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The New Westminster News Sep 13, 1913

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 News Classified Ade.
Hate proven their worth by tb*
results   they' produce.     They   till
targe   or   email   wants   at   small
*wci nvi ce-nrrB
Men Thought Mu.dered by
Eskimos Now Said to Bc
Alive in North.
R. N. W. M. P. as Ususl to the Fore
in Solving Mysteries of the Frozen
O'tawa, Sept. 18.���That Qeorge
Strict, tue Ottawa explorer, and P,
V. Radford, his American friend, may
still be alive and well, is the new i
received today by Colonel l). R,
Street. Coming as It doea from apparently authentic sources, tlte ill
formation arrives al a time when IU
receipt gives u dramatic turn to m-
tragic story revealed by the d-
���patches to headquarters here from
tho II. N. W. M. P. at Port Church:!
and (ther points.
lu a letter dated September 8, No.
man Ross, formerly manager of tbs
Traders bank in Ottawa, and now ,i
prominent real estate dealer in 1.I-
monton, writes Colonel Street as foi
"Got word from R. N. Vt. M. P. io
day that your brother was reported
at Smith Landing as being well an i
alive They expect a constable om
shortly -.-.In. will give all particulars.
I wlll write as quickly as pomiible.
iSigned)      "Norman Ron.'
Smith Landing ls a mile north of
Ito-is Intel and lf Street, and presumably Radford, have really reached thin
point, as the latest report declare t
they evidently have heen coiifused le
the report of the murder with soma-
lather party or else the Kskimo trader.-
have i isggi-rated the story In an��
event, the report will cause u renewal
of hope that the explorers nn- Still
alive and further news will be anxl
OUSly awaited by the police author-Ilk_
lu the lar north.
Britain   Paid   Clonal   Honor   to   Deed   Bcciy Will Lie in Holy Trinity Church
Mayor���Casket Draped with
Two Flags.
New York, Sept. l'i.    While all New
! Vi r.i iiiliii ted  today  for  W.ll.am    J.
.Gaynor und signal honors wire being
pa.d the former mayor, tentat V ��� ar-
langemciits  were being made for the
'public obsequies planned to con-uitui-
a ln.ul and striking tribute of b I
home city to tbe memory if its late
Mayo: Qayncr's funeral will take
pluce in old Trinity church in Ltw.r
Broadway at 11 o'clock, on the morn
ing of September 22, Willi BUhop
Greer,  of  Die   New   York  dloce    of
ithe Protestant Episcopal church,
officiating,    Ills body  will  be laid at
i rest in Greenwocd cemetery, Hrooklyn.
j The solemn ceremonials on th? day
* of the funeral are to be preceded by
ivarious distinctive tributes to tbe
*d*ad executive.    On the arrival, prob
cblv next l-'r'da" forenoon, of tli ���
[steamer Lu.ltauin. the mayor's bid-
will be taki n direct from the st ani"r
Ito the Gaynor home in Hrooklyn. ther ���
Uo remain    until    Saturdav    evening.
when, according to the arrangem
it will be removed to the cltv ball in
j Manhattan, to He In state at the sc n-'
���tt the late mayor's ac'lvlt'es, unt.I
Ithe hour of bis funeral Monday.
���Ourial   in    Brooklyn   on
Liverpool, Sept. 12.*���The body (f
I William J. Gaynor lay In state tonight
at the loo! of the grand stairway tf
the town hall of  Liverpool.
It was an unprecedented lienor that
Liverpool paid the dead executive of
the American metropolis, f-r m vu
before bad any one lain in stale in
the historic edifice. Covered with th*
S ars and Stripes and with the Hii.ish
Union Jack draped over Its fool, tbe
casket rested on a catafalque brought
li' re from Westminster Abbey. l.on-
don, and on wlilch has reposed the
bodies of many of England's most
famous men. it last was used nt the *
funeral of Field Marshal l-urd Wols-
ley In St. Paul cathedral last  March.
Catidl- s in the great golden candelabra from Westminster Abbey cast
_. subdued light up the wide stairway
ond over the detail of picked men ;
from the Liv-frpool police force, who
stood guard all night about the catafalque. John Sutherland Harmcod
Banner, lord mayor of the citv, who
ls absent on a vacation, had tele-
graphed the city of Liverpool to do
everything In Its power in honor cf
tbe dead mayor of New York, and instructions were carried out In minute
One Will lie Military Night
in Honor of General
Lessard.    -,
V. A. C. and Salmon  Bellies to Play
for Minto Cup at Coming
Their Actions Againat Jerome Called
Stupid and Spiteful by English
Manchester Guardian Says Canadians'
Talk of Freedom Cannot E_
London, Sept. 1_     Under the caption j    London, Sept. 12.���Though the pro
of "Canadian Pin Pricks,"    the    Star | cession  bv  which  Harry    Thaw    has |
comments on the discharge of William . b        ���_/.���        k       ^ .       f
Travers Jerome on a charge of gamb- I '
^^^^_____^^^^^____^^^^^__.llng at Coaticook, Que., saying: I which he ought never to have escaped,
Thero will be bo scarcity of attrac-'    "we cannot but recognize that it is  savors   more  of   far   western   justice,1
lions und amusements at the provln- those stupid, spiteful acts committed   rather than law, the Manchester Guar-      ___-,_
clal  exhibition  and   in order not    to   ���� one uation aRainat  another which  dlan can readily understand the desire : ciated Bo_u*~of~Trade w'aa a lengthy
crowd the program it was decided at |??^_?n_j?J???b?___4. J_*2L m,re I SL f- C_^lf?Jim?J_?I?it.on��_!."U,2_1_rl ��<l  healthy  discussion on  tho qi
Associated Beards of Trade
Agree That Inducements
May be Used.
One Member Claims Fruit Mmnop*-t*s*
Exists in West���May  In
Winnipeg, Sept. 12.���The feature cf
the   afuernoon   sees oa   of   tbo Aasu-
the  meeting"ofthe    executive" "last jgraclous^ passages^ are f<>rgoUen.
1 ties  to   save   their  country  from   the
evening to call a meeting of the chair       �� *** ,****��� Aa*v of,the administrators : humiliation   of  a  continuance   of  the fconneUlg industries
men of the various committees at theiof the law t0 ��uar(1 against ""ch ine!-.duel   between   the   criminals   money'
men or tne various committees at the!dentg au(] ,. ,. evid(.m that th(,re areian(] a fumbling legal system.
some Canadian officials in public ser-      "It is Impossible not to regret that
.,   ���    , . , . ivice at Coaticook. who need cashier-  the   sfIf-governing  colony's    lawyers
there Is room   to accommodate   any' ' - ^^^
tion of cities aad towns in the west
first of the week to arrange as far as
possible thf program  and to see    11 !
more of the ba*_eball or soccer games Imibllo''llWvlee
lhat   hava   I,-.-..,   .,i._,,*o_l i *
Helped to Steal Pearl Necklace Valued at $625,000
from Mails.
All   Five . May   Be   Connected
Other Celebrated Caaes of
Cltlrens   and   Ranchmen   Assist   Soldiers in Search for Outlaws Led
by American.
San Antonio. Texas. Sept. 12���Act-
, Ing ou orders from Oneral Bliss, all
'troops stationed on the border be-
itween Kagle Pass and 1-aredo. have
'taken the field in an effort to capture
;th�� band of Mexican gun smuggler*
i Who fired on Dimmit county officers
1 yesterday. The eoldiers are eo-oper-
'utlng with cltirens posse* whlrh are
dosing In on the bandits.
From every town near the border.
IpOtSCS are biing rashe<! tn the assistance rf tho troops nnd Sheriff Hard
per More than ion ranchmen are In
' the fl* Id and a battle Sn expecieal al
most hourly.
'no- Mevlcan outlaws nre reported to
I"- ar' used over the hilling of Deputy
Sheriff Ort.!*. and the treatment given
former Sheriff Huck. who wt's beaten
and then released. The ranchmen de-
Olsrn ���"���������>- will lynch the outlaws when
Score Card to Show Points
in Which Infants Must
that have been oUered. I'
The meeting last evening was well j
attended and the reports received in- |
dlcate that the exhibition this yea- i
will be a decided improvement In >
many ways over any previous exhibition.
It  was  decided  to stage    the  two
-Minto cup games between the V. A. C.
and lbe Salmon Bellies and a properly j
drawn   up  contract   will  be  prepared
without further d��Hay.
Sheriff Armstrong reported progress
for the special features committee and '
stated that everything was going
along favorably.
Chief Watson, in the absence of F.
H. Cunningham, chalnnan of the cim-
mlttee. reported for thc horse show-
Show Horses.
Mayor Oray is* ated that Dr. Doherty
had promised that be would parade
the Colony farm stock, that will be
taken to the Chicago stock show, in
the horse show building each evening
if acceptable to the committee and
the thanks of the meeting wer*- passed to Dr. Doherty for his kind offer
which will be accepted.
Military Night
|    Presidi nt Welsh also stated in connection with the horse show that Mr.
Cunningham    was    arranging   for   a
nvlltary    night    at ^^^^^^^
������ when all the mlli'arv men of Vanciu-
I ver, New   Westminster and  the    ds
ing.    Such men are dangerous to the should lend themselves to so transpor
'ent a serips of evasions and expedi-
jents frr such means as keeping out of
; custody so undeserving a criminal.
i Whether Thaw be Insane or not, tbe
The occasion ef
the discussion was the reaoiution
moved bv D. T. I_eslie, Swift Curreat..
to the effect tbat the time Iris com-
wben legislative restriction upon the*
bonusfng tit the industries throughout
the west ahould be enforced and supplemented. Upon the merits rf tbK
resolution there was much dHfermHsr
Tet,' iflc i {.ovemor Paid Him
$16,000 Shortly After
paper  argues,  the  sentimentalism  of of opfnioB.Bwrft Current, Ednontna
Ihls Canadian friends is entirely out of and Wta_-lpB_r   being    In ffcvor ot >t.
place.   Their talk of his freedom under j wn"�� F0** William, Medic'ne Hat mil
i the Union Jack ls too nauseating to be Priwsc Albert was strongly oppeeed.
borne. | A Queer Idea.
Mr. f mr)**. heU that It wss jpenalli
Ing posterity, bat W. E. Gunn. Prince
Albert, in a keen and laeiaive epar-cl*
i asked, "What bas pce'.erity doao   Ijr-
U3 V
Towns Benefitted.
W. H. Wilcox. Medicine Hat,   eai'tf
that their city had greatly beneHtt.���#
from the system.   Tbey had granted
in conoesaioaa to   industries   durinr
the last IS ainnths 137 acres et had
with which aU other conceesians. bad
cost 9150.MO.   Pier this tbey had girt
industries  which,    when    completed,
would employ  1850  men.    Their    increase ia ssp-aUtion through the   industries alight be estimated at lB.OW*
London, Sept. 13.���The Daily   Tele 'and as ths city realized a net revenue
New York. Sept. 12.��� Governor Sul-igraph's Tokio correspondent says   he of five dollara a  year  from  natural
izer's transactions in Wall street from believes the secret    of   anti-Chin-tso !gas  from  each person,    this    meant
June 27, 1910, till they ceased���at leaBt agitation in Japan is due to the deter-1-JMO.OO-a a year   to   them.    In   three*
  I Opinion  Is that  Some  Incident  Wlll
Broker  Had  no   Dealings  With   Mrs.!        All��" Japanese to Gradually
Sulzer Despite Her Confession.
Extend Occupation.
so tar as one firm of brokers was con- nilnatlon of the Japanese people that. y-ars this would mean the iwturn er
cerned���on July 14 last, were desorlb-': China shall be taught that Japanese their money. He held that this wan
ed under oath today by Melville    1)   is not a negligible power. a sound aad   profitable    Intftiueiit,
Fuller, who said he was Sutler's brok-      It Is the opinion of the paper tbat|The  resolution was lost,  tho spercf>*
,.      , .        ,er, in a hearing held by the nine lm-  although   perforce   China   will   grant  bv Mr. Guan being largely the cause,
���.���_. ���� x--8J�����-*' IPeachment managers appointed by the all the Japanese demands,  whieh  in- of the adverse vote.
assembly. , elude a 50 years' extension of tbe use Mineral  Survey.
irv.  ��an,,i,i h��� !���.;, a ,n .nn ..   ini    Mr Full'r who he,0Te the Frawley | of   Port   Arthur,   some   Incident   will     The  convention  passed   reselwrr-~.
I ir-ii   woiuu  ne m-> -ca io apoear    J"   Investigating  commission,   refused  to.occur which will afford a Di-etext for '_u_.n_- ror   an e_irlv    siirrev   rf   th��-
C-stter Cables Competition to Be Big  uniform   n honor of Major General F. Itestlfv  conrernlnir    certain    matters   \y*      ,*nlcn * " a������� " Pretext ror assmg ror   an e��riy    survey   rr   in��
1    i ,�����,r_   n. T_,,.an��n��i-M. wiii -._..! *    ,   f.        ?,   CCTla,ln    �����tters, Japan's expansioRist program and the 'northiaads for the dfscovery of ncn-
a.   ^ Torcrit0' *_����� wUl act answered all questions today.   He tes-^mll,ury occupation cf Fee Chow and eral dephstts for the Dom'n'on nmz_fa
as >**'*���*���>������ * (tiflsd thnt Sulser bed paid bin $1,/ Am6? a*-* fte Brtdim,. occupstton of 'ment to l-titvte �� hansir wwrdfaat
Exhibition  Htliday. 000 in  person  within a month and a her Manchurian property. i wholeBle fruit Arms.
The paper adds that it is generally) Fruit Monopoly.
known  that a crisis    will    occur    in J    P.    M.    8elanders.    of    S*��lt3t'v-ii-
New Feature of It. A. tt I. Exhibition.
London,  Sept.   IS.-���That   the pe>_tal
employees connived  in  i u��-  ibcft or
the pearl necklace valued at }t;_.i.ui'"
Which   mysteriously disappeared  July
111, lirtt r himiiK been inajled In Paris
to a Ia ndi-ii dealer,    ftaetns    to lliive
b en i Biibl.silled by the evidence pre-
Rented at the luaring  toda>   bl f.'re Si
pi lice  tnag: ��� rale   of   the   llow   *Lr��art j
court of th�� live men    luid   on    su:-
plclon    of  ticiitK    concerned    In    th*-'
Whether   tlte   employees   belong   to
the  Kreliiii  ot*  to  llle     Kiml sh    i��a*i
office, however, the   authorities   decline to divulge at present.
Five   Arraigned.
The live  prisoners were arraigned I
separate.   The three of ihem. Lockett j
Silbeinianii    und      OuttWOtth,      were
taken into    custody    at    the    liritish
museum lube station, while the other
two. iliizzard    and    McCarthy,    were
captured  near  ilaltun Garden, in  tin
wholesale Jewelry district. Taking thi
witness   stand   today   a   Parisian   dls
mond    broker    named    Quadrat -ii ln
who assisted in laving the trap which , .
resulted  In   bagging  tne <iuln*tette of *��T f"r '*��'r -v   .vv ��� l,r"l''��'  ^���������"^
���    .....Ji.,. ..,., ithe growing  tendency  of  the   United
Chicago    Suffragists    Disapprove    ol
Militant  Tactics.  But  Want te
Hear Mra. Pankhurst.
Chicago, Sept. 12. -A protest against
\�� possible refusal of the federal government to admit Mrs. Kinmelin--
Pankhurst to tbe United States was
ivoicitl in resolutions adopted today hs
, th" Woman's party of Cook county.
, i    "While   we   do   not   approve  of  the
.! militant tactics for this country.'' the
I resolution  staled, "we recognize Mrs
,I Pankhurst   as  being  a   soldier  in  the
suspects, testllled that Giittworth tid ]
him it had ooet $12,000 to acquire the
necklace and that ampng the recipients of the money were two postmen, who received $1000.
Quadratstein also asserted that
Hutt worth told him that l,oc<<ett wus
the man who on July 1. 11*09, snatched
a bag of Jewelry valued at $r>00,000
from a Paris jeweler named Goldsmith In a rastaurant.
Agnsslz, Sept. 12.���The opening ol
the annual fair of the Kent Agricul
tiirul society took place this morning
In the presence of a record number
of exhibitors and visitors. Colonel J,
I). Taylor, M. P., of New Westminster,
performed tlie opening ceremony, being Introduotd hy W. J. Morris, president of the society. W. J. Manson, M.
I,. A. for the Dewdney riding, wae
���Iso one of those who spoke to tbe
Thoroughbred cattle and an excellent display of driving and carriage
horses were among the features of
In the afiernoon a sports program
was run off.
Aoflnwbevg, Oermany, Sent. 12.���
The toy makers of this city have de-
-a.aa.aa   __   __,_.   D.-a
States to close ItB doors agninst tin
patriot! of other lands who live liberty  more  than  they do  their lives.'
Give Those In Land Office Time
Saskatoon, Sept. 12. A proposal Is
being considered by the Dominion
land office here to Issue tickets to
those who contemplate n long wait on
Ihe steps of the land office for the
purpose of securing a filing on land
to he thrown open. Heretofore some
long waits have been put in under un
n'earni't conditions. The plan, If
ndopted. would provide that those to
whom tickets were issued must report
at the office twice daily.
C. N. R. Sues Crown for 92.500,000 In
Land Deal.
Ottawa. Sept. 12.���The meeting of
the exchequer court to be held In
Winnipeg on September 23 will be
presided over by Judge Cassils. A
number of Important cases nre to be
heard Including a claim of the C.inu-
dlan Northern against the crown fot
two and a half million dollars. The
cases arise over the action of the gov
i mnient Ir. expropriating land owned
by the Canadian Northern In order to
secure terminal facilities for the
National Transcontinental railway at
Winnipeg.   The hearing of   Iho   eu
"Tbere Is every Indication that the
better babies' contest which will be
hold at the provincial exhibition uuda-r
tlio auspices of the Local Council of
Women Will be In every way a sue-
cot,... The oommlttee is now making
arj-aageitfents for the show and we
iiavi already received promises from
many of tlle prominent citlsens of the
city to enter their children In the
coolest, which will he a means cf
nudini. out just how healthy their
children are in comparison to other
children in the city und d.sir.ci."
This was the statement of Mrs. D.
Walker   yesterday,   following  a   meeting ot tiie coiuiiilt.ee In charge of th.1
contest  wlilch was held In her hom.
'tn   Sixtli street.
Mrs. Walker    wns    appointed    con-
vein r   ot the committee,   the   other
ladles    present    being    Miss  Wright.
'Mis. Warren. Mrs. Van l.iew, Mrs. W.
Patchell    and     Miss    Strong.    Entry
; tonus  will be    available    from    Mrs.
I Walker  and   from   Miss   Strong  af:er
It is tlie de.ire of the oommlttee
that entrlts be made as soon a_ possible.
A nurse and a doctor will be in at-
tendance durinn tlie entire period    of
the sho-*. which  will be held on  Friday, October 3, and every comfort w.l
be provided for the children.
Educational Va ue.
i    A score card will be made for everv
I child entered and these will he given
Ito the parents after the results hav *
' been announced.    The score card will
show   the   highest   number  of   points
. possible for   each    classlllcatlon    for
i which points   are   awarded   and w 11
I also show    thc    number   of    points
awarded fo that the new feature wil
I prove -of an educational value as well
las an Interesting; contest.
Score Csrd.
The score card shows the following
The body���lle.lght. weight, circumference of chest, circumference of
abdomen, symmetry, quality of sk'n
and fat. quality of nr.ircles includ'ng,
hand grasp, rising and sitting pn|��n,
walking and running, bones of skull,
spine, chest, limbs and fett.
The head���Length, width and circumference, pupillary dls'ance and
shape of eyes, shape, site aud position
of ears, shape and size of lips, slnpe
and size of forehead, share nnd
patency of nose, shape and condition
of Jnw, hard palate and tons'br, number, shape, size and coed tion of
Ph'Thoharlcnl���Dlsrosll'rii. tn-r-y,
facial and ocular expression, ntten
Manager MacK-nzie repcr ed that day after the last election and that he
he had written to ,-very school board Fuller had had no dealings with Mrs.
In the ,'rajer valley as well as to the  Sulzer.
Vancouver school board askins: them j According to Fuller's statement,
to approach the department of eduei-j Sulzer, while a representative, open-
t'on at Victoria to fecure a holiday jed an account with his firm. Harris
on   Friday  of  exhibition   week. iand   Fuller.  June  27.   1910.     In   Sep-
It was nlso decided that Pres dent jtember Sulzer borrowed $23,000 from
Welsh write to the inavcr cf Vancu |tlie firm, giving as collateral 400 Big
ver and ask him to declare a civic Four shares. In November of the same
hair holiday en Thursdav of exhlbi- ,:>'el,r Sulzer added some American'
tion week, which 's Vancouver day.     jSmelter stock to hls collateral held by ,
the brokers.
ina's  financial  situation  befcre  the Istated that there was a ring In trait
d   of  the  year   which   will  provoke {and an   iavestigatiou   would  show    t
foreign intervention.
Open   Kingsway.
Another important matter that was
discussed was the qucft'on of the
coening of the new paved road from
this city to Vancouver.
It was stated at tlie ni-wt'ns that
the road would be railv bstween
Gladstone and New Westminster In
about a week and that tliere is a
good road from (lladsU lie into Vancouver.
It was suggested that the off c'-il
opening of the road might be tnr-
raiyted for rome dav during the exhibition and this matter will be take:'
up with the nrcper authorities.
Children's Day.
Mayor (Iray. chairman of the child-en's day committee stated that ,t
bad arranged a splendid program I a-
would commence at C o'c'ock in th,'
morning and list all day, lnoludlh.1
the final pime Of the school Igorosas
championships, for which Joe Lally.
the well known laorobse man, has tf
fered medals.
Tlte mayor suggested that the
i:n dais nnd anv trophies awarded ba
presented at the horse -.how building
Friday evening
I monopoly that would sumr'n*" the mth
|Mc. A resolntlon askinr for the rp-ifuiv
tion of duty oo automobies anrt tin*
| tractions was put and lost. It wa.s
decided to ask the thr��e prafr*�� government.! to have slnh.-il etical Indoles
I to land registered in the. land ti. I.-**.
i offices.
in    Philippines
Didn't Allow Their entrance lo
Bought More Stock. B
Big    Four    declined  from SO to 57!
within  a year,   Mr.   Fuller continued. 	
but  Mr. Sulzer bought some more of .
the stock and added Southern Pacific  Be-=��u-5e Th��y  Llv��
to liis holdings. - I
On March 13. 1H12, a few days after
he was elected governor. Mr. Fuller
continued, Governor Sulzer walked into the offices of Harris and Fuller with
ten $1000 bills in his hand. These he,
paid on his account, his indebtedness. San Francisco. Sept. 12.���Residence
owing to other transactions, having in the I'hilippim s or other pesses-*'ons
Increased to $50,612.    On Dec. 6, Mr.  or ���,e  L-,,ited  States does not  eairy
privilege cf ad-
Fuller said, (aovernor-elect Sulzer paid     ...   .. -       ..       ,,
in person $6000 more in cash on his wlth " for allens th'
account.   On June 16 of this year Sui-1 mission to this country, acccrd.ng it)-,
r.er's debt to the brokers had been fur- 'Commissioner of Immigration A. Cam j
ther reduced.   One of the checks, Mr.   im,t.,      who  issued    a  ruling    today
Fuller said, was rrom A. E. Spriggs, a]      , .       ,_���,,.,
former governor of Montana. directing the deportal.cn cf 50 Hindus
Closed  Account. 'who have been held at tho ImmfgTl
l.ieiitenant-conii'amler Josephthal, tion station at Angel island. They
of Governor Sulzer's staff, visited the bastd an effcrt to enter the country
office of Harris and Fuller on July 1, ou the fact that they had been resi-
last, Mr. Fuller said, and closed the ac- dents of lbe Philippines,
count by paying the remainder, $26,-; Commissioner Camlnettl announced
"80- the ruling after learning that a feder
Mr. Sulzer then received the stock.al court In Seattle had handed down
left by hlm as collateral.   Mr. Joseph- a  similar  ruling  recently   when     t".
