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The New Westminster News May 22, 1913

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Is..    ���   *
Westminster   Ne
ws  is
the  on
ly  morning
in the
mlusler and
, The, Weathe*.
New    Westminster   ��nd    Lower
Mainland: Light io mod-erate winds;
warmer temperattye  -'on   a    rising
glass;  probabilities! fail,
!?/���< 0J& I    	
VOLUME  8,  NUMBER   64.
Coquitlam Municipality on
Question   of   Larger
J. A.  Lee's "Pull  Together"  Address
In Vancouver Is Enthusiastically
At a luncheon of the   Progress club,
of  Vancouver,  held  yesterday,  J.   A.
Lee, president of the New  Westmln-
Burnaby  and  New  Westminster  Ultv.^ex b"��rd of trade, delivered an ad-
dress  upon  'New    Westminster,    its
Both Help���J��ll Located in Con
stable's Shop
dress  upon
development and relation to the
Kraser river and the peninsula upon
which lt Ib situated."
There were about tail present.
Mr. Lee traced the history of the
municipal council Royal v^ from 'he beginning of Mr
the    nurqultlam  ''<' Barron's Inquiries Into Ub harbor
The Coqultlam
met  last   night    in     ..,	
agricultural hall and discussed amidst   possibilities  In   1908 and  the various
many  other  matters the  Introduction   '"'���!'s ,,lk"", ***** lhc ."i"81" ,!'p,to the
of water to the North and  Rochester   tlm��   Ul"  elt��   !(>��k  lhe   *���*���]'**���"*   *'*
roadB, from the Bumaby system, Hie  !,;lv-"* Pf��P��re��> tho P"8""1 <*"��nPre-
executlon of the agreement with New
Westminster    for    the    purchase   of
water from the main on the Pitt r'ver
road to Maillardville, and the 0, N. It.
plans   in   connection   with   municipal
A letter from McDougall, Long nnd
Mclntyre, municipal solicitors, wus
read regarding the steps to be taken
to furnish water to Hurqultlam from
the Hurnaby system.
On   Friendly  Terms.
Iteeve Harm spoke in highlv complimentary terms of the cordial reception he had received from Hurnaby council in respect to their application for water and tlieir desire to
oblige them in every way. He was
Informed that the water would be
Bupplied on the Bame terms as New
Wes'mln����er gave It  to  Maillardville.
After discussion it was referred to
Councillors Atkins, chairman of tin
board of works, and Martin to collect
the necessary Information as tn the
number nf property owners willing to
come under the scheme. The engineer
also was Instructed to procure data
and mal:
A letter from Mr .1. W. B, Blackmail, city engineer. New Westminster
was read enclosing the agreement between the city and the municipality
regarding the wuter supplv to Maillardville.
Engineer Verner. In reply to the
reeve, aaid that the supply pipe proposed  1%  inch  was usual  and  satis-
Senegal Said to Have Becn
Blown up While Leaving
Left That  Place  With   120  Aboard���
Tugs Have Gone to Assistance
of Wrecked Vessel.
Marseilles,  France, May 21���A pri
vate message received here says that: the  cit
City   Not   Ready  Yet to  Cettle  Question of Licenses���Mr. Grant
Wlll  Decide.
A special meeting of the city council was held yesterday afternoon,
when a discussion took place on the
new Liquor License bylaw and Its
probable conflict with the Municipal
act of 1911, wblch abolishes all saloon licenses and prohibits licenses
being granted to hotels with fewer
than 30 bedrooms after Jan. IB, 1914.
The new Municipal act strikes at
least half a dozen license holders In
two   of   whom' are     saloon j 000 per mile, 100 miles of bituminous
Municipal Engineer Favors;
Wholesale Permanent
I Prefers    Taking    Chance    on    Good
Times to Sailing Cheap Bonds���
Bylaws Read.
Port   Moody,   May   21.���It   Is   very
probable  that   Port  Mood*  will  raise
I all the money lt needs for civic lm-
Undertaking   Is  Impsratlve  Necesaity' provementg this year on the treasury
certificate  plan.    Mayor  Hoe  favors
this system.   While reporting on the J
subject at the meetlnlg of the council j
last evening  his  worship  Btated  that !
  'the  banks  would  lean  money  at    6!
,',���      , . .       per cent,    on    treasury    certificates,
Based on an average cost of *25,-; taking the city's bonds as security
and Needs Careful Consideration.
Twenty-second Annual Convention of Methodist Women in City.
Increaaes In  Membership and Givte-y
���Interesting  Reports and Addresses.
New    Westminster    has
keepers    pure    and  simple,  and  the pavements built on existing macadam
remainder are said not to provide the
necessary number of bedrooms.
On behalf of the licensed victuallers
ized or gravel roads In Burnaby would
cost $'J,500,000. While the initial cost
of such work seemB alarming and Ib,
the  liner  Senegal  of tbe  Compagnie
lies  Mesagerles  Maritlmes  struck    a
mine as she waB leaving Smyrna and
was  blown  up.    It    Is believed    that
henslve harbor scheme on the Kraser j there    were    close    on    200    people I It Is contended that the city of New
at  New  Westminster. aboard.    No confirmation of this de- Westminster is exempt from the pro-
Influence   Is  Broad. spntch   has  reached    the    company's  visions  of  the  act  by  special  enact-
He pointed out that this was not a office here, as yet.    The Senegal Is a  ment, provided the old bylaw of 188y
question for New  Westminster alone | steamer  of  3025  tons and   waa  built  is not  void by  repeal.
It   affected   the  entire    province    ofi|n 1872. A subtle interpretation  is that the'be a sound one,  in as much bb    the
British   Columbia   and   lhe   Dominion! tuh,  t0  Assistance. | raising   of   the   hotelkeepers     license j work would be permanent.   The aver
of Canada. By reason of the develop- , London, May 81, -- Private de- ; fees last year constituted a repeal, but I age annual coBt of maintenance, say
ments. he Indicated Canada was it. (patches received here say that ttigs|the attorney general is of the opinion $50,000, at the end of that period
'   '������"' :,:   ������:''���'  lor i'i- in..In.is both I have  gone  to the  assistance  ot    the  that the Municipal act over-rules the j would   be   practically  eliminated   and
-icnogal,   the  liner   which   it  is  said I bylaw of itself and Is the law applic-1 the needs of every disirict would  be
struck a mine    as she    was    leaving j able to the whole province.   Therefore jservejj."
had her
Though by aduptlng this system, share of conventions of
they gambled that the money market Bocle0es and organizations thia year
would improve through time. It wna n"iu��iiiim una yesr.
much preferable, he thought, to sell- , .no more interesting or wen atlng 5 per cent, bonds at 85. The 'ended gathering has ever been beld
mayor also stated that he had  been ^nan  that  of  the twenty-second
u���      ��t'JT        i    prolK,rUon, wi,lb corresponding with eastern financiers "ua' meeting of the British CoJmnW,
nnnl ���  ?K, a"S powers ��    ,HoB the matter of bond  issues. branch of    the Women's    Mtamonar,
m lnil'ir ,t III v     w,.r..:..l    ni.o,   n    r��,,-l���,l   ���l C...I    ...       _��      .��._       ..   ..... . -
municipality, spread over a period of
say five years, the investment should
of the soil and of Ihe factory, lt was
a waterway which I would undoubtedly figure very largely In shipping
circles In the not very distant future.
While recognizing the splendid poB-
silillt'es of llurrard Inlet, they were
very much limited and provision had
to lie made for much larger development ihan it could possibly take care
of. The Kraser river was without
doubt   the   logical   solution     of     the
Industries In the nenr future would
be reeking favorable locutions and if
they were going to be successful In
municipal development they could only
do It by establishing those Industries
and  creating  payrolls.
Two   Cities   Linked.
Vancouver's success depended very
In the shape of taking a three S��(jle.ty of lhe Methodist churrJU
months' option on nine lots about the *'hlch wl11 conclude today. The �������*.
corner of John and Kyle streets, one lnK3 are belng held In the Sixth
block east of Queen Btreet, the mat- Avenue Methodist church,
ter of securing a site fer the pro* ! interesting and varied has been ths
posed new cltv hall and other civic Program and many stirring lecturv.;.
buildingB  was advanced a few  steps.  ��n lhe missionary work of the society
The board of works recommended llave 1)een listened to by thoee who
that the council take out an option.weie fortunate enough to be. present.
on the lotB, as thev were suitable foi      The    session    opened    on Tuesday
Smyrna last night.    The liner has   a j the city's bylaw should be drawn In I    This was the statement of Engineer
passet.ger list of GO and a crew of 60. j conformity with ic j Macpherson, of Burnaby, at a meeting ; ��^��� Tor^idi'tlmy  were "re-  ����� rn.ng   v.���l,   ,),,   ,,*,*,,i.mt.   M���. i.
\\.  u. .vicyuarrie, city solicitor, re-; of the board of trade of that    muni-     ,,    A   pTl    ������,���    ���,
jported  that he aud  D.  S.  Whiteside,Jclpality  laat evening.
jas representing the licensed victual-.! Imperative Necessity,
lew association, had appointed J. R.: "Although on first consideration,"
Grant, barribter, New Westminster, to continued thc- engineer, "such an tin-
| decide the point at issue betweenUertaklng would appear io be stu-
!'hlm,...fi!K*t.heL.t-.e ��Ld.KLa*.0.f_.18��!|penddus  and  financially    impossible,
the Issues at slake are so serious and
making a total ot l"n suuls on board.
Divisional     Engineer     Denies     That
Trouble Is Expected With Fraaer
was Btiil in force, or inoperative by
the provisions of the Municipal act,
Mr. Grant as Arbiter.
Mr.  Oram  was quite satisfied that
they  could  not strike    out    rill
clauses  of  the  bylaw   and   leave
the necessities so Imperative as not
onl yto deserve mature consideration,
but also to demand prompt action.
Permaneut initial construction is the
���he'proper policy for any municipality or
thej governments    to   adopt.     Municipal
The  report    which    appeared  in a
[Vancouver paper yesterday to the ef
feet  that a portion of the new  road
estimates of the probable largely "'upon th- development of tne
Kraser river harbor facilities and the
properties bordering upon this ���*.���:���<���-.I
waterway, because of Its adaptability
fnr Industrial expansion, Three dis
tricts   possessed   practically   111"   onlv
available sites for large industries ami be"d' of the Canadian Northern railway
sufficient trackage for adequate WM |table U) -)(, waghed out should
transportation. Not only musi they tj,e Praser river go on a rampage this
work and plan for these enterprises i .vr\nf. |8 erroneous, according to
but they must also devote their par- ! Divisional   Engineer    Swan     of    the
factory  so  far  as  domestic   purposes   ticular   attention   to  agrlcullural   .!e-jc   m   h
were concerned, but In case of a big  velopment.    Ilunil municipalities must !   "������aJ   no  point    between    her
fire at   Malllardvlllh It  was  not  sufTi-  recognize  Ihls   fact  lhat   tmless  they |Katrfloops"  Rah!   Mr   Swan    to
clent.    He Intended seeing Mr. Black-  opened up Ihelr roads and gave con-'
mati and endeuvor to get hlm  to ap   venlent access  from  the  land  to  the
proach his council to permit them to  cities   lhat   the  farms    within     their
tap  their  big  25  Inch   main  with    a   bounds  might   as   well  remain   waste
second   pipe,  to  be  used  only   in  the   places   Instead   of   being   the   sourceB
emergency   of   fire.     It   would   enable   of   unbounded   prosperity   which   na-
them to get the water faster. ture had  Intended  them tn be.
He  estimated  thc    Installation    of Pull   Together.
steel pipes would cost $S800 and cast      With   these   objects   In   view   could
iron   pipes  $11,700.    Thev   would   be  either New  Westminster or  Vancou
the  results  are  therefore  disappoint-
I section  which deals with the number; bodies are active in the    permanent
of benrooms.   He was doubtful on the road poUcy, but   unfortunately    the
point  whether the raising of the 11-  action  is  not   concerted  enough  and
kense   fee  Invalidati-il   the  old   bvlaw'
as affected by the Municipal act ,,      and  ineffective.
Aid.".rman Lynch said they had been |    Thjs   is   Ule   firsl   ir,, u;;ll,i:i     that
quired.    The price of the entire pro- ,F*  Betts. of Vancouver, presiding.
I perty Is $15,000. The option cost; The reports of the secretary and
���1100. treasurer showed that    marked    pn>
i Tlie road tax bylaw which, with the P"3" had been made both in the
usual exemptions, authorizes the lm- membership and the amount of money
posing of a tax of $2 on every male  raised.
resident  of at least two weeks' rest I Membership Increase,
dence in the city, was read the third | Two new auxiliaries were affiliate*
time. The dog tax bylaw was also during the past year, making a total'
given a third reading. Notice was of ?,6, while the membership has
given of the introduction of bylaws jumped to ISIS, an increase of 17K.
to regulate street traffic, and to estab I The treasurer's report showed a
lish a pound and govern its opera- total of $7406.49, an Increase of
tlon. $758.49 over the amount raised fatal
Following the reading of tlie lre*tfi
A.u.-rman i.ynch said they had been ,    Thjs   ls   the   first   itlt[mation     tl
acting under the special dispensation        h     h licv   wag being    c
given by  the government  to the city    ,fl     d by (he        ,M       f ,hat
*****   H    , 2?��! f�� !>K ��,1 ?^'   2?y P��OUS municipality, bul it is proba
were Clear as to whether that dispell-    v ,,, ,.���F,.������,���,��� ������ ���, ., ������,���
'K:iniloopB," sahl Mr Swan to The
i News, "are we afraid of any such
Grading work on the l.ulu island
I branch of the company is almost com-
1 pleted and Irack-layliiR will be com
satlon had been nullified by the new
act. He moved they postpone action
on the bylaw until Mr. Grant gave his
The motion was adopted.
Condemned Building.
Acting-Mayor Kellington Reported
that Mr. Speck had called on him
with reference to his building on
Front  street  which bad    been    con-
urer's report, Mrs. James Ciimiint;,-
ham, of this city, led in prayer.
At the opening of the afternoon sen*
sion on Tuesday the devotionar exercises were conducted by the KilsiUr��.#
auxiliary, while a bible reading was
given  by  Mrs.  Chown.
MrB  Holt, of Victoria, read a report
... .    _       ,Of Christian stewardship and Mrs. C
The  engineer  in   his  address   also | Party of German Capitalists to Tour  c.   piB;ieri 0J this city, gave a talk at
that it will be brought up at a council
meeting in  the near future.
gave some valuable information on
road  building.
There were also a few other matters taken up by the board.
The complaint about the employment ot Italians on the Kingsway
paving contract was left over, aa
President Coldicutt was absent.
Canada���Will Visit New West-
n In tsar.
systematic giving.
Mrs. Coverdale Watson    led in tbe-
mcmurian and cousecratlon   services
I tor   five  members  who  passed  away
  during the year.
It is understood tbat tbe intvW    ��- & |^^5*?5~
i party  ot German financial men wnoiMt   pran^
Mann  by the steamer Strathtay  will  mentioned  they   were    holding
be taken down river in so-nvs and un-1 meeting.
loaded   at   a   point  near  Woodward's;    Tlie  preposition he was to put up
durable tor about :tu years.
It was resolved to approve of the progress of each other1 He reiternl
laying down of the $8800 pipes, and ed emphatically "No' ih.*. *.:*.,,. ...
the clerk was Instructed to notify t
r  afford  to  belittle or hamper  thi i B]< ujih   where  Ihe  ferry  terminals of jt0 the council was that  he was pre
the company will be located
room for jealousy or petty feeling.
The proposition wns large enough to
take In every element In antl between
the   two  cities.
Mr   I.e.. closed with a stirring appeal for harmonious co-operation in
promoting the splendid destinies of
both   cities.
The address was received with enthusiastic approval.
people desiring water thut it would
be Introduced under the local improvement act. The municipality
would  pay  one-third Of the cost.
The  agreement   was   then   referred
to the solicitors and engineer for their
report before being signed nnd sealed.
North   Road  Bridge.
Another letter from Ihe solicitors
was read reporting on the railway
commissioners' decision in the Norm
road bridge question with the 11 N.
R, company, Ihe road deviations and
compensation to property owners in
the neighborhood,
Councillor Atkins drew attention to
the  fact  that  no  mention   was made ,
of two subdivision roads affected. No
one  knew how  valuable  these  roads j
might become to the municipality In
the future,    lie recounted a   discus*
slon  between  Mr. Mctjuarrle ami  Mr.
McNeil for the tl. N. K. company, on |
the  hostile attitude of the latier    to I
Vancouv r In their business relations,
He suggested that the government be
notiiiiil thai the municipality was be-     Th
Ing ignored in regard to the roads In    clety
mentioned and  they be requested    to   ward ,,,.,-
muni*   hospital bus fallen to Post  No. 4, Na
i pared to erect a new fireproof build-
i ing, provided they could make proper
arrangements with Mr. Bilodeau, of
the Windsor hotel, who had leased a
number of bedrooms ou tht second,
storey of the building, ile understood!
the  proposal  included a  moving  pic-
menced the first week In June.    The  demned In a report by the building in-      u wa.B decided to grant *BO to the lare Koin��� lo tour Canada this sum- 1     Miss Eva Elliott   Bang  a hafcotlfe*
rills   which   were  brought    to    Tort (sPector   and   fire  chief,   and   he  had^Burnaby  Horticultural  society. mer will make the trip to New West-. solo,    following    which.  Mr-sT*-. B.
A letter ^SXet from    theUg.  l-j^JJ^j^ Ja^X^^�� ^
secretary    of   the   railway   oommla* \   Thej'WW artive Vx ���������� ea an auxiltary to
sloners in reply to a letter sent by the    * �� ��d **AA �����al�� l*��^��JjJ, every charge."
board oa the matter of the   freight feg^^^wMSS.'ffi The Thomas Crosby.
?"* fute    Highland'   M " '" ^^ thal lhf "^ ��' ��*��      *���*  ���'*     >'*  ���'>'    *��*���    *<*"*>*
t-o7PT e sec   "ary of the raihvav  or   ITogressive   association   will   en-   B11I,erlnter.dent of missicm, delivered
board stated that he was not clear as
to where the cut-off was. as the com
tertain them during the visit.
It   is  understood   that   the  party   is
travelling   with   a   view   to   obtalnim;
Equal Suffrage Association Encounters
Brick Wail at Diocesan
Portland, Ore., May -JI.    Efforts    of
. the Oregon Equal Suffrage association
  to extend the active sphere of women
��, .  _ ,,  , c ..��� .   Into the governing body of the Pro-
Set   Pace   in   Helping  to   Equip   New | J(>gtan)   Kpi���t.0���.u   ehurc*h   fM1(C,     ���,
duy when the twenty-fifth annual con
ventlon  of    the    diocese    of    Oregon
ture show  on the ground  floor which   ml9,6,10" has n�� Ju^8d'f,   S" "h e". t*\ first  hand  Information as to the  best
��C:nntlnn����f1  nn   Pur*   Flicht.k
eaae on tbe cut-off.
Man  Arrested on C. P. R. Is Wanted
In   Idaho.
Nelson, B.C.. May 21.���While on    a
Oreat  Northern    train    between    the i
Cnion and  the  Montain  stations  yes*
a  stirring  address on  TllilllltU  ev��a-
ln :, taking for his subject the Thonvw
' - ���: bv.  the  mission  boat   which plr��
up and down tbe coast of British Co
. Imi.bia  bringing cheer to  tbe lumbex
At  the  tea hour on  Tueedar
', was an  address of  welcome  by
Crux,   which   was   replied   to br Mn.
Morden. of North Vancouver.
11 reelings from the W. C. T. XT.
wire extended by Mrs. Barnard: from
the Anglican Circle by Miss Gillies;
from St. Stephen's home and foreisai
missionary   societies  by   Mrs.   W.   IX
terday  morning a man  who was    ar-  Section   Hand  in  California  Pulls off  Held, and from tlle Uap'.iit liircln by
I rested by Provincial Constable King
lat Castlegar Saiurday admitted to
iciilef  Constable   Illack   that   he   wae
Dime   Novel   Kidnapping
Royal   Columbian   Hocptal
honor of being the first r,o-
to offer to furnish a private
iu  the mw  Hoyal  Columbian
safeguard the interests of the
The subject was referred to Coun
elllor Alltlns, lhe solicitors nntl lln
Union Paving.
Councillor  Atkins reported hla    at
tendance  at Ihe convention  of muni
cipalltles with the object of getting a j    *
paved  road from the Pitt   river    to |���
tlve Sons Of  British Columbia.
At :i meeting last evening it was ile-
i cldid to ndopl the lugaestlon offered
In  a communication  from   President
unanimously laid cn the table a reso
Intioii prepared by Mrs. Abigail Scott
Dur.Iway, demanding representation
on ihe dlooesan convention. B. I.
Oltsan, chancellor, called up the reso
lutlon lhat It might be disposed of
before the election nf officers todav
and when II was nad ho moved that |
It be laid on the table.
He  explained   that   whatever  voice I
the  women  of  Oregon   may  have In !
Mrs.  Lewis.
Most of  Wednesday  morning's -session v.ai given over to business tmCi
Suffragette     fridoes     Keep |jo"hnlLuom��"charged" with   'having j stun��- Iters,    Mrs. A. K. Bolton   of tl'.��'��^
s murdered John   Llndqulst,   wounded*  ply committee, reported that htftwr ta
Sylvester Jarvey and    shot    nt    Ben ithe value of  1759  had  beta aent    U*
ljarvey   nt   Enavllle, Idaho,   last Sep-     s-.m Diego, Cal.. May    ll���Taking the different mission*.   Rupm-am    m
temher Mrs,  Klorentino Vasques    from    her other committees   and    tNe   ittsti �����
 .���  home  In  Coronado at the point Of a orgunlzers  were also rOCCtVQS.
pistol and keeping her for eiRht days j     m|ss a.  E.  Preston  handed1    i'v.   4.
in a serlicui house on the San Diego j very interesting report on the Orteui
&  Southeastern  railroad  at  National j al    work    ln    Vancouver, and hi tile
City, and  threatening her With death  afternoon Mrs. Large gave a report ar
if she  made a sound,  is  tiie charge, ihe work    of    the hospital    In  Port
Imperial Cabinet Members Guessing.
Right Honcrabies Refuse to Speak in
Public   Without  Guarantees  of
��IDI    TO IIVF   nNia8aillst ClolUlo ('have-', a r.cction hand ' Simpson
VJIllL    IU  LIIL   VII  employed on tho same rcilroad, who |     U(M   Bmlth
J.  J   Johnston  of  the hospital  board   the government of the commonwealth
the constitution and canons of the
Episcopal church were plainly antagonists at this time and ii was be-
one   of   the
and   to   furnish   complct
private wards.
A permanent committee to look af-
this matter wns appointed and Is
,,   , ,  .    ....        ,  .composed oi Mesirs. W.  K.  Edmonds
All the municipalities en- ! u.h.1,jrm,inl]  j.   *,*   Hampton   Bole.  A
dorsad the proposition.   Tholr portion  McCon   Qeorge Cassady and  Frank
of  tlm  road   was  estimated  to    cost
I18.UO0 or $'20,000 a mile.    The gov-
ernment was to be asked to pay half
the cost.
The reeve Bald the matter required
serious consideration und they had
better wait  to bco  what  the govern
name  of  the  church   by  striking  out
tlie word "protesinnt."
A number of other socle les aro
considering this mutter and It Is expected that they wlll fall In line with
the Native Sons.
After    the    meeting  lasl   night,  .it
Which   there  was  a good   represenla-
nient proposed to do. This Buggestlon   tiun (,f members, an Impromptu ban-
was agreed to. quet was held.
Councillor Atkins was appointed   a i 	
delegate to attend all future meetings
in connection with the project. TO GO to  work  at ONCE.
Constable Pure applied for a horse 	
to enable hlm to patrol his extensive   Canoe Pass Dyke Wlll Be Undertaken  and   the  position  of  th
municipality. Immediately.
Cardiff. Wales.  May  21. -The Brit-
Ish  cabinet  ministers are exposed  to j Starvation Waijes Paid in St. Louis
such  risks of being mauled  by  mill-'
yond   the   province   of     the     Oregon ] tantl ut public meetings that hereaf-
diocese to grim I    llle    representation  ter they are likely to refuse to attend
should lt so deBlre. I unless  those lit  charge of the meet-
A  resolution    was   adopted    by    a  IngB nre prepared to guarantee their
small  majority,    memorializing    the I personal safety.
general    convention    to  chnnge    the I    Because such assurances could not
Evidence Given  Before Senate
f Victoria. rcp-nit-Ml
I was today captured after a fight wlth]0��� t|���, indiuii missions in British Collie officers of National City ami i lumblu. Miss Clark, of Kitamaat. also
placed In the city jail here. i spoke on  this subject.
