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The New Westminster News Dec 27, 1913

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 b News Classified Ads.
Havo proien their worth by ihe
resulta they produce. They nil
large or small wants at amall
Weather Today
New   Westminster
LiKht  to
erly  wind
s;   cloudy
rain today
or Sunday
VOLUME  8,  NUMB, H t**3
;:��� -.;��� c- ������:.' ������,:������ & ���;. ���;. ... :. .: -..
Sympathizers Collect $25,000 and Cannot Find Anyone
Who Will Take Any Part of It���Clue to Man Who
Shouted "Fire" in Hall.
Calumet, Mich., Deo. 28.
Moyer,   prealdent   of   the   Weetern
Federation of Miners, was put on a
Irani  and   sent  OUt     of    the    copp "���
Htrike district tonight   The   deportation   was the  dtreol   result   of     ri
fusal of    families    stricken    by    Ci"
Christmas eve dlauster here to accept
relief from a oommlttee, lhe majoiity
of whose member, belonged to the
citizens' Alliance, an organisation
combatting tha live months' sirike ot
the federation, Moyer, lt waa said,
refused to make a retraction satisfac
lory to the committee, A Bbort time
later   be   and   John   Tanner,   of   Culi
fornia, an organizer for the federation, were observed on a street car
KoIhk from Hancock lo llouahUm.
Across the bridge connecting the
two towns and distant abont 4<>u foot
from the structure Ib tbe station Ol
the Copper IlaiiRe railroad. There it
waB noticed that Moyer and Ills rom
paniou boarded a train bound for
Chicago, Tbey were accompanied by
three men who aoeinod to be guarding
tbem, although there waB uo visible
demonstration of force or coercion.
Mover's departure leave* the
strikers   with  only  local   mm   at   the
Charles 11.  pre.-: ions of  bitterness, however, and
in one Oase Mrs. John Vertm and Mrs.
Marcus Bterk, members ot the committee, wen ejected from a home
win re two children  lay dead.
In Bplte of the evident determination of the Kirk ken families nit lo ae
cept  aid  except from  tli"   l'nlon,  tlie:
committee was not without hope of;
overcoming their prejudices.   A meet
inK was beld toniKlit lo consider fur- j
ther plans for distributing the money;
collected.    Fifty-four   fainiil' h    were
listed  possibly   as needing aid and all
were visited by three sub committees,
each representing one of the nationalities to  which  tha victims of the.
panic belonged,
Two  Factions  Meet.
The fed'ration's members were not
less  active,  and   in  several  caBes tbe |
members of tbe committee met union;
workers   In   the   houses   which   death |
had visited     Alwaya tha proffers ol'
union   help   were accepted     and . the
funds of the committee were refused.
May Find Stampeder.
Efforts to discover the identity of
the man urho started the panic with
a cry of flre met with some success
today. Several pt rsons gave lengthy
affidavits to Investigators of tae prose-
Another aspirant for aldermanic honors at the coming
��� lection   appeared   In  the  Held
yeaterday when Bd. Ooulet, c.
P, It. agent bere and former
vice-president ��,f the  board  oi
trade, announced hlmaelf aa a
candidate for election   to   tha
city council. .Mr. lioulet Is understood lo have tbe backing
of a considerable body of business men of the city.
Since be came ben- ten years
ago be has been Identified with
various public bodies and projects, al. present holding the
reins or chairman of tlie
Ilnance oommlttee nf tin: board
of trade.    This ia not hla llrst
experience In civic politics, ba
having served live teruis on
the Vernon, B.C., city council.
TWO BARGES FOUNDER OFF NEW 'japane8e  Want to En,jst  jn
Mexican Army���Applica-
LOSS IS $1,000,000.
tions Considered.
Also   United   States  Promises  Protection to Japanese in Mexico���
Arms from Orient.
_. .... ...
-.. -,<��� ���_-
* *
'.l 9 '-it 9 lit Uf tl
Is Much Better,
tlcorge Currie, who sustained a
Hligbt concussion of the brain Christmas eve by falling from tbe curbing
to the pavement on Columbia stree-..
was able to leave the Itoyal Columbian hospital yesterday where he re-
celved treatment.
head if their affairs
iTiption   furnished  by one 14
Calumet,   Mich..  Oeo.  2��.-��� Refusals ?W_.JW.Jt_WM hoped that the.
to accept one cent of the 126,000 col
lected for the relief of the families
Stricken by the catastrophe In which
7_ -p, rs ons loat their lives as a result
ot a panto at a Christmas tree celebration  in  Italian hall, confronted  today
Lcutlng attorney's office and from thei
[description  furnished  by one 14 year;
might  be traced
More important, howev-r. In the
minds of the local community, was the
explosion of the report that the mis
creant wore a Citizens' alliance button. Mrs. Theresa BIZOT denied that
she had < ver made a atatement Baying
she had seen Buch Insignia wh-n she
New   York,  Dec   26. -Ttro drowned
in Kast river and ten men- the crewa
of two  barges wrecked on the    New I (..
Jersey shore - given up as lost Is the |,
-,;* *c,.st ill  human  lives    of 'the    stenn   .'
& *�����*���*#* I which swept over tbla city and    this .
 .vicinity early loday. L
At Seabright, N. J., a fashionable L
I summer resort so milea south or.
jhere, most of the houses have been ;;*
! either wrecked or are under water, ji
Several hotels and many flue real !."
���denceB were among tho��e-undermined *
and badly damaged. Seventy families U
arc homeless.
The   damage  done   to  property    is   ���'
estimated   at   $1,000,000,   most   cr     it .'::
U. S. Officer Reprimanded. borne by Seabright and other points >
New   Vork. Dec. 26.    Major Charles  along the northern section of the New *
ft.   Hagadorn,  military attache of the  Jersey   coast.     Most   of   the   damage L
American embassy In St. Petersburg,]was  due   to  bulkheads   giving  away ;:*
was found guilty by court martial to- under the onslaught of waves lashed  .'���
day of disobeying orders and sentenced Unto fury by a gale   which   at   one;."
to a mild reprimand.    Hefore a mill-, time  reached  a velocity  of  .0  miles It
tary court  at Governor's  island  the an hour.
accused   was triid   for "wilfully"  dis-'    Tbe two three-masted barges whose."
obeying the command ot the prealdent crews have been given up    as   loat I*
of the  l'nited .States to rtmain In St    were in tow of the sea-going tug Ed-
PeterahUTg  until   further orders.  The  gar K. Luekeiibach.   While   the storm
court  amended  the charge    lo    read   was   at   Its   worst   the   barges   broke I    Washington, Dec. 26.
had failed to obey." striking out the  away and tben  drifted   inshore  mid- of foreigners in Mexico who have In
.... .*.. ..-. .... .... ...   ���   ..   ,, j,
-..-  -..-  -,.   -..-  -,.-  -,r  ...   ..;. -j.   >���i  -.,-  iff  Iff   Iff
Montreal, Dec. 26. -William
Jennings Bryan appeared before Recorder Geoffrion this
morning Charged with being
drunk and disorderly. He
pleaded guilty and assured the
court he was not the William
Jennings Ilryan.
"Why did you not stick to
grape juice ?" asked the clerk
of the court.
"I did," contended Bryan,
and added "a bottle of It was
giien to nie aa a Christinas
The recorder released Bryan
on suspended sentence.
-.. *:������
��� * *
in   thid
Mexico City, Dec. 26.--Fifty
Japanese military authorities
have requested permission
through the Mexican special
embassy now in Tokio to enlist in tlie service of the
Mexican army, according to information received by the war
office here. The request, it is
said, Ib being given consideration.
Tokio. Dec. 26.���At a dinner
given by tbe merchants of
Tokio in honor of Senor de la
Barra. Baron Makiuo, the foreign minister, in a speech
favored tbe strengthening of
trade between Japan and
Hindus Costly.
Evidence tbat the Hindus
.. city and district are causing con-
glalderable expense to the city in th.��
jt I way of keep and legal work has beer.
- I exemplified during the past few daya.
.. Last evening another case of a dusky
g , individual trom the coral strand being
X found In a helpless condition on the
.'. public street was reported, one Sar-
* jah Singh. He will appear beforn
'"'.. Magistrate Edmonds in court this
'.'.. j morning.
Firemens' Santa Claus Fund
Brought   Unexpected
Christmas Cheer.
# ft
M.    __    .*.
IT    �����!���    ���_-
ft    W    5    ft   ft
S ft ft ft ft *
The situation
Montreal, Dec. 26.���Proper religious standing is given to Catholics of
the Greek rite by a special decree from
Home that has been received at the
rachbishop's palace. The decree Ib
from the holy see and is addressed to
'the Catholic hierarchy in Canada.
In regard to celibacy it declareb that i
: priests of this rite   in Canada may not'
words   "wilfully   disobeying"   and
this offence found blm guilty.
the committee wblcb had gathered thc
Every bereaved household lhat was
approached told the men and women in
Charge Ol the dlBtributlon that they
had been promised adequate aid by the
Weatern   Federation  of  Miners    and
that no other asBlstance wm, wanted. ...      ,        ,   .,
Members  of tha relief committee ue-  Christmas  gifts,  said  she heard the
Christmas In Merry England.
London,   Dec.   26.���-The   Christmas
marry, although this privilege is accorded prieBts in Europe and Asia,
way between the life-saving stations curred the ill-will cf the rebels, again ; Winnipeg is named Ruthenian bish-
1", and 16. six miles south of Seaside is giving some concern to Btate de- j opric and Bishop Budka ts mentioned
Park. N. .1.   Only the masts of one of partment officials.   The Japanese am-las  ii,e ordinary of the new see.    A,
the  barges was vitsible this morning bassador called   today    upon   Acting  special department in St. Augustine's j w��rds-   "The best Christinas we ever
and  on  it  was the  form  of a man. i Secretary  Moore to request that the ! seminary at Toronto for Ruthenian ec-!ha'1'" was how he termed the celebra-
New Westminster absolutely refused to take second place to any other
city in the Dominion in the way of
Christmas entertainment for those
whose fortune had not taken just the
correct way and who were in no shape
to provide for themselves the entertainment which is the ambition of
every good Bpirlted citizen on sach a
festive occasion.
To be sure there were others who
would have taken up the work of providing for tbe poor and needy bad the
firemen not done so. but it is very
doubtful whether the work of providing the hundred and one things distributed on ChrlBtmas could have been
done in the same good-hearted manner as the Royal City's rire fighting
contingent did it. And it was some
task at that. Anyone who believes
that Secretary Joe Hall had a cinch
has got ju.H one more think coming.
But Joe Hall could never have done
the work alone. They all got In on
the project���that's the term they give
fo a big undertaking���and with everybody working in harmony, some score
of families were well provided tor,
some hundred kiddies helped themselves to cakes, pies and candies and
did not forget toys to carry home with
He Should Know.
Fire Chief Watson is a man of few
festivities   in   the  country  houses  to-  Rolh n,a8t and mau Roon disappeared. ! United States government do what it
grasped the man by the shoulders and Sight take the form of dinners with  ...Hero!c efforts on  the  part of the could to protect Japanese in El Paso
.attempted to force him int., a seat.
Cry Inside Hall.
Mrs. I.otil��a Leah, who was marshalling children aenss the stage ln the
hall   while  they   wure  receiving  their
cry of "fire" repeated thrice tn  English from the ctntre of the hall.    Im-
lected at yesterday's mass meeting
blamed tbls unprecedented condition
upon the rumor that thc man who had , mediately afterward. Rhe said the same
started the panic among the children voice shouted thc alarm In Croatian,
of the striking copper miners, wore Herman Bibber stated he thought he
the emblem of the C.iti7.en's alliance.! saw smoke lasub a from the windows
an organisation supposed to be an-:��nd Mrs. Charle, Meyers repeated hor
tagonlatlc to the strikers. |��tory of seeing a boy with flre In his
Wore No InslQnia. I wool cap as he was carried from the
To combat this sentiment they oh-'building. These accounts were cm-
talned from Anthony Lucas, ptoaecut- bodied in affidavits and the persons
ing attorney of Houghton county, a luoted will be summoned to apprar
statement tbat he was satisfied from On Monday as witnesses at the coron-
Ihr progress of hla organization that art iuquctt.
the man who raised the cry ot "fire" |
wore no Insignia of any kind. Is Shamming Inranlty.
Help Refused. New    York.    Dec.  26.���That  Hans
In raoBt Instances the offers of re-: Schmidt, now on trial for the murder
lief were refused without show of feel-rof Anna Aumuller. has been shaming other than confidence that tbeIming Inranlty. was the burden of the
union would be able to take rare of'testimony given today by four alien
all wants.    There were occasional rx-1 hits appearing for the stat".
U>s   Angeles,  Dec.  .6. -The  pollce I was being held without a permit, con-
were Justified yesterday in dispersing i tr*r>' t0 the ,C}*1 ordinances.
,*-*m ,  .   , _.     i    It was decided to issue complaints
the* meeting of 1000 unemployed men  tomorrow charging disturbance of thc
at the I'laza, although their action cost'
the life of one maiv the arrest of 76
and the clubbing of many others, according to the member*, of the public
welfare committee of the city council.
peace against 32 of the 75 arreated,
the belief being that it would be easier
to obtain convictions upon that charge
than upon rioting.
A more serious charge���probably assault with a deadly weapon*���will be
The decision was reached late today I placed against Jcsub Sovla, the Mexl-
after nn official Invcatlrillon of the jean accused of having stabbed Police
affair, which convinced the commit-1 Lieutenant .1. R. W. Krlege ln the neck
tee that the riot was started by the after having knocked him down.
Idle men themselves���Industrial The rep lon of the Plata waa pa-
AV'rrkers of the Wurld. Mexicans and! trolled hy extra officers again tonight
other f reigners���when the police at-Ito prevent possible recurrence of the
lemp'ed to stop a public meeting which'rioting.
Montreal. Dec. 26.   The manufactur-  happened  and  to learn  where  water
lng and  down  town aectlona of the. was obtainable.
i.*. . .** ,~a*.. �����.!��_, The department early today Issued
city were without water today owlnginot,ce ^m**- *> ��<>e boiled snow
to a break ln the main leading from for drinking purposes,
the Intake pipe from the St. Lawrence i The hospitals and the factorlea were
river nt Verdum. While the water de- * compelled to buy spring watee by the
pnrtment of tbe city has made every', ton from companies handling It.
effort to repair the break, lt la known Moat ot the bakers aro without
that a water famine will last for sev- j water and prepared to get a supply
-eral days ln certain portions ot the of bread from Toronto and other cities.
The average consumption of water In
the affected district is 60,000,000 gallons a day and the city haa only been
able  tb  make  arrangementa  for 25,
A reserve of two million gallons Is
being held In a reservoir ln case of
flre, though lt was recognized that a
big conflagration would easily account
for thla Bupply and leave the city In
dances afterwards and are chlerly of Mewing crews have failed so far and In other border points
a family character. All the old no lo reveal a single Burvlvor of the] There ls some appreheumuu mai
blllty are entertaining at their own wreck. The tug was reported safe in,these Japanese may be made to feel
seats The Duke aof'Westminster Is'P��rt late tonight The two men the weight of resentment by the con-
tho most notable absentee, he having drowned were longshoremen whose' slitutionalists because the federals
gone to Prance lo Join Rt. Hon. WinB- boat was caught in the storm and | are receiving supplies of arms and
ton Churchill and Mrs. Churchill at.Bwamped.
the duke's  Bhooting lodge In  France
-*-*'      llll*k li   (JUI*.Sll.   *.*   ,...T       *./���, 1.  *.  It  ,.l,'..  t,  ll* .*���.���  -.. ,, ���	
clesiastics  with   Rev.   Father  Malouf '.' ��� a long 8togle bearin:? -*-) em-
in charge, has already been opened.
where the first lord of the admiralty
and his wife are the guests of the
ammunition from Japan, although it
has already been pointed out that
these goods are being delivered under
contracts made    by    Japanese   mer-
DEATH-TRAP TO TWO BOY�� j^-'^"^,,,
*.     .   _.__  .-I-Tl*.   *.*__...   ���    I    Acting Secretary Moore promised to
Try to Crawl^iit of Ho-Je^** the lee j ingtr^ a,,, Amer)Can conaula In the
. . '."""S!.*-. *��"*���.,_���    ���       I rebel country   to extend   the   ���
Grand Ledge, Mich., Dec. 26.���Elmeri"z" ,VT.':._. ��. _i,ov wnnM
McDanleU and Harold  Sackett, each ��"** ���J^��E���_
t.   ..���.-_ ���i*   _._.._. m*~���m*m  i*.  ,��,���! American clttaena.
Although the vessels of the international fleet of the Pacific coaat of
Say  Only  When  Bumaby   Haa  Paid
Their Salaries in Cash Wlll They
Rest Aaaured.
That  Company   May   Be  Allowed   to
Have Temporary Station Longer
Than Five Years.
Kor   the   purpose   of   straightening
out the tangle ln connection with the
12   years old,  were  drowned  In  the
j Grand river tonight.   The stream was
frozen  over  for  the  first   time  thisir,    ,      , .      ,,.,    .��� ,������_,  ...
winter aud the Ud. ventured on fte J*8**0 have made visitsi to most ol
ice. which was too thin to aupport!"" ��mP��rtant P��ns *2*J_fJ2_
them. With many persons powerlessida5's. no alarming reports have been
to render aid watching from the river! received from them lt was said to-
tanks, one of the lads struggled for night that although provisions ma
20 minutes trying to crawl upon the, be running short there is not much
broken edge of the ice. , likelihood   that   any   Americans    are
  suffering extreme privations.
Traffic Good. ������ *****	
Traffic on  the B.  C.  E. R. during
the Christmas holiday,  while not ap
to last year's mark, was fairly sati.,.
proposed construction of a new Great  *_?*��> ^^.W^iT _J& T' ?'"
:.   .. _      .    .    ..   .........   ...  'ey Hue.   On the interurban llnea be-
Northern depot. A. H. MacNeill. ror
the V., V. & E. company arrived in
the city yesterday and discussed the
details of the plans with Mayor Gray
and the city council.
Negotiations have been In progress
for some time between the council and
the railroad company, the latter even
going eo far as to have plans of the
building drawn up and tenders -tor
construction all ready to let.
Mr. MacNeill, however, objects to
the clause whereby the proposed temporary depot would have to be lorn
down at the end of five yeara to give
place to a more modern and more
substantial building In event of the
G. N. R. not entering Into an agreement with the Canadian Northern Pacific llne tor a union depot. The proposed new depot Is to cost ln the
neighborhood of $5000 and would, ln
the event of the agreement being ratified, be replaced by a 136,000 brick
or stone structure. While nothing
definite was reached at the meeting
held yesterday lt Is understood that
the city council will consider a clause
being Inserted In tbe proposed agreement allowing the council of 1919 to extend the time requiring the company
to build the permanent building, ln
event of negotiations being then In
progress between the Hill lines and
those of the Canadian Northern.
It Is expected thai another meeting wlll be held In the near future
so that everything can be satisfactorily
settled and thua allow the construction work to be started on the temporary building.
000.000 gallons a day. This morning bad shape to cope with It. The dls-
ihe water department waa bealeged trlct affected has a population of 200,-
hy people anxious to know what had' 000.
Walla Walla. Dec. M.���That the
smallpox patients of the county peat
honae, recently numbering half a
���doaen men, left the premlaea and came
into thle city at will. In addition to
raiding nearby chicken houaea and en-
Joying midnight feeds and card gamee
were the complaints made to the
-county commissioners tn aeaalon thla
afternoon. It was alleged that one patient came Into a barber shop here,
got a shave and gave the disease to
the nroprietor of the shop and expoa-
ed hlmaelf to many othera.
Three more caaea were discovered
and aent there today by health author!
tlea and now tha commissioners are
considering placing an armed guard
over the premlaea to maintain a strict
quarantine. Thla brings the total
number of smallpox caaea discovered
In thla city during the paat flaw weeka
up to about tO.
tween this city and Vancouver a Ue-
creaae over tbat of last year was
noticeable, while city traffic was
lighter than in 1912.
"Until 1 have the money ln hard
cash 1 will not be sure that we are to
be paid," said a Burnaby school
teacher yesterday in discussing the
possibility of receiving from the municipality the five months' salary yet
unpaid. The teachers have made several trips to the school board headquarters this week on the strength of
assurances given them *i' municipal
authorities and have so far been disappointed. It lg now stated that the
money is to be paid today sure.
Comptroller Wm.   Griffiths   is   responsible for this last promise.    He
said yesterday a further loan of $5000
is being arranged for and that this is
I to be used for salaries.
Stove Explodes.
Regina. Dec. 26.���At the residence of
R. Taylor, 1325 Osier street, a kitchen
range blew up thla afternoon, crashing through the doors in small pieces,
tearing the walls and floor up and setting flre to the houae. Martha Turn-
bull waa injured by tbe shock, several
flying pieces of Iron trom the stove
striking her In the back.
Interchange of Courtesies.
London, Dec. 26.���A notable Inter
chango of courtesies will take place
at Pe 'erborough In June next when
the I" ench ambassador to Great Brit-
-tin 'ill attend the unveiling of a me-
mor'.l 11 that city to the- French prisoners of war who died ln Norman
Cross prison between 1797 and 1814.
Ottawa, Dec. 2��.���November ban*
statement issued today shows a do
creaae ot five million ta demand deposits, an increase ot four millions
ln notice deposits and aeven millions
In depoelta outalde ot Canada. A
noteworthy feature la an Increase ot
twenty-nine mllllona In call loans outalde Canada aad a decreeae ot one
million In aueh loana to Canada. At
the same time current loana have decreased by thirty-two millions in Canada and by three mllllona outalde. -
It would appear that the with-
drawaia hr tha bank currant loans In
tbe Dominion waa simultaneous with
expanalon In call loana la' otber countries.
Bill   te  Change   Local   Improvement
Sonde to Be Dratted by City
.    TODAY.
Philadelphia, Dec. 26.���The garment
workers who have been on strike in
this ctty since July 16 were notified
at a mass meeting today that the
treaaury of their union waa empty
and no further atrlke benefits could
be paid. It waa decided to take a
vote tomorrow to determine whether
to return to work on Monday.
More than $76,000 haa been expanded by the atrlkera, It waa stated, alaee
th* beginning ot the trouble. Tha
only money remaining In the treasury laat week waa
Ing 67,600 hall for
connection with th* shooting ot aa
non-union worker.
In spite ot tha efforts ot th* federal department ot labor and a commit--
tee appointed by ttt* elty, tho mans-
fecturere hava refused to treat wltk
the strikers aa Sn organisation, declaring th* workers %m hava to deal
.with their former employer* IndtvM-
At a special meeting ot the council
yesterday tbe city aollcitor waa ln-
atructed to draft a private bill which
will be aubmltted to the coming legislative aeaalon at Victoria In reaped
to local improvement bonds still remaining unsold. It Is planned, owing
to the condition ot the money market
and the continued apathy ot the London Investor towards local Improvement bonds bearing 4 1-2 per cent Intereat, to have them raised by apeclal
act to bear 5 per cent
Owing to the intricate worklnga of
the Municipal act, a apeclal bill haa
to be prepared and preaented to the
provincial houae before the intereat on
aueh bonda can be raised. By preparing such a bill at aueh a time ths city
will be aaved eonaiderabie money
which haa to be paid ln order to ae-
cure legislation by private bill at a
time nearer to Uie opening ot the
legislative aaaembly.
Lexington, Ky., Dec. 26.���Word waa
received here today from Ptnevllle,
Ky., that Solomon Jackson aad Tate
Soudera ot that city, fought a peculiar
duel there yeaterday tn which both
were hilled- Teh men had had! aomei,,. ot tt, ��,�����_�� ta aaaured.
trouble over a lawault and tt waa aur *** M W P^!^Z *mm*
toated that they claap their left handsi| T^M g^ **mt.r M|W<-
They All Looked at Him.
Los Angeles, Dec. 26.���Sheriff W. A.
Hammei waa forced to call for the assistance of a squad of mounted police and a platoon ot patrolmen to
ralae the siege of the county jail by
sensation seekers today before he
could take the confessed train bandit
and murderer. John Boetick to the
scene of the Sunset express robbery
at Bl Monte. Hammei desired to have
the prisoner go over in detail hia operations on the train on Dec 1,
which culminated in-the murder of
Horace Montague, a travelling passenger agent
blazoned label which denoted Christmas in brand and quality, just glowed
to fahrenhelt when he went the
rounds of the nigh empty tables yesterday  morning.
They Came Early.
