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The New Westminster News Oct 10, 1913

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The Weather.
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderste winds,
unsettled with    rain.      Not    mucb
change in temperature.
Two New Witnesses Introduced in Dean Trial Yesterday
Disclose Remarkable Tale���Claim They Saw Accused
With Large Sum of Gold���Interesting Examination
of C. P. R. Watchman.
Nine days have already be��Mi spent
In Irving Charles Dean for the robbery of the Bank of Montreal and the
crown's case Is expected to closfj^ today at luncheon time.
Yesterday's evidence disclosed a remarkable tale by two new witnesses,
0. C Burmnn. father and son. who
declared that Dean treated tbem to
a drink three or four dayB after the I
burglary, -shortly after 7 a.m. and that
he paid for the drinks In gold.
Tho elder man swore that Dean i
Showed him a pockelbook lined with j
*f> and J10 gold pieces while the.
younger man waB equally positive that,
iie aaw Dean shift a fistful of gold
from one pocket to the other. Neither
corroborated the other In his particular Incident.
Watchman's "Locum  Tenon*."
A i<trong aroma of Hlbernlanlsin
flavored the evidence of R. E. Julian,
the locum tcnens of a sick watchman
who Identified Dean as a man he hsd
seen on the C. P. R. platform In Sep-
Sydney Armitage, who asserted that
lie had made and signed a Btatement
which    he    left In  the  possession ofj
Chief Bradshaw, waa not corroborated!
by the head of the pollce In that In
Oldest    The chief denied   that  Arml-
tags Hlgned any stsiement and assert- j
ed   b�� only  took  notes  of  hls  report:
which he repeated orally to the bank 1
The court re-opened with Armitage;
on lhe witness stand, under cross-1
ennminatlon by Sir Charles Tupper      |
Hi- was oiieBtloned closely as to thc
eccuracy of his statement as to where
the car stopned to tako up passengers
at the Intersection of Church and Columbia atreets snd the exact time he
boarded the car and got home.
He wag certain that he had given
;, ����orn *tst��m*ut to the Bank of
Montreal In 1912.
Dean's Face Familiar.
He fiad not been promised sny com
The bank door waB open and there was
no one In It as far as he could see.
Bank  Wse Open.
Sir Charles���Did not Chief Bradshaw exclaim: "My goodness the
bank Is open. Don't say anything
about  It."
Witness*   lie may have Bald it.
Sir Charles- You aald bo before and
lhat you replied that it was all right.
. Witness    I don't recollect.
Sir Charles--That he said "Don't
give it away?"
Witness Yes, I remember now distinctly.
Mr. Julian then related that he had
n conference with Mr. Ahearn and Mr
Davis and a stranger but emphatically
denied that the questions were put
Sir Charles-Was It not two nights
before the robbery you thought you
saw   Dean?
Witness-   Yes, 1 think it was.
Sir Charles That was the man you
mistook  for Campbell.
Witness���Presumably  It  was  Dean.
Sir Charles- The first time yon ssw
thc man who looked like Dean and mis
took for Campbell
Witness -You have them In Inverse
ratio. 1 mistook the man Campbell
for Dean. (Laughter ln court.) I
never heard of Dean. It was a cursory
view of Dean I got. 1 have got a very
retentive memory for personal appear-
Sir Charles���Old you not sav long
nvo that one thing bothering you In
the Identification of Dean was that
you lately saw a msn walking about
ihe street who might have been the
man you saw on the platform?
Witness��� I do not remember saying
anvthlng of the sort.
Sir Charles���Did von not. shortly before this trial say that yon would not
know Dean now If you ssw blm on
the street, because you were n-ot Impressed by a casual glance of the man.
Witness- -I may have said that but
Of AGED WOMAN    M {mm
Mrs. Leonora Dale Paasea Away Suddenly on B. C. E. R. Chllllwack
Interest  in  Probable  Personnel of Harbor Board
Waxing Keen.
A tragic death occurred yesterday
evening In the city when Mrs. Leonora
Dale, nged 71 yeurs, while travelling
on the (;1I Chllllwack train with her
son Kred 11 Dale, was taken suddenly
111 before the 11. C. E. K. train had
reached the bridge and expired before
medical   assistance  could   reach   her.
The crew of the train seeing that
the woman was In a dangerous condition Immediately reversed the cars
and made all possible haste back to
the depot but their work was of no
Deceased had  becn spending a six
weeks' vacation with relatives In Victoria, leaving that city yesterday morn-1
Ing and arriving here about 5 o'clock |
ln company with a lady friend.    Her  .     ,
son Joined here at the depot and waa ! narbur commission would be made by
taking her back  to hiB home In  Mt.   next Monday at tba latest, interest in
I"*i!_im?  _ ..       ������w prohable personnel of this bedy,
The body was removed to the Mur- | wh|cl, wU1 have much l0 do wjth lhe
f.__e_..u"dr_"_ak!_,K. J".!0���. whe��� afAer! direction of the work of making   the
Kraser river a great port,  Is waxing
Fcrmer Mayor of New Westminster Is
Mentioned as One of Government Appointees.
With the understanding that the appointments  to  the New  Westminster
hearing the circumstances, Dr. Me
Quarrie decided that an Inquest was
unnecessary. The funeral arrangements will be announced later.
Gamboa Dyke to Be Destroyed by Mammoth Blast
Laborer Killed.
Saskatoon. Oct. 9��� John Vlner. a
laborer In the emplov of the Sas
katrhewan Construction oompany
working In a trench on 1/orne avenue,
was so badly Injured this morning
when a section caved In while he
was working, thai he died within a
quarter of an hour after he was rushed
to the city hospital.
Left All to Widow.
Toronto.  Oct.  ll.���The  wlll  of    the
late  Patrick   Maher.  the well known
liveryman and horseman, was filed today.    He left 1156.918 all to his widow.
Panama  Canal   May  Be  In   Used
Lighter Boats in a Few
Washington. Oct. ��.���Pressing a
button at 2 p.m. eaatern time tomorrow at the White House, President
Wilson will release an electric current that will travel overland and
under sea to the Panama canal to explode a charge of dynamite and destroy Gamboa dyke. The dyke is the
last great physical obstruction to the
opening of wster communications between the two oceans, although the
wreckage of the dyke and two earth
slides, one st Cucaracha and another
at Gold Hill must be cut through before tbe canal actually can be opened.
The destruction of the Gamboa dyke
will be celebrated all along the Pacific
Originally it had been Intended to
set off the charge at 9 o'clock tn the
morning, but President Wilson granted the request for a change to accommodate points having Pacific coast
When the electric current started
| by President    Wilson    traverses the
Week's Total for New Westminster Is
��633,736��� Principal Cities\Msrk
' Advancemsnt. -a*".''''
Toronlo, Oct 9.--The following are
the bank clearings of the principal
cities of the Dominion for tne week
ending today, as compared with those
for the corresponding week last year:
1913. 1912.
Montreal    ��C4,002,647 $60,747,808
Toronto   .      46,324,014    44,935,176
Winnipeg   42,868,571
Vancouver    11,969,840
Calgary     6,119,033
Kor the past few days rumor has
Deen buty with the names of several
prominent men about the city, but so
far nothing authoritative has been
given out.
In making up the harbor comramls-
sion, one of tbe appointments rests
with the city council, the other two
coming from the Dominion government and in the naming of these last
Colonel J. D. Taylor, M.P. for this constituency, wiii have considerable
Colonel Taylor, like Mayor Gray, is
not  making any   announcements    as
yet, but it is understood from reliably land wires to Gstveston and peases be-
informed sources that a former mayor neath the Gulf of Mexico by cable to
of New Westminster, who is one ot Ithe Isthmus, the canal engineers ex-
the leading businessmen now, will be I pect the spark to explode the thou-
one of the government appointees. jsand charges of dynamite which have
It also Is stated that the city   noml-1 been buried ln the 100 teet of dyke
Hamilton .
Victoria .
Quebec ...
Regina ...
Halifax ..
London     1,831,665
St. John	
Moose Jaw  ..
Fort William
Brantford  ..
Westminster .
Lethbridge ..
Medicine Hat
Adkinson & Dtil Threaten
in   Connection
With High School.
Terrible Latin Pun Perpetrated
Court���Shocking Caae of Filth
la Revealed.
Trustees Appoint Committee and Will
Bask  Legal Advice���Meeting
Laat Evening.
From a communication read at the
aehool board meeting last night, it
would appear that that body la about
to be the defendant ln a law suit
brought on by the contractors for the
Duke of Connaught high school, Adkinson and Dill, tn an effort to have
paid them the balance claimed for
work done, ln all tl6.736.73.
The letter which was from tbe
contractors' legal ad risers, MacNeill,
Bird, Macdonald and Darling, of Vancouver, Implied that the board bad no
Justification for withholding the balance named, and while Adkinson and
Dill were very adverse to resorting to
law, lf the board persisted, they must
consider legal proceedings. Tbe letter continued tbat the bntlding was
completed to the satisfaction of the
Adkinson and Dill also wrote that
they were willing to take the matter
np with the board before resorting to
Where Trouble Started.
The trouble was caused wben Macklln, the sub-contractor tor lathing
and plastering, assigned. Blnce he had
employed Qeo. Munday to do the lathing and slnoe at the Ume of
Draft* for loss of lime In these pro- jl remember exactly the man I saw on
ei ding* nor did he expect any. He
had been tnld that the crown allowed
witnesses $2 n day Ho was out of
pocket over ��hts Job. His statements
In Julv, 1912 wero confined 'to the
mar   Davis.
Asked bv the court to tell whnt look
lilace at the Jail In Ihe Identification
nn cess regarding Dean, witness said
Dean's fare anpeared at once familiar
to him wben he turned out with some ] diCtM^M
others. He picked out Dean as the
m"i  standing second  to the left.
Reexamined, be stated  that a man
camc-to trim for -Information on 8'in-
dav.   Sept    18    last   and   represented
himself as a I'lnvernn detective and
that there were 2li of ihem on the Job
He,  however,   tumbled   to   It.
Never Took Pardon.
Detective Praser. Pinkerton agency,
recalled.    Bwore    that  he  had  never
taken  away the pardon  from Dean'*
effects.    He took some letters, a typewritten Will and a rent receipt whi-h
��� were nflerwnrds Indeed In court In the
extradition proceedings.    To the best
of his knowledge and belief Detective
Hatter neer ��ook the pardon away
Constablo W. R. Stan'on repeated
bis evidence as to having rawi Mnc-
nsmars twice In New Westminster
before the bank robbery, ."boo' 12 dayB
the C. P. H. platform
Sir Charles-Did you not say also
that you have seen men since who
might have been the man you aaw on
the r. 1>. R. platform?
Witness���They might hsve been, but
thev were'not.
Sir Charles- When were you first
Interdicted for drinklnn?
Witness���I don't think 1 was inter-
  __. all.
Sir <*har!es-~ A�� a matter of memory
when were vou first Interdicted?
Wllne's���1 don't know, lt Is ancient
history now
Sir Charles���How lnn��: did It last?
Witness it seems to be In perpetu-
It-   now
Sir   Chnrles��� On   your  oath,   were
��� Continued on Page Five.)
assignment Munday had hte work practle-
J. P. H. Bole knowa an opportunity \^ ��w��^^.l^ayrtg����4W.
ne'e his been decid'ed on in thi person 1 which at preeent stands between Gatun.1 when he sees one.    Yeaterday mora-1 Thte. KW ***f^���i.**   to
of Alderman A  E  White, chairman of  lake and the famous Culebra cut. lng he saw a chance to cracks, lobe MS.i1ffih?tl��v  h*Aito ��n��  w-
^SJ^^mmlit^Mticltfeoi*.    .* fleet of dredge, will attackjhe\ police court aadhtlfc an tt* "ir^l^t^tXiA^ wSTato^
a,algaaA.   tho ���mority ��C
tha lamias* aay they ave not UsbVe
A fleet of dredges will attack thel police court aad he Ht on *at oppor-\tt*f
__     __��__. I cVl�� who^lready"has"done considerable I ����*ea aa aoon aa they have cleared I tunity like   a humming   blr*   �����   ��iomw
CTtn Ut inti) HFIfF   work In h'lSlns  "on* tb-rounding <rf  ">��� wreckage of tbe dyke and althoughLp*, of honeysuckle.
Nllr  NrAKrK Pi AtJ   this fresh water dot" B        Col. Qoethals tn his telegram to the      TbU vu the   way    of    It.    Harry
JILI    I11RI.UI I U*VL|U,.T,^,^Jie!:.?^.; h.l��. when lal~n��> commUakn. today made no pre-\Tempeat wu
diction. It probably wtll be possible to
hsve the lighter boats uaed by the
canal digger* to pasa trom ocean to
ocean in a few weeks.
Government Adopts Concil
iatory Attitude in Ulster
So   Sayt   London   Dally   Mail���Other
English   Pre..  Opinion*���  Mr.
Churchill's  Speech.
Considerable care is being taken tn
choslng the members of tbe board,
since ou their shoulders wtll rest to a
great extent the heavy responsibility
of giving New Westminster and the
lower mainland the only fresh water
harbor on (tw British Pacific coast.
Camuef Charters Resigns.
Toronto, Oct. 9.--Samuel Charter*,
M. P. P. for Peel county, haa sent In
his resignation. Tbe reason given for
vacating his seat  I* Ui  health.    Mr.
Nanalmo Physician Missing. '
Seattle. OcL 9.���Dr. W. F. Drysdale.
a physician  of Naaaimo, B.C.. ia mining,  and  the pollce  of  Seattle bave
been asked to aid In the search for
him.    Dr. Drysdale waa to have   ar-
Charters Is to be appointed registrar j rived In Seattle Monday on the steam
of Peel county. The resignation necee-) ship   President   from   San   Francisco,
i* way oi iii n~i�� I_��__'��_____,����._, ���___._->
out on bail oa a charge l"^*?J2' ^
i   . ����,����_____��,   -^^JS'trforn.er
before the event and on the night be-; gweep9 Custer County, Neb.
fore It.    Macnamara  wore    a    slight.. ���**���*.���*.**.���*.
���Many   Houses   De
Loss of Life Reported
Several Ar* Serioualy
Vat But
Witness protested In his cross-examination that It wis absolutely ridiculous to ask h'-n to describe the
weather of two years ago.
M K- Julian stated with befitting
dignity that ho had been locum tenens
for James Mclnnes, night watchman
for the C. P. R-, while the latter was
absent on 14 days sick leave. In that
time the Bsnk of Mnotreal robbery
occurred. His duties Included looking
attar the baggage and the mall. I
He had seen the accused man. Dean, i b   0 t  9 _An qc-
twice on the station platform.   He mis-     Brokeni now, ��*  .
lookhlr  at first for a men, Campbell. | tober  tornado tore  its jay  tnrougn
he knew and took a close observation custer county this evening, ����� ng
of him     He hsd to be very careful | Broken  Bow a glancing blow
who waa around there. He was sup
posed to be watchman and was fulfil
ling his duties to tho best of Mb ability.    He  had  no conversation  with
Dean.. ,    .
Witness CroM-Examlned.
Cross-examined by Sir Charles Tup
per witness said he did not aee Dean
ngaln until he saw him In the police
court at hls preliminary trial. Hla
. memory was good for somethings,
siometlmos It was-not. ��������,..
Sir Charles���ls Campbell about the
Bamo height?  . ���-     '
*'J Witness���1 did not take his mra*-
urrement. I rould not tell his clothes
nn tbe refraction of the light did not
enable me to distinguish his clothes
��t nil. _..   ���
pi' Charles���Did you apeak to Campbell?
���Wttne-s���How conld    I    speak  to
"   Campbell when It wa* not Camphell ��t
Sir Charles���How far were you
uwav from thl* man?
Wltneks���Preaumably from about
here to the exit.
Sir Charles���About 80 feet.
Witness further stated that Chief
Bradshaw talked to him on the matter before tho preliminary examination and asked him to go to the police
Nation to Identify Dean. He went to
tbo police station and then to the
Bank ot Montreal with Mr. Bradlhaw.
r.  doing
only" minor damage here, but wrecking
msny houses and Injuring a number of
people in the country districts. So far
a* reported, no one waa killed. In the
MeCaslln home, eight miles north of
Broken Bow, two members of the family were Injured. Beveral member* or
Arthur Bevington's family near the
town of Sargent were hurt, bow eerl-
ously 1* not known.
Reports Indicate that the storm developed near Lodt shortly before 6
o'clock and cut across the country
from tho southwest to the northeast
In a path varying trom a quarter of a
mile to a mile In width, lt had all
the characteristics of a tornado, being
a whirling wind of great force.
The town of Sargent ls renorted to
hsve been In the direct path of the
��torm and badly damaged, but nothing
definite has oome yet. Near L-odl
houses and barns were destroyed, hut
lt la believed there was oo loss of lift
nor serious casualties.
In Broken Bow the damage 1* confined chiefly to the fair ground* where
all the building* were wrecked.
Broken Bow I* the county ��eat of
Custer oonntv and ha. a population of
7500. It la located 176 mile* weat ot
Later renorte say the town* of Sargent and Oceonto. In the same county,
were Visited hy violent storms but tbt
extent of the damage 1* not known.
London, Oct. ll.���The Daily Mail's
I Hindi ,��� correspondent has authority
for saying that Right Hon. Winston
Churchill's speech represents tbe government's official attitude towards
Ulster, which is one of conciliation
and offers the exclusion of Northeaat
L'lster Irom the home rule bill on condition that the Unionists then agree
to work with tha Liberals for the
future success of the settlement.
Thc Daily Mall itself enters wholeheartedly Into this olive branch view
of the situation. Mr. Churchill's
speech," says tbe Mail, "is wise ani*.
conciliatory and we are a 'long step
nearer peace."
Tiie Manchester Guardian (Liberal),
whose opinion carries Immense weight
in all circles, also think* Mr.
Churchill's view is wise and etates-
manllke, declaring that tbe government would not be yielding to threats
If they went beyond the bill a* It
stands. "The demands," aays the
Guardian, "ot the Proteatanta of
Ulster may be extravagant and
groundless, but as they exist it ta
surely worth while to meet them If
this can be done without any danger
to the prospects of home rule."
The Dally Chronicle, a forceful exponent ot London Liberal opinion,
nays that Lord Lansdowne and Andrew Bonar Law themselves know
that such questions must be dealt
with. "No situation could be more unenviable tban the Irish queation would
be," says the Chronicle, "If they defeated the bill and the government
called into prescribe anew for an
exasperated Ireland. Por them and
their party lt I* plainly better that
the bill should pa**, provided that
they have, aa they could have for the
asking, a reasonable hearing tor their
views ln detail."
Will Net Say Lett.
��� The Westminster Gatette,   another
powerful Liberal Journal, pointe out
that John Redmond   haa   aald   that
there ia hardly   any   conee*��lon   h*
would not make to avoid the Infliction
of a bitter defeat on hi* polltleal opponent*. ."The government certainly
will not *ay less," declare* tht Qax-
ette.   "What ha* to be aald firmly te
that the government wtll do It* utmoat
to meet the grievance* ot tnm Ultter
men. but cannot allow th* bill   to   be
wrecked and the national Integrity of
Ireland sacrificed to thoee who ha��*
used grievance* to procure tht defeat
ot home rule."   lrteh newspaper opinion   ��eema   somewhat   divided.   Tnt
Irish Dally Independent (Independent
Nationalist), of   Dublin,   *ay*:   "We
would gather    trom   Mr. Churchill'*
speech that the government la wlltyng
to give Ulster, or perhaps the   four
counties, some sort of �� govtrnmtBt
cf their own.   '"cars ���      .ro used to
hear a good deal abont dlimtinber*
mtnt of the empire, but Judging hir
tbl* speech Mr. Churchill tad tht gov-
���itates a bylaw election. Tbe date
named for nomination is October 27
and the election November S. A Con-
servstive convention, it is understood,
will be held at Brampton October 18.
Halibut  Steamer  Experiences   Rough
Weather���Story of Drowning of
Hana Ulsten.
ot having had aome connection "U^JJi^t former meeting* but the
other with the con games which were U,���tflcant letter of MacNeill. Bird,
shut up at the exhibition grounds, so MMdon,i,j ���,,_ Darling, changed the
when his turn came, Sergeant Pent- *^m*rr}*a attitude from one of waiting
land proceeded In dignified manner to I ynf, ^ am**tramtnr.. te. act, to one of
the door of the court to go'througll j preparation Consequently Trusteee
the form or calling him. (Green and Rennie were appointed a
"Harry Tempest," announced tho leommittee to seek legal advice. Alao
sergeant, after which there wa* * Jthe board will Inspect tbo new bufId-
pause and no answer. line thla afternoon, aiace It dent** that
"Tempeat fugit," murmured Mr. fit .ansa satisfied wfth the work, aarwu
Bole and It looks aa though the tew-[stated In the letter fton the legal
jar were right and Tempeat Is still (firm acting for Adkinson aod Dill
sssr- ^r,5rn.^th,,choTteb!sra'y.��. ���--����-& ~ ur^""^ **"t^
 a _a       __���___- I I. ������*�����____   n��iann��rt     rtrw*V   aJIO.   Miter   Kei- IMJEIi _
of the
��������   Kanaimo,  wired   tl^Sirf^lr^^^tt
missing man.
a description    of   the
$8000 for Architect
Toronto, Oct. ��.���"That Robinson C.
II. 0. Wright be appointed city architect at a salary of t��000 dollars
year," is the recommendation which
the board of control today decided to
send to the city council.
Returning from one of the most unlucky voyages In a long time the halibut steamer Roman, Capt Kredrlckn-
sen. crept up river early this morning and ahortly before 2 o'clock docked at the wharf of her owners, the
Columbia Cold Btorage company. On
the trip to the north one man waa
lost and becaure of rough weather.
Instead "f the usual catch of 100,000
pounds or more, the vessel brought
but 45  30 pounds of flsh.
Asked concerning the loss of the
fisherman H��n�� Ulrten, the captain
said that on the morning of Sept. 29
after lying in Btllen inlet over night,
the Pomrn steamed �� miles out to tea
and began ltylng gear. The day waa
cloudy but the weather otherwise fin*
with a smooth aea running. All tha
dories were put out, and It was soon
after noon that the ee* became rough
and to avoid accident the ve*s*l bt-
gan picking up th* dorle*.
While Just a short distance away
the dory containing Otettn ovtrturutd
and filled. It wt* exactly three mnv
ute* before two doritt with ttvtn
men wert lowered tt tbe ipot and the
other fisherman. Rant Inntpttn, wat
nicked up.    Ulsten. however, te bo-
Scathing Denunciations of
Both   Sides   Features
Fifty Thousand Worda tl Ltfltl ****���
flumtnt���Will Continue Today���
Executive S***ton Soon.
ting a lecture from the court, be waa
suspended eentence.  ground., for footbJjHgame;, ��, Satur
Albany, N. Y., Oct. ��.���Titty tfro-ut-
and worda of legal argument, scathing
denunciation ot Governor William Sui-
atr on tbe on* aid* tad ot hi* aocnaar*
on th* othet, delivered today by op-
poalng coansel, brought a vtrdlct la
tbt trial of tht Impeached executive
ont day ntartr.
Another day will ba occupied *lmt-
larly tomorrow, at tb* tnd of wMel.
tlaa th* high court will go Into titen-
allowed to go on
Previously he had pleaded not guilty,
but this morning he reversed that plea
through his counsel. W. F. Hansford,
and at the suggestion of City Solicitor McQuarrie, he was given a chance
get out and suy out.	