The   Btory  of  Mrs.   Vasquez  reads;     M*���B i.eeson. of the Veslev rfnircf*.
[like a chapter from a dime novel.        Vancouver, rendered a  b-eautlful solo
"Chavez   appeared   at   my    house,' ���     Mr8   w   w. Abbott, or    this    cft>.
said Mrs. Vasquez, "while I was nurs
ing  my  three-months-old  baby.  nndj,at tuja year."
gave  an  address on  ""Thanic* to mm
tearing the child from my breast,; Mra, Mclntvre presented- tli-B rrportr
told me to follow him. My other two of ft corresponding Becretary at
children started to cry, but the fierce-1    ,   in  bBnd���  ana  circles.
The reeve'and other councillors en- !    Jusl ns soon ns Instructions are i;
dorsed the application and authorized celWd_   from    Ottawa work will i
the poliwi committee to purohaBe   lf|started  on  supporting the  dyk��  **
necessary a horse and rig.
Jail  Wanted.   .,
A communication was read, also,
from the constable pointing out that
a room tu his house was died as n
polios office and his Bhop ub u jail, it
was coupled wllh a modest request
for an acknowledgment ln the shape
of rent.
This matter was referred to tlie
police committee for report, as well
ab tho appointment of Bpeclal constables at a fee of $10 per inonth.
|Canoe Pass, which ut the present time
Is consldt red ns nol high enough If the
annual freshets, aboul due, ar.i heavier
than usual.
The      supplementary      estimates
estimates brought down In the Ottawa
house on Tuesdny Include the mini of
$4500 for Ihe work at Cnnoe Pass and
just ns soon  iib Iho word  Is received
Baard of Trade Council Gives Attention to Matter.
A   meeting  of   the   council   of   the
bonrd of trade was held yesterday at
which the lighting of the Fraser river
lightship  at
the mouth of the river were discussed
The matter was referred to tin
transportation and navigation committee niul will be brought UP before a
subsequent meeting,
Meantime Information is being mp-
nlled to I. iv Taylor, M.P., at Ottawa,
who Is giving his attention to Ihe locution of the lightship.
Use Scows to Raise Her.
The   Vancouver  tug   Eva  grounded
from  Ottawa a gang of men will bo I recently on the edge of the river at
plnccd  on   fhe  job. the mouth of the North Arm, opposite
It was thought that this work could I the Indian reserve. After the tldo
not be undertaken while the river j had receded she heeled heavily oror
w'aB In flood, but, according to ltesl-lowing to the bank giving away. The
The reevn was authorized to confer | dent   Engineer Worsrold, the freshets ; tldo  returning  lilled  her  up and she        glJ     ,	
with   Government   lload   Superintend | will   nol   Interfere    very     materially . Bank. Efforts are being made to raise | can bring but discredit to their cause I by   the   concern   Is   $4   a   week,   the
(Continued on Pago Kour.) I with ItB completion. her by lashing thc tug to scowe. and punishment upon themselves."     average $5.50 and the htghost $1G,
St. l.ouiB, May il,- Conflicting tea
be given him, the home secretary, lit.
Hon.  Heginald McKenna, did not appear  at  the  Welsh  dis-establishment     ......       	
and  Free Church conference this af- iprevailing In the tiut-picking liidtistr>   carry out his threat of killing me
ternoon   although  he  was  announced , in St.  Louis. I made n sound, 1 thought it best to
���ts one Of the speakers,    lt is muler- I    The   committee  nlso  enquired   nto 1 ,l0 aF he biu,
stood  that tin   authorities  learned of .labor conditions    in    the    medicine-,    ..0llr course led us up the track to
o auffraaette Dlot to attack the home manufacturing Industry here, A young (jja gection house, where Chaves pro-.
secretarv   :,t   the  c-nference    by    a i woman employed by a medicine com- ; l!l|Ctu a koy ann opened ���!(, panlock  mission band rendered^ clinri*
method which would not onlv jeopar- ! pany said that 10 years ago she re- ,,llat Becarea the door.   He then forced
dlze Mr   McKeuna's life, but the lives Iceived   $4   a   week   working   for   tee  me JntO the Shed and told me that he
of the delegates as well. [company, and now earned $6.50.    She  would iiiii me if I even made a sound.
The  home  secretary   however, ad-  said that a girl cannot live respectably   n0 brought me food nnd drink at In-,
dressed a large meeting this evening, in St. Louis without outside assistance tervals and seemed to be undecided percentage  In   increase   in   memben.
:i Scotland Yard del /'tlve occupying a j for less than  $0 a week.    TWi Wit-1 What  course  to  pursue  in  regard  to and funds.
timony was given today at the hearing nesg of tht, man-8 f.u.(, 8uliducd them, i ... . . K ..,,,*., v ,s ,,,,ard .��� .,.
before the Missouri senate wage In- , waB 80 frightened that I did not I ""��� u l_ ohftatlaii SSfiC
estlgatlng  commission, as  to  wages | know what t0 (ll) bm fenrinK he woul,, I^J-^ Jg hS^SEWSl
young people.
At last evening's session the Queens
Avenue circle conducted the devotional exercises, and the Sixth Av
A pleasing feature of thla etaaioii
was the presentation by Dr. Jean
Carson, of Vancouver, of the fc��n��er
to the Chllllwack band for tbo 1
The   Kairview  circle   was  pi-eseut��l
tlve occupying a ���.
seat  nenr him on the platform.    Ela-I ness lives at home.    None Ot tee WO-  keeping me hid,    1 begged him to let j
borate precaiitloiis were taken to pre-1 men employed there, bhe snid. is paid  ,���0 go homo to my babies, bul he turn- [with the library fur a similar feal.
venl the admission of suffragettes and ! more than fhe. P,i a deaf ear to nil my entreaties, l!    It Is announced that a special prioi
a big force cf sttirdv stewards was on! Anotlur girl employed at the lame I never can express my feeling of Of $10 will be given next year for lb��
hand to deal with'disturbers. This place testified that she went to work i thankfulness when 1 waa rescued this circle gaining the most life niembrtra.
did   not   prevent   male   champions  of I in   the  factory  eight   months  ago  at | n,0niliig." Uev.  Mr. Stapleford closed tbe tax**
the suffragettes from getting In, sev- |$6 per week and out of that^wage rhe |    jt   was   the  efforts  of   the   rrantlc | sion lust  night with a    stirring    ail
 "'  "      "  - - dress.
eral of whom Interrupted the speeches ! had   to   support   her    mother.     Her I husband that led to the discovery of
-md  were roughly ejected. mother owns their home, hoiwrer, hat | the kidnapped woman,
Sit. McKenna concluded his address has no Income. The flrl said they
by warning the militants that their \ managed to get along on what she
methods would never succeed ln i earned, but that a girl could not live
frightening or worrying the govern- with uny degree of comtort on less
ment Into giving the franchise to wo- than $9 a week.
mpn OF.  Lang, superintendent of the
"liy their actions," he said, "they I company, said the lowest wage paid
Loa Anqelea Sailings.
Lob   Angeles,     May     21.-Arrived:
Steamera San Gabrlol, llmqua river;
Claremont, Wllapa    Harbor.    Sailed:
(Ieorge W. Elder. Francis H. Leggett,
Up In the Air.
Annapolis, Md., May lil.- Secrnlurf
of the Navy Joscphus Daniels
riled  eight miles today  thron-gk
���Ur In a flying boat.   "It waa f
ful: I enjoyed the sensation
Portland:    Cricket,   Columbia   river; ily," was the secretary's reply b sa
Helena, Willapa Harbor. Inquiry Just after he alighted.
��li �����M-,fc   IWO
gen, and also studied in Italy.
1',. was the winner, In 1S'5, of the
Gilchrist scholarship tor Canada at
the University of London. Returning
to Caqada in 1880, he became professor of English literature, political
Imitute-r and |economy and psychology at Acadia
nnii Printing|college, Nov;: Scotia.   In 1832 hi  wenl
An independent -m "mi-til paper deeot-'d to the ietrr-sls of New
the Prater Valley,   rublishcd every mnrning exeept Hvndau by tlir
and PuhUtMna Otmpaay, Limited, at ii  UoKemle Strict, Nets  Westminster.  KrirfshjtO  Dalhousle  college.   Halifax,  as  pro-
Columikt /ftin.'t BOTHBfU.*.tfD, Managing Dtretstor.        j fessor of metaphysics and English lit- .
411 cemmwiioatloM should be addressed to The New Wettmintter News, nnd not eraturo, renin,ning there four years
ta MlvUmal members of the staff. ch*s*ct, draft.. ����d money orders should be made and in the mi ant line was honored with
mailable to The national Printing and l**tlithing Cenpanv, Limited, election  as  honorary   Ufe-gOVemor of
'" TELEPHONES���Bath!*** Office and Manager, US*.* Editorial Rooms  (all depart- : University  College,  Lie. :. *:i
.���;,!������ i.   991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, tt per year, $1 fer (lircc motilli., lie por
aKmth.    Hi/ mail, 53 per year, 25c per ��uiiih.
ADVERTISING RATES on aripl-fcx-tfion.
Dr. Bohurman left Canada twenty- j
seven years ago to accept the chair of j
Bags porfesor of philosophy at Cornell j
land became president of that, great ln-
, stltutlon In 1S112. Although long an ex- !
patriate, Dr. Schurffian has never lost;
interest In his native land, and keeps
,| in close touch with Canadian affairs,,
men and measures.
Architect's     Claim     Sustained���Good
Prices at Land Sale���Methodist
The past two days have been signalized by announcements which have the most direct bearing upon the fortunes of this city for the immediate future, and the nature of them cannot but be a matter upon which the citizens can congratulate themselves.
The claims of the Fraser river have been recognized
in the supplementary estimates published yesterday in
that a quarter of a million dollars has been voted to continue the work that has been begun upon improving the
harbor works upon the Fraser. This is in pursuance of
the Le Barron scheme of training piers and dredging and
there is no doubt that, with this work being pushed as
speedily as possible, the entrance to our unrivalled harbor
will be greatly improved. In this connection we note that
a sum of $100,000 has been apportioned to the purchase
���of new dredging equipment, and with this added to the
present plant, work upon edl the B. C. ports should go on|j.���e c '    ;1 ""-v '"
The claims of the North A rm of the Fraser have this
year received recognition in the shape of a $200,000 vote
"for improvements. This will be appreciated by the lumber interests in particular and by the shipping community of this city and up-stream points in general.
" But apart from the news from Ottawa Tuesday last
was signalized by a decisive victory for the municipalities
of Burnaby and Coquitlam, who, throughout their fight
for a permanent bridge at the North road crossing of the
C N. R., have had the active support of New Westminster.
A steel bridge, such as is to be erected by order of the Rail
A pure, wholesome, reliable Grape
Cream of Tartar Baking Powder.
Improves the flavor and adds to
Uie healthfalness ot the food.
THURSDAY, JUNE 22,  1913.
of tiie government by the command
of tlie flagship of the fleet.
The command of the fiBheriea protection cruiser NSwtngton has h��.-n
aslgued to Captain Harry Bilton. Sho
left, port yesterday morning to patrol tlle coastal fishing grounds.
imissioners, will serve to draw tighter th;
il interest, trade and co-operation which
way co
of muti
exisf between this city and those municipalities.
In Westminster itself the passage of the whole o
bylaws is a sign that the city has not forgotten that it is
necessary to keep on progressing. All the measures were
absolutely necessary, and, while the vote polled was some
two hundred below that of last June, the majority was
distinctly good.
It is a matter of regret that the exhibition bylaw did
not receive greater support, as, although the result was
sufficient to ensure its passing, it shows that there are
some people amongst us who fail to appreciate the fact
Vancouver. May 21.���The award recently made to.W. A. Doctor, a Vancouver  architect,  In  his  suit  against
the People's Trust company, has been
sustained.    The court of appeal yesterday   dismissed  the  appeal  of  the
company against the order of the sti-
Mr. Ooctor
lirh he claimed wns due him
|en account of plans he had prepared
for u projected building on Columbia
.-irrit, New Westminster.
This building was never erected and
wai th-1 he had never heen properly
authorized to prepare the plans. Mr.
Charles Wllaon, K. ('.. assisted by Mr.
Adam S. .lohnson. of New Westminster, represented the defendant-appe.l-
lanto, and Mr. A. II. MacNi ill. K.C,
:he respondents en appeal,
Government Lard Sale.
Good  prices were obtained  for t
prepi rty thai c ime undi r the h imnj1
of Mr, A.  M.  r,. :iitie, at the auction
sale of provincial government lands In
Kltsllano    and    Hastings    Town-file,
which was hold In Dominion hall yes-
Thc land which was put under .the
hammer wns four blocks In Kltsllano,
I known  as  hloeks C.  D.  B.  and   Iv  in
* fUg District   Lot  B10,    situated    between
1      Twelfth and Fourteenth avenues and
McDonald, McKenzie, Colllngwood and
Dunbar  Btreets,  and  nine  blocks   In
Hastings Townsite between Boundary
avenue am!  tli" C.  P.  It.  tracks and
! running as f::r wi sl ar McGill Btreet.
Tricts for Kiteilano properties went
as high as $2,760.   In Hastings Town-
Bito in- price was lower than $1,050,
jand the fL'.T.IO limit, reached i:i Kitsilano, was attained alBo.
It w.-is tlie general opinion that
I these prices compare well with the
ruling price of properties not  owned
Victoria. May 21. Mr. O. 11. (i.
Conway, chief engineer of the liritish
Columbia Electric company, has returned frcm a trip of inspection to
the Jordan river power plant of the
-"-.iii-.-i.rv. whore immense additions
to permit ot tho installation of machinery curable of developing an additional 1400(1 horse power are under
The new dam, which, when completed, wil be one if the largest, if
nct the largest in Canada, is rapidly nearing completion ami construction work is progressing mosl favorably:    Mr.  Conway   waa  acompanicd
Citizens of Kaslo Buy School  Debentures Refused in the Outside
bv   Mr. <',.   M.  Tripp,  the
local mechanical superlnte
ci nu.inv
Between  Four and Five  Hiidred
Visit  Ccast   in   August���Go  On
21.���Various   detail'
Kaslo, n. ('., May 21.���The spectacle of a small city frantically peddling some 515,1*00 worth of school debentures in the outside money markets and trying to hypothecate Ihem
in the '.auks without avail and sud-
denly finding the Issue saleable among
its own residents, is that presented by
the municipality of K islo.
Increasing population has made
greater school accommedation In
Kai lo ni - :;*."> and accordingly arrangi ...* at?  msde for the erec-
i of a nev,      m ral -. hool building
to cosi in the i   ighborh ��� d of $40,000,
,  ui to be I uill on :��� nu gnlflcenl site
,i   I  ,    i      i*      pi nd of the town
li   ront i on Ko I .*.. :  lak<
:.    tho ami mil   ��� ���  be > spi ndi ���!   in
the it. v.   ;   -        buildin,. the provin- '
i    i nui,,.      , * agrei d to provide GO
;, i- cm and the municipality was to
raise  the  balance.    This  meant  thai
���   ae  $16 ' * "   worth    of    debentures '
wi uld li .*..- t . I * ��� bui d and bi Id.
It lookeB,* easy, especially ,-ts Kaslo's
bonded Indebtedness was already the
.* ��� -*i  . [ any    orporatlon  in   liritish
'. i.r:.bin, i:' mi  In western Canada ,
The town'i  cn till  was In fine shap.
as the community had always met
obligations pr mptly, and    was   fre-
quentlj able to retire bond obligations
Bank of Montreal |
E8TABU8HED 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
if Credit issued, available with cor
respondents lu all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department��� Deposits
received In sutuB of $1 and upward
md interest allowed at 3 per cent per
u.iiuni (present rate).
Total Asaets over $1X6,000,000.00.
Q. D.  BRYMNER,  Manager
Sain, Deeds, Hu-Almn-is Letters, etc.: circular work si-*cliUlHt. All work -strictly
confidential, fl Harry, room 418 Wcat-
minstcr Trust Hlk.   Phone 702.
Ol*'   COAL   MINING   Rl
H * P, O. of Klks of the I), of C, meet
tho first ami thin! Thursday at H li. m.,
K. of P. Hall. KlKlllh street A Wells
Om... Exalted Ruler: P. tt Smith, Soo-
L. O. O. M.. NO. 154.���MHBT8 ON
flrst, seoond and thlril Wednesday in
eaoh month In K. of P. hall at 8 p, m.
II J. Leamy, dictator; K. is. Jmi.t-i, sao-
retary. Headquarters of lodge In See
llmis.*. oorner or Fourth and Carnarvon
, o O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���The
regular meeting of Aniliy loiig.* No.
;". I. o. O. P., Is ii<-iil every Honda*
nlsiit ut it o'clock In odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and KHibth street-i,
I'tsltln-R brethern cordially tinned.
R. A. Merrlthew, N. <}.; J. Robertson,
V. u.: W. C. Couitiuiii. 1J. Q., reeord-
Ing secretary; ll. w. SanKster, ilnan
clal secretary,
. in   Manitoba,
of thi
hi- 1.
I   All..
.t>:,-.|   I  .r   I
no   annus
than -.'ifi'
VIe'orla.   M
In connection with the western  tour ������'< "'- before their maturity.
:'  the   International  Geological   Con-1     ' ���' no sooner waa the by-law, au
that if the exhibition is to hold its place as the first of its ^J^Jf0"rnn'ent in t>w distrtcta
kind in British Columbia it must be kept up to date, j Raiways in conflict.
Spending money to effect this in the comparatively slight L���� ^n!Z^^*t^.Jv,
way proposed will help to achieve this desirable end.
The Wnd and enterprising, but not
���wholly disinterested person who Omits
a purchaser ot his friend's real ev.tr--.-ti
or, nl least., thinks he has found one.
���will hereafter show more diligence in
protecting his own interests if hi
bears in mind the effect of the decision
rendered the other day by the
'Mr.  Justice  Archer.
and what will happen? Canadian in-
'lepomlenee, with self-respect is a
dream. We should have to ob.oOS'3 between being governed from Washlng-
* ton without representation tb.
1 being governed Irom Washlngt.
lie-presentation there,   lt is -safe
that Camilla has
dividunlity to
more of national In-
e by  the collapse- of
Hon. i the liritish empire todtiy than i-.is the
I I'niti d Kingdom Itself.
day when the rival claims of the P, G.
K.   and   the  C.   P.   It.   respecting  the
north shore of llurrard Inlet were advanced.    The I*. G.  E. -chows provincial sanction for Its route and IbiB met
with     considerable    opposition.     The
!-1board will wait the perfecting of the
re;   or j organization    of    the    llurrard    Inlet
it with . Bridge company before handing down
llfecttng  the  railways  who
cress In  August, are  now  being ar-
������ "...1   bv   \V,   Fleet   Robertson,  provincial mineralogist of victoria. Four
or i'i-,,. eminent scientists from every
quarter of tho globe are expected  to
participate  In  theexcursion    at    the
conclusion cf a week's sesoion In Ot-
Sub-parties will vi.-.'i  i>< :irly all the
the I,!,,n!n"   camps   In   Ontario,   and   the
| Maritime  provinces bofore the  rna'n
ih rii lug the Isi i
tures passed and
ii:..ii some i vil gi
panic In Europi
' say  decisions
desire lo connect
In that case the plaintifl" claimed' We should lose our flap, our pec.i-
that, actlnp as agent for an owner,'liar Institutions, our national identic hud found a purchaser for thc lat- tlly, nnd all the little compromises we
���ter's   real  estate,  and,  therefore, de- (have set up for the harmonious dwell
ananiletl payment of commission. The, ing together of our differing races and I rails at different t
up wllh the bridge.
P. G. E. Rails Ordered.
The Pacific flreat Eastern company
has given an iirder for IS.000 tons of
s'eil rails lo .Messrs. Kvans, Coleman
il Kvans, tbe first shipments to be delivered at Newport, Howe Sound, In
October next, and  the balance of the
agency wus denied and payment of
commission refused by the sellftr. The
case, therefore, resolved itself into a
matter of proof.
Speaking generally, all transactions
fall in!o one or two classes -ciTil or
���commercial, the civil contract being
-one. entered into by parties whose oc
cupition is not the carrying tm of thr
fcin.i tf LusineBS this particular con-
tract has to do with.
Thus the sale of a horse by a farm   I
���er might be a civil contract, while the
sab' cf a horse by a horse dealer in
the ordinary    course of his business,
would be a commercial contract. |
One of the practical effects ol the
/���aifii. rf-.c,- i, the kind of evidence admitted to prove the contract, the rule
4n 'his respect being somewhat narrower j:i (he cue ef the civil contract.'
la thla f-.-u.e. whore the value in
t,*, *. Viion exec-ids lifty dollars, proof
mosl be mado by writing or by lite
oath of the adverse party; and wlt-
neffsee canncl be called to prcive the
plait.fill's Claim unlers there is -"is;
the law calls ' commencement nf
(proof in writing that is. some wilting relating to the matter and griving
to lh" pl.'iinlilTs claim the appearance
���of validity, such, for tnaUmce, as *.i
letter from the defendant In which he,
makes some mention ol the
transaction.    Then wttneopee will  l.e
admitted  to complete the story.
Judge Archer held that thin alWi-d
real estate deal was a civil coatram
The commission claimed exceeded Hfty
���dollars but there was no written ron-
traH of agency, nor was there any
commencement of proof in writing.
Therefore, witnesses could not be
cal.'i I I j prove the plaintiff's claim.
The moral cf this little U-Ral tal"
appears to be this: The kind heart
ed and elite:prising person ��',it> f��.-i>*.
���out tc find a purchaser for bin friend's
real of tato hsd better have in his
pocket some sort of writlss establish-
ing bin agency or otherwise he maj
find that his I.indno*-: and enUxprlM
are not rOwirded by a commission.
At the ';.mo time, another i-.Verl ol
Uie decision is to protect a seller
againat an over enterprising friend,
who might imagine he had a right t
ii eomniis ion -.'ili-iigh he h-><1 nclh
inc. to dj With the Bale.--Mrntrtu'
religions.    (Irent   Britain
nothing hut prestige and
Montreal Star.
Simon Fraser, the son of a l'nited
F.mpire Loyalist I who was captured
at Saratoga and died in an American
prison) was brought by his mother
to Canada, and nt the age of slxti -n
entered the employment of the North
West company.
Eight or ten years later he became
a partner, and chanced tn be one cf
those in charge at Fort William when
Siikirk descended upon thnt Btatlon
to -BTeck vengeance upon the enemies ot his hapless Red river settlers.
Hut Kraser's name Is deservedly re-
mtmnirod us one of the great exnlor-
rs of the west.   In 180S he had been
sent  to "occupy" the regions  west  of
the Rocky Mountains for the North
West company.
Accordingly he "set up on the Pack
river Ihe first permanent pes'" MeLeod I,ake post-built within the
i-Kundnriea of what Is now British
alleged'Columbia, but It proved to be another '
stream, which in his honor has been j
miiiied the Fraser.
It wns a terrible Journey down the
di ep mountain canyons, on the bosom .
Of thn mad rock-vexed, racing cur- i
reni, and Fraser and his bold compan-;
i.ms have hsd tew successors ln their i
diring exploit.
Imes up to June of
would lose 11914. The order Is expected to be suf-
-ome trade, ftcient to provide the railway with
j rails from Newport lo Kelly lake, beyond I.illoort. The purchase of rolling
stock to lhe extent, of {400,000 is also
being arranged for.
Rcdhot for Reform.
The Methodist conference yesterday
presented a strongly worded report
upon the pr.esent condition of affairs
throughout the province In respect to
moral laxity. Sharp criticism of the
poltee commissioners and authorities
charged with enforcing the law w*is
adduced, while a heated discussion
look place upon Ihe evils of race tr:.ik
He'plng   Irnti-igranta.
A move was made towarda the soiu
itlon of the question or unemployment In the city nnd towards meeting
the necessity of Improvement in the
methodB now In vogue I looking after
Immigrants when the Ihitlsh Columbia Welcome League was formed yesterday. The league will assist Incoming i-itihrs in getting employ.
inent in Vancouver and liriiiih Columbia and will co-operate with nil
altruistic organizations in the olty
officers of the lex.gue are:  Mayor
irin to the west is undertaken, There
will be side trips over lb" Qrand
Trunk Pacific to railhead beyond Yel-
lowhead pass and to the Kootenays
before   Vancouver   Is  reached.
