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The New Westminster News Jun 14, 1913

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News Classified Ads.
Havo proven lhelr worth bjfc     s
resulta   tliey    produce.     Thf    <*?.)
lar;:e   or   Bmall   wants   a'   ^all
cost. j5
The Weather.
New    Westminster    and    Lowes
Mainland: Light to moderate w'nds;
gi iien.ily  fair with    stationary    o:
higher temperature.
OF YEAR 1913
Assizes Opening on Monday
Present Large Criminal
and Civil Rolls.
Foreigners Responsible for   the  Most
Serioua Crimes���Bank of Mont.
real Robbery Cases.
Accidents Recorded  From Vancouver
to Lisbon���One  Man Killed  in
Terminal City.
Nurse Says Vancouver Conditions Are 100 per Cent.
Worse Than Year Ago.
   ��� |8ever��l -Vacancies Filled from   Flood
Canada's Grain Area Takes American Tariff Rill Plans   of Appiicationa-More to b��� a->
Another Rig Jump This
Vancouver, June 13.--One man waB
killed,    another    Ib    missing,    while
eight otherB were more or less injured
here this morning whan the rear portion of a five storey building In course
of oroctlOD on Pender street collapsed.
The accident took plait; at 10 o'clock
this morning when about 40 men were
at work on the structure and but for
the fact that warning was given be-
One of the heavlost criminal calcn-   fore  the  break  occurred,  moro  lives
dars on record for the last 21  years | would undoubtedly have been lost.
wlll be triad before Mr. JuBtice Mor-I     Late this  afternoon  It  was  dlscov-
rtSStfSt UoMsViTcourt which b.glns.red that a young man, Just a few ����.a weUtaownmtrse ofM
on     Monday    next.    Thirty    serious I minutes before the accident took plaoe | M   the   first   annual   meeting   of   the
charges will be dealt with, but as two j had applied to the foreman for a job. | British Columbia Graduate Nurses as- |
of the accused are charged with alter- j but was unsuccessful.    It Ib estimated
native crimes thero ure only 28 per-   that this man did not have the lime tn
sons involved,   Tho only assize court  pet down to thc ground floor by  the
which, in the recollection of Registrar Ume the crash occurred, so that an-
J.  J.   Cambridge,    overshadows    the  other life was probably lost.
forthcoming   BeBslons.   Is   that   of   21 I    The man killed  was  Harry  Ander-
to Keep Canuck Pulp and
Paper at Home.
pointed at Next Meeting.
Startling    Paper   Read   at   Terminal
City Convention  Yesterday���
Work for   Registration.
"Tubercular conditions In Vancouver are. appalling." Thla wus the as-
oundlng statement made by miss Oil-
Heavy    Increase   In   Acreage   Under
Cultivation���Alberta   Will  Harvest Hsavlly.
years ago when  three judges  Bat at : Bon, a carpenter by trade.
soclation, which was held in the board
of trade rooms In that city yesterday
MIsb Hillis said tbat the conditions
at present were almost 100 per cent,
worse than one year ago and that the
majority cf the cases were In advanced   stages.    She  emphasized   tli*
5 I'Uin    4iB,u     nntll     ut i x;*c    j uw hi     uuv    m\  ,  vw iti   �����   *****ts ymm******    mj    ****** ���*.**������ , ,., ,
New Westminster for bIx weeks, hold-      The building was owned by  llarrat  need of Impressing on the public the
ing courts in the present county cour'land Dean and  was being erected by
room, the Jury room and the city hall ithe J. F. Wlneland Construction com-
The crown counsel on this occasim ' nany, after plans prepared by W. G
Is ('. 11. Macnoill, K.C. ot Davis, Mai*
sliall &  Macnelll,  Vancouver.
Dark Skins for Murder.
A  scrutiny  of  the  list  reveals tht
fact  that,  of  the   four  most  serlout
charges, murder, the men accused art
two Indians, a Hindu and a Jap.   Ol
the (ylme of attempted  murder, two
of  the  persons  licensed  are  Italians,
one  a Chinaman  and  tho  remaining
mar whit
Qardlne(, architect
Building Inspector Jarrett will hold
a strict Investigation aB to the cause
of the collapse.
Cculdn't Miss Aviators.
London, June 1?,.���Lieut. Janus It.
B. Kennedy, of the naval wing of the
royal flyin-K corps, was killed, and C.
Cordon Bell, another avlato:, seriously
Injured. In the fall of a monoplane
The two manslaughter charges are .near the Bmnklands aerodrome today.
Bell   was  driving   the   machine   wltb
Kennedy as a passenger.
against a Chinaman and Jap. ThUB of
all   the   serious   charges   against   the
person, only one Is against a citizen I
of the country.   Of other charges, two |        Farmer's Wife Among Them.
are perjury and one of subornation ofj    Kdmonton, June 13���Mrs. S. Riegart.
perjury and the accused are Hindus,  wife of a well known farmer at Morse
Perhaps  tbo   trials   which   will   at- ' Mills,  near  Kdmonton,    was    thrown
tract most public nttention are those  from  her buggy  and  killed  near her
of John Macnamara and Charles Dean. | home  tonight,
who are aroused of being Implicated;
in    the    Bank  of   Montreal  robbery Felt It Comiing.
nearly two years ago. !    Spokane.    June    13.���"What's    the
The civil roll ban 13 cases down for date, BUI 1" "It's Friday the 13th." I
trial, but these may be considerably "Well, I believe I'm going to die to I
augmented before the criminal list Is day." And in another instant Louis j
exhausted. Christiansen,    a recent arrival    from .
Following are the criminal and civil .Canada, fell    in agony to ths floor of)
Criminal  List.
R��x  vs.  BUdh*  Hlngb,  murder.
Kex vb. Jay  Kam, murder.
Hex vs. Moses Paul, murder or n��-
cesoory after the fact.
Rex VS. Paul Splntlum, murder.
Rex vs O'Hrlen, attempted murder
Itev vs. Brown Lee, attempted murder
Baloon. He waB rushed to the
' emergency hospital wbere acute In*
digestion and heart trouble were
Id agnosed. It was said that h'.B eondl-
itton was wrfuiiu,
absolute necessity of taking some lm
mediate steps to prevent a spread of
the disease and  to treat the Victims
at present living In the city.
' Miss Wright Re-elected.
The morning seSBinn ot the convention wus taken up with business mat
iters. Miss Wright, of New Westminister, was re-t lected president and Miss
Scott and Mh-8 (1. Cay, of the Royal
Columbian hospital, were re-elected
on the executive. All the officers
were re-elected, with the exception ol
Mies McDonald, of Victoria, who resigned. Miss Morrison, of the Capital
City, v.-as chosen in her place.
Miss Wright gave an interesting
address in the morning in the form
of a synopsis of tbe registration bill,
which the association will seek to
have passed Ly the provincial govern
ment at the next session. The bill Wlll
require that all graduate nurBea In
the province be registered.
Victoria Next Year.
Tho  invitation  of  the  Victoria  ae
pociatinn   to  hold -*bc   convention   In
that  city next year  was  accepted.
Dr. PrOCtOT gave an addreas of welcome on behalf of the doctors of Van
couver nt the afternoon session. He
also spoke ol the registration bill and
stated that the doctors approved of the
Idea and were willing to do all ln
their power to assist the nurses In obtaining the necessary legislation.
Miss True extended a welcome ou
behalf of the Vancouver Graduate
Ntirset-,' association.
Both addresses were replied to by
Miss  Morrison, of Victoria.
Miss Scolt. superintendent of the
Iloyal Columbian hospital. New Westminster, gnve an interesting address
on "Educational Standards Necessary
Tor Admission to Training Schools iu
British  Columbia."
The address wus well received and
was followed by a discussion led by
Miss Han-dull, superintendent of the
Vancouver genera] hospital.
Miss CiilliB then read her paper on
"Tubercular Conditions in Vancouver"
which  was  followed  by  a  discussion
on the rgeistration bill.
In the evening the visiting delegates
were the guests at a Cinderella ball at
Lester hall.    Asked  about the ball a
N'ew   Westminster  nurse   aaid   in   a
tired voice: "The music was fine, the
floor was good, the hall w..s prettily
I decorated,    everything    was    lovely;
i 'nuff said."
The first Protestant children s home      Another  business  session   will    be
        ,. in New Westminster has Just been In- hrtd lWs moming ���hloh will be fol-
Rex vs. Hardit Singh, subornation of augurated   by   the   provincial True ioweQ- by an executive meeting   Miss
perjury. Blues,  who  have  rented  a  liouse  al | Mcl.eod' wlll present a paper on "So-
Uex vs. Osmond Dent, criminal libel, ixiti   Milton   Etreet.   which   they   have  ci.i! Service Work in Vancouver" und
Rex vs. Hoyce. criminal libel. i now   completely   furnished   and   dedi-
Civll List. jeated  as   the   Provincial  True     Blue
Ken, Ltd. vs. Kelly. | Home.
Mlnyataro Hindoo vs. W. B, Welsh ;    The institution nlso has the d'.stinc-
Kllyawa vs.  Walsh Sash and  Door |tlon of being the first children's home
Paulson vs. Smith & Whittaker
dourlay  vs. (lonrlay.
ress. haa heen supervising the fitrn
liking of lhe home, which has beei
placed  under  the  charge    of    Nuro*
Bomb3 Swell Total.
L'sbon, June  13.���Several
were    killed    and    n    large
wounded today by :he explosion of a
Hex vb. Slclliano, attempted murder. I dynamite  bomb  thrown   from  a  win-
Rex  VS.  Slclliano,  wounding, aow  nt  a  procession    passing    along
Ilex vii. Belargo, attempted murder
ilex vs. Yung Lal Chow, manslaughter
Rex vs. S. Lai Yoshikawa. manslaughter.
Rex vb. Cunllffe, rape.
Kex vs. Williams, rape.
Rex vs- Marny, wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.
Hex  vs   Llndeherg, atisault.
Hex vs. Sioneinan. Indecent assault.
Hex vs. Cherry, highway robbery.
Rex vs.  Walters, arson.
Rex vs.  Smilh, Arson.
tier vs.  Ness, arson.
Rex vs Howard, sending threnten-
ing letters.
Rex vs. Dean, robbery''
Rex va.  Macnamara, burglary.
Hex vs. Forrest, perjury.
Rex vs. Partab Singh, perjury
lhe streets.
ft ft ���:��� ft * * ft * ft ft -ri ft ft ft ft tt
tt =��
*        GREATEST  IN  HISTORY.        tt
tt       Calgary, June 13��� Given rea- tt
-"���=   sonably good wealher for the tt
'������   next two months, Alberta will ft
this year harvest the greatest ft
crop  in   its history.    That  is ft
the summary of crop   reports tt
today  from  45  correspondents ft
In thlB province. ft
tt ���'.'.* tt tt tt ft tt ft tt tt tt ft tt tt tt
Areas Sown.
Ottawa, June 13.���A bulletin of the
ceiiBus and statistics office Issued today gives preliminary -estimates of
Uie grain arcaB sown.
The total area under wheat in Canada is provisionally estimated at
9,816,300 acres, or f>7,900 acres more
than in 1?12, ihe area in spring wheat
being 8,890,500 acres, or 13,100 acres
more. Oats occupy 9,008,500 acres,
compared with 9.216.90U acres In 1912,
an Increase of 891,609 acres; barley
occupies 1,435,200 acres, an Increase
ot 10,000 acrea, and rye 126,600 acres.
a decrease of 9610 acres.
For whial, barley and oats t*en
together the increase represents 469.-
50u acres.
The estimated acreage under hay
and clover is 7,475.600 acres, compared  With 7,633,600 acres last  year.
Excise  Duty   Levied   Here    to    Take
Care of Forests Receives Bolstering in  U. 8. Propositions.
Delegation to Victoria Today on Matter of Great
Will Ask Government to Appoint Expert Organizer to Arrange Con-
dl'.ions Scientifically.
| At a Bpeclal meeting of the aehool
i board last night about half of the 186
I applicants lor the dozen or so positions vacant on the local teaching
j staff were disposed of and another
meeting will be held next Tuesday
| night to complete the work.
!    The following applicants were ac-
. For  the  newly  created  position  of
Washington,    Juno    13.���Amending  commercial maBter, J. A. Ramsay, of
the  section  of  tbe  Underwood  tariff .Ottawa collegiate, who holds both an
bill, which would place on the free ll3t|artB and commercial specialist's cer-
all print paper valued at not mor* tiflcate. The salary asked was $2000,1 ernment assistance and endoraatlon on
than 2 1-2 cents a pound, the ma-I but Mr. Ramsay will be offered J1800; the subject of agricultural co-opera-
Jorlty members of tbe senate finance j with prospects of an Increase. | tlon or organization In the Fraser val-
committee voted today to incorporate     For domestic science teacher, Miso: ley cannot be over estimated.
In the bill tbe provisions of the Cana- T, Job, a gradsate of Macdonald col-j    One of the delegates appointed by
dian reciprocity act passed in 1911.    liege,    Ontario    Agricultural    college,!
This action would extend the free'Guelph, Ont., at a Balary of $80 per!
list to Include all print paper valued j month, with an increase of $5 ln six;
at not more than four cents a pound,. months.
on condition "that no export duty, ex- j    For principal of thc F.  W. Howay :
port license fee or other export charge j school, Lawrence l^imbert, of Victoria,
of any kind whatsoever, or any pro-1 and recently of Kngland, at a salary j to go to Victoria as I returned from
hibitlon or restriction in any way of I of $125 per month, to be put on the | that city only this afternoon at 5
the exportation shall have been im-I regular schedule when    permanently i o'clock.
posed upon such paper, board or wood ! appointed. Of Vital Importance,
pulp, or  the  wood  pulp  used  In  the;    For senior grade work    in    public |    .The   organli!aUoa  of  the   farTnera
manufacture of such paper or board     schools.  Clement  Logan,  recently  of i for   prote(*-tion  and  assistance  is   of
Although    the    word    "Canada" is i Scotland,  and  W.  Nesbitt, of British
The importance of the vlBit of th��
Fraser valley agricultural delegation
to thc premier today to Invoke gov-
1 tko markets products committee yes-
1 terday, John A. Lee, president of Uie-
board of trade, interviewed by a Newa
reporter on the subject, expressed
; himself as follows:
"Unfortunately I Bhall not be able
,,,,., , .      , such vital Importance that there ought
omitted Trom the amendment adopted, Columbia: others to be appointed and , tn be no effprt        ed t0        B ���
by  the  committee,  it  would operate I all will be assigned classes by Miss | the g0VerTlmerit the necessity of tak-
against Canada because of that na- (Strong, municipal inspector,
tlon's restrictions on exports of wood ; For public school assistants, Miss
and chemical pulp. Senator Simmons, i Nora K. Dockrell aud MIbb Gertrude
chairman of the finance committee.' Diamond, both of New Westminster.
said that other restrictive provisions, I Theae also, with others to be appointor countervailing duties aimed against��� ed, will be given classes by MIbb
Canada which have been proposed had : Strong.
ing up the whole matter In an ener-
i getlc fashion.   Farmers Bhould be so
organized as to produce scientifically
i and to bring their produce to the mar-
! ket in shape for Belling.   We do not
mean necessarily the market in New
Westminster, because when these con-
Roads,  Ferry and  Railway Make New
Westminster   Strong 'as  Outlet
for  Delt=.
not been acted upon by the majority j    A Buccessor to F. R. Anderson, as | dItiona prpvll|i throughout the country,
and that the matter would be taken up'assistant at the high school, was left j tlle mari(rl V[U easily take care ot
again tomorrow.   He added that there  until next meeting.   There were 52 ap-11f=-ell   and   no  one  city  can  possibly
might  be  reconsideration  of the ac-jplicants for the one position.   A prin-  contro*[ aUd corral It.
tion thus far taken. j cipal for the Herbert Spencer school j    ..w^ (n Nf,,, Westminster, of course.
Under the  reciprocity  amendment. I was not appointed and also will be; arp ma*king every provision we pos"
pulp wood or paper can come ln free I decided upon at Tuesday's meeting,  'tibiy can to accommodate the farmer
Eighteen domestic science teachers an() mako it worth hl8 whUe to ^^^
applied for the one position vacant; , ln Ncw Westminster, but he will not
seven manual training Instructors ask- j tr;1de In New Westminster nor any
ed for situations but there was no va- j other p!ftC(1 uniesg he can do so with
cancy, and sixty applied as public! advantage to himself."
school  teachers. n.i.,,,��:,.., t.,������i.,����,<
The onlv difficulty met with was in ! Delegation Appointed.
finding  persons  possessing   both   thel    The markets committee referred to
icademlc antl commercial standing re-1 above,   met  yesterday  afternoon   and
memorial prepared by
aecretary of the New
1 salary ���hc*'board"was Willing"to pay. I Westminster board of trade, to the
This was but $1200, but in order to provincial government, urging the
enBure the new department being a
Bucceas, the trustees were forced to
raise their bid $600.
Among the other teachers whose ap-
from Canada when lt is the product
of lands in Canada, unrestricted by-
export duty or license fee.
Special B. C. E. R. Fares If More Than
100 Attend.
Canadian's   Impressions   of   the
"A   Canadian's   impressions   of   the I academic and commercial sianaing re-. ���"��������/""i   "...  .*���<
Old Land," will be the subject of an! quired for commercial master, and at! cor.s.oereu   a
addresB by Rev. Dr. Pldgeon, of Van, the same time willing to come at the.^uir.rt   naae,
couver, who will speak in the Queen's
Avenue Methodist church on Tuesday
evening, in connection with the annual
convention of the provincial W.C.T.U
which opens on Tuesday morning.
On Monday evening the executive o!
the W. C. T.  U. of  liritish Columbii
paramount" necessity of a government
organizer for the Fraser valley i.o
rouse the farming community to the
urgency of co-operation in the matter
Provincial  True   Blues   Have   Institution on Milton Street���First in
Duffey vs. Duffey.
Sheridan   vs.   McCutcheon.
Laidlaw  vs.   Ormsby
insley vs. city of New WeBtmlnster. I Guthrie, assisted by u housekeeper
Miss  Noreros3,  cf  Victoria,  will  also;
road a paper
This meeting will conclude about 2 I
o'clock and luncheon will be served at I
Qloncoe lodge.
Inaugurated  in   British Columbia by,    Miss Randall will be at home to the
the  True   Illnes.     Mrs.   E,   Hardie.  of, nurB88  from   4  t0 C o'clock    at    the1
Ninth   street,  provincial   grand   mlBt-1nurM8>    residence  at  the  Vancouver
general hospital.
Kosr vb. C. Ci. Major.
Le llnm \s. Sisters of Charity,' l'ro-
videneo Orphanage.
Cotsworth  vs.  Cook &  Wilson.
Kofc va. Corbet.
Queensborough  School  Has  Sunk 8lx
Queensborough   public   school   on
Lulu island is settling down Into the
Friendless  children    from  all  over 	
the province nre eligible to enter the  Oddfellows Back From Nanaimo���An-
new home and that they will be nelll niversary Next Year.
eand for needs no assurance. Tho    New    Westminster    delegates
\ery little revenue is received and I have nLinied from tlle annual con-
the society have not a great surplus ventfon of the grand lodge!. 0, 0. F. of
of earn with which to carry on the British Columbia, which clor.ed at Na-
work, so that nnv assistance that Ifte ualmo On Thursday. It was decided!
citi7ens of New Westminster offer t�� hold a jubilee celebration in Vlc-
them will be very gratefully acoepted. I,orift '>��l >'car to commemorate the
  fiOth anniversary of Oddfollowshlp in
soft soil upon which It Btands and'al- ^idence   in   Archibald   Murder Trial
ready ll  Is six    Inches    lower    than   , at Vancouver.
when built. I    Vancouver, June 13.���The storks cf
This fact was reported to the how rjon8tnb1c Archibald met his
trustees by Mr. McKenzie, the board B jdejltjj thro(1 WPei,s aR0 ami 0f how
engineer, at the last meeting ThurB- lhp gang ioatod the offices of the
day night, but so tar no effort has Hastings Single mill on Howell street.
been made to check the sinking, and W(,re rPinted In police court today
now ihe second to top tread of the wllen m-a-cid-e Seymour, one of the al-
sieps ar the rear la level with the )(,ged ganSi mlldt'. a confession cf the
door Bill. 'events  leading up  lo  and  after  the
The trustees, when notified of the mlT(iir 0( the police offioi
f'ct, were no' alarmed, but thought
that In time the building would settle
permanently, All the walls are sink-
Imt evenly, so that no damage to the
Frhool lias rrsulted.
The building Is a small one. and
coutalns but two class roomB and a
Merman F. Clarke ami Frank Davis,
taken  in  by   the  police  at   thu  same
liritish Columbia.
Viotorla Canton No. 2 won the first
prize awarded by the patriarchs militant branch of the order for the drill
competition. Vancouver Canton No. 1
was second. Knsig* Shafer won the
individual competition; Lieut. Col. S.
I). Dlllabough, of Vancouver, waa second antl Cr.pt. F. Dlllabough, of Victoria, was third.
Satisfactory arrangements havel
been made between the provincial I
government and tho municipality oi
Richmond for the planking of No. 5
road and a ferry service between
Ladner and Woodward's slough arc-
now certain. With the roads on this
side of lhe Fraser leading from
Woodttard'B improved and the assurance of a ferry service, farmers in
the Delta will have the choice of two
markets, New Westminster and Vancouver.
However, wiih the completion of
the Lulu island Hue of the C. N. R.
and a local train running direct to
New Westminster from Woodward's
together with the facl that Delta
fanners have old and firmly established business connections In the Koyal
City, it is only natural to presume
that the bulk of the produce from
the fertile Delta will continue to find
an outlet at the .New Westminster
At the Inst session of the provincial j
government, a sum   of   $35,000   was i
voted to establish a ferry service, pro- j
viding  the    municipalities  would  improve the roads connecting with the
ermiui   of   the   ferry   service.     This
was agreed to by the municipalities
inn rest; d,   with   the     exception     of
Richmond,  who   refused  to  bear  the.
heavy expense of planking No. 5 road
when    other    munlcipialities      would
d rectly  benefit.
This matter was arranged, however,
at the conference on Thursday and it
lu expected that thu Improvements
will li" carried out Immediately,
Those present at the conference
were 11. II. Watson, M.1..A. Hon. F.
