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The New Westminster News Aug 25, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they    produce.     They   All
large   or   small   wants   at   small
The Weather.
New WeBtmlnster and the Lowes-
Ma aland: Light to mod'.*rate u-iud.-r.
partly    cloudy    and      coal-er    wlldi
e riots mm
Rumor That Western Fuel Company Is to (Jive Work to
Non-union Men Today���Union Pickets and Military
Flock to Scene���May Mean Serious Complications-
Women Sign Round Robin.
Position Taken by President
Wilson Conforms With
Nations' Policies.
Unites  Huerta  Backs    Dcwn     Before
Tomorrow Me/.ican Trouble Will
Be   Explained   Before  Houses.
hort    Dispatches    Telling
How Harvest on Prairies
Is Coing.
Man Filed Bar of Cell and
Later Used it on Heads
Nanalmo, Aug. 1!4.    More trouble  Isltlnues t:> grow.    It
expected to take place in Nanalmo to-1 that convictions ��
morrow  morning,  when it is understood tbat thi' Western Fuel company
-.v.li mnke au attempt to recommence
operations  In   No.   1   mine  with  nonunion    mi ii.    Tu    offset    this ruin' r,
which might    possibly    be authentic,
the  officials  ol   the   union   men   have
t rdi red out a large number of men to
do picket  duty  lu front, of the mine
so  Unit   both  the  militia and
police  have  been   ordered  to  be    on
hand In event of any possible disturbance there.
A ncliee is posted at tlie headquarters ef lhe C. M. W. of A. to
night whieh reads "An attempt is be-
Ing made by the Western Fuel company to operate No. 1
L'nleRS miinial law is
hardly expected
be secured    In
ev r>   ease.    The latest s'.lr has been
created ly the women of the mining I countries are
Beltlement,    They  have circulated    a  the   efforts   i
round rcbin to be forwarded to Attor- i
n ������'.���  General   Bowser  protesting  that |
'lu y are not allowed to see their hus
bauds and sons In jail,    lt Is claim l
tiiat as llie men are not convicted, but '
only held for trial the refusal of this]
apeclal|privilege ls unfair, on the other hand'
'tin  authorities fear   that   plots   fir |
further disturbance may be concerted
dur.ng those v sits, and say they have
Cause to fear the women.    Tiled oca ]
ment  has now  been  hilly  signed  and ;
Will   be  forwarded  to   Victoria   tomor-
row.    The front of    the court    hous- i
mine by scabs. I was this morning an impressive scene
proclaimed  the pt 1" o'clock when 41)0 soldiers drawn
ri-felit of picketing is ours. Ail union ! from the various regiments in town
men are ordered for picketing duty, and over 60 special constables Joined
Remember those in jail." in a service conducted bv Archdeacon \
Troubled Expected. IScr'ven   nnd  Canon   Rylva-Whlt".   A|
The announcement bas created
unite a h;ir In town and trouble is
expected tomorrow. Humors had
been circulated freely that the mine
was being Hooded to extinguish a
tire, but the feeling of many was that
lhe company had a trump card ta
play and lhat with peace restored by
militia and police an attempt would
be made to start the niines.
May  Mean  Climax.
The start of picketing, it Is felt, will
l-e the opening up of all trouble again,
lt Is ffli lhat if the militia and police
stop picketing by force and enable
iiie mines to be operated by nott-unl n
men tlie labor problem all over tie*
province will become complicated in
a terrible extern. There is grave
apxiety in town as to tin* outcome,
though It is known thst there sre
many who are willing and ready ro
work on the conditions that obtained
before the strike started on May 1
Military officers are mucb concerned
as ths now promises to be the first
real trouble since their coming ini
lhe disirict.
JinHe Pot Working.
In the meantime the Jingle Pot
mine is working full blast under
union nun nnd tomorrow morning tlie
; largi'  crowd   witnessed   the
(which was held out of doors,
. priatc hymns    were    suns    und    the
Archdeacon     addressed     the     men.
There  was no  band  present,  but the
pipers,  lifers and    drummers    of the
7i!nd Soaforths played as they marched along the streets in parade.
Fine Camps.
Apparently the soldiers are here to
stay for n time.    All the camps ar"
now    In line    order   aud    everything
spick nnii span.   The camps are mirk
ed off with whitened stones ami thu
of the 72nd it
of thistle with the deer head and   h
QallC  motto  of  the  regiment,     vv'.iil
Washington, Aug. 24 -Besides' (ireat
llritain, France and Japan practically
all  tlie  Central  und  South  American
lending their support to
'  tlie   United   Staves  t
bring about a peaceful settlement of
the Mexican revolution.
1'nless satisfactory overtures are
made by the Huerta government before Tu- "day Presidi nt Wilson will
proclaim in peraon In a message to
both houses of congress the principle
that constitutional government alone
can be recognized In Mexico. Ile also
will outline tlie suggestions of the
l'nited States for the elimination of
lluerla and lhe establishment of a
legally constituted administration in
the BOUtht rn republic.
Other Nations Support U. S.
That the l'nited States is backed by
a world-wide sentiment in ils pence
policy is conceded In diplomatic circles
here. Tangible evidences of the attitude of France came today in the
news dispatches from I'aris stating   it
Prince Albert, susk.. Any. 21. Harvesting is now general in this district
iand considerable areu of the crop Is
In the Etook. Following rait:--, und
cloudy weather in the early part of
Ithe weik, tiie fcipather bus clear.d up
'in*! there lias been bright sunshine
'.in! li: ii' winds during tiie past three
days, Mosi of the wheal and barley
'crop is ripe and it is claimed by farmers gi nerally to be the best In this district  for many years.
of Officers.
Fifty   Per Cent Cut.
Calgary, Aug. til���For nearly
crop    conditions    have     been     ideal
throughout Alberta.   Following a short
season   of   rain,   which   came   in   the
early weeks of AugUBt, there has been
seven days of warm weather, with the
result that the harvest in the southern
em! i:( the province has been prosecuted with vigor and probably
cent of the grain has been cut.
Was  Put  n   Irons,  Eut Guardr. Go to
Hospital  and, Doctor���Aocailant
Said to Come from Vancouver.
Ben A. Wade and Miss Cassady Last Seen at Break-
last Tabb.
Rescued  Officer of
Sheriff Armstrong
No Char.ce tc
Caiifjrr.ij    Tells:
They  Had
��� sca-jo.
50 per I
service | wa!) practically certain President I'oin-
Appro-Icare and Foreign Minister i'ichon
would not receive Francisco lie I.a
Barra, appointed minister to France
by Provisional President Huerta and
now en route to hls post.
No Welcome for Mexican.
His status. It was pointed out In thel.?,"? '
advices from Paris, wns similar to that   T ' .,
,.f    !��� ...I     C..I-,..    TM / I..,    .. V  .I.IW I'
First Large Shipment.
Calgnry. Aug. 24.���One of the largest individual crops of grain to be
shipped out of Alberta this fall is that
of C, S. Noble, of Noble. Alta. lt comprises about iiljn.non bushels of wheat,
oats and barley and will be ready for
Shipment about Sept. 1.
No Frosts Yet.
Winnipeg, Aug. 24.���There was no
Indication of the feared frost in the
temperatures recorded at principal
points throughout the Canadian west
at midnight, the average being even
higher than last night's records. While
higher temperatures were recorded ut
Winnipeg than in the east and Kdmonton and Calgary in the west, there
.van a somewhat lower avertage In Ihe
rict between  Rrandon  and  Mocse
Slier.IT Armstrong, Mrs. ArmB ron-?
and M ss Armstrong returned borne
on Fr.day evening arter a fortnight's
sea trip to Alaska and Intervening
pom. The sheriff was on beard the
steamer Jefferson which visited the
BOene of the catastrophe to the S ate
of California shortly after the veBsel
f undered in Gambler bay about 5U0
yards off the cannery wharf, and gives
or Oeneral Felix Dia/.l Bpeclal ambas
sador to .Inpan from the Huerta government, who It was announced In
Tokio, would not be welcomed. (Ireat
I Britain's stotement recently that the
i recognition of Huerta had been pro-
B finely wrought design | visional pending an election, taken together with the expressions from
France and Japan, all of whom hove
the Scottish standard, red lion ou yel j formally recognized Huerta, are the
low. Is flying on the post erected In only public manifestations of gym-
the centre of the camp. The soldier-Ipnthy with the policy of the United
have made made themselves populir|States In opposing Huerta, but in the
ill iowp_ttii() have won man; friends quiet realm of diplomacy B greater
Leave  Is  given  now  dully   and  rallnv | prersim-Is being brought to hear upon.
One man  lying In the lionital, another  one   under    the    doctor's  care
suffering  from  severe  scalp  wounds,!
ij-T,   telle  the  tale  of a  desperate    battle
Which raged at the provincial jail early*
|this morning when a prisoner, said tol
hail  from   Vancouver,    and    awaiting
trial, was successful in sawing Ills way
out of one of the cells and attacked I
one of the guards named Randolph P. I
Tlie prieoner, armed with the iron
bar which he had wrenched from the
small window of his cell, was more
than a match for Day who, 11 is understood wus taken off his guard and IBOn,e S-faphlC details of the wreck.
hnd little chance to defend himself | ln answer to a News represent,!-
before thc man was upon him. His five's questions the sheriff said:
cries, however, before he lapsed into i "Aft'-r leaving Juneau on our return
unconsciousness, attracted another I voyage, and while passing Admiralty
guard and after a terrific struggle, j Island, we noticed a gasoline boat
during which the guard suffered a with her ensign upside down, the sig
trealp wound several inches long, thej nal of distress,
prisoner    was    finally    subdued    and i Boat  Cent  Out.
placed in Irons. j    "A boat was immediately sent    out
Offlcialr. Silent. \ to Investigate and  we  were informed
The name of the other guard nnd ; that the State of California had sunk
also that of the prisoner are unob-'in Gambler bav that morning The
tenable, owing to the reticence of the gasoline boal had nine bodies of the
J1 L? ���alS' Who a"swerinK ">'' Muery i drowned on board, and one or the
of The News representative at an early j survivors whose head had been badlv
hour this morning, refused to give out  cut  by  the  falling  mast  of the  Call-
tlm, of'nT,1'SP' ".      i8 nUh U,e 8a"C-!f0r'"a'    The launch  was on her wav
tlon or ( hief \\ arden J. Brymner, who
at that time had retired for the night,
The physician called into the case
also informed The News that he did
not   feel   at   liberty   tn   disclose   any
names or pirticulars ot the affair stat
v '��������� -,.������ * �� t* �����*��**>����� 9 **i**r*m>
St il] uo word has come from w
tbe father of Ben. A. Wade, tu tf
reply to u ineBi*a|,i! wtnt t*ty Mr. 8=
J on ns ton, here, tailing of tlie Ce
flcundi ring ot the Satatu cr tt
California. ^=
A  telegram  wan ����it to Mr. tt
Wade, senior, last Tbursdijr to ';
his  supposed  address;,  l'uliner. ISf
Ma.is,    A reply may cmnu th s *tt
morning. -^
From information k1v<*i nut ��
by fr'u nxlH of    Mini    Anna    L^ -��=
Cassady,  nurse, of (his  xlxt:-. i!=
last wen*, it sennm likely thiM. fir-
a thorough search of lhe miKS- 8=
Ing woman's    belougin-Es    w;n .'��
be  made  to-lay      It  va.1  nai:l -,
that    thia    Hignilicunt    action **t
would follow the arrival of tin- 8
rescue ship at Settle. \*t
1' nd
1   eon
1    will   he
1     ou
since    the
i sl';
ill   Cl
ntinue  to
and i
r ef
men Implit
d con
spend pnrt ef the day In or on tin'
waler Ttie officers of llie 72nd held
n   ccnei rt   in   the   Windaor   hotel     on
Saturday evening,
Makino Mans.
Tbe busiest corps in camp in undi ubtedly that of ihe guides. They
have much travelling to do ami thev
er,. making good use of tlieir t!me.
T'-er ��� have been llterallv no scien-
t'fio-illv prepared maps cf the district
ti 1 now and onlv one er two giod
ro-ids shewn. Careful maps nr" imw
being ord< red and some cf the officer"
and men are engaged in a mosl useful
work  which will Inst  for a  long t'tne.
Water, Guns, and Autos
Combine to Kill Nine
Santa Rosa, Cal., Aug. 24. Mi is
Mary Lawrence, of Santa Rosa, aim
i.islie Matthews, of Kenwood, were
k lied. Miss Clara Lawn noe was iu
juri d. piobablj fatally, and Sidney
Elphtck, ei Pon (iiove. received minor
hurts when an automobile in which
tin' four were riding overturned over
an embankment on the Mark Weil
Springs rond, lu miles from here, this
an ern on, lOlpklok was driving ami
was blinded by duet raised by another
nut' mobile when bis cur left llle rond
wheel gascline speeder they were rd
ing on the M. K. & 'I', railroad trae is
crashed hendon into tiie engine of a
freight train late last night ���'. four:li
man jumped  and escaped  unharmed
the Huerta regime to yield to the
American suggestions for peace.
Latin-America Favorable.
Assurances tbat Latin- Ainerb���
stands bv President Wilson have been
Informally received here This had
been expected, however, as ihe interests of Central and South American
countries where volatity of government h 'i pri vailed throueh milltiry
dictatorship, are admittedly 'n line
with the attitude taken hv t'n United
Sto'es lu the pr. sent  situation.
While Mr. Wilson lias completed his
message, which will embrace not only
���' Tui'inrv of the proposals by John
Lind, nud the reply of the Huerta guv
ernment. 1ml a statement of tiie policy
in le fi lloweil bv t'i" United States.
Itdmlnistratlon officials were reticent
to   discuss   the   course   that   would   lie
!'mr: i-iil. They point significantly.
however, to thi l/.itln-Ameriewi state-I
���nent Issued bv President Wilson dur- i
'ne the fir"! fortnight if his sdminis- !
tratlon ami declared lt would be the:
* *'iiii    ��� whal l-.e would have to my
O.  F. Gathering  in  Victoria���Local
Man Pres di"7���?"ro>;ram of thc
ing   that   'his   should   come   through in' J
Warden  Brymner. ' *
j    Guard  Day  Is lying ln the hospital
'suffering  from   numerous  wounds  on
tho head  and body, sustained during
!the  struggle  with  the  prisoner,  just
j outside the cell  window.    Day's condition,   according  to  the  hospital   authorities, is not considered very seri-
;ous.  although for some time he suffered from shock.
Just how the man obtained tlie Ini-
Iplements to saw his way out of the
to Juneau for help
Steams to Scene.
"The Jefferson waB at once headed
for Gambler bay, where she arrived
about 4 p.m. and found the survivors
of the doomed ship In the Gambier
cur.nery. We then learned that
the ship had landed at the cannery
that miming and unBhipped some
Cunk in Three Minutes.
"While steaming out of the harbir
and making the turn she suddenly
struck a submerged rock which tore
her bottom clean out. sinking the ship
in about three minutes,
i "The awful suddenness of the dls
aster was such that only those of the
crew     or    tho    lost  California.    The
captain  and  senior nfficeia remamii
iin Juneau  with  th�� ei-csTCti-cn at ths*
tlrst  officer,   who  with fwur w:iei
I saved by the wreck.
I    The   general  opinion  expressed Ix,
tlie survivors waa that the depUn-alit*--
affair was an accidenl that could nen
be foreseen.    No blame muld iKwuh.1
be attached to any one.   Tbe captaiir
and officers did everythiiiK pcsiililf im
the circumstances to save life, but If*"
warning was so sh��rt thai fittie ccrtdri
be doue.
Four Cannery-men Dr-c-med.
One especially -gloomy iiicidi-ut waR.
the fact that four employees of Bbe
cannery had that morning; lakm
passage on the California and were?
Drowned scarcely ere tJwir ���fri'end-s
on the wharf had done wavine tlteir
Aran from the terrible loss -oT Ihn
California Sheriff Arta-strong; aad *>�����
fim'ly had had au exceedine-iy irrtf c-
esting and pleasant trip to the tiorMi..
24.  ��� Tomorrow, I
Ancient    Order   ot
clal jail
I August   iio
.Fir, siers of  liritish    Columbia    will]
open Heir fortieth annual convention.!
The proceedings will commence at a
I a.m., with Disirict Chief Ranger Bro.]
.1 .1. Randolph, of New- Westminster
iin the chair, oiiiers to preside during
the  convention   being     District    Sub
cbiii   Hanger   Bro.  James    Tagg.    ol
Victoria; District Treasurer Hro.
(Arthur Manson, P.D.C.K., of Victoria!
j Dis r.ci   Secretary   lire.   W.  Q.   Gray
P.D.C.R., of  Vancouver;     Junior  Past I European   Commirsione
(cell  will  perhaps be a  mystery  until i passengers and crew on deck at thel
on investigation is held at the provln-itime were saved.   Those below In the:
nars pim urs
I "UCHffi"M��"VWr
icabins  and   dining
had  time   to   reali;
room  before  they
e  their   peril   and
��� .
Fcderalr   Advance.
N ������ les.   Ariz .   .Vus:.   :M     The   fei;
eral advance into ihe Interior of So-
���'*������' was begun today.   It was learned from n legrems thu thn
'ef'  Guaymas tire- mornim:
A Dramatic Finish.
Salt   Lake.   Utah,     Aug.   -I     Soiled   whicb was reported engr.Riil with the
wlili despondency over the loss it hii insurgent Btate troops.
" T,-'a affections, Max Rudowsky, B**fl. i
Us ii,-i Chief llangir Hro. W F. Fu! \
lerton, of Victoria, The convention
will conclude on Tuesday afternoon
the following day.
Owing to the disturbance in    l.udy*
smith  where it vvas decided last year
to  held   the   1913  annual  convention,
tn   d.s,r,c;  executive    had    to make
hurried arrangements to tr. n f r   the
gathering   to   Victoria.     Everything
��� pi  b In1, .iniier tbe circumstances,   is
being  dene  to  prepare  lor the deie-
gn'is and make their vis I in the city
'a.-  pleasanl   as mlghl  have been the
'case had  it  been llie
>��� 'Imii'e* i bold tlle convention here. The number j
one   of i. delegates expected is 41,  with   a'
representation    i f    HO    courts, |
having been orgtn-
These are:  Court
New  in   Dominion    Learning   Mere   About
it���Others  Coming.
Fled from Heat.
Bacramento, Cal., Aug. ill
year eld boys were drowned
ri lief  from   the  lienl   todav.
the   Sacramento   and   one
American rivers.    Lynn Todd,
Two HI
line In
in 111"
Bon of
It. 11. Todd, was pushed from a row
li.'at into tlie Sacramento river four
milis above lure by Ray Hlto, 15
leur- old, ni'd was drowned. On June
10, lill^. Hits shot and killed Willie
Merrow, aged six years.
Ab ill tlie same time Todd met hla
ih alb. John Robert Fads, 10 years old.
��on of John P. Kads, dived into a sluil
low pool in the American river und
broke Ills neck. Ile wus pulled out
by three young men, but died u shori
t me later.
The Lure of Gold.
Cordova, Alaska. Aug. 24,���C, F.
Beynon, 30 years old. cf St. Lou's.
Me., was drowned August 10 In the
chlsloohliH rlvrr while on ills way tv
the recently discovered SluiBlmtim.
gold Held. Tbe bodv wus recovered
nnd was buried at Clilsloehina Villa
Beynon recently had been
on   the   r'ver   Bteamer  Tana   running
out <f Fairbanks.   Ncwb of his death
was broiiebt here loday by returning
56, conimilti d suicide today by shoot
ing hiniM'lt in the bead.
Drowned in Bathinc.
Med'cine Hat. Aim. 84.���Fred ('imp
b* ll. im employee of ibe firm ef Cum
in ii:v. ���'. Day, land surveyor.; if this
C'ty, was drowned lhis afiernoon in
iiie Saskatchewan rivir.
Qilley   Bros.  Loosen CO 000 Yards
Ro:k with Thrje and a  Half
Tons of Dynamite.
Surcor   American--.
t'i Paso, Tex., Am: 21 The nine
'edenil provision nnd troop trains thli
reive been ��� i< laved in Juares tor the
ivnt week losdlng ammunition, rifles
���mrt mcrchandlsl left early this morning for chihuahua over iiie Mexican lr
Motional rallr'nd.
A -eon n.i the mlHni'v trains rea'h
Chihouhuu federal officers r ���>������ the
of the American employees of the Mtl-
li-rti 1 mnler company and their fam-
liln*. wV> abandoned th" Madera camp
en V' mlay ef In61 week, "i'i be per
mltted to stnrt for the border.
Edmonton, Am. *.'4. 1. o. Smith,
commissioner nf European immigration to Canada, with head offices in
London, vvas in Kdmonton yesterday
As he himself put lt. he Is studying
his text once more, to return to London tlie first of September to preach
for another two years.
"Canada, and especially the west.
,,., inn] plan to|-Srowa !'"0 riiF' 'bat we have to visit It
very often In order to keep up to date."
said Mr Smith this morning. "1 tour
the Dominion every two yenr:,. and tlie
department is now making a practice
of sending members of our big staff
,    , ,       .through the country everv little while.
Albernl,   organised   last   September; I,-jof
t'i un  Faith, the ladles' lodge at thel
snme place;    Alderlea,   tne    Duncan
si me of tlie Lm
i*/.i d i niy recent!
so many
may know  more of I
on which tliey have to answ
ladlts' court;    kootenay    Belle,    ihe     "Next week two of our women work-
Nelson ladles' court;    Courl   Fernle, 8rs will visit Edmonton   Miss Oodden
i .  : i     ��� i*    ; and   new |and MIbb Margaret,   This win be their
first visit through the west.
Mr. Smith talked entertainingly of
curls ill South nud North Vancouver
Th ' organization Of ihese new
branches  hits added  more    tliiMi    4'!1
mw* no -ii. in rs lo the provincial A. O.
!���". dining the year, this bringing the
total membership In the neighborhood
of 8700.
The Urn court in t''e province waslParls,  II
opened  n Vancouver in UTJ. the v.'a- countrlei
the way in which Canada Is advertised through ihe British isles and in
"Outside the British Isle*." said Mr
Smith, "we have agencies si work in
Iglum ami the Scandinavian
There   is   n   good   deal   of
Pa-napr by Lightninn.
Eumonton,   Aug.   24.      a   severe
"lil'Me" Btnrm passed over the e'.tv at
'i o'clock Saturday and two buildings
were struck by lightning.    Tlie wnre-
h 'me of the Adams express company
wns I'lmort completely destroyed with
a ii-"-s of ��sniio in stock. Tim residence
' John Klrkness in the e-i-.t end of
tiie city was also burned to the ground.
the organization of the first iwork required in advising and plan-
lite in minion, the organiser n'ng discipline i ���:��� 4000 booking agents
.1   Salmon   who caine d!reCr!a11 of Whom ean be turned into good
Bngland,   and (���overusing agents for Canada."
Governor'!-  Daughter  Dances.
'iu    Franolsoo,    Aug.    l'4.   m''-
emplnved , river ipiarrles.
Preparations for this gigantic sho'
had bun going on for some little
time, S3 lieles being drilled Into the
rock ill! feet deep in Which the Btlcks
of dynamite was placed and these
holoB were connected wltll un electric
wire from the ba'tery.
The shot vvas the largest ever fired
by Qilley I'.ros. and It is expected will
geep  tlie  ruck  crushers  work'nc  (or
sevi rnl weeks on the immense pile It
d's- loosened up.
Birdmen Killed.
��� ' j    Rduen,    France.    Aug.    24. ��� The
''���Two Kll|5jf on Tracks. j French aviator. Mnnlnlent, and a pa.,-
nighee- Mn���    Aug.    24.    Two    men .senger,   M.   Mellvrr.  were  killed  yes-
were killed Inittantlv and a third nrob I terday  by  the collapse cf on    areo-
ably fatally   Injured   when   a   three- plane.
With a deep rumbling a und one
lbs largest  shots ever fired  i;i    tins
vicinity  ,vaj Unit explodtd'by Qilley
Hro.-*., o i Saturday morning, when un
electric Bpark Ignited thrco and om lftnter vaudeville as n classic dnncer
half tons of dynamite wli.eh loosened Her first anpenninco. ll Is announced
up 80,000  yurds of rock'at the  I'm ! will be an Oriental creation
fol lew n
ceo'I ill
be.lo-,  i:
ti ii-i- coasl from
broughl about tin' founding cf
ern branch much more nulckly than
ii uld ii".. been possible otherwise.
The total membership of ths A. o F.
In the world today Is nearly 2.000,000.
t-'m fi.t��� al nnenins will include an
address or welcome from his worship
in,. I:i..yr~ -it 9:80 on Mmidiy morning.    In  the evening    the    delegates.
reach lbe deck went  djvvn with    the
1 ship.
One Beat Crushed.
, "Those on deck had only time to
lowi r three cf tbe lf ��� beats. One of
'the life boats containing a number
ot passengers and crew vvas struck by
the  falling  mast   and  eight   killed.
"Among those    Injured    were   two
ladles   who   were  subsequently   taken
wi b.iard tiie Jeftersc n
" = . O. C."
"The Survivors sta.ed that as soon
(as   the   California   struck   the   second
wireless operator was on duty In the
telegraph   house  on   deck.    The  chief
operator immediately ordered him out
i to  assist  the  crow   in   lowering    the
buns and took charge ot the wireless
apparatus  himself and   started  sending out  distress calls.     The  mast  almost Immediately fell and blocked the
dorr and window    of   tin-   operating
room    imprisoning    tlie    unfortunate
Official   who     wen;     down   with     the
vi ss l    Tbose on deck lowering tin
boats   struggled   hard   to   rescue   lhe
man by try ins to pull away the d.bri-s.
but were unsuccessful."
Local Couple Lost.
B. S. Wade and .diss Anne L. Cassady, of New Westminster, bjlli lost
their Ives on tlle ill-fated vessel. The
Steward wbo waited upon their table
informed Sheriff Armstrong that the
list he saw of ihem when the crash
< uni was :n lbe dining room of lhe
steamer and he was certain that they
could nit have lind time tu reach iiie
d, ek In lore lbe ship sank.
The sinrin knew them both well.
Hidden Rock.
Tlie wreck occurred a: extreme law
lide  and   the  California   vvas  di'.'.vvui,
aboul 80 fici nf vvnu'r.   The rock she
struck was not  known to exist  in the
Miniature Mcnican also Stoic a Vacant-
Pair of Pants While Tenant
Awakened in the mid-dio of flic ni^M
by sounds cf a sttacir.e pc-TSuii   isauu*
in   his   room,   vtoh   e'ne  t9ns���***x*sa**s  ts*.
Hen   Murray.  r**&*SB��    tm    Bt'lurtist
sireet.    lasi     Friday    ni'irnircs-     He
switched on* tb�� lisfir ami: ^t au MMsp
at  a  small  fellow juat  in  tUm etso'tst
purloining    a    pair   of   paa-a-A.    i'li-f
mid��� dlsappeamte *<> did   a   *>������!<*
watch and fcb. niKether ��itfi a smtaB
amount of money.
Saturday  morning while OnissfisMb
VT.  Mili'ne  was patroUfnfi bis bea'   fc?
the  lowi r part  of town  f>o uoti.--?ii a
miniature Individual    wbo   ma*ns***adl
Murray's  <femrrip��iori    ��f    U>e   net -'.
charmer.     "Oh   whero    Koettr    if*���."
uuoth  P.  C.   Milne (o Ilia mpOtre.  NS:��
satisfactory   answer   waa   fortIi"Oiiii-')K.
with the result tliut a trifi in til" tit
trol wagon was Eta iniifr-
Ves sir. liert MurrayV. ��nl-.I KBteH
and fob vvas found right on tbo ia���-
oner. He fcatln from HV.'iUl-e. Wash..
fs a Mexican hy birth and answers t��
tlie name of Crist/ibul' ti'tit*-..
Cristobal will have the op^ort-unWj.
of   explaining   matters   be-Sor"   l*at;;i"
trate Kdmonds in court! dtif-a inorniwe,  .
Several   other  artioles   which  tio  ihi.'
correspond! with Casis' -ipix-au-uitw will
also be enuuire.il. aftfir .
