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The New Westminster News Nov 8, 1913

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Newa Classified Ads.
Have  proven  their  worth  by  the
reaulta    they    produce.      They    nil
large   ur    amall    wants    at   small
The Weather.
New  Westminster and  the lower
| mainland; Light to moderate winds;
unsettled   with  rain  tonight  or on
VOLUME 8, Nl',s   <_R 206.
President of Mexico Shows!Effort to Retain Industries
No Signs of Acceding to
on Waterfront Who Propose Moving.
Official     Refusal     Received
Washington��� Definite Policy a
Meiico City, Nov. T. - John I.ind,
President Wllaim'a personal representative In Mexico, waB in conversation
here tonight for over two hours wltli
Sir Lionel Carden, liritish minlBter.
Neither Mr. I.ind nor Sir Lionel would
respond for publication the gist of
lhelr conversation, but It is believed
that a wide difference exists between
lhe two SB to the Mexican problem
and Ihe part the United Statue ahould
play In ita solution.
'Council    and    Cannery    Management
Will Negotiate���Opinloni of
Interested Partlea.
i    Further opinions on the harbor Improvement matter were expressed yes-
I terday by Alderman White, chairman
' of tlie  harbor committee of the city
councll,   and   James   Anderson,   head
the   fullest   negotiations   and   can  apparently still be brought to an amlc-1
able agreement.
Willing to Negotiate.
Speaking   of  the  likelihood   of   the ]
time   Industries  as  those   to   which   I
have just referred.
Wc have heard much and have read
more about the several Industries
ubout to be launched in our midst,
but I usk you, Mr. ..dilor, can some
of the Industries of the past year or
more be compared with those good
old concerns which many years ago
commenced operations in this city
and have successfully stood the test
of time. Some of ub have had bitter
experiences with local Industries of
different classes, more especially some
of those of more recent yearB. Far
better to hold what Industries we
have than to let them go and then
look about for others to take their
plnces. The two which soon will say
good-bye to us forever would be of
far more benefit to us than twenty
mushroom Industries which spring up
Following his return from Victoria
where he conferred with the attorney
general as to the arrangements Sheriff T. J. Armstrong yesterday announced that the apeclal assize for the
hearing of the Vancouver island strike
cases will commence on Monday, Nov.
24. In addition to tbe strike cases
which number 103 In all, the jury
trials traversed trom the recent fall
assizes, Including tbat of Martin
Powell In connection with the Bank
of Montreal robbery, wlll come up for
of the St. Mungo cannery. It la most i In the nighl only to be a financial I Though the llat from Vancouver 1b-
encouraglng  that  both  are  open    to'bur<ipn *�� those who are unfortunate ��� 'and la an extensive one It is not an-
I enough to be financially Interested ticlpated that tbe assizes will last any
iu them. Your editorial reference, 11 great length of time. Thirty-seven
[any. Is a good one, and my one wlBh \ot the miners are held on one charge
I would be that all our papers would and wlll all be tried at the same time.
| do as you have done and not be The balance will also be tried In
ufruld to voice your opinions when groups It is expected. Owing to the
.     ,, Ithe intereBta of the    people   are   at   grouping of the trials unusual  scope
Bt   Mungo    cannery     leaving    Front   ���,���,���.     )n  conclusion,   Mr.   Editor,    I   '
Three  Hundred Jurors  Will  Be  Sum-
moned���Nanaimo  Strikers and
Powell to Ke Tried.
street,   James  AnderBon,   manager   of   hope  It   Is  not  too   late   for  the  city
'the concern, Baid that the city had council to wake up, sit up and take
dune nothing to bring about an agree- 'notice, and remember that thiB is a
menl save state their rental and ask!city of less than twenty thousand
bis company what It was going to do. >population, not a Chicago, nor a New
1 The  city's  whole attitude  was  arrog-jYork, und act accordingly.    Our high
ant.  Mr.  Anderson suid. flown   ideas   have   gut  us   into  much
"The  harbor  engineer  came  to  us  trouble In the  past and    we    should
i asking what we were going to do,"; surely profit, by past bitter expert-
enid   Mr.   Anderson.     "We   told   him |euces.    Make the water rentals such
j until  we knew   what he  was going to  as  can   be   paid   by   these   Industries
manifest any   enthusiasm    over    the:""   "���   coul��   '">/   PM***   UU  W�� "f "*���*!" t^JE**? haa*
prospect   that   Huerta   would   relfc���. I what we were going to do.    We found 1    I  thank  you   for the  space  I  have
From   his   manner  and   his  converse-1"   Impossible to get   any   satisfaction
tlon   hn   Indicated   that   he   believed | from the engineer or any olher one In
ihe negotiations were nearlng an end.
There wus nothing at the American
for challenging will be allowed coun-
Bel for the crown and defence and
for thiB reason the unprecedented
number of 300 men will be required
to fill the petit jury.
Nearing an End.
Mexico City, Nov 7. Unwilling to
admit another failure on the part of
���Washington to bring about the elimination nf Presldenl Huerta, John Lind,
President Wilson's personal representative,   nevertheless   fallml   today   to
occupied and wish to express again
my appreciation of your reference to
terested. We would gladly meet the the subject upon which 1 have penned
council  were wc approached  with    a  my individual opinion
embassy today to Indicate that a more
favorable turn In events Is expected
and there is reason to believe that an
ultimatum. In Its full diplomatic sense
soon   wlll   be   handed   to   Huerta,   the
fair proposition. We have no desire I
to leuve the city with our plant, but'
consider we uld being  forced out. New
"The   harbor   engineer   states   that |
there  were  more  requests for  water- j
Yours truly,
Westminster. Nov. 6, 1913.
Disaster   in   Which   263   Lives   War*
Lost Due to Overcharged Shot
���Fired Coal Oust.
In ending this week's cleanup campaign the health authorities want
It made clear that the vigilance In matters sanitary is not at an end. The
crusade which ends toduy was not intended to be a flush in the pan, a sud-
dden Inspiration dropped in a few days time. It was most of all to draw-
attention to the matter of publlc health, get citizens interested, and carry
this interest through the entire year. In this the authorities have been
successful. The movement has been one of education more than force. Placea
that should be cleaned up were pointed out to the owners, the danger told
of, and in most instances remedied without enforcement of law. Of course
there aro exceptions.
*****      ��
In all the outlying residential parts of New Westminster the thing most
detrimental to sanitation is the dry earth closet. This is the verdict of Inspector Walmsley who says: "Bight out of every ten of them bave not been
cleaned out In years; several not for ten yearB. Orders for a general clean-up
In tbla regard will be given. Many such places are to near the house. Householders wlll be given two weeks to notify this department and have a cart
call. By 'phoning tbe office In the city hall we will be saved delivering
notices personally. A thorough inspection ot these outhouses is to be made.
The fault with some ls that tbey are too near the bouse."
time limit being brief. It Is expected j front lots than there were lota. If
this new document will be so written! we are forced to leave New West-
as to bring an end to the relations be-1 minster we havc now a site at our
im-rn the two countries before Nov. | cannery where u spur from the Cana-
i'i, the dnte fixed fnr the convening ol I dian   Northern,   which   runs   through
the new congress, unless Huerta ��e��-8
fit to agree to the terms of the Washington communication.
Mr    I.ind   saw   no   Mexican  govern,
ment officials today and probably will
not  meet any ot them while he Is In
Ihe capital.    Ills stay.  It   Is  believed, I ~0\
will be short      Mr   I.ind   had a  lung   ((|111
conference   today   with   the   American*
will give us trausporta
Mayor i
our property
Called on Mr. Anderton
Asked    about    the    mater
| Gtuy   wld   since   he
i Ihe city �� position to the local branch
tbe    Manufacturers'
��� | una   morning     his     announcements
,, ,..,. ..  . .... 'would  be  made  at that  meeting.   At-1
charge   daffalns.   Nelson   0 shaugh- den_,all    wll|t.    how,,ver
"���**"'��� I the question freely
Will  Incraaae Telle.
Woodstock. Ont., Nov. ".--At a brief
sessii-m   of   the   Ontario   railway   and
municipal board here a request from
the  Belmont Telephone company    to
Increase tbe lolls   on    account of   a
night service    being    Installed,    was
granted,    lt  was   also   decided   that
subscribers who are not stockholders
. i.a- I "Ml are charged extra because of this,
"   *M����,B I W||| b, allowed to purchase stock airt
as* telephones  at  the  aame rate  as
aaaoclation \vnmM* Wkholders
Nothing Official.
Washington, Nm 7 The cabinet
discussed today what course of action
thc l'nited Slat,*, ahould take If Provisional Presldenl Huerta refused to
resign, hut un decision was announced. Formal reply to the note from
thia government to lluerta has not
heen received up to a late hour today
and definite selection of a policy hy
Ihia government Is not expeoted until
such reply  hss been  received.
The BUggestion was made that the
embargo on arms might be lifted that
the Constitutionalists could obtain
arms from the Untied StateB but with-
-out decision.
Press dispatches today announcing
unofficially President Huerta's determination to refuse lhe American demands made no impression on government officials. They say they received no official communication to
that effect and declined to make any
-comment until such communication
wan received.
A hopo thut lluerta would realize
the certainty of future complicallonB
and eliminate himself from Ihe situation was expressed by some officials,
bnt there was no Information available lo Indicate upon wtf.t such optimism might be bused.
Dispitches from Berlin stating that
Germany would consider a movement
lo bring the powers In support of the
Amerl' in policy only If such a step
were desired by thc Washington government, led to the belief In many
quarters that some stand might yet
lie developed hi thn situation to force
llnerta to the American viewpoint
Secretary Bryan refused to discuss
this or any other phase of the situation.
Plan Naw Railway.
Ottawa. Nov 7.���The Central Rall-
Wlthln our limitations we want way of Canada, which wlll seek Incor-
to please everyone along the water- poratlon nexl session, proposed to con-
Iron!, and we will do our very urfnost struct a railway from Winnipeg tn a
to satisfy each firm.    If there has to Inorthwesterly   direction   via   Yorkton
Power Company Incorporated.
Ottawa, Nov. 7. -The Winnipeg
River Power Co., Ltd., with a capital
���stock of one million dollara and chief
place of being in the city of Winnipeg, haa beeu granted Incorporation
by tlio department of state. The company la granted ull the rights usually
given to power companies Including
the right to use streets, highways or
lsne�� in cities, towns and rural municipalities after consent has been obtained by bylaw. Presumably this ts
the company which recently obtained
extensive power rights at (Ireat Falla
��n the Winnipeg river.
Wo Trace of Man Who Made Getaway
Yeaterday Morning.
Although parties consisting of Burnaby and South Vancouver police con-
-stables and wardena from the prison
farm searched all of yeaterday no
trace was discovered up to last even-
Ins; of the whereabouts of William
Thomas, an Austrian, who made hla
escape trom the Burnaby prison fsrm
st Iloyal Oak at 9:15 yesterday morning.
Thomas was serving a sentence of
three months for stealing In Vancouver. He Is described as being five
feet all Inches In height, fair completion and 24 years of age. He wae
working out tn the open grounds at
tbe time of his escape.
be some changes tliere has to be
some changes, that's all." said the
alii.'i-inan. "I am not fully acquainted
with Captain Powell's actions In dealing with the St. Mungo cannery, but
he nnd Mayor Cray called several
times on Mr. Anderson. We haven't
definitely refused anything lo that
"The cily voted to widen Front
street. If someone's toes are trod
den on. It is not our fault. The cold
storage plants wlll undoubtedly have
to bc moved and it ia claimed tbey |
can move 20 miles aa easily as 15 or
20 feet. Waterfront tenants have been
in the habit for yearB of paying a
ridiculously low rental. The rental
has been the subject of complaint, so
low is it. Of course the new rentals
will have to bc larger, but at the
same lime a great deal more is given
the tenants for that  rental.
"We haven't delivered any ultimatum yet. We are eager to put up aoy
proposition aud ready to meet the Columbia Cold Storage or St. Mungo people nr any other tenant at any time,
but if a man asks what we can't give
him, of course that ends it. Outside
firms don't think these rentals high."
Alderman White emphasized that
the last thing the city would do would
be stir up strife with the concerns
here. When Captain Powell said
there had been more applicants for
waterfrontage than there waa accommodation, he had stated facts.
Business Man Writes.
Just here a letter from a well
known buslnoss man In New Weatmlnster Is Interesting. He says:
To the Editor.
Sir,- Your editorial this morning
with reference to harbor Improvements Is sn excellent one, one which
should be read by every ratepayer of
this city. I am a supporter of every
honest endeavor to advance the Interests of the city, which, given a
fair chance, bids to be oue of the
very besl on the Pacific coaat. I am
firmly of the opinion that a harbor
improvement scheme ls an object
worthy of the support of any good
clttsen, although 1 must confess that
1 am not Impressed with the present
harbor scheme aa being In the beat
Interests of the elty as a whole. To
be honest about It. I think It ia mnny
years In advance of our require-
ments, and In thla suggestion I feel
safe In saying that a large percentage
of the ratepayers will concur.
However, I am not going to enter
upon a discussion of this at this
time more than to say that from what
has come to our notice during the
mist few days it would have been far
better to have nevor commenced our
harbor operatlona. Your paper of yesterday gave Information that 'the Columhla Cold Storage company and
possibly the St, Mungo Cannerv companv were both about to pall up
stakes and get out. This harbor Improvement ia certainly a wonder,
something to bo nursed, lf wn oan
so quickly get'rid of two good   old
and Battleford. to Kdmonton. The
company will seek power to carry on a
telephone and  telegraph  business.
Important Testimony in the
Federal Investigation at
Spokane Yesterday
Statea that the Steps Taken to Form
the Alleged Truat Wero Concealed.
Spokane, Nov. 7.���Testimony which
counsel for the government believes
Indicates an attempt on the part of
tho Bell telephone Interests to conceal the steps taken In the formation
of the alleged "telephone truat" In
the   PaclAo   Northwest,   waa  elicited
Santa Ve. N.M.. Nov. 7.���ln an official report mad* public today, State
Mine Inspector Rees H. Beddow, who
investigated the mine disaster at Dawson on October 2, In wblch 261 miners
and two helmet men lost their Uvea,
; declares that the explosion which
{wrecked the mine waa due to the firing of an overcharged sbot In one of
the rooms by a miner, whloh In turn
stirred up and ignited the cool duat
In the surrounding workings, cauaing
a aecond and more terrific explosion,
which wrecked the mine and entombed  284 men.
The shot was fired from the trolley
wire during working hours, when tbe
full shift was at work in the mine,
says the report, which was contrary to
the mining laws and to the rules o.
the company.
Strike Settled Last Night-
Each Side Claims a
Employeee Win Demand fer Arbitration���No Mention Made of Recognition of Union.
Indianapolis, Nor. 7.���The atrike of
the employees ot the Indianapolis
Traction and Terminal company waa
settled late today through the efforts
of Governor Samuel M. Ralston. Tho
employees won their demand for arbitration but nothing la said about
recognition of tbe union in the terms
of settlement
Street car service is to be resumed
within 12 hours, according to the
terms of the settlement of the strike,
which also provides against further
interference with the operation of the
All the men who were In the employ of the company on Oet 31, i
the strike waa called and.alia
who had been discharged ow i
of Joining the union, are to bo rate-
stated by the company wtth fu_l seniority righta and without prejudice.
The company, however, ia not compelled to reinstate men who engaged
in violence during the strike. Men
refused reinstatement for this reason,
however, may appeal to tbe public
utilities commission ot Indiana for a
Refer to Commtasion.
Disputes    and    grievances    aa    to
wages, hours, conditions and aervie-o
will be referred to the utilities corn-
Scarcely twenty yards up the ditch shown here ia a dry earth closet mission for arbitration tf the company
]ust a few yards away from the water. In the ditch is a tine bed of water-
cress to which the Chinese owner pointed with pride. To aU appearances
the vegetables are washed ln this ditch previous to being marketed
Officers inspected the abattoir and plant of the V. P. R. Meat company
and found no cauae for complaint The plant wae kept in good condition.
Other similar placea will be gone through likely today. Most public buildings hare been kept sanitary and more will be Inspected today.
The health tfflcers' parting word at the end of the week's campaign la:
"Get a metal garbage can, with a cloze "tUng lid���and use the can, and the
lid too."
���     ��     *     *     ��
"  and
tho yard door.'
remember don't allow  kitchen refuse to be scattered abont
Three Judges of Supreme
Court Give Evidence in
Occupied   Entire   Day   In
Court��� Decialon Will B
i Given
Vancouver. Nov. 7.���The unusual
spectacle was witnessed today in the
exchequer court of three judgea of
the i -preme court giving evidence,
two cf them from the bench, ln the
case againat Mr. Justice Clement In
connection with his expense account
between Grand Forks and Vancouver.
today In the federal investigation of TUe case occupied the entire day and
Editor The News, City:
Sir,���Before closing the "Cleaner City Campaign"
we wish to take this opportunity of thanking The
News for the valuable and sensibly conservative assistance rendered the health authorities in the discharge
of their duties.
We may say that it is not the intention of the
health authorities to cease their activities at the close
of the week, but rather to persist and finally arrive at
the desired end���a clean New Westminster.
A. W. GRAY, Mayor.
Medical Health Officer.
Chief Sanitary Inspector.
New Westminster, B.C., Nov. 7,1913.
the trust which ended here today.
Examination of Johu F. Davles, secretary of the subsidiary companies
held by the Interstate Consolidated
company, and of Mias Wlnnlfred
Whltty, a clerk ln the employ of the
Interstate company, showed the confusing of the National Securities and
Investment company of 1/os Angeles
with the Corporation Securities and
Investment company of Denver.
When Mr. Davles produced tho
stock booh of the Interstate Consolidated company's aubaldlary concerns,
the book gave the homo ot the Corporation Securities company, the Bell
holding concern through which the independent companies wore dealing as
Los Angeles.
Miss Whltty testified that ahe had
had charge of the atock book alnce
January, 1911, and that ahe had made
tho entry of Los Angelee as the home
ot the Corporation Securities company
at the Instance of W. t. Buff, then
auditor for the Interstate company.
The National Securities company of
l*os Angeles Is tho holding concern
tor various Independent telephone
companies, and ia said not to haye
any connection with the Boll Interests.
A feature ot Mlaa Whitty's testimony waa the 'fact that the Corporation Securities and Investment company now owns tS.M6*tt shares of the
Interstate Consolidated �����is����v ont
of a total stock Iseue of 17.6*8*.
The hearing wlll ho hoard at Butte.
M<mt.. Monday afternoon, aad subse-i Harvard, haa b*eu elected
quently at Helena and Billings, Moat, of physiology at Oxford In succession tor quota!
Holse, Ida., and then at Denver. 'to tbo tam Professor Gotch.        -1   Tho aMormak
decision   waa   reserved   until   next
Chlet Justice Hunter stated it waa
his Invariable caotom when ho waa
sitting In other cities and took
apartments, to charge as if ho wero
stopping at an hotel Mr. Justice
Clement waa In the witness box for a
considerable time and was closely
cross-examined by Mr. McLennan, ot
Montreal, appearing for the Dominion
government Tho defendant was asked whether his action in attaching to
hla expense vouchers a memo requesting payment through a hank at Grand
Forks was not a deliberate attempt
to deceive the department and indignantly answered that It waa not
Ho waa alao keenly cross-examined
regarding his stay In tho Yukon and
why he had lett It and in reply aaM
he hsd no desire to stay there and
that he had Informed Mr. Slfton that
he did not Intend to go back. He admitted that ho had had some trouble
with his accounts when thero. but explained tlmt tho difficulty arow
through having to handle fold dust
Instead of cola ot the realm. It waa
common knowledge that be tad no
Intention ot returning to that district
Alderman Dodd Foster* ���chem* Proposed by Industrial Commie-
Wall Known In Canada.
1-ondon, Ner. 7.���Dr. Charles ���Mr-
rlngton, of Liverpool university, who
Is well know* la Canada and holder
of honorary decrees ot Toronto
s otal
and employeea fall to reach a mutual
agreement within ten daya.   The company must take up tbese grievances
with its employees within five daya
after the resumption of aervice.   The
i utilities commission, by the terms ot
the settlement, must render a decision
within JO daya trom the date ot too
flret hearing.   This decision shall be
binding on all parties Interested for
three years and shall date back to the
Ume of resumption of work.
In addition to the union officials
and the traction official* the agreement was signed by Ethelbert Stewart representing the United Statea
government and Samuel M. Ralston
for the state of Indiana,
Mllltla   Dispatched.
The settlement of the strike means
that the 2000 members of the Indiana
national guard wbo were called to Indianapolis yesterday on order of the
governor, will be dispatched to their
bome stations as soon as possible. Tha
soldiers were not called on to do duty.
The strike,  which began  laat Friday nlgbt bas resulted in four deaths
and Injuries to a hundred or more people, including aeveral police officers.
Until yesterday, when the city quieted down, the downtown streets have
been the scenes of almost continuous
rioting.   A Isrge amount of damage
bas been done to property.    Trolley
wires were cut, car windows broken
and  the windows  of  the  Louisiana
street car barna, where the company
had quartered    about   80    Imported
strike-breaker-*, were amaahed. Each
aide claims a victory In tho settlement of the strike.
That the elty lease IU available pro-
party to bona tldo Industrial
at an annual rental equal to tlte por
oent ot th* assessed value ot tto property occupied by any Industry, lta
concern alao to pay the land tax oa
tho property, waa tto sug-geettoa pat
forth by Alderman Dodd at a ��M��
mlttee meeting ot th* board ot work*
yeeterday. Tto auRestioa w��a �����*���
daring an tatormal dlscassloa oa tto
means of prorMtaf cheap tk*** tor to-
dustries aMW tb* Km* rseownentod
by Industrial CommUmtaMr Daritog.
aad will to brought up at tka MM
ooandl meett-Lg. ,    /.,
In maktas tk* sugfeetkm AMsraaft
Dodd stated that tt was
provide tto ******
wtth sota* baala on
gotta** wtto tsMttu
tbo ladaatrie* and other
wktok "
cause that waa the rat* which the city
Is being charged tor money and by
the teasing of Its property holdings
tto city was virtually lending asoney.
The Industrie* oould also pay tho
regular tax due as If the property
leased wero owned by thom Individually. This woold pay tor tba natural
general amount ot a-srvto* given tbo
lot by tbo city.
Tho city properties ar* aot
ad at aay atatod rata* at tto preeeat
Mas* but aay land leased. Aldema*
Dodd soggosted. eaoM to sasssasd at
Ua rata* ot tto privately ****** pro-
party adjotalag. tto natal chawd
aay Industry to ti* adjusted wry Or*
yean according to tto changing ****���
ot tb* property.
Tht dtocuwkm on ladustrial Commissioner TJarttng's rooomwsadstVms
waa aot prokmged at tto board of
work* meettag. Wltk refer*!** t*
Aldsimaa Dodd** saowttM,, Mayor
Aak Increased Compensation for Calk
tl* Paatrejsd for Tuberculosa
Aa tncrcaao to compensation aaM by
tto govsrnmsnt ta tamer* whero ca>
Ua have beoa d**ti*y*d toUowtnrtto
compulsory l*hs.s*ll* test* aad al**
to gtv* tto rraaer valloy tamer,
****** to **tap*t* t
- ��� wfll to. i '
Ornfr props* ed *tmt*\ ****! ta Ma
leaaad Ptgpmty. t**\**tt* ot ttor ��ms-
eldarattos-B as a ator* anttoM* toM*
*t tta.feMwr dtattta i  "
���j at tk* iiu it. ttam
Tba council wUI to asked ta ********
a opiate* mi Uia uMMttat if fltojfp
to test** to
I* prto* with g��
amd* taday to Ito
tan at Ytrtogto-br
S-,A"��flt>  -yit+% wnK'tJ
* '''    :������
daalt wttk b��tw**n
and tha coaneH   ttm ,_
sbould   be   twalta** torla
tsr ___V____Q___3___M ___E__f tfl__ttt_kiM I ____f&
t* natal *t
An tadepssdenl morulas paper devoted lo the Inter-��fj of _-.pi- Wsstmlnstsr a��ii
sa�� Praser V*lley. Published every morning except fiund.ij. bv Me National Printing
mat Publithing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenile Utrcet. .Veto Westminster, Britiah
Oolumbl*. ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All communications should Se addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
te individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders stiuuld be made
mai/able to The National Printing snd Publishing Company, lAmlted.
