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The New Westminster News Oct 28, 1913

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 fc^. **���*)
vM^*-1 '"'���1    WWF7!��Wf'!.v
- ��� *.-'  I
New�� Clssslfled Ada
Have proven their wurth by the
results   they    produce.     Tbey    fill
large   or    small    wants   at   small
Ths Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
generally fair with stationary os
lower temperature.
VOLUME 8, "'
,i 196.
ansiB mm mbrik amhhsses gm must bid
wit ut mtras
John A. Hennessy, Former Governor Sulzer's Graft Investigator, Makes Specific Charges of Perjury and
Graft Against Democratic Candidate for Mayor of
New York���Subpocncd by District Attorney.
New York, Oct. 27. District Attorney Whitman this afternoon i-siied a
Subpoena summoning John A. Hennessy, former Governor Sulzer's graft
Investigator, tn appear before him tomorrow morning relating lo Btate-j
iiimtK Hennessy is slleged to have
made concerning Kdward B, Mct'ali.j
Democratic candidate for mayor.
Al  the name time the district atlor i
ney announced his ln'cntlon to begin
next   Thursday   before   a   magistrate j
nn Investigation of Hsanessy's Ktate ;
ments  for  the  purpose of placing be-j
fore the grund Jury If they should warrant It,   In reply to the Statement Is-
sueil last nigh' by Judge McCall mak-!
Ing s. general denial of his statements,
Mr. Henneasy has sent the following
letter: I
"."on E R. McCall���Sir, I have rend *
your  smoky   statement   In  this  morn
lag's papCiS and you state that If I put '
uiy   pronouncements   about   you   Into
wrltiiig you will have nn* ln<l"'t"i! for*
Criminal   libel      You  said:   'I   deem   It
iny iluiy,  not  only to myself but to i
Ho* electorate of this community  lo
mak" emphatic, specific  and  detailed
'den  :)   of   every   Statement   tbat   this
creature Hennessy has uttered.'
I   accept   with   pleasure  yonr  rhal
lenge, and  1  Hhall condcti. c my state
"Yc u say  lhat   Mr   McLouithlin  did '
nct   lend   yoo   ths  money   to  pay   for.
your nomination nor iliil you pay anv
body for tl.    I never uuiil  Mi'I.oiighlln \
lent     yeu    the  money.    I   nuked   you
whe'her   you   had   gol   thc   campaign
toads from no Inspector of pcltep, or
Home nlhcr unurce. and illnttnctly Hint
cd.  ns  the   stenographic   reports   will
show, that I might not be able to nrnve
where you  grit llie money, but lhat It
���was up to you to tell Vs* people
"It h��n taken you ali days lo make
a denial where an honest min would
not'have taken a minute What wer*
vou afraid of. antl why don't you gel
Inspector .Mchn'mblln .0
jou- denial?
"You ask that I put n't mv oilier
Dl Illations In writing 1 herewith do
vent the Impeachment of Governor
Suiter; that you and I were alone
just nt the time when you called for
the secretary of the commission to
give me some papers to take to Albany that you don't dure to bring an
action on this because I'll prove you
a perjurer If you go on the Btand, both
from the Inside and outside of your office and the -Bame will hold true of any
Witnesses vou call.
"You ssked Governor Sulzer to ('has.
I*'. Murphy's house in the early morning of April 14; you took htm thpre
covertly and remained thero more
than, two hours discussing George F.
I'nlmer. Senator Stlllwell and the appointments of heads to the state prisons, health anil labor departments;
that Oovernor Sulzer was there present anil that you were at all tlmcB on
the side of Murphy In that discussion;
ihat when you said nothing was dis
eiisseil there except the Massachusetts
tinllot anil the primary law you lied
and meant to He.
Carried Threats.
"That  on  seven  separate occasions
you actnl
to Albany
Make Clean Sweep in Individual Entries at International Dry Farm
lng Congress.
Tulsa, Okla, Oct. 27.���The state of
Oregon captured the first honors today in competition with the world for
tlu; best state, provincial or national
exhibit, Tutted States government
barred, at the International Dry Farming congress Montana came second
and Saskatchewan third. Canada
evened up matters In the Individual
classes, however, hy capturing nearly
every first prize for Individual entries on wheat, oats and flax, both
threshed anil In the sh.af.
individual winners of grain prizes
are as follows:
Threshed grain -Hard red spring
wheat, Smart Knglohart, Abernarhy.
Sask.: Hed Fife wheat. E. A. Frederick, Maple Greek. 8aBk; MarqulB
wheat, Paul Gerlach, Allan, Sask.;
whlto oats, J. J Lanigan. Klfros,
Sask ; hlack oats, Alexander Wooley.
Norton, Alta.; oats, other variety, 0.
Schwanbeck, Dundurn, Sask.; common two rowed barley, Mr. Nicholas,
Claresholm. Alta.; flax, John Plewes,
Garniluff, Sask ; western rye grass,
W. S. Creighton, Stalwart. Sask.
Calls   Hlm   Perjurer.
"I   state   that   I   was   In   your  office
for   more   than   one   hour,   discussing
for   nine tenths   of   lhat    time   terms
suggested   by   you   which   would   pre-
Found Lost Teachers.
KlIeiiBburg.   Wash..   Oct.  27���A.  D.
Dunamore and  Walter  Burgess, principal and a teacher    ln    the    Rcslyn
high school, who became lost from a
hunting party In the mountains near
Lake Gle Elum    yeBterday    and   for
whom searching    parties    were   sent
is Murphy's messenger boy iout today, were found late today by a
and that on more than one | company of boy scouts of Hoslyn who
I occasion you carried Murphy's throats j Joined in the search.   The men suiter
to tho governor. nd no serious eltects from their night
"That secretly, cn the night of Feb i alone In the mountains.
2, you  met the governor at  the 125th j 	
'. a'reet station of the New York Central
ind by rrranrement took him to your
house where he was with Murphy for
.several hours.    It  was at that secret
, meeting that you wero determined up-1
on aa public service commissioner. In 1
that     house    that   night  Murphy   at-1
tempted to name a head for tbe state
hospital commission and for the pub- j
He  service  commission  In the second
[dlstrlot and you tried In vain to help
Murohv   force   the   governor   of   New1
Vork  to be  untrue to his oath I
"You attended at Delmonlco's the]
private Impesrhment court held by j
ymir boas. Mr Murphy, In Msy. at j
v-'ilrh It was determined to remove;
raluluN'O i Um eovarnor from offloa. Voa ran <it��
ItO Albany next day to sny to the sov* |
ernor that vou had protested to Mttr-
"ht's private Impeachment court that
thev   were  t-nlne  too far
fl. R. H. Duke of Connaught
Among Guests at Banquet to Premiers.
Expresses   Gratitude   for   Return     of
H. R. H. The Duchess���Hon.
Walter Scott Speaks
Ottawa, Oct, 27.���A ��� fet-ftrti err.-* i
which numbered among its notables
HiB Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught. assembled today in tbe Chateau l_aurler at the dinner given in
honor of the visiting provincial premiers by the Ottawa Canadian club. The
spacious dining room was packed with
a representative gathering of Ottawa
people and with tbe members of the
visiting provincial governments.
To Hon. Sir Richard McBrlde, premier of British Columbia, and Hon.
Walter Scott, premier of Saskatchewan, fell the honor of addressing the
assembly. His Royal Highness the
Duke of Connaught. tboush only 48
hours ln the capital, occupied a seat
to the right of the president of the
club, while at the head table were
gathered Premier Borden. Sir Wilfrid
l-aurier. Sir Richard McBrlde and
Hon. Walter Scott and Hon. A. U
Sifton. while many members of the
cabinet and a larger portion of the
visiting delegates were grouped In
the near vicinity.
Hls Royal Highness,   at    the    conclusion of the speeches, begged leave
I cf the president to make a brief reply
North Road Bridge Will Accommodate Street Car
Grocers Will Discuss Important Question at Meeting This Evening-
Follow Wholesalers.
A goodly number of people will eoon
find that their terms of credit at
grocery stores in this city are shorter
than they used to be. and some even
may have to pay strictly cash, if the
suggestion to be discussed when the
retail grocers of New Westminster
meet tonight, is acted upon.
By some it Is said that all along the
line the time between the delivery of
goods and the time when the money
is received will be cut down. The
reason for this is that recently wholesale grocery houses in Vancouver
Issued a circular to the trade notifying Lhat tht terms of credit would be
reduced from 30 to 15 daya. Naturally
tht retailers say they must continue
this action to their customers in
order to protect themselves.
"Some peopple seem to think," said
one grocery man, "that it is an insult
to ask them to pay their bills at a
certain time, but this Is not business."
Rumor had it yesterday that a move
to hare all local retail grocery houses
unite in asking cash on delivery, was
ou foot, but this was not the case, according to men in the trade. Prompter
payments by all. and especially by the
tardy customers, was needed, they
The meeting ie to be held tonight in
the offices of the Retail Business
Men's association in the Westminster
Trust building. It is said a statement
will be issued soon by the grocers.
Over 600 Petition Council to
Rid City of Social
Committee Will  Meet Police Commissioners���Oppose Amendment to
Liquor License Bylaw.
I He especially expressed sympathy and
1 regard for the great men who repre- I
Makes Possible  Proposed    Car    Line
From Thl�� City to Port Moody
and   District
By an order issued on June 22 and
which, until yesterday was not known
to the municipalities interested, the
Great Northern railway company ls
compelled to build a substantial structure over the North road crossing suitable to all vehicular and street car
traffic while accommodation ls also to
be made for pedestrian traffic by the
construction of a six foot walk on one
side of the bridge.
Representatives of the eity of New-
Westminster and the municipalities of
lurnaby and Coquitlam wore present
at the hearing of the railway commission under Chairman Drayton, held
In Vancouver yeBterday, armed to the
teeth with all kinds of material to
substantiate their contention that a
s'cel structure was absolutely necessary at the crossing Instead of the
wooden trestle bridge as proposed by
the railway company.
By the decision of the commissioners, the railway company which ls
constructing   extensive   freight  yards
in the vlcinltv of Sapperton, ls prac-  . ,  _..���..   ���  ,     ���,_.   ,,���...., ,   ..     ,.
tlcally  compelled   to  erect  a  modern  court today of Frank S  Fields former  !-.Ce   ��,,   If   ..l-1 ,'_ i m^lcf. _��
steel bridge which will be capable of j county  derk,  who  is ' charred    witb   be PUV,"C **%*.f*'.,.?" M-U.A"K>ttJ_n
'.   .   '   ;. - .._T���r ^T    . I presenting the petition.   "Doctors de-
,, .technical larceny of ���$18.0-_0 funds.    A|c\aro   this   svstem   ia  rfeadU-   and  im-
lam��� as agreed upon between Burnaby j bank  in  whlch  p-.,*. had deposited!
Technical Larceny.
Portland,  Ore,  Oct.  27.���Trial
Two delegations, or really one big
delegation, with a iwo fold purpose, appeared before the city council last
night and asked that the amendment
to the Liquor License bylaw, allowing
bottle UcenseB to be granted, be not
passed, and tbat the amended Criminal code, relative especially to fin-
morality, be more strictly enforce* tn
New Westminster.
The council chamber was filled and
a goodly number of women were present. The petition against the segregated district, bore .50 names, all
claimed to be ratepayers, and was
read by Rev. W. W. Abbott, tn efrect
it  gald  that
"Whereas, ft was well known that
a segregated district was permitted In
this city, end whereas such was in
direct violation of the Criminal code
of Canada and regarded as a great menace to the people and a bint ii-oon the
cltv'B fair name, It was asked that the
I Criminal code Be enforced.'
begun beforw . jury    lD    -������   circTt | ^n^^V��� * **
necessary."   He cited medical and po-
PortlMj^��C��rt p;rt^a��.U.rfr��mlthe  mm,ey tai,e,L   " ,4�� *"��vered luce  authorities of  Atlanta. Qa.. .,��.-_
.        Port Moody and Port CoqutUam tram  the mome, j^    *������    topee-ted    ln I Toronto   Onu.  againat  such,    nt   ls
I iUItDV rf\Uf\llFCT   ��ented the province, of the Dominion. "?*    wl".   ��"?���JVL ���T ���  ��  *.T��**?L 1 Flrtd��'  own  "�����'��� ��nd  0,��t h�� hasdita the name ot morality, humanity and
I ANII 111 I HPUllllM * "<-��� thanked those present warmly and *���"7���.��' ^���t_,V>. ��Ji^J������� W1^*^  interest on  the money tor.common  decency we ask this.    The,
LnlW III VV|1XUL��I (cordially    for    the   kindly    reception  ?'"!" ""'��?���*"' J?f�� "nnJ ll^ man��  months.    On thl. showing thel police of New 'Westminster are fully
j which he had received upon his re-  JJfr_T    lrac��� ol lne ""�� ��ne �� "-larceny charge was brought. I capable to enforce the law if given tatum  to take  up the high  duties ofl     e            mias** preoar��_i                     *                 Istructions.    The trouble is not witb
hi. office.   On behalf of tbe Duchess 1    The structure win blT-M feet wide'              Seattle Labor Dispute. (the force, but with the powers behind
he expressed heartfelt thanks for the \ accor)Ung t0 the pUn, o{ lhe TMmtty
commission,  ss  supplied  by  the  en
President  Says   Neighbors
to the South Will Be
Drawn Closer.
kindness and sympathy shown during
"Anv Other sfii-ment I made during
be  c.iiKp'iign   I   -"hn'l   write   for   vou
whenever   reniilred   bv   you.   so   tbnt
���ma will  not   be  at a Iobb In bringing
criminal action."
fignificent Address Delivered st Mobile���Avoids Specific Mention
of Mexico
Deny Statement That Deal
for Burnaby Bonds Tas
Fallen Through.
'Councillor  Macphercon Says He Hss
No Apology to  M.-.ke���Still  Believer He Is Ctrrect.
The nuestlon  rs  to   whether  Coun- '
< iilor Macpherson used much diplomat .. in announcing tn the Bdmonds
ratepayers' meeting lust Friday night,
the result, or alleged    royiilt,    of the
negotiations between ths municipality
cf llurnaby and Uoultun Hun, l,un
<li n, lOnglnnd. wna argued nl length
In the council chamber when the l_il
mends representative was taken to
task by several nf hls collcagm �� who
thought that he slunved little Judg
menl in making such an announcement at such a time.
Iloeve MCOregor questioned the voracity of the claims made hy the councillor to the extent thut all negotiations between Hurnaby and lloulton
Hros. had fallen through. He had failed to hoar that all correspondence
was at an end. The reeve explained
that a bylaw bud been prepared which,
wllh the consent of the lieutenant
governor In council, would allow Burnaby to Issue treasury certificates to
cover n period of three yenrs. This
would In a great part, counteract thc
unsold debentures amounting to
$1,716,000. "1 would have sooner
���Councillor Macpherson had gone more
fully In the matter before making It
public," said tho reeve.
Councillor MsoDonnld voiced tho
sentiments of the reeve and several
rf the councillors when he stated that
nil matters of finance should come
frrm tho reevo and the chairman of
the finance committee. '
Maintained Position.
Iti reply Councillor f.'acphersnn
suited he hnd no apology to mako. He
etlll maintained that the agreement
wiih Boulton UroR. had fallen through
nnd had Councillors Mayne or Mnc-
Donald not attempted to evade dlreot
<iuestlons out by ratepayers, they
would not be so busy these days explaining the situation,
Councillor Fau-Vel, who with Solicitor McQuarrie, represented  llurnaby
at the meeting Ot the railway com-
i inUsioners. reported that lhe three
I municipalities interested in the North
��� read project of the Great Northern
', Railway company had got all they
asked for.
The transportation company was
I compelled to build a substantial
bridge o\cr tbe emus, which ' 11 un-
jsuitable for street car traffic was to
bs supplimented hy a elde bridge
| which conld carry a tram line.
The councll was unanimous against
the movement to havc llurnaby lota
; wld with 33 foot frontage mid as tills
'is a contravention to the bylaw, ac-
J tion will be taken Bhould any vendors
I make an attempt to do what the council termed "wlldcattlng.''
Following the eouncll meeting, rep-
j reseiitatives from South Vancouver
I met the llurnaby council nnd discuss
led a tentative agreement whereby llur.
DAby will supply South Vancouver
i with waler. The meeting was held In
loamsra, ths result to be announced
j lati r.
Professor Jenks Endorsee Scheme of
P. A. Vsnderllp for Centrsl Bank
Controlled by Government.
Washington, Oct. 27.���The first day
for executive consideration of the administration currency bill by the senate banking committee resolved Itself Into a hearing held behind closed
doors. Although hearings were officially closed Saturday the committee
spent tho day In secret session with
Professor Jeremiah Jenks, of the
University of the City of New Vork,
on the stand.
Professor Jenks, tn response to
questions from members of the com
mltleo when he was on the stand last
week, returned to Washington to
present a plan he had drawn for the
establishment of a government controlled central bank to dominate the
financial system. Today he endorsed
the central bank plan proposed last
week by Frank A, Vanderllp. of the
National City Dank of New York ond
declared that the Vanderllp plan In
many of Its details wss more nearly
an Identical currency scheme than hls
own proposal.          ,
Mobile, Ala.. Oct. 27. -While avoiding any menilon specifically or Mexico
or any Kuropean Influence connected
with the Mexican situation, President
Wilson delivered a speech here today
before tiie Southern Commercial congress which appeared to bc" freighted
with significance and which served tr
point out with severe directness th,
policy of the United States not only
toward Mexico, but to all Central
American and all southern republics
A score of South American diplomats sat just behind the president at
he spoke and many of his remarks-
were addressed In conversational
tones to them. The president spoke
only in general terms, but many ol
his sentences were pointed with a
meaning so clear as to leave little
doubt of their Intent.
"Material lnterests,"--a term much
ln use Internationally of late tn char
acteri?.lng the attitude of foreign ns-
tlons toward Mexico���frequently was
employed by the president. He declared the American republics had suffered long from hard bargains forced up
on them by holders of concessions,
seeking "material Interests" ln the
countries affected. Tbe president de
clared that through motives of moral
itv and not expediency, the United
States desired to help the Latin
American republics to an Vemanclpa*
lion from the subordination which har
been Inevitable to foreign enterprises."
The president's speech was uttered
with a confidence which bespoke the
dominsnt part the United States expects to play ln the future ot the
American republics. Not through any
Idea of "material Interest," he carefully explained, "but through a love of
the people of constitutional liberty."
"The United States wlll never again
*,m*h another foot of territory by conquest," he declsred amid applause.
Mr. Wilson was breakfasted, driven
about thn city by automobile, taken
on a sightseeing expedition In tbe harbor and started back to Washington
���with cheers ringing about his special
Southern Relations.
The nresident said: "1 came here because I want to speak of our present
snd prospective relations with our
net eh bors to the south. 1 deemed lt a
nubile duty ss well ss a personal pies-
sure to be here to express tor myself
and for the government t represent,
the welcome we feel to thoae who r*n-
resent thn Latin-American states. The
future wlll be verv different for this
hemisphere from the past. The ststes
lying to the south of us who have always been onr neighbors will now be
drawn closer to us ' ����� Innumerable
ties snd I hope, chle' .. all, by the tie
of common understanding.
"Interest does not tie nations together. It sometimes separates them,
but sympathy and understanding does
unlto them. *-* 1 v-t>ve by the new
route thst Is Just about to be opened,
while we physically cut two continents asunder, we spiritually unite
them. It is a spiritual union which
we seek,"
���x time of trouble and anxiety    lt had | gSneerB  Qt  ,he  three municipalities,
been a greet help, he declared, to feel     In the maUer of alleeed encroach-
'hat they had  the sympathy of   the [men, of the G N R on ,he North road
whole  Canadian  ><o-.l|e  during     thatl,, complained of by Burnaby and Co-
time, quitlam, the engineers of the munici-
He assured ihe gathering that they jpalities  and   the    rallwav    engineers
had the warm sympathy and affection were orderpd to hold a meeting on the
nf their gracious sovereign and    this ground   to  evolve  suitable  means  of
message be wished to convey to    the [safeguarding the road and that a re-
Canadlan  people.    Referring  to    the J port be sent to Ottawa,
speeches made,  he declsred that    hei    New Westminster was Interested In
was bsppy to know that  in  the    lm- a complaint against the same railway
portent  matters  of  Imperial   defence i In the matter of cribbing work on the
Seattle Labor Dispute.
Ottawa. Oet. 27.���The dispute be-1 ihem, and we do feel ashamed of af-
tween the 2500 employees of the Mart-1 fairs as they now exist."
time Dredging company of 8t. John. I Mayor Gray, replying, made it clear
N.B., and tbe company haa been!that not one member of the council
settled, both sides agreeing to accept or police commission but wanted to
the awards of the board of councilia-[rhi the city of the evil. It was on the
tion  appointed  by the  labor  depart- (method that some disagreed.   "There
ment The men claimed an increase
of wages snd better working conditions in general and will henceforth
get them.
the people of Canada were one in
their anxiety to do their whole duty
to the empire.
Sir Richard McBride declared that
he could say without offence to the
lieutenant governors of Canada, that
Ihe visit paid by the Duke and his
royal consort to the west had left u
narked Impression on Canadian residents along the Pacific senboard.
"There Is but one voice from this
part of the empire." he declared, "and
that Is of gratitude for the return to
health of Her Royal highness the
Duchess of Connaught. U>ng may she
be spared."    t Applause.)
National Defence.
Sir Richard then proceeded to refer
to thc question of the navy and Canada's duty In regard to Imperial defence. "I say with all emphasis," he
���lerlarcd, "thnt we deeply regret and
deplore the failure of Canada a few-
months ago to do her share In partaking In the defence of the empire by
a vote of (38,000,000, Wc think that
the uucstlon of national defence
should occupy a very high plane be-
voi"! the roli'lcal hustings and the
poi 'leal plittorm.
��� We In thc province of British Co
luntblti feel that we hsve come to a
tioint where 1ft any fashion we ought
to du our share In the defence not
onyf for Canada, but of the empire.
We have sll becn proud of the Union
Jack and we feel that it we propose
Vo be consistent with our professions
wo should come forward right now
with a handsome contribution."
Referring to the question of emergency, Sir Richard said:
"We believe that It there la any
suggestion of a tangible kind Canada
should moke a contribution of this
kind. We spend millions on railways,
and mark you, most of the money
comes frcm London. We set quickly
ln tho matter of local developments;
we should act more quickly In tbe
matter ot national defence, having In
view alwaya that most of our money
comes trom good old 1 .ondon town.
"British Columbia looks on this as
a national undertaking, wblch should
take precedence on all else."
Premier McBrlde concluded by stating that the apprwral of this Hem and
the voting ot this money would clear
the wav (or a larger Imperial movement ln whicli Cansda might hope to
co-operate a scheme of Imperial federation. \
In Saskatchawsn
Upon Introducing Hon. Walter Soott,
the president wished him many returns ot Oct. IT, hla birthday. After
adding to tha welcome extended to
his royal highness. Premier Scott proceeded interestingly to review tha developments ln his own province since
the last provincial conference,
atchewan, he said, had forged ahead
as a great growing province. Sotw
years ago ahe bad produced
three million bushels of grain ot
asylum hill adjoining the steel tracks.
The cribbing was originally per-
'"���"iieil bv the nrovinclal government
who later turned it over to tbe V. V.
# V officials. Now thst the embank-
ment is In a shaky condition, the rai'-
wav company make out that no officii notification was madp by the provincial government turning over the
work and that therefore the rallwav
companv Is not liable for further work
there. Chairman Drayton ordered the
engineers of the railway company, the
city and the provincial government to
get together and fix up things.
That Station Site.
The Port Coqultlam station site
brought out a large number of residents both of the Port city and also
Vancouver. Evidence was submitted
by both factions, George H. Cowan,
representing Alderman McSpadden of
Vancouver, who is onposed to the measure of chin-ring the location while
Aldermen Galer and Millard of Port
Cnoiiltlnm slso opposed the Idea.
Mayor Mars sooke In favor of the
removal after which the commissioners announced thst they would reach
s decision on tke matter upon lhelr
return to Ottawa.
Dry Farming Conpress Plana
Loan Money to Flnanes Crop
Discussed ky Senator.