Carter Cotton, M.L.A., Iteeve Hridge.
of Richmond, Engineer Napier and
W W. Foster, deputy minister of
public works, Victoria. Huad Superin
Undent McBrlde, of Hichiuond, was
also  present,   the meeting being  held
h.s office.
will meet in the Olivet Baptist church iare a goodly number of New Westmin-
The convention will close on ThurB-jster and British Columbia candidates
If there are over 100 delegates to
the convention the B. C. E. H. will
honor single fare tickets for the return journey for delegates from the
Fraser  valley
Central Park Becoming Centre for
Central Purk, June 13.���Poultry
ralBlng on the co-operative plan is
evidently taking root ln this neighborhood, judging from the attend,: net
at the quarterly meeting of the Central Park Poultry and Co-operative association, held last evening, when the
agricultural hall was filled with members and interested spectators.
Nineteen new members were admitted, bringing the total membership up
to 107.
E. B. Cule, the East Burnaby expert
on poultry raising and editor of thu
Successful  Poultrymun, gave an    ad i
plications  are  Btiil  to  be  considered ; of raising and marketing agricultural
'Martin   Powell   Decision   in   Eank   of
Montreal   Affair  Is  Expected
Soon  From Chicago.
According to P, K. Ahem, chief of
Pinkerton detectives for the uerth-
west, the decision on the Martin Po'w-
ell case In Detroit in which the charge |crops
is complicity in the Bank of Montreal the vallej
robbery here, will likely be handed
down by the United States supreme
court either today of Monday. This is
Powell's last chance for  freedom, he
products. A deputation, consisting of
E. Hutcherson, Delta; A. Dinsmore.
Surrey; J. A, Lee. chairman of the
board of trade; C. Stuart Wade. Alderman Henley, and D. El, MaeKeiuie.
manager of the R. A. & I. society and
market clerk, were appointed to wail
-,:pon the premier at Victoria and present the memorial. Although these
genU men were officially appointed,
s many mere ns can find it convenient, are expected to proceed to the
:ap't tl.
' " deputation will impress trpon-
the government as strenuously aa they
Itnow how the great importance of a
government, appointed organizer.
thoroughly qualified and experienced
to l-ring the farmers into line and'
avoid glutting the market at one tim-a-
did  starving  it  at another.
The expert would also be expected
to cive advice as to the best kind of
o grew on the various soils of
Huerta Shakes 'Em Up.
M"xlco Cltv.    June 13.���A    general
shake-up In the cabinet of Presided
I'liert-t octnurred hero today.   General
Manuel Mondragon resigned as mln
liler of war nnd was succeeded by
Ct neral Anreliano Blanquet, former
military commander of the federal
district.     Jorge   Vera
Midway, B, Ci June 13.-J. M. Dav
'd.-ion. agent at Midway on the Bonn
time na Seymour, were charged Wlthldary branch of the C. P. IL. susiain
tho murder of the constable. The j ed severe and probably fatal Injuries
evidence today was of sensation a', his wife is uow dead, and the one.
order and Showed how the gang weni ivear old baby had a miraculous es-
through lhelr methods of crime in the leap" from death, when an engine ran
city.    The case will probably be con-
ciudetl on Sit-irdny.
Negroes on Ramracc
Lcutihinan.   Fla., June  18.���A clash
between  whiten and negroes of    this
place was averted    tonight    by    the
timely arrival  ot Sheriff  Logan  and
an armed pesse    from    Lakeland,    A
negrn wbb whipped here Tuesday for
Betannl   re- having made    nn    Insulting    remark |agcnt and his wlfo.
li'iinulshed'tlie  post  of  minister    of about a whlto v.-cman, nnd negro aaw-     They conveyed  the  Injured  pt -.pie
rtihllc  Instruction,  and   Senor  C.nrza mill employees, resenting this,    quit to Greenwood, where thoy were plao-
Aldape minlBter of agriculture, takes I work and mnde   threatening   demon- ed In the hospital.    Tho woman died
down a velocipede or motor-speeder
ridden by the agent and his wife twt
milea east of Midway last Wednesday
Mr. Davidson's arm was severed
close to tho shoulder. The crew of
the passenger engine aay that while
rounding a curve running toward Mid
way they saw the speeder and before
tehy could pull up had run over the
bis place.
,ir rations.
1 tlio same night.
B. C. Boy Gets Honors.
Kingston, Ont., June 13. -Among
the 311 graduates at the Iloyal Military
college announced this afternoon are
Corporal Boatock, Monte Creek, B.C.;
Corporal Matthews, Victoria, B.C.; G
C, Gait, Winnipeg. Corporal Bostock
graduated with honors.
Prisoner Will Testify.
It ia understood lhat the man Van
Medlam, held by the South Vancouver
police for alleged complicity In the
Oak streot car robbery a few weeks
ago. is a witness for the crown al
llle Oomtng absb.u court in connection with tlie arson charge against
Smith, Walter and Kass,
New York, Juno 13.���Dihi'b
Rc-*4ew Bummarltes conditions
in the Canadian far west for
the past week oa follows: "In
the far west and northwest
conditions on the whole nre
satisfactory and the situation
generally is considered sound."
tt # ft tt ft ft ft ft ft ft *��� ft ft ft
dress on "Incubation," which was fol- having fought the case from the lower
lowed by a general discussion by sev- courts In an effort to evade extradi-
eral of the members.   The committee I tton.
are working hard for the first annual
poultry ahow to be held in November
at Central Park.
G. N. R. Summer Service to Beach
Starts Tomorrow.
Commencing on Sunday evening at
j o'clock, the Great Northern rallwav
will operate a dally "camper's special"
train service between Vancouver, New
Westminster and lllaine, which will
allow the business men cf the two
cities on the lower mainland to reside at the summer resorts of white
Rrock, Ocean Beach and (Jresoent during the summer months.
This is the second year that the
Great Northern    have   operated    this
To The News, Mr. Ahem intimated
that the trial of the Chicago salocu
men charged with having stolen Bank
of Montreal money In their possession
will come up In a Windy City court
on June 15. The case might be disposed of the>n. although there is a possibility of the accused being Indicted I
and sent to the county court.
Mr. Ahearn is now staying in Van-'
couver, but will remain in this vicln- j
Ity   liutil   the   Dean   and   Macnainnra'
cases are completed at the spring a8-
sizes, which open in this   city   next
Monday.    Yesterday he paid a visit to
Clilef Bradshaw.
Harbor Scheme Banquet,
J. D. Taylor, Ml'., of this city, and
IL   II.   Stevens,   MP.,   of   Vancouver,
will be the principal guests at a bau-
apeciul service, although it was neces-  q���et arranged by the joint municipal
Bary for the publlc to go before the
railway commission to ask for a better service than that promised by the
Hill lines.
The train will leave Vancouver
every afternoon at 5 o'clock, touching
at points In Burnaby and arriving at
New Westminster at 5:29. Crescent
will be reached at 5:58, White Rock
at 6:08 and Blaine at 6:15. This will
leave ample liine for the summer
tourists at White Rock to Bpend the
long evenings at the popular resorts
near the American boundary.
The return trip will be made every
morning, the train leaving Blaine al
7:45 o'clock. White Rock at 7:30,
Crescent at 8:02, New Westminster al
8:33 and Vancouver at 9 o'clock.
A system of commutation tickets
will bo In force, the fare being the
same as lhal charged for the weekend trips.
committee ou the North Arm harbor
scheme. The banquet will le held to
celebrate the passing of the North
Eraser Harbor Commissioners act.
June 24 has been suggested as thc date
and the Eburne hotel as thc place tor
holding the banquet.
Port Coquitlam Cricket Eleven Coming Today.
Port Ccqtiitlam cricket eleven will
moke their first visit to this city this
afternoon, when they meet the local
'rst team on the asylum grounds, play
commencing at 2: so.
The ranchers are as yet an unknown quantity, although they managed to make a good draw against
one of the Vancouver teams two weeks
The  present  standing of the  New
Westminster club In the newly fonn-
I ed Vancouver and DiBtrlct league gives
| them five wins and one draw, one of
the beat showings yet made by a local
club and the best In the league.
From now on two games will be arranged for every Saturtlay afternoon,
new members having joined the club
to such an extent as to allow two
edevens to te fielded weekly.
The following will represent ther
club against Port Coquitlam this afternoon: Rev. E. R. Bartlett, W. A.
Wells. T. Y. Hebron, L. H. Millar, K. C.
B. Cave, E. W. Money, F. A. Rose, B.
T. Dunford, A. B. Tlgar, G. Thorn and
.3. Graham.
Now It's Ready.
Tho petition to tho Coquitlam municipal council to refer tho question of
the site of tbe new municipal hall to
the qualified voters of the municipality
has already the necessary number of
signatures and will be presented to the
councll at thetr regular meeting on
Wednesday next.
Would Know All About It.
Washington, Juno 13.���Lobbying a*
a fine art how It is done, and who i-*
Jamec J.  lo  P:evtd. responsible,  what    ends  are    sought
St.  Paul. Minn.,   June    13.���Order?  and  what results accomplished  prob-
have   been iBBucd by Janes   J. Hill, | ably wlll hc investigated by the spe-
atopplng   nil    work    on    the    Greal c!al senate lobbv committee before it
Northern  railroad  llnea  that   ht    nnl   concludes its work and submits a re-
absduteiy necessary,
action was taken as a
cent   Bur-reme  court
.Minnesota rate cases.
It vim md the
rrsul' of the re
decision in th"
That Would  Help.
London.  June   18.���Antlcipntlntr    a
demand by the powers for demobiliza.
tion, Servia has proposed to Bult;nri:i
that the two countries reduce
armaments until one-quarter of
port to the senate.
present forces remain under arms.
Rcgimentil   Pall   Team   Loses  to  tha
Young  Bears.
Nino perfectly good    Cubs    proved
t"o  much for nine Boldlers  from tbe-
104th regiment at Moody Square last
their I evening In a hurry-up baseball game,
their | and   when  the  smoke of battlo  had
cleared away the soldiers found they
~    -*���-��� - ��� -- I were just two runs short of the necea-
Development League. | sary- number to tie the score with ths
Tho Fraser Valley Development i Cuba, who managed to make the tir-
league meet at Abbostford ou Wed- ! cuit on eight occasions,
nesday next in the Masonic hall, at I Blair and Pan were the pitchers for
12 noon. Tliey wlll be entertained to the Cubs, while Watson wore tke
dinner by the aMtsiiul-Sumas board catcher's cage. LewlB and Lewis mere
of trade. 'the battery for the regiment ���PfcOfc   ".'WO
SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1413.
.4 it indryriutjint momma im-ier devoted to the iliterists of Sew Westminster and
the Vrtxtttr Valley. 1'ublished every mornfttfl rxcr-it Sunday by the Suttonal 7'rltilinp
**d rv.bli.lu*** Companu, Limited, at 6:i ltoKeTitttS Street, Sew U'e.simlnslrr, llritisli
Columbia. HOUR  BUTHBRLJxND,  Managing   lUrcetor.
All **a*asas*tt*tstHstt* should be addressed to The Sew Westminster Seics. and nnt
to u���lo ,'/',...' 1-m-iwiW.i tif the stuff. OhSlJUSS, drafts, and moneii orders should bc made
payal.le  t,i  The  Vl*tHe*-tU  f'rittfittj?  and  Pu-&IIsMtl0  Cnitipiiit.y,  Limited,
TatLs*t**t**OlT*tB Bathttttt Office and Maiuiaer, 91*11,* Editorial Rooms lall deporf-
aunts). WL
Stl/ISCBI/T-f-ry.V RATES-���Hy carrier, ; I -ic.r year, il for three, month*, 40c per
-month.    Hi, ttttm**, %'���) per gear, 2f��c per month.
ADVKsXrtBtUU BATB8 on application.
It takes hlg men and broad men to build cities and it
will take people of the same calibre to see that those cities
po on developing along right lines. Opinions are like nails,
the harder they are hammered the firmer do they become
fixed, especially in the heads of those whose outlook upon
life is not of the broadest and who are dubbed "knockers."
But, with the generation that is coming up, the children of
today who are to be the fashioners of this country's destiny in thc future, it is possible to do a vast deal.
Thus it will be seen that the labor undertaken by and
entrusted to the various school boards throughout this
province is work of the very gravest import, far graver
in fact���could the public in general only realize it���than
many undertakings which today loom larger in their
Progress is not confined to any one branch of public
the office of governor-general at the
expense! of our own government and
While we are unable In sny tha
no such inclination has been manl-
fes'ed !n some quarters, we are fret
to admit that the Duke of Connaught
has occupied a somewhat difficult or
flee with such good sense und tact
that we have not heard or a slngli
critic who has had a fault  to find.
in  facl  those among  us  who  ar
>ahuis of our self-government are li
this   position-  thnt   they   havo   found
uo tendency em tho pari of the gov
ernor-general to meddle in the direct
in   gof   Canadian   affairs,   while   tin |
same conld not be said of Karl (Irey
or Lord  Minto, both of whom, more '
than  once,  were  suspected  of  trying
to  "Influence  Hie   weather"   and  put ,
pressure on events.
The Duke of Connaught came here I
ns governor-general nfter ripe exper
ience of the world. Ile hud spent
Ills life as a non-parlisnti amid bigger
affairs than ours, llut to his oredil
il must be remembered thnt he was
hero during n most dirPcull time,]
when a governor-general deficient In
ta81  and poise might  have Intervened
might bave yielded to the Influences thai might have had hlm in-
tervene with consequences that
would   have  been  iniehlcveous.
Willi a wisdom gained in a wide
and varied experience, the present
gi 11mor. general moved everywhere
in and about and across Canada, without being, as far as one could Bee, in
anyway affected by the hot politics of
1912,   Toronto Star.
Absolutely Pure
Absolutely has no substitute
Many mixtures are offered as
substitutes for Royal. No other
baking powder is the same in
composition or effectiveness, or
so wholesome and economical,
nor will make such fine food.
Royal is the only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get as good  or better, manufactured In 13. 0., viz.:    the
lhe celebrated "VANCOUMilt" Brand, guaranteed to   pass Standard
Specifications or American und Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer l'lpo from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter, "'his Is also inudu ln this Provliicc and we
consider superior to any Imported urlicle.
We ulso carry u stock i f Crushed Itock, Washed Oruvel, Sand,
i.ime, Plaster, etc.
See U8 belore' ordering oIb< where,
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
through the canal in the present Btagt
of construction. It is possible that
aui h a thing could be done, although
III would be taking long chances. The
grenl da am and the locks are eoia-
pli ted. Lake Gatun lias lilli i to a
li vel so thai it would be possible for
a vcSEel of any draft to pass through
An engineer who has been employed on the Panama canal made the remarkable statement In Viotorla that,
, -     i,   -  -   i   ,.   ���       i -      ,* f ��h' emergency required it. lt would be
or private endeavor in liritish Columbia, therefore we are | p, Bg|bie   for   battleship*   to   pass
glad lo note that in the municipalities and cities around
lis educational steps in the right direction have recently
been taken.   The problem of keeping- children off the
street has been very largely solved in many cities by the
institution of supervised playgrounds.    Vancouver has
them and now it is announced that Hurnaby is to proceed in.
alorur somewhal similar lines.   Some dav it may be hoped'   The bottom of the great culebra cut
,..     ','    . .,,  .  n ., " " has Icon readied.    The work in  tint
Westminster Will IOllOW SUlt. cut  Is now confined  to the widening
The task of providing accommodation for the increas- a?dJt�� ,:''"'i',L' ""; ""' sreal ���"���i**""s
���l ji     r.  i i��� u���. ��� <-���������J iu��� -l���.,ji.  ��l pobrls which fall Into it  from the
ing number of scholars appears to nave taxed tne boaitl s doping banks, water has been turned
���energies almost to the limit, but it may not be too much into a portion of the completed Pa-
to hope that the near future may see the installation of '',*��� angreat emergency would war-
pianos in the Royal City schools, a step which Coquitlam rant uwng the risk, it might be pos-
municipality has thought advisable to take, and one which ;.,:t' :1,,Vti.''VVVtti danger'and 'dwricuity*
has a thousand irrefutable arguments in its favor. One (successfully pass warships through it.
may not, on first consideration, appreciate how close is pThlrrha^e^oeV^ccaBio��� ��when
the link between provision of music for the people and a chances were taken with warships
better and more cultured tone in the body politic, but the
link is there and it is of the closest. Therefore the more
good music that ean be provided for both scholars and
adults thc better will it be for Westminster.
It is worthy of note that the commission on technical
education has now made its report recommending the expenditure of $80,000,000 in this country during the next
decade, to be applied to the promotion of higher technical,
education and industrial training. This is a big step for-J
ward in one branch of education, but, if the battles of yore j
were won upon the playing fields, it would seem that still |
Sencation   in   Viotcria   at  Preliminary
Hearing of f.aanich Paving
Contra-:t Case
Lutherans   A6k   One
���Hour  a   Day
German   Training
For   Which
They   Wlll
which would be Inexcusable In runes
nf peace, After the destruction of
tli" Spanish fleet at Manila, and when
an'tier Spanish snuadron had been
tarted fi r the Philippines, it was
th ughl necessary to dispatch the
Mt a i rt y and Monadnock. two cn-WI
���"' ns !��� monitors. In r-ervice on this
coast, to re-lnforce Dewey's squadron.
The steaming radius of neither vessel was over 500 miles. Vet tliey were
':h  dispatched  to  Manila  antl  made
'Iv   vnyr.ge   In   safety.     They     were
towed  part or the way and  recoaled
with   great   danger  and   difficulty   at
nut  they have remained  in  the
i lnt< Hii i neer
more attention should be paid to the development of ath- Philippines ever since, although
letics and gymnastics in conjunction with schools: this. "
in addition to the cadet system which is now being organized by the militia department, and which is one of the
most beneficial movements that has ever been taker, in lhe
whole of Canadian educational development.
As to the tear thai llritain may be
"bled white-." it is easy to dismiss il
today. IVit me must never forget two
facts one is lhat llritain confronts a
population of 65.000,(100 with one of
only 4S.000.000 (and this does not
���count Austria), nnd thp either is that
r.erniany'n system id conscript ion will
ovt i tually -give- her a much larger naval foroe if tthe ran provide ships for
it    fian lirilaln can produce.
Thoae eoperOclal omits of ihe situation who >-vrr and anon break Into
ape like tijiattorirtg over the Borden
"i mirr.i-uoy" being a false alarm be-
cr.ufo BrlUeh naval supremacy is nol
In dan-ger today, two or three years
before the llorden "dreadnoughts"
could poM-iibly be ready will not bo
disturbed by these important facts
because their effect lies in the future.
Hut it i�� precisely upon the future
that wise men have an apprehensive
���eye; and it all loo likely that, in the
���end. llritain would be out-built and
lout-fboghl if the Brltalns beyond ih"
seas did nm come lo her help Montreal Star.
About Un- most wearisome thing wo
know of in ih" objection raised by
tame people to the use of the word
English as a synonym tor Brll '���
Bverybodj might to know that o
Scotchman is nol British, when li
oomea ilnwn tt> a fine point, nellhci
is  an  frith-man,  not  an  Englishman.
II yon really wanl Briti:-!i stock,
when il comet to a question of i th
no'ogj. you must go to Wales or
Cornwall, when* you mny find de
Fcendatit* of thnl stock which UBed to
wander around Britain, clad in their
valor and a little paint. 11 you are
Teally and genuinely liritish you can
pronounce Uwyfl without stopping to
think, and. penile reader, we would
���not mind, ir the law did not prohibit,
making you a small bit th*}! you cannot du  it.
Of eonne, the l!.-it.nnB, "who never
���will  Ik- sIbvph,"  include  all   and   sun
dry the re��ki*-nU ot the British  Isles.;
but if you '*re *e\  upon  being abso-
Intel; accurate, there are no  British
Islen.   i'or   that   would   make   Ireland *    .
Tiritith. and t" ibis we fancy we hear
objections, all of whicb observation!   '
up- borne i-m by tht  di( tit narj
Then- is m> b-ga'i authority for t i
Ing abent the British empire. II vmi
want to, yoe c*.a call it the Rngll -
empire, as Tennyson did, if want �� ini
to give prominence to a rather Interesting fait in overseas development, you may call it the Bcotflsh
empire, or, if you have politics in your
mind, you mi-glit not be far astray ir
you shanld say Irish  empire.
Bnt custom has mad" it the British
empire, and hn brought il about that
all the people of it, nn matter what
may be tholr origin, shall be called
-"Hrilish."   Thin is an il should be, .1
'though we have gnat doubt if anyone would be willing to call a Chlnesi
lad, born In Victoria, British. We
tlraw the line at somt tiling, but just
what, that something Is it would be
hard  to di tine.
Tin ro Is a certain class of liritish
| people who objeel to the use of the
i term Kngllsli, in any olher sense than
las applied to the people of Kngland
and things pertaining to Kngland. To
'such an extent has this been carried
that it Is a question If a speaker could
! quote:
"'Tls a glorious charter.
Deny it who can?
That is breathed In the words:
"I'm an Englishman.'"
without snme one exclaiming "llritisli" The first thing we know, snme
��� one will wnnt In make Nelson's famous signal read: "The l'nited
Kingdom of Oreat Uritaln and Ireland,
the Dominions beyond the Seas, and
India expeel every man (and after
the suffragettes win, '-very woman)
to do hiB (or her) duty." After the
llr:-' battle of tho Crimean war wc
"What ��ui ib ���>��� say In England
V   en l he storj  then   is told,
'it di' ���if "f mlghl on   Mma's height,
Di ne bj   tl"' brave and  bold
Ol i   proud a' noontl le,
II   the si t of mui?
mj  'twas like old  England
i)   tv a- m blj il mc"
Benedict   Arnold,   whose  checkered
career came to an end 112 yours ago,
loday, when he died in London, occupies  a prominent   plate  in  Canadian'
history.    He commanded tbe American expedition agalnsl Quebec in 177",.
I Leaving Augusta, Me., at the head of
1,100 men, on September 11, lie reach- j
id Qui bee two months later, alter a;
fearful inarch.
Sealing   the   heights   to   the   Plains
of Abraham, he dared the garrison to :
come out and fight    Denouncing Ar-
nold and bis men as mere "rebels," un-
worthy of any consideration, Sir Quy
��� Carleton    dlsdalnfuly      refused      the
challenge,     British     reinforcements
compelled Arnold to fall back.