 .      -.- I      ���   a---    u    Miniiiii     lumiK    rowuuj     .alien       C-
Dr. Smith reported for the lacns.o | thai then produced an order that was ��� Hindus  were ordered  deported   from
.... --_        _.,_,i_ .> th. Pan*   I Winnipeg,    'rne nesnnn oi    ine
vmna ** . ���i��T__rf�� a.n Francisco I larged Headman's isiana case in nut
���srS^ssssssrff .sr ssasw1*^!*����* ** ������������� ����� ��������
the flerman toy Industry.
Moose Jaw, Sept. 12. ��� Official
figures of the Canadian Pacific rallwav show that in date moro than a
million bushels of new grain hare
been shipped out of this district during tbe present month. For the year
lending September 1. the total was
���28,600,000 bushels of all grains.
!committee and slated thnt an agree-
Went had been re-iohed with the Sll
i mon Bellies and the V. A. C. far the
: Minto cup gnnies for Hie sum of $400 I
and the arrangement  was confirmed.
| Alderman Kellington stated that II
iPv-iM had offered to s'sKe either *
.baseball or soccer game during the
I exhibition snd this matter will !������
taken up when the chairmen of iiie
committees meet at the flrst of the
Msyor Gray suggested thnt 'h->
Fraser Mills ball team he given .i
game and that thc Canad'an Western
Lumber company be asked to cm ��
down on that afternoon.
A Drawing Card.
Alderman I.ynch also suggested that
s game might b>? er>rnged betwoMi
the'city council or Vancouver ar.t.
the New Westminster c'ty fathers and
guaranteed thst thtfV would draw at
lea��t t��n thousand people.
W. la. Darling reported for thn
snec'ol cm^lt'ec that hnv<> b"en ob-
ta'nlng exhibits for the Industrial
bu'ldlng and the wort wa* an en-
(���"'ira*'ng one Indeed. Ho gsv�� n list
rf a ln'v number of New Weitm'"-
��tT nnd Vancouver concerns who w'lfi
be represented at the exhibition for
the first time. 	
Edmonton. Sept ��.���Cost systems
and their application to prlnUng and
publishing houses, whether one man
or 101-man waa the principal point
discussed at this monplng's session ot
the Alberta and Bastern BrttMr Cot-
umbla Press association.
product!  today.    It  was signed
Ham Sulzer, for Mrs. Sulzer,"
Mr.  Fuller could  give no explanation of the words "For Mrs. Sulzer," t
ns neither he nor hls firm had ever
had any dealings with her.
that port.
AD Parties Opposed to Conference But Letter May
Help in Future,.     ^
  "' **
To Consider it Unionists Muat Admit
Principle of Home
I Level Crossing Cause of Injuries
Five Persons.
Kdmonton. Sept. 12.���One    of
MUNICIPAL CAR  LINE j    Kdmonton. Sept. 12���One    of    tb��
NOT MAKING MONEY  most disastrous wrecks ln connection
������ | with the   Kdmonton   Street   ra Iway
Regina. Sept. 12���A considereble [took placo loday shortly before &
loss for the year ending June 30. 1��13.! o'clock, when a (Irand Trunk Pacffc
which ts repcrted to bc facing the j freight train crashed Into car No. 23,
Ueelna mimical railway department. ag tj,e *jMler wg8 croaslng the rail-
will be probably the chief sdbJ��ot of jway une at the Junction of A!b"rta
a discussion st a meeting of the stre >t avenue. Five people, including the
railway committee of the city council motorman and conductor cf the street'
called for this evcnlnt. Alan th�� cr, are seriously Injured, some of
cheap street car tickets adopted thcm being frightfully disfigured, and
some time ago may be a bone of con- u |B believed that one or two are intention, ternally Injured.
tt tt ii*- tt tt ft tt tt tt 0 tt tt 9
Ottawa, Seot. 12���While the
relectic-* of s date for Thanksgiving Day has not yt be n
considered bv thn cab-net It Is
almcst certain that the practice of tbe last few years In
choosing the last Monday tn
October will be adhered to.
The Monday TbanksglV'ng provided a long week-end and
makes it possible tor men who
travel to spend tbe day wltb
tbelr families haa proved to be
a popular institution whieh la
not likely to be departed fram.
Ottawa, Sept. 12.���"The people ot
the prairie provinces rejoice that they
have had excellent weather, the Agent
In many years, for harvest'ng tbe b s'
ttjerop In several years," said -Mexand.-
Smith, the weN known parliamentary
tt counsel, on hie return from hls aix
iii weeks' visit in the west.
tt Mr. Smith says, however, ther* '.*
tt a feeling among tho western firmer*
tt that every time the croo and harvos*
tt log conditions an favorable, the east-
tt era people got together and rata* Up*
tt rates and prices on everything
tt farmer needs, and thua ths beoett ef
O ths good tlmee Is ast Mt M tt
tt be !n the west.     ,
London. Sept 12- The recent appral
of Karl l-oreburn, formerly lord bleb
chancellor, that both tbo mat political patties confer with a vieftr to -settlement of the Irish question by consent oa the ground that tha treses**.
home rule trill cannot provide a aw-
imanent solution, bas excite<| treasta
to does Interest throughout the eoaalry
and may have ooasMerabla jpBaaars -
In ftatara dlereaslnss qf tba Onstml MM
Ir. parOaateat ,     ~
As a praatlaal suggestion, hoymrsr,
tt is believed It will prove sna-iaWaa
The attitude or the Liberals la tkat
tbe proposal, coming now whoa tka
bome rule Is nearlng a sneersafsl l��-
fuo in Ita stonay career, It altogether
too late. * ���%��� ���
A V*. H.
On the other haad. tbe Ifaiaafstie
would oaly ho taaUArd to enter rack m
cnofersMk as Karl laorehurn sanenta
tf the rorernment ttm ol all cwaanat-
ed to ttma It* btlt, whfc* la aa altogether f npoaslMe niia|||iia (Ma msa-
UKerel anlat af *\*w.'i$;
John Dfltoe. tm beljgjf of tbe Ne-
tfnnsffrtw, ***** s conference vroaM her
��reh****i mlaa* the iDrtloa��st�� Onrt ***-
eMtted tke ptlneWe of home take
This, all tka gaHtea are ot******** **>
the onn-^ereaee. snd It Is hetlev-M tfcrv��
la aa <ta����a (hr It to materiallae.
���      la. i      i        V   -~ *.
(Tidkataaa. Sept It.���Tkat tka t**-
mMrm aailla'seat w<H not mast aaaka
aatfl Jkaaarr *. te tka aplaHa af ***��
NCW.  I*  r* nMCw,
tf ���
rmXMM-me*-** -
.Mim^mfx- ���"���AU*   TWO
SATURDAY,  SEPTEMBER   13,   1913.
an tmuteprmdeat morning paper devoted lo (he inter -sit of Sea Westminster and
i Prater Volley.    Published every morning except Bunday by the national Printing
P***M*ming Company, Limited, st 65 McK'nele Street, New Westminster. British i experiments.
eron, of Ihe Cameron Lumber com-
i pany, Informed the council that the
firm was about to experiment with
a system of fuel manufacture, by
which it wus hoped tho waste materials could be utilized as a fuel product and the installation of the plant
now- ordered is the outcome of these
ROBB 8VTIIES1.ASU. Managing Direct
dn cattxmunloatlont akonid be addressed to The Net* Westminster .Venn, aaid nnt
aa taatasalmal taernbvrt of the staff.   Chei*uet, drafts, and money orders should be made
SU to The S'atuinol Printing and Publishing Compani/, Limited.
TBUJaritONEB���Butintu Office and Manager, 899; Editorial Rooint (all depatt-
'), im
gUHttvmrTltiX RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, $1 for three months, 40c per
Uu uuiil. $3 per year, 26c per month.
dOVKUTISISG RATBB on application.
Mr. Cameron stated last, evening
thnt the plant will be in the nature
of an experiment and if ii proves sue
oea.ful, and he has everv reason to
suppose it will, a most serious problem for mill men will have been so'v-
ed and a method of extracting profit
front what has hitherto been a loss
will have heen secured. The wast"
material from the ni'li wlll be car-'d
straight from the compressing plant
and there turned Into fuel. On t'te
point of the eost of tho product M-.
Cameron itateH that it is i xperted tb"
fttel can he sold at the mill fnr nh*"��ut
$a mr ton. wtth on additional charge
nf delivery of from 50 cents to Jl per
Themselvea and Their Work Will Be
Features of Annual  Exhibition
Should   Be   Ctrictly
fcrced Cays Head of Quebec
Health Bureau
If a speaker stood on a public platform in this country
__nd tleclared that the leading Christian nation of the world
was forcing the greatest heathen nation to murder hundreds and perhaps thousands of its people every year, nine
men out of ten not conversant with the facts of the case
would call him either a fool or a liar. If the speaker particularized and affirmed that Great Britain today, in spite
ef the pleadings of China, was compelling the government
of the young republic to kill in cold blood hundreds and to
physically and mentally ruin thousands of its unfortunate \ Re^njlat'ons
citizens he likely would be called an anarchist and characterized as disloyal.
Yet, that is exactly what is taking place.
The Indian empire has built up with China an enor-l Qm,1)0C Hept 12._..SpIttlng ,��� .,,���,.
mous trade in opium and, by an iniquitous agreement made' ]lc Piace8i suoh as sidewalks, hails.
ufter one of the earlier Chinese wars, the Chinese must churches ami railway stations has de-
���sUll accept this Indian opium, in spite of the fact thaticrt'aseci greatly during the years loan
China has done and is doing her best to tear her people remember'but " is 8ti" f��a''fully pre
from the deadly hold which the drug has gained upon v:ilei,u" B.ayt8. 'v ST'^ \%
��� ���* �� *�� ���        ��� spector   of   the  provincial   board     cf
lliem- . : health.
A special representative of the National Opium Pro-: "The other afternoon, i saw a man
liibition Union of China, General Chang, spent three lounging at a street corner and spit-
months in Britain this summer in an endeavor to induce��, ^uS^eS'SS^t. "3
the British government to release his country from the ob-j the patroiiman, rather gently, mere-
ligation to receive more Indian opium, but he failed.   Brit- \y Ulldf *��� off'nd" f Si!insl .����� ?lty's
. *; ai.i        ai i       * i i ���     .     ���     t    a. -laws   for  health   and  cleanliness
tain contends that thousands of her subjects in India are, stop spitting and move on.
engaged in producing the drug and to cut off at once the: . "^upS��M ll'al ma" "" * (0ns,'"'P;
�� ,     ,   -      * ,    . ��j ,, ... . , i   i     _���     tlve!    The sputum he left there dried
market for their goods would result in widespread desti-!,,p ln 0,0 sun and the germs were
tution.  Therefore China must continue to receive for two; hustled away by the wind and taken
_ .-a  a ,1 . ��_. 1 -  -a   aa  . n into   the   lungs   ot   a   ttass-erbv,   upon
or three years longer the poison, "to which, to use Gen-: wh0?(. phy8i^, oonditiSn it defended
era! Chank's own words, "are being sacrificed hundreds whether or not they could withstand
of lives and millions of revenue." thp attackb��nger t0 women
In dealing with the question Great Britain evidentlv "Maybe the spitue was brushed up
places above her moral standing as a nation and her re- ^^J*,"1& woma" a"" carri"d
gard for human life in China the pounds, shillings andj ''-Those are the two chief ways in
pence. The Indian empire is immensely wealthy, is grow- J*|J& g^ JJ^ ^J^
ing wealthier with everv succeeding vear and, surely, .asv courses by which "the deadliest
backed by Great Britain* it could afford to make good to of diseases may travel.  Anyone, can ;
���'        _ ,      ' , a ���  , -i 1 _��� 11        see  that  without  a  medical  training.
us opium producers the monetary loss which ���would follow The pity ot it is thai Bpitttng habit
the immediate release of China from the devilish bargain >��� a" '** ma,":r ot ��*���>**��� e!tner po"'"'
i-i ,, .    ,    ,j.       , uve or negative.    Many    people    d'
���to which our mother country is holding her. ,not spit at aii  they have refrained
__-__-___----_____ from it so long that they never think
A rolling stone doesn't gather any moss, but it be-|of..',*, one tm. lt absolutely necessary to spit, aR in ease rf a severe
cold, or of catarrah. it should be verv
easy or him to remember the health
of others, and to use his handkerchief. If on no higher ground, surely
pe-onle can do as they would be done
To the eastern visitor and to the
resident of the province not near an
Indian reservation, one ot the most
interesting features of the annual provincial exhibition at New Westminster is thc display of Indian work
and the Indians themselves.
The Indians, being wards of the government, are admitted free to the exhibition  and  they  take advantage of
I their privileges in large numbers.
They  appear  to enjoy  the  noise  and
* gaiety of the fair for they  arrive on
ithe opening date of the exhibition and
j remain for the week.
The exhibition this year opens on
September so and continues until October 1 and indications aro that the
Indian department of the big fair will
| be as  interesting as  ever.
The  Indian,  however,   is  not  con-
! tent with taking the part of a mere
spectator and enters the various competitions provided for his race and is
| as  proud  of the  results  of his  labor
real estate, who ought never to have
gone Into it. men who were buying
and selling on nothing, and 1 am convinced that as soon as the money situation becomes a little freer, things
here In Canada will go along better
than they have ever gone before.
"1 have been investing money, and
have been interested in a great many
flotations on the other side and WO
have never made any mistake yet. Our
investors hnve always made money.
and they are more and more inclined to turn their attention here, where
there Is greaier safely for capital than
in nny other place in the world."
Mr. Maerorle has recently bought
considerable agricultural land in Saskatchewan, and a ranching property
In Alberta, intending to import and
hrnnt frnm (hp t,0(,t Clydesdale stock
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Seattle's   Automobile   Fatalities   Start
Authorities on Path cf Law
Seattle, Sept. 12. Stirred to aotion
hy the numerous automobile accidents
that have occurred recently in Seattle,
as any whiteman.
Manager I). E. MacKenzie of the exhibition states that the Royal Agricul-  ,��� wM, , ,,���. ,....,.,. ,.. ,���,,;  ,;1, ,
���Sural and Industrial Society is the Hr t
I organization In Canada to realize thai
the Indians will shortly  have to turn
when you can get as gooii. or better, manufactured .n B. C, vis.: tbe
the celebrated "VANCOUX BR" Hrnnd, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of  America!*,  and Canadian  Engineers'  Association
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer I'lpe frum
4-ln. to 24 In In diameter. This is ulso made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Kock, Washed Oravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
torcycles involved have speeded away
without  waiting  to ascertain  the cx-
I their attention to farming for a livell-1 tent Of their victims' injuries the po-
hood.    To  encourage  them   to  resort
to the soil, the management of the
exhibition has heen paying special attention to the Indian exhibits, charging nn entery fee and offering large
prizes for the best showing.
In the women's department a prize
of $20 and a second prize of $10 Is offered for the best collection of needle
work from an Indian scliool. For the
hest assortment of Indian made baskets. Including neatest work, prizes
are also offered.
Substantial awards are also made
to i for the hest exh
i and fruits from
las well as for individual exhibits of
w*heat. oats, timothy seed, potatoes,
carrots, turnips, onions, corn, beans,
peas, cabbage, pumpkins. BQUash, apples and pears.
Manger   MacKenzie   has   forwarded
I entry   forms   to   th"   various     Indian
iigonts throughout the province and it
Is  expected   that   this  department  of
lice departmenl announced today ihat
special efforts will be made to arrest
violators of cily ordinance No. 31282,
the new auto ordinance, In the future.
Chief Bannlck further declares thai no
pains will be spared In gathering sufficient evidence to insure convictions.
The law requires drivers to report all
j serious accidents at unci.
Three  persons were  run  down yes-
{terdav by drivers who raced on with-
' out   going   to   the  assistance   of   their
iits of firm products  victims and Sidnev Scoblo, one of the
in Indian reservation |Injured, may die. Ferdinand Haggman,
Ti l
Terms  in.ulc
PI AN'i o'i' i'.ri:
pianoforte, harmony and singing. Pupils succeaafuty prepared for examination in ll .i M mul it C. M For terms
apply SOU 'rill"! avenue.
-S   KI
,l,\ i
'    MUtl
ii le
Ui   Kea
Ull. I.*
ithe exhibit ion will score another sue
i cess, when the fair is opened on Sep
teniber 30.
comes mighty smooth in the process.
Tl-.cy Think Greater Evil. Might Aris-
If Drinking Were Altogether
A .soft answer may turn away wrath, but it fails to
.��et the same result with a bill collector or a book agent.
In a California prison a school has been opened, which
recalls the fact that the average kid would just as soon
attend one as the other.
Modish dealers are now showing ladies garters with
flap pockets for carrying jewelry and money. The garters are being shown attached to cards.
They're building an electric street car system in Pekin at a cost of a couple of million or so. There'll be a fine
lot of property tliere for the next bunch of rebels to smash.
No Evidence of Crime Found in Case
of Man Discovered With His
Head Cut Off
Miss Syliva Pankhurst has gone to Denmark to studv ! ^^^^itn^Wi'-S
the social and political status of the women there. No'oi __ugu_i i..i.*u.i.- _..,* morning ma.
limit to/he nerve of these self-appointed administrators j ^Vu,e 'Ifl^Z ^JZTn-T*
���'if  providence. | headles-a bouy on the u.   i. K, tracks
The dea
world never was better than it is now.   Evidently the dean
���doesn't view the prospect with the same eyes as the man
who has been cleaned at the race track
______ > fee' we8t ol '''e St. Henri station
... .      ; last Tuesday.    There  was no w.Uie-.-t
of the Harvard theological schools says the wno haa seen me tauiity and me
body was lound moreiy Dy chance by
Ian employee of the railroad.
Relatives of LeCebvre who live at
Cartiervllle, know notning about tm
I tragedy, i.efebvru had apparent!)
been In the best of spirits wheu h
went to bed .u. inlay night, and h..
disappearance and uie finding ol h.s
Body cannot be e..| loaned,
'i ne police i.f si. j i a -: j r i police Bta
tion also ci.mi ssed they were baft.ed
in attempts t> obtain witnesses wh^
knew anything. i��r. .1. Dugao reporiej
: on the autopsy, declaring ilm. thero
. were no marks ol crime and thai
death resulted from a severance ol
the head trom Uie body.
Through lack of evidence the Jury
|was forced to give a verdict thai l.>-
Cebvre was crushed hy the wheels it
Welcome little stranger. Peru has come back as.' revolution producer and i.s reported to be on the verge of revo
luting with all the attendant, frills anil burbf'
makes up for the poor results beinc; obtainet
Central America and the other old reliables.
Montreal, Sept. 12. If the Dominion
Alliance attempts to obtain legislation
for a Canada-wide prohibition law.
as was proposed ot the meeting of the
alliance in Toronto tnls week, it is
(|ulte likely considerable opposition
will be developed even within thel
ranks of the temperance forces. Ac-,
cording to Victor Morln, general secretary of the Montreal Anti-Alcoholic
ilc-iK-.ie. complete    prohibition    miuht
; lead to greater evils.
"Strict prohibition mlgh' do not do
'us much good," he said.    "We believe
rather In educating the people to the
evils of alcoholism.    In  fact, In our
league, we tolerate a moderate use of
mild  beer and  liKht  wine at  meals
for   instance     As   to   a   vote   In   this i
province, I do not. think it would car
ry  prohibition   -there   was  one  taken ���
five or six >ears ago and It was very
strongly adverse to prohibition.
"Prohibition would be a  worse evil,
'for people would drink by the hack
door, as they say, which would he a
worse   evil    than open drinking,    in
j fnc-t,   in   our  society,   we   thoiiRht   nm-
:of the best means of educating the
people would be by publishing as
widely as possible, hy pictures and
statistics, the evils produced hy the
abuse of alcohol.
Abslish  Scree ni.
"For Instance, In order to show peo.
|pie whal n curse t'i" drinking places
c-ito  having  the    front
11" North Seventy-sixth street, was
knocked down al Vesler Way and Sec
ond avenue hist nlKlit as he was about
to hoard a Phinney avenue car, and
badly bruised, lie was taken to his
home. Witnesses informed the police
that it was a taxicab that struck Hagg
Woman Failr to Stop.
.1. I.. McDalllard, l_:'f> Seventeenth
[avenue north, was struck by an auto-
Imobile driven by a woman at Kiuhth
I and Pike streets, about !> o'clock, and
[painfully bruised, lie was taken home
I hy friends. The machine didn'tt stop
lat the time of the accident.
Sidney Scobie, of Kent,  who    was
|''nocked unconscious yesterday morn-
Inan when an automobile crashed Into
a horse and buggy In  which he uus
rldinK two miles north of Kent, it atitl
In the Kent hospital and may die The
' car   that   wrecked    Scoble's     vehicle
I wheeled  about  Immediately  following
I the accident and sped away In the direction or Seattle, the driver nol Btop
dIiik to lend assistance to the uncon
bcIous victim of the accident
Mrs .1 W f'lark. of the Wrlghl
hotel, is booked al the clt) lall on a
charce nf reckless driving following
an acci.'.ni yesterday afiernoon. In
which Starr Pflel, 16 years old, bub
talned n fractured thigh Mrs Clark
hid but recently purchased the machine     She  n turned  to  lhe sc.-ne of
the acchlen'  afier proi ling a Bhort
distance She was released on (60
in l Pflel, who*-*e h"m>' Is in Honolulu, is al the city hospital
Panrlng and Oullsthcnlcii, will vl-.it N-av
Westminster once .i week CIhsiw for
imlulls Write ur iieplv for particulars
ni   Qowei   House,   Hornby  street   Vwi-
ii: i
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ��1S.OOO,000 00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Llranches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and tn London. K.ii|
land. New York, Chicago and Spokane
t'.S A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with cut-
respondents In all parts of the world.
Suvlnga Dank Department -Depositt
received iu sums of |1 and upward
und Interest allowed at 3 per cent t**��
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186.000,0110.00.
0. D. ItltYMNER.  Manager.
H.   J     A
' . .- aunt
int.   Tel.   II.
138,   It.x.m 2
H. Smith. W. J. drove.
At.nrrrms and accountants
Work unilortHk oi tn elty and outlaid.
points. 211-IL' Went minuter Truat Ulrif
! i*h..nu   3-S4.     P.   O.   Box   607.