(Continued oo Page Bight)
Reported That Britain Will
Let Uncle Sam Settle
Tulsa, Okla., Oct 27.���Assurance
thst legislation intended to better the
condition of tho American fanner
would be considered by congress, lm'
mediately after tfeo disposal of the
pending currency bill, was given today by Senator Goto of Oklahoma tn
his address beforo tfeo international
dry taming congress In seasion here.
The senator declared that as a result of tho recent Investigation of
rural credits la Europe ��� plan would
be devised whereby money with
which to inanee crop operations
would be loaned to fanners.
Soils, tillage, Uve stook and other
subjects of Importance to tha Water
wltb special rofarooos te tho eonser-
vation of wator to prortdo moistnre
tor tho growing onto during %U dry
periods worn dlooooosd today by agricultural experts (rate a aimber at
states and several foreign eoontrleo.
Recognition   of   Huerta   by   England
Ended on Sunday���Some Con.
trary Reporta.
Washington. Oct. 27.���Reports from
the British foreign office tbat Great
Britain would do nothing In the Mexican situation, now that the election
had been held In the southern republic, without consultation witb the
United States, aroused Interest tn
official circles here today and added
strength to the persistent Intimations
that the American government plsns
a note to the powers which may result
in a concerted Mexican policy for tbe
Secretary Bryan, when shown despatches trom 1-ondon which aaserted
that Oreat Britain's recognition of
Provisional President Huerta waa
given to' extend only until the elections, stated that such had been the
understanding here all tho time. Whoa
aaked If a note waa In preparation
whloh would open the way tor negotiations with the foreign powers ho
said no statement or iatlmatloas
this lta* would bo given et this t
Some officials suggested today ante
tbo position of Gnat Britain *,** ro��
spect to recognition of tfeo Huerta
government la ease the election tor
president te declared. void woold bo
binding aa now exists. -��ho��M Huerta
continue to ho tfeo hood ot tha provisional government, tt was argued,
the recognition ot Huerta would necessarily continue.
Others maintained, however, - that
tho looognitton extended by Great
Britala waa latondsd only to bold aa-
what aright ha the rosnlte   Oa   tlris
Calgary, Oat W.���Asoordlng to tfeo
otfMak of tho tooal groin oxehaage
Oeorge Jaeksoa ot Otrateaart haa tto
reeerd oat crop la tto prorh
aging IWbashels to tho aoro.
ended that Groat br*
tete waa forest to notea te aay oro
are seven or eight women living here
now  who have reformed and are living respectable, clean lives;  have tbe
churches done anything to help them
In their difficult course?"
Blood Money.
"Yes," came from Revs. Abbott and
Henderson In one breath.
'Mr. Abbott has advocated heavy
fines upon tbese people," said his worship, "but I don't want this money in
the city treasury. It's blood money,
almost, and we don't want our streets
or sidewalks built by it."
Mr. Abbott thought the same might
apply to liquor fines.
lt was the men frequenters who
should be brought to task, stated Rev.
f. S. Henderson. "The men, and women, too, who have been getting rents
for these houses can now be punished and the patrons as well."
Alderman Bryson moved that tho
petition be received and tbat the council go on record that it was favorable
to orders being given to the pollen
commissioners thst the law of tbe Dominion be followed out.
Mayor Gray disapproved ot fines;
tt seemed too much like licensing. Ha
would like to know whnt result the,
clean-up in Victoria had met He was
told it had Increased tbe number of
women of tbe street.
Alderman White, as a police commissioner, chairman ot the police committee of tba councll and I citlxen,
stated there was no question of thn
desirability ot being rid of the evil.
"If moans could be devised to successfully take this blot away, tbo police commission and the whole eouncll wonld use them immediately.'*
Further he suggested that a committee of cltlsen petitioners meet the pollce commlsslonertim tbls subject.
Another aleetlng.
Finally Aldaoman Dodd moved to
this and th��_*to bodlss are to moot
at 10:20 a,i^ tomorrow.
Rev. J. 4k Henderson spoke for tto
petitioners who filled most of tha oounoll chamber, against tto bylaw amendment which would allow bottling II-
~ ' to bo granted by tha Ueaooo
slooers. ll meant earrytac
llqaor tato tka hosso, ha
Mayor Gray aaM this, It
bnt allow tho comtetsateaon power
great a hottUac Itoenae. UW t
mean such wonld be granted feocaaoo
of tho oonaeirs action. Ia tfeo end oa
atotioa of Alderman Dodd tto ��ospUo��
was lot go until tho mistlag two weeka
heooo.   tt la Itfeolyttea that dete-
��� ���' ��� * ��� ��� * �� * ������ ��� ���'*�� * ���
OWU tUfrtON ,-**
a general
ol IfO-ri-Mn aoUar Afetofe ���
Jha tto absents from ;
oould bo teamed
tlon asasal  waa  ********** **.
* * * ^^^____i__r^^ ^ **^^^^^^^___y *******
. ot Soadafs
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(lulf of Aden, suys
The Mexican puzzle, so far as a probable solution goes,
ia in a worse muddle than ever. The so-called elections
are over, nobody was elected and Huerta is still in control.
The wily dictator knew what he was doing when he promised the representatives of the powers that he would not
be a candidate for the presidency. He knew he didn't need
to be. He was dictator and he foresaw there would be no
elections, because there wouldn't be enough votes cast.
But now there's another complication. It is rumored
from Washington that President Wilson is going to insist on the punctilious regard by European nations of the
obsolete Munro, doctrine. No matter what happens in
Mexico, other powers are to keep their mouths shut and
their hands off and let Uncle Sam handle the situation
as he thinks fit and proper.   That might go down if Uncle ityTor this in advised aotion must rest
^^^^^^^^^^^��� with   the  late  Mr.  COTfield.    He  has
paid the penalty wltb his life, and I
have no desire to dwell on this asjiect
of the matter. But 1 am compelled,
if only in justice to the other officers
concerned, io record my opinion that
the disaster was due to his complete
disregard of the instructions issued by
Dead    Commandant    Blamed    for the
Now Famous Camel Corps Incident in Somaliland.
A thrilling story of cool nnd unflinching gallantry, worthy ol the highest traditions of the British empire, Ib
unfolded in tlie prosaic panes of a
blue-book on Somaliland affairs recently Issued, and dealing principally with
tlle reverse to the Somaliland camel
corps, which on August B, was cut up i
by ilervlshers at Dul Madolui.
fitly miles from Herhera, on th
dervishes they rose to pursue them,
and It was only with difficulty that
Mr. Dunn got them back to the main
"About 10 a. m.," Captain Summers
says, ".Mr. Dunn and myself and our
few remaining men found ourselves
surrounded on all sides by dervishes.
money was being wasted for training
tho young Idea how to farm.
Wages were much lower in British
I'oliimliiii than In Alberta and he belli veil It to be the duty of cltl/ensblp
that every man ���should own u certain
amount of land in the country. He also
believed that the government should
take ureas of land, put roads through
them, and then sell off tlie urea In
blocks to prospective settlers. This
would be beneficial to all parties In
the community, and keep men who
came to British Columbia to farm in
that, occupation.
Dr. A. .1. ThomaB stated thai he had
come to British Columbia ill 1SSS and
but  we had contrived  fo construct      ... ,    ,,
small zareba of dead ponies and cam-} operated as a journeyman and a ter
els. At noon tl.e dervishes, who had | wards as a master tailor n 1908, when,
run out of ammunition, retreated. Cap- finding that hls occupation was over-
taln Summers was wounded and all j run by Aslailes he went back east and
the responsibility in the final Stages qualified as a dentist, ln Wll, he had
of the action, he says, devolved on Mr. grwented himself ot'examination, am
Dunn, who also made all arrangements ; bad been admitted, but he had found
ibouti'ur   removing   the
Afrl- j treating on Burao.
wounded   nnd   re
About   eighteen   miles   from   Burao
the remains of the column fell In with
can  const   of thi
the London  MsM. ,Vrt.her I Mr.  Archer with water and supplies.
The gallant teat Of Geo WW**���'*��� �������� ca8ualtleB ammmted  t0  Mr.  Cor-
,������ aotlng coi^lssioner in pilng ����,fleW all(1 32  rank and ,,,��� klIIeil> Cap.
to the  relief o     he *  " *   r>    '   '"     tain Summers and   15 men   wounded,
camel  corps,  with  a  IMK bl udfUlaf fte ^^        ^
men, gilns added lustre from his ovm ^   bj                               |mo
model.,   reports on  the  ul    '     ""   , the _arpba   one ,nan getUng ^ nPar
with his must be ��nked the nameaol mi      ���        -^
the three men whoI defend ed the S re { jn  8ummara
ba or fenced  enclosure "'�������*��" rtot .no\h��� right Inside the lines.
corps against the onruslilng nornis oi;
dervishes: Captain Bummers, of the
Kind's African Rifles. Mr. Dunn of the
camel constabulary, and Mr. Corfleld,
the commander of the camel corps,
who was killed.
"It Is evident," says the colonial secretary in a dispatch to the acting commissioner, "that the whole responsibil
Sam would show any inclination to handle the situation,
but so far his symptoms along that line have been invisible
to the naked eye.
Some of the European nations, Great Britain in particular, have exceedingly heavy financial interests in
Mexico.   Hundreds of millions of British capital are in-!'1'8 majesty's government by Mr. Byatt
.    i ,, , n     ii ��� ��� _. _.i      (commissioner  for  somaliland),  and
vested there and, naturally, there is some anxiety on the
part of those who invested it to see peace restored. If
President Wilson enforces the hands-off policy he must
go the limit and assume responsibility for what occurs
while he is "handling the situation." Like all other bargains, this one has its two sides.
Washington should know by this time that it is useless
to place any faith in Huerta.   A man who would murder ||"
Twice I anticipated that nothing
could save the situation, but on both
occasions the dervishes retired at the
critical moment. Had they brought up
their spearmen nothing could have
saved us."
The London Gazette contains the official announcement of Mr. Archer's
appointment to he a Companion of ihe
Order of St,  Michael and St   Oeorge.
ilniself at that examination sitting
with an Oriental, who, however, had
not been admitted. Ile had since
learned that the man had practiced In
the province. Witness put In an exhibit to show that Japanese dentists
were advertising for patients in his
profession. He thought the government should strengthen the protection
of the dental profession.
Montana   Guide   in   Hospital   Because
His Clothes Were Not Bullet
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
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Ume, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 1��.
902 Columbia Btreet W.
b> yourst lf."
Advice Disregarded.
In one of his dispatches to the colonial office reporting the reverse (it
was not published at the time) Mr. i
Archer says: "I feel it. my duty to say
th*.t the commandant of tiie camel
corps was gravely indiscreet In his action in following and engaging dervishes in face of all instructions and
also against military advice given by
Judge Considers Case of Peculiar Circumstances in Montreal
. j^___________________________________________________b   um'ners-1     And   in   Captain     Sum
his rival in cold blood would not stop at greater crimes.I""""' own report of the tight he teiislth
^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^     ^"���     . . I how   Mr.  Corfleld  disregarded   liis  ad-Ure |)anl(
l vice not to engage the dervishes nnd '
Britain evidently recognized him as president on account
of the heavy British investments in Mexico. Wilson set a
course above the old fashioned, money-governed diplomacy and refused to recognize him on account of his personality and his crimes. That was all right and bore the
promise of the application of newer and better methods
to the Mexican problem, but the American president's
declaration in favor of the Munro doctrine has shattered
those hopes and things are back where they were about
three months ago with the solution still hidden in the
suggestion to form a
even Ignored hi.. __���_,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
square. iMr. Justice Beaudin  foday,    Mr. Gon-
But  both   Mr.   Archer  and    Captain  zalve  DeBaulners, K   ('.. appeared  for
Summers pay high tributes to the com-! tm, p..utiorier. and  Mr.  Qustave    Lamothe, K. c. for the respondents.
| Kalispcll. Mont.. Oct. 87.���Elmer
Wolf, the young guide who for nearly
a week has lain in a critical condition
at McDonald hospital aa the result of
an  accidental  shooting  In   the   Rocky
I l'ark line, .'10 miles south of (ilacler
l'ark   line,  ls  now   snid   by  attending
* physicians to he praotloally om nt danger, According to Thomas Shields,
another guiih', Mr. Kdgeter, of Day-
tun. Ohio, a high official of the Nation
sl Cash    Register company, fired the
Montreal, Oct.  27.    The petition  ofI"Si , ,
'  ""-���-' ** -chli  accident  occurred   a  week  ago
Marie  I.abbe. or Sister St.   Romuald,  iM(   Tuesday In  the  mountains south
to be reinstated in lhe community of!,,f   Spotted   Hear   ranger   station   nnd
congregation of the Sisters of No- the party was four days making the
from which she declares she   odious -i<,"n"1'-v Omugh th" m,n'""ai"s
. ,, , .   _        to  (oram,   where  an   automobile   was
was wrongfully expelled, came before | wftlUng  lo  uk(1  ,,���.  lnjllr(.(1  ,���,.,���   t0
the hospital The arm was found to
be  gangrenous when    Kaltspell    was
pianoforte, harmony mni "Iuk'uk. Pupils successful? prepared fur examination in ft. A. M. mul It. C. M. For terms
apply 603 Third avenue.
Pianoforte; -.3 Keary Kt . N.w West-
reached nnd was amputated
According to Shields,  he and  Wolf
were   engaged   hv   a   party   of   three
Mr.   Ilesaulneis said  the  petitioner j prominent eastern men at lh
When is an election not an election ?   When it's held
in Mexico.
"Peaceful picketing" at Nanaimo, as described by
Judge Howay, seems to be shy on the peace and heavy
on the picket.
mandant's  bravery.    "A   rash  act  haa
involved   the government of  the  protectorate in a severe set-hack," writes,.*********aa********x*x*x*x**x*t -,-,        ____��� _________ ________________���
Mr. Archer in one dispatch, "and In\**f** '1��k'1' perpetual vows. Though ning of the hunting seas,,,, for an
tho clrcnmst'incfK is a noliticaly dW- *'���*' hail asked for a dispensation lo hunt. The party consisted of Mr l-.d-
^rous���S2t tiSm'BSSS? For re��eve her iron, fc.se vows, she had geter high official ot the NaUonal
?i,u\ir cnrfieid who had (previously afterwards reconsidered her decision, Caab Register company, of Dayton,
done such S^^AtaKKe|?��a ����>e had reason for believing that|Ohio, an official of a well known New
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   . ..   $16,080.000.0a
RESERVE    116,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, r.t.g
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letter*
of Credit Issued, available with cor-
respoudents ln all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposit*
received lu sums of 11 and upward?
and intereat allowed at * per cent par
MAHGARI'.T    A.    OROVB8,    l'll'It.    OF
the late Professor Allan Macbeth,
Principal ���t the Qlaagow College ,'f
Music, umt Professor Orossland Hunt, of
the Qlaagow   Athenaeum,  begs  to  Inti- , , _      _  ,
male thnt she wiii n i>t a f.-w pupils : annum (preaent rate)
in HinKing nml voice production, tax-
temlve rspertotr* of iiiutt class **oiu-h
For terms, call or write lo llus ll_.mll
ton Mn-et.
Total ABsels over I186.OOU.000.00.
O.  D.   WlYMM.ll,  Manager.
I. J.
inlant.  'IVI.   Ft.   128.  Room  2.   llarl
P. II. Smith. W   J   Ornvea
Work  undertaken   m   city   mil   ootsldi
begin- i polnta.   211-12
Call and inspect our fall
linos and new fall styles and
i Phone   :i>.��       I
> *MtiSii*6or7 ^""' *"""* place your order now.
~~    J. P. GALVIN
penalty with his life. It can only b<
said thnt he allowed his attribute of
great personal bravery and the complete confidence he  had  in  the  men
her withdrawing of her petition for alyork   surety   company,    whose
dispensation had been accepted, as sbe I Shields   would  not  divulge,
was afterwards sent on a mission.       j other man.
It  had  bean declared thai  she had | Thought Wolf an Animal
and   an-
If the New Yorkers finally decide to kick Tammany
out of control in that far eastern state the bosses of the
tiger stripe will be able to find a fine field for their abilities in Mexico.
There's a liquor probe going on in Idaho.   Out here
. there's a continual liquor probe in operation prompted
^evidently by a feverish desire to see what really is at the
bottom of the barrel.
A man died the other day in Spokane saying he was
childless. The next day two "sons" turned up to claim his
estate, each posing as "the only child." Funny what a difference a few hours make.
The newspapers around Everett have been asked to
have their cartoonists refrain from poking fun at family
quarrels. All the poor cartoonist has left for a subject is
the long-suffering politician.
One of the latest newspaper despatches says that the
police magistrate at Windsor, Ont, is trying to cure a
morphine fiend who has been convicted of passing bad
cheques. Which cure is he applying, the one for morphine
or the one for the getting of coin on bogus paper?
According to reports, there's going to be an assortment of mounted militia out in Burnaby. Suppose now
our suburban friends will pass us with the upward tilted
nose and the disdainful sniff just because we've got only
a foot regiment here.
Moscow,   Idaho,   Oct   it.���A     flour
war   has   been   started   by   merchants
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Oct. 27���Pros-
ocutiii!-'  Ati  rm",   ��� II.  Wernette and;	
Sheriff A P Halley late this after- and flour mlllB which has resulted In
noon sent a message to ,P��V!|���!_I reducing the retail price from $1.26 to
^{SroiBTa..BTth".Utra^mfo. B8 cents pre BO-pound sack for the host
1ho   Insane   al   Oroflno   to   see   that   erodes.
Charles Lallne of this city Is held T|le nlt was started after several
against uny chance of leaving Uie In ()f rlmlr na() |)(,_n ������.,-,,,,���,��� in .,,������
Mlt ut Ion   again,   alter   he   Is   returned
Sere from this county, and nol to per* adverllsed at a bi? reduction l.y one
jnlt. the man to leave on the grounds merchant
nf restori'il mental balance without 'p|l(. |oca] Irij]| promptly authorize,I
first subjecting any such request and tj,e Hlor, (, -lall,ii*lu, |tB n������r tl, retail
die circumstances to a rH'.ld  nvestlga ' ....  , ,    ,,
tlon. II" hss threatened the lives of sl""" '" !;"" low"r "ri(-'eH ftnd ""'
county officials, The communication slashing of prices continued. .Many
et*.. d tin- circumstances of Lallno's are talclflg advantage of the war and
Tei.; ., to this city last Sunday ��hen , ,,r., stocking up with their winter sup-
W^d#8 "al SitaMU Tho prices are tho lowest here
lie taken to Oroflno Sunday.
,���     -,,���,,,,.,,,i   m  milwolB-h   his I asked  the archbishop to send  her re-1     On the morning Ol the accident the
under h.s command to outweigh nis dispensation to Rome, but party divided. Shields and Bdgeter go-
better  Wimt     The  a���,,on  of Dul    I i(), ���_ '.,alnlf���   that  she    had   tag up one ridge and  the res. of the
Madoha    should    never  have    beeni�� mm  (.|{   ^^  an(i  that party  following another, with  the ra-
Captain   Summers   Bays   that   It   Is  the document which he had sent was | vine between     II was while the Wolf
with the utmost^regret that he has had ln^^rninr>, ,,v rea8on of her vow8.
In his report to cr Uclze Mr. Corfleld s mp a mem()p_
actions,   and  ^����   *But I  take eonimunity  for life.    She had
S1 IE v n ^hft^araacterls��c the right to regard the convent as her
couiaM and lost his life In tha thick- home. She was still a nun. and the
es iZ��� lh, "fight, directins operations ; respondents had no right o expo her
will, the utmost coolness and brav- All that, she asked was ihe right to
��,,,, uuuvQ-. .return to her limne and remain there.
Two Thousand Dervishes. <*������'* j;1'" apk"'1 {h   r',ll,r' 1��r a wr,':t ot
After" discussion with Mr. Corfleld mandamus to compel the respondents
M* Archer ordered a stromt recon* to recognize her rIgbL
rciWnco in the direction of lier, and ffr. Umothe held that this was a
btructed Captain Summers, whohad Pri^te obligation which riglnfully
���connanicd him from Berbera. to gol���1������' l": ���**** ',"' " the courts,
with the fore" with the view to ad-1 "What olher remedy has the ,���"i-
Vising -Mr. Archer later on the mili- ^r, V*\ ***** Mr. Desaulnlcrs.
Ulv Bituation. The camel ennstabu-T'AU that she seeks is the right to en-
��� ter her own home.
Mr. Lamothe continuing, said that
petitioner had herself written to Home
asking to be relieved of her vows. She
had withdrawn that request, but she
hid   never   been   reinstated.     In   fact.
she had lurself telephoned to her re-j 	
to  be   Illuminating  the  sky.    Scouts lations Baking them to come and take 	
s*-nt forward  reported  that the enemy   her OUt, MANY WATER CLAIMS
were assembled  In  force and estlmat-l     N"  court   could  grant  a mandamus   "A"*  w INVESTIGATED
ci  their numbers at 2,000, with  160 <" '<"���<-" two people to llv- together
Thev could not send the police to com  '
larv 116 rank and file, with Mr. Corfleld as commandant, Mr. Dunn as assistant commandant, and captain attached���moved out of Burao at ?, p.
m. on August S, and that evening arrived within four miles of I,low,'ina.
where  the  dervlRhes'  fires  were  seen
party was resting in the ravine that
the brush moved, and Kdgeter. according to Shields, fired. Wolf wore a
macklnaw of tawny hue and t'ie hill-
let found the nrm he had Blung ahout
a trie trunk, shattering tho elbow.
ESdgeter is an expert shot, according
Io Shields.
When Wolf was brought to the hospital the men departed on N'o. _ for
the east. It was learned today thai
Bdgeter has supplied ample funds for
the care of Wolf p I is making everv
effort possible to a,ono for the accident
Wolf Is ahout 30, unmarried, and has
'Ived around lOxeter for seven yiars.
being alternately employed by Shields
and as guide for hunting parties. He
Is a Scandinavian of husky build and
an expert woodsman. That he was at
tempting to shield The perpetrator he
did not deny, and hospital authorities
refuse to discuss the affair. Shields
returned to Elssex several days ago
utiiiK   KiiKiic-erH,   Loosd   B4S,   meets   in i
l.ihur   Temple   every   tlrnt      and     llilnl
Thursday ���r ths month   ll   MoLaucblln,
pre-Mldenl ���.    W.   tt.   HiiuiulerH,      necr.tai)'.
P.  O   Bon  6iS.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
B. A P. O of Elk* of tht- D. of C. meet
tho firm and third Thursday at H p, m.
K. of P. Hall. HlKhth Itf-Mt A Willi
Oray, Exalted Iluler; P. II. Hmlth. Heo
U O. O M-, NO. 864.���MEETS ON
flmt, tu-fond. third and fourth Wedm'i
day tn each month at 8 p. m.
In the Mootw Horn**. H. J. I.<>firny
dlctntor; P. E. Joiioh, MOretary
Headquarter! of lodne in Bee Houm
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon Itreeti
t. O. O. P. A MITT l-ODGB NO. 17���Th'
regular meeting of Amity iodKP Nc
il. I. G O. F., Is hold every Monda;
nlglit at 8 o'clock In Odd [���'..lluwa' Hall
eon,er i'., i n.irvnn and Rlghth Nlre^lf
\ Isltlnit brethem cordially Invited
It A Merrlthew. NO.; II. W Hiiimsler.
V. (J.; W. C. Coatham, P, H . reenrn
lng Hien-tarv* J. W. Mncf'onald. financial  secretary.
W K KAI.KS���Pioneer Funeral Dlrtoto
! and DnbalmOT, SI.-118 Agnea atrvai
I     opposlu ,'arriegln I.lbrarjr.
1 ter �� Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral director
i and , ml*,I,hits. Parlor- I'i'i i.'olumbtr
I    street.    N'ew   Weatmlnater.    Phone Sll
Commencing Oct.  26.    Change   of
time table, aa  follows.
vin n.i...   for Toronto, Kamloops l.o-
; 1:86 'i m-   Kor Ht.   I'aul.
6:26  p.m     Kor Agasslz.
8  10 pin.    Kor Imperial Limited. Mon
Heal   etc.
Kor  rates, reservations    and
particulars apply to
,t ner
E. OOULKT. Agent.
New Westminster
II. W, BHOD1H, O. P. A., Vancouver.
"Had   iho  commandant,"  says   Mr.