On the arrival or General Moutgom-
I cry  the two  undertook  an  assault  in
which   Montgomery   was   killed     and!
i Arnold's  leg  shattered.    Arnold  con-:
! tinned   tei  blockade  the  position   until
'April, and In the meantime was commissioned brigadier-general and was
given command ot Montreal. Arter
the expulsion nf the American troops .
fr mi Canada, Arnold continued to acl
a conspicuous part for some time, but
Irs wild extravagances led to actions
: that  resulted  in a severe reprimand
from  the commander-in-chief.    This
turned him against the cause for which \
he  bad  fought  sn bravely
Afur the discovery of his treason
and his escape, Arnold (ought agalnsl
his former comrades, Al the close of*
the war be wenl to Kngland. but. was
shunned and despised, and It was:
said he had bul one friend. In 1876 and
again In 1700 he lived In St. John, N
'i. vi hi re he < ngagi d In trade and
*ia-, Igatlon.
He waa very unpopular with the
people of New Brunswick and In 1792
vas hung In effigy, and the mayor
found it ncot ssary tn read the riot act,
���md t.i ips were called to quell the
:��� ���    ii  objected to l i: * al the lime,
yel   ���    one  knew  that,  whi n
:*  Colin  r impl ell  climbed  Intu  thi
m n donl :. hc exclaimed:
"We'll ii*'" nam   bul  liteland bon-
*, '    here!"
i H ' oui si   ,ve Bhall i ontlnue to write
British when thai Is wh it we mean:
l-iit we are not going t i lose some nf
the  besl   things   In   the   Ilrillsh   Ian
iguage because English is used, where
.British mlghl In*, nor are w<> going to,
lind   fault   wuh   the   king when heIt****,s date In 1886, when twenty persons
speaks  of  England,  meaning  thereby   wero killed and 3.000 lelt homeless,
all his wido domlnlont     Victoria Col  * 	
Victoria, June 1 I.���Herbert P. Wins
by, real estate agent, v.as yesterday
��� mmltti i tor trial on a charge of
having attempted to bribe Councillor
Fn ib rit k ii. Quick, of Saanlch, to
vote In favor of an asphalt io concrete
pavement, Frederick D. Hand, cashier or the Canadian Mineral Rubber
Paving Oompany, was also committed, the charge In his case being thai
he had aided and abetted Wlnsby In
ihe commission ol the alleged attempt
lo bribe.
, ��� i preliminary hearing et the twn
eases :ook place this forenoon before
Magistrate Jay In the pollce court.
wbere J. A. Aiknian, solicitor for the
municipality, acted for the prosecution, brought at the lustance of Cbief
Constable Little, and the aocused
were defended by H. A. Mel.tan. K,
C.   Tlie defence reserved tholr case.
The councillor whom they are al-
��� ���*,* d to have approached was Mr,
1-'. t;. Quick, who wa* thi chief witness against them today.
Quick's story was thai Wlnsby went
nit of his house and tnld him lhere
was $6000 In il for him lo change his
veto rrom supporting the bltulithic
pavement to thai or the asphalt concrete tender. Quic'i refused, bul
Winsby persisted and was told tbat
Llle propos't in would be thought over
"Come Through"
On June '-, quick declared, Band
visited him In the evening to nil him
the nn tits i f the asphalt paving and
next afternoon Winsby called to come
through, lie said he would give his
ii note, which would be ml by
Rand or ihe Mineral Rubber Company.
lie is alleged to have given Quick
lln-  following  notei
"Ninety days alter date hen nf. I
���*r ���'* m* to pav to Frederick G. Quick
the sum cf $6000 at the Iloyal Hank
of Canada, Victoria branch, for value
In exchange Quick signed the following promise which Winsby wrote
' n consideration of the sum of
$5000, I, Frederick (1. Quick, undertake to vole for a motion to change
the presenl bithulitlc specifications
now before the Saanich council to
npen lenders for an asphalt concrete.
Should such a motion be void or nol
carried, the note given me by H. P.
Wlnsby  is  to be returned unpaid."
As soon as the exchange had tak''n
place. Quick called In the chief constable of ihe municipality, who had
been sitting in lhe next room, and
gave  Winsby  In  charge.
The aftair has ort ated a great sensation in ihe municipality, where feeling is running high over the paving
M"d cine Hat, June 13, Alderman
McCli linn has a mi vt mi ut on foot
'" divert *ii" Saskatchewan river for
thro * quarters (f a mile thereby Join
Ing lo the c'ty Pol.ee Point, recently
given tho city hy the Dominion government.
Tie-  polnl   is  a   na oral  i ark,  and
lhe alderman  says thai  the build,n :
f  a   traffte  hrd-*"  across  the   river
would cost as much as the cosi of dl-
���'��� r li n.    lie nlso says that  the city
would  make  $3, 10  on  reclaimed
land, and  it  would  altn provide  th i
city wllb a large artificial lake.
Forty-peven persons were burned
to death In the Quebec Theatre Iloyal
sixty-seven   years   ago   tnttny.     Van-
uvi r was nearly destroyed by fire on
a to
ii* lal  sl  news from
i ff ���" that '.ill nol find
������ i .* i i i. sign his post in Canada *
|i - t"  ibe ill hi alth of the Duch
Tli *  si' ""*' i   Is :.i*> en oul  ��li si t i'
malady   ��hh li   has   i r< yed  upon   the
chess   hns  been   i vercomc  by  the
jsurgeons, and hor r storatlon to com-
nli'ie  health  is confidently expected.
There  were  many   in  Canada   and
we won* among the number   who felt
and expressed misgivings whi n it was
Forty Men Fight Flarrcs���Fruit
Glenbank, B. C, .lone 13 The first
EerioUB bush tire of the reason is rag-
mi: Immediately north and east of the
settled portion of Olftnbank, covering
il is estimated, not less Ihan 2nd m i	
nf frull Inndfi owned chiefly ly Munro
fi 17i v. ti nf Winnipeg.
Tin   orgln i f the fires, which  wer ���
firs'   noticed  last  Tuesday afternoon.
Is unnokwn    A crew of 40 men have
been   pressed  Into  Bervlce  by   It
Baird.  dli trli I   lire     warden, and
doing all   in   their  power  to  head   off
Paris, jinn 13.���The statistics ror
tbo m " fnr 1912 shows that rrom
1498 to 1912 tho world's total gold
���a- ,| iPt'on was $15 '.' i" ii '" f)t)t) It*.
1906 lhere was $7,200,000,000 in bink
T I- c'rculatlon. or Just hair or tlv
���."ill's  production   i'noe    1493,    "������
��� liter hair being either lost or used
up or employed in commercial pur
pnsi s.
The r.-,....,,-i,  Btn.tlf-t'lcs  disclose  the
* arkable   fact   that   from   u '"���   t*
1850 the L'"ld  production  wis valued
**'   ���' ' 205 ' ,000    whereas  from   1851
* *  i 75  ah ne  thn  total  was  $3 "ift
the   prod ictlon   thus    b dn
"mr    fnr  lhal   quarter  of a  century
limn f'r ibe preceding 358 years.
Itlll ii'" remarkable is the follow-
M   ii * compariBcn nr production:    From
are   149.1  tn  1875,  $6,563,000,000, nntl  from
1876 'o 1911, $8,267,000,000,
gsted that the Duke of Connaught the conflagration, which threatens tho       i   i   production  f"r a single  vear
a leading member ol  ihe royal fain-1 thick timbers bordering the Konskar i d   $400,000,000   rnr   the   first
Hy. 'ui*-'1''  '"   appointed governor-gen- lcaax creek.   Only one building has as im   In 1906    Tbe value of gold and
eral.    What wi   reared was thai th   yet been destroyed   a stahli  adtacpnl  i  Ivor In  existence In  '492   the
who   were  lhal   way   Inclined    ,nuld  to  the  camp owned   by  tho  Quancc ��� '  *���*  dlscov
seek to ul ll:i the occa lon I        *       I.umber company. $      100,000
i ry
i f
w a :<
Calgary, June 13. -German training
in the public Bchools for German children la iio proposal pul forward to
the schoi I bi ard. The members ol
i h ��� Evangt lo ;.l I.uliu ran church in
Riverside have niade a proposition
to ihe board thai If the pi rmlss on
is granted to teach German children
one hour a day a lesson in German
they will furnish and pay for tho
ii achers,
The  board  looks  at   the  mailer  in
a  favorable  light,  and   today   tli"  authority lo carry oui  the scheme wlll ���
be   sought   from   the   department   of
education  at   Edmonton.    It  is  more.
than likely that the sanction will h
given,  but when  lhal  Is done a  tur* ;
ther problem arises to accommodate
the German children.   With the pros
pect   lhat   tin y   ��ill   flock  to  Bch ol
whon the lessons In their own tongut
are allowed, ll Is expected thai largei
numbers will attend than do now.
Larcjer  S;hools  Needed
The srhool in Riverside is not nenr
ly able to accommodate the childn n
��� I ' niling Bchool at the pn sent time,
and with larger numbers coming to
seheicl the need el a new school is
s:ill further accentuated. It is mere*1
ihan likely In tlie circumstances ilia'
a large fourtei n or sixteen room
Bchool will be built In Riverside to be
ri ady for the new year to accommo !
ilat" tha German und other children
of the district, ln the meantime lhe
assembly ball and the basement ol
tie* pri senl Bchool w ill be usi d foi
the purpose cf giving the lessone foi
the present If tho Bchemc can be
worked  out.
The proposal v as mad * las oven
lng to the two membera of the board
wm, showed up for the regular meet
Ing. There was a delegation of th
Germans and the spokesman .was G.
Gehrke, if \>.'nnlpeg, presid nl of th
Canadian dlstricl i f the Evangelical
Lutheran Synod of Ohio, lie explained thai Ihe Germans wanieil to have:
tlieir children taught a little in their1
mother tongue, and they would ask j
the board to arrango for one hour,
a day of (It rman training. They
would provide tlie teachers and pay
Ihem for Ihe work. In that wuy the i
German children would be gol lo the1
school and trained not only in their
own tongue, but In the English language as   well,
The members present favored the
system, and said lhat it would mean
more epiarters al Riverside, and ihls]
also waa Included In the request of
the Germans. Temporary quarters
would nol be the mnst bu I table, and
It was relt that a large school would
be the best thing, and the eroc Ion
tt one will be taken up at the meeting ol the board which will b held on *
Mi nday   arternoon   at    Ihree   o'clock.
in  the  meantime,  Secretary   ,i"..vett
will write to Edmontou to get  permission rrom the department  for the
German teaching and the employment !
i f the church teachers.
Lethbridge   Farmer   Has   Sirre   Four
Feet High���Sewn  Last Fall.
Letnbrldge, June 13, Wtnti r rye.
sown last September and measuring
over four fei t in height, today is whal
I-i. .1. Took boasts, The funny pin
of ii is that tli.- whole patch Is on
high dry ground, and the higher the
knoll the higher the rye. This is a
surprising facl and one which may:
lead  to very  valuable ends.
Both wheat and rye were sown nn
this high patch of ground on Mr.
Cook's farm. The wheat did tint grnw,
but the rye did, and with the resull
Indicated. From which may be
drawn the conclusion thai rye has a
very great economic value in the
scheme of mixed fnrmlng.
High, bald knolls may be utilized
to advantage, and, lis all good farmers know, tlie value of rye for pasture
purposes is next to alfalfa in value.
This particular patch was grown for
Beed and was pastured until late this
Ottawa Expert -5a*/3 i?a"inier 8ub mlt
trd From Dnw-son Arc Gccd
Ottawa, June 8. Or. Thi mpspn.
member for the Yukon has rec ived
from l'rof. Orisdale, director of the
experimental farms, -. report on a
sample ' l oats grown lost year by
Malcolm  Mel iiron, al  Dawsnn.
Pri r Grlsdnlo Bays thai Dr, Saunders, chli r of lhe ci ronllBi ���'. partmi nl
has tested Ihem In tho t irm i ri i n*
ht us ami thi germination quolit le
wi re fi und t" be excellent, practically
fer oats gn ��n do for 11  lb, ���
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
II. S   P,  O. "f  Klks of the 11, of C,  'ii'.f
ih. first nml third Thursday nt s u m
K. of P, Hall, Eighth street. A Weill
Oray, Exalted Ruler; P, ll. Smith. s~
rtsierH, Solicitors, eta   4" Lorni
New Westminster,    el. 10. Corbi
uld,   IC
C.    J. R. Grant    A. B, MoColl,
U,    O.    ct.    ht,    NO.    864.���MEETS
flrat, Becond, third und fourth  Wed
day    in    each    nmiiih    at    s    p.
in   ihr   Moon    Home.    FL J.    l*n
dictator;      P.      K.     Jonoa,     aecrei
Headquarters  <>f   lodge   in   St��-   *)���
comer ot Fourth and Carnarvon Btr
regular in<*'-t!ng nf Amity lodge N
87, I. O. O. I-'.. In In-ill every .Mi.n.hi
nlKht at S nVloi-k In il.|il relloWl' H'
corner Carnarvon and HUghtfi ���treeti
vinlthiK i.r.thi-m oordlally Invito*
i: A. Merrtthew, N. O,; J. Robertaoi
v. i',.; w. c. Coatham, l'. i'... record
Inn sicrttury. H W. Sangster, flnat
clal Becretary
t.-r & Banna, l.tti.t��� I'un.nii dlreotot
nnd embalmera. Parlore -Hi**". Columbl
���treet,   N>*w  Weatmlnater.    I'linnit 991
t.-i -itt-luw. Hnllcit.tr, eto. Telephone
luTO, Cable n-l'in-sH "Johnston.'1
Code, "Western Union." Otfloes, Bills
Block, t..'i^ Columbia street, New West-
minster, B, C,
slae Barristers mni Solicitors, Westminster Trust Hlk.. Columbia street,
n.w Westminster. B. c. Cable address
"Whiteside." Western Union. I'. O
Drawer   200,     Telephone   69.    W.   J.
( Whiteside, K. C.: tt L. Kdmonds, D
J. STH.WKl.l, CLUTE, Barrister at-law
Hi.Mclt.tr. ctp.; com.r Columbia ane
MoKensls streets, Ni-w Westtnlnsttt
u. i*.   P. o. Bm im.    Telephone  710.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Itrirl
block, 2R Lorne Btreet, New Wcfltintn-
sii-r. B. C.
Barristers and  Solicitors,   -son  to 61*
Westminster   Trust   Hlock.     tl.   K.   Martin,   W,   el.   Mc-Cjuan-lo    and   Q-SOrgS   L
W. B.
I'.M.ES -P!on��i
Embalmer,   818-6]
do- Carnegtn Dlbrs
Sill.*,   I)
dar wi
eds, Business
irK spi iliillst.
.���.iu. Im ii..i     ll. Barry,
minster Trust  Blk.    Phon
Accountant, Tel. It US. Room ;'
Hart  block.
p. ii sir ith. w. j Qrovei
Work   undertah -n    in   cily   and   outsldi
points.   811-18   Westminster  Trust   nidi!
; Phone  364.     P.   fl.   Box   f,n7.
ster Bonn! ut Trail, meets In tho hoari
room, e'lty Hull, as follows. Third Pr
.lay of each month; quarterly tueeiln.
on the tliir.i Pri.lay of February, lis*
August and November at K p m. Al
ntiul meetings on tlie thin! I'tlday n
'February. Ci II. Stuart Wade, seen-
Box 34 Dally  Ne-*s Bldfa
of ull kinds.
t'rtrt'H rJ^ht.    SattHfacUon KnnrHTitf'
59   Mt Ken/le  9t.
COAT, MINING rtn.itu of th" Dominion
; In   Manitoba.   SuHkatchtwun   an J   Alberta.
ih--   Yukon  Territory,   the  Northwefct   Ter-
litortQfl and (n a portion of the  Province
��� >f British Columbia, may he loosed ior a
i term of twenty-one yt4ir�� nt nn   annual
, rental of $1 an a-crr. Not more than 258*
acres will he leof-Hx! to one applicant.
A pplicatton for a lea*n inunt he made
l��y the applicant In person to tha Agent
��� r Huh-AK��'nt of Uie district In which the
rlKht�� applied for are Situated.
In  Ktirvcyd  territory  the land  must be
dpsonbed  hy  sectlnnw,  or  legal  mib-divisit. riH of HfctlonH, and In unHurveywl ter��
1 ritory   tlie   trurt   applied    for    ahall    be
staked eut by Uie applloant hiniHeir.
Each  application  must  he  accompanied
hy a fee of $r> which Wlll be refunded If
the   rlghtfl  applied  for are  ngt  available,
hut   not  otherwise.     A   royalty   Hhall    be
paid   mi   thc   merchantable  out nut   nf   the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The   person   operating   Die   mine   muaII
\ ftn niah   lha   Agent   with   BWOm   returns
���."''uniting for  the  frill  quantity  nf m^r-
I chantable  coal   mined and  pav   the  roy-
j ally   thereon.   IT   the   coal   mining    rlghl*
j ire not being operated suoh returns should
I be   furnished   at   least  once  ri   year
|     The lease will  Include the coal  mining
! rights   only,   hut   the   leasee   will    be   per-
' mittt'd  to   puitthaae   whatever   available
surface rights  may ho considered nece**
; .tftry for the working of the mine at the
i rate of $ 10 an acre.
FV>r full  Information application  should
i he made to ti%> Seoretar/ of the DApttrt.
men!   of  the  Interior, Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
w. w. CORY,
Deputy  Minister of th<-  Interior..
N.  n.���unauthorised publication of thla
, Advertisement will not be pah! fnr
ree Circus Street Parade 10:30 a.m.
Sf ncn (!er,H of *ild animals
���> elephants, camels���4(M
9 bands, 2501
people of all dimes i;i n;.t:vc costumes will be shown in |
Two shows daily���afternoon at 2, ni<rh? -it 8, doors ope.""
ar.d 7 p.m-  Waterproof tenta,  Admission "5 cents to siee it
aaaapaBBMaggaganz3aMfci.a>��*ij<i ���*.	
-.������.������       ini 8ATURDAY, JUNE  14,  1913.
VANCOUVER ANXIOUS     Church Notices
Board of Trade Offers to Act as Mediators���the Great Fire���Ctanley
TRINITY- Kev, Cunon G. C, d'Easum
.MA., rector; Kov. George A. Hay, M
A., assistant curate, ft a.m., Holy Com
munlon;   11 a.m., Matins, Holy Com
lilliliioii.ehor.il nutl srinou; 2:80 p.in..
Sunday school; J p.m., Evensong and
si rinon.
Park   Plans
Vancouver, June  13
trade, appreciating the anxloty caused  p.m
business Interests bore by the '���prolon
I'll LUCH, Corner Fourtii avenue   an.)
I Seventh street.   Kev. M. Gordon Mel-
Tho board of vin pastor.   Sorvlcos 11 a.m. and 7:30
RT      A "'Hll FW'H
gaUon  of  the   tvjnnalmo  coui   Btrike,  CKOROH '
    Corner     Carnarvon     and
haa officially offered its services us Blackwood, Kev. Jas. S. Henderson,
ttHMllalor between the minors and tho minister.���Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
mlue  owners.    Communications have  p.m ;  Sabbath school and  Bible class
been forwarded td Mr. W. P. Stock-
ett, Nanalmo, andlMr. C. K. Coulson,
Cumberland, representing the mine
manaeeni'titB, and Mr. Frank Far-
rlngton, representing the International Mine Workers" Union, to that effect. The board hus also advised
Premier Sir KlcUerd McBride of Its
Unlucky or Not?
Twenty-seven yoars ago today Van-lgijln   11  a
cnuver  was   burned,  June   13.    1886.
Vancouver, but a small lumber built
cltv in those days, was practically reduced to ashes despite the determln- hour
ed efforlB of a  brave band of volun-1 o'clock
2:30 p.m. Kev. HI, S. Logic, of SI
Paul's church, Nelson, will preach at
both services. Morning subject,
"Why Was JesiiB Killed ?" At the |
evening Bervlce Mr. Logle will deliver
u special address for men, subject,
Rev. A. S. Lewis, pastor. Public wor-
with sermon by the
pas.or. Subject, "Tho Slory of a
Rash Builder." Sunday school, 2:30;
Baraca class for young men same
At   the    evening    service,    7
  Itev. W. N. Turnbull, of Van*
tee  firefighters,  many  of  whom  sur-  couver, will preach  In  the absence of
vivo  and   will   tonight  celebrate   the
anniversary of that famotiB day at a
banquet   in     tbe     Travellers'     hotel,
Nineteen   people   lost   Ihelr   lives   In
the -Trent Vancouver fire.
Marine Department Approves
Approval of the T. H. Mawson firm
plans for the Improvement   of   the
'Prospect Point antl Brockton Point
grounds by the construction of terraces, promenades and new lighthouse
and bell lowers at these points, haB
boen given by lhe Dominion government department Of marine and flaherles.
City Gets Lease
The lease to the bed of Coal Harbor
for which the eity has been waiting
before proceeding with the Improvement scheme has been received from
the mllltla department at Ottawa by
Mayor Baxter. Thc leaBe runs for
99 yearB and carries the Bame conditions as those contained In the lettBe
Of Stanley park    The granting of this
lease  removes  the  final  legal  obsta-  .    ,.   , ���, ,    ,
cle  to  the  carrying out  of plans  for   ,od1"11 ^��"   epor   which ...ay
��>,���  i..,..���.i��. i. .  . t .v,    i.    a    t  f    i   be  used   for further ng .the  Interests
lllrt,, *    8 i��'   '""   ��a'��".   lt   can   ��ow   ****   "����l
that at the close of the series of itin-
More  Should  Go icrarles   at   present   arranged   by   the
McKay, former surveyor- . (.(imml|i9l(���, l0 exl,aust the agrieultur-
ihe pastor.    Subject, "The Joy of Service."    Welcome.
Agricultural  Problems  of  B.  C.   May
Be More Speedily Solved by Australian and British Information.
Victorlu, Juno 13. -In connection
with the agricultural Commission,
whlrh ls at present touring the province, studying the conditions of the
Industry, and gathering data to be em-
Mr. K.  B.
general of liritish Columbia, is In tht
city after an eight months' trip round
the world He said lhat a world trip
was   extremely   educative,   especially
al features of thla country, members
of the government body will be sent
to Australia and Kngland to study the
conditions of the indUBtry    in    these
as Bhowlng the magnitude of the Brit-  oonntrles also
ish   empire   and   the   vast   merchant j    No decision haB been come to in this
marine,   out of every ten steamers matter, but lt is now being conaldered
he   saw.   seven   of   them   carried   the I hy lh,. provincial government, and It Is
HrlUah   flag.