TELE PHON Eti���Business Office and Manager, 899; Editorial Rooms lall dcpart-
mxsnts). 901.
BVBHCRirTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, 11 for Ihree months, 40c per
moittk     liy mail. IH per year, tbe par monlk.
ADVERTISING ItATEH on epplieaHon. .��
Till some scientists meanders into the public eye with
a scheme to regulate the sun and control the distribution
of light over this footstool, the daylight saving plan appears to be the most feasible proposition whereby man
can get his money's worth during the fine long summer
Briefly, the idea is to set the clock forward one hour
from the first Sunday in April till the third Sunday in
October. During that period the seven o'clock whistles
would jar sleepers loose from their snores at six a.m., but
they would have the consolation of making up the extra
sixty minutes at the tail end of the day and get an extra
hour of daylight by so doing.
The system has been tried-and approved in several
places and, while it always has met with considerable opposition at the outset, it invariably has accumulated
friends after it has been in operation any length of time.
The shocking part of the entire deal is the fact that
the plan is to come up for consideration before the Victoria city council in the near future. Now most of the
people in this section of Eden have had the idea that folks
down on the island arose about nine o'clock or so and spent
most of the time thereafter taking tea till it was time to
go home and dress for dinner. The announcement that
the beautiful town built around the provincial parliament
buildihgs is considering this get-up-early stunt therefore
comes as a rude jolt and brings home to dwellers on the
Praser the truth that there are hustlers elsewhere in British Columbia and some of them right in Victoria.
Montreal   Man  Took Trip    In    Craft
Similar to One  Recently
The recent disaster to the Zeppelin
airship L II. makes the following recital ��f a well-known Montreal reel
ing wear, for lounging at home   nnd
for nil outdoor occasions, nml now  It
is on sleeping garments.
"What next. I wonder';"
Victoria,   Nov,   T.    Steps   are   being
taken by tbe Canadian Northern Pad-
Ac Railway compuny to obtain pos
session,   under  the  provisions  of   the
Railway act, of property needed  for
the right-of-way of the Patriola   Hay
An arrangement fer purchase   on
terms satisfactory to both parlies hus
been   reached   with   most   owners   nf
Saanich land, hut, to gain control of
dent concerning a trip be took a short Iall property required from    Victoria board or trade, and if the scheme V
timo ugo in one of the Zeppelin pas- ! trough the peninsula it has been necessary to resort to arbitration in some
Victcria  Will  Take  Up  Proposition-
Legislature  Likely to  Be
Whut is known as the daylight saving system will be discussed ut the
next general meeting of the   Victoria
senger airships, of all the more Interest. The passenger was Herald l_o-
mer, of the firm of Herald l.omer,
Ltd., Fraser Building, St. Sacrament
street, and he was accompanied by
his daughter, Miss Clara Loraer.
"The airship was named the Sach-
si'ii," be said, "and the trip was one
I would not have missed for anything. Wo had to wait two days for
the wind to be In the right quarter to
enable the giant vessel to be brought
out of thc shed, but it was worth it.
'The airship was 485 feet in length,
with a diameter of 46 feet, and volume of 671,000 cubic feet. There are
eighteen gas ereservoirs embedded between two transverse rings of aluminum framework. Beneath the airship hung two giant engine cars, with
the passenger car slung amidship between  them.    The steering    is doue
fifty-two cases,
Applications to that numlier were
made on the company's behalf before
Mr. Justice Gregory  In chambers.
No definite action was taken, I). O.
Lewis, district engineer, being given
leave to amend und to supplement his
The Individual and company owners
Interested follows: Arthur Stewart,
Bazan Bay Brick and Tlle Co., Amelia
Wise, Prudential Trust Co., Ltd., It.
J. Nott, 11. Simmons, Paris H. McCutcheon. Henry Oervas Stobart. 10.
II. Anderson, Clarence W. Bradshaw,
William   Mercer and   Mr.  Roland.
An exceptionally strong array of
counsel appears as follows: Messrs.
W. J. Taylor, K. (.'.; H. A. Macl.ean, K.
C; P. J. Stacpole, K. C,J A. I). Crease.
C. W, Bradshaw, H. G. S. Heisterman.
J. Stuart Yates, J. I'. Wallis and J. li.
Back in New York it seems to be the open season for
tigers and while the hunting's good the Democrats have
organized an anti-Tammany crusade.
What the Old Country papers don't know about the
Ulster situation would fill a book, but what they write
about it would fill a bookcase a mile long.
from the fore car, in which is a motor ' -*'ann-
of   145  horse   power,   which drives  a ~~~**** '
pair   of   double-bladed     air     screws,, j ri��A.��    *******   rurnriir
while there are a  pair of  foil r-bladed I fill IU   flNI-    fYTPpUp
screws   driven   by   the   after   motor.  I Ill/Ill   VI1L   LAIIILI.IL
These propel the airship at the rate
of about  38  miles an  hour.
"We started from Cos. near Baden
Baden, and it was a most thrilling experience, although, owing to the encr- 	
mous   dimension   of   the   airship   aud
the methodical precision with which it J After Being Fear-Ridden fer Centuries
was handled there was absolutely no
sensation of fear.
'When  the  ship  was drawn   out a
quantity   of   water   ballast   was     discharged and  the  motor started.    Be- j
fore  we realized   It  we were off  thej
gorund  and   ascending  at    a    sharp j
angle and at a rapid rate.   But there j Times at  Ningyuan  Fu. Chi* i   says*
was  no  noise and it  was  vivid con-1-,     .    .
tra-St   to   the   sound   of  an   aeroplane (o'"P^nt observers are almost una.,
flying.    You   could   not   hear   the   en- Itnous   in   asserting   that   one   of   the j1,1",8 opposition has been  sufficlcu
gines going  at all  when  in the gon- most disquieting features of the new
Chinese Now Have  No  Re.
spect for Authority.
A     correspondent     of   the   London
'There was room in this for twenty
republican   government,   especially
approved a3 widely as is hoped the
legislature will be asked hy thc Victoria board ln conjunction with many
of the other boards In the province to
pass an aet at the next session bringing into effect the change suggested.
The definite proposal to come before
the hoard It thut on the first Sunday
In April the clock be advanced one
hour and continue thus until the
third Bunday in Octoher when 1t will
be set back. Thus when a man Is rising to go to work at 7 o'clock according to the time recorded on his cro-
nometer It is In reality li o'clock. An
extra hour of daylight Is thereby obtained for work, and when the man
gets off apparently at 5 o'clock he
will have an hour more of daylight
for his enjoyment than he would have
had with tlie clock remaining unchanged.
The system has been tried and ap-
nroved   In   many   places,  and   after  a
little experience has proved most beneficial  and   enjoyable  to  the    experimenting  communities,  it   is  declared
by its supporters.   Outdoor recreation
has  been   encouraged  and   a  tremendous saving has been effected to Individuals  und  corporations In  artificial
lighting.    Furthermore  In  the  morn
ling an  hour of good  daylight,  which
I was hitherto spent ln  slovenly  sleep.'
;lias been devoted to tiie world's work.!
i It   Is  pointed   out  In  support  of   the
j Opposition has always been strenu-1
ous towards the Change hefore It was
effected, but experience has made
converts invariably, It Is stated, and
what antagonism has been aroused
has been chiefly from persons constI-
tutionally   opposed   to  an>   Change   In *
time-honored   custom.    Sometimes
. til
defeat the measure. In one place in
Canada,  "   "
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured In ll C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUIEH" Brand, guaranteed to paaa Standard
Specifications of Americas and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would alao oall attention to our Vitrified Bewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-tn. In diameter This Is slso made In thla Province and ve
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock ol Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Bee us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonee 15 snd It.
802 Columbia Btreet W.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new tall styles and
place your order now.
J. P. GALVIN   !
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
pianoforte, harmony and -.tinging. Pu-
pub i'u,.. **-f ui> prepared fur examination In I!   A   M   nml It  C. M   I'or terms
uppiy iinj Third avenue,
MISS   I.I.1.A   O    HAHHV,
I     11nii.ifi.il,-.   !ll   Keary
THAI'I I Kit  Ol,-
-'t .   N.w   West-
Newspaper reports state that somebody tried to assassinate General Felix Diaz the other evening in Havana.
Didn't thirk anybody thought enough of him to want to
kill him.
Orillia. the trades and  labor
I" [council refused to adhere to the civic
western China, la the complete lack of: by-law and the system fell through
.���v. rv luxnrv a...t f���*���: .ii. :. ������>;i..|:t*,g respect for or fear of the authority of J*_f?* "��������� ar,J weepttonal, however^
one of our best drawing room    cars,  the officials  by  the mass of the  peo-  ?,���',, .   "r,P<>"1'" .7* *T U' ,:",M
To add to the enjoyment of the trip a pi_.    ti,_.._. ���,���..., ���.,.,., ..���  _'.'_S!\.the ?'".H c-a*!."r f,,r <������"' <*ang
very appetizing lunch was served during the journey, and 1 shall always re-
member the novelty of dining in mid- -������   *  --        *������*���*   """";"-    ""-each year by the cnange proposed here
veBted   interests   of and this is equivalent to _1  liuliilavs
        ........    of    tile      nrmtllntl-i-n   lof nlnoh.���
Baden, over the beautiful country of
the   Black     Mountains     forest,     and
over many  townships.    Then  it went.not sufficiently strong  to enforce  re
circling  northwards over the
Press despatches say that the Saskatchewan house
opened with unusual brilliancy on Thursday, but if you're
looking for real fireworks, wait till the debating' commences.
airship generally travelled horizontally, but at time was put at a sharp angle when ascending or descending.
An   enormous   expanse   of   country
lay spread out below  us like a niap.
j The great masses of forest appeared
��     ._. ______ i ii     < i t-_      - i     ,   tt       ,        -farmsteads, railways, motorcars,   and
As the original Mexican clam, President Huerta of j steamboats an appeared ince toys, and
mass of the  peo
Tliere have been bo many coses I because of  the  sddlUonal  recreal
of  flagrant opposition   to the  will  of time afforded.    It has been computed
authority,   when   that   authority   con-1^ _���'? 1lour? of. -~*1-i**t a
a.r fllcttd   with   tin
The   route   taken   lay   over   Baden   certain   sections   of   the     population, lot nine hours .firh.
cases where the ami of the law  was!    People proceeding east on the traiu
think nothing of changing their . u \
es an hour when thev ESI   Into mmm
city of spect for us stautes.  that  with any tain Ome. and it Is regardedaa unlike
Karlsruhe, westeward to thv Rhine and  other   people   than   the   Chinese,   im-   ly. therefore, that they win oblecl  t
up the river to the latitude of Baden   buetl with their strong sense of equity  �� similar change twice a   vear  wl
Baden and back to the great shed, a and reason, the result must have In- s0 great benefit is derived therefrom
distance  of   some   110   miles,   which evitably  been open anarchy und mob i ���������
took us about three hours. rule.
"Our height above the ground var-      The   present   revoluth.il   has,   how .*AS LIVELY
led   according   to   whether   we   were  PVer. brought into deep relief the in-1 LANGUAGE Shocking
passine over mountains flying clown fluence and stability of the great mer-     v,���.,r    ,   v   ", "
the valleys, but on some occasions we cantile community  operating  through   .,'���'      ,     , '   '      ' '""'   ' '"-'' - "f
were -,500 feet above the ground. The tb(,ir r|,a���lb,.-g of comm(.rc.,.     ()f _���  >"'"K ""sinesa men bei imi
lonimenclng Oct.   26.    Change    of
time table, aa follows.
5 '"i a in     for Toronto, Kamloops l_o-
1 26 p.m - Kor St. Paul.
6 26 p.m.���For Agassi?.
8  10 p m     Kor Imperial Limited. Mon
ti val. itc.
Kor rates, reservations   and    other
particulars apply to
B. UOUI.BT, Agent.
New Weatmlnatei
II. W. BRODIB, O. P. A.. Vancouver
tli" lul. rr.nVmtor Allan Mncbelh.
I'rlndpnl nf the CIhukuw Collegl nf
Husnx nnn Profeaeor Qroasland Hirst ��f
tin- i;i i-Ki"** Athenaeum, Im-kh to Inii-
mats that aii,. wlll aooepi a few pupil*
In nlitKiiur and voir* production Kr
Unilve r��n-rtn|re nf huh 'Inula ��ung��.
Kir l.rmn. call or writs to 1108 llumll-
ton ntn-rl.
the   factors   constituting  the  complex    'U r ..^   . , " ?*"   '
organism of Chinese society, the iner-    ,''      last    , ���_I ,      " "'       '''
cantile element is at once the sound   *   ���'    ,   !       ! '"  '"   d  '
cussion was settled a crowd of s'-'."ra
hundred people were treated to B prel
ty    series    of
H.   3.   A.    BURNB.T.    AUDITOR
A' iiiiliint    Tel.   R.   i:h,   K ,   2
P. H. Bmlth. w  j  iirovm.
Work   undertakwi    In   cliy    �����.)   out__4a
KlnU.   .11-11   Wwilmln.l-r   Trum    mw
ion��  1*4.     P. O.  Boi   607 *���
niina Rnalniwrii, i_��h1 043, meets ir>
-.atior T.inpli. every nrnt and (hint
Thuradav of tha month II UoLaughltn.
prealdent : W. C. Haund-ra. aecrvt_i v.
P. O.   Ilex  62i.
B. * P. O of Elk* of tbe D. of C. meet
tha flrat and third Thuraday at S p. m.,
K of P. Mull, Klstlth .tree!. A Wallr
Gray, Exalted Ruler; P. H. Bmlth. Secretary.
Mexico is entitled to the patent. Silence with him is truly
golden and it may be inferred that he is making financial
hay while his dictatorial sun shines.
est and most conservative, The in
terests of the traders are so bound
up with tin- preservation of law and
order and the unhampered interchange   of    commodities    that     they
i   I
it  was most curious In passing  over strongly deprecate
the larger towns to see the crowd, at
traded by the huge airship, swarm
ing about like so many ants."
any   movement   in
What a difference a few miles makes. In Burnaby
they owe the school teachers about twenty thousand oV
so back wages; in Coquitlam they're talking of raising the
pedagogues' salaries.
The Vancouver city council has decided that a board
of control is not wanted over there. That may be so, but
what that town needs is something to control Vancouver-
ites and keep them from claiming everything between the
49th parallel and the Arctic circle as suburbs of Greater
tlie state which is calculated to cause
even temporary dislocation of Iheir le-
gltimate business, with the downfall
of the Manchu regime and the consequent suspension ol all authority f-r
the time being, the govi rnment of ��1
most every c'ty In China was fur
months virtually carried on by the
chambers of commerce and associated
Now that a new system of govern-
  inient  Is    being    gradually    evolved
I throughout   the   18     provinces,     this
First Specimens of New Fashion Pad power temporarily  wielded,  shows no
sign  of  being  relaxed,  and  t'n
pugilistic encounter!
just outside the cafe door. The flghl
lng lasted twenty minutes, and no p.r-
Ilceman appeared, although the ron
assumed the proportions of a small
riot. When the fighting was all over
a constable arrived, but no arrests
were mude, although one faction remained in wait on the comer for tlie
members Of the other crowd, who bad
gone hack  again into the cafe.
COAL MININO righta ot the Domtnlc    ,
Manitoba, Haakatebewan and  Ajbertt   i
i." Yukon Territory, the Northwest Tol   !
rltorlea and In a -portion of the 1'Gpvlne   j
..r Hruuti Columbia, may be laaSSff for i
t.r.ii  i.r  twenty-one yeara at an   annua
rental of J l an acre. Not morn than ��S
.i' i'i wlll Ik- leaaud to ona applicant.
Application for a leaae muat be mad
hy the applicant In peraon to tha Agio
or Hub Ait-nt nf the dlatrlct In whloh th
ilKlit-i applied for are altuateri.
In survey..! territory the land muat ti
described   by  neciivna.   or   legal   aul>-dlv
U O. O. M.. NO. SS4.���MEETS ON
flrst, aecond. third and fourth Wednaa-
<1ny In ench inonth at S p. en..
In Ibe Mooae Home. II. *��� lm**rt\j.
dictator: F. K. Jonea. aecreury.
Ileuduiiiirtera of lodge In See Mouae,
oorner of Fourth and Carnarvon atreeta.
elonH of aectlona and In  unnurveyod  tei
rllory   the   tract   applied    for    ahall
��� applicant hlmaelf
Ench  application muat be accompanle.
by a f.*i   of |5 Which wlll be refunded I
miik.-d out l.y the applicant hlmaelf.
I. O. O F. AM1TT 1-OnOB NO. 17���Tha
regular meeting of Amity lodge Na
27. I. O O. P.. ta held every Monday
night at I o'olock tn Odd Fellowi' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Klghth atreeta.
vtaltlng brethern cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew, NO.; It. W. Hangater-
V. o. -, W. C. Coatham, P. O., reoort
lng eecielnrv ��� J. W. Macl>onnld. financial eecretary.
The gang on the outside vowed yen-,tSs-rtSt."���.JpuBTSr"am V'i��S3R.l!
'   but   not  otherwtae.     A  royalty  ahall    b
paid  on  the merchantable output  of th   I
mine ct the rate of five centa per ton.
c. mice on the other faction In loud
ti lies, and during the lighting the language ii'ed was shocking.
The hotel employees stated tliey did
not   know   the   details  of   llie   row-   or 1 *,--������������������������  ���-, ���������-,   "���������  ���.������*....,,  ...   ......
who the  combatants    ���,-.'   �����������   ��WSltfl________��rt..'^��__��?_IW-_V.��H
The person operating tho mine slial
furnlah tbe Agent with awera return
accounting for tbe lull quantity of met
were,  but  all
were well dressed and apparently well
Arrive in New York From
.   ,   ,    ,. Com-  t0 do young business men
merclal   bodies are acting as a most .
charged here, and at Victoria 400 tons
wholesome   check   on   the  actions  of
pew officials,  manv  of  whom are totally   inexperienced     and    completely
out of touch with the needs and cus
New  Vork.    Nnv,    7    I'ettlcoatless jtoms of tbe people.    In questions refashions of the  past are  responsible J latiug   to   taxation   the  opinions   and
or B  decided novelty In lingerie. BleNv'd'   of   the   mercantile  community
use of fur trimming on dainty silken !f,r''  ,,,i:i'r  freely  taken.    It  Is  nbtn-J
undergarments.   The flrst of these UB- Withy   thai   the   majority     of     thel
NEW company RECORD were landed.    All passenger accomo-1usual pieces arrives recently from En-1prominent   merchants  belong  to  the
  dations wcre occupied and 11 were In | rope, and women were seen in stores jKuni-   Ho  Tang,   the   more   conserva-1
.__���'���*,, the steerage.    Among the cabin  pas- '��� vesterday   examining   and   trying   onit'v" "'' the two political parties, and!
-'���"'���    '    Mi.ash.i!*.   ,i,i  : r- 9Pnp,(.rR w(_r(, It   r   ,,,,,-,   f.   Jt,ii,���f���   fan, various garments which have until|*re almosl   unanimous  in  their  sup
imw  escaped  the  frantic  Tad  for fur j pon of President Yuan Bhih Kai.
adornment 11 the  present republican  form of
In  tempting pile., of fllmv chiffonf government  survives the almost insu-*
and crepes the fnr bordered robes de nernhle  difficulties   which  lie    before
nult, petticoats, and "hobble chemises" it. the result will be attained, not by
proved to be distracting to feminine the admlnlBtrative  ability,   foresight,
shoppers, who bought because    thej|or rectltud" of t'ie new officials, nor
mer   records   of   the   Nippon     Yusen   N.   V.   Thompson,   Q
Kaisha liners between Yokohama and  tharnley,   Dr,   .1.   li
man,   I..   Perkins,
IM.  13.   Mcintosh.
Seattle, the steamship Yokohama Maru  arrived  yesterday  at 7  o'clock, M
days from  Yokohama and twenty-four i
hours ahead cf  regular  schedule.    A |
cabin  pas-
Pell, C, Ahlberg
Wooddy, i..  i*:
Frame,  J.   Cow-
Q.   Ilarkowsky  and
NEW $80,000 JAIL
shortening of forty-eight hours In the |
trip   was  actually   made,   but   owing;
to  the requirements  of the Japanese
government regulating subsidized ves-
���Victoria,   Nov,
After   repeated
Na Dru Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. You can
always depend on tbem.
25c. a box at your
Druggist's,    we
Hattm-l Sraf aaS Chemical Ca.
el CuaSa, UbDcS.
ally thereon. If the ooal mining right
are not being operated aueh returne ahoul.
be   furnlnbeo  at   leaat   once  a   year.
The lease wtll Include the renl minim
righta only, but tha leaaee wlll be pet
mltted to purchaae whatever nvallabi
surface   right,  maj   ba  cone'dercd   nm*
��� aary for Uie working of the mine at tb
, rate of III) an aor��.
For full Information application ehoul.
I lie made to the Secretary of the Depart
, ment of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to an   1
, Agent or Buh-Agent of Dominion  Landi  j
_. W. W. COItT.     '
Deputy Mlnlater of the Interior   1
;     N. B.���llnautborlged publication of thl
��� advertlaement will not be paid for.
could not resist oountlng themselves! by   the
B.   council discussions, most of them of Impression   that,  the  sternest
' tdoption   of  their   political
and democratic   shibboleths
re lever Hkelv to flourish on
soil, but bv the Innate com-
could be reconciled to the  mon   sense  and   stability  of  th-  Chi-
11., ,   ���       , i wearing ef  low   cut  pumps   and   COb-|n��SO   nen-nle    and   , snne'illv   Uni   of
.���   ���     ,    ��� , ,   , ���h*" of a new P��Uce and M Headquarters webby hosiery If he knew there was the merchMts P
Weed.    As ,1   was  she  reached   Cape RillllHd   their  point   when   at  the  last  a   touch  of   ermine   to
flattery two full days ahead of turn.
sels,  the  Yokohama   Maru  made  thi
last  end of  the   voyage    under
Uhe acrimonious variety, the advocates
the  possessors  of soft, and   becoming  sys!. m:
furs,  and  also  because they held the I which  ;
father Chine -
mon   hi
ior husband
provide   some
bnt government requirements did not "eetlng (,f ,he clly 00"ndl " resolu-harmth. .1
permit her to inter Victoria B C Uo" was adopted to the effect that the * ������' <r th.e "PW ''"���='r e Includes
iieiiiin. in.1 iu inn r viciori.i, 0, u,i *���*.,. . __ a flesh colored crepe de Chine robe de
harbor more than twenty-four hour* debentures authorized under the $8ti,- -mit ,.,��� w..., ., ,���������,,���.,���. necl( whIch
earlier than schedule,      "    *      '-��� ���    '	
,000   by-law   passed   last   January'   for
The   vessels  of   the   Nippon   Yusen   lht! erection  of a new jail  be Issued
Kaisha line have entered  upon their an<1 Placed on the market at once and
winter schedule and lhis allows one
more day for the voyage than ia given
for the summer months The weather,
however, on the presenl 1 rip was exceptionally fine, and with favorable
winds the Yokohama Mam completed
her seventh voyage with a splendid
record. Captain S. Nada reported one
of the most pleasant trips he has ever
���experienced and the passengers were
enthusiastic.   On November 3 the Jup-
Ib bordered with a narrow band of ermine nnd ping and blue French roses.
Of course, the ermine will feel warm
and comfortable to the skin.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of sll kinds.
I'rlcss right     -tmiNfuiinin guaranteed
��B MeKenxle St.
Transfer Co.
Offlca Phene IIB.      Barn Phene II'
Begble Street
W. B. I-AI.KH���Pioneer Puneral Direct-as
and I'.i-ilmlmer. Sll-Sll A-gnea street
upix.et.e Carnegie Library.
ter A Manna, Ltd.)���Puneral directors
and emb.-i Irnere. Parlora 405 Columbia
etreet.    New  Weatmlnater.    Phone til.
��ter Board of Trade meeta In the boar*
room. City Ball, aa follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meetta*
on llie third Pilday of Peliruary, Hay.
