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The New Westminster News Mar 27, 1913

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 New Westminster.
Whnt attractions does New Westminster offer industries?   Trackage
aud waterfront slteB, ral'   tvs aud
ocean  transportation. a
^f-*** '* I T*J*****i ���,.
vith rain
VOLUME 8, N' ,���,ER 17.
Continual Death Procession
Impresses on Omaha the
Havoc Wrought.
Fifty-two   Funerals   Silently   Wenoed
Way to Cemeteries���Color and
Creed  Forgotten.
I   I
Re-elected  Secretary-treasurer of the
1). (.'. L. A.
On   Account    of    Extensive  Improve
ments in Victoria   Harbor,   Mr.
Worofold Relieved of Section.
Omaha, Neb,, March 28.���Fifty-two
funerals silently winding their way to
cemeterli s brought home with greater
force to the people of Omaha the full
realization of the extent of the Sunday
tornado. All day long, as fast as the
hearses could deposit their grim car-
goes of bodies at graves, a continual
death procession was kept up.
CaliB and carriages that a few hours
before had served as death vehicles
for negroes were In many cases pressed into service by mourners of white
families. Color, creed and nationality :
were forgotten, lt was a general
���There    was    little    ceremony.    At
quickly as one funeral was over an-!
ether  began,    Undertakers  co-operated in arranging burials In several in-:
Stances where entire    fayiilies    were
killed or where more than one mem-
ber of  a  family awaited  burial,  one j
funeral service was held.   Five bodies
of   negroes,   killed   ln   a   pool   room,,
were buried at the one time by a fra-
terna) lodge.
The double funeral of Mrs. Hose
HynoB Fitzgerald and MrB. I. A. Blgelow was held today. Mrs. Blgelow umi
Mrs Fit/.gerald were daughters of I
Patrick Dynes, one of Omaha's mosl
prominent citizens.
Much  Destitution.
Many catu of destitution  were re
ported  during  the  day     Helief  work j
seemed to slow up.   It took much time |
to prepare card indexes of sufferers
wants and to make requisitions on thr
oentral relief committee at the audi-
toriutn tor supplies.    While these for-
malltles  wero being  carried  through,
want stalked through the homes from
one corner of the  city  to  the  other
One task of caring for those needing
food,   clothing,   supplies   and    money
seemed to be too large for the relief I
More  people upplled   for aid   today
than on any previous dny.   There Btiil I
remained, however, many cases of Ben
lltlve pride that  prevented  suffer* rs i
from applying for assistance,    lt was
reported that 118 people were huddled
In four roouiB in the southwest section
without prop, r heat, clothing or toon..
Child Made Appeal.
A young girl, who came to the sta-|:l-'n ���( Mr.  Worsfold at  this city,
tlon at 46th and Leavenworth, told of B       Whl n Mr. Mel.acliliin wns appointed
father 65  years old  who had  labored   I  tow months nso he waa plaoed un
for 40 yeara and hail Just completed  der the control of Mr. Worsfold, bin
On account of Mr. J. S. Mcl.achlan,
Dominion engineer Iu charge of the
new breakwater and harbor works at
Victoria, having been given full control of all government work on Van-
jouver Island, the territory of Mr. (.'.
C, Worsfold, Dominion resident engineer with headquarters here,
been  niati rially  reduced.
Before the appointment of Mr
LaChlan   ub  harbor  engineer  of
tor.a, Mr.  Worsfold had full jurisdiction over Vancouver island, the entire
of the B. C.  L.  A.
Bcckel Hotel Containing Over Two Hundred Refugees, Reported to Be on Fire���City Is
a Mass of Flames���Estimated Dead Reaches Over Three Thousand���Train Communication Between East and West Severed Yesterday���Half Million People Homeless
���Property Loss Over $100,000,000���Stories of Suffering and Hardship.
Dayton, Ohio, March 23.���Bulletin���I when rescuers worked their way into | thousands of telegrams were piled u-i
That a fire has started in the Becker, the    partially    submerged    dwellings I at relay offices.   These were from pet
hotel  where  It  Is supposed that    200  t'uey   found  a   number  of  the   flood ! sons anxious over the fate of Dayton
r  mcre  refugees are cornered  by a  prisoners weak from fright and hun-1kinsmen.
-aoing torrent is thc belief of people ger. Victim:-! of the water's wrath \ Two oarsmen who braved the cur
��ho climbed to the top of a high suffered again today ln a cold, Bmarl-j rent that swirled through the bus!
luilding  nearly two miles away. Ung rain. ness section today reported that thr
The current of the flood is so strong Fire that appeared to threaten the i water at Algonquin hotel, at the south-
is to make It irrpcscible for a row- business section tonight was confined ! west corner ef Third and Ludlow
icat to be taken to the scene. i to the bloc'.; bounded by Second   and ', streets, was 15 feet deep.    From win-
Situation More Serious. Third streets and Jefferson and    St. Idows in the hotels and business build
Pittsburg, Pa., Mar-.h 2C���At Sharon  Clair street.     In  lhe  block are    the , Ingu, hundreds of the marooned beg !
20 persons are said    to    have    been  Fourth National bank, Lattiman Drug ged pltiously for rescue and food,
trowned by the breaking of the dam  company. Evans Wholesale Drug com-:    The    oarsmen   said    they    Baw no
keeping back the Shenango river. The  pany. and several commission houses,   bodies floating in the flood tide, but I
river   is   rising and the   situation   is It waa  Impossible to get within two: that many persons must have perish-1
'-ecominp mcre serious than ever. Th-; .ra'les of the lire, aDd fro"t lbat d':   *A iu the water's sudden rush t'.ircujh
d.-tmage iz C3'.lmatc*j at $2,000 CC3.      ] tancc-, it appears that explosions madP ' ;he Btreets.
Fire in  Dr/tcn. ! tlie  fire  seem  of larger proportions j    Oarsmen  who worked  in the out
Dayton, O., Mar-fh 26.���Flames that tllaa l( was- ., skirls of the business section tonight
destroyed eight buildings in Dayton's !    " was impossible to ascertain, even ; reported that 250 persona marconed In
inbmorged business   section   tonight.Iapproximately the number cf persons,the Arcade building and 201 imprlson-
������ast a red. weird glow over the flood |who might have  been  marooned    in led in the Y.  M. C. A. building were
Vricken city that added lo the fearsi,hls section and who d'ed after being j begging for water.
if thousands of ri fugecs and Fiaroon -j trapped by flood and fire. j    A      shortage   of   provisiona     ��3'-:
Nevertheless, rescue work went '; threatened this afternoon when it was
steadily on and about 2000 persons; reported many relief tralna, bound tc
are hous��d  in  placea of  refuge    to-  Dayton  from  neighboring  cities,  had
night���the majority of them in build- been stopped by high water. Every jden called upon Sir Wilfrid Laurier in
ings of the National Cash Register | grocer in the city had been "sold out" ^lB 0ff;ce tji|a m0ming and it was
company.    At least 65,000 persons are | before noon.   It was believed that the
Favor Formation of Civic
Commission Agency of
Products League.
<1 persons, and led to apprehension
hat there may have been manv of the
va'er's prisoners in burned buildings.
Scon afterward notice was posted
n the headquarters of the emergency
committee announcing that the city
vat under martial law and several
companies of soldiers
neiglibrring Ohio cities
were employed to patrol edges of the
h-'riied district ami prevent looting
of homes freed from the flood's grasp,
hasjl'p to a late hour tonight there had
bl en no material disorder.
Mc-j    Rescue squads worked    frantically
Vic-1'iday   to   throw  back   the   veil   that
I'dea  the  true  atory  of  the  Dayton
Usaster In tbe number et dead. I .ate
Truce   Is  Formed  and   One-sixth
Supply Will  Be  Voted by End
cf  Week.
Ottawa.    March 25.���Premier    Bor-
Imprisoned In homes and in hualneBs | relief   trains  might  creep  in during
arrived  from buildings.   It is feared their two days
Ttie soldiers Imprisonment,    with    accompanying
hunger  nnd   fright  have  caused   tremendous suffering.
The flood came with sucb suddenness that food supplies in homes were
whisked away by the torrent In almost the flash of an eye.
to those whom It was tmposslbl
rescue, but the llerco current retarded
the work.
Wires   Broken.
Dayton practically was cut off from
-.vim  communication  until  late    thl~
afternoon.    Then two wires into Cln-
provluee. jprlRor.-d  by  the  torrent  thnt. poured icinnatl  were  obtained, and operator? 1 dangerous currents tomorrow lu    an iweek
The splitting of the territory of the! down -from the broken reservoirs.       (plunged Vntti gr��;at piles of telegram? j attempt to get food to the suffering.    1    The  Indications  at    midday     v. in
resident  engineer is a departure cf a I Dead in Buildings. from  Dayton   citizens,  almost frantic
very Important nature aud was necee-      It  was reported lnte tonight that a  in their desire tn assure friends out
ii'.ni 1 by the extensive harbor works '��� number  of  dead had  been   found    in   side cf tbelr snfply.   Operators at o
 - mainland and north along    the I tonight   the   arrivnl   of   motor   boats
.vast to Queen Charlotte Islanda, but'gave hone that by tomorrow th" nor-
now bis territory on ihe west termin- them section of tbe city, now flooded
atea with Queen Charlotte islands, the ;l��' the Groat Miami's impassable bar-
sinr.ds of the Gulf of Georgia and iho rier, may he penetrated, and then may
ouaiit lino of the    mainland    of    the  be learned the fate ot hundreds cf im-
now under way In Victoria, liniil
now all marine works on Vancouvi r
Bland hn*...' been subject to th-e tlircc
houses at Fifth and Eiifile streets, but  posil* -ends of the wires reported that J
The question of buying hone -grown
foodstuffs and It. C. manufactured
goods was thoroughly discussed by
the members of the Trades and 1-abor
council at Its bimonthly cession last
evening, more light lining thrown on
the subject from tx consumers viewpoint, the final vote being in favor or
���x civic commission agency.
The discussion arc re from the reading of a letter from the Westminster
Progressive association asking tbe
members to consider the scheme or
forming a B. C. Prodi-oe league.
Delegate Grant opened Uie firing-
by advocating the operation af a civic
commission agency run in connection
with the city market, the charges
made being just sufficient to cover tbe
expense cf operation, such as payment of salaries.
He was ln favor of giving the farmers of the Fraaer valley and tbe fruit
growers of the Okanagan conntry support if the move would benefit the
consumer residing in New Westminster and vicinity.
Delegate Grant did not mince matters when he commented on the alleged action of the commission merchants, whom ho declared bad a regular monopoly on the business, regulating prices Jurt as they saw fiL He
cited instances where the produce men
attended tlie weekly market in this
city and bougbt up all the produce before the cctiEurners had a chance to.
make a purchase so that the latter
were compelled to pay Om same price-
as exiBts in the stores.
He movov! that the Progressive association be notified of the receipt of
the letter and that the Trades and Labor council stand in favor of a civic
commission aguncy.
Blame  Farmers.
Delegate   Gibb   in   introducing an
1 amendment which called for a oommit-
,tee to wait upon the Progressive aa-
A report that the dam above my,! that there will be a rather slim at- te^A^SStodlSSS wh>
ton threatens to break added to thejtendance of members when the house' *llV-.e_'"m,*r *���a I���lts���w,.Lw.h*
city's   terror  tonight,     lf    the    dam 1 resumes this afternoon, the corridors
practically  agreed  between  the    two
tho night. ' leaders that  one-sixth  of  the  Bupply
Send Provisions. necessary \o carry on the business cf
Encouragement was received   in a < the country will be voted before the.
message  from  the  mayor  of  Spring* j eU(j of t|K, ^g^
field tonight   who said he was send- | - .
iiiK six  big trucks loaded with    pro- *
visions that ahould reach Dayton to- hoUBa  moved  into committee  cn    a
i morrow.     With  the  arrival of motor ] number of occasions in order to give
H. Knudson Appointed Local labor Organizer���Newsboys Union  Is
Skills skirted tbe edge of the flood- j boats toniKlit. it was hoped to begin1 tbe opposition an opportunity  to dis
ed '"strict attempting to furnish food | at daylight distributing provisions.       j cuaa  certain matters  which they  d>
Messages frcm the  flood prisoners | s:re to bring up.    Then a supply hill
In the business section aald children
were  crving for    milk,    while    their
��ldors suffered from thirst that grew
Volunteers were called for tonight
to man  boats that    will    brave    the
' tor one-sixth of the total main csti-
mates will be passed.
This means that cor.sitieraMon    of
the naval  bill and closure proposals
I of  the  government  will  in  all   prob-
nliilitv   not   te   resumed   until     next
(Continued on Page Four.l
payments on a small home, now in
ruins. The father wonld not nsk for
nid but the child did and it was forthcoming.
Nine children Of Mrs. Mary Newman, wlio was killed at lier home,
enme to the same station. Neighbors
had been taking care of thorn but the
tank was getting too great bo the
youngster:: appealed to the bureau.
Many similar cases were reported.
Patrick   Mclinro   and   A.   C,   Royd
eallztng that there was sufficient
work on Vancouver inland tn necessitate a resident engineer, Mr. t;. H.
Barnard, M.P. or Victoria, took up the
question at Ottawa with a view ti
having Mr. Mcl.achlan's powers enlarged
FK-e   Engineering  Districts.
Tlie arrangement meets with much
favcr In  Victoria as ii i.-i consld ired
there will be no delay now In refer
ring  mailers  to    New   Westminster
great deal of
were added to the list of dead today.   ��� -,���. change will takt
At the hospitals it was said that many
of the Injured had been taken t> the
Iiiiuii s of relatives and friends.
E. J. Fream, Accompanying
(J rain   Commissio'.iers,
Makes Statement.
Mwme  and   Green   Houses of   Mr.   W.
Skinner Destroyed by Flames���
Loss moo.
Fire completely destroyed the home
, . .     , ��� . . and green bouses of William 8'tluner
work oft   Mr.  Worsfotte hands, who: L fu.rist. at  Strawberry Sill, Surrey.
dnci tbe retirement m Mr. ll. A. Ilu.*-  Admission to Deep Water, Connection westerday and caused monetary dam-
Cn id  has shouldered  the dutio-i   of
First Lord of Admiralty Introduces Naval Estimates
in British House.
j bring practically deserted. Many of
* the members who went out of the
| capital for the Kaster holidays are not
j expected back until Wednesday or
| later.
It is definitely settled that there
will be no continuous sittings at present and thai the committees which
have in hand the amendments to the
Bank act and other bils will have
an opportunity tj mei i In the morn-
!'g:s as usual.
Thi   supply bill,  agreed  upon    to-
lay, having been adopted the decks
will then be cleared for a resumption j
of  the  fight  on  the  Naval   bill  next |
week.    That the opposition will con-!
tlnue tn oppoie it and that a closure
he thought dirt not take the trouble-
to enquire into market conditions and
the ways and means of getting their
produce into the cities where it could
be sold at reasonable prices and profit
He suggested that the fanners form
ja co-operative association.   Tho growera  and  manufacturers  were not  responsible  for  lhe  pre*s**-nt prices,  but
the commission men were.    He stated
that in the city of Gnelph. Out., a farmers' co-operative iiusocialjjon  with a
c.ipitil cf only $2000 did a bosiuers of
��� "c-  .'750 SOO   last  year which  bene-
'I  both the  farmers aad tho cou-
The "Poor" Consumer.
Delegate I'oulson, however, differed
from  the  other  speakers  taking  the
view that no matter what was done in
A Mi-l.acltlan   of  Va
Councillor T. H. Lehman Will Have to
Resign by Order of the Court���
By election  April   12.
mperlntendent of   dredge
with Ills regular office.
Tin re  are  now  five  Dominion  engineering  districts in  British Columbia.    Mr.  .\\lmer has charge if   the
Ford of tlu* Koote-
NorilnTii 11. ('.. Mr.
ncouver  Island and
Mr   Worsfold ot this district.
rxoect E&rly Appointment.
Though nothing definite lmi   been
onnounct d  it  li understood that the
With A11 TrETiocoitlr.ental F.cads
o* Canada, Available Land.
The Clrain Commissioners concluded
tbelr ji im work of investigation of
the offerings r-f the coai-t cities of
suitable .sites aud ureas for the gov-
i .-nun nt terminal grain elevators at
tMctorln on Monday, though on Tuesday   morning    BsssrS,    Staples
age amounting to over $1000.
The fire started in the residence
and spread to the green houses ami
enveloped the whole In a mass ot
flames. Everything was destroyed,
Ireliidlng the household effects of Mr.
Skinner and the -planta in the green
Insurance amounting to $1000 is
liehl on tlle buildings.
erals would appear to be cs rta'.n.
r��nj����,B. 1I..1��� e       j-.        - Tbls afternoon, as a preliminary to
Condemns Useless  Expenditure-Sug-, ,.;lum,  ,.���  ,,.,.,���,,   ������,',.,,,���,  cf  ������,,,
liouse will te disciissed wtth   partlcu-
resolution  will  be  introduced  by the  the way of securing a civic connnis
government  and  fought   by  the  l.ib-1 sion agency or a committee appointed
to  meet the  I'rogtvrsive association.
nests One Year Naval Holiday���
Keep Ahead of Germany.
ni nt i i  Dominion superintendi nl    of Jonea,   meiubwe  of
dredges for this prov.nee lefl vacant   visited   Port   Mann.
hi acci uni of the retirement cf M
(Continued on rage Eight.)
Hy a decision handed down by his
honor .Indue Iloway yesterday morning Councillor T. ll. Lehman of Matsqui municipality   finds   himself un
iiiiti-il   and   another  election   will   bo
Tlie acl ion waa brought before
Judge Howay on March II by Mr. A. 1).
Morrison   of   Matsiiul   who   petitioned
the   court   to   declare  the  election  of |	
Mi.   Lehman  null  nnd   void    on    the!
ground thai  Mr. Lehman was a slier -I Cominc Alberta Election Arouses Fac
Iff's officer at the lime of election and
Since. Judge Howay at thnt time reserved Judgment,; which wub handed
down yesterday.
According to tbe Municipal Clauses
net no sheriff's officer may be a councillor and lhe eaae was brought Into
the courts by Mr. W. J, Whiteside
K.C, appearing for petitioner, Mr.
Nominations for the vacant seat will
he received on April Ii. with tbe election taking place on Wednesday, April
tiers   Into  Renewed   Activity���
Probable Candidateo.
Calgary, Alia., March 20.���Tlle an-
nouncoment that the Slfton govern-
���i" nl will ro to tho country holding
general elections on April 17. has stir
n d tils political organisations of thi
various ridings Into polltloal aotlvlty
and within the noSrt week no les?
than Mi convention* will be held In
i various sections ot tho province. I'r-is
RIVAL RAILROADS nrotive   ' 'hernl   candidates   ror     the
RACE  TO  CALGARY |three legislative places In the Calgary
district  Include George Robb, W.  M
the  commission
socoinpanted i>y
Mr. John A. Spademan of the t'.N It.
land department ami Mr. C. S, Hey-
v.iini.   Steveston was also visited.
At Port Mann tiu> two commission-
ere were coniluct.id on a tour of sev-
rrcl -iti's in the township by Mr. A.
L. Mauley, prenidnit of the Port Mann
board of trade.
Mr. Mauley assured the commission-
r that the organisation of whloh h"
is iiie head, would do everything pos-
b11 le to secure the establishment of
Lhe i li vatcrs on any site on the Kraser Institution
and agreed to mlmiit particulars and
prices of suitable areas to the commission when it meits at Fort William.
Mr. Spaokman of the C.N.K. assur-'-*
ed the commissioners that he wub!*
confident lhe Canadian Northern1*
would be moving freight from the!*
northwest in July next year.    In the ���
ducod   in the commons  this evening
the estimates for the navy.
At   the  outset   he   explained    the
am!   Discover Cause of Infantile Paralysis,  causes for increase in naval expendi-
Haltlmore.  March 26.���That the or
gamnii which causes Infantile paraly
terence to the action of Speak"r
Sproule in  taking the chair a week
ago Saturday when disorderly scenes
I occurred.   The   opposition will   con-
London.   March   26.- Via   Renter's  'end tHat :'3 th<' committee actually
Agency���Right Hon. Winston Church-; "*""' M,a re",u" of tllc si^a'xor oseum
ill, first lord of the admiralty  lntro.|m8 ,hL' r"uir ">0 ":>val b:11 i:i u'-=>;l,l-v
' dead.
ture. First, he said, it was owing to
the decisions of the policy tn increase
iio- number of ships maintained in
full command in consequence of the
German  navy   law.  and  to  de-
sis has been found and cultivated, that
the   connect inn   previously   suspected
hut not proved, hiu; been democitrat-
ed between syphilis and general paresis,  were    the    announcements made  notably  the pay    of
public for the Itrst time lust night at j Secondly, it was due
Johns Hopkins hospital. The announce I In the sl_ze   and   speed
Hunts  were  made by  their discoverers, respectively Dr. Simon  Flexner,
director of the  Rockefeller  institute
far Scientific  Research,    New     York,
and Dr.  Ilidiyo NogUChi Of the same
Members of the house of b .th sidej
who are back claim to be satisfied
with the feeling prevailing iii the
country. Many of the Liberals are
Btiil anxious that every effort should
be mad to force the government to
lhe country. They say the majority
of the people are against the naval
the "poor" consumer would g��t it in*
tho neck anyway.
"The reason we cannot get the best
apples grown in the Okanagan," he
stated, "is because they are shipped
abroad The Scottish people do not
get the best herrings because they ar<>
iContlnitpd on for* Klein.i
���aioiis to increase the numbers and i "rn;'n3:',J- Conservatives contend to
personnel '**w contrary and declare that the peo-
s Increase j p'e w(l|ii1 ,"' unite satisfied to have
armament i "'*" ���,m'v f''r Dreadnoughts vole pass
Calgary,     Mutch  'Jli     Rival    camps
of Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian
Northern railways are each within
four miles of Calgary's post office. \
vigorous hnt tie is being waged for the
honor of being the first to enter the
cily limits, and It is expected Hint
steel   wlll   reach   Ihat    point  on  both
rlghl nf way within   48 hours,
Eaoh rood will he hailed, however,
at the Uow and Klbow rivers, resnec
lively, owing to the uncompleted state
nf bridges,    postponing entry    to the
Davidson, of iho Albertan; Alex. Roes
���vim ii">v iu> a Liberal-Labor candidate; W. M. Atlrshend and O, G,
Di vonIsh.
The possibilities aniens the Conservatives Include llr. T. II. Rlow, W.
c.eorgesou,  Oeorge Thompson, cf  lhe
News-Telegram; ic. 11. Riley, and the
Bitting member, T. M. Tweedlc. It Ib
currently believed that the retirement
of Edward Mtphener, member for Red
Doer. Ib probable on account of 111-
lieallh, and  In   thnt   event   Dr.   Blow,
terminal sites   of   the   rival roads, of Calgary, Is likely to assume   the
Thene bridges will not  be completed Conservative leadership should hn win
until  warmer weather occurs. ihls riding.
afternoon the commlMtoners visited
Mr. R. J. Fream, vlc-presldenl of
lhe-drain Growers and United Farm
er.i of Alberta, who accompanied the
ei.irmirslon to the weft Is confident
thai New Westminster end vicinity
Will Ktand In good light when It comes
to the Miction of a -situ for the government terminals,
lie stated thnt ilu- Fraser river In
the vicinity of New Westminster was
practically the only location Inspected
on the Pacific coast that met the requirements laid down hy the Grain
|Commissioners for terminal elevators.
These requirements he described an
being ready admission to deep water;
connection with all transcontinental
railroads of Canada; sufficient truckage, storage and switching facilities;
Satisfactory foundations and prices of
Following a lour of investigation at
Victoria Mr. Maglll left cn n visit to
the Puget Sound rltles and Portland.
Messrs Staples and Jones returned to
the OOlt on Tuesday evening. i
st  of  warships    of; without,  further  diBCltSslcn  and  without resorting to a genera! election.
Vancouver, March CH -While
��� Excavating to lay down water-
��� pipes ut Steveston today a gang
��� of workmen uncovered a small
��� box containing the Skeleton of
��� a  man  who Is stati d  to have
��� been  murdered   IS  years  ago.
��� Tho box  was uncovered  some
��� time ngo   and   reburled,   The
��� mutter has now been placed In
��� the handa of the police.
��� '    The skeleton appeared to be
��� that of a  man about five feet
��� high   with   an   Immense head
��� and   a   perfect   row   of   teeth.
��� The tody hnd heen doubled up
��� before   It   waa   placed   In   the
��� bov.     ,
��� In   explaining  the   gruesome
��� find It la recalled that Steves-
��� ten was a tough   und   wicked
��� place  about 18 years ago. so
��� bad In fact that fishermen were
��� afraid to Innd there with their
��� boats.     A   number   of   people
��� were known to have disappear
��� ed  about  that time.
{ e lulpmeol and
; all  kinds.
It wns necessary to k"cp pace with I
.similar vessels building all over tho I
. wrrld.   Thirdly, from the Ititroductio
i anil development    of    new   service*
I nr tieinallv  oil  fuel,  air service    nnd I
i wireless  telegraphy.     Fourthly,  from I
i the  general  Increase  in  prices    and I
wages,  particularly   In  the    cost    of I
. coal, oil, steel and all matters used
In shipbuilding.   Fifthly, frcm arrears I
In ship building during the last   two  Ohio
years, arising from the failure of the
4 i contractors to earn their proper    in-1
* I Ply
��� '
stalments as manifested by delays
executing current programs.
Would Have Been Hichtir.
"The estimates." hn said, "would
bnve been substantially higher, but
for congestion in the shipyards nr's-
Inq -nil of the extraordinary demands
upon the ship building plants, and
especially upon the skilled labor sup-
If better rrogress Is to be made
in executing programs it would be
necessary for me to aak parliament
later in the year for further supplementary estimates.
"The   navy   Is   passing  through     s
Flood    Is   National    Disaster-
American Red Cross Association
Need Assistance.
Washington, March 26. -The follow-
'ng appeal for victims of tin- floods
ill tl.e middle western atates waa lBsued by President Wilson at noo'i!
Terrible floods tn Ohio and Indiana
have approached the proportions of a
national calamity.
The 1ob3 of life and the Infinite suffering prompts uo to isaue nn earnest
appeal   to  all   who  are able   In  hoiv
t amiill a way to assist the labor*
period not merely of expansion, but of I of the American Ued Cross AbsocU-
swift nnd ceaseleaa development. The tion, to send contributions to the Red
latest German navy law haa Increased j Cross at Washington, or to the local
tho number of veasela we require to j treasurers of tho society. We should
coiiBtruct each year, and that law make this B Common cause. The
and  the  Mediterranean  requirements ; needs of those upon  whose this Bud-
have still more Increased the number
and proportions of lh*lps which must
be maintained In the highest condition
While  in Chinese Quarter* a�� Result
cf False Alar-n Fire Breaks Out
on Seventh Avenue.