NKW    WK.-i UIN8TER   LODOB   NO   '
It �� I' O of Klks of the D. of C, mn
the first an.l third Thuriaday nt 8 p. m.
K of P Hall, Klu-tith Htr.-et. A Weill
Oray, i;.a!!o<i Ruler; P, H. Hmlth. Her
r. lurv
I. !' O M. NO ��r>4 ��� MKKTH Ora
flr-ai. ft.-ramd. third nnd fourth wednel
day in '-urh month at t p. m. !
In th*. Moose Roma, 11. J. I.umy
dictator; P, IS. Jnni-H. -veretury
HendnuartPrs of lona* In Heaa House I
comer nt fourth and Carnarvon atraanu
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Corrmerce Congress at Delhi Will Discuss Industrial Advancement
of   Country.
ows.   That.
by Mexico,
the drinking saloons
. without .-ny doom or
it tli-  oassors-by In Ibe
see   the   Brenes   Inside
'A man who died a while ago in England nrobablv ws
entiU-pd to the label of the meanest cuss in the world. In
his will he left his wife one farthing to he sent to her by
maiMn^an unstamped envelope, so that she would have to      ( ,v ,   ;  |; i;.
pay it*** DOBtage. Gap-ices are his widow dulnt worry
very much, for it would be worth a million or so to get
rid of a human wart like that.
mi USE Mill
rirst Plant of its  Kind  3cinn
lished on   Vancouver
tbe commenced Immediately by the
Perfection Fuel company, patentees
of the process. When Installed. Vie-
"ria wlll jossesK the first, fuel producing plant of its kind in America.
The plant Is stated to be. capable of
turnins the mill waste, now bMm. destroyed in the burner, and of 110 commercial wor'h at presi nt, Into a species of fuel by means of compression
into Murks or convenient siw. At
first the plant v.lll have a capacity of
aboul thirty tons per day, But If thr;
process proves tt success two mrre
nnii w'll i>" Installed, bringing   the
output   to   ninety   Ions.
The problem of disposing of Ihe
waste product of u lumber mil ia one
which bas boen eons'dered for y��ari
by tni'l nn n     At nresent ench mat-rial  is disposed ot by  burning,    Rf-
I'V'i- the city council t*r>o.y*\<lo:* -ei
I complaints from residents In the. mill
won Lumber company will make at district against tbe nushinee. occas-
ira plant The pcrmil for the bulldfng ! gloried '>>' ""' panicles of halt-burned
in which the plant will bo'Bltustsd sawdust beim.' distributed over that
wtu lined ���-, sti Hav by the building section from the mill burners, bul lo-
isa-fa-M-tor the cosi of lhe structure to [ cal mill nolnted out. that despite the
be fin.omv The plant oroper will Mi j Introduction of Ihe latest typo of burn-
vnl-re a tnrth-sr eirpendltort of $H0.-1 ere, this nualance could not be whol-
sflOO  and  worX ota   Js Installation will  ly obviated.    At that time J. 0. Tain
an*,   -.v.-  adve
plllff'S   of   s'l
opi ii:   that  ��� *
sir*. ns, ���-���'' th
Stree:     ���* *.*'������
and draw their own conclusions.
"Personally, I don't believe it would
be a g ii I thing to enf tree prohibition; becattso the evils It would produce would be worse thnn the present
ByBtem, uv i^.-r. already a good law
regarding licenses. If it was properly enforced lhat would be all that we
BhOUld   require
"If there was prohibition there
Two verdicts of accidental dro vn- Iwonld he fi und means of getting some
i'u: were given in the cases of Jules drink, |usl bs In election limes, under
Dubar nnd Telesphi re Allard whose ""' guise ol 'Colchester tonmt'ies.'
hodles wire found In the i,a;h ne can they round t'.e mcani of having It.
al opposite Montreal Wesi. and above There Is n grant rt**��al "r liquor mn-
the Cole St.. Paul bridge r.n Monday sumption from the grocery stores, hn'
and Tuesday respectively. """>' ''""" all  well reattlated;   end  with
Dubar lived with a brother and His.!!"' Provisions of the present law, l
Calcutta, India, Bepl 12. India is
steadily emerging mrom the status of
a purely or largely agricultural coun
try    i p to ten years ago lis commer'
Victoria, Sept. 1
n-rial which is at present going ti
waetR into a product wlilch will II
thr. purpose la successful, prove bi
-important (actor In the local fuel nitu
mitlotn, is tin- object of an expend:
���tare of ��l>out 160,000 which the Cam
ter at. Sl. I anient. Apparently lie
was well and happy when seen last.
|Allard had hern oul rf work a"fl WIS
ill mid depressetl li is thought he
e mmit'ed suicide although no def n
Ite   proof   was   given,
Mrs. 0 McSwenney, 17 Ln Car'n
street. Yil'e HJmsrd wsi tht most l'n'
portnnt witness In the latter rine, let
"����� unshle to lie present, she told
the police, who summoned her thai
���Mi" was ill and would no' uu to thp
mi"""' -'nless p rig ���������i" tool f r hrr,
"She'll rome I" a rig hired bv h"r
self  nnd   pav   $10fi   for  eontem"'   ���'
court     into    t'ie    bTffa'n."    t'-'-r'"'enO'1
'think we are safeguarded h this
SpCCt,    ir   they   are   enforced.    |m.|   the
Same ns the oilier laws respecting the
sale of liquors."
C-rrrnnr  MoMaht n,
It.  was found  by  t'i
ever, that there "ere
Montreal,   Sept.   12,    "I   have  such
Complete   faith   In   Canada,   feeling    0
security here which | do not know of
anywhere ��� Ise. thai  I am inclined to
realize all  mv  Investment-' "ist'-vhere
nnd put the monev hero." was ths re
marko  made nv ,T"hn  MacroHo,    ex-
chalriiKin nf ihe Bdlnburg    stock o\.
when   given   this i change,  and  one of  tho  Pir"" stn"k.
[holders and underwriters of the north-
corone".  h""*!ern city
v'enuntlng ctr-1.  "I have lie.-n Bnendlng tlve months
Dominion," said Mr. Maerorle,|
ling  through   to  Victoria,  stay-
clal and the hands of Foreigners bul
sinn. the partition of Rengal in i.n..,
thi re has been manifested B Btrong
tendency towards it:.- establlshmenl or
Industrial and commercial concerns
run by natlce enti rprlse.
1:"  movi ment, however, was fatallj
handlcai u  by  Ita  political  anlmm
���'"" It" ...."lu object being the effective
boycott and destruction of British en
terprlre in India, II dily collapsed
II n id the effect, however or turning
Ul" '" "Khts or   tho    Indian    middle
"���''   ��� Into channels or enmme  Bnd
Industry to o far greati r extern Ihan
before, and the result is thai today
manv hundreds ol Indians who for
���in r;v had no carci r open to them ex
np! In medicine, the law, or govern
ment service, are engaging in engi-
neerlng, manufacturing and other nur-
"nits Intimately hound un with the
economic and Industrial development
of tlieir countries.
Heavy Emigration.
Hundreds of Indians emigrate every
year to Buropo, America and Japan  In
order to (it thpmselves ror a commer
clal career, and these men as they re- I
'urn   to their native  land  bring with
them progressive ideas and enlighten
���a methods which must in time revo I
ntlrtnlze  the  whole  aspect   of Indian !
,:i ". economically, socially and po-
I f fl F AMTTT lvOn-OB NO. 17���TV
r��-Knlar man-tin* of Amity lo-den No
:���: I o o P., Is held -rva-ry MoniU-
n'Kht nt �� o'clock In Odd Kollnwn' Hall
corner rnrnarvon snd Khrhth str*a��t*
^l���a!tlnr tira-thaam oordtnlly Invtt-V
P. A M'mthrw. NO.; It W. SutiKit-r.
V '1 XV r ''maahjm. P. O r**nr
Ing -��...������,v J. w. MaoDonald, financial   -aaar. etur-ar
v k P"A LBS���Honwr H*uosnil Dlraelo
jtn-1 &-vbairo��r, MS-lil Aicnnn ntrwn
oppofll^ f��.rr\**K,** Library.
ter * Hanna Ltd)���K��inr"-"1 rtlr#>c*of
t>t*i*t t*mhn\n\orm I'nrlorn 40f' Colmnhl
Htr#��**t,   New  Wwtmlniter.   Phftn*  ���*���*
���ter Board of Trnr1�� ni<^'tH In the bumf
ronnt. I 'tty Hall hh fnllowe : Thlnl VT*
dfty of '���/trh month . nu fine-fly rnw^ln*.
on the th|nl KrMnv of February. War
Aupist nnd November et 8 Cm- An
n��tr*l hrieettniW ���'���n th�� third Friday o
February.   ��'    M.   Btuart   Wade,
Rale, Deeda, BunueM Lettera, *��ic.; dr
ruler work ipecffUlat All work etrlctlj
nonftdenttal if tinrrv. room lil Weet
mlnater Trial Hlk    i'hone ifi'i
iu- \s>i** fi and Lfl ��r i>��t :. nnd i/>ts 1, 2.
I    ��.   14,  _,'.'>.  J6, of  lyot   4,  - .l..li. ini.um
��>f i.ot  ��.  Suburban   Block  4, in  the
('U\ pf New \V��;)i(nitneter_
Wherwie proof of Lhe h.** of Certificate
of Title Number J978F, laaued In the name
or  Laohlan  McQuarrie  haa  been filed in
tbla office.
Notice ts hereby riven tbat I Hhnii. at
ti" expiration of ona month from uia data
of tha firMt publication hereof, In u dally
rtewapaper publlahed in tha City of New
Weatmlnater, laaua a duplicate of tha aald
Certificate, unleaa In th*- meantime valid
objection iw made to me In writing-
Dlatdct  R..��lHlr;i!   of fitles.
Land Realatrv  Office,  v-w  Weatmlna-
"���-.   B.C.,   Ilth   AtllCUKt.   1!��13. (lftlt)
| Only aniither month to get numnipr
| ttniriitt tliiketd at rpduc-nil ratna. Ob-
1 nervation, tourist and dining cars on
all through trains. Kor reservation*
iand rates apply to
K. QOUI.KT, Agwit.
New W��ntntln��l��r
111, w. BnoDlB, O. P. A.. Vanoou-rar.
Rlr Kn-raltih.il Ctirrlmbhal, a leading
'���'������nhay merchant, now -writes to the
���������������wn r-r t.,,|i.| pronoslng thut
ttrenR should  be held  for th.
of promoting the Intereats or' ind
���r>mnierre.    The  cnngr��sa  which  he
���i-iinr-i r-.-. |b Intended primarily to pro
mote   the  Intereata  er  Indian  com-
'"'   imre imd sl-nple, imt |t w|]| ,,k,,
wolcomo reprt>fBntntlvpp nf Angin-in.
Man Intereats n"d er other Interests
connected with the economic progress
'i' India.
 ,    H|r Faaalbhal Currlmbhal proposes
In the Dominion," said Mr. Maerorle,',h"' tl'" ,,r(it meeting of thlH congress
'traveling through to Victoria, atay- -"In-mid take place at Delhi, the nev
  ,ing at the principal eit.ios riurinn theae imperial capital, bul the Tlmoa er in-
montha when the Rnattolal depression I d'a' while aprpovlng or the   scheme
Tf VOU  rPflf]  THF, NFaWS  ���'"" llf,rhaps lieen neutest;  and 1 sav | '-'"nepilly,  conaldera  that  the ohloota
li. ,you icau   imjiiuiik.  without   hesitation   thst  thin    mn.i_.vlnf tho nromotora w.mi.i i.��� r��*H\an*
COKBOUt-D,   littANT  4   McCOLala,   BAP
nm.T-a Rolldlnni, etr 40 I^tirni- Btreel
M..* tv.Himlnni.-r. Q K. Itorhould, F
C,     J    It.  Urilnl.     A    p.   MeColl.
t* ^ t Iuw, snllottnr, .-tr. Telsph-ne
i " r-,. i.i,. ndnri>u ".Inhnsrnn
Code, "��'... i.-rn (Tnlon " Offlees. Hllli
Ml...It. 55S Clnlumbla ��lrt��t, New Vtoal
inlnvi.*r. n. I?
witi-i-Ksiriit. |.-;iiMnNl)S * WHITR
si*. - Dsrrlslera nml BnlloUnrs, W����i
min.'t.r Trust Hlk.. Colnmhla stre��i
Ni'W Westminster, h. ti. Onlitn sildren
'���u,hii,.[ii,t..-    went.Tn    Union.    P.    C
lirnw.r     'I'll 1 . lirilKinc     tit       W.     _
Whllesldo,   K.  <:. ���   n.   u  K.lmondn.   t
stm.wku. CWJTB, Borrl��t��r-al-l����
"illicit,,r etc.; corner OolumWs ani
MaKensle ��1r��a.t��. New wiistmlostei
B   O,   P, O   Boi  112.    Telephone   711
Rolloitor .:.',d Nnmry. Office* Har
t.lrarit.  2��  l/pirne   pstrral. New Westrolu
"t'-r. B. C
riiirrim.rn and Sollrnors. S16 to 11'
Weslntlnstef Trust Hlock. O. B. Mar
lln, W, a. Mcfltmrrle Hnd Oeorge I
COAI. MININO rlrht* nf th.. Dcmlnlo*
; in Msnltoba, Haskstchewiin nn.l Alberta.
the Viaiiin Territory, tne N.irtliwue't Tar-
rtiorlcN and In a portion of th.- I'rovlnee
nf British Columbia, may be Inmcd for ���
term ot twenty-one years at un annual
rental of 11 an acre. Not inuf. than nil
acres wlll be leawd to one apiiitoant.
Application for a leaae muat 1>e mad*
by Ihe applicant In person u. the A����nl
nr Hub-Agent nf the district tn which Um
rights applied for are situated
In surveyed territory the Innd must b*
described  by  aactlous.   or  legal  mih-dtvt-
i slnn* of sections, and In unsur\*eyed tar-
lilinry  the  tract  applied    for   shall   be
���nuked out by the applicant hlmaetf.
ilk ���'
so   Mra.   MeSweeney   was i
you get all the news.
Stringency Is the heat thing that has
happened to Canadi. It has driven
nut of butlncis many tiperulatorB In
by holding It In the flrat placo at liom-
hay,  tho second  meeting  place  lielng
Telephone*:  Office S3. Residence 429
JOHN UFIir). Proprietor.
Agenta     Palmer     Broa.'   Onaollne
Engines, Marine  Englnee and  Auto-
uiobllii Hetiulra.
Offlc* and Work*: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.   New Weetmlneter, B.C
Kach application muat be arcmnpanlal
by a fee of tt wnlch will be refunded If
die right* applied for are not i.valUlMe,
hut not otherwl**. A royalty ahall be
osld on the merchantable output of tba
mine nt the rate of rive cents per ton.
The peraon operattna the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with swern return*
accounting for th* full quantity of merchantable eoal mined and pay the ro��-
alty thereon. If the coal mining rlattt*
are not being operated such return��*hould
lie furnished at least once a yrntiT
The lense wlll Include th* real n.lnlna
right* only, hut the leasee wlll be -per-
���riltted tn purcbaae whatever available
inrface rlghu may hn considered necee-���
snry for the working of the mine at the
tuts of lit) an acre.
Kor full Information application should
he mado to th* Beeretary of the IHpaH.
ment of th* Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion lays
~_    ,    ... .        W. W. OORJ
v,   ���  >>��Puty^Mtal*ter of th* Intel.
N. B��� Unauthorl*ea1 publication oTt
adaerttaement wlll nnt he paid for.
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newe Bldg.
of all kinds.
''rices right    Hatlafactlnn guaranteed.
68 MuKenil* St. SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   13,  1(13.
*A*m THRm
Confession and Mass for
Victoria Anglicans
present to attend the next meeting,
anil In the meanwhile to try to obtain
the total strength of Catholics in this
Olty, of Whom there were many. The
next meeting would he tlle decisive
one. The way was open now as it waB
never likely to bc again for years to
The preliminary committee consists
B. G. Walker, Formerly of Thla City,
Leads tha Movement for Full
Catholic Privileges.
Victoria, Sept. 12���A large meeting of a number of tho laity of Unchurch of Hngland, who, to quote their ��� - 	
own words, "ure desirous of co-operat-1"1 Messrs, B. (>   Walker, chairman; K
lug towards securing in  this city    r.i"-  Parke, <;.  (irogan,  K. C,  F. Oxley I
centre  where ful Catholic  privileges |uniJ "   Yates.
may   he  obtained,"   was   held  In   the | '	
TheoKopical hall, with  IJ. (;. WalkerL|H).   n|ICnniI\E
After prayer ami  the recital or tin-'LAN   I    UVlKIiIUL
Apostles Creed, the chalfman made an
opening address, In  which he stated! n III III I w   nnl nit
thai It wss his belief that if they per HA    WAY   RITA Hll
severed In their efforts they would at-! Ilnlllinl   UvnltV
tain their object, providing their num-1
ben were sufficient    Kor ii long time I 	
past   there  has  been  u  desire  for    a
Catholic centre In the city, one reason j >ome *ntere,llnfl Developments in the
being bacilli* Of Its geograplilcal po-
lltlon.     Vli loria  formed  one of    the j
waiting  places on  the  empire  route,
and there seemed to be a general tendency   on   the  part  of  their  brethren !
from Kngland to make their homes In
this eity.   There wns no need to dwell
on that. Imt still It was essentially the
home of Kngiish people, many of whom
deeply   regretted   the   fact   that   there
wae no place where they could have a i.      ,   . ,
weekly celebration of the mass, al-'*'" ,l>t'lr attitude of obstruction, lhe
though at present, he remmed bis!decision of Judgo Cbarbonneau on
hearers, they had no desire to Bay I iho deadlock between the town and
anything against any of the lucall'h'' railway, concerning the right of
Clergy. Kvery facility was provided for i w">' of the C. 1* It was handed down
tlie Protestant branch of the church j yesterday, and, while reserving judg-
to worship ns its members pleased, I ment on two objections, allows the
but when they nsked that the Catholic I third, which  Is that a superior court
| is not competent to supplement or execute any order of the railway com-
Dltpute Between Maisonneuve
and C. P. R.
Malsonnouve, Que, Sept,  12.   A lt
gal vicotry has been won by this town j
In  resisting  the  application  oftbe C.
P, 11. for an injunction against them
character of the Church of Kngland
be allowed to stand to the front thej
met with much opposition. They
thought that they were entitled to this,
and the lime waa now ripe for them
to  Join   hands  to  obtain   theBe  pr
Quoting recent legal judgments, It
Is stated that the railway commission
is Itself a court with power In Its own
...     ju,..      ....,,,,.-     ...     wn.t_.ii      ,t|i-na-     |,l,��|-      ���       ��� ���.-    ......    r..    ���-..
leges. Hut they must take action InlPrOVinoe, to have Its own orders, man
a hroad solrit They had no stones tb dotory, or restraining, executed. His
throw Thev wanted pimply U> ank I lordship, however, reserved his (.pin-
that lhey might enjoy their rights as i ���"" "l*1-" the nice point raised by the
l town's legal representatives. It ls that
Agreement With Canons.
They were taking this Btep. went on
the chairman, in agreement wllh the
canons of the Catholic church, and
they intended to work ln obedience
under their bishop. A committee had
been a! work with a view to making
preliminary arrangements,   and    they
the order of the railway commission
was never properly passed, lhat the
railway commission. In fact, never Is
sued Buch an order, legally. Th'- whole
question of dispute between Malson-
neuve and the 0, P. It. was under consideration shortly before the death of
Judge Mabee.    Commissioner U'Arcy
preliminary arrangements,    and    tnev   "     "     ,     ..." ,. A    1
were now In a position to place be.'hc.tt, along with ( ommlslsoners Good
tor* then, a concrete proposition Vast f/6, a"^ Mclean gave the order and
advances bad been made and ll only ' '�� ?e���f?��� claimed byt he town
remained to see whether they had suf- | "7''rs lhat Uu' orUer do'", "ot pxIb1
flclent  numbers  to  support  a  priest i   '.., , .,
nnd to see to the up keeping of the As this case Ig now apparently, out-
services and the expenses thereof It "d,' the province of the superior
was not a question of building a icour"': \**e "!aU,'r���may onoe, m,0r8
chureh or buying   land.   They   had Mme before the railway oommlsslon.
thought a great deal a, to whether |, I '""Ituatlons. meantime, unchtiiig-
was advisable to affiliate with the SMH ^Z^StX** i��?Jffr.n0J \^L
English church union, and they hoped.' '', ����� through the district, and the
���000 to be able to lake such a step ( , ,r " ln Possession of an order
This could not he done, however, u^.:��hid. th.-suplor courts are uot com-
leM they were associated with a par-  PWenl *�� hav^enforoed.	
i-rh and under a rector who was him-
pelf a member of the union CWICS  EtECTORAL REFORM
Outlining some -of the planB of the) 	
new organization, the chairman said New propo��al te b�� Cubmlttsd to the
lhey wanted what was defined as def- Voters
inlle catholic teaching It was time a ! gurIoh Bwlti��rlaiHl, 8ept 12. The
standard was set up which would per- 8wlM eleotorato wlu rtortly be called
bit of no equivocation, and to uphold I , t0 ,.������. ������ ������, atlo,���*on of ,h(.
the three pea creeds and bring young ; * , ,%f proportional renn-selitation
and old mto the ( a.ho lc fold chamber of deputlee. In Bwll-
At   lhe   close   of   hls   address   Mr ,    obllaaton   for a bill hav-
Walker was formally sleeted chairman (,/. , ��� .,.....��� >_. ���. , ,.
for the ovening. and Mr Hamptou sec ,n* obtained 60.000 signatures to be
n.t.lrv K nut to ti>e >otr. of the countrv, after
No Appeal to Bishop. .having   been   discussed   in  the  chain-
K   P. Watt aaked whether iiie blab-1    Ji"
op of the diocese had  knowledge of
proportional   represnntstlr
; :*,  ~    j'ihn- bee-n twice voted on in this msn
ward.    Hi- thought It would be a grea
the influence i f the ftadlcals.
.ougnt it would be a great ,       ,     ,     .,.,,.      , , .,,  .     , ,
.   such   a   movement  audi"K,""1,1"  'f '* "h"" a 1,M ,v,vl"R �� "
rixale out tnined   142.668  signatures  was  agirtn
pity   to  pttirt
then have it	
In reply the chairman stated that
the nature of their negotiations so
far did not necessitate an appeal to
the bishop, for they did not wish to
place his lordship 111 an awkward posl
tion. Ther" need be no apprehension
In their minds, for he believed that
the movement would be brought about
ultimately wltli the concurrence of the
hit-hop. They wanted to know, however, thnt they had sufficient numbers
to he able lo go and say. "Give us
bread," and lhey could not be re
The     following     resolutions     were
That, In thn opinion of this meeting of laity, it Is expedient nnd desirable that s'eps should he taken towards securing our Just right, aa loyal
members of the church, to full Catholic worship and teaching In conformity with the historic and apostolic
Character of the Kngllsli branch or the
One Catholic and Apostolic church.
