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The New Westminster News Dec 15, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth "�� the
resell* they produce.. _.'s Hll
large or small wants -* small
ooet >*���
Weather Today.
New Westminster and  the lower
mainland:  Light to moderate winds
| chiefly cloudy, mild with   rain   tonight or Sunday.
I Incident at Opera Will Re- Imposing Ceremony at Ca
"C^���"1 [llll WHEN AUIO
ncred Contest.
Councillor   Macpherson
Fighting Mood���Scores
Present Council.
In th" Hurnaby public hall ou Sat
urday evening at hai* of the itromfest
meltings held for Bome little time
Hugh M Krasir of \Vent llurnahy was
nominuled for thn reeveship. The real
storm occurred  when Councillor Mac
pin-ram, also a candidate for the po- iaccldeni will  remain n  myslery  until
sltion, took the floor and iissailed lh"   Uie.v   ai"   located.     Mcintosh   died   in
record of tire  191213 councils and ot iBW K"1""'1 heipUal without regaining
Mr. Kraser and his committee
:,!' ntreal, Dec. it. William tfoln-
Losh, an automobile niurliuitsl, waa
iiillid and two othir occupants of a
borrowed machine, whloh he wa_
dnving Saturday night, narrowb
QSCaped serious injury when the ca:
was driven through the Charlevoix
Itreel crossing ;,uli*s nnd struck a
Delaware and itudson passenger train
travelling ut  a  high   rate  of  speed.
Mcintosh's cotopanions jumped In
time to save themselves and then
disappeared so that the cause of tin
sult in Greater Secrecy
Being Observed.
nca Where Proceedings
Take Place.
American Suffragette Central Figure in Fight
With Police.
Queen Will Visit at Brocket Hall
King Will Not Make Usual
But \ Was    Evacuated    Last    February    by
Great   Britain,   Russia,   France
and Italy
London,   Dec.
not make his
Mount  Stephen
14.���The    king
usual     visit lo
at Brocket Hall
will i    <,'anea, Crete, Dec. 14.���-The  formal
I,ord ! annexation of the Island of Crete to
ti.h, I Greece  was  carried.out  today
Was Free Until Monday but Taken by
Surprise   on   Return   from
14���The  American
Zelle   Emerson,    of
i consciousness
With lhe bail packed lo capacity;
aad whh both Mr Kraser and Mr.
MaCpherson having a large number
of supporters, the atmosphere was of
sueh u. pitch lhat something had to'
happen to enliven matters, lt did
when Councillor Macpherson said: "I
am going lo lick al! the McC.regors
and FraSSTS In Christendom and bave j
votes to spare "  ���
Not   Accepted   Yet. I __..,, -
Krom lhat time until lie had taken | Professor of Queer* University Scores
bis  neat  the   Kdmonds  representative
wan the object of attack from a ma-
with j Jackson, Mich., was the central figure
imposing  ceremonial.    King Constan- iof a   furious scrimmage this evening
tine personally ran   up   the   Hellinic j Between   the  police  and  suffragettes
flag over the fort.    The people flick iand their supporters In  the  Bow dis-
id  to the capital  from  all  pans  ol j trlct.    Miss Emerson and three men
the island    and    from    Greece,    and .were arrested.
tumultuously greeted  the    king,    the     The suffragettes  gathered for    the
crown   urinre   Premier V. nlzelos  anri ! PUrpolle  of demonstrating before  the
crown prince, ircm.ir venltetos and|hol]Se_ of _. co,lncmors who had de.
the otber ministers. prived them of the use of the    Bow
Services  in  the cathedral  were  at- ! Baths aa a meeting place.    One hun-
tended  by  th* foreign    consuls    aua idred   police,  mounted  and   on    foot.
j subsequently   the  king  attended    an | qulcl-jly   corralled   the   demonstrators,
year, but the quean will go there on
Tuesday   for a couple of days.
The court will go to Sandringham
on the 22nd to spend the Christmas
holidays   at   a   family   festival.
Their majesties were greatly an
nc.'.-i d by sufrrag"tie interruptions al
the opera on Saturday night. It Is
probable that oue result of the Incl
dont wlll be that greater secrecy wlll
be maintained In future as to the
royal visits to the opera. In order to
avoid a repetition of the incident. Thc
manager ol the theatre is much upsel ioiher  thanksgiving    service    In    the
jorlty  tn  the  hall   which  kept  Chairman J. J. Jackson busy keeping order
Hugh M. Kraser who as mentioned
above, received th�� nomination for
the reeveship, evaded a direct anewet
to lhe question as to whether h" had
definitely decided 10 maki' the run.
Handling the annual report of llurnaby, Issued by the councll of 1913,
Which dealt with the financial situation
and the municipality In genera! during tin- regime of the council of 1-312.
and Whicb tbe speaker described as
t!i" "bill" book." Mr. Kraser took for
IiIb keynote "retrenchment and
Came to "Slam."
On the other hand Councillor Macpherson opened his half hour address
with the declaration "I came here lo
.��lam D. C. McOregor and the council
���off the. map." Boeing that the present
prflh-nt. the Edmonds
Prime Minister of Manitoba for
,        Recent Statement.
OUAwa, Dec. 11.���Professor Grant,
IprofeBBOt ot history at Queens unlver-
:slty. addressing    the   Canadian    club
i here yesterday, administered a cutting
Irebuke to Premier ttohlin of Manitoba
���lor Ins now famous phllllp'.c agaiust
'fit. Hon. Herbert Samuel, the HrillBh
i postmaster general.
Professor Grant va   dealing with a
' j diplomatic letter sent to the Washlng-
' ton authotittw in  regard to a boundary   matter   in   Hritish   Columbia.     A
because the publication of the king's
patronage always means a full house
and lf secrecy ls to surround royal
visitB in future tbat source of patronage  by   society   will  be ended.
The Island of Crete was evacuated
of) February lo last by the protecting
pewers. Great Britain, Russia. France
and Italy, and the Greek flag was
hoisted. A detachment of blue
Republican Convention. '* Jackets and marines from the British
Washington, Dee. 14-leading mem- cruiser Yarmouth hauled ��dowu the
bers of the Republican national coin: fat8 0l ,lle powers which had flown
mittre here to attend the committee;"Ince 1898 as well as that of Turkey
meeting on Tuesday, expressed the | with full military honors,
bflief tonight that a special convention of the Republican party probably
would   be  culled    to    reorganize   its
Chicago, Dec. 14���T. J. Milliman
shot and killed himself today after
he had fought a knife duel agalnsl
Arcadia Sokololf. SokolofT is dying
from his wounds. Milliman accused
his friend of trying to win Mrs. Milli
man's affections.
"Its a lie," said Sokblofl. "I'm your
"Well you'lll have to fight for her,"
returned Milliman.
Milliman armed himself with a
knife, handed Sokoloff one and they
fought in an alley back of the Milliman home.
Milliman entered the house after
leaving his opponent unconscious in
the alley. He shot himself after
sending a boarder for the police.
Seizes Property in Chihuahua Regardless of Ownership.
Expels Spaniards on Pain of
Death���Federals   Sue-
cessful at Tampico.
methods, change the basis of delegate apportionment and to consider
the preparation of a new party platform that would unite Its brok.n
Washington.    Dec.    14.���The    long
struggle over currency reform   is ex-
 ! pected io come to an end in the sen-  _..  _,
Insurance Company Deal. ate next Saturday.    Republican sens-  Scotland Yard detectives shortly jitter
Ottawa, Dec. 14.-Application is be-! tors probably will come to an under-jthe train left Dover.    The action of
and tailing to dissuade them from
their proposed action, charged the
They seized Miss Emerson, and men
and women rushed to her rescue. A
wild scene followed and wonfrn and
children were thrown to the ground
in the melee and trampled in the
semi-darkness. The shrieks of the
'frightened mob terrified the onlook-
���ers, but when the field was cleared
ithe injuries turned out not to be seri-
'ous. The police captured many suffragettes' banners which they tore to
v Caught Napping.
Mrs. Kmmeline Pankhurst, the suffragette leader, while returning from
Paris, where sbe had been visiting
; her daughter. Miss Chrlstobal Pankhurst, was re-arrested this evening by
El Paso, Texas. Dec. 14���Americans, Germans and Spaniards who arrived today from Chihuahua, Mexico.
report, that Francisco Villa, the rebel
leader, virtually had constitute*
himself dictator there and that he refused to heed the requests of representatives of  foreign  governments.
They asserted that the rebel leader
bad seized $5,000,000 worth of property belonging to foreigners; had put
to death about 20 Mexican civilians
including Sergeic Sanchez, a lawyer
and former state official, and had
commanded the American, German
and Britiah consuls to obey rebel
The happenings In Chihuahua since
Villa occupied the city on its evacuation by the federal troops, as given
iby the refugees, who numbered 1000,
Seize��  Property.
Villa seized    a    large   department
Newr. from  London.
The  picturesque and old fashioned
horse firing engines  will soon be    a
thing   of   the    past in London,   the
county council having decided to   re
place   them by motors at a cost   of
$Sin.,i)u0    within   a    period   of three
The session of opera in England at
Convent  Garden   ended  on   Saturday .
night and Raymond  Rosee expressed ; ��tore valued at $1,500,000 and owned
himself as quite satisfied with the re- 1 ?/ *���>��__, Germaji. English and
suit of a somewhat risky enterprise.
It, however, appealed so well to a
section of the public heretofore not
attracted to opera, that it was found
necessary to extend the ordinary-
month to six weeks. Tbe session was
noteworthy for the number of unknown and inexperienced artists who
were successful and ls sure to be repeated again next year.
letter    was    courhed    in    diplomatic
language, yet constituted a severe Jing uusde to the treasury board under j standing tomorrow with the majority Ithe police was so unexpected by thc
rebuke. Pausing, Professor Grant re-1 tho provisions of tbe Insurance act, I leaders. The Democrats are anxious; militants that they had made no pre-
imnkcd thai tbib w-as a gentleman's for sanction of an agreement between,to close general debate by Thursday parations to safeguard their leader bv
way of calling dowr a gentleman aud,the Home Life association of Canada and to devo'c the remainder of the a detachment from the recently
added "the other wsy Is to call him a jand the Sun Life Assurance company ] time  to  the consideration of amend- j organised suffrage army.
was only on Sunday night hut
���General" Mrs. Flora Drummond.
reeve was not  prflknt. the  miiuuuuh **-*m~.    ._.-  ���,--'  ***,"���~~i' "\r ~|   .   ,,
ounrlllor  opened   up  a  scathing  at- .scandalous meddlesome Jelly bag. of Canada,   whereby  the  latter com
tack on  Mr   Kraser and his commit-1    Professor Grant's address was   on I pany will reinsure the policy and an
of  workers,  esper.ally  the latter, tbe subject of "Do we owe a debt of |nulty contracts of thc former company
gratitude to Great  Britain ?M
To Illustrate his speech he gave a
history of the boundary disputes between  Great  Britain and the  United
= lthat
whom  he accused  of   giving  promise
ot   employment   to   residents   if   they
uould sign  the petition in support of
Mr.  Kraser.
Such  an   attack    and    insinuation.
Seven Trade Disputes.
Ottawa,   Dec.  14���According  to
bulletin issued by the department
ments to the bill
j    Republican  critics  of the measure
probably will demand some changes I speaking at a suffragette meeting, ev.
lu tt as a condition to giving their claimed. "Here and now we swear
consent to a definite time for a vote, that never again will the government
Important  changes  In  the railroad I get Mrs. Pankhurst
cf laws, a comprehensive study of    the;    prior to her departure from Paris
S.ales on the  Pacific coaat,  pointing , labor th��*e sicre only seven trade dis- trust question and a reopening of the Mrs. Pankhurst said that she did not
I.owever. was not allowed io piss wltli-;01lt Inal th,, diplomats of the mother I put us in Canada    during    November. | llgbt  over  a literacy  test  for  immi- expect to be arrested before Mondav
giants are dividing a'tention of the1 as the license under which she had
when  there  were;house with the new economy program;been released did   not   expire   unti'
and also with No-! that was launched yesterday by   the. then, and she announced her Intention
"economy     conference"     of     house   ___________________________________________
leaders. i (Continued on Page Eight.)
j '
i    Glasgow.     Dec.   W.���The     Unionist
���candidal-.' won lh" by-eh .'.ion yister-j
day   for th*.:   South   Lanarkshire  seat
in parliament left vacant by the death
jof    Sir Waller    Menzlea,    a   Liberal |
! bome   ruler.    The   vote  was  as  follows:
I    W. Watson, Unionist, 4257; G. Mor
nut an avalanche of protests from
many in the audience nnd much of the
wind wus taken out of the sails of the
speaker when on being asked to name fa|r n|1(, _ ,hc |nte.P_._ of Canada
tlie parties, allegud, to have been given!	
promise of assistance, he stated tliey
were in such circumstances and positions that it. would work a hardship
on them If their names wer.' divulged.
The "Blue Book."
Tho "blue hook" was ever tn evidence, for while Mr. Fraser performed
the role of vivlsctor of financial figures Inserted therein, Councillor Macpherson took the stand that criticism
of thn financial report was an Insult
and that the booklet  was a work of
�� S&^73^^|& L.hera.,-4006   M, Glbb.   ..bor.
SMft an ram'pTof'wnarBu0;,^!    The liberal, claim the result Is an
reslly stood for and IU advantages.      endorsement    cf    the'����"��������"��,
Advocate, Retrenchment Irish policy, as the Liberal and Labor
Retrenchment was ever In t'ie ad- candidates arc both home rulers and
-dress made by Mr. Fraser. Armed together polled 1400 vafcs more than
with figures compiled by the last three jthe Unionist
-councils the West Burn-'.iy gentleman]  - -
toM his hearers that ".ther a general
TWllcv of spending less money must
go Into cried or t'ie people must pay
moro 1-xes.
Hi1 advocated a policy that would
save from $80,000 to $100,000, annually
which wou'd bring the tax rate down
from 20 mills to 15 mills.
Here are aome of the proposed reductions in expense**:
Present Proposed
J18S50       * 8'000
��1��,700    �� 7,000
Mlniclpal  Government
*37,000   ��18.000
Sundry Payments.
*34,000 -  $17,000
Schools���Careful economy but good
education  necessary.
Hall and grounds-Cut expense In
half. ,
Bond Issues.
Mr. Fraser took to task the Increasing bond Issues made by the councils
of 1911, 12-13. Hc exp'nlnotl that In
1910 Burnaby owed $;152,000. ln 1911
It wat Increased by $924,000, while In
1912 the council not only submitted
oountry  had always looked after thc I mi:!, a favorable showing in comparl-
Interesis cf British    North    America, j son   with   Octcber,
lie claimed  Hie  final  settlement   was inine in existence.
vember,  1*12.
were recorded.
iu  which    month
States He Can if Necessary
I'ut in Service 1,000,000
Armed Men.
Immigration Problem May Lead to Revolution in India���Hindus and Mohammedans
Unite to Demand What They Consider Justice���Recent Occurrences in Natal Be*
ing Minimized���Careful Supervision of News Dispatches���Difficulties of Imperial
Government Two-fold���British Columbia Vitally Interested.
Mexico City, Dec. 14.���Replying to
a letter sent him by the correspond-
ent of the Frankfurter Zeitung, President lluerta said If it became necessary hu could put into service more
than 1,000,000 - armed men., This
statement he explained as follows:
"Without counting the 150,000
men of the national army, the govern-
bylaws aggregating (625,000, hut nlso I ment In agreement with various
paved the way for the 1913 council to states of tlie republic, has organized
���mtlfy additional bylaws aggregating an armed force for tbe local service
*ui0.000, which could be placed to the 0f 10,000 armed men for each state,
���credit of the 1912 council. The spell.-1 Also the government haa arranged
at crltlclr.ed the present council tor|w_th 62,000 ranch owners that they
submitting bylaw* totalling $1,190,000 keep ten aimed workmen  aech for
their own protection.
"Thus the government counts upon
the number of armed men aggregating 700 and some thousand without
taking Into consideration the reserves
whicb to the number ot 309,000 could
be organised If the pence of tlie
country be disturbed."
President Huerta'a reply to a question regarding Mexico's lnten.at.qnal
relations waa
London, Dec. 14.���The British aad
Indian governments are very seriously concerned over recent occurrence.-!
ln South Africa arising out of what
the Bast Indians consider discrimlna
tory' explanation againat them. An
effort is being made to minimise the
seriousness of the situation, whicb
was accompanied by a general atrlke
of thousands of Bast Indians In Natal put down,
ind riots ln which aeveral were; A rebellion to India would be a
killed. .very serious matter under any hit*
The Influence of the government cumstancer, but there Is the added
has been sufficient to induce the difficulty now that Hindu* and Mo-
press of the country to print nothing hammedans are united In demanding
but favorable news and comments, J wbnt tbey consider ta Justice to Um
while a very careful supervision   ot; Indian subjects of hla majesty.
doni'iior.s as to what immigrants authorities wltb a view to further
they shall admit, without arousing, legislation to restrict the Immigration
particularly in South Africa, a storm of Indiana to the Pacific provinoe, bas
tbat might lead to   a   demand   for,alio caused a great deal   of   alarm
separation from the empire; and ln
India It ts realised by the authorities
that it would not take a great deal to
fan the tire into a rebellion that would
tax the resources ol the empire to
among those who know tbe seriousness ot tbe situation. Fof, ln tbla
eaae, although probably not to tba
aame extent, aay steps by the Imperial government to prevent soeh
a move would arouse hostility In
Canada/ant mlgbt jeopardise the pra-
posala (or assistance from tha Demla-
lon In the matter of naval defence.
Another Thorti.
Th* Anglo-Japan*** alliance, too, la
Evidence That Theft of "Mona Lisa"
Waa Long Contemplated���Had
Name* of Americans.
Paris, Dec. 14.���Detective Nicausse
has   made   an   important   discovery
among  the effects of Vincenzo  Perugia, which seems to throw fresh light I state department,
on bis theft of "Mona Usa." The dis-; by Villa   that   no   cipher   message*
covery tends to show that in tahlngi���" 'ir^^tt
body that   they
Spanish interests, but chiefly by
Spanish, and placed in command of
tbe store General Chao, a rebel
He a'.so seized a brewery, a clothing factory and all the grocery and
other Btorea owned by Spaniards,
.valued at 93.500.000. He called a
meeting of merchants and all nationalities and told tbem they must pay
him sums *i money, aggregating several million dollars, to support the
revolution. He gave orders that the
so-called constitutionalist money
should be accepted as currency.
Expats  Spaniards.
Villa's, expulsion of citizens ot
Spain, all of whom were progressive
merchants, was on pain of death. At
first he informed them they muat be
out of the country in five days, but
later after an appeal by Harry Soo-
bell, the British vice-consul, he extended the tlm* to ten days. The
Spaniards were not allowed to take
away anything; except personal effects
and were told never to return.
Marion   Letcher, the United Statea
consul, was asked by tbe foreigners
to protect them. Mr. Letcher attempt-'
ed to send a cipher message to   the
but was informed
.   graph.    VlUn then
the picture from the Louvre, Perugia :eign conguj, ^   a
was not actuated by purely patriotic
motives, as he pretended was the case
and that the theft was long contemplated.
Among the masg of miscellaneous
would have to obey rebel orders.
Threaten* Oerman Consul.
Otto   Kueclt, the German   consul,
protested to Villa against the exaction
] of tribute from Germans. Villa threat-
papers were two note books dated De-|ened Kueek. saying the' latter would
cember, 1910, the time when Perugia
was. employed by decorators engaged
at the Louvre ln -placing glasses on
pleturea The writing ln the note
books the detective* say. Is in the hand
of Perugia.
The first book contains tbe name*
ot celebrated multi-millionaires, Including Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan. John D. Rockefeller and other*.
The second contain* a list of art dealer* and collectors not only In Rome.
Florence and Naples, but in Hamburg,
Berlin, Frankfurt and other cities.
be escorted to the border lf he persisted in hi* protest A store in
which Kueck waa Interested waa required to pay |30,000.
Rebel* Fall in Attack.
Mexico City, Dec. 14.���The rebela
bave tailed In tbelr attack on Tampico and bave withdrawn some distance fram tbe city.
Unofficial messages reaching bet*
today fully corroborative the war
olllce report mt the rebel defeat yeaterday a* a r**ult ot a bombardment
by two federal gunboats aad federal
field artillery. They do not, however, bear out the idea ot a rout
in pos*e*ftoa ot the railroad yarfi
througboot the battle, the fabMn,
when they war* driven off. remained
sufficiently ooet In the fhee mt tho
fttriona fire to tak* away with the*
eyery locomotive and mott ot th*
rolling atock.
That tha rebel
ia emphaaiied thtmmm* advice*
add that the tWfaard* which
preying a tmmn 1* th* side of the
Britiah empire'now thai th* vartena
It la not often that the two sect* [ dominion* ar* attracting Immigfaata
join together,   but   in ��iU case tbey
bave been acting aa one and hav*
been balding Joint meeting* ot protest
nnd making Joint representations .to
tbe Indian oltloe. 3fte meetings have
been scarcely notiesd ln th* papers,
although tb* sp**cbe* delivered at
���ome ot them have been of such an
knowing that the previous year's bonds
were not sold whloh brought the grand
total of $1,716,000 for which the municipality Is'issuing treasury certificate* in order to obtain money. Mr.
Fraser was roundly cheered when he
resumed hfs seat.
Macpherson'* Platform.
The supporter* of Councillor Macpherson let loose with a vehemence
when he was Introduced and this section ot the crowd wa* ln It* element
when he commenced to assail Mr. Fra-
news In regard to the suppression ot
the disturbances ln South Africa la
made before ils appearance In the
Indian paper*.
On Troubled Waters.
Viscount Hardinge, viceroy cf India,
ha* tried to pour oil on the troubled
waters bv expressing hi* sympathy
with the Kast Indians tn South Africa
and asking for thorough^ Investigation Inflammatory character that oa other
by the imperial authorities, and th*; occasions the aneaJmra would have
Marquis ot Crewe, secretary Ot state bead oh*rg*d with sedition,
for India, In replying to a deputation Another matter irritating ths In-
of Indiana, has likewise expressed dlana I* that tbey hav* found ont that
himself In favor of an Investigation.'some ot the men who prote**ed to be
AU thl*, however, baa mt bad much heart aad *oul in th*lr campaign tar
effect on the Indians, or at any rate, {redress war* in tha pay ot th* lm-
those living In th* British Isl**. They;serial gotJnun-snt. Oa* very prom-
are thoroughly aroused aad are   d*> Inent Indian, who** speeches
any eveat the weatern provisos* 0<
Canada, hava declared tor a "%Mts. ___..-..:_..___, -._.._:___, ._____���____,
man'a country" aaa their law* aim s< TMttgWi**m*****^J*Mm*.,,   .
the exclusion of all ���rteotal* whether ^^ggWJ^igg*__.*3___ T-WwiWH:
Britiah subject*, aa the Indhms. er
tU Japaaase. Ow sahjeats at 'har aUy
"I can simply say that we ar* at spoctive countries.
mending equal treatment tor their fel'
low subjects ln all the British dominions, practically all of which ha+e
adopted or contemplate adopting laws
to keep tbe Indians out ot their rs-
ot lb* raeetiags, n|M vary
upo* sedMon. has bain tound
beea In tha pay ot tlm Indian
ment tor yean, aa* |�� te noa
-,r ...u his committee, the latter in peace with all tha world. If It Is true
narttoular for what he claimed a star i that one great people he* withdrawn
-**"*""    . iy, good and important friendship, tt
(Oontinued on Page Five.)
ts not we who are to blame.'
F**r Rebellion.
The difficulties ot th* Imperial government are two-fold.   It Is pointed
out that* it   cannot   dictate   to  ths
Is Laee to:**m I.
Ottawa. -Oae. 14.-th* death i
department�� a
Twelve Penom Injewd im a,,!^^^-^*
mm.        a ea'      __   ������1* ''*'i��     ���_-    tT,..7_!?*T^'--.'.j.-**.'-:'^T***~^^*;*Ty* IT
Wreck on Senta Fe Near |g28g**K? *_~imn*m*iL.te*
**^*^W   ***m*M*mW   ^*^^**^^ *^^*^ ���^~***^^^^^^***_jr    ^^*
natohato mm jfjmf j*****J i*m
Freaao. Cal, Dan. H.-"-Tw��lw'.wtU*
^m mtam _____d___o________l __________ a^________________m
win    njwNi. o-wrn    prop
tfcUllr  vfcn >k�� __m________\ ___***
*mm***wm^sm*f f ������ i mmawttwmm ������   m^atw..   ^^^***m^^���**^^smm    ~*^^^m*m
tram all parts of the w*rtd. AattnU-. m pssaee_g*r limited emNfcrttttet-t*
aale,- New Zealand -aad Canada, oral _-
i-mr ma* mt ________*er nwthhatmd *t*a*
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Ottawa. Da*.
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MONDAY,  DECEMBER  15,  1913.
l**f>&**llXll. "> _tW|- i_.-m "
An independent morning waver denoted to the inter sts of New Wettmintter snd
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mxsntt), Hl'l
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moMfH.    llv mail, S'l per gear, 'He per mo-ntA.
ADVBRTlSlNQ RATBB un appUcatirin.
That Quebec gentlemen, who stated that to bring back
the farming industry and induce farmers' sons to follow
in the footsteps of their fathers the government must
adopt some system of assisting the man on the land, knew
what he was talking about.
While there are undoubtedly other influences that
have tended to raise the cost of living to the point which
it now occupies above the height of the ordinary man, still
it must be confessed that the general trend of movement I
from the land to the city has had a great deal to do with
affairs as they now exist. What the country needs is more
farmers and if men who are capable of going to the soil
and making it produce will not do so of their own free will,
then it is up to the government to offer them some inducement to turn their attention to things agricultural. ���
The suggestion from Quebec is to the effect that the
government build small houses and barns on available land
and give this to capable farmers at low cost and easy terms
in an effort to counteract the drawing influence which the
city seems to have on the present generation.
