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The New Westminster News Jul 28, 1913

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 * ���-.<-'.<. *?j^^^^^^^|
Newt Classified Ada.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   fill
large   or    small    wants   at    small
The Weather
New Westminster and the tower
mainland: Light to moderate vviudu.
j geuerally fair, and not much data****
1 In  temperature.
IN VA>' JUVER      mm �����c WITH ROUND TURN
Government Calls for Bids for $30,000
Southern  Colony's Gift to
Empire Arrives in Burrard Inlet.
Grim Looking Ship���Her Officers Will
Visit New Westminster on
Addition, Necessitated by increase    American State Department
in Businetf.
Goes Out After President Huerta.
Fifteen Thcuiand   Paid Out for  Witnesses and Jury���Copy of New
York Evidence Costs $000.
Administering justice in Brltlth Col
umbla comes heavy these days.    Tin
sum  of  $l.r,,G0O   was  handed   over  to
Chinese  Government   Docs
Not Feel Strong Enough
to Fight Rebels.
I One     Hundred     Thousand     Sensible
Women Gather���Militants on
the Job Too.
London, July 27.���The pilgrimage
to London of non-militant women
suffragettes  culminated   Kr.day   even
20,000 AT XAN1S8
Appalling Report of Wholesale   Killing   Received
at Paris.
Men Who Shot Immirration
jurors and  witnesses who  have been'American    Bluejackets    Landed���Sun   ing In  a monster gathering  at Hyde ; English and Americans Are Re-jorteet
on  duty  at  the  recent  assize  court,, l'ark, attended bv    fully oue hundred}
which  was  concluded  in  New   West-]      Y��* Sen Missing���Standard Oil       [thousand  women. |     Among Slain���Powers Powerless
Vancouver.  July  27.    Attended
two vessels of the C. P, R. fleet.
surrounded  by  Bcores of the  smaller
craft of "the harbor," the'blg"battleship  ��erkr department. Victoria
The announcement  was  made on]
Saturday   morning   that   tenders   are
now being Invited for tlie three story      ^_^^^_^^^^_^_^^^_^^__
uddltlon   to   the   laud   registry   office  Demands   Immediate   Punishment
In this cily, which, It Is expected, wlll
cost over $30,000.
The tenders will be received up to
noon of Tuesday, Aug. IH, and the
plans, speciricallons and contract
���forms can he seen at the orrice of S. j
A,   Fletcher,  government  agent,   New
Westminster; J. Mahony, government . Is.  inxcii. jr., tbe united Stales    Im-ltinn   with   the   murder  nf   Prr,vir,���ioi i ������,,-���  ���.,���������.. t. ok    - ,   , .        ,.   .   -     ^^^_ mmmmmmm^mmmmm^m^   ^^_^^^_^^_r--=-- ���^���
agent,   Vancouver, and at the  public  migration  Inspector who wus shot in ironstable Kindliest'    Upt to [he ttmi |to��?gn """'  '���~*- ��5'*���'"   "*       b"nd,..��,la>,il?" and  bannerB Of Ir?"1^ Printe1 ��������� ^e Plrls edition of
] minster on Thursday last,
The most expensive cases tried dur-
  jing  the  session   were  those  of   I'aul
Splntlum   and   Moses   I'aul,   the   two
Bl  Paso, Texas,    July  27.���Charles cariboo  Indians  charged   In  connec- |
Dixon,  jr..  tlie  l'nited  Stales    '"-
Company a Loser.
London,  July  2".--Dlspatches   to  a
Headed  by    banmrs    bearing    the
motto, "Reason, not force."  which  is
the  battle    cry    of    the    law-abiding |
National    Union    of Women SufTrag
societies,  the  petticoated    battalions,
in Balkan Deal.
Paris, July 27.���A telegram from Sa-
naval detachments have  dis-   ing, swept through the four principal  the  New   York  Herald  says  thut the.
New   Zealand,  the gift  or the  colony
ETho    1'rogrestive    association        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
under    the    southern  cross  to  Great  hoard of trade in particular have been | and  brought  to  El Paso at  1  o'clock ; had  spent  about  $50,000 on
Uritaln. Steamed  majestically through
the first narrows about 2 o'clock this ^^^^^      ^	
mnde to relieve Ihe congested condi- i release and tor the arrest ot the men
|Juarez Saturday  hy  Mexican soldiers.  0f   bringing   the   prisoners   and   wit- .armed  the Shanghai  rebels and  tliat  gates of the park and converged at a  Greek army occupied Xanthi on Salur-
and | was released from the Juarez hospital | nesses rrom  Clinton  the government i Chinese bluejackets are patrolling the central     ��� ���     ���
.   _. _   .   .. the  two ! borders to prevent looting.
afternoon, passed along the North
Vancouver shore, then crossed and
dropped anchor close In on this side
for u week's stay.
Thousands gathered along tlie water
front early In the afternoon to get
their   first   glimpse   of   the   big   sea-
point, where seventy speakers day night and that all the Inhabitants.
  ^^^^^^^ _.  v.-_-- ���   ��� ~ r- <����� jaddrtssed them    from    twenty    plat   including English and Americans, ane
endeavoring for some time to secure i trday afti r    American    Consul T.  II. , men and this ligure can be augmented j    According to a dispatch to the Daily  forniB. believed  to  have been  massacred  by
the improvements which  will now  he | Edwards had made a demand for his-by several additional    thousands    In-1 Telegraph from Shanghai, dated mid-:     At  the sound of a  bugle, a resolu- jthe  Bulgarians.    Seventy    roreig-ners
^^^^^^^^^^^^^    curred in New Westminster. inight Sunday, an  armistice has  been;tion    was     simultaneously      adopted  are said to have been put to death,
tlon in the present  office. j who shot  hlm. j    Although Jla/iOU was turned over to i announced to permit negotiations be-  amid    scenes    or      tumultuous      en-j    Twenty thousand Greeks and u;a-.iy
The plans, which were prepared by j   ,the   witnesses   and   Jurors   for   their i tween  leaders of  the  rebels and  the  thusiasm, begging parliament without  Mussulmans and Jews are reported tr��
Gardiner and   Mercer, of  New   West-: Varmlno Up. | work, some grumbling was heard from ��� government. lurther delay to give the women the  have nerished in the town, wblcb af-
m Ins ter, rail for a three storey slruc-���     Washington, July 'il.���Strong repre-j witnesses at being docked for the in-1    "lt now ls admitted generally," says  franchise. jterwards was pillaged by the retreat-
ture, with the whole front In stone and Isentatlons, the most drastic In phrase- tervenlng days occurring iu  the nu-jthe  Daily  Telegraph's  Pekin corres- j    The vaBt concourse of women is be- '"8. Bulgarians,
pressed  brick,  or  what  is  known  as  ology since the present  American ad-  merous  discharges    for    the  various | pondent,   "that   the   situation   cannot  lieved  to  constitute  a  record  In  any:    'N;o  confirmation    of    the reported
  "        ��� �� *     n-wi- _i          - ���   massacre has been received from an>
other sources.
: court house to Clarkson street
I    Tbe whole ground floor will be used
!by  the  provincial  police  department.
around the point of the narrows.
In color dark grey, almost black,
with low, squat funnels, two mastB,
half lattice work and ttie upper extension spindle, sitting well down In the
water without a trace ol rnklshness or
dash In her long, bare outline, she is
the very picture of ugliness, a grim
fierce ugliness that carries with It an
impression of immense power and capacity for destruction.
Certainly the New Zealand looks,
every Inch of her from stem to stern,
an engine of war.
Official  Welcome.
The olftelal welcome to Vancouver
was tendered by Mayor Baxter, his
secretary, 11 Bonner, It P. Woodward, a loriner New /.calender and a
well known Vancouver rugby enthusiast, and  Captain  Heed,    the    harbor ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mayor Baxter on behalf of the eity '
presented Captain Halsey or the New  Novw stated That pilot Board Pursue*
Zealand   with  an   Illuminated  address.:
together    with    floral    tributes  frnm
many   societies   and   public   bodies   of
Vancouver.      Secretary    Bonner,    by
whom the Itinerary of th" visit of the
British man-of-war had been arranged again went over the program with
Mexican federal soldiers who Bhotlpetit jury figures out bis loss as over
Charles B. Dixon, an American iinmi-. $1C0. He claims he had to hire a man
gration official at Juarez. Mexico, but;to do his farm work, especially heavy
It Is not very long since the present I the Immediate release of Charles Bis- ! at this time of the year when the hay-
lend registry office was built, at which
time it was expected it would be sufficient for some time to come, but the
rapidly increasing business lias necessitated the erection of a much larger
iand  commodious building.
Mr   Fletcher had  not   received  the
! specifications   on   Saturday,   but   ex-
| pects to have tbem today.
Herakles  Inquiry   in   Inefficient
sell and Bernard    McDonald,    mining i Ing crops must be harvested.    While
managers,   Imprisoned     by     federal he also figures as a loss in revenue
ni*Idlers at Chihuahua and said to be lhis own absence from home
threatened  with execution.
So serious were these ine dents re-
i-arded in official circles lhal thev
overshadowed   largely  the  policy diB-
two gunboats are due any moment at
Shanghai with reinforcements for the
Fighting Continues.
Ixindon, July 27.���The Balkan pear*
conference    Is    expected  to open  al
Sylvia's Stunts. jBuchareet next Wednesday. hiTlMlllll���I
London, July 27.���Sylvia Pankhurst, j serious fighting continues. Tin*-
the militant suffragette who was out Greeks refused Bulgaria's request for
on license under the cat and mouse!8 three dayB' truce and, after heavy
law,  was the leader of a suffragette i fighting, have scaled Kresna pas..
CUSSion whieh the visit of Ambassador Henrv Lane Wilson had brought
io a climax.
The    ambassador   liiniseir    was   so
Another Light on It.         ^_m -M   _#  ��� ���.,���,���B=ll���      , -, ���
Pekin,  July  27���Tbe report of the I demonstration today  which surpassed  feting a defeat on the Bulgarians at
capture of the Hu-Kow lorts by a joint! a!]  previous Sunday afternoon affairs  Slmkle, capturing three siege guns aa*
land   and  naval   attack  Kridsy   night jof the acrt     ln the rioting which fol- 'driving the Bulgarians back on Djuma.
is regarded    as    the most important   |owelj   M|g8 pankhurst was rearrested  The Greeks claim they have  aitnibi
news which reached Pekin today. The|am| taken to Hollow-ay jail. -lated the whole left of the Bulgarian
Yang Tse river now Is clear for    the|    .r-he meeting was held in Trafalgar a���!' and  that  they have  forced tbe
Tbe Macnamara case was more expensive to the defence than perhaps
to  the   crown,  although   the  expense
sheet of both will run into the thou-    ._.  	
sands.    Kor  a  copy  of  the  evidence!northerners  to  Nanking,  where  forts I Bquare  by  the  Men's Federation-tor  Bulgarians back along the Struma,
taken In New York before Macnamara I are held by the rebels. Women   suffrage   and   the   East' End I    Unless peace ls speedily negotiate*
was extradited, the sum of  $500 was I     The   southern   troops   on   the   Aien   branph or ,h���  women's    Social    and  another   great   battle   may   occur   at
asked,   while   the   expenses   of  Court | Asin-1'ukow  line  are  retiring   south- i pcm^al union Struma.
exercsed over the developments that .Stenographer    Langley.    whose work I ward  from  Hui-Ho, evidently fearing!    ..0n t0 I)owninK 8treeti" proved   to
he .1 ctated two strong telegrams. ����|gL*�� ^LT!LlJ?tol 100�� f��"09' w!U i ^���� ������,L5SB J* *e J��E����* Ue Vhe watch w�� d and
The   more  the  residents    of    New
to the embassy at Mexico City and
lhe other to the American consul at
Juarez, and while Secretary Bryan
slightly modified tlieir tone, they were
approved and  promptly  dispatched.
Ambassador Wilson declined lo discuss tiie affair, bul he probably will
explain his views on such happenings
when he meets President Wilson at
2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon for a
general explanation of affairs In
Studying  Report.
The nresldi nt had Ambassador Wil-
but for vigor-
Struma. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Powers Helpless.
The concert of the powers seems
Ithe Grand  canal  and  the  Yang .^lous work brthrmo^te^poUcerwlWi'.M powerless as before to adopt aa*
IIIL?*!!??^"9.^.-!!?!.���^!?^!? I wrested Miss Pankhurst and 20 men  united   action   against   Turkey.    Tbe
troops and cut their communications land    omm supporters.   lhere    wouW
It Is thought the dec sive combat of ��� h        b        wll^ow 8maghin(5 and ppr.
the  rebellion way  be fought at Naa-  topg  worse  damagfc  al  p,eraier   \a
Kmfe*   Hiuith's house
U.  S.  Eluejackets Land.
Shanghai,    July    27���The    United
States  cruiser  Rainbow's  bluejackets
who were landed  Saturday for a de-
Porte, however, has disavowed the action of his troops in penetrating aM
I Bulgaria, and no further advance of
Turkish troops has been reported. The
Turks claim their spoils at Adriaaopte
I    The procession of men and women I
inarched from White Chapel to Trafal- consif ted of 150 guns, 30,000 rifles aiirt
gar   square    followed   bv    constantly  WMMMQ  sacks  of  corn,
growing crowds lzzet Pasha, the Turkish command
....._........_........_........._.._,        ! "Dramatic"  Anoearance er-ln-chlef,   reports   that   Bulgtirinns
imonstration now arr��� surrounding the      m      Pankhurst   made   a   d^amatte '^murdered 200 Ottoman soldiers who
| foreign settltemcnt. The Rainbow was | 0 '*--������ "���  .-������  ������ .,._�����..
raptaLi llaiwiy. cuinpleti'ng tb-s sn����ll- IWui'iTullJKft' liyi��w'WtlWIil W��r p-Hot |��>'�� \"���� .fjf**    '.",  ,,)',n,.<1  ���t"^*;s; |
er details    ^^^^^^^^^^
On Monday and Tuesday Ihe war-
i hip will take on 1000 tons or coal from
D Welsh collier, which arrived bere
yesterday and no visitors win be ai-
lowed on hoard before Wednesday
On Wednesday the officers nnd crew
will he taken to Minoru  Park as lhe
guests of the race track people.    Friday tbe offleers will be the guests of
lhe  North   Vancouver city  and   municipal councils, journeying to the Capl-
Ihihi canyon.   Baturday tbey win visit  time h
New  Westminster and Praser Mills.
Royal  City Visit.
The visit or   the    New    Zealand's
off cers to  New   Wesiminster will    be
unique during their stay on the British Coluinbin coast.
Starting from Vancouver about 10
o'olock next Saturday morning by
special B, c S. it. car, the officers
will reach this illy, where, after n
ride along the principal streets, wnit-
ing automobiles will take them to tlte
Colony farm, where tliey will be the
guests of llr. O. K. Doherty. the medical superintendent From Mount Coiiuitlam Ihe party will proceed to
Kraser Mills, where they will have a
chance to liew tlie lumber operations
at the world's largest mill.
Tlie  committee  In charge  ot    the
nffalr have taken tlie matter up with
Colonel Ix. D, McRae, managing director,  and  Secretary   McCormack,   with |
the result thai exceptionally big sticks
Wlll  be secured for tbe occasion and
these   will   be  drawn   up   the   runway |
at  the time of the    visit   and    sent |
through the saws.
After  journeying  through   the
where   the    shingle,    veneering
other subsidiary plants will be ill full
party   will   board  "���-
hoard, the harder does the going bc-
ci -ni
It now developes, according to reliable authority, 'hat whatever finding)
the New Westminster pilot board make
In the matter or the Herakles. no action can possibly be taken against any
person for the simple reason that the
procei dings, as now being oerried on.
are in I legal. A pilot bringing a vessel Into |xirt Is directly responsible for
the safely of the vessel during tin-
Is In command,   others may
be Bl fault should the vessel run
aground, such as the engineer or his
assistants, but no charges can be
hrought against a pilot unless he Is
present at the inquiry and with possible legal assistance, is able to defend himself against any accusation1
which may be brought against hlm bv
witnesses. Another fact is that al1
witnesses musl be examined on Mth
which it is understood wns n������' done
by the local pilot bonrd last week although the oyster-like method ot their
Investigations will not allow the press
and therefore the public, to have, a
look In.
I'nlesB lhe pilot. Captain Carter, was
present at the three sittings or thl
board, one al Port Mann and the other
two lu the rlly, and unless the v it
nesses were pul under oath, no action
can be taken.
studied it carefully, and after an early
conference tomorrow with Mr. Bryan
will Ik' prepared to Inquire of the ambassador what remedies he would sug
lu  th"    meantime    the ambassador
would eve no inkling or the recommendation he had in mind beyond the
(Continued on  Page Eight.)
Jetty   Contract   Oefinitely {��%��* thr-ee tlm(,s aurl"E,l*le fi��hting
Settled and the Word Is
appearance from    among    the   crow
!d  had been taken prisoners near K'zily
<^^^^^^^^^��� .and .was dragged to the plinth of fhe  Eniaie' while an admission of Turktsfc
rriday. , ..      >i���. ~nln*mi, Knifl rrpii rhwilnii     imMsocrtei uf ArmsttsM tt Ma-hgsni
The whereabouts of Dr Sun Yat Sen,lN6!��� ���.���",��.,nl;J���!!,���  iV !,"!,
'one of the leaders cf the revolt, is un-
i known.
The Standard Oil company's house-
1 boat   was   conuni'".deered   near   Stow
Local  Member Receives  Letter  From
Minister���Government   Will   Keep
Up  Money  Cu*-->ly.
...           ,,    ,     , ..     ���, _���,     ���  ,, '"jidefv the authorities and carry resolu
(how.    Much 'r the money on board1., _;_ ._ .,,_  , ... tA*  u	
was taken.    Afterwards the boat wa:
The   lime   tor   speaking   is   over." ���*?** Rodesto come-s In a report.from
she said.    "Deeds,    not     words,    are  ConsU-itlnople that a number of Mos-
wanted. Let us go to Downing street."  1,'m,s  hav��-  hPen  sentenced   to   death
She concluded bv saving she would  or V" *���V lerm�� oI imprisonment for
��� implication m the massacre.
Admiral   Is   Careful.
Washington, July 87.���Officials here
-iberal   Picnickers   Score    Provincial
Government���Mrs.  R.  Smith  on
Women's   Suffrage.
Speakers at the North Vancouver
mil Richmond Liberal picnic at Centrnl Park on Saturday afternoon were
all strong in their belief that the government of this province was doing
wrong In allowing big Interests to take
iver lnrj'e tracts of land, as il was
claimed it was doing, and all thought
hat ir ibis land were given lo Bmaller |un"dertake8 to furnish the
Leave Teller With All Hands
Feeling  Fine.
operation,   the   ,     	
Senator Jansen tor a trip down river,   8tefan���on   and   H|     Mcn   g      Q
passing   New   Westminster  and   stopping off at  one of the canneries    at
Arrangements have been made with
ine or tlie canneries to have tbe
party  shown  the different operations
by which King Sockeye Is made Into Teller, Port Clarence Alaska Julv
canned goods, after which a speclul JO, Vllhjalmar Stefansson corn-
car will bo boarded at Steveston ror Inlander of the Canadian Arctic ex-
the journey to Vancouver. pedition   ^^^^^^ '--��� *	
A burtet luncheon will bc served on  Nome on tho steamer Corwln, nccom
Ihe  steamer during    the    trip    fromlpanled    hv    Oceanograplier
Kraser Mills to Steveston. Topographer     Wilk'ns     and
The suggestion of such a visit was I All, n,  the    dog    team    expert,    who
made  to  Captain   liaise, of  the  New1" '���'   -
Zealand, win n the warship docked at
Victoria  last    week,    and    the
mander    heartily    fell    ln
a meeting of the different public
bodies will be held In the board of
trade rooms tills afternoon, when
final arrangements will be perfected
lo entertain the visitors.
vlth    the
Still Plenty.
Hnrrishurg, l'a.. July 20.���lovm-nor
Tener approved today the bill reducing thc working hours of women from
60 to M a week when more thnn 10
hours a day. No woman less than 21
years cf age Is permitted to work In a
manufacturing establishment all nlgbt.
told ers, ranchers and farmers, It
would be better, f.ir In this way settlers would he encouraged and at the
qame time more wonld be raised, thus
: bv(atlng the present necessity of Importing farm  produce.
The outing was very well attended
������nd In rli between f>00 and Odd Liberals fri'm New Westmilisti r. Itich-
inond, North Vancouver and Vancouver were present
The sneakers Included M A. Macdonald, Ralph Smith. John Oliver nnd
by no means least of all. Mrs Ralph
Smith, who appealed to the audience
on behalf of woman suffrage.
Opposition   Needed.
Rnlnh Smith spoke on the mutual
benefit to the government and people
I of having a ptrong nnd active op"1*"''
arrived here yesterday from W��**��** ���*���** floor ��< fh" house. With
the forces evenly divided belter measures were bound to be passed and matters more thoroughly gone into than
if opposition were so feeble tbat business could be hurried through Without serious di'cusslon. Men like John
Oliver,  he raid,  were  needed  in  any
Oder addresses followed along { Is
line, scnie dealing with general tni,top
V'-t.h In nrovlnrhl and federal polit'"s.
The :i'-'i'eiu-e- was an enthusiastic one
nnd cheers and applause were fre-
Women's   Suffrage.
Mr**--. Rnlnh Smith, in advocating
women's suffrage, solicited the svm-
nathles of men voters and  told Ihem
Iinmedlb.e v.or'i will be started
again on lhe jetties at the moutb of
lhe Praser and before the fall weather
sins In it iB expected that conditions
Will b*' such as to allow the government to call for tenders for another
Saturday morning Colonel J. D.
Taylor, M P., was In receipt of a letter from the minister of public works
to the effect that Broley and Martin
v.* re the successful , tenderers and
that Instructions had hi en given tu
have the work started without delay.
The letter con firms The News report
ot last week thut Broley and Martin
were successful  In  Iheir bid.
Ci ming at a time when the spring
freshets are about over, there will belittle to hinder the contractors rrom
rushing the work to completion,
while tlie government, (n its part,
money  for
ions  to the  premier's  residence her-
s .If.    In  an  instant   Miss  Pankhurst.
with a bundle* ef papers  In  her arm.
was swept off the plinth  by  the mob
and the square was a mass ol excited
anorove   the  course  of Henr"'Admiral !anj| struggling peo;.Ie.
Nicholson,  commander of the  Asiatic I     P" huge crowd moved down White-
fleet, who refused to send a guard  of   ha"   'o��'ard   Downing  streel.     A   pla-
martnea  to Kullne.  the central  China I l��on of police formed a cordon across
summer resort, where Americans have|tn,e "Mid- aided    by    a    blockade    of I
been apprehensive because of the dls-   wheeled conveyances.  Mounted police   y!cr,ig.n
orders in the republic. 'hen , ���'"*���*'  '"lo   <h�� crowd,   scattering :
The request  for marines was made!"-  while on leers in  plain  clothes got I
            -  ������       ���        ������ in-.��o..ir���   of   Miss   Pankhurst    after
bv'cha'rge"wilil's'on""of"t'he AmericanIPossession   of   Miss   Pankhurst    after
legation at Pekin. In transmitting the J   Hst   fight   with   her   body   guard   of
- ���      ������        , I Post     K^nil     villit rtc
Kas;  End youths.
request  to Admiral  Nicholson^ Acting I
Secretarv    Roosevelt    authorised  the      -Miss    Pankhurst     ^^^
commander of the American squadron   Holloway jail to serve the remainder
to use his discretion in the matter. Asi?f her sentence or  to stay
Killing   is   en   elevated   ground,   it   is j'3   a?ai
was    driven    to
until  she |
Mine    Owners    Will    Cimr
Men Chance to Return to Werfcr
Thio  Mcrnlng. J 2
Calumet. Mich.. July f7.WhtstIaa -will
blow and cai! back to the copper raiiH**-
the prosecution ef the I.e Huron plan
to its coinijlet.cn us fast as each unit
is finished and work can be started
on the next.
said to be in no immediate danger ex-
c��nt from stragglers. The gunboat
Helena, tiie American vessel nearest
Killing, it nt Kiu-Kiang. in the
Vang Tse river and officials here point
out that If Admiral Nicholson sent
any of her complement of marines to
Killing the vessel might become an
easy pray of the warring factions.
se-llieiiee   ui     lu   iiirtj     ...in.    duv i
n released  through a hunger I tomorrow morning those employees ��*
'the companies who are willing to wow:'
strike    ^^^^^^^^^^
Several  policemen   wcre
jtired bv kicks and blows.
brought with hlm tlie rnmalndi r of
the f.O deus purchased by him at
Nome. The dogs were loaded en tile
whaler Karluk. Stefansson visited the
Karluk, the power schooner Mary 10.
Sachs nnd lhe power heal Alaska. The
vi a'.lu r Is tine and the expeditb n S2U
out wltll everybody in high spirits.
Shuts Off Gas Ba"S.
Seattle. July 27.���On the complaint
of business men that street orators
were injuring their various businesses
by declaiming from soau boxes on
Fourth avenue und Wcsllake, between
Pike and Pino streets. Judge John E
Humphries yesterday granted an order
r'Straining the orators, all and singular, together with John Doe, Richard
Doe and Jane Doe, from further efforts along the usual lines.
Gathering   in   1914   Will   Be   Held
New Westminster���Closing 1913
Session  at  Victoria.
O. R. Dinpwall Dead.
Winnipeg, July 27.   li. li. Dingwall
one of the most prominent and Inf'u-
I'Utlal business men of Winnipeg, died
Sieakers  at  Big  Conservative   Picnic
Stale that Gift of Three Dread-
noushts Is Merely Delayed.
Over 700 New Wi stmlnster and
Vancouver Conservatives attended the
annual picnic on    Saturday,   leaving
Vancouver at 9:46 a.m. aud arriving
at Salt Spring island, where the outing was held, before mid-day,
After lunch at Ganges harbor the
picnickers proceeded to tbe lair
grounds Of the local agricultural
Society, where tlle speaking took
place, speeches bc.ng delivered by It.
\vko. chalrinar ^^^^^^^^^^
central executive, who acted as chairman cf the gather;   Hon.  W. J. Bowser, II. II, Stevens, M.P., Premier Sir
Richard MoBrlde, Hon. a. B. McPiiU-
Ms morning at bis residence, after a I ^nt a womun wllh the franchise would
long illness. Mr. Dingwall was presl
dept nnd founder of the D, U. Ding
wall, Limited, and wnn Intimately ub
moisted with many riiianclal.nnd com
merelal enterprises during his west
ern career, llern at Halkirk, Cnlth
ness, Scotland, Jan. 11. 1X51, lie ml
grated to Cannda.
venture    wub    at
Well   Known  Irishman  Gene.
Boston. July tt.- John O'Callaghan
secretary Of the Unit, d Irish league of 	
Tr':? :Tjli Zl AS 3Er|��i> after a while to Montreal. Thirty in,
���,  illness of two days     He was 48 | years ago lie came west and founded
I whence he later moved to Lancaster
be not one whit less womanly than
without It. She did not agree with
those who claimed that equal rlchts
would make women masculine. When
n mnn took his wife he swore to be
a partner to her and what would be a
more complete fuirillmetit o! the vow
Ills rirst business  than allowing her a  share with  hlm
Port Hope, Out., jin the government of the oounjrv?
Col. Ponsford's Family Scouring Country for Escaped Stony Mountain
Winnipeg, July 27.���During a heavy
electrical storm yesterday afternoon,
Sidney Miles, alias Jewell; Hans 1 ol-
.irs old.
'the present Winnipeg liouse.
Between   the   speeches   the   Welsh
of  Vancouver,  consisting of 40
voices,  sang,  and  In   the  evening  a
dance was held.