Starting at 9 o'clock Thursday morning the children b^gan to gather at
every fire  hall  in  the city  where a.
Christmas  tree  was  perched on  top
of tables loaded with food of all descriptions.    Talk  about the days of
the Ol-^jwimmin' hole.   It had nothing
on the flre hall celebrations. Parenta
well  fitted to provide tor  an enterr-
Itainment of their own. brought their
I offspring along just to view th? do-
jlngs and by their countenances, felt
iust aa well pleased as It they themselves were those who helped. Mhyor
and Mrs. Gray made the rounds, tuU
of appreciation of the work carried out
by the firemen.
The affair ended at 4 o'clock ln the
afternoon,  although  there  Is  still  a
quantity  of  candies   and   cakes   left
which  will be sent to families who
are sure to appreciate them.
To Squar* Away.
While  the  work of providing 'he
fare was over Christmas evening, the
same cannot apply to that of Joe Hall.
He was plugging along all yesterday
working on the books   which   kept
track    of    everything taken  la and
everything sent out   Me will
a statement which will account
hla stewardship.
In the meantime Fire Chief
on behalf of the department publicly
thanks all those who sent donations
and aaaiated in the great woVk of
providing a merry Chrlatmaa for New
Westminster's needy.
"Starvation Doctor" Jailed.
Seattle. Dec. 26.���Mra. Linda Bur-
field Haaaard, the so-called "starvation
doctor" left Uto today tor Walla
Walla where tomorrow ahe will enter
the atate penitentiary to begin serving
a sentence of from two to twenty
years Imposed by the Kitsap ,county
superior court, where ahe waa cot lct-
ed of manslaughter tor having cauaed
the death by starvation ot Mlaa Claire
Williamson, a wealthy Engllah woman. Mra. Haxxard'a friends aaid they
would begin circulating a petition Immediately aaking executive clemency.
Ready-Made Farma.
Frederlcton. N.&. Dec M.���The
ready-made farm Ida* which haa beea
in force for a abort time by tha provincial government ia ahowlag aatis-
factory results trom *v*ry staadpotat
Over 110 tamlllea have bees disposed
ot to mak* a profit on their Inveat
ment With reasonable sttrntt tha -sue-
aad with a pistol In the right hand ot
each, shoot It out Standing hand ta
hand they hilled ench other.
To Talk Freight Rata*.
Ottawa, Dec 26.���Hon. a B. V-neter*
tnlBkter mt trade and oommerea, loft
.for London to attend tta
anting ot th* Dominion trad*
Bimoatoa.Oae. R-Mlaatag tk*e>.
proaeh to toe brtdgaeroealag the river   .��r m
at Fort Saakatebewea. three mea to
therlver below.   Two
.. !! .   ,L"!__r �������>�����   H�� ��*��eeta to retain ta Ot*-
applied to furnish teWE a* thai weak ot Nmavy.  ��*
flvo men haid in amuo. ��� u, ^mi trade tasaMas
i* shooting ot aa **lag conducted hy tha eflaaajsMB
hy tha ct-mS******
m% ******** mt mmtm* *rmt**tt ****** t*
-   ��� m-*���+**���*
Owtta, Aha tram Montana.
Toronto, Dec. 26.���Sir William I
kenale announced Umlght that th* .-
laat aplke Irf connection with tk* linking of the ralla on the C. N. R. aya-
tom between Toronto and the T allow
Head paaa, which la to ba known as
the Canadian Northern North Shaw
to weatern Canada would be drive*
after tha curtain la runs
down as Mil.
"Accord-ins to the lateat advt**a
from contractors," aald Sir Wl-ttaaa,
'ther* la every ladlentton that ttm
ceremony win be performed dnrtac
the tint weak mt January. Tha event,
to b* stare-, would be vastly tmportash
ta railway elrclea by reason ot ths
tact thai It will he another gnat saM*
Mailing Hah between tha east sst th* -
vary badly hurt aad It la Oaarad
ars broke*. Th* two ���*<*.
tatand ara J. H. OaiUaas nnd
S5ST  T*e thW man. Fred
QaodfaUow. dri-rtac tha eer. '
*M*m*^^P   ^s^^S   m^^^m   wp^v  ^^^* m  -SOT   w^^w. ^^^n^^
m�� iLi
I'tPi'- ,**^^Hj**1
y^-w*- sj�� ___.~ ____��'_-__-*��� **..
tana. * ***-$��� t*m*-m******
-**���-****>***mssti^^*^^������r*���t*----------- ... -te-.-x'
\^_^_t_m__m. ���_�� AIM__B^____.
STlEiu aT*\\*T9_m**s**%
��� ___!   *fc^   *m___^____m   &
'���**��*     ''
4*      v
# *���
������<�����������!'j ,4i.t<egr'
I*   V.'itV*
���.'���"J-���.-;___"' PAGE   TWO
SATUIiDAY,  DECEMBER,  27,  1913.
������ %*____
An indsfSitasal morning paper denoted to the ivitr sts of .Veto Westminster nnd
tkt Fraser Valley. Published every momiao exeept 8vndav by the national Printnuj
���nd Publishing Company, Limited, at 6. MoKtmsis Street, New Wsstmlnstsr, liritish
Oc.-'*li'i<-. ROUR  SUTHERLAND,  ilunaying  Director.
All communications should bt sddeessed to The iiew Wsstmlnstsr Nstos, tiiid net
to indirniiirl members nt the staff. Chenncs. drafts, imd mon.y orders should bt made
payable te  The Nutionui Printlntj and  Publishing Oompanv, Limited.
TBLBPBONSB���Butlnut Office tnd Manager, DUD; Editorial Room* lull depart-
msats), iiiii.
SUBSCRIPTION RATHS���Ru oorrisr, Sl per year. Jl for three months. 40c per
Him^      11:,-  until. I_ per year, Zse per month.
Ani'litil I81NQ  RATHS M ��� i.jilfrutian.
We folks in Canada sometimes arc inclined to throw
out our chests and elevate our nasal organs when we talk
of the great tilings we are doing, and at present, the great
things we arc planning in regard to port works in preparation for ihe opening of the Panama canal. Of course, nobody begrudges us a reasonable assortment of pride in our
accomplishments and projects, but it takes a little starch
out of our pomposity when we pick up a paper and read
that Holland, a little two-by-four postage stamp on the
map of Europe, not one-three hundredth the size of thisl^r'^n
Dominion, is planning to drain the Zuyder Zee to get more'
land to build industries on. | Manitoba
Not satisfied with having stolen a lot of Father Nep- Alberta. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.
tune's stamping ground already and with having dredged, j Quebec   '.
drained, built and wrestled a nation and prosperity out of saskatch< van 	
a section of this terrestrial ball that originally was in-h^v^scotia".'.'.'.'.'.'.
tended to be a summer resort for fish, the Dutch are going New Bnma-wick
after more territory for industrial purposes.    Needing ''ri:r ' Edward !alan
more country and not being in a position to annex any
of thoir neighbor's back yards, the subjects of Queen Wil-
helmina are planning another raid on the sea and this time
it has been practically decided that the old, historical Zuyder Zee must give place to farms, city streets and factory
chimneys.   This stretch of water was in days long gone
by a prosperous agricultural district, but the ocean was
too strong for the people then and wrested their fields
from them.   The Dutchman's grip, however, is hard to
break and donw through the centuries he has cherished
the idea of some time reclaiming the area stolen from him.
There have been larger reclamation works projected than
Ti n j. ar ������...., 11 tween ten and twelve
million dozon were export! *l to Gn
land mni i'u vioua to 1900 evi n gi a1
��� p quantll es w< re Bhipp .1 annu illy
tn the I ni* il St.,;, i. 'I li,* following
i bl -:.i Lhe expoits and Impoiti
: :*..*.    1900,
Exports.       Imports.
Dozen. Dozen.
'.i'i..i      10,187,906        709,829
1801       11,863,064 '.iM.Tir,
Ilil!-.      11���636,064 722,672
1903         7,404,100 659,236
1904         5,780,816        972,242
1901     3,601,427        306,567
111011         _,:i_1.7_.-,        462,669
1907         2,591.206 661,104
1908        1,365,890     1,149,986
1909            552,860      1,136,120
1910           160,650        884,073
1911             92,164     2,378,640
1912            208,231      7.677,828
1913           126,854    13,240,11}
A tew eggs in., iiiii exported nml
sven at times when the export was
greatest a considerable quantity wbb
Imported. This Is accounted for by tb ���
nature of the country. The martltmel
pri vtnees Btiil export a few eggB while I
British Columbia has always been an
Importing province.
It is of ini   list ti) note that lhi' lm-
porta have practically doubled    each
year, during the pasl four yiars.   The
following table ahows tbe Imports liy
provinces during tii.. fiscal year ending March Hist. 1913.
Imports of prss into Canada  from
United   States  during  the   fiscal
g   March   111,   1913:
British Columbia    5.629,414
..  2,664,326
..   1,954,110
. .   1.7-4(121!
..     S12.-J01
..      188,778
1,9! I'
Banks Falling in Line.
Washington,    I ioru   thnn
8 ��������� path pal banks   and    * .   ��� :
panies I:*, re   ��� iplli ���!  *  r  m   ul i
in  ilu*    I, il. ral    *..  ��� *..   ���    system    of
ii mh i, acci rdlug to a.: un ������  *   I     tl
in.ite made hy troasurj  >: .   i
The Man She
Met Abroad
He Was Not Acceptable
to Her Father
Total     ���
F.cacon fer Shortage.
From :li ' Mme that mixed farming
became **.��� neral in tli    central Btates
thc United States' egg crop has been I
thle to keep pace  wiih the demand]
iml    i retofore   whsn   there   was    a
rhortsge  in  Canada, eggs have been
available  on   the  Chicago  and  ntiier
largo v. stern markets.   Tills winter,
liowover,  Increased    consumption  on
tho pai; of t'ie Americans themselves
"nl   Uircugh   a   slightly   smaller   eggl
crop  this   year,  the   usual   surplus   is j
not available.    In recent years the Canadian storage crop was sufficient tol
meet the demand until the middle of*
December or a little later.    After that
ed to sup-
this one, but the job is a big one for a countrv the size of I American eggs were import
-._   ,,       i -i    ��� ������_.-_.  _.1 i -._.       Ply t'ie shortage.
Holland and. in comparison with the port works contetn- \   i��� actual receipts possibly
plated and under construction in Canada, sets this youngl&j^^JJE 'Z'Zum
land of immense wealth a shining example. -(extremely mild weather.
the Unit-1
ag to the
Iwinter   pro-
Judffine from what the Dutch have" done in the past l""',i"�� was phenomenally large with
iiuugiug xiuin nm'- wiv * ���.������.,- i corresponding falling otf in spring
and what thev are laying down tor the luture, tne casual production. This meant a short crop
observer is forced to the conclusion that had they owned:(*,$��*��MSLSfdSSt/SS<
thp Fraser if would have been a humming tresn water renter months. Tins accounts fur thej
** i fact that  the  price of eggs Is  higher I
port a Century 01* SO ago. iin the United States, and that there!
- Is little or no surplus for export    to1
Canada,    In fart, since the revision ofl
the tariff the United States is actually!
Paris. Fiance, Oct. 3. 19���.
Dearest Papa���1 have BomethltiB awfully
Important to tall you, It's tlie most Important thills In Ihs world, Now, do be
l_ooil und don't get upset. I know that
yuu have never cxpecti-d nie lo be married
nnd all lhat, snd you do expect that I'll
lie s good Mule glt-l and live with you and
mamma alwaya And sn t would If tho
linest. brightest, most Intelligent, hnnd-
niiuest fellow In the world hadn't come
nlong nml asked roe to be Ills wife. We
met Iriin in Switzerland, and he etinie here
wllh lift. Just think���he propoaed lo me
in lhe gardens "f the paince of Versailles!
Wasn't that too lovely for anything?
He l. obliged to return lo America on
lbe next steamer ami will go ut once to
you to ask fm ine. Ho wlll also lell you
all about himself, and I'm sure his ue-
i-uijiil vvill agree with mine. Oo be good
lo hlm for my sake.   Vour own loving
"Wli.it did I ever let her go over
tliere for to pick up some worthless
glo'io Imtter to coino down on me for
funds to keep hlm trnttlug? Something
awfully Important! I should think so!
1 luld lier ne.ther lo keep nil sueh
fellows away from her. But you can't
truxt n wotnun In such n matter. It
tabes a lather to Uo tbnt, 'Finest,
brightest, must Intelligent, hnudsom-
est.' What nre you going lo do with a
j^ltl iv lu> will nimble tn tbe first mtia-
tinbe wiued uuneutlty that looks nt
Mr. Wllrldge nfter this soliloquy
openeil a letter from his wife giving n
more roliprent nccniint nf lho man whu
wns cotiiing tu nsk for tbelr daughter
111' was an American, a young lawyer
whu bad ieiei:!l.i been admitted to the
bar anil was taking an outing liefore
net I Hug down tu |iriu-tlce Ills prufes.
slnn. This was the substance "f the
report. There were many details, but
none   of   the   things   sulci   seemed   lu
An Oregon magistrate is in jail for wife beating. Probably he was only showing offender^ along that line how-
he considered it should be done. Anyway he's in jail and
that's where he belongs.
Tbe provincial treasurer of Quebec reports that
Lower Canada's finances are in a healthy condition and
are not inocculated with the germ of galloping monetary
consumption which is at present epidemic throughout the
That students' riot at Barcelone, Spain, is only further proof that undergrads are the same the world over,
long on stirring up trouble and short on digging for knowledge.
Ludwig III,, King of Bavaria, successor to the mad
king. Otto, has had his pay envelope fattened to $1,350,000
which makes it worth his while to have waited thirty years
or so to fill a lunatic's shoes.
* The police have raided an anarchist bomb factorv in
Caletitta. Now there's a nice lil tie argument for'the
Hir.'] : i ' . ::; thei : ""..paign to be admitted as progressive Canadian citizens.
Sir Thomas Lipton war--, arrested and fined thc other
day for speeding in his automobile. If he can get going
at-th^t rate in the coming race for the America's cup he
should land the pewter.
importing, over 8,000 cases of foreign]
eggs having been received in N'ew,
Vork alone during the week ending
November 29th, It is expected that i
���lie availability of foreign eggs fori
both t'.ie United States and Canada,
will have the effect of averting a seri-1
ouk shortage and of reducing materially the price to the consumer.
Another point and one. that Bhould
not ii" overlooked before dwelling up-.
on the great opportunity thai exists
for tho Canadian producer at thej
pn ��� .ii time, is the tact that Canadian
.'-��� fts inarki ted at the period of
high production are far from being of
the high quality that, one would ex-
From Information in the possession
il th ��� livestock branch, lt is estimated
���'Kir in ti,. summer time not over 33
pi :��� ��� 'ii!. of the eggs received in the
urge marketB grade "select." About
1 per .*��� :���!. grade "stale," approximately IT per cent, "very stale," 6
-.er cent, "dirty" and "broken," and 5
���ii r cent, "bad." Some dealers .tate
ihat as high bb I'J to 12 per cent, of
heir receipts prove, upon examlna-
lon, to be wholly unfit for tood. This
'after Is a feature thai those who
-.ritlclse tho present high pri ���> a do
���nt !*ii*rn to have taki a Into consideration,
In conclusion, it is evidenl that the
most salii nt feature of the whole queation is the golden opportunity for the
farmers and others to increase tbelr
poultry plants and take advantage of
th ��� h eli   prices  prevailing for poullr.
nui   poultry products.
Every farmer should  ki ep at least
ine hundred hens. Tho amount of
labor entailed Is not great, and wilh
rearonable success the revenue obtainable  ther, from,   in   proportion   to
:apltal Invested, is greater and more
eadilv available than from any other
The Berlin physicians have taken up the subject of the Ibrftncn ot farm work
Friedmann consumption cure one more.  Friedmann mav
not he a whale of a doctor, but you've got (ogive him credit
for t'i!'   tuff that wins ball games, nerve.
Canadian Eggs sn
of Shortage
t Hi * f.  ry gri
cuatfon on the high cost of living and
racent housewives boycott ol eggs,
tha tolttTlng figures and conclusion:
ilra wn ^^^^
men",  i.r  ugri
inten ���.���l'.!>y.*U
'-       The Canadian Egj Trade.
Th-p live i tock  I ranch t f mc
minion department of agrlcti :,::-:��� han]
lioen cnrF.RTd for nine montha in e:i
Dozen. Dozen,
Tol'.   pri tluctl  n 84,13-4 -m 123,002 I".'
I Ixi   -   ol   egg.i.   11,363,064 92,164
:���  p :      of eggs      961,745     2,378,640
_     . ,        ,        ,   Ti t.   ���   ns imp ' i 73.723 183 126,288.601!
Dominion   i.e;---. 1    ...    .��� .. ,   ,,:, . 13.72 17.39
ire  p.i ttefllarly,    , ,        ,,,,.,,,
������ |     It  mav le -.luted lhal Hie inere*:.*".!
com u-mptli i   p r cap ta   In tween  the
v.*i l     and     1911   amounts   to
n   , ���;    '  ur do:  n     'i his  Increase  is
nrt   by  any   means  confined   to  the
the    Canadia i    ei g
Invi rlig-atlS	
At  this i .."   when  the suhj ol  i f
tf-.Y.   Is   I * ::-.-*   iii- :" ii-*' ll   B '   fri . 1',    I v
tho i'- ��� nnd i " public gen* rail * ll
may bc i ' ::.!'*������*. at I i cito some of t'i"
l ell' In, i  ai hfil   us   u   !i cult   i f
thin lmit.t'( nun to date.
The C-.et.-' f.t'en of Bnc.1 in Canada.Ict
Canadians arc Urge consumers <���''
i - *      i a-*,** * * , gem ral j  are eating
��� ��� ��������������� ihnn ever i   fi ro    In manj
t nui dli Irlcts, ii Is practtcaly Impos-
: : * cure l *    in eal .it certain
d  *���        of t in yenr.    Ai  Buch  I mi
i ��� are ui t ally ploui Iful and are u ed
i   * n lhe cities with the steadily In
li ���
..'��� ti
price of en at, even  though
��� l e high in proportli n, l ii
eg-rs a>:d ths c n   mp1 t : pi r i apil i
, r , ���;���   :.i I*.. ������������' ���       ������ ,      in uspai
1ng.       .**   u Ui wing  '��� ��� '���-  '������������i  give
peine  Id   ���   Of   lhe   r.t,   .     *..'ticj   ,���..::
in:1:" ���  .   '.* i :.-p ind'ni
Rolsl    ,i  i f fiimm.!,.!' i i     due
IU n !o lho Canadian I Ba ::.**ii
1901 19..
rm. of ".* i:.i.i.    B ''71 ::i.     7 ::*.*
Till*:.   '    ������������    18,0.10M   81 518,723
: ' that eggu are Rueli a wholer.oini
��� ��� l tiour ! hlng fc d, an l that thej
���; a i - .*: i-v,*d lu Buch a v irlety uf
* "i*i p'*ep ired with such little 11
bor, keeps them In oonatanl and eve:
"������ -i-iti.l.
Cansda   l.-npctte  Egg3.
��� ��� ��� agrlctiltural country, Ib
.iie*     i   I       : ip   :���!   , ��� 1 :���   i'.:r   I ��� ''"'  r.'ll
.   '.: ..:��� n. (: nada on.". exported e.-^g?.
'��� nttle, 0 ��� 26 Ame dean m inu
facturers during the past year have
had bn llghl hi mo : i t em In a moi I
oi   ble    tid       igreeal le way lhe evil
��� ui    .,*       ��� ii:   political co id I tlons
ii   il    li      .   ys  A.   vipers, vice pn sill     Oreal  Wi Btern S   ��� Itlna
tig i     in ,"\ nf Chicago, and
ol ��� -'��� in Francisco house
vho I In Seatt.o cn a trip i f Inspection
������'1 ii ��� ��� ,' I il tradi probably hae 11 ������.,
: ��� o hard ai any," p-.'d Mr. Alners
**l v.. ���* li. king ui i r tha boks of our
:oi i] ������* * *��� ,*i :'��� in Franclaoo r icently
md tliscot i *' 'i i'ii' although w - did
i bus'm ' f $192,000 in Mexico
thi *ii * Ian 1 ���-.* ii,*':co lasl year, this
year our Bales amounted to scarcely
i pi r con:. ci ihat total.
"< .*��� Bhipmi nta were largi ly uf bab-
ill and ther metals used In mlnln/i
uni i.ih' .* ii* ii hlm ry, and lho revo'u
. ���   in   : lie      lltlu rn   republic  ban rj
olutelv   |i    tlyrcd  the  mining Ipiltir-
'.-..   .'.'I ��� ��� *. i   r. bul conditions an
* i i,*:���*������ ��� ���!��� il thai we do n"t dan* I
h ;.', In ti ' i.-eT'i como.    Com-
on fcp of        i. *:i, tn w ir. wlilcli
��� .-' tirtillrd flu mt nts to Bu
**.;i* ',:��� Mi * lean revolution haa glv
a, th" "ii tal " onufacturera .* u   .* u
* 11 oi * * dlnglj  rloomy.
"l.'ni ettlfd tn .*   condlt'nns and the
e*      i :li   :���'.*'!   bav.   hm!   ...   ion ���
������!������- '    ���' * ; the trade   1 ti!  w,ih
tariff bil .rl the money lull out
���' lhe  v .     I h Od  for a decldi .1  Iin-
* in nt In I usiners conditions,'
M       ' i principal     pbjl rl     In
ml i * ; .. :,- to Inap cl tb new
'90 ���' ' pi    ' ��� n ��� i'd by h's cooioaiiy
1 'ii      *  ��� I ' ' the city, vot': in
��� - '��� '-i i it ,.i ::��� in oompletid.
tmike lhe fattier mora Inclined to lie
Sll I lulled wltll what meant tu him Hie
lo*s of :i daughter he loved so well.
A couple of weeks niter tbe receipt
of these letters Mr Wltrlilgc stepped
n I um r. I ibe t in In be usually took lu bis
bump iu tin- suburbs after business
liuurs lie was nut cousctous of being
followed by a young man who louk llie
Vileiint sent beside blm.
������II.nv il., you do, Mr \Vltrld��e?" said
the young man. wltli great cordiality
Tlie ul Ier looked up at hlm curious
ly. evidently nol remembering hlm.
"Anything recently frum Mrs. Wil
rl.l." nml Miss Elsie?"
"They're lu 1'iirls." was tlie brief re
"I'nrls l�� no attractive plneo fur in
lUi.s I I...i w�� ..hall nut ��ei I belli
In,me s'��-n '
"They're ruinlnjl on tlie ne\l slentn
��� Thnl musl he grntlfj Ing In J nil I
siipposi' ymi Hml ihm^ uiiine mlher
��� j.. 11 v" -
"I  llllil il verj 'lull hub ed "
"\ "ii   Inn .*   nu   nili.i. live   daughter.
Mi    \\ itli.I.e''
"Yes: r.'-i, 's n nln. girl "
"i -huiiii think yuu would feitr thnl
s"i i tii  fiiielgii i hups u nillil lull
In love �� 1th liia nml keep hei  I here."
v.". Mi WltrlilKi' "us full of III*
il iii-.luit s eiigngeiiii'lil innl reiul.v in
pour fiirili ins illssnllsfitelluu In huiiii*
sympathetic  listener,     lie  litis 1   ii"  re-
llieliihran, e  ul   IlilVIllg  seen   tills  .mull*.
mi"   before,   hilt   he  c I   Uol   lie  ux
peeled iu remember till his ditllgiiler's
lll'ipilllllllllll'I'H,     nml     his     eyeslulll.    as
Well   as   Ills   ii-elnory.   WIIS   hut   NI*I*V||I||
liiin iis Ii hml wben In- wus younger.
".'.Isle's   eligilgeil   In   till   Alnel'li'illi,"
tie -aid
' U-le   e-ieaied* '     The   s|ienUer   look-
cil   lis   If   lie   hail   received   it   lenlbli*
blow       III'  !l|.|le:ll'ell   III Colli I'lil   llimselt
t"**IIll lllllll lllll
"I'nnl ui ine!' Iie imsped.    "I - I hart
h" "
Mr    U'llrldue -tiiii.iseil   Ilmi   he  bail
Ptieulllltelell   ||    lllSllplHllllll'll   sulllll*    flit
hu dnil.lilei-
"ibu.   ynu   known   my   daughter
lOllg?" tie iMlieil
"Long! line dees md need In know
i uur dn tighter Ioiik In be nsHilred of
her llimllllilllilv wurtli."
