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The New Westminster News Sep 10, 1913

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�� t. .*
News Classified Ads.
Hate proven their worth by tba
resultt   they   p.oduce.     Ther   �����
large   or   small   wanta   at   sbs
Tha WMMr.
New  Westminster aad tbe lower
, mainland: Light to moderate wlnda;
general fair; -stationary   or   higher
j temperature.
plans tor arf line!   piant NEXT WE��K  dead and gone carries in senate another big think!  stop yi W(M
Eighty Foot Swing Bridge
on North Arm Included
in Work.
Engineer's Opinion of  Proposed  Purchase of Gas Plant Here by
September 15.
Line Certain  to Come    Down    Front
Street snd  Farther on to Cross
to Lulu lslsnd.
With the receipt    hy    Mayor   Gray,
The report of Consulting Engineer
I'abst, of I'ortland, Ore., who wa-i retained  by   the city to make an    cMi
mate of tin? worth of the New Westminster i'tan company's property, Is
expected   lo   be   In   the   ha;*dii  of the
city council hy September ir,.
The option on tiie gas  plant taken
hy the city expires on October h, and !
. IJ. Kennedy Thinks It's Represents Average Rodin- Though    He    Had    Given
Now Under Sod Where       tion of 28 per Cent frcm       Mexico up, May Re-open
Existing Laws.
Daisies Grow.
Member of Pilot Board Says Government Will Receive and File
Coquitlam Municipal Solicitor Said to
Be Takinij Lecal Ctens to 'i'.ce,
Exacaiion Along North  Road.
Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel,
British P. M. G. Coming
to Coast.
Not Until Vote Was Called Wai Issue  Further Effort at Adjustment Likely-
Huerta and Company Put Heads
yesterdaj   morning,  of  tlm  i.ian,,  of tor this reason Alderman Jardine gay
ttie Canadian Northern railway of it��
proposed  traeks  running  through  th*.*
e.t>. negotiations between the cum
pan)  and the city  council on cond
lions  will   I kely  proceed ut n Bpeclal
ineetliiK of the councll to be held H..III-
ui ia rnoon this week.
Up to lhe present time, the rlly authorities have  been  In Ignorance    of  and
tba- nfticiul  plans of the company  fur  hav
Its localicn of the line running
through the city from the Praser river
bridge, but these are expected to be
made known at uny early date and it
in reasonable to    assume   thut    con-
No word hnt; been received from the
Dominion government authorities re
gardlng the action taken hy the pilot
board ou the grounding of the steamer
Herakles. and it Ih believed that the
report of the local board will he received and filed
when teen yesterday', J   \i   Ken-
nedy, ex-M P., und aleo a member of
t'i��  pilot  board,  .aid   he  thOHfiht the
nysof the bylaw will j '""J'"  ""J.0*  " XhlnK V, ltl"'v,p'lt!
I by the couc.c I and ! and 'hat nothing more would be heard
*  *   0 ��
tt  tt  tt   *   tt   �����
notice tliat lie wuuld move at the lux
meeting ol lbs council, that a bylaw
be Introduced oalliug for tha purchase
1 f Dn- 1 r ipt rtv at tbe price aik( d by 1
James Cunningham, which was   $15<i, I
In   lhe event <*f Mr.   I'abit's report |
bein��, favorable for purchase, ihe firm 1
(cond rear
heen pany
the bylaw  advertised,    lhe    remilsl'e
number of days In time for It lo   be
placed before ths people, before the
opt 'on -lute expires,
No    expense    can    bs    mide    b--
htruct.on work  will  be beaun  beforeIpresenting the bylaw before the e ir*
the next few months have expired.
The receipt of the plans Ih thought I port   being  unfavrrabl".  the
Pleasure ran be set aside by th
611,  for  ;n  event  of the  cng'neer'.i r*
to bv the forerunner of Important do 	
velopmenti  In  construction  work    In   rl  without Hs ever going to the
this  vicinity  and   is  regarded  as   fol,pie.
lowing the recent sale of 0. N. It! ll 'i expected thai two blrl ��� wl'
bonds on tbe 1-Oiidou market which lbs It'll d with one stone In eaae tht
���wile was consumated a few weeks Ires bvlaw Is submitted, fnr prepara
ugo. j tlons are b"li�� made to bavp the p ���"���
Company's Plans. 'ph-  vo'e   on  tlw Con-I'lim  dim   pro-
The present plan of the oompany Isl position at the same time, t'na-a saving
<" run along Kront street from the the cltv considerable expense wh'ch
bridge,   passing   through   the     former |would   be  Incurred    If  two    separate
properly ol the Royal City mills, the
buildings on which are now being
demolished, and proceed along the
north side of tbe north arm to 11 point
about half a mile west of lbe Trapp
* ranch In I). I.. 167, where a trestle
bridge will be constructed across the
river An eighty foot swing span it*
understood to be included ln the plans
for ihls structure, thus giving ample
room for ull shipping using the
Trestle   Work.
dates were chosen for the  votlnR.
of the affair,       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Prellmlnsry Inquiry.
According to Mr. Kennedy, a wrong:
I Impression   was   created   In   the   city:
that   the   enquiry   conducted   by   the
[hoard   was   not   legal.     The   enquiry*
made, explained     Mr.    Kennedy,  was I
merely a preliminary one and was well I
! wlihln   the   rulings  of   the   Dominion
authorities.    The only action the pilot
I''ird  could  have  taken   was  to have'
Idi" charged the pilot and this It hellev-:
I pri  would  not  have been  In order ac-
cording   to   the   evidence     submitted.
, Had the government taken the matter
i up It  would have meant the appointment of a Judge  ns chairman of the
Investigation committee together with
I two experts on navigation rules, which
I would not only have been an enpen-
jplve Item but wou'd have brought ont
Washington. Sept. 9���Presi-
dint Wilson issued tonight the
following sta'a no 11'
"A fight for tlle people and
for free business which has
laatcd a long generation
through, has at last been won.
handsomely and completely. A
leadership and a steadfastness
In counsel has been shown In
both houses of which the Democratic partv baa reauon to
be very proud."
tt tt tt
tt tt tt tt
Washington, Sept. 9.-
Mexlco City, Sept. '..---The probability that negotiations betwec.. the
1 L'nited   States  and   Mexico   woui'   be
resumed   at  an   early   date   was    tl e
1 opinion expressed today at the Au.eri
can      embassy,      al.huugh       _*a'_l��Cn
O'ShauKhm-Bsy, charge d affaire.,. "a_
1 non-committal aa to whether .1 *    hurl
been  advised  of a  new   proposa1     or
officially   of   Washington's   deteiu.Ir.fi-
i tion to make a farther effort at   ad
lt is significant, however. Uial    he I
has advised President Wllscn's r*_ure*i-.    .. .
sentattve,  Mr.  Lind,  who now ���������    at!North  road crossing.
Vera Cruz,  to return as far  Ao Orl-
saba, about tne-third tbe distant,   to |
i tbe capital, Mr.  I.ind  seeming!,     not
wishing to come to the capitil   until
The De-nocra-'lhe Preliminaries had reached x t.i ��� '
Progressive   Association   Will    Invito
Him to New Westminster���Will
Give Larne Lunchon.
Tliere Is every possibility that the
ti N. It excavat.cn work al the Motta
road cross.ng may be slopped with an
Injunction.   Acoordlng Ui Information
received by    The    News,   Ccqutasn
Municipal    Solii .tor    P,  J.   Mclntyre,
acting under Instructions f.*o.n limve
Harth.   lu   taking   legal   steps   to   Btop
the work on the grounds tliat    it    U    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
approaching  too near tht  North road
to be safe. An endeavor will be made to have
The excavation work new ccmns I'K-bt Hon. Herbert Samuel, Untie 1
within about len fiet of the North postmaater general, at present cn hir*
road and a series of heavy rains I way to the coast, visit New Westmin
might cause, in the opinion of some|Ster and an invitation will be extender the residents along the street, the ed to him at once.
collapse of part of die road Into the Thl�� waa decided on at a meeting
cut. I of tlie Progressive asaoc stion yester-
Another reason why the f.'cqultlam ;day afternoon, it waa alao decld it
council is said to be opposing the , If the right honorable gentleman con.
continuation of the work is that tbe'eenta to vlalt tbis city to entertain
O. N. R. has not acceeded to the order Mm at a banquet at tbe Russell hotel.
of the railway commission as to the I Thl8 and a discussion whether op
style of  bridge  to  be erected at the   not   il  *"*  adviaable  to conduct
Lie tariff revision bill passed the senate at 5:48 this afternoon amid a burst |
i where he felt assured    his    sei .lee',
could be Utilized.    Whether Mi. I.iUd
will  act  on  this  recommendation
not known.
The   Mexican   minister  of
f-irelgn ]
of applause that swept down from the I
crowded galleries and found Its echo ,
on tho crowded floor of the senate. Its
paasage  was attended  with surprises I
In   thc  final   moments of  the  voting,  knowledge of    the    reported    oftlc al
when Senator LaFollette. Republican. I character    of Senor    de    Zamacona's
cast bis vcte with the Democrats, and I visit to Washington.
was joined a few  moments later by Dally Confabs.
Senator   Polndexter.   Progressive j    General  Huerta   and   his   ministers
11.H. ...    ..w.   tx,.     . ������ _a        a    .v.   1    The Democrats had counted through  are engaged in dally conferences over
J L. V?), \ ", w^-? ,," ���t the long tariff fight upon losing tip character of the message which
�� inn thB *��*'** ��f Senatn-s    Kansdell    and'the provisional president is to deliver
gaiion. Thornton,    of    Louisiana. Democrats,  at the opening of congress September
x..nn.iinni M B',me\ _ , .. i ��*l"i voted svnlnot the bill todav he- \ 16. The message promises to be sen-
According   to   the   members  of  the | nw ��� ^^ put gugaf Qn ^ tr8e|ltUonBl as It will deal severely  with
hocrrl   ihe list  which the shin had on
rir-lvlng  off  the  mouth  of  the. river,
was  responsible  for the  grounding.