Dae to a hot air r.;niare becoming
overheated tire broke mil in the home
of Mr. Ross Sharp. Seventh avenue
iear the corner of TweTJt s'reet.
iboul 10:30 lust eventnt;. and badly
tutted two rooms beta* it wau extinguished ah-mt three quarters of an
hour later. The Ronae was owned by-
Mr. S. F Mark, but rented by Mr
ily a peculiar coinc*��d-otH- a falao
alarm was received from Chlnalown a
WW minutes previous to the eall from
Mr. Sharp's house and the apparatus
and firemen from No. 1 hill wero
down In the Chinese quarter when
the second call wan received Fortunately the Kfghth atn-et men hail
not responded to thn down town call
but had hitched thoir teams to th��?
apparatus fn exue thoy were required
to aaslst the men rrom No. 1 ami
when Mr. Sharp's alarm waa received
they were on tlm swine In a few mln
The firemen |n Chinn'own hearing
the Klghth street boll Immediately despatched the milo wagon out to tho
locallty of box -tt!. wblch number waa
sounded on  the  Hm bell.
The fire In Mr. Slurp's hoase had
gained a good hold when the tlri-ineu
arrived, but with some etrennoun
work It was eon fined to the two rooms
which bore tlie brunt of the damage.
The monetary Ions co-uld not bo estl
den and appalling disaster lira come
Bhould quicken  every one capable cf
, ,   sympathy and compassion to give eld I mated "by "chief' w.ntnon Uat mrht
of readiness.    To man aud maintain I to those who are laboring to rescue i but it la supposed it win nn abont
(Continued oa Page Flve.l and relieve. 1 $5oa. aa-*m PAGt wro
THURSDAY,  MARCH  27,  1913.
ing so common that  it  Irsoj its
gradation.   Philadelphia Ledger,
I wt
An inde*e*4rnt moraine paper demited to the interests of New Westminster O'Kl
(S�� fraaer Valley. Pvlttttthod cvrru'morning ercept Sundttu I'll the National Printing
tnd Publishing Companp. Limited, al 63 McKcnzw Street. New Westminster, liritish
Columbia. BOBB BVTRSRLAND,  Managing llirrrtor.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster Newt, and not
lo liulieidual mcmti.'rs at the staff. Cheques,drafts nnd money orders should he matlr
payable to  The NaUonal t'rtntmg and  /'KWt.Wiiiie Qompan
TBLBPUONBS��� tiu-slness Office and Manager
ments i. t*H mi ..   M
SUBSCRIPTION  K.ATHS���Bu carrier. $4 per gear, JI   for
mc-ii'i    Hi/   mall,  li  per  near.  lie  ver   inmilh.
A In ttl'i IHINU   UAIr.*- on  iipplki<ilio/i
/l. I 'tlBBBSPONUBN IS--So letters will br. Published (11 Tht Sews except Oiler
rh. mrttrrs ..gtotturr Ihi alitor rest-roes the right to reinse the publication Ol mii'j
Kditonal Rooms loll depart-
do-j time, in the stout Scotch whalers, th'
Thetis and  (he  Bear, nnd  the   Alert
which was contributed by th'? British
overnment.     'lhe two firtt   nanud
vessels nre still In active commission
tho  United  States  revenue   cutter
Whatever they  may   think  of the service.
"flanneled  fouls'' ai   the  wicket, and!    Coming alive cut of the very jaws
the  "muddled   eafs"  cf  (he  football of death  On. Greely has distinguish-
field, the thousands who saw lhe mil*   rd I) *    > !l        ..*������:��� n*l ���     ..'
pile's boat go up the river from Put-
nej   bearing  st    the  bows    ti*-ford's |is it .
flag over tlle Cambridge blue felt tbat
"Beware the ides of March" was the warning given to
Caesar before his murder, and it may be hoped that the
sooner we are free of these present days of March, the
fewer will be the occurrence of calamities.
they had witnessed lhe finest cxhbi-
tion of amateurism at its best in
The healing men are thc salt rf the
llriiish  universities, imd   the salt   hafl
mt lost, its savor, if Waterloo -was
won on the fields or Elton, no doubi
Ihi.   IrlS   and   llie   Cam   had   much   I
do with Trafalgar,
Life en a motor beat may be heal
thy, ivt ihe manly virtues prow with
��� H-o   bUs'ers   from   thc   sculls.���New
' York Sun.
For, during ************>���>���>���>���**
seventieth year,
man, active
of mind and body. His last years of
military service were devoted prlnci*
pally to the construction <r>t telegraph
lines in Cuba, China nnd tiie Philippines, and to the Installation of cablet
and win hi:!! telegraph systems.
lie superlnt nded the inauguration
if the wirelers system from Nome t
st. Michael, th.  firs! Euccessful longdistance wireless operated   regularly
iih pari I f :i e. mini rei; 1 Byet m. lii **
Greely was in command ot the Pac'fl
divit ion and in chargt of tbe relle1
i pi rations for the San Francisco earth
i.i;������:��� ��� : j*:*'. ri rs in 19Q6.
He retired from active service ie
lie* ��� i'"i\ five years uco today, and has
Blrtce devoted himself to geographic i<
iuvi: ligations.
Th? Inventor of the Widely-Known
System of Stenography Brought
Out His New I de i When Queen
Victoria Ascended tn 3 Throne-
Was Trained a: a Teacher and Was
an Omnivorous  Reader.
The declaration of war by Prance
against England in 1793 caused great
'anxiety to the governors of the Brit-
rh-Amerlcan provinces, especially to
! thine on the Atlantic, seaboard, win re
'ihe settlements might be exposed to
ithe attacks of a hostile fleet
When war was declared Her'*
chanci d to be a numb, r of French
ships at New York, and this caused
special apprehension at Halifax which
wns iii na condition to withstand at-
I tack. They sailed to Kurope, how-
the past three weeks, horror upon horror has piled up in
the history of the world, the assassination of the King of
Greece, the continuation of the Balkan war, the fall of
Adrianople, the killing of Madero, and now, latest of disasters, the appalling floods in Ohio.
Truly it would seem that 1918 is already beginning
to live up to those croakings of the pessimists that accompanied its birth.
Here in Canada we have thus far escaped serious
physical harm but our reputation in the eyes of the great
European nations, of Great Britain and of her self-gov-1��v�� wlth��ut d��'ng iiny ��?" , ,     ,
.   r     ,        .    . '.,.., ���, , ,.,,, .    t       i   i        hn rebuilt   the  war   St.   John    (or
erning dominions alike has suffered no little set back prince Edward) island was also sorely
through the senseless proceedings at Ottawa in respect vexed by fears ot French fleets. tbou<rt>
.     ,,  6 , i      * .i 'he early capture by Ogllvle   of   the >
tO the naval proposals Of the government. ' French islands "f St. Pierre an.l  M
For ten years now Cape Colonv, Australia, New Zea- queion greatly lessened the danger
i        i j    xt       c ii       i    u i   -i    i    i    ��� ���        '   t  attack.    In   IT'.'I  "a  corps  of   two
land and Newfoundland have contributed increasing hundred men" of the island "were or-
sums to the strengthening of the British naw.   We in dered to be raised for whom arms
rs ,     v i .1 ��� i    ,    i   n i '��� i wire to be supplied from Halifax.
Canada have done nothing but talk as a plain-spoken |jater voluntary contributions were
Australian told the Chambers of Commerce of the Em- made towards the cost of the war,
t        i        l     , ti. ��� i.i i     ��. I which   had   lasted   nine   years,  wbea
pire in London last year. It is proposed to do now what,,,, thlB dayi *��� the year 1802, then
the other dominions have for long been doing, namely to was signed ai Amtena in Franc a
contribute. Later on local ships and, it: may be, fleet ''V'-V.'.'''atlon in the long struggle
units will be evolved.    For once we have to follow the was very welcome: but it was a mere
.    ,    x.        i_- 1      ii        j       ���   ��� 1 ii .1    ���    breathing    t,ine,    for    in     fourteen
steps by which other dominions have worked out their months England and  France wer.
systems of naval defence, and the sooner we begin the again at war,
better will the people of Canada be pleased. *������������������������������������������������
But, although the clouds of misfortune appear toj> pirst things. ���
be very black at present, there is no need to despair;���������������������������������������������������
despite the wintry weather Venus shines as bright and veterinary  science,
development goes on. Looking at Canada as a whole! The first Bchool of veterim
the present year bids fair to see added to our population a record number of newcomers, and more hands and
brains mean more tilling and harvesting of the resources
of the country and a consequent benefit to those living
in it.
���V *
* ** * *
���j * * *
'���     FGET'S
���1 ���
* * * *
LLED   l.t
red   N
[OW  vl
���Hi wing versi
is, the young
ng America.)
are   bj
pt. S
ii -0 come
ii tt's Diary.
cut agalnsl
filings came out against us
��� hi   li gli ns of the night,
"lu- blind hosts of the blunder-god
 1 Ible to right:
ritel things, monstrous tilings,
Walking nil in white.
Thev were less thin we were.
in 1 e things beyond controi
Bul they came out against us
In the dnits round the I'ole,
Where thing.; mav crush our
Vit never touch the soul.
white,   unhoard-of   moun
cine in the world was opened in I"'.1
at Lyons, France, by Claude Bourge-
lat, "the father ef veterinary science.".
I who was born C01 years   ago   today,
March 27, 1712,
Originally a lawyer. Bourelat aban
doncd   that   profession   after    having
! gained an unjui't -suit for a client, and
As far as Westminster is concerned it is satisfactory' devoted himself 10 the study of the
to notethat progress is being made upon the scheme I^S^^r^ei^d^h^tle ���,j
the "royal  school," and  became fam-
icus  throughout   Kurope.       Ills   works!
Fn i'i   the
1 i ins
'ihey : wept down like a wind.
Challenging us to Bavo ourselves
And li ave the lost hi hind;
Then   -against them, too, things came
':i<l Rtayed  -with the doom as
cquered, we shall conquer!
They have not hurt the soul!
Fer there in another Captain
Whose legions round  us roll.
tattling across the wastes of death
To conquer a darker I'ole.
for harbor development and it may be anticipated that
now that the contracts for the beginning of the work
bave been awarded it will be but a very short time before
the great esplanade upon Front street begins to take form
and being.
hq things that bludgeoned us in the
We have proved thev are less than
0 We can await Ills trumpets
Through  all the years  to  be.
eeure in the honor of Kngland,
Secure of victory.
���Alfred Noyes.
The contoiinry of the birth of Isaac
Pitman (ell on .Hillary 4th, nml the
event recalled stimulating 1neuu1r.es
of llie mi 0 mul liis wert; among uld
phonographers, and to many young
ones it was an opportunity of sharing in a celebration of interest
throughout ihe English-speaking
world and beyond it. says Alfred
Kingston, who was ci<>>e;y associated
with the celebrated Englishman.
Outside a small circle, Isaac Pitman, the Inventor of a system "I
shorthand now in world-wide use,
would never have been very we.!
known, ><> busy was In- at his il isk
:r 111 ii 11.111. till lu p.ui., but for that
marvellous faculty of his for "talking
on paper," as he desoribed his short-
hand correspondence, lt was largely
through this channel, in sn Inter-
(������ .1- extending ever a good number
of years, that 1 learned to know Isaac.
Pitman best, fer It was in that way
that he revealed himself and the nee
tives and methods winch prompted
ami characterized his almost super*
human industry.
But, whether through occasional opportunities   fur   personal   contact,  or
through tie*  .lunn ol his shorthand
letter-writing, I think one may safely say that th.' impression you fennel . : him "as always, tir-t an.l fnre-
most, his untiring capacity for work���
scrupulously accurate, 1 ffective, nnd
convincing work. Ii th * world regarded him as a dream r. lie -aw tha
mortal practical point at which lii.s work
touched t'i- work ol the world. How
intensely Isaac Pitman saw liy faith
what lhal e 'ntacl was going to In* in
the future 1 mu reminded bv a pile
ef Ins stimulating letters which are
lew belore me as I write. Uut of
tli*  - more 1 1 sently.
This is n"t the place fer a biography
of Isaac Pitman; the story ol his career is admirably told in the "Life"
of Sir Isaac, by Mr. Alfred Baker. It
must suilice here to say that Isaao
Pitman was one ef a family of eleven
children, born to Samuel Pitman, a
cloth factory overseer of Trowbridge,
Wiltshire, in which town Isaac was
b rn; that he was trained fer the
teaching profession at (he Borough
Road Training College; Ihat as a
youth he rend all the ln>nks he cmi.d
get. including Walker's Dictionary,
nt 8.000
f whieh
! British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Save $50-$75 en Vour Typewriter.
Rebuilt   typewriters have inine finish, wear like an 1
do work equal to brand new machines.   Guaranteed
one year, Hed fir pnc" list,   au makes in stock.
Canad'i"  .1 ��� *ev. riter  ExchanQe,   Dept.  4,  543   Ha-it
Inos  West,  Vancouver.
tate pay the Insurance premiums,
lermany has made provision for Btate
ontrlbutlon, the levy falling entirely
pon the employee and employer, This
,pi ndlture, seventy million marks, is
:i. ub rid 10 be a severe tax upon
he  production  of  ihe  country    The
In ine provides for a pension for all
mployces reaching the age uf (is ur
elng   Incapacitated.
Specification*, ureemenu oi Bale deeds,
hmin'fH lettWB. etc J rirrulir work H|>��'-
CiallBt. All \vsrk mrtctiy OonitdnnUal. H.
Hurry, room 418 WwUminmiT TrUit Blk.
Vhtt-.*** 7(*2.
las   Little Seacoast  of  its  Own���National lncoire Derived From Sales
cf Religious Artklcs.
A Chicago clergyman recently offered a prl?e to b" competed for by
a number of vagrants whom he was
in the habit of supplying with free
breakfasts. The prize was to be
awarded far the best essay on "Wh;
am I n l!am?"
The ��inner replied in thirty-five
words, as follows
"Unrestricted immigration. There
are.  not  enough jobs lo go round.
"incompetence, both from birth and
had liabits. Employers want the best
men     We are not tlie best.
"The drink habit, a firm or moral
This is information from Ihe inside.
sough! to Inaugurate ,1 reign of terror were terrified, the militants saw
the real ugliness of lawless militancy.
It Is to be hoped the adventure thev i first of its kind In Kngland
eu veterinary science were iiiinn r-
uus and valuable, and many ot them
ire still considered  authorities.
As a youth, Bourgelat served ln n
cavalry regiment, and this was the
beginning of his love for horses,
which Inspired him with the ambition
to relieve tiie ailments which equine
flesh is heir to.
The London Veterinary College, 'he
was fuiii~.il-
ed at Camden town i
New York Veterinary
corperated in 1X57.
1791. and the
College was in
we breathe. The air sometimes needs
purification, the law Is always In need
of Improvement, bul we need both,
and could not well do without either.
Does It ever occur to the suffra-
. gel-en thai if the British government
and it proves thai the general theories yielded lo their taction it would put
regarding wastrels are correct, fur a premium upon violence? Home
undi r the throe headings it Includes ' ''b -�� Tariff Reformers, Socialists.
mos of them, and does so with a torse- Prohibitionists, peace Advocates and
iiosk nnd frankness that bespeaks no Conscrlptlonlsts would then feel thai
���common gifts on the part or the ho-ithe one and only way to get their
t)0 who won Ihe pastor's dnllnr. pet  scheme adopted   was.   not   to  np-
have just passed through will have
taught them Ihat though women have
no direct voice in the making of the
law, yet women, as well as men -perhaps even more than men���owe to It
to  Its makers and  Its administrators I���      SCRAP BOOK FOR TODAY.      ���
an  incalculable debt. *****************
Most of ns know as little of the law
and its operations ns of Ihe air which jGen. Greely, 69 Today,   Had   Narrow
Escape From Death In North.
MaJ.-tien. Adolphus Washington,
Creely, U. S. A., who begins his sev-.
entietb year of life today, is best, able
of all living men to understand the!
awful horror of the Antarctic tragedy,
which recently wrung the hearts of
men. The veteran soldier has himself
been face to face with Just such a sit-
frum cover to cover, writing
words of the pronunciation
ihe had a doubt- not a bad preparation fur the future invention of a system of shorthand which was to revolutionise the basis and practice of the
"With the instinctive love ol knowledge common to nil  boys," h**- wrute
| Inter in life, "I  bewail to study  slwrt-
i hand.   I thought it would be a great
1 advantage   t-o write  six   times as,  fast
illts  S/kes    Tells    Londoners    That  ^  I  hn.l  lieen accustomed to.  and  i
There Are No Soft Jobs Out Here      borrowed   a   book,   read   it   thrnuzh.
London, March 26.���Lord Grey pre- copied   the    alphabet   an.l    arbitary
ilded at a meeting of the colonial sec-1 words,  nnd   have  written  shorthand
tlon   of   Uie   Iloyal   Society   of   Arts, i ever since."
n London, when Miss Klla C. Sykes i It was Harding's edition "f Tay-
read a paper on Openings for Educa- lr.r's system that he first learned,
ted   Women in Canada. i snd  he  had   rK't practiced  it long be
lli order that she might inform her- fere he was seized with a passion for
��!f regarding the condition of life j teaching it to everybody else, and, in
n Canada and from the young wo-! order to popularize its use in schools,
man's point of view, Miss Sykes spent j he prepared a text-book and submit-
,ix months In the country as an hon-  ted   it   to   Mr.  Samuel   Bagster,   tiie
J T/iulun   publisher,  to whom  he  hid
d-me a notable service by revising the
whole   of   the   marginal   references   in
I "nvter's  Comprehensive   Bible."
And  here came  in one of th..so lil^
uatlon   as   confronted
Seen, and It was rrom
riowing with pity and
that, he  wrote  this  niei
urary delegate of the Colonial Intelligence league, whieh was formed to
heln girls both in England and on
in ir  arrival   in   the dominions.
Miss Sykes served as a "home help"
n   the   towns  and   also  on   a  chicken
ranch and it prairie larni, and as the
| outcome of her experiment, she warns
educated women that such posts are
unsuitable ror them  In any of those
j nlaces.    On  the Pacific slope, and  in
i Vancouver, however, she  found    that
I lad'es  -ire glad to get girls of retinr*-
,, jltnont   tu  assist them   with   the house-
tne    Intrepid ,        , ,   ,,        , ,, , ,   ..    .   ,
a heart  over- w        :u children,  and   that   In
understanding th98e part8 tnB ",ul'>a" ,,ave a rpnll>'
sage   to  Lord I PleMMt  time.
London, March 26.   Th" uewesl of
1  European countrlea    is    far   and
���ay  the tiniest.    Its name is Mount
\thos,  and  it only  came  into  exist-
ICI  a week or two ago, when the am-
iassadoi'8 of the powers decided that,
iwever else the  llalkan question is
ttled.  Mount  Athos  Is to be an In-
pendent holy republic.
It   is a mountain  twice as high  as
'en  Nevis, near Saloniki, and is cer-
linly unique among the countries of
iurope in the fact that no woman has
���t foot in it for five centuries, When
erne  years ago,  the Queen  cf Rou-
'lania announced lier intention of "vis-
'ing It, the rulers of the holy moun-
un   threatened   to  commit  suicide If
he p' rslsted.
The new republic, which has a lit-
'i   Beacoast of its own. holds another
������ enrd.    It Is the only s'ate in Europe
hrse  national   Income     Is    obtained
olely, by gelling crucifixes, rosaries,
���unlets and similar holy objects. As
lount Athos contains 21 monasteries,
he export is quite a  large one.
The least known uf the other pocket
ountries  of   Europe   Is  San   Marino,
n   the  heart  i f   Italy.     It   Is  also    a
���mountain,  surrounded  on  three  sides
by   perpendicular  cliffs.    It   possesses
i arly  one  hundred  castles,  with an
Tiny of nbout one man to each castle.    The last  time when San Marino
vas  nt   war,  was   when  one  general
ind "o men solemnly marched out to
���list   Vnpebi n.   " ho   received   them
with full military honors.
A little principality in Austria. I.le-
���htensteln, has nominally hren nt wnr
lib rrussta since 1866.    Al any rate
���care has never been mnde.
L.  0.  0.   M..   NO.   S
,1    MEETS
second  and   tbtrd
WttdtlMdM s
i .i'Tl
month In K. of 1*
Hall ut  ��  P
H   J.
Lemny. dictator ;
J. 11. l'rtc.
I. 0   O   F.  AMITY
r. uulnr   inr.-i)ng
ol    Amity    1
id-gt   No.
27,   I.   (1   Cl.   I-"..
s   ln*H   even
��� n.lay
nlglit at X o'clock
In Oilrt  Fell.
rtru^r   t'titnurvon
ami   Etatatl
i ts.
Visiting    bri-i1n��rn     oordlally
R  A. Merrlthew
N.Q.; .1   U>
v   r,;  w.  r. Ceathara,  I'   ���:
.   r
Inn secretary;   H
Iv,  Bangsti
rial secretscry.
s.   nowtct.i.   (BU
ti-i   &   llnriim.   1,1
I '    Funeral
nnd erobalmers
Parlors 40S
street.    New   Vi'es
tmlnster    t'i
W.   E.   FA1.1CS   -Pioneer   Fuii*t��I   iMtwtor
and   rcmhalnier.   I
and   rcmhnlnier.   Cl'S-611   A|pi*"<.   si rift,
ttT-Hi-lHw.    solicitor.   ��tc.      Ttttephont
lfiTt. Cable ���dilrfne ",1'ihnKtnri."
Code. "Wrntern I'nUn." Ofni��**!, KIHb
Kiot-k. *j>:j Cthimtrifl otrrft, Now West-
minuter. B. C.
etc. ;   efirn-*-r
streeta,    N
0.   P.
O    Box   11!
f i<-iii
The second reason, however, comprehends the other two. lf a man
were competent, if he were the "best
man." the unrestricted Immigration
would not so nffeel him, tier would
be succumb to the drink habit, It Is
Uie second cause, moreover, that the
man  controls himself.
Men mnke their own habits. Thoy
fan control themselves if they cannot
control the Immigration policy of a
Bovernment, We are all self-made
���4ii thiB respect, and the Divinity that
ishapei our ends wiu'ks nlonK ihe
i nes formed in the rinieh hewing process.    Toronto Mail and Empire,
What p-eople bow they reap. With
what measure thoy mete, it la rnea-
Mired to Ihem again. This Inevitable
law of "Karma" Ih having a notable
flemonfltratlon in lhe cane of thn Ens- i
I hIi suffragettes just now.
Tho assaulted the law makers and
defied the law. They mocked at Its
restrictions and sought in every way
ibey could to render It Inoperative.
This in always dangerous work.1
There urn elementu of society which (
have ro innate respect for law and
order, which in fact, are usually looking for a chance, to give vent to their
tuff aniiim and  hooliganism.
Thla "many headed monster thing''.
is in ordinary limes kept quiet hy ita
knowledge that the worthy and use
ful citizens cf a country are linked,
together In the preservation of peace
and will not tolerate disturbance. Hut
a war or a strike, or a riot however
noble ita leaden, and however good
their cause breaks up for a time the
restraining power and unchains the
wild   meb  creature.
The creatine Ih cownrdly and gen
i rally tries to wreck lis mischievous
will upon the weakest thing wllhln Its
teach. So when the Biiffragettes evoked It. II turned on them, and but
for the gallant work (if Ihe police���
whom a little while ago they were as-
���Suiting it wimnld have gone tivon
harder  with  them   than  It  did.
Ab IT was, the \nn*.r things who bad
penl to the reason of the people, lei!
tn make themselves the most unmitigated  nuaiance they could
What a Merrle England It -wuuld he
if Mr. AimtTi Chamberlain, Lord Hub
oris, Mr. Redmond, and Sir Edward
Carson, were tu po aruiind the country blowing un Hi" houses ef their
best friends and then trying tn starve
themsi Iv. si The fun Is that as
Shakespeare says: "Cued wine need-
no bush," ami wnmnn suffrage needs
no violence tu bring it converts
it is ne.- usarlly gaining ground in
all countries   and  this net  hecmsn of
militant methods, hm in spite uf them.
The actual victories have heen gained
without, ur almost altogether without
militancy.      Thus   hi   the   Nuvinlier
elections of the United States, the
women of Arizonn, Karsan and Oregon gained the franchise The lasl
named "'at" reversed a previous unfavorable vordlct
There are now nine erjeal suffrage I
states Wyoming led in 1890, Color
ado followed in 1893, Utah and Idaho
In 1M6. Washington in 1910, California In 1911, and Kansas. Arlrona and i
Oregon in IOI-. other states are
bound  to  follow. 1
English ladies nre nut really rut j
out of nnarchlsts. As soon ns they 1
give 110 nnarrhy their c-moe wlll bei
us good as won.   Montreal Witness.
Curzon,  president of the Iloyal ('nog
raphlcal  Society;
"In   Ihe  name  of  the   survivors   of
my command,  permit  to pay homage
ito your antartlr. dead    Their sent'" uf
'duty, their persistence uf acllon, their
I accomplishment of purpose, their ac
eeptance of disaster, their  solidarity
of  spirit,  and   their   fearlessness   of
death  reflect credit not only nn their
country but also on mankind at large."
flen.  Creely,  who    has   lately   been
touring  Europe,   and   will   represent
America  at  the  International Geographical Congress In Rome, was born
at    Newhurypnrt.    Mats,.    March    27,
1X44.    He Sfrvcd In the civil war., be
 ���._ ...- .���:
, III forty yiars divorces In the I'nll
ed Slates bave Increased L'40 per cent
���ranting, fur lhe sake of argument
all the reasonable plrai offered for
breaking the ties of unhappy marriages, the fact remains that easy divorce
means lnn��p morals imd more divorce
In many n ease, if llie Ihwh had
hi en harder, the parties wuuld have
readjusted their views nnd worked
out a successful u,.irried life
I Tlie disaster Is that thousands of
young people ere rushing Into matrimony v. ub Hie shallow Idea Ihat If
it does not miil Ihey can apply to lhe
coiirls und that there will bo tin dishonor.
Jt ia Ihe old slory of an evil becom
ing the first volunteer prii'J'.ie |rj
reach the grade of brigadier-general,
ami afterward constructed 2000 miles
of military telegraph In Texas, Montana and the Dakotiu
In pursuance uf a recommendation
uf the International Geographical
Congress, held at Hamburg in 1S79, a
United States expedition was organ-
l/id lo fftalillsh one I f a chain nf thlr-
tenn crcumpolar Minions, and Gen
Creely was placed at Its head. 'lhe
party of twenty-five set out in 1SS1
two-th'nis of them tu their death, Gen,
Greely discovered a new land north
of Greenland  and   rrurrid   Qrlnnelll
Land to the Polar Sea, establishing aj
new farthest north record
As in the cuse of Scott's expedition I
cruel  nature  played  havi c   with   the
best-laid plans    Two relief expedition?