Archer, "at this juncture fallen hack
and reported to me on the situation a
valuable service would have heen rendered, even though some risk had been
incurred. Contrary to orders, however,  the con,mandan'   decided  to en-
pel the respondents to take eptltloner
back. Knrlliermore. It was a corporation founded on religious and not on
secular rules.
"She declares she Is a nun." said
Mr. Hesaiihilers. "and there Is noth
Ing hefore the court to prove she  Is
Sidelight  on   Japanese
. ply.    Thu prices are the
i [or years.
gage   the   dervislus   and   to   place   his   n0.',      _ . , ,      .
force In  such a position as to Inter-      Mr* Justice Beaudin took the case
cept   their   line  Ol  n-treat   with   lhelr jln MllMre.	
stock  In'o Aln.    I  need scarcely com-]
ment on the hazardous nature of such
an undertaking with tbo force at his
disposal "
Mr Corfleld was. however, clearly
determined to operate agalnsl the dervishes.    At 4:30 a. in. on Am.:,it !), the
camel corps stood at. arms,   iv'/urs re- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ported   that   the   dervlehes   *.��ere   al-1
ready moving directly on to Iv rrlt. At  '	
the break of dawn the camel constabu-: _  ,_, _ ,        ,   ,       _ ,
lary moved off. about 300 Iiolliahanta , Ev,dence Bef"e Labor Commisslon-
trlhesmen   with   'hem      At   6 16   the,
camel   constabulary   halted   and   formed  Into  skirmishing    line    wllh    the
friendly   tribesmen   on   the   left.    The
bush   wa',  verv dense and   vn-w  could   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
scarcely he obtained beyond 100 vards.,    ... ,    ,    .. ,  ���,     ....    , .
The Maxim gun was mounted In thel    Victoria, Oct. 27,-At the labor com-
centre of -he line.    Mr. Corfleld    took ' mission further was heard or thr; con-
up his position near It. Idltinna of the small fruit farmera and
Captain   Hummers   says   lie   thinks  their   employees,   and   a   witness   ex-
Mr. Corfleld meant, lo move further on   -.-.,__,.1 ,k    i.        .,   . .,
to a more open plain, but be received p   " ,K' that the fiov,!rn^,"-���",
Information  that the  dervishes  were JJ,oula (l" -something towards loans to
advancing Inwards him,    "I volunteer-1""' ��ettlerB,
e,|   the   advice   lhat   he   Should   form |     "r
hls force  Into a square, as. owing  to  rolerr"d
the   numbers  of   the     dervishes,     the ''"'"'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
flanks of hls line wonld doubtless he  to qualify   by expensive  training,
enveloped  and  he  would   probably be!    '''*'"' commissioners adjourned at an
attacked   In   the   rear.     He   did   not. ;,*ur'.v  hour, Jn order  to  rise  for the
however,  appear to  think  tli
sary,  and   observed   th
thi, volume of his fire a.***mt*a.t*a.t*--��� ��� ��� _______________________________________________���
ly diminished The camel constabu- laborer as "the most downtrodden of
larv were thus committed to an ac- a" humanity." He thought some nation In an In-culnr skirmishing line 8'8tance should bn given the newcom-
in dense hush, without reserve or flank . ?rB ''-v ""' government by way of a
protection." I'"''"1   ""   'a!<>'  terms   from   the   puhllc
Friendly Tribesmen Fled. treasury,   which  would  help them    to
The  friendlv trlhegmet  fled  at the |f_aI_7t��-   ' "'ir ""'lertaklngs  till    the
first   shot.     The   dervishes   advanced'
in a series of determined onrushes ami
'iivrlnped the rlghl flank The Maxim
was soon put out of action by rifle fire.
Mr. Corfleld was shot and died Instantly abont 7:15 a. m. Thn rank and
file showed regrettable want of steadiness,    On the first retirement of the
Victoria, 'let. 27 J. K Armstrong.
chairman, and .1. 8, T. Alexander, of
the board of Investigation appointed
���mder the water act, have left for the
lower Okanagan dlsirii", where a se
ries of sessions Will be held tu cun
slder the claims of holders of waler
,-ighls In that section The first ses
slon Of the hoard is being held al l.yt
ton  today and   Iv   ll.ivis  Is Billinc a
member of ths hoard al this hearing
(in October i'i the board will t' al
^pence's Bridge; on November '���'��� ,'
Kamloops; on November 19 al Wesl
Summerland; on November :'i ai
I'e'ichlaiid: on November U at Pen
lie ton, and on November 26 al  Fair-
At these meetings claimants arc re*
'"���'red to prove their title lo l:nids on
whlchthelr water rigiiis are based, and
the board determines tii" quantity of
water which may be iiRed under each
t'p to the present, about 1,000 claims
have  been  Investigated,  and  of  this
number about 7!>0 have I n allowed.
The oldest claim dates back as far as
1869, nnd the heard has experienced
considerable difficulty wllh some of
these ancient claims. Thn Importance
of the work accomplished by the board
can be eHtlmntoil by the facl thai the
value of the oiitnut fur ditches and
reservoirs, expended hy several of the
companies whose claims have been al
lowed, amounts to
hot Hoard of Trade mo-Pta In lho haar,
room, Ctty I lall. aa followa: Third Frl
day of ,��eh month: iiuartorly tne^ln#
on lhe third Krlday of February, liuy
Aiikuhi nnd Nov-nmbor at 8 p.m. An
uuiil meetings on lha third Friday o'
February, (.' H. Btuart Wade, aocre
8PBC1P1CAT10N8,   A(1REKMKNT8   Of
*ile. I Ih.  Hualneaa letters, etc., dr
cular work a-poclallat. All work atrlotly
confidential It. Itarry, room 4IS Weatmlnster Truat Blk.   Pnona 701.
I    COAI. MININO rlgbti of the Dominie*
In   Mm, 'ona.  Haakatcbewan and  Allmrta.
the V,_k ,n Territory, tho Northwem Tar-
I ritorlse and In a portion of the I'rovtpaO
uf mi  su V. ilutnbla. may tie leased for e-
t term of  twenty-one  yeara mt nn   annual
mmIii, uf t an acre. Not more than tit*
I sores will lm leaaed to ona appttcartf.
| Amplication or a leaae must he made*
i hy :li,i applicant In peraon to the Agenl
I or .-Sui, Agent of the dlatrlct In which Uie
j righta upplled for are aittii.it. ,1.
In Hurveywl territory tlio land muat be
.1. h, i Intel   by  a,-ciUuit*,   nr  legal  autt-dlvl'
1 eluns af aectlona, and In unaurveyed ter*
-*'���   *'���-   tract   i.jplie,]    for    aha"
by the applicant lilinaeir.
rQ ... -_____-_-_--���
rtmeni, Soin-iiora, etc. VI Ixirne Btreet
New Weatmlnater. Q, K. Gortmuld, K
C.    J. it. lirant.    A. tt. MeColl.
.,.  r a mi                     ,,           ,,  I loweu, amounts to moro than $100,000
r. I  A. Thomas gave evidence    He  There ���,���  .���,���,,,���  ft���        ,;,��� 'claims
irred to the competition of Oriental  ,n |���. |nTeBt|aated
fesslonal men with those who had I .
Orange Pudding.
Tbo secret of making orange ptid-
hink   this  neces- 'weekend      The  hearing   of   evidence I ding which hns DO  hitler tnsto Ib to
'int  by lining so* will he resumed oii Tuesday next. make tho pudding without heating tbl
would I"* grea.:-!    Douglas   MeLeod   termed   the  farm I orange.    Cook Ihe pudding first nnd
then beat in Iho oranges last If a mo-
rlnguo cooked brown Is wanted on top
of tbe pudding heat thu whites, stiffen
them Willi suciir, use a teaspoonful
and n half to ench while so that the
        merlnguo will be unusually stilt, and
land became profitable. The low wages drop lt lu big spoonfuls on n granite
paid on the land forced Immigrants ] plo pinto. Hrown It In Iho oven, and
who came out hero lo return to tho! ^en it Is cold slip tbo meringues on
towns, thereby overcrowding tha labor | lho pudding. It ls cooking which
market In tl,��� cities he said I'b" makes tbe orange hitter, and a pudding
witness pointed out. that the best farm i       ,   ,_. .,,_ ,,, , I
labor was being forced Into the towns   nUM,e ln tUU w"Jr wl" *�� ,WMt
by  tbe  pressure of conditions,  while I
It-a*-it-lnw. aotloltor, etc. Talephom
IIiTj. Cable add maa "Johnston.'
Code, "Weatern Union." Office*,JBllli
Block. 502 Columbia street, New West
mlnater, D. C.
aide ��� Barristers and Boilcitora, Weat
mlnater Trust Blk., Columbia street
NeV Wostmlnster, B. C. Cnble addraai
"Whlteslile," Weatern Union. P. O
IJruwer 100. Telephone fl, W. i
WfTlieaMe. K. C. ��� H. L Bdmonda, I"
    ._  i-yed territory the tract '.jplied for nhitll ba
ataked     u by the applicant hlinaelf.
Uacli ..ppllcatlon mual be af,*om|>anle#
by a f,i> of li iflilcli wlll be rerurulMl If
(he righta applied for are not avallabla,
hut   nnt   n* nmrmlam.      A    -_.._,,..   _t._���    ��.__
tls*.    A   royalty ahall   t>e
but  not 	
paid oh  ti.     mnrdhantahlo output of thr
mine at the rata of five centa per ton.
Tha peraon operating the mine ahalP
fumluli ine Agent with awern returne
iiccouiitln*. for the full quantity ot tner-
chanlable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If th* ooal mining -Ighte
are net being operated such returns _houl<*
be furnished at  least once a year.
Th* leas* wtll lnolud* the c*al mlnlnv
light* only, but tb* laaaee will be Mr-
mlttcd to purehaa* whatever avallabl*
surface right* mar b* oon*ldered neceaaary for the working ot the mln* at thr
rat* of 111 an eer*.
For full Information application ��houl��
be made to tb* Secretary of the Depart,
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to anr
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion Lends.
w. ^t. CORT,
Deputy Minister of th* Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of UUs*
advertlaemant will Dot b* paid for.
J. RTILWELL CLUTK, Barrlal-r at-la*
solicitor, etc.; oorner Columbia an,
McKensle atreets, New Weatmkiatet
B. C.   P. O. Boa 111.    Telephone   711
J. P. HAMPTON BOLE). llAliltlHTKfi
Hollcllor and Notary. Office liar
block, II Lorne atreet. Now Woatmln
���ter, B, C.
Barrlaiera and Boilcitora. 101 to III
Westminster Truat Illock. O. B. Mar
tin, W. O. McQuarrie and Oeorge I
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The Daily News
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of all kinds.
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Pennants last week far exceeded expectations, and
all were delighted with them.
A large   shipment has  been received, including a few McGill University
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.������ '   1%'VUp ^-M
~w��4V-*  *}t��W
1 r PAM rouR
TUF9DAY, OCTOBER 28, 1913.
Fresli ^Vater and Salt
Details of How Little Fishing Vessel
Crossed the Pacific Told in
, Japan.
Details of the Japanese smuggling
expedition to Hritish Columbia, which
recently created so much stir, have
been brought to Victoria by the Sado
Maru. There was a Japanese ship ln
thia port a number of weeks ago,
suspected or being implicated ln I
Bome such scheme, but nothing was '
Pop, of the Assonla hotel, skidded at
the corner of llobson and Granville
streets about 10 o'clock Sunday night
and hit a telephone pole, throwing the
three occupants of the car to the pavement. Miss Irene Praser sustained a
severe cut to her knee, and a young
lady companion was injured about tht
of Montreal they had also caught It at
the opposite corner.
Port Coqultlam, Oct. 27.���The work
of surveying a pipe line route from
ously   injured.
  The   Duke   Answers.
"I thank you and the officers of the
New Snagboat Will Be  Handed Over j regiment for your kind message of welcome.     Signed    Arthur."     Tills   tele-
to the Dominion Government in
Port Coquitlam, Oct. 27���The frame-
face, while Mr. Pop received a se-. Silver creek, the city's future source
vere blow on the breast and it is fear-jof water supply, was completed onl
ed may have Injured his ribs. They Saturday by the engineers depart-
were all taken to the general hospital ment. The work took nearly a month,
ami lhis morning it was stated that surveys for an intake at the creek
all were doing well and were not seri-1 Were also conducted.
As soon as the report of the surveyors has been received work will I
be started at once on the plans for I
the pipe line ami Intake. These are
required to be tiled with the provincial authorities at Victoria before
January 1 next year, in order that
the city may retain its water rights
to the creek, which amount to 10
cubic feet of water per second.
Owing to the lack of the necessary
Best for Months.
Winnipeg,     Oct.     11. -A      leading
broker   characterized   today's   wheat
Ottawa, Oct. -".-���Total immigration I market as being the best for months,
to Canada during the llrst six months. I offerings being good, export demand
April to September, of the current;keen and prices simply bounded dur-
llscal year was 3U7.267, made up of lng the first hour or bo, assisted by
121,2(14 Hritish, 72,SSI) Americana and strong cables, rumors of unfavorable
113483 from all other countries. conditions in  both  India and  Argen
During the six corresponding tine and light world's shipments for
months last fiscal year the total num- the week. Winnipeg opened 1-8 to 1-2
ber was 278,(149, which was composed cent higher and within 4.r> minutes ad-
of l(IS,:i;il Hritish, Sil.tia!) Americans,; vanced from opening 1 1-8 to 1 14
and 75,659 from all other countries, cents and strong undertone.
The Increase Is 12 per cent.
gram was received by Major J. S. Tall
of the Highlanders regiment Saturday evening in reply to the following
telegram sent the day before:
"To his Hoyal Highness the Duke of
Connaught: Officers commanding and
work of the new Samson will be com-1Officers Ot 72nd Seaforth  Highlanders   ,i,l]i.*��lti,*s '.rising ,���
I of Canada welcome with much pleas-' "nances and tin' din unities arising In
pleted within a week, according to I.. urp vou_ _etuni w lhp UomMo��� and . connection with the borrowing of
D. Shafner, manager of the Coquitlam hope to see you on the Pacific coast j money it is not expected that develop-
Shipbuilding & Marine Hallway com-  in the near future." ment of the rights will be started this
oanv   when   seen   this   mornlne      Mr I Gets  in  Wav of  Rl9' year 0r eV''" durl"K """ eitrly part of
pany, when  seen this morning     Mr. |    H&ny ..^ ^ ,��ocked ,lown an(1 next year.   The city is at present re-
ahafner "as also set the end of. gUBtained a fractured skull when a ceiving its water from the New West-
proved and after loading fish products ! January as the time when the new Ihorse and Tig hit him as he was cross-1minster pipe line from Coquitlam
at Ewen's cannery, the ship, Kaza! snagboat will be ready to hand over j ing the corner of Main and Hastings lake at a fairly moderate rate and
Maru, cleared for Japan. She' was a it0 **���*��� fedfral authorities. "I am not | streets on Saturday night. The driver; this service ls considered sufficient
smart rigged sailing ship, with auxili- rushing her at all," he said this mom- jof the wagon whipped up his horse' for present requirements.
ary gasoline and carried uniformed ,n*> "Dut iust moving along slowly ; and escaped before the arrival of the
officers. The vessel actually known to'*-***��� seeing that everything is done .police. The injured man Is in a very
have landed Japanese at Bella Coola properly." serious condition at the general hos-
escaped and has not since been seen !    Mr.  Shafner  anticipates  that    the|pltal.   It was reported at the hospital
Eight men taken have arrived back I1"1" of ,he  steam auxiliary  schooner ithls  morning  that he  may  recover.
In Japan aboard the Empress of Japan ' "ow under construction  In  the ship-1 Sworn  In
and  give  their  version  of  the  story. I building yards will be completed and I
Get Rich Quick Scheme. 'In the water in eight weeks time. The
It appears that one Kawano Raku-; dredging of the mouth of the Pitt, has
matsu. hailing from the village of 1,10t commenced as yet, but it is ex-
Hilo, on the coast of Japan, inflamed Pected that the water in the close
the Imaginations of the local rustics 'proximity to the yards will be deep-
with tales of the great opportunities ened sufficient to permit the launch-
America offered to those who wanted 1 ln8 of tlle biB schooner before seven
to get rich quick. Twenty-live of,or e^**1 wt'eks elapse. The oil burning engines of the vessel will not be
installed until she is la the water.
Lay   Keel  of  Dreadnought.
Newport  News. Oct.  27.    The  first
plates of the keel of tlle super dreadnought   Pennsylvania,     which,    when
two   years   hence,   will  he
carried out I the largest and  most  powerful  tight-
an addition  lng machine in the world, were laid at
Enlarge Hospital.
Steveston, l.ulu Island, Oct. 27. ���An
enlargement of the  Steveston   Fishermen's hospital In  order  to accoinnio-1 completed
date more patients will hi
in  the near future when
costing In  the neighborhood of |4000'the  Newport   News  Shipbuilding  and
i will be started. Two hundred patients
were treated at the hospital during
the month of September. The institution is managed by Japanese fishermen who are assessed an annual fee
Of 50 cents, while the different canneries also come through with contributions.
Pryiiock oompany today.
Messrs. Sam McClay and Capt. Fullerton. harbor commissioners were
sworn in to tne new office on Saturday
by ..udlS'e' Ai'i'lrines. F; Carter-Cotton
was unable to he present.
Dynamite Train.
Mexico City, Oct. 27. A troop train
on the National railway was dynamited today by rebels near San Sal
vador, In the state of Zacatecas and
15 were killed, according to a ile-
spatch from Saltlllo. No details have
been received here.
them got together all the money they
could, and decided to try their fortunes in the land of promise. Yoshida
Kamesaburo. owner of a small sailing
vessel, agreed to take them across the
Pacific at 1(10 yen a head. After shipping fifty casks of water and supplies
of rice, they set sail on Aprll 2. Yoshida managing the ship. On June 16
they arrived at an island off the northern coast of Canada, presumably near
Bella Hella. anil a landing party went
ashore to replenish the water casks.
One of the vessels in the Canadian
government noticed them, and came in
to see what lhey were up to. The
���eight who were on shore when the
���officials arrived on the spot were
promptly arrested, and taken to Vancouver to be Bhipped back to Japan
Yoshida hauled up his anchor and
sailed off with the rest, but what has
become of his vessel and her passengers is not known.
The gasoline boat Eloloa which j
sprung a leak off the city waterfront |
on Saturday and was beached in the
Sixth street slip just in time to keep
her from sinking, now lies moored
alongside a scow at a .sandbank oc-
I posite the Columbia Cold Storage
company's plant.
Defence in Bank Robbery Case Is Concluded���Jury Will   Be  Charged
by   Court.
A building permit was issued to
the Dominion government yesterday
morning for the work on the post
office building. The amount stated in
the permit was $50,MO, bin���������it ���>�� ;.ii>���!>���.*������
1 stood that Colonel J. 1). Taylor, M.P.,
lis endeavoring to find out from the
Ottawa officials whether the new
addition will  be extended close lo the
icity hall, which would mean an additional expenditure of $25,000.
Matheson and Jacobson were issued
a permit yesterday for the erection of
'a flour warehouse adjoining their
store on Sixth Btreet.
Thomas   Manson   was  issued  a  permit  yesterdaj   for a  six  roomed  resi-1
dene; on Second street to cost $2500
Toronto, Oct. 27.���Admitting defalcations to the extent of $370,000, .Ins.
H. DennlSOn, an agent of lhe Masses-
Harris company, waa arrested at Park
Hill on Saturday.
Ile declares that he lost the money
gambling  and   has  beeu  covering  up 1 today
shortages on  tlie  books  for the past , BUby    for    $50,000  damages  be ills-
two vears     The  warrant upon  which  missed,    Two  other  soils     filed     by
:�����   *****������ u'Ai'.i'  ;'h.ir,*.^i IttnHi-'TiS PAWGM'WWJI.'W'?,?,' W' '''">'���>' **%���?& ���'' *���"���
$335. The company became suspicious Uw annum;   a.������ still  pehditlfe.'
lately.   He   declared   thai   he   wasj	
Girl   Withdraws  Charge,
l.os Angeles, Oct. 27.    In B letter to
ihe county  clerk,  Marie   Brown-Levy,
one of the accusers of Ueorge 11. Hlx-
hy, the Long Beach millionaire, who
was acquitted recently in the superior
court on the charge of contributing t��� ,     f ���.,���,,���.
the delinquency Of minor girls, asked 1 ���    ",   _  ___   _-    ,...���    _...���m-i_
that   her   civil   action   against
The Culinary Possibilities to Be Found,
In Theee Sweets.
The housekeeper who has not tested
the culinary possibilities of marshmal-
lows has little Idea of tbelr many uae��j
For emergencies a Uu box of theee Inexpensive candles la a good asset for
the supply closet |
Bhould tho supply of eggs give oul
���when filling or frosting is wanted for
a dark layer cuke ninrshmallows may
be substituted. While the cake ls still
hot place marshmallows torn ln halve*
between the two layers and also 00
top of the cake. lteplace tbe cake Id
the oven for a few moments until
there ls an even Isyer of partialis
melted marshmallows over the cake.
For the afternoon tea table the plainest of little cakes topped with marshmallows and placed for a moment In a
slow oven are transformed Into French
confectiona Spice cake bsked ln ft
thin sheet snd cut lo small rounds of
tbe slse of a marshmallow Is an ID-
expensive substitute for the small fancy cakes of the caterer. Top each little circle with a half marshmBlloir
and psrtlall-f melt ln a slow oven.
Decorate with a single nut meat, half
a cherry or a cross marking of chocolate or colored frosting.
lf the material for a fruit salad la
scant cut marshmallows ln quarters.
Fair List of Passenaeps.
Montreal. Oct.  27.���The    steamship
Canada whicli docked here today carried   190  Becond  and  300   third  class
Charles Dean, one of the alleged
robbers of the Bank of Montreal, will
in all likelihood learn his fate late
this afternoon or evening.    The final
Admits Seeinci Renorters.
London, Oct. 27.- "Tha British minister to Mexico did see some journalists, but in die course of the interview he made no reference of any
Bort or kind as to the intention or the
policy of the United States In regard
to Mexico.'' The foregoing is an authoritative statement issued  from the
about to confess all. and knew he was
suspected, but would not attempt to
Snow   in   Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Ctty, Oct. 27. snow fell
throughout Oklahoma from Saturday
midnight, to Sunday noon to 11 depth
frum three Inches at iiortli'tsvllle and
one inch in the Panhandle Slight
flurries occurred in the southeastern
portion of the state A eold north
wind accompanied the snow. Tern
peratures are reported near freezing. [
Editor   Not   Guilty.
Kdmonton, Oct 27    Harvey Queber,
editor and publisher ot the Kilson. Alberta Critic, charged with criminal ll
bei against  Jeremiah  Callahan,  was
found not guilty In the supreme court
here today.
Has New Commander
Captain Malhie, one   of   the
popular m
line, has been given the command   of
���ne Weir oil tanker Desabla, recently
tullt on the Tyr.e for the Pacific coast
j'rade.    Captain Mathie is know here,
Victoria.   Oct.   27.���When  steaming   for  he   plied   from   Victoria  on     the
into the inner harbor al an early hour ��� Weir linerB when those vessels wen-
Saturday morning, the    steamer    De- regularly engaged in the Orient trade
evidence in connection with the de- foreign office where the officials have
fence was taken at yesterday's seBsion heard at leugth from the minister. Sir
of the assize court and after a few Lionel Carden. upon the divergent re-
witnesses of rebuttal for the prosecu- porl!, relative to his recent Interview.
tion  had  been  examined.  Mr.  Justice   .	
Clement, at 3:15 in the afternoon ad*
i-StenTin"the Andrew Weir |���tmruei   the  case  until    10:15    this
morning.    The jury is expected to retire  about   noon.
At the opening of the court Adam
S. Johnston, counsel for the defence,
will, it is expected, commence his address to the jury. A. II. MacNeill.
K.C, counsel for the crown, and E. P. |
Davis, counsel for the Hank of Mont-'
upatch, of the Border Une Transpor- m��� -ast command when on this run |-������,',
tallnn   -inn-inon-D       . ���,, I II.I...I      ���iil,      thn ... .   ...  .      , ..        ,_ .i^��i,
wi s the liner Luceric,
tatlon company,    collided    with    the
Dominion government lug Point Hope.
i.'t latter sustaining serious damage.