That, in order to prevent any ambiguity or misunderstanding, we hereby
declare thnt the ohlects we desire are
(Inter nilai ii) Dlssa Cantata, with
license, every Sunday as the principal
service of the day; (21 that persons
Intending to make their communion at
i uch service ih&ll only do so after due
notice to the priest, ns required by the
Prnyer Hook; t.'l) the use of wafer
bread and the mixed chalice; (4) six
lighted candles on the re-table and
Gospel nnd Epistle llRhts, and the use
of full Kucharlstlc vestments st such
principal service: (5) the provision of
a priest who teaches and practices
confep.slon: (6) Eastward position and
other of the Six Points not already
covered by the terms of this rcsolu-
That, with a view to facilitate the
attainment of the objects set forth In
the second revolution, this meeting
form Itself Into a society (with power
lo add to our number), to be known ns
���The Cathol'n Society of Church of
England Laity." ,
This was amended to the Anglo-
Catholic society. ,___._.
That the officers of this society be
.appointed nt the next meeting, and
thst they comprise president, vice-
president, secretary-treasurer, who
shall, with three other members to be
elected, form the executive committee.
That, with Ihe Intention to Include
all lay members of the Church of England who may wish to co-operate with
us hv subscribing to the society s roll,
this meeting stand adjourned till Tuesday next. September 16, at 8 p.m. at
this hall, and that every member be
requested to make known to fe low
Catholics the objects of this society,
,o thnt a full representation of the
Catholics of the city may be realised
by nest meeting, the time being ripe
for Immediate, prompt action.
reject-ad,  though  by a  very much (lc
creased majority,
Nothing has done more to advance
the ennse of electoral reform thnn til9
ratification of the Qothard convention, S treat; which places Swltze-.
land economically, In the power ��� f
Germany, nnd which was ratlf'ed bv
the ni wrful Radical pirtv dlreotlv
n-eain-at the wish of the riocialista and
the  Conservatives.
The resentment of the country at
tills high-handed action was intense,
nd resulted In n fresh campaign In
favor of proportional represent"t'on
and a d ���mand that foreign fat'ei
binding Switzerland for more than l'���
vein--',   should   nol   be  signed   I'I	
having   received   the   sanction   if   the
And the Arch Bishop Waa Late With
Hla Condemnation.
Montreal.      Sept.      12.    Archbishop
Bruohesi, in his condemnation of women's dress, was a little late. The new-
modes are not lielng mnde as tight as
those he complained of.
So snvs a well known modiste, who
has Jiifl returned from Paris and London, where she was looking over the
styles. Last winter, she uuiil. skirts
were exlremely-form-filtlng, but lhis
winter lhey will be quite ti little wider.
Ttie reason of the change is that
women found It very difficult to dance
last winter. The tight skirt cramped
the movement of the limbs, and appearance ls now to be sacrificed to
some extent for the sake of comfort.
"The Canadian idea of the linmod-
eity of Paris gowns is a greatly exaggerated one," said the lady. "1 wns
In Paris purposely In connection with
matterB of dress, and I assure you thnt
there are no such extremely tight and
transparent affairs tliere as I have
seen pictured and rend about since I
returned  to  Montreal.
"This winter it will be fashionable
to wear an oversklrt o( some lacy material.
And this will be sewed on so that
It can't come off," added the modiste.
"As lo the archbishop's attack upon
thn present styles, you must remember that he was talking chiefly to an
audience of working girls. I dare say
hls advice was good for them, but I
see no reason at all why women of
fashlnn should not wear what they
"I do not like tight skirts myself,
bnt one must give her customers what
they want," said another modiste.
"Still. 1 have always refused to make
a skirt with a silt In It, and naturally
have not gone to the extreme of tlght-
foi' thst absolutely demands a
ness, ...       .     -
,r Immediate  Prompi ��. u..... I silt so that the wearer can move about
AtTe close, the chairman urged all a-* th* garment hang correctly."
At 10 o'clock Tonight, Saturday, Sept 13, the Sale
of Lees Limited $140,000 Stock Comes to an End
Look around and find out if there is anything you will require in the
near future. If there is anything you are likely to want from this stock
What About Your Needs for the Coming Winter
Get your supplies before tonight.   After this evening you will have
to pay regular prices for your goods.
Do you need a New Stove, a Range or a Heater
Do you need Blankets or Bedding
Do you need Furnishings or House Furnishings
Do you need Carpets Rugs or Draperies
Do you need Heavy Underwear or Sweaters
Do   You   Want:-
Do   You   Wanh-
Do   You   Want:-
Make up your mind and furnish up that spare room. Buy that particular piece of Furniture, Rug or Carpet you want to brighten up
some part of your home. You'll never have a better opportunity than
you have now. We have placed on the sales floors and sales tables
several lines of goods wewish to discontinue carrying in stock. These
are all goods of dependable quality. They are priced specially low m
order to clear.
Today, September 13th, will positively be your last chance of securing
these goods at prices below manufacturer's cost.   Every article in the.
store reduced.   Buy now and save from 30 to 60% on your purchases.
Sale Opens Daily at 9 a.m.
Goods Sold for Cash Only
McAllisters Limited
Successors te Lees Limited
Columbia Street
New Westminster
SOB.,   *' PAbC K������
SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   13,   1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
R.  H.  A.  Delivers  Flrat  Catch  from   Pathetic  Little  Tragedy  of  Everyday
Tobie Inlet���Cleared Yesterday
on Return Trip.
Life Told in Steamahip
Sit I 11.1 out on her sreond np coast
trip tn wing salmon to this port, thn] Seattle, Sept. 12.���A pathetic little
vessel li. II. A., Captain Allan, clear- I'tragndy of everyday life was brought
.-*.( from the ht. Mungo canneiy wha.it to the attention of passenger officials
meter-day, after delivering Uie lirsi of the Pacific Coast Steamship oimi-
cateb of HOO fish. I pany yesterday morning.   The
Theso '>ere eausht by the fishermen | Senator  was  making  ready ^tostea
who, with their outfits, were towed up
to Tobto Inlet by the R. H. A
week, and consisted mostly of cohoes,
.a )nch -a ill be placed in cold storage.
The R. II. A. is to make two tr.pn
each week during the rest of the sea-
..nu. unless catches ln the Kraser im
prove sufficiently to make flahin..
her<  worth While, In which event the
for Nome, when an old gentleman tot-
laVtltered Into the passenger olllce to can
cel reservations. In one hand he bore
a cablegram telling of the death yesterday, in Nome, of his son, to whom
lie was going.
Reservations had been made for the
old gentleman and a young lady. She
was the fiancee of  his son  and  they
,      , __,       .��� .were to be married at N'ome. Thev had
fisUermen who have gone north will L, (.nBaSPfl tor three years.   "Tom"
'.who had gone north in quest of fortune with his brother, was connected
Miss Maud Kelly, cf Kamloops. is
the guist cf Miss McBrlde, Royal
Mrs. liaal;. of Portland, and Mln-"
ShebJer are the gui-si. oi their sijter.
Mrs. J. A. Moth) rwell.
Mrs. K. N. Sutherland, Miss Freest
Miss Lewis and    Miss   Alma    Lewis
wire visitors in Seattle last  week.
Mrs. C. K. Doherty entertained at a
small luncheon on I ue.day when
cover*-, were laid for eight Those invited wero Miss Josephine Martin,
.Miss .lienor Martin, Miss May Mac-
Ken/.':,. Miss Alice Rickman, Miss
Marion Martin and Miss Rand,
Publicity Commissioner C, ll. Stuart.
, Wtide, wlin has bten spending the
1 past lew  weeks at    Redondo    Ileach,
Va\,, is expected home on Tuesday of
next week.
Miss Florio GirOUX, cf Ottawa, Ont.,
who has been spending the past few
weeks with New Westminster and
Vancouver friends, leavea fer home today via Seattle and Chicago.
Mrs. a. c. Shallenberger, 50? Mack-
fort street, will receive Wednesday.
September IT, from i to 6 o'clock, for
Dun'*    Review   Chows   Crcps   to   Bs
Strengthening Trade Throughout
New York, Sept. 1-. Despatches to
Dun's Review from branch offices i f
15. (i. Dun ��i Co. In lead n*. tiad ���
���centres  of the   Dominion of  Canada and district trad'' and make a nami
Vancouver Mil.ing and Grain Co., Ltd..
One of New Industrie* Comiruj
Another enterprise which can be re
garded as another victory for New
Westminster as an Industrial and commercial centre, is tiie announcement
of the Vancouver Milling and tir.iin
Co., Ltd., thai it is now open tor
business bere, ready to cater to olty
resume operations in the river.
Tlie lishing in the river this week
has not been any too good, for while
).**iii|*b.u-ks have been plentiful
eatugh, there have been but few
smelt-ryes taken, and catches of thesi
SL-reraged but 110 or eo per boat da ly.
Iu New Westminster.
W. Hopkins, of  lllaine, is    at    the
reflect a stuady growth iu confidence
witli the successful harvesting (f the
crops, and merchants are beginning
to place orders with mor,' freedom,
At .Montreal there is a fair demand
for groceries and pr.iv.siens and
somewhat better movement is evident.
Leather continues very firm. The Iron
trade is dull, but a fairly seasonable
demand is noted for hardware,
Business In some lines at Quebec Is
the first time since coming to reside less  active  than  formerly
chants generally are   con
fall trade will be active.
The  dry  goods  houses  a'. Toronto
are buying and a  fairly good season
for itself with its S7 varieties cf Uoyal *
Standard   products.
The new  concern Is here to stay. It |
has obtained a lease .pf the c. P. N.
properly   on   Kront   Street   where   the
bulldlnga are being rapidly  placed In j
shape for the extensive handling   of
all kinds of foodstuffs, while an
office has been located in the Kelly
Douglaa building where orders and
enquiries will be atti mlt d to with
".  promptness.
Located a.s it is with water and rail
with a mining concern and was "making good." His duties demanded that
he winter in the far north, so the girl
and his father made all arrangements
tn join him.
Officials of the company had the
Senator searched for a box of books
and a littleo titer freight of this ehar-
icter with which It had been planned
'o while away the long winter hours,
ami had it brought ashore. They also
made arrangements to bring the body
to Seattle and cabled directions ahead
to Nome.
Waits for "Spud3."
Delay of one kind and another made
th" Senator about an hour and a half
late in leaving port    At the last minute a belated Bhipment of "spuds" w-as
(rushed down  to  Tier B. The  Senator
Ithls   voyage   carries   the   last   freight
Seattle, Kept. VI.   With   one    man th��H,a8in !:f' 'aken lo Solomon, Bluff
leu in her crew than when  she left;""'1 r'"-'^in this year and accordingly
Ihe   halibut   power   schooner!  >".   vessel   was   held   until   this   late
uk- san Juan Kisb & Pack-\lr?&l ?,��u lb,e  tak,'n "'TV      Sh,'
Ilia, nearly 100 tons ol perishables p:l-
- ed on her decks.
One  Flahetm'an  Killed in  Ice  Floe
Otber Commits Suicide at
J. W. Nixon, Vancouver, ia registered at the Hussell.
. ,1. W. Hales, of Toronto, is registered ut the Hussell hotel,
J, B. Orr,   of Chilliwack, is   at the
Ruby Creek, is at
of Montreal, is stay*
J. A. Shannon.
the Premier.
L. T. Spencer,
iug at the Iluss-. 11.
.'.lis. harry Plsher and Mr . 3. Ballard, of Seattle, who were visiting Mr,
seems to be anticipated. There is a
satisfactory movement of groceries,
but hardware is not so active as ex-
pected because cf the contraction In
building operations.
There has been little change at
Hamilton, business remalniug al fir
proportion, although there is st ll a
tendency  towards conservatism.
Tho completion cf the hqrvcBtlng
operations in tin far west and northwest under highlj favorable c nl ���
tions has generally benefitted trade
and cenlid'nce in the future is h. cm
and Airs. j. r_. Armstrong, isighte.ntn mg quite pronounced
avenue,  Edmonds,   for  the  past  two Winnipeg   reports   thai tii
weeks, returned home c,n Frday. trade shows further improvement I a
!���'.  T.   Phillips,  accountant   for    P. the wholesale orders tor boots   shi *���
iluin.i a*. Co., has :\ urntd from   his and clothing are Increnslni      though
transportation acces-iable the company
expects to mak'' a mark In the Frasor
valley, not only for keeping th. most
up-to-date products, Interesting th*��
farmer and dairymen, chicken t-is r
grocer and housewife, bul bv giving
the fastest delivery service yet at
tenipti d by any llrm In Buch ���> busi
ness on lhe coast.
liy way of io oping to the t-re In
the Royal City, the company has mid >
application lo the cltj council for
permani nt waterfrontage in coi nee-
lion with the harbor scheme, and If
���successful will locate permaneni ele-
\at' is on the Fronl s'r* el propi rtv.
Mr.  Hall, the new manager of the
concern, is in the city every day and
retail expects to bring him family bore wl b
In the next few days.
Announcing the Opening
Our equipment comprises the most up to date instruments and appliances for careful and thorough
examination of the eye and for the manufacture of
We Call Special Attention to Our Complete
(���rinding; Plant.
This enables us to make or duplicate any lense
within a few hours.
All Lenses (.round on the Premises.
Repairing will receive our careful and prompt
Optometrists and Manufacturing Opticians.
10 Sixth Street. .MeLeod Block.
i.uniet, of Ui
��� iir company fleet, arrived Iran Soutn-
�� ashen Alaska banks yesterday. 1'iti
-trkiial. a fisherman, was drowned iu
Oiindas bay dining her cruise*.    His
body was nol recovered.
Aecordiiii. to the story U;ld by Cap-
tain Jacob liansen, master tif the
���,'tunet, Kekdal went in a dory with a
Cello*   fisherman  to a blader at the
N;w Master    ef    the C'eamer Ja-nes
Carruthers Will Oct Ckatcs from
  . . Ketchikan.    Alaska.    Sept. IL'.--Tho
tiead of the bay to obtain ice as is llal,1)l|t DsW s���,a���Hr jame8 Cnr-
the custom of all halibut craft in (-_,���-������ Captalr| A u- Knlghtall. hat
Alaska waters A large Chun* of ice lc,eared fr()m thlB port tor ���,_, halibu,
parted from the face of the glacier f)s,.-,nf, b.lnl.K ofT Yak*i'at. and will try
nnd capsized   the  dory.     Ue-kdal   was   a mPlll(,(1 of &M      n���w ,,, ,,,��� ind..s.
never .seen  a���*.���
trv in  tbis countrv.    Instead  of    the
rhe Comet two trips ago very neat- lis.lf,rm(,��� Bettlng thoir Bkatea of gc,1r
lylost two men In a fog.   Tbey were from individual  boats,  the lines will
Bussing for several days and ware re- ,,��� handled d1reot fr(,m a power gur(jy
imrU-d lost by  the Comets men only u-j,oard lh��� steamer.
*��>   turn    up
aboitrd     another
Captain Knlghtall, who has been en
adtoorter Which had picked them uja. pd direct  from ,,���. ol(, co���ntrv b,
A catch    of  liSt.Oui)    pounds    was tllB VTiTiCP Rupert fold Storage em-
pany, operating the James Carruthers,
says lie can handle bis boat fishin1;
forty skntes of Rear with but t*n men
and cover a radius of from 10 to 15
Captain Knlghtall savs lie has fish-
nd the halibut banks rf tlie old country with this kind of far. and if he
is BUCC-SSSful hero it will mean a sav
inp of half the numlier r.f men, as
well    as    saving    the lives    of mr>"y
���hrottfbt by tlie Coinet thia trip.
Committed Suicide.
Anaeortes, Wash., Sept. 12.    Itepart-
inK the lots of Alb-rt Nyatedl. a meni
b��r of her crew, wbo committed sui-
<;ide by leaping into the ma, lh�� cod-
tishin . Bchooner Fanny Dotard, Captain ti. U Matheson, reached this
port Wednesday after a cruise of five
mouths in  Bering sea.    Nystedt, who
was u Flnlander, 31 years old, ended fishermen who are yearly lost bv h-
his Ufa on April 14, while the vessel ;ing caught  in  sudden  storms    which
was at  Port   Holden.    Thin    was  his overtake thom  before they can  reach
second  voyage    in tbe north    in the fhe meamer.
���schooik.r. i 	
The Duurd, with a crew of 15 nv��n. CRIES FOR HELP COME
left Seattle April  10, and arrived    in ' ACROSS DARK  WATER
.IW-ring sea May 7.    She had a rough j 	
voyage to the north, ���eneountcrins! Loud cries for help wer- lizard at
heavy Kales and mountainous seas, iibnnt 10:45 o'clock on Wednesday
Tbe vessel went through Unimak pass -ovennig, coming from the waters of
.in May !��, as a member of a flcwl of tho First narrows at Vancouver. S.
ten fishing vassels, all bound I >r Ber- Flannlgan and on" or two other
ing sea. The Dulard brought a citrSt memb'-rs of the crew of the big
nf 195,000 cod-ash, weighing apprcvi- -dredge Mastodon, now working in
���aately 420 tons. the narrows,  were  making  their way
  j through  Stanley  park,  to  the    place
.BIG vet.SEL GROUNDS where thev meet the gasoline boat
ON COLUMBIA BAR from the dredge, when they heard the
                                   calls  for   help.     As  the   men   had   no
San Kranoisco, Sept. UL The Pa- v.at and the night wns dark nothing
vifie. mail freighter Algoa, bound for could be done fer the person in
'Sydney, Australia, from the. Ootmn-kla -trouble.    Mr.  Flannlgan    stated    that
he 1.days spent In tho Chllllwack
ley, --
P. I'. Maxwell bas been inadlWo-c.il
manat.er e.f the Newton & Greer company, of Vancouver,
The first large soc.al event of the
season tcok placo cn Wednesday
afiernoon when ..ns. V.. Norman 13-1.
| entertained her friends al a very en
(jcyable at home, i lie pretty hall
where the hostess received her guct.i
was a profusion of roses and sweet
peas. Four vases of long Etemm-ed
pink rcses centred the tea table and
tied from the electr.Her to the corners cf the table were strands ef
sniilax held with bows of pink ribbon
and pink rose buds. Rushton's orchestra played many pretty selections during the afternoon. Assisting Mrs Bole
were Mrs. Qeorge Beatty and Mrs. .!.
P, ll Bole. i. ttie Miss Mill c nt
Oreame attended the door. Mrs.
Charleson and Mrs. Corbould poured
toa and coffee fer the first hour, and
Mrs. I). S. Curtis and Mrs. I.. A. Lews
served those coming later. The young
ladies assisting in the tea rooom wer,:
Miss Hriggs, Miss Manuella Brlggs,
Ikflsl Corbould, Mlsa Josephine Martin,
Misa Trapp, Miss Cross and Miss
Rickman. The ices were s' rved on
the veranda and cut by Mr... James
Brymner and Mrs. W. 0, McQuarrie,
assisted by Miss Isa M:cd nald, Mi-is
Jessie Allen and Miss Babs Taylor.
Among those present wire Mrs. Dickenson, Mrs. Parks, M'ss Parks, Mr.,
Bfydges, Mrs. Oltcham, Mrs. Kl"s.
Mrs. William .lohnston. Mrs. W. .1.
Armstrong, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs I.ynch.
Mrs. W. Olfford, Mrs. Diamond. Mrs.
Davidson, Mrs. T. J. Armstrong, Mrs.
Gaynor. Mrs. it. E. Walk"!. Mrs. Balloch, Mrs. McAllister, Mrs. Gowan
Macgowan. Mrs. Shadwell, Mrs.
Homer Adams, Mrs. Leamy, Miss
Alma I.eamy. Mrs. Colllster, M'ss
Warwick, Mrs. Phlpps, Mrs. Stitfier-
liind. Miss Lewis, Miss Alma Lewis,
Miss Hand. Mrs. Corrlgan, Miss Corn'
1-  co.
rvatlve buying Is still evident,
nfldence appears  t    be  restored
-Saskatoon,  retailers  nr    ordering
mo-ae  freely  and an  active  tall  trade
is anticipated.
Ednienti n reports that harve ting i-
about completed and a. the yield 'it
large and of good quality, merchants
are looking forward to a brisk fall
Merchants and manufacturers at
Calgary e.xpe-et a steady Increase in
the call for merchandise, consequent
upon the harvesting of the largest
crop of grain in the history of Southern and Central Alberta.
Gross earnings of all Canadian railroads reporting I'or August show a
loss of 3 per cent, as compared with
the earnings of the same roada for
the corresponding month a year ago
Commercial failure In the Dominion
this week numbered 2". aca nst 19 ias-
week and 31 the same week last \.ar
gan,  Miss Shildrick, M'ss Jones, Miss  remained  weak.
Morcy in Good Supply���Stocks Mostly
Ruled  Dull and  Irregular.
London, Sept. l'i. -Money was In
good supply today, discount rates being firmer on tlie gold exports.
The stock market ruled dull and irregular during tlie forenoon on professional realizing and in the absence of
public support, hut the various seotlons hardened in the afternoon in
sympathy with the rally in Americans.
Kaffirs and Copper shares wer" the
firmest   leaders   while   rubber   shares
tho cries wer" l'"i bl" and not very
loud as though the person in the
water  was almost exhausted.
On Thursday morning some of the
men Iroin the dredge picked up a
small Hai bottomed boal which was
floating aboul the narrows ups'de
flown The general opinion if ih*-
tn'-n iiliu beard the cries Is that the
man In the small beat *.ia- oul In the
narrows, gut too close to a passing
titiiiui'-r and waa upael by the �� tali
as sle* [ipi-:-������! It is though-i Hun
tbose on bonrd were unsble to h ar
bis cries owing to the noise   of the
eng ties Ni> marks were found or
the small lKiai by wblcb il mlghl    b ���
rivrr. with a cprgo, which iti said to
be tbe. larg. st Bhipm-SBt Ol lunib-r
. ver loaded |p the history of nn-v'ifta
tirm, went aground yesterday ou Sand
island, according to a message re-
oeived by the company, who tms lhe
vesae] under charter The Algoa snl
tend no injury and ao fear tor h ������
��� was i-xpresiiid, as it. was M-port'-l
she would float  away at h.g-b lid".
The shipment on tha    Algoa eon.
mkU of  '-.TlV.-ill  teet      of    redwood
timber load d  "I   Humboldt  bay     mil
-IX-S.">.II�� f'-et  of white pine lend d  at
Linton on the Columbia riv<r Thla i.
.a total of 6,(j1_.:K>S reet    It wis stat   I
tbat  the   vess"l   would     have     taken
. more .lumber had  It been  pot-milile to  i��|i>niiin-rl
do' no and  cross   the  Columb.a   river	
��� bar whin drawing mere Ihan a% '**���  CANADIAN  PAC'FIC RISES
_! rrTTT'.-. a,,,-.,-...- another four and half
TO PITT RIvr.R VfOKK \ -j-r.rt>:,,0> s,.,,i. 12. Tin- Introduction
By the end of next week it ts e.v ul Ehe Barcelona tra-ition Issue, with
-(meted that a start will be made on sueh a nourish has apparently Impart-
>slw MU rive.r dredging scheme, tb'vvd quite a stimulus to the whole To
contract for which was recently 1st ronto market, which was active and
t0 the I'acific Coast Dredging cam-firm thla morning. Barcelona contln i-
g-j.*. led the leader and rose a point and a
Recent Knglneer Worsfold Tsiled;hi>H   further.     It   was  strong  also   ii
.the Utm in  Vancouver ye.l<*rday .ind ^'.,<*'*"in,
_-i��eived awaurance that one    of the
hydraulic dredges  would  lie aent    to
the Pltl river  within  the nest    two
weeks:   The dredge will bn nftor   thc
DeWolf Smith. Mrs.    Brymner,    M'ss
Ramsay  (Chllllwack),    Mrs.    Oracey, I
Mrs.    Worsfold.    Mrs.    Hriggs.    Mrs.
