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The New Westminster News Jan 16, 1913

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New     Westminster'
standing Is the best of
0. C.   lt ls tho only (' ��
that  has  borrowed  it  -
than 5 per cent. bIiico
"s i/nclal
t �� By in
(  ^ ��n city
6 it  less
���' <��12.
aether Today.
.     .'estmlnster and tlie lower
pHaUjIitiHl:   Winds mostly  northerly
chilly;   cloudy  and  cold  with
sleet or snow.
VOLUME 7, '_   ,_* iR 2��5
g -7 ______
Seeker* for Municipal Honors and Positions on the School
Board Given Opportunity to Address Ratepayers at La-
bor Meeting in Opera House Last Evenings-Hogg, Dodd
and Wilson Get Good Hearing.
The candidates for school trustees,'
wlt_ a few puossti In the audience furnished the Xtm-susSm lor tha meeting last night In the opera bouse, called to give the labor candidates au
opportnrilty to tall tbelr atory. The
meeting waa lots-rusting In other respects but tor tke moat part and with
the exception of a few remarks con
-ceraiag The News, the candidates con
fined themselves to the lasass ait atahe
ajul threw only a little mud at one
An orchcsV* furnished music before the meeting waa called to order
by Mr. W. _. Maiden of the labor campaign commWloc. All candidates for
thte councQ, with the exception of Mr.
J W. Irwin, who was III, were pres-
���sat and  made five minute speeches.
The BduxA 'board candidate-), with
the exception of I-. Thornber, one of
tbe present trustees, R. A. Btoney,
a labor f-m-Udau- now In 'Victoria, on
the Royal Labor Commission, and J,
A. Rennle, made '-speeches.
Mr. .lifliii Tack, one of 'the trustees
running for re-election, ln a Short ads-tress whieh -was chapped off rather j
suddenly ut Ihe end of the five minutes allnrtrd htm, announced himself
In favor of the night school system
and the technical schools which are
proposed Tor this city.
Mr. H. (.'. Chamberlln. alabor caiitll-
���date,  criticised the  present  currlcu
eguipOM-st Included In the unsuccessful effort to establish the course was
All of the candidates were asked If
they favored having tbe B.C.E.H. atop
their cam at every erasing to let people on or off. All of them naturally
stated .that they were.|
Must Start Some Tim*.
Mr. Archie Hogg, one of tbe labor
candidates for a council seat, outlined his policy in a brief and forceful manner. There .was uo reason, he
said ln opening, why a man who had
Thirty-four Cases Wars Decided Yesterday���Farmers of Pitt Meadows
District  Complain.
Twenty-one oases were confirmed,
rive were withdrawn, six got small reductions aud two were left over for
the aesalon In Mission by the court of
revlKio-n and appeal for the New Westminster district held tn the court
house yesterday. Mr. W. Y. Hansford
There were 34 cases of appeal
against the assessments made and all
were disposed of as above.
A -deputation of settlers and farm-
en 'of tbe Pitt Meadows district appeared before the court to protest
against the assosment of the land ln
Uwilr district, at from $150 to $200 an
acre. They claimed that with the laud
tax, dyking and other taxes their expenditure on tbe property was too
ibigh and thought thc assessment figure Should be considerably reduced.
Proofs were brought forward by the
court tbat land In the neighborhood
not previously been a member of Jb<> .bad been sold as hlgli as f400 an acre
count-.I should not make a good alderman, lie Illustrated his point by referring to Mayor Lee. Who. he had J
llrst run for the mayoralty thc people
-laid he wouldn't make good as he had
had "00 experience, but in spite ot that
he had turned out the best mayor
New Westminster ever had.
The labor man next referred to the
strongest plank In his platform���thc
sale of light and power to consumers
at coat. Though ho meant no reflet
tlon on the 1912 council���they hud
done what was right���for the last two
or three years light and water liad
l-i.en sold at a profit to help make up
to the city the taxes lost by tbe 'exemption of the Canadian Northern
Railroad from all assessment
Aa a means of making up for the
and Judge Hansford sustained the ut:-
sesBnients except In a few cases where
"the land was proved to be of a boggy
There ars four polling places:
|���St. George's Hall, oorner of
Clarkson and Church atrests.
2���Number 4 Flra .tall, Ksary
street, Cappsrton.
3���Number 5 Firs Hall, Thirteenth
4���Crane's store, Queensborough.
Between 0 In the morning and 7 In
ths evening.
There are seven aldermen to be
elected from ths following twelve candidates!
Aldsrman Walter Dodd.
Alderman Joseph Henley.
Aldsrman A. E. Kellington.
Aldsrman F. J. Lynch.
Alderman A. E. Whits.
Mr. J. 8. Bryson.
Mr. Archibald Hogg.
Mr. J. W. Irwin.
Mr. John B. Jardine.
Mr. George Kennedy.
Mr. Peter Peebles,
Mr. Ralph Wilson.
Mr. Henry C. Chamberlln.
Mr. F. H. P. Mcintosh.
Trustee John Peck.
Mr. J. A. Rennle.
Mr. Richard A. Steney.
Trustee Laurence Thornber.
Galician  Found    Guilty    of    Stealing
Apples and Pays Out $458.93 to
Defsndinc Ccunssl.
Totala are compiled at each polling
place and by 7:30 the first returns
should be available. Call up Ths
News, Phone MS only.
Response to Question From. Opposition Hon. Mr. Lougheed Replies
"From Present Indications No."
Ottawa, Jan. 15.���The senate resumed its sittings today after tlie
Christmas adjournment.
Senator Belque asked: "Is it the
Intention of the government to present a redistribution bill during tho
present session of  parliament?"
Hon. Mr. Lougheed replied for the
government: "Prom present Indications, no."
Senator Cloran Introduced a bill
"respecting the evil of divorce." lt
provides that where divorce has been
granted, the offending party shall not
have the light of marrying again.
Senator Davis gave notice of a motion declaring that In view of the
rapid increase ln the value ot western
lands, school lands should be withdrawn from sale for a time.
Tributes of respect were paid to the
late Senator Campbell.
Verdict In Coroner's Investigation Into
Death of Chinaman la Open���Cass
Be Started Today. ,,
One Candidate for Reeve in Burnaby Accuses His Opponent of Using a Speech He Delivered the Night Before���
Reeve Weart Explains Why He Is Supporting McGregor,
Friendship Chief Reason.
Burqultlam. Jan. 15.���One of the] deeply grieved at Reeve Wesrt's at-
most Interesting meetings during the I tempts '<- come before the people and
present burnaby election campaign! *%*?' ttx'!n'e tor to****** ��">
was that  held  in  the    North    Road
Saakatcoh, Saak., Jan. 15.���A
Qallcian. Jaccb Golda, who was convicted tor stealing apples from a
freight car. and sentenced to two
months In Jail, showed today that he
������,...       ,.     . .   , .   _,wim.�� ..*.- iu.sus-s ...��,���.*..   He objected I had  paid  M58.SS  to  lawyers to    de-
The hiring of local people for eachers  ,��� ������, (aj. Qf |2 ,or garden ���___���,,��, ifend him ln the cose. '
_________________________ i revenue that would be lost to the city
Una of the high school n that not suf-  gnou,d ��� ���, Rnd r ratM te   Te.
tlelenl.practical education Is Ine hided |ductd     Mr     Ho��      gUgCHted    thai
^m il ���Lpr.Il,_2, Is,���!,���,-/".-'11 Property held for speculation pur-
rtltea^ course'oTpr��esSlonal llfo. He  ��   ��    �� ,    ^    t    ,J     ,,,,      JftL
W^S^-lffia^^S; ���! would mean greater revLne and
1 .i ., ,P X..^L^ ,,? ������. i If eater borrowing power and tbe city
aside from the present   'Institutions.���*.tu|(, ,|c furtnel!"Il,hean    .,...-,......!;
_i��2T ^L^^EX .nVr^L"* fr0m>n��8 ii'did not encouragehot-Beholder^ i     This has caused great Indignation
outside points he also favors. ; to 0Ball|lfy the|r proj),,r,y. here and many citizens are advocat-
Out bo The Hart**. |     iis-ferrlng  to   the   flro   derertment.: Ing that action  be taken against tlie
misfit    It    wamaa.    In- i leaai   firm   la   question   for  charging
'--���^���!L-*��^aVwius!fftT'' "*" fT^^^^^^^^
-Tarnished some little excitement.   He would advocate thnt    the   -depart-
her the audience did.    Several j mmt be kept up to the higke*-i  pos-
he was forced to cease talking l��'b)e standard by the meana <rf   pur-
-���tumping of feet and calls ot I chasing up-to-date equipment
drowned   his   voice.    To   cap;     |��� conclusion   Mr.   Hogg mean    an
appeni for support on his policy   �����������
described   abo\e  and   If   elected    be
1 stated that he would endeavor ts rep-
Owing to Death of Aldermanlc Candidate Civic Elections Postponed
In Nelson to Jan. 28. .
'sM-nthiB, out nra-ttltwll-r the sams, j    ait*.  Hogg   (bought   it
After an all day Bitting, the Jury
empannelled by the coroner to hear
the evidence connected with the death
of Yung Tow. the Chluaman who was
stabbed to death on Tuesday morning on the Great Northern tracks ln
Burnaby, returned an open verdict
without making any reference to the
accused Chinaman, Yang Yat, who Is
alleged to have used a pair of scissors
on the deceased. ,<
Thc verdict of the Jury was that
death wag caused by a pair ot scissors
produced in court entering the termor
al artery in the groin.
In the evidence presented it would
appear that the dead man had been
teasing Yang Y'ai  with a belt -while
schocl house this evening, at which a
galaxy of speakers, Including candidates for tbe reeveship and for the
council, not to mention the retiring
chief executive, Reeve Weart, were
lt was an Interesting session because this was practically the first
time that the two aspiring for the
office of reeve, Messrs. D. C. McGregor aud B. G. Walker, had occu
pled the same platform. Accusation!)
of platforms being copied word for
word were passed on for the audience
to digest. Naturally the assemblage
enjoyed the proceedings. A capacity
house shows the Interest which is
being taken In what promises to be
tbe hottest light ln the history of
Burnaby since Its Incorporation.
The three candidates running for
councillor for ward three, Messrs.
Madill, Coldleutt and Leaf, occupied j
thc boardB from the face-off. the platforms of each not appearing to differ
very much.
Wants More Time.
Councillor Madill, who believes that
one term is not enough for him   to
Walker Is Surprised.
"I am surprised," said Mr. Walker,
"that be should liken me to a maa
of the street and not with a knowl-
edge of public affairs. Reeve Weart
stepped into office with no experi-
ence. I did work for a pittance aa
clerk of the municipality and I say
I have a knowledge of public affaira
and for thirty years have bad experience with municipal Work."
Mr. Walker went on to explain Ute
C. K. R. franchise tangle, outlining
the progress of the work since 190*
when he was clerk of Burnaby.
Since the recent adverse decision
against Burnaby handed down by Mr.
Justice Murphy a few weeks ago, the
speaker thought the time had coma
when another referendum should be
submitted to the electorate.
"I will go further." he stated, "and
say let us approach the B. C. B. B.
for better terms. They say I am a
friend of the company and I do not
deny it. What we want is transportation, net only east and west, but
ncrth and south."
Mr W.aUer went on to explain tho
nax some mtschevious person
| the scenes disconcerted the
r 'hy turning out the lights.
_____! J,1!0, _,m_..?"} ._..!"'I fmwXt the City as STi^oleT
nore practical education tn the
I nnd criticised the school board
; Including a commercial course |
Tte of the poor attendance at
thing of 'the board last night
nly a score of people appeared
the annual reports, and asked
fno little Interest waa Shown in
I nTfatrs. Wlr. Otwny Wllkle from
t -near the front of the house re
In a somewhat heated  manner
1 the people -did not 'turn out 'be-', _, _ .,   _,__-___,_��� ______
they knew QwyVm<a>MttTOttlft*Wr*$S^toJimMJ**m#
Stop at All Corners.
Questioned by the chairman, Mr.
Hogg stated he believed that the B.
C. JE. R., -should stop at all earners
where passengers were getting on and
off where possible.
Alderman Henley declared that the
lire department of whloh he was bead
last year, had kept within the,
estimates. The new aerial ladder
ortlered last year was at press at -on
fair treatment Trom the -present
\ <oT trustees.
continuing amidst    some   'little
newt from the    audience,    Mr.
announced  'btmss'lf   as   fa-'
tbe ssme pay for -women  as:
| providing they do tfa-a-same work
X the urgent request nf "the chalr-
| eioes-d bis speech.
T.  1. Trapp, pTestttmrt -Of the
of ecliool  trust.-���s,  ashed  per-
llon from the audience to make a
ent and was grartSejl fire lu'tn-
Mr. Trapp explained that such
arse trad been started, but owing
he lack of Intereat the plan was
bped.   Be said it makes no -fflffer-
to Mra who is electa*, tant ttneeO
good s-aen be selected.
.   Mcintosh  tben  made a short
, asking why the pea-pis snpport-
i Institution down tows* w*s_i than;
get tlie same things in the pub-
| schools.    A voice from Use a-adl-
shouted that the people did not
anything about the course being
[the high school.
dr. Mcintosh also thought that tke
a new tire hall at Queensborough and
Sapperton. The standard of the department was advancing gradually,
things could not be done all at ance.
the speaker insured.
The altrerman closed with an appeal
Tor support on his record for the past
c'le'ht years.
Mr. J. B. Jardine, aldermanlc cantTl-
date, spoke In brief. Despite The
Sews slate he believed he had a
chance. "You 'know me well," he
���mid. "Ratepayers of Sapperton.
Queensborough, -West End, and other
ports of the -City I appeal for your
TWlph WITson, another labor aldermanlc candidate, said that it had always been his pdllcy to start at the
%o*rtom and work'upward. They would
dud his name at tbe bottom of the
haTrnt. He was out flatfooled on the
Whor rlitform���municipal ownership
of public utilities.
Shduld Qe Graceful!*/.
In view of the state of the money
market Mr. Wilson believed    it   ad-
(Continued on "Page Four.l
OWEN SOUND, Ont., Jan. 16��� Af-
'ter a chase of more than six years
and extending half way around the
world. William Proctor, wanted on a
charge of obtaining money under false
pretences has b<-en arrested and Is
now at Victoria, B.C., awaiting deportation back here.
Chief of Police McCarthy of Stratford left today for Victoria.
Nelson, Jan. 15.���Owing to the sud-
|den death this morning of Alderman
Percy J.  Gleaner, who was a candidate Tor re-election, a aitsation so far
'afiSSP ^'rr-t**if VS C.o*d. lu- ., _^
All   clrfc  elections  Inclodirtj-  those j terence ���-��<�� shads, eevereJ i
tor mayor, aldermen and aehool true- f cut 'he belt In two wltb the pair of
.__,._ ,   .        .      . .   a     _.   i proposed  tram    line    running    from
finish the work he set ou   to do, was  'Mi^lon        VancouTer  ���.������<.,? wou,_
fc^.'tSL?.��?iSv*<* thr��'��.h North Bumaby. He
in favor of the abolition of the ward    t , d that-the people of BurquUUm
system and would work towards tar- \ ���,     ��� enj     , tJ_Bl'11-, of the*-r OWB
SU^n B\n "iJ'S "if CarS���e i running into New Westminster,
taken  to  the privy  council.    If    re- ��
elected he would work for Burnaby The Fireworks,
and had no promises to make which j Councillor McGregor, who followed
he characterized as nothing hut vote' Mr. Walker, and who is the latter'*
snatching. opponent for the reeveship,  Immedi-
When ex-Councillor T. D. Coldleutt! ately started a broadside, cnarging
took the platform the people present ��� Mr. Walker with quoting word for
naturally locked for fireworks and.' word his (McGregors) speech at Alta)
while   the  high   explosive  stuff  was | Vista the previous evening.
dominion Government
Discuss Parcel Post
Ottawa, Jan. IB���Hon. U P. I'elle-
er, postmaster general, stated to the
douse of commons thla afternoon" that
he government ls now considering a
els post system for the Dominion
I and Oiat it la quite possible tbat something! may be dohe dm-tag the present
���lots. The statement area shade dur-
flng the course of a discussion of Hon.
Hodoipk Lemteux'a resolution calling
tor the establishment of a parcels post.
Half a dozen members from different parts of the Dominion aad repre-
> senting both sides ot the house, spoke
" ln favor of Uie resolution aad tke postmaster general also gave It Ma endorsement.
The minister said that he was giving
close attention to the working out ot
the plan recently adopted hy the
United States. He had no Intention of
taking a leap <" the dark-and would
follow closely the working out ot the
American plan, but he felt that the
Canadian postofflce should ba able to
mak�� a success of It Sad In this respect would place Canada on a par
with otber nations.
Mr. P-Metler Intimated that the system won)*.' be by tones, not by. a flat
fate. Sln-ec with the great distances
-In thla country, to -have, a flat rate
would bankrupt the department. Members of the house who spoke tn favor
of the resolution were unanimous in
believing that lt would have a aalutory
effect, Ih reducing express fates In the
country, whicn wer��f characterised as
The house rone at ( o'clock. The
question was introduced by Mr, Le-
tnleux In the form of a resolution.
Mr. lsemleux quoted extensively
from the report wblch had been prepared by Prof. MeKensle (or the Toronto board of trade on thn question
of the high cost of living and whloh
found In the lack of parcels post system one Influence tending to Increase
the cost of living.
Mr. Lemleux expressed the opinion
that the time was now ripe in Canada
for the government to Adopt n policy
of parcels post and he did not feel that
there need be any hesitation or shame
ia adopting the system recently established m the United States.
Followed Our Example.'
As regards postal matters, hs said,
.Continued on Pag* Four.) -���
Yukon Wants Wireless.
Ottawa, Jan. 15.���A proposal to establish a series of wireless station*
trom Athabasca Landing up the MacKenzie river to Henschel Island, and
from' there to Rupert House, In the
Y*ttkon. waB discussed at a conference
which was held todav between Dr.
Thompson, M.P. for the Yukon, and
'Dr. King, director of the astronomical (department.
Sea Swallows Nine.
"Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng��� Jan. 15.���
"Nine-of the crew of the Russian barque California were drowned today
When that vessel was blown on to
the coast of Northunrberland and totally wrecked during a gale. Captain ESkbok and seven men were
savHll. ^^H
There IS every reason to believe, according to Mayor Lee,
that "New Westminster harbor
will be the home port of an Important Vine of steamers which
will operate- J>y way of the
Paaasaa canal to the Old Country, IDninpsj and the Eeast coast
of AjBestea. .'���'"
Yes-stonta*- at noon hla worship and Alderman, White entertained a -patty 6f men, understood to represent considerable capital who are seeking
a situation for a large industry
and also tke establishing of a. ���>
home port far steamers operat- ���
Ing from here to the Old Country, via the Panama canal.;
The visitors were shown the
harbor plans aad convinced by
Mayor I*m that the facilities
for shipping In New Westminster harbor -were* the best that'
could be offered on the coast
The gentlemen were enthusiastic over tbe plan and hold the
opinion that the construction of
tbls,: harbor will work wonders
for the Fraser river from New
Westminster to the sea.
Speaking last night the mayor
stated that the Interest displayed In New Westminster by
these men was only another
evidence that the.citizens of
New Westminster must work
vigorously and harmoniously
for thla great enterprise of harbor development
It is understood that these
men represent the Park and
Lewis Steel Corporation of Seattle.
tees which were To be held tomorrow,
are by law postponed and will be held
on Jan. 28.
New nominations will be required.
Two public meetings called for tohlght
by various candidates, are also indefinitely  postponed.
Alderman Gleazer was an old timer
of Kootenay, having lived here for
the past 17 years. He was an ex-
newspaper man, having owned at one
time the Ymir Herald.
Editor Contests  Reeveship of Esquimau���Saanlch Re-elects Nicholson.
Victoria, Jan. 15.���Victoria city
nominations resulted as follows:
For Mayor���John Leander Beck-
wlth and Alfred J. Morley.
For Aldermen���A. E. Armbruster,
Edward Bragg, Herbert Cuthbert. H.
W. Davles. John Dilwarth. W. F.
Fullerton, W. A. Gleason, W. H. R.
Humber, W. K. Houston, John Mes-
ton, Oeorge McCandless. J. D. McDonald. A. B. McNeill, Oeorge Oliver, R.
J. Porter, A. R. Sherk. Christian,
Sivertz aud W. C- Van Muuster.
For School Trustees���Mrs. A. E.
Clayton, Dr. David Donald, Mrs. Margaret Jenkins, J. L. Martin and W. B.
Staneland.      ' .
Esquliriait Nominations.
For Reeve���C. H. Lugrln, editor of
Colonist, and J. R. Saundors.
Councillors���Ward one, J. H. Meaner,. J. C. L,. Meyer, J. S. McAdam:
ward two, O. E. Wilkinson, F. Guest.
G. F. Matthews and James Peters:
ward three, R. A. Anderson and C. A.
Nominations tor Saanlch municipality, Vancouver Island, were:.
For Reeve-^Joseph Nlc'uolson, reelected. '������       " ���-''
. CouucHlv**a-rWsVd..��ne, F. ;N. Borden, re-elected b*/ ifcelamatlon; ward
two. G. McGregor, re-elected by accla-
���J in��tW; ward three, W. E. Hill (retiring!. J. tracey and 8. Williams;
ward four, H. J. Dunn (retiring) and
Joseph Freeman! ward Ave, W. B.
Daly opposes Frederick George Quick
(retiring); ward six". Frank Verdier.
by acclamation.
Trustees (two to be. elected���Percy
James, Jams! Owens And Cornelius
Pointer. .
. Oak Bsv.
Nominations tor Oak Bay, the Victoria suburban nHinleipallty. are:
Rreve���V. Henderson - and F. M.
Rattcnbury.  .
Councillors���-Jimes Brown, Newton
T. Burdlek. Alexander W. Elliott,
James Henry Hargreaves, E. Knox
Menshall, James Hertiok MacOregor,
William Noble, Thomas F. R. Oliver.
Frederick Bernard Pen-berton, Bdwar
Frederick Bernard Pemberton, Edward C. Rodell and Lewis W. Toms. -
School Trustee*���Thomiu Ashe, hi*
honor Judge Uunpmap and Herbert
r. t-ott v
".    I, 'il   ll" 'l'  ���
i�� . ln*l dilLnl Ivor ,l\, on   ^hl miming the former representative of      It wculd appear that I have nothing
I^..^n^f���fi'1y_If;.i^f^.*i,.e,*iie ward managed to Are off a few   else to say in this matter as we   are
emtora k_> ��_m> Un.it best ewlrtO. j botii supporters ot Reeve Waart*-r
"A man who lakes the public plat- pcllcy. but let me tell you f was ft
form   leaves  loopholes."    he    stated, f member of the    counoff   and   asrelr
Fined for eivlng Cocaine.
SeatUe, Jan. 1.5���Dr. W��. J. Halt-
over la out $75 today, paid as a fine
lis th* result of prescribing cocaine
to Oeorge* Ixiwney,;an,employee of
the state medical board, who (old the
doctor that "his general condition*'
was such tbst hs needed tbe artig. v.
shears which afterwards are said to
bave caused the death.
The dead man, according to several
witnesses, was of a playful character
and was always teasing one or another of the occupants of the box
Were All Asleep.
Several of the orientals who were
lying in their bunks at the time the
fracas occurred disclaimed any knowledge of the affair on the plea that
they were asleep at the time.*
Mr. J. H. Shallcross, of the G. N.
R., testified that tbe train coming
from Vancouver was stopped at
Wolfe's siding and on Jumping off he
found the deceased lying in a pool
of blood. He ordered tbe body placed
on the train and took charge of Yan
Yal, whom be believed waa the person
who did the killing.
Dr. Jones, who was called, gave an
opinion that the blades of the scissors
were partly open when the wound
waa made, for tf they had been closed
the artery would have been turned
aside. He did not believe that the
groin was tbe most vital place for
any person to kill snother.
The accused was represented by
Mr. J. 8. Potter, of the law firm of
Mr. Adam S. Johnston, acting under
Instructions trom Mr. Charles Wilson,
K.C., of Vancouver.
Yang Yal, the alleged murderer, will
be arraigned before two Justices of
the peace In the Burnaby police court
thla afternoon.
New York Insurance Broker Charged
With Causing Numeroue Firs*.
New York, Jan. 15.���George GrntS,
an Insurance broker, and . a second
man, said also' to be aa Insurance
broker, whose name-wwa. wlt*h*144_._PI��bllc life.
were Indicted on charges of arson yesterday by the grand Jury that haa been
Investigating the so-called "Arson
ist,' 'alleged to be responsible for
re than 300 fires in the past two
years ln which about 600,000 insurance waa fraudulently collected.  ,
Grutz haa been In the Tombs in default of ball since the confession last
week of Samuel Gold, who la said to
hare revealed the workings of the
'Arson Trust" to the district attorney.'
The polloe charge Grute with having
been adjuster tor numerous 'fires'' net
by members cf the trust .
,��� '   ,    ���
Nanalmo, Jan.  15.���Leaving ���
.the harbor here today with a ���
cargo comprising 1000 cases ot ���
dynamite, the steamer Oscar '���
took fire, it got beyond con- 4
trol,   nnd   the   steamer   wis ���
beached on Protection island. ���
The powder exploded, remit- ���,
Ing in several thousand dot ���
lars worth of damage   Bvsrjr ���
plate glass window facing thn ���
waterfront was broken aftd ssv- #
eral iiersons seriously cut  All" ���
the enjw escaped   before  tha .*>
cxploson occurred.   The extent ���
of the damage to the vss-sel _ ���
not T*t known.                     ' *
"and it Ib only fair lo allow me to
criticize any of my opponents."