Ai the two vessels came together, the
how  of  the  Despatch  drove  hard  up
agalnBt  the  port side    of    the    tug,
���smashing in  the guard  and    cutting
pa'fly through the side. The Despatch
���splintered and tore away several feet
of  her  wooden  stem.    It  is  believed [0f Captain  Carter,  who  recently
that the mishap occurred  through    a I signed his position as pilot.
it. -understanding  in  whistles,  as  the ; 	
'Weather was clear. The damage to
the Despatch was not sufficient to
noli her, a; d she proceeded. The
!.'o;nt Hope will have to undergo extensive repairs.
Mr. Justice Clement, will charge the
jury  either before or  after the noon
Sydney Ferry Clears. | recess according to the time taken by
Al    mid-afternoon    yesterday    the counsel In their addresses.
Great Northern railway car ferry Svd-      At  ihe opening of the assizes yes-
ney No. 2  left port for Vancouver is-  terday morning Mr. Johnston called a
land  with   a   half  dozen   freight cars hist of witnesses for the defence. Nine
aboard.    She  was  taken  out by    the|of those appeared at the former trial
Didn't Like Witness.
Winnipeg, Oct. 27.���R. G. Buchanan
was acquitted in the provincial court
this morning on the charge laid
against him by lhe Canadian Northern
railway of accepting %i, from tine of
the company's spotters for a passug.-
from Portage la Prairie lo Hi'gina.
Magistrate Donnycaatle, in summing
up, said that he was not prepossessed
in favor of the principal witness for
the prosecution either by his evidence
or bv his dem< anor.
Found   New   Island.
Halifax, Oct. 27.   -The existence of a
new island, 16 miles northeast Of Sable
island, has been reported here hy the1     >;,.u
American     fishing     schooner     l.l/i'r  guests
Griffin, but no Information has been iar flre
received hy the marine and fisheries
department, although they sent a wireless to the superintendent of Sable is
land  for a  report  on  the discovery
Much of Sable Island has been washed
away at various periods nnly to be
cast again at  other points.
No  Hope of Agreement.
Umdon,    OcL    27    The Chronlcli
says that on the suggestion ol "an ex
alted personage" Informal exchanges
of views on home nib- have occurred
between the ministers and ihe spposi-
ders It adds that the hopes
greemenl are very Blender,
I lion  I
of an
$100.00. Fire.
Vork. Oct   27     Fought b    the
in evening clothes a spei lne 1
which   lit   up   the   ocean   for
miles, destroyed tonlgtM the extensive
bathing houses of the Hotel Nassau
on Long Beach, Long Island The loss
Is estimated at $100,000
Nonu   In   His   Time.
Paying Flying Visit. ! ,.Ther* !* * ,t0'7 P** lhe ,rr"'n,1��
Vienna, 6ct^ 27.-Emperor William  lhj"   Mlia''   ?l"lt-   ?*"-   l,",'u""t
Of Germany arrived here yesterday ������ I L,_,_'*"'_B"_<V"'.". "'
a  visit to  Emperor  Francis  Joseph
, rot.
who warmly welcomed hlm
tlon. The nn'i ting of the
reigns, it is believed will
ward cheeking lhe rumors of
Aigrettes Seired.
Ni'W   York,    (lit.  27 ���The    largest
single seizure th" customs inspectors
have made Bince the new regulations
This tug is again  in command'of Dean and. on this occasion as pre-  prohibiting     the  Importation    of  aig
al lhe sta-
two  sove-
go far to
between the tw'o countries because of
Germany's support of antl-Auetrlan
' policies during the Halkan war The
German emperor met the leading political personages and started on his
return to Berlin last evening.
Red   Deer,   who]
lloniat as heartily as In*
sgua,   Frank   Oliver,  ob-
sniRing nf tin* Nfttlonal
Pilot on Job.
The  Samson,  which  went  up  river
yesterday, had aboard Captain  Kord,
the new pilot.
Poltaloch    Floated   and    Takes
Victoria, Oct. 27.���The Hritish bark i
Poltaloch, Captain Armstrong, has j
Km floated from the Esquimau dry
dock and taken in tow by tlie ;
lu_; I-orne for Vancouver. Her hull i
hns been thoroughly overhauled, and !
while on the stocks the big wlndjamer '
was surveyed by Mr. Mitchell. Lloyd's j
The  Poltaloch Is under charter    to
load lumber at Hastings mill for South |
Af. ita at a rate of 70s 3d.
viously, gave evidence in refutation rettes went into effect is on record at
of the story told by Qreenwood with the customs house today. Plumes
reference to the mo'or car, which the. valued al $601) were taken from Miss
latter stated he had seen on Kings-1Edna McLaughlin, daughter of a
way. near the Royal Oak hotel, be- former police inspector here, who ar-
tween 7 and 8 o'clock on the morning  rived yesterday fronl Europe.
of  the  robbery.  . .	
In the memory of all of the nine witnesses who were in n  position to see; APPROVE REDUCTION IN
Talks   Straight   on   Health   Problem-
Vancouver Harbor Commissioners   Sworn   in.
a motor pass along Kingsway during
the hours mentioned by Greenwood,
'hey did not see any, nor were there
traces of any having passed along
previous to 7 o'clock, accordlnr to one
Two witnesses for ihe defence in
ihe pi rsons of Sidm'V Cameron and cantile building
J. B. MriwaTTror tli" H. e.-l'I, H.,~wt-r-*-
.'called Bhortlv before t'ie mon adjournment. They testified as to the
point wh' n- the car stopoed at Church
strei t iu September. 1911 and both
agreed thai the regulations of the com-
Firefly Not on  Ways.
The tug Firefly was not put on the
ways here yesterday, although it was
Baid tliis  would he done.
For the Week Ending Sunday, Nov. 2.
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
3:10 111    B ni'.    .". 2
16:16 12 7 21:69   3.1
4:18 I2.11   9:68   (12
i:,  17  12 s 22*::7    I.s
6:19 12.s l<i:4i   7 2
10:19 12.9 23.17    11.7
1; IH 13.4 11:41    8.2
16:60 12.K 23:59   0.1
High. Low.
4 U, ll:2ii
IK  16
5 2d 0:4,r,
16  16 11:46
1. 20 1:66
I.  2n 12:20
7 2'l 2:4H
17:;.n  13:00
Vancouver. Oct, 27.   Civic and pro-,
vincial authorities were scored liy Dr.
A. P. Proctor yesterday afternoon liefore the  brotherhood of the Congregational  church  for their neglect  in j
ilu- regulation of sanitation, tuberculosis,  the   liquor  traffic    and    many
other  matters  concerning  Vancouver. |
lie declared thai there was n luck of
Inspection  of iuw*  buildings  by sanl- \
tary   experts   and   thai   aldermen   in j
lerfered   with  mill; Inspectors on  lie-,
pany at the lime required thn' trams
pick up passengers on the People's
Trust corner.
A' the reopening of the session in
Ihe afternoon VV. K. Hunt and Frank
Glldersleeve, of the city engineer's department, were called bv ih" defence
��� o give evidence respecting ihe ruin-
fall nn Mn' morning of ihe robbery.
T'i- defence closed at 2:46 mul
Daniel .1. McQuarrie, formerlv mnn
���...,- ,���' .1., Westmln��ter branch of the
n c !���' R . snd 1; 1) Brymner, manager of the  H.mk of  Montreal,   s'ere
Victoria, Oct. 27.���The Vancouver
Island Klre Underwriters' association
has received approval of the reductions of tire insurance rates affecting
structures in tha city, other than nier-
This approval comes
from the head til-lung of Arms <loing
(Ire insurance business In this city.
The reductions will affect Oak Hay
district as well as Victoria city, and
will come into effect on November 1.
Tiu-y amount to about 12 per cent, off
present rates in Victoria nnd 14 per
cent, in Oak Hay. The question of a
reduction In mercantile rates Is now
under consideration.
Thcusands of Cattle Dying.
Fresno, Cal.,  Oct  27.   That   thousands  of  cattle  are  dying  of  starva
��� tlon on the west side of the San Joaquin valley Is th" report  made to the
��� Fresno county humane society today
: by   J.   E.   Farnum.  a   capitalist   from
Hollywood, Los Angeles county, with
I Investments in the territory In ques
; "ion. He declared that in the Paroche
i Creek   district   alone   there   are   6000
Inad of cattle belonging to S. C. Lillis
of Oakland, which are starving from
.neglect and that In driving through
Ithls holding he counted more than Km
half of their political friends Many: called for rebuttal evidence In con
cabins on thi leading Btreets, he said, nectlon with the testimony of Mow iu
were shut off from light and air by : "d Cameron with respect to,the Btop-
huge buildings reared beside them. ning nf the cars at Church streel Roth
Auto  Hits  Pole. I witnesses Btated thai though thej had
An   automobile  driven   by
1 >,
Elevator Cable Broke.
Knocked unconscious by bruises on
the head, a Japanese employee of the
Brunette mills named Klhlkida was
taken to the Iloyal Columbian hos
pltal laic last nighl v.lure his injuries were attended ">. The man
was working on an elevator when the
'���able broke precipitating blm to tbe
bottom of the pit. Constables Walker
and W Milne remqved him to the
hcspltal  in  Die ambulance,    lie  will
aught the car In front  of tbe Bank I reet
Krupo's Works Ccandals.
Berlin, Oct. 27.���The scandals con-i
nccted    with    the   activities of    Max-'
miliar] brant, In bribing officers of the
Herman   army   to   disclose  details  of.
the  pending  armament  contracts    to 1
him as the agent  for Krupp's    arina-
menl works, threatened to come   to
llghl in the time of the great national
[celebration of Krupp's centsnnary   In I
August, 1912. according to the chairman of the Krupp   directorate   who
testified at the resumption of the trial
I today.
To Charge 6/a Per Cent.
Winnipeg,  Oct.  27.    Interest   at the '
rate Of ."'/���-���  per cent,  will be charged'
on the loan frcm the Hank of Montreal tbat haa been arranged between
; that institution  and  the great   Winni
'peg water district corporation, accord
ing to the arrangement   Ju.-d   closed.'
The loan will not exceed $260,000 the
! lirst  year,  nor  $2,000,000   the  second
'year.    The  Interest   will  be  charged
Ion the dally balances.
hat.-, a
western colli
[ects to the
���\nthciri, is shortly to leave tin; federal
for the Provincial Held, and will lend
the Libera! pnrty in Alberta. "Bed
Michael,'' as be is lannlinrly known,
is one of tln�� best debaters in the
Bouse, and tbe Oreen Chamber would
mins Ins pungent wit and strong party
spirit. As a story teller. Dr. Clark hm
few ennui-, hi. chiel rival in this
somewhat neglected field being F. 11.
Shepherd, a fellow Englishman who
defeated the redoubtable Ralph Smith
in the ridim: of Naiianim at the la��t
eli '. ms. One "f the iloeti r's favorite
-��� ries is that of the English immigrant who laii'lc'l at Red Deer last
summer when the weather was extreme] et and Id Meeting snother ir m I. - 1, ime land, the m**., ner
nu I  . 1 umi linglj
"Say. d m I they hevcr 'ive briny
8pmnn r oul ere, bany ' '. weather,
ynu ki 11
The    'iii   r    El pi     !,*:    m     ' ���������; ';���   i
"Don't arsk ine I've * 1 * ��� n oul
'ere eleven months rn; elf." * si ->
linn Courier.
Equal parts of grape fruit. Eugllsh
walnuts nnd marshmallows mixed
with half the quantity of diced pineapple make a salad combination well
suited to a i" H-nCti drC8.->kii: _U_TO*��kSi
with wine.
Ordlnnry chocolate lee cream la easily transformed Intu an apparently expensive novelty by adding a plentiful
supply of quartered miirshmitllowa
when the cream is half frown. If lho
chocolate Is rich and dark these dull
white particles make an effective
showing and nlso add an unusual flavoring.
Prot. Field's Theory.
A new theory ol the singing "I telegraph wires lias ben offered by Proi.
Field, oj t'ie University ol Ottawa.
No explanation yet (tiwu seems to
have bean pwloctly satlafactory, ""'-'
tki��    sugiif-lit'ii    is    im'W    maile    that
the lounai represent minute earth vibrations, winch are transmitted to the
wires through the poles. These vibrations depend largely ou varying ��ir
pressure. The song ol the wire-i there-
lore may give good barometric signals, a sharp Sound indicating thai a
change is close at hand, while a low
humming shows that present conditions may continue a day or tx-riiape
Mount   Royal   a   Volcano?
In  the   course  ol  the  work   bring
dune on tbe Canadian North! rn Railway tunnel the engineers have lound
that Mount Koyal, under which the
line will paaa, was at one time either
an   ai'liv.   volcano   or   wuh   mnde   hy
lavn being   forced   up   through  tin
An interesting jinxd of the fnct thst
at oue tune a great glacier flowed
from the Laurintian Mountains to the
St Lawrence was found in the small
heading on St. Muntique --irei't, Moot-
real.   Tin.-, wa*- a piec* *���! Laureotlan
gneiss, a r-ck pecu^ar t    the Lauren.
tian Mountains, and it is believed
that in the paat this rock was carried
down by 11 glacier which probably
emptied Into the m Lawrenos Uivei
not far from the presei I barbor,
Sixtieth   Anniverl.i-y  of Wedding.
Hnle ami hearty. r,*c. Iving congratulations if n host of Iriends, Mr. and*
Mrs Charles Qeorge of Kingston recently celebrated the fvtih anniversary
of their wedding, Oeorge ia *4 year;
of age ai.l his wife 94 They wert
married in 1851. (jourg* Is a promt
uent gsidener
BOILERS   Riveted steel Pifieg
 BURN OIL      ���
P.   O.   BCM   4 1
641 Front Street.    Out  of  lho High   Rent District
$30,000 Stock to Select trom.
Now Helllns; shoe .-.lock of lhe
ville street.   Open evenings till ti
31    8:20 3:25 7:18 13.8 12:36 9.1
18 20 1 1:45 17:22 12.6
_      ti  15 4:10 > :16 13.9    4:43 0.1
is 55 14:45 17 54 12.0 13:38 9.8
2    10:15 4:55 9:13 1P..9    1:28 0.2
19:25 15:45 18:27 11.4 14:47 10.3
Mrs. Busy Housekeeper
have you seen the new WIZARD
DUSTLESS MOP? Absolutely no
dust in sweeping. Fine for linoleum
ami poliehed floors. We !mw- Jusl
received another shipment of theBe
mops and as an extra Inducenn ul to
vou we are Riving nwny FREE one
$1.26 run of Wizard I'ollsh with even
mop sold.
You Want One of
These Mops
Call lu the stora and let us demon-
Btrate them to you.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr Block Columbia Street.
It's the Biggest Clothing Sale
Suits at Factory Cost.    Extra Pants at Less than Factory Cost.    Furnishings and Underwear at Less than Cost.
M. J. Phillips, Clothier
West Coast Sales Co., Sale Managers "BC*J
TUtftbAY, OCTOBER 28, 1913.
a,  .  PA6E FIV��
National Hockey Commission Will Make Drastic Motion At
Next Meeting of Organization���East and West Appear to Be United.
p. s.
H.  A.   Magnates  Got  Together
Last   Night������.  Doherty
E.   Do-
A motion which wlll have much to
do with lhe SUOCefl or failure of the
now hockey Commission In the futur,-
wiii bc made ut the next nesting of
tliat  body.
Tho motion will bc "That any play
er or players who jump their contract
or play for a team or teams not affiliated wiih the commission win bs ban
labed from the N- 11. A., the Coasl
league and the  Maritime professional
Coast, the N.H.A, and the Ml'HI., it
wonld 'ake a pile of money to organize
an  outlaw   lca-.ui.  which  could  attain
such greatness,
Thin motion lf carried, it is believed, will safeguard the three big
leagues and owner-? to a groat extent
and SI at present there Is no other
profitsion.'il   league   in  Canada,   there
is little likelihood of oontract-jumplng
In ths Immediate future. lint the man
who In jroinr to make the motion has
president    Dr.   C.
Prank   Patrick,   Vancou-
at  heart  and ! *hn
hockey league for life ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
, This   in'itir,,,   Is   drastic   In   liin   ex-'the  interest., of hock
treme.    it  wiii do away  with all pos  ''I'S' iletei-fnined   io.it   ,:,������   bocliey  coin
sihlity of any players foriiilnK an out-; mission shall have a strong foundation
law*  league,  for  with a league at   thej to  hack   It  up.
herty,  New
President ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Si crttary-treasurer���Arthur Smaill,
Directors - Lester Patrick, Victoria;
Nels, Nelson, E. 11. Savage, New West-
The above were elected officers of
the Pacific Coast Hockey association
at the annual meeting of the association held at the Vancouver hotel last
evening.    Representatives   from   the
cities wf-re present at the gath
mriti* '*t:ii;.-.  *<^i.��.***i-.*'.1.;'i't*;.,|ii.*ji*,1'.*i',ii*t* ��������-*_ i
an annual session of a lacrosse league ' v
complete harmony featuring the entire
Dave  Leith  Claimi It  But Others Say
"Hands off"���What Will Be the
A queer situation has cropped up in
ln the soccer iphere as affecting 'he
lower mainland in connection with the
National cup, which last year was won
by the Thistles of Vancouver, after
the Itovers of this city appeared lo
have a cinch  for the title
As a Inrge majority of the soccer
fans will remember, 'he Vancouver
and District Soccer league fell to
pieces at the end of lasl season, although the NaUonal cup still remained
lu the possession of the
Amateur Hockey Teams Will Get Gocd
Treatment from  Arena
session. jVanccuve
While  th?  agreement  between  the |    Tuesday
I Patricks and  the Westminster Arena , Victoria.
company has yet ro be consummated      Friday,  Jan.
enough   headway   has   been   made   toWestminster.
| practically  guarantee  thc   iloyal  City1     Tuesday, Jan,
aggregation being In the running for;couver.
Illie Paterson cup, which   is emblems-'     Friday,   Jan.
itlc of the championship of the Coast.   Victoria.
j while It also entitles the winning team j    Tuesday, Feb.
'���o a trip to eastern Canada where they  Westminster.
j will play the champions of the N.H.A.'     Friday,     Feb.
for the world's title. I Vancouver
Quebec  made  the  trip  to  Victoria'    Tuesday, Feb.
I iast winter where they met defeat at , torla.
the hands cf the Senators and although       Friday.    Feb.
| 'lie Stanley cup has taken second place | Wl stminste.'.
of   the   world's   champions   from   Victoria.,    litre are the dates:
Krlday,     Dec.     5.���Westminster   at
Tuesday    Dec.  9. -Victoria  at  New
Friday,   Dec.   12.- Westminster    at
Tuesday, Dec. 16.���Victoria at Vancouver.
Friday, Dec. 19.���Vancouver at New
Friday, Dec. 20.-Vancouver at Victoria.
Tuesday.   Dec.   30.���Westminster  at i
Vancouve ���.
Friday, Jan. 2.���Westminster at Victoria
Tuesday,  Jan.  6.��� Victoria  at  Vancouver.
Friday, Jan. B.���Vancouver at New
I'i.'.!"-.. ;'���'���_���-;.. ���'!-.*!. ��� ',C:i'*,nal;i..Uij*. at/
Friday,   Jan.   16.���Westminster   at
1 v.'estrnlnster was represented -.1111111-
|ally at the famous Blsley shoot held in
, I'.ugiand every summer and from the
[showing made during the pas sum-
i iner, there appears no reason why
ithe Koyal City should not add lo the
,' i|iiota sent hy Vancouver and thus
, demonstrate to the rest of the Don,in
lion that British Columbia can hold
Her own when it cornes to work with
the rifle.
Matty Worked too Hard.
j oJplln, Mo.. Oct 27. Walter Johnson and Christy Malbewson did not
oppose   each   other   as   had   been  an-
1 nounced by the promoters of thl game
lul ween the N'ew Vork Nationals and
the Chicago American teams Johnson was on hand and pitched the fir��t
three Innings holding New  vork to
six hits, hir Mathewson did not appear.     New   Vork   won   18-12.
Score: R,    II.    E.
Chicago    12    19     4
New York   U    17      2
Batteries: Johnson. Fahre and
Schalk;  Hearne, Fromme and Meyers.
British Columbia Copper Company Issues Report Showing Millions
of Tons.
"There Is absolutely no truth lo the
report that lhe amateur hockey teams
wlll not be catered to at the arena Ito tbe world's championship from now
this coming winter, In fact It is in our I���' "ip winning team of the Coast
Interests  to   bring  out   this  sport  to
ability  in  order  that
nourish   in   years  to
of     the, CUP rare
' the hist of our
the gnme  might
This statement wub niade to The
News last evening hy C. It 'Bourne
I following the rumor among the hookey
: fans started yeBterday morning lo the
.-effect that the pro clasi ot sport
Thistle Club. I WOUld supplant lhe "slinon pure" ar-
Enter David U'lth, president, or Stjtlcle.
nnv rate the chief mogul of Vancou With de arranging of the schedule
v.r amateur soccer at this time Of fOT the P.C. It A last evening, the
writing "Please hand over tlle Na-1 officials of lhe cily league will he able
tlonal COP in order that the Vancou- j to go ahead arranging their schedule
ver and District Amateur league may ����� that un early start can1 be made
compete for the trophy." WM the re-1 between the four teams In the Mcltae
quest to .Manager Fordyc
"No slree," IJtIOth Mr. Fordyce. with
��ho result ihat the National cup content  iu up in the air.
According to Tim Mahoney, who In
turn  was  Informed by another of lhe
Vancouver referees' hoard, Mr. Lelth
bu S dark de, p plot afoot to head off
the proposed reorganization of the old
league and In putting forth every <f
fort to have lhe referees of the lower
mainland refuse to handle nnv games
In whloh the Hovers. Thistles and
Westham island mix.
Fordyce was In the city last evening
on nn Invitation from Tim Mahoney
to talk the matter over wllh the sec
retary of the local branch of the ama
leur union. The said Becrewry. however was In Victoria attending a meeting of the provincial
nought but
gone over.
Anyway the situation simmers down
to .*,'point where Mr. Lelth hns no
Jurisdiction whatever over the National cup The players of the Hovers.
Thistles and Westham Island teams
have all been reinstated by the union
id therefore have 11 right to play off
Tuesday, F
league will  be  in a good  position tol     Friday,   Feb.
grab the silverware. 1 Victoria.
The schedule  will  open on  Friday, |    Tuesday.  Feb
Dee. f, In  Vancouver with   Westmins-; Vancouver,
ter   ns   the   visitors.     The   following j     Friday, Feb. '���
Tuesday, local fans will get a glimpse ' torla.
Spokane, Oct. 27.���Exploration work
during the last 16 months hy the Brit-
lah Columbia Copper company, operating    properties    In    British Columbia
and Ferry county, Washington, haB resulted in blocking out 4,000,000 tons of
2  per cent,  copper ore,  with  another
4,000,000 tonB in sight and still anoth-1
er 4,000,000 tons regarded as possible,;
according to a report Issued on Octo- |
ber 7, which reached Spokane yester- j
?,.-Vancouver at New ;day morning.
During the fiscal year ended December  31,   1912,   tho    company    treated j
740,oSS tons of ore, which produced 11,-
146..11  pounds of fine copppr ,or an
I'���Vletorii at Newl*���**8   of   1B^   Pounds   to   the  ton.
i_     victoria at  .New |T4Wng tM(, a8 a ba9i8 0, ���tlmsta the!
4,000,000 tons of ore now blocked out'
will yield 60,200,000 pounds of copper,
which at 16 cents a pound, allowing 10
cents a pound for mining, treating and
24,-WeBtmlnster sti���*}*** ^presents a net profit ot
-Vancouver at Vic-!    'Tt**' company owns and operates Its
On Inside Westminster  Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
At Reasonable Rates and Terms
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
J. A, RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Mesa Office:   Columbia and Begoie Streets.
\  1
Jan.    20  -Vancouver   at i,
- Victoria   at   New
���Victoria  at Van-
30.���Westminster     at
(.���Westminster   at
10.���Vancouver at Vic I
h. 17.���Victoria at Van-1
20.���Westmins er     at |
iBy tbe Poller.!
own   smelter  of   3,000   tons   dally   capacity at f'.reenwood, B. ('., where  Iti
Hi also   has   a   600-ton   sampling   works,
purpose of arranging for referees 1 p.owf is provided bya hydro-electric
|the    ^^^^^^^^
for Saturday's games.