The Fraser claimed auctlitsr Bh <ui
Saturday morning ��heu <".h��*rie�� Hor
gun. employed as a boat pul-h-n- I*.;
Alfred Seizerman, was rvpnrteri ��ri itr
prorhicial pollci- as IiavviiK lnfl<-n ma*
of the boat near Kiraa** c-anntii-v tm<j
dispitp cfTcrts lo rt?scue him, -hai {,.,-,
drawn under by  tb.e inmhir;u. ear
Storm at
Sle.  Murie,
Aug.    24
damage was
Katherlnn .lohnson.    the    lU-ycar-u'd j..-{.0  ,. la axpeeted. will be nb'e lo get
rn re of Oovernor Hiram .lohnson Will through the small amount of business
���necessary with short   bus'ness   s��s-
isions.    will    be    entertained    at    the
|thi-alre    whll"   u   motor   drlv"   round
the surrounding   country   wiii   form
:pnr; of Tuesday's program,
n the
bv a
furious gale which swept this section
Friday night One life was lost by
drowning while ten hud narrow
escapes from similar deaths, A launch
nnd tug  were lost.
Fairly Active Market.
harbor prior to tlie tragedy, not even
the Indians who have lived all their Tftl[
lives in the bay never knew or beard      Morgan   Is  understood  to   totr*,    u
��' It   wife and  family livinB iu lln? Ofeam-
I lhe tallforniu was loaded with Ka��� -rhe nla,ter ia betne ��j����rf
heavy machinery and sunk so quickly Kai<,d by the po,^ ������, ^ Hict,���rxri
lbat ihe air had no chance lo escape. forcp llllve ^n notified to *r<��'-.
Consequently ua she went down the w-utch on the r1,er in Ufa hopes t��w
pressure of the air caused the decks the body will rise f�� die surface �����*,-.
and house work to collapse and b'int (ore reaching tha gulf
Into pieces, so much so thut   tin cap-1 * \	
Mistaken for Deer.
Banta Crus, Cal., Aug. 24.   Chsrlas
Colin, "'"mber of a party of hunters
whs k'lli'd Ihia morning, when    Kirl
Sheldon, with another huntlP" partv
find ot a fl"eilig buck.jn Scott's val
ley, eleht miles  from  here, and
charged   n  *lo��0*" of/bucltabot
Colln'B body. /
Ottawa, Aug. 24.-F. B. Lake
Itobertson, assistant superintendent of Immigration, relumed from Sherbrooke Saturday where he lias been In connection with the Thaw case,
and reported to lion. 0, J.
Doherty. minister of JUOtiee,
and acting minister of the Interior, that matters nre temporarily at a standstill nnd
"ill likely remain so until
F   C. Get.-- Shnrr.
Ottawa, Aug. 21. -Homestead entries
in wentern Canada tor tlie month of
.lure totalled ity"?; for Manitoba, M'_'.
Saskatchewan imi. All-em i8��s, nm-
irh Crlumh'a 868, For tiie correspon-
'II--. month last venr the entries
totalled iinSK, or ISI moro than in
June   1912.
Toronto. Aug. 24.
ltet vvas fairly nct ive
fract'onal recoveries
which hnve been in
The stock maraud steady, with
In rome stoCKS
downward paths
'.: *,(
o # ������:> ����� ft ��
Winnipeg  Market.
Winnipeg,     Ann.     84.���Favorabla
weather conditions generally,   easier
I Liverpool cables nnd n decided weak-
|ii"OB ln corn markets caused wheat
IPrlceB to decline slightly, Oats atld
flax were also easier.
Ottawa, Aug. 24.���News thnt
I rri Btrathcona has Bailed for
Canada has revived tiie story
tha' hc wlll retire as Canadian
high commissioner The rumor
goes that he will Mand his
resignation to Premier llorden
on his arrival.
Members of (he government
claim ignorance of the matter.
tain and officers uf tlie Jefferson declared there must have been nn explosion, a surmise to which the minuteness of the floating di brls in the
harbor lent great weight. All Sheriff
Armstrong could see of wreckage of
any dimension v.as the pilot bouse,
pari of the bridge and two booms and
part  of a  sail.    Two  lit
.also seen afloat.
Tlie surviving passengers and crew
I were picked up by the cannery bouts
and  Indians in their canoes.
!    They wcre taken   ta   the   cannerv
nnd  provided  with  food and clothing
Quel., o, Aug. 24. <'jipL Viiudtihrnt.
of the Cunada liner Itartvlofni, wsfcij on
|8aturdcy fined |20 und c��slu on ,*arix
|of six charges bnnigbt awslRst !ikm
by the immigration authorit-tfis. c��r,��rjff-
rafts were ling him with bringing nndusiratitea into Canada, without miking a prop.���'.- -report
Eleven  wnmintH  hurt  *****-*���  t,Ti-;Ki
ally Issued against him by ��!��<. fmirt
oi sessions, but nvu ��r tiIC80
tt i'f tt tt tt it tt tt tt tt tt tt i'f =il
.frcm the store.
One of  the  survivors.   Miss  Ward,      Q    E'ect'-fc 3tation��i WcecAcol.
died at ihe canuerv from her Injuries!,  s*1"' ''f'*nctsco. Aug. 24.    Twa miTi.i,
land  her  body  was taken  to Juneau I���'\n"l;f,'r,''7 stat'��"�� "��' t*>* Ya**ti****u*.
'on the Jefferson. I8,"'1 ���r<-Wc oomponv. many ��* wlKntt,
The Jefferson tool; ull the survivors ! ,mpS?~ "re J" *��Hfcc. wrny. ��vTsrt.-d
on  board  nnd  left for  Juneau  at    6  SnnliMSS r^T'.r  C-"Tenl   ********
supplies light for Tnfr of Contra Coarm
ceuntv. was ent orr hy tb�� ejcafarten
The authorilfes ire wanlifuK ttor t*n
mi n. in a stolen automoMIe, -altn. il Ik
believed cauaed Uie ,.*���! *ltaL .
p.m.. where she arrived nbout midnight. After landing the rescued pns-
i ("fingers tliere the ship left for
'Seattle with 44    rctty    officers    and SMMMl  IVfO
MONDAY,   AUGUST   25,   1913.
*X-*Z'"ST ���&<���&_.
An 'mAm*er*ele*tt. -xmxt-i-x* **t**-*r Cixotod to tlu, lie-tern** xf Sew Westminster .mil
IS* rrtxttr VullstH. MKUM ����r�� momi-a two-pt HlteMny <o, the Ni.fu.ieil /'rtiitiNU
mnA ������.tn**!** Ot******. lAt-ntmd, at S3 ScKdkih streel. Sew Westminster, BrttUB
CoiuM��io. BOBS BUTUettLANTt.  Jfonaffillff  /lircctor.
jlli com��UM����n��ti��(��r ti*a*ld ** addressed to The N-eto W**ti*lil*trr .Veuis, and not
tt, Individual mrttlr-r-* *f ttm ***tt- Ck-trtt**. draft*. *t*d m*��SV '"*���<<���"< ��'���"<���>'<������ *��� >��<",e
M��*il>ie to Tht, Stttmntot PrtmUitta- and fubltskiiiu Ciitnpumi. Limited.
jajJIi JJtlWM   ���������(������ll Offfcw oim. Mlammaor. S9s; BdMortal Rooms (nil dspart-
"**"'srB*CR(rTf��.V RATHS�����w carrier. ����� pur wear, ��1 for tliree months
*umi\     ���� ���*������**- ��3 Pe" ***r' **������"r ********
AtlVKSXTiatNtt* KAVBUI on Mpptorcituin.
had   been   carried   on   for  about  two
The Everfr'esh Is a new process for
whieh very extravagant claims have
been nuule, the promoters claiming
that ii vvill bring nbout a revolution iu
food, lt takes all the water out of
limits, lurries and vegetables, reducing the wight ninety per cent., and
then wlun placed In water again the
frull regains Its natural properties. It
appears that two plants have been
erected in Oregon to put down the
fruit by that process, bul for seine
j reason neither of them are In opera-
40c per j tion this season. As the Evorfresh
compan] wanted local men to wholly
fiini'i".  the building of a plant it vvas
***"*** ,'( i"'ii, r, u to he too much of a speculative proposition, li Is likely thai
'lie question or the erection of a jam
~"���~~" factory will be taken up at once.
Fruit  Growers    cf    Kootenay  Tiding
Things Over Till They Reorganize  in thc Spring.
Just hov*- thc organization of the Fraser Valley mar-
system would work out was exemplified on last Friday's market when there was such a rush of potatoes that
it made the floor of the produce exchange look like a sockeye cannery wharf in a good year. The result, of course,
was that spud;*; tumbled away down in price.
Just for the moment the present undirected trend of
events agricultural might appeal to the buyer, but, if he or
she sits down to figure out the whole problem* there is
only one conclusion to arrive at and it is that, with a centralized selling agency for the growers of the valley, thej^o
tenor of prices would be more even throughout the year
and buyers and vendors alike would save money.
New   York   Lawyer  Tripping  Through
Canada   to   Pick tUp   Information.
Canirose, Aug. 24.   Attorney Tliom-
Langland Thompson, of N'ew   Vork.
lately   Invested  in  400 ncres  in
the   Pretty   Hill   district,   nine   miles
northeast of CamroBe, was. ::s he said,
m^m,m^^m^mmm^mmwm^m,,^m^,wm^���m^m^*^mm*mm^m*mm^K*,^mm*,^m*^m i making an educational trip to got bet-
Friday last the farmers hauled bushels of potatoes to ter acquainted with Canada and the
���^���^���      - ...    ,, �� ii      United   sinies  by  an  actual   contact
UOm  OI  Lfl-L  witli the different parts of both coun-
market and the quotations fell out of the bo
sack.   Of course, householders had a chance to buy cheap, tries.
but if things run on as they are doing they will have plenty eauniiTe'Siiftowt'CwSM wttt
of opportunity to make up for those bargains in higher ments ami was pleased to And thai
prices later.
On the other hand, the fanner who hauled in his spuds
on Friday came close to losing money. As far as the potatoes were concerned, he was wasting valuable time in a
busy season.
With thorough organization products would be marketed as they were needed, prices would be kept more even
throughout the year and conditions would be considerably
more satisfactory for everybody concerned.
Great news for boarding house keeper
crop is reported to be a bumper and sinkers
ful as ever.
s: The prune
are as plenti-
A hunch of turkeys, left over in cold storage since the
rush of last Christmas, havc heen condemned by the United States government. An inspector who sampled them
said they were about as tasty as the mucilage the authorities persist in using to butter the backs of postage stamps.
In Italy they have municipally conducted pyrotechnic
displays; wherein Italy differs from this country. Out
here in America the ratepayers often pull off fireworks
on their own account which are anything but liable to
censorship of the councils.
they were Invariably In special;, favored districts, in Canada, lie had
p*',*--.-*eil through Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Alberta, As president of the
Norske Selskab (Norwegian societyl
lie is well known among his people.'
.���ml wis entertnlned among other by
('omul Scott 'it Winnipeg and by Kred
Kin'i'ii. tho "Flax K'iik cf Canada,' 'nt
Saskatoon, There hc wns shown 180
miles "f land by auto ond still it took
a Cnmrere mnn to "'nnd him in Canada." He said he had not seen nnv
place the llin d quite so well nor that
was in generally well spoken of by all
u*l"> k-*"* It, es the Camroso district.
Mr. Thompson Bald he was following the trek of the Norwegian people
in Canada, and round It like all the
railroads lending to Camrose from all
directions, II" vvas et one time a
schoolmate o' Prof. Odegaard, if the
tollege, He prophesied n ereal f,i-
ture for the Lutheran collpge and
promised to remember II with :i rom- .
mercisl Fonvenir with his signature
when he pot hack home.
.Nelson, Aug. -4. -Afier considering
the financial Btatement of the Kootenay i run Growers' union as prepered
by the treasurer, Raymond T. Hlckes,
and presented al the general meeting,
and niter discussing the financial condition of the union al some length, ll
wus resolved lhat a collector be appointed by the secretary tor each district covered hy the union to collect
nil money promised and as much as
"s-iiile in the amounts payable on
stock in order to keep the union ruti-
nlng until such time as the advisability er reorganizing under the new acl
enn I" ean.fully discussed by tho fruit
it was also decided that meetings
should be called in each Of the fnil
growing communities of the district
and the rruit growers made thoroughly conversant with the state of tho
union's affairs nad the workings of tlie
new act. so that n dolegate could be
appointed Irom each community to
meet tiie directors of the union beforo
the arrival of VV, 10. Scott, deputy min-
Istrr of agriculture, with whom the
nropealtlon of a new association under tho new ner will i.i taken up.
Financial  Statement.
The financial Btatmenl handed down
ni yesterday's meeting was as follows:
Statement  to July 81, 1910.
Tlie New Westminster News does
I not hold itself rcsponsiule for the
| opinions expressed In correspondence.
Gentlemen- 1 hnve been requested
by :: number of prominent ratepayers of llurnahy to place before the
publlo my views of the proposed sale
Iof debentures io Houltnn Bros., Lon-
idoti, lately arranged by liis worship
Iti eve McGregor.
Willi my knowledge of the facts, all
of which, I understand, have nol been
mado pubiic, H Is difficult to occur
otosly slate the exacl cost to the ratepayers, If the proposed sale Is eonsu-
mated. '���
The fuels, as 1 understand them,
an iii it Boulton Bros, are not buying
any of the present uathorized issue of
Burnaby's bonds, there being $1,187,-
in i ni i per cenl end $679,000 at 6 per
'���������il: $626,000 of the -1 per cenl are of
liilL', and were sold July 4, V.ili to the
Dominion Bond Co., at 92 6 uet, bui the
council   in  September.   1912  permitted
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
t: western mind complete, There
are score sheets, record hooks, tick-
els and all the paraphernalia fl r some
dizzy game of   chance,     one    man
thought it wns a sweepstake on tlle
revolution of China.    Another was cl
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
tho   Dominion   Bond  Co.  to  Withdraw  opinion that il  wus a lottery, while n   RESERVE   $16,000,000.00
trom their agreement to purchase and third save it as bis opinion thai it
instead sold $300,000 r, per cent one Was a pool on the numbers on tho
treasury notes at us 1-2, Boulton |neckbands of the shirts of the laundry  cust unci's.
A couple ' 1 cans of ' hep'' were
ci inmniideereil. They me worth several hundred yen.
A sad  feature ef the
facl   that  the  official
Ranchers   .........
hv '-ailments   	
Snlsrii 3 	
Note (diBccunti I)
Other creditors   .   .
\ tints recelvabli
?T'i":'.". *1,986.26
Th" stati men! Shows thlt the union
nt present carries ������ net Indebtedness
of &1.?"4. This is offset, it. was stated,
hv si BOO In donations or which but
SR71 has I ei n paid to dine, il is the
object of the fruit growers to collect
ih- balance nf the $1,600 and sueh
nth-tr sums from Its subscribers to
stock ns possible, and In this way to
keep the union in operation until BUCh
lime us a new association can be
Urns, are nil.ina tin council to submit *o the ratepayers a bylaw Increasing the ���! l'i per -ent lo ii per cent
fwhlch is now being done) and that
tliey deposit tlie whole Issue of $1,716,-
000 lis steurity lo a seperau anil spe
eiul 6 per cent ten year debenture is
tue of C300.000 inking in the wuy i !
discount S.6 per cent and 1-1 of 1 pel
cent brokerage, leaving 91.26 to tho
municipality mt.
In addition Boulton Bros, demand
nn annual fee of  uiir.ii per annum for
handling this loan, in be appointed the
Pnv-   fiscal  agents and  the  London  solicit-
able able,  ors to pass upon the bylaws, draft and
,$ ''���!"''   $   197.64  have lithographed tiie 6 per cenl ten
'i'"'.'"1           year debentures   (presumably  at   ihe
....        694.91  expense of Burnaby.l
���        286.39      What are the abovo incidental ������>���:
.... tni!*!  penses or charges In ten years'.' $1260
....        600.00  per annum to Boulton Bros, is $12,500
296.68 Cost of conversion of t i-*j per cent to
97.00           :,  j-��� ;��� cent estimated, $600.    Cost of
English Boilcitora ami lithographing
i'u* ���; pi r cenl leu vear bonds, estl-
mated J2000, nr $15,000 in nil, which
equals 1 per cenl, nilil tbe s.6 per cent
discount and .26 pi r ."nt brokerage
equals 9.75 per ent or .'.*Tr> per cent
per annum fer the ten years, the bonds
carry 6 per cent making 6. !i"5 per
cent;  but us Burnaby  receives 91.25
affair v
s the
ur, ter for the police courl was pinch
���il niiuiK with oiher offenders and the
visible supply cf Interpreters is liin I (
pianoforte,   harmony   and   singing.
Pupils  espei lally  prepared   for  ex-.
amlnatlon In it. A. M, and It. ('. M.
For terms apply 603 Third avenue,
Blanches throughout Canada and
New fouiidlaud, and lu London, Eng
land, New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., ajid Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Lettert
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents in all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department��� IlepoBlts
received ln Bums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, pet
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
G.  O.  BIIYMNER,  Managet.
riiiint.    T.I.   II.   1
18,  Room  -
P. It. Smith. w   ���'   'lr"v��l
Work  undsrtakwi   In   city   and   outsWi
points    111-1!   Westminster   Trust   Bid*
Phons 364.    P.  o.  Box  607.
Royal Bank
Incorporated  1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $ll.5u0.0Q4
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Hanking
Business Transacted.
New  Westminster,  B.C..  Branch.
S :attl
.1. li. E,
I'li I Qillls end !).-.
Butte, .Mont., are
visitors  ibis  iveek, and  they
tales of the mineral wealth In
pllSS  the vicinit) of Prince Hupert that remind tiie old linn ii i I bonanza days.
Mr. Hillis and  Dr, Slevers are old
timers in the mining game.   Together
wiih   Han  A.  Williams,  they  own  ihe
Rocher de Boule mine al the Skeonn
crossing,  nol   far  trom   Hazelton,   h
IC.   Naturally retlcient, Gluts was li til
to discuss iie  il mh*.  i> ni ti i* Rocher
���le  li -ul ' properties.
  "We bav greal  faith In the ccun
Whik there seems to be a difference of opinion in Jn and ihe   u piea have convinced
tt iuki  I'"-"*  a ^" '  v     i.i ���       u      i i l '1    ���'"' "esl engineers we havc b en able
Burnaby muBierpality as to now the coin should oe raisea, ,��� engage that the mine  is  worth
the concensus of opinion is that a little ready cash would wwta/'��id enrs^ ^ ^  f
COniC in &S handy OB a KnOthOle in a baseoall ience. machinery and intend to proceed  im
  mediately   wub    developmen
A Portland minister was released on suspended sen-
In the west they can flsh; in the east they can 'ficials.
There hasn't been anything lately about that $600 per
year for thc Burrard Peninsula Sewer commissioners.]
Perhaps they're getting used to it.
Victoria  Contractors  Dislike  Appoint
ment of T'jofirvis'nn Architect
��� -Iin  Ns��� '-'os-iital.
net nnd pays fi.!i7."> per rem the charge
on the actual money received is 7.64
per cent per annum.
If I lie short term debentures are re-
dei med   in   five  yi ars  the  eost   would |
be 8.8 per cent per annum;    If    re-
deemed in two years ibe charge would
be 11,5 per rent.    Yet this Is the proposition which 'he press reports thttli��
members  of  the  council   hail   as   thel*'
very best ever; apart from any question  as  to  tiie power Of the  council. |
without  submitting a  bylaw,  to  Issue ,
a '"ti year debenture,
How  much  money  will  the  council j_
receive  if  Oils ileal  Is  put   through' N
C300.000  at   4.86   2-3   less   8   8-4   per
cent, Is $1,332,300, for whtieli we tie up '
Sl,71'1.0*00  of  nur  bonds  as   security: j
from  what bylaw  Is  the shrinkage to
bn taken?   Surely none but the $!>nn.- |
000 road bylaw, as most of the other!
money  is  spint.  therefore  the  pave-
; mert   to  that  extent  cannot  be  pro-|_
B   ft P. I), of Klks ef tin- II,
the first and tiniii Thursday
K. nf P. Hall. Eighth ��lr,-e
Gray. Exalted Ruler: P. 11. ,
nt s p. ni
. A W.-ll
imlth, Bat
Victoria,   Aug.   24.���Victoria's   coi
tractors are pn paring to register
strong  protest  against the action    . knowledge of Mnan��=
thi dlr ��� rs nf the Iloyal Jubileo hos- ��"1|W ,.flp ,h:,i any sale of 4 1-2 p^r
pltal In awarding ll Loring Rlxford,Lent f0rty year bonds around 80 would
whom  '     ���   allege  la  not  a  citizen of be infinitely better 'han the proposed
-ile which is equivalent to less than
a Iceedetl with
of!    Any member of the ennn"il pretend-
. O. O. M , NO. IS4.���MEETS Oh
flint, si-eonil. thlr'l nml fourth WkiIiu'r
day In eiieli mouth Rt s p. m
in iiif Moose Home. II. J. Loamy
diotator: I*'. K. Jones, secretary
Headquarters "f lo-tgi' In See House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon strseti
O. O F. AMITY l.ODOB NO. 17���Th'
regular meeting of Amity Io,ikh Nc
27. I. O, O. I'., la belli every Momlv
night et 8 o'clock In Oilil fellows' Hal
corner Carnarvon ami Eighth strenti
visiting brethem oerrt tally inviov
R. A. Merrlthew, Nu.. it w, Bangster
v. ii.. tv. c. Cob Uiem, P n. rwi*.
Iiik eeoretarv- .T. \v. MacDonald, financial eecretary.
I!'-  I.'.ls 1 mill  13 of l,nt 'i. atnl I/'ls  I,  :'.
.'���   I. l'i. J...   ������:. ot !,,.���  I, BUhdlvlelone
"f  Lot  '..  Suburban  Hlnek  I. in  Hi"
��� 'Uv ,,f N',.\,- Westminster.
WherenB proof of lie- less of Certificate
"f "'li''* Number B973F, Issm-il In He* name
"f  Uictiltin  McQuarrlo lias been  flli-,1 In
ih* . ..fnce
Notice is hereby given Hint I Btmll, ut
in- expiration of one mnniii from tin- ilit��
��� if H"* firm publication hereof. In u il-illv
ie w*si,.,|...r puhllehed In the Cltv of N'*vv
vVeetminster, Issue :i duplicate "f Ihr ii'ild
c"-tifii-.ite. unless in lhe meantlmn v .lid
objection bo minle to me In wrltlui;.
IMsiri.-t Registrar of Title
l t.e'id Registry Office, New Woslmlni
,ter,   B.C.,   IMh  August,   1913. (I'Jlll)
tence after having been convicted fif accosting women on
tlie street because hc pleaded that he was simply "investigating."   That's what they all pay.
There's a certain amount of consolation in the statement of thai eastern banker who says the financial stringency is just as tight in Kurope as it is here, but whon his ,���,,..y
note falls due it doesn't help a fellow much to know that iiamB
Emperor Bill or Czar Nick can't afford a new brass helmet of the 1913 pattern.
Tho ore doesn't appear to bo il fficult
to hand ������ It runs liiuh in valiu i and
we believe that the mine vvill bepeme
one r.f the big producers of the l:.iz
elton d B'rlct."
Mr. Hillis nnd Dr, Slevers ar h-ith
Butte nun who are heavily Interested
in Montana copper properties during
the days when the mets] wns worth
f ron 211 Hi 26 Cl ms per pi und Th *v
havi' recently made a vise i i the pro
accompanied by Oan. J. Willi   mining   engini er  ol   exper
Canada nor a resident of Victoria, the
position * supervising architect in
connectii n with t * construction of
tin* liin now hospital which Is to be
erected on tho Bite of the proseiit
For ile- purpose of discussing thel
situation, ;: meeting of the membi rs of
Power  Compiny   Manager    Preparing
To  Supply C.  P   n
Nelson,  Auk.  ."���    With  the object
being as how thc Canadian Alpine capital's washery burn- n|a1S��ryn?0tl{)?liin8 fnr K"m" "f the
Revelstoke visitors to the coast during the next feu
weeks will be permitted the liberty of wearing dirty liner,
< fl down the other day.   This permit is good io
and is not intended to brei d bad habits
tour weei s
'n! $20.16
ton    Thi :������ waa
Iof all ill i    : ������'���
wub the new tinll
enay  Power    nnd
pii'llt    II!    DC li 11: n
n>   supiilv    power
;,i tli" '.* . -i  Koot-
i    hi    i* ii ipnny's
:    Fall     which  is
���    Canadian
lif-JLO   DFUUADIi ���1'|UU;' *''"' ;l r'"linn value aboul equal
���tiLAi   ntif AnU������������ ���' ��� :*,,f a1'"*"* ���""������"��� ;ik '���* ���'"���|1 |"r
hy hav $9.80 t.i the
iiii'fi ri me In favor
pi r acre.   A ton of
in bran
would   produce
and was moro
Prairie    Crovvers    Defended
Charge cf Cr��.ng Too Much
Attei-t.-;-ri to WheaL
;'dairy   call
1 mi.re  iniiii 	
���    ���  c�� i palatabli
Ma;��n-' ,    Mr   .,,,,,,, ,, r ,,;,, ,;,,,, M . boy of |
: IT he bad come to Blrtle dlstrlcl with
his fuller, helping to drive a herd of
  r>ii cows   which  they had trailed all |
tii" way from Minnesota tn sell lo the
  rettlerB    B     as he was he had been
. ._ , ���,  itnu-k with Blrtle   district as a place
in the muls; id :2c ROBind �������n.ent .m mH{ (, ^ n bgd beon g S|M..
that the prairie proWnccn "'Canada .     .  ^  (o  flnd thft(   ���lp
have given th.-m.-v-lves ov��r too ,..i...h   ^.^   ,,.,,vr;   w���|v     brlnglng     be6f
iq tho raising of nhcit. <-omra en la    tnm   w(| , .pi R  |f)  EUpp,y  ,ho    ,0(,a,
trade,    lie presumed that the reason
for this was  the  low  price  that  had I
at i
.'������xt'-sting statement from J. D. McGreg
or of Hrandon. superintendent then
tor the <!. P. K.. who. in an address
liirtie. Manitolvi'.. defended the farmers
ior their eontinrniun wheat grow ine,
p*',i'i*l nr them had mini: wilhuut money
anil had therefore tn^n obliged to
jirow a monry cr.ip. Visitors rlewmg
the country frr>m thti renr end ol
Pullman ears had beon eloquent on the
���ubjeci of rarmsra of the west minlnv:
Itho foil. I'm- ills part he thought nu.h
rriiies had a fine hrand of nerve with
|hem. I'or hls i>irt ho thought the lirst
timers w ho had th
Bd  been  entitled
|ll   in   their   t Ar-   *!*.*)   \mnrxmlu     Irlp.l
Pacific railway company's Castlogar
to Rossiand lino, which i to be eiec-
tilt" eil. I.i me A. Campb' II, M I' I'
11 Rossiand, general manager of the
pi wer com; nny, was in Nelson on
Saturday en routo to Milwaukee, iii
lefi t* i* the easl ou tho crow b al :
terday  morning.
The new unit, explained Mr, <".r:ir
bell, will be cf 1010 ht r-e power, and
vvill incrrnse the Ictal capacity of the
company   .it   Bonninglon   'to   20,000
horse power. Of tills. 25,000 will be
at the nppor plant end 4000 bone
power at llie lower riant it I. 'iir; the
plant at the upper falls that Is being
the Victoria Builders' i xchange haa
been called. The notice issued explains tha the gathering Is to be aski d
to "consid t the effei t tlie appoint
menl wlll have on locnl worklngmen,
material and contractors." lt continues: "The entire cost of the erection
nf the hospital will be subscribed In
British Columbia. $225,000 having been
voted hv the ratepayers of Victoria
alone and $100,000 by voluntary subscription. The cost of mnlnte innce
also vvill have to be born ��� locally.
Against Outsider.
Roberl DInsdsle, president of thf
organization, stated thai the directors
were nol lielng criticized for obtaining
the best plans. If those submitted by
Mr. Rlxford were t-1<- mosl suitable 1'
was oui:" rlghi and natural thai Mr.
