straight for the sheep and drive them
through the opening iu one of the
false fence*. And so the sheop were
hurried on to the pen by a -cries nl
cries and whistles, each followc I by a
diflerent action on the part of the
dog. in strict obed.ence l> its master
Sometimes the dog was nearly hall a
mile ey/sy. hut lie always responded
to the whistle with electrics! quick-
"If all depends on the dog," said
one shepherd from the hill, of Westmoreland, when asked how he managed to train the animal to such a pitch.
"Sonic will never learn, but a good
one can be .taught in about six
-nonths. No; I won't take $250 for mv
the date of the Drat publication hereof
In a dally newspaper published In the
City of New Westminster, Issuo s
duplicate of the said Certificate, un
less In the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
I.and Iteglstry Office,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   January
3, 1903. (407)
^canadian pacific
NOTI3Bj  Is  hoxsbv  given  that  nvetlng*
f   tbe   Provincial   Ijtbour  Commission
will bo hnld attho following places
Commlttoo-room of tho Parliament ntllld
Victoria  ���  Tuesday   and
In    the    Maplo
Mikado to Visit Europe.
Toklo.Jan. .6- The Emperor of Japan, according to a local newspaper,
Intends after his coronation next November, to make a trip to Europe on
hoard a Japanese warship.
Gasoline snd Ice.
Chicago, Jan. S.���Three tons of lco
melted in five minutes today when
an lco auto truck caught tire in front
of a downtown drug store. Dripping
gasoline waa ignited when a man toss-'
ed a lighted cigar stub on the liquid. |(i05
January   14 th   and   l
iks, at 10 a.m.
Vancouver ��� Krlday and Saturday,
January   17th and  18th,  Court-house,   10
Now Westminster���Monday, January
20lh, City Hall, 10 a.m.
Kamloop*���Wednesday, January 22nd,
Court-house,   10  a.ni.
Salmon Arm���Thursdsy, Januard 23rd.
Revelstoko ��� Friday, January 21th
Court-house,  10 a.m.
Other meetings will be announced later.
The Commission will benr evlduncn ou
all matters affecting labour conditions lu
the Province. All persons Interested are
Invited to be prciient.
Secretary. Ja21
7:66 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for St. Paul   and    Kootenay
18:20 for Agassis I .oral.
IK:65 for Imperial   Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
Through flrst-elsss Sleepers, Tourist
and Dining Car.
Far reservation and other   psrtleu-
'srs apply to
Naw Westminster
Or H. W.  Rrodle, O.P.A, Vanoouver
Advertise in the Daily Newt
\i   Ik PLAIN
T ?��� ���f *r suits
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
  ! M.00
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 76s
We do repairs at a small additional oharge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R278
i-Hiini ii iniiiii tm
:! The Nonsense
of Love
il   It Is the Babyhood of
Married Life
'I'Ml I I M-M I III 1| U| ||.||-|.
They had lived In neighboring places
from childhood. 8be was high strung,
be self composed. Notwithstanding
ber propensity to explode easily they
got ou very well till tbey became engaged; tben she began to doubt whether sbe loved blm well enough to marry
blm. Though he was not sn impassioned lover, he seemed so well satis-
fled with the prospect of possessing her
that she did not trouble herself In tbe
slightest about bla love for her. Sbe
wss all tbe while thinking shout ber
self. Ber Idea of love was tbat It wss
a condition which changed oue's nature
completely. Just aa It has been claimed
a severe fever will give one s new
system-whatever that means. Therefore she was continually looking for
this newborn something called love.
At one time she would think she felt
It, st snother time doubled tbat sbe
-did snd still snother wss sure thnt sbe
did not
Her lover did not tronhle himself as
to bow he felt She and he had been
-companionable for year*, and he considered It very nnturnl that they should
-continue their Intimacy by entering
Into tbe bonds of matrimony. He had
oeen used to giving her s free rein nnd
as soon ss they became engaged found
ber much more skittish than she had
"been before. Nevertheless her doubts,
as she raited Ihem. caused blm some
anxiety lest ahe work herself np lo s
condition In which sbe would do some
thing foolish. She might break the
engagement, at least temporarily; the
feet would become known, and their nf-
fslrsi would be discussed by others.
What be feared at last came to pass.
One day she sent for him. and when he
appeared she salt! to blm:
"Von know. Will, I hove often told
���rou that there was a question in my
<���"�����*�� W 1-tUjw
mind ss to whether I love you well
���nougb to marry you. for * week I
bave been subjecting my feelings to s
rigid sssmlnstlon."
"Wbst kind uf a process ts thnt?" hv
"Why. I bars been looking within
myself wltb a view lo determining"-
"How do yon look wllliln yourself?
Do you use some kind of a gins*7"
���'How absurd: I have simply thought
about you wltb s view to deisnuliiing
by my feelings whettier"-
"I see   whether you waut to msrry
we or not**
; Must so."
�� "Well, go on "
| HI* matter of fsrt way/ of receiving
tba Imporlsnt J-ifnriBstion she Intend
ad to impart did not pies** ber. Never,
theirs* sbe controlled sn Impulse lo say
something spiteful, ni* coolness only
mused b�� to make the ann��ine��n*nt
more decidedly.
"After a great deal of thought snrl
testing my feetlnK* In rsrlon* way* I
bar* roms to ths roneln*lon thai the
Interest I hsre In yon Is merely Wend
ship   It l�� w* g-noloe lore." .
"I don't quite understand. Ton win
aid me to do so hy telling o�� what
yon consider love to be-l mean "We
between the sm**" ,_
"What I rmsslder lev* fo bet" she
repented thoughtfully. "Why. h"*��s ���* ���
spiritual oondltlon whsraby wt^a"1*)
drawn forcibly to another person.
"Affects tb* beartr
"Certslnlyl It pertstaa ���irloalrelj
to the heart"
"Appeal* to the sotlir
1 -nt counM"   H l" ���**-.�����_ two some.
'i "-AfTei'l* our *.viit|s*thln.r H
"It I* entirely �� matter of sympathy.
!  -tlow alxml Ihe llverr
Hhe enr- hltu m*> tool, of cor.oentret-
ed sonrn sud ���"""P* "", of ttM room'
He welled s while for her to return,
but since she dM not he look up s
book snd Ix-gnn lo read. Wben tba
shirk of Ws bmtsllty. ae ehe eonsld-
.���red It hsd worn off It oceiirred to ber
thst *h* Bad better return,and finish
bl. dismissal. Coming into the iwm,
retaining tbe *��Tsr* look sbe bad woni
wb*D sb* left Ii she sold:
"If anything wss needed to convince
me that you aud I are entirely unfitted
for eurh other It waa tbe dlKoovery
thai you have no sentiment whatever.
und I do not believe you are capable
of feeling wbnt I consider love lo be.
No one In love would have reduced tt
to nn auHtirdlty."
Tertians you are right." he replied,
laying dowu the book. "I'm Inclined
to be mutter of fact I don't think I
hure any more sentiment lu ine than
a Jellyfish. At any rate I must make
Ihe best of what yon have told me.
Tbe only thing that remains for ua to'
do is to settle tbe manner of our nn
nounclng to the world tbst we have
made a mistake."
"That you buve made a mistake, you
"Yes. I wss perfectly content to
continue to lie friends. It was you
wbo began tbe mutter of placing our
relationship on another tinsls."
"Will yon kindly explain bow It
could hure gut On to another basin except through niei I wa* not aware
thut girls offered lore and marriage."
"I didn't send for yon to explain
things, hut to make un announcement"
"Very well. Will you make another
announcement to the world tbat you
bave broken our engagement?"
"I suppose It will be my part to do
Rhe thought a moment before replying to tbls, thru answered by B qucs
"Are you lo s hurry?"