John McGraw and Charlie fonilakey
passed up un exhibition game at Fort
Smith, Ark., when they heard that a
bunch   of   cu'huBluBtic   fans   had   pre
pared watch fobs manufactured bomIfnTstated th�� 'th* lis?tnt
nails taken from s gallows upon which (of   Sunday's   soccer   game
100 wi re hanged.    Yet both managers   between   the   Vancouvers
,  ,       , ... 'fornlaiis,   the  visiting  players
-lailn   thev   lire   nnl   kiiim,. <-tltlnn�� l,ll,u '
are not superstitious.
McGill's   Team   Tskes   Twc    Out     of
Three  from  Burnett's���Vancouver
Here Tonight.
iBiard   so   that
in Informal talk coultl be
for the cup under amateur rules.
Said Tim Mahony to The News last
evening: "As far as 1 sin concerned,
nnd 1 believe 1 speak for the majority
���if the referees. If the National cup Is
fought out bv the three teams. 1 cannot see where the referees' association can refuse to officiate at the
gainer "
Mr. Ltllh sailed from San Krancisco
yesterday evening where he has been
piloting a bunch of soccer plnvers
who hnve been advertised as Ihe BrltlBh Columbia All Stars. Maybe hc
will huve something to say on his return.
UcQIU's quintette   Improved   their
average In the House Howling leairu.*
lust (veiling when they defeated Burnett's aggregation two games out of
three Garrett, with the exception of
tlle llrst game, wna in good form, taking high individual with 208 and also
high average with 179. Last night's
encounter WSS featured by Bmall sctr
ing on the part of the two teams
Marsh Hodge and his bunch frnm
Vancouver will be over this evening
to make an attempt to wipe out the
stain Of defeat administered by the
Hoyals In Vancouver last week. The
Westminster team will ba Wnlsh. Mc-
QUI, Marshall. Burnett and O'Connor
The city grocers and the American
Can compuny of Kaat Burnaby will
also tangle on the alleys this evening
Last night's scores were as follows:
Manager Johnny Brers of the Chi
cago Cute   make a claim   lhat  87 per j
Oent.   of   the   big   league   players   will
refuse    to    sign    IHI 4 contracts    until i
they get   what they  want.    These fel- I
lows don't know what s good thing is. 	
Jimmy   Murphy,    manager    of    the
Tecumseh     hookey     team     and   also      jjpx1   summer  will   sec  New   West
president   of   tlle   National   l��icrosse
union.  Is   sure   branching  out   lu  the
line  of   sport   magnate.     Rumor  now .mtJI^^ttlla^^^tta^^^ttM^^^^^
haa It that he has bought a big chunk   present   indications   count   for  ought
Of stock of the   Halifax Crescents of  During the  past season  which closed
plant at Bennington Falls, B. C. and
an auxiliary  steam     plant, ready  for
_     ._    ���.____.       ��� ,      .      .Immediate service In the event of the
luBslff Mahmout. the Bulgarian electric system becoming crlpplled. Is
wrestler wbo has met tbe best tn 1 maintained at Greenwood, and Blnce
America Including Frank Cotch, Is re-; these p'.an;s have been Installed not
ported to have heen killed by a band : an hour's delay has been experienced
of   Bulgarian   bandits   In   the   moun- .because of lack of power. 1
tains near SillBtrla.    It's  tough  luck I    in 1912 the company's gross Income;
for a wrestler to meet such a fate.       iw-as $2,491,27". of  which $425,9R5 was
ln  a  special   wire   to  a   Vancouver  net profits     After expending $529,000
paper, presumably aent by Dave Lelth,   in acquiring and developing new prep
minutes jertles.   purchasing  1187,676    of    the
'Frisco ; bonds of the    New Dominion  Copper
and     Cali    company   and   disbursing   $177,512   in
dividends, there was left in the treas-
jury  $966,736,   which   was  carried   forward Into the 191,1 balance sheet. Production of copper to date this year has
heen slightly less than In 1912. hut the
yield of gold and  silver has been approximately   the   same   and   It   Is   believed the net earnings will be about j
as much.
the referee for all they were worth.
iAnd they call that good sportsmanship.
There's uniformity of grain���we select only the firmest, plumpest wheat
from Canada's bumper crop.   And uniformity of manufacture���the wheat 1��
ground in a mill equipped with every
modern  device  to  produce flour  tbe
finest of tbe tine and the most cleanly.
' Uniformity ln baking too���In our testing laboratory, we teat not only the
wheat and the flour, but    also    the
bread   we bake with that flour.    No
wonder ROYAL STANDARD Is eo uniform. V-ilA
Vancouver.   New   Westminster,   Nanalmo, Victoria.
mlnstrr  recume her place among the
leading rifle teams of the province If
the   Maritime  Provinces league.  Kast
Saturday the scores made on the
ern reports state this Is the biggest | Brownsville ranges were creditable to
syndicate stunt yet pulled oft* In thelany contingent of rifle shooters, sev-
eaat this year :eral  centuries  having  been   recorded
��� from time to time.
Toronto Varsitv rugby players Bhow-1 Next spring will probably sec a
ed a poor sporting taste lust week In general reorganization of the rifle
Montreal when only one member ofj work of the 104th regiment, which,
the ��quad attended a smoker of the'admitted on all sides, has been woe-
Mrlilll boys, although they had been
invited 11 week In advance. Kven
though the Torontos lost the game
the sume afternoon, their absence will
not mend matters in straightening out
thc annus! footbull tungie.
Knight   131
McCoy  99
Smith    1��X
Garrett  IU
Burnett 169
76    77.  2259
Deaf   and   Dumb   Winnipeg
Again Signs to Play With Lester Patrick's Victorias.
Pierce   157
Max  113
I Robinson    142
Burr    138
Forward I Mclilll 128
M 678
Next game���Pike vs.
Thursday night.   .
895    796 2360
Waltors,   'on
Winnipeg. Oct. 27.���Jack "Silent"
1'lrlch, the crack little forward who
brushed Into fame last season In the
Pacific coast hockey league, has lust
signed a contract with I_ester Patrick to play for the champion Victoria team.
Ulrich wns last yenr carried as a
spare man by Victoria, but It Is alto-
pettier likely that he will be a regular
this season. Ulrich nnly had a tew opportunities tn display his calibre, hut
he made good with such a vengeance
that a regular position seems his due.
Patrick has great faith In the little
fellow and the Victoria fans swear by
blm for It was Ulrich who scored the
winning goals In two bitterly fought
���overtime games which largely determined tho championship.
Training nt Victoria commonces on
Nov. 1 nnd Ulrich wlll be on hand.
He has heen camping at Rlvor park
nil summer and Is In fine condition.
Ulrich declares that hc never felt better In his life, nnd ho expects to play
better hockey.
At tke Tkeatres
fully lacking during the past two summers. Lieut. Knight will switch over
.rum the civilian to the regimental,
while severn 1 promising shots hav.'
been unearthed to partner Capts. Cunningham and Smith and Lieut. Crivis
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ Into what is expected  to be a tean
I which will do credit to New Wesl in In-
Tl'n  City   Soccer  league  delegates . ster at  the annual  British Columbia
will hold a meeting In the president's jthi.ot.
office  at   h  o'clock  thlB  evening  for I    It ts not many years ago that Net?
An offer of bigger money, and cm-
lined with the craze for motor speeding. Is likely to take Jack Lavlolette
from the National Hockey association.
"Lavln" la some speed artist on skates
���nd his loss wtll be (elt In the east.
"The Wheels of Fate," In two reels
showing at the Kdison theatre toduy,
has a particularly strong story, and
the scenario, for ItB literary and
dramatic merit is to be praised. The
production Is a society-domestic drams
in which the Infelicity of married life
ends tu tragedy for the wrong-doers
and happiness for the wronged.
It ts a play, the sort of which Is now
becoming all too rare, that leaves thc
auditor with a view of life not distorted by dramatic misrepresentation;
a play in fact that puts to shame the
sex and problem plays now so much
In vogue, and whose popularity Is
founded alone upon their degree of
riskiness, and useless cavorting upon
the thin Ice of propriety. Summed up
"The Wheels of Fate" Is s production
of the red blood sort, a play with a
moral, but not sacrificed, dramatically,
for that moral,
1���     THEATRE
Entire Change of Program Daily
Sellg  Two Reels.
"The Wheels of fate"
A rising young author has a frivolous wife whose lover unjustly
fastens a murder upon him and skipS to Europe wtth her. A mid-
ocean wreck, an eleventh hour confession snd the wireless save the
author from lhe electric chair. ^^1
C. P. R. Ready-Made Farms
More than 9.000,000 acres good Canadian Pacific Railway Cosn-
ptiay land In British Columbia, "Sunny Alberta," Saskatchewan anrt
Manitoba awaiting magic touch of tillers' are to bloEsom aa tbe rose.
All C. P. R. land for sale on new twenty year, colonization payment plan; $2000 will, if desired, be loaned settlers for farm Improvements.
For descriptive literature and settlers' transportation rates call
on or write the Canadian Pacific Hallway Company's Official Land
-telling Agents
D. E, Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Financial, Insurance snd Resi Estate Agenfsv
Rentsls snd Collections.
Oenersl Rail-way snd Steamship Agents.
Western Play
The Secret Treasure"
Liibln Presents
���This Iraft John"
A Tsle of thS Sea.
Tlie Royal Mcrca
709 Columbia SL Wtrtmtaster Trurt BMf
_. ______
Is now Open for Business
Dairies' Old Stand on Gs*
We aim to conduct a genuine Bargain Stoic Our Jrtock will consist off
Smallwear, Dishes, Glpuwarc, Kitchenware, House Fdpdffclnti, ote.
As our store is too small to carry Furniture we are nutting the pike away
down in order to run it off quiddy. f,
and Rockers, etc., and they ait SB marked at prices 1
in a few days.
ms ***** �������
Classified Advertising
oetved tor Toe News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia street; A. Splice,
Queens-borough, Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���Oue enn per word per
-toy; 4c per word nenr week. 15c per
���month; 6.(10-0 wurds. to be used us re
���aired wltttn oue year from dale of
���OBlrect.   I'-I. oo
ture tn large or email quantities for
spot cash. Will givo lull value or
will bell your household goods snd
effects by auction. \\ ill gusrautss
to realise value or no commission
charged. II. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House. KiMg'a hotol block.
Columbia street. 121M) ;
machine, $20. Apply Sapperton hotel.
modern house ou cur line, excellent
location. Apply Hox __.6 News
effice. I-."-06)
Expert Agriculturist  Writes of  Early   Days   of     Farming     In     Canada-
Change  Mado by Modern
Less Than  Twelve  Thousand   People
Between Them Make $720,000,000
Per Year.
Many Fine Works Hsts Been Wrlttes
ln Toronto.
How do composers actually compose!
This is a question which thu luymiiii
often propounds to the musician. The
burgeoning of the tonal creatiou would
seem tu be a process fraught with mystery. Does the tono-poot remain raptb
poised with hand clasping brow until
the parturition uf the musical thought
is accomplished, or does hi) monkey
sway at the keyboard, alternately
thumping and tickling the ivories until
ke gets a tune rounded upf
Well, it all depends.
London, Ocl. 27.���The report of ths
Writing in Kami and Dairy 00 corn itiftener till  the corn Btands  tliree or  British inland revenue Commissioners,
.rowing in Canada, J. ,.. Gr.sd.le. SU- ���� ^g^ 5&&S ��<����������  <*�� ~ - ��* ��� ' o23ftL��A fif&JTSBl
iou sai.k -A snap. K)i it ROOM- perintendent of Dominion experiment- oorn t0 gr()W    Th_ ho(1 ls ���,,��� Dee(jed. controlled by a. separate department) j Slater and Dr. Kdward Broome, of Toed    modern   bungalow on^ Linden |ai fanns, says: hut bo a very limited extent only. The tor  the year  1012-13  affords  further  ronto,   Mr. Water has a large numbei
Corn growing in Canada goes back Ione-horso walking cultivator also Btiil   remarkable evidence or the growth of i ��'  80ng9i  anthems,   and   piano   nieces
__. i upon  tho  market,  some  of  which   art
published under his own name, and
others Issued under the num de plumei
of "Kenneth Rae," "Puul An/broiie,'
' many   years.    The   profitable   produc   has   a   place   and,   if   at   all   possible,
avenue, close   to car.   $1800,   Wtll
soli at lhis price if sold this month
Apply a.  McPhee,  Edmonds.    Tal,  t|on"���r" Ih|S (,-���,,, possibly oven morel should be kept moving Up anil down
'- ���"'*'���*��� I'iilt,)   markedly  than  In    the    case of  any i lhe   rows   long   after   tho   stalks   rise
"���                                                    other farm crop, has always meant above -ths horse's hesd.
FOR   SALE    FIVE   ROOMED   MOD- much  labor.    If the more thoroughly Cutting of Corn.
ern bungalow ou Linden avenue for I every operation Is performed the morel    Thn cutting of the corn, binding In-
$3000.   Apply A. McKoe, Edmonds.      striking   the  crop  returns   is   true  of to sheaves and shocking - all of them
(2276) most crops, it is doubly true of ihls at one time heavy manual labor Jobs���
 . -lone.    The difficulties surrounding    Its are  nnw  done  by  machinery   for  t'.ie
FOR   SALE      SAW   TABLE   AND profitable production   In   the   day of most part.   The oorn harvester caps-
SSWS, foot power mortising machine,  ,h<'  lar8��  amount   of  labor nee
grindstone.    Hox 2222 News office.
FOR     SALE        HOUSE     PARTLY
Rnlshed   u ;- large cleared lot,   Bd
���. li sr   ii, ed.   Cheap   tor
cash.   Appl)  owner, George Warne,
K Bhteenlh avenue, Edmonds, i-l.oi
ary ble of cutting from five In eight acres
lo ensure a good return from the area a day no' nnly cuts and binds, but
under crop have, however, effectively greatly facilitates loading. The cur-
attracted the Inventive genius of no' |lng of corn In tho shock, an expensive
: _.
Implements _3 corn planters, enm cul
tivators,   corn  harvesters,  corn   husk
ttracted the Inventive genius of no' ; ing ot corn in tne shook, an expensive*���*���*���* *���  	
few able men If we may Judge by the snd   uncertain   method   of  preserving  }���"���""���   	
rogrees that has been made in such the crop, has given place to lhe silo.    ���'"!,',   	
! the nation's wealth.
Income tax provides Ihe best lestl-l
mnny of the. growth. Klrst of all take
the gross amounl of income brought
Under the review of tho commissioners In the ten years ended 1911-18 (the
last year for which theso figures are
(Jross Income.
1902-08   ii   87!t.f,:tK.<lt)0
1904-05            912.130,0110
1906-07         94.'l,702.0(iii
where practically every last pound of
digestible    material    Is perfectly oon-j
Since Taktag SIN PILLS
Lyons Brook, N.S., Feb. 26th.
"You are perfectly free to use my
name in any way to benefit OIN PILLS,
for thev deserve the highest praise.
My back has never troubled me since
taking GIN PILLS, and my wife feels
much better after taking GIN PILLS
fer her back. She thinks GIN PILLS
will make a complete cure."
GIN PILLS will always relieve Lame
Hack, Sciatica in Hack and I��egs.
Rheumatism, Burning and .Scalding
Trine, Painful Urination, Weak or
Strained Kidneys, and always prevent
taking cold iu the kidnevs and bladder.
themsrHeisalsorespoosibls'foraverv! l'v"y   hox.  *' .Mld   w'lll,,a   P"',i,ive
effective   cantata,   entitled   "Hvm.   tk\ guarantee   to   give   prompt   relief   or
Trust," for chorus, tenor solo,'and ur I"01"*  t*f*t**A      5��c.  S  box.  6 for
chestra, and published by Mchirmer, of �����??���      Sample   free   if   you   ��,t
New York National   Drug   and  Chemical   Co. of
Mr. IteW J, I.nutr. is the author oil Canada, Limited, Toronto. U7
s number of graceful songs of artistic
character, which have seen thc light oi
day   both   here   nnd   in   the   publish
and "Erland Hunt." Dr. Broome hai]
over sixty published compositions, in I
eluding vocal solos, part songs, nnd an-
to ut_N'r,,'Tv;'o''"ltct)i!ri.-^.,^;:vfi
furnished or unfurnished, at reason
able terms.    113 Oakland street.
i..; tf)
IPTJRNISHBD   AND    liNl'TlLS'lSlir.n
apartments lo rent, right on car line,
strain   heated,  hot and cold   water. I
gas  ranges, electric  light,  separate
bath to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary ami rent |
is very reasonable including gas and (
lights.    Also    sinRle    rooms,    both
furnished   and   unfurnished.   Apply
Mrs.    Mandville.    part -.    1,    second
floor, Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
well    furnished   modern    bungalow.
Durham street.   Apply Phone 1,227.
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agiii* street.   Telcjxktme 6.S L,
.rs.  corn   shellerg  and   blowers    and  served,  and   that  in   a   form   at   once
i easily  handled  and  highly   acceptable
to iivc stock of all kinds.
1     The   utilization   of   the   cut-box   for
filling the silo and the change to the
shredders The result Is that corn
growing trday is as child's play when
contrasted wih the strenuous Job It
was some 30 or 40 years ago.
The writer ha? been actively interested  in  the corn  crop  for 85  y&Si'4
1911-12       1,070,142,000; offices of Oermany.    llin " Drive o
Thus ln ten years the gross Incomes! Nameless" nnd "The   Last   Journey
increased  by  no  less  than   *��190,i>04,-! aro typical of the refined stylo  which
000. the Increase in  the last recorded \ he has acquired under the guidance of;
year being the tidy sum of ��24,308,000.   Arnold Mendelssohn, of Dormstadt, his
Supertax  Revelations. j teacher.
Under  l.loyd  George's famous bud-       Dr.  A.  8. Vogt's  busy  life  hns not'
blower "and" "shredder "is""undoubtedly IKel' Persona with  incomes exceeding permitted   much  compositional   ofTon,
ona  of   the   most   Imoartaal   linos   of' tTi.OOO a .voar PW an extra (Id. In the   out  here,  as  in  ovorything else  which
pound on thi ' ' ���' .....      ...
amount by which the
lie touches, the hand of the  master  is
S-Om vox, less than SO minutes' r&?
��;v,    '������������\-   -~:e.::e',':  fTOtn Nftw   Wit-it-
minster; so;i excellent,   bottom   or .   ...
upUn I as desired: tram frontage or over. Recently, while thinking of, ^f.^contoeS Ton^maVTudwl������ ��ceeo8 �� "���"""* "' *'"' P"�� ""'��� and h'�� f��� P"^"""1 ��>��P<>��"toai
MS. sn sore and remainder Just those days In the later seventies when . �� ��*!. .1, con ine , it ono n . JUdfHpersons 1 for choir use evidence tho highest skill
back 11 frontage lMs $100 and $125. as a  small  boy  on  a  Quebec  farm  I    ���      <s    ff, c    In    Imp Ifylng th     prob / treatment of the vocal pos.ib.U-
Tonus quarter cash, two years for trudged  behind a team nn  eight-foot   ������ m��. am-  lowering We cost  or cattle        -,......���., .... ������..���.. ..follows
balance     This is a sacrifice;  estate .harrow, slowing geKlng the land Into   feeding, to say nothing of its immense      ���**'    -
to be cleaned np at once Sole I shape for corn planting, I was struck Influence In popularizing winter dairy
agents Curtis & Dorgan New West-1 by this great difference between now ���""���>'��� or' one might sav, in making
minster    Phone 466.   No trades        and then in so far as implements used , dairying a really possible anil  profit-
In corn growing are concerned. i a,)1"   Industry   on   this   continent   of
The handling of the land from Btart | short grass and brief grazing seasons.
tn   finish   was  slow   and   laborious   in
If  You   Dcn't  the  American   Customs
Otfii*.ei Will Get That Handaome
Plume  You   Wear.
musical   style.      His   chant setting    of
a ti- w qualification will be required
of applicants for positions In the I'nlt-
,d states customs service henceforth.
They   must   ba   expert   ornithologists
keeping rooms. 110 and %xi pel-
month ut 224 Seventh -street. 1216.11
FOR BALE���*1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER 1 thofe  dav_  .   tnird  of a  cenlury  ago.
week.    Canada's    Pride    Malleable It  wolll(1  a|so  have    beerj   expensive
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-iha(1  not wagM thpn  rujed  B0  low as
ket square. (2160) Ur, nl:lke [t profitable  (while at    the
-���_ _ _ ���    same time necessar.y)   to do so much
Iby hand or to expend so much  man
LOST AND FOUND. |ahor to produce the crop.
*m^^^-~^m*-~r^n^.-.��� ���i��� <%      Through  clay hub deep  in  the old
I.OgT   WHITE ANT,OR*\  CAT 1 tumbril  cart  the  manure   was  carted
bushy tail.     Milder    please'  notify |from ,hp Pile to a" Parts of the T"'h*
phone 81.    Anyone harboring afterP""5   labnr*r'"sl-v   sPrf,a;'   f,iihPr   frnm,
this  notice   will   be   prosecuted.        |thp "''."! f["m 8mal   PU��S ' umpP(1
f23071 1a    well-judged   Intervals.    Ones  arm
and hand remember yet the heave and
���****���******* ***m***v**t***************s****SS  tw-tat that  ripped the forkful of shin-
ROYAL INTELLIGENCE BUREAU.   IinE, "Th"  '.."u   tllP  *'e?.m[">:  mi*^
land sent It whirling and disintegrated
jto lie ready for the oncoming plow..
deal of favor.    A rather  uniqiio',,,,,,,  ,��� ,),.,,.,-., (hs  fenthi rs of a  par-
pi. of Dr. Vogt's activity  i. his I ���1|f- 0rptaftl>II
on         Pianoforte      rechnique,      ""*��� ,
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver, B.C. (21621
trade protection specialists. J. M.
('.awa, general manager, P. O,
drawer 110, New Westminster,
Did Good Work.
Useful Life���20.030 Leagues
in One Voyage.
Persons Total
Chargeable.      Income.    I "The Lord's Prayer" has met  with ll
ilOlO.n        11.500    ��141,300,(1(10   tremendous    sale,    and    hls    women's
191112        11.554        144.994.000 : chorus, " An Indian Lullaby," and th-.
1912-13        11.800        149,400.000   part song,   "Thc   See,"   haie   found   a
i    These figures mean that in 1911-12.   Kr*"* deal of favor.    A rather  unii
I 'he last comparable year. 18.6 per cent   ciamp
'ef the gross Income of the countrv  t,ool<   OI>    "1'ianororte    Teenniqu.,
which cume under the survey of the; which ho. .old largely both ..1 Csasds fowl, and to classify all kinds of birds
income   tax   authorities   was   in   the   *������*'* '-*1' United States. I feathers so as to tell whether tliey are
hands of 11.554 persons. Dr* -Mbsrt Hiram is on the list with   ,1,,.  phmiage  of   wild   birds or of  do-
A further analysis reveals snd even  s'lullaby''for low voles, suns most        ,.   .    ,    A( ,(.ast thil. qndiinea,
more  significant   r-ict     Of  the  11 -.-.4   sneotlvely   by   Miss   Margaret    Keves;
, ?10VoV eacn, SSTlu3��Ur S & "-S? ^ffiSfyZ,    />f , J*- O-g; r a   19U  Is to be .-���
vocal works stand to Dr. Ham s crcilit,   forceil       I Ins < luuse r.ime  in 10 < n, ci
such   ss   his   attractive   part songs   fur   last   Thursday  and  by   It   the customs
women's voles*., "The Twilight Hour" officers  ars  instructed  to  confiscate
and "Blow  Soft Wind." Sl  the border all  plumage other thsn
Thc  number of those  who  are   writ-   do BtlC   fowl's   and   ostrich   plumes.
iano music is smsll.    Mr. Edmund I     The sec'ion   rends thus
Famous   Navigator   Had   Stirring  and   lug ��94,143,000 amongst 4,14" persons
I Sixty-siv   persons   were   in   receipt   of
invrr  11011.000 a year, their aggregate
ncome being no less than ��12,177,000,
or an Income of ��184,500 per h��*ad.
This accumulation of great wealth
in a few hands is further exemplified
Captain James Cook was one of the .In the death duties. In 1911-12 the estates of 263 persons who died worth
more than finuono had an aggregate
value of   ��S9,341.O00.