Rlxford ��� hi uld H '��� Ive the Nrfll place
Bill lie del nril ��� 1* it w ib rlghl iir*:
*' ��� i - li yi ��� ' man doml * h d, he
In iii ��� ed, *��� owhi - ihould I.e ,'ii '*'i
tii" p* . *��� ii n n! *' rvlr.lti ��� archltecl
HI ��� nmr��i nd ' n v * u'd be thai
Mr Hi' fi :��� ':i i" ms. providing, thr
there vvp�� n" don' * thM thej wi re the
'I i .��� purchated,
Ith ti: ��� ir" .* ���*:*
l le appointed tv
Thnt, was tho sgu-
d to make. Bnd If
ingo vlewi ii the
resolution to this I
I understand, however, *hnt the
e uncil, with bul one exception, are
unanimous in lauding the proposed
stie as being the best offer that any*
ee" could procure, showing a lament*
able knowlrilK" of finance: bul tii"
reason for the supporl of the present
propcslllon Is receiving Is, that the
councillors with but one exception (according to p-ess reports) nre most;
anvioud   ant'    determined    to   spend
$f ,000 mi  ii'vinc nome  18  miles of i
roadway, whieh in the face of pres"nt
Icndltlons would, to my mind, be an
nln isl criminal procedure.
If it would nei apnear presumptuous
on niy part, I would earnestly advise
the council tn I'.biiiul ni the prepenl
proposition, or In any event abandon
the 'Mm.film rond bylaw whl h In Itself
would reduce the annual fWed e'n s
, I y $20,000 :i yenr for inti rest and sink.
l.-.i   fund
In v*.",' i f the above fsrti. whl-ti -������������
��������� ��� mildly Btnt' il ns could !"��� st:il"il. I
cannot support the hylnw,
Voiirs falthfnllv,
.1  W .WI3ART,
W. K. I'AI.KS���HloniMT 1'u'nrHl Uin-cu
and Qmbalmer, 612--SIS Affnen Hire*
opposl.o CumeKle l.llirary.
S.   BOU'EI.I,    (B0CCE88OH   TO   CB��
ter   &    Ilnnna.    Ltd.)���Punenil   illreelnr
and ombolmers    Parlors -tor. Coiumhi
street.   New  Wostmlnster.    Phone  ����'
Hter Botiril of Trade meets In tbe henr
r-nHii. mty Hall, nt follows: Thlnl Fri
day of sacb month; quarterly imi'iln.
on the third Friday of Felinmry, Mnj
AiiKust and N'ove-nitN-r lit H p.m Ar.
nual meetliigH on the third Friday o
1-Vhnmry. C. II. Btuart Wade, seer*
We now have four trains dal'.y
will give you the cheapest rule going
not only to Els Bte rn points, but to
Kootenay and olher points. We-tire
also agents for all Btoamshlp lines.
For reservation and other particulars
apply to
B. GOULET, Agent
New Wesiminster
11.  W.  ItROniE. O. P.  A..  Vancouver
Bale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.; clr
rulnr work specialist All work slrleth
confidential, H, Harrv. room lis West
minster Trust Hlk.   Phone 702.
meet ^^^^^^^
and a  local man
"i alii   ���.   .    .*:
1 '-,r;-v ( n tV   work
gi shun ii" prop ���
llie   IlllHii.-'-V   exch
I :*ntti.'*' I I." did :      ^^^^^^^^^^
nffpe|   ..*,-.u',j Ip for.: aided tn the hospital board, the city couciill anil the
provincial   gcyernmnnt,
"My experianne    his    been."    Mrs
���refer: Court Has Difficulty in Try
in-| Camblinn Coses���Fan Tan
a Mystericus Came.
, prevailed for some years, These prices
'hi'il  11 "ii  duo "i an  undue proportion
of i.in-"":'- cattle which hnd to he
'snld al Winnipeg, and there was not a
consuming markel enough to care for
them and the buyers paid just what
i they lilted for them, Three years ago
itlo're   was  a  s-lieri   crno  in   the   west.
v.l.ili Ontario hnd a huge crop of
Icoiir-"-   mins.   anil   rent    wesl      nml
bought ":i ��� verything from vnung helf-
architect.    .'
Is Imported
this, many "
to the city '
In   view   of
part of tho
the ' nterprl
usually *
"iich of :
:md on n
f the wiri
Mr. Di
ihe fact
funds an
: - In tin-
did   ""���   com idcr  ii
should li" nsked to rn
such -i condition   dnv
over, be concluded, if
that an outside
tiows an outside
'��� material, also,
:rge Job. sucii as
men nre brought
'dale said that,
ii.it the greater
iieini' found for
Ity tlie builders
righl that they
ti tii" chance of
��� loping. More-
Mr, 1'ivf-nl   ... ���
by th
a  BrltlBh Columbia  according  tn
terms of tbfe " impetltlon arranged
eleri    h��.  was  In-
hosoltnl di
... ,��� ,,,, ]���- nr-eld rows.    When thev
pioneering to do, fln!>Bfl ,���,.,, .,,, w   , ���..,��� ,pf| bnrp
tn a  little of thel,  ^v]���     , (  n   s;,.���tr:.,,���.   ,������,
v�� cminiiHis wen: changing]���,���,  ^.lnv ,, ,.,,,.,   ���,|tt,
^^ Interests    tbej^.v������ .���,   ., "*,,.,,.���.,. ,,���,, ,,���,,, thel
rs musl li.i.vrt ��ith them. |
Believrt in   Ali,-!fa.
McQregor made a strong plea
e growing nl ivltslla. saying that
irtle district wss spei inlly aitnpt
and   Die
uld  not  be
for oonstrmptlon tl
next sprln;;.
the growiim of this legnm-a. He
tied the BftCGVaa ol Mr own
havinK in*: cul thnM> tons to
n two cnttinga of one and
lions each. Based on itR inum
witb bei I nt six eenlii per
alfalfa bad it    '"n"*dhig   ftaJlie
Penticton Doesn't Want Evaporating
Penticton, n c. Aug. 24.���The proposal of the Kveriresh company to establish an evaporating plant here has
been lurned down hy a special commit
too tit ii i: bi.in.rd iif Irade. Negotiations
Convicts to  Be  Allcved  to  Work    on
Olympla,  Aug.  23.���Highway  Commissioner   W,   .1.   Roberts   will   go   to
: Walla   Walla   Wednesday to hive per-
���senal charge of a  selection of 25  to
.30 convicts  who  vvill  be used  In   Ho*
I rst experiment In the state with the
"honor system."    The men nre to he
used at once by the s'ate on the Hood
canal road, and in addition  to being
worked  without guards  will  be allowed  50  cents  per  dey   In  addition    to
their board ami two changes of clothing,
Camp Is now being pr��pired for l'i '
men. since camp will have to be
moved frequently, the construction ol
a stockade would be costly and iin
practicable, the board of highway commissioners preferring to spend the
money  on   the conviets.
Commissioner Roberts has been an
thorir.ed to select men who would be
eligible to parole within a few months
and  to promts-1 Uiem conditional par] 	
ilnns if they  perform  liner  work on thai   ll   was   Imperative  thai   Hie  In
the  road satisfactorily  from  three to dlvidutl  responsible f'*- Ihe nlans
nine months, [chosen to supervise the building.
I eligible
Jll"lifie   ^^^^^^^^^^^
Architect's Statement,
Mr. Rlyfrrd. when his Bttent'nn ���*"**
drawn to there protest3 Inst night, stated   thai   it  would   be  nn   Imprnctthle
proposition t" have pny other bu thn
man responsible for the nlans accented carry oul the work under them. lie sort o
,felt  thel   In*  was  justified  In  saving j      ^
thai hls seii-'inn was the result of the
knowledge  displayed   by   the  drawing
submitted of hospital requirements. To
carry tlie enterprise through suceess-
fullv  .-inil   satisfactorily    lie    asserted
Penile, Aug. 2". On Monday night
the city police made a call on Tal
('bung's premises In the Wing Kee
b'ock, No In raids proclaimed their
coming,    Tbey just dropped In, as It
On their wuy back they brougbl
with Ihem a swag of plunder lhat
would have made Captain Kidd green
with envy. Besides several prisoners,
wlin were held for ransom till the
morning, they grabbed enough Sam
Huey, .llin Suey and Tom Suey I extra
dry) to transport the entire Chinese
colony to the 7lh Heaven of Confucius, if so be as imw there is such a
place. It was put up in boor bottles,
Home of which came from the ends
of the earth but tiie majority of which
came from Calgary. Several hundred
bottles of ihe stuff were grabbed, tt
tastes like  Iiie   kiek   of  a  mule.
Besides   the   hooch   the   pollce   ac-
quired  tho complete layout  for some
gambling game, which puzzled
risters, Holli'llnrs. etc. 4" Ijirne Slfee-
Now Westminster, Q Iv Corbould, E
C.   J. It. ��� rant.   A. ]���;  MeColl.
t'T-at-lllW,     enllrlter,     etc.        Ti-l-plHin
lf'Vu.      i-'ivl/tp     address     "Johnston.1
Celt "W-sBiTn Onion."     Otflaos, Hill
TtleiTi,  **2 Columbia street, New Wi-
minster, li. C,
sld*'- ��� Barristers mni Solloltors, w,*e!
inlnst'-r Trust Hlk, Columbia stnie
New Wi slmlnslei. B. O, I'uhle atliln-io
"Whiteside," Weatern Union. P. C
Drawer 20(l. Telephone 09 W. .
Whiteside, It. C., 11. I��� Bdmonda, I
J. KTILWRI.I, CUITB. Barrlster-ftt-lflt
eollelloi-, etc-; corner CVilumbln an
McKenzie streete. New Wenimluele
B.  tl.    P.  O    Bui   112.     Telephone   7H
COAL MININO right* of the Domlnlos
In   Mi'tilliiliii.   Saek .ti'lii-wioi   Hint   Alh.Ttu,
lb-  ViSi'.ii Territory, tho Northwest Ter-
i rltorleH and In a portion of the Provtnct
nf British Columbia, may be loaaod tor .
'��� t"nn of twenty-one years nt i:n ftunuftl
rental of 11 an acre. Not mon- limn ?5-ff
���tens wlll be leAeed to one npi'lleant.
Application for a lease must he mid!
hy the applicant In person t.i the Ak*'u'
nr Sub-Agent of the district In which lht,
rlnlil.H applleil for are situated.
*_��� surveyed territory the Innd musl b-
i ���IrWnTvU  by  sections,  or  !<���# il au^-dlvl
. Hi.'iie of i��*rilons, anil In uttsUrvsyeQ 'er
ritory   the   tract   aoplled    for    shall    be
' *l*^"'l nut h" the appllcunt himself.
...iri'i hpfHtcfCifin imwt be aooompantad
hy n fee ol IS WbhOj wlll he nfimdeil If
ihe  rlKhte upplled for *T* nui r-o-ihlr
*   royalty
Shall   1
^^^      of th9
cents per ton.
Solicitor und Nninry. Offices Hai
hluek. 28 Unit street. New Westmtr
stir, B, C.
,_    otherwise.    .A   - ��� _--.    --
paid en  tho mercbar.table output
mine i.i the rate of rive cents per i
The person oi-eretlns li" mine ene >
furnish    the    A-jent   wllh    sw��n    return!
, Bcoountlng for the Cull quantity uf mer-
chantable coal mined and pay the roy
nlty   thereon,   If  the conl   mining   eight*'
�� 'ire not hilng operated such returns snouw
be   furnished  at  least  once  a   yitir.
The lease will Include the r��al mlnln*
rlKlits only, hut the lenjM'e will be re-e-
mllli'd to purchase whatever avaUSOH
surface  rlnhte  mar be considered  necea-
1 sary for the working of the mine at In*
\ rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application shenld
made to the Bocretar/ of the fwfsii-t;
Barristers mid Hollcrtors- tin*, to nt
vv eetinntstei irust in ,rh. Q, K. Mar
'In,    W.   0.   McQuarrie    and   OeorKe   I
of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Aitent or  Sub-Agent of  Dominion   Land*.
Deputy Minister of tho Interlor-
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of thto
j ndvortlsi'ment will not tie paid for.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C��� viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVKH" Brand, guaranteed to pnBS Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Knglneers' ABBOciatlon.
We would aluo call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
tin. to 24 in. In diameter. This Is also made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported artlole.
Wn also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
I.line. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering nlaewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
White Rock
"The Playground of B.C."
White, Shiles & ^o.,
Agent* flmMMtf
MONDAY,   AUGUST  25,  1913.
 ���*����� -"
i    ii i ii win i   iwnn^j	
And that Town  Has    the    Nerve
Critici:e What It Calls Rash
Cneculation in the West.
I talk   of   the     promote! s   Of
t0 I Yonge  street    1  am  ready  to admit
I my mislnke.    I can'i get what I paid
I lor my properly, but would be willing
to sell  at  $150 a   foot."    "Sorry,  hut
we   can't   help   you,"     declared     the
Next came  llr.   Wm.  I..  Hond.    lie
4.   Instead of being |appeared tq.be loaded with indlgna-
as the
court asked hlm what he wanted. "I
want a reduction of my assessment,"
��ald he. "lint a neighbor of yours haK
recently paid JL'a.riiio for property almosl next door to you." declared Con
Toronto, Aug
a land where unearned increments! Hon. and exploded as soon
ure as easily obtained as fruit in the
Harden of Eden, North Toronto is a
land where boosters and irresponsible
land speculators have run amuck, and
the assessment department has been Imlulontr Ardagh." "Then be is a very
Funeral  services were held in Colton
yesterday afternoon, the  Itev. Hubert '���
Bromblay, of ihe Pullman Methodist
church, officiating,
* -t. Maynard was a   pioneer   of
Whitman county and took greal pride
In  her  extensive    family.    Sh"    W
born In Tarol county, Ohio, April  12, .
'1820, and nt the age of sixteen years
���|wub mairiid to Nathan Maynard. The
family   came   west   over   the   famous
Oregon trail In 1863 and settled In the l
Willamette valley, Oregon, where they :
remained   till   1881,   when   they   c.uuie j
to   Whitman   county,  locating  on    a |
hr mestiad   a  few  miles  soutliwesl
misled,   Such Is the opinion ot many
"lish   man.'
    declared the appellant
dissatisfied ratepayers who attended W!th i,e*it.   "Tliere have been manv
the  court  of  revision.     Kven   the  en-, fancv   ���-���'les   published   lately,   and   I
thUSlastlc  annexationists  have  "gone can tell how many of them have not i _      ,      r  ..     -������,,. .... a-   Who ,r
under" in the deluge of complaints, gone through." Regular Bobby Grabs Special, wno is
and the king of them all. "Herb" Ball, Eep.utif.il   Mixup. |n pursuit cf a Jail
is  ready  to  say  that his  property  Is      "This is " beautiful mW-up." on'.iieil
not worth the prices placed on it by I Chairman Drayton and Commissioner Ereakcr.
pnsi nt market! lltlons. Ardagh supplemented the remark by|
He likened North Toronto unto a saying that "the speculator boosts the
veritable Muskoka. where froiis COO I prico, and wbeu tli" slunin comes he
in the eventide and owls disturb She I moveB out, leaving the perm-nent res-
iiini'i'ers ol the burdened taxpayers, id��nta tn pay the tsxe'." Th1" orov-
'The lots up there nre anything but  "' t"-. nuch f r Mr  l.von. "We al-
| low  flno  off  fie  speculative  nrioe.'
and If the r-iirt  wou'd ton-
a marketable quantity," the appellant
affirmed, nnd so much impressed was p-i'd lie,
the court by the plaints uf 11. II. flail.
ex-Town Solicitor Clihson. Dr. Bond.
end others, that the appellants walked
away with nn average 20 per cent, re-'
Spokane, Aug. 24.���A  scene    which
would have been ideal for the moving
picture camera vvas staged yesterday
��� afternoon,    at     police    headquarters,
when Harry A. Richards, society man,
, ��� son of H. M. Richards, the chairman
?"loI the executive board of the Washington   Power  company,  and  son-in-
1 law of Patrick Clark, the mining oper-
ator.   wns   seized  hy   the  throat   and
choked  by  a policeman  while  Richards wa- chasing an escaping prlson-
, cr from the city jail.
Richards, wbo is Spokane's only bo-
eieiy policeman, and wears tbe star of
a special officer, was in the captain's
office when Charles Freeman, agfd 5ii,
''dor ibis wn would not have to take
' so many cases to the county  tilde
"And win! floes that mutter to US'""
���'��� rrogateii    Commlslsoner    Ards^h.
diiction on the lirst assessment made|""pv-s vou nnv nower over the county
by  the city  of Toronto.    Bul   there iiu"-' ite'' ven havun't here?"
still  remains a 40 per cent.  Increase.    "We  will  have him  here." advised
over lost  year's assessment. thn  chairman,    "lt  would    certainlv
Would Sell at Sacrifice. i^-rten     proceedings,"     added     Mr.
The last man to make a concession ' I vv>n,
is Assistant   Assessment Commission- :     lit-   fenren  n   1 "slle  followed   Dr
ir   I.yon.   and   his  disagreement   with   Rind,  Me  Purchased  nroper*'-  it  $11-
Ihe attitude Of the COUrt caused some-   OOO ""it ll Is i..-,-eis..il fnr JXROO     lie ' suspect on a burglary charge, slipped
thing of a ruffle In the usual quitude   said he was willing to l-Vo !M Min |(��.s out   of   ���*"���    '���llvlilor>''   wllicl1   h('   ha"
of the courtroom.   Time and again he n*.-*i he i  'or It unit therefore oh- |bt"'n permitted to enter thirty seconds
produced   evidence   which    tended  tn  til-nod   f   Blight   reduction  In  his us.   ''efore. and made a dash for liberty via
provo thai hich prices had been paid  segment Trent avenue.   Richards saw the man
for  laiid* hy  the  present owners, but.     V*   -���o>   %!-���   Wm.   I.  Parr own  a I ':ot'r',  ol"  of n'"  l,u'!,ll,i��  *****   wi0)
this was  negatived by the  promptly hot on Yoneo i.-treei ind si-"ueil a* 'he
declared willingness of the appellants   ���on ,���..,.r,.P,, ,i,.,,    because   the*
to sell land-on Yonge street at a liig  ***v* pel  Improved ;i   rven though It
reduction nn the purchase priee they ho�� he'  vahiflM" hV    ���he o-��tor-
gave for their posseBsions.   The hoom  -"���  of tholr nelghbnro,  the ~ssess-
has had Its effect and 'he residents mon* ehon'd uot bo bs high as the wo.
are anxieuH lo get down to common "���"���'"i"' ���' ���'"��� liter Mr Parr ������i'u' ho
tense. ������'*���"��� s:',:"'"i wtth the FlWht rortU'-Mon
Mr. .las. McCabe apep.ired before '���"'���,'.., i ������������ p1? wlfo ".as not, a-"l "���>���-'���*>
the commissioners owning property hack with :��� ��tonru\ appeal after the
purchased for 122,600 and assesod at no"-' t>sd "lUijurned,
112.000. "Confirmed," declared Chair- ""���" -iilrvv rt tho |ito ev-Mavnr
mon Drayton Immediately, "Hut therel"'��lt'��i,1 thrnnirh her representative, do-
Is nn explanation in connection with eliri 'I that hor property was not
that purchase," interjected Mr, Mo- " "rt'i more ""in It "-ai oi��"AS��f><1 fnr
("ale. "I must admit that 1 waB car-,1'"'! voir. This noellsnt ���''���*������" declar-
rled eway hy excitement at the time1'"' "'"i porno of the reported big Bales
North Toronto came Into the city and: had   not  materialized.
mil others, who signed one of them,
I to do his utmost to stamp out the traf-
| fie.     The   governor   replied   that   the
matter was for the federal authorities|tor
land  Marshal  ll Hit man.  who ean  not  copiously and declared that
without authority from the apere-   for fre< ilom was ill-timed 1:
gave chase. j
The f!ving pair r-iapaulttd nptheav.
"I'ln   with seven uniformed  patrolmen ]
following.    The hunt was In full crv ���
with the partlomen crying "grab him!" I
Officer  Freese,  driver of the    grey- j
hound,  waB coming along the street.!
hoard the command and saw Richards j
whom he immediately throttled. They
"*n Rtlod up against the building and |
Richards'   star   was   exposeil.   Freese;
then  relieved  the special offtcei   and
Richards continued  In the chase and
was at Howard and Trent avenue when
Freeman was captured.   At the emergency   hospital   treatment   was   given)
Richards' neck, which hid   sustained
scratches from the hands of the po-
iicer"un.    Kreese's hand was also injured  and  he wore  lt bandaged  last
Winn Freeman wns again placed be-
the booking window he shed tears
his dash |
icause of
tary of the interior, will at once for- , over-lndulgf nee
Rick Klondiker's Relatives Would De
prive His Wife of His Large
| ward  the communications to tliat department fur action.
"Bootleggers are turned  loose with
i ,i   mild   admonition  of  'do   not   do   It
.again.' and this happi ns almosl every,
wi i k " writes the Hev. Mr. Wright
"1 have seen dozens of Indians receive whiskey and has seven bottles at
present  In  my  possession  labeled and
 l"il   that   1   have   taken   away   from
Indians afier tbey had received It at
b.'nds of white men und further
i | ivo witnesses to that affect, On
.TUly 21 a' 3:80 a. in. th"re were 12
on the gronn
w--ii arrested on Sprarue avenue while
attempting to sell a chest in tools and |
a  bicvcl".    Officers  alleged   the  articles were stolen.
Seattle, Aug. 24. -To preveni  Mrs.
.May Thagard, widow of J. Ii. Thagard,
well   known   Alaska   mining  operator thi
and Seattle business man, who died in
Ihls city nearly a year ago. from ob
��-,;,,i.,,,    nnainMlnn    of    tlle    efit'lle    left ''���-"���    *t!'    l"'l:i:u:   lying    -
bv   her 'Husband    blood   rela'tves   oi within n block of my house, and !,  is  Closer   Attention   to  Canadian   Ncedr
Thagard have filed   a contest against "HI immon to see unlaws so drunk
fie   distribution     In   lhe  Klne   COUntJ "    v can no longer s! mil. ami are left
superior court.    Thagard at  the time Mu I the Btreets, wbere all the In
nf iiiF death was believed to be worth tie children can si" them
$250 000   although   tb"   attorney   for     "On rne occasion we saw the mayor 	
thee state George Olson, declares that and CUy  Marshal .1.  Leader drag    a     London, Aug. 23.- Sir Edmund Wai
tins astlmatn was greatlv exaggerated diiinken ��� :;unw from the Btreel Into a   ki r  hai  been   .ising  leisure  moments
:""!   that   JT'iimn  is more  the correct '' tree i""' cattle corrnl sml leave her  ),,.,.,, to enforce u,,. lessen of how the
(inure there with a little Indian baby boy not BrltlBh  manufacturer loses trade    in
Attomov  Olson  today  was notified more thsn two weeks old. ;,],��� Canadian west.   He himself, when
Would  Add  Greatly  to  Trad:
e.*ith Old  Land.
that eight heirs residing In South
Carolina, brothers and sisters of Tha-
gnrd have retained Seattle attorneys
and intend tn dispute uny distribution
or the estate in Which tbey do not
share. Thagard lefl no will and lhe
contention of both Mrs. Thagard nnd
Olson Is that Hie property be accumulated wii�� all community in character
nml should :'ll co to tbe widow
Among Hi" properties In which Thagard war Interested were the two
Mecca s.-tleie���'��� one at 010 First avenue
end one Bl '.'l'i Union street; a fifty-
year lease e.i a lot at the southwest
corner of Third avenue nnd Onion
tireit opposite the postofflce bulld-
Ine and considerable personal property.
Because of Thagard's wide acquaint-
.���������ii" in Alaska, where lie spent mosl
,.< ihe lati ������ years of his life, announce-
i-o ul of lhe proposed contest will
arouse n grent deal of interest among
Ml   kins.     Thagard   vvas   in   business
nt  Nome im* years, making liis first
���FtRVe  thoro i-'ter Hie  fire during the
winter of 1003.
two weeks old.
Stepoed  Stabbing  Affray,
������""������"nally i bav,. dragged Indians
oet of He- mud nnd water of the s:ree'
after thev  had  been  given  'knock-out
drops' nnd hsve helped to put them lu
��� * .. p.. '-,,,,     tyQ ](,BK tlnn three stab-
' "im affrays have occurred in Hie last ;
throe months ami   it   is   common   to
near Uiem  yelling nnd shooting after:
Hire havo been getting ben/".   1  hnv
last In Bngland, bought an English
mi tor car. which le* lound to b I far
better than any ear cf l'nited States
make. "Yet," bc sav-. ".f l want anj
spare par's I have n write to Eng
land for Hum as ibere are no mean]
ji getting tbem lu Canada."
Am thor i rm i f British mi ter c ir
mak'rs has sii up a garage In one
a Unite In my nossesslon tint I lf ""' *'���** Canadian - cities, when
���'������'.,,1 i' drunken Indian from stab- *Pare parts em, be obtained und r*
bins a whit- man wiih. In the name Pairs carried out. and the cms quence
nf common decency and as ciMzens  we is.  says Sir  Edmund,  that  thev  can
find Canadian purchasers (riu manv ,
cars us  thoy  can  sill.
lhis a be:
Sensational Char0es of Illicit Whiskey
Trade Just Across Eoundary
beg cf veil to help us mill
tor plac0 to live."
This petition is sh-'noil bv the Hev.      Hamil ten wioks,  ihe liritis'i trad
Fred  .1   Hart   Preshvterian    pastor:  commissioner  in   Canada,  and   other
Mr,   Wr!|:ht.   tl.   F.  Wager.  e|erk:   .1.  nutlnTitles have so often  insisted  up
f. Sklu, fruit grower;   ll. O.  Hinde, on  the   necessity   of   keeping   stocks
.,,,,..',;,���t; o. f. Stromgron, man��fao-  in Canada that it Ij a marvel that anv
  "    fi   N    lirncK.  gardener:   F.  C  ju it isli manufacturer at empts n Cana
wi-,""-. H, iv Graves, engineer: D. dlan trade without fulfilling this nee
�� ��� .ii ii, banker "mi O. H M��p1e Lssary condition. So fir us ean te*
io-���:.*������ Vi Mr Wrieli' declared i'i fathered, Hn- truth of ilu- matter Is
n,"- serin' lie cou'd i"''l fiftv i'*'"ii"' i' ,,,.,, ,i,(, ii,-.j.,1, inani.f ic'urer In gen
      "   nnd ��ald his own life hat!  ,,,..,,  js B0 f���nv occupied Jusl    row
been th lened. n*.|,  n,,, i ,,m,. demand and t'i" b'g
B;e Parent* Intcvleated. (        ,  ���1ul.kot., ,hH. he |laa lit-i.   or
!���..',   Mr. Wright snd   Pnthc-  P" ,     sllH.u ,��� algpoga (lf
���������' be. fid "'e Indian   '"ent. II.  1 ��� ,
,.-    v, ������-  ig Sll m hlP power tn 0'hc'-   instances
better conditions, Father Do Roughe Blr Edmund Walker gives other
gnv��' cntious 01 *. inti us oi iir'tish manu
!    "| | ��� i',ni ���"���"���'��� i ai'i In the i-iui-   tacturers' methods.    "There ure," lie
tr\ r.i, ������ ��� thin 100 i"i|ii'i-' iii-e lee" says, "certain classes of engines ilm,
kii'i il '''������ whiskey pnd hv in hi: sb"' vve buy from (ireat Britain, partly lie
ntntivd ���!��� drown, nnd t'-ere 'i ue end cause tbey nre British, bui chiefly be
ito the list ef ttiOPP wii" died frnm cause they nie tin- best we cun get.
oxpnsr'o iii"! s'eltenes. 1 have boen I Yet We have ihe uliuost difficulty hi
! mere Hi"" tti yean "' work her" tni getting  tbem   repaired,   because  the
'eli" ;.*.. th ��� vii"i' i mt I   lut ii Is n British manufacturers will nol remem
j fnct thai t':" i nie ef whiskey tn eer i,pr that the threads of certain Bci'ewj
tpitlirs Is lho ruin ef mv work of ed-   nre  made to return  the reverse  way
Olympla, Wash., Aug. 24,���Sensational charges of the unchecked sale
ot wblskey to Indians In the Okanogan
country connived at by town officials
a.,,,1 resulting in siting and ������: 1 common thing in our days."
bins  affrays  and  the  death  of manv |
in Canada nnd the liniled States."
Take  another  point.     "In   America
W"   wear   Bhirt >   wblch   open   all   the
l'i.....     .....     *n..