Mr. Robertson visited Vancouver to
charter a C. P. R. steamer to convey the geologists and others as far
as Skagway, He expects they will
arrive here on August 2*1. proceeding
the same day to Victoria, where a
reception wlll be tendered hy 'he pro-
vlnclal government The next few
days wlll be devoted to sightseeing
!ln Vancouver ard Nev- Westminster,
then the scientists Will embark for
the northern excursion. At Prinee
Rupert side trips will he mad--, slm-
nlianeotiBlv inland over 'he ^.rand
Trunk Pacific to the Hazelton minlnc:
, d!strirt and lo Orandby Rnv and Slew
:ir'. Portla"ri Canal district. The united party will la'er proceed to Skag-
, way and  run  Inland as far na While
I Horse,   nfter     visiting     the     Alaska-
II readv.-ill mine near Juneau. Alaska,
"nil the famous Yulta'ad glac'er at
(llncier  Hav.
Those vls'tors who enn finnr*-*. the
time wlll also be entertained to an
excursion to the AMIn district and
down the Yukon to Dawson, but the
chartered Bteamer wlll not wait, al
Skagway for their return.
Prnfessor R. W. Brock, director of
the Dominion Geological Survev, i".l
manv   <-��'�����,.,���   ,-.,-��� ���\,*.,.,   federal   "nd
frcvlnot-ll   rff'-'-l*.   nnd   ,���!���������-   Hnlng
ei *���'-...-- will :i'*> irsiy the visitors
lr erd-r >e ���������;,! ������ .thentlc Information nVjiit i!:" mineral resourcen of
Cannd i.
Vali'Shh   '  i|,.���*':-> pre  also  being
nr. ;-,-r- -'  nt  t',>- e\'f,*sf, tf the  var
iance of the  dohen-
n mark' i was sought
nit's created the war
The market  ttght-
ned very unpleasantly aud Kaslo he-
gin   to  suffer  from   the  snme   trouble
that scores of otber communities were I
facing, viz.. inability to market    her
securities on the outside.    Nor would
: tlle banks, even the local ones, loosen j
up n cent.   "No," said their managers, I
"we  have  no  money   to  hypothecate
your  bonds  pending  their s-ile  te    a]
long  term  purchaser.    We  have  instructions from headquarters to leave
niuiiicip.il bi I urltles alone for a while.
We have bu*n  fed  up on  them."
Disposed cf at Home.
Accordingly, a tew days ago the fl
nanclerB In charge of Kaslo's treasury
nit prepared to drop the mutter or
building the new school this year, badly as it was needul and notwith-
slanding the faot that all the plans
had heen prepared and everything
ready, even to the signing of the contract.
As a last rrsort, hoWever, enc or
two of the school trustees canvassed
the citizens anil  in  a  few
Yukon Territory, ihe
rtfs ami in .i portion
.f liritish Columbia, mav
term  of  tiMitty-.m--  years ..t
rental uf *! an ncn-. Not mon
.ins will be leased to one applleaat
Application for a lease must be lusdi
:,v the applicant in person i" Uie ak< in
ir Sub-Agent of lb- illstrlrl In uiilii, tin
i lulus applied for are Mluuiti'd.
In survoyed territory the bind mum Im
deeorlbed   by   sections,  ur  legal   mib-dlvi
tdons of sections, and In unsurveyed ter
ritory   ilu-   tract   applied    for    elnill    l��>
, j   staked <mt by the iippllcrtnt hUrtf-slf.
1/ieh application tiumt ho acoompanled
iy a fee or ��.'. which wlll b<- refunded 11
ii. rights applied for are not available,
l.'lt not otherwise A royally shiill Ik
paid ..ti the merchantable output of thp
mini- at the rat- of five cents i��.t tun.
The pi-rson operating the mine shall
furnish the Aw��nt with sworn n-turnf
iccountlng for the full quantity of merchantable conl mined and pay the r..y-
tlty thereon. If the conl mining rigbte
ui- not h'ing operated such returns miould
be   furnlshiMl  at   u-ast  onoe a  year.
The lease will iiii-luil,- Ihe e-n.-il mining
ri-iils only, hut the leasee will he permitted to purchase wliiitever nvnllubb
-nirface rights may be oonsldered neces-
,iry for Uie working of the mine at thf
..it*,  of  Jin  nn  sen-.
'���'nr full Information nppllciiilon sbouli'
>.- miiile io tlv Becretary of the t>.purt
nent  of tne ulterior, Ottawa, or lo an>
Ag.nl or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  Ijindu
\V.  W. CORV
Deittiiv Minister of Ihe  Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publlcntlo'n of thlf
idvertlsemnnt wlll nut lie p��ld for.
s.    BOWEI/L
ter   &   II:.I.n:
nn.l embalmi
���treet,   New
.  I.i.l
EH80R   T
Parlara lur. i
Westminster,    l'i
K. KA1.K
md Embal
ippostte Ca
*i,.,.r Funeral
11-J-r.lS    Ague
i ii*;N-
.lie    :i93
I'! r* .-tol
n   si re*)t.
11-.*., rs, Solicitors, eta 40 Lo
N w Westminster. O 1-:. Co
C,   J. n. Orant,    A. K   McC
S treet,
Uld,  K.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephobs
1070. Cable address "Johniton."
Code, "WesUrn l'nlon." Offices, Kills
IUnek, 552 Columbia street. N.-w West
ing on the Athabasca rlvrr will open
May IM, Is a proof of this advancement.
Thl3 is the first year thai the (:.
N. R. has found lt worth while to
make any announcement regarding
the opening of navigation for the traffic, both freight and passenger, haa
Baxter,  president;
seen tary.
Major    Pottlns
One of the most distinguished of the
Canadian educators of the last century was Alexander Hums, who died
in Toronto thirteen years ago today.
He was born In CastleWellan, Ireland,
in 1 srt-4. and emigrated to this country ut the ago of thirteen. Ife was
graduated at Victoria college, Toronto. In Wl.
I-'or ten y.nrs, beginning In lsf.s
in- was president of Wesleyan ladies'
'���ohiy;:. in Hamilton. Some of bis re-
ligiof.E views ilnl not mni with ths
appro*-:;! of bis fellow Mnthodlstr, ninl
,. iu;... i,��� ���������,. defendnni i i a her ��� .*
tr'al conducted hv Hie Ontario Moth
odist conference, hut was acquitted,
Ctptaie Bnnci Lute of Newlnrton,
Commands   New  Tender
Victoria, May "1. The nev 'lonrn
ion government lighthouse tender Ks-
trvai wort into commission yesterday. Since her arrival In port two
mi aths ago from the vardi or iho
Colllngwood Shipbuilding Companv
via the S;ralis of Magellan, lhe I".
tevsn has be'eti undi rgnlng an ex-
i* in.'���.-. overhaul iinf.il at the present
"nn Bhe Is lii first class condition
for ...any months' Bervlce In attending the aids in navigation and light-
houses dotted along Iho British Columbia coastline.
Captain C, Barnes, formerly in
command cf the fisheries protection
cruiser Newington, (ekes i*\.-r h's
ii'-..,*   responsibilities   trday   and   will
officially board Ihe Pin in as enm-
inandi r of the new vess I. She Is
now  loading Btippl'es and equipment
i, .,., .-, yep.in* iti    'iin. visitors will
;*** Ind '" .   " - rid h - . ma oreologlets
uiiii-.ig   engine -i   and   mntallurglsts.
Little   Chip  Cir-^t   Do  Tninijs as  of
Mam'Unn, (In'..  M
row*   man-In--,   ac!   vhlrh   c
effect  recrn'lv, s'tancon or
!1     Undo
ih ���
ami in'o
those re-
������<��� nal'-. In
which they desire tn marry will be
required to piv notlce, once a week
ro- three weeks, nr'or to the nerform.
Ing of the ceremony, Bxce-itlon to
the new nc enn he made only In e.ssea
where an ar>real i-m been mnde lo
the a-torn~v rnnersl. The net Is aimed at ---"ret marriages, and mire esi
pec'&lly et th--.se places where young
peoplo  cross  the  border  and   whero
the  perform lne  <f  thi   ������> 'lage  hi"
become a profitable business. In ad
dition to the advert'semont, tli" act
contains Beetlona which place clergymen nnd others i|iiiiir*.*d to perform
the marriage ceremony BUbJecl to a
heavy pi-nnlty for marrylne persons
whom thev I :*..,.��� |o be ni"l"r llie 'u-
fli'.'i'ce tf liquor or mental!* deficient.
succeeded In disposing of nearly $S
oon worth, of seciirilii s and It is now-
expected that there will be no difficulty In raising the balance, the debentures having a face value or $500
each and being purchased at $475,
hearing interest at the rate of 6 per
cent,  payahie semi-annually,
In othi r words the town Is saving
the brokerage fees and expenses Incidental to sale, as the citizens are getting that for themselves.
Nimrod With  Foreign  Handle Goes to
the  Rockies.
Revelstoke, May 21.- Then- is expected in Revelstoke soon a noted
hunter In the person of Count (Ieorge
l'alnckl. who is coming here to hunt
grizzly bear and olher big game, on
a pre-arrangement made through A
Bryan Williams, provincial game wnr-
Mr. Williams has l n in communication with Provincial Constable N
Rothwell or Revelstoke on this subject, fur some time pssl. and Con-
liable Rothwell i*%celvod ������-. wire trom
the count a tew days ago stating lhal
he would arrive In Revelstoke on Sat
urday. Provincial Constable Rothwell
has been Instructed to procure thi
best available guide and to n"k,. all
other arrangements r,.r the hunting
trip for this titled hunter.
rived  when
hours had   conveyance
special  schedul"3 for the
of settlers   and   ions  and
tons of freight has become necessary
At the present moment there are a
large n.mibrr of settlers awaiting
just such an announcement. Tons of
freight of all kinds is awaiting iho
departure of the steamers which connect wllh the C. N. II. line that runs
through Athabasca Landing and the
movement with the departure of the
first steamer will be much Ilk:1 a mln-
ature stampede.
Cobalt, May 21* -The Cobalt town
I hall will soon be the property of the
Cobalt Miners' Union, the local town
council at a meeting having decided
led to dispose of this property nnd
building to the Miners' Union for thi
i sum of (t4,fi0n.
The present town hall has been Ir
i service since mos". but lately II hii
I been found that the hulldlng was r.ip-
! Idly becoming too small for ser
1 vice.
minster, B. C.
J.  STtl.WKi.l. CLUTK.  Banister-
.     i.n��
Bolicltor-   etc.;   corner    Columbl
McKenzie   streets,   New   Westi
B. C.   P. o. Hoi 112.    Telephoi
e    716.
Bolicitor    and    Notary,    llflli:- ���
block,   ::*<   Lorne   slreet.   New   W
Ster, B. C.
Barristers  and  Solicitors.   6or,  to t\*
W.-slminster Trust rllock. O. E, Mltr-
tln. W. (J. Mc-Quiirrle and C.'orge L
Cassady.   v
s'.tle ��� Barristers nnd Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk, Columbia street.
New Westminster, B, C Cable iiddree*
"Whiteside." Western Union. P. O.
ninw-er 200. Telephone fin w. J.
Whiteside, K. c.; H. L. Edmunds. D.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room It
Hart block.
P. If. Smith. W. J. 'Irr.ve-s.
Wnrk   undertaken    In    city    nnd    outst-ita
points.    211-12    Westminster   Trust.    IlldSJ.
Phone IS-i.    P. o. Box 607.
HtT Board of Trade tnttcts ln the tirtftf^
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of ojteh month: quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February, Maj;
August and November at 8 p.m. Aj��-
niirtJ meetlnffs on the third Friday of
February. C. H. Htiiart Wadn, seer-etui y.
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429.
JOHN  IIEID, l'roprletor.
Agents      Palmer     Hros.'    C.asollnn
���liigines.   Murine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs,
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
\0. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
Victoria. Mav 111 Mr, IV ll i
of Ottawa, a member or ibe Domlp-
Ion geological survey, Is on his w-nv
north lo examine and rennrt upon t'-i
copper properties on Vnldea Island
He will later on l-i'to char-", or I'--,
re. bo-leal ,voi-k along Iho White riv
er In the Yukon, where it is believed
large   mineral   deposits  ovist,
11.-  stated   tbat   lm  will   return   in
Allgllsl   lo   moil   ihe   members   of   l'i��
International Oeeloglcl conference
���which will be b. l.l in Tironto. Afe*-
llie r-irinnl proceedings are concluded there mos- of Ibe delegates will
rome out here on a tour of iini-.ec-
ilon end Invest'gatlon I" Iho northern
pnrt   of   liritish   Columbia.
Be protected by an Insurance Policy in the
Having a Capital of $4,000,000.
See BICKELL About It
Thor-c 1209
322 Westminster Trust Bid*.
:for the  northern   lighthouses,  and  nf
Jacob Oould Bchurman, president or  ter shipping hunker supplies will sail
ICornell'university, Ithaca, N, v.. was
"born in Freetown. Prlnco Edward Isl-
Todav one of the plaineet facts nfjand, fifty-nine years ago today, Ihe
lhe International situation is that the son of Robert, and I.v.Iin Bchurman,
various self-governing colonls* or Dm I He was educated In Canada, England,
liritish empire must "hong toge^b:-r or-Scotland, France and Oerman... at the
hang separately." | universities   of   Ixmdon,    Kdi- ' *::.'.
Cul 'ii-' Hiitiuh world-circling ccrd/
Tartu, Hridelberg, n'erlln and (lottln-
wilhin the next few days on her maiden voyage in the government servlct,
Captain Barnes Is one of the mosl
capable officers In government service cn the Pacific, and his Intimate
knowli dge of couslal waters and past
r'-cc-d us a skilful pavlgnlor has nt
lasl   found   recognition  at   the   hands
Runaway Kills Him.
Edmonton, Mu. Maj ?1 While attempting to i ton a runaway team but
evening Henry li::::-. ... so s* ��� t i * ii;,l.v
Injured thai lie died in the it.iyn. Alex-
nr.dro hospital this . Kenlng, ii ������
young man was frightfully Injured,
having his rlghl log in .1 rlghl mm
b-.-i in ,i. his hodv rontldcrablj bruli
and h'.8 head cut
S'it!crs     and   Freiaht   Await
Cpeninfl  of  Navigation
Edmonton,   May     21,    The     slenilv
linking up of iho far northwest  with
Winnipeg  In  i;nlng on apace  and  tho
announcement from the o. n. u. pas-
i\   nenger offices yesterday to the erfect
[tbut navigation from Atbubasco Lap.d-
Comfovtable  Family   Hotel
���n'.op at
i r run
from New Westminster on n. N. Ity.   All trains
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Ray and Oulf;
only five minutes from Ilahway Depot; Hot and Cold Wator. Tlooms
can bo engaged en suite, suitable fir children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hull In connection, also a store containing full  line of groceries.    Kor lerma and rates apply
White  Rock, D.C.
P. GREYELL, Proprietor. THUR8DAY, JUNE 22,  1913.
T. J. TRAPP & Co.
Open up in our New Place a Large Shipment of
Garden Tools.
F. & M. Lawn Mowers, special machine, ball
bearing, three to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
and Hoes.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Hranches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate -paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all  parts of the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
Kerotcne cn Sand Prevents Maggot'r
Onslaught���Poison  and   Boards
for Cutworms.
One of the most Berious and Increasing pests In the garden Is the root
maggot, attacking radishes, turnips,
cabbages and cauliflower. This larva
cr so-called worm ls the young of a
Hy closely resembling the house fly.
A good plan for control is to sprinkle turpentliio or kerosene on sand,
* enough to give It a strong odor, and
stir it up well In a bucket. Then sprin-
kle a little of this close to the roots
| of the ptant.a and on each side of
them  shortly  after  the  leavea  com-
��� niencc to develop. k
lt. will be enough to drive away tne
fiies that lay the eggs from which lhe
I maggots or worms hatch.   If there Is
��� much  rain  after  the    application    It
bhould be repated again.
��� Cutworms.
A poleon made wllh bran and Pans
green and wseetened with molasses or
sugar seems to bo a most effective
remedy for cutworms In gardens. As
far as IB to be seen, birds do not touch
Mix Paris green ond bran together
until the bran Is quite green, Corn-
mea) can be used instead, and is perhaps quite as good, or better, than the
bran, or shorts can be mixed with the
bran (the writer used some Belt-rising
pancake flour with good effect). i
Mix this flour with water to the con- |
Blstency of chicken dough,   aB   above I
I stati d, and place a spoonful at internals  through   the  garden  where  cut-j
worms are bad, not closer than three,
four or five Inches to a plant. This is I
best done at rundown or in the early
The old-time remedy of tin collars
Daily Picking Needed���Profitable Bus-   Ontario   Expert  Gives   Ueeful   Tips-
Iness or Pleasant Garden Occu- Wash to Prevent Female Beetle
patlon���Try Tufted Ones. Egg-  Laying.
Toronto, May 21.���A circular letter
Eent to the farmers of Manltoulin IB-
land by Mr. 1. f, Metealf, district representative of the Ontario    depart-
I ment of agriculture at (lore bay, con-
a iu,i   ���,���...���.., ��.,,.. . ^^M       tains Information of value to growers
A little western flower, f appUnree8 everywhere  In  Canada.
lore's  wound P    P      *"���   �� r('f��B  to a��  enem* ��f  truil treeB
io        ***���***���**��� j that haa done a great deal of dam-
���nv,    ����-��� ���..,���  ���������������_���������        ,    ., '   age, and that Ib the borer.
Tho face-like appearance    of    the i    ���.,,��� ��� . ,,���   ��� ,    ��� ,_     ,���
ki ���.. v.-.. -k ,, a .. i ��� i , ' The presence of borers in a tree s
bloBsom has been developed a ong ,���j,������,,,��� i,,. X ,. ���i, .t ���..������..h ������,i
with Iho varied marklnus and ev���i I ' Indicated by the lack of growth and
��    J?  i    V    at ,T??? <���>*?������������������ ibv the presence of sawdust like gnaw-
ite  colorings.    An  old-time  gardener
It has taken one huncred years i. ;
make the pansy what It. Is today.   -\
poot'a line IndicateB what It    used to
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
mummimim  Victoria Day
i >n May Bind, 23rd and 24th, the Great Northern Railway will sell tickets ot one and one third fare
for the round trip, with return limit good until May
26, 1918. \
Crescent, B. C $   .80
Ocean Park, B.C 85
White Rock, B.C     1.00
Nelson, B.C 28.75
Rossiand, B.C  29.90
Grand Forks, B.C  31.75
Midway, B.C 32.90
Phoenix, B.C  33.10
Fernie, B.C 40.55
Apent at BridRe, F. C. MEYERS.   Passenger
Station Phone 263.
or paper collars around tomatoes and
other plants, when not too numerous,
Is excellent. Care must he taken, bow-
ever, not to encloso the cutworniB in
the Boil  inside  the collar.
Board Enclosures.
Where a plot or a tlowfr bed or a
limited planted area Ib to be protected
supposing, of course, that on culwormi
exist in the space, cue can afford  to
| place boards  temporarily  around   the
I area, putting  the edge of the  boards
j about two and one-half to three Inches
j below the surface of the ground' aud
i letting them project six incheB or more
I so that the valuable plants to he pro- :
! n tied are enclosed by the tight board.!
i til poisoned bait at intervals on tho
outside of this enclosure close to the
boards,  or   better,  smear  the  boards
with  a  narrow   band  uf  some  sticky
substance,  such  as  tanglefoot.     This:
has been used successfully to form a
barrier against  stalk  borers  In  gar-"'
dens by  putting It on the outside of
boards us Indicated above.
One  might   go   to  the     trouble     of
sharpening a broomstick or a hoe handle and making numerous deep holes
on   the  outside  of   this  barrier     Into ]
which   the   worms   might   fall,   where
Ihey can be easily killed, or, for that
matter,   the  holes   m'ght     be     made
around unprotected plantB.
This board plan mtcht also lie used
where plants are grown in rows, running a board on each side cf the n.'���<���,
-"���are. of course, being taken Rs above,
that no cutworms are enclosed inside.
is quoted ae saying: "One morning 1
waB struck all ln a heap,' 'to use a
vulgar expression, by seeing what appeared to be a miniature cat's face
steadfastly gazing at me." It was a
Belf-sown heart's-ease, and the mother of a wonderfully beautiful tribe.
Everybody loves pansies. The farmer's wife wants a ted of these flowers,
If nothing else, and the town woman
no sooner Btarts a garden than Ehe
goeB to market and buys a basket of
pansy plants.
The growing of these plants, by the
way, has come to be a business of
large proportions. Many thousands
are raised hy foreign gardeners on
Long Island for the New York trade.
and a woman living near Cleveland
has built up a prosperous business on
a few acres of land.
Pansies will bloom In partial shade,
but one should not conclude that they
are averse to sunlight. In many gardens they are found under trees, but
the location le not a good one.
Good, rich Boil is needed to satisfy
the demands of the pansy, and the
plants seem to have a perpetual thirst.
Once they are allowed to dry out, few-
more flowerB may be expected. It often happens that the pansy bed seemB
to collapse in midsummer. Some people say that they never get any blossoms worth while after the middle of
July. Yet all the plantB need to Btart
them flowering again iB feeding and a
little pruning.
The pruning may he done gradually
by taking a little of the plant with
each blossom, and the plant food needed may be Rupplled by the free use
of manure water, or by working old
manure into the soil or by digging a
manure into the soil or bv digging a I     :~ ,
little garden  fertiliser Into  the earth , onl'protect the tree, from
around each plant. ��    *e borcr8  'mt al8�� �� '
One other point must be remember- !ot *��� f';"  18  f�����  "6ef"1
...   .   .  ���__   lomlcal tha.i a simple wash.
by the presence of sawdust like gtiaw-
Ings and excrement that are pushed
out from their holea. These may not
be detected until after the damage is
all done, unless the sod is kept away
from the base of the tree. Frequently the tree will be entirely girdled before one Is aware that the borers are
working ln the tree. i
Use the Knife.
When the work of the borers Is noticed, the be^t remedy is to cut them
out with a sharp knife.   They may be j
killed also, by pushing a very flexible
Copper wire into the holes.   However, |
there are several ways of perventing
this trouble.    The Idea is to prevent
the  female  beetle  from    laying    her
eggs on the trunk of tho treeB.    Any-
preventive treatment must be applied
this inonth.
A great variety of washes have been
used for preventing the female beetles from laying their eggs upon the
trees. The following Ib probably as
effective as any that eau Le Bafely
used without injury to the bark (after
having removed all loose bark with
:i dull hce or scraper):
DlBOlve one half gallon of Boft soap
or five pounds of whale oil Boap In one
half gallon of hot water and add half i
a pint of carbolic acid. Whon mixed,
add five gallons of hu water and
enough lime to mako a whitewash of'
about the consistency of paint. Finally, stir in about one 'ourth pound of
Paris green. Apply the wash with a
Bliff brush, covering the bark thoroughly aud completely, and filling all
cracks and crevices. Another application should be made In nbout three
'weeks'  time.
Guard  Against  Heat
1    The use of something that will not
1 the attack
���in the heat
and econ-
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily.
the third.   This means that daily pick
ing is needed and the more faithfully I
ono picks the blossoms, the more he j
There Is one form    of    the
Some forms arc aa fragrant as violets and may be used as very satisfactory subBtituteB for theBe flowers
Garden makers not acquainted with
the tufted pansies are adviEed to try
them, by all means.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
A line for every  mood
thingn wear
In their soft, velvet coats.
the    bright
To thoBo who lovo a beautiful flower garden, without which a
home cannot b�� truly homelike, we would be pleaBod to tell them
all about our cholco bedding itock of greet variety, everything wanted to mako flower gardens beautiful and attractive, such as:
Make a visit to our greenhouses and nurtsery nnd boo for yourself. In tho meantime aak for a catalogue, which will be mailed
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We fill window boxes;  a choice selection of fiowet'D.
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your Vegetable garden also.
Our stock of Cabbage, Cauliflower and Tomato Plants la the best
we ever had. We bave them In large quantities. Get your orders
In early.
Affecting Vancouver and Surrounding
Municipalies Now Ready.
Victoria, May 21.���The report of Mr.