Pyke-'. chairman of the Vancouver | eon," alias Peterson, and Pred c. n . ���-���
kins, serving five, seven and twenty
yeai-B respectively, escaped from the
Stony  Mountain    penitentiary.    Miles
..  .and Poison are stiil at large, but llaw-
llps,   Hon.  J.  D.   Ilanen,  iiiinistcr^ ofluln3 exj��rlenced only half an hour of
freedom, being captured within half a
mile of tho reserve.
,    The convicts were repairing the roof
... ���   ��� ,     _���       of Col, Ponsford's house on lhe prison
to the gathering by R. S. Pyke. When i r08erv(, when the e6Capc wiib made.
he left Ottawa, he said, ten days ago, I Kvprv guard that can be spared is
nt the 1-eque-St of the prime minister, scouring the country, while Col, Pons-
he did not know he would have the ford, accompanied by his two daugh-
grent pleasure   of   seeing   so   many ��� ters. has Joined in tho search in auto
marine and fisheries, and P. H. Sheppard, M.P., iii the order named.
Hon. J. D.  Haren.
Hon.  J.   D.   Hazen   wus   introduced
New Westminster wlll be the place
of meeting for the next convention ol
the Christian Endeavor societies ot
British Columbia, which takes place in
1M14. Local delegates to the convention at Victoria succeeded in bringing
the big gathering here and societies
of this City are delighted with the result of their efforts.
At the last formal session iu Victoria cr. Saturday officers were elect-
:d nr follows:
President, J. S. Rankin, Vancouver;
���ecrctnry,   R.   W,  WUlls  Lane.  New
Westminster;  treasurer,    Miss    Chin
Vancouver; first vice-president, W, J.
Short, Victoria; second vlcc-nresldent I
P. A. Cleland, Ohllllwaclt; thind vice-1
president Mr. Brown, New Westmin
ster;  Intermediate superintendent, W.
11.  Hogg,  Vancouver;  junior superintendent.  Miss  Macketirie, Vancouver:
assistant  junior  superintendent,  Mis--*--
Prahces Reed, Victoria: pastoral tni"
tecs.   Rev.   H.   A.   Carson,     lie-.-,     Dr
Scott, of Victoria, Rev. A. K. McLennan of Nanalmo, Rev. M. Gordon Mel-
'���In, Rev. Dr. Perry, of Vancouver, and
Rev. W. Moss, of Vancouver.
e before hlm that after-
friends ub we       	
In regnrd to the navy question
(Continued on Page Four.)
mobiles    Kven Col. Ponsford's IE year
old son haB saddled bis pony and join-
Traced But Nct Caught.
St. Paul, July 27 ���The three mon
wha last night attempted to hold up
the eastbound North Coast Limited on
the Northern i'acific, near Momestend,
Mont., had been traced to Butte, tonight bv a sheriff's posse, according
to W. J.  McFetrldge,    chief    special
ed" In""the'endeavor "to iocate the jail iagent of the Northern Pacific. Noth-
breakers. lng waB secured by the bandits.
.! If the operators carry out the -*-ish<>-�� -
lor tlie state military aut ban thro. �������
| control. Decision to attempt a sett-
era! resumption or work iri? nvtclmej
lat a conrerence between coSBBBByT-fiflP
I rosentatives, Shcrlfr Daniel Cruue*- and
[General P. L. Abbey, today, officMB
I pointing out to the operators lhat ui*U��*
the entire organized militia /riai-dcsK
ih" Houghton company miuesT, MbsHv
requests for protection had beeu emut-
plied with and that the statu maid
not aftord to have the companies p!a>
a waiting game In an attempt to Etarve
out the union men.
While this conrerence was 111 session, union leaders wpre addrewdap-
a mass meeting of several thotmundl
men. women and ohildren urging Umi
men to rtand fast. The meeting attempt-
ed B protest against the lAUSUUUB o*
the troopa, In a communication aH-
Iressed to tlovernor Perris:
Sunday was a day of demonstrations by the military as well as tin*
unions. While thc men and their families wero marching through th��>
streets, a full battalion of iurfajitry was
marching through I.aurium, (ividiri^.
into companies to traverse side- atreart-K
ind uniting in full strength �� a.
'���e-iched the principal thoroughfare-.
Th; crowds were apathetic and de-
r.onitritlcns wcrd lacking.
Men and Women.
Vost of the cheering came from th����
���inks of the marching miners w!n> fol-
owid tiie American flag and stepped
'-' the cadence   of   a    miners' ttwad.
Vfany of the men wore accotnpanted
���y Iheir wives and some of the lafter
lushed go-carts which sometimes eon-
���'���nel two or three children.   In vni-
"s'.ns the address to Governor Fer-
-ls, which again invited the state est-
��� cut lve to make a personal inspection
^f the district, Guy  E.  Miller, or tihet-
Vi stern   Federation   execntlve   bnd..
wished  the governor could  become n
rammer for one day. "One hour vrtraid
be enough." called one of tho imrh-
men  and  the crowd  cheered.
"1 fear the governor has made a -ratal mistake in turning his ear totranf
he corporations, instead of to the totJ-
ers," said Miller. "If that ia so, history will put hlm alongside IVahody
of Colorado."
It was acknowledged by the oprrm-
tors that they would fuce a ilifi'ii.'K
problem in getting even the moat *a*al
of their employees back.
MONDAY,  JULY  28,   1913.
��� S *
S'.and  on  Question���Want3
Asiatics   Excluded
Labor Saving  Device*;���Milking
Ey   Electricity.
An independent morning paper devoted to the inter-sts of New Westminster and
the Pf-ossr Vntleu.    Published every morning ereept Suiiduij by the Sational Printing '���
*nd Publishing Company, Limited, at 63  llcKeneie Street, Sew  West-minster, liritish
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director,        j h, S. Clements, M. P., Takes Decided   Charles   Evans   of  Sardis  Believes   In
AU i-nmmuniriitinns should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not \
to individual members of thc staff. Cheques, drafts, and monev orders should be made )
pat/able to The National J'Hntino* und  Publishing Company,  Limited.
TSLSPBONSB���Business Office und Mannger, 830, SditoHal Rooms (all depart- !
mentt), ��9l.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���Bp carrier, ft per pear, Jl lor three months, 40a per
month.    Bu mail, lit per j/sar, iie per month. Victoria,   July   21- -H.   B.   Clements,!
ADVBRT1B1NQ RATBB on application. I j-j   |.,  *s taking up a strong attitude
��� -  ��� upon   lh ���  question  of  Asiatic  fishing
MONDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1913. n   British   Columbia,   and   intends   to
take up the iiuestie.i of the deslrabll-
ty, In the interest  of the white pop-
ter,"  he  suid,
'and  if  I   cannot  have
There is a touch of irony in the arrival of the battleship ���, f
New Zealand on the Pacific coast of Canada, the dominion '"��� *, waat total exclusion in i
beyond the teas that refused to contribute to the imperial
The southern cross colony, which presented this big
fighter to the motherland and after which thc battleship
i   named, may be permitted a passing feeling of pride at
her ability to give her big sister in the imperial family an sent i * > m- <��������������� ��� > ������<���������
ocular demonstration of practical patriotism. New Zealand, as a country, is considerably smaller than Canada and
her natural wealth cannot compare with this great dominion, but in a proper comprehension of the meaning of
helping to carry the imperial load of defence she has led
the way along which Canada, so far, has failed to follow.
At a time like this when the Pacific coast is doing its
best to show how much it admires New Zealand for her
loyalty, talking politics is not in good taste, but the man
The hatching of chickens hy steam
and the milking cf cows by electricity
are ni"ilern methods of farming which   essnry
our  fathers    in   their  boyhood    days
n. v< r dreamed of.    Both methods are
becoming so common  to the average
country  boy  that  be  wonders  ut  Ills
,     ,     r. o olty cousin for any excitement of curiosity at  these modern  processes of '-
production, and he marvels   also  to ,
know how they were able to manage j
so long rs they did without these labor-saving machines.
One  of the  large  farmers of  this I
It, 1 want the next thing to lt, and that | valley, who is keeping well abreast | schools
Illation of the province, of having the
granting of licenses to Asiatics stop-,
Is the stopping of the Issuance of fur-] of the times in modern  methods    of
ther licenses to Asiatics for fishing farming is Charles Evans, of the
In Hie province. And for that matter. Kvans road, in the Sardis dlBtrlCt. Mr.
I Intend to urge thai the department Evans hus inn acres of ns fertile land
should Investigate the licenses at pre
Rule, They Ara Wage Earners
Evan Though Marriad,
There Is nn outstanding poiut of dlf
ferenca between the activities of vn>
men in Denmark und lu other countries. In Denmark tbe sole aim la
economic independence (or women
throughout lhelr lives.
Thus In Copenhagen more thou 1,000
married women work us clerks In offices. By fur tbo majority of actresses
are married. In order to enter the
school of the corps de ballet It Is nec-
to bc of good family. Tue
greater pnrt of the husbands of bullet
(lancers are In high positions.
Three hundred nnd lifly to four hun
dred of the teachers In the free schools
In Copenhagen tire married. Tliey receive exactly the snme salary ns thu
men teachers���Hint Is. ��HI yearly. A
head teacher, mun or woman, com-
| nu'iices wllh ftt',0 and rises '," C208.
In the gymnasiums and secondary
many   of   the   professors   are
in n greal  many cases they are being
held   ami    operated    Illegitimately
thai is t . aay they nre being operated
in the names of white people.
"N iw the fishing industry in the
province of liritish Columbia is one
of the greatest assets the country has.
As such it affords nn opportunity for
white labor which Is not surpassed by
nnv ether Industry, and I think it is
unfair that it should he exploited by
the Asiatic to Hi
' white populatl 'ii
, . ,   i-   -i . * i        e that  Asiatics should  monopolize    the
on the street cannot fail to contrast tne attitude of this fishing, but to my way of thinking,!
country, as expressed bv the Canadian senate, with the j' -a ���'��� ���'���'''��� '-���1 worse   ,lr"   the*y
������,,���,.���  -(        e , i i ',, i ,      ,, hould  he doing so under ialse pro-
generOSlty Ot the Colony "down Under. tences, as I am advised  they are in
  a great many ciifck.
"!' is my intention to bring this
matter before the minister of murine
'mil fisheries, and to ask hlm to have
it thoroughly investigated. 1 do nol
not know whnt the government's attitude may he in regard to this matter,
bul 1 aproach it ''rom the point of
view of member of parliament for (Viand in thai oapae'tv my
contention stands thai the exploitation
���t the tishlnsr Industry bv tlie Asiatic
element should not, be allowed to go
nn, but should be, at nil events cur-
ttiled us fnr im possible consistent
with international rights,
"Apart from this and some minor,
questions the fishing industry of the
. * i ."j rf ttie province which I havel
Hie honor to represent is in a snlen-
rliil condition. The catches well un
ti. tiie average end the returns are on
a par with Ihe hert."
People will learn not to leave firearms about for children to get hold of about the same time as the man who
rocks the boat and the long hatpin girl become extinct.
Henry Lane Wilson, U. S. ambassador to Mexico,
doesn't   seem to be popular around Washington since he '">;
took to criticizing his namesake who holds down the job at
the head of the table in the cabinet chamber.
The Chinese once more are enjoying themselves in
their own swell way, which charming practice consists in
.seeing just how many can be chopped off in a given time.
There's one theatre in Europe that isn't looking for
Some of the alleged comic papers are considering ex-;
eluding the mother-in-law joke, not out of sympathy for
vour wife's mother, but because subscribers are kicking at
paying for humor that was old when the first wedding
was celebrated.
Lord Kitchener may be tho only man for the job in
Kgypt and he surely has a good sized reputation as a fighter, but his cavalier way of ignoring his superiors in London is neither gentlemanly nor a good example to the officers under him from whom he expects much.
Assistant   Dtputy     Archibald     Makes
Slanderous  Attack  When   Rev.
Morrow Intercedes
A St.. .lohn woman who diftu recently made sure that
her sorrowing spouse wouldn't find a second life partner
v. buttton up the back; at least, if he does, he won't buy
the dresses with his first wife's money. He may have it
as long as he remains single. Talk about jealousy reaching beyond the grave.
���patronage.   Belgium, which makes a first class theatre of
ivar when the big nations go for each other and which has
been used before foi- tlie purpose, is quietlv preparing forj
any such trouble byjiaving things ready for the removal Z^u^'cl^ ^ ZilTotZ'-
rnther  s* e  n  nine,  go to  prison  than
lc allowed  to leave  tlie courl  in  the
company of a minister of the gospel,
i ���   amazing   statement   made   h>
Assistant Deputy Archibald. Rev. J,
l'. Morrow was tlie gentleman attack-
��� d hy the court official and it is quite
within the range of possibility that a
-omplaint will he mnde to the commissioners  regarding  his  conduct.
The "Athletic Parson" is one ofl
tli.. very few clergymen who go into I
the police court, in liis attempt to res
as this valley can boasl of. He ls
carrying en lhis iand a herd of sn
cows, besides a proportionate Btock
of horses and young cuttle. Ile is
raising the fodder and feeds with
which to sustain this large stock upon
tl.is ranch end is demonstrating to
his neighbors that he can make (500
an acre land In Chilliwack pay a
good dividend by dairying. Mr. Kvans
iu liis dairy practice ships his product
direct tn the consumer in Vancouver.
His daily shipment in the flush sea-
detrlni'nt of the son of milk Is in th" thousands of
it is had enough pounds, .lune month finding as high
as 2,liiu pounds of whole milk going
away from his farm to feed th" babies
cf Hi" coast city, it is grio.l milk, too
of th" high per cent, and milked and
shipped in the most sanitary and approved manner. He gets a ready sale
for all !..��� can produce. I: Is needless
t.> say ihai Mr. Evans' milk cheque
reaches monthly in the four figures.
Mr. Evans in his dairy practice believes in substituting labor-saving
machinery for hand labor wherever
practicable. This year h" has had installed a milking machine of the
Sharpless manufacture and with it a"d
tiie help of two men can perform the
work cf milking in iris tin'" than it
required six nun to do it It is done
more .'-ciiitary. too, under ihe new process, tiie vessels used being all closed
in. Eleotrlclty In this case Is used for
the motive power and four milkinc
machines extract the lacteal fluid
from til" cow. One man Is k"��t on
"i" jump in washing the udders of
t'n. cows nnd connecting the milking
tubes tn the points of extraction. Two
men follow behind and perform the
stripping a process which is nut altogether trusted to th" machlnH,
The dairy plant of this enterprising
farmer is modern and up-to-date. The
stable is clesn. white-washed, light
and well ventilated. Long rows of
���-lick, well-fed. nervous, grade dairy
cows show the result of good usage
in their contentment of happy end
chewing. Not a fly is permitted to
"���"opt on thrse pets, the habit of swatting by th" cows being substituted hy
snrcy. which is obnoxious to Hie in-
.*.*ri Mr Evans believes that Hi" energy i" cil hv the c"w In tad swinging ,,,   ... ..- i'. . tuv can be belter " i< .1
...   t'le   ;,- *.:i'**licil,oCl'lilk       I.Ill) "I-���HV-
inn machluery in the carriage of litter
from ihe barns 1" 'he vards w-"*. :>!*'���
" -Heed along w'th other up-to-date
labor-saving devices.
That   be
of parliament from Brussels to Antwerp, where the walls ees and tor years he has done Bpiend
: Id  work In this way.    .lust as he left
Hie court  Mr. Archibald made his at -
' icl*.
.are higher and the guns more numerous.
On tills date In lTr,-s the flag of England floated over Louisburg and  the
illanl   Wolfe    whose batterh n    h id
* )   demolished the    rap.-    Breton
ighold wrote to his mother in    a
remarkable vein of prophecy:  "North
tmerl :a  ��ill  some  time  hence  be a
...-' empire   the seal of power   and
i   ������ *.::,*-     'i hi re '��������� 111  grow  a   people
ul    f oui little spol England that will  ,,,*,,] i... Governor iiougl
rit'iries. Early in .lune, 1859, Oeneral
Harney sent United Stales soldiers to
San .lunn to "protect the American
settlers" On the 'i'\h ot the month
Governor Douglas also sent troops.
Th" joint occupation promised serious
trouble, but Hi" British Columbia executive although le- had a naval force
ai hand, exercised great moderation,
and :i few months later General li,*i
ney ��;.s superceded by the more p
fh   lien   Winfleld  Scott, win.  made
conciliatory overtures, which were aces.    A  I'lil-
'   il niy truce
>;        i   until
bla   \ ist   space  and   dlvldi    lb
; irtl  .   .*!   th.-  ci..!..*   ��Ith   the
Span ird   wl ���  is  possessed    ol    the  t;���,���.,*..,���.  ns orbltrator,  award
half     li  is my humble opinion  ,...,.  ��� , ,.,,. united Smi.s
i   ench aame ��� ay i.
���- patch) *i up and con-
1873,  when  the German
t>...* '. ��� I ri : * li aame maj bn root. .1
oul f our ��� '���"���run,, nl w 111 folli w lh *
t thej  have gt\ en and pri secu ���
lhi    var ��itli the vigor It  requ
....    :��� ;,t  Hi" :.*on      rown I   ������
grassy   mi *w ds  of  the   i .<��� . ' . g  of
: idaj ;' Is diffli nil lo reallzi       >*��� Im
portent   the    ' Impri gnabb       fort: .*: s
<*nc.   *.'..is     Whl ::  Al ill   ��� -'  ate!   Wolfe
appeared   hefore   Louisburg   in   ���'": i,
1868, Hu- French under Droucour abandoned their   outposts    and
Anthony Burns, for many yenr... the
,. ��� ��� i nlster i * the negro Baptists
[Canada ���::��� .1 ul Sl Catherines, Onl
t ft) ..ne >������ ars ago today, Burns, horn
���i slave in Virginia, escaped from the
routli and reached Boston, where he
. ���:��� arrei ted under t'i-' fugilive slave
< iw Wendell Phillips, Theodore Parker, nnd other abolitionists, held a
protest meeting In 1'ain nil hall, atid
retired Thomas w. Hlgginson headed a par
"N'n civilian should he allowed to
appear on behalf of a prisoner in court
tiie way .1. D. Morrow Is doing. 1
would sooner see the prisoner in jail
than handed over to that man's care,"
he declared.
A Sample Case
A sample of the cases in which Mr.
Morrow took part is thai of Joseph
Clarke, who appeared charged wuh
assaulting liis father. Both parent
nnd sen were Intoxicated and bad
ei'i.e  t i  blows.
"lie's a good hoy," pleaded Hie
tni ther In courl
"1 thoughl h" would he" was Magistrate  Ellis'  kin.llv comment
The   lolnl   a    " SlS Of  the   mother nll'l
!*.*.    Mr   Moi*.   w sufficed to Ullill tho
ling  map hla llbi rt\
Gorman Gleanings.
Thut Instruction in domestic science
hu made compulsory for girls' npIwoih
Im urged lu a petition signed by a large
dumber of women in Berlin.
The German nruty comprises a totnl
of lIfiS.II 12 men Uf the 'il.U'M officer*
413 me generals, li!).") colonels nnd
li.'iiM i.lhcei-s i.f Iiie hospital corps.
There are !i.'ll,(W4 privates.
Berlin bus Just opened ll new hotel
with ii roof garden restaurant, the lirst
of Its kind in Germany. It will i-oin-
mand a splendid view on summer
nights of lhe fatuous Berlin r.oo Miid
ibe brilliantly illufninntwl environment. The ti'ilel represents un investment of SU.:**i mm.
���within Hie fortress.    From the eighth  ty  which   made  an   unsuccessful    nt ���
���of June until Ihe 26th of .Inly lh,
defenders gallantly answered the terrific hammering of the English guns
On the latter dale the last of the
French guns fired its final shot, and
the shattered works Stood open to assault. Drucour souglii t.i make terms,
but Amherst offered nothing bul "unconditional surrender." Tli" English
occupation commence.1 en the 27th,
and on Hie following day the English
banner was hoisted over Cape Breton.
tempt to rescue the negro. Burns was
returned lo his owner, but a subscription was raised m Boston to purchase
Irs freedom, and the ex-slave, nfter
studying theology, came to this country to begin his ministry, and remained in Canada until his death.
Today is th"   ennlveraarj      I    the
���birth of l'n ,  '.Viiiiiini iii.iin Anderson,
-educator,    1-77.    Dr     Vlexander    l.
BlacUwrcd   f,-i-". ns Biirgenn, Hunting
don  county, Quebec,  1862 :
Kev. Hr. Robert F. Coyle, Presbyterian clergyman at Roseneath, Ont.,
Toronto, .luly 2~. Lizzie White, a
It fa girl, charged with frequenting
!!"��� Macedonian quarters in tho easl
end, caused a sensation in the lower
... r dor < ! 'he <*;t* hull, en her way
t ic v.* n.' n'r. court to the city
ii ill .eiis here,
When even with the revolving doors
In -he en: I wing, ground floor, the girl
��� i. ��� il   Miss   Mlnty,  the  woman  c >n-
Sunday I  '��� ������ wh i had hold of tier, nnd threw
Governor DougiaB of British Colum-jhor flat on her back.   The girl wres-
tila,  sent   troops  I"  Sim  .lean   Island  tied herself tree nf lhe policemen who
fifty-four yiars ago todav.    and    thc  seized her, and ran for t'i" door. Con-
question of tin- ow m rah :        the III      ' tl���'������ Davj   Dunn cl u   tl and caughl
tie island reached a crlticn      age  The  her,  anil   hi .     ved  i f  thi
Oregon  ' only of 1MB did ver way.    Ill lathin
tho pul' i at i.. te,   ml I Brl    their II
tain  and  the  I'niti d  I li elghti tussle I
the      lm *:   '*'���
linportance   on   .* ��� tumbled  1
Coliiuil-*"1  ..- ' .. '        '!:.:���
The advertiser who expects
t" build a successful business
OUl of occasional advertising
deceives himself.
To be effective you must advertise constantly, Mr. Manufacturer or Mr. Retailer.
A bank recently decided io
do some advertising. Half a
dozen advertisements were
written and placed. The result was Insignificant, and tho
advertising was stopped.
Another hank watched the,
experiment. Then it started
to advertise.
But It didn't slop when six
advertisements had been printed,
It kept right on.
When a dozen advertise-
ments hnd found lhelr way Into
type business began suddenly
to lak" un upward trend.
Each day more and morn
new faces were seen within
the hank  hulldlng.
And nnw that hank is n
regular advertiser.
The South Pole Tragedy.
The tli.ir'iiiglltie-.-. nod eliltioraleness
oi ('upturn >��� >ti -. equipment uuty in
'.t-eii nave priivwl n handicap Instead
>,i nn nid   Cleveland Plain Homer
Nu pod mis \,-t ncn niiie t.i glorify
Hlllhelelitu   llle   II,.rues ni   II rctlcuici
antarctic regl'ms, yet they deaerv* nn-
tUurtullZHtlun in undying verse - I'bll-
ndeli'iiln Inquirer.
a siri.-t Inquiry win presunwbl} develop tli" reuiiuns w-liy Ciiptulu Senti *
lliilglii!ii-J-litl> equipped elpedltliill
sii...il.l have met with such s dlfluS
ter.-New York World.
Base Hits.
There tbey go ngaln���robbing baseball of all its charm. The appellate
i-ourt of Illinois has ruled thill it is Illegal to Strike an umpire -Mum hosier
The English language is apukeii by
l."X).000,000 people     The number   Who
can speuk the buxeball language is considerably less,  tl gh growing  larger
uvury year.���Toll-do Blade.
Flippant Flings.
lefl    In
Turkey   linrdlv   tins   u   rug
stand upon. - .Norfolk  Ledger.
No one but a woman euliili ftnve Mad
the nerve to suggest thai  Mr.  .Ma vim
11 invent a woman silencer.���Boston Ad-
: I vertlser.
I    A bill in stop the klMIng nf fruits Is
i   introduced   In   Miiiuesntii      Greeiitiaes
, legislation springing up ngnln. ��� I'lina-
dolphin Telegraph
married women, who also form a considerable proportion of tbe privat-do-
centen In Ihe universities. The municipal council <>f Copenhagen has several
women members.
In brief. In Denmark it is Hie rule
rnther tlmn the exception for the mar-
ned w"nm 11 in he economically independent through her owu labors.���London Spectator.
An Easy Way to Make the Growth of
Ice Crystals Visible.
It Is not commonly known tbnt fresh
water may snmi'tiiues lie "colder than
Ice" nml that tlle growth nf Ice crystals
may he mnde plainly visible. An Interesting e.vperlUlent to show tills may
easily Iie made
lilt a clean pint bottle wltb distilled
water M.iUc a hole in tbe stopper
large enough to "lei tbe thermometer
puss ihroiigb H Tbe kind uf thermometer used in physical laboratories
is must convenient. Insert the stepper in the buttle and let tbe thermometer reni h nearly t" ibe bottom
Back snow or Ice and salt round the
bottle as you would pack an lee cream
freezer If the buttle is nut Jarred
the tcmperntnii- mny lie seen tu drep
Beveral degrees below the freezing
point without freezing the wnler
If iiie stopper and thermometer are
now removed and it small piece ..I Ice
free from any trine of salt Is Inserted
In Hie bottle and pushed down Into the
water crystals of Ice may be seen tn
shoot out In all directions irntn it
After this experiment has been tried
yon will bnve some understanding "f
the network of lee girders wblch is tii-
neiitli the ice coating of small ponds.���
London Telegraph.
Thackeray at the Minstrels.
When the Christy minstrels came tu
London In 1 sr.T Thackeray was en
chanted with them. "I heard uot lung
since." lie says in one of his letters, "a
minstrel win, performed a negro ballad
that. I confess, moistened Ihese spectacles iu ii must uuexpeeled t tanner. I
have gazed "ii Ibuiisunds nf tragedy
queens dylug "it the -la-.'e and expiring
in appropriate bliiuk ver-e and I nevei
v.-nuted to wipe tbem They ten,' lucked up. !"��� ii -alii, al many s. ,,r,.s ut
clergymen wllhnul lielng dimmed nnif,
behold, a vagabond, with a corked
lac  nnd  a   I.anj-,.  sing*-  a   little  song
 I strikes a wild note which sets the
.���lent thrilling with happy pity" (Had
-Hone, I.��i. was an admirel ut lhe
Christy minstrels uud wns often tn lie
seen listening lo their songs with nipt
attention.���London Chronicle.
AI ma nace.
Almanacs wen- cot allowed In the
hands ������! the common people or Home
'tiilil iil'iuit .'{iKI B C. Until Unit time
nil knowledge ot the enlenilnr wnr en
11."ly II. llle custody ol lhe priest- Hid
.ne wish lo know the date of a feast
dav, the hours of Ibe suns rising or
setting or wbeu there iiuiil In- a new
moon be must consult tt,,. prte-t. n-
these occint laws were null to tu- re
venled to* turn But on,, dill a l'i"
-iimpiunu- laymnii named Klnvius ���'"
retary ol Applus Claudius, obtained nie
-i-i Hi.ei  liy -loaillilty illitil llllliu )>���'
���ess tn tlle ilectin t-. >>t  ni  re|ieii1eill.\
��� on-nittii-j the pne-ts Ue engraved Ills
records on white tal,let- and exhibited
'bent "peiiiv  In th.-  totiin.  and -.. be
���lllll,. llle |.nl,ll-lict ot the lll-l   almanac
Harper >
Our Dying Sun,
Pile (III.,, will   tlio-t   -In,-IV   eolne when
Ibe sun   will   llnv,,  eea-ed  to  throw   otl
Iglll  mid   heat      Long  U-I.ne leal   nap
pens,     however,     tlle    eilrth     mill    "lll'-l
planets    will    have    beeonie     'd i
MAirlds." like the i ii   no nt��> ot mi)
-ort upon them.    It lias t n i-nieiibil
"d that the -un wlll cease n, thr"*.**. "Ml
its   heat   somewhere   ni t   mssmsk,
vesrs from now.���.New tork American
Full concrete basement.   Hot air furnace; on
corner lot with $400 worth of new furniture.