Indians are
made In letters    from a
]i,o"t'"'i.   ,"V s   renn   as   v-   lol   go   the
I ihlldron for vaeitiens or for o+hor ran-
Icons,  i1""   (rnther  In  such  t'wns  to
i,.,���, ���,-i'.-.,- im drnnvard",   T'i-- noe way lU)V.n tlu, fronti    when my S".
th '"i titbrrs ""���' mothers drunk Lu-i u t  ln  i.c>I)lloi>. be replenished
..���,i   thov   soon   fol mv   I..-   exaur.le. ;,,,���   wnrdrobe,   bill   hi'  could   not   I'liul
v"""   '   ���     ������'���'   '  "     ���--���������������ii'-   '    a|���  gingio shirt ninker In  l.ondon  who
Would make bin shlrls lo open down
the fronl "
LEVEii GREAT Home  Markets  Bus/
GRAND CHILDREN1     Some Utile progress bus.  I!   Is hop-
  ed, been iniuie wllb the idea tha' Br t
Pullman, Wash. Aug. 28- The d 'ith | . mnnnfaoinri is should hire nud fur-
of Mn. Elizabeth Maynard at Colton In'sh n '���r<nil '-'������-liriiiiiti" tra'n to car-
r-inovtil the head Of the largesi fain   ry   typical   Ilrillsh   manufactures     to
Hy of descendants In ths Ptlnu��>o [Canadian Centres, The success of the
country and posB'hiy In Hie Inltnd recent t iur of the "made-tn-Canada"
Empire. Mrs, Mavnart! wos the widow train through the Dominion, lias en-
ef Nit'em Mavnitrd, who died s"Verul cournged some of the lending people
She was iiii years old nnd  here to ai tempt  a  similar  liritish or
pries' nml a Methodist minister to GOV'
ernor Uster, ami by him forwarded to
United Btates Marshal A. W, Unite-1
The letters were from Father E. de |
I'oughe, n priest nt Mission, and from'
the Rev, ,1. W. Wright, pantor of the
Methodlsl Episcopal church at Okano.
gnn A postenrd. showing an '" ,1"' |
hanging "dead drunk" neross a hitch-1
ing  rack, nnd  labeled hy the  pioture
Rlftfii        fl     M Iipi > l ��� iii-.���     I..       Wil a     I. lie     c 11,'i iif i     vi     mini'     i-.iiiin' '-'i,    f,uiiit(uiuii,     um     in-1 i-     u��U in      un-     i v-��i
with   newspaper  clippings   mum      '  ,,,��� ���f ,.,��������� rorv|va her.    Si'e Is also  difficulty is that the best of the Hrlt-
slnnees of t'.e sale of lliinor um   ui i   (irv|v(()  [|v  fl^ ^    ,,,,���,,,.������     .*���  ,���,,   manufactur6W  nre   doing   BO    re-
death of IndlanB  due  to  the IB.ile  Oil p,..,,,,,,,,,!,,,,,,,, ���,������ l|ev,., ,,,.���.,, ���mnrknbly   well   with   the  home  mar-
liquor, "ccompanleil  ino ���'��'"* igm*   gl-r.���dcbtldreii.     Mrs.   Maynard  kets  thev  already  possess  that they
_.     ���3!'?|b wp�� ,,,Bed In the let-1 died Sundnv night nl the horn- of her  find It difficult to gel  up enthusiasm
ts^*fS^ charl<M Maynara' nw Colton. |for neW fields.
years aao,
Wc wish to thank the public for the manner in which they responded at the opening of our sate on Saturdav. We tender an apology to any customer who did not meet with the courtesy and attention we desired.
The crowds who taxed our store and sale-force to the utmost will readily understand our position, and, we
trust, will take matters in the right spirit.
and we will do everything in our power to make shopping as comfortable and convenient as possible.
FI'.ICES ���The prices on all merchandise are cut exceedingly low. We can honestly state that never in
the history of the trade have such legitimate values been offered.
Supply Your Furniture and Household
Wants now. We Can Save you Real
Every article in stock marked down to prices that mean real money savings for you.
Lees Ltd. $140*000.00 Stock of Reliable and Dependable
Merchandise Offered at Prices You Cannot Afford to
If you cannot come today come tomorrow.   You can find some article yore can use and at a price that will
appeal to you.
Sale opens daily, 9 a.m.    Watch Oor Wn&,m
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster, B. C.
xv -...iijaa
Ida May in "Believe Mc" at Opera IIo wn;  next   Wednesday  aud  Thursday.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Iron* and  Heating Apparatus
All Maclza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every Kind .of Electrical Work ��UtU�� f-OUR
MONDAY,   AUGUST   25,   191S.
jFresli Water and Salt
Roman expected.
The 11. !'. P. has beeu for several
days at the Cclumbia Cold Storage
company's wharf. The Roman was
due last nighl with her regular catch
|;cf halibut, but beeinise of the many
mis In the river il  was thought that
____  even If she arrived at the mouth of
the river yesterday she would lie out-
B-aali  From   Steveston  Try   to   Head  side until today.
Social and  Personal
od Hon Effore It Passes up
.V-. :: molt iii' what occurred at t'.ie
opening of the last two weeks, when
tie MsseBt tuiii} of seckeyes got well
ua rive* before the fi o'clock gun,
Stevea-tOB and other fishermen from
,: .. ".vt r i- mn- up to the local vvaior-
Cmal yesterday and dropped their nets
bere tn-stead oj in lhe gulf or the river
.-    nili
Vrmn obGervaUOM made from shore
8>e nm tna nol very good lust night
a .'! text tbsb were seen taken.
Bfecaum of the additional boats c-jm-
��� up, lhere ivere more outfits at
.���.">. ::t New West minuter than there
beea lhis season and many people
iicu*n to the wharves and, and
tral' i-,i tl the fishermen nt work uniil
oS^M *******
;ijtiini��j's repor! of the 11. t'. fan-
���erst association is here given:
fu-llingriam canneries gol 26,000 sal-
nnii yesterday,.Dearly all humpbacks.
���\i-..'!iit;i"s canneries have nil the
(tab fhev- enn handle, and there also
���he catebea are nearly all humpbacks.
The cafcf&cs on tho upper Fraser
���nets xmy small yeBterday, whilst th"
-.*..-. r'uer and CanOG Pass were tlie
-i'ln.' a*, the day previous. Tlie
catches oo the North Arm were abeut
.',.e iml/ those reported a day ago.
i    Tli.. Beaver   lay a:    the
���wharf yesterday.
('. P, It
The  Samson   will  likely   1 iav��
D. P. \v, wharf this morning.
Lasl week the King Edward finished dredging operations off the Steves.
i *n s'.ore, and probably today will
commence work on the long hoped fir
channel at the mouth of the river. No
time will be lost doing this, and the
wrrk will be rushed as fast as pos-
s ble. The Fruhllng which is to help
at (it's work, along with another
dredge, Is in Vancouver being overhauled.
With   Later   Season   Island   Canncricc
Are  Putting  up  Gcod-Sized
One Vesscf Had  1D37 Casus cf  Dyna
mite. But   No   Explosion   Fol-
lo��ied Cra3h.
Vi rllniiil. Dm . Aug. U     The Nor-
*.vi*i: -*in  ste.nm-r  ThiHie   Fagelund  and
tht- <;<*rmajv  tmrk  Thielbek   collided
turns oa, iii    Asioria   harbor,   ut   ;.
u'eli.ck thia.   morning,    according    te
.iihiiis received by Captain Veysey
fJnyifs surveyor at Portland. Captain
Wi fry ban left for Astoria to survej
tin* damage.
The hows of ibe Tlmde Pagelund Fraser rl
wn: biidly smashed in tin* collision lets on wh,"li nrcklne honscF are si":
-.-mil hir forward hold Is filled with ated. Al liive-'s Inlet the fishermen
waiir. Thc Thlelback's bows also have quit and there Is little fishing be-
w.tc badly stove in. ,'"������' done mi the northern waterway*.
The TbodQ Fagelund in charge of Th" fish is imw being nacked .iml Is
Oiplain M. Nolan, was I. umd out n-nrtlng I" come south in large quan-
��ani to iSallxia.    In her cargo  were ,;,; "  '" '" coasting Bteamer
Victoria, Aug. -'*:. Both the spring
and sockeye 3almon ore running well
off i'i" west coasl ni presenl and the
big cannery at 0chucklesil is working
to Its capacity already. The ('Inyo.mot
packing house has nm experlen :ed so
good a run there, bin are looking for
nn early appearance of large schools
of fish. The packers expect to Becure
a record catch this year and hnve
large mosquito fleets out trolling fnr
the finest fish of the finny tribe.
Lust year was the firsi season the
new* cannery nt Uchucklesll was in operation and the owners, the Wallace
Fisheries, Ltd., of Vancouver, were
more than satisfied with tlie pack.
Throughout the greaier part of the
Isearon Hie staff ashore was working to
its limit in putting up the greet quan-
titles of fisii which the fishermen
brought iu. A number of additions and
improvements have been made at 'li"
cannery during tlie months in which
tiie plant has imi been In operation
niul tlie packers are proper d f* ** *' *'* *
l ip^er catch than Insi season -Vlreudv
ih" cannery !-��� working nenr'v t" its
full limit ami the heavy runs have nol
yet Btarted.
The run off iii" wesi  const  is later
ban tliat  at  Hie Skeena, S'ikine ami
and nl ii' ��� numerous in-
10'.'*.; eases of dynamite, but it did noi
. MiVil'.    The Tlui'ltiek was bound l'e
The cannery at th" outer dock here,
owned b>  Findlay, Dtirhim 6  Br "I
���J-nril.-mii under charter to imd grain   ���' *s l"11  "" ���>������'������.*���.; ''enl  nf fi,'   this
She ���*%*! in tnw it the Bteimei Ocklu-
Vnr-ma, Csptatn l'i :.ri*. antl iin- force [
tlie i.I'isiun lure tlie tin. bun: h d iv
.*iii;,n in :,i iho bark. Tin* vessel
iin.-a.-. v.,ti .-ui forclblj Jammed into
each tv.'liiT lhat they cunlil nut In*
���>i per.ired   tin*   several   hours.
The damaged vbsb Is were survi yed
Whig anenraa. The ThleToek was
permit ed lo prc-ci-eil in tew lo Fori
Ijnil. The Tbelie Kageluiul will re
rfi.iin here pending arrival ef ftp' . a
"S'.Mitlen. ai;i nl tur the Norwegian
���jr.drrtrr ters.
."���"'  ' "   Ti 'l'i*;  havn  a   good
pai l. .:���  their Esquimau cannery,
Some Bine in October the peej���;,  on
i -i !nui*r i.-ii/iiiiMiii Bhould be in a po-
. I ii ii :vrn ol ihe awarding ol 'in*
���  ..  (tract Inr ihe Improvement "f
* ie VTth Arm ol ihe Praser Tenders
are  no*  being  called  for Jetty    and
irn';.ing  vvurk nn lhe North   Ann. by
(Kxnlalon   government,   the   time
���:.��� ths *��� ie lng placi ���! al Sepl  30
American  Plants  Hive     Many     Case:
Filed   Analnst  Them ��� All   Cut
Two Charged.
H'llinaliaiii. Aug '11 Following In-
V- i gallons made le State l. ibor
Commissioner I-:, w. Olson and M'*s
Tin ia ��� , Mi I inney, represi ntin ,:
li 'ia trial ,i. Ifarc comn lea i a of the
st'Jte, Informutli n was filed In lhe superior coun here today In nlnetj si p-
ara'" cases agalnsl sain m i annery
' win r.i   for   v . ' i! on  i f  the  child  In-
\s appropriation for thi- work was  '.''.'' !'JW   h>  employing children undei
  al the lai i 11 salon pf ths in u ie,
���.i*.i*.   the  amounl   pul   aside   will
��� ,*h  tu   i'u- la-1 except I    in
*  i| t*i   the ni ���*....',*   d hai
ll i hi will mi  pern l    Irom the Juv
i'lil.*   Cl  .il I
!       '' ��� '   '.������:' i i a*   i ihi rl :��� ' m
i'.ii... , f'fl   Ihree ca       agalnsl it,
���   ���   rolling  the     atti       f  'he  Bi llli cannei
'��� *��� i"   '.-in nl ihe r.i' *                  Hn     Ua         I'ui            i ��� ill on, i.
I   il   11    '���'   ali..     U   ('Mill    "ii'ii    COntl   i
TWO   AMERICAN   FRCIfiFT E RS tor.   1.    lln    \\ I  ���   .   ���    I,    ,  -, ���   ,    ,,l
AllE NOW  in  THI9 PORT  pan)   o    [llalm    li    the Blalni   Pack
Ing compan).  . Vlnswnrlb  and
'��� i  Irelght' i '  are now
hi v  ore the Kdlth, ��� r
tl     h*ulton,    nl  Tocoms
���   ���   ���  '       '     lain C. v.', ('all, brlnq i
""��� 'i' ��� > ��� ��� ol dredge machinery,
���������������'.��� unloaded al the C, P.
���-. �� .. i* i -n . other vessel, the Ful
" i- i es : kmgside the new city
ArMJgi al thi fool of Twelfth Btreet,
Sas:  ti i ..    i   'a...   urns.'  yards.
or ton  Wr
��tr.   Time.
IVieli   1 o��
14.--M    7i."
11   '.'������
H8H   h nn
US 19:SO
It DS io ar.
n as
:25 l*:3o
������� 13. SB
Dunn compan). i i  Blaine, 1- easeB,
Two Canneries Exemntcd
Bvery  canni rs   in   tlm  i ountv    '���������
cepl   the   Carlisle   Packlim   c in pany
and  tli"  l.utnml  r.*iv   company,       n
ported In the wholesale f.lin ���*. of ihe
charges,   The tine on convlctl in mav
be  Jin er ii  maximum of $500,  which
makes   ii   possible   for  the   total   In
f i ��� s 1" reach $45,0 10
i    Tlm    Pacific    American    Fisheries
company win be subject to a fine of
Vii'''  In casi* the maximum Bhould
be  attached   In  the  fifty-three  cases
agalnsl that concern.
Tb" two stale officials have lefl
Bellingham fnr the other parts of tho
state and the work of preparing informations and the marshslling the
evldenci Is leftl o the prosecuting at
ti mey's  office,
Sn f;ir none ol the cannery owners
have given oul anv statements re
gardlng the promised actions,
Swamied Witb Aiilicatiois
From the start of the canning fi b
s-'ii lies vein*, and BBoeclellv when
the sockevc nm Btarted, ail "'" cannery plants here were Bwamned with
applications for werk by yotinestprs
r all UK's i i'wHe the juvenile de-
1:38 11.7 10 iiii l'i partment ef Ihe superior courl vvas
Uiiflk 10.li 0 11 l.O ' '���" *"'"" w'''' "etitloiis for pnrml sion
22:26 lie l :'���' lo!" to work, Only a Binall per centaee
IS:M 11.6 7 20 *.: ; "f 'be anpllcatlons indicated the nee-
33:64 il "��� 20 i io.7 '*J,''y nf work for tho maintenance
16:28 12.0    -    *    i il of famllleB,
21  24   I" ' 	
U27 11,3    il  '���'    1" Steam Trader Ashore,
16:B311.4 22:14   i'i      '  ui,i e     Aug     21.   The    steamer
���,!:4!i Ha. 10:04    11.8   \niila.  which  irndi s along  the Onsoe
17:19 11 s 22 37   7.9 and New  Brunswick consts. Is asliore
W'.Xi'i ll -i 10:49   i�� at New Carlisle    No further partlcu-
1! ir, I'i'.i 23 ::S   6.6 lars are available,
McSpadden'*;  Fusiliers to Bo provided
for��� Hen.  Mr.   r-Va-ien   Leaves
fer the  last.
Vancouver, Aug. -4. Tbo new drill
ball to cost $200,000 on Commercial
Drive is to be atarted Immediat ly. ac
c nl ng to orders received b) Messrs.
Perry ,v.- Fowler, li will be for tha
us�� entirely of the new Irish Fusilier
ii'-,iint et. There vvill be eight companies in the corps, ami the appointment of the Officers have been gaz-
ii.id approved by the D. it. C, al
Victoria, nnd sent to Colonel Hon.
Sam Hughes iit Ottawa, Alderman
Oeorge McSpadden wlll be in com-
mand while M. J, Crehan and Alderman I-:, ii. McMaster are named
majors. Captain Dowllng will be
transferred from the 104th of New
Westminster to eel as adjutant
While Robert Kelly will be quarter-
1 master, The captains are Messrs. V
\V. Odium, transferred from the 100th
Grenadiers, Winnipeg; It. J, Maxwell,
formerly of the sixth; A, \V. McLel-
Ian. I.. II. Ingram and .1 II Holden.
The lieutenants are Messrs, Q, A.
Brant, T, B. Harston, F, Bayllss, B.
!���'. Howden, (1. s. McSpadden (jr.), M.
Mallulue, .1. ('. Thorne, G. Graham, F.
I", ii'is-i and D'Arcy Rowe. A recruiting office will be opened September
il, and the officers feel confident in
their ability to establish five company's ui their full Btrength right
Ha:en Goes -^ist.
Hon. .1. D. Hazen, minister of
marine nnd fisheries, returned frcm a
vis! to Point Alberni yesterday
morning and left lust evening for the
east afti r a stay of three weeks on
the coast. The first stop Off will be
at Calgary. There were a number of
prominent Conservatives ttl the depot
lasl evi ning to bid adieu to Mr,
Hazen, Senator Thorne and other
members of the party.
Mr. Hazen said he was delighted
with bis visit to the coast, and that
his ideas of Hie development of this
province and the Yukon had heen
mater.ally enlarged. He was delighted wiih the warmth of his reception
on i vi ry hand, and with the munis
takable evidence of growth on every
hand. This had been his flrsl visit to
the coast In many years and the
changes whieh had taken place in the
meantime were almosl Inconceivable,
Tickles  Everybody.
The announcement that the firm of
Henry, McAfee & McDonald had
Becured the contracl for building the
new government wharf al the foot of
Salisbury Drive, caused much Interesl
throughout tho city, The successful
e ru.':���'' rs have many big railway
c ntracts to their credit, and are reputed in be "ne ni the strongest
organizations ol the kind In the Dominion, While I ling an eastern firm,
Messrs. Henry, McAfee & McDonald
own extensive property interests iu
this city, particularly on Hastings
street. Two local Arms put in tenders
1 ,i* the c iilraet.
Due  Monday.
The members of the Ini rnat'onal
gl nli gical congress, vvhi'ii met recently in Toronto, will arrive in Vancouver tomorrow, Tliey are making an
' x ensfve mnr ol Ihe 1' minion. The
i bject ' f the International congress is.
brnfly: "The advancement of knowledge concerning the earth both In tin*
fi"!d  of  pure  geological   sclen nnl
in its aiiplieaiiiai in He* arts and In-
duBtrles through tho association and
co-operation of leading geologists and
i ngineers of all nations. Tin* more
Importani methods by which II endeavors in accomplish its aim are us
follows: 111 meetings, i-i publications, (3) International committi es,
i-li excursions, and ir,i prizes.''
Accidental   Death.
The venl: ���! ol th" coroner's Inquest
Into the death of Mr. Arthur Oleson,
who was l<ill'*d at li'*n Hiekson's log'
ging camp al Reid Island on August
l'i. was thai death came from a fracture of the skull received accld niully.
The dead man was employed ns a
taller and was crushed by a failing
limb while nl work There was no
claimant ior Hn* remains and they
were burled (rom t i nter ,v ilanna'B
eBtabilshmenl yestcrda) afternoon.
Joe  Back  at Ccast.
Joseph Martin, M. I', for Easl st
Pancras, an Ived In the cm yesterday
*  *   * ��������� ��� di 'l  visi:  ritill  i:   Btaylng
in tin* Hotel Vancouver Ile came
'' ���'*' ' ii : , London lb* made llghl
. i i'n i ������; i ��� of dli ensiona concern'
Ing hla ' .nn! '. iturn In Ins eimsilin-
eiic) and i-iinnn il thai hi had tin-
supporl of lha gresl majorlt) of his
ri nstltuents He had voted agalnsl
Lloyd tli orge In connection * Ith the
M irconl Investlgatti n Mi Martin
will remain In Vancouvoi until
James Wilson, of Louden, England,
is a guest al the Russell hotel.
Harry 11a I len I vue. western territorial j
field  secretary of the  V.  M, C.  A.,  im
expected In  New*  Westminster today.
Hev.   Father  Bessette   is  on  n   visit
to hla brothers in  Lumley, Okanagan
valley.    He is expected to return in i
the beginning of nexi   month.
James Taylor, of Syracuse.  NY., a I
brother of Hon. Thomas Taylor, min-
Ister of public works for the province,
was  a  guest  at   the   Hussell  hotel  on
Misses Sadie and Lizzie Coulson, \
of Grimsby. Ont., are registered at the '
Hussell hotel. Ii is understood thai i
one of the Misses ('unison vvill teach j
school in Hurnaby municipality,
All'.   J.   Levy,   until   last   week   city |
editor of The News, lias received  the j
npin lntment of publicity commissioner I
for ibe H. A. and l society and has already taken up his new duties.
Spending iheir vacation on an auto
tour, a pany of tour Vernon residents
arrived nt the Russell hotel early Sat- I
'unlay   morning   begrimed   with   dust
which was picked up on the way from
Seattle.    Tiie  party consists of l'i    V
lHankey,   brother  of  G,   A.   Hankcy,
owner of the Hussell hotel, li. F. Bent-
tie, II. DeBeck and R. C.   Thompson.
Tin y left Vernon a little more than a
.week ago, travelling to Scuttle by way I
of the Okanagan, Wenatchee and the
fruit  districts  of Washington    Btate
.They will leave iiRain tor Vermin early i
this    morning,    travelling    by    ea.-*.
easy stages and arriving there about |
the end of the week.
White   Rock   Perccnals.
Amongst    the    recent    visitors    to
Betzwoych, the sen fronl residence of
Mr.  and  Mrs.  S.  Dawe,  were  Messrs.
Darrell Shildrick, Roy Blois and R. M.
Clark,   of   New     Westminster.     Miss
Alire Taylor  and   Miss  Connon.  both !
of New Westminster were also visitors j
to the same summer cottage lasl week
and n  most ini.'.vine time was .-pent I
on   the   shore  and   In   the   waters   of
Semiahmo bay    All enjoyed the clos  ;
Ing days of the summer holidays to
the   full,
Mr. and  Mrs   S.   Dawe ind  f imlly i
have   returned   to   New   Westminster
fn in their summer resldenci at White
i_s i r^i i xgol
A pretty wedding took place in
Vancouver on Saturday morning when
Mis.- Beatrice Annandale, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs T. s. Annandale, of this
city, became the bride of Arthur Pal
ru-k Pratt, of the Canadian Bank er
Commerce, Vancouver,
The ceremony was performed in St.
Paul's church. The contracting part.es
are well known in both New WeBtmlnster snd Vancouvi r and were the recipients of many beautiful and valued
pr* s ;.: ��� After a bone) moon trip
through Un southern sta es. the
couple ",11 lake up their residence al
Bli nhe :,i court, Vancouver,
Wonderful Showing of
French Hand Made
Wc have just placed in stock a beautiful
range of lovely White Wear. There are garments here more handsome than which we
have had the pleasure of showing, as well as
dainty, serviceable garments whose low
prices the most limited purse can afford.
Night Gowns, Chemises, Drawers, Corset Covers, Underskirts, Combinations and
Princess Slips in a wonderful varietv.
New Fall Importations of The New Fall Coats are
Daily Arriving
A special display Monday of the newest v.eaves.
shades and color combinations for the fall Benson
N. .v Broche Satins in a variety of designs, two
tone. Bedford Cords of Vi Ivet, in �� Bhadea Chur ihill
Cloaklngs, new Curl Cloakings, new designs and colorings in colored reverisble cloaklngs; also new
tones Blanket Cloth, Wide Diagonals and ll"ather
Mixturi -���
Already cinoe Hun-'' new fall models have been
shown they have been eagerly admired, They ure
beautiful models, developed in mw (url Cloaklngs,
Curl Wales ami Wide Diagonals, nlso Heather Mixtures, These are cut-away effect. Some with velvet collars, also self collars with wide lapels with
or Wtthoul patch pockets Hack bells or fancy tubs.
large one to tlve button fronts.   See these today
Qui Ii ic, Aug. 23. ' 1 hav * gre tl
faith In l'rinee Ruperl and think
that, vv Ith the extensii n of the Grand
Trunk Pacific system there In from
twelve to fifteen months' tlmi verv
great development will take place.'
said the Baron di Demi i, wh . *���* * h I
tin. baron iss, ii juat r iturn ng to I'r |
is for tb" winter, niter a six months'
stay  in  the  west.
Possessing courage, es well as enn
vlction, the baron has Invested $200,-
000 m l'rinee Rupert, und as booh as
rail connection has been made. In- j
tends to -pend heavily in building
operations, believing that with a fine,
harbor, as well as rail-, an enormous
amounl ol produce will find Its wav
through  Prince    Hupert.    both    from
The  New Fall Suits for Jaeger Pure Wool
Women.    An Advance        Tailored   Waists
S< e thetn and admire the beauty of tli" material
and good style, but inure especially to realize tii"
really surprising value they offer. Made from
Tweeds and Sergesj; rather a long cut-away coal
with fancy or plain lapel Skirl hight waist line and
wide seanis.   Prices J25 :" $40
An Interesting display of Dr. Jaeger pure wool
tailored waists, In plain, cream and neai colored
stripes, having sofi double collar und ciiffs perfectly
made. Dr. Jaeger wai.-is are known the world over
as lieiii^ unshrinkable and fast colors. See these today; all sizes.   Trie's 54.50* $5.75.
Is  Drawing  Near.
We have a choloe line of vinegar
w. st'-iii Canada and  Alaska, the open tbls year, especially for pickling.
pit and open sea, the twelve months .lanes'  Apple Cldar Vinegar In    half
round, giving it a decided advantage gallon glass bottles, per bottle 50c
- ver Hi"  Fort  William  route.    Then, One gallon glass bottle, per bcttle 80c
li.* thinks a  lari*," trade wlll spring White  Wine  Vinegar  In  half  gallon
up  going from l'rinee Hupert to Chic   glass bottles, per bottle    BOc
nge direct, instead of by wav of S at Pickling Spice,    per   packet    10c,   3
tie.    Ai   present   the   foundations  of tor  25c
Hie in*,  o   T   P. hotel, which is    to Whole   Cloves,   Clnnaman,    Allspice,
cost aboul a million dollars ar" being Mace, otc,
pm in, in readiness for the now traf- Choice   Eastern  Townships  Uutter  3
fie. lbs tor $100
 ���- Fancy Creamery Butter 2 lbs. for 75c
Ut*\-- York stocks Hlrher. Local Dairy Butter, per Ib 35c
New   York.  Aim   21.    Stock,  rub d  Cooking Butter, per lb       25c
ai   moderately  higher figures    during  Clothes Pins  5 dozen  tor 10c
mosl of tho s sslon Saturdav    Trad   old Dutch Cleanser    'i f r 25c
ing was on a small scab*, bill    tho u::- Liquid  Ammonia, |e*r bottle      , ...16c
d"ii*i:" Bhowed  pron   I ceil    * ������ jt'i    Choice Table Peaches 3 lbs  25c
Tin*  supplj  of Blocks  was  ���'���   larti Malaga Orapeg, per Ib                     ISc
and it did not ri      i    henvv buvlng to j Hot House Tomatoes, per lb. ,        20 ���
t-li '                      *           the  list, ok  nagan Celert  Ivery flne) 2 lbs. 25:
H .'i          '     nn    I'ne'dc    ind    S* el it you wanl  the beal  trj
moved fm       i i    nil 'i   : |li ,i  'i bv
nil      a I I   I  .       '   '      ll' I  I   '*     *     ' :|"l*l.   I
end  nd\   were   well    hi Id    nnl '
Jusl   le fi :*     the   ' in e   v hi  i   n   t\ i*.*'
r.'-ui    n r 'i  end *���  ltn i f the Is  il  i
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout  thi  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department nl nil Branches DcpositB of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
Dean's Grocery
rr   nior.u.
Phone  3Pfj.
Co I urn ten   Stieet.
���its***~,.Tv-jx*^x*ctt,*xrKir-zj*^irmxiu.i'mit ���H0HHKI
ON   WAY   TO   MA
Mc'vfm��nla ol Ttcamers.