That Cemetery Site
Dr. Underbill, medical honlth offi
eer, spent yesterday In inspecting the Iconnection
property In Districts I/Ots 143 and 138 and W H
llurnaby. which Ihe civic health committee has recommended for purpose
:ii a cemetery site. A detailed re-
port will be prepared nntl presented
in council on Monday night next when
the proposed purchase of the property will enme up for discussion. Al
derman Cameron, chairman of the
h. tilth committee, stated yesterday
that, while no tl. finite promises hed
be-on made by etiher the B. C. E. 11.
Company or the Western Canada
Power Company, he was convinced a
carllne to the proposed new cemetery site would be a reality when the
site was ready for use, thus overcoming the transportation difficulty.
Cars Violate  Rules
The evidence relating to the accident is somewhat conflicting, but suf
fiolent was given to show clearly that
the city bvlaws relevant to the naming of carB at street intersections
were being flagrantly violated, and
your Jury recommend that all streeet
car motormen be made thoroughly
familiar wltli the rules relative to
the  safely   r,f  pedestrian  traffic."
Thus runs lhe jury's comment on
the deatli of Wlllard Kstabrook. who
wub killed ill u Btreet enr accident
rn Denman street last Friday evening.
The Last Flicker
Mayor Baxter has called a public
meeting at the council chamber in
the city hnll on Saturday evening at
eight o'clock to qunaidjtr the propoaed sale of the Navy League i raining
ship Egeria.
Hoch   Der   Kaiser
Celeb.-a1 lng   the   twenty fifth   anniversary of the accession to the throne iappears to carry g
if the Emperor William, the German | mora \\***\y of adc
Club will hold a banquet at the hotel
Kivtiuni tomorrow,
The German  consul.  Mr.  A. T.  von
F.tiinger,  will  preside,    sir  Rlohard
McBrlde, Mr. 11. H. Stevens, M. P.,
nnd his worship, Mayor Baxter have
promised to attend and address the
That's what one hears on every hand. Those who have least cause to grumble, grumble most. We're not grumbling, but so many
are that we're going to help them out. Our business has been increasing ever since we located in New Westminster, and, better,
will keep on increasing as long as we stay with it. A temporary stoppage of easy money never hurts the permanent prosperity of
any place, but temporary tightness means you have got to make what you've got go further. This is where we come in. On Tuesday
of this week our buyer bought the stock of a Vancouver shoe man, and 50c. to 75c. on the dollar is what he paid for it. We have been
licking it into shape all week.   It's ready now.   Easy money will come again, but meantime our slogan is HARD-TIME PRICES���
For Ladies���White Canvas shoes; every
size; $1.50 per pair for 50c.
Gents���Light Boots; 20 pairs to give away.
Saturday only, per pair 95c.
Broke Again���Not when you can get these
gents' tan Vici Bluchers, every size. Per
pair  $1.95
Thc Leader���For men. This famous boot
in sizes and half sizes. Saturday only,
per pair  $2.95
Shoe Polish���Don't miss this, 75c. worth
for  25c.
The Winner
400 pairs of ladies Black and Tan Button
and Lace Boots and Oxfords. All separated so that you can help yourself; each
size and half size by itself. Early Plums.
One price  $1.95
For the Kiddies���Box Kip hard wearing
boots; with tops; sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The
price  95c.
Ladies' Venetian House Slippers���24 pairs
left.   Per pair 35c.
Ames Holden Make���Gents' Box Calf Blucher Boots; $4.50 value. These are fresh
as paint.   The price $2JS
See This���Ladies' up to date patent Golosh
boots; button and lace; stub toe; sizes and
half sizes; $5.00 values for $235
For Men���Tan Willow Calf Button and
Lace Boots; stub toes; sizes and half sizes.
The price $3.95
Boys' and Girls' Canvas Shoes; a broken
line, but almost all sizes. Per pair.. .50c
Bathing Shoes���Ladies' and Misses*. While
they last, per pair 25c
These are examples.   They tell the story. Bring the paper with you.   Ask for what we advertise,
note, we want to exchange all goods not suiting, but on Saturdays we can't exchange anything,
urday, as usual, we got crowded out.
We can deliver the goods.   Kindly
A favor SHOP EARLY.   Last Sat-
The Popular Shoe Store, 641 Front Street
understood to be meeting with a favor
able reception The name of A. Lucas, M   P. P. has been mentioned In
with   the   Australian   trip.
Hayward.  deputy   speaker
of the provincial legislature, is slated
for the trip to the old country. It is
sIbo possible that another member of
the commission will be called upon to
Btudy the agricultural conditions in
the otber parts of I'annda.
Diversity of Conditions.
it has been pointed out to tne government that the agricultural conditions of this province are extremely I
peculiar, that tbey differ radically l'rotn
what Is to be encountered In most of;
the other provinces, nnd that conse-
quently for a suitable comparison it
may   be  deemed   advisable   to   extend I
the scope of rather the sphere of the !
commission's  work  by  sending  delegates to Australia and the old coun- ;
try. where the Industry is rarrie'd on in
practically every conceivable manner. .
P It   is   well   known   tbat   in   part   of  ������*   "���****���*   expressions   of  approba
Great  llritain  the agricultural  Condi
tions  are  more  ln  keeping  with
prevailing conditions of this province
Corner McKenzie, Just Below Northern Crown Bank.  Half a Block Out of the High Rent District to the Home of Low Prices.
Conditions In  Inland  City  Respecting
Liquor Traffic Are Detrimental
to  Progress.
Kamloops, June 13.   At the meeting
of the board of trade ('.  IloilKkinson.
Mrs. Charle.-i, of Victoria, is visiting
lur daughter,
a few days.
Mrs. C. (.'. Worsfold. for
(that Smith attempted to turn it on cult was Instantly completed, as he I shoes where the current had been
j again by shaking the chain, which Is was on the grouud, which was wet. , grounded Marks were also visible;
within reach from the ground. The ! making ii a more ready conductor, 'on his feet and on the insulation ol'
chain  hud  come  lu  contact   with  the !    Slight burns were noticeable on tlie : the  wire close  to wlmre it had been
rubbed   bare.
bare |��>rtlon of Iho wire
w-ltb   the J     Slight burns were noticeable on the j
and the eir-   palm of Smith's right hand and on his
than perhaps any other part, and then
[again the wonderful diversity of sys-
jtinis In the great agricultural commonwealth of Australia Is believed to
harbor many suggestions that would
I prove of value if Incorporated In the
prospective government report
tion, referred to the Insobriety prevail-
thellng iii Kamloops to the annoyance of
the citizens and the detriment of the
city. This phase of life, he ssld, was
nct attractive to visitors, and some
who bad stayed for a time at Kamloops to see 'urn had cut snort tlieir
visit by live days, because of the
ladles of the party were nnw; ':ng to
encounter the knots of drunht n men
Mrs. Warren English, of Oakland.
Cal., is the guest of her daughter. Mrs.
Arthur Moling,
Mrs. J. S. flute entertained at the
tea hour on Thursday afternoon in
honor of her daughter, Mra. lluben
Mcllain, of Vancouver.
���        ���        .
Mrs. L. M. Richardson entertained
at a merry enjoyable luncheon ou
Wednesday when Miss Marion Martin
was the guest of honor. Covers were
laid for six. the invited guests being
Miss Martin, Mrs. P. A. Macrae
(North Vancouver I, Miss Hand. Miss
Nora Armstrong and Miss Peele.
Others who came ln for tea during the
afternoon were Mra. Camhle, Mrs.
Qracey, Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Swan,
Miss MacKenzie (Vancouver),    Mrs.
The provincial government is
k(,pn so habitually congregate^ at the stieet  Hul,.os aIlJ M'iss Klenor Martin.
upon bavlng this stduv undertaken in
the most comprehensive and exhaustive manner possible, and lt is general -
! ly conceded that something along the
illnes ludlcnted will be adopV'd. In the
tlrst place it was thought thai the
commission might be divided up after
the province had been toured though
anil through, but this later suggestion
of sending members of the commission to Australia and Great llritain
great favor and Is the
it is not likely that an announcement Of pulley in this matti r will be
made until after the return of thn
commission from Its present Itinerary,
which includes the low lying country
around the Kraser river.
Tax  Provided for  In  Forest  Act  Respecting Old Crown Grant Timber Operates July 15.
Liverpool, .lune 11���Looking In the
pink Of health and condition the crew
of the Argonaut Rowing club of Toronto, who are to Uphold tho ba. let
cf Canada Bl this year's Henley regatta, arrived In Liverpool on board
the Teutonic.
Individual members of the crew Interviewed expressed quiet optimism
of their prospects In lhe big olght-
oar event, the grand challenge cup.
and the opinion was general that the
crew will give a good account of Itself even If they do not succeed In
winning this trophy, which' was won
bv Australia last year, the crew being
that of the Sydney Rowing club.
"t'be nverare." snld Joe Wrighl, the
coach, "Is a splendid one. Every duy
since we sailed we have put 111 practice on our rowing machines, and the
result of this work on the liner nnd
the   beiieflcal   effects   of   the   trip   Ir
(bat we are now every man fitter and r|lc) (,rm,.n  gront timber shall be lev-
ondition than when we left
He added that the law against expectoration was not enforced: and
that by neglect in these matters tie
attractiveness of the town as a tourist d'etre was diminished.
('. E, Lawrence supported these ob-
si rvatlons, and stated that many
ladies resident In the city were afraid
to press through the crowtlo of drunken men thut were encountered al' too
frequently In Kamloops,
The mayor stated that no town of
the same sl7e as Kamloops and with
so large a transient population was so
free from drunkenness In the streets.
The city, Indeed, exceeded its duty in
dealing with the evil, but n difficult)
was that nun might be drunk without
legul offence, whit It arose only when
the nun became disorderly.
Mr  D. B. Johnstone expressed some
measure of sympathy with the poor
construction worker who after a long
period cf arduous toll visited the city
and succuml ed to the fatal temptation
of liquor.    He wished to know, however, why the laws prohibiting the ** -
SOBSlvs supplv of liquor to these mt"!  and his clothes torn,
w-re not enforced.    Those who sup       When  he  recovered  consciousness
tilled   Intoxicants  to  poor  fellows  ub  the office was filled with smoke.    He
long as thev could bold on to the oar  rushed  up to the store.    Whera    Mr.
were to blame Humphrey  was Just  recovering  from
' Mr   Riley  stated that  he had had a slight  shock, being sitting writing
the   ro.m, I In his otllt'e
M'sa  Josephine   Martin   is   visiting;
Mra. Marshall English at Point Atkin-
*  .  .
Mrs. Seymour invited a number   of'
j friends  to  tea  on   Wednesday  after-1
i uon  in honor of  Mrs.  Mcliain,  Vancouver.
���    ���    i
Mrs. W. Norman Hole and Mrs.
George Beatty returned from Harrison
Hol Springs the early part ol lhe
C. P. R. Opcratcr Cets Nasty Jolt���
Bat* Room Lit Up.
South Slocan, June 18. A Bevere
electrical Storm passed over the Junction at -:ia on Monday afternoon. T.
Davidson, tlie operator at the Canadian
Pacific railway depot, was struck
while he was Fitting working the Instruments, lie was thrown over onto
the finer, bis right arm being affected
Which has been a decided success. And lo show our
appreciation of the way the citizens of New Westminster and vicinity responded, we intend to make
an ETRA SPECIAL offering for the FINAL DAY.
Victoria, June 18. The forestry department of the provincial government
has Just Issued a notice to lhe effect
that the lax provided for in the forest
nct will, in regard to old crown grant
timber, be culled into operation on
July  16.
The notice, us Issued by the department, is in the following terinrand is ; press, d the opinion that drunWmu..
resulted chiefly Irom llle tllel  lli'U  at
nine years experience
and was well acquainted with Edmonton, Saskatoon, lleg'n.i. Moose Jaw.
and other  cities  When  the    lloa'imk
population was quite as large a? ,.t
Kamloops btlt he ha I never seen aa
many drunken men in the itreels anywhere i Ise as In this city.
Captain Worsnop i-emarkel lhat ho
hnd made careful enquiries among the
[hotel  keepers,  and   that   tbev  nil ex-
when there was a great
bang at the telephone. The bell rang
and  flashes cf fire flashed.
The shock was also felt In the Kootenay Palls hotel, where the Hash of
lightning went through the bar-room
and out at the door, doing some damage and causing great consternation
. among the guests.
Sub-section 2, ot section r,s of the
t- r  lielng  siilmlled  at
hotel  men
In better
While not wishing to appear too
confident of the chances of his men
Wright hinted that they ought to put
up as good a show as nny prevlou"
Canadian oarsmen who have visited
this country.
The crew stays at Liverpool tonight
and tomorrow should hnve their first
("ste of practloo al Henley. They
will stay at the Five Horseshoes hole!, and every day until their first
beat on July -1 will be sctn on the
river twlco a day.
Forest  Act, provides that  the tax on !TO'-*'- P" '" ��""'r establishments
purchase liquor in bottles for furthc:
com umptlon.
led according to the grade of timber in
question, As far an llr timber Is concerned, definite grades have long been
established, but difficulty hns occurred In In the past In establishing satisfactory grades for cedar. This matter has now been adjusted, and exporters of logs are hereby notified Hint
from and after July 15, the 11.00, $1.50 hid of 32 yenrs, has returned with
and |8.00 and other rates established his wife and family and a party of
by section BS of the act, will be pay- Indian guides. Mr. Nicholson has
able by exporters upon grade, as well' spent nearly all his life In the far
ins  upon   scale  measurement. | north but came out for a trip to his
j    Instructions have been Issued to all [native home In    Scotland.    II��    has
I government scalers accordingly. I been uway  since  October.
Shaking   Chnirt   on   Ar;   Light   Which
Had   Cone   Out
Lethbridge, June 13,   on his first
day's duty as acting sergeant on tho
city pol'ee force, Paul Smith, for seven  months    a  constable    here,    was
Answers   Homing  Call Is ruck  down  nnd  killed    early    this
[    Cochrane, June 13.���Mr, Allen Nich-j meriting by coming Into contact with
Olson,  who  has  been   the    Hudson's an tlec'ric light  wire on  the corner
! Hav   officer   nt   Rupert   House   for   a I of Third avenue and Ninth street.
number of veare and  has  been  con-!    Kvery  Indication  points  to electro-
lH-etid wltli different posts f.M- a per-|cutlon.   Smith had touched the chain
which la UBed ou arc lights for raising and lowering the globes to the
Btreet. This chain had worn the insulation off tho connecting wires by-
being blown against It in the wind.
It ls understood thnt the light  was
out this morning aud it ls supposed
Blue Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds.  Values to $17.50. Final Day Ex-
tra Special
Fancy Scotch Tweeds, Blue and
Black Serges, values to $22.50. Final
Day Extra Special
English Worsteds and Tweeds, Fit-
rite make, values to $27.50. Final Day
Extra Special
This lot gives you the choke of
any Suit   in   the   store.    Tweeds,
Worsteds   and   Serges,   "Pit-rite"
make values to $37.50.   Final Day
Extra Special.
Ycur choice of any "Stetson" Hat in
the store  $3.00
Straw Hats, values to $1.50; Extra
Special  75c
Balbiiggan Underwear, regular $1.00
a suit. Extra Special, 3 garments
for  $1.00
New patterns, all sizes in this lot, regular $1.25.  Extra special 75c
Silk and Wash Neckwear,   regelar
50c values.   Extra Special 25c
The Store will be filled with Specials T oday which space will not permit to
709 Columbia Street. New Westminster, B. C. fA-ye font*
SATURDAY, JUNE  14, 1913.
Irresponsible Idiotorials
Suggestions, Queries. Bricks .ind Bouquets Are Invited.    Address All
Correspondence  to Thc  Idi-ter, The News,  ficw Westminster.
I0DAYS P010 GAME    'At the Theatres
"Rave the pennies   and the pounds j    what's the litattir with a Westmin-
���mi tn ,. ,..,.... 0{ themselves" perhaps ster lawyer to do ihe crown prevent-
**������ set Boflrroaaglsiooln��� An ftfaMS y&H:
��*taya of (101 0 profll ou a Jinn lOtfS It ft ^  n|iln   ,)ut  vr���bat)l.v  there    are
<iid when r. nl estate was, like flying j���s|   aa  f;00,i  nl(.n  on    the    bar  list:
machlna: an unknown Quantity. How- rjght here,   of course, if the Termln-
���nr  the    beet    -.'gar    magnates    of al ("Ity legal artists are in urgent need
��rer, thi    beet   sugar   m i,_ *       fta Ioc|l, barrlgtarg can
Uncle  ,-i i:.i:ii I .<  home land  li.ue succeeded In pointing the ancient maxim
Quoted above with a new Interest and #
at the same  time they have spread #
before the electors (called free   and #
in.ir.-,. etteni   bv   courti'i-vi   an   exhibi-
in', '��� - ve   ha.   rso    above   the     The music examinations at the co1-
���    , even    n a country    where lege yesterday In charge of A   D.Jo
,���rta   nexl   to  politics, seems to  be dan, of Toronto College    o     Music,
on,'.'    indue      in u valiant effort were the  most   satisfactory  ever  held
*&�� nlTmm wTttHBMU ferity o'f'5?, 'ards were firs, das.
",;.;.,    broadcasl through    the honors.   The students who took the
10thln|   wronsln "-="---!(,rit:l  n hi  pearl
Deans, first clam;   A.  Abbott, second
afford lo be generous.
UMl'1,1     W "* *-'������
ails.    1'hi n 's
eir having used
their having used tha postal sacks for
this purpose and fsr be it from anybody not intimately acquainted with
politics as they are politicked at
Washington lo charge any misdemeanor In the method adopted by the
manufacturers of sweetness in bulk
tti "eduoate the people," but it ap-
peals to III. rank outsider Hi a unique
scheme when be learns that Ihe
wholesale distribution of pro-duty
literature was effected by the use of
ihe postal franking privileges of senators nud congressmen at a. net Having
tto the sugar men of about $36,000 In
First year piano -Marjory Richards,
Edith Mui-nii. Evelyn Richards, Klein- :
or Evans, Edith Vance, nil flrsl class.
second year piano���Pearl Shaw,
first class; Rosamond Wheeler, Blthel
Burnett   peennd class.
Classical harmony- -Ethel BurnettJ
first class.
Vocal first year -Edith Munro, Gertrude Olover, Kdith Vince, first class;
Evn  May, second class.
Third year vocal -Kthel Hurnett,
Rosamond Whpeli r, first class.
The matriculation exams will take
place this evening, which will leave
only the commercial class to take part
In the annual grind. II is expected
Ihst all the students will have left, the
college by the latter part of next week.
Changes on Both Teams Brighten Eng
land's Chances of Breaking Even
���No Odds Given.
New York, June 13.���IV. spite the
ra.her easy victory of the United
StateB team In the opening game of
Ihe international polo series, a close
contest is predicted in the second
game with the English cup challengers at the Meadow brook club field
tomorrow afternoon. Various factors
contribute to this impression, Including iho loss of Monie Waterhury at
.No. 2 on the defending four.
While I.ouis E. Stoddard, who hat",
been named to play in his place, Is
rated but two goals below Waterhury
In ibe Polo association ranking, it
is thought that the breaking up of
the "Hlg Four" combination play,will
result Irom the general change In
tin  line-up.
International  Veteran  Included.
A change in the English line-up will
also mark Ibe second game, for F, M,
Fcake, reservist, has beep substituted
far Captain A. No, 1 Edwards at No. 2
in ilu* cup challenger'^ formation.
The betting on tlie outcome of tomorrow's game was at even money.
What prompted Sir Edward Or to
try tn make peace In tha Balkans
goodness and Sir Edward only know.
By all the tokens, peace isn't a
natural product of tbe Balkans-; In
fact it seems to be on the heavy duty
lisl and hardly In imminent danger nf
���becoming popular with the Serbs. Iltil-
j*-,:rn, Turks and oilier alleged owners
of the soil lhere. The latest paradox
in the Banian peacn theme ls the announcement that the czar of Russia
is g"i"���: to tnke a hand In an effort   .
to cultivate pin 'eathcrs on the white   get  toget	
���dove,   ("i-ar Nick is the right man for   result, look out.
the Job.    From  his 'aome  experience 	
he hasn't learned enough about the Bill Graham's crew will get all the
"'���nax v.-b'scum" proposltiein 'n keep exercise they want next. week. Mon-
him out of his bomb proof palace, so day night they tackle the Columbian
that he should be able to get right college nine. Tuesday evening tliey
���down to brass tacks with tho erring meet the Electrics, while on Friday
descendants of the men who estah- evening they claBh with the Balmorals,
lished brigandage as the natural pas-  Jusl  to show  there is  plenty of m
.      . ..     .. ...-I.,!    I*.    41...
(By the Potter.)
Pretty soon the baseball fans will
be demanding an enquiry into an alleged trust in the City league. One tie
game Is O.K. but wlin the two teams
���tjpiid  time  with no
Y.   M.   C.   A.    Boys    Have    a    Lively
The Harriers club or the Y. M. C. a.
held a fine run last evening, 14 members turning out. The bares, Guy
Whittaker and K. Rosenburg, followed
a trail through Ihe Qlen, around by
Sapperton and the Brunette mills.
A. Crayton and G. Masters were thc
first to arrive hack at the building.
Other runs will take place in the
near future, a meeting to discuss
these having been called for Monday
evening ul 7:30 o'clock.
Next Friday evening a moonlight
excoi son under Ibe auspices of llle
club will be made on the steamer
Transfer to Steveston and return, lhe
boat leaving the C. P. N. wharf at
7:110 o'clock.
Tlie Royal stock compnny will open
wllh Uuvid Belasoo's feature play,
"The Girl or the Golden West," at the
Royal Iheatre on Monday, June IS.
CharltS 10. Koyal, owner and manager,
will play the part of the sheriff and
Etlytho Elliott will take that or "the
girl." Special scenery will be used
ror nil thu plays and there will be
three changes t>r program weekly, on
Monday, Wednesday nntl Friday, The
second show will be Eugene Walters'
cemedy drama In three acts, "Paid in
Full." There Is no doubt bit what
this company will crowd the Royal
theatre to Its biggest capacity during
their engagement, Other plays to be
presented shortly are "Olc Olson.''