Two Months Hard.
The case of D. C. Thue revealed
either a shocking Instance of filth and
destitution or a well told Imitation.
Thue was charged with maintaining a
nuisance ln the old Cleve cannery
buUdlng. Front atreet, which la In a
condition of Indescribable mth. The
accused ��aid he could not get work
and had moved In there with hi* wife
and child, aa he couldn't aBord to pay
rent elaewhere.
"Do you mean to tell me your wife
and child live ther* with you V' a*ked
the magtetrate, after he had heard
sanitary Inspector* and PoU��e d*""
*t a alckenlng length the condition of
%��'J^wered Thne, "I ������<>��'t
get work, the ctty couldn't do aty-
thing tor me and I had to go tome-
'jurt at ttl* juncture the ��Mtf e���
th, nrt dtptrttnent arrived with tht
announcement that the ptact wa* te
be tolled down aad burned.
t5m will havt to look tor anotttr
*r��t* mtmbtr* ot tt. wongt ftunlly
tailed to appaar and ttalr cath.rtprt-
*eat*tlv** ww* conttoated.
EARLY  MOflNIHO rij*    .__*__
flevtd to'htvi'been foul ot the gearltlvt session, it t* txptettd. to 4*U*-
and wa* carried down, tor although | mint procedure la deciding tt* guilt
two dorte* wore put out and tt* vet-
sei lay at anchor nntll the morning
of the *0ft. tt* body w��* not r*eov*r-
ed.   Utoten waa a touiin ot Mat*
trirten ot the Roman.   H* came from
Norway �� tow mr* ago and wa*
known In N*w W*j*��ln*tor.
Concerning tt* wtntttr Capt. Fr*d-
rfov-nneii *��vs ha hgt t*Mom ran Into
anything mutt wort* ror II day*
th* wind blew from tt* ���outtaaat tnd
on ttm rttnrn trip train tht aonthern
Alaskan coatt tht mlt ttlfUd ud
the stag ran mouMatna high.
At exactly 1:19 o'twck ttto mc*
lag a fir* wa* ditcovtrtd te ttttojij
at****, m*-a*M*WJ.}Wmm*
day afternoon, brought from Trustee
Dr. Oreen a statement of his princlole
In aueh matters, which waa that the
board's breathing spaces, payed for by
the citlxens. In this case at a cost of
$20,000, should be free for use by the
Trustee Stoney thought lf the request were refused pressure would
be brought to bear upon the city connell to have some of the newer parka
put In condition.
_ a motion to allow the use of tho
grounds, the church teams to pay any
damage to property Incurred, wa*
adopted. ,   ^
A. R. Hallday wrote at length protesting againat theatre ticket* be'"g
distributed on tbe school ground*. He
did not allow hi* children to attend
tht theatre. Mr. Hallday win be told
tbat already a regulation forbtds the
distribution of literature on *choot
Fir* Drill Records.
Report* were Submitted of fire drill
records tor tt* month ln all Om
schools. The medical inspector ot
city schools. Dr. McEwan, tent to hit
report, and Mlaa Strong, mantcip*1 tn-
spector of schools, read har rnt
monthly report. It wt* mott cor^r*-
hantive dealing with work In the high,
publkunnd night school*, and. the recently Inaugurated meeting o* r^w-
ctp-da. The la*L tht ln*p*ctor -aid.
waa now ntctttary to make nnlf*****
tt* *ork ^ all eehool* haro. Tht
���reateet laertatt ta attendance wan
In tha ����wdK��*rin dlatrlct whtr* ******
wart CH an tt* rt-nbttar latt m<"<*i.
���vwnMired with SCS ta Stfctabtr. *'1*.
Thtrtvf v*, -m-tOa
tht night <'
(Continued on Pago row.)
wHIwHIW   r9*M****a yVe
Winnipeg. Cot ��.���Coach cleaner*
on opening tnt of tt* *ap*r btrttt to
a Canadian PnettTiMliW toto**
ow ttl* atoning MM *, htown Mtir
paakagt la which mm*, dltnovtrtd tts
dead body of a ��hild. ���'ttaut ttrtt
month* oM. Tht corps* ****** t.
bgdly d��Ma��ottd Matt and hnd apparently bttn in tht ootch tor ttrand
or innocence of the aeenatd. Tht
court probably win adjourn then until Tuoaday. There I* tomt taft tonight, however, of taking a volt Suturday.
Paatltn Md Caartot.
Louis Marshall tor tt* d*ttw��. and
Alton B. Psrktr tor tt* *MtaMy
manager*, oecupted tt* ttttton ot tt*
ooart, Marahall laweachlag tt* mo-
tlv*i Ot tho** who tooagfc th* charge.
againat ttt mvtraor ht touwd on
-tuSU aad casrtefc" and Parker d*
ntnnetat ttt govtnwr ta ��at who*
th* "aaODUtrndieted proof* whlttHv-
flre to tt* aMHtarr
th* iom wtn h* loan.
'Tht ******* at tttbtottww ta
am a**r ttt toraaet �����** wMA
"^ --- *n ���*** tKtmmjf.J*
tha tthw waft htt tad
���toa tar awa* ttao ttt
sainilsed ��a    -~.> ���~ ���	
after MMMMtttog tor aaato that
wood HgtHatoTtaas- I�� to '
tout dragoon* at 1
'*-m*yaai'     J*mX**MygS-'**ftg^a**J.' ^_n_________.
msmff*. .-.'WW** *****
b*��n qptad <���** ttl* rttorT a
va?Mla*gar * *to ha;tta
tgMMtfvt ot tttehtat* aad tar
ttwa* -ahattotely tmaoaalbte imrto
retain ttt oonMMot ot ttt gaoplar
 gfv-wfnti' kn*wL _.
���     -.ntti i   ii'     l iJ     , i  ii'
; jiii'iii.     ��� iii ir ������      i
(Ctatlsatd oa Fagt raar.)
cmmA tfisjrt^. ;?pp^wp��--'. ���
did, t---���-*- ���*"--
_______________k-_l  ���______!
Nt rtrt t* toHHtcv C*H*f*.
tOnarto*. OiriL Otit.--**;***^
..������jM* fcrS-s*
Tnraato. ***��
1 tO      the.
taf a liit'yaafa'   'i^mi'y&s ****
���W-*.fa��L:---*���:���--���- *  *
,-".;   . ..'v. AH-     /if '���> .l"*, ���'
��� - %%**>*��
'��� :i'*l
���>���**. PAGE TWO
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER  10,  1913.
Aa indepi-nd.itl momliij paper denntrd ��o (he inter *tla of Nets Wettmintter and
��� ����� Fressr Falley. Publithed every morning except Bunday by the National Printing
*** Publlthing Company, Limited, at tl McKeneie Street, New Wettmintter, Britiah
i "!��nu6la. BO Hll BUTBKBliAND, Managing Director.
All oommsBloatloiu thould bs addressed to The New Westminster Newt, and not
f. individual members ot (Ae tttiff. Chet-uet, drafts, and money order* thould be made
amiable to The National Printing and PutNtMno Company, Limited.
TBLBPHONSS���Butin*}** office and Manager, ttt; editorial Boom* (all depart-
��� .���nts), Ml.
BUBSCB1PT10N BATBR���By oorr-ler, 14 per -near, tl for thres month*, tOe per
month.    By mail. 13 par year, tto par montft.
ADVBKTIMNQ BATHS on application.
The reprieving of Charles Gibson, the young Toronto
man convicted and sentenced to hang for the murder of
Joseph Rosenthal, presents a state of affairs and a combination of circumstances possibly without parallel in the
criminal history of the Dominion, and, at the same time,
foreshadows added power to the arms of the growing
movement in favor of the abolition of capital punishment.
A cold-blooded view of the facts of the case taken
from this distance presents the spectacle of the federal
cabinet retreating from its decision to have the extreme
penalty of the law inflicted on Gibson, after all the available evidence had been carefully reviewed, retreating before a heavily signed petition for the reprieve of the prisoner. From what can be gathered it appears that no additional evidence in Gibson's favor was presented between
the time it was decided that he must hang and the afternoon a few days later when the large petition was presented and the'permit was issued for him to live.
Briefly, it looks like a victory for popular opinion over
what is known as justice.
Certainly there existed grave doubts in the minds of
many Toronto people that Gibson was actually guilty of
the crime for which he was sentenced and it is stated that
if a new trial be granted he will be acquitted. But all
this.was known at the time the application for a stay of
execution was applied for and refused, hence the inference
tbat the powers at Ottawa recognized in the monster petition a hidden force in opposition to capital punishment
to which they saw fit to give way.
That they did right no man can justly question. Thousands believed in Gibson's innocence, though it is also as
fafejto infer that other thousands signed the request for
the sparing of his life more out of sympathy for his youth
and as a result of the popular agitation which has been
carried on in his favor. But while there is any doubt that
he is guilty he is entitled to live, for, in spite of the necessity for rigid enforcing of the law, it is better that ten
puilty men should escape than that one innocent man
should hang.
In that lies the chief ai'gument against capital punishment and by the advocates of its abolition it certainly
will not be lost sight of in the days to come.
Latter-Day Saints Say Story of  Exodus From  Mexico Is All a
Cardston, Oct. 9.���An   example
tho  wldeapread   circulation  which
Threatened by Black Hand, Colengelo
Saye   That   He   Is  Not
of     Montreal. Oct. 9.���Threatened with
purpoae of Improving tin* city parks, bring
known   as  "Paries   li
turo ltvluw, 101
kiiiiwii   an   "I'u Iks  llnprovuiili'llt      lii-luu-
Islthe mime treatment accorded the mar-
often given n story without founds-1 tyred Lieutenant Petroslno, the New
tlon may be Heen In the prnfls report, York Italian detective killed four
oonoernlng an Influx or Mormons from* years ago at Palermo, Italy, Constable
Mexico next spring. The copied re-]Joe Colengelo ot the local force ami
port lu lu several church papers flow j Lieutenant Savard or Montreal betid-
and Bays tljat some large tract bought quarters, have been warned lo be on
from the government by tlie Mormon j tbelr  guard   against   members  of  the
church nt t'i an acre, Ib lo be sold to
the rcrugeeH rrom Mexico at the same
The facta or the case are Ihese:
The Church or Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints bought the Cochrane ranch,
a tract ln southern Alberta comprising some 115,000 acres and paid therefor $6 an acre. This land was Bold to
all comers, but not for $6 an acre. It
Is true that mostly Mormons bought
the land, but It waa open for sale, and
illack Hand. J. Colengelo, who came
to Montreal about six years ago ami
wob four anil a half yeurs on I'etro-
Blno's Bijuad In New York, Is greatly
feared by local Italians who may be
contemplating wrongdoing, as he cannot be hoodwinked.
The warning hns been given Lieutenant Savard and Colengelo by a
friendly Italian here, who says other
Italians  have  been  planning the offl-
is yet. to all who wlfih to buy, but not I oer'a sudden death. Savard and Col
for $3 an acre nor $0 an acre. As the|pngpi(i have been working recentlv on
reports sny the land Ib worth ten times I tne case of three Italians who skipped
$:i an acre, and the Mormon church their ball, went to the States, and are
will not sell for less than it is worth. now -n custody there. These men are
Furthermore,    in    conversation    with   charged  here  wllh   perjurv, and  In n
President Wood nt Cardston and with
other prominent Mormons, the report
was given the Ile. They deny having
any knowledge of any arrangement
by which this land on the old Cochrane ranch is to be colonized by people from Mexico. President Wood
has direct control of the selling or the
ranch land, and no deal could be put
through without Ills knowledge and
Duffalo State Engineer Utters a Warning Against Dominion Com-
Buffalo. N. Y.. Oct. 9.���Warning
against Canadian competition In water transportation was sounded by
John A. Dense!, state engineer and
surveyor, in an address to the chamber of commerce here.
Canada, he said, Is spending many
millions on Its waterways.
'If Buffalo is to retain her position
as a great transportation point," said
Mir. Bensel, "her people must never
lose Interest In the state waterways.
Future competition with Canadian waterways must not be overlooked."
day or two Savard und Colengelo wlll
make another trip to Jersey City,
where their quarry Is in custody, ln
an endeavor to facilitate their extradition.
These men were  witnesses In    the
case or Pletro Clelli.    a    corporation
foreman,  who  was alleged  to charge
his countrymen  for    procuring    them
work  with   the  city,    lie  was  placed
on  trial, faced  with  affidavits of thel"
three   Italians,   alleging   graft.       But aft
when the case was culled the witness-  d;*d
es denied   their  affidavits,  and   were |
subsequently   prosecuted  on  a charge
of perjury.    They appeared   for trial,
were allowed out on hail anil then disappeared.     It   ls  with   the determination or bringinn them back to Ihls city
that the two officers are going south
ln a day or two.
Savard and Colengelo are not feeling any particular qualms over the
threats. Colengelo said today that he
believed in their reality, but that he
was ready at any time to meet those
who were threatening him. He bears
two bullet wounds In one hand and a , In
knife stab wound in the back as souvenirs of encounters wllh Hlack Hand
ers, and he aays he's willing to take
the chance of adding to the collection.
There are not supposed to be any
members of the organization in Montreal, but there may be agents here
from outBide.
| "Petrosino waB stabbed In the back,
while sitting on a bench at night in a
Women Fight Women.
St." Louis, Oct. 9.���The organization
ot a national German-American Worn-
and   pPrPohibUion   movSnents ^^M "aid ^nlengelo.    "If they had attacked   S533tfS&^.&Ha WbM
veal_.il here yesterday In a report  lo "��  '��   front,  not  ten.  or twenty,  or   ������
AND WIIKUKAS the corporation of llm
olty of New Westminster authorised the
Issue   of   dfhcnlurcs   to   the   amount     of
twenty-flve thousand dollars i ,**.::,,"   to
be payable on the first day of July. I!ir.2.
umi in bear Intereat at mi rail* of four
nml one-half (4 i-_i per centum per unnum. payable half-yearly on tin- first dnv
nf January and the first day of July in
inch year.
anu wiikukas tin- debentures authorised bv ilu* snld bylawa, Nos. 161, lit
unii IBS have not bean hum. and owing to
un advanoe In the lute or Interest for
money since the passim? of tne sniil bylaws, the said debenturea thereby author-
l-i'd cannot be sold nnd disposed of exoept
ui n discount involving ii substantial re-
iiiiiiioii in tin- amount required to be pro-
Ivideo for, and II In necessary i" puss ihis
bvlaw mithnrliliiK the debentures to the
eeld amounts to bear Interesl al the rate
of five (6) per centum p*f annum
AND wiikukas it ��in he nooessary
under iiu'.sniii inlaw Nn. I'll io raise
uiiiiiiiiliv l.v spiii ii rats the "um of *i<
hundred     and    slxty-ons     and     n.'.-inii
|il.illurn   (1661.iB)   lo   form  n   Sinking  fuml
(for the payment of the piinolpal und the
Isiiiii of ihree thousand seven hundrod and
i nrtv dollars (I87B0)   fm' Interest, making
together n total amounl annually of four
Ithoueand four hundred and eleven and $$���
hhi dollars (64411.66)  for the    term   of
forty-nine  <49i   years for ths repayment
��� if the said loun .'Hul Interest thereon    us
hereinafter mentioned, the amounl    of lis
hundred  and  ilxty-Mttr and  M-tOO  ii"i-
i-irs t $t!iti uni bavins been raised for the
first rear's linking fund.
ANH   WIIKUKAS   It   will   lie   necessary
under the saM bylaw No. ir.; to ral** annually by special rate the sum of eight
hundred und sixty-eight und $0-1(10
dollars (1868.80) to form a sinking fund
for the paymenl of tbe principal, and the
sum ef flvs thousand dollars iir.iiiioi for
Interest, making together a total amounl
annually of rive thousand eight hundred
anil sixty-eight and so-1 on dollara
($686-6.86) i'or Uie lerm of forty-nine (48)
vears for the repayment of the sahl loun
am! Interest thereon as hereinafter men*
tii��i'-ii iiu* umount of eight hundred and
.'k'htv-slx and r.r,-100 ilollars i ISK0 I,f, i
bavin*   I n   rnls'-il    fur   the   flrsl   year's
sinking fund.
anii wiikukas it wiii be necessary
under suid inlaw No. ISO to ruls" annually by vpeclal rale the sum of two
hundred and seventeen and 10-166 dollars  I IJ 17.JUI   to form a sink hit fund for
the paymenl of the principal and tho sum
nt twelve hundred and fifty dollars
(Si-_ti! for Interest, making together s
total amounl iinnuiilly of one thousand
four hundred ond**lxty-sevan niul $0-100
dollara (11467.80) for the term nf forty-
mi) years for the repayment of the
ill  loan  uiul  Interest   thereon as hi reln-
��� mentioned, ths amounl of two bun-
and   twenty-one  ami   64-100  ilollars
1.04)  having heen rained for the first
'.; linking fund.
AND  WIIKUKAS the net  value of    tbe
whole   rateable   land   In   II null Ipulitv.
aocordlng to tie* lust assessment roll
amounts t" seventeen millions, one hun-
dred and fifty-seven thouaand. nine hundred und fortv dollars  (817,167,(40),
corporation of the city of New Westminster enacts us follows
1. That the until debentures authorised
Iiv sniil bylaws 161. Ki ami IBB sliull
hear Interesl at III" rule of five (6) per
oentum per annum oomputed from the
first ilav of Julv. 1918. anil such Interest
shall be payable half-yearly on the first
day or January and the first day of Julv
each year 'luring the currency thereof
I the snhl debentures shall have attached thereto coupons for tha paymenl
of the said Interesl  which shall bear the
signature of the mavor ami Clerk, and
sueh signature mav be either written,
stamped or lithographed.
���_. There shall be raised and Levied un-
nually during the currency of tie- said
debentures authorised by suld bylaw No.
161 bv ipectol rate sufficient therefor upon
all tbe rateable land within the limits of
the  sniil municipality   in addition   to the
annual   sums   required   by   lle>   sahl   bylaw
unit of thre��- hundred and
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured In B. C, Tit: _the
the celebrnted "VANCOUVBK" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
SuecJtlctttloiiB of Americas and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vllrllled Sewer Pipe from
.In. to 24-ln. In diameter. This Is also made ln tbla Province and wa
consider superior lo any Imfrorted article.     ._..._       .   _     .
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Waahed Orarel. Band.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Bee us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. *** Columbia Street W.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY   jRa|||f   Qf   Montreal
pianoforte, harmony and singing ri
piis suceassfuly prepared for axomlni
lion III II   A. M. anil 11. C. M.  I'or tern
apply 606 Third avenue. 	
K3TA-II-I8HBD 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ... .He.OOO.OOO.OO
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Mins 1.1.1.A
Urauchea  throughout  Canada    and)
Newfoundland, and  ln   Loudon,   Kng
I1AHHY. TEACHER nl'; land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
4:1 Keary St., New Wsot- j,, g A _  Md   Me,|co cltJ._    A  KOnera��
������������������ j banking business transacted.   Letter*
SINGING AND VOICE PRODUCTION \ of Credll   Issued,  available  with  cor-
���~~^~^~^~^~VV~^~V~N~' *"������**" j respondents lo all parts of the world.
MAllOAItKT   A.   OROVJC8,   PUPIL   or 1    Savings Dank Department���Deposits'
the     lute     Professor     Allan      Macbeth, j ... .   .. . _-
Principal of ths Glasgow College of! received In sums of 11 and upwar*
Muslo. and Professor Grassland liiist. ,,! ���,,,] interest allowed at 3 per cent 9**r
tin, Glasgow Athenaeum, begs to intimate t��>;. 1 she will accept a few pupils
in niiiKinK nml voieu production. Extensive  repertoire of high class s,m��s
Kor terms, eall or write to  1 I Oh   llanill
ton street.
itinum (preseut rate).
Total Asseta over tlM.OOO.OO-O.OQ.
O.  D. BilYMNRK.  Manager.
I'uneinK and Callsthsnlos, win visit Mew
Westminster one.' u week.   *'lasses for
adults Write or apply for particular*
at (lower liouse. Hornby street. Vancouver. (20*7)
Washii-p'ton state Indians claim that they are between
the devil and the deep sea. They call the devil the white
man and ask for protection���not from the sea.
The international geographical congress is busy on a
nap of the world. Wonder if they'll get British Columbia
located in the right part of Vancouver.
They've got thirtv-two more strike pickets in jail at
Moulder, Colorado.   They'll soon have enough to make a
Here's a cold blooded statistics juggler who comes
_ with the information that three hundred editors in
Missouri make $12 a week each.   Sav old man, why did
,\ou tell us that and make us dissatisfied?
The city of St. Louis hereafter will furnish the milk
for the city hospftal and other civic institutions. Apparently the only way to get good milk in St. Louis is to fall
rick or go to jail.
Hello, boys; step up and cop off economical wives.
Listen: The girls in the state college at Puyallup, Wash.,
1-iave learned to prepare tasty luncheons at a cost of from
4 to 5 cents each.
Here are two disnatches that appeared in the papers
vesterday morning: Winnipeg���Total grain in store on
October 6 was 23,515,887 bushels; and, Dublin���One hundred thousand people are facing starvation. What's wrong?
Kingsway already is proving a revenue producer to
iJBurnaby. There are some autoists who cant resist the
i emptation of a good road and it's simply wonderful how
fast you can go without noticing the speedometer.
���Membere of Victoria City Council Prefer to Prosecute Under Modern
I policy for the council to determine.
Mayor Morley said the attorney-
I general wan using Chief .lusilee Hun-
| tor's Judgment ua a foil to remove responsibility from hls shoulders. No
;Oiifi desired to take proceedings under
i an obsolete statute, making the coun-
jcil a laughing stork, he declared.
Ily n vote of seven to one it waB
i then determined to ask the attorney-
| general for consent under the federal
j statute and to refer the whole f|iies-
ilinn to the poliee commission to inl-
l tlate proceedings.
Victoria, Oct. fl.���Aftar hearing the j
communication   from   the   attorney-
���general that as the act of Charles II. I
and' the Dominion act are both In operation   In   Vancouver   island   and   the
city council could proceed, if it wished
against Sunday traders under the an
clcnt act, the council has decided   -tc
appeal onco again to the attorney-gen
eral to give leavo to prosecute under losla in cattle.   There nave been many
the Dominion act. complaints, said    Hon. Duncan    Mar-
An effort was made by Andermen'shall in presenting the resolution, and
Cluthbert and Dilworth to refer the up to the present no action has been
aubject to tha police commissioners, taken to prevent tho disease further
but thia waa rejected, Alderman Mc- than supplying the formers who make
JN li] wylug that it ��ras a matter   of .requests for tuberculin.
Kdmonton, Oct. 9.���The Alberta legislature has unanimously passed a
resolution- authorizing tlm government to memorialize the federal
minister of agriculture to take Bteps
towards the eradication    of    luhiircii
the national convention of the German-American alliance by Mrs. E. J.
Ilornhoefer of New York city.
Is Typhoid  Fever Patient in Toronto
General  Hospital  Under Assumed Name.
forty, would have BUCCeeded in
Ing him. Let them come, I say.
more tho merrier.    I   won't  hide
Toronto, Oct. 9.���Under the
of Thomas Yates Benyon, a son
Lord North, a well-known Kngiish
baron, is in the general hospital suffering from typhoid fever. For some
time his condition was serious, and
on one occasion It was thought that
he would die, hut he has improved
greatly and  will recover
Tramps Sleeping in Hay Supposed to
Have  Originated  the
Toronto,    Oct.    9.���A    fire    which
might have caused the destruction of
thousands  of  dollars'   worth   of  valuable antiques  was discovered  in  the
rear of .1.  M.  Simpson's store at 305
Yonge street.    The fire was first noticed In the stable and spread rapidly.