ALL  FOR  $2,800.00  CASH
business directory ft^ 0f Montreal
B. * I'. O. "f Klks of Hn- I'. "I C-. mee
ihe first and tiiini Thursday at 8 i>. in.
K. ol I'. Hall. Eighth street. A Well*
Oray, Exalted Ruler; I', ll. Smith, Sis-
flrst, sei
day    lu
III       the
Il.a.l.iiiarlils   of   lodge   ill   S^''"    House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets
CAPITAL (Pald-Up; ....$16,000.000 00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches   throughout  Cunada    and
Newfoundland, and   ln   London,   Eng
; land, New Vork. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A.,  nnd  Mexico City.    A  general
'banking business transacted.    Letters
O.    O.    M���    NO.    854.���MEETS D!*-
md. third mul fourth Wednes
each    month    nt     ��    P.   m. ,
Moose   Home.   H.J.   Leamy   of Credit Issued, available with oor-
1       L     ''"'"        ������������-���������"���' I rM1,im(ientg In all parts of the world,
ll. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity IoiIk" Ni
21, I. O. o. tr.. Is hvlil every Honda;
night ut 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' li��i:
corner Carnarvon and Eighth street!
Visiting bri Mem cordially Invited
R. A. .Merrlthew. N. O. ; J. Rohertsoi
V. O.l W. C. C'oatham, P. Q., record
ln�� Becretary, H. W. Sangster, finar
clal Becrotary.
er ft Hanna. Ltd i ��� Funeral director
cd < nil.alniers. Parlors in:. Columbl
tnet.   New  West minster.    Phone  nin
W E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Dtrecto
and 1-2��� balmer, 612-tnn Akiics stree*
opposite Carnegie Library.
Savings Hank Department-Deposits
I received  In  sums of  $1   and  upward
I and Interest allowed at 3 per cent ��er
i annum (present rate).
j    Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
(!.  D.   DltYMNEIl,   Manager.
11    J     \    BURNETT.   AUDITOR
Accountant.    Tal.  It.   128.  Room 2
P. H. Smith W. J. Grovel
Work uml'-rtiilf 'n in city and outsld,
points. JU-IS Westminster Trust Bid*
Ph.me  *im.     P.  O.   Hex   SU7.
Sal.*, Deeds, Business Letters, eta; circular work specialist. All work strictly
confidential    ii   Barry, room 418 West
minster Trust lltk.     PI  7'iJ.
ster Board ol Trade meets In the lioarr-
i".so. City Hall, us follows: Third Frl
dny of each month; quarterly meAlDf
r��n the third Friday of February, May
A'lltlist   and   Nuvemher   al   1   p.m.      An   j t
.1   meetings
February.  IS.   II.
the   third    Friday
Stuart   Wade,   secre
COAL MININIi  rlHhtB of the  Iiomlnlom
in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
the YiAton Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion of ttie t''..vince
of ItrUiHli Columbia, may be leased for *
term of twenty-one yeurs al on annua]
renial of $1 un acre. Not more than 'Sbtt
acres wlll tw leased to one appilO&n-t,
Ai'i'ltcatlon fur a lease must be made
hy tlie applicant In person to tic- Agent
or eh \f. ni ut the district In wblch tba
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must b��
described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
Hlotis of iiecttons, and In unshrveyed ter-
rllory the tract applied for shall bs
sla.k.d  out  hy  the applloant  himself.
Eaeb uppllcatlen must iv- accompanied
by a fee of ��.r, which wlll he refunded 11
ilu-   rlKhtN  applied  for arc  not   available,
hut   not   otber-irl-w.     A   royalty   shall    be
I pat.j  on  tbe   ui,-n bajiiaM.   output   of   the
mine li the rate of five cents per ton.
The   person   operating   ttie   mine   ahall
I furnish    the    A(p nt    with    SWorn    returns
I accounting for the full quantity of mer*
chantahle   coal   mined   slid   pay   the   roy-
. ally   thereon.   If   the   coal   mlnliiK    rights
j are not  t.elruc o|ierHtcd such returns should
I bs  furnished  at  least  once a  yenr.
I     The   lease  will  Include  the  coal   mining
[ lights   only,   bul   the   lessee   will   be   permitted   to    purchase    whatever    avallsble
surface   rights   mus   be  considered   necea-
' sary  for lh" working of the mine at ihs
rate of  $I(i an arre.
For full Information applloatlon should
made to th#> Secretary of the  Depart-
ment   of  the   Inlerlnr,   Ottawa,   or   lo  anj
AKent or sub-Agent of Dominion  I-anda.
w. w. con v.
Deputy Minister of th" interior..
N   Ii ���Unauthorised publication of this
Advertisement will not be paid for
COUB-oi"I.l>   GRANT  *
n-a.-rs. Bollettora, etc.
N.A/ Westminster.    G,
i'.    j   R. Grant.    A. t
n,-> n
.1.1.  K
ter-at-lnw,    solicitor,    etc      Telephon
1'iTit. Cable n.ldr-HS "Johnston.'
i-nie. "Western i'nion*' Offices, ElP
lilo.-k. 5f3 Columbia street. New West
minster, n, C.
I    ft    WHITE
illcltors. West
llumbta   streel
I 'able  ad.Ires-
Union.    F.   c
sl.f- ��� Barristers a d
minster Trust Hlk., '
New Wesiminster, R. C
"Whltealde," Western
Drawer l!00. Telephon.
Whiteside, K. C.; tt I..
SatlcHor and Notary. Offloes Har
btnek,   SB  l.orne   street.  New  Westmin
ster,   Jl.   C.
Barristers and Solicitors. 1(15 io ��1'
Westminster Trust Hlock. c,. E. Mai
tin tv. i). McQuarrie and (Ieorge I
i 'Assarty.
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New  WeBtmlnster  for  Port
Mann 8:00 a.m.
Leavea  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminister >:00 a.m.
Leaves N'ew  WestmliiBter for  Port
Mann  and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann and New Weatmlnater 1:00 p.m.
,,.,,,,,.. Leaves New  Weatmlnsler  for  Port
J.   STILWBLL CLUTK.   B'irrlster-at-la*     .,.,���_ r . ,ft ��� ���
solicitor,   etc.;   corner   Colombia   an- '��� Mann ti.su p.m.
McKi-nile   streets.    New    Westmlnstel   j      Leaves   Port   Manil   for   New  West-
H. C.   P. o   Hoi  ii :     Telephone   71'  | minHter 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster   for   Port
i Mann and Port Coqultlam 4 30 p.m.
Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    for    Port
I Mann nnd New Westminster 6 :!0 p.m.
Schedule subject to obango without
I notice.
For further Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  1C4 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
P.O. Bos 34 Dally Newt Bldg
of all   kinds
rutin    Satisfaetln
11   Mc.Kenilr
Transfer Co.
Ifflca   Phons   18S.       Bsrn   Phona   II'
Bsghls Strsst.
haunavn Ilellvere-i Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street
New Westminster. B C
MnirlstrntH-And what was ttie pris
iln-l dntUffY t'on-italile- 'IC were sun
i very eated arunment wlin a ..iii
driver, yer worship Magistrate���Hill
Unit doesn't prove he was drunk foil-
-tuple���AU. but tliere worn I no run
driver tbere, yer worship. ��� London
Her Intent
���'That dressmaker's model always
wears a Ions "rap when she -tfoes out."
"Hers Is evidently a Ktnlslet motive
she wants to cloak bei dealuus."���Hub
Umoru American.
light and Heavy Hauling
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN RBID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Proa.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
A Kind Word.
A-^imi���Whnt foolish tbltlfta a young
man will do when he's lu love    Kthei-
')h.  Agnen,  I'll bet Jack's proposwi.���
Iloston Transcript.
"ZiW B. C. Const Service
Leiurea Vancouver for victoria 10 a. rn.
2 p. m. nnd 11:45.
I.i'iivt'S Vancouver for Reattln 10 a. m
nn<l 11 p. rn.
l.cfivtH Vancouver 611' Nunnlmo ]f�� a.m.
and 0 :30 p.m.
TjenveH Vnticmiver for I'rlnce* Uuperl
nn<) Northern Pnlnta TO n rn Wednen
daya and Saturdays nt  11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
fW Iw&* mf^.-ffl,
The PL'iytjrou
of B. C."
Vill '.*.*.     CLll Q     P ��ff'cit
V'Jtyit'y        '"hoc.   Xj   H   r\
., Hlm'**)    xj   -i.   \.<J  Vi.    V-U��j Apent
n.   Tucndnr. I
m. Monday, I
t.invefl chllllwack   7
I Thursday nml Baturday.
Leavi i  \v. stmlnster  8
tVi dnosday and Friday,
���KD  i-tiri.i'.T. Agent, N'-w Westminster
in. V,'.  BRODIB, ll. r. tx,, Vancouver.
We now have four IraiiiH dally anil
will give you tbe cheapest rale goln-?
not only to Eastern poiutH,    but    to
Kootenay and nihor points,   Wo nr"
alBo agents  fur ��n  Bteamsblp  Hues.
Kor reservation mni olhei  particulars
apply to
K a-OUUST, Agent
Now Westminster
ill. W, IlitOniE, G. I". A��� Vancouver.
,:$ /
MONDAY,  JULY  28,   1913.
Western Ontario
James II. Gordon, a prominent Niagara fruit  grower,  Is dead.
Dr. Waddell, a graduate of Mctiill
university,   died   at   Chatham.
lslab Mahon, a well known druggist
of Allbton, died  at  Toronto.
The helrsf of the late (Ieorge Pears,
of Toronto./liihcrlt a fortune of $7'.)4,-
667. j
Mrs. Jeremiah Smith, living near
Kenwick, Welland county, celebrated
her ninetieth birthday,
Thu Toronlo parks committed recommended  tlie expenditure or 125,000
on tho boulevard scheme,
Mayor Bell, of Sarnia will muke a
public, apology to J . Cox. Ior using
abusive language on  12th of July.
September wlll witness the opening
of a national campaign in Ontario, according to Taiicredii Marcil.
Percy llliigliam, of liarrle, was
drowned In Lake Slmcoe on his way
to the Li iinox picnic at Jackson's
The directors of the Spanish River
Pulp li Paper company authorized a
merger with the Lake Superior Paper
Capsized from a canoe into the waters of Lake Huron, August Misch
and his wife, of Sarnia, had a very-
narrow  escape from  drowning.
Lady Clark, wife of Sir Mortimer
Clark, K. C, formerly Lieutenant-
Governor of Ontario, died at Toronto
as the resull of an operation.
Robert   Bartell,  of  Detroit,  who  is
Dr. T. W. Alllston's little three-
year-old girl, Irene, strayed away
In l/ondon t:i Investigate) his brother
Leo's death, Btated that he had been
unsuccessful In the search for lhe
stomach of tbe dead man.
Rev. A. P. Mlhm, who has been the-
pastor of Uenlon street Haptist church
llerlin, for five years, accepted the
call to the pastorate of the Elrst flerman Haptist church, Pittsburg.
Captain Harney Mclntyre and his
wile Lizzie Mclntyre, of Toronto, lost
their   lives   in   tbe   foundering  ot  the
sailing barge Annabelle Wilson, about
hair a mile off Point Gratiot, in Lake
Onturio is likely to go Into the show
business and Hon. James IC. Duff,
minlBter of agriculture, will become
un expert showman This Is to induce the Ontario farmer to udopt sclen
tlfic   UletliC.lt.
A. W. Denpanl, representing the immigration department, Is In 8t. Gather
ines arranging to prepare a quantity
of fruit grown In the Niagara district for display at the Panama Ex
position   at  Sau   Francisco.
Wllh the I'nion Jack and the Stars
and Stripes Inter-draped over tie*
plstrorm In honor of American visitors, the tenth annual convention of
the Canadian association of Master
Painters opened  at  St   Catherines
Colin  S   Cameron, Conservative, re
deemed  for the Whitney government
the  seat   on   the  Ontario  legislature
for North Grey, formerly held By Hon
A   0.   McKay,    in order to do this lie
had to turn over a thousand votes.
from her nurse at Cal don eiiBt and ��
lost   for   seven   hours.     All   busin
places   were  closed   and   a  search   for
toe   baby   started      After   six   hours
her   footmarks   were   traced,   and   her
father   located   her   seven   milea   from
where   she   was   lost,   walking   every
step or the  way.
When Joseph McNulty, hotel pro
prietor ol Merrllon, received a second
black hand letter threatening blm with
murder ir he did not place a thousand
dollars In a certain spot, secured the
help of three provincial detectives
and two constables. Then he placed
a wealthy looking package in tlle spot
designated, and five policemen bid
around wllh cocked revolvers until
the man turned up. The latter secured the packet and escaped after
a chase.
Eastern. Ontario
G. M. Buchnere will be tried in Co-
bourg on a charge of shooting
The Trades Congress of Canada has
again opened war on the Immigration
The Intercolonial Railway's surplus
was $100,000 under the estimate given to the liouse of commons.
While  his   wife   was  giving  him  a
sponge bath In the tub. Thomas Car
I in,   a   marble  cutter   Of  Tweed,   icar
Kingston, died suddenly. Standing upright.
Arter being buffeted aboul helplessly on Lake Ontario for two days lu
lh" heavy storms and without food of
any kind, Captain Win. .lurvlx nnd his
crew ol the yacht Seneca, arriv
Vincent, all well but hungry
W. H. Thorne, a prominent New
Brunswick Conservative, friend of the
Hon. J. D. Hazen, and now ln the west
with lilm, wlll likely be a senator
from New Brunswick to succeed the
late Senator  Kills.
Charles W, Stockton, grand mar-
shall of the Orange parade ut St.. John
was stricken with heart disease just
as  the  parade disbanded.
"iAnd People Whose Relatives Are Curled There Protest Against Desecration���Law Suit Talked of
Saskatchewan  May  Appoint Commission to  Investigate  Live Stock
Industry���Large Cost
! Toronto, July 27.���About fifty indignant lotiioiders and shareholders of
| the Humbervale cemetery have held
a meeting in the cemetery grounds
j to protest against the desertion of
be   iiireiuK  ground,  a large  suce  ot
which haB been purchased by real es- ;    For Bome time the feeling has been
taters  fur  lUbdlvislon. 'gaining ground  that in order to sue-
Only a wiek ago residents rejoiced i ���e.ssfully in jIcbs cn the i..rmers the
n the ownership ol a beautiful ceme- importance of getting awav from wbea
.Saskatoon. July 27.-An ubbatoli1
.villi a meat packing plant and a cold
-torage -iv'arehouse In connection Is
an ambitious undertaking which is
being seriously considered in provin-
lal government circles at present.
The Man Higher Up.
This Is a good time for the man
nlglier up to climb a little higher.���
N'ew York Tribune.
The graft hunters In New York am
another step nearer the men "highest
up."-���Boston Journal.
lu view of recent disclosures $1!i,-
U00 seems to be a very low price ror
the pom of police captain ln New York.
Toronto Alderman Convinced that City
Must   Extend  if  Pcipie  Arc
Cuild Own Homec
Toronto, July  27.���"The rights and
the  needs Of the workliigmeii are  ignored by those who are opposing the
annexation of more territory  In  To-
tiie Btatement of Aid. Uob-
:.cry covering fifty acres or ground
verb.eking the Humber river;  today
' high plcki t fence encloses a meagre
'. little cemetery of seven acreB or so,
I  a  back  yard  cemetery,"  as ono'en-
ri ged lotowner termed it
Threats of taking the law into their
I own   hands   and   knocking   down   the
lescratlng rence were freely Indulged by the assembly, and for a while
.1   Icoktd  aB  if  the-  threat   would   be
I aut into execution,
The fact that the erectors of the fi nca
j did not trouble at all win ther certain
graves were left Inside  the fence In
the cemetery or outside, at the mercy
of the real estaters did not  end to
-.'jotli the outraged feeling of men and
vi men taking the finst step in a right
'. vliieh   may   I e  carried  through    the
:ourta i.nd to thc ccurts and to the
, provincial government.
"I've \ii.t a  mother on one side of
"The worklngman has a right to a
home of his own. He can only gel
one where the builders can afford to
sell one suitable to hts income.    The
onlv place In which builders are build-     .     , ^^^mmmmmmmmm     ^^_^^_
lng freely tor tbe worklngman is north the fence and a brother on the other,'
if Danforth avenue. One firm ol declared em- tean. "aad it's simply up
builders  Is  putting  up    hundreds    ������'' *�� "8  to ""''  ���"���  th"-'"  *r'-'<  ><�����"' law
their ne'ar-
��� stop th'J
ous LuE'.nepe."
May Talc Action
James Johnston,  the convener    of
!the nn i tint, in a written declaration,
1 suid tbut he, as an ex-dlrector of the
: cemetery company, had been approach
raising, and branching into the busl-
iess of cattle and bogs, poultry, eggs
and dairy products, some means must
be found to provide a market which
���ould   be depended   upon.
Iti connection wltb the marketing
f dairy products steps have already
ecu taken by the government to aid
'.run rs' creameries and a marked de-
Tee of success Is being met with in
;cancctlon With their operation.
The next ste-p and the one involving the largest expense and the great-
Bt difficulty, is providing a market
or live itock. The Scott government
ire preparing to grapple wllh this pro-
idem in the thorough way which has
'harcterlred all their efforts on behalf of  the   people  and   at  the  next
.-ilea of lhe legislature the matter
will be brouelit up.
According to the statement of a
well known member of the legislature who is in the confidence of lhe
executive council to a marked degree.
Lhe matter has been frequently dis-
lussed at executive meetings and it j *
ias bei u practically decided that
ihould the members of the legislature
aver the appointment of a commission to make full ineiuiries Into the
iroposltlon, that a commission wlll be
formed to m
Woman and Politics.
A conrse In politics for tbe girl students In Vassar bas been endowed.
Prophetically appropriate}���New York
I World.
Suffragettes are to bare a bank of
tbelr own. Be a wild time growing
around that bank If it ever falls.���
1 New York Telegram.
Dr. Anna Shaw wonld rather vote
(ban be married. Woman's usual Im-
practlcablenees! If sbe were married
���be conld control two vote*.���Baltimore Sun.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
n��Mrv�� Fund
Total Aititi -
Collections A Specialty
The Dominion Bank has exceptions! facilities for making
collection:���nct only in Canada-   but in all parts of the world.
Complete list of Branches and correspondents furnished
on applicaticn.
houses there lhat sell from ���fliiOU up,
land   and   all.
"Those who oppose the proposed annexation north of Danforth avenue
have given but one argument It Is
ihat   the   streets   within   the   present
limits of the city should he paved be- ^^^^^ .       ^^^
fore any more   territory    Is    added   pa by 80 many outraged persons with tlon of the    whole    quesUon,    aldne
Those doughty opponents of aimexa- f"!il,!iv,':i !". '������'; ,DU[?lng F��und' ""at much the same lines as the grain cora-
ilon are men of one idea    If thev were   lu' deemed ll advisable to hold a meet-   mission who solved in a large meas-
hlldren "���** fc:r the PurP��Sfl of organizing and I ure one of the grievances of the far-
ir it was the desire or those Interest-! nH.rs t,v the recommendation of the
ed ''i tbe i"-ounds to take legal action.
"I -nyself." said he, "feel that those
guilty ot  this high  handed  Iniquitous
business have gone beyond their legal
scope.   I cm informed on good authority   tliat   we   have   excellent   grounds
Ior a legal battle."
Scaled tenders ad lressed to tbe ;
undersigned and endorsed '"Ceiider
ror Addition and Alfratloi to Public
Building, New Westminster, B.C.."
will be rec .ived at this olTIc�� until
4:UU p.m., on Tuesday, Aug^d 12,
1913, for the work mentioned.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at the office of Mr.
Wm. Henderson, Resident Architect.
Vic.oria, B.C., at the Post Office, N'ew '
Westminster, B.C., and ai this Dent-cent,
Pirscns tendering are* notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on  the  printed  lorms supplied,
���ind signed  V, ith iheir    actual    signa-
emii a uuuiii,��        .....        lures,  stating  their occupations    and
akease*rohVngbttvestlga-|S;^fs,��;f, "t1*6,"06,;   ln lhe cftM   "r
New  Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
-vorkitifmen,  with  wives and
lependlng on  worklngmen's pay  for i
I home comforts lhey would realize that |
men of one idea could not possibly be
fair to their fellow men.
"Those   who   are  opposing   annexation are also opposing    the    Toronto
Housing company," claimed Aid. Hob
Mux.    "In that they are consistent To
them the rights and needs ol the work i
tngman   are   something   the   worklne- '
nan must not expect until he prot-tl- :
-uti'B his fellow working-man to a sol- |
ei vote policy.   One idea men fall nut-j
orally to the use of the solid vote poi-
ley to gain their one Idea plans.
It Plays Havoc
"Those   who  are  opposlnp   anuexa- j
tion  are also opposing the emancipation  of  Toronto  from   private  cwner-
ihlp ot publlc utilities," lie Baid.
"The worklngman who liies within
the city limits has new I) meet abnormal expenses In rentB and llvinv
If he buvs a home In North Toronto
r beyond the city limits lie ban double car fin- Toronto will nol be
made b city to hold worklngmen until
"��ore territory tn annexed and the rapid transit service is municipalised and
extended "
bably $1,000,000
nroblem than construction and opera-1
lion of local grain elevators, and while ;
the   outcome
I "eer
firms, thu actual signature, the nature
of the occupation, and place of resi-
! donee of each member cf the firm
I must be si veil.
Each  tender  must  be  accompanied
system of government aided elevatorB. i b>' a11 accepted cheque on a chartered
now successfully operating as the Sas-' bai-k' payable to the    order,  of    the
katchewan      Co-operative      Elevator  Honorable    the    Minister    of    Public
iompany, limited. Works, equal to ten per cent. 110 p.c.i
The opening of a larger abattoir in-1of  the  amounl  of  the  tender,  which
volvlng an initial expenditure ot pro-l*'1' he barrelled ir the person tender-
Is a somewhat larger'1'*0*  decliw   'o  enter  into  a  contract
when called  upon to do so, or tail to
complete tbe work contracted for.    If
                          .nothing of course can  be said as to I the tender bo not accepted the cheque
Hii Mithidt ��( i il. >nri ui. r��ni.��.i   'he   outcome   of   the   Investigation,   ItlWltt be retorned.
Hi. Methods of Ufa and H,. Contempt  JJ^ U) be ^ ^^ of* Bome o(     TUe Department does not bind It-
,     , ***"���"'���*"������������ the members of  the legislature    that \ sell to accept    the    loweBt    or    any
An   Arab   ou   entering   a   bouse   re- *,he  scheme will  take    thc    form    of' tender.
mores bis shoes, but not bis hst.    Ue   straight   government  ownership     and I Ky order,
mounts bis In,ise Upon tbe right side,   operation,   starting   at  first  with   one K. e   UKSROCHEUS,
while  Ids  wife  milks the cow on tbe   f,,-st-clas8 plant In a central point of
left side.     In  writing ii  letter lie puu   the province. ^^^^^^
The government In connection wltb \ Ottawa, July 15, 1913
the creamerteB were able to secure) Newspapera will not be paid tor this
special express rates for the farmei advertisement It they ' ' "
shipping in cream and there seems no
reason whv concessions could not be
obtained for shippers of cattle, ts tue
....-i.,-.,���<. pra .i..\i,.iis to encourage
mixed farming for their mn interests
With a government abbattolr. packing plant and cold storage warehouse
nnd with reasonable rates for shipments of live stock, the lot of the farmer will be made much easier and the
'������.'if" cf ii" market will no longer be
alii* to do duly.
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices ���
���d at
New Ontario
Now   that   the   1'orruplno   strik
over, lh" various operating compan!
are going ahead vigorously with tin
development plans.
iiiiiihi* celebrations which follow
two  weddings  in  Kort   William's foreign quarter, Mike WytrzkUBS, aboul
thirty  years old, was beaten so had
ly that he died.
After having had his lert nrm destroyed by a premature blast ol dyna
mile,   .1.   C,   Mntlhan   walk.
along  a trail  and   ther
miles  across   I'ass   I.all
Hros. construction camp. 86 miles cast
of Kent William.
���d   a   mile
paddled   twe
. lo Roberts'
r whloh lo run
Peter Hamilton, or  Aderley
gantlC county. Is dead, aged 101'..
The Grand Trunk railway Ib prepar
Ing  for a  double  track  rotiti
Montreal to Ottawa, oi
transcontinental trains.
Despite the strenuous efforts of the
city health department to bring about
�� reduction In Montreal's murtiiRty
rite, Hie number of deaths or children recorded lust week was higher
Ihan 11 has ever been before,
Lower Prcvlnces
The steamer Boethlo left   Halifax
lor   Hudten   Hay   with   innny   pioneer
port builders.
hi. .lohn, ,\. it., is threatened with
an Injunction ir further steps are taken to put Into the effect the plans
for the erection of a hospital for patients In advanced stugeB of tuberculosis.
Needless Waste ot Water Forces Authorities to Utilize Elk Lake
Victoria,   .inly   -7    Either    water
consumers of the city must siuw a
less wasteful disposition in tin- use
of water, or the water commissioner
will be forced tu resort to the Elk
Lake supply to augment the supply
being received from the Esi-iiiin.ilt
Waterworks Company's system. With ,
Hit- advent of hot weather the demand
ror water has jumped by leaps and
bounds, until now the supply being
daily taken from the mains of tic
private company Is 4,760,000 gallons,
and Ihe limit which the city can take
under its agreement, and which can
he delivered through the temporary
main at the pressure given by the
company is 6,000,000. The greal superior.l.v of the Coldstream supply.
,i st ns to temperature, taste and
quality Induced the water commission- ,
Br to shut down the Elk Lake supply
11 together, with a view to Improving
hat source .if supply while tho wa
'i .* th 're is al   Its  lowest   point.     Bul
if late the demand has shown bui h
":i increase lhat lhis policy had to be
II'." i.tni'iil
Water Commissioner    Rust    ita; s
*hal   there   is  a   very   great   wait"   et
water ovi r nlgbt, hundn ds or consuiu
ers allowing their lawn sprinkling up
unreins to nm lull blnsl  throughout
'he night    Such ii demand  means iiti
normous increase in the amounl of
enter ti'i'd. and this is ihown by  '!  I
act umi the Smith's lllll reservoir,
iow standing at seven list nine In-
in:', cannot make the overnight gain
���m the day's consumption that is nec-
cessary to till the hlg basin.
Water Commissioner Rust stated alio that Klk Lake waler al this time
*'f t'.ie vear. from Its odor nnd color,
U n I desirable, and Ills idea has been
tn cut It otr altogether, as he did not
desire to mix tbe supply rrom Hte two
sources llut the useless waste of wi-
Ier during the night has made It Imperative  to lorn  Klk  Water  Into  Hi"
.ua supplying th" northwest section
'na in emu oniieiioo many complaints
*'d  1 e, n���received  from Hint section.
Dearly all the c-ouiptliuentii ou tbe out- i
side. Ills bead muKt be wrapped up
warm, even In tbe summer, while his
feet may well etiough go naked lu winter.
Every article of merchandise which
Is liquid he Weighs, tint tie measures
wheat barley uud a few ,��ther articles.
lie reads and writes from right to left.
He eats scarcely anything fer breakfast abont as much for dinner, but
after the work day Is done be sits
down to a Imt meal swimming lu oil
or. better yet, boiii-d butter,
Ills sons eat wllb him. but the females of bin bouse wait till bis lord-
f-liip has done. He rides a donkey
when traveling, bis wife walking t**-e-
Liii.l He laughs nt tbe idea of walking in lhe street wltb bis wife or of
even vacating bis seat for a woman.
If be be an nrlisan be does work sitting, perhaps using tils feet to bold
what his hands are engaged upon.