Auguat and November at 1 p.m. AB��
mini m-etlnga on the third l-rlday of
Pehruary.   O.   H.   Hiuart   Wade,   aecre-
tHI V.
Sale, Doeda, Hualneee Leitera, etc.; dr-
oular work; epeclallat. All work atrlctly
conndanual, H. Barry, room 411 Weal-
mlnater Truet Blk.   Phone 70S.
Baggage Delivered Promptly te
any part of tbe elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
After   years  of debate  medical   au-
Then there Is an adorable p^ttlr-orit. ^ ^'TnU.r rTu-I.V0,^ '*^ro,',J lhat eC",m_
which will help ,��� persuade the fernl* T\L'"" ,. d *���*'m '""' "?',Mftted
nine world to return this discarded i'' hn ,blie '' blil "r" ,:iU""'d '��>' ���">���
garment to Its place as a part of mod- a *��lfhm,,cr?8C?p,lc r'".m'"' ';,;awl,,��
ern apparel, fur it Is stjll-of a scant1"'." "'''"' f!' Ij<,1"'v tllf' epidermis,
and narrow cut and is gelply slashed TT |,aU*'nt '" !'"rf'*ctly healthy
at one side, but tliere Is a tiny edging t��"ly ' " '''���'" ,V" '�� diseased,
Chlo  and
It h.
that plans and specifications he prepared and tenders called for tiie new
Structure forthwith. In addition a Bpe-
elal committee Composed of Alderman
McNeill, Gleason and Cuthbert was
appointed to act with the board or police commissioners and report hack as
to the best means to be taken to relieve the conditions of the present jalljof "white" fur "tY"g.ve".t" a". itdcTuid I "''"r"' -.dentists are now agreed
quarters  complained  or  In  a  recent unusual appearance ,nilt 3'0,! '""'-'l cure the   skin through
grand jury presentment and In a com-     a "hobble chemise" Is an imoiyrtant the 3Uin-    Tlle medldfne    muat    be
���mnlcatlon from the attorney-general, part nt tbe fashionable fur trimmed ta l!(lll!" ff'rm in ('"']<e "> penetrate
resolution was fathered by Aid- get    This is cut quite low. an.l has a "'roperly.   and  we   can   say  wlili   con
l.ilwo.ih   ami     put    after    a banding of fur around the neck   Tha fldenca """ Kr- hav�� ,!����> ,rl"' remedy
lengthy discussion^during the course last article belonging to the linger...!���" our store   n. o. o. Preserlotlon,
Robertson's I aet Is a pair of knicHerboclcers of flesh \h-eAe by the   D.  I), D. l.aberaiorles
anese emperor's  birthday, an  elaborate dinner was served and a general
i|(;bratlon of the event  was held.
_Vy allk shipments were broughtj0f   which   City   Solicitor
s,"s:_ r stas.��?s."a?��vsF'S3Ha"rf   is v; t�� ���**-* r��
T.e.K  ei n'M r.rm     r���n   time  niinn,,.,)   n,n  ��������������n   ���.������    I   '    ; ,      ���""������'l    supply    the   demand  more about, this I).II.D, and a so about
brtn .1,Onl,bin),    lien* time allowed,  the council  was there: now,      sho    replied     "Women    n-e 1) I) I)
ImtsdaeyoesltK I n I.fore debarred  from further consider- ready to buy any kind of fur (tarment
tons wll Ibe dls- ingthe matter. |Fur is uaed for street wear, fer even
11 ���
of   lYroul.
1      If your trouhle Is . c-retna, psorlnsls,
i-toip, the great skin cleanser.
Frederic T. mn, Druggist, Columbia
Street, New Wostmlnster.
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule--TrninB leave New Westminster at 6, 7, 7:30, 8.
* 30 and !l a.m., and every U0 minutes thereafter until 8:30 p.m.
After 8:30 service every 30 minutes with last car leaving ut mid-
Week day schedule Trains leave New Westminster at 5, 5:45, (I,
��:15, fi:30, tf;45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 a.m., and every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m.. Prom 4 pin. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service wlll be
given.   Aft"r 8:30 p.m. H 30 minute service with last car at midnight.
Saturday service ���Early morning Schedule the same as on weekdays, but after 8 a.m., a 15 minute service will he given until inld-
Through trains ror Chllllwack leave New Weatmlnsler daily nt
0180 am. snd 1:10, 3:35 and 5:45 p.m.. Trains leave Chllliwrck dally
tor return trip at 6:10 a.m. ond fl:30 a.m. nnd 1:10 and 6:45 p.m.
Pally Express service to Chllllwack from New WeBtmlnster at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
rlatere, Hnllcltora, etc.    40 Lome street.
New Weetmlneter.    <J   B. Corbould. K. '
C.    J. H. Grant.    A. ID. MeColl.
nt-iiiw, solicitor, eic. Solicitor fur tin-
Hunk of Vancouver. Offices: Merchants Hank liuiidiiiK. New Westminster. III'. Telephone Nn. 11170. Cable
addraaa "Johnston." Code Western
W,    R    IIANHFORD,    HAItltISTI.ll.    Solicitor, etc, CnlllBtcr Hlock, corner .'nl-,
unit.la mni McKensle ItrSetS, New Westminster.   B.O,    P.  o.   Ho>   ���_��_.    Telephone 1144.
sliln ��� Barrletere and Solloltora, Weet-
mlnstcr Truet Blk., Columbia street.
XiiX,?1.5_.,n.,n*iSr- B' C- <-��>>le eddreiw
"Whlteelde," Weetern Union. P. O.
Drawer    !00.     Telephone   SS     W.   J.
'��� BTILWBI.L CLDTII, Barrleter-at-Uw.
eollcltor. etc.; oorner Columbia *rti
McKenMe et reete. New Weetmloster.
B. C.   P. O. Box HI.    Telephone  7tSl
*' ��Pi. !fA MPT9N J-OV*** BARRISTim.
Solicitor and NoUry. Off loee Har)
block. 2 S Lome etreet. New Weetmlneter, B. C.
Berrlelere and Bolletlot* Set to tli
Weetmlneter froat Block. O. B. Mar.
tjn^Jk a- H��Q��arrle  aod Oeom U SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1913.
PAGE   I,-lute
One cl Two Universities on Continent
to Open  New  Line of
Montreal, Nov. 7. -McUlll university now hus the distinction of beliiR
one of thu two universities on the
North American continent to have a
department ot forest products laboratories. The new departcent came into existence Tuesday, In the old medical building. Tbls ia only a nucleus
ol what may be a mighty factor In
the development of the timber re-
soureas of Canada.
The laboratories constitute a
branch of the government forestry
service under the co-management of
the university aud the Dominion
government. A. A. Mclntyde, II. A���
11. Sc, is In charge of the department,
ills assistants are Vi. Boyd Campbell.
It. Re, who wll Itake charge of the
class In timber physlcB, and It. W.
Sterns, 11. A., B. 8c. who lias timber
teBts. The number of professors wlll
be Increased during the year.
The new superintendent has recently returned from Madison, Wis., where
the University of Wisconsin maintains a department, lie remained several months there, gathering Information which might be of uae to the
government and the university In connection with tbls department. During the winter he wilt visit Kngland.
Norway, Sweden. Germany and
France for the same purpoae.
The timber waste ln Canada is said
to be fully 25 per cenl. After the
wood Is put Into service, too, its period of usefulness ls greatly lessened
because it is not properly protected
from decay-producing organisms.
Purposes of Course.
The purposes of the laboratory are
ss follows:
To secure authoritative inrormation
on the characteristic, mechanical and
physical  properties     ot    commercial
woods,   and   products   secured   from |
To   study   anil   develop the fundamental principles underlying Ihe pre !
servative treatment of wood.
To develop practical ways and
means of using wood which, under
preeent conditions is being wasted.
To serve aB a public bureau of In- j
Tbe work will Bene the country In
nian> ways, and will eventually be-'
cume one of the Important tacultles of
the university, lt will be taken up
In tho fololwlng departments: Pulp
and paper, wood preservation, timber
teste of mechanical properties, wood
distillation, timber phynlcs, chemistry of wood and wood products, and
pathology and agencies destructive to
wood. TestB will be made to determine the affect of methods of seasoning,   preserving   anil   flre proofing
I'or a time part of the old medical
building ot McOill will be used In conjunction with the university labors
torles, but It I�� thought that Ihe government, together with the university,
will eventually erect either a seps
rate building for the new faculty, or
nn addition to one of the preeent
The Incidents That Led Up to the
Naming of Poughkeepeie.
During the days when the Imlliius
still held sway on the liutika of tbe
QudSOD thero was u fierce buttle between the Delaware and the I'oiiuot
tribes. The former won, und among
their captives wus n handsome young
l'ei|iiot brnvo. lie was offered bis Half be would swear allegiance to th*
liel.iHiires und be bruuded with their
tribal intirk-thc turtle. Ue refused,
uud preparation*, were tben made to
kill hlm.   Aa Ills enemies were on tbe
Plans for  Piers  Reach  Capital-
lines of Work On Outer
Victoria, Nov. 7.    Plans for the two
new  piers that are part of the  huge
point of doing tbis n young Indian girl development scheme in connection
broke into tho Circle and begged for with the outer harbor al this port have
Ills life. She hud at one time been a .he-en received and are now lyiim at
I'equoL but bad been captured by the the offices of District Knglneer .1. S.
Deluwares umi forced to Join tbelr Maclachlan, Belmont block. Tenders
tribe. Her appeals wero ao touching are now b,ln* ����Ued tpr by the Dominion  government, und as the contract
thut the warriors were debating the
for  the  construction   of  these   pier.
mutter when the party was attacked j wlll be ,l;l bt..or(, the close of the year,
by still another enemy, tbe Huron In- |there Is every reason to believe that
(linns. In tha excitement the girl cut lactual work of construction wlll be un-
ber lorer'a bonds, but the two found der way early In the new year. All
themselves In lho midst of u fierce bat- | tenders for the work must be deliv-
tle and eventually became separated, ered at the offices of the public works
The young warrior escaped, but tbe department at Ottawa by 4 p. m. on
girl wns captured by a Huron chief.      i December 9, of this year, and five per
Determined to rescue her at any cost, fetf MKT '
the I'equot bruve disguised himself ��s ,F The specification* call for fello
s medicine man snd entered the ramp concrete and the sub-structure will be
or the Hurons. Uy aome pretest be of reinforced concrete. This will be
gained admisalon to tbe tent wbere the {built on a rubble base, the top of
girl wus kept prisoner, and lata at which at the highest point ia to be
nlgbt tbey umnnged to escape in tbe thirty rive feet below low water The
darkness. Tbelr Bight waa soon dls- IP1*��� '�� 1-ue8ti��? "_*} b,n 5no,*'" ."���
covered nnd pursuit beirnn but the ' v*vn No 2 and 3' and wlU be ,ocated
t " , ' iL vL _. ""between the exlBtlng Klthet pier and
young  couple   reached  tbe  river  fsr ,lh(, breakwater
enough In advance of their pursuers to j victoria's harbor scheme calls for
embark In a cunoe and push off from Hwo additional piers, one next the
shore. They were atlll followed, but breakwater and the fourth between
the wnrrlor wiih yuiing and strong and j pier 3 and the Klthet structure, but
succeeded In gelling bis little crsft ,<*�� It was considered thst the con-
safely lulo u cove at tbe Junction of "tructlon of No. 1 might Interfere
tbe great river und s little stream en- ;*lth the work on the breakwater, the
, .rf.7_. >...    u i   . ._.- ui....   -.__   construction  of these  two  piers  has
terliij. into It between two high, pro- ;b.en deferred    p-��� No * wln be 1(000
lectins banks, wbere they bid. and |fept on om giae ana Soo feet on the
later found n friendly tribe. | other, and will be 250 feet wide. Pier
Rejoicing thut the place hnd been a No. 3, which will be located 300 feet
"safe harbor" for tbe girl aod her lor- west of Uler No. 'i will be 800 feet
er In time <>r peril. It wus eo designated In length on either side and 250 feet
In the I'ciuot tongue, tbe Indian equlv- In width. The type of construction
Blent lielng "Apn keep-slnck." Today. |wll> b_ modern jn *v"ry resperX and
after having Altered through th. Dutch \ &%��_*��%^*�� ����
anil l-.ngllsl, loiigiiea. It Is known ss hor -.,��� be afxmi to none on _. pn.
Poughkeepeie-- Ladles Home Journal,    tire Pad ile coast
" ���      - Breawater   Grows.
dumped at the site of the government
breakwater at Ogden point, and. in
i the opinion of the engineers in charge
Nearing the End of W. E. Fales' Furniture Sale, Opposite Carnegie Library
Everybody Is Buying Furniture
Everything Goes and Is Now Going Fast
But a short time remains for the Iver Smith Sales
Co. to dispose of the remainder of this stock. So
far the sale has been a success, a big success, and it's
due not alone to the unheard-of prices that are
marked upon every article in the store, but most
particularly because of the genuine high-grade character of the goods themselves. A better and more
representative stock would be hard to find, and because it is being sold at about half price of its real
values.   Scores of buyers have returned a second and third time to
take advantage of a condition that will be a long time in coming again.
Montreal, Nov 7-Today there ap-i
penreil in Judge Choqiiet'e Juvenile j
court a stylishly-dressed young woman of refined personality. She wait-
I'd until the court was over n' d then
iipproarhed this lordship, smiling
-gwseUy nnd holding tmi a n, ally gloved hand.
"Don't you remember me. Judge
t'honiift?" she asked.
"I fear not. madame," said Judge
Choqual politely, as he roBe to take
the prolered hand
"Don't you remember the girl you
had so much trouhle with because of
waywardness, and had to keep three
months In custody hefore she would
������consent to do better?   Thc name was
The young woman herewith gave a
name which brought her Identity
ipilckly  to Judge Choquet's memory.
"My. my." said his lordship, "you
���aeem to havc done v��ry well in life."
Mrs. Henderson, probation officer,
then smilingly explained ��� ���. hla lord-
ship ihat the young woman had married a well-to-do man. and that ahe
was "xtremely happy ln her married life.
"Her husband adores her,' said
Mrs. Hendimon. "and she has found
the reward of an upright and moral
Judge Choquet congratulated the
young woman heartily. Hla lordship
remembers tho time when the girl
was brought before hlin aa incorrigible. Later ahe accepted Judge Cho-
-qtict's advice.
Paria, Nov. 6.���The French minister
of commerce, today, refused the re-
���quest of tbe French brotherhood of
locomotive engineer* for the releaae
on hi* own recognlaance of Dumalne,
the engineer of the Paris-Marseilles
express, which collided on Tneaday
evening with a local train at Melun
and canted the death of 39 people.
Dumaln waa arreated after the accident and tho Paria, Lyon* and Mediterranean railroad company affirm*
that It wa* through hi* Inattention to
the signal* that the dlaaater waa
brought about.
"seize MM.OOO.
Mexican Oovernment Oraba Shipment
ef Silver���Prohlblta Exportation.
Vera Cruz, Np��. 6.���One hundred
and eighteen boxes of *llver peto*.
���each valued at about ��1000 forwarded here by Hug�� Scherer ft Co,,
banker* of Mexlto City, for ship-
ment on tho eteamer Mexico, were
celled today b�� government official*.
It I* asserted by the authorities that
under the law prohibiting aueh exportation, the money It liable to confiscation.
The same eteamer haa on .board
r-nre than halt a million tn gold aad
���liver bar*, shipped by banks of
Mexico City.
Thty Knp Houstmaids. and Alao Use
Sponges For Protection.
It bas been  said tbnt era Us are as of the huge contract lt will not be long
nrt ful as "u barrow loud of monkeys." hefore  the   rock   bed   extending  over
ami no oue  who  has rend   Professor the first thousand feet off shore wlll
Kdward Step's "Mnwmatw; A lloult of DP levelled  off In  readiness for    tbe
Btrange  C<.ii,|..,iil��i.sl.ip,,   In   Nature." dlv"*   to, b��*'?   *��r*,'n   laying   the
will  den,   that   there  Is  WMHmMI* 15^21? ^SSKStaE^A^TEl^SSl
,   ,    ' ,       _        .      r.'j ______ IOi tbtt Bub-Ftmcture.    At the present
truth In the remark.    Amazing Indeed \__m ��� ���.������,��, f,eel of ,jump-BCOws sre
ere some of tbe revelotlnns wblcb tbe !)l(.;n((   op,.rated   between   the   Albert
professor iniikes regnnlliig crabs. Head quarries nnd Ogden  point, and
Ile   relates,   fur   Instauce.   bow   the   unleBs heavy weather sets In, It iB en
common hermit crab actually keep* a   pected  that the present high  rate ofl
hiiiiHeimild   to   clean   out   his   bouse jprogess   will   be   maintained   through-!
When he llrst starts life this partirn- |Out the winter months,
lar singles ���t crab bunts for some large i    Considerable progress has also been
ahelltlsl.'. shell In wblcb be can live  ����}��� **��� 1-velllng off the foreshore at
. . 11   ..*..*���* !__-_____.   Ogden  pont  in  the Immediate vlcln-
st ease, rent free    He usually chooaea      ��       �� e ^ breakwat.
n large whelk shell and introduce, a ;��� w|��� br_ak fnto *_. _trnl, Uar_.p
Inrge senwonn, belonging to wbat la *KanRg 0f men arP employed and steam
known n�� tbo "nereis" family and engines engaged In hauling care of
whicb growi to a length of all or | material are being operated over a net-
eight   Inches,  to keep  the  Interior of j work of tracks
t'.ie shell clean. Tbe crab feeds heartl t As to the breakwater itself no div-
It on sen creatures tbat wander care- ; era" work will be commenced until the!
leasl! into the shell and throws the In- [ r<'��'^ hed Is within twenty reet or low
digestible parts of tbem about the;*"'" As any dirty weather in the
f�� The nerel. worn, promptly coo- ^"STO WS&T2
suities tb,M�� retnalna and keep* the'otnploy d,ve_. ^^ _f minigr
shell as clean as a new pin. months
The artfulness of tills crab.  too. Is ! '   	
strikingly illustrated by tbe Ingenious
manner In which be protects himself j Sensation  Was   Missing.
against the large tlsb which look upon |     Regina. Nov. 6���A verdict of accl-  connecting
Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Oil Cloths, Baby Buggies, Etc., at
Half Price, Cost Price, and Less Than Cost Price
And you will be convinced that what we say is not the regular cheap
Jack talk, but absolutely correct. Come in and see���you are welcome
to wander around the different floors���we will not ask you to buy.
This is a Clean Sweep; a Scattering to the Trade Winds of
Fales' Furniture at Ridiculous Prices
Add to this fact that the Furniture involved in this sale is the sort
appreciated and craved by critical people, and you have the main
REASONS WHY people come from all directions taking advantage
of this Going-Cut-of-Business Sale.
W. E. FALES' FURNITURE, Opp. Carnegie Library
Conference     at     Ottawa     Discusses
Meana to Prevent Their
blm  as au  excellent  article of tot*C.  f��J{f> ��**7��J^r^!i.S.,_'?2j__i7
u -.. .i-.��.   k.   i.....,..__   .   .-,,���������   ...   at the Inquest Into the death of Ferdi-
8ometln.es   he   Induces   a   .pong*,   lo , ngnd jggf" roun(J d   d |t) a catt,e.
grow on bis shell.   Sponge. In a living ; held her(, toda),    Thc po���ce ,��� char(_e
condition give out a strong odor, whh-h ��� of _a cage an<J the coroner dld not
Is distinctly  unpleasant  to   lish.  and j mention the ��600  that  Is alleged to
even a dogfish will not attack a crab
protected In tbla manner.
Two Kind* ef Snebe.
An Interesting aeuse history la that
of the word snob, a term of obscure
origin. In Its earliest use. In 1871, mean
Ing a shoemaker or rvbhler. Now
there la a distinction between tbe Bug
lish and tbe American use of snub-a
distinction due to tbe influence of aristocratic sa compared with democratic
trndltluns. An Kugllab snob la a man
wlio falls short of tbe perfect srlsto-
oral through a taint of democratic ��nl-
parity. An American snob la a man
wbo falla abort of the perfect democrat through a taint of aristocratic ei-
clualTeness-New Vork Post.
have been stelcn from the deceased
and evidence failed to furnish the expected sensation.
Csnalbeat Travsl Before Railreada.
So |iro��lli;liiui4y- good waa the eating
apd drinking on board tbese slugjrMi
but most comfortable"canalboata tbat
there are legends extant of an Kngiish
traveler wbo. coming lo Helglum to* a
week and traveling In one of tbese vessels, wss so delighted with the Ibre
there tbat bs vent backward and forward from tlbent to Bruges all tbe
i-eet of his llfr-Kr-om 'limbs' "Bng-
llsb KccMtrks."
���tttlng Hlm Right
"I suppose the titled personage yoo
aay yoa are going to marry Is mentioned In tbs Almanecb de Ontbar said
tbe Inqitlsltlrs newspaper man.
"No. Indeed." retorted the lorely ��e-
tress. "Of coarse hs ain't in no al-
manse. Do you tblnb bt's a Joknr-
Uevnisnd Plain Desler.
Hse Verdict.
Husband-You can put tbls down as
settlwl-lf I eter get out of It yon wtll
never catch me In matrimony grain
wife-Ton won't if ynu depend on ms
for reference-I'lrtladelphla ledger.
The mnn of grit egrrtes In hla eery
l>resence a power wblcb codtrolo gad
commands.-Old Raying.
Olympla Mill Burns.
Olympla, Nov. 7.���Flre that broke
out about 11 o'clook thla morning destroyed the dry kiln cf tbe Innovation Shingle company, owned by A.
McCann. Tho lots Is estimated at
j-bout 110,000, partly covered by l��
surance. , ������ ^
Fifteen Horses Cremated.
Saskatoon, Nov. ��.���Fire early yea-
tcrdsy morning destroyed the livery
barn of Melrose and Vessel at May-
mont. Sask., together with IS bead of
horses and a quantity of bay and oats.
The mill of S. Kerr, adjoining was
also destroyed. The loss is estimated
at about 115.000, with insurance ot
$1000 on the barn.
Ottawa, Nov. 7.���Federal enact
ments designed to prevent tbe pollution of navigable waters or of streams
ritta /navigable waters^
were considered at the recent conference here betwene represntativa of
th special committee of the house of
commons dealing with the queation,
and representatives of the provinces.
Last session and previously two
bills on the subject were presented in
the house by George H. Bradbury, of
Selkirk, and in the Benate by Senator
Belcourt. Their provisions were similar, each measure prohibiting the deposit of sewage of any kind of refuse
In navigable waters and gave 'the
governor-in-councll authority to make
regulationa to enforce the act.
The two bills were referred to a
special committee, which took evi-!
dence, but did not finally report, and
aa the matter ls one with federal,
provincial and municipal aspects a
con fere ice between sessions   waa de-
To-day's Impressions
To-morrow's Sales
Nominated Abraham Lincoln.
Canton, Ohio,   Nov. 8.���Dr.   David
Arter, believed to be the laat gurvlv- j .,  .
Ing delegate to the convention which claea j*0** -.���_.. ���. .������.,.���
nominated Abraham Lincoln, tbo flrst     -..""^ j80^j��n  whdVeild.
Republican candidate for president In    J**,���"; Jl Vl.r^^^at-ir* fm-
1860, ls dead at hia home here.   He ed- re,f,^dJ��J&?,,��?   , .��_"lt?Ji?r
ws. u* ve_.r. nln i prevention Of pollution of tbe   wator
WM s* ye��ra ow.  wnyij-wniieHlly those uaed aa sources
of water suppl.   The question waa not
BANK NOT BOUND BY devoid ct difficulties, one ot them be-
ACT OF ITS MANAGER itng the    large    Mpoaditure    which
.   ���       " would be necessary-' Another phase
Montreal, Nov. 7.���A bank Is not of It was that many of the waterways
bound by any -alleged arrangement j so affected were international in
entered into by its manger noting in character. ���
a private capacity, oven It nuch an Mr. Haaen rend letters from T.
arrangement wm proven boyond a C. Cssgraln. chairman of the Cana-
doubt That dictum, in conformity dian section of the International Joint
with a ruling of some years ago th
a case of the Bank of Montreal versus Rankin, has been given by Mr.