Mr. Coldicutt wns strongly ln favor
cf paved roads wltb government as
sistauce. The Sappeiton-Eost Burnaby sewersge scheme appealed to him.
while more work performed by day
labor meant more money being spent
In the municipality. If elected, and he
felt very confident of being ao, he
would work for the ward first and
tbe rest of the municipality afterwards.
Mr. George H. Leaf, having called
the meeting, was given an extra five
minutes, making twenty minutes in
ail. He had no promises to hand out
and no past political record. Ue
favored the Joint aewerage scheme as
he felt the present growth of the
eastern section demands It.
The day labor scheme could not be
bettered and if elected Mr. Leaf
would advocate a minimum wage of
13 for eight hours work. He favored
a franchise with the B. C. E. R. for
he felt that while East Burnaby enjoyed a car line the other portions
ahould have the same.
Mr. Leaf felt tbat fireflghttng apparatus should be purchased by the
municipality for uae ln the settled districts. He advocated the purchase of
park sites; was against abolition of
the ward system and supported the
passing of all the money bylaws.
Mr. B. G. Walker, candidate for the
reeveship, was next called upon. The
Edmonds resident explained that if
elected It would mean a considerable
sacrifice of his time, but any candidate tor office must expect that. He
was a strong, supporter of the policy
of Reeve Weart ,and stated that he
had something to do with the bringing out of Reeve Weart from private
However, Mr. Walker stated he felt
claim a little of the credit.
"Why," stated Mr. McGregor with
vehemence, "he has given you ray
Bract speech made last evening at
Alfa V'sta at which he was present,
"rd lie has tbe temerity to come ont
herd to the North road and tell you
this. I was back of the transportation problem of 1909, and am still in
favor ot it Burnaby has a grand
position and we want transportation,
water and light. .
Just Like a Sponge.
"My genial friend, like a Bponge,
comes out here and repeats my speecfc
of lust evening."
Mr. McGregor, who was getting angry,
then produced a typewritten copy ot
an alleged speech made at Edmonds
a few weeks ago by Mr. Walke*-
whl :h attacked the franchise <K the-
B. ('. E. R��� which was not at alt coni-
plln-.entary to the people of Ncrth.
Burnaby and Burqultlocr.
"I aay." exclaimed the speaker,,
'let us take the people cf HarasS-r
Into our confidence and get * commtf-
tee from each ward to go with'the la-
coming council in a body and ask for
better terms from the B.C.E.R. The
population Is hurting ua ln sellng
our bonds and once we can ah
people living here, thc better pri
shall get for our bonds.    _
"I don't care for this palmistry co-
sophistry of Mr. Walker in throwing
bouquets at Reeve Weart- tor his policy for I am .part of that policy. He
says he Is a Burnaby man: with a
Burnaby policy. Why I h*jro dost*
five hundred times more' towards Cta
work cf building up of Burnaby tshua
my opponent has ever done. 1 pay my
taxes with pleasure, and -they are
quite s sum at that. Yobs have not
all the comforts of a how, hat you
(Continued on Pag* Mv*.)
Kickers Resort to Twisting
Reports of "Funny" Stories
In The News' report ot Mr. J. 8. Bryson's speech at thf Opera 1
Monday evening last th* following paragraphs appeared.
" 'Why, Mayor Ls* Is the greatest kicker In New Westminster. A y*Mt\
sgo, with ths assistance of some of his friends, hs kicked me so high la the,
air that I hardly got down,'" he ssld.
"Mr Bryson continued In this vein for some moments, (comma) aad white
tc some his remarks war* no doubt funny, (comma) to many of ths ladles
which mad* up th* big audience, (comma) they seemed hardly In sood JUss**-"
Messrs. Bryson, Peebles and Kennedy, throughout the presentjj
have persistently found fault with the way in whlclj their proa
have been reported in the press. Their manner of construing
is upon jthe same plane aa Is the honesty of their statements '
tended to reflect upon the administration of the city during the.
As sn Instance of thts they have Interpreted the latter of th* paragr_,_
ad abov* to convey the sense thst Mr. Bryson's remarks "were no douM
to many ot the ladies which made up the big audience," and are busy i
tag this false meaning abroad.
For their benefit and in deference to their evident lack of knowledge of
the English language, the words Indicating th* stops are Inserted above. Mr.
Bryson's remarks, to which tha report alluded, were not only an lasaR to
the intelligence of th* ladles present, but to any man In the audience with
any sense of decency. Tbey war* not fit to be used in private, let alone In public at a time when matters of the greatest importance to the city were being;
discussed and therefore The News refrained from printing them.
Th-vtact that an attempt is being made to show that Tbe News stated tbat
the ladles to Monday night's audience were smused by Mr. Bryson** qn*stlosi-
able Jocularity 11 sutTlcUsrt Hoot that his statements war* ln very bsd testa.
An ssssssTSs*s-sdsnl paWeWet paper devote* to the interests of New llnslml-Mlsn- und
fke fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sund-ii/ by the Notional Printing
emd Publishing Company, Limited, at S3 UcKensie Street. New Westminster. British
Columbia. ROBB BUTHRRLAND, Managing Director.
AU communications should he addressed lo The New Westminster News, nnd nol
to individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be "ind,
payable lo  The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELE PHONES Business Office and Manager, til; Kdltonal Booms (ail ilcpart-
mtents), SSI.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, It pur ���/Mir, * 1 for three months, 40c por
emonth. By mail, $3 per year, Hue por month. **
ADVERTISING BATHS on application.
TO coitKKSPtlNllliNTH���No letters will be. published In The News eicciit over
tke writer's signature. The editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
Today is polling day and, in a few hours, the names of
those to whom the citizens will have entrusted the direction of the destinies of New Westminster for the ensuing
twelvemonths will be known, together with those who will
fill the vacancies on the school board. First then, we
would state that here and now the city has an opportunity
of breaking records in a manner that will bring her no
little fame, and that is by every man and woman in the
city, who is entitled to vote, turning out, be it rain or shine,
to register that vote.
A year ago the council went into office on the strength
of being progressive, and we believe that the electorate,
after making due allowance, will admit that they have
made good. That being so, we feel that they will signify
their appreciation thereof by electing again those members of the 1912 council who are again willing to serve.
In the administration of their respective departments
Aldermen White, Kellington, Dodd, Lynch and Henley
have set a high standard and we do not doubt that the
voters will take due cognizance of their records. All men
must make some sacrifice to serve on the council but we
are particularly glad that sufficient pressure has been
brought to bear upon Alderman White, and we trust that
he may again serve the city now that he has consented to
Of the seven candidates who are not members of the
present administration Messrs. Irwin and Hogg are our
choice, but the electorate have to judge for themselves.
Messrs. Jardine, Wilson and Bryson have served formerly
upon the council, Messrs Irwin, Hogg, Kennedy and
Peebles have not.
If the campaign has produced no other result it has
shown to dispassionate observers the caliber of Messrs.
Bryson, Peebles and Kennedy. One would think that men
���who professedly have the interests of the city at heart, and
who state that they have followed the trend of municipal |
events here, would have had something more to say in support of their claims for election than the futile digging up
of ancient history, belittling of New Westminster's progress and incorrect statements concerning civic expenditures that have to date been their main themes.
Honest criticism of the administration would have
been as welcome as would an announcement of the constructive lines which these gentJemen intended to pursue,
but of both there has oeen no sign.
New Westminster is climbing the hill of progress and j
���wants no breaks on its wheels.   We therefore trust that
the voters will see to it that a council is returned that will
ensure to New Westminster at least equal progress along
solid lines to that which has been registered during 1912.!
stage, appeared first ln the columns
of the Baltimore News.
Tbe homely and humorous characters depicted by Mr. Hobart made an
Immediate appeal, and, when transferred to the vaudeville stage, evoked
storms of laughter. While Mr. Ho-
bart's fame rests principally on "Din-
kelsplel," his name also appears on
tho title pages of numerous humorous
books that have been  widely read.
The first, and perhaps the most
popular, of these was "John Henry,"
published a dozen years ago. lt was
felloved by "Down the Lino," "Out
fnr the Coin," "I'm from Missouri,"
"You Can Search Me," "Get Next."
"Beat It," and other volumes with
slantty  titles.
"Mrs. Black ls Back," written for
Mav Irwin, was one of the great hits
of that plump provoker of mirth. Tho
Hobart plays Include "Broadway to
Toklo," "Sally In Our Alley," and the
burlesque In "The Merry Widow."
The people of the United    States
are hastening at breakneck speed to
become a food-importing instead of a
food-exporting natiin
another  decade  will
���  THE    HUMAN    PROCESSION.   �����!
��� (By O. Terence.)
��� ���
It looks as II   Forbes-Robertson,     Famous     English
nd   the  period Actor,  is Sixty Today.
of food exports.   The I'nited    States I    Johnston Forbes-Robertson, the. per-
trade   for the eleven  months  or  the! ennlally delightful English actor will
fiscal year up to November 30 show ' celebrate his sixtieth birthday today,
-that cctton Is now by far th
-est of the nation's agricultural
and that exports of wheat, meal
cattle, which formerly constituted ;i
very large part of the outward for
elgn trade, are becoming relatively
It is stated that wheat exports fol
thc year will probably amount to
attout l.Ono.000,000 bushels. Including
flwu* stated in terms of wheat, exceeding by about 20,000,000 bushels
thc record of last year, but being less
than half that or 1901. In meats and
food animals exported thc record of
-the year will be low. The number
��'f ��-*:*Ue exported In the eleven
moiifhs ending with November wa::
but 44,997, agalnBt 152,288 In tho
name months of last year, and of
fresh beef the quantity exported ln
the eleven months waa 8 1-3 million
pounds against 27 million pounds In
the corresponding months of "��Bt
Canada Is fast overhauling the
llnitid States in wheat, flour and cattle exports. Thc Canadian fiscal
year ends on March 31. and for the
twelve months precccdlng that time
Canada exported In wheat or Its flour
equivalent over 80.000.000 biiBhels.
and Of cattle 61.285. During the six
months of the present fiscal year ending September 30, before the movement of the new wheat had begun,
Canada's export of wheat or its flour
���equivalent was 47.675,000 bushels, and
there iB no doubt at all that the export for the fiscal ys-ar will h- at
least lliO.OOO.OOO. Already 83,000,000
bushels of the new crop have heen
moved to the head of the lakes, tn
���cattle the showing is not so good
the six months export being only 17.-
843  head    .
The figures as a whole, however
Indicate that the United States with
over twelve times Canada's population, is providing less surplus food
for export than Canada, and that
���within ten years, unless the American farmer changes his methods
���gToatly and goes in for Intensive farm
ing, the Republic will have lo look
to Canada for a considerable portion
of its food. By that limn probably,
our super-loyalists will have decided
that Canada's national destiny will
not be endangered by Belling wheat,
cattle, hogs and other food of the
farm to the American ij-jn-ji-r.���Toronto Globe.
ever, F<
if more proof is needed of the fallacy
Kn'a1' j of the  statement  that  the  man    ol
sports   three-score  years   has   outlived    his
isefulness,   Forbes-ltobertson   is   living proof.
Ihe. earliest ambition of thc emln-
���in  thespian was to become a paint-
Ills father,  John   Forbes-Robert-
s in, ji'iirnallBt and art critic, encour-
ac rt this predilection, and Johnston
waa enabled to Btudy painting under
the masters of France and Germany
and later was a student at the Royal
Academy Bchool of Art in London.
��� I at  manhood's estate, how-
rl)"s-Uobertson turned to the
nil  at   twenty-one   made    his
debut as Chastelard In "Mary Stuart"
at  the  Princess Theatre  In  Ixmdon.
A little lati r he was In Manchester,
playing Shakespearean roles, and In
18S1 he was back In London, supporting the great Modjeska,
In 1R65 he made his first American tour with Mary Anderson, and
remained with that gifted actress
when she returned to London for a
Shakespearean season at ihe Lyceum.
Forbes-Robertson's artiHiie training
was not thrown away, for the costumes and stage setting he designed
for "The Winter's Tale" were little'
short of  perfect.
In the early '90's the actor made
another tour of America, and later
played Buckingham to Irvlng's Henrv
Vill. lip secured prsjipsmiiin for ihe
Lyceum in London. In 1^:16, and, under hiB own management made the
cd'eat triumph of his career as Ham
let. He also played with Mrs. Patrick Campbell in several productions
He made another tour of America ir
1906.  In  n  Shaw  comedy.
In 1900 he married Gertrude Ktl'oti
it, A-.-M-i'-an nci-'ess. Bister of Max-
Ine F.lllott.. Golf and painting are
the celebrated actor's chief diver
i s'ons. He has produced a mi-noer
cf notable painting and might havi
won liii-h plape had he remained true
to the art that was his first love.
George V. Hobart. the creator ot
"Dinkelsplel," was born at Cape Breton, In Nova Scotia, forty-six years
ago today. Ho commenced his newspaper career as editor of the Sunday
Scimitar of Cumberland, Md. A year
later he went to Baltimore and was
employed as a humorous writer by
the Herald. American and News.
"Dinkelsplel." who has recently had
' a triumphant revival on the New York
Siamese  Twins, Who   Died  39 Years
Ayo Today, Were Not Unique.
Not long ago a dispatch announced
the existence of a new pair of "Siamese Twins"���the name long Blnce
given to twins who have the misfortune to he born united together by
cartilaginous bands. The original
Siamese Twins, who were exhibited
all over America and Europe and
were usually thought to be unique,
died thirty-nine years ago today, Jan.
16, 1874. United In life, they were
not separated in death, and within
two hours of each other they passed
Cham and En,y were the names of
the pair, who were born in Slam about
a century ago. They enjoyed all the
faculties and powers usually possess
ed by separate and distinct individuals. They were discovered on the
banks of the Siam river by Robert
Hunter, an American, who brought
them to America. They were first
placed on exhibition In New York, attracting tremendous attention, ljiter
Captain Coffin took them to England,
and, after being on exhibition several
years, they returned to America and
settled on n farm. There they married two Bisters. In 1369 they again
exhibited themselves in London, but
returned to America to die.
The Siamese Twins were declared
by their exhibitors to be unique, but
thi* was far from being the truth.
According to the testimony of medical men, twins joined together have
been born frequently, but seldom live
long. Perhaps the most remarkable
of such freaks, next to the Siamese
Twins were Millie and Christine, ne-
-���roes. who were born in North Carolina sixty-two years ago.
They were wholly distinct in the
upper part of the body, hut one In the
lower part of the body and pelvis,
while the four legs obeyed nerves
radiating from a common centre. The
will, understanding, and all mental
faculties, were distinct. They did a
singing and dancing "turn" In many
cities, and were billed as the "Two-
Headed Nightingale."
Another famous pair were the Aiis-1
trlan "Siamese Twins." Rose and
Josefa. At last reports they' had I
quit the stage and retired to their
native country to live. Rose was said
to be married and to he the proud
mother ol a norniel baby.
Other famous freaks of a genera-1
tlon that revelled in the abnormal
were Tom Thumb and his midget
wife. The "general" is dead, but his
vlffi was reported not long ago to be
still ln the land of the living. Some
������'ars after the death of Tom Thumb
she married Count Magri, another
midget. The Countess, if still living,
is In her Beventysecond year. Another famous midget, "Admiral Dot",
whose real name was Leopold Kahn,
retired from the show business with
a comfortable fortune and for many
years conducted a hotel at White
Plains.  N.  Y.
Jo Jo, "the dog-faced boy" once a
famous museum and side-show attraction. Is said to be living ln llurmah,
thc land of his birth. "The Wild Men
of Borneo" spent their declining
years in W'altham, Mass.. where they
died some years ago. Chang, the
Chinese Giant, haB been dead twenty
years. Chang stood eight feet and
Tour incheB in his hosiery. The original "living skeleton" Ike Sprague.
who was five feet and four inches tall i
and weighed sixty pounds. Is dead,
and a medical college paid $500 for
his  corpse.
The once famous "girl with the big
feet", I-'annie Mills, has been dead
eight years. Her feet, normal ln
shape, were nearly three feet long.
Appropriately enough, she was a native of Chicago. The world's tallest
woman, Annie Irwin, who was eight j
feet three, retired some years aso and
at last reports was living In Chicago,
the public has tired of both, both
genuine and bogus, and the last of
the "freak factories" located ln Connecticut, recentlv quit business because of lack cf demand for Its output.
Election Cards
For Alderman
Ladies and gentlemen, as It will be
Impossible for me to meet you all personally before the forthcoming municipal election I take this means of announcing my candidature for Alderman and of soliciting your vote and
influence on my behalf. I have had
several years' experience as City
Councillor and If elected I will do my
best to assist ln carrying on a forward policy for the advancement of
our City, at the same time having due
regard for the nuances, and seeing
that we get value for money expended.
Yours respectfully,
The  Progressive Candidate for
Schcol Trustee.
With three years Irreproachable
record as Trustee ln Burnaby.
"Burnaby for Burnabyltes and
the best schools In the Province." (488)
Having Been  Nominated for the
I stand and solicit the support of the
ratepayers of Coqultlam.
If elected I will look after all Interests
���specially  roada, to  the best of  my
Wallace Whiting
Czarina Expects Clerk.
Paris. Jan. 16.���-The Temps correspondent at St. Petersburg says the
Czarina Is expecting a visit from the
stork In the spring. She is the mother
of four girls and the Csarovttoh, who
has been ill for some time. He Is the
voungest of her family and was born
in 1904, The eldest girl Is 18 years
The art of making things Is
better than the art of advertising them, because BOinehow the
advertiser, or bis m. n --ets
between the reader an th
What is most needed Is Uie
EClence of eimpllcttv,
The light is Just beginning
to dawn
The reason why right advertising Is good for every good
business lies ln Ihe fact that almost any kind of advertising
reveals the bad of a bad bUBl-
neBB.���Standard  Advertising,
A chicken cacklea when she
lays a god egg, but that's nothing to what nn advertiser does
when he lays out a good ad.
To the Electors of Burnaby
Having served as Councillor
for four years, and as Chairman of Finance, 1 am confident
that, being fully conversant
with Burnaby affairs, I can and
will, if elected as Reeve, devote
my time and energy to the
carrying out and extending the
sound Business policy of the
present Council.
New   Westminster  City
Your Vote and Influence
solicited for
CONSIDER MY P.ECORD. Yours faithfully,
To the Electors of the City of
New Westminster
Your Vote and Influence for
1 am in favor of progress along proper lines.   A competent engineer,
economy and huslness   methods In all departments.        (488)
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Your Vote and Influence is Respectfully Solicited by
As Councillor for Ward 1, Burnaby Municipality.
Right In the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Pries $1750.00, third cash,
bslancs six and twelve months. .
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
A careful, progressive policy based on economic lines.
Eq-Councillor T. D. Coldicutt
respectfully solicits your vote and
influence for his election as Council'
lor in the coming eleetion in Ward
3, Burnaby.
���    *
Candidate for Ward Three
Is Respectfully Solicited in Favor of
Geo. H. Leaf
A Staunch Advocate of the Workingman's Interest.
Burnaby Municipal Electors
Your Vote and Influence Requested by
President of the Board of Trade and Magistrate.
Candidate for the Coming Election of 1913 Respectfully Solicits Your Vote and Influence. A Pioneer
Who Has Served Seven Terms as Alderman, and at
Present Chairman of Fire Department and Market.
Your Vote and Influence
Respectfully Solicited
Present Chairman of Board of Works
For Alderman for 1913.
������' ' if""'if
(446) ��������������'
Lady   is   Willed  $133,500   By  Young
Man  Who  Mads  Good  In
London, Jan. 16.���How a woman at
Duustan, near NewcaBtle-on-Tyne,
named Mrs. Longeon, has been handsomely rewarded for a kind act ahc
did ten years ago was reported yesterday.
Wben sh was residing at South
Shields she befriended a sea-Caring
youth ot her acquaintance by giving blm food and shelter at her
house. That action, tbe lad, wbo was
only 17, said he would never forget.
He subsequently went to Aantral'a
and engaged In farming on a large
Ills father., mother, brother and sister and a friend Joined him a few
years ago. but they have all died,
aud the young man hla-self In June
last met with a fatal accident, his
thigh being fractured by a fall ot
stone. After hla death, tt was found
that, by Us will, he had left all his
personal estate, the farm lands, the
cattle aud a quantity of Jewelry to
Mrs. Longeon, and tt Is estimated
that their value amounts to $133,500.
Mrs. Lnngeon purposes Balling for
Australia In a few months with her
husua-nfl, a shipyard laborer, and two
children, and after realizing the estate, -The Intends proceeding to Chill,
of which country her husband Is a
Of Flude Nature, Says Inspector General Otter, in Annual Report of
Militia Department.
Mount  Temple   Has   Terrible  Three
Weeks' Trip  From  Antwerp���
Uranium  on  Rocks..
Ottawa, Jan. 15!--The people of the
Dominion spent. $7,558,284 for military purposea last year, according to
the annual report of the militia, and
defense department laid upon the
table ln the Commons by Colonel Hon.
Sam Hughes.
ThlB Is slightly over one dollar for
every man, woman aad child In the
country. It Ib an increase ln expenditure of $791,947 over last year. Thirty-
eight thousand, nine hundred and
ninety men received efficiency pay aggregating $174,051.
Apart trom a number of appointments, no important changes respecting mobilization were made during
the year.
"Preparedness tor war," says the
report, "has bees the object ot tsse
year's work; the power to moblliui at
short notice a force of adequate
strength, well trained and fully equipped.
Inspector Gsj_nral Otter take* occasion to utter a warning tn Canadians
of their uiipn-fiar-'dnesa for war, aud
tells them that they are "encouraging a rude awakening and Irreparable
loss some day."
"The mala obstacles to our efficiency," writes Gen. Otter, "present
themselves in two forma���lack of
money on the one hand, aad a profusion of it Ib tbe form of successful enter prises on tbe other; the former militating against tbe provision af armories and equipment of rifle ranges
and tralng grounds and placing obstacles In Che procuring of effective
training Is Its toll significance; In the
latter preventing individuals from
sparing the time necessary to fit
themselves far -the military duties
.  I they have assumed."
Oeneral  Otter concludes  by asking
Oesotawel, *P*esldent of Chamber of ilr, ll._- **A tmperatlye   that   Canada
should possess a military force ' ade-
| quale to bear the first brunt of con-
j flict, or at any event, cause the In-
] vader to stop and think on the thres-
  I hold" and by expressing   the   bellet
that the plaudits of church   or cere-
Parls, Jan. 15.���M. Paul Descbanel  monlal parades have Jullel Canadians
who was re-elected President of the  into the "belief tbat we are fit and cap-
Deputies is Out .for Highest Honor
���Speech In House.
Hearing Halifax be mlased Egg Island
buoy In the extremely thick weather.
Through wireless flashes from the
line Empress of Britain, whicb had
just left Halifax, he learned his position.
As he made his way along he came
across neither the liner nor outer automatic whistling buoys. He was
then headed in a north westerly direction. The captain counted on the
steam blaat at the Chebucto Head
A few seconds afterward the rocks
of Chebucto Head loomed up ahead
'hrough the fog, and at the same
time the intermittent blasts of the
fog alarm station were heard. Perceiving the rocks close dead ahead,
Captain EuBtace ordered the helm
hard-a-port which would awing the
steamer to the starboard and north
The rocks whicb they had at first
seen were not more than 100 yards
away, the tide and current were running out and against the Uranium's
starboard bow, so that she answered
her helm but slowly.
Seeing the danger. Captain EuBtace
gave orders for full speed astern, but
a few seeondB after the order for full
speed astern was given the Uranium
Btruck the shoals In three succeBslve
Just as she struck she has remained, with the exception of her stern
���nelnelng now and then to the change
of tbe tide and wind.
Came In  Safely.
Halifax, N.S.. Jan. 15.���The disabled
Hamburg-American line freighter
Abvsslnla arrived hero safely today
under her own steam. Wlreleas reports told of her having broken a
crankshaft and lOBlng her rudder,
ind It was feared that the White Star
freighter Armenian, which volunteered to Bssiat her to port had lost her
In  the fog.
This gave rise yeBterday to the reports that the Abyssinia was helplessly adrift. Apparently repairs were
effected so that the criooled vessel
proceeded without assistance. She
has a crew of 40.
many prisoners and pardoning others.
He will also grant titles of nobility,
and will probably record a number of
irders and dectorationB. The Hoyal
Heraldry office Ib now scanning pedigrees and reviewing the achievements
of many of Germany's sons in order
to determine whom to recommend
for these orderB.
Chamber of Deputies, declared him
self last night as a candidate tor the
presidency of the republic.
The other candidates who have
been announced formally are: Premier Raymond Polncare and ex-Prem-
ie.r Felix Itlbot. while M. Jules Pams. \
minister of agriculture; Antontn Du- j
boat, who waa re-elected today President of the Senate; M. Jean Dupuy.
minister of public works, and M. The-
opatle Delcaase, minister of marine,
unofficially are in the running.
Tlmre Is some talk now that M.
Leon Bourgeois may be Induced to
stand _t tttie last moment aa a compromise candidate. If only, to nerve
tor several months until the Euro-
pain  crisis   Ib  ended.
As if seeking to answer thc critics
wbo have been accusing him of reactionary tendencies, M. Deschanel,
hi his Imperlnl address, In which he
landed Dbe achievements of the Parliament in the last three years, urged
Frenchmen to go on Improving the
parlianwnitBry system, but to be careful not to demolish It. for, he said,
"personal power has cost France too
dearly in  the  past."
This sfflualan tu the monarchy and
the empire brought Deputy Delahaye,
a Conservative, to his feet, shouting,
"not ss sftea-rJty as -the Republic."
A tumult broke out in tbe chamber,
tat It. Deschanel raised his voice
above the din, saying, "Yes. It has
cost ns too -deafly ewer to tempt us
to begin over again."
Great applause from the benches
of the -majority greeted this remark.