Hutchinson. Mrs. Houghton, Mrs. Q r
don,  Mrs.  Keith,   Mrs.  d'Easum,   Mrs. ]
Clute, Mrs. J. C. Brown, Miss Brown,
Miss Gertrude   Brown,   Miss   Curtis.'
Mrs.  Cassady,   Miss  Drew,   Mrs.   Hill,
Mrs. F. C. Hill.    Mrs  Greame,    Mm.
Sinclair,   Mrs.   Vuitigling.   Mrs.  C.   B.
Corbould. Mrs. Doherty.  Mlsi Wright.
Miss    McBrlde,    Miss    Kelly    iK'im-
loops).    M'ss    FJIenor    Mnrtin.    Mu's -,
Peele,    Mrs. Rrthwell.    Mrs.    Qr-ltl
Mrs.  Harris,    Mrs     Creighton,    Mr"
Phlllfos, Mrs. T   l!   S'-. th   Mrs  C,��.*ri
ble, Mrs  F. W, Anderson IKtmlocp").
Mrs. James Brymuei   Mrs  W  G   Mc
Quarrie.   Mrs.   I,.   A    l.w'i.   ^Irs   ('���-
li'iuld, Mrs  Charleson, Ms   li. 8. Curtis and others,
American securities opened weak
with prices showing irregular
Exciting   Movcmcntr   on   Main   Street,
Vancouver���Co��tr,  deduced���
Sleepy George.
Vancouver, s.-pt. 12���Two men were
injured yestorday afternoon In a run
away which occurred on  Main Btreel
about   noon.    j.   E.   Foy.  i'it'.i  avenue
and Main streel. was driving his team
notrhwards on   Main  street  and  just
nt  the Junction of Sixth  avenue and
Main streel the horses took fright and
bolted.   Mr. Foy managed t,i hold onto
his seat  for a little while, but was finally   jolted     off,     sustaining   bruises
about t.he head and hands.   The fr Ighi
eti"d animals kept on down Main s'n*"t ,
and   at   the   north   end   of   th"   Main '
stree" hridge a man was thrown from
his bicycle and slightly injured   The
horses were not slopped until one of
them  fell  nesr the corner of Harris
street   and   broughl   tho   other   to  a
Reduced Costs.
An  award of Hi*."    damages    witb
costs cn the county cou*" e*-.i!e was oh- ���
talned by Mrs George Beckers yeaterday  :n   t'i"  sit0r"tne  court  a  tlon  .-lie'
instituted agalnsl tho il   '     K   It   Mrs.
Bncker. who is a photog   ijiTji -  claim- I
ed to have been Injured ugh  the
negligence of a conductoi ��� tttr'ed
:'n Interurban ear at Evans, ir Chllllwack, before she wpt safe') n1 i
The jury found for $160 damages and
th" r. duced cosi < were i r-l r i by
Mr. .luetic" Murphy
Sleepy  Gccrgc.
George Da I lev, a colored man who
was nrr*"��ted In an Alexander -���
!:'iis" -a-liilc osleep with a fully loaded
automatic revolver under bla p II *.*
was brought before Judge Mclnnei
yesterday for trial on B charge nl
vagrancy.   Dalley Ib a powerfully built
25��0 OFF
That i.s thc inducement wc arc offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c  to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of  Electrical Work
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Col un-. Pm   Street.   New   Weitminiter.
Binger  Sewing   M.chine*.    Smalt   Muaical Good* of all  Kind*. PHONE AM.
| mar* and wati cniil by Detective Cham
,plen   to  im  a  freouenter of  the   re
Light support Btrengtbened moat of |gtrlcted  dlstriet.    Dal'ey claln     thai
In. wae In th'- habit or Rolni? tie-    to
���>Im*.>  i u*--inens for his clothes rlean
ine fhop and that he moat have
to Bleep in the house while Into'
��� ii.   Tbe hearing is to be concluded I
Will  Probated
Probate haa been granted by the no
pre-me court to the wills of the i ite
Hanna Cooke and  Wflllani Co!1     (.. ���
t��rs of administration to the wife hat ���>
been grant <1 in iii" ease of thc
of the lati- Frank .1 Quanler
Chief   lr    Improving.
Chief Conrtable Mulhi rn
ported Hi::, morn Ins to In
*���'��� :nlv nrogreaa, and It waa
���' ��� ie lle-B r'atlon thai he
���C''" tn be removed to hla b
the list rlnriru' lhe forenoon. I.nter
brisk \"w York bidditiK caused a
Kenora! advance, In whieh I'nion Pa-
elfie nnd Canadian Pacific were active
leaders.    The  eloBini;   was  steady.
Caradian   Pacific   Eencfitcd   in   Wall
St.-tet by Wci'ern Canada Outlook
���Union  Pacific  Still  up.
*.* ���
'���; r ir
listed :i
.vould   l.i
.-II.*   hi..;
Winnipeg. Sepi 12 Trading on the
wlient markei war i :*"' in options,
tbe volume   of htislneei being I'rbr.
Prices -v r. stronger on higher l.lv-
erpool cablea and In aymoathv with
I'-i-ir--: markets The demand for
rush wheal waa not qntte si keen as
"i Thiirvt.-.y and offerlnga were few.
While more activity waa reported iu
the export Tn.--- rtjit�� and flax wero
���nonie (,"l demand Blow
V it. ;. e whest ��pr-ne.] ).'-. ti, :; s
*>dv|nte fnr ali rnonthi and closed 1-k
ed to 1
for several days, ���
.���Union !':
,:l.e     kepi
Now  York, Bl |it. 1
". liose pcrforinanooB
stock markel on oiIko mr ae>-r.ai .��,.���,��� |)r,_ nr,
i utsrlppcd Ita recent movenvnta today L0jeno.
by  rising ever five points.    The price,
iii me within a li-rie of 180, ihowlng a i _	
sain of in 1.-2 p' 'nts since rumors of a
each distribution to stockholders ha?,
gained ettrreney ind the upturn be-1
Kan. Although the advance in this
stock much rs'1 -ed"d tho average
movi ment, the mart-tet In general made
Viriitv  Oneni.
Bnskatoen.    Sept   I      Tl <���
-������ ������ il' n  of    the    I'l-*-,' -' i v
k.-itebewati wll' eom'tence on
when the clai Bee In
i r
irt h
Chilliwack Fair
On account of the annual fair of the Chilliwack
Agricultural society which will be hold in Chilliwack,
Sept. 1">-17, round trip tickets at the rate of single
fare and a third will be offered from all points on
the Fraser Valley line to Chilliwack.
The special tickets made be secured from Monday, Sent. 15 until Wednesday, Sept. 17. They are
good for return trip until and on Tuesday, Sept. 18.
pattern of the government biAt Kin?
Tor Week   Ending  Sunday,   Sr*-"
S     1..4!i    K:3<) I 1H:46 12.0    Taf-G
Brazilian was less active, bul
quite Steady at 93 to 93 1-2 Canad an
Pacific   w.-ih   prominent i*i the .'.'(-w
York market, and sold here at 22".
which Is 4 1" points up from *��r,:*p*
It Hold yesterday. A Btrong Htoek WaB
British Columbia Packere �� Ich
Jumped io Iiii and closed at 144 bid.
M*tmeapoHa noen*��d unchang-|a striking showing of strenitt'i    There
higher and closed II higher  '-'''re numrroua tt ilnB of two and three
  j points amen;! the bef;'. rated r.hares in
the list.
UNION PAC'FfC  ���:��� The rlov'e ndvance wan rendered the
ANOTHER FIVE POINT",   -nor- imr ave by the fact that there
���  was en hi'lllth i'iv.s en whlrh to !>���-in
'i' �� Vort   "'������<��� wi Pacific    ���   The rise enparjsntly wss duo to the
.,.  Qao    .,,.',-..,,.,,..   .,.,,,.  ),,.���(   the strength ���f tho market In Its present
������"l rqarkel un edge for   everal day3 position.
���tuM W:80
16:0^    9:25
|     22:40
O.pS 10:35
16:60 23:15
1:65 11 '.3P ���
17:20 84:58 I
���t:'* 12:05
4. JO   0:25
1��:|J0 12:50 !
6:15    1:00 I
lt:M 13:25 |
1:59 10.S 18450 10.5
15:02 12.0    fi:30    2.61
23:05 10.1 21:52 10.1
115:49 12.7    7:32    2.7
22:0B    9.3
0:54   9.7    8:2*   29
16:21 12.7 22.3G
2:21    9.7    9:19
16.47 12-5 88:68
3:22    9.9 10:1.3
17:09 12.3 23:15
4:14 10.2 10:39
17:2a 12.0 22 3S
C. P. P. P'Brti In Mortrral Also.
Montreal. Sept. 12. -The encouragement offered by the general strength
of 'be Ni w Vork list, and particularly
by a resumption of the forward movement In C. P. K. resulted In a bull market, of fairly Imposing proportions today. (' P. It., Montreal Power and
1-Hiirenliil" were the principal features
wltb advances of three to four points
8.6 on each but the general lone of tha
8.11 market   was   Btronn  and   few   slocks
7.7 | fulled to finish wllh substantial gains.
3 4!The conspicuous laggards were Iron,
6.9'which aguln moved nervously and f tn -
3.H lished 1 1-2 lower on the day, and Mac-
��.] akin-i-i.. which fell 3-4, to 27.
���nitstrljpe-d  Its  recent  movements to
dav l.v riluK 'v,.r f,,-e points T1*"'
-.-������ft. e-.rne .,,.-lth''i " rtlSde of 1*80
���i'lowlni' a gnln of 1" 1-2 points since
-'"  rr; 1,1 n O'lfh il'i t -it I'll" n t,o ���took-
hnliwrfl gained  nurrencv and  tha up-
i.,r.,, e, ..������       ,M!hei     '
Ibis stock p-it"h ey
movement, the market In general mad
a striking showing of Btrength,
Mthr)iigh i". nutliorltsUve Information waa available concerning the ru-
���*t r. ,t :i eash boppe on 'Tnlon P��e|.
fie  these a-f..|���riH were talked of Ftin
���"'"���'���   t fldnnt.lv   In   the  street,  and
worn mnde the tails of a further rire
ii the <.<iv.inc. In i In the Steele     ('-inadian Pacific bene-
ded the average  fitted hy glowing reports or the Dominion's  crop  and   waa  exceptionally
Knreeai ts of tomorrow's bank statement, were conflicting, They indicated th-.t the week's movement of cur-
rencv h,nl nol bean Important In net,
result and that, either a small gain or
���No Car ".hortaqc.
s-isltntr.on. sept. 12. -Threshing at
liuval  has been    under    way    for    a
neoS and a constant procession rf in small losa""would" be "shown.
unions line tin before the elevator*, j Ponds showed an Improved ten
The grain is of a goo-d grade and no dency, Total sales, par value, 31,935,
sburmge of cars Is noted bo far. 1000.
Fine Quality Fruit, prr crat-s 9Q-.
Kcononiy,    Mason, und    i-l.isy    S"al
Frull .lars In till sines.
Rubber Rings, per dozen       no
Economy Tops, per dozen    2.>
IDasy Sea] 'Ions, per dozen  jifm
Fresh Eggs are getting scarce, and
higher In price. Wo bave a flue oast.
ern   s'lnct   Kgg  that   we  ran   nc m
mi nd, per dozen  'in-
Cho.ce  Table Bolt r, .'I lbs   $1.'I0
Ilallon's Lemonade, per bollle .   ..10c
Quaker Brand Canned  Peas 2 for 250
Mixed   Pickles and  Chow;   t|unrt  bottles fresh in.   Per bottle  ?,Bc
Our aim Is to please OUr custf.ini rp.
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block.
Phene 38S.
Columbia Street.
Provincial Exhibition
Queen's Park, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1913.
!.60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    .$60,000
Largest  and  most  extensive  truly agricultural exhibition In the wost
In tbe hest arena west of Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
High Class Special Features and Attractions.
Better Babies' Contest. Three Band* in Attendance.
Special rates on all railroads and steamshlD lines,   l.ntrioa close
Sept no, Ian.
C.  A.  WELSH,  President
Manager and Secretary. SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   13,   1(13.
mm t-vn
News' Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Rovers v. Burqultlam in League Qame
Sapperton   Park���Exhibition
"i away
an   six
city league loeoer will *���
;i    Sllirl     lllis    UlilTllOOll     Hll
lln- teami mix In the fra;*. ntthougn
only cm- game, that between tbe
Rovera and Burqultlata at Bapperton
park, will In! a league tl x t ii rt-, the
othera being exhibition games,
Considerable speculation i�� exprtsa
ail a�� to the ri-Biilt of the Rovefs-Bur-
quniaiii i-ciji. ti althougb <>n paat pc r
[ormancea Manager Grant's iiKKn-xu-
iiiih hiinuid manage to gel away wuh
both points, The suburbanites, however, hava. had thin Idea of entoring
the city league In mind for several
weeks, and with no counter aitran-
iii.ns In tbs North road hsmlH In the
\say of lacrosse and baseball, <!"*
players aro reported to !����� in tha i> njj
ol c pinion and ready to make tfie
Hovers hustle all along ths linn,
Jimmy Craig in slated to officiate al
The teams will line-up an follows
Burqiritlatn -B. Bpackman, F. Helps,
Gotbin, s Martin, I. Whit na, P, Stan,
ley 'captaini. Gray, A. Whiting, J.
Cobban, T, Deakin, B, Plnlay, 0, .Martin. T   Blahop and Atkln.,
Rovers Bampber, Hays, McMillan,
Jardine, McNaughton, Melk'ejohn,
Caydalen, MoLeod, Bhaworoas, Patter
son and Calruduff.
Test Game.
At Queens nark lha Bankers aiid
t'n- Moose v-iii test oul each others'
Btrength bv a practice Kano-. and
while nothing hinges on the struggle,
li ith organisations an' anxious to K"t
down   to renl hard  work In readiness
for their opening gatmi. nnxt Saturday, ho that Home good soccer Bhould
li" displayed.    The   HankerH,  winners
of last season's league championship,
win trot out hi K-rai n w players,
George Feeney and ll. Wilson, of lasi
yars high school alliance tuani, bfr
liiK noticed In lhe list given oul by
tne linancial men.
Hamilton will make his debut as a
referee in this contest. The Bankers'
line-up is uh follows: Clarke, stacey,
Swan, Boott, Allison, Feeney, Wlison,
Bwenolskl, Shildrick, Duuford and
New   Team.
At Moody park llurnahy will oppose
the newly organized ii. c. e, u. soccer
team in a practice same. Iturnuhy
are known to bave picked several
promising players who will add greyly to iio* strength of laut ytar's aggregation, As fir ths Electrics a
glanci at the line-up leads ono to tin
Impression that this organization '..ii!
be a factor in a close raci' for honors
among the local clubs h* fore the sea
hoii is far advanced. Jimmy Hat.e.
hon, who has heen olected skipper rf
iiie hunch, has made a name Lr iilv.
s'if in leal and district soccer, hqv
Ins played with the ll. C, B. It. l.i
Vancouver, and also with Bapperton
last season,   Cbarlla K.rbv, ths   ol-*
it'M-r star, hai amen r urned to ���* a.
fold, together with O'Malley, of i. i-
i'"hy. and i'. Collior, last year w.tb
the  Hovi rs.
'I'll., -.i-i.. for ill'1; p-iine. which I1-:
slated ior Moody park at :; c'cloc.i, is
a. Asbworth,
The '.! ctrlcs v :ii   llne-un   ns   to
|< .' a      li   Spring, Clarke, K'rbv. (V.!
lier     Patterson,    Donald,    Reynolds,
Kidd. Morgan,    O'Malley,    Thompson.
Coles,  Rennle and  R. "Collier.
ft if *, -* ft
Salmon Bellies and V. A. C. Will Play !**
at Fair Here for Minto
Cup. | #
The Salmon Bellies and the Vancouver Athletic club twelve will fur-
nlih the premier sporting events at
the provincial exhibition according to
plans made by the executive of the
R. A. & 1. Boclety at a meeting last
evening, when they adopted the re-
commendatlons ol the sports committee.
Although negotiations between the
two teams were completed a week ago
the san ������tii ni of the finance committee
of the society who xuard the coffers
of the great fair wns not then obtained
and therefore no papers were signed,
coining  game
City lea*.in-���Rovers vs. Bur
quitlam at Sapperton park, ���
Exhibition gameB ��� High
school Junior mairic. vh. Junior
and preliminary grades. Moody-
park, 9::io o'clock. Burnaby
vs. il. C, K. lt. at Moody park,
8 o'clock,    Hankers  vs.  Moose
at Queens p-.rk. :i o'clock
Ladies vs. Now Westminster,
asylum grounds,  3:80 o'clock,
Rifle Shooting.
Intercity  match. New Westminster     vh.     Vancouver,     at
Brownsville, l;Sfl o'clock.
Paper chase, Y. M. C. A., 10
o'clock a.m.
Horse racing at Minora. I.ast
day of the season.
Lob Angeles, the Rltchla-Welsh fiasco
and the Pelkeyllurns affair are not
assisting the  game   In  any   way.
Patricks   and   N.   H.    A.    May   Allow
S'.me Off-sides to go in Centre
Ice���Will Obviate  Delay.
The coining gamer, wlilch will he
Staged oi: Tuesday. Sept. 'ill and Saturdav. Oct, 4, v.lll furnish a test to
tbe fans as to whether the Vancouver
aggregation are worthy of being ad-
mlttid as n team in the liritish Columbia league next summer along with
New Westminster and Victoria. So far
this season they are one to the good
over ih" Minto cupholdera for the latter went down to defeat in Vancouver
several weeks ago by the score of
With few exceptions tbe two teams
will be hone brews although it is ru
mored that the V. A. ('. by reason of
Its peculiar position in the way of
challenging the cupholders, can flcn
on 'iny player thev see fit and might
spring a few surprises In the way of a
With all the d��talls se'tled the two
teams will get down t'i final weight
during the next two weeks, ready for
the.opening battle which will decide,
wbether the Minto cup is to adorn a
loenl Institution or whether it is to
take another trip Vancouver-wards as
it did in  1(111.
Fr��d Lynch hns been agreed upon
as the referee cf both contests.
Pupil.   In   City  Organize  for  Coming
Football   Season���Schedule  Already  Drawn  up.
Due to the Inability cf the Young I
Const natives of Winnipeg to raise the |
wind   In  come   west   In   uuest   of   the
 ��� | Mann cup, the dates set aside for the
Teg   bovs  have   heen   handed   to   the
Following several  consultations be-   Oa*   Baj   team  of  Victoria,  and   ll   Ib
tween the managers ot the ''oast hoc- expeoted thai Bept -���* and _" win see
; .--. teams lasl winter tbe suggestion the second and last Maun cup gnmea
of the Patricks to the N II. A. offi-' 1'layed In Vancouver against the V.A.C.
rules changer where-   Yesterday morning Secretary Scragg.
Raschall Results.
Standing of the Clubs
cials to lu've th       	
hy the of-slde play, exasperating to:
the fans during the progress of a
pretty run, will be somewhat curtailed thia (inning winter which will
mean a faster game fyr both players
and, fans
The  pus.-nt  plan   Is  lo have a line'
marked PO feel from each goal and the
space between theBe lines wlll not be,
affected   hy   any   off-side   play.    The
llnea   will   he nt  a  permanent  nature.!
being   mado  with    a    special colored j
composition being mixed In the ice and
v.lll be easily discernable to lhe officials, players .-'.nd spectators
This new arrangement will devolve
more work on the centre far he '.'111 he ,
lh" man to get the forwards off lit full'
speed   before   the  off-aide    lln"     la
reached.     Loafing,   peculiar   to   some
playera will nnt  I.e tolerated
Both the Patricks will be back on
the coast during the next two weeks,
whl n tin- fans will be in a position to'
know   -.villi's who In the  I'acific Cosst
Vancouver    87
Portland   Til
i Seattle    TS
^^_^^^___^       Victoria    73
morning Secn-tary Scragg.  Tacoma    67
of Ihe V. A. ('., received a wire from ' Spokane 64
Trustee Joe Lally to the effect that
as tlie Winnipeg, had defaulted their
chance, Oak Hay was to he instructed
to take their place,
A compliment was paid Fred I.ynch
of Ihls city In the win- from ijilly,
which said lhat In case the officials of
tha iwo clubs could not agree on ref-
i r. es, Uu' Royal City alderman would
act  for Lally and settle the difficulty.
Lally.  One  of   Lacrosse's  Patron
Sainto, to Organize Youngsters���
Making Dominion Tour.
Yesterday's Games.
At I'ortland: R.    H.
Vancouver    4    lit     2
I'ortland      5    111      1
llatteries:    Ingersoll   snd   Konnick;
Martlnoni,  Bastley and  King, Murray
At  Seattle: i       R.    H.    E.
Spokane    4    13      1
Seattle     0      fi      2
llatteries:      Douglass  and   Hannah;
Schnider, Applegate and (adman.
At  Tacoma: 11.    H.    E.
Victoria       3      7      4
Tacoma       7      9     0
liatleries:      Fitchner  and   Brottins:
McQInnlty and Harris.
Association football v.lll receive another hlg boost this winter In New
Weatmlnster from The fact that the
city schorls have again taken up foot-1
ball in the athletic program, the opening games being scheduled for Saturday, Oct.  11.
Last year the first start towards
] making soccer one of the premier
��� sports of the schools was commenced
j and the success of the venture led t'.ie
I heads of the different schools to go
j through with an even longer Beason
. and formulate a set of ruleB guvern-
I ing the series.
St. Louis college, which won the
' championship last season will again
field a team and have started training
. for the opening event. The high
. school, by reason of there being no
! entry in the alliance, should be much
.stronger, although from information
I received from the other institutions
j they are likely to be hard pressed before the season is well under way.
Officers Elected.
The officers elected to govern the
477 Ileague are as follows: F. 0. Canfield,
440 I president; (',. R. Dickinson, secretary-
4-d i treasurer, and an executive consisting
| of two representatives from each
Each school will be required to deposit the sum of $5 as an entrance fee I
For Rent
Arundel Mansion
This high class apartment block is now ready
for occupancy. Steam heated, gas range, bath and
toilet each suite. Built in kitchen cabinets and buffet. Electric automatic elevator and all other accommodations in connection with first class apartments.
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Fans   Think   1
He   Must
to Reac
A rtory which makes A-thur Conan Doyle's narratives lm-'.. like fairy
tales has Jusl been sprung 111 connection with the Pelkey-Burn.  sensation
until   it   li, s  readied   ***.  lu ir-bre:iki:ig
Pantry, Who laid ard perhaps still
layfl [aim tj th" wrrid's heavyweight
title, received considerable notoriety
in lil- .lira* i .y heavy list, when he
n,luie the confession to the sporting
������ditor a;f tin' Portland Oregonian that
his mulch with Tommy Bums at Calgary on March -ii last wai faked and
also unearthed several other alleged
shady deals In connection with the
Calgary spcrl  promoter.