Ancther feature brought out st the1
enquiry was that while the pilot board
list. 1 the   relations   between   the   two    re
Pres'-dent Pleased. 1 publics. 	
tTntil th" names of Senators LaFol- , More   Fighting,
lea.,. a-,.| polndexter were actunlly Seven hundred rebels with machine]
rilled however, no one knew deflnl-1 guns near Salinas, northwest of the!
telv  the  stand  they  would  take  and  city of San Luis Potosi. are said    to!
publicity campaign at the provinci il
fair, whicb opena   on September   30.
were the chief topics of discussion. A
number of otber  matters  wt.'e  ���>)��>
taken up by the executive and referred to the different committees.
May Hava Booth.
Tbe  question  of a  publicity   booth
for the exhibitioa waa ^discussed    at
some length and fnafly referred    t��
'the    publicity    committee.      It    ��n
pointed out that, althowh then wai
��� scarcity of literature descriptive tt
the city, the booth wo-a-M be a eourcn
cf  Interest If  there  were a map or
the  harbor scheme and    aome    one
there  to  explain  the  proposed     Improvements.   Tbe booth would aim tr*
decorated   with  a  number  of    large
views of the city.
It Is hoped, however tbat the booklet, which Is now being prepared for
the r t nciation will be complete and
ready for distribution bv the time the-
fair opens at the end of the month.
The flrst queation taken ap was that
 in   connection   with   the  proposal   to
  I extend Ewen avenue through t" No.
* 19  road,  which  gives almost    dlrect
Ottawa. Sept. 9 ���A report has been  connection   with    No. S   road.   Thi��
Canadian and American Are
Killed in the White Silent
Were  Establishing Fur Trade for H.
B. C. Near Hudson Bay���Eskimos
Were Terrified.
_      . , .,_,._. .        ...       !kn'w  !h,V  (?p.,a:"  VBr'er, th'"  r'!ut'their votes we'e greeted with enthu-hRVe wiped out three    small    detach-  received here by mall of the death at:       M ^ n.    . .
1 he river crossing I. on a line with  f;  , Murder Mystery in New : ��i^Ww.toI1�� tool   unt^a/ler < '^"    n^^e     Pref ,dPnt    Wi,*on ' m> uts ��M>�������1. sent against them. ' ���** *���-- **' ���- *>-*-��� - ������ ' *��Uld ��"e * tot C"" "^ '""^
>m- * * IBSmBOn,    ll    OKI    HOI    Kilo*     Ulllll    Slier , ,_���|���w,     ��������.0���c_^     _.r���_f     larotifir-iittnn    T>l,���   ..llmn.A.   In   aha.   aaaaa^la     _,!>_>   nt���l     ,._._._.... ...���......���.���_.���.���.���.. ���  __�� _^ _,
���fleeted ' t">
and    l*rt***t
the   Lulu   Island  section   of   the  com
pany connecting up at road 19 near I
the Queensboro  boundary  line.    Con-;
alilirable trestle   work  will   be usees
sary on  the  l.ulu island bank   wher.
tie   ground  is marshy.
Special  Meeting.
Mayor (Iray Intliualed to The News
yesterday that he was endeavoring lo
rail n special rni'etlng of the council
some time this week when he hoped
timi every member would ba' presenl
aa the work la of vital Imparlance to i
the city
Coupled  with  this announcement  Is
the facl tbat the C. N   It  expect   toj
commencei work on False creek. Van-!
couver, within the next three weeks.
The location of Its line running out of ,   .|rj
Vancouver     and  connecting  with    the'
Westminster end.    will    probably    be
made public  within    that    spare    of
Tbe delay In connecting up the l.ulu
island section with the Queensboro ex
tension of the ll. C. B. It. Is preventing the company from ballasting   lt��t
York   Shows   Others to
Have Gone Same Way.
��� ,.._.-..-- ���_ -.   .. "."o_._._i.. 1 wouiu give a  nrsi cuss roao CO
���m.'the hands of the Eskimos at Schaltxjt,,,,, wfth Woodward.g ,Mil���g.
ind   Lake, of H. \    Radford, exptorer. and,     It ,��� ���^ to obtai��� ���,,�����
of i George Street, son of C, P. Street, who of the ^,ropert, OWJII!TS   lffecte
    drawing dee;i draught	
  I Keep It Quiet.
_ , ...   _        ,__ Mr  Kennedy deprecated the pnh-
Eecentrlc    Letter Wnter    Disappears  ,,r!tv glvi>n ,h). p,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, of ,hP ���,.t
akles   and   the   subsequent   invest|ga
the InvcstlKUtlon that the government I '"n!^   "S'6!^ FT, ^'i'T'a'"" I Tl'e railr2ads ,t0. ,h�� nonh' east *��*
steamer   was   at   'lie  .llsrxinal   of   th(, i^'^ the end cf the long struggle In the: west  of San   Luis   Potosi   are out ^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Pilot whenever he wanted to make j "l���1'' *"M,tor Simmons, chairnir.n ; com.nls.lon. A strong rebel movement ] left.on an exploring trip In the fall
innrllnE. on the annnnrh nf n veuel of thl* flnan0'' commi'tee. who bad , )s reported In the state of Slnaloa. of 1911 The report states that in an
minings ,i<  apnroucn 01 a vessel j p,^.^,   thp   b,,,   throuKh   the   f|natlCPj .	
and Det-ctives C-tarch in Vain-
Police   Aroused.
New York. Kept. 9 -Inquiry Into the
mnrticr mystery uncovered by the
finding, late last week, of parte of the
dismembered bodv of an unidentified
airing the New Jersey shore of
the Hudson river, centered lodav In
the upper west side of this olty, where
the pillow slip, wrapped about one
part of the body, was purchased. Prom
m 'IrnsElst near the furniture establishment where tlle pillow* slip wns j
bought. It  was learned that a man In i
tlon. explaining tha" In his opinion.
more harm thnn good was done In the
"S'-'na -ire eroundlng off Vancouver
at different times but we hear little
of the events which is to the betterment of the port." he said.
    hls sh'ri sleeves and apparently much
tracks on  the  Island, but  this trouble jrvr|i,.,|   had   purchased   two sheet"  of
Is expected to  be ssttled soon  when   |Mr paper similar to thnl  with  which
trains mav  be  loaded at the gravel parts of the torso were covered,
pli of the M   C. E!, R. on the Highland ;    This development caused the detr--'-
I'.irk cut-oil    and     taken    across    tojtlves to work on the theory that  th'
l.ulu island.
Imurder was committed In that locality
and a thorough search la being made
I for further clues. Detectives nl��o "-���->
Investigating the cases of many girls
I who have disappeared.
Min  Disappear*.
Peter 11. Sternemann. Ihe mllllnprv
Adding to Length cf Line  Under the
Fraser Erid-Je Will Mean End of
Late  Trouble.
Top Dressing to Be Laid at Once and
All  Work  Through  by   End  of
The Kingsway paving contract wlll
bb finished before the end of the present month, was the statement of Municipal Engineer Ered I. Macpherson.
of llurnuby. to The News yesterday,
The recent rains have hampered the
company somewhat hut (luring the-pasi
Tew days rapid progress has been
made with the concrete work so thnt
everything ready for the top dressing,
which when laid wlll complete one of
the finest Inter-munlctpal highways
In liritish Columbia and even western
Many of the residents, when the
contract was let to the Canadian Mineral Rubber company, calling for completion by September, feared that the
work would extend Into the winter
season nnd ure now agreeably surprised at the rapid progress made.
This road wlll undoubtedly be the
thoroughfare most used by autoists
travelling between New Westminster
nnd Vancouver as it wlll give a clear
stretch of pavement for several miles.
Whether the turning over of the
road by the contractors to the municipality wlll be marked by any official ceremony Is yet uncertain, nl-
though It Is rumored that the municipal council will herald the official
opening of the highway with some sort
of celebration.
Although the trouble has been ri*al>*-
e,l for the present the officials of the
II. C. Telephone company are arranging for an extension to be made to the
    present submarine cable crossing the
I salesman and eccentric letter writer. I river at the Eraser rivt r bridge, which
who has sent many rnmhlint; missives it le thought will end for all time any
I to the imthn/les has ditSODPareri i"" i breaks in the service, which have oc-
mysteiiously rs he was renorted tn
hive been found today by city detee-
Can't Pe Found.
���I  ftlfv ''elective who was se*1!  to nri-
n'ehend Rtern��rosnn nt Jamaica. LT.,
���in a    material witness, wai fob' hv
h'��   liT'illarlv   that   e'��rlv   t'Hlnv   three
�����  who ('escribed themselves as de-
i,.,.|-vr,q awe'-e Rternem��nn snd took
ir'-'i rawnv, Neither the Prnnklyu the
Manhattan nnr th�� New Jersnv police
knr  invtblne shrmt the 11'filr
��i��������mrnn In his lettert declared
that Vs ('atiph'cr. E'la, Ins dlHan-
neTrd. Acnuaintnnces of the min.
however, shv Ells has been musing
for five yes's and thnt (mother daughter Is a pstlent In a sanitarium
curred on three separate occasions
(luring tho past three months.
At the present time the slack In the
cable Is only a few feet, which in considered cot enough, especially when
the current In the river Is strong.
The addition to Ihe cable would allow It to sink In the bed of the river
anil thus prevent any leakage of Water
In the few dozen wires which are en-
cased In the cable.
committee, the r)em"cratlc caucus and
j the s"ntte. predicted tbat Its passage
I would   bring   im'm-wlate   stimulus   to
'the busirepr: o' the oountry.