Justice Dunlop of the superior court.
The plaintiff waa the liquidator of
the Sovereign Bank of Canada, now
In tho hands of a receiver, and the
defendant waa James W. Pyke, from
whom $13,819 waa claimed by cheques
made by blm and honored hy the
bank, though ho. did not havo enough
funds deposited with the bank to
pay them.
Mr. Pyke admitted signing tho
cheques, hut alleged that they had
been given tor the purchase ot 97
shares ot the bank's stock tbat were
to go to Ihe general manager of the
bank, Duncan M. Stewart. The reason for the transaction waa, that
Stewart could not openly hay shares
of a bank of which ho waa manager.
Mr. Justice Doolop found sufh ha
agreement, even It It wu proven,
would not bind the bank, because tho
cheques had beon paid hy tho huh
In good f-alth and without am* knowledge ot the arrangement aUegotL
Moreover, he contended tko oontraot
alleged by Mr. Pyke was not proven,
so that the eaaa oould not stand, aad
waa dismissed.
commission.'aad Commissioner Pow
ell. of that body, stating that tho
matter ot pollution was undor consideration ot the commission, whose
expert* had hot yet Imported. Mr.
Powell suggested that the conference
might be delayed until this report
waa received.
Oeorge Bradhtuf. ***������***��� ���CJ��,��***"
of tho houg��a<wtf<m>e, ���'������iWW'J
wbst had bom dose oa tho subject.
try. and enpendithreoi'to aacoroi tt
ware tnWwiUWW-aMoan.' He utgod
stated that the queation waa becoming acute. In Qtnbw tha board had
largo ****** la passing upon pteaa
for water aupply. but ho oqaydod tho
dostnhttl^ ol Warrt ***_W**��* _**���
tint stspTh. thought, ijS& hjjfci
osMMWhMMt of   a   fedora!   	
l-salta depart* eat- this
hr, tHI �� eftocthe final
tho ntk)*m **�� Uonad. .,-.
Many a September purchase is really decided in July.
Many a woman is gathering information to-day that will in*
fluence her selection of a stove two months hence.
Many a man is thinking right now about the store he will patronize for his Fall suit and overcoat..
Many an October piano purchase is really de***rmitui on the
porch of a summer hotel or home in August.
How unwise, then, to put off the Advertising of these and
similar articles until the actual time of their use arrives.
One advertisement seldom makes a sale. It is
the repeated impressions created by Advertising
that develops purchases by a discriminating pub- ���
Be���ind these impressions are seldom built up
in a day, a week or a month.
Yet some manufacturers and merchants still
procrastinate until the first nip of frost is Wt���
and then.besiege the public with belated announcements of Pall dothes, kitchen ranges,
home furnishings, winter underwear, tni otter
articles usually purchased in the lalL
JFWUwd in the FaD-oh, yet-but ftcisW u*m
ih the Sumner. Decided in favor of the foods
thrt >rf ffOTt1^-i_niw^f |iliiwtbiwl   ..
It's the Advertising Mad ia July that bears fruit k Sstftemfter
and October,. . For todsy's impressions inevitoh^rltoad to
..*���'.  ���
������'<-'��� i������ ���   ,~*'if* c-> ���-
*��������� %t M
* :_i-*..4
m ���-.----
Fresli Water and SaltCWch ^j
Vessel was to go to Ruskln for Piles,
Eut Pilot  Has no Word of
Though expected thnt the coastwise
Bteamer Tullae wauld come up the
Kraser on Monday ami go to Huskin
for piles, it now seems likely that the
vessel will not make thlB port, at least
not on the day mentioned two weeks
Captain Kord, pilot, has had no word
Of tho Tullac's coming, as he would
In ordinary cases and since it was
about ten days ago that she put into
Sechelt inlet for a cargo of piles the
trip up the Fraser is off, apparently,
for the present at least The Tallac
���was to take the Sechelt piles to San
The name of the steamer that is to
ccme to Kraser Mills for lumber In
December for South Africa, is not
known here. The buyers are getting
the charter.
Additional Locals
Permit for Bungalow.
A permit was taken out at tho building inspector's office yesterduy for a
rive roomed bungalow to be erected on
Simpson street for .1. II. Diamond. The
building will cost $1500.
CHURCH, corner Carnarvon and
Hlnckwood streets. Services 11 a.m
and 7:l!tl p.m.: Sabbath school ami
llible class 'i.'.'S p.m.
CHURCH -Servloea 11 a.m. nnd 7;;!"
p.m. Evening -subject, "Religion and
Real Estate." Adult Bible class and
Sunday school 2:30 p.m, Guild meets
Monday at 8 p.m, Strangers welcome
ai all services. M, Oordon Melvin,
11.A., minister,
cd ly the North Burnaby auxiliary.
Tin- financial statement Bbowed
hal grants from the Hurnaby corporation totalled $1250; fees paid by patients. $462; entertainments, $414;
collections, $:!70; membership fees and
donations, .^47; Auxiliary, East Bur-
uaby and North Burnaby, $75, and
bank Interest, totalling $2821.11. Ols-
bUrsements totalled $1320, leaving a
balance in $l5un.
land P
Poultry   and   Meats   Short���Eggs   Advance a Few Points���Few Other
Change   in  Prices.
Expert skati
ing at Oscar
A. S. Lewis, pastor. Public
ship 11 am. and 7:80 p.m
mona by the pastor.
with  ser-
Morning subject.
sharpening and rivet-1 ��*p]jg    Helpfulness     of     Difficulties,
Swanson's,   13   Begble | jj;ven|ng  subject.  "Rejecting  the Gospel."    Baraca class for young men at
2::ui p.m.;  Fidelia   class    for    young
hour.    Welcome.
Fresh Chrysanthemums, special
sale today, corner Columbia and
Lorne Btreets, Davles 4;  Son, florists.,
women  same
Money to loan on first mortgages,
Improved city and farm property.
��l per cent. Alfred W, MeLeod.    (2337)
Successful Dance.
Members and friends of th.�� 'Westminster branch of the Postal Clerks'
association of Western t'anada beld'a
successful social and dance In St
George's hall last evening, nearly "i1)
couples being present. This was lhe
first event of the season among the
organization, Messrs. W, H. Brachei*.
J. S. Cameron. A L. Howden and C.
11. Huff lookmg after all the arrangements. Cameron's orchestra supplied
tho music.
Dig reductions in millinery all this
month at Silvester __ Macdonald.
Services will be held next lord's
Day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock  in the
An at home was held on Friday.
October 31, in tlie afternoon and evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George Adams, Hazelbrae, Kingsway.
on the occasion of their silver wedding. Miss Aiir.'.'j Duncan unit Miss
Dorothy Adams admitted the guests,
wlio were received by the host and
hostess in the drawing room. MrB. *
Adams  wore u lovely  imported gown.
The decorations were  tastefully  and|ilk(> a draggy tendency, but with their
large  arrival trading started In earnest. The
in the  prices   were:
appropriately    carried    out,    i
white bell hung from an arch
drawing room and a beautiful bell of
smllax    and    white chrysanthemums
The predicted lighter offerings In
poultry and meats was realized at the
Olty market yesterday morning nnd t
eggs rose slightly on a marked do-1
mand, going at from GO to 05 cents
for tho best retail. Olher prices
were llttlo changed.
The late arrival of boats aud tram
cars   with  produce  caused  something
a draggy tendency
Turkeys, per lb   35c.
Chickens, per lb     19c to 21c.
Ducks, per lb 17c. to 21c.
Butter, per lb 35c. to 40c.
Eggs, per dozen 60c to 65c
Cabbage, per lb     l'^c. to 2c.
Turnips, per sack   60c. to 75c
Cunningham ball, 89 Sixth street, one j overhung the tea lable In the dining
half block from post office. Conduct-; room; the table -frus also decoruieu
ed by the Hev T A. Schoenberg, field i with white ribb&na from the four cor-
secretary of Lutheran denomination '.new to the centre ornament. Refresh-
for li. C.   The service Sunday will be ��� ments were served    ln    the    dining
conducted In  the    English    language room and ice creain in an adjoining ICarrots, per sack   60c. to 75c.
and all the members of the Lutheran , room. In this room Hallowe'en decora- Potatoes, per sack 90c
faith  no matter what mother tongue | tions were    displayed.    Songs    wer* | Onions,   per  sack    $1.25
2c. to 3c.
by  Mrs.  Grooves,   a  new  arrival    in I Apples, per box  $1.25 to $1.50
I Westminster,  and  Miss Fraser.  Van-j''ears, per box   $1.00 to $1.30
*couver, delighted the company in the Flsh, Retail.
Evening with Scotch songs and music.' Floundprs, per Ib 10c
The hostess was ably assisted bv Mrs. |Sturg*bn. per Ib 15c
W. A. Duncan and Mrs. Elliot Rogers. \ Halibut, per ib 10c
Smelts, per Ib 10c
tions were    displayed.    Songs    wei �� OnlonB
may be. are most cordially invited to beautifully rendered in the afternoon | Crab apples, per lb
be present.   Everyone welcome.
Battalion Order No. 9 by Major C.
Doherty, Commanding.
Washington    State    Fishery    Official
Saya School of Flsh Choke
Bellingliam. Nov. 7.���Reports received yesterday by State Flsh Commissioner L. II. Darwin from Henry
Baldridge, who is investigating the
conditions on the sockeye spawning
grounds in British Columbia, at the
direction of the fish commissioner, indicate tbat the dispatches sent out by
the department of commerce last
week telling of the destruction of sockeye salmon and their failure to reach
their spawning beds in sufficient
quantities to insure a large run four
years hence, were the result of gross
Serious Leakage.
A serious leakage is occurring In the
old Westminster pipe lino from Co-
quitlam lake at the point where it
serves the asylum and cojony farm
at Essondale nnd considerable dlff-
culty Is being experienced by the cltv
engineer's department in finding a
means of repairing the leak as the
pipe at this point is buried .und'r 40
feet of earth, lt is intended to take
the matter of repairs up wa'.i the
Victoria  authorities.
Those looking after the tea table for
Orderly Officer���Orderly officer for the first hour in the afternoon were
week ending November 16, Lieutenant Mrs. D. Fraser Walker and Mrs. Law-
M. J.  Knight.    Next for duty,  Lieu- rence Thornber, for the second hour
tenant C, Lord. Mrs. Nesblt and Mrs. Dr, Hacking and
Duties���A    company    will    furnish Mrs. Endicott cut the ices.    In    the
battalion duties for the week  ending evening   Mtb.   Silas   Fader   and   Mrs.
November 16. Eugene Brown si ived tea for the tirsl
Classes���A regimental  class  for N. hour   and    Mrs.    Endicott   and    Mrs.
C. O's and men not in possession of Slater,    Vancouv r.    for the    second,
eirtilicates will  commence  cn  Thurs- while Mrs. A.  Merchant cut  the ices.
day, 13th    inst,    at 8 p.m.    Officers They were assisted by the following
commanding  companies  wlll  send   to young ladles,    Miss Clark    and   Miss
Herring     3 lbs. 25c
Sockeye, per Ib 12 >r*e
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts, per lb. 20c to 22c
Reef, loin, per lb 26c to 27c
Beef, round steaks, per lb...2llc to 25c
Boiling beef, per lb 14c
Veal, per lb 16Hc to 17e
Pork, per lh l_i,-,c to 13c
Mutton, per Ib Sc to 20c
Poultry, Wholesale.
Bull   Beef   	
Pot   Roasts	
Pure  Lard   	
Hest Ilutter, 3 lbs '	
Call and arrange for regular iiceuunt.
Picnic  Hams   	
Phone 300. 632 Columbia Street
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
      BURN OIL    ���
P.  O.  BOX   44?
In the West End.  Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
the orderly room by Tuesday, Ilth
Inst., the names of any men desirous
of attending. The class will parade
on Tuesday and Thursday evenings,
and will be under command of the
Appointments���To be lance ser-
Better attend the opening of the ice'geant, No. 18 Corporal C. Hepburn. D
rink   at   Queens   park  this  afternoon j company;   to  be lance corporals.  No.
and evening.   Full abnd in attendance  73  Private    O. Taylor,    D company,
at     both    sessions.      Admiaeidn    40 No. 72,  Private S.  Love, D company.
cents. (2383)       Attestations���No.  157. A.  S.  Leslie.
S company:  No. 157, E. G. Moore. II
May Yet Establish Identity
company;  No. 15!>, R. Stlrrat, II com
Although over a month has phssedipany; No. 160, E. Groves. H company
since the finding of the body of Annie
Kruger,  who committed  suicide in a
uithorities have
Mr. Baldridge heard stories to the City hotel, the police
effect that an enormous quantity of ��<" ���Vl't **** UP hope of establishing
fish havc. been destroyed by the blast- ������"' identity anil her connections In
ing operations, but after having visit-'the <*����� (,h'ef ?f Po��ee Bradshaw
ed the spawning grounds up to and! .M?!ved 7.v,B..tor from Vancouver ye*.
including Shuswap lake and Its trihu
tarles, he says the conditions disclosed are very satisfactory. In reporting he say6:
"I have been over Shuswap lake and
Ub tributaries and have found things
very satisfactory. The spawning beds
are  covered   with   sockeye  salmon.
"1 also went up Adams river to
Adams lake and 1 never before saw
the like of salmon. The river for the
first two miles was literally full of
them���well there was not room for
any more."
terday, In the person of a former
nurse who graduated from the Erie
county hospital. Huffalo, N.Y., about
ten years ugo. This lady is practically certain that the photo of the deceased woman corresponds with that
nf Miss Annie Kruger, who attended
the hospital at the same time as did
���he Vancouver lady. Owing to the
hospital authorities having been
changed during the interim, It Is altogether likely that the records of former graduates have been laid aside
but another attempt is being made to
disclose the mystery attached to the
For the Week Ending Sunday. Nov. 9.
Sand Heads.
High.             Low.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
11:10   5:40
10:10 13.8    2:14    0..S
20.on 17:15
19:02 10.6 16:14 10.2
12:05   6:15
' 11:05 13.5    3:01    1,8
20:40 lu 15
l'.i:41    S.7 18:12    9.6
12:55   6:55
11:56 13.3    3:50   2.9
22:35 20:50
! 21:36    8.7 19:30    S.7
13:45   8:00
' 12:43 13.0    4:44    1.0
23:4.:   x.2 20:16   7.6
1   0:40    8:00
13:21  12.7    5:44    5.1
14:20 22:25
20:42    6.6
2:20   8:30
1:21    8.6    6:46   6.0
14:55 23:15
13:53 12 4 21:04    5.6
3:4.",    9:30
2.45    .2    7:47    6.7
15:20 23:53
14:21  12.2 21:26    4 7
AT  FIRST   OF   vear
There will be a big time at Queen's
Park skating rink thla afternoon and
evening, the opening day of the 1913-
14 season. Full band with latest music.    Two instructors. (8383)
Vanci nvrr, Nov 7.- A suburban
train service will be inaugurated on
the line of the Pai Ific Greal Eai tern
from North Vancouver to Dundarave
by December 31 of th .* ��� ��� ar, pi ivlded
nothing in ii ur�� to hold !;;��� 11 nstruc
tion work In the meantjffaie, according
to D'Arry Tate, vlce-prgsldenl ol thi
road, who wub in Vancouver
morning Already grading i- practlc
ally finished between Nortl ancou
ver im.i Dundarave, and steel ;.-��� now
being  laid.
There recently  arrived    from    the
cast  two locomi Llvi ��� lor the  I'*
Oreat Eastern, and two more are now
���on the way.    These will  be u ed
maintaining the service  irom  [
Vancouver over the new llm   and  ilso
on the line from Newport 1 1 ..    .
now* extends 16 miles Other roi n *
Mock, be says, has also been ordered
and  will arrive Bhortly
ROUSSEAU���James Rousseau died
yesterday afternoon at 1:30. Death
caine suddenly as he was walking up
the Sixth street, hill. When Just of-
poslte the armories he was seen to
fall. Dr. McQuarrie was at once sum-
niniii'il but death had come, caused
by apoplexy. The funeral will be held
on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock from
tii" residence, Fourth street and Sixth
avenue and will be private.
Deceased was a member of the
' Workmen of the World lodge here.
For about 30 years he had been en-
gaged In business in New Westmins-
ter having a tannery at Sapperton and
111 ihe old days a shoe store on Columbia street. Two sons are well
known here, Jean being manager of
the Kwen cannery, while his brother
is now a resl-Utit of I'ortland, Ore.
He was frnm l-rench Canada and had
Berved in the American civil war,
drawing a pension  for active service.
Opal Clark, Vancouver, Miss Qaudln,
Miss Mildred Hardman, Miss Cooper.
Miss Frances Gilley. Miss Sayers and
Miss Mills. Mr. and Mr, Adams,were
the recipients ol many letters and
telegrams of congratulation from
friends far and mar.
j C, F. Millar, ol rert Mann, and :
party of friends ap Btaylng at the
I    J. P. Napier, of Victoria, is a guest
at the Russell.
Among the new    arrivals    at    the
Russell  yesterday  wers  F.  1..   Hush
���and A. S. Wheeler, of Seattle, and l>
i'. Urquhart, ol Montreal.
Mr. and Mrs Williams, -of Seattle
and A. W. Henderson, of Tacoma, are
among the Washington visitors at tbe
Mr. und Mr- I Fenton, of Morden,
\ Man., are gm sis at the Russell.
J. Minuk, of Winnipeg, was among
'those who registered at the Russell
* yesterday.
E. W, Bigelow ind R. Hanley were
among the Fort Coiiuitlam visitors in
ithe city yesterday
Mrs. Walter K. Edmonds will not
receive on Monday
Dr. Wesbrook, tin* president of the
University  of   liritish  Columbia,  has
consented to visit Columbian college
lat an    earlj    date   to    address    thi
student body.   It is expected that the
1 board of directors of the college will
take advantage of the opportunity to
I extend a hearty welcome to the president.
Rev. A. Si. sanford, D.D.. Is to
preach at Sapperton Methodist church
  ion Sunday morning. November 8.
Hi",.    ProfeBSOr    F     N, Stapleford.
Splendid Record of Victorian Order of ! .m,\     ���(  Columbian   college,   will   oc-
[cupy   the   pulpit   of   Queens   Avenue
Methodist church on Sunday evening
Austin H. Halley, who was recently
operated on fer appendicitis, has re
I turned to Columbian college.
Mrs. 1.. Thornber will not receive on
Hens, small, per do_.
Hens, large, per doz
Chickens, per do::. . .
Broilers, per dozen   . .
Hens. live, per lb	
Chickens, live, per lb.
Ducks, per dozen
.$6.50 to $7
 $8 to $10
 $5 to $7
. .$4.00 to $5.00
 17c to 18c
 19c to 20c
.$.8 to 110
Ducks, live, per lb 16c tu 19c
641 Front Street.    Out of  the High  Rent District
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Open   Ev��mng��   Till   9 o'clock.
No. 161, R. V. Griffiths. Q company;
No. 162, J. T. Burnett, H company;
No. 163. W. G. Gosse, H company; No.
164, J. E. Dolphin. II companv; No.
16a] H. Jennings, S company; No. 160.
N. T. Norcross, G company; No. 167.
W. T. Sloan, 0 company; No. 16S. P.
Fluett. Q company; Nc. 189, J. Doak.
G company.
Promotions���No. 157. A. S. Leslie. S
company, to be sergeant on augmentation; No. 165. H. Jennings, S company, to be sergeant on augmentation; No. 17. LatlCe Sergeant Chittle.
D company, to be sergeant, vice Hornby, promoted; No. 104. Lance Corporal Stewart. 1) company, to be corporal, vice Chittle. promoted.
[_. K. HAINES. Captain.
Adjutant 104th Regiment
Incorporate  Council  of  Women.
Ottawa, Nov. 7.    Notice   has   been
given that at the next Session of pur
liament a bill  will  be Introduced  to
incorporate   the   National   Council     of
Women of Canada for the purpose of
uniting in a Dominion federation all
societies and associations of women
interested In philanthropy, religion,
nrt, education, literature ami social
reform for the betterment of the
conditions pertaining to the family
and the state.
Pres aad Gael  Mgr.
.  !IKAHD8!-K1.
Vice Prealdent
w. r. U. BUCKUN,
���ae. and Treaa.
Hr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and tjl
,���Nearly   Two   Hurdred
Cases Attended.
Special Feature.
"The Death Song"
A  Drama  in  Two  Reels.
Vitagraph Presents John Bunny,
Lillian  Walker and  I'lora
Finch In
Conn dy.
Bdlson Photoplay
Tuesday next,
New   Yiar.
Lasl   week  a quiet  but  pretty  wedding was celebrated at the  residence
of James Cunningham, between Miss
Maudi   White, Leicester, Kngland, and
Vrchle I.nsk, Brunette Sawmills, Sap-1 ^T\\  nf
perton.   Rev.  Mr. Abbott  performed Ufctant,  Nurs
���  wedding ceremony,  Mr.  Cunning-.tloned   at  Not
With a cash balance in the hank of
$500 and an additional $1'  promised
by the Hurnaby municipality, the Victorian    Order   of    Nurses.    Burnaby
branch, starts a new  year und"]- pro
mislng conditions with  the  hope  expressed among the members that before another twelve months have pu. -
jed, a cottage hospital  will have been
established within the boundaries, ca
Ipabla of taking care 01" minor accident,
land  Illness cases, not  serious enough
, for the patients to he removed to New
Westminster or Vancouver.
A largely attended meeting was held
1 In Moreton hall yesterday afternoon
jwhen officers were elected and ra
; ports read together with the making
of plans for various events which will
ikeep the members iu touch with each
other and financially assisting the ur
The report of the retiring si 1 retary,
Mrs. F. L. Macpherson. stated thai 17H
cases had been attended to during
the past nine months, I*, nl which
were maternity cases. It lauded theITypewriter
Nurse Calhoun and her as- Papers, Rl
Mullen,    who   Ig   st v   Drawer   11
Burnaby, where tin* I 1
Use tbis flour once and
baking troubles vanish!
again until afur the
Accident on C. P. R. Liner.
l.i ndi B, Nov. 7 The C. I', ii. liner
Ml ntculm Bl Avonmouth today reports having encountered very severe
weather in in Id-Atlantic as a resull if
which her derrick w-as broken and
one uf her lifeboats lost. In falling.
the derrick cauls In contact with several boxea of phosphorous on ths afl
deck In" phosphorous Ignited and
ii was ouly by the promptitude of the
men In Jettisoning with the boxes remaining thai the ship's cargo was
saved.     Bonn   of  the  men   have   sus
talned slight burns, but the ship ber-
ti 11 wa    *    osi undamaged
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J.  M.  CAWA.  Mgr.
I*;ti *. agi m  < ir  11   Ohasbl  fi i
.   Nc ������     . < rk,   manufacturers   of j
Hai ting  Sheets,   Carbon
ion , ��� t'-    Mail address
New  Westminster.
Still  progressing.    Come  and
see us. We can Have >ou money.
Goods delivered t.i any part of
tho city.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 40*1.
There's no such word uh "can't"
when you bake with ROYAL STANDARD, liaking with the bother left
out that's what It is. lt Isn't much
wonder when you consider the trouble
WS take. Come and see our spick and
span kitchen where we baki) bread
with the choicest samples of wheat
procurable. Right there is the secret,
lf the wheal makes AA1 bread, we
say: "That wheat's good enough for
the order Now don't you see you
CANT HELP linking fine bread with
ROYAL STANDARD. Simply follow
our  U'lid.
Vancouver,  New   Wectmlnster,   Nana mo, Victoria.
We Have for Sale
A   choice   shipment
Apples at $2.00
We   advi si-i   buying
Stock is limited.
of   Jonathan
Per   Box.
ham gave away the bride and Miss .Burnaby branch has a strung auxll.