; failed to reach the Greely parly, which '���
retreated south to cape Sabine, When
] it Inn Ihey were found by ('apt. Win-
field  S.  Schley, all   lut   seven   of the
twenty-five had perished of exposure
land starvation, Schley, found Greely
laud his remaining companions In their
Bleeping  hags,  wenk,  worn   and    rav-
aged by diseise, calmly nnd stoically
awaiting death
So Seuit and his companions waited.
.but   to them  there came   no   Schley
Well  has  Cm   Creely  said   thai  "no
men   better  than   the   Lady   Franklin
Ray  expedition  survivors  kimw*  tin.
terrible  misery of  body  and   anguish
of   soul   through   which   these    heroic
the   last   days
The callings she recommends fer
the clans of women she has In mind
Include   nursing,  teaching   ln   the  ele-
mentary  schools,    stenography    and
���k lied dressmaking, while for what
she ter-ns the "npenair-wnman" she
suggests poultry farming ninrkM gardening, flower raising and small fruit
rru'-s ine Mlsa s t*"m emphas'res the
f-',T ,ha| i)(:-|, aro ,.��� "soft-jobs" in
��� irthplace rf Author to  3e  Presented
Tc Pittst irg City.
Pittsburg, March 21;   The birthplace
f Stephen C. Foster, nuthur of sume
��� I the best known songs ever written
by an Amerlcnn. will he bought hv the
Allied Board uf Trade nud presented
to tl.e eity.
Tbe 1 Id I*. :se ai Ilutler Htreet and
Pennsylvania avenue, at the "forks of
the read,' is more than 100 years old,
::.d is .'till in excellent condition, it
has alwaya been occupied.
S 1 ; I . ,1 Fostor, v i* He songs nre
'laid to bnve had as great nn Influence
'n nnii -helium days as the story of
"Uncle iieiH Cabin." Is known best
fur his "Suwaneo River." "My Old
Kentucky Home" and "Old mack
Joe." Evrrv civic body In Pittsburg
is Interested in the movement to preserve the roster home as a memorial
to Uie Cant d bard
llrltons   passed
their life"
The   Schley   n
���Cue   party
of i ���
reach, il   ���
1: * d     newspaper--good
advert'slng In that newspaper
* ��� r   ���'' 1 in   backed   up   by
1' ' '   kind   of   mercban-
diii   "id the tight kind of store
service ihat'a a combination
thai " ti spell Success for any
merchant who has foresight
and understanding enough to
give ii a fnlr trial."���J. I'.
I* li ishuian.
tie accidents which hnve played Iheir '
pnrt in the romance of invention. Samuel  Bagster,  the   publisher,   showed |
Isaac  Pitman'*   manu.*-cri-;i4,  U>  a  pru-
fessional  re-porter, who (,'ave tins ad-
"The  system Mr.  Pitman  has  sent '
yon is already on the market.   If he
Will   compile   a   new   system   I   think i
you will be more likely to succeed in i
your objey-t of popularising shorthand;
there will be novelty alxmt it."
To that unknown reporter the world
owes a debt ol gratitude, for h.s 5Ug- ;
gctinn net Isaac Pitman at once on i
the high ruad to the invention uf .
phonography That little electrie !
���park fired a whole train uf inventive !
genius,   and  straightway  the  young I
teacher, now back ;n the West uf Eng- '
land  from  his first po^t ns n teacher :
in Lincolnshire, set about the examination of fifty systems of shorthand atvi
the  making  of  shorthand alphabets, i
on nn entirely new line, of the nnaly-
Stfl nf Bpokecn words anil the writing of
"ore  si-^n  fnr one sound."
This wss in 1S.17, uf which period
Isa.se Pitman afterwards wrote
"I roe-oliert one dny in particular -
the day <>f Her Majesty's Accession.
Tlirusie]ie��ut my few weeks' holiday I
del nothing but make shorthand nl-
l>habetfl anri write with the-ni, ami en
(hat day I did not even feel tempted
In participate in the gein'ral festivities; not thnt I luved Her Majesty
less  ttian   other  people,   but  because
at thst   time   I   iovi-d phonography
When the alphabets were wroughl
���ut there *��*u the engraving to run
sider, and we get this little romantic
picture of  Isaac Pitman's thoroughness in ail Ihat he did:
"To eneiiTe accuracy in the eflgrev-
Itig uf the shorthand signs, liefnri
tlie railway to Bristol (frnm Bath
wns opnneri I U'eil to start oft every
Saturday morning and walk lu Bri-
M, a distance uf eleven mile-, in or
tier that I m.ght sit by the engraver
while he wrrrko-d and see thnt the
signs  were correctly  made."
rarn"us  Rrotland   Yard     Body     Loses
Two Members by Retirement.
Ixindon. March 26.���The council  of
even, 'he sunreme detective body  nf
Scotland Yard. London, which In charg
I  with the prevention and detection
f crime  In the metropolis,  will  lose
"lthin   a   few   dav��   two  Of   its   most.
nmlnont   members.  Senior Chief-Do-
-ellve   Inspector   Collins   and   Chief
'leiectlve-Innpector  DIvall,    The��o of-
' cers are p tiring on  full pension af-
er extended  periods of service.
This detective "cabinet" which
��� orks In secret, an nt present ronstl-
nted, consists of Sir Melville McNau-
���hton, assistant commissloner nnd
'ilef ef the detective branch; Mr. McCarthy, lh'1 detective superintendent
ed executive chief, and chief detec
ive Inspectors Collins, Bower DIvall.
Vnrd and Wensley,
Eight years ato nt the Instnnce ��f
-lie heme office, the number of chief
inspectors ��� Increased from three
'o five, so thnt one or more ""n'er
ifl fears coeld aiwa-s he available *n
assist tbe provincial pcllc* In the Investigation of any particular baffling
At first it was found that the provincial nnllen d'd not Invoke the a'd
-r Scotland Yard until their own ef-
forts had foiled n"il possible clues
had b"en disturbed. Imt nn order �����>*ns
afterwards issued thnt If more thnn
'wentv-four heirs hnd elapsed slece
be ep'nrplaslon of the crime n "chief"
ihould onlv he despatched after lh"
-entiesl h��d been cons'dorcd hv the
home  office  nnd   tlle  commissioner.
j     Solicitor and  Notary.    Offices,  Hart
block, 28  Wirne street.  New West-
I    mlnBter, K.C.
MKJCAHRIK.     MARTIN     I     r-A.��KA.tjY
Banisters and Rolldtrtrs    Rooitm 7 and
8.   Gsilchon   block.    New    WertiMteiitay.
��.   K    Marlin.   W.    O.   Mctjilartte    and
;      **oru:** I.. Onnnntfy.
i WmTEStDK   *   KT��JI��KDS - BHrrtBlore
[     ami Pftlleitors,  wewndnsfrr Trout   But
1     -f-��lumt'ta fltreft, *Xlr*r X-Vrfflmhi-KliT, B.C.
Catite   udrfr.fw    ���wWW'N'��l3-��,"    TVestern
Tnlon     P. O   Drawer ^e*.    T��lephone
ei.   W. J.  xvhlt-esldi', H.   L   Kamonda.
I H.   J.   A.    BUnNETT,    Al'tHTO*    AND
Accountant.    Tel. R 12R.    Room 22
!    Hart block.
ttter Bqanl of Trwfle meete In the tioard
Mim. CHy Hall, -an follows: T-hlrS Frl-
rtav *t ����eh nleTrth; enurte.rtv mi-ellne
en ih�� th)r�� FrWay ��f February, May.
Augitet and November at S p.m. An-
nmil mwtl��iK�� on tlie thlnfl Friday of
February. B. H. Ktnart Waai>, tnxr*-
ATE   A   8NAIL.
An  Omnivorous S'omich.
In tlie stomach of a crocodile which
was  shot   hy   Mr.   Wells un  lhe   Mer
gunn  estate,  Madras, were  found   (1
python thirteen feet long, two tobacci
.    pipes,   a   nuniU'i   i f pi- CCS  "f   wlu.iky
�� . bottles ami a pair ol trousers.
Business comes
who goes lifter It.
to  the  mnn
Crc( ly and bin men, jusl In Ihe nick t>1.*****************
New  German   Insurance  Act.
llerlin.   March   'iti     The  new   Insurance   aet.   which   came   Into   force  on
.Ian    1,   UU II, ban provoked   much  nil-
verse    criticism    in    manufacturing
circles,      I'nllke   the   Hrltlsh   system,
liy which employee, employer and the
Teacher Reprimanded for Thoughtlessly  Bribing   Small   Boy.
London, March 26. Kor an offense
offlclnllv described as "procuring a
scholar aged nine In eat a snail" n
woman teacher In a Chathnm school
wua ordered by the local education
committee to be severely reprimand
This ncllnn followed an Indignant
pretcsl hy Hu- parent of Ihe boy In
(iiiestion. The teacher's explanation
was thnt she was giving n lesson on
the snail, nnd the children refused
to believe thnt It was nn article of
food  In  sonic  countries.
She promised to give a penny lo
the child who would eat a snail, and
Ihe hoy In tpiostlon volunteered to do
so. She npollglsed, and expressed her
regret for tiie trouble caused by her
COAL MINING rinhtn of the Dominion
tn Manitoba, Saitkatchcwun and AllwTta,
the Ynkon Territory, the. Nnrthwrt Territories ane In a aortlon of i.h.- Province
of British Oonirahfa. may tv leasefl for a
tenn of tw��nly-��ne yearn at im :.nnuul
rental of 11 an aer*-. Net more than tttt$
oeree will b-*- leaned to one appltonU.
Application fnr a lende muvi be mnde
by the aptftaant In p^rrion t" the Ag' nt
or Btfh-Alfent of th�� dMrlt-t In wWrh the
rights appRerl Tor arr eltwated.
In enn-rved terrltijry thw land tmm\ h.
'Irnr.rlh-A ny fioctlona, nr blg^it sub-dlvl-
!*ifnns of si^rtlmia, and In unHurvve-d t-rr-
rltory' the trait applied f"r pfVinll be
linked out hy th�� appllranl himself
BaCh application nuiel It. iiccimpnnled
hv �� fee of jr. whhih wiii he mfunon If
tti" right* applied for urn nnl iividU-.bla,
t'Ut not oltiorwtlw. A roynlty nhnl'l tie
tuilri on the inercharrtaMe output of the
min*. at the rate of flv* ci-nis p��.r ten
The peraon eperattng thn mine shall
furnish thn A-yeot with cwnni rettirn*
aoeimilng for the hill quantity ef mer-
c.hant.'itiln eoat nitn.sl and pay rtin royalty therenn. If thn enn.1 mtnlng -dKlila
on- not hctna operuted such returns unoiild
l��-  furntShea  at   least once a   year.
Tbo Ivnm win Include the r��nl irilnlng
rlghtn only, but tlu- leae.-^ will be permitted tn fnirehaae whatever nvallahla
���siirfaon rUfhta may be considered n<nvn-
i'1-y for the wortanK of the nrtne at the
rntn (rf ltd an wj-nv
For full Information ajiplleatloa mould
hn mado tn thn nneretor/ ef thn Defi-art,
ment  ef the Tnin-rter, Ottawa,  or te th*
*Bvnt er Sub-Asreat of nomlnlmi Vandh
���w. w. csify,
Dntrnty  Mtidntnr of tho  ln tenet..
N   fl ��� irnauthmlaed niiwicetloe of tlila
idvnrtlnnment wlU not tn paid for.
Phone 1277.
Westminster Trust Block.
with Cut-off Price.
The Oriental Contract Co.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt nttentlon given to erdrra.
607 Front St., Nsw Westminster, b.C.
Talking Cinematograph
Makes Brilliant Debut
The long heraled talking picture, or
klnelophone, the Invention of Thos,
A. Bdlson, had Its premiere public
presentation in the Colonial Theatre,
New York, this week, and the 200
persons who saw, told ll ull In one
word, "Oreat" The big crowd sat In
absi lute silence as tliey saw the pictures  flushed   upon  the  screen     and
heard   the
on New Years nlgbt, won the bono:
Of mnking the first noise.    The photo ;
graphic man picked up thr: horn, pul
It  tn  bis lips, and  In!   there came  I  j
tremendous blast.    The  man  In  th   j
movies   then   playfully   picked   up   *
China plate and threw It on tho floor j
There was a crash Ihat could pluinl   |
be  heard  everywhere,  and   re-echoed i
Wtth the fainter Bounds of the smalle   !
floor I
man j I
i II
|  points
i      for
j  Mothers
itlonol  in 11 osi i.    During  the next |
��� il   v.i eiis.    part    i    or    elementary j
i hil us will be taken to polytechnic i "Rigtime"   Music  Over Wireleo3   Accidentally Discovered by Operator
Washington,  March 28.- Ai rial con-
to Bee ed-'e.itloiisl films. The Rtv
J. Scott Lldgett recognized thai there
wire doubts as to the value of the
scheme, but nevertheless thought it
should be tried.
of  each   character piecoa of plate bouncing on the
It  was  painfully  realistic
: housekeepers  pri Sent,
Then a whistle waB blown, and H
penetrated   through   th
with almost as much clearness ns if
the players on Hie screen were actually talking.
Duly   two   screens    aril    cylinders' shrll  lone
were used   une of a man making an j building,
iillroilnctors   speech   concerning     the Wonderful  Effect.
Invention, and Illustrating its adapt!    A pianist played to the evident en
ability  l.v   tIir.  reproduction  of differ-  Joyment   of  all.     Then   a   l.-autifull
ent   Instruments,  and  another  ot a gowned woman appeared with a violl'
band Of minstrels- bul Ihey were sur and Played "The Last Rose of Sum
ficieni   tO  show   the crowd   that   won  'nur."    With  the  view  or the  worn-"'
derfui possibilities lay In Edison's- swaying as she plaved, and the du"
marvelous new invention. Frequent-1cet tones, sounding In unison with he
ly the audience showed lis approval j bowing, It was almost as thoueh Uu
by spontaneous applauBe, players wen. In flesh and blood bi*fnr.
Bul it was not until the lnterlocu- the audience. An the bow quit th'
tor of the minstrels gave a sweep-1 strings, the music ceased.
Ing wave or his hand, the film waa i A woman appeared and Ban-;, nr
ended and the light flashed on the companled bv the violinist a"d plan
screen, and the house was lighted up. 1st. The respondent tone of the plno
that tie- people fully realized what the bell-like notes of thn Blnger an'
they bed seen.   Then occurred a de-. the sweeping violin reverberated, a*"''
nionstraCcn such as Broadway seldom
hears, Every band clapped, nnd the
applause echoed and reechoed through
the theatre,
Hundreds Bhouted for a speech from
Bdlson. *1 he audience would not be
denied, not even when a representative appeared before tin- footlights
and stated that Mr. Bdlson refused
to make a Bpeeob, but thanked all
for the generous reception accorded
the invention, and hoped ll would
help Unuse the American people.
Wizard Makes Exit.
The apj lause became even more
Insist in t Then Mr. Fdison realized
thai the audience would bave its way
If  be   remained   In   Hie   theatre.
dienoe cheered again.    A hu
Ier played several  calla. aid then  ���
may was shown with two dnga.   Tb'
animals playfully jumped around, lift
Ing their heads and barked.
The second reel, showing a mins:r'
troupe, only emphasized tha succ -
The Interlocutor made a few remark
end Bones, one of the end men vr"'
tured rn sav that be felt like the s*
hara Desert. "Dow is that?" was tb'
question, and the answer came. "Dry'
nones laughed and bowed, and Hie'
Sambo Interrunted by Bavlng that hi
felt like a bundle nf kindling wood.
Massn John-sen.
"How is that?" came the voice fron-
the screen; and Sambn dolorously n-
piled that he was "all broken up,"
his face, fully substantiated Ills ."lie
gation. O'her members of the troun<
sanit and Sambo and Bones san'
sonic itecrn ann^s. ending with a mod
lev of national  airs.
The opening productions were of .-
purely Introductory character. Rea'
plays nre to be given. Olssy LoftUB
fins Kdwards, Rth"l Barrvmore   ant
after   making   ninny   others   have   alrocdv   appeared
the  Invention,   before the machines,  while contract
"Never u speech," aald the Wizard
lie threw off hia jumper and overalls, and his apparent Bon
which In* had been wearing while
working tbe machine put on his street
clothes and ran up the steps, out of
the atasce door and Into an automobile. He was speeding up Broadway
f >r several minutes while the applause continued. \ot until the audience vis Informed of Mr. Ellison's
fliqbt. did the applause cease.
In   the   f rst   picture,
a   few   remarks   about
Individuality In Children's Clothes.
Tbe nun of every fastidious mother
ls to dress her chill! simply and In a
becoming manner Her clothes should
be u pnrt of ber nml uot obtrude themselves. Some mothers think that if the
child  takes  too   mucb   interest  In   her
clothes she win become self conscious
Ou the other baud, Ibe child who
knows that she Is appropriately dress
cl, as u rule, forKelu entirely about
herself nnd her frock, and It becomes
us much u pnrt of her as her hnlr.
The growing mind of the child la
very sensitive lo Impressions, und If
she learns early In life 'be cnrdluol
principles of good dressmaking lt will
be as easy ami us natural for her to
apply them us she grows up us any of
tbe other lessons of life.
Sensitiveness to Color.
home children are very sensitive to
color. Tbey take a strong prejudice to
certain colors. A red gown ou u very
high strung girl bus been known to
bring on a degree of excitement wblcb
frequently resulted in tuutruma, while
s frui-k of a inure pleasing color would
instil ut l.v soot be and quiet her. This Is.
of course, au extreme case, but there
are mure children than mothers realize
wlin suffer cruelly from being compelled to wear clothes which in color nnd
style ure distasteful tu Ibem. Instead
of trying to force the child to wear
these clothes ns li matter of training,
the situation sbuuld lie studied and tbe
reason found for the child's objection.
Child Must Be Considered.
It taLes. ns a rule. siicU a little time
and so short un explanation lo get tbe
child's point of view Hint It Is a pity
many mothers go uhenrt and order
tbelr children's clothes without a
thought of the Individuality of the
wearer, for children ure so set lu their
Ideas that they will not listen to tea-
boh and will not be guided by tbelr
luotber'B Judgment, but It Is necessary
for them to feel tbut Hie mother Is u
competent guide, lu these days, when
the whole system of teaching In the clubhouse
schools ls to bring out the Individuality j
Children, If you meet n cricket
rieuBe remember nut tu kick it.
Ne'er a yuulll wnn'H nal uie sweet'll
Kick a luuy i.n,; ur beetle.
���Loudon uiube.
if a duddy longlegs passes
Dn not slay tt, ns. Ulan, Is
tuten iiuim by wlcsed urchins
Wliu deserve u.u auuuueat birclilii'i-i.
���Tit BUS.
But thnt. Ily, thut source of danger,
Llreiul bacteria lailt-n Tanner���
Hubby, Willie, Tommy, I'ercy.
Swat blm, UoyH, and show no inercy!
��� iiustun Transcript
Cut the hee Is such a tighter
That tie's apt lu sung a smiter.
lf a Uy una you tl surprise hlm
Just Le sure yuu recognise blm.
-���Birmingham Age-Herald.
And If you should chance to meet a
llupy, bUSStnB ''ttie Hket-ta
Lio not undertake lo pet blm.
Btmply grab a club and get him.
���Bpiingfleld Union.
If H'B red ants and you're sitting
Un their aril hill ull unwitting
When ihey notify you scramble
Off the htll and homeward amble.
��� Houston Post
carts, it has accidentally been dlscov-
��� red, ine possible through the agency
of the tireless, according to advices
received by the Navy Department
from the torpedo station ut Newport,
The wireless operator there reported that wlille "tuning" hla Instrument
in anticipation of calls from ships at
sea, he was astonished to henr a
burst of music. He "listened in" until the last strains of a once popular
"ragtime"   song   died   away.
Investigation disclosed that the
Strains were carried from a wireless
telephone In the vicinity, thus establishing the fuct, hitherto unknown,
that  a radio set can be made to act
liuntmc raving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
as  tin
receiving  end  of such  a tekv
At the Eighteenth.
Honorable    Artillery    Company
Not Visit Boston This Year.
Boston. March Hi. -Captain Francis
H. Appleton. commanding the Ancient
and,Honorable Artillery Company, has
received  word that the London company  will be unable to accept the in*
vltution   to  be  preaent next June  at
the celebration of the 275th anniver-
i sary   of   the   iloston   company.    The
fact  that  tlie annual camp period of
the  London  company  comes  in  June
will  prevent its aceptance.
ratient Host (nfter repeated I bumps
from belowi-1 say. old cbap. Hie tuu-
nei Idea Is nil right, but I think you'll
find tbls Is the quickest way to the
London,   March  25.  ���  Mr.  George 1
Paiah, editor of the Statist, speaking
on the    conclusion   of the   European
money   market,  said:     "The  contlnu- :
ance cf the Balkan war, uncertainty
of the  real    relations    between    the
great powers, and the decisions of the
governments  of   both   Oermany    and j
France  to  make  great  additions    tc I
their standing armies, as well    aa tn j
spend  huge Bunii on additional fort!- !
tirations  are keeping  the  peonle    of I
Europe  and  more    particularly    the i
people of the continent, in a state of:
a.ixiety which is reflected ln the de-
Blre of nearly every one   to   refrain
from enlisting new capital, and Is ln-;
ducing  many, especially    in    France,
(iermanv and Austria to hoard large
sums of cash .
"The financial situation is thus nf
fect-ad, firBt, by the difficulty of raising capital, and secondly, the denu-
datlon of banking reserves through
the hoarding of   caBh.   which makea
Bitulithic cn Second Street, New Westminster, with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Illtulithlc is noiseless, non-slippery, practically duatleas, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For theae reasons
Bltulithic la commended highly by owners of automoolles and horses,
householders, a.-id city officials. It has beeu adopted hy fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.
714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
the man on the screen aald he would are Incourse of preparation V Ith St
give an illustration of Its range. A are in course of preparation with Sar
plain tin  born, the kind that ia used  actors.
of the child. It ls uot surprising Hint I Not what He Meant. . banks  indisposed to lend    for    short
tbe girl,  even   before sbe euters  her:     A party ot four Just returning from i Periods except on high interest.
teens, may feel competent to question   a  theater called  In  ut a  fashionable i    "Money  probablv  will  be in    very
Just   how   much   mother   does   know ! restaurant.    Tbe prim old  maid who  strong demand until the end cf March,
Controversy   in   Australia   Over   Real
Meaning of Word "Canberra"���
Name of New Capital.
London, March 26. Australians are
considerably agitated, according to the
Dally Chronicle's correspondent In
Melbourne, by the report that "Canberra." tli" name recently Belected
for lhe new Ideal capital city of the
Commonwealth, really means "Laugh
Ing Jackass."
Archibald Neston, a noted Queensland authority on aboriginal namea,
makes the amusing assertion, after
having stated the derivation of the
word. Those who regard the author's
Verdlcl    as   correct   are   blaming   tbe
government for not taking the pre-
llmlnarv precaution of bavlng aaci r
talned the meaning of "Canberra" before coming to a decision.
The laughing jackass of Australia la era
really not a jackass at all, but a larue
bird which is highly appreciated by
farmers because it kills snakes. The
name "laughing jackass" is given it
because of Its raucous cry which it
emits usually al sunup ami sun-down.
The cry so r sembleB the laughter of
a human being In uncontrolled nice
that H Is almost Impossible for those
who hear it lo retain their gravity.
Squashes the Story.
Victoria, March 2��. The Colonist
rays editorially: We have a little
further Information about. Canberra,
the name of the capital of the Commonwealth of Australia, which effec-
tuallv disposes of the Laughing Jackass story. Mr, 11. Miller, now or Victor, but formerly of Australia. Informs
ua that the name of the district In
which the capital is situated waB
Vase-Canberra, pronounced Woss-Can-
Intra, and thai the name Is oi aboriginal origin, being, as are all aboriginal terms tor places, of a dls-
crlptlve character, and nol merely a
ii is In Hie last degree Improbable
that the Aiis'rallan aborigines would
cnll a district after a bird; tha term
expresses something about the orea
f,i that H could be distinguished from
other placea.
Mr. Miller baa been good enough
to hand US a copy of the Sydney Hul
le'ln. wherein tliere are two refer
encea to the capital, which nt. thai
time. August 12. 1912, had not been
officially named. One of these refer
encea la a quotation from the Svdnev
Telegraph, In which the expenditure
00 the future capital is commented
ou, and the place is called Yasa-Can-
1S7S. when ll  waa replaced by a new
The  old   vescls  were  pack"rt  aw-r
'ti the church in an unlocked box. In
May,   1893,   the  set   wns  found  lo   I...
mlaslng, and all efforts to trace thr
rllclrs bavlng failed, it was supposed
[thai  they had been stolen.    ItecentL
lit has come to the knowledge of Can
on Wyld, the vicar of Melksham, tha'
,a former curate In char^i' of the Bl r
hire river mission, liritish Qulana, tin
Rev.  !���'.   Welsh, when  he took Chan:.
'of the mission church at Coomacka
f:ir up the Berblce river In ISllii. di?
covered the missing service in thr
"br-uao"   of   an   aboriginal   Indian.
\ suggestion is made Ciat the plati
may have been giv.*:i to a former hla
hoo i f Qulana for one of the Indlai
mission churches, bul the trnnsport-i
ton of the pervlcs from Wiltshire tr*
Guiana Is still bo much of a mysti r-
ithat furlher Inquiries are being made
* *
* WELSH   NEW3. ���
* *
***************   ���
Lord Aldwyn, the Independent chal-
mnn of the South Wnlea Coal Con
dilation Hoard, has refused the own-
application for a decrease of 1 >.,
per cent, anil the men's application
for an increase of 2% per cent, or
the standard rate cf wages of 1879.
At  l.lanrwst a  Rhyl  man  was  sen j
fenced to a month's Imprisonment for
stealing a coat and a bunch i f keys
from the Haul Inn, Eglwysbach. Mrs
Jones, the licensee's wife, when asked j
wlpilur   the   prisoner  was   sober   a: i
the time, replied: "Certainly, he order
ed   bread  and   cheese."