Four   Per  Cent   off.
As  It   onssa'd  the  senate,  the  tariff
bill   represents   an   average   reduction
of more than 4 per cent from the ratei
ef  the  original   MO   that   passed   th"
house, and nearly 'ils per cent from thl
ra'es of evistln*^ laws.    Ill  many  lm
nortint particulars   the   senate   hat
"��� hi>r>i��ed the hi',1 that n-asped the house!
and a conference Committee of the twi |
houses will begin work Wednesday or
Thursday to ml'uft  these differences.
1 eaders of both  houses predict  that
��� ���"n conference will consume less than
two weeks' time.
altercation with Eskln: s   both   men
were stabbed to death by spears. The
men were on their way from Chester-1
field Inlet to Bat-hurst Inlet. *
Confirmation  of  the  report  of  the
TH HfHT HAMF ���Wfl^'W^^
10    rlUlfl   nUWt   KUltlfrom Commissioner Vry, of Hegf-a.|-J^^ndf ^ <,nm,e^ ..v
give a  fee  ri?ht of wav
to take the matter up with the pr<a-
vincial government and the R'-hmonJ
.    TIM Missing Link.
Another matter  ia  tfrfs connect in
was  ahn  mentioned  when  Secretary
Proclamation    Announces    Names
Head cf C'aff���Bi: Meetinn
Lcndcn. Sept. 9.���A further step in
Mr. Darling said fhe connection bav
I tween   the   two   railroad*   was   b''n :
Detailc Differ. ,.        .    _ .
!    It differs somewhat   In  detail from   fDV_,_,nr.?.B,eeD8_b?,_J-.
Ithe story  which  came out    by    mafT|
of, steamer via  the Hudson  strait route.
' From this .count it would appear the] ���hp,d *"> "�� the rfsc,t ct �� <��ntrov, r y
tragedy occurred, not at Schultr lake,  between the two    eoropaniea   as    f.
hut   after   the   explorers   had   reached   wb,c'' *"**��� "' b��,w ����� ��'��k-    ^** C.
their   temporary   destination   at   Ba-   N-   R-  claiming that the R. C, K   K.
thur��!  Inlet    This story,  brought  to o"lv had the rizbt to bmld their Due
Chesterfield bv an Eskimo named Ak-   cn Ewen avenue.
aulak  was  to  the effect  that a figlr Direct Route.
the on.-ai-.i/atlnn of the Elster resist-1 bad occurred with the Eskimo at Ba-       ��   'vas   ronted   out  lhat  the  ferry
the organization Of the  I Ister resist t^   ^ ^   junp        mJ  ^   ^  _vou,(I _,_.. ^ p|aped on ^ L-dnpr.
ance to home rule has been  publicly , both Hadfortl ^j Str���e( ,V(?r0 knled ln  Woodward's landing service and that
announced,  the  names  of the    head-Ithe  manner  detailed.    They   were  at   the C. N. R. line on Lulu islard would
Uiiarters staff bong made known.        [the time about to start for Eort Mac   be electrified from Woodward's Land-
^ I    A proclamation containing tbes> an
 Inounces the fact   that   an    advisory
beard of the   I'lster   volunteer   force
Th- n��w English church at Cam- has been anpointed   and   constituted
>-on and  North roads is nearly -.-oni-: w|ih   the  following  officers:   General
r'.tcc and the dedication services will officer commanding, chief of staff, as-
nrotably be held late this month. sistant quartermaster    and    general:
License   Beard. I also Colonel Sherman  Crawford   late
The regular meeting of the Coqult-  Sixteenth lancers;    Captain  Wallace
'im municipal council will be held this I late commanding   Fifth   Royal   Irish
���ift rneon at  1:30  In  the  Burqultlam rifles;   Captain:  James    Craig.    M.P.
���I'rirlcultural hall.    The chief business I Capta'n  Richard    D. Scrate.    of    thp
to be transacted will be the formation I Ennlskillen  Eusillers:  Colonel  McCal-
f  the  municipal  license  commission j mont. lite   commanding   the   Fourth
ti   deal   with   the  upp'lcatlon   for   an ��� Roval   Irish  rifles, and  Captain   Hall.
hotel and Honor license for Malllard-   tnilitnrv secretary.
ville.    In this connection a wire was | Unionists Meet.
Missouri   Pacific  Derailed  on   Bridge
and Dropa Into Creek���Four
May Die.
Trlnce Albert, Sept. 9��� Publicity
Oommlrsloner Walter V. (lunn, leaves
tomorrow for Winnipeg to attend the
convention of the board of Irade of
weatern Canada and he will vigorously
oppose the proposal to bn made that
legislation be secured lo make It lm
possible for sny city to offer anything
in the way of a bonus to Industries.
St. Louis. Sept. 9���Seventeen persons were Injured, four of them per-
haps fatally, when Missouri Pacific
pesrenger train No. 3, which left Kansas City at 6.30 this morning, was de-
fillerl on a small bridge four miles
cpsu of Bonneville, Mo., this afiernoon.
The engine and baggage car broke
down the bridge and fell into tho creek
Ifi feet below. Two passenger coaches
left the tracks. The train was running
ahout .'Tr mlleB an hour.
Relief trains were rushed from Jefferson City and Bonneville. The road
officials nt headouartera here tonight
declared the cause of the wreck had
uot yet beon ascertained.
From    Northern    Parts    of    Prairies
Wheat  Being Sent in���Graded
No 2 Northern.
Saskntoon, Sept. 9.���Threshing has
started in the Fielding district and the
wheat that has so far been brought to
the elevators grades No. 2 Northern.
Half the grain In the Watson district is cut and some large yields are
expected, a number of careful farmers estimating their crops as good for
;T> bushels to the ncre In wheat
At Oovan the wheat Is all tn the
stock nnd threshing will be general
at the end of the week. The shipments from this point are estimated
at betwern a million and a quarter and
a million nnd a half bushels of wheat.
At Leney the harvest Is completed
and threshing Is general, some good
samples of wheat having come iu.
Wheat Steady.
Winnipeg, Sept. 9���Trading in the
options was quiet on the wheat mar
ket and prices generally steady. Liverpool cables were higher and the local markets opened firm In sympathy.
-ecelvcd by Reeve Barth today from
Attorney General Bowser stating that
11 Instlce o' the pence had been ap-
po'n'ed In the municipality. The nn-
nolntmenl was necessary to complete
the bommlseion, which It has heen an-
���leiineed will be oompoted of Reeve
narth. I'v vlrtvo of bis office. Mayor
Tamis Vars, T.P��� Port Cooultlam. nnd
Councillors Alklu* nnd Foster. No
���uiTvo vas mentioned in the attorney
i-'-ne-al's wire In connection with the
innc'ntWnt of th" J P.. and there is
CQnsldCSMe coniecture In the locality
ns to who the lucky person Is.
Wnnt Prirles.
The residents of Burqultlam are
much deWe^'ed over the fact that Bur-
oi'ittum "vhlhlt jt' the Vancouver exhibition last week won second prize
th�� v.;ii(. of which wai *40'>. The
evblblt wna in charge of W. Whiting.
First prize was won by Chllllwsck
and th'rd hv Richmond, nil three
nl-aees the-ehv enmlng to the Fraser
vallev and two from Idealities In elope
"rojrlmltv lo N'w Wept"iln��ter. It
has nnt been dec'dei' v��t whether Bur-
on't'nm will e-nfo- at the Westminster
evhlh'-'icn. hut temp decision in this
regard will probably be reached soon.
To I'o'd Dsncs.
Vr- the purnope of nrranv'ne a ��������o-
clnl dnnce a meeting of th<> West Co-
miit'P"i Conssrvntlves wlll he he'd In
Ca.iaaeiiir.a- Atkln's hnupe. North road,
nti Thursday evening at 8 o'clook.
fWo-e Hrmeateaes.
Arthur Deakin nnd Alf. Holmes left
v'es'erday for Oolden where they have
"ich secured a homestead of 160 acres.
On Monday evening a farewell party
wis held In their honor at Councillor
Walker's house.
A meeting of I'nlon's's of the southern provinces hns now been arranged
for Nove'T'bPr 38. and wlll take place
in the Theatre Roval. Dubln. The
speakers will be Bcnar Law. the
b'ader of the Unionist party In the
house of commons; Sir Edward Carson, leader of the Ulster Unionists,
nnd J. H. CamnbMI. K C. who Rhares
the D&ti lament try penrmeotatlon of
Dublin university with Sir Edward.
Portland   Insurance Concern  Wanted
the Publlc and an Official to
Be Goats.
While regarding the story of thf
Eskimo as apparently authentic because of us circumstantial character,
the mounted police authorities are not
inclined to give it complete credence.
Red Cliff Officer Under Fire on Several  Charges Resigns���Must
Make Restitution.
Red Cliff. Alta., Sept. 9.���At a connell meeting lasting past the midnight
hour last night, the resignation of
Chief of Police Sullivan who Is under
fire on various charges, was accepted.
Tbe report of the Investigating committee was to the effect that the chief
had exceeded his authority In certain
Instances and that the test Interests
of the town would be served by accepting his resignation. The council also
demanded that he make restitution of
alll license and otber money which
have come Into his hands end should
be accounted for on the books of the
ing to Steveston and this will give .��
d'rect service from the Delta to Vancouver.
Mr. Sprlce stated that it ws* nro-
oosed to move the crop th's fall by
that route.
It was realized that the matter wat
a serious cne and a committee watt
appointed to take the matter np af
o**c*. Mass's Reid. Dorg'n a-a<l
Sutherland will act with Industrial
rommlssioner Dnrllne. and Ald��rmaii
White, who was present, promised to
brina 't to the attention of the city
Dropa to Death.