"i.t me see. i remember your fnei
very well, bin I haven way of forgel
ting mimes.    Vou are" ���
"Tiel.els!'' cried Ilu' eunilnelor. Ami
both geutlemeu plunged lulu their
pockets, tin' younger neglecting tu re
ply tu tbo other's question When bis
ticket bad heen luken up lie said:
���Mr,  Wlti'ldge,  i i-unie-M that your
.'iiiuounceiiieut bas .'ilTeeled me terribly. 1 dread being alone Ilils evening
l don't know what I may do I wish
Jim wuuld dine with me and keep me
company till bedtime."
"My dear buy, cume home wltb me,
i am alone in a big bouse uud win ba
delighted to entertain you."
So the unfortunate suitor wenl bomo
wild Mr. Wltrldge. and tiie two sat
down togetber to dinner The cider
man had dined alone nearly every day
since his wilV ami daughter had gone
abroad, mul It was a great comfort to
liiin   tu   bnve   n   companion,     lie   was
mucb pleased at his guest's appearance
ami thought that If Elsie bad given
her heart tu such a man the pill would
nut have been su bard to swallow'.
Mr. Wltrldge regretted deeply that
Klsie had not thought proper lo listen
lu his suit.
"Iiiii she encourage ynu?" be nsked
"Klicournge me! That Is nut the
way tu put it. Had she not made this
trip abroad all would have been differ
"I don't doubt It I was opposed tu
her going, H's a mistake tu expose
girls to those broken down foreign fortune hunters and American globe tint
ters. If I hail my way Elsie wuuld
bare remained at bome. llut If you're
ever man led. young man. you'll lind
ihat your wife knows everything and
unt know nothing "
"i nnly ask tn see yuur daughter
once iu win ber nwny from this fellow, She loves mo and me only.
Doubtless sightseeing together abroad,
dawdling In picture galleries, boating
cu the Italian lakes with hlm, ha\e
made ber think that sbe bas found a
new love. As sunn ns she [jets awny
from bis Influence sho may very easily
be brougbl under mine."
"Vou dou't menu It!"
"1 ilu    i am perfectly confident thai
In the 1 ottmn of my heart she loves
tne and ine only."
"Well, young man." be sni.l reso
lulely. "if yuu wish to renew your ml
dresses tn my daughter wben shinnies home nil I bine lu s:iy Is Unit
you can count on nil the Influence I
line In this family���It's imt much, I
admit���to help yon. you're a gentle
man. every Inch uf yuu rd much
rnther have Elsie marry n man I've
seen nutl like���yes. 1 like ynu llrst rate
-than une I've never beard of beforo."
The guest reached across ihe table .
nml   fervently   pressed  the  speaker's
"What  are  you   going to do  in  thc
matter?" naked Mr. Wltrldge preaentlj
"I will meet your daughter at the
dock wben she binds nnd be guided by
"Hut  likely you'll  Ami thc other fel
low there too    lie's In America,    Elsie
wrote be wns In come over before lier
I've been expecting blm every duy to |
cume nnd nsk me for her "
"Leave nil Hint to me lie won't In
leffere wllb iny meeting Elsie. Any
one has n liL'lit to do thut."
���Hut are you sure you enn manage
It nil?"
"Vnu were not engaged when Elsie
went away, were you'f'
"Then why nre you so sure?"
"Simply because l.'Nie lines me. and
uo man on enrth can take her nwny
frum me unless temporarily. As I have
snld. she has been under other Influ
ernes: then, too, she Is very young."
"Tonng! I should think so! She
should be In the nursery Instead ot
traipsing around Europe, exposed I"
every Impoverished scamp wlio I'ouies
Hefore tlie evening wns over lhe
guest promised Unit If Ile should win
Elsie he would make bis home lu Hie
same street-nest door, If possible, to
tier former home-nnd Mr. Wltrldge,
under the genial Influence of n good
dinner, assured blm thnl be would
rnther hnve hiui fur a sou In Inn Hi.in
any mun living The guest wns press
e.| tu stny ull nlgbt; but. realizing thin
tils host ml.Ilt lu Hie morning he leas
genial, he declined uud returned to the
eity. '
Iii due lime  Mrs   Wltrhlge and  her   '
daughter   nrrived.    mid    her    father'. ;
dinner eompniilnn  met  them  nt  ibe
pier, II having been arranged between
I,.in nml Ihe old  gentleman  lhat  Hie
III I tCI   shulllll  keep ill,I  ul   Iiie  vv nv
*l'v e   nnt   * mir   fntlier,  mul   he  is
n I ni'." sail lhe young i inn
��� Vmi   ilmi I   menu   thet   he  his een
"How did vou ever do 117"
The lover tui,| ihe -Imi nn lhe Wll)
lo lhe lady's hume mni Imw Ile hml
llimle ii Irleii.l ..I Mi Wllihfgc nn.l >e
.'li eil his eoliselil Hint he should i ul
llie  i.Iher   fell.irt   ..III   Willi   the   luillel  i
promised assistance.
Sunn   nfter   her   nnivnl    Elsie    Wit    '
rhlge   Informed   her   father   Hint   ns   :i
iluilful daughter sin. wni\|d innrrj the
. mnn  uf  tils choice,     Mr,   I'm nswurih. ;
the accept I'd Bllltnr, called mid wns re   i
celved   by   nil   the   family   wilh   upen
iirius.     I'm-   sume   time   Mr    \\'ilrblge j
minle frequent ullimlolis to thai chap j
nis dn lighter met abroad, wouilei'lng ���
why  he llllil Uol  I'llllOll  In nsk  for her
mni Intimating tlmt ir he hml ilmm so |
lie  would   hnve  been   iieremptoiilv   re
ftiHi'il     Mrs. Wllxhlge nml bet ilmtgli   j
lei n| sueh limes mulutuliieil n ili-in'1  j
ullence,  ileelllillui In iIIhi'iihh llle mill   |
lei     The l-'ni usvvorlhs have heen mnr
rl"rt   Iwo  yenrs.   nml   Mr    IVIirlilf"   I
.mi Ignorant nf the way his eimsent
wi". gained to hi-, diiiitttiter's mnfi'lage
With the mnn sh el nlifuuil.
K*xaaBSEi'i-E-*��T. a_s_'-J-_.	
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��� I IMI II ������ IIW  I
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replace a broken lense.   We
can duplicate it from
the pieces
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a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
IO   pitts   jj
I'm (lie man vh
Uniformity into
I rame to Vancouvi i from the
ttargeM mill in the wiuld My
sole |ob is lo trsl HOI Al.
C.ANDARD products day
in sud day out. I Jo it ,
\* uk io wel! lli.it a pour Mile
ts impossible.
I iuil lest in my   laboratory llie chuicol ui ni lm 1 can
Killed by a Bomb.
lies Moines, la., Deo. 26, An 0X>
plosion of dynamite, which probably
fatally injured Boppronlo Johnson, a
negress, and her daughter aged 11
yi am, wrecked tho Johnson bome
yell 'rday.
proi nrr ol CanaOu'i bumper
wheal crop Then I make
bread Iroin ea>b Only when
delicious bread reiulls��� light,
white and velvety'--do I order
wheal like my samples, My
vigilant e never rclaxei.
1 he d -Ixious uniformity, of
ncvei varies.
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^t^n^ SATURDAY, OECEYBEP, 27, 1913.
AIHS   I'll.I.\ C   II.Mii'V. TEACIIKIt 'il
I't.on,im li*.   '.'i:i   ..miy   ML,   N.iW   West
l.ilnsl. I*.
ow in
the German Empire
Accountant. T"l. It. i.s. llmmi i. llur
p. il. Smith, w. j 'ii-- .i
Wor*   u.i I iinU-it    In    city    mil    outsld
points    111-IS   Wi'sunliiHl'-r   Truat   lliill
i houi   aii��.    P. o. Uox 607.
V/art of Employment ard  High Cot*:.* ..! Industrial protectionists bave lost
Of  Living  are  Causing   Much
Anxiety There,
Sllna    Kiu'in'' in.    Local    BiB,     eti   li
I., i i ��� ,...i.. every iii*-! umi tidn
'1 in, i-i. , .r iin- tn,..uh ll McLaughlin
prenldi nt IV C. Saunders, secretar]
p. 0  i "*��� tit. 	
ll * I'. 0 "f 1*"1H*< Of ll.' I>. of C mee
tm. first and thiol Ttnu -i.iv at H p. m
K i,r P Hall, lllKhth stre��t A Well
Gray, Rialted Ruler; P. II. Bmlth, Hue
r.-iui v.
���I. o fi It, N'O. ��'.(.- MBKTfi or
Bnt, eeoond. third mid fourth Wednei
,1-iy    In     *urii    montli    ai     8    p.  m
In   llie   M ���   Home.    H  J    Learn)
W J. Qrovea, n cretin *
ll. ...i.ii..nt.*i*p uf lodge In Bac llmm'
'*.,iiu-i nl Pourtb and Carnarvon -tr.-.i
I .. 1 I-' A MITT l.uDliK NO 17-TL
.- i .,- in- Ung of Amity lodge N
*.*.. 1 0. O. I'.. Is held every Mon '.��
r.Ulii ut �� o'eloob In OiM t ��� il.iw.r Hal
cornet Carnarvon ami Stxbtfa Btreet
vuttlni brethern eurillullv Invite*!
I-    i   M rrlthew. NU *. ft Vi  Bangste)
V   '..   W   0,  Coetham.  P.  (1 .  r ri
|. ��� .ii.     J. W   HsoOonald, final.
otal Mcretary.
v.- !���: ! ' BB -Pioneer Fun-ml Dlrsoto
in l I-..-IAimer, It! lln Agnts f.ret
apposlt   CerneglB Llhrary.
a   bowkij.  (SUCCfoaaoR to cen
i..   m  Hi i,  Ltd.)���Funeral director
Snd "il.i.liii.-ra. Parlon |0t OolnmM
eir-1.   New  Westminster.   Phone sa
nur Board of Trad* m, cla In the boar
room City Hull. *.* follows: Third BJr
day ,if '-.ii h in.miti. quarterly UMftin
on ihe third Priday of February, llaj
Auausl  and  Novembvi   til  8 pra.    Ar
i.i i! n. i. ���*. L'i'.. Thi bad ao d imdc
condition of the empire, the decline In
production and employment, and the
rise in prices and taxation are tht
leading topli a of t:n* newspapers Thi
r cent trade union demonttratlona,
which overfilled six balla holding 10,-
000 peraona, called attention to Lh_
first problem, while the preparations
'ror the new Borvants' Blck Inaurani
have brought up the subject ol taxei
and public burdens. Tbe household
lira, somewhat late Iii tlte day. have
despatched n petilton to the reichstag
tmplalnlng al having to pay aa much
aa fort) marks for Inauram where
they formerly paid eight or nine, (the
provlalon of the law that tha aervanl
; l�� to pay bur two thirds share o( the
1 premium canni t in mot I ca * be i n
forced). The householders complain
thai th pri i ilum Is fixed so high be
r m ... ilu. alch servant In addl'ton to
ttlng support and treatment, ia to
be allowed pockel money, and becauae
unmarried servants who bring Ini ml
Into tio- world BT8 io have the I *..
iit or the Insurance. 1 ha revolt a   . *
the insurance law ooplea In every do-
tall  tin*  antt-tnaurance agitation    In
The notion that the mlddl claai la
Bpeolally victimized by imp.-rial legis*
lation is dealt with by the reichstag
member, Professor Doorman, In The
Vosalache Zeltung Professor Doorman
li ilda that the "middle elat^ " In inr
tii-uiar the agricultural middle-class,
Ih the victim ofthe Import tariff. The
mlddle-clnes, he says, long let itself
he '.' nl bj the none by the protectionists, and long ewaUowed plausible
protectionist catchwords, Ilka "equal
protection for all branchea of producing life."    Hui  of late both agrarian
thiir bold over the middle-class, "The
devi h pn.on'., of tei hnlque and of
communications, wblch the greal cap
Itall i'"   Industries ar    bi sl  able  I t
11 xplolt have made II h irder rnr   ��� ���.,
and  roedlum-Blzcd    undi rtaklnga    to
compt ti . and hat s limit! I ihelr sphere
(of action    a. .*��� rei ill of protection-
lam  th    '   ti nd nt ;. i   have i n artl-
-    i. -   a i.i  to an i (traordlnary de
gn <��� Incri ssedl   bal  . i, bj  a  ;.* i.r..
.    '.   ;ii   .i     'ran: i.   ...       n*. -.*,   |. [|
*' **. oalled 'protection of the eoonom-
li ally -.. i ak '" Oen m in proi . * ��� n,
lays I', feasor Doorman. Ih noa being
raced with problema which n cannol
meet II in r,i-��-.j with the dilemma
>.r providing a tariff blgh enough to
prevt nl competition by Amei lean
trusts, and at th ��� same thne of pro-
i Iding a tariff low enough lo prevenl
trusts * ' .���'.���' ericas tj pe bi ng formi 1
al iii'ti.. Whal is to edt i in a public Inquiry Into the results of the
pn -it tai ff "ll I p 'obnble Lh I a
thorough and oblei tlie Inquiry *.. u *i
abow up very obj ctlonable stall ��� ���
the brilliant mlrrt r i r our wi 11 tried
���   Ifl policy"
Tbe l-okal-Anzelgcr, a ntwapapei
.- hit ii bnbltuall) defi nde all goi o
; it mi isures. publishes an ai I le
i a ".Nation 'i Wealth and Tax fi
aure," in which it admits thai In tin>
matter of publlc burdens Qeonanj la
dl tlnctly worss off than Ehigland,
The ('."rniati :- worse t rushed by
taxis for Beveral reaaona, One is
the larger average or Cbe Oerman
r.-.tmiv; a second the facl that in England much of thc taxation is borne
not illn ctly by the individual lut by
ni;.. iya, mines, and other industrial
organizations which in Oerman) belong who!!) or part) to the i tato. The
worst feature of Oerman taxation is,
however, nol It" absolute height but
tbe rapid way in which It ban been
nilod on or late. Oldtavea are not
fell   as are new. and  of   lair  teat   is
"thi  progreaeaion of the taxation bur-
������' n ia i*i   -at years,"
"In thia i intti *. -��� . the i-ok.'.i-
Anzeiger, "Oermany of b I yi a h
been much more unfavorably situated
than England and F"rance, It la
enough lo mention t:." years 1908,
Iti *' ai 'I 1913, in ordi r to ei tracl fri m
tha Ci rman taxpayi r a mild gi an I
can be stated with confidence that the
absolute Increaae of the t.*: burden
In Gl riiiany since ly'iii Is approximately from double to treble that of the
i:.'*r taee in Kngland and Prance. It la
therefore no matter of surprise that
the German public la showing a cer-
iiin tax-exhaustion, which may easily
lake sharp forma If the state of trade
Bhould get Btiil worse."
Tha Berliner Tageblatt accepts the
estimate that there are now Kn, io unemployed in tlii.i cily. "Tilings ' .ays
the Tageblatt, "arc tbe same all over
Hn* empire. Whoever looks about our
bulldlng-placea, factories, offices and
publlc businesses knows tbat often
work iB going on only at half power.
that   is, where it has not cased alto-
gathar, At the preaent moment, dismissals not only of ordinary workmen, but also or clerks and other employ es. are more numerous than
probably at any time In the past."
The VoBsisclte Zeltung deals with
the rise ill prices. The prices Of inns'
grain products have or late fallen off;
hut tbere is a more er lea general
ris.- ii: other producta. As corn-pared
with 1889-98, grain In 1912 had risen
__:* per cent.; other home produced
agricultural producta 17 per cent;
Foreign agrii ultural producta 34 per
cenl : animal producta 87 p r cent.:
textile producta ���>''. per cent and minerals 4i' per ccm. or individual rises
in price the highest an* thoae or veal,
>*'. per cut.; Jute, 111 per cent.; toll::-** .i '������, |"-r Cl tit. Of thi.-Iyi: 01
products only three tea, raw silk and
new tigai have fallen High prices
are aow being uaed by manufacturers
ag a reason lor addlnga p reentage to
the general  prices ott heir goodB.
Aa shown by the atatisttca c.r on-
. tnph ymeni the wave struck Oi * man)
fully a year ago, at a time when in
ether countries its ootnlng waa not
even   :,-i" * ti 'I.   During the ��������� I   li  oi
the   pn*-en;   year   t'i"   um in',.'. .    ;.. al
figures have I ���-, n abnormall) high;
higher  than  they  have  been    since
the iii,v crisis, and ln aoma dornt na
derably   higher.   Um mpl yi
1 *   .  al mt donble that ot  1912.
ut nal the    Biatter    11    being
ighi before i!i" public by meetings
oi prot st.   The main demand of outh
u.i ��� tiiij-H is that the empire shall ea-
tahllsh   unemployment   Inaurance.  On
ibis subject the Socialists have Introduced  a  new  interpretation  into the
i. lc istag;  but It is probable that the
government answer -..ill be again unfavorable.    The agitation  is not confined to Socialists.   At buBseldorf the
antl Socialist Christian-National Trade
unions  have  passed  a  resolution  demanding   imperial   unemployment   insurance.    The Oerman    Inter-Munlci-
| pal council   passed  a  similar  resolution.
The Berlin Trade Union commission
lately issued rigures showing that of
.the 806,000 members of forty-six unions which furnished statistics, 86,000,
or 8.1! per cent., were workings. If as
high a percentage obtains among all
the ono million Berlin1, worktera of
both aexea. the total of unemployed
would I ��� 68,000. The Berlin Metal
Worker.' union report 6,122 unemployed; the wood workers 4,255;
members of the different building
I trades, 2,898. The German building
'trades always suffered badly in winter, but In the present winter they
have  suffered  worse than  usual.
The Vorwaerts clainiB tbat the industrial reserve army, is, in fact, increasing. If that Is so, two factors
have combined to create the present
serious unemployment crisis. These
factors atp. firstly, the increase in
the unemployed reserve army which
lio'-s on from year to year, independt-
ly of the condition of trade; and see-
londly, the fact that thla year is mark-
; edly a depression year
The tax on amusements imposed on
the Berlin music halls and cinematograph theatres seems doomed to
failure. It Is found to have the ef-
fed of severely curtailing the receipts of thoBe places of entertain-
' in nt. All efforts to paaa the tax on
' to the- vipters have failed, and if the
i ix Id maintained nothing but faila-e
tacei a number of houses of amnse-
\ men:.
Tbe  r.inious   Circus   Busch,   for  instance, would havi  to pay a!i(*feit $42.-
81 0   for  the  winter season  In  taxes.
and Ita directors talked of closing Its
doors. Now, however, lhey appear to
be sanguine that the tax will either
be reduced or abolished, for they have
made the following announcement:
"'1 be directors have now decided
not to charge any tax to the public
lng the week-day performances.
This i.s done in anticipation that the
city authorities muet recognize that
the amusement tax. at Its present figure, la out of the question, and that it
will at an early dale either be re-
'.'uced or taken off altogether."
Spouse   of   Oregon    Want   Ad.    Wife
Hunter  Isn't Going to  Let
Him   Go   Easily.
Kuterprise,  Ore.,  Dec.  24.--Francis
M. Ohormley, who gained much nolor-
| iety by advertising in the press for a
: wife several weeks ago, wiii not marry
| the "veritable Venus" he discovered
|in  Spokane "in  about three weeks,"
as he stated to a newspaper reporter.
���Mr. Ohormley ��il lhave a hard fight
In-fore be is free to marry anybody,
for his wife has started a sensational
suit against him inthe Walolwa county  court.    Mb  son-in-law  is  attorney
: for Mrs. Ohormley.
The wife of tbe Troy school teacher
j who clainiB to have bad more than 40
. applicants  for  his  hand  in  marriage
! while in Spokane charges that instead
I of "having been a widower for many
[years," as Mr. Ghormley is quotej as
! saying be was when in Spokane, he is
not a widower at all, but a thoroughly
married    man and the lather of nine
grown children.
Separated in August.
Mrs. Ghormley states that she and
Mr.  Ghormley lived  together as htt_-
iband and wife until August 9, Wi:i.
when tbey sold their homestead and,
I having no place to live, .in*,   went to
Portland to live with a married daughter until Mr. Ohormley conld Mud a
home for her. Tbat instead of trying to rind a home he advertised in
the papers for a wife and visited various places to inspect- the "physical
charms" of the many applicants. That
after hiB visit to Spokane, where he
found a "ver'Uabl? Venus" whom ho
announced he would marry within
three weeks, "as soon og he transacted some business in Oregon-." he telephoned to Mrs. Ghormley at Portland
to meet him In Walla Walla and promised "to behave himself and be a true
husband to her." That she went to
Walla Walla, "relying on the promise
made hy UAephone" and met Mr.
Ghormley at the home of a married
daughter and that they resumed marital relation and lived together as man
and wife for one day.
Step Aside?.   No.
Then, Mrs. Ghormley says, her husband told her of the charms iie bad
met at, Spokane and told ber thai if
f'.is woman came to Walla Walla tii
marry him. as she had promised to
do, that she (Mra. Ghormley I wou'd
"have to su p aalda."
The charges of Mrs. Ghornil-'T are
contained In several typewritten pages
filed by her son-in-law, C. K. Cochran,
of Portland, who Is her attorney. Mrs.
Ohormley, who is 88 years old and al-
legt 'hut. Mr. Ghormley is the si mo
age. filed the charges In an answer
to in r husband's suit for divorce wiucli
he recently  began  here.     Sbe a?V.s a
divorce, $2110 as maintenance and $1.-
000 from the proceeds of the paie cf
their homestead. She alleges that the
homestead -was sold for $4.0"0 without any cash payment and that her
husband took a mortgage on the land
for |8,000 and gave her an unsecured
note for $1,000 as* her share. Sho
claims that the homestead wa.*. obtained by her, as she had lived upon
it and compiled with the requirements of the law while her husband
followed his vocation of teacher in
various schools.
The "veritable Venus" whom Mr.
Ghormley met in Spokane anil announced that he would marry is mentioned half a dozen times in th. an-
BWer and cross-complaint.
nu.,1  meetings o
K'-lTiiary.   ti.   H.
a on  the  third   IrM-iy  c
Htuiirt   Waiiii.   se.ii*
Hub* I ii-.*. It. llntini*** l-etterH. etc.; clr
culm ivnrlt spsctajlst All work utrl.tl:
confidential. II Harry, room 41! Wratl
mlnater TriiHt Blk.    Pliuna 108.
rt-a.-ii-. Sullrliers. etc.    <1 I-orw Strew
N*tv   Weatmlnster.     O.   K.  Cnrtiould.   E     "
�����'     J    ll   Grant.     A    fa   MeColl.
al-li.w. Solicitor, ile. Solid or fur lie
li.ii.1, i.r Vancouver. Offloe*: Mer
ChaiflS H-11.ll lliillilliiK. N'-w W.-almlna
t.r B.C Telephone No, 1071) CaMi
addreaa    "Johnston."    Code    wsatera !
tv    V    It W'srnP.ri.   BARRISTER,   so*
tlcltor  etc., Colllster Block, eorwr Col 1
uriii.ii  .ie1 MeK'nil. it reels, Now Winl
minster.   B.C,    P.   O   Boa  :*5     WU
phone 344.   I
���Id,- ��� .Barristers and Solld'ora, Kw
mlnater Truat RtU.. t'olumlita utrae
N.w Wiaimlnaler, 11 c. OiM- eddraa .
"WImu-��1>1i." W.atcrn Ufilon. P. ( |
lir:,,-.- r 200. Telephon. �����. W, . 1
WhlleaMa, K. C.; H. I_ E>lmon.l5. T i
j   srii.wt-ti.i. ci.UTK. Barrtstar-at'tas
solicitor,   etc ;   oorner    Ooluinbla    an
M,-K.-nrle    alrp,'ta.     Ni'W     W,-��tlnkl^���.���i.
B  1:   P. O  lki��  112    Trlapboaa  7t.