After 4tos_n"tng tbat Fiance's work
in bebalf of justtoe. the -ameliorations
of tke conditions of tbe poor, old age
pensions would remain an Imperishable honor ��s -Che Third Republic, M.
Deschanel dwelt upon the political
situation, and expressed a belief that
the world eouM r-essonably hope that
the Balkan crisis would not drag the
powers Into a eoanh-t, which none de-
Another feature of th* "day was the
animated conversation ln tbe lobby of
the Senate b*-*w-���. Premier Polncare, M. Brland. the Minister ot Justice, and exPrenjtor aemeneeau. It
Is understood that M. Clemenceau reproached tbe ministers ot the recent
action of the cabinet wltn "res-sect to
the instmtement or Cot. du Paty de
Clam, and declared openly thst he In-
tended to vote for M. Duhos.
II Louis Passy voiced. In the Chamber today, the evident trend of public
opinion In f*Tof ot ths NTi exercise
by the President of the pere-rarires
allowed by the constitution which In
the past has been frowned trotm   .by
l^denrshoiV'sen^^ to1
Parliament and to other trays take
sn active part tn -.wornlng the ua-
turn.       _______
London, Jan. U^Blr Thomas Men
ry Billot has been appointed deputy-
-aster and comptroller of the Royal
Mint In succession to Rt. Hon. Wm.
O. BUIson-Mstf-at-tnej*. who has been
appointed goternor of Tasmania.
Sir Thomas was in the Inland Revenue Department, and has been secretary of the Board of Agriculture
���inbe 1902. The deputy-master Is appointed to discharge ths duties ot
toe superior post, which by an sot
of 1870 ls held by the chancellor of
the exchequer for the time being.
_   .       I   . ,-      I I T       *    "        -
"'      '        IN MEXICAN CAPITAL
Mexico City, Jan. 15.���Henri Rc-eh-
ette, the French banker snd promoter
who was convicted ln Paris of em-
besslement but disappeared from that
eity recently, while out on bail, is
In-Mexico City.' He managed to make
bis escape from the police, hpwewtr.
Rochette ls believed to have arrlv-
oa'at Vera Crus on board the steamer Bspagno, but ths Vera Crus po-
1'eo laid they wwt tU����W�� ,M locate
able for any invasion, and that we are
"encouraging a rude awakening and
irreparable loss some day."
LOST IBS $35,000
Burled  Money  But .Failed  to   Locate
'�����"Soys ��� osv   Unecrtn
Booty. -   "
Memphis, Jan. 15.���"Kit Iialton. former member of t*he James boys and
Dalton gang of bandits, said today
that $35,000 found !by George Hard-
sook, a laborer working on a ptpe
line trench near (Ian-more, was part
of $70,000 -secured Trom a Missouri
Pacific train robbery In 1884 near
MosBcrest, a town that 'haB been ah
"The robbery was made one night
In October" said Dalton. "The gang
was led by Jesse James, and with
him was Dick Little, Jim Cummins,
Jim Collins and four others. Collins
and Little boarded the train at a water tank just west Of Mosscrest When
the train had passed the station they
climbed over the water tender, held
two revolvers to the engineer and the
firemen, compelled them to uncouple the engine from the -train and
halt lt two hundred yards -up the
Jesse James and one other. Whose
name I will not uientluu. Tor "he Is
living, entered the express ear, -overpowered the messenger and compelled him at pistol point to open the
"They got nearly $70,000, most of It
being In $20 gold pieces, tBOTislderahle
In silver and the balance to greenbacks.
"They escaped to a ravine wltere
the swag was to be divided. Deputies
and a posse began pressing them so
bard they separated to meet at en
Indian camp at Clare���.ore. Indian
Territory. United 8tates marshaTIa
got wind of their whereabouts and
began to surround them. The silver
and gold was so heavy lt was troublesome snd as all had to get away
qotck Jesse James burled the money
near a big tree.
The balance was taken to a place
on tbe banks of the Little Bine river
Jackson County. Missouri. Some of
the gsng returned to the Indian Territory after the swag, but tha markers had been moved, snd as It was
not ssfe to, dig around there tenon
thev gave it up.      -[ __,.
"Strange to say, thst -oner hid In
Jackson County, Missouri, was also
Dslton hss lived a quiet life In
Memphis for ten years, often leaving
town to deliver lectures In churches
and Christian Associations. He ts
now past seventy-eight
Peruvian Avlstor of 2$���Has Circlet*
Eiffel Tower.
Geneva, Jan. U.���Jean Blelovncoi,
the Peruvian aviator, has arrived at
Brig, from which place he will attempt a flight In a monoplance across
the Alps ln to Italy. ,
Blelovuccl Intends to follow the
same course over the Stmplon Pass as
was attempted by George Chaves, his
late friend and compatriot who died
on Sept. 2T, 1910, after accomplishing
the flight over the mountains from
Brig to Domodossolfc It^ly, where he
was seriously Injured In landing.
Blelovuccl, who Is not yet 14 years
old, holds a Wench pilot's certificate.
He made sensational flights to Paris
tn August, 1910, when he circled the
Biffel Tower.      * , .    ���
In September of the same year he
flew from Paris to Bordeaux. He
travelled today over the course In an
automobile snd no**- aw��U only fgroT-
able weather.
St. John, N.B., Jan. 15.-���The Canadian Pacific liner Mount Temple
docked at the west side last night
after a terrible run of twenty-one
days from Antwerp. The steamer
brought three saloon passengers and
142 steerage and 5000 tons of freight.
All through the voyage the ship
wsb swept by terrific seas and the
course was made through unceasing
gales of hurricane ferocity. This
trip was exceedingly rough, and the
steamer encountered continuous violent storms. Although the Mount Temple on her trips has often encountered
mountainous seas and tierce winds,
there bas usually been a spell of
During the recent voyage, however,
the ship was buffeted, and at times
the violence of the storm was so
great that anything on deck not held
by extra fastenings was carried away
by the great seas which crashed
aboard   the  big   steamer.
She weathered the Btorm ln good
shape and suffered the loss of only
four ventilators. When four hundred
miles east of Cape Race the Mount
Temple was In communication with
the burning Allen, liner Carthagenlan,
and learned that another steamer was
standing by. Later she received word
that the fire had been extinguished.
Fast on Rocks.
Halifax, Jan. 15.���The wind ls blowing strong from the west of Chebucto Head this morning with the Uranium still fast on the rocks.
The steamer Seal, when she arrived from Newfoundland, last night
formed with the others ln the combined effort to pull her off at 10 o'clock
this morning. But they worked for
nearly an hour and failed to budge
her.. The lightering of cargo continues, and another attempt will be
made this evening.
The Uranium has holes In her bow
on both port aud starboard Bide, and
water Ib making In her forward hold.,     . 	
At high tide, this cornea Into the ship �������������'. *���><- d��r'nK ����f *�����eT. �� . a
through holes, making about eleven century has placed.the, nation In the
feet  of water In  the hold 'front rank of the industrial, commer-
feShou,d "the Uranfum be got oft "*�� ������� ��������� ��-���� " ^^To
Captain Eustace thinks No. 1 bulk- j J^er. o: the world Accord ng to
,������, _,��� ,.���._ ,h_ ���.���,������ ..������ .ho the local preBS, the other 25 rulers of
rlJ ���7 M. onto    tn Ko   1 hnW tht; German states, Including the Kings of
��?_<-_&-ftTa ; N ����!."fflawJt
I, ���, I ���"r..,���.  ,*.��� .,.,��,,?. e.iri igratulate the kaiser and to participate
no? .SEt��� !.      if the fnre^r i'��- ��"> celebration.   The United States
?r of , lilt lot ���Lhlv 5?������Tnl-""- a�� European countries will send
ea terlv ouSter^' *        * Bp'";'a' ������������>����� tOT "*��� occa8lon-
?��-,ri       k   . ',,  .,Mmo,�� ��,.,,iin.      The kaiser win signalize the occa-
VVIth  a bevy  cf  ��4U����M��.���_���, by con-mu*.*ng the sentences of'
it the liner and the big seas sweep-
Ing in. they think the bows will    be i"���
sufficiently  lifted  off the  rocks    to
pull tbe steamer off.    Of course,    if
she did not come off shortly after the
nttempt   was   ntarted.   ft   would  mean
that "she   would  Wtely   Ih1   broken   up.
Darkness  Obscured   Buoy.
Captain Eustaco has given out the
Btory of the   wreck.    He  says  when
Since Taking 6!r�� PILLS
Lyons Brook, N.S., Feb. afilh.
"You are perfectly free to nse my
name in any way to benefit GIN PILLS,
for they deserve the highest praise.
My back ho* never troubled me since
taking GIN PILLS, and my wife fetls
much better after taking GIN PILLS
for her back. She thinks GIN PILLS
will make a complete cure."
GIN PILLS wi'.l always relieve Lame
Back, Sciatica in Back and Legs,
Rheumatism, Burning and Scalding
Urine, Painful Urination, Weak or
Strained Kidneys, and always prevent
taking cold in tbe kidneys and bladder.
Every box is sold with a positive
guarantee to give prompt relief or
money refunded. 50c. a box, 6 for
$1.50. Sample free if you write
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Toronto. 141
Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society, 1912 Exhibition
Statement of Receipts and
Gates  ��16,4��.70
Orand Stands     2.10L20
Membership tickets    J.W4.00
Membership tickets, children's       169.00
Attendants' tickets          118.00
Concessions and privileges  '. _ % 8,��OS.0O
Entry fees        980.96
Provincial Government % 6.000.00
City of New Westminster    4,000.00
Horse Show    ,J----    4.000.00
General (as per list)  1 4.069.90
, 9,583.95
Subscriptions for Special Prizes���
Holsteln-Krelslan, 1911 	
Easterbrooke Milling Co., 1911  	
J. R. A. RlchardB, Salmon Arm
$ 4,069.90
London, Jan. 15.���Elaborate preparations are on foot to celebrate the
25th year of the Kaiser's reign on
June 15. lt will be one of the greatest festive events since the creation
of the empire. All Germany will endeavor to show  appreciation  of the
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In tbe city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
Phone R524
619 Hamilton 8t
d. Mcelroy
'hlmney Sweeping,
Eavatrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Casapools, Septic Tanka, Etc.
 | 76.00
Clydesdale Horse ABBn., 1910   150.00
B.C. Dairymen's ABsn  314.00
HolEteln-FrleBian Assn.
A. J. Woodward, Vancouver and Victoria
Lleut.-Gov. T. W. Peterson	
S. G. Tidy, City
I-ake of the WoodB Milling Co.
Ogilvie Milling Co	
Canadian Ayrshire Assn	
Canadian Jersey Cattle Club ...
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co.
Oxford Dovrh Record Assn	
-$    889.00
Gas account * lli.80
S. N. Strople   ..' . ...   .*  3AB
Refunds. C. P. R  *�����
Refunds, Scottish sports  76.17
Refund, Milk Test    26.50
$    284.62
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phone 117
Begble Street.
Baggage Dell vet =A Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
BuildlngB and repairs
Printing and Advertising���
General  Advertising    '*,.'��?
Distribution ot prize lists, hangers, etc  ,   ,
l Printing, supplieB, hangers, etc     1,333.47
1 3,068.02
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Lmyetrm of Hauam <Con-.pre.ae_ Concrete (Patented)
Office Expenses���
Extra staff ���    ���_���-_*���
Postage         167.00
Exhibition Expenses���
Gate-keepers, ticket-takers and guards   $1,202.75
Labor In buildings and grounds     1,064.90
S    950.20
Bryson  James Stuart  	
Dodd  Walter   	
Henley Joseph  	
Hogg Archibald	
Irwin   Joseph Wood 	
Jardine  John Buckle  	
Kellington    Albert Edward   	
Kennedy Oeorge  	
Lynch   Frederick Joseph  ...
Peebles  Peter	
White     Alfred Edward   	
Wilson   Ralph  	
oDhamberlin   Henry C For School Trustee  517 Third Street
Mcintosh   Frederick Hope Patterson. do. 712 Royal Avenue.
Municipality of City of New Westminster.
TO WIT.���
Public Notice ls hereby given to the Electors of the Municipality aforesaid that a Poll haa become necessary at
the Election now pending for aame, and that 1 have granted such Poll; and further, that the persona duly nominated
as candidates at the said Election and for whom only votes will be received are:
Hack hire	
Drayage and express 	
Travelling expenses   	
Telegraphs and telephones
Other Names
Whether for Mayor,
Reeve, Alderman.
Councillor or
School Trustee
.   For Alderman
do.    .
Rank.  Profession or
IReck  John
Rennle  James Alexander
jfttaney  Richard A. 	
Hhornber   Laurence 	
226 4th Avenue  Merchant
1408 7th Avenue   Carpenter
615 8th Street > Manufacturer
362  Hospital  Street  ..Carpenter
367 Hospital Street   ..Salesman
428 6th Street  Accountant
44  Leopold  Street   ... Agent
220 Second Street  Journalist
223 Queens Avenue .. Manufacturer
410 Third Street  .... Broker
229 Fourth Street Insurance Agent
601  Sixth Avenue   ... Carpenter
Building Supply Clerk
do. 417 Queen's Avenue .. Chief Inspector ot Machinery
do. -   601 Fifth Street  Secretary-Treasurer
do. 44 Lorne Street  Printer
do. Post Office  Janitor
Of which all persons are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my hand at New Westminster, this 13t h day of January, 1913.
" J. BTILWELL CLUTE, Returning Officer.
Municipality of Burnaby
To die Electors of the Municipality aforesaid that a Poll has become necessary at the Election now pending tor
the mm, so far as Is hereunder set ta_h- and that I have granted such Poll; and., fyrthey, \Xa\n $he persons duly
nominated as Candidates at tie said Election and tor whom only votes will be received"are:
Whether tor Reeve,
Other Names.
Councillor Or
School Trustee
McGregor   .
. Duncan Campbell ..
Walker ....
. Benjamin Oeorge .,
.."   One
Coldleutt  ..
...    Councillor      ... :..'���.'
. .Thomas Darles ...
' Councillor     	
.-.    Three
..Oeorge Herbert ���
...    Councillor 	
...    Three
..Phillip William  ...
..Mark ....7..'.'.".  ..
Councillor      ........
...   Thrte
Fau Vel ...
Lumley ....
.... Councillor
..    CouneUIOT	
,.   '���Four
..Angus  ............
.. ,   Fire
..Thomas William ..
Councillor     ,v.......
..     Ft��e
Murray ....
.John  ...
Councillor     '...'.' :
. Ernest Wward ....
..'    Councillor
.."��� - Six
Cliff .......
..Frederick Temple  .
.. School Trustee ...-	
���, ti  	
Holdom ....
.Walter John	
.. School Trustee  j
.��.   .,.,.,
. Donald 	
.. School Trustee ........
��� �� e'   ���.'*������'�� ���
. Franklin John .....
.  School Trustee 	
Olen Lyon Ranch ..
Fraser Arm 	
East Burnaby  ,.,
East Burnaby 	
Douglas Road	
Capitol Hill	
Vancouver  Heights
4080 Hastings Street
McKay .
Jubilee .......i"v.v. '.
Bast Bumaby 	
...North   Burnaby   	
Central Park ..,.	
Central Park .:../..*
Rank,   Profession or
... Farmer
.. Broker
.. .Farmer
.. .Florist     i'
...: Accountant
. ..Msrchaut
....Broker -
...Mill Owner
....Broker   ���
... Broker
,.. .Bricklayer
... Stonecutter
.. Railwayman
Ot which all person* ire hereby required to take notloe and to govern themselves accordingly-
...   '   THE WLL WILL ��B*TAK|W AT
���:���""����� ���
':    '. ��� "���   '-.--, .   W'HsS-s*1
Dundeiurtd Bchool. North Arm Road. er_*4
Dtithle BMieel, Lakemere. :       *,-��
Mr. J. Tepplnq-e Store, 11th Avow East Burn-thy.
Mr. James Herd's Office, Hastings BLUat    ���
Burnaby Public Half', Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall; Central Park..
, Burnaby take Store','Burnaby Lake.
'    Barnet Hall, Shrnett-'
' Namllton Road School, Burqultlam..
Every Etectorn may vote for the Reeve and Two School Trustees and the Electors tn Wards 1, 8, 4, 5, and I'tnitj
vote tor One Councillor in their respective Wards and may. record their votsu at any,of the polling aUttkina.
Give* under ��y h��tid at BdflsontU, this Uth day ot Janunry. to t]b��TetO-m��_ .      _ ..--*"-���"".
.-*,������� ..,��� ' ���*> . '    '    AUTHOR �����:lfi)0M, Rsturnlnfl Oftlqsr.
Manager ..
Secretary ..
 S 3,381.36
 $ 1,800.00
-I 2,365.00
Music���72nd Highlanders' Band   $162.00
Macness' Orchestra 160.00
Rushton's Exhibition Band    860.00
Rushton's Hone Show Band  200.00
Cornwall Lacrosse Team	
Westminster Lacrosse Team
-I 1.S72.0O
Scottish Sports and B. C.
Children's Day	
Free attractions  	
$ 7.000.00
Championship Events % LOOOJMh
Old Liabilities���
Prises, 1911	
Diplomas, 1911 	
Auditor, 1911	
Advertising and Printing
port, 1911  	
Accounts, 1911	
Financial Statement   and   Re-
-t    282.40
Interest on overdraft 	
Bedding for stables 	
Cow testing	
Feed for poultry -	
Rent tor chairs	
Curtis art exhibit 	
Petty cash (sundry items)
Deficit Balance, 1911 .
Credit Balance, 1912
-* 479.6B
Certfled Conwct.
Statement of Assets and Liabilities, December 31,1912
Balance In Bank of Montreal
Office-Furniture-���   ,
;   Chain 	
Desk ....	
Desk Typewriter ...
-. Typewriter  ..��	
.-...Two Stoves   .....
�����. One Grip      	
amWat-D-MUraMons, mi. ......
Laundry Utensils, Toole, Etc .
Turnstiles -.-...;...- ...���...-..
_^. All,t*e bufwings .ar<s'
Westminster and Is sir
$    2M.SS
S    868,65
, ��-**>.��....        .....
e^&tkxmmum *t mm?.<*��i
<"��> s-PAOB -POOH
Candidates Make Final
Appeal to [lectors
(Continued from rag* one)
vltiable that the city go slowly in its
borrowing, Le did not think the
bonded Indebtedness should be increased, he closed with u plea for
support to all thc labor candidates.
Alderman Lynch, the next speaker,
declared that the light department of
which he Is head, had accomplished a
great deal of work during 1912. It was
paying higher salaries lor both skilled and unskilled workmen than any
other department. Labor delegations
had always been well received by
him and he had always got along well
with the laboring men. lie thought
it would be a good Idea If the electrl
cal workers of this city would afllll
ate with tho New Westminster Trades
and l/rfbof-Dody instead of that of
Vanootwer, -with which they are con
nected at the present.
Hard to Make Out.
Speaking of the labor candidates'
plank of telling light nt cost, the
alderman thought some of thc statements made may have been directed
at him. It must be remembered that
he was not the only man on the council, but at any rate while thc city wa?
in tho development stage lt would ba
a hard thing to cut down the rales
When the construction of the city's
lighting system was complete be
would be ln favor of reducing thc
Mr. Lynch had always been in
sympathy with the laboring men. He
waa one of the first men to organize
the Now Westminster Trades Council
and he had held a union ticket for
twenty years.
Alderman White outlined briefly the
work and efforts of the police, library,
and parks committees, of which he is
the present chairman. If he was
elected he had a number of things In
view for 1913. When the money was
secured from the sale of the bonds
which were authorized by the passing
of a $20,000 by-law last year the Improvements to the parks would be
gone ahead with. He sketched briefly the progress of the library stating
the committee would soon require thc
use of the room at present held by
the school "board in the library building. Many improvements had been
made In the police department last
year and many more were In view for
this year.
Commenting upon the campaign,
Mr. White said that it had been a
strenuous one and that there had
heen a great expenditure of language
He hoped some good would result
from it. He closed with a complimentary tribute to thc labor candidates.
Aldcrman'c Candidate Mr. Joseph
W. Irwin was absent from the meeting on account of a bad attack of influenza, but requested it to be stated
that his policy was for progress along
proper lines, economy, businesslike
administration of all civic departments,-fair play to all and favors tn
none. On this platform he offers
himself to the electors and hopes
that" they will see fit to mark their
ballots  In  his favor today. ,
Mr. Peter Peebles took the audi-
enos Into his confidence and told
them a little further of his brllllanl
career, all since he sailed up the I-'ra-
���er river, of course. He told of his
days aa a union man nnd a member
of the Anti-Chinese league.
Takes Crack at The News.
Thc News came In for its share of
advertising when Mr. Peebles stated
that because he did not pat tlie mem-;
hers of the present administration on
the back he was left off The News hal
lot. He consoled himself for this
strange (?) omission by claiming that
one of the candidates who was on the
ballot had told him he was sorry for
it. its it would lose him lots of votes.
Alderman Dodd openeil his speech
by st-iting that he wanted it fully understood that he readily took his share
of the criticism of the present council or of any blame which attachcB to
the s-ulis or tke 1912 council. He paid
a tri|ut�� to Mayor Lee saying that In
two year, association with him he had
found blm earnestly and conscientiously workini- in tha Interests ot the
city and the people Mayor-elect Gray-
he also coipp'lm*'. I, saying that the
labor men had watched him for the
last few years and decided he was a
Jtnisbty good. man.
Mr. Dodd called attention to the
fact thfit for the last two years there
has been labor representation on the
council and its representative* had not
been found standing In the way ,.f pro
grass. He said the labor men favor
healthy progress and believe ln ��� tak
Ing the city a bigger, better ami n
brighter place to live In.
The fact that New Westmlnrtcr I;
the mpist democratic place In the pro
vincc, allowing votes to those who
rent homes, hi re whether or not they
own them. The plank In the labor
platform favoring public utilities bt
���cost tjamc In for some attention, thi
speaker stating tHat the laborites did
-not hold any one man responsible.
least of all Alderman Lynch, but be
licvid th��* system was wrong.
Chairman Maiden announced that
all of the labor oandlddatCI had been
heard, Jin nd as they wore all able men.
urged that the people vote for them
He thijjp oahedjoa "New Westminster^
foremqat jiogreSBlve citizen, John A
Isee." ~
Mayor Lee explained his presence In
the campali-n by statins that he had
been eriliri:-<<i juit as much as If he
���were a candidate for re-election and
thought, that some things should In
explained to the voters. After speak
ing briefly of the Canadian North
ern ra*tway land purchases here, and
taxatioa matters generally he enter
ed a strong'denial or the charges of
extravagance made by some of the
candidates, ue
City Going Ahead.
No ono who will make a trip over
the city and see the Improvements
which have been made and are In
progress can still believe that their
money Js being waster, said his worship. Conditions now and a few years
ago. he said, are very different. At
that Uaae the people were unnble to
afford the improvements which are
belnt, made now, but with the Increase
of prosperity and the great growth
which is In prospect makes it necessary that preparations be made for
permanent improvements.
The tact that Hie receipts exceeded the expenditures during the last
���fear br more than $3000 was taken
*m aa indication tbat the city's affairs
i were being conducted on a business
I basis.
The men who are doing so much
criticizing, said the mayor, are speak:
! Ing in ignorance of the true state of
arfalrs, a thing which they had nol
i right to do. Charges nf improper ex-^
I penditure of money which cannot be
(borne out by the facts are equivalent
to an attempt to steal the good name
! and honor of the mayor and alder-
; men and should not be made on a pub-
j lie platform or elsewhere. The 1912
council, he said, is tho most painstaking and conscientious with which
he has had to deal during his three
years in office, and every member of
that body should have the confidence
and Ihiuiks of the electors, as should
also the city employees.
The criticisms hurled at him for
increasing tho clty'B debt Mayor Lee
characterized as an Insult to the people of the city, as he had given reasons for every dollar asked and the
people had accepted these reasons.
Ho explained that ln former days ln
making up tho apportionment, the
board of works came last and took
what was left, ln some Instances this
amount was very low, on one occasion
being ?G8 and with this the committee was supposed to do thousands of
dollars worth of work. Tho natural result was that the work bad to be done
on a temporary loan, which was carried nlong from year to yeur and never
wiped out until recently when a bylaw was carried for thlB purpose.
Alderman Kellington waB praised
for hiB work ln the Btreet department
and the mayor stated that by his efforts lt had been made a whole lot
easier for farmers to get lhto town
with their produce.
In closing, his worship referred to
the harbor improvement and explained thnt the work was progressing,
and actual operations would be started on the Front street portion when
the machinery arrives. He urged the
voters to select good men, not
(hose who would fall In with whatever
their associates sugested, nor those
who would kick against everything,
but good Bane men who would help
to make New Westminster a great
Had Their Rows.
Aldrrman Kellington, chairman of
the board of works, stated that he i.aB
had differences with members of the
council but they were always amicably
Bettled. He praised Alderman Dodd
for his good work and thought he
should be returned with the other Aldermen
time, but one will be issued as Boon
as poitMible. VJ recommended that
the elections bu either held later in
the l-pntli, or the fiscal year be
cloj-t-a ou December 1. The story
thjft /tVcrktnen's cheques had been
lurried down by the bank waB characterized as a fabrication pure and
ulinpln, and merely the product of
some knocker's Imagination.
At the close of his speech three
hearty cheers were given for the
mayor-elect and three more for Chairman Maiden.
Famous Flying Outchman Wat Once
Noted  In  Log of British  Man
of War.
It would be surprising If among
sallormen and flaherfolk, whose superstition ls proverbial, a large amount
of legendary narrative connected with
their calling did not exist. A little
researoh proves that this Is so, and
Ihat the sea possesses its quota of
uneantilness, but which, with one notable exception.  Is Beldom  heard  cf.