Incldentaly with that confession, pel-
key explained bow* he fixed up tho
fake hout hy visiting Burns' residence
after dark every eVeHlhg In order to
rehearse tlie frame-up.
Used Water Wings.
Now conies tho story from Joe Price,
���sporting alitor of the Calgary Alber-
tan, that Pelkey's story Is a fake of tho
Joe explains that Pel
A trip through thc Dominion lasting
thriS months, fi r the purpose of
i rganlzlng school and intermediate
1 i.n * leagues, is the plan of P. Jou
Lally, tl.e well known lacrosse enthusiast of Cornwall, Ont.. who had
Charge of the Minto games on the
coasl during the season of 1911.
Lilly oll< red a set of gold medals
and also a handsome cup to th-e win-
:..*:������ oi an Intercity competition between .New Westminster, Vancouver
i,nd Victoria, hut the season was so
far advanced when the proposal was
nude that the Vancouver and Victoria
authorities could not see their way
clear to go through with the scheme.
New Westminster, however, the la-
cr, sse nursery uf the west, organized
a scliool league, which will clofw dewn
in Saturday, September to,
During the next three   weekB,    thn
sohedule will be maintained between
the different schools, lhe winners to
be presented with 14 gold medals
Whloh    have    been    received  by  tho
president of the organisation, M. J.
Tbe offlrens of Ihe league are as
fellows: Honorary vice-presidents, P.
.1. Lally. Cornwall, Thomns Olfford, M.
I.A., Mayor (Iray. C, A. Welsh, Alox
Turnbull; president. M. J. Knight;
vice-presidents, W. C. Coatham, F. O.
C'antlrld. O. W. Cray, W. T. l"ennell;
secretary-treasurer, (1. R. W. Dickinson; assistant secretary, Richard Cullen; referee, Tlm Mahoay.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    L,
New   Vork    89
Philadelphia   7S
Chicago    76
Piltsburg 71
Hrooklyn    58
Boston 58
Cincinnati    58
St.  Louis    47
Yesterday's Games.
New  York-Pittsburg game postponed;  rain.
iloston-Cineinnatl  game postponed;
No other games scheduled.
before the schedule openBip Any
transferred  from   one  school  td another mu9t play only  for the school
be attends.
Season's Schedule.
Oct. 11.���High school vs. St. Louis
college; Lord Kelvin vs. Spencer; John
Robson   vs.   McBride.
Oct. 18.���High school vs Robson: St.
Louis vs. Spencer; Kelvin vs. McBride.
Oct. 25.���High school vs. Spencer;
St. Louis vs. McBride; Kelvin vs.
Nov.   I.��� High  school  vs.  McRride;
I St. Louis vs. Kelvin: Robson vs. Spen- j
Pet, ' ce/.
'    Nov. 8.   -High school vs. Kelvin: St. j
Louis  vs.   Robson:   Spencer vs.   McBrlde. ,
From Nov. 8 the schedule repeats It- ���
self, the schools playing every Satur
day until Dec. IS.
Some Splendid
have been offered to the New-
Westminster public on the be-
tween-season's sales. Our bargains are daily sale prices. We
sre offering exceptional values
Laces, 2 yards for 5c. to 10c. per
Embroideries, 5c. to 10c. yard.
Large Assortment���New Goods.
Corset    covers,    laee    insertion
and embroidered patterns at
Ladiea'   black   cottcn   hose,   per
pair, 10c.
Have  You Visited
New Store?
Coming    Retail   Business
Pres. and Genl. Mgr.
. BI.4.RD8L.EB,
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
Bee. aad Treat.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
1       ��,%W \m
Mondays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Stewart, Masset.
Tuesdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Thursdays 112 midnight)  for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay. Rivers Inlet, Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time).
Saturdays 112 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   with   Grand   Trunk   Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace, Cedarvale, Hazelton, Morlcetown.
Through tickets to all points Eaat via Chicago and the Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. ft T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.   DUPEROW. O.  A.  P.  D.
I'hone Private Exchange 8134
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I,.
Philadelphia    S7    47
Cleveland    SO    57
Washington    78    57
iloston    68    64
Chicago    70    68
Detroil    58    77
St   lxauls    52    87
New York 48    84
Yesterday's Games.
Al New York: R.    H.
St.   Louis      3    11
New   York    10    12
klvh' In "order to craWl Into Burns' I Minoru Track Closes Seaeon Thla
house  bv the back  way, would havel Afternoon.
had to swim the Elbow rived, as the| ,|orse rncing nt the Minoru track on
renr of Ihe Rums house Is almost flush :1<u|u island will come to an end -fer
wltb the banks of the stream. the season cf 1913 this pfternoon. Dur-
8ome  Explanations. I lng the next three weeks the different
Ruch an announcement as this puts  gtr|ngs will be seen on the Victoria
l'elkev In a peculiar llpht, and he will; track-
have'? hard time explaining things weather conditions have been Ideal
to the Calgary fight fans when ho tx* U�� tll- Minora track this season while
rives In the Alberta city during the fho ���,nn-R\ ��ttractlons brought there
ne tt few daya
Hatterles:   Bnumgartner  and
lister: Caldwell and Sweeney.
At Iloston: R.    H
Detroit      5    13      1
P.oston    15    21      I
Rntterles: l-orenz. Grover, Comstock
and MrKee; Leonard and Carrigan.
At Philadelphia: II.   H.   E.
Chicago     5   11     1
Philadelphia    7     7     1
Batteries: Lnthmn, Russell and
Benjii Easterley; Houck, Pennock,
Plank and Thomas.
At Washington: R,   H.   E
Cleveland     1     4     1
Washington       6    12     3
Batteries    Batteries: James. Bland
Ing and O'Nell; Johnson and Alnsmlth.
*Wl"i nil hls fiults Tommy Rums la
KIU puptiuir with Cnlgary fight fans
nnd despite the McCarthy affair on
Victoria dnv. he wlll have tho support
_______________________________     W
Newark    89
Rochester    87
BWtlmore 75
-,v._~..-...- ���.��� ... Buffalo   74
by tho B. C. Thoroughbred association j J^i.Jf*1    e,
hava been  pleasing features to "
largo crowds who have attended
8tandlng of the Clubs.
~~ U
or a inc'-rltv of the sporting world In l    Ne!tt *���<*�����>������ *1'8 n��w Victoria track
_.     \Tun vo10rvo. k !��� eiveciBd to be In shape, wlilch will
west when the New YorK ,,,���. ���__.��� . .nnrinnin. nt th__ Minora
Brrlves to explain him-
thB mldil'i*
Furns Threatens.
Meanwhile Burns Is burning von-
Roance ngalnst the author and also
against tho pnrtleh connected with the
publishing of Pelkey's confession,
threntenlnf libel and all kinds of
thingB or lhat nature.
All thn time the fight game Is slnw-
lv but surely slipping Into the stream
Tho  killing of l-uther McCarthy
thus mean a shortening ot the Minora
y,0 : Toronto    67
���!,_ I Providence   8*
""^Jersey City   48
Yeaterday Qame*.
Providence 5-4, Baltimore 4-4.
Buffalo 5, Toronto i.
Rochester 5, Montreal 4.
West's 5,10 and
25  Cent Stores
Ten-Man Team From Vancouver and
This City to Compete at Brownsville Ranges Today.
This afternoon on the Brownsville
ranges, the fir3t Inter-clty shoot between 10-man teams representing the
Vancouver Rifle asOBClatlon and the
New Westminster organization will be
carried rat, firing commencing at 1:30.
Aitiumr'i New Westminster opposed
the Terminals at the annual provincial shoot at Richmond a little over a
month ago, this afternoon's event Is
the first where teams from each ctty
have competed against each other this
year and It Is arouBing all kinds of Interest among the supporters of the art
of marksmanship.
9o far the season of 1913 has been
the most successful in the history of
the Civilian association nnd demonstrates that the Royal City will again
be placed on the map as far as rifle
shooting Is concerned, as It was only
some seven or eight years ago when
two members of the Blsley team from
Canada hailed from this city.
Fine Prospects.
Next year with the 104th regiment
at great strength It Is reasonable to assume that the Westminster militia will
bo represented at not only the provincial shoos but also at the Canadian
and perhaps the American blsley.
Some three weeks are still lett for
shooting on the Surrey ranges and
the rifles are being kept In the best of
trim by the members In order that a
few more centuries may be chalked
up before the curtain falls.
It bas been suggested by some of
the members of the association that a
banquet he held as a fitting climax to
such a successful season and steps
may he taken ln the Immediate future
to this end.
Last of Cricket
The laat cricket match of the sea-
ion will take   place   on the   asylum
In the   golf   atory   ln   yeaterday'n
iTmenUTM h^w'onT/e .round, thl. afternoon when . te��n
iunlor monthly championship at the of ladle, will op*-ie the members of
I Burqultlam links. The New. ha. been the local club. The usual rale, re-
* requested to rectify thi. error. Mr*, gardlng men batting Md bowling left
at1 Andrew Stewart being the lady who handed, and other Infliction, on the
<��� tf��.;T& M 'of'BiiifYoung at'won the competition. jorloket rale book wlll prevail.
Vitagraph Presents
Charlec Brown and Josie
Sadler In
Through a stupid mistalte a
bibulous gentleman loses his Intended wife and everybody has a
good laugh st his expense.
Selig Presents.
Edison Photoplay
Taken on the Cornish Coast*,
England.���Drama. ',
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire About our special stockes. they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid?.
Saakatoon, Sept. ��.���After waiting
forty day. and night, on the step* of
the land office here Fred HcOowan
will tomorrow be given a tiling on a
quarter section of the Goose Lake
line. He estimate, hi. wait has paid
hlm, at tho rate of $100 a day.
Rooms and Bowling Alley*.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six   Standard   CdntintipuS
Regulation  Alleys.    First-
class reading and committee'
rooms. :_
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
Coast >    a
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
.. ���������������i      ii    ���������������_��� iim-i        ���*-^���'S^w^���-^������^i
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-ThroiJgbbr^ in Actto-55fl1 *s.a* bix
celved for Tne
lug places:    1-'.
ti^ij   Colutnt''
News at the follow-
7. Hill's drug Btore,
streel;    A.   Sprice,
borough, Lulu Island.
f RATES. ���
***>% ������������������������������������ ���
Claeilded���Qpe cent per wdrd per
iin.; 4c per word per week; ISc per
month; 6.000 words, to be used aa re-
 red within one year from date of
r.intract. $25.00.
bouse work; to sleep at home and
t ull in morning. Apply i!'.i5 Fourth
avenue. 12054)
lish preferred. Apply 48 Royal
avenue. (2055)
maker wants work by thc day. Apply box 2049 Thc Newe.- (2049)
ooys want an instructor in reading
and writing the English language;
live houra per week. State salary-
wanted. Apply box 198 New Westminster, B.C. (2048)
with hot water; cost $10, Apply 26$
Burnett street. (8081)
a bargain. Typewriter desk, flat top
desk, roll top desk, swivel and office
Chinese President's Boyl Learn Weatern Ways���They  All  Take
Readily to Sports.
lng, might find employment in * nre-
houses and with railway and telegraph
companies.   Domestic servants, male
and female, are In great demand and,
with a little knowledge of coiloiiul.il
English, a woman could earn from ��4
to .US a month with good board and
lodging. Ab to the language question, Dr. Mattel considers that tlle
want of even colloquial   English   i:<
as fully as in California, though n
trifle later, the story of last year Is
repeating Itself, although in not such
a great degree.
Owing to the failure of the canneries to handle the Triumph peaches,
whieh constitute about fitly per cent.
of the total varleltles grown in the
Southern Okanagan, the growers of
this rlass of fruit  will suffer a great
London,   Sept.   12.���Three   sons   of
chairs. Rare chance for party fitting  Yuan Shi Kai. the provisional Chinese [not talk English generally groupsthem- pertg
uu office  Particulars from box $068   President, are now In this country for I selves  with  some one  who  ean   and
N��wa        PartlCUlar8 from      ,.,:*,-o, !the purpose   of   being   educated    011 ' In time pick up enough to help them-   ur>
' i British  lines -or rather having  their< selves.    The employers of  labor  mid , -*-*!*-
found In practice not to be such a ��� i,.ss. In fnct. practically the only re-
drawback as to Stop the Maltese from turns which tbey wlll get will be from
obtaining work as laborers, although ' ,-,,<, -pical Ba|(, shipments of Triumphs
a man who can talk Kngiish, not toU,M |lt.,,��� curtailed chiefly for the rea-
say read and write it. Is decidedly In gon tlutt tbe fruit was held too long
a better position and can choose hls 1)( H���,|c.*,,ution of cannery demands,
own conditions. The Malt,-;-.- who .-an-   ,.,.,, d<,nd P|peMig finally made It too
liable   for   shipment   except   for
short distances.
education   completed.     For   the   mo- I contractors are  satisfied  with    these
ment they huve gone to   l'uris to "see conditions,    indeed, they  tire obliged
.the sights," but thev will very Bhortly   to abide by thetn. as by far the hirg-
a choice little fruit or poultry ranch lreturn for the Btart of the eilucatlonul lest portion of available unskilled labor
"'season. , lis foreign --Italians, Siciliiins, Creeks.
The oldest Is sixteen, the second tif- Scandinavians and others, who cannot
teen and the youngest bauot a year | speak English. Wages vary from Ss
younger. All speak English, but only ' a day for unskilled labor to 168 or 80a
a little; tbey have learned it In l'e-j for skilled artisans. The wages earn-
king from a tutor. Obviously they are able nt the outset by a Maltese can be
too old for a preparatory sohool, and 'reckoned at Ks to 12s a dav
on the other band  they could  hardly | Won't Advance Funds.
"From the correspondence with Dr.
New Westminster market.   For sale
of six acres with good well nnd
stream, lt lies on a gentle slope
close to station. Excellent soil.
Price $125 an acre. No agents.
Apply W. Randall. 1915 Duchess
street, Victoria, U.C. (2056)
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride I be sent  to one of the larger  institu
boys since their knowledge
to sell casualty insurance. Salary
aud commission. References reoulred. Apply at 1303 Eighth avenue
between 7 and 8 p.m. 12029)
acres of improved land in the Ladner district. Apply to Orr & Ebbage,
Limited, 508 Dunsmuir Btreet, Vancouver, B.C. (2033)
ture in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Wlll give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commlssiOB
chsrged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, Klug'B hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
Columbia street, with basement.;
gas and electric light, furnace. Between Sixth and McKenzie streets.
Will leaae.   Box 2058 News.   (20681
flat, partially furnished; separate
entrance; pantry and bath room and
woodshed; $12; on Thirteenth
street. Just off Eighth avenue. Ap
ply 1321 Eighth avenue, or phone
L646. (2065)
Apply 420 St. George street.   (2046)
tage; convenient; close in; not for
sale. Apply to owner, T. Stoddart.
309  Liverpool  street, city.      (20451
ter months, a nicely furnished two
storey house, nice grounds, etc., at
Crescent. Apply Box 2028, The
Westminster News. (20281
rooms furnished, $30 per month;
and a 10 roomed bouse $25 per
month. Also a general store with
post office, fixtures only to be
taken; immediate possession given.
Apply A. G. Marshall, South Westminster. 11999)
on B. C. Electric from  New  West-'tlons for
minster; soil excellent,   bottom   or
upland as desired;    tram   frontage
$150 an acre and  remainder    just
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms qunrter cash, two years for
balance.   This is tt sacrifice; estate j lege
to be    cleaned    up at once.    Solel      Cricket and  Football  Popular.
agents, Curtis lz Dorgan, New West-1
minster.   Phone 466.   No tradeB.
(2040) ;
Mftttei and from Other sources. inn-
of the league which ls the medium of I terlala have been obtained for full
instruction is naturally insufficient. In considers!ion of the question of a
all probability their education will be scheme of government-aided emigre-
carried out under the supervision of tlon, wblcb was discussed as a possl-
the  headmaster of  Cheltenham    col-|hlllty for emigrants to California    by
the  recent   Malta  royal   commission;
and   it  has  been  decided   not  to  ask
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephone
1005. (2026)
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, Oeorge Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
FOR SALE���gl.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week,   Canada's
As In the case of nearly all young j council  for fund:
Chinese  who  come  to  this   country,!,io" by advances
great attention will probably be paid \ Ingthe  last  few
to   sports,   since   there   Is   a   notable\*�� Canada has tn
movement    In    China,    particularly I tlflclal stimulus
among the educated, ln favor of open
air  pastimes.    Indeed  tbere  is  not a
game���with but one or two exceptions  intervention    in     advancing
���to which the modern Chinese youth money  would  not  have  dried
to promote enilgra-
to emigrants.   Dur-
months, the exodus
en so great  that arias not been  needed
to supplement  private  endeavor, and
Indeed  it is a question whether state
is not taking. Football Is verv popu-1 springs of private subvention to eml-
lar and so is cricket, while the best grants. If state encouragement is In-
plaver of lawn tennis at anv treaty voked, lt should be to Buplpement, and
port Is the Chinaman, "   not  supplant private endeavor.    After
Some of them are quite good racquet I"", emigration is only an aggrega-
plavers and there is the perfectly an-j Hon of personal movements for pri-
thentlc storv of the marker at A'mov.l vate business purposes In business
who was asked to make a game with 1 affairs the function of the government
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar
an officer on a visit to the port, and
Pride 'MalleableI""0'1',' h|�� *���\* ""'���prise easily dis-
1 nosed both of him and all of his col-
ket square.
(1983) 1
grocery and variety store located In
an ideal country Bpot, close to
Fraser rher. Will bear close investigation. Inquire C. Constan-
tlneau, 524 Westminster Trust building. (2036)
era, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
large, nicely furnished room or
two; separate beds; private family,
modern house; close in; excellent
board.   I'hone 1379 R. 11847)
side car, lady's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys with owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, hunting eaae,
bearing raised monogram M. C. G.
Finder please return to this office.
Reward. (2066)
leagues. Some play golf excellently,
ns do many Orientals ��� the ability of
the Cingalese professional attached to
the golf links at Colombo will be
known to most people who have played or them.
Nowadays, too, the Chinese athlete
Is quite ready to pit himself against
the European; they Have competed In
teams at Manila and elsewhere, and it
Is quite likely they will be In evidence
at the next Olympic gameB at Berlin.
Good Billiard Players.
Doubtless the love of sport Is stimulated by the residence of bo many
Chlneae in this country. The son of
the present Chinese minister, who ls
being educated at Bexbill, Is at the top
of liis class in cricket, and 110 one approaches him while he Ib almost as
good in other sports. His father, the
minister, is a first-class tennis player, and so are IiIb two young daughters, but they all Bhlne In recreations.
All of the family are good billiard
players���even the youngest daughter
of fifteen can successfully measure
herself against many expert westerners���while at bridge the minister has
absolutely nothing to learn.
On the whole, though, in this country, among the younger Chinese cricket ls the favorite pastime and t.hey
take their ability home with them
when the.v return.
Is mainly to remove obstacles, and
the greatest of the obstacles Is often
Its  own   unnecessary   interference"
Maltese immigration Is not receiving much encouragement from the
Canadian government.
undersigned uud endorsed "Tender ror
AiiiliiHm to Publlc Building, Victoria,
it 1'.. win Iw ncelved at 1 li Irt office until
4:iin p.m., on Wednesday, September, -I.
LSU, tot ib. conatnjctlon ui an additional
ai,i. storey <>n u portion nt the Publlc itulM-
InS,  Victoria,  B.O
Plans, specifications .,n.l form .if contract can be seen und forma <>r tender obtained ..1 Hi.- office "i Mr Wiii Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C., and
at this Departmi nt
Persona tendering are nuilfli-d tlmt t
.t"i*s wlll 11 ,' li- oonaldered unl.-s.s ra
..ii thi primed forma supplied, and signed
with tie 11* actual signatures, stating thetr
occupations and placea of residence. In
the case "f firms, tbe actual signatures,
the nutiir.- of He- occupation, and placea
,i* resident f each member of ile* firm
must t'<* given.
af       FIT*      %
"Blue Worsted preferred". That's the
best buy on the fall
style market.
We have elegant
Kngiish Blue
Worsted Suits at
$22.50, $25 and up.
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
.XI If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
May   Be   Wore*   Than   That,
Professor la Skeptical  Regarding   Sailor's   Story.
Bach tender must e.- accompanied by an
accepted chequf on :i .'-. >i i*--.*U bank. j'n-.--
table to Oi'- letli-r of i'u Honourable, tin-
Minister ..f Public Worka, equal 10 ten
n<-r .--ut 110 i-.r 1 of tii" amount uf th��-
cn.l-r. whirl, wlll be forfeited if the per-
aon t'-ii'lTlns decline to enter Into a contract when called upon 10 -1" -a... or full to
r imolMe ite- work contraoteal for lf H"*
t,.ml>-r he not accepted tho cheque wlll li"
1    -p..   11. r.nrtni"iit does not I'hul Ms.-lf to
accept tti" lo" "ft  n-** anv  tender
llv Order.
Department nf Public Works,
uu i" 1. August  :.'. 1913.
But '     N**wapaner�� wtll not t,.. paalil fnr thin 111-
lB>ul���-- ic-nt   I'   lii--���   lnRea-1   It   wiO'iuit  authority from ihe Department.��� 44S2*��
( ISfill
Notice la hereby given    that an ap-
plication   will  be  made   to  tlle   Hoard'
of License Commissioners for the t'ity
tish Canadian cannery wharf, scow
loaded with engine, boiler and sawmill machinery. Information wire
of its whereabouts will be rewarded. Vancouver Junk Co.. Dun-
levy and Railway streets, Vancouver. (2019)
keeping rooms, $16 and US p��r
month at liL'4 Seventh street. (19S6i
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-
enev, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver,  B.C. (1988)
Caretaker wanted for new Until School.
Along with other qualification, nppllcanli
muat possess III 1 laaa B.C. Engineer a certificate   Balary S: 0 pet month.   Appl
eati-mn* must   be  sent   to  thl   offlCH  ol   the
Board of Bel 1 Truateca nut later than
Thursday, Uth Insi
Rl il'.KKT 11   Oft W.
Becretarv to the Board of Bchool Trustees,
New Westminster, P. C. (2064)
Th,. Board of School Trustees, New
-Westminster, require the services of n
teacher for night school to bn commenced
towarda the end of next month. Applications wlll be received up to Thuraday, 18th
Becretary to Board of Bclfoel Tmsteea.
12 fi k :: 1
A   HOME   BAHGAIN���5     ru
bungalow,   close  to   Six tii
rash.   balance   $2.r.   a   niuMth
���I;   $lu0
Government of Malta    Spends    Much
Money in Investigating Conditions Here.
Exclusive property and ko'-iI contract tu
light   party.
11.ibv  In trail"  for  house.
PP.-WillA    FARM   WANTE1
Deer,  Alia.,  to trade  for
oughly modern bout*".
WE  HAVK  SHi,i.tiu  for  good agreet
modern I.
sell: ��200
and close
1 ri.