At Forden, Montgomeryshire, work |
house, tbe nurse and Industrial train-1
er, Miss  Bright,  waa found drowned ;
in a  large water tank at the top    ofl
the building from which the water supply  Is  derived.    Mlsa  Bright   waa  in
lur sleeping attire, and quite Iramer
Bed    n   the  water.    She  bad  been  en
gaged  at   Cordon  for    over    twenty
years, and wub a much esteemed offi
In the caso of a Ti'iiypnndv mill
vendor summoned at Ystrsd for sell
lug milk deficient in butter fat, a wll
nesB was asked it defendant had dr*
liven d for twenty-six yeara. lnspec
tor J. Davles: He Is only 26. (laugh
ter i Defendant: 1 am 29. The magls
trate: Will, we will sav ho was
b.irti In the trade. Most Infants have
to do with milk pretty early In their
can cr.
in tiic yearly report of the Carnarvonshire and Anglesey branch of the
National  society  for tha Prevention
Of Cruelly to Children It Is stated
that "one type et case la now liecotn
Ing more common namely, tlr.it In
which the father haa moved away ti
other distr cts. mostly the South
Wales coalfields,  In  search or work.
about the right clothes for ber.    It la
j necessary for the mother of today to
study the clothes  problem ns It pre-
��� sents Itseir for her child. Sbe will lind
that It Is not the least of the problems
; which confront ber. nor can It tie solv-
I ed offhand at a minute's notice. The
dny when one dress could be passed
down the Hue from one youngster to
another ls over.   Tbe manufacturer ns
I mucb as uny one has lm.stenei] Its de
piirture. for few of tbe present day
fabrics  wl'l   withstand  more  tliuu  a *
i Beasun'a wear and teur.
lf Hie miitber la to guide ber child tn
* tbe selection of becoming and appro
prlnle clothing she will teucli ber to
���study herself.    The designers of i-hll
I dreu's clothing are quite ready to help
the perplexed mother by offering ber
gowns  and  coats  and   huts  of  many
i styles, almost as varied as tbose for
older   folk.     The   mother   wbo  selects ���
' successfully the costumes most appro
priate for ber daughter Will cast aside .
her own preferences. Sbe may de
light In the fascinating Kate (ireen
away gOWOS nnd coats, hut unless ber
r'-l Is of n  picturesque type she wlll |
j L ��� wise to pass tbem by.
The Awkward Child.
The robust, tall, awkward child who'
< promises to be a Hue looking woman,
but who In her early teen.-, is ttie de
I spair  of  ninny   mothers,   would   look j
i ridiculous In a Kute Ureenaway frui k '
wberena  she   would   forget   ber  nwk |
j warduess In n well cut Russian blouse
where the low wnlsl line would detract j
! from her height.   Just ns there are wo |
l tneu who always look  well  In severe i
1 costumes, so there lire children who;
have n certain style lu the simplest of!
i costumes and who become wholly com
iiiiuipiiice In uppesrunt-e tlie minute
tbey are drewetl up In trills and furbe
Inws.  ii is fur better to iln-s* n girl of
, Ibis type In n plain tittle frock or soft
i woolen or cashmere. If n wnsli unite
t*tnl Is not desired, than In a frock deeo
rated with lace and embroidery, with
riillles unil shlrrlngs. Dn Ibe oilier
band, there nre children who are fairly
Irresistible In dainty musliu trucks be
ribboned nud beruftled.
was tbe guest of the evening was but "' April aome relaxation may be
charmed with everything, especially *?wn. . Everything depends on the
the   music.    While   tbe   waiter   was  Internationa 1  po lit �����!  slti.a ti on       In
my judgment the outs anding political
BUH0ERS and 'PHONE 890
CONTRACTORS i=or prices on s-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
standing by the table she asked him
probleniB are in the course of adjust-
to tin.] out the title of tbe piece the  mpnt and n0 freBh compiieatlons need
orchestra   was  playing.     The   willing  ^c feared"
waiter    promised,    but    otber   duties 	
claimed blm for awhile, suit when he
returned the lady bad completely forgotten her request. When he bent toward ber and softly whispered something in her ear she recoiled with horror. Then, recovering from the shock,
she turned with cold, relentless fury
upon tbe hapless man wbo waited.
"Uow dare you!" sbe cried.     "How j
dare you!"
It took tbe terrified waiter quite a
time to explain why he had merely
breathed the title of the piece so soft*
Iy, "What Can I Do to Make Vou Love
Will Tunnel Under City.
New London, Conn.. March 25.���
For the improvement of railroad facilities about New London for the
-ie>*t three vears the New York Central. New Haven <fc Hartford will expend $7.500,(j-00. Pan of thiB will be
apent noon a tunnel to run directly
under the centre of the city, according to a promiae made to a committee of the Business Men's association
by President Charles S. Mellen.
Ladres and gentlemen's tailoring.   A fine stock from
which to select your Easter Suit.
Eighth St. Dunsmuir Block.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
His Pries.
One of the cleverest of Cleveland's
blind newspaper merchants takes bis
stand dally at one of the corners of
the public square. He's got a sarcastic little sign thut reads:
"Don't be ashamed to give me a penny; I'm blind."
The otber day a friend of ours drop
ped a nickel In front of this cbap Just
to see If he waa fukiiiL-. The blind
mnn never shifted bis blank gaze, but
be said:
"Make it a quarter, boss, and I'm
likely to forget myself." - Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
"There Is a lot of injustice In the
world." observed the tyred monkey as
be watched the crowds Hie past his
"What's tbe matter now':" asked his
"Tlmse   humans  out   there   can   go
around   bragging   Hint   they   nre  descended   from   ns.  und   we  bnve  no
comeback." replied the disgusted slm '
Ian.���Cincinnati Ruqulrer.
The otber Is a comment upon the leaving his family  behind to sub.1st
town-plattlna of a Chicago real estate on remittances.   Too frequently Bucti
r-in. who culled llie place Yassbcrra. remittances    arrive    in    Insufficient
Tlv conclusion that aeema warranted amounts or not ai  all, and  In  Biich
fron   the   fuels  aa  far  as   wa   know case  the  benefit  of the National  So-
Ihem, and  Mr. Miller agrees with us, cicty Is apparent."
|�� thai  Canberra ls an aboriginal (lis-
crlptlve tiaine, of which tbe meaning
Is uncertain.
What a Yawn Tells.
When children bite their nulls this
of ti ii points to some digestive trouble.
si do not scold your bairns for ibis
insl.i Irbk. but diet them very care
rtili.v and consult h doclor If they seem
at all out of sorts ln older people Ihe
habit often goes wltb a busty temper,
which. In Us turn, msy lie traced lo n
bad digestion.
Constant, uncontrollable yawning
���uiy sometimes point tn u growth tn
tbe nose and throat. The person cud
uot breathe properly, so be la forced tu
yawn, not by weariness, but In order
to draw more air into bis lungs.
Lost From Wiltshire Church in 1393���
Found In British Guiana,
lxindon.   March   26.-A   set   of  com-
munlon plate which disappeared from
n  Wiltshire church  In  1898  has been
found  in   llrltlah  C.ulanii.    The  plate
Games For Children's Parties.
Ilu not choose au elaborate game fnr
i b children's party.   Ton muat not. for
i Instance, have one which Involves llie
I iirp nf a -unt* nr speech, ns tnaiiy of the
| children wlll  not  know the words and
! conwquently  wlll  feel  "out nf  It."    A
Fred  Welsh,  the  lightweight cham- j ^''   ""�����������   ��'   ����*   "��"   down   and
plon Of the  world, gave a boxing ex-   ",iM"     kl"(1   "'"���'   h0   vory   *��od   r"r
hlblllon at the Carnnrven I'avlllion tol lrr'"vn I"""!'1*- but It merely bores Ibe
Inn  audience,  which   numbered  about    '""" "������** and makes tbem cross und
Why He Wanted It.
Arthur's mother sent him tu the hard
ware store to buy u thermometer tie
slated bis wants tu tlio salesman.
"Did your mother say wlini size ynu
were tu get?" nsked the salesman.
"Why." replied the Imiv. "Just plve
me the biggest one you've KOt, 1 uu see.
its to warm uiy bedroom with."���Usr
pel's lliunr.
Nature as a Model for the Advertiser, by Bert M. Moses,
President of the Association of American Advertisers.
An Empty Feajt.
"Why did you  leuie that hunrdlm;
"Ilecauae Ibe swellness was st the
ex|MMise ut tlie food supply."
"What do you mean?'
"four kinds of forks and Iwo kinds
.if vegetables." ��� Louisville Courier-
Brotherly Love.
"Ah." snlil a ciiiuelleil j nunc pnrnou.
"I tune tills iitlernooli been preaching
lo a ciiiigregullon ol asses." " I lieu thill
was Hie leason why jou always culled
them    beloved   brethren.'"   replied   a
strung uiinded lady.-Ufa,
1000, The nature of the exhibition
had provoked much adverse criticism
among Nonconformist lenders In the
town. and. hud time permitted, an
effort would have doubtless been
made to put a stop to It. The agitation may lead to
candidates being nak
Cinemas In School.
London. March 36.���It was only by
majority  of  one   that   tiie   London
county   council Icounty   council   education   committee
d to make the I adopted the suggestion that an expert-
Was lu regular    uso    In    tbe    parish  exclusion of boxing exhibitions a oon-lnioiil should be made to ascertain the
church of  Melksham,  Wiltshire until ditlon of granting theatrical licenses. I Value of the cinematograph for edu-
Patron-Walter, I itto't eni this beefsteak. It Is loo bind. Hi ing me uu
ul li>-1 one!
Waller-You'll hnve lo pay for It, sir.
Vou huve beut lt!-l'ele Mele.
Phllosoplier-"l��ear and forbeer*" ts
my motto.
Dyspeptic��� I'Chew   and   eschew"   la
mine.- Huston Trsuscrtpt.
Nature was the first advertiser.
Her advertisements assumed various forms, and every
form was honest.
Nature could never be enmeshed by the pure food and
drugs law for false and misleading advertisements.
She always tells what is.
Pain is nature's way of advertising that something is
wrong with the physical side of man.
Bad odour is her way of telling of decay.
Thunder is the advance announcement of a storm.
The cackle of a hen is a top-of-column advertisement
that there's an egg in the nest, and the crow of the rooster
is a bold statement that the advertiser has faith in his
prowess and challenges combat.
The peacock advertises his wardrobe by a full-page
spread of his tail, and the bark of a dog is advance notice
to keep at a distance.
Hunger is the stomach's advertisement of "food wanted," and drowsiness is the advertisement of thc brain for
Thc falling leaves advertise the approach of autumn,
and the violets modestly foretell the coming of spring.
Any advertiser of merchandise who is a close observer cf nature realizes that the only thing worth while telling is truth.
Tell what is, and tell it in a way that must be seen or
Tell it in the proper place and at thc right time.
Tell it over and over, so that in time your advertisements will come to be recognized as being as true as nature's advertisements.
A man can be honest and truthful without boasting
about it.
Simply be honest, and that fact will be established
more quickly than if you continually boast about it. msttx. row*
THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1����3.
Second   Legislature   Prorogues   After
FCMr'.h  Session���Eighty-eight
Bills   Passed.
Kdwoatan. March 28.���The fourth
BOBlon of lhe second legislature of
Alberta visa prorogued yesterday attention. I-atcr the boUBe waa dis-
uolvcd and writs will be Issued Si once
for a new rli-ct'um 00 April 17. The
CMhpaign   is  already   In gun   in   many
seetlons of tho province.
Lieutenant Governor Bnlyea gave
the nyal ���Wliml to SS bills including some of the moot Important legislation yet parwxl by the province.
Premier SiTton yesterday morning
tabled the full text of the judgment
on the waterways case. He also explained ��'���> the liouse that the juila*
ment had jukt come to hand and the
���government had net yet decided on a
course of action as negotiations with
the bondholders and the bank would
require rome time.
He astuirni the legislature, however.
���that hofmv any final action was taken
by hi*- iicvr-rninent the members would
lie called togothr r in session.
Premier Sifton will contest two rid
ings in Ihe coming election. On Mon
day hc was nominated for Vermillion
for which he is now the sitting member and yesterday he was given thr
nomination in Macleod. to replace the
late Hon. Malcolm McKenzie who
was ohoFro Beveral weeks ago.
Tcrriile Scenes at Daytcn
Fire Adds to Consternation
'i\mtin��ed Irom pane onei
brea' t, it will pour In a volume of
water th-.il will ri tard rescue work
for days.
Reports ihi-.t Fire Chief Ramby loal
tils lire -vhile attempting to reach a
���floating house hnve not been confirm! d.
A gang of roughs went through the
Homliirii part ol lhe city late tonight
Instructing tlie people to extinguish
all I '::.s tor tear of a gas explosion
ami tiicn began raiding. University
Bind'cts from Cinic.innati and the
traffic off cers dispersed tbem.
Flood Swept Indiana.
Indianapolis, Ind., March SB, Nighl
fell upon flood BWopt Indiana with but
lit tit- comfort in sight for its many
thousand flocxl sufferers. The most
conEervatiTe resorts from over, the
Btate estimate the loss of life at not
fewer than 1ZE drowned, while persistent Ltatctiients from various points
indie ile that more than that number
may hava piriahed in tbe high waters.
It was impossible to even make a
������guess at the property damage. The
Hinali army uf relief workers In most
of the eilic-a are without the aid cl
public rrrvici-y.
Advices from IN ni, sent by telephone throuj-.h South II. ml, 1ml laic
to (lay t-iy that l'i bodies .were recovered from ll nlngle house tin re anil
Insist tint the large death figures
for that city are ml exaggerated.
Tho Peru death list is placed at (ifl
���to 300 still. At least 20 have perished
in West Indianapolis, where the flood
ntnick thc foreign quarters and poorer
homes with overwhelming violence
last night. i"*ix deaths were reported
from Tort Wayne, thn e from New
castle, two from Lafayette, one from
ftnshvillr ono from Munlce and five
iscatterinj;, thrive living in addition to
the dctinite rrports of deaths in sev-(
eral  places yesterday.
Communication established with
ConnBrsviUe, from where Governor
Kaletbn Tuesday received frantic ap
peals for aid, iiriuigbt definite Information that at least 40 persona perished in F-sruokvilh-, Franklin county,!
Monday nir.nt tn the flood caused by
the conflux of Ibe swollen branches,
of tin: Whitewater river. LesB reli- j
able i! if patchc* fnun lh" same region
declare that the smaller towns of Met-';
mor, Cedar Grow and Trenton were
���swept away completely.
There are three distinct flood district;, raeh but a few miles wide yet
���sweeping atnes the entire width of,
Indiana. Is tb*? north all the towns;
���juxl <*jtkt; along the Wabash and ita!
larger tributarirsi nre affected, while i
Whitewater rivrj sweeps through central Indiana with Indianapolis the!
������greatest sufferer. Whitewater river
���drains n *,*xlrri in the middle south
ern pcrtir n cf the Btate where many]
town*, airt" unall cities have been af-
���fectnl. S;ir,aJ!fr streams throughout
thaw ull.v.s. all tributary to one or
tke other of the three principal rivers
���nre swollen anil raining more or less
Ttescuc  Work.
Flood   <l<"ittiR   nay   never   be   ner.u j
rately  km,wn. ami probably it  will be'
Brvcral     days     hi fore  even   approxl-j
snately   correct   figures   may   be   ob-
aaim d
Efforts of nil fiord relief workers
wire  directed   Unlay   toward   rescuing
perm na Stm in dangerous places und ���
relieving 'he Buffering.   The most rei
liable  Information    obtainable    from!
Peru   mu   that   but a  single  block  ol I
tbe   city   remains   altogether   out   of
water, imd that thousands are packed
into I ., idinri,  in a small  area down i
town.     S,x   were  said   to   have   been
���suffocated in the trowds at tlio court i
liouse which still is out of water.
Peru ia the most completely <le-
���noraliifd city in the great flood die
tricts in Indiana, but Kort Wayne
IxigsutjMirt, Lafayette and Terra!
Haute ha-ve experii need loss of life
and sreat property damage with practically all public servlceB destroyer:
in ear*n rf these placefi,
lndiana[Hilis   has   a   certain   loss   o!
life in  the western  pin  of the city
and  alcng   White  river, nnd  an  ines j
timablc properiy lows in the most i ub I
ttantial residence district, through llv j
overflow or Fall cr.-k    Watt r f. :i rap
idly  In  thr   Int.. r  district  during  tin
rlay, but lht re wan no abatement ol
the waters in Win Indianapolis.
At IjORansport flood waters of the
Wulintb are 18 feet del p on the floors j
of the I'ennaylrania railroad station.
Cadets from On Culver military j
academy nmhwl to Lqganaporl uldcd
greatly in the rrecu-e and relief ol
Hcorea of people marooned in the busl-
ni-sii district*.
The situation in Wisrt Indianapolis
Added many pitiable talcs to the hor
, rors of the flood story during the day.
| Night  fell   there  on   an   uncompleted
I work if rescue, after mere Ihan BOO
persons hurl been Liken to a single
landing station at Blaine avenue and
Morris street, where facilities were in
creased to m row boats, a launch and
two canoes. From three to four persons wcti' brought i'i each boatload
from the siccnd floors of houses and
i from the roofs of one story buildings.
! The poorer classes live In this section of the cily, and nearly all of them
lived In squat, one ^tory homes, now
covered with water, it is this -situation that makes so uncertain the est!-
mat's of thr Iobb of life, ii is feared
that entire families lure may havi
bet n   trapped   liko  rats.
SUvCumb to Excitement,
Many women rescued in West Indianapolis were taken from their
flooded homes unconscious and some
succumbed to the excitement after
realising they were safe. Physicians
were unable to meet the demand for
medical attention,.for ihe survivors
ai|d worked at a great disadvantage
lur all the flood victims suffered
much exposure, even ufter bring removi d from the water.
Governor Ralston visited na much
of this section of the city as possible
and the suffering be bhw combined
with reports of disaster throughout
the f.tate, ltd hlin to prepare a proclamation tomorrow asking for contributions of money, food and clothing.
Seen.tary of War Garrison offered assistance from the war department, but
j Governor Ralston said he will not call
lor this unless Indiana citizens are
unable to Like aire Of tlle situation.
Indianapolis street cars remain
standing in the streets where they
were-Btopped yesterday and ail inter-
I urban lines arc at. a standstill and the
steam roads are having poor success
in getting trains cut of the cily. The
water system is being taxed to tlle utmost to supply good  water.
William l. Bryan, president of Indiana university announced postponement of the opening of Hie spring term
which was to have been today, umil
railroad service may be re-established.
At Middletown,
Middletown, 0., March 26.���Dark'-
ncsa tonight put an end to all relief
work here, and Cue situation in so far
as Information is concerned is little
better than it was at this time last
The casualty Uet cannot i o estimated with any degree of accuracy until lhe waters have subsided considerably. The flood fell two feet today
but there is nili a large amount or
water tbat must run out before thc
work of counting the dead is begun.
" is Btiil br ileved lhal from BO to 100
have 11 in claimed by the watars.
The rilicf work today is llie beat
ihat could be expected under the con-
ililions and had daylight lasted four
hours li ngi r. tin- suffering would
have bei ii ri Hi \. il tu ii marked decree. As- it v,i::, il,,, water waa too
bi"li and swifl to risk rebel work in
the darkness in which the town in now
. ihroudi d.
The  city  rouncil  ti daj   made  $10,-
Ono available  for  relief but  this  will
only be a detail of wbnt  is nt eded
Tlu re are hundreds tonight who are
; reeling   the   pangs   of   hunger.   'Hi. si-
j were the entrapped who could not be
j reached   oiiring  daylight  by   the   res
i cuers.
Storii s     of     heroism     arc     being
gleaned from the men and women who
I escaped.    Every  aide  bodied  person,
man or woman was pressed Into ser
'vice in  relief work    ami    responded
readily lo the call!
Train Service Severed.
Chicago, March :���;. Tram communication between the cast and west
practically was severed today when
| many railroads annulled schedules as
trains, hours late, tried in vain to
force their way through the flood
zone In Ohio and Ind ana. The
chaotic condition caused by the high
water means virtually that rail traffV
will be crippled for weeks.
The Big Four, Moncn, the Krie. and
the Chesapeake and Ohio annulled
the'r schedules early in" the dav.
The Pennsylvania and Baltimore
and Ohio roads will endeavor to run
two trains daily between Chicago and
Ni w York using tlle lake Shore and
Michigan Southern tracks in Ohio,
Olher   roads   in   Indiana   and   Ohio
made no effort to run regular trains.
Set res of trains    were    stalled    In
different parts of Ohio and reports Indicated  that many  milea i.r roadbed
and  semes  i r  railroad  bridges have
been washed away.    Conditions were
yesterday    despite    lhe
everal sections the crest
appeared to have been
worse   than
fact lbat  in
of  the   tlood
reacln d
Interurban trolley lines ns well na
lighting ami power plants wero pul
out of business in i very town where
the Hood reached serious proportions.
Homeless at Peru.
Peru, Ind., March 26, Vivid details
of the disastrous flood which visited
Peru, drowning scores of ils inhabit
atils and making llomeli .iiwinri* than
hair Ils populatloi . wen- received late
trday when rescuers succeeded in pro
pelllng boaia through tb&sM>undaUd
stnets.    The  facta established  were:
Number of persons drowned estimated from an up t:i as hiaii as lr. i
it being Impossible to learn exactly,
because many bodies are bidden in
houses still submerged,
Number of pen una homeless 7600,
Two hundred and twenty-five in*
lured or sick survivors, rescued and
taken in a temporary hospital at Ply
month, Ind,
Property Ions $2,BOO,000.
Only two are dead Identified. Mrs
Hose Whi tele und Mrs. Klsie Smith,
tenants of what was known as Waliur
Itow, composed of 12 frame cottage.,
where, 1.! families woru discovered
Winter quarters < f a circus man-
agerie were des'royed and 500 valuable animal.) drowned.
Slicot Loctcrs.
Citizens, finding lawlessness in
���very blnck of the City above water
organized a vigilance committee with
orders to shout loot' rs.
Several thousand persona aro ntll
marooned in the court bouse, boapl*
:ii<, factt ry btiudings and other struc
turos because the various relief pAr
lies sent from South Bend and other
ill i g had not Bufficlenl mt ans i"
cur., thi iii to tin* nearest dry land,
three miles nwny; snow filling
heavily, and suffering is Intense because of the lack of heating facilities;
the city in in darkness except for a
scant supply of lanterns,
The city lias no electric light power
and no drinking water. The only
Communication  from  Peru today  was
iiiuiiili no'ii over a   feeble   telephone
1 line. Much food, clothing ni d blankets
already have arrived on the scene.
but more help Is needed.
The difficulty of beginning anything
like a list of dead was explained bi
: the   facl   that  the  rescue  parlies  de
I voted  the day  to carrying away  the
I Survivors who bad climbed {o perilous
,positions on icy roofs. Ten men win
lind remained for two days on top ol
the tank nt the water works, became
panic stricken at the sight of the Brsl
rescue boat. Moat uf these men fell
into the water In attempting to Jump
into the boat, and Beveral of them
Wove carried away by Uie turgid
water rushing through tho street,
Pitious Appeal.
A woman In an upner story rf ������
h'llld'ns In Fifth avenue, the main
street rf the city, begged so pitlously
i to be rescued that she was b ilped
into an already well laden boat and
taken ashore,
How scon, 'f evi r. the names nr all
the dead, will bo listed or lhe num
ber known, will be given little thought
by the rescuera tonight. More'ener
glea  are    bring    devoted    to saving
\ those still living, said Lieutenant
Governor O'Neill. "It ia impossible
tot us even to try to barn the whereabouts cl the bediea jusl now."
It was sn'd that many nr those
taken to the hospital at Plymouth had
become sick through drinking muddy
I water. TO prevent thia, by Bupplylng
fresh water, was one of the problems
: confronting the rescuers,
One of the rescue parly who made
ithe trip In the first boat that entered
Ihe city said:
"We learned frcm the survivors
that the flood rushed In upen the olty
about 10 o'clock Monday night.   The
| river rose six feet in three hours.
Warning had been given some of the
residents,   but   many   families  failed
I to heed it.
"The  cry   to  ba  saved   from  those
I who saw the first boat waa heart-
rendering.    Some of tin ni threatened
, to jump into the water if we did not
lake  them  aboard.    But it  was    im
possible,  with  the  scant  boat supply
to take all away at once."
City of Desolation.
Tiffin, O., March 26.���Death and in
i tenae suffering bavlng    marked    the
i pn at flood which has swept clean the
Sanducky valley. Tiffin is a city of
desolation.    Half tr the citv is under
i water,    lire Chief Albert Harris, who
hns  had  charge  of  the  rescue  work.
estimated tbe lesa of life at 50.    Thc
known dead arc:
Jacob  Knecbt  and  family of e'ght
Jand George Kllngshire and family of
��� four. Ilozena have been carried to
death in the treacherous currents and
only tbe abating of the flood will tell
the toll of deatln in Tiffin.
Is Under Water.
Chicago, March 'i'i. Many Uvea
have becn lost at Logansport, Ind.
which Ib under from 12 to IB feet of
.water, according to n report received
lure Indiiy by the Western Union
Telegraph company, from Fori Wayne
There ere U feet cf water at the
Pennsylvania railroad depot.
Dead at Fret-rent.
Sandusky.  O.,   March   26.���The  list
. of dead  al   Fremont,  Ohio, has  been
, increased to 11. The water in the
main street ia 15 feet dsep.   This city
i has sent a special train with life
boats and crewB where flood condi
tlona are bad.
Bridges Collapse.
Ind'anapolia. Ind., March 26.���Late
tliia afternoon the eaat span of the
Washington street bridge fell into the
river and shortly afterward a pier
washed out beneath the Kentucky
avenue bridge, uenrlv a mile below.
i which nnw la evpeefnd to give way
completely. This leaves only the
Oliver avenue traffic bridge and the
iwo railroad bridges. Hie first almost
cut off bv water, which can possibly
ln> used In rescue work in West In-
Recover   Bodies.
Delaware, O., March 26. The Indies
of 14 persons have been recovered and
as manv more are missing from their
wrecked homes here tonight, as the
j result of the overflow of the Olen-
tangy river, which officials estimate
has done damage to the city estimated
; at $2,000,000,
Three Thousand   Perish.
Chicago, March 2H Three thousand person sperished In the deluge
that swept the northern half of the
Ohio river today.
Already half a trillion people were
made homeless by  the  floods in  Indiana and Ohio and  property damage
in  I nth  statea will  be at least $100,-
! One.r'10.
These figures were compiled late
today rrom reports received here trom
various points in the stricken district.
Further reports may increase the number or dead and it is unlikely that
any decrease in the financial loss can
in  expected.
An additional horror was reported
early this evening frcm Dayton. The
lire there, which seemed widespread,
and probably uncontrollable In vli w of
the paralysis of thc water plant, prob
ably broughl s herri^le death to many
who sought tri escape drowning bj
climbing to the upp. r floors of build
Total   Dead  3262.
Following aro the revised figures
ur the dead:
Ohio Dayton, 2000; Plqua, 15";
Delaware, L'HO; Mlddlotown, 200; Kid
noy, 50; Hamilton. Hi; Tippecanoe, S;
Tiffin, 60; Fremont, 11; Scattering,
200;   total, llOOii.
Indiana Peru, 160; Newcastle, n:
Lafayette, 1!; Indianapolis, 14; Noble-
ville, 2 Scattering, 25; total, 196.
Reports unconfirmed Bay that 14
persons had bei their lives In Fre-
mont and 60 at Tiffin. O. It wan rami red in Indianapolis early Inrloy that
1200 persons wire drowned In West
| Indianapolis, but this cumber was
later decreased by 14, altheueh it war
estimated early tills evening thai
more than that hid died South of
IndlanapollB the flot d Is said to have
I caused   death   Iii   :i   miiniu r   of   small
I towns and villages.