( unnlngnam acted as bridesmaid. lary,   of _B ,,.,,,.��� vlglted _,������ .,.,������,,
Thereafter the happy couple motor- ,.d ,0i ,),,, work ���f _. mombors and
���-I to Vancouver   whence   they   pro- the nurses,  so the report   stated,  is
eded to Victoria, Seattle, and Pacific I lessening the moral obligations in re
coasl  ports. duclng the number of destitute cases
The wedding gifts were handsome which heretofore the council bad to
and   useful  Including a    presentation [attend  to.
lite ni furniture from Mr. Lusk'sl On Saturday evening, Nov. Ti the
I'll' w employees In the Brunette V, O. N, wlll serve s turkey dinner . t
111 Us, the  annual   banquet  of the  Burnabi
Fancy White Beans, new stock,  . lbs.
for   25_
Split Peas  4 lbB. 25:
Sago  4 lbs, 25c
Tapioca     4 lbs. 25c
English Lentils        8 Ibs, 25s
New Figs, per lb !5c
New Dates, perlb     10:
Choice Grapes   2 lbs. 25s
Chrystalized Ginger,  In   .i-lb.  tins, a
dainty delicacy, per tin   25.:
Fancy New Zealand Ilutter 2 Ibs. 76c
Kastern  Ilutter   3 lbs. $1.00
J'ine Kastern Select Eggs, per doz 40c
M r.
and   Mrs,
Lusk    wlll    take
in Sapperton.
\i tin* Queens Avenue Methodist:
parsonage on Friday morning, Novem-
ber 7. 1913, at 11 o'clock, Homer Oll-
berl Wales, of Huntingdon, B.C., and
Miss Elizabeth Mae Bazll, of Seattle.
were joined In holy wedlock. Mr. and
Mrs Wales will make their home at
I'm Ungdon,
Municipal Kmployees' association
while a rummage Bale will he liei.l
later In the month.
Elected Officers.
The officers elected nt yesterdays'
with  the harbor Improvements, the further
ihn fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coining to
her own.
Ta'lor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust  Block.
We  servo
trial order.
you  well and  solicit
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block
Phone 386.
Lincoln   Superior  to   All.
Oxford. England, Nov   7     Lord Cur-
jzon of    Kedleston, chancellor of Oxford university, In delivering tonight
the rtcde 19cture on  "Parliamentary
I .eloquence," declared be would escape
Ithe task of deciding what Briton wns
! tho   master  of  modern   English   eloquence by declaring that an American,
Street.  AI r.i.'iain Lincoln, was superior to all
meeting wore rb follows
Hon. President, Mrs. W J, \W-ir'
Hon. vice president, Mrs, James Muc
auley, Vancouver; president, Mrs. I)
c. Mcflres 11, vici ; :���' idi nts, Mrs, <i
B. de Watson, Mrs, r 1. Maopherson
Mrs. i\ ,i Bullei, treasurer, Mrs
VVJlgglesworth: secretory, Mrs. n tv
Mansfield asBlatani secretary, Mrs.
Martin; executi e Basi Burnnby, Mrs
Mansf. d Mi r. Hy, 'rs. F. T. Cliff;
Uur: ai,., Lake, Miss Woodward, Mrs.
Pt' * Mi ��� Ramsay; Kdmonds, Mrs.
���1 .1 Jackson, Mrs Walls, Mrs. ...
F Edmonds; Alts Vista, Mrs. Il.tr
wick,  Mrs   Deck-art;   West   Burnaby,
Mrs II M Praser, Mrs ,J W. Weart.
Mrs Johnstone; Lakemere, Mrs, P, VV.
FauVel; North Burnaby, to be appoint-1-Street,
and Miss
I.K.AM .   A II CM.
Lessons iu Pianoforte, Violin, Sing .
Mg,   Vince     I'l'oil iBtlun,    Theory     Hli |
���i.-i.-s or privately 1, Harmony, Counter
point,  Mus,cil I'or ID and  lllstory,
Pupils prepared   for   the   aXfunlna
lliuia "f the Associated Hoard of    thu I
Itnyiil   Academy  ol   Music  nnd  lliiyal 1
College of  MUSlO.    Also    Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
I't r   terms,  etc.  apply   &1   ..ufferln
Don't go to Vancouver and then try to make yourself believe you have saved  money.    Give  us a chuiice
to   figure  with   you  and  we  will  show  you how  to  Bave  money at home first.
Phone 41111.
Kitchen Cabinet oomplete  	
Kitchen Tables  	
Kitchen Rockers with arms 	
Nunio Bookers 	
Whlto Enamel lied, Spring and Mattress complete
Couobos,   In   nil   nnd   green   Velour   	
Sanitary Couch complete   	
Bteel Frame Camp Cols with   Mattress  	
Ret or six  Hardwood Diners 	
Bxtenslon Table, you can't bent this  	
English  Breakfast Table  	
and S2.50
���       59.75
The Biff Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
11 V    aft.."**.   "��'���>������*"
.Iff  l"ff .<!.".        .'���
_ . FAQff FIVM
99 1
tatfTH. No charge is made for ailtni:---
alon Into this stand, although considerable expense has been shoulder,
ed by the league for which little re.
turn  has yet been  received.
This afternoon's struggle should
provide the titbit exhibition of the
first part of the Season.   The City hus
I    Rostlck, formerly of the Moose, wlll
': be   seep   for   the   first   time   between
City vs. Vancouver City United Should
Bring Out Fast Soccer���Bankera
at Vancouver.
Moody park will be the mecca of ull
soccer  faint  thlB afternoon   when  the'selected    the    beat    possible    eleven
Westminster  City   eleven  clash   with' without  going  out  of  range of  their
the  Vancouver  City   ymwd  at |j��|0*" ,"""b"ra
o'clock  In   the  third  round  for    the
IroquoiB cup. ;the sticks and tills North of England
Wllh three local teams still In the [man has shown himself On a par
race, the time has come when soccer ' with anything In the city league. Mc
should be given the support that is ' Alllsttr, Harries or Ferguson will look
due and the local City team will re-'after the back division, while the half
quire all the assistance, possible lf hack line, Dickinson, (lough, McLaren
they are to nose out u win against,or Lewis, could hardly be Improved
one of the leading teams In the Van-j upon. Of the forwards some doubt
couver second division. !exists, although  every  man  to be se-
That there are three Westminster lected will have shown his worth Ini
teams lighting for the trophy and all'previous encounters,
three have survived the first nnd sec- j The match starts at iM o'clock
ond rounds shows out very strongly and should be attended by one of the
the position that King Soccer has best crowds Of the season, all ready
gained in this city us compared with to give their support and aB8i.it In the
(hai  in  Vancouver. way of meeting expenses
The  Royal.. City    were  given    the
double crest "In the way of entering a
team In the llrst division of Vancouvi r soccer this season, at such a time
when New Westminster could have
fielded a representative eleven capable of holding Ub own agalnBt any
of the eight senior clubs In the Terminal City. This can be cited as one
of the many Instances where the support   of  local   soccer   fanB   Is  needed
Bankeri at Vancouver.
Thn other local team In action In
connection with Ihe Iroquois cup is
the Hunkers, who journey lo the (amble street grounds, Vancouver, where
tliey clash with the Sixth regiment
eleven. On form and wllh all players available the   financial   students
should get away with botli points considering   the   dlsasterous   defeat   they
(wood  pile Is putting  it  very  mklly.       <.
i    "To   begin   with,   Lloyd   Cook   was ' *.
suspended upon the information 14
secured by n member of the BJdmon-l-91
I ton Eskimos that Lloyd had pluyrd at | ���������'
j Fernle on a seinipro team. Lloyd ���'���'���
i wus suspended for his action and I '���'.-
I while the methods used by the Eskl- i ft
mos could scarcely be described ai -f
I sportsmanlike, yet it eventually re- #
suited 111 the Edmonton Eskimos SC- ft
curing the championship. I ���
"Thu  suspension    resulted    in    thel ft
breaking up of the Tuber Cooks, one pilot the most   unique hockey  organlsa-1 ft
tlons as well aB one of the best lhat  ft
ever played ln Western Canada.    The ' ft
town  of   Taber  hnd  offered  to   Issue
debentures   to  build  B  line  encloBed
rink   this   year,  but  the   team   broke
up, because it wub thought that there
was no chance  for  Lloyd's  reinstatement and the rink was forgotten.
"Three members of the Taber
Cooks, who were Btiil eligible to play,
went to Edmonton for their health
and Lloyd went there too. Then a
rather peculiar session of tlie amateur union was held, attended only ! 1
by Edmonton and Red Deer delegates! 11-
and presto! Lloyd Cock was Just sajft
tood an amateur as ever and it [ft
naturally follows that he will play for | ="'-
in Edmonti'i) team this winter. The It.
meeting Itself was so irregular and '.i't
'he action was so much more ao, that |ft
it will take gome pretty tall explain- I *
ing by the amateur authorities before] ���
they can expect the public to maintain any great degree of faith In
their absolute sincerity."
I. ft ft ������>. *�� ���> ft ft ft ft ft i
�� *
Schools League*-
High school vs Ixird Kelvin.
Moody park, 9: IS a.m.
St. Louis college vs. John
Robson. .Moody park, ID.'Ml a.m.
Herbert Spencer vb. Richard
Mcfiride, Supperton park, 10
Junior   Alliance,     Brunswick
������   Cup���
R. C,  11.  S.  vs. I).  C.  E. It.,
Vancouver,  Sapperton  park,  3
Iroquois Cup-
City    vs.    Vancouver     City
l'nited, Moody park, 2:4", p.m.
Hankers vs. Sixth Regiment,
at Vancouver, 3 p.m.
WeBtmlnster vs. Vancouver
Y. M, C. A., Queens park, 3
Crusaders vs. Highlanders,
IJrockton Point, 2:15 p.m.
Rowing    Club    vs.    Welsh.
Brockton Point, 3:15 p.m.
Adanacs vs. King Edward
High school, Vancouver, at Y.
M. C, A., 8 p.m.
tbe sidelines  to  be  perfectly  legit!-
mate playB.
Lloyd,   of   this   cily,   will   probablj
handle,   today's   game,   and   from   bis
past  work  has  shown  hi:;,self to    be
Impartial   in   his   rulings,  giving  his 1
fnriinr teammates   nothing   but   an!
even   break,   wlilch   is  all   lhat   is  required.
The three-quarter line, whicb has,
been the bone of contention through- ���
out the present season, will again bs
In the nature of an experiment for ,
this afternoon's game, although if the j
selected lour *ill only do their part j
In collaring their man. the easy tries
that have been scored In previous !
(Uttes will I.e eliminated and thus j
give the rest of the team all the more j
j;   " uriige and  ambition  to score them- j
* selves. .
ft I     Mere Is the team for this afternoon: j
���, | Full-back, Smith; three-quarters, Ford |
:f, Wilcox,    Ditchburn,    Haley:     halves.
; i Dart  and  DavidBon;   forwards.  Higgp
* IStevenson, Andrew, Evana, Ruddock,
���'jllart. McDonald, Whittaker. with Dun
ftI(Sanson and Davis as spans.
*�� ��
ft *
First Round of Brunswick Cup Played
at Sapperton This Afternoon���
B.C.E.R. the Visitors.
Following their  five  to  nil  victory
over   the  same  learn   last   Saturday
the soccer eleven  of  the  Royal  Citv
High  school  sbould  have little diffi-
'culty this afternoon In emerging intc
; the  eecond  round  of the  BruriBwlck
J cup contest in the    Junior    Alliance
i league, and thus be in the running for
the  trophy,  which   until  last  season
jwaa kept In this    city    for    several
i years.
The  game   will   be   played  at  Sap-
i perton  park  at  3  o'clock.
so  that   by   the  time  another  aeasnn  administered  to the Vancouver Y.  M.
rolls along  the  class of football and C, A. two   weeks   ago In the second
the  fact  that   New   Weatmlnster has round of the cup ties.
the  finest  playing    (rounds    on    the      The  Hunkers  have    been    training
.Jewer  mainland,   will   be   factors    in hard all the week  and feel confident
Bhowlng some of the go-called moguls.of  emerging  from   the conteBt   ready
of Vancouver.  David  Lelth and  Com-  to  meet  the  next  opponent,  whether
pany.  LIMITED,    that    In    order    to it be a New Westminster or Vancou-
break    even    In    finances,    Intercity ,ver aggregation.
garms nre essential. The lineup of the Hankers will be
The new bleacher stand wlilch has Phillips. Stacey, Shildrick. Hamilton,
been erected at Moody park is cap- Scott, Allison. Wilson, WhlteBlde, Dun-
able of holding several hundred spec���'.lord, Evans,  Pitcalrn.
:ean collegiate fifteen to Australia and
, New Zealand.
These are  thn  scores made by  the
All-Hlacks    since    they    commenced
their tour on October 0:
I For,
|Olympic Club    '.  19
| University  of California   ..  jl
  : Barbarians    30
Crescent Beach Defeat Adanacs 15-10 I Stanford   University      54
Stanford  University     36
���Hustlers Lose to College
Jchnson  and   Rochon  Expected  to Be
Signed Today or Monday���How
the Teams Look.
(ieorge Rochon and Ernie Johnson
have still to be heard from nnd the
New   Westminster   hockey   team   for
191314 will be complete The Moose
is likely tu be signed up some time
tcday. wlilch will leave Rochon still
tn be heard from.-��lthough the mini
ngement stated lo The News last
evening that little difficulty is anticipated with the bright star of the
Royal defence.
After two weeks of waiting the
fans are informed who wlll manage
the team thlB winter. No lesB than
Manager Ed. Savage,   of   the   Arena
the team, acting us bench manager
A captain has yet to be appointed,
bul till* will not be made public until
all the team has gathered In the city.
Sit hough report attaches tlie nninp nf
Hugh Lehman to tha Job. The llerlin
custodian will be OUt here early und
until he does arrive tho management
does not feel at liberty to divulge the
name of the party.
New Weatmlnater has still one
spare man to Becure, while Frank Pnt
rick lacks n point man to tnke his
place on the Terminals With these
exceptions   thc   teams  will   line-up  as
New WeBtmliiBter���Ooal. Lehman;
point, Rochon: cover point, Johnson:
! centre, Mallen. forwards, Oatman.
j Tobin and McDonald.
I Vancouver Coal. Clark: point, Btiil
jmiBBlng; cover point. Crlffifl: centre
Tnylor; forwards, Harris. Neighbor.
j Nicholls, Honan.
Victoria  -Ooal.      Lindsay;      point.
company. This wub decided upon atIOenge; cover point, L. Patrick: cen-
a meeting held yesterday and from tre. Poulin; forwards. Rowe, Smaill,
now   on   Ed.   will   assume , control   ofj Dunderdale;  spare,   '"--������
(By the Potter.)
moved. A remarkable coincidence Is
that after November 1 hockey players
are gem rally satisfied with the climate and do not- do much moving.
Even Calgary has become a winter
resort for a few of these hockey
The one big game in Ca Iforlan | Qu-cn_ imlvpri(ity is the latest to
rugby will be played at Palo Alto ibWl^j., ������ lh(1 question of a paid coach
afternoon when the college fifteens fo_ footban McUill players, under
of Stanford university and the ���u-n|-.l*.���nch shai-ehnessv, whose salary is
vcrslty  of California  battle  for    the . (q bp $1.fl0 f0f ,he geagon   htt��e
championship. 8ueh contests as these l-| a mme fo_ themie|vcg w|th the
have  made  the   English  game  nior" iresu|t that the Kingston Institution ls
Crescent Reach quintette of basketball playerB went further ahead in the
city league race last evening when
they defeated the Adanacs 15 to 10. i
but only after one of the hardest
struggles of the present season. The
former high bcIiloI beys played a remarkably improved game and guarded
lhelr men, giving little chance for an
The second game between the Col
lege and the Hustlers went to the
.ollegians by a Bcore of tl to 20. Jack
Smith, with seven field goals, and
Itufus Sangster with five, divided the
goal scoring honors.
Both   games   were   played   In    (he
Columbian college gym before a small
crowd.    Here are the teams and lineups:
Adanacs Crescent  Reach.
Cook    McDonald
Lougbeed  Dougherty
Sutberland   storme
Cunningham    Pentland
jrils       Rogers
Referee, Joe Evans; judge of play.
U. I. Sovereign. '
Coals from field: Adanacs, Cunningham '-, Sutherland 1, Curtis 1; Crescent Heach, Pentland 2. Storme 2,
Rogers 1, McDonald 1.
Coals from foul:    Adanncs. Sutherland 1. Curtis 1; Crescents, Storme 1.
liUBtlers. College.
Sangster   Martinson
H. Sangster      Raley
Centre. ���
Sangster     Moore
Vt, Sangster   Manson
P. Sangster  J. Smith
Referee. T. Mahony; Judge of play,
Joe  Kvans.
Coals    from    Held:     Hustlers,    R.
Sangster 5. O. Sangster 1, W. Sangster 4;   College. Raley  1,  Manson  6,
Smith 7.
Goals from foul:  College, Smith 1.
| Santa  (Tare   University   .. 42
University of California ... 38
University of Nevada  55
University of California ... 33
St. Mary's College    26
The  Outcome   of  a   Strenuous  Argument���An Interpreter and Hla
Capital  Subscribed $500,000.00   Capital  Paid  up $449,667.71
Reserve Fund $200,000.00.
To every one making a will and appointing an executor to manage  their estate,  the above  figures  have a deep  meaning.
They prove that in addition to careful management, experience
and knowledge of values, thU Company offers a financial standing
and responsibility that private executors cannot give.
Our charges for handling Estates are never more and are often
less than those allowed to a private executor. When you can secure
so many advantages without additional coat by appointing thia Company  to act as your executor, you  should give the matter careful
consideration and consult with ub.
Full Particulars  on Application
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
��je fttjubert ftfjtpper"
MM itskMr fee * far Matat-StaS
You want this valuable publication���it ii worth hundreds ��f
dollar* to you, iuued at every change of the Fur Market,
giving you an accurate and reliable report of what ia
all the Marked of the World in American Raw Furs.
Wrttafcck  ao*   U'ttraa
Totals    384
popular than    the    heavy    American
likely   to   adopt   the   aame   principle
style.    In order to settle the referee!'1"   '    "
queattaf the athletic associations   of ne" Bta8���'	
both Institutions seut for W, W. lllll. | ,, t,)(? ArjJ0, defent the Hamilton
or Auatrulla, paying all expenses. HlU T,Kerg ���, Toronto thlB ufternoon the
was out with the Waratahe laat win-; ottBWIU ArKOg and Tlgera will be
ter, which team visited New Weeu tw lpavlnK lt t0 the Argos to grab
minster during their tour,   ���.^ ' ���     ..    _.   <  .*_,.._  .���_...���  tho
It was Eddie Plank day at Gettysburg on Thursday when baseball en-
thuslssts paid honor to the.fleyeran
of the Philadelphia Mhletlda. The
scenes of famous battles of the American Civil War took second place to
tho recent battle betwen the Mack-
mon and tbe Olants.
A petition of 31,000 signatures Is all
that is neceaaary to put the kibosh on
the boxing game ln California. This
la another sport which la being slow-
ly but surety killed In the greed for
Michigan unlveralty studonts hav*
the tie-ofl game and thus meet  the
Tigers In the finals.
A IA B. (. A. A. U.
Peculiar Stunts Pulled Off by Alberta
Union In Connection with
You can roast John    Redmond   to
your heart's content, or you can in
dulge your Barcasm and wit at the ex
pense of Sir  Edward  Carson to tbe
limit of your ability in this town with
out having a word said to you with
regard to an infraction of the law, but
' when you supplement z home rule diB
cusslon with    an    exhibition ot    ho��
Accordlnit to Joe F. Price, sporting
editor of tbe Calgary Albertan. the
doings of the Alberta Amateur Ath-
'voton strong* agii.rist' affiliating with, letlc union are about on a par with
tha Western fnter-coUeglate confer^ j those enacted from time to time by
nee the "Ig Nine." The Ann Arbor the Ilrillsh Columbia brinoh ��fcd the
broke away from the circuit some New Westminster local In particular,
years ago andhave met with little |Here ts what Joe hae to say on tho
difficulty In staging football games'return to the almon pure fold of l.loyd
wl* lta leading colleges of the east. Cook, the man who Just about busted
wiiu uie inmiuis _. t|je  AlborU  |eague  |IIHt  winter and
The residence rule In the Alberta
Amateur Hockey association went Into effect on November 1 with the result that a wholesale migration of
players Is noticed. After spending
1ho summer. In fact the past four
vear*. nt Taber, four members of the
famous Cook family decided that Bd*
tnonton was a better climate to live
In, at least after November 1.   They
New  Zealand  All  Blaeka    May
More  Damage Than Good
���384 Points to 3
Three hundred and eighty-four
polnta againat three In a total of ten
gamea played during their preaent
tour, is the record of tbe All-Blacks
New Zealand rugby team. Tbla ie a
record which haa hardly been eclipsed by any other rugby team, whether
It be to Bngland, South Africa or
America and perhaps In certain eyes
Is looked upon with glee as just
showing these Americans how the
rugby game should be played.
It Is only two weeka ago that the
skipper of the Antipodean aggregation, speaking In San Francisco, told
the Callfornlans frankly that "You
don't know how to play the game."
That remark was perhaps lost sight
ot at the time It waa made bnt since
then the visitors have been piling up
a total of nigh tour hundred polnta
wltb the result that the question may
be aaked "la such a visit liable ' to
Improve the English game as played
In California?"
Press dispatches trom the South do
not atate wbether the New Zealanders are doing much In coaching the
home teama or anything in the way
of assisting In Improving the brand
Of rugger aa played on the Pacific
coaat. Perhaps they are. It is hoped
they are for lf any good results ara
to come, trom   these   International
Tommy Dunderdale, the clever Vic , , .      , ,,   ,       ,    ,    ,
tcr.a forward, has signed a contract'80me wnite hoPe should knock Jack
with the Patricks, which calls for Johnson's block into the middle of
the highest salary paid to any mem-'the milky way, then the police step
ber of the world's champions. "Cy" ' in and It'costs you real hard coin, lt
was a hold-out until yesterday- but i you object to being placed under tht
kicked in *iiti his signature after j paternal guardianship of the law and
reading the writing on the wall in j resist with force of arms���as it were
������connection with blacklisting by the j ���then it coats you more mazuma. All
j national commission. of which is apropos of the cases in
  (the  police  court   yesterday  morning
;    Flanagan js hls name, hailing from j against  William  Porter and  Richard
St.    Mary's    college.  Winnipeg,    and ��� Spring.
comes here with the best recom* These two gentlemen, hailing from
mendallons of Charlie Tobln and j the land where snakes are never seen
[others as a hockey goaltender of the*outside of museums, met on Thurs-
lirst grade. The champion Beavers'-day evening and when finally separ-
weaknesg last wlutcr was a goal cus jated by Detective Burrows lhey wert
todlan so Ben Robb threw his lariet j in the midst of a demonstration in
and landed Flanagan. (force of what's going to happen when
  jthe British government undertakes tc
And it might be mentioned here slip home rule over on Ireland. You
that ihe Beavers will open their prac- ]**** one ot "hem favors home rule and
tice season ou Monday evening atjthe olher doesn't, most decidedly he
6:30 o'clock. doesn't.
by  the  name  of Mitchell.
"Still iii tlie race," was the re-
rsark passed to The News by Reeve
Dr. Scott, of Eraser Mills, yesterday.
Just what tbe line-up will be Doc
would not divulge, but from the way-
he was talking the lumbcrshovers wlll
be right there in the thick of the
flght for tbe McRae trophy.
Manager Jimmy Gardner, of the
Canadiens. says: "While I understand
the Patricks are after I_aviolette in
exchange for Lalonde, there will be
absolutely nothing doing. I would
not trade Jack Lavlolette for tbe entire Vancouver team. There are some
other players that 1 would trade for
Lalonde, however. I am not doing
anything in the Lalonde case. Newsy
is carrying on all the negotiationa
The Pacific coast pro hockey stars
will hsve to keep good this winter or
tbey will be owing the clubs In fines
instead of drawing down a fair
Ha! Ha! Here Is the beet one,yet,
right hot from the press of the Toronto News: Bun Clarke, the lacrosse
goalkeeper. Is going to try his hand
at the bockey game. Ite will try to
make a place on the Vancouver seven.
Those eaatem scribes are confusing
the Fergus star with Chuck Clark, of
Calgary, who will try and beat out
Allan Parr, of Vancouver.