This, of course, Is the famous "Flying Dutchman" or phantom Bhip of
.Vancfrrdecken. How the story originated ts doubtful, but is has been ascertained that there was a Beaman
���bt repute who many years ago sailed
from Holland to the East via the Cape
of flood Hope but was never again
heard  of.
Some authorities say that .meeting
with contrary winds off the cape, no
swore a terrible oath, in consequence
of which the Divine wrath decreed
ihat lie should be occupied to the
oraclt'of doom in endeavoring to weather the headland. Others Btate that
this' punishment was meted out to
him in retribution for a terrible murder h^ committed before commencing
the' fateful voyage.
Whatever the cause cf this ancient
gentleman's . monotonous wandering
m:'? ;l,-\ It. Is probably in connection
with him, says the London Olobe. that
th'V'.moBt authentic and cold blooded I
The New Westminster News docs
net hold Itself responsible for the
opinions expressed In correspondence.
Tho News is In receipt of a letter
signed "Reader," bearing upon the
present election. We would draw the
attention of "Reader" and all intending correspondents to the notice published dally over the editorial column
that no letters will be published except over the writer's signature.���Editor The News.
Mummy   of   Egptian   Hlflh   Priestess
Works Misfortune  on   Many-
African   Ju-Ju.
That certain things bring sure disasters to their owners Is firmly believed in by many people.
Take the case of a Mr. Apperley.
a young artist. A little over three
years ago he bought a small West
African Idol, or Ju-j'i. Before this
for years in succession he had his
pictures hung in the Royal Academy.
He has not had a picture In the Academy since he bought the Idol!
Just after Mr. Apperley bought It
his house was burgled and all his
wife's Jewelry stolen. A week or two
later an outbreak of fire occurred,
Next year his wife had a serious illness, and the artist had a run of bad
luck and  disappointment.
He lent the ju-ju to a friend, who
returned it hurriedly in a fortnight 1
During that time he lost heavily over
a business deal: his wife, a most
careful woman, scalded herself on
two occasions; his neighbors bought
1 puppy the day after the Idol came,
and the result was a mob stoned his
windows in mistake for those of the
puppy owner! Finally, he had a severe attack of rheumatism. No wonder he returned the Idol-
Still more extraordinary was the
case of the mummy of the high priest
ess of Amen-Ra. now in the Itritish
Museum. This priestess belonged to
the   Royal   family  of  Egypt.
A party of four young Englishmen
secured the mummy about thirty year
ago In Kgypt. One of the young
men was crippled before they left
that country, and another was shot
shortly   before reaching  Kngland.    A
,     ���.       ���. _____>- . .        _____ .      ,     ..third   died  suddenly,   nnd   the   fourth
In   New   West minster,  and  especially   bo-vsgrit a man is conspicuously stand  touowed hinl arter Ic3i , f
the workers living here... | Ing ajjd facing toward the shore.^with J tune
,r ,The s'Rfgr of the ia��t hastily pre ,
sented the mummy to the museum, i
The ~ian who drove it there died ;
with.:, a week, while one who helped
to earn' It into the building sbon
afterwards had both his legs cut off
in a railway accident.
The  first   man   who  attempted    to
i photograph    tbe    mummy    case    fell,
smashing his camera and cutting his
face severely.    The    first    journalist
: who described the Ill-luck that follow-
I ed  it  died  soon afterward.
Finally, the daughter of the Marchioness of Salisbury, who went to
look at the mummy, fell and sprained her ankle.
Another Ill-luck brlnger that was
thrown out of the house and given
to the museum was a carved teak-
wood Image of Buddha.
It  was  stolen   from   a Buddhist  in
______________________      ef any  phantom   exists either
,     The'board of works, he said, Is get-1 afl?*fi  or ashore,  foT it  is  stated   In
I ting   more   work   from   their   men   in ' th9   '��K  of   *'MS'   Bacchante    while
I eight hours, according to the firm from,011 *  voyage   round   the   world   with
I whom   their   gravel   is   bought    than ' th" *,t,p Princes In  1881. there    ap-
waB   formerly   secured   in   nine      ne j pears on July 11 the entry:    "living
' said he has heard people criticize the ! DuBBman   crossed   our   bows."     The
I city  for paying  laborers  S3  per davlog 'book of one of the  then  largest
and asked how many of these critics'   rr ner "m'1" ���'''������ warships was certain-
I were   running   their   own   homes   on   >j tfie v(:rv ,il!it "���acP ,0 exI-ect    t0
;that  amount   of   money.     He   wasn't    find-that which is generally associat-
1 lie said and often wondered how the . e<- Hth the hysterical of either sex.
I other  fellow   did   lt.    He  also  asked       In'ihe "Chronicles of the St.  Law-
how  these  men   would   like  handling' rer.ee,"  by   Le   Maine,  it  is  recorded
'a   pick   and   shovel   for   eight   hours   that'on a certain day in  the year a
every day. ' j phantom ship is seen otf Cape d'Es-
Mr. Kellington closed with the state-' pplr.-j"  Gaspe  Lay     Lights are seen I
ment that he represents in the coun-' abotiro'   of   her.   and   her   decks    are
I ell every person living or paying taxes 1 en ''ded \. ith men.  By the foot of the j
The  chief  burden  of  Mr.   Bryson's I a   la-dfr   clinging   to   bis   arm.     Grad
remarks were The News and a Nova ' "illljathe lights go out and  the  ves-
quite ��� sel gfZks..    It  Is said  to be the ghost
Scotia crawfish. He became
excited "Over the latter item, apparently thinking that lie had been given
the title. He promptly intimated that
the editor of The News might be one,
but said that any one who called him
such a thing wouid immediately make
the second person in New Westminster for whom he had no use. The
News, he said, has caused more hard
feelings and bitterness In this campaign than any other one thing.    He
Of the flagship Of a fleet which was
sent out Jo reduce the French forts.
Ihe vessel being lost with all hands,
TBeMJla also related among the lum-
l>'*ntis"$i of the same great river of an
itaitjp   caravel  ��h'"i
(adqlfc   Falls.   whe*-e
si 1 dare or could fo'lo
Toj''(jome to our native waters, there
are '"typmerous instances related in
lee \|1 'history   of   the   visitations     of
promised Cray his support, if elected, I ghostly vessels, the west of England,
and denied most emphatically that he | as mfgbt be expected, being most
wanted to be mayor, either now or | "refute l'i) these records. Indeed,
a year ago, although he Intimated ! Cornwall 'boasts of a phantom ship pro-
that had he desired to run he might j bablv~unique the v 1 rid over, as she
bave been chosen. not on-y _,U5 the water, but pi -ceeds
Gets Fair Show.
Ceorge Kennedy thanked the laboj;
men for giving him a fairer shot*
than he had received at the meeting
if thc "potentates" on Monday evening, saying that they all had the big
head. Referring to The News, he
wondered something about "that
apology of a newspaper of which
Mayor Lee is president and,, chief
dictator," but got so mixed up telling
how everyone knew that the paper
had been shamelessly slurring and
roasting honest citizens who used
their prerogative to criticize, that
the anxious aiudlence never learned
just what It was that Mr. Kennedy
After a few remarks on the
llnances of the city, Mr. Kennedy (lis
coursed for a while on the seven new
candidates for the council, telling of
heir peculiar qualifications and char-
Hterbed those two whom The News
haa seen lit to support as deserters.
"The mayor's pet." he Bald, "has
u Ion our winter's supply of pork."
Tills apparently was incrvit as a play
upon woids with Messrs. Irwin and
Rogj aa the  victims,
Are in-.cnsistent.
Mayor-i lect Gray called the attention of the voters to Hie fact that
these alileimen who are so unxious
that no more indebtedness be Ineur-
���eil and still favor additional fire
iiallJ and water and light extensions
ire rather Inconsisti at. 11 is impossible, he said, to Obtain the money
for these things without going tn Unpeople with bylaws. Tl e money now
in hand has been voted for a specific
purpose and must be used fur this
Aldermnn  Cray stated  Ihat  he ha
most unconcernedly by some good distance  Inland.
This,Is the spectra ship of Forth., ,__���. nur_a ^
curW and In Robert Hunts bock Is L^ sh|p ,       H was "near Llver.
related tne experience of a local inhabitant, .who witnessed one ot her
escapades- She is described as a
blue'-.. square rlggc* single masted
vessel, somettimes ,.>>ving a small
boa/t.f: No crjw are ever seen; pre-
suniaily they are down below.
T*he} personal narrative Bays:     "On
eanjejftlie  craft.   It    passed    steadily
jh the breakers, glided on over
ship carrying it was near
pool, a fire broke out on board. The
crew threw the Image overboard, believing the Idol was responsible, and
they reached port in safety. The
Image was washed ashore in Wales
and claimed by Its owner, the captain.���Pearson's Weekly.
��� ���
��� OUR    POET'S   CORNER.        ���
��� s>
the sinds steadily pursued its course
on lit' dry land as If It had been
waters* On It went to Bodelan. where
St. ;liven formerly dwelt. It then
stoeVdW Its course to Chvgwldcn, and
thoi-n jyanished like smoke."
Iletthell  also  tells  us that  In ano-i. .,     ,
the,(f rnuh bay during an Incoming  $*�� <*$-�� ^ �����>>��.
fog.j t|e noise erf tailing wara, gun-1 w,^ rr(^tllp |ra?y JKt fa's
Dominion Government
Discuss Parcel Post
(Continued from page one)
that the United States government
had very often followed the Canadian
example In postal mattera and two or
three years ago had adopted entirely
the Canadian Bystem of postal savings
banks. He believed that the main opposition to Buch a system would be
found to come from the small storekeepers and from the express com-
panlcB, the latter particularly.
The Liberal member pointed out the
very great contrast between the ratea
on parcels coming from England and
those mailed in Canada.
"A parcel," he said, "can be sent
from London, England to Vancouver
cheaper than It can bo sent from I.on-
don, Ontario to Vancouver."
Tho ex-postmaster general reviewed
the long agitation which had taken
place In the United States leading
up to the recent Innovation, and said
that tho influence of the farmers had
been very marked in Its favor Just us
their Influence had been marked In
furthering tine contract of the rural
free mull delivery. As far as Canada
was concerned, even If some of the
country stores did suffer, he did not
think that this objection ahould be Insuperable. Similar objections had
been raised to reforms In the past.
The railways for Instance, said Mr.
Lemleux, had found strong opposition
from the stage coaches and steamboats
In  their earlier afages, were exceedingly  unpopular with the  owners of
sailing ships.    To come nearer home,
[ the    automobile    had    found    many
I enemies.    The   postofflce  department
was making a large amount of money
��� and whatever surplus there might be
' belonged to the people.
Mr. Lemleux felt that the time had
'conic to make the necessary expcndl-
. ture In order to give to the country a
: boon  which  nearly every other coun-
1 try In the world possessed today and
he   recommended   rile   adoption   with
whatever changes might be necessary.
William Martin, Regina, said that If
the government had in mind any extension of  the  parcels  post lt would
find such a move meeting with general
satisfaction in the west ami both aides
' of the house would be one on the qnea-
' tlon.
Twits   Mr.. Lemfeu-**.
Hen.  Mr.  Felletier twitted  Mr. Le-
! mleux with having dona nothing along
i the lines lie now suggested  when lie
I was in charge of the postofflce deport-
'ment.    He had very wisely, no doubt,
left these  things as a legacy to his
successors.    The question  of  the establishment of a parcels post system is
one which bristles with difficulty. The
depart ment   had   given   it  much  consideration  and   when  lt was   thought
that a solution had been arrived at It
was discovered that it would be necessary to go all over the ground again.
Mr   Ross  of   the  department  had
made  a  comprehensive    report    bat
I since II  was presented1 his ideas had
'undergone a conslderaflle change. The
ex-postmaster  general   had   suggested
that if the express companies were hit
the railways might be given more for
1 carrying the mail.
Mr.   I'elletier   did   not   consider  it
wise that members of the house Bhould
deliberately   Invite   the   railroadB   to
ask for more money.    He thought it
would   be   wise   In   the   consideration
'of  this  question  to discard   the Idea
'that it is the business of the depart-
I ment to go ln for a war In rates. That
! was beyond  the functions of the- department.
Dr. M. C. Clark of Red Deer, said
that he had a lengthy experience of
parcels post In the old country snd
perhaps nothing in the public serrice
there brought greater happiness and
comfort to thc homes of aU classes of
E. M. Nesbltt. North Oxford, said he
was forced to the condnston that the
express companies were very much
overcharging. In Ontario there was
a fair rate on farm products but on
other small articles the rates were
outrageous. He donhted if a system
would take away from the small stores
much more than they had lost already
and he referred te the excellent service which could be giren throughout
the country ln connection with the rur
al mall delivery. He gave an example
of high express rates in his own recent experience.
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New Tram Regulations
On nnd after Jan.  I,  )913 ttrttUtt nftrmtlonn will be mmle In the ritjni-
latlorirt of  fiii.H Company oov-criiitf tin-  transportation of puirnvngera ovt-r It*
-ho Companw I* dolntc a., thnt "mm ami money" can d�� to provide an
adequate tram aervlce whlou will guarantee conveinlence and itaf<>t ��� for (is
paKs-u-ngcrH aad this policy will u*i cuntlaue-d In the tine of the provlMlun of
additional cars.
After New Year's Day rldlngr on Mw steps, bumpers or fenders of cars-
will t>e a violation of the - rovlmrtul reroiatlons and audi action cannot b��
permitted by t_e Company. As Hpeedi.v as possible, with due regard to public
convenience, the platforms of a.   oars will be equipped wltn gates or doors.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westmlnstsi- Bl C
firittM and
forth   Is   heard   as   If | -]-0
homeward    coming
,-______, - -     **reet     tbe
an 4c|lon were ln proRress. throng:     	
Mil**   lliatnpces   nan   be   piven    "'"Sweit. sweet C'nniula, Canada, Canada
how Hliln.i theti-srlvr3 are said to br | q�� -10 repeata each  perfect note,
h'-Mitl-.,  e��"-ecla1W  when    a murder: which   trembles   from    his
has ogciirred on board. And In thp
West ^Indies Rroeflome s'or'es are
told ol the restlcds splr'tt of the an-
olenl plrites. who presumably are too
wicked*** leave this sphere b-'t visit
their���������M ��� quarters nnd provide anv j
iinfort.'inalc shipwrecked ">*-"Uin with ]
a fund nf "horrors," which hi* event j
nnlLv. folates to a gaping aiid'nnce]
of brother salts.
By His Wl��h It Will Not Be Put
���     ������ Alltottlnr, Chur-.h.
Mililcfc iTan. 15.���The heart of the
_._..__,_ i lete "PrllosJ. Regent  of   Davarla    will
���aid that he does not want the posl��� ������, foJrUcH with th* In- ���- number
lion of major unless there Is money ������, |���ortB of the Princes of the House
anough to run the city nnd still felt|of ^viUlWilch, which arc preferve,]
Ihat same way. lie said he realize* j ,��� p,,,^ fcBFP��� |��� the pilgrimage
rully his responsibilities, but is not church of sUlpttlng. but will be placed
afraid cf the Job, nnd will do hla |n the Theatlne Church nt Munich
duty to tho best of his ability. He where tha rest of his body Is buried,
read a letter of congratulation from! This wag bis express wish; he de-
Sir   Richard   McBtlde.     Referring   to (s|r(:,i |,|H heart to be preserved In the
same place as tbat of his wifp
This rather grim custom of preserving the heart in a gold case, apnrt
'rotn the, body. Is nlso ohscrvrrt by the
llapsburgs. Their bodies are burled
In th* 'Pranclscan Church at Vienna,
but their hearts, enclosed In a silver
case, aare placed In the Chapel of tho
Hearts in the cathedral.
Th* charfel is u small Gothic chamber, and through the unglazed window
giving oo-the main body of the church
one cap, see tbe silver caskets arranged on shelves. The sight of these
casketa Is not Impressive. The silver
of which they are made ls tarnished
and they look like the tins of groceries', V"; thp storo cupboard of a kitchen. .
-\ i
��� alaleiuent cf the banquet tendered
the Counoil when they visited the
r!o(jiiillin) dam. he stilted that he did
nol linvi anything stronger than
lemonade to drink, und so far as he
obforved the delegates from the
Trades nnd Labor council acted as
did everyone else, nor did they allow their heads to be turned as Intimated by one candidate.
The case of thp City vs. the Vancouver Power Company will be
llreuuouily fought, and if necessary
and tlie people approve, will be carried right to the foot of the throne,
said Mr. Cray.
As to thc llnancinl statement, the
speaker said it is impossible to get
out   a   complete   statement  at    this
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Shining
Along the land where maples rise,
\nd elms to match the sapphire skies,
"Sweet,    sweet      Canada,      Canada,
The homeland sea la broad and blue,
The   homeland   shores  aro    fair    to
Wong the sunlit. Rummer ways.
Visions  of  half forgotten   days.
Like dim mirages. In the soul
Their  holy   images  unroll.
For him, homecoming, as of old.
Afar the twinkling roof-tree gleams;
And brightly hallowed, he beholds,
The   splend'd   city   of  his   dreams-���
Toronto   of   thc   golden   north,
Whence, harking back, have ventured
. forth
\ thousand fenrless hearts to fight
Life's battles by the alien light
fif other lands; and after years
Of silent longing,  smiles, and tears.
Sirange winds nnd stars, and creeds,
come home
To view nrce more their native land.
And In the shadow.of Its domes,
Clasp one another by, thc hand.
The whltethroat calls across the dusk
Krom woodland, sweet from pine and
What time the purple twilights rest
Upon   the  city's  gllnrmertng  breast;
"Sweet, sweet Canada, CaCnada, Canada."
The light wind hushes, and more near
The sound of revelry I  hear;
And by the starlight's opal beams
Mv woodblrd whispers In Mb dreams:
"Sweet, Sweet Canada, Canada, Canada."
���Toronto Mall and Empire.
Crushed  Under Gnovplounh.
Nelson, B. C. Jan. la.���Crushed beneath a snowplongh on the Kaslo & j
Slocan   railway   near    the    Rambler-1
Cariboo mine yesterday, Edward Hubert, Canadian Pacific Railway brake-
man of Nelson, was killed.    He came
from  Edmonton and waa unmarried.
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Overcoats Clsa-aed aad Pressed
New Velvet Collar ..,, 75a
We do repairs at a small additional charge.   "   -
345 Columbia St.      Phone R27��
��� ���
��� FIRST    THINGS. *
��� ���
The first divorce court in England
was instituted lifty-flve years ago today, Jan. 16, 1S5S.. The Jurisdiction
of the ecclesiastical authorities respecting divorce was abolished by
this act Tho divorce aud matrimonial court consisted of three Judges,
and the first body of this kind had
aB members Lord Campbe|l, Chief
Baron Pollock and Sir Cresswcll Cres-
At the first sitting five marriages
were dissolved, and lu tho first .year
of existence the court granted thirty-
eight divorces out of a total of 288
petitions, tip to the time of tbe establishment of the court there had
been ln England, since the reformation, 317 divorces granted by acts of
parliament. Down to the passing of
Ihe divcrce act In 185S, the theory of
Bngljsh law ln regard to divorce was
the same as that of the Roman Catholic Church, although In practice
this rule was not strictly adhered
to, and wealthy and Influenclal persons might, through parliament, secure freedom  from galling ties.
The divorce act provided that the
wronged husband could be released
from his obligations to an unfaithful
spouse, but gave no such recourse to
an Injured wife unless the husband's
adultery was aggravated by other offenses. Divorce law reforms have recently been widely discussed ln England, and a recent report on tho subject has been tbe subject ot much
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Six roomed house on Alberta Street, Sapperton, close to Columbia
Street.   Price $2805; $500 cash, balance $26 per month.
Six roomed house, new, on Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
car line. Full sited basement, furnace, fireplace, and laundry tubs.
Price $3700; $800 cash, balance arranged.
Three roomed hquBc on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street car
line! Large lot ln fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price $1800; one-
quarter cash, balance G, 12 and 18 months.
Kive roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace,'fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement Walks. Price
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
The Peopks Trust Coufc1
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669 THURSDAV, JANUARY it, 191$.
Although the Professionals Hsve Not
Done Well Up to Date They Hope
to Get Going Soon.
Although three of the scheduled
home games have been postponed,
and four dufeatB are staring them In
the face, thc champion Royals are by
no means out of the running In the
l'uclflc Coast Hockey League, It
Jimmy Gardner, their manager and
captain, has anything to say on the
The delays which have featured the
building of the Ice making plant ut
<*ui'�� ns park bas. been one of the factors in the slump taken by the Royals,
as the players have had to make a
dally trip to Vancouver where Just a
limited tune has been placed at their
disposal for practice purposes.
Workouts on their own Ice, Just ns
In baseball and lacrosse, afe rar more
beneficial to any team, and while no
blame whatever can be attached to
the officials of tbe arena company for
these delays the fact remains that the
Westminsters have a hard handicap
to overcome before they stand a
chance of holding on to the Paterson
Contrary to some reports which
have emanated through the press the
postponed games will be played towards the close of the season when
the Royals will have a chance of
tying with either Vancouver or Vic
toria. With a possibility of making
the trek eastwards in quest of the
famouB old Stanley Cup staring them
in the face there Is no reason to believe that the locals will be quitters.
From all reports the game in Victoria last week would probably have
been won for the Royals had not Ran
McDonald received Injuries just when
he was playing a whirlwind of a
game. Ills injuries were enough to
compel him to leave the Ice and the
consequent change In the formation
allowed the Senators to take a brace,
with Dummy Ulrlcb scoring the winning goal In over time.
The management of tho arena have
yet to announce the positive date for
thc opening, but with the power lines
ln and all the-macHlficry installed: It
Is only a matter of a few more days
before the Ice will be congealed.
lt ls understood that the Western
-Canada Power Company, which is Installing tbe electric apparatus, have
found a short circuit which Is being
traced and once thlB ls remedied,
there will be nothing left but to give
the order "Let her go."
Hal"a:. Jan. 15��� The marrla-jc
took (lata this morning at the Queens
Hotel of Alice Grace, daughter of
Mr and Mr* John Hemming of Yorkshire. England, to Jacob 0. Gaudaur
���of Oi'ilia, Ont, former champion
scull.-r *>f the world. Miss Hemming
���UT'v-u from England yesterday on
the 8.8. Canada.
The ceremony wss performed In the
-sitting room of the hotel by the Rev.
H. XV. Curalngham.
-1904~-Batt|.j-g Nelson ..knocked out
Arthur Slmms In three rounds
nl   Milwaukee.
1907���WMlle t.*wt*. AnWIcAn, knocked out Fred * **<���"��*. Canadian, ln
two rounds   -.. Montreal.
1911-Knocgout Brown knocked out
Egan Ir six rounds at New York.
1911���j>*-<*h Cross knocked ont
Charley Griffin, Australian, in
secoud round tn New Vork.
1911Knoclft)Ut Brown- knocked out
jack Ritchie in second round
at Harrldbn, N.J.
1S11- Sam Lang-ford stopped Fred At-
water In three rounds at Utica.
:    "tt'ftXeW,, \
��� ������������������ ��� ��� ��� ��� ,���'��� ��� % ���;.���
"PHILADELPHIA  JACK"    __       ���
One \\ t*��'ctagaSt W-OT'Qf.tlie.
ight-heavywelghtL_S__Tii?a * j__S
decadej waa "Phltadelphta Jaftk
O'Brien, who will celebrate his 86th
birthday tomorrow. O'Brien, whose
resl name Is Joseph F. Hasan, was
born la the Quaker City on Jan. IT,
1878. Me was a defer, versatile boxer
���with a style va/y . P*ch like, that of
Jim Corbett Ha was st his best In
1904 and 1906, when he defeated
Tommy Burns, Bob Fitisimmons and
Al Kaufman, and fought a six round
draw with Kid McCoy. From that
tlmo on O'Brien began to go back.
In 1906 Tommy Burns held him to
a draw in a 40-round bout In U>e
Angeles, and tn tha tWlowine year he
was vanquished' by the Canadian In a
battle tor the hwywelght championship title in JO rounds at Los Angeles.
Of late years O'Brlan'bae been*'real
society man, under the patronage of
A. J. Drexel Blddle, a Philadelphia
millionaire, who ls a,devotee of the
boxing game,   /
O'Brien thfih* ho. ass a real comer
ln his kid brother, aHlwuib up to.date
the youngster laa not diva* any remarkable account ot himself.   If he
sops fur M
should succeed, howerver, Jt 'wtMlld not
be surprising lor pugilistic skill ia
often a family gift. Prof. Mike Donovan, the aged Instructor of boxing nt
tho New York Athletic club, and once
n great fighter, seems to have developed a classy boxer In hiu boh, Young
I.eon Ketcholl, a brother of the late
middleweight champion, Is another
lad who Ih .trying to keep the family
name In tho limelight. Stanley tried
to di: Mindi- l.con trom 1,In pugilistic
ambition, but failed, and a few months
before his tragic death Stanley predicted that the "kid" had the atuff in
him to make coin In the squared
Krankle Hums, the California lightweight, was born In Fresno county
23 years ago today, and was a railway clerk before he became a boxer.
Another sporting anniversary Is that
of JameB J. Collins, once one of the
BtarB of the baseball diamond, wbo
was born in Buffalo 42 years ago today.
National    Sports   Club    Take    Four
Games Awsy From  Westminster Artists.
Ill-luck appeara to dog the footsteps
of the Royal billiard quintette, the locals losing four out of five games to
the National Sports club of Vancouver last evening at the Royal Pool
Pye of Coquitlam, was the only local
man to win hla game while three of |
the rest went over the 2?0 mark.