A  number of valuable articles which
had just arrived  from  Kngland   were
in the stable, nnd were badly damaged
| by   smoke   ant!   water,   as   were   also
" j many articles ln the store.    Mr. Simp-
o'   son   estimates   the   loss   to  be   In   the
neighborhood of $1201).
Catcher   Escaped   Killer.
Quincy,    Wash..    Oet.    9.���Deputy
Sheriff Jack Caliber    of    this    place
captured   an   Italian   who  broke    jail
last  night  at  Ephrata,    The  fugit
-il  In  thl
tl-H   to
salil mtinlel-
tevted and
3 Tliere sliull lie r.ilwil uiul levied ,in-
niinllv diirinK the currency of the said
debentures authorised by said bylaw No,
169 by speStal rnte BUfflclent therefor
iiiiuii nil tin* rateable land within the limits of the sui.I municipality In addition to
the minimi iumi required by the said t>v-
law No. 152 the sum "f two hundred end
fiftv dollars (1260) to pay the additional
Interest, authoriied by thin bylaw, thesame
to be ln addition to all rates to be Bvled
and created In the Bald municipality,
4. There ahall be raised nnJ levied im-
nu.-illv iliirliiu the currency of the aald
i!"l>enture�� authorised by snld byl.-iw No.
\:,*l tiy sneel.il rnte sufficient Umt.fur
noon all ttie rutiiilile land wltliln th'- limits of the snld munlclnallty In addition ta
the jinniml sunn required: bv iie- Bald bv.
Iuw No. ir>:i. the Bum of ono hundred and
t-,">ntv-fi.e ,1,,11ns U126) lo pav the additional lrit'-r-sr authorised bv this bvlaw.
��ho ��nme to he In *"l 'H'"ll in nil *-.il'*i to
bn levied ami created In th" Bald munlclpalltv.
5. Thli livl-iw shall come Into effect nn
Its Veclvlng tin- assent of tbe lieutenant-
governor In council.
0 This bylaw l v I,- cited for till
���,i-.,0������s ns "NK\*. WE8TMIVTH1
H.   J.   A.    BUIIN1CTT.   AUMTOB     ANL
Aecolinlunt.   Tel.   It.   Ill,   Itouill   2.   Hull
P. H. Bmlth. W. 1. Droves
Work   undertaken    In    ctty    and    outBldi
pointe.   211-12   Wait minster   Truat   Bldg
Phone   3��4.     P.  O.   Bos   607.
Call and inspect our fall*
lines and new rail styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
ntiiiK Engineers, Looaj M.i. meets In
Labor Temple every tlrnt nnd third
Thursday of the month, n McLaughlin,
president * W. c. Saunders, secretary.
P. O   Hox 618.
B. * P. O. of EUu of the D. of C, meet '
the f.ret snd third Thmiel.iy et I p. m   I
K.   Of   P.   Ilnll._ BlKhth  Btreet.   A  Weill i ������j  ,nlv{.|  l)y our |,m,
'Iray.  Kxnlliil Ruler; P.
II. llrelth. ���*�����
According  to  the  story   which   was iwas   facing   trial   fur   murder,   having
killpd a man at Wilson Creek in
saloon row last April. The Italian
and another prisoner escaped last
right and were discovered here hiding In cars In the local yards. The
other fugitive made good his escape
and officers are scouring the country.
told to his landlady, Mrs. Jackson. 449
Church street, Benyon ran away from
his home when he was 15 years of
age. He is now only 19. Shortly after
leaving his home in Oxfordshire he
landed In Montreal to make a fortune
in Canada, "the land of opportunities,"
as It liinl heen described to him.
Voung    Henyon.  however,  did    not
exhibit a tendency to follow the hum
ble  pursuits   which   were offered     to
him.     Krom   time   to   time   sums
money reached  him  from  his  mother |
In  England.     Recently  he   received  a ;"New Westminster Debenture Interest
ticket to Moose Jaw. wiih the advice, I
"Co west and make good."    Since his'
illness   Mrs.   Jackson   visited   him    in '
the hospital and obtained the address) BYLAW NO,
Of   his   fattier,   Lord   North.   Wroxton   \ uy-
abbey,   Banbury,   Oxfordshire.        Lord |
North is the eleventh baron of ii lln
created in 1854.
^ | City of New Westminster
Conversion Bylaw 1913."
DOME i,*<ri PA88ED In  rii-'-n couneil
the (6th) sixth day of October, IHU
RECEIVED the nssent of tie- electors
the ,       day of Octoher. 1913,
RECONSIDERED   and   finally   passed
tbe day of October, M18.
Cltv Clerk.
RECEIVED  the   assent   of  the  lleiilen-
ont-ffovemor in council tbe dny
of  October.   1013.
L.     O.     O      M.,     NO.     HB4.���MEETH ON
Pri.t, second, third and fourth Wednesday In ench mouth nt 8 p. m.
In th*- Moose Home, II. J. I.'*��inv
dictator; !���'. E. Jones, secretary
Headquarters ot lodge In See House
corner of fourth and Carnarvon streets
When travelling for business or pleasure, you   may as well  have comfort
Vmi wiii find
It to your advantage o commit U* lor
tatc*. anu reservations
E. OOULET, Agent.
New WeBtmlnster
II. W. BROOIB, O. P,  A.. Vancouver.
. O. O. E. AMITY 1-ODHB NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodire Nr.
27. I. O O, E.. le held every Monrtu'
night at * o'clock In Odd Eellows' Hal'
corner   Carnarvon   and   Eighth   Btri-et.
visittnK   brotbem    oordlauy   invii.
It. A. Merrlthew. NO ; ll   w  Bengal
V.  Q.:   W.  C.   Co-��'hnm.   P.  (1 .   reeoH
Ing seoretarvf J. W. MacDonald, flnun
cini ���eoretary,
W. E. KALES-Pioneer Kuneral Dlrecto
and fflrtbalroer, sr. .in ai.ii.-w itree*
oppos!.* Carnegis Library.
SERB 161, 16] AND 1:,;!.
Tnke   notice   that   tile   nhove   Is   n   true
copy of the proposed bylaw upon which
the'vote of the municipality will be tuk.-n
mi tho IHth dnv of Octoher. 1313. between the hours of It o'clock n. m. und "
o'clock p. m. nt the following placos, viz.:
The council chamber, city hall,
No. 4 rire hall, Bapperton.
No.   ���*"���   flre  hull.   Thirteenth   street,  nnd j
at Quoensborougn.
W. A. DUNCAN, City t'h*ri
City hull, New Weatmlnster, October i
lilt. -".19HI
'���'���'��� Son of  Peer Is Wearing Cbapps    ���
on Hit; Way Home.
:";      Montreal, Oct. 9.���Hon.  Dover-  *
:"= ley Archibald, eldest son of Karl   "-
W of  Herefordshire, clad  in  sheep- ���'.'������
������'.'��� skin heaps and  cowboy hat.  ar- ;"-
:'��� rived at the Canadian Pacific sta-
���"*��� Hon   today   from   western   Cana-
���.':��� da   with   a   thousand   dollarB   In ���'.-
i- his pocket, earned as farm hand, *'
'"-' miner, cook on Canadian Pacific -i
":��� dining cars, cafe proprietor and ���'.'������
Ht waller.     He   Bays   he   Is   going  "
*": home   to   "dear  old   London"   to ���.'���-
���.':��� show  his   parents  he  Is no  fall- ft
-"' uro and that Canada Is all right. *
���i- There Is no record tn the peer- *:'
Ht nee of  Hon. Reverley Archibald, v
# eldest son of the Karl of Heres- ������"*
': fordfhlre.     There   ls  no   earl   of ������'.':���
'.'��� that title, hut there is a VlBCount ti
������"������ Hereford, Robert Devereaux, six- "
# teenth of that Ilk, and premier '���',':���
���-"������ viscount, of Kngland. HIb eldest C
���''' son ls Hon. Robert Charlea Dev- ���'.'������
���'.'������ oroaux, born 1866, whose son In ft
="��� turn Is Robert Oodfrey DeRouhn '���','������
# Devereaux. horn 1K94. Much rid- *"-
tt ing on the plains appears to have :','!
������':��� confused the cowboy at Montreal ���',':���
ii an to hls family connections. As ���'.
# eldest son of a belted earl he ���";���
>'.':��� would rank as viscount ln his own :-:
:": person. #
l**! J'.
WHEREAB the municipal counoil of
tbt cori/oratlon ol tin- elty in New West-
miimii*. in,i with the assent of the electors
on tho third day of July, mij, riuuily
pasa ii.i.iw No. 181, being ., bylaw to en-
aole thi municipal councll of the corpora-
tion of t.i���. city of New Westminster to
nils,, by loun the sum of seventy-flve
thousand dollars (176,000) r.u tin- pm-.
poiHi ol constructing a new reservoir und
enlarging the existing reservoir und ex-
tendlng th-- waterworks system in the eiiy
pt New Westminster, the suiit bylaw being
known ns "Waterworks Extension Debenture Bylaw, l!il��, No. 2."
and WHEREAS the corporation tiy the
snid bylaw authorized the issue of debentures in the umount of Heventy-flve thou-
sand dollars ($76,000) to be payable on
the flrsl day of July, l��8jj, n.n<| to henr
Interest at tho rute of four and one-half
11 i-2i per centum per annum payable
half-yearly on the first flay .,," January
and tha first ifuy of July in each year.
ANn WHEREAS the municipal council
of the corporation or the city of New
westmlnstel did with the assent of the
electors on the third day i,r Julv, iau,
finally puss bylaw No. 162, being " bylaw
to 'nahle the municipal council of the city
of New Westminster to raise by loan the
sum ol one hundred thousand dollar*.
i llun.'"io i ror the purpose or granting the
Ham,* t��� the Royal Columbian hospital in
addition to the sum of thirty tlmuHunil
dollars Hiin.iioiii granted under "Hospital Debenture Bylaw, i:ni3," the Huld bylaw being known an "Hospital Debentura
Bylaw. 11)12."
AND WHERKAS the corporation by thc
Huld bvlaw authorised tho issue of deben-
tures to tlie amount of one hundred tliou-
Hami dollars ($100,000) to be payable on
Hi" flrsl dnv of July. Iiul2. and to bear Intereet   at   the   rate   of   four   nnd   one-half
11 1-2) per oentum per annum, payable
half-yearly on ths first duy of Junuary
and tho first day of July In each yenr.
and WHEREAS tlio municipal council
nf the corporation of the elty of    New
Westminster With thn assent of the electors illil on the third dny of Julv, 11112,
finally pass bylaw No. IBS, being a bylaw
to enable the inunlclpnl council nf the
corporation of tbe elty of New Westminster lo ralso by loan the sum of twenty*
five   thousand   dollurs   ($26,000)   for   the
Tho Only New unabridged <_io<
tionary in many yours.
Contains the pith and essence
of nn authoritative library.
Covers every field of knowledge An Encyclopedia in a
single book,
Tho Only Dictionary with tho
JVciv Divided l'ar*e,
400,000 Words. 27CO Pages.
6000 Illustrations. Cost nearly
half a million dollars.
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romarliablo single volumes.
\*\s*aa\\           -�� Writs for sample
pa^cn, full pr_r-
ticulars, etc.
IJamo this
F"7,cr ar.d
xvo wtll
oend f.-co
a cot cf
Bprlngfleld, Mu-.��.H
I     COAI. MINING rtghle of the DomlnlOK
ilu   Miiijlto ,*.   tlsNkntcbewun  nnd   AlberUW
[the Ytamn Territory,  ihu Northwest Ter-
������-������������������������������������ i rltorl'-H und In h portion of tlm Provlnoa
3.     BOWKI.I.    (SUCOBRRCm    TO    OBN   j nf  llrltl !���  Columbia, may  be leaned for ���
ter  *   llimna.   Ltd. I���Kuneril  dlreetori    term  o    terenty-one  years  at  an   annttSf
and euibulniere.    Parlors 40"i Columblf    rental <* tl on acre. Not more then fM#
Street,    New   Westminster.    Phone   Sti     miei will be leaned lo on applicant.
____________________________________________________ I     Api Vuitlu i  for a lean"  must be
_..--   ,.*-   -.���.,._. hy  th-   applicejit In person to the	
BOARD   OF   TRADE. | or suh-Mr -it of the dletrlci In which tb*
,^-^^^^^^^v_^_-_^_N_^_N_%^^_^^N^s^, , r iiiii- appl.i-d for are situated.
In siirviiy.iii territory the laud moat ba
BOaIIIJ   OP TRADB-NBW   WK.HTMIN   I it.*_.rlbed   by    Mfltlgim.   or   legal   eutFdlVt-
ster Hoard of Trade meets In the boari' . Blntm of nectlotiH, sml In unsurveyed tarns-en, <-tty Hell, as (ollpwst   Third Frl    rliory   the   t*    t   applied    fnr    ��hall "be
jetaked oat ��     tiie applicant himself.
Ench  application must  be aicompanle*
tiy a  re... nt $6 which will he r. fun(l��J tfi
the  rlyhie applied for are not nr
I but   nut   otherwise     A   royallv
| paid   on   tne   nierriumtahle   output   of  tb*
> mine nt iiie rate of five cents per ton.
I     'I ie.   pereon   operating   Uie   mine   sliall'
j furnish   the   Agent   with   iwern   return*
aiaxiunthiK  for tbe full quantity of mei*
'���hiintiii.i..  coal  mined and pay tb* tat*
AUHEKMENT8    n|    ally   th  r-   u    If   the   ooal   mining    flghtfe
main,  firiiile.  Business I,.it..rs. etc.;  clr  | nrt, uet t, lng operated such return* aMut-V
be ru.nisi,,-,i at least once a yean
Tbe leaae wtll Innlude the c*al mlnln-p
rights only,  but thi,  leaae* wlll  b* par-
lined   to    puroliaae   whatever   airi_llabM>
day of ench month; -Quarterly mnrtlni
on the third Friday of February, Uny
August nnd November nt H p.m. An
nunl meetlnge on the third Friday o'
February. U, 11. Btuart Wade, secre
tat y
��.  Dei
culai   work speclallHl     All work strictly
conftilentlnl.    H. Biirry. rooiri '	
minster Trust Blk.    Phone 702
compan w��
rleters, Boilcitora. etc. 4(1 Iiorne Htreel
Now Westminster. O, K. Corbould, B
C.    J. R. Grant.    A. _8. MeColl.
tf'm*at-Uiw. solicitor, etc. Tslephom
lt���j. Cable address "Johnston.'
Code. "Western Union." Offluia, ISllli
Block. tiM Columbia atreet. New West
minster, B. C.
aide ��� Barristers and Solicitors, West
minster Trust Hlk.. Columbia etruet
UeSxr WestmlnsUy. B. C. Cnble addreai
'White*!-*, w-setorn Union. P. O
Telephone OH. W. 1
0.1   II.  I,.  Edmonda,   I
Drawer   200.
Whlleslile,   K.
J. BTIt.WKLl. CUITH, Bnrrleter-at-law
eollcltor, etc; corner Cohunhla an,
McKonsle streets, New WestmlnBtf_
U. C.   P. O.  Box  HS.     Telephone   71*
Sollidtor a%d Notary. Orflces Har
block, 21 Lorne street. New Weatmln
ater, B. C.
Barristers and Solicitor*. 60$ to (U
Weatmlnater Trust Block. O. H. ****���
tin.   Wi Q.  McQuarrie   and deoi** U
���urface right* nor be considered n*0**>
���.uiy for Uie working of the mln* at tip
rute of $10 on aer*.
For full Information applloatlon ahoql0
be mad* to Ibs Secretary of th* MpatV
ment  of the Interior, Ottawa, or to	
Agent or .Sub-Agent of Dominion I
W, W. CO!
Deputy Minister of tba Interior.*
N. B��� Unauthorised publication ol thi*
advertisement will not be paid for.
WMtmlnttor dj
Transfer Co*
Offlc* Ph*na 1M.     Bam Phon* .*T
*e**hl* Slraat.
Uagaaa* Dallr*n4 Promptly to     i, ������,:
aaj part of tha elty.
light aid Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box S4 Dally N*w* BM��-
of all kind*.
Prlooo rftht  Satisfaction goaranttoA.
N HNKantlo St ���fl     l���lll  I !..-��   ....
> ��� 'IWI���
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER   10,   1913.
8.30 a.m. Friday
October 10th
8.30 a.m. Friday
October 10th
The Lid Is Off I   Prices Wide Open!
Get your hands into the profits. The firm has ordered the stock cut in two, without regard to profit,
and we are going to do it during the next 10 days.
The Lid came off-and you get the chance of a lifetime to buy high-class, new fall suits, overcoats,
hats and furnishings, all standard goods, such as FIT-REFORM SUITS AND OVERCOATS, STETSON, CHRISTIE, BARRINGTON and VON GAL HATS.  Stanfield, Penman and Watson Underwear.
$15.00 Suits at. $10.45
$18.00 Suite at  13.35
$20.00 Suits at  15.45
$22.00 Suits at  1755
$25.00 Suits at  20.45
$30.00 Suits at  24.45
$5.00 Free
In addition to the big
cut   in   prices, in  the
pocket of every tenth
suit   or  overcoat sold
you will find a $5 Bill.
Yours may
be the tenth
$15.00 Overcoats at $1045
$18.00 Overcoats at  13.35
$20.00 Overcoats at  1545
$22.00 Overcoats at 17J55
$25.00 Overcoats at ,20.45
$28.00 Overcoats at 23.45
COATS, Iteff. $18.00
All Tookes Collars,any Shape, 10c. Eacn
Stanfield's Red Label, reg. $1.50. .$1.25
Stanfield's dark gray, reg. $1.25. .$1.00
Penman, No. 95, all sizes $1.15
Penman heavy rib, reg. $1.25, for. .90c
Penman blue tip, reg. $1.25, for... .75c
Heavy rib (only a few) 50c
Union suits in all these makes also
reduced. *$
Hats and Caps
$5.00 Stetson hats $4.00
$4.00 Stetson hats.^ *. .$3.20
$3.50 Christie hats. ' $2.75
$3.50 Von Gal hats $2.75
$3.00 Barrington hats $2.15
$2.50 Barrington hats $1.85
$2.00 soft and hard hats $145
1 lot caps 25c.
1 lot caps  50c
1 lot caps $1.00
$8.00 Coats for  .......$7.00
$6.00 Coatsior $5jOO
$5.00 Coats for $4.00
$8.50 Coats for $3.00
$2.50 Coats for   $1.95
1 lot of Sweaters, regular $1.00 to
$1.50       75c
��� ������-���
All kinds, including Flannel
$1.25 shirts -$5c
$1.50 shirts          $����15
$1.75 shirts   $U5
$2.00 shirts r.    '������
$2.50 shirts �� .*m*^**'
$3.00 shirts....... .$*��'
$5.00 loggers' shirts *|**
These are all new fan goods.
REMEM8ER we have got  to cut our stock in two in 10 days, so thu it your clpofie to get a *^W rf unfit
8.30 a.m. Friday
October 10th
The Acme Clothing Co
��� stmts*  ax****)
PRIOAY,  OCTOBER   10,  1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
.    ���      m   13
Great Northern Transfer Barge Railed
and Taken to Vancouver���Hole
Punched in Bottom. ,
The salvage work carried out on the
i-i_jt Northern transfer barge Sydney
No. 2, by the Vancouver Dredging and
Salvage company is considered to be
a very smart bit of work. Thlrty-
elfht hours from the time news of the
accident was received here, the barge
was In Vancouver harbor.
To carry out this task tlie company
dispatched the wrecking craft Skoo-
kum No. 2, under Captain McMullen.
nnd the craft made full speed to Vil-
laga bay, where the Sydney No. 2 wis
beached, full of water. The salvage
cc:iipany'8 divers went down tnd
found that the cause of the leak was
p big hole which had evidently been
punched through the bottom by a
���sunken pile. The hole was patched,
ihe barge pumped out and floated,
pumps were Installed,-and the trip
.'���cross the gulf began Thursday morale ���;���. Thirty-eight hours after the outfit left Vancouver it was back with
t'i" barge, which is at the Wallace
shipyards, North Vancouver.    ,    ......
The Sydney No. 2 is  160 feet long
Injunction Application Not Allowed-
Mysteriou*  Fire���Robert  Kelly
Will  Not Talk.
Vancouver,   Oct. 9.���The Injunction
Wire  from  Victoria  to  Ottawa  A*ks I secured  recently  by    the    Vancouver
J Brass company to prevent Messrs.
j William _i Thompson from negotiating
I a sale of the Globe moving picture
| theatre under _, chattel mortgage for
��� $211,011(1, was dissolved hy Mr. Justice
that Fraaer Be Cloied to Flther-
men���Local  Men Protest
Telegraph wires between this port
and Ottawa have been kept rather
warm Wednesday and yesterday by
telegrams having to do with salmon
Ashing In the Kraser.
Common report has lt that the
trouble started following a wire to
the Dominion minister of marine and
fisheries, from Victoria asking that
Ashing in the Fraser be prohibited
until October 20. The reason for this
request was that sockeyes were being taken and thus prevented from
reaching the spawning ground. The
wire Is alleged to have been authorized by J B. Babcock, fishery expert
for the province.
According to fishermen of this place,
including Martin Monk, such action is
absolutely without cause, since the
sockeye season closing October 1 534
inch mesh nets are prohibited and the
7-inch steelhead nets allow all sockeyes with perhaps a few exceptions
to pass through unharmed. To keep
fishermen off the river at this season
means ruin to most of them, they say.
C. H. Stuart Wade, after consultation with local authorities has wired
the department at Ottawa asking that
Morrison this morning. The property
had been arranged to be sold to F. I.,
Smith for $18,000 and the general
creditors had objected on Ihe ground
that a larger price could be secured
for the property.
Couple  Rescued.
Cries for help attracted the atteii-
tlontion of Messrs. Ualloway and Orr,
who were on a pleasure trip through
tha Second Narrows on Saturday
afternoon. On investigation, they discovered two persons, a man and a
woman, clinging to the bottom of an
upturned boat. Mr. Orr, who Is a
strong swimmer, plunged overboard
aud assisted the couple to maintain
their hold on the craft until thc
launch could be brought around. They
were taken to Barnet, where, after a
rest, they were ready to return -in
the train to Vancouver.
Commencing Dredging.
Dredging work along the side of
Pier A is to be commenced shortly
by the C. P. R. in order to afford better berthing facilities for the large
Empress liners. There are a number
of boulders near the dock and these
will be removed and Ihe channel will
"4 feet beam and 11  feet deep.    She j the Victoria despatch    be    not acted I be considerably deepened.
ir. used to carry freight cars between j upon.    It  is  understood  that Colonel
New  Westminster  and   Sydney,  Van-
couv-ar island.
Department  Place* in  U��e  New A(d
to    Navigation   Off    Mouth   of
Frater River.
J. D. Taylor, II.P., also sent a message
of similar import, and F. H. Cunning-
I ham. chief inspector of fisheries of B.
[C, has wired to his chief. I.ate yesterday he had received no reply.
By men engaged in fishing and
others it is asserted the fulfilment cf
Mr. flabcock's request would work
harm to this city and other points up
and down river.
Por the Week Ending Sunday, Oct. 12.