'1. II. Thomson, provincial engineer in
charge of public park development
wnrl-, and City Engineer Rust, who
were specially commissioned some
'',.����� weeks ago to investigate the
Greater Vancouver sewerage scheme
as devised by Mr Lea, has now heen
-oniplcted. It will he handed to At-
' rnry-General Howser on his return
from California on or about Mav 26. j
At the last session of the local leg- |
'elature a measure was Introduced em-
���lowering the provincial government
'���*��� nrsiKt by guarantee the carrying
forward of a comprehensive scheme
t<f Improvement of the pewerage fa-
cllltles of the Terminal City and its
virion", suburbs.
Bflfcre lending Its credit to the nrol-
1 -ct Attorney-General Howser advised
hnt the government should, in ordinary business prudence, investigate
'or itself the special value of Mr.
'.en's Plan, to ascertain primarily if
t be lhe best to meet the large de-
���natli's nf the situation, nnd if whether
ir not It enn be carried to completion
for th.* ett'mated cost.
These points are the chief featureB
of Messrs. Thomson and Rust's Inquiries.
ed, too.   It Ib impossible to have flow- I0"1 cal th,a-' * Staple wash.   The parts
ers In abundance except the blossoms'?   trees Injured by he��t are more Ua-
are kept picked. A pansy flower opens  Ke '�� "je depredation.; cf borers than
one day.  displays    its    rich    beautv,,h" **���*;th>'  un nJurf"   Portions;   con-
through   the   second   dav   and   closes  Beque,! ly' ;"'>"""K ,lla< *'" P���'���*
"...     ,_,.   i sunscald and  will at  the same time
keep off insects, will be adouble benefit to the tree.
Wood   veneer  of  birch   bark   must
There is one ,orm    o.    us-    pansy |be ""ppeu around the trunk of the
which tew people in lhis country know  tree  beginning Just below the surface
and  yet it is one ot the best.    It 1�� ?' ^t*,r,��SS? l^S '^SSS'SS SSTSSUL
known as the Scotch or tufted f^Wi^LS?"* J&.* *�� **,b^l
'and  ls   splendid   ter  partially   shaded  ?L��J�� *"* ,B��m.e, B51",ULJTeve^ "}?.
lieils ami h. rrieri. I Insects getting in that way,  and  till
beus ana borders. _ .     |lho tQp wUh  coUon  vooV    8ee ^
there are no openings along the length
of thlE covering where Insects could
get tn. lt applied in the fall. thiB cov-
erine would also protect from mice.
"There have been some very discouraging experiences with orchards,"
concluded Mr. Metealf, "and a lot of
money has been spent with not much
left to ehow for it; but a small amount
of money  and a  little time spent  in
    looking after the trees that the farm-
WHEAT SPOUT FULL ier uow has will be much better spent
AT  HEAD OF  LAKES'than ll would  be In  buying and set-
.  I ling out new trees."
Fort  William, Ont..  May  31,���Since _ ���" ~ _
the   opening   of   navigation   on   April | SEALING COMMISSIONER.
20 last, when  the big  fleet of grain- i ~ *.*,*,
laden vessels steamed out of this port ' Long Standing Claims of B. C. >eal-
approximately 21,000,000    bushels    of | -*rs   About  to   Be   Settled.
grain Iwe hern shipped bytbe lake; Victoria. May 21.--Mr. Justice Au-
route. The different figures of grain 1 de(te of the exchequer court has been
receipts nt the head ofthe lakes from ' appointed a commissioner to invosli-
September 1, to April 20, shows an I Sale the claims of the British Colum-
iimount of 126,241,143 bushels; 76.21C-!bla sealers, liis selection will be
00 bushels shipped before the close ��� very satisfactory, as he has had gnat
and 21.HOO0UO this year. (experience in  similar work.
.    Before tbe close'of navigation 76,-J    The commissioner will hold sittings
218.000 bushels were forwarded by the 1 to Inquire Into the claim    made    for:
'Great Lakes this, with the 21,000.000 compensation by the sealers who were
lehipped since the opening of naviga- I deprived of their lawful industry as a I
tion  and  the  21,663,000  bushels  now ! result  of  the  treaty  entered   into  by]
in store amounts   to   approximately. Cahadtt, the United States and ltus-
118.000,000 bushels, denoting that be-ls'a and Japan, which came into effect
tween the close of navigation last fall "December, 1811.
land the opening this spring in round     ",lp ��lcto*
Salesroom: 1056 Granville Street
Peter's Road and 5ta St, Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended t*SB Seymour 6058
Daffodils! The Finest
Daffodils!    i*w
Carnations and Roses
 Finest Quality and Besl Value	
Covent  Garden   Florists
Vancouver Block
Phone Sey. 1213    Granville Street
figures 7,000,000 bushels of grain
moved east from Kort William via the
all-rail route.
Head Office, Suite 710 Dominion Building.
Phone Seymour 5556. Vancouver, U.
a iiimn at Rovol. on B. C. Electric Railway, Eburne
WSTlS hOT^K   Phone, Eburn.>*.	
Wll Dear Union Jack at London Em
pire Day Parade.
London, May 21. -The Umpire day
���larnde held yearly under the auspices
if the l.c-eue of ihe Empire wlll take
pln"e on Kmplre day. on the Guards'
parade ground In Hyde park. Held
Marshal Karl Roberts has again proni-
'sed to take the snlnt", and Admiral
}ir Robert K. Arbuthnot, Bart., will
he In command.
The control of the Kmpire dny pa-
-nle  is  taken  alternately  by  a  mill-
'arv  and  naval offloer.    By    requestI
n this occasion the commanding offi-1
���r hns bren nominated bv Uie Navyj
:'.eeci:e.    Fl,  A. (levdnn will ngaln act
���>s organizing ollicer for Ihe League of
the Empire. i
i*i Interesting new feature cr this'
veer's parade will be the trooping of
'be (lags of the different London bnr-
nigha. These flaga, which bear Ihe
���irn**i of lhe boroughs, will be carried
in procession by contingents of vet-
trar.s from the several districts.
The flags of the dominions and colonics of the empire will on this occasion he carried and trooped by the Imperial Cadet Corps, who will have
amongst their company a contingent
of Canadian cadets, one of whom wlll
be the bearer of the Union Jack.
Ooveriment Plans to Provide Isolated
Children With School Facilities.
Victoria, Niay 21. Assurances have
heen given by the Hen. nr. Young,
provincial minister of education, that
the mutter of providing educational
facilities for the children of lighthouse
keeperr on the R C. coaBt will be taken up without delay and that within
the next month or two a number of
lady teachers will be appointed to
look after lh" educational needs of the
youngsters who pass their lonely lives
within the - ecltislon of our rock bound
At the present time there are a\-
proximately 165 children under the
ago of 16, distributed among the forty-
seven lightlu user of the British Columbia coast, Who are imncnualnted
with the lutertot of n school.
The provincial government propones
to establish a system on similar lines
I to  the Trinity  light  service  In  force
on the cnarts of Croat Uritaln where
I lighthouses are arranged    In    school
groups   with   a   teacher   assigned   to
each  group so ns  to hnve  a certain
number nf children under one tutor.
Province to  Deer Cost.
The   whole  cost   of  the   lighthouse
educational system  wlll bo borne by
the provincial government,   and   the
transportation of the teaching Staff to
the varlouB lighthouses will be provided by the Dominion government.   So
advanced Is the scheme that the first
shipment of text books will be on the
way to the lighthouses within the next
i week or two,
The Victoria sealers ask for a return of the capital they had Invested
In the business, which sum will aggregate but a small amount of the returns which will accrue to the Dominion of Canada under the terms of the
peals taken from thn I'nbyloff Islands,
and conservative estimates place this
as the value of about S5.000.000--ten
per cent, of the value of the pelts taken from the Japanese rookeries in the
tlkhotsch Sea and 15 per cent, of the
ralue of the skins take'i from the Pi\e-
iin rookeries on the Commanderofeki
Japan has already compensated her
pelagic sealers, having paid JH25.000
to the sea! hunters whose Industry
was taken away from them because of
tho treaty.
701 Columbia Street Fhone 57
Wir.t   Presbvter'1-*-.   General     Assembly to Meet There in  1915
Victoria,   May     21.���PhSBbM erlanrt j
throughout   the   coast   province   will |
endorse   the  Invitation   which   Is  be-1
Ing  forwarded   by  the  mavor of  this
to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian rh'irch in Canada, that  that
body  hold  Its annual session  in  Vlc-
trrla  In   the  year  llllf,.    The  assembly  Is meeting this year nt Toronto.
It  Is stated  that onlv on  four occasions  has  the general assemblv of
the  church   met  west  of  the   Great
Lakes,  twice  In  Winnipeg, once    ln
Calgary and once ln Vancouver.    In
view   of  the   Panama   exposition   ln
1916 and the fact that the attention
of the whole country will be directed
towards  tho  Pacific  coast  the  local
presbytery was most desirous of securing for Victoria the honor of welcoming tbo delegates to the general
assembly in that year.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster F.   C.
Simmer's Seeds
Wo keep our stock fresh bv burning doubtful seeds. Can we do
more to protect you? TORONTO PARKS LAWN GRASS SEED is
what wo handle and what we use on our own lawns���Try It.
Now la thu time to KODAK. We are agttnta for Eastman's Kodaks
and supplies.    Big and fresh stuck always on band.
Curtis Drug Store
Phene 43; L. D. 71; Ret. 72. New Westminster, B.C. fAue ��--ou��
Startling    Revelations at    the Boston
Enquiry  Into the Textile
Hoston.  May  21.���Testimony  about
U. S. Steel Corporation too Big to Allow Any Successful Competition
In Business.
ate prayer. The spirit of prayer per- :
vading every department of the work,
felt in the very atmosphere about the
fUlD   PFCT    ACCFCT  b"ildlnK*   Moody once said.  "I would
UUlV   ULjI    A-JJl JI   -rai-her  pray   like   Daniel   than  preach;
like Gabriel."
  With loyalty to Chris: a passion for ;
Rev. J. S. Henderson Delivers Power-   men,  the power of    tbe    Spirit    and
prayer, w-a will do our part In world-
ful Address at Y.  M. C. A.
Followini! Is the full text of the In-
over 75 per cent Of the ore reserves "'de Manhood,"  delivered by Rev   J.
1 S. Henderson at the annual meeting
New   York,  May  21.���Because    the
*����it -uni on behind the scenes   at  united States Steel Corporation owned  spiring nddress, "Our Part in World-
Lwrnioe. Mass, at the time of   the
and confessed "planter" or dy
nt    tho   trial    of William  M.  Wood,   another corporation Its equal, Charles
president   ot the   American Woolen  M Schwab, first president ot the cor
t*******. mSS   W&S or the country, It would have been in,
anfessed "planter" of dynamite,   possible   In   1901   to   have   organized
wide manhood.
(Continued from page onei
���Frederick T. Atteaux    and        a testified  today  In  the gov-
* ����� ..11 i.-.,.       iiliapnml     U,'11 fl Ol III '
*^ai* M ffidU ttgeed-.Wkher.COby  ernment suit to dissolve the corpora
eptracyj, to discredit  tne  sinners  dj  ,.,������,,������     Tki
piaating dynamite    In
bulldlngB    at  tlon as an Illegal combination.    The
Bree&'s story of his activities on
behalf M both the strikers and the
mill owners culmluated in a decla-
ratioa that he recused to accept $7000
from AltetiuVs attorney, Daniel H.
���Coakicj*. the lawyer who was cross-
examining him.
Tcfltinony previously Introduced
-was that eight persons who had been
arrested when dynamite was found in
tmildingE occupied by them at Lawrence, lfrtcr had brought damage suits
against, Breen, who bad planted the
c3q>Uwi-i!e. Breen testified that he
bail Rone to Atteaux to get $13,000 af-
txrr hie own counsel had told him that
:ait thc ��ults could be settled for $12.-
'���OO. He denied that he knew the
damage suits could be settled at a
lower !*$ure. -
of the Y. M. C. A. on Tuesday even
Ing: '���
The Y. M. C. A. stands for a whole
Christ, for the whole man and    the l     , ,, ,     . ,, , ���. ,
whole world.    Most  men  like to be fnt *��on8��n as ,0 th�� government pay-
linked up to a great, thing.    Here ls ***�� for the c08t ot olll"S
an   Institution   that  appeals  to    our
most generous    sympathies    and    Is        . ,,      , , ., ,,,.,,    ,.
making good ln every land.   The cam-  p��rt Coqultlam city council that   the
the    Pitt
river road.
The clerk was Instructed to notify
-     1UUBI    gtU'eiOllB       njiiiiiiiuii.n       .,,,,.       ,d
testimony  was adduced  In cross-ex-   making good In every land.   The cam- rockinlJ the North Pitt   Mea-
animation by government counsel.      ��*����t PM��mt b.ln, carrion by ,���� ����Rocking the N*^***
Mr. Schwab said however, that ores .Mott u [*&*>�� A��la readB \\ke   �� they   paid  half  of  that   the  dlstriet
ceuld  havo  been  Imported  from  fo- . air*ft    ,n ���" ��^J^J." 'I'��� i municipality would  defray  the other
reign countries and a corporation as  India, China. Korea and Japan kioub-
big as the United States Steel organlz-lands  of   students   flock   to  hear   the,       ��� construct     20
ed, provided its plant were located In   gospel   from   these  leaders   In  Y.  M. Mr   polIard.��� real.
the east.    He conceded on  the other  C. A. Work.
hand that tliere were no other flnan- In Madras under the most dlscour-
cial interests In the United States j aging weather conditions 2000 non-
as strong as those which went Into' Christian students came out to here
the corporation, namely, J. P. Morgan: Mr. Mott, and in Canton 3000 students
& Co., the liockefelle'r-Standard Oil |filled the largest theatre in the city,
interests, the Carnegie Interests and and manv expressed a desire to be-
the W. II. Moore group. jcome Christians.   Its worldwide char-
Mr. Schwab completed his testi-|ac'er Is becoming more pronounced
money today and in the face of par- every yenr. It Is not an experiment,
slstent  efforta on  the  part of Judge  mtt  a  well  established  successful  in
dence at a cost of $340
The invitation to attend the Conservative convention in New Westminster on June 2 was accepted.
The reeve was appointed to attend
the Fraser Valley Development league
on  the 23rd inst.
The plan of a concrete bridge
across the Brunef.e river at the North
I road   instead   of  the  present  wooden
Store Closes at 6 p. m. Week Days and at 9:30 p.   m.  Saturdays.
Jacob M. Dickinson, the government; 8tlUon that has made good, and pays Istructure, sent by the New .Westmin.
attorney, to gain admissions tending  law> dividends  In  the  best  coin 0f |��'�� cl^ engineer, was considered too
to show that the corporation was organized chiefly to prevent destructive wars among competing steel concerns, defended the company at every
In his conversations with J. P. Mor-
gau  that   led   to  the  organization  of  Konak company, started the subscrlp
realm-character .expensive, $6500. for the municipality
ra'mA GoodI investment. �� .**** P��� ttime', ���f had  re-
Some time ago. In connection with ; P*'rcd  the   existing  bridge
the  campaign   In  Rochester  to raise! all    requirements
$7r.0,0n0  for the  V.   M.  O.   A.  in   that
Mr,   Eastman,   of  the   Eastman
No Sparc Moments for Uncle Sam to
Consider  Currency   Reform.
Washington, May 21. -President
Wilson had three conferences today
on currency reform. He discussed
with Senator Kern, the majority leader, the prospects of currency legislation at lhis session, and learned that
attention bad been focused SO sharply
on the tnriti lhat there was no argu-
rswnt in sight as yet as to the advisability ol banking reform.
The president talked with Chairman Owen of Ihe senate banking eom-
.jBittee early tcday and later saw Rep-
nmtllltlillTn Gloss, chairman of the
���MM tanking committee, He merely
inquired into tlle progress being made
liy thn��' working on a currency bill.
Indieutic.ua are that within another
-week a bill will be completed, the
���ftanrtamontsls of which will have the
. admiiitstrali.m'i approval.
The Honale currency committee is
aehr-dnh-d lo meet Friday and Chair-
raan Owen and other members are
���pr-c-paring the list of questions lo be
SHbinitted ��. bankers and financiers.
Although many senators believe cur-
reocy legjslatton :>t the special ses-
��won iii Impossible the opimon Is growing iii it a determined effort may be
-agt-ecte-d  i i  put  a bill through.
the corporation he had never, he de
clared. made the alleged threat to
build a tube plant in competition with
tho National Tube company, one of
the concerns afterwards taken over.
This alleged threat, thr- government
maintains, was one of the factors
Whicb precipitated the organization.
In connection with present conditions in the Bteel industry. Mr. Schwab
testified: "If 1 live long enough and
product now produced by the steel
Corporation will manufacture every
product now produced by the Steel
He said that the steel corporation
had the advantage of owning the production facilities and was able to
manufacture steel rails four or five
dollars cheaper than its competitors,
but he said lhal was only "because the
Bethlehem Steel Corporation has not
got the resources to build railroads
of its own."
tion with $250,000, and thai after sev
eral months close studv of Ihe work
of the Institution. In connection
with Uie campaign In Chicago to raise
$f,.noo.noO, for 30 buildings In that
city, Mr. Ohyrus H. McCormick sahl:
"There is no bei ier Investment for
tli!. individual or the corporation."
Such men as Lord Strathcona and
William .Jennings Bryan, shrewd,
wide-awake men of affairs, put themselves and their money Into th's
work. The large railway companies
are pulling themselves behind the
work in the int. rests nf their men.
One shrewd railway president said:
"The Improvement of the men increases dividends."
That may not be 'he highest motive
to meet
all requirements for a year and
would send their bill for half the cost
to  New  Westminster later on.
A number of applications for roads
and road repairs were remitted to the
chairman of the board of works and
the engineer for report.
Suit Offering
of the Season
156 Suits Priced Far Below
the Cost of Making
these are the latest Summer models, smart, stylish
and up-to-date. Priced in
three lots.
$10.50, $13.50 and $22.50
Hospital   Tenders   to   Be   Dealt
On   Tuesday   Next.
Tenders for the supplies and
ment of the new Uoyal Columbian
hospital were not opened, as expected,
at the meeting yesterday afternoon
of the board of management of the
hospital, but a special meeting for
this purpose Ins been caller for next
Tuesday afternoon.
The report of the lady superintendent tor the month of April was ri
celved.    On   the  first  of  ilm  month
for getting behind the work, but it's a'there wire 82 patients in the hospital;
Idaho   Inmate   Snuffs   Out   His
Room-mates  in  Their
Blacllfoot, Ida., May 21.���Peter
Rradovltch, an insane Austrian, confined in ihe south irn Idaho insane
isylum   here,   killed   his   five   room-
testimony as to what business men
think of the Y. NI. C. A. as a man
The world Is slowly waking up to
the fan tha: our men and women,
i ur hoys and girls, arp our best asset. Mul whatever tends tr. make
them healthy in body, self-controlled
wholesome In spirit is worth while in
the interests of both church and s'ate
Our best Industry is tlie manufactory
of men.
Man to Man.
This Institution stands for a man',
mlnistery to man. a man's method of
work for men. and a man's pros-ram
rf work for men. It's a call to fellowship as';bMjd as the brotherhood of
men. as* deep as man's need, as high
as Christ's hope, and as wide as the
world's opportunity.
It is great lo have some part in a
work such as this, lias our response
becn  us nearly   as  it   should 1     Have
on the last of the month there were
56, and the greatest number of patients treated on any one day was
00. Tke total number of hospital
days was 2126.
Those present were President J. .1
.lohnston, Mrs. A. J. Hill. Mrs. A. H.
Ferguson and Messrs. J. A, Montgomery. T. II. Smilh, J. S. Clute and
Alderman  Kellington.
Wolfing  Tra-^kB.   	
Von Coqultlam, May 20.   The C. P. Imates by beating them over the head WB answered the call as cheerfully
"St.   WenVmlnster  line   tracks   In     the I with a table as thev  law  asleep this  wa  might"    Men,    listen,    have    we
���virir.iix id 'in station here will short- morning. The dead are: Oeorge Itace,
*v be raised aboul is Inches, bringingll'ocatello; George Pcde. Boise; Ityrum 'but I
Fortunes Dormant In Britain's Banks
Which Depositors Have Forgotten.
Twenty mill.on dollars Ile'unclaimed in the harks of Oreat Britain,
Thi- statement is mnde cn the basis
of th amount of unclaimed money
in the cotlers nl the Hank ol England
alone, That in.-titution a lew yesr-s
ago had more than 11,000 dormant
accounts. 4a nl which exceeded *50.-
(KHi apiece, while ono wa.*> written in
six llgures.
faced up to the splendid opportunity : , Th<; banks, nf course, are glad to
ours In this growing citv ?      | h-   ,Ik'   depositories   of   the   mon"y,
men s
Suits to
Regular Values Ranse
up lo $25.00.
Never before in the history of
our store have we shown such a.
remarkable suit offering. These
suits are developed in Serges,
Tweeds, Homespuns, Whipcords. Well tailored and a perfect fit. Coat lined with silk
eerge linings. Skirt high waist,
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suits  in  tliis  lot.
Clearance Price $10.50.
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tin. Perfectly tailored and all
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l'er  pair  .$1.00
Made of finest seelcted French Kid: one, two
and three dome fasteners; Krench over-sewn
and pique Stitched; every pair fully guaranteed. The prevailing colors are white with
Belt and black stitching, mode. gray, light,
medium aad dark tan. black, heaver, etc.
Prices np.. pi r pdr   $1.50. $1.75. $2.25
thi- ti.p of the Bteel tn a level with Peterson,  Idaho Fal
Ellas   ll.iii. y,      Vou have listened to these experts.
how  *=o great  a  number of  nccmint-i
are  allowed  to  become   dormant    by
There are sev-
claim ownership after
fhe o is.: platform Tlu main lino 1 Moreland; deorgo Shephery Poi ate'llo Records of good work done In the dlf-1 KeeP!n?1 ,hl' n-t-nunt3 open seven
steel,  iu  the  vicinity  or tbe station     There waB no evidence of a struggle ferent departments,   The forces have | >'"���"'���     ���' .tr>!.r.i!,-r.-ible to som-*
also will be raised slightly, while the between the maniac and  his victims been  well led. and a loyal few have
track   base  of  lhe  treble    line    now j except on the body of Petersen. Two  P"t  heart  and   brain   Into  the   work.,  , ,
atrti  bridge    across    the    Coqultlam j bruises  on  his  arm  showed  lhat   he  But we must not rest until the mem-;'    !r nghUUI owners,
r-Wer   will   be  constructed   IS   inches | had tried to ward off the blows which   berslllp   reaches    at     least.    600.     It'er'" ' M' '*' '''' ''' !!n!: :"       :""'""
-above tlio base cf the old hridge.       6  Bradovltch   was  raining on   his  head,  should be 1000.    Bul this year It sim-
.  So quietly did  Bradovltch accomplish  ply must reach BOO, and the $23,000 of
the JcllVng that guards sleeping across  debt resting on the building must not
the   hall   were   not   awakened.     The  for long burden the directors or bin- ]
beads of all five men were completely der aggressive work thai needs to bo
crushed.    Bradovltch  was  committed  done  in  our  city.    I   wish  to  mako
to  the  Insane asylum  two  years ago  some  suggestions,  brief  and   pointed.
from  the state penitentiary  where be   which   I  feel  will   inspire thiB  institu-
wnb servng a life sentence for murder.
Comeo to Vancouver.
Sacramento, Cal.,  May 21. -With  a
���h-aj'iuet   (.might,  the annual conveii-
ittJon d the Pacific Coast Advertising
iHes'l   association   came  to  an   end.
Vuncoi, i er, B.C., won the convention
ftvr  next   ;ear.     Albert   C.   Clark,   of
Portland,   was  elected   president;   H..
Iv StltweU. of t,os Angeles, first vice- '
IIIuaid-eht:  r. ii.  Lloyd, of Spokane,
tie-cond     vmi.-president;     (ieorge     A.I
fNiinni.r.:.  of Sacramento, third   vice- ';
pr-iiddc-ii!.    K.    1..    Blsbee,   of    Los
AojatU*.     Chairman   of   the  executive
r-orn-niRti <*.   llr.  K. S.  Howe, Vancouver, secretary  and  treasurer.
Stalwart ol Other Dayt.
The  other day   Lord   Llan.infl  celc.
j brated   his   S"th   birthday.     He   m.w
Uvea a  very  retired  life in  London,
I hut hit career has been s Itreniiou-t
one, iimJ twenty years or so ng.-i hu
I name was on everybody's  lips.