Ile drinks cold water wltb a spoon,
but never oathes In It unless bis bome
be oi. the seashore. He ls rarely seen
drunk, is deficient ln affection for bis
kindred, bas little curiosity and no Imitation, no wish to Improve bis uiiud.���
Kveryday Life,
Department of Public Works,
^^^   15, 191
ie paid    ^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^       insert It  wlth-
ut authorltv from tbe Department.��� I
4;1092. (1778)
London's   Restaurant   That   Catara
Domestic Animala Only.
One of Ihe most interesting restaurants lu tbe werld ls one In which the
only diners are domestic animals.   The
restaurant Is In Wesiminster, London
Tlie sign on tbe window reads:
Tlie  restaurant It arranged so  that
the domestic animals which patronise
it may he perfectly comfortable while
they are gelling Iheir meals. Those
that wish to do so may sit down while
eating. The women who serve tbe
diners nre very fond of animals nnd
know Ibe wants of ench particular customer.    One of lbe regulur callers nt
the restaurant a dog. prefers baring
his meals in private, so Instead of eating Ills luncheon in the restaurant be
walks from bis borne to the place every day. buys his luncheon nnd carries
It home. He pays his own bill nt the
end of each week, carrying tlie money
tied lu a little wallet around his neck.
Cats, canary birds, gnldtlsb, parrots,
monkeys, squirrels und goats are also
provided for lu the restaurant   There
is u branch or the establishment ut i-:i
York road, Battersea.���New York Her-
���    Not the Right Way.
"Have yon hot and cold water tn
your bouse V"
"Too mucb of both."
"How's that?"
"My wife Is nlwnys pouring cold
water on my plans or keeping ine In
hot water."���Baltimore American,
A Great Thinker.
Wl?gs���Yininu'  Hcreecher t�� n   great
thinker.      Wnggs - Indeed!      Wl'.'cs
Ves: he thinks he cun sing.���I'hlluilci
phla inquirer,
The fault Is iilwnys ns irreat
that commits It.- Krench I'ruvw.l
Clogs, against which the Lancashire
mill girls are rebelling, were nt one
Ume worn by women of nil classes.
The more retined vurlely of the clo|i
had u thin wooden sole, wblch wns
CUt transversely lu two pieces, attached to each other by a binge. Dainty
brass and polished leather nppurte-
nances gnve a llnlsb to tiie article.
Anne llniceglrdle, the most beautiful
actress of her day, wus a wearer of
clogs. Horace Wulpole relutes In one
Of his  letters  tbnt  "Mrs.   llniceglrdle
breakfasted with me this morning,  As
she went out and wnntisl ber clogs sbe
turned to me and suld, 'I remember nt
thc playhouse they used to cull for
Mrs. OldOeld's Chair, Mrs. Hurry's
clogs nnd Mrs. Braceglrdlu's pattens.' "
��� London Spectator.
City of Toronto  Negotiating With  Si
William Mackenzie for Purchase
cf His Development Corrp:ny
Toronto, July 27.-The provincial
hydro commission will have an opportunity to se-cure- control of the Electrical Development company, the Mackenzie concern that controls the gen- ,
fi-ation of power at the Falls.
It   has became known  that  the  big
concern which supplies power to tlie,
Hydro and to the Street Railway, To- >
onto Electric and other Mackenzie interests in Toronto, will  likely  be offered to the provincial commission as '
au outcome of the negotiations which
hnve been pending for the munidpall-
zatlon ol the street railway and other
public utilities in Toronto.
Failing absorption by the Hydro it
Is understood that the city will agree
as part of the larger deal that the city
Is to lake rrom the Electrical Development company foe a period of thirty yenrs, aud at the price now paid
by the Toronlo. Electric company, an
amount of power now taken by the
T. E. L. In other words, upon expiration of the present contract lu a little more than five years the city will
renew for a period of 'Jl years.
Lower Than Hydro
The price, though not definitely
Btated, is lower Ihan what could he
obtained from the Hydro-Electric
commission, Sir William Insisted that
he could not be expected t" sell his
consuming interests unless some provision is made Ior the generating and
transmission plants.    At the end or
thirty   years   the  city  will  lie  tree  to I
lake Its entire load from the  Hydro- ,
Electric commission.    By that    time
Sir William expects tb have Increased
his radial Interests In Western Ontar- I
lo, while electrification of the Toron-j
to terminals of the Canadian Northern I
railway will provide for another con- I
sldernble quantity of power.   The value of the transmission line is placed |
at $20,00Q,O00 and It Is only reasonable:
Sir William argues, that its present I
load  should  be  continued  until  some
time until other consuming Interests,
nre provided.    This is especially true
In view of the fact that the duplicate
transmission line of the Electrical He-
velopment company is practically com1
Tlie city's representatives admit the.
justice of Sir  William's demand  and
the agreement In this regard is high-:
ly satisfactory to themselves, and just
all Interests concerned.    Th"  pre-
ntract of the T. IC. L. with the
expires in five
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
The merchant whose business lags in ihe summer i
Las himself to thank.
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation
which has no place in modern business.
If we think we cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, we surely will not.
"What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to believe tl\iit fur sales need not go down as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned the
month of January into the biggest selling season
fur white goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
have opened up automobile selling two months
earlier than was once thought possible. Advertising
has started Christinas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior to seasons and thermometers. The right kind of Advertising strikes a
responsive cord in human nature���and human
nature is the same in August as i:i December.
sent ci
Development  company
lt is possible ns nn alternative to
the agreement thnt the provincial Hydro-Electric commission may acquire
I the transmission lino.
Advice regarding your advertising problems is available through nny
rreogniseeFCnnlldiiin advertising agency, or the Secretary of thc Canadian Press Association, Room 503 Lumsden Building, Toronto Enquiry
involves no obligation ou your pnrt���so write, if intere-sleni. *AU��  K3UK
MONDAY,  JULY 28,  191S.
Fresk Water and Salt���6fT0ff
Ke     Winnineg    Captain     Bringing
Eight   Large   Vessels Through
Northern Lakes and Rivers.
All Over But the Shouting.
The piioi board examined Captains
Menten and (iosse, ol the Samson and
Fruhling. and other officers of  these I
vessels,  on  Saturday.    The  secretary
stated  last  night that  this concludes
the evidence of the  Herkales invest I I
gallon, and the report will be written '
out   In   duplicate  and  copies  sent   ti
the city  council,  hoard of trade, and
other bodies early tomorrow morning.
The nature nl the evidence or none of
the particulars could lie obtained, thi
board  carrying out  ils  policy of sec
recy to the laBt,
C ir and Auto Collide���May B: Chinese
Smuggling Scheme���Other Van.
couver News.
Captain T. K. Pollock, ol Selkirk,
who for years has been 111 charge of
.-be eteamer Wolverine on Lake Win-
iiipe;,. nnd who is at present engaged
fal a most unusual navigation enter-
prise, hns Just told the story of this
rt'inarkablo achievement in navign-
<uni which is under way at a point
tsr. miles north of Winnipeg.
The achievement consists in hring-
���ing eight lake vessels, three of them
-.<����� larce as the Wolverine, from Lake
Manitoba to Lake Winnipeg by a
��� tTooked chain of lakes and rivers
never before navigated. The experiment was commenced on August 15,
HU, -and il will be more than a year
) rum thut date before the last boat is
taken through, if indeed any of them
get  through  successfully.
ll t'-ok six weeks to take the boats
(lie first three miles, and the dlfficul-1
ties encountered during that period |
were rnouiili to make any but seasoned mm of nerve, quit cold. By the end
��,f October last year, three of the
tioats bad been taken across all but
ten miles of the 70-mile route, while
the live others were left at a point
���boot half way across.
It was too late In the season to do
Anything further so each of the boats
wan scuttled with a two-inch auger
,\nd sunk in tlve feet of water. They
were left in creeks, well snubbed to
trees so as to escape the spring
(Captain Pollock, with a crew of IB
Swedes, has now left for the north to
cv*<mpletr his job.
Ship Movements.
Seattle, July 27,���Arrived: Steam
era Admiral 1'arragnt, San Krancisco;
Prince George I liritish). Prince ltn
perl; Jefferson, Skagway; Nome City,
San  Francisco.
Sailed: Steamer Prince (ieorge
(British), Prince Rupert.
San Francisco, July 2".- Arrived:
Steamers W, S. I'orter, Astoria; Oovernor, Seattle
Sailed: Steamers Ml Sogunde,
Seattle; Nehalem, I'ortland; Arctic,
Port liragg; Uufl'aln (.German), Woo-
su n g.
Reliable   Information  cn   Last  Night's
Run Hard to Obtain���Saturday's
Fishing   Fairly  good.
Authentic Information regarding lasl
night's catch ot sockeyes .--..is very
ecarca nnd even up until 2 o'clock this
morning was practical!) Impossible to
obtain. Some reports had it thai 'he
run was good, while others said thel
*.io ;. irked Improvement was notice-
*n>-* .-.*mi predicted it would be several hays yel before the big run which
cents ������* 'rn " struck in al Bellingham
would reach the river, aud that even
Then tiie fish  might  wait outside tot
"ili-iyi '.-����� "��� '-. coming up stream in qtian-
fifty,    ft g ie.ii number of boats went
oul fi-.nn this port last nighl and mny;
made ee/er-il drifts from ihe Fraser
-iiv.- bridge, then later going farther
down the river.
Tiie G  C I'annrr' report foi rfatur-
.lay's limning is given here:
I.e (in.'..ham    got    100,(100    rrom    all
���.v.*-..--.   S'-iners doing a little better
Unacortes    got    20,000    from    nil
sources,  including 6000 from  seiners,
Who   report   sopkeyes  arriving  on   I'll"
salmon bank.
Very little doing on the Praser yes-
��� eni,-.'    OpHver boats goi oniy r> or 0
!���������: .  main river. Canoe Pass and Hi ���
Sorfh   Arm  boats  avi rag' d  about   l'i
hit bi at
The Transfer docked at  the Prack-
nan-Ker company nharf last night.
'.  1'. and  1
����� ere
ill ai
market     v
j eati rday.
tug a
n, of
i*. as
..ii  the
Grain    (
row ���
rs'    wharf
Ith :
bcow load
of gravel,
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staled thai the late government had
asked for tenders, which, when re
celved, they left iii the pigeonholes,
not daring to bring forward the question on the eve of a general election.
lu 1H12 Mr. llorden proceeded to
Kngland. They consulted with the
admiralty and the British government, who gave them information on
the subject Which lhey wire able to
make puhllc. They also received additional information which wns private
and entirely confidential. When parliament opened a statement was laid
before them from Mr. Winston
This document dealt with the navy
question.    It slated In clear and plain
language thai Canada could do nothing    that . would    more    assist     the
remaoy of the empire than to pro-
the three Dreadnoughts.   It wr-
proposed to place $36.000,1  aside for
this purpose, the Dreadnoughts to remain the property of Canada, but to
be placed ai    the   disposal   of Gnat
s.r Wilfrid   Laurier   obstructed the
measures   by   every possible   means
within liis power and possession   and
retarded    its    progress    through    the
house,    litura  and  hours of  valuable
lime*     were    occupied    wii'ii     matt'*r *.
which had no reference al all to naval
matters.   As an instance he mentioned that one of the members brought
In  and  read  the  Declaration  of  independence of the l'nited States, savin','
that this would be the son  of thing
which would follow the passing of the !
proposed measure.  iShouis of    "No."
"No.")    Such a statement was ridiculous ami abaurd in the extreme.   Tie
oppcsltion   look   a  gambler's  chance
but the tactics did nol succeed.   The
Conservatives     stood     shoulder     to
shoulder   knowing   they   were   bncked
by   the  people of  Canada   from   c >nsl
to coast.    (Cheers.)    When the moas
nre  went lo lhe senate what  was-tin
result '.'     This   body,   supposed   to   be
independent, acted as the mer" servile
tool or Sir Wilfrid Laurier and tcdaj
Canada stood  in the position of hav
ing refused that aid necessary to the
liritish empire.    The speaker confess- |
ed that when he had looked upon  the
magnificent battleship   New   Zealand
he could hardly keep from feeling re
grot that this   ship   had   blazed   the
trail and that Canada was humiliated.
The fault and the crime lay at  the
duor of  lh"  man   who had appointed
the nun to the senate, and who had
allowed  partkan  interests to override
the national question,
Uut Canada was not going to remain in that position tor the government would preEs the matter until the
thn*" dreadnoughts were under con
Vancouver, July 27,���A breakdown
in the steering gear ol a car driven by
I'aul Paulsen, or Seattle, caused a
collision between his machine and a
Palrvlew belt line car at NelBon and
Granville sl reels yesterday afternoon,
when (he entire party or live in the
car were thrown to the street. Mr.
Paulsen, his wife and little child
escaped with bruises. Imt a passenger, G. It. Huniisinger, had his hand
badly cul. while his wife received n
slight scalp wound.
Looking for Location.
Senor Curios F. Delierna, general
agent for the i'acilic coast of the
Peruvian Steamship and Floating
Dock company, of Callao, Peru, is in
the cily on a tour of inquiry in regard to the feasibility ol making Vancouver the northern terminal port for
a proposed new line of steamships.
He believes that the coast trade could
be developed very largely ami that
there is market Tor many liritish Columbia products in tlie city ol South
May   Be   -?muoglers.
Three Chinamen and a white mail
were brought up in pollce court Satur
day, believed to be trying to smuggle
themselves into the United States
Detectives Lowry and Killeen had
watched theni smuggle one at a time,
beneath a Great Northern passenger
coach, and apprehended them as vagrants. The white man, calling him-
seir Leltoy, it is said was responsible
lor a scheme to smuggle Orientals in
large numbers across the American
border. The four mon were nil remanded.
Denies   Rumor.
When approached on the subject of
the Kilsilano reserve Hon. W. .1
Howser denied thai lhe provincial
government had been approached by
Sir Donald Mann on the question of
securing the site ror railway termin
als. The Chicago, Milwaukee and S
Paul railway, too, he said, had not
mentioned tho subject lo (hem, despite
tiie rumors to the contrary now pre
valent, When asked what th" government were lo do about the property
lie said that they had yet to decide
What WOUld he th" best public use
tor it.
Death of Pioneer.
Having lived in the same house mi
Glen Drive over 20 years. John Lewis
formerly a millwright for ihe Hast
Ings mill, passed away Saturday
afternoon. Mr. Lewis was one of lh,*
best known residents of Orandvlew,
where he recently has acquired much
property. He calm; to Vancouver In
ISSs and until he retired in 1910
worked for the same nrm. Aged "I
yars. he was a veteran of the Amerl
can Civil war. He leaves a widow
and several children to mourn hn.
Dr. and Mrs. Walker are spending
tlle siimmor at Crescent.
J. J. Johnston and I.. Lake spent
the week end at Sunnyslde.
Postmaster MacDonald spent the
week end with his family at their
summer home, Crescent,
Mrs. T. II. McCormick, Tenth street
bus left for Toronto where her fathir
Is seriously ill.
Miss G. Purr Is spending a few holl
days with Mra. J. .1. JohnBton at hoi
summer home on llurrard inlet.
Miss Eirie nnd Marie Shaw have
returned from the east and aro now
at their home on  Fifth avenue.
Mr. and MrB. C. A. Welsh are now-
ill their Bummer home ai Crescent
and are al present entertaining Mr.
and Mrs. a. M. Clark, of Vancouver.
Mrs. 11. Walker Is entertaining Mrs.
Walker, her mother-in-law. nt lier
summer home, Crescent Mrs. Walker
has recently arrived from Guelph,
Mrs. Cheannette, of Vancouver, left
yesterday for home afier paying a two
davs' visit to Mr. and Mrs. Pare,
Mr. and  Mrs. T.  II. Smith, of New;
WeBtmlnster, and Mr. and Mrs. F.  II
Stewart,   of   Vancouver,   motored     to ,
Harrison  Springs  on    Saturday    and
Bpent lhe week end there.
Alderman    F.    J.    Lynch,    of    New
Westminster, was In Toronto on Julv
16, according to a Toronto paper just I
to  hand, and   visited   with  a number
of his old   friends  there,     lie  had    a
talk with Charlie Querrie and several :
other of the liig Four reps.    He also
paid n visit to his    old    home    near,
���WYM SMI1HCcu,
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Rev.   Dr.   Pidgeon   Tells  of   Rev.   Mi
Henderson's   Duties���St.  Andrews
Pulpit Declared  Vacant.
The Hi aver ti'"! up Sunday al the
i' P. it. freight wbaff .vhen .luring
i be da: lie I ���������'. ������ al fn m hi r
bank. : a thi re,
Boston, July 87. The new Cunard
liner Andaula arrived In lhis port on
her maiden voyage rrom Southampton
today.    Captain Miller was well pleas
j etl    With    tiie    Vessel's    |���.|1;,\ |< ,r   on    llle
UWal amounl ol   ll-dlroct Passage oul and tli" passengers were
,,,,.,..���,  . ���,., ,     ...      .   , partj  ,,,- high In tholr appreciation of the ship s
Chlm i    *    barked    al    I  e ��� fi ol    ot accommodations,
Tettth -       ���        l opposit    Chinatown ""���"���' ;l '"'"'  -"��������� ���'" ���������;"��l><
-...������..,        * * * *    ued
ca  aerli
.   Steves
mad" to test tho
and,  as  a  dense
' for three day...
poed of the Andanin
fog was experienced
It   would   have   been
lie ��� ��� ������ i Nova i", knd al the
Cilnii.i. a    Cold    SI irai npany's
-wharf ��� ��� * : *i i* .*. tit .i scow load of
via!,-*- wb are to !"��� taken down
elver t" ti..- Imperial cannery.
The San .-mi was called oul for
three hours on Saturday morning to
remove se\ tral snags down the north
arm Captain Menten brought Ids vessel In vo the department ol public,
works itock at 10 o'clock, where she
Say over iii**1 week end
Impossible Including detention bi
i ;i: , of the fog, which totalled 47
hours 31 ml luti s, the Andanla coven ti
the 2612 miles Bishop's Hock outside
of Southampton, to Father Point ill
seven days nnd 20 hours 38 minutes,;
an average speed of 14.32 knots per
hour. She brought 1395 passengers
of whom 4id were cabin and Him thlnl
class It is ":'. years ago this month
since the Brlttanla, the first Cunard
steamship, arrived at this port.
Official notification of Hev. J S
Henderson's resignation from his pastorate here and his appointment as
field secretary of social reform and
evangelism for this province, was
given to the congregation of SI. Andrew's Presbyterian church yesterday
morning liy Uev. Hr Pldgeon, of Vancouver.
Dr. Pidgeon was delegated at the
'recent general assembly of the
church to bring this message to tlie
congregation here and In delivering it
!lie ti ld Ihe nature of Mr. Henderson's
wi rk.
I ntll a few years ago, he said, social and evangelistic enterprise In
Canada had made but little progress
because of a lack of unitv and con
centrated effort among the denomi
nations; but n �������� all had taken up
the cause as a common one and tangible results win* an evidence thai
the Work wns successful In this nro-
vlnce Itev Mr. Henderson would w
from place lo place organizing and
developing  lhe  ���>' ork
The Presbyterian church In Canada
had been allotted British Columbia as
its field  and  It   *.*���..is  toward  the  nd
vanci i:*"i,i of tills w rk th'��l Mr  Hen
ii. rsi i �� ould Btrlve The middle wi st
ern   proi Inces   were   the  territorj   of
tho  Mi thi il'rts and othi - dennmlno
tlons had other parts of tli" Dominion
Tonight a no c:ing is to be hold to
select  representatives t i tl." meeting
[of the Presbytery on Tuesday which
takes place in  Vancouver.
The appointment of these representatives is a customary procedure in
church ci urls whenever a change of
ministers takes place, although ihey
will hue nothing to do iii appointing
a euccessor.
Party  Headed  for  New Zealand  Will  I
Visit This City Within the Nevt
New Westminster will he visited
within the next two weeks by a party
of British members of parliament
who are now their way across Canada
en route to New Zealand.
There are thirteen members a;x\
they will sail from Vancouver on the
Makura August 6, reaching Honolulu
en August 111, Fiji on Aug.lit 22. Thev
will arrive in Auckland on August 28
The following comprises the party
of whom the majority no doubt will
visit this city.
Right Hon Lord Kmoti, under Bee
retary lor the colonies. Has been In
the house of lor lb two years, and
previous!) Bal i the commons, ai
member for Oldham, since 1899. His
lordship belongs to a well known
Lancashire family.
Rlghl  Hon.  Lord Sheffield, belongs
to the   famous   house   of  Stanley,    of '
which one branch holds the ECarldqm i
of  Derby.    Lord  Sheffield  had  a  !"������!  !
Hani  career at   Kton  and  Baliol     He
lias been in tl:-' lords since 1903, and
has done a lot cf useful  work in con- ;
iieciion  with  education and  tiie poor I
Right Hon. C. H. Suarl Wortley
K.C, M.I'., has represented Hi" Hal
lain division of Sheffield for over 31
years, and has held several minor
offices in Unionist administrations,
Right  Hon.  Thomas   Lough,    is    an
Irishman,   and   Lil" ra!   member   for
Islington since 1892,    A tea merchant !
in the city. Has written several works
on the Irish question.
Colon"!  Sir  Hililred  Carllle,   I'nion
ist  member for St   Albans.    Has an
abundance of this world's riches, and
! has h.en an officer in the Volunteers
1 and Territorials.
Mr.  Arthur  Sherwell,  Liberal   M P
for  Huddersfleld.    Almost became   a'
Wesleyan   minister     Is an  authority!
of the licensing laws.
Captain D. V Pine, Liberal M. P.
for North Aberdeen. Was In the third
Hussars and has served In Kgypt.
Ceylon and South Africa, Finds bin
recreation  in  i-oiiig about the world.
Mr. Will Crooks, Labor M. P. for
Wtolwlc)', V- < -it t" work nearly as
soon as he cn il I *.. alk In his own
,.,i> i oi oi :i" i..���-ii "ii qnenl men
n " e. ��� ��� ��� ' . ':a ; ' ion mayor ol
Poplar, and is a Rorl of uncrowned
king in ti. i   j ->!i of Li i l...'1'i* n.
S r St"; hi n Cl IHlis, Liberal M P.
fi i ,\i an *'* oi Hi ail of a big firm
. ��� -*. ic n rirchants, nnd takes an a *
live pari In thi loc il governm ml of
3 illtll  I    ti li II,
Mr A. W. Black, l Iberal 'I P. for
Norlh Bi df. rdi hire. I - a '.��������������� manu
facturer, and is promlni nt In the It cal
life of Not! agham, lhe laco city, hav
Ing been both   I erlfl ai l mayi t
S.r Arthur l'i esth !. tiad c il VI P
for Grantham �� nee 1900, bavin; unsuccessfully trii l tin*-" times earlier
lo i uti i* i arllnn < nl by way of the
Stamford dlv bIou "'.  Lincolnshire,
Mr Donald McMaster, Unlonlsl
member for Chartsey, and Mr, Hamar
nreenwcod, I 'beral member for Sun
derland, ar.- bi th Canadians, and well
i known in tho Dominion.
All the most wanted
materials and styles will
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wool dress fabrics in
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Hlueher    Hoots;    $.",    up    town.    Our
price   $3 93
Slater Hoots,  F. W., K.  Hoots,  l.ecki"
Hoots, etc.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchei Throughout the  Province of  Britiah  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK,  Manager.
Th'* .-i.*:.in ti nder Pi In) Garry, of
the government dredge King Edward,
came to the department of public
���works dock Saturday with some mem-
hers of the crew and * fficers, She
return*-, is moruii .* Ill the men
and  Bupplli a i ' Stevi alon.
-^cr   W:e:<   Ending   "unday.  August  3.
Wi stm nsli t*.       Sami Head
I>at?.   Time,
High.         Low.
High. Low,
Time. Hgt. Time. Hgl
2S    0:05    '.' 54
15:48  10.5    '.' 0"    3 1
IC BD 19:35
2 I: ;*' 12.0 IS 36 In:;
���2*     D:4D 11: 05
!'.   19  11.4    8 02    2 1
17:l'i Hl-10
;* i io  10 8
jf��     l.SU  12:10
0:28  12.0   '- 54    1 ::
IS:!     "-  25
17:13  12 1  21  24  1"'.'
3X    *������"
1:26 12.1    9:41    0 5
IT: 12  12.7 22:24 1    i
1      ,t* ..    : i    *
2:30 12.0 10:24   0 1
*     10  13.1  23:18
���mt          *���������'���   *
12.0 il.' 6   0.3
��� 13 1
31     "' '
*    :   12.0    0 D6    9.0
20   i
:        ;*' 5 11:1!)   0.1
Jefferson City, Mo, July 27.���A for
mal hearing of the application of P   A
Harrington Seymour, otherwise known Saturday
as "Lord Barrington," wbo Ib nervln"
n  life sentence  in  the  Missouri  penl
ientlary for Iho murder of Jamea M
McCann in St, LouIb county In I >��� ������ **
ber, 1902, will  be given  by thn ;'������;'���
hoard  of  pardons  and   paroli s.    '; hi
In ciing will be held as soon as Bar
rlngton can get liis petitions and n-e.
omrai ndations in proper shape.
James A. Houchin, s prison contrac
;rrert-ro nt  L
unit la
n, July
nual  i
"   of
he Ant
i.t Bort
was an   initio
Special trains lyrpnirht th" cr- wd
which numbered about Sim from
New w.; imin.-ti��� r and Vanctu-
���i r. a I '.'-re tiini'l cfeof the local 111 ���* .
hers ' [  the ord r.  v. '��� eti d  6    lhi
iostB of thi  tl iy, !." ���:i:i" t'i** 11 iltori
it    the    d ipot.   .At  tli" agricultural
grounds, where the outing was held.
;m elaborate program of field sports.
which  Included baseball, football and
tor for whom  Barrington  works. Ins tug-of.war nuncios, waa carried oul
aided him In preparing his papers     \  The big event nf ;'n* day was the tug-
large number of members ol tit    i*.i  of war match betjveen the lodges of
ra] at tembly Join in one petition  Port Coqultlam. New Westminster snd
tor clet *'.*cv Vancouver    The cup, which has been
Barrii [ton   ���> u   sentenc. I    to    be held   bj   tho   Porl   Coquitlam   bran I
*. , 1.1 fnr the :;*;*' a !' av i,  v ���������*   lo?'
ir Folk on ti ��� *; ter a streim       t inti   *
barr, victorious    nggregalioi
��� ,.*'..'.''��� '* i   :* i ���
the Identification of the hoi * the ap       Ituv il hall,   .'hich i ell
the   pom Ized by local people, proved o
it  mil ht ni 'l i'   .*'* i *. I    thi   * ph * ure.
Prrl Coquitl im, July 21. There has
just been put In circulation among the
J electors of the city a petition urging
the council to subnet the question of
the moGl outtable location for tho
(\ I1, it. station l" a vote or the people.
This Is th" t'int concrete rerult of
������; .* r ' I in ' repcrt at the coun til
meeting cn Tui ��� day evening last.
The ppi tui rs of ''"��� petition are
well known business men with iheir*
offices und hemes on lha east of the
Ci quitlam n i r and are those who
favor the location cf the depot about
,i quarter of o mile eaet of Its pres-
ent Bltuatlt n. n is understood thai
quite ii it mher of signature's have
!" en ritl ; d t thi document end,
;.*��� *. idlns li r *��� ������'*.* the names ol ono
i .   ,',,..   riuallfi' i   i"   vote   for
r.iayoi I ah   rmci   It   will  ho  pri
��� * . tl    *      icll   t lis i    :t m    :
The .        n opposi       hc Chang ���
������::*'���:. Dl  UT11 I
ny site]    .    im for I     removal.
Reid end Millar's Cherry Qenena and
Sultana, per lh     25ff
Hoyt's Doughnuts, per doz 2()C
Iloyl's Cookies, per dozen    I Oc
Qrand-Ma'B Cookies    lOfc" 5c
These lines will help save you work
in the iml  kitchen.
Lime Juice and Lemonade Powdcrc
from 2Dc to E0c per bot'.le.
Choice Plums, Hears and l'e".' hi B,
2   lbs.   for   23:.,   cr,   per   basket,   5!lc.