Financial Lota.
Fire ni Dayton, aded to tbe flnanclp'
loss caused by the flood, early estimates, placing the damngo In Ohio
and Indiana al $60,000,000, wi re revls
ed tonight end Bhow double thai um
Railroad officials were authority for
the statement that lines converging
in Indianapolis would have to Btand a
Iosb of $26,000,000 ln that city and
vicinity alone,
Railroads were the chief stiffen t-��
rrom property damage. It was said
tonight by engineers and construction
but sen preparing repair trains tnr th"
flooded districts, that atripa of rail-
.roads nrjre than hair a mile long had
been washed nwny in several places
through Indiana. Concrete and Iron
j bridges, their supports undermined,
i crumbled before the strength of the
torrents hurled against them.
The lose through stoppage of traffic
���unuol. be estimated- Only two roads,
the Michigan Central and the Luke
Shore are operating.
Men and material are being rushed
by tho railroads to every accessible
point whi re damage has been report
���il and active work will be begun as
���oon as the floods recede.
Telegraph and telephone lines all
iver the stricken district were down.
Long distance telephone service to
Ohio waa out off. with the exception
nf  Toledo  nnd   Cleveland.     Wires  all
through Indiana were down in many
places  and  some  nf  the  devastated
towns were cut ofr from communion-
| tlon,
London. March 28. Mori of the
! newspapers are ri serving their cdi-
I toria! comment on the evidence or Sir
i Unfits Isaacs before the Marconi com-
mlttee until the examination is concluded, but the Labor organ, the Dally
Herald, Is not content to do this, say-
I ing:
"Lloyd George, Samuel and Isaacs,
three of his majesty's ministers,
should be called upon to resign nl
once, lf parliament or the portion of
it known as his majesty's opposition
does not call upon them to resign then
collusion   is  the  only   word  that  fits
Ithe situation. It ie quite possible thai
the Liberal party may make some pretence of sacrificing Sir Ilutus Isaacs
n the altar of parliamentary morality
but Ihey know that Jehovah will spud
in angel In the nick of time to stay
their hands and iFaacs may be spared
to become lord chief justice-, that is
clilif arbiter In  this country of rlghl
land wrong.    Could there bo a greater
'scandal?   Dure the present discredited
| Liberal government risk it?"
New York. March 26.���Curfew ror
the "White  Light"  district  will  ring
[promptly at. 1 o'clock In the morning
beginning cn April I, according to
orders ispued by Mayor Qaynor yesterday. The mnyctf notified the police commissioner thai he had revoked  all  the  46  all  night  liquor  li
j censes now In existence in the city
and directed the commissioner to sec
that llquora were not sold after tlu
closing hour in the restaurants and
cafes hitherto permitted to remain
open and that the places were prompt
, ly closed.
Many of the uptown hotels nnd big
��� restaurants that conduct expensive cabaret   shows   will   be   affected.     The
: mayor's order will also close several
all night saloons in the down town
district patronized largely by night
Sault  Ste.  Marin,  Onl.,  March  26.
j qirce his incarceration in the district
Jail  here  on  a  charg" of murdering
. Edward Morln in a dispi'te mi ,-i Blind
River bar room. It lias developed that
Fr-d McOresoT Is a  v-ar^'ty man.
He   waa  aent  to   the   Sno   followtnir
! ihe Innuest at Blind River ii"d when
asked bv Chief cf Police Ralph Vincent hem a>i to bis idcntltv replied,
"My name is McGregor, end I am B
graduate cf the University cf F.dln-
burgh." Little i'i known cf h'm al
Blind River as lie had but recently
come from flritlsh Columb'a.    He \va��
; working as a l-imbc-jTck in the Fame
Icamn   as    Morln at the time of   the
i murder.
kitchen.   She had apparently fniit'u
over backwards, and waa dead.
Mr. Itcbert S. Trevor, who made an
autopsy, deposed thai portions of the
second, third and part pf the fourth
cervical vertebrae bad benn removed
by the operation, The opi ration was
extraordinarily successful and very
bold.   The neck was broken a I a pari
where a fracture wai usually fatal,
Death was due to suffocation oaused I
by pressure cf the face on the front
of the body, the result of the head be
Ing bi'ni  forwnrd.    Any  sharp blow
i on  the back Of lhe neck would have
I proved fatal to the woman.
Tbe Jury returned a verdict of "ac-
oldental death."
Whale Sharks.
While whales are the largeat of nm
rine animals, yet certain flsh grow to
almost as gigantic size. The largest
Of true fishes nre found among the
sliarka and the largest of these for
uiiibilile Babes nre (lie whale sharks
These huge Hah occur In the waters of
India. Japan, south America, Panama,
California and tbe West Indies, The
nose Is very broad and blunt nnd the
��� mouth, although very wide. U armed
only with minute teeth, it Is n ibirk
colored creature, marked with sinnll.
whitish spots and la perfectly harmless
to mnn. feeding exclusively on small
tlsb It's huge bulk makes It dun
parous when wounded. Thla great ti-.li
reaches u maximum length of seventy
Whit* noted Blacksmiths.
Kxtrnurdltiiiry precautions are taken
hy the Korean blacksmith belore he
attempts to shoe any Korean horse
which la noted fur Ita bud temper unit
likely to tluiinsli Ita heels tf not securely tied up llr-l. Sight or one of
the small ponies trussed np to the
heavy timber framework ts ludicrous,
however, and In u way may tie termed
"hot-shoeing on the safety plan " White
costumes would luuk out of place tor u
blacksmith's use almost anywhere else,
but In Korea nil men wear wblte gur
ments Voung men also wear their
hair screwed up In hard knots ou the
tup nt then tienda as a sign tbey ure
Marriages In Burma.
A rurlmis Idea among the Burmese Ik
thnt people born ou the same day ut
the week must not marry mid Hint It
I hey defy the fates tbelr union will be
inn iked by much III luck To prevent
these disastrous marriages every gir
carries ll record of her blrt Inlay In liei
inline, each day of the week baring n
leiter belonging to IL nnd nil children
are culled by a on me wblcb begun
with Hint letter.
Still Worried.
"It used tu worry me wben the har
bei infurmed ine that my Hair was getting a little Hun on top."
"Hut yon got used to It. eh?"
"So.    Now it worries nie because he
doeku't mention il    I  must b�� getting
old."-l'hlludeipbla  1'rens.
Just the Contrary.
"People In \ery cold ciluintes need n
heavy diet "
"Nn. ttu-v don't: they bnrp to have
light di.M I'un t tin* Kaktiiuis eat can
dies.-"    itmtiniuiv Auierii-HIl
Expect Renewal of Vccuvius.
Naples, March L'O. A tjharp earthquake shock was felt here yesterday.
It was accompanied by rumblings from
Mount Vesuvius. The observatory expects a renewal of activity by Vesuvius.
London. March 21i���A remarkable
lease has come to light where a woman
I broke her nock once and lived tor
; eight months. Then broke it again
' and d'ed at once.
Ai Battersea, Mr. S. Ingleby Oddle
li- trl an inquest on tile body Of Annie
Ellev, 5.1, wife of a gas purifier, of
Cevlon street, Battersea.
The   husband   stated   that  in  June
| laat  hla  wife fell  down  a  few  stairs
and broke her m-ck.    She waa taken
j to St. Thomas hospital,    where    she
i waa operated  upon by  Mr.  Sergeant
land  annulled  wl'h a  kind of stiff col-
* lar which she only were for six weeks
Stanley Blley. a son. slated that on
1 Friday   night   he   found   his   mother
with her head firmly f!*>-"d between i
chair and beddti ad nnd ihe wall In the
���Rolling Mills for Calgary.
Calgary, Alto., March 26. II is announced that the Western Canada
Milling company lias accepted the
city's proposition and will build l-ir;;i*
rolling mills here. The city msde a
tender to the milling concern, which,
according to the figures of a power
expert, called in to pasa upon Ihe
newer Bituation, will cost Calgary
(40,000 per year Inr the ti".\t ten
Bulgarians Capture Tchatalja.
London, March 26. After two days'
desperate lighting Tchatalja has fallen into the bands of the Bulgarians
according lo a telegram received tonight by the Bulgarian legation at
We are giving Special Discounts on many odd lines of
Furniture, including:
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McLaughlin Service Covers
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"ITALLY important in buying a car is service���a feature nought by many but obtained by few.    Consider then that which
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all nvcr the country ov.r % 100,000 worth of parts arc carried
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Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Queen's Park Arena ('loses on Saturday.
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N.B*���For Carpet Cleaning
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701 Columbia Street Phone 57 THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1913.
PAGE  *******
the  wife of hla youth anil  married
younger woman.
uiiiy  Pa-pke married the
of a Canadian millionaire.
under dlsciiHHlon  in    Canada    would
also be.   additional,    that    being    the
daughter  specific condition upon which tbey am
to bo given and accepted.
A.  E.   Kellinflton  Elected  President-
Victoria    Admitted���Financial
Offlcera of the B. C. L.
beason  of   1913.
Honorary     president
Richard MoBrlde.
President    Aid.    A.    B
llngton, Westminster.
First  Vice-president ���
Virtue,  Victoria.
Second Vice-president
Qarvey, Vancouver.
F.  ,1.   Lynch.   Westminster
Constitution oommlttee
A.    i.ee.    Westminster;
-  Sir
A.  P.
- J.
Jones. Vancouver;
W, Moresby,
The liritish Columbia Lacrosse As
Boolation held what was perhaps the
most Important  meeting during    Its
existence yesterday afternoon at the
RUSSell   huti I.   when   matters  of   vital
Importance to the welfare ot Canada's
summer pastime were discussed, the
adjournment finding Victoria admitted
into the league, while Westminster
gained her righ's as to lhe quota "f
officers,    and  tlie    players  will    also
benclit. on the concessions made by
Vancouver In the question of (Inane 8.
Everyone present appeared to real-
���ize fully the Situation as It exists on
the   coast     Lacrosse,   follow inn     the
season of 1912 when Westminster
made a runaway race for the Minto
trophy and the bad feeling ihat crop
ped up between the two cities on the
lower mainland, was being headed to
disaster and it is a matter of pride
and commendation to the delegates
that assembled yesterday afternoon
that   a   distinct   elTort   was   made     to
pull together, forget Un- past :.".ii
look mure to the ful ure
Financial   Arrangements.
Westminster no: only lias the satis
faction of having one of ils citizens
i Let. .1   president,   Alderman   a    E
they arc likely to fall  to the offers
of lhe coasl  magnates.
Players' Salaries.
One tiling Is certain Newsy Lalonde'
has   played   his   last   lacrosse   season
for fancy figures,    lloth the Kam and !
Ilu*     West   have    come   to a     mutual
agreement that (he time bus past and I
gone   for   lhe ��� Stars   of   the   lacrosse:
11. li]  to  pull  down  the high  salaries.'
Tills year tliey will have to accept a j
lower fen or quit the game altogether.
New Westminster President.
r.oih Victoria ami Weatmlnster nu' I
nn a ilclit f-ir tiie presidency. Mr. Vlr '
too claiming thai the mantle should ,
fill  on    a    Victoria    mnn,  Mr.   Billy ;
Moresby,  while tha*'  Royals    pinned
their   faith   on   Alderman  Kellington
Messrs.  fen  Jones  and  Qarvey    explained lo   the   Victoria   delegation
that nn unwritten rule existed iu tin
II   (',  L. A   to confer the honor on a
Vancouver man one s'-ison and New
Westminster the next, and as Victoria
was just the tm'-.v amongst Hie bimcli
tie",   fell  sure that  tlieir  wants could |
wi 'I lc discussed nexl  ''car.
with a true sportsmanlike spirit the
V/ctorln delegates accepted the ex-
plnnatirui and withdrawing the name
of Mr. Moresby, moved the nomination
be unanimous,
A vr.'i* rf thanks was nasseil to the
,, i ;-���t. president, Mr Harry Cowan.
of Vancouver, and to the snorting edl
tors if the papers ln H. ('. for their
assistance   In   fostering   the   game.
The meeting adojnrned at 7 o'clook
five hours being consumed in the discussion.
Bnckctabll Championships Wlll Be Decided at Local Y. M. C. A.    on
Friday and Saturday.
Mtich Intoroit is   being   taken   i.i
Sport clinks  In  Ibe grand  basketball
tournament which w n be held at tin.
V. M. C, A. on Friday and Saturday,
b. Hi afternoon and evenings, Ten
teams of exceptionally good standing
will participate in lhe two days event
which from the present Indications
ought to be well worth witnessing.
Pour septettes ure entered In the
111) pound class, four lu the Viii
pound and two lu the 188 pound.
The honors at stake are well worth
the winning, a shield being given to
the  winning  team of each  grade and
silver medals io the members of the
ohampl6n aggregations.
The members of the second teams
win in. given bronze medals suitably
Inscribed. On Friday evening a gymnasium exhibition Will be staged in
connection with the tournament.
Young Corbett, one of the latest of  NEW
111.'  tighten  to appear  in the role of
a defendant  In a divorce court, mar-
rled  the plaintiff.  Ilalsv  Rothwell, In j    London,
199H, In Kan Itafaol. Cal.    She ac.com-' ment is n
panted young Corbett to California to
see him fight Johnny Frayne, prom-
iBinJ! thai she would marry him If he
wan tlu.' victor.
Young Corbetl was defeated, bul
tlie young woman decided to marry
r;';.i finyv.av, and the ceremony was
performed the day after the battle.
Neway  Lilonde  ort  the Carpet.
Ottawa, March ib -President Qulnn,
of the National Hockey Association. I.,
after the players v. ho competed In the
International league *��� rl*i out at
Massey and tho American Soo a
couple of weeks ago.    Fred Lake,    or
Ottawa, and Newsv  Lnlond"  of tha
Canadiens.   are   said   lo   be   the  ones
who wlll iie carpeted. President Quints
avers that neither Lake or Lnlond'
received  the necessary  permission  to
play In New* Ontario, and are subjeei
to suspension or expulsion.
Will 60 EAST
(Continued from race one)
March  'id.���The announce-1
ide today of what, iu well j
Informed quarters   Is   thought may
prove an epoch  making  invention  in
the Stool trade,    lt Is alleged  that u ���
|process has been discovered for con-|
I verting iron ore of an*  grade,  even [
Iquite  USelelS  r.amls, c! which  hundreds  of  millions  of  tons  exist   ready |
1 for   working,   into   steel  of   excellent
Quality without the aid cf a blast fur-
I nace, the steel being produced direct!
��� hi a single operation.   TeBts have al- j
ready been made of the steel so pro-'
duced at an experimental plant and |
the   n suits   obtained   aro   something |
Hy the new proceps, tho uaviug will
be enormous.    In  the  first place, no
j bluBt  furnace  Is  required, and  there-
i fore no coke, which means an Initial
enormous saving in capital expenditure as well as economy ln production
while ores can be used which, at tlie
present  lime,  have  no  market  value
��� whatever.
The ore is reduced by heat obtained
from a gas, which, In its turn Is produced from slag.    It ls claimed  Ihat
i steel can he made at one-third of its
present cost.
No. 16���Two large lots on Fifth street, 10uxl48^ feet, all cleared.
I'rice $;1300;  one-third cash, balance arranged.
No. 1311���Three lotB on Hamilton street, close to Twelfth, 44x140
feet each.    Price $950 each;  one-third cash, balance G and 12 months.
Fine corner on First street and Fifth avenue, 84x104 feet, all
cleared; facing Queens park; paved street, etc. Price $3000; ouu-
iliiid cash, balance 6, Vi and 18 months.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Mead Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Los Angeles. Cal., March "(j. -The
new park of lhe Venice club of the
Pacific Coast league was dedicated
to baseball this afternoon when the
Venice team crossed hats with the
White Sox regulars. The Chicago aggregation was victorious bv a .-core of
7-4, li.    11     B
Venice       4       8      3
Chicago        7     in      fi
Batlerles: ilaum, 11 itt, llarkness and
Elliott; Tonneman, Lange, Scott ami
I Killin.
Win  for  Port'and.
,-,,,, ,     ,       .,, Santa   Kosa,   Cal.   March   28.    Th
Wellington, and also Alderman Lynch |portlan(j team of    the    Northwest
re-elected as secretary-treasurer, but
won out on the question of finances.
Providing the Victoria delegate's are
Able to field a team in the league this
coming season, thrco of the home
���games are to lie sold to the Vancouver club. Manager Con Jones agreeing
to stage one In each of the three
cities, paying the lump sum of 18000
in cold cash for this concession.
In event of the Victoria oluh not
being able lo Held a team which
would stand a chance agalnsl the
older Hubs the Westminster delegates
agreed  to    play     three    cf    in eight
scheduled home gameB against Vancouver on the Victoria grounds fur
tlle sum of $5000.
Blither $5000 or JCWO looks mighty
big to Ihe local club for this will
mean Ihat the players will have a
guarantee of over $4ili) each anyway
besides what the club will take In
from   Ihe   proceeds   of   llle   games   to
he played on ihe Queens park oval.
Should Victoria field a team. L'I
Ramos would be played, leaving Westminster with tlve home games, the
three games under control of Con
Jones to be played on Wednesday 1 spirit
afternoons, the dates to be arranged j
liy the association.
Pull   Together
A feature of ihe meeting was    the I
league defeated the Chicago American second team 5-1 today. Chicago
failed to score until the last inning.
Hushing the season a little war. the
general comment made at The News
office last evening when they heard
that IIIII Maiden had the baseball bug
in his ear and wanted to stage a
game before the winter snow had al!
been melted away.
Apparently Hill is still lore over the
ii suit el last summer's game when
The News handed Tlie British Colum
blan outfit a licking in the gentle
American  game.
A victory for any team always
tastoB sweet hut the walloping handed Ihe afternoon contemporary was as
saccharine to the morning paper.
By the time tho real old summer
time is with us again The News will
be ever willing to wipe the dust with
Hill Maiden's outfit, ever willing to
hand out another licking, or. if other-
Wise will acept defeat in a proper
:ind  set  'cm up, long or short.
Three Delegates From the B. C. L.
Will Confer With Moguls of the
Eastern   Leagues.
Just as soon as the B. C. L. A.
meeting in this cily adjourned last
evening the telegraph wires were kept
hoi. for a time Informing the eastern
lacrosse league of the outcome of the
session nnd the possibility of a raid
being made on the Ontario and Quebec
clubs for players to form the Victoria
Messrs Con Joins, Fred Lynch and
John Virtue of Vancouver, Westminster and Victoria respectively, will
leave Vancouvi r for the east on Sunday   morning   together  with   Shamus
.laics   Hewitt,   whom  Con  Jones  is I v��lve larger docks and
taking along as a legal adviser.
Toronto  will  be  the  first  stopping! J
place  and   n  session  will  be  held  in j
the  Queen   City  with  Manager  It.  J
Fleming of  the Torontos.    Alderman!'1
Lynch   will   be  compelled   to  explain
Ihe   why   and   the   wherefore   of   the
trouble  which  took  place  last spring
when Len Turnbull and Doughy Spring
wen-  persuaded  to remain  with  the
Salmon   Bellies   Instead   of   going   to
Fleming got huffy over Iho deal, in
tact thai was one if the reasons why-
he did nct bring cut the champions of
the Big Four to play Westminster for
the Minto cup last fall.
However, the east has been clamor
ing for a commission just'the same
as Ihey are trying to get Frank Fat-
rick to fall In line with a hockey com-
mission.   Tin y realize that the coffers
of the coast clubs are wider and also
deeper than anything they have got
in the east and are only too willing
to co-operate.
Delegate I.ynch will have perhaps
iiii- mosl Important duty as It will fall
on his shoulders to decide Whether
Victoria ran si cure enough players of
'lie right calibre to enter a team in the
It. C. L. A.
Tiny are prepared for quick action
as no time is to be lost before the
teams must get out for practice so
tint a week from Sunday the coatt
fails are lik. ly lo hear something of
thu eastern doings.
'hose, resulting war fleets a continual
lame Increase In numbers of officers
and men cf all ranks and rating Is
rco.ii red.
"Tbe Increase In size, cost nnd
sneed of capital ships, compelled bv
the general developments of naval
-eli nee and the types building abroad.
's marked and unceasing. The ln-
-n-ase In sneed effects not only capital ships, but destroyers, light cruises and submarines. Increase in speed
Involves Immense Increases ln horse
power. The Increased cost of fuel,
particularly o'l foil, is serious and
"hows no likelihood of Immediate
abatement The adoption by German v
i America and Italy of larger guns for
I primary armaments, and of larger and
I more numerous gnus for secondary
armaments, has nccemltatcd a further
��� advance by us. The increased power
land size of new and more expensive
j torpedoes has led to an increase ln
j the number of torpedo tubes, with n
i further increase in the supply of
I torpedoes, Larger ships and guns In-
an increase in
i the scale of all appliances and shipyards  machinery.
Continued  Increase.
"There   Is,   I   fear   no   prospect    of
avoiding large and continuing Increases in the naval estimates of future years, unless the period of acute
rivalry, of rapid scientific expansion
through which we are passing, comes
to an end. Of all the nations cf the
world we are perhaps best able to
boar BUch a s-ra'n if it should continue. We have greater accumulations
of capital than are found elsewhere.
"Wa are freed from the'need of
maintaining an army of the continental scale. Our fiscal and financial sys
tern enebles large expansions of taxation to be made without the cost of
living to the masses of the people being directly affected. Hut although
we are not likely to be in grave diffl-
Succeeds   French   Prefect. 1
I'aris. March 28.���Celestin illnnlon,!
head  of the detective service  at the |
ministry of the interior has been Be- ]
lected by President Polncare and Premier  Bartbou, as  successor to  Louis j
Leplne,   prefect   of   police,   who   has
retired.    M.  Hinnlon,  who Is just 50 1
years  old   is   one  of  the  ablest   and
most experienced men in the French'
administrative service. a He    is    Weill
liked in I'aris and is popular with the]
students of the Latin quarter.   He Ib a I
good all-round  athlete and    takes    a
keen interest in open air sports.        \
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all braaohes.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WIL80N, Manager.
Navigation Will Open Early.
Ottawa, March 26.���That navigation I
on the great lakes will open at an ex-j
Ceptlouolly early date this year is ap-!
parent  from  reports received  by  the ]
maritime   department.     Port   Arthur
advices ttate that the harbor will be j
open   in   less  than  two  weeks.     Ice-1
breaking is now going ahead vigorous- j
ly In the St. Lawrence in preparation
for the opening of navigation.   The ice
in Lake Superior is said to be lighter
than usual.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all Kinds.  PHONE 694.
?    ?    ?   HAVE YOU SEEN   ?    ?    ?
Our assortment of Royal Victoria China consisting of Chocolate,
Cocoa and Tea Sets, on display ln our window.
We are In a position to furnish your home from cellar to attic,
supply you with Stains'and Varnish, all kindB Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
and our prices defy competition.
Let us show you our Linoleum and Floor Oils, our patterns are
selected with care, and we handle only the latest styles appropriate
for the different rooms of the house.
C. N. Edmonson & Co., Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
Chilliwack  Soccer Team.
The soccer team of the H   C. II
���desire of all the delegates to pull
together for the good of lacrosse.
Kvery man while doing li's best to
protect h's individual cl h worked for
tiie   heii-rieent   of   tie    gam"      They
reallrcd that the sc rl on the const
requires r ireful hsudllng during the
coming ��� -iiHor. end there Is to be none
tif the bickerings which featured the
seslous of the association last Bum-
nn r.
In Mr Vrliie, who Is nl the hack of
th,. Victoria club, the II C. L. A. has
n valuable member. Mr. virtue in a
Victoria man and wllh a plethora of \nt���\
the long green he is IinxlollH to place
tho Capital City again on the lacrosse
if money ��nd eastern players can
do II. John Virtue Is the man capable
of turning the trick.
Mr. John A. lee made his first np-
-poarnnco  as  a  Westminster  lacrosse
delegate and practically led the local
forces In the mutter of recognition nn
to tho financial aspect of the clubs.
Wlll Go Eaut.
Just what the visit ' of Messrs.
1 Mich. Jones and Virtue, representing
the three n. C. rliTbfl tn the Kast. will
mean, remains to tie seen. The trio
will probably leave next S"udav from
Vancouver, accompanied by Jimmy
Hewitt, the sporting editor of the
Vnncouvi r Province, who got'B as Mr.
Jones' legal nllvlsrr.
From communications received from
the  head  officials of the    Dominion
Four,   tho
will meet the Chilliwack IIS. on
Moody park this afternoon at 3:15 ln
a n turn game with the Valley boys
Last week the Westminster tram met
defeat at Chllllwaok by a narrow margin so that little difficulty in expected
in taking the visitors Into camp by a
safe   margin   this   afternoon.
Ice   Rink  for  Varsity.
Toronto.  March 26.���It is stated on
excellent  authority  that  Varsity  will
have   a   new   artificial   ice   rink  nexl
winter.    Thp plan is to raise the ne-j
cessary  money  by subscription  from
the graduates and a big percentage of:
It is already premised,   It is proposed !
to  ask  the   20.0(10  graduates  to  sub-1
scribe  and   the   lirts  are  now  being
prepared. The Varsity authorities will
lie asked to give the site and no difficulty Is anticipated from that quarter.
��� ANNALS. ���
Bob Fitzslmmons stopped Jim
Daly lu first round at I'hiladel
Danny Webster. Kngiish, knock
ed out Kid Parker In fourth
round at Los Angeles.
Willie Lewis defeated Jewey
Smith, English, In 10 rounds nl
Jimmy Walsh and Hilly Allen
fought 10 round draw at Woon
socket. It. I.
1911���Palsy Hrannignn and Charley
Goldman fought HO round draw
at Dayton, O.
! 1011 -Jim Flynn knocked out Al Man
dlno In fourth round at Musko
gee, Okla.
Mayor James Mars, of the new city
 __ ��� ,,    .of   Port   Coqultlam,   was  In   tlie  city
Lacrosse  Union,  *�� f*^',,,^ yesterday on business.
Vim'cm   men   are  more   man   wining , - ��
that I li"r"we commission covering! ln company with the sport writers
lhe whole of the Dominion should bo of the Vancouver papers The News
formed, SO that little difficulty Should guggeBtea t0 Mayor Mars the pos-
lie met in  ihls respec.i slblllty  of  appointing  a  boxing com-
Witlt the  grabbing of ...   tr np M ^ w()l���(| miv(, ^ ���,
,rs to form the Victoria rltil.lro Ible ^ m ^ m,w ^ |Uggegt.
may nrise, however, as tin   nig rour ft cl,rta|n percentage of the
^.r^^sIern'^nnrrnrlam'redMiro^ds be placed to the credl. of
with.     It   Is   believed,   however     thai
cul ty for supplies, men nnd money
and although the malntalnence of
naval security must always be regarded as a first charge on the resources cf the British empire, yet thc
evil and the insensate folly of what
is now taking place here and all over
the world Is so patent to the meanest
injustice that concerted effort to ar-:
rest It should surely he the llrstj
official object.