Lyons. France, BepL ��.���- A monoplane driven   by   Aviator Chomlnc,
fell today.   The pilot waa killed.
Srlem. Ore., Sept. 9.-A story of(
fraud and deception, ln which the Insurance commissioner and the public
were to be the victims. Is told by Justice Eak'r In 'he sunreme court opinion handed down today In the American Life and Accident Insurance corn-
pan'- *s*r.
The company which Is a Portland
concern, had obtained two Injunctions
from Judge Balloway, ot the Marlon
county circuit court againat Insurance
Commissioner Ferguson, one restraining the commissioner from cancelling
the company's 1912 license and the
other, which wae ln the nature of a
mandatory order, restraining him trom
refusing to issue the company A license for 1913. Both Injunctions are
dissolved by the supreme oouit and
the case Is dismissed.
Gocd ChP'.vInc-
Regina. Sent. 9.���.The Regina pro
vincial exhlb't'on thli year ahowed a
profit of $4842.90. .The receipts !n-
cludine csih cn band from list year
of $3899.77 amounted t- $64,414.82
with expenditures $S9.f<71.43.
Lawyer Who Defended Than* in White
Murder Trial S��es Mra. Thaw
for 135,000.
.Vow Terk, S-npt. S. John B. Gles-
soj. cne of the lawyers who d.f mded
Harry K. Thaw for the UHlng pf
Sanford While, filed today in the
federal court a suit against Mrs. Mary-
Thaw, mother of bis former client,
in which he aaks judgment tor S58.-
000 with Intereat sioea Jane 19"7.
Gleason eeeerts thnt Mra. TUaw
agreed to pay a part of tbe coat of
her eon's defence. Gleason sa/t�� hla
serves were worth $80,000 aud he
made dlsbttrarannta ef $10,1 lu. Hi;
says be has reoelved SMJ00, l>..v .->��
$53,000 unpaid.
Clocks Irre-ular.
Toronto. Sept. 9--fhe stork m��r
ket had an irregular appearance today. Several recentlv string i'swa
turned easier tn apparent ivmrothy
with foreign markets, which were
generally lower.
He -Should Worry���Later en.
New York. HepL 9.��� Tamee W. far-
ard sailed today on the Krons Prln-
vespln Ceellte to take up his duties aa
United States ambassador to Ger-n
manv. When asked If he thought ho
could live on his $17,000 salary. Ambassador Oerard. whose wife's father
was Mareus Daly, tbe oopper MB*,
replied: "Thnt la ���w-.ethtnt I " "
worry about later en."
* fr S S O S ��! ����S4��OD4��
NOT pres:
London. Sept. P.���Tho Tkr'.
errr-eprndent rf the Dnlv
Telegraph understands that b >
yend Inveettgatioaa Japan VII
take no actios asjslqst Chini
r>n'll she Bas mfcaagsd itivt
wfth the   British
The Yaagtse valier. tt la pat
9*1, oahjHt   of   n
'*�������������������������������������������� PAGfc   TWO
l.loyd  (Ieorge,  tlio  liritish  chancellor
and leader of the Liberal party, when
at   homo.    Mr.  Drage'l  home adjoins
that of the chancellor, whom be haa
known  sines  boyhood.    The    captain
would not  talk  politics, but Mr. Wll-
An naS-fictiilimt moral** paper tit****** t��� the inter st. of New We��(ia(niiter and  limns-Kills   expressed   himself   freely.
ths Prater Valloy.   I'uSli**** merv merning exeept Hundttu by Ike national Printing] 11,.   looks   for   tho   overthrow   of   til"
and PHtHtMef Coinea����, tsa*t**a\ at Si HeKtmaie Street, New Wettmintter, British  Liberal  party  In  the  near future nnd
Colum Mil. BO&B BVTHKHt.ANIi. Uunaiiinp Direct
.III commualca-Ho-aa llwli ** ������Sdraisad to The New IVcalininiilnr Newt, unit unt
So <ndiiidta.il IHSnbsrs of tke ****>. Cheotta*. droit; and moneti orders nAntilil du mnde
payahie to  ThS Nation*! l*rltutt*0 txtut l-ublishlno Cnmpanu,  Limited.
lKl.iriliiSKS���Btt*a***s tlt*o* ������ad Manager, SSS; BdOortal /.,.,,m�� loll deport-
���awni. i, HKl.
BVBBC&IPTION RATHB���Stp -mrrler, M per year. II (or three mnntht, 40c pre
month     Bp ������iml, l> por **��*'. tie par mom*.
ADl'I'tlllSINt'  HATMB tm e***lieotton.
permaneni  retirement    of    l.loyd-
(I 'go from political life.    Within lhe
nexl ton years both lln* Liberal and!
Conservative parties wlll give way to
:i radical and ultra-conservative party
Into whloh the presenl half rioren
minor parlies will eventually merge,
in believes.
Vr Williams-Bills looks ror the til -
limit" triumph Of the radical partv.
after  which   ll   will  be  "all  off  with
him ond Ihe others hiving landed lu-
iRrepts iii the British isles, he believes.
Land  of  Southern  Cress  appeals  to|them in small fruit farms to bona tide
sottlers el actual com.   The terms or1!
Many in This Province and
Envoy Visits Ua.
To hear that there is graft among the police of New RANKFIK TRIKT TO
York is not news, it's simply the reiteration of an old Urtl"luw  invjl  ,u
Pernio, Sept. >l. ,J W .\. Kelly, special land Eeltlnimint commissioner
from the province of Victoria, Australia, was In town on Wednesday afternoon aud explained tho land Battlement operations of his stale to manv
.statement, but to learn that the great corps of detectives
trained by the world-famed Lepine in Paris is corrupt
gives the reader a shock. Evidently it shocked the Parisians too, if the course to be followed may be taken as a
gauge of their feelings. This suggested scheme is that detectives be appointed to detect the detectives, but nothing
yet has been said as to who'll be appointed to detect the detectives who���in other words, will look' after the whole lot.
The police question in large cities,  particularly  in
Chief Justice Will Make Appointment
Next  Tuesday   to   End
sale   aro   very   attractive,     Tlio   pur-1
chaser   pays   three   per   cent,   of   I'.ie
price of his farm on taking possession,
lie llun has "1 years in which to pay j
iho balance, paying 8 per coat, annually  on   Iiie  purchase  price,  which*
Is applied as follows:    Kour und one-
Inlf per cent, intoresl on iho amount I
unpaid and one and one-half por oent. *
on tbe principal, it is nol a poor man's j
.   proposition  for a man who is sbso-
who   nre   interested   in that lutely without means, but If a man has
Mr.  Kelly   is  spending  sl\-  *i smiiM stake be can  make ii  go a
months In western l'nited Stales and long way there in gottlng himself os-
i nii-nhi.   lie came in hero after .i trlpltabllshed.   To aid him financially the I
through Alberta, where he held public Kovornmont  win lend him money mi1
'oei tings in many of the larger "ties ihls Improvements, to make further lm- *
in response tn u surprised query that|proVements, al four and one-half per
his country should be looking for set- oent
"era in nlau-fl which Itself offers ex-     The  fctats  operates    the    savings
e ptlonal Inducements to people to go banks and pays depositors thn
���ni the laud. Mr. Kelly explained that oent   The state Is abts to I
.iis government Is receiving a con tin-1 money to farm
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
at  four
m this
uni!  one
uai stream nf inquiries rrom this part half per coin, and give the depositor!
or ti,,. world and   while   permanent the very best security for their money
agencies are maintained in this coun- Choi*.-*- cf Lands
Victor'.-. Sipt. li.    On    Tuesday    of  rec
those where vice has been allowed to gam a firm hold, nexi week chief Just  Hunter win | tionss to condition
seems to be a puzzle impossible of solution.
try it was thought good pollct   to send ;     Victoria Is offering Bottlers irr.  .     *
out a traveling representative    who and non-lrrlgatod Kind...   The prices
could call al points from which tho ranee frnm  fiB to }:-.. per acn   de
��� reates  number of Inquiries had bei n ponding on tho character o" land, Ioi s
"ived and give lirsi bend Informs-1lion end Improvements,   it la nol Mr
j proceed to appoint a liquidator of the
in C*
dand contiin ni
The plan proposed to be followed in Paris cannot be Bankers' i. :    ���   ,*    =  ;    i::,.ii,,i
called a proper way out of the difficulty and till the great * '"'' :
centres light on a new system for governing their police
the .stranger had better beware of too intimate associa-;   Meanwhile notice win be given to
tion with so-called anus of the law. the shareholders of the
The danger appears to lie altogether in the big cities, -*r'k" thla appointment, and any who
where the men attracted to the force are of a different hfe Bn ""j0,'"m, '" ���Toh" ������ *****
.   .,       .._���     i     x* il _< r     ,i n a raa, ���     who may now bo spoken of as liquid-
tj pe entirely from those found in the smaller places. 1 his Lor pro ���.,,.��� wlll ,rivp an opportunlty
fact in itself makes it harder for the casual visitor to the to voice it.
streets where hundreds of thousands throne;.   In his home'   ���* *���� tllB resul< reached when
111 j . . , i , * ,v    a,        t.ie chlet justice took up the petition   ""���"
town he has learned to respect thc men who wear the blue, 0r several of the shareholders, pre-1 ,ftrs��
opportunities gin land which Is offered the settler,
There are al- but Innd which ims boon cultivated or
ways, in every oountry, a number of grosed for manv years
restloss persons, who, while perfectb     The  climate Is  semf-tronlcsl   and
in course of winding-up In succesnfu   in their prose-    Held  of crops range from root* Hteten vege-
pursuance of an order  made by his  labor, feel a desire for a chongi   fifty : tables, grains and grasses to oranges
lordship some months ago. thousand persons left Canada last year nnd lemons.   The Intensive f.innor is
tor tbe 1 tilted States, Of course, more the one who makes the most money In
citisons of thnt country came to Con- that country.   Prults are marketed In
mention to| ada. but there is alw.ivs n consider- [Eorono hv cold ston
when you ean get as gixiA nr bettor, manufactured In B. I'., viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUAUR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Htninlurd
BpeolflcatioM of Am sr leas ami Canadian Engineers' Association
We would nlso call attention to our Vitrified Sower Pipe from
4-ln. to 24 In. la diameter. This Is nlso made III this I'rorluce und we
consider superior to uny Imported artlole.