Lord  I.laiulaff was born in Ceylon,
��� iv here las  (atlu-t was a jud^e ol  tlie.<*'f Ow neuter gend
Supreme Court.   Educated In London Bon round  whom our affections can|cel'��r
may. for some private reasons open
an account in another bank. He
dies; his executors know nothing
about the cstrn account; he has lelt
I nn memorandum of it ami it goes un-
| claimed. A depositor may die abroad
or disappear, leaving no clue as to bid
whereabout?. A man may even lur-
crit that he ever had such an account.
Incomprehensible as this may seem,
it has frequently occurred. In almost
evcrv instance carelessness in money
matters accounts lor these unclaimed
Despite th" well-known facts the
ed :ruer loyalty to Jesusl unclaimed deposits are yearly in*
Men,  ihls  is  vital.    We  gel j creasing.    Tn put one's money  in  n
lion with new life, increase its mem
bership, relieve the financial stringency, and enable us to do with largei
efficiency our part in world-wide manhood.
Of Vital Interest.
We   n
. ; I'm:-, Mr Henry Matthews look
ip the law as a prolesion. an.l rapiJIy
I'-rp.-d his way to the front.   Entering
a good deal from an idea, we get! i,nnk nn.l go away nml forget it is Imt
more irom a purpose, but no rial in j on- il,.u.re,. ', ��- cnre|e5�� thnn t. hide
spiraiion ever conies from anything j it 111 nn old teapot cr -iiL-.ir hnwl or
r, We need a per ��� beneath the rnllora nr bury it in 'be
1 hc ' niy n Ivantiige to the
entwine. Christ was the Ideal I.P.ublic In Inning th" funds in i
young man     Lived a    clean,    sirtuig [ mink .* ���'   ��� I :e money is invested in
concentrated   and   consecrated   life;
B.Kby   Denies Charge.
(.os   Angeles,   May   21     Oeorge   II
Hirt-y.     the     Long   Ileach   millionaire
feaa-ke-r,  pleaded  nol  guilty  todaj   ti
����o   Indictments  charging  hlm   v
���ha-ii-.r , .:. r:-.uii.: in t'.ie dellnquencj
���of  mi-a.-v-i,    Th.-  pleas  were entered
altt-r Oscaj   I awler, all. nny for Hix-
���by, faileii  tp bare    the    indictment
���jua^.b. ���'     Judgi   Willis, Bitting  tern
jhs****^.   ia  the JuvenlU irt,  took   rdisturbing'perlo^aslierThe'odiuni Him, the soclala wlll make us friend
"���   ' ni the Labor riots in Trafalgar S.-unre ly for Him, and religious department
...a- heaped upnn his head, hut .    .
lhe Conservatives went out ol
ue was consoled by a peerage.
i'aiiianient   in   HO.-*  as  Conservative none more worthy of being followed
uembcr lor Dungsrvan, he eventually Men, jusl yield to Him,    Link up   i
inslerred bis activities to East llinn- Him,    Get   His  viewpoint, catch  His
.* lam.   Fr. in i-vtti-irj he was in the spirit,  then   the  gym   will  make  us
nservative Cabinet, ami lew I Line strong for Him;   the educational d.-
���r.-lares have passed through  such partmen:   wlll  make us Intelligent   for
Lung .* t!   '
<r*lll .    tl-''. Itll
thus r n i' -
it. ��hich it *
money hnrip
rwner of Ilu
a- well be
from it.
; rn]eet and Hie public
ii .le-ree nf utili-y Ir- tn
.. u il not derive were lhe
I A" lar as Ilu: rigbtin
���-. .Id, h iwever, il nigh'
lust;   he   gits   nn   !:������������',
fl iIE��/l I R\C"
Home    of    the    Cinematograph.
Entire Change of Program
Edison Photoplay.
Comedy Drama.
A   Modern   Spanich   Romance.
Pathe Play.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs In Hrass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 In.
Exceptional bargains at from   $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from  $3.9- to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser ��� ��� $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in Golden Oak, Hoyal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Hining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 sido and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. H. plate mirror. This suite
is an exceptional bargain at J48.u0 complete.
Our Dry Goods section la attracting great attention.
Cor. (Uh Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
Something   Wrong.
IJ.-iri*!.* l.i.ri.. Pa, May 21    The gel
..������ra! eldership of tin   Church of Clod. I
in  session  here  today,    Investigated
-dutrgea lliit M. K. Smith of Findlay.
���fl.. had  failed  to account, satisfaclor- !
ily tor imestinenla of the church or- j
jjanizalnm.    II   was charged    In    the.
���nwt'tinr, -Vl-.at (30,000 had been invest-!
e*< in min in.-J. stocks and lhat there was
alao aaothef  shortage.
Enler ths  Villain.
Scene -Dinner   party   at   the
>l   a   well-known  British   peer.
"When I ti li my
when   -will throb and glow with the kind of |
i.llce  religion  that makes men  want to lu
good      Men,  let   this  year  stand   fo,,
loyalty to Christ,
Then We need n passion  for men.
.That  love    of    men    that    finds    Its!
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Co'umhia   Street.   New  Westminster.
Singir   Sewing   Machine-?.     Small   Musical  Goods of  all   Kinds.  PHONE  694.
If you read THE NEWS you got all the news.
This evening at tiie    opera    house ,
lirst brit I,'
Flying  float   Dives Tco.
���'Han Diego, Cal., May 21.���Lieuten-
���anu 39aasuel Breereton, l'nited States
���"���MHtirri   pilot,  and  J.  1).  Cooper,  in-
.-���stnictoi a' the Curtlss aviation school
��� Srrc.  had   a   miraculous  escape   from
*tf*-">tb tod bj when the machine In
-���which they were flying over the hav,
a nyins boat, became unmanageable
nnrt plnnK-ed Irnm a height of 150 fl '
ho tho water
Such l| War���New.
No-galen. Ariz., May 21, -An accident to an aeroplane is delaying u
battle. In Slighting frnm a trial flight
at. Harmosillo last night Dldler Mas-
:si>n Slightly damaged his big nero-
pian,-. The repairs will require a day I
or two. In the meantime the state
-ir-oop*     tire
I tc li
| tlie prosperous barrister, recounting
hi.i career, "1 was very ncrvoui mal
| ixcited, especially as my client as*
I i bad eg-,'. He was a man of (mod
I family. \ hose name would hove been
I latally tarnished bad the rascal been
convicted, Happily, 1 managed t,, _vl
, ti.. beggar ofl."
After dinner h multimillionaire *n
l. red     Ile  was a fneinl  i f the  host
j ,vho pri ii i ted the K.C. to lum.
"1 .1 t need to be introduced lo
" i-  ui ntloniaii,"  observed   the   mil
main!   patronizingly,    "I   inel   him
long   ago     In   fact,  I   gave   him   lu��
-��� 'irt  :n  life     I  '.ui* his first rlienl
11 i-.    hilarity   whieh   gn-eteij
tbi-   h in unci ment   was   nevi r   et
plained to the lute coiner.--1 it-L..s.
Genesis In the love of Christ.    It was I M|SS   Delia   Clarke   will   present   her-
mld  this that  made the founder of the Y
M.  C.   A���  Sir  George  Williams,    thc
self and company of first class conv-
dianB in one of the best comedy hits
power he was In lhe world.    All he |of the season, entitled "Introduce Me.
did was lo win thetn  to a better life.
(Jive us a large share of this in  the
membership  of  this  year,    and    the
members will   be   increased  and    the
quality   will   be   improved.     Then   we
need the power of the Spirit of God
Men.  listen,  it  is nol    the    Bplend d
hulldlng and Its equipment  we have.
it is uni Hm number,   strength   and
ability nf the directors, or the iralu
ing, experience and efficiency nf the
secretaries lhal is going to put    ihls
Institution   v. l ere  every  lover of    ii
desires ii to be sa a mighty force for
ihe b s{ manhood In this city,    li Is
the presence n-.ul power of Ibe Spirit
of God, and if only we wlll waken up
In lhal facl  tins vear has great things
[In sion- fnr us. a ear with the trolley
-   helpli
.Miss Clarke iB nnt by any means a
'stranger     to     N'ew       Westminster
threatre-goers, since Just a year ago
I last night she was seen to good effect
in the drama, "A  White Squaw."
Tbre will be two big features at the
i Hoyal theatre ted iy.   Om   will he tin j
Roman Warriors, Sampson and Samp  ;
ison, who preBenl an Interesting nov  i
i Ity entitled    "As    In    the    Days  ol
Caesar."   1 he other big  fi atun   win
be a two r.*. 1 Thanhi in r ������!::*. I ��� nn
titled "The Marble Heart"   Tin  enn
pany thai produced this picture is an
exceptionally good one and the Bccnes
HAHF.Y  TIDY.  Manager.
Mis Del a Clarke
Presents  Herself and  Company
of Comedians  In  a  Laughable
l Popular Shoe Store
Open till 9:00 p.m.
The Heme of Low Prices 641 Front St.
Out of the High Rent District.
well laid out.    Harry Clinton Saw-
Follows Her Children. jin sion- for us. A ear with the trolley   Ver. late leading man of the original
Portland,  Ore.,  May  21.    Mrs.   I.II- off Is not  nmn* helpless than we are  "Time, Plai nd Girl" show  will  be
Han Strang) who, while temporarily If v;i' are nol indwelt and dwelt upon with    us   as   an  impersonator and
Insane,  poisoned and  shut  her three by  the  Divine  Spirit.    "Ye shall  re   Bongologulst   Mr  Sawyer has a good
awaiting his arrival  utlehlldren   and   hersell   several   weeks |celve   power,  after    thai    the    Holy   line of funny  mugs and  his  Imper-
ihe tronl befciro moving on the fed-
. ul;. who remain .mrtrenched outsldi
- ii., null port
ago, died here today. Two of her
children also have died. The third
will recover.
Spirit Is come upon ynu." IsonatldnB are
Then   we  need     mure    and     better   laughable Key i.r
prayer,   earnest,   believing,   Importun-1ploto tho program
Id ta be > xc.ilent. A
icdy will cam-
Seats now on sale at Tidy, lhi
Florist's, $1.50 io BOc.
'PHONE L 134
FHURSDAY,  9   a.m. to 9 p.m.
 oots.  makes  Walkover,   King3bury,
���urple, etc.   The price to clear up
Ladies'  i
Boy's am
from .
icrosse shoes, high and low
Tonight ti to !�� p.m., 20 pair.' gent's light boots.
Tonight 6 to 9 p.m., Leckie's work boots for mei
Black and Tan  2,85
Tonight ii to 9 p.m., for men, Marsh's High Merit Boots, Black and tan  3,95 THURSDAY, JUNE  22,  1813.
Baseball Results.
In   1899   received  a  call   from   Louls-
The Colonels  were  then   members In good Blunding of the National
league.     In   lilllO   the   Louisville   team
was transferred to Pittsburg, and thej        NORTHWESTERN LEAGUE
"Deacon" began his long and glorious j Standing of the Clubs
career of a dozen  years as a  Pirate j \y    j,
slab aiilst.    lie was one of the twirl-; Seattle  28    11
ing mainstays of the   great    aggrega-! Vancouver".'.''.'''.".'.', !l8    1.1
tion of Buccaneers that copped   Uie Portland ib   i'u
Sporting fana of New  Westminster  National league pennant In 1901, 1902 , Victoria     14    lii
will have their fill on Saturday,  Vic-,and 1903. ij,, "    "'
Mooce Herd and  North Vancouver at
Queen's  Park.
Guessing   on   the   Hesvlei
terest Now Centres on Barrleau
and Bayley,
torla day    or yesterday another Item      |n   lhoae  yBB���  ,he  "Deacon"    did  Spokane 13
was added to.the program In the shape  fairly well at bat, hanging up an aver-
of a  baseball  game at Queen's  Park  a.���, ,lf from   210 to   221.    In 1905 he
Local   In-   between   the  Moose  team  and  North
This wlll be pulled off at 10:30 In
the morning so as to allow the fans
plenty  of  Itme  to  get a  bite  to  eat
before    the    championship    lacrosse j f.""'
The fight fans of the world will ! The North Vancouver outfit are by
���aoon be In a position to dope out a no means strangers to this city for It
possible champion who will take the was only three weeks ago that they
place of Jack Johnson In the heavy* trounced tbe New Westminster team
weight class of pugilism. j by a close score.
Gunboat Smith's victory over Jess I This time lt Is expected that they
Wlllard does not tag him as being a wl" have to travel their best If they
sure winner of the title and before want t0 head off the hord under Man-
the Kansan can claim tie champion-  aBer  Bl"  Graham,   for  ths  latter  Is
ship he will have to meet men of
���sturdier  build than Wlllard.
Saturday's light at Calgary botween
Policy and l.uther McCarthy should
<ienr the air somewhat, for the winner will probably be pitted agalnsl
Smilh In the near future.
A Lightweight Crown.
Hnd Anderson, the Vancouver,
Wash., boy sta^ids one good chance
of wearing a championship crown before another year  has  passed.
The fans say that Mandot was a
hack number, but the way Anderson
has disposed of K. O. Drown on two
���occasions, followed by his victory
over Mandot, leads many to believe
that he will be at Ihe head of hia
class before many months have
Barneau Bayley.
searching the whole city for material.
The line-up Is yet to be named.
Yesterday's Games.
At Vancouver: R.  -II     E
slumped In his stick work to .093, but  Vancouver .1      7     2
came back strong the following year Seattle  .  . 0     4     0
with a batting average of .244.    The!    Batteries"''sebmuts'and Konnlck-
"Deacon"  continued  to  pitch   brainy j Fullerton and Cadman.
i ball for the Pirates until  1908,  when i    At   Portland: RHE
as out of the game nearly    all ' Tacoma ...  o     5     1
soason on account of Illness.    He had  Portland 3      g     o
not fully rocovered In 1909, and was      Batteries':" kurfess.   Bel'ford  Bolce
used In only 22 games, finishing the and Harris; Eastley and Williams,
year with  a batting average of .071.'    At  Victoria: RHE
but with a fielding average or 1000.      Spokane i     5     2
The Pirates won the pennant again  victoria .   11    10     0
that year, so that the "Deacon" has      Batteries:    Toner anadAuer; Kan
been a member of four pennant win- tlehner and Shea.
ning teams.    In 1910 Philippe showed	
flashes of his old time form, but the u,Tlnu.,   . ......
following year he was used In only ai national league
few games,  and It was evident that
the old veteran    was   through    with
major league ball.  Brooklyn 19
With    the    close of the  Maryland  g^0* ;;"".;" " $
meet, the followers of the    gee-gees gt   ]J|U|. *,.
Nifty   Nine   Take   Long    End    From
""��� I      _ Boys in Scarlet.
Some heavy scoring took place on
(the .Moody l'ark Diamond last even-
Pct. tag when the Hfty Nine aggregation
.697 , walloped the Junior team of the 104t.h
.580 | regiment to the tune of 12-10.
.470 ' Jack ,i08S. who handled the spheroid
.466 ;for the Nlfty Nlne. was-all to the good
Standing of the Clubs.
Philadelphia   18
Cornwall Sets Good   Exampl
of  Factory  Town  Play the
Indian Game.
.    H.
5    10
5      6
LACROSSE TEAM SrTJttVKirsSS Er '������'"'���$
jdian  Racing  association's  season  be-  Cincinnati q
  : gins  day  after  tomorrow  In  the  On- j Yesterdav'a Games
tgrlo  metropolis,   while  the  sport  of i     ,, Hn��ton- ii
Ladles  kings will be revived ln New York a chlcago 6
week from tomorrow.    Both the Tor-  ]30st0n     r
onto and   New  York  Inaugural  dates      |!allCTiM: '' Reulbac'h.'' Cheney and
are holidays, which, with fair weather,  Arcn       He88 and Wq ���
,assures an auspicious start. j    At New York R.    H.   E.
" ~ | St.  I.ouis    4      4      4
Although   they have been wiped off BOOST FOR CRICKET New   York      3    10      ������
the map as far as the big profession I , ;  Batteries:    Sallee and Wingo; Tes-
cream  Cornstalk, to  Play in Victoria���Local   rea" amJ Wilson
Men Will Attend.
The  news  that  lhe    visiting    Australian   cricketers   will   play   In   Vic
toria next week  has caused no  little
nimeut   among   the   enthusiasts   re
except In the last two Innings when
the regimentals pounded him for several  runs.
McKay, Nauvlmua and Morrison
were thc battery for the boys ln sear-
City Ball League.
A meeting of the city baseball
league will be beld this evening In the
Club alleys reading room at 8 o'clock.
Every team la requested to have a
representative present bo that the
schedule for the season, which will
commence on Teusday evening, can
be drafted.
QUEENS PARK,  10:30 A.M.
"Moose" City Champions
v. North Vancouver.
These two teams    should    give    a
rattling  good  exhibition.     Silver  col-1
Meanwhile, local Interest is centred al   '"""tea   are   concrned.   tlle
around the fight between Joe Bayley, <,f ,hp,r    Players    captured    by    the
the Victoria boy, and Ernie Ilarrluaii ,r!1ms of the Hlg Four and Vancouver,
a  former  citizen  of    Sapperton    and '*'"' cili-""i of Cornwall are Just now
nnw   of   Vancouver.     These   two   will ***  *������'' nildsl of u lacrosse revival the
come together on Saturday evi ning al **���*'' ��' which has never been seen or
Urlghouse, l.ulu Island, for the cham experienced  before in any other city  B*,jj'n'
plonship lightweight title of Canada
llayley  has deft ated  llarricau on onr,
on  the a ntinent.
Cornwall  has  been  termed  the
���asion onlv. but since then the Van*   crosse nursery of the east, with New
Westminster as her sister on the
mast, bin the Hoyal City will have to
step lively if she ever hopes to out
rank the Factory Town In lhe way ol
bringing up lacrosse slurs.
Not content with forming the first
ladies tram In the Dominion with
bright   prospects   of   having   a   league
At  Hrooklyn
Hrooklyn    2
Hatteries:       Adams      and
Ragon and Miller. Irwin.
At Philadelphia: K.
Cincinnati      (1      3      :',
Philadelphia 12    "'l     1
llatteries:     Johnson,   Hurler.   Smith
couver artist has improved consider.
ably   and  many   believe he  will  como
awav with the decision,
The action of tin* municipalities on
the   lower   mainland   in permitting
such contests ::i these rests solely
with the promoters themselves. Once
lhere   is   a  shady   deal   pulled   off  ths
clamps will be screwed down so tight   established   in   the   near   rutur
thai  il   wlll he years before they are   hl'a<1 moguls of  Cornwall,  the  mavor  the
g on Ihe lower mainland, who
would dearly have loved to see the
Cornstalks In action agalnsl a Van
couver team.
The old English game can be boost   !lM(1 Clark, Kllng; Seaton and Killlfer
ed  forty  different   wavs by  securing  Howley.
such a team as the Australians to plav 	
in any city. AMERICAN   LEAGUE.
Kngiish rugby is steadily improving Standing of the Clubs,
on the coast by reason of the   annual W.   L.
visits of  the    Californians    to    this  Philadelphia        IH     I)
province and  vica  versa,    while    the  Cleveland   21    12
Waralahs'   Invasion   last   fall   helped   Washington   IS
game    along    wonderfully.    The  Chicago
over   lifted    again.    Nol     that    the ��"d aldermen, prominent citizens, Joe
Hrighous,.  event   will  not  he on    the '-ally et al, have Interested some 200!
Bquare,  for everyone  believes it will young boys in  the national  pastime,
be open and above board,    but    ilm offering as an Inducement gold medals
nows ol  llrliish    Columbia    allowing to the winners of the different leagues
these events will probably travel far r"P�� 'o ihe teams, and last, but not
and  promoters  who cannot stand the least, a free  stick  to every boy  who  England
lest    an*    liable I" try on some queer wants   to   play.     The   idea   is   taking
il, ngs     I.,!  the game be played ever rent,   the  bovs   have  been   told   to   al
and  above  anv  suspicion    and    there WBVS   plav   for   the  honor  of   winning
will be Utile kick from the authorities,  a"d   not   to   resort   to   underhand
.  .methods.
YOUNG   TEAM   PICKED. I A Chance Here.
  Here la a greal   chance for   New
Promising   Twelve   Will   Open   Season ' Westminstrr     to     follow     Cornwall's
at Victoria. example      Perhaps   the    time     la  too
Although   the   12   picked   is  by   far |short  lhis  season   to slart  things  go-
the younge8t  that has represented the   lpc    but   thos..   who   have   the   game
amateur lacrosse    club    fur    several  at heart should  hear ii  In  mind, so  gathering several entries In a 26 yard
years, tlm select Inn made by Manager   that   by   Hie   lime   no\t spring  comes   race ,[or  [he  championship  of'the   Y.
same can he said of a visit of any old   Hoston    14
country  soccer  team  and  when  once  St. I.ouis    15
Canadian cities can afford to patron-   Detroit    12    !
ize  these  games  tlie  faster  arrange-  New York      ft    1
ments can  be made to bring out  one Yesterday's flames,
of the crack first division teams from At  St.  I.ouis                       It.
New York    0
Hut  coming   back   to  cricket.   New  SI. I.ouis     ">
Westminster     will     be     represented Hatteries:    Forbes   and
among lhe spectators at the matches Hamilton and Agnew.
in Victoria for several people have al ai    Detroit  ���  Philadelphia-Detroit
ready signified their intention of mak- game pastponed on account of rain.
Ing the trip. At   ('leveland:                    It.    11.    E
. ���  Washington    5     ft     2
Speed Swimming. Cleveland      3    12     1
Remarkably good time was made ln Batteries:      Groom,   Johnson    and
a swimming match at the Y. M. C. A. Henry.  Williams;   Kahler,  Gregg an.
last    evening.    Instructor    Sovereign Carlsch,
At  lloslon: R,    H.    E.
  ,     ......  Boston' 10   11     2
I'urnliull   last   evening     at     Queen's j along the different schools In the cily   M   c   A      Martin   gained   flrst   place  Chicago      ft    13      2
l'ark will bear watching before the and district will be organized. One. wi',��� the'record of 17 seconds, follow- Hat cries: Collins. Wood, Bedlent
season has advanced very far and thc two. er even three leagues may be ,,d bv 0,inford in l9 seconds, and .and Carrlgan; Uenz, Lang and
boys should he able tu give a good ac-   formed with  Inducements In  ihe  wav   \yaltam in 20 geconds. Schalk.
...nnt   of  themselves  against   Victoria: of cupB and  medals provided  so that:	
m Saturday afternoon ln the game to , the youngsters may tn'e a hand  a"d|"^*=         * '      -*-
he staged on the Capital City grounds. I preserve the game which has made 1
Sixteen   players   answered   the   call   New Westminster famous.
lasl   evening  and,  With  every  one  of |    Already  one  offer  has  been   made.:
IheBO   winking   his   best,   it   took   the   that by Joe I.ally himself.    Joe came
manager  Bome  little  lime  before  be  through  with  a  proposition  to    Matt
definitely   decided   as  to   who   Bhould  J, Knight a few days ago, offering to
play  in  the opening fixture. provide medals for the    teams    com-j
The  team  will  be composed of the  prising  a  leame between  Vancouver.
��� liewine- Goal, It. ('unison: point, victoria and Naw Westminster puhllc
Will Patchell; cover, Leo Gregory; schools. That offer will stand for an-
ilefrnce,   F-   Co..per.  C* Atkinson,   H. 1 other season.
Hattson, centre, 1- Sangster; home, n.. There is a great opportunity for nl
Swanson, Berl Johnston, J. Gifford, body of men to get together and!
'   Storme, G. Feeney; Bpares, L. Nei-1 organize   a   league   In   the   public
��� 11 and  F. Smilh. I schools of this city, together with Si  '
��� ��� I I.eills    college.     The    soccer    league
VICTORIA   PROTESTS. a-noiig   the   schools   during   tbe   nasi
  I winter has brought results.    The boys
Trouble  In  Senior Amateur  Lacrosse j t���rm(|   out   every   Saturday   morning
League  Over  Game. when  weather  conditions  were  favor-
A   protest   from     the     Victoria   la- I ah]fi   H|)f)   -|nttlpd   fir    possession     nf
���:,. team over the result of Satur- |       ��  wlll(,h   wcro  donated    bv    some.
day's   game,   when   the   V.   A.   C.   of        ^  (,ear|efl  s-.ort.    Soccer has    oh I
couver won oul In the last minute I tajned a foothold In the schools which
play,   was   received   by   Secretary   w)]) ()|) mrn B(lpd thnn anv seorr  ***
players   who   might   come   from
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Weatmlnster.