"Not st all. but I don't ��ee how we
sre to conduct ourselves before our
friend* snd poqtMlntanres In the mean
while. We ciiu't net like nn engaged
couple when we're not euguged."
"When would yon prefer to bave me
announce the break between us?'
"I think It hud better he done st
once We are to dine tomorrow even
Ing at my -unit's, she having kindly
shown her apprornl of our engagement
by Ibe Invitation. It will be not only
embarrassing to partake of her bounty
under the circumstances, but we'll not
be treating her fairly. Even If she
knows that we are disengaged we had
better not dine together with ber ss
parted lovers."
At thi* the lady was much dlscon
eerted She made no reply. She wns
thinking hard.
"I don't see." *he wild presently.
"how we com be parted lovers when
there has never been any love on yout
"Well. ! like that! I thought yon
���ent for me to tell me tbat there I* none
on your ��lde."
"Von are very llloglcsl. or. rather,
yon descend to sophlarry. Haven't you
proved that you are Incapable of love
by spenklng of It contemptuonsly?"
"It seems to me we are getting off
tbe subject.    It la for us to determine
what we shall do about Ihe announce
ment of the break lietween ua."
"Owing to my snnfs tnvttsttnn. It
seem* to me that ��be st least should
Ik? told st once."
"Vou sre In a terrible hurry."
"Not et all. I simply desire to avoid
embarrassment beside* treating mv
mint badly"
"Well, since you have ceosed to love
"Do you mean that you feel for me
"Rentlmentsl nonsense yo. rail love?
Of course I do. levers sre nothing
but children when the Bt Is on them
But II doesn't Inst Msny 8 girl ha*
lout a good husband snd msde sn old
maid of herself by examining her feel
Ing* a* you hsve done. Such feelings
are too volatile to stand such tern*,
and Ibey ere sfter all elmply prelim!
nary. Everything la a development or
decay Is-iv* I* sometimes suddenly
lairn. but II ha* It* liabybood. It�� cbllil
hood. It* youth. If It live* through the
dlaensw* common to th*** It piiaiseis
,in lu the main part of It* life, mar
ring", which taken altogether I* sn en
tlrely different love from that wblch
In the beginning seems to be sll of It
The love of a couple who hsve lived
long t.iwther doe* not sp|H>al to Ihe
imagination as the kits o�� young
"Km heaven'* *nk�� don't eel hark
to whiil II spin-ill* to. or you will egtiln
show I but brutality which so horrinetl
uie Indent when I ihllik ol It I've
s mind to"���   '
tie drew her in him sod put sn arm
sronud her wslst
"After sll" he -wld. "perhap* we'd
better not any anything to m.V aunt or
any one. el** slmnl a break-we mlgbl
regrel It"
���There"* no need to speak of It If
you're sure of yonruelf."
������How sure of myself T"
"Thnt you love mo well enough to
msrry me."
������Why I ilmught yon were tbe on*
who doubted yotintelfT"
"Not st all. It was this way: I
couldn't understand bow so matter of
fart a msn moid tor* snyhndj. I
couldn't tore you If you dhtnt" ��������
me, could IV
"Why, of coiir*e yon couldn't *
There was that stillne** which come*
between two lover* when ihey feel
too deep for utterance, though It wus
broken by certain sounds prodm-ed by
a contact or lips.
"Are you sure yon won't ha��e a relapse ��e to your feeling*?" he asked.
"Ten. Are you sure you wont bare
more of them?"
"I haven't hsd one yet"
"Neither bare l-I only thought I
"Tell me yon tor* m--* . .^
���i nave told you au a thouaand
"WeUL tell om too thousand tli-m"
of trade a scheme of certain promoters whom be said were prepared to
operate such a line.
Parcels Post Popular.
New Yorii, Jan. ti.���The parcel pos'
j service   so   swamped   the   New   York
I postofflce yesterday that Postmaster
! Morgan  assigned  seventy-five    extra
I clerks   to  aid   In   handling  packages.
I Ou the flrat day of tbe service thirty
i thousand parcels were mailed in t"ii3
city, and thCBe figures will be exceed
ed by the second day'3 record.
tlon to the sum of Three Hundred Thou-1 equivalent of Eighty-four Thousand Dol-
sand Dollars (1300,000.00) In tho whole lars <I8',000.00> at the rata of Four Dollars and Eighty-six and two-thirds Cents
(14.86 2-3) to the One Pound Sterling,
eucli debenture being also expressed to be
payable  In   Canadian  Currency  computed
in accordance with the "Municipal Act."
And tne said debentures shall be Issued to
consist of 616 debentures each of the denomination    of    One    Hundred     Pounds
Specifications, agreements of sale
deeds, business letters, etc; clrculai
work specialist. All work strlstly con
'ldentlal. M. Broten, Itooin 6, Mer
ibant Uank Bldg.    Phone 715
, O. O. M��� NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, cecond and third Wednesdays
Ib each month ln K. of P. hall al
8 p.m. H. J. I.eaniy, dictator; 1. H.
Price, secretary.
O. O. ������ AMITY LODOE "5o 17-
Tbe regulsr meeting of Amity lodgi
No. 27,1. O. O. F'��� le bold e er. Mm
day nlghl at 8 o'clock ln O.id Ftp.
lows hall, corner Carnarvon as-
Eighth street. Vlehlnv brether
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryeon, N
O.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C
Coatbam, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster. financial secretary
Merlins; (/JJ>0) .a*ul���0*ie debenture of the | at such  rate, und  such debentures shall
huve annxed thereto coupons expressed
both in Sterling and currency for the Interest thereon ut the rate of Four and
One-hulf (4 1-1') per centum per unnum.
payable tialf-ycurly on the 30th day of
June und the 31st day of Dec-ember In
each year. And such Sterling debentures
shall be delivered to the purchasers of
the said debentures. And both ns to principal aud Interest shall lie payable at the
office of the Itoyul Bank of Canada In
Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada,
or In New York or In London, England, at
the holder's option. And the principal of
tho said debentures shall be payable on
the thirty-first day of December A.D.
-. There shall be raised nnd levied annually hy a special rule therefor on all
rateable land within the limits of the said
Municipality the sum of Eight Hundred
and Eighty-three Dollars und Ninety-
seven Cents HS83.97) for the purpose of
forming a Kinking Fund for the payment
of the said debentures, and the sum of
1 hree Thousand Seven Hundred and
Eighty dollars (13.780.00) for the payment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid,
the said special rute to be In addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected
In the said Municipality during Ihe currency of the said debentures or any of
S. This Bylaw shall take effect on nnd
after tho First day of February A.D., 1913
4. This Bylaw may be cited for all
purposes as the "Burnaby Bchool Bourd
Loan No. 1  Bylaw, 1913."
T>on�� and Passed In Open Council, this
30th day of December, A.D.. 1912.
A.D.  1912.
Received the assent of the Electors at
an election for the purpose on the	
day  or       a.D.,   iflt.
It-considered and finally adopted by
the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the  day of	
A.D.  1912. '   "������
amount of ��46 6s. 8d. being the Sterling
equivalent of Three Hundred Thousand
Dollars 11300.000.00) ut the rate of
t-4.86 2-3 to the one pound Kt'-rllng, each
debenture being also express, d to be payable In Cunadtan Currency computed at
such rate, and such debentures shall have
annexed thereto coupons expressed both
in .Stirling aud Currency for the Interest
thereon at the rate of four and one-half
(4 1-2) per centum per unnum payable
half yearly on the 30th day of June and
the 31st day of Dec-tuber in each year.
And such Sterling debentures shall be delivered lo the purchasers of the Bald debentures, and both as to principal and Interest shall be payable at the Office of the
Iloyal Hank of Canada In London, England, or in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Canada, or In New York, at holder's
option. And the principal of the said de-
b< ntures shall he payable un the Thlrty-
rlrst day of Ixcmoer, A. D���  1952.