We also carry u stock cf Crushed Itock, Washed (.ravel. Hand,
I,line, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 18.
902 Columbia Street W.
to ;i
:'i-*o trtmsporl itlon
novement from any count:",-, due j and the productive b uvu of Australia !
vi.  cty of onuses, and Australia  Is our winter sBoeon. when the prices  	
in the Canadian citizens n type of fresh fruits are h'ehesi    S'ettlemenl   mils   c
which rhe would ver> gladly adopt.     |ln Australia has taken pltce near the     Ph"
The Absentee  Landlord, seaboord. and whl'e the orod'trcer hes s
lne  province of Victoria  has  suf- Ions water haul to hie markel he has
fired from the absentee landlord audi? short rill haul,
from   tho  farmer  and   rancher  on   a      The citizen of Melbourne Is offered
111 ���,  i     Iti.H-lll.
ri-UIKK.   TI'.AI'llKIt   oir
1 irtnony  and  sliiKfnK     Pupils atioceaafulv   prepared  for i aniniiin
Hon in ll    i    M   . - a. 1 it  ������   M, fm terms
npply 603 third avi nue
Kiwn lie nas learnea IO respeei me men WHO wear tne DlUe  of  several  of  the  shareholders, pre-   "S" scale.    Large areas havo been the same onnortuolti   thai is offered
uniform   and   keep   order.     He   trusts    them   implicitly sented ^ 0scar c- Ba'8. f��r the ap- devoted I    sheep ranching    and    to to the Cnnadlan or the eltizen or the
i i      ���    i a i i    j     av u        i i    j��     _.i_   *    polntment nf another than  Mr. Allen.  w-aea'  growing   which   required   little United    States     AiiB,��al'in    dees    nnt
atld he IS tempted to do the Same When he travels further : who was named ty the chief justice oi < labor,   ri larded   settlemi nt,   and   did wanl the yellow peoples on the I ind
.'.field.    It IS ��ff just SUCh UnSUSPeCting Wayfarers as these  Wte at the timo the winding-up or-  not return the greatest  possible an- tier mrthed of pett'ng iv-i i'i,.-,. \s
MI ���*-   RI.I.
l'i mnfort
* ii i Rny   THAilli
* i I  K   iw .-���'      ������ ��
ju.st such unsuspecting
the grafting ring of police and thugs in New York has
waxed fat in the past twenty years or so.
i dor was mado.   The matter has been  nua' revenue from the land.
Dollars vary in size from the small one you drop on
the mahogany for a few more of the same to the large one
they want you to hoist into the collection plate at church. l��$ "^aioTJ.'^'' .V'1 "'"' '; ''
mewhal different from ours, and, wo
pending through vacation awaiting the TllP province of Viotorla is purchas- mus' nd'nlt. in some respects ll boi :: s
reopening of court. . |in"   ",ese  lilrRr!   'racta  and    scilins superior.
One of Ihe statements  In the  poti-    ��� 	
Hon was that the appointment hud
been mnda without the usual notw to
shareholders. II. A. Maclean. K. c .
who apnoared  for the liquidator, said
rt.  J
A     nritNKTT.   AUDITOR
-. ���   I:   128   ttoora J
it be considered thnt. t!"
uggest  that
m ii steam
A'lot of those folks who are coming hack from Europe! %�� be'given^no^to the shn "," " *
onto date to bo fixed his lord
just now tell us that there soon will be easier money. Thev | that on
don't sav whether it will be easier to get or easier to spend.! ,';i'1 ;vo"''1 p''r",""'l l�� fint,oint a ������'������M'
* c1 i I a tor for the corporation.
Malorlty Satisfied.
Ccuneel    informed    tho court   that
| Mr. Alio*"    was   quite sstlsfatcnry to
|t.he  overwhelming  ma'orlty    of    th��
There's one spot in this old globe where things evidently are as thev should be. That's Wilmington, Dele-
ware, where a wifebeater was sent to the whipping post;:rp:'!!nr%"5-f;��,'1, m" ,n,f,nn,7-nn" ���':,,ii
., ., , J r     o   I be alleged that the petition bi
the other day.
| Proceeds With   Construction
Decision of Arbitrators���',
Is Put Up.
Andv Carnegie has been accused of giving the world
the kaiser's views on several prominent questions. He
must have travelled fast to be ab!" to beat the usually
loquacious ruler of the Germans to it.
Mrs. Pankhurst has announced that she is about to
make another tour of America. Nobody seems to have
j'sked her to come, but. like the seven years' itch, she
doesn't wait for an invitation.
St. Etienne, France, has excluded women with visible
hat pins from all nlaees of entertainment and public conveyances. Now if they'd arrest those with invisible hatpins for carrying concealed weapons, they'd be making a
good job of it.
One of the now lady judges of Chicago affirms that
no jury comoosed exclusively of members of either sex
can be well balanced. She prorrably means it would be
easv to upset the verdict of such a collection of good individuals and true.
before tho
i -"nrt. was practlcalv msde hv th"
| Cook and Hearn In'ercBts. He admitted that there was a judgement
standing against -Mr. Alien, but thst
was an old N'ova Scotia one. which
hr>d never heen nress-^d. The linulfli-
tor hnd c!von n*o'->le enorantee for 'ho
perforirnnce of his duties.
Mr. Hiss protested actainst the
-tntoinent that Cito was -"lvthinn
.-Inistor in the innl-en'Mon. When the
chief ins'ioe ns'"-rl h'm how h" nr-
T-inted for so many of the creditors
oreferring Mr. Allen hi replied that
wh'le ihece proceeding's hid boon
nendine there hod been a svstomnt1"
���md pprststent canvass to s"ciiro signatures to a netHion against the re-
rnei'al of th" liituldator.
II Oern'irrl Twigg. renresentim? lho
lerect. individual creditor, said his
"'it nts cod the creditors generally,
deslrrd that 'ho winding-up be has-
'eiieil nnd th"lr c'aims settled. There
mere liabilities of *m7nno to he set-
tled and the contributors were good
for 1400.000.
The chief luetic thought the sue-
geptlon to ''I'cin tie novo so far ns
concerned rhe anoointmenl of a li-
"i-iil:,ti*,-- was a rnc) no.- foil bo in-
=trooted '������'.* reelitrar to iBSue a notice
to the effect Btated.
The gentlemen who supplv us with news from Europe
remark that cremation is on the increase there, which is
further proof that the folk in the older countries believe
in doing things for themselves and saving the personage
with the forked tail a lot of trouble.
A machine has been invented which pours an-; dry
powder into a paper basr. folds the barr, makes a paper box.
plsces the bag and a folded circular in tbo box, pastes on
:��� label and se*-ds no the whole package. The beauty of it
5��; that it can't talk and tell you that there's something
else just as good.
Robber Taxes and Multilation of Ccm-
etcry Arc C'larrjcd Ag,-iin6t City
Across the border a woman is sueing her husband for
divorce becau^ he wanted her to live on beans. Evidentlv
she is not from Boston. (The foregoing is not original.
That divorce .suit started six months ago���prohahlv in
some reporter's imagination���and every paper from
Sandy Hook to Nome has cracked the same smile at it.)
Walla Wr.lla. Wn: h., Bept 11 A
mnFt sarcastic hrlof was filed yester
lo) In the rec-tll e-if,.. and will be ti r
warded    to    IHo    s'lpromo court   thiB I
Penticton, Sept. s.   The Kettle v*?!
! ley railway has deposited in conrt the
I sum of twenty-seven thousand iollars.
! this   b"!nK  a  guarantee   ponding   tbo
outcome  of  arbitration    proceedings
i .McDonald,  In  Glacier  national   park,
���'.anils  iu   the  townsii"  ot   Penticton.
j Certain land owners have refused  to
accept  the prices tendered   them  bj
the railway for rlsht   if wav. contending  that  the  prices offered   were  Inadequate. .1. Logic has been appointed
arbitrator  on   behalf  of  tho  raff-tray
company, and J. (!.  Dufresne on the
part  of the  property  owners-,.    Judge
Swanson  is third  arbitrator.
As a result of tbo money being deposited  as  a  guarantee   the   railway
company  his  obtained   possession  of
the right of way and    will start con-
I Btructlon  at  once.    Messrs.  Scharcht
land company are already assembling
their outfit, and crew and the work of
grading this portion will be rushed as
j f*tst a.-- possible,    When this work  is
J Qnlshed track laying may be proceeded with to a point beyond Naramata.
Scene of Activity.
Tho railway yards at the corner of
Fairvlew road and Hastings streel present a Bcene of great activity, flusio
nt'.es  of  ties  are  in  evidence,  while
there  are  enough   steel   rails  stored
there pending traok laying operations j
lo connect np over fltfy miles of road, i
The concrete round house I. nearinirj
completion.    I*   Is  about   ninety  feet!
lone and one hundred and sixtv feet!
wide, eapable nf housing ��ix  engines, i
nnd is built so thai it can be exten led
to a ten-stall round  houae  If neces*
sary  Thi* machine shop is forty-elehl
hy nn" hundred teet. the <"" *���  of the
two running more th-"i S35.nno.