Incomes from aboard which amount
ing pu
llnrdv hu produced s little tone-poem,      "T'"' Importation of aigrettes, egret
"To'Daffodils,"   which    has    found    a   plumei
most,  eminent  among England's cele-
or bo called osprey    plumes,
wide sale, and his wait* entitled "(iath snd the feathers, quills, heads, wings,
ering    Rosabuds"   is   a   verv    pleasing tails,  skins or parts of skins of  wild
number.     A   Christmas  nnth'em   of   Mr birds, either rSW or msnufSCtured and
Hnrdv's, "Tha Infant Redeemer," has not   for seienilflc or  educational   pur-
reaeh'eil   it.  third   edition,  and   he   has POSeS   Is   hereby   prohibited;   but   tbls
also a baritone solo, "Tha Hong of tha provision shall not apply to 'he feath-
farm sales conducted. furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Begbie street. New Westminster.
The little Canadian  horses hitched   brated  navigators, and  was  born  Oc
to the one furrow  east-iron  plow   (asjtobpr   07,   172R,   at   Marlon,   in   York
commonly used in that district 1  man-1   .. ,        .,_, . .. . 1   ,  .     ..,_ ..n.AA  ,    ,...���.
nged  to do good  work, and to do It ah re' whPre his fathpr was  an ,^h?in^tftmff?J?��i?is,^f,i��f?S  ,
fairly quickly, even-thing considered,  cultural laborer.    At first apprenticed  ��"8'*Vt.��}Sn !1��    e .1      -
The'same team on an eight-foot bar- to a haberdasher, he afterwards wen. * ���J ����� ,rk(.^X,ard'liv"^^
row made hut sorry headway  against   to sea, and having spent some yearsUompaniss  having   the   Best of   msn-
E,'K''TUlr     1-"111'1'     1Hnri'Bl��c! final" won out y*-m riding of  ia cos.tlng vessels, entered the royal sgement  In  Qreal   Britain    with   th. I ���~ f,*^ "^-���{& I ir^V"*; United'State,   mua-   be
the  land   within   tl.e    double    mould-   navy,  in   which  he soon   rose to  the ��"�������� and aggregate value,  was as  ' 	
rank of master.   The charts and obser- valuations    ��      3.504.000
vations which he drew up as marine j Acreage     14.422.ono
surveyor of the coasts of  Newfound-1 Aggregate  value        1.561,286,000
originating inside buildings repaired
day or night, by Woodward, 613
Columbia street.    Tel. 766.      (2302)
Application for a license to take and
Ueai.er," dedicated'to and sung bv Mr.   'rs of ostriches or to the feathers or
David Bispham. plumes of domestic fowl nf anv kind"
Mr. W. 0. Forsyth hss written a The effect of this is that Canadian
number of piano pieces of serious pur women going ta Seattle or any other
and inviting styla, among which I place in Ihe United Stales mil* be
might be mstanrcd the number en- j careful not 10 wenr hal. with any
titled "Bv thc Sea." A grneaful tong "'her kind or feathers than those of
of Mr. .'orsvth't ia called "I-ove Took tba common Plymouth Rock or Wysn-
Me Softly fiv the Hand," and is pub- dOttSS. Otherwise their hats will be
anons   neiore   tne   pianuim   nv   num ��� ,.  ., . ,, ,     ...        .      .lished by No'rdbeimar'a. j removed from them by the customs of-
and hoe or hand and foot as was often iIand an(1 '>abrador, introduced him to      Evidence of the speed which ValuS-      Mr.   Frank   E.   Blsehford     ia    alao   fleers and the plumage plucked from
the case 'the notice of the Roval  society,  who|'lon   lB ?c)w,���m21Jl,nK I, ln,,n^|known  as th. composer of some  very   the   hat.     The   hat   will   bi    returned.
figures  for 1912-13     The area  valued I fff((etW�� mMie forrth��� TioHn,  and he   but there Is no escnpe from the loss
that  year  was   10.7S4.O0O acres.  orjh���  ,llB  ,���-������,   hi.  h.nrt   to   th(>  ���r���.   of the plumage.    It Is coiiflscaetert ab-
board plow drills three feet apart and
the running of the old wooden markfr
across the same pere the final operations   before   the   planting   by   hand
.,,,,,              ,    Cultivation  was done with  the old  offered him the command of an expe-, ���,  ,,,.,.  .......  ���.._   ,,,   ,. ir.. ���   ....  ,                        ,   _���    ,     ,          . , .,       ,
TW..*.   use   water   wi     be   made   under     the  slnele walking cultivator     Harvesting Li.,      .    ...    r,    ,��                .         ,           .���           **                  iu,(��,uuu acres,  or  hM al,0  itsn.,\  ���(���,  hand   to   the  pro of the pi
<21,1>   "Water Act"  of British  Columbia,  as I law    the   tn"sti   sickle   brought   into 'd,,cn to,tht' F hrlnc OCPan' to mal<P an , ,3 ,^7 cpnt* nf ,he ,n,tal ar7 "' %***��� duettos of vocl works,   one of   which solulely.
  'frllr-r.* I operation and the corn  set, up to dry observation of  the  transit of  Vensus  Britain,  the  aggregate    value    beingj,,.,, mn|)t d,ijghtfully rendered  by tha.    The motive is the protection of   Ihe
, ...r. _���,���_.   Ar-r               I     1-    The  name  of the applicant    is out In shock hefore being stored away j over the face of the sun.    The voyage   ��946.681,000.                               ...   jToronto   Mais   Chorns   Club,   when   it wild birds, but the effect is the protcc-
LAND REGISTRY ACT.                -.^ t'olumbia Tran8po,-t ('0Inpally, ;on   the top of the mow or in  settling  being One to his taste, Cook   Immedi- LWjf. ,''h /^weoX..'����.   ���h1 ?d,t<,d   ""��*   Mr'   J'   D'  A'    Tripp's ''on no. ot the wild birds of the United
-                               ie up- lofts, later to he fed long and dry to |...,,7-���-..,.,, ,hr, ...���.   .������ ���. ..,,,"' ;  '���''hstanti.il   progrsss was  msde baton< Plates, of courss, but ths wild birds of
Trust   the hungry cattle                                                   '   accepted  the offer, and  set Ball  with  'ho assessment and collection of      Mr  w   A    Wherldon   stand,   almost Oanads, snd Africa and Manchuria and
block  New Westrilnster BC    3  The     Conditions todav are different. MPn: fmm Plymouth on the 26th of August,, Und vjlues  duties  especially in the .,on0 ��� ��� ���         aamphsat   in   To- other foreign places.   Porefgnsramttst
 med  demand $2.00 a dav Instead of 50 cents' 1768. In the Endeavor, a small ship of!ca��p "f undeveloped   and duty.    For ronto,    Most of his works srs publish- not wear plumed hats Into ths United
0  tons     The  evn^tiiinn   arrive,,   ���. I th�� P"!""������ ��' the lat.er duty 635 t,o .   .,,  jn E     1(lndi  wd  mw  ,lf  hU  num. Rtates, and American women who tra-
The  ex ped
_,, . frequently   find   s   place hv  the  regulation,  too     Apparently
' Ichanged,    The manure spreader as it Pn the 1:uh da>' of APril ��r the follow-  was 118 440: the site value ohargeable upon  the   recital   programmes   of the |how
name  of  the  strtam   is an   unna
stream now known as Coat creek. Tne     *   ���"������-   i**1"    "���, l   *"    ���"���'    ���'*'    ** i--      , ���������   ,*\|m*h.   .m   .nr:*.**.:   ir   ......  ,,.,..,   , ���-,*.,, i     -i* ,   ,,,,,,������.,.        '"   '   ,**' '   '���    "',  ; ' "���'     '.  ��� .  ��� n    ,   ,
stream  has Its source In Section  32. time.   Horses have Improved in stee at Tahlu or (0tahelto, as he named ltn" VUVZn 1^ , ,?   ,Ma    , % ' ''""' "Kh s"-h'" "<'"a'��""'   ����-�� "���lvel L"  f"r"'^ p<""1,ri'>s ;,r" ,''T"r,",
Tp. 6. R. 4 W. 7th Meridian, flows IniIeast and  ImplemenU     *��� "*
a westerly direction, and empties into
Pitt lake   about    twonty-tour    chains, , ,,
southerly from the north boundary of SSS^nd iSSSSS.  Srisl  values S    I  , T   Batl8,Tac,��7 Tm!. "" '" ""'"" ,n "'" smo""' ^f the "���''
said section 32,   4.   The water Is to {^^"dlsTtegrSta!?.   The Iwc^   ^    ^V    , T,    ^eB^Tshltl on 0UB iand duties for the year the figures
"      hf! ,furrow  plow with  three good  horses the  '",h of ',u,y' Co"k y|s'tP''  New have already hren disclosed
"''  turns  three acres  a  dav.    Using the Zealand, which had not been touched
was   paid   near   Montreal   at   that
l size at
er as 1
rolls across the  field,  with  its sma]
be diverted from thc- Btream on
north    side.    SBOUT ~trmu���fnet
stream   from
purpose     for
its    mouth,
which      the
1.0  l.ot 5, of Blocks 148 and  149. of
l.ot 92, Croup 1, Map 1757, in the
District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate Of Title Number 'il'.'iK.. issued in
the name of Harry Cline,    lias    been
liled iti thiB office.
Notice is hereby given lhat I shall,
at the expiration of one. month from
the dale of the first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published In the
City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of thc said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
lie made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October 9,
1918. i--"-'1'''
\   ;ber. 1918,
NOTICE ia HsuusuT OIVBN that ths an(J  iln  application  pursuant  thereto down  the weeds.    Harrowing ss the
����&%�� oet��ttedMJlth ttoMUtat*.  snd to the requirements of the "Water ween points ity-ot .,��� and then n��mB
"'Publlo W���rk�� and In tl fftos of t!,.-1 Aft" will lie filed in the office of thel"* two-row cultivator every  week or
ever, ir the bird  Is  klllnl  In  the
Ing year; and the transit was witness- ,,,,inc *s:! -fl".000, and the duty assess-1leading Exponents oi th*e difficult nrt t*t j l'nited    Stales    ihe    wearing of the
ed $173,479. organ-playing.���Toronto  Htar   Weekly,     feathers   is   nil   right.     Koine   exciting
��� ��������� j icenes  mav  be expected   it   the cos-
Western Towns Not Had. '""���* examining depots when the off!-
The recent   reports, published   broad
heavy land roller    or, belter still   th =
packer,   itiimediritelv     after    plowing.
tit by Europeans for a century and a
,,  ,,   ,,     ,.    ,.   ,     ...    ,....,,   ,. ,,  ... '.,",',' " | Quarter, and after exploring the coast
will tie used IB linlUFitri.il purposi ���. then pulverising with the four horse , ,, , ,
6, The land mi which the water is to double cutaway disc and the 94-foc ; f,ir slx m"n>-hs, Balled westward, reach-
be used is described as follows: Min- smoothing harrow makes a mn-"h bet- 'ng on the 19th of Aprll. 1770, New
oral claims Lots 'ilil, 'iiii. 2723 and tor ,iob at a good deal less than ha'f Holland, now Australia which he call-
'.724, Group I. New Westminster Dis- the cost for manual labor than in davi e(j New Soilth Wales, and took posses-
The quantity of wster applied eone by in snite of hleher wages  F.oii-1 Hlon of in th(, ,.-___. f]f nr,.a,  Britain.
I for Is as follows:    Four cubic feel perllng the land, then  planting- with the
second.   X.    This notice was posted on'20-Inch marker seed drill or the regu-
|the ground on the 27th day    of Octo-  lar corn planter on the flat saves time,
i.    A  copy of this notice  conserves   moisture   and   heins   keep
-ftst, of n wide open port fleorge, B.C.,
and the attempt to establish n rcng
nized red light district are being
icverely criticized by muny interested
iti  the colonirfi.ion of the northern In-
ers all, iti ti I to remove parts of the ornamentation of costly hats.
l/ECll    rAlinFTITIAII terior.    (ieorge J. ilmnmond. one of Iho
IlLLil    lAJIlll LHI lUll  ! '"" Ir'"""! ""'n "n 'ne development of
I that section  of  ths  Province,   snid  ru
I    "From the sensntiernl reports which
Seattle Sky Pilots Advertise for Mar-  jars heen published,  especially   in   ths
Eastern papers, the Impression is given
riage Jobs���Prices Are Likely
to Be Cut.
Tti-uisirnr   of  Deeds   for the  District
Water Recorder at New Westminster.
New Westminster, British Columbia, plans,
ami descriptions of osntre lino "i propos-  Objections may be tiled with the s.ud
.-.I Bapperton s��-wer outfall crossing Hm  .Water   Recorder,  or  with   tin*   Comp-
on.*   Itlver  In  snlrt  dlstrlcl       ..nit.-  ,r   Wnter   I.Itrln-��      Parliament
ANIi   NOTICK    IS   HBRSBT    OIVBNltt <��� ��� ........
thai  tho CorporaUon <>r tti" City nt New
Westminster win nfter ran* month  fi
(he first publication of tins notice apply
In the Oovernor flenen*.! In Council f("'
approval "f sueh worfc*.
TlATKtl nl  New Wifttminslir, H. C, tbls
r;ih day of Beptemtwr, Ult,
Rolloltors   for   th*   rtnrpotallull   nt   .In-
I'ltv  of   Ni'W  Weatmlnster.
OIVBN 1'ioll'T  i f   Wati r   Itlghts,
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
li  C, TRANSPORT CO., l.TH ,
i;;,,04i 1'.. .1. Fader, Manager.
Re the So.ithoa.st Quarter of Section
25, Township B, in tlle I.istrlct    of
New Westminster,
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate   of  Title   Number   18164F,   issued in tho name of James C. Korlong
and Charles Hummel haa been filed in
ihis office.
Notice is hereby given lhat I Ehall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
�� duplicate of the said certificate, unless in tbe meantime valid objection
tie made to me In writing.
Histrict llegistrar of Titles.
I.and  llegistry Office,
\,*w Westminster, ll.C, October IS.
1913, (2269)
Having explored a large portion of the
coaBt he steecd for New Guinea, passing between Australia and that island
and thus proving what had heretofore
been doubted, that the two were distinct lands. Continuing his voyage by
lava, Ilitavla and the Cape, of Oood
Hope, Cook anchored in the Downs
on the 12th of .lune. 1771.    This voy-
aw^ besides vastl. .__ ---^y^ , ,, ;������,.., icnse ami woruiB.n, '.mus.. ; b-��� distnnees, that is junt being opened I crete substructure and teh work of
portant results in this being thai i' sometimes bitter, is being waged on,to dvilirntion, where theTe nr* thous- erection were awarded to Messrs.
PI ive'J that neither lustrallo nor New COUrt house hill by three ministers 'ifjnnils of men employed in construction j Hudson. King * McPhalen Brothers,
-'   '���*   ,. hri-ngoi lo the southern con-' the   gospel,   Kev.   Augustus     Sandell.  work, the snme conditions tu  ent he lat a price of about $66,000     The ten-
.,   sxpSCted   ss   in   the   elder   oeitlei! dia-   ilers  were  based on  the  mill   system
'*'        ._...- I....1     .............    ,.,    **,...    ......11..     ......Uu    .In
Contract   Awarded   for   Structure   to
Cost $75,000 to Be Ready for
Next Summer.
Victoria. Oct. 27.    The contract for
Ihe new Taghiim bridge    at    Nelson.
which  involves an    expenditure    of
hnt   Fort "George  nnd' the   other" new j abou.   $76,000,  has   been   awarded   by
towns of Central British Columbia nre ithe department of public works.
wido open nnd  wild and  wooly.     As u '     The steel   work  for Ihe  bridge  will
matter of fnct, the eitir.ens of the cen    he  furnished   by   the  Canadian   North
trul interior sre just ss low nbiiling as | Western St,-,-i company, whose tender
Seattle   Oct   27     A silent hattle for  those of sny other section of the I'ro    figures out at approximately $4 4T, per
j.,, .:,,:         '    '     '  ' . '     , ,i ,.        i i vince.    Of course, in n new countrv of   thousand   pounds  of  metal     The  con-
mer'.isiiii,    e "   business,  tense  and   wordiest,  'hough1
'itn   nf   the  ini- *
Notice Re Household Voters' List.
Applications to be placed on above
list iini8t be received before the first
dav of November.
For the benefit or those who may bo
unable to attend during the day, the
undersigned will be .In his office at
the City Hall on tho 30th and 31st,
tut ween the hours of 7 p.m. and 9
p.m. to receive application*.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Cltj  Hall, October 26, 1313.        -12301.
New Imported Fall Suitings now otl
display.     See   them.     Perfect   fit   Rnd I
workmanship guaranteed. Prices froir. I
$18.00 up.    701  Front Street.
Na-Dro-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
Quickly Put Disordered
Stomachs Right
It's a revelation to the chronic
dyspeptic to feel uo discomfort niter
a hearty meal, when that meal is
followed by one Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablet. He is hardly prcpircd for the
almost ma;'.ic relief which the tablet
gives him from the varii us discomforts
to which be ia accustomed after eating.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets sweeten
!^^thaU��lMffsXnTbfadtaeS |��ally-Hat his voyage prVveTthe non- ��* for Is *e psrformlng of the mar.|   -'^"hid'sn""sivsatuws" ����;?
tlnent at this time supposed to exist,  Bev_ g80.ge  Kindred and   Itev
and that to the northward  of lot. 401 ��� __.      ���m������_   ��..**���..n.i     >h���
, .       ,        ,,      i *     ,     Greens,  whose oincss surround    tne
idcir.   no   continent,   could    exist    also | ���*"*>"*���
added not a little to tiie science of hot-1 "ourt house on two sides, bearing an
,anv nnd astronomy It would be out announcement of their calling and the
iof the scope of a short article to tol>further statement,  that  they  perform
>w c^pxr.on\",mogkcmctharhedharriaga corMnon,e.* Mr- mnr*\Z
Proud of Indians.
Mr. A. K. Beauvais, foremen for ths
Dominion   Bridge   Company,   Montreal,
���vhlc.h   hns   thn   contract   for   the   steel
  ,, .    ,. ,,   ,iluporstruoturs of the buildings of tin.
Southern   oceans   in   the     course    or! goes to the OXt nt. of announcing that j Af'lBnfjc    Hll.ftr    Heflaerlos,    Ltd.,   has
which time he silled upwards of 20,- hei Is the   Gretas Oreen minister.      bMn ,_ H, /ol)    ND   r.eently.
ooo leagues, it can only be stated gen- , T h.p business that they are nlj resoh-    Mr   BeauvU  Bithmi|h yet u young
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m 11ail>';
2:00  p.m Dally
11:45   p.m Dally
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m r,all>' I
11:00 a.m Dally |
From  Vancouver for  Nanalmo.
3:00 p.m Dally
Nanalmo,  Union Bay and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,  Union  Bay, Powell   River.
11:46 a.m Kvery  Saturda;,
For Prince Rupert snd Alaska.
11:00 p.m Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 u . Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
lng at points in th" Gulf Islands.
BD, QOU .KT.  Agent, Now Weatmlruitei
H. W. BltODIB, a. P. A.. Vanoouver.
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Don't go sn suffering 1 Get a 50c. hox
of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets from
your druggist today. National Drug
and Chemical Co. ol Canada, Limited,
Montreal. 147
Telephones: Office 63, Residence 429
JOHN  ItKID, Proprietor.
Agents      Calmer      Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,  Marine   Engines  snd   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office snd Works: Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C
existence of bind of any extent he-
ween 'he 50th nnd 70th parallels. Cook
arrl"i'd in Rngland arnln on thn 30th
of July, 1775. Cook wrote an account
of his pecond voyoge himself. Thc belief in a northwest passage, notwithstanding tha failure of attempts er-
tendlng over two centuries, still held
possession of men's minds, and Cook
had 1,0 sooner returned from his second voyage than he offered his services t.-i tl,,. admiralty, who had re-
solved on nnother effort for the dls-
-overv. They were gladly accepted,
and funk determined to seek the passage by way of Bering's strait, Ins'ead
of Muffin's bay and Davis strait, tho
rentes foinrcly attempted. In his
old ship the Resolution, accompanied
by Captain Clerke In tho Discovery,
foei, salli '1 rrom Plvmouth on -he 12th
of July, 177-. In this Inst voyage Cook
met hls di-'lh at the hands of savages
'"i the bland of Hawaii, while endeavoring to recover a boat which had
heen stolen from the Discovery. This
tragic event occurred on the 14th of
February, not, however, before Cook
hnd in-iii* vnlnahle additions to our
geographical knowledge of the coasts
of America and Asia In the region of
Bering strait. The news of hls death
occasioned diepand general regret In
Kngland. lie was one of Kngland's
gri*.tle:it navigators.
survivors of the
riage ceremony over a matter of 8,600 He j, onn 0, tl|B ,���,
couples who take out licenses to wefl QbM   hrld       disaster,   August  SO,
every year.   Underlying the   questionn��007     He is bringing   30   min   from
of marriage  ceremonies Is a  total of  ���__,__,.,    a���   . d��  ���   __d       ,(,   ,h
approximately $80,000 paid out annual- ,r��� full * , g(M)1, M W'M��� m,n ,��� th^
ly  In  fees  for  wedding ceremonies        job  ^-       t,Q. th, Q���,befl bridge we
Rev. August Sandell. he pioneer n I (,_,, ,evonly.niB() men working Of
the business discovered the posstbll-U���t f���rt/were from one little Initios of catcrliv- ' '������ "������  ��������� -    -
four yr
���omoblle   In   going   to   and   returning hridg��� ��� j,t ���,�������� .(, , day '
from work.
A year ago one of the clergymen em
:���"'���,       , '   >"���'������"���   ttiesii,   rorty were rrom one   lit t In   In-
r catering to the trade three or| jjw vin And   there    wns    keen
1 ars ago. and  now uses an an-  Jnm    tit,0��� foT  R  jflb  nn   ,he   a eb
lr,       In        ... .1 ,1 ,.       , , .       ..,..1       *nt .. *.. I n ..      .       .   .' .._ . ^
���Moved a booster to pollcit the busl
ness of marrying In the court house.
�����"d after the booster had a personal
iltercaMon with a competing minister, tho county auditor swept Ihem nil
eut of Ihe building, and It was then
that empty offices around tho court
'���"-uise hogan to receive ministerial
tenon's,    lt   Is   :i   lulsv day   when  one
W1U Stay in Alberts.
That the Mormon Chureh practicsJW
has deeidad to tbsndsn ita -leiicaa col
miration schema aad devote its ener
(ies to the development of lands and
inttlemeats in Houthern Alberta was
iho announcement made by President
luseph Hmith of Salt I.akn City, while
n Cardston, Alta., recently.    President
ir  more ministerial  fice  may  not  bo|tossitls indicated that ths Church would
���.cen at the windows looking anxious- ��ttempt to buy out tho Blood Indians,
���s'lin own a large reserve is Houthern
ly for customers
Rev. Sandell, hefore competition became so strong. Is said to have taken
In from tM) Oto $700 per month In
fees. Naturally this attracted compn-
'Ition.    Two   more    clergymen    were
Horseman Killed In Wreck.
Haker, Ore., Oct. 27.    In a wreck on
looking over tho ground yesterday In ,hn Sumpter Valley railroad, near
vonrch or convenient olnoes, and un- j h"r'*' on Saturday, .Robert 0, Richard-
less n pool Is formed prices are morn son, a horseman of linker, wns killed
than  likely to  go down  within  thirty
and   William   Hall,  uf   Portland,  was
mil engineers of the public works department have spoil! some days In
computing   the several  proposals.
"The work wlll be put In hand at
ence," said W. \V, Foster, deputy minister Of public works, "and unless some
iinforseen conditions arise tin, bridge
will be ready for tho early summer
traffic  next,  yenr."
The bridge will give connection between Nelson and the settlements
nlong the Kootenay river west of Tng-
hnin as far as Castlegar, ar far north
as Slocan City, and as fnr south as
Rossiand and Trail. From the latter
two cities good roads load to Spokane
and nil points In Washington, and also
give connection with Orand Forks and
other boundary points In liritish Columbia, the latter, however, through
American territory. This bridge when
completed will give Nelson that eon-
nectlon with the outside world which
tne peolpe of that city hnve ao long
been striving for.