The country must have farmers. It is an old.and
moss-grown expression that one, relative to the agriculturist being the spinal column of the country, but it is
true, in spite of the misusage politicians have given it.
Therefore, it is easy to figure what will become of the
land when it loses its backbone. It will not be able to
stand up.
With food prices travelling higher all the time, something must be done to relieve the strain and the natural
thing is to provide a greater supply. This can be accomplished by the government holding out some inducement
to bona fide farmers to go back to the land, and the Quebec plan to supply them with a ready-made piece of ground
and buildings looks like the best suggestion so far.
Higher education in the attic of the high school has
been condemned by the provincial inspector.
When ice floes break in the north an Arctic explorer
and his ship are soon parted.
Now that the stolen Mona Lisa is said to have turned
up safe and sound, it might be worth while to know who!
got away with that silver handled umbrella last week.
The labor men have launched their municipal campaign and it is reported it took to the civic water like a
assert, eats up any profit there may
lie in building up B clientele of family buyers, and at that does not Include the cost of transferring the apples from orchard to railway. The
opinion is expressed that the parcel
post expansion may offer a solution to
Ihls problem.
"We have alri'aily handled a number of 20-pound parcels," said Mrs.
Wilson, "the patrons of the route using   the   mail m   sand packages   of
laundry, fruit and other articles, an
well as In getting in merchandise, lt
Is likely that they will take advantage
of the new regulation."
Shrewd Jap Diplomat
Gives Views Qn China
After Careful Consideration He Comco
to Conclusion That Japanese Civilization Is Superior to That
of Chinese.
Forest  Branch of the Provincial Government  to   Have  Samples
Thoroughly Tested.
Victoria. Dec. 14. Under an arrangement arrived at between Hon. W.
H. Hosb, minister of lands, and the
British Columbia Shingle and Lumber
Manufacturers' association, the forest
branch  will have samphs of Douglas
fir submitted to the most exhaustive
series of tests with a view to standardizing this timber for the commercial market.
Several months ago the United
states government made a grant to
the forestry school of tlie university
of Washington al. Seattle I'or the purpose of determining the breaking
Strength, durability and other features
of this wood; and the agreement to
prosecute this work in this province
will lie warmly welcomed by the lumbermen.
The tests will probably he carried
out hy experts of the Dominion gov-
renment at McOill university at Montreal, and thc publication of these figures will, :; is expected be an important factor in making this wood more
widely known among th'.' architects
and buyers in the east.
Tlie practical monopoly enjoyed by-
yellow pine as a building material in
Ontario and other eastern provinces is
believed to be du.', not to any Inherent superiority of the timber Itself,
but to the fact that the qualities of
yellow i^lne have been standardized
for several years and its properties
are well known to builders and contractors.
With the adopttion of a system of
standardization It is believed that the
exportation of Douglas fir from this
province will Increase rapidly and the
results of the experiments will be
eagerly awaited by the lumber industry of this coast.
A recent EUuter's agency dispatch
to a London daily sa. s:
Another Instalment of the memoirs
of the late County lla.ashi is published. The count had Intended to write
a complete history of Japanese diplomacy from 1871 to 1808, but only a
very mail portion, comparatively, of
what would have been an Inestimable
work was completed liy the d.ceased
statesman,    Afier  sketching out  the
I contents In Skeleton form, he commenced lo write certain chapters, and
[those which arc known to bc completed arc only the chapters dealing with
ithe triple intervention an dthe treaty
I of Shitnoceski, ths conference with
Russia on the Korean question, the
Japanese policy toward China, the An-
e.io-.iapnncse alliance, and Japan's policy toward China after the war.
Sir Claude MiicdonaM, iu a letter to
the newspapers after   the   portions
'dealing with the first treaty of alii
ance bad been published, claims thai
I Count llayashl would never have per-
I mltted   bhe  publication  had  he  been
alive. As a matter ol  ful. Count  lln-
yashi would not only have permitted
publication, but  hod  requested
The announcement that the British political leaders
are trying to settle the Ulster question sounds as though j
there was trouble in the raincoat business.
The firemen are going to hold a dance to add more
coin to their Santa Claus fund. It doesn't matter whether
you dance or not, chip in anyway.
The Passamaquoddy Indians of Maine elect their own
governor. Poor things! They should be allowed some
special privilege for having to carry that name around.
A Chinese laundryman ran amuck in Regina this week
and busted the deanery with flat irons. Perhaps he went
crazy trying to figure out thc real meaning of one of his
laundry tickets.
An exiled Mexican says Huerta isn't a strong man.
He may be right, but at that it is reported the trouble
factory of the southern republic can carry a powerful
load of booze.
Victoria, Dec. 14.���Unless some provision be made relative to tli? regulations governing physical drill, it would
appear as i: the existence of the High
School Cud'ts. the B.nior corps of Its
kind in th province, wlll he terminated. Tli" BUbJecl was discussed at
the regular monthly meeting of the
hoard of school trustees lasi evening
and. after tli" members of the hoard
had expressed their desire Hint the
corps Bhould lie continued and nothing allowed to terminate its existence. Superintendent Paul was Instructed to Interview Colonel Hoy and
Mr. Cunningham, the latter physical
director at the high school, with a
view to so arranging drill hours that
the cadet corps should have stated
drills during the school  hours.
The trouhle appears to he that since
the adoption cf the terms of the
Strathcona trust, physical drill must
he given to lhe high school pupils, and
th? time for tiie cadet drill cannot,
therefore, he wel Ispared, It is the
Intention, alter the holidays, to eliminate the cadet military drill. At present the cadets get two periods weekly,
a prac:.ce whicb has heen followed
for the last eight years, lint with the
necessity of physical drill as called
for under tlie- Strathcona trust, lhe cadet drill must he eliminated unless
other arrangements can he made. Col
(toy, D. IO. <'.. has taken the matter
up witn the department of education
which, in turn, las referred it to the
���school boad The suggestion has heen
made that, if possible, the drill required hy the Strathcona trust he
Joined wilh that given tiie cadets, and
thus serve both purposes.
that the reminiscences should be published on his retirement from political
life, without even waiting until bla
Recall  of  Viscount Aoki.
With  regard  to the s ictlon  dealing
with the Japan-American I eaty, the
memoirs clear up once ami for ail tiie
doubt which has existid as to the r a-
sons for tlie sudden recall of Vise mni
. Aokl from Washington in December,
IHOT. It appears that the Japanese
ambassador drafted :' treat) between
.lapan and America which lie submitted   to   the   president   of   the   United
.States and obtained his approval of
it, and only thereafter Informed tti*
Japanese foreign off lee of what hc
had done.
The section of Ihe memoirs relating
to ihe Franco-Japanese agreement is
principally Interesting for the explanation that the policy of Japan was directed to the creation and maintenance of a sphere of Influence, a policy
! which probabiy still continues today.
although tie significance of the ipbere
iof Influence was hidden by the careful
drafting of the text.
Tho most interesting portion to the
world al large of the Japan se statesman's apologia his to do with the
policy   of  Japan   towards  China,  and
, his  outspoken   discussion   of  Chinese
land  Japanese  modes of thought  and
i action.
Dwelling on  the situation after ths
IRusso-Japanese war. Count llayashl
describes at i iuch length th efforts
made to est.ill.sii gocd relations with
China. Til" following passages arc
worthy i f not' :
Crabbing   Policy   cf   Scldierr.
"G nerally speaking,   soldiers   who
have  wen   battles  have  tioae  liy   by
making b:k r':i'*i s.  cen , :  what  they
value   mest   ::i   the   world    lhelr   own
��� lives. Natural!;.-, the want to gain
fame, they want to appropriate, as a
resull of victory and risk, as many
privileges as possible, which shall
crown their success In arms. This is
only human nature. ... It is easy to
Imagine bow boastful and aggressive
jour soldiers were after the Husso Japanese war. By what they did there
after the war we have lost not only
the good will of these Chinese, but
also won the criticism of the Europeans and Americans. It cannot, be
denied that such conduct disturbs the
Bmooth  working of diplomacy."
Writing upon Chinese diplomacy th"
Count  said. "It   is  often   treacherous.
, so we were prepared to heat the Chinese at their own gam". We could not
say oti every occasion. 'Ves, yes. we
lairee' to whatever the Chinese asked
Inferior to the Chinese.
''As  China  is tiie ancient sourc of
;one cf the greatest civilizations in the
.world." he moralizes, "one must recognize lhat civilized Institutions and
customs are already Iher.'. On th" oth'
er hand, the Japanese have Imported
'tiie civilization of the west only during  tec-at  years  and  have  ttmi fa ted
It, and thoy may thing when they
come to China and associate with the
Chinese that they are really In no way
inferior lo lhe hitt, r, llut if the Japanese will only strip off their gold
braid, they will find that they have
only left that which they Imported originally from China, and consequently it Is clear thai ttfry are behind the
Chinese in every point of civilization.
"Those Chinese who arc In tlio upper strata of society, though differently educated than us, are all very well
educated, They are not bumptious or
conceited as ihe Japanese are. hut
they are very learned and leisurely,
and skillful In the use of diplomatic
language. Ilesldes, their standard of
living is much higher than that of tin*
Li Hung Chang's Simple Life.
"When I went lu call on 1.1 Hung
Chang," writes Count llayashl. "1 was
slum n Into a sort of rest room, which
was not very spacious, the bed being
rather coarse and cheap, similar to
beds used In soldiers' barracks. The
floors were hare, there being no rugs,
nnd the chairs were uf hard wood in
plain western Style. I.I Hung Chang
when 1 entered was silting on a rubber air cushion. He arose and off' nil
nie Ihe cushion, hut I said: 'I am a
young man and do not need It. Vou
are an old man, so do not mind mc
ConUnue to sit on It as ynu m m doing When 1 entered' 'I have heen rery
ill,' he said, 'and cannot very well sit.
,1 pleaBB excuse me,' and resum d tin*
i ushlon."
The poor pay of 111 ' Chinese offi
rial and liis resort lo bribery to sup-
plemenl liis income was noted hy tbe
i !..-��� rv.int count. Th.se official salaries; he tells us. were fixed oenturei
ago, and continued without change
"As Ihey could not he altered tlle officials were comp lied to get extra
revenue from somewhere else. The
result wa3 that th" l'ekln officials
wouid take tribute money from the
provincial officials, and lhe provincial
Officials    would    take    tribute money
from the people. This system event
ually came to bc recognised as a part
of lhe system of salaries. Such a
system is. indeed, a vary lad one. but
it cannot necessarily bs called one
of bribery.
$50 Pinned to Visiting Card.
"We often hear people say that in
o:der to meet an official in China, on"
his to attach a five-dollar note to one's
visiting card. Otherwise the servants
of the house would not usher one in.
When 1 was in Pekin I heard that In
order to meet a prince of the blood or
a high official a Chinese would have
to attach a fifty-dollar note to his visiting card, hut even thess cases cannot he called bribes. It would be more
correct I.) call them a system of commission which was general thoughout
th" country.
"The officials of China are always
trying to save the face of the nation
hy any means. This saving of the face
it tiie first consideration of Chinese
officials In any diplomatic dealings In
which ihey may be engaged If Hi"
Chinese go' ernm nl should yield only
'. i per cent of what ii demanded, tbe
remainder would he left undisturbed,
yel a- i! ffl ,a!~ are anxious to gave
tin- national face it decs imt lik" to
;.-."id .-uni eventually loses the whole
ion pei ci nl
"The   i BSence   of   China's    :    *.
policy   is   playing     ofl     one     power
againat another."
Concluding tics    sectioiMttbf count
writes: "In dealing with China wi
want to take plent] or time, to regs
all the provincial and local problems
rf that country, to insist ii[sin our
claims, and to explain patiently and
steadily tho reasons for llie position
we take up. We '-'-ould be ready '
reciprocate and then wait until tin-
convention  is  finally  signed  up."
Portland. Ore.. Dec. 11. fright,
presumably from being held np or ae-
COSted, caused the death of Mrs. It
J. Princ3, wife of ll. J. I'rlnce, a merchant, last night.
Mrs. Prince rushed Into the Elton
Court where she lived and fell prostrate in tho doorway. No Intelligible
explanation of h"r fright could be obtained. aB she died whli" trying vainly to tell her husband what had hap
pened. The coroner holds the theory
that fright caused heart failure. Mrs.
Prince waa C5 years old.
President Wilson of the United States has such a bad
cold he has been forced to cancel his engagements for the
next day or so. It's good betting that Woodrow was
tickled to death to get a chance to stick around the White
House fireplace for one evening in his carpet slippers.
��   The provincial labor commission is due to report its
findings some time in January.  If time in gathering data
counts for anything that report --'could have an encyclopedia looking like a vest pocket edition of a piece of sport |
chatter. "
BLACKt    MIXED     Of)   Free Sem��lee mell.d on .mull*.
NATURAL GREEN/*-'���' "���alaoa," T..o���t..
661 Columbia Street
OUR OLD COUNTFIY FINE  ART  CALENDARS  have  arrived    Vou should see them, they are real
i'i* timi     In i'ii different Bubjects  to  cho-cse  from,  any one of them worthy of being framed,
a : thtra are after some well  known  paintings, the oolorlpj being so perfect as to give the imp res-,
iii ���     '       mine art copies.
Parcel Post Doer Not Feaze Her���-Nev/
Regulation Will Help Apple
Kiesllng, Wash., Doc. 14. Mrs.
Charles Wilson, mall carr er on the
rural free delivery route onl of Kiel
ling and one. of the few women rilling such a position in the west, waa
not one of the Spokane county rural
carriers who met Sunday and dla
cussed the new par-eiM post regulations
admitting 60-pound parcels lo thi
malls. She faces the prospect ol In
creased business undismayed and -\
���presse* a preparedness to handle anj
traffic that reBultB from the new meat,
The rural route from Klesllng embraces 21 miles of hilly roadi-. some
���toep ascents and many stretches of
'highway that are nearly Impassable
In had weather, Mall carrier ha vi-
heen known to remark on particularly
bad days  that  thoy could  not have
completed their renin!'*, had they had
"one mon* letti r to carry."
Af a box ol apples comes within
tin* 60-pound welghl limit of the pro-
p isi ii parci I po I t ^tension It ls prob'
able that the carrier on tbe Kb*, ling
route will be culled upon to handle
constdi .able rtuit There are 600 acres
of orchard traversed by this H. I'. O
route. Many of the orchardiata along
tha line bave th dr private customers
In Spokam
T n pri il ���' '��� '.;''���' for delivering
apples In small quantities are so expensive as I ' be n!:ii"st prohibitive un-
the grower himself peddles the
apples. The recent experience of one
frull growe: Is typical, Delivering two
bi ses *' apples at the local express
Office    li"    paid    30    cents    advance
charges for shipment outside the one-
mile circle In Spokane, Later, he discovered that the consignees had been
obliged to p'aj an additional 60 cents.
Total d livi , charge, 40 centa per
The minimum transportation cost for
one bi ������* ol apples from this point to
any outlying resldenci district in Spokane ig 70 cents, which, the producers
'���     ' Is entitled "Ths rails
of Ne '��� :ie of rare beauty
Ths h is   succi eded   in
portrayii this    low ly   scone
with  ph * I - iphic   fidelity.
N"    2    Named   "Try   Again,"
h ..���*., in     picture    of
chl'd life, In play The amused
e*. pri i of the children as
thi -��� **  * h : " young pup falling
In ill* * tt mpl to mount the steps
is tni" to life,
"Buckingham Pal-
"ace" ,i sl Iking iand nnlistie
portrait of that, famous Itoyal
rcpiil' ncc.
No. 4. "Betty," a picture that
will appeal to every lover of
real  art.
6.    "Her    Ladyship,"   a
;ind wliite study of loveli-
N'o. 6 "At the Kerry." a typical old English scene, reminding
us of Bngland, home and beauty.
No. 7. "Napoleon at llon-
logne," a strikingly characteristic picture or the great emperor surrounded by his marshals.
No. 8. "Hern He Comes," a
true picture of domestic foil-
city. The scene is one of the
stately   homes   In   -England,
No.  B.���"Christmas Eve," an
appropriate picture for tlie present season.
No. 10.-���"Bringing Home the
Truant." a child's picture of
home  life.
Any one of Ihe foregoing examples of fine art Ccjendars
will be given away FREE, to
evi ry purchaser of poods to the
UPWARDS, so that no one need
deny themselves the pleasure of
possessing one specimen of Old
Country Pine Art Calendars.
We  Have Also Started a Regular  Clean-up Sale
which Bhould prove a real boon to many as the prices are so low lhat It Is easy to havo a good pair
of I 'en. Our quality Is always the best procurable. See our window, Door and Inside arrangements
for Bargains galore. ,
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule    Trains leave New Westminster at li. 7. 7:30, 8,
8:30 and H a.m., and every _0 minutes    thereafter    until    8:30     p.m.
After 8:30 service every 30 minutes   with   last   car  leaving  at   midnight.
Week day schedule- Trains leave New Westminster at 6, 5:45. 0,
G: 15. tl:3u. tl: .5, 7. 7:15, 7:30. 7:45 and 8 am., and every SO minute*
until 4 p.m., Krom 4 p.m. to 830 p.m. a 15 niltiutn service will be
given After 8:30 p.m. a 30 minute service wllh Isst car at midnight
Saturday service- Karly morning schedule thu same as on week
days, but lifter 8 a.m., a 15 minute service will bu given until midnight
Through trains for t'hllllwack leave New Westminster dally at
9-30 a.m. and 1:10, 3:35 and 5:46 p.m.. TralnB leave Chllllwack dally
for return trip at 6:10 am. and 9:30 a.m. and 1:10 and 545 p m.
Dally Express service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:f,n
a in  anil 3:36 p.m.
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E. 11   BOOKLIN, N   HI-.AliUt_l.Ell,
fret and Deal   Mir -'��� ��� if��*ld*ut
M*o aad Traaa
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phone* No   7 and 177.
Phone* 15 and 11. M2 Columbia Street W.
Wholesale and retail dealers iu the famotiB Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal will, without doubt, boll more water
than  any other coal on  the  market
We also have a limited supply of Old Wellington (Ladysmlth)
coal for stove and grate.
We carry a good stock of building material, including Vancouver
brand of i'ortland Cement. This cement is being used by the l>o
minion and l'rovlncial Governments and all the large corporations
and contractor* In the province, it ls ground very fine and Is very
uniform. Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
Bewer pipe, drain tlle. common aud pressed brick, fire clay nnd flre
Our Interior Klnlsb Is manufactured from timber ipeclallr selected for Flai Grain,
Wa are also specialising in Kir Doors with Veneered Panels.
which ur,- better ln construction, moro beautiful and no more ex-
pensive than the old solid raised panel doors,
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Local Sales Department, I'hone 890.
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berths  of .
F.   C.   MEYERS,   Agent.
New Weatmlmter, B.C. Phonee 203, 341, 1296.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      LtURN OH.     ���
P.  O.   BOX   4-1J
MONDAY,   DECEMBER   15,   1913.
11    J     A.    HUHNK-IT,   AUDITOR
A ui,nun. Xsl >t.  '-"��� iti'iiui 1
P. II. Smith. W. J. (IrovM
Wniu   utniertski'n    tn   city    und   outsld
l��.lii' .     111-11    W, .<lmtlinti r    Trust    lll'll
Phone   31.4,     P.   0.   Hu��   M7.
jjiinK I'^ii^ui'itn, l.ueal Hi, masts ll
Labor Tampls every Mmt nml thlr.
Thursday of lbs month, n McLaughlin
-president: W, i:. Huuiuli-ra. Mtoretar)
V   i). llox MIS.
Superintendent of the Experimental '-"an
Farm at Indian Head Sask., Moved
Into tbe West Before the Three Pro
vinces Were Joined and Has Been
on tbo Farm Ever Blnce���Popular is
tbo West. ���^���^^H
Who  Knows Telis of Trail  and
Su^j'-sts   Improvcmentt���
Frcichting  Easy.
"I  sin frum  my bouse hy  the side ol  m��
the rond��� wi,K beld last, bight
ily the siile of the highway of life,
Tbs men  whu press with  the ardor oi (i|,j(.|,.r trull  and
hope, I   ���   .. .    ,	
Till- men whu nre faint with strife.      mark
But   I  turn not nwny frum their        ' '
H. A V O. Of Klka (if the 1). of Q��� mer
tlif tllal anil llilnl Thiii��,lny at S p. m
K. ut P. Hull. KlKhth ��tr..l A Will
Ony, Hsulu-d Kul-r , P. It. Smith. Si-i
O O. M.. NO. S-�� ��� MRKTH Ot
flrat. BSeond, third and fourth VrsdOSI
day in eaeb month st 8 p. ro
in ths Moose Boms. tl. J. Cntnj
dictator; \v. j. Groves, seerftan
Headquarters of l-nin-* In See llona*
Corner of Fourth nnd Carnarvon atrtiet
1. 0, 0. K. AM1TT LODOB NO. 17���Th
riyuiii iii'-i'IMik uf Amity IoiIk* N,
���27. I. O. O. K.. ll hold every Monda
nnrht at n o'clock In Odd Fallow*' Hal
oorner  Carnarvon  and  ictKhtb  streeti
VU'.llns     tii-i-thcrn      cordially     Invited
ii. a Miniihiw. Na.i il w. Bangstsi
V. il.; W. C. Conttmm. P. O , racort
Imr aicrrtnrv: J.  W.  MacDnnnld. flnar.
clal Monetary,
IV   E, KAI.BS--Pioneer Funeral DlrsatS
anil Kr-i|,.*ilim-r. IIMH Asii"i ilri'l
ui'pual.., Csnugis Library.
.  turned  from
  who was  In charge
���Of  fhe  expedition   that   located   and  two
.         1 lbe trail ("irons the Nlzinn nnd
"*"'" Shushanna  glaciers,  made  a detailed
i, ,, ,   _���    . ,  ,.     , ,.*.....-'. "    work done   Mr. Hazelet
Both are psrtiotian infinite plani      HtirtP(1  from Cordova on  -September
live in the house by the side oi %> __ _���  nil,llK1 _,.,.���_,.,, ,.   (,   ,.���.,���
II     II.   Tlbbs.   Malcolm   Nelson
m_^^m__���_____^_ {.Maddux. James Clark und	
In the West the name of Angus Mur   ""; w!'," _��?! ! "'"' .��"���'",*'''��       .
household e.presisun. l,,'H,���Br ,.*'";��� 1,'"lrt'* aupervlSMl thf work nn-
......    i_   i . til October if. whin be   ef   the men
ty-iU   years   is   bus    mean ,������    _^ '    ,.���,, r,.llm���.,, ,��� r,ir.
ii'nd.hu. nnd counsel to the farmer ol        . ,
I if plains Says Norman l.nmbert in Tu* . ,   .      .,       ,  .    .
_    '  ,,, ,   ��� .,    *.   .      ���   ,, again   returned   to  tha  inter:
runtn Ololie.    Mr. Mackay is the cupcr        . . . . .,.  , ...   ____,
���  ,     ,    ,    t .,     ,,     ���    ,     x- met bs men a   Ni/na on their n-ttirn,
niti'iulcnt  of the  Dominion   r.iperimen   ,,      .      , . ,.        ,    '
, , .,        .ii      n    i      i i   ���   .i   the having run oui of supplies, but
tni rurin nt  Indiini Head, ami he in the . ��#,_      _     *mw.**       *****
thi! rund
Ami be a friend to man.
,v ii�� i
i    twi
un , in .,. ���.	
only innsrintendont that Institution hns  ,
���   i'i..      .i      .i.i        .,    is a lew miles    aarass the
ever   hud.     More   than   that,   h��'   in   tiifl      i ., i   ,     ,
.  .____.., _ where they encountered bad
��� ���     A.....     .1*1,,_.
the guise of men have been cunlng.it at ho, i" or pay tor it somewhere
up ibe stakes along th" t rail. They else. He :���'*������' sent swaj with a warn-
have iiuii"ii the stakes up, taken all inn tliat. he would in* severely pun-
but eighteen Inches or two feel and | Ished If the HUIe boy was found on tbe
stuck iin in buck in ibe snow, nnd In I streets again,
many cases have taken I ie whoU One ot the saddest casts which tlie
siake. These people should be appro- cqnrt touched today was represented
bended and If there is no lav.  lu reach   by tiie iipp'-aiMiire uf two respectable
them something else should reach looking women who oame to make an
thi in appeal on behalf of a little lad of eiev-
"Agaln, many K" over the trail with   cn,  their brother.    The  child   wan  no
absolutely no equipment During the cruelly beaten by hls father that his
time 1 w;ih on the glacier tbe last married sister Intervened to save
trip   I   saw   moie   than   tw nty   men I him.
come oul   from   Bhushanna and  some      On  the first occasion  sho  succeed'
(to In who bad neither food, bedding,led, but her father refused to treat the
,,    ,'    ,        io     a uiu-cWl   ,now 'b-oee or even proper clothing, 1   boy any differently and told her that
Cordova, AlaSH*. Ueo, I-    i* sp    "     Hfiw  ,wo  ,���,.���   *a\vi\x\**\ 40 tundS or   IT the eared about him she OOUld taki-i
ng of the Chamber of commerce I grut) (JI, their backs without tent, bed  him away.    Her brother's tears dccld-
fleorge C. Haze- or wood.    Is it any wonder that some  ed the matter and Bhe took blm to her
���I      recently   returned   from   thel0'   tbem   get   frost   bitten  and   report   husband's   house.     That     was    some
let,   wno   r    en   j    ^     _____  ___  _,,_���__,_, :un   awful   time   on   the   trail.       Isaw   months ago and she and her husband
men who were traveling without are very poor. The father, however,
bed or snow shoes und practically no '��� refuses to pay a cent for the main-
provisions; they were pumping mor-* tenanee of liis non. He jnnt makes h
phlne into themselves and It is nc grim offer that "he can oome back
much wonder that, they found the trail here If his sister puts hltn out."
hard. The sinter  asks the court   to make
Favors Government Superviiion.        her father, who is comfortably off, pay
"What   our   government   should  do.  her something for the child. The court
but  never  has  done  on  any  trail.  Is  has   now   taken   the   matter   in   hand.