Phone  312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
B.C. Coast Service
What people see of the
1 nature is usualy composite of other:
j animals known to them. This cre-i
I ture has a head rather like a horse, a
I neck like a giraffe's and two flappers
; seemingly swung onto a mammalian
j pectoral girdle."
���J"*-��� r.n.-aanm.tM nt Uaii.    SninS.    Mo^h      Second Officer Uatchelor agrees that
the creature is not a sea serpent, but
a _ea mammal,
"I am finite sure it waa one," I ,  remarked when seen this tnornir;   The
! skin was more of the texture of a Beal,
| having a coating of short hair."
Ottawa,  Si pt.   12.���The government I Zoologically   Speaking.
of   Malta   recently   expend. ,1   a   large I     Mr���  ""ch-lor r- -sk��tohed the ere*
* ture  tbis  in 'mint: as  he  had  Keen  il
sum of money Investigating the possl- wllen  aiving, and  his description  Ib
billties for Maltese emigrants to flrlt-: identletl     wiah     lho       Sauropti-rygla.
ish Columbia.   Dr. Mattel, the medical which is described In zoological refer-
olHeer of health, was entrusted with ence hooks as follows: "Amphibious or
om thor-1 the exploration of this  province, and aquatic reptiles.   The head is compar-
generaly acted as a missionary of Mal- atlvely   .-tnull  and   the   neck   usually
tese emigration.    As a  result  of bis elongated,  though  not  flexible    The
Investigations  a  scheme  for govern- tall   is   Insignificant,  generally  short.
������������-���-��������� Iment-alded   emigration   was  dropped, and   both   jnlrs  of  paddles  seem   to
om thoroughly     The following extracts from a speech have been concerned  In  progression
.^y1'1 'J2JJS. orIdelivered  by  the lieutenant-governor The truly .*ii|iiatle Sauropterygians of
i"f Malta, when the appropriation for the Jurasslv and Cretaceous   periods
r.-ai-n -ranch' "r   Mattel's  expenses  came    up    In possess  mosl  effective  piddles    with
v.r.iai".          .eotineii. throw an Interesting light on elongated digits, and aa the genera are
the  labor  situation  In   the  Canadian traced upwards In the geological tor-
west as regardeil  by  would-be colon-1 matlons,  it   Is possible o observe how
iBts: the  arches supporting! he  limbs be-
Wai* until Spring. comi   more rigid until the maximum
"Iir   Mattel   reported   favorably on ol   strength  is  reached.    Tliey  were
ithe prospects for Maltese  In  British cosmopolitan In distribution,   bul he-
Columbia; and I propose now to com- came cxtinel before th" dawn of the
munlcate to the committee the facts Tertlarj  nerlodr."
which  he elicited, but  I   must Bl  thp ' Near Titanic  Wreck,
same time  warn  the committee thnt      Profe* or Lloyd, who has the chair
|the conditions of the labor market In of   Botany,  has  also  done  extensive
That the Montreal Star has a sea
serpent bug in ItB editorial bonnpt is
easily seen from the following:
Regarding the sea monster seen off of New Westminster at their sitting,
the Hanks of Newfoundland bv See- to be held on the 10th day of Decern-
ond Mate Batchelor, of the Corinthian, ber, 1918, or ut any meeting prior
Professor P. K. Lloyd, of MoOlll uni- thereto tbat the application ean be
versity  is quite sceptical. ! heard, for a transfer of the license to I
"In'the  lirst   place,"  he  Bald. "it  Is .sell liquor by  retail  issued in respect {
not  a  serpent, but  from  the drawing:of  the  Merchants   Hotel.  In  the  City
made by  Uatchelor, and from hiB de-  of  New  WeBtmlnster,   B.C.,  from   the
Bcrlptlon, looks more on the order of: holders. Paul Boot and J. A. Malm, to
a mammal.   There is a basis for sea I the said J. A. Malm,
serpent stories Just the same, partie- '    Dated this
ularly In some parts of the Kast Indies ; 191���.
where salt water Bnakes are found on j
the tidal flats.    The best explanation j
of monsters similar to the picture In   (1978)
the Star is. to my mind, the psycho-	
logical  one.
il .th day of August, A D.
J   A.  MALM.
License Holders.
The !i. c. Department of Agriculture,
Live stock  Branch,  wlll sell al
Public Auction on
September 18th
at 1 p.m. at the
New Westminster
6" li��.-"! of choice tirade Hairy Cattle;
the majority of these are young cows
and a la ge numlier will freshen tl
fall    Tht Be cattle hav.. been can n llj
selected and all are tuberculin tested
W.   T.
(2i   'i Llv
��� Stock I'oiiii'i
From Those   w/no Advertise
They want your trade. That's thc reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
; our needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   !< helps us.
Tenders ore invited up m and I
Sppt.    'Jlth    for   Kap-   .jl    ui-( ry    PuHlua-BH
consisting of stork, furniture, hulldlng and
i ropi-rtv situated In South Westminster
e-.il  lately operated  by  Simon  Svendsen.
' rr V    KBLLY-DOUOLAR C,   LTD.,
i_m_) New Westminster.
Notice ls hereby given that an ap-
��� ''cation will be made to tbe Board of
' 'cense Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at thti' sitting, to
' -a held on the loth day of December,
.H13, or at any meeting prior thereto
���hnt the applicntlon can be heard, for
.-��� transfer of the license to sell liquor
t��v retail Issued   In    respect   of   the
'���"���cldental   hotel  premises, Columbia
f rePt.  New Westminster, B.C..  from
���"te holder, Michael flov.T". to Justus
j-.i-anson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
nated tbls 26th day of August, A.D.
iI97fl) License Hold r.
I.fEures Vancouver for Victoria lt a. ro
' p. m. nnd 11 :45.
I*ave�� Vancouver for Sasattle lt a. m
and 11 p. in.
I^ava-H Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 a.m
nnd -S :30 p rn.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. ro. Wednefl
days   and   Haturdaya   at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
I/eaves  Chllllwack    7   a.  m.   Tueeda.
Thursday end Saturday.
i.'-uv.-m   Weetmlnater  I   l   n,  Monday i
Wednesday and Friday.
ED   QOOLBT, Agent. Na.w Weetmlna'.er
ft W. BHODIB. O. P. A.. Vancouver.
'Canada have latterly lindergon
slderablo change, muklng It advisable
I that Intending emigrants  should  not
j now proceni there but at  least  wall
until next spring.    Dr. Mattel reported
that the climatic conditions in a country so vast at  British Columbia vary
physiological am! zoological work. He
jeans, however, to the psychic In his
comment upon the new dUcovery nnd
clapoed it with the Martian creations
of Wells, namely new forms with the
old bricks
Batchelor, who has sein ami travel-
considerably, but tbat in the south-led much, states that the whole creat-
ern parts of the province and In Van- "re Ib huilt on lines of high speed,
eouver Island the climate is suitable Hi- Is ahn of the opinion thai the
ror Maltese, there being few days wreck ni the Titanic, 100 miles from
frost and hardly any snowfall during the,position he saw the monster, may
Transfer Co. BO,LERS ���"*tc(i srcel Eiesg
Offlcs  Phon.   185.       n.rn  Phon,   117   "         " BURN   OIL
Begbl�� dtreet.
Haggage Delivered Promptly to
any pm of tbs city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.  O.  OOX  1*2
the coldest winter months. The experience of Maltese workmen who
have been there for about Iti months
Is   very   favorable   as   to   Ihis.     The
lii"  had  something  to  do  with  Ita I
"I think, tooi" be said. That the finite nrnturbnnce nn  the hend of th
Maltese who during the last two years  creature was probably for defenno and
What -with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
I.e dips' Tailoring Branch
aurely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Taller to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Weatmlnater Trust Block.
have been   going to the   Paelfie coast
of .North America, Including California
ami Blattlo, ha\e been successful,
hardly nny have returned and most
of them remit money to Malta. Their
Objection to sending for their wives
and families to the United Btates has
been on account of the uncertainty of
I securing work for long duration In the
same dlstriet. l.m Dr. Mattel thinks
that the stability and magnitude of lh
attack or f-T ripping thing
Penticton, Sept. 12.���Thousands   of
peaches, tons of luscious fruit, ripe
and delicious, lie rotting in Okanogan
orchards.    The   growers,   who  have
worked so hard to bring the fruit to
nterprlses ln British ColunJbla within *atur,ty' ""' shipping agencies and
easy reach are sueh as to offer guar-'1-1'" transportation compan v- are pnw
antees of permanency. erless to do anything to stop the ruin
Clerks Are' Drugs. Which  bus come to such a  largo per
"The man  who can do nothing be-  ��*nla*8   "f   lhlt!   year'8   record   frull
i sides clerking work is a drug on theWttli,
market, but men and women of good I 'n Penticton, where more peaahos
physique, with a know ledge of Kng- "re grown than ln any other portion
:llsh, typewriting, shorthand or tele-J��f the Okanagan country, and when-,
jgniphy, and   also   wining   to   make favored by its southern situation at
I themselves  generally  useful  by com-jthe extremity of the  lake,  the early
I biding light manual labor with clerk-'or late variety of peaches mature Just
N'ew Imported full Suiting,, now on
display.    Bee  them.    Perfect  Ilt and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices rrom
$18.11(1 up.    701  Front Street.
We huve one large room above The News office
in the Ilardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News. ���'���������mmmmmmsaasW
SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   13,   1913.
ma.au MVIN
Chief Justice  Holds Provincial  Legislature Had No Power to Exemnt
Any   Part  of  B.  C.
Viotorla, Sept. 1_. Sunday oh.ier-
ranee laws are applicable to Vancouver island. Chief Justice Hunter, after hearing argument, gave Judgment
to that effect.     While admitting that
the  provincial  legislature In  HSS exempted tne Island from the enforce- i
ment of tjie provisions of the Kngllsli
act,   and   conceding   that   Ibu   Lord's
Day act waa not designed to Interfere
with existing provincial statutes, his;
lordship i|uestion,-ii the authority of
lie-   local   legislature  to  take  any   ac
tion and declared that the island is
cn tin- same footing as other sections
ol liritish Columbia with reference to
tl bservance of the Sabbath.
'lhe matter came up frcm the city's
appeal from Magistrate Jay's illsmls
sill en llle charge against Dudley l���i|.
t*. if s'>iling to Detective McDonald
two cigars on a Sunday.
in suiting bis eaae, Mr Harrison
���.bowed that Sir Jiiiiick Douglas b *
proclamation deolared tin* Kngiish
Sunday law in effect in this province,
With regard to tlie l/ird's Dav act, In
ll tbe provision was made that any
Individual guilty of an offence of Its '
prohibit lens, as well BS guilty of .
lee.,eh of tin- provincial law. could be
proceeded against under the latter
ii.- claimed nut even if the Lord's
Hay act could nt t be enforced in Br't.
i'li Columbia, the provincial law st'll
".is applicable and prosecutions could
li. laid under it.
That Ancient  Cectlon
ri'.sittg his remarks, conns, i quoted th,. section of tin- ciinries II  stat
Ute which he argued was brought inti
��� *f:'..rt   here   and   Still   was   applicable
I- follows
"Kir the better observation and the
keeping holy of th" LLord's Day,
commonly called Bunday: Ba it enacted and In force concerning the ob-
s rvatlon of tin- Lord's Day. and re-
pairing to the church thereon, be carefully put In execution; and that all
and every person and persons what
soever shall en every  lord's Day. ap-
pi) themselves thereon to the obser-
ntlon ot tbe same, by exercising
ffiom selves thereon In the duties of
piety atld true religion, publicly and
privately, and that no tradesman, ar
tlficer, workman or otber laborer, or
< th"r person   whatsoever,  shall  do or
exercise any  worldly labi r. business
or work of tln-lr ordinary callings up
on the Lord's Day, or any part there,
fur iworks of necessity and charity
only excepted); and that every pi r
r' :. being of the age ni fourteen years
or upwarde off.'tiding in tbe promises
shall for every sucii offi nee forfnit
tin. sum ef five shillings; and that
no peraon or persons whatsoever shall
publicly cry, show forth, or expose
for sail- any wares, merchandises,
fruit, herbs, goods or chattels whatsoever upon tlle l-ord'B Day. or any
part thereof upon pain that every per
son so offending shall forfeit the
same gor-ds bi, cried or showed fjrth
or exposed  Ui  sale."
Mr. Higgins stated that Qovernor
Douglas' proclamation brought Into
force in llrttisli Columbia lh- Eng-
lish liws as existing on November in
Ik"s. in the yivir 1863 le IM',:, Hie'
Colonies were mad" on", and in 1877
Vancouver iBland ua wull ��s the ina n
land were Included In the scope Of
Its regulations Until 1888 it applied
bm then the legislature exempted tbe
Her., the court observed that the
point counsel had 10 meet was th"
powvr cf the legislature t'i take sucii
The parliament of Canada. Mr. H't
gins  replied   hav1"-: ab��"lnte  plurls I
d'ctlf".   ��ald   In   the   lord's   Dav   net
that  It  should not  supersede any pro-
vlnolal  legislation,
It -as tha. opinion of the ehlef !���"���
ttc�� thai the net was �� eomnlnte code
ressrrt*"!-; a testier whieh th.- n*'--.-
���council h��rf rt"clarcd to he w'tMn t'-"
b-U lerlsdletlnn of tl"�� Oom'nlo-' I"
1R87 th" civil ned crlp-'tsl nn,\o ft
Knrlsnri clot'"- rn Vov-mber 1��
*tg((D| |, , 1 la. ,--. hroite1" l-'l f-r"" -n '
had   r��*ma1nod   ��o    -ui''-   1     ' ������nrfi��-"d
..:,!,      V..      r...-.,-...���..���,! I -���.'    '\||""' tl
1SSS "���" 'ojfjuiaa'vif* had   "i n-'hor1*"
tr. i"l -rn ��� th O' - -dlfv the old
nei ���*���>��� i'tl nml hoi'* the 'sln-il snd
nia''-' :nd ��� ere -iiv ��od hv the Sundav
111"'    111    '    rCP    'Tie--   f*   OCl'itotlrenllni,
The -as" in '������'oBtlon, In which Mr
t..,i>... u ���-.,. ������ .'.."duit "*-s referred
back to the police magistrate.
Another Big Enterprise for New Westminster
j. i,*,
that will oenerit the producer, tne consumer, tne merchant
The Vancouver Milling & Grain Company, Ltd., has just opened a large branch in New Westminster. For a beginning it will have about
10,000 sq. ft. of floor space. Application for permanent water frontage in connection with the harbor scheme has already been made, and from
present indications it seems likely that permanent elevators will later be erected. This announcement means more than quicker deliveries for
farmers, dairymen, grocers and others of the New Westminster district���it means a distinctly personal service backed by a free information bureau on matters relating to feed, grain, poultry foods, cattle foods and supplies of every description. The main office is in the Kelly Douglas Co.
building and is now ready to receive all inquiries and orders.
(85 Varieties)
A full stock of these famous products is on hand always���flour, cereals, hay, grain, feeds, poultry supplies, meal, salt, straw, etc., etc.-
all 85 distinct varieties.   Your orders will have immediate attention; your questions will be answered by experts.  Write us.
For Farmers and Dairymen
Peed your hops with "Bxcelall" chops and
v.atch them thrive Give Hoyal Standard
.Milk Peed t" your cows���it contains ii high
percentage of food value. Our Dairy Chop
makes sleek cattle Iloyal Standard
Com Chop in In a class by itself. Knrlch the cow's milk with
our Oll Cake Meal or Soy Bean Meal.
Koyal Standard Alfalfa Meal is the best
Breen feed for horses and cattle Iit winter-
try it. Our Rice Meal Is an ideal hog and
thicken feed. Coarse or Rock Salt, drain
of every description. Hay and Straw, ready
for Immediate shipment. Send us your order.:.
For Chicken Raisers
Disease never lurks where Koyal Standard Poultry Supplies are used.   Our preparations   make   plump,   healthy   birds,     mm-
mending a big price.    Use our Chick Food
and Chick Chop for wee chicks. Our Scratch
Food for big chickens is a well proportioned
grain mixture prepared by an expert of ten
years experience���try it.   Sun Flower Seeds,
Millet, Hemp. Grit, Ground Bone, Charcoal.
Oyster and Clam Shells, etc.. etc. in stock.
Write us sbout  your chicken perplexities���
we can help you.
For the Grocer
Uoyal Standard Products, made in B. C,
draw trade, retain custom and keep moving.
We want you to share in the profits of our
advertising���we w-Ul send you many customers. Royal Standard Flour Is a household word; our Pastry Flour (Wild Rose)
has the largest sale of any pastry flour in
the Province. Royal Standard Whole Wheat,
Graham and Rye Flours are great sellers
and the demand is increasing. Whole Wheat
Meal, Cracked Wheat, Oatmeal, Barley, Corn
Meal, etc., etc., bearing our trade mark are
in constant demand, ls your stock complete?
For the Housewife
You. madam, should use Royal Standard
products, not only because they are the only-
products of their kind manufactured in B.
C but also because the great care exercised
in their making protects you against dissatisfaction.   Nothing leaves our mill without it ls flrst analyzed and tested. Why, we
even bake bread with our flour before we
are satisfied it is up to standard, and we
are equally careful  with    everything    we
make.    Vour local grocer stocks flour and
cereals made by the Koyal Standard people
���ask him.
Royal Standard Products keep live stock well���raise healthy chickens-keep the grocer busy and
the housewife happy. Write for prices today. Ask any ^ questions you like about your live
stock-experts will answer them.   Address all communications to this office
JAMES W. HALDEN, Local Manager
Infantile  Paralysis Laid at the Door
of Insects Bred In  Stables
How the deadly Infantile paralysis
Is spread about Is the subject for a
scientific artlclo In the Literary Dl-
ga'st. The common stable fly Is denounced as the carrier of the fatal
perms, and a recent Investigation held
nt Harvard university has established
the lihime on thla fly beyond a doubt.
With so manv Isolated cases thc
subject if centag'en was soon abandoned as n possibility by tho Invos-
tlg-itors, who turned with some con-
jfldence to tho theory of an Inseot
Starting from a complete list to the
biting, bloodsucking, and household
Insects which hy their habits seemed
suited to carry Infection, their first
step was la eliminate ell those which
did not satisfy these conditions. Such
insects as fleas and bedbugs were ruled out because many cases of Infan-
t'le parnlvsls occurred In households
whero these Insects are unknown, and
the sci'tering occurrence of the dls;
ease did not agree with the non-travelling habits of these Insects. Others
that cause painful bltea were ruled
out  beoausB *Mstor4*s of suoh bltea
���were not obtained In the majority cf
cases.    By such reasoning it was possible  tentatively  to eliminate all In-
sect! -except cne, the common stable'
j fly.    This   Insect  seemed  to  sat isfy i
1 all the conditions made by the distri I
button of the cases, so that a strong
[probability  *����� established  that the
atablo fly Is the means by which In-
fantlle paralysis Is carried from one I
person to another.
Insects Ars Blamed
Thc next step was to see by experiment whether the disease could
be transmitted by this Insect under
conditions which could be absolutely
controlled. The results have shown
that it can.
Although the files are found near
human habitations, they do not enter
houses ao commonly as does the or-
dlnary house fly, but rather r-maln
In open and sunny places, except
when attracted elsewhere to feed.
Their normal food consists of the
blood of mamals, and during Its lifetime each fly feeds evory two or throe
days, perhaps oftener, upon aome
warm blooded animal. The habit of
this Insect in staying out of doors In
���*��onrl wenther hw> (liven rise to the
popular tradition that house files b'te
before a rain, which Is based upon the
fact that at such times tlle stable
flv l�� more apt to come Iftdoora. It
bites moro commonly, however, out
of doors and In bright sunny weather.
It haa been known to bite somotlmes
at night near an electric light.
The stable fly appears earlv In the
soring and becomes much more shun-
dant after midsummer, ind persists in
considerable numbers Iste" Into the
fall, after the house fly has begun
rapidly to disappear.
Money    Stringency    Promisee    Hard
Things for Big City and Smaller
Montreal, Sept. li!.���Higher prices
for coal, and generally high prices for
every other necessity are staring some
thousands of people of Montreal ln the
faco with'dreadful meaning.
The stringency of the money market has prevented some of the municipalities on the Island of Montreal
from carrying Into execution some of
the larger projects contemplated and
this means hard times for many. The
town of 1-aehlne announced a short
time ago that they would be unable to
go ahead with needed Improvements,
owing to the lack of money. A rift In
the money scarcity cloud will enable
I/tichlne to carry out Its absolutely
needed works, but thero wlll be no
money for luxuries ln tho way of public Improvements.
The situation as regards the town
of Outremont, as explained by the secretary Is in much the same position.
The town decided some time ago to
hold over Its big program for another
year. In tho meantime many projects
are being abandoned, although there
Is no stop to the work which the council feels should bo done at once.
The town Is still continuing the work
of putting ln underground conduits,
and expect to hBvo the work, estimated at 1100,000, completed by the end
nf October. About that town, too, the
Outremont payroll wlll be very slim,
for gradually the ganga of men are
being dismissed aa works are com
pleted, r.nd new works beld over. At
present the pay roll of Outremont for
labor ;.uns around WOO ench week,
and miians the einploymotnl of from
20(1 to 160 m"ti on the streets. These
men will be thrown oul of work before
the beginning of winter.
The city if Montreal has about 10,-
000 men In Its employ, according to A.
Chevalier, head of the municipal as-
Istance office. Mr. Chevalier anticipates there will be a very hard winter
In store for many of these men.
"We expect to have a lot of hard
cases here," he said, "and a considerable number of deportations on our
hands. Tho men working on our
streets and others will get out of work
earlier this season than formerly, and
this mesns that their savings or the
summer will disappear ln much quicker time than when they are working.
When these men are unemployed they
hnve to occupy their time in some
n'snner and this usually means much
drinking and other pleasures for a
month, and then they get down and
out. Early In December we will begin
tn get many appeals for help, for by
that time the money will be gone.
"In tho case of the majority of the
men employed on the city's roads, it
wlll simply mean that they will leave
Montreal for their homes In Italy a
month sooner and will not experience
any considerable hardship, lt Is the
general custom with the ltallanr who
form the majority of the gangs employe* by the city to return to Italy
for the winter months, spending In
ease and comfort the money they have
saved In Canada during the warm
"A month or even two months out of
work tor these men does not represent anything like the consequences
It means In the case of men settled
ln Montreal altogether. The Utter
class wlll be put to great hardship
through the cessation of publlc works
on Ute Island of Montreal."
Calgary's Proposed Women Detectives
and Opinions of Men on the
Calgary, Sept. 12.���There Is a diversity of opinion among the members
of the Calgary pollce and detective departments as to the advisability of the
city employing two women policemen
as recommended by the Women's
Press club of Calgary.
Sergeant Richardson, head of the
detective forse, said he did not care
to express an opinion as the women
officers would be uniformed and would
therefore not be under his jurisdiction.
Acting Chlet Nutt hesitated to give
hia views, apparently being afraid to
express an opinion.
"The worst of It.' 'be aald, "Is that
I do not know wbether they are going to Join or not. It I were certain
one way or the other I would not hesitate to express an opinion. As It Is
I would rather be reported as saying
nothing at all, which gives you very
little to quote me on."