"Way Down East" and "The Lion nnd
the Mouse." Moving' pictures will be
run In conjunction with all plays, so
lhere will be RO tiresome walls Ik
twei n ucls. There will also be vaudeville specialties between tho acts hy
nn labors or the company.
For the flrSt time this year David
Relasco, one ut America's fortune st
producers, will send one ol his siars
i to the New Westminster opera house,
when Mis3 Frances Starr appears on
Tuesday evening In lhe leading role*
ol "Tlle Cane of Becky,"
Belasco's productions are well
known and Westminster theatregoers
'may be assured that lhis production
will be one of the first class.
^ i r**i i rr
time of the Balkans.
The, hold-up business isn't what is
iisod lo be. Profits In the days of
Claude Duval, .lease James. Captain
Kidd and other practical politicians
of that ilk. as compared with the rake-
olTs of the present, would seem to Indicate that the knight of the road's
profession has fallen on evil times.
The otlv r night a couple of the bold
and bad variety bopped an Eburne
line Interurban car and frisked the
-passengers nnd crew, departing wiih
the magnificent haul of $S0, Either
p-eople don't carry ns much cash as
they used to. or else the highwaymen
don't give that close attention to
business which brought resaJt*" to
.'heir predecessors.
Some things are better left unsaid.
as F'nt*";::i*i remarked from his bed
ra thn hi -t nltal about half r.n hour
alter he had called   O'Toole   a   |ior.
The bov-ficcd Fort George Presbyterian minis! r   who   found    b'mself
. mddi niy talking to tin' whole church
rt, Canada through its gem ral ussrin-
Tblf i:i Toronto tiie other day lost his
balance and got out of his depth in
bis overflow or enthusiasm when he
painted the young Inierior capital of
(It. ('   with the lurid pigments o!    tho
'"very   gates  cf  bell."    The   next   dav
'he had t" swallow his portals of
hade*?, hinges, locks and all and now
!ht't* wondering what his flock will say
'fo him when he returns tn Fort George
tn Btand tip in his pulpit  without the
(protecting presence of ihe church's
general assembly at his clerical back.
Ni l> ��� ly tailed Guv Fawkes a martyr
wlni: he v.ns caught trying to hoi
'������:        ail's    lawmakers    with    s<
'ki g* ol ganpowdi r and paid tlie legal
{penalty for his recklessness. The
Tinni v.i'Ii ihe halo around it isn't applied even lo Topal Tewflk, the young
Tart who sent Schefket Pasha into
the beyond
I'  lil-i I*    ti
with all the Btlei'dant d lights provided bj the sultan's most accomplish-
i-d i reuiltiner. A mllltanl suffragette
almi ��� lh (l a jockt i in the English
Di-rbj and because she died from In-
jsiii ., received Hoy want to tag her
with ih * in irlyr label. By lhe laws
of the land alio did a criminal thing;
Tbl :'���'- moral lav sin* did a heartless
\,i -..*-.. by ihe ryles of common sense
���she did  a  foolish  thing.    Men  hai
terial in the cily, Bill unearthed two
players who will appear fnr the first
time In local company on Monday.
Yes, sir. Any guy who will pinch
B couple of right tickets and Bel llher.i
Tor two bones and a hair is	
The GUford famllj Is still In lo
crosse. Manager Tom antl his broth
er. Hugh, will mix with the pros, at
Vancouver today, while .lack will
start oul with the amateurs, with
brother Bill keeping an eye o.i him
while handling the Indicator. Thos.
Gifford, Sr., has yet to deride which
team to see in action, with the eddt
on Ihe slmcn puree.
A report eked out yesterday that
Ren Robb, manager or the Reaver hockey team, had grabbed Dunbar rrom
Fraser Mills ter next season. Pretty
t arly in the game Ben.
And The News was also Informed
that Hoc. Bcotl ai Fra3er Mills h id
Imported two stars In lhe amateur
game from old Quebec. Ask Eddie
Foy whether It will be a fine rate.
Yes Indeed.
Tha bartenders and the i nstoms
will clash on the diamond son.' evening next wei k.
Mike Gibbons, of SL Paul, knocked
out Young Ahem, of Brooklyn, In the
fourth round of a scheduled ten round
bout at Madison Square Garden las!
(By  "Gravy.")
"Baseball  Day" Today Marks the 67th
Birthday of Great Game.
Today is the birthday    of   two   of
ivera]  Uncle Samu I's most popular Instltu-
Stars   and    Stripes    and
lions-   lln
The ling or the gi* atest republic on
the map was bt in on June 14, 1777���
,     ,   ,    ���   the first  regular baseball    game    be-1
the   other  day   antl   who  tween two teams that had names was1'
shuffle off his own coll  Played on Elyslan Fields. Now Jersey,
across the Hudson trom New York, on
June 11. 1840,
"Town ball," lhe Tor- runner of baseball, was play* il In Philadelphia as
early as 1333. The Olympic club of
Philad Iphla was the llrsl regularly
organ!'.ed ball club in America, The
Washington club of New York, form
ul In im:',. played   a   gamo nearer to
mi il en has. bail, In Boston and
other cities of Massachusetts a gam*
bro.-i'Vntiwn"to br.ak laws in'the in- failed "New England" was play, tl al
terests of their tellowinon and be ilb("" '���"' >���""���' "����������
honored for It, but no heartless, fool- These early clubs plnyed agalni
Wi. criminal deed ever yet received ln teams chosen promiscuously from
Mstory lhi  Btamps of honor and mar- among the spectators,    I wa3 nol un
cyrd ti     The   lal *   Mlsa   David
Ad Ik- pilled, but \ In n her In ad wears
���ihe martyr's crown they'll be canontz
in-; homicides.
To judg" from the desi
til 07 years ago today lhal  two real
clubs, the Knlck rbock rs   and    th
New    York    Cltys,    clash.'d    on    lh
Elyslan Fields, in whal Is now Hobi
that i    That pioneer mal"h game consist"
The Water Front
Important Decision.
Although they may save the vessel
from destruction, fishermen who go
down to sea In schooners to ply their
trade and not as crew, cannot recover
salvage, according to a decision rendered tliis week on the American side
by Judge Edward Cushman In the
federal court in the libel action of
Alar.in Nelson and six other fishermen
against the Han Juan Fishing and
Pacing company's schooner Comet,
This decision had been awaited
with Intersst by fishermen and shipping uo n along the const, as tbe ruling wus tlm first recorded in the
Sea!lie court.
According to the fishermen, the en-
��������� ucs ef the Comet broke down when
'the schooner was 40 miles off Capr
U'l.'litery, July 2, 1912, und the vessel,
being In danger ef destruction, the
master called lor volunteers to man a
dory, seven 'fishermen responding,
Atu-r rowing 40 miles Ihey reached
land and summoned the government
vessel S lohomlBh al Neai \\ bay, which
r s ������:' ii  ilu* Bchi oner,
Slnci '..' fishermen v.ei-e not nrm
bars ' i the crew, their pay depending entirely npt n the lish caught, He
Courl Inld lha: Ihey wore not bound
to stand by the ship, in Bpite of the
fact that their efforts sa.e-1 the
Tlie Sydney No. 2. Captain McGas
gill, brought six empty box cars up
trom .Sydney yesterday afternoon.
The work of demolishing the old C.
P. II. freight depot on Front strei t i:
progressing rapidly and already thl
entire upper end has been torn down,
'I'll" government snag boat Samson
has for the past lew days boon en
gaged in work along the riv r in tht
Immediate vicinity of the cily and to
day will lake tlio pip; drlyer up the
river wbere some repair work is be
ing done.
The new government boat Flspa
will leave the market wharf till.-*
afternoon at :: o'clock for her firs'
speetl trial.
When the 06 ton trawler lnibricnrla
arrived in Vancouver Thursday morn
ing frnm Soulh Africa she completed
what is staled in be the longest voy
ago i v. r accomplished by a v issol oi
her size. Tiie trawler is commanded
liy Captain II. (' Robinson and owned
by ihe Hrltlsh Columbia Fisheries
Ltd. Sin* was formerly employed In
'In- fishing business o 1 ih.. \u cai
coasl and w ill lie USI tl in re for lie
same purpose.
Tiie Dominion water guage al Mis
sion yesterday gave a n ndiiiR i f l
feel, and late Thursday Blood at 17..'
feet,   There is Bomo Bllghi  variation
almost   every   day,   but   lie*   rlvi i*     i
just an averogi height and Is awa>
below ife ::., i* ol mark reached in
Hie flood year of ISM.
The marriage look place on Thursday evening of Miss Bortha Itainsd. n
of Leeds. England, to I rank Home, I
of this city. Tlie ceremony was ci le
bratetl in ih" Si. Barnabas church a'
7  pin.
The bride looked charming in white 1
silk,  and  a  white  veil  with    oransa
blossoms,    she carried a bouquet  of *
white carnations and sir et peas.
Mist   Nellie   Vadswerth   acted     as
bridesmaid and Albert (ado support
ed ihe groom.   The bridesmaid   v, ts
dressed  in  white  antl  carried  a  hou-1
tiuet of  while  carnations    and    pink
sweet  peas.    Miss    Sylvia    Klrkham |
looked very pretty as flower girl and i
carried a bouquet of pink carnalions. ,
The  bride  was    given    away    by  T.
Covers were  laid  for 30  guests  at j
Ihe wedding supper at the home    of ]
Mr.  and  Mrs.  R. Wadsworth.  513  St.
Gt orge street.
Mr. and Mrs. Home will reside    at
Thirteenth avenue. Burnaby,
Adams���The funeral was held yesterday from Howell's undertaking par.
Isrs to the Fraser cemetery of Milton
Adams, aged 45 years, who passed
away on Wednesday. Rev. Alex. Dunn
officiated at the ceremonies, which
were a;tended by a largo number cf
friends. A number came In from
Port Honey for the funeral, among
whom were Messrs] Lyttle, Gillis and
Mt nzicj.
Never, probably at the beginning of the Summer
Season, has such a list of
seasonable and attractive
h needs been presented.
-j There will surely be a big
response to such a list of
Navy  and Black All Wool Serge,
Today 73c  Yard
50 Inches wide; splendid quality all wool Serge; rine worsted twill;
Bultable for skirts, suits and children's wear; fast colors; regular
$1.00  yard.    Today,  per yard    73c
"Bark Enit" Excursions.
Low round trip fares to eaBl rn
points on sal" daily to September
30th. 16 days going limit, final return
limit October 31, Good on Oriental
Limited. Ltbi ral s'top-overs allowed
both going nnd returning. Phone 2G3
or call at Hridge  Station  for    rates
Great   Values   in
.        ll.'-M.'l-���       I *���***- ���!-,,,.
Staples, Read Over
This List
60-inch bleached all linen Damask; small dice pattern.    Today, per yard    59C
80-inch Horrockses' bleached Shot tings; plain and
twilled; extra strong and free from filling, 'loday,
per  yard      43c
Ull-lnch Apron Check Ginghams; extra Strong and
fast colors; regular to 25c. Today, per yard    16C
Included are a number or white dimity muslins; 2S
inches wide: m-at patterns; regular 20c and 25c.
Today,  per yard    16C
16-inch unbleached Turkish Roller Toweling;  colored stripes.    Today, per yard 13c
42-lnch Pillow Cases: well made; with deep hem,
heavy, strong cotton, a good value, iv-r pair   ,23c
Unusual  Offering of
Women's   Suit s,   A way
Below the Cost of
Making, at $8.75
Forty-three Women's Suits, in tweeds, worsteds,
navy heavy twill serges; extensive range or colors;  values to $22.50.    Today   SS.75
AT $12.50 Thirty-six only Women's Suits; in serges,
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regular to $27.50; Today $12.50
Linen Tablecloths
and Napkins
Second und odd lines; our buyer wns very fortunate in loiying this lol at a liberal discount Don't
fail to see this remarkable showing. 25 to 50 per cent
routes and particulars.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.   New   Westminster
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical   Goods of  all   Kinds    PHONE  69"   '
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 ���       BURN OIL     ���
P    O.   BOX   4-1?
of four innings, under a cede of roles
providing that Ihe club thai lira'
made 21 runs Bhould be awarded the
game. Sueh u rule nowadays would
often stretch a single contest over
several days.
Baseball drifted along, with only B
few  adherents,  until   after  the  el ac
tfroih up ev ey now antl then front Hit-
iprniries, Western Camilla's westernmost line  lies somewhere  among  the
eastern foothillt of the Rockies. Every
now and then you bump your pride In
tl. C. against something In Ihe dally
public opinion moulders starting like
thif    "Seeding   in   Western   Canada,"    - , ,    .,,.,.,.
���or this "Edmonton, Feb, 2D.   Westell)  of the civil wnr, when Ihe pastime en-
Canada Is sending oul more-  ." Down   Joyed   a   greal   boom,  and   spread   all
on lhe rniln-t's it's all Western ('an-  over the  United  States and  to Can
���ada     They're  so accustomed   to hav-   ada.
ing ?n unobstructed view or their pan-      At thai perloij games usually last, tl
��:a)if shaped  country,    they    fall   to   from three 10 live hon        Pitching
���i-jraF.p fhe lnd that on this side ofeBie
Rockies there's   6n   occasional   Ipg
,iabtn and even u frame house or. two.
A  dinky  Biwmill    burned    down    nt   .1"* bound.    Glov     wer
Prince Albert the other day and lhe ��
local pri as correspi ndt I I ai that point  privi
this pi rli ii was done underhand.
Masks were unkn iwn, and catchers
play ti well  i :ii k, gi Hit's Hi" ball oi
ba:!   kl
Th" OUti)  Ith .
a fly, but won
imn.i tl -tti h- fused all thr radlatlp,.
���telegraph lines with tlio inflamation
thnt 111" biggest mill In WeBtern Can
,-ida had ascended in smoke. Beg par-
dun for being i.t> rude ns to contradict
tho gentleman at Prince Allien, but
there ur" :i half dozen mills In re on
this    little    ptrip    or    l'acllic-wnshod
slrand  lhal   would  make  the  late  l.t   " ������-  ���--;
mated man' on the plains look like "net in tbe number ol ruuit scored
,;,,.'���,, shrimp In the restaurant opposing teams was only a do..",
sataj   ' so, it was considered a close coi:'.*
1 '   ay li    w h I hoi * *  *  	
ir shoulder Mijl
ki Idoni tried In cab
ch their spi    !
in chasing lln* ball.
The inllt'lders  ,vn    expi       u dod
ing oul  of the waj   tf tu    ones.    11
was a poor game, from lh       i    point
of ihe Bpectalors, in whi
50 runs vi-m made.   When Hi" dl!T
Lethbridge, .lnne 1". -T. li. Ar!:. II,
bead of the division of sheep bus
biindry. of the Dominion department
or agriculture, and Ceo. T. Willing-
myre, of the Philadelphia textile
schools, have arrived in Hi" eity In
the Interests of the southern sheep
ISO Reward
A leward of $250 will be
i>:iid to the person or per. fins
furnishing information loading t< tha arrest and conviction of (hc parties '.vi>�� "held I
up" thc pa; mgers on an in-
U rurl an i ur of the Itimi Is-
i-i!id line near McCrae sla-
<i'Mi on the night of June 11,
19 i 'l
British   Columbia   Electric||
Ry. Co., Ltd.
I. Sperling, Gen. Mgr.
Special i'rice on Men's Fine Blue Serge Suits for today: values
$20 and $22.50, for $15.00
Special in fine Worsted Suits for today; values from $18.20 to
$22.00.   Today, the suit for $15.00
Two-pjece Balgriggan Undersuit at 75c.
Special line of Boys' Two-piece Suits; sizes 2iJ to 33.   To clear at
each $5.00
See our extra values in $1.00 Shirts.
Pure Silk Sox, at per pair 50c.
Two big specials in Lisle and cotton sox at, pair... .25c. and 35c.
7-, Columbia Street.
-tfi'w��� .    ii nun i �����������������������
Thc Stoic of Satisfaction.
I mi.-, HtfrozaBBMMBBMMMMMHE SATURDAY,  JUNE   14,  1913.
page nva
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   ...:   CRICKET   ���-���   BASEBALL   -,-:   BOXING
haps came out on top on account of
Ins pounding out a two bagger, which
he gi retched to a homer when the
Electrics disputed the play, claiming
the ball hit outside the foul line. His
umps. Mr. Williams, who performs for
the Moose, Haid otherwise so that run
I.en Chaput, the clever shortstop of
the Wesi minsters, was in the limelight throughout the game with his
snappy fielding, taking all chances.
Here arc details cf the encounter:
It.   H.   B.
Ilalmorals    5     6     4
JKIcctrics   6     4     3
llatteries:     T.   Feck  and  0,  Peck;
Corbett anil  Howe.  Umpire, Williams.
Standing of the League.
tt'.    I.
Moose    4     o
Balmorals 0     2
B. C. K. R   0     2
Next game. Tuesday evening, June
17, Moose vs. ]j. C. K. It.
From  left  to right:     T.  Sinclair, 0,
r tary P. ('. A. I.. A,; C. A. Welsh, pr
Mellon,  II. Ilatison, (i.  Atkinson, L.
feeney, J. Qlltord, T, Storme; B.
eiident; Alex. Turnbull, manager;
Gregory, ic. Cotton, ii. Stoddard,
Johnston, 0. Swanson, I.. Sangster, tt'. Sangsier, secretary; G. Grljnslon, bpc-
John Held, II. Welsh, J. I. Keary, pres dent P. C. A. L. A.; J. ('ameron, L.
I..  Adams.
IT S AIL UP TO     ���
Seniors and Victoria  Meet This After ;
' ':
noon���Local   Supporter** Lock  for
a Win for Royals.
Tbls Is the day when greal things   -
nri   expected Trom the New Westmin-   '���
��� senior   amateur   lacros/.e   tiam.',
i   ���   thc   lirst  time   this season    the ' '.
team will tnke the field on their own W
:     r:l. .   when   Ihey   will   oppose   Vic-   <
i  i*.a  ar.d  nothing  but a victory   will' ^
:   I,   both   the   players  and    tlieir  ':
pporters, *;
Ever    Blnce    Dad    Turnbull    took  ,;
charge of the youngsters the interest,,
:,   he amateur game In this cily has;,
been on the up grade, bo thai one of
b Bl crowds that has attended an ;:
iti ur Ox ture in tiiis city during the
i ���  throe years Is expected to be In
lendance at Queens park this after-;1
Although the youngest and lightest
h me in the league, the Royals are
i .nidi il as the speediest and it will
ip t.i the di fence Jiude-r Hill
ell, to ki ep down the bci r<.
. ile their team mates are showing
i  ���   way to    the    eutflt    und. r    3am
I'his afternoon's battle  will    com-
ence in :; o'clock sharp. Billy (Iif
I ni has been decided upon n handle
thi  garni.
l'i re la thr line-up of lii" two
New Wi Btmlnster.
loddard   Goal..
atchell  Point..
H. c. I.. A.^-Westminster at
Vancouvi r. :; o'clock.
Senior Amateur -Victoria vs.
Westminster at Queens park,
3 o'clock,
pig Four -Torontos at Nationals, Montreal; no game at
Port Co:|ui:lum vs. Westerns' r    As)linn    grounds,    2..'.')
B. 0. League���^Fraser    Mills
a: Port Coqultlam, 5:30 o'clock.
Rifle Shoot.
New Westminster ('. It. A. at
Port     Moody,     2:30    o'clock;
104th regiment at Brownsville.
Polo.   -
England    vs. America,    New-
Harvard  vs.  Yale;    Intercollegiate at Poughkeepsle.
Bals and Current  Hoppers Gather Togetiier and  Separate with  five
Runs Each.
Whether the magnates owning   the
franchle s of lhe   Balmorals and the
[Klectrics hnve visions of    extending
the  baseball  season   into  October  remain.*,  to be seen.  h':t    the    average
[elector of sound intellect who follows
j tilt?  game hero  would  like  some  one
| to come through who could break up
j this combine of two teams battling In
I tie games two weeks in succession.
Yes.  Sir.
For the second lime the Hals and
the nickel chasi rs have battled for
! seven s'ralght inning, the guys haudl-
j ing Ihe collection box have had the
j gall to pass around the expensive
| pews to keep Spauld^ngs b:g baseb.ill
plant  running, all  with  no  result on *
Ihe game.
Last nighl'B encounter at    Queens '
���mrk  v.as si me seance,    despite    the |
fjet that, neither Kam won.    All waB
going   along   swimmingly   I that's   the!
word  for il)   for the  Hals  when  Mc-]
Cube, holding down third base for Ihe j
Hals, muffed a    quick    return    from
Chaput which, if   handled    properly,
would   have   retired    the   side   and *
snaffled lhe'game.   Such an error d:d
not  cause  much  comment  from    the
electors, but the mull  made  by  Man-'
ager Ken Mallen, be of hookey fame !
did.      That     was    where    the    real j
pyrotechnics  commenced  to    splutter'
and    prominent    citizens    who    have
graced  the  stands night  after    nh-;ht
showing     Utile     Enthusiasm,     wer-:
noticed  getting excited.    Just  a mun*
Ol a fly  in  the outfit ld. although not
common    i ven    in    the    city    league,
would have- been alright, but when the
llal3 manager heaved the    high    one
over  McCabe's  head  on  third   which
would  have  headed off one  man    at
least, then the Btorm broke.   The final
score was five all.
Corbett and Peck were thc opposing tttirlers, although neither showed
up in excellence, owing to the slippery
nature of the ball.    Pitcher Peck per-
Any old tlnte the fight promoters ex.
pect the public to patronize their
events.- whether the-y are staged at
Steveston. Hrighouse or Coqultlam,
they bad be:Ier Hike a tumble to start
the events on time. The recent bout
at Hrighouse between Freddie Welsh
and Itay Campbell demonstrated tlie
fact that the public were taking sec-
end place in the whole affair. One
hardly ever hears of a ball game or
professional lacrosse game being
started late. The magnates know the
Bportlng public will not-stand for it
and the sooner the boxing promotera
come to the same conclusion the
larger will be the crowds.
New  Westminster's  future lacrosse
stars will  be turned out on the park
oval for the first time this Beason in
a league game for the Mann cup.   Victoria will be    tlle   opposition   and   a
mighty  strong  aggregation   they  are,
if past performances are any criterion.
In   Manager  Alec  Turnbull  the local
amateur boys have a leader who    is
known all over the Dominion as having  been    a    peer    among    lacrosse
players.    Ile has taken the boys from j
the rough wood.    He has kept them j
drilling night after night until he be-1
Peves   he   has   a   combination   which j
.will be on a par with  the other two j
teams  in  Ihe    league.    Their    move- i
ments have been followed by the sup-
porters of the  national game in this |
city, wiih the    result    that    a   large
crowd will undoubtedly be on hand at
Queens park this afternoon.