What   the  Canadian  government  does  The   father  has   been  ordered   to  ap-
place a police officer al each one of (pear before the judge.
the Starting polnta and see that every	
man Is properly equipped before he is1
allowed t" leave.    This would largely ; SHOULD BE   MORE CAREFUL
avoid   the   loss   of   life   and   prevent! WHERE THE EAT OYSTERS
much   suffering.     There    has  always,   I
been a loss or life and much suffer- Moscow, Idaho, Dec. 14.���Cooking'
Ing on every new trail. It is a penal- aml r,,.rVing their sweethearts an oys-
Iv the pioneer pays, but he does not | ter BUnDer In thp home of Mrs. Ara-
hesitate at that, any more than we slop 'b���|]a Haves, on Jefferson street, last
going lo Chicago because men freeze n|gjlt i���d to the arrest of Roy Oat-
lo death there. Therefore we may Un aml Koy Hricker. who were lodtt-
look to see some loss of life, others , ,,rt" ���*��� [hp c.|ty jan for the night for
frost, blttim and others have a terri- ; having entered a private house after
ble time, but if they do it's all owing |(I.lrl( without the permission of the
to their own  carelessness or lack of  0wne.'
preparation  and  good     Judgment, for;     The   voune   men   took   a   hack   and
there   Is   absolutely   no   reason   why , went ���fx miles into the country after
with  common    sense,    properly ilhe *��� i���8fcli Kdna   and   Iva   Kricksoi
Christmas Brew
This Is a special, creamy, amber brew, prepared for the Christmas trade. We have made special efforts to get something wlllch
should please the public. Send your order early as this particular
stook is limited,   Price same as
Kd. *
Dave Kint
Westminster Brewery
Phone 75 L
at Indian Head, and he is the 'h.lv[UK   completed   their   work   M   fa
Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships
Prince Rupert and Prince
Monil'iv*** and Thursdays at mld-
niuht  fur Prince  Rupert
midnight fi
and    Saluril.-ivK
������   Victoria  and   ���
at    12
ial lie.
IJ    miilnlfc'lit    fur
tlie   glacle
frie lhat
was   ;n" ' pted
was tendered
p.,ni -.,,   the   father,   of   agriculture   id , ,
',,.,.      ,      A   i   , , .   ,.   required  several  days
Western Cansda.   Saskatchewan is in*     i,���   n...,.i,,'_  -.,J_,
,, i u    i   . i i        Mr.     lazeii-t h   report
Province now, and Saskatchewan poopl-i      , ,      . ,u    ,.
,        , .i       ,,       , ,.ii  ti       i   . and   a   vole  of   thanks
claim hun an their Qrand Old  Mun. but  , .        ,_     ,. _      _,,   . ,,.     ...   .*.���.   -^
.,     ,,i      ,   ,,,,,>����� i In n   'or   the   splendid   wnrk   that   In*
Mi   Mni-kuv % held of influence knowi .   ,   . ., . , v.  .
., ' i i        i    ���       ii .    hai    done,   wlilch   means  so  much   to
ici Provincial liuiiiidiiries. He rami' inti   ,,       . ,  .       .        .   ,.     ,
,,     ...   . i        ,   ,.     ' ,,     .,        ,,        , the    business    Interests   of   Cordova.
tiie west long iii-tore the three 1 nunc ~ ,,,,   *. ���__ ,
,, h , ,       i .    -   i Outfitt Going In.
1 r".v" " Y"1 'r"1';1' ""' ll" '%l""'rn     "At laaat fifteen outfits, ranging In
snd remembered best, perhaps, for _,�� , ,_     ei   * t,
work during th   long, hard yesrs print ,(|n     haV(.        .��� , _
ii 1905. Early in July it was announced ,.    ,,    , .       , ���
-.,,���' . .i the diggings or are now o
MniKtiv   was being ret red ,.    . ...      ,        .,      _..       ,     ,.   ,.
. .     - a   of this since November l.   Int
Oranby  Tlay.
l-'ridav,    In*'*     12th,    at    12    mld-
nUlii I'or Queen Clxarlotte Islanila
Monday,   Dec   15th.   at   12   mld-
nlKlil   for  Stewart  .'Hid   Masset.
trains connect at Prince Rupert
With Monday and Thursday steamers from Vancouver for Terrace,
Haziltiin. Smithers; mixed trains
to  Rose Lak.   (mile 300.)
trains connect at Chicago with all
lines from the West.
1 ickets   to   and   from
nny steamship line you wish. We
have   them   all.
Wa   will   be  Bia.l   to  submit  an   Itinerary for yuur approval.
nt In
a   nou'Ru,   (HUCCEKRon  to  ckn
ter A Hanna. I.ld >���Mineral director
snd eiubelmars. Parlors 4CR Columhl
street.    New  Weatmlnster.    Phone  VII
���ter  Hoard of Trade meets In the boar,
room, City Hall, ���� follows: Third Kn
day of each mon'h; (iilarterly me����lnr
011 itie third Friday of February. Ma.
AusuHt and November ot tl inn Ac
nual meetings on tlie third Friday �����
tnnt   Angus __________^^
by titv florernmeul from the farm a
dian Head to lake a better position, and
from   Manitoba   to   Alberta,   from   the
boundary line to ths northerly limits of _   .
.1 belt, this general word ,la(rK
glaciir to
w on their way
ed Btates Commission!
Deputy   Marshal   Hoffman
to   Alberta,   from   the p0,',ds"taken In by
company   ��'hh
men   wna  common    �������-.    ���,_,,.... ,lne m,HBtB r,���,m   _u_    .,���     .,.������,
equipped cannot go throuEh to theUlgtera, aged 19 and 16, resnectivelf,
diggings quickly, safely and cheaply'Bnd aft(,r attending a "movie" show,
over this route. went to Mrs. Hayes' house and cooked
"I   have   had   some   experience   in * a fe6(] 0f oyaters.
  Mrs. Hayes was absent.    She is em-
Iniine iiaenur ,m  ..... F-��  ,    ployed at the Pleasant home boarding-
��� '   ' .-ire to go on record as saying ��� house.   She had recently asked neigh '
l   cvctt^
W. E.-Duperow, G.A.P.D.    H. G,
527 Granville St., Vancouver.
Smith, C.P. ���* T.A.
Phone Sey. 8134.
r Diamond and
    had   -.i'l'iii,	
jerry O'Leary and freighting through the coast region to
In ; the interior for the past fifteen years '.
Hcffner and  son.  ... iand .  .,        ^^^^^^^^^^^        _      _________________________
the aericulturul belt, tnis genera, ����.w compauy  witn  a  Mr.  chase,  took to frajStoaaba put from McCarthy i b"orB t0 rPport to the police if any one
La,   anoksnl     "There   is-nuthing   too  , Ml) poUmls with two horsrs; L��r��on        shu8hanna  over  the glacier route   wag  seen  about  the  premises  during
cood 1.1 thil wurld thst they can do lor _._._,  Hooker, 1.000 pounds of Window thaj) on,..ha|f 0, what |t will, her ahsence. !
),,���," glass with one horn; Angus Holl]���*'���-������    ohl ov(.r any other." |    Last  night  neighbors  notified    the
Angus  Mackay   came   to   the grea   JJ���       )ndg %vllh  d0g ,lpam;,v,',:u'.1'B^
Northwest   in   U88.     He   was  amongst       . ty%   E0J)   pou,��ls   with        arid;
,l���.  iir-i   1.intingent  of  settlers wbi;-h    ,,.,,     ,wo Italians. *00 pounds ����* ss-isrww. vn        , u	
West   from    Ontario   upnn   the '     ,h<.,r   hacks;    Peterson      J'". I ITI    illX   I[| I [|\J city   jail   until   morning   when     .....   ���_,._. ------ -7 ..     u_e   he leaned
-   -        -*..-<-.    mi- wUh   th_(,_   rtog8.   j,,,.),,   thc.LUI    ll��^   fcfciss.su/ 'weer allowed to go home.   The coun-1 was uptthere at tne ume, ae ^~ |
(.:.   H.   Btuart   Wade,   secre
Kale. Deeds, Hu.-lii, as I.-lters. etc.; dr
CUlar work apecliiltat. All work Btrlctl:
cunnuentlal. II. Barry, room CIS Weat
Truat Hia.    Phone ;t.:.
Msl'-rs. Sollcltora. etc. It) Ixirne Htree'
N.w Westminster. (1 B. Oort>ould. h
C     J    U. lirant.    A   K.  MeColl.
SI law, Bollellor, etc. *s,iilcltur fur Hit
K���iik nf Viiii.-oiiver. OrftqSSI Merchants Hank Building, N'*w HVstmlna-
ter, B.C ttlsphons No. in
SdnrMS "Johnston." Code
Firuce, ^^^^
Mnny genius
tbat they   pa��
proceeded  to
en.tcru   thrc."
1 Territories
! rate, thev were
big   trek   of   Ontairo
llellor. itc. Colllster  UliM'k, come
uml-lu una McKenzie strnls. N'*w West   ', ,--
minster    11C.      P.   0,    Box   iii.     Tele   < ***
phone  Sit.
aide ��� Barrister* and Solicitors, WW
minuter Truat Bin., Columbia aire*
Nov Wsstmlnstsr, B. O. Cable addrea
���"Whiteside," Western Ufilon. P. C
Drawer 200. Telephone SS W.
Whiteside, K. 0.1 tt 1* Bdmonda, I
J RTII.WBI.L CI.UTB. Hnrrl��i��r at l����
anltcltor, etc.; comer Columbia an
McKensle atreeta. New WeatmVriate
B. C.   P. O. Bos 111.    Telephom      "
(>ffle����     Har
.1    P    HAMPTON     BOLD
Solicitor    and    Notary.    	
Mock,  *.��  Lorne   street,  New  WeetmlD
���ter, B. C.
Banisters and Sollcltora tot to SP
WVaimlnster Truat Blnck. G V. Mai
tin. **���'��� O. McQuarrie and ileutse I
ramo _.    	
Opening  Of the C.  P.  R.  to   M'anitoba.
The   majority   of   the  old   Ontario  immigrants    at    that    time    were   taking
land   in   the  southern    part    of   Manl*
toba.   nad   in  that   district  to dny, excepting   the   Meniiutiitcs,  the  sons  and
daughters   of    the   pioneers    in   llruce,
Huron   and   Qrey   enmities    still    mm-
���prise  a   large  percentage  of  tiie  population.      Whether   ur    uot    it   was   be
Sense    Mr.    Mackay     and    the    three
ads    whu    nei i.mpanied    him    were
loseendants   of   Huron,   Orey   or
or because   they  had   s   more
for   locating   good  soil.
1    Maiiituliti    by    una
binds    situated    on    the
hold    of    the    Northwest
s    ie t   known.     But   sub-
events    would    rather    go    to
the    latter    faeory.     At   any
the van of the first
^^^^^^^^^^^^^     farmers    to   tbe
West, and, like tlieir Celtic forefathers
amid   the   primifh e   and   pioneer surroundings    111    Kastern    Provinces    in
early    days,   they    have    labored
nd well, and have set up stand
I arils  uf   thoroughness   which   are   just
* now  beginning   to    prevail  throughout
I the entire plains country.
I    Tbe three men who eame West with
Angus    Mackay    in     'eighty two   were
��� Williamson,    Miller    snd   Boon.     They
til   hailed   from   Ontario   Cuunty,    On-
jtorio, in the vicinity of Pickering,
Mackay,   who,   was   born
Icallty  in   IMI,  was  also   educated   at
ithe   old   Whitby   Grammar   ~       *'
' lsi'.ii  hs    was   Lieutenant   in
! Regiment   Of   Fort   Erie,   snd
iguijed   in   active   service   st   thc   time
'of the Fenian Raid. 80, although being
known   now   principally   fur  his   ~
of   the   past   thirty   years
Canada   Mr.   Mackay   spent    thc    lira
forty-one years    of   his   life    in    th
When   the   group  of   the   fou
farmers left   for   the
the   C.  P.  K.    was
st    as    Oak
with  three
Swede,  and   Shorty  Gwin
horses, were moving in 1,800  pounds |
and   taking   the   lead   In   picking   the j
trail;   Jensen   and   Burett.   two   tons I
with   two  horses*.   Smith,  two  horses*
with two tons;   Harkenralh and Sam-:
uels, 1,800 pounds, one horse:   Lublie. ;
elvht  Ions   with  einhl horseB,  started.
on the 80th;  Breedtnan leaves on the
2Kt''i with eight horses and eight tons.
atld   aome   half   dozen     more    whose
names  I   did   not  leirn   are  relaying
along the trail.
"The distance from McCarthy to the *
diggings dois not exceed seventy-fiv-vI
milts, and that distance could be cut ]
mil ^^^^^-^���
When Juries Mete.
Hp ln Alaska there used to be a
^  district attorney who was long on na-
police of some one being in the house, !Uv8 oratory, but short on education.
and the interruption of the supper fol- Once, while prosecuting a big case, he
lowed.    The  boys  were held  in  the! came to the finish of his argument,
they and. according to Wilson Mizner, who j _    _  /���>/��_ ��ctcc   CCDtnrc
""- jwas uptthere at the time, be leaned   -*.   ���-�� V.UA-S1   33. OC.KVIL.t_.
  across tbe rail and made this plea:     j        Frorn Vancouver for Victoria
^^^H "All I asts of you, gentlemen of the
WE8T BURNABY MINISTER Ijnry. la that you now retire and mete
WELCOMED TO VICTORIA Iout Justice M ��be deserves to be met!"
I -Saturday Evening Post
authorities  are  Investigating.
Husband   Makes   Mistake   and   Wife
Sues for  Divorce���Other Separations Sought.
Victoria,   Dec.   14.���The   congrega-l
Itlon of St. Paul's Presbyterian church.
Victoria   wfst.  assembled   in  a  body;
Hs Mads Them Resd It
Daughter���Have you fennd out yet
what lt was that papa cut ont of tbe
10:00 a.m Dally
2:00  p.m Daily
11:45  p.m Dally
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dally
11:00 a.m Dally
From Vancouver for Nanaimo.
8:00   p.m.
ns Sought. '  hp othe_ nl(_ht ,Q welcorrle their new   wua. >. �����_ .��� ,  ���.���.������.
 , loastor, Rev. Hector N. Maclean. M. A., i paper?  Mother-���Yes.   1 bought a copy.     9.00 __      ..Wednestl
I Ph. D., formerly of Henderson church,, I've read it all tbroegh, bnt to -save j v��nc0Uver, Union Bay,
.    11 .���Letters  founds'West    Burnaby.  who  is  taking    the  my life I can't see snythlng wrong ln   U:45 a.m Every i
���  <��� -   .-    -._���. ��� ��-i��t- ��n tho vnlcaritv and I      For Prince Rupert 1
tUj     sss*s    *    *******  ��� ,
Ictario wh'ihh'haa long been held by R.   It's sn srticle on the vulgarity anA
1 '--- The  proceed-' silliness of buying gowna
ithe   Rev.   Or.   McRae.
said  the
"was the
Spokane,   Dec.   14. ���Letters   founds |
  in  the  pockets  of   Harry   M. Gllmore
when  the ice  is  In'/,, used   the   wife    F.ther   P    C.ilmore  ; v"c   **��� ���_"--.i
rna ������, which win be abou,; J^L T^^S IS M.^SSM'tt l-^-gl	
Roadhcuse Accommodation. I yesterday.     Mrs.   Gllmore    said    she; man   and   a  hymn.    After the  chair-
Twelve miles out from McCartv.', found letters in her husband's pock-. man s short address, in which he bade ���WJ",_T���!\ "" "V,"*
the Mulna river. Is Bandy's road jets which convinced her that he no! farewell to the congregation of which.; " <->*J P'easeo ine mosu
ise ClarklUS' road house' Is two -longer cared for her In the letters.! he has had charge for twenty-seven man wbo bad been abroad,
es farther up the river. Sii miles I said to be from a Walla Walla laun- i >"ear8' and ""tending a hearty wel- i wonderful clock at Strassbu.B.
111 C'arkins' is the David and Vogt drv worker, the writer warned Gil-icome to Dr and Mrs. Maclean, short "Oh. bow 1 sbould like to see
dhonae. Four miles farther on isl more not to neglect his five children !addresses were given by the Rev. J., replied tbe ignorant youth. "And did
��� and Mikes place. Eight miles \ even If he no longer cared for his j *____?* ��.f Knox ?,h.urfh: Kev' J' A ' yon see the watch on the Rhine too?"
m   Joe   and   Mike's    place   Is   the: wife.    Gllmore   was   ordered  to   pay   ��ood,   of     the    Wesley     Methodist j _^xchange.
the |B0 a month toward the support of the! church:   Rev.   Dr.   Campbell,  of   thel "	
**^^^^^^^^t���^m\*.^*m^K        First   Presbyterian   church;    Rev.   R.
**m���������____^^_ -   -    *   *    -*��� TBh'  Rev ' Callsd the Bluff,
nninelv.   Mrs.   tuns   mm  _.v��___________________���_     i,u'  ******     ..am*^^^^^^^^*-  -
Leod's. with  a third being put in ^v I from G. E. Radley.    She testified that'"    "   ""��ai���.  -.   ���    Columbia!
~' '     '    """   place
Nenalmo, Union Bay and Comax.
"""ednesday and Friday
, Powell River.
  other Saturday
iu��iu-%j -���. 1      For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
that are be-   11:00 p.m Every other Saturday
1 Prince Rupert. Granby Bsy and Skeena   '
^^^^H River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
Por Gulf laiand Points.
7:00 an. Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call
In-, at points in the Gulf Islands.
SD. QODUBT. Agent. Mew Weetmlnatar.
1 W. BRODIB. Q. P. A- Vanoonvsr.
Homestead there are two road houses, children." it-""'  ,',"...    ....      ,     ���
     **-*  �����������-    Mc-I    Stella Radlev was granted a livorce!c��nnell. of St. Saviors church;  Rev. --
2. .--_._,-_ ,v..!r. a. Macconnell, of St Columbia! Mrs. X.-Ves. I tried to make my
rch, and the Rev. J. W. Kidd. of [husband economize in smoking, so I
Andrew's church, all of whom ex-  told blm If be ever smoked I  would
Kast. ^^^^^
Ontario  County
Western   frontier
tho    first
R^sssyS**;��*s_bf 1 Snd failles��rg^gi��&ffyf j^sTisssmi ~sz* **��� r fu TiS
the summit. O, (* .0bI?,.���18_^1* "111! she had trouble with his daughter byj^1^ Dle-gur6 it gave him to see sojr-lesr wster and s Idiw from a pretty
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
BE**, tat �����*\ point &J&*
After Osk Lake, ��
expanse   of   prairie
Ing a roadhouse, but the same will
not he open for business for two or
three   weeks.
"Three miles farther on we left a
relief tent with a stove In it. This
is within a mile and a half of the summit. Six miles over the summit another relief tent with a stove In it Is
stationed. A road house will be opened   by  Roggs  and   Young about  two
--,_. -.      what       lq
known as 'the l.ake,' where water may
be found at any time of the year.   Ten
��� -    ._ .... t_��_,_
.of Be
��Osl, MINING rlfbti ot the Domlnlor
en  Multiloba.  Saskatchewan snd  Albert*
" ���*���-*��� Territory, lha Northwest Tst
-- i In a portion af the Provln*
Itlah Columbia, may ne leaaed (or ���
  *l twenty-one years at an   annua
rental at 11 an sen. Not more than til
1 acres *4II be leu sod to une attpllcaM.
Application tor s lease must  be nad
iby tbe applicant In person to the A*��ti
, or 8ut>-Agent of the dlstrlcl In which tb
tlshta arrlled fnr aee ��Hie '��<1
In mieveyed territory tiie land must bi
described hr sections, or leasl eub-dlvf
alone of seetlons, and lo unsurveyed tar
ritory lhe tract applied tor shall b-
salansd t>*\ by ute s,-|,Meant himself.
Knd.  application must be accorapanlw
��� hv a   ������* nf 1% wlilch will be refunded I*
the riiihte ane'led lor are not available
' bat not otherwise.    A royalty ahall   b"
pahl on the werohantahle output of tb'
, mine at tbe rate of five oents ��er ton.
The   pwson   operatlns  the   mine   alia-
furnish   Uie   Agent   wlfh   aworn   return
acn inllns for the full quantity of met
chontable ooal  mined and par  the rt��
elty  thereon.  If the coal mlnlne   right
tare not belni a-perated such returns shout
tin  furnished at least once a year.
-      ���     ���*���-���*-���"*" .1    __.li.ln.
the    western    p.uiu,    4- �� ���
ith   their^ w.gons_ _and j Tnu��"wow'th"e. lake Is the Boggs and
.,...-.-A   lm   *!._,  Inst
beyond Winnipeg.
lonely,   boundless    ��-|.���-    ���    .
was   tho  only  view,    and   on   toward
skyline    journeyed    the
four   sutlers   with   their    wagons
cumbersome  01 teams,   for  s  distance ' V.''"��� """"j. ""_ ~"T ,;���;,-- v .    ;.-    ._,
Of   150  miles, when  they  came to the  *��u�� ��?4���S*��! $%��&!*{**** tl .l
fertile   district   now   surrounding   in.'�� mber at the foot of the glacier.   It is
dian  Head.    Then they seleeted.tboir  ����  ����JJ. ��%***�� ,a"dv Youn�� ���
homesteads,   iu   a   block,    formed    a   ro��dhau��e to Bha.li._M-t.l*y.
with themselves ns tho only      .....  .,���V_, ,1i������j. i. ��.!v_.. ���_.-_.
������a    decided    i��    Chi.'     A11 single tripods or stakes were
and    decided, , is ^this jget ^ gJJ r|ght;hand side of_the trail
a former marriage.
Emma Stech sued for a divorce
frnm George Stech. She said she married him st Nanton, Alta.. In Mar h,
1910, when she was 16 and he was 35
years old. and tbat he began to aim. e
her lmemdiately after their marriac,o.
���Carrie Asper started suit for d|vj-ce
'rom  Bert  Asoer.    She says he has
Young  atioui   mo  ,,,-...   ���_ _.
miles  below   this   point,  at  what   is 1 not supported her since their marriage
����� i i��� torn
way, to work on a eo operative \"'".! going north, or into the dlgg^Ings. eon-
""-'     - -"    tomeatesds   have !=_,���������_,������ ,hov WOuld  be on  uie lett
Two'   of   those  old
Thev   belonned i **'lu��n"y lhey wou,d be on
.     "".21 hand  coming out;   the  trail   follows
The lease wilt Include the eeal mlnln,
rlshta only, but the lease* will be net
mltted to purchase whatever a val In W
surface righta may be considered necet
,��ary for the working of the mine at th
<ate of IIS an acr*
For full Information applloatlon ahouli
toe made to tbe Secretary ot the Depart
men! of the Interior, Ottawa, or to an*
Agent or Sub-Agent ot Dominion Landf
t Deputy Minister of the Interloi
N. R.���Unnutborlsed piibltcatlun of tbl
jsdvertiaemeiit wtll nnt be eald tor
���P.O. lex S4 Dally News Bldg
ol all kinds.
-Prices right.   Batlsfnotlon guaranteed
U McKensle Bt
since rhnngotl bands.     **.*.,,   	
,0   Miller   and   Willi.mson    who   ��ved ' ���-   ��� -- ^    ^    -
lone enough to see tbe wheat belt move  ,       ji_,�����,     ami. .k...�� 1    .  >. ...
J      .__ _-_._._,._, >.���,...,i_-.. ���# feet distant.   Where there Is a turn
in jumps from the westers'boundary of of whatever of cre-
Man.tnha to the fertile plains of the,,^.^    ^^  oe   tr)po(J_   were   m
i.iuo Kier *���<*������*'*��� opposite  each other, and  the  route
lor He years these four sjea work. ,,�� d,      ���    betw ,{ th,g ,g fc
ed   toRether   and   then     ta   WW.   the  ,    mlnd onB , ^ 0VJ,_
tU.vernn.ent   undertook      o)thl(f over ,
exportmentsl    far.  iu,comlt_..   where we found lee we trl-
I Dominion
1 establish
Western (lanada.
in 1904. ^^^
Herman J. Snow asks for a divorce
from Elizabeth Snow, declaring ahe
abused their two children, pulling the
hair of Kenneth, aged 6 years, until
hls head was sore. He further says
ahe kicked the children in the stomach. The Snows were married at Sheboygan, Mich., in December. 1905.
Madeline C. Rogan asks a divorce
from Fred Rogan. The complaint
charges abuse after the marriage in
August 1908.
of the pleasure it gave him to see soj.,���,   _..	
many of bis colleagues come forward t ��*���  wtu Bu��taln a msn for a whole
to welcome him that evening, and gaev j rt,,�� _.���
a short, but stirring address, which'
quite won the hearts of ali his hearers.
Vocal items were rendered by MIbs
McGowan and the Misses McKay. Mr.
D. Fraser formally presented the keys
of the church of Dr. Maclean, and a
memorable evening was brought to a
close with the serving of refreshments.