Neirr. -i. Aug. J3, The White Star
��ii��-r Lanrenlic, largest Bteamer to
Canada. * due to arrive in Montreal
���MPt1 Q ier.,., wiih n large list of re-
Corning travellers. "Laurentlc, 530
��� ��v|e-. , *>v Cape Hare in o'clock Wed-
tvpwi morning, Is iiue ui Quebec
SUurdiv evening and Montreal Sun-
*W*4 ������ i��� w, /nti 305 hr"'. '.''���,'' s i*
I'-nit imi i,\i third." New Westmin-
i-i*"  ."n' Victoria passengers are due
\UfT��� -t   XL
Quebec, Aug. iM The rlvi r Bteamer
Etolle wi'ii 450 passengers on hoard
hfi for Capo si Ignace, snn:" forty
miles tn low this cltj th's morning
with the Intention of holding mass
Hure. when close to its destination
the boat ran ashore, Buffering considerable ilaiiia-'e. When the tide
went down the passengers were
taken ashore safely and without con-
fusion, by farmers ln hav carts. The
passengers were sent back I" tjueh""
by special turn. The Btolle will
probably get off at high tide,
k  Endinn  Au'
���r. Sand   11
I Huh
T"""   Uet    1
U:40 T).'.
st 81.
,,��    Ito
i *    3.7
Sail I'liiiiciseo, Aug. "4 The
steamer Homer, undor charier to the
United States government, arrived today from  the  Prlbllofl  Islands   and
I'lialaska Willi a cargo of 2'i'H Soal
sk'ns and thousand! of for sk'ns.. In-
oludlng a large number of rare and
costly skm- Ol til" silver fox,
Tbe      United      Slates     exeri'iSes     II
guardianship over tho northern group
of islands, in accordance with foreign
treaties, and to pny the cost of guard
Ing the seals from poachers, the gov-
i num nt is permitted to kill h certain
number I f seals and fOX eaeb season
for the skins The Bteamer Homer
makes two trips a vear to tlie Island!
to I ike In HOpplb's and bring out Hie
HARRY  TIDY,  Manager.
August 27th and 28th
Presents   himself  In
A Mtrry Musical  Stampede. Bubbling  ever  with   Mirth  and   Melody.
An  OXCOllonl   easl   ol dainty divinities who ning. dance and delight
tl jt.   Beautifully costumed and propertly presented,
PRICES:    50c.   TO   $1.50.
S-..ito on sale nov; at Tidy, the   Florist's, Phone L184.
Past Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Ihroughbreds in Mion-550 MONDAY.   AUGUST   25.   191
facie r-vta
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads Aiiklk^i!!
T    A /T> nCCP /"""Pi T/"'T/"r'T-' T>   A  PCU  ATT RnYTMf! Pro��ii nv,,, ii-iiimnhs In San Fran-
LACROSSE   :-���   CRICKET   ���-���   BASEBALL   ;-':   BOXING
,*    i.C.   Well   Basted,   Fried   Sunny
, ,r  *..p, by Local Lacrosse Team���
Roasting   to   Follow.
tt tf
and   intereat   wlll I
v,   when  the  semi- j
: I
: l(
lying rings around tbelr oppon-
iind piling up a score ot ll goals
ore lhe visitors ever hud a look In,
Weatmlnster amateurs trimmed
��� a C. to the king's ti.-'i* mi Sui
. afternoon at Quei n's Park, the
il score being 18-2.
uf ii Manager Turnbull had
Adams and Atkinson off the
, 'tils change did nol appear to
. material difference for the
i in il in frnm llie nun and I"
. quarti r lnd ended they vu re
��� goals up,
durrav    and    Peeney of the West
Hamburg, Auk. 'ii.- football
hai i in forbidden in the pub-
llc Bcbools, The superintendent of schools explains that
"li i�� not provided for lu the
Cricketers    from    This    City    Defeat
N:r!h Burnaby on thc Asylum
in the lirst round
undoubtedly Increa
li.ialB are reached.
The results of the flr.u and second
rounds are as follows:
Mr, and Mrs. A C. Stewart won
from Mrs. Bage and ll. Hepwortb.
Mrs. Ogilvie and O, S. .Norman won
from Mr. and Mrs. Bond.
Miss Peele and P. K. lirooks won
Ir in  Mr. and  Mrs. J. It. Smith.
Mrs. Tweedale and (J. Wolsey won
Ifrom Misa Corbould and .1. A. Mother-
Mrs. Eddy and H. P. Gardner walk
over against Miss Bunoe and E. S.
Mr. umi MrB. A. Stewart walk over
aga'nst Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton,
Mr. ami Mrs. Sherrlfl won from
Miss Smith and T. Sutherland.
Mrs   Iv McKenzie and W, Done bye.
Second  Round.
Mr. and  Mrs.  A. Stewart won from
Walter Johnson  Wins  His  Fourteenth
Straight  for  Washington���29
Wins and  Five  Defeats.
Chicago,  Aus.  21. -Walter  Jchnson
won   his  fourteenth  consecutive  victory   today,   when   Washington   de-   .
Ceated Chicago 2 to 1 in the first game |really
Freeh from triumphs In San Kran
Cisco, where it played to the capacity
of the l'ort theatre for three weeks,
and l.os Angeles, where at the Majps-
itic theatre all records for attendance
Wl re broken, the dramatic spectacle
"Bverywoman," with the best scenic
effects and an army of people will be
offered at the Empress theatre, Vancouver, all next week by Henry W.
Savage. Everywhere this great spec-
tacle has been presented It has created a sensation. Generations of theatergoers have witnessed no more r-u-
bllme and moving panoramic pageant
than "Bverywoman," conceived as It
, was by an inspired brain. Il represents
'all that is great, all that is lofty In
spectacle, opera ami drama. It ja
three  productions  merged  intc
.Mrs. Eddy and ii. P. Gardner,
The -Nov.   Westminster Cricket cluh1     Mrs. E. McKenzie and W. Done won
Belated   by   Peedham,  playing had an easy    time   defeating   North
,   net, did the damage, eapecl    Burnaby on the asylum grounds Sat-
.    former, who played his besl  mn.d,  afternoon,   visitors offering
of the season,   .ins'  whal the *,,,  h!;l���   ,,..s*si.al,r(., 0���iy    bringing!
would   have  been   had  Storme  ,M ,  a ���..UM     ,,,���    remalnQer    being
��� the home is hard to oonjoeture ploked    , jn 1]lU ,.*,
,'i.eli  11."  Mann  cuppers were,     We8tm,Mter  batUng (lrs,   compiled
u!  Stormo
cou" ��� ture
^^^^^^^^ cuppers were
thened for the occasion bj
thi Ir old player? reappearing In
���'"������ii. ihey could do little with the
irl  pass work of the locals, while
i ' defence, under Coutts, Patchell and
iry,   was  Bate  throughout
;��� nt land, Allison and Peedham. the
mi ti. put up mi excellent brand of
��� ��� and will be heard from next
landers  and   lllll  were the only
* nn showi il up to any extent on
,  V.C.,  although   nm is ili.l   wi 11
hard fire between tbe nets,
Only  one  penalty  was  handed  oui
ughoiil the game, Battson meeting
displeasure of Pat Feeney In the
luarter for an alleged trip.
rst nu irter   Westminster, Murray,
Wi at minster,    Nelson,    !' :.":
* luster,   Peedham,   1:45;   West
* r,   Murray,  l 00;   Westmlm ti r,
*.  20
ind quarter   Wostmlnster, Nel-
luarter   Westminster, Pi ��� ni j
l"   Wi ' tminster, i-"< odham, 1  l��
(luarter   Westmlnsti r, Pi c-
' l    .",;  Westminster, Murray, :3B;
Inster, Pentland, .'���* 45    ,'ancou
'; Westminster, Bangs-
Vancou'' r,    Julien,    1 ."i",;
* -��� i*. I''" dham, i 20.
' i -    First    quarter,    Battson,
'*  inste,   5 tnitip.
Ci.utts.    Patchell,
rv,   Allison,   Battson,  ���'   Cham-
-ter,  .1 :nis"in.    Peedham,
'   irray, Feenej
a,   c    Davis.   CUlanders,   it.
* ���   i *    MnRon, ' '������������tei*. .1   l'>i-!'. i,
���: ���������    Mi ;> maid, it   McDonald,
Wt   hi   and   Moore;   spare.
a total of 140 for six wickets, at
which period Captain Cave declared. |
With the exception of the brothers
Pengelly, the suburbanites could not
do anything with the bowling of Hose,
Hebron ami Bartlett, The scores follow:
Nev/ Westminster.
Cain ii d'Easum, c Tough, b S. Pen-
gelly     27
it' *,   E. u   Bartlett, c Pengelly, b
.1. Soott, lb w. b S. Pengelly 	
A, B. Tigar, b s  Pengelly 	
E. T. Dunford, c .1. Pengelly, b S.
E. w. Money, b Graham	
T   V.  lb hron. not on:   	
I..   II.   Miller,   not oul   	
from Mr. and Mrs. ShcrriTf,
Miss Peele and T. It   Brooks won
from Mrs. Tweedale and fl. Wolsey.
.rf the visitors' farewell series liere
I The game was a pitchers' duel between   Scott  and  Johnson   and  Scott
would undoubtedly   have   carried   off
the victory If Ping Hodie hud not lost
the ball  in    lln/    sun.    Johnson    had
opened the fifth witli a triple. Moeller
followed   witb   a   ba36   on   balls.    Th"
next   two  men   were easy  outs    and   _
Moeller  tool;   Becond  on   the   Becond j which by th
out.    Qandll  Ihen drove the ball high
into  right field and  Bodlo  ran  for it.
Wh' n  almost  under  the  Bphere    lie
lost sight of    it    in  the blinding sun
nnd   Hie   hit   went   for   a   double   and
Johnson and Mueller raced home with
the runs which won the game.
-Tile walls an
built of solid reinforced concrete two feet
Soccer   Season   Has   Early   Opening���
Some  Surprises  Worth   Pondering Over.
BECAUSE���The  lining of the vault is composed of three layers of
half  inch  armor  plate polled together.
BECAUSE���The main door weighs  over   five  tons.   Is  eight   Inches
thick and Is locked by 12 crossbolts of l-*)*  inch steel.
BECAUSE���The inner door w
W   A
H   Cavi
and  P. C.
fnr   six   wickets
Wells,  1*.  A. lies
diil not ba'.
North  Burnaby.
���tigellv. c Tigar, b Itose    2H
ngi Ily, c Cave, b Hebron  ....  21
nigh, c Cave, b Hebron       (I
Glasgow,  Aug,   23     Scottish   league
.football games played  this afternoon
16 i resulted an follows:
23 I    Queen's l'ark 0, Hamilton Academical!* e.
Rangers 2,  .-'t    Mirren   1.
Clyde 2.  Dundee 1.
Matherv, i 11   1,  Cl Uie   1.
Enlkirk 4, Patrick Thistles 3.
Morton 8, Third Lanark 1.
Alrdronlana ",  Raith  Hovers 2.
Dumbarton  l. Ktlmarnock 1.
Ayr ii. Hearts of  Midlothian ���!.
Hibernians 1, Abe deen 0,
Illy  the  Potler.l
Tiie first practice of the rugby
ball players will take place this
ing at Queens park between the hours
:)f 4: lih and C o'clock.
The city team of the City Soccer
league will hold a reorganlza lon
meeting in the office of II. Hyan on
Tuesday evening. AH members ami
int mling player.; are requested to be
on (I ck at 8:30 o'clock.
Maillardville ind Burqultlam lacrosse teams meet tonight et Sapper-
'( ti In lhi ir fourth match. The game
begins at 6:30,
Sutcllffe, c Money, b Bartlett
W    Minandale, run out  	
Graham, 0 Miller, h Rose  ...
Basterfleld, nol on'    	
c,   d'Easum, b Bartlett ���
Stephens, C und I) Hose
Abbott, b  Ilartlelt   	
l.oi.iiie. b Bartlett	
Good     Day's     Sport     at     Brownsville
Ranges���W. J. Sloan  Wins  Spoon
���Otber Scores.
$25,060 FIRST WEIK
Money  Coming  in  Slow  fer  Prooosed
British  Olympic Team���"Americanization"   Alleged.
Farce Comedy at  Fraser Mills Yesterday  Was  Too  Much,  Too
Local     All-Stars    Defeat     Rovers    In
Strenuous Game at Moody
A shifty wind bad something to do
with having no record or high scores
made on the Brownsville ranges Saturday   afternoon,   although   in every
i other respect the weather conditions
'. wi re favorable.
W, J   Sloan  with  '.'S came through
with  th"  weekly   spoon,  his  nearest
lepprneut hi ing George Hurr wiih 92.
lh.- Bcorea lor the afternoon were
:i�� follows:
J.  Sloan    32
Hurr     :!1
Wilson    :il
'.'.ill r. cords v enl  to Ui"   four
������   terda)   al i i* i. at   Praser
��Ion    a    si let     handpicked
'   mpi bi 'I of   c rele    F,   Che
is,  [li lllngham  and  We itmlnster
defeated a pick up bunch outfll
���ms city to tiie tune i f 26 to nil.
���i*   Pan, hold vour bn ath when
mi about a j.'i to |: scot*.*  They
* ���!   nui  batti d, tho v Isltors made
after  error,   Larkln   struck   out
*    r man, Umpire Twombly call
hill strike after strike, and the
I  stayed until Hi" finish,
I I   11,11 Sayce start  d  in to pitch
ol   &umo, but tell b) th" waysid i
n bis teammates decided the go-
*.i     ton     hoi     lo     pick     Up     111''
* lore
. |hl  f:'*m tlie start  it  wa-, one bat
tfter the i,ihei- while Hn* Bcorers
io  b"  revived  on  several  occa-
fn m   liverwort      Ves,   II   ��as
Mini'    The   grim   del ills   had
���  t  be lefl  untold.
Jac1   Johroon   Dlsliki.;!
[on  Aim 24     rack John
*   - i ic      iii *;m   pugilist,  arrlvi d   In
a ti ��� niit and declared his In-
It ol  fulfilling his music hull 'ii
��� ills      li'husoll IS hooked to glvi
ving exhibition   n Aug "f>. and '
��� ii' nt  has i"  n condemned
��� MMntive committee of th" V
'.sir' ti deration.
The All-stars, composed of men sell ted fi i the city league soccer
"*:. came through with a surprise
i'i Saturday afternoon at Moody l'ark
���a n,ei they defeated a sti-ong eleven of
ih" Hovers. Although having the bet
; ������ j arl o( the plaj the greal defensive work of Blrchfleld, Aylesbury and
Lembden kepi down the Bcorlng to a
lull" goal.    Thl   final score was 2-1,
The Stars played a hard game
against :i better trained eleven and
their i [forts spelled victory Their
I  ,   I   goal  BhOUld have III eii disallowed
owing io   in off-side play before the
1 : 11  v.as  worked  within shooting dis-
i nn". while a mlsjudgmenl on the part
of Phil Samphor later In the game alio' 'il Chhl to boot through the win
nir*' cnuntoi
The liinl, humpy grounds, eomhiii
ed wltli a galaxy of holes thai now
; dom Meal:, park, hampered the
ii'iivi-in. nts of the players while the
attendance could have been better. The
team,   ii.e'   again  at   Sapperton  i'arlt
nexl Saturday afterpopn wheu Man-
-"���' r Grant promises to have his bunch
in  better  Shape  to take the si rlos in
the mal'i r of goals scored
Fours-me Tournament Excites Attcn
tion at Buri-oiUlam Links.
Nu little Interest is being shewn tti
Hi" mixed foiit'-oiaeawhlc'i started on
the links or tin* Vancouver Country
club i 'i Saturday afternoon and con
tinned   v, sterday.
All  Hie events were  well  contest
J.  Knight   	
c. Chamberlln
Todd   ..
104th R
Lil ut   droves  	
Pte. Poel
Hte. McGee
London, Aug. 2-j.���The (ireat Olympic fund cl  $600,000 is not rolling up
as fast ,ni ihe promoters expected. An
appeal for C   a    amount,    io    provide
adequately tor the liritish team which
is to be sent to the Uhnpic. games   in
Berlin  in  1916 waa issued August 17.
ilt was signed    by    Earl    Grey,    Lord
Roberts,   tin*   Duke   of   Westminster,
land many other prominent men. but;
|at tiie end ot the first week only $25.-1
(     had    ben    subscribed.     Of   this j
amount $10,000    was    subscribed    by
Ixird  Northcliffe, $5000  liy  the Duke1
of Westminster, while    Sir    Thomas
Llpton and  II. G, Selfridge each contributed $500.
dl j     The      project        has      met      with
901 strong     opposition,    notwithstanding I
90   Lord  Roberts'  name,    which    headed'
fsqlthe appeal, is usually the most pctent
78 j Influence    any    patriotic    cjuse    car.
��� 'have. Most of the criticisms made are
i n tlie ground that the whole BUbsid
fi'izing of athletics would foster profes-
9! isionaHsm   and  would  be  contrary  to
The Hoyal Iheatre management if,
going to offer a program of many
features commencing with today's matinee. There will be six brand new
photoplays direct from the factory, om
of which will be used for the talkies.
way, have proved to be
very popular to New Westminster
audiences. Another great feature will
be Heller, the handcuff and shackle
expert, l'rof. Heller comes highly
recommended as a clever and fearless
performer. The Fraser river Is known
by many as a treacherous piece of
water but Heller says that he will
dive into this river after he has been
securely handcuffed to everyone's satisfaction. Thia Utile out door swimming stunt of his will take place at
the foot of Sixth street at noon on
At Saturday night's performance
llur" were 1" pictures of Westminster's baby folk flashed on the screen.
Seven more will be added at. today's
rhows, making 20 in all. The ballots
,have heen passed out at every performance and there is expected to be
'some heavy voting tonight. This contest will run all week ami it will decide who is the most popular baby in
the city.
Hilly I Single i Clifford, the comedian, is headed this way. He is blazing a trail of laughter across the continent and in so doing lias been wonderfully successful. He will be seen
in his merry, laugh-creating vehicle,
"Believe Me," at the opera house for
two evenings, Wednesday and Thurs
day  next.
This clever play is a musical *satir<
in which the central figure    is a rollicking young Englishman,    Naturally he gets himself into all manner of
scrapes  and  his  actions   during   this
time furnish many a hearty laugh. Mr
t Clifford   plays   the   role   of   the   gay
young  man, and  he not only  affords
much   fun,   but   he  also   sings   many
good songs which are really new. Scats
are now on sale at Tidy, the florist's
phone L184.
-The inner door
''ghs two tons and Is over three inches
BECAUSE -The grill protecting the approach to the door is made
of lVfe steel bars imbedded in the floor and ceiling.
BECAUSE -The vault is protected by the American Hank Protection
Company's electrical devices, by which no one can
touch the vault, outside of ofTice hours, without setting
off  the  alarm. ^H
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Reierve Fund -
Total Assets -
Collections A Specialty
The Dominion Bank hJs exceptional facilities for making
collections���not only in Canada���but ir. all parts rf the world.
Complete list cf Branches and correspondents furnished
on application.
tli"  wholesome  traditions of    llnt'.sh
I spirt.    Some  of  the  sharpest   thrusts
haw-* reference to the attempted
���Americanization'' rf sport, it being
believed that the American spirit Is
to win by any means, and that Amerl
can athletes care more for prizes and
medals than  for sport.
Kent   Again   Champions.
London.    Aug.    LM     Although    the
championship    is    undecided,
.. nt needs to win only one flral  in- |
Hints to make thom secure, tlieir pres- j
cut  percentage being SO, wiih  York- I
shire second with 7.30.
itrejil Team Wins Big Four Cham
plonship- Newsy Lalonde at
��� the game an appearance    of   being
i rougher than It was, although on sev-
1 "ral occasions players accepted an opportunity to even up old scores as this
was the final meeting of ihn Irishmen
and Indians,
Newsy  a  Drawing Card,
ronto.    Aug.    24.  -The    fume   nf
sy l.al'Mub' drew a lnrger crowd to
Cirbornttgh   llench  Saturdav  than
Montfcal, Aug   14,    in a match  re-
,,i vi'h  thrills ttom evlry angle,
lha  irisn-canadlankl tooK a strangle , ,���.,,.,������,,���.,, ,;","'""-;',���������,���,,,,. ���,,���
hold on the Hlg r3rotamAmrti��P* W'wlw ��*���������� ��*�� ,,,r"""
,.,���. ,; ��� ,;���' T.cunAhes Saturday af- ion I m ��� �����T,p���11,.n'l ���x,������Ulo�� of la-
t( rn-tontby tho odd goal   ","'������,..,. I ���!,,;,,,     The  Nationals defeated     <>-
'���'���>- 4* rame?hTaea��e . r '  Snto by the dose score of 5-8. but If
the  winner;.:  were  the UM,r< BSOrs
",tlw����     th8   """l,"S   "'":*\1��  tl.''K'-""<np
score on more than one occasion tne
IHsh'/ofi would again draw away Into mlgbt
helwl    There was little advai.tag   ' Hi" "
to bc claim .1 by either team until the
nml nutr-'.er when Cumralngs assured |
thn   victory,   scorlnii   twice   In   Wile*
""po. failles were more numerous
In this ftatoh than any P^,��������
city this season, no less than Mven
players being senl to the bench. There
wero 20 changes made, the majority
pf them in the third quarter. The
slippery condition of the ground along
with the closeness of the score, gave
,. ...   a for tlle excellent goal
Of rileiireux, the bine shirts
��� iiv"   pulled   out   n   victory   In
ond half,   The Nationals started   with   a  rush  and   bombarded   tlie
Toronto I'.oi'i from    tho   very   start.
y.ov v i alonde, getting rlsht in on top
of Holmes, who had one of his good
cl it v u, ctonpned n rood muny, but a few
were hound lo get by. Harry, the new
Toronto defence nluyer had the lob
of looking after l.alonde In the first
half and the. Frenchman was Checked
very close. Ile wns hurt once in the
first nunrter but came back fresher
than ever.
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Prof ram Todsy.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special stockes, they are money savers.
raph    featuring    Maurice
Costello iu
ea r
Lawrence Children In
ir songs today.
the   Grand   Canyon   of
Yi rk,    Aurable    Charm,
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Nnw   Vork
Chicago ���
Hrooklyn    ���
Bt  I.ouis
I  I   FD The Handcuff and
&.Ba&.im     Shackle Expert
.m..mnii  ...   T-..I   er   r
Cleveland    ���
Chicago . ��� ���
St   l.ouls . ���
New York .
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
New  Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
Yesterday's Garnet.
At Oetroit H.
Boston     3
botiolt   i'
Hatteries. Doseley and Cady:
Dllil filRliagt, McKee.
,\l C'evc
New "iovIi	
Bntlerlee: Palkenherg and c
I'rid, I'ohultl  and Sweeney.
One Good "Humanovo Talkie"      II qj^L LONG  DISTANCE
Baby Contest Now On II  WH0 WILL GLADLY quote the tariffs.
At Chicago
Chicago ���
   2      ���������      1
'"  1     rt     0
.lohnson and Alnsmilh;
Matinee, 2 to 5; Night, 7 to 11
Adults, ISc; Children, Wc.
Men/, and
At Bt, 1/OUls:
St. I.ouis  	
llatteries:     Header    and
Wellman and MoAlllBtar,
White Rock
The Playground of B.C*"
WHITE;" SHILES & Co., Official Agerts ���    ���
PAUB   81*
MONDAY,   AUGUST   25,   1913.
Classified Advertising
ceKed Ior Tlie News at tbe following places: 1'. T. Hill's drug store,
ulis Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
, RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
1kv; *\c per word per week; 16e per
ninth; 6,000 words, to be uaed aa required within ono year from date of
contract, I2B.00.
trs, 71<i Queens avenue. (1027)
iure in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods aud
t-itecis by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H, J. Hussell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1922)
Apply evenings at 212 Queens
avenue. (1899)
dog; liver and white. Finder please
return to .1. Fitzgerald, I12G Royal
avenue, and receive reward.    (1943)
bedroom.    Apply till Sixth street.
home ? if so come to the Sterling
botel. Suite $15.00, only one left.
Rooms J1.50 and upwards. Come
and see us; we aim to please you.
keeping rooms; every convenience;
$18 up monthly. Knights ol Pythias
block, Agnes street. (19011
one-half block trom Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.        (1897)
in the Labor Temple. TermB reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, l.abor Temple building.
Phone 403 it. (1S70)
tree with bevelled plate glass back;
cost $lk, will sell for $8.50. Russell's Westminster auction mart,
King's hotel block, Columbia street.
Special  Classes Being  Handicapped-
Children   Rapidly to the
by scheming friends of the sick person.
One objection thai l'rof. Ostwald
sees in his own plan is that hopelessly sick people are often subject to alteration of opinions, believing one
thing today and another tomorrow, and
today's wish for euthanasia muy be
followed by tomorrow's wish to live.
He believes, though, lhat if the committee's visit is made Impressive
enough, and if Uie examination ls
thorough, the patient can decide definitely whether he wishes to end life
or continue liis suffering, ln euthan-
On the question of the big problem
SNAP���FOR   SALE     FIVE     ROOM'that  faces every  public school  teach-jasla, the wishes of the patient are to
house on large cleared lot, close in,  er,  that of the  backward  pupil,    the be  followed   without   question,  If  the
for $1500: on very easy terms.    Ap-  Chicago Tribune says: I visiting committee considers this teas-
ply box 512 city (1929) '    Spokane has solved the problem of  ible. 	
 the backward pupil.    When thirty-one j  ���
FOR   SALE��� PEDIGREE   ENGISH'boys In one of the schools failed    to
setter pups.  Telephone  R 672 even-  pass in their studies at  the end of a
ings, T. 1). Curtis. (1925)   term the teachers went inio council.
 ������������ They did nut rush to the parents of
FOR SALE  -NEW SEVEN ROOMED these boys    with    complaints    about
modern house close to Queens park,  their  being lazy  and indolent.    They
A snap for some one.    Enquire 511  did   not   indulge   In   tirades   against
Maple  street. (1917)! their pupils, and  did not waste sym
pathy   on   themselves.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 170.
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaws Nos. 120a, 121a, 122, 123,129,
142,143,144 and 145.
WHBRBAS tho Municipal Covi
Corporation  of  tho   Dlatrlct  ol
(Ilil  Willi   tlw  (-fount   of   ttu*  elect
loin Hi dav of November, 191*:. Ilnally puss
By-law Nu. 1J0A, being a by-law to enable the Corporation to raise hv wav nf
loan Uie sum "( Two Hundred and Fifty
Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) for street
purposes, the Bald by-low being known ks
''Burnaby llnuit Improvement Debenture
By-law 1918."
ANH wiikukas die Corporation by the
s.iid By-law authorised tho Issuo of dobon-
tiirt-H in the amounl ol Two Hundred end
Fifty Thousand n.iilurs (1250,000.00) io
la- payable on the Thlrty-flrst dny of Do-
I camber,   1062, ami tu bear Intereal at th*
iseil   Inr   lln
ill ot tha   i $2.030.st i   having  heen   r
Burnaby  first year'B sinking fund,
'     AND   WIIKUKAS   It      ill   he   neeensiiiy
under said By-law No. uia tn   raise an.
nually I'.v special rule tin- sunt uf Two
Thousand Knur Hundred and Ninety-sewn
nnd 0fi-100 Dollars (12,41)7.05) in lurin
a sinking fund fm* the payment of the
principal ami tbo sum of Two Thousand
Five Hundred Dollars ($3,600.00) for Interest making together a total amounl annually nf Four Thousand Nlu-- Hundred
nd   Nlnety-Beven   nnd     05-100     Hollar
FOR SALE���BIOHT ROOM HOUSE, j Instead, they organized a special Fpance.s Corp of Desperate Men Thorn j r"t" of four and mi. half per wntun
close  in.    Owner,  apply  box    1915 j class for these backward boys.    They p H MM, per cent.) per annum payable half
News office. (19151 | studied each of them  individually  tol in Side of Kaiser's .     *  ANd WHBREAS Uie Municipal Counol
 ��� ������ascertain the causes back of liis tall- _ ot the Corporation of the District of Burn<
Icipal Counoil
of the Corporation of the District of Burnaby did with ilu- assent "f tbo electors on
the Fourth day nf November, 1912, finally
puss By-law No. 121A, being a By-law
to enable the Corporation lo raise by
wav nf loan  Hi" sum of  Fifty Thousiiad
Dollars   i $."'". 1.00)   for   the   purpose  of
{talent which accepts men  providing   nnd   building   additional   side-
of all countries  without  asking any iJ^h.T^.d'Vi'Sw going" yX'Ki
Sidewalks    Exti nslon    Hy-law
I'aris,  Aug.
glon," the
i'he  "Foreign   Le-
ascertain the causes back of his fail-
FOR SALE��� $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 TER I ure  to  pass.     They     removed     these
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable'. causes as far as possible.   Also they
Ranges: every o��e guaranteed. Mar- made the work much more Interesting
ket square. (1826) iand   presented   ii   much  more  clearly
  and   attractively   than   they   ever   did
_-..��� I before.    The   result   was  that  at   the
BOARD AND  ROOMS. end of nine weeks the backward pu-, 	
 , pilH were backward no longer.   They Questions as to who they are or why I Burnabj
WANTED-ONE OR TWO GENTLE-  caught up with their fellows and are   they  wish  to  enlist.  Is  one    of    the
men or lady boarders.   Private fam- now ready to take their places along-  things  which   France  possesses    and  "aid  By-law authorised the Issue of ib-
�����>������    Hox 1924. slde ot the.  rest   of the student body   Qerrnany   cannot   forgive.     The   ways   DollnfT($0 000��� )" m bn *^yable on On
,. ,.���,,   .���-,,  -oii.twu   ..v  ���������,-  ,-.i)   at the opening ot the fall school fun.  of t)l��� 0errnan press are still myste-   Thirty-first  'lav  "V  December   vrr,. an,
HOARD   AND   ROOMS   Ar  627  CAR-       ���   hHS  bt,(,n   ,ep(,al���u   ^^,,-ted     by   rlous, aUhough   reminiscences hy  and : J,'-, '""J, '^c^iim^ ITl^'en'     ,-'
narvon street. <1918>  some of the ablest    educators    that L, Bismarck have thrown much light  ���ZZ payable haK-j!eoriy!