As executor under Wills.
Agents for the Sale of Real Estate.
Trustee for Investments of Funds.
Buys Agreements of Sale.
Leans and Mortgages.
Insurance in all its branches.
Pays 4 per cent daily balances.
For further particulars apply
J. J, JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
H.  B. C.  Manaoer  Dead.
Winnipeg.    June '  13.���George    W
! Cochran, general manager of the Hud-1
son's Hay wholesale department here,
Idled  this  morning at  the age of    40
years.    He was formerly in the company's service at Kamloops, B.C.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Baseball Results.
Stand.ng ol the Clubs.
W.    I.. Pet
Seattle  -5   -1 .031
Vancouver  24   24 .588
Portland  28   28 .600
Victoria   2S    31 ���������li
Tacoma    26    34 .423
Spokane '....22   36 .3S5
gory .
k n son
��� ttson .
Ison ..
��� ;.:.- nn
���Tllle   . .
ii'.ril   . .
.. .Cover.
.. Johnson
.. Sweeney
...  Dakers
' ll'V
.1st Defence okiii
.nud Defence   raylor
3rd Defence . .J. Ji hn   in
. .Ci ntre  ...   - '���*'  ������""''
,::r.l Hi me ��� McOi    or
.. .2nd  Home Pa,., r
,.1bi Home Pi ttlp	
... .inside  McDi nald
i lutalde  Bryuji Ifson
Yesterday s (lames.
Al   Vaneodver: It.     li-    E.
Vancouver   3      S
Portland      2     6      2
Batteries: Wilson and Konnick;
Bl in ton end Murray.
At Seattle: R.   H.   E.
s attle    8     9     0
\ a ii rla    2     6     2
Batteries: Qlpe and Wnlly. Cad
man: Kantlehner, Kit.;: rai:l. Hardin
and Shea,
Standing of lne Clubs.
W.    I..    Pet
ARE pilllES &
Phtladi Iphl
Now York
Chicago ...
Ilroi lilyn   .
ttsburg ���
loston ...
I.ouis   .
c acinnatl
.4J i
Yesterday's nanus.
At Pit'sburg:                     ft. H. E.
New   Yoik     8 1] i)
p.ttsburs   2 7 2
Ba ter.is:    Demaree    and Meyers
VV Ison;  Adams and Coleman.
At Cincinnati:                 R. ri. E
I'he Minto cup stock owned by Tom  Boston ..              ,; "' '
I .nl .-md company in  the    British
Well   Yeo,   After   that   11  to 2  Score
I ist Saturday, They Are Picked
to Win Today.
Blue Serges, Indigo Dye,
Also 40 Tweeds and Worsteds, Reg. $22 values, for
Pres  and Q��nl. Mgr.      Vice-President Bee. e**a Treas
Pir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877
in ii ,i  Lacrosse league :--' ould ex-
:,* ���   ::  ,..-,c I I  sev. ral  points lhis
ri        tvhen the   Salmon   li Hies
. . Un   \ ant juveu on the Hast-
park uieloiure.   The temporary
ii, In the mat ..et at tho Terminal
��� Mum- two weeks ago created no
n.   E
7      i:
H     81
II.   E
Etandiiifl  cf  the  Clubs.
, nc nnatl   1     x     "
Bat cries:    Perdue   and   Whaling;
Imes, Packard nnd Clarke.
At Chicago I U Innings): II.
Brooklyn   $
Chicago   ���
Batteries: Ragon, Stack,
Curtis and Erwln; Pierce and
At St.  Louis: Ri
��� talk on ihe curb, following   the Philadelphia j|
iwuy ine,; Iii the opening name on   Bt. Louis  *
in  Day, bill the sky bus rlvaredi    Batteries:   Hirnnati    and
* ivlial since then and from ��"��' on   ilMiimiudjind McLean.
M uto  cuppers should  be abl ���  t'>,
���   iho trail until the end bt the
ion with a few Ramon in span-.
. . hange will br made on the V w
tinlmtcr llrie-up   this   afternoon, Philadelphia
li  the inclusion of Nick Caller  1,1,.veland   ..
iho Vancouver home mlghl had to Chicago ���
iii.* Bhlfi lu plaocB of the Royal. Washington
���'"���'.    Tom  in unie  wlll  probably  Boston  	
- lb" duly of watching Nick Car   Detroit 	
and if ihe"old preen shirt Is In any St. Louis ...
��� I"' ho should lead Mister Tom a New lork ..
rry chase beforo the SO mlnuteB of i -    '
il  are over. Johnny Howard Is sure. Yesterdays  fiames
havo  Lalonde on his    hands    and. I    At  New  York: It
In the Frenchman may jiarner   a Detroit  ��
1  in- Iwn    In    Inrhiv's    emile,    the , New I oru   **
mer Bi.amroofc star* VwfiS -cornel    Batteries: Mm and McKee
. unli   ulih   -another   of   his   stellar   and Sweeney.
Mbftions ��� I   Al Bo*on (13 Innings): R.
Everything depend* oil .id Jupiter St. Louis   B
ivins   Hili   afternoon.    If ho   only  Boston   ��� ���  '
d    off WW, his    watnrlng    ixpedt      Batteries.     Ham  ton and    Agnew
-..  ii some weekday, .or   eve,, p'Brlep, Halt and Carrlgan.
- :;:;;;,;r^,:e!,r,^! *��� ��*���-*. c��...n.���r
���ways suited tha.Vanccu. | P��UaM��U> ^'^ '^'j; ^ <������'
the Carlsoh: Bender and Bolrang.
At Washington: R.   U.   B.
Chicago   8     *     0
Washington  i    '������    J
Batteries! Walsh, Itussell Md
Schalk; Hughes, Mullen and Henry,
. 27
. 7S j
.6 i'i
,4S ���
All sizes, 34 to 44.   Don't
miss this.
rays suited thi
mi I, wallowing in the
Id,   should   rain   set
11   l n-ist will be lh
ier Patrick nnd
a   wet
ft muddy
iu today,
Bob Dewar, of
14      TALENTED  ARTISTS       14
ihe gams
nriii,  will   bundle
ll undoubttdly pay Bpi olal
ilio mandate Issued by President
Illusion of lhe li. C L. A. to the
���ei umt nil unnecessary, rough worn
ill bo eliminated,
l h" Royals will make the lrl|) ou "
Ini   oar.    leavIllK    here    BbOUt    J
International  League.
Rochester, 11; Buffalo, 2.
pt-..vid' nee, 2; Newark, 2.
Toronto, 8-4; Montri sl, 2-2.
Balt'mi re, l; Jeifsey City, 2.
MATINEE, 2:20;   NIGHT, 7:20 AND 9:15.
iau: ...:.a7..Eaaaasa^HKazzaaasz jxtj:.:.*w^     ^SSiSi^j**ffiFr:^::^TJ��Mm^
SATURDAY, JUNE  14,  1913.
....���^y fmlm.,. u iiwwr-a-r.--.gm-Mg.tl
Classified Advertising
, >*<>��� + �����������*�����������������
, RATES. ��� [
Classified���One cent  per word  per
nay;  4o per word per week;  15c per
tnooth; 5,000 words, to be used as reared within oue year from  date of
contract, 826.00. 	
where sitting room and piano oc-
castonally available. State lowest
terms. Box 1519 News office. H519)
rooms with board. Apply "15 Fifth
Mveniie. (1513)
B,ii wants position by the day iu
iimilv. hotel aud office. Apply .1.
Kincli'ida, P. O. Box 437. (1497)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136 News office.
i.ve (5) roomed modern bungalow.
1106 Third avenue, near car shops.
Rent $18 per month. Apply 318
Fourth street, city, or 1012 Third
avenue. (1529,
keeping, rooms, suitable for couple.
619 Hamilton street. (1532)
a'rd lot two blocks from Sixth street
car line wishes to dispose of interest therein. $100 will handle this,
balance on $800 spread over long
term. Fine chance for home seeker.
Box 1533 News office. (1533)
Rudge-Whltworth bicycle ln good
condition. Cheap for cash. Apply
Stedman, 230 Eleventh street.
delivery, either all  500, or a single
cord.    How  many  for  you ?    Very
reaftonable.    Box 1499  News  office.
Yesterday's    Trading    Was    Brisk
Steady Prices���Both Buyers and
Vendors Plentiful.
More farmers attended the city
market yesterday than have been
present In mouths and, of the large
number on hand, there were few who
did not bring produce with them, ao
that the many New Westminster
housewives who went marketing were
not disappointed In the variety and
quantity of offerings, ln fact, both
buyers and sellers    were   splendidly
Bourassa     Airs     His     Independence
Views in Speech  Last Night at
Edmonton, Juno 13. -That Canada's
national obligations should be measured by the extent of her national
privileges and liberties and that, as
the sole control of the army and navy
lay with the British parliament, England should bear tho whole cost of
imperial defence, formed the basic
principles of the Nationalist conception   of   imperial   relationships   as
tage, modern, newly decorated, near
Fourth street and Sixth avenue;
bargain at $2500. Small payment
down and   balance   as rent.   Apply i selling at 35~cents per    pound,    and
represented and a record day's busi-  defined by Henri Bourissa, the Nation
ness wsb done.
Prices Steady.
As has been the case for several
weeks, no change ln tbe general run
of prices' was noted, although; ol
course, some individuals asked figures
varrying from the common quotations.
Staples (brought the usual prices, but
evenings about 7 o'clock,  331  Pine
street. (1495)
FOR SALE���81.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1451)
Columbia street, New Westminster,
will collect your Blow and bad accounts for a mere trifle. No membership fee required and commls
sion charged only on the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere. (1365)
bedrooms, hot water convenience.
Use of telephone. Moderate termB.
Apply 433 Twelfth stre-et.        (1536)
keeping rooms. All conveniences.
732 Agnes street. (1525)
housekeeping rooms, 1020 Third
avenue, (15241
ern house. Third avenue, near
Ninth Btreet. Apply 808 Third
avenue. (152*)
house on AgneB street. Enquire 129
Agues street. (1488)
keeping rooms. Apply 828 Royal
avenue. (1505)
funlshed housekeeping rooms, flrst
floor, at 224 Seventh streot.    (1503)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes street.    Telephone L638.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, S36 Hastings street weBt. Van
couver, B.C. (1449)
LICE AND POULTRY GO Together. But lice and profit���never!
The time to tight lice is all the
time���but, especially in hot weather.
Don't let the lice get the start of
you. Now is the time for the
Charge of the Lice Brigade. The
war cry is Conkey. Conkey's Lice
Powder 25c, Conkey's Lice Liquid
35c to $1.00 (it mixes with water),
and Conkey's Head Lice Ointment
25c, settle tlle lice proble��m���which
means Bave your profits, Braekman-
Ker Milling Co. Liberal sample if
you clip this advertisement.    1151!)
or vacant lots for rent, sale or exchange; splendid position on l>e*arh
front.   Winch, White Rock.    (1323)
English corner and Queens court, a
gold bracelet.    Finder pleas.- leave
a'   this  off.ee  and   receive   reward.
Unfurnished throe room suite, with
hath.    Hot and cold water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Between Charles A   Welsh, Plaintiff;
and Isaac Rea. Defendant:
In Chambers before His Honor, Judge
Howay, Friday,  the  16th  day    ol
May, A.D. 1913.
I'pi'ti hearing .Mr. John Sloan Pot-
ter, of Counsel for the Plaintiff, and
i:p'.n hearing read the affidavit of
Howard Welsh lll-'d herein, and upon
bearing  what   was alleged,
li is ordered tbat service of the
Wri; i.f Summons in tbls actio,, he
substituted bj Berving the s;iii! De
tendanl Isaac Rea In the following
manner, thai is to nay: By Bending a
true copy of the Wrll ot Su,unions.
together with a true copy of thin
order lo the I) fendant'S las, known
address, Lytton Hotel, New Westminster, B.C., under prepaid double registered poBt, and also by inserting in
the "Dally News." a newspaper published and circulating in the City of
New Westminster, B.C., for a period
of  five   (-6)   dayB,   notice   of   the   said
Writ of Summons,
Ami ,: im further ordered thai the
time limited for entering an appearance to said Writ of Summons be
eight i*,) days after the last Insertion
of this advertisement.
And ii Is furthi r ordered thai the
eostB nf and Incidental to this application be costs in the cause
(1520) County Judge.
Re  Lot  thirty-four    (34),    Southwest
quarter of Distrlcl   Lot  eight  hun
dred  ami  Blxty-seven  (867),   Muni
clpallty of North  Vancouver, Map
Whereaa    proof    of U"*s of Certificate of Title  No.  59942 E..    covering
the above mentioned property, issued
in the name of Sham Singh, has bevn
filed  in this office.    Notice is hereby
riven  that I Bhall at the expiration
if one month from date of first publication   hereof,  Issue  a   duplicate  of
wiiil Certificate of Tide, unless In the
meantime valid objection be made to
me in writing.
Dated nt the Land Registry Office,
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th duy of
May, A.D. 1913.
(1316) District Registrar.
I, Geoffrey K. Burnett, C.E., B. C.
Land Surveyor, give notice that I
havo taken Into partnership Mr. D. J
MoQugan, C.E., D. C. Ijind Surveyor,
and we shall carry on business at my
old addresB on McKenzie street, New-
Westminster, under the name of "Burnett & Mcliugan."
All accounts due to me are to be
paid into the hands of Burnett &
McGugan within one mouth from
date, who will also deal with nil
valid claims against my late business.
B. C I-and Surveyor i Beef, front quarter
New Westminster, B.C., June 12, 1913
Fine Home for Exchange���For few
days only. Owner will lake lot
worth $1500 for $16711 of equity in a
fine new five roomed fully modern
liouse, situate on a large lot.
Seventh avenue, near Sixth street.
Balance of payments small and
very easy.
eggs at 35 cents a dozen. The supply
of garden truck was abundant, but no
new fruits or vegetables were offered
Meat and fish prices held firm and
a good day's businesB was done.
Much trading was recorded at the
noultry     stalls,     and    an     increased
i quantity of offerings was reported. No
(marked change in quotations was reported,  but the Bize and  quality    of
fowl     effected   prices   in    individual
cases.    Many  ducklings  were offeree
and a slight    drop    in    last    week's
figures  resulted.   28   to  2.)  cents  per
pound being the price.    Broilers we're
unchanged, and full grown hens went
| from $12 to $13 per dozen.
General quotations were:
Apples, per box   $1.00 to $1.25
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack   75c.
Carrots,  per sack 65c.
I Turnips, per saoa 60.
I Potatoes, per sack   75c
j Potatoes, per ton $8 to $10
! Onions,  per sack    $1.25 to  $1.50
Ve;��tahles. Retail.
Ripe Tomatoes, per doz 30c
BeetB, por bunch oi
Onions, per lb 5c.
(larrots, per bunch  5.
Cabbage, per lb 4c.
TurulpB. each  5
Rhubarb, per bunch 10c
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doz....27c to 29c
EggB, retail, per doz 30c. to 35c.
Hatching Egga, per doz. . .50c to $1.00
Hatching duck eggs, doz .  50c. to 75c
EggB, duck, per doz 30c. to 40c
Butter, retail, per lb 35c. to 40c
Butter, wholesale, per lb 30c
Flsh, Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c
White Spring Salmon, per lb 10c
Flounders, per lb 10c
Sturgeon, per lb 15i
HallbuL per lb 10c
Steelhead. per lb 15r
Smelts, per lb IOi
Cod, per lb 10c
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to 1Sr
Beef, loin    ISc.  to 27c.
Beef, round steaks    ..... 23c.  to 25c.
Boiling beef 14c
Veal 15c. to 25c.
Perk       15c  to  20c
Mutton 12c to 2Dt
Spring lamb, fore-quarters 23e. to 25c
Spring lamb, hind quarters 30c. to 35c
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large   14c. to ICc
Veal, amall 14c.  to 17c
,9%C. to 10c
Beef, hind quarter lie. to 12c
Spring   lamb    18c.
Mutton 12Uc. to 13c
Pork 13c.  to  Mc
Hens, small,  per dozen   .. ..$6 to P
Hens, large, per dozen  ...:$12 to $13
Construction of Waterworks.
Tenders will be reoelved al lhe
rk's offlos up to 4 p.m.,
construction of waterworks in District Lot 46, Coqiiitlant.
Plans and specifications mny be seen
at the Engineer's office. Port Coqultlam. A deposit gi 5 per cent, to accompany tender.
The lowest or any tender not neces
sarily accepted.
(1512) Municipal Engineer.
 ' . _  . u
Bank of Montreal
E8TABU8HED 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    ��16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, iand In London, Eng
land. New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available witb correspondents ln all parts of the world
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
and interest allowed at 3 per cent fer
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
Ci.  D.   BRYMNER.  Manager
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs In Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 In.
Exceptional bargains at from   $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from  $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers ln Golden Oak, Royal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feeL
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror. Tbls sulu
Is an exceptional bargain at $48.00 complete.
Our Dry Goods section is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
alist leader, at a public meeting held
In tlie Empire auditorium laBt evening.
Canada and the other self-governing
colonies, said Mr. Bourassa, had absolutely no control and no voice In
the government of the empire. The
people of the United Kingdom,
through their parliament, were the
sole and absolute masterB of the empire.
Did a question of external policy
arise Canada was uot consulted, the
decision lying solely with the British
parliament. Matters of foreign relations were arranged hy English diplomats, and settled by the English
parliament, none of the colonics being consulted In the matter. As the
British people absolutely and wholly
controlled the army and nuvy, Mr.
Bourassa maintained that they should |
be respemslble for the entire cost ofj
its maintenance
Piles On the Agony.
Canada, Mr. Bourassa added, had
not even the power to legislate on her
own copyright, on extradition or on
naturalization, all affairs vitally affecting her local politics.
Going on to deal more particularly
with the Borden naval policy and the
Nationalist resolutions for opposing
it, Mr. Bourassa stated tbat Canada's
sea borne trade waa Britain's trade,
and the United Kingdom was just as
much interested in protecting it in
time of war as was the Dominion.
Depending, aB she did, on the over-
sens dominions for the greater part of
her food supply, Britain was much
more vitally Interested In purchasing
Canadian foexistuffs in time of war,
than   was  Canada  In   selling  them.
In support of his contention that
Canada's obligations should be measured by Ihe standard of her influence,
Mr. Bourassa stated, that had it not
been for the action of British representatives at the second Hague conference,   Canadian     merchant     ships
would have been safe in time of war j ,        A(\-\   /"I-I,,���-U���!�����-.   04-
anel there would have been no bogeyj^Q 4U1  V^OlUrfiDla  OL.
to  raise  of  the  danger
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     BroB.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
Mill Ulfil SfiMAMAM I
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.... 582 feet long       Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. t\ St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust,   Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
Specialty��� Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-MasBage and Glover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 627.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Moved !
From 46 Lorne St.
High  Class   Ladles  and  Gentlemen's
Ladles  and
to  Canadian
British   Pirates.
Without consulting Canada. Mr.
Bourassa stated, the British representatives at the conference had refused to agree to the immunity of aea
borne traffic in time of war. Such an
agreement would hnve rendered Canada's  merchandise  absolutely  secure.
but the British government, confident  "FRASER   FERRY  NO
in the supremacy of the British fleet,
had  persisted in  preserving the right
of piracy.
What claim. asked Mr. Bourassa.
hail Britain to solicit aid from Canada,
so long as Bhe maintained nn attitude
letr'mc-ilal lo the interests of the Dominion?
Chickens, per dozeu
Broilers, per dozen . .
Hens, live, per Ib. .
Chicken.-,, live, per lh
Ducks, per dozen ...
Ducks, live, pur Ib. . ..
Ducklings, per lb	
 $1 lo tG
.$���1.50 to $6.50
.. 23c. to 24c
....���$12 tu $lf.
... 30c to ;>.2<
... . "Sc to 30c
Can'* Hold Two J*->bs.
Olympla, June 13. -L. II. Darwin,
tt ito t'sh Commissioner, cannot be ap-
nointi d game warden under the new
law. according to an official ooinion
rendered to Governor Lister by the attorney-general. In the past the lish
commissioner has also been ex-offl-
eio state game warden, but the attorney-general holds this law has been
repealed by the new game code.
For Sale���Five roomed new house
with bath and toilet; large lot nnd
Close to Twelfth street. $100 cash,
balance %2t, a month.
S.   A.
Wanted���We will give a $1350 agreement for sain (Al) and balance
cash i'i>r n. good building lot In city.
Must be cheap    and    a    good    buy.
Own! rs only.
For Rent���No. 428 Thirteenth street.
cily, six roomed fully modern
house. Pine garden and fruit trees
Lease to careful tennant. Ch"ni>
Phone 312. Room
Westminster Trust  Buiilding.
Real  Estate, Fire Insurance.
Sin  roomed house, cleared lot
for  $LI7u.    Terms.     Kast
No. 07.
Lot 66x113  slashed, one
car at Kdmonds, $660.
Will trade swell building lot on Third
avenue, (i6xl.'!2 on an up-to-date
ri sidence. What have you to offer,
No. 68.
Will   Be   Very   Soon   If   U
Does Not Send  Relief.
Washington, D. C, .lnne 13 -Pam-
; Lne, with only seal meal to keep off
starvation, threatens the people of the
jl'riblloff Islands of Alaska as a result
of congressional delay In passing the
sundry civil bill, Uie department of
commerce announced today.
Tliere are food supplies on lhe island for only a month longer, ami um'i
; funds   are   provided   the   department
can  send  no  more     Kven  If a vessel
I sailed from Man  Francisco at once il
j could nol  arrive before July 6,
The sundry civil bill, vetoed at the
last session of congress because of a
provision exempting labor and farmers' organizations from prosecution
with funds appropriated in it. is now
in the house ami senate with no im -
mediate prospect of final disposition ���
li contain:; an appropriation of $75,-
1000 for the Alaska fisheries service i
60x160, funds for which have been completely
llurnaby. exhausted.
Nol only will the governmcnl em-
I ploye-es and natives have to eat seal:
meat to live unless relief is afforded
quickly, but the government's mens- ,
uns fur the  protection  of tie sea'
herds  and     salmon   Industry  of  the
Wilson  Favors It.