There now remilns '*t:t a *horl bbc-
tti ���   * ��� ���*-, ��� a, '��� ..- ������ '������������., .,.,.��� nolwat- i
i r T* ���.,,.,.. -i *...,. ......,,.(
It  la. .   'ri "i-.t  tenders Will lie cnll-
,.,|   a, .   - , ...  ,.;,, h(- ...,.,.,���,,    T|,r.
-"���"' '��� - ' ' th" v hole lino is being
''���'������' '���--t-'I to us o"o cf the mosl
'������������������  ��� '������������ ���* >,, Roi-e'ng the trans
por1 'tl n p" I b oir "* (his o iriie-i of
���"���ii'''*"' Br't'sh (vi.,..-1 i., (���,.?..
���'������'������ all    hi li  ���  ���   :i ���<���   ;;i-e tdy   :������        ;
* nlrli i  wllh  a  view  to < ��������� ���* n	
could readily be bandied
shovi I."
The presence of the osph iltum i i
nn Indication nr oil, Baj prospectors,
tho formation being duo to the bb p-
age of otl nn tin sand many yaors
ago. This lati r consolldati d i:.i i
sandstone end formed the val i ible
product if oxidation. Prospectors
*-.!.-��� there ars many indications ot
further seepage since the formation
i ( tbe asphaltum, and, according to
Mr. Hamilton, when tho wind is In
the ri:;lit quarter, the Bmell of tho oil
i_ carried for many mili a
"it. seems remarkable to me," said
Mr. Hamilton, "thai the British ad
miralty, which will fooii have io look
to now fields ror the supply of I'm I
for tho increasing number of oil tni ruin;; vessels, have appan inly not turn
id tln-ir attention to those new field's
The !������ mpanles who are operated at
present oro Badly ham pi r d by le-k
nf cacltal. and the expenditure of a
few thousand dollars would i"nllv
determlno  the  value of thesn  fields. .
Om drawback to t'i��s, fields fr m
the standpoint of eomroerc'al marki t-;
lng is their distance fr* -n Hia ri'l-���
roed. If. however, oil wsa found In
large quantities it would i> * pos IWe
io build a pipe lino and b iveral cf th *
raflway oomnanles in this region have
had netrotlaUons with tlte Alberts.
Peace River arl Eartern, Bnd f"' AI
b'rta Waterways ci mpany, both < T
v-'rch |ii��'s ore said to have matte
prel'mlnarv surveys through this pan
of the country.
P. II Smith. w .1. Qrnret
tV'.rli   iniil-'i-tnk mi    In    i'|iy    an 1   onrjriV
er-la.t;,.      '��� )\ . \ |      W-Ml MlltlS'lT     Tru.lt     Hid*
Pfiom  sm.     P,   O.   Hex   B07,
II * P, O, of raUm of the D ot C, iw
the flrsl and third Tinirsiljtv at i p  m.
Iv.   of   P,    Hall,    Eighth   Mr...-t.    A    Weill
i Irn-.  Kxiiltt'il  Ituler,  P,  II. .'(fnlth. I'.ee
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL i Pald-Up)   ��
Branches throughout Canada    nud
Newfoundland, and tu Lopdon,   Kn��
land, .New York, GhlCMO arid *-'l��)kaue
U.S.A., and Mexico City. ,\ general
banking business traneae-Ud.   Letter*
��� if  Credit   Issued,   uvailable   wuh   cor
respondents in all p'irts uf tne world.
SaiviugB Hunk Department    iM-iwsitf
ret "ived   in   sums  uf   $1   and   .'p..ard
ANJ   md Interest allowed at :i per cotot. par
mT .antiiiin I present rate).
        Tulul Assets over llS6.oaii.iimi 00.
(i. O. DitYMNKK. Manager.
r-Mii ry
L.     O.
,    NO
111   Wa..
���-iieli     rn
1     t>
In    il.
M   ���
i.    It
J      1^-;
1 (a ail,
rtiT ia
of   1
s.�� n
crime r
' Koi
rth at
it C
ittmrviin stri-.ta
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall atyl*s and
place your order now.
Ladies' and -Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
t o. o   F   HM1TT  UODQH Hn. 17���Tht "���
r*ituiar   rn^etlnit   of   Amity   ..vis*   Nf  I
27.  I. o. o   i;-. ,* h-M every Mon4Ju '.
nlnht at * nVlorit In I'M.) PsHaws1 H*l.   !
ttompr  Catnawop  and   Ktirtmi  Htri��)��tr  ;,
vwtintx    brother*,     oorttamr    invn*-1
K. A. Mftrrlthew. NO . H   w  rtniiatiii
���J   ���'* .  W   C.  Oo^iham,   p   O,  n*x.r*
injt leor^tarv    j   w   MAoDonoddt RniftB-
n��l   s(HTFl��rv
w. V.   k.vi.ks   ��� Ptoncwr Punerel i��r��rio
nnii   K��--I'*ilmer.   fll'.'-div    Akui-s   utri-^
aar��pe��i.. CHrnr-ffii. Library.
s.   nntVKi.i,
tar A ttnnn.
et-4 a-tnh-i Irr *
Btreet   ."���>�����
1 RtTrtCBWOR   VO   CKr-
.    t.td   I���Fimtnl    <))rertnr
r.      I'nrlnr-a   4":''   r*ailnmM
-AreiitmlnBter.    ition*- nm
Lota I nnd  1.1 of Lol   :. ana!  1-.K��  I. 1,
���   I. -*��. ti, IS, of l.oi 4, ���ubaUvlatona
'I    Lol    '..   Siil.iirl.iiu    EUoek   4.   In   tha,
��� f N.av  WiHtiniinat.-i,
h t,r.���,r of um i.'Kia nt OeU/teats
"f 'I'lil.- Number iitiTir. iMmed in .n.   n.a-ii.i
[Of    1..I.1,llin    Mi-Cjuianl,,   Ii.im   Oe. n    ril,-.l   In
itili nfflr.-
Neiii.. is hereby iti-.-.n ih.u i ttuxll, at
ina expiration "( one luinitii frnm t.,.. date
nr lh.* firm piil.ll.-ntlrin I.. i..,f ., , ,l���|iv
n- -..-;,���,..t published In th. City ���f '*"���
W.s li.ilnial, r.   laa-.ua   a  a|a j]. I !.-���,..  ...  ,'���.  ,..,���|
Certificate,  unleea  In  tha  nu-anUma valid
i,ne itlon In. ui.'iili- '.. ma '.', wrltln'
.1   r  f)U'yy.\   "
Di irrioi  FCectKtmr uf Tin..*.
Renlatrj   orrten   v.iv U'.st.ni.,.,.
III'..   IStli   Aumol    I'M' (���U)
BOARD   OP   TRA[��.
Mer Boani of Trade mpetn in th��bear<
room. City Rail n* follown Thlnl Frl
<!fiy tit each month! Quarterly m^iin.
nn I'm- third IVMny of fchrunry, Mt.*
Atiffuat and November st 8 p.m. An
nual rnfctlniCM <-*n 'h^ third P>Mnv o
February, O. H. Btuart Wm-ikt.
I Only another mon:h  tn get
tourist tickets nt reduced rati
servatlon, tmirisi and dining i
urn on
Interesting  Point of Law Expected to i
Ec Argued Before Supreme Court
Thin   Morning.
Sui.., rii-.'dH,  nunlni'Ha I/pttera. etc.: nlr
riilatr avaarlt  s\mail:illat.    All work atrlctl>
oonr..|rnti��L    irfcrnNremn 418 Weat    ,-,11   through  trains.     For   reaervatlnna
tnlniat#-r Tru��t P.Ik.    PTxme 702 | ��� '   "  ' vauonS
and rates apply to
New Weatmlnster
11. W. I1RODIE. (i.  P,  A..  V-ino.niver.
rlatera, Snlleltora, ate. 4B laorn. atreet
New Wiaatrothate*. O tt f'o-rtaould, K
C.    J. II. r.mnt.    A. K   MeColl.
Victoria,  Bi pt.  9.    As  Boo*.*! hh  the
!  upreme courl term opens one of the
flrsl  matters t.i come ap for disposition will l���!��� thai <*r the application of
Lord'a Day in**t to Vancouver Isl
week.    Tim brief -..ns f.ini i,y Attor   '""nches here   nnd d'atrihutlng
nrys  Il-i ok-i  nnd   Bartlett.
thin nolnl
They took a little Rravel
And they took a Httle Ur.
With various ingredient*
Imported from arar;
They hammered it and rolled it,
And when they went away
They said they had a pavenKMit
That would last for many a day.
But they came with picks and amct
To lay  a   water main;
And then thev railed the wortrvn
To lay It back ngaln
To run a atreet car eafcl*
They took It up once ea-nre-
And then thev put it ImcV ��j[aln
Just whore It was before
They took It up for eoninlt
To run the telephone;
And then the put Ity tack ngBln
As hard as any etnne
They took it up for win**
To feed the electric light.
And then the put It back ft��ta
Whieh  wits no more t^an rUnit.
Oh.  the  pavement'* '��"  ��* furrow*.
There are patches cv-ervwher-e;
You'd like to ride upoa it.
But it's seldom that yon dare.
It's a very handsome pavement.
A  credit  to thn  town:
Tliey's always difiii'n' of it up
Or piittin' ol it down.
-���Winnipeg Tr
ing O. I) Tabor, onf   an appeal taken  buslnecs is concern
frnm th**- t'i cisiop of ihe s'inerior court I 	
which threw their application fur n
���vrlt of mandamus to compel an election nui of court.