'���������-' '    on   the   part  of  pupils I upon them;   but one thing is certain,*    and wiikukas tho Municipal Council
Is not mere cuasedneas but a manifoa-j that  an  occult  press  agency   exists I of tlie Corporation of thc District
\xn wiikukas tti.-'" irporatlon by thi
tatlon   of   certain   adverse  conditions ! which provides newspapers and other1"' '     ":l   '*''"
in  the  puplls's  life.    The  backward publications    throughout    the
BAD  DEBTS  COLLECTED  EVERY-  pupil, these educators insisted, should With articles on the brutal treatment
i llur
the electors
on   the   Twenty-a id   day   nf   January.
world 11912   finally  pass   By-law   No.   122,  being
a   Hv-law   to   enable   the   Ctirporntlon   t
where.     No   collection,   no  charge. | n���7'be puiiisliedTbiit should  be stud-! meted'out to Vhe desperate men  who I Humlred  ni.'t   Fifty "'
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-: j"e(j     ,,,",  s|,oii!d  not  be  looked upon  as a last resort, enroll themselves In   imo'.OOO.OO)   for   th
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Van-,      '.,  b d        n   bllt aa      p,ipi| weigh-'. the Foreign Legion of France. : stncltng extension of the genernl water
couver,  B.C. ^^\^ down   with'   certain     unfavorable:    "Everybody knows." writes  M.  Cle- X,��rk"thf"��$ ^Haw"beta? Kn   a
am  i tvudilionE.    The  experience    of    the   menceau   in   a   recent   numlier  of  his  "Burnabv   Water   Works   Kxicnsl it
Spokane  fachers,  with  their thirty-1 new paper. L'Homme Libre, 't'hat Oer-1 law ill'"
Bradley Apartments.        \���e  backward  boys,  prove8 the cor- man newspapers carry on a dejperate     AND WHEREAS h�� Corpomtlon b? U��
Most up-to-date In the cltv   Private redness of ihis view,   lt should lead  campaign against the Foreign Legion. ^atm?es ��� ���������.' amounl ���r ,-w��� Hundred
bathselectric "to ves to  the adoption  of  a  newer  attitude ; ^here all deserters from the German LnQ ,,,���>- Thousand Dolare ��1��M.��J*��A
iiinu.T,   wgvu iu   t>lu"co- .     ' ..        ,        .      ,    . ,     .       ...     ii rm v   Rp-PK   rcf'!"*'   ;inil   wli "i   rilurt   nt - i tn   \u*   n:t v:i 'i��'   ui   'I'-*'    1  ill t\ -1itm   URJ    "���
Furnished ��nd Unfurnished Suites.     WWrt the pupil who Is behind with  ^��    ��       ' ��*�������^ "   ' ��*��J _  |1,.l.,���1,U..:'M. and ^'/''- ;-���!,u'u.
$20 per month and upwards. ; h's Bodies M�� ���   '"t"Itl> f"' �� ,"8: : ralue  who  are  unwilling  to  don  the' ftX ��'  '',':    ,'" V  , n', '���.! ai.l.- half"
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 780,|?nissal with the remark that he n, a polnted ,,���,������, nf ,����� 0|rmRD army.�� yearly^
bone-head   or    bad. Naturalization  Made Easy. AND WHERKAS the Municipal Council
��� Oermany, ol course has a difficultkfurXCdTHdth0?he��!u^n. of tht'e.^
task to perform in winning over the tora on tbe Twenty-slJth day of February,
eonouercil provinces of Alsace and|lB15, Anally paasBy-law No. 128 beini
'crriiiii" to contentment under her
fac. r>nd no power can he pleased with
��� the thought that a military force exists In Its neighbor and enemy's army
ever ready to accent and wl^nmc rie-
! sorters from its own flag, p��peclally
whPn service In tha' force affords on
easy way to naturalization as a clti- ��� t*i��nri
TAKE NOTICE, pursuant to section 18
of the "Companies Act." that tho above
iiiiuhhI company Intends, one month after
the dm*' hereof, to apply to the Regtst, u
of Joint-Stock companies to change Ita
name to "Standard Discount Company,
Hated  at  New Westminster,  B.C..  this
thirtieth day of Julv.  1918. < 1K7& >
fm eight
lull .-i-/.'*'l luls ill  li.  L.
SB. Hur-
keepins rooms, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1S21I
housekeepiiiK moms, ;',', Agnes
street.    Phone 638L, ilS3Gi
Deer, in exchange tnr seven roomed
thoroughly modern house, well located,
this city.
WANTED���Six nt
house for rent:
���n roomed  modern
I-   client   wlin   will
tur- h for ''
I ill  of sal
I '���*.*,��� IK.*    "1
Tills  is  wi
only *iuii
lots.   Must   bi
I  located  In  big
id    IK-
"1   valui
city.   Renl
German Profettor Thinks Death Preferable to  Long  Life of
llerlin, Aug. 24.���If a person is ill
with an incurable disease, should be
commit suicide?
/.en of the country it belongs to.
Frpnce had the laueh on flermar
By-law to enable the Corporation t"
-line by way ot loan the sum "i Fifteen
Thousand Hollar- 1510.on".ie. i for school
Dunioaes, the snld By-law being Known
us "Burnabv School Board Loan No i
By-luw, hu:."
AND WIIKUKAS the Corporation hy
the said Hv-law authorised the issue ol
debentures to th,- amount ol Fifteen rtiou-
Dollars 1115,000 00 I to be payable
���ii the Flrsl dav ol March, IBU:!, and to
bear Interest at the rate "f Foul and one-
half  l��r centum   US   Per  cenl.)   per
>"i  Mnv over a Fo-eicn I.e-lo'i  |ncl-|nutti payable half-yearly
dont  WhPn  it leaked out that  "T.m/e,      AND WHEREAS Uie Municipal Council
.-���    ,,,,,���,.��� ,   .,      of   the   i"i|."inii'iii   ol   tne   tn.-tii, i   m
Vo   laen      t   reeert   recrnll   rf  the   .;,,;. ,,.,,,���,'lvlt��� tl���. as-m .,i u e .-i.e-
t$4,891.06) for tho term of fourteen uu
years for the repayment of the said loan
and Interest thereon as hereinafter mentlonod, the amounl nf Twn Thousand Four
Hundred   and    Ninety-seven   and   00-100
, bentures authotisod by satd By-law No.
n��   by   speolal   late   mittlelent   therefor
I upnn nil th.- rateable land within tho Munis
of the said Municipality (Including District Lol Dm* Hundred and Seventy-two,
tl72) c.ro'ip (in,* ill aa mentioned In
said in-law No, l!B) in addition to the
annual sums required by tin- snld Bylaw No, 1*8 th,* stiiii nf Seventy-flve Hnl-
l.'.-s i f, .,.ooi tu paj lho additional in-
'���i.s*. authorised by this By-law, the s.nn-
to in 'n addition to all hips to I"- levied
and cnuti'd in the said Munlclpalilv.
0,     Th, re shall be raised and levied an-
Inuully during tin- currency uf the said d.*-
benlures autiiorlsed hj said By-law N'u.
129   by   special   rale   suiricletu   therefoi
'num all the rateable land wlihln lhi limits
ni'   the  said  Municipality   ilneludltu;   His
jlrlel    Lot   One   Hundred   and   Bevonty-two
1(17'J)   Group   (lii   il)   as    litlniid   iit
snld Ily.I.m No, 129) in addition "i lb"
.1'niuwi sum:: required by the mid By-law
N ' 129 the Sinn nf Three Hundred Dollars
($300.00) t" pny tbi additional biteresl
authorised by this By-law, 11>��- same i i bn
In n Idltlon to nil mi's to bs levied nnd
en,-,od in the said Municipality,
7    Thero shall bo raised and levl��d annually ihn-iiiK tin- currency uf the said de-
I ic nti:-, s authortted by eald By-law No.
MS bv special ran nuBlclenl therefoi
ii",,u all the rateable Innd -wltliln the huili"
Of   the  said   .M tl ��� 11,-1 In, 111 v   In  addition   '"  11"
annual sums required nv the snld By-law
No. 142 thi sum "f Ono Thousand Five
llun,Ired Dollars ($1,600.00) to pay tin
additional Interest authorised by ihi, Bvlaw. tie- same to |,��� In addltluu In all rales
lu be levied and created lu the nn:d Municipality.
There shall be raised and levk *l a'l-
i) having been raised torinunlly during the currency of the sail do-
lit'-lntf   rund : I', nr.ll*. ,.     nil liiiflz. d    hi    suld    BV-I'lW    ,N".
1 143 bv speolal rule sufflclent therefor
upon all the rateable land within the Hinds
��� if the said Municipality In addition i i tie
annual sums required bv Uie s.ii i By-lnw
\'i. ii: tho sum of Flvo Hundred Dollars   ' ���' '   in  pas   the addition d  In
terest   autiiorlsed   by   ihls     By-law,     the-
inn   to lie In audit  to nil  rates tn I,*
levied and created li ihe sahl Municipality.
'.' rla !��� shnll be raised and levli d annually during th, eurr'-iiev nf tli" mild debentures authorised by snld Bv-law No.
144 bv special rat" sufflclent therefor
unon .ill the rnb able lend wlihln the I	
��� ,t ib- ��:iii Mcnlclnnllty (Including Hi*
trict   Lot dn"   Hundred and   Beventv-twn
. Qroup One i' i as mentioned In :*a'.'l
Dollars ($2,4
the flrst v
anh wiikukas it will be necessary I
under suld Bv-law No, 122 t.i nils" annually hv special rate the sum of Two
Thousand Sis Hundred and Thlrt" uud
B7-tO0 .Dollars ($3,620.87) t.. form s
Rlnklnn fund (or tho payment "f tlie prln
f4ual and the su,,, uf Twelve Thouannd
Five Hundred Dollars ill.'.:.'"  fei interest iimkhi'r together a total amounl annually nf Fifteen Thousand One Hundred
and Thirtv and 87-100 Dollars u'l'.
U0.S7) fnr tbe term nf thlrtv-clght (98)
years for (he repayment of the said loan
nml Interest thereon ns her,.|nnfter mentioned tie* amount <>f Five Thousand
Twn lluti'li'd and Blxtv-ono nnd 71-1"":
Hollars   ($6,201.74)   having   been   raised
for .be flrat  two    years'  sinking f      IJ^���*,?' rl^r*^ ^^-Sa  Bv-law
AND wii..hi:.\s It will be necessary \-.,. iu tb�� sum ot Four llundr".! and"
under said Hvlaw Nu, 122 in raise an- 'rwpntv Dollars ($420.00) tu pay the ad-
nually by s-ieeiai rate lh" sum i.f One I dltlonnl pi,'rest authorls��d by this llv-
llnnilred and Flftv-seven and 86-100 Dol- ',��� the eamn to be In nrtdltlon to all rates
lars (*l.r,7.s.',l tn form a slnkhiu- fund f ir .,, l���- levied .mil ereated In tbe Raid Mu-
tho Daymen! uf tii��* principal and the 'nun  olcipalttv
of Seven   Hundred    and    Fiftv    Dollitrs      ,���    There shall be raised and levied on-
(1760.0'     f,���* intereet  making together n   ���., llh. ,lurl���,. ,,���. eur���nCy ,������ ,)���. M|d A...
total  amnunt    inllv  nl   Nine  Hundred  hpnlures tiuthorlsed hv    said By-law Nn
Mid Seven  ..ml   v.-mn   DoJIars  ($807.86)   HC   ,���.   sll.,.|.,|'   ,.,,���   v���m,.|���nt   ,h, .,.r,���-
-   lho  term   ef  Ihl-ty-elghl   (88)   yenra      .������ ���,, ������. r. ,,.,,,,,. , | within the Imlts
nf   tl.,-   Corporation
Burnaby did with tl
legion   i nilsted   ?t   Sa'dn    was   reallv  tors on Uie Twenty-sixth day of February
named Troemel, the missing mayor of i'-''--   -1"-1*" i "" ''''.'"' S,?;,������ ;��� ���i1S
... ��� by-law lo enable thol orporatlon to raise
1 -''l""1 nv  ;vaV  o|   loan  the sum of  Sixty   rhou-
Among  the  mpnihers of  the   leeion , ��.,n.t   Hollars     ($60,000.00)     for    School
Iie met Serm. von Calomen, who was  Purposes,  ihe sail   By-law  being k
'Burnaby    School   Board
Loan  Nu.
fnr tin- j-.-i,;ivin. nt of tlie Kill) loan and
Interest ther, en ie: hereinafter ne till-. ne,l.   tl n.,"-ii   ot Three   ". -ul-ed  and
-Ifteeii and 70-100 Dollara i*-ll5.7(H hnv-1
'���>"   (,....,,   rdsrd   fnr   the   first   two   years'
sinklnt;  fund.
AND v> ...-JUKAS it will be te c.-ssary
under sj.l.l By-luw No. L2U to raise annually by special rate the sum uf SU
Hundred and Thirty-one and 40-100 Hollars ($631.40) tu form a slnkln-- fund
fur the payment uf the principal and tbo
sum uf Three Thousand Oolinrs ($3,-
ooo.oo > fur luteresi making together ��
tutal nrhoi nt annually of Three Thousand
Six llundr",I and *rhlrtv-uue and 10-140
Dollars i��'i,;*;i i"i fur lhe term uf Hurtv-
eljrhi (38) tears fur the repayment uf the
^iiiiI loan and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, tie* amount nt one Thousand Two Hundn d and Slxtv-Itt-n and
so-lH" Dollars ($1,262.80) having been
raised fur the first tw,, years' sinking
ANH wiikukas u will I,.- Accessary
under said By-law Nu. mj tu raise annually bv Bpeclal rate the sum of Three
rhousand One llun.lnd and Flftv*seven
lnd 04-100 Uullars ($2,167.04) in form
I    sinking    fund    fnr    the    payment    nf    the
principal and the sum uf Fift.en Thousand
Hollars ($15,000.00) Inr Interest mililntr
together a total amount annually of
eighteen Thousand One Huii.li.d and
l-'lflf-s.-v, ii and 04-109 In.Ihu- ($18,-
167.1141 lm* the term uf thitty-nin" '.','''
vears fur the repayment nf the snld loan
uut Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, the amount nf Three Thousand
One Ilundred and Fifty-seven and 04-100
Dollars ($3,167.04) having been nosed
fnr tlie flrat y. at s slnkitu! fund
ANH wiikukas it will b,- necessary
under said Hy-law No. lit tn uus,. annually    bv    special    rate    the   sum   uf   Oil"
Thousand and Fifty-two and 36-100 Dollars   ($1,062.26)   in  form  a  sitiklut:  fund
f th" sahl Municipality (Including dlstrlcl l.'t uu. lieinlnd and ReVlWtV-two
I 17.' I CIMUP One  111  es nienllniv-.l in   laid
By-law Nl 145) In addition to th�� nn mal
sums reoulred b1 tie said By-law No.
14.', the s"ui of ()n�� Hundred and '��� 'Hv
Dollars (tM'icni to pat ibe additional
Interesl   authorised   hv   this   By-law,   th,*
��� ���,. ��� ,,. I... ,,| addition to "0 mt '�� !���' I"-
levied and er, it; .1 iii the sahl MunlolDttlitv
1- This Bv-law shall come Into effecl
on ii- receiving tin- consent nf th" Lieu-
tennnt-Onvernor In Councll.
IL'.     This   BV-jBW   m(lV   Ih'   cited   'ir   s'T
- "iriinsee    ;, ���    "|(l-n\'MlV H I". 11 " ' ���' TT' '' > 1
IV-i-i:i:.-:t     CONVERSION     BT-LAW,
DONl-3 ANH PASSED In Open Council
the dav of 1913
RECEIVED the assent  uf the Electors
lhe dav   ef l1" '
PAS8EI) ihe day "f 1913.
RECEIVED  tl"   assent   nf  th
mt-Governor in Council  tho
,f 191*1
l.i ut'ii
Blty   of   Leipzig,   is   lhe
Bt'SINESS    st.iek   ..
nchange.. I'riee. $C,OO0   Clear  the Statement that a painless death  i.-
for deed  m prnlrle  farm. 1 proper and right, if the patient is an
incurable Invalid and wishes to die.
lb-.   Oswald   has   published   iu   He
Montstiche Jahrhundert a curious plea
South  Westminster School.
SEALED TENDERS, subscribed "Tender
lor South Westminster Bchool," will bo
received up tn noon nf Munday. Hu- 1st
d.iv of September, 1913, hv tin* Honourable
ihe Minister uf Publlc Wniks. fm* tl motion and completion uf a two-room s'*:.,'"i
..nd conveniences, elc
Plans, specifications, contracl nnd forms
uf tender mat i..* Been nn uud i (ter the
I ith dav "f August, 1913, at iin* office
<f Mr. A Q. Marshall Secretary, School
Board. Smith Westminster: Mr. S A
ihteher. Government Agent, N.w Westminster: nr th.- 11, partn,.-nt ..I Publlc
.Vnrks, Victoria, ll C.
Intending tenderers can, by applying
lo thi- undersigned, obtain one copy ol
*..Inn*, md specifications f"r the mm o!
ten itnllitrs ($10), which will bo refunded
nn  receipl  ol plant   in  good  nrdi t
Ench pi .;*"���.il musl 1" i* * imp *':i<*d b>
an a *������' t t"l h ink '���'..��� que "���  ei ��� tlflcnto ���*:
deposit    * * I' ���'���   ��� *    C ill e' .
..  ....      p., the    Hon     ���..!������    the
Mil.*-:- i of  I' lhl '   V-l "*'      I* * Ul I equal
��� ,  id per ent. nf t"i ill
fnrfi lted   f tin   pnny tendi I li *   '���
, no r    "*"  contracl   ���* I '1* -I   upon   to
.In -     f hi   fnll    i  i*l* li   lhe work
,.s -.:.',:������     Thi  . '������ ll '* ���'��� i-lti'-ifs
.,f  rli posll   '���*  ' il   tenderers  will
i-e t* i * i tht u, upon tl k< * .:.   i of
th'     ' -
Tenders wl       ot  be  cot    di red
mnde  oul    hi *   imp] lied,   sign'-1
wltb ii"* actual nlgn .'  nf lne ti nderi *
and  ���*��� '  i   in  ��� ��� vi !"��������� n  furnlshod.
Tie* '..*,��� tender not nt cessar-
lly .,.���.*. pled
l    i:   CRIFFITH,
!��� bile WorkH Englni' I
Depart! , * * * I* ' He Wurlts, Victoria,
Re .   a. .-'.-���   **i .   1913, i lie'.)
A BAROAIN���Five room modern Imus.*.
close in ea'- in good locality and largo
I"! ?:.���:"": $liiu cash, balance $25 ..
FIVE-ROOMED HOUSE, Sal rton, 'Ins.*
to Columbia street. Encumbrance J'llid
due ��in u month. Owner will takt $.100
for ��� qulty. If ynu are looking fur a bargain Investigate ihls.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
That  (iiiestlon  bas  long    troubled formerly of his own reslrnent in the ^y.','aBXT912."
doctors, ministers and those concern-    ,""'l'"n armv     In those davs he sa- ;     .Nn WHEREA8 Uie Corporation by th
ed with moral laws l",',', me:  nnw ' -""lu"' him." Troemel Uald   Hv-law  authorised   Ihe  Issue uf  de-   fur the ,. it i���. nt ,,r the principal and th,-
DnWlZSSo^a1d.tb.o.l.b��t^ J|"5��^  iota,
professor of chemlstrv in the unlver- \,( '-V"*"'** "nd will later become a Cit-   P?"?rd(lV"of  March,   1962!  ind   ..      amounl   annually  "f  si-x  Thousand    nnd
authority  for ' lzrn "f 'ranee. ��� r,.h, ���, ,,���. ,,,���. ���r ,,,���,,. .,1,1  t-half|Flfty two
per   ". nturn   ' I' .*   ,***t   '*
p :*.:,1.1"  blilf-t
AN"      V'l"'.- ������ amounl  ..f One Thousand  1  Fifty
and   36-11 "   Doll u*s   ($1.05: :*,'��� 1   hnv-
Tw'entleth I lng been  rals -I  i"   tin   lust  year's slnk-
, .'leiiu.u, ne  .,.,,,iiiuu,i,it  a  luiiuud|iiu,| uy    |gjj    t111a.lv   piss   !',,-iif.     if
for the right of dying pereons to com- rnn   kICIl/   IllltC No 142 being a'in law to enable tlm Cor-1    anh where/
mlt suicide i'i IK   IVlW   Mlnll   i'���"������.-.���."������ '" ''ds"  "'  ,v':  "' '"'l!' "
In connection with Prof. Haeckel, of
Jena,   l'rof.   Ostwald   is  the   leader  of
i        fOR NEW MiNE
1,1 :::..in"  Dollars   I $6,062 36 1
1   ;,.-r   annum I for   the   term   nf   tblrty-nlne   (39)   years
1 r.,r  ih.   repayment  of th"  said  loan   and
th-      Municipal  In'eresl thereon as h��rornaftei  mentl 1.
Council     nr     the    Corporation     0      the   I'"- amounl  ..r 	
1. mrlcl    '.'     Burnaby     uld     wllb
,. ,,.*   .,1*   ihe  uh-eturs  on   the
rut*.111. nt
St. Albert. Alta., Ic Have First One cf ,     AND   WIIKUKAS   th
the said  By-luw autboi
Its Kind in Country. 2D Feet ���'��� b"ntni*.:   tu th
Re Lota ii":. 603, 804, iii.'. 606, !���'������'. f!8,
r.:l    ��� *���*    620,   0  7,  62S,  i-:'.'.   630,  631,
Cf   !.���'   ::*���'.   llr 1   1.   Mail   1 M.   in   th"
District "I New Westminster, Porl
Hammond  Junction.
Wlipreas proof nf the less nf certificate
ef tit!.* Numbei : ::.!���; V. Issued in tbo
ei:-' -.f Edwin O. Slmmonds has been
filed    *:   this   nfl * ���
Notice is h.r. l.v given that I shall, at
tie. . *���; *��� :<'!..; . ���* one n ..nili from th"
.lut" .a u," f;;*i publication hereof, In
,'  dalle  newspaper published   in  the City
1 r     Nl 1"     W'':itli:lnst"r,     h.S'le    II     il'ipl li'*il "
n tin wild Certificate, unless in the moan-
tl n v.did objection I." made tn ine 111
t riting.
.1. i'  OWYNN.
District   Registrar "f Titles.
Umi   Registry  Office.  New  Westminster   11 '���.   '.'ml  August,   1013. 118-ir, 1
ih,- Monisl movement. He recently
advocated the establishment of Monlfl
monasteries where members 01' tin
Monlot persuasion could retire from
tiiu  world.
"Euthanasia Is Right."
In llie article written hy l'rof  Osl
w.iid he prints,  wiih his approval, 1
sketch   written   ly  a  dying    Monlsh
named   Finland  Gerknn.    This sketch   ,
is. in Fubatance, that Incurables shall
have th,. rlghl to take their own IIvps '" tb'Cknesa is th.* rein 1 reed ooncn : *  ^ *;.;,;, ',., ,,;���
and  that  ihey  ahould  have the right US?"   ���;I'1'K   ',"  ,:'"   :,;l,''"'k   ""   ,l"'  'Ji'v I''*'/
'   i'i"   level,   a'   SI.   Alb rt   Alia,   s   No. 143 1 go
] Iiu; fund
it   will   I,.-  n -s try
sumlunder suid  Bv-law  Nu.   m   to rnlse  un-
lundred     Tbousiind     Hollars   nually  I..*  special  nt'  tin- sum nf  Bight
��� 300 nun OC)    (nr   .-' '    Purposes,   the   Hundred   end   Elghty-throo    and    HT-Km
,,'1   n. .' , tt   being   known   i.s   "Burnaby j Dollars ($SS3.PT)  (" form a sinking fund
H betitun
By-law,   ior th.- pavment o': tie* principal and th
"nui "f O'nur Thousand Two Hundred Dol-
rooralion   by   In���   ($4,200.00)   fm*  Interesl   making   t".
V',,   i�� f  gither a  tni il  .inn.uni  annually uf  Five
������lii*.-,*  Hun-   Thcfeand   nml   Blghty-three   and   67-100
Dollars ($6,083.97) (nr Hi., term nf thlrt)
Edmonton,   Aujj.    2",.   Twenty :'; ������     and
:  in diameter with  walla five fee:   Council
1.  i  ��� -i nns, ���    H,   ��� ���-'     $301 1   i" Donors U6.083.9,) r.ir in., term nr thirty-
"'"'   11; us.it "i   1 sii. ..        ���'                  ,,,.. nin*   (89)  years fur the repayment of the
,.. , ,.,.��� ,,._,,��� the Thirty-first dav^ or im 1	
ember.  1952, and to beat  Interest nt tie 	
.;,,,.   of   |,,���r   aid   '''������;���.'..,,.','.   r' dr-d and Elghtv-three and 97-100 Dollars
'������'���,"'������'  "' '  ""  annum pay ami   nan (,s,.,���7l    ,     ,       ,���.,.���       ,   d   f      t]l���
TAKE NOTICE thai tho above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upnn ttliii",
tin vote nf tl. Municipality will he taken
mi Saturday, the 20th day of Auguat 1913.
between 1 o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p.
in., at  the  polling places
Municipal  Hall,  Bdmonda
vv, si Bumaby School, Wesl Burnahv
Mr Topping's Store, Uth Avenue, East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam
Dundonald  Bobool,  Fraser Arm
Barnet Hall. Barnet.
Mr   urn/.,-,.**  st ,   North   Burnabv
The Social Club  Building, Capitol  lllll.
Rtii-naby  Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
I .akemere Bchool. Lakomere.
PUBLIC  NOTICE is herehy given Hint
the   tele ���f   til"   Kl,'t""<  of   UlO   District   "f
Burnabv fill be taken <>n the above tu-i.
tinned Itv-iatt* at Ihe time und pi:n**  ihuiT
mentioned, and thnt A. o. Moore has be**ri
unpointed   Returning   Officer   tu   I il ���    11 ���
v...<   of such electors with the usual pow
.-is in  thai   behalf.
H   C   M * HiKOo't.  I: . .-
t   .;    mi ii i-;k   r*\ rk
Rd  it . ds,  I!   C . Augusl  14th, I""
. : ������ i i
B.C.Coasl Service
the      i
But naby
Munlc pal
rust vt at*'- slnkl . *, fund.
I,V. I     ANH   WIIKUKAS  ||   will   be necessnr
Wltl,      ,|���.   under  said   Uv-la��   No.   145   to  raise  al
...,'���;,,-  Twentieth   nually   I*       i ���������-  the   sum  of  *
��� ; i dl* P!**". "\\"w   I''.:-; ;   inking   fund   and 6 3" f��
: ..-I and  lhe       Leaves  Vancouver   for   Prince   Ilupert
! H il-   end  Northern   Point*   lo  n   m    We,lues
days  and   Saturdays  at   11   p.m.