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The Daily News
Mackay, who assisted the Uovcrument
in locating the site for tho first esperi-
mcnta.1 farm, wns appointed the first
sunerintendent, and there on tho outskirts of the town of Indian Head he
HeartleH Parents in Montreal Court-
Cruel Father Brought to
.   Book.
When you take yonr
Eastern Trip
you may aa well travel in comfort
and at minimum cost.
Ticketa will be on sale December 30
to January 1 at single tare and one-
third for the round trip.   Good io return January 5.
ft QODUBT. Agent
New Weetati
BRODIB. A. P. A~ Vaaeo
Weather Conditions.
"1 have heard a great deal   lately
about weather conditions on this route I
and how any man without an axe to
grind can go on record as to weather'
established wbnt might very ��P����y bJ  conditions  I am at a loss to  -know.
ra le   as sgricultt.rar mission, to whieh |Wfth the exception of my own party
n have gene in increasing numbers  nonB haB gpent any length of timeon
during the past  twenty-five years,.to|the glaclDr,  *
leirn  the gospel  of sensible  farming, , tlon to Judge.
and  from  wh eh  thousands of  letters iof 8eptember, ��uu * *-***_* -iJi^x:
hsve been sent   to   those  who   could and  two.th|rds of November on  the
Z conveving   into  the  wilder- ,gincier, and I saw no weather or In
glacier;  hence is not In a posl-
I spent practlcilly all
and a part of October
Montreal. Dec. 14.-When the deaf
and dumb boy,.^who ^"���-"SJ*
V. the Provinces of Ssskateliowaa t() whnt 1 have experienced on Thomp-
and Aberta wcre formed, and the rapid ;lton pass, Marshall paw or. In fact,
���baflux of immigration in recs*t years any of the upper regions of the Cop-
has given them thousands of farmers,'^ riVOr. Undoubtedly storms
nas g����i    ,    ntg. iUtion��� have been gweep over this summit aa they in
established    by     the    Dominion     st  ov.r'all summits .but 1 see no reason
- -    - ...... 1 _.    4_.����
other expenmei
tto.thernCandb8cottrMd stlirthbrldge C'hV {hey��"shouYd"'be"fiercer here than
Lud Ucombe.   These younger institu- elsewhere,   ln tact, lt would seem that
headed   hy youig  and capabU \ there )s a very good reason why they
______o______hk        _,_t.  ..t���~* and
men, nre carrying on with vigor and
efficiency the work which was started
by tbe old master at Indian Head, but
it is from him still that.much advice
Is sought and much Information is re-
Mlvsd. .
ahould not be so fierce���this ts an In
terior summit; the temperature is
about equal on each side -and not subject to extreme- fluctuations aa ls a
summit reaching down to the aea en
  one side and the Interior on the other.
���\. j  .Howeyer, storms must be   expected,
Refuses to Interfere. and a sensible man wll! prepare for
l.os Angeles, Dec. 14.���Judge Wall- them and not try to move freight or
1��� ir  of the superior court, denied 'travel when thev ere tx*.   **vt**y Alaa-
with the hey
tog and we*
    they:���***% **-*
born." jr. of the superior court. ������'*�� 1 IT-Tn know*"wU*t f mean and the chee- bf aaya. Md "'
an application for a receiver for tbe "���?_!n"Jf .*,��� M���� ta JS
Uoaa Angelea   Investment  oompan/ ��haco wlll taajrn^^ ^^^ _**_*&<*_-���
lhe former o"lre-s of which wpre In- e oUlOT -^^ . 4m1��� *}*wt_iliM
dieted for alleged fraudulent use of'     ^"fatteBUon to.   Borne tlwda tn of Ute ekIM
threatening wltht a knife a young
girl who lived tn the aame house with
htm was brought before Judge Cbo-j
quet today. Hla mother was ordered
some days tgo to be present to Inter [
pret, but failed to appear. Three waa
no Interpreter to be found, and the
hoy cannot be made to understand
signs, so bo wak again remanded until the mother'* presence can be ee-
Por the second time tn the   court's
history lt had to deal with   another
deaf and dumb child   today.    Tbla
little lad bad a passion for running
away from home, although   he nan
neither speak nor bear a word.   Four
or five tlmee now be has been found
straying and brought before tbe Judge.
The child, who makes a pathetic but
unintelligible efotrt to speak, appear
ed wtth bla father who stated frankly that he waa very anxious to be Hd
of blm.   Hia wife and he both went
to work, and ibey conld do wetbtai
with the bo* He was alwayi ��*
away, em wbea.
a waa a Mov BriaB
ot pay tor iWmm
it be wa�� -BiV^"3*-
muat either
in that Sewing Room, libra? Md Dtn? Whit
steps it will sire doting 1914.
And it Costi a Little Over 3c a Day
One-Fifth the Cost of a good Cigar
Gall Comraercifd Manager
I m*i-fi.omm.
ix < *-���mm**t^*l*tm^.tm**sm.-*****mim i*m.r^^T**t*m*fSt*l*
- rin<MMMiMif* *���
taaldeooe T. W. C. A.
t_____Wnyf iWW*     AND
Saggace DettteaeS ftmimiAlf
lm\**\m*\ flffriHtJTT WsHJMH
:;. -.-t...
MONDAY,   DECEMBER   IS,   1913.
Another line lot of Christmas
Crackers, Novelties, Stockings,
uiul Candy, whicli we will have
on view today, i'ick out the
ones you want NOW and we wlll
save them for ynu until re-
Smoked  Halibut, Ib i7!/'ac.
Smulii'il  Balmon,  lb 121 _.c.
Kippers,  Ib    10c.
Finnan   llaililic,  11)    12'_c.
Snlt.  Herring,    extra    larfie,
< ach     5c-
Eaatern Dry Cod, lb 15c.
Fork Sausage, lb, 20c. and 25c.
Pork  Pies, each    25c.
Head   Cheese,   Hi 15c.
Doughnuts,  dozen    20c.
Model Grocery
SOB Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Local News
Awarded Gold Medal.
Hritish Columbia's exhibit at
National exhibition, Toronto,
been awarded a gold medal for
excellence of lis entry tliis full.
J. Brandrlth, U.c. fair commissioner,
has also received a replica In bronze
of tlle award sent the government. At
the 1913 and former National exhibitions the exhibit of this province
has been commended and been a re-
suii-prodiicing advertisement,
Monday is Bargain Day at the Hlg .
Discount Sale, S. B. KdwardB, the
jeweler, 521 Columbia street.
Willi every fi purchase you get a
chance on llie $150 diamond ring. T.
Qllfocd, the jeweler. (257$)
Represents This District.
Although strong efforts  were made
by    10. II. Cale,    the    Easl    llurnaby
chicken  fancier,  to  secure  the  li,  C.
poultry show for New Westminster
| in 1914, Vernon capture the honor at
Ithe annual convention held at Grand
Forks on Saturday. Among the offl-
Icai'les elected, Mr. Cale was selected
as the representative for this section
Of tiie province.
Remember Boys !    A  Ring on the
Finger is worth two on the telephone.
' S. E. Kdwards. the jeweler, 521 Columbia slreet.
Get your skates  sharpened at Oeo.
Speck's, C2G Columbia street,    (2526)
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full parlicloars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
innl   t'i> Capital   and
Surplus J 2,800.000
Assets        -4,973,983.96
T r ii a leesliips Under
.uliiiiiiisin.tii.ii over 6.000,00(1
liii-i'-     for     Ilend-
' . ��� . ....  , , ,.,��� 2S.000.000
C. t.. KtiTH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria.
Nui Westminster, Nanaimo,
CUIgury, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, l.on-
rluu,  Kni; ;  Antwerp,  Belgium.
Assist Needy Families.
A considerable sum was realized
from the entertainment given by tbe
"Follies" company in tlie Edmonds
public hall on Friday evening' la*.;
the proceeds going towards the work
of the   Burnaby   branch   of the Vic-
! torla ii  Order of  Nurses  In  prqvldin>;
clothing and food  for needy families j    .
"in   the   district.     P,   II.   Brown  occu-  being
pled    the chair.    Among    those who  ti.-t.;.
| took part in the concert wcre:    Miss
h. Hassell,  Miss  Highlon.  Miss-Deck-
ert. Miss Hibson, Mrs. Mansfield,  It.
Huston, W.  M.  MeCloy, J.  It.  Wilson I
and others.
t A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
Please the Chita
Christmas time among the
children Is looked forward to
for Its gifts and not least among
the gifts Is candy, lt would be
a poor day Indeed If they round
no candy at the bottom of their
stockings or hung frum llie tr,e.
Candy Is Just, the thing to give
them, li is the real old fashioned kind, pure and wholesome
snd very inexpensive. Selling
-it 15c. per Ib.
We have a nice line ol box
goods. In Cadbury's, Oanong's,
Harry Webb's and halda. A hox
If any of these is sure to he
appreciated. They sell from
��5c.  to $1.00  each.
H.-iw about Mixid Nuts. We
Rtock Brazils, Walnuts, Almonds,
vilbfrts and Chestnuts.
mils on Sixth street and dislocated
traffic considerably until llie unruly
vehicle was again placed un the
tracks, ���
the evening a Sixtli street cur left tlio 'when  a big shipment of    gold    from
Kuirbanks was bit unguarded In the
Dawspn post office at night, the rob
bere getting away with about $40,000.
Klncade,  a  government  employee,
as be was having the country, was
arreated ai Beattle on suspicion and
ci inmitted suicide, No conviction
1 was obtained, though others wire
Isuspected, Several opened guld pack-
A marriage ceremonv was perform-'ages  wero  afterwards    found    about]
ed In  Vancouver by  Kev. John  Pye, Uie government buildings and Bohool
uniting I. K. Nelles of Abbostford and  hous.'.
Miss Catherine Uussell, lately of On-    The bag found loday w-.m addressed
tarlo.     The   ceremonv   look   place   at I from    a  bank al   Fairbanks    to    ths I
ihe home or Milton Nelles; 8172 Chea- American    Bank i.- Trust   company,
ter street, Bouth Vancouver, on Deo. Seattle, and hears post office  regis
10.  only  a few   relatives and   friends 'iralliiti stamps.   II was hurled in suw
being  present.     The   newly    married  -\U!ii   between  walls  In  the  basement
couple will make their home at Ab-ian,|   IB   n0w   In   poaaeaaion or the
botsford. 'police.
 ���  |   The roads between    Dawson    and
~      .   * i   t\ * White itlver hnve been opened by the
bocial  and   Personal loral government,   and   eonaiderabie
freight  in already  moving  from   Daw-
v_-,w-^-_.   .   .   .^.     .-,.-.^..-,     _     i   ^ ^ ^ ^^ diggings,   a big busl-
I). D, Bourke. who has heen serl- m,8_ ,��� ,U1-*<.*,,;,���.,.,| Inwards Spring
ously ill for sume time was operated DawBoa ,l00p|,, ���|wl have come out
on in St. Paul's hospital, Vancouver, I,
last week, mul is making satisfactory
progress, His daughter, Miss Katie
Bourke, has returned rrom Great Kails.
Ment.. owing to her father's illness.
The annual meeting of the Id i!
Cross Booiety will ba held un the second Tuesday In January when officers fur the new year will be elected.
At a recent meeting of the members
at the i'ome or Miss Melon Wall: r.
22(1 sixth street, plans Por obtaining
tho linen I'or the chlldren'8 ward In
Hi"  new  hospital  were discussed.
Mrs. !���:. W .Mussnn, of Victoria, Is
staying al th" Premli r.
I., c. Qray of Abbotsford, is a guest
at  thi   Dunsmuir.
The  wapiti  is of the same family
as  the  red  deer, several  unsuccessful
attempts to Impart whieh frdtn K.ig-
lund  have been  made.    Last  .y.'.i'    a
herd or wapiti was stopped at quarantine because ol sl^ns <.r the foot and
i.iiiuili disease.
Monday,  Wednesday  a'ld  Friday  and
tlnn return iripH ou   tlw   alternate
duys, The III weekly mined trains
will loan' here OD .Monday, Wednesday und Krlday.
C. N.  R. Inaugurates Service.
Mouse juw,    DSO,     14.-   The    Canadian Northern railway passsnger and
Iri-wi'i'kly freight service to ami rrom
this cily will be Inaugurated tomorrow when the company will operate
their Hist passenger train which wlll
leave Brandon at 7:20 and reach the
temporary depot on the south side uf
the alt) lu'ie ni " in the evening, Ths
train wlll leave hero at  il 80 on Tues*
dny morning and will arrive al Brandon at 11:SG tha same evening Tha
trip  to   t ti I _-=  cily   will   be   made    on
Calumet, Mich., Deo, U, Charles
ll. Moyer, presldenl of tba Western
Federation of Miners, explained today the proposal of the copper mine
tinkers for arbitration, which was
refused by the operators. The miners
asked   iliat   two   arbiters   be   chosen
by the operators, two by the strikers
to be olher Uian members of llie local
unions ur ihe federation, und ono
either by the governor oT Michigan cr
by lhe president ot the United Slates.
Tin- operators hold to tlieir position
that the federation oannol ba tolerated and will take hack only strikers
wlin  give  up their  memberships.
wllh   llllllllH.
Wapiti   Wiii   Arrive   Here   from
Wyoming  This  Week���For
Breeding Purposes.
i large number of witnesses tu
tor both  sides.
Our Dairy Company.
Nine quarts  of  rresh  bottled milk Pheasant Season Closed
for $1.00, delivered daily.    I'hone 153.      Pheasant shooting on the mainland
(2<f43)   will end today and until the opening
��� iof the season of l'.il.    il    will    be   a
Ladies'  regular  $...r,0  Cameo    Ring : punishable offence to kill any of   the
(guaranteed), cut to $_.75. S. E. Ed-J birds. On Vancouver island the seawards, the jeweler, 521 Columbia son does no*, end until the end of De
street. cember.   Official reports given ont by
  ithe game wardens    this    year    show
To  Hold  Mock  Election. 'that with the exception or the Chilli*
The meeting of the young people's wack district, shooting has beeu dis-
guild at St. Stephen's church tonighl appointing to the hunters owing to
will take tlle form of a mock election,  thp scarcity of birds.   This is account*
Tin wapiti, the great American elk, i
NORDMANN���The  remains of  the are expected to arrive at the Colony;
late   Mrs.   Christine   Nordmann,   who farm by the eud of Ihls wee!-; where
died on Krlday morning, wire shipped they will be turned Into a  Bve acre
lo Vancouver where the funeral Is to- deer park in the hope that they will I
day being held. become used  to their    new    environ!
  in. nt  and years  hence will    have  in-
M'WATERS   The    funeral  or  the creased so thai   the   mainland   and
late  Mrs.  David   MoWaters, who died ishlMiH    ���f    tills    province    may    be!
in   Bellingham.  was held  on  Saturday gtocke(J wUh ltl,,m.
afternoon from the lata residence
Eighteenth avenue, Kdmonds, to the
Kraser cemetery. Rev. W. Bell of
Central Park officiated and F 'iiiah
Rebekab lodge. No. 6 'i"'''
the  house.
The provincial government, through
the game warden's di partment, bai
new* completed arrangements for tha
On Saturday, December 20. a sale
of homo cooking In aid or the V. W.
C. A. will be held at lti.nl fi McDonald's old stand, corner of Sixth aiu
Columbia street.
MARSHALL -r.iis  afternoon  al   l
o'clock the funeral or the lat   Jnmea
Marshall will be held rrom tha ho
at !W9 Fifth avenue, to the Vancouvi
Throughout a career of extraordinary Interest deceased had won many
friends. Born In Scotland 60 yenrs
ago. he lert that country when quite
young Ior India, with his mother and
liis father, who was In the Royal Artillery Horse. He narrowly escaped
;death at th*-5 siege of Cawnpore and
i because of It lost his mother and sister. Returning to Glasgow he became
The contest will be conducted on pro- ed. for by the prevalence of severe'a sign writer and tben a painter In
vincial  Issues, the government candi-  rainstorms    early    in     June     which ,charge  of  work   for a  firm  of Slydej
date being H. O.  Lamb, While .lames  drowned   many   or  the  young   pheas-  shipbuilders.    About  1882 I ame to
Forrester    wlll     lead     the      Liberal  ants just alter they had heen batched.   Brandon.  Man.,  and   22  years  ago  to      Common    every    day    none
forces. The      district      around      Chilliwack   New   Westminster   where   be   has   re   should teach us to rise to    the
  escaped   some  of  the   severe   storms  Bided since. Me was an honorary mem-
Money  to  loan  on  first  mortgages,  which visited the coast. ber of the Sons of Scotland.
Improved   cltv  and  farm   propertv.   9J  I    Amonj. Close of his family who sur-
per cenl.   Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (25241 I    Next Thursday at 2 p.m. P. B, Brown lv,v" are llis widow:  Limit. Colin U
  Will sell "at   Moreton    hall,    Kdmond*.
An opportunity lost if you miss the  (removed lor convenience or sale)  :
shu'.l,  Vancouver.   Dr.   H.   Marshall,  of
i Eureka, Cat, Itobert and Poim-ias. bro
, purchase of einht cows and two hulls
tn in Wyoming. Tbe park rtivsn wlll
have aa a run is behind the nursery
at  the  farm  and  has  been   made  as
"Get The Habitf
sion. Here we have the pick of Ibis
year's crop of Christmas presents all
ready for your pick. Remember the
best will go first.
lie.   S. E. Sdw,
Columbia street.
the jeweler,
quantity cf furniture and    household :
Meet on  Tuesday.
The regular meeting or the Central .
Ratepayers' executive of Burnaby will
be held In the municipal hall Tuesday I
evening at S p.m.    Election  possibill- j
ties and a platform will be discussed, j
Kor plumbing, heatine    and    sheet
ovetal work consult Merrlthew & Haiti-
say, Eighth    and    Carnarvon  streets..)
Phone 5.G. (2526)
T. (.itTord, the Jeweler, Is giving a
very liberal discount off everything in
the store from now till Christ-has,
without   reserve.
17 Begbie street.
ew Westminster
Wo  Columbia   Street.
sturdsy   Evenings   from
7 to 9.
No  Decision Yet.
A. r. Yarrow, head of the big ship-
| buil.ing firm  cf that  name, who han
been on the oossl for several weeks
[Investigating conditions relative to
* the    possible    ��� stabllshmeni    of    a
branch  business r.n    the    Pacific,    Is
spending a week on Vancouver island "ollb'>' su,e
after a few days  In  Seattle     lu the
oourse or an interview he said he was
j still  Inquiring  for sites  and that no
decision  has  yel   been   reached     He
bad received a large numb r < I offers
jof sites,    some    on    very    favorable
terms.    He will make   an   extensive
trip ever the Island beforo returning
lo New Westminster.
thers, oi this city     The eleven child-
.     .   ,. ,    .      ,ren ore: Robert of Powell River;  Mrs
effects including two ranges, dining Jm ,-,,,���_ { VancouTer. Vls. Jas
and  bedroom   furniture  and   carpets. Latham of Seattle; Mrs. C. r.   Parker
All in good conditio,, and will be sold of Vancouver;   Mrs.  Joseph  Harris of the window $1.00 each
bull  particulars at  _*.  city;   David   Allan   Marshall,  of1
Phone 384.     (2611) Bast  Burnaby, a member ff the fa-
" minis Salmon  Bellies and  Walter and
Sneak Thief Busy. .Chrissle.    Belle,    Armlnto,  Jesslralne
A sneak thief is operating in Sap- and MUlais, all of this dlty.   There are
perton according to complaints mad *  flve grand children,
to the police    during    the    week-end. ���-���
Several  clues are  being followed  up.      MTHLLIVKAV    At   t'ie   age   of   75
.   ' j years, Donald  M(-Hiliivray, late police
, Look over the list of prices in T magistrate of Chilliwack and a pio-
Gtfford, the Jeweler's, ad and see ,"','r of the Eraser valley, dl d .��������� his
where your fl will do 'be work cf $2 : h"mp.   Westminster    avenue.     Chilli-
(2614)   w'"'k- "n  Kriday.    The funeral  Ik  be-
"""   ing   held   today   from   the   Meth  dlst
church. Chilliwack to the I. ().  <>   K.
Deecased  was a native of I ochiel,
Special   Today���Ycur   chcice   from
The Fair
That Gas Bylaw Petition.
The  gas bylaw  petition rands
excellent   chance   of   being   presented   Olenc.-'rrv county,  Ontario.
tonight before the city council, fol
lowing two weeks work by Secretary
Darling, of the Progn r.sive association, who loday is to secure a few
more    names    io    make    assurance
Insure with Alfred W, MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written
Hundreds of millions to pay Iobsc-b.
Kor all building supplies and fuel
nil npply tn the B. C. Transport Co,
Ltd., :,"-, Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826,  wharf phone fcSfi
Gifford,   iin*
ndid bargains
pi rn.
Jeweler,   is giving
to Christinas shop-
iBSST*'.T. V* ,   ' -.. __-__E ViJB-fl
Gr Iv f
. r a few days
License Cci-nm;s-_ii_n-rs.
The application or J. Wise ror n
liquor llcens comes hefore the board
of license ( immissloners O.,'," urtc*.
noon at a special meeting. This mat
ter was laid over from the regular
meeting last  W( < k.
M-y Have  Mrncy To-'ay.
'"li':' r tbe financial atmosphere!
will clear in Burnaby (his evening Is |
prcbli ii atlcal althougb one at h as'
rl tin councillor* speaking at ii unset-
Ing i" id a> Hjghland Park held on
Kriday evening stilted he expected I������
hear cf the receipt of a quarler million dollars  rrom  the    Toledo,    Ohio
of Cl
as an<
10.;.  ���.���::
'iiu- it
' r
t jam
Rnsume Atszos Tcday.
I    T''e trial    of    tho    ten  Vancouver
Is'and pi ners charged with rioting al
South Wellington on August  13 last |flni1 HZm" thne r"d'n-v
' wl'l r-i. i    in the   .** ��� Ize   cduvh   thli
mi rnlng.    The 11 url  will convene at
1 1:30 o'clock,    it is expected that the
(li  *  ��� rdi-r of business will    be   t'i"
* *!i* a% in cf de forty   additional
petit jurymen etntranhelled by Sheriff
; Vrmstrong,    Following this the lurv
i:   I1!** ten miners will be drafted,
i i'li South Wellington ease win take
-   :��� '   nalderable portion of the time
I the assize courl this week, there
Wo are opening up   a   new   flora)
t !���!-(-  I'll :  "    ������        * hi '���"  v." will ("irrv  *,
full iio* ol n ������ b, carnations, violets,
cbrysai tin mums etc., ns ������ ,-i ns ������
full Hi" c* r-i-K-v baski t- for Christmas nnd fl ring plants, bolly ana
mlstlrt-i.-. V'-i-ili our ad. for date
of opening, Tidy, thn Florist, nboip
184. (2(115)
All kinds of groceries for
Christmas use in stock at thc
���tore of
(Suc.easur to Ayling It Swain.)
447 Columb* 3t. Phone 98.
to  have  your
right these long evenings.    We
cm null  you from 50 cents up
besl gold rilled for U to $5.
������In,    *rr*    T    K   Al**
Fi-nr; al Cjccers.
AHln ���'������'��� ii���'��� rocplots bsve vo* to
be tntal'ed t-*n nraduafe Nurds' as
relation of "':* city feels griitlflnd at
Ihe re*o'll nf 'Vfdiv c'-enint''i dunce
held In St, Pati-'ck'n hail ard Is warm
in i i i.i-iiv ' :-i\.: |i,n natrons and
to all those " ho ffave tbelr assistance
In    mil'**'!    -    ������'���      ,  ��� r-,t    It",    a,!*-- .-,    II
war,   " ' ��� ,���������'' i' -i fiat pnongh wll'
He came :
weBt In 1860 and after tak I up ��  part
in the early development of this pro
vince, including tbe sold rush and the
hulldlng of the  Western    Telegraph
line,    settled    on    a  farm on  SumiS
prairie.    Later be kepi a store in Chilliwack.    lie  was  appointed  a  J.P   Ini
11(72. which office he held until a few \
month.-: :ino.    Besides rorVing in many ',
public offices In the district, be was
ln i*7*- sent to parliament to represent Westminster riding.    Ha was a i
Methodist and in politics a Connerva-
tlve.     Deceased   was   married   twice,
three' sons and three douchier;  < lining of hla first union and one son and
three daug iti rs of ti-.e second.
IW-:*-'    Frllowlne   i.   short.   Illness
from  pneumonia. John s. Inns     well
known In this city aid' In Vane mver,
died at the Royal Columbian hospital
on Saturda)   mi rnlng.    He  was < nli !
28  year-   ol   age     He  win: a  br ,th'-r j
In-law  of Charlea  Mannorlni; of  this
city.    Th*  rema'nB  were r"::in-,'*ii  to
Bowell's   undertaking   parlors, after
wards bi ������: t iken to Vancouver.   The
funeral wl I  Uke place (hls arternoon
from  the  family  resldflfcoe,   Vsnqou-
vir.    The Orange order will  be  in
charge   I ie  late  ..;������.  Innes bei ig a I
Wi;kv -n,,-, runeni rf Oeorge
Wren, th? lineman who wns electrocuted at stave lak" on Thursday, took |
place yerterdav afternotin from Fi->-1
well's undertaking parlors to the Catholic cemetery. IW, Kather Beck of-
flclat d. The fUn, -,|| ������-,;, |��� charge or
l.ocat 588, !���:'<"��� -io,,] Workers' union.
Thn late Mr. Wren v.as 44 yearn of
v." have got a nice line of Christmas .Stockings, something especially
nice to please tha kiddies. Prices from
10c. up to $1.00.
i booolates In fancy boxes from
-,'Jc, tc $1.50.