From Nelson there will ho two
routes between Nelson and Rossiand
and Trail, one by way of the new
hridge wlilch the Doukhobor colonv
has under construction at nrllllnnt and
the other by the operation -of the new
ferry hy way of Crescent Valley and
Pass creek.
Up to this year, Nelson has been
unique In that there has not boen a
single wagon road connecting the city
with the outside world. A few weeks
agn a mad along the west arm or
Kootenay lake connecting with Nelson
by ferry was completed, and is now
open for traffic. With the construction
of the Taghnm bridge, Nelson wlll be
well suplnled with roads and residents
iircille' that It wlll soon become a
fnvorlte summer resort for touring mo-
tnrlstit. ���*���
" ****"���>*���. ���rta*******-.   , ���. ���,' am - *
TUE8DAY, OCTOBER 28, 1913.
w*m* tmvmn
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
Thomas Btsvenson, of Orangevllle,
died Dl apoplexy, aged 77.
Joseph Kneshaw, a plonssr, 'resi-
dent or Hamilton, died, aged hli.
A.   T.   Brltton,   one   of   the   ploni er
residents or Oxbridge, died, aged 98,
Alex Bmlth, SX-M. P. for North
MlddtSSM, died at hls home In I.u
Hugh Morrow, a well driller of
Harwich township, was fatally crush-
��d by Ills engine.
Bnedlcor & Haulaway's shoe factory, recently erected at Tlllwinbum,
was damaged by flre.
PTil Stout. 80 years or ag". was Instantly killed while walking on the
���fl. T   It. track, near RookWOOd.
Midland ratepayers carried by a
sweeping majority a by-law lo loan
lOn.OOO to establish a malleable Iron
II Q I'lsber, Liberal, and 8. F.
Glass, Conservative, were nominated
lo   represent   Kast   Middlesex   In   the
Andrew M. Shaw, formerly of Toronto, and one of the oldest members
or the Commsrclal Travelers' associa
tlon. Is dead.
Charles Percy Agar, two yean,
Old, was burned to death In a fire at
Si. Thomas that consumed Albert
Agar'n boms
W N iiossie, bursar for 40 years of
��� be Ontario soliool for tha blind, died
suddenly at his horns In Brantford,
aged Sl.
John r Milne, ei��rg or i:. si i
council, wss named county treasurer
bn vacant by ths death o' George E.
Mayor Alton, or Hamilton proposes
to ask 100 men of means for eon
trlbutlons of $1,00 Oeach towards tho
new hospital
Harry  Fletcher, an old  resident    of
Orangevllle,   died of erysipelas   rrom
blood poisoning   through   a   burnt ill*
ver of a rusty null.
John Cull-ton of I.ogan township, Is
deud Sl thS Sgl of I'l'i years He came
rrern Ireland 76 vears ago. and lived
In Logan 60 vears.
lt has bean decided by Ilrantford
city council to build a large new pub
lie SOhOOl In the eastern part of the
cist}- costing $60,000,
A   consignment   or  sixty   gallons  of
rn* was ii-iii    rrom   the    Brentford
halrhery  lo   Berlin, and   emptied   Into
tin- emu! river at Conestogo.
The executive ot the Toronto heme
rule branch announces that. $1,158.75
has been reoelved to date, and that
more money  Is coining In dally.
Local option hy?laws will be Voted
on In 47 municipalities it, Ontario In
Januarv next. 01 these eleven have
never before voted on the -question.
The commission ol rive doctors appointed to examine Into the sanity or
(i'-orge Smith, alleged bigamist. In
Jail at St. Thomas, pronounce hlin
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Frazer of
North      Kiis'lmpe,     celebrated     their
golden wedd ng Mr Praser was for
2r, years a member of North BSuthops
cii ������nil.
Emmerson Darragh, charged with
baling [mailed Charles Jones overboard from S launch near Wiarton.
was committed for trial on s charge
of tnsnalaughter.
A rural school fair, wblch was a
splendid success, was held Sl Wards
ville. Between seven and eight hun
dred people attended and the exhibits
were nt a  very   high  class.
Charles Collins, proprietor or   the
Collins House, lunulas, died, aged 66
years. The hotel wsr establlsh'-d bv
his father 76 years ago and he hnd
been In possession for a lung time.
Three venr-old Pearl Thome fell
35 reel from the third rionr or 8 Toronto apartment house, struck on ths
cement walk and apparently suffered
no more Injury than a few bruises.
An oriler-lncoi'iicll hns been passed at Ottawa authorizing the necessary proceedings for fixing " da'e
for  taking  S  vote    on    tho    Canada
temperance act  in ths counties   of
Welland, Huron and Peel.
With sn armful of clothes carefully
selected from Hie storeroom of the
rountv pall nt Sandwich. In which he
wsh   serving  a  f.O-day   sentence     for
stealing a bicycle, Oeorge Babbage,
need 86,   made a   successful dash for
MIohlgSD sugar beet factories are
contracting for huge quantities of
Canadian sugar beets as a resull or
Ihe dutv having been reduced -one-
hair under the new tralff. Canadian
growers nre receiving offers for all
Ihe beets they will grow next season.
Wm. Allnn. n firmer, near Aylmer,
was gored to death by a bull.
The big planing mill of the Ottawa Lumber companv was destroyed by
flre with a loss of $60,000.
Hll Woodcock, of Belleville, was
found dead In bed, having expired
suddenly from heart failure.
Port Hope's new Carnegie llbran,
costing M0.000. and containing seven
thousand     volumes,     was    formallj
��PThed charge sgslnst Reglnsld
Leamy, of Ottiwa. of abducting an
heiress. Miss RHsabeth Phyllis tamo-
bell, of Vlauvllle, Que.,    wss    with-
^Seventy-flve cltlsens of Whitby
tendered a farewell banquet to Rev.
Kather Cline, who goes to be superintendent of chsrltles at Toronto
The C P. R. line from Belleville to
Mud Lake has been sufficiently
completed to allow an engine to pass
"Sr "t    Ballasting wlll  proceed  at
""a"' H OiRrlen. former lhw elerk of
Hie'house of commons, who was an-
noln'eil to the Histlce department at a
snlnrv of IR.OOO, has resigned.
,����� nf Cornwall's best known and
hlshlv esteemed residents died
���t the general hospital tn the person
"l    Alex  McDonald, manage,-of the
��� to bo taboo.
I'p to date $9,800,000 has been paid
by Iho government lo the Canadian
Northern railway under tho firteen
million dollar subsidy agreement of
lasl session, ror the company's trans-
contlnenta) line.
|     Radical    changes    In    lb"    management   of   Kings on   lind  other  penlten-j |jH, ,.
tlsrles were strongly urged by  Major,,,, hi���
Hughes in th
boron- th
ed   to   probs  the  charge  or  Dr.  Kd
wards nt Kingston. |
The Immigration  branch ol the de-1
:partment ,,r the interior bus decided I
to discontinue th" practice or send!
lng   rarm   delegates   to   (ireat   Uritaln;
to assist   in   securing settlers,   lt has
been  round  lhat   the Increasing  num-1
her of  Hritish  settlers  In  Canada  returning to visit 'heir old homes has |
removed   the   necessity of   ���sending I
Presbyterian Minister Wh. Knew His
Bible   By   Heart.
Of Uie many examples o! prodigious
memories which have been recorded
I rum   time    to   time,   none,   perhaps,
have been so reiiinrkable as tli'-' 'use of
Kev.  Thomas  Threlkeid,   who   was  a
Presbyterian minister at Rochdale for
twenty-eight year.-", uiul died tliere iu
April, lHOIi. at Die age ol sixty-seven.
Ilinlkelil's memory lirst attracted attention  when  he attended the (iram-
luar   Scliool   nt   Daventry,   where   lie
gan  to make  u close  study  of the
When   a   passage   was  recited
he eoulii Immediately give it
Colonel  of Crack  Fifth Has Accepted
Commission in Gordon
The   Canadian   Northern   line
tween   Sudbury   and   l'ort  Arthur
���'��� i,   \
��� i:    , *:    h
couise or his testimony l.hapter and  verse, ami, on ths other
royal commission, appoint- ||m,���it ,f u chapter and verse were glv
ei.   lie could  at  once  repeat  the  pas-
Both at Daventry ami Warrington,
where lie went to fini-.li liis education,
nis fellow students delighted in put-
ling his memory to the tent, sml
never once WSS it known to be at
In later years, says Mr. Frank Hird,
in  "Lancashire  Stories, rhrelkeld
was looked upon as a living concordance to the Bible in Rochdale and
the neighborhood, ami was constantly
asked the most puzzling questions by
bis brother ministers, sometimes actually for information, but generally Jor
mere amusement. He was never
known to be  wrong."
Threlkeld'a powers of memory, however,  were not solely  concerned with
I theology.   He was also a linguist, ami
j knew   nine   or  ten   languages,   while
dates  were  a  passion  witn him,  no
I matter bow unimportant.    His knowl-
j "lge of historical dates, ol chronology.
I heraldry,  anil genealogy was encyclopaedia, and uni' ol Ins fsvorite aiuu-e-
lui.i.t- v.a- t" go through the succession ll the I.;*:-'������ t.a, Bees ami 'trace
tli - pedigrees of families,
"In only one direction," continues
Mr. Hird, "would this wonderful
memory seeru to have been of direct
service, Threlkeid was one '.f the managers ol ft (und l',r the benefit of tbe
widows "f Presbyterian ministers, and
consequently wss frequently appealed tfi on circumstances connected
witii the lives of dead ministers, and
_u.li was llie opinion of bis memory
that if tlle books bad been consulted,
ami bad reported differently, the error
would have been imputed 0> the secretary and not to Mr. T.'s memory. This
was deemed infallible."
he finished  by December.
Caught in machinery which was
Started by the operator while the
victim was oiling, unknown to the
o'her. Steve l.lnoskl. aged 28. Polish,
vis torn to nieces at Ihe Canadian
Northern coal docks at Port Arthur.
Victoria,  Oct.   27. While    no    an
oouscemsnt of the fact lias yet. been
made It Is generally known lhat ths
commanding officer or the new Highland  regiment, which is being formed i ent time
able during 1012 to inaugurate any!
radical change In the scheme of fire!
protection then in force, but early in j
the present year work was begun
along three different lines in an er-!
tort to secure as complete a system of
torest rire protection as the exigencies or the geographical location of
the province would allow. These several activities were: The construction of roads and trails, the building
of a system of intercommunicating
telephone lines and the erection of a
number or rangers' cottages. The substantial progress that has been made
along these lines is Indicated In the
report submitted to the minister of
lands by Ihe chler forester, showing
the permanent work that has been
completed during the summer and 'he
amount under construction at the pres
in Victoria, will be I.ieut.-Col. A. Vi.
Currie, now the efficient and popular
Commanding oilier of the Fifth regiment, C 0. A. The commission will be
gazetted In the next Issue, it Is expect-
Speculation has been rife ever since
the Inception of the movement to have
a kilted regiment as to who would be
the commanding officer. It Is understood that when the minister of militia waB In Victoria during the spring
manoeuvres that Col. Currie was asked II he would accept the appointment
and the matter has been under oflicial
consideration practically -ever Eince
until a few days ago when word reached Victoria tha; the commlssslon had
definitely been given to Co], Currie.
When asked about the matter this
morning that officer declined to make
any statement for the present It is
Tollable thma' he wlll announce his
resignation   from   the   Fifth   regiment
"Few forest region." under administration are provided with such comparatively meagre means or transportation, Communication and shelter as
the greater part or Hritish Columbia,"
said the chlet forester yesterday.
"Tracts as large as the whole or some
of the maritime provinces contain hut
a row rough trails, and are still without settlement. Vet It Is In these
very regions that the timber is orten
the moat valuable, and tiie danger or
rires  set  by  lightning,  trappers  pros-
ipectors and hunters the greatest."
Road and Trail Work.
With regard to roads and trails, the
> scheme outlined by the chief forester
Includes sixty-five projects, which will j
aggregate over 1,000 miles when completed.   The progress to date on these
projected trails is estimated at 2,r, per j
i cent, of the entire program.    It Is dlf-j
flcult   to  estimate    the    tremendous!
'. value of these  trails as a  protection
from   fire,  by  giving  the  rangers  ac-1
Personally Conducted Holiday �� arty
Leaving Vancouver December 7th
This "ALL-EXPENSE TOUR" will give you an
unusual opportunity to make the journey at minimum expense to any point in Europe.
Ticket* -will include all rail-way aod -steam-skip tr*n*p**rt*tinn,
taenia and bertha. There ara bo extras. A nkaine al atoan-
ahip llnea ia ottered.
The party will travel by special train, via Chicago snd Niacin Falli to
New York, there connecting with the various steamihip lines. It will alio be
in charge of an experienced traveler, who will look after all details ot the trip.
If interested, please call on or address
City Ticket Agent
Chicago, Milwaukee & Si. Paul Ry.
622 Columbia Street, New We.minstrr, B. C.
it the monthly meeting ofthe officers  cess  to  regions  which   have  hitherto
lext Monday evening, j been  closed to the patrols.    Of these
.* n.l*- edl
lieu by f
on   the
ie supers '
���ItilU, M   V-
I for hii'hi
nre nm court's decision
diss election petition
Hi". Isaac M. Thompson, one ot
ths iid'st clergymen i.f the church
or K'ii-1 *,-id ii the dloocse or Quebec,
Sled in Quebec sBeT a short. Illness.
Charred with the th, rt of f81 B0
from the Bank or Nova Scotia. Montreal, where lie wns employed *s il
teller, John B. Murray was arresti d.
A new position was crested this
w,*,*k by the C P. II when !������ W Fo*
wss snpotnted  editor ;,; Ibe nross bu-
jreriu  just   inaugurated'by    the    coin
I pany.
i Sir Wilfrid I.nurlor Is getting beck
to  'he  old     Liberal   platform      In   tiis
I address st Ormstown he declared his
belief that  national taxation i��   too
high, Snd thn' It should be reduced
He would return to the pockets of
the people, he suld. the fifty millions
of surplus that was In the treasury.
Dividing Montreal Into five electoral districts, each district lo he
represented by three aldermen; the
three aldermen tor each district to
be elected hy th whole body ot electors or that district; Increasing the
in, tnl-i rshlp ot tbe board of commissi mere to live, arid the retirement of
a certain number or the commission
ers in rotetlon every two years, are
provisions  ot  a  new   scheme or  civic
government ror Montreal.
I'  ih"  present   Intentions  of    the
winter  fair  board   are    carried    out.
[Brandon -.nil have the finest sheet or
|Ice In  wi item Canada.
I-oril   Strathcona's     Horse    purpose
holding   a   grand   military   tournament
on   a   -"i)e   never   yet   attemptid   In
'Winnipeg, In the early days of    next
��� mcr'h.
Unlet** 'he mure conservative mem
I bers of the l'nlon of llnllroad Ilrnke-
I men c-in govern tile next meeting,
comprised nt men In the C. N. II��� em-
ploy, there Is a possibility that u strike
Will be declared on lhat system.
Because or the great growth of Y.
W C A work In western cities dur-
, Ing the past few years. It has been
[decided that the trl-ennlal convention
;ot tli" Dominion council ol the V.
W,  C    V  shnll  bo held  In  Winnipeg
rrom November 13 to l".
Tli -i t    Wtan'Oeg   will   entertain   the
largest  gathering in her history when
���he supreme lodge Knights fo I'ythlas
i rrom all parts or the continent gather
|n,,,ro ��nxt vear, is the prediction ol
John   M    Scolt,  of   I'ortland.   Ore.,   a
i promlni nt member of the order from
thst state who Is at present In Winnipeg.
A Genius For Finance.
Tin- appointment of Sir Edgar Vincent to the chairmanship ol the commission Inquiring into the trade and
natural re.-ources of the Empire again
places in harness a man who lias done
valuable werk  fur the  Empire,
The Vincent family from time immemorial have rendered service to the
state. There was a Thomas Vincent
who received a knighthood from Queen
Elisabeth, and DO less than ten bearers o! thc- name have sat in Parlia
���j,. r.t.
After leaving Eton Sir Edgar Vin-
* cent beaded the list of candidates in
Ihs open competition for an  appoint-
mi nt as Student Dragoman at Con-
! itantinople.    He, however, entered the
| Coldstream Guards instead.   Neverthe-
: leas,  late  willed that he  should drift
' into a diplomatic career, and he represented British, Belgian and Dutch in
I treats ell the Council of tbe OtUunai
i Public Department in Constantinople
i    Be   was   next   appointed   Financial
��� Adviser to the Egyptian Government,
and in conjunction with Lord Cromer
restored financial prosperity lo Kgypt.
Having  overcome   the financial   difli
culties of that country. Sir Edgar re
. turned to Constantinople as Governor
of the   lm|>erial   Ottoman   Bank,   ami
succeeded   in   placing   Sultan   Abdul
Hamid's Government on a satisfactory
' financial  looting.    On  his  retirement
he received a knighthood Irom Queen
; Victoria.
8w mis* la nasured lite rt****) rt'tfliircat
by the appointment of this thoroughly
practical and efficient officer. The
.ucces he has had with the Fifth is
unple proof or his capability, ror In
ths past live years on all but one oc-
saslon his regiment has captured all
the prizes there are In the artillery
contests in which all the regiments or
the Dominion take part. Col. Currie
is yet a young man, although he bas
<r i-ved two terms as colonel of the
Fifth. His second term is practically
expired now. and it was felt that the
services or so,capable an officer
should not be lost to tiie mllltla department. The formation of the Highland regiment came at a most opportune time to give Col. Currie another
Who will he bis successor as commanding officer of the Fifth ls a matter ot some speculation. Major -Angus, commander or No. 1. company, is
the senior officer, and Is one or the
finest gunnery officers in Canada, and
It is stated that only some unforseen
circumstance would prevent hls obtaining the commission.
Organization of the Highland regiment  Is  gen ing  along  favorably.
omthsh v esteemed residents died
���TthoTenors! hospital In the person
ow Ale* McDonsld, msnsger of the
Wonderful moving ��*�������*
1 leiitenant-Colonel J. Vance urave
1v needI 7ft" who Is desd. wss born In
CotouM snd wss formerly mayor
S.J2 Ur, went to Toronto 20 years
ago and wala veteran of the Fenian
"it" is understood that Queen's college. Kingston, authorities wll not
iwrmlt new tangled dsnc.es to be
vs��� n the college hell. The tango.
JfciZton. turkey trot snd such like sre
Hdwnrd Michener leader of the opposition In tho Alberta legislature.
underwent an operation for appendicitis at Kdmonton.
Premier Slf'on of Alberta proposes
a tax on enenrned Increment ln land
values, to be charged when sale fs registered, nnd based on Increase in
value since last sale.
.By June next the Canadian Northern will run through trains between
Toronto and F/dmonto and by August trains wlll commence running
from Montreal to the coaat.
The Alberta legislature at the present session wlll bo asked to vote ll.-
000,000 for Ihe erection of farmers' elevators tn the province, $1,000,000 for
telephone extensions and $1,800,000 for
publlc works.
Hon. Charles Stewart, minister of
municipal affairs, announces that the
government proposes to amend all
charters to prevent cities from granting bonuses or any other aid to cor
poratlona, Industries or msnufsctur
err. %
Premier Slfton ln his annual budget
speech predicted that next year there
would be a general surplus of $108,.
000 apart from all loans to the prov*
Ince, and that on telephone operations this vear there would be a
surplus of $100,000.
Thirteen men were placed under nr-
rert, and money, cards, dice, crap tables and exnenslve gnmbllng fixtures
were confiscated during a police raid
at Itegina.
I.owis lllcn photographer, vice-president or tho hoard of trade, and one
of Moore Jaw's host known cltlr.cns,
who Is dead. Is survived by a widow,
who ls the daughter of Judson Burpee
Black, ex-M. P., of Windsor, Ont.
The total general taxeB which will
be collected on land and bulldlnga and
business Inside the city limits -of Saskatoon this year wlll amount to $1,614,-
688.20. which in the face of It Is s
Jump almost of thirty-live per cent.
over the tots) last year of $668,722.64.
Whsrt Plumes Com�� From.
It mav be taken that practically the
whole o'i the ostrich feathers produc
ed by South Africa are soid and
bandied in London. The Important!
of the industry isvery great; yet tb>
average inan-in-ttie-street, or the
woman who wears the feathers, has
httle or no idea of its magnitude.
Oudtshoorn has been called tin-
cradle ol the ostrich-farming industry,
and has risen in a decade to be the
wealthiest South African inland farming town, chiefly by reason of its ostriches. It is the country of the plumed ostrich, or rather of "the plucked
bird," and everyons talks leather-.
The industry was bom in its present
form only liity years ago, and in lti65
there were but eighty-two Ume birds
in South Africa; while only sixteen
thousand pounds ol feathers were exported in that year, and these earn*
for the most part from wild birdx
brought down by hunters. The 1911
census showed 746,736 domesticated
ostriches in South Airica, and an ex
port ol a value of $11,205,220.
A Nsw Duke.
The Marquis of Hamilton, who i��
now Duke of Abercorn, following the
death ol his lather, succeeds to great
possessions. The late duke held seventeen titles, was a peer in three king
doms, and a duke of France. Hn
succes-uir inherits most of these honors. The Aberoorns hsve cut s big
ligure in public life lor seversl generations. Thc present duke's grandfather wss nicknamed "Old Splendid." and he appears as "the duke"
In Disraeli's "Lothair." OI the flrst
Marquis of Abercorn it is related that
he required his housemaids to w-ai
white gloves when they made his bed.
How His Majesty Dlnss.
King George's dinner usually cou-
sists ol a little clear soup, a piece ot
grilled sole or halibut or mullet, s
slice ol roast game snd sn ice. Sometimes, however, His Msjesto's dinnei
is fsr more restricted. On dsys when
he feels an attack of dyspepsia sp-
proaehing his dinner often consists ol
a little soup, milk pudding snd s rosst
spple snd cream and an ice.
Then Extinguish Paraslts.
Two English physicians are experimenting with   s   new   parasite   witb
which they hope to extinguish the His��
>f their aountrv iu s lew years.
IraliS, perhaps t'*.t: most '��� ,y,r,r.-;-. :������!
frnm every standpoint is that now
being cut around the Okanagan lake
watershed at a distance of from
ten to twenty miles from the wa'er.
The approximate length cf the road
is 200 miles, and it is exDected that
the entire route will b? finished before the end of next summer. Other
valuable trails on which work has sl-
rei'l.w been begun are: From Camp-
hell river to Salmon riv��r. a distance
or ahent 7' miles: rrom Cowichan lake
to Gordon river. 25 miles; rrom Indian river to Manquam river, 20 ;nile3:
from Stave lake to Harrison lake. 25
miles: from Port Douglas to Pember-
ton meadows. 30 miles: from Vavenby
to Barrier lake. 20 miles; from the
North Thompson river to Columbia;
river. HO miles. Trails are also being
cut along the Canoe river for a instance of 30 miles, and along the Willow river for a similar distance.
The  importance ot  rangers'  cabins \
was quickly realized, and ten have al-
ready      been  constructed.    Work on
many more which have been proposed
, will  be continued during  the  winter.;
the work ol erection being carried out
during tbe present fall and winter by
regular employees,  who    during    the
summer bave been engaged on patrol
work   ln   tbe   tire   protection   service
The cabins completed during the past
summer are:    One a*. Blackwater. two
of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches     Deposits of Oae Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the  highest current rate paid cr
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Chequee sold, payable ln all parts of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Miss Acbsab I.ipplncott bas beeu appointed chief  market clerk of Phila- jon Quesnel lake. Burns lake, Kitwan
delpbla. I cool lake, Copper river, about 23 miles
Mrs Walter Hancock recently re- jfrom Copper City, Bear river, one the
celved the degree of master of arte Haselton-Bablne trail, and three on the
from the Temple university of Phlla- (*5_*��L* iM?* **��*' betWCeT1
Charlotte Perkins Gilman says that
the Englishwoman knows more, carea
more and talks mure about public matters aud wltb greater ability than her
American sister.
"As our men will not willingly go
back to tbe farms, we must Induce
our women to go." says Mrs. Kate
Trimble Woolsey. "We kuow tbat
wben tbey do the men will follow."
Tbe oldest woman in Kngland���Mrs.