Following expensive tests with the 7
mechanism of the new submarine sig-
r "tiling hell, which has been installed
rn the Sandheads lightship at the
mouth of the Fraser below this point,
t'i" marine and fisheries department
has ordered the new aids to navlga-
i i.n placed in operation immediately.
There are only a few steamers on tills ll:
coast which will be able to take advantage of the submarine signalling
apparatus, which is a new departure
for the marine department iu making
the waters of British Columbia sa/a
to navigation. At the present time
���nnly about half a dozen ships operat-
High. Low.
12:45    6:55
21:20 18:30
14:00    7:40
Iti: 10
4:30   0:25
17:00 11:4.".
Sand Heads
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
11:45 12.7 3:40 1.6
20:20 10.5 17:30 10.2
13:00 12.7    4:35   2.5
13:56 12.7    5:36
23:24    8.8 21:18
14:37 12.6    6:42
1:24    8.8    7:44
15:09 12.4 21:49
2:36    9.2    8:40
15:35 12.1 22:11
3:32    9.8    9:30
15:35 11.9 22:33
9.7 I
3.3 i
8.7 i
3.9 |
7.7 I
4.4 '
Mysterious Fire
Fire early this morning, completely
destroyed an untenanted house at 2135
Seventh avenue west. How the blaze
originated is a mystery. The policeman on the beat noticed smoke pouring out of the windows and rushed to
'. the nearest alarm box, two blocks
away. When he returned the whole
structure was a mass of flames. The
fire brigade quickly responded to the
i call and soon had the fire under con-
i trol. The loss was estimated last
I night to be $1500.
Kelly I* Mum.
Joseph Martin, K.C, obtained an
order from Mr. Justice Morrison yesterday for a further examination of
Robert Kelly in the suit for $50,000
commission brought by Dr. A. R.
Baker over the recent sale of the
British Columbia breweries. Mr.
Kelly had refused to answer questions
as to his holdings in the concern.
Reserves Judgment.
Mr. Justice Morrison has reserved
his judgment in the suit brought by
Smith brothers against R. A. Anderson for the return of live years' taxes
paid on lands which Mr. Anderson recently recovered, under the famous
Anderson vs. South Vancouver tax
sale judgment.
Mrs. John Jacob Astor's
Private    Beauty    Parlor.
lng   in   coastal   waters   have   the   receiving gear in their pilothouses.
Orders for a number of additional
I ells are to be placed at once by .lhe
���marine department with tbe manufacturers of this submarine signalling ap
j towing gear was only able to bring
naratus. It is intended to place these th?,m, part ��r ,he wa5' an(i was com-
'"11s at frequent distances along toefPv8!1��� t0 return to Coal Harbor with
Hritish Columbia coast line, where the
-orst dangers to navigation lie. Be-
'ween here and Prince ltupere there
"re some nasty channels to pass
fiTOtiah. and in foggy weather the task
pf piloting a big steamer is none too
' *>sy a job. A number of fog alarm :
''ations have been established with a!1*
-'.ent to minimizing the danger, but a *:-
r iv bells scattered along tlie coast -'
will help further. ',���
Will   Equip  Boats. j-
As  soon  as  several  of  these  hells. ���
v-ve been placed in operation in Brl-  ���
''sh Columbia waters the  officials -fif' ������
* -p B. C. coast service announce that
*'ipy will have most of the'r steamers
��� -itilpned   with   the   receiving   appnra-'
*'is.    The other companies will follow;
"tit, and  it  is exoected  thai  stibma-:
������'np signalling wlll become as import- '
���it a factor on the Pacific in regard
'������ navigation as it has on the Atlantic. |
"Mr method of Signalling is p-nrtic.1-
��� unknown on Mils   const.     Several
'���ells pre established in  American 'wn- I
���*ts. ihe nearest here being the cue
���i the Bwiftsore lightship, off the en-
'-anon to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
'in  the  eastern  tiisi   thla  means    of
'���ATntnuTiicatinn   has  saved   many   vessels from pounding on the rocks.
The Flspa returned    yesterday    at
noon  and  will  be put on  the Dawes
ways at once for a general overhaul I Saskatoon, Oct. 9.���Herbert Garrett
and painting. On Tuesday last the'and Ernest Matthews, co-partners of
Flspa was taken to Coal Harbor with the Capital Investment company, ar-
the intention of towing three 50 foot * rested while they wcre acting as
���patrol boats to the city, but owing grand jurors last week, were commit-
Vere 575  on  the register last month  t,.,i Ulis morning to stand trial at the
next criminal assizes in this city on
a charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses, in connection with a
real estate deal, (he sum of $600, the
contract being made out to the clerk
of the land titles offices, this city.
The committal was made by magistrate Hrown in the police court at
the close of the preliminary  hearing,
The beautiful young widow of tbe
late John Jacob Astor. who lost bis
life In the Titanic disaster, evidently
has much faltb in the old proverb, "An
ounce of prevention ls worth a pound
of cure," for sbe bas established in
ber palatial home on Fifth avenue.
New Vork city, one of tbe most expensively equipped beauty parlors lu
tbe world.
She believes ln taking time by the
forelock, ns it were, and Intends wisely to keep herself always young and
lovely. In this wonderful parlor cun
be fouud all kinds of electric appnr-
utus. Invlbrators Including an "applicator" of great rapidity for the urms
Bnd un exquisitely delicate buzzer for
the cheeks. A certain powder la
placed ou this buzzer, which is then
rubbed electrically Into the skin giving
It a peachy glow thnt can't be detected
from tbe real thing.
The lust thing ln bnlr dryers Is nn-
otber accessory of the beauty parlor.
Press oue  button and  there comes a
draught of cold ulr.
and you get
any politician would envy. There are
two aseptic cabinets for the sterilization of Instruments, towels, etc.
But all these adjuncts to beauty cost
in enormous sum; face powder alone
used by this sybaritic young matron
Is said to retail at *S for a few tbiiii-
blefuls. Then there must be hair
dressers, manicures, complexion coalers, chlropidists. dentists, masseurs
and mnlds of all degrees in attendance.
Tbe woman who wants to look us If
she "belonged" must bave nt lenst one
���/ each of theie treatments a day.
Many Fin* Work* Hat* B**n Writter
ln Toronto.
How do composers actuully compote)
This is a question whicli thu layman
often propounds to the musician. The
burgeoning of the tonal creation would
miem to bc a process fraught with mystery. Does the tono-poet remain rsptljt
poised with hund-claspiug brow until
the parturition of thu muaical thought
is accomplished, or does hn monkey
away at tho keyboard, alternately
thumping and tickling the ivories until
hu guts s tune rounded upf
Well, it all depend*.
Probably the moat prolific amongst
Ontario composure are Mr. David Dick
Slater aud Dr. Edward Broome, of To
rontO. Mr. Slater has * large number
of songs, anthems, and piano piece*
upon the market, some of which arf
published under his own nume, nud
others issued under thu nom dr |ilnnic��
of "Kenneth Knu." "Paul Ambroise, "
and "Briand Hunt." Dr. Broome han
over sixty published compositions, in
eluding vocal solos, part songs, und un
them*. Hu is also responsible for a very
effective cantata, untitled "Hymn of
Trust," for chorus, tenor solo, and or
chestru, snd published bv Schirmer, of
New York.
Mr. Henry J. Laat* is the author ol
a numbur of graceful songs of artistic
ehoracter, which hav* seen thu light of
day both here nnd in the publishing
office* of Germany. His " (Irsvu of the
Nameless" snd "The Last Journey"
aro typical of tho refined style which
he has acquired under thu guidance of
Arnold Mendelssohn, of Darmstadt, hii
Dr. A.  8.  Vogt 's  busy  life  has not
permitted   much   compositional   effort,
but  here,  as  in  everything uIbu
he touches, the  hand of the master
ed to close the plant Itself. In doing
so the spindle of a valve broke and
put the plant out of commission. It
bad not been the Intention to force
a crisis, but the accident has precipitated the present situation.
Men are now at work endeavoring
to repair the valve.
Cut Off Supply, Valve Broke and Legal
Trouble   Result*���Not   Yet
(Continued trom page onei
. omnium, are  In  favor of �� real
] membernient of Ireland.    We se.
by,, valid  reason   why  this   little
two parliament* within
se.-    rm
Victoria. Oct. II.    Exactly    at    4:30
o'clock Monday afternoon all  the water  power  operating  thu  Coldstream
plant of the rtrltlsh Columbia Klectric
company was summarily cut off
the  Ksqulmult   Waterworks  company. | should   hav
Immediately every portion of the huge lis shores.''
plant  became idle, and as no further' Expediency Has Won.
power was forthcoming the plant perl,  Tl\' lri.Ml'    Tl"!('8    ?y"    ,,,1"t  '���<m'
force had to be closed down Loreburn i appeal to the nation ihow-
l-ogal action was taken by the Ilrlt- eU "u"  "��" '  laMt "' ""' l,'!"lllH
Ish Columbia Klectric company wiih-,"1 "'** liberal party realized lhe facts
out loss of time. The legal firm of "f ""' ""ualion In I'lster nnd wen-
Bodwell & l.awson was retained ai���| hesitating between statesmanship and
before noon a writ was Issued againat 'expediency. "Mr. Churchill's ipeaoh
the Waterworks company in tlie su* "hows that expediency has won," cjiii-
preme court. The writ asked for ���ml'**��� ,l"' Time*
injunction and for damages. The Daily Kxpress, Dublin, say.-
felt, and his few published compositions
for choir use evtden
the  boats.
9   -,.
*  *  ��.   9  Vr  =,'!=  #####*
Ottawa Hunt Meet.
Ottawa. Oct. 9,���The Ottawa Hunt
club has decided to hold i's annual
race meeting on Saturday. October 18,
ind Monday. October 2<i. Thanksgiving day. The races will not ba trans-
'"rred to Cnnimn_.it park as proposed.
'Hie Duke of Coiinauglit's trophy will
'-n competed for on Saturday, October
At this morning's city market it is probable that:
Kggs will be none too plentiful and on a good demand will
reach about 47 cents wholesale
and 50 cents retail per dozen.
flutter   will   remain   Bteady
with prices tirm at last  week's
Potatoes will sell wholesale
at $1-4 per ton.
Plums, prunes and other
fresh fruit will be somewhat
scarce, on account of the lateness of the season.
Apples, including Baldwins,
Ontarlos, Red Cheek, Pippins
and Qravenstelns, will sell at
from $1.25 to $1.50.
Veal and pork will be on sale
in quantity.
On the whole the supply will
be but fair, und buyers are advised   to  attend   market  early.
ce the highest skill
| in the treatment of the vocal possibili
I ties, as well as a charming and polished
| musical   style.      His   chant-setting    of
;"The Lord's Prayer" hns met with a
| tremendous    sale,    and    his    women's
I chorus, "An Indian Lullaby," nnd the
! part-song,  "The   Soa,"   have   found   n
great deal of favor.    A  rather  unique
j example of  Dr.   Vogt's  activity   is   his
book    on     "Pianoforte     Technique,"
which hns sold largely both in Canada
and thc United States.
Dr. Albert  Hanirii  is on thc list with
a "Lullaby" for low  voice, sung most
effectively   by   Miss   Margaret    Keyes;
anil  his unsccompneied   nntlicm.   "Far
Frum My Heavenly Home." is n popu
lar   one   with   church    choirs.      Other
vocal works stand to Dr. Ham 's credit
such   as   his   attractive   part songs   foi
women's voices. "Tho Twilight Hour'
and "Blow, Soft Wind."
The number of those  who arc   writ- j
ing piano music is small.    Mr. Edmund
Hardy has produced a little tune poem,
"To   Daffodil*,"   which    has   found    ni
,, .,       i wide sale, and his waltz entitled "(lath-I
Press another j ���Hng   Boa(lbuil9 ��� ���   ;,   ���   verv   pliaitoJ
Mast of hot air tliat number. A Christmas anthem of Mr. |
Hardy's, "The Infant Redeemer," hns I
reached its third edition, nml he has j
also ri baritone solo, "The Song of thej
Beeper." dedicated to and sung by Mr.
David Bispham.
Mr.   W,  0.    Forsyth   has    written   n
number Of piano pieces of seriuus pur- j
pose  and  inviting  style,  among  which j
might    bc   instanced    the   number   en-
titled "By the Sea."   A graceful song;
of Mr. Forsyth's il called "Love Took
Me Softly By the Hand," and is published by N'ordheimer's.
Mr. Frank ��. Blachford is also
known as the composer of some very
effective music for the violin, nnd he
hns nlso turned his hand to the production of vocal works, one of which
was most delightfully rendered bj the
Toronto Mnlo Chorua Club, when it
existed under Mr. J. D. A. Tripp's
Mr. W. A. Wliei-ldon stnnds almost
alune ns nn organ composer in Toronto. Most of nis works are publish
ed in England, and many of his numbers, such ns his "Cunzona" and his
"Carillon" frequently find a [dare
upon thu recital programme* of the
leading exponents of the difficult art of
organ-playing.���Toronto star  Weekly.
The writ issued by llenrv 0. Law-
son In behalf of the 11. C. Klectric
company stated that the plaintiff's
cluim was for an injunction to restrain
the defendants, their agents, servants
or workmen from cutting off the supply or water to the works of the plaintiff at Goldstream, and for a mandatory Injunction requiring the defend-
t ants to supply through their pipes to
hich*thp worka of the plaintiff a quantity or
at least 15,000,000 gallons a day. and
for damages.
In the absence of Managing Director
J. A. Sayward. K. 11. Hnlsall. secretary
of tlie Esquimalt Waterworks company, says the trouble between the
companies arises from the allegation
that the British Columbia Klectric
railway Is using more water than the
agreement calls for.
In order that a check could be made,
the Bsqulmalt officials asked for the
plant to be shut down for L'4 hours, he
This proposal was declined by the
power company, Mr. Hnlsall declares,
and the waterworks company proceed-
is obvious thai the I.
in great distress for
the ill-rated measure.
speech will not make
barttl parly are
a successor of
Mr. Churchill's
its passage any
I easier. Threats and cajolery are
merely wasted on Ulster Unionists
und Mr. Churchill must have made
porr use ol Ills famous    visit to  Hel-
' fast If he is still under any delusion-,
as to the stem determination to rn.
slst the measure at  all costs."
Several Kngllsli Unionist papers are
less conciliatory (ban the Dally Mall.
The Standard finds Mr. ( hureMll's
speech "disappointing" and the Dally
Graphic  finds  Ills  talk  on   concession
. "wasted words, because Ulster'.- opposition is not agalnsl tbe detail* of
tin* bin. bm lis principle."   On   '!>���:���
other    hand    the    Poll    Mall    Gazette
wiiich has given Sir Edward Oarson'e
: activities an amplitude of commendatory notice,   expresie*   astonishment
: that Its l nioiusi contemporaries regard the speech   as   uncompromising
.and declare:;  lha!  "  deliberated   lays
| down a basis of negotiation*
Boiling  Beef,  per lb	
Pot Roasts, per lb	
Hamburger steak, 2 lbs	
Legs Pork, per lb	
Shoulder Ito. Veal, per lb	
Fresh   Rabbits,   each   	
Hest Butter. 3 lbs	
Three Deliveries each day. Call and arrange for an account.
Phone 300                                                                               632 Columbia St.
���* *
* * *?���
# ���# ''.���:��� * # ii *# a
To Investigate Jail.
London, Ont., Oct. 9.���An Investiga-
���   tion into county jail conditions will be
'  conducted on  Saturday    morning    by
* Sheriff ('ameron as the result   of the
������ 'complaints  laid  by   William   McLean.
i   McLean  was  sentenced a  month  ago
: ito thirty  days  in  the county  jail  for
s  assault   and   for  having  indecent  pic-
;*.'tures in his possession.    His time was
|i|up today, and upon being released he.
Y  charged     Turnkey     MeLeod   with   111-1
l treatment    He says that the turnkey j
j. spoke Insultingly to him and  threat-j
. I ened to strike him and charges that
0 the turnkey acts In  a bru'al  manner I
, 'towards prisoners.    Sherirr    Cameron
stated todav that he always Impresses
unon the jail officials that they should
* acl toward prieoner* In a sympathetic
'manner,  but   he  will   investigate     the
* charges, which, the late prisoner a vers,
������'loan  be corroborated  by the turnkey's
Women on Governing  Board*.
Concerning woman's availability for
state boards of control Mrs. Almnll J.
Frlshy.  wlio served *even years us a )
member of tlle Wisconsin board, says:  I
"It ought to be obvious to any fair J
minded   person   that   the   governing ,
board  of   Institutions   whose   Inmates
nra largely women and children should ;
have women members.     The buiuanl- j
tartan side of the work appeals to a
woman, while tlle Interest of tlle male
members of tl.e  board.   I  found,  was
almost entirely confined to the plants .
sml   the   business connected   wllh   tbe :
Institutions, wlilch Is not surprising, ns j
Unit Is the man's chief resposibility lu
the home.
"(if the eleven men wbo were members of tlie board (tliaiilis to political
(luring tlie seven years Hint 1 was u
member only two or three took nny
Interest in tbe Internal working of the
Institutions or showed uny efficiency
lu tbe work of Inspection, which seem
_d to me u very important part of the
wiiil; uf the board. Certainly tbe
welfare and happiness of the Inmates
depend quite us much on cleanliness,
properly cooked food and kind treat
ment ns upon line buildings, ufflclent
heating plants and good farms. Important us tbe latter unquestionably
rf Foster Clarke's soups and t-ustsrds
Which we got from tlieir display at
tlm exhibition.
Soups in all flavors- small tins, 2 tor
25c; large tins, each 25c.
Custard Powders in 10c. and 25c. tins.
���Cigo, 4  lbs    25c.
Tapioca. 4 lbs 25c.
Virile Beans, 4 lbs 25c.
1 entile. 3 Ibs 25c.
' ocal Cranberries, 3 Ibs 25c.
' '*oe Cod Cranberries, per lb ...15c.
c-ioklng apples, 6 lbs 25c.
Tweet Potatoes, 6 lbs 25o.
,',  few nr.'ttes of Preserving Peaches
left nt prr crate $1.00.
(Continued trom page ono)
'    ice l.uKtern Butter. 3 lbs.
l-.Mtern Kresh 12ggs, 2 doz.
"ha Store fer Quality and Service.
Dean's Grocery
Phene 336.
tin* D'o'i Columbia Street.
Sarecky, that the statement  wns untrue."
"The man -who read that list and
examined it," said (be attorney,
"knew It was not true. It does not
help for the boy, Sarecky, to say he
did the best be could, ,111s master.
William Sulzer, knew It was a lie."
Louis Marshall devoted several
scathing pages of his address to the
testimony of Duncan W, I'eck. superintendent of public schools, wbo swore
(hat Governor Sulzer had asked him
to deny under oatli that he bad given
hlm a $..(io contribution. Marshall declared that his story was a "brazen
counterfeit," and accused I'eck of having a strong motive for so testifying
because John A. Hennessy, the governor's Bpeclal Investigator, bad unearthed "irregularities of a serious
nature" in Peck's department. He
said thai peck's testimony would
"enable him to aid in tin* destruction
of the man who hud set. in motion the
Investigation which threatened nol
only the office he held  but  his    very
��� liberty."
j    This evoked a Btatement from Peck
'tonight, In     which    he    characterized
.Marshall*  attack  him  hlm  as a "lie
'told for pay."
'    Judge Parker did not  finish hls nd
��� dress today.
Shook Out the Feathers.
For about tour minutes at its meet
lng last night ihe school htuird digressed from the discussion or higher
things and threw out some "hints to
In us. wives." If home makers of New
Westminster lake any stock l.i what
the trustees say, and two of Ihem
are women, they will use no fealher
dusters. A janitor asked for one for
his school and was refused, "Not sanitary." said Trustee Stoney, as the Ill-
advised reqn -st went by the board.
Nicely Answered.
Oeorge IV. became convinced by dint
of long Imagining and Baying so thai
he had left the life guards at Waterloo.
"Did I not, Arthur!" he said at a
court dinner to the Duke of Wellington
Mosl men would have been cinbar
rassed. .Not so the Iron Duke. He
siniply answered, "I have often heard
Your Majesty say so."
First English Book Paper.
The first book printed on Kngiish
paper. " De Proprletatlboa Henna '' ap
peared in 1498, the paper having been
mad* at Hertford l.y John Talc, who
subsequently became lord muyor of
London. It is uf excellent quality
snd bears a wntermurk consisting of
mi eight pointed stnr inclosed In a
double circle. Al the end of the book
ure printed the lines:
And John  Tate the Younger duo maku
tins Paper thymic,
That now in our Englysch this bokc is
printed  Inno.
Western Towns Not Bad.
The recent reports, published broad-
least, of a wide i pen l'ort Oeorge, B.C.,
and the attempi to establish n recognised     red-light     ilmtrii-r     are    being
severely criticized  by  many  interested
[in  tho colonization of the northern  in-
lerior.    QoorgO J, Hammond, une of the
[bout posted men on thn development of
;thnt   section  nt  tho  Province, suid  ro-
"Prom thc sensational reports which
invo been published,  especially  iii   the
KuHtiirn papers, the impression is given
i -hnt   Port   Oeorge  and   the   other   new-
towns of Centiul  Hritish Columbia  are
| wide open und  wild  end   wooly.    Aa a
Ituntter of fuel, the citizens of the cen-
) trol interior ure just as law-abiding us
those of any other section of the Province.   Of course, in n now country of
big distances, that is just being opened
to   ci\ iliyation,  where  there  uto t'uous-
I Ul'ls   ef   men   employed    III   ( oiiHtruct ion
I A'ork. tin  isme conditions caa uut bo
us   ill   t!.n   oldur   settled dis-
A special Occasion.
Freddie:    "I any, Charlie, there must
be company in the parlor.'
'ray dcur'!
' What   makes   yon   think
"Miimm* Just called papu
The Only Kind.
Jonea: "Don't you think n tnlka
tlve woman is more popular with tho
men than nny other kind?"
Ilenpccke: "What other kind is
there? "
Current Turned Ofl".
Tho electric current ia alwaya cut off
when t���e King passes ulong a streel
with overhead tram wire*.
Oil for British Navy.
The public declaration mnde in Par
llamont by Mr. Churchill of his belief
in oil us fuel for warships has caused
somewhat of a sensation. He predicted
nothing less than the abandonment of
coal ua fuel und the substitution in all
cases of oil, which he declare* not only
makes for greater speed but ensures a
���Ubstantlal saving of labor. There urn
now loll veasela burning oil and 100 destroyers built und building which will
lis" onlv oil fuel.
x.���mi* waits.
After his first great success W, R.
Ponley, lho English comedian, had to
act in many plays, which somehow
did nut Boem to plenso the public.
Sume uf these he juat kept nlive by
hia "gagging." On one occasion, when
a wretched play hud been going for
���.ome weeks in this manner, the con-
���cited young author came behind and
asked Mr. Penley why he "gagged" so
much. "The play will be ull right,'1
he said, "if you will only speuli niy
lines quietly nnd wait for thc laugh."
To Ihis Mr. Penley replied promptly:
'That's nil very well for you, old man.
You live in town, but, you bcc, I live
iu the country und have to catch tlie
12.15 from Waterloo!"
Proud cf Indians.
Mr. A K. Beauvais, foreman for th*
dominion Hridge Company, Montreal.
.viiich hus the contract fur the steel
��� uporatru. tine of tlie buildings of the
Atlantic Hugur Iteflnerlos, |,td., has
leon iu Ht. John, N'.l)., ri ntly.
hir. Beauvls, although yet a young
.nan, has hud un lid venturous career.