J    P    HAMPTON    li.it.ir. BARRISTm
Sen-imr   and    Notary, pffloos     lla:
klock, II Lotos   atntct, M>-w Waal-mis
He,     U.   C
Mc��r.ki.iinc.   liAivriN    a   cassaui
IliirrlHlera ���nil Sollclmra. t,ni lu (I
W.nlinliialer Trust Illock II. K. Mar
lln. V.. I). McQuarrla uud Oaorg. 1
8YNOP8I8   ur    COAI.   MINING   Rl
COAI. MININO rights of the Ooiolnlr
In Manitoba, Saakalchawan ami Albert-
lha Ti��ion Tosrllory. (he Hnr1hwe��l T**
rllorh-a and In �� portion ot In* Provdne
-of Britiah Columbia, may bo iMaM for 1
l.-rm of twaJitr-one y^ar�� at an ��n;u��
rental of II an acre. Nbl more than til
acrra will be leaaed lo one applicant-
Application for a lease mnal b�� ma��
hy the applicant In person 10 lhe A��-*ir
or Suh- Agent of the alatrlct In trhleh ir
rlahia applied tor are altiiated
In aurvered terrllory th' l��n* "V^. *
d��wc��ll>ed br aectlona o�� legal aub-dlv
���Ions or aectlona. and I" >inaur\-eyed tie
rHorv the tiaet apr-''"! for "nail 1
Mak-'. out Oy lhe aprtleanl hlmaalf.
���Kti-_h ���' utlrellnn must he aeonrnpanla
by a fe- of l'i wh'oh will he refunded I
tbe rt.-.iU nppMe-1 for ara not avallaM<
*ut nd oih��mi��a. A royalty ahall J
nald on 'li* marehanublo output of tti
mine al lh* rato of flv* cants pav ten.
Tb* pormin operating lha mtn* ahs
riimlah the Agent with sworn return
accounting for tb* full auanllty of mar
chanti'Me ooal mined and pay lha ro?
ntry ih-reon. If lhe eoal mining rtghl
are not Ih Iuw operated aueh returns shout
be furnlaheJ at leaal ono* a y*ar.
The leas* wlll Include the coal mln In
rlghl* only, hul the l*n*"e wlll be pei
mltted lo purchase whatever avallaM
aurfnre rlohla may be nosldaiea m-eef
��� iry for the working of the mln* sl tf.
rate of 110 an acre
For full Information application shout
���he mnde to lh* 8oor*lary of the Depar
menl  of th* Interior, Ottawa, er to aa
Agenl or Sub-Agent of Dominion I-an*
W. W  OOI.T.
Deputy Mlnliler of th* Interior
N. B.���Unauthorised iniblloailon of Uu
adveitlaenieni wlll not b* -paid for.
-P.O. Box 14 Dally News Bid-*,
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Ballafnctlno ���uaraolmd
It McKensle Bt
1..R.A.M., A.R.C.M.
Ueasooa In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing-
Ion, Voice Production. Theory (In
claaa or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Mualoal For* nnd History.
Puplla prepared tor the exsmlnn.
tlona ot the Aaeoelsted Bonrd ot the
Royal Academy ol Mnsle and Boys!
College of Muale. Also Protesalonal
Diplomas. Tenoher or f��rtoWJ��t^..
Wr terms, etc. snplf II Dnwrln
Street.  Phone 4MB.
London  Tango Crai-y  and   Its Teachers Are Rapidly Amassing  Wealth.
��� *mM***sK9ts���.y*msmsm*m**i^mmmmtsm****m*^^
"New Westminster," "Quebec," "Alberta,"
"Ontario," "British Empire," "McGill," "Ireland," "Manitoba," "U.S.A." "Prince Edward
Island," "Canada."
Bring 20c and three coupons
and secure one of these
Handsome Pennants
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons and twenty cents to The News office
and receive one of the beautiful Westminster Pennants. In case you are not
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one month's subscription and 20 cents for pennant. Address all mail orders to The News, New Westminster, B.C. Enclose
5c. extra for mailing.
London, Dec. 24.���Teaclmra of the
tango are dancing tht-mselvf's Into affluence. This extraordinary dancing
ania that has burst on Condon without warning; or reason is ri sponsible
for liftin certain men and women
trom obscurity and a modest livelihood hue. incomes of 176,080 a year.
In fact the tanro craze in London is
a better paying institution than is
baseball in America.
The rush to become tango teachers
is like a rush to a suddenly discovered gold field. Bank clerks, comedians,
musicians, chorus girls, students are
some ot the diverse types of gold-
teekers suddenly brought together
into this new profession, which has
heen created by the imilativ eness ot
Society "discovered" the tango yeara
after its firm establishment as a popular dance in other parts of the
world, lt raged in Paris three years
ago and has been an institution in
South America for a generation, but
Lodon Is now smitten with it as by
an epidemic, and will shortly dance
itself tired ct" the very name of it.
If you walk down Shaftesbury avenue any afternoon you will see a long
line of women waiting eagerly at a
certain theatre in the hope of having
an Interview with two tango experts
who pause there for a few minutes, ln
their whirlwind round of "tango" teas,
to give one or two dances on the stage.
Every woman wants to book them
for a private exhibition at her bouse
or to arrange for lessons.
If every day had twice twentjr-four
hours tbls tango-tired couple could
not fulfil all tbe engagements offered
them, nor dance at half the houses
wbera cheques of from ten to twenty
guineas can be had In change for m
fifteen-minute visit They practically
live in a motor-car, dashing from a
hotel to a matinee tea, and then to
two or three crowded West End mansions, and then to a couple of dinner
engagements, and tben to aome of Htm
restaurants tor sapper.
They have no Ume to eat, and very
little time to aleap. They make a flying trip to a aeaslde town, dance for ,
an hour and receive $280. In one day
they "tango in a doaen different
parte of London. Their services are
In demand from the luncheon hiue'un-
tll tbe laat patrons ot tbe all-night
clnbs are ready tor bed.
Every dance adda so many guineas
to tbelr Income-   The time   betwetnj-
publlc engagements la taken np wltk
lessons for which they charge Asar  ���
guineas an hour.   Fifteen mlnutea tui- ,���
tion ooata a guinea.   Tbey ara Ured,
beyond dtacriptlon when the day an*
night round ta finished, but at the
end of every week they hayw uatteo
at leaat $1300 and ao they an willing to keep on dancing aa long aa
their teat can keep tltae to the muale.
Many other profeslonal "tangoUU"
make tar leea, but t$M * week la C'; ���'
fair average tor even tke leaver ettrt
who seek public engagMMOta.   Now
they are flocking to London froa Puto
and other continental cttlee, wkero
the tango la almost aa deed aa ragtime, aad the Invasion ot nal r	
American dancers ta boglnalag.
���-.   ���..*        .-v....
m-ttmm,*   Sn%SW.-:
\V3-V$.   /*'
tSf-t\r ���sn am
,..-,*.._���.���-. ���-��� MRMMM ���
We Heartily
Thank the
Public for Their
During the
Past Year,
and Desire to
Express Our
by Extending
Our Kindest
Greetings and
Good Wishes
Dominion Trust
Open Evenings from, 7 to 9.
A plate of hot Soup is very ac-
ceptable during il.mip nnd cold {
weather.. We bnve them all prepared ami ready for use at a
moment's notice. Always keep
a tew tins or packages on your
pantry Bhelf. They are nut
very expensive.
Campbell's Soups, a full aa-
Bortment,  -  tins   25c.
VNiie.inips Soups, _ tins . .. ,25c.
Aylmer Chloken,  the  finest
'or its kind   20c. and 25c.
Clark's Chicken Soup,  larste
tin    20c.
Clark's Soups, assorted, tin. ,23c.
Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup
tin   121/20., 2'Dc.
I-', ster    (*    Clark's    Tomato
Soup  Powder,  tin    25c.
Edward's Soup Powder, tin. 15c.
Edwards' Soup Powder, pkg. 5c.
Magi Soup Powder . 5c. and 10e.
Sym Bgton's   Soup   Powders
'at    5c.   and   12' _,c.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 10012.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Greater \Vestmmster
Christmas Carols.
A Christinas carol service will be
held in Holy Tn.iity cathedral ami
Sl. .Mary's Anglican chureh, Sapperton, on Sunday evening next. The
ebolr of St. Mary's will render special
anthems, "Arise, Shine; for Thy Light
ls Come" and llnrnett's setting of the
Magnificat and (Juno DlmltUs,
Rock Cod and Tommy Cod lUc pel-
lb. al lhe B. _. M. Fish Market, 10
Begble street. I1!67SI
Going, Going, Gone.
Thc Coquitlam municipal council
will meet Tor the last time during
IMS on Wednesday. December 81.
final arrangementa for the election
in January will then be made
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
Insurance mnn. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pny losses.
the burned church at Maillardville
will probably not be started for some
time as yet Nothing has been decided locally and Father Garon i..
awaiting a conference with the bishop
ou the subject if rebuilding. The
moving picture theatre has heen
leased by ihe congregation until
spring. Tlie hell of the chureh. whieh
was rescued from Ihe ruins after the
flre, has been creeled on a Staging
outside the iheatre building.
Money lo loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property. 1'
per cent.    Alfred Vi. Mcl.eod.    l__24i
1 and Persona
Burquitlam  Meeting.
A. meeting of   the directorate of the
Burqultlam Agroculturala. .ita	
Burquitlam Agricultural society    will
be held in the    Burqultlam    agricultural hall, Austin road. Monday niRlit. j
The affairs of Ihe city  for the year
will be settled up.
Special   for  Saturday.   Rabbits  2ac
each.   B. & M. Pish Market. 10 Begbie '
street. I2G7S
Chief Constable Improves.
Senior Constable Stephenson, in
charge of the provincial police in this
c'ty, is expected back from Nanaimo.
His falher David Stephenson, chief of
provincial police for Nanaimo district
who he has been visiting, has now
..'really recovered his health. Chief
Stephenson suffered a nervous breakdown following the strike troubles on
the island.
The Uoyal Cafe, Dominion Trusl
block, has re-opened. Best of meals
at reasonable prices. (2534.
Another Special Meeting.
A special meeting of the burnaby
council will be beld at the municipal
hall this morning at 10 o'clock for the
purpose of giving the Burnaby by-
potbloation bylaw No. -.' its third reading, lt is possible that a further report will be made by the representatives of the Toledo, Ohio, financial
house which is dickering lor tin- purchase of treasury certificati s amounting  to  {1,250,000.
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew H Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 586. (2B28)
No Election Campaign.
Tliere is small likelihood of nn election at Fraser Mills In January. The
only candidates in the field now are
the present members of the council,
and it is stated that there will he
none others out. The present council is composed of Reeve Dr Scott
and Councillors Charles, Brant. Cormack and Stewart. These nun were
elected by acclamation last year, obtaining the backing of the Canadian
Western Lumber company, which
owns a considerable portion of the
itcwnslte. Tbey are connected with
the company directly or indirectly now
aad are as^urid of its support.
Miss   Mary   Walsh,  of    Seattle.    Isi
Spending     the     holidays     With     hor
mother, Mrs. J. J. Walsh. 213 Second i
Councillor and Mrs. Walker, of Co-1
quitlam, entertained at thetr resi- j
dence on tlle North read, on Christ
mas eve. Following a sumptuous din- j
ner, dancing and cards were Indulged |
Ewart Henderson, son of Dr. .1. C.
Henderson, is at his home in Chilli
wack, from Columbian college, New
Miss Margaret Calblck, of the New
Westminster teaching staff, is enjoying her Christmas holidays with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. Calblck, Yah
road, and with other friends in Chilliwack.
Dr. and .Mrs. Doherty and Miss
Doherty, of New Westminster, were
New Westminster visiters at the
military dance, Chilliwack, Friday
Miss Minerva Smith, daughter of
Mr, W. Smith, Ni w Weatmlnater,
viMtid her uncle and aunt. Mr. and
Mrs. C. d. Smith, of Chilliwack, re-
Mis> Clare Street, of the New
Westminster teaching staff, is bome
wiih her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
L. Street. Robson strict. Chilliwack,
for tlle holidays.
Mr. and Mrs, W. Endicott, of New
Westminster, are spending the holidays wiib Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Barber,
Gore avenue, Chilliwack.
Following choir practice last nighl
at St. Andrew's Presbyterian church
refreshments were served and an informal social  hour spent
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
It's aU over for another year
and you had a u nty fair time
now, didn't you . We always
feel a certai- satisfaction at a
time like this, whi n by a delivery service second to none we
get your groceries to you on
time or by a quick telephone
and courteous clerk service we
make your holiday buying
pleaaantsr. Alto a stock of clean
up-to-the-minute Groceries that
to cook with and eat makes life
worth living.
We have enjoyed your trade
for 2110 days now of 1913. We
want it to continue for the remaining five days and then we
want you lo start In all over
again witli us the second day of
January. 1914,
Watch our ada for items of interest after tbe new year.
i Get your shales shatpened at Geo.
Speck's, 626 Columbia street.    (2525)
Mass in Theatre.
j The Christmas .services cf Ihe
Roman Catholics of Maillardville were
held in the moving    picture   theatre
'there on Thursday, The band was In
attendance and tliere vvas a large
turnout at all massif.. Rev. Falher
Garon   officiated.     The   rebuilding   of
"Get The Habit"
Watch Our Ad. for
Specials in the
Next  Few
Specials for Ctirislmas Time: ll\��� FqIT
lleinz's Mincemeat, per lb   25c.
Jap Oranges, large boxes   45c.
Sunklat Oranges, dozen . ,30c. and 40c
Mixed   Nuts,  all   kinds  and   fresh
per  Ib 25c.
Fresh Cape Cod Cranberries, 2 lbs. 35c
Table Raisins, per package  25c. j
Candies, Stockings, etc
616 Columbia St.,
New Westminster.
4? Rnlumbl*   At.
Phone  98 |
Now Is the Time
to buy Hot Water llottles. We
have them with a two and live
year guarantee.
11 e, mos Battles $1.50 up
We have a few lines of Fancy Boxes
Chocolates and Xmas Crackers to sell
Greatly Reduced j
Order your Xmas Crackers for par-;
t'.es now as we have only a few left.
Lit  tha  children   have    an    extra
treat   at   New   Vear   by   giving   (iieni j
anpther  Xmas  Storking,    (iur  prices
will   help  you  do  il.
Choice  Table  Butt  r.  .'!  lbs $1.00
Kancy New Zealand Butter, 2 lbs. 75c
Canned Contentment, In fruits "Mai-
kin's lii it" Peaches and Pears In " 1-2
lb. tins at per tin  35c.
Choice Pineapples, 3 tins 25c.
Cannt d  Tomatoes,  large tins, 2 for'
Jap Orang-s, box 40c. and 50c.
Navel Oranges, per dozen 25c. 35c.
and 50c;  smaller sizes, 20 for 25c.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
_urr Block C*iumfel* Street.
A fpiiet but pretty wedding took
place at Holy Trinity cathedral on
Christinas morning when Miss Delia
Hart, of this city, became the bride
of Herbert S. Atkins, of Ashcroft,
B.C. Immediately following tin* ceremony, which was performed by Canon
d'Easum, the party adjourned to lhe
Russell hotfl where the wedding
breakfast was served. Only the Immediate friends and relatives of the
contracting p:   ties wire present
The bride, who was attended by the
sister of the groom. Miss Edith Atkins, of Victoria, was attired in a
grey travelling suit with white hat to
match. Miss Atkins was gowned in
a blue broadcloth suit.
B. I.. Paddon supported the groom
as best man. The groom's gift to
the bride was a house and lot and
furniture at Ashcroft, together with
a beautiful set of furs; to. the bridesmaid diamond earrings; ti the b"St
man diamond stick pin. The couple
left on Thursday for flea:tie and
California and will return lal r to
Ashcroft where Mr. Atkins is in busl-
i ness.
HENDERSON-Word v.as received
in the city yesterday of the death by
drowning  of   William   Henderson,    a
i former resident uf this cil.. and fnr
fifteen years connected with the
waterworka department.    Death  took
j place at Victoria, Ihe body being discovered in the inner harbor on Wednesday afternoon.
Deceased was born in Draperstown,
county Derry, In land, aboul forty
years ago, coming 10 Toronto when
about twenty years old. In 1010 lu
was appointed waterworks superintendent here, BUCCeeding the lati
William Stott. Leaving here In lull
he went to Australia, afterwards re
turning to Victoria, where In wenl
into the livery business. Mr. Hender
son wan a prominent membi r of I.. (1.
I.. No. 1160 in this city, and during
bis residence here livid on M [ton
strut. A wife. Iwo aiateri . anil one
brother B'irvlve hi"*. A cousin, Koberl
Henderson, is a member oft the Uur
naby police force.
KERR-Thu death occurred on
Tuesday evening of Clarinda Stevenson, wife of John Kerr, B. C. E. R
agent at Chllllwack, at the honi" of
her pare;:'.*, V r. and Mrs. Robert
Stevenson 1 1' Sard's, following an Illness of four months, Deceased was
35 years old. She was married in July
last. The funeral will be held today
from the family residence, Interment
to be made in lbe Odd Fellows' cuine
tery, Sardis.
G1ANB.VTISTA The funeral wai
held yesterday afternoon ef Glanbat
Ista, aged "111 years, a native of Daly
who died at the Royal Columbian h03
pital on Thursday afternoon. Itov.
Father Heck officiated.
I.lTTI.EWOni) The burial lock
place yesterday afternoon rf the 1 itr-
Mrs. Anna Llttlnwood from the family
residence, 21-* filleventh avenue, Kas'
llurnaby, lo Hi.' Church if Bngland
cemetery. Rev. is, i: Bartletl cfCo!
PI,ASTON 'Pr. death occurred
Thtirs'lav afteroeon if lh" Infant
eiri.l 1 f Mr. aril Mrs, S. A. PI isfon
1.14 Mclnnes stroet, The funeral wai
held yesterday looming fn ei the
family residence to the Church of
England cemetery, Riv. E. It, Hart-.
Ilett being in charge of the services.
DONAHOE   Tbe funeral of Charlaa
I J. Donahoe waB held yeste.rd.iy from'
St. Peter's cathedral to the Roman
Catholic cemetery, Riv. .'a Uut Beck
Officiating. Deceased vas a resident
cf this city for the past 'in years, lie
ing a doorkeepi r al tli" provincial
liouse iti Victoria for several sessions.
The pallbearers yesterday were E. (i.
McBrlde, T. freeman, George Blakeley, E. J. Fader. C. 1'. Eastman and
('. D. I'eele. Among those in attend
ance at the funeral were Colonel .1. D
Taylor. .M.I',. I'. Smith, J. J. Cam
bridge, .1. Wise. O. Cassady, .1. Linn
J. J. Randolph. II, Freeman and .1, I!
1'oiiidi'Xtre.     Murchlo     *l      Son     had
charge of the funeral arrangements
McQ-JARKlE -The id;, of Iiie late
Lachlan McQuarrie, whose death oc
curred at Chulu Vista, Cal., will be
brought to this city on Sunday even
ing. Tlle funeral aril] be held from
the residence of his sou. N. II. Mc
Quarrie, r,i .\ib irl Crescent, on Mon
day afternoon, interment at Ihe I. ()
O. F. cemetery Rev. M. (i. Melvin
will officiate. Deceased was oue of
the widest known residents of this
district coming to Hritish Columbia in
lSSo. lie is survived by his widow
and four sons. Dr. A. I.. McQuarrie, N,
II. and D. J. McQuarrie, brokers, and
W. fi. McQuarrie, city solicitor. The
funeral arrangementa are in charge
of Howell's establishment
tendance and quantity of proline's will
be up to ihe mark.
The following prices irere Quoted:
Turkeys, per lb., dressed   ..line to 40c
Chicki as, pi r iu  20 io 25c
Mm ks, per lb 17c. to 21c.
Butter, per 11,    40c
Eggs,  per dozen   65c.
Cabbage, per lb    lV_c. to 2c.
Turnips, per rack   title, to Tfio.
Carrots, per sack   60c. lo T5-C
Potatoes,  per sack       $.11"
Unions,   per   sack     $1.25
Crab apples, per lb 'ic. to 'i.e.
Apples, per box  $1.25 lu $1.60
Pears, per box   $1.00 to $1.30
Fish, Retail.
Flounders, per lh 10 ���
Slurg"on. per Ib Iiie
Halibut, per Ib 10c
Smelts, par lh Mi
Herring     3 Ibs. 25c
Retail Meats.
Ueef, best rib roasts, per lb. 20c to 2?c
Ueef, loin, per Ib 2tlc to 27c
Reef, round steaks, per lb,..20c to 25c
Roiling beet, per lb,   14c
: Veal, per lb lBV^c to 17c
Pork, per lb 12'.4c to 18o
Mutton, per lb 8c to 20c
Poultry, Wholesale.
' Hens, small, | er doz $(i,r,0 to $7
Hens, large, per do/.   $S to $10
Chickens, per doi $5 to $7
I Broilers, per dozen  $1.00 to $5 00
Hens, live, per Ib 17c to Im
Chickens, live, per Ih 19c to 20c
Ducks, per dozen   $S to $10
Ducks, live, per lb    15c lo 19c
Church Notices
I CHURCH���Public worship 11 a.m.
and 7:ii0 p.in. Evening subject:
"Signs of the Times." Bible class
and Sunday pchool al 2:80 p.m.
Si rangers welcome. M. Gordon Melvin. H.A.. minister.
OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH Corner Seventh street and Querns avenue. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath school and llaraeea class
2:30 p.m. Rev. E. Calhoun will preacb
in the morning and Rev. .1. O. Mar
shall in the evening. Following the
morning service the church members
will be asked to consider the extending of a call to a new pastor.
CHURCH, corner Carnarvon and I
Blackwood streets. Services 11 a.m. |
and 7.if) p. in.; Sabbath School and!
Bible class. 2:30 p.m.
The  choir    of  St.   Mary's    church,
Sapperton, will repeal the ChrlatmaaI TWO  killed.
Carols  by  request  ....  Sunday  nl8W.|Co|,���|on on c. p7H~N.ar North Bay
ami  will  alao    slug    Ettvey'a    anthaiu In Fatal.
"Arise, Shine foi Thy !-';'��: la Come,"     North  Ray. Dec. '���������'���.   D. A. Brown,
and Burnett's setting if the Magnlfi   express   i.n  sengor, aud  J.   It,  Oblm
cat and Nunc Dlralttls. were killed Christmas night in a in1-
Internatlonal   Bible  Students  raeel  1*il" li:' li'1' '    P' "  :'1 Bldout' Ma��
,��� their hall, corner Seventh ave,,,,,. '������"���|l"-' ��atween   a    westbound pas-
nnd Fourth slreet. every Bundaj al 3 '������ "*'"<' ,r-'i:l "���"��� ���'��� freight. Tin- trains
O'clock and at 7::I0 p.m. All (ptereat- met head-on. Both engines were hailed In bible study cordially inviti d. ' |v ���i |;,,| :im| n,,. baggage 08T dam-
Seats flee and no collection.      (2668) 'need.
The Highland Comedy Success
"Bunty Pulls
the Strings"
Most fascinating play ever written���the favorite of
two continents, with
Dawsey McNaughton
as "Bunty" and all the original Scotch Players.
Prices: 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50.
Seats on sale now at Hub Cigar Store, phone 823.
Also at theatre today.
$500, $800, $800 AND $1,500
to loan at current r.ites on right security.   Bring In your application
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldu.
Phone 85R. I'hone 85L.
Supply Not Large, But Mos4. Offcrinrs
of Fair Quality���Another Special
Market Next Week.
Coming as it did cn the day following Christmas yesterday's market
was of the '.i.ict order, many of the
farmers staying at home, while a
slump was noticed in the number of
people attending to purchase sup
pliis. Little produce v.as on sale, but
what was placed cn the stands found
a ready response. Anothir special
market dav will be held on Tuesday
preparltory to New Year, when It Is
expected that lhe market both In at-
MoQUAtlRlE. -At chula vista.
California, December 28, 1913, l.ach
Iau McQuarrie, of New Weatmlnater, II C, agnd TS years and 5
Th.. funeral wlll be held on Monday, December ib, at i'.'-Vi p.m., from
the P ��� Idi i ' i f bis eldest son. N, II.
McQuarrie IT Albert Crescent, New
Weatmlnater,    No  flowers.        (2676)
Ihe Man of the House
stays honi" with his family when be
becomes Inter, sled In making moatC
himself���most men can't, you know,
but. with the Dominion Player Piano
any man may become a musician.
Hear it today.
25 per cent disccunt until the New
419   Columbia   St.   New   Westminster.
Only for a few days
Cans of corn, peaa and Beans
10c. per can.
25c Jars of finest jam 20c.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
Civic Free Employment Bureau
City Hall, Telephone 852.
Is  prepared,  at  short  notice,  to  supply the citizens  with  help of any description  for any  purpose.        (286E)
One Night, Monday, Pec. 29
Bought and
Paid For
By Gecrge Brcadhurat.
With a Specially Selected Company
of Artists, Including
Crltlea Say tha Batt Caat and Production tho Play Haa Ever Had.
Not a dull moment ln the entire performance.    Haying every
-where to crowded houses.