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within tlie limits
of the said Municipality the sum of Three
Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-seven
Dollars and Four Cents (13157.04) for
the purpose of forming a sinking fund for
the payment of the said debentures and
the sum of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred (J13,600.00) for th* payment of the
Interest at the rate aforesaid, the said
special rate to be In addition to all other
rates to be levied and collected In the said
Municipality during tne currency of the
said debentures or any of them.
3 This By-law shall take effect on
and after the First day of February, A.D.
4. This By-law may be cited for all
this Thirtieth day of December A.D.. 1912.
HECKIVe.1) the assent of the Electors
at an Election for the purpose on tbe
   dav of     A. D��� 1918.
RKCOVSIDERED and finally adopted
by the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and Sealed with the Corporate Seal
all on the ....  day of   A.D.
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913. between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7
oclock p.m., at the following places:
Burnaby public Hall, Edmonds. s
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
I >uridonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet
Dondohald School.  Fraser Arm.
Harriet Hall, Barnet
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby  Lake Store,  Burnaby Luke.
Lakemere School,  Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Elector*,of th* District ot
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Mooreha* been
appointed   Returning Officer  to  take  the
r. Jas. Herd's Office   North Burnaby.   vote of such electors with thc usual
i   rim h v        .j i It-..     sit ii r. ��� inn,-,   ,u     r nl... .   .. ,    I..     . I. . . .     I      1.     I m
CENTER & HANNA, LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors
405 Columbia street, New Westminster.    Phone 993.
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Dlrec
tor snd Embaluier, 612-618 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegla Library.
at-Law, Solicitor. Etc. 552 Columbii.
street, New Westminster, B.C. Tele
phone 1070. Cable address "John
lion." Code, Western Union. Otfteos
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hull, Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Store. 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School.  Fraser Arm.
Barnn  Hall.  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office. North Burnaby.
Burnabv   I���ke  Store   Burnaby  Lake.
Lakemere School. I-jikemere.
Public Nolle Is hereby given thnt the
vote of the Electors of the District of Burnabv will be taken on the above mentioned Bv-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. O. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers in that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
A. (}. MOORE. Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. II,  1912. (374)
Take Notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January.
1913. between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall. Central  Park.
Mr.   Toppings   Store,   13th   Ave.,   East
Hamilton  Road School,  Burqultlam.
Dundonald   School.   Fraser  Arm.
Barnet  Hall.  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office. North Burnaby.
Burnaby  Ijike  Store.  Burnaby  Lake.
l.nk"mere School,  lakemere.
Public  Notice  Is hereby given that  the
vote   of   the   Electors   of   the   District   of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw nt the time nnd place above
mentioned, and that A. fl. Moore has been
appointed   Returning  Officer  to  take  the
vote of such electors with the usual powers in that behalf.
By order of the Council.
J.   W.   WEART.   Reeve.
���.. A.  G.  MOORE.  Clerk.
Edmonds. B. C. Dec. tl, 1912.
Burnaby Lake Store,   Burnaby Lake
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has
been appointed Returning Officer to take
the vote of such electors with the usual
powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31, 1912.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 145.
A By-I-Jiw to enable the Corporation of
the District of JJurnaby to rttlse by way
of loan th*' sum of Twenty-eight Thousand lx-11'irn ($28,000..00) for School
WHEREAS the Board of School Trustees of Burnaby tn pursuance or the powers granted to them by Section 50 of thc
"Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a detailed estimate of the uurns
required to meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally Incurred by the Board.
AND, WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounu to the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) according to
the statement following, which sum together with the sum of Three Thousand
Dollars ($3,000.00) estimated costs incidental to this By-law and discount on debentures amount to the sum of Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollars  ($28,000.00).
Purchase     of    two     or    more
School Sites and or Additions
to Existing Sites and Clearing
Sites $25,000.00
Cost incidental to thla By-
Law and discount on debentures    $  3.000.00
ers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31,  1912. (377)
BYLAW NO. 146.
A By-Law to authorize an agreement between the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby and the Corporation of tho
City of New Westminster for tbe bulld-
Ing of a Main or Trunk Sewer :
Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
L An agreement ahall be entered Into
between the Corporation of the District oC
Burnaby with the Corporation of the City
of New Westminster for the building of
a main or trunk sewer In the terms of tha
schedule hereto which agreement ia hereby incorporated with and made part *f
this By-law.
2. The agreement shall be signed under the Corporate Seal of the Municipality after the final passing of this By-law.
3. This By-law before final passing
shall receive the usffeul of the "elector*
qualified to vote on money by-laws.
4. This By-law may be cited us "BUB-
ment By-law, 1913." '
DONE AND PASSED ln open council
this Thirtieth day of December, A. p..
RECEIVED the assent of the el.-clora
tbls .... day of 	
PARSED this   day of	
Accountant      Tel.    H 13*.    Room
i    Trsinp hlocS
Collision Is Fatal.
Seattle, Jan. 6.���In a head-on collision at 1.40 o'clock this morning at
Thorp. Wa��h��� between St Paul^train
No. 6. eaatbound, and a freight train,
CaU..  M.   O'DanWs, of Seaftle,  en-
Nsw Railway In North,
Prince Albert, Jan. 6.���Not a llttlo
Interest Is manifested here over the
proposed railway from Winnipeg tu
Fort McMurray via Prince Albert.
James McKay. M. P. for this district,
J. 8T1LWELL CLUTE, barrlater-ai
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbii
and McKenzl* streets. New Wast
minster, B. C. P. O. Boi 112. Tele
pbone 710.
solicitor and notary, CIO Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. T��rfe*;rapb.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 144.
Corporation of Burnaby
Total |28.00t).0O
AND. WHEREAS, It fa necessary to
ratue thf* moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHEREAS, under the powers
vested in the Council of Public Instruction under Section 6 tb) of the said "Public Schools Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal School District of Burnaby
have been extended so as to include District I��t One Hundred and Seventv-two
(171). Group One (1), New Westminster District.
AND, WHEREAS, by Section 14 of the
said "Public Schools Act" where any ter
THIS AGREEMENT made in duplicate
the      day of January, One   Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirteen.
of the FIRST PART:
WHEREAS the parties hereto have
agreed upon a. joint sewerage scheme to
provide sewerage accommodation for both.
Municipalities for the area shown upon
the plan hereto annexed.
AND, WHEREAS, the party of the Second Part has agreed to construct the said
sewer from the Fraser River to Tenth
Avenue as shown upon tbe said plan aad
to make the sewer of a slxe sufficient to
accommodate the sewerage requirements
of the section of Burnaby shown on tlie
said plan.
AND, WHEREAS, the acreage of Bur-
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms '.
and 8, Oulcbon block. New West
minster. Geerge E. Martin, W. <i
McQuarrie and George 1.. Caasaay
tars and Solicitors, Westminstei
Trust block, Columbia street, Nes
Westminster, li.C. Cable addreaf
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.t)
Drawer 200. Telephone W. W. j
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
minster Board ol Trade meets ln tb<
board room. City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of eaeb month; quar
terly meeting on the tjlrd Friday o
February, May, August and Nove<r>
bar at S p.m. Annual meetings on
tbe third Friday of February. Ne*
members may be proposed arvri
elected at any monthly or quarter!-
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wade, seer*
A By-law to enable: the Corporation of the
loan tne sum ot Klgnty-'our Thousand
Dollars (.84.01)0.00) for School Purposes :
WHEREAS, the Board of School Trus-
tess ot Burnaby In pursuance of the powers granted lo them by Section 60 01 the
"Public Sciiouls Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a ui tailed estimate of the sums
n-uulred lo meet such sptclal or extraordinary expenses which may be legally Incurred by tne Board.