Popular lines at ;iopular prices.
Christmas Candles, Chocolates,
Bullseyes, Curl Candy, etc., at 25=.
per  Ib.
Dean's Special Mixed Candy, 2 lbs.
for  25c.
A useful Xmas Gift :'. lb. tin or
delicious  tea,    We have  some   nice
fancy tins rull or tea at $1.25.
lust received, dirc-cl irom the Old
Country, a shipment or Peck Frean's
diicious biscuits, including tbelr spe
clal line or Short Cake In packets ai
15c.  each.
.T. Gifford, the Jeweler, is Giving
Splendid Bargains toXmas Shoppers
lie ib giving u very liberal discount orr everything In the store
from  now  until  Christinas
Just look over this lint of prices ami see where your tl will
do  tin   work ot $2:
Ladles'   Seal   Leather   Handling*,  tegular i'i.    Clearing out  at...75c.
A   beautiful  line  or  ladl ��'  Cold and .Silver Mounted  I'mbrellas
regular %1 f,n. and cheap al that,   now    $5.00
These all have detachable handles.
Ladles Coin  Purse and  Vanity Case combined, regular t'i ror $2.00
Regular W.50 ror  $3.75
Ladles'  Coin   i'urse   and   Vanitrlcss rrom   $1.00 up.
VOU will have to see these. We bave Ihem in Oerman Sliver ami
also tn Sterling and at prices that will sell them quickly
Ladles' Sterling Silver Card cases, a large line or Ihese al a bin
Ladies' Silver Toilet Sels, ,i piece-, regular Jlllim to J12 0O, all
i"  go at $7.45.
Ladles'   I'arlslrn   Ivory   Toilet   Sets,     regular     (20.00   at   $15.00:
regular tn 00, al $17.50.
Ladies'  Jewel  Cases In gold  and  silver, at  a  big  reduction
Ladies' Solid >:old pendants, with a great variet) or stones al S
big  raving.
Boys'   Ingersoll   Watches,  rgular $1 ou  ror 75c.
Hoy's  Watch,  regular $1.60, for $1.00.    This  is a great  watch  to
giv   satisfaction.
Our regular $36.00 Queen Anne Silver Plated hard metal tea
servico al J28.C0.
Open Butter Lish, with Knife, regular $2.no, at $1.00. These
come In silver nnd cut glass an,|  also sliver and  oak.
Child's set of pearl handled knife, sliver rork snd spoon, regular
$2.11(1.    These are  handsome  hi ih and wil] not last long at $1.00.
Heavy plated Silver Teaspoons, regular |1.50 per hair dozen.
now 75c.
Heavy plated Silver Rogers' Teaspoons, regular {2.75 half dozen,
now $1.50.
Pearl handled Pish Knife and Pork sets In handsome oak case.
regular $12, now $3.75.
l'ear!   bandied   Butter  Knives, regular $1.2r,, now 75e.
Pearl handled  Sugar or Jam Spoons, regular $1.36, now 75c.
All other goods reduced in proportion.
FREE      -     $150 DIAMOND RING     -      FREE
Chances for this beautiful $150 Diamond King given with every
$20" pur'-liase.
SHOP   EARLY���In   the   mornings we can give veu our best at-
tenflou. , j
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchat Throughout tha  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department nl all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
unwinds received and Interest al the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly
Dean's Grocery
Drifts snd Travellers' Cheques sold, payahie In all  parts of (be
"hone 3S6.
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
Wsstmlnstsr   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
���-_la    'tr..) .
be reaJ'7Pil '-
riinltii" room Ir
I'-ir in ���> ���	
the  In: tllutli "
T'.e ", ���
hlodi I'll  i  '
caus"d ii
r   K.  v   1
pi reel  ear
fir upwan
rn-riiib    th"    n"rst.o'
thl l"-s-lH-|   Il-illrl
t well In keeping wl'h
Host of
Empty Geld  Sack  Stolon frcm  Daw-
ton Post Office In 1037 Found
Under Duildinc.
Sleepy Hollow Arm Chairs, solid oak,
No. 1 leather. Regular $16.25.
Xmas Special  $13.25
Mahogany Parlor Chair, leather seat.
Regular $9.50. Xmas Special $7.50.
Rocker to match.
Xmas Special .
(I il< Rocker, high back,   roll   seat.
Reg. $5.75.  Xmas Special .. .$4.50
Ladies' Desk in neat design. Regular
$9.25.   Xmas Special  $6.50
Three Leaders���Imported Rattan
Tables, covered with genuine Spanish leather for the best room in
your house. Regular $18.00. Xmas
Special $13.50; regular $12.00.
Special  $8.50
Music Cabinet in polished mahogany,
well finished. Regular $9. Xmas
Special  $7.25
D'-cma*!***. DaWSDn,   Dee.   14.    A   ROld  _ack
''���    "cloetrle  0��rrerl   PtfSIl  and  ,'il   the    '������     . nti    ��� *���;,'"**������
��� irfS-ef at il'- 't   has hrei r.jiiud hy workmen repairing
'-i'i  rHqorc'i'1'-/"'   tho  foundation   or  the admlnlmration
'"  di" city '"tl on I building, Dawson.     Tha   package   Is
'���'���riliy   *if*rr*irtr,i,  Supposed  to  ho  one  Blolan  from   tlie
""'  hour.    Later In mall at  Dawscn  port i Itico In  1907,
ihv Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
i MONDAY,  DECEMBER   15,   1913.
paoe rt*m
. ii-
First   Division   Game*  Series  of   Sur
Pi-lcci��� Engllth Cup Tie*
The usual upsets, perhaps more numerous than ever took place on Satur
duy in old country football, especially
in the first division.
Only on" team. Sheffield Wednesday, toil i's home game, Wait Hroni
wlch turning ths trick ,-0,   Anton Villa
against Tottenham, Bolton Wanderers
vs Brerton. Manchester l'nited vs.
Bradford City and Oldham against
Blackburn wire the other surprises,
all of the eight teams making a draw
which     considerably     enhanced     llie
standing of the visiting clubs
In the fifth qualifying round of the
Kngiish cup competition ull of the
home teams with two exceptions got
away with both points. The winners
will meet Second division teams In
the  next  round.
Here are llie ritulte of Saturday's
Firs'   Division.
Aston   Vi'la  :!,  Tottenham   3.
Holton Wanderers 0, Brerton 0.
Burnley t, Manchester city 0.
Chelsea 1, Sunderland   1.
Liverpool   2,   Mlddleshorough    1
Manchester i\ l, Bradford Cltv 1.
Newcastle o. _  Sheffield i:. 1.
Oldham A   1. Blackburn ft 1.
Preston Kort* Knd _. Derby Co, 0,
Sheffield Wednesday i, Went Bnud<
wicti  Albl.in  -I.
Secr.nd Division.
Bradford  ,'l.  Lincoln City 0.
Bristol  I'ity   1,   Birmingham  2.
Clapton Oil nt 1, Woolwich Arse-
nnl 0.
Otoaaop-Nottl  Forrest, postponed.
Hull Cltv  1    Fiilham  1,
Loads City 4. Orimiby Town  2.
Leicester  Kosse 0.  Bur>'  n
Notts County .'!, Huddersfield Town
stock por' county n. Blackpool 0.
Wolverhan.pton Wanderers 0,
llarnsley 1
Southern League.
Mlllwall A. 2. Bristol Itovers i>.
PdftltnOUth M'-.-thyr Town, postponed.
Brighton aad Hove Albion 0, Weat
Ham United i
Southend United I'lymouth Argyle
Northampton 0i Southampton 0.
r"lBnxham-H ending, postponed
Norwuh City-Crystal PaJace, postponed
Kxcter City 0. Swindon Town 2.
I'ardlff City :j, Queen's l'ark Bang'
(rs 0.
Scottish League.
Clyde  1.  Ab.nleen 0
Alrdrlenonsm :'., Dundee 0,
llaith   Roveri   1, Celtic  2.
Dumbarton 2, St,  Mirren  1.
Rangers 8, Falkirk 2,
Hibernians n, Hamilton Academicals
Kilmarnock 0, Hearts of Midlothian
Morion l, Patrick Thistles 0,
Motherwell I. Quei a's l'ark ...
Th rd Lanark -I. Avi   United 2.
Cup Result*.
Following   are   the   rcsulls   of   the
jflfth qualifying round of the cup:
Gainsborough 2, Crewe o.
Hnrt-h in :!. Darlington 2.
Qllllngham  1.  Watford 0.
Meriiyr  Town   2,  Btalybrldgfl  1.
1   Bwansaa :i. Wllllngton Athletic 0,
Stoke   il,   Harrow   1.
N' irwlch citv 2, Halifax 0.
North Shield* l. Chesterfield Town
on the back dlTlslon, 'he former for
hls tackling aud kicking, while Hun-
ford repeatedly galm d ground by
liding touch. Ruddock was tbs pick
of the local forward pack. H. Bell-
Irving, (in en, Walsh and Manley
were lhe p.,Int getieis for the Oarsmen. A. I!. F. Lloyd handled the
ch ssqp L Carlisle 1.
Luton   Town   0.  South   Shields  0.
Chatham   I,   Stamford   ii.
Brentford  1. South  Knd  V. 1.
Harlequins   16,  Old   Merchant  Tay-
lors 18
London  Hospital  IE, Old  Lsyalans
Blacklieath 27, Loudon Welsh it.
Cardiff IT, United Service 5.
i.rie, iter 14. Hoadlngli y 5,
| Ni wport   12,  Swansea  0.
ROYALS 10SE 15-5
Vancouver Oarsmen Defeat the Local
Rugby Fifteen  In Interesting
, N'ew- Westminster's rugby retire-
aenUtlrea went down to another defeat on Saturday afternoon at Queens
park, losing out to Vancouver Rowing club 15 points to tl. Tbe absence,
of .lack Smith and Kalcy from the
three-quarter line weakened the local
squad considerably, all of Vancouver's points being scored by the
three's while the two tries sent over
by Westminster were from forward
rushes. Davidson gaining llie first,
while McDonald mude a pretty rush
fur the second,
Wilcox and Dunford shaped up well
"jrnaby   Lost   First   Game���City   Defeat Sapperton���Eanker* Swamp
Showing a dash which completely
upset 'the Itovi r.i in the early stages
of tht? second half, the Burnaby soccer team sent through three shots aud
threw a scare into tlie opposition until the last ten minutes of play when
Manager Uranis aggregation woke up
and s.-oreil three goals in rapid sue-
bessicm. There three with tlie one
��� cored by Sh&wcroas in the early pan
if the first half did the needful for
the Rovers, the final score being 4 '���',.
The gat'ie uus one of Lie best seen
in Moody l'ark grounds for some time
although the suburbanite* wore some-
what hampered on account of thlr
freight not. agreeing with the heavy
itn*' of th" turf. Roaewarne and
Matthews did ths scoring for Burn
iby. Chlel of Sapperton was referee.
City   Defeat*  Sapperton.
At Bapperton l'ark the City found
iiings easy ag.iins; Sapperton. winning 3 1, The City defence was strona
throughout anil rarely gave the Sap
pertons a chane. to break through.
Heavy Score.
The Bankers' team was In a scoring
nood at Burqultlam, notching seven
goals and at the same time shutting
���mt the opposition, Buniuitlam. This
is tht heaviest defeat handed a Olty
eague team this season, the hoine-
_ters not having a ghost of a show
igainsi the financial students,
A nn atlng of the City league will
he held In ityall's office this ev,-ning
'or the purpose of arranging matters
for next Saturday. It Is probable owing: to the Iroquois cup contest bring
played at Moody park between the
City and Hovers that all league games
��� wlll be postponed.
Close Game at   Victoria.
Victoria.  Dec.     14     The Capita]  retained  Its unbroken     record    in    Mi:
Kechnle  cup  rugby   games  here  yesterday when the local fifteen di tented
the   Nanalmo   Hornets  i>  points  to 3,
Tbe   Victoria  team   played    a    dlsap
pointing  game   throughout   the   whclej
session and tliere  was Iilile to chose
between  the two teams, the forwards!
of the Coal  City  showing up strong. '
while the hacks were strong in punt- j
B. C. Rugby Standma.
W.    L.    F.
Victoria      2      0      IS
Vancouver 1      1      21
Nanalmo u      2      11
A. Pt<
3     4
B      2
Freddie  Welsh   Matched.
New* Orleans, La.,  Doc.  14.- Johnny
Dundee,  of New  Vork.    and   Freddie
Welsh, lightweight   champion,   have
been matched for a vn round boul
before a local athletic club New
Yeara afternoon.    Tbe decision Is to
rest with the newspapers.
Wed., Dec. 17
Clarence   Benn.tt   &.   Co.
Present*   direct    from    Hudson
Theatre,  N.V.,  America's
In  an   Intensely human  drams
The Price
Author  of "Bought   and   I'ald
For," "Man of the Hour."
Original      Scenic      Pt-oductlon,
Metropolitan   Cast.
Seat sale opens at Box Office
on Monday. I'hone i'li for reservations.
Price*: 50c. 75c, $1.00 and $1.50
(Continued from page one)
Standing cf the  League.
W     L.
Hurnaby     5
Ho*ers   4
Hankers  4
i'ity     3
vipp.rton    2
Hunjultlam   0
It. ft  K.   It  0
The Last Week of
at the
Monday, Tuesday/ Wednesday
The Well-known Story
Presented in Foui" Acts.
cm mil nm
Junior Alliance Team* Engage in Interesting  Struggle for Leadership��� R. C. H. S. Win*.
The soccer team from the Royal
City High school gained good ground
in Saturday afternoon by defeating
McLean l'ark in Vancouver and Is
now within Iwo points of tho league
leaders, Cedar Cottage. The Royals
piled up a lead of five goals on the
opposition who finally secured a lone
Thn Baptists vacated their position
it the head of the table, being defeat-
id by Cedar Cottage. In thc other
<?ames played the Cadets defeated the
B. C. K. U. 2-0.
Junior Alliance Standing.
P. W. ��_. D. Pts.
fedar Cottage  7   6   1    1    11
ilaptlsts    8    4    3    1      9
R. C.  H. S 8    4    3    1      9
Presbyterians     8   4   3   1      9
McLean   l'ark     8    4    4    0      8
Cadets    62   4   0      4
B. C.  E.  R 8   J   7   0      2
Golfing   Note*.
A competition similar to that which
the   ladies   are   now   running   at   the
Vancouver    Golf     and   Country   club
lings at Burquitlam will be commenced  for gentlemen  members    of    the
club at the beginning of the year.   Tne
members  will  he arranged  in the order of handicap, any player being allowed   to challenge   the   person   occupying the place above him.    All members   not  already   having  a   handicap i chamber session held at West Burnaby
are asked  to  hand   In  a  card   for  IS l cer a week ago
holes before the end of December.      j    ���.._.   ._re    _m(j-o( _a p,_nk_  ���.
Councillor Macpherson'* platform:
FIRST   NEW   WESTMINSTER Reduction  in the tax  rate from  20
TROOP  E.  P. BOY SCOUTS  to 25 per cent;   reduction of salaries
���  I for  the   indoor staff  to   what  it  was
Order* for Week  Ending  Dec 17, by i getting iu 1912: day labor eight hour
Scoutmaster   R.   P.  Day. j day, minimum wage to all outside help
1.    The   troop   will   parade   in   the; equal   to  that  in   Vancouver;   abolish
armories on  Wednesday next at 7:80jthe system whereby it is possible for
p.m..    Dress,  drill  order with  staves. | road   foremen   to   show   friendship   to
2. Recruit   Ronrld   Hatch   having;certain workmen;  lhe formation of a
passed the Tenderfoot Test ls hereby j union  for all  outside  employees;   ex-
posted to No. 3  patrol, number SB.      tending water, electric light and side-
Recruit    Cecil     Moorhouse   having j walks to all  residents;   assisting and
joined the troop Is. posted to the Ten-1 promoting    the    Greater    Vancouver
derfoot  class. Idea, whereby Burnaby would be taken
Recruit J. Topping Is hereby sTuck'in with Vancouver, South Vancouver
from  the  strength of  the  troop.        | and  Point  Grey.
3. The basketball team will prac- j In closing the councillor stated: "In
tice next week In charge of Patrol i years to come the people will hearken
Leader Howard McDonald. ! back   to   the   days   when   Macpherson
4. All scouts who Intend to sub-1 licked the Fraaer* and McGregors."
scribe towards the Scouts' Christmas , (Laughter, cheers and _e*_rs.)
Good-Turn Fund must leave them with j Other Candidate*.
Scoutmaster Chapman, care the Do-j Other speakers at the meeting were
minion fisheries office. Carnarvon j John Murray, a candidate for the coun-
itreet. not later than 12 o'clock noon i cil in ward six, and D. C. Patterson
Dec. 24. It is left with tbe scouts as j who inMnds to run In ward two. Otto
to what their donation shall be, but|Deckcrt was nominated to run in ward
it is Buggestcd that gifts of fruit, nuts, lone aftainst Councillor Stride, aho no-
cake, meat, clothing, toys or cash will  minated.
be the most appropriate. The Scout! Councillors Mayne and Stride remasters expect every boy In the troop' fused to take the" platform when call-
to take part In this Oood-Turn. I ed upon.   Walter S. Rose who will pro-
5. After next week drills will be i bably contest the aeat in ward two
suspended for the Christmas holidays I against D. C. Patterson, refused to
and the first drill of the new year; make any decision when nominated,
will  be  held on  Wednesday,  Jan.  7. j asking further itme.
The  scoutmasters  also take this op- i     �������� ��h" close of the meeting a vot?
portunlty to wish every scout in the' of thanks was passed to J. J. Jacksou.
troop a very Happy Christmas and a   who acted a* chairman, and Andrew-
Bright New Vear.   By order, McKee as secretary.
W. M. CHAPMAN. Adjutant.
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES. Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer. ,
Beavers v. Fraser Mills
Moose v. Sapperton
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
New Westminster. B.C., Dec. 12, '18,
Cavalry School.
Ottawa, Dec. 14.���The establishment
of a provincial school of Instruction
for cavalry at Pincher Creek for four
weeks commencing on Feb. 9. 1* authorized by militia orders Issued Saturday.
Collections, All Over TJie World
Whether your business is confined to Canada���or you ship
foods to all parts of the world���you will appreciate the facilities ol
the Dominion Bank in making collections.
The Branch in London, England, is ln immediate touch with
Ihe European finan-ial centres���while ^correspondents throughout
the world expedite all transactions.
The Dominion Bank has branchesjln all sections of Canada.
Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Shippers are requested to write the
Head Office for a complete list ol Branches and correspondent*.
Liver Eighty-nine Year*,
San Francisco, Dec. 14.���Col. Abra-1
ham Andrews, one of the oldest and j
best known jewelers in the Tinted
States, founder of thc Diamond Palaoe
in this city, died here tcday. He was
89 years old. Col. Andrews came to
this country when a boy from London.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Blifir.
Keystone Comedy, Thanhouser, Reliance and American.
Matincf, 10c, 20;        Night, 10c, 20c, 30c
Picturei 7.30 to8.30,SfockCo. 8.30to 10.30
One Ticket to See All
Two Weeks Starting Dec. 22
Middleweight* to go Fifteen Rounds
at Fraser Mills Next Monday-
Hewitt Referee.
Jactt " "Two Round" Thompson's
chance to retrieve himself against Art
Vordy of Anaeortes will arrive on
Monday evening, Dec. it, when the
two middleweight* clash In a 16 round
engagement at Fraser Mills.
Both scrappers have met. before,
Yordy securing a draw on the first occasion and a win In the seoond.
Jimmy Hewitt ot Vancouver hss
been selected as tho referee for the
It ts quite possible that the winner
of the event will meet Billy Week* of
Vancouver ror tbe Canadian middleweight championship at ��� later date,
Monday and Tuesday, December 15
frank Rich
KALEM'8  FIVE-REEL 180,000 PRODUCTION Made In Um Holy Land,  ��twre the  Eventa
To Play Aoain.
Otas-fow, Dec. IS.���In the qualifying
Scottish cup Dual, Dundee Hibernians
drew with Albion Rovers, both teams
netting one goal, lh the rugby union
game nt, Oalashlelds the south of
Scotland defeated the north ef Scotland Ay the score of 14 to 11.
Wlll Plan a Eanqust
Members ot the Balmoral Baseball
club will meet In Ryall's office at T
o'clock on Tuesday evening for the
purpose of arranging a date when tbe
'players will sit down to the festive
board. President Herb Ryall, although a little out of season, la planning to. Held a strong team In the
field next summer.
From the Manger
to the Crossly
r ������;:-' A v   & ' v i i
Portraying thi life of Christ fues* Hie arrival oe earth ts Hie departure-*!* mat sayeaslys end earefutty tfeapef tflffi>1W1l�� *******
1     *x*smx*mma-*smm
��� . . .     . \   '.   _ .   ..*_i*V
��� &'*;
{ *i,*. ,   . 'fc' >,|T   i
��� ���,cf*
I    Special Prices, Monday and Tuesday Only
MAIN  FLOOR 15c; BOX SEATS, RfffirraJ b Adfaw* 10c; GALLERY
���-   ������.*�������� Unrmryd.lOc
���Wl.   "P'
Special Music Evenings    s    :    s   i   $<
���:,   First Eveninf $fcoW Starts ftl|i
-������S'-ftjf ��� ***;�����
;-*T ���*>"*,
V/L   ���-$?. r-mam ��n
MONDAY,   PECEMBeA   15,   1913.
.-   '
Classified Advertising
aASrilKlK.H AUS) WILL BB l-'K-
Mt��ed fur Tl.e Newa al tin* following plaoes: .', T. Hills drug store,
���M8 Columbia Btreet; A. Sprtce,
Uueeiuboroiigh, Lulu Mand; .Vira.
tt. uarden, Highland Park; Mrs, v.
X_c*-i��, Aita Vista,
furnishings till Christmas. Genuine
money raising ri ductli i s In all
other llnea. Western Home Furnish! ir. 403 Columbia Btrei t,    i 268 11
***** * * *
_ ROTES ���
Cta-ast-fted���One -rent per word per
4*.v; ��o pel word P'-r week: U>c per
��,ontU; S.non words, lo lie used ac re
���toii-ed wttfcin one rear from  date ol
eornrsrt    t"	
tram line, tor sale, or exchange for
ins,,;.* eitv property,   P. 0, Box 343,
l~   SALK      a   FaTr   of   n.w
horses, rising seven nnd eight
yenrs; weight 2800 lbs, Will bn
Bold 011 the market on Dec. 1 lull .1.
E, Davis, Tynehead, B. t'.     (2668)
Berthlaume snored. A touch on tiie
arm rrom Hie dock constable brought
liiin out or hia coma temporarily, bul
lie soon relapsed and .sounds like the
tearing up of white oak burst forth
again ii-oiii the dock. The testimony
was proceeded with, Berthlaume being conscious  at   intervals, nnd   being
able to Ket some -drift of tlio proceed-
n '���'.
Mrs, .1.  Bosquet,  Parthenals street,)
accused 11..��� prisoner of taking soma
i'u,lev from hor home.   She and n iilile l oy  said   they  saw  tli"  prisoner
coming out ot a window in the liouse.;
Berthlaume  eame  to for a  moment|
during tlie critical portion ol' tin- testimony, ami, alter yawning, murmured:
"It. ain't, so."
Then he went back Into the arms',
of Morpheus, The rase was postponed, ami between now and tne next
hearing of It. Berthlaume will be able
; to enjoy   more sleep at  Captain   l.an*;
drlault's "sanltorium' 'at Bordeaux.
Scraggy Necks Avoided if Little
Trouble Is Taken.
Man   Who   Has   Been   Up   There
Yaars  Predict!) Great Future
for That Section.
mill's, ami the power might, Mr. Rabyl
thinks,  he profitably    turned  to uc-1
count   iio lias ia i 'i trying to obtain
ihe water rights, and lias heen in cor
respondenos with a number of capital-1
isis wiib ihe Idea of capitalising the
undertaking,  provided  he  is  able to
come to some satisfactory   arrangement witli the iir,iish Columbia gov-
I'l-uineiii.    Tie waterfall in Question
Just man bs boundary Hue between
_abeT> .
I    erty through an ad. in thi*
WANTED MODERN HOUSE IN Exchange i'or a farm in Hi'.' I'Tas. t
Valloy in P>od location. Apply A.
t; Marshall. South Westminster.
I'hone  1246R1. ''-'���'"���'>
FOIt SALB���11.00 DOWN, $1.00 PEU
week, Canada's l'ride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed, Mar
ket square, (2519)
inds Himself $38,000 Get-
Contracts wauled. It. K. Park, Car-
ter-C'olton Bldg .  Vancouver.   (2599 I
Dell very .Westmin-
Allen, General
bungalow; hoi water heating and
modern in every Other respect:
must be well finished ami in good
condition, centrally located; East
Knd ot the city preferred; lease
for one year, by small family, no
children. What offers? Apply, giving full particulars, lo Box 2606
News office. (2606)
Wanted, Money on MortgagesAuto Driver F
' �� s   �� ter Off When Farmer's Will
1   CAN   OFFER   TO   CLIENTS  Tli'.-.
following  mortgages all at  lu  por
cent, on times from    1 to   5 years.
Fullest  Inspection courted,
(10,000   ON   130   ACRES.     ALL     IM
proved,  cose  to    Coqultlam    City
wati iTront;   value $60,000.