PRICES: ��1.50, ��1.00 and SOc.
Ticketa on aale at the Operta Hous* on Friday Morning, 10 o'clock.
Phone 961. -***
Entire  Change  cf  Program
Patheplay Drama In  two Reels.
A reduction on every article of furniture in the store   until   December   31.
Our Specials are:
$25,00 Brass Beds $19-75
Iron Hed Spring and Mattress
complete for     8.25
$18.00 Brass Bed $14.00
Brass Bed, Spring and all wool
Mattress for  21.00
Big reductions on Blankets and Quilts.   "You lose if you go elsewhere."
Get our prices.
The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
v fcATUftOAY, DECEMBER, 27, 1913.
,. . paoe nv*
For Sport Readers HiiTs^^
Victoria    Defeats   Vancouver   9-4    In, l.i ft Wing
Ki rr   	
Thc Olflcials.
H. fi rea -Hugh Lehman.
haid   Fought   Struggle���Term-
mals Faded Towards End.
(Special t- 'rii * . [awa.)
Victoria. Dec. .6. -in a tpeotacular
ami hard fought same Viotorla took
tweet revenge from Vancouver hy a
Bcore of 9 to 4 and Is 'dentally placed
all three I'ama on an equal routing
in the race for tie Paterson cup. Por
fifte-en mlnuteB tbe Terminals started
OUt at -i pace wlilch looked disastrous
to  the   Arlsirocrats,     Pltre,     Patrick,
Taylor and (India making aome dur
Ing and dazzling rushes up the ice.
Unco lhey Rot ihelr bearings, however, llie local players commenced a
Kleiidy      combination      -play      which
eventually brougbl results.
Lindsay, Victoria"! cuatodlan, -was
the star man of the name, stopping
thirty sliols which hore a goal tag.
(li nge and llunderdale collided lu the
last period and the latter had no
Boom r come to before he connected
with the stick of Sibhy  Nichols.
Over four thousand fans witnessed
the name.
victoria. Vancouver,
Lindsay       Parr
Oenge   lirifris
Smaill       P. Patrick
I  Hover
Poulin       Taylor
llund' rdale       Nichols
Right Wing
rtuwe  .       Harris
11 play   !���:. Oatman.
Burnaby vs. Cily Should Provide Excitement at Moody Park���Both at
Full Strength.
Whether Burnaby can retain lis position of being Ued with the Hanker.'
al tin- tup of the City Itague will be de
elded  this afternoon   Wuen Uie suhur
: banit'-s clash wllh the City ul >' >ody
park ThiB contc-l should be the titbit iu soccer thla afternoon as bo i
aggregations have aplendld opportur*.;
ties of capturing the pennant, the City
being lower on thc table owin'! to
having played le��t games
Although defeated bj the Itev*', on
Saturday last for po-...��� ��� .ion of the
hiKjuois cup, Managei Mcl^aren ol
the City will trot out Ills I'u I team,
while It Is i v-i'it'i. that Hurnaby will
also gather together ns beat playera,
accompanied by a hlg band of rootera.
Longlej win handle the Indicator, th-i
kick-off being tcheduled for 2:30.
The following nln.w rs are anked to
report at .Moody park by Manager
McLaren of the    city:    (lostick.    Me
��� aiiibu r. Barnet,   (lough.   Dickinson,
| Lewlii. I'u clay. Field, Sincolllt, King,
Hange, Walker. Cooper and Craig.
wi ttmlnater fans
will     watch     with
Intereat the work
of Jimmy Oardm i
In managing the
Canadiens of Mom-
r. al this winter.
Kor tin. paal two
-canon*. Oardner
v.as skipper of the
Westminster septette In the Const
league, winning lhe
Championship     in
Uie wlnler or l'.lll-
12. Although his
days  us   a   player
wi r.       numbered
IWhen wllh the Hoyals last, winter his
[advice  and   coaching  from   the  sidelines will probably conic In'o exCOllehl
use  with Ueorge  Kennedy's outfit  iu
Parents of the John H.ihson scliool
lactone team players, champions of
���the City schools lacrosse league last
aummer, wire agreeably surprised on
Christmas morning with the receipt
of photographs of the team together
* with its officers. If enitiusl-.isiu conn's
Ithe John Robaon hoys Mill not only
capture th" championship next Bummer,   but   will   take  a  chance  against
Victoria and  Vancouver school teams.
The ..rc.ii Olympic games, scheduled for the spring of 1814, have been
; postponed Indefinitely owing to the
committee finding It Impossible to
make preparations In so short a time
aft r Uie war. Many an athlete who
.intended competing thought of General
Sherman when he beard the news.
.Not r.> dusty, eh? Brunswick cup
and Iro'iuois cup. Manager (l.-ant ls
going after the Mainland, Westminster,
National and Imperial trophies Vancouver ought to soon recognize this
burg as some soccer town.
Qeorge Rochon was on the i,p '���;.
Chrlatmaa day. getting Into shape tor
the game against Vancouver,
Pri ildi nt   iiiii  Peai   in of tbe ai-
bctta A. A. IT, will hav ��� a ticklish Job
on his hands in the near lul ure wh a
amateur iiock&y players will be drawn
Up on tin. carpi*;.
Glasgow  Rangers' Secretary Says He
Knew Nothing of Such a Trip���
Requires Notice.
Toronto. Dec. 26.���The (llasguw
Hangers will not he one of the great
British soccer teams to tour thia country next summer Is now an  aBsun-il
fact,   a letter has been received by
Itobert C. Hayes from William Wilton,
secretary of thc Hangers, stating that
they have so far made no arrangements to tour Canada and do not anticipate coming at the close of this
season's  football.
It would undoubtedly stimulate the
intenst in the game in this country
if two of the best teams In the old
country could be hrought out. but they
will need at 1-uBt six months' notice
before they would think of making the
Mi re than 86,000 Bchool children \
were taught Uie art of swimming last!
year. John Hull evidently believes In ',
'hia people knowing how.
ADMISSION:    Afternoon, 25c.    Evfnu j, 40c
Afternoon:  S'.Sd to !>.30.    Evenings:  S !_  to 10:110 p. ni.
Willi a month Intervening. skfiterB
ahould have plenty of lime to (elect a {
lUltabl. costume for the coming ice
carnival, tchednled for Jan. 30. The
attendant at the rlnk on Christmas
afternoi . was the largest since the
big enclosure was first flooded for
709 Columbia St. Westminster Tract RMi
Oet busy and Join the Weatmlnater
hockey boosters' club.    They will be!
i n  il ck   cheering  for  the   Hoyals  at:
Vancouver next Tuesday.
Hockey at Sapperton.
Field Hockey will take the place of
-poccar on Sapperton park this after.
Aoon, When New Westminster opposes
the Vancouver A team. The game will
siart  at  _ o'clock, the locals fielding
'the  following  team:   Wedge,    Broad-,
bent.   Wataon,   R    Klrby.   I).   Browne,
i Scolt. J.  Kirby.  Langford, McComble. i
C.  Klrby.  Alloway.
''. '.'
-��� ��� .    .'���'.--.'  .  *&������   ���'���������.������J,
Competent men of many years' experience are at
the head of each department, and our Hoard of Directors of the leading business men of this city i.s a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
executor under wills, trustee for investment of
funds, buys agreements of sale, loans and mortgages.
Pays 4 per cent on daily balance of deposits. Life
Fire, Accident, Sickness and Employers' Liability
Our Safe Deposit Vaults are both fire and burglar proof. Box rentals $2.50 per annum and upwards.
Owing to the D. 0. E. H. being unable to raise a team the
schedule game between Burquitlam and the Electrics at
the former's grounds thiB afer-
noon, bas been callt;d off. Burqultlam will probably be.
awarded the points at the
next meeting of the league.
Who will again play with the Canadiens of Montreal. A flip of the coin
cost Newsy $400 on salary last week,
the Krench Canadian sticking out for
a certain sum which Manager Kennedy kicked against. In the toss up
Kennedy wor with his price. Lalonde
will play agalnsl the Torontos in the
���Queen City this evening.
Port    Coquitlam     Defeated    Pick-up
Bunch from  City���W.   Rcutley
EnterUint Guest*.
Any trace of Ill-feeling that existed
! betwen New Westminster and Port
! Coquitlam In the sporting line disap-
j peared on Chrietmas day when the
| Port City  eleven  defeated  the  West
minster Rovers, by a score of 4-1.    Al-'
though th. better team won, the score'
by  no   means   represents    the    play,
Blrchfleld,   the   Sapperton   custodian.'
who  replaced   Samphor   between   the
sticks, having a bad day of It and allowed two goals to slip by him which
ordinarily  he  would  have  saved.
Manager Grant of the Hovers  waa
thy several of his regulars, which undoubtedly accounted for a lack of co-;
hesion which has featured the Hovers '
scoring machine during the past few \
weeks.    Before  a  fair    sized    crowd
Stacey opened the scoring in the early-
part of the game by evading Marshall
and rushing the ball through.   Such a
lead, however, was not held  long for
McKenzie went through with two fluke
goalt,  the  slippery   ball  getting  past
Second  Half.
In  the second half Black scored a
pretty goal by tricking Ixird and Shildrick.    Elbin  notched  the  las:  tally
Ion   a    similar play.    Of the Rovers'
'l eleven   Stacey   on   the   forward   line,
Jock   Bruce  at  centre  half  and   Mc-
i Naughton put up th? best exhibition.
' Marshall and Black taking the honors
fer Coquitlam.    McLennan  showed  a
tendency to rough play.    Of Keferee
Phillips a lot might be said  the Van-
Icouver district league  official  allow-
1 ing considerable  leeway  in  the  play
winch    would    not have  held  water
with other officials.
Immediately after the game tho
players and supporters of both teams,
aumberlng altogether 50 persons, ad-
fConttnned on Page Eight.)
City League���
City    vs.    llurnahy.    Moody
park, _:;:. o'clock.
Vancouver I'nion���
Weatmlnater   vs. Welsh,   at
Queens park, _:4_ o'clock.
Crusaders  vs.   Rowing Club,
Brockton   Point,   2   o'clock.
Highlanders vs. Y. M. C. A..
Brocktcn Point. . o'clock.
Ice Hockey.
N. H. A.���Opening Games���
Torontcs  vs.  Canadiens,    at
Ottawaa     vs.     Quebec,     at
Wanderers   vs. Ontarloa,   at
* ���������*-
��� =5
Saturday Overcoat Special
Society Brand, Fashion Craft, and Burberry Overcoats,values up to $30.00 for:
100 Overcoats
Burberrys, Black Meltons,
Chesterfields*   Tweeds*  all
values up to $30.00, none
reserved, for:
: {, I
The new belted-back, kneo-kngth
coats, smartly styled forth* young
fellow, as well as the more corner-
vative models, all
Save a $10 Bill, start the New Year in a New Coat at $10 less than the usual price
A. S.  MILLS & C
'"������'���1tf'\'i        -1-.' ��������� k-tWM
\:-*'ii']Miii''i:ii:jrii,ii-i,3f-i:-Jl ���.-mm.
Ch: .ified Advertising
:. i-j,;    ���r.-i.H,i.- . _.-rr-mr-t^rz.
��I_>. <S.I ���".-    Vn', 1.    UK    UK
��i*i.d f"i   : i"   s * ������ i1 rn tbe lollo-n
ton plai ea      I -  I    HHl't drug Btore.
���iJS    Colui   ���    I     slreet;     A.    Sprice.
Qaeeosl I ulb lslar.d;    Mra
B.  i hi.:. *. I i-"*'l Park;  Mrs.  V.
Lt.wis. *   '     ta.
..-ct-i-C-.-...----... ---m-T'-i ��� ntu*���*v*ni*\*aa��~
When fly In ; i'= :i > ni
unon :nt
And * \i*i \ mt   ii ���
>\ It.us
1'hv cltmnli thnt w*
tin nm ilka
Will ha\>��� mm iij n
Ml Ui4��
If wt' ��!��� i . '.���   li   M   l\i
wuutd like
Another clime in t
Instead ol u bu hir i
���r n irain
\\ e'll  pfltiv um   j. i
j ..mi ny.
foh .
; u.i.
. t ..
::. \i i-:ii Btreet.   cmi">>
li an
-When winter (verws up iho nnrih
And llii'ii* is *-:....-.  in lunn
Wlilch doesn't i.iiii mi lemlily
'I'u .niter 11 nil a ��!��� H lum
Frnm whore tliey um- i..i.i alnrngB nir
That's loaded min *i nuts
in tins i oMinii    yj-,, wI,| .u-i-ii i im ..ih,. K  Innd
 " j    Thut sunns nn'i lustra like ipring. *
SELL.     YOl'll     PROr
m SATES.                         ���]
m �� i * "��� I ����������������������������������
c,_,. r .          ���   pel  word   per |
���Ha*     '. por wi .'��-���   18c per
HOI u- -.���'..-   I :'.s re-
w     ... .   .   ,,,\t trom   'lute of
���enutel, I
���OU S\! K -|1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week. Canada'a Pride Malleable
111��� ;:��� t; every cue guaranteed. Mar
\- i - iiiare,        12519
IN ���fK.-H.    '���������'���
826.00     REWARD IR     * ���   1"i'1 '
uo ",d l'������;"
viclion       * cr partita who
Blolc   a      i
launch    ' * lying at I
ot tbe Heaps ' ��- *��� ��
���n-\""-N-i ;���'< '-Ml - .tTAi'.l.r.     R     Ul
vviili ii- : lace pn ten d   ui   ol bath
and    l��! iphone;    oci ii   "  n
day   Deci ml      -'���* '���    ������    l8t
elderatlon.    Write    Dlstrlcl
itif    B.  C    1,1.-
Weatminsti r.
:i con
Ne w
WANTED 31 * ������'! *'������- ������'-' ',! Xx
and wil" as ca laki rs oi ofl ���* 't to
clean     I ble. sober,  hi ni tt,
trusl v'orUiy;    ���     *:' *       ! '-'��� '    :
stri. t     111' '*       AP^'J      '  ,v
2063 'i'i>.      *       '     " l26 ' ;
WAV! ED I    *    "��� '���  ' ''    '''���''-*'���'
inre. or Bloi ka lu tra * In la -��������� ' f
���small quantities, hi ;ht sl i rli pa .1
Or Fred Da ,'ia " 1' -��� 11 ' > ir 6 oda
Iiv   public   :    '*-i** I   ��   ';'   8   ''' ::*'- ' ''
results, or no oi i n .-������' n i barged
See  the  ' si ��� n   ���"������'   furn ture   1"*'f"r''
yon give youi  .      : -       i       -tddri
I'rrd    Davis,    548 Columbia Btreet,
New Westminster, (2667)
to rent try
an ad. In tliis column.
keeping rooms, f 10 nnd $15 pel
inonth at 221 Seventh street.  (2.22 i
where. No collection, no charge.
American Vancouver Mercantile Ag
���ency, VH Hastings Btreel west. Van
couver. (2618)
���ii .    . .. .-   i ��� nd ���.*i.*il      Fiirnltui'i
boi rlil   i.H* i*.'-*li     I'    It   Hrown,  I
,.,.    ���   Blreul. \.*'i   "-a ealmlnater
H     THE     8UPREME     COURT     OF
We wlll n"i have lo mm around
Tu thrive! "il the snow
When we can tei ubout a quart
iif itusollne nml n i
We Mill nut lm*... in ...ury -freight
In cn.iis and uiul..' * >r
Ami  rti.i|. ourselves until  \. e InnK
The pk'tlll-B nt .i  l"-.i r
Thou como. ye hum nf wl'oels nn.l siirlnta
Who useful thlnta m\ sm,
And furnish us wuh uu..:" li   s"
Wliet r\ i-r i hev* ine Bl lit,
Wings lh.u  lire ku ii.inli*. ���]  In slay
A1 ��� >rt In -stately Might
L'nill wo ftmt n pli-ni-utit place
Wheru wc deslra lu 'light.
by Hr. Ruasell i.f the army mi dl I
corps, la being uaed treely tp prevoni
a Bpread ol I h opldem c. I undi .-���
ttand thai more than 3,600 p ri 111
have been treated In this manner. This
treatment la not a typhoid cure, hut
Is a preventive and la used gener illy
throughout the ci untry i j th am I
is admtntati red fri e in Wo hlngt'iu
tn any offloer or enlisted man In Ibe
service- of the National Guard.
" This treatment, �� Itb  the tanil -.;/
:i'i*.::.ures pul Into effeel by tb * nn .
cal  corps  and   the  e\|i ri   tn atmenl
tuporvited by the detail rrom the ...
pltal  corps,  Bhould  do  mucb  '������>  prevenl d teriout Bpread ot the malady."
l ati st reports fn m Cent 'al Indl
cato that 27n ens. a of typhoid are un
der tmeatment, and that ten deatht il
ready bad ow urn d Tho aahsi Hi n
is made that, desplti Ihe utmost e
fl rtt of the Btate, county and N :
tlonal Guard    ' ���'��� ci     .;-i equal num
i,er ef ii"w caaea ivlll be opparenl hi ,;.-,,.v v*;ii be only a timporarj one
fore resuiu ot existing Infectl ** have . ��� Lha) ,,,,.v tti:1 ,.,.,���,-., t0 cjanada
Thcu:..nd3   Co   to   Old   Ccunlry    fer
Christmas, But Moct cf Them
Arc Coming Pa:k.
Montrral, Dec. 84, Fully
pi -I'V I'm e gone from tha i
wesl during the lasl few weeh
* r p .mis in the British lal
26,1 10
to ap   id
Men Who VV.uld Cs Cltizeno of B.
Ccnvlctfd cf Aiding in Bar-
barcu-.  Rite.
Call   "���'. D .   24.
ball  and  Mr.  Jnt>t]
Mr. Juatlc   '
���   llyves,   in
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c, n box at your
National Drug and Chemiesl Co.
of Canada. 1 .imit��d.     175
Ulahabi il Uigh ei urt, ha\
In Preba'.e.
ii   iho   " utoi   of  tl ���    '.'-'   to  of  Tl   n .-
.1 .1.- -I' thi  i'u . of New  tt ��� st
*, ... i*. .1
lO'l i ���;:  : -   HR-iKBY  oiven  ill it  all
on illim -. and oln r pi r ions having any '
��� i lm i or rl rem ���>���-   * / h-i-i   li li *
I: n .���.-., ii 1 Thomas Johnson, lati
,i tin iv i of Ni w Wi Btmlnster, In Hn
Viuniv of N *a* -A s'l.ii*. ui r. in ill-* Pro
loci of 11 Itisli ���'.lumi'lii. deeunacd, win
,n ** * * nd dav "��� **��������� tembor, 19111
.ml \\*h..s.* v 111 was provd In tha Supromi
'ourt ot Bi ''  lun bl i "ii 'ho thlfti. il
Inv  i.f October,   1913, nnd  lo whoso  real
estate letters uf admlnlstra- !
Ion *... lib Iho .. ill nnii. >. .1 wi ri  grantod tt
I *    ���   on Dl  the i'li*.  . f New Wi sl
'    tor   iforosald    ire hon by  renulred It
.. ii.i i ��� i culai    In writing ..t' iinii* olalmi
������   I.i    .j i    to  the   underalgnefl,   the  ad
uii  ���   tor with  tho will  aim. seed, un oi
ii ron I!     Ilth d i* nf January, 1914, at tht
n di *   tint low ���! i ddn ss, aftt r whlcti datt
, idntii    trator -with  the  will  an
u      . to .li. tribute Hl* obsi tf
...        :.|   Thomas   Johnson,   .1. ceased
tmonu '  i *���   partiofl entitled thereto, hav-
:.:   ���        * n  .*. to tin  clolmp and demande
if n i�� -  all lhi ii have had ll il  ���
'he sai.l ndi ii.*.: itr tor with  the will  an
icxed " " M'i   i"   liable for the assets ol
ho said nas J  Iin on, ���!  ised, or an> !
������a'-t th' *������ of     ��� distributed to any p* ��� ���
ir p< i - :      :    ' '..i lm - * r .1. tnnnds In
-!..i'l   not   tin n   1 ive  hnd   notlee.
I iai.il this l ttli .1 iv ot I '��� .* mbi r, A.D *
Idmlnlttrotor with the Wlll Annexed, -II 1
". -i.i!,   stri 11.  New  Wt stmtnsti r,   I: C
a: 'i.
The Tignl-Aad.
-Mr.iiei is trying to ii,' economical."
"Must lie going
to tiinrry ti poor
"Thai isu't lhe
-Whut is It?"
"B x |i ec I s In
make u lilt wilh
a millionaire."
C?pt:iin   cf   Burned   Ship   Before   F.e
tur.cd  Board ci  Trade
r��lephones:   Office 53.  Reskienc
JOHN UEll), Proprietor,
Hub. . line
id   Auto-
Transfer Co.
Phon(   II
Kr.ona   IBS,       Barn
Isgbi* Ihni
Piniuvi  iii ik> i.n D.C. and California hi
a  ptoneel      i-.i'i i-U:ii! Camp Life,   _...l  ..11
tlon. .v...-...* tl ���   Pi opli i "i r.  '- . in lht
Pathless   West;   t r   Pioneer   VVoioei
*Hfi  l.na.    Tl e sua ol   five  tor  !:; 00  oi
-,',. ���   ,     .   ,;������     '   .      .1    '.       1 Ull.      A.l.ll. Sm    I*
B.   tm nr -.-.     I Hamilton     Kt.,     New
^VeMntantKer,   D.C.,   ..i   nt.y   uf   lhe   boolt
���or**fi.     I 'I-.     .   * 1: "1. .
Baggage Dallvere* I'roiai'tly t*
sr.y p��rt of tb* cltr
igbt avid Heavy Hauling
New Wellington    I
Wanted to K now.
"Are tliere any queatlonsV" nsked the
Wild eyed spenkei'.nfter Iie lind Itnished
bis iliaiiiurse.
"I lime une," Miid a mun lu the au
tliell, e.
*\\"li;it is if:"
"Why don'l ynu get u hair cul':"
"It is innl luck to be billed on Friday."
��� Is Hint sn';"
-Sure it is."
"Sljrn there's going lo be a funeral
in Hi.* family."
Her  Age.
"I'.iw* i.hi is N'ollleV   l>" yon know!"
"Vm. If n������!'.'��� nf the fnuilly Is around
Blip is Iwieiv.-fniir"
"I i|!:i"-'> is"':"
"Well, 'f lu-r trrandmotber is present
elie is thirty seven."
I*,, Town
fte Blocks -I. -".. T, 8, 9, 10 ;
part of S. W. li, Section
ship S.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title ti
���tlie above propel ty  will be issued  to
Mabel Louisa Playfalr on tbe 31st daj
of December, 1913, unless In the mean
Ume a valid objection he made to nn
In writing by a   peraon   or   persons
���rjainiiti*-. an estate or interest therein,
���or in anv part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., November
-25_h, 1913.
The person or persons having in
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating tn the said
property are requested t" deliver tbe
isame to the undersigned.
17th Junuary, 1879, Crown grant to
Gordon, farmer Dafoe cf S. W. .i,
.Section 18, Township 8.
17th January, 1879, Cordon Parmer
liafue to (iitir-co Marshall, conveyance
tn fee of the s \V 10 acres of H.W'u
Section IS, Township 8.
31st December, 1903. ".uidon Parmer
.ttfot" to Jack Miller, conveyance in
f-de of S. part of 8.W.-S4, Section 18,
Township 8.
_.4th September, 1904. Oordon Parmer Dafoe to Jack Miller, conveyance
in fee ; :���������: i l ri W, ',. Section 18.
Township 8.
Ilth P. bni >i *   '. * "���    Jack Mill i ' ���
Il-tVid    Vir  : '  '      "       ���    SHI ���     in    [l ������    of
tin* south  ; irt oc of ri. W.  U of Si i
Mon 18  T wnshlp 8, except I I ���������.
.1  '*  OWYNN
/j.4761       Diatrlcl Registrar nf T : *
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:0* a.m "^-J'
2:00   ii.in D:il'y
11:46   p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m    Daily
HtflO a.m Dally
From  Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
.?:00  p.m Dally
���Nan��lmo,  Union   Day  and  Comox
Office.  554  Front Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
O. Dox 345. Phone 105.
Oirls* classes. Tuesday 7:30 p.m.
Adult classes, Thursday,' 10:30 a.m.:
Sewing  classes,  Thursday,  7;-.0  p.m
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
Por particulara call phone 1324,
Can't Be Done.
"l havc met lhe champion pessimist"
"As how':"
"He says that women will wear
uglier hats nest season thnn they are
wearing now."