AND. WHEREAS, the Bald estimate of
such special or extraordinary expense*
amounts to the sum of Seventy-five Thousand.   Eight   Hundred   and   Fifty   Dollars
rltory has been Included within a Munlci- . ,,..,.
pal School District In accordance with nat>y lhat Will be benefitted by tho said
Section 6 (b) the provision of that Act I sewer amounts to Six Hundred and
respecting Public Schools In Cities and eighty-three (683) acres and the acreage.
District Municipalities shall apply there- ot lne Clt'* of New Westminster that will
to. and such territory for all school pur- 1 be benefitted by the said sewer amounts
A By-law to enable The Corporation of poses, shall be deemed to be united to Ito five Hundred and Sixty-four (.5841
tne District of Burnaby to raise by way   such   Municipal   School   District    and   all I acres.
of Loan the sum of 1100,000.00 for the property situate In such territory shall bei AND, WHEREAS, the Party of the
purpose of constructing further Ex- liable to assessment for school purposes in I 8econd Part has agreed to pay the cost
tensions of the General Water Works the same manner and to the same extent I o( the construction of the said sewer frov.i
System throughout toe Municipality : as If the same were Ineluded In the limits 1the Praser River to Tenth Avenue aa
WHEREAS it Is expedient that the of, 'ni'. Incorporate City, Town or Dls- shown upon the said plan which cost la
General System of Water Supply In th* Wot Municipality, and In this By-law the cftl*���"*'1 at Three; Hundred and 'tmeutf-
MunlcTpallty Should t��"further ex {��,did. "vuJd "Municipality" shall be construed ����.Thousand Dollars (��3':6,000.00)leja
, and apply accordingly. lUfty-flve Thousand Dollars   '*.��;>.000.00>
require    (he |     AND.  WHEREAS,  IL will be necessary 1the value ot Government labor.
to raise annually by special rate the sum I AND, WHEREAS, the Party of the
of Two Hundred and ninety-four Dollars \ Plrst Part has agreed to pay to the Party
and sixty-five Cents (|'294.ef>) principal ��' lh�� Second Part Fifty-five per cent,
and the sum of One Thousand Two Hun-1 ,55 P-c-) St th�� cost of said sewer (the
dred and Sixty Dollars (1126.011) Inter- share, however, ot the Party of the First
est. making together as total amount an- 1 Part not to exceed the sum of One Hun-
nually of One Thousand Five Hundred and dred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (1150.-
rifty-rour Dollars and Sixty-five Cents I *__��?' ,n thirty yearly payments that
(*1. lit. 65)   for  the  term of  Forty   C40) I "Ul h* sufficient to pay the Interest^and
AND   WHEREAS   It  will
District of Burnaby to raise by way   of   ,urn   of   0ne   Hundred  Thousand   Dollars
0100,000.ou) in order to InsLal such extensions.
AND WHEREAS It Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND WHEREAS It will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate the sum of
One Thousand and fifty-two Dollars and
thirty-five Cents (11052.36) principal and
the sum of Four Thousand Five Hundied
Dollars (14500.00) Interest, making together a total amount annually of Five
Thousand r ive Hundred and Fifty-two
Douars and Thlrty-flve Cents ($56^2.35)
for the term of forty years   for the   re
(175.Sj0.00 i   according   to   tlie   statement   paymrnt  of   the  said    loun   and    Interest
following, whlcn sum together with the
sum of e.ight Thousand One Hundred and
eirty Dollars US, 150.00) estimated costs
Incidental to this By-law and discount on
debenture* amount* to the sum of Eighty-
four Thousand Dollars (IS4.00.00).
���       DETAILS:
Vancouver   Heights,   new   modern   eight-room   building J40.000.t0
New  building and  uddltlons   to
existing buildings 29,400.00
Clearing and Improving ground*
and fcnc'S     6,450.00
Cost* Incidental to this By-law
and discount on debenture*���-1 8.150.00
Corporation of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 142.
A By-law to enable Th* Corporation   of
the District of Burnaby to ralae by way
of  loan   the   aura   of 1300,000.00   for
Street Purpose*:
WHEREAS It I* necessary and expedient that the Council of the aald Corporation be authorised to borrow the *um of
Three Hundred Thouaand Dollars (1300,-
000.00) to provide for Improving and constructing certain roads and street* within the limits of the Municipality.
AND, WHERKA8. It I* uec saary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit ot the
AND. WHEREAS, It will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Three Thouaand On* Hundred and
Fifty-seven Dollara and Four Cents (U,-
157.04) principal and the sum of Thirteen
Thousand Five Hundred Dollar* ($13.-
500.00) Interest, making together a total
amount annually of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Flfty-eeven Dollara and
Four Cents (IU.S67.04) for the term of
forty year* for the repayment of th* aald
loan and Interest thereon a* hereinafter
mentioned. .        .   .
AND, WHEREAS, th* n���� value of the
whole rateable land In the Municipality
according to the lost revised a*ae*srnent
roll amounu to Twenty Minion*, 'Five
Hundred and (Seyenty-aU TOouaond, Two
Hundred and Five Dollar* (|10,57��,-
206 00).
AND, WHEREAS, the total existing de-
Bcnture debt of the Municipality Is One
Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve.Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(11,012,160.00) exclusive of Local Improvement debt aecured by special rates
or usscssment* of which none of the principal or Interest Is in arreaf*
AND, WHEREAa to provide for the
pnvmcnl of Intereat and the creation of n
Sinking Fund for the paymrnt ofthc aald
principal sum of Thr��* Hundred Thousand
Dollar* .J800.000.SO) It will be necessary
to levy a special annual rate sufficient to
raise the sum of 8lxteen Thousnnd Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollars and
Four Centa (Jlt.667.04) th* amount to
be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land   comprised within   the
MNOCW?l,THERBr-ORI5. the Municipal
Council of the Corpbjpaiton of th* District of Burnaby enaotTkrfollow*:
1. It shnll be lawful for th* Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purpose*
iifor**ald to borrow or rat** by way of
loan from any neraon or hndv or hodlea
corporate who m tv be willing to advance
the nam* upon tho credit of the d****"-
turcs hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Three Hundred Thouaand Dollars (1800.000.00) nnd to caune the same
to be plnced in th* Royal Bank of Canada
nt the City of New Westminster. British
Columbia, to th* credit ot the aald Corporation for tha purpose and with th* ob-
AXD. WHEREAS. It la neceasary to
ralae the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHEREAa under the power*
vested In the Council of Public Instruction under Section * tb) of th* said "Public Scuools Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal School District of Burnaby
have been extended ao aa to Include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
<��7J). Group One (1), New Westminster
AND WHEREAA by Section 14 of the
said "Public School* Act" where any territory baa been Included within a Municipal School District In accirdance with
Section ��� (b) th* provisions of that Act
respecting Public School* In Cities and
District Municipalities ahall apply thereto, and such territory, for all school pur-
pox a, sliall be deemed to be united to
such Municipal School District, and all
property situate In *uch territory, shall
oe llabl ��� to assessment for school purpose*
ln the same manner and to the *ame extent a* )f th* same w���� Included in the
limit* of the I icorporated City, Town or
Dlatrlct Municipality, and In thi* Bylaw
tho word "ilunlolpallty" ahall be con-
���tni'd and apply accordingly.