Suggests   Rest.
"There Is. happily, a way open and i
which will remain open, whereby the
peoples of the world  could obtain almost  Instantaneous mitigation of the :
thraldom in which they arc involving
themselves,    Everything    is relative. I
The   strength   of   one   navy   is   its j
strength compared with another. The !
value of a ship depends entirely upon j
the contemporary ship it may havo to I
"The usefulness cf naval invention
i ceases  when   it  is  enjoyed  by  other
'��� powers.   Yet we see the ship types ofl
> every naval power superseding those
of the previous year.    With remorseless persistency scores of millions of
I dollars are being absolutely squandered,   while  every   year  all   the    naval
! powers are making not only the fleets
i of   their  rivals,  but   their  own   fleet
! obsolete  without   adding  to their  re I
' lattve   strength   or    actual    security.
Could any process be more stupid ?
"The question that should be asked j
of the great powers is:    lf   for    the
I space ' f a year no  new warship    be
Tommy j buiit   ',,r any navy, would your naval
Interests or national  security be pre-
judici J in anv conceivable way ? Why
ahould we Sll not take a naval holiday |
for a year as far as new construction, 1
or  new  construction  of capital  ships
Is   concerned ?     That   question   was j
asked last year, that proposal I repeat
tbis vear    it Imelies no abandonment |
of any scheme of naval organization
or naval   increase,    li   Imposes   no
check iiivin the development of    true
naval efficiency.
Appeal to Nations.
"The finances of every country
would obtain relief, no navy would
sustain the slightest Injury. This ta
no appeal of weakness panting 1 ehind
which we make, but of strength striding before. It Is an appeal which we
address to nil nations and to no
nation with more profound sincerity
than our great neighbor over the
North Ben. Let me say al once nnd
.without reserve how much we welcome the calm friendly tone and tem-
tier if the recent German naval dis
ciissions. Britain and Germany have
the conviction that desire of both Is
to preserve peace."
Mr. Churchill then turned to British
construction lie was glad to say
that nothing had happened during the
year lo alter the numerical pro tram
submitted In 1912 giving, for a six
com-1 years period, Britain 26 Dreadnoughts
I against Germany's 14.   He said thai
In Hits of Music and Comedy.
Fascinating and Entertaining.
Phenomenal   Lady   Baritone.
Westminster's Favorite
Three   Reel   Feature  Entitled
Clever actors   in    thrilling
Other  Comedy   Films.
Matinee   10cand 20c
Night       10c and 25*
(Royal   Mall   Steamers  Sailing Every  Saturday.)
New SS. "Laurentic" and "Megantic"
(15,000 tons)
SS. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
���82 feet long. 514 feet long.
Now is the time to arrange for the passages of your friends from
England. We issue prepaid tickets, and our offices in Kngland communicate with passengers, arranging all details and advancing any
funds deposited witb us.   We also Inform you when passengers arrive.
For Sailings and Further Particulars Apply
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,     three   doors    from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulat, Agent Canadian Pacific R., and F. C.
Meyers, Agent G.  N.  Ry., New Westminster.
the const filibusters will mnke a raid
on the young players who are lust he-
finning to show pronils<i wllh thn
lacrosse slick  and  with  visions of
the city -m^���m^m^���m^mmm^mm^���
Whether the matter will ever come
to a head remains to lie seen, but Ihe
llstlc, fans enn rest assured of the
support of  Mayor  Mars In tho    pro-
ponnnnmH poslilon In the Capital, CltjrlJeet
��� (By "Gravy.") ���
Boxers  Have   Hard   Luck   in  tho   Matrimonial   Game.
A few boxers, including
Burns, Bombardier Wells and Johnny
Kllbane, enjoy a happy domestic life,
hut they a,re the exception rather
than the rule. The majority of fighters have played In hard luck lu tackling the matrimonial game. Battling
Nelson's brief dream of connubial
bliss, lasting only a few days. Is now
to be shattered in the divorce courts.
Young Corbett, whose renl name is
William H. Hothwell, has also recently, been separated from his better
half. Mrs. Thomas ,1. Sharkey, wife
of Uie former heavyweight mitt artist who is now a dispenser of liquid
refreshment In New York, appealed
to the courts for a separation nnd nil-
mony Bome time ago. but at last reports the breach had been healed.
"Them family bust-tips will happen
nnw and then." quoth Tom.
Kid McCoy probably holds the long
distance marrying record among boxers, having visited the altar no less
than eight times, and the divorce
courts scarcely less frequently. Itlch
nrd K. Fox, who used to give belts
lo all the champions, took wife No.
n not long ago. The mighty John 1,
has reported to have found nt Inst
th" connubial bliss he long has sought
Nobody knows Just how many times
I.lack Johnson has been mnrrled - proh
lnl.lv not even .lack himself. Ills next
to the last wife, a white woman
I milted   suicide. B
| .In,. Rivers recently took a bride. I two ships would be milled to this
land expects to'llve happily ever after-j total for every extra vessel laid down
'ward. In spile of statistics, ike Weir. I by Germany. Additional to this would
one time feather-weight champion-, j bo nny ship Ilrltaln might have to
|was known ns a model husband. Ho build In consequence of new nnvnl
'was Jack riemsev. once middle-weight'developments  In  the    Mediterranean,
champion, i." '. I!ltc  Weir, an Irish- but nb such developments are observ-
man. Boh Fltrsliniiions, who came to able at the present time. He em-
America from Australia with a wife |phaBized the fact that the Malay
and baby, afterwards separated from | Dreadnought and the three ships now
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Being tlie eighth story of "What
Happened to Mary," produced
In collaboration with "The
Lady's World."
Song by Miss Frances Hamilton
Featuring  Miss Leah  Balrd
Eclipse Comedy
Western Drama,
Eastern AU-Stars vs. Western All-Stars
Friday Evening, March 28.
Seat sale now on at Hill's Pharmacy.
ADMISSION: $1.00 and 50 CENTS.
Wednesday and Thursday
Three Reel Imp Drama
A Beautiful Irish Story with
a strong Cast.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager Thc New Westminster News. I   .     ,..*���'.������- .-   ,f*.. MM MM
THURSDAY,  MARCH  27,  1913.
. ****************
* HATES. *
Classified���Oue cent per word per
C.y; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; B.Olltl words, to be used nn re-
uiired within one year trom date oi
lunlract,  $25.00.
illrlh or Marriage Notices 60c.
lieath Notice 6oc or with Funeral Notice $1.60. Card of Thauka 60c per
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Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Loss-ad-
justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with tlle man who has property
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business man. or housewife, who
is "upset" by the loss of "help"
���with the anxious work-seeker,
against whom the rest of mankind sometimes seems to be hos-
tilely arrayed���with the landlords who unexpectedly lose tenants���with the business men
who need more capital -with
nil who bave confronting them
a "want ad task!"
They are as completely at
YOUR SERVICE as are the
street curs or telephones���but
their capacity for serving you
ia much wider, while just as
housekeeping rooms. Apply 814 Carnarvon street. (M4)
Paris Idolises Albert For His Wonder-
ful Discoveries���is Now Lecturing
at Oceanographlc  Museum.
modern, cheap, ;H4 Eleventh street.
ono  block  from  punt office.    Apply
i'i.'i Carnarvon street. (902)
furnished housekeeping rooms, ulso
single  rooms.     4 7  Columbia struct.
room.   Apply
'01 Agnus street, near
I Sill I
Robbery ot Billion Planned Eighteen
Mon. .i  In Advance.
There have lieeu quite a number o|
cases of robberies ol gold In transit
on railways and steamers of a similar
character to the une which was perpetrated the other day, when, il will
is> remembered, $.riii,ii<iii worth ol sovereigns disappeared mysteriously Irom
a consignment which was being sent
frum  Loudon  to  Alexandria,
One of the earliest- if rfot the very
earlleft���orlmes ol the kind occurred
in 1839, when two boxes ol gold dust,
worth $900,000, were stolen [nun St.
Katharine's Dock, fondon, nfter being
lnnile.l there from the steamer City of
This rubbery was carefully planned,
but the method of currying it out WB!
of the simplest. A num drove up hi
the wharf and claimed the boxes, describing the murk* upon thetn, ami
world.    Here, in a must magnificent | giv|ng other satisfactory proofs of his
tills und lii bladden valued at between
18000 nnd |6000 under   a   stairway
lending to the rooms of Chlug Kiio, un
Interpreter employed on the docks of
thu i'acific Mail Steamship Company.
Customs ofl'ieeVs udiiilt they lire thoroughly mystified.
Paris, Murch 26.- Parisians are the
most lecture-going people ln the world
and  tlle  lectures  which  are lhe  sensation of  I'urlH this month are those
which deal  with the mysteries uf the
,, j sea.
Paris has now tlm finest and best
equipped oceanograph museum in the
keeping rooms, also phone, $14 to
%'iii per month, ut 224 Seventh
street. (SHIS)
Apply Hall ft I.avory block.      (Sllli)
in good condition,    three    or    four
rooms, in good neighborhood.   Rent
$15 or $18.    Box 'Ml News oITice.
once.    Windsor hotel. (9241
responsible firm exclusive listings of
first class industrial and residential
property in the city or district.
Write giving particulars to Box 922
The News. (9221
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, News office
double corner suitable for rooming
house or terrace. Apply Room 3,
650 Columbia street. (9361
furnished housekeeping rooms, furti-
aco healed. Apply 37 Agnes streot.
or phone L G3S. |X,r>2|
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Ag-
nea street. (763)
small rooms over the Newa office
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloo
Apply to Manager the News.
lecture-hull, addresses on the
sea and its Inhabitants are now riveting thu attention of studious and fascinated audiences. The lectures are
usually at nine o'clock in the evening. Two hours before Ihey begin
there Is not a place to be bad. Tliere
is no such thing as standing room,
for when all the seats are occupied
no more people are allowed to enter
the hall.    Thu lectures are free.
The magic lantern and cinematograph are pressed into the lecturer's
service and seats are arranged in so
ml-clrcles and so arrangi d that all can
see, The lecturers are mostly trom
the Sorbonne, but the most popular
lecturer of them all Is Prince Albert
of Monaco, who Just now is one of
the Idols of Paris. Whenever this
princely oceanographlst is announced
for a lecture, the poorer holders of
I faith
Ten minute^ afterwards the real
owner arrlvedl and then, of course,
"the fnt was in the lire." Clever ile-
tectives suceeeileii in running the
thieves to earth aud recovering most
of the stolen gold.
The individual wlin was the "brains
of the plot." proved hi be a certain
Casper, a shipping clerk. He it was
who noted the marks on the boxes,
and Imparted the information t" a
notorious "fence" named "Money"
Muses, who drove up to the wharf
anil claimed the gold.
There were several others in tlie
plot, nnd a remarkable feature of the
case was the maimer in which the
conspirators tried to "do" one another
uut of the proceeds of tlieir joint vil-
llliny. Tims. Muses was proved to
have paid his confederates a much
lower price fur the L'old than he actually received besides which he se-
their right for admission I cretly abstracted $0,000 worth of du-t.
for a handsome price.    And the de- \ and buiried  it  in  his beer cellar.   A
inand in enormous. daughter of his, a widow named Alice
The  museum  is situated  near the | Abrahams,  also  had a linger in th
Odeon   theatre,  lu   the   neighborhood
of the schools and in the very heart
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street, west
Vancouver, B. C. (766)
Nonpariel Dancing Club will hold
their usual weekly dance in Cray's
hall, Edmonds, Rushton's four piece
orchestra, l'rof. Douglas, M.C. Rag
dancing strictly  prohibited.      (919)
bath, toilet and basement; very
large, level lot. 50x150, high and
dry, two blocks from Sixth street
train. Eleventh avenue. Key at No.
218, next door. See this and you
will buy. Only $2460-1 $600 cash.
balance as rent lf desired. Wood-
worth & Co., 33:; Camble street,
Vancouver. Phone Seymour 4438.
ness good, fine location. Cash. Dox
904 News office. 1904)
sell 66x122 foot    lot   on    Highland
.    Park cut-off car line; 5c fare. Apply
H. C.    Brachman,    Windsor    Hotel,
1   Vancouver. (890)
Notice is hereby given that the tlrsl
sitting of the Court of Revision on
the Assessment Roll for 1913 will be
held al the Council Chamber, City
Hall, New Westminster, B.C., on the
16th day of April, 1913, at 11 a.m.
Notice of any complaints must be
given to the Assessment Commissioner iu writing at least ten days
previous to the sitting of llie Court.
Dated at New Westminster, B.C..
the 17th day ot March, 1913.
(SS2) City   Clerk.
Three roomed furnished stilto with
bath, hot and cold water; heated
Vacant March 17.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750
of the Latin quarter, The founder
of It and of Its slsler institution at
Monte Carlo is Prince Albert, who
has devoted his whole life to the
study of oceanography.
For the study of the sea he has
fitted out two yachts; he has lectured
in all the great capitals of Europe;
he has Interested governments; lie
has established two great museums
and he has conquered the depths of
the ocean.
At first Prance was slow, for some
Inexplicable reason, to take up oceanography, Thanks lo the perserverance
and generosity of the prince, she has
filled out several ships for oceano-
grapbic studies. Tne last lime Prince
Albert gave a course of lectures here
former President I-oubet. and many
members of the government occupied
places on the platform.
Prince   Albert's donation   in   money
toward the Oceanographlc museum In
Paris is the princely sum of $800,000.
He gives this generous gift in recognition of the hospitality with which
France, und especially Paris, receives
all thinkers. Large as is this gift,
It Is small in comparison with the
other things for which the Paris mils
euni Is indebted to the Prince of Mon
aco. nnd for which he has drawn free
ly upon his unrivalled collection at
Mond. Carlo.
At the peril of his life Prince Albert
has persevered for more than a quar
ter of a century until he has at length succeeded in giving samples of
the life Ihat exists in all sea depth?
���even as far below the surface of
the ocean as 1S.000.
What It Means to  Raise tbe  Precious
Banner In Time of War.
The sacred standard of the prophet
Is enveloped In forty coverings ot
green lulTeln and is luclused lu n ease
of green clot li. wblcb nlso contains a
Koran (Ibe bonk of the lawi, written
by tbe Cullpb Omar himself, nud the
silver keys of the Kunpn. which Sellui
1. received from Ibe sheriff uf .Mecca.
The standard Is twelve feet high,
niul   the   golden   ul'iiiiiiient   (a   closed
tm ml i which Hiiiuiouiits it contains au-
ollier copy of the Koran, written by
tbe Cullpb Osmutl 111., the successor
of .Mohammed
In lime of pence tills precious slumlord is guarded In the bull of tin- "noble vestment." Tims Is styled the dress
worn liy llle prophet. In the same hall
In Which the tunic bungs are Nlsu pre- I realize
served Ibe uther Venerated relies of
tlie empire- llie sticretl leelb. the holy
beard, llle snered stirrup, the saber ami
Ibe Imw uf Miibiiuiuieil und tlle alius
ami IIrmor of the lirst caliphs
In war it ningiiilieeiit tent Is erected
fur receiving the snered standard.
Which Is illlaelieil by silver rings to il
'��� lance of ebony. This custom brings
to ierullerlii.il llie little leinple ill
Which was deposited the eagle of the
ltumau legions, iis related by Dlonyslua
Cllssllls, At the end nf every cam-
pulgn tlie sacred piece of green silk
'. which forms the standard is replaced
witb great solemnity iii a richly ornamented chest.
Down In Iiie present epoch tills stand
ard'hiiH always been a real tn listen n
tu the Turks and bus served lo rally
tin- defenders nf Islnmlsui and to In
tliiiue their courage In buttle against
tbe Christians Tbls snered banner Is.
however, never displayed except III
time uf war ns ii last extremity, lt Is
the signal for Instantly exerting every
effort to save Ilu- empire. Every
Christian is prohibited from stopping
1 befure ur even eimllng u profane look
��� on tbla snered pledge of safety.���Loudon Tit Hits.
Voters Must Register on New List by  Association   at   Thameiville   Is   Busy
Raising   Money   For   Memorial
to Tecumseb.
April 7���Every Opportunity
Ily an act paused at the recent bub-
ulon of the provincial legislature
every voter In 11. C. Irrespective
of party, creed or position was disfranchised. Entirely new voters 'lists
were opened and on these every fully
qualified elector must ngaln register
IiIh nuino by April 7, or lose his power
to vote In any election, provincial or
Dominion that might occur during the
uext few  months.
Cltlteni  of  New  Westminster by
tile appointment   of a  score  or   more
of special commissioners by the gov
ernment have  every  opportunity  to
hand to place their names ou the new
lists long before tlie date above mentioned.     A  number have  already  per-
Thamesvllle, March 26. II. Ik now
almost an absolute certainty Unit u
monument will lie i rented lo tho
Shawnee chief Tecumseb, en tin-
Town Hull Park of Thamesvllle,
The Thamesvllle Tecumseh Memorial   Association   has   been   working
ihe lust few weeks (perfecting arrangements,
11 aims at a creditable memorial to
llie Indian chief, who proved himself
such u valuable ally to lhe llrlllsh
In lhe war nf IS 1 li. Already between
$,".00 and $101)0 has been subscribed,
mostly by a few ill tlle bead of tho
Moth governments have been approached   and   most   eiieiniraghig  as-
aet or
formed this duty but others failing In   surances have been received.    Several
Subscriptions have also been received
from tiie outside, and the general Impression seems to be Unit Thamesvllle, two miles from the spot where
Tecumseh fell, is the proper place
for n monument   Already ii boulder
has been erected on tlle battlefield.
Mrs. John ('otitis Is president of the
Monument Association; Ur. Slcwnrt.
vice-president; Dr. Fraaer, secretary,
and   A.   A.   Edsall,   treasurer.
pie. and filled tlie pockets ut lier
dresses with loose dust, ��!1 unknown
to her rascally father, or tu the other
The next great gold robbery occurred in 1H57, niul was a far moTe elaborate affair. The thieves, in lac'.,
had been preparing fur their coup tor
eighteen months previous to bringing
it nfi.
Four men wire in the plot. They
were Burgess, n guard un the South-
Eastern Railway; Tester, n c'.erk in
the traflio department at London
bridge; and Pierce and Agar, two pro-
fessional burglars. Tester gnve inlor-
niiition as to the date the guld was
In be consigned tn Uie railway com- ,
pany fur conveyance tn the continent. ' , ��� ...
Ihu-.'es.s.   who  "was   the guard   on   tlie ' A German Tailor . Scheme For Getting
mail train, passed it on to Pierce and |
Agar.    Tlio re
Stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range  Co.,  Market square.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
We can trade 10 acres near Chilliwack
for city propert) Call and see us
Wc can trade 160 acres In Alberta. 75
acres plowed and ready for    crop,
lluus."  and   ban       Iti ��� *   $4200,   for
city property.   I' s7
V/e can trade a lot at Edmonds near
cily line fur    small  ItOUB I  in    New
Westminster,   .\ >  58,
He Lot 4, of Illock 19, of part of Sec
tion II.    Illock 3 North,    Range    7
West, District of New Westminster.
A certificate of indefeasible title to
ab ive property will be Issued to Prank
N.  Trltes, on  the 12th  day  of April,
1913, unless in tho meantime a valid
objection thereto  be  made  to  me    in
writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or Interest therein,  or
in any part thereof.
District Registrar of 'i'ltlen
Land  Registry  Office,
New Westminster, B.C., February
25th, 1013.
\* *���
��� ���
The death has taken place In Der-
ry of Thos. Lindsay, stated to be the
oldest coroner in Ireland, who was
83 years old. Owing to the state of
his health Iie was unable to be conveyed to the poll at the recent election.
The dead body of Patrick Kelly, a
fanner of Knockfawn. hns been
found on the roadside at Shantully.
nearthe borders of Monaghan County. Kelly visited Middletown a few
nights ago. and on his way home
was overtaken by the storm, and died
from cold and exposure.
t was ea-sy.
The bullion boxes were opened with
false keys and rifled between London
and Folkestone, the abstracted gold
being replaced by buckshot. When
the boxes were weighed at Boulogne
tiny were found to be too light, and.
b"ing opened, the theft was discovered. But by then the thieves were far
enough away. Tliey kept their own
counsel, disposed cautiously ul tlie
bulk ol their stolen guld���about J00.-
OCfl worth���and the crime might have : ed
remained for ever unsolved, had not]Tli
Al'u, alter being arrested on another | tary
aharge,  turned   informer.
Hia Circulars Read.
America bus ibe reputation of having forgotten more about advertising
methods t tin it Europe bus ever known.
But lt Is doubtful whether the American business man ever devised a more
Ingenious method than that adopted
recently by a Dresden tailor.
He addressed his circulars, describing the excellence of his military tailoring, to nllleers of the reserve in Iml
tuilon official envelopes with the print-
Inscription,    "Por   Mobilization."
distributers were dressed In mlll-
..... uniforms ami commenced operations simultaneously  In several tier-
' man towns.
Parsee   Bur'uil  Customs. Wives uf absent reservists were ter-
A Bombay correspondent, writina ol   rifled hy the appearance nf the fateful
the  burial   customs  of   the   Parseea,  envelope at a time when mobilization
ays:  "The  approach  of  tlmt  transi-1 and European wnr were In the air.
But tbe advertiser bad scored his
point by Impressing his name upon bis
victim quite indelibly, which Is. we nre
the  Importance of  Ih
being  unaoquainted  wllh   the   necessity of registering have not dune so.
To thn latter special attention is call
ed to tiie Hat of commissioners umi offices given below from which application forms can bo secured und properly
filled In;
The Conservative club rooms, day
and night.
Office of Tho British Columbian.
Cray fi Qllohrist.
T. J.  Trapp & Co.
City Hall.
Picket ii Hunt corner Braid and
Columbia streets, dny and  night.
City   Market.
H, i. Knight -ft. Co,
J, l-C. Iirown -ft Co,
Lees Limited.
Tho l-abor Temple.
Thomas     Itutledge
Trust  block.
Mr. T. (lifford, Jeweler.
Messrs.   Win.   Pope,   W,   S.
Percy  Hunt,    J,    E,    Hrown
Hlakely, Clarence II. Peele, I)
Ken/.le, 1)  W. Gilchrist, It. A
lames     Ferguson,     Charles
Mathcw J   Knight. John A. Ln
Rutledge, Ralph Cburtcn, William (lifford, Nels Nelson, Alexander Carrett,
Chsrli'B   M.   Nicholson,  Ceo.   Kennedy,
.1. B. Jardine, H. Gilley, Geo.  Mackie,
Ed. Goulet, J. S. Bryson. D,  Douglas,
11. Macpherson, W. Macadam, It. Buck'
land.  W.  S.  Johnson,  E.  J.  Roughen.
A. II   Hahler, R. W.  Lane,  v.  it.  En-
nis,  A.   I,.   Lavery,   M    W.   Minthorne.
In addition to these commissioners
declaration may be made before the
mayor, any Justice of the peace, no-
'ary public, government .agent, as*
-wwBor, mining recorder, judge of uny
court, county clerk or assessor.
Applicants must be male British subjects snd 21 years of age That they
hold such qualifications must he de
clared on oath before any of the commissioners or others authorized to
San Francisco, March 25.���Curtis
llillvler. prominent attorney and club
man uf San Pranelseu. wlin attempted
suicide yesterday by lucking himself
in a bath room and turning on the
gas, was Bald tonight to be out of
: danger.
Friends of Hlllyler announced to-
I night   that   thev  had  arranged to.protect his financial interests, threatened
I ruin  of which  is said  to have been
responsible fur lhe attempt to suicide.
purvi6    llillvler had Invested his total wealth
Thos! i ���*" " '���""' scheme, it is alleged, hoping
to  reap  quick  returns.
. m
Bank of Montreal
E. Mac
..$16.000 000.00
tion we call death is a signal for Uie
relatives tu leave tlie presence uf the
dying one, the priest alone remaining
tn whisper Zend-Avesta precepts Into
iiis ear. He in turn pas.-es uut el the
room and admits a dog, who is trained to gaze steadily intu the face ut
'he dying une. A dog is accounted
the only living creature thnt can ter
rurizc the evil BpiriU, so tiie 'sa-
did, or 'dog --tare.' i- the la-t sight
the Parsee has on earth. No human
shadow in ii -t intervene; otherwise tli"
guardian virtue ot thn dog's gaio is
told, the essential end of advertising.
The Idea Is liulqtie for absolute bold
news and callousness.���New York Sun.
King Alfonso Confers Grand Cross on
Senor y Gayangos.
Madrid. March 86.���The King has
decorated tlie Spanish minister at
Washington, Don Juan Rlano y Gay-
angos, wiih the Grand Coss of Isabella the Catholic, in recognition of
his eminent services in bringing
about closer relations between Spain
and the United States.
Senor li'.itu. ex-minister of the interior; Sanchez llomnlii, ex-minister
uf Foreign affairs, and Senator La-
bra have been nominated members
i f  the   Hague  Tribunal.
UrasnkcK throughout Canada ami
N����fonnill��iiil. and in London. Eng
land. New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.8.A., an* Mexico City. A general
fcunliing business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with cor-
reupondeniu is all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department Deposit!*
revived In sums of SI and titiwaril
and tntercdt allowed at 3 per cent per
minim  (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00,
O.  D.  BRYMNER,  Manager.
B.C. Coast Service
A Galway correspondent mates tba'
he purchased a codfish weighing   I'',*-'" "er
'.":',  pounds  from  a local  fisherman,  and   "! "'*������ '
that  when be bad tbe fish opened le    '''J  I' :|*"
discovered a tin flute mul a mil of pn       " ''" '"
tightly folded, which seemed   to   not imagn
lot,    Sapperton,
Lust    Burnaby.
House    and    corner
$1900.    No. 111.
House and  large  lot
$1300,    No. i,7.
New  bungalow,   modern
ace. on Wise road, $231
Three oneacre blocks on l.ulu  Island.
Ottawa  street,  snap  at
except  furn-
0.    No. M.
Large  lot
Cottage  to   Rent.
Call and see.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis  Block,  Nnw  Westminster
Today $220
Frank Major Music and
Piano House.
61 Sixth St.
The person or persons    having    ln
their custody or possession the follow
ing Title   Deeds   relating   to   th
property are requested tn deliver th
same to tin- undersigned.
la)     Deed    dated    the 28th  dav ot   I'"''*
November, 1893  from Frank N Trltes  ,l,:" "        ** "I,1V "f th" ' later '  ''*
lo Tliomas  Dennett of lhe above    de-   ���""      M" '"���' J th;U  thls  *����� "thp  fi"
scribed property. '  ' '"'' caM&h   on the Oalway   coasl
I hi     Deed dated the    l'Jth    day    Ol   tblB '���'"''''"
November, 1SP4. from Thomas Bennett
to Arnold llennett    of the    above    described property.
lei    Deed    dated   the   1'Jth   day ol
October, 1900, from Arnold llennett to|
Miss   Stead   Talks  With W
Mi.-.-  Estelle  VV.  Stead. ,!au.-
William 1. Stead,"who perished in th
Titanic disasti r. declares -lie I uut re- |
ceived many *-;������:���'. messages Irom her
lather within  a  lew  weeks.