The Limit.
"Why don'l yun lake Miss Long out
tiding any more, .lark':"
"Her new DUtOUlobilC colli is so loud
(hat ihey eau't hear my hum round a
\v'hat with  the harbor Improve
ments, the further
the fisheries and
Le dies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
His Efforts Are Vsin.
'Tie is trying hard to marry nir r'
ugly daughter or his."
"Why doesn't he try olTerlng n i
Pleases Him.
A mnn mav think ti" runs lh" i !"-r
Its eatliis and itt drlnilt ���-
Put tf ii -Aiimno Is ti��* tui*.
She Mb hlm keep to-
Alarming Outbreak of Disease at Cen
tralia. Wa6h.���Armory  Used
ai Hcspital.
return wns made not In Btrlcl conformity with tin* requirements "t i1-.
statutes. He therefore directed that
the original writ I... Bervcd upon Dr
Mitchell, anil thai ���., proper return 1"
made on Tuesday next, adding that le
| would dispense with tin- presence 'i
�����:00 s.tn Wednesday and Friday   Dark in court 0:1 thil illy.
Vancouver,  Union D.iy, Powell   River.!     Mr,   Holmes   protested   snd   wantet
11:45 a.m Every oilier Baturday Ian  order  made  for  the  brlngln
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.       ithe. young man to Toronto.    H's lord
11-00 pm Every other Saturday ! ship s.'tltl lhat was unncessary, as the
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena ' man was better off where he was un
River Points. j til everything in  connection   with hls
II to pm  Wednesday! case hail been Investigated.   In order
For Gulf Island Points. Mo  avoid  delay.   Dr   Mitchell   was  (11-
T'-W an. TucBdays for Victoria.    Call   reded  to  produce all  certificates, or-
Int at points In tho Oulf Islands.        ders.t   reports  nnd  oilier  papers  hav-
��D. OOI.I.KT,  .gent. Heir Westrolnat'er.   '"8 _"">    b-'arlng   on   the   case   next
CL W. BHOUID. a. P. A.. Vanoouver.        week.
Toronto, Dec 26 Owing to th
neglect of the solicitors making tbi
ipplloa'.ion to Berve the original wrll
on Dr Mitchell, superintendent of the
Brockvllle asylum, tii" Dack habeas
corpui case v.as enlarged until Tu s
lay nexl by Mr. Ju - ce Middli ti 0
,1! Osgoode Hall yesterday,
When the case was reached 11 li
Holmi s complain! .1 thai the youti,:
man - not present. II" tboughl II
was a 1 iob! Iropropi r procedure I
Ignore a ���>. rli of the court, ll" was
proci * . . . lo 1 nlarge upon the mat
tt r thc  Justice  in'iuir' d   if he
knew what hi really wanti d Mr
Holme replii d lh U he wanted an
order f ir the Imrai d'ale discharge ol
Dack from tbi ai .*. iu 1 "Very well,"
*:iiil bis It rdshlp, "jusl * how rn" tn:"
I hai" the power to make the ordi.
1 1 ���  us :' *   the return thai lias been
made to the writ." Upon perusing recognized ai ? typhoid fevoi special
the documenl his lordship discovered 1st, was jlven un emergency appoint'
thai only a copy and nol the original menl a.- raptam, Medical Corps, n.ij
writ hml  beon  Berved, also that  the Instructed to
will contbii
domic is uiul
Seattle, D c. 26- Announcement has
been made by Brig.-Gen, l*',-.| Mewel*
lj n, 'li" adjul int general, V 1;, \v
ilm. acting under inatnii tlons I 'om
Ui lernor Earnest Lister lii il all lati
��� i.ii'i.ienis is:!i i*.up ra * ivlt'i :'.e
li .1* * :' i altti co.amli bIiiiii r in
. upp . 1 of the typh . .1 1 pi
di in.i* at Ci nt ralla, officers 1 1 e
Medical Corps, N. Q. W��� bave I" eu
detail '1 1 1 :i. wn.* charge of tne 1 ltn-
il lon tbt re tindt r the direcllo.i of thu
Btate an 1 county authorities; Ih lhe
National <.u:.. i armqry bau been turned Into tit) emergency hO'iplMl, and
that four 1 xt 1 members of th * hoi���
pii.il corps have been detailed rrom
Tacoma fo a-islsl In directiig tue
Rpt clal or: r*. ' n d Monday morning detailed D.-. H, r:, Ostroni of Seattle, fi- 1 lient. nant, Meillc 'I 1 'orp��
to the t * htrull 1 field Ter four days.
In   tbe  1 iterlm   Dr   Carl   M    Burdlck,
***,/ti-.irii\-*.   il     11-    ���,     I I'l.lnilfl     C   11 rtt.
C'lpt'iin Ini '1. the li * i'* skipper < f
the Volturno. gave a graphic aci u 11
of the disaster bj f r to that ship, al
th" resumed bt ard of 1 ade Inquiry at
He descrlbi d hi "   f *    1 b i er deck
' musl have l.   a ,  d-h it, because   tbe
Ihree-lnch wood Bht etlng on top   ���
waa set alight. The tdVemasl 1 ink Ini
1 the nexi deck, and it ��. a .. d * ip
in keep tbe wireless n rial Intact. Tm*
plight of tbe passengi b v ��� ��� ������'��� . ��� I
I ;. CaptaJn Inch.
The pasaei - * he E��ld, came tr im
Centra] Rui ��� la, nd mi *;��� h id n:vei
sei n s 1 .':;��� bi Whi n the K.
I:i:ul ai " ���   * .'���  I  * .��� .-i   to l'n* Voltl   '
and   tl   n   ���':        I   away   there   were
greal   cries  and   shrieks  among   the
passengers.    Th it    vessel  iu ide f iu:
atti :..;.-���- to get al   *. Bide, and at one
time v.as 1 ona    tt I by a line, but tht
llne bn ke.    1'.- tried to g ��� the pai
-   1- ::��� jump to the bi al bul none
would    go.   -\-i lhe passengers would
not go he gave lht  1 ren a chance, because h   did not kn >w  what mlnut
lht  .-' lp would go .. iwn.
Whi n   the   night   I   * ��� tie     1  dark
land squally that thi iata ceased to
come the remnant of the crew began
ito make rafts, sai'l 'he captain   A lol
of  women  went   to Bleep  with   tbelr
children art. behind the screen. The
men were Bitting Bmoklng   on   th"
dei k, and the Jewa were on the por;
side, holding a prayer meeting. Tiny
were singing a chant all nlghL
Wild Scenes on Deck.
Wh'it a boat  from    the    Devonian
cam"   alongside   a   man     threw     hi--
child Into the boat.   II hll the thwart
and as be threw it the captain kn tcki 1
him    down.      He    jumped    up    and
jumped Into tho boat, and tbe sailori-
down   there   nave   blm   a  hammerln-*.' ���
Then a woman  threw  her child over.
It fell between the boal and the ship ,
and   one  oj  the   Devonian's   :-��:imen!
dived   for  It.     It  was    the    quick . I
!thlm,' he had  ever seen.
The   mother   of   th"   child   ciiEjht ���
hold of the captain by the arm. ahull k
inc. until the man got the child intr
Iin-   boat.     Then   she   wanted   to  kis: ;
him,  bul  lie  told  her to ko  into the
.boat.    Then   he   noticed   a   man   who!
[looked like an officer, and found thai 1
he was one of the Bteerago paasen- '
ger�� dressed  in  the    third    officer'!
coals.     He     was   climbing    over   thl
rail to set into the boal, so-the cap
tain   knock-ad   him   down.     After   thr [
last   passenger   hml   lefl     he     went
round the ship, and when he satisfied
himself Hint nobody was left  behind :
he abandoned the ship.
Four days afterwards, on I, >ard th<
Kroonland be was blind, hut he could
I see perfectly well apain now.
Second Officer Kdward Lloyd f
the Volturno, said that, with f -tr ra *t
he took the small lifeboat away fron
the ship; he volunteered to do BO. ll
was leaking when it wen', but he wai
iblo to reach the Grosser Kyrfurst
and he ure; rl the captain of that liner
to send boats to the Volturno. as Shi
niluht sink at any moment. Two atti mpts were made. He was refused
permission to leave the Volturno. He
had received th", following tetters
from the Council of Jewish Women
if New York: "ln the name of the
Council of Jewish Women, an organ
!/ation of 12,000 women, scattered
throughout the United states, wo de-
sire to express to you our thinks and
appreclattr.i r the Jewish women of
this country for your in:i-.':tif;cent and
heroic deed In aettlng an example f.y
nli time."
ipheld on
thi   Chr  tmas holidays,    Ninety  per appeal the conviction of   five   Brah
'. .1  : al  number, approximately mans, r.n a charge ol abi  m "; of aul
- ���"���- carry return  railway    tlckou, -lde ������ yarauln, .��� viil go In lhe Main
'' purl dlstrlcl    Tl     entenc   *   1   a and
:,   h .'f   ...      *   * Igorous  impr   01 mi nl
trlj in the new 1 ar P i�� ��� *' on ' in e of I is ai cua< .1 waa *
In Montreal thei   has bi   .1 a steady upheld, whllo lhal of two yearn pas
flow of passengers from the weal pass '''I on lhe two persons most prominent
lng through  the Windsor Btreel  and In  the affair,  wa    Incr   1    d   to rour
Bona    nture   stal ona,   1 pi clal   tralna .���' ar   1 it h
li iii- r quired to lake care of lhe traf-      A Bi ihman who died al  karaule, on
*  ..  . :,;:,. -j] ithe regni ��������� trains have 'ui 1  ' '��� lasl   It fl n 1 tung wld 1 1   *
I ,   1 inwuuo.d her       ntlon   to   c immll
Pacific  trains from "���-4'l������'  " :";'' "" -'��� ��� ''������;  '��� ' "' '" '"*'
tho wi   '   wi re run In 1 stra 1    1 one. rorts to dlsi 111 le '��� r fri m the   .
the Winnipeg tralo bolng In three sec minatlon    On    ef the village  wai  n
. .     and  th    night  express In  two. men  wns bi nt   - 11   I . the  pollt d  Bta
... 1.     ��� *.:, -, qg 1   v.,     bi il   1 ' on   ol :hl  mili    aw iy, bul  1 ben hi
��� .,.  Portland  and others  for Halifax, returned with tha police In the after
During the day the c. P. it. handled "'" " ''''' ���<''���   ' selMmmolati n *  1
.  spi   :.i through Montreal that  had '.'' "!   !''��� ���' ���  '������   *���'    ,:-���ll1   ma"   !' ''
started   at  Edmonton   and   pr ���led been committed, In lhe presence ol a
llrrctly to Halifax, ca    ring  l'i-' peo crowd ol  .;.   tatora roughl) eatlmati ll
I pie  bo.'I..*.!  for the   Empress,   which '" number rrom  1,600 to _  drawn
.* led  from that pen '"' ���  '' neighboring villages . ...:    '. ���.::
Most of the passengers wh   Btep off     Th    accused  persona    aaslsted    to     _^/Bk
the western trains In  Montreal these build   the * ami  om'  ���-'���     -^iih.   (AM h \\\ AW  DAflFlf
daya bear the  unmistakable signs ot fh'-m ������"���  '-:"'i '������< h.." p  .1 ",-;."    ^-ja*v-��-lJ/\Pif\ll|All  [ AMI II
'��� . En  ,-��� 1 .. *!  tho   Scotchman (olarlf...i le*.n  i. ..vr 1, *.*  'in.   ���*.,    ^JuU-ki
0 ���,:'������-  of  rugs  are   alwa      In   ".*i pathlea of witnesses wero with th   ac    BJJj
lence. while not a few carry comforl cused, and thero wat   1 cot   plrac;   of
,*:iil,.  i oklng  Bhawls     0 1   tli *���* silence     iid   Mi    Ju tice  Tudball  In
��� i   at   the   Windsor   station,   had giving Judgn   nt, n    to  who actu 1:.
1    . *    ; .1 polnl 210 milt.- north ol !; ���,;  ' *    Pyre     I 1 fai i. tl ���*  - Itnt   .
tip   .    lie said ti. il :��� ���  wa   w ill if"      i-Hl the accused In dei I irins lh tl
ifit :l  v. iih things, Indi ed.    "1 am
Agents     Palmar     Rros
Ougluea,   Marine   Rnginna
mobile  llepalrs.
Office and Works:  Teolh/St.
' O. Box 474.    New Weatmlntler. B C.
ass*     ������ ��� ��� .    ���������
Resldenoa 1, W. C. A.       PUooa 1324.
ilng  to Scotland f .ra little holiday
��� .i I am coming back.   I found things
very   atlsfactory Inde d."
Eu; They Are Coming Park.
One wei k tiie Grand Trunk handled
appro* Imal ly 1,200 pai si nu* rs from
*.oii* I. p ints, of whom pai ��� ��� d
through Montreal on tht way to I'ort-
land. Thej salb .1 for Uverp ioi and
Ql - iw li. th T ul inic, the Anconia
and ii..* Ionian of tbe \Vhlte Star D 1
minion, Cunnrd and Allan linos. Two
special* have alread) gone through
Montreal, while each train from lhe
wesl has carried extra cars, A Bpe-
-inI from Chicago, which reached
Montreal   recently,   r.*m.iiit"il   f..r   an
ll \. ss when ' be was told th .' If there
mv i Irtuo ,;: ber .*    flami   would
burst forth.
Mr Justice 'I*ii'lI��� II hi Id tl tl though
th" accused mlghl In the beglnn .-
hav ������ Blnci rt ly r m tni tral -l ��ith :'i"
:������ Idow, they finally ga!e wav lo her
determination and Inti ntlonallv aid'
id in tli.- doing of Ho- deed With re
speei to tlie enhanc ment- of sen
tences, he observed thai any relaxation "f the sevt rity ef the law In ������ iob
a matter would result In tho recor
renoe "i an evil which it had taken
many years to reduce to a minimum.
The f". lings and beliefs which
prompted "sutti <���" still 1 xtstod.
'iii    oractiee of "suttee"  was ren
our and then proceeded to Portland.  '*''r '��� lUogal, ��������� Bplte of fi. re., oppi
Bitlon, by a regulation of Lord WH
Ham Benttnck'a governmenl in 1829.
declaring that all who al etted "1 ul
1 .���"   wi re  "guilty  ol  culpal le  bom!
This train carried over 400 passen-
* rs All of the paat 1 ngers paaalng
through M.intr.al o> 1 r the Grand
rrnnk hav.- bei n di stlned for points
In in. United Kingdom, and It is said
.-hat every one carries a return Ut kel
Woman Falls Six T'.crlc-.
1.1 - Angt les, I" <��� :.'.; Within an
I., tr nft.*r sh" had ct me lo 1, is Angeles to Improve her health, Mrs
'.t * ' 0 ' nbrook, Butte, Monl . jumoe I
nr f -!l from the sixth storey window
of o hotel yesterday and was killed.
When you take your
Eastern Trip
.���I   niay   as   well   travel   in   comfort
and al minimum cost.
Tickets win he on salo December 20
Iii January 1 at sinulu fare and on*-
third for the round 'rip. (loot! to return January 5.
B. OOULET. Agent
-ia*   W������-mlni��t��r
II    W.  BRODIS, <l    P.   A.  Vancouver
Subscribe for
The Daily News  ,
BOIIERS   ftWptctt Steel Pipes       TANKS
"   O    Br.y   ^4?
csck sivrms:; ^r/^WBirvsi
.���Heve r>r. Ostrnm. He
on  dutv until th 1 epl-
: control.
"This.'   siid (leneral  Llewi'lj i tliH
nii.rnln", ":: the first oppartuiity .he
'.'���itn 1. r Qu'jnl his bad In ni 1 iv year 1
tn demo i.t:ni ��� its usefuln. ps   In   on
' mergency or ihis kind. That splendid
1   sult.i .*��� K'n'v Lave heen aehlev" I IS
.i'fiir'ii by Dr Kugene Kelley, who
nf says lhal a load as great, as a moun-
tain has lu en taken off his shoulders
by the members of thc medical corps.
National (liiard.
Armory Used as Hospital.
"Tho Central armory has beon
turned Into an emergency hospital and
temporary parti:ions have heen In-
���Bt.allcd to divide the cases into their
various classifications.
"The typhoid prophlylactlc, Invented
Are you ono of those to whom
every meal Is another source of
-tillering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
will help yr.ur disordered stomach to
digest any rea.v.n��ble rr.ea'.i. and will
soon restore it to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by tha National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. 150
Made  lo  rneaanrc,  guaranteed  ono 1
vear.   Phone C7S for appointment.
MRS. TV'IM, Cily Manager.
(..85)       237 Six'.h Street.
There is a man who makes shoes for children���
and sells them to stores all over Canada
But he is only just learning how people buy.
It was this way: His wife ��� let us call her Mrs.
Brown ���'phoned to him and asked him to buy some
underwear for little Brown.
Picture Brown now among thc throng of mothers at
the " Children's Underwear" counter. He asks for
* Underwear for a child (if six. He looks it over helplessly. What on earth does he know about Children's
Underwear? For lack of anything better to say he
asks: "Is this good quality?" The answer is short
and quite conclusive: "It's Blank's"���naming a well-
advertised line. That short word says everything.
Brown pays his money and goes home, quite satisfied
with his purchase.
Now what bothers Brown ��� a manufacturer of shoes,
is this:   How would it affect thc purchase of a child's
shoes if the  salesman said   "They're Brown's"?
Nubody knows Brown's shoes. Brown doesn't advertise.
The name Brown signifies nothing when used in connection with children's shoes. Thc salesman must use all his
-.icrsuasive wiles to induce people to buy them.
Thc point is���If thc name Iirown was as synonomous with Children's
Shoes as "Blank's"'is with Underwear, wouldn't Brown sell more shoes
with less effort?
If you ar* doing ��� local biuiiMM lalk over your aoVertiiinf proUoBi -with fa Advcrtiiint
Drpirtm.nl of tlm nirwipipcr.    lf you ere doing ��� provincial or -national bunaat.
il would be well for you to r.tve ine. .ouns. 1 and amsttnee of * good adveriinna agency.
A Iiu of these will be. fjimihcd. wlthoul -,,.t or obligation, by lht Secretary of
Canadian Prem Aittcliilon, Room S03. Lunnden Building, Toronto.
l��> SATURDAY, DECEMBER, 27, 1013.
PAGE   af/CN
Reported Proposals
Regard?.:.�� UlsLer
wall unci hand it over to Prance, It.i'.lvc the Unionist majority  inJ later
,.- repusnauct   In ""������    -l,r* ^'n'l]\i
tha Drl :'-,-��� i propoai       *   ���-���    ' ��� be both
Icnoe at lhe thought of dlsolfifd    ami    practicable.      Many (.Reraarltab]
Plan   Attributed   to   Government
Statrd in Lcr.dcn Paper��� Healy
Glveo Hin Viev/3.
Dublin, Deo, 86.   Muoh prominent
Ih given In The Newa '.f tba N'.'ij.-IiI to
tho  announcement  that  tho  govern-
W^M^M^MWM^M^ltM,-. | think enough  consideration has    not.
���;   . *,   ;:��� inlsti  tlve  dlffl al -   ������ u to the i  tn ral body o! the
i i he t ������" illy fundam ml  :    *���        ty i il    I   Ulati r altogether. Na-
!��� would ke a bitter con-! turally, therefore, they are tn-tlnn the
Habit*  Enter into Ihs
but-DI Is <>' Mating.
Of  all   the   bird   tribe  by   far t List   Interesting  in   ita  customs  of
1.1    HSHHHHmHIHHmKa battering"
|sltiou leaders a now propaBal regard boas lufled.
n    iho I   **.    it of tftoter under tha     ������   legal and-Cavan aro aa National
homei    t l Ml    'i be plan atti but< dil in   ��� r are i.   Tht re ia a
to tbi     Ini ��� i      thua described; najorlty of illata in 1    m li :* ���
"(1),   The  Ulster members sitting '���    ''���' ��� -" -    L::' ;':,,) ,,,r'-; ''���'��������� 'n
in  th             Irish parliament *1   uld      ;    :  ":   '   *' '     ,  Antrim, Armi
in      .' to    et   any v opoi  d "*' '     '���  ���'���  '"���        ' '*" '" Pl '
:��� ���    :      ,.        ��� fat ai II i ilsrhi affect *',; ��� '���'",; ���' [ * ,   ,     _
,,,,.   ,.,,,,        *    | : ,,,.    ,        ���,*,; lalm made by the member!
* ,   : ,   I.���   ���    llntain   il  for a "   ""/���'  '�� ,h:\\\'    '"
, .;,���: .,.,,,-., ,      , ,,. ** tire n  ia Ulsl  i  ehli  ��. ahould be ex-
,,   .       ,,..,, , ,, eluded ��� -i thi   | rt und that they could ****
���:i|*   'V ;,;*'      repiwntatlve ,��� , : .,      ,-,, , , .,.������,.��� ,.,, ,  ...   ,���
���m oi ull parties hava been In-, uutBr l0 comt> unil.r what they cal
t'j defeat the bill as a whole. [They are a   remarkable   example   of
(,:,  |       ttroductton two yeara ago selection by tha female, and U la poa-
..   . ould have taken u scheme by albly from a ccntemplatlon of thi  ���
ihich t i   Senal    should !j.- half Pro- Interesting creatures that   .Mr. Shaw
nt    Al  presenl  the senate la a  originally got his idea for 'Man ami
:..;... I ody, to bi selected by each  Superman,' " aald Dr. V. B. Korkman
.: . i i* n proportional  repre   In   an    address    tutors   a    London
bi itatlon   system.    Many   prefer    to college.
r verl to tbe acb '1 order of Mr. Qlad-     ."'i'he ruff is a swashbuikll'.g bird
"tone's   home  rule  bill   in   1885,  and \ with an    imposing  collar  or  ruff  of
thereby  mould a real representatlv
formally consulted, and have with a
. **. exe ptlon i found th breed p n
otpli     : ... i:.. i ptable." '���"  > ���
there!       to be fi   mall    eubi   "'Mi t(,
Ibe i , :     I    i       li      aa a I    I
til       sh n wilii :i vli tv to a sett! 11.��- - _ <
i *       ���    'i in' Mews of tbe World
also rtates th  I   to mei I Otal r'a fear
��� t admlnlal atlvo oppri salon, vari u
��� , dlfl ������.'���* * ������ to li* Introdui l ini t
the 6111. it suggests tbat the iiirri-
culty al.. ui pi irn*.*".. ��� n :..* be gol
ov.r b) throwing the whole of Uie
(rli ii cl! ll i 'ivi-1- open to compi tltlon
under lhe direction of commissioners
ti'i'i tim: tha county councils, "acting
it"l, pi ndently ur actln ��� I tbei
through del ������ ." �� 111 I ��� Invei ti d
v. Hh satisfactory prerogatives regard ng education, the police, and tho
appoints)* ��t of maj latratis.
ii tvlng i ".ii aaki I by a Union al i r
ii io state th.  Natlonallat   ibji i *' a
iii"  i*.it 'ii lon  of  i'.i.ii r I  im   I . ���
tm. rule bill, Timothy Heal). K. C .
r     aya:
i ':��� ; *    -  first wbai  may i ������   I led
eentli i   I I orliisl ric rt aon  an .   ��� *. in*h. ii
rt   the   materl ll   rr   ;:i!   tlnl
tho "Wl.ii. nallsl heol.'
I . ��� ai -nine  tliat     tin
Union! ; objection to h( me i utla would
illefli ' bytho i.i ii of tii.*
tour . iui
i: must i. rememl eri i thai In tb ������
��� 1. idi b a ver.. . i - mg and
������i \   Ian ��� '    '..������ '.
.- ri : ������ rmagb t I irna a bome rul
. r: Armagh City bai a National!! I corporation; ,;, .*:li Down rUurn:- B homt
ruler bo doci the borough of Newry,
partly situated in Down ami partly In
��� m i Wi sl Belfaat retuna a Nationalist, and In North Antrim a Lib-
era) roi t        sal il are i :tl!."l tht
Oii ::���   ol  .'. itrlm being wholly Cath
in fat t, It may i e aald that t'n
��� ith Hc in hi all tbe di fenaible posl
tlons within ihe tour counties, for tin*
natives  survived  persecution  and
Rare   Plant     in    Goevri-ir/ient    Green-
(���.���.ute Sprcute Into
pulsion  Inthe seventeenth century by
taking  refuge   inthe   mountains   and
: Ii       uto a hli i p mult ��������� :..- tit n Impel "'bl-.