The last of the glass comes all
too soon  when  It  contains
the taste Is so good that you
wish the glass were bigger. Let
us send, you a case. Phone
L 75.    Perot service.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Face-off 3 o'clock.
General Admission, 50c. Grand Stand, 50c.
Bleachers, 25c.
Tickets at H. Hyatt's and Gray & Gilclurfet.
A.  1.  A.  yes-
mstone, of the l
urilav  morning.
i he items nn  which  th- Victoria
.,,.,   base   their   claim   of   the   game
ire    Thnl   no  goal  umpire was back
���if thi mt whin the V  a. C equalized
till ��� ��� re; that tm goal umpire was
had of Ihe nei When the Vancouver
.. im si ored the winning goal and
thai < .... ol the officials blew his
whistle during the progress (if a fight
between two of the players, during
which time the V. A. C. team equalized
the score.
fhe  receipt  of  the  protest   means
rl.al the president Of the league, James
i Keary, will appoint a committee or
three, must probably New WeBtmlnster spectators, who will hand down
a decision during the next few days.
Vetienlav was the last day that a
prm.at could he accepted although It
was liiinwii thai one was on Us way
rrom   Victoria.
Hunt Club Meet.
The annual race meeting of the Van
couver Hunt club will be held on
May's farm on l.ulu Island on Saturday afternoon. Several of the best
horsee In Vancouver and district will
I iitored   In   tho   different   events.
the start io' be mado nt 8:80.
the 1
ou'slil". ,    , ,   ,
lf New Westminster Is lo held her
amoiur the lacrosse teams of the
Dominion the Idea or teschl
youngsters must be borne onl by real
facts. She can never hope to compete aralnst Vancouver and Ibe Big
Four for players. The olty Is not
large enough for that, imr will II be
for several years to come.
Breed Homebrews.
Tlle team If �� ���* lo &* ***B ��uPPor'
must be a homebrew aggregation and
the nursery of that homebrew team
Is In the schools.
Baseball ln the States has prospered
for the simple reason thai every bey s
ambition Is to save a few nickels ai
""vest in a glove and ten cen rocket
b-ill Lacrosse will prosper if everj
boy can  get hold of a  stick
There-are    many    prominent     re
dents of tb's city who can aid In till
&Lndltlsto\e hoped tha   he
statement of Manager Qiflord, of the
Minto  cup   team,   made  a.   a   i.e. nt
meeting of the Ii. P. ''��� A- 'm  Nl w.
Westminster had no more, p aye��� <
world's championship calibre, will be
forgotten by ��>�� time the seas..,, of
1914 comes along.
Tlmmy v.i.-iin. bantamweight
boxer hern In 1.08 Angi les.
,11m linrrv knocked out Martin
lliiriv. In I hi nl round at Itaclnc.
Joe Jeanette defeated Bandy
Ferguson In 80 rounds at Paris.
Johnny Kilbane defeated Al
liiiiiinnt In lb rounds at Hoslon.
Joe Mandol defeated Yankee
Schwartz Iti eight rounds at
Memphis. ,    ,
(leni-ges     Carpeulier     defeated
Lewis ln 80 rounds nt Paris.
Young Jnck O'Brien and Knockout  Brown    fought    six   round
draw at Philadelphia.
-Freddie Welsh. Kngiish. outpointed Jimmy Duffy In 10
rounds at lluffalo.
(By  "Gravy.")
Old "Deacon" Philippe. Former Pirate
Pitcher, 41 Tomorrow.
Old "Oenc-n" Philippe, once a stellar boxman of the Pirates, will celebrate hia 41 sl birthday tomorrow, lhe
������Deacon's"   last    appearance    In     the
public prints wnB.ln connection with
his engagement to manage one of the
I clubs In a new outlaw league. Philippe
was hern at  lturnl Retreat Va..  May
123   1878   nnd was christened diaries.
hul   bla  solemnity  of  demeanor   won
the title of "Deacon" soon    after   he
began his professional baseball career.
That was'In  1897,    when    he    was
signed to Pitch for Minneapolis, then
in the Western league.   Philippe played v.lth the Millers two seasons, and
IM !
Why not spend the coming Holiday in a new Suit?
You take advice from a lawyer on law matters;
from a doctor in health matters. Why not take
our advice about the clothes to buy?
Pay $25.00 for one of our Suits and see what real
value means. This is one of the new models.
SHIRTS'���A large shipment of Cluett soft, double
cuff outing shirts just opened for your
THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1913.
Classified* Advertising I
I  ���iMi-aniniiiiM *
Clsislfled���One cent por word per
day; tc per word per week; 15c per
inonth; 5.000 words, to be used as re
���juired within one year trom date ol
contract, $26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
���Heath Notice 50c or with Funeral Notloe J1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
Inch.  .
ily employed that has ihree or four
hours a month extra time. The
amount of work Ib small, but I am
willing to pay well for having it
done. Address P. O. Box "o. New
Westminster, B.C. U-��>��>
ver city and Vancouver island for
an article in demand by all merchants. Machine sells at sight;
largo commission and exclusive territory Kor particulars call 211
Westminster Trust building.  113571
clerk required. Apply Btating age,
experience and salary required 10
llox 1350 Daily News. (1350)
tain Immediate Possession of un
Ideal city lot facing Moody Park.
Balance of $1000 can be paid on
terms lo suit, purchaser's convenience. Write Owner, Box 1349 Dally
Nows. (1349)
FOR SAI.K���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Hanges; every one guaranteed. Market square. , (1200)
Bankers'  Trust  Case   Likely  to   Prolong  Assizes  Well  Into June���   ..
Two Murder Charges.
Victoria,  May 21.���In    view of the
fifty or more witnesses that are down
Bluejackets Bring Big Guns Ashore���  President Careful to Tell Japanese In
War Supplies Stored In Magazine
���Crew Going Home.
Victoria, May  21.���Within the next
few weeks H.  M. C. S.
What High Esteem They Are
dant with emerald. Centre studded
with rubies and pearls. Re-ward.
609 Fifth Ave., or phone 648 (1370)
the regular complement of time-expired officers and bluejackets will soon
work on commission. Apply Box
1339 Daily News. (1389)
ejiced chaffeur. Private party preferred. Apply 414 Ash street. 11333)
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet in length,
7 Inch to 9 inch tops. Can take In
water or on earn. Neatos Timber
Co.   Ltd., Bellingham, Wash. (1263)
Columbia streel, New Westminster,
will collect your slow and bad accounts for a mere trifle. No membership fee required and commission charged only on the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,  B.C. 1199)
to appear in the Bankers  Trust case-    uonded over to a watch crew while
it is unlikely  tbat the annual  spring
assizes,  which opened  here on  Monday, will bu concluded before the middle of June.
���Two murder caBes will be adjudicated, the full docket being as follows: 4
Ilex. vs. F. C. Cook, R. N. O'Connor
and Si O. Hearn. The charge is conspiracy, which is laid by Robert Hetherington. who alleges that he was induced through misrepresentation to
exchange a home valued at $10,000, for
stock In the Bankers' TruBt Corporation.   ,
Rex. vs. F. C, Cook: This also has
to do with the affairs of the Bankers'
Trust company, the Information being
laid hy Mr. F. J. Popham, who alleges
that the accdBed misappropriated $8,-
Hex. vb. B. Atkinson: In this.the ac
Washington, May 21. The Japanese
Itainbow will | government realizes fully the difficulties under which the Washington administration Iuib labored in handling
the California antl-allen Bituation,
Understanding the dual system of government In the l'nited States and the
powers   of   legislation   held   by  Cali-
Todav's advices from Tokio were of
bu on Ihelr way home to England.
The dismantling of the ship is proceeding  rapidly.    Since Saturday  the
whale of the ship's complement Ittl,.
been busily  engaged In removing the j    ",(J|j
four-pounders from the decks of the pr(,i'lminary character and made no
cruiser to the shore and prepan* Ions *,,,.��������� ,)t ensuing steps, but In
aro now under way for the removal K,^ Ulev reflected a favorable view
of the other ^g^uW-firiWguns.     ��    ,    American note replying to Ja-
it Is an unusual sight at Esquimau,,       ,   Drotest
and much interest is being evinced at  va      y   *Z..'      ,, r*.iBi���m..
the transfer of the big guns from the      >     ., W"'��" " DW-*>���X*
warships to the landing stage and from     President Wilson, who had no Bmal
there to the storage warehouses.    All  P��rt In the writing of the note, Ib said
tho shot and shell has been removed J to have described in most coinpllmen-
rrcjii the ship's magazine and Is now , tary terms what he believed to be the
safelv stored in the ammunition mag-.real   feeling  of  the   majority  of   tho
azine on Coal Island. j American  peoplo toward Japan     The
Altogether  fourteen  big  guns  h*V9-lcommunication, lt is said, pointed to
,.���,,, is indicted for wile murder. ,���.-   -n to ,:.,:.,, a,.,,.,*, ,���,,,,. the ,,n hip |gj��g��^��J ^giVen -Idence
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136   News  office. (1188)
fre������we want a man or woman to
open an office and act bb our representative. We have a permanent
position for the right party. Some
of our representatives aro earning
three hundred dollara per month.
We furnish everything and pay express cliargea. All you have to do
iB distribute our printed matter and
write contracts. No experience
necessary. Write today. Harbor
City Terminal Corporation, San
Antonio, Texas. (1324)
Wanted secretary and bookkeeper
for Board of School Trustees. Must
be able to use typewriter and a shorthand writer preferred. State experience and Balary required. Apply
New Westminster Board of Srhool
Trustees. (1345)
nlshed. modern, convenient, central.     Y.M.C.A.,   Hoyal   Ave     (1371)
sitting  room  close  in.    FirBt  class
locality.    Phone 496. |13til)
Notice   to   Master   Mariners,    North
Arm of the Fraser River.
The City of New Westminster    intends to cIobo thn Lulu Island Bridge,
situate on  the  North    Arm    of    tho
Fraaer   River,   at  New   WeBtmlnster,
ion or about the   20th    and 21et   of
.May, 1913.  for the purpoae of laying
I submerged water mnln. during which
llmo the channel will be closed to all
traffic   requiring   the  opening   of  the
swing spun.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.
City   Hall.   New   Westminster,   B.C.,
May IB, 1913.
Amended Notice.
Owing to delay    in  procuring    Jhe
dredgo for above dates the bridge will
not be closed until the 22nd nud 23rd
Inst. 113211
offence being alleged to have taken
place on January 20, 1913.
Rev. vb. Soo CJuon: ThiB ia another
murder case, the prisoner being accused of killing Soo Muck Gun, a
countryman, on October, 1912, at the
premises of the Cameron Lumber
Rex. vs. J. A. Rlthe: In this the
charge Is manslaughter in connection
with the death of Jem Ling, a Chinaman,, on November 16, 1912.
Rev. vs. J. M. Telfer: Wounding
with intent to maim Ib the indictment
Standing against the accused In this
cape. Tho alleged offence was
against Mr. Aubrey L. Ohren, committed on December 26. 1912.
Rex vs. Alfred Deakin: The latter
Is accused of the theft of Haw logs
from the British Canadian Lumber
Rex. vs. John C. Pendleton: The accused is charged with firing upon MrB.
Fllla Campbell with intent to murder.
of her ur-
is  completely  dismantled
nior-piercing  equipment.
At the present time the Rainbow's
full complement ls composed of 104
officers and men and the greater percentage of this number are naval pensioners nnd are due to return to England by the middle of July at the latest. Four hundred tons of coal was
taken aboard the cruiser last Saturday for lighting antl cooking purposes
i.-to carry on until the vessel is abandoned.
of a  discriminatory  disposition,  and
Insisted  that the  United  States as  a
City Council Considering Purchase of
Mine���Aldermen Propose to
Stake Claims.
Calgary, May 21.--Tbo Power   and
Development company of the Calgary j
city council am considering the advls--!
ability of purchasing a municipal coal
mine', and  tenders for colli  property I
requested by the city coumil were re-
celved by Iho city clerk last week.
A number of good properties at var- i
lous distances from Calgary, not ex-1
ceedlng 100 miles are offered the cltv j
at   prices  ranging  from   $125,000 -to
$500,000.    All theBO properlieH will be
Investigated at once by the oommlttee
Several aldermen are considering I
the advisability of Btaklng out claims
In various coal lands of the territory
adjacent to Calgary, and thereby securing for the city coal lands for nothing. These aldermen believe that
there are thousands of acres of good
coal land still unclaimed, almost unexplored, within reasonable distance
from Calgary, and that a good nilti"
would be found if an expert was sent
out to locate one.
The fact that nearly all of the coal
properties offered to the city have
been staked within Ihe past few yearB,
���eason v, by
i prospecting on Ita own behalf.
The Idea of a municipal owned mine
was advanced some time ago, but not
until recently were steps taken lo secure one. Three offera are now under consideration aa Is alBo the
scheme of city aldermen staking
Ib in their opinion a good
Winnipeg   and   Victoria   Are- Centres
for Controlling  Giant  Enterprise.
Edmonton, Alta., May 21 ��� Dr. Kor,
of  the  Hrackman-Ker  Milling    company, the interests of which  concern
have heen  merged  into the  Western
Canada Flour Mills company, Been In
Kdmonton,   states   that    the     recent
change in the position of the Brack
man  Ker company and the
Canada Flour  .Mills
<-ally ami.nuts to an
Balboa  First  Saw Ocean  From  Panama���That Country Asks World
Madrid. May 21.-The fourth centenary of the discoverer of Ihe Pacific ocean  by Vasco Nunez de  Balboa',miRh'*  embarrass
Whole admired the progress tint Ja-ith��� c|ty should  do a Uttl
pa had made In the last half century,
I respected the achievements of the Ja-
I panose people, and waB sincerely anx-
| ions to shew  that it regarded Japan
| on a basis of equality with all other
powers and nations. ���
!    The note wns nbout 1000 words long
land deall chiefly with the spirit, of
the American people toward Japan,
making no reference, it is Baiii  to the
[technicalities of the new law or lhe
I treaty,   but   discussing   Japan's   contention   that  the  California  agitation | Heavy
was in reality an act of unfriendliness
and discrimination toward the Japan-
��� ese.
|    Officials were net  in the least op-
jposed to publication of the document
but decision of this point was left with
j the Tokio government.
While the situation tonight was re-
igarded as satisfactory in official quarters, the Japanese answer was awaited with keen Interest, Officials generally, however, were inclined to
hope that the acute stage In the negotiations had passed.
The      president       realizing      that
speeches  In congresB    at    this    time
the   situation.
TO      RBNT      FURNISHED,      TWO
bright  hmis..keeping    moms.     Suit
man and wife.    1020 Third avenue.
kis-ping rooms Apply 412 Ash
street. (1343)
TO RENT���FULLY MODERN Business and dwelling block) Kdmonds,
In front municipal hall, two stores,
kitchen, dining room and live nice
bedrooms. I .ease to responsible
party. $70 per month. Apply Alex.
Macpherson,  phono  l'J6J.        (1353)
feet; unfurnished; every convenience; suitable for housekeeping. 305
Durham street. I1R8S1
I'.,  Pioneer  Bakery;   good  location.
Apply Mrs. I)   Kraser. U33S)
Notice Is hereby given that tlie Corporation of the City of New Westmin-
Bter proposes to fill In and build certain works on the foreBhore along
portions of the main waterfront of
the City of New Westminster, and
has deposltod the plans thereof and
a description of the proposed sites
with the MinlBter of Public Works
and a duplicate thereof In the office
of tho RogiBtrar of Titles for the District ot Now Westminster in thc
Province of British Columbia, being
the district in which such work Is
proposed to be constructed, and will
ono month after the dato hereof apply to the Governorln-Councll for approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1913.
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
the two concerns with a paid up capi
tal  of  $2,266,000,
As a result of this deal the mills at
Kdmonton and Calgary, said Mr. Ker,
will in future he operated from the
head office at Winnipeg, while tho
business In Victoria will be conducted
from  Victoria as at  preBent.
Is to be celebrated here this year, and
tho   president   of   Panama,   Belsarlo
Porras, has sent a leiter to King Alfonso,   assuring  his  majesty   of   Pan-
Western I ama's friendship  for Spain.    Balboa,
company  practi-!the  Spanish   soldier  and  adventurer,
amalgamation of firBt saw  the Pacific ocean  from  the
quested Representative Slsson, of
Missouri, who had announced his Intention of speaking on Friday, ou the
alien land question, to handle ns delicately as possible the diplomatic
phases of the case.
Gale   Sends   Pile   Driver
Barge Ashore.
Corodvn, Alaska, May HI -Nine men
were drowned Sunday night wben u
storm blew a pile driver and a barge
ashore near  Katalla.
Five of the men. who resided at Cordova, were: Thomas von Sponsor,
Carl Johnson, Ed. Mossben, - lllnna.
Carl Carlson. The other four were
Orca fishermen whose names nre not
known here.
The men were building a fish trap
for the Northwestern Fisheries company, at the mouth cf tho Martin river, near Katalla.
A furious storm came up Sunday
night and broke six anchors with
which the pile driver and barge were
made fam. They were driven eighteen miles along the shore, where they
struck on the beach. A searching
schooner found the pile driver and
barge yesterday and brought then to
Cordova today.
A bite ol this and a taste sl thst, all da/
long, dulls Ihe appetite and weakens tha
Restore your stomach lo healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dm-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
sl ter eaoh meal���tnd cut oul the "piecing*.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends lor sufferers Irom
Indigestion snd dyspepsia. 50c. a Bos
al your Drug-gist's. Made by the
NaUonal Drug and Chemical Ce. of
Canada, Limited.
Re Ixit thirty-four (34), Southwest,
quarter of District Lot eight hundred and sixty-seven (867), Municipality of North Vancouver, Map
Whereas proof I f Iosb of Certificate of Title No. 591142 12., covering;
the ubove mentioned property, IbbuoiI
in the name of Sham Singh, has beet)
Bled In this office. Notice Is hereby
given that I shall a1 the expiration
of one month from date of first publication hereof, Ibsuc a duplicate of
aaid Certificate of Title, unless in Ibe
meantime valid objection be made to
me In writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day of
May,  A.D.  1913.
(131S) District Registrar.
Notice Ib hereby given that at Ihe
next sitting of the Board of License
Commissioners for the City of New
WeBtmitiBtnr application will be made
for a transfer of the license to Bell
liquor by retail In the Central Hotel
premises situate on Lot One 11).
Block "11," Merchants' Square, City of
New Westminster, from Job. I. Free
man to Henry Freeman
Dated   at   New WeBtmlnster, B.C.,
this 6th day of May, A.D   1913.
Holder of License.
(1381) Applicant for Transfer.
A sale of provincial lands will be
beld by public auction at the court-
hone, Nelson. B, C��� on June 16. The
lands to bo sold are on Kootenay lake
and described as I.ockhart Beach summer homes.
An upset price ranging from $100 to
$200 a lot has been set. lower than
which bids will not be received. The
lots range In size from a quarter of
an acre to two or three acres in extent.
or vacant lots for rent, sale or exchange; splendid position on beach
front     Winch, White Hock.     (1323)
T<>    RENT        li'HNlSIIKI)    BED-
rooms, 205 Carnarvon street. il322i
ed complete electric light, bath,
phon... etc., lit and fit per mouth;
aim. one  pariy  furnished room    M
per month, wllh other accommodations ai l:.i Sev i.th street.   I I2'.i6i
t:i Eleventh street. (1223)
Furnished  three  room  suite,  with
bath      Hot  and  cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Re Lota 3 and 4. Block 5, of Section
36. Block 5 Ncrth, Range 3 West,
Map 529, In the District of New
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 16574F, Issued In tbe name of Alexander Allan,
has been filed In this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of tbe llr.it publication hereof, in a dall) newspaper published In
Ihe City of New WoHtminater, Issue
a duplicate ot the said Certificate, un-
Iobb in the meantime valid objection
hn made ti  ia  v. litlng.
District Registrar of Titles.
l,and  Reglstr)   Office,   New  WeBtmlnster, B.C., Apr.l 80, 11)13.      U206)
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Here's a Snap for Builders.1
75 x 300, facing on two
streets, for $1,500, $200
cash, balance to suit.
We can trade choice Alberta
acreage for City or Suburban realty.
We can trade Okanagan orchards for City, or Rural
We can sell two cosy homes
for $100 cash and $25 per
per month
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia 6tre��t.
New Westminster, B.C.
Guelph a City Postoffice.
Guelph,   May   21.   -The  business  ofj
the  Guelph   postoftlce  has   grown   to
such   an   extent  that  the  authorities
deemed it advisable to Bend In a re-
quest to the postmaster-general a Ble-
Ing that Guelph be made a city post-
office,     A   letter   was   received   from
the riepartfhent at Ottawa this morn- I
Ing stating that the request had been'
acceded   to.  and   that,  the   money   re
uuli-eil to make Guelph a. city postof- |
ll-e would be placed In the estimates
at once
Scout Accidentally Shot.
London. Ont.. May 21. Herbert
Graves, of 240 Ilyinan street, a buy
scout, wub accidentally shot In the
let: while rut on an expedition headed
by Scoutmaster Brady Saturday afternoon. A 22-ealiber rifle in the hinds
��� if the Booutmai ter discharged, and the
bulb t struck ("raves. He was taken
to Victoria hospital here, where the
had was located, bnt on account nf
Its position no effort was made to
remove it.
Isthmus of Panama.
President Porras sets forth that
the bonds of kinship between Spain
and the 11 ispano- American nations
are ever growing closer, and announces that the Panama National Assembly has decided to commemorate this
centenary by a competion of lyric
noetry; by an exposition in .which
Spain is specially asked to participate and by the erection at the entrance ol the Panama canal on the
Atlantic ocean of a colossal statue of
Balboa, the cost to be defrayed by
public subscription. He asks the
king to place IiIb name first on the
The Spanish government has decided to celebrate the centenary by
organizing at Seville a congress of
Hispaiio-Atnerilan history and geography and an exposition of the prcs-
cious documents from the archives
of the Indies and the Columbine library relative to the connueBt and
exploration of the New World by the
j Spaniards.
The congress and exposition, which
will serve as a fitting prelude to the
! great     Hiapano-American     exposition
i being  organized   for   1919   at   B��ville.
| wll open  on  Septemb'*r 25  next, the
anniversary of the discovery
I Pacific   by   Balboa  In  1513.
t IS YOUR BREAD CLEAN? | New   Enflland   Tovvn8   Alarmed
*-*+*+.H.**+-H">*-4��!.***-!-W-+*** j French  Canadian  Exodus.
When we buy a loaf uf bread iu a
simp whose en.inters are clean uiul
whose showcases carry a tempting array of cakes and rolls we are not to
conclude, us a matter of course, that
the bakery at tlie rear or below stair*
would also meet our approval. Not
one i uslnmer lit a thousand Hees lhe
ruudltlulis under which bread nnd pus-
try are manufactured, nnd il Is Ihls
very removal from public ilew uiul
criticism Unit constitutes the chief difficulty iii enforcing existing laws fur
the proper constru
for sanitary  iiietbud* of currylug uu
the business
There ure many sanitary nnd clean
bakeries aud workmen who are careful and neat In tbelr habits, but the
reverse  condition   too  often   prevails.
Boston. May 21. Whittlnsvllle, a
prosperous town 20 miloB west of this
city, Is being rapidly deserted. In two
days three Ilundred Krench Canadians,
former residents of the province of
Quebec, left for Kdmonton. Alta.
Later lhis summer another contingent will also leave. Many are giving
up paying positions in the mills in
towns near Whittlnsvllle. Families
are being broken up ia many cases
and the station presents a sorry
The immigration tl) Canada from
this and other N'ew Kngland towns is
tiun of bakeries mul becoming alarming* to local business
people and an effort will be made to
induce the Krench Canadian residents
to stay here.
Brandon's First Street Car
Brandon.   Man.,  May   21. -With  the
mayor    and    aldermen    and    Beveral
Une bakery Is described in a reeeiu ie- prominent citizens aboard the flrat
port as thirty feet long by seven or! Btreel car to make a trip over Ilran-
elght feet In width, with bugs of n,,ur ' don'a municipal system completed the
ranged nn one side end the dough tuUrl Journey and returned to the starting
placed along the cither.     In the same
riinnm  were  found  upen  sanitary   nr-
Law   In   Ontario   Concerning
Laying  Out  cf   New
rnngeineitls. |ioor sewerage lea king nut
foul gases, ii defective ovell letting nut
fumes uf coui gas. open cracks lu Ibe
celling through which sifted dust from
Ihe store shove, and-no ventilation.