11- is one of the few survivors of the
juebeo bridge dlaastor, August 110,
1007. He ia bringing .'III men from
Montreal, nil Iiol.au., and said they
<re fully us good us white men for the
|Ob, adding, "On tho Quebec bridge we
ind seventy-nine mnn working. Of
these, forty were from one little ln-
iiun village. And there was keen
���onipetition for n job on the Quebec
iridgu, as it meant (5 it day."
Will Stay in Alberta.
That the Mormon Church practically
,iaa decided to abandon its Mexican col-
iiiization icheme and devote ita oner
,'ies to the development of lands und
lOttlement* in (-Southern Alberta wua
.lie announcement made by President
lo.-oph -Smith of Halt Lake City, whilo
n Oardston, Akn., recently.   President
���imith indicated thai the ('.'hurch would
ittempt to buy out tho Blood Indians,
vho own a large reserve iu Southern
\ Iborta.
Hard on Lonq Thirsts.
Columbus, Ohio. Oct. fl���On nnd
afier November 4 no liquor will be
served on railroad dining carB in
Ohio, Nothing stronger than grapo
jjulen will be found on trays of colored waiters.
think  to,  for you.    This Is It:   We've
E. Price Co., dealers In high class shoes,
bought the
1186 (Iran
You  think,
shoe stock of M.
ville St.,  Vancouver.    We  bought It at a price, the right price for you.
"Classic Shoes" for kiddles. Hunt's Shoes for men. American
shoes ror ladles. I.eckle Shoes ror boys. We urn OO the Job now
licking ll Into shape. It's all here at 641 Front Ht.. packed to the
roof. No prices now. but come early, prices are right. Open even
Ings till 9 o'clock to glv the late worker a chance. Hut mind, THE
Let us mako your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
11. fl. SMITH, C. P. & T, A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPBROW.  O.  A.  P.  D.
1 hone Private Exchange 8134
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Haisam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchee Throughout the Province of Britiah Columbia.
Savlngt Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Intereet at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Draft* and Travellere' Cheque* aold, payable ln all parte of the
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
New  Weatmlnater  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager. amy t
���r *������*** W">A.
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER  10,  1913.
News'Sport Page That ^Everybody Reads
HOCKEY   >:   FOOTBALL   :-:   BASEBALL   *.-*.   BOXING
I-eslie Bush Puzzles New York Giants While Athletics
Hammer Tesreau for Kixht Runs���Connie Mack's
Batters Get Twelve Hits���Latest Twirling Star Not
Yet Twenty���Schang Gets Home Run.
Sapperton and White Rock Wlll Wcrk
Together in Hockey���Officer!
New York,    Oct.    9.
blazed  .orti, ]n    the
A    new
nt��.   Pa*_.  he ''0|�� OfOOhi turnstiles,
wtxtAA: i      !:pcdl"8  H ��*-**>rsi  hundrod  tbe
flrm_.      . series .tendance at the opening game
i.ush  nltchT,",W,t ""^ *"���� '-ll-       'h�� Mayers' share    of    toTay's    re-
insti pitched the    Philadelphia   Ath. Sfili1 wa* **W.. each club', share
letlcs  U>  victory  over the  New   York *���   ,M7_i8' and  the national
��** " ^e third game ���, J ^ '^ *������* ___
plonship struggle by a score of K in s !    New York- All. R. H   PO
Bush wan materially aided, in hla rush
lo a pedestal In the baseball hall of
fame by the lavage batting of his
tojijn mate!,, but the major portion of
the glory was accorded by both fana
and players to lhe youngeter, who
startled the diamond veterans with his
speed and control,
While bis pitching waa not as spectacular as that of the veterans, l'lank
and Mathewson, yesterday, hla box ;
work wns ol the calibre that entitlea j
him to a niche alongside Hugh
lledleiit, of tiie Hoston Hed Sox, and
liabe Adama. of the Pittsburg Pirates.
who performed Blmllar featu of twirling valor in past world's series.
So effective was Hush's pitching
that the (Hants secured but five hit*,
and three of these were of the scratch
varieties Only throe of the !!7 put-
���outs credited lo the (limits-were made
outside of the Infield and txii-rr were
Inning* at a streicb when the (Jiatits
utver drove the ball out of tbe   dia
Bush made hls leap Info the limelight under lhe most f-ivoratili- fir
i oiiirtiiin-i-H lor his hard hitting team-
mail's tore Into Tesreau with a fusillade of hits In the llrsl two Inning!
thai netted live runs and relieved lbe
youngster of the strain of pitching
with the ii.ar-iu of safety narrow or
entirely misting. This wap particularly true of the first four Atfcletlcs on
Connie Mack's bulling list. Murphy,
Oldrlitg. Collins and Haker ..between
them made nine or tbe twelve hits
recorded for the Phlpadelphla club and
these ���nine lilts scored seven ""of the '
eight rune that  made  the victory sn
o sided.    The  eighth    ran    mi    a
laitfBc homo run drive by Schang Into
the rnr end of the right held atand. In j
contra*! to this vigoroua aeeanlt on i
In oflwifigl nl Tesreau and Crandall
v.r, lb" llv.- bits scatterrd through
nine tiintnm thai marked tht (Jisnts
��� Attorn ut the batv ftt>{ a slngl"
National leaguer secured t*��'0 bits and
Kli.ifer'n double was tho only oar
good fur moon than one has*.
Thc AUilitics' latest twirling star,
who will mn ba 20 yean old until
Nuvenibw  i". did   not   pitch
Her/og 3b   4
ftoyle,   2b     4
Fletcher, ������     2
Hums, If     4
Hhafer-   cf
Murray,   rf
McLean,  c
AV'rkle, lb .
Tesreau, p
(Cooper ...
Wilson, c  . .
Crandall,  p
Wlltae, lb  .
The amalgamation of the White
Rock A. A. wltll the .Sapperton Hockey
club, wlllch was forcasi-ed In Tbe
N'ews some two weeks ago, was
accomplished at a meeting cf tbe latter club held last evening when officers were elected and plans laid to
held tbe beat hockey team that Sap
perton ever produced.
Howard Welsh was in tbe chair and
conoids-; hla stand in supporting all athletics
] connected wltb Sapperton was endorsed to tlie extent that he waa reelected president of the club.
Witn the two aggregations amalgamated the blue shirts will be able to
boost of a septette second to none in
the league and the race will become
- > f AGE FIVE
Highlanders of Vancouver Will Be the |
Visitors at Queen's Park���Local
Team Strengthened.
s^_________H SHHHr
The New West min stef rugby team
will present a changed Wont when they
line up against the Highlanders from
Vancouver at Queen's park on Saturday afternoon, several new players
having turned out for practice during
the past few nights who have shown
promise of making a hit with local
Campbell two years ago played the
Canadian game with "he Hamilton
Tigers, laut year's champions of the
inter-provincial organization in the
enst. and has the build and speed
which should make him a power of
strength on the three-quarter line. He
will partner Wilcox, an old Welsh
Olayer. while on the other side will
be Decker and Smith.
Dunfo'd of the Bankers, will don a
rreen shirt on Saturday while Clark,
nlso of the Bankers will be able to
pity with  the team after Saturday's
Charles at a previous Interview. He
had seen Dean's picture in a newspa
per in wlilch the color of hls clothes
was light brown. He had remarked
to his son when he saw Dean's picture
in the papers that It was like the man
they saw in the saloon that morning.
Burglar Tools.
Chief Bradshaw, recalled, produced
the burglar's tools handed over to hlm
In the bank by Mr. Phlpps,
David Mcyes Young, the safe expert, was recalled and examined by
counsel for the defence about the use
of the tools. The spindle extractor
had not been used In the burglary. It
wus too well oiled. The expert burglar would have a good Idea of the Job
he had to tackle before hand and provide himself with as perfect sn equipment as possible without unnecessarily
burdening himself.
Sir Charles���He would not be perfectly equipped In your opinion and
experience, unless he made arrangements as part of the Job to get away?
The court adjourned until 10:30 this
Totals   29    _    _ ..    .
xllaii for McLean In fifth Inning
B Murphy, rf
Oldring, if  .
Collins.   L'b   . .
Baker, 3b ...
MclnneB. lh ..
Stnink, cf ...
Barry, sb ....
Schang, c  ...
Bush,  p   	
All It.H.
3    2
2    3
all the more Interesting by reason ot
the feeliug of the White itock players
that their application for membership i Ba,���? ,_   ..... . . .       .
in the league as a body was not clear-    , mg>  I,,0"I1' *** >'ei?r H <*?*** ��f
Iy recognized tlle ,(0>';,ls- handling the whistle the
i.-.,-.       .. '..-ui .i.    i i��� . -j..   _.. 'locals can expect an even break with
Irom now unt.l the ice Is ready   at onnonen,s ln the wav of decls-
Queens park the members of the two fc| h t   forthcomln,-
organizations will  be out afier    addi
��� ��� ��� I tlonal players ho that when the time j
27    6    1   comes   the   manager   will   bave   more
than two teams to select a seven from.
PO. A. K       Olficers elected at last night's meet-
0   Ing    were    as    follows:       President.
0   Howard    Welsh;     vice-presidents,    C.
0   Wattam.   W.  ('.   Miller:   secretary.   B.
o  ***, Baattnan; treasurer, A. W. Declter;
I)  manager, Clarence    Doc Wells:    dele-
o   nnl- lo    the    B. 0. A. A. V.. Howard
o   WelBh.
| Ions which wa<
Ithe previous game against the
Icouver Y.M.C.A.
! The tram wl'l line up as follows:
.Davis. Campbell. Wilcox, Smith. Deck
er; Dunford. Dart; Steve-son, Blges,
I Macdonald, Dtinennpon Andrew, Ra
| ley, Evans and A. N. Other.
h   12 27  11     1
Total   39
Reor�� <l>v innings:     ^^^^^^^^^_
New   York    (i n 0 0 I ft 1 0 fl     '
Philadelphia   . .. . 3 2 II 0 D I) 2 I 0    H
Summnrv    Stolen     bases.    Oldring.
Collins. Baiter, Fletcher- Cooper. Two-,
base   hits.   Shafer.     Three   base   hits. I
Collins.   Home run. Reliant:    Pitchers'
record* 7 runs, 11 hits, 31 at bat off;
'IVsreau  In   B   1-3   Innings      Bases on I
balls, off Bub.i 4:  struck out by Tes- |
reau 3, by Crandall V    Hll by pitcher. ;
bv    Bush.    Fletcher.    Left  on  bases.
Philadelphia 4. New York !>.    Time of
mme   2:12.     I'mpfres,   Klein,   Rigler,
Connolly and Egan.
More   Scientific    Methods
Over Omtarto.   ^^^^^
In tbis refulgent summer time the
farmers of Ontario are a bury lot. The
crops are immense and they bave to be
garnered. Old Msn Ontario has all he
can do and more, in some counties. In
fact, he is crying in vain for help. He
misses tbe hired man. It may be some
comfort to know thst son and daughter,
who responded to the tall of the west
and the lure of the city, are doing well
but he certainly does miss the hired
Without considering what has become of H. M., whither he has hiked
nor why, it may be stated that bis absence seriously cripples the farming
industry of this most populous and
wealthy province of the Dominion of
Canada; that there is a decided dearth
of operative help on the farms.     The
] tide of   immigration affords no relief.
j Even the picked farm laborers selected in the Old Country by representatives of different Ontario county
organizations sre captured by Canadian city contractors before they
reach Ontario's farms. All efforts to
import laborers have proved failures.
Other and slower means arc necessary
to   a   satisfactory development of   this
i Continued trom rage One i
(By tbe Potter.)
Who ever heard of that fellow Bush
until yesterday .
One failed to Bee much New York
monfy stirring Itself yeaterday af:er
noon nfter the third game .of tho
world'a aerie's k Hindi    "
. _ *you not under the interdiction act?
Archer Drove in Winning Run for the ;    Witness���1 don't know.
j    The  Court -Have  you  been  drink-
lng this morning?
Witness- I have not. your lordship.!
I    The Court���How  did  he know
,knew anything about It? ^|^^^
Witness-That ls what I don't know
thriDIng thir-   your lordship. ,
Some Mistake.
Police   Officer   N.   H.   FIneberg,   of
, . [Detroit, recalled hy Sir Charles,  was
championship series one and one this .asked; ma not Detective Black tell
afternoon, downing th* American you what happened when Greenwood
leaguer* 6 to I, be.ore 29.360 persons. |��wM  not Identify  I'owell?
_   _    .. . ,    I    WltnesB   explained   that   there   had
Tbe victory of the I uto was dne muin-]been   ���,���-,,   miBtake.     Mr.   Black   be-
ly   to   the  courage  and   cleverness  of
"Big Jim" Vaughn,    who    refused    to
give way before the furious attack of
the South Siders.
Nationals in Thirteenth���Record
Chlccgo. Oct. 9.���In a
teen Inning battle the Chicago Nationals made the standing In the Chicago \.
lleved   (Jreenwood   had   picked   out   s
different   man   but   Creenwood   main
talned  It  was a  misapprehension  on I district was of
Black's  part,  that he had  picked out j $ioo to ��2O0 aa acre.
Powell first time;
Sir Charles having requested the
crown to produce Artnltage's sworn
statement to the bank. Mr Darts aa. "
he did not remember any such statement.     He  had   never  heard   of   this i benefits
wonderful   contentment    with    country
life aod check the decline of the rural
population is a matter of education.
?o Further "Agriculture.
Recently  Ontario   received    $195,000
as her share of tbe new  federal agricultural aid grant and it was decided
to   utilize   the   larger   portion    of    the
grunt   in   amplifying  and  making   per
isanent the summer school for teachers
���vou ! st the Guelph Agricultural College. The
' departments of education snd  agriculture are co-operating ia holding of special courses    for    public    snd separate
school teachers aou inspectors and for
science  teachers  in  High  Bcbools  and
collegiate institutes.
The trend in Ontario is towards the
n��i sc entitle, and therefore the mos*
| profitable methods of   extensive   farm
ing.   The progress that has been made
j along these lines by the growers in the
I Niagara Peiiasula is remarkable.    Ten
years   ago   tbe   average   farm   in   that
100  acres   worth   from
Now the average
holding is 20 acres worth 11 .ono an acre
The general adoptioi there ot scientific
i nal ban. Imt his delivery had entirely
loo much sp-wd and broak r.ir tlw
Hiants to grow familiar w|t|> during
lhelr Inlroduotiuii Xo lhe Hralnard.
Minn., t-ahrler
Huth was just wild enough to keep
ihe New York batters guessing and
Ills quick changes of pace and delivery was an added handicap to the
Giants when they were at the plate.
He walked four batters and hit a fifth,
hnt each Ihne he faltered, his nerve
and the brfflbuit fielding of his team
Some cf the     	
a real tackle  was    lik��* last    evening
when Campbell, the ei HaniUlon Tiger
got tbtm  low.    With a little training
phenom �� On. l_KjM>i��laU' resident -should make a
The game was a ragged one and
poor plays were Importani factors
Though   Clootie  was  baniinered  hard
  he   might   have   lasted   If  some   poor
j playing   back  of  him  had   oot     been, ^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
rugby players fell what   bunched In the fourth, when four runs man or seen any statement signed by | are also evidenced   by  the  success  of
were made. .him.
Kens succeeded Clootie aod pitched
a great game    nntll    the    thirteenth.
rn | methods has been brongkt about hrce-
id.ljr by tke Ni******* Fruit Growera' Aa-
e-1 soclation.     It I* an Ulnstration of  tbo
of  co-operation,   benefits   tbat j
Wl,h  the.basea full  Archer    shot    a
n_une tor himself on tbt- local fifteen.  dr|VC into |ef, alld Zlmmernm_, ���,���,���.
  led    tbe    winning    run.    Saler    being
New Westminster Is oue of the five icuught at the plate on the throw In. _
leums entered  In  the  Vancou-er and |    The Sox bunched hits In the fourth l5��e^\Tatem��Kwrltten by Witneea
three ruin., made one In the sixth  Mld hB had only uken noteg ,nd re-
,    . tke  several  co-operative    buying   and J
Sir Charles���The man swore It was I selling associations ia the district.   Co-
handed to the Bank of Montreal. j operation is working a revolution in tbe I
Mr. Davis���If there Is any It would   marketing of different products in On-
be used In  connection with  the man j tario.    The government  encourage*  it j
I-avlr.1  extradition.
���Chief Bradshaw   recalled   regarding
Armltage's  assertion    that    he    had
District    Field    Hockey    Uague,    the I for
schedule of which will open on November I. H. ts. It. Klrby. of tbls city,
was I'licti d on the executive.
Evidently the baseball fans oi Denver. Colo., are getting tired of eham
  _ pionships.     Last   week   the   team  ar-
muies soon lifted hlm back to safety, rived back from a tour after copping
The victory of Bu*. who halls from ,the pennant for the third year In sue-
the Bame Urau aa Otolef Bender, waa I cession and not even a single fan was
exceedingly popular with <****> Ath- at the station to meet tbein. Natur-
letlc players and the club adberenta.  ally tlie players were a little peeved.
It has been known for son^Uwe that j 	
he had great Feasibilities as a pitcher, i
but until he stood   toflay'-T"tnst   hla I    Further honors ln the l|ne of ama-
__- biglteur aport    were   captured   by New
and tied the rcore in the eighth.
Official attendance figures: Attendance, 29,386; total receipts. I19.946;
commission's share, }1995: players'
share, ��10.771; each club. $3590.
Hiatus was simply thai a* any
league pl��> er "llullet Joe." ag he has
been nicknamed because of his great
speed, broke Into baseball as a member of an amatear team In hit. town.
During the seaaon of lino tie played
In every position except calaber. Hla
Orel professional engagement waa
wllh tbe Missoula, Mont., team of the
Union aaaoclation. Here lie was spotted by one of the Athletics' scouts and I
Joined the Mackmeo in September, a
year ago. Tonight bla admirers are
predicting for him a future like that
achieved by Walter Johnson, Christy
Mathewaon and Cy Young,
Disappointment   among tne Giants' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
contingent over the downfall of Tea- giving" free  transportation   In    these
Westn^nster this summer m tbe shape
of the cricket championship of the
Vancouver and District league. The
trophy donated by 1.. D. Taylor, of
Vancouver, was brought over to tbls
eity on Wedneaday evening by Secretary P. A. Hose, following tbe flret
annual banquet of tbe organization.
The Giants will likely place De-
maree In lbe box at Shlbe park this
arternoon. Demaree won a good many
games thia summer, but you never
know when Ihe Maekmen are out on
a rampage.   It'a no uae cf a pitcher
reau waa aa keen aa tke elation among
the Athletic rooters because of Bush's
splendid work. The Ozark mammoth
wae looked upon before today's game
aa the Glante' second beat card. When
Marquard and Crandall were kfioeked
out of the box In Tuesday's'gtune tbe
loyal adherents pinned theinJalU to
Matheweoa and Tesreau. . The old
matter did more than waa expected of
him yeaterday, but TeereaH fell Juat
ae heavily before the AthletKr- vlolout
betting aa did the Olant fwirlers In
the opening game.
So vlgorouely did the A��i|i��1��s' bat
ting quartette clout the sphere that
the defeat would have beeowa an utter rout bnt for sensatlonal-eia_�� and
throw* by Doyle. Fletcher ,*ad\r Her
games. Suppose he passes Oldring,
wo find Collins at bat. then Baker,
tben Mclnnls One can go right down
the lino and figure on a player being
Just ea mighty with the stick ae the
otber fellow.
Mr. Stacey, well known on tbe football field, la receiving congratulations
for hit Rooteveltlan atunt In capturing big game.   Stacey lamped a bear
Maying Semi-Pro. Baeeball in Summer
aad Amateur Baeketball in Winter
Are Ceoarste Events.
"On again, off again," Is the slogan
of the B. C. A- A. U pf this city Judging by their action in recommending
the reiaatatemeiit of two baeeball
players Into the siinou pure fraternity
to tbat the duo will ^^^^^^^^
basketball suit* and appear la the city
All the more remarkable It the fact
that these two players who figured on
the Fraser Mills baseball team laat
year were successful with a slmllat
application laat winter after being
warned that baseball aa played in tbe
city league wat frowned upon by the
amateur union officials. Warning waa
again handed oot iu the spring of
1(13  that  any  baseball   player  who
ported the matter orally to the bank
'or somebody else. He bad not got
the notes, probably he threw them
away after reporting the matter. He
reported It along with hundreds of
others of the same nature brought to
Another New Witneea.
O. Burman, Jr., a young Scandinavian, a new witness, deoosed that
three or four days after t''e robbery
of the bank he wat In Vancouver,
seeing his father off to New Westminster by the car early In the morning
nbout the time the saloont were opening. Opposite the Rainier hotel a
man came up and aeked them to come
and have an eye-opener. They went
In and another man came up and asked tbem to stand a drink. He Identified the last man aa Dean. After that
Dean atked tbem to have a drink with
him. He paid for It with a gold piece
but he did not remember the tire. He
 took a lot of gold money out of hie left
be able to do"_i! J"0!**.1- *.bo"t V much ** ����������*�������
'hold In hit hand.
Cross-examined by Sir Charles���1
did not go to the jail. I saw him here
as he patted Into court. He wat hand*
cuffed and In custody. I never wat
In a saloon until 1 came to this oountry.
Sir Charles���It is an awful country
���a thirsty clime.
Witness said he did not remember
whether he had three drinks ot whin-
key or beer. Dean waa neither drunk
nor eober. He never saw him pull out
a pocket book nf gold. His father
iald ha had.   Witness did not treat
so what care tbe diamond stars.
The recommendation for relnatate-
���  _ .. _,   -_      __, ,ment will be forwarded to the pro-
travelling poet haate towardiia^young!vlnclal botti ,������ w���, probab,y   be
affiliates himself with the four city ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
leagues would automatically suspend (as he had no moneys He never spake
himself, but baseball It a summer of this occurrence until a policeman
game and basketball is a winter one, | came to htm, Detective Jonea.    Ha
nnd tbe movement is certain of extea
Co-operation among tke fruit-growers has been shown to encourage the
best m.'tbod. of production; to encourage economy, intelligence, enterprije
and honesty in tbe packing, grading
and marketing of the fruit and to bring
fruit products more directly to tne consumer from the producer. The pioneer
co-operative egg marketing organization in Ontario county is snother pronounced success.
The changes that are taking place in
the rural life of the province are sig
nificant. There is greater interest taken
in the Farmers' Clubs and a better attendance at the Women's Institute
meetings. Tht .revcrnment experts
whose business it is to encourage the
adoption of scientific methods are more
appreciated. The great good work of
the Ontario Agricultural College is better appreciated. Scientific knowledge
in growing crops and raisiag live stock
is mors eagerly sought. The beet methods of overcoming dry seasons and of
preventing depletion ef tht tosx't fertility are being followed. Low lands
sre gradually going under tile and tbe
yields from them are being doubled.
Over 2,C00 ters* ia Essex county nlunrj
has been tiled In tbe past year. Oovernment representatives all over tke
province make free surveys to encourage the practice of tile under drainage
aad ther > ij e growing appreciation of
this method of doubling crop yields.