AND WHEREAS, It will be necessary
to r*l*e annually by apeclal rate the jum
of Bight Hundred and Eighty-three Dollars and Nlnoty-seven Cents (��88S.��7)
grlnclpal and the sum of Three Thouaand
even Hundred and Eighty Dollara
(13,7 to.00) Intereat. making together a
total amount annually of Four Thouaand
Six Hundred and SIxty-lhree Dollara and
Nlnety-��even Cents (M.SS3.S7) for the
term of Forty U0),y**r* for the repay-
t of the aald loan and Interest there-
��_*V^XA^, JW^�� ttffiejfrgSmmmm^
men. ���
i aa hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS, the net value of the
whole rateable land In tbe said Municipality (Including District Lot One Hundred and Se-mtr-two (172) a* before recited) according to the l*a< tevleed eg-
���< ssnvnt roll amount* to Twenty MH-
Itona HJ-rht Hundred and Eorty-rtgJTMHi-,
sand, *Tour Hundred Dollars (IJO.m,-
AND WHBRBAS. to provld* tpr the
pavm-ht of th* Intereat and th* creation
of 'a Sinking Fund for the payment of th*
said principal sum of Eighty-four Thousand Dollars (IH.eOO.OO) It will b* necessary to levy * special .annual rate
sufflci-nt to ralae the *um of Four Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty-three Dollar* and Nlnety-aeven Centa (|4,6IJ.��7)
Hie amount to he calculated annually: on
the whole of the rateable land comprised
within the Municipality. .__��� ; _
Reeve nnd Council of the *ald Corporation
of Burnaby In Open Council aas'mbled
as follows, nnmely: _
1. It shall be lawrul for the Reeve nnd
Clerk of tltu Council, for the purpose
aforesaid, to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body, or bodice
corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same -upon tha credit of th* debenture* herefnafter mentioned a ��um not
M"our Thouiand Dollars
., -ft cause the came to b��
Saced In the Royal Bank of Canada in
e City of New Weatmlnater to the credit
of the aald Corporat'cji for the purpoae
and with th* objects above **t forth aad
to l**u* *ny numb*r of debenture* of the
aald Corporation to the iium of Eighty-
four -rhouannrt Dollar* (IM.SM.W) Ta
the whole la accordance with th* "Municipal AW.'	
he Issued
Seventy tilt)  .-.-- --    -----     .
nomination of Ono Hundred """out-da Star-
thereon aa  h* n .n.ifi- r mentioned
AND WHEREAS tlie net .ulur of the
whole rateable land In the Municipality
according to the last revised assessment
ruli amounts to Twenty Millions, Ffvs
Hundred and Seventy-six Thousand, Two
Hundred and live Dollars (1^0,576,-
AND WHEREAS the total existing: debenture debt of the Municipality is On��
Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(11,112,150.00). exclusive of local Improvement debts secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of the prln
clpal or Interest is in arrears.
AND WHEREAS to pro; tde for the
'Tftvmmt ot Interest and the creation of a
sinking fund for .til. payment of the said
principal sum of One Hundred Thousand
Dollars (fie0.000.o0j, it will be necessary to levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of Five Thousand,
Five Hundred and Fifty-two Dollars and
Thirty-five Cents (|5&t>2.a5) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
tne rateable land comprised within the
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or bodies,
corporate who may be willing: to advance
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding One Hundred Thousand Dollars
($100,000.00) and to cause the same to
be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada at
the City of New Westminster, British
Columbia, to the credit of the said Corporation, for the purpose and with the
objects above set forth and to Issue any
number of debentures of the said Corporation to the sum of One Hundred Thousand
Dollars ($100,000.00) ln the whole |ft ac-
ordancc with the "Municipal Act." And
the said debentures shall be issued to
consist of Two Hundred and five (205)
debentures, each ot the denomination of
one hundred pounds Sterling (��100) and
one debenture of the amount of ��47 lis.
lOd. being the Sterling equivalent of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00)
at the rate of $4.86 2-3 to the one pound
Sterling, each debenture being also expressed to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at such rate, and such debentures shall huve annexed thereto coupons expressed both in Sterling and Currency for the Interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4 1-2) per centum
years for the repayment of the aatd loan
and Interest thereon as hereinafter mention* d.
AND. WHEREAS, the net value of the
Wbola rateable land ln the said Municipality (Including District l>ot One Hun
dred and Seventy-two 1112) as before recited) according to the last revised Assessment Roll amounts to Twenty Millions Eight Hundred and Forty-six Thou
sand Four Hundred Dollars ($20,846.-
AND. WHEREAS, to provide for the
payment of the interest and the creation
of a Sinking Fund for the payment of the
said principal sum of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars ($28,000.30) It will be necessary to levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of One Thousand
Five Hundred and fifty-four Dollars and
sixty-five Cents ($1,554.66) the amount
to he calculated annually on the whole of
tho   rateable   land   comprised  within   the
Reeve and Council of the said Corporation of Burnaby in Open Council assetn-
nlfd. as follows, namely:
I.    It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk  of  the  Council    for   the    purpose
aforesaid  to  borrow or raise  by  way of
loan from any person or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to advance
the  same upon  the credit of the   debentures   hereinafter  mentioned   a  sum    not
exceeding   Twenty-eight   Thousand    Dollars   ($28,000.00)   and to cause the same
to be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada  In  the City of New Westminster to
the credit ef the said Corporation for the
purpose  and  with  the objects  above  set
forth and to Issue any number of debentures of the said Corporation to the sum
of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars  ($28.-
000.00)   In  the whole in accordance with
the  "Municipal  Act."   And  the  said   debentures   shall   be   Issued    to   consist    of
Fifty-seven   (57)   debentures each of the
denomination    of  One    Hundred    pounds
sterling  (-100)  and one debenture of the
amount of Fifty-three Pounds Eight Shillings Six pence   (��S3-8-$)   being the sterling  equivalent    of  Twenty-eight   Thousand Dollars   ($28,000.00)  at the rate of
Four   Dollars   and   Eighty-six   nnd   Two-
Thirds   Cents   ($4.86   2-3)    to   the    One
Pound sterling, each debenture being also
expressed to be payable ln Canadian currency computed at such rate, and such debentures shall have annexed thereto coupons expressed both In sterling and currency for the Interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4 1-2) per centum
?er annum payable half-yearly on the
0th day of June and ths 31st day of December In each year. And such sterling
lebentures shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debentures. And both
as to principal and Interest shall be payable at the office of the Royal Bank of
Canada In Toronto, Montreal or Vancou-
r And ths gi^debentnjw.ahaa
to consist of On* Hundred and
tn*) debentures each of .the*-
m of Ono Hundred Pound; iter-
W"*  .<n*M_.��"��4 __?��� __?^tUM.^_r__2
fer annum payable half-yearly on the
Oth day of June and the slat day of Dei-ember tn each year. And aueh Sterling ���
debenture* ahall be delivered to the pur-
chaaer* of the (aid debenture*, and Doth
a* to principal and Intereat shall be parable at the office of the Iloyal Bank of
Canada in London, Ensland, or In Toronto, Montreal, or In Vancouver. Canada,
or In New York, at holder'* option.'. And
th* principal of the aald debenture* ahall
be- payable on the Thirty-Ant day of December, A. D��� its:.
*1. There ahall be raited and levied annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the aald Municipality the sum of One
Thousand and fifty-two Dollara and thirty-five Centa (11053.35) for the purpose
of forming a sinking fund for the payment of the aald debentures and th* sum
of Pour Thousand, Five Hundred Dollar*
(finoo.ilO) for the payment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid, the said special
rate to he In addition to al) other rates to
be levi "d and collected in the aald Municipality during; the currenoy of the sold
debsntures or any of them.
S. This by-law ahall take effect on and
after tb* Flrat day of February,   A. D���
4. Thi* by-law may be cited -for all
purposes a* the "BlIRNABT WA.KR
cll the Thirtieth day of December. A. K.
till.      ' '
RECEIVED the assent of the Elector* at an Election for the purpose on th*
.. dar of   A. D��� 1I1��.
RECONSIDERED and flnallv adopted
by the Council! slf-nrd by the R**va and
Cl-ftk and Sealed with the Corporate Seal
all on th* day of  A. D���
ver. Canada, or In New York or in Ison:
don, Ensland, at the holder'a option. Am
the principal of the aald debenture* ahall
be payable on the Thirty-first day of December. A. D.. 1153.