Coldleutt, who was epected to win-
his game, could only notch 92, hla opponent slowing him but few times to
operate the cue and these with poor
poBltious. The following are the
Westminster���Coldleutt, 92; Pye,
ISO, Reid, 231; Douglas,, 206; Grant,
National Sports���Petley, 250; Cordon, 172; Joy, 2S0; Sutton, 260; Adle,
Hl(ch breaks���Petley, 42-41; Pye. 38;
SUttou, 39-26.    " '
Chicago. Jan.'15.���Edward Reulbacb
signed today a contract to pitch for
the Chicago National league baseball
club the coming season.
Hobby Craig and Edward McDonald
formerly of the Tri-Btnte league and
the Boston club of tbe National league
respectively, also sent In their contracts. Tom Downey was traded to
Sacramento for McDonald when be
refused to report there.
Milwaukee. Jan. 15��� William Armour, formerly Interested In the Detroit, Toledo snd Cleveland clubs, has
purchased a block Of stock In the Milwaukee American Association baseball
club from Mrs". Charles Havener, the
owner, and will hate complete control of the club this year. Mrs. Havener will retain the majority of the
stock. Armour wss scout tor the St.
Louis National club last year.
. Chicago, Jan. 15.���Jess Wlllard and
Dan Daly, both of whom have designs
on ths white heavyweight title, were
matched today to flight six rounds ln
Phlladclphl'a.Sn Jkn. 15. ^-No decision
w'll he rendered. Three oavs l.��fore
the Daly fight Wlllard will box Frank
Bauer In Fort Wayne, Ind.
Creep-tin Malt.
Ber* Is somsHblsg to tba course ot
natural phMOtnana, thst will Interest
and Instruct the Httt* feik 1f they look
into It eortooslyi Into a tumbler halt
mil of water da-solve Just ss much
common table salt aa can be bald In
solution. Let it stand for a few days
and see bow tba salt creeps out of the
water, up the Imdde of the flans and
down tbs ontgtd* just tike a thing ot
ilf�� trying to scrape tram.Ita environ-
incut And when all the salt W ap
i-erentljr oat ot PfWoo the watt-r re
mains as salty aa bsforel It la a pretty
-No ooa cease to as* net aald aba
wearily, "as tbey did ttrf*t* t waa
-ftpM-rli-* of that fart," -aaM m; -1
used to rail an yen e*v*n ��lr*iil��i|- in
lb* week at Ihat Urn* Mat I am as
had off aa ynn-l agar Save nowimt*
He read tba wtter twice and the*
MM. "Tbls is on* or the moat moving
plw-ee of Utorstur-s I aver saw."
-Is it an appim��Jtn��r,s��dr asked his
-No. it* a nata rrom tha landlord
saying ba has raised tba rant*
Hewitt-Tale   la   a   queer   war*
erlma.-Naw Tat* Plana.
���  ^'^^mw'nUMw.
me Mm
\ wr^RQ,
Tales That Are Told o* the Great Eng-
lith  Humorous  Poet.
The late Sir W. Gilbert will long bo
remembered for what he did for tin;
English stage. He found the lump ot
burlesque burning low and malod'-r-
Mi.-i, and he invented u new mid en
chanting form ol entertaiiinijt t, su'--
tli* enough, with its delicate *rony, t<>
cuptivute the most exacting intellect:
yet rippling over with a delicious
gaiety that a happy child might
share. He had a mordant satire,
feurlc.-is and keen-edged; an inexhaustible wit, scintillating in every
line; a Puck-like aptitudj for paru-
dox, whimsical and merrj; and with
it all no word was spoken which un
honest man or woman need bluih t.i
In Thn Century Illustrated Magit-
tine there is an interestii.*; article entitled, "Sir W. Gilbert at I knew
him," written by Mr. Roland Grey.
giving his impress mns of the'famous
librettist. Looking back to the first
chance of listening to tlie conversation'
of thc author of "Pinafore," Bays Mr.
Grey, toy itnrneilinlc and moused impression wns thnt he took as great
pains to he dull as others do to lie
brilliant, wi'h almost cqunl success.
Do what he would, thc wit sparkled
out, ill hii'li he never enjoyed inskitu
a joke so much a, when he made It
to n  diill'inl.
His tahle-tulk will not be garnered
up iu dismal little volumes where ths
champagne is flat and thc lamps burn
dim. Brevity was the soul of his. wit.
'Ihe terrible verdict ss to a certain
"Hamlet" whose impersonator unwisely asked him to be candid is historical: 'funny, my dear fellow���funny without being vulgar. ' A i:mark
about another concerted player was
made   to   a   very   limited   audience;
"Poor  1 he has all the  faults ol
an actor without the excuse o! being
Mere black and white can never
convey the intitnite charm of the library where mucli of his later work
was done at the orderly writing table
at which, when a play was in progress, he regularly spent the morning
hours. Strange creatures were allowed
free access to hiin, discovering thc
vein of tenderness which would make
hi.n sit still with n lemur asleep upon
his shoulder rather than disturb it by
moving. There were rlways flowers,
of which he liked mignonette best,
but the chief ornaments of a room all
sunshine nnd harmonious coliring
were the white shelves laden with the
richly hound books which he rend
chiefly lnte at night; and the favorite
of them all was the Book of .lob.
Sir William Gilbert contradicted
every indication regarding genius,
Michselangela, as "eternal patience."
His mind was as disciplined as it was
original. His eyes never rolled with
"fire frenty," hut they weie keen to
discover any flaw in his work. He
considered every detail as worthy *.(
special research.
He would buy the bert ond most
expensive Greek lexicon to insure the
perfect aeeur-c/ of tha Greek words
and phrases intioduced into a sinulo
Sottas in "Hi* Majesty," and lis would
copy a whole play in his clear handwriting when new editions called lor
alteratioi -,, which his warmest devotees often deplore.
As we glance respectively at the long
sequence of play.- Gilbert has given us
as an inheritance, the chief impre-
sion left by his work is that it will
endure fnr all its fantasy, because :t
is the work of one who- will stand
among thc makers of the Knglish language. He invented new meter- which
arc pure music, and made his bright
mischief with words bent to hii airy,
intricate uses.
He never borrowed, and he never
stole. His quick brain wai- too resourceful for any risk of pligarisin,
despite the wild culture which can be
a positive snare to a leas original
mind. He has absolutely no analogy
with any other writer in any 'thai
country. In his own province "the'*-
is no one beside him and no one above
him," He is sule autocrat of a laity
realm, where, delicious thought, there
are no bores. Fun and Frolic are the
cup-bearers of his dainty Muse, who'
could ."never, like Mr. Rudyard Kipling's, "travel with thc coffee snd Ihe
pork." He had no need frr hit pathe
tic lament that humor was exhausted.
though when he looked st the poverty
of the frit of our "funny fellows and
clowns of private life," he may wel.
have been too depressed to realix.*
what a host be was in himself.
lX ill ���      m    ^
Madame Lillian Nordlca, the world
famous singer, will visit the New
WeBtmlnster opera house on Friday,
January 81, according to an announcement made yesterday by Manager
Harry Tidy.
Madame Nordlca has a wonderful
lopinno voice and ranks with Melba
ind Tetrazzlni as one of the three
greatest singers of the present day.
She will come here direct from
Cheyenne, Wy��� this being her starting
point of a tour of tbe coast She
will not, so far as Is arranged,, visit
A Neighborly Aet That Resulted In a
Comedy ef Errors.
A gentlemen snd bis wife occupying
s rills tn s London suburb ssked a
neighbor to "keep an eye oo tbe place"
while tbey were awsy on tbelr an-
jnal bollduy. Tbe neighbor consented
and on tbe first nlgbt of bis caretaking noticed a light lo tbe bedroom of
tbe presumably unoccupied bouse snd
nsw tbe light extinguished.
Accompanied by a policeman, the
neighbor made a forcible entrance
through tbe scullery window, snd quietly tbe two men made tbelr way to tbe
bedroom. Tbe light of tbe constable's
.bullseye disclosed tbe bead of a man
in bed, snd tbe policeman promptly
drew bis truncheon.
As promptly tbe occupant of the bed
sprang out snd a desperate struggle
begun. Simultaneously a Isdy dasbed
across tbe room shrieking, threw open
tbe window and at considerable peril
clambered out A second constable,
pssslng at tbe moment, concluded tbat
tbe lady was bent on suicide snd, entering tbe front garden, beld himself
tn readiness to entcb tbe women, wbo
appeared to be about to fling herself to
tbe ground.
Tbe neighbor, however, dragged tbe
lady back Into tbe room, and tben tbe
truth began to assert Itself. Tbe captured Invader of tbe empty bouse snd
tbe escaping lady were tbe occupant
sod bis wife, wbo bad suddenly changed tbelr holiday arrangements without
Informing tbelr too vigilant neighbor.���
London Globe.
Swimmer's Qrest I Inish.
There wast a remarkable finish to
thc annual ��wimming contest of the
Isondon and Southwestern Railroad lo.
comotive department competition rare
in t:.e Thames river from Chelsea to
Battersea'recertly, whep V. I>. Downs
of the Nine Rims locomotive <>piirt-
ment. the holder of tbe championship,
who waa leading, was seiienV with
cramps when fifty yards from-the winning post.
A bost msds to his as��is'snce, hut
he had presenoe of mind to turn on
his back and, floating thu*. was car-
ried by the strtnf ebb current past
the winninf post, securing the chum-
nionihip for the third successive ye��r.
H. I.uddon, a Guildford veteran, ws<
defeated by a nsrmw margin. Down*'
time wa* 16 minute* 9616 second*.
Why'an Aldsrman Tosk the, n*dg��.
, At*a tempers-ice demonstration at
Berwick, Eng.. Aid. LogeiT, wh*�� ha*
accepted the mayoralty tor easfe-nd
term. | stated that he had bean- a to��-
totoller for forty year*. "One New
Year* morning," he said./'l had been
���flrat footing.' (a Scottish outoni tt
vi��iting a friend's house with a patent to bring him luck tor the ensuing
year) and having got a drop too much.
I wag feeling very bad. A very dear
friend of mine suggested that 1 should
have another drink to put me right.
" 'That which ha* put me wrontr
-rill not put me right,' I *aid, and
since tben I have never drunk any-
thing stronger than tea." :*��� ������'
.���^W*'* ntlteratas.     , ''"[
Oat * tW   1IJKWJW) -natives   of
Egypt only some; 110,000 can read and
Thtat  Fighters   Won  Thtlr   Grsststt
Fimt In ths Crimea.
One of the most interesting clam of
soldiers or modern times one been tbe
frencb corps called tha sonars*. Tbls
body of during and picturesquely attired lighters reached tbe belgbts of
Its reputation during tbe Crimean war.
Tbe zouave corps st tbst tlms wss
supposed to consist of Frenchmen. It
wss, however, quite international.
since many daring young foreigners
bsd Joined It and tt wss known to Include In Its ranks men from Oxford,
tsottlngen and otber universities. It Is
probable tbat a majority of Its members
were lu It mors for love of ugbtlng
thsn for sny lor* of country.
It Is not strange, therefore, tbst Its
fame ss a lighting body should bavs
spread throughout tbe world. Wben
our war between tbe states broke out
several corps of sousves, wearing the
glittering oriental uniforms of tba
French corps or s modification of tbem.
wer* formed on both sides. On the
Ouion side tba best known was thst
corps commanded by Elmer Ellsworth,
a young: officer from New York and
tha first killed on the Onion side. In
the Confederacy tbe most famous corps
of sousves Was that called tbe "Lou
mlaiia Tigers. "
Wbll* la American military life the
anusv* anltorm-bss practically dl��*p-
pearcd. tn franc* |h* aousv* nam*
and uniform still survive-Harper'*
Weekly.  "
The Queer Cha-mlt*-*.
The re Is nothing In th* world will induce a chameleon to take even tbe
slightest apparent Interest In Ita Mir
rounding* unle-w It be th* slgbt of
what It cnuslriers a toothsome insect
I'll* i-iiiiBM-leoir* method of tit king Its
prey ts Very i-pri****. being t-n*��rt*d by
���.hooting ont so anormously king,
wormlike tongue, tba end pf which' la
clubbed and covered with a rl-trld **���
eretlou. to. wblcb the Insects stick sad
ar* thus drawn Into Its month Tb* ao
tnsl projection of the toogu* t* man*
with marvelous rapidity. The aye* at
tbe chameleon are very curious They
:ir* very l��ri***. but with th* exception
���if * small oticnlng lu the center, are
ihe result that on-aislonally tba crsa-
iiirv is looking forward over Its none
with obi* are. w��IW wli|i the other n la
irteotli wat-ctlifc sOmtHblU dliwkly
oi-niMd It '       .
' "���'"���,"_  %   '"       ,'   .
Tea ttreng.
A ymtat wo-nan from the wast tefm.
ial<stv. ItaV IsH-ii ��(1-ifiif!>-d to tbe'still-
���n��cy nl "this m-tl-Htk- -wt" of Washing-
���hi rw-rnt.ly niadf this inwty ��f an
irttot with nsfrreiK** tu th* wort et a
fvlkiw iwlnti-r:
"Why dim Blank atsnd off and hslf
dint bl* ssyi-s wlien be looks at th* pte-
tunw it* t* tmlntlngf When I vlsltMHl
���il* Ktndhi tb* other day ha made �����
do it too."
**Th* explanation I* almpla anang*,*
-���aid the other. "Did yaa aver try tn
wok at them with yot*r ayae wMa
optaf W*rit doo*t;y��a can't stand lt-
-New mkirreas.
Twloe Tried talclda.
Nanalmo, Jan. U.���Donald McKay,
aged SS, a native of Nova Scotia, "who
attempted suicide by drowning on
Monddy, ��>mmtttea suicide tn tha ctiy
lock np by hanging with his araoaa
Ut* night. -
PHONE  It .(ttl,
Emplo-fmeat Afcocy
'' Prompt attention given to ordera.
���07 Front 6%, Naw Wsatmlnatar, B.C
If you wish to sell an Agreement of Sale for good
security, it will pay you to get our rates.
Reasonable terms. No delay.
The above picture of Madame
Lillian Nordlca, the world famous
dramatic soprano whom Manager
Tidy haB engaged to give a performance at the opera house on the evening of "Friday, January 31, was taken
under one of the trees at her Deal
Beach residence, N. J.
AL. W. GI1.I.IS   manager.
For  Thursday.   Friday    and
Saturday we   have  engaged
This talented troupe give
a complete show by themselves, but we will also have
Who are Gymnastic Marvel*,
Singing Comedianne.
As usual we will have   three
reels of exclusive photo-plays ;
to complete the program.
Change of Program Every
Monday and Thursday.
Afternoon  10c and 20c
Night 10c and Ziz
Children So and 10c at   all
���   I      . ,    ' "vt
Thursday, Friday and
Psths's Two-Reel Film O'Art'.'
A Cfaasie Masterpiece In Colors.
���    ''*    s-, -
The most magnlcflent produc-,,
tion of ibis famous tragedy ever
conceived���a marvel ot beauty.'
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
whwh we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
H*ad Offlc*: 28 Lorn* Street,      N*w Westminster.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold psyable In all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
ail branches. ���
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
3,500 tons, 7,000 horse-power
Sailing Every Monday (12 Midnight)
for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points east   of
Prince Rupert
Connecting with 8.8. "PRINCE   JOHN"   on   certain   dates   for
Stewart. Granby Bay, Massett aad other Queen Charlotte Island points
8ATURMTS   (12  Midolalit)   for VICTORIA and 8EATTL.R
S.9. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way ports, 3rd  13th
and 23rd of eaeb month. /
Through ticket* to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.   Tour
choice of rail and ocean lines. 	
H. O. SMITH. C. P. & T. A. W. ft DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     S27 Gran-villa Street
W. R. OILLEY, Phsna IO. v a I. OILLEY, Phone SSI.
Phonea, Olflos IS and 18.
GiHey Bras. Ltd.
i   i-1.
��� .���
free, aad QaaL Mgr.        VldsvPraaUaaL Bee. sad Traae.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and SIT.
ii" In   Ii   '
_ __ .      -'i'.I-okIT. 4j__ ���''��� '''"
Write Idea* For Moving Picture Plays 1; *
��� ���'���n
.,,.,**. Show You How!
���*M'A "n (frrti-d*" ' ��� ���  I ' ' ;,'j''
M you have ideas���It jomnHn tWnl-���w* trill show r��� tha aacrata of thla fascinating new arofessloa.,,,
PoaiUvely uo experieac* ar lHivary ttteallanoa necessary.   No flowery laaguage" Is wanted. s .���u..
Tha demand Cor photophtyih praoUcally nallmlUd.   Th* big fllm maBulta-tsrera ar* llmovlng heaven .�������'
and earth" In thetr attempts toBJ(*fenough gass ploU to supply tha avar lncxeasia* daaand.   Tliey are *fi'��
scenarios, or written Ideaa.     .,       .
front the film wuwheturera, snch aa VITAORAPH, EDISON, E8SA-
"ANCE. CHAMPION, OOMBT, MEL1B8, ��TC., urging oa to send
writers and we'll gladly taashh you the ^ecreU of success.
-hy, people taitta'-raayar Mfor* wr*t* a Jin* ^ar' a'ubllaatlatv
tad.' It yon can think of only one food Ids* every week.
and   will
fat-ring llOO and mora, for sin
We have received many
photoplays to them.    We
We are stlllng photoplays
Perhaps we ean do ths anfcn>��r .        .  .
write It out aa directed br nsvisa*lt eatta, for oaly fU, s tow, flture,
I   Don't hesitate.  Don't1 ai-ftm* vWta naw and loam Just what this saw frotewlon may mean for. you
and your tutor*. ������,������-������* datdw *-
��'*t t'utsrmE.
...   >����>-.
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used sb required wltl.ln one year from date of
contract, 125.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 6t)c or with Kunernl Notice 11.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
light housekeeping rooms; must be
reasonable. Address Box R. 147,
Tho New*.
maid, 815 Agnes Street. (600)
houae-keeplug room*. Give deecrlp-
tion, location, price. Write Cha*.
J. Rutler, Fernrldge Lumber Co.
housekeeping rooms, 815 Agnes
Street. (500)
new und modern, furnace heated,
laundry trays, bath, toilet, fireplace
two sleeping rooms, servants room,
den, etc. References required and
no children allowed. Box 50!!, News
office. (603)
suitable for light housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh street. (449)
new house, furnace heated. Apply
418 Ash street. (457)
bouse.    Give  location,   description,
price.   T. Si Greene, Box 661, City.
the best laying strains of White
Leghorns and White WyandotteB,
also White ivkin Ducks and White
Indian Runners, write now for catalogue to L. F. Solly, Lakevlew
Poultry Farm, Westholme, Vancouver Island, B. C. (601)
lot 50x150, price $1000.      Box    451.
Stove,   Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Ranga Co., Market square.
loom). Reward for return of same
to Mrs. Dr. Jones, 48 Royal avenue.
�� (489)
Tenders are required for the erection and completions of a Three storey.
Brick Store and Apartment Building
to be erected on the corner of Sixth
und Carnarvon Street, New Westminster, for A. W. McLeod, Esq.
Plan* and copies of Specifications
can be obtained on application to the
Architects, and tenders received up
to noon  on Friday.  January 24th.
The owner does not bind himself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
Westminster    Trust    Block,     New
Westminster, B. C. (476)
unfurnished; modern conveniences
at 1316 Cariboo street. (425)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knight* of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (398)
small rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlpjt purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Manager the News.
seller and buyer together.
The Corporation Invites tenders for
the construction of 1782 linear feet
or more, of cedar pile quay wall.
Further information and specifications may be obtained from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511-
514 Westminster Trust Building, New
Westminster,  B.C.
Tenders   will  be  delivered  to  the
undersigned, on or before 5 p.m., January   27,   1913.    The   lowest,   or  any,
tender not necessarily accepted,
City Clork.
City Hall, Jan. 7, '13. (435)
Report of R. N. W. M. P. Show* Central European* Mally Responsible
for Crime* in We*t.
Curtis Block, New  Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 395. P. O. Box 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
1. A Quarter s-ctloii in ^nskatchewan
in exchange (or  Burn;-:     property.
2. A fine Three storey 'Block In a
thriving Manllob.i agricultural section. Portion ol Mock leased for
$40 per month. Balance In Use. ThiH
Is   a   going   concern   clearing     ten
thousand per annum. Will excb.it.,���.-
tor revenue producing B. C. Pro
3. Two full bearing orchards ln the
Okanaknn Valley In each case owners will trade for coast property.
The properties are handy to the best
educational facilities.
4. A Matsqui ranch ln exchange for
Alberta acrense.
6. A choice Chllllwack 50-acre ranch
with choice buildings, for revenue
producing city property.
Write or call on us if you want to
trade as we have a number of bargains worthy of your consideration.
Fire. Accident, Piste Glass. Automobile, Burglary, Employer'*
Liability Insurance.
The Corporation Invites tenders for
the delivery on barges at the fcity
Quay, of 30,000 tons more or less, of
quarry run rock.
Further information and specifications may be obtained from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511-
514 Westminster Trust Building,
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Tenders   will   be   delivered   to   the
undersigned, ou or before 5 p.m., January   27.   1��13.     Tbe   lowest,   or   any,
tender not necessarily accepted.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Jan. 7, '13. (4361
Pursuant to Section 7, of the Brit
ish Columbia Railway Act, 1911, notice is hereby given that there has
been deposited with the Registrar tu
New Westminster, plan, profile and
book of Reference of the location of
the Canadian Northern Pacific Rail
way, mileage 5 lo 15, Lulu Island, approved by the Minister of Railways of
British  Columbia. 1469)
Chief Engineer.
Ottawa, Jan, 16.���Tbo report of the
Royal Northwest Mounted Police for
tbe year 1912 was tabled in the House
by Premier Borden this afternoon.
The report shows that on Sept. 30
the strength of the force consisted of
64 officers and 600 non-commlsBloned
officers and constables, an Increase of
four officers and 20 men compared
with the force for the year ending
Sept. 30, 1911.
Eleven divisional posts and 186 detachments have been maintained. Alberta with five poet* and 82 detachments have 262 ot the members of the
force; Saskatchewan, with four divisional post* and 87 detachments, 335;
the new portion of Manitoba, with one
post and six detachments, 22;, the Yukon territory, with one post and
eight detachments, 40 of the force, and
the Northwest territories, with two
detachments, five of the force.
Case*  Dealt  With.
During the year 13,391 caseB were
entered hy the police. Of these 11,-
435 resulted ln convictions; 1307 were
dismissed or withdrawn, and 249 were
awaiting trial on Sept. 30. Compared
with 1911. these figures show an Increase of 3973 cases and an Increase
of 360 convictions.
The casrs include 30 murders, 17 In
Mberta. 12 In Saskatchewan and one
ln the Yukon; 21 cases of attempted
murder, eight ln Saskatchewan and 13
ln Alberta; and eight manslaughter
cases, two in Saskatchewan and six ln
Alberta. In 21 of these cases convictions were secured, and on Sept. 30
17 remained to be tried.
In, 1905 there were 23 cases of these
kinds and eight convictions, but the
report sets forth that, "in proportion
to the population there Is little Increase, and the same result will be obtained if compared with statistics for
the 12 years."
Aliens Responsible.
Another interesting comment made
by the report Ib that "names of the accused Indicate an undue proportion
of our alien population responsible for
these crimes ot violence, and the
west Is paying the penalty for drawing
a large Immigration from Central Europe.''
Of the total of 13,391 cases entered
by the police, 6924 were in Saskatchewan; 6058 in Alberta; 257 in the Yukon; 96 in Manitoba, and 16 In the
territories. In 1900 the total number
of convictions was 936 as compared
with 11,435 last year.
Commissioner Perry   refer*   to   the
change'!   conditions   Jn  Saskatchewan
and Alberta,   which    ln his    opinion, j
calls   for n    reconsideration    of   the
agreement between the two provinces I
and  the  Dominion.      He  points    out j
that under  the agreement of 1906 a I
fore* nf 250 wns to be kept in    each I
province.    Since that time the popu-1
lation   of  the   provinces   has   practically doubled, much new country has j
been opened up and   In many   ways
the work devolving upon the mounted
police has greatly increased.
Reconsider Agreement*.
"I strongly recommend," the commissioner says, "that the agreement
with the provinces should be recon
sidered and that a new arrangement
should be made which would justify
the government of Canada in making
such substantial increase to tbe
strength of the force aB would enable
It to effectively carry out its duties."
The commissioner also points out
that under arrangements with Manitoba the services of the mounted police are to be retained In the territory
recently annexed to that province on
similar terms  to those   under which
Pa*t Nine Month* Shows Sixteen Per
Cent.  Increase   In   Immigration���
334,083   Arrive.
Ottawa, Jan. 15.- During the nine
months, April 1 to December 31, 1912,
334,083 Immigrants arrived lu Canada. Of this number 220,285 arrived
at ocean ports and 113,789 from the
United States.
These figures show an Increase of
14 per cent, a* compared with the
number of arrivals for the corresponding months of 1911, which were 185,-
151 at ocean ports and 107,365 from
the United States, making a total for
the nine months period last year of
292,516 persons.
During the month of December thlB
year there were 13,025 arrivals, 7626
of them having been at ocean port*
and 5763 from the United States,
against 10,042 for December last year,
4945 of whom were at ocean ports and
5679 from thc United States.
Varying the comparison, we have
for the same nine months: British,
217,876; from the United Statcs,113,-
798; all other countries, 92,410; total,
334,083. Corresponding mouths of the
previous year: British, 120,137; from
the United States, 107,365; all otber
countries, 65,014;  total, 292,516.
Comparing the calendar year 1912
with 1911, Immigration figures are as
follows: 1912, British, 145,859; American, 140,143; other countries, 109,-
802; total, 396,804. 1911, British. 144.-
076; American, 131,114; other countries, 75,184; total, 350,374.