Apricots, p.i* crate      S!-2,"y
HaspberrloB, fresh rrom  the gardens,
per crate      5 | ,7.r��
Choice   Eastern  Township   Butter.  3
pounds for  Sl.OO
Hairy Butter, local, per pound..35<
Select  Eggs, fine for cooking, 3 doz,
for  $ I .OO I
Wc   Solicit   Yen-   Patronage
Fast Passenger Train Service by Ii. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
DEAN'S GROCERY j 550-Tiiroughbretls in Mf n-5;j!
El'irr  Ble ' .
/.one 3_ i.
Celt    .   ;
.   ....* *  - -.- .. -   ssmsEnszci wirii'Juwiiiu" if .in���a�����a������>��� ISBBISSSSSBSaBBSSSSi
MONDAY,  JULY  28,   1913.
PAiiC civa
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
And Then They Ask
Why Lacrosse Is Dying
Roughhouse Proceedings Mar Big Four
Games���Team Leaves Field���
Referee Assaulted.
Big Four standing.
Irish Canadians .... 7
Tecumsehb  s
Nut lunula    5
'l'i rontos    4
Montreal, July 87.���The Irish Canadians juHt about cinched their hold on
tli" championship of    the    Ills    Kour
yesterday afternoon when ihey defeat.
ed the Tecumsehs by the overwhelming score of 16 to I. The game was
ho one sided from the start tbat little
enthusiasm was shown by the crowd
and unless the tennis display a better
brand of lacrosse the nig Four wlll
be on its last legs before many weeks
have paused.
At Scarboro Beach.
Toronto. July 27. ��� Disgraceful
scenes marked lbe resumption of la-
crosae In Toronto after a two weeks'
lay off. In which several of the Toronlo and Nutionui players received In
Juries which they will remember for
several days to come.
Tlie Kami- ItHcIf was a close alTair,
thu homesters wlnnliiK out by tho
Hinall margin of icven to six.
Had blood between the players crop
ped up irom tlie outset and lu the
third Quarter the crowd wuh treated
lo h farcical display when the whole
National team followed Cattarinlch,
their captain, to the club bouse, because be had been ordered lo Ihn
fence for u major check of ten minutes.
Twenty-flve minutes elapsed before
play was resumed and more aavanery
was displayed, especially In the last
period, when Pltre, of tne Frenchmen,
struck Referee Humphrey across the
face wllh his stick, drawing blood.
Tills led to ii free-for-all fight which
lasted for several minutes.
Willie   Ritchie   Call
to Show His Hand-
Side  Bet
on   Ad   Wolgast
A $25,000
I/*ro Angeles, July 27 Willie Ritchie
took up Ail Wolgast's $25,0(10 Bide bet
proposition iu an announcement today,    iiitciiie said  he would require
that hall lbe amount be deposited at
once and that tin- remainder be forthcoming when articles were signed.
Ile Haid he would meet Wolgast any
time In September before the club
making  the  best  proposition.
Religious   Enthusiasts'  Strange    Fadl
In Decoration.
Although tlie practice of tattooing
is expressly forbidden in tbe Scriptures���lor in Leviticus it is stated,
"Ye sliall not make any cutting in
your flesh [ur the dead, oor print any
marks upon you"���the fashion of de-
corating the skin witli religious sub
jects   seems   to   be   steadily   grnwin:     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
According  to  a  London  tattoo  artist, I change bas held meetings throughout
Winnipeg, July 27���BVorythlng is in
readiness I jr the opi iiitip of the three
lay convention of Ihe National Abho-
���latlon of Ileal Kstate Exchanges
vhlch oj ens tomorrow morning at
10.20. The majority of the delegates
irrlved between 5 a.m. and 7:30, al-
iiough there will be some later arrivals from western Canada. Latest |
figures show that there will be over
900 In attendance, of whom approximately 300 will come from western
Canada and 600 from the United
Itegina and Saskatoon are Bending
big delegations, about 4o coming from
the first and 25 from the second.
I'rlnce Albert will also we well represented, while there will be 30 or 30
from the Pacific coast.   The local ex
he   is   often    called    upon   to   tattoo jthe  day   completing
hymns,  texts    ami  copies  of   famous I ments.
religious pictures on tlie bodies of religious enthusiasts, as well as original
symbolical designs.
A  well-known  bishop has upon  his
upper  arm   a  representation   "I   the
Baseball Results.
I J,  Itlgbv,  li Tigar   . ..
VV. White, b Tigar ..
<;. Draper, b Oraham
Royal City Cricket  Elevcno  Figure on
Right Cide of Tally Cheets on
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
W.    L.
Vancouver S3   89
Seattle    62    42
Portland   52   44
Victoria    45    57
Tacoma    46    59
Spokane 27   65
Yesterday's (lames,
A Fine Rally for Tacoma.
Tacoma, July  27.���The  Tigers
Hay defeated the league leaders
. i::*-;
to- '
to ;
final    arrange-
A   number  of  exchanges    of    the
United  States cities are already represented     by    their  Hecretarles,   who
have   arrived   In   charge   of   exhibits
Included In this numlier are men from
Sun   oi   Righteousness   and   a   cross I ������''<* Angeles. II11I11II1, Denver, Superior,
crushing tn�� head of a hideous dragon  Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Fres-
i typifying sin, while a young clergy- ;""��� San Diego and St. Paul
man hai a picture of a skull with a!, Ttl" principal feature of Interest at
1 serpent thrusting its bead through one tomorrow's session will be th-   five
of the oye-sockets and a radiant buH"'""1"' ,all'H *lv���� J>' ��"1' fepresenta-
terllv    flitting    away,    symbolical    u(; tlve of each  board In competition for
death and eternity.       ' |a silver trophy donated by the Chi-
The head Ol Christ crowned with a M"1*0 real estate board. In the even,
halo is carried about the wilds of ��* *�� '"""���'"���') "oncerl will be held
Africa ly a stalwart missionary on!1'1 thf* convention hall
Ins   chest,   and   a  lady   who  devotes
her time to church work bears an
anchor, a itoss, and a heart���faith,
hope  and charity.
One of the most remarkable example-; of tattooing of religious subject
Ths Apostle of Greenland.
The conversion of the Kskimo In that
I remote und bleak dependency of Denmark. Greenland, was agitated as early
as 1710 by Hans Egude, who hus be-
1.   Schultz for Vancouver was driven j White star liners!    He has, perhapi
The two New Westminster cricket
elevens broke Into tlle win Column on
Saturday afternoon, the llrst team disposing of Port Coquitlam in a league
game, while the "A" eleven nosed
out a narrow victory over Central
Park on  the latter's grounds.
At the asylum grounds, the Port
City batsmen, ..itli the exception of
Itice and Clegg. could not withstand
the trundling of Hose and Clark and
Rejoicing wus al fever Ileal at
Fraser Mills lasl evening following
the 1 "turn of the Circle F baseball
team from Blaine, where'they defeat-
��� il the strongest amateur teamB in
the game In this vicinity.
Although the score was S to 9 in
favor of the mill boys tills was about
the first Ume tIiIh season that lllaine
has been defeated, which Is a feather
In the cap of the lumber shovers.
Horne and Huhnke were the battery
for Fraser    Mills with    (loetchy    and
were all OUt^for 104.    Miller. Hebron,   oley on the tiring line for Blaine.
Wells and Canon d'F.iisum were Hn
high scrers for Westminster, Hebron
especially displaying excellent crlckei
In a well played 37.
A  Close Win.
Although a batsmen's wicket, the
"A" team could do not mor" than
compile 56 against Central l'ark.
Oraham nnd Annandale being the onlv
ones to make double flgures. Draper
and White bowled unchanged for the
P.irkites, the former keeping an excellent length throughout.
Tigar and Oraham carried ofr tin
bowling  honors for  the locnls.    tin-
A big crowd were in attendance at
the  Rinne  which  was   full   of   interest
throughout tlie whole nine Innings.
litre are the details:
K.    II.    B
Fraser Mills 	
liatleries:        Horne
Ooetchy und Oley.
9     13
8       6
Irom the box lu the seventh and Doty
held Tacoma tight the rest of the
Tacoma scored five runs In the
seventh, every man getting a turn at
lull. A three-base hit by Neighbors,
four Bingles, a wild pitch and two
nn 11 hit by pitcher counted for tho
tulles. McMurdo resumed his place
in (lie Vancouver lineup from which
he had been borrowed by McQInnlty
earlv In Ihe season.
It.    II,    IO.
Tacoma      7    10      1
Vancouver   1     6      1
Batteries: Kaufman and Han-is.
Crisp; Schultz. Doty and Konnick.
Portland Takes the Odd.
Portland, July 27 -Portland won the
odd game of the Ecries ti.day by a
score of 7 to 2. Kastiey loved witli
tlle Canadian  team until the last two
innings.    Portland knocked two pitch-
I ers out of tbe box.
I It     II.    E.
Victoria       2    10      :'���
Portland 7    10      0
Batteries:    Fitzgerald.    Kantlehner,
Toner and    Shea;    F.astley
the ni".-t wondt r'ul tattooed body in
tlie world. From Ins neck tn his
waist-line In- is covered with picture.-!
and inscriptions. Displayed on his
body is u wonderful piece ni the tattoo
artist's work, lt is nothing lev than
a faithful reproduction <>f Leonardo
da Vinci's picture "Tile Last Supper."
Tin' greater part oi liis body is taken up witli tattooing of a religious
nature. On his back -re tlie Lord's
Prayer and the hymn, "Nearer my
God, to Thee."
Tliere   is  alsn  a lady   who  has  had
is that provid d  by tlie  ca.-e  of an j Come historic as the apostle of Green-
engineer  storekeeper on  one  of  tha j Ularl    ln thnt year he published us n
pamphlet "A Proposition For (ire-^n-
hiiiil's Conversion and Enlightenment"
This wus welcomed with no great
warmth by the clergy and was violently opposed by mercantile Interests. In
four yenrs be bad succeeded to such
1111 extent that he founded a training
college for missionaries in Copenhagen
May 3, 1721, he sailed for Greenland
with a small party of mission workers.
He was greatly disappointed to find
Uiat the Norse colony, left for many
years to Its own resources, bad wholly
Our Business
We invest money for clients on first mortgage
security, careful valuations are made, and in this
way we protect the interests of our clients.
Every branch of a trust business carried on by
competent and experienced men.
Deposits accepted and interest at 4 per cent, allowed on daily balance.
DEPOSIT BOXES for rent from $2.50 up.
INSURANCE in all its branches.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
'Leonardo da Vinei's'great"picturedi| vantobed.   He turned, therefore, all bis
"The   Last  Supper"  tattooed  on   her:
��� back, the picture being produced with
i marvellous   fidelity;   which   reminds
one tiiat some time ago a  a'.man cn-j
tered  a  well-known  London  hospital.
I and   the   nurses  discovered   tliat   tlie j
, upper pnrt ol the right arm was entire- \
\ ly occupied with a pictorial represen-j
lation nf "The ltnck ot Ages." while*
on the lower part of the arm was tlie
scene   of   the  Crucifixion.
It is Interesting to note, by tiie way,
. that quite a number "i members ol
and \\ il- i Buropean Eoyal Families b
1  designs.    The Urand  1'
efforts to the conversion of the Eskimo
nnd met wltll marked success, becoming bishop In 1740. In tbis otllee nnd
Ils trying duties he was succeeded by
bis son. Paul.���New York Sun.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
The Harmony of Colora.
Tbe  principle tbat the sensation of |
wblte   results  from   tbe  equal  excitement  of  sensations  produced  by  the |
three   fundamental   radiations   ls  de
ilueeil   nntarully  from  an analysis of |
.'ur tattoo-1 the   rules  of   tbe   harmony   of  colors
ike  Alexis | Colored lights do not focus at the same j
former Retting fmir wickets  for    21,
while Oraham did damage t" the ex
lent oi six tor l'j
The Scores.
The following ore thp acorns:
New Westminster.
Rev  K. it   Bartlett, b Balnbrldi o.. t
1.. II. Miller, c Davles, b Blorl      . 22
T   V  Hebron, c Batnbridgi. b Hue :::
r C  ii Cave, b Blart   3
F   V Rose, c lum' s, b lliiirt    '.i
W   A, Wells, b Clegg   28
K T  Dunford, c Davles, h Blart.   . 0
Canon d'Kasum, b Clegg    -*1
11.  A. Sparrow, h lliart     6
it. m. Clark, not oul 	
('. HiCKS, c Ilavies. b II art  	
Won Them All.
Port Coquitlam. July 21. -The Port
Coqultlam baseball team returned
li me this evening from a tour, during which they played and won six
���.-atiics. The Itinerary took them as
f.ir ns Lynden, Wash., and Chllllwack. The proposed tour of the inlerlnr was postponed until later in
the summer when the fall fairs are
i'i progress and mote satisfactory
linancial arrangements can then be
Seatt e Makes Fven Break. I ���*   n,wi;��    i���p  i,ui.���w    \.  mm-l   pla i      ,  .     -.      ,        ..
��,..,���.i���    in,-  -.-     j���a,,i.,  .,,.1   q,���.      "  Ku"la-  >"r  iii*-iance,  is mon eia-i ,M)iut.    Therefore the eye must neize
iseuttle,    i\;\\    li    . [seattle   anil   Woo-     l���,riitelv  tntliiitei      likewise bis eousio       .... . ... - .  ... .,        .
oorau i\   lau'ii'iu. um wist,  ins umsiii,   illlerent distances at tbe same time In
the  Duke of Saxe-Coburg and_G��.tha.| ordcr   w   ^   when   dltrereut   eoloreil
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with tbe aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush Jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as wi are specialty
fitted up for thla clasa of work.
Phone  473,  Queensborough.
Port Coquitlam.
(i. Rice. c. Clark, b Rose
p. Bainbrldge, run obi
Clegg, c cave, b Rose
Davles, st Clark, b Hose . .
Blart, b Hone 	
Davles, 1 b.w., b Chirk ...
Johnson, run out 	
Austin, run out 	
Ruffell, c Wells, b Hose .
'['. Ilounie, e Vl.-'.rk. b Rose
it. Bweetlaud, nol du!
This   Lacrosse   Feature   in   Vancouver
Did  Not  End with a Tie
kiwie broke even in today's double
bea Ur. Spokane winning the first
name, 7 ti) 4, and Seattle the S"cond
2 to ii. Bunched bits In the last three
Innings gave Spokane the llrst g.iui"
Dell was relieved by Fullerton after
the seventh Inning, but the visitors'
biittitiK rally could not be stopped In
ihe Becond game Reardon pitched
shutout bail for Seattle. The locals
won the game In the sixth when Jackson knocked a bome run with Fuller-
ton on h ise
First game: II.    H.    E,
spi kane   7   l-     _
Seattle 4     '.'     l
Ba terles: Smith and Hannah; Dell,
Fulelrton and Cadman.
Sec  nil   Kiime: It     H.    E.
Spi kane    0      6      0
Se it lie      2      6      L'
Batteries: Coveleskie and Hannah;
Reardon and Wnlly.
Queen ol Greece and the Kinj; oil
ieii are also tattooed. Un his arm
Prince Oeorge "I Greece lias a won-
derful representation of a flying dragon in many colors, i ne "I King
George's arms hears a similar design,
anil Prince Francis of Teck has a cur-:
i"iis picture of a frog leaping f"r a
Bmall beetle tattooed on his ri^ht arm.
Standing of Ine Clubs.
By a score of 6-2 the Vancouver la-
���I crosse team defeated the v. a. C, on
ii  Saturday arternoon at Athletic  Park.
7 j     The score stood 11-2 In favor of the
T. !>. Curtis, i
. I'M
".'rcttn -sier.
M Hint . li White
Arnold b White ...
B. Andrew, li I roper
li. Tlgar, h White
green shirts at the end of the second
quarter when the veterans decided
that  another tie same might quner
any   future  crowds,
tltree   more   seals   across   while   Ihe
V. A c. were obtaining one. Newsy
Liilonde had nn easy lime of lt shoot-
lng���that Is when he cared to���and
netted four of the six tallies. Harry
llyland and Qorman each scored a
Sir ur.lay's game was witnessed by a
small crowd and gives color to the rumor lhat  there will  be more lacrosse
N.w Vork ..
��� " cago ....
.2 li .1
Graham, b Draper   18 I history manufactured before Saturday
E, Hirks. h Draper
W  Annandale, b Whlto 	
It   Hamilton, h Draper	
E  M. I iiwsnn, c Beali. b Draper
Basterfleld, b Drapi r 	
Milledge, m t out  	
Central  Park.
A .)   Hilling, c and h Graham
.i Bosle, b Graham 	
K, Jack, b Tigar 	
c King, 1 b.w., li Graham  .  .
i; Jack, e and b Tlgar	
.1, Shaw, b Tlgar 	
G .1   While, not out   	
,i. Tripp, b Tlgar 	
Ends His H.iciiKi.
Munch n. N II.. July 27, Richard
Hi her', n well known turf man, dii d
in the city hospital Saturday after
noon following an operation for appendicitis a week iiko. He was 55
veins Of use, and  Is survived    by    u
wife and two children,
Fort William Win.
lii'Kina. Sask.. July 27. -The touring
Fort   William   football   team   defeated
,. a picked Regina team Sett -day even*
10  Iiik ou the barracks grounds, 2-1, in a
0   rather poor exhibition of the game.
Brooklyn  42
Boston  :is
St.   l*)Uis  36
so  they  just   put   Cincinnati     35
Yesterday's Games.
At Chicago: It.   H,   E,
Bl stun     5    11      1
Chicago   6     7      2
Batteries: Hess and Whaling;
Lavender. Cheney and Archer. Ilres
u Cincinnati: ft   ll.   B.
Hrooklyn    7    14     0
Cincinnati   I   li     2
llatteries: RagOn, Curtis and Mil
ier. Vims, Hrown, llerkert and Klin:;.
Second game: R    ll.    I'.
Brooklyn   8   13     0
Cine nnull     1      5      6
Batteries:   Ruoker and Mill
ton and Clarke.
At Sl. Louis: I     ^^^
New York     2      7      3
St.  Louis     1      5     0
Batteries: Marquard ami Meyers
Wilson; Grinor mni McLean.
r; Hen
Only One Game  Is Needed    to    Tak
A---ay  Trophy  from   'Tn-'land���
*>     Today Tells the Tale.
Wimbledon, Bngland, July 87. ���
Whether tho Dwlght I-'. Davis International lawn tennis trophy shall re-
ina'n in England or be returned to
lhe United Statea depends on the
matches to be ployed here tomorrow.
Two games nre on the schedule, M. E.
Mclaughlin against C, I'. Dixon, of
England, ami ll. Norrls Williams,
PhM'tdelphla, agalnsl C. Part
Tlio Americans already hnve nn ml
go cf 1 * ii������������ in one,    \ *. *���
tory by either Williams or McLouSh-
II     :  .   on wlll ;*';-.���"    tin
Ami rn* ms tii" cup.
Mel i i.u'iliii.  who  will  ini'i't  Dixon
i iho first match tomorrow Bhould in
sure tlie return of lhe cup to America
If he    Is    not    exhausted    from    his
strenuous playing Saturday. But even
ihould iiie brilliant American Bingles
champion lose, hopes for Ihn American team lifiinR the cup still are
irlght, tor lhe game which won Park"
ills match in the single against Mc-
Loughlln Is not likely to prevail
isahist Williams, who has a strong
back band stroke and experience on
turf courts which should make hlin
the equal of ihe irishman on ground
English critics lu the Sunday news
paper were unstinted In their pr.'ilsn
cf the game played by MoLougbl'n
Ire-1 Saturday. They gave blm erodll for
iii" greatest tonnls ever seen on the
\Vi"n'.iii'"i ii coin'".   Tliey also admit
Hi"      i*.*>     in asserting Hint the
Cslltorntan'B list of strokes bnd been
���   his   opponents
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
W.    1..     I'd
Philadelphia  65   2X   .699
Cleveland    56    88    .596
Washington 54   39   ,681
Chicago 51    47     ,520
Boston    44    46     .489
Detroit   40    58    .408
St.  Ixiuis   3S    61     .384
New York    29    60     .326
No games scheduled yesterday.
International League.
At Montreal   Baltimore,   5;   Montreal, 6.
At  Detroit (regular scheduled game
transferred from Buffalo)���Buffalo, 0;
Providence, 5.
Youngi-st   Lord   Mayor.
Mr. Arthur Samuel, Lord Mayor "I
Norwich (Eng.), enjoys the distinction
nf  being   tin'   youngest   Lord  Mayer I
ever  elected   in   llritain.     He   is  only!
'i'i years of ii,;e. ami  until his mar-1
ringo tiie other day Norwich was with-
oul a Lady Mayi r ss.
Mr.  Samuel  i- a .lew.  and tlie first \
ol his race to occupy sueh a position 1
ri Norwich. His family, however, i
havc l>-en connected witli Norfolk and ;
Sufi'iiik for several centuries, and he j
linos li is very popular in liis native
shire, Mr. Samuel has political asl
will ,is eivc ambitions, .'in>i is thej
I'ni.'iiist candidate for the Stretford [
Division of Lancashire. Despite the I
similarity of name, he is nol related
to the Saiini"ls who already sit in tlie
liritish Commons.
His wedding at the West 1,-nndnn |
Synagogue was marked by Beveral
characteristic features, It was semi'
private and ancient Hebrew melodies
were sung. There were no brid s-
maids, ami in accordance with lhe
express wish of the bridegroom no.
gilts were offered. Tli" only two hi
has nc-ived caine from tli" mugis-
trnti's niiii citizens of Norwich, nnd :
hi- political supporters in Manchester.
Thrc? P'inri Mice and thc Medicis.
lt is a cur; ns (act tliat Swinburne,
in spite oi his exquisite cadences iti
verse, had no musical cur in the "r-
dir.ary senses. This lack provides Mr.
I-i..nui.. 1 t..is*e wuh a good Btory in
his new volume, "Portraits and
Sketches." tot In* wa- present when a'
I.nlv, by way "' a l radical joke, "hav-
u .' taken tin* rest "f the compnny mt i
her ciili lence, told Swinburne ihn'.
sii" would i i.l. r "ii tlie |iiiii" a very
ancient Florentine ritornelln which
had just becn discovered. Sin* then
played 'Three Blind Mice,' and Swim,
burne was enchanted. He lound that
it reflected t" perfection tin' cried
beauty "f Un- Medicis���which," addi
tho writer with a touch "f humor,!
"perhaps it lines."
surfaces touch. Tbe difference of re
tranglblllty of the different colored
rays causes some colors to stand ont
and others to stand back. Red ls the
most "flying" ur "tapering" of the col
ors. a red object always appearing to
he farther away thau n blue object
though It Is heen on the same plaup
nod in tlie same light. ���Harper's.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street, New  Weatmlnster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE 694.
Manufacturing the Truth.
A gentleman was staying ut an Kni*
llsb country house, when, hearing a
grent clatter below one morning, be
looked out and saw a couple of grooms
holding one of tbe -servant maids on a
horse, which they led wltli difficult)
once round lbe yard. He nsked them
w hat it all meant
"Well, yoi see, sir." snld they, "we'rp
going to take the horse to market to In-
sold, and we want to be able to say
that be has carried a lady."
Didnt Care For the Money.
"Vou tidvertl-sed for u young lady to
be married in a cage of lions."
-Thai's right Fifty plunks. Where's
your young man?"
"Don't you provide the mun? Whut
do you suppose was my object in going Into this affair?"���Pittsburgh Post
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Weetmlneter.
Schaake  Machine Works.
T>3 Bright.
"Diils't you  wiii  anything ln  your
suit for damages?"
���WSt  didn't  you  encage  a   bright
lawyer to take your part?"
"I  did. but he took my all."���Philadelphia Press.
S r
lier   win
wi- ntiflo
The Ugliest nnd most profitable les
"���ii is ibe true knowledge and low
���e-t  ec-��teiu of ourselves,���Thomus a
���>������ "I'lS.
Kootenay  Ore.
Nelson, B.C., .luly "7    tire production in the Kootenay and   Boundary
district last week 1 ll ileil 4S.H41 Ions.
!���"<:��� the year to date the total was
1.455,686 tuns. Sun lur receipts for
the week were 40.184 tons and for
the year to date 1,275.111  tins.
Off to Camp,
l'ort Coiiuitlam, July -7.���Twenty-
five members of the first troop Porl
Coquitlam Boy Scouts, will leave tomorrow for a week's camp at Sechlet.
Captain T. It. Thomas, the organizer of
the troop, will accompany tbe party
be assisted by Oliver Phillips, recently appointed  adjutant.
tin'   Saturday's match showed  them
in n  lo     for    tneanB   to    meet   his
I ng .': lick.
Duke on Tango.
Chicago, .luly 87.���A titled tango
dancer and rag-time enthusiast, lineal descendant of Cardinal Richelieu,
of France, win write u hook aboul Chicago, lie Is .lean Armand de Chappelle de .lunillbac. Iluke ile Richelieu.
Duke de Fronsac and Marquis de Ju-
mllhac, and is nt present In this-, city.
"Red" Cashes in.
St. Thomas,   Ont.,   .luly   27.���John
(''���"'*���   ,i mi *   arm id   pencil   vender
.   own through   all Western Ontario
.na "lied   the   Bum."   was   Instantly
leclarlng killed while walking on the Michigan
A S-.le-tific Stilor.
Henry   lackson, new chief ol the |tht*   w����i
'.i Admiralty war staff, is an of-   *���  wl"
i-   distinguished   lor   his ; ��P��. rwi
n.i .......    attainments.     During   the j��. . ... ,.  	
past two year.- he has commended the , .���.,,,., -.m,**.*���**.'**.**
Naval War College at Portsmouth.! ANNUAL EXCURSON
lie  is  n   noted  torpedo expert,  aud j Tf.   UlCTflRIA
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
id excellent work, and from March.
11)05, to Oat-ob r. l!Mlf>. he was Third
Sea Lord and Controller.
Cenl ral  railway   tracks between Cornell and Tlllsonburg yosterday. "Red"
was 00 yi ;us of :i. 8.
Clocks on Car Lines.
i i���r*.0 number ni time clocks have
, .'.., ri^cd nn tho various tramway
l.ii nl t.a da. England. The eonduo-
., Mgi$i .. each tunc he passesi a
ej ek. wlin ��� records ho Ume. rhis
Ui done awa; with timekeepers ami
I na assured more regular running ol
,','. ca, . Similar clocks have heen
,��� ���,,. in Liverpool and Manchester
[ni  Bomu lime.
7 a.m. sharp.    ^^^^^^^
Tickets for round trip $1.50. Tickets
can be obtained from  the committee,
Oeorge niokoley,   V. Maxwell,   J,   J.
Capt.   P.  C.  Carter,  A.  .1.
Chfisp and HI. Ooulet,
Bltulithic on Second Street, Nsw Wcstmlnstei  with Boulevard Dovur
.^. the Centre.
Bitulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
ilitiillthic ls commended highly by owners ot autoniohllua and bomes,
householders, alio city officials, lt hns been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred iu tbe luited States.
Columbia Biiulithic, Ltrl -
Phone Seymour 7130.       i 14-717 Dominion Trubt Building, Vancouver
Fn V f*    r*>,   f~*    * )
lay ground of i****^.
SHILES & Co., Official Arista PAU*   SIX
MONDAY,  JULY  28,   1913.
celved for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Bprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
��� RATE8. ���
**>*>*>���*/** ������������������������������
Classlfled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required within one year from date ot
i-outract, $26.00.
wishes  to  work  iu  a  good  family,
speaks   good    English and   understands cooking.    P- U. llox 106, city.
Choo leaves for Ala ham; Row-Row-
Row; 100 otber popular songs, with
music; postpaid, 10 cents. AddreBs
Bond Music Co., Lock llox 82, Station A., Boston, Mass. Your money
back If you're not satisfied.     (1806)
roomed cottage. Edmonds, large garden In vegetables, cheap. Leaving
city.    Apply  Hox  1800 News.
good condition, everything complete.