$5,000.00 ON  LOT 66x132  FT.���FINE
modern      dwelling,      aeml-buslni bb
property.  New   Westmins.er,   B. C, heftrnea  today  that he had  been  left I
valu.'  $26,000. ,*,,.  -*(]v  gmn 0f $38,000 as a  reward;
$3,600    ON    LOT    r,lx104--A    FINK: for his action.
modern dwelling,   close    in,    New     The slory is rather Btrange.    Four;
Westminster;   value  $9,000.00. ' years ago, on  the mil of July,    in
$6,000 00  ON   SIX  ACRES  ALL   UN- Douglas,  Arizona,  Good,  who   was  In
del-cultivation  in     Eraser  avenue. ; th" I'   S. army at the time, whli- -
main    road    to    I.adner:    Modern
Montreal, Dec. 14.    As the result Of
Isaving the life of a middle aged farm-l
er  who had  heen  badly  Injured  In  ft I
run away accident lour years ago, in
Douglas, Arizona, Win. Good, a chauf
feur.  90   Si.   Catherines   street   wesl.
bouse and banc,  value $17,000.
$3,000.0(1  ON  MODERN   STEAMER;
���laity $5.00 extra by growing
rooms for us.    Free    booklet    how
Krow  mushrooms in cellars, barns,
sheds    and     boxes.      international   (o6qS)
Mushroom  Company,    lor,    Em pire
building, Vancouver,  B.C,        i_613)
turning  from   a  sham   battle  to  ths
camp, came across Anthony JatnieBon
lying in the road with his skull frae-
1 lured and two ribs broken.    Without
I   cost  $22,000;   fully    equipped    and I hesitation Good  picked  up the man.
I    paying  charter;   full  marine  insur-  w*t,0   was   mue'i   larger  and   heavier
'ance built,   and   carried   him   three   mllei
MAKE IF ANT OF THESE INTEREST YOU  in   the   burning   sun   to   the   near
mush-1    write rr see ifarm  bouse,  thereby  saving   his  life.
.i mtn iu   _��.i rnn A doctor was suinomned and at that
,i ,      ,  V,fi v . \v   ��mi��� ter   ''���'���'" ������" "���*���- needed tor both "; <hP!n
MeLeod   Bldg. Now   \..stmlii...u.   ,_,.,,_,, wag (l0I1(, out.
li. c.
to mm
house;  furnace and lire place;  can
have Immediate    possession;     rent
���425 per month.    J. J. Johnston, Oo-  pubTl
lumbal stroet. (2618)
jersljrned,    ami
iddressed 1,1 tl,.  un-
,ors id "Tendera for
Building, Porl  Albernl,  B.C.," will
be received at thla ..rfi.-i* unill i :00 mn
1111  Wednesday,  31st  December,   1918,   for
l'nlila   Buildln , at
,.,.���   tlie enlistruetiiin  of
FOR RENT--$6 MONTH. 6-ROOMED  port  Albernl,  B.C.
Rochester road;    twenty      Plans, soeelflcatlons and form ol
to rent try an ad. in this column.
ke-eptng rooms. $10    and    ��ls    per   t)���. occupation, and plac
montb at 'i'ii Seventh street. (2622.
house on  Rochester roan;    twenty  *__ef*^��^Snaa*"St^motl-S^*
.minutes  from  car,     r,   Baser,  isur-   obtained at the office of the undersigned,
rmillam P   O (2602)   Postmastera nl  Port Albernl and nt  Na-
���Hiiuiam 1     nalmo. and Mr. A. .1. Chlsholm, Caretaker
- ~~   "        "   , ,. ,   Public  Building,   Vancouver.
YOli HAVE ROOMS I persona tendering are notified thai ten:
ders will not tn* considered unless mu le nn
the forms supplied, and Blgned with th-lr
actual BlgnatureB, staling tnelr occupation,
and place of residence. In the case 01
firms, the actual signature, the nature of
f resldi nee ol
_ich member ot thoflrm must In* given.
Each tiniiir must be accompanied by
nn accepted '���lii*,|in* on n chartered bank,
payable to th" order m Hi" Honourable
the Minister nf Publlc Works, equal to
tin inr cent 110 p.c. 1 of the amounl of
the lender, which will be forfeited it the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fall
to complete the work contracted foi lf
ihe lend.r he not accepted tho cheque will
le*   returned.
Tho Department does nol  hind Itself In
accept the lowest nr any tender.
P., Stilellt     Are   ltl Cl
nepai'tment nf  Publlc     Works    Offli
Victoria,  ��.<-.. Deer. -nth. 1813.
Newspapers will  not   be  paid for this
advertlsemenl   if   they   Insert   il wlthoul
authority from the Department.        1.1: * *,
I Jamieson never fully recovered,and
[on th'-- 12th of November lart died,;
leaving to C'.ocd the sum of $88,000 se
a reward for his heroic action. This
part of Arizona is one of the hottest
places in the United Slates, and is
Imostly �� very sandy waste.
Good left the American armv ahout
a inonth ugo. and came to Montreal,
where he is to be married.  He is a
good mechanic and found no difficulty
In getting a position, and is now em-
ployed  in  the    Rapid    Glectroptylng
company, Of Montreal.    This morning j
Oeorge  Morceau,  a  former  tent-mate 1
walked   into   his   room,   and   showed
him a clipping from the Douglas Ob-
servor, t liing him to put the matter I
Into the hands of, a lawyer.    He lost
no time in doing so. nnd has written;
to E. (!. Ryley, of 27 Wall street, giving blm all the particulars of the case.1
Good  is  rather modest about the af-'
fair, and is inclined to doubt his good
luck.    WhettlFr he gets the money or
nct he Intends to remain In Montreal.
Tiip, answers to the name of Dennis;
si -collar-;  short tail.    Kinder notify
Bdward  Hassall, Burqultlam, B. O,
Golf club. (2610)
���sheep dog; creain color. Reward.
II. Drysdale, 41 Wellington street,
city. Anyone found harboring will
fa* pi-ose-cutod. (2001)
���farm -sales conducted. Furniture
bongbt   for  cash      I'.   II    Hrown.   IT
Begbie atreet, New Westminster.
nd In the Mailer of n Mechanics' Lien
fnr battels Claimed bv John R"ld.
t'111-ryiiii; on Business as "Westminster
Iron   Works."
Pursuant  to Section 87 ,,f said recited
unit,* l, John Reid, ol  the City of New
Westminster,   Province of  liritish Columbia,   Mechanic,   Proprietor   of   the   Wesl
minster  Iron   Works,  hereby  give nnilre
'that  Inasmuch aa the sum  of  1178.00  Is
.iin   im-itr-i   1 ie 1 1.1   1 i-'ii   i.vkitY   I now  due  and  unpaid   me  fm*  over   three
UAU   Ul-Ulb   lill.l.UIW)   I'AMti-   1 3) months after the same ought in hnve
where.     No   collection,   no  charge. 11 n paid me, to wit, on the uth dav of
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-   August. 1913, tof tlie repair, alteration and
ency, S36 Hastings slieet west, Vancouver. ('-SIR I
Talking   or   His   Country's   Finances
Hc  Bslieves in  Seeing thc
Bright Side.
Commenting on the Japanese financial Bituation, the I'huo, a Japanese
new-spare to hand on the Shldzouka
Maru, calls attwtloa trJ I.e fact that
Some authorities bn finance are apt tol
take pessimistic views of things and I
constantly cry panic.
Their prediction, however, thinks the |
paper, has always proved a failure
as it is founded on no facts. Tho3e |
well acquainted with the real state <-,f |
Ihe country's finance, and who want [
in speak the truth, will never for a j
:: omi at hesitate in concluding that as
improvement ot a certain chattel to wit:���
One fore and Wl compound mine.,' -slide . ,
valvi   engine  6ttx_3x8  inch  stroke,  with I Hiinep   stand   now    IhF-   nintu   flnnneo
direct connected air circulating and feed , *     ''���   "'"������   ***  hXl*u'   tina.ir.e ,
pumps,  drlvn  from  low  pressure cross- IB  in  a normal condition.
lead,  also Intermediate shaft  and thn isl      T] .*   [acl   Is  the   world   powers  arc
liars (English built.. 1    '1 ���     ��� *..- ������   ���    n ,���,. ,,,,. __, .. _,.,���, guffer|ng ,-,,���, a ,,,..,
I*itm.*rt Hunks on B.C, and California liy ,
���r-mr. ,-r     ,-.,���:���u-.,,i Camp Life, .nd edl-   collars (English built.)    Ths engine la 1
-��,;,,    i,.���,,,L, ihn iiem.ie. ,,1* it   i'- ln iiu> tit I  wnrk ni?  I'lniditinn   wiih   new  crank. _
nthte'xVest^N^o? Pioneer 'w?meS ��haft and b?arlngs and  link  n, ,  re-  Helena In state expenditures, where-I
atti Boa.    * oe sew of  nve  roi   ��8.00 ur 1 ney^ed and_developea[about rt_h .y_.IA m _.  | as   Japan   has  to  discuss   the  proper
~:��c imt eopy till Aaxi
BL    MirrliiK.    1117    II.,
-1 .-!'sM"Vd^.u_u'.:, tin *���    ���      '     P__��,y,fi,5?1.t' 1 serious  financial 1    stions in Japs:
in respect of and u|mn which said eha!
f_,,'!^'   T""^ te,'UXea^Tena?rnfon8r.Wir^dTa: n^thod  of utllWng a stirplus saved
In  It.
,.,.,.,     Uioreby Increasing the value of said chat-1. naB  ,   .,...,,,- nn   ihn  i-edn.
1--'lr'l   tei ch  ��� ii'l chntlel  was lefl  with  mi    ' ' '- ""  ' ���','   feduc-
��� in- Walter A   Qllli      of New  Westminster, | tlon 01  taxes am! the appropriation of
'-���~ i B.C., eontraclor, clalmimt to be tbe own ���
then *.i'  nn or ils ul thi  flrsl dav nf Aprll,
th    . ':. plus
Loc ii dl -,* itchi    of lit*
..,. Li.nks '4. T,. T. S, B, 1" ond 1
pari of S. IV.   1, Secth a in, Township 8.
A Certlflcate of Indefeasible Titli to
Che above properly will be Issued to
Mabel Louisa Playfali  the Slsl laj
! seembor, 1918, unli ss in the mi an
���'un*. a valid objection be made to me
-1 'nr.'ini: by a person or pi ft .: -
daltning an estate or interest tbi ri In,
tur in a.iv part thereof.
.1. C. OWYNN,
Dlstrlcl Registrar of Titles
Rjuid Regl "   Ofl ce,
New Westni  ister, B.C., November
_2ilh.  1913.
191     fu,  ".**      literati       ..'.'I ."*.,'.���'��� . *. ��'  ��  '���" '  "     '       "     reppri   an
a ihai 1 will in Hn expiration of tlclpated  poor crops ol  rice tbls    * i*
I   twn *.,���:.��� from lhi   flrsl  publication in soni" localities     Stilt,  according to
���"mrdav tha ,.t,:;rl.��� ,.r , ,.,,   ;.    .   , ,,. |��� ,,.,..,
���      ol   1 ilu ���    191 I,  si II  by
 ,1 * !,.���:* ��� for lbe umouni   prospect   of  lh
oul pul   re.i* hints;  ne
general    agricultural    and
lehi  i 1' ��������� iiiu   -I   thereon and average,    Wiih the exception of rici
of ihls atlvertis ment   ind costs  1 1      1 1      ,1
���1 . *       ma pi-ice of .mid ai Hon sale manufacturing  Industries are almosl
���   hi *,,*���.  in the all that can be desired in respeel  of
; ���    ���.'���    ',;.,,;:' prospects, while foreign  trad.* shows
Wi   * ������ *������   i        '. rV     Mo   '*. .  10th unprecedented prosperity    Since the
-  *   *'���       *��� ��� ���   B.C., ni which new-iy started commercial and Indus-
' ':' trial   onterprises  aggregates  a   huge
:��� ltd   id ,,*   Di    mbei    * 0 aniotiiit: nor ure the resulta _f the ex-
,     ,, change of bills less Bstisfacl ry  it is
,*,.. 1,   solicitor. ,1   p.i       ������  Roll   23 true Japan sometimes witnessed "hard
I. - reel    ... ici   i*.** limes."   But   no   nation   can   hav     a
; '��� *    moi Lho'r path In life than Individuals I
,,,     ���������������'��� It la ilm height of folly to argue
Love of ths Picturesque Makes Medici
Collars Both Popular and Searco In
tho Shops���They Ars Easy to Fashion at Home.
Dear Elsa���Ever since every woman
lias been displaying ber throat swan
like nml otherwise. 1 have been swathed In IiIkIi collars unfashionable anil
uncomfortable, particularly during the
hot weather, I couldn't tempt the
funny num who loves to diseant plc-
torially upon feminine "salt cellars" to
bave one more Insane Joke at my expense-hence my martyrdom in Hu
Just nml good cause of appearances.
Well, my dear. I'm happy now nnd
throat free. Now don't misinterpret
this remark ns Dick did. and look for
my heud on the couch, but be sensible
and listen to what I've got to sny on
the subject.
To start out in real, advertising
fashion. ������Nobody need have 11 scraggy
neck if they will tnke the trouble."
What I say Is. thnt I leave subdued
my salt cellars nnd my scraggy neck
is n thing of the near past. You know
thnt I am nothing, but "a rn�� anil a
bone and n hunk of hair." and never
COtlld wear n decollete frock with any
degree of becomingness.
Now nil my friends In slulit envy my
���full, linn throat; I've no loose skin
tinder my chlti nnd not n Blngle sign
of 11 salt cellar
And the remedies 1 used wcre so
Bi tuple.
An acquaintance who has studied
physical culture In Sweden taught mc
three head nml neck exercises which
have hnd sm-b good results that 1 feel
it would be the height of selfishness
imt to share with you who nre of the
lean kind too.
When doing the exercises the neck
should be quite bare. Tbe best place
Is to do tbem In one's kimono. tii-��*lit
and morning, ami to undo one's blunsi*
at the throat during the duy.
Now for tbe exercises;
First, stand erect, look straight It
front of yoa, then, keeping tiie boilj
quite still, let tbe chin sink slowly till
It reaches the chest. Raise the chli
nud move the head luifkw'iird as fat
as It will go without strain. Repeal
these movements from live to ten
times. The great thing to remembei
Is that all bead and neck exercise!
must be done slowly nnd evenly
Quick. Jerky movements ure useless
and dangerous.
Becond, raise the chin, hold your hen-*,
rather in tbe position of a hen drink
lng and then turn the bead, lirst tc
the right as far ns It will *sn. then tc
tbe left.    Do this live or ten times.
Third, hold the head quite straiglil
nnd take a series of short, quie1*-
breatbs. puffing out the base of tbt
throat with each breath. In dddltiot
to these exercises you cun If yuu likt
massage tbe neck thoroughly with
lieiizonnted bird every night: it makefile skin smooth and while, 1 havt
While I'm prating of myself I know.
Elsa, honey, that you ure Just dying
tu learn wby I have not seat via par
eel post the Medici collars you wanted
Well, here's the reason: they're tre
mendoiisly hard to find, for you musl
know that these picturesque neck nd
ilenda are having 11 wonderful popu
larity this season and it's almost im
possible to get a Medici at a reasonable
price at this late day. The dressmak
ers are therefore reaping a harvest
for a well shaped Medici collar of fine
lace or embroidered batiste lias be
come the stamp of an exclusive cos
tume turned out by a private dress
Jet they nre so easy to mnke thnl
you. Elsa, could turn one out In ac
hour or so All tbey require is skilful
wiring, for the effect must bc soft 11 mi
tlie flare just right.
Plaited frills and shaped lingerie ran
tenuis can be bought as cheuply as '_:..
cents a yard They are to be basted
Inside a coat collar or n dressy bloust
waist. Buch n finish ls dainty'nnd be
coming  particularly  on  a  coat,  ns  It
keeps   ibe   nub rnlng   collar   from
close conflict Villi lhe hMh
I mil inn tieni Milli your very negli
pMII   liieod 11  of these frilly en
liiili.'iiis und hies-- yours devotedly.
For Thoie Who Entertain.
What hns been served nl company
lum 1,".ni-. and dinners is so soon for
gotten bi the hostess thill she may 1111
cons, lollslj repeal her bill of fare for
si,in. i,r 1 Lt- siinie gnosis To avoid do
1lip II,I- :i young iniitii'ii lu 0 fast grow
ltljr sutiiirli where the young married
folk enlertnln one another a good ileal.
keeps 11 book which ts proving of great
value 10 her
Cured by Na-Dru-Co Syrup of
Linseed, Licorice and Chloroilyno
Von know bow bard it is to get ri.l of
a cough tbst has hung mn for sven two
weeks, let alone two months.    So you
, will appreciate what Na Dru-CoSyrup nf
Alberta and British Columbia, at the i,i���..c,.,i, Ucorice and Chlorodyne did
1- a,1 of the navli able part of the ireat ,,���. Mr i..llni.k Holland, of Bast lialtlc.
river which traverses thai country.    I j> ].; r    Hessys;
  As to eltmato, ilu re is absolutely |   'iixt_t*tnt\ from^ahacking cough for
no rain abter September 1    Bummi-r; ���vi.r ,������ ���,,mtbs,   I tried several reme-
Victoria  Dec  l"    L c,   ltabv  who!eommancea about the same time as on \-Has, but they failed to cure nie.   At
I.,     I,,,   ,-' ,,���*,..,I  .mm the Peace riv    "'""  ?"*'   '"'  the  ?rft'rlM'     a",'1     rr""! ] last I tried Na-Dru-Co Syrup, if Linseed,
has jusi returned from the Peaci u- April ���,.,,, .,,������, ��� ls ���,���,���  ,,un��� __*l UeoTi_ wdChlorodyne, and got iucb
er country, where lie has been for tne .in!;,    are   ill"   rainy    months; after 1 relief that I tried more, and alter umiij;
greater  pan  ot tho past  six  years, thai   until November there la excel-\_m*e bottles was absolutely cured."
sooke enthusiastically this morn.ng on lB"' weather.                                           The unique, scientific combination of
,p          ,         iwiuin     ,1  ���  ,.,������,,,���. "�������� H**y ������ vlslUng here with Mra.hbreosuchrelsbleremedlea makes Na-
the meat possibilities ol 11  oountrj ���.,,,,. ,������_ tl���. n���x,  ,,,w  dayf|    .lf.���r   ,,_���_,-��� Svrupof Linseed, Ucorice and
which  is rapidly  opening  up I'.nd  be-  which  Ihey  vvill return to  Vancouver' Clflorodync the lirst preparation that
that lias ever hr-cn oflt-red Inr all sorts
ut colds nnd ii-uclis. Oet a _.'ie or fsk:
bottle Irom \niir Druggist ami set- for
vmi sell bow effective it is. N.iti'mal
Drug   and   Chemical   Co.   of   Canada,
Limited. 32J
fi r some wi eks before ths
turns     to     the     I'laco  rlvi
former re-
coming, populated.
"There has bei n a marvelous growth
in thai country during the past two
years  particularly," raid    Mr.    llahy.   CRIDE STABBEBD WITH
"During   Ho-   past   lew   months  alone' POISONED DARNING NEEDLE
about six thousand more people bave | 	
come lulu the country, nearly all the      Now Vork, Dec. 14.   -Armand  Mega'
ericans   from  the '"��� arrested In Newark Thursday af
I ternoon charged with Jabbing s poi-
Made to measure, guaranteed one
vear.   I'liono UTs for appointment
MRS.  TWI83, City   Manager.
.2.S.,) 237 Sixth Street.
seitl.rs   being   Am
northern pan of the 1 nlted states. _Qned ni,i(lli, ,nt() lm, hand 0( M|.N
There an- practically 110 European 1 Marjorie Oraff, bride of _ civil engi-
Immigrants Two vears ago there Beer, as she was watching motion pie-
were no railways north of Edmonton, $>���<�� >*.' �� boxaj the Lyric theatre.
...       ,      Newark,   was   held   todav    in   180,000
and the trip bad to be mado either hv   Wlj, fn|. (]l|, ,,..;i|)ll jn|,y     ,,,, ,,���,llluli.
team  or  dog train.   No,v   there  Is   llie   ,- ,uy (Jeclar   1 thai  lie was nut  guilty
Canadian Northern, and the Edmon-|but the young bride insisted lhal Me-
ton-Dunvegan line, with a daily trainIgoro was the only p rson In the box
Bervlce to Athabasca Landing    The when she felt the sting.
work   ls  lieinn   pushed     rapltUy   and.    An usher 111 the Lyric picked up ���>
Peace River Landing is to lm made'darnlng needle in the theatre today.
this year. 1 believe. Towns are spring-j The chief ol police said tonight thai l AEM3ER8 OF THE incorporated
int: up all along the line of railway  i,,. woujd Een(] tb * needle to a chem- SOCIETY OF MUSICIAN6.
construction, the principal one being |��t ����� that an analysis could be made]    u���KHlinli ln i.iauoforte, Violin, sing-
L.U.A.M.,   A.ll.C.M
Production,    'i'hi-ori
Orouard,   wiicb   is 800 miles   from to determine whether any poison still      ,   ,- ,
the railway,  and  has .1  population of remains OO it. .,,,'    .,. ,,rlvalelvl   Harmonv   ('onnter-
8.000   people.    Serridge,  at   the  eaa       Although  many storl. ;  bave    h-i ���   . ' "V M s ca   Form an    ll.stoT
end of Slave lake, will be the flrsl Bf.oat of late thai white slavers have ^SJl.JJ"""JEm,   "1,.   ���,��,,,,������_.
divisional   nt  north  of  Edmonton, Bdopt,��� ,,,, prac,|,,. ���,- ,!,������,,������ p���i    , ' """,s .T'T    .,    h      .,it   ,Z
ami will undoubtedly make an excel- ,on by n lh"* Inf. H.e arms of vouii, ! ; ����8,**.tb" A8"r,r\**'^   !""d."f���'1"
. ������  : iwnslte    Grouard is the centre ��,������.���',, ���* ,������,|���n pictures houses and   l!",-v,al ^i���* ot .,?.M,0o!^  ' ""
of a mixed farming country, and also other dark places, with the Idea of ab-    oH����e ,,f :.1"s'c'   AlB"��� '/"'""Klunl��1
does a big business in furs   marten, ducting  them  while ihey  were in a Diplomas, Teacher or    ertormer
lynx, beaver, bear, etc &*.**,  Police Chief Long -md Captain      K"r u'n,,s' ''*���'���  *PW  ra   DOKerln
Lcokr to Future. Tulte  of  Newark aro  convinced  thai   Street   Phone 411 It.
Mr   li.'l.v   dels  tin-  Importance of ��������� .1 , ,i.��� ,���*..���    _ -,i 1  w_m
bringing to tlle attention of the peo- ,������-.-���  ,.--M.s  that  bnve   come   under
ole ol the I'acific eea.-t the posaibll 1,.       	
ttleg of the Peace river country. Event- li:., ,,,* robbery.
ually.  lie  savs.   when   lii"  countrv   Is __	
linked   up   wllh   the  coasl   ports  by
means of the railway lines now- under AT last wins title
construction, the people of the ems: TO CRYSTAL cave
will benefit really more by the coun- 	
'try there than people in eastern Can-      Norl 1 Yakima, Dec  11     Afier flisht
ada.    \Vh ni the Panama canal opens, inm  the  l'nited  States  land    depart
its lirniiueis. through the coast ports partment  -"i  years  Adoiphus ('.   Mc
YUJ f   1     COLUMB
.Tl iViii,  NEW   W
of  ilrillsh  Columhla,  will  find their Bride of this city has Just received a
way   to   markets   in   all  parts  of  the patent   for   160   acres   in   South   Ua-;
������ ������ "Oi     The Peace river Itself Is n". \, ,-,   which   include   the   entrance   to!
igable   for   a   distance   of   some    600 Crystal cave, a hole which has never;
inilis.   and   tapping,   as   It   does,   the neen   completely  explored,  hut   which
i-i-.aiest  wheat  belt  In  the whole    of Is   said   to  be  lurner   than   tin-   Mam-.
North America, will always constitute moth cave In Kentucky.
a   transportation   route   for   the   bar-       | ;,,. Crystal cave Is near the North-
vests grown on tiie plateaux and val- western railroad and on the propoaed
leys traversed by il. national  automobile  highway  to  Cla- 1
"The distance from i'_.h'n'.- Hope, ,;, ��� Nattonal park.   Mr. McBrlde will
which Is al the head ol navigation on leave in the iprinj; and proposes to
tli- Peace river, and Stewart, on thejdjien the cave for Blghtseers.
Pacific coast."  continued   Mr.  tlaby,     "My   ,vi:,.  and  1   settled  there  28]
"Is   about   about.   H75   miles,   and   tbla   vears   ago,"   said    Mr.    McBrlds   lasl i
.distance has a very practicable rail-j nighl "We applied for a homeat ad I
way route. By using iurs on ihe riv- p-uent ii mediately. The application]
er tlie urain could bn lowed to Hud- vvas held up for several reasons. It'
eon's Hope, where It could be reloaded  was al  one time proposed t.i make'
jlr.to cars and shipped to ocean ports,   the land about the cave a national do-I
"Transportation  and     capital."  em-   main,    llur application  was In bi fore
pbaslzed the speaker, "are huth neces-  it was proposed to withdraw ii trom
sary.   Wheat brings ILS-i per bushel; ihomasteadlng, however, nnd we have
'oats. $i.ii". The railways hav al- at last secured title. The litigation InI
ready contracted for all the wheat I the land department for 28 years, how-!
srown  In  the  country at  the present   ever, lias used most of my resource*]
jtlme.    Wheal    and    oats    both  yield   ,,nd   I   shall   have   to  sell   my   North'
heavy  crops.    I   myself  sold   a  crop  Vaklma  property  before Kolng back
which  gave  62  bushels  to  the  acre    My  wife ami  1  have  livd  In  N'or'.h t
; And the prain Is good quality. A good   Vaklma for six years."