Ilebecca Clark of High Hood. Wood
(_reon���ls bale nnd hearty at I0I�� aud
Is fond of a good meal. She says: "I
uever believed In being faddy about
rood. Eat what you fancy and you'll
be all right"
Mrs. A. A. A. Brooks, president of
tbe Ootbam Club of New Vork. Has
liven Interesting ber fellow members
in au effort to bring pressure to bear
for legislation compelling manufacturing chemists to uae a special mold tor
.-.ison taoiits,
Revelstoke snd Golden
The telephone system outlined at
the beginning of the season was an
ambitious one, comprising nearly 600
miles of line. Construction work on
more than half the entire proeram has
been begun, and six of the lines, ren-
resentlng 67 miles of line, are already
In working order.
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and ean give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
II. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street.  Vaucourer.
W.   K   D17PKROW. O.  A.  P.  D.
_ IioDe Private Exchange 91:14
How Forestry Depsrtment Plans Be-
forehsnd to Ssve Timber From
the Flames.
Vlcto'la, Oct. 27.���The sdvent of
rain and the unsettled cllmstlc conditions, which, during the psst few
days, have become general throughout
the province, sre delaying the permanent construction work undertaken by
the forest branch of the depsrtment of
lands during the past summer.
The program Isld down by the chief
forester, snd spproved by Hon. William R. Koss, minister of lands, was
an elaborate one, snd wss projected
with the object of affording sdequste
flre protection to the crown timber
lends of the province. Soon after the
establishment of the forest branch It
wss sppsrent thst the lack of transportation facilities snd mesns of common-
'eatlen between the various unite of
the Bre-flghtlng force wss proving ���
serious hindrance to the development
of s working policy of forest preserve-
tlon. _ ..
Owing to the recent passage of the
forest set, lt wu not deemed edvts-
DOLLARS andSENSEare Inseparable!
This Advertisement Points the Way to a
Better Future for Those with the Blessed
Ambition to Succeed-Read it Through!
6Former Vancouver Man Arrested.
Toronto, Oct. 27.���On a wsrrant
swort out by Massey-llarrls company,
James Denison, formerly of Vanoouver, one of the Arm's collectors, wss
arresied In Parkhlll, Ont., on Saturday,
chanted wllh stealing $300.
SaveYoui Health
Most sicknesses that impair health
have their start in quite ordinary
ailments of the ornns of diM-
Uon or evaluation. Stomash.
lirer, kidneys, , end .bowels sn
quickly benefited by the action of
No matter who you are,
where you are, if you can
read and write and see,
you can be SUCCESSFUL-
Vou. who read this, consider:
���Opportunity visits most people
morethsn once; but you never
know when shell come ageln.
This printed mess; ste to you,
coming through the public press,
msy be Opportunity's lsst visit.
And tf you have but one little
spark of smbltkra In your make-up
to rise sbove the everydsy drug-
ery of mere eslstence, you will act
AT ONCE. Read this typed message to the end, absorb Its mesning,
think what lt holds out to you,
Sslsry slsvery���the curse of a
large majority of American manhood and womanhood���may have
blinded you to whst you can really
earn ln this lucrative profession.
No matter what   yeu are doing.
���one for all and all for one. Individually, we have passed through
every stage of progression In our
adopted profession, until, by force
of will "and environment we have
forged a SUCCESS that is growing
larger day by day, outstripping our
most sanguine expectations. At
flrat, thrown together by circumstances snd affiliation, then by successive stsgee into a small club for
the interchange of ideas, snd flnslly
NOW Into s full grown professional
association of SUCCESSFUL men
and women.
Our work ls essy, lucrative and
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desk, a plow or a sslescounter.
And we can help you, caa make
you one ot ue, give yon every opportunity that at first was denied
u.s: see that you succeed���we don't
brook failure.
No, dear reader, we are NOT in
any sense either a so-called correspondence school. sttempUng the
unsttslnable; nor distributors tor
technical works of overstocked
publishers, that hare   little value
Wo are fn touch daily with every
move of thla wonderful business.
We feel ita heart throb, we know
its needs, we realise the untold
money-making opportunities it
holds out to YOU. Experience-
right here in the field hae given ue*.
the keynote of success in our pro��-
Ton think that $150 per month
over what you are uow receiving is
absurd? Reader, consider: Many
men and women te this profession
who eame trom the ranks ot plod-
a-day workera ate receiving Incomes from 1C.0M to $10,000 annually. A few get more than
either of these sums, lt you cam
read, write aud usual re the moot
ordinary hsufsaluis ot everyday
life, yeu can SUCCEED, hy coming tn wtth as. Utarary ability Is
really he in year rood.
Know mot* at this profession.
To tesow ts to set: ts aet Is to re-
cetye. NOW. TODAY, drop a postal to tho addraaa below aud aim-
ply say. ****** ass details.- No 00.
ligatkm. Ns Mytssk bargaia. do
ail ***** ****7 eslstence.
what your trade, your *K*sstoa    ���Mpt,he profit derived trom their    7^otoa\^**!^*malSt*m^ .M
or your employment; no matter If       ,      , rt ^ nrilnM|>tllT>    ����� *""JJW iSxT-rSTs-r ut
you live tn the most remote part of     ,hM ��� ,,, f^j^ SoiKuolee.     ^*  **?-  T_*L* ""*  THAT   IB
_._.        .    fhaxaa-hxmtmbKHhlul^t*******
other; in reality the  ssost *******
organisation of IU kind   In   the
world today.   It Is sa orgaatsatka
of 6UCCBB8. tor SUCCESS aad
built oa SUCCESS.
Onr hesdqusrters sre la Los Angeles. CsUforala���ia the very heart
of motion picture prodeetlaia.
ITFTY-SEVEN produclsg
pontes sre located NOW In this
eity end Ito environ* That number Is Increasing month by month.
the country: no mstter what condition ef life you may be In. We Caa
Holy YOU to bigger, hotter, and
brighter things. We can break the
dreary, monotonous day hy day existence that goes with work-s4ay
drudgery. Most of us have passu
through tbat selfsame miserable
existence. Early to hed. early to
rise, In order that you may puaeh
the time-clock, make nwney tor
your employer, deprive yourseir of
the pleasures snd enjoyments yonr
Maker.intended you to haTO-Wl
KNOW what that sort of eslstence
mesns. A dollar looks like a cartwheel-twenty plaeee to put lt
Vesr bv yesr YOU GRIND
Come with us. Be oae of ss.
wb wa **** n* the way tost
leads to a brighter Uto. a lucrative
BVotoeslea as yet la ito intoney.
nTworid of ***tt** j***"*0"
duettos ^���gJ^Gusmg
Itles to YOU.   YBS. TO YOTj-^We
to^?toto!��*& sothoreband-
IHogsther toellUTUAL heastlt
WORTH    UTIim.     BB   SOMEBODY.   Wa wfll Show you how.
this oflhr Is BB-Bsd. sa mssskse
ship to US-Ms* ty stowter; there to
a ttoe beyoad wMsh ww saaaot **.
Delay may pat rm aatosts Hm
of oar assssh-Msa aad Ito
IIBrtiflln YouB
MeaaMs hst sol-
357 Sratk IBU fit ^ lit Am   L&Kfam
**\aV^a\*W      *****t\*^a\^r**ms*    VWHt'^pP* ���\***\t-^-*W    lm\*a^^*^jmi*^^*i*y****^ Tauf^-^B^B-^^^P
���vfe'���!�����: f'
TUE8DAY, OCTOBER 28. 1913.
To Those
Whose Custom
to lay In a supply of groceries
the first of the month and who
bave not been buying here, we
would sugRest ihat It will cost
then, nothing to set our prices
and examine qualities sold here
���s chance to compare our goods
and prices with others ts all
we aidt-.n fact It's all we need:
A few of our regular prices:
Fresh Dairy nutter, 1! lbs ..$1.00
New Zealand Creamery Ilutter, 2 lbs 	
New W-estmliister Creamery   butter,   lb	
Strictly Kresh Kg';.', dozen.
Pure Leaf Lard, Us	
Upton's   Pickles,   buttle   ..
"Varsity" Flour, 49 lb. sk..
Klour���Kobin Hood, Klve
Roses, Purity, Hoyal
Household,  49  lb.  sk   ...
Quinces,   4   lbs	
Greater Westminster
Refuse Disposal.
Copies of an Interesting pamphlet
entitled "Refuse Collection and Disposal," are being mailed to residents
by the staff at the office of the sanitary Inspector,
I Try a pound of our Best Coffee, fresh ground, per Ib. 40c.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Por plumbing, beating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham-
say, -Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 5SC. (2148)
Subway Completed.
With the exception of the false
wnrk to be taken down just as soon as
the cement lias set, the work of constructing the subway under Ihe Great
N .rthern tracks at White Hock is all
but completed according to Frank J,
MacKenzie, M.L.A., when seen yesterday. The work has cost In tlle
neighborhood of $4000.
Postpone   Meeting.
The   regular   meeting   of   the   Port
Coquitlam council whicli in the usual i
course of events should  be  held this'
afternoon   has   been   postponed   until
Friday afternoon sl  8 o'clock.   The!
meeting has been postponed because
it clashes With the sitting of the railway commission at Vancouver and because Krlday is the last  day nf October, on which day the rebate period
nn  tills  year's  taxes  terminates,    By
holding the meeting on Saturday the'
cnumll will be In a position to reckon
the actual amount of money available J
In the city treasury for Improvements,
a  minor  program  of  Which  has  been
outlined for the winter.
Purveyor of Whiskey to Indians Gets
His���John Neal's Shocbuylng
Insure with Alfred Vi. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Jurors Released.
At   the  opening  of   the   Dean   trial
yesterday the petit jury was released
from duty until tomorrow morning.
Office   Alterations.
Following the appointment of C. N.
McDonald, as agent of public works in
British Columbia, alterations are being made to his office In order to
provide accommodation for himself
and   H.   A.   Wilson,   accountant,   who
was promoted to that position following the appointment of Mr. McDonald
as agent.
For all building  supplies  and  fuel
ull apply to Cne li. C  Trartitjkiri C*.
Ltd., 605 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826,     barf phone 880.
Huge Temperance Banquet.
Plans for the holding of a huge
temperance banquet for the purpose
of bringing the temperance people of
tlle city together were discussed af. the
meeting of the W. C. T. V. held in St.
Stephen's yesterday afternoon. Tlie
exact da'e on whicli the banque; wlll
be held was not decided, that detail
being held over for further consideration as it is hoped to arrange some
day that will be suitable to all temperance bodies in the city. November is
the month selected.
Money tn Innn on flrst mortgages.
Improved city and farm property
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (2159)
Changes in  Mall.
Several changes which have affected the incoming and outgoing eastern
mail, have been put into effect at the
post office following the changes made
In the C.  P. U. train schedule.
The morning mail for the cast
which formerly closed at 7:45 Is ad-
vanci d 15 minutes while the afternoon outgoing mall has been advanced
from 2:45 to 12:45 p.m. The early
(rain leaving for the east now serves
several districts In the Kraser valley
which heretofore were compelled to
wall until the local leaving later in
the morning. The Incoming mail from
the east arrives at 12:50, twenty minutes later than during the summer
months, while the evening hags will
not arrive here until 11:15 instead of
10:40 p.m.
Street Ll-jihts.
Several people wanted the city
council to throw a little more light
on iiie subject and at last night's
meeting asked for street lights: one
petition was signed by a Chinaman
requesting a light in one pari of Mc
Innes street, and illumination at the
south end cf the Westminster bridge
was also asked for by the people. The
latter request goes to the light committee with power to act.
Call at our office with your
agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid  1'p Capital  and
.Surplus $ 2.S00.000
Asbi t*  4,978,988.96
T r u s teeshlps Under
Administration over    6,000,000
Trustee for Bondholders over       25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Eng.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606  Columbia   Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7  to 9.
Materials on Hand.
The sidewalk and a portion of Columbia streel in front of the excavations made fnr the additions tn the
Dominion building have been fenced
off. Stone, sand and other materials
to be used In connection with tlie construction will be dumped inside thp
Celebrate Opening.
The members of St. Stephen's
church, Riirsuitlam, gave a thoroughly I
���successful enncert and dance in the
Burquitlam Agricultural hall nn Kriilay evening last. The affair was the
first of its kind since St. Stephen's
church was opened and wns ln tbe
nature of a celebration over the opening of thc chapel.
Municipal    Employment    Bureau.���
People desiring help of any description can be supplied at short notice bv
applying to the office. City Hall. Clarkson street entrance. Phono 852, (2306)
I Special   Precautions.
Special precautions were taken by
the provincial authorities in the
transportation of Clark and Pavis. the
alleged murderers of Police Constable
Archibald of Vancouver, who were
taken from the provincial jail here
to Vancouver yesterday morning. It
was expected that the trial nf the two
men would commence at the assizes
yesterday, but. this was postponed until Thursday morning. Two po
men guarded the min as they were
hi ine taken over, the police patro
nf tiie city being used to take the
men to thc B C. E, I!.. while an extra
guard was stationed a- the rsar **'
ilii> men when they were being taken
up the staircase at iiie court house
for fear Clark might, throw himself
headlong to the ground floor.
Burnaby Smoker.
Thc Burnaby board of tradp will
hold a smoker in Moreton hall. Ed-
mends. Wednesday evening. Several
novel stunts have been arranged by
the executive,
In Aid of Strikers' Families.
A smoker in aid of the wives and
children of the Nanaimo coal miners
will bc held In the l.abor Temple Wednesday evening. The proceeds will be
added to the Christinas fund which is
being collected throughout the province.
1 and  P
s. .1. Pearce, health Inspector, .it
tended the first annual meeting o
the Royal Sanitary Institute of B, C
held in  Vancouver on  Saturday last.
Owing to a business engagement in  pair of ghoe*a
That Police Magistrate Edmonds in-
tends to stump out the    practice    of
poor trash while men selling whiskey
to Indians,  If  It  Is  within  his  power
to do so, was evidenced in the police!
court yesterday    morning    when    he I
handed    John    Cnffin    a six  ni.ii,Ihs';
bard sentence on that charge,
John didn't know anything about it.
but Dan Billy, the brave of the tribe!
of Coquitlam to whom  the bonze had
becn supplied, unfortunately for John,,
did remember all about it.   in detail]
Dan  Billy  related  the events of Sat-1
urday  afternoon    pertaining    to    the;
dicker  which  finally  landed  the  four-,
bit bottle of accumulated headache iu |
liis pocket.    There wasn't  a crack in
tlie chain that connected the licensed
with  Billy  and thc booze and  It  was
six months' hard for John straight off
the bat.
Detective Walter Burrows, who had
been   Instrumental   in   lodging   the
liafl'ln  person In the cooler, also was j
on the trail of another alleged peddler j
of  corked   trouhle    to     Indians,    one j
Charles  Sylvlana.    Charles  was    ac-,
cuscd  of  being  very  accommodating'
with   Nc-el   Seymour  cf the  tribe    of
Chehalls to Ihe extent of obliging hlm |
with a large and attractive oval bottle I
of Recreation rye.    In iie absence of.
Noel, Dan Billy was ttt) star witness '
in  this case as well  and  during  tbs
process of prying the evidence out of
Dan it developed that MUter Sylvlana
also  had  given  him  a  touch  cf  the
booze as well.    Right then' the prosecution halted and next Monday wh. n
il gets under way again Charlie likely
will find himself facing the charge of
contributing to the delinquency cf Dan
The Indian In the case, the aforesaid Dan Billy, is. to judge from liis
demcaner in court, nf a backward and
retiring nature, except when there is
whiskey on the horizon, at which
time be appears to bc Johnny -ai tin
The magistrate intimated his Intention of allowing Dan tn go nn tin
charge of having boose in his possession, which is fornlnst the statute
made and provided, that is if he would
undertake to be on deck to give evi-
dence against Sylvlana next Monday
"But 1 intended to go to work at
Pitt river on Thursday." objected
"You ii llldn't go to wnrk on Thursday," said the courl. "if I gave you
.six months   in  Jail.'
The logic s<*i tned tn appeal forcibly
to Hilly, win, promised to be on hand
nexi Monday,
:.    John Neal started across the brtdgs
trom ilu* : nntli side mi Saturday after-
Inoon with 'he Intention of getting    a
Ie started back  yes-
McAllisters Limited
4-Big Special Sales-4
Four Big Specials to Interest Keen Shoppers Values Here That Must Command
Your Attention
Vancouver A. II. MacNeill counsel for tenia;, morning with lhe nxnl Intention of Btaylng ihere fm- some time;
and between those two starts lies the
story of John's downfall
He came over Saturday all right, all
I right, but Instead of getting into a
storo wbere tliey sell bods and sh.ves.
he missed his bearings and landed in
a haven where they dispense hootch
and booze. The rest was easy and
yesterday John's visage shone at the
head of thc line in the police emit
"If I hi ynu go will you git out of
town?" queried  Magistrate  Edmonds
"I certainly will,' feeling replied
"Mul stay out ?"
"Sure I  will."
John has gone,
A Big Sale of
Men's Sweater
Coats $2.75 Each
You can get a dandy Sweater Coat during tbls
sale at $2.76. There Is every color and combination of colors, and you can choose from
both high beck with close fitting collar, iuw
vest neck, etc. These nre mostly sample
sweaters and a very special lot, bought at a
round price, and you can choose any one in
the assortment for $2.75.
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies'
New Fall Coats
at $13.75
Fifty smart new* Kail Coats for ladi��s io go on
sale at one special price. These coats embrace a very big varley for you to select
from. There are al] kinds of USW tweeds,
coatings and curl cloths, ard In all the newest rolorlngs, etc. Many are smartly trimmed
with velvet collars and the new large buttons These coals are all perfectly tailored
and there is a range of sizes. Many of these
coats arc worth Trom $20 i.n i.i 126.00 each,
Your choice of any con;  in    tins   range    for
the crown in the Dean case was absent from the assizes yesterday. E,
P. Davis, K.C, conducted the prose
Mrs. Wm. McAdam, 1022 Seventh
avenue, wlll not receive today but on
Thursday of this week and In 'he afternoon and evening of the fourth
Tuesday of each month.
Tiie Westminster choral society wlll
hold their rehearsal in Hie Queens
Avenue Methodist church this evening,
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies' Tailored
Skirts, at $5.75
One Ilundred skirts lu tills purchase will he
placed nn sale in our Ladles' Heady to-Wear
departmen Kvery one nf theHe Hklrts In
Strictly man tailored, cut In the late��t styles,
and you have the choice of blacli and navy
suiting serges, smart new tweeds and flno
coating serges, in grays and browns, They
are made wllh high or ordinary waist lines,
nnd many of these skirts are worth from
$7.50 to tln.llii each. Kvery size, to slight,
medium nr stout figures. During this special
sale you have your choice of auy skirt Ior
A Big Special Sale
of AU-Wool
Blankets at, Pair
One hundred pairs of full double bed size, all
wool blankets. 04 Inches hy hi Inches Tbs
thick cosy winter blanket, ample In size,
heavy and warm 'Ibis is ii mt;. special
purehsse Just to hand, nnd while these hundred pairs last you can purchase for HM a
pair blankets that would be good value in
111- ordinary way at $7 nil a pair. Special for
tills sale, per pair at $4.95.
McAllisters Limited
I SWANSON���The death occurred if
New Westminster yesterday of And-
|rew .Swanson, aged i.C years. Puneral
j arrangements are to still be made and
will he announced upon completion.
Seek Damages from City.
Captain Kurd, newly appointed pilot.
presented his first report to the citv
I council last niiiit. in it lie told of
present conditions of tli,' river at the
Sandheads. Also among the commtini.
cations was n bill for $Hli) damaged
sent in by tlie owner of the small
gasoline tug formerly known as the
Idd Wing, alleged to have been
caused by tin* tm; Hero when it rammed tli" smaller vessel alongside a
do,*!; ai the waterfront in re.
and Miss
L.R.A.M..  A.It.C.M.
' Hysons in Pianoforte, Violin. Sing-
i-.iT..  Voice    Production.    Theory    (In
<-l-i88 or privately)) Harmony, Counter-
-joinl. Musical Komi and History.
Pupils prepared    for   the   examinations of Ihu Associated Board of   the
Uoyal  Academy of  Music and  Uoyal
Jollege of Music.    Also    Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Ytrr  terms, etc., apply  51  Dufferin
Vi   . I     Phone 411 11. (-157)
..'bat with  the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster la coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust  Block.
Resigns One Seat.
Que bee.  i ii t   li..-   Sir  I,onier Coultl. i
who has In i'u representing two coun I
ties since May 15, 1912, bas resigned |
his scat fur rft. .lohn  and decldi d  to
(Continued from page one)
kind:-. This
would total *'
references in
feci  that the
year    the    product'.! ;.
0, ,000.    Hi   had seen
ial ern papers to the ef
v. *.'   should  go  in  for
stick to thai or Port  Neuf
election  thus  n< ci ssary  In
will be held on November
nomination day will be a wer
un Novemhei '���'..
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c
Per Quart   ..... $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    ...
The by-
It   .lohn
���"��� ��d i        W.J.RUSE
��� '" ���""���""��� (Successor to Ayling A 8waln.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Pres. aad Oesl.
VI, e-I'resldeat.
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
Heo. and Trsss.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 177.
*a recognize and seize the opportune
tics when they come to you''
���"..���ti fit yourself to take advantage of'
many  future opportunities   it  is tin- ,
opportunity to gain a practical know]
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,   Theory.
For Terms and  Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (2263)
A.   L.
���.OJ-ione 853.
BOUCK. Principal.
610 Columbia 8t,
Residence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
mixed farming. Seven years ago the
livestock of the proviii"e showed a to
tal of nine hundred thousand animal.-*.
This year il was two million.
In proportion, he said, the farmi r,
of Saskatchewan have more cattle oi
their farms than in Ontario. Seven
years ago the province had 1750 mllei
of railway. Now there were
mill .- Of railway within the bi rders
of Hi'* province. The telephon sys
tern had crown tremendous!) Seven
��� art  a o  Int i fitments  in  Snskatche-
* wan totalled fifteen million, no�� thej
had risen to nlni tj  millions    I mrln *
ithe past  seven years one  school d's-
I trlct hml been organised on an aver
age of every working day. there being
an Increase from nine hundred to thlr-
lty t-iii bundred with seventeen high
sclu oIb and universities.
Cooperative Princinlr
Rcferlng to the financial stringency,
Mr. Scott said it was not. unmixed evil.
Everything In the world can be endured by continued    prosperity,     "The
smooth   sen   never   made   the   Bklllful j
mariner."  i Applause)
Mr.   Scott  then   referred   to   the   CO-
! operative principle which had been In- j
stltuted in the province and declared
that an  curliest attempt    would    be I
i made to extend this principle to the
question  of obtaining cheaper money,
"iii Saskatchewan," Bald In "we
ara not all ot British origin, but let
'me tell you that one hundred out of
j every one hundred of our Immigrants
citizens fi ei an attachment in the
Drltlsh flag which Is only second, If it
ll second, to that of those citizens who
ere of lliitiali origin. 1 am nol lining
.iiiio any controverssl dlsousBlon, but
| the people of Saskatchewan will not
bo found lacking with llie people of
iiu* other provinces of the Dominion
when a question of the defence of
Canada and other portions of the empire is concerned."
That   for Cold  Weather  there  Is
Nothirg Quite so Good as Our
Special Hot-Water Bottle
701  Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
In the West End.  Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
7lfi Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trusl Bid*.
I'hone 85R. Phone 85L.
Onr Interior Finish In manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat drain.
We are also specialising In Kir Poors wllh Veneered Panels,
"hich nre better in construction, more beautiful nnd no more expensive Ihan the old solid raised panel doorB.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Heavy  Snowfall.
Medicine   Hat,  (Id.     L'T.    A     heavy
Biiowfall   greeted   llattern   when   they
aroKe thla morning but It Boon melted,
|There wore continued kIkiih of storm
iiii day  but only a few  flakes fell.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1BS1.
We writs Firs, Llfs, Accident, Employers'
Msrlns Insursnos,
Liability,   Automobile   snd
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WKEKDAYH-B and    6.45 am.
nnd every IB minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly Bervlce until
11 p.m. with lute car at mld-
SATUItDAYS-16 minute ser
vice Ih continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 ond
8.30 and every 15 mlnutea until
11 pin. with late car ut nild-
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
hi .  with  late car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and   hourly
until  10 p.m. with late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and   every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection ls made st   Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
snd other points on Lulu lslsnd.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 snd
6.1B p.m.
POINTS���4.06 pm.


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