The big eheck oa tke fsrmiag iidus-
trv of Ontario it the iaeurable dearth
of labor. 'The mea eagaged ia til*
business of agriculture, that' teieaee
[which Gibbons calls the foundation ef
all manufactures, are helpleee in the
sompetition with other efcpioysrs at
labor here.
girl ln tbe upper part of the eity Wed
needay evening. Did he falter? He
did not Jutt hiked right along, captured bruin and doffed the hat to
Milady. P.8.���The bear was a few
months old���waa attached to a. long
��WS   u*f   twit*,   .-.��-w..-.,.tr-rwl>1-_--        _-_ .     _ _._.���-
at critical stages of tbe play. Cap- chain, and had escaped from a hard-
*.--����� _.__. ......t    __��� __ /-��_.-i..___.(_, _��������>_,_._
ZOg _i a*-wi.-.m  v--.w-.-.  ���   .
tain tarry Doyle played desperately
and his stops and plays ln .Ife second
and seventh Innings were otlhe brand
that made Hans Wagner's -game fatp
oue wherever baseball is played. Rd
die Collins oarrled off tha- fielding
honors for the Athletics. -The very
fact that but one error waa recorded
for each team testifies to tbo calibre
of the fielding in the third game of
the series, Including as tt did four
double plays.
The defeat of the Olants wat e
severe setback to the New York olub
contingent, for Mathewton't wonderful work of Wednesday had" encouraged the belief that tbe National
league standard bearers were tb continue the pace set by the Old Matter.
Today 36,8.8 fans paid 87MN40 to
ware store on Columbia street.
Tbe city soccer team Is evidently
looking for championthip honors with
a vengeance acoordlng to the line-Up
which will clath with the Bankers at
Sapperton Park on Saturday afternoon.
Herb Ryall and Jimmy Craig have
been on a still.hunt during the patt
few dayt and wlll make their final
selection from the following players
tbls evening.
Here It the litt: Tidy. McAllister,
Barnes. Paul. Oough, Dlcltlnton, McLaren, Petrle. Craig, Davie, Walker,
Barclay, Oraham. Smith and Paul.
That game will itart at 4 o'clock.
acted upon at the next meeting of that
auguat body to be held In Victoria ou
October 18.
The practice of handing out cath
prizes in athletic meets, especially to
children, waa frowned upon by the
board last evening and ttepa will be
taken to try and have this professionalism obliterated before another summer rolls along.
Probably ae an aftermath of tbe B.
C. track championships which New
Weetmlneter "nearly" got thlt fall, the
board went on record as favoring the
formation of a track club In the c'tv
and In this regard a meeting of the
Herriert club will be held In the near
The application of the City Basketball league for admittance into the
union was accepted.
That White Rock bunoh travelling
under the name of Tigers are likely to
be beard from this winter In basketball.
simply told the detlctlve tbat he taw
a man drawing out gold money. He
was brought down fram Kamloops In
ar auto.
Had Lote of Money.
O. R. Burman. Sr.. Burqultlam, told
a similar etnrv with Important variations. He Identified Dean aa the man
who bad esked him to treat. Upon
Dean Insisting upon treating In return
witness atked why he had atked for
a drink when he had menev, Dean replied: "Oh, I tm nnt broke: I hava
lota of money." end showed him a
pocket book lined with ��5 and 810
gold coins. He identified Dean at tha
Jail out of five or six other*.
Cros��.exemlned hy Sir Charle*���
They hed four drinks ht the bar. Hla
pern asked wttne��t In fiv an
onener. Dean drank email been. He
saw nothing of Dean's oassln- gold
������n one pocket to another. He
���he onlv one who saw Dean's nocket
book. In one oopartment of tha pocket book there were lines of tl gold
nieces and In another 110 void nieces.
There ww five mea tn the bar hnt
he could not deecrlbe any ona bnt
Dean In hls description of Dean's
clothes witness gava-a. illrhtly different account to the one given to Blr
UttUdag Weeet ftedacts.
Ia Ottawa a machine kee beea perfected-to make tkiaglet out ef diseased tin eaae. After being rolled straight
the eaa it put thr.ngh a eorrogaHag
machine. Then It tt fit through a wee-
therpreelag p-roeeoo, aad .thee Into a
vat eoataimage eohetahee like tar. T%��
tin, while ttm wet la dipped In atbee-
toi whieh readlh Mhena to ihe tar like
coating. Bhtngno eo made are aald ta
be mere laaibie aad tighter than the
wood or corrugated etce) artifice, aad
thev are produced ta various colors. No
sails are ated ia fasttaiag them to
roofs, the retting piece* shaping them
<e that thejr are held la posltioaby th*
Tupper and Sir Oeorge Boss met ia
a eampetga la a bye-ele*tloa in the eld
SaaUiaeaejr ef Caldwell l�� Mlg, Dal-
a McCarthy Mag the Conservative
candidate tei vieter, aad Beal toe Mag
the Liberal ceadMtte. "*******,������ ma*
Sots, ia teWat af the laalioat la fle
resent hook, "smt mo two Bights in tko
rldlag, aad with hit usual ferco tepeUed
my  attacks   ofea   the   Oeatervatlve
M le bo a party gotttMu.
I realty
Declaration of
Dividend No. 19
. i
NOTICE is hereby given that a dividend at the rate of 10 per
cent per annum upon the paid up Capital Btock of tbls company
has been declared for the six nnnths ending the 30th of September,
1913. and that the same will bn payable at the Head Office of the
Company cn Columbia Street, i3 this city, -oa aod after tbe 15th October, l!i!3, to shareholders of record at the close of business on the
30th September, 1913.   By order -ofthe Board,
i .*
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeta.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street New Weetmlneter, B.C.
Agents for D. E. Brown. Hope & Macaulay, ISA, Gener     Railway aad
.Steam hip Agents, of Vancouver.    B. C
"Golden Giant Mine"
Shares on Sale Today
Phone 1068
ife;? frtal0c.,2ta.,.��c.
J'**it ���**<-.
��NMte am
FRIDAY,   OCTOBER   10,  1913.
Classified Advertising
ceived for Tue Mews at the foltow-
tng placea: V. T. Hill's dreg store,
���S-iii Columbia Btreet; A. Sprice,
���Queetisborougti, Lulu Island.
��� HATE8. ���
ClsaaltltO���One cent per word per
���day, ��c per word per week; 16c por
���M'Olb; 6.DO0 words, io be "fed as required within oue year trom date ol
���contract, $26.00.
for sale cheap; liouse for rent; 35
Dufferin street. Phono 1393H. (3200)
crences required, qualilications,
good plain cooking and tidy hous*
keeping. Mrs. James Cunningham,
727 Third avenue.
housework. Apply Japamue tnisj-cn,
any kind.    11.  Fisher, Edmonds.
.school boy. Apply Japanese mission,
Sapperton. (2175)
able store, the California Fruit
House, 714 Columbia street. One of
the best stands In the cily for fruit,
tobacco, confectionery and light refreshments. Bargain price for cash.
Apply to manager on premises.
Gas From Precious Stuff Work, as Effectively  as Original   Article���
ltn High Cost.
Toronto. Oct. 9.���That the possession of a piece of radium is no longer
necessary to give radium treatments,
and that radium treatments can now
be given nt any place, instead of merely at the point where the radium itself
is kept, is the meaning of llie announcement of Sir Frederick Treves
of the London Radium institute that
radium emanations have been used
successfully for the treatment of eer-
-.mir a pit Mir An wrawT-OK   rrrsT r  '"���** <H��eaBes, according to local phy-
ACREAGE NLAU NEWTON, JOSI   8     ,;, h k       ,     ,   ,
miles out, leas ttan 80 mtautes rideLted , (ieve!opmonls j,, lllp-U8e of
on B. C. Eectric from New West- raa}um ,,s ��� clllratlvp agent TllPV
minster; soil excellent, bottom Or k^ bee WMfl for aonu> ,���,.��� that
upland as desired; tram frontage 8UCPP,.S hM attended radhlm pmana-
$150 an acre and remainder just\aon. i,lst(.ad of tllp mPta, ���,.,.,,. ,n
back of frontagei lots ��00 and: $125.1 Germany,   especially,   the   latter  Have
been used, and Sir Frederick Treves'
finished, und large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner, George Warne.
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. 12140]
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned np at once. Sole
agents, Curtis ft Dorgan, N'ew West
minster.   Phone 466.   No trades.
cohoe nct, second hand; must be
cheap. Apply Captain D. Mcl.eod,
Oakalla P.O., B.C. <-179)
work. .Miss Pennington, Y. W. C. A.
ers' supplies. Oriental Contracting
Company, 413 Westminster Trust
building. (2120)
tnre in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full ralue or
-will sell your household goods and
������fleets by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell. Wostmlnster
Auction House, King's hotel block.
Columbia street. (2164)
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oue guaranteed. Market square. (2160)
Re Lots _S and in. Block 1, Sub-dlvlslon
of Lot ���-S. Group 1. Port Haney, In the
Dlstriet of New Westminster.
Whereaa, proof of tho lows of Certificate
of Title Number 023S !���*, Issued In 111'' nam.
of Alice  May  Dorman  hns  beon  filed  In
this office.
Notice Is hereby given that T shall, al
the expiration of one month from the date
of the first publication hereof, In a d.iily
newspaper published  In  tiie City of New
Westminster. Issue a duplicate of the said
certificate, unless in the meantime valid
objection  be made to me In writing.
.7.   C.   GWYNN.
District Registrar of Titles
Land I-CKistry Office. New Westminster,
B.C..  13th  September,  1913. (2078)
on Third street, cheap, close in. Apply 210 Third avenue. (2211)
rooms, private family, to couple
without children: bath toilet and
��tectric light; one. minute to car
Apply Box 2191 Newe office.   i_V.il i
furnished bedrooms. Apply 420 St.
George etreet. (2192)
PURSUANT In Section sn. Sub-section
l. of the Hritish Columbia Railway Act.
1911. notice Is hereby given that there
has been deposited with the Registrar at
New Westminster, a plan shew'ing proposed extension of Dock .Spur from Road
No. 19 to Canal street. .Mileage 3.9 A. to
Mileage 4,9 a. Lulu Island Branch, and
under the powers given to it b ��� somite
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway
company will tnke, arrl if necessary expropriate tlie lands required fnr Its right-
(2130) Chief Engineer.
announcement eame In the nature of
a final o.oiifinjiation from t'ie London
Radium Institute. The value of the
process can be realized from Sir
Frederick Treves' statement that "apparent cures" have followed Hie use
of the emanations in eases of tumors,
cancer and various skin diseases. He
was "very hopeful" that time would
demonstrate these "apparent cures" to
lie permanent cures, though his con-
rc-rvatism forbade him to say more at
Dr. W. H. B. Aikias, who lias paid
more attention to the use of radium
than perhaps any other Canadian physician, and who has been using it for
the pa?t three years, explains the nature pf the "emanations." "When radium Is heated," he said, "or when
| radium salts are dissolved in water,
emanations are given off. These are
really a gas. and can be collected. For
several days they retain all the qualities of the radium as recards radioactivity. That is to say. then send out
the same ray stiiat the metal radium
does. And radium will give off these
emanations indefinitely without losing
Its strength. It has been calculated
that a piece of radium could Klve off
emanations for 21-01) years without becoming exhausted.
From One Little Portion.
"Innumerable tubes of these emanations conld therefore be taken from
one  small   piece of radium.    That   is
This Time the Lawyer Scored.
A lawyer appeared before oue of llie
New   York   city   boards   asking   Unit
damages lie awurded to certain clients
because of n change of grade In their
street.   When lie had completed bis ar-
________ j gument the president suld: "Mr. Ulault,
you ought to know better thun to take
what the London Radium Institute has up the time of tbls board lu this uiuu-
been doing. Tubes containing tlio ' ner. You are too good u lawyer not to
emanations      have      been    sent    out ��� nllow thut on your own  presentation
throughout the country and patients
in widely separated places treated.
And the power all came from the little
piece of radium in Loudon, which gave
off the emanations.
"The London Radium institute has
been conducting experiments with
these emanations for the past two
years. Similar experiments have been
carried on In France nnd especially
Oermany, where there are many 'em-
anatoria' where patients go to be
treated. The results in most cases!
have been very encouraging. In some
hospitals in the treatment of the early stages of cancer, radium is used
Instead of the knife,
"Radium treatment Is usually administered by holding an applicator with
a minute quantity of the substance
above the affected part. With the
treatment by emanations, however. It
is possible to make un Injection into
the tumor, or whatever it Is that is to j
be treated, and the radio-activity will
be actually within it. This Is due to
the fact that the emanation loseR power rapidly. In four days half Its
Strength  Is exhausted."
Four Months to  Extract.
Radium is hy far the most expensive substance known. A grain of it
costs $1]5.000. If a pound of It could
be got together it would be worih $52 -
000.000. A ton of pitchblende rock
and four months' work are necessary
to extract a single grain.
There Is possibly Sir.,urn worth of
radium in Toronto, Vr. Aikens owns
most of it and Dr. Edmund E. King
mon of the rest. The entire supply
In lis silver containers could be car-,
ried in one hand.
Ontario Chief Justice on This Subject.
Toronto. Oct. 9.���Some people are.
| getting into the habi' of shirking their
| duties when summoned ln the king's
'name to perform one nf their highest'
'civic duties," said Chief Justice R, M,
: Meredith to H. B. Eckbardt. charged
with contempt of court for neglecting
to appear as a grand juryman at the
"Vou are quite as Intelligent as I
i am and you ignored your summons"
I hr- added.
He   wan   let   go   when   be  explained
that   he  had   made  a   mistake  in   the
' dav
"There were two or three eases in
; which, If the prisoners had been found
; guilty, they would have becn hanged.
.Tbey had a right to yonr independent
i lodgment," the court said in conclusion.
of facts these people have not tU-a
shadow of u legal claim against the
eity." "Your remarks sre fully Justified. Mr. President." snld Mr. Ulauk.
"I not only expected them, but you
have done me a favor by making tbem. I
There are times when a lawyer Is so
pushed by Ills clients who seem to
know more about tbe law than lie
does that tlie only thing lie ran do U
to let them come up against lt themselves. Tbey probably know as much
about It uow os I did before. 1 thank
you for your uttentlou." With that be
took up bis books and left the room.
followed by a bait dozen crest/ulleu
Coast Guards In England.
Sbould ii coast guard iu Ureal Britain
stationed at any particular place full
iu love there, say, wltb the village
beauty, his marriage Is Instantly followed by bis transfer to auother and
generally far distant station. The reason for Ibis Is tbat io tbe old days,
when smuggling wus universal at
small COMSl tonus, the iiiarriuge of a
coast guard wltb a girl living in lho
locality was considered dangerous, us
It might Interfere with him In the discharge of Ills duties sbould any of tho
smuggling parties be among bis wife's
relatives, and a regulation was fruiticd
compelling the newly married man 10
lie instantly transferred elsewhere. To
this day. therefore, and In phices
where smuggling I* nn unheard ot
practice, ttie unfortunate coast guard,
directly after bis marriage, mii-st drag
Ills wife away from tbe home of her
youth and her family ties anil dwell
wbere she could have little eluiuce oC
revisiting her people.
Judge   Roasts  Hamilton   Institution-
Buildings Too Small, Nuroes
Hamilton, Oet. 9.���Judge Snider baa '���
banded in his report on the city bos!
pltal  Investigation.     Ills honor found j
that the hospital buildings and equip!
ment  were insufficient for the    city's!
requirements,    and     that    Hamilton1
sin.old   provide  a   large   sum   for  Im-I
proveiniuts    and  new  buildings,  thai
the officials might do belter work and
not be obliged to turn away any sick'
or Injured poor who seek to enter It. i
His honor also found that the number
of   nurses   was   Inadequate,   in   corse '
quenee of which tbey were overwork '
ed and that tliey did not have adequate I
accommodation In their quarters.    Hei
appended a copy of Dr. Uruee Smith's i
evidence  regarding   the  hospital,  and ]
said  regarding the equipment and accommodation  at   the   institution.     He I
praised the management of the hospital by Dr. I.angrill. and found that the
greater pari of the charges made by ;
patients were without  foundation, and
probably caused by their nervous and
III  condition, or by  the unreasonable-j
"ess that sick people sometimes show.
In summing up, bis honor says: "1 find
that   no misconduct, mismanagement
or no serious neglect prevails at the
hosoitaL" His honor dealt fully with
each of the cases befots him. and only
In two did hr find any real warrant
for the hcargea One was tb" case
where a young lady was given poison
In mistake by a nurse, and prompt
���nedic.il attention saved her life, and I
'he other was where a nurse struck a
child, lie was of the opinion that ni
slick was used as stated by tlle child.
The nurBe wus reprimanded and taken out of the children's ward at once.
II" also thought it might have been
that nurses were away from patients
for a longer period than they should
have been. Tbe mistake of the nurso
who gave the patient poison  was In-
oxcusable oarelessnesBi and   it   wub
Shown that the system of allowing
nurses in training to give orders for
medicine was general. This was dan-
gerous nud should not have been allowed. A change was made, but tho
svstem was not yet all lt ahould be In
tills respect, bis honor said. He recommended tho use of safety cases
for all poisons.
Caught In Belt and Skull Fractured.
Montreal, Oct. 9. An accident in
which Sister Cornier of the Congregation de Notre Dame Inst her lire at
the convent,  1010 Sherbrooke si reet,
Tuesday, first became publicly known
today with the burial of the nun's
It is Mated thut on Tuesday afternoon last she went lo lbe wash room
of the convent and attempted to conned a large revolving belt to the
washer This had usually been done
by the engineer and lt Is slated that,
a warning wns Issued to the slBlers
that none were lo handle Hie machinery.
Bister Cornier was caught in tlie
bell and dashed to the ground Her
skull was fractured and she died tbat
afiernoon, shortly after receiving the
lasl rites of lhe church
No Information was given out at the
morgue here, although it Is stated that
the authorities held an InventIgatlon
and declared death tO be accidental.
Slater Cornier was Miss Mary Ann
Dugas of Oaraquette, Quebec, she
was 47 years" old and bad been con-
nected with the Congregation de Notre
l);une for 24 years. Bhe had been
at the convent on Sherbrooke street
for t> year
Mgr. Ilruehesl officiated at the services this morning, burial being In llie
orivate cemetery of the order at villa
Maria, Notre Dame de Grace
Corporation of the fity or New Westminster has deposited with tl* ��� MlnUtol
nf Public Works and In the ol'Hcc of the
RegtstrHr    of   Deeds    fnr   tlle   District    Of
Several Obstacles to Overcome Before
i These Two Can Be  Mar-
'��� ried.
Wonderful Reasoninq.
We bad taken  the tram at  Dupont;
circle, and us we strung around Into
Connecticut avenue I said to my com-
pa Dion:
"Do you  see  that  lady  across  tbe'
n Isle?"
"Yon menn the left handed girl?"
"I mean the one with tbe blue scarf."
"Yes. the left banded one."
"My dear." I replied. "1 acknowledge
tbat you hare reduced deduction In 'i
science,   but   surely   yon   are   Jesting
when you pretend to say that you ean!
pick out a left banded girl nt a glance." ,
"Nothing easier, niy dear Wntson.
By glancing at ber b.it yon will see:
Hint sbe Is wearing en ennriii.ui. Int- j
pill mid Hint the jeweled besd of tho*
pin Is on tbe left side of ber millinery.
Nothing easier, my denr Watsuu a
mere trifle" ��� Washington Star.
SieiiMUNQD oekCK k.m.hiimiii.        w o hattmcw-j. vioi-emsiomt,
C. A. DOGERT, General Manager.
Capital P4*<1 up
n.M.vo Fund -
T.t.l Aii.H
keeping rooms, $10    snd    |15    per (N.w Westminster, British Columbia." ideaa I ticity���these are what K
month at 224 Seventh street.  (21631   Hto^SW/rM.SW^fflS *��* SchlP? n"ed-    A1*
nelle   River   In   said   district.
that the corporation of tli" City of New
Westminster will nfter one inonth from
the first publication of thin nntic" apply
the C.overnnr Oeneral In Council for
approval of such works.
DATED at New Wesiminster. n. C. this
_7tli dnv of Remember, mn.
Solicitors    for    ��he   Corporation    of    the
Cltv nf Ni>w Westminster,
���xheie. So collection, no charge.
Americno-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 3S6 Hastings Btreet west, Vancouver, D.C. (210-1
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P, II. Iirown, 17
liegliie street, New Westminster.
Montreal, Oct. 9.-Jobs and domes-j
Isle Settle and |
Iso a little nest-1
egg.  too.    The jobs probably  will   be
procured through efforts of the lmmi-
gratlon authorities   a position In ser-:
vice with some local Protestant family
for   Miss   Settle  and   honest   employ-
American      Returned    From    Mexico
Says U. S. Does  Not Protect
Cltizenc Abroad.
lictwecn the Hani, of Vancouver,
Plaintiff: and Catherine ('. Young,
Seattle, Oct. 9.    With   the   declaration   that   he   Is   disgusted   with     the
ment   of   suitable   nature   for   Sciilps.   American   foreign   policy,   lhat   appro-
Then the nest-egg is supposed logical-   priates $100,000 to steer United States
lyu?,,a)i0,^' ������"".' 'atPr *hp nfst' "?��-I citizens out of Mexico instead of pro-
But all this will depend on how the ,,     ,       ,h(1|n a      ���.,���_���_  w()ull|
man .who was acquitted yesterday on:d    R��b   , ���   ,.in(isav, assistant chlet
a charge of white slavery and the girl.  en lnp,.r (lf ���le  ,)r)lorP8 MIn|ng (.om.
who. It was claimed trustingly follow- . ,,f  ��� d sta(p ���, n,lh,lilhlm,
Creditors' Trust Deeds Act
1.IMITKI. of Sllvn-ton. Wi-hi Kootenay
and lhe cily of New Westminster in Uie
provincQ of British Columbia, merchojits,
Jinn- liy dei-d dated the 30Ui tlay of Sep-
���i-inher. A. l>. Kit, assigned lo in". Chris-
<i��lih��T II. Reeves of the elty or New Wenl-
prmster, province of Hritish Columbia,
merchant, tn trust for the benefit of all
Its creditors all Its renl and personal prnp-
-PT1V. eradits and effects which mnv lie
.-���.-iau-! or sold or attached under execution or the Execution act or attachment
Jill |�� rnons having eliilms aaalnpt 111" said
wrap-any are required to deliver the same
���hilv verified to mS at my office, t-ltv of
N.w iV'-Ktinlnslei. on nr before the 18th
.im of October, A. l> 1911,after which date
flu-   eald   assignee   will   proceed   tn   tllstill'-
,-l<��� lie- prnc.is'ds of the wild estate, having
ieti.ir.1 only  to Suoh claims aa have becn 1
��� lul*.   fllrd will' hlm.
A m~'Ung of the creditors of the ml 1
Tlie William Hunler comnanv. I,l*rnll'*'l.
���will Ih- held nl th" offlre of <.nrbonH.
On-u-lt A MeColl. 40 linrnc strii'l, N' �����'
XVitiiiiilneter. It- C, ��n Mnndav. the Uttl
attv nl October, A D. 1��I3. at the hour
.,��� 4 o'elocfc In the afternoon for lh" itlvint
nt it,-*-.etwins wiih refersnos to the dis-
ih.mii nf ttie estate.
I >'till   this   1st   dav   Of  OCtebSTi   A.   1).
C31M) New Westminster, H. C.
ied him to Montreal from Ontario, act
during the next few months under the
tutelage   of   tho  Immigration   authorl-
! tloiv
Mins Settle Is willing to wait, and
[this morning her friends were endeavoring to locale ber in a suitable fam-
j Ily. Schips is also on the lookout for
ja job. and he has been Instructed lhat
jhe must save up some money fnr fur-
nitlire and other contingencies before
Ulie wedding will be allowed.