"My taller te'.'.- me," Miss Stead
said, "that he .i working where lie
now i.-. jusl a- he always worked here,
1 i* worl l peace. I'.'.in; untrammeled
iy a |''..y-i *,*il bod) and at '.ilx-rty tolrnnftned
there   at il   tlie   other  place
��� i- wi rkitrg and influencing
by  iinj reusinn.
i- liesw  *M.rk in front,   in
ihat  He*  Turk  Im-  '.ell
Electroplated Porcelain,
The electroplating process by wblch
glassware Is decorated wllb a network
of silver designs lias been extended In
Germany to the plating of porcelain
Idishes, such ns plotters, bowls, tureens
nud leu mul coffee sets. Vessels thus
treated nre said lo w-ear better than
either simple porcelain or solid silver,
being les* fragile tliiin porcelain mid
] less subject to Indentation and de
formation than silver. The product Is
called elei'triiporeelaln and Is cheaper
than plnted silverware. The plating |
is usually of silver, but Rome times nf
nickel, l'n some cases lustead of covering the entire vessel the plating Is
to  lhe   bandies,  knobs   nnd
edges, and cooking pots are usually
lefl nuciivered within, because puree
lain cun more easily be kept clean
than a surface of metal. ��� Harper's.
Belgian Contract  Swindles.
Brussels, March ii). A number of
high officers nf the Belgian army.
whose niiuies are not given, have been
accused by iho military authorities,
according to newspapers here, of the
swindling of the Belgian government
fram $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 by means
if fraudulent contracts fur tie t
Dishing of munitions of war to the
Belgian fortress artillery, A military
enquiry Intu the matter Is proceeding.
Irfihii-H Vancouver for Victoria in a, ttU*
- p. tn. und 11 ;4fi,
l-eavrn Viinctmvwr fur S**��Ule 10 u. rn.
mill  11 p. ni.
I*env��-H V;tneouv��*r for Nuniilmo 3  p. m.
I.*i*i��*e3 Vancouver for PrtllOQ ItuiM-rt
und Norihi-rn Point* l'i p. in. WtMin����H-
duy it.
ijeuvcn Vancouver every Wednesday at
10  p   in
Chilliwack Service
fttmlnater  S
Wednanduy  ami   l-'rtilay.
Leavea  CblULw&ok   7   t
I'hurmJ.iy unit rjalnrilay.
CD.  OOULKT,   Agent.   No
it   \v   BRODtBl. Q. V. A.
in Monday*
m. Tuesday*
Transf cr Co.
}fflce  Phons  185.      B��rn  Phone  13?
Bagblt Street.
BagKMsn Delivered Promptly to
���ny part of the city.
Europ    yet,"  was the  Inst   m
sii * said,
of   tlie   above lie
W.    Shay
scribed property.
(7r,4i        District Registrar ot Title
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
Cigars and Hinnkliig requisite's
Wholesale  nnd  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609   Columbia   8t.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724,
Cor. sixth and Columbia
The tory of a two-year-old child's
ih ..tli frt ni burns wan related nt an '
InqueBl al Mullingar. The mother
wi in uut shopping, and on returning
found the child a masB ol flami e
Catching up the child, --tie rushi d
from the house towards the hospital '
Her own clothes caught fire, and she
- was only saved frnm death by tha as-
: sh lance of n* i^libors.
ai the Limerick Petty Sessions an
old ai;e pensioner named William
Turner was fined 40s. nr a month's
Imprisonment without hard labor on
|a charge of giving an untrue and mli
leading statement to the pension
officer fur the purpose of obtaining
an Increase on the 3b. a week pension
of which he had been in receipt. Tin
accused said lie only earned BIB a
year, whereaa he had. up to the time
of application (August) received E46
in wanes from Messrs. Denny, bacon
en rers.
L nop old's   Long   Brd.
A  l)"-l  n|  tiie  -abnormal  length  ol
seven feet,  which  forma part "1 the
Mu* i- r u.-'i    il"ii ���������    lurniliire,   ha*
; rnlli"i' an amusing hi *��� -n    Thc late
i King  Leopold, win   was the guest ol
King   IwJwnrd  at his town house on
several  o 'c iBions,  nplained  to hi-
,. nisi ' f tlie dilfloulty he experii i.eed
i :n comfortably beslowinj his six-toot-
��� ���ur length into an ordinary-sifced
icd, when noon n seven-foot brtus
������ Uti nl ven- immediately procured
������I* iiim.
First  Man  (taku i; out time|
*������ in* tinii'j'.- wrong with thii ��
ui ii e     It   topped.
Si"<uiil Mnn   When?
1 u ���   Man- <>li. some  time
'1: ���   night,    1   can't  t"il   you
Salooni In Russia.
It will eoiiie as ii surprise lo most
people lo learn that llie greatest pub
iienn of ancient m* tuoderti tunes is
none nt her Hum the devoutly ortbodos
c/.ni- of Russia, Vodka, the nutlomii
drink nf the Itiisalnn people, lias been
ii crown monopoly eontlniibiiHty since
llie    sixteenth    century       Today    llle
crown owns HO.uuo kubnks, nr public
luuiM-m, nud -l.tKHl distilleries, The au
mini Income from Ibis source Is upprox*
iiuiitely ��1011,000,000, Public bouses lire
o j I'll   hy   Imperial   cuminund   In   tbat
t utrjFi   Every hamlet, no mutter bow
small, must have at leust one. ��� Ki-
 u.ai.   lj..._"..���L.'B
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly nt 610 Columbia St., now a'
807 Front Ht.   Phone 1111)31.
New   Westminster,   B.C.
Ileal  Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and  Choice  Fruit  Lands  t>
Box 34 Daily News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices rimht.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenzie St.
Proprietor���Here we are waitinp fir
the Iir*-t feature nf the program.
Where's the human Ily?
Sisb'' Manager���He's sent word he
can't come, sir. Ilia wile's been swatting hun.
A New Pump.
For pumping heavy liquids n Welsh
inventor hn-> deiti^jKil a combined pis<
ton an I rotary i>unii>, with m
it Mi-hill a young man named
Edward Smyth, of Rossmore, Drum
lish, wus returned fur trial, on ball,
charged with shooting al and wound
Inn his father, The father's deposl
tien was to the effect that wlnn lie
went to bed he heard his sun coming
home on the car drunk from Long
ford. Tbe sun went upstairs, told him
be hnd gol married and that he and
bin wife would he the "horses" there,
and then pulled hlm ont on the bed |
room  floor.    Witness ran downstairs, i
His SOD followed him Into the kitchen, San Francisco Opium Market
and, putting two cartridges Into a' San Francisco, March 'i��. Success-
double barrelled gun, placed it under ful smuggling hag reduced the price of
his rum, saying ho would do for blm. opium lu Chinatown from jr,n for a
The min went off then, und ibu charge five-teal can, to $7.. Concrete evidence
went between Witness's legs, the shot, of increased Importation was found
entering his flesh. today when customs aKenu seized 38
Fire Without Flame.
I An English engineer named Rode hns
Invented it way tu have lire without
flume. His apparatus consists uf n
i pi irons pluto or muss of lire resisting
fragments, within which be mixes In-
Ha unliable uus und ulr In the right pro
portions, When the gaa is lirst turned
ou nnd lighted It burns wllb n Uiiine at
tlle surface of the plate. When Ibe nlr
Is turned on the flame disappears, but
ihe bent Increases,   a temperature of
H.'JtHI decrees Is claimed, .lust wbnt use
of this Invention can be mnde in yet a
question,- lOichuuge.
Week End tlokets on sale to local
mints at S.nr.lo Kam for Round Trip
���n   Fridays,  Salurd.-iya  nnd  Bundays
For ratnu and reservation apply   tu
I0O   OODLKT, Ar.ent
New Westmloate
O P.A ,  Vancouver
ir  H   W.   Hrortle.
light and Heavy Hauling
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables ill  the city.    Kintt
Hue of cigars nnd Tobacco.   Sporting
"vonts bulletined,
A. G.  BEATON. Proprietor.
S-��"c'al;y - Treatment of lhe scalp
*>y Vtbro-Maseage and (Hover's Finn
>ua Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
Now Spring and Summer Suiting'*
now  on   display.     See  them.     Perfect
fit und workmanship guaranteed,   7i l
Front Street.
t .
nn 1 rotary pump, with
r  *iiei h" iii-ilv cogged,
Galveston  Plane Improvements.
valves I   onlvoston Is laying plans for an es
i tension of the sea wall uud grade nils
I liitf   to   nt   lenst   double   Ibe   present
aren.   Tbls extension of the wall with
accompanying crude raising win entail
a cost of nt lenst $."i.ll(H).(ioo niul wlll
provide ruined nren and sen wall pro
tectlon for practically doulile tlie present population of tbe City.���Shipping
111 usi luted.
Will  Lease for Three Years
508 Westminster Trust Bdg-. mi) THURSDAY,  MARCH  27,  1913.
Flre-Kllled Trees Present Many Difficulties in  Handling and Sawing
���Tests of Quality.
Victoria, March 28. in the announcement which the provincial forest
blanch is making regarding timber
fur sale along the Q.T.F. between Vol
lowiie.ui Pass and t'liri Oeorge, there
appears an Item of "6,000,000 feet ur
tliiiln r killed In 1912."
The government is anxious In tlle
Interesl et tin* country lo have tba
limber   takej
flci rs of Ibe llrltlnh Admiralty
I'ni'te  li on the retired Mm of ths
Royal  Navy.
I.leui.   Porte ban  for several  years
li.'eu   ecus di ring  the   feasibility  of a
j'OrOH-AtlantlC fl gbt,    He plans to use
I a hydroplane buaid ou the model sup
j plied   tu   the   liritish   Admiralty,     li
| will carry himself and two oilier skill
id   pilots,   v.lib  uu  ample  supply
fuel, und  u winiess equipment  wlll
enable the aviators to keep in touch
with  Allaiillc  liners.    The  start  wlll
be made probably from N.w York and
.the spei d (f tlle ucropbnc will allow
i r iiu* trip being made In 48 hours,
barring accident,
LtSUt, |special session In the summer of 1911
"trlking   Uc'.ure   of   Chief   of   Dritlo'i
Flying Ccrpi.
London, Mucb 20. An iii'eri itlns
lecture on military aviation was given
at  in,. Royal  United Service Instltu
ml   and   usi il   b.fiiie  tl(Jll   jjy   Major  k.   ll.   Bykes,  officer
decay and Insects get n firm hold. As
is will known, dead timber Is nol able
to reslsl either uf these enemies nnd
II Is i niy a nialler of thin* before
whal wm perfectly healthy wood is
nil d with ii nei work of ini ots' borings ami fungus growths, Damages
tu ibe extent ' r over 15,000,000 annually in stlmated to take place in
eastern Canada and the United Btates,
These lusses mny nol be paralleled
III lhe  west   hul  there Is undoubtedly
vast depreciation going   on   at    all
Inns and this u ill'lu'cnine mure'und
mcre noticeable as time goes nn  and
tiiiiln r valut s in crease,
The rale of   deterioration   < f   fire
commanding the military wing of the
Royal  Dying Corps.
3pealclng with the entire experience
of liritish mllilary aviation behind
h    Mieijr  Sykes laid  duwn two a\
ii.niH which he declared wlll govern
i'u* fm.. nl nations in the nexl war.
���| In *,   v iie  111   Ihat  Ibe the  nation
tli i bad command "T th" air at tin
ii * ilnnlng i i tin* war, v.in win. and
tii thai if a hostile nation, bavin:;
command uf the air, made   war   on
(in ni in- lain or if an enemy once
wrested Hie rule nf ihi nr from lu r
.in*   could   nt ii r   bi l'e,   I',   tiie   c i ii ne
i iie* war, to nun in.
Iii . oncluslou, 'he lee' rer said: "1
ami last summer,   a Democratic con-
alor known to be lu Ibe confidence of
the tariff makers, says that the rates
in tin- forthcoming bill ami those pass-
id at llie two extra Minims and vetoed ly l'i'I Ideal Taft will not vary
on an BVI ragO Ol mors than I per cent
nml   win re  there  are  Increases  the
(I average is i truck by decreases olsi
win re.
HAS di?appeari:d
I uni!", March '.'.'i. A story Is pub
lished in tin- newspapers here saying
'ha* an extraordinary sensation   has
|>; en  ei   .iled   in  (at I  Bl Oil tv   by   lb *
���udden disappearance of the Khedives
coni ii i' ��� li 'ly. ������ im Pi Austrian
ii*.* b i i'i inn"'pii '"dl.. vanished several da) *���* i    it 'I  uo traoe i i her
bs i i" * n found,
Om li ��� iu 'in* t'oluctanoe i f the Kb"
dive's courl to sav more about ths nf
fair iinn is necessary, ihe sxaol date
when the lady disappear! d oannoi be
ascertained, hul ��� f the main faol i
there In no doubl  whatever,
Cairo is iu lhe full suing ur Hu- s. its' n ul Hi" present lime, and it bus
been Impossible to keep the mailer
altogether secret, despite ihe Moslem
traditions ef ihe country. The pre
Hint Khedive's wife Is well known l:i
general society,
killed timber d pends a great deal on ,|,.. alll   |���  111c- not-dlstanl   Mure, cf
the size nf the timber and proportion scouting aeroplanes of 120 miles an
of aapwood     Trees under three feel -,,,,,,   fighters to carry pilot and as-
In diameter, ir killed outright by   s dstent,   gunner   and   cbaorver,  al   a
crown  lire, nre  usually unim r ���h.mi- :i���,,i ,,|   i,,.i n,iies;   weight  carriers
able   In   elghl   or ten years; larger t0 transport troopB, rations and equip
trees, with thin Bapwood, nmy remain ;,,.,,.   i,.., ,,r twelve al a time a dls
merchantable tor 16 or L'n years .,.,,.,. ,r thirty miles, and make tlve
togging  lire-killed  timber  Involves |,;.    ��� ,*-.,-
losses in manv ways, partlcularlj   In ������, r j,.*���*,., French, chief of the Im
bringing useless parts of the tree to ,,, ;���;,,-   .. nera|  Btaff,  In   Bumming up
the mill, nnd in the danger 'f break the   debate   which     followed     Major
iiu; wh"
Ch'netc  end   RuFlan   Relations.
London, March 26 Relations between cbina and  Russia    are   some
. *., t 11 mini 'i i n ilu* subject of Mme
���-, iiu and He ugh action by th" nt w
n public   in    Mongt lla has i�� en de-
crlbcd in* ui surd ti' ��� Indications am
thai tin  new pri nib ��� I uf the republic
e ;,, i inclined to pt rmlt the sequestration or that enormous province
without r. *..ii tance,
Prcte't  Historical   Druids' Circle.
London, March 25, Though the
Stonehenge estate, tb" propertv or Sir
Edward Antrobus, Is to be sold, lt is
unlikely   thai   the  famous  historical
clrcl" uf the  Druids  will  be removed
No Wander the Small Boy Wai Afraid
to  Do  Mil  bi oiuue j.
MISS    lil.l/.Aiil.l i|    CHAMBER.
LAIN,    in,.    -MisMir-   Ki'iidiiula
��llime lUVVMllgilllnu "I  the nm-
ning business pruved Hull women mul
gills  wm Ued MMueii  Iiiiiii*i ii dny :;,ul
that ebiiiiieii nt four yearn were actually employed ill btiin sulpplng, said
recently lu Albany:
"These ivoiueti mul children showed
lu Hi.'ii  pallor niul emu. liillmi mid list-
IeKsnewi Hun ihoj bad been maltreated,
Tbelr iu"k-< piiived tbelr maltreatment
as the little llliaeii boy's reninik proved Ills
"Tbls tittle boys mother whipped him
frequently, and she always prefaced
Lur whippings wltb tbe umlnuns words,
'I'll lend In (nu in tl minute '    'I'll lend
tn .vil in a iniiiiite'  tUiit always meant
n spunking.
"Well, iiii toward Christmas n lady
giiie Hie   .nl n dollar and tnld  him tu
buy himself a pn-"in ni tin- toyshop,
"lie weul tu ihe toyshop, but in a
little wiuie came forth ngnln empty
bunded    'I'm afraid or tbs man,' be
"Sn the lady *cnt liliu bink and then
watched hlm through the toyshop wift-
doW The shop was lull, and sbe SAW
the Hiilesiuiiu approach and say some-
ililug tu liitn. whereupon, wltb n took
id terror, lie darted forth at full speed
a second time.
"The lady eauglit blm by the arm.
'I'll gn iu With ,vmi nnw,' sbe snld.
���And the two entered together, The
Hiilc-omni. in iiie midst uf his work,
niiilileil ns be passed ilieui and said
pleasantly to tbe little boy:
" 'Don'l be Impatient I lold ynu that
I'll tend to yuu In a minute.' "���Los Angeles Tillies.
the trees are being felled    jykas   lec'ure,  said  the  question  of I to decorate some American estate. Sir
difficulties  in   milling,   In training Btaff officers In aviation, es- Hdward has Issued a statement that
that the soft punky outside liver ol
decayed logs lake up gravel which la
bad fir thi
The average results of tests < f
email specimens free from detects in
dlcate thai Ihe wood of lire kllh d
Douglas fir. after a considerable number of yeara, is slightly weaker than
that cut from green limb r. The difference, however, is not  great, mill In
peolally as observers, is extremely im the estate will nol he sold unless thi
penant, and the matter would reoelvi Druids circle Ib exempted from the
he earnest attention ot the general purchafe, the rwner being desirous
ilaff al  the war office. .if preserving ii  fur the nation.
Sault   St    Marie,  Ont..   March   26.
Since his incarceration in lhe district
Want Change of Administration.
Los AngeleB, Cal., March 26,      Tin
I electorate sustained the reputation of
Los Angeles as a city that   likes el"c
structural sizes containing the defects I jail here on a charge of murdering tlons when in the dharter amendment
ordinarily found In timber, very large Edward Morln In a dispute In a Blind ballot yesterday ihey voted to have an
lv disappears, In tests which have rjVer bar-room, it has developed that entire change of administration it
been conducted bridge stringers of Pred McGregor Is a varsity tean. July, althougb the present city gov
Ore killed wood proved to ba sume- \\,, wrss B,,nt (0 i\u, s0o following Iernmenl has been In office but little
what less strong than the green u!(, Inquest at Blind Hiver. and when more than a year. There will be there-
���stringers With which they were oiun- aaked by Chief of Police Ralph Vin- fore a Humiliating primary early lu
pared; while the floor Joists (of bothIcent, here, as to his Identity, replied
kinds of wood) were ahout equal Ini "My name is McGregor, and I am a
strength. In stiffness, the fire-killed graduate of the University or Edin-
wood was fully equal    to   the   green   burgh."    I.litle  Is  known  or  him  nt
May and a general election In June.
wend  tur  all   sizes tested.
In general, testa indicate Ihat Hie
sound wood from fire-killed Douglas
iir of ihe Pacific coaBt may safely be
used fi r general construction purposes and that its merits are nearly
lf not (tul'e equal to those of material
from green growing trees. It should
be emphasized, however, that these results anplv only io Bound wood
Pieces showing Indications of decay,
whether cot from green or from dead
trees,   Bhould   im   rlgtdlv   excluded
where  strength  or  durability  Is    important.
Blind   Hiver.  ns  he had  but   recently
come from liritish Columbia.   He was
working as a lumberjack In the same
camp as Morln at the time or the
murder. >
Buried   Treasure of   Gigantic   Sca'e���
Gold   and   Jewelry.
London, March 26. -A story of buried  treasure on a large  scale comes
from   llaslemcre.    A   BurbltOO   gentle
mnn.  writing to a Surrey  newspaper,
| is responsible for the details.
|    "Certain   inrormation."   he     writes,
FAMOUS BLIND POETESS GAY "regarding   seme  private  property   In
ON  NINETY-THIRD BIRTHDAY Ithe vicinity or llaslemcre haB recent
ly  come  Into my  possession  which   I
Bridgeport, Conn., March 28.    MIbb think should b'> made public    Some
Fanny   J.   Crosby,   the   famous   blind   years ngo. my informant, while work-
poetess whose hymns have s'irred the   ing on  some land,  unearthed a large
con-1 eathernware  jar,  securely sealed.
the i    "On   aecount   of   the  great   weight
entiro   civilized   world,   received
grntillations from  all    parts    of
country yesterday "n her 93rd birthday,    No  school girl rejoie'ng ln her
l-Bth anniversary conld  be  In ga-.er
spirits   than   Ml��s   Cf*w��bv,   who liver
���with her niece, Mrs. Henry D. Booth,
of this cltv,
"Right   thinking."    explained   Miss
and curious design, he at once took
il to his employer, the owner of the
property. Together they opened It
and found it to be full of gold coins.
The owner, realizing thai the great
value ot this rind to him depended
on   secrecy,  promised   my     friend    a
* ���
* *
Mrs. Ann Carroo'.n. or Church road.
Onclian village, has been left the sum
of JJOOIitl by her brother, who died
in America last November. He quitted the island some years ago, and
had not since been heard or.
D. M. Iirown, Manx motorist, in the
Galmore Company's reliability trials,
between Birmingham and Cheltenham,
;hns secured a lirst class certificate
for a non-slop run. For about 120
miles or thc trail it rained persistently.
The shareholders of the isle of Mm
Steam Packet Company are to be call-
ie dupon In general meeting to find
la name for tlie new steamer now build
' Ing al the yard of Cnmmell, Laird &
Co, at Birkenhead. "The Magic Isle"
| hns   been   suggealed.
The death cf Mrs. Mundey. wdow of
John Mundey, ot Douglas, whose de-
' mlse was recorded a few days before,
makes lhe third death in the family
in less than a fortnight���father, mo-
When a Small Boy Talks.
lie ll ever to Ihe "ledit of Ibe passengers of ii south bound Rockblll car
n few afternoons ngu they did nut
laugh - out loud.
A woman and her small son. the
Stereotyped Algernon style lu dress mid
Jusl the opposite In disposition, boarded tbe em- nt Twelfth street. Seats
were scarce, The mother was pretty,
so il young gallant offered his place,
nnd the small sou took it.
Then Iie begnn to entertain the passengers with tbose remarks fond parents und foolish relatives think "cute."
Ile directed his questions to u young
woman .seated next lo him until tbe
cur passed Twenty-second streeL
"Is tbat the Milwaukee stationV" tbe
boy nsked.
"Yes." she replied. "Arc yon golug
"L'h lib. we're going to New York."
The mother took hold of ber son's
band and started pulling him for tbe
dour ns lie added:
"And luuinmu's going to marry s
friend ot ours." ���Kansas City Times.
^---'---i-;-(-;���;���^.;^-;..;.;.;., i-*^j-;-;~!~K-X-
�� * i
A Difference.
It is necessary  tu distinguish
somewhat between courage nnd  ...
character.     Spineless   encumber  y
Is us cool as any���Puck. A
���Crosby;   "that's whm  keens    poonio | tliini or ihls. and any other treasure ther and daughter having passed away
young.    You  often  hear  actors    and   they m|ght find. .during that short time.
A fence was put up. and excavations
have been quietly carried on during I Recently lhe clergy of Blackpool
the night until recently, resulting in, presented a petition asking for a bet
the discovery cf five more jars of ter observance of Good Friday, re-
ecld. and two containing ancient jew- questing that if nny amusements were
dry of Immense value. lallowed on that day they should not
In mm or the jars a document was  commence before three o'clock In lhe
arternoon.   The council approves tbla
phys'cal culture faddlBts sav that the
mind can not be healthy without n
healthy body. Did ynu ever slop to
think ' that the reverse may b�� *
equally true? If the mind is warped
bv nrejudlce and evil thoughts p**a :
���elllshnesB whal  must  be the result '
Th* Exclusive Bawl.
' Night lifter nlgbt the famous base-
ball pitcher solemuly walked ihe bedroom floor, bearing In Ills arms the
joiingest of bis family. Instead of nu
proving, the uttlletlou with wblcb he
was bothered bourne worse, tbe hours
i of Ids night watch Increasing rather
than diminishing
1    One night. In the middle of bis per.
: nmbiilutlou.  be calmly  uwukeiied  bis
' wife.
"My dear." he grumbled, "if the cap-
' tain of nur team saw roe oow I'll wager
be'd call mc down."
"for what reason'/" ssked the good
lady sleepily.
i    "Because I've lost sll control of the
! bawl."  came  the reply.���l'blladelpbts
. Record.
What  He Had Dene.
yonr doctor tells you your liver Islfuund written In Latin, giving an ac
your doctor tells yon yoiuir llvr Is count of the treasure, and stating that
had. 1* isn't your liver at all, It's fifty jars altogether, of Jewels and
yonr mind. gold were hidden, being burled In tho
"That   is  the  ��iv  'o  '���'���"  vot"-"*   form of a circle."
Keep your  mind  h-lgh'   an-' cheerful _	
end  hnpov   -md  then  ��OH   " 111  real'""   SON   OF   TRAFALGAR
Hie jov nf livln- to " 1 '  "est "tent." FIGHTER   PASSES AWAY
neve'-a  ns Mis- ('������������bv  Is to    th" 	
mus' upllfl'ng I'unc'ts and Ideals. It London, March 26. -The death has
Is the pr'le et he- verv w'd" awake tahan place at Paignton. Devon, of
intellec to Veep abreast cf the times pn[ George Flower-Herbert, only son
In all  matters, lot Rear-Admiral  Herbert, who served
 ���_���.���.���- in* a mhlBhlpman at  Trafalgar In  H.
INFLUENZA   IN  VIENNA. | m   H   Neptune, snd a grandson or tho
The Commltte or the Man* Music';
Festival have engaged Dr. E. C. Hair i
slow,  F.R.C.O.,  organist    and    choir
master  or  Leeds  I'nrish  Church,    tol
act  as vocal  solo judge.    They have I
also  secured  Frederick   Dawson,  the
eminent  pianist,  to judge the piano
forte  classes.     As  indicating   the  interest In the Festival, over 4000 Tost
sets have been  sold.
Challenge  cups  presented  by   I-ord
Raglan, tor the best cultivated Mrms I
In the Island, over and under 100 acre
lion. Joseph Herbert, IbbI or the her��-  nr(> ,n ,���,  r(;,m���,u,rt  ror this  year In
Whole   Families  Attacked     Slmuiun-  d|,nry residents of tho Islands of Mon-  Donn80uon w*ti, tho Isle of Man Agrl
eously���Unprecedented. serrat and Nevis, In the West Indies, , ri|lt,lrnl   society's   show.     The   com-
Vienna.  March  26.���The worst epi-   |���   whose  drawing  room   Nelson  was   .,Pljtjo|1  ha8  beon   ������   observance  for
d-mlc   of  Infltlenia on   record  Is  ar-  married.
fbctlng the Austrian capital. Hair a q0\, Herbert, who was born In 1830.
million cases bave been reported dur- , B,,rve(| In the Crimea, and aB a vol
Ing the past three months, according ��� UI1teer In the Indian Mutiny .
to the statistics or tho city health de- ,	
partment    and   tho  epidemic.   Is   still   piANCE GRAY HAIRED
raging so severely as to tax the capacity of the private doctors, publlc
hospitals and nursing Institutions.