Associated Doctors
Del Monte Inn
Friday and Saturday,
Jan. 17 and 18.
Remarkable Success of Th*se Talented
Physician* In th* Treatment of
Chronic Diseases.
Offer Their Services
Free Of Charge
As   British   Ministry   Ha*   Contented
to   Receive   Delegations   From
Suffragette   Bodies.
Re Ixits 4, 5, 7 (except the southwesterly J2 feet by 54)4 feet of suld
lot 7) of portion of lots 1. 2 and 5
and a portion of 20 feet by 106 feot
marked "Lane," of l,ot 5, Block 34,
Map 904, in the City of New Westminster.
Whereat proof of the loss of Certlfl.
cats of Title Number 12S6S P, issued
In the name of Robert Lennie, bas
been filed in this office.
Notice la hereby given that 1 Bhall.
at the expiration of one month from
the date nf the flrat publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published In the
City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certiorate, unless In tho meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Isand Iteiristry Office,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   January
3. 1903. (4fl7)
Well Built Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
Just off Sixth Street car line, with
hot water heat. $3150.00; $1000.00
cash, balance to arrange.
Coldleutt Block. Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
The Corporation invites tenders for
a Bteam tug, new or second hand.
Further particulars    and    specifications may    be    obtained    from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 611- |the Police act in Saskatchewan and Al-
;, 14 Westminster   Trust   Block,   NewlDerta-
Westminster, B.C. Two  ntw  detachments    are  to  be
Tenders will bo delivered to thei��Pened In the NorthweBt territories.
undersigned on or before 5 p.m.,|0ne ls Fort Simpson on the MacKen-
Jantmry 20th, 1913. The lowest, or jzte River, and one at Fort Laird, on
any, tender not necessarily accepted. >th<* sixtieth parallel, near British  Co-
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk, -unibla.
City Hall. Ilec  31st, 1912. (384)1 	
The Corporation invites tenders
for a 3-yard clam shell dredge and for
three 2-yard clam shell stiff leg der
Further Information and speclfica
tlons msy be obtained from A. 0
Powell. Harbor Engineer, Rooiiib 511
514 Westminster Trust Block, New
Westminster, B.C.
Tenders will be delivered to the
undersigned, on or before 5 p.m.
January 20th, 1��13. The lowest, or
any, tender not necessarily accepted
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk
City Hall, Dec. Slat, 1812. (382)
Historic  Rolie Connected With Spencer Perclval Fail* to Make
Fancy Price.
London, Jan. 15.���As soon as the
franchise amendment bill reaches
the committee stage in the house of
commons next week, it waa announced here today by Premier Amiuith
the government would welcome deputation* of women on behalf of thc
Chancellor of the Exchequer David
Lloyd-George was appointed by the
premier to receive these delegations.
Next Monday representatives of the
Women's Social and Political Union
will   be   heard.
Suffragette leaders are Jubilant over   thi*   concession,   the   first   official
recognition   by   the    Kovemmenl    oYf
tbelr demands.
Mrs. Emmallne Pankhurst Issued a
statement following the premier's announcement:
"As long as the ministry is disposed to give us a hearing." she said,
"there is no need of demonstrations. |
and until the amendment is voted upon, such action would only hurt the
Wife Acquitted of Murder.
Olympia, Wn��� Jan. 15.���Mrs. Nellie
Hinds is free today, having been acquitted after three hours' deliberation
by the jury on a charge of murdering her husband. She shot him when
he tried to break into their home or.
the Skookumchuck river after they
had separated.
The Associated Doctors licensed by
thc Btate of Washington for the treatment of deformities and all nervous
and chronic diseases of men, .women
and children, offer to all who call on
this trip consultation, examination, advice free, making no charge whatever
except the actual coat of medicine.
All tbat Is asked in return tor these
valuable services la that every person
treated will state the result obtained to their friends and thus prove to
the sick and afflicted in every city
and locality, that at last treatments
have been discovered that are reasonably sure and certain ln their effect.
These doctors are considered by
many former patients among America's leading stomach and nerve ape
'���'���.���lists tyid are experts in tbe treatment of chronic diseases and so great
and wonderful have been their result-:
that in many cases it la hard Indeed
to find the dividing line between skill
and miracle.
Diseases of the stomach, Intestlner.
liver, blood, skin. nerveB, heart, spleen
kidneys or bladder, rheumatism, sciatica, diabetes, bed-wetting, leg ulcers,
weak lungs and those afflicted with
'ong standing, deep seated chronic diseases, that hsve baffled the skill of
the family phyBlclan, should not fail
to call.
According to their system, no more
iperatlon* for appendicitis, gall stoneB,
tumors, goitre or certain forms of cancer.    They  were  among  the  first   in
America to earn the name of "bloodless  surgeons."   hv  doing  awav   with ! sd  to sppsaf at any of th* above all
the knife, with blood ami with all pain ������� /'��� *��� OtggjHjp.
In  the  successful treatment of those   ,|���.   w|,i,.s-   ,,���,/   rullest   Mope   possible,
dangerous diseases. While tt ts tba Intention t<�� Oike up the
If von have kidnev or bladder tron-1 Invtstlgatlon  from the point of trlmy  of
���I you nav* Riuniy or oiaouer iron | (h(. p,..,,.,!,,,, lirodu,.,.r. in- he hortleultur-
ble bring tt two-ounce bottle of your 1i,,,, dairyman, ur ���tock-bresaer, etc., tt Is
urine for chemical anaysis and micro-  m-w ���in- daslra to ascertain th* Mows of
sconle punmlnntlon """  POBSUmsr.   tlio   middleman,   thn   com-
scopic examination. mission merchant, and tho retailer.
Deafness   has   also   been   cured   In       Purlin, H|-p<-urlng bs-foru the Oonimia-
qfxfv   din's .ton will  not  bo f-nstrletrsl  to nny  formal
XrZ.   _._���._.   .���-. = .   ��.....-   .iim.n,   ���--    Un. ut Iti'iolry.  but will toe afford.-*! cvwry
No  matter  what  >our  nllmsmt may   ipportunlly  ���<���  taks, up  th. ��.ut>*<-<-t   mat-
he,  no matter what others ft-ivs* tolsf | rs-r from any point of view thoy may d��-
you.  no matter  what  experience you   slm. iivywai-i>  mi a
-nay have had with other physicians | w- ** "atwaui), "gjA^
;t  will  be to your advantage  to see c. D. i'iiiiistknhkn.
them at once.   Have it forever settled | fcereur-r. ��� i    -
In your mind. If your case is incurable they will give you such advice
as may relieve and stay the disease
Do not put oil this dutv you owe your
self and friends or relatives who are
<iufferlng becatiBe of your sickness,
as a visit at this time may help you
Remember thlB free offer I* for two
days only.
Married ladles must be accompanied
bv  their  husband   and   minors  wltb '
their  parents.
Office hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Vuhllc Nolicn ls hereby glvrn to th*1.
"lectors ot lilt, Municipality of the City
of New Westminster, that I r*qulr* the
presence of tbe suld electors m tin* Coun-
ell Chamber, t'liy Hall, Columbia struet,
New  Westminster, on  ths  18th day  of
January, ltllJt, at 12 o'clock noon, for the
puriioHe of clcctlni' purHona to represent
litem in the Municipal Council us Mayor
and   Aldermen.
The mode of nomination of candidates
shall be as follows: The t'uiidldatcs sliull
lie Humiliated In wrltlns; the writing thai)
be subscrllasl by two voters of ttie Municipality aa proposer and seconder, und
ahull be delivered to the Hemming Officer al any time between ihe dale ot
tb* unite., and 2 Mio p.m. of duy nf tioml-
nutlon, and In the event of a poll being
nwcessury, such poll will b" opened oil
tbe UUh day or January, ltiut ut:
t*t. George's Hull, corntir of Cluikson
and  Church  streets.
No.  4   Fire  Mall.  Keary street.
No.   D  Fire   Mall,   Thirteenth street.
Crane's  store,   Qiit-enaborousli.
From 11:00 o clock a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
of which every person Is hereby required to take notion and govern blmsulf accordingly.
" ��������������� Thn persona qualified lo be no.
minuted for and elected ita the Mayor ���������
sliull be siieli persons as are main Hrltlsh
subjeots of tlie full ase nf twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under uny
law and have been for the six month*
preceding the day of nomination the
registered owner. In the Land Hegtstry
Office, or land or real property in the
City of the SsssSsTd value on the last
Municipal Holl of One Thousand Dollars,
nr morn, over nnd above any registered
Judgment or charge, and who are otherwise duly qualified a* municipal voters."
" ��������� The persona qualified to bn nominated for and elected as Aldermen ������������
shall he such persons aa are male British
subjects of thn full age of twenty ono
years, nnd are not disqualified tinder any
law. and to bnve boen for thn six months
next preceding the day of nomination Unregistered owner, In tho l-and Hegtatry
orricc of land or real property hi the
City of tlie assessed value on the last
Municipal Assessment Roll, of Flvn Hundred Dollar* or more, over nnd above uny
registered Judgment or charge, and who
are otherwise qualified us municipal voters."
Ulven under my band at the City of
New WeatininHter, tho 4th day of January,  1(11.
(419) Returning Officer.
Election for School Trustscs.
Public Nolicn Is hereby given lo thr,
F.lectora or tlio City ot New Weatlnster
thut t require thu presence of the aulil
hlieiors ut the Council Chamber, City
Hull, Columbia street, on the t.'ltb day of
January, Dls, at 11 o'clock noon, for the
pin-pose of circling persona to represent
tbem ua Bohool Trustors.
Tlie modn of nominal!,in nf OandtdatOS
sliull be as follows: Thu candidates ahall
be nominated in writing, the wilting ahull
be subscribed by two voters uf tin. Municipality   us   proposer   and   uoondsr   unit
shall be delivered to the Returning Of-
ricer ut uny time between the date nf
the nolle" und th* hour or two p.in. on tin,
duy of nomination ; und In tl vent of it
poll being necesnury. audi poll will bo
opened on the 18th duy or January, 191 a,
Ht. Oeorgo's Hall, corner of Clarkson
and  Ctiurch   strouts.
No,  4 Fire Hall, Keary street.
No.   .',   Kirn   Hull,  Thirteenth  street.
Crane's   store,   gueenslniroiigli.
From ��:00 oolock u.m. lo 7 :n0 p.m,
of which every person Is hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
"In every Municipal School District any
person being a householder In th* t-Mtonl
District, and being a Urltlsh subject of
the full ago of twenty-one yeara ami
otherwise qualified by the Public School
Act. 1901,, and amending Act. to vote nt
nn election of School Trustee* In tlio
mild School District, shall be eligible to
be elected or to serve ns a Sctlool Trustee In suoh Municipal District."
Olven under my hnnd ut the city of
New Westnittistnr, the ttb duy nt Jutiu-
ury,   1011.
<s!0) Heturulng  officer.
the Provincial Government to Inquire Into
the conditions of agriculture in th* Province, in Ita various branches und In ull
Its relations to industrial and economic
development, will hold sessions at the following  places  and   dates  assigned :���
vanoouvor���Court-house, Junuary 9th,
10th und Uth.
New Westminster���City Hall, Junuary
(Sill and 14th.
Victoria���Court-house, January 17th
nnd  I sn,.
All the sessions to be commenced at 10
o'clock a nl.  of each day.
Anybody desiring to give evidence before the Commission on any subject within
tbe acope of tbls Inquiry Is hereby Unit
Block "B," south half of District I-ot
1352, containing 45 acres, more or
less, Municipality of North Vancouver.
Whereaa, proof of loss of Certificate)
of Title No. U69GC, covering tho
above mentioned property, Issued in
the name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, has been filed lu
this office, notice 1* hereby given that
I ahall at the expiration of one month
from date of flrat publication hereof
Issue a di-pllcate of aald Certificate
of Title, unlei* In the meantime valid
objection be nade to me In writing.
Dated at the l^ind Registry Office,
this Uth dsy of December AD.. 1912.
(311) District Registrar.
B.C. Coast Service
The Corporation Invites tenders for
the construction of four wooden scows
33 feet by 100 feeet by 8Vi feet.
Further Information and Bpeclllca
tion may be obtained trom A. O
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms fill-
M4 Westminster Trust Block, Ne*
WestmlnBter,  B.C.
Tenders will be delivered to the
undersigned, on or before 5 p.m.,
January 20th. 1913. The lowest, or
any, tender not necessarily accepted
W, A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, Dee. 31st, 1912. (383)
If* the Work.
Uie Your Phone
628 Clarkson Street.   . .Phone,4jK).
Eighty Room*, New and Modern.
The moBt cemfortable rooms In the
city. Hot and cold water and steam
radiator ln each. Bar and first class
cafe run In connection,
Cor. Front and Begble St.   Phone 186
Dublin. Jan, U.: Irishmen tho
world over will be interested to hear
of the sale at Steven's auction rooms,
Covent Harden, of an historic silken
banner Lit) yearB old and cutnmorora-
tlng the  Battle of the  Hoyne.
Coming so Boon after the signing
of tho Ulster covenant it might reasonably havo been expected thai a
high price would have been reached
ap the result of brisk bidding from
enthusiastic Orangemen,
Hut neither Its hallowed associations with the Battle of thn lioync
nor the further historic interest attaching to the relic by reason of the
fact that it at ono time belonged to
Spencer l'erelval, the prime minister
at tbe head of the "No I'ope.ry Cabinet," who was asaaflliiated In the
house, of commons Just. Hit) years ago,
were sufficient lo send up the price
to any fancy figure. The historic
banner was knocked down for the
modest   Bum   of   $(i.25.
The sule of Ihe. relic recalls the
story of the man to whom the- assaBS-
nation of Mr l'erelval was revealed
ln a vlBion on the night before the
murder. He told his friends tbe following morning of his startling dream
of the picture that was unfolded In lt
and he even described the principal
Characters In the terrible drama that
was enacted In tho house of commons when Spencer Perclval was
sent to Ills doom.
The particulars ho gave were afterwards fully coroborated in the accounts or thc assassination that were
Are you one of those to whom
every meal is another source of
suffering ?
N*s4)ru-Co DyspepsUTe,Mea
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and vlll
soon restore) lt to suoh perfect condition that you'll never feel that ypu
havo a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by tho National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. 110
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the above
Society will be held In the Council
Chamber, City Halt, on
Friday Evening
January 17th, 1913
at 8 o'clock
Among other business' will be the
election of Officers and Directors for
the ensuing year and the fixing of the
date for the 1913 Provincial Exhibition.
(504) Manager and Secretary.
He New Westminster District. Block
S of Lot 92, Group 1. Map 1146.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 28S20F. Issued ln the name of I.lly Rita McNeill,
has been filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
-it the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here-
if, ln a daily newspaper published In
'he City of New Westminster. Issue a
duplicate of the said  certificate,  unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
C.   S.   KRITH,
District   Registrar  of Titles
Land Registry Office. New Westminster, B.C., December 22nd, 1912.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
S'otrHi nt fiin Columbia St.. now at
607 Front St.   Phone It 1031.
New  Wes.mJnster,  B.C.
Real  Estate and Business Chance*.
Acreage  and   Choice  Fruit  Land*  a
Billiards and.' Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes.
Cigars and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale Mid retail.
J. L. Duncan* Ltd.
W9 Columbia St.
For   "'"���iri'lrni-ss   In    HhnvliiK,    llnlrruttln*
an* Hhnmpooln-C Rive the
35   Eighth   St.    David  Boyle.   Prop,
a trial.    Four sklll'-sl workmen.    Our system   of   tr'-mlmf   thp   sosUp   for   dandruff
:tnd falling hair cannot be lmprovi*d upon.
Try It.
Facts MnttHig-ln-c a RpeclAllty.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all kind*.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenzie St.
Fall Suits
��� ���  ���'''    .a*    '
f or Ladi*3s and Men
44s  Lean*  Street,   Naw   W**��w.lBa����r.
N0TIG8  Ik   horeby   Riven   thut   mi-**llnKH
of tlie rrnvlucln.1 Idit-our Commliwlon
will  b* heM at   the  followltlK  places.���
Victoria ��� Tucssday anil Wednesday,
January I tlh and 15th, In the Maple
Oommlltee-room ot the Parliament Bulld-
InKM, at 10 a.m.
' Vancouver ��� Friday and Saturday,
January nth and Uth, Court-houm*. 10
New Weilinlnatnr���Monday, January
20th. I'lly Hall, 1* a.m.
Kamloiipa���Wednesday, January 2:nil,
Court-house.   10   a.m.
Salmon Arm���Thura-Uy, Jnnuard 23rd.
Kevs-iatoko ��� Friday. January 2��th
Court-house,  to a.m.
Other meetlnga will be announced later.
The riiiiiiiilHHlon will hear evidence nn
all matters affecting labour conditions In
the Province. All persona Interested are
Invited to be present.
F.  tl.  MnNAMARA,
(105 Hi-orclary. Ja2
COAL MINING rlghta of the Dominion
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portion *f tho Province
of IJrltlHli Columbia, may be le����ed (or a
term of twrnty-ons years at an annual
rental of tl un acre. Not more than 25*0
acrea will bv leaned to one applicant.
Application for a leaue must be made
by the applicant In person to tlie Asent
or Sub-Ageat ot the district in whicb tbe
rights applied for are situated.
, In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, ar legal aitli-dlvl-
���Ions of aeotiona, aad In unsurveyed territory the tract applied for ahall be
slaked out by the applicant himself.
Kach application tnuat be accompanied
by a fee of tt whieh will be refunded If
the rlK'lHn appllnd for are nol available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output df the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furtilali thn Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable 'coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rlghta
are not lailng operated aueh returns should
be furnished nt least once a year.
The lease will Include the cval mining
rights only, but the lessee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at tbe
rtitn of SI0 on acre.
For full Information application should
be made to thn Secretary of tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. n.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertlaemenl wilt not be paid for.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerate. Wattri
Msnufscturs-I by
ril-t-pfc-MM R %%% Oik*:  PvlftCMft it
Leflm Vnncouvur for Victoria 10 ft. m.,
2 p. in. find 11 :��&.
LftflTU Vancouver for B-fifttlta 10 n.  m.
und 11 p. m.
LM-vei Vancouver for Nana.mo 3 p. m.
Isw-iivpti Viincouv��-r for PripM Rtlptli
and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wt.ilnrn*
LatrVefl Vancouver evt-ry \V�� dn<'Kilay at
10 p. m
Chilliwack Service
leaven Wf-.itmliuitiT 8 a. tu. Monday.
WYdni'Hduy and Friday.
Laavea Clillllwuck 7 u. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Baturdny.
BL>.   OQVlmVt,   Affent,   Nrw   West ml sinter,
II.   W.   UKOIUfB,  O.   V.  A..   Vancouver.
16,850 Ton*  Register
34,000 Ton* Dliplacement
16,850 Ton*  Register.
34,000 Tons Displacement.
These new  palatial liners will leav-i
Southampton on  April  1st and   May
27th respective!-*   for   Vancouver   via
the Suez Canal, calling at  Gibraltar,
Monaco or Villi! Kranclie, Port   Said,
Colombo,    Singapore,    Hong     Kong.
Shanghai,  Majl  Nagasaki,   Kobe   anu
Around the World Ticket* From Vancouver, (639.10.
Choice cf Atlantic staatnshlps from St.
John, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Portland, BoBton or New York.
Pasaengers will bare the opportunity of taking many side trip* during
the Empresses' stay at tbe principal
port*. Time of voyage from Southampton to Vancouver about two
months. Full particulars, rates, etc.,
on application to
ED. aOUI.KT, Agent
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodle, O.P.A, Vancouver
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Hlith snd Columbia*
wbo do not receive. The News before*
f s.m. should
sod make complaint. Only In this wsjr
may sn efficient delivery be maintained.
1 4               ���
Second Hand Store
i, a. SMITH.
Buy and ssll new and   second   hand"
-food* of all kinds.   Tool* especially.
SO Molnae* Stneec Phono 100*
TWEED,   IRI8H   SERQS, etc,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect Pit and Workmanv
���hllp Qusranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1913.
Bids Fslr to Rival Attrsctlons of Psrls
���Has Newspaper for Let*
Berlin, Jan. 16.��� (lay Berlin this
holiday hiuhimi Is "gayer" than ever.
Tbat keen specialist In excitement,
the Hrltli-h youth, In hs queBt for nocturnal novelties Ib deserting Mont-
martre In over growing number* for
the FrledrlchBtrasse.
As for the Berllners themselves,
tbey are more addicted to night gay-
��ty than ever. The very latest concession to Berlin's claim to the title
of "Metropolis of tbe Night" I* the
appearance of a newspaper which
makes It* appeal directly and deliberately to the night public, lt Ib called
Dhu Kli'lni' Nacht���journal (the Little
Night Journal).
It roll* from the press about 10:30
o'clock, ln time to catch the throngs
pouring Into the restaurants and cafes
after the theatre. As there are anywhere from 250,000 to 600,000 people
enjoying life between 11 p.m. and
breakfast time ln Berlin the Journal's
possibilities of circulation are not
lt has been said that BerllnerB arc
"at work" enjoying life at night. Thc
words are used advisedly. The principal fact about Nachtlelu-ii (night
life) Ib that it I* organized frivolity.
lt lack* uterly the redeeming spontaneity of Pari*.   It is systematized
The Berliner goes ln for lt, to use
one of his own Idioms, mlt Qewalt ���
with main force. He has said to himself: "I am going to be the most colossal and finished product ln the way
of a gay and merry devil that the
world has ever seen." And having
heen cradled and nourished In thoroughness, he U devoting himself restlessly to the accomplishment of his
ambition. Practice makes perfect, and
no doubt some day the Berliner will
be an graceful and unaffected a flaneur
as France ever produced. At present
he Ib a* far removed from that Ideal
as Berlin Ib from Honolulu.
An American humorist once remarked  that the  Berliner seemed to
Remarkable   Plot   Revealed���French*
Msn Trying to Induce British Officers to Take a Hand.
be organized for eating nnd drinking. ' can coast.
London, Jan. 16.���-One of the most
amazing state plots ln modern history
ls now being engineered in London,
and has for some time been rceelvlng
tbe Interested and constant attention
of the foreign office and the Brazilian
It Ib a plot to seize and colonize a
vast and practically unknown territory, 160,000 square miles In extent,
to the extreme northeast of Brazil,
known an Cunanl. Plans are being
laid by the remarkable filibustering
venture to Induce a large number of
British naval and military officers as
well sb a number of non-commissioned oncers and men to be recruited by
them to go out on a fleet of armored
ship*, wblch Is to be provided, seize
the Brazilian territory, drive out such
Brazilian troop* as may be found
there and colonize the country as a
Utopian republic.
The leader in the venture ls a
Frenchman named Adolpe Brezet, who
for' years has been living with hiB
wife and three children in a suburb of
London. Brezet ha* already Induced a
large number of young men to take
commissions in the army and posts ln
the civil service of this so-called free
state of Cunani.
His secretary of state for foreign affairs ls an American, who manages
several small businesses from an
office In this city. After three years
of service, every Cunanlan officer Is
entitled to a farming, mining, forest
or urban concession.
The plotter* meet from time to
time in a London vegetarian restaurant, which ha* hitherto been more
closely Identified with revolution* in
diet than revolutions of any other
M. Brezt Informed some of his officer* recently tbat he would be able
in due course to arrange a loan of $60,-
000,000. He would then have his armored ships built and bis stores and j
depots established on the West Afri
demand 40 cents an hour, and marble
workers 16 for an eight-hour day.
Kicking In Peru.
Lima Peru, Jan. 16.���Tie labor situ
atlon her is regarded as serious. The
employees of the Central Hallway, or
the Guadeloupe Iron Foundry and of
the Mllnes Flour Mill, have gone on
The railway men demand a 30 per
cent. Increase In wages and an eight
hour dav.
It I* thought that the Peruvian
corporation will agree to a ten per
cent, increase but not to an eight-
hour  day. ���
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Lip)  ....$19,000,000.00
RESERVE   $19,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and ln London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received ln sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
Specifications, agreements of sale deeds,
business letters, etc.: circular work specialist. All work Btrlctty confidential. H,
Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.
Phone 702.
L. O. O. M��� NO. ��54���MEETS ON first,
sreond nnd third Wednesdays in each
month In K. of P. Hall at 8 p.m. H. J.
Leamy, dictator: J, H. Price, secretary.
That observation was made four years
ago. To day the Berliner is undoubtedly organized chiefly for Nachtleben.
It is not only tiis goal of goals, but
her*, too, for the Berliner's wife Is as
ardently devoted to seeing things at
night as her husband. She reveals an
amazing aptitude for keeping awake
and for taking her sixth or seventh
Instalment of refreshment at 4 or 5
A.m. In no other single respect has
the emancipation of the Hausfrau
been more complete.
When all Is ready the armada Is to
sail with quite a respectable contingent of active and retired officers and
men of the British army and navy to
occupy Cunanl. He declares that Brazilians in that area never show fight,
or if they do, are easily beaten.
Northern Ontario Ships Out First Car
to  Pennsylvania.
Cobalt, Jan. 16.���The flrat car of
poplar for pulpwood purposes haB been
-���hipped out of Tlmlskamlng, consign-
��d to a pulpwood company In Johns-
-town, Pa. The car was the first of
| 22 that will go to the same place.
It will be treated by a new process
vhlch  makes the wood  valuable for
paper-making, and which will greatly
[enhance the value of lands ln Timls-
f"ksmiiig and Northern Ontario.
Four dollars a cord ls now being
paid for poplar cut for pulpwood,
-while $6 is the price for spruce cut for
the same purposes.
The timber on thousands of acres of
Northern Ontario land Is poplar,
-which has been good for no purpose
at all except firewood, and then nniv
after It has been carefully dried. The
new process ls likely to prove a godsend to the settlers who have selected
poplar-timbered lands because they
.are easy to clear.