A  man
who is said to bave landed on the
ear of a temporarily appointed peace
officer holding Spring, was also eager
ly sought by tbe officers in this case
and gave himself up yesterday.
Well Soused.
Kapoor Singh. Hindu man with
enough knowledge of English to enable bim to act as -Interpreter in the
police court when there Isn't much to
interpret, landed In the factory where
the wheela of justice grind yesterday oa another mission. It wss alleged that Kapoor was drunk the
evening previous. It was more than
alleged that he was drunk; It was
proved that he was well soused, the
witnesses being Officer Milne, who
arreated him;, Sergeant Bruce, wan
aaw him, and Jailer Plttendrigh, who
received him with open arma and an
open door when be waa trailed to the
coop. Kapoor, on account of former
good conduct, waa allowed to meander.
witneaeea Missing.
Here's a queer mixture. Katberlne
Dli, halt Chlneae and hair White, la
wanted badly as a witness by both
the crown and the defence ��� ln the
case against Wong Sing, accrued ot
permitting Immoral conduct In hia
rooming boose on Crtvutbia ' street
west Yesterday Katherlae was not
on deck, neither was Herb Oardner,
another witness, nor Steve Charlie, a
third testifier. So, at Mr. Hansford's
suggestion���Mr. Hansford ia acting
tor the defence-the camp* waa adjourned tlU Tuesday an* at the ���****-
istrate'a suggestion banfh warrants
were Issued (or the missing witnesses.
which nigh caused martial law to be
proclaimed by Premier A. L. 8lfton
ln the prairie province:
"The reinstatement of Lloyd Oook
by tho amateur athletic union will
give the critics of this organisation a
real opportunity to talk and with considerable degree of fact, with, which _
to back up their argumehta.   To aay'evente, one et them will probably he
that tbere Is an Ethiopian gent In the in the Shape ot a visit ot an Amerl-
Y. M. C. A. of Vancouver Wlll Oppose
Local Fifteen TMa Afternoon���
' moor* Probably Close.
With tha Highlanders meeting certain defeat at the hands ot tha Crusaders, the local ruggers, It thai
make a real effort this afternoon,
should be able to materially booal
their funding tn tbe Vancouvei
league by defeating the strong f. M.
C. ... of Vancouver.
Thla will ba the second Ume this
seaaon the Vancouver T'a will have
visited thla elty, the Rojrala losing the
first encounter 17 to ��. Oa that occaalon the work *t the Vancouver official waa not altogether on a, pas-with
Hoyle, awarding repeated penalties to
the visitors from what appeared from
There Are Special
Values in Our
-*. AT :-
We Specialize in a Splendid Value
at $25.00.   Come in and see it
*r*\.m,   a3��
.Smart Appartl hr th*
Columbia and
}'.'.'*o__i*'i **'���'
3 "-.   .-_ii.   s*. ��� ���*.
Today Only ��� Pi
la ����� Sixth atreet tmt real bargatM to'-^'itattW ttagHM^ssM
tshlags-   Heturu Framing. Upholatesttc 'FMttfe'��*���** ��*���
__... ���.  m-i*mm ,���.$*:?
l-ffi-.-'-'-'J.. K. 'Wi Iv'
Try ua tor Wind** IhMas.
-*-W________k^^__J___fc '
��� ��� ��� mm
filiwlili IW
^-W^tW^jimm^*r^*m^*-*   ***���*Wn'^-  *,i.\lA      ������"������,;���-1,1 j     '���%}'������
*.:,*,'.*^*v'l.*V:.';"-'":* l'.:^:(mi
m&;m��#i ���'	
mtJ- PAQB   WI
I Classified Advertising
��-A8SIFlKD    ADS   WILL   115    BB-
��� reived lor Tue News a' the follow-
lng places:    P. T. Hill's drug store,
*tH   Columbia    street;    A.    Spnce,
>*Uueonsborou^!i.   Lulu Island;   Mrs.
E_ l-orden. Highland Park; Mrs. \.
���t-ewls. Alia Vista.
�� RATES. ���
0-mm**mm* *********
Ctoeslfted���Oa<> cent Per word por
**mw tc per word I,cr v*���**���*'��� 16c per
month S.0O0 weirds, to he ueed as rehired'within one year Irom date of
���vatxacL $25.00.
with frnm |260 to $M"' for coal aud
�����ood business in growing centre.
Apply for particulars to Investors'
investment Company, 657 Columbia
street over Curtis .drug -'ore.
raatle.man.    Apply   Box   2312    The
young man in private house tno
raid-day meal), near Sapperton car
tine- Bpply suiting terms to Bos
2365 News ofllce. (2365)
_-n ranch; a going concern near
eity. Must have $300 to $500. Apply Box 2345  News office.      (2345)
-general servant. Bessie Cox, Coquitlam. B.C. (2354)
bouse     opposite     11.   ('.   golf   links,
; Austin road; $100 cash. $15 monthly. Apply Haves, 11. C. Coif club.
Mr. Blackmail's Report on Water Pipe] water ram  by the too sudden Closure
of the valve on the reservoir side ct
On  North  Arm   Bed That  Supplies Lulu Island.
the draw, a blow-off is provided which
discharges into the river. \\ Inn the
draw-spap Is to he opened the full
! flow of the main Is first turned Into
'the river, after twliicli the valves tbe-
Willi the completion of the now wat- tween the blow-off and the draw-span
er main crosslugthe bed of the north  Joint   can   be   closed   ,vlth   ease.   The
How    Eastern    Liberal    Paper    Inter-
viewed This Province's Canadian Premier.
The Toronto Star,  of Liberal  tendencies,  thus  jocularly   reports  an   In-
ern  house, Sixth slreet    car    line,  v.^ Q. _m K.ascr, adjoining the Lulu,total  length or the  wooden  main on tsrview with Sir Richard MoBride on
Apply    Box    234b    News ,jsl..nri  hrU-���,, K*v|nK the residents of  the  bridge  is  about  460  feet   ami   It I the  subject  of his  Ottawa Canadian
close ill
Queensboro and Rlohmond municipal -J has been found that tiie Insertion ot I elub speech:
jity a plentltful and uninterrupted sup-  this length of 8-Inch    pipe in the 13 '
I'OR    S\LK  --  KIVK.    PABSENOBR ' plv   of   New   Westminster   waler,   the  Inch line, which has a total length otl Meant No Offence.
auto   in   llrst   class   running   order, I following article, the details of which ; two  and a hal  tmlles  to the  bridge,      "Offence!    I meant no offence. If it
extra tires, etc   Trade as llrst pay-; nre supplied by City Engineer J. W. has reduced Its capacity only    very Is going to destroy    the   Canadian
ment  on small  house, modern.  BOX IB. Blackman, might be of Interest. Hc'; slightly, the  principle  of  the   venturl 0lubs to have a speaker discourse linn-
234S N'ews office. (2348) .reviews lhe whole of the work in con��� ,neler saving to  increase  the  velOO      ,, ,  B|nc,,rcly on  , lllRh ,honu.
noction with the installation of tHis u, through the smaUsr section. ThisC> " ,,,,**��� ��� ��� ,-nI ���_-,���.,
dlflfoult class of submarine water i R.|nch WOOden main With the draw!118 ' did at Ottawa, then thc sooner
main construction. ! span connections will be h ft In   placn the Canadian clubs go out of business
Kor the past two years the question ' ,lB  ���,,   emergency   reserve  after    the  the better.   It Is too bad If I should of���
?_^8l,p?,1_'LnK..Qu.w'nBb.oro.w,ith_1.8 rv.-r new submerged main is In use. jfoml the .jellcate sensibilities of any
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for cash.
Apply owner, Oeorge Warne, Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2324)
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone.   Box 2222 News office.
increasing number of settlers and In-.    , ..   .,,.,.,   ,,,,   ni������h:
duirles and also fulfilling New West-!    In  preparing   to   relay   the   13-lnch gen���ernall   , intended no offence, but
minster's agreement with the munlcl-  "J"*-"  wfi8t or lne  '"'"'-*''���  '     _,,���,,���_'I w-hy 1 should suppress what I conceive
pallty of Richmond, in the matter of olded   to^ 0.0   an     agltotor     suction
water and fire fighting facilities, has dredge to exca%ate a trencn aireeui
been  a  matter   which   has   given   the  across  the  stream.    To Insure  furth-        1 tell you, boys, I don t want to get
civic authorities no little trouble. ier   rigidity   of   the   pipe   piles     were
The laying of o main, sunk deep in [driven in this trench 16 feet apart and
the bed of     the  stream, away  from! provided   with   metal    brackets    ��r...
obstructions,  Is expected  to do away  clamping  the pipe to  the pile  at the,      '
with  any   possible  trouble  In   the   fu-' level of thc trench bottom.    '�� rte"���' 11"   V'Tl Ian'   ��_  t   ,     ,     l,
.,.-��� tag   the   bracket    the    requirements  You boys know I don t want to get into
Tlie citv of New Westminster   Brit- Were:   (a) strength sufllclent to carry any more trouble, but there's the truth
, i   V*. i     i.i vvusimiuawr, isn ...,,������,,, ot .!,,, niDP to the pile If Of the case;   I spoke my honcBt con-
sh  Columbia,   supplies to the  mun - tne wetgnt oi im  pipe io mc pin  ��� Tk '   ,    '      _������V _,��,_��� hll���,
,    ,,.      * ... . _       ��� *t%_,   .i__,r  heH   Hhi.uii    scour  from   be-' viclion.   1 nere s loo iiiui.n omce uuiil-
S ��tfheRi:?,rdof a.tar:^ r;! M ��,�� s us s i >�� *** -****%. m?*���*���
vide should be capable of easy adjust-il'Slf   enough   anout   our     country,     i
into any moro trouble. I've hail
enough. I'm always gcitlng Into tr-'u-
It Beems to me I haven't been out
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride
on B C. Electric from New Westminster; boII excellent, bottom or
upland as deBired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder Just
back of frontage lota $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance.   This is a sacrifice; estate [ply.   Richmond is situated across the i "";���",'" "7, "". ""The" bracket" used Is I sometimes   think   we  don't  love   our
to be    cleaned    up at once.    Sole | north arm of  the Eraser  river  from  ������* >��  .��i,6r'    ���J' T th-8  accom-1country."
agents, Curtis & Dorgan. New West ; New  Westminster.    It  uses  between I *��  *.?.?�� ��.".-���! that if the pipe set-     Thus, In manly tones, flpoke the boy
minster.   Phone 468.   No trades.       800 and 900 thousand gallons of wat-  P*���-****& drawing, ti.H  it l>u
(2331) 'er daily, and this Is supplied by agreement   from   the    New    Westminster
WANTED - HOUSEHOLD    ������1-\pomn   _   (iENTI.EMANS       SEW
amies ior                ��-���..._ _��i��,,
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER,mains,
week     Canada's    Pride    Malleable |    The supply comes through two and
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar- a half miles of 13-inch pipe from one
ket square. (2335)   of the city's reservoirs 252 feet above
 ' 9ea level- To convey this water across
*******"m"*���**s********s^ ' "~mm~m* j the channel, the submerged main was
LOST AND FOUND. laid in 1911, having a total length of
1,200  feet  and   being  made  of   steel
Suffered Tortures With His Kidneys
Until He Tried Gin Pills
fure In large or small quan
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
Co realize value or no commission
charged. Ii. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House. King s hotel block.
Columbia street. (2334)
glove.    Apply News office.      (2378)
Tenders, sealed and marked "Tenders for Property," are invited for the
purchase of Lots 3, 4 and 17, Block 6.
I Suburban  Block 4, New  Westminster
ICity,    and    will    be  received by  thel
undersigned    not    later    than 6 p.m.. >
Saturday, November 8th. 1913.   These!
TO RENT���SIX    ROOMED    HOUSE.   |ol9  ar(,   splendidly   situated  on     the
A. Head, 311 Third street.       (2377) km above llichmond street at Sappcr-
 , ��� ��� ton.
FOR KENT���BRIGHT OUTSIDE OK-      The directors are dcslroti. of reall/.- j
Bern  and   rooms  in   the  fine    new'lng this property  in order to provide
Mcl_eod building, Sixth and Carnar- .funds towards equipping the new hos-
��� von Btreets, from $7 per month up;   pital.
including heal, light and hot and
cold water in every room. Apply
room 111. 12379)
tage, furnished, at 220 Seventh
street. Inquire at 224 Seventh
etreet. (2360)
housekeeping and bedrooms, 420 St.
���.U-aer-ge street. (2347)
Royal Columbian Hospital, New Wost
minster, B.C. .2340)11
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes gtreet.    Telephone 638 L.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that 1 Intend nt Uie nexi meeting of tbe Board
or License Commissioners to apply for a
transfer from myself, Charles Sehwahn,
to John K. MacKenzie and Bruco Loop, ot
the reiall liquor license of the Colonial
hotel In this city.
une-.) Applicant
New Westminster, H.C., Nov. Sth, mis
-.partmrnts to rent, right on car line,
t'tttom beated. hot and cold water,
?,aa ranges, electric light, separate
bath to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
is very reasonable including gas and
iight.fi. Also single rooms, both
Snrnislied and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, suite 1, second
:floor, Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
keeping rooms. $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (23331
��Vhere. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-
.suey. 336 Hastings street west. Van-
���couver, B.C. (2332)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
.-on-, lit for cash. 1'. 11. Brown, 17
Begblfi Blrect, New Westminster.
tied upon IU slightly out of line, the : premier, Sir Klchnrd McBrlde, of Brit
curve of the bracket would guide lt; ish Columbia ln an interview this
against the pile, after which the upper; morning with the newspaper men. He
arm would be swung Into the closed-a. drosses the Empire club at noon and
position and Bplked by the diver. The tomorrow leaves for Chicago on his
brackets were placed on the upstream j way to Victoria, via an American rail-
side of the piles   The plies averaged way. ���
60  feet   In  length,  and   were    driven: An Informal Meeting,
about 11 feet below tre bottom of the| Sir Richard was at the King Bdward
channel The brackets were affixed hotel, shaving, when the newspaper
before driving and in order to Insure,men assembled In the room next .-ils
them all having the same level after Own. "He.put In a minute:" he called,
the piles were driven, a level instru- 'Go in nnd sit down."
ments and observer were placed at a! Presently the connecting door from
convenient point and driving was stop- Sir Richard's room opened and a tall,
ped when marks previously placed on handsome, healthy and complacent*
the piles wcre down to correct level.'looking young man stepped gravely
,,...,     ..        ., ,,.        I.,-,--  forward.    With a dignity and courtesy:
While  the  Piles   were being   irle. altogether^ jibe  with   the
the   pipes   had   been   bolted   HiRether ��� premier,
and were suported on the   'nder sule bands solemnly all   round      In
of a  long raft, shown In Ute . < con,. ColumbU thej call him  "Our!
panytag photograph.    When the row
of piles were In place this rat   was apparently likes to live up to.
exiended from shore on   he upstream     ,        >,�� * *
I side It was found that the rivm: cur- Lanuscript of the speech I'm going to
rent,   winch   has  a   veloct     of    lout Honestly, I haven', even made
four miles p*>r hour, neid the rait ho1 . ... ,.     ���, .        ,
lu-mlv   ��fit   the   piles   tha,   Is   was   ^J^ela i�������'''
required to use a tug, thrusting full   "l) nal w I   f"m�����, B���r���f���
.peed   against   the   broadside   of   Ute      ,.Whi, * "J    ^.Borden'
raft to free  I    from  the plica      After .     ,..,.��� ( *
j considerable   "J'l'iculty   the     at   was n���     ^_ . (,
'moved  into  place and the  piles  filled   wfi   hv..    ,   ,���.,,���_   w,a().,     ...(,     ^   I
every confidence that Right Honorable j
Mr. Borden will produce a permanent
policy   that  will   make,  for  Canada's
achieving a proper place as a section
You might think that Mr. Baker needed a snrgeon more than OIN TILLS.
Hut there were no boues broken. His back wus strained, whicli was harder ta
cure because nothing seemed to da any good. It is the same with a sprained
ankle nnd broken leg. You cdfc set the fracture and it will be well in mx weeka
���but the sprain may take months to get well.
However, Mr. Biker fouud the quick way to get relief from the pain���here
are hia own words, _ ___
AuLTsvn.i.8, Ont.
���T hare been  a  great  sufferer   from   Kurn.y
Trouble from an injury to my back caused by Jallm*
from a hv i��*1 ��bout ���'��� 7**"* ***��* *r.
left my kidneys weak, ao that every eold I
got would settle in my kidneys aud causa
intense suffering. I waa advised to try GIN
FILLS. I found, to mv surprise, after taking
two boxes tliat tie pains were relieved and I
���sn to feel bettef. I am still taking i'-iii
Pltl.S and feci aure I will be completely
cured. I recommend CIN PILLS lo all who
culler hem any Kidney Trouble". C. BAKER.
Yoa see, the fall had strained the
kidneys and they were affected by the
slightest chill. CIN PILLS immediately strengthened the kidueys���
soothed any irritation and thus enabled
tbe kidneys to overcome the effecta oi the fall.
It you are having polo in tbe back���or trouble
with kidneys or bladder through accident or overwork���do just as Mr. Baker did���take CIN FU.LS.
They will help yon���cure you���or we will pfemptly refund your money. Buy
six boxes at your dealer's. If, after tak ing tbem, yoa feel tbst C.in Fills have
not helped you, return the empty boxes and get your money. We will take your
word for it. joe. a box, 6 for fi-so. Sample box sent free if yon write National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.
NATIONAL LAZY LIVER PILLS regulate the bowels and cure
Constipation. Biliousness and Indigestion.   ****, a Uix *")b
Ammo thil.
with wafer. Chain pulleys had been
provided to ease the pipes down to
their supports, but the current was
found   to   hold   ihe   pipe     so     firmly
agamst the piles tha  ,t was even neo-   ,        w    b             ,
essary.to weight it down with bags ��   contribution.    We are wining to en-
sand  before  It  would  sink.    When  it  (ior_t> tlll, g,y_g of ,h(, mjs$*M J
whatever  other   proposal   the   Borden j
government may make aliuig thai line.
Of   course,   1   speak  only   for   British '
City  Engineer, New Westminster.
hnd sunk about tWo feet an obstruction was found at the south end which
proved to bc a snag with two arms
that had come down stream during
the night and encircled one of the
piles. This was removed by the tug.
Although only four and one-half days
elapsed between dredging Ihe trench
and laying the pipe, it was found, on
taking soundings, over the pipe, that
Re the Southeast Quarter of Section :
25, Township 8, in the District   or !p|pe   vl_   flexlbll,   jolnts.     on     ac-
New Westminster. |count of the extremely uneven nature
Whereas  proof of  the Iosb of Cer :of  ,he  rJVl,r  bed   however     coupled
tiiicate   of  Title   Number     S164F,   is
"The navy iiucstinn Vilh  us  Isn't   i
matter   of   politics,   but   of   life   n,,i|
death.    We in  Canada  have  been  too1
much  abaorbed  in  material   problems
We are the only country In the world
that has given defence second  place,
. ,     ,,      ,   Even  little Sout'i   American  republics'
rem, ies of the trench to a depth of ��� ., ^ ,
four feet, and  the  pipe  was this far  ,,���     ���     ,()  (J(.fi,
above its pile suppcrts.    This was not
considered   serious,   however,   as   the
...n...n .,.........-,.., ���... ,.*.* tliat  has  given  i
the  channel  hal   silted   up  at  the ex-  ,,-V(I1  m,* Som
have   relied  on   England.     Remember,
you ai-kcd for there opinions.    I don't
sued in the name of Jam is C. Korlong  g-^j.   numbPr   of   ��ater-logged   trees
l ii>ei uuu, iiu*"*n*i, i.v.111,...��� i--,,!,,..��� ii,, ,,������., lni>'it.i tho nine ' ****** ������'��� '������"������ ��>j,,���,*u���->. , ������
Its continual shifting and the ''ra'KUS '" "P��� "J���6*"1 u," .���"'"'������want to obtrude them upon you!"
nn   uuuLiuwu   -iiii-iiih   a iu   m��  anj|   anv  8P0ur 0f  (|1(,   rivcr  bed  can       ���r,���   .,,���  __,,,���������   .,_,    7  - .
and CharleB Rummcl has been tiled in
and snags which  were  broughl   down   ���()
only let  the pipe down upon its sup-
jthe  river,   the   pipe   joints   were   no.
this olllce.
Notice is hereby given that I iliall,:ablfi to  withi,ta,ul   th,.    ,,.;.,���    ,,,	
at the expiration of one month from tll(,m aSa- *[eai.age finally Increased
the dale of the first publication here��� tQ guch a flegreei lt is rftported, that
of, in a daily newspaper published In ��� was |mp0g8lbie l0 maintain tne re-
the City of New Westminster, issue ,red pre9surf,. lt was Peoently dc-
a duplicate of the said certificate, un- ide(] ���lc.r(.for(, t0 rais(, ������, l8.)nch
less in the meantime valid objection , ma,n an(i ,._,.... ��� on Ule v.���st sidr. of
be made to mc In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Do   you  mean,"  asked   a   reporter.
"thai you prefer giving 136,000,000 to
establishing   a   I'acific   coast     naval
After the  pipe  was lowered   to the unit?"
bottom,  tbe  piles  were  cut off level j     "I  go this far.    I would  prefer    to
with the river bed. leave   the   disposition   of   the   dread-
Because of the reduced pressure on   noughts to the British admiralty   The
bends,   and   because   the   full   13-inch   North Sea is as much a part of Brit-
section was not deemed necessary for j Ish   Columbia  as   British  Columbia Is
the  required   delivery,    the    vertical:of Canada."
pipes at  each  end  of the  submerged
WHAT do you say to $20. for an
English Worsted or Scotch or
Irish Tweed Suit ��� in beautiful
Browns, Grays or Heather Mixtures ?
We have these Suits as low as $15.
and up to $35. v*
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October IS
1913. (2269)
the bridge, on a level, protected sup- ;main ar(, s.|I)ch in diameter instead of
port on the bed of the river. 13-inch.    The  bends are  anchored  In   SIX VETERAN  SOURDOUGHS
Meantime,   in   order     to     maintain concrete,  supported on   four  piles  as. BOUND FOR SITKA HOME
Richmond's supply, an 8-inch    wood shown ln the accompanying drawing. 	
stave pipe was laid across the bridge A crew of ten men was employed: Keattle, Nov. 7. -Six old-time Alas
on the floor level. This necessitated in transferring the main. Navigation kans, three of whom have lived In the
arrangements for cutting off the sup- tn points up the river was stopped north continuously for more than 20
ply when the draw was opened. Aft-;for four days. The work of relaying years each and who are now on their
er drawing up tentative plans for the submerged main was done by the; way to Sitka to spend the evening
joints of several types to be used ttt elty of N'ew WeBtmlnster under the! of their lives ln the home for aged
the draw-span connections, it was ipersonal supervision of .1. W. II. prospectors maintained for the pin*
Notice is herehy given that a Court fleo|oed   t0   uga a   device   which   had   Blackman, M. Can. Boa C. K.
of Revision on above list will be held, formeriy   been   suoosssfuly  employed glneer.
on Saturday, the 16th day of  Novem draw-spun   connections  on   a   two -   -	
Householders'  Voters'  List.
Ke  Lot  5, of  Blocks   MS  and   149,  of
Jxit 92. Oroiiii 1, Map 1757. in the
District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Oertlfi-
������eate of Title Number 11 BSE, issued in
Che name of Harry Cline,    ha8    becn
��� tjJmtt ill this odloe.
Notloe la hereby given that 1 shall
���at tire espiratiou ot one month from
thr. date of the first publication hereof,
���t'n a daily newspaper published In the
'���City ot New Westminster, issue a
.-Inplicale of the said Certificate, un-
-A-.-8H in the meantime valid objection
!-h�� made to me in writing,
District Registrar of Tub a
ft_snd Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October 9
������. I----)
ber. at in o'clock in the forenoon, in .jfx_ _...,*��� This oev|oe consists of
Ihe Council Chamber, City Hall, New '.,.___ )jra_s ,.aBtings M ,hown In the
Westminster. accompanying drawing, one of which
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.U.  movable   and  actuated   by   S   hand
City Hall, November li. 1918,      (S36S> jjever.       Tin:     movable     pari      works
" ru a  stuffing box nnd  its tip If
.machined to a ccne shape which exactly fits Ihe opposite casting ho as
to make a tight Joint; the partB are
brass and spherically ground.    In case
��1u&t dig coal or
go -Without fires
Seattle, Nov. 7.���I'or the first time
since the conservation craze struck
thn country several yearB asi, the
city en-  neera   of   Alaska,   arrived   in   Sealth
from  Nome yesterday and are guests
J at  the Arlington, awaiting the departure, of thn boat thai  will  lake them
to the territorial capital.