2. There ahall be raised and levied annually by a apeclal rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the aald Municipality th* sum of Two
Hundred and ninety-four Dollar* and slx-
tv-flve Cent* (|;*4.��t) for the purpose
of forming a Sinking Fund far thc payment bf the *aid debenture* and thc sum
Of One Thousand two hundred and Sixty
Dollar* (11860.00) for thc payment ot the
Intereat at th* rate aforesaid, the aald
apeclal rate to be in addition to all other
rate* to be levied and collected tn the aald
Municipality during th* currency of the
mil debentures or anj- of them.
,*>. Thla By-Law shall take effect on
���ind after the Flrat day ot February, A.D.,
4. This By-Law may be cited for all
ourposca a* the "BURNABY SCHOOL
BO'TtD  LOAN   NO.   J   BY-LAW.   1M��."
DONE AND PA8SED In Open Council
this   Thirtieth    day   of   December,    A.D..
RMCEIVED the nsaent of the Electors
��t an election for th* purpose on the . i ���
day of .' A. D���
j tl 2.
RECONSIDERED and flnallv adopted
or the Council, algnerfby the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
Take notice that the **��ve Is a true
copy of the prtwoaed .By-law^pon which
the vole of th�� Municipality will be tnk-n
on Saturday, th* ISOl day of ���W'-ry.
ma.  between   �� o'clock   a.m,   until   1
BUS**��Mim TOad ��eh��al..B��txiulUam.
,_��� fund on toss assex* ol tha Party ot
tbe Flxat Part ot tha coat at aaia Mm
calculated upon the boats ot thirty (1*>
years with Interest at live (5) per cent,
AND. WHEREAS, the Party of th��
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
of the Second Part fifty-five per cent.
(55 p.c.) of the cost of maintenance of
said sewer.
that the Party of the Second Part covenants and agrees with the Party of tbe
I'irst Part Its successors and assigns that
tho Party of the Second Part will within
four months commence and prosecute to
completion and have completed on or before the 1st day of January, 1��15, (unless
prevented by strikes or other cause*) o.
sewer from a point on the Fraaer River
to a point on Tenth Avenue of the location approximately aa ahown on the plan
hereto annexed, aueh aewer to be constructed of concrete pipe* of a diameter
of not lea* than fifty-four (64) Inch** nt
Tcntn Av"��hu* an^Sttth mreet
AND the Party of the t?-��U(. Part w*li
eonstruct lateral sewer* from the *aid
main sewer running from the main sewer
lo Tenth Avenue aforesaid as shown on
said plan.
THE Party of the First Part Its e\-e-
ce**ors and assigns shall have the rlstJit
to connect Its drainage and sewerage
over the area of Six Hundred and Eighty-
three (483) acres as shown on the snltt
plan with the said aewer and to drain into aald sewer surface water and ordinary
sewerage and to use the said sewer bom
a* a sanitary and storm sewer.
AND If It Is found thnt the said ��e*rcr
will provld* sufficient fall to' take sewerage from outside the boundaries oC_"la
said Six Hundred and Eighty-three (48:1)
acre* aa ahown upon the aald plan the
Party of the First Part may with tins
consent of the Engineer of the Party of
the Second Part extend Its seweraaa
works outside the aald area.
The Party of the Second Part cov~i-
nuts with the Party of First Part that
the said Main Sewer constructed by ths
Party of thc Second Part and Sewem
constructed by the Party of the Ftr����
Part to connect with the said Main Sewer
shall be constructed under the Joint supervision and to the mutual satisfaction of
the Engineers of the Party of the First
Part and of the Party of the Second
Part. : _ ' ' _
THE Party of the Flrat Part covenant* with the Party of the Second Part
Its successors and u*n(s~**f Ithat .the. Party
of the Flrat Part will pay to the Party
of the Second Part Its successors and assigns after completion of the said aewer
from Fraser River to Tenth Avenue frftya,
five per cent. (56 p.c.) of the cost of tn*)
said sewer (the said fifty-five per centi
(55 p.c.I. however, not to exceed the sum
of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dol-
lars (1160,000.00) and such payment to
be made In half-yearly payrnenta on th*
Thirtieth days of June and December ns
each year a* will provide a sinking ruso"
for payment of aald sum in thirty (>���>
years with Intereat at five (6) p*r cent,
half-yearly. ,"       ___._���_
AND th* Party of the Flrat Part ere-
enanta .with the Party of the Swond Part
that th* Party of the Flrat Part will par
to the Party of the Second Part flfty-
flve per cent. (55 p.c.) of the coat of
maintenance of tne aald main aewer *-tcm
payments to be mad* yearly on the Thls*-
tleth day of December in each year.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties.,
hereto have caused their Corporate Seals
to be hereunto affixed. 	
In the presence ot:���
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy ot the proposed By-law upon which;
Ihe vote of the Municipality will be tviers
m Suiurdnv, the 18th day of January.
1913. between ��� o'clock a.m. until T
o'clock p.m., at the polling place*:
Burnaby   Public   Hall,   Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topplngs's Store, 13th Ave., East
Burnabv. _
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.    '
Hundonald School, Fraaer Arm.     .
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jna. Herd's Office, North Bunvtt���.
Burnaby Lake Stor*. Burnaby Lake.
Iaikemere School. Lakemerauo-
Publlc Notice la-n*��bj_|lv-i thnt thai
vote of the Elector* of th* District of Burnaby will be taken on the above mention���
-d Bv-low at the time and place ahcuar
mentioned, and that A. G. Man*
has-been appointed Returning Officer tor
take the vote of such electors with the
usual powers in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Clerk.
Edraond*. a C Dec. JL ma. ��H)f
m ,        ���*����. *���>"���*..
I  f.
CA8H    IT
We are preparing to take
stock, consequently are offering
bargains on odd lots.
Armour's BrlBket of Beef In
1 lb. tins; regular 35c each;   a
dellcacv.    Today 30c, 3 for 75fc '
Canned Soup sells regular 2 tojf
25c; all kinds today, each ..10c
Per docen s>1.1��
Try a dozen French Peas; regular 2 for 25c; today, each   10c
Per doien   *1'10
Turkish Coffee, a delightful
blend! regular 40c a lb." today
35c, per dozen    $3.80
Our Special Tea we will retail
today at 45c per lb; regular 60e.
Very excellent.
Pork and Beans, the famous
Quaker brand; regular 15c;
straight today 2 for 25c, or per
doien    ,������������V!5
Olives,   special     bargain     50c
bottla tor '<�����
potato Flour, very best for fine
cakes and pastry; regular 20c,
today 15a}' (I '.dozen  ��li7B
Fish In 1 lb. tins, Herring, Had-
doolfc ���)��.; Mgular 10c;  today
3 for 25c) per dozen ����<
Raisens, ln 16 ot. packsges;
reg, I for Me; today 3 for 2s��*
Smith's extra cream "g0d_s,;
rf-nlai' ?Bc per *&. today   20c,
r__,u*_.''-- ,'?���-��
C��W��us' Unsweetened Cooking
Chocolate; regular 50c per Ib���
today, per lb *$���
Head Lettuce, per head ....10c
Celery,   beautiful     stuff,    per
bunch ....   ���*
Turnips, per lb �����
Onions, per lb ��� ��������
Cabbage, per Ih '/|c
Sweet Potatoes, per Ib oe.
Apples, only    50    left,    No    1
Jonnthons, per box   *1-����
These are prize apples.
Spy Apples, per box ......J1-50
Cooking Apples, per box.. "M. 15
Public Supply Stores
Mr. J. R. Duncan, ot the Vulcan
I Iron Works, left yesterday on a busi
I ness trip to Seattle.