Imatiy of the farmers am growing win   ________________________________^_      , _
iter   wheat,   which   yields  abundantlv
Mr.  Lawrence, of  !���'.  S.   Lawrence  .i   <N    THF    SUPREME     "-O'JRT    OF j
Co., has put In two large fnur m'lls BRITIt .    ���.-���-.UMBiA.
lone at Qrand Prairie, and the oth r . . 	
'at Shaftesbury, each with a capacity |n pr0_>ate.
for one hundred barrels.    ThlB mp ' ' _____
[piles the settlers wuh stiff! dent ft url
without having to ship h   - >m   u
filrls' classes, Tuesday 7:80 pm;
Adult classes. Thursday, 10 ",0 a.m.;
Bewlng  classes.  Thursday,   7:30  p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles ami gentleman,
Special dinner Fridays, 11:80 to 1:30.
Kor particulars call phone Ii'ii.
New Wellington
Office,  554   Front  Street,
Foot of  Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries snd
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
suicly Wesiminster lb coining to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Truat Block.
""   Matter of the  estate of Thomas
Jgiilison, late nf the City ���l New West
noliits    Tli*> .iricps arr  hie!       iW  .er '      mlnater, lvr..n���..,i
points,    in   pnoes ai    .,,,        j   ..er.   N-0TIl-K  {���  ltBBEBY  i-.ivi'.n  that  all
B sack c. flour, lr . t  1-������-������: CO'tf *7.   1    eredltors mni olner persons having any
Tec Ccld f..   Fr.
The Cl ���   tr?, Mr,  Hah;,   avi rs.
alms or d* mapda againat the ��� i-uito nr
is nn the above named Thomas Joluison. late
, '��� '.,1 th, city .a Ncw"We��tmlnster, In th<
suited for fruit growing, because too county ef New Westminster. In the tb-n-
��� *.cltl. But cattle raising is alreadv vine., ,4 British I'.iliimi.ia. deceased, who
loulte an Important Industry, and fur- j-"'-'.1 *"' "'" '";;""'1 ����* "' ��|Ptejn��t��r. 1818,
' ,        ,        .        ., n   1.1   ,,,i.       11     md W'llnse will   Has  Tirovi ll  In   Hie Slipr.'m..
ther  back,   in   the   British   Columbia court of British Columbia on tbo thirtieth
foothills, lhere are unrivalled grazing Idav of October,  1918, and in whose real
fa Ml I Haa   -ni,l   tlirMi_-,.nlu   rf   p'lttli,   anil ' f,il'l  I'ers'innl   i stale  letters  uf  ailMiinlslra-
a mtles ami tnousanas oi intu ami t|on wlttl ,h��� w||) ������������x,���| ���.,.,��� Kr.in,���, ,���
horses bave been turned on. The 1 James Johnson ol ths City "f New Wesi
country Is. on the whole, more salub- minster aforesaid, are hereby required to
rii,11* than at Cnli'.irv owinir to the 1 "*""_ mrtloulnrs In writing of their Claims
nous inan nt (.una v. owmg 10 ini ,���r /ielmaiM ,��� ,,,��� Unrt��rslgned, the wd-
'"sspr altitude, th" plateaux along the mlnlstrator with the vmii nnn vl, on nr
I'eace   river   being   aboul   1, ion   feet. I before the Ilth dny of January, 19H, at the
m,!  ti,,.  ru-,,-- HuMf  ir;v 1.1-s11,ir  rnr  . 1 undermentioned address, afier wiiien tints
1,1     ���!'���  rive,   i      .,   iraven ,i       ��� r  a  ,,���. ���_,,, ,.,i���,i,,ialr,,,���,. ._.,,,, ,,,.. nin lin.
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA, Mgr.
Exclusive agent for H. Ohashl A
Co., New York, manufacturers of
Typewriter Hacking Sheets, Carbon
Papers, Itlbbons, etc. Mall address,
Drawer 110  New  WeBtmlnster.
itu- Haiti administrator wuii the
K. 1,. MacPborSon, Salesbury Ave.
KdmondB, will be open to receive
gifts of food, clothing nnd toys to
mnke up for Christmas hampers for
(hs needy.
the rive
long distance a valley not  more than   nnited"wttrp'roceed to distribute thi
I ni""  hundred   or  a  thousand  feel   ln!"f   ths   said   Thomas   Johnson,   deceased I
UlHtnrtn      Pnnltrv   ralslna  Ins  not   vet  amonast th" parties inlitl'il thereto, hav- |
ait,tude.    K.ui.rv   raising  nas noi  y��lI|n�� rsfard only ta the claims and demands
been entered upon, and up to the pres-|���f which he slmii then have had notice nn.l!
,enl   th"   settlors   havo   subsisted   for'"'" "aid administrator with the will un-
ll,i.   iiimit   ,,'ii-t   without   i,uvk I nesed  will   nnl   be  lllihle  for   111"  OSSetS  "f I
tin- most, part w it.iout eggs. ,,  ths snld Thomas Johnson, deceased, or any
|    An  Important  scheme,   whlrh,  If  it | r>���,, thereof -> distributed iii anv person
"es  through,  will  revolutionize  cbn-l<? persons of whose otolHIs or demand* hs ,     ,     ,. ..
ditlons in the whole or that part of .^^uffoitW^JSSSlw ai- i     ^."Sc?
the  northwest,  Is   the  harnessing  0f|i9i8. NOTICB    im    iikhkiiv
the I'eace rlvi r.    In   Rooky  Mountain ,1-XMKS .IOMnhoN. Charles aordsn.Bowden
Administrator with the win Annexed,  '':   Wilson,  both
canyon  there  in  a  fall  of  Ihree  hundred   feet   in   about   two   and   a   half
(���.-iti i
"hth  Street,  New Westminster,   11,r. ' liiinsl
nf   th"   I'ity
In   llie   l'n.vim
f   tin-  "Creditors'  Trust
(JIVKN    Uiul
lllli' ,1:1111'+ <i.
Iif New WeSt-
,f    llrllnih   fn\-
\'**i        *
1 ���   pubtl 'atlon ol
nib i.  191
i iti
The person 01    perBonfl   having   In
i-lheir custodi or       sei lion the follow-
i.icg Title M I- relating to the Bald
-property are requested to del *,*��� t   tbe
���a-air.v tn <ii" undersigned.
17tb Jnoiiii!'. 1879 Crown gram to
..old',.1 I'iiTine-i- I la I oe of S. W, ',
-Section in. Township 8,
17th Jitniimy. ISTa.   Cordon Parmei
fhato* to Oeorge Marshall, col".*. ������ inci
mi Tk- of the S.W, lu acn s of S.W   , :
r--,,'(-liolt   !*.'-. "i   ���������:.���': ip S.
"1st Deoember, 1903, Cordon Partner !
tiiafoe to Jack Miller, conveyance in :
fee of 6. iwrt <n s.w i4, Section   18. j.aWned ���     ,,.,,, ,:   - , , doci,
Tewnship 8. A ,Illir��� perfect picture of slumhei
Mth Sep:.'ruber. YM'i.   Gordon i'ar-  illg indifference has seldom been seei
otter tiafo.- to _ach Miller, conveyance  jn the |lve|y i;,iq���,.| court,
���-ii Ut* part of 9, W. \4.   Section   18,     "James Berthlaume," Bhouted Courl
Townehfp K. Clerk Paquette,
Uth February, 190S.   .lack Miller to |    The door opened and lhe prisoner
Mi ntreal,    Di c.    11    Jan *������
i.iiii'e. 22 ;,' ars old, fell Into th   a
i f  Morpheus  In jail  lasl   nighl   .*
never lefl his _h_slti  ini; embrace ���
eep; foi  intei irals durln ! li!s heal In
on a e!i,i.*e of theft In enquete court
befon   ,'Iu Ig    Lei I   ��� id ty     In  i tin '
words, i! rthlaume was Buffering from
a proi n.   : attack of em ul, and �� itln
bis e ��������� ii a   . In court he
i.T ���  thai because a nation ban to fac
��� culty, then fore, her    future    Is
ghted.     As   for   .lapan,   Bhe   Is   In
let   a   youthful   country   111   polnl   Of
*   ii ' mlcs,  a country    wine. ���    over-
*.- energy wll leasily   enable
ier to : iver whatever drawbacks
maj encounter.
she ri'ierils the names of tbe
hn iteii tn a lum heun, len or
mid nn ihe snme page the bill
ful* lbe mi'ill. Willi il tiii'liuil-llfl
built llie dei-i.rat nue- for the
tal,I,- Her Imi,I: mu onlv prevents lief
frnm repenllllji Uie sail:" bill of fare
fOI   Hie   -nee   |,,'l ������ons.   lull   also offers
hei   ninny  sugg_��oons of seasonable
in ii
of r.i i"
5*>i.vi��i WriRbt, conveyance In tee of running
hands ghlowly ibroiiith hli
���ttie ��ovrth poriion of R. W, U of Sec-   touaelled  hair, entered  yawning,  lie
li'on IK, Township 8, except l'i acres, j leande on the rail of the dock, Strotch-
.i.r OWYNN,        ed, grunted and fell asleep,   Tbe pros-
WIC)       DlatnlsUHOfilatca* ot Titles - edition then proceeded with the case.
New Recipes.
A COOllPK dessert ts l.tilln Roolllt,
wiih h I- nolhliiK more Ihan n sllurbel
glilHK tilled wltll nnv klntl of wnler lee
Hint lias n Inrge spoonful scooped Iroin
lln* center, which is tilled lust before
serving with crttniw de mntitlie cunllnl.
iii'iindy or i"in I'lneiippie or nrnnire
I,-,. |s espuclnlly good with this coin-
Woman Gets Five Year Term.
Minneapolis, Dec. 14. Mrs, Hilda
Rowland, convicted here on n charge
of having al tern pied to entice a young
woman to gel lo Winnipeg to lend an
Illegal life, w.*.:. sentenced to a li\"
ytiir lerm in state's prison at K'lll
Scene In the great, play "Tbe Price," that, will be Blaged at the Westminster opera bouse on  Wednesday evening.
iiuiiiila. Rudders and Contractors, oarrylng
,.,'i business In e,i partnership nl the ('Ity
!of N'-w wesiminster aforesaid, under the
-uvle "i* firm of lie* liowilen Coonstructfon
Compnny, :ih iiuihlers and Contractors,
hnve hy a deed dated the nnl dny or Ix-
eniher. 1013, assigned ;,tl tbelr renl and
personal property, credits, and effects
which innv lie seised, snid nr attached
under execution In James Alexnniler Iteii-
-ii" t,t th" Westminster Trust Hnihlina, In
the City nf New westmlustsr, Secretary
far tin* Westminster Trust Limited, for
tin- purpose or sntlsfyltiK rateiihlv ami
proportionately,   ami   wlthoul   protendlee
nl   prlnrltv. nil th"lr OredltOrs,
vmi   Notice   Is   Hereby   Given   that   n
��� ������ilnij nf the Creditors or tli" said
i"iirles linnliili Hiivvileli nnd .lames O.
���vth.,,11 wlll In* held In ths Board Boom of
tin Westminster Trusl Mmlted, situate
:ii the Wostmlnster T-usi Unii.llni; C'il-
uiniia street, lu the <'itv ��f New Westminster nfiir-salil, nu Mnndav tie* ::'Jn-l
���'ii'   nr  December,  inn,  at   the hour of
��� sn o'clock in the afternoon.
And   Niuleii   Is   Hereby   Further  (llvn
'Wii   all  nersons  having  claims nuainst
the sihl  Charles Gordon    ftow-Vn    ami
Jam.-H H. Wilson are required to firwail
particulars "f the sum" duly verified hv
j iilnlntnrv   derlimillon   lo   the   snhl   .lames
I Alexander   Hennie.   inlilresMeil   in  hlm  nt
|i,e WeBtmlnster  Trusl   llulldlnK,   In   the
Iciiv nf  New  Westminster atotnxald,  nn
Inr before lh" JOth day of Docimber, ISI J.
nnd thnl nil nersons Indebted ol tlie sail
i'Miarlen   Gordon   l'l"W-il"ii   nml   limes   tl.
WUhiiii  nr  Hi"   S'llil c*)-nill*ttlei*stllp are   rn.
Ltlulred  ta nnv  lbe nmnunt   ibi" by  them
Ito He eeld   Assignee  rmtliwlih.
And Nuilc Is Hereby Viirth"r 'liven
lhat nft'T the snld __n(! dny of DeciOT"
her, 1818. lh" snld AssUn"" will prnr-ed
in   dlstrllillte    the   nssets    of    the   eet'll'i
among those isirttes who ars nitltl'sl ���
thereto, iinvinK reKarH only tn lhe elnttir*
duly Verified; of which h" shall then
have received notice, and vvill nnl be re-
I'Minulliie for th" OSSStS.'Or nny pnrt there'll sn illstilhitlcd lo nny ticrsnn or ner-
Hnns of whose debt or claims he shall
nnl 'hen hnve received notlcq, mid whicli
luo* heen duly verified,
"iieii  ih"  lull  dnv  of   Is mber,  A.t>.
������    ft'illelter  for  lb"  As��l��n"��.
M.-eha"'.- ll.mk IllilldlllK, New W"H|-
nilimtei*.   B.C, (SUSS) MONDAV,  DECEMBER   15,   1913.
An Ideal  Christmas   Gift
From Him to Her or Her to Him.
We have just received handsome presentation,
gold mounted pens. Many have new and unique features, especially in ladies' pens.   Presentation pens
are sold with a handsome leather velvet lined case.
PRICES FROM $2.50 UP TO $16.00.
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33 Eighth Street Phone 2.
Spokane,   I).''.   14,    Evidence   of   ill
suicide  in  tbe Spokane  river at the
foot of Riverside uv. nue was brought,
to tha  sttentlon  "i   tba  police last!
night by au anonymous telephone ou i
tape saying a   man   hud Jumped Into
ihe  river alii-r leaving  his hat  and
coat on  tba  hank.    Wben  Di ttlva
Chester Edwards Investigated be
found the bat aud otber belongings,
bul nui the coat Ths name In ihe ���
bat waa Halstensen, and a letter,
found in a but nearby, Indicates that.
tba man's name was Edward Halsten-
son cf Blooming Prairie, Mlnneap lis,
Minn., It. P. 0. N"  *.
With the letter, a pathetic missive,!
the police found a not'  book containing a llut of towns and addresses of ]
Spokane firms, a hag of candy and an
empty perfume bottle.   The sealed envelope wss addressed to Mr nml%Mr,*
11. T. Halsenson of the Minnesota ud-
dress.   The river '.vas dragged but no:
sIrii of a body could be found. The
rr.att'-r has teen  referred  to Coronet
s. P, Seaberg
in the note, addr*s3ed to his father,
mother, -sister and brother, the writer. I
tinning "Edwin," expresses remorse at
bavlng    run    away   from   bome,   II-
"Life   bus  losl   all   interest   to   m
now.  I  am  a  very  unhappy  hoy.   In
fact, I have in ver been happy. 1 never.
was satisfied In my life.   Forgive me. i
father,  for lbs  wicked  note 1  wrou .
you.    Here 1  am In  Spokane, unable
to ii'  work.    My heart just aches 1
am  to  unhappy.     I  have  never been
anything but a 'black sheep' to you at
home, anyway.   I think I have suffered   in  justice for  It.    I  will not bid
you   farewell,  but  just say  'goodbye'
; until we meet ag'iln in the 'great beyond.' May licil bless you.
"I'. S     I .'ipBli'-d at the navy recruit-
ilng station at Butte,  Mont., but was
turned down on account of my teeth
"Phis is Cod's will:  let It h* done.'"
The hat found by the police was
purchased a! the I. X. I., clothing store
in Unite. The police learned that Hal-
sttiison recently left a parcel of filmr-
at Marlins studio lo be developed but
nothing was known of him at the Etu-
dlo. the films having been known by
number and not by name.
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i Victoria    Eoard    of    Trade    Suggests
Features for Proposed Municipal   Bill.
Victoria,  Dec.  14
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Chief anion-*; the
  ,. ..  the special com-
T'TfcT^w' mlttee of the board of trade to draw
gttE I ��� up Bu^gestlonB for the proposed mu-
J^JAW^^ nlclpal  bill   to  be   Introduced   at  tlie
cominK -session of the ieKislature, is
the declaration of the committee's
opinion that the powers of the provincial government in connection with
the municipalities throughout the
province can best be administered
by a department under the control of
a permanent commissioner who shall
be frte from political Influence. Several other clauses In the report re-
, fer to powers which might be given
: this commissioner,
Th" report waB completed and was
i presented for approval at the last
meeting of tbe council, which paused
1 it on to the general meeting of thr
board. The report is signed by M. I).
Jackman, J. I.. Beck with and J. S.
Mr"h of the report deals with safeguarding the public and all parlies
Concerned In lhe matter of loans for
local improvements and otber public
works. It urges that every municipality shall be required annually to prepare   a  financial   statement   in   suuji
ine this year to secure your I f"r!n, " ma-v be pwcribed by tbe pro-
o J J I vincial government, and proposes fur-
i      ~,���~a Crvnr>;.jl     *nvir>_i' l'K'r lbat there shall be an annual gov-
pauoildge.       opeudl     price enunent  Inspection  of  all  municipal
. . . _       i.i; accounts and a report prepared there-
tables, demonstrating lOtS Ot   in. a copy published in the local news-
.'Pipers  and   a  copy  sent  to  the  pro-
Cal'efully   Selected     tOVS     Of Vincial  government.    That    a    state-
, ment of the bonds issued showing the
��g amount of sinking funds on hand,
jand how they are Invested should also
be prepared each year and sent to the
government is included in this portion
of the report.
Sinking Funds.
A moft important suggestions regarding the investment of Sinking
funds is contained in a clause which
proposes that sinking funds may be
invested in the bonds of the Issue to
which they are attached at a price not
exceeding the par value of the bouds.
Drawing     Slatee,     Box   Camer���,'.-fubiect to the consent of the govern-
Dressed Dolls, Box Dominoes. Musl-1    The first three clauses in the report
, ��� .      _        __��_._____! deal with public works. One proposes
cal Box, Humming Tops. Baby Rat-|lhal before lhp muuielpality is permit-
ties,     Picture     Books,     Pep   Guns, j ted to begin construction all arrangements shall have been made for the
Jumping Jack. j permanent loan  to cover the cost of
| the work. Another suggests that no
(loans shall be authorized either ln the
j first Instance or by consolidation of
issues for a longer term than the life
'of the public work covered, as shown
In the engineer's certificate. That the
Automobile*, Wool Dolls, Talking right of the property owners to petition against local Improvement be
Dolla,  Sailor  Dolla,    Seta    Picture , mnde absolute, instead of conditional,
as at present, is strongly urged.
The committee also suggests that no
lean of over five years shall be contracted for without the government's
certificate that the law has been complied with. Other clauses dealing
with these loans are for the most part
re  amplification    of    the  present
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About The
!    That   instead   of     publishing     the
, whole of the authorization by-law  as
|at    present    the municipal    councils
���shall publish In the newsuapers a con-
i else  statement  of  certain  nre?erihed
i essential facts in connection with the
j by-law s to make leans Is auother Important suggestion of the committee,
which also asks that these facts shall
be sent In circular form to every rate-
In caBe of loans for a period longer than tea yeare the committee proposes that the government hold an Inquiry if requested by one-tenth of the
number and value of the ratepayers
affected and that the Inquiry cover
the benefit to be derived from the
work, tbe cost and whether the municipality Ib ln a position to undertake
the financial obligations. The report
should ba published, and it favorable
the by-law be submitted to the ratepayers, and lf unfavorable no by-law
be sub-Bitted unless a resolution be
carried by three-quarters of the mem-
ben of th-e council.
Town Planning.
Town planning legislation' is discussed inthe latter part ot the report, which recommends that the municipalities shall be given power to
approve and make compulsory schemes
for governing the development of defined areas within the municipality.
Such schemes, the committee suggest*, may be approved upon the application of a majority of not leaa
than three-quarters of the owner* of
property within tbe area to which the
scheme la to apply. That these
schemes may regulate the position of
roads and sidewalks, character and
value of buildings, . preservation mt
trees, etc., is also proposed.  .
The conduct of an Inquiry by the
commissioner at the Instance' ot the
government Into the objection* raised
at any time by 25 per cent ot the
owners ot property affected by any
building by-law la alao suggested ln
the report. ""
The council ot the board listened to
the explanation* N>t the committeemen
tnd atked numerous quettloue about
the various clauses before tending
the report to the -general meeting.
Opinion seemed to be strong In favor
of the claute requiring town* to have
the money tat hand before tindartahlag
public w6rka.
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for your
'      441  Columbia St.
Four doera Eatt of Bank of Montreal.
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till Chrlttmae.
wll go out of business at the end of
the year or wfll reorganize Into other
combinations, seizing the opportunity
to place the machinery of their business on a sounder economic basis. Tbe
past year, coming after a period of depression with contracting trading, almost continuous since 1907, has developed a condition where what Is known
as "dry rot" can no longer be concealed. ���*��
In an old tree of healthy constitution
I it is necessary periodically to ent out
ithe dead wood. The true business ot
Wall Street Is essentlaly healthy, moral and economically, and Ita growth,
ls all the more vigorous after periodic
pruning*. Moreover, this Is a matter
to which it can attend far more efficiently than congreaa or the state legislatures, a* the Stock Exchange Itself has proved ln the reforms enacted In the pabUc Interest ln the past
tlve year*.
In all helpfulness and charity, a tew
plain comment* upon dry rot tn banking and brokerage house* may be offered, without creating misunderstanding. What kill* the old fashioned brokerage firm*, wtth namea fa-
miliar to thote wha follow that bad
ultimate fruit of the tree win be better, cleaner and more valuable, vtttt*
the old and useless wood cut ont, and I
with plenty of deep digging to let Um-
dayligh' into the roots.
Enotmologleal      Society
Work Dealing with Many Knotty
1* the overhead charges. ' A hout*
at Newport, another oa Long Island,
a third tn the south, a cottage In tha
Adlrondacks, a doten expensive club
memberships anl halt a doten auto-
mobiles tor each partner In ttie tint,
ranks* op an expenditure which only
boo* tlmee or th* depletion ot capital
oan meat Whan tha lean timet como
something most give way.
BntMkHwitt tufftrt not mtroly be-
cantt of tW ettnvaganoe ot Itt mem-
btn, bnt because of ttt aver lnerea��
lng inefficiency. The old day* whea
a broker, with a bowing acquaintance
with William & VJuderbttt otl Wt*
pont Morgan oould aecara -speculative
butiatta mm tko ttrength et bit alleged   "taaUt laformatloa" have fan*,
tomer rwemwea to oa mown, tb*
maismm ******* ���___! laaia hte *������*���*���
SSTi*ta^tkTaTttaS. tf? ortta
An Open  Bteret Thtt Many Pima
Will Qo Out tf m****m ���*
End tf tMYtar.
frtotk Tmlini BM banking
eloctrio ______
tbt ItiitiBw* It
idr'fc Mrt a a<
a tut. at any nu
ante-ato* bag m**t
"���**.. .*
The good work whieh the recently
formed Entomological .-Society of BHt-
lfeh Columbia la doing In tbe Intereat*
of the trait grower, tad
of the trait eaten and the
populatltu of the province, tol
ed la the third wsiVumaal rwpact *t
tt�� toetetx's pnetedmgt wMab km*
lU��t keen issuedt. lyss, &*, it-tan. ~hm
valuable papers. Including eat ea *
tomotogjr tram tba Staattpokrt *
Botanist," by J. David*,*, p*m....
botanist; "Combination Spray* aai ���*-
mctlclde Investigation." by H. T. mt-
ton, entomologlstat the Corvnltte eav
perlmtntal itatWT tor tit Ongmt set>- >
ernmrrt; 'The aeonomlc SMe ef Mrt
Coatta," b) & If. Wtotfow, w**-**-
clal hartkmttaiM mt Victoria. m*i nonrotary of the BriiUfe ooUmbli m*mm*
growettf taaeeatloa; m*t*m*M ��f
Takteg In��ect Raeordt to the
to. It ��J. Trehtne, tntontli.
���^Ooptokat govtrnment.wbo todiM-
���okjtot ol Mncatloa br
ot Qnnd ���**-  "    '
���'���i., TPAGE EIGHT
MONDAY,   DECEMBER   15,   1913.
Fresh VV ater and Salt
���_..;  1
Oo_r>inion  Engineer  Says  River    and  Freighter  Strathairly  Meetc with  Ac-
Inlet Are to Be Greatest  Ports
in Canada.
cident at Second Narrc.
comedy Injected Into the story in thai J
tame way thut Oeorge Broadhurat has,
dom- '.villi hu olher success, "Bought
and   I'aid  For."
in iin great emotional scene wherein Miss Marshall escapes rrom tin
suicide's death, there la taught one
i f the strongest moral lessons por
trayed In any modern play on tht
Btage. Her Una] restoration to in i
forgiving husband and a Ufa nf hap-
i>iii. is was a worthy denouement
when womanhood comes Into Its own.!
Miss Marshall, is well qualified for
the part of Ethel Toscanl, and haa the
same womanly charm In, her acting,
which lias made Maude Adams s*.*
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good Xmas for everyone.
V. Valinuei,  supervising  engineer.]
of the publio works department*-, Ottawa, lift for Ihe east Saturday even
iofi after having spent lwo weeks iu
.spooling conditions on the  mast.
He statod lhal tbe pr posBd liarbo
in authotlta-
. tlve  research, forty  actors, hundred*
rf supernumeraries, droves ot sheet i
v,.  and a caravan of camels   a ka!e!do-|
iiie   Capilano    waterplpe    is;
Stretched across beneath the water.