The sextet, lost ubout all their
worldly possessions In the irreat Bturm
lhat wiped out a large section of
Nome on October 5 and am makiim
the   journey   to   the   Sitka   home    in
i cvvrt'*
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
MONDAYS*-12 midnight for Prince Rupert. Stewart
TUESDAYS    12 mldnlghl for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���12  midnight for l'rinee Rupert, Granby Bay.
SATURDAYS    12  midnight  for Victoria and Seattle.
FRIDAYS- 18 midnight, Oct. -rut, Nov. 14 28, for Queen Charlotte
Islands (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS���12 midnight, Nov. 3 19 for MaBset, via I'rlnce Rupert.
Mondays and Thursdays steamers make close connection at l'rinee
Rupert with Grand Trunk I'acific trains for Terrace, New Hazelton and Smithers; mixed service from Smithers to Itose Lake
(Mile 3��n,l
Tickets to all points cast and to Kurope. Any rail anil steamship
II. n. SMITH, c. r. & T. A.
627 Granville Street. Vancouver.
W   E.   DIIPEKOW, Q.  A.   P.  D.
I hone Private Exchange HIM
f Candle creek, an Isolated fjrsl  claM B,y-,, ,���  Ih(. expeM8 ,rf
campi on   Kotsebuc Sound    this  year thc Sm,|<lty of Alal)fca p|0�����.ers. which
  ..���,.     '""   determined to abide by the law, gent ������.���, gouth in (.harR��� <)f Mr all(1
the   draw-span   settles,   an   (ithe   clos������*""   ""'   1min(,   ''"���   coal   whi,'h   -**T Mrs,   Ous   Dorgan.   who   were   nailing
ure is  slightly  out Of Its normal  po- ����OOVered   several   years   ago.     li���, |n ������, Ram(, Vf,81((,|
Bt*.   rT_ ACT  CQ   CCDVIPP "on    brings the two ends o film pipe
. \m. tUAi-i   o-J. _ui��iw.j||]t. ]|m,   Th|H ioinl haH b(,,.n |D ���Hr
From Vancouver for Victoria. use about six months and Is said to
1000 am Dally j have  given  excellent enrvlne  without
iloo  p.m Daily jrepalrs of any kind.   The  draw-span
11:45   p.m Daily  |H opened on an averag'   of ahout 16
Bition,>the crine shape of the connec-j'h''.1'''1"1 "f fate was against them. In
' perfect   ��ocid   faith   tliey   ordered    a
corgo of coal from British Columbia
From Vancouver for Beattle.
10:00 a.m Dally
11:00 a.m Dally
From  Vancouver for Nanaimo.
3:00   pin Dally
Nanalmo, Union  Bay and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,  Union  Bay, Powell   River.
11:45  a.m livery   Saturday
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m livery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena  _m
River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf l��land Points.
7:00 a.n . Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call I
In', tf. polntB in the (lulf Islands.
BD.  OOULET.  Ag.nt,  N.,��  We-M-mlnntei
H. W. BHODIB. O. P. A.. Vmooiiver.
times a day
In order not  to subject the pipe to
Captain  E, A.  Ludlow Is  lho old'-st
Of the six In point of residence In the
.       , ,   ,, ,,       northern   territory,   he   having     first
but   because  of   the   Insurance   policy   mad() ,,-_  ������,���,,  Ulcre  fifty^ne yearH
ago, when thn country was owned hy
Russia. He haH lived there moBt of
the time for the post quarter of a
century. When he llrst. went north
he was a whaler and made numerous
New Imported Fall Suitings nnw on
ilsidiiv.     See   them.     Perfect  lit  and   __           ^
workmanship irnnranteed. PrlceB trom I m|nln"g"inrn'."l3"int'en.'st/d "inTcOUpU
....    ...       *...      ,.' .     tS.*nn. ' ^* I
 lot dredges operating in that region.
cn all vessels remaining In the Arctic afiir October 1 Is void, the steam
freighter Navajo, which had tlie eoal
aboard lefl before Imr carso was discharged The Candle creekers will be
forced to mine their own coal for the
winter, notwithstanding the embargo
placed upon such action by the government.
"Tin re will be morn winter work
at Candle this year than for two years
past," said E. E. Pearce, an old timer nf that Bectlon. who. together with
Iver Johnson, Henry Coffin and other
7nI   Front  Street
voyages Into the Arctic before hn set
tied down on shore. After that be
engaged In mining and trapping.
Q, F. Smith, twenty-three years n
resident of Alaska, and W. F. Bell
twenty-one years there, are two nth
nrs of the veteran sourdoughs. They
have both mined and trapped for
Thn other three, whOB" terms of
residence   in   thn   north   have     been
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The Daily News
Telephones:  Office S3. Residence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor,
���A,   big   piiystmak   has   boon  opened   Bhortor/ -re   M.  n.   ixmHas,   !.omn.o
i the third tier benches,   he cctln    Falrman  amI   Maun,.,,   |,-|VI,���.       p)o
ii"d. "II In not. a new ope, but a d
velopment it a stratum of pav gravel
that was uncovered four or five years
ago. Several outfits am preparing to
ido winter work wllh steam thawer.i.
GENERAL  MACHINE  WORK,      ],������,   B  CPnK|n���ran|,,   amount  of  conl
Will  tie  needed."
1     All  t*t  the   dredges   In   the  Candle
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Oasollne ���,.���, eoiintry had a successful season,
'' m'lbU. Re'oaT"   ^^   '"'   ^ItT,   '"  V""?'  *WM8  SKS"* "=? .hV^s'todrf?
mobile Repair. "-fctt the shor-Age of water.   The hydraulic    ,t,     Rh hls farnil
Office and Works: Tenth St.        .plants, however, were unable to oper-,
P.O. Box 474.   Nev�� Weetmlneter, B.C.late. ,, . I
neer Igloo No. 1, one of thn seven
iginoH or lodges of the Pioneers, Is
paying tbs transportation expenses of
thn old men.
Ilorgan. who accompanies the old
mnn south, Is himself an old-time Alaskan, '.aving lived In tho north seven-
ten ynarB. He formerly was In the
mercantile buslneBB in Nome, hut hns
Our Interior Finish is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat drain.
Wc nm also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In e.oiiBtructlrn, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid  raited panel doora.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchen Throughout the Province of Britiah Columbia.
Savings Department ol all Rranchea Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received aud Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafta and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parte of tbe
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New  Weatmlnster  Branch: a, W. BLACK, Manager. BATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1913.
Being a chronicle of happening.-; in New Westminster
from Monday until now.
(l.y II. E. I'orter.)
The Clean-up Crusade.
Those  folks who use ash cans made mostly of wood
And to unhealthy backyards incline
Have been woried a lot, by twn men who are sot
On bringing the heedless to time.
Thia week Doc McQuarrie and one Mister Pearce
Have been waging one great big campaign
And from Monday till now, with much sweat on the brow
They have labored and worked, shine and rain.
These two have inspected the city throughout
And have given the germs a great scare.
They've used good sense and tact; done the Dutch Cleanser act
And have boosted for health and fresh air.
��   ��   *   *   *
The rink will open tonight it is announced. It is this
skating that keeps Cupid framing up affairs for next
June.   This is the way of it:
Skates sharp,
Queen's Park,
Head in whirl���swell girl;
More of same���swell dame.
Well I should think
More trips to rink
Skies all blue���house for two.
Eggs sold for 65 cents a dozen on the maryet yester-
Sometimes when the days are gloomy
Sometimes when the nights are drear,
We just can't help up and shedding
One poor lonely saline tear.
Not that we are oft reminded
We can make our lives sublime,
And departing hear our friends say���
"Travelled to the torrid clime."
Not for jobs of bossing nations;
Not for these sits do we beg
Only for the good old-fashioned,
Long-departed, one cent egg.
Only for days when a-shopping
i We'd read���"Fresh, 10 cts per doz."
Shucks! that day's gone forever.
Wake up! brush away the fuzz.
���   *   ���   ��    *
Burnaby council had another stormy session the other
There once was a man named Macpherson,
A most belligerent person,
Who did battle by word
That to some seemed absurd,
But that started McGregor a-cursin'.
to B VOiOS In the selection of the dominant powers."
I'ri-flldi nt (lompers has been ill, and
Is still convalescing. But despite hlr
wcakened condition, hc will bo one of
the most uctlvn figures at the national
convention optming here.
Labor Leader Has No Use for Won't
Workers or Militant
Seattle, Nov. 7.- "I am opposed to
the I. W. \V. because the doctrines of I
the organization stand for destruction,
not construction.   Tho American Fed-1
(���ration of Labor ls composed of men;
who are workers nnd who contribute
lhelr  share of constructive effort to
"Our members reepect Uie   United |
States    and they have no sympathy
with destroyers who hold In dlareapoct
our national emblem.
"Controversies properly conducted
aro frequently beneficial to both
parties. But militant methods should
not prevail nnd havo never been sanctioned by tho American Federation of
jjibor. As constructionists, we can't
consistently permit our organisation to
be allied wltb any combination of men
whoee motto fls defiance of the flag
under which they are protected."
Samuel Gompers, president of the
American Federation of Labor, nnd
perhaps the foremost man In tbe United States In the labor movement, made
the above statement at the New Richmond hotel yesterday afternoon. He$s
a flrm-jawcd, forceful man, thla Gompers, with a broad forehead and an evident sincerity of purpose, tie is
mild mannered until he bocea engaged in discussion of problems that
aro Important, and then he displays
a vehemence that shows the courage
of hls convictions.
President Compere la deeply Interested in the so-called riots during the
Potlatch, when United Statee soldiers,
sailors and clvlllana showed their resentment of an Insult to the flag and
n cowardly attack upon two sailors.
"I want to learn all about thla trouble," aald Clampers, "and during tbe
course of my visit here I shall comment npon lt. First, I wish to be conversant with thn facts.
"Carry this message for me: The
American Federation of Labor la constituted ot men who are upbullders,
not destroyers. In the working world
we have not room for men who do not
contribute their share ot constructive
effort to society."
Samuel Gompers favors womsn suffrage. While he does not endorse militant methods, he Is a atrong advocate
of the cause, nnd doesn't mince words
In saying so.
"I believe that women should have
tbe right to vote. They are equally
intelligent ks men, share the same
benefits or hardships of the prevailing government, and should be entiUed
Seattle, Nov. 7.-Mabel 11. Thomp-
klns, a bookkeeper for twenty years
in the employ of H. C. Allison & Co.,
67 Madison street. Ilea at the point
of death lu the 1'rovldence hospital
iib a result ot an automobile accident
at Twentieth avenue and Cherry street
yesterday afternoon.
Dr. John C. Oosnelt, the attending
physician, saya Miss Thompkins has
a fracture of the skull at the base of
the brain and holds out little hope for
her recovery, Bdward S. Yeaton.
brother-lii law of Miss Thompkins,
who drove the machine, was only
slightly injured.
The overturned car, with tbe occupants pinned underneath It, waa discovered at Twentieth and Cherry
streets by H. P. AJas of J03 Twenty-
flrst avenue, who aided tn thetr removal to the hospital.
Yeaton, who Is traveling freight solicitor for the Pennsylvania road,
called for Miss Thompkins at Allison
A Co.'s with the machine to take her
to lunch. They left shortly after 1
o'clock and were not heard from until
the report of the accident.
Motorcycle Policeman 0. J. Fuller,
who was detailed to Investigate the
accident, reported that Yeatou, Th a
Ford machine owned by E. Wagner of
Wenatchee, was driving west on Cher
ry street toward Twentieth avenue,
when a car with license 49911 owned by
Dr. F. P. Gardener of tbe Cobb building, creased Cherry, driving north on
To avoid collision Yeaton quickly
threw his wheel over, turning the light
Ford abrupUy to the right. Tbe machine struck the curb and with the
momentum carried clear over, turning
turUe and landing almost all the way
acroas the street, Yeaton suffered a
bruised shoulder and knee.
Victoria City Couneil Takes Up the
Victoria, Nov. 7.���The necessity of
taking Immediate steps to Inaugurate
relief works for Victoria citizens was
urged In a communication to the city
eouncll from the mayor last evening.
The city council decided to carry on
such works, and to put on three day-
shifts for the employees of the oor-
miration, as far as Is possible without
disorganising the works department.
Thus two sets of men are to be given
work on three dsys each per week.
The council alao determined to aak
tho minister of public works to hasten
any possible public works in Victoria
without delay.
Old  Houscwilk't Pickling Recipes.
An old housekeeper noted for the
good things which are concocted lb her
own kitchen lays down thu following
Idws for pickling, nnd all who would
learn should prollt by her Instruction:
Ond.���Use none but the best cider
Two.- UM porccluln lined kettles.
Three. Keep pickles Will covered
with vinegar.
Four.- If you use ground spices, tie
them up In thin muslin bugs.
Five. Sweet pickles should be rich
nud BufUciently cooked to keep without being sealed.
Six.���NuBturtiums or small piece* of
horseradish thrown In each Jar pre
vents the vinegar from molding.
Our grandmothers used to make wbnt
they called "oll pickles," nnd their
recipe ls worthy of being banded duwn
to posterity:
To fifty small cucumbers, sliced, add
one teucupful of salt and let stand
three hours, then drain carefully. Add
one quart of Binnll onions, also sliced:
one-half cupful of celery seed, one cup
ful of white mustard need and a small
plncli of pulverized ilium Mix well
and then udd one teucupful of the best
salad oil and gradually enough vinegar
to uiake the pickle sutllclently uiulnt.
Tuninto ketchup retains Its prlstlm
popularity, and iiii uncooked variety,
said to be excellent Is very simply
made. The Ingredients are: Four
quarts ripe tomatoes, chopped Hue and
drained slightly: one cupful of chopped
onion, one cupful grated horseradlsA.
live stnlks nf celery, two red pepperi
und one green one. chopped rather
tine: one-half capful encb nf BBlt and
mustard seed, one cupful of sugar,
one half teaspoonful each of blurt; pep
per nnd lu.-ne. two teaspoonfuls each
of cinnamon nud cloves und one quart
t>f cider vinegar. Tbese should be
mixed well aud then sealed up lu glass
Plum ketchup Is another delicacy sug
geatcd by (lie ubiindiiure nf the fruit
To two quarts of tart plums udd two
pounds uf augar nnd two cupfuls uf
vinegar, ulso one half tenspooiiful each
of black pepper nnd salt, one teaspoon
ful of clove and une tulilespoonful ot
cinnamon.     This   mixture   should   be
cooked   together   until   soft,   ���trained
through  a  colander  and  then   boiled
until the consistency of cream Is at
Bordeaux sauce Is another of tbe
winter table delicacies A good bouse
keeper gives us the following recipe:
Slice and drain two quarts of green
tomatoes Add fuur quarts silted tub
huge, six onions, three red peppers,
one-half ounce each of celery seed.
whole cloves nnd whole iwppers. two
unices of white mustard seed, six nip.
fula of sugar, one-ha.f cupful of sal:
and eight cupfuls uf vinegar Tbe
mixture should be boiled for un hour
und n half, or longer If unt thick
enough nt the end of that time, nud
tben put Into Jnrs und sealed.
Dish** Fer Invalids.
Beef Ten.���Take n piece of beef from
tbe round, remove all fat nml gristle,
eut Into small bits uud put Into n
glass bottle. Cover tbe meat with cold
water nnd plnce a cork In tbe Imttle-
then place the bottle Iu a kettle of mid
waterwini let it come to a boil nnd bull
until tbe meat In tbe bottle lie-mine* nl
most white. Ily Ihls time the ment
lube wlll hnve been extracted. Strain
und salt to tuste.
Ueaiuuada.���To the Juice of one Inrge
lemon uud twn level tablespoouful* of
smnir: pour uver this one nnd u quarter cupfuls uf wnter: strain und set
mi lir to chill. Serve this with n little
shaved ice nud mid a thin slice of
lemon to the tumbler. Where the sick
liersoii require* frequent serving* ul
lemonade It lulgbt lie well sometime*
lu add a couple of sprig* uf mint to
the gin** This makes It look iippe
tlr.lii*-* nnd where the flavor Is liked
gives ii little added zest tu tlle patient
In drinking It.
YVItic .leltv.-flunk two tenspooiiful*
nf uTiiiiiiliitcil gelntln In two tnble-
s|Humfiils of eohl wnter. Place In a
suiirepiiii on the tire lu a s-rtnit tnble-
spoonful of Imlllnc water, oue tblck
slice of lemon und one tnbloq-HMUiful
���if sugar. Let boll together for two
ur ihive minute*, tlieu strain and
squeeze the .lube of the lemon Into tbe
strained liquid Add to tilts the dissolved gelatin, together wltll two table-
spoonful* uf sherry. Pour luto Individual mold* nnd let harden.
Pineapple I'.ggnog.-To one new Inld
egg. slightly lienten. add two table-
spoonful* of wnter. two ef lemon juice
and twn nf fresh pineapple juice.
Strain the mixture over shaved Ice
nnd sweeten to taste. Variety ean be
given to eggnugs from day to day by
using different fruit flavors from one's
homeiuude store. Another drink that
I* usually acceptable In s sickroom,
where allowed. Is mads by mixing
three quarters of a cnpfnl nf lemonade
wltll one-quarter nf s cupful of grape
lulce and serving it wltb shaved Ice.
Tn Rive White of Egg-When white
���if egg I* preecrtlied for so Invalid It
nay be served by putting Into a gisss
rwo tableapnnnfnt* of lemon or orange
'nice or grape Juice, then adding tbe
<tlffly besten w��ttte and s little shared
:cc. A sprinkling nf -Sugar or a bit of
nutmeg msy be nnt ovee tha ton.
Story of  How an Ohio City  Car-no to
Get* Itt Nam*.
About  1'Ki yeurs ago n   little settlement existed at tlle month uf tbe Mail-
mee river.    Its inline,  l'ort Lawrence.
wns given iii honor of the grent naval
eoiuiiiaudei'.    The little town  was not
prosperous, und flvs years later Major
I Stlckney. un enthusiastic but scceutrtc
mun, founded another settlement light
next to Port Lawrence and called b|s
rli lags Vistula,   Huth settlements wero
stimulated somewhat by the competition, but neither prospered sufficiently,
and one year biter it was proposed to
unite the towns.
Everything wus easily arranged ex-
cept the inline, und bere trouble arose.
M.ijur Stlckney Insisted that tbe uew
t oiiiniunlty accept the name uf his
part. Vistula, but tbe citizens were not
prepared to have u name thrust upon
tbem by oue whose peculiarities led
blm to name bis two children "No. I"
aud "No. 2." Tbls fact In tbe mujor's
family life was enough to cause any
suggestion frum blm to be received
Tbe discussion* were msny snd bested wben Wlllard Daniels, a merchant
of Vlstuls. suggested tbat tbey adopt
tbe name of Toledo, tbe ancient capital
of Spuln. Ue explained tbat tbe word
originally was "Toledoth," from the
Hebrew, meaning "Mother of People."
and Mr. Daniels said they ought to be
able tu come together under aueh a
title uf pence. Another reason was tbs
remarkable nearness lu latitudes uf
both places. In Spain snd in Ohio, tbs
actual difference being only a Uttl*
more than one degree. Further arguments were that It was pleasant lo
sound, easy to pronounce aud that no
city of tbe western continent aa yet
bore tbe name. ���
Mi* reasoning prevailed, and tbe
united towns assumed tbe name Toledo. That tbey remained true to It
is shown lu the fact tbat tbelr tirst
permanent newspaper wus called the
Toledo ptiide. In recognition of the fnct
i!i- oledo, Snpin, wss famed all over
tne wo Id foi the quality of tbe sword
blades which it produced. ��� Ladies'
Dome Journal.
Except In First Class Hot*!* They Ara
Crude Affaire.
Tbe use nf passenger elevator* Is not
nearly ao general In Europe aa It Is iu
the United State*,    ln Germany  and
France most botel* of tbe very highest
class, catering to wealthy foreign travelers,   are   equipped   with   elevators
mucb like tbe American type, and Intended to be freely uaed both up nnd
down.   Tbe cheapest hotels and tunny
very  good  ones  at  moderate  price*,
tbougb four or Ure stories high, are
not provided wltb elevators.
Tbe almost universal type for medium priced hotels bas s wooden cage
3 by 5 feet, Intended for Ave persons. It Is driven by a four borse-
power electric motor and controlled by
a series of push buttons on tbe outside
at tbe bottom. A peraon desiring to go
to the third floor enters tbe car. and
the attendant (or. rather, any servant
for there ls no elevator boyi pushes
button No. 3, tbe car atopa at tbe
third floor, and the passenger steps oet
and calls down tbe shaft tbat tbe car
ta free.
Sometimes tbe button control la In-
aide, in wblcb case tbe attendant accompanies the passenger. Sometimes
tbere Is an annunciator, but uot often,
because tbe rnr Is nqt supposed to be
called to an upper floor to carry pile,
sengers down. Stairs are for tbut purpose. As tbe French bnve It, tbls Itt*
stitutlon Is au "asceuneur" and not by
uny chnnce a "deacenseur." lo any
case. It is s privilege to uae It.
A few otBce buildings nre equipped
wltb tbe aame ty|ie elevator: but. as
a rule, none except the most preten-
tioua ofllce* bave elevators-ludiaiiap.
oils News.
Aristocratic Glassmakers.
Glassmiiklug used nt oue time to ho
tbe moot arlKtocralk- of all Industries.
A French law |uissed under Louis IX.
allowed uoue but men of noble With
to set up gins* blowing establishment*
or even to work therein. Fur nmuy
centuries this wa* the only trade noblemen could venture to work lu without any danger of losing eaate. The
art of glaasmnklng reached England
through France, and lo Its *orly days
those engaged lo It styled themselves
"gentlemen glsss blowers."
Prisoners iubmlt to Knife.
Benton Harbor, Mich., Nov. 7.���
George Dorgan and Clarence Chappelle, the flrat two men given tho
option by Judge Br|gman of undergoing an operation to remove their crtae-
Inal tendencies or going to Jail, returned here today from the hospital.
Sunken Walnut Legs.
On ths bottom of Gull lake, la
Michigan. Hss a small fortune In walnut lug*, wblch were onee conslder-wl
of so little vslne thst they were tawed
out into deep water aad snnk. A* lh*
lake Is SOU feet deep la pluce* the toga
ara likely to remain a dead loss. Th*
logs aro really the bntt end* of noe
walnut trees which were cot **>**���
years ago. Later the stumps were pull-
ed oot. hauled lato tba lako and let go,
. Handicapped.
Lady-All your marine pictures re-pest
sent the sea as calm. Why dont ****���
paint a storm once la a while. Artist-.
We painters la oil eaat do that,
madam. We may oatlloe a storm oa
tbe caavss: bat. yoa ara. as soon aa
we begin to spread oo tka alt coMa,
tbe waves subside and. tho twa heeom��gi
as calm aa a duck poad.-Noetoa Tral?;.
script      __________
���tatoeman'a Trials.
-Toa nast iweiaber not to nmntf*.
tba talks -bach home." sdvtsed ihr wi,
area statsansm-
"Then la assail chance mt ssy havlat
a cbaare ta terg* tfcses ao .!**$.#
there ��rr Jaha ta flli." replied ilm am*
riorsssataUea-Hsffaia Ms*****,  *'
Qua Wftb teati Twa *%*****. ,
Cuba, J*. T, Nov. 7.-*>hu Coatfcs
and Lloyd Oardner ware drowned In
Cuba lake today while hailing. A
chan* ot heavy shot tx-m * gaa accidentally discharged torn a hotel la
the botton of ttie boat aad lit sank.