Then   there's  another   little    hitch,
place.    Schips
Telcphonee: Office S3, Residence 429
JOHN BBID. Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Hros.'    Cnanlliie
Bagta-re,  Marine   Kiiglueo   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office snd Works: Tenth St.
���S>0. Bov 474      Now Wettmintter. B.C
pursuant to lbe order of His Honour j
Judge   Harker.   dated   the   "lh   day  of!
October, 1913, service of a summons in
tills   action   Is   to   be  effected   on   the   which  must  he attended to befor<
Defendant���Catherine  E,   Young,    byi final "hitch" can take
publishing   notice  of  the   said   sum-lis a Roman Catholic and bis prospeo-1
mens   in   a   newspaper  circulating   In ! tlve bride is a Protestant.    This opens
Kdmonds,  111 ., for a period of ihree inp a few questions Involved ln    recent       ,        ,-,     ,
.1) days, and by sending a copy of the , marriage cases before the courts ":;,l<"  "'   f"
Ilalnt to the last known address of | To be married according tn his re-
the Defendant. The time for filing llglon. Rehips would have to secure a
Dispute Note to the summons is Of-1 dispensation from the archbishop of
leen   (15)   days  from   the   rirst   publl-jhls   diocese,   aeeording   to   one   view.
cation of this advertisement The According to the other, a civil cere-
summons in this action Is dated tho nionv would be adequate. TJlfe suoreme
'-3rd day of September, A.D. 1918,        ��ourt bas wrestled unsuccessfully with
The plaintiff's claim Is for ��608.60, the problem and the prlw council has
being $40(1.00 principal and Interest j been given opportunity to adjudicate
tint* on ti I'romlssory Note, dated thi* | Sehlns and Miss Battle have a fe.-.-
4th day of .lnne, 1818, payable on tbe obstacles to overcome before ihey nn-
���4th day of August. 1918, made bv Ihe j ally stand linfor" the nlfir hul true
Defendant, $101.LT. due on a Hill of Kx-i love Is always laid to find a waj
change  dated   the   Hub   dav  of  June, i
1918,   payable   10   days after  sight, ofj'      	
which   Ihe   Defendant   Is   Ihe   drawer. |
and  $101.25 due on   a  second   Hill  of i
Kxchango dated the 10ih dny of June !
1913,   payable   3   days  after'sight, of
which  the Defendant Is maker. I
The summons was Issued hy Adam j
Smith Johnston, whose place of busl-1 i
ness  and  address  for  service  Is  6621
Columbia   street,   New   Westminster 1
n.c. I
Dated this 8th day of October, A.D. I
Deputy Registrar,
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m., 2 p. m. and
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m. and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10 a. m. and 6:30 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for
Prince Rupert and Northern
Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays
and Saturdays at 11 p. m.
BD. (iOOLBT. A��ent, New Westmlnatar
U. W. UHODtK, a. P. A_ Vancouver.
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do   not   gripe,  pnrge  nor
cause  nausea,   nor  does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness.     You can
(always  depend ou  them.
25c. a box at your
Druggist's,    ns
litHnil tra) ene Ckemlul Ci.
���I Unit*. United.
NOTICE is in.KKHY GIVEN thai tin-
official liquidators of tha abovo oompany
will, .-ifli-r twiiily-ntii- daya from Iin- date
iii 1-1 nt, proceed to open oortnln depoall
boxes in tin- \nnitn of Hi.' sniil company,
unless in lhe meantime the persons renting SUCll liov'H 1111 me i. dat'- nnd tiili" on
which tb'" propose to attend and ink'*
oul anv document* or eecurltles deposited
hi such boxes.
After the sniil boxea have been opened,
the owners of nnv eaourltlai deposited In
Huld depoall iinx'M mnv receive such St*.
curltlea ���i the office of th" official llonl-
datora, tha westmlnitor Truet, Limited,
sltiint" 111 Wostmlnotar Trust liiilldlnff.
*n*v;  Weetmlneter, n. C.
DATJCD uus 8th day of October, a. D.
(21 sr, 1 New Woetmlneter, n. C.
Bolicitor for official Liquidator.
announced in a letter received yesterday by hiB father, Former Superior Court Commissioner Robert II
Lindsay of this city that he had    ar-
! rived safely In El Paso.
The experiences of young Lindsay
in reaching American soil throw an
int< resting sidelight on actual conditions that now prevail In the lmhap-
py republic p-outh of the Itio Grande.
"Toward tho last food ran pretty
short at the mill." writes Mr. Lindsay.
"We had no sugar or milk, very little
1 rotten and a short allowance of potatoes and tobacco. The men, after we
decided to close down. Joined the
rebels ns fast as discharged for the
What their deserted
families are going to do Is beyond
com prehension It will most probably be loot. loot, loot until everything.
Is gone, and when that little is f>on-
su'-nfl. wh-" then?    Sttrvntlnn.
"Th" varlctte binds from both sides
have for weeks been passing through
thn nnn and l'"'v unon ua for supplies w'th a rollilc-s hand. There Is
no us" In refilling, for th"n Ihey would
loot- so w< hid to tread very softly."
Permitted to Proceed.
Lindsay left Dolores on a handcar
on Hentemb'T 11 and reached Madera
two davs later with arms and :-hotil-
ilers blistered, thrniiKh bis shirt, by
the fierce riys ol tbe i un. On Sep
tember 18, th" Seattle man's handcar
caught up with Vlllc's soldiers who
had Jus; I'ompleted the repair of a
burned bridge, He was permitted to
proceed ahead of eight, troop trains,
"i   rure   am   for   General   villa."
; writes Lindsay. "For whM be did for
tne Is right In line with his reputation
for treatment of Americans, while thc
federal officer! and soldiers have been
very abusive and of'enslve, and only
a few davs ago, in Madera, murdered
an American In cold blond and Stripped tbe body of all clothing."
'in thfi n- 'mini! of the necond day
aft'-r Ibis incident. Lindsay and his
little partv found themselves within
twelve henri"' run of Juarez, They
arrived In that, cltv after dark and
Lindsay snvs hc "grabbed his suit
ease and demanded of an American
automobile party to bo taken across
the river lo Texas." The sightseers
were accommodating and the eni'l-
neer wnn hustled acrora the river Into
the Ttnllrrl Plate!' without, the ceremony of obtaining n"rmiHRl-~-n of
whomsoever mlgbt happen to be at
lhi" moment In control of Juarez.
"Thank find, I can nnw sleep pence
fully nt nlKht. and not be compelled
In every waking moment to keep mv
hand on inv nun," concluded Mr.
Lindsay. "I will, however, sav Ihls.
ln view of all that I have withstood
and Jnst cone through. 1 am not as
good an American as I was when I
left the states. Thn "protection1 tills
government, gives lt<. citizens abroad
Is mostly name only."
Literary   Coincidence..
Tennyson said of a  strauce literary
colneideuee,  "A  ('blues., scholar M.iue
time aco wrote to ine saying tbnt In an
unknown,  untranslated Chinese p n
Ibere were two whole lines of mine
almost word for word" Hvron In bis
monody on the death of Sheridan.
where be says there will never be no-
Other Sheridan, the mold belns broken
up. employs, word for word, terms In
which an ancient Kanskrlt document
refers to Ibe dentil of Maru. notwithstanding that Hvron could never bnve
seen lhe document Sbiikespeaie's
passage nbout love and lightning In
"lloineo and Juliet," II. '-', Is alimmt
Ideiillciil with a -quotation from "Mn-
bits nnd M oil lm t ii." an Indian poem
by l.havsbiitl. written nine centuries
hefore and not translated up to Shakespeare's time.
A Modern Banking Institution
F.very description cf Banking Is transacted by The
Dcm'nion Bank. The Collection Department Is completely
equipped to handle (he business cf Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Large Cc.rpcrali&na.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL     	
P.  O.  BOX  44? TELEPHONE   324
School "daminitis."
Let ns remember thai there l�� snell
a thine as examlnltls anil tbut a brain
crammed wltb a multitude of iilelesl
facts may sbow up brilliantly un ao
examination, but be ho closed a-- lo
be tillable to pul the klii.wle.l-_i- lo
practical use We know we are niH-
lng lbe pedagogue's Ire l.y thus slitting
thai there Is such u thing as loo line ll
knowledge, hilt ok a fact tbe world'!
work Is being don* by specialist* who
are densely Ignorant of everything Mlt"
side lhelr respective narrow spheres ���
ami of ninny tilings Inside Iou.-Auief-
i' an Medicine
Seirinq an Opportunity.
"Why did lbe.\ arrest I Iiut man?"
"II  was discovered tliat he was sup.
porting Ivm.  (amine*-- keeping up Iwo
.���HlllllllslllllClllS "
"lib   nre  ibey  arresilna  people  for
lllllt. I'll bale to tell my Wife li. ill,l-il
bei fiilber mil Mi search of a Job " ���
l.llleugii lie onl Herald,
Thou Thoui-jhtlett Remarks,
.links 'Ihr blguift tool HI. k I ever
did was once when I was in nnd
thoughl I was going to die. I sent tor
nil my crttlitiirs Hint paid Ibem In full.
Rink* -Anil I bell you recovered. I sop.
pose/ Jinks No. riled, you blanket!
Idloii   llusiou Tianscrlpt.
Public Opinion,
Tbe I'niid Milliter���Everybody snv*
he Is sueh a pretty hiiliy. I'm sure the
poel was rlghl wben he suid lbat
"heaven ll.-s iiIhmii um in our lltflllli'V '*
Tbe Uncle lunfeellhglyi- Kill lie sllonlil
have nddeil. "So Ones everybody elsu."
- Life.
Just s Trifle.
"Oh. Mrs. Meier, now do you dot
It's an age slnve I've seen youi Any-
thing new wiih mu!"
"Only my husband."-Kllegonde matter
There are times when Ond nsk�� noth-
lng nf bis children elltept alienee und
patleuce. - Itol.1 n��on.
Wood Pulp In Sweden.
Washington, Oct. 8. Wood pulp
manufactured ln Sweden from wood
grown In Russia Is not entitled to free
entry Into the United Btates, according to a decision by Assistant Secretary of tho Treasury llamlln,
Tlie Instructive Idea
of Advertising
"Where shall I go?"
"What shall I do?"
"What shall I wear?"
"What shall I eat?"
"Where shall I live?"
And so on down the long list of
human every-day questions. You
will find them all answered in the
pages of the modern progressive
People read advertising now for
instruction and information as well
as for its "bargain" possibilities.
New ideas, new thoughts, inspirations and suggestions constantly
come to you if you take advantage
of the advertising columns of this
newspaper. Don't neglect your
ad. reading. '{
-  -   *i   -   -   mini* imi
FRIDAY,   OCTOBER   10,  1913.
Individuality   tha   8lo*
pai of Juvsnil. Style..
Hunting of Big Mammals Recognized
Industry   In   Sea   Off   Capa
Beattle,   Oct.   9.   Hunting     white
whales became one of (he recognlzi-d
Industries along the shores of Bering
sea   adjacent   to   Nome   lasl   summer.!
nays s. l. (jedney, manager of   tbe
Bolomon   Itlver  railroad,   who arrived!
In Seattle on the last steamship of the
season from lbe far north.
The meat of the white wbulo has
been found excellent for human eon
sumption, as well as for dot! feci]
I'ractlijiilly every while and native
fisherman along tb bleak coast has
given up mlmon fls.iliiK and Is devoting bis energies to thn new enterprise.
The til.li*. or the whales are shipp-d
to London, the blubber Ib put up In
cans and the meat Is sold as food for
both men and dogs. The meat brings
9 cents a pound. 3 cents more than Is
obtained for salmon, and the catch Is
much large.*,
"One fisherman," snld (leilney. "has
put up more than fifty ions of meat
this summer, and the natives all along
the bench from Cape I'rlnce of Wales
to (lolovln have laid In
ror winter ,l0hn llegness. ihe mall
carrier from Unalakllk tn Nome, has
stored a lot of meat ut different point.-*
nloiiK the trail to be used this winter
"With an abundance or reindeer
nnd whale meat, ihe Kskimos will lie
"In clover" during the coming season or
isolation.   Although theae whales have
been  -seen  In  schools along the coast
tor years, it ws not until last summer
The craze for originality that Is ram-
big supply j '"'"' '" WW* lip modes lias Invaded
the realm of children's clothes to such
an extent tbls season that many mothers who have Insisted upon tbelr children treating nothing save ���'sensible'"
garments are departing from iuu rule
nnd adopting "Parisian fashions for
lbe kiddles'"
I be frocks pictured arc two Trench
Prices smashed for Friday and Saturday. Dont say, "Oh,
well, I'll wait," or "I'll do it some other time." Some other
time won't do! Now is the time to think quickly and act
quickly. What's the use of waiting and paying more later
on? It will pay you to visit this sale Friday and Saturday.
No one will refuse to buy, none will go away empty handed
after looking at the marvellous bargains that will be offered.
All  kinds of  women's und  children's
hosiery,   Including  wools and   cashmeres
models    Hint   even    the   conservative
thai  their food value was ascertained! Mother will not hesitate to copy,
and a method of cntrMng    them    de-i ���	
vised,   a Norwegian fisherman caught
a small one In a salmon net. He dlh-
eo-rred tbat I, was Rood lo eat. He
then   made   a   large-mesh     net     wllb
which he caught u number of them.
Others  Follow  Example.
To Renew Curl In Festhars.
Tlle     present      fashionable     ostrich
j I'i'iitlier. although  It Is not so tightly
I curled   as   tbe   old   fashioned   plume,
Ituulu even  more bedraggled  and  for
"Native and other white fishermen I 'orb "ben It is out of curl Uian tht
aOOIl followed his lead. When the anl-1 old one did. Vet foes untl uil-ts or
mals are caught In the net they make rultte are as frequent'aa ever and .is
a great commotion and a man then ! trich feathers
puts on rrom Bhore In a boat or ra
noe and shoots them. One or the pe
CUllar   fads  developed   in   contiectlon
ure now worn itt all
tin ira of Hie day and nlgbt regardless
of   tbe   weather.       Pluinetls   feutbers
with the Industry Ib that the calves or
j Were put forward to till the role of a
'baby'whales, wlll remain around the I        ���r   w,1,<���',,   moisture   woold   not
outside or the net In wblch the mother | ''bimgo. but they do not take tbo pluce
Is ratiKht, and will not leave the vb-ln-or the regulation ostrich feather.
Ity.  even after the  mother Is slaugh-      Tliere Ik only one thing to do If you
'���'r.!''}, *'���*>"��� ostrich  feather... aud tbut  Is to
"1 he meat itself is exceeding)- pal-   learn how to curl tbem.    It Is as good
''";  J**Jftfi*J^^J*"��  M   Impossible   to   send   a   feather   to
nas  it  any or the  flavor of the seal
Tliere Is a string of nets along the
beach from llolovln bay to Cape I'rlnce
of Wales and many of the miners who,
because or the shortage or water,
were unable to rind work during the
rummer, are making a winter grub
stake in whale fishing.
tbe pruM.ssl.innl ci-aaner to be curled
���very time there Ih a summer shower.
When thc moist hat with feather
trimming ia removed pat It If pus
���ll.le. near a lire. Meat often restored
n good deal of the lost curl. When
Ihls Is not pomlble let tbe feather dry
"The whale hides are extremely I thoroughly and tben re-curl It wltb
tough and can be converted into a ��� ������i! ��\m,_ the blunt edge of a knife
waterproof leather, but I do not know . <>r R<,tllc othCT gtw| or illvcr ,l)im>
what it is used ror    1 was Informed wWeh ,, ���()t ������
lhat It Is made Into belting to operate:    -,.���_,, ._,���,, _. '    ....   _., ,,,_ ,__,,,_
pulleys thai  run  under water In this      ""rti with one or   wo ef the fronds
respect II Is much the same as walrus   "f ,ho f,'",her at " tlme     C"teh ,,,ul"
'Ide. but  ll has the advantage of be    but ween the thumb and tbe blade near
' ix lighter. I the  stem  of the   feather  and  slowly
"In addition to tlie whale hides and   ""d  firmly draw tbe  rhomb and  the
Children's school dresses of all colors
values to I G.00, cut to 	
AH  children's  hats  and  caps  at
Women's   house   and   street   dresses,   m*    ********
values  to  $10,  cut  to       /    X^
Kiddles' pure f'ashrnere stockings;
black, white and nat., regular 50c.
Cut  to   	
Ilaby's hand knitted booties, all colors.
Kcgular Sl.SO; cut to	
Infants'   pure   wool   vests  and  underwear, values to 75c;  cut to  	
Baby's white dresses, values to $3.50;
cut to 	
Pure  wool   toques  and  caps;   regular
price $1.50;   cut to   	
Children's   warm   coats   made  of  all
popular cloths
Perrln's kid gloves, of all colors and
sizes; regular $1.75; cut to 	
15c. white linenette kerchiefs; cut to
Ladies' waists and blouses, all the latest styles and best or makes; values
to $3.50;  cut to   	
Leather soles, pure wool lines;  regular 75c;   cut  to   	
Ladles silk and lisle hosiery; regular
value $1.00;  cut to  	
Ribbons, both silk and satin, all colors
and sizes; values to 75c. yard;
cut to  '
Ladles'    white    muslin   underskirts;
values to $4.00; cut to	
Ladles' lisle and cotton gloves; values
to 50c. all sizes; cut to  	
The World's Greatest Price Cutter.
Drawing for the Handmade Pillow takes
place Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.   A
j  I ticket given with each purchase.
among ether sea products* shipped
from Hiring sea tbls summer, waa
about Km tons of dried and salted her-
rlnas. which are said to be better than
the noted Norwegian vurlety."
blade alung the fronds to tbe edge
If necessary go over aome of tbe
feather* twice.
names of the  men  employed  ln  ope-! mately $1S00.    Through his attorney-
rating suoh machines In taking wagers  William C. Morrow, Agassis introduced
""     ������������-    -       Twelve of  testimony at the hearing showing that
Moscow, Idaho. Oct. 9.
the shafting operating the feed
J. IC. Mudgett of Mudgatt & Son was
stripped of every shred of clothing on
his entire Irmly, except one wristband.
Ills shoes and the lower portions of
his stockings. Ills escape without a
broken bone Is considered miraculous.    Mr. Mudgett Is 60 years of age.
The accident happened several days
ago, but Mr. Mudgett said nothing
Shout II I'll he was able to bo out.
Ile says that the Khartum is within
two teet or the floor, and that he
crawled under It to do some oiling.
With his race to the rloor- and when
about hair way under, his clothing
was oanght ln a few minutes he was
left nude and was too dizzy to rail
for beln. Cue of tne helpers saw the
prostrate man and turned oft thc
"A boy without experience misht
do pitch a trick, but a man of my age
should not need an experience of thc
kind to know better," says Mr. Mudgett, who was able to go to work this
Afternoon   Gowns   Hsrve   Transparent
Afternoon   gown,   are   following   in
tiie  footstep* of smart evenlnn  cres-
I lions    In    lhelr   waist   developments
Caught  on   nary blue chiffon cloth Is used ror tbe
To Reinstate Jail Staff.
Woodstock. Oct. ��.--Chnrles W^nn
,���*..,,.  i-seph llurgess wlll be reinstated
aa Jailer and turnkey of Oxford county jail.
Every Woman
Knows That
instead of sallow skin and face
blemishes sho ought to possess
the clear complexion and tho
beauty of nature and (good
health. Any woman afflicted
or sufferinir at times fram
headache, backache, nervous*
ness, languor and depression
of spirits���ought   to   try
the safest, surest, most convenient and most economical
remedy known. Beecham b
Fills remove impurities, insure
better digestion, refreshing
sleep, and have an excellent
general tonic effect upon the
wholebodilysystem. Theyhavo
a wonderful power to improve
the general health, white by
furifylng the blood, Beecham's
ills   dear   the   skin   and
The Complexion
Sold susnah���< '���
ZltltxXt*** wUh
cHirron cloth akd Laos.
skirt drapery of tbla model, wltb tbt
under portion of silk In Roman atrlpea
of dull red and black.
Tho transparent waist It of nary
blue lace dyed to match tba cloth and
applied over wblte chiffon. Tb* deep
girdle la of tb* Roman silk.
Epigrams About Woman.
Man without woman la bend without
body.; woman without man la body
without head.-flerman Proverb.
Wrinkles dlsdgur* a woman leas than
III natur*.-Antoln* Dnpny.
I am sure I do not mean It an Injury
to woman when I tay there Is a tort of
sei tn sonla.-SIr Richard Steel*.
A wnmnn wben tht hat pasted forty
net-times an Illegible tcrawi. Only an
' il woman It capable of divining ot<*
Hard on Long Thlrate.
Columbut, Ohio, Oct 9.���On and
after November 4 no liquor Will bo
served on railroad dining cara In
Ohio. Nothing ttronger than grape
Jnlco will be found on tray* of ool
ored waiter*.
Victoria City Council   Goea    Out
Trail of Racing Organisation and
and paying out winnings,
such machines were in operation. Evidence that t'i'J was played in wagers
by      the    detectives    Is    also    given.
Among  the   witnesses   who.   the  city
solicitor stated,   would   be necessary,
are    named    tbe    registrar   of   Joint
on ���stock    companies,    George    Sangster,
i secretary or the B. C. Agricultural as-1
[soclation. and    William    H. Hundley,
���' chief of pollce of Oak Bay
Comstock bad failed to account for a
$1100 note and that there was a dis-
crepancy of $330 In Comstock'* reports on the amount of cash ln the;
estate at the time of Wright's death.;
The vice-consul also attacked various
clalma against the estate that were al-
concealed themselves in an alley. The  burglaries    which    hare been  takfn;
victim was relieved of $72. In the. place fn thia district lately, Norwood
fight witb the holdups, Roiek sus-'! being visited thiaa times and Wart_-
talned a lacerated scalp and bruises j worth and Westwood eaeb twice wittt-
on the face. He was taken to tbe ctty fin tbe last month. The same game
hospital for treatment. I seems to be responsible for tbem aU.
Victoria,    Oct    *.���Correspondence I HIM AT CONFERENCE
betwen the city and tbe attorney-gen-  8|r Riehard  MeBrld, WritM for H���
eral's department relative to the city's . Attorney-General.	
attempt to enforce tbe law dealing I Victoria, Oct. 9.���There ia a possl-
wlth race meets waa tabled at the last bility that Hon. VV. J. Bowser, attor-
ineetlng of the city council,    ln view  ney-general, will go east shortly    in
| lowed and paid by Comstock, inctnd
Ing one for $10!) that Comstock alleged the estate owed him for boarding Wright, and another for $137 expended for a monnment over Wright's
Will Su* on $1100 Note. .  ..     ,. ,        .     ..