Apply 812 Fourth avenue.       (1790)
Michael Angelo  Dlcicco of Toronto  tt
the  King of the  Business   In  Thai
Something About the Man Win
Squelched Votes For Women.
The Rt. Hon. James William Lowther has made history, and Ins hame
will be carefully handed down to
posterity. His ruling on tlie Franchise Bill in the British Commons
recently provided the sensation of
the  hour, and thc strenuous women
looking girls, as wen as i.icn���woutiij
make a pleasant chapter in the lii��-|
tory ol this land ol opportunities..
For instance, 1 met one woman, who
in lier young days had -worked in a|
Manchester factory, making "baliie.-1
velvet dresses at thirteen pence hall-
penny a dozen,"  and "lind you own
The Australian Sheep Men Now Meet
Drought by Irrigation.
Australia is the Bheep-country ol the
world, and a large percentage of young
Britishers who emigrate there land
thread." Now she and her husband eventually on a sbeop station. As new
are buying a lot in Vancouver, so comers, they muat commence life as a
that they may have a home of thell jackeroo, which is the native name
own. and yet they venture to spend [���r the freshman,"aud muBt lor a
City and by Meant of a Large andiwho are scratching for a vote love t liberally on good violin lessons lot while do anything.
Industrious Family He Make* OuKhiP' 'C8S ll!an " brotller' , their musical children. j    A jackeroo is paid about fifteen shil-
Perhapa his  opponents  may  derive .     I  met with other  women,  who  are ljMg!, �� wwk, with board and lodging
some consolation   from  the  luct that   in     much     improved    circumstances  Alter some months' experience, during
'.''. Lowther was born on Auril 1, a1 through their enterprise in coming to I which he lias learnt to ride ahorse	
fact on which an Irish member once! Canada     ���-������������
sought  to  console   him  with   the   re-1 are se
FOR SALE���Jl.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
branch store on Sixth Btreet will
require about August 15 a tint class
fitter and alteration hand on
women's suits. Apply by letter stat.
ing experience and salary wanted.
Application confidential. Address
Dept. W., Ladyware Co., Hastings
���street west,  Vancouver. (1794)
ware branch store on Sixth street
will require about August 15 two
bright, smart saleswomen, thoroughly experienced in the suit trade.
Apply by letter only. Application
confidential. Address Dept. W.,
ladyware Co., Hastings street west,
Vancouver. (1785)
OLD TIME PROSPECTOR Requires one year's support for wife
and two children ln return for any
mining interest gained by the advertiser. Highest references. Apply box 1784 News. 	
Cunningham streets. Apply J. N,
MacDonald, 201 AgneB street. (1793)
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice ib hereby given that Dawson
and Grace, of South WeBtmlnster,
will apply for a license to take and
use one hundred Inches of water out
of an unnamed creek, which flows in
a northerly direction through wild
land, owner unknown, and empties
Into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
road. The water will be diverted at
a point south of Ladner road and will
be used for stock and domeBtlc purposes on the land described as a subdivision of fractional section 25, B. 6
N., R. 3 W.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 8th day of July, 1913.
The application will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at New
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water RightB, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
WANTED���6 or :   Room  Modern    Ih.iis.*
cIobo In for rent.    Have client who will
two furnished rooms, Sleeping
porches, separate dressing rooms,
with hot and cold water tn each.
suitable for two gentlemen. Apply
418 St. George street, city.      117911
rooms, south exposure, with use ol
bath and telephone, in modern
home, one block from car line.
Gentleman preferred. Phone 11941..
housekeeping     rooms,    :>'<   Amies
street.    Phone fi.'!8 L. (17821
lew fi ro
mi  It
block h
'. li
rge in
.   nm ;
qui ty
all  ih
i-ki-n ran
���h .
HAVI-'. c
close   tn
il 1.
1  lot
to . X.I
������ f
ir revi
Due prm
thoroughly modern, targe int. I iwn-
it's equity $1 ���rnn. win exchange rm
I'lnsi' in let mni assume. Balance pay*
ments duo $25 pel   month.
keeping rooms; convenient. Apply
K. P. block. (1765)
��� ,
NT   With
lo   fini
i i-l
le KlKtni
avenue., neat
2011       Will   ix
-hange a
s pay-
it i
n  1
-eight   i
s-   III.      S
10   p|
r month
ti' i
r s
���11,  $150
f'iv  n
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulildlng.
SuerCMorj to Eastman (iml  Wamsley
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
Btreet. (1722)
rooms to rent;  every    convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      (1692)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-Io-date in the city.   Prirntc
bats, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 par. month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
Province of British Columbia, County
of   Westminster.
Under and by virtue of warrants of
Handsomely ��� Saloons and Populous  Districts  Are   Best.
If a heuvy license fee does not pros
ently put a stop to the romantic profession of the street piano, some en* i
terprising Italian will be asliiii;.' tlu!
Canadian iiiai/tmucs to insert tlie fol- >
lowing advertisement;
"How to earn money anil Ih�� gen-
teel; My correspondence oourse in the;
manipulation nt the hurdy-gurdy puts,
y t in the way of making ten ilullurs
a day. Positively tin' best' paying
branch of the M'usical Art. Don't,
waste hundreds on counterpoint and
harmony when you can get results by
turning a handle "
This is not the exaggeration it
sounds. The hurdy-gurdy industry in
Toronto has reached a basis where it
is malting a profit for it.- diBciples ol
from   four   tn   ten   dollars  daily,  Sttyn
Tlie Star Weekly nf that city.
Eleven Italian families devote tlieir:
entire time tn such musical adventuring and possess an average of two!
slreet pianos each.     Usually the lius-|
band  ami  one daughter accompany
one machine, while tlie wife and another child take charge of the second.
As is true in every branch of enterprise, however humble, some organizing (.'cuius steps tn the front and;
makes'a meoger, It applies even tc1
the hurdy-gurdy.
. Michael  Angelo  Dicicco is king oil
the  street  piano  in  Toronto.    Gifted,
with a large and Industrious familv.i
Michael  Angelo P."k  pattern  by ttier!
haul; and bread amalgamations loom'
ing up in every direction.    One da.i
lie  increased  liis rolling  stock  Irmi
one to  four,  appointed   his  sons  and
daughters   to   branch   managements,
snd himself became genera] managed
of his hurdy-gurdy circuit,    Pn to-day i
four Btreet pianos pour into Michael's I
treasury a ready stream nt cupper ami,
silver.    Fellow  Italians like to guest
at the fortune of Dicicco; hut Michael
himself shakes his  head anil  mutters'
lhat "a man must make a living some i
System���plus a curious grasp of
human nature- lies hack of a successful career as a musical mendicant.
Thus, the Italian handle-artist who
possesses n "papoose" knows quite
well that when seated in a basket on
his .-treet piano, it has a faculty nl
exciting feminine sympathy, which in
turn means the loosening of purse-
strings. It is not so much an accl.
dent of their occupation that Baby
Anti'iii'- accompanies the parents; he;
has a very profitable knack oi "look-l
ing cute" just at the moment tlie
"rich  ladies"  arc  hurrying  ky.
Two places the piano grinder visits
with untiring patience���tin   botel, and!
the  district   blessed   witli   numerous j
children.    At the former he reaps a *
plentiful harvest (rom tiiat sympathetic fraternity suspended  from the bar |
J rail, who  become sn helplessly trans-1
I purled  with sentiment when a pretty I
little lady holds nut the tamboureen
and murmur.-: "Something to help!"
Of coursi- there's something to help.
I "Here, Joe, give me  two half-dollars|
for a bill,    Don't mention it, signor-
I ina; it  was  because ymir lovely laee
I recalled a memory of by-gone vear*."
| And the little lady of the tamboureen
I takes her toll of pennies ami quorters
mark:   "Surr.   Mr.   Speaker,   yourself! in n thousand ways; and. as business
men, engineers, "sky pilots," farmers,
they have opportunities for growth
and work and stirring life, possible
only Ui a very privileged few in the
Uld Country.
Steak and  Mushroom  Pudding.
Steak und  mushroom  pudding  Ib a
.   -    . ,         good winter dish and Ib both apiictlz-
la.   As for tbe other sex. Unions, buckjunipt.ni included���he will be test- | inE nn(j satisfying    Cut tender rump-
tting their mark on the country  ed as a boundary-rider; and the most \ ���.* k lnt0 tuln slice
the  exception   which   proves   the
Mr. Lowther entered Parliament as
Conservative membtf for llie Penrith
Division of Cumberland in ISiSC, ami
in the same year he married tlie
daughter of tlie late Mr. HcresIorJ
Mr. Lowtlier's personal charm and
legal training render hun eminently
fitted lur the post of Speaker, to
winch he was appointed in I'Jlgi
Though a strong Conservative as regards personal convictions, Iu has always adopted an impartial attitude,
and has succeeded in giving tlie great-
est satisfaction to all  parties.
An awkward compliment was paid
to him ou one occasion when he wu-
away from the House suffering Irom
a severe cold. A member ol lbe Government asked Ins private secretary,
Mr. (Jully son ol a former Speaker���
how lie was. Mr. Cully replied that
Mr. Lowther wus improving rapidly,
and expected to be back in lhe House
in a day or two, "I am very glad tu
hear that," said the member. "I
dun t knuw what we should do without him. He's the best Speaker we
ever had." Realizing that lie had
said a somewhat awkwarl tiling lc
the son of Mr. Speaker Gully, ths
member went into another room, saw
a iriend silting there, and confessed
to him, "Qh, I have said such a
stupid thing. I just met young Cully,
ami I said Lowther was the he.-t
Speaker we ever had." Unfortunately
the gentleman to whom this observe
tion was made was Mr. Peel, son ol
Lord Peel. Speaker of the House before Mr. Gully. "I dare*ar," observ
ed Mr. Peel, "if you went ouUidi
and walked down St. James street you
might meet one of the Brands,"
.iir. Lowther lias a keen sense ol
humor,   winch   servo   hun    in   food
stead when members show a tendenc)
to get out of hand. During thu euri
ier suffragette disturbances, when it
n-i decided tliat tiie Ladies' duller,
should lie closed to all save relation.-
ol members, an imprudent politiciai
asked the Speaker how lie would de
fine the word "relative." With por
tentioua gravity Mr. Lowther replied
"I cannot undertake the responsibilit
ol saying in what relation mem
stand to the ladies whom they intr-j
duce into the gallery. That is *
subject Which I can only leave to thi
consciences uf honorable member-
The Real Villain.
"Are ynu tbe villain in this troupe?
asked the baggageman who was liau
dllng theatrical trunks.
"No," replied the youth with hlack
curl.v hulr. "I used to be, but the reul
villain I- the treasurer of the compnny
and by this time he must he iiIkiih fide
miles mt his way to somewhere else.'
-Washington star.
They  Hatt  Salt.
Most people nre in the habit of look-
ina upon   articles  of our accustomed
diet, and especially upon salt, as ne-
! eessities, says V. Stefansson, the Arc-
. tic explorer.   We have not lound them
sn. The longer you go wil.iout j-'rain
| foods and vegetables the less you long  tion work  of  a  boundary-rider  would
for them.   Salt I have found to behave have to do can  be  gained  from  the
I like a narcotic poison; in other words,   fact that on some of the larger sheep
monotonous period of liis shecp-statiou,
career will perhaps come at this time.
He will probably he away in the,
bush for a month at a time, rounding
up, or riding-in sheep to within a.
certain boundary. He will find hut?
at certain junctions of liis travels, and
it may lie necessary to remain several
days at one of them.
Perhaps he will discover a number
oi sheep dead ami i��thcrs dying from
Bome   disease.    These   carcasses   must
be gathered and  burnt.
Some idea of the amount of inspec-
it is hard to break off its use, as it is
hard to stop the use ot tobacco, but
alter you have been a month or sol
without salt you cease lo long Ior it.'
and after six months I have fmind the
taste "f meat boiled ill salt wuter
distinctly disagreeable. In lhe easel
ol such a n,'cc.--ary element of tood;
as fut. mi the other hand, I havj found
that the longer you are without it1
tlie more you long Ior it, until the
raving  becomes  much  more  intense'
stations there are as many as 100,000
sheep. The animals wander tor null's
off tbe Hat, iii search of food, and it
is necessary for a rider periodically to
round tin-in up and drive them hack
within certain boundaries.
After a year or two on a sheep station, the emigrant may attain tu tlie
dignity of shearing. He will begin to
consider himself an expert in mutton
matters, and this enthusiasm will pru-
bably tend toward Uie decision of be-
Bteak Into thin slices, and these again
Into medium hIzhI squares. Cut thlrs
slices of bum or bacon Into still smaller square*. Spread the steak out on it
(loured bonrd, place n piece of tbe bam
or bacon on eucli square and sprinkle
with a spiced seasoning made uf two
small teaspooiifuls of suit, one-half ten-
spoonful of blnck pepper und a salt-
spoonful of mixed spice; then roll up
tightly.    Line a  buttered  linking dish
with pie crust ami till with alternate
layers of meat mils und mushrooms
which have been peeled and cut it��
pieces. Pour in some good iirown stock
well flavored with vegetables. Cover
with pie crust pressing lhe edges firmly   together   after  having  moistened
Ihem wltli cold water. Place u plecu-
of buttered paper over the pudding,
then put on the cloth uud steam stead-
lly for four hours.
inn i- the hunger ol a man who fasts. | jng a squatter, or u sheep station own-
Atnotig  the  uncivilized  liskiinos of er himself.    But although experience
the dislike   of teaches,  the    new   chum   who corn
ier   tioitheril   Cunada
-nit is to strong thut a Fttltiliess nn-
perceptible to me would prevent them
ruin eating at all. Thia circumstance
was often useful t" me, fnr whenever
>ur liskimo visitors threatened to eat
iis out of house and home we could
put 111 a little pinch ol suit, and Ihu-
husband out resources without seeming inhospitable. A man who tasted
anything saltv nt nut table would
quickly bethink him tliat he hml
plenty ol more palatable lore in blown house.
Britain's Head Influx.
During   tlie  ten   mouth.-.   April
I to
Feb I, ol the current fiscal year.
144,033 immigrants arrived in Cunada.
made up ul 130.600 British, llfi,*2ll
from the United State-, ami 95.04;
trom all ottier countries combined.
The figures for the corresponding
months oi last fiscal yenr ure: liritish
121,681, trom the United i .ates 111,706
and Irom all other countries combined,
UT.a-'W; giving    ��    t"tal    tor    the    ten
".    ���    months, April I to Feb. 1 of the fiscal
' "       year 1911-12 of 300,705.
Percentages ol increase are: liritish
7 per cent, American 0 per cent., others 42 per cent.
! indices   life   on   a   sheep   station   in
j Australia has many Important condi-
i tions to consider.
Sheep breeding  in certain part- of
I Australia is precarious, inasmuch as
i ita sueivs- depends entirelj on the
amount of grass  feed.   The drought,
' which has almost ruined Australia
over und over again, plays havoc with
the Bheep,  owing  to  the grs*s  being
| tried and burnt up. The annuals die
ill in thousands, and the young squat-
1 er is soon ruined.
In accordance  with Australia's de
, velopment, the risk of drought is be.
\ i ming minimized more and more. Irrigation���the pumping oi water Irom
! rivera and main   irrigation   channels
I iloug artificial waterways cut through
acrea and acre* ol land���has greatly
helped   Ui  cunt.'tact    any disaitn
li King Sol predominates too t
,��� I
A New Fudge.
Marsbninllowed fudge is sure to he
liked by children, so for your liitl��
party make this confection at home,
place one cupful of creum und twt>
cupfuls of powdered sugar in a siltice-
pini uud stir gently to avoid sticking
or burning until the mixture begins to
boil. At Ilils point add one-quarter
pound of chocolate and keep stirring
until till Is melted. Allow all to boil
for ubout teu minutes, or until the
soft boll stage is reached. Then put In
li bit of butter (ubout one uud om- half
inch cubei and stir until thoroughly
Take the pan from the lire nnd bent
quickly for six minutes longer, then
pour into n buttered pun containing
marsbmullows. nuts and candied citron.
These nre scattered through*- the
fudge. Some prefer ciindied ("berried
cut Into halves in the citron, but it l��
till a mutter of taste.
Irought.   If King Sii predominate
ong, farmers just resort to irrigation ! A Novel soup.
0 wnter the  pari lied  laud. Almond and celery soup makes a de-
The Government ol Iho varioui ; llclous luncheon dish. Vou must cut is.
tates are making herculean effort- tn bunch or celery into small piece- and
irovtde  irrigation  channels  in  eulti-    put over the lire wllh one quart of cola
ated   areas    distanced    from   natural     water, six peppen-orns. two bav leave*-.
aterways.  SO tliat m a le*  ..    .      : | | ���   mtle ,mUin JuU.e, , B-,,.e of lelmin^
A   Snow   Bicycle.
A  goml deal  of interest
in  eiilii-
Hint in a le* years lu !
settlers   may   invest   lime   and
y in land and stock pi 'duce *-*U-
tear ni drought.
Jexeoution and a warrant under chat-1 ,r""1 the rest of the gentlemen,
tei mortgage, lo me directed and de-' <���'   whom   plead   earnestly   with
[livered against the Roods and chattels * that   fall
SEALED TENDERS,  superscribed
der tm  Addition m Land Registry
New   Weatmlnsler,"   will   !�����   receh
tbe   ttonourabli.   tti"   Mlnlstet   ol
Works up in noon  of Tuesday,  tti
i.i l.v
��� isth
day nf AuKiisi, 1913, for erection and
cotnpli tlon of addition lo Land K. nl *
Office,  Ni w   WeatmlnsP
Plans, specifications, contracl mil forms
nf tender may be seen on and afti-r tin-
:��th il.iv i.r Julv. 1913 m Hi' "in * . t
H.   A.   Fletcher,   Oovernment    Agent,   Ni *���*���
Westminster;    .1      Mnbony,    ���'���������������	
Am nt.   V.iuei'iiviit*,   und   tbe   Departinenl
of  Public  Winks.   Victoria   It   C
Intending tenden rs can, i>>* applyh
the  undersigned,  obtain ono copy   ���>!   the
ilriiwiiiK**. nn.l  one  i ipy  of  the  -;.<.  flcs
tinns  fnr  tlie  sum   of  twenty-flve   i|25)
K.'.<-t! proposal must be accompanied I
su acrepti il bank cheoue or .* rtlflcat
deposit  on a chartered  lunik of ('ntindn
made payable lo ih" llouourubli   thi   M
luii-r "f Public Works, fm* tin   sum of  10
ir*-r pent "f tin- amount  nf the contract
which sluill be forfeited If the party ten
di'rini; decline to enter Into contract when
eallod upon 1" tl" so, nr If he fall to i nn-
Irti'ti' the work contracted fnr 'ine cheques
nr    certificates    of    d' posits    of    unsue
nrssfu) tenderers wilt be returned to ihem
nrm'i  the execution  nf the contrnct.
Tenders will nol t" c instdered unless
"iii' out mi the fnnns supplied, slirieil
��� Ifli Hi" actual signature nf tin* ii.nden r,
;,....  enclosed   in  tbt   envelopes furnished
The l-'wi'st or nnv tender not nee -Bsurlly
:*.*!���  pi   .1
.1    R   i:i'i'*-i-ri-'i.
i'").'**.' Work.-' Engineer.
li. i *.'l:n'"( iir  rnn*.    IV   -ks
Victoria, ll r . .-Mh July, 1 <i 13     i 180,11
of the West Knd Hardware company ! gurdy insid
at the suit of Kelly, Douglas & Co.,  en Bucket.'
Merrlthew & Ramsey    and  A. Hard- j
man.  I have seized and  will sell    at
the West End    Hardware   company's ���
Store, Kighlb    street,    New Westmin-1
ster, on Monday, the 2Sth day of July, j
1913, at ���i'.'M o'clock In the forenoon,
following, or sufficient thereof to !
satisfy the judgment debt and cost* !
herein, etc.:    A'.l    (he   stock of hard I
ware,  tools,  plumbing  Roods,  tanges,
heaters, granite and tinware, umniuni
tion, paints, varnishes, brushes, etc.,
amounting    as   per    Inventory     to
Perms of sale rash.
T. .1. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff,
iw Westmlnsti r, July 16tb, 1913,
should fetch In- hur.lv-
and play "The old Oak-
Re Lot "B" of the South 33 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1. Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed, In the District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
th" above property will be Issued t"
William McBrlde on the l^th day of
August, 1913, unless in the meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
nm in writing li\ a person or persont
Claiming an estate or interest therein
or in any part thereof,
li strict Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry office,
New  Westminster,  B.C., 1 nth July
The person nr persons having ll
their custody or possession the follow
iiiK Title Deeds relation to the said
property are requested to deliver the
Bame to the undersigned.
30th January. 1889, Rrant from tin
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue,
19th July,     889. conveyance   frnm  hl man dedarin
Rougue   to   itohi
Charlotte  Adele
Scott Moncrleff.
(1743)       District Registrar of Titles.
In   those   districts   where  children i
most do congregate, remains the chief
profit for the itinerant musician. Children  are   naturally   sensitive  to   whal '
other youngsters may remark.   Hence j
it  becomes a mutter of  "tlie  proper
thing" to see tliat the "poor old Italian" is given a penny '-T two before i
lie moves a'ong t" a neighbor's house, i
That is one of the trifling points   ii
:������  in  a  ten-year-old, lhat  he  be-
neceBsary to keep up hia caste.
Presuming  that   twelve   visits   were
made in an hour and from one to ten|
i cents received at each, the  profit
a twelve nr fourteen-hour day i- not
1 hard to realite. Aa was noted above,
from fnur in ten dollars is the average
daily earning power of a well-inanag-
I ed hurly-gurdy.
Competition is eliminated by general agreement   For instance, the laui-
I ily that patrols Avenue road
road. St. George Btreet anl like i ..ah
tn-.-  need   leur  no  inroad   trom  rival
machines.    With   established   r utes
I all over Toronto, tin* busim -- i- wonted largely on the franchise ivstem
although a leader like Dieicco oi us-
j ly controls the choicest streets ai.'l i-
i privileged   to   lay   siege   to   tl      bat
j rooms that serve the mosl -��� uliuicutal
Fnr tin- increasingly i r* fits do in
duBtry, the city "f Torontu rlmr.es no
license fee. Indeed, according I lomi
official   Interpretations,    the    hurdy-
I gurdy man ia breaking the law ever}
'day he plies hia trade. At present he
exists by the good-will of thc police,
althougb considerable pressure is be-
i lng exerted t" havo a heavy tax lun.
I upon Ins occupation.    Ner are many
oi his fellow Italians at all backward
in  advocating   his   banishment  Irom
the street.-, one prominent proiessiou-
: that the existence ol
Educating   the   Heathen.
"Hrother   llurdesty, can't ynu   make!
your contribution for the education ol
the heathen a little larger than usual
this year''"
"Dr. Goodman, I'm more than dim
hlltis It I bave Just started thnl
youngest boy of mine tu cullege."-
Cblcugo Tribune.
I taken  in  the  "bicyclette,"  the   inveti-
i Hon of Mr. A. Kanier. of Lachine, and
which consists chiefly in substituting
i a pair ol runners for the front wheel,
I whieh are attached to the ends of the
fork, and also in attaching a chain ���
similar to those used in automobiles,
lo the rear wheel,  to give tiie necessary grip upon the snow.
The "bicyclette" has been uiied with
great success upon the roads, and aleo
upon the ice on the river.
ar-   her
This is
it  Irom
A  Kitting  of the  Provincial
Commission   will  be  held  at
Thursday, .list July, l'i a.m.
The Commission is empowered to
inquire into all matters alTeallng the
rondltlons of labor In liritish Colu i-
bla. All persons interested aro invited to attend and give evidence.
tf. n. McNAMAI! \.
Secretary. '.1775)
tin- Italian piaiin grinder gave the
entire colony a reputation !nr lur-k ol
industry which was not at all deserved.
Taking the gross cumin
street pianos at the lowest
tllnateil "| tlm.-'* I"'st  in!   i m
BUbject, nt leoat one hundred
duy is collected from Toronb
laiimi by the twenty-five instrument
Newioundland   Seals.
Newfoundland seals arc not lm bearing, but are killed in large numbon
for their skins and fat, I he .-kins are
transformed into patent leather and
"kid" gloves, while tiie iut is used
for soap.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 3.16 Hastings Btreet west. Vancouver, U.C. 1.1678)
English-Speaking    Races
Canada's be.-t immigrants
English-speaking Immigrants.
incontestable, though lar be
us to disparage tiie excellent qualitie.-
ol many of the foreign settlers. We
have room in our vast lertile country
ii lor millions yet, and il we desire tbat
the land shall have its million.-, we
may be thankful for thc entrance ol
any immigrants sound In mind nnd
body, who, even iu the distant future,
promise to make good Canadians or
even tn become the parents of good
Canadians, writes Emily I'. Weaver in
I.i* Hord   Canadian Courier.
liut in bidding welcome t" tlie.-r
foreign thousands nn patriotic t'lins
dian wislies to endanger - custom.-,
the habits ol thought and the uliiii-
th..t have made hia country what it
i- lie wishes the Dominion lo be nnl
t" niuiiin a worthy member ul lh
group "I "Anglo-Saxon" nations; aim
hulk- towards the building up ol otn
great united Canada, not a imre eon
glniiierution ol little lliis-ias. new
Scandinavlaa, and so foi th. Iiiiuii
grants Irom these countries and Iroin
othera may nn I do contribute richly
toward.- Uie building, but .1 it is lu
b- fitly framed together it must liavt
good binding material "I some sort
ami this is surely best to he tnund
In those who belong to our own race,
who apeak "iir own tongue; who real
the same bonks as we read; who haw
i n   nursed   In   the   same  glorious
traditions; who. whatever may tin
Ial lures in practice, cherish the sane
noble ideals of liberty and good gov
eminent, ll goes without saying tha
these, the kith and kin ol her people
must I..-  Cana la's   best  initiiigrant.-
the only class in fact that she cn .'
do without, if she is to receive with
safety tlie thousands el foreigners wh .
annually enter her gates, Difference.!
of language, race und education (m
the lack ol it) add tu nur social nml
political problems with every Ir.-ti
party nt foreigners, hut the English
speaking f"lk strengthen the ban I
of tiie "native-born, and aid in tin
happy assimilation country almost all
an end, have crossed the boundary
anil an' now engaged with ai. then
might m the congenial occupation ol
"boosting" new towns in Canada and.
Incidentally, of hurrying forward nn*
provements, which the older, staidei
Inhabitants might have regarded limit of their I'cui'h for many a long
day. As one travels westward tin
Briti-h Immigrants setm more and
more In evidence, and the stories ol
many a stalwart Scot and sturdy Km:-
liaUmau ��� uf .".<)'). wives and   Lrasu-
The Famous Portland Vase.
Tlie material ot the famous I'ortland
vase Is glass, with cumeo engraving.
I'he vuse Is composed of two layere of
l'Iiiss. white over dark blue, Tbe
while wus ground nwuy by hand so
us tu leave tbe design tn wblte upon
the blue background. It Is une of tbe
tragedies of the British museum that
this priceless treasure wus sinasbeil
in pieces by an Insane visitor, lt ban,
however, been repaired wltb creat skill
and Is now guuriled with extra caxe-
f his beautiful specimen of Ureek art
Is ten Incites 111 height, with a diameter ut Its broadest pnrt of seven
Inches. Its present name comes from
the fact that It was once owned by
the Hoke of I "unbind, who lonned It
to  the  Urltlsb   museum  In  1SIU.���Ki-
Olllet���Anything eccentric about Ma-
cy's childrenV
Perry���Yes; they all miud -Judge.
Prliie nniy no before a fall.
Hut better lur. U fellow mun.
To fnll ami do ll proudly Hum
To never hnve i-liilmeil prlilr nt nil
���ChleiilEU  Itei-oiil-lluiulil.