Most ditllciilt to Change are the personal habits of the workmen where
tliey are careless aid I.n king III ileal.-
IIness In some bakeries Hours nn.l
even viita were scrubbed but mi.e u
vear. In Mime there was nn iiriivislun
male for washing the hands
A housewife should ask lo see where
her breuil is made.
Poor Season for Whalino
Nanalmo,  Mav  21.   -Mr. E. G
h r. Inspector of tlnherl
whaling is poor off tin
Vancouver    Island.
the operations of the. big companies
Is responsible for Ihls and Indicates
tha; unless some sort of a close sea-
Bon   obtains   the   whaling   companies
the  absence of the  mammals.
Toronto,   Mtiy  21.���According  to  n
.'.. :..   n given by the appellate courl
ai   Osgoode  hiill  munclplalitles cannot compel landowners, when sub-dividing  land  Into building  bis.  to lay
ports lha' ]'1111 Btreets to conform to any partic-
e wesl coast of Iular system.    The town of Steelton,
le   thinks   that Algoma,  desired  to have contlnuoui
big companies iand contiguous Btreets throughout II
P.O. Box 34 r.iiv News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
����� McKensle St
B.C.Coast Service
dressi d a
li rfront.
New Kind of Towel.
a new kind nf Turkish towel Is nf
Interest tn mothers particularly, for It
,t especially recOiuOiemleil for lhe
ttftliy'K hnlh. II is in the Tuikl-i
weave; Is all silk and cullies In ll seal*
i-tl package, sn Hint from the loom In
the user It Is nnliauillr ' ll Is eeru III
tint, being nuide fmiu lhe nnlileiiiinil
silk, and It Is priced at 411 cents. Sem
pf Turkish levels have tieen snld re-
.-etitly which tire tl pretty notion for
Ibe housewife to copy.   Tliey are coin-
point successfully. The appearance
Of the first ear on the Btreets created
a considerable stir, many citizens following it In autos. It Is not expected ears will hn running regularly for
another  couple  of weeks,
Have Until June 1?
Knderby, 11. ('., May 21. - Word was
received from the Dominion land office, Kamloops, on May s, ihat squatters on Dominion lands In Hi" Slum
wap division, including Shuswap lake.
Notch Hill Celesta, Seymour Arm,
IQlenemms and Knderby districts,
whose holdings nre nol in timber
berths wlll be glv.n until Monday.
the 2nd of June, 1918, to appeal* and
make application for entry.
Notice Is hereby given lhat the undersigned will apply to the Board of
License Commissioners at Its next
regular sitting for an Hotel License:
for the promises known aB the "Hotel
Dominion," situate upon Lot 11, Block
5, corner of Sixth and Columbia
Streeta, City of New Westminster.
Dated this lith dav of May. A.I).
(12i4)    BDWARD JONES.
Splendid arrangement! msde thl*
| year for cheap round trip tickets to
all  points east, commencing  May 28.
Week End tickeis on Bale to local
points at Single Pare for Hound Trip
on   Krldays,   Saturdays and  Sundays.
For rates and reservation apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodle. O.P.A . Vancouver
entiro  ana.  so  when  the owners of
cerialn lands presented plans for Itp
' sub-division to the town csuncll for
may hsve to suspend opergttons ow-1 approval, that, body -rejected same, on
the ground that the streets as laid out   piwed nr ntie large towel measuring 27
were not contiguous with those in un
Urges Men To Stay Out adjoining   sub-division.     The  owners
Nanaimo, Mav 21. Prank Farrlng- ">f the land refused to change their
ton. of the United Mine Workers, ad- Plans; Instead, tbey submitted to the
meeting Sunday on the wa* i-i'"'**-" <>f ������*'' <1--;|r-p| "mrt ���*������'��� H"r,lr'
Ills address was a B'roiig"'11 "" order prohibiting the roglstra-
appeal to the men now out to atav"1'* ,,f ,mm'' **���}*��������� **������'* had, been a��-
OUt, Tbat they would be backed up P���"-''1 *���* ""'Jown councll.
financially by the it. M. W. of A., the
!,���������"����� Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m.
| p. in. anil 11 :46.
Loaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m
nnd 11 p. !"���
Iyeftvrs Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p. m
1/inves Vancouver for l'rlnee Huperl
und Northern robin 10 p. m. Winlnw
Chilliwack Service
speaker ussurid his hearei-B. The II.
M. W. or A, were In the fight to a finish according to  Mr. Karrington.
Nanaimo  Fioneer  Dies
Nanaimo.   May   21. -David   Moffatt, j
of   Kltzwilliam  street,   a   well   known
Citizen  of  Nanalmo,  died  on   May  19
at the age of SS years, after an Illness i
of   about   two   weeks.     A   native    of'
Newniitins.  Lanark. Mr. Moffutt came j
to Nanalmo In 1881. working In the
mines.    A  few  years ngo  he entered j
Into the grocery business on  Kitzwil
illam   street,   which
till hiB death.
Ccbalte- Killed.
Cobalt, 'Int., May 21.- K. Illusion
;'u years old, a drill runner, was Instantly killed and Louis Danls, aged
30, a drill helper, was seriously, per-
liap. fatally, injur, d In an explosion
at No. 2 camp of the TemiBltamlng A
Hudson Bay Mining company today, it
Is believed the men drilled Into a bottom and ilinn caused the explosion.
by fi'J lin-hes nnd two towels measuring 111 by 40 Inches and Ihree tneo
cloths. Ktieh of these. Including ths
face cloths, is embroidered with the
Initial, surrounded by a wreath dune
in ihe colors nf ihs bathroom furnishing, Which Is so often blue. The Initial Is i|idte large, sn there Is nn |sis-
slid I It.V of the towels being mixed tn
the laundry.
A   Coast   Perl's   Glor/
Kranclsco, May 21.   The
LSSVSS  Millllwiirk    7    a.   m.
Thursday ami Baturday,
lyHves   WeBtmlnster  8  a.  m.   Monday,
Wednesday and l-"rlday.
Kr>. IIOULKT,  Agent.  New We-jtmlmiter
H. W. BBODIA a. P. A- Vancouver.
he  conducted   up ' value  of sea exports of thla cily for
11S12   reached   $100,000,000.   In   round
| figures,   according  lo  data  Just  compiled   by   the chamber   of  commerce
In   addition,   $16,864,000   In   treasure
waB exported.    The total  Imports by
sea   for   tho  year  amounted   to   $02,-
$4���r.0O,00O    In
Lime In Curtains,
When washing new curtains you wlll
generally   Hud   Unit  they  ure   full   of j
lime.    A great denl of trouble may lie ]
���"lived  by  soaking  the curtains overnight In  water In   whieh n  little salt
litis been dissolved   The suit draws mil
lhe time nud  makes the eiirtnlns ip.liu
-;>sv    In   Wllsll    WltllUllt   (OlJ   IlllUil
blllg and will pi
Made In Smart
Style*, Suitable
For Every Outdoor
Hang, to  His  Hat
Niagara Kails, N.Y., May 21���Holding a derby hat In IiIb    right    hand,
an unknown man was swept over the
brink  of the  American  fall Tuesday 1391,016,  not Including
| treasure.
Hello for Capitalists.
Winnipeg, May 21. -Reports are
j current In local government circles to-
day that the cabinet has under eonsid-
! tratlon an offer for the Manitoba tel-
1 cphune Byj'em from a lyhdloita of
I wealthy  Brtls.i  capltalliitB.
You Milhl Aa Wall Gat
To Port  Mann and  Port Coquitlam
Daily Except Sunday.
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann K:00 a.m.
Leaves   l'ort   Mann  for  New  WeBtmlnster li:00 a.m.
Leaves New Westminster for l'ort
'.Mann and  l'ort Coi|ultlara 10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    for    Port
; Mann und New WeBtmlnster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster for Port
; Munn 6:80 p.m.
Leaves   Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster for Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:H0 p.m.
Leaves    l'ort   Coqultlam    for    Port
I Mann and New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information inquire:
| Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.   Office 903 Columbia St.
POOL ANI) C.ltiAltS.
Kiag's Hotel Pool Room
llest Pool Tables In the city. Kino
line of t'lunis and Tobacco. Sportln?
nvonta bulletined.
A. O. BEATON. Proprietor.
Specially���Treatment of the Bcalp
hy Vlbro-MaBBagn aud Glover's Kam
ous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth 6t.
New  Spring and  Summer Suiting*
now on dlBplay.    See them.    Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Kroiit Btreet THURSDAY, JUNE  22,  1913.
| Alfred W. MeeUcJ, th, Iuorane. Men.   AB.ncle. I  ||ALBERTA !0 BREED NOW It j UP TO i I SLANDERS PROFIT
hi ii.i.lii.he.I
Hallway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ...     1841*        t
Ouarani I by the Norih UiiuhIi     Mercantile
liiMinince Co. of London        1S00 106,000,000
6.(11)0. nun
Palatine Insurance Co. of London  iksii
Quaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Corn-
pans Ot London  1SI11
Niagara lire Insurance Co. of New York     IkDO
Svi-.i l.'ire and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  .. lliliii
Westminster  Trust   Block
Phons 52.     K
mm ii���in
i Trouble of'Eri.ich Government to Bs   Wheat Deeding Over on th* Parlrlcs���' Dally Service About to Be Inaugurated
Salved   en   Prairies���Remount
Station at Red Deer.
Amount  of  Grain  on
���Uulgury,    .May    IL-  The    remount!    Winnipeg,  Man,,  May  21. Reports
Through  tickets, all cloBaea, to   the Kiibi and  to Kurope.
33 Hours to I'rlnce Hupcrt.
ll hours to Hazelton.
"Prince Ueorge" runs through to
"I'rlnce Ilupert" runB through to
Granby Hay.
Leave at 12 midnight.
���MONDAYS���Prince Rupert, Stewart,  Massett.
TUESOAYS���Victoria, 8eattle.
THURSDAYS��� Prince Kupert, Granby Hay.
FRIDAYS���Alert  Bay,   Hardy   Bay,   lllvera   Inlet,   Ocean
Kails,  Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service, faBt time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
"Close   connection at  Prince  Rupert   with  Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains for points Easl of Hazelton.
ii. G. SMITH, C   P. & T. A. W   K. UUPEKOW, Q, A   P   L>
Phone  Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      627 Granville Street.
Hound trip excursions commence May 28���(lo one way, return another.
question which has been troubling the
from 220 polntB In the Canadian pral-
Between Victoria, Nanalmo and
Port Albernl.
Victoria, May 21. -The eKorts of the
.,,  , ,   , ..,...,-   l.oard of trade of Victoria, and of the
Ilrillsh  government  will be solved  lu business men of Albernl and Port Al-
Alberta.    As a horse raising province  nla intra ">���� *"<"��<��� ��ccaing Is prac-  fa ^   , Droved BUC(.,.BBfl,i   and  ..
Alberta has always stood In the front  finally  completed,     which    Is  as    lt i,,ally  servlOS  Is  to be  instituted  be
rank and the government haB had the  should be, It being unwise to Beed af-  tween  these  polntB  Immediately
scheme of making this section of the ' ti r  May   15,     About  sixty   per  cent. I    The matter has been pressed upon
Dominion a nursery for the empire's of the wheat la up.    A few points re- j the consideration of the post office de-
cavalry horBcB,    under    consideration  pen  three Inches  high,  but the ma-  partment   for  some   time   from   both
for  some time  past. Jorlty  rtnle  that  It   Ib   Just   through  ends    of the    line,  and  the absolute
Recently the government leaBed to; to ghround. A few polntr, report wheat! necessity for improvement In view of
a company a large area of land on the having been frozen or put back hy ! the great Increase In business waB
Red Deer river for 21 years which wlll j the severe weather. A majority of j urged by the board and was endorsed
be UMd to breed and train remounts j the reports show the condition of the I by  the local offlclalB of the depart -
wheat to be two weeks later than in | ment. A telegram has now been rc-
1912, but the seed to have gone In I celved by the board from G. II. Baron a better seed bed and with more | nard, stating that the doputy postmas-
uiolsture. About half a dozmi points' ter-general haB advised him that the
report too much moisture. Four re-j dally Bervlce would be arranged Imported actual need of rain, and tiie . mediately,
war office j balance reported sufficient moisture j After long and persistent effort on
to Btart the crop   and carry It along J the part of the board a mall-car Ber-
for tlle armies of the empire. ThouB-
audu of young remounts bred hy farmers and breeders will be gathered
together on this training ground near
Calgary and developed until threo
yearB old, when Canada gets first call
on them and the British
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tons  Nev.- S.S. Megantic
First Class. $92.50; Second, $33,75; Third, $-52,50.
S. S. Canada
511 feet long..
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw
.... 5S2 feet long       Steamers
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and no carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. A St. Faut Ry., 622 Colun-bla St., or
E.  A. Goulet,  C.   P.  R.  Depot,  Nc**  Westminster.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
������w���n as���1������is
It Is the first attempt that has been j well Into June and Bome even Into
made to solve the recent problem and j July. About fifty per cent, of oatB
some of the strongest men in Canada I and 25 per cent, of barley are seeded,
are behind the movement. Farmers | but a ureal many pointB report plow-
and breeders are taking a keen Inter- Ing still to be done for these grains
est In the scheme because the horse! and still many more polntB state
Industry In this province will be glv- that plowing haa actually been re-
en a great Impetus by the opening of. tardi.-d by heavy fronts at night,
tho training grounds, and good cash | An average of the reports indicate
prices will be paid for all the young (lhat  the  acreage   In   llax   will
remounts that they can produce.
least 25 per cent, less than
Taking Dominion government figures
aa a baslB, the flax acreage In 1912
ln the three provinces was 1,6(18,400
arris, 2a pi r cent, lesa would leave
in acreage for the present year of
1,252,300 acre3. As practically all the
(lax has still lo be Beeded there is a
possibility   that   this   acreage   will   In
vice was put on between here and
Nanaimo. When the extension to Albernl was opened with a train three
limes a week, a mall clerk was put
on, but when the train Bervlce was increased to a dally one the mall Bervlce still remained a trl-weekly one.
Thin  wib  not  only  a hardship  to
merchants  and  business men  In  the
be  at  cities at each end of the line, but ln
1912. | the Binall towns that are growing up
1 along   the   Alberni   extension,   Btore-
| keepers found that it was a handicap
jnot to have a  mall  daily  when  the
trains ran every day.
It  will  now   be  poBsible   for  business men at all points between here
land the terminus of the line to conduct commercial correspondence with
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
a.   U. BUCKUN, N. BKAHD8LKB,        W. F. H. BUCKUN
Pres and O-enl. Mgr.        Vice-President. Sec. *aA Trees
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Woman':     Seccn.t       Husband     Wat.
Brother of  First���Judgr   Stops
Hearing for Separation.
Montreal, May 21. Halt was called
In a dramatic manner io the hearing
nf a suit for separation of aa to bed
and board begun before Mr. .lustier
Demers todsy, The petition presented
io the court was that .:f Dime Virginia
Bradli j  vs. Joseph Giroux
The lirst question asked the peti-
���i-rir by lu-r advocate, Mr. OustaveiQn hand
IHitand, waa: "ls your present husband the I rothl r ol your deceased
husband? To this the petitioner answered  in the affirmative,
Mr. l.etourn"au. K. C, who is acting   for  the   respondent,   immediately
Intervened  with  a  request  that  the
trial  be stopped  as there could have
been  no marriage undi r the cireum
Btanci s Indicated  In the petitioner's
lightly   Increased or decreased,   bm the possibility of receiving
the trend of reports is to the effect'. within the second day after.
that the fla-; acreages are being cur-  ���������	
in spile i.f the fact that the sea-
Ron is two weeks latrr than i'i 1912,
tho repi rts Indicate that general conditions are very fair, but need of
i" .nu. bright weather is imperative.
Reports are almoBt unanimous on the
subject of warm weather being need
-1! at once.
As  for  the  amount  of  wheat  still
I in  the farmers' hands for sale, taking  Dominion  government figures for
the terop, 183,333,000 bushels as gainst
I . per cent of this would be 61.323,400
.bushels.    Many polnta report no grain
mil some of ihem report 40
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX  442
Bought    Back    Wheel    Stolen    From
Himself���Arrested   for   Ridirg
His Own Property.
per cent, of last year's crcp still uti-
eold, (One or two points report the
threshing of whi at left over from
1912 and state that it is hard and not
too seriously affected as lo color,
taking comprehensive views of the
reprrts sent in, the who),, question
Of crop turns on what weather the
provinces enjoy in the next ten days.
Warm, bright weather, with verv oc-
Boston    $110.00
Buffalo        92.00
Chicago        72.SO
Duluth        f-0 00
Minneapolis      60.00
Montreal     105.00
Mew   York     108 50
Philadelphia     103.50
Pittr.burgh     91 50
Rochester.   N.  Y  9540
St.  Louis. Mo  70 00
St.   Paul.   Minn  60.00
Rloux  City,  lowa     60.00
Toronto.   Ont  92 00
Washington     107.50
Winnipeg     60.00
answer.     Mr.    l,etourneau    referredLcasionnl showers it what is needed to
his lordship to article 126 of the code give the wheat crop a good start.
by  which    marriage  to a  deceased's . ___���	
wife's Bisti r rr a deceased husband's
brother Is prohibit! d.
An   argument   followed  on  the  effect
of the amendment to the code passed i
In 1S82, whereby it was decland lawful for a man to marry the sister of I
hiB   deceased   wife,   but,   unlawful   for1
a woman to marry the brother of her
deceased husband.
Mr. Justice DemerB said it wan no
use going ahead until it was determined whether the parties were legal-
i ly married.    He th. refnre, ordered the
j suspension of the trial and asked the
opposing counsel to appear before him
; it a convenient di'te to argue on the
I validity of the   marriage.
The ceremony took place some five
Winnipeg, May 21.���Just to lose
your bicycle to a clever bicycle thief
is hard enough luck for any owner
i but to have your bicycle stolen, buy
I it again without knowing it is your
; own wheel you are paying for the second time, and then to gel into trouble
| with the bicycle detectives for being
| in popse6sion of a stolen wheel is
* about the limit.
At least that is the opinion cf Joe
i Podolski, "69 Stella avenue. Joe bought
���a bicycle in June. 1912, and on July 1.
I it was stolen.  Needing a wheel. Joe
i bought another, but. of course, report-
jed his loss to the bicycle detectives at
the city hall.   Two weeks ago he found
I the wheel  he  waB  riding    going    to
pieces so tie sallied forth and bought \
second   hand   frame   trom   another 1
dealer on Main street. \
On  Friday  he  had  the  new  frame \
when you can get as good, or better, manufactiiicd in B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVElt" Brand, guaranteed lo pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers'  Association,
We would alao call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. in diameter. This is also made iu this Province aud we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Wauhed Gravel, Sand,
I.ime, Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
From Those Who Advertise
Cool Curtorriers Take Refuge
in  Calgary.
Calgary, May 21.���Following a bare-
irs ago. but the union did not prove I fared   raid   committed   In   broad   day-
a happy one. If i! is established that
the marriage was Illegal according to
Quebec law, the woman will be deprived of her right to alimony.
Omaha.  Council   Bluffs,   Kans��� City and  St.  Joseph    ,".,6��.^
Tickets will be sold at proportionality reduced farces to MAM
OTHER POINTS In the Kast In addition to those named. Return
may be made through California at slightly  higher fares.
Lib-ril   Stop-over   privileges and  choice  of  different  routes    are
offeredl    For additional Information regarding fares, routes, sleeping
tar  reservations   etc    call  on or address
H,  H.  STEVENSON, City  Passenger ard  Freight Agent.
C22  Columbia   St.,  New  Westminster.
Mounted Police Seek Horse Thieves��� I fixed up and rode it to the city hall for 1 -ai-K'-priis-p
'a 1913 tag.    Tho wheel was .checked!
up as  usual  with  the  list  of  stolen,
and  immediately  Joe produced a receipt  showing   he   had     bought    the
wheel and paid for It in good faith.
"Who had It Btolen?" he asked, and
the detectives looked up the record.
"Joe Podolski reported it stolen,"
they told him. "Joe Podolski Is me,"
said Joe.
Then Joe, who Is a bicycle dealer
himself sometimes, took another look
at the frame and immediately recognized it. The detectives are now busy-
trying to trace the thief.
London Cables Credi* to Victoria-
Six   Per  Cent  Mentioned
Victoria, May 21.���As a result of
Ihe negotiations that have been In
progress between the city and Its fis
cal agents, the. Dominion Securities
company the sum of ��100.000 has
been cabled from London to the
citv's credit.
The city council  has  passed a  for- | In getting the animals back.
light, mounted police are now scour- I
ing the country for two men who rode j
Into a field  In the Dog  Pond district !
[ last  week,   and   in   full   sight  of  the
owner ran off ten head of horses which
j they   afterward   brought   to  this  city.
Lwhere all trace of them has been lost.;
After stealing  the  horses the  men '
. rode up to the corral of James Rob- |
ertson,  a well-known    rancher,    and
asked   permission   to  use  his   eorrall
for changing saddle horses.  Permission was granted and after selecting
.two new mounts the men rode on. Five
mihntes later the owner of tlle liorseB
J rode up and after explaining the sit-:
1 nation to Robertson asked hlm to aid
They want your trade.  That's the reason why they
They will treat you courteously and 'supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
A Modem and
Handsome Office
can bo fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the ru6h Jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone   473,  Queensborough.
mal resolution authorizing the mayor
I to sign the agreement wltb the bank-
I ers.  by  which   It  is agreed  that  the
| lonn shall stand as a flrat charge on
Ithe  proceeds   of  the   sale   of   the  debentures now   being offered  In  London.    The  agreement   was  not  read.
: but It Is understood lhat the rate of
'.Interest on the loan was six per cent.
The sale of the debentures  Is ex-
peeled to  bo  made very   soon  now,
'but  In  any  case  the  money  In  hand
will   relievo   the   stringency   and   enable many necessary civic works to
be resumed.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Robertson saddled up. but by the,
time the pursuer? got cn the trail
again the men had too much of a start
and they accordingly rode to Alrdie
snd telephoned word of the theft to
the police nt Calgary. Afterwards
they roi'e Irto this city to give a de-
scriutii'! of th*. horses and swear out
as inf. I'matlon for thc arrest of the
horse thieves,
Thev received Information on the
way that the men had been seen on
the trait to Calgary, and traced them
right Into the city. Since then, however, all trace of Ihem has been lost
.and although the theft was committed
laBt week no trace of the horses has
been found and no arrests have been
: made.
It  Is thought  the  horses are being
held In a barn In some outlying pnrt
I of  the  city,  nnd  the  mounted  pollce
are making an investigation.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Kort (Ieorge. IV ('.. May 21. Hud-
Son's Hay trapprrs who have been win
teritig in the mountains to the north
of Fort (Ieorge, are arriving daily. The
old timers are predicting heavy floods ;
on the Nechacco and Frnser rivers, j
owing tn the heavy snow In the moun-
tain districts.    While high water win   Saskatoon   in   Midst
seriously retard the grading or the In- I     ���***"*��a*. on.   sask .
dlan reservation, as a large portion of:
H  will  be  under  water,   the  various
rub-contractors  who    are    operating
���'lone the lines cf the Grand Trunk
Pacific are enthusiastic at the flood
newa.    Nearly  500  hnrees  arn  being
..���cemhleO nt  the end of Bteel on the
Fraser and will be floated through thej
"anyonB tn Fort Oeorge with the ar- !
rival nf high water.   On account of
the heavy draft extra heavy water
I was needed,   The snb-contrators state
that hich water will place them a
! inonth ahead on their contracts.
Rdgewood. 1). ('., May 21.���The Can
ndlnn Pacific railway haa contracted
for nearly 400 cars of ties during the
preeent season, nil to be loaded at
Nakusp by various contractors. These
shipments In - M'";!;-i to the pi^le
and lumber shipments will mean n
total of over 10Q0 cars of forest pro
of Old Problem
May 21���No action has yet been taken to prevent
storekeepers conducting Sunday business, although the citizen's league
and the southeast ratepayers discussed tlle matter some weeka ago at
ihelr meetings and brought it lo the
attention of the police commission,
The lord's Hay Alllanco Act, a Dominion low, stipulates ihi|- be.fotj'e
prosecution can take place, permission must be secured from the attorney general of the province.