Will Be In Vatican Crypts���Recess in
Wall   Ready.
Rome, Jan. 16.���The Pope wishes to
be buried In the Vatican crypts near
the tomb of St. Peter, and this has
| raised a legal question. Under the
Italian law the burial of bodies in
churches Ib prohibited.
Monslgnor dl Blsogno, in behalf of
tho Chapter of tbe Bascilica, there
fore recently made a formal application for the "accessary dispensation,
wblch the Italian Government readily
Strictly speaking, the Italian authorities have no Jurisdiction over the
Vatican, which Is extra territorial, but
for fear that complications might arise
after the death of Pius X. It war
thought better to have tbe question
settled beforehand.
A recess ln the wall, large enough
for a coffin, haa now been prepared.
It has been bricked over so aB to resemble a slab of marble, on which the
name and age of his Holiness can be
engraved, and has been prepared In
such a way that there will be no delay about the burial of the body,
which must be after nine days.
Seattle. Jan. IS.���The Seattle Marine Review has the following comment on the Borden navy proposals:
"The Pacific Marine Review welcomes and applauds the recent announcement by Premier Borden that
-Canada wll contribute thirty-five million dollars to the British Imperial
navy for the construction of the three
"We condemn the obrtruction by
the Liberal Opposition to the above
resolution as. any other course than
the appropriation of an amount sufficient for the construction of at
least two, and rtil) better three, battleships would be a disappointment to
the public of both Canada and Great
-Kick Against   Waiting   In   Rsln
Their   Pay.
Isondon, Jan. 16.���The reason
striking put forward by two thousand
Welsh miners who quit work yesterday is that they ttere kept waiting for
their pay half an hour Saturday in a
drizzling rain without shelter, while
the cashier finished his luncheon.
The men were so incensed they
nave the colliery officials M hours to
-dismiss the cashier.
As the official* did not do it, the
men (truck, against the advice of
their leaders.
Gem-en Naval.Officer Strikes Target
From Height of Half a Mile.
Berlin. Jan. IS.���A naval officer de-
���scribes In the Marine Rundschau how
lie dropped weighted messages from
an aeroplane on two warships from a
height of half a mile.
He was instructed to drofi the messages alongside, and not aboard th*
ships, lest there should be some in-
Jury. One fell within a yard of a warship and the other thirteen yards from
He la otmvlneaiJ, he say*, that pro;
-lectllea could easily be placed at halt
a mile, especially with the help of a
range finder, while tba aeroplane ts
-practically safe trom gun tire.
Milwaukee Line Again to Ope";
Seattle, Jan. 15.���JUter being closed for ten days 4* account of snow
at Laconla, tka miwaukae la o****��
today and tha 0*��i*to nulled out**
time, followed by aitoat fright load-
***��, valuable niawMMtflaa *J>o^
Hunter Shot Through Body Trying
To Mount Snow Bank.
Pasco, Jsn. 16.���Albert Trovethlck,
23 year* old, was shot and killed near
Lcavy, a small station on tbe S.P. ft
S., eighteen miles east of Pasco, at
noon yesterday.
Trovethlck had ben hunting In company with Guy Lamberton, 18 years
old, of this city. Tn climbing a- snow-
covered embankment Lamberton
reached tho top first and shoved hi*
rifle down the bank for the other to
grasp to aid him In climbing.
Trovethlck grasped the gun by the
muzzle and in some manner It exiled, the bullet front the 25-20 Winchester passing through his body, evidently penetrating .tba lungs.
Lamberton assisted his companion
to the railway near by and flagged
a freight train. The two men were
brought to Pasco, but'Trovethlck died
before reaching this city. The body
was taken In charge by the coroner
an! effort* are being made to locate
relatives ot the dead man at Nlca,
Battle Painter** Will Provides for Col
Notion of Army Uniforms.
Paris, Jan. 16���The will Ot the late
French battle painter, Edouard De-
tallle, leavca bis residence aa a museum of historical costumes. One
floor of the house ia to be devoted exclusively to uniforms of the French
Detallle alsp bequeathed $40,000 for
the reconstruction of the house, so as
to make It sultablo tor a museum.
O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���The
r.-Kiilar meeting Of Amity lodge No.
27, I. O. O. F.. Is held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
Visiting brethern cordially invited.
C. B Bryson. N. G.; It. A. Merrlthew,
V. O.; W. C. Coatham. P. O., recording secretary; H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
CENTER �� HANNA. LTD.���Funeral
directors and embaltners. Parlors 105
Columbia street. New Westminster.
Phone 693.
tlon to the sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (1300,00(1.1)0) In tbe whole
In accordance with the "Municipal Act."
And the said debentures shall be Issued to
constat of 614 debentures eaoh of the de-
nuuilnutlon of One ' Hundred Pounds
Sterling (��100) and one dc-benturo of the
amount of Hi is. 8d. being the Sterling
equivalent of Three Hundred Thousand
Dollars (1300,000.00) at the rate of
$1.86 2-3 to the one pound Sterling, each
debenture being also expressed to bo payable In Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, snd such debentures sliall have
annexed thereto coupons expressed both
in Sterling and Currency for the Interest
thereon at thv rate of four and one-half
(1 1-2) per centum per annum payable
liulf yearly on the sotti day of June and
the 31st day of December In each year.
And such Sterling debentures ahall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debentures, and both us to principal and Interest shall bo payable at the Office of the
Koyal itank of Canada in London. England, or In Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada, or ln New York, at holder's
option. And the principal of the said debentures shall bo payable on tho Thirty-
first day of December, A.  D���  1952.
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the said Municipality the sum of Three
Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-seven
Dollara snd Feur Centa (t>157.04) for
ihe purpose of forming a sinking fund for
the payment of Ihe said debentures and
the sum of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred (113,444.0*) fsr the payment of tbe
Interest at the rate aforesaid, the aald
apeclal rate to be In addition to all other
ratss Is be levied snd collected In the said
Municipality during the currency of Uie
said debentures or any of them.
3. This By-law shall take effect en
and after the Flrat day of February, A.D.
4. Thla By-law may be elted fsr all
purposes as the "BURNABT ROAD IM-
DONE AND PASSED ln Open Council
this Thirtieth day of December A.D., 1912.
Klv'l-'.IVr.li the assent of the Electors
at an Election fer the purpose on the
    day of      A. D��� 1913.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted
by the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and Scaled with the Corporate Seal
all on the .... day of   A.D.
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the IRth day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., st the potltn,; places:
Burnaby Public Hall. Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road "school. Burqultlam.
Dundonald School,  Fraser Arm.
Barnet  Hall.  Barnet.
Mr. Jas.  Herd's Office. North Burnaby.
Burnnby  I^ike Store  Burnaby Lake.
I.akemore Sci.ool, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of Burnabv will be taken on the above mentioned By-law at the time and pine* shove
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appoln.ed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the UBual powers In tbat behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. II.  UOOKt-J, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31. 1912. (374)
W E. FALE8���Pioneer Funeral Director
and Embalmer, 612-618 Agnes street,
opposite Camegle Library.
Ijiw. Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street. New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston.*' Code. Western Union. Offices,
Hooms C and 7 Ellis Block.
equivalent of Eighty-four Thousand Dollars (184.000.00) at the rate of Four Dollara and Eighty-six and two-thlrda Centa
(44.34 2-3) to the One Pound Sterling,
each debenture being also expressed to be
payable In Canadian Currency oomputed
at such rate, and aueh debentures shall
have annxed thereto coupons expressed
both In Sterling and currency for the Intereat thereon at the rate of Four and
One-half  (4  1-2)   per centum per annum.
Sayable half-yearly on tbs 30th day of
une and the 31st day of December In
each year. And ouch Sterling debentures
ahull be delivered to the purchasers of
the said debentures. And both as to. principal und Interest shall be payable at the
office of the Royal Bank of Canada In
Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada,
or Irs New York or in London, England, at
the holder's option. And the principal of
the said debentures shall be payable on
the thirty-first day of December A.D.
2. Thero shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate therefor on all
rateable land within the limits of the aald
Municipality thn sum of Eight Hundred
and Eighty-three Dollars and Ninety-
seven Cents (1883.97) for the purpose of
forming a Sinking Fund for the payment
of the said debentures, and the sum of
Three Thousand Seven Hundred and
Eighty dollara (43,784.40) for the payment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid,
ths said apeclal rate to be In addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected
In the said Municipality during tbe currency of the said debentures or any of
8. This Bylaw shall take effect on and
after the First day of February A.D., 1*13.
4. This Bylaw may tie cited for all
purposes as the "Burnaby School Board
Lean No. 1  Bylaw, 1913."
Done and Passed In Open Council, this
3��th day of December, A.D., 1912.
A.D. 1912.
Received the assent of the Electors at
an eleetlsn for the purpose on the	
day sf       A.D.,   1912.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the  day of 	
A.D.  1912.
Take Notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.-m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling placea:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall.  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road  School,  Burqultlam.
Dundonald  School.   Fraser  Arm.
Barnet Hall. Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Bumaby.
Bumaby  Lake Store,  Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School. Lakemere.
Public Notice la hereby given thnt the
vote of the Electors ot the District of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
By order of the Council.
J.   W.   WEART.   Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 31, 1912.
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
-���Wi Saturday, the 18th day of January.
1418. between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7
oclock p.m., at the following places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Harnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office. North Bumaby.
Hurnnby Lake  Store.   Bumaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned By-taw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has
been appointed Returning Officer to take
the vote of such electors with the usual
power* in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31, 1912.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 144.
Corporation ef Burnaby
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 145.
A Hy-lis.w to enable the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to ral��e by way
of loan the Bum of Twenty-��U;ht Thousand Dollars (9*-8,0ie..->9) for School
WHERKAS the Board of Bchool Trustees of Burnaby In pursuance of the powers granted to them by Section 60 of the
"Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a detailed estimate of the sums
required to meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be leg-ally Incurred by the Board.
AND, WHEREAS, the said estimate at
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($2 5,000.00) according to
the  statement   following-,   which  sum   to-
f;pther with the sum of Three Thousand
>ollars ($3,000.00) estimated costs Incidental to this By-law and discount on debentures amount te the sum uf Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollars   ($28,000.00).
Purchase     of    two     or    more
School Sites and or Additions
to Existing Sites and Clearing
Sites      $25,000.00
Cost incidental to this By-
Uw and discount on debentures $3,000.00
Total $28,000.00
AND, WHEREAS, It Is necessary to
raise the moneys  required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
'        '    fity.
AND,   WHEREAS,   under   the   powers
J. BTItWKLL CLUTE. Barrlstcr-nt-law,
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia and
Mt-Kdizie Btrwts, New Westminster.
II. C.   P.  O.  Bom.  112.     Telephone   710.
solicitor    and     notary,     610     Columbia
street.     Over C.  P.  R. Telegraph.
Hurrfstcrs and Solicitors. Rooms 7 and
8. (iuichon block. New Westminster.
0. K. Martin, W. G. McQuarrie and
George L.  Cassady.
and Solicitors. Westminster Trust Blk.
Columbia street. New Westminster, B.C.
Gable addreas "Whiteside," Western
Union. P. O. Drawer 200. Telephone
19.   W.  J.  Whiteside.  H.   U  Edmonds.
Accountant. Tele. R 128. Room Trapp
A By-law to enable the Corporation of the
District of Burnaby to raise by way of
loan the sum of Eighty-four Thousand
Dollars ($84,000.00) for School Purposes :
WHEREAS, the Board of School Trus
tees of Burnnby In pursuance of the powers granted to them by Section SO of the
"Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a detailed estimate of the sums
required to meet suoh special or extraordinary ���xpnns��s whloh may be legally incurred by the Bs**rd.
AND, WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Seventy-five Thousand. Eight Hundred and Fifty Dsllars
($75,850.00) according to the statement
following, which sum together with the
sum of Eight Thousand One Hundred and
fifty Dollars ($8,160.00) estimated costs
incidental to this By-law and discount on
debentures amounts to the sum of EUhty-
four Thousand Dollars  ($84,00.00).
Vancouver   Heights,   new   modern   eight-room   building $40.000.00
New  building and  additions   to
existing buildings   28.400.00
Clearing and Improving grounds
and fenoee     ���.450.01
board of ma
ster Board of Trade meets ln the board
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February, May,
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary-   ,
Corporation of Bumaby
BYLAW NO. 142.
A By-law to enable Ths Corporation   ot
ths District of Bumaby to raise by way
���(  loan   tbe   aum   of  $300,000.00   for
Street Purposes:
WHBREAS It Is necessary and expedient that tne Council of the said Corporation ba authorised to borrow the sura or
Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,-
0*0.00) to provide for Improving and constructing certain roads and streets within the limits of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHERKAS, It will be necessary
to raise annually by apeclal rate the sum
of Three Thouaand One Hundred and
Flfty-sevsn Dollara and Four Cents (13,-
167.04) principal and tbe sum of Thirteen
Thousand Five Hundred Dollar* ($13,-
600.*0) Interest, making together a total
amsunt annually of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollar* and
Four Centa ($11,667.04) for the term of
forty years for the repayment ot the said
loan and interest thereon a* hereinafter
AND, WHEREAS, tbe net value of tbe
whole rateable land In the Municipality
according to the last reviled assessment
roll amounts to Twenty Millions. Five
Hundred and Seventy-six Thousand, Two
Hundred and Five Dollara ($10,671,-
AND. WHERBA8, tb* total existing debenture debt of the Municipality la One
Million. Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(11,912,150.00) exclusive of Vocal Improvement debt -secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of th* principal or Interest Is In arrears.
. AND, WHBREAS,  to provide for tbe
Savment of Interest and tie creation of s
Inking Fund for the payment of the said
principal sum of Three. Hundred Thousand
Dollars v 3300,000.00) It will bu nt-cot-eary
to levy a speclul annual rate sufficient to
raise tho sum of sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollara and
Four Cents (tl6.6fi7.04> the amount to
be calculated annually on IN* Whole of
Hie rateable land   oomprlsed within   the
NOW. THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council of Ui* Corporation of tb* Dlu-
ti-lct of Bumaby enacts a* follows:
i. tt shall be lawful for th* R*eve snd
Clerk of Uw Council for tbe purposes
���.foresaid to borrow or rata* by way of
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may r. wlltlnr to advance
the same upon the credit of the debenture* hereinafter mentioned a mm not
exceeding Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (3300,000.00) and to cause the same
t�� be placed In th* Royal Bank of Canada
at the City ot New W*Wsmlnst��r. British
Columbia, to th* credit of th* aald Cor-
itlon for th*
Tradesmen In VulMIng Line* Ar*
Agitating In Winnipeg.
WlnnlptHj, Jut. 16.���Tba Building
Trades Council held Its first meeting
for 1918 at Labor Temple last evening, and owln�� to th" fact that tire
schedule Ot all trades engaged in
building In the city ******* the principal
matter for consideration there -Mis
a large attendance ot delegates.
The -rartouf trade* were con-rtdsr
ed ladl-HiualW and the condUtagj
and rates of par in each case brought
out considerable discussion. In the
case of th* brieta-fora/and masons,
the sheet metal workers, the plumbers, aad ttw attatn eaftoeew, it was
decided that M laci-ease ,on the pre-
"&.���*&&!�� & �� ��.-
Coats Incidental te this By-law
and discount en debentures..! I.lt*.**
AND,  WHBRBAS.   tt  Is  necessary  to
raise the msseys required to defray  the
above expenditure upon the credit ef ths
AND, WHBRBAS, under the powers
vested In the Council sf Public Instruction under Seatlen 6 (b) sf the said "Public Schools Aet" the boundaries of tbe
Municipal Bchool District of Burnaby
have boen extended so as to Include District Lot Ons Hundred and Seventy-two
(171!), Oreup One (1). New Weatmlaster
District. .   ,
AND WHBRBAS. by Section 14 af the
_ld "Publlo SohsMls Act" where any territory has beea Included within a Municipal School District In accordance with
Section * (b) the provisions sf that Act
respecting Public Schools lu Cities and
District Municipalities shall apply thereto, and such territory, for all school purposes, shall be deemed to be united to
such Municipal Sohool District, aad all
property situate In such territory, ahall
be liable to assessment for school purposes
tn the same manner and to.the same extent as if the asms were Included In the
limits of th* Incorporated City, Town or
District Municipality, and In this Bylaw
the word "Municipality" ahall be construed and apply accordingly.
AND WHEREAS, It will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Bight Hundred an* Eighty-three Dollars and Ninety-seven Cent* ($1*3.17 >
Srlnclpel and the sum of Throe Thousand
even Hundred and Eighty Dollar*
(13,780.00) Intereat. making together
toui amount annually of Four Thouaand
Six Hundred and Sixty-three Dollara and
Ninety-seven Cent* (��4,66S.��7) for the
term of Forty (4��) yoars for ths repayment of the said loan and Interest thereon a* hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHBRBAS. Mi* net value of the
whole rateable land In ths said Municipality (including District L��t On* Hundred Snd Seventy-two (171) as before re-
AMD WHKRBAB,  to provld* f*r th*
yrnent *f th* lnt*r*.t and th* creation
  to rss*�� thsTmun of Four Thousand Blx Hundrod ��f?d Wxty-thrae Dot
tors and Nlnety-s*veh Cent* (M.SJJ.S7)
th* amount to Woaleulated anauaUy on
the wnols of the rateable land oomprlsed
&a!!r%��a^rteAcnb. by the
Reeve and Council of the said Corporation
of Bnruali;- '�� """" Council aenembled
as follows, nunifciy -
1. It sb**1 be lawul for Ih* Reeve and
Clerk nf the Council, for th* purpose
aforesuld. to borrow or ralae by way of
loan from any person or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be wlllta* to advanoe
the name upon th* credit of the debentures hereb-Attsr roenUened *_sum ..not
vested In the Council of Public Instruc
tlon under Section 6 (b) of the said "Pub
lie Schools Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal Bchool District of Bumaby
have been extended so as to include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172), Group One (1), New Westminster District
AND, WHEREAS, by (Section 14 of the
said "Public 8chools Act" where any ur-
rllory has been Included within a Municipal School District tn accordance with
Section 6 (b) the provision of that Act
respecting Public Schools In Cities and
District Municipalities shall apply thereto, and such territory for all school purposes, shall be deemed to be united to
such Municipal School Dlatrlct, and all
property situate in such territory shall be
liable to assessment for sohool purposes In
the same manner and to the same extent
as If the same were Included In the limits
of the Incorporate City, Town or District Municipality, and In this By-low the
word "Municipality" shall be construed
and apply accordingly.
AND. WHEREAS.  It will be necessary
annually by apeclal rate Uie sum
Dundonald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet Kail, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Offtce. North Burnaby.
Burnnby Lake Store, Bur-naby Lake.
Lukemere School, Lakemere.   ->
Public Notice ia hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnaby will be Uken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentloni-d. and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds. B. C, Dec  31.  1��12. (377>
BYLAW NO. 146.
A By-Law to authorise an agreement between the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby and the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster for the building of a Main or Trunk Sewer:
Corporatlon of the District of Burnaby en-
sets as follows:
1. An agreement shall be entered Into
between the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby with the Corporation of the City
of New Westminster for the building of
a main or trunk aewer ln the terms of tha
schedule hereto which agreement Is hereby Incorporated with and made part ot
this By-taw.
2. The agreement shall be signed under the Corporate Seal of the Municipality after the final passing of this By-law.
3. Thla By-law before final pa-wins;
shall receive the assent of the elector*
nuullfled to*^**3t* oh money by-laws.
4. This Byrluw may be,cited as "BUB-
NABY-WE8TMINHTER (JEWER Agreement By-law, 1913."
DONE AND PASSED In open council
this Thirtieth day of December, A. D���
1812. ���   ,.     ,    J.
RECEIVED the assent of the electors
this .... day of -.>.,,..11.
PASSED this day of.....   .. r.���.
A By-law to enable The Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to raise by way
of Loan the sum of 1100,000.00 for the
purpose of constructing further Ex-
teneions of the General Water Works
Syatera throughout tut- Municipality:
WHEREAS lt la expedient that the
General System of Water Supply ln the
Municipality  should be further   extended.
AND  WHBREAS   It  will    require    the       	
sum  of   One   Hundred  Thousand   Dollars   to ralL
(3100.000.90)   In order to InsUI aueh ex-   0f Two Hundred ahd "ninety-four Dollars
leneions. and  sixty-five  Cents   (3294.65)   principal
AND WHEREAS it Is ��� necessary to anfl the, sum of One Thousand Two Hun-
ralse the moneys required to defray the dred and Sixty Dollars (3126.00) Inter-
above expenditure upon the credit of the est. making together ns total amount urs-
Munlcipallty. nually of One Thousand Five Hundred and
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to . fifty-four Dollars and Sixty-five Cents
raise annually by apeclal rate the sum of I ($1,554.65) for the term of Forty (40)
One Thousand and fifty-two Dollars and J years for the repayment of the said loan
Oitrty-flve Cenu (110*;!.35) principal and j �����d interest thereon as hereinafter month, sum of e our Thousand  Five  Hundred / tloned.
Dollars (34500.M) Interest, making to- \ AND. WHBREAS, the net value of the \tSS* wlih
gether a total amount annually of Five ; whole rateable land In Ihe said tAunic\-\Bell-yearly.
Thousand Klve Hundred and Fifty-two I ~.,miv (Including District lot One Hun-
Doilars and Thirty-Tlve '.>.���.-��'! sir,i,..o.., ai-wl and Seventy-two (172) as before recited) according to the last revised Assessment Roll amounts to Twenty Millions Eight Hundred and Forty-six Thousand   Four   Hundred    Dollara    (120.846,-
THIS AGREEMENT made In duplicate
the  ....  day of January, One   Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirteen.
of the FIRST PART:
of the 8ECOND PART:
WHEREAS the parties hereto haVi-
agreed upon a joint sewerage scheme to
provide sewerage accommodation for both
Municipalities for the area shown upon
the plan hereto annexed.
AND, WHEREAS, the party of the Second Part has agreed to construct tbe said
sewer from the Fraser River to "Tenth
Avenue as shown upon the said plan and
to make the sewer of a slxe sufficient to
accommodate the sewerage requirements
of the section of Burnaby shown sn the
said plan.
AND. WHEREAS, the acreage of Burnaby that will be benefitted by the said
sewer amounu to Six Hundred and
eighty-three (6S3) acres and ';he acreage
of the City of New Weatmlnater that will
be benefitted by the said sewer amounts
to five Hundred and Sixty-four (66��>
AND, WHEREAS, the Party of the
Second Part has agreed to pay the cost
of the construction of the said sewer from
the Fraser River to Tenth Avenue as
shown upon the said plan which coet is
estimated at Three Hundred and Twenty-
six Thousand Dollars (3326.000.0*) less
Flfty-flve Thousand Dollars (355,9*0.00)
the value of Government labor.
AND. WHEREAS, the Party of the
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
of the Second Part Flfty-flve per oent
(65 p.c.) of the coet of said sewer (the
share, however, of the Party of tbs First
Part not to exceed the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thouaand Dollars (9160.-
900.00) ln thirty yearly payments that
will be sufficient to pay the Interest and
sinking fund on the share of the Party of
the First Part of the cost of said sewer
calculated upon the basis ef thirty (S*>
'ears with intereat at five  ,'fi *  per cent
for the term of forty years for the repayment or the suld loan and Interest
thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value ot the
whole rateable land in the Municipality
according to the last revised assessment
roll amounts to Twenty Millions, Five
Hundred and Seventy-alx Thousund, Two
Hundred and Five Dollars ($20,576,-
AND WHEREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality is One
Mil.Ion. Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
($1,912,1(0.00), exclusive of local Improvement debts secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of the principal or Interest Is In arrears.
AND WHBRBAS to provide for the
payment of Intereat and the creation of a
sinking fund for the payment of the said
principal sura of One Hundred Thousand
Dollara ($109,999.00), It will be neoea-
aary to levy a apeclal annual rate auffl-
cieat to raise the sum of Five Thousand,
Five Hundred and Flfty-tw* Dollars and
Thirty-five Cents ($5652.35) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised' within tha
NOW THEREFORE the . Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts aa follows:
1. It ahall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk et the Council fer the purposes
aforesaid ts borrow or raise by way sf
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advanoe
the aame upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding Ono Hundred Thousand DolUra
It"00,000.00) and to cause the same to
be placed ln the Royal Bonk of Canada at
the City of New Westminster. British
Columbia, to the credit of the said Corporation, for the purpose and with the
ob-fxU above set forth and to Issue any
number of debentures of the said Corporation to th* sum of Ons Hundred Thouaand
Dollars ($100,900.00) '
cordance with tin "',
) in the whole la.uc-
'Munlclpal Aats1' -Apd
the aald debentures shah*   be   Issued   to
exceeding Bighty-four
($84.000.0*Jin* to o*    ,
placed ln the Royal Bank of Canada
to oaui�� the Mm* to be
  val Ban* of Canada In
the City of New Weatsflnster to th* er-alit
it tb* self 0o~iw3n toffluj WW*
and with th* objects rtovs**t f��fth and
to Issue any number *f d*o*mu����iofthe
aald OupoMtM-*'to the rtm ���* ffth***-
four  ThswnwMl   Dollar*   <MMM.����1b
cMi'-^w^d aysj^Bg
constat of Two Hundred and five (206)
debentures, each ot the denomination of
one hundred pounds Sterling (C10S) and
one debenture of the amount of 147 lis.
tod. being the Sterling equivalent of One
Hundred Thousand Dollara ($100,000.00)
at the rate of 14.86 2-3 to the one pound
Sterling, each debenture being also expressed to be payable In Canadian Currency oomputed at such rate, and such debentures shall have annexed thereto oou-
pona expressed both in Sterling and Currency for the Interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4 1-2) per centum
per annum payable half-yearly on the
10th day of June and the list day of Deoember in each year. And such Sterling
debentures ahall be delivered to th* purchasers of the said debentures, ul both
as to principal sad Intereat shall be payable at tbe office of Uu Royal Bask of
Canada In London, England, or to Toronto, Msntrrsil. or In Vancouver. Oanada,
or In New fork, at holder's option. And
th* principal ot th* said debenture* shall
be payable on Uw Thirty-first aa** ot December, A. D., 1SII.