Whole families appear to be attacked simultaneouslv. and persons of all
ages nre affected. The disease on
this occasion is of a peculiarly virulent type, with serious after-effects,
niich   ss   Inflammation   of  the  lungs.
Now York, March 85.���Walter II.
Thompson, of Chicago, met his fiance.
Miss Margaret Reynolds, at the pier
when the steamer Verona docked today to welcome her home from India
where Bhe has been a missionary.
Rut  Instead of the girl  who left hlm
bronchitis. Indigestion and general de-jlw0 years ngo, he round a gray haired
hiiltv. -woman or 24, bereft of reason,    who
The doctors hope the setting In of  fa|ied to recognize hlm.
mlldor weather will diminish the outbreak.
Miss Reynolds has been in tho
famine slrlcken regions or India. The
suffering she saw there drove her Insane and a nurse had  to bring    her
two years, bul  lt  Is hoped that ther
wlll be a good entry this year.    The
"('picas Cup" for butter, will also be
In competition.
j    Tlie   Salesman - Have   you   looked
I jver the samples I left witb you;
i    The   Meroliaiit - No;   I   overlooked
them.-Chicago News.
Wnlti r K. Crebbln nnd Jos. Kelly-
two young Manxmen, have arrived
home rrom Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Creb
bin has been 28 years In Cleveland
and Is nn enthusiastic and well known
supporter of the Mona Roller Society
Ile Is a brother-in-law lo R. II. Cub
bin. secretary to the'highway board
Mr. Kelly Is a son of Councillor John
Kellv. of Douglas. Roth are In the
building trade.
One Lawyer to Another-Yoo are the
biggest fool 1 ever saw!
Judge-Order, order! Ton forget thst
Montreal, March 26 -Captain Ernest C. ness. formerly nn officer In
Hie British annv nnd now an enlbus-
Insllc  amateur  aviator,  who  register-
back.    Mr. Thompson and the nurBo, I'm In tbe rootnl-ltttsburgb Dlspetctt.
are taking ber    homo    to Waterloo,
Uncle   Sam's   Tariff   Bill.
Washington,   March  85.���President
ed tonight at the Windsor Hotel, Is ln I Wilson wus given bis first glimpse of
America  for  the  purpose  of  making  the proposed Democratic tariff bill last
A wild and uncivilised Sioux
Once asked a Chine* (or a chloux.    *
No "bacc/" h. had. ,
lt mad. him so mad
Ha eut ofl tbe Chlnaman'B quloux.
���New Vork American.
Ethel, aged three, bud been to visit
her couslus. two fuu loving nnd romping boys. Rbe bad climbed upon tier
father's knee aud was telliug blm of
the visit "Papa, every ulght wbeu
I oho aud tJeorge aay their prayers tbey
ask Uod to makt tbem good boys,"
said she. "Tbat la nice." said papa,
rhen. thinking soberly for a few minutes, sbe aald. "He alu't dons It yet."-
g-edgwtck Patitagrapb.
preliminary    arrangements    for   an
event   which. If conBumnted, will eon-
atltute the mosl  sensational achiev-
tiient  vet  recorded  In  the history  of
The contemplated feat Is a trnnn-
Atlnntic flight bv hydroaeroplane, to
he taken this aummer hy Lieut. J 0,
forte a British aviator whose plans
7ibvc received tho endorsement of of
night. Chairman Underwood of thc
ways nnd means committee took it to
tho White House personally and went
over the 14 schnduleB with the chief
Despite tho secrecy stirounding the
deliberations of the committee, it is
known that the bill to bo presented
to the house will be almost Identlfal
with  the schedules as panned  at tho
Mra. (ioodley- Mrs. Bloomer seems to
keep her youth still.
Miss Chellus��� Well, she keeps her ag*
quiet-Catholic Standard and Times.
"Nothing veniiir.d. nothing gained"
ls a motto tlmt nas cost
Th* safest way to put It la
"Nothing ventured.  ooUlIng lost!"
A C*H*g* Secret.
Itacon-What did your boy learn al
i'.glierr-Snys be can't tell me.
Bacon-Why not?
Egbert���Bays It's a secret
Egbert���No, Vou know, he learned
tbe football 8lgnals.-Vonkcrs Statesman.
20,000 Emigrant*.
Ixmdon, March 86.���During January
20.002 persons- 10,400 of them Hrltlsh
subjects���left the Untied Kingdom to
take up permanent residence in places
out of Kurope. 15,516 went to other
parts of the empire, Australia securing 8,402.
Effeesenvcit s As a Medium-
Daily Home Confident
(From an address delivered by F. St. John Richards
for the Six-Point League, of New York, before the Convention of the Association of American Advertisers:)
We believe daily newspaper advertising to be pre-eminent because it is universal, prompt, flexible, effective
and economical.
By universal and prompt I mean that any desired selling story can be told in any town or city in any section of
the country in one day by use of the proper choice of daily
newspapers. Any individual in the towns and cities of
the selected territory who does not read some daily newspaper would not be of much use to you or any other advertiser.
Flexible because selected classes in the desired territory can be reached by choosing such papers as directly
appeal to the kind of readers you need. You have no
fear of misdirected efforts.
Newspaper advertising is at all times under direct
control of the advertiser. It may be started tomorrow in
one town or everywhere. It may be stopped as quickly if
need arises. It is most effective when it is timely, and although that phase of it properly belongs to a consideration of proper use of newspapers, rather than a consideration of their value, I cannot resist the impulse to say that
no advertising medium offers such a favorable opportunity for timely advertising as the newspaper.
If a great fire destroys a town, advertisers of fireproof building material tell their story and point a moral
in the same issue containing the news story; a story of a
bank robbery suggests surety company advertising; a hot
summer day with sunstrokes suggests cooling drinks,
while snow and sleet on the streets inspires the automobile
tire advertisers to tell us about wobbly treads, etc.
Now if it is admitted that daily newspapers are read
by everyone worth reaching and that an advertiser may
choose his readers in any desired territory by a judicious
choice of papers, in other words, if you reach them effectively.
Are you welcome visitors or do you force yourself upon them ?
When you advertise in newspapers, do not your readers invite you to come to see them and pay for the privilege of welcoming you?
Do they not usher you into their homes and libraries
and dining rooms and introduce you to their wives and
Can you find a more effective medium than the columns of the favorite daily newspaper?
Can you have a better introduction than that given
by a welcome daily visitor, friend, and confidant?
The effectiveness of all advertising is measured by
the confidence and belief inspired thereby. This introduction by a favorite daily newspaper invites the readers'
confidence for you.
Now as to economy. Newspaper space can be bought
at prices ranging from one cent to one-tenth of a cent per
line per thousand and lower. Probably one-fifth of a
cent would be a fair average. At the lower price a ten-
line advertisement would be carried to a thousand homes
for a cent. But low price does not in itself always mean
If the space bought for one-fifth of a cent were circulated in territory unsuited for any reason to the advertiser's needs or opportunities, that would be a high price.
Newspapers, however, allow the advertiser to select suitable territory, as we have seen, so that the circulation he
pays for is where he wants it, and the low cost thereby
becomes economical.
Now the most amazing thing about newspaper advertising is that its value is universally admitted, although
subconsciously in some cases. Even the most pronounced
advocate of some other medium will turn to the newspaper when he has some acute personal need, which brings
from him instinctive expression and immediate action.
Take the elementary needs of life. If you want a
cook, where do you advertise?
If you lose a valuable dog or your pocketbook, or in
any of the many emergencies where you must have quick
action, which of you would neglect the newspaper?
Is not your business need as important and as urgent
as these?
Is the principle different?
Gentlemen, two and two make four. That isn't new,
but its true. ,, :^'^^EB|liffiiR^BI PAGE EIGHT
"PAY   CA8H    IT   WILL
I OurPhoneisNo.
And it is in
awfully good
working   order.
Demonstration  all  this Week
Cowan's Cocoa win ba demonstrated by Mrs. Wilkinson In
tho Delicatessen department
Coma in and sample it.
ciark's    "Chateau     Brand"
Soups at special price today. All
flavors.    Per can 10c.
"Karly Itose" Seed Potatoes
Just received    Per sack $1.00.
Tho very thing you have
heen looking for. Spring's
Lemon Butter nnd Lemon Curd,
New, tasty and appetizing.
Per Jar 33c.
Illdgoway's Tea, 3 lbs. for
$1.40; 5 lbs. for $2.25. Extraordinary  value.
Lenrd's Chicken; the whole
chicken dellclously put tip.
Per Can 45c.
Dromedary   Dates;   try   them
nnd you will never b�� without
them.    Per package 15c.
Lettuce, per bunch    5c.
Cauliflower, per bead , 20c.
Cabbage, per lb   3c.
Radishes and Green Onlona
bunch   5c.
Rhubarb, 2  lbB.  for    25c.
Mavo you convinced yourselves that Davles' KggB are
NEW LAID? This may bo your
last chance to procure 3 dozen
for  $1.00.
Maple Creamery Butter, 3 lbs.
for $1.10.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. IC. BttlOGS
Mr. George Hyron of Ladner who
Is shortly leaving on a trip to the old
country wus In the city yesterday.
I'. II. l'enrse, piano tuning; order
nl Todd's or Mnjor'H music liouse.
A sturgeon weighing 711 pound! was
brought to lhe'wharf of the Columbia
Cold storage Company,
Mr. II, Mij/lo of Toronto wbo is Interested In social und moral reform
work was a vlBltor to the city yesterday.
Soo the JunlorB In their gymnasium
exhibition l-'rlday night. Wand and
dumb boll drills, apparatus exercises,
relay race, pyramids, etc. (921)
The snngpuller Samson left, yesterday arternoon for lirodle's cannery at
Dense Island where several snags have
been reported.
The branch of the Bank of Montreal at Sapperton will be closed lor
business on and after March 2��. (845)
Undor the caption of "A Well Lighted City," the Toronto Saturday Night
or March 22 publishes a picture or
Columbia street thiB city taken ln
thc nlsht, time.
W�� B.ill, rent an* sxshangs sewing
maohlaeB. All aur aaeklkss warrant
ed. C. N. ICdmoudssa k Co., oornor
Sixth avonue and Twelfth stroet. (752)
Pines of $100 each were handed out
to two women of the underworld In
police court yesterday morning by Magistrate Kdnionds who found tbem
guilty of selling liquor without a license.
When Mr. Ilnssain gol IiIh thinking
powers working   us   to   a   material
which ouiihl be used for paving purposes, mile did he Imagine thai the
Hassam  paving  would  bs  used  us  a
shinny field. Yesterday morning the
newsboys engaged  in a seven  man
ganio on the conci'ete belwccn lln-
C. I1.  II. and  1). C. l'i   II. depots much
lo the amusement of the usual crowds
entering or leaving the olty,    n  Is
understood that the official In charge
waB  carrying  a   Union  card.
Building permits IbsuciI during the
pnst two days were as follows: O. II.
Cross, $860 for additions to house on
Fifth avenue;  T. Groves, $1000 for a
five roomed cottage on Hamilton
street; Crystal Dairy, $600, Installation of fuel oil tanks; trustees sixth
Avenue Methodist church, $100, garage; Melvln Pee, $50, shed In bine at
the rear of London street; .1. D. War-
nock $1000; (.roomed cottage, Kelly
Hospital Klrmess Continues to Attract
Large Crowds���Final  Sesclon
This Evening.
(Continued from page one)
W. Day, electrician,
Point Irons; fixtures
all kinds. Phone 121)9,
opposite Post��ffio��.
agent for  Hot
and   wiring   ol
���J8 Sixth street
It requires great care to prevent your estate being wasted
when you are gone.
Relatives generally are not. thc
best executors. .Frequently
the appointment of such, results in the breaking of friendship sometimes by Court
Friends are seldom experienced in the conservation of
moneys, though they may be
BUCceBsful In building up fortunes. Moreover, your friends
have their own interests, their
own families to arrange for, and
are quite unable to give to your
estate the care and time that you
would wish.
It was the knowledge of these
facts built on so large a percentage of unfortunate results
that brought the trust company Into being.
The Dominion Trust Company is organized to handle estates. It is equipped for that
purpose���just as a doctor is
equipped by training and knowledge for the cure of disease.
There Is no more valid reason
for your depositing your money
with a doctor than there is to
appoint a relative or friend as
Estates handled by the Dominion Trust Company receive the
best Judgment of our Directors
and Officers lt is their Imsi-
in ss. Cun you Imagine any
other hands BO safe reliable and
The city publicity commissioner
has supplied Mr. L. J. lleirne. secretary of the Canadian chamber of commerce of London, Kng., with considerable data concerning industrial conditions in New Westminster on request.
The British Columbia junior baskot-
ball championships are to be held Friday and Saturday I arternoon and
evening) or this week at the Y, M. C.
A. Tickets ror the scries or games
35 cents. (921)
���A servico main for supplying water
to Qllley's wharf and the government
wharf Is being laid on Columbia street
just below Eighth street. Similar extensions of the water system are also
planned in that neighborhood.
There will  bo an address by    Mrs.
'.raves, of Ixindon. on Friday, the
28th, In the Conservative club rooms,
at 8 o'clock.    The    subject    Will    be
'Equal Franchise." (927)
Mr A ll Harper, Ot hall N'o. 1. and
Mr, ('. McKay, of hall No. 2, will rep
resent the New Westminster nre department at the fifteenth annual ball
���-if the Vancouver firemen to be held
In the Dominion hall, Vancouver, this
3��nd your spare table, chair, re-
frig��rator. sewlsg machine or anything else you wish to dispose of to
Benzle'S Aticlon Mart, f!38 Clarkson
itreet.    Prompt retuns. (786) *
The Klrmess in St. Patrick's hall
will conclude with an impromptu |
lance this evening at 9:30 o'clock, i
The sum of r.o cents will be charged
tor admission to the Klrmess and the
dance, In the afternoon no admission is charged to see the Klrmess,
And   don't    forget   tbut    Nellson's|
Chocolates and hockey tickets go well
together.    For sale only by Frederic
T, Hill. 628 Columbia street. (92111
Mr. Oeorge Mead, of Valdez, Alaska,
s In tin city at present, visiting his
narenta, Mr. and Mrs. Qeorge Mead.
Twentli '.b street. Mr. Mend hns been
engaged In the sheet metal nud
plumbing business ln the northern
town for Borne ten yeurs and states
thai conditions generally are lmprov-
11 Ing in  Alaska.
shipped to London. The Calltomlans
do not get the best oranges, although
they are grown In that state simply
because tho eastern markets call lor
the best. I move that the Progressive
association be thanked tor sending the
communication   and   the   letter   be
1Mb Amendments were lost and the
motion supporting a civic commission
agency cnrrii d, 11-7.
Delegate II. Knudsnn was appointed!
organiser for the locals affiliated with
the council ut a salary of $30 a week, j
lie will commence his duties on the
first   day   of   April.     Delegate   D.   S.
Cameron came within one vote of tie-1
mg the vote or Mr. Knudson,
Labor Day Celebration.
The Labor Day celebration committee reported progress stating that they
nad secured Queen's Park for Labor
Day, 1913. A special order ol business Is on the cards tor the next meeting to arrange a program.
Newsboys' Union.
Two new locals, the Federal Union
and the Newsboys' union were admitted into the council. Three delegates Irom the latter body attended
the session and although not taking
part in any of the discussions were
ever willing to exercise their franchise
when  voting was taking place.
President  Stoney  nt   the  closo  of
the session urged all the union men I
to get on  the voters lists which  wlll
close on April 7. * '
Divide Resident
Engineer's District
(Contlnue-a rrom page one)
II. A. Bayfield will he filled shortly by
tlie department of public works at
Since tho position wns vacated, Mr.
C. C, Worsfold, resident engineer, lias
been acting us temporary superintend'
cut of dredges, but it is the Intention
nl the authorities to relieve Ihe engineer it bis double duties.
Coupled with the report of an early
appointment comeB the announcement
thai Mr. fi. ll. Barnard, Ml'., is endeavoring to have the government
create a Victoria superintendent of
dredges to work under the direction
Of it chief.
This has become almost a necessity, it is stated, in consequence of
thc large amount of work now being
done in Victoria. The Ajax. the Mud
lark and the Lnhnitz nr,. nlf nl work
In the Capital City harbor at the
present with ihelr full crews and are
operating a double shift.
As appreciated us the Klnness was
on  Tuesday  evening  11   was  100    per
cent, better last evening as the result or better arrangements nnd more
time In which lo make them, lu
every respect the nfl'iilr wus Improved
ui" ally.
The various numbers of the program, which was unaltered, were exceptionally well presented Ity the vnri-
mis amateur artists participating in
Ibe event.   Tiie living pictures    were I
glorious   practically   beyond   descrlp-
tlon  and  ngaln  provided  the   feature .
cf tha entertainment.
Tho   constables,     Judge.      barkern, j
I monkey und hurdy-gurdy man were
busy as usual among the large audience which crowded the ball right to
the  door  and  cri'iiti d  ninny  amusing
1 sliuktlons  by  their  ludicrous  actions. |
Mr. Turney, who played the feature;
! part in the musical dance nnd song
combined, "On tbe n . on the Bou���,
on tbe Boulevard," proved one of the
I most versatile entertainers of the
evening and was well worthy of the
econlums  which he reoelved.
The stalls arranged In the base
men! ef the hall nre particularly
artistic und include everything from
a fishing pond to   tba   gild    miner's
1 jabtn of the far north.
The Klrmess all round Is something
that does nol recur regularly and for
that reason and the reason of its excellence should iml be missed by any
person looking fur a rcitl eiiti rta'.n-
To those who nre unacquainted with
the meaning of the word Klrmess and
Its origin may lie Interested In the
I    The  Klrmess,  cr  church  fair,    de-
rives its name   from    tho old    word
Klrcbmesse,  meaning  "Church  Ale,"
i referring to that portion of the brew
\ and vintage given as a tithe to   the
churches.    In the middle ages the an-
: niittl fair was held in tlie    open place
I above  the   vlllug"  church.     The   mor-
| chants went from one Kirniess to another  with  their  goods  for  sale,    in
the process of time the old Klrmess
lost   Its   distinctly  commercial   character and assumed that of merry-making.    The word ttUs Inter used lo Big'
nlfy a gifi. and was applied by   the
pl�� of Spain. France and Paly to
any festivity, bazaar, or entertainment
which gave pleasure to the populace.
Slill laler it was used to designate a
sacred festival which    expresses   by
song  and  dance  the  joy   of German
villagers    at    the    completion    of   n
chinch edifice.
.\ unique teature of last night's
program was the voting on tin' difV.-r-
ent dances. Competition was very
keen among the charming young
dancers wim ni tbe termination or
their respective numbers would canvass their friends for voles, the sum
of 10 cents being charged tor the
Tii,* result "f Uu' bullet when counted was as follows: Pretty Maldon
dance,"215; Itose Ballet, 142; Yam ma
Vamn-.a girls 02; Hoe-Down (coonsj,
s.;; Danse Mllltatre, 28; Carmena, 19;
Merry Jockies, 16; La Belle Petite, 12.
Another similar voting contest will be
held this evening.
Can We Do It?
See Our Advertisement
"Try Ne*
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Spring
Our New
Hats for
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
cull ni anj
today, and   w
��� wlll 1
e glad   in
discuss your
and  you may
be sure  all
mniti rs   are
lutcly confide
DcmiBicn Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Ynu may never have another chance
like this ;ir." piano reduced $10 each
day until sold. Frank Major Music
and Piano House. Sixth street.    (037)
Some mean Bneak thief Is al work
In this city, two losses bolng reported, A pair nf slippers were stolen
un Tuesday ovenlng from si Patrick's
hall  during  tin*   Klrmess,   while  lasl
! evening uu overcoal disapeari d mysteriously. The affair hns been nun
tloned t" ih" police authorities with
every likelihood ef un arreBl being
made unless the articles are returned
i forthwith,'
Vancouver. March '.iii -Many in
British Columbia, and particularly old
[timers in Steveston und illchn id
'district gem rally, will hear witb re-
r-*> i ' 'lu* in ���"'' *" -" "��� ''��� ! * *
, pit-til   this  morning  of   Mr.  W,  Free-
I mini  St* ������vi*.-. ii  i uni --I   i .  Hi   v	
The lute Mr. s vi i. who waB n
mr ive of St. John, Nil. win re i.i
mothi ���* still resides, v as ':-��� > i its * f
ii.- ��� Hi came (.i ihi3 pn vince ln
1887, and ran lhe firs: stage between
Vancouver uud Steveston, He i'i survived by two Bisters, Mrs Orover
Wall i, ' f SI .1 'hn, and I"- \1 ce '*.!
Steeves, of Boston, Mass., and Iwo
brotlu rs, [I W, ll Steeves, of tbis
��� ��� i*. ;��� d W, ii. Steeves, of Albi rl
M.  II.
Subscriptions  and   classified  advertisements fer The  News  for Lulu Island   will   be   received   by   A.   Sprico,
general   store,   Queensboro.
The News is on Sale at
Hotel  Russell,    Corner    Carnarvon
and Begbie.
II. Morey & Co., Columbia street
Oaskell   Hook   and   Stationery   Co..
Columbia street.
W. Br��wn, B   C.  K. It.  I'epot
Ira A. Roid, TT.2 Columbia street.
���   .. *'L* LIB ll1'  J   '  .	
Tb*T" will be a meeting on Friday,
the 2Slh, in the Conservative Club
rooms, 634 Columbia Btreet, The chair
will b" taken by Mayor Oray and un
address bj Mrs Craves, of l.cnib.n.
at 8 o'clock, cn the subject of "Equal
Franchise."    All an* Invited,       (820)
Wouldn't You Like To Own
Your Own Home
High and dry lots at Highland Park ; five minutes from the through car;
graded streets; sidewalks; electric light; city water. We will build a house to your
own plan, and take a small cash payment down, and the balance can be paid as
rent, $20 per month. This property is splendidly located, with an unobstructed
view of the Gulf of Georgia and Fraser river and will make a high-class residential district.   Call in and talk it over with us.
White, Shiles & Co.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
Jolly Tar Oysters, each .
While Wing Oysters, eac
tii een olives,  per bottle
Victoria Cross Pickets  .
Mrs. Porter's Salad Dres
Phone  93.
and  Pfoduee.
44,'  Cclunnia
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
Arrived In Charge of Detcctiv?3.
Sim 'Francisco Mar ill 26    Mn   Kll
in-  Pope,  consort  of  Owen   O.  Conn,
the  $100,000  burglar,    until r    arrest
I here,  arrived here today  In  custody
declalon of the conn-10' o��ltae detectivoB who arreBted her
evening   Mayor Oray   'n Detroit.   She aBserted thai she waa
xplanatl'ons of Mr' j!' i""'"""   of <*nnn's  cr ���:..    She ad-
an to ihe ilelav |n pnltted recelvlni: rrom hlin presents,
'known to have been stolen, but she
Bald the believed he had bought them
Mrs, Pope wnn indicted by the grand
jury that indicted Conn, and probably
she win be arraigned tomorrow In the
superior court,
tm Columbia Street
Phone 455
Following tin
ell on TneBday
accepting the i
ll   Taylor.   M.P
granting the foreshore rights to the
citv ami the establishment of lhe
harbor line an satisfactory, has decided to sign the contracts for part
of the equipment und material to be
used In the harbor Improvement worlt.
so thnt the beginning of operations
may be expected this summer,
To Contractors and Builders. We
aro now prepared to furnish you with
sand, gravel, crushed rock, cemen'
and lima, Office phone 826.. Wharf
phone 888.    B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
Following un Inspection of the
terminus of the Sapperton line of the
it. C, !���:. it. made by the mayor nnd
louncll and Interurban Manager Allan
Purvis yesterday morning the council will probably grunt permission to
the electric company to place n switch
���ti  Columbia  street   near  Braid street
in order to accommodate the cur*,
when the half hour service on the
Rurnaby Lake line is In operation this
summer which ihe company plan to
do. As It now Btands the company
lias u spur track running to a gravel
pit nn the north side of llraid street.
bui this will be lorn up once the new
switch  is  Installed.
Revised and complete to dam. show
lug public building*., principal Indus
iries. railway trucks nnd number ol
lots,   ISvery street plainly marked,
Every  business mnn  needs one-
feet;   also   pocKel
4ft    Lorn*    Stre��t.    N*v*    Wnfttmlnfitftr
Engineering   Co.,
"Yale Engines"
aro built in British
Columbia ��� which
moans that spare
parts can be obtained
without trouble, and
at short notice.
They are also
equipped to burn
cheap fuel.
Mado   in   New   Wcfi-iminster.
Machine Works
Ltd., New Westminster.
Forty   years   In   use,   20   ycers   the;
Standard,  prescribed  and  recommended  by  physicians.     For  Women's  Ailments,   Dr.   Martel's   Female   Pllia,   at i
your clru-jQiG*..
Boundary Bay
feme For Sale
good  In
cheap.    In
modern  con-
Maple    Beach    Park,    being a subdivision of th"   blsioric   old Whalen
ostate at Point Roberta, Wash., Is at
last on the market ln 50x100 feet lots
fronting broad slreets and with  per
pp-tual    bench   privileges.   This   has
been the camp ground for scores of
local  people for yearn.    The lots am i
H'.lllng   Inst,   many   people   procuring
the  locations  thoy   had  occupied    aa
tenants for years.   Prices $330 and upwards, easy terms.   Role ngentB,
705 Columbia Street, City. I
No.   1���Here   Is   a   splendid home for Bale
callty near Queen's Park and new school.
It  haa  seven  large  comfortable  rooms  with  every
venlence;  full basemont; on a laree lot. 66x132 f���ot
This placo is below value and   the' terms  are  nuch   that  almost
anyone can handle It , .      ,, . .    ,
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH, balance monthly.   If yen want tu buy
a homo let us show yon this place.
Agents  for   Pacific  Coast   Steamthlp Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*'
Marine  Insurance.
Liability,   Automobile   and
For Vancouver, via Central Park
At 5:00 and 5:4li a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m.   Kroin 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly uer-
Sundays���At (i.Ol), 7:00, 7:30,
8:01) and 8:30 u.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby -At
5:45, 6:45 nnd 8:00 a.m. with hourly servico thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and lute car at 11:30 p.m.
Sunday*��� Klrst car at R:00 a.m.,
with week day Bervlce thoreaftor.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���Klrst car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and other polntB on l.ulu Island Is made at Hburne.
For Chllllwack and Point* In
8outh Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m..
1:20 p.m. and 0:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Point*
���At 4:30 p m.


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