Only a few Left
And They Are
And 25c to the News Office
A Handsome
15 by 36
? 1
. '.'���"���',' ������" '*'*' < (*W ff-.
,�� ,.)*.***?' *-. -   t*e**.tf-it'* ���*
-,    ',-i l'i w^'*".���"������<-���$ "*fiM��t i
*"    r>Hf\^��" -,* *
$&* .���- 4MMt&M^i:
1 ��� /   ~f        ��� s       - It* f     .
������> ��� :     ft,'**!
* ��.____*.
Bring thwe of the*
rtctive one of th��>
Mubacriber bring. "
i-int. AdditM _M
,**m*-m*s-*t\ytmw--      *m*m*-m*---m ************  ���ao*m-*
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'���M' . ���->''", m
��� ����������.-  ���'    m.^afit
r*"i*..    ''.-'���' ���   ,,"ii'i.V'i'!'*,;v1
4MK   '
r.-n WLm.r,lMA.Alr*m**>**
Wa have Mlsa Booll 'ith us
dopionstrntlng bow Uni' �� tyVP
cun   I,,-   min!.'     from     IMwitrils
Soup Tablets. The soup in nt-os
ami vit.v Inexpensive, selling a)
onlj. per pkg. 5c.
Bhe win also tell you about
ihr good Qualities of H.Pi Bailee.
Sold here at per bottle 25c.
Crossed flsh sardines. Worth
inore, bOt selling here at 2 tin*
for 25c.
Come iii anil sample a cup of
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. snd 15th Ave.
Meet  on  Monday.
The regular monthly meeting or the
Porl Coqultlam board of trade win be
held n: 'he Agricultural hull on Mon
., oing ai 8 o'clock.
i, ..,  you seen   the   IHO   diamond
fling  II:.Mill   is   giving  away'.'     I2:,7'ii
Protect  Water   Main.
Tin- cltj water committee yesterday
Inspected   lhe   point   ou   'lie   route   ofl
liin* Richmond water main where it is'
j propoi i i to drive piles to protect the
main during the winter time. ���
C. A. Welsh
(let your shales sharpened nt Ceo.
Speck's, 626 Columbia street.     (8853)
New Officers Elected.
N'ew iil'fii ers were elected al the
annual meeting of tho Edmonds club
held in the rooms at Kdmonds Thursday evening. These were: President,
W. Mash wood-J onea; vice-president,
Dr t! 11 ile Watson; secretary-treasurer, Andrew  McFeo.
Insure with Alfred VV. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written,
liuudreds of millions to pay losses.
Welcomed Rector.
Over 200 persons attended the social gathering In the Central Park
agricultural hall on Wednesday to
meet the new rector of St. John's
Anglican church, Kev. H. Clarke.
Bishop Do Pencler, Herbert Ulster
and the rector all spoke of the work
of the church In the district.
Skating boots and skates for ladies
and gentlemen at (ieo. It. Speck'B, 626
Columbia street. (2352)
Call at our office with your
agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
l'a Id Up Capital and
Surplus $ 2,800.000
Assets     4,973,98.1.95
Tins teeships Under
Administration over   6.000,000
Trustee for Bondholders over     25.000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
���Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Eng.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606 Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evening*   trom
7 to 9.
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193  and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
May Diacusc Ward System.
A petition calling upon the council
to submit a referendum to the ratepayers on the question of adopting the
ward system permanently iB being circulated among Port Coquitlam ratepayers for signatures. As In the case
of Port Moody the city will automatically be divided into wards unless the
people declare against such a system.
Signatures of people or corporations
representing the ownership of at least
51 per cent of the assessed propertv in
to the petition before the council can
act upon It.
delicious dessert and as an addition to salads, Pineapple stands
In a class by Itself, besides being a very beneficial fruit to eat.
The best Pineapples come from
Hawaii, and when they arc sliced and canned In Hunt's way
they aro excellent. Try a large
2 1-2 lb tin today. You will be
pleased.    Per tin  35c.
Buy your Sunday  fresh fruit
from us.
will probably be introduced In coniph
ance with the agreement entered into
between the city and the railway
company In 1911. The CPU. constructed other roads to replace the
ones  the yards obstruct.
I    For  all  building  supplies   and   fuel
cltV Vre'^qiirr^'l'^'be  aUac'hedl"1' **>?}* '" tl,e,1J' C' '!'lallT .! ,C��
For plumbing, beating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone  586. 12-1.31
Ltd., 605 Westminster Trust building, j
Olllce phone 826,  wharf  phone 88*0.
May  Make  Changes.
With tbe lists closed and ready for j
the  court  of  revision  an   increase  of I
250 names is shown on the household-
era  voters'  list.    Whether  the house- j
holders'   Hit   will   show   any   increase
following ihe revision court is a doubtful   question   as  a   number  of  names
of  people who have  moved  from  the
elty   and   others   who   are   nnw   qualified for the property owners' list wtll
be   removed.     A   total  of   120   names
now on the householders' list will be
transferred   to  the   property    owners
'. list,  it  is expected.    Tiie eourt  of  re-
Ivision will  be held on  Nov.  15.    The
Whitewashing City.
Has   the   moral   wave   struck   New
Westminster?    Many   of   those   who
j have  been   In   the  habit  of  taking  a
I chance of winning    anywhere    from
two to fifty cigars for a nii-kel on the
I slot machine, believe the Bpray from
Ithe  waves   ls  hitting  the  house  topB.
1 Yesterday  the order went  forth  from
Ithe  police authorities  that  all  gambl-
(ing machines must stop.
Fred Davis will sell by public auc-' coun wU1 '"' rn"8ti��uted by thc mayor
itlon   (absolutely  without   reserve)  on j and two aldermen.
ithe premises of Mrs. Johnson at 317      ,,.. , .' ,
Fifth avenue, the contents of her well! uW,th evt'7 *"' ?Aur_s1DMe i_��" *etJ?
appointed residence, on Tuesday next ', c!**nc'i ��" th,e *V" dlamond ���*����� ��
November 11, 1913, at 1:80 p.m. sharp. !<,,frord' the **-"***������������ '="0)
This  will  be  a  sale of great  import-
Smart   hats     for   skating,   at   Mrs.
nnce as Mrs. .lohnson Is leaving New,.        .     .      ..  .,
Westminster for the Old Country, and ! Asre< s' M Sixth street' i: ;"*
every article must ba sold regardless
of price offered. The furniture is all
of the highest clasa and nearly new.
and will be on view Monday. November lu, 1913, and morning of sale,
Brewery Workers Organize.
Another trades union came into existence last evening when Local 286,
l'nited Brewery Workers of America
was organized at the Labor Temple
by  Organizer  H.  Knudsen.  The offic-
Killed by Train. \orB    ��**    "1C   m'w   organization   are:
n.,     ,    ,, ...  .   , ,    ,'     , ,,      ,   i President. E. .1. Hoiehrook:  vice-presi-
The badly mutilated body of Martin dent,   Sam    Klrkpatrick;    secretary-
M.   Wilson   Ol    Kan oops   was   found   ,���.,__,,��� ���   ,,    i-������i! ,���
lying on the C. P. R. tracks at Agasslz \ ^ "f 'Ma sergomu '7 �����" ��
on Thursday morning It is believed mueUe; delegaCwISe CdT-id
he fell off a westbound ran,. IdenU- Lttbor ���,,,���_��� ,r M���nday ,-,. milette
(.nation  was  established   by   a   pass a]|(1 H. Jaoobson. The union wUl maat
hook   issued   by   the   Hoyal   Hank   of
Canada  at   Kamloops   where   he   had   ,r.m,,i,
$155 to his credll.    The coroner's Jury
returned a verdict of death by misad-1
every     third     Monday   in   the   Labor
A home run  with    a    box of  Hill's
"Saturday   Special"  will  win  for you
For  Sale  -Complet,..   restaurant   set I0���17   ''"'"'          (*:''66,
including  one    large    range,    tables, i
chairs, dishes,    etc,    for    sale     verv
cheap.    Uoyal Mercantile Co., 01 Six'h
street. (2381)
Relinquish   Streets.
The Port Coqultlam    council
Appointed  a   Notary.
The current issue of the  B.  C. Oa-
zette contains notice of the appointment  of T.  ti.  Jones,  lawyer  of  this
City, to be a notary public.
Good   ice   and   the   latett   music   at
meet in regular session on Tuesday the skating rink this afternoon and
afternoon. The bylaw relinquishing evening. Afternoon session opens at
portions of certain streets whicli pass 3 o'clock. Two instructors paying
through  the  C.   P.   It.  terminal  yards ! special attention to beginners.  (2383)
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c.
Per Quart   -   -   -   - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    -   -    -   -   35c
��� Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
M7 Columbia 8t. Phone 98.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Something for the Ladies
We have now in stuck s line of Oenulne Weller Ware. Tins la
.i baited fireproof nan- with a White Porcelain lining and for baking
and mixing it ir the flnesl  article you can  use.
COVERED BAKING DISHES fur Hoston Beans, Macaroni ami
Cheese, Scalloped Tomatoes. Puddings, and In [act fur baking any-
thin where well linked food is dBSlred, il has no equal; 6 in. SllS
45c. -   in. size 75c, 12 in. size $1.35.
5 in. si-e $1.25; C In. size $1.50; 7 in. size $1.75.
PORCELAIN LINED MIXING BOWLS���8 in. size 50c, 10 in. size
$1.00;  12 in. size $1.35.
New   Westminster        Phone 59
Short Term Loans
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,   Theory.
���r Terms" uud Hours Apply at       'TERM LOANS    FOR    A    PERIOD   NOT  EXCEEDING
���m��o, 10,1 Hamilton street.  g�����|GNE YEAR ON REAL ESTATE SECURITY OR PUR-
VICTORIAN  ORDER   OF  NURSES.   , _������_____.
miss ��. downham Ft J. HART  & CO., LTD.
New Sweaters
for Skating
for Men, Women
and Children
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Immense Stocks
of Blankets
and  Comforters
at Sale Prices
Be it Carpets, Furniture, House Furnishings or Dry Goods this big opening sale offers yon many special bargains.. Prices have been cut to induce you to get acquainted with this store, values in many instances that
must compel those who have to study the value of a dollar, to trade here. Come in and walk round our store;
some of the bargains will surprise you.
��>....,,', .,,.    y   \y. r;, A.        Phone 1324.
f-aatf.rnity. surgical and
medical cases attended.
<   lubllshsd 1191.
We write Firs, Life, Aeeldsnt, Employs!*"   Liability,  Automoblls  and
Marino  Insursncs.
Bargains on the
Carpet Floor
Brussels Stair Carpets; 27 Inches wide,
values to $1.75 for  $1.50
22   1-2   Inches  wide;   values   to   $1.50
for    $1-25
Axminster Stair Carpets: 22 1-2 Inches
wide, values to $2.25 for   $1.75
27 In. wide, values to t'i.50 for.. .$1.95
Wilton Stair Carpet, 22 12 Inches wide,
values  to  $2.50  for    $1.95
27 In. wide, values to $2.75 for.. $2.25
27 in. All Wool Reversible Stair Carpet, values to $1.15, for  95c.
22 1-2 In. Tapestry Stair Carpet, values
to   SOc.   for    65c.
22 1-2 in. Tapestry Stair Carpet, values
to $1.00, for  85e.
27 In. Tapestry Stair Carpet, values to
90c. for   75c. ���
Reversible  Jute  Stair  Carpet;   18  In.
wide,  value to 40c. for   30c.
22 1-2 in. wide, value to 50c. for 40c.
27 in. wide, value to 6oe. for ....  50c.
Tapestry Squares.
9x9, values to $8.75, for    $7.50
9x10.G,  values  to  $10.50  fur   ....$9.25
9x12, values lo $12.50. for $10.75
10.6x12, values  to $15,  for    $13.25
Brussels Squares.
4.6x7.6. value to $7.75. for  $6.50
6.9x9.0, value to $15, for  $13.25
9x9.0, values to $18.50. for $16.75
9xlO.fi, value to $24.50, for $21.00
9x12.0, value to $28.50, for $23.50
Axminster Squares.
9x9, value to $32. for  $25.00
9x10.6, values to $38.50, far ... $31.50
8.3x116, values to $35, for ....$29.50
36   In.   All  Wool   Carpet   (Reversiblel
value   to   $1.65,   for    $1.25
Chinese  Matting,  20c.  values for. per
yard   121 _c.
Odd Carpets and Rugs, to clear about.
half price.
Inlaid  Linoleums,  values to $1.10 for,
square yard  95c.
Inlaid  Linoleums, values to $1.25 for,
square  yard    $1.15
Inlaid  Linoleum,  values to $1.50,  for
square yard $1.25
22  1-2 In.  Velvet Stair Carpet,  values
to  $2.tio,  for    $1-50
36  In. All Wool Carpet  (Reversible)
values tn $1.65 for, yard   $1.25
Window Shades, size 3x6, plain green
or  cream,  values   to  50c.   (Including
brackets   and   ring)   each    40c.
Plain green or cream, fitted oil best
Hartshorn  roller,  size 3x7   ft ,  values
75c.   for    65c.
Plain green or cream, fitted on best
Hartshorn roller, size 3x7, feet, values
to  BOc.   fur    75c.
Plain urei n or cream, fitted on best
Hartshorn roller. ��ize 41 1-2 inches hv
7  f"<'   i 'lne  in $1.28, for   $1.00
Combination Snides, green or cream.
Sirs S��-6   i njiM s iii $1 00 for 75c.
(l7.e ��*tf vslues to 11.26, for ... 95c.
size tl 1 '.v7. values to $1.50, for $1.25
Tapestry   Carpet,   values   to   76c.   for
per yard   65c.
Tapestry   carpet,  values  to  BOc,   for
mr yard    75e.
Tapestry Carpet, values to $1.00, for
per >nnl     B5c.
Brussels Carpel, body and borders to
match, values to $1.35, fur, yard 95c.
Brussels Carpet, bodv and borders to
match, values to $1.50, for, yard $1.25
Brussels Carpet, hodv and borders lo
match, values to $1.75, for, yard $1.50
Brussels Carpet, bodv and brirders to
to mutr'i. values tn $2, for. yard. .$1.75
Axminster and Wilton Carpets, body
nnd   border!  to   match,  values  $2.00.
f-r per yard      $1.50
Wlltfii and Axminster Carpels, bodv
nnd borders to match, values to $2.50
for    per  yard    $1.95
Wilt'n snd Avinlnster Carpets, lioilv
nil borders to match, values lo $2.75.
for,  per  yard    $2.25
Great Bargains in Our Furniture Department
During Thit Sale
15 odd Red Springs, different sizes, regular values up to $7 50. Some
of these are slightly damaged.    They will be cleared out regardless
of original prices at  S2.SO
to our best qualities. These will be sold at exactly 33 1-3 por cent,
discount off regular prices.
Two Wood Beds, slightly damaged. These used to sell at $10.00
each.    Salo price    S2.7S
White Knamel Ileds, 1 rass trimmings, complete with spring and cotton top mattress;  regular price $11.50.    Complete for  $7.50
A number of odd White Enamel Beds, in different sizes and patterns.
Regular priceB from $8.00 to $10.00 Sale price. $1.75 to $6.50
Very special prices on all Brass Beds in bright or satin finish:
Rogulai   $115.00;   salo  price   S27.SO
Regular  $45.00;   sale  price       $33.75
Regular  $25iiii;   sale price    $19.75
Regular  $48.75;   sale  price       $38.50
Office llesks. Typewriter Desks. Filing Cabinets. Roll Top Desks.
Office Tables, etc., during the two weeks opening Bale less 33 1-3 per
cent, off regular prices
Chiffloniers  with   five  large drawers,  bras3  handles and  bevel   plate
mirror;  regular $12 50 for    SB.75
Without mirror, regular $10.86, for  $8.50
Qolden Oak Dresser and Stand, with large hovel mirror; regular
$18.oo,   for    $12.75
Duchess Dressing Table, witli two deep drawers. In golden oak finish,
large  bevel   plate  mirror,  regular  $30.00,  for    $14.50
Golden Oak Hall Rack, with brass hangers;  hox seat;  regular $2900.
for   $24.75
Kitchen   Queen   Tables,  with   iour  drawers  and   riour   bins;   regular
$6.50.     Special   price     $3.75
Seven-foot   Kitchen   Cupboard,   wtth   glass   doors;   regular   $15.0"
fo:     $11.75
Kitchen Cabinet ill  Maple Finish, complete with every requisite;   reg
soiled; to be cleared at  $5.00, 57.50 snd $10.00
A number of odd Kitchen Chairs, to clean at each . ..  75���.   Sl.OO
and    $1.25
Silk upholstered Parlor Chairs, in different designs, some slightly
Three-piece   Mahogany   Parlor  Suite,   upholstered   with   green   velvi";
regular  price  $60.00,   for    $32.50
Five-piece Parlor Suite, mahogany finish, upholstered in green velvet;
regular price $35.00, for   $21.50
Three-piece Parlor Suite, upholstered in green tapestry;  regular pnoe
$37.50, for   $22.50
Morris Chairs, with green velvet cushions; regular $11.25 for $0,50
One   Mahogany   Morris  Chair,  green   velour  loose  cushions;   regular
$40.00, for   $21.00
Solid   Oak   Leather   Seated   Bedroom   Rockers.   In   an  assortment  or
designs;   regular   $9.75.   for    $8.95
One  very  handsome  Square Table;   fancy  carved  legs,  extending  to
12 feet;   regular ? |i  for   522.50
Karl) Kngiish Pedestal Dining Table; regular $36.50, fur. $28.74
Early English Pedestal Dining Table: regular J27.50, for $22.75
Extra  large (ioldtn  Oak  Dining  Table,  very  nicely turned  pedestal;
regular $100.00,  for   $67.50
Buffet In oak, with copper finished trimmings, bevel plate mirror, exceedingly pretty design: regular $55.00 for    . $27.50
Buffet  in  golden  oak  finish,  with   two small  drawers and one  large
linen drawer and two cupboards, bevel plate mirror;  regular $20.00,
fnr    $11.50
A  very  handsome  Solid Oak  Sideboard, beautifully carved top and
front,   with  curved   drawers  and  good   bevel  plate  shaped  mirror;
n gular price $75.On.    Sale price    $45.00
We  can  supply  you  with  any  size  or  finish   In   Sectional   Hook
Cases during this sale for 20 per cent, off regular prices.
Steel   folding  Davenport  Couches,  fullv   upholstered;   regular  $28.60.
Sale  price   $15-00
5-5 Colored Table Oilcloth,    (irand  range of patterns to select from;
per  yard    25C
5-4 While and  Marble;  per yard     30C
6*4 Colored; per yard  35C
6 4  White and  Marble;  per yard 40C
8-4 Plain Sheeting: nice even weave; ri gulor 35c.    Sale price. . .  30*t
8-4   Plain  and  Twill  Sheeting;   the  durable  kind;   regular  40c;   sale
Prie��    35*
8-4 Twill Sheeting, good and strong:  regular '15c. Sale price....40*��
9*4  Plain Sheeting;   regular 45.    Sale price    40*
10-4 Plnln Sliding; firm and durable; reg. 45c. Salo Price ....404.
10-4 Twill Sheeting;  extra heavy;  regular 65c.    Sale Price 601.
Save Money in These Bi* I'rice Cuts in the Ladies'
Ready to Wear Department.
Ladles' and Misses' New Winter Coats in a very large variety of
new cloths, coatings, boucbe cloths and revers,hie tweeds; many handsomely trimmed and finished with large buttons; all strictly tailor
made Every garment In this department Is new for this fall season,
nnd, without, exception every garment will be at special sale prices
during this great opening sale. We are specializing In the following
Oirls', Misses' and Small Women's Coats In u bil? variety
$15;   all   at   	
Ladles' smart  Fall  Coats;   values to $17.95;  all at	
Ladles' smart  Fall Coats;  values to $21.50;  all at
Ladies' smart. Fall Coats;  values to $35,000; all at
Very special values In Cats for children of all ages
years to misses' sues, In a variety of cloths, coatings, etc
ment reduced for this snle.
r.  ���NEW   SILK   AND   VELVET  COAT8.-
All new Fall Velvet and Silk Coats, also a pretty range of Opern
and Evening (oats at exactly 25 per cenl off regular prices.    Vou can
f���Tn.".is.! price" 8arment' "'"'"'* "''���, 0P9nlnB SHle ICM 25 per cent
A hundred smart tailored Dress Skirls   In coatings  serges  tweeds etc
all  strictly tailor,,!  and  ,��� si.es to fit all; vXB to $8 BO;aTlat nn.
p        55.78
vnlues to
.. .������.���si
from three
. Every gar-
VerySpecial Prices
on all Ranges
During This Sale
Big Reductions in all Kinds
of Cook Stoves.
Heaters at Special Prices.
Garnet   Oak   Heater,   regular   $18.00,
now    $15.03
Livo    Oak    Heater;    regular    $21.00,
now $17.00
Fairy    Oak     Heater;   regular   $14.00.
now    $11.85
Dandy Oak  Heater;    regular    $14.50,
now    $12.15
Washington Grand Oak Heater, regular $26.50, now   $22.76
St. Clair Oak  Heater,  regular $39.50,
now    $32.50
Itegal Franklin Heater, regulur $25.00,
nnw    $21.50
Twilight  Herald   Heater,  regular $16,
uow    $12.50
Evening  8tar   Heater,  regular  $1100.
now      $8.50
Scut Heater, regular $10 50 now $9.00
Victor Airtight  Heater,  regular $3 25,
now        $2 85
Victor Airtight Heater, regular $6.00,
now    14.20
New   Melrose   Wood   Heater,   regulsr
$17.5(i, now   $14.85
.New   Melrose   Wood   Heater.' regular
$21;   now    $16.75
Hox Heaters, all cast Iron; regular $8.
now  $6.00
llox Healers, all cast iron, regular $10.
now    $8.50
Marcella Bedspreads
11-4 White Marcella Bedspreads;     regular     $3 50      Sale
price, each    $2.75
12-4 White Marcella Bedspreads; regular $4.on Ssle
price,   each    $3.50
Bargains to be
Found in Dress
Goods and Silk
(Rear Main Floor)
In Dress Ooods we specialize In
three lots, and the values in each llne
are well worthy of attention:
LOT ONK Is a splendid assortment,
aud Includes some splendid hard
wearing cloths suitable for school
dresses, houae dresses, skirts, etc.; a
variety of tweeds und cloths In colors
of black, wine, gray, blue, brown,
cream, pink and blue; values up to
65c; nil double width, for, per yard
 ,  35c
LOT 2. This line also comprises
serges, pannmas, cashmeres, voiles,
etc., and cloths of either light or of
heavy weight. A variety cf colors.
Widths vary from 44 fo 66 Inches, and
usual values up to 95c per yard. During sale   59c
75c. Value Velveteens for 55c
Those Velveteons are Kngllsli make,
absolutely fast pile, with a fine silk
finish. They measure 22 InrhcH wldo
and come In good shades of golden,
brown, gray, cardinal, creain, green,
navy, Copenhagen, pale blue, maroon,
black, etc.   Sale price, per yard ..56c
REG. 65c ANO 76c   SILK    FOR    39e
This is a heavy silk and used extensively for: dresses and waists nnd
makes a splendid wearing cloak lining. Our color range Just now Is
targe, comprising all tho newest
shades.   All on sale for, per ynrd. 39c
Strong Colored    Stripe    Flannelette:
rog. lflc;  sale price, per yard 8c
Reg. 12'^c; sale price, per yard.. 10c
Ileg, 15c; sain price, por yard. .12-V^c
Special purchase of colored striped
and checked flannelette; full 3.1 In.;
reg. 20c value.   Sale price 15c
This  Is a  new  assortment  Just
received; all neat patterns; regular values to $1.25, Speclul
at   85c
100 Soft Felt Hats in brown,
green, gray and black shades,
etc. ThlH assortment Includes
values up to $3.00.    Special
at    $1.50
The Home of the
Utility House Dresses
This Is an extra special lot with
fnncy trimming; In   all   sizes;
Regular $2.00 value for ..$1.25
These are the famous "Currie
Coats" from our regular $11.60
and $12.60 stock. Special at $9.75
The Home of the
Utility House Dresses


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