Clifford stopped the hearin* and re-  the flr8i, tlme ,n  the
moved    Comstock    aa._________n_______t__rii____i        Potatoes   are   now
of the fact that Attorney-General Bowser had just returned from the mainland he had not had an opportunity
of looking over the information supplied by the city, bat a reply from him
order to meet Sir Richard McBrlde
upon his arrival In Ottawa. Mr. Bowser has not yet decided as to whether
he will be able to go or not although
he indicated that If circumstances are
ir  _ _  ���    selling at
when he admitted the existence of (h*|f����W ���*** ,B3ck' ���d a.re.u?ar5 to ,���**
!$1100 note of which he had made no|at ,hat Prlce" whiIe at Ms '"?" '".
mention ln his report to the court. >ear thei;e *erf ��*����� flujntKie* ��r
The note was given by Comstock tolthem t0 be had at fr?m so een^ to
Wright. According to Agasslz, It rep- 50 cents per sack and several farm-
resents $1100 that Comstock borrowed
Is expected by the city authorities In | favorable he will make the trip.
a day or two. The letter of the premier was, of
Following the council's Instructions
to the city solicitor to proceed against
the Country club, should evidence of
the Infringement of tbe law be secured, the city solicitor placed, two
special detectives on the Willows race
track on the first day of racing last
week. In his application to the attor-
nev-general. dated September 30, City
Solicitor Robertson states:
"The municipal corporation of the
-Ity of Victoria Is the owner of the
land ii within the territorial limits of
Oak Bay district, where a race meeting In now hetng held under the control of the Victoria Country club (limited liability), and as complaint bas
been made that devices or apparatus
'or the purpose ol recording beta or
wagers and known at "pari mutuel
machines" are being operated on the
said track, I have been Instructed b\
���he Victoria city council to take necessary steps under the criminal law
for prosecution.
"I am Informed that the tnld machines are knowingly allowed tn be
kept upon the premises by the Victoria
Country club.
"Inasmuch at a race meeting was
held for seven days, expiring on Saturday laBt. this comnany cannot avail
Itself of the exemption contained In
cbinter 19. Statutes of Canada. 1913.
which provides that there mutt be an
Interval of at leatt twenty daya between meetings and not more than
two meetings in any on* calendar
"I alto beg to refer to section 13,
ch. j��, Dominion acts. 1913, and toe-
tion 3, ch. 10, Dominion acta. 1910.
"At the person charged la an Incorporated company, a preliminary Inquiry cannot be held before a magistrate, and the proper proceeding* are
by indictment.
"I therefore beg to rctpeetfully request that the crown counsel be Instructed to prefer an Indictment at
th�� present nrslr.es.
"I sttnch memorandum showing if-
formation which the city hat procured
��nd n.mes of wltnesset to be produced In support or the indictment.
"I respeetnflly hog to point out th*��t
It It contemplated to hold races for the
next ttx dayt and that the Immediate
preferment of an Indictment might
have thn effect, ot preventing violation of th* law."
Accompanying thla communication
wat Information gained by the
I apeclal detective* aa to the operation
of   the   parl-mutusl   machine*,   tba
course, written and posted before the
change in the date of the provincial
premiers' conference at Ottawa was
announced, and he waa planning to
leave Bngland in order to be in the
federal capital by October 20. Now
that he knows of the change ln plant,
of course he will probably arrange to
������"imp several daya later. Apart from
the request for the attendance of Mr.
Bowser at Ottawa upon hia arrival. Blr
Richard's communication contained
nothing of public Import He had been
in London since hit arrival several
veekt before, and waa at tbe time of
"ritlna contemplating a brief visit to
the continent.
For First Tim* in History Town WlltlJamsa Llttta Diss at A-rfvsnc.d Ag* or
Hsv*  to   Import   Potatoes. i Eighty*!***.
Pullman, Wash., Oct. 9��� Pullsaan I* I Goelph. Oct. 9.���The death bas tafc-
facing a potato famine and In all / en place at hi* residence. Queen street-
probability quantities   of   thi*   table Lf Jamet Little, on* of the beat-known
history of the "Bd mo*t 'Wr retpected citizens ot
Guelph.   The late Hr. Little was   a
miller by trade, and was employed for
yeara aa bead miller at Murton's mill.
ago.     The   de-
Administrator Almost Tangle* Britain
and U. 8. In Dispute Ov*r
Tacoma. Oet ft���Bringing to a bead
the flrat of a terle* of cases taken sp
by Brltlth VlefrContnl C. B. Utclan
Agattts, In behalf of Britiah heirs who
have been deprived of their Intereat
in various estates In Washington aa a
retult of the (allure of oonnty officials
to obaerve the provltlont of a treaty
with the European government Superior Judge M. I* Clifford summarily
removed C. A. .Comttock aa administrator of tka aetata of the lato WtU
Ham Wright, ab Irishman, at a hearing yeaterday afternoon,
Comstock. In -bla report at administrator, alleged that he wat unable
to dltcovtr any trto* of heir*. It developed, however, that Balnsridg*.
Ireland, la full ef halra, the number
being at lars* mi ** ft" �� fcaaorasa
touch to the whole situation. . Thar
appealed to AgeetU to protect their
Intti-Mta. Following th* ramoral st
Comttock. who ts ��� lodging hqww
protestor. Judg* Clifford appelated
Agaaaia admlnlttntor aad ordered lta
to mak* a thorough InveetliaUou or
tha varioue Item* ta OomHoeT* 1
Tha amount laroived   Is   appeal
from Wright and the vice-consul will
now sue to recover the loan.
Wright was born in Ireland and had
no relatives In this country. He was
a veteran employe of the Northern
Pacific, but retired from active work
some time before hit death near the
end of 1911, when he was 75 yeara old.
He wat a hard drinker until he waa
61, according to the tettlmony, but
never touched liquor during the laat
fourteen yeara of hit life. In that period he accumulated $2500.
Following Wright's death, Comttock
waa appointed administrator. Appraisers who Investigated the estate,
reported to the superior court that lt
Included *3S0 In "cath. Comttock
swore to thlt report His own final
report at admlnlttrator, however,
save the amount of ea.li In the estate
at $6.15. Ue reported the total value
of the estate aa $80$ and that there
wat a balance of only $100 after paying all clalma and expense. Agaaaia
contend! that Comstock haa produced
ho proof of aome of tha clalma
The existence of the $1100 note waa
proved when Attorney Morrow put P.
f\ Kauffman. a former official Of tke
fidelity Trust company, nn the stand.
Kauffman testified that Comttock had
kept the note In a safety denoalk vaaJt
In the bank and tbat Comttock withdrew the note aad other paptra (rom
the bank, he waa required to Aire a
r��celnt for them. Kauffman examined
the note before surrendering It
Provision* or Treaty.
A treaty between the United State*
and Groat Britain require* that when
a Britiah anbleet dlae In thlt oountry.
the local county aathoritlee ahall notify the neareat Britiah coaiular o(tt-
~*t to that the latter may aiotrtefaa
l( thero ar* helrt In Oreat Britain.
Tha aam* rat* applie* In the eaaa ot
American* dying In, any Brltlth conn-
Acoordlng to consular
Washington ta the only
glvea m atteoUon to the provttloa*
of the treaty. Aa a reattlt It Is aald.
more than a score cf estates bav* beett
tiltifr-* up In tha belief that there war*
ao helra. ���
In noariv every one o( theae -***-*,
it |s tswrtert. thew wet* heir* In �����
Uud, Ireland or Scotland. Iriah hHbs
beta* tt��nhWr *a��*r*r*. Th* estates
In question ran from s (aw hundred to
tev*ral thouaand dollara.
ers allowed tbem to go undug rather
than to tell tbem. _at_ the prices offered.
It is estimated that the acreage
planted to potatoes in this section
laBt year was seven times greater than
this year, while the yield per acre waa
alto considerably greater, the low
prices offered last fall being responsible for the reduced acreage thla
year. Some farmers are now holding
their potato crop for $2 and $3.60 pec
sack, and these prices will undoubtedly be reached before spring.
���eattle, Oot ��.~-Btephaa Ral**. s
(armor, vas. beaten and rohhad at tto
tatataeottoa of Seoond avenue tooth.
aad Main etreet laat night Roi*
vas assaulted hy two men who lii
Ontario Town Haa Recurrence at
Thieving Evil.
Hastings, Oct 9.���Thla town waa
again visited by burglars laat night
They forced the window* of Lambert'! hardware store, where they ae-
cured safety raaora, knives aad other
gooda to the valne of abont $100. Thoy
alao entered Baker Broa.* general
ttor*. where they were discovered and
when the alarm waa tound*d they escaped.
After a telephone alarm had been
given aeveral persona aaw tha two
burglars after they left Baker Bros.'
ttor*. The/ had a good deecrlpUoa.
and hope to got them yat
drag and Jewelry atora. bat aa   th*
exchange waa there and a
night operator on hand thoy only '���*�����
ceeded in removing a mtle of th* p*
from the window panea whan Okay
frightened away.
Thla la oaly one of
'nv.ssrias.*'. of
retiring tome yeara
ceased, who was In his efghty-flflb
year, cama to Canada from DnariHe-
sbire, Scotland. 68 yeara ago, flrat attains In tie township of Nataaxaweya.
For the laat .44 years he has Svsd ia
Quelpb. He wa* a man of sterfln-g
character, and waa known by the-
older cltlxena aa a man of groat ability. He waa considered one of the
best millers io thla part of Ontario.
He leave* two sons, David of
Ouelpb and William of Tho Montreal
Star, and throe daughtera. Mra. Mc-
Crea nf Lon dan aad Mia. MeKensle,
and BWsabeth. who lived wtth him.
Inertaaaef It Par Caa*. Oner I
bee of Loat Year.
Toronto, Oet S.���The
tend attendance at tho pablle i
dartag tho aaonth o( Beptotabar ana*
6S.4W aa aaataot 4T-M8 dartag tko
aame amnflk laat year, bate an ln-
eraasB of tl per oent liia avesas*
daily attendance during laat *******
waa 4T.4II againat 4LIU In Septan*
her. Mil ......
��� twS^BRB^B|j    tl^s     ������      i **Wa\**^f,
royd. whodhae n worid-ntdo
as i
Alato   Ayfc-
a, ataMia-aams   am.
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER   10,   1918.
you  should   lay  aside '
some of your wages or
If you are not now a
regular savings depositor you must have frequent regrets. You
know you can not always have health and
You know your earning power must sometime decrease.
You know that a
man's best friend in adversity is a saving ac-
Call in today and
make the start It requires only $1. You will
be allowed 4 per cent interest which will be
added quarterly and
every courtesy will u~
extended to you.
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetings, entertainment!, sales of work, etc., in this i
column are charged for at the rate j
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break thlt
rale, at their instructions are positive.
Women to Meet,
Tae executive of the Local Councll
,of Women meets tills afternoon at   3
lo'd-ick in St. Stephen^ church.
Por all building supplies and fuel
oil hpply to the B, C. Transport Co.,
Ud.. 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 820. wharf phone 880
Thanksgiving Services
Harvest riiaiiKsgiviug services were
held in .St. Albans Anglican church.
East Bun ia by. last evening.   ^"i'a'
music was rendered by the cho r. The
I sermon waa preached by Kev. H. Fane
Edge, Immigration  chaplain of Van-
eo,fvJr,wl.iUeanondlasiin.ol lol
Trinity cathedral, and Rev. B. R. Bart
lett    rural   dean   and   rector   Ol     W.
I Barnabas church, assisted in the ser-
i vices.
Borden  Denies Dominion Government
Would   Punish Contributors  to
Anti-Home Rule Fund.
I that's   "fit
inough foi
(_158) urdays
laturday Special.", th
for   a
a box.
McAllisters Limited
Lost and  Found. C.^,iXu  Tare   being
Will tbe person who advertised the      Seme Interior aJU ra UO MJ
loss of an agreement of sale pleaseUade^b St��ff|^Hhe teiSng
ert-Sl The News office to claim same. k��       a, w   ^    > ^
Dominion hotel rooms now open
under new management All rooms
furnislied completely, steam heated,
also hot and cold water in each room.
.Special rates to weekly or monthly
, teuants,    Mlsa ISass, manageress.
Vancouver, Oct 9.���"Your telegram
received. The press despateh to whieh
 ,   you allude  is an absolute fabrication
kiliK,"   and   !:ood!from  bOKlnning to end.    The subject
Iridays andI Sat.  hag never had the BllghtPst oonsidera-
t __ti. >
tion  of the  government.    11.  I..  Hor-
This was    the reply    received this
moraine by II. H. Stevens, M.P., to a
I telegram he sent to Hon. R. L. Hor-
ected.   Theyjden asking If there was any truth to
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
i*aid Up Capital and
Surplus $ 2,800,000
Trusteeships Under
Administration over   (.000,000
Trustee for Bondholders over  25,000.000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
60S Columbia Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings  from
7 to 9.
Extend Rebate Period.
The Coqultlam council has extended
the period during which n rebate can
be secured on payment of taxes from
October to November.
Starts in Business.
H, Jennings lias opened an office
at 507 Westminster Trust buildins as
a public stenographer. Mr. Jennings,
whose phone number Is 361, makes a
specialty of business letters and circulars in single copies, by the score
or hundred. (1314
No Saturday  Sitting.
There is now   no   doubt   that   the
Dean trial will be prolonged into next
week.   It is not likely there will be a
Saturday sitting.
School  Enrollment  Increases.
In  September last year 1SS9  pupils
were on the rolls of the city schools.
Now  there  are 2150.  an   increase for
the year of 170.
other   ]yr��v*'!u;''\'l,..   when the the report that the Dominion govern
will be finished by Su "day. wn "^ i j^^ ^ havc ^^ _erv,
���""'";*'      ,p',    r next week Ihe festl- j men arrest any person who subscribed
on Wednesday of next weeaine^ |lio|money or ofrered tlM,ir 8ervlci,8 ,��� lhe
^Uriduleacon of Columbia, the Ve... ; Ulster Unionists in the anti-home rule
r   i'   m-itiicoie   will preach. icampaign.
l.t. lliatiKOH. *i" v Particular reference   waa   made   In
r   p   r   "'inter -chedule. Ithe  report to  punishment    allegedly
���  .       :��_���,',�� nn the C   P. It. (proposed for those raising troops here
,TAB       Inv'       !rto tff,.t al U�� to go to Ireland in the event of    a
hich usually ^otobej, wll,  not  come !disturbance tbere
into force until October 26..
to an announcement made by the
officials of the company yesterday.
Three transcontinental trains will be
operated from Vancouver daily. The
Mission locul leaving Vancouver at
5:_o o'clock each morning will be discontinued while the Kanilcops local
service which has bren operated during the Bum.ner will be kept on.
Vancouver citizens sympathizing
with the anti-home rulers In Ulster
have been disturbed by the Item from
the Ottawa Evening Free Press pub
lished In this city on Monday and
Tuesday, slating that the Dominion
government proposed to take action
along tbe lines Indicated.
H. H. Stevens, M.P., yesterday sent
the following message to Hon. R. I_.
Borden with regard to the matter:
i "Press despatch states that your
government Is taking steps to apprehend and indict any parties ln this
country who subscribe funds to support the anti-home rule movement   in
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For plumbing, heating and shee'
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham-
say, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 5S6. (2148)
Work on New Hotel.
Work was started yesterday morning bn the new Occidental hotel building, the contractors. Miller & Jewhurst. having a gang of men razing
lhe old building.
Coquitlam Residents Enroll.
Coquitlam residents desirous of having their names enrolled on the voters'
list may have all the necessary information as to  qualifications  from   Mr
See Miss Davey's millinery be ore
making your selection of a winter hat
Cornet styles at moderate pricesOur
motto     "S.  P. Q-  H."  -small    profits,
"""oiTblock   maHv'r^tri^i^Uerrwi;^"" despatch    Is    causing
narvon  block,  nearu     i v fl) <anxl_ty and ,,averS(. comment by those
Russell. ^  wh() hol(] op!nions sympathetic to the
Bale Ooens This Morning. anti-home rulers.    If said despatch is
u-i.h   ord?,i  from   the   firm  to  C't   without foundation kindly wire me.
th    Jtoek        half   *e    price    lid    is      The answer    to   this    despatch    is
ooenedwldeat the   Acne   Clothing |given above,
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Boys'   fleece
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choose from; hundreds of coats for women and
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the careful shopper. Eight-thirty
o'clock is the time, the Acme Clothing
company, opposite the Westminster
Trust block, at corner cf Begble and
Columbia streets, the place.
Insure with Alfred W
man.    All
Mr. Stevens expressed surprise this |
morning at the   fact   that   so much I
prominence had been given to the de-1
spatch from Ottawa, and said he was 1
sorry that it had been taken seriously '
.by those interested in the Irish situa-|
tion.    In  Mr.  Stevens'  opinion,  there
lis not much likelihood of tliere being I
any    trouble    over    the    home    rule
struggle   locally,   although     he    con-:
siders that  it  Is  quite  probable  that i
many men will go to the old country
if actual hostilities break out.
Special Prices on Warm Bedding, Blankets, Pillows
and Comforters
six pounds to the   pair;   either   blue  or   pluk   border.
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Phone 853.
BOUCK. Principal.
610 Columbia St.
llrst mortgages,
farm property.
Mcl.eod.    i -15-1
I Hailburton, C.M.C., at
1 offices, Maillardville.
Money to loan on
Improved city and
!) per cent. Alfred \Y,   	
Will Open New Church.
Sunday evening will see tho opening
of the new Church of England building
.it the corner of Hoyal Oak road and
Watling street, Burnaby. The services
ich will open at 7 o'clock in the
evening will be in charge of Kev.
Principal Vance, of Vancouver.
.insurance    man.    au  hinds    written.
1 HiXds ot millions to pay losses.
the  =     ^^^^^
Making Pro-press.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Central l'ark Poultry association was
he'd in the agricultural hall last night
when further progress was reported
having been made, as to arranging the
tall poultry show.
Musicians Make Merry.
Members of Musicians Protective
Union No. 654 held merry in the
Moose rooms last evening, the occasion being a smoker to celebrate the
��� rganlzing of a local to take the pluce
cf what heretofore had been Vancouver territory. Alderman Fred Lynch
occupied the chair and kept things go
ing at  a  merry  pac ^^^^^^
��� Fine rooking apples. 5 lbs ..
[Choice eating appleB. 3 lbs
th'roughouVthelE8"?' Tnka-V Orapet, basket
long but    interesting    ZZlin. Van^ood~( ~r1^5' " ">*
couver musicians were over and aided in the festivities, Business Agent E.
Cox. cf the Terminal City local, being
one of the visitors  who were called
upon  for a speech.    Peck's orchestra
discoursed  the  music  of  the  evening
aided  by  several  vocalists  while    the
refreshments were all to the good.
Residence Y. Vt. C. A.        Phone 1324
..25c. I
Our Own Hanch Kggs. dozen  ...55c.
Fresh  Kastern eggs. doz..40c. to 50c.
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1319 R. (1877)
Hound trip fare $39.69, Nov.* West
minster to San Francisco, Cal . account Patroia Celebration October 22-
25, on sale October IS and 20. Return limit good November 10. cjisTi
Niiht School Dome we||.
While at Its commencement there
were but IJ pupils enrolled at the
night school classes conducted under
the Cily school sysfm, 86 are now in
j attendance each :.igiil The wcrk under direct management of Malcolm
IMacKenzie is well supervised, and
I with pupils themselves  Interested,   a
1 guild win.o! s work Is anticipated.
C. N. R. at Nine Mile Creek.
Tricks 1.1 the Canadian Northern
Pacific railway running from Port
Mann havo now reached Nine Mile
Creek, 126 mlleB from the western
trcdgbl terminus and an immediate
stari is to be made on the bridge
'Tossing the iiii k. This will be 300
[atl   iii  length  and   will  have  three
towers and Iwo spans.
Thistle Club Cocial.
The Thistle Social club will held a
social and whist drive in the l.abor
temple in Koyal avenue and Seventh
street Friday evening at S o'clock.
Tickets may be had at the door.
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone ��8.
Social and  Personal
. .1. Manson, M.L.A. for Dewdney,
In the city yesterday and visited
assize court.
MrB   Ii   I). Wilson and son of Third
avenue, returned home on Wednesday
ue, reiui o"i "��� ,, .
a visit to friends m Ontario
('. W. Murray, 1110 Sixth avenue, will receive for the first time
Friilav 'ternoon, Oct. 10, from 2 to
6 o'clock.
Mrs. IC.    K   MoAdam anil F. Wilton
Harvey,   of   Victoria,  are   spending   "
few days with their parents, Mr  8
Vi. Harvey, at the Glen.
Oliver and  family  were  visit
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B Send  Merc   Man.
Mra.       T mi ix DrAUMlA fit.iti     Thc suggestion ot James Connally,
" """ league here al Iti meeting last night.
I^R-A.M., A.R.C.M. tliat  Instead  of sending a delegation
* EMBERS OFTHE INCORPORATED ol women tn Victoria to Interview the
SOCIETY OF MUSICIANS. icVernment, men  be named as dele.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing-  satw, was met    with    Insuuil    favor
iuK. Voice   Production,   Theory    (iu Tliis course the speaker advocated In-
v-lass or privately), Harmony, Counter-  cause lu former eases women, having
point. Musical Form and History. ao  vote, were not paid  much  atten-
I'upila prepared   for   the   examine-  Hon:   If  voters  asked   ror  the  equal
tiona of the Associated Board of    tho  franchise they  would  be better treut-
Unyal Academy of Music and Itoyal ed, he said.   He also advised the send
College of Music.    Aleo   Professional   ing of a lecturer through the interim
-Diplomas, Teacher or Performer. to educate the people upon the ideals
Kor  terms, etc..  apply  61  Dufferla i of the league.   Mrs. Corsair, of Revel
Street.   Phone 411 n. (2167) j stoke, also spoke.
Mrs   .1.
ors In
from  i
and ^^^^
e city yeaterdaj
Delta bv auto.
driving   In
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419 Columbia  Street, New  Weetmlneter.
Sinner Sewing  Machinal.    Small  Muaical Geede ef all Kind*. PHONE 6*4.
May   Be  Continuous  Performances at
Local Court House���Number of
Nanaimo Cases.
.. for ..
T.'hat with the harhor lmprove-
ment-a, tho further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely WeBtmlnster Is comlng'to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block
New Imported Kail Buitlngi now on
dl���play.    Bee them.    Perfect At and
workmanship guaranteed. Prlc<.
$18.00 up.    701 Kront Street.
i from
New Westminster Will be lhe scene
of a Bpeclal nhsize court probably In
December according to Information received in the olty yesterday. Owing
to the large number of Nanaimo pris
oners who have re-elected to take trbil
by jury Instead of a speedy trial before judge Howay, It will be necessary
to hold a special assize court and the
fact that a change of venue has been
'd poiiic error ln the fixing of the
together probable that the rest of the
cases will be brought to this city,
Fiftv i wn more of the Nanalmo miners wh i bnve heen under arrest for
several weeks were given the opportunity yesterday morning In the foal
City by .fudge Howay to re*eleet for a
lury trial nnd of this number 15 chose
lo be tried before a jury.   *.
Such n change In the situation wlll
give the government officials at the
court house practically no break since
early in the spring, the late ending of
the spring assize court and the early
start of Ihe court now In session not
even   allowing   the   officials   to   take
their customary vacation.
701 Columbia Street
That   for Cold  Weather  there  Is
Nothing Quite so Good as Our
Special Hot-Water Bottle
(Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about ou' special stockes. they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
��� -_.-_ ���,��!____.___*     4B01
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
���^^mmb^k Eetabllehed 1891.
vve write Flre, Life, Accident, Employere"
Marine  Insurance.
Liability,  Automobile and
For Vancouver via Cen
tral Park.
WEEKDAYS���B and 6.45 a.m.
and every 16 mlnutea until 9
p.m. Half hourly eervlce until
11 p.m. wltb late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���IB minute ��er
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 16 mlnutea until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  with  late  ear at 11.10.
car at
a.m. and 4.S0 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and
until 10 p.m. with late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAY'S���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAY!)���8 a.m.   and   every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection ia made at   Eb-
henr until 11 p.m.
aad other polnta on Lain Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
C.16 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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