Referring to Mayor A, -f 01111a and
fommlssloner fleorge Struthers, whose
heads aro sought, the brief says:
"We behold the spectacle of two officers,  whose conduct.  Is  censured   by I
ver  I'S   per  cent,   of  the electors  nf|
their   city,   refusing   tn   Biibmit   their; Prospects for O
and  conduct  to  the apnroval  or
disapproval of ihe electors of the citv,
buncland endeavoring to justify their con-
duet  nnd  nets  by  appealing  for  projection  of  the   power   to  rcnll   t.h"'-
far nn Okanagan valli.
Victoria,  Sept.
elective officcm. This purely would
he making a monstrositv and ahonie*:i
"f the i-ff'irts of nn Indignant people
'o right t'i" wrongs from which lhey
���iff'"-.   Will this court, permit such to
!,,���  ���'ir rei"1! ?"
Tl"' petitions charge (hit the *-r.���i-
��� . ..  . . ,,P,.   b-nl   bren   guilty   of   mis.
'i ���I--,-.,.,.     |���     ���'rr,     .,���,]     ,1,,,,     ,,lp,.     rf|
mc-'"! " " '���' fro-i the "'"met.prv, thiiB
mi'iii-it'ni't hn place.   Tbe brief says: I tenBlve tour through this sect
Seattle, Bept. fl.*���Captain J. Drag*.
retired, ef the famous Fifty-second
Oxford ' Ighi Infantry, nml !���'.. S Wll-
llamB-Klllr, of Criccieth, North Wales,
spent yeBterday looking over P-'nttie.
ThlB is their irst visit tn ihe Pacific
T'.-rth-vi����� nnd tbpv h;r*" been agreeably sure'-'eil to find this new country so modern. Captain Drage is interested in Severn! mining propottles "Whnt dees Ill's court consider ns ! "At present there nrn no less thnn
���on the Pacific slope, nnd his visit  Is mlBseasance, anyhow, If robber taxes 'eight companies In lhe field, and al-
���etrlctly business     Mr  Wllliams-Bllls, arid the destruction of gravcR of our though rumors of gushers are rife y<   I ment ln the city base ho e^prossed ihe
who adoompnnles captain Drage,    is dead are not?   Must we wait till these I was unable to locate iny well from  desire that the mailer should come on
officials shnll dig un the corpse and i which -il wnn being actually tapped   beforo another judge, he having statu 1
sell It for fertiliser?" [The asphaltum is ho widely diffused  hls views already
The  brief charges  thst  the elty  Is  throughout  the  cnUre     region     thai
hidliir behind n "supposed joke" In'the Iwlth the constant demand Mr this mn
law '"lien the commissioners snv thnItertnl  In    street    wnrk,    It certainly
pptltlnna nre not drawn up and Slgned|srems nn economic 'va?te to let this
and. H. Is at present, anticipated thai
argument on the point can be heard
by a judge tomorrow morning
The question come before the courl
on a :������:: came under the act taken In
regard to Sunday selling hy cltv mer
chants.   Tlie first case brought came
before   the   police     magistrate     lasl
pprlng  when  Pranlt  Hlgglns, for  thel
defence, raised the novel point that the
'net. did  not  apply on  1Mb Island.   Illsj
argument   wns that  the act dues not ;
override any    provincial    legislation
govornlng the observance of the day,
���d thai it Rrlttah Columbia bus legislation dealing with the matter the
*'*t dees nol operate in the province.
By an amendment made to the provln-!
������ oial act Bome years ago, ai the Instance
of lhe members representing the Isl-
n  Athab.-isca  Field  and  conitltuenclea  In  the legislature, I
Vancouver Island  was excepted fr nu |
itn operation.
Nothing Detmite Yet T1''"  ww  was supported    by    iin-
magistral    and   the   iiniseeiit;. ..   ,, n. ]
  dl'.ulBSPd    Tfle city appealed, but for
,,,., lechnl'.'il   reasons   this   r.np"a     nc-er i
v. hati ver  may  was proceeded with. An ��� ,,.r c.i��a vis '
1 utcome tf the work of the instituted      during      thu      -.���,**���'��� i
companies engaged in prospecting for ag.i'n.u Lludley l.nitv for the lau ,< ���
oil along Hie Athabasca river In the cigar, f.nd It Is the nppm] bv 'lta city
neighborhood or Fort McMurray, the actlnsi the dlsmlsBal of Ihis tlut is
visible asphaltum deposits of that ro coming tn for hearing.
gl^n are practically Inexhaust'ble." The same point, wns raised in a elvi!
���aid A. ('. V iiainiit'in, civil engineer suit heard before Mr. lustlce l^orr'nun
wlin lias just  returned  from an ox land decided by him adverselv. Tift he'd
that, the federal law is In force oi, ���h-"
island. When a move was made 11 -
fore him lately to bring on Ihe aii'u-
ti -, tl.iw. aollelter, a-tc TelepbQn<
I w Cahls a-idr*��a "Johnston.'
Coda, "Weatern t'nfcm." Offlca-s. KIM
Block, r.r,; iv.i-ombla atr����, Naw Waet
riiinHl. r.   fl   C.
alite - It:. n4��a.ra. -.nil Moll.-ilnra, Wm'
mln-."- Trnal Hlk, Columbia .treet
Nsw W.ainJMtv. " ,:* CHibla ud-tre"
"Whit..'in*. *��� Wr-slPrn Union, P o
Urowei 'Mn. Telepbnno c. w .
wi,,i,��i.i,.. ic. (;.. u. i, Edmonds, r
r  Oil   in   Athabasca   F
Eight Outfits Working  Cut
J. Mlt.Wtll.l, CLOTH, ��arrl��t.r-Ht-lii��
anllrltnr. '-ti!. ; lairn-ar Col'itnlila aji'
McK. nti- -����r��a-t�� New W.-atinkiatan
l'  C    l"   i)   tin* ns.    Telephone  Vl(  tsens will be l����aed to ona applloant
OOAL MININO righta of the !>nmliiloe
n Mianft.il.u, R-Mfcatchawan and Alhart&,
Ua Yillcon Tanrltory, tha Northwaas't Tar-
Unrtea and tn a portion of tha. I*ro*vinoa
>f Urltlsh Columbia, mnr be lenand for e
.���itn ot  twi-rrty-oni! ya-ara at %*   anonel
niul of SI en acre. Not mnn- than rSIS
K'llMtor i,ml Notary. Offloea Har
block,  2*   Iai-ti.   atreet.  New  Waatmln
NOT.    H     C
tin, W. i;
.     MARTIN     A    CAPSAD1
nnd   Hnilertiira.    SOS   tn   ��|i
r   Trust   Mlnitk     O,   B.   Mil"
McQuarrie   und  (Inorge  I
���**W B.C. Coast Service
traveling for pleasure.
Captain Drage says he  rinds business   Improving   everywhere   h"   haB
been, snd looks for a period or real
���proeperlty within the next two years.
iBotli Captoln Drage and Mr Wll'lams.
BSllsi aim near neighbor-, of    David- correctly.
| valuable   man rial   l!e   idle   wheu   It
Ih-iu'1's Vi, , mnn vr for Victoria 10 a. in
: p. in. nml  1 I !.6.
Leavea Vancouver rnr Ha-nttle IS a. m
md it |,   m
lawivis \i,ncuiivir Int Nitnulnin 10 a.m
nad ti *:i" p in. ;
Leaves VandOUvHf tat Prince Itntirri
snd Northern P"lnta 10 r tn Wartnei
daya   and   Haturduya  at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
"hllllWHCk   7
nd Bainrilay.
Leavea   Weatmlnater  >  i
Widneadnv and Friday.
HI). QOULlBT, Agent, Niw Wealmlnatei
H. W. EilODIB. O. p. A.. Vnnoouvar.
Application tur a leaae triiii.t Ihi mad*
I try the applicant In person to tli�� Agent
or Huti-Am-nl of the dlatrlct In wlilch Um
righta applied for are situated
In eiirvt-yfd territory lho hand muat bt
deaorlbed  by aectlona,  or  legal   anb dlvl
alons of aectlona, and In unati-neyed tar-
I ili'.tv   the   tract   apvlled    for    shall    bs
stake.) out by the applicant hlmaelf.
I:.acb appllrHtl',-i mum tie aavnnuauilat
| hy a fee of IK ��nMh Will be n.fnndud U
! ilm rlebta applied tor ara not available.
| imt not otherwise. A ruyalty ahall bs
i nald on tha merchantable output of tbe
I mine nl lha rata ef five bents per ton.
The person operating Uie mine shall
i ftimlah the Agent with awotn returns
accounting for the (till quantity of mar-
1 ehantable eoal mined and pay tha rov-
i nlty thereon, tf the coal mining righta
iro not being operated aueh rulurna ahouM
! lie  furnlahed at leaat once a  year.
The lewee wlll Include tha cval mlnlna
| rl��thta only, hut the leasee wlll be per
nllteil tn purchase whatever nvallahlt
; mrfuee righta maj tie conalileri-il IteoSS'
i-nry for the veorklng of tho mine at tha
I mti' of no ai  acre.
For full Inf i-mailon application JihauM
ho made to tl i Beeretar/ of the rtfoal-L
cient  of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to anv
Anent or Hub Agent of Dominion lannda
-, W. W. COHT
Dapnty Mlabrtor of the Interior.
N. t) ��� Unnutboslaad publication of thla
ihiement wUI not be paid fnr.
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newa Bldg.
������I all kinds.
r-v-ig rlglit,   "atlsfactlon guaranteed.
Bi, i.lcKsnzIs St. ,-.*-**-     - ~^W(*Mmn*y*X ���-������..<
"-tgf-e*---��" a��'lM^
ii ��t.n>*nni"i'AWiimrr-
First Ccncreeatlon In West to Decide
On Appointment of Religious
Victoria, Sept. 9, At u meeting ot
the board of managers ol the i-'n-ut
Presbyterian church It waa decided tj
appoint a director of reltglOUS eduoa
tlon. uud once llle appointment liun
been EQAda the church will enjoy (i
(llslincili'm   Hhiirod   by   but  one  olio r
church in the Dominion, it is bellev
������ii, Knox Presbyterian church, of To
ronto, N, io time ��ko appointed Rev.
it .1 M. piasford aB religious eduoa.
tor. ]
lu an Interview this morning, Rev.