"The parasol mlgbt be considered the
feminine of tlie umbrella, 1 suppose."
"I suppose so    What about It'/"
"I   was Just   wondering  If   lhe  tli-st
( parasol wus made from an umbrella'!
rtb."-l>lttsburgb I'ust.
- .-I the
liviire es.
���I mi thp
dollars a
Sweepings of English Theaters Art
Sold to tbe J; -.makers.
Now ami then oue sees In tbe Kngiish papers advertisements announcing
that So-and-so bus it large slock of
orange skins for sule. As a mutter of
recommendation bs to quality tlie advertisement concludes with tlio statement thut they are from such and such
a music ball.
There Is n big business in second- !
hand orange skins, lemon peel, etc., on j
tbe other side of the Atlantic Most
of them nre bought by makers of Jams
and marmalade. This was brought out
j when there was an Investigation of Ihe
1 preserving Industry iu England.
ln  certain  portions of the  theaters .
i and music balls of London and other'
i large ilrillsh  cities the seats nre not |
| reserved.    Admittance   to  the  pit  Is
generally    sixpence.    Once   a    person
leaves bis scut it Is immediately grab- |
bed by some one else.   In order to get
a good seat one must come early.   One
grows hungry ns the hours go by be-
i fore  the  performance  ends.   The  fa-
* vorlte sustenance of those who sit lu
these cheap seats Is oranges.
They consume Ihem In large quantifies and throw tbe skins on tlie f'.oor.
; After each performance the skins are
lis Construction It a Matter of Great
Skill and Patience.
' When the Canadian red man of the
old type wants lo construct u canoe,
he fells a ci-ilar tree or else seeks a
prostrate trunk of the dimensions lie
fancies. In either ease he proceeds to
cut out u section of tlie desired length,
peele off tin* bark, ami hollows out tlu
log, leaving a smooth surface upon
the sides and bottom from end to end.
Next the log is turned over ami tlie
} outside fashioned.
Mm lo.' ia hollowed by burning and
j chopping.     A   fire   is  built mi  tin* top
i and  is so  carefully  watched and so
; skillfully directed that when tin* burn-
' ing is finished tlie big piece "| timber
: is   neatly   hollowed,   with   wonderful
symmetry  from  how  to stern,      The
whole  concave    surface    is    left    so
1 evenly ami nicclv charred that when
' the   surface   is   worked   down   to   llie
sound timber  by  tin- use "f a buck-
. horn adze ther,' remains I ut little al-
! leration to be made.
The  log   ia  turned  over,   with   tlie
| hollow side down.   A slow lire is em-
, ployed to shape the exterior and once
nmre   tin*   surface  is   neatly   worked
: until   the   sound   timber  appears.
Since Uie coming of the white man
(the Indiana have, for tin* most part,
: felled trees for tln-ir canoea with axes;
.but in the old days thia was accomplished by burning and by Btone implements, the lire being so handled
.a- not tn Injure the portion whereof
the canoe waa to be built.
When the Interior und the exterior
"f  the canoe  have   been  finished  to
, the   liking   "f  tlie  builder,   In-   next
step ia to "stretch."  Without this op-
ration  the  craft  would  be  entirely'
| uiisi'iiwnrtliy.    To    make   the    canoe
si'.'iW'iithy.   it   is   set   level   nn   a   linn '.
sknl foundation and then lllled with
' water.   A fire ia then built and stones
nt  s   red   heat   ate  thrown   Into th-*
canoe   until   the   water  boils.    This!
I boiling is maintained until tin* walls
of  the canoe,   which  are  more  than
un  inch thick, booome as pliable us
Bole leather   and   capable   oi   being
stretched   u   foot   or   more    beyond
, their normal width.
The builder's attention is now turn-1
i ed to the adjustment of cleverly fitting
; sticks   in    it   transversely   along   the
gunwale,   increasing   in   length   Irmu
. the ends to the middle,    By "roaBoii
1 ������! thesi* stretchers a cedar lng of, say,'
two feet and a hull in diameter will
furnish  a canoe of three or lour feet!
j in beam.  The width of the canoe var- j
j ies, of course, with the length.
Tiie sides of tlle canne haviug been
brought to the desired curvature, the
| water  is  then emptied  out  and  the
shell allowed to dry thoroughly, but
without hacking.
The finishing touches consist of a
Btnearing, inside and out, with fish,
oil, tontiiri with artistii' decorations
in brilliant colors. . ���
salt to taste, and a slick of dominion.
Cook ull together for an hour, struli*
and put over the store again.
When heated ulr In u cupful of
cream ur rich milk nnd u teaspoonful
each of flour and butter, blended. Mil
smoothly and then add about one-quarter Of a cupful .if blanched iilmoniN
1111111111111 to u paste. Allow tbe whole
to boll Just for u second und then
Chocolate Whipped Cream Pie.
Rent separately whites und yolks of
four eges. |Miur yolks Into whites, add
one cupful sugar, one half cupful potato flour, one half teaspoonful soda
ami one tens|iooufiii cream of tartar,
fold Ihe dry liicredlents Into eggs very
carefully. Huke In two Washington
pie 111*.
('ream. - Make Mrup of one tnlile-
spoonfnl cocon. two of suipir. tw.. of
water liy cooking until smooth. Let
'onl slightly ami [mnr Into on,- cupful
heavy cream. When lUoroughly cold
whip as plain cream Klavnr with ra-
uliiii und put In middle ami mi top of
Making Buttermilk Cukes,
one qnnrl of buttermilk, one level
tenspoonflll of suit, two "���_���!.'-, Hour to
mnke u thin batter nml  teaspoonful of baking soila Heat up the egg*
well, ndd to Uiem the buttermilk, then
add lhe salt and mix tborouchly Ills-
solve the soda In two tulilcspoonfllis
nf boiling water, then stir l| Into the
buttermilk     Now  tcrndunlly  add   the
Hour,   stirring  all   the   lime,   until   yuu
have n butter tbnt will pour smoothly
from   a   upturn      (live   a   good   1 tin-
nnd hake quickly un s hot well ureus-
������il griddle.
Irish  Moss Lemonade.
This I- nu excellent ilrlnk  fnr those
���mlfeillig renin ii.lil or sore throut
Souk our quarter cupful ��f |r|st>
lloss  mer  night  and   pick  over   i cry
furefully   before  < Line.     Wash   In
-.everul   waters   and   when   quite   free
'  sand put in a double holler ami
���our Iwo cupfuls of boiling water over
t Let It simmer until the moss Is dla-
..Ived. then strain through cheesecloth)
nil mid ihe Juice of two lemons w*iti>
ugar to taste. This drink is served
cry hub
Maitre d'Hottl ���utttr.
use with beefsteak try preparing ttiis famous butter in the following way: Have ready two large table-
spoonfuls of butter, one sennt tnhle-
sponnful of lemon Juice, u little spi Iir
of minced parsley and u Reasoning of
salt nnd pepper. If nnu lilies It quite
iield half as much lemon as butter or
as much as the butter will hold im, boused.   Beat thoroughly and serve.
A Study In Arithmetic.
1 don't wonder," said n twelve-year
old  In ins dud,  "that people eiuiic to
I lhe L'nited States from these outlatiil
, Ish   regions   beyond   the  sens,   where
i folks use the Roman system of ntiiner-
' atlon.    Just  imagine a kid going to
1 school there nnd being given this kind
' of problem: MDVIX Is divided by Cl
j how many times?   Or, X multiplied by
VII uiltius XIX equals bow much? Or,
CIV nnd MVI and DXIX minus MC
I equals���    Say. arithmetic is going  to
Egg With Coffee.
When a raw egg is distasteful to ir
patient,  but  coffee is  very  n h  rei
Ished and also allowed, the two can In-
served   together   by   beating   together
one egg with one tnlllespoonful or sng
ar.   Add gradually half to one rnpfiil
of boiling  entree,   sttrrlin;  ciillllntilllly
nud till un n-lili hnt mill   m .>*   -
,. ,. r ,n        .i       i . .  I 'ou't '"iP n simple one und one nre two
c.irefully_Ki,U,ere,l_,ip und sold to deal- | for me aftel. ^
ers.���New York Sun.
-New York Tribune.
New  Spring aud  aummer  Suitings
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed,   70)
Frout Street. MONDAY,  JULY  23,  1913.
���Aue  seven
They  Are  Happily
By   P.   A.   MITCHEL
"Inn r r**it**tr*i"* *--*-���*-*.**��� -��� -*��� ���*���-* ������
Tlie mining camp of I,ucky Gulch
���wns a much more peaceful place tbuu
cuuid be found in those early days any-
Wbere In the gold districts of Colorado.
The reason of this was that many of
the millets were married, nnd their
wives exercised a salutary influence on
them and tbe utber inhabitants. But I
one day the habitual quietude of Ihe
place was disturbed by the arrival of
n hlg man. who announced himself ns i
bailing from the stale of Ohio, and he
fcnni, made It known that he wus quite
"nlilM to take cure of blmsell." whieh
meant thai he curried u chip on his
shoulder und invited any one and every
one in knuek it off.
He had some .money, wltb which he
I gilt ii claim, uud. having built him-
tn-if a cabin, proceeded to dig for u fortune Tbe shortening of names was n
feature in tin- mining camps of those
days, und the big fellow soon came to
In* know n us Ohio
lioiu the moment be came Into the
amp   the   pence   nnd   prosperity   Hint
lli.nl pervaded li gave place tu a mill'
I mil   lunilltliiil     'lhe  men  were  much
|n* -.nn.- a- tin. gnu population of new
.nli it-*-    bill   lind   been   iimlliticd   by
���  women     Obln  threw  tbem  back
ii then ptlmltlvu condition.
E'he result  was lhat very soon every'
hii'ie'l man was Irving to prove that
.- .he was ui Ihe betid of his house, which
���   llieiint   (hat    lie   was   excessively   dls-
; .oj.iee.ibli'     Where peace und good will
bint reigned in lhe euhlns angry voices
vere heard and occasionally u sound
indicating thai some heavy missile had
I" in thrown and struck a wall Instead
in nn intended victim,
As wus lo be expected, the women of
tb- pluce soon came to consider Ohio
their nuttirnl enemy. Word wus pass
ed among tbem one morning after tlio
n.iu hud gone to work thnt there would
be a meeting In one of the cabins tn
consider methods of getting rid of the
trouble maker Some dozen wives got
together, tun it is questionable if wo-
man s greatest strength lies In deliberative assemblies At uny rale. Iii tbls
ln-tance a great deal of time und talk
were expended In suggestions tbnt were
i Dhstird. Oue Woman proposed lbat they
' pi'iir boiling wuter on OUlo, another
that they attack him wltb hatpins,
another lbat tbey refuse to speuk to
blm. Tbe latter of these propositions
was voted dowu mi tlle ground tliat lie
woill'Jn't enre whether they rut him
er not. but the real reason was that It
I- natiirnl for woman to admire power
I man, nnd snme of those present se-
. ly admired the dfstnrber,
It last Mrs, Mulligan suld: "Lcddles.
1 don't set* us we eau do anytblug ut
: it ull Itefore I married my Mike
1 give 'em rope enough to gu ull over
t1 i' "orrld If he wanted to Ile got to
Ihlnkln' he nor n prixe ul n county fair.
1 )l-t nt lm go on tn thnt coiiifiirlin'
de in till after we wna iiiurrled.
fit. i thin 1 brought 'ltn to his senses
��' the llrst cruel! o' the whip lf you s
v nl to lasso Ohio, my advice to you is
fur Borneo' yoit's to nmrry lilui."
The only drawback to this plan wns
tl it there wus no unmarried woman
li 'lie enmp. Such ns had conic there
from time to time were not calculated
to Increase tbo respectability of the
ramp, and they hnd been warned nwny
b; ihe wives���a warning the latter
-seemed to be nble to make effective in
dealing wiib their own ses. Therefore.
tin.ugh nil the IttdlPH agreed that Mrs
Mulligans plan wa- (In- Dili) I'lan. ll
could   imt   he carried  nut   III  this case
for the want of material
Sn lln- (error of l.iid, ���>  Hiilch contln   i
nod  in bulldoze the  men and to set
tliciu against thel:  wives     Kvery day I
tl e condition of tl.e camp grew worse
Rome whose boles in the ground were
in.I  pntihing nut  well. Urged  liy their
Vive,, who had suffered under tlie malign  Influence  iw��i   bad  come  uihui
them, gave up their ventures und mov- !
ed away.   Others began to mlk of foi
lowing, and II looked as though l.uckv
l.ulch would he abandoned nnd forever
afterward known ns Unlucky Galcb,
Ahout this time Ohio announced thai
I hid reason to believe he had struck
I lying clt rt and wns gnlng down lu
I'nii.er wllh some samples of ore for
assay nml in tiie hope tliat he might
I-1 ihe necessary funds with which to
develop ills mine As he passed out of
(tie town on hi* wny dowu the gulch
In- wis followed by a chorus uf mnle-
tliitlniis on lhe pnrt of Ihe women.
ci.di one of whom expressed the hope
tIml he would not live tn return. He
grinned at them and said thnt be
Mould surely come back If ""ly to
give each and every .me of tbelr cow
i iii-diy husbands �� thrashing This sn
gered ihe women nil ttie more, und nn
i���ecus!..mil stone followed their tornien
fence reigned again In l.licky C.uli'h
Ifniiii tbe nu.ment Ohio left It. He had
fli-mi gone ii week when n man enme
mp  frnm  Denver, who reported  thnt
��� ilu.i's samples of ore hnd assayed J4IHI
in JUKI to the tun He hart sneceeileil
In burrowing capital with which to de
��� slop the niiii.. nnd would soon be
titli'k lo enter upon the work.
A  wall went up from the women of
��� he 'ilno. who fnresnw thnt If Ihetr
ci'.'inV*- Influence hurt been strong for
e.ll iiefnre It would nnw he fnr strung
er. A group of mem were taming
hard on the roud running through the
euhlns when u small woman, weigh
Ing less than 100 pounds, wns seen
walking up frcm the station, where
tiie slagecouch bud Just stopped.
"(.'un you direct me to the cuhfii nl
Joe Wheeler?" she asked wben she
reuched the group.
The women looked nt one nnolher
Inquiringly. None of tbem appeared
to bave beurd of Mr. Wheeler.
"lie came bere some time ago from
"Ohio:" excluimed a chorus of voices
, "Oh, he's gone tu Denver, llut he's
'.coming back to develop bis mine. He's
been getting capital for It"
"Yes.   I've   heard   about   tbnt.'
Production** That Have Been
Given of Masterpieces.
Since the immortal hard lirst. Beted
in his own plays at the oil theatre
built liy Burbage in Shoredltch in
1570, and later ut the Globe, which
stood near London Bridge on the
Soutliwark side, his plays have been
produced in a thousand and one different   ways.
During Shakespeare's Festival and
Exhibition, organized at Karl's Court
last summer by Mrs. Cornwallis-West,
one bad the opportunity of seeing
Shakespeare as it was placed at the
end of the sixteenth century. An ex-
art representation of the old Globe
Theatre was huilt. and lhe plays presented as in the dramatist's own day.
When Shakespeare played at the old
Globe theatre th" singe was literally
a stage- a platform erected against
one side "I the building���and on three
sides of this platform the Bpectatori
snt or stood in the pit (then called
the yard), while round it ran the gal-
leriea nr boxes (then called rooms),
like the galleries of an inn-yard. Tliere
wsu no provision (or scenery, and a
dour at the back of tin' stage was the
general  entrance for the  actors and
wus  liuild   with  curtains.
The properties were of a very prlrni-
; tive  character,  and   were pushed  on
: the Btage in the calmest fashion, "the
j battlements   for  'Hamlet'   doing  servile lor the balcony scene in 'Juliet'."
Not only ut Earl's Court, however,
hut   at.   the    Savoy    Theatre    a   few
i months ago, Shakespeare was present-j
. ed mi lines Bomewbat similar to the
; first production at the Globe Theatre
On this occasion Mr. Granville Barker  presented  "The  Winter's  Tale,"
the   main   feature of   the   production
being that, for the most port, curtains!
I tonk the place of scenery, the dresses
being  on  the  most  original  lines--a
, combination, in fact, of English and
] foreign historical dresses.    ,t was uiv
tii'ely different .'rom any Shakespear
1 enn   production  which  has  ever been
attempted of late years, and the critics wire puzzled how to describe it
Some   referred  to   it  as  "Barkerizedl
Shakespeare," others as "Post Impressionist  Shakespeare,"  while  the majority   described   it  as   "fn-ukisi  and
Whatevi r the views of the critics,
however, Mr. Granville liuik'-r waa
fully justified in liis production, for it
proved  a   remarkable  attraction.
Mr. Gordon Craig, the son of Miss
Ellen Tiny, who has been playfully
call I "a crank,'' because of his originality in regard to stage Bcenery, has
some remarkoble ideas us to the manner in winch Shakespeare should be
As an illustration of Mr. Craig's
methods "f Shakespearean production,
it might he mentioned that one of the
models   he   has   made   for   Hamlet   is
intended   for the  scene  before Ophe-
^^^^^^ , lias   marriage.     It   shows   a   pillared
The stranger wns seen to be bunting, interior, with a Bhndowed foreground,
and the yellow reflection of the sunshine in the hack -.'round. The effects
oi the yellows and greys, produced entirely by lighting from above, without any pigment, furnished a remarkable illustration of what may be
done by  this method.
mnrked tbe stranger In a quiet voice
"Which Is Joe's cabin?"
Tliey pointed to Ohio's abiding place,
und tho Woman went on. directing her
steps toward It. One ot tbe others
called after ber:
"You'd better not Interfere with anything that belongs to Ohio. He's Just
"Is be?" said the other In the Baton
modulated voice, uud proceeded on her
"Goodness gracious!" exclaimed tlio
woman who hut! warned her. "If she
touches anything there. Wben he comes
home he'll kill her "
"Don't you believe It." snld Mrs
Mulligan. "It's 1117 opinion that there's
somethln' In the coiiiln' 0' this leddy.
If tt mnn hnsn't got anything there's
nobody to take on Interest In 'lm. but
Just ns soon ns prosperity comes to 'tm
11 woman appeals, and It's likely that
she's got a string tied to 'Im. I'm
thlnkin' Hint the leddy's goto' to clip
bis wings, sn he won't lie llyln' so high
ns be wns "
The stranger, finding Ohio's door secured wiih a padlock, lefl It to return
wtth a hit of Iron, with which she removed the staple; then went In and deliberately took off her hat and wraps
Women In the surrounding cabins
were eyeing her witb wonder, while
groups of citizens were gathering lu
see whnt next would happen Bui
the stranger went nlioiit making herself comfortable, apparently unconscious of the uwful doom hanging over
"There'll be a murder.'' exclaimed
Mrs. Walker.
"Don't y' believe It." snld Mrs Mul
llgnn     "She's his wife"
"Mow do you know thnt?"
"I can tell it. because she's no!
n-feared of Mm She's gol a .Inch on
'ltn, you mny be sure. Me bbe It's unpaid alimony; mebhe it's bigamy: any
way, she's gut tlle whip hnnil of 'Iiu
nnd like enough without either the nil
niony or the bigamy either. Walt and
Curious Origin of Some of Our Most
Common Expressions.
In the "Ilomance of Words," e pub-
llcutlou by an Kngllsli author, much
space Is devoted to "uphesls," which
melius a gradual or unintentional loss
ot au unaccented vowel ut the begin
ning of n word. Tbls kind of word
shrinkage Is more common tbau one
might suppose.
Sometimes the middle syllable of a
word wlll bo slurred to the point ol
extinction. Prom Mary Magdalene,
tearful and penitent, comes the word
maudlin. Bacrlstnn is contracted into
sexton; the old French word puralysie
becomes palsy; hydropisie becomes
dropsy, and the word procurator be
comes proctor in English Bethlehem
Hospital for Lunatics, established in
London, came to be telescoped Into
bedlam, much ns Cbolmondeley Canute be Cbuinley and Mujoribunks
Mnrshhanks. I'ecl Is for appeal, mend
for amend, lone for alone, fender,
whether before a fireplace or outside n
ship, Is for defender; fence for defense,
taint for attaint
The word peach, commonly regarded
as   Kngiish  Ihief slang,  goes  back  to
Ihe time of Shakespeare and Is related to Impeach, though used to indicate
Informing against an accomplice.   The
; word end is for Scotch caddie, once an
; errand boy. now familiar In connection
wiiii golf.   Caddie is from the French
I word cadet, meaning a Junior or young-
1 er brother.���Indianapolis News.
Olive and Elaine Dickens, granddaughters of the novelist bave recently had a play produced In London.
"Beauty and the Beast" la lta title.
Miss Dora Keen of Philadelphia, the
mountain climber, is a slight little
woman of much personal charm, about
tbe last one would pick ln a crowd as
the conqueror of Mount Blackburn, one
of tbe highest peaks ln Alaska.
Miss Josephine Fremiti, agent for
the Southern Pacific Railroad compaay
at Dllley, Ore., has for the third time
ln six years received the medal for perfect work. In 1907 she received the
gold medal for the Oregon lines.
Miss Inez Mllholland of N'ew York
is one of tbe best looking suffragists ln
the entire army under tbe yellow flag
of votes for women. She brings to tbe
cause a diploma from Vassar college
and a license to practice law ad libitum
In the state of -New York.
Miss Katherine 1. Harrison, whom
the Pujo committee was anxious to
summon recently ln the hope that sbe
might reveal some of ber vast knowledge of Standard Oil secrets, was for
twenty-flve years private secretary to
the late H. H. Rogers aud Is said to
huve accumulated more than a million
dollars as a result of her rare business
ability, coupled with her knowledge of
Inside affairs.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
In Ohio's larder She got out n eau ot
tea and other articles nnd proceeded
to prepare n meal When she brougbl
forth a hum that hnd not heen cut ami
liegnn to sliver savory slices a shlvei
passed over tbe lookers-on Ohio had
secured the hnm nt a great price be
fore leaving nnd had warned the camp
that If he found un his return that il
had been molested he would break cv
ery bone in the body of the molester
The nest day when the Btage arrived
Ohio wns aboard. Reveral persons win
remarked blm hurried np the guicb tn
spread ttie news nnd see Ihe fun when
be found bis cabin bnd been Jumped
The rouseqiieneo wns that every man
woman and child turned out nnd gulh
ered about tbe Obln homestead When
the proprietor came up nud suw the
crowd he nsked what was the matter
lielng tnld tbnt his cnliln bad been
opened, his supplies used nud tils bed
slept In, tils anger rose, but when In
formed thut his tiani hnd been cut aim
partly eulen he roured like n bull
Hushing to his cabin, he opened the
door, which the lady within Immediate
ly shut behind blm Since tlle ciillei
curtain to tlie window Imd been drawi
the audience were cut "IT
nesstng whut was going
Most of them listened for shrieks,
no shriek-, were heard
jumper remained unseen for some ten
minutes; then the two enme out 10
gether The ebonite In the former wns
marvelous Ile lind entered the
like 11 llun and had come nut like
tu nib
���(ieiits nnd  Indies."  he said
me to Introduce tn you ull my wife"
"I.e. lng   wire."   llie   stranger   sug
"My   loving   wife,"   Ohio   went   on
I'l.r several months I've enjoyed"
n  look  It  tlie wife he changed
word eul'iMil t.i suffered-"a period Ot
-.Ingle blessedness "
"CuiTi'dtieKH." the lady suggested
������('in-.-dtiess I ntn happy to say Hint
I shall have her assistance In work
1,1c nnd developing my mine, which
Huts fur mnde 11 line sin.wing I
. you'll nil eiiibe nnd pny your re
ts to Mrs <ttitu��� I menu Wheeler'
Tbat was ihe last of the domination
���if the people of Lucky tlulcb hy Ohio
lu Mrs Wheeler ho found s
lhat mnde hlm very tradable
The    Operation    of    Trepanning
Common In Ancient Times.
While Ihe medical profession Is
agreed that some rough form of sur
gory must have existed from very nn
cieiit times. It has always been n mat
ter of wonder that so complex and dell
cate nn operation as trepanning should
also he one of the oldest.
There Is authentic record of this operation dating buck to the time of Hippocrates, who wrote treatises on fractures, dislocations nnd wounds of the
head, wherein be described the method
of procedure to be followed in the case
of a fractured skull. His idea was to
cut away a piece of bone so that the
pressure on the brain might I.e relieved
The annals of this era also show thnl
a tile was used for this purpose, which,
at a time wheu modern anaesthetics
were unknown, must bave been, tu su,\
the least, painful.
According to Holmes, the operetta'
nf removing pieces of bone was per
formed long before historic limes. The
effects on the skull are easily seen after
deatli und are visible as long ns the
bones arc preserved, l-'roiu inspection
of certain skulls of the later stone uge
iu ancient Britain there has been de
rived tbe conclusion Unit some of these
had undergone the operation, which
must bave been performed witb a stout
Implement.���Harper's Weekly.
Most people would be
benefited by the occasional use of
Na-Dru-Co  Laxatives
Gently, thoroughly, q^d
without discomfort, they free
tbe system of the waste
which poisons the blood aud
lowers tlie vitality. 25c. a
box, at your Druggist's.
National Drag and Chemical Co.
of Canada, United.      176
Back East
Five   Days
SS. "Prince George" Sailing
every   Monday   (Midnight)
(Granby Bay)
(Five Days)
SS. "Prince Rupert" sailing
every Thursday  (Midnight)
Including Meals and Berts.
C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
' Granville Street, Vancouver.
On Sale Daily to Sept. 30th.
Return Limit Oct. 31st.
Variable Routes.
Go One Way���Return Another.
Hoston and return  $110.00
I>etroit and  return     83.00
Halifax and return  129.35
Montreal and return .... 105.00
New York and return ... 108.50
Niagara Kails and return   92.00
Ottawa and return    103.00
Toronto and return       92.00
Other polnts^at same reductions
Illustrated   literature  on    request, showing views and equip-
ment of trains.	
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  G.  A.   P.   D.
1 hone Private Exchange 8134
rrom  wil
on   Inside
Ohio nnd the
A Modest Ambassador.
���?ir Francis Bertie, the Britisli ambassador at Paris, is a most unassuming man. When he was ambassador
at Rome, he was thc hero ol a most
amusing  incident us the rusult nf  liis
On the day ol his arrival a large
crowd bad gathered to give him a Iit-
ling welcome. Presently a train drew
up at the station platform, and a
ihort, stoutish man. dressed in a
tweed suit with knickerbockers, hurriedly alighted, and passing quickly
through the throng, disappeared, So
one took any notice of him, as the
crowd were looking for the elegantly-
Iressed individual who was their ides
of a liritish ambassador. But tlie
stranger in the tweed suit was none
other than -Sir Francis Bertie, win
entered the carriage winch was wait*
ing lor him and drove off. undiscovered, ii is .-.un! t.'uit on another occasion an important official saw Sn
Francis running along the street waving an umbrella, and shouting excitedly. The official in question expected something dastardly 1 .d happened, but Sir Francis was inly drawing
attention to some small boys win. were
hanging on to Uie back 01 Lady Ucr-
im a carriage.
Origin ol St. James' Palace.
Henry VIII. when lie built St James
palace designed it for a country resi
deuce to tuke tlie place of tbe lutuioi
nf  I.euiilngtoii. wiiere be lind been In
llie habit of going for a chauge of air
He pulled down the hospital dedicated
lo St. James the Less nnd on Its site,
as Holinsbed tells us. "built a goodly
manor and made a faire parks for bis
greater comoditle and pleasure."   Tbe
pnlare stood iu lhe midst of tields well
stocked   with   gnme.   und   these   were
inclosed ns Its private demesne.   Even
while   residing   here   Henry   held   his
court lirst at Westminster and then at
Whitehall after he lind taken  the lat
ter  palace  from   Wolsey      It  w-as  not
until   IHO".   when   Whitehall   was   de
stroyed   by   lire,   thnt   St   .lames'   palace  became the  London  residence of
monarchs.���London Standard.