Skates sharpened and set at Geo
|ll. Speck's, 620 Columbia St.      (395)
A total of 274 boats passed through
[the Lulu Island bridge span during
I December.
The 1912 license commission board
(will meet for the last time on Wed
I nesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Hon. W. Norman Bole, K.C., left
Ithls morning for Seattle en route for
[Southern California for a snort visit.
Miss J. Reid, wbo lately underwent
Ian operation for appendicitis, Is pro-
I grossing rapidly towards recovery,
A. riardman, the cake man. Get
*~~A bread, Hlghth Street Bakery-
Telephone III. (394>
Mr. tfrd Mrs. W. J. Scott, 12th
street, bjave returned from Seattle and
the sotiTid cities where they spent the
;Christmas holidays.
Mr. C. Sellery, one of tho tellers of
the Bank of Montreal, left yesterday
for New York and other eastern
' Rev. B. Stewart, brother of Mr. Dave
Stewart of Pitt Lake, is spending ��
few days ln the city and preached
in Olivet Baptist church on Sunday
\The receipts of the city pound for
1W2 were $951.70, the, greater part ot
Which was derived from the sale of
250 dog tags. The recelptB for December were $31.60, with the sale of 21
An illustrated lecture on the highways and byways of B.C. will be delivered by Mr. H. G. Estabrook, superintendent of the Baptist Home Missions of this province ln the Olivet
Baptist church school room.
ja branch of the Union Bank of Can
ida will be opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, In the premises
rdeently vacated by W. R Sinclair
Sh Columbia street. (387)
One -agrant and three drunUs formed1 the routine material before Magls
trtyte Edmonds yesterday morning
The member of the Hobo Association
���.���2b told to vamoose, while the three
Dja were handed punishment fitting
their, crimes.
fiity workmen and officials to the
number of about 350 yesterday, welcomed their first 1913 pay day. The
total pay roll amounted to $13,163.10
which is somewhat below the average,
udodoubt on account of the cessation
Ot^considerable outside  work of late.
vV good place to eat at, where you
cail get a good square meal thoroughly
well cooked for 2b ceuts and up to as
I1IW1 as you want to go, with excellent service, Is the Dunsmulr Cafe.
Eighth street, a mluute'B walk from
r>* r.    ���    D    Ho
song, a seventeen year old boy, charged with theft.
The. o*pid}flOB8 briefly were that he
prom^ke-jtoijeave liquor alone; that he
reportjti{'Cfnef ParkinBOii of the Bur-i
Hstjbyijoficelat least once a week; that |
he 'Tepay'-ahe money stolen In Instalments from his wages.   The youthful
prisoner accepted  the  terms  for his
dismissal'"with gratitude.      He    will,
howev-ar^EemaUi ln jail until word Is
received   from   the   attorney   general
at   Victoria  confirming  the  arrangement tp.aa"b'by Judge Howay.
1  '���-������' ,'!���   1	
Ssattle Man Will    Aot    In    Advisory
'Capacity to City Council.
It is prbbable that Mr. S. R. Hutch
ineoh, of the Seattle pas Company,
will drive ln the city Bhortly to act
as advisory engineer to the council
in the establishment of the propose;,
new gas plant. v-
Mayorn,Lee returned from Seattle
yesterday, where he made arrangements Wltb Mr, Hutchinson to come
north.     '������'
The engineer Is an expert on gas
plant construction, and will be ln a
position io supply absolutely accurate
Information on the proposed new
works.'' "
An International marriage ceremony
was celebrated at LaPaz, Bolivia, one
of the South American republics, on
December 6, when Mies Suzahna Henrietta Veseley, of the American Institute, and a graduate of the Medical
College, Wisconsin, became the bride
of Mr. John Harold Scott, electrical
engineer for the Bolivian Railway
Company, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jame3
Scott, 501 Agnes street, thlB city.
For driving his car recklessly on
Columbia street some days ago and
smashing Into a rig driven by Mra
Whiteside; of Strawberry Hill, Surrey
brought Frank Allen into police court
again yesterday morning.
Tlie defendant stated that he hail
settled with Mrs. Whiteside for 5300
is Instructed bv the court.
Magistrate Edmonds handed out a
fino of $S'and costs.
Vancouver Power Company to Construct Line to Ladner.
Orders have been issued by the con
structlon department of the Vancouvei
Power Company to rush the work of
laying a pole line from the Scott road
on the.Fraser Valley line of the B. C.
E. R., to Ladner.
The Delta town' has been in dark
ness slnoo Tuesday of last week fol
lowing the collapse of three of the
high towers, carrying the wires from
the Point Gyy side of the river dur
Ing the wind storm.
It. hast been found that the cost of
erecting towers on the marshy
grounds near Woodward's slough will
be abnormal and also a detriment to
shipping, hence the erection of a pole
line on the south bank of the Fraser.
Something like 150 poles will be required, spacing a gap of over 3000
feet: the work will be started this
week bv the construction gr.-~s.
The Inclement weather will not halt
the work, as the company ia anxious
to have tpp Juice at I.adner at the
c-arllest possible moment.
T. Hawkins Guilty of Forging Employee's Name to Chaque.
Though he pleaded innocence and
made light of hie action. W. T. Hawk-
Ins waa found guilty ot having obtained money under false pretences
by His Honor Judge Howay in the
county court yesterday and was sentenced to six months'  Imprisonment.
Hawkins waB committed for trial by
Police Magistrate Edmonds ln the police court some time ago on the charge
of having on Nov. 20 forged the name
of T. Ward Smith with whom he was
employed to a cheque for $10. The
cheoue was cashed by J. ��� KoBeberry,
another of Mr. Smith's employees.
The moBt Incriminating evidence
against Hawkins was the fact that ho
signed the cheque T. Ward Smith,
whle Smith's real name is Ward T.
tils honor ln passing sentence drew
Hawkins' attention to the drink habit
which appeared to have gained control of the defendant.
50 Bales of New Blankets,
Quilts and Eiderdown
(CwBtis. ad '.">*�� pags sse)
Orientals to engage In road work
the municipality.
Marmont's Denial.
Councillor Marmont denied that he
had done this and said that Ihe rcso
lution excluding Asiatic labor had
been unanimous, but that he had ask
ed that some reservation be made In
the case or two Orientals who were
taxpayers in the municipality and who
might have been given work.
He had no definite platform to pro-
offer, but he had had to complain thai
so many important subjects had been
liseussed by the council behind closed
floors. Me instanced the removal ef
the depot here, and claimed that the
second petition against this move had
not been given fair play.
He said that he had protested pub
licly and had been called down. He
had had so many requests to stand
for the reeveshlp that he simply coulJ
not ignore them. The reasons for
ttiene reqnests  were,  he said, known
"~    I7-,    .  -# A.���la_ I to his hearera.
B. C. Company Confident of (Setting |    CouncilIor T,angari ia;d emphasis on
Plenty of Oil. 1 ,     .    , ... ;        iIe of ,i���,   \.ir7,e ex
The  B.  Ci   Development   Company,   "���4���f \���eP counr,n.  ���1(, crr(I,'
who have been cond.ichns boring op-  %%%$$,�� w_s at ffie "top notch"
and  announced  that   the  auditor hid
Thai said that its record  was not excelled
anv  other   municipality   west    of
400 Warm, Comfortable Flannelette
Sheets.   Clearance Price   -   -   -   -
275 Extra Large and Heavy Flannelette Sheets.   Clearance Price -   -   -
Woolen Blankets at Clearance Prices
$3.40,   $4.50,   $6.50,    $9.00
Get your orders in early for a Heating Stove.
Our low clearance prices are making them
move lively.
Special Clearance on Furniture
B.C. E. R. depot.
I,'like Superior.    If the present admin-
You have worked,
planned, saved and denied yourself���all that
Borne dear one may be
free from want when
you are gone.