I   "From the Manger to the Cross." p
Whal  was almosl B  seriOUB ground- live  reel   lllni  depleting  llie  life  Btory
ing   took   place   In   the   llrsl   narrows ��f J���� of Niuarclh   will be teen at
,            '                                ... the   Bdlson   theatre   loday   and    rues-
early   Saturday  afternoon   when    th" . _
freighter Strathairly, Captain o. J. I Over B000 feel of pictures or what
Kidd, having discharged her cargo of; la considered Kalem's Biblical master-
sugar from the Fiji Islands al tha B. P'ece will be shown.
5mprovc.ne.iis     In    Toronto     harbor C.   Sugar  refinery,   was  leaving   Van-!,  The  tremendous    undertaking    en-
^ronld cos., about ��18,000.OOQ, of which couver. ���>'���<"   '!'"'"  -�� *��� ?���dU"o?,_�� ��0 M?
ShjHNflOO wat being provided by ttt     The strathairly grounded   on   the Brtat film,   containing   about   ��0.000
government and the rest by thc city,  north shore side   of the narrow.,    at  Photographs,      has      required    tlghl
An even greater sum would bo spent i^u o'clock and roi    off   under ber months ot artistic Industry, the
in tho -development of Quebec harbor,  own  steam  at  8:110.    A tug was sent   JV0>'m.''nl   "'   "I""-" M-
ivhicli   it  hoped to  make.'  BJ)   all-yoar  out tu her assistance, but Its services
port,    lie expressed the opinion  that  wore not required
New   Westminster   end    Vancouver     The Bugar boat had   a Vancouv..
���were destined to become two of the -���' ' -������ '"��� '***���*- -   sci,llif- orocession-no eiToi-l
greatest   ports  in   the  Dominion  and
that the  Kraser river was to become
ii great   waterway.
Before departing Mr. Valirii'.'t g-ne
orders for maps showing present and (
Dronosed railwav lines serving points      A    ,     .1 'I'I _ ,      	
��� i.uiu1 At the   I heatres ii',e,lt Uvp|vp yt-ara in lhe "oly''an:1
!_C\___L   tllC    X UCiillCS when he wa8 painting his remarkable I
yi   -^~^^~*m*~^~*^.   .   -^~-^m^m. s__jog   Q.   rcj|s|0UP    pictures,    werrj
PRESENT  DRAMATIZATION fomi(1   most   helpful.    The     furniture,
OF WELL KNOWN NOVEL  uspd    in    the    various    scenes    wat
  jspccial'v made to resemble, as far as
j Tho Howard Foster company wlll * pc��SMi1>le. that used at the start of the
open their last week at the Royal Christian era. while the apparel ol
iheatre wllh a Biimptous production u,e various actors was designed by
of "Thelma," a dramatization cf iind made under Ibe director rf a
Marie Currelli's greatest novel. tcillor  of  Cairo,   who is  the  greatest
'Thelma is the daughter of Olaf expftert on ancient Eastern dress, and
[Quedmar, a Norwegian, descendant of v.eiit especially to Palestine to co-
the Vikings. Her mother died when operate wltll tte producers.
IThelma was an infant, and she has] ],-or the pictures, representing the
been brought up by her father who ls night into Egypt, the company
la respecter of truth and sincerity in journeyed to the laud of the Pharaohs
'all things, and  to    whom    falsehood  aMd these early scenes were actually
  and show is intolerable.   While on a  pictured  under th" shadew    of    tV,
pleasure trip in his yacht Sir Philip sphinx and pyramids.
Maintenance ot a river  steamboat grrliigton meets   Thelma   and   they,  .	
service between  here  and  Clillll'vack 'eventually marry.
two of tin- pilot aboard. The scene of the ground i*00***?, procesaion
"    ng was described as somewhere near  Pendlture has been spared" achieve
where the   Capilano    waterplpe    isi"10 realization of a high ideal.
All ol ihe many authorities upon
[the subject were consulted, and the
j works Ot the late Or. Schick and Tis-
Isot,   the   great   French   painter,   who.
Join  the Pleasant  Throng of People
on this tiide of Ihe . raser and
need ior mm
Chilliwack Wants Steamer so Resume
Run to New Westminster���
Local Help Asked.
is lo be suggested by the Chilliwack
board of trade Lo the loeal board following a meeting at Chilliwack lasl
wc-ek at which it was said that shipping by waler was cheaper for many
kinds of freight., and that a ferry ser
Sir Philip takes her to his home In
Kngland  and   there  Thelma  i3  introduced   to  his  society   friends,  among
whom  ure some whose jealously  and l
envy are  aroused    by    ber    natural j
beauty and charm,   These vultures of
vice   would  lend   to     keep    railways 'BOciety  make  life  miserable for    thel
���from increasing rates. |ilUo Norwegian girl and at last sue-
When the Heaver was taken off the  cecd In making Thelma leave her hus
Chilliwack run the Paystroak was pu: band.
on. but now that vessel too Is tied at..    sii'e  returns  to  her  father in  Nor-
the  C.  P.  K.  wharf  and   it  is  stated   w;,v,  and   there  the  final outcome cf
will not resume its run.    Tims tliere  lu,.  s,orv  js toId
are no big river boats plying between      Among   the   most  interesting  char-
New Westminster and Chilliwaek.
The want of such will be emphasised
In a resolution to the board of trade
neti-is in   the   play   is   Biguard,   a
dwarf    Whose    devotion    to    Thelma ,
amounts to almost madness.   Another
Insane    Patients   Placed    in    Punishment   Ceil���Seven   Suicides   in
Prison   Since   1903.
Kingston, Dec. 14.-One of th.  most
This Thursday or Friday the
steamer Harpagus is expected to
come to the Kraser Mills for a cargo
for South Africa. She will clear, ac-
.-.imijiig    to    present    plans,     about
Qiii>i_nas day.
When  Bhe  enters    the    river    lhe
Marpagns will draw  ls feet *i inches
*nd w
s half
mg loaded
potent paragraphs from the report of
i Ur. II. E. Voung, superintendent of
prominent character is old l.ovisa, a Rookwocd hospital ror Ihe insane at
hag. who tries to have Thelma dr- - Kingston was made to the peniten-
struyed on the charge ol her being a Uary commission of enquiry on con-
witch, ditions   affecting   insane   convicts   in
.lack Hand and Miss Florence Mun the institution as follows:
roe as (ieorge l.orrimer and Britta i The record of one convict shows 44
fespectlvely, will furnish most of the I punishments between 1 Itfix and 1918.
laughs, but Mr. Malotl in the charac- 1 consider it a very dangerous prac
ter of Nels Johnson, will come in for tice to place Insane persons in the
a big share of the comedy. Mr. Van punishment cell, on account of the __.
Dyke will be seen as sir Philip Er- verity of the depression produced, in
ringtiin and Miss Avis Manor wlll f-1'''* ' fin(1 "n March 7. 1911, a con-
play  the  title  role.    Mr.   Foster  will   v,ct  wll�� haii previously  mnde a sim
Tlnlma" will    he produced   at
matinee today and for tbe three fol
For the Week Ending Sunday, Dec. 21.
.lowing nights.    The tiHual run of mo-  from
previous  another  man   whose   mem
capacity the warden was suspicious of,
hanged himself In the punishment cell.
tion  pictures  will  precede
matlc program.
the    dra-
1903   to
High. Low,
15    9:10    :.:45
17:40 14.15
IS    ��:45   4:10
lX:3.r> 15:10
17 10.20    ��:50
13:10 16:05
IS   10:55    5:_0
21:00 17:05
18 11:80   6:05
���i'i 35 1S:_5
-I)   1_:05    6:20
33:50 j 23:16   9.5
Jl    0:15   7:00 i 11:39 13.4
12,-10 21:20 [
.Sand Heads,
High. Low.
Time. Hi. Time. Ht.
8: OS 13.8   0:02   mi
16:40 11.9 13:13 11.1
8:45 18.9   0:44    0.3
17:.4 11.5 14:08 10.7
9:20 13.9    1:27    0.7
18:40 10.9 15:06 10.0  on Wed
9:54  13.8    2:12    1.6   will   luv
19:69  10.2 16:0G
18! 03
l!)12 inclusive, there
have been seven rases of suicide in
the prison, even if all tbe convicts
were insane this would I:e considered
;   lai '-'e number."
Dr. Young reports that all th�� patients In the asylum are insane. It Is
slated tliat dangerous mentally deficient   convicts  are  only   confined   in
"The Price," a great   play   full   of
human    interest    from    the   opcninT
lines until the wonderful climax at I the asylum and those mentally diseas-l
the fall of the curtain in the last act , ed able to work and who can be com-1
will be presented al the opera house
10:28 13.7
21:34 9.7
11:0:i 13.5
sday evening. The company
as  its  leading  lady   Edna
Marshall, who made such a tremend*
2.7 ous hit in the same pnrt last season.
7.8 In  fact,  the entire cast is the same
4 2   with   the  exception   of  om-  member,
6.4 j which is one of the minor roles.
���'���'������      "The   Price"  is  Intensely  dramatic
vein    oi-
li lied   to   meet   prison   discipline   re
(luirements   are   permitted   to   mingle
promiscuously with the general criminal   population,   without   satisfactory!
provision for the special care and thel
treatment to which their mental con-]
dition entitles Ihem.    This the report
Btates is prejudicial to their own and
other convicts' welfare.
18:54    4.9;but Is enlivened by a happy
An article in this wan  always makes an appropriate Christmas Gift
Wc have Flower Vases, Candlesticks,  Rose  Bowls, Jardineres, Crumb
Trayc, etc.
A Cigar cr Cigarette  Eox.  Arh  Trays.  Ir,k  Stands, etc.
Remember,  with every SOc .penl In our Bton   vou get a chance
a   imwtng the $50 c*se of community silver, or other prizes
���w Westminster.
China Seeks Aid.
Pekln, lice 11 The Chinese governmenl h.is applied through the D.S
legation for American assistance in
controlling the floods <>f the Twal
river in Honan and Anwbel provinces.
T "��� * ��� :* ii* ' ii-. the country eaeb year
m H b of life and great damage
to propertj   Hundredi  ol thousands of
��� from America have been dls-
ti buti '1   I.,  relieve  fin,ine  along ihe
rlvi :   In   r cent,   years.
Conrervative   Elected.
T ironto, Dec   ! I     Oomph te ���turns
fi- m South Lanark total vote stands:
Hanna, 1907; Balder-son, 1722;
70;   majority  tor Dr.  Hanna,
menl. 136.
Wml^in California
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1881.
We write Flre. Life. Accident, Employers'   Liability.   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance,
[Continued ftom page onei
ol addressing a liig uneting that day
Tho charge on which she was tak"r
into custody waa "Havlna lift -he
Icountry without giving the twenty
I hours notice cf change of address a>-
requlrod by her license."
At tiie . ii orla station a large
f >'" - r pollce was on hand lo pre
vini any attempt at rescue. On the
arrival ol her nam and before any
of lh- militants present resliz'd what
[had happened she was hurried Into o
motor car and driven to Holoway Jail.
Mrs. Dacre-Kox declared that, the
premature arrest of Mrs. Pankhurst
was due to fear of what her body
guard would do If the police had attempted to arrest her at Monday's
meetings, sin- added: "The government evidently is ln abeolutp terror
of the Women's Social Political
A China,   Tea.   Chocolate or
Dinner Set makes an ideal prcs-
lS-piece Hand Painted T. a Set.
Special    %t " ��H>
18-pleoe Hand Painted Chocolate Set.    Special   .       57.50
96-plece Bngllsb Dinner Set, decorated wilh 1 wide and 2 narrow told bands, sp ci��i
at   318.50
Hand Decorated Fruit sets; one
sinch bowl and six small fruit
dishes. $2.50. $3  and $330
Fancy Tobacco jnrs, 50c, 75c,
J1.C0 to    $*�� 50
Docoratod China Shaving Mugs,
25c, 50: and  75*
Present Glass Berry Sets; 1
Unite bowl and ���', nappies; per
set  Sl-25
3-pinl Present \\'at?r Jugs.734
10-inch Present Kail Flower
Vases  25C  "���r'd SO-r.
Sugar and  Cream    Sets,    hand-
Bomety decorated? P'.*r
pair  50e l"' 93---0
H-ptece Chocolate Sels In (ien-
uin? Limoges China; regular
$in. per set  ^.��,50
24 pleoe Austrian China Tea Ret.
decorated with Narcissus and
heavily  gilt   S15.00
7 piece Hand Decorated Berry
Set. in a variety of new designs; per set S3.50
China Biscuit .lars, hand decorated $1.50 52 OO S3.50
China Cake Plates, Ur��ad Trays
and Salad Howls, all hand
decorated, .1.50. *2.00
and    S2.50
7-piece Glass Fruit Sets; l
large bowl and 8 nappies; ner
set.   S1.25 and S1.50
6-piice Glass Hutter. Sugar and
Cream Sets; pter set..51.25
Bitched Sugar and Creams; per
pair    50C
10-Inch Glass Flower Vases: per
pair. SOC and 75*
1-niiart Tankard Shape GIurs
Pitchers    50C
A Few Christmas
Suggestions From tlte
Linen Department
Bleached Damask, llemstitelud
Tea CIc'.hs. These are in various sizes and neat -deslfins.
which will make an acceptable
Rift. Kach 50c, 65c, 75c. *1.0O.
$1.50 and  52-25
Also a beautiful line of Doylies, in assorted sizes. havinR
laco edges. Kach. 25c. 45c,
75c and    Sl.OO
Draunwork CeAtr-3 Pieces, made
of pure linen In oval shape. No
article Is more greatly appreciated.   Each $1.25, $1.50
and    S2.00
Magazine Stands in Fumed Ouk
and Karly Knsiish.    .Many different desifms,    Prices
from 55.00 to 510.00
Jardiniere    Stands,    In    Golden
Oak and Fumed Oak;
from 55.00 to 5*.00
Many designs In Cellerettes, In
Fumed Oak and Karly KnRllsh.
Pri.'-.     $1.3-50 to 522-50
1 solid Maghogany Smoker's
Set.     Regular  $12.50.    Special
price  59.50
"���"h-ec Putter-is to Select From.
Tea   or    Coffe *    Spoons;    four
'for     SOC
Derserl   i r   T ibla   Spoons   and
Forks;   two for    50C
Fruit Spoons; each  75C
Sui-'-ir Tongs;  each    75C
Cold  Meat  Forks;   each   ,.7��C
Sugar Sp "ms. e-vch 35C
Child's  Knife.  Fork and Simon:
I"''' set 51.25
We have snm' nice llDBR in
Aprcns, Tea Aprons, Fancy
Work Aprons. Travelling Aprons
and Clothes Pin Aprcns. These
are nil ini"!".uii and stamped
ready to work, i "ine being lace
There  Anrona  '.������������-uld    make    a
v��� rv  dainty    Christmas    gift
with   a   lit!"  of    your    own
wcrk     Prlres,    25e.    35c.    50c
and    75C
lion't ferret our nice assortment cf Children's and Ladles'
Wool Skaiing Caps. We have
these in the different shades
nud   styles.     Prices  frnrn   25e
to  51.00
ONYX   SILK   HOSIERY,   PRICE.   PER   PAIR,   65c,   85c,   $1.50,   $1.75.
These are a beautiful quality  ror the  money, and have the
silk where necessary, and the extra lisle at top and feel. It's
a real Rood hose, both for looks and wearing qualities. Huy a
pair In a dainty Christmas box for A Rift for your friend. Prices
to suit all buyers.
A  nice  pair of  Perrin's  Kid Cloves Is  a  very  aceptable  Christmas
Rift for any lady. We have Ihese iu price and quality to suit both the
Careful and WBll-Off buver.  All shades and .Bizet, and the best quail-
ities. Prices, per pair, si.oo. 51.50. 51.75. 52.00 53,50
Any pair neatly packed In a   Christmas l,ox for those who require
l.iuiii-s' Silk  Mufflers,  In  white, cream,  Rruy  und  black.  A  splendid
quality, and the correct shape and size. Ask to see these.   A very useful  Christmas Rift.    Prices right, each    75C   '" 53.50
Dainty Bvenlng Scarfs, in Dresden, Persian, Balkan, Chiffon and
Crepe de Chine qualities. Some one yard wide, and all iwo and one-
half yards lotlR. Many cf these are in gold and silver beaded effects: all shades niul a splendid assortment. Just arrived for Christmas   buyers;   each     Sl.OO   ,0   54.95
Ni w silk slrliiR, and four-in-hand Ladles' Ties, mnny in soft shades of
crepe de chine, with fancy frlngo ends; each. from. -35C t0 51.00
Christmas 01ft Handkerchiefs for all your fiends. Many different
Btyles to pick from. These an* all Christmas gift quality and very
low priced; for instance, handkerchiefs edged with Armenian and
Maltese laces, prettily hemstitched; il In fancy box.   Special today,
per  box    SOC
Dainty lace and embroided edges, with linen centres.   Just the Ideal
Rift to Rite for Chris!mas.    From, each 50C  to 51.00
Have you visited our new Jewellery Department, centre of Main
floor?, lf not, make il worth your while to drop Into McAllisters Limited and ask to see the many new novelties just arrived in this par
licular department. The prices are very reasonable, and any of these
articles make a choice suggestion as a Christmas Rift.
Beads in Jet and rIhsb of all colors and sizes; Oriental beads In all
.-hades; Coral and Tecla Pearls In short aud lonR strlnRs, with very
dainty   rliinestnne   Betted   clasps.     Amber  heads,  one  of  the   latesl
novelties in Ladles' Necklets, In small, medium and large size
beads and short and Iohr ttriiiRs. Bome are In graduated sly,, s. and
many have colored beads Interwoven bi I *, een both In the polished anil
natural designs of lhe amber stone Ask us to show you these.
They are    Belling    every day.    No    two alike.  Pries of these bead
novelties range from   25c to 56.50
Dainty   Necklets,  in   imitation,  platinum,  wllh   rhlnestone.   plain  and
colored stone seillnRS. and fine oxidized silver chains and dainty
clasps. A choice selection of shapes and desiRns.    from
each    51.75  <��  53-50
Shell Hack Combs, Sets and Bvenlng Hair liandeaus; bist quality,
in all the newest shapes and designs, with imitation platinum
and rhineslone selliiiRs. many in filigree design Just the correct
Rifi for the ladies for Christmas, suitable Tor afternoon nnd evenlUK
wear. Priced very reasonable to suit our Christmas trade Prices,
each, or set  Sl.OO to 510-00
Mesh Change and Coin Purses ahd Mish 11 ies. in best soldered (ier*
man Silver; double mesh designs, wli.li dainty, plain and fancy solid
frames and chains, In all the latesl Parisian shapes. Hefore deciding on a Christmas Rift for child, Rirl cr woman, come In and see
these. They have jUst arrived ill the Jewellery S'ctlon at McAllisters, Limited, Main Floor. SeeltiR these will convince you of the
choice sels ctlon we have just, procured in these articles, which
every child  and  lady needs today.
Silver Mesh ChanRe and Coin Purses, with or without lonR chains,
in Silver, Rold and gunmetal qualities. Some with flexihle dainty
bracelet handle, others with dainty (hains and still others with
mirror and powder puff iu the top. These come at prices
from    Sl.OO   to   53.50
Silver and Oold Mesh Pursi'S. besl quality double meshes wllh clalntj
chain handles, and plain or carved solid frames, ln slraVh! acl
oval, also full effects. Many with mesh chang�� purses, either attached Inside or out Some of these bags hav i dair.tv ! ill fritiRe
finished bottoms. All sizes and shapes. Prices from
each   S2.00 to 521.00
We are now showing fre-h. n at and carefully selected styles,
shades, shapes and d"si**-'ii�� in neckwear, at prices to suit the ladles.
Ask lo see th r" new creations. See tin fresh sliuwlng in our window!: und Ehow can s.
Our Big Christmas Sale of Furs
Study theBe fur economies carefully and decide to purchase now.
What lady would not appreciate a nice fur set for a Christmas Kitt?
At the reductions we are offering at thiB early date you will Immediately recognize lhat these are exceptional values.
A 20 per. cenl deposit will be accepted on all fur purchases and
the furs kept here for customers until Christmas Eve.
Handsome large Natural Alaska Mink Stole. Fancy stylo with natural heads and tails for trimming; regular $175.00. Sale
price    S125.00
Large Pillow Mulf. beautifully lined and having trimming of heads
and tails to match stole; regular $160.00,   Now Sl 10.00
Persian Lamb Set. wilh fancy stole and shaped muff to match.
Itegular $40.00;   now    S34.S0
Natural Raccoon Set, large shawl stole, bolster muff; regular $37.50.
Special S32.00
Hudson Seal Scarf, DO Inches long, satin lined; regular $20.00,
Sale price       516.85
Hudson Seal Muir, to match scarf; regular $20.00. Sale pric?.S|S,50
Mink Marinoi Bearf, satin lined, ri IncheB long, finished In front
With  heads;   regular $8.60,    Sale price 54.50
Mink  Marmot   Muff, to match scarf.    Special sale price S7.SO
Persian Lamb Set. fancy collar, with inufr to match. Regular
$40.00.     Sale   price        534.00
Fancy Hnir Cloth Sets, lu white, satin lined, long scarf, with fancy
rag  muff.    Special  per set    515.00
Hlack Opossum SI des, plain shawl style stole with tails trimming
front;   regular   $10.00.     Sale   price 57.50
Near Seal  Set. finished  with   Imitation  Chinchilla  trimming at edge
Of stole and  muff;  regular $20.00.    Sal" price S15.00
Misses' White Thibet Sets, Inrge fancy Stole, with long tab ends and
extra large pillow muff with shirred satin lining at opening; regular   $20.00.     Now     S17.00
Hlack Belgian Hare Scarf, SO Inches in length, satin lined;  regular
$9.00.    Sale  priee   S6.75
Muff lo match scarf, in pillow style; regular fB.OO. Now....33.75
French Coney Sets, exira largo shawl collar and large rug muff to
match;  regular price, }2,..ni).    Cala price S16.S0
Children's Fur Sets, In a good assortment; Agnora White Imitation Chinchilla, While llarf, all Thibet, Imitation l'.rmlne, at remarkably low prices for thfl Christmas trade.
Oirls' Imitation Ermine Set, fancy collar with pillow muff, trimmed
with fancy braid ornament and tassels.   Special price... 55.05
McAllisters for Christmas Gifts-Shop in
Westminster First for Best Values
the   Children
their gifts in Toyland. The
assortment is big, and the '"^���Sk*. ^^ m *t i mi fac
prices are right. THE H0ME 0F THE UTILITY  HOUSE  DRESSE?
In our Furniture we have by
far the largest and finest assortment  of  the  Famous  <Untie
Wernicke "Kiastic" Book Cases
In the city. We can furnish
these units In KV4, 10V4 and
lll'/i Inches. A Globe Wernicke Hook Case. Unit is complete In itseir, that Is. It Is of
solid and not "knock down"
construction. Kach unit Is provided with a disappi uring glass
dor, set in a solid frame securely joined together, which In
opening. swingB upward nnd
then QolSeleBBly backward entirely out of the way.
We  have  these  I'nlts   in  Quartered  Oak,  Fumed Oak    and
-Mission   style  al
each... 54,50 and  55.00
Tops and liases al each 52.75
Tbese   Hook   Cases   make     a
very   handsome  Christmas  gift.
In Neckwear for today we are
offeritip fifty dOMD  high-class
Neckwear! regular 500 nnd
-,',..��� values. I":;. ��� come in
plain silk and silk knn All
beautiful patterns. Special for
today   only    35t
Just received, our Christmas
shipim-nt of 7B0 Neckwear. A
Splendid assortment of patterns in open styli' ends, Derby and reversible. The best to
be  obtained  anywhere  at the
popular  price of 75C
Any  tie  packed  In  a  fancy
box if requested,
I.inen Initial Handkerchiefs;
Vi-ineh hem, nicely boxed In
half dOSenB. Spe-clals for today,   per   box Sl.OO
Pure l.lnen Initial Handkerchiefs
at  ...  25t. 35C  and 50*
Gift Suspenders, suitably boxed
��'     SO*. 75* ami 51.45
Combination Sets of Good Webbing, nicely boxed
"'75*. 51-00 and 51.25
Silk Arm Hands, In Christmas
boxes at 3S* and 75*
There in nothing more suitable
as a gift for a man than a pair
of gloves. We have all sizes
In Mocha, Cape and Kid. wllh
or without silk lining. Nicely
boxed. Today special Sl.SO
Men's Wool Rwrater f'oats; reg.
$2.50 and $3.00 values. In gray.
navy, tan, brown, khaki, and
red. trimmed with contrasting
colors. Special today. 51.95
SWEATER    COAT8    AT $2.95.
All-wool Sweater fonts In gray,
red, navy, fawn, and slate, and
combinations of colors; regular values to $3.75. Today.
special    52.95
SWEATER   COATS   AT   $3.95.
These are our regular $5.00 values, In all-wool fine knit, medium weight coats. In good
plain colors, or contrasting
shades; all slies from 3fi to
i'i.    Today, special...53.95
Shaker Knit Sweater (oats,
with roll collars, in colors of
navy, brown, Havana, smoke
and gray; regular $0 75 and
|7.B0  values. Today. 55,95
now. flood large trees   on wood
base for  50*
Delivered at any time.
Electrical Dept.
We have the latCBt thing
In ChrlBtmar Tree Decorating Outfits from (4-00 up.
These Include plain colored
lamps  or flower lamps.
These outfits eliminate the
danger from candles catching
flre to the tree.
Parenta, come, see, purchase and save  worry.
Paper shades tn different
colors, suitable for decorating purpose* always ln stock.
Electric Table Lamps
for Xmas gifts, big assortment and excellent values
on the second floor.


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