Some of the uniformed men thought
It would be a good Idea, while others
were of the opinion that life would be
unbearable should the ambitious blue
skirts succeed tn obtaining promotion
to the rank ot sergeant
"I am a married man," said one patrolman In a confidential tone, "and
would certainly rather have a nu tox
a boss than a woman. With a woman
for a sergeant 4 poor man would have
no show at all,   It yo�� got ��� speck ot
mud on your boots or forgot to post
some official letter, you would either
lose your job or things- would be made
bo hot for you that you'd be glad to
quit." '-T
Detectives W. Turner, Dave Mlhie
and Charles Cox, the only unmarried
men on the detective staff, expressed
themselves as heartily in favor of the
"Finest thing ln the world," said
Detective Milne, who wanted to know
if any applicants had applied and
anxiously Inquired regarding the age
and appearance of prospective lady
coppers. He seemed very much disappointed when told that their addition to the force had not even been
decided upon yet.
Spokane, Sept. 12��� While the state
board of tax commissioners bave made
an aggressive tight to secure the estate ot John Needham. an Inland Empire pioneer who died ln Spokane In
1910, leaving an estate near Rock lake
valued at $15,000, Judge E. H. Sullivan
yesterday decided that the estate
Fhould go to near relatives ln Bngland.
Judge Sulivan held that the relatives had made a satisfactory show
Ing In the court and that their relationship entitles them to the property. In his decision Ite stipulated, how.
ever, that there might be additional
hears snd allowed 00 days In which
they may press their claims.
The heirs -are Elizabeth Lotenbv
sister, of Parkgate, England; Catherine Dobbs and Caroline fiirw-vit,
half alsters, residing at Halt. IM*.
land: May Carter, Herbert (.tenet
Wends, Ada M. Dale, Clara H��rvJ7and
Margaret Meads, nieces and nephews
nt Needham, residing jt Hult, -Kngland. **,'*- <-'������
Application From Hotel at the  Fort
Raises Petitions and Heated
At the regular meeting of the board
of licensing commissioners of the municipality ot Langley, held in the municipal hall at Murrayville, a strong
discussion was held concerning tha
granting ot liquor licenses tor the hotel at Langley Fort.
The board received an application
trom Oeorge F. Crockett tor a license
to sell liquors at an hotel being built
at Fort Langley. The application waa
accompanied by a petition jrflch waa
signed by 781 residents. Another petition was received which was signed
by 300 residents against granting the
license. This latter petition was represented by Rev. C. McDIarmld aad
1 Rev. W. Wilson. By snother petition.
It of the petitioners for the licensing
requested that their names be taken
off the llat because they had (hanged
thetr m'-'ds.
Aft" the petition had baaa carrfnl-
'v tu over It was neceaaary to tak*
*n "6 names trom th* list _,.
Mr. McDIarmld put up a stronr ffftt
against granting the license and ertn
threatened to appeal. _   '*
Th* petition waa granted ft*
license to take effect on 1st Nftv"r<f��i��
providing the betiding la- *���*****��� _a tas
lh* satisfaction ot th* beard.
1 *m*W*haaatat*aas*   ���
BATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   13,   1913.
Supply Co.
P. 0. Bon 2 Phones 1 and 67
641 Columbia St.
reaches,  -4   lbe	
Plums, 4 lbs	
Kancy Pears, 3 lbs. ...
AppleB, cooking, 7 lbs.
*;.- ,�������
... .25c.
Watermelons, the last of the
season, to clear, Jb. 3!/2c.
Tomatoes, fancy, 3 lbs 25c.
Green and Red Peppers, lb.. .20c.
Grapes, 2 lbs  25c.
Butter, Cloverdale, fresh and
sweet, special 3 lbs $1.00
Annandale Creamery, 2 lbs.76e.
Fresh local eggs, dozen ... .45e.
Selected eggs, dozen   36c.
Tomatoes, 2 lb. tin, each ...10c.
Pineapple, 1.2 lb. tin, 2 for. .25c.
Vinegar, quart bottles, English Malt  Vinegar   15c.
Fancy Mixed Cakes, reg. 2 lbs
for 36c, at 2 lbs for  25c.
Supply Co.
All  notices of  meetings, entertain- change  will   undoubtedly be  apprec���
ments, sales of work,   etc.,   In   this ated hy local people as Sunday Ib gen-
column  are  charged  for at the  rate orally regarded as a day when manv
of  10 cents per line.    Please do not people.seek tbe time to catch up with
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
New Clerk.
G.  T.  Stewart has been appointed
municipal clerk of Fraser Mills municipality,   vice   Reeve   Barth,  who  has
Try the B. C. Manufacturing company for fruit boxes If in a hurry.
Phone 304. 11993)
Chain Gang at Park.
The gang from the provincial Jail,
under the supervision of two wardens
are busy these dayB helping Park
Ranger Robinson to knock the exhibition grounds into shape.
their, correspondence. Thus six more
hours will be allowed iu wblch Willi
can be deposited foi collection. Postmaster McDonald on receipt of tbe order from Vancouver Immediately put
the new regulation Into effect.
New   Offerings   Include   Plums   and
Prunes���Butter and  Eggs Sell
at Steady Prices.
The Empke Went Up.
Tlie lire department was culled out
to un alarm sent 11 from Front street
aboul 7 o'clock last evening. A clti-;
zen had become scared at Btnoke Issuing from the smoke house of Butterfleld and Mackie. No lire was found
when the trucks arrived.
For all building Bupplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 820, wharf phone 880.
Gets His Diploma.
Master Henning Insley, who through
a mistake, failed to get bis rolls cf
honor at the school closing, has been
duly presented with the certificate
which he has earned.
Take the round trip on the Transfer
this afternoon, leaving B.-K. wharf at
2 o'clock.    Fare $1. (2062)
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
improved city and farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred Vi. MeLeod. (1989)
Spend It Here.
Fifty thousand dollars will be distributed to the employees of the Canadian Western Lumber company at
Fraser Mills today. A large portion 0!
this sum is expected to be spent with
local merchants who have made preparation for the event.
Clara���Where are you going. Maud?
Why down to Russell's Westmlnste-
Auction House where you can buy I yesterday
new and second hand furniture at
lower prices than anywhere in town.
Come with me and be convinced.
There was a large attendance at the
market yesterday and a bUB.v day heralded the approach of the fall markets
Plums and prunes made their first
appearance ln large quantities and sold
at 75 cents a crate.
There was very little change In thc
prices.    Kggs and butter were steady.
Plums, per crate  75c.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Prunes, per crate    75c. 1
,    ,       . i Apples, per box  $1.25 to $1.50 i
The        BurquiUam        Agricultural   Blackberries, per box    10c.
socl<ty, through Its directors,  held a Vegetables.
meeting last night in its hall on Aus   Potatoes   per bag    75c
tin road.    The principal business dis- ; |_eets. per bunch ...... ! 5c
cussed was the vexed quest lon of the 1 Onions,  per  lb 5c.
hall and  ofliceB  for the  council and ; carrots, per bunch ................51
clerk. I Cabbage, per lb 4c.
The directors resolved to offer the  Turnips, each 5c
hall at the rate of $2 a meeting and j Egpa and Butter.
one of tho ante rooms at $G u month   EggB. wholesale, dozen  40c
for  the   purposes    of  the     municipal .Eggs, retail, dozen   40c to 4,ic
clerk's office. ! Butter,   retail,   per   lb    45c.
Then came  the absorbing question j Butter, wholesale, per lb il.-,
of a deputation lo the special commit- 1 Fish, Retail.
tee    which    meets   at    Ma.liardvilie.  Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c
After  discission  of  the  appointment' White Spring Salmon, per lh 10c
of a committee a letter delivered    to I Flounders, per lb 10-
the special committee was thought to ! Sturgeon, per lb 15c
be  most consistent with  the  dignity j Halibut, per ib 10c
of the society. Smelts, per lb 10c
The offer means Burqultlam agricul- | Herring     3 lbs. 25c
tural  hall  at  $10  11    month    against 1 Sockeye. per lb 12Uc
Maillardville accommodation at  $15 a Retail Meats.
���Beef, best rib roasts, per lb. 20c to "2c
Beef, loin, per lb 2t>c to 'iio.
Beef, round steaks, per lb...20c to 25c
See Advt. on Page 3
McAllisters Ltd*
Successors to Lees Limited
Mrs. 11. J. 1'lews wishes to extend
her thanks to the 1. O, O. F., members
of the A. A. S. and K. R. B, of A., B.
C. E. R. officials, and many friends for
the flowers and for the kindness and
sympathy shown her ln ber recent bereavement. (2060)
443 Fifth street, to Mr. and Mr_.
I.. Edmonds, a daughter,
' and $10.00 per Month.
Size 45x113 to lane.   Near City car line, Beautiful
view. ,^A^
746 Columbia St.     .312-315 Westminster Trust Bid;;.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
It ls supposed to be really a formal
offer, expected to be tu.n��d down nnd
B great question at the January elections.
and Mist' ^^^^^^^^^^^^
1..R.A.M.,  A.RX'.M.
Lessons in  Pianoforte, Violin, Blng-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ing,  Voice    Production,    Theory     (in
Boiling beef, per lb 14c   class or privately I, Harmony. Counterpoint, Musical Form and  History.
PupiU prepared for the oxamina
tions of the Associated Hoard of the
Hoyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For  terms, etc.,  apply  f.l   Dufferin
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layer* of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
to lay aside money for
future investment or at
least provide against
poverty due to adversity or old age.
We invite you to open
an account with our savings department, which
allows 4 per cent, interest on all accounts of $1
and over.
You will have every
courtesy extended that
is consistent with sound
business methods.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. 8.-KEITH, Manager.
Nefa Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over 16,000.000.
TruBtse for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Columbian College
vmrt****-���**���*!**-*- - ��� ��������"*���' "���"���   ''   ************* ������'���������������-������-
Excellent Courses in Household Science.
Choral Society.
The New WeBtmlnster Choral and
Orchestral society will meet for reorganization and practice in the school
room of the Queen's Avenue Methodist church on Tuesday evening, Sept.
16 at 8 o'clock. New music has been
received from England and everything
is in readiness for a good start. New
members will be welcomed.
Veal, per lb loc to 17c
Pork, per lb 20c ti 2*e
OEMTUARY. | Mutton, per lb Sc to 20c
The  funeral    took    place ! Hens, small, per do* $6 to SS
morning  of   Edwin     l'arry I Hens, large, pw doz   18 to $10
from  Bowell's undertaking establish- ! Chickens, per do/. $5 tn $7 1
ment to the Church of Kngland cetne- j Broilers, per dozen   $4.00 to ���?"> 00
tery.   Rev. Mr. Kay officiated. i Hens. live, per lb    20c. to 22e.
  I Chickens, live, per lb  21e. to 22c.
MOSS���The death occurred In Van- Ducks, per dozen   $1.00 to $10.00
couver on Thursday evening of Chas.  DuckB, live, per lb   19c. to 21c. |
Moss, the Bix year old son ot Mr. and i	
Mrs. C. P. Mobb of that city, and the
Street,    i'hone 411 K.
grandson of Mrs. C. E. Lewis, of New
Westminster. The little boy was -.ell
known In this city, having been a favorite among the neighbors of Mrs.
Lewis, where he stayed for several
v-eeks this summer.
Why not get your boxes and crates
at the B. C Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Others are doing it.   Phone 204.
C. N.  R.  Plans. I
A snecial meeting of the city |
council ln committee looked over the
plans yesterday submitted by the C.
N. It. people to the city engineer and
harbor engineer. Nothing has transpired, officially, what the senate has
done. The appointment of a harbor
commissioner was also discussed,
nothing definite being announced.
HE worn
Better than buying agreements of
sale. Pay your taxes In the city before the evenino of the 15th inst. and
save 10 per cent.   City Treasurer.
Court House Plans.
Plans for the new addition to the
present court liouse are expected to
be in the hands of prospective tenderers by the end of next week.
Messrs. Gardner and Mereer. the
architects who were entrusted with
drawing up the plans for the land
registry office addition, later cancelled
have secured the work on the court
house addition, which is expected to
cost considerably over tso.ooo, the
amount set iiBide at the last session
of the provincial leglBb.ture.
Spokane, Sept. 12���Members of the
parent-teachers    association    at    the
first meeting of the year yesterday announced  their determination  to wage I
a   fight   for   the   establishment   of   a!
kindergarten ln the public srhools and !
declared that they would put a candi-
date for the school lioard In the field [
to   work   to  that  end.     Among   those!
who will be associated With the move- :
| ment  are  Mrs.   l.'.dn   M.   Ashenfelter, |
{who was chosen president of the asso-.
elation;  Mrs   A. ll. Verall. Mrs. W   .1.1
"r��-1 Gleason and Mrs. W. A. Shepherd, who
was elected secretary.
The project for establishing a kindergarten  has   been   urged   upon     the
1 scliool hoard at various times, but for
N'ew Westminster came nearly ob- | financial and other reasons It has not
Th*' present move-
aceordlng to Mrs,  Ashenfelter,
the executive of the R. A. & I. society |w111  h" based    upon an  educational
A.   E.   Vert   Withdrew   Offer   of
vincial Championships After Offering them to R. A. & I.
taipfpg t^p provincial amateur "track ! ���>"<��������� ���r*t_a_^!i_!1_!_!'.
championship, when at the meeting of j ���*���?}}���;
Night School
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at 7:39 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in Bookkeeping, Spelling,
Arithmetic, Penmanship,
Shorthand, Typewriting by
Phone 853.
I.. BOUCK,  Principal.
610 Columbia St.
last evening A. E. Vert, secretarv of I campaign which is shortly
ich of the B. C. A. A. U., I ?ver* B<*0'?' district in the
i shortly to begin In
  cltv Lectures v.ill be delivered and literature
distributed as part of the program,
and petitions will he circulated In esch
district asking the board to insta'I this
Insure with Alfred W, MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Educational Club.
At n meeting of the Women's Educational club which was held at tli"
home of Mrs. C, A Welsh on Thursday the work of the past year was
reviewed and a program for the com-
lng year drawn up. There wan a good
attendance which served as an encouragement tuiii several new members
were  ailileil   to  the   list.     Miss   Marie
Shaw gave an Instrumental selection
and  Mr.    Vf. T.  Reid a  reading, The
Club will Inei't on tiie afternoon of
the second Thursday of each month
in   the  afternoon   and   In   the  evening
on the fourth Thursday of each month.
At the evening meetings lectures will
be given Cards are, to he prlnt>-il
Which will give the meetings and the
speaker for each occasion through the
eiiinliig year.
the local branch ^^^^^^^^^^^
offered to stage them at Queen's park
during exhibition week, added a proviso, and then, when the executive
promised to take the matter into consideration and decide the matter on
Monday, emphatically withdrew the
Mr. Vert explained that tlie Dominion   track   championships    had    been
held  at.   Vancouver and  that the pro-  	
vincial championships had this year] $y ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN!
been awarded to Victoria, who owing ; CHURCH, coner Carnarvon' and
to the fact that they had held tbo j Blaok-wood streets. Services 11 am ,
swimming championships and had had. and 7:;il, ��� m . Kabl>ath school and
had not taken tlie;���;bu, daBa _..,��� pm Morning service taken by Kev. Mr. Iiougla,. Ira i
[migration agent. Vancouver. Evening
by    Hev.    lir.    Pidgeon, Westminster |
Hesidence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1221.
Churck Notices
Mus. Bac.
Cinfllnn,   Piano.  Theory.
For Terms and  Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R. (1977)
other  attractions'
matter   up
He further explained that at tlie
meeting of the provincial body of the
B. C. A. A. (' In Vancouver last Saturday the provincial championships
bad been offered to him for New
Westminster, He did not seriously
Consider the matter until the last few-
days when be had been approached by
a numlier of athletes.
"Thete is yet time to arrange them,
CHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and 7 30
p.m. Adult tiible elms and Sunday
school 2;2u p.m. liuild meets Monday at s p.iii. Thc pastor will preach |
he said, "but I would like to see vou ���" Hi" morning and Hev. c. a. Myi ri
I tak" into consideration the Sons of B.A., of Edmonton, ln the ovening. il
! Scotland fnr they have held sports of Gordon Melvlfi, n.a., minister.
Ithe hlehest class at tlie exhibition fori ____________H
A naval seaman has once every day
to salute the quarter deck of his shit;,
even If no officer is upon it. "Saluda"
Tea ls In such popular favor that any
people    feel like
wherever seen.
saluting    a    packet
To  Help City.
Bargain sales every day,
mid-season   kind,     Ib    the
Wests'   Be,   10c.   and   25c.
not of the
claim   of
storeB,   of
a number of yenrs."
He explained thai tliere were lii senior events and four jiininr events.
Wanted the S. O. S.
Mr. Vert then went further and stated that he would not think of putting
on the provincial championships unless the Sons of Scotland were recognized and the Scotch pining and dancing competitions were Included,
Can't Understand.
.lust where Mr Veri obtained his
authority to offer the championships
to the H. A. k l society is bard to
understand. Inasmuch as there has
been no meeting of the local body of
the li. C. A. A. I', to consider the in'it-
ter. Also as the Hports were awarded
to tbe local body and not to the Sons
of Scotlund, where Mr. Vert got his
authority to add the proviso that the
Scottish sports be Included is another
mystery, on which some light may be
thrown at the next meeting of lhat
Take�� Time.
The directors of the exhibition eon
a. s. Lewis, ii D��� pastor, Pub'lc worship 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., with sermons by the pastor. Morning selo ct
"Flrsl Tilings First." Evening subj e\
"Prom Cobbler to Professor." The
lirst in ti monthly !!< rlei. or blogranhl
cal sermons on Win. Carey. Sunday
school 11 a.m, imd 2:80 p.m, Youns
people's meeting Monday evenli i; al 8
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,   1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   120*4.
Eiflhth   St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
whieh I branch has been opened In ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the MeLeod block, 48 Sixth Btreet. This I sldered the matter very favorably last
Is one of ths many up to date business | evening, however, but It was dot to
houses which have recently opened
their doors on the coming retail business street and a glance at the wares
at this establishment is enough to sit-
isfy the most critical. "The goods
^^^^^^^^^^ ayed at such ]
are. not the kind to be boosted In
prices after our store has become
known to t-be buyers of this cltv." stated the manager yesterday. "They are
genuine articles at. genuine prices. Wc
are here to stay and here to asslHt in
the building of tbls city."
Preserving Peaches, per
crate 90c.
Local hothouse touiatoeB, 2 lbs. . .25c.
Tokay Grapes, per Ib  15c.
i Fancy  Prunes, 2 lbs for   25c.
Good Creamery Ilutter. 8 lbs. .. .$1.00
  'dur own  Hani h  Kggs, dozen   ...45c.
Hid Spring and Steelbead Salmon
Five First-claSS sales-ladies. Bockeye Salmon',' per lb"'.'.'.'.'.'.'.', 10cl
Good wages. Apply at once. Ir,fi�� H-aiibut. 2 it>s 25c.
viuuu   "��S��-      Fl   J Smoked Salmon and Halibut, 2 lbB 35c.
_ _  ,        . .     ,,. (Successor to Ayling t% Swain.)
617 Columbia ht. 447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
'Misc K.orence V. Glbbard, B.U.R.C., New   Mail  Collections.
��' gradual- it'    the    1-llllan    Massey- ���    Tomorrow will see n change In the
-'  "���'���* ******** (collection of truill throughout the city
by.the local postal authorities. Yesterday morning Postmaster McDonald received notification from Inspector
Greenfield of Vancouver, that the itu-
thorltles at Ottawa had sanctioned
the request of New Westminster to
change the hour for collection on Sundays from 10 o'clock in the morning
Treble School of Household Science,
' oronto, teacher. Miss (libbiid baa
Alao taken post-graduata studies at
.Jfechonfcs Instittit", noclfoster, N.Y. .
-, The young ladles of New West-minuter snd surrounding districts nre In-
_,tt il to Join tho classes.
FEES   MODERATE.      , }   .
to 4 o'clock ln  tbe afternoon     Tills  hardly consistent.
be decided without a meeting of the
finance committee and this wnn pointed out to Mr. Vert.
Ile wns not satisfied, however, anil
ptated  that  lf the meeting could  not
at o:
no use of going further.
It Ib understood that the Y. M. C. A.
is prepared to Btage the provincial
championships provided the consent of
the local body of the R C. A. A. IT. can
be obtained and there Is no reason
why this association has not ub much
right to the meet as the Sons of Scotland.
At the last meeting of the pveout've
of the It. A. & 1 society Mr. Vert criticized Milton Oppenheimer, secretary
of the provincial body of the 11. 0,
A. A. IJ. for offering to stage the Junior and Intermediate lacrosse championships of the province, without first
obtaining the consent of the local ttttiB-
teur body and to repeat the same Btunt
himself  the  following    week    seems
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established IMI.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*   Liability,  Automsblle and
Marine Insurance.
Carpets Reduced to Rock-Bottom Prices.
Axminster      Squares,      regular
$22.50   for    $17.50
Wilton  Squares,  regular  128.60,
for    518.50
Brussels Squares, regular $24.00.
to   clear $17.50
Tapestry Squares, from 56 50
Japanese Matting Squares
Size 9x12  52.50
Bits sxio  52.25
Blss 9x��  51.85
.lap  Mats,  from    35C.
Values in Furniture That Cannot be Duplicated. Call
and see these Goods.   Below arc only a
few of thc Many Bargains.
Diners,  regular 127.60.    Sale   I'rice    519.50
Diners,  regular $24.00.    Sale  I'rice    516.90
Diners,  regular $ls.50.    Sale  I'rice    512.50
Extension Tables, solid oak. 'i and K ft., regular T10.   Bale. 515.00
l.adieB'  Desks,  regular  $9.50,    Sale 56.75
Dressers,  quartered  oak.  golden finish; reg. $82.   Sale        519.50
Dressers, In quartered oak, golden  finish;   with  triple    bevel    plate
mirror,   regular $60.00,     Sale 536.50
Three-piece I'arlor Suite;  upholstered   In   silk   tapestry!   heavy   mahogany  frames;   regular $72.00.    Sale    554.50
Brass Beds; regular $17.60,   Sale    513.50
Iron llids;   .-ft   size,  regular $7.00.    Sale    54.95
The Big Furniture Store.
One Block Above the Post Office, Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Streets,
New  Westminster,
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at nil I (ranches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half -yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, puyable In all parts of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Ladles' Oxfords, black nnd tan, value to $5.00; your pick 95e
Gents' Oxfords, black and tan, value to $0.00;  your pick   11.96
Kiddles' Tan Boots, $2.00 values; sizes to 10 96s
��� .tulles' Dress Hoots; best makes;  all sises;  your pick of $2.00 pairs
for  91.95
Kiddies' Scliool Hoots; Btronc llox Kip  11.25
Youths' School Boots; strong Box Kip   $1.45
Hlg Hoys' School Hoots;  various makes $1.76
Oents' Hox Kip Hoots; all sizes $1.95
Gents' Tan Hoots; all bIzob  $1.95
Saturday Only, Your Pick of any Slater Boot in the
Store, F. W. Make, for $4.95.
Deckle Hoots, K. Hoots, Atnos-Holden, etc,   $.10,000 stock to select
rrom st tho liouse of low prices.   Out of the high rent district.
The famous Maple Deaf It libbers,  we it-tuck* them. --


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