*ffhe\t have you done
to ^ ensure    that    the
esta\�� yoty have built
up wty  be   efficiently
managed! after you?
���ifov* : ���
Let us. tell you about
our facilities for handl-
ing estates^
*Ihe   Progressive   Association   cam-
I paign   fund,  which  haa  now   reached
the total of about {5600 will be closed
" "soon as the $6000 ark Ib reached,
Aounced Secretary K. Myers yester-
V.    It is expected  that the  necea-
Y\- $400 will be subscribed in a few
I days' time
)h threatened conflagration occurred
I In the office recently occupied by Mr.
1A-'W. McLeod.jfseterday but was ex-
I anguished after some strenuous ef-
iforts on the part of the tenants, with-
louV the aid of the tire department.
5 PaVer around a hole ln the wall where
la dtove pipe enterB caught fire on ac-
lcouht ot overheating, and in the
I space of a few Beconds, caused a blaze
] ot some magnitude.
The members of the Westminster
I Choral and Orchestral Society, an
I organization which is doing a great
Ideal of good in the city, both to Its
I individual memberB and the general
I public, are looking forward to a pleas
I ant evening in St. George's hall to-
| night. A social gathering Ib taking
I place there, one of its objects being
1 to ^enable the members to become bet
1 ter known to each other.
A fine of $15 and costs was handed
ouV to Thomas Duffy yesterday morning, in the police court on a charg.'
of ."beating up" his half-breed wife.
Owing to the fact that the woman
asliul the advice of Magistrate Ed
mplids In tlie matter, the latter did not
fe��l ltUc mill!* the case and called
'.ha1 Assistance of Stipendiary Magls
'.���.���;j'c * S. Clu'n Ths sooustrd plead
i-d'V-ullty and having shown signs ot
betbmlng more amicable was let off
with a light line.
eratlons at Coqultlam for some time
back are confident that oil in gusher
quantities will Be struck shortly
chief bore that is being made has now
reached  the  depth  ol   1600   feet,  the i ��������������� .     ��� -iim-ail  tn  m, mi   -���������''
last few fee. being in  white granite.   Ut"*Mkm *^fi^^fi^g
The experts of the company are con-1 �� a^ Its nromlse
-'dent tbat their efforts will meet �������0�����!?V����
with success Bhortly as all indica-1 "ll"' :" *Jk""
tlons are,promising.
The operations are being conducted
near Sturgeon Slough on the banks of
the Pitt river, about for miles above
the C. P. ft. bridge over the river.
In thtvperson of  Mr.  Nell McGilli-
were    Cgiina'Uors |
Atkins and Morgan nnd ennd'dites for j
���he council who spoke were Messrs. J
W   White. Tt. C. r.aler. T. Ooutlev and
I. W. Keith.    Addresses bv aspirants
to  the   school  board  closed  the  pro-j
Forty  years  in  use,  20
vray there  paBsed  away  on  Sunday I voars    i_e    standard,    pre-
evening the father of ,,ady McBrlde, y��r.bed    _^    _ccommended
by physicians. For Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martel's
Female Pills, at your druggist.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and
plus $2,500,000.00
wife of Sir Richard McBrlde, premier
of British Columbia, an old times and
one of the most respected citizens of
New  Westminster.
Mr. McGtllivray was a native of In-
vernessi' Scotland, and came to Canada when he was a young man and settled in Ontario. Some years after he
moved wet,t to British Columbia, settling ddWn In New Westminster where
he has lived for the paBt 2:i years of
his life. He was eighty-three years of
age at the time of his death.
Always of a genial disposition Mr.
McGilllvray made a host of friends in
the city who will be shocked to hear
of his death. Or late years he has led
a retired life and was apparently in
the bent of health until near the end.
The deceased Is survived by four
sons and two daughters, his wife hav-
iug died' some time ago. The sons
are Duncan McGilllvray of Vancouver, Jack of Asheroft, Archie of Winnipeg and Christopher of New West
minstpf: l.ady McBrlde, as stated, Is
one of-thp daughters, and Mrs. A. J.
Bell of tjbTlllwack,  l8 the other.
Arrangements have been made to
hold tbe funeral from tin- residence of
Mr. c. MJn'tleth, ?.2il Bandringham
avenue, to the Masonic cemetery. The
remains are at Murchiu's undertaking
parlors?- '���    ���
TO     LET ��� THREE
housekeeping   rooms.
Seventh avenue.
Apply   1303 I
Paid in Full for Loss in
Sapperton Fire
To Messrs. White, Shiles & Co.
New Westminster, B.C.
Gentlemen���Allow me to express my gratitude to you for the full and
prompt settlement you have made on behalf of your fire insurance company on
account of the fire at my house on Sherbrooke street last month. This being the
second time I have been saved from serious loss through being insured by your
January 3rd.. 1913. Yours Faithfully,
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Stre*>*
.    ���jj���a���
-i���as a
Is the result of using
Hot Water Bottles.
Two and five year
antee with every bottle sold,
Curtis Drug Stor
and SEEDS.
Ption* 43:  L. D. 71;  Rss. 72.
Nsw    W*stmln��t.r,    B    C.
The executive committee of the New
Westminster Itet:illern' association
held held a meeting yesterday after-1
noon in the offices, 520 Westminster
Tritet block, nnd arangemeutH were
thra completed for the general meet
Ing of the association to be held on
Titejsday, Jan. 14. at 8 p.m. All mem-
beird are requested to be present on
that date and any merchants who interna to join the association are invited \(o attend.
matters   in  connection   with
evvlopineiit of the scheme for In
ln Westminster a branch of
,oyal  Victorian  Order of Nurses
beea somewhat e;uexcent of lute.
es and gentlemen  who have
,tter In hand are now beginning
ijre again In  the required dlrec-
aiid  to  ihis end a  meeting    is
3 o'clock on Saturday next
M. C A., and lo it all    the
���of the   committee   are   re-
wend their way.    All who
ted In the project will also
Report I* Denied.
Pari*, Jan. fr���-The report that the
Russian crown prince Alexis has gone
to Cape Martin to complete conva-
lesemre, Is denied by the Kussiaii authorities.
Must,    Howsvsr,    Follow   a
Path Outlined by Court.
''" '        that this was the time for
r ; i'    Honor Judge  Howay  in
tin i-MH-t yesterday  morning
condii in,,!'.'-.  'igmiBsed Luiton J. Wy-
tt.... ....        1 ���
of all kinds in great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
In all grades and for every use.
Stephen's and Stafford's Inks and
Blank Hooks of every kind.
646 Columbia Street
Phone 455
feel the need of Glasses today when
EYESTRAIN Is ths rule and not the
VVorkmen who would hav��  reihble
help for their eyes should call on
Druggist and Optician
701   Columbls  Street Phor: '
These are all in good locations and  are  good
they can be bought for now.
Investments  at  the   price-.
1359���FIFTH   8TBEBT    near  fcigntn
avenue: 64sl3> to lane; a good buy
at $1,090; one-third cash.
11��5��� SEVENTH   AVENUE  near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x18'i
all cleared and graded; prioe $12T5
1397���66  FOOT  LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot In good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; ."io.\1,*j:i
each; some are cleared; street ts
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
We writs Firs, Life, Accident, Employers'  Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
If you want
Reliability, Silence,
Economy, Satisfaction and
The "YALE" will moot
your requirements.
Adapted for the Pishing Trade.
The Schaake Machine Works
Sir Edmund B. Osier, M.P., President. W.D. Matthews, Vice-President.
C. A. Bogert, General Manager.
Head Office  Toronto, Ont.
.% 5,000,000
. 6,000,000
. 76,000,000
A branch of this Bank has been established ln New Westminster
at the corner of Columbia and Sixth Streets, opposite the Post Office.
A General, Banking Business Transacted.
G. H. MATHEW80N, Manager.


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