Meantiini.. It is said lhat a rushing
business Is being dons hy the confec-
Ikmary and refreshment stores who
| transact business on Sunday. It Is
also hinted that snme of the storekeepers are selling not only refreshments but merchandise,
Excellent   Results of Co-operation   by I
Farmers���New Hall Building
Duncan,  B.  C���  May  21.���Construe-
tlon  will  begin  at  once  on  the  new i
agricultural   hall  for which  contracts
have already  been rewarded. ,
The years' results for the Cowl-1
chan creamery Bhow. a fins tobal of
food production, with an aggregate
of 130,000 pounds of butter. 154.000
dozens of eegs were brought in compared With 81,000 for 1911, and 81.000
fer loio. Dressed poultry proved a
valuable line. 45.000 pounds having
been bundled, bringing ths fanners
en ihe co-operative system $11,025.
Kggs averaged 31 cents per dozen tc
the farmer, and butter about 40 centa
Dawson. Mnv 21. - One of the tough
est experiences of the vear on the \
trail near Dawson ws - that er a partv con-.prisliig 3. A. 8' ffen. Hi-c McDonald. Fra-ik McNeil John McIa-
gan and Ilil'v McDonald, which tot
in night before laat from Glacier
! creek.
The bovs enme over the hUh Cla-
e'er creek divide, along the summer
trail and travelled Blxtv four mil"S
with ihs bright, sun shining on tho
soft  and   melting  snow.
Kvery mother's aon of the party
was practically snowblind when thev
I Staggered  Into town.    Hec  McDonald
came on the way without snow glasses, and his eyes were nil but turned
out He has remained In a dark
room the las: two days, with cold tea
leaves applied to the stinging optics.
Transfer Co.
"J tflcs  Phone  1S5.      Barn  Phon*  137 j
Begble Btrset.
Baggage DellvesM Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
>,    ***m&
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Six Fishermen Rescued bv Heroium of
Two  Llfesavcrs.
Han  Francisco.    Mav    21.    Charles
Mangels   and   Ralph   Welding,   members   of   a   llfe-snvlng   crew,   swam I
through  a hundred  yards cf eddvlng
frigid surf last night to save six flsh-
ei  len   who  hnd  been  trapped   by   a
'sing tide on MusBel rock.
The    life-savers      were    dragged
ashore. Welding carried one of them.
Nanalmo's Progress
Nanalmo.   May. 21.-Estimates   for
the year Bhow total receiptB of $117,-   .
054 08     It Is expected that the taxes a one-armed man, ashore on his back
of  1913   will   yield   $40..       into   the The six had Bpcnt five hours on the
 **,....,,���  ���.,,-,���  .n.e.clty   funds:   the   warn   rates   alone rock when their plight was discovered
ducla from NakiiBp during 1913,'equal  standing at $32,000.    Tho figures are by someone wbo summoned uie uie-
llng 100 tons per day. la striking Indication of progress here.' ravers.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre. ���*
Bltulithic la nolseleBB, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horsea' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Illtullthlc Ib commended highly by owners ol automobiles nnd fioni t,
householders, ana city oltlclala. it haB been adopted by tlfteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred ln the United StateB.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. r     TkXix* HQHT
���****!***���*******���*���*��� t ii,    .
1 City News In Brief
l'eaches, 2 lb. cans,
Remember  the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
and thc telephone No. 2
For today only .Jacob's His-
eulta will remain on sale at 25c.
per pound. Do not fall to get
some of these regular
goods at this low prick
2 for 25c.
ljuaker Fork and Deans, 3
for 25e.
Maconochle's Haddock and
Smoked Alberts, regular 20c,
today 2 for 25c.
Tickler's Whole Plums in
syrup, large bottles. Retail
regular 45c, today 2 for 75c,
Have you ever tried Noel'a
l'each, dinger, Orange or Lemon
Marmalade? If not, you should.
Wc will retail this 35c delicacy
today for 25c.
Empress Baking Towdor.
"The Beat Yet." To' a tin and
If it diBsatlBfles get your money
back;  16 oz. can 25c.
After Dinner Mints. The fa-
moiiB U-All-Know Brand; large
tins 30c;  small tins, 2 for 25c.
Crosse & Hlackwell's Sardines,
"Quality Canned," 2 for 25c.
Strawberries, haBket .
Pineapple^ each   ...
New  l'otatoeB, 4 lbs.
Asparagus, 2 bunches
Tomatoes, per lb	
liliubarb. 6 lbs.
.  25c
rrom lines. artioleS left outside houses
have been recently taking place In
the west end of the city much to the
annoyance of the residents. Two
Dutchmen appeared yesterday In the
court to answer to the charge of stealing three overcoats with which they
were caught coming from a house on
Twelfth Btreet. They pointed to one
coat and admitted taking It from a
WOOdshed, but shook their heads regarding tlle other two.
Tlie ease waa remanded until thla
Robert Campbell was sentenced to
three months for vngrancy. Hc bore
an evil reputation and has made
many appearances before the magistrate for drunkennesB.
Another Campbell was sentenced to
a month's hard labor for theft from
a rooming house of which he wub
convicted the previous day. He alleged lt was a put up lob on him by a
The BrltlBh Canadian Lumber Com- Uo-called friend.
In the future, applicants for any positions over which tlle school board
bus jurisdiction will be required to
first obtain an application form provided by the board.
In Ion barber shops open Friday to
Id p.m., closed all day Saturday
May 24. (1360)
For everything electrical see W.
Day, House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
As Saturday next Is Victoria, day
and a Dominion holiday there will be
no Ifisue of The News on that morning. Advertisers Bhould send In their
week end copy today. Church notices
must also be Bent In today.
$10.00 to $6.50 Trimmed Hats for
$5 00, Thursday and Friday. Mrs.
Agret   59  Sixth  Btreet. (1367)
I Continued from page one)
Oranges, 30c, 40c, 45c, 50c. doz
Holland   Pippins,  box   ,...$2.00
WtneBapB,  box     2.15
Newton  Pippins, box     2.15
All 3 lbs. for 26c.
Public Supply Stores
h. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GOS
pany will resume operations at Ita"
l.ulu island mill on June 1. The,
(llenboro towed up a boom of logs
there yesterday.
Try the 15c and 35c Bummer
lunches at tho Nutshell, Room 3. Dominion Trust building. (1246)
The Grent Northern railroad has Issued a special round trip ticket io
White itock for May 24, good from
May 22, to May 26.* The summer
week-end rate comes Into effect next
Saturday. The train leaving at 10
a n, slops at While Hock and the train
leaving at 12:47 stops both at Crescent and White Hock.
��� you going with the bunch
r   Canyon on Saturday* If
bring your lady friend to the
Say! Are
up Seyinou
you are
meeting tonight ln thc Y
M. (
. A. nt,
is a business   in   itself,
and not one easily ac-
?uired or simple of per-
This company divides
the work among many
specialists, a\\ of them
know just what to   do
when called upon,   and
therefore do not waste
time and the funds  of
estates in learning how.
That  is  one   reason
why this company does
its work so much less
expensively than an in-
t- dividual executor can.
������The subject of executorships is a big one.
Call iir and let us talk
it overxas it concerns
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
The tugs Stranger and Iris went
down the river yesterday for a large
boom of logs for the limnetic mills.
All the lumber companies on the Fraser banks are busilj accumulating logB
lo tide them over the freshet season.
A Hardmah, the cake man. (let
good   bread.     Eighth   Street   Bakery.
Tolephone 231. (1205)
The New WeBtmlnster Liberal association on Tuesday evening appointed delegates and alternates to the
provincial convention at Revelstoke
on May 29, 30 and 31. A number of
thoBe named were not, present at the
meeting and the final reBulta of the
election have not yet been announced.
Raymond sewing machine for Bale.
In first clasB order, only $15.0(1. C.
N. Edmondson & Co.. corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street.        (1275)
liuild up Itritish Columbia by placing your fire Insurance with B. C.
companies. Our companies are among
ihe strongest operating in the Domin
ion. National Finance Company. 521
Columbia street.    Phone 515.      (1356)
Tlle snag-puller which has performed yeoman service on the Fraser
river ls to be refitted immediately, a
new hull and deck house being among
the many Improvements called for.
The present hull of the vessel has
worn considerably in places. Open
tenders are being called for the work.
1>. Hi Bmltb. and W. J. Oroves.
auditors und> accountants. Wo will
keep your books, make out and collect your accounts, and prepare your
financial statements. For terms, address 211 Westminster Trust building.   Phone 364. (1359)
"Take out that ad. as it has produced the desired results." That's tlle
message satisfied patrons of The
News' classified send. They will produce reaults for you if you give them
a trial.
Fred Hanna, of Barnet, is a guest at
tbe WlndBor.
II. Klpp, Chllllwack, ls registered at
the Windsor.
M. O'Connor, of Seattle, ls a guest
at the Windsor.
J. R. Morgan, of Clayburn, was ln
the city yesterday.
Ed. Campbell, of Lakefleld, was In
the city yesterday.
P. W. Leeson, of White Rock, ls a
guest at  the  Russell.
J. Johnston of Chllllwack, is registered at the Dunsmulr.
O. R. Weatherbee, of Seattle, Is reg-
Irtered  at   the  Russell.
J, ('. Walker, of Minneapolis, was In
New  Westminster yesterday.
E. I.. Buck and Mr. J. S. Stevenson,
of Coquitlam, are at the lUisBell.
h. Murk and Wlfdl'of Penticton, arrived in New Westminster yesterday.
Mrs. Albert .1. Tyson, Fifth street,
will receive today and not again this
Mrs. E. Webster ami Mrs. J. White-
house, of Fort liangley, are visitors
In tho city.
B. F. Ackerman, ot Peterboro, and
A. Ackerman, of Regina, are registered at the Russell.
Mrs.  W. D. Reid, of Fifth avenue,
will  not  receive  thla
evening,  nor  again  this  season.
Mrs. W. Norman Bole has been
compelled to postpone her "at home"
which she had arranged for today,
owing  to  severe  IndiBpOBltlon.
should be permitted
with a picture show.
A representative of Mr. Speck confirmed the acting-mayor's remarks.
Mr. Bilodeau had a lease of the bedrooms referred to and lt had 20
months yet to run. After the lease
expired tbey would submit to any
changes ordered   by  the councll.
In answer to the acting-mayor, he
said he did not think there was any
danger of fire In the fireproof concrete building. The city building bylaw calls for 13 Inch wallB, and they
proposed giving three IncheB more
than that and there would be asbestos and grass Inserted between the
floors, making them absolutely fireproof. There would also be an exit
to Columbia street from the bedrooms.
only opening from the Inside, which
would only be used In the event of
fire and also fire escapes ln the rear, i
On the suggestion of Alderman
Dodd Mr. Speck was recommended
to meet and confer with the building |
committee who would report to the
council Monday night. A report from
the building inspector on the pro- j
posed building came In previous to
the meeting. I
No Ads. In Park.
Alderman Jardine brought up the
proposal to permit advertising In
Queen's Park during lacroaBe games.
He did not think it was advisable to
iillow It. If they permitted one person to do it they could not well refuse others.
Alderman Lynch-  Now that the bylaw has passed and the buildings and
grounds are to be Improved, 1 do not j
think   advertising   would   add   to  the
beauty  of  the  park.
Alderman Jardine -This will not affect Mr. Chambers who haa leased
and paid for a portion of the pari:
for concerts nnd who has one sign up.
Alderman Dodd thought advertising
might be allowed for one dny on soins
special occasion.
The Acting-mayor  -On    Sept.    1st.
A motion wns carried prohibiting all
advertising this year.
This resolution covers all forma of
advertising for nil projects except at *
exhibition time.
On the motion of Alderman Henley |
lt wns remitted to Alderman Jardine, |
chairman  of the parks committee to I
take any  stepa he thought proper to '
safeguard the children fruin approach- i
Ing  too near the  hars of  the  cages
Where   the   animals   are   confined   In ���
Queen's Park.
A   metion   was  carried  authorizing i
afternoon   and   ^'r  McQuarrie  to draft  a resolution
to be signed  by the council and  for
Continues to the balance of the month.
Goods that you need right now at about
the factory cost. Read over the list and
note the great savings for you.
100 Waists made from very excellent lace and
embroideries;   $1.50  values.  Sale  I'rice 90t
125 WaistB: beautiful styles and qualities; $1.00
values.    Sale Price   $1.15
J5.00 House Dresses;  splendid fitting garments
of gingham and lawns.    Sale I'rice....... .$3.75
$4.50   House  Dresses.    Sale   i'rice $3.25
$4.00 House Dresses.    Sale Price   $3.00
$3.(lu   House  Dresses.    Sale   Price $2.25
$3.60 Princess Sllpa.   Sale Price $2.80
$2.50 Princess Slips.   Sale I'rice $2.00
$1.50 I'rincesB Slips.   Sale I'rice $1.20
$35 full length Spring Coats. Sale Price $27.25
$80 rull length Coats.    Sale Price $24.00
$211.00 CoatB.    Sale  I'rice $15.00
$40  Ladies' Tailored  Suits.    Sale Price..    $3".00
$35.ill) Ladles' Tailored SnltB..  Sale I'rice. .$26.25
$23.00  Ladies'  Suits..   Sale   Price .....$18.00
$20.00 Ladies' Tailored Suits, cut. to $15.75
Shantung  Pongees.    Sale  I'rice 45c
Peau  de  Sole.    Sale   Price     . 40c
20c White Vestings.    Sale Price 16c
40-ln. Silk   Marquisette;    $1.25   qualities; six
shades.    Sale I'rice     85c
50-In. Panamas; 86c values.    Sale I'rice 55c
60-ln. Cravenettes;   Priestley's $1.60 qualities.
Sale   Price $1.15
$2 all Reversible Tweed Coatings; 54-lnch qualities.    Sale  Price,  per  yard $1.85
150 newest WaistB In lace and embroidery trimming;  $1.00 values.    Sale Price 85c
Brussels   Carpet;   1 Vi yard    cndB.    Sale   Price.
each    $1.25
$15.00 9x12 Cheullle Rug.    Sale Price $12.00
65c  Stair Tapestry Carpet.    Sale Price    50*;
$3.00 White Muslin PetticoatB.    Sale Price. .$2.45
$2.00  Muslin  Petticoats.    Sale'Price $1.65
$1.50  Muslin  PetticoatB,    Sale Price $1.15
$1.75  Muslin  Petticoats.    Siilo  Price ....$1.45
Screen   Doors,   complete    $1.50
All   our   line Embroidery;     values    35c   to  45c.
Sale   Price     25c
All our Embroidery; values 65e to h6c   Sale
Price    50c
Scotch    Curtain    Nets;     75c    qualities.    Sale
Price    40c
Scotch Flsh Net Curtaining; 90a qualities. Sale
Price     6t>c
3llc Cretonnes for Blipover eoverB. Sale Price. 23c
60e Cretonnes for slipover covers. Sale Price, ,45c
4fic   Madras   Draperies.     Sale   Price 25c
4iiinch  blue and  white    Apron   Ginghams.    Sale
Price    12'/aC
Anderson's Scotch Ginghams;   32  inchea wide.
Sale  Price    16c
Crum'B 3fi-lnoh Prints.    Sale Price   12'jC
Cram's .Iti-inch  Prints.    Sale I'rice   10c
Our  stocks  are   now   complete;   greatest  variety
and qualities unsurpassed.    No store can
offer better; few offer as good.
All the balance of this month we offer the splendid discount to cash purchasers of Furniture
of 15 per cent.
Paid up Capital
Assets   . . .
Trusts und ���
and  Surplus
.   $2,800,000.00
..   4,978,161.06
Saturday, May 24, being Victoria
Day, all butcher shops will be closed,
but they will be open late Friday
evening. (1354)
Committees to iook after the details
ol the B. C. Products day, which will
be beld In New Westminster on May
30 and 31 and June 2, were appointed
at a meeting of the joint committee
nf the Progressive association and
the New Westminster Business Men's
association yesterday afternoon. A
committee to organize the affair was
appointed, as well as one ti) draw up
rules for window competition.
Millinery Sale Thursday and Kri
daj only. Special cut prices In trimmed millinery. Regular $5.00 bats
$8.60; js.in and $10.00 hats, $8.00 und
$7.50. Also 20 per cent. ofT all un
trimmed hats and millinery trimmings
fur IWO days only. Note llie address:
Miss   Davey'i   Millinery   Parlors,   "IS
i B. C.  Electric  Figures in Trio of
peals Yesterday.
The B. C. E. R. figured In three appeal   eases  againBt  jury   verdicts   in
the Vancouver court of appeal yesterday.    The verdictB In two cases were
qplield and judgment was reserved 111
the third case.    The latter case was
that  of a  man  named  Williams  who i
gol  jmlginent  for  damages   for   being
brushed off the bottom Btep of a New
Westminster  interurban    car    during
the   rush  hour.     The     question    was
whether he v-Aib on the step with the
knowledge of the conductor.
I    The  verdict obtained by Mrs.  Vin-
[cent, of Vancouver, for $5<i(in damages
I tor the  deatli    of    her    husband,    a
switchman,  who was  killed,  was upheld.
The verdict in favor r.f Frank
Gontile, a youth who was Injured by
a car while driving a rig on Commercial Drive, was also sustained
The verdict was for $.10l)tl damages.
warded to tho railway commissioners !
at Calgary, calling upon the (',. N. R. |
lln the preparation of their plans fori
the permanent bridge across the Bru- ]
! nctte liver to provide a structure of,
sufficient strength to carry the 11, ('.
E. R. tram lines and to submit the i
��� plans to the various municipal engi-I
neers for approval.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Carnarvon blnck.
sell hotel.
irly oppiii
Trusteeships fo
.  $26,308,000.00
Open  Saturday  Evening  7  to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New WesUnlnster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp,  Belgium.
brsphophonea and Orafonolas nre wlih-
i.iii a peer In tl"- musloal world, Tli..y nn,
-Kpablo or reproducing not merely une
class nt Instrumental inusie. but every
class ul Instrumental music wllh n fidelity
that Is no lens than flawless���ths violin,
the 'cello, the b.-u'i'. He* flute, thc clarinet,
the cornet���all tlie wind lustrum-tits, all
ihe Instruments of bandu and orchestras
 all  Urn  Instrumental   music  of all  the
Not  only  ibis,   but   tha   human  voice
Is now so perfectly recorded .mil.so flaw.
Icimly   reproduced   Hint   the   biinii"  wllb
ii COLUMBIA bus beoome as In
a* a plane without a k.-yhoaril.
Hornless  Maohlnea  from   518.00
It,... .oo euch.
Tlie government dredge King Kdward commenced work yesterday on
the ih-inni i fur the new water main
grossing lo Lulu Island The wurk
:s expected to be completed thlB
week,   which   will   allow   lhe  cily   and
Contractor Gilley to commence laying the large 1-inch pipes. The King
Kdward iB burrowing a hole In the
bed of the channel so as to allow the
mains to be sunk at such a depth as
not to Interfere with present and future  shipping  using  the   North   Arm.
lliilldlhg material, cement, lime,
hnrd plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kindB of towing.
Apply the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
Phone 826.    Wharf phone 880.  (1202)
Young man nnd young woman, If
your hair Ib falling out, calmed by
dandruff do not delay and get a little
of Floridora for your hair. 1 can pro
duc-o results and testimonials of ItB
value In thla city. Guaranteed to cure
dandruff and atop railing hair. Price
35c and 50c. Frank Jenl, 1427 Seventh
avenue.     Phone  339. (1332)
Captain Watt, of Strathtay,  Is Joined
Here by His Wife.
When Captain  Watt leaves on    the
ateatner  Strathtay this morning  with |
n cargo of lumber from Praser Mills j
h-  will not  be alone.    It  is said that ���
the young captain had been  married
but  a  Blunt  time  when  he  left   with
the Strathtay from London, bound for
Port   Mann      He   was   then   to   go   to
Australia,   returning   to   London   and
visions of a happy meeting with his
Wife at the end of a long year were
continually before him.
Imagine liis surprise win n he received a call ovi r tin- telephom
from Vancouver and heard the volci
of his wife at the other end of the
'���-.��� l lo could hardly belli .e hli
ears   md thought at  lirst that some
Inventloi    had  been   perfected  s>
he could talk direct  with London.
Nol so. however, for within a few
hours his wife had joined him und
she will sail with hlm on the balance
ef the voyage to London via lhe Antipodes.
$3300 for three large cleared lots,
Seventh avenue, between Fourth
and Second  streets;  one-lhiril rash.
|    balance 6 and 12 months.   Call and
I     go with  us  to  see  these.     We can
I    sell separately.
j For Sale���$2800,    new    five    roomed.
fully    modem    house,    large     lot.
Seventh avenue, near Fourth street.
Only   $350  caBh.  balance    monthly.
*    See this and don't pay rent.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust  Builldlng.
Business Opportunity:
Westminster Trust Block and 716 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
Saturday being   Viotorla   Day   our
stores  will all  be rlosod.  but  we  will
be open  un   Friday  evening,
Moved !
From 46 Lorne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class
Lad'en   and
Columbia Street
.Frank   Goodson   Gets   Five   Montha���  lodge
1 The Campbells Came. hers.
Frank Ooodson was sentenced    to
ifive months'  hard labor yesterday In
.(,.,,,ithe police court for vagrancy,  Vag- '
HEAR-1 rancy Is a very elastic term nnd covers, literally, a multitude of Bins.    In
this  ease   It   was  more  than  a  mere
hobo's prowling about without  visible
.. i aus of support.   An opium den fro-
quenter nnd habitue of haunts of vice
were  his  chief occupations    ln    the
I city.
'Phone 455 j    A number of petty larcenleB, clothes
Local    Lodge   Members   Open
New Home.
Who were the crowds of rooters in
town last evening ? FoollBh question
number one. They were tiie members
of the Moose Unices of Vancouver
and Victoria who had come over lithe house warming and to celebrate
the opening of the new Moose home
In  this cily.
The local branch of the lodge have
secured the finest quarters for a lode.,
of uny. of tbe  Facllic coast  branches
having located in the building former
ly known us the See house on  Fourth
A     splendid     program     was     none
Ithrough last evening and the hundreds
who  thronged the halls  surely    en-
Joyed  iheiiiselves.    llilliard and    pool
tables have been installed and every
|thing thai  Roes Iii make a successful
������ P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Palace   Market,  Columbia    Street
Sapperton Market, Columbia and
Keary  Street, Sapperton 1204
Eighth  8tree��  Market, 515  Eighth
Street  1205
Edmonds  Market Edmonds  . ...883L
Fresh Kkhs   3 doz. (or $1,00
Cooking lliitter  3 lbs. for 11.00
Rhubarb  C lha. for 25c
Pineapples, each   4uc;
drape Fruit' 3 for 25c '
Strawberries, per box  25c,
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work    perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In  New   Westminster..
Machine Works.
Is at  the disposal of the mem
Home For Sale
Get Cans  Ready.
Many Steveston canneries are now
busy preparing cans In anticipation ofj
the rush season.   The Vancouver cannery will use    machine    made    cans.
The others will continue to use    the
"hand  method."    This  gives  employ-1
ment to a large number of Chinamen, j
who, otherwise,  would be idle during
the  dull  season.
-Here   is  a  splendid  home for sale cheap.    In a good  lo-
Queen's Parh and new school.
seven   large  comfortable rooms  with  every  modern  con-
full  basement;  on a large lot, (Vixl.'12 foet.
ThlB place Is below value and  the   terms  are  nuch  that  almost
anyone can handle  It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750 CASH,  balance monthly.   I; you want to buy
a home let ub ahow you this place.
Agents  for   Pacific  Coatt   8teamthlp Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
Wa write Fire, Life, Accident. E mployere'   Liability,
Msrlne  Insurance.
Automobile   and
Special Round Trip Rate, $2.45.
Excursionists may leave New Westminster al
9:15 a.m., arriving at Chilliwack at 11:55 a.m. The
afternoon may he spent ahout Chilliwack, leaving at
6 p.m. and arriving in New Westminster at 8:40 p.m.
N 11. Ueduced niton on round trip tickets from New Westminster to all points on lhe Fraser Valley line are offered for the week
end. Ticket! mny be purchased from Friday until Sunday and are
good lor return on Monday. TraltiB dally for Chllllwack at 9:15 n.m.,
1:10 and 8:15 p.m.. and ub fur as Huntingdon nt 4:05 p.m.


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