There thi lr i * ndants   are   on
to, thla  hour,   bo   thai   anj
on t'ie view" ran t;ll which
Ottawa,  Dec, 26.���To have been In
��� ristence for over half a century, to
bloi i.i onee and then wither away, Is
likely to be tlie faie of the "AgaveI tremely Interesting 1
x- j Attenuate,"   now   in   flower    in    th'*   althougb   we  live  a
feathers round hla neck and a fasel-
natlng eresi of feathers on bin head.
Ills wbola object In life is to pl".ise
Miss Huff, but be plays Quite a passive part anil cu only Itand atrtl wait
to be chosen, and uot all of the male
blr Is are fortunate enough to ba so
favored. When the time for chooHlrtg
conns round the male birds tike up
Iheir position on a hillside and wait
for lh��- glad moment, making them-
selves look as bewitching as pos?ibis.
"But of a colony of twenty-two
ruffs observed only eight were chosen
by the discriminating f"males, and of
these only two���both of tbem very
gaudy, dressy '..irtls ������ were chosen
time after time. One can only sympathize with the poor ruffs who were
left out in the cold altogether, and
hope that they accepted their exclusion with some philosophy.
Kven the l_onr>on Bparrow is ex-
his courtship,
fetime   among
Baking Powder
Pure,   Healthful,   Dependable)
Its active principle solely
grape acid and baking
soda. It makes the food
more delicious and wholesome.   ____________________
The  low priced, low grade
powders put alum or finite
phosphates in the food.
Ask Your Doctor About That
n a Catholic and which Is a Protest
int holding, merely by reason of thei
(,'n the sentimental side there l�� au     	
Invincible repugnanci   on  lb��  pari  of fact that thc barren areas are those
ir* :u i in t . aiion tin-:r country to i- in Celtic handa.
���isplit in twain, ii ' merely bi   iui    ll li    therefore,   theae   four    counties
suggests   thai   Irishmen   bave   aol   ������ a    i   exclud .i  from the rail  of Ire
i  count ..  with common Intel land a Catholic minority, reaoluti and
���  '     l -it also becaus.   th*. portion w ��� en I      red,   would  never eaaaa  their
���ii-.. aaked to   lltserver irom tbe real a llstlon to Join han.!-: with the reel
ol the laiand ta in r allty thai mod of t^olr race.   Veu *���*���  uld bave a k::n'
I historically cherished,    it wai In  Ul- -f "Italia  Irredenta" agitation perpet-
I mer Hi. Patrick established his cath.* ually maintained.
jdral, from which Ireland w:is Christianized It ia there be Is but i'd. v., .
tbe i thi r treat [rli h aatnta, SL G
nnd st Columbia, whose names form
pari ui ih.* dally invocation of every
it waa in  i'Im* r the I* ������  stand of
-in  Irish princes was made, and every
j portion ofthe ground afterwards planted by Jam ��� I   is hallowed by some slonera, a aaparate pos
patb-etlc historical recollection. It was rate  customs  .'ind   e>:ci
.-.hen. the four counties conhl never
afford tbe cost of the machinery of
government on thc scale now ap
They  would  need  separata  Judges,
separate  pollce,  separata stipendiary
magistrates, a separate local govern
mi nt board,  separata  land    commls-
loners,  separate   purchase    com nils-
office, sepa.
a   eeparate
| the lart part of Ireland to b? conquer- education   board,  and  all  the  rest of
. d   :.- I tho Bufferings which the band- the  paraphernalia of civilization,
ful ol natives who were allowed to re- p rn-iy 1." snld that they could be
main  after the plantation  (begun  In annexed to the home office in London
1810)   have   undergone  during   three or th" s.-otti.-h  office in  Edinburgh.
:nlurles   of   penal   laws   will   oever Absurd!   Muoh   tha   home   office     in
leave the hearts of their felhw coun- London or the Scottish office knows
tryiiiot' of Irish land laws or the Irish educa-
In   Ulster lie  mr.?t  of    the    battle- tion system or of Irish local govern-
nelda In    which valorous weeds w re ment  or  the   whole code of separate
.                 done,   lu   which   Iriahmtn   take   pride trlt-h  laws   .frpctlngthese  nreas.
l)H8t many manutactlll'-  Englishmen are now strangely tenor A hasty critic may ask. "Why should
ing  plants  have  been ^,r��;wn MptB,M ln drfeaUaf u^
lOSt   to   the   Community Dlatw herota, and of the endurance
ovvinp to the exorbitant\^J_^ JgJgSJJ;. w"�� ov,'^l'!1"," ln'
firicea    demanded    for    wera ii to be propoaed to shear oft
and.   your  careful   at-|tomB��i-^apl��seof KanterCorn.
tention is invited to the
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for;
sale to bona fide business concern;., manufacturing sites,  all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfrontage at from Twelve hun-!
dred and fifty dollars;
per acre, also home sites
for  employees   at   ex-|
tremely low rates, with
excellent school  facilities, city water, electric
light, etc.   Address enquiries to
Granville Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
government greenhouse.   Tbe
;.i   one   ofthe   rarest   flow rs   known
md the om   bere Ih the only one In
About forty yeara n��o when the
pi . ini greenhouses were erected on
Parliament lllll, the plant was re-
moved here. Very little was known
tboul ii ami it has been tenderly
���ired for and curiously watched to
see wiiat it would do. The plant has
at last "assumed ita maturity antl this
s likely to cause its death,
Inirini? the time the xilant has been
here the government gardeners have
taken a great interest in it ami have
spent a great deal of time in studying
it. They have discovered tbat the
plant is a native of Mexico and that
'he t nly oth"r known specimens are
I In the botanical gardens in Washington. H C. The only time that the
specimens in Washington are known
[to have bloomed was in the year isi"
a.ii  1898.
Native of Mexico.
The plant is a nuiive of Mexico and
.vas discovered by plant hunters there j
ui 1834, It is not known how the
���;n , Imen came to Canada, but it is
thought tha! it was through tbe
-igency of ft me of the 0. S. plant collectors. However, the plant tcok up
a plaoe in the government greenhouse
some time before IS"... aud s'nee that
time has been one of the most valued.
"It has taken time to bring it into
"f  thev ,,���t live under Kngiish laws?"-'. .!��WPtr'"' ?M T,hc*'  B\5wta'  one, ot
at which a howl of protest would rise  '.''I   h^(i   ^"letters    tais     morning.
 -vi-v fa-mer. whether he he :..!.'.'P.. ."?_*''r.lnS���h.a8 5__^__L^-.?�� J__!
Catholic or Protestant. In Armagh. An
trim. Down or Derry ^^^^^^^^^_.
There  is  not  a  detail  ot  rural  nre 'tiimpd ���** "">'ur.ly
With which Bngltahmen    are familiar
t'-at oould   be  transf'.-rred  unchanged
to any Irish county.
Beaidea this, the lopping off of
tbese counties would involve a mm-
Dlete recasting of the finances of the
b "iie rule bill for the remaining
twenty-eight counties.
That, of course, would mean an en-
tlreiv mw bill. True, its finance is (
Hi leaat palatable feature fur all
lriihiirn. but her. John Hull would
bare naw obieotione to raise from
th" British  standpoint.
Moreover, the Protestants In the excluded Ulster counties would not alone
ha Injured, but those throughout tbe
red of Ireland, who look to Secure
representation for their Interests In
an Irish parliament from the members returned for I'lster.
Such n "srttlement." therefore
would the the most unsettling seoclfic
ever applied to any political problem,
it   would   be  odious   to   the   excluded
Protastanta.   It would be haterui to
every Catholic. It would burden the
Pntrstnnts In the excluded counties
with a bitter Catholic question, und
would  throw   all  Ireland  Into unrest
Agavejtheai without knowing it. Ta- mating of tbe sparrows may be observed
at any time between March and June.
That sudden, fierce outburst of chattering which most ef us think mistakenly is the prelude to a fight is
really a courtship conducted in sparrow style.
"The cocks surround a lady sparrow, each crying out shrilly his own
excellences and tbe shocking demerits
of the others. Tlie lady accepts all
this homage by peckin. furiously at
all the excited Euiiors, Uut eventually
she rnako_ her choice and hies off
with one, and they live happily together for the rest of the season.
"The cormorant also has a most
interesting way with him. When he
is 'in love' he lie: down and, twisting
his neek round, lays it flat along his
back. And if Mi's Cormorant is
touched, aa sh�� should be. by this display of misery an ! devotion, she rent-
iy caresses with her bill the feathers
ol Mr. Cormorant at the point where
the neck curves over on I the body,
aud  all   Is well."
C. A. COGERT, General Manager.
Capital Paid up
Reserve Fund and Undivided Profits
A Savings Department
Is conducted at every Branch of the Eank. where deposits of $1.00
and  upwards  are   received and Interest at current rates added.
Il is a safe and convenient depository for your money.
cultivation  it  got.    The  growth   waa
ry slow, but I think it haa now at-
The True Source
of Beauty
is, ;:r.t\ must bo, good health.
Sallow ekin and f:.ce blemishes
t_re   usually caused   by   the
Eicseace of impurities in lhe
loot] -impurities which also
cause headache, backache, lan-
gUOr, nervousness r.n<l depression of spirits. If, tt times,
when there is need you will use
you will find yourself better in
every way. With purified
blood, j ou will improve diges-      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tiOD, Bleep KIOTO testfull^ and   ����<* unction devising schemes to Bplte
your nrrves willI be quieter.'[%ZT'n illness point of view, it
You will recover the charm of ;,,01llrt be faU1   1o   Belfast,   which
���Sparkling CyoR, a Spotless Com- wn-nW loso the custom which its ware-
plerior, rosy lips and Tivacious ttw������ and banks now draw from the
ttnirita     flnnH fnr Jill *th�� fam-   ���*���* of  Ireland;   while  In    America.
gpmML uooa ro��� fro ran- wh ���_ ������������ tr(lde _nj th t.
ily, Beecham s Pills especially j rnnng(5 ot evory Irl8hman(   who   ,B
I proud to stock Iribh linen, the pro-
I test against a separate conclove would
] be so violent as possibly to lead to
I hostile tariff leRlslatlon.
���lt may, however, he said that the
! matter cannot be left to barren nsga-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I fives, anil that some way out should
Tli'*- lirtvtt Mleol .nr medtcinr. Tlw-rfiractiaaS  * \,q  devised
mUi��,c^U.PoiDlliuv,cyi;.coo<lh'��l'*.     |     -,,,._.   _,.��� n���ernat|v(.H wh|ch  wouW
Help Women
To Good Health
|qM evcrywhcft.    In t-u��ts, **��� cents.
fUl Bunrtlne Oirls, wltn tn. frMk Web flwk oompany, plWlnf M th. Royal thoatro.
How often will lh" plant flower?"
"We do not know hom often it will
flower,  this  is the first time  it  has
flowered  .ince  broughl    to    Ottawa.
The only other known specimens are
In Washington and tluy flowered recently  one year after the other."
"Will this bloom hurt the plant?"
"Yes." said  Mr.  Davis, "from  what
we   can   learn   of   the   plant   we   expect it to collapse."
"Will the bloom last long?"
"The flowers will likely last a werk [
Jiul  then  w�� expect  to sec it   wither:
away and die."
"Well, will that mean the loss of the'
plant altogether?" atked the reporter, j
"No,  It Is likely that tliere will be
i  st 11  on  either the slalk or under
'he   leaves,   and   that   will   mean   the;
-tarting   of  another   plant."
The Agava Attenuate la on -exhibition ln the government greenhouse at
the head of Bank street on Wellington
Ftreet. It Is situated quite near the
door and  reaches almoet to the ceil-
It has a stalk 9 feet and 6 Inches
high. The individual blooms are too
numerous to count and run about a
foot along the stalk about the centre.
They are of a greenish yellow color
with yellow anthers.
The plant towers high above all the
rest in Its vicinity, and Is so striking that it attracts and holds the attention of a person when he enters
they greenhouse. The base of tbe
plant is something like the cadtus
plant. Half way up th? stalk the
flowers start and for about a foot
they are like a girdle around It. The
top half of tho stalk is something like
a thin evergreen spruce.
Fatter Last Month.
The growth of the stalk has been
very slow, but faster within the past
"lottth. From the time it was put ln
there It had only grown about about
live feet up till a month ago, when It
sturted to grow'faster. The last four
'eet appeared during the past month.
It was also just about a month ago
that the plant showed signs of blooming nnd was more carefully watched.
The gardeners In the government
*tr:enhouses don't expect to witness
such another rare exhibition In thetr
ItfB time.
"It's the chance of a lifetime," said
Mr. Davis this morning, "to Bee thla
ilant now. We hsve other rare plants
here, but nothing like this."
Mr. Davis and other of his fellow
gardeners have visited aome of the
'���irvest botanical gardens and green-
''-uses in America, and the only other
Mac? where they saw a duplicate of
Ihe rarity they have was in Washing-
ten  D. C.
Rare Species.
The Agaves are among the moat
"are of this species. There Is a common species known aa the Americana,
bnt they are not nearly aa rare. One
if the common namea for .them ia
the century planta, but this' Is only
i name, for the flower blooms when tt
'eels like It. May be twice a century
and may be oaly once.
"If the rare specimen we bave does
as tho American does when it /lowers
It wll Icollapae," said Mr. Davlea, Im-
iiedlately after tba Americana haa
flowered, and It haa died, the plant
withers away,
The Agava Attenuate Ja not by any
meana tha rarest plant In tha green
houae, but tt la Ita unusualneae la
flowering that make* it prised. Thar*
ara many rap and valued or*hM*
and other plant* that ar* na taneh
valued aa tha Agave.
Ilook Evolution.
"Boo''S" have rrcigressed from
the days when they were only wooden rods or bits of bark. For the
derivation which ronnecls "book"
directly wilh "beech." both having
been "boo" in Anglo-Saxon, is the
favorite one. "Bucbstaben,' the
Herman woril for letlors of the alphabet, means literally "beech
slaves." Many book words go back
to such vegetable origin. The Latin
"Uber," a book, whence comes our
"library," was properly the inner
bark or rind of a tree, especially of
papyrus. The Greek "biblon."
whence "Bible" and "bibliophile,"
meant much the same thing. A
"codex" was a Mock of wood,
"leaf  is obvious.
Are Making Chrislmaj Suits at Reduced  Prices.    Order Maw.
Colllster Clock, Corner Clarkson and  McKenzie Streets.
Markeil by Ribbons.
Women nuldes and interpreters in
Budapest wear a different colored
ribbon for each language which they
s;ieak. They are to be seen walking
abont tha city, waiting at railway
stations and driving in c-_.rriaf.es.
Some have two or three ribbons, and
others have four, five or six. Brigh
red represents English, a heliorop-'
or lavender is Get-nan, a brillianr
yellow means French, a pale blue li
Italian, a brown means Danish.
Dutch is a nlle green, and so oa ]
throughout al! the colors and mos;
nations of tho earth.
The Bank of Vancouver 1
Branches Throughout the  Province  of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Doflai aud
upwards received aud interest at tbe hlghe.t current rule pal.l or
credited half yearly
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold*  ,'syable In all parts of th*
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK.  General  Manager.
Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Tribute To the Dog.
Whether a dog ia the best friend
of man cannot be answered by me,
but of all the animals which have
become domesticated the dog has
been shown to be the only one that
never knows the difference of caste,
class, wealth or habitation. Tbe
shriveling, half starved dog, clinging j
to the wasted toiler in the humblest
abode of a hungry family, wlll never
forsake to go next door to tbe family
that has the blue ribboned, silver
belled poodle or the felt wrapped
collie.���Colonel John H. Lewis.
An Eye Experiment.
The two eyes really see two objects. It the two forefingers be held,
one at the distance of one foot, the
other two feet ln front of the eyes.
and the former be looked at. two
phantoms of tbe latter will be observed, one on each aide. ' If the
latter Hrure be regarded, two phantoms ot Ihe nearest Anger will be
olaerved mounting guard, one on
cither side. I^^H
Recreant Auditor.
"You went to aleep during your
wife's speech."
"Ye*," replied Mr. Meaktoa. "Henrietta haa been rehearsing tbat
speech for a week. I told her I bad
better not come here. I knew something like this would happen It aba
couldn't ahout, 'Are you listening,
Laonldaa?' every now and than."
Moat likely.
Tommy���Papa, a river ia fad
���mall streams, isn't It?
Papa���Yea, my aon.
Tommy���Than I a'poae thnt la
wbat makes Us mouth wnter, tn't
II? _���
Nat n Chnnen,
Paying    Tatter���You    muat   gat
aome ona to identity  you  before I
ean pay thia chock.   Hav* yon nay
friends in thia tewaf
Stranger���Not oaa.   I'm th* dog
,    ������____________���-__���
Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships
Prince Rupert and Prince
Monday* and Thursdays at midnight  fur  Prince   Rupert.
Tursduys   ana   Baturday*  at   II
midnight  (or  Victoria uud  Seattle.
Thursdays   at
Granby Bay.
12   midnight   for
Friday,   Dcci   Kth.   at   1:   midnight for Queen Charlotte Island,
Monday.   Dec   ISth.   nt   12   midnight (or Stewart and MasKt.
train* connect nt Prince Rupert
with Monduv nnd Thursday steamers from Vancouver for Terrace,
llaselton. Smither*; mixed train*
to Roee Lake  (mtk- _t)..��
train* connect at Chicago with alt
lines from the West.
Ticket* to and  from
. any iteonublp .Une you wtab. W*
have them all.
We  will  be glad  to submit  an   Itinerary for your approval.
W. E. Duperow, O.A.P.O.    H. G. Smlth.^C.P. A TA.
827 Granville St, Vancouver.        Phon* Say. S1S4.
Phonea 15 and IS Mi Celwmbln Str**t W.
Wholesale and retail dealer* In the famous Comox steam nad
furnace conl. A ton of thla coal still, without doubt, boil mor* water
than any other eoal om the market
We alao have a limited supply of OM Wellington (Udy*a_ith)
coal tor atoro and grata.
Wa carry a good atoek ot building material, Inetailng Vaneoum
brand ot Portland Cement Thla eeasant la being uaad hy tea Dn-
minion and Provincial OorerawMte ��M all tha larg* Barnorattai
and contractors in th* provino*. H la grout vary ftea and ia van
uniform. Hard wall plaster, lima, aand. gravel, crushed mak. vttrtflaaV
sewer pipe, drain tile, common and gWaaad brick. Ate stay and ttrs
brt*      ��� ������(������ -,^.-.i-'-i ������.,,. a
"Wa dont have sny grnaa growing
in our etrcets," eoeertd the Naw far-
Mr. ���   ,
"No. 1 daraaay not." replied tk*
PtaUadeiphUu-^i suppose yow .strati
onr horses nlhMa It oft as.thagr trows
nto*g."~44Hte��att'u MagaalMu
* Our Interior Flak* ti maaatNtetef J
ed tor Mat ����to. Traps'
W�� aea alao apaotoU��lng la **'
,:*hl��l:ste^��^*'lii*.''-iwisMlr--" ���"-'
���eualv* than th* old aolld
Get m^yteaa bttm-
,vv* -,HT
(By R. E. Porter.)
Financial Troubles.
Willi ,*i leiid bazoo
And a hip-hooray
Aii'l ii ii* ul ol noisy drumming,
Tli,   Big Guys ("it in llurnaby
Cried out, "tin- money's coining
Ami heartfelt thanks
And long-drawn sighs
Accompanied a grateful smile
\v..,   oul mil shopped awhile.
Ami down they iroop
\ happj group
To do  ih. Ir i hrlstmas shopping,
And carl home tii fi ^ of varied suit
To Iiii the Christmas stocking.
prcsovercs    in
I she  is  "his  properly"   fur   which   hn |
haa "bought and paid for."   she then.
; leaves liiin. Before the litial curtain
husband and wile are brought l" B
realization of tbelr Individual faults
and a reconciliation lakes place.
Jour lied to the Coiiuitlam holed, where
The advanoe sale of seats is open
at the box office at the opera house
and Hub Cigar siore for "Bunty Pulls
the Strings."    The assertion that our
satirical, well;   if    lie    .^^^^^^_^^ _    _ ....  _ _^______________________________________________________________________
time he may reach the l'aniassan \\- (-Billy) Rotltleyj proprietor, had theatregoers are vitally Interested In
heights and be hailed as "poet laur- prepared a fine Christmas turkey din- "Bunty" is emphasized by Uie tacti
eat of lhe long card kind." In another ner. Arthur Thorpe, captain of the that mail order applications have been j
effusion. "The World's Eighth Won Coqultlam V. C occupied the chair, heavy during the past few days, and |
der," he writes "Throw in the Vox calling for a numlier of speeches and it goes without saying that "Bunty" j
lltiniaiia,"   if  his  "Vox   Humana"     is  vocal  items frnm the gathering. will play to one of llie biggest engage
as  blatant  as  his  rhymes,  then,   the      Manager   (Irani,   in   proposing   the1 ments  the   Westminster  cpera  house
age  of  miracles lias not  passed  and  toast   "Our   Host."   Mr.   Routley,   tx- has  seen  during  the  present  season.
.,_,.  ��� _ tlie     puiient    animal       that    carried   pressed  the appreciation of tlle West-, "lluuty"   is   the   one   "big   thing"     on
As all on the Btrength Of this promise  Balaam has been resuscitated fur our' minster contingent  in being thus en- the theatrical horizon  at  the present
^^^ benclit   and   spoken   once   more.     Mv   tertained.     (if   the   game.   Mr.   tlrant   time.     The   llayiiiarket   tin aire,   l.ou-
advice to    Mr. It. E,  Porter    is   "Go   stated   that  the  lest  team   won,   bui  don,  has   been   playing  "Bunty"    for
mend thy  ways, ami write no mine."  with   a   regular   line-up   and   on   t'.ie  the  past  Iwo years  lo capacity  busl-
As regards  the chief's uniform, ii   !.-   Moody  l'ark grounds  l'ort  Coquitlam  ness.   and   it   is   expected   that     the
tiie city's���for their    police���ami    by  would, in the near future, have to look comedy  will run another yiar.    New I
orders  he  is  always  to  be   found  at. to their laurels.    Mr. Routley respond- York   and   Chicago   have   bad     tlieir'
tiie railway  station  when  the    train  ed In a fining manner. "Bunty" companies playing Indefinite
comes in.   As regards the slurr about ;    Vocal  selections  w.re  rendered   by I engagements.     The   play   is   laid     in
the chief being    In    Capetown tight- S. Thompson, Billy Worrall, Jack Ste- Scotland,  with a Scotch  theme, ami
"But bej ;  hold oll.
What's this we hear ?"
Shoul teacliersgln dismay W
"Whal a this we hear that we will not being in  the fighting line,  Mr.  It
Receive our five-months' pay !"
Some of them rushed
In haste to see
Tiie councillors in session,
Prepared tn make that pay at ence
Come into their possession.
Willi  most suave smile
The council said.
"Though we have had to  borrow-
Well have have tha-  money for you
So call again tomorrow."
11 tie is the sad part
(if our tale,
I So for the worst  preparel,
Th.* teachers came only  to lind
The money wasn't there.
ing the Boer.  1  rather fancy when  it
came  to  lhat  kind  of scrapping  and
__________________________________________ K
I'orter would be conspicuous by    his
absence,   preferring   to   play   the   disappearing trick.    Another thing    our
critic has to learn is "Poeta nascltur
.non fit," cr in oilier words, a poet  is
; born,   not   made-and   when   he     at-
'tempts even doggerel let him look to
his   metrical    measures,    and    when
short, of a rhyme try  and  tind something  sensible  to  fill    in    instead  of
senseless slang.
Yours truly,
Port Coquitlam. Dec. 110, IHI".
Davis and Art Thorpe. The teams
for the afternoon were:
Port Coquitlam Worrall. Marshall,
Miller, Millard. Thorpe. McLennan,
Klbin, Thompson, Black, Johnson aud
Wastmlnster���Blrchfleld, Shildrick,
McNaughton. l.ord, Bruce, Melklejohn, Haves, I'ariniluff. Stacey, Sterling,  McMillan.
They thought hard things
And said some too,
(Some words were really bad),
They spoke ri.'.'li! out  In  ineetin'
My. some of them  were mad !
The councillors
Thus surely  pressed,
Wltb a deep despairing gronn
Said, "come back here on Saturday,
We'll make another loan."
And so it is
That this a.m.
The teachers yet again
Will call in hopes of getting now
The money owing them,
Will they succeed ?
Will they be paid
After all this verbal chewing ?
Aw 1 don't know, but if they're not
Right from the Heart.