Washington, June  12.���Another
fori     to    secure   ihe   president's  approval  of  immediate    steps    towards
��� passing Alaskan legislation for u government railroad system was made
today  by  Senator  Chamberlain  in  a
I conference with  President  Wilson at.
jthe capitol. Senator Chamberlain
said the president had expressed himself as i" sympathy with the proposed
Alaskan legislation, but had not yel
agreed lo recommend its consideration
In the present session.
To Port  Mann  and Port Coquitlam
Wlll Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves   New  Westminster   for   Port
Mann  S:00  a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  West
minster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster for  Port
Mann and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 n.ra
Leaves    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m
Leavea  New  Westminster  for   Pari
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  West
minster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Loaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Porl
Mann and New Westminster 6:30 p.m
Schedule subject to change without
For further information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Low Rale Excursion Tickets Now
on Sate to the East and to Europe
"Prince Rupert,"       S.S. "Prince (ieorge."
(Leave Vancouver at  12 midnight.)
MondayB  for Prince Ilupert, Stewart, MassetL
Tuesdays  for  Victoria,  Seattle.
Thursdays  for  Prince   IluperL Granby   Bay,    Skidegate,    Lockeport,
Jedway, Ikeda, etc.
Satursdays fur Victoria. Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trains
for Tyee, Terrace, Hazelton.
('. SMITH, C, P. & T. A.
i  Granville Street,  Vancouver.
W.   E,   IH'PKKOW,  0,   A.   P.   I).
1-hono Private Exchange 8134
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
minute  from
No. 67.
wlll   be   Interfered   wil!
Six roomed house on Columbia street.
Sapperton, lot 50x132, fur $4200.
No. 24,
Watts Goes Free After riftrcn Min
ulea   Deliberation   by   Jury
Clinton. II. C��� June 13, Before Jus
tice Gregory yesterday the ease i ���
Hex vs. Wans, murder, was heard
The ease was placed In the hands ol
the jury aboul 9 o'clock this evening
and in about fif tei n minute i a verjllc
of not guiltv was returned. Mr, Arch
Ibald, of Kamloops, appeared for the
accused, and Mr. II. Robertson foi
the crown.
Watt, In company, with one McCon-
vine, although indicted separately,
was accused of having caused the
death of an Indian named Sandi
Frank eear Soda Creek In Decembet
last year. The Indian v.as found dead
near the cabin of the accused, Bhot
through the body at such close proximity Hint his clothing was blackened
with powder.
In Uie case of Rex vs. Antolne, murder, yesterday, the jury had failed
���"gB-.tl. 'n agree after deliberating five hours.
.   ,        ..      .     .���       in   -l     M n,ul   "'���""   discharged   by   the   Judge
Advertise in the LJaily INewg rather Pate in the evening.
Notice Is liTe-hy given that nt the
next sitting of the Board of License
Commissioners for the City of New
WeBtmlnster application wlll be made
for ii transfer of the license to sell
liquor by retail In the Central Hotel
premises situate on Lot One ll).
illock "G," Merchants' Square, City of
New Westminster, from .I"s. I. I'i-.oo-
man io Henry Freeman,
Dat. d   at    New Westminster, B.C.,
ihia Oth day of May, A.I)   1313.
Holder of License.
(1331) Applicant  for Transfer
Transfer Co.
Ittlct   Phons   18ft.       Burn   Phon��   13
Begbl* Btrt��t
Baggage Delivered promptly u>
any psrt of the city
|k) Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Machine Works.
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all   points  east,  commencing   May  28
Week Wild tieke's on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trii
��� ui   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Suudayb
For rates and reservation apply   te
ED   OOULKT, Agent
New Westmlnste
Or H,  W   Brodle, G.I'.A. Vancouver
.li.tei Service
Can trade a seven roomed house, lot
50x130, <ni Prairie farm. I'rice
$2300.    No, SC.
Two houses    rent $25    and    $15    per
month    respectively.     Lot    33x132,
t icing mi two good streets.    $4<>i>0. :
Easy terms,   No. 1 Hi.
Swell suburban home, six roomed
well buill house. Lot 68x242, Handy
to car.    $3  -\o. 47.
Real Etate antl Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C
Light and heavy Hauling
Leave! Vancouver for Victoria 10 ft- m.
2 p. m. and 11 'At,
Leavea Vuncouvwr for BOAtUe  10 h. m
ind 11 p. m.
Leavea Vancouver for Nanalmo 11
i,m   ami 8:80 p.m.
is**i\vi*H Vancou ver for Prince Utitwr
nnd Northern Point* i�� n rn Wedne*
lays and Saturdays at   11  p.m.
CliilliwacH Service
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
la meeting with tlie greatest favor wherever laid.
ii i-liiy and Hutu
k    7
Bltulithic on  Second  Street,
.������uvea WoBtmliMter *
dnwlay nnd  Friday.
a.   rn.   M.>rt.;.'t<
Nfv/ Weatmlnster with
tho Centre.
Boulevard Dowr
IOUUBTi Affrnt. N'-w Weatmlnater
BRODlfO, O. P. a.. Vancouver,
New  Sprlnii  and  Summer  SnitlngN
j now on display.    See them.    Perfect
iflt and workmanship guaranteed.   701
I Krout Street.
Bltulithic la noiseless, non-Hlipiiory, practically diiBtless, easy oa
horses' leet, and, ubove all, particularly durable, For these reaBims
Illtullthlc Is commended highly by owncm of automobiles and horsea.
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred In tho United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. SATURDAY,  JUNE   14,  1913.
Heavier Expenses All  Round Account
For   Much   Larger  Estimates���
Assessment stationary
Stated to Ce High Grade Anthracite-
Important  Bearing   Upon  Convenience of Shipping.
Calgary, June 18, Thai tlie 1918
mill rate for Calgary will total the
astonishing sum of 211 mills on the
dollar la Iho disquieting report tbat
is freely circulated at present round
lln* city hall. Mayor Kinnet will nol
deny ilii'l the mill rate will nuch this I
lotal, im* Commissioner   ciraves de |
|.Millies the Ideu as llle accountant!
have not yet finished totaling up the
, atimates.
The mill rale for 1913 wa,s 12 1-2
mills, Including the mill rate for the
M luol 1 iMiiieui, Which waB a decimal
over ihree mills.
11 is r. ported thai the estimates for
1013 will run to nearly 18,000,000.
Hi,wi ver thiB may be. frantic efforts
are being made by thu commission-
, rs '" cul Hie estimates and ihe boad
i r every department hus been notified |
lhat h" will have In do without a lot
, i Improvements that hi' had figured
��� n
The reason  for tho  great  Increase
n  the mill  rate Is threi told,    First,
, ,ii, enlarged expenditure tor 1918
��� i Instance the health department,
v h   li is asking many times more tor
; pi rl Hum last y< ar.    But there
uo   question   that   the   health   de
i.n mi' i  this year is doing efflclenl
���  nml  Hie commissioners find  It
cull iii cul down Us requirements,
aame  ih  true of  other    depart
nts, in a lessor degree,
Last  Year's  Expenditure
��� i'i. Hi" greal expenditures hi it
year  on   public   works.   Interest   fur
li lulls dm' this year, and will to-
i.il something mora than $300,000. In
addition   the  provision  thai  mu I   bi
It* inr Bin king funds to retire tbe
ii   during   the   past   year.
to I"* mi '   'Ins year, anil wllh the
* Bl  will  bring the sum tn In- pri
lied   for  in   th"   1913  estimates    to
��� *.   than half a million dollars.
. lie result of fixing of the new mill
rati   Is going to be a powerful argu-
"ii- hands of opponents of
^    I1 ��� ���" Blngle tax.    They will arum*
t in I   had   Ibe  city  gone on  Ihe single
!... Is  i niiii ly   ibis  year,  enough
liey ci '-I'I i."I li" raised In th" nexl
yeira  on   rial  property alone  lo
i    ry on   necessary city  works.
\   Bpec al   im etlng   of   tin-  council
iblj   *. ill b ��� called late this Wee
:. si Monday morning to consider
���   estimates on  which  the cuminis
are   now   working overtime.
Seattle, June 13. -An Important din
covery, which may have large bearing
on the use of the Panama canal as a
highway of the world's commerce, ia
reported in the dispatches from Colon
It Is to the effect that a deposit of
high-grade anthracite ccal has been
found, on the Isthmus, covering'an
area of Bome twenty-live square miles.
ThiB coal haB becn located on tho
Itlo Indlo, whieh is one of the tributaries of the Charges river, somewhat
nearer iho Pacific than the Atlantic
side of tiie canal, lt is stated, further,
In the dispatches that an eight-mile
railroad la all that will be requlri J li
furnlrh transportation to tidewater
If til
coal  In
Missionary    Astonishes    Presbyterian
Assembly���Canadian   Union   is
Religious not Racial Problem
Toron'o,   June   13.���A  condition  cf
organized and wholesale exploitation
of the foreign immigrant into cape
Breton iBland on account of the powerful corporations there, was disclosed by the Hev. C. E. Kinsele in his
addriHs on the branch cf the Home
Mission work among foreigners in
The speaker, who is engaged in
mission work for the Presbyterian
church, declared that the condition
Of these unskilled laborers ia far
worse than wae that of the Blaves In
lhe south, and he described how the
unsuspecting immigrant is caught in
the toils from which lie can scarcely
,. escape, so closely is he guurded from
I outside help.
e is a deposit  of high-grade I    That    a  certain    corporation    lias
large quantities  within  Ba*y|agentB  throughout   Europe   who  Bell
Proatestant, of whom he Is one, and
he declared that he had no desire to
attack Roman Catholics as such, but
the system of that church.
The speaker declared Ihat throughout French-Canada the better educated people are beginning to ask that
the Bpeclal privileges of the Roman
church be taken away. The exemption
of ecclesiastical property from taxation was declared lo be "the vampire
sucking the very life blcod of the
nation," and the speaker declared the
province Ib bordering on an atheistic
revolution, such aB swept Prance and
Portugal, unless a whole hearted effort can be made to bring vital, real
Christianity   to   Its   Inhabitants.
Going to Be a Bum-per Crop This Year
744.000 000 Bushels
Washington. June 13.-��� A bumper
wheat crop, sufficient to mill more
than 180,000,000 barrels of flour and
wheal may reach the proportion of the
record wheat harvest of 1W1 If conditions from now on are favorable'
is forecasted by the department of
agriculture in  its June crop report.
Government experts estimated this
year's harvest would be 744.01)0,011(1
bushels of wheat and 112,000,000 bush-
Els would be winter wheat���a record
for thiB crop��� and 252,000,000 will be
spring wheat. The third largest acreage ever planted and favorable growing conditions account for the prospect of an abundant yield.
An Increase of more than ten per
cent, of last year's acreage Ib planted this year, but the- conditions of
this crop on June 1, was below the
ten-year average and officials estimate tlie production will be 1.104,000
bushels,  or  more  than  300,000  below
last year's harvest. ���
The acreage planted to barley was
less than thai of lasl, year and tho
production ls estimated at 170,000,000
To Labor Agencies.
A wire of recent date to the Dominion Immigration agent at Vancouver from \V. IJ, Scott, superintendent
of Immigration at Otlawa, stated lhat
no applications had yet been received
from II. C. employment agencies for
licenses, and that further neglect
would resull. in Immediate prosecution. Since then, however, the majority ot labor agencies in Vancouver
have made format application for
licenses. Any others operating in the
province who have not yet applied
are asked to take note of this ruling
of the department.
reach of the shipping which is
ed to crowd tbe canal, there i
only  be a  full  market  for all  of  the
product, but It will be a convenient*
"f thn llrsl magnitude to the shipping.
It   h:i3   been   the   Intention,   before
tlie  canai   Ib  opene'd,   to  build   great
bunkers adjacent to the- canal, to be
mini  wiih eoal and operated by the
canal government without profit, b"t
at actual cost, ln order that the fes-
si Is using tbe canal may secure
piles iit Hi" minimum of e.*o8t.
This  Is  to be don" to encourage
xpect-1 tickets to Sydney in place of through
ill not I tickl is   to   Winnipeg   and   the   west,
and thfti when once stranded without
money   these   unfortunates   fall   into*
lhe   trap  set   for   them;   also   that ai
policy   of   rigid   exclusion   from   tho
company's grounds,  where  the work '
men  are  boused,  of  any   who  might
desire to help them  is in force, were j
among the startling revelations made.
Itev. Mr. Kinsele explained that his
I work   lies among  foreigners  of  prac-
tloally   every   nationality   of   Kurope.
ito the number of 1600.   The all but
to the largest possible extent the usefhdpeless nature of his task in preach-
f the Panama rout" Instead of that
by way of Suez. If there is high-grade
loal to be found on the Isthmus :t-
-i If. th" question of a coaling supply
for lhe shipping Is settled without any
n ������' investment.
It Is a matter of fact that coal da-
noelta have heen discovered before
thl ' n the Isthmus, but not fn large
luantltli b rr of good quality. Them Is
therefore nothing Intrinsically Im-
pn bable ahout the reported discovery. That It has not beeq made '!e-
fur" is easily lo be understood by any
person who has even se'en a tropical
jungle Mich as that on the Isthmus,
ind who can thus realize tbe almo l
Insurmountable difficulties in lhe way
nf prospecting for any kind of mineral
deposit i"  Mich a region.
P   Ft. Apprentice Gets Rough Hand-
ig by Men at Winnipeg Worko���
Ominous Reports.
:   |i ;-.  June  13.     As a result  of
. *tv hazing which he received al
ids nl  his worka males at the
It    Weston   shops   during   tlm
:  il.iy  noon  day dinner hon:-.  Aril,hs.   a   boilermakers'   appren-
������ aiding at   1486  Elgin avenue,
Hi    at his ho- e in a seriouB con-
lany  varied siories are told of how
ii ury was Inflicted upon the young
me uf which llie details are re-
t.i'   in   Ihe  extreme.     11.  A.   I'yii".
h  superintendent,  however,  Stilted
lh"   telephone  today    that    the
ni   nun  had  but  received  a little
. h handling, which waB the com-
���i lot of new men at the works
In ro bad, according to the results
the ntlicial Investigation which has
* held, been no undue maltreat -
nl nf Bales, and IiIb Injuries would
lear to be mainly on account of a
leal weakness, of which the men
did the hazing knew nothing,
i. pnrt was circulated round the
��� during Hie week to the effect that
��� had died as a result of liis treat-
This report, however, has been
led,  es  the  young   man  la  appar-
recoverlng hla Injuries and will
probability he able to go to work
lln m ;���  few days.
��� -'..ii.ii'-* a Landing, .lime 13.   Re-
rti  havo been brought from the eas-
-   thirty   miles  above   McMurruys.
the ti-uiiiig of a mart's body on tbe
i'i   i'uu i'   wrapped   In  cinvas.    The
is  found  and  buried  by aome
��� ..nm n of the Hudson's Bay
: my
��� Identity   of   the   person   Is   not
n,  but   it   la  presumed to be one
���'��������������� party of three who left here a
M. ago.    They were going to MO-
rays   to   look   after  some  timber.
Iraco of Hie men or boat 1ms been
ted,    lieeent ralnB In the district
done Immense good to the crops.
' Ii  are ahead of laEt year.
tilt Hlghgrader Gets One Year���
vaq Goes to Find More Like Him
' i halt, June 10 Alderle Halo, the
lander taken  Into custodv by Pre
* lal   Constable   Jtrrv   I.efebvre   a
���ih   (Vhult   on   May  15, and  found
i ���  wearing a "silver" coat contain-
an:,' $r,nn worth ef high grade
. was sentenced to one year a'
ii   I'.bi r  in   Centrnl  nl   North   Bay
* nl iv nfernoon.
11"   was  aboard   4(1 nl   North  I "���
*   lhe evening In question when
ail inns   appeared   mi.-ipicleua     to
i .r ie re   nnd   the   policeman
him   into  custody.    Under  his
'   n-   was  the emit   In  whl'''   ��"rt
������I   up   lhe  high   grid*.   Weighing
tl  06 pounds nnd the mnn was ai
������ lodged in Ihe Cells nl CoHiH. II"
led  to be tiled ill   North   Hav and
��� nt   down  for  trial.    Th" "������
'il  unt  be  proven aa coining  from
.*  rtftln   mine  and   wnn  given    "
Mine Managers' Association to be
���,,!   |���  the  general  fund  for
'Har,  of  hlr.h  grad���� ln  ''"
Government  Intends to  Fix  Up  Kam
loops Old  Men's Home.
Victoria. June'  13.  -Some  time ago j
the   provincial   government   took   an
Interest In the extension and improvement of the old men's home at  Kam
loops, an.! now that tlle work is prac-
tlcally   completed,    the    qui stion   of
���  i i*.   furnishing  lhe new  wing  is
agitating ihe minds of th" officials.
With a view to becoming fully acquainted with tho new situation regarding the Institution, Hon, i'r
Young, minister cf education, whose
department has Jurisdiction over the
h une, haa taken a trip to Kamloops
fnr the purpose of investigating the
needs of the aame.
The furnishing of the institution  is
n carded   ns   of  considerable   Importance in this district, and the minister
I thought it might be   as well to judge
I the problem at tlrst hand     He left the
city yesterday afteraen. and expect*  pi
to be back in town by the end of l!n       "
���VII  ',..
Ing lo these people the gospel of love
when on every hand, although in a
christian country, thy see evidence
of anything but love for one's neighbor, was forcefully declared by the
spenker who Asked "What use is
lhere in preaching a gospel of love
If I eannoi prov.* ii?" lie explained
lhat it is hy the practical help which
he gives tin in. and which coming
from people whom they know nothing
of makes these ignorant people realize' the truths of Christianity, that
he is able to gain them for Christ.
For a United Canada
The vital ne'd lhat exists for the
ipread "f Prostestantism in Qui bee
if the nation ia lo remain-one, and if
east is to be linked with west, were
set rorth by Itev. C. K. Amaron. D.D.,
who spoke of the work of evangelization among kreneh-i'iinadians, one
���f whose number lie is.
"The problem of a united Canada Is
a religious one, not a racial one. "d"
clared the speaker, "and the difficul
tics do not arise from a large French
population, but because the country
is under the power of a great politico
religious body, and the principles ot
which do not conform with a united
national existence."
Or. Amaron called attention to lhe
frequently heard statement of Krench
Roman Catholic prelates that the. pro
: ��� if '.{-ii -.* b.longs lo them
pointing oui that If such were the
case the obvious outcome fer which
tbey are striving is an autonomous
state, Ile called attention to the fact
that  there  Is no  fear of the  Krench
But GIN PILLS Conquered
His Rheumatism
IHR Lirt that men of standing and responsibility
I   do not hesitate to come out snd state frankly
bow mucb good GIN PILLS have done tbem,
(peaks volumes for this good old reme4y-
Mr. W. G Ki-nl, of Hamilton, whose statement we publish below, with hU permiasiou, is
one of the best known commercial men in
Catiadn. His many friends throughout the
country will be delighted to learn that be is
quite himself again.    He says :
" I huve been for the last two years a cripple
with Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism.
I have tried aliuutt everything knowm to medical
science to relieve me of the intense pain aad
inflammation I sought change of climate in
Kentucky and other Southern points without
relief. Vour manager in this city recommended
CIN PILLS and I have since taken eifcht boxes
and sin now cured. I consider GIN PILLS the
conqueror of Rheumatism and Kidney Disease".
(Sigued) W. G. REID.
Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism,
Lumbago, Sciatica and all other troubles arising
from weak, inactive or diseased kidneys, have
little chance against GIN PILLS.
Tlie curative properties in these pills **m
straight to the root of the trouble���the failure
of the kidneys to keep tbe blood free from the
irritating Uric Acid which is continually being
formed in the body, GIN PILLS help the Kidneys to perform this function
properly, and the iraia of'troubles vanish.
Just try it and prove it to your own satisfaction.    There is r.o risk���money
back if CIS PILLS do not help you.
50c a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample free if you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. ct Canada, Limited, Torouto. 157
Trains From Interurban Termifial���Columbia St
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS��� 5 and 5.45 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���15 minute ser
vice iB continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 mlnuteB until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGULAR  SERVICE���5.45  and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with   late  car  at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30
until   10  p.m.
a.m. and
with  late
car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is  made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
Who opi ns a
seascn of stock at  the
>yal    theatre
on  Monday. June   16.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Victoria, June 13- George Thompson, who gave himself up lo the police as the man who robbed Frederick
Wilkes, a chauffeur, at Mount Tolmie
some days ago, and later denied the
story, Claiming that lie adopted this
method of obtaining a nual and a
night's lodging, appeared in the police-
court yesterday morning on a charge
of  carrying   a  concealed   weapon.
He denied that he had any reason
for having a gun and declared thai he
d.d not know that it was loaded. The
weapon was produced. Jusl as it wa��
taken from him, and an Inspection
showed ihat It was fully charged
Thompson was found guilty and sm-
lenced  to one month's imprisonment.
Al the Big Bankrupt Sale new in full swing a
gains to be offered beginning Today, Saturda
ing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes, etc.   Read on,
afternoon and evening crowds.
1 605 Columbia street, near the postoffice. Hundreds of new, daring and surprising bar-
y. Come, share in these startling bargains. It means the biggest kind of a saving in Cloth-
then be here when the doors open at 9.  Shop early to avoid the big rush of the Saturday
Would Be Suicide Save Wife Was
Murdered in His Presence
Kort William, Ont.. June 13.���A
weird tale of his wife. Josephine, having been murdered In his presenci
by railroad construction laborers,
about fifty milea eaat or the city, ro
celillv. was related to the Port William police today by victor Tyvole,
a laborer, who attempted to commit
suicide, following what he believes
lo have been the taking of tils wife a
Tyvole bleeding from gashes in his
forehead and side, was found roam-
In gaimlessly 111 the woods near Bob-
i-eibcr He was approached afier a
struggle bv Provincial Constables (ins*
sick and It. 1- Goldli, "������*> hrought
I,im   to  the  city.
Tyvole who Ihia forenoon was able
to talk, said that his wounds were
self-inflicted. He told of hitting himself eight times on the forehead with
in, axe. and of having tried to cut
oul his own heart with the Implement,
following the alleged asaaul upon, his
wife. A doctor put eighteen stitches
in the man's forehead.
He gave as a reason for attempting
suicide ihat when he realised thai he
hi do. protected his wife's life with
hi I own. he decided that he should die
��� �� penance. Thc police tire Inclined
?0 discredit  of the  woman,  although
an investigation will be made    it Is
(pe��sible that Tyvole will be laken be-
fore an Insanity
Men's Suits, positively worth to
$12.50 or your money refunded. Any time during the sale..