Ilii'idr 'I nnd Nl
* lars    ( $294.66 l    to   I irm
f..r  the  "a irm, nl   nf  the  pr
Leaves Vanoouvs/ fnr Victoria hi u. m..
p. in. and 11 *4i>
Leavea Vancouver 'or Seattle in *. m.
nd 11 p. tn.
Leavea Vancouver fur Nanalmo 10 a.m.
Spokane, Aug- 24  -While a warrant of  e,,nnnasia  or  easv    death.    Thu* --/i""   level,   a-   SI    All, rt   Alia,   s   ^���"t'nilse byway of loan the mini   for the  ment of the prlncl  ami th<
Is out  for his arresl on a charge of right  Rhall  1,-  granted  to an  invalid j"'1"8 northwesl  of the business dis- I/,,,,.',, ,n.��� Thousand I'-Mo-s i tm.^ sum o  6neThou-jnd Four   tumreu Dob
grand larcenv arising out of the disan- ',:'' ;"'"'r ������  h��s !""'"  *�����**���*��� -*���<��� "���'���- "':';,   "   ,':'1""""" ���   w'f1'   v-!"<'��'    """   ' !""   ' '    fKntS S  Ker a  torn 1  amoun? annually  of8 On,
jrand larcenj arising out oi tin oiaap petition bv the Blck  Dert in town ls connected by Interurban rail-  further .���*.:,*���,���.**:    ������    h        ' Munlclonl- Thnusend   Bb   H I  . nd   Xlncts fuui
,earance of $2,200 from the book vault   :,    j������iVi.-.i ^...h.ii-itI. s.''      ' ��*V.    The  abaft is  the  firs,   of  it, ;;'"%."   '   !   :;'  i   * "bUS   !����;��� i""1  ^.:1;;"���.,,,";l,,r ,' \rf ',':.''. *"n*"'''
if   the   Fidelity   National   bank   one;    Prof. Oswald   believes, like lloland kind In this country.    It will be used "i'.*ui ''",.'*'���*'" *   w,,l!l    Extension   "*���*- . ^^ ��������� ,,,;_.;���, ,���,,��� .������, i,���,.r,.s, ,i,. -,'.,;���
feek ago, Lyle B, Cowan, 2414 Broad- Kerkan. that  euthanaels  is the right ;"  brliiflnB to tin   surface a  vein of '"*'���,'-J1';,,������,,.��� ,,,, ,. ,.,.:,... ,,.. ,���.,.,���� hereinafter mentioned,  the amount ni
week ago, Lyle B, Cowan, .414 Broad-  Kerkan. that euthanaels  Is
way. a discharged clerk of the bank,!0'' every Incurable.    Hi   bei
Is siill at large and Ills whereabout*
are unknown.    Police authorltli -���
the  ii irl *, ������ ��� sl  an-  m  search of
latf.   191
ves. too, eight feet, estimated to contain tullly  .. ,:'mV, .Vw'*.'" hnrised i  '    '  ���'*'������' ���) -i..
lhat   an   Incurable   need   not   commit U 00 tons, i'tunntoi'i
enry sulcldp unless he wishes, but that     The   s*n!:i:u:   o(   the   Bhaft,   which
of  if he Is Buffering and knows that there was completed a  few days ago, was
in  is no relief for bin. nnd th-n ho must no mean task    The hole was dug by
u .        arrest is momentarily expeel
nffi r for
It  h   entirely riaht, a clamshell (.redge.
,���:."������   -���" *  *: ' "���',:..
,., .i." Thirtv rh  * du:    *   *���"' ���*l1     .'���**-
..,.,  i , p.   ���   |nf >  -i   "'   th"  rate ,,i   Four
,,..( one ' .It   p- ���   '* "���  Per ���   nl I
Whin a  few Teet   I"       ' '','.''  .
'"i'i  medlcalh   "Jul  un,rally, I'm- him  In depth a ring of concrete was pour-  ,., !,^'!.'':. .'.',��� '!��� oni    " ��� ''" '���' '��� *    "'"
lo eotnmll suicide. ed and permitted to sink, As the teetl  vv '.p.i with t* ������ .   ���  ��� ������' '���" -h.-i ��������������� ��� ������
��� ���    : :i' :  * 'inllt
ine vaui,  was opened some time      -,*������,. ,��� .���,. wav tl���, pulcWa wo���,n  of lhe d;.adge b|t the earth, more rings  '""��� T" -'"" ;'." ';', '',    '9,'���-inw to
er 8 o'clock Saturday night, when   be an*'ne. .1. according to  Prof, Ost-  were  poUred,  the  concrete  conBtruc   !';'"',,,"'���!:;'*;.,������;:,���:.;. .���'.'.���  *     liy  wav
e savings departmenl closed for the  wald, ll II  were brought Into use:   >i  tlon being continued daj by day until  -f loan the mmi ������' i:*- ���* ' '*   T1
day," said T H, Brewer, president of
the bunk, yeaterda) "The money was
uikeii from the hook vault, the combination of which i�� known to all the
"The man we are confident took the
money had been seen around some
time before the robbery and we have
learned that he left the ciiy suddenly
tlie   next   morning,     He  had   been     a
clerk at the hank until discharged f ir
shortages, due to playing the races,
and was familiar with the hank and
the operation ofthe hook vault.
���'Vie   have   a   good 'idea   where   he
..g i"'iitiliiu '1  dav  bv day  	
enl   Buffering   extreme   pain   and  the lower.edge Btruck bedrock, where  ',''"'', ,r'," "|"",'...' '   ".'.,'".   *"'    ���' ,i
.wing that his ,i,,i.i. was oniv a|tha ,���,;���,. w"aa ,.,,,1���,;��� ��� ,,,, B  L;:,.1r;;,,,,,':%.,.i i ������ ��� ::** i S i
matter of ���     v. It hes to die anil end
Ills Buffering.     He  III   u  writes a   petl
tlnn io ii," authorities, . Bklng ror tlie
rii'' of ' tithaiiasla
The Plan.
When the petition is received by lhi
authorities they would Investigate the
cape.   Three physicians, Iwo of them
specialists, would form tlie Investlgai
lng coii'i'iit!'*
The physicians on lhe comp'lttee
would '������:'':(' their o'licial Investigation nol later thnn nne week alter the
-,-..,*���,, nf ih" petition.   Tli
to keep water out of the shaft. Twelve am,   WHEREAS  tie   corporation   by
thouaand   tons   of   cement   were   us. d Uu   snld   Bv-ln��   authorised  th"   smi" o(
, ,1, l,,-t tut-. *   In   11"    .i*",n:i'    ol    l.'*,l,l* r
����� ""��� '���<�����"������-' -n','. "nd  liollars  $S4 i  ' i be  pay
Modern  Clevatcrt: ���i,ie on lh.* Thlrti  '*:���'  day "I   December
The Shaft, il   was ai,  ounced at the mi. and to b-jr Isl.reel  ���l,^^���*"^
rollier1'     :'   few   dayB    ago,     wll!     be ,.,.���,',',,..,���  Hnnum   p    able   half-yearly,
equipped  with  modern elevators, end,    AND WHEREAS ihe Munlclnul Council
as   siiiui   as   those   are   installed   the  of   ihe   Corpora i   nf   "���    District   of
work drifting on the vein  will begin, l^;'']'^ ,'jjj! Twenth''th'l''(lay or .iVinunry!
The  output   i.-   placed  al   2000   tons  a \.\s    nnnlly  pons   By-law   No.   145   being
dav    The top of the vein Is 837 fool a  bv-lnw  to  enable  the  Corponitlon  to
below  tho surface.    Th-  bore below ^ %,l\Z^ i"'.!ia's" "$"","'. ���"""
Commit- *'"'  concrete Bhaft   IS  through  rock.     I Scliool  Purposes,  th.- mild   By-law     being
went, and we are confident that he Willi tee would have to decide whether there     The company, which Is financed by known .ns ^Burnnby,, Scl l  Board  Loan
be apprehended    li la possible that a  was anv chance  for the recovery  of '������   syndicate  c     French    capitalists,"
window  was left open aud  thai  en-  the pnllent.    If. on cnn">ultatlon, the owns In fee a large area of land aboul
trance to the hank was gained In that commlltet  decides thai the patlenl is a  mile  irom the  municipality  of  St.
way.   Barnhlll. now under arrest, van  Incnralile, In suffering greatly, and has Albert, i nd also imi; extensive leases
employed  In  the hank  about  a  year nothing to make life worth living, thev Tlie planl  is well equipped  with ma-
ago, during the vacation period." aranl   him  the  right  of    euthanasia, chinery  and bulldlnga, which  will ba
Ii is believed that Cowan may have j Whoever painlessly Irlls a person who . nlargi i when tin mine is putting oui
had a puss key to lhe hank and used: has received thlB rinhl is exempt from Its full  capacit'      Five hnml-ml  men
it to gain admission to the vault utter punishment. will b   o"iployed us gocn us tlio work
Uut, If euthanaflfl be effected wlth-
i.i  toin; li t< d.
le-iied in 1910
The ci al l'i' id v ,!������ li cated Ip 1010
and developmeiii wo"k wns Btarted
two years ago. The s'laf* was atarted
hiHt summer, the ivork occupying ten
montliB, Guards nnd frnniea for tho
��� levntlng apparatus, now on the
around, are being Installed nnd li I
expecti d to I
thirty days.
Builders say the shafl at St. Alber' ;
ANH   WHEREAS   He    Corporation   bv
the  mid   Ilv-law   militarised  the  l��si f
debentures to ile* amounl of Twenty-eight
Thousand    Dnllnvs     ($2S I,M '     '	
pnviihl i   the  Thlrtv-flrsl   dav  of   I "���-
,. mb, ��� !���.:..', nnd to hem Intereet nl the
rate uf Four and one-half per oentum
11". per cent.) per annum payable liair-
AND WIIKHI'.tS the dehentlircn nti-
ih'.i/..*'l by tho *-:i'l By luwe have nol been
Hold and owing tn an odftii  in the ru'"
,,r iutere'-i fnr money sine" the pausing
of tt... said IP -laws the s*,ld ilehenttirea
lltereby authorised cnnnol be sold nr disposed of except nl ii I'lse met Involving
u nil'Htiint'itl inii'i tlnn In the timonnl reoulred in be pi*"- (led for and u Is nee-
��� ���s,ii,-|. tu runt v i-i lit- lut* mtthorlslng
tie. i|. bon*er' "��� to the ���> iid amounts i" bear
l, t,.r, R| ui ii," rab- nf l-'li" per centum
i:. p.r cent.) por annum.
oui the express wish of the sii it person, n is n crime and punishable with
penal   servitude.
Shock to Traditions.
The great difficulty, of course. In
carrying out Prof, Ostwald's plan. Is
thai ii shocks the traditional notions
of humanity and seem opposed tn the
religious ami moral laws Of a civilized
country, Dr. Ostwald savs, however
tliat It Is both moral and humane, niul
that  even  now some noted  physlctflns
believe in killing their patients who
have incurable diseases and who ar"
suffering, with no possible chance nf
The physicians Of the committee of  B(l   to   pay Handsome  dividends  from | I'so.STV'for the term of thirty-nine  (29)
'Inspection must, of course, be suechtl-   the   Btart. The   stock   is   held   by   a   cones foi  tho ���5a0vnmnn,t hirohil��fRr men"
lists and    men    of    almost  Infallible few people nml not a Bliare ia on lhl   ���,',',',',���.,',  '.i,',. ���,������'������t 0f two ThoiiBond Bis
| knowledge, and must not be swayed I market, I Hundred and Thirty and kt -loo Dollars
AMD   WHRTtl']\S  il   wlll  I"'  tne* ssary
..hi'in'ti"*     within   under said Bv-luw  No,   I20A  lo ralae an
nipping       .ni n|mmlly b., n,ii,,i,  hl( , llw ,uin ���,. .,.���.���
Tbousnnil   Six   Hundred  and  Thirty  and
���>*,* leu Dollars i J:.'.'*,'*.'i s: i to form it "ink-
is the largest and deepest of its kind ���;:.';{ ,["��"���,!:",,/.Ij^.J^'iliv:! ���^nu*;..!iMFiv.'.
In lhe world. The company hnu In- ilundred Dollars ($12,500,001 fur In-
vi ti 'l In the neighborhood of $1,000,- Iteresl making tngethor n toUU amount nn;
is.ili.l  Oii
leenterprlBe, whlchls exnect-inunnyof^ift^   s. Ui(l   p , , ,,
s lierelnnfti r mentioned,   tl
i'wn Hundn d nnd Nln' ty-four nml
Dollars   I $204 tfi I  havi-     hi en  mis. i  (oi
the tirs'  v, :u s : inking flllld.
ANH   WHEREAS   the   let   Villi I   Ilu
whole   rateable   land   In   il���������   Vtiinlclpnlltt
according   t.,   the   laet   r'-vlseil   u.-��� nu nl
mil amounts t" Twenty-two Million t hu
Hundred and Rlaliteeti Th-iueiind Thru,
Hundred nnd Bevi nt' nve 11 illare ($22
1 is.iit:. nn i f,u* noi, ,*:it pt,i|ius"i*. nml n
eluding   Dlstrlcl   l.ut   ' Hi*   Hundn d   an '
S'tentv  ttt"   I I , .' I   for   HCllOo!   |ill'*l,e'"s   t.
Tweiitv tt,,, Millions SK Hundred nnd
T veiitv-niii.. Thnueand '''t��" Hundred an,'
Flvo H 'liars  I **.!.'.Ciil. J'"' 00)
Corporation   "t   tho   I ilstrlcl   of   H irnalj
enacts as follows-  ���*
1. Thai   tin   debentures  nuthoi i.  .1   by
nald   Ily laws   Nn    I20A,    12IA,   li'l,    I2B,
129, 142, 143, 1 il ami 1 I". sh.ih bin   I del
est nt  the rule of Hte per centum  o> i" t
c-nt i per annum computed from the I   ���--
dny  nf Julv.   1813,  and sueh  llipl*. u   Khali
be   payable   hnlf-yearly   on   the   'lhlrtti'lh
dav   uf   June   .mil   the   Thirty -llrst   ilu,    "f,
n mber In each year during the currency thereof anil the sahl debentures
shall have attached to them millions for
the payment uf tho said liiiir-st which
sliall hear the slunaliire of (Ile  Iteeve  und
f'le'-k  and  sueh  signature   mnv  I ither
written, stamped, printed or lithographed, |
2. There shnll lie raised and levied annually during tiie currency ef the said debentures authorized by suid Ilv-law N i
I20A bv sptehil rati inillhl. in then "���
uihui all Uu- rateable land within lh" limits of the said Municipality in ii Idltlon tu
lbe annual sums required by thn ���ml I Bvlaw Nn. I20A the sum uf One Thousand
Two Hundred and Fiftv Dollars (*!.-
2f,0.00) to pav lh" additional ini. test au-
Ihorlsed In- ihls By-lnw the mm*' to le
In addition to all rates to b" levied an :
created  in ihe sahl Municipality,
Thero shnll be nils. .1 and levli l nn
ChiHiwack Service
i.'uvih  <liUHwflck    J   h.  m.   Tuesday,
I lnnniiv nnd Bul urday.
1,'itvth  Wfcstmtn&tnr   ��  a.  m,   Monday,
Wednesday hh.i Krlday,
Ki), GOHLBT, Agent,  K��w  W��a(minatBr,
II W   RUnniB, O.   P   a..  Vnnonuv^r
New Imported Fall Suitings now cn
display,    Si c  them.    Pi rfcel  (11  and
workmanship guaranteed  Prices from
V.s ��� i up,   T'il  Fronl Street,
P.O. Bos 34 Dally News Bldfi
of all  kinds.
Prices riBlit,   Satisfaction guaranteed
69 McKcnrle  St
Transfer Co.
5fflci  Phon*   185.      Bsrn  Phon��   ))7
Bsjhle Mieet
|l��Ki:si:e liflllterod  Promptly ti
sny psrt cf the city
:t.    Th"t*e etiall be ralsid and levied  an      # ���    I  _ f * * *. ..
iSSw^MSiilTirt rlw *w ny-iaw1 no l"$m and Heavy Hauling
IL'IA   l.y   sp,
11 H
���lul   lul.'   SUlflc!
,",1.1" hoiil wltlll
the Hull
uf the said Municipality In addltlnn tn th   i firv rn-- MPW WFSTMINATEFI   fl C
annual sums rcipili  bv the sahl  Be-lnw
No.   1 n t A   the sum of Two  llunib*..!  tl il
Klflv   Dollars   (I2R0.001   to  nnv   Ih i
iillliiniil liit.ri.it authorised hy this Hv-
luw. the snme i.. be in addition to nil roteti
lo he levied nnd created In tho sahl Mu-
A.     There  Sllllll  T"'   fil'M"d  l"l'l   l"f| ���''   :��� ��� i
nuallv dnriiiK Ih irrene-.' "f the Bnld i'".
bentures  authorised   h"  anhl   Bv law   Nn
122 hv speclnl rate sufflc'epl 0 efor t t
ull the rnt, ihle Inn.Is within the Units
nf the said Munlclpatltv In addition to the
riuiiuiil suttis reoulred nv lie- sahl  ln-.-i nt-
Vo.   122    tne   snni   id   One   T'hniis-i'iil   Two
lliitidred  i ii'irtv Dollars ($1,250.00) to
pnv Iho a.lil'll.in.'il Inlei-isl iiiilli.ulzeil by
this Bv-law Ihe mme to he hi ndrtlt'on tn
nil   rt'lef,   to   h"   levied   Ittlil   created   III   the
.said Municipality,
r,.    Tliere sliiill be nils",, nnd levied nn-
nuully during lho ourrenoy uf tho mild do-
*********   '"     . ���"  ���   ���~*l ���JL..
Telephones:  Offlc* 53.  Residence 4?9
JOHN  ItKID. Proprietor
Agents      I'nltncr      BroB,'    flnsollno
Engines,  Marine   Engines  and   Aulo-
mobile Itepalra.
Office and Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New WestminBter. B.C. MONDAY,   AUGUST   25,   1913.
Former German Instructor of Ottomar.
Amy Believes She Should Have
i. in, Aug. 24 Field Marshal vou
[���cr (1 ii* bas just written In Der Tag,
, ���;   ng di fence, trom a political and
milli try standpoint, of the advani f
the '1 urks from Tchataldja ttitii a view
oi the reoocupatlon of Thrace,
From a purely political polnl of
v lev . he deolares, the Turkish advance
..as ��� itiiui. Something of the sort was
. ' ai> if the nation was to be
imi-, l from a sense of oppression and
Indifference to a new realization ot na-
. : life. The o icupatton of Thrace
offered Jusl the necessary objeel les-
iiiii.    The very point at which it was
��� I   Adrlanople, waa bound to at-
; i.   t the attention ol the empire, and
��� i mi ince ii (ii the rehabilitation of
: i ��� army and of the foci that the national spirit was lit no means crush" I.
'I hc Held marshal points oul thai be
knows nothing ot the tortuous methods i���: the diplomacy' of the ehu iel
ieri ���:. He Insists, however, thai the
I'ni'S. Midla line is an absolutely im
practicable one.
In constitutes what la known as an
open frontier, uiterlv Incapable of de
rence, end yet neoessltating the ruin
mis i xpense of the upkeep of a great
* tiding force, lis ���.cry openness to
attach wlll, he fruther Insists, make
i a source of perpetual temptation to
the Bulgarians, who, tor generations,
have set their hi .iris on Constantlpole
This temptation will mean the eren
* ��� ���   ���������  :,  perpi :mt 1  Bplrll  of  nnr'.-'
' ' �� III    extend    pot    olllt    I,,   S  ,,    .
imt ���" st  Petersburg, sine,, Russia haa
views us to the ownership of thej
Ooldi n Horn.
Road to the Sc.i.
��� s ""t   morels   that   lii"  road  ioi
mtinople  Is  open  over Btich  a
tier. I ir   il"-  r :������<!  in ih" sea  of
*."-.*'  and nothing will destroj the
������;.     : tin* Bulgar tor creating an op-
J ��� * : lil of ri aching thai sea in 111"
din   : ��� p. of Rodosto,
' these circumstances, lie contends,
Kurope would really lull iis own Interests best  if i:  would acknowledge
���   i hange which  had come over the
p isltlon rn the nenr eaBl by permitting
��� '���'������i atlon of the Turkish frontier:
.   strategical basis    Such n stra'.e- '
bastB   WOUld   be   the   line   of   the'
���'.-i friini its mouth on tlie Agean
��� .  ��� ' 'in. yr at   fortress of  Adlano-
and then the line from Adrlanople
:    Kir!   Kllesseh  nnd en lo the Black
se,, I;   the direction of Midla. This lii"-
... , i i nstltute a natural strategical
fron'ler and one which the Turks
d wi uld i e able to hold secur ���'*.
is tn i-'dnei ihe temptntlon o tfhe Bul-
gars to attack them to s minimum.
': ���" Bulgarians, li.- Insists, would 1'��
absolutely compensated f,,r the loss of
\(lr.:iv.:.p!e In the poshesalon of De-
,;.    :-i"h nnd Ksvn'a
is n"i nrobable Unt Turkey will
ir'nltteil io hold  fcdrlanonle, ye'
��� of holding Adrlanople there la
trateglcal line nearer Constntino-
reall)  defi nslble,
���ien  the field  tiiarshtii    declares
Turkey's forced retirement would
i ibu'm the Voung Turk cabinet,
is reiterating    something    which
iny of 'he best Judges of the si'na-
'.-.*' already affirmed,
��'i!!'lren'H Shelter, where lie told his
���'���'��� Bald he has a good home in,
i "well, where his father works as a
""'���Hun  iiaii.l for Ihn Boston &  Maine*
Railroad, and emphatlealy vowed that
he would not run away again. Ho ad-;
mite be la the black sheep of u family
���'I live hoys and four girls, Dalton left
Bt, Patrick's school when he was foru
teen years or age, and since then he
has traveled on the "bumpers"
hrough Maine, New Hampshire and
Vermont states several  limes.
1 ho yi mil' traveler was nol the least
backward   wl   relating  his experl-
enci ii,. answered nil the questions
"skui him quite readily, and sometimes lu very forcible language, a fault
for which lie had already been reprl- '
maud,,| by officials at the shelter nis
knowledge of the geography of both
i anado and the United Btates, and of
the distance between points on the
different railroads waa astounding. Ha
could answer any question regarding
ra'lwny matters,
When he arrived in Toronto his'
Clothes were In a very bad state. Ills 1
bonis ..ere minus heels. Nails had j
heen bothering him ro much, he said.:
that he had to tear the heels off h|s '���
bootr liis physique is thst of a well!
(level.,ne,| f-.-rteBP-year-Old bov. but ]
his fnce w'l.f i lead ono to believe him '
i'i bo Bl les 'I eighteen, Hls reason
for coming to 'ins - ty, he siid. was*
thai " '"" Wenrta i r hls wire hi re and
he ward,.,] to join them for g while.
Game Warden Makes Break When Hc
Ships Parcel  to His O-.veet-
8pol;ane, Auk.    23.    liad    not    tbe
M'a'e  im'i e   ..ai'lius  Itopl   hot 011  the'
trail oi a box marked "Huckleberries" j
>������-��� rday, they declare thnt Kd. Kin- i
iui *ii r. a foreal rangi r ol Priest river, ;
Idaho,  would have   lu en  able to have
presented   his   sweetheart  at Opportunity u fine quarter of venison.
As s'on as li. (', Weet, state game
warden of Idaho, learned thai u box !
was being shipped from Priest river
which he thought  to be venison, hs!
wired It. 11. Wales, chief assistant
stale game warden to be on the lookout for the Bhipment.
Warden Wales, and F. '"��� Dunlap,
game warden for Spokane county met
the shipment yeBterday at the (Ireat I
Northern station. TKey followed the1
box to the central Station where they
aaw it put on a train bound for Opportunity. Tbey then boarded an automobile and arrived ahead of the box
of "berries."
The station agenl who notified L.
H. Landretb that the box had arrived
for him was then ordered by the wardens to surrender the properly. When
Mr Landretb arrived al the station
he was Informed that ihu box contained venison und that he was liabl"
to arret. He explained that he only
KI: bucher as a friend of his daughter.
When the ward'lis appeared  Iter tr-
the mother and daughter they d dare
thai ihe foresi ranger was referred
to as a ��� foolish boy for sending th"
venison." The ward, ns then decld
. il thai the tafllll) was innocent of
any law Violations, but wired to Warden Wesl that ho mlshl order the nr
r.si  of Klobuclier.
The young men wenl from Bpokar-i
,,, Priest rit.: two months ago as a
forest ranger The venison was plac-
. d in cold storage and will be sen'
to  Idaho  as  evidence.
Made Trip Fronl Lowell, Mas3��� to Toronto on   Seventy Certc in
Five Days.
Minister acviscr Means to Eridge Gap j j
Between  School and University
T.r-nio,    Aug,  24.   To    rids    the
,;; pi i-.,** from Lowell, .'tines., to To-
:    in live days, and to opend only
*., nt;  cents on the journey was thi ,
ti it of William Joseph Dalton, aged K      24.���The   board   of
,,,.,., ,, year,,, ,������-ji; Le Orange sir. ��� i.       ��� educntion,  in  introducing  a|
Lowell, Mass. one-clausi educntion bill, Has given a
Vi un.: Dalton, with three athers, bi - *��x        ^ fte government's sweelng
��� ,, ,rip i��� Toronto on board n coal ������     ��� .    lmpr0vement of the
,,,.,. ,tl the Boston fi Maine Railroad- propoisa is ior     ^ gUucaUoni The ac.
1 ���,���. ,*,,,, stop was cor   ird, whore "��"onB'*oWl before the house   was;
, dl���apn ,���-,,,, after he tual prcpo  x&] ,���,., .nt.es
��'"   '" '"'������  :" 'h '���'���'   '   ;"n,",,,"'t"    n aid ol   oan charm's, nnd UIMOO
which was ' ought w'lu Dalton's thirt    ;    ���' ' dlca)    services.   Thus
���    ���     all the mon y the party hod ���   '���.       ������,  loaa cbarges would
> ���" '���������    "i"W" " ���'"" ';,,':' J",""!"; \'i"u   b    '.   'H v  the stat"
,her :i-eii-M train and reached White be pain oy m(|n, ,.���.���,���.,.,���,���
.,....,   Vermont,   where   Dalton   was    .�����$*"   ���, ,,���   introduced  next I
,.,,,*, nrty cents by a yardman, "��";..    ,,��� ���i;l,i,. it clear that It was In-
ere he was-separated from his oom- year, n    �� fti           ���������������,,
panlons when ihey were being chase. ,'':,,,,,,,.,tary and the Intermediate
mm  a train  by s brakeman.  Dalton W�� ��                 uw R mnootl) p;lt��� ���i-
,,,,,,, ,., outdistance his pursuer, wnw��*     .  unit(,r9itJ,   In order to
nnd rode to st. Albans, Vermont Here wew^i         ^ (h(l . ty will be inv
he spent twentyflvo cents on eatables, ncm.                   cm|ntv  lin(, (.()utiy
���,���   St   Albans  hn entered  a  box  ca      POM       �� ^    progress   e
,:,���    when   he   emerged he was; to "grow     eduoll,,nn. proyldtog laclU-
Brockvllle. Ontario, whence he w' ���    �� intermediate    educaUon,    as
,, Belleville, on a wBy freight, and \t���<J elementary, and $-o����;
then to Trcni.on, where he met a th n    ft] ���ho varlPllB Mndl of tni***
some other   boya  iravellng.   In  a  like 1     ���������,���   BChnoU,    secondary,     trade,
manner  to  Cobourg,    A   y""'.'''^,' ! technical an.l the like,
spent   fifteen  of hla  laat wenty-nve ] Another Improvement.
.*, c's on more ��"��<;����� u7'���Vimv a, I   The grievance known as that of the
d , freight train bound for Oshawa     Thegrwva )g remedeled.