Tell nie not in mournful numbers
Life is but an empty dream
I've a Christmas dinner in me
That I wish I'd never seen.
What's His Reason ?
liis little tummy's oh so sore;
He's sick, his mother tell, us,
llm still there is no doubt but that-
He had a Merry "Christmus."
He ate an awful hn of stuff;
lie delved in every dish;
t,:.r. hates the sight of food, hut still
lie had a Merry "Chiistmis."
The thought of    eating    makes    him
He knows he's been an ass,
But ask him and he'll tell you that���
He  had a Merry "Christmas."
wart.  Alf.  Johnson,   H.  Jenkins,  Ted  interpreted by an all-Scotch company
ef players, imported especially for the
production. "Bunty," in conversation. I
recently exclaimed: "Ma' but Americans are a sweefl goin' race. The re- j
hearsed us on lh' way over, an' pul
us to wcrk afore wo had th' shake o'
th' ship out o' our bones."
Pandah  Singh lias the    system    of
j deference to his worship Police Magis
] trate Edmonds down to   a   polished
i Punjab science.    When he was hoist-
icd  into  the  dock  yesterday  morning
and  charged   with  having  stolen    an
i overcoat,  basket   and   watch  from    a
Chinese cook in the eastern residential
district     of   the  city.     Pandah    waa
Danny at the doughnut with upraised
  clasped palms, salaams  and    all    th"
team in the city basketball league, .rest of the oriental calisthenics that
jammed the brakes down hard on t'.ie go with a vivid show of deference.
Hustlers last, evening and compelled Nobody could make cut what Pandah
the Sangster family to make prepara- was trying to say. hut. as his cast
tions for a play-off with Columbian was adjourned fur a day. it didn't mat- |
college.    The former high srhool boys ter much.
Whv il'rt tin   *���'-���'������      *���*.    seas.ni      Pandah'Singh is a true descendant
nrll  Uool-i   l-'v "  a-E:aillst tlH* Hustlers, fast combination of those fakirs who squat hy the road* |
''���       '"'. ���' aa-_ ���  and  accurate shooting  featuring  the side In the country where the Ganges
Adanacs    Prevented    Hustlers    from
Grabbing    Pennant���Crescents
Defeat Tigers.
The Adanacs. perhaps the younges
Junius, why did you do it ? Why.
oh why did you do it ? You've rooned
us, thai's all. rooned us,
lUght at this merry Christinastide
when the young folks' seeking the
shelter of mistletoe is symbolical of
the attitude of all men to their fellows (and girls too for that matter)
you have attacked us most crooly.
Just when thai brotherhood feeling
is supposed to be uppermost you have  pfg^d'tliflr best'game"cf "thf
turned it upside down     " '*��������� ���'������'          '
not wait until say, A
That  would have been a  more appro
prlate time.    What will all the people
say when they nad this ���    Echo even
refuses to answer "what."
Then, too, dear Junius, you quot':
Latin.    There   you   have   the  advant
contest from start to finish.   Thefin.il  flows  and   live  off  the  gifls  of    the
score was 23-18  in  favor of the  Ad- passera-by.     I'andah's     bank     hook I
nacs.   ln the first game the Crescents shows that he has over two thousand
defeated the Tigers In a slow and list- coo! Canadian rupees in the hank and
less contest  by  a  score of 37-33. yet he goes aboul lhe olty peddling a^
The  playoff between  the  hustlers touch luck recilal an(1 annexing more
age of us. We never sludied it.    Afier  and Columbian college will be arrang-  Co.n" thereby'Tie   has   inst  finished
had    learned ������^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���^^^a.
saplendum"     we
'ad    Hades
school,   via   the   headmaster's   office
Do you not think it slightly unfair to  College
cum  ed to take place next week,
frum the standing of the league
P.    W.
8    r.
Hustlers .
Adanacs .
Tigers   . ..
speak to us in a foreign tongue ?
And you seem to be under the impression that we are ambitious to be
come a poet. No, kind s'r. v. e are
uct; nol to be oven a rhymster; not
even a hot doggerel man. We do not
wear a flowing tie. We have never
lived in un attic, except when company came. So we can never claim |
to be a poet. 	
However, all this is beside the point, i
Vou  do    not    like    the    way    Chief  League Rugby Game at Queen's Park
Thomas was spoken of.    Vou write tt;
Here Is doing a three months' stretch for that
kind of work and now    he    is    at it j
again, with the further suspicion added that he. has been    taking    thins*
that weren't given him.
This Afternoon���Changed  Lineup of  Locals.
us to say so, Si I Now. dear Junius,
if -we have said anything cruel or
have injured    anyone's    feelings    we ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hasten to Bay we are sorry.    We are 	
'serious  when saying  that  last.    But.    ~,    t.   .       ,    , _��� ,    ,
' after al,  by your own words you have  JJ%**^lSraiWiWl
answered yourself,    iou imply we are    - "   ** '
met just responsible.   Then, what else
' can you expect from us, save "senseless slang" and "doggerel" ?
Wishing you a happy new year,
(P.S.���You question whether or nol
wo would  face the  foe at Capetown.
That's unnecessary Junius. We would
not.    They say real bullets made   of
lead, lead, lead, were Hying In ihose
parts.    Anyway  we  always  were    In
[favor of universal  peace.    Until    we   Hoyals fielding the following team
Puzzle���Find the Compliment.
To the Kditor Tbe News. __________________________________����� ���
Hear Sir,���We noticed in your valued  get out cf range at least.���ft. E. P.)
paper of some  few  days ago an ode
dedicated  to Chief Thomas,  cf    Port
Coquitlam,   by   someone   styling   hini-
���telf II.  E.  Porter    I reporter,    I    presume).   The effusion, for I cannot call
���it poetry,    was    conspicuous    by its
scurrility and  want    of    gentlemanly
courtesy.    Anyone  writing  such  doggerel as that and publishing it, should
see a doctor at once or    tils    friends
should remove hlm to the Colony farm
ai   Essondale,  for I am afraid it dis
plays a softening of the brain���or per
Imps there is n touch  of ambition In
his attempts al  ryhm ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pleasant to see one's name in print." .holidays and wlll not resume business
No clu'ibl his friends considered it a I until Monday, American markets were
brilliant  hit,  rerj  witty, caustic and | trading as usual.
Organization'   Committee   to   Launch
Federal   Reserve Banking System
to Start Work  Next Week.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Washington, Dec. 26.���The organiza-
tlie Queen's park oval this afternoon, Itlon committee whicli Is to launch the,
ihe contest starting at 2:45. Several hew federal reserve banking system
changes hav? been made in thn local | for the nation announced tonight Its
line-up which are expected to bring)plan of action fur marking out bound
results in points. laries  ot  reserve  districts    and    the
The Welshmen are well in the run-'selection of tederal reserve cities.!
ning for the championship and will i Public hearings will be held In four-1
evidently put up t'.ieir strong. Bl same teen large cities of the country N'-w i
owing to four olher clubs, well off in ; York. Boston. Chicago, St. 1/Oiils. Den- I
points, being pitied against each oilier ver, Seattle, Portland, Ore.. San Fran- ;
the same afternoon, A. It P. l.loyd cisco. l.os Angeles. Houston. Tex.,!
will probably handle the whistle, the New Orleans, Atlanta, Cincinnati and
Horse Killed by Electricity.
Vanoouver,  Dec.  26,���Through  tlie
breaking of an electric light wire on
Main   slreet.    a  borse
cuted  tliis evening,  thc
touching    the    animal.
b tan tiy,
Cleveland. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
j    Although these cities are Ihe only
__________________*_ai[0n' ,ones to be visited, It was announced
MdDonald,   Davis   f|'.ichburn,   Evans, | that   the  adva
Andrew, IJuneaiison
Bmlth, Hart, Wilcox. Ruddock, Wilcox. Dan, Davidson, Biggs. Ste
was electro-
falling wire
killing  it  in
Wheat   Market   Closed.
Winnipeg, Dec. 26.-The wheal mar-!
ket   was   closed   today   aud   will   not
open  until    .Monday.    Liverpool    and
for sure it'.-iI Paris  were also observing  Christmas
C. H. S. Soccer Team Capture Second Trophy  from  Vancouver���
Score 5-1.
outages of mnny other.
| would he considered and tbat hankers
land  ethers  interested  in    cities    not
named in this list would be heard,
I The   two   cabinet   officers   compiling
the committee will spend practically
i all of the next two months In this
i work and expect to conclude their
| labels   wlihln   the   time   all   national
banks are given in which to announce
j their Intention of becoming members
I of tlie  system.    It    will    not    begin
hearings until next week.
Winning   Numbers
First,  .589
7109, 4177
Second  2158;   Third,   1440.     Next  five,   1829,
2262,   1482.
off all china and Glass ware    Cblna    Din
Berry l-.eis, Plates, Sugar and Creams, eti
CUT  GLASS���Celery  Tray-   Sugar and Cream
etc., ile.
CRYSTAL   GLASS���Goblets and  Tu
Seis.   Chocolate   Sets,
Pitchers, Vases,
New Westminster.
Outplaying their opponents every
Inch of the way, the soccer team of
the Koyal City high scliool defeated
the Kilsilano Baptists on tii" Cambie
street, Vancouver grounds. Christmas
nay   nv ruing  and   thus   captured   the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Brunswick.   Five to one waa the score,
������very goal of which was W( il earned
The victory of lh.  school  boys and   Main Depot    cf  M. C.   R.  In    Detroit
lhelr winning the trophy means a
second cup brought from Vancouver
to New Westminster ia less than u
week,   the   Hovers   capturing   the   Iro-
uiiois cup on the Saturday previous.
Arthur Annandale, ''e scoring star
of the contest accounted for three of
the goals scored, Oeorge Et ency and
Duthie   ach grabbing a lone tally.
Westminster w.is the first to score,
the ii.'ip'i-ii equalizing a few minutes
later. Afur tbat in.'re was nothing
to it bul the Koyals One of th�� larg-
��� si crowds that lias yet attended a
Junior Alliance game in the Terminal
City graced the side lines.
_ At the Theatres
\Vinter injCajifornia
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established IUI.
We write Flre. Life. Accident, Employtrs'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Oeorge Uroadhunt'i much talked of
play. "Hought and Paid For," will be
presented at the opera house on Monday i veiling.  December 89.
"II: ut'.hl and Paid  Por" Is conceded
to he tlie  hest  play  from  the  pen of
thla   dramatist   who   has   had   many
groat   successes   io   his  credit.    The
I lav appeals to all classes of theatregoer)  im   Hn-  reason  that   lis  story
preBenls    phases    of    American   life
'��� familiar (o all,    A telephone operator
i In a big New  York hotel meets and
! marries    a    prominent      millionaire,
Hobcrt Stafford. The husband Ih given
Ito .over-indulgence In  drinking,    and,
In the big scene of the play, be returns to his home after a night at lhe
club and attempts to force upon hls
wife hls drunken careaaes.    Kin-   re
pulses him only to ba reminded that
Swept  by  Flames���Many Records
\ Bpoctacu i
cause    un  !
Di Irolt, Mich., Dec. 26
lar Iin* si .rling    from a	
kin .mi    iwepl   lhe   main   depot of  lln '
M,   C.   Hallway   company   here     this
afiernoon. Tii" blaze which started in '
ove of the olflces In an  upper Btory,
gained  greal headway before it  wa;
discovered ami althougb several hun-j
dred  persons were in  tlie hullillng   ii
tlie time, ouly one, a male employee,
was Injured,   Ills condition, however,
is nm Berlous.
The damage to the depot proper
was estimated at (160,000, Railway
records, freight and express were also
ecu'-iiiii' d Bl d officials of the road \
said lhe otal loss might be a quarter
of a million dollars.
New Insurance Company.
Ottawa, Dec. 2(1. -Notice Ih given in
thc Canada Gazette thnt the next ses
slon of parliament, will see u new In
snriir.ee company to be known as th''
United Umpire I.lef Insurnncn com
pany which will seek Incorporation
with the right to do business In the
Lineman Electrocuted.
Vancouver, Dec. 2(1-Edward Knight,
a lineman employed by the B. 0, E
11., was electrocuted while wnrking
on a pole llne at. the corner of
Twentieth avenue and Inverness
street here this afternoon Decensed
had evidently touched a heavily
charged wire.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Today's Attractions of Interest to All
Two Special Silk Sales TODAY IS CORSET D��.
We are offering loday a line of  Silk,   juat   to   hand,  at   prices   tbat We  are  now   carrying  a  full
make it  eaay  to buy a dress or waist.   They ure a special lot and "������'' (,r ,".(i 'amo"s    ''-  J ���   )���"���
,    ,   ,    , ���    .    a. .'     ......       a .,      n-       it ii      ���_��� ii    i.           sets    and    also    the  American
include Liberty Batlu,  IIMU, Satins     uniallnes and Jap 811k   In T(M       ,       fc _l(.
a very good assortment of shades;  widths vary from Jl         Af* Hp,,(.i.ll p_(_() bur>,aln8 ure offt,r.
to 27 inches wide.    Vour choice of the lot for, per yard ~t*mt\* (,j I(_ rm ymlr (vrjfvl wants.
If there Is any gift you have overlooked this is your opportunity. REG. $1.00 CORSETS FOR 75c.
Another let of Silks and Sallns. most suitable for evening or after- These are mude. of good quality
noon wear; some pretty shades In beautifully finished soft silk; white coutille. with medium
36 inches wide. A most appropriate silk for the new style or draped |jnst am| long bip. A perfect-
gown. Amongst the colois are gray, white, cream, salmon, sky, fitting model made and shap
old rose, brown, r si da, shell pink, navy, orange, etc.; AQ ed exactly as the better cor-
regular value to $1.1.5.    On sale today I/OC nets, and finished  with    four
The  Satin  comes 40  inches  Wide and  we  specially  recommend   this hose supporters.    There   cor-
brlgi-.t   finished   satin   for  splendid   wear;   colors  are  brown,   rose, sets are splendid value at tl.00
rest da, cream, pink, red, cerise, etc.; values to $1.75 for,        QQ each.    Today's corset
,,,-r vard  af OC prkSei 75*
1   r '            $1.50 CORSETS  FOR $1.00.
>.w                  r%      11* T"_l                     ���                                        Heavy   White   t'outllle   Corsets.
Warm Bedding Bargain              aTynjrjf S:
km��                  ��� wt*        1           ���          _T                           smart  .-.hape.  adapted  for all
9    Nflr-PQCllV rillflOTAt    fit"                            figures ond flnlBhed with four
d.   llCCCOoIlJ L_ffUVIg^.l.    \J��*                             hoso supporters; regular 11.50.
m C ���     1 Today's sale price Sl.OO
not a Luxury Specials            Jl5-,5S2SE,J2r!lS
!i cTiM ]T u\:7,imT*Z from tlie               f.SSA:K
SW S�� ���'...':;;"' ������;   ;��� Staple                ���� -Mi" ���**
children    take    cold    at    nlgnt, *                                                                     *                                     .  __
through  bavteg towKWtMlgJ Hptl?! lament                Lakes' Satin I'nderskirtrii;"
clothes, when you can buy good UGUtXI UllCIll               m. ,H,nil (,ranK,.. roya| pur.
warm,  cozy   blankets  or   quilts *"                                                   pie, blue and  black;  finished
QuCX 68i72;' go���d heavy Hero is a line thai  must In-            wgfctop   "������������,   phuo-d
cotton filling, cowed in gr-.-n. ureal   yon.   Planneletta   Mian*         s��tm i'ndersCs Mni.hcT'w'it"
ted, brown or bw m, k ,p  ._,,,,,, or gray.                                narrow niching on foot. In roi-
each    . ��� -Sl.SO *-"�� ��*./�����                                                                     ors of green, brown, navy, Co-
Turkey      Rod      (hint/-      t-u.t            SUe  M4;   per pari $1.25               pi.nhagen.  la...  Nell  rose and
���y and'weli    liZ    with **<-   IU;   per  pair. . .   ,S1.65               BBS    Bpaotel at. . .  Sl.OS
iievers. and  will    I III!    w in *._._.           Taffeta   and   Messaline     Under-
cotton,   a ��... liin I" tore very Btee 12-4; par pair.       $1.95            skirts, in newest shades, with
BuSlIu 'TO!? TiSifirR .-in"  Pun'  nnisl, d   whit. Wan-             *g>      ^^..^ft
light or dark colors, filled with neletto! regular 12He   value.            pno*"- ������'������*��� ma ��������*�����
gotten; almost as lh,,, ������., ������r ,,.��� ^ j^pj ^ ^j
m V"'l!- r \S��,?u���msd  "I5�� Mf,ai'��W   H'W"'1""1   U'"n;   rUra           F��W Net Waists. In a good as-
Sateen  lowered  (Jul   s       l ><   Of Mron), w,-.���  ,0_ ,hr(.a,| (,raw.               K()rtm(,nt ,,, ������.���.,,, ,lllf,i w,th
[a'nev   designs     well   'quilted lng nnd embroidery!   reg.  Sac               silk;   values  to    $5.00.    i__
and f.li.'l with pure white cot yard;   3G  In.  wide,    Today,  a              '*l111   ��� ������������ ��� ���   ������*.             SX.WS
.     . _ ... .Vv->  m .                                     _��_��_.           Colorad  Wool   Waists  iii  tailor-
toil Ilia 68XM. al >ard    69C ed style; values to ��2.r,n,   Spe-
each    5>3-7J�� . ,  '                              _,*, _,_.
Down   Comforters,   in   all   si7.es A   pair  of   White  Towels;   siie ���     _/; _ Ml '*tY**~*t
and colors. Nothing Is so light Mx60;   heavy Turkish  weave;              The balance of our Tea Aprons
ttzsux? ^ri;?!.    ^a* iss   SgSsg |K
urfi v<rwsr ,ra lM,r T6d"-"",,:,ir Mc   ^^0.^^:::: m
$5.95.    *7.0O,    *lu'oui,*'t,:�� Kxtra    Heavy    Weave    Kngiish           Our  Children's   Coats   are  sell-
 *9****tW Cotton Sheeting; bleached; 70               lng al most reasonable orlOBI.
ft!    * %H_rr<rrr< inches wide.    A sheeting that           Sl7��s  from  3  vears  up.    I'rlces
|{|   ANKKIN will give   greal    satisfaction;                from          $2.95  'o $7.50
W. can  tfi! most any order for S5��JSrt*   '   ^.  Sf5           SNAPS  PRICES ON  FURS
blankets,  from  th? dark gray ���_.__����.,
union  blankets,  al   $8.00    P"r Eleached   Huckaback  Tovnelllng               All  our  stock  of  hurs  Is  repair  to ibe pure, aoft,   dean . ..             .                           diired  to the    lowest    possible
wooi of the famous    Skeldon "     '   " y ro'                          prices.
blanket at, per pair.$10.00 Th I li'.    ll 17 l.iehcs wide, and          NttJura   :Mlnk S,"t; "KiSLf^i
Hefore  you  buy  blanket-'  yen ;..   excellent   value   at    Ike   a           _,,?   ���         .   '_,.",' **3*#H?
owe  It  to  yourself  to    let    UB yard,    It Is a fine self rinlsh          M1"k  Marmot  Stoles;   reg   $m
show you our stock, which  *aa grade; reg. lXc. a vard. Today _8pe?**i   ���*,'V'"***�����?
never more compile .a...,  it  is special, per vard ISC rrencn Coney    aets,    rag    ��".
right now. *   * Special    $17.SO
Cray    Blanket!    al $3.00. $3.50. See  this  lot    of    Apron    ding-          fray Squirrel    Set;    reg.    $35.
$4 50   $5.00   $6.00 and $6.50 hums, In various idiecks, some Special    $2S.OO
While Blankets    at,    pef   pair. ,  having  borders:   36  In    wide,          Cray   Squirrel   Muff;   reg.   $13.
$3.75, $1.25, $��-95, $5.50, $6.95, regular   I5c   a   yard.     Today. Special   SO.*"
$8 00, $9.00 and    .    $10.00 per yard  12'_e Cray Squirrel 8carf;  ret    $10.
TrStMrW'MOO T*��*�� ����� "< ��'*���'���""��� "���         ���%* �������'' '*B*mi**\ ._?W
or red al, per ponno. 91,0V nelette; fine close weave. |n a Special   $0.80
**,         *.           w��    a Knod assortment of rolnrs, and              We havo a  few nice acts of
SrAflinflr    VSIIIIPC -:i inch,'B  ---'i'-'  regular l-'.e           children's  furs  left,  which    are
UlCIUIlg     I aiUCO yard.   Today, per yard.  10c          greatly reduced.
in Men's Under- Attractive Bar gains on Our Main Floor forTodays'Se lling
WP31* fAP w" carJ'r a "vy fholco stock In all kind aof Fancy Art Needle-
" v***   *���*'* work Ooddl.   Ask to see anything you want In that line of good; our
rwt     J         >      C    11* clerks will be pleaied to show them to you.
I HnAV  S  ^^IlinC Children's Woollen  Mooters, In a good variety of rolors and different
a ��U��;   ��  WVI""D weaves.   Bpaolall priced at, per pair 2��e, 50e, ��Sc and 7S*
lleRt   quality   "1'enangle"   Wool Chlldn n's Woollen Jackets. Comes In a good number of fancy weavea;
l'e..,. d  Underwear.    A  iplen- !l'H" I" cashmere;    and    In    colors    r<Ml    and    white.      Prices    at
,1 .1 garment for men whu can each     $1.75 ��"d $1.95
not  wear wool;  all sizes from ''m Cushion Konns; all slz.-s   Prices     1Sc, 20c, 25c and _\St
34 tn 41. Price, garment.  SOC llerlin  Wools, In all colors;  single and double.    Selling at two doien
"Ponman'a"  Pure Wool  Heavy 'or   \Bt
Klbbed     Cnderwear;     double Wa also carry nice lines In Aprons, Tea Aprons, Fancy Work Aprona,
breasted.    An   exoallant  gar- and Clotbai Pin Aproni,   These are all made up and stamped ready
ment for hard  winter    wear. for working, some being lace trimmed. At ..2$c SSe, BOe and 75*
This Is our regular $1,25 and Don't   forget  our nice  assortment  of  ..adles'  and  Children's  Wool
$1.50 line,    Special, per    gar- Skating Caps.    A good  variety of shades and  styles. Prlre�� from
ment   95c each  25* to $1.00
Heavy   Pure   Wool   Ribbed   Un 25c  WILL  BUY 8  OF  THE   FOLLOWING   ARTICLE8  TODAY.
ilcrwcar. A very soft und dur- Boxed Hair Pint, in aitorttd sires,
able garment. In all sizes, from ,        Hooka and Bare, on carda.
34 tn 45.    I'rice S1.50 Darning Wood, in all ahadea.
"Imperial"   fine   Natural     Wool Tapes. Thiirblea and Bone Stllletoi.
Underwear, for men who want Safety Pins, Darning Needlea and Bodkine.
a  medium    weight    garment. Fancy Dress Pint, with black and peaH heada.
Price, per garment. .. $1.25 Collar Supports, Hair Nata and Knitting Needlea.
"Dr.    Shield's"    Natural    ('ash Sllkine, 8pcol�� In all thadia,
mere underwear In a medium The above articles can be bought In separate or mixed lota.
weight,     pure   wool   garment. LADIES'  UMBRELLAS AT SPECIAL  PRICES.
wry soft and warm,   .lusl lhe Repuliir  $9.00 Values;   Special for, Each, tt.tS.
underwear for particular men; These Ladles' Umbrellas are all made with a Btrong Bteel frame anil
all sizes from U4 to 4��   Price, rod; with plain and fancy wood handles; pearl-chased mounted, and
l>er  garment    $2.50 '" ,;o11' ,1Ml1 silver; covers of splendid quality pure silk.   We have
We are putting cu. a special cut only a sn.-ill stork now left, and every umbrella li worth from $7.00
In  "Woliey"  Underwear,   Bv- to $8.0 Ooach,   Special Reduced Price, each $4.95
ery one  knows that this un- Wo have also a nice lot of Children's Umbrella!, which aro to clear
derwi ar    Is    the    best    that at. each  50* and 75*
money   can   huy,   so   bare   Is A   splendid  assortment of  Ladles'  leather  Handbags;   good  variety
your chance to get the bust at of shapes and styles to choose from; in goat, seal, calf and other
a low prlcn.    We ure selling leathers, with good mounts and Btrong clasps.    Kvery handbag Is
our regular $4.00 line for. per marked nt the lowest  possible price, and the value* can  not bn
garment    $2.75 equalled.   Prices ranging from, eaoh Sl.OO to $12.50


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