J. Thora shall he railed and .levied an-
nuallv by a special rat* sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the aal	
ty-flve C�� .,
of forming a sinking fund for th* payment of the aald debentures and th* sum
of Four Thousand, Five Hundred Dollara
($4600.00) fer th* payment of the Interest at the rat* afaraswld, the aald apeetsl
rate to be In addition to all other rate* to
be levied and collected In the said Municipality during tbe currency of th* aald
debenture* or any.Of them.
t. Thi* by-law shall take effect on and
after the First day of February,   A. D.,
4.' tbl* by-law may be cited tor eta
purposes sJLtn* "BURNABY WA.BB
��XTh^p^tDr^Ss. m
RJ3CKIVEP th* assent of th* ��*c-
tors at an Election for the purpose oil th*
.. day ot  A, D.. %9ls.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted
by tha Council; .signed by the Raev* aad
Clerh end Sealed. wlth_ the Cort��rat* ~
AND. WHBRBAS, the Party of the
Flrat Part has agreed to pay to the Party
of the Second Part flfty-flve per cent
(55 p.c.) of the cost of maintenance ot
said sewer.
that the Party of the Second Part coven-
4��AND.' WHBREAS. to provide for the ants and agrees with the Party of .the
payment of the intereet and the creation **&����&J2*Z��2Ii H.la2ff*i. t?i
of a Sinking Fund for the payment of the
aald principal sum of Twenty-sight Thousand Dollars ($28,099.00) It will be necessary to levy a apeclal annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of One Thousand
Five Hundred and fifty-four Dollars and;
sixty-five Cents ($1,654,161 tne amount
to be calculated annually on the whole ot
the rateable land comprised within the
Reeve and Council of the said Corporation ot Bumaby in Open Council aseern-
Dled. as follows, namely: _
1. It ahall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purpose
aforesaid to borrow er raise by way ot
loan from any person or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit tot the debentures hereinafter mentioned a aum not
exceeding Twenty-eight Thousand DolUra ($3I,��**.M) and to cause ths same
 '     --*��
to be placed tn the Royal Bank of Can
ada In the City of New Westminster to
the credit ef the said Corporation for the
purpose and With ths objects above set
forth and to Issue any number ot debentures of the said Corporation to the aum
of Twenty-eight Thouaand DolUra (|28,-
0*9.99) In tbs whole In accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the said debenture* ahall be issued to consist of
Fifty-seven (67) debentures each of the
denomination of One Hundred pounds
sterling (*100) and on* debenture of the
amount of Fifty-three Pounda Eight Shlll
lag* Six penoe (��53-8-6) being the ster
ling equivalent of Twenty-eight Thou
sand Dollara ($11,900.00) at ths rate of
Four Dollars and Eighty-six and Two-
Thirds Cento (14.16 2-1) to ths One
Pound sterling, eaoh debenture being also
expressed to be payable In Canadian currency computed at such rat*, and such debentures shall have annexed thereto coupons expressed both In starling and currency for the Intereat thereon at the rate
ot four and one-half (4-1-2) per centum
fer annum payable half-yearly on the
9th day of June and tbe lilt day of December In each year. And such aterllng
debentures ahall be delivered to .the pur:
chasers of the aald debentures. And both
the Party of the Second Part will within
four months commence and prosecute to
completion and have completed on or before the 1st day of January, 1916, (unless
prevented by strikes or' other causes) a>
sewer from a point en the Fraser River
to a point on Tenth Avenue of the locution approximately, as shown on the plan
hereto annexed, such sewer to be constructed of concrete pipes of a dUmeter
of not leas than fifty-four ((*) Inches at
Tenth Avenue and Sixth Street
AND the Party of the Second Part will
construct lateral sewers from the said
main sewer running from the main i
to Tenth Avenue aforesaid as shown
���aid plan.
THE Party of ths First Part It* successors and assigns shall have the light
to  connect   Its   drainage, and   aewerag-e
as to principal and Interest shall be paya
ble at the office of the Royal Bank or
Canada In Toronto, Montreal or Vanoou
HunsfrstTaad alas*-*-
ment otitis.
all rateable lana witnin tn* nmius
aald Municipality th* sum of One
and and fifty-two Dollar* and thlr- i
i Cento (11052.16) for the purpoK
nomination, of On* Hundred Pound* Sterling   (fit*)   and  on*, del
nturs  to   the
all on the
day of
a Reeve Md
rforat* Beat
ver, Canada, or ln New Tork or In London, England, at th* holder's option. And
the principal of th* said debentures ahall
be payable on th* Thirty-tint day of Deoember, A. D��� 1*63.
2. There ahall be raised and levied annually by a specUl rate sufficient therefor op all rateable land within th* limits
 1* th* MB of Two
jir Dollar* and alx-
%%) tor th* purpose
r Fuid for th* p*sy-
said debentures and th* aum
of One Thouaand two hundred and Sixty
Dollars ($1319.90) for th* payment of the
totes-eat at th* rat* aforesaid, th* aald
(pedal fate to be In addition to all other
rate* to be levied aad collected In th* aald
Municipality during tin currency of the
���aid debentures or aay of them.
I. Thi* By-Isaw ahall taks effect on
and after th* tint day of February, A.D.,
4.' Thi* By-Law may he cited for all
purpose* aa W "BURNABY SCHOOL
thi* Thirtieth day of Deoember, A.D.,
RECEIVED th* assent of the Electors
at an election for the purpose on the ...
day of ..   ..   ..   .' A. D���
RRCONSIDBRED and finally adopted
-     -       -    -������ Taj, tBf) Reeve and
the Corporate Seal
Take notice that th* abov* I* a true
copy of th* proposed By-law upon which
thi vote of theTK^ctpallty wlllbe taken
on Saturday, the Mth day of January.
MM eetenm t tfotoe* a-m. ***** f
O'clock *J*i��^tJh*.*��*.II<ut.pla
abov*   Is a true
ever the area of Six Hundred and Eighty-
three (683) acres as shown on the said
plan with the said sewer and to drain Into aald sewer surface water and ordinary
sewerage and to use th* aald aewer both,
aa a sanitary and storm sewer.
AND If It ls found that the said newer
will'provide sufficient fall to take sewerage from ouUlde the boundaries of the
aald Six Hundred and Eighty-three (S8.1>
acres as shown upon the sold plan the
Party of the First Part may with the
consent ef the Engineer ot the Party of
the Second Part extend IU sewerago
works outside the said area.
The Party of the Second Part covenants with the Party of First Part that
the said Main Sewer constructed by the
Party of the Second Part and Sewers
constructed by the Party of the First
Part to connect with the aald Main Sewer
shall be constructed under the joint supervision and to the mutual satisfaction of
the Engineers of the Party of the First
Part and of the Party I of the Second!
THB Party of the First Part covenants with the Party of the Second P*rt
IU successors and assigns that the Party
of the First Part will pay to the Party
Of the Second Part lu successors and assign* after completion of the *a*6**��s-wer
from Fraser River to Tenth Avenue flfty-
flve per oent. (66 p.c) of the cost of tho
said sewer (the said flfty-flvs per cent.
(66 p.c), however, not to exceed tbe sum
of One Hundred and Fifty Thouaand Dollara ($160,000.00) and such payment to,
be made In half-yearly payments on tho
(Thirtieth days of June and December In
each year as will provide a sinking fund,
for payment of aald aum In thirty (30��
years with Intereat at flv* (6) per oent.
half-yearly. ���
AND the Party of the First Part c-rr-
enanU with th* Party of the Beoond Port
that th* Party of the Flrat Part will par
to tha Party of th* Second Part flfty-
flve per oent (tl -u.) of th* ooet of
malstensnoe of th* said tnata sewer -men-
payments to be mad* yearly on the Thirtieth, day of December In cash rear.
hereto har* caused their Corporate "Seats
to he hereunto affixed..
In the presence of:���
. IX, MM.
CM.C. Reese.
Take notice that the abov* I* a trae
copy of the proposed. By-law upon which
the vote ot the Municipality will be taken,
mi SftMirday, the Uth day of January.
till, between t o'olock a.m. until T
o'clock p.m., at the polling places:
Bumaby   Publlo* Hnll,   Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping*'* Store, Mth Ave*, Bask
Burnaby. *���'
Hamilton Road School. Burqultlam.^
Dundonald-Bchool, Fraaer Arm.  ..,.
Barnet HallT Barnet. .  "*
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North BurnaBy.
Btirnahjr Lake Store. BurnaSJr tike.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
ftjbtle Notloe I* hereby given that ties
vet* of th* Elector* of th* District ot Burnaby will be taken on th* abov* mentlott-
'    ��*>
-3d, By-Uw at the time and place ahosj*
mtn'loned, ant) that A. O. Mooro
haa fbeen appointed Returning Officer to.
rssssi, -jviitral Perk.     	
a Btora, Mth   AVe���  East
ifltat. Road ftbeot. Burqnttlam.
take th* vote of such  elector* with
usual powers hi that behalf.
���- -*. WV^TBART. Use-re.
A. O. ^f&'eXem?*'
B. C, Dec. II, MM.
.. ��
��� l l'<
��� "PAY   CA8H   IT   WILL   PAY
No. 1 Cooking Aples, box.'.a,\st5
Something a shade   better,   nt
per. box  1v86
Northern. Spys,  per  box.,-1.60
No. 1 Jonathans, per box.. 1.65
Oranges will advance in price
Immediately but we will sell No.
1 Navels today at 25c, 35c, and
40c. per dozen.
Jap Oranges, per box ......80c.
These are all repacked and
we will absolutely guarantee
them,,. ,
Pickles, In 40 oz. bottles. No. 1
^tA'Vttttie    23c,
Catsup,    Eastern     goods,    per
Special In canned fls6',,)B*r-
ring. Haddock, etc., in Urge
tins, each 10c.
Radishes, per bunch     5c.
Celery, per bunch  18c..
i Cauliflower, per head , Wo.
. Brussells Sprouts, ib .2J4c.
Cabbage, No. 1 quality Zp.
Ashcroft Potatoes,  the best of
all potatoes, per sack...$1.20
We have only a few sacks
left. ' II
Public Supply'Stores
V L. ADAMS       S. K. BRW0{*
PHONE 2. ���.
A special meeting of thc Women's
Council will be held In St. Paul's Episcopal church on Jan. 16 at 3 p.m.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery
Telephone 281. (394).,
The monthly meeting of the Burnaby board of trade which was called
for last evening, bas been postponed
to Jan. 22.
Skates sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (395)
A party pf New Westminster citizens, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Johnston and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Major, will leave today for San Francisco
on an extended visit.
Aldermanlc committee rooms have
been opened In the King's Hotel block.
All those In favor of a good progressive council come along and hustle.
Rooms will be open all day and evenings. (490)
The annual meeting of the Royal
Agricultural and Industrial Society
will be held in the council chamber.
City Hall, tQmorrow evening at S
lt is understood ihat Rev. A. S
Lewis, the new,pastor of the Olivet
Baptist church, is now on his way tc
New Westminster from his home iu
Yarmouth, N.S.
On account of the scarlet fever epidemic the quarterly Christian Endeavor rally which was to have been held
In St. Stephen's church on Monday
next has been Indefinitely postponed.
A branch of the Union Bank of Canada waB opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, In the premlaea
recently vacated by W. E. Sinclair.
611 Columbia street. (387)
There will be a meeting of the
United Service Club tomorrow evening in room 20. B. C. E. R. block. This
is the usual monthly meeting and re-
ports on tbe standing of the club will
be made.
Aldermanlc committee rooms have
been openod In the King's Hotel block.
All those In favor of a good progressive council come along and hustle.
Rooms will be open all day and evenings. (490)
very encouraging, 137 scholars having
been enrolled during the year, w^th an
averagefiattendance of 76; this branch
of the'tshurch having also doubled
over the year previous.
Mr. Collins then read the report of
the Ladles' Aid Society and compli-
mentt!9''them very highly for their
go'oti'work. The report showed that
duriftjg1 ihe year nearly $800 hsd been
ralBpa-by various means and having a
good'talance left from the year before,'they'were able to expend nearly
$1100 on the work of the church.
���pie election for the Board of Mana-
gtSrs^as then taken up and resulted
as fojptdsws: Messrs. Malcolm and Mc-
Keirtle for three years, and Messrs.
Gibistjn and Halliday for two years,
and Messrs. Cunningham and Galrns
for one year.
THtt**loetion of officers for the Sun-
daf SSiool resulted in Mr. Halliday
tar s-jjferintendent, and Mr. Melkle-
johh as ecretary.
1"-h*rUdft>s' Aid Society elected the
following officers: President, Mrs.
Wallace; vice-president, Mrs. Short;
Secretary, Mrs. Gibson, and treasurer,
MrB. Shortreed. The officers of the
Gull* are President Mr. Halliday, Vice-
President Mr. McKenile and Secretary
Miss Short.
Mr., Malcolm and Mr. McKenzie
were'.'elected to represent the congregation at the meeting of the Presbytery to be held In North Vancouver.
All Other business being over, Mr. Coi-
llns IH a few remarks referred to his
resignation which takes effect the end
of the month, and from the reception
accorded him lt is safe to say that hiB
departure Is regretted by a large part
of the congregation.
-  ���
Owing to the epidemic of scarlet
fever In Sapperton the social nrraug-
ed for by the Women's Auxiliary of
St. Mary's church on Thursday of this
week has been Indefinitely postponed.
For an hotel thoroughly up to date
and equipped with all modern improve
ments, patronise the Hotel Dominion
corner of Columbia and Sixth streets
Rates moderate by day or week. (464)
Tho  Girl's   Club    ot    Bt.
Scarlet Fevor C*es on Making1 Round
of  Customers.
wljjle making a tOur of the customers pt the driver who delivered the
Soufy..Fraser milk, Dr. A. L. McQuar-
,-ie. yesterday discovered two more
cases, pf ccarlct fever In Sapperton
hohif-s, Thcce, he ftatid, had not been
reported to any doctor but he had
hef-rd, that they existed and visited
the families suspected.
Speaking last night Dr. McQuarrie
stated that none of the cases that exist at present are of a serious nature.
It Is expected, however, that more
cases will develop until the Incubation period Ib over.
Tlie' medical Inspection of the school
children'eviry morning Is still being
rigorously pursued and will be kept
up until no further Infection Ib feared.
facilitated the transportation of hose
to the scene of the lire.
Speaking yesterday afternoon Alderman Henley stated tbat If elected he
would endeavor to have a bob sleigh
provided for each of the halls to use
ou occasions when the streets are in
the same condition as they are at the
present. He believes the fire yesterday demonstrated the value of having a bob sleigh on hand.
Because individual
executors die���often in
the midst of administering an estate. The
Trust Company is perpetual.
Because the Corporation can be held' tb
strict account. The
individual executor is
frequently neither competent nor responsible.
Consult the officers
of this Company before
drawing your Will.
/church, Kant iiurnaiiy, will hold an
j other of their private dances on Mon-
I day evening, Jan. 20 In Gray's hall, Ed-
I monds.
Information Is being sought in West
minster concerning the whereabouts
of Donald Tulloch of Victoria who has
been missing for some time. Any Information known about the man will
be thankfully received by the police
who are acting for the relatives of
Aldermanlc committee rooms haTe
been opened in the King's Hotel block
All thoBe In favor of a good progressive council come along 'and hustle.
Room* will be open all day and evenings. (490)
Mr. 0. G. Wheeler of Sapperton.
ccived serious injuries to his back
while working at the horse show-
building on Monday afternoon. In
some manner the injured man -dipped
from one of thc timbers above the refrigerator plant, coming In contact
with the heavy pipes ln the tank. He .
Is  receiving  dally   medical   attention.
The people of New Westminster are
fortunate in having a dairy In the city. |
at which pure sterllzed milk can be
bought Why buy an Inferior grade
when the Crystal Dairy is selling an
absolutely pure and wholesome pas.
tureized milk. All bottles aro thoroughly washed and sterllzed, thus insuring absolute cleanliness. Phone
1150.   655 Sixth street. (487)
In the Mission City court yesterday
Magistrate A. M. Vcrchere sent Abo
l.eo, a half-breed, down ror thirty
days in the provincial jail on a
chargri of having concealed weapons
In his possession, ln addition Leo
Ka��...Jlned $10.
L.t>p. who hai!.- trom Yale, got started ou a carousal on Tuesday evening
In Mission and, while at the height
of liia Inebriety, he pulled a gun in
ons ol, the saloons declaring at the
sami- time that he was a "bad man."
Provincial Constable Lister was informed of the situation and l.eo was
placed in the lock-up for a night pend-
ug filu appearance before tho magla-
Alban'e I frgfo).
McGregor Says Rival
Stole His Platform
(Continued from page one)
will get them and I am the man to
help you.
Reeve Weart, who was the laBt!
speaker, explained why hs was supporting Mr. McGregor for thc reeveship, first complimenting Mr. Walker
for his efricient work as stipendiary
"Mr. Walker need not be surprised
at me supporting Mr. McGregor, for
I have known him longer. When 1
came back from England Mr. McGregor asked me If 1 would give him
my support and I promised on the one
condition that should a man come forward whom I did not feel like trusting, then I would get In the race my-
sely. Mr. Hugh KraBer of Central
Park saw me a month afterwards and
asked my support but 1 told him it
was already promised.
'Councillor McGregor has been acting reeve on two occasions and each
time he has filled the post well. You
ratepayers elect a board of directors
to a company handing one million ana
a quarter dollara a year and for this
you pay the general manager $300 a
year. We have everything ready to
go ahead with the work of 1913, then
���vho, I ask, Is the'logical man?" Inquired Reeve Weart,
' "With regard to the franchise,' continued the reeve, "the majority of the
voters were in favor of It in September, 1911 but it lacked 42 votes of a
three-fifths majority. No one in Burnaby has worked harder than I have
towards effecting a settlement and it
was only a few weeks ago that I held
the commanding vote but no man will
ever acuse me of going over the heads
of the people.
"Suppose the privy council do throw
out the franchise they may come back
and say pay the n.C.EI". the money
lost through operating the Burnaby
Lake branch, with 5 per cent Interest and then we would be in a pretty
pickle." declared the mayor.
In closing Reeve Weart thought he
had a right to support a'iy cand'iitite
provided that man, in his estimation
vas capable of looking after the affairs of one or the best municipalities
'n the province. He ended with saying
that he felt conrident that Councillor
McGregor was hv tnr Ihe most capable
candidate for the position.
Mr. E. N. Wiltshire, as chairman of
the meeting made a creditable showing.
In Our January
Clearance Sale
$1.50 Brussells at $ .95
$2.00 Brussells at   1.25
ecial on Wiltons
Short Lengths of $2.50 Wilton Carpet at
Clearance Price of, per yard $1.50
On Flannelette Sheets and Blankets
$2.75 124 Extra Heavy, White, C^hince Price $1.95
$2.00 11-4 Extra Heavy, White, Clearance Price   1J25
All through this big store you will find special clearance bargains well worth
your effcrt in getting out these stormy days.
11 ��    is . .
The Balance of Our Winter Cloaks at Half Price
Stf. J.iBter. who Wns In the city yesterday, slates that Mission at present
is practically full of men from the
construction camps along the C. P. R.
line, which are closed down on ac
count ol the enow and wholesale
carousals are common.
"In all it is estimated that between
300 and 400 construction men are in
town and the very devil is raised
every night," he said.
PARS���Celtnn Pure, a-rcd .13 year*,
am) il native Of Quebec, passed away
at the Fraser Mills on Saturday. She j
is survived by a husband and nine
children. The funeral took place on
Monday, interment being made In
the    Catholic    cemetery.    Sapperton.
itev. Father Millard officiated,
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd*
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Your    Chilblains    will
bother you till you use
The results obtained by
using  this  remarkable
remedy are marvellous.
25c. the Bottle.
(Successor to f. J. MacKenzie.)
Chemist and Druggist. Phone 68.
Dominion Trust Building.
New Westminster, B.C.
To Make Room for all Classes of Business Men.
At a meeting ot the Westminster
Retail Merchants' Association held on
Tuesday evening n change was made
In Ihe name or the organization which
will now he caled the New Westminster Husiness Men's Association. This
was carried out because several or the
buBiness men or the city did not come
'inder the class ot retail merchants
ind were desirous or becoming members.
Ortlcers elected tor the coming year
were as fellows: President, A. P. McDonald; vice-president. O, Ulakely:
secretary-treasurer, T. R. Phillips; directors, Messrs. H. Welsh, J. Mayers
B, S. Robs, H. T. Kirk, Anderson and
A vote or thanks was passed to
Mess���. Traves and Phillips lor their
work during the organization or the
association, Several new members
were admitted.
T.  Giffcrd,  M.L.A.,  After    Much
N-t-ded Improvement.
���   "I have every hopes of securing an
appropriation from ihe provincial gov-j
ernment thiB    coming    session    large]
enough to make II tw-j'-lb1'; \Q install|
..r. atlegu'&lo UgbtlfiS equipment on the
r.outh side of the Eraser bridge," stated Mr. T. Olltord, M.I..A. for thla city,
to a News repr**eft!atlv<- yesterday.
"Tiii"* Prbgresslv'' Association and
the lioard of Trade are quite within
their rights to criticize the govern-
mi nl for not having the structure ado
quately lighted, but 1 say that up to
the present time the authorities at
Victoria believe that a lower rate
should be charged the government for
electric power on the br'dse."
"1 have approached city officials,"
continued Mr. Gilford, "and from
what I learn the present rate cannot
be lowered, but this will not deter
men rrom using my efforts with the
proper authorities to have more
lights placed oa the bridge, especially
for the use ot pedestrian and vehicular traffic."
BRAY���The death occurred at Pet1
Moody on Tuesday of Mr. Thomas E
Bray, aged 77 years. Mr. Bray was
an eld timer, having come to this
province In 18811. He was very well
known throughout the province and
particularly in Vancouver where he
lived fnr a number of years. He wai
the rather or Mr. (ieorge Ilray, C. P.
R. agent. Port Moody. The funeral
will be held on Friday from Center &
llanna's to the Mountain View cetne-
erv, Vancouver.
Forty   years   In   use,   20   y����rs  the
Standard, prescribed and feebfflmend-
ed by  physicians.    For Women's All- |l
menu,   Dr.   Mattel's  Fs*"��le  PHI*,   at
your druggist.
Are You fully Insured?
For what amount should a man insure in order that his family and estate
may not suffer loss in case of fire damaging his property, accidental injury to
himself or premature death?
You should answer this question, but we can help you do so as we write
,   Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
312-315 Westminster Trust Block, and 746 Columbia St., New Westminster, B.C.
For Use of Firemen Demonstrated
Yesterday at Small Fire.
Klre halls number two and Ave an
swered a call yesterday at 1:28 o'clock
from the home of Mr. ('. Harvey, 1114
Dublin street, where a (ire had mys
terfously start* d. Utile difficulty was
experienced In extinguishing the
blaze, "but not before damage to the
approximate value of $20!) was done.
The fact that one of the fin* halls was
supplied  with a bob    sleigh    grnatlj
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
Receipts and Membership Double During Past Twelve Months.
The annual meeting of the congregation or St. Aidan'B Presbyterian
Church was held Monday evening,
Jan. IS, 1913. The Itev. Mr. Collins
oreslding. Thc lirst bUBlneBB to come
berore the meeting was the reports of
I the (liferent officers of the church for
j the year.
In the abBcnce ol the secretary, Mr.
Short, thc secretary's report waB read
by Mr. J. Cunningham, and showed
��� that the church was In a very   pros-
| pr-rouB condition, thc receipts amount-
'of the year previous, and the member-
ing to over $1400, being double those
i Bhlp having increased from 40 to 76.
1    The report   or the Sunday   School
of ail kinds in great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
In all grades and for every use.
(Stephen's and Starrord's Inks and
Blank Hooks or every kind.
646 Columbia  Street
Phone 4U
foel the need of Glasses today when
EYESTRAIN Is the rule and not the
Workmen who would have reliable
help for their eyes should call on
Druggist and Optician
701  Columbia  8tr��et Phon; "i?
If you want Reliability, Silence,
Economy, Satisfaction and Freedom from Trouble
The "YAl.B" will meet
your reqalrements.
���     Adapted for the Fishing Trade.
Mads  In  New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Neaps  Engineering  Co.,  Ltd., New Westminster,
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Floes       TANKS
These ara all In good locations and are  good   investments  at  the  prices
they can be bought for now.
1359���FIFTH   STREET    near   Eighth
avenue; 66x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1196���8EVENTH  AVENUE  near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared ana graded; price , 1275
13<77 BO FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price 34000
on easy terml.
66 foot lot ln good location; Just off
Columbia atreet; price $1200 on
easy terms.
1398���5 LOT8 ON TWELFTH AVE.,
near Sixth street car Hae; 50x159
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We vsrlU Fire, Lite, Accident, E mployere'  LisbUMrv, Autsn-oblls   aad
P. O. BOX 442
Sir Edmund B. Oiler, M.P., President. W. D. Matthews, Vice-President.
C..A. Uogert, Oeneral Manager.
Head Office Toronto, Ont.
CAPITAls PAID-UP �� 8,000,000
RESERVE Fl^tfD          6,000,000
TOTAL. ASSbTTS* 78,000,000
A branch of th!t* Bank has been established ln New Westminster
at tbe corner of Columbia and Sixth Streets, opposite the Post office.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Q. H. MATHEWSON, Manager.


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