It turn
Origin ef the Mathematical Symbol
That Standi For Nothing.
It ls the |iecullur triumph of ihe
mathematicians who constructed tbe
Hindu Arabic numerals tbnt tbey were
led to Invent a symbol for "nothing."
Tbo Invention arose out of the dlllleul-
ty wblcb was encountered when calculations were transferred from the
ancient abacus board and became a
written operation.
On the abacus hoard, which may per-
hiips lie seen still In Infants' schools,
the rows of bends or counters repre-
Bented tlle numerals 1 to fl, but eaeb
counter or bend In the row above reje
An Odd Legacy.
Thomas Jefferson, Ihe founder of the
Jefferson family of actors, was reniem
tiered curiously lu tbe will of Weston
who was himself an esteemed member
of Oarrick's company Weston's wli.
contained tills Item:
"I  have  played   under  Ihe  manage
ment of Mr. Jefferson at Richmond and
received from blm every politeness,   li.
therefore leave blm all niy stock  of i
prude ne. It being lhe only good i|ual
Ity 1 think be stands in need of."
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
he undersigned, and endorsed "Ten-
ler for Wharf at Vancouver: B. C,"
will be received at this office until 4'00
p. m. on Thursday, August 21, 1913.
or the construction of a Wharf at
.'ancouver, li. C.
Plans, specifications and form of
'ontract can be seen aud forms of ten-
ler obtained at this Department and
it the offices of ('. ('. Worsfold, Esq.,
3istrict Engineer, New Westminster,
8. C; I. S. Macl.achlan, Esq., District
Engineer, Victoria, B. C, The District
Engineer's Office, Confederation Life
Building, Toronto, Ont; J. L. Michaud,
Esq., District Engineer, Post Office
Building, Montreal, Que., and on ap-
illcatlon to the Postmaster at Vancouver. B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
enders will not be considered unless
tiade  cu the printed  forms supplied.
lnd   flgnrd   w'th  their  actual  signa-
trues. stating    their    occupations and .
iliices   of   residence,    ln  the  case  otl
Irrns,   tbe   actual   signature,   tbe   aa- I
ure  of  tbe occupation,  and place  ot \
-eeidence of eaeb member of tbe firm
-nust be plven.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to the order of the Hon-
nirable the Minister of Public Works.
SQUSJ *n five per cent. (5 p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will be
'nrfciti d if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when
-ailed upon to do so. or fail to com
alete the work contract"!! for. If the
tender be not accepted the cheque will
be returned.
The Department does not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa. July S. 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertlrement If tb��v insert it without
authority    from    the    Department.��� !
14661.    ' (1749)
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C, fit.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-in. in diameter. This is also made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel. Band,
Lime, Plaater, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
802 Columbia Street W.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
P.  O.  BOX  442
Praa. and QaaL Mar.
Bee. and Tr***.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Jefferson's Admirer Wee Mixed, but Hc
Rose to the Occasion,
Jefferson wns llie most delightful
story teller I have ever met. writes
Mary Show ln llie Century. describing
The Human Mile of Josei'b Jefter
son." His vurled life und experiences
were wonderfully Interesting Once
we wpre In Terre Iiuule. lnd , nnd tlie
theater wus nenr a botel. We -gut oul
of the cub and were strolling through
���tt out that she held over ��m no such ] |n (|)(, row b(,-ow Th������ noi could be
elldgel s�� unpaid silmony or bigamy j |niIlsfem,d from abacus board to pa
hut ruled blm Just ns other wives rule ||)ir wU|���mt difficulty, but 5 <0i I taken
tbelr lui'bnnds No one could under j from ,he ���baoul m|ffbl Iw IH. since llie
st'-ind why be hnd been Impelled to 1 VU(.lint place wus no longer Indicated,
domineer the camp before the arrival I Accordlngly mathematician* were led
nf bin "Ife till Mrs Mulligan, with that j (0 lnv(.���t * character  for  the  vacsnt
place,    lhe Invention of this symbol
I the hotel corridor  when a  very  |m.ui
resented ten times as great a value as I poua mail came Up to Mr. JeflorHun. as
lersnus frequently did. and. exteudtntt
remarkable intntspoetlve perception of
tiers, explained the phenomenon
"It's this way." she said. "When we
Inarry the men there's no pence in the
family Mil we break 'em In tn married
harness Then tbey nmhle alone |.eace.
ful enough, lint onct tn a while tbey
like tn get out like a horse turned Ihtn
pasture and kick np their heels nnd
roll A mnn In sn.-h a frolic nkes to
net buck to hos'ln' ngnln nnd Isn't snt-
Isflpfl unless he shows whnt an nwful
tj'Tfini be Is Uni he knows his mnsler.
and when she puts the bit In bin
mouth he nikes to it as easy as a bnhy
fn tlie bottle."
Ontario on  Monday  marketed her
.,  bufme, ,'f 1918 fall wheat when
the Toronto board of trndi  ''""lv"'1.;'
���   ������.   1 . ,.; le from Chatham,  in
Kcnl    nnv     11  graded  No.   1  and
. .    10 pounds   to   the   bushel,
ivhlch is considered e*ct llent.
Ion. Hiinb Richardson, rtlred Jurist, who died at Ottawa, aged 87, wns
born in London, England, In is^n.
Previous to liis retirement he was supreme court Judge of the old North
w.'hi territories, and was the presiding Jui'i I :i the famous iiioi iriui.
for "notblim" with the crowning, trnn-
s.-eiideni achievement In the perfection
of the decimal system and lay nt the
base of nil Ritlise.|iiem arithmetical
pmnsess. Among ihe Hindus the sytn
bol was nl first 11 dot, but It wus soon
superseded by a circle, O Its symbol,
says Professor 12. ll. Turner In u magazine article nn the numerals, has varied grenlly, and Its nnnie hus a pedigree of Its own The Hindus called It
sunya���void, in Arabic tills became
in l'iO'2 I.entinrtlo Klliohaei'l translated It r.epliiriiiii. In I33U MmxlniUM
Plumules culled It ir.lphra. During tlie
fourteenth century Italian writers
shortened It to zeiici'o and celiro, Which
became zero, bow In general use.
Meanwhile It has passed more nearly
In Arabic form Into French ns chlffre
nnd into lOngllsh us cipher, biking un
new slgnlficatloni*).
1 ids baud, suid:
"Mr Jefferson, you do not know me.
I nut I know you very well, and. sir. 1
I am very glud to see you In our city
loll ure 11 great actor. I have seen
you ever since I whs 11 lime hoy ' lie
looked fully ns old ns Mr. Jetters..ti-
'hiiiI I have always looked forward tu
vour visit to this place."
He Wf��nt on praising Mr. Jelferaon,
who presently suld*
"I  thiiiik  j..11  very much.    You  are
very kind "
I'pnn whicb the old Gentleman went
'I  tell you everywhere In thts town
people ure glud to see uld Josb SVblt-
cotnh "
There was n moment of silence, stid
then Mr   .l.'tl.'tsnii said:
"I think yuti are mistaken.   I piny
Ulp    Vail    Winkle      Ion   must   mean
I li.iiilpMin     Ile plays Josb   Whit-
1 in- effusive gentleman paused i.   c
enough   lo  collect   bis   wits  uud   t     '1
said clieerlnlly;
"Oh. yesl   So you nre tbe old fellow
who played Rip Vun Winkle)    	
you're good tou."
The want ad. is an ideal salesman.
It is direct but courteous.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It speaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The rcsultful want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are made.
MONDAY,  JULY  28,  1913.
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Summer Beverages Cut In Half
All   Cash  Prices.
Rose's Llmo Juice, regular
r.Oc, today 35c.
Hose's Ume Juice Cordial, regular 60c, today 35c.
Smith's Grape Juice,  regular
25c., today 20c.
Lemonade Powder, Efflel
Tower Brand, regular 25c, today 15c.
Lemon Kali, regular 25c. today 20c.
Cllquot Club Ginger Ale, Hoot
Beer and Sarsaparllla. regular
20o��� today 3 for 50c, or $1.80
per dozen.
Flysac, 2 for 5c.
Viper Fly Colls, each 5c, 6
for 25e.
j    Pyramid   Fly   Catchers,  each
���5c, 6 for 25-i.
Sticky Fly Paper, 2 sheets
for 10e.
Plums, regular 60c.  basket,
today 50c-
Apricots, preserving, crate.$1.25
Peaches, 2 lbs 25c.
Crate $2.25.
Pears,   2   lbs 25c.
Watermelons from   .45c. to 80c.
Canteloupes,   each     15c.
Public Supply Stores
U L. ADAMS       3. K. BRIGGS
City News In Brief ���DR0PS
If not then  you  arc
certainly not getting the
most possible out of iif e
because    there    is    no
pleasure so constant as
the     knowledge     that
money is safely set aside
for old age or adversity
of any kind.
-   A    savings    account
gives a man   that  self-
confidence without
which success in life is
���An account in our savings department earns
4 per cent and the interest is added each three
Why not open an account today; $1 is sufficient for the start.
Dominion Trust
Tlie Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $6.0(10.000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In tbis
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
The building permits Issued for the
city last week totalled $14300 as
against $4600 the preceding week.
Mosquito insurance, Anti-Buzz, 25c.
Hill's drug store. (1773)
Mayor Gray jias issued a proclamation stating thht Wednesday, July 30
is to be a civic holiday for the merchants' picnic.
Get it et the Hoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (1673)
Rev. Kather O'Boyle gave a pleasant
surprise to his old parishioners of
St. Peter's church yesterday when he
celebrated Mass und preached in the
The W. C. T. U. will hold Its regular monthly meeting in the Queen's
Avenue MethodlBt church parlors at
3 o'clock today. The topic for discussion is "The Flower Mission and itB
Ice cream grotto. Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Ilardman.
proprietor. (1670)
lu response to an Invitation from
the board of trade, A. O. Powell, harbor engineer, will deliver a public address on the harbor Improvement
works in the city hall on Tuesday eve
nlnis. Aug.  5.
A Japanese employee at the Praser
Mills was brought to the ltoyal Columbian hospital Saturday morning
suffering Iroin severe cuts on one of
bis bands. The man's condition Is
not serious.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 16"2'
Tommy I.ouis. a I.lllooet Indian who
had been damping out on Lytton
square for the past    few    days,    was
taken to ti"' Koyal Columbian hospital
Saturday morning on the Instructions
of Dr Rothwell, who was called in on
the case by Indian Agent l'eter Byrne.
Money lo loan on first mortgages.
Improved cltv nnd farm property.
*) per cent.   Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (1671)
Voung people of the city gave a song
service yesterday evening at the Koyal
Columbian h ispltal. Phil Songster
and Miss Gertrude Diamond gave solos
I'liese simple Sunday evening services
nre appreciated by patients unuble to
attend  regular service.
Insure wllh Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to puy losses.
The   Fraser   Mills   will   close   down
temporarily   on   Saturday   for  an   In- j
definite time In compliance with nn ���
agreement    with   the   Pacific Coast"-'
Lumberman's  association     This de-
,'i-ee   only   applies   to   the mills, the
yard and shipping employees will not
events, Vancouver winning the ball
game, 14-5, while the Koyals more
than captured a majority Of the racing items. The relay race won by the
Westminster team was perhaps the
most exciting incident of the whole
day's enjoyment, Smith, the pivot man
of the Koyals, regaining thirty yards
lost by the previous runners and winning by inches. The party returned on
hte  Baramba late  Saturday  evening.
The annual picnic of St. Peter's
parish will take place tomorrow to
Bowen island. Special cars will leave
the B. C. IS. n. station to connect with
the steamer at the Union wharf, Vancouver  sailing  at  9:15.
Paul Splntlum, who was sentenced
by Hon. Justice Morrison In the local
assize court on Jun�� 28 to be hanged
on Friday, September 12, '"haa ��� been
granted a reprieve by Justice Moy-j-
son until December 12 in order that
the court of appeal may hear the
questions raiBed at the trial, at a sitting to be held in Vancouver on November 7. On Saturday morning
Stuart Henderson, counsel for the condemned man, made application for a
Well tanned und looking tlle picture
of health, the cadets of the Lord Kelvin and Richard McBride schools returned yesterday afternoon from their
week at Sidney. Vancouver Island. All
the boys report having had the time
heir lives and some of their cloth-
Watches All  Kinds and Conditions of
Men Using Public Drinking Cups
and Suggests.
"When Ib Westminster going to discard'the public, drinking cup?"
That question waa put by two visitors from a prslrie city last week,
after standing In front of the post-
office for perhaps twenty minute;
during which time people of all raceB
stopped at the public drinking fountain to quench their thirst especially
at a time when Old Sol was sending
his rays down thick and fast on the
people  using Columbia  etreet.
During the 20 minutes in which the
two visitors und a News representative were standing in front of the post-
office, Hindus, Chinamen, Indians and
white people used the drinking cup of
the fountain which was placed therein memory of Queen Victoria.
"To honor the name of Victoria, the
Good, is fitting for any city," said one
Iof thc visitors, "but to do it ln a manner which is likely to spread all
; kinds of diseases iB scarcely approbate.
|    "The memorial to Queen Victoria is
I made of stone.   A stone cutter's chisel
10 O'Clock  Saturday
i674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Here are a few items of up-to-the-minute interest, priced at the tempting figure which has kept our
big store so busy of late. Get your share of the good things while these low prices are in order. This immense stock has GOT TO BF. REDUCED and hundreds of careful buyers are reaping a harvest of extreme
Ladies' Shirt Waists
A large assortment of these pretty Waists
are here to choose from, nicely tailored with
soft collars and curfs All colors and sizes.
Former $1.50  values  for
Ladies'Cotton Blouses
A pleasing array of these come with Boft
collars und turned back cuffs In white repp.
Former values to $1.25 for
of their lives and some ot ineir mow i  - -���u    change it to such a design
ing  certainly  suggested  rough   usage |ag  ft  sa���lt���rV|  or  bubbling  fountain.
when they arrived  In  the city about ;;hp'r���'n0 germ oarry|ng cup would be
7 o'clock last evening. Many of the
Westminster boys carried their lacrosse sticks with them, defeating all
other teams at the camp, with the exception of North Vancouver.
and    averted    it:
through Wabash train
COURT TRAVELS TO Chicago. July  27.���Scores    of lives
CONVICT  FRESH  HOBO were saved yesterday  when a tower-
  'man in Burnham, 111, threw the Ohlc
If it Is more convenient for the Co- I river special on the Pennsylvania rail
quitlam court to go to Mahomet than;read into a derail
to  take  Mahomet  to  the court,  then j collision with a
the court goes.   An insolent hobo, not,  from St. Louis.
however named Mahomet, demanded I The train took the ditch nt high
food from the cook at Crabbers' mill!speed. The Pennsylvania locomotive
and on being refused, used language j waB overturned in ihe crash, but as'dc
to the lady. He then cooly, and i from minor injuries suffered by the
strangely for a hobo, with whom , fireman no one was hurt,
cleanliness is not usually associated,! A moment after the Pennsylvania
proceeded to the bunk house and per-| train hit the derailer the Wabash
formed bis abolutions. Tackled by one train clicked across the fro;;s at the
of the workmen returning to the, track intersection, less than 1000 feet
bunkhouse there was more language.! away.
The   police   were   phoned   for,   Chief] -   --���
Pare arrived and the hobo was taken
Into custody. As Crabbers' mill is
over a mile north of the Junction and
useless expense would be Incurred in
bringing the prisoner and witnesses to
Maillardville, the court went to Crabbers' mill. Magistrate Smith convic'-
ed nnd sentenced the man to 30 days
hard labor.
I Continued from Tnge One I
lie affected.
Eleven   More   Autoists   Pay   Fines
Eleven autoists contributed  $107
e   Hurnaby   exchequer  on   Saturday
morning  for  violating  the  Motor  act
and also tbe municipal bylaws, while! Juarez be court martlaled and that;
a case of riding a bicycle on the side- !the guilty be punished is a much more j
I walk netted an additional t'i. pointed request than has been hither-j
general statement that his plan would
conserve the    friendly    relations    be- ]
tween  Mexico and  the  United  Slates |
and protect  likewise  the interests of i
Americans in the southern republic.
The  demand   that   the   soldiers    at |
Men's   Summer   Underwear
Zlmmerknlt Ualbriggan is Just the
right weight; gray, blue, pink and
hollo;   si'/.eB 32 to 44. ijr
Former 50c values 1 if
for  xiux*
Ladies' Parasols
Ilolh  in pluin  silk and  fancy effects.
Some  neatly  embroidered.    Everyone
In the bouse half price
Former $2.25 values
Fancy Prints
A bewildering variety of patterns and
every shade cf color. Guaranteed 27
inches wide and ull fust C7.fi
colors.    Former 10c per Oil
yard  for       v*v
Ladies' Lingerie Dresres
Fine white  mull  Lingerie  Dresses,  ln
sizes for Misses and women; luce and
embroidery trimmed.
Former $4.00 values
Men's Straw Hats
In plain Heaters and Sennet Straws,
both stiff and soft brims. Kvery hnt
in  the house  reduced. TAr
Former $1 00 values jUC
Jelly Glasses
Here comes a snap Just
they  nre  moBt  required,
tin covers.    Former
50 cents  per dozen
at   the
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
The Ford Forsbaw Aut i company, of
Vancouver, received the heaviest fin
to voiced by    the
ment.     Althougb
p.m. on Thursday, the
The heathen Chine
disregarding the     f
e   will   persist   ill
nirtii  command-
tor   failure   to   have   numbers   plainly
Bhowlng on the front and rear lights
Those  who  came  under  the   law
wen-  li. I.. Mors". \V. Phillips, W, I.
| mi-lit
'���losing act.    Two Of them  were fined
I flu and costs in the police court onl McKay, .lohn  Orlloll, 8outh   Vancou
Saturday     Others   who   fell   by   thejveri  I). C. Patterson, Burnaby;  It. L.
| wayside   were   topers.     A   Hindu   and |Cliff und T.  II.  Smith, of New West-
.'iii Indian each was fined tii and costs, J minster.
| two   white  oonvlvlals,   first   offenders.,'	
.���Iven  a  chance  to  Observe  self McGregor  Coming   Back.
American    govern
McDonald,  who    la
at     Hants
reported  to be an  English I
the   demands   for   protection j
consul   nt   Chihuahua   was  ordered   to ,
go to   the  extreme  of   precaution     to
prevent harm from befalling them.
Vigorous  Inquiries.
Secretary  Ilryan  was at    the  state
Co., of Vancouver;  \V. Connon, David department for a   short    time   today
Consumers    ot    water    not    using
metersare reminded that the date fori that of $R�� and  costs for exceeding I BlsselVs   fellow   prison
"avhig the rebate on rates tor   three  the  speed  limit.    The    other    eases .-Rosalia
months ending -September ��0 expires heard before Magistrate Beatty were subject
giw  inst.l'-if   n   minor   character,  being   mostly\covered  both  men  and  tii
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITf, SHIUSX Co.,Official AgenK
as Incorporated  In the Sunday  Tnit, \V   Hagley, Ford l-'orshaw Auto
White Rock Hotel
Under  new  management;  $2.00  per
day.     Special   weekly   and   week-end
tariff on application.
11. W. MORRIS,
nnfrol in future
I hours'  start  to  r
and s hobo got
ear the city.
For pressed brick, lire clay, com
mon brick, cement, lime, plaster
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the H. ('. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone Sl'C, wharf phone 880.      (ICTli
Suffering from a rifle bullet wound
in the abdomen, little Henry Ander
sin. the seven year old son of Mr.
nml Mrs. Anderson, living ut Alin
j Vista, llurnuby, was brought In yesterday afternoon to ibe Royal Columbian
hospital, where be liis in n serious
condition, Just how the boy received
his wound is yet unknown, no report
having reached the llurnuby police
who,  however,  will  investigate    the I
Word was received In Burnaby on i
Saturday morning thai Iteeve D. C.
MpGregor, who has heen In London for;
lb" pnst few weeks In rnnmction with
financial matters pertaining to the
municipality, wns now en his way
home Whether he has succeeded in
fh n'hie nny of tli" bond Issues of Hurnaby Is unknown and will probably not.
be until he arrives back in Kdmonds
Reeve and Mrs. McQregor were recent
callers on Lord Strathcona, Canadian
high commissioner, at his London resi-
case tiiis morning.
Becoming excited and rushing from
one side of the streel lo llie olher,
Wong Roy, n local Chinaman, was
knocked   down  by   an   unto  driven  by
lien Robb early Saturday morning al
the corner of Eighth   and    '   lumbia
streets,  and  wns later  taken  to    the
Royal  Columbian  hospital,    sufferli g
trom a broken ankle.    Itoy at flrst re- j
fused   to go  to the hospital  and    de-!
mended to be taken    to    liiB home    ill
Chinatown where   medical   treatment
was forthcoming,    He wns afterwards
'persuaded lo change bis mind.
Maillardville Streets
The Maillardville people believe in
doing Ihings for themselves. A meeting will be held ibis week to designate
ithe struts by name nnd to number
them. These will be embodied In a
petition and submitted to the Coqultlam council for official approbation.
The Rexall
always the leading store in
every city. We can save you
mbneV Oil VOUr next pail' of flve the Cosmt Itanthe necessary 30
,,        ' m i ,rnoins.  and   tbe  addition   will  cosi   in
(.'lasses.    1 ry the neighborhood of $3600.   The Hoi-
brook also is planning Improvements.
Curtis Dru^ Store
and SEEDS.
Rosthern, Sask.. July 26. Late reports from outlying districts prove
Friday's hailstorm worse thnn al first
thought. The storm divided Into
strips, one strip about two miles wide,
starling near Waldheini nnd extending about 14 miles southeast to tie
C. N. It. tracks south of Rosthern. J.
Dcering lost l'i'. acres; David Deering
film acres; PJjIUp Krikoff. Hu) acres;
Chris. Klnzel, Rudolph Marquart, B.
lt. Morris, ,\. Wlbe, It. Bottager, P.
W.  I'eters each  lost 100 acres.
Another strip extended from Hostile��� In an easterly direction nnd
went across the river. The losers were
I. F. Iiyok. over 2( crcs; .1 A. Dawson* 20 nacres; A. II. Frleson
acres:    l'eter   EllOB,   120   acres.
North of tbe town the strip wns pro
���\s an  Indication that a movement  bablj three miles long nnd nol  ver;
has started among the hotels of the wide.   Gerhard  Enx, with 300 -.wre
city to take steps to comply with the |destroyed, was the heaviest loser.
now   liqu >r   regulations,   us   recently
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate carpets and draperies, re
make and repolish furniture, manu
facture cedar dress and waist boxes
window- seals and do all klndB ol
upholstery work In leather or tapes
try. We are the largest makers ol
window shades, draperies and in
terlor hangings, Estimates given.
Lees  Limited. UGG!M
conferring  with  siibordinatt     	
in the Latin-American division. He j
I stated later that the telegrams order-1
ing an investigation constituted tht
only action that would be taken for |
the presi nt. but tbat the American I
government Intended to pursue its in-1
qulries  vigorously.
There is little Information about the
status of McDonald and BiBsell. They j
were en route to f'arral In an automobile to brng out refugee1*! when ar [
re-ted nt Santa Rosalia. The machine ���
w-as confiscated and the two men I
taken to the city of Chihuahua, where ;
news or tbelr pending fate was car- j
rled   to  the  border  by   Americans.
Whil" the demands today were '
directed toward the Huerta govern- I
ment, the cotistitutionnlisis. according!
to reports, are making every effort
ibere to gain favor with the United I
Suit's by affording all possible pro-1
tection to Americans nnd their in
I crests.
Federals  Routed.
F.agle Puss, Texas, duly 27. Not.
i only Torreon. but the city of San Luis
Potosi, capital of the state of tbat
name, has been captured by constitutionalists, according to Lieutenant
Colonel Luis liorcasitas, of the constitutionalist forces, who arrived in
Pledras Negras early today, lt is
also reported, but not verified, that
the cities of Cuitcan and Mazatlan In
the state of SInaloa have surrendered
to the rebels.
in accordance with a resolution   of
the City Council I hereby declare Wednesday, July 30th. a Public Holiday,
and respectfully invite lhe citizens
generally to observe the same.
A.  W. OKAY,
Mayor's Office, New Westminster
July 28, 1913. (18051
Residence Y. W.
I'hone V.'it.
Suits to your
TAKE THIS j order and sat-
AUTO TRIP isfaction. j
Pack in your bathing suits and n
well filled hamper and spend a day at
Maple Beach, Boundary Huy. Plentj
of free picnic places on the sand
bench or under the wonderful spread
ing   maples.     Lovely     spring     water.
Take the Hiver rond   to   Ladner  and
the Cloudv road soulh.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
High   Class
Ladies   and
401   Columbia   St.
P. Bijrns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.  Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,   Phone   L883.
A large delegation cf Vancouver
Moose wlll pay a visit to the local
lodge this evening, coming over by
epecia! ear.
Every member of the WeBtmlnster
lodge is urged to attend as many matters of Importance are to be broughl
nn up for discussion. An orchestra will
be in attendance. (1807)
Red Currants   2 lbs. for 25c I
Plums, Pears and l'eaches 2 lbs. 2ln-
Tomatoes, per lb Hoc
Muskmellons   2 for 2Dc
Lime and Grape Juices, per bottle 25c I
to  ;j5c I
Bannanas, per dozen    ;iuc !
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON TIIE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia  St. Phone 90
enacted nt Victoria, which requires
that every hotel shall bnve nt lenst III)
rooms belore application for u renewal
of liquor  license  will  be   grunted,  on
Saturday morning the management of
the Cosmopolitan hotel, thiough their
architects,    Qardlner    and
awarded a contract to Kerr
for the addition of 16 rooms.   This will
Phone 43:   L.  D.  71;
New Westminster.
Res. 72.
B. C.
One of the besl picnics of the Bea-
i ii h is thai held al Bowen Island on
Saturday by the Clumbers' ami Steam-
fitters' union of New Westminster and
Vancouver, About 100 left lure on
I special cars for Vancouver, where lhey
; were Joined by nbout 260 more The
| two    cities    broke even on lhe sport
Oot and  In  Again.
Seattle,   July   27.    When   confront
ed by City Detectives A. N, Mayou nnd
Hank Keefe In the county jail yesterday afternoon. Joseph Deutzeck, held
by the government on a charge ol hav
Mercer. I'">-' hi his possession counterfeit coins
and  S ni jndmltted tbnt he is tlie man whom tin
officers nrtK'Sted  and    who    escaped
Iroin   them   after   u   revolver   duel   on
December 26, 1911, Deutzeck was arrested by Lnilwlg Frank, deputy Unit,
ed States marshal, on Friday ul Monroe when he enme from the reformatory there. -lie is charged with having in his possession counterfoil Canadian half dollars     Ills hearing before
l'nited suites Commissioner   \V.   it.
Tolten yeittcnlny morning was continued until next Krlday. Boll Was
fixed at }2liil!i, which he was unable to
furnish,   He1 went to tho county jail.
Take advantage of tbe Business Man's Train and make vour
home at Crescent Bench (Blackie Spit) for tho summer months.
Train luavnB at 5:30 p.m. dally, on nnd after June IB, returning In
tin*  morning  in  time  for  business.    Crescent    Beach    affords    ideal
conditions for  summer homes, combining  the  best  of  bathing,  boat
Ing nt all stages of the tide togetiier with fine beach.    Artesian v.-el)
wnler to all residents.    Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   snd
Marine  Insurance,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and every IB minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAY^���IB    minute  ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.    .
WBBKDAY8���B and 5.45 a.m.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���fi. 7. 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m���  with   lato  car at  11.30.
a.m. nnd 4.IIO p.m.
SUNDAYS -8 a.m. and    hourly
until 10 p.m. with late car at
I'or Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS 8 a.m. and every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection   is  mado  at    Kb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu iBland.t
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���0.15 a.m., 1.10 and
C.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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