Loca authorities will be required to
'' vil, ...iths. playing flelds nursery
! s and meals for poor ChPdren on
Sundays and hollflays. as well as on
:. Z, days, The nmnlclpa basis of
ediiMi'on win be oompiilsory In the
anmmieirstlve framework.rnmalns_n_s
We were crowded to the door the entire day Saturday. At
times we had to close the doors so that we could attend to the
crowds that packed the store. We are sorry for those who
could not be waited on and kindly ask you to accept our apology.
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. w ***** H   iSP��      /    ^^
Where Simpson Left
Mark 72 Years Ago
Rancher   Finds  Old   H.  B.  C.  Chief's
Initials  Cut   In   Fallen   Lo(j  on
Great Divide.
>f   a    reiiiiii   irutii iM-i.,...  ���-������
whnro he wan ejected by a brakeman
but managed to get. Into a ooal oar.
wtalnh carried Mm to Toronto on Saturday nlgbt. During tlila long ridein
managed to get. one menl a day. Some-
times he snld, the train men .upp.led
hire    In one Instance he told of a con-
his mu-nnta, and lis told him thej llv-. "����� <'n(T,.,t���,,. n,,r will the two
.1 in Toronto,    As a reenlt o. thl   be much aire*>��.o m((,pu
mannrtivor, he said, the conductor al n-.isnt. im^ ^^ w,m th���
lowed him to stay on. .rMntlnn    of     l-ondeii    unlveraity,
Glcpt Ontnlde. e ui u 4. in h�� r-��eonrtl����tifl.   Thsire
While he waa (landing near the cor-; ;**��^ ehanp, ���, the oduoatlon
ner ot Vork and Front s,r;' ',',.,,,I,,' Th. hoard of ednca on wll
urdnv ni-ht n young mnn offered him aress, >a RRh8fflog nf ���,��� ,nt.���i
a j0h.   The stranger took hm to        re Advisory provincial eo���n-
room that night nn.l geve hi n a Di   . a Ut norin ^ e���
promlalng to take Mm to ** "It ', |' ^mlnlMriltlvn powers. Higher
hss not heen seen "Ince Su^av morn    wimo ..ompulnory  In  the
lng by Dalton,    Aecnr. U��rtr H "}  ,'l    ",�� ^ thoae who require it
,. ynrda on nuchefs and Milan streeu. aame   n nf ^ ��rtmP���^���.
1!,. met will, some hoys rt^^Xwl^lMW01''14
swimming al the fool o Qeorge *���� JJJ" nlcH pr0vi,io a llttlo over hair ���
nml   received   hls   inenls   from   Wim,, tne v      thft( (hp gtftt9 w01ll(1 ,,p
having spent his l��st ten y��tJJ\mI, Sreoared to dntl a large and s.ihstan-
waltlng at Moss l'ark wl J wmejt oreP"f |onal pulll tha would rlaa
his new-found friends till t wm time mw BU , ��� ���r by year, and the
10 ,0 tn Controller ^"^B D'S��tS Sting limits Imposed on local author-
Centre  Island  a  Poll^man    arret ed|.nnK, rcmoved.
him BS ii vagrant and took Mm to the Itlea w��ui
Montreal.   Aug.   'J4.--An   interesting
discovery ih connection with the early j
history of Canada has recently  been
made, according to Mr. J. K, Gibbon,
or the ('. P, R.i by Mr. James llrew-
���ster, a well  known    ranoher of the '
Uanff district, who has In his posses- i
���Ion a section of tha liocky mountain *
tree bearing the Initials of Sir Oeorge !
Simpson, the fsmous explorer and gov-
ernor of the Hudson's nay company,
and liis guide.
Sir (Ieorge was the llrst mnn to
make the overland trip via Canada ami
Siberia around the world, a trip which
took him nineteen months to complete,
Mr. llrewster, It appears, has theories
���if ills own about the old trails through
the Hookies, ami in connection with
thesi" he had been Investigating the
Simpson pass, hoping to discover soim*
trace of Sir Oeorge Simpson's historic
passage. By tlie grace of fortune he
chanced to examine closely thi mder
Bide of a fallen giant of lite "orest
and there on the Oreat Dlvld, ' und
'some carving wblch proved to lie:
"O. S."
"I. It."
I        "1841."
I It Is evident .iat these Initials nre
those of Sir (Ieorge Simpson nnd Ills
guide, James Iloland. The use of the
'I.utln "J" or the modern letter "I," Ib
thoughl   to  signify   that   the   carving
was executed  by  Sir (Ieorge  himself.!
Tlle yt>ur 1S-11 is that In which the fa- I
nious explorer made his trip through
the Hockien, choosing the pass which
has heen named fater hlm.
The carving la well preserved. The
fact that the tree had fallen witli that
side to the ground had sufficed to pro- I
teet the lettering against the  weather.    Mr. llrewster had the halt section
of the tree containing the script re- i
moved and taken  to his home.    The
face  haB  been   covered   with   varnish:
in order to preserve ns well ns possible
Uie only trace of that famous round- j
the-world passngo.
The life of the veteran king of fur
trailers is one of the most picturesque
iu Canadian history. It is Ihe Btory of
tl mnn of definite convictions, or un-
remittent vigor, of firm loyalty and
where It concerned the government of
those under him. stem justice, lie
cime to the northwest In 1820 to take
charge of the Hudson's Hay company.
In 1841 he took up his tour of the
world, leaving London. Kngland, on
March ?. of that year. With canoe and
pack horse he crosBed the continent,
took ship from Kort Vancouver for Siberia, and reached Ixmdon on his return journey In exnetly nineteen
months twenty-six days from his time
of Btarting.
In 1840 Sir Oeorge Simpson retired
from   active   government  of  the   colony, leaving a local governor In charge.
Refuted Own Argument.
During the yearB from 1838 on there
hud been considerable feeling that
thof.e lands in the northwest not actually owned by the Hudson's Hay company, but held under license for trading, Bhould be thrown open for settlement. This feeling reached lta height
shortly before llle date when the license would come in for its second
renewal, a committee wa3 appointed
by the liritish government to investigate. Sir George fought the application to permit settlement of the lards,
With all his old lime vigor. He was
the principal witness before the committee, and assured that body that
nothing could be grown ln the west.
He described how even iu the Bum-
mer tho enrth was frozen but a foot *
beneath the surface. Unfortunately
for his testimony, passages quoted
from hia book der.rriping ills trip round
the world told of the fertility of Ihe
land bordering the Hed river, describing in flowery and highly Imagini-
live language the wealth of vegetalon
that covered the earth and prophesy- |
ing the day when steamera would I
ply to nnd fro on the rivers between !
large anil flourishing cities. The case
for the Hudson's Bay company was
lost, but. before their license had ex-
pulred the preat clileftuln of the fur
country in lSiih passed away at his
headquarters  in   l.acliine.
Tenders will be received for restaurant, refreshment and amusement
privileges in Queens park on l.abor
Day, Monday, September 1, 1M3.
Apply to Becretary of l.abor Day
Labor Temple,  corner Seventh    nnd
Koyal avenue. I'hone 11403.    (1934) |
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meetiug wltb the greatest favor wherever laid.
���MPftft"*    *j> '���* ������*^--**J**T\****tt~*S*M
!S      ESfcsB
ML     1
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Illtullthlc ls noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustleta, May   on
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly tin-ruble.    For these reasons
Illtullthlc Is commended highly bv owne-m ot automobiles end bors����,
litnipeliolders. ana city officials.   It hun been adopted by fifteen cities   I
In Canada, and over two hundred tu the United Statea.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Truat Building, Vancouver. PASB  E10HT
MONDAY,   AUGU8T   25,   191J.
Remember the  Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Imported especially for our
trade after mucii difficulty in
procuring it. Delightful for
Sundeaa, Especially nice for
Fruit Salad and a dozen other
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drinks, lemon pies, etc., they
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Cantaloupes  .....15c.
Watermelons    35c.  to 65c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGG8
postmaster  believes the  service  will
be greatly Improved.
The second change affects the outgoing mails over the 11. ('. Klectric to
points in  the  valley.    Under existing
All  notice, of  meetings, entertain-1    Ton. Dobson. Hamilton atreet, llm- 'condition, the... �����"�������   UP   "��
who  had   the  misfortune  to  dispatched  In  the afternoon  and   Mr.
Greater Westminster
this   tillillum.
rate break his arm and Injure ii grievously,!
ments. .ales of work,    etc.,    In
column   are   charged   for at  the
of 10 cents per line.    Please do not I In the Kent .treet mill, is no>v opt
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
P. Coekeriil Ib making eonaiderabie
addition, to his house on the Aus;in
St. Louis college wlll resume teaching on Sept. 3. and St. Anne's convent
on the Bame day.
the  hospital  and  rapidly  rec,
Sapperton Method Isl church choir
gave the Sunday evening song service
at the Roval Columbian hospital laat
night, and.Mr. Harness and Mr, Robin-
boh aa.l.ted, The choirsters were ln
charge of Choir Master (iray.
MacDonald is asking lor authority to
ship them in the morning as well to
give the district a belter service on
early matter.
McAllisters a magnet.
Sneak thieve., said to be operating
in the City, have a special appetite In
Money  to  loan  on  first  mortgages. I the way of hunting dogs. Klve of them
improved  cily    and    farm    property, .disappeared  last  week, while a valu-
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1828) j nMl. dog owned by Ahx. Turnbull on en Inventory
Twelfth   street,   was   found   poisoned doing every minute
Master Stuart AlUshtiry. Knox Btreet,  gaturllRy morning last
Sapperton, is recuperating from ins --
vert' illness     lie is ."laying With <'nun- J
cillor and Mis. Walkar, BuNuitlaill.
The Burqultlam Agricultural society's poultry anil Block building, are
now completed and ready for the exhibition next month. There are 80
coops in tlie poultry building.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay lofiaes.
The building of Ii. T. Thurston's
fine new house at the junction of
Moody and George streets is being
pushed  forward  with  all  despatch.
Rev. Father Beck, preaching in Sl
Peter's   church   yesterday     forenoon, j
dwelt  impressively  upon  the duty  of
Catholic  parents  to send their children to Catholic schools.
The Coquitlam municipal ground, on
the Austin road are now In shape and
grass seeded, The Burqultlam athletic club is anxiously awaiting the
grass crop which will inaugurate their
lacrosse games.
Tlie   IV
I    11. ha. started  work]if yon didn't get
New Firm's Opening Sale  Draws  Immense Crowds Saturday.
When McAllister's Limited, the new
owners of   Lees  Limited,  opened  for
business  Saturday    with    a    general
sale of everything in stock, after hav-
|ing been closed for a fortnight taking,
there    was    something
Of course tbere |
were crowd., lashings and lashings nf
Ibem���and they  were buying ertiwds
See Advt. on Pa^e 3
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
thing the minute
raising the tracks on Front street Inlyou decided you wanted It, you lost.
order to conform with the pavement. fpr the prices were of ths lode Btone
This work wns promised by Engineerht|nd, they just naturally drew the
Conway of the company some two money out of pockets. There are
weeks ago, 'some  things  people can't  reals';   evi
dently the bargains    at    McAllister's
Limited ive iu that category.
The new owners rf ihe big tlep'trt-
ment store went at the shelf clearing
1.111110 in a truly metropolitan manner
The  pollce yesterday picked  up a
small handling containing a small sum
of money. During the past few davs
the local police station has been the
receiving station for all kinds of finds
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES& Co.,Official Agfnts
hand  by  putting the thumb screw3 on  the |
price tickets and thev figure that the
business dotie    ie    their    preliminary |
Two vagrants, two disorderlies, one canter on Saturday pretty nearly setn |
three bicycles, one grip and one
hug hein^ the total laBt week.
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. VV. MORRIS,
person charged with resisting un of
fleer, a few drunks of the garden variety, and an alleged porch climber
will be the features in police court this
morning  before  Magistrate  Kdmonds.
Driving without lights broushl  four
autoists to grief In the Burnaby police
court Saturday morning.. Magistrate
Realty let two of the men down with a
$5 fine each, but two Vancouver
youths caught riding motorcycles
without lights were mulcted to the
tune of flu and costs.
fully convinced thai the
���������ii- i
mute was tho onlv one In the 1 lutein- i ���''" algn by the magistrate in the po-
ion,   T.   K.   Caine  arrived   hack   trom MM courf* ,        . ,    ,
Calgarv on Saturdav after having been i    A" ordinary drunk was admonished
employed for the past  few  weeks In ��n the error of his ways and allowed
.the main store of the P. Hums e.tab-  to go.
ilishment.   Mr. Caine say. he hope, he     A   restaurant   keeper on  Columbia
is here to stay a while.' street was fined $1 and costs for hav
ing his awning lower than seven feet
I. Ilankison won the silver spoon ini from  the  pavement,  contrary   to  the
Iho handicap shooting match at  Port city bylaw.
Moody on Saturday among the members of the rifle club.   The victor registered the excellent score of 66 after
deducting his handicap of 86.    There
were  LS competitors and  the  contest
was keen.
in  our
savin;; depart-
Mrs. C. C. Fisher, 603 Third avenue
will reopen her music classes on Monday, August 26. All pupils are requested lo start at the commencement
of the term to ensure success. Vacancies for a few more pupils.        (19;',9i
Councillor Walker, North road, h's
been appointed sole judge of the poultry exhibits at the Richmond agricultural show to be held on Sept. 26 and
27. The poultry exhibits are the principal events in (he show, comprising
100 classes and 3Fi special prizes.
BurquiUam persons wishing to show
what the district can produce will
send anything tbey wish towarda Vancouver district exhibit to \V. Whiting not later than August 21.      (1903)
Burqultlam poultry breeders are always to the fore at the fall fairs. Last
year they were eminently successful
all through the Fraser valley. Among
those who have entered in the Van
couver exhibition next week are Councillor Walker fill entries, and Wilson
Ilros., Smith road,  30 entries.
For preased brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, Band, rock and fuel oil, apply
o the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. OfTice
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1829)
Trustee Walker of the Coiiuitlam
school board has executed his commission of securing a piano tor the
Millside school. He expects to provide the l'ort Moody road school atidjl.. C. Hill. Hurnaby Lake, were well
the Hlue Mountain school with Instru-j filled Baturday afternoon and evening
ment. Bhortly. with parlBhonera and friends.
a record  for these  parts.    Tliere are I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
two weeks only or this sale, when the I ********	
management expects   to   have dug it i morning of the burglary at his gat"
large enough hole In the big store's i.UHl agcerta|ned that he would be ub-
available room to make way for their I s(,nt for the day.    A peculiar IncidentII
orders coming in. connected wltb the affair was ihat a
   'neighbor the  previous day Hiked  Mr
THREE  APPEARED  PUT | Thompson   to   look   after   her   house.
ONLY TWO  PAID  FINES 'during a Bhort absence,  as  th,    same
  | man was prowling suspiciously In Ihe
A frolicsome youth on th" rampage vicinity,
smashed  up a  sign  on  Front  slreet ,
earlv Saturday morning, was corralled ! ���=l"   ���'-'������'	
Iby the police, fined t5 and coats and
ordered  to pay $2 for the damage to
ment; 4 pei cent interest
is allowed, added quarterly. Every courtesy
is extended.
You will be welcome
at all times to our best
judgment and advice regarding any and all of
your financial problems.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C.  S. KCITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
raid I'P  Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships   under   Administration, over $6,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open  Saturday Evcnlrgs 7 to 9.
Negotiations are progressing be-j
tween W. 11. Keary, of this city, rep-;
resenting several capitalists, and the
municipal council of Armstrong, for a |
free site and exemption from taxation '
on certain properly, In return for I
which a creamery would be established In  the Okanagan town.
The matter was brought before the I
Armstrong council last week, with the
intimation  that    should    the    council
Traffic on the Fraser valley Hue of fee'  willing to grant  a  tree  Bite  for
the B  C E, lt. was extremely heavj  the plant, and also that taxes would |
yesterday.     All   the   morning   train's  be exempt (or a period ol ten year
were well filled with people
to different polnta along   the    Chilli
wack  branch.     Five  cars arrived  Ol
Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and
Henry W. Savage's Tremendous
Dramatic Spectacle;
150 People. Symphony Orchestra,
Nights and Saturday matinee 50c to
.'iM. Thursday matinee 50e to $1.50.
Tuesday matinee 25c, 50c. 75c and
$1.00. Mail orders filled now This
is the original New York company.
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet ((Jranby Bay.)
and Return.
Five     Days     including
Meals   and   Berth.
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug.
2Mb  and   Sept.   1.
Duals remain ut 1'KINCK Itl'l'KUT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing lhe new (irund Trunk I'acific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or Without private hath, etc, nil tin additional cost.   Staterooms en suite  without   extra  cost.    All  outside
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain   and   Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
21st and 88th,
Through tickets tn
Bast) in points via ths popular (Irand Trunk
li. O. SMITH. C   I'
527  (Irunvllli-  Strei
k T   A.
(,  Vancouvi
W,   B    HI'I'KKOW,  (i.   A.   P,   D.
I ln'tie  I'rlvaie  Mxchange 8134
Many complaints are being made as
to the tram service between here and
Fraser Mills. Yesterday a wait of
over 16 minute, was prominent during the au rnoon, Paving operations
on the asylum hill did much to spoil
the temper of the passengers who
were going out  lo the ball game.
Pack In your bathing  suits and  a
well filled hamper and spend a day at
.   . ... ��� "i   ..   i ���*������>������> | Maple  Ueach.   Boundary   Lay.     Plenty
oing out ""' uapltal necessary for such a planl jof free picnic places on the stud
would at once be forthcoming and .beach or under the wonderful spread-
that work would be commenced forth-ling   maples.     Lovely    spring     water.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   6treet,  New   Weittnins ter.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical   Goods  of  all   Kinds    PHONE  694.
the evening train.
Good weather and a fini
spoils assisted in making Ihe fiflh annual fei . nf St. Albans church, Baal
llurnahy, (he most sin ee-sftil ,-��� -cr
held.    The grounds of Mr. and  Mrs
The council    at    iis
program of  voted  in  lavor of a  (re
last     meeting
��� Bite and tlu
taxation exemption.
Take the River rond   to   Ladner   and
the (joudv road soulh.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
That   part   of
road   between    P
Coqultlam,  is  being rapidly  put  Inti
shape   for   vehicular    traffic.     Motor
(in Thursday the residence of W. I:
Thompson. Clarke road, near the Port
Moody border, wrb broken Into am:
ransacked. Thi mosl cherished possession stolen was a valuable sapphire
not eo much
i; for the '���*.''
cars have little difficulty ln running I were present and dancing wai kep' thai ii was a souvenir presented to
ever ii now, although it is not yet in \ up with great spirit until early on Sat Mr I hi mpai n by a number of frleii is
first class order all lhe way. From urday morning. Mr-- White and .1 soini years ago. Aboul $5 worth of
Port Moody to the junction about half Johnston furnished tbo mus:,*, plan provisions and a pair nf boots were
i  mile has  been  rolled,  top dressed and   violin   respectively. also taken  by  the  thlel     The  police
and re-rolled and this process will be have a ���- I clue lo the burglar, who
continued to the Port Coiiuitlam city      ronight the members of the  Pres-   (,as |  hovering In the neighborhood
limits.    When   completed   it   wlll  be  byterlan church, Port Coqultlam, meet for grmU) t|mP (,���,,]<    K. had a camp In
me of the best stretches of road In the |and  decide  whether  they   will   swap ,,,,,  bug(,   ,,,,*  ;hf.   smith   road,     rhe
man  accosted   Mr   Thompson  on  the
the  Dewdney   trunk'    a hlghli successful dance was held
Tt   Moody   and   Port ! |n   t|u>  Orange  ball.   Port   Moody,  on
Friday evening under the auspices ol  ting,   valued,  however.
ihe lawn tennis club. About 60 couplet   fer Its Intrinsic worth
���r the result  of the plebis-
tlieir present church site for one on
Wilson etreet, offered by the local
hotelkeeper.    The hotel  keeper  pro
What with the harbor Iraprovi
ments, the further
Un   fisheries and
Lades' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies Jnd Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust  Block.
Pres  end Cenl   Mgr. Vto-t-Pr-MldUt Beo. sstl Treas.
Fsr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones  No   7 and B77.
Ite at  Port. Coqultlam regarding the; poses to converi the hallowed ground
Into   the  site   for  n   temple   unto
heathen god -one Bacchus.
Bite of the proposed new depot then
the c, I1 ii. is evidently determine 1
in" to ere'*; the new Btatlon on the
present site. (Irani Hall, general manager of thi C. P. It western lines re-
cently made an Inspection nf the Coqultlam terminals and is reported to|household furnltur
have Bald that under no circumstances
would the company enlarge the preB-
-iit depol in Westminster Junction as
;t wns too nenr the yards and even at
pr - 'nl lhe accommodation was congested.
The Rexall
s the leading store in
city. Wo can save you
on vour next pair of
The ' -f ��� iitl "i " orkfl ol I n O'i 'it
S'ort'u .i railway near the N iri i road
��� .ui the Bumaby side, aro rapiol) np
pr i.*i ilnp i * ��� Importance . [ ."i In-
lusirtal rxhibSi Th unilerl ikli ol
*-..' many acres ol earth I I ���
glnnu i* i" show its magnltu I** and
"���. pie ;.* ������ making BUto tl IpB i very
sund iy to ni peel the .Mirks md mar
. el "i. th'   whs and when fore   Itesl
1 di nl i -n  'li ��� neighbor! I    (111    ling
��� the i'i';-   '' Ine (l.N.R  �� ill ��� stai
'Ish   i ii'*,, it  there ns well as   yurde
I Sapper m business men an  i mtl'leni
il .. ' unmi *' nl ImpetUB to their i ud
|of ih' ntj  Irom the proximity of Ihe
eastern suburb to the embryonic yarda
and 'nture possible habitations ol tlie
rklm    ,   e ilalton.
Hev   Father  Malllard has  returned
i fi  New   Westminster    after    s     five
weeks' vacation In the states    During
hli   abBence  he  visited   relatives   In
] New Vork, nnd also the ell ea ol  Qui *
! ralo. Bridgeport, Chicago and Seuttle,
all i.f which he spent  several days
I He *.'. sr particular!} Impress' d by th"
wonderful  Niagara  Fail;*.,    Whilst he
hnd   rend   mnny   descriptions  of  the
great   falls  Father  Malllard  declares
none of ihem are adequate to the real
icene    Another wonderful sight  was
the Chicago    stockyard:    This    v. as
Father    Malllard's    first   vacation  lu
ii ven years and although an exceedingly pleasant one, lhe reverend gen-
ileimtii expresfled himself pleaaed to
he back in New Westminster
Fn d Davis will sell by public auction absolutely without reserve lund i
Instructions from II. J. Hussell) the
and effects ai
812 Fourth avenue, on Wednesday,
August 27, al 2 p.m. sharp. Sale will '
Include ver; Une (rgan, dr ip hi id
Singi r bi wing machine, dining room
ii I.*. li il i, spi ngs and mattresses
* hilfonli r- an 1 dressers, range, heal ���
l. iohi ti utonslla, el ��� Even ihlnt
i iusl be Bold at anj i rice, S ilu 2
p.m.  sharp, i 1941!)
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
A ven ���* * * ful dance waa hi Id
"ii Thursday evening In the Burqultlam agrl' ul":: il ha      '��� hi .it 20 ��� ""','.���
attended    and exceeding!}   Sappert'-n   M,irl.et
Pleasant tlm fur    Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Marl-ot,   Phone   L883.
Palace   Market.  Columbia   St.,  Phonet
1200,   '.201,   1202.
Phone   1204.
music wi
I In 'i I'.. '"" * Shaw and Mrs.
C'ockcrlll, relieved by olher ludles,|
plaj ed Hi" piano to tha dancers An
��� *��� * li- nt I shl - ipper ������������its prov Id <l b}
ih'* ladle under the superi ��� n in ol
Mrs \V Walker and Mrs. Coi I I rill
Messrs, Bishop, Coekeriil, Ilasle nnd
Deakin fi rmed the organizing committee,
Columbian College
Commercial   Department
opens Sept. 9th.
A. E. Etherington,
Commercial Master.
Miss A. Loree,
Teacher in Stenography and
For further Information apply to
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C.,  Limited
Layers of Has.-am Compressed Concrete (Patented I
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Pa rli.
WKKKDAVH    5   and     f. 4,r,   a in
and every   15  mlnutea  until  fl
ii in    Half hourly Bervlce until
11   p.Ul.   wiih  lute  car  at midnight
Saturdays -15   minute eer
vice ih oontinued until  11 p m
SUNDAYS   6,   7.    7.80   8 nnd
8.110 and every ir, mlnutea until
il  i> in.  with laic ear at m d-
For Vancouver via
IIKCI'I.AH   HKKVII'i:    5.4B   and
6 45 a.in. ami Hourly until   IU  )i
in,,   with   lute  cur  nl   11 80
it in   um! 4 10 P in
BUNDA\ S   H a in   nml    hourly
until   1"   pm.   wuh   lain  car   at
1! 30
i'or Vancouver via
V lil'Kli US    7  a in   and every
In".i   nml   I I   l> ill
SI NliA) S    S  u in.    ami     every
Ini"   until   11   p in
Connection in made nt    Bb*
hour until ll p m
ii Mil oilier polntH mi l.ulu Island,
Eraser Valley Fine
stations   8 ir, u m . i 10 uii'i
r. if, p iii
POINTS -4 Mb pui
TAXES  1913.
I', in i
Grape '   per lh
lianai ai   per dozon
rani"1 il ne,  each
Peacln i, in i  ii,
Watern "Ion. i bi Ii
Municipality of Qurnaby. Plums	
Tax demanda for the currenl  year orangea  peril'.':.
having ail bean issued and us the re
batp period will expire on Auguat 25,1
owners who have not received theii
noticed win oblige by communlcatlns       (8ucctner to Ayling a\ swain.)
2 lbs  25c
,|' e   tn  60C
,8 lb��   :' ic
81 t* In 4*'K* j
wiih   the   underslgued   Immediately   147 Columbia Bt
giving full description of their prop 1 ������
W, n. GRIFFIN, Collector,
HMO, Edmonds
Phone 93.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401    Columbia   St.
BO IL t RS  ftlveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BO*    J I?
Tr-l.RPHONE   324
Reeve  Barth  ot Coqultlam lefl  for
Victoria on Baturday t" Interview the
attorne) general on municipal affair a.
'Among other matters, he will consult
I the Hon,  Mr   flowger on  the subject
of the appointment of justices of the
peace  In   the   municipality,    Two  of
ni,.  legal  officers are  required   '"
rnnne    cppr-rAfLFB   '"""Pl''t" the licensing  In.nnl, antl thl
GOODS.   ..PECTACLE8 . ,-,.,.m.1|1(,   ������,.,,.���   ���.,,���-,.,.���   ,���   ,���.   ,,���,,
��nd SEEDS. p)cted before Sept, 10 when the flrsl
l.-itin'ielllii'li   for
M lill'tdvill.'w
Drug: Store;
L.  D.  71;   Res.  1
estminster. B. C.
I adjudication.
Eirlicr Distribution to  Districts���Sun
day Collections  Earlier.
Postmaster MacDonald, of thia oltj
Is lakini! 1111 wiih the authorities two
matters for the Improvement of the
mall service, on which li" expects to
receive satisfactory decisions within
the iu'vi few days.
With reitiiril to Sunday collections
of mall, lm has requested permission
to alter the hour till the afternoon to
enable the postmen to gather tho
heavy budget of letters which usually
are written and posted on lhe first
day of the week, Al presenl the col-
lections are being made in ihe morn
full hotel  license al ,iiig und when they are taken Intnr In
ill   he submitted   fur'n*.. day, as tbey no doubi will be on
Mr, Mutiionaid's recommendation, the
Take advantage of the lltis'iicm  Man's Train    nnd    make    your
home at Crescent llench (Blackie Spit)  for the aummer months,
Train leavea 111 6:80 p.m. dally, on and after .lune lj, returning In
the  uiornliiK  in  time  for business.    Crescent    Ileach    affords    Ideal
eiiudltlons for summer homes, combining  lhe  best  of  balhltiK,   bunt
lriK at all staKos of the tldo together with fine bench.    Artesian v.ell
water to all residents.    Let us show you this properly.
F. J. HART & CO.,  LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employere*   Liability.   Automobile  and
Marine  Insurance.
Open  Evcnlngo Till  9 p.nt.;   Saturdays  11   p.m.
School Hoots for kiddies, from  $1.'2">
School Boots for Misses and Boya  L.45
The finest variety in the city.   See us before
We are out of the high rent district so can five
the best value.


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