Men's Suits in high grade dark
silk, mixed Cheviots, splendidly tailored, regular price to
$18.00.    Price 	
Blue Serge, Black Thibet and unfinished Worsted Suits, also
Richfield Brown and Brown
Stripes. Suits that sell up to
$22.50; price	
Suits, perfectly tailored; it seems
a pity to sell them so low; ve*-
���   ular price up to $25.00. Price. .
Finest Suits for best dress wear,
and those fashionable diagonal
grey effects; finest hand-tailoring, worth up to $35.00.
Men's Fine Raincoats, worth to
$15.00; now	
Men's Pants, worth up to $2.00; ^A-
nntn  ...    I tlm*
Men's Pants in grey stripes and
plain shades, for dress wear;
regular price to $3.50, Price..
Men's Fine Worsted Trousers,
vorth .?"> and $(>; made of fine
Worsteds and Tweeds. Price..
Children's Knee Pants, worth to
75c; now	
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Hats, soft, stiff and straw, worth
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Children's Overalls, worth 50c; now ... .29c.
50c. and 75c. Belts; now 15c.
$6.00 and $7.00 high top Prospectors' Boots;
now $3.45
Fancy Underwear,, worth   75c.   and   $1.00
now  35c.
DRY GOODS CI VEN AWAY. Men'Tshirts, regular prices to $1.00; price 39c".
15c. Flannelette; ndw per yard  7c. Men's Shirts, white and fancy patterns, regu-
25c. and 50c. Dress Goods; now per yard   16c. j    iar $2.00.   Sale price  89c.
14c. and 25c. Ribbons; now, per yard  7c. Men's Underwear; worth to $1.50. Price.49c.
Shawls, worth to $3.50; now 98c. Men's Suspenders, worth to 50c. Sale price 14c.
Come, help yourself.   And hundreds of
Old Town Wiped Out.
Seward. Alaska, June 11. Fire todav destroyed Olmoal the entire vll-
inia ���f Sunrise, the oldest settlement
Sf Remain peninsula. Tl.e fire was
" ��� ,,i hv a defective flue. The oss
s animated at 110,000, Bunrlie is a
vill-ige of Iti population on I iiriiagtiin
Arm Cnolilnlel.XO miles north of Se
w���--,|' II was Battled In 1885 and con-
',,...,,) of half a dozen bouses, two
gentfral stores, il naloon and road
lu -iu -c and an hotel
other articles we cannot mention here
Pick 'em Out.
Ties, worth to 50c.   Price 12c.
$3.00 Suit Cases; now  98c.
$1.50 to $2.00 Razors; now 29c.
50c. and $1.00 Cuff Buttons; now 10c.
605 Columbia St., Near Sixth St.
Welsh's Old Stand in the Building Formerly Occupied by Reid &
McDonald Clothing Store.
Wanted:���Extra Salespeople on Saturday for   Clothing,   Furnishings,   Hats,   Shoes.
Store Open Evenings for Working People during the week till 7:30, Saturdays till 11.
Bo sure you find the rlnht
place. Do not confound this
sale with other so-called
Bankrupt Clothing Sales.
You must look for tho number above the door before
mtering (605 Columbia St.)
then you will know you are
in  the  right  place.    We  are
warning you agalust an un-
���OTUpulOUl     merchant     thai
will try to lure you in through
a similar sale since this sale
has been announced.
I **as***** ***.
Rem?mbei' tbe  Place ���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
We opened a new Bhipment of
Soaps today. We wlBh especially to call your attention to
Mother's Favorite Soap. Kspecl-
ally manufactured for mothers
and babies. Is very mild with
luxuriant lather. With every
box containing three cakes of
co&p we will give away a Soap
Baby valued al 15c. The soap
retails for per box 35c.
We alBo would call y��ur attention to the Egyptian dycerine
Soap. Daintily violet perfumed
aud absolutely transparent. We
will be pleased to give you a
free sample. Per box, 3 cakes,
Goodwin's Special Toilet Soap.
Very select and hard milled,
S cakes 25c.
Wash Hag Castile Soap, each
cake wrapped In a neat wash
rag. Extra fine Spanish Castile.
Per cake 10c.
l.uxa Rosa, the soap par excellence. Expensive yet economical. Perfumed and nicely
boxed, per box 50c.
Strawberries, 3 boxes    50c.
I'tneaples. each    35c.
Cherries,  lb ��� 35c.
Tomatoes, hothouse, lb   35c.
Apricots, lb 25c.
Plums,  lb 15c.
Poaches,   Ib 25c.
Bananas, doz 30c.
Oranges, doz. 60c, 50c, 45c, 35c.
Spend     your    money    where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
Open Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES; ���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
������������j i������ ii ��� in
City News In Brief
Therefore, do it now,
while both body and
mind are healthly and
We can furnish the
experience, p r u d e n ce
and business judgment
your estate will need.
Discuss your plans
with us���we can help
you in many ways, because acting as executor and trustees is our
business and it is not a
business that can be
learned in u day or a
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
The Perpetual Trustee'
4% oa deposits
Paid  up Capital  and  Surplus
Assets       4,973,161.05
Trusts und t Administration
Trusteeships fof Bondholders
Fraternal Order
of Eagles.
Members of New Westminster Aerie
Mo. 20 are requested to assemble at
their hall on Sunday afternoon, June
I',, at 2:00 o'clock, for Ihe purpose of
jiartlcipatitiR in tho Memorial Day
K'-rvtce. Visiting brothers are cordially
it;vited to attend. Donations of
flowers received.
By order,
W. President.
(ISM) Secretary,    j
A   handsome   summer  residence   lu
being built for J. J. Johnston, of this
'city, ut t'ai-raliolly, llurrard Inlet.
Ice cream protto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Ilardman,
proprietor. (1534)
Slight repairs nre being made to
the li. C. Telephone company's lines
along the upper end of Eighth street.
Tho Women's auxiliary of Holy
Trinity cathedral are planning for a
social to be held in St. George's hall
next Tuesday afternoon.
NaUonal Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident Insurance. 521
Columbia atreet.   Phono 515.     (1537)
Krancls Starr will appear at the
opera house on Tuesday evening In
"The Case of Becky." Order your
seats now.   Prices 50 cents to '2.
Oet It at the Royal Pharmacy, 41
Sixth street   Tel. 1268. (1463)
The local branch ot the Y, M. C. A.
has started an employment bureau, for
young men and already good results
have been obtained.
Tho ladles of the Sixth Avenue
Methodist church have arranged for
an Ice cream social, which wlll be held
on tho afternoon and evening of June
24, at Moody square.
Millinery special for Friday and
Saturday, trlmimcd hats $2.95. Mrs.
Agret, 5i�� Sixth street. (1528)
Two more autoists were tagged yesterday for smashing the auto act in
passing stationary street cars. Both
were nabbed by Traffic Constable
Milne.     *
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Price 35c and 50c.
Frank Jeal, Tel. 339, City. (1442)
Another shop meeting has been arranged by the officials of the Y.M.C.A.
for Tuesday at noon. Rev. E. J. Cave,
of the Baptist church, Edmonds, will
address the employees at the B.C.Hit.
carshops on that day.
For everything electrical B-^e W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
All members of the Y. M. C, A. Harriers are requested to attend a meeting of tho club on Monday evening
nt 7:20, to make final arrangements
for the track meet this month.
Excursion to Spokane Pow-wow, via
Great Northern, June 18, 17, 18. Return
limit June 23. Fare $16.90. i'hone
163. (1538)
The Women's auxiliary of St. Barnabas' church are holding an afternoon tea nnd social at the home of
Mrs. S. A. Fletcher, Third avenue,
next Tuesday afternoon.
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nutshell during the
summer. Boom 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
The annual meeting of the British
Columbia grand lodge of the .Masonic
order will be held in this city on June
19 and 20. Arrangements are now
being made for the entertainment of
the delegates, whom, it is expected,
will number ahout 300.
Tlm seat sale ia now open for Francis Starr who will appear at the opera
house in "The Case of Becky." Prices
50 cents to $2. (1539)
Building permits were Issued yesterday to !���'. H. 1'. Mackintosh for the
erection of a house on Tenth street at
a cost of $2700, and to Captain Joseph
Mayers for a garage at $150. The permits granted for the last five days aggregate a eost involved of $9850.
Insure with Alfred \V. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pav losses.
\ regular course of physical training, including, games, tfrillo and apparatus work will be undertaken by
the leaders' corps at the local Y.M.C.A.
The men will meet every Thursday
nighl ut 7::i0. Mr. Whittaker will
have charge of the drill next week.
Money io loan on flrst mortgagee,
improved city and farm property.
i'ei'in3 easonable.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.
The old plank road leading from the
souih side of the New Westminster
bridge to the old Yale road Is being
taken up and replaced by new planking The government gang engaged
in the work are camped opposite the
Clarlngton hotel.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, (uel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply  the   B,   C,  Transport  Co.,   Ltd
Phone 826,   Wharf phone 880.   114451
The ludicrous sight of several well
known business men crawling through
a small aperture from the elevator
cage in the Westminster Trust block
was appreciated by the bystanders
yesterday ufternoon. One of the lifts
went out of commission, leaving the
occupants a very Binall place tu crawl
The 11. C. Transport Company takOH
over the agency for the Kilgard
pressed brick for New Westminster
This Is the best brick on the market.
.Samples can be seen at the company's
office, This company ls also handling
the Pender island common brick;
large shipments are now being made
to the company's wharf here. Call
and see us for prlceB. (1425,'
Word ha!! jusl been received In the
city that Mrs. V. C. liriinarotnbo, a
daughter of 0, E. Corbould, K.C,
of    this   city,    was   among    those
injur,'! 111 the auto accident last S1111-
day near Kamloops In which Sol Oppenheimer, nephew of David Oppenheimer, of Vancouver, was killed. Mrs.
Brlmacombe was badly shaken up
but was nol seriously hurt. The accident waB caused by the bursting or
two tlrcB.
��� We make awnings, tents and sails,
'renovate carpets and draperies, remake and repollsh furniture, manufacture cedar dress and walsl boxes,
window Beats and do all kinds of
upholstery work In leather or tapi s-
try. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and Interior hangings. Estimates given.
I,c*pb Limited. - -   '        (USD
On Monday evening the various
young people's societies will meet in
Knox Presbyterian church, Sapperton.
Three papers will be read, and a special  musical program rendered.
Yesterday a number of school trustees made a tour of Inspection of the
grading and stumping work being
done at the Bite of tho new high
W. W. FoBter, deputy minister of
public works, in making bis annual
Inspection of public work done In the
municipalities on the lower mainland.
It Is expected that he wlll visit New
Westminster some day next week.
A number of residents near the flro
hall on Eighth street are attending
free lacrosse matches these evenings,
the exhibitions being provided by
about two dozen lads of the neighborhood.
Millinery Sale.���All trimmed millinery and shapes goln^ at half price
for Friday and Saturday only. Also
six dozeu flower mounts, regular 50c
to $1 for 26c. MIbb Davey, Carnarvon
block, nearly opposite Hussell hotel.
The location of the office of thc municipal bureau, which it Ib proposed
to eBtabllsh In the city market, wlll
be decided on in a few days, says
Building Inspector Turnbull. As soon
as this Is done an office will be built
and  the bureau inaugurated.
Commencing tomorrow, the Sunday
Bchool of the Queen's Avenue Methodist church will assemble in thc
church parlors at 12:15, immediately
following the morning service, instead
of at the usual hour, 2:30. The new
order of things will prevail from now
The building occupied by the N'ew
Westminster Cleaning and Dyeing
works, and owned by John Handell, 615
Fifth avenue, was demolished by fire
on Thursday evening. The machinery
ind a large quantity of clothing were
also destroyed. The building itself
was an old one and of no great value.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
Arthur JameB Tapley, a C.P.R. employee, charged with entering a box
car at Port Coquitlam and stealing
two rubber coats, on May 24 laut, will
S. R, Williams, of Sperling, was in
town yesterday.
Starred Wells, of .Mission City, is a
visitor In the city.
A. D. Jordon, of London, lis registered at the 'Hussell.
H. Creenland, Byrne road, is registered ut the Windsor.
Peter Stewart Ib visiting New WeBtmlnster from Chllllwack.
S. H. Schrener, of New York, is
registered at the Russell,
lt. W. Peterson, of Fresno, Cal., Is
In the city for a few days.
John Cochrane and wife and Mrs. J.
Hi Emery are in the city from Victoria.
B. F. Dunbsck and wife, of Long
Lake, Wash., are registered ut the
Miss A. Muuroe, of Salmon Arm, is
visiting Mrs. Louis Williams, 246 Columbia street east,
J. A. Lee, president of the H. 0. Conservative association, returned yesterday from Victoria.
E. Stride, of KdmondB, Is on hiB way
to California where he will spend a
few months' holiday.
Councillor T. D; Coldicutt and wife,
of Burnaby, are enjoying theniBelves
at the Portland roBe carnival.
Norman Sworder, eldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. Sworder, of Edmonds, arrived this week from England.
J. H. Kilmer, engineer for Port Coquitlam, waa in the city yesterday and
visited the land registry office in connection with municipal schemes.
Mrs. F. E. Fielding and Mia aEdna
Fielding are in the city from Seattle
and are registered nt the Windsor.
A. Haliburton, clerk of tbe munlei-
palltj of Coquitlam, removed yesterday from Westminster Juuetlon to his
I new residence on Brunette road, Bur-
The many friends of T. II. Bar-
haree will be glad to learn that he lias
recuperated after a successful operation for appendicitis and is once more
able to be down to business.
Allan Lewis, son of L. A. Lewis, of
the Brunette sawmills, and Edwin
Meredith, son of Thomas Meredith.
Fifth avenue, have received word thai I
they have both successfully passed'
their first year examinations with
honors at Toronto university.
Uev. Walter II. Turnbull, a missionary  of  India,  who  is  well  known  in
probably appear before Judge Howav Ith,s cit-v' *���'*'** PaMed hls examinations
In the county court on  Monday and |at MeMaBter llllU.,,r9ity  Toront0i llnd
choose his form of trial. He was com-
SATURDAY, JUNE  14, 1913.
Money Saving Items for
Thrifty People
Ladles' $1.50 Muslin Waists; splendid assortment at 90��
Ladles' $1.50 Lace Waists; ecru shade, ut  S3.85
Ladles' $3.00 Cotton House Dresses, nt  $1.50
Every Tailored Suit and Cloak in the Store is marked down. This is your opportunity to economize
and dress right up to the latest style.
$30.00 Suits marked down to      $22.50
$25.00 Suits marked down to $18.00
$20.00 SuitB marked down to $15.50
mltted on a preliminary investigation
by John Smith, city magistrate, Port
has received hiB II A. degree. During
'. the summer ho will have charge of the
central city mission in Vancouver and
in the fall will attend college to complete his course.
Maple  Peach  Park.
James Pearson was fined $50 and
costs in the police court yesterday for
an Infringement of the Animals Contagions Diseases act  Inasmuch as he
housed a number of hogs on premises :,:,..���  ���    ,,.   ,.,     , . ,
within the city limits quarantined for | ^'���0n..��L!?f  "l^ll*
hog cholera and before the expiry of
the   allotted   time.     The   information
was laid by Veterinary Inspector Hansom.
The Hoy Scout corps of the province
are being Inspected hy the Hon. and
Kev. T. R. Heneage, honorary secretary of the movement iu B. C, in order to decide which troop shall receive the shield presented by Lieutenant Governor Paterson for the best
all-round troop in tlie province. Mr.
Heneage will come 10 New Westmin- \
ster next Wednesday and will inspect I
the local scouts. Last year the trophy
was won by llossland. The provincial
secretary is now awaiting a war ran I
from England promoting hlm to the
post of assistant commissioner.
Evi n if every hotelkeeper in the
eity complied with the conditions Imposed by the Municipal act, which becomes law on Jan. 16, 1914, the city
of Nev; Westminster by Its population
is, according to authorities, entitled to
ihree addilional hotel licenses. The
population is over 17,000 and therefore is entitled to 17 licenses. Then
are at present 16 licenser, two r.i'
which are saloons. For the saloons
there is no hope whatever and the
1 only chance these licensees have Is
to convert them into hotels with 30
"Tho coolest spot in tbe city," it
what A. Hardman, of the West
Er.il Bakery, 511 Eighth Btreet, claims
for Hits new Ice cream parlor but recently opened, nml certainly it would
be difficult to find any store better
able to advance this st. : ment, for
the parlor is sunk in the side of a
small embankment and Is well pro-
lecti'd from,the heat. In it the proprietor has made arrangement to car--;
for at least 5n customers at one time,
and litis Installed every needed fixture. Mr. Hardman is the man vvh 1
last year won a diploma at the exhibition here for high class baking, an'd
this year lie intends installing an
oven at the grounds where exhibits
will bo made.
The Vancouver Progress club are
taking a step which la expccte-l to
prove Interesting to the Westminster
association In view of the recent Huy
Home Products campaign. The Vancouver club is endeavoring to hold ti
meeting with delegates from the various women's organizations in the eity,
with a view to impress-in;; on Ihem
the Importance of getting their members to use nothing but goods made
In llrltiBh Columbia. They are also
preparing a list of articles manufactured In Ilrillsh Columbia, which will
be distributed to every house in Vancouver. ThlB will h" so arranged
that a housewife, when ordering an
article, can see quickly lf it ls manu- I
faetured  In the  province.
being a sub-
old Whalen
estato at Point Roberts, Wash., is at
laat on the market in 50x100 feet lota
fronting broad atreets and with perpetual beach privileges. Thl3 has
been the camp ground for tscores of
local people for year*, The lots are
selling fast, many people procuring
the locations they had occupied as
tenants for years. Prices $330 and
upwards, easy terms. Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Wash Gcods   at   Lower
25c Zephyr Ginghams at  166
20c Cambric, short lengths, at  T/ttt
25c Canton Flannels, short lengths, at.,..m*.Ynt
$1.50 White Bed Spreads at  $1.25
12'^c Apron Ginghams at   XOtt
50c Cambric Embroidery Edge, at atStt
75c and S5c Cambric Embroidery Edge at..50i
Special Values in  Men's
$1.00 Straw  Hats at   75��
$4.00  Matting Covered Suit  Cases at $3.00
SOce LIbIo Half Hoae at    2St
$1.00  Elastic  Rib Combination  Suits  at g5{
GOc Ralbriggiin  Underwear at ,  SOt
Cotton  Undervests at    *Vttt
65c Work  Shirta at    504
Ladies' and Children's
Special Values in Ladies' Cotton Hoso ... .*2Stt
Extra  qualitk a  -35-t
Beautiful quality lisle   SOt
Sheer beautiful arm hose.7g��>, $1.00. $1.50
Children's  splendid   wearing   Hoae  nt..-...25t
Children's every-day Hoae at  20*
Infanta'  Socks,  white,  at '-XSt
Infants' lisle SockB, blue, pink, white, at. ..  25e
Ladii'6'  dainty  effects  In   Neckwear    and     Hair
Hands; the very newest ideas; arrived yesterday by express. Popular prices
al 25c. 506. 75c. $1.00. $2.00
Take the baby out Sunday in
a new Perambulator
Take a Calloric [Tireless
Cooker to camp with you and
your eating troubles aro more
than half solved.
We sell all kinds of electric Fixtures and labor saving devices. Hot PolntB, El
Toatos, etc.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
New  Laid  Eggs	
Cooking Butter 	
Pineapples, each ....
Grape Fruit 	
Strawberries, per do,\
Bananas, per dozi n .
.3 1I03. $1.00
.3 lbs.  $1.0i.i
....2 for 25c
It is our Prices
That Talk tho
Prices cut in two
Some Reduced
(Successor to Ayling
447 Columbia St,
Phone 93. I
Residence V. W. C. A,
Phone 1324.
J^   hone your order in early   ' B
12   ut not before 6 a.m. or   *"J
wlll  not find  us  there.
R   always    glad    to    hear
frcm you and
1^1   ever sorry to see you.
**    0   phene   m   up   when-
^9        ever  yeu  aro  hungry
W,   we    wlll   c ndeavor    to S3
*****      tati-ofy  yeu  and  your CO
%**   ompany. ft*
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace   Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,  1201, 1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  LD83.
Saturday will wind up our Mammoth Shoe Sale. We will make it a sensational
finish. For price-cutting in the remaining lines wc will out-distance all our
competitors. It is not damaged stuff that wc offer at these prices, but the pick
of our new, snappy, up-to-date stock, the best assorted in thc CRy.
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords, white or brown.   These are well made shoes.   Saturday per pair 85c.
Women's and Misses' Bathing Shoes.���Saturday, per pair  25c.
Ladies' White Nubuck Button Boots.���The  best.    Regular  price  $6.00.   Saturday  : g **.25
Boys' Solid Leather School Boots, heavy soles, all sizes, half price, a pair. .$1.95
Boys' Dress Boots, in tan or black.   Those are very smart dressy boots for the
best wear, a pair $2.95
Youths' School Boots, the best, a pair $1.95
Two Great Specials for Men
Extra heavy Hoots, good stout uppers; will stand the wear.   Marsh's Gun Metal
Take advantage of the Ilusincss Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent Ileach  (Blackle Spit)   for the summer months,
Traill leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after June 15, returning In
the morning iu time for business,    Crescent    Iliach    affords    Ideal
conditions for Rummer homes, combining the best  of bathing,  beat
inn at all utriRes of the tide together with fine beach.    ArtcBlan well
water to all residents.    Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 18*1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident. E mployers'   Liability,  Automobile  and I
Marino Insurance. ���
Button or Lace Boots, newest toe      $?���'
The Celebrated Pennant Shoe.   For men.    Goodyear welt soles, grand fitters
and wearers; half price $2.95
Misses'  and  Children's  Shoes   Half-Price
Girls' Strap Slippers in black or choco- Misses'   strong  School   Shoes,  heavy
late, good soles, Saturday 75c. soles, box calf uppers $1.45    B
Infant sizes 60c. Misses'  Gun  Metal high  cut button
Girls' Vici Kid Bluchers and Buttons, sizes, the newest, sizes 11 to 2, regu-
sizes 11 only, Saturday  95c. lar $3.50, Saturday $2.35
Infants' Sandals, the best 50c. Misses' barefoot Sandals, sizes 11-2 95c


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