.1. <i InlUter pr)lnled out thai thc
board of managers, when the Importance nnd value of the work was
pointed oul to them, did not hesitate
one moment In endorsing the idea,
and consented to become liable fnr
the f.nain lal support of such an educator during u six months' experinii n
tni  int..     it. faffed  to the session
and the Young M( n's cluh also Inter
tho teachers and officers of tbe Hun
da school  no voice was railed 111 op
position to the carrying out of the
suggestion, and the plan will, accord
lv, be carried out as noon us nosal
Along Modern Lines
The experiment is iiuite in ncc-rd
wllh the most modern Sunday scbood
methods lu America there are alreadv   twenty five  educators     Aa  the
fundamental work of the Bunday
school is Bible und religious btudy.
It Is quite u�� Important, the expon
��-)it*i or the Idea contend, thai t! e
teachers should be aH expert there as
iu other educational departments
Mr. Inkstor Is now looking for a
man, to be appointed at a salary uf
$1!00 ner annum, to undertake wha:
he calls ihe "new profession." II"
bus hopes of securing the right p��r-
ion In thc course of a few days.
The duties of his office will uie'i:*
that he will In no way be an aas'e
tant to the minister as that Is usually
understood. Instead he will huve llle
own sphere of work among the young
people and children. He will be responsible for assisting the Bunday
pchool workers and officers of exist'
Ing organizations among the oiing pm
. In nddltion to these," Mr Inkst ir
sdded, "he win be required to consider the reorganising of Bunday
school work along the lines of graded school and lessons. Also, he w'll
organise classes and clubs for Bible
studv, sl'idy of social problems end
mission work, and will direct the It
prsrv, athletic and other activities,
which w:l| naturally arise out of such
studif a."
Welsh Newspaperman Walk, Into Vic
torla   Hcte|   and   Loungers
Rite and Bow
Victoria, Sept. 9.���Blr Rlcbdrd Mr-
Ilrlde's "double" came  into town  laat
evening.    There was Iio mistaking the
likeness which was prodigiously faille
ml.    In  fan. so striking  was  It  that
on  the "double's" arrival In  the  Empress   hotel   Inst   evening,   twn   very
prominent   members   of  the  Conser-!
vative  party  in   victoria,  rose  from
lhelr seals In th" rotunda and bowed
very ceremoniously, only to apologise ;
profusely   wlu n  they   saw  their   mis- \
take. ��
The "double" however, has no handle to hir. name. He is plain William
Davis, of Crrdlff. proprietor of th"
Western Mail, and two other of the
most prominent newspapers in the
tight little principality of Wnles. To
n Tln.is mnn he gently admitted bis.
likeness to British Columbia's prem*
Ier, and remarked that when n eer
tnin liritish newspaper published a i
Canadian supplement with Sir Richard's portrait as the frontplec", be
received dozens of cuttings if the
likeness   forwarded   by   friends   who
bad noticed it.
Hrre By Invitation.
Mr Davis, together with Sir John
Courtis nnd Sir Marcuant Williams, is
on an Invitation tour of the Dominion,
(���nil thc party Is accompanied hy Wm.
Pugh, Dominion government special
representative In Wales and inspector
of f'Rn.-nlliin Immigration agencies In
fJrUt Uritaln nnd Kurope. These three
Welshmen were Invited by the Canadian government to mako a trip
through the country and see for them-
reives the prosperity which is everywhere appsrent, and to form their own
views on the situation now existent.
Representing as they do the three
rrcatoBt forces In the civil life of
Wales commerce, education and publicity���they have passed In turn
through everv cltv of Importance from
Atlnntir to Pacific, and havo eaoh
Flored n myriad of Impressions and
formed very decided opinions.
"We have been particularly Impressed" said Mr. Davis to the Times
man this morning, "with the air of
general prosperity throughout the Dominion. We h��ve heard a lot about financial Btrlngcncy, but did not see much
Hlgn of It. As a matter of fact we all
three hold very definite views on the
unmlstakob'e progress evinced In every town, village and hamlet that we
have visited, and venture to think that
all prognostications point to a continuance of that prosperity."
When naked to outline hls views on
the navnl (iiieBtlon, and the manner In
which Canadian naval affairs were
looked upon In the country country,
Mr. Davis very emphatically refused
to say anything at all on the matter.
Want Rscsll of Mayor.
San Diego. Cal., Sept. 8.*-P> t tlonr
for the recall of Mayor Charles F.
O'Nenl and Councllmnn H. N. Manney
were placed In circulation this afternoon. The ground for recall as alleged In the petitions Is the course of
the mayor and councilman In a dispute that haa arisen In referenco tn
harbor Improvement.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
Sept. Ilth,   12th  and    13th
The store has been closed for Two Days, and we have grouped together all lines of merchandise we are desirous
of closing out. These lines have been placed on the sales floors and sales tables, and we feel assured that
at the low prices we have marked them we will have a speedy clearance.
The goods offered are all in "A-l" condition. They can be classed as dependable and reliable merchandise.
The only reason for selling so low is: We wish to discontinue carrying them in stock, and place in stock new
and exclusive lines of our own.
Sweeping Reductions Throughout the Entire Stock
Every Article Selling at a Sensational Price Reduction
Office Furniture
Carpets, Rugs
Dry Goods Hardware
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear stoves, Ranges
Gents' Furnishings ***,*.-��� j
Trunks, Valises, Etc. Electric Lamps and
Crockery Fixtures
$25.00 Ladies' Coats $5.00
$25.00 Ladies' .Suits   $5.00
.$10.00 Ladies' Linen Coats $1.75
$3.00 Houses Dresses          75c
$1.50 Underskirts        75c
$2.50 Net Waists       95c
$1.75 Muslin Combinations        95c
$35.00 values in Cream Serge Suits, Voile ^Q - -.
Dresses, Silk Dresses, pretty frocks .... Jpo.OU
25c. Hose, 2 pairs for   35c
50c. Golf Hose   25c
$1.00 Kelts   25c
Handbags, values to $2.50, for  25c
$1.00 Brooches and Bar Pins  25c
!30c. Gent's Underwear       25c
Any Hat in stock, values up to $4, for $| gQ
15c. Cotton Sox, 3 pairs for       25c
$1.50 Dress Shirts        3QC
$2.00 Straw Hats       35c
$2.00 and $2.50 Wilton and Axminster (Jar-     Rf.
���pets, good patterns, per yard       OUC
50c. Jute Mats       20c
.$35 Brussels Rugs 10-6x10-6 17.50
$1.10 Nairn's Inlaid Linoleum, per yard. .*..      65c
12V^c. Prints, yard         5C
15c. Flannellette, yard      7V^>C
$1.75 Flannellette sheets, pair $1.00
30c. Cretons, yard        J ��q
75c. Madras Muslin, yard       25c
Extra Special Prices on Hotel
and Restaurant China. Beds,
Bedding, Dressers, Stoves,
Heaters, Ranges, etc. Suitable
for Hotels and Rooming Houses
White Enamel Beds each  *1 QQ
$17.00 Upholstered Chairs, each *g QQ
$40.00 Morris Chairs, each 17.50
$6.00 Veranda Chairs, each *r> CQ
$9.00 Cane Chairs, each $3.00
$25.00 Dresser and Stands 13.75
$13.75 Dresser and Stand g�� CQ
$2.00 Rocking Chairs, each $1.00
$44.75 Buffet  31 00
$28.00 China Cabinet 16 00
$21.00 Heating Stoves  12.75
$40.00 Heating Stove 21.50
$73.00 St. Clair Reliance Range, with Res- _.- ~_
ervoir 45.00
$15.00 Refrigeratars* each.     Q ye
regular lines marked down to prices that will save you from 30 to 60% on your purchases
FURNISH UP NOW! Thousands of custom*rs have taken advantage of this great money-raisiog sale. WHY DON'T YOU?
Thursday, Friday and Saturday-THE LAST THREE DAYS
Be on hand and secure your share of the wonderful bargain we are offering.   Goods sold for cash only
McAllisters limited
Columbia Street
New Westminster
lata ,a."_aaw."a*aMn-
^S^fMWeWWWBtiMHww,* .a..-..
**��&�����? s**A**\ *rW**
John A. Lre    Dredne    Being    Fitted
with  Fire  Fiehtina  Apparatus.
tookmaker's Asalttant Fcund Dead in
Vacant House in Ottawa���Pollce
Have Theory.
Not Suffering From Money Stringency
Prosperity  on  Very  Cound
Within   the  next,  three  weeks,  tbe
_.,,,. ,i-,���,].���!��� John A. I .co will be ready. . ..
SsuS  dlpplnn  her DOM  ina  river j    According t.i    the   Officer,    of   the
B. C. Packers to Place Vessel
to Roman on Run from This
Ottawa. Sept. 9.  -The body of ('has.
Hobinson nf Brooklyn, a bookmaker's
m*iar  clerk, who has been inissliii; since Aug. 1
128, nas found in a trunk in n vacant
house jjere  tonight.    The  police  lm-!
i inedlntel.v began an investigation.        i
The body was so badly decomposed
| thnt It was impossible to determine
by what means the man met death.
On Aug ilO, n man who gave no name
obtained the keys of the vacant house,'
Imr "ami load MOWS to fill in between Columbia Cold Storage company, the telllbg the agent he was seeking a
the piling now being placed ln p��si-jH r. puckers' association will plac- place in which to opi n a clothing
Hon in connection with the harbor lather halibut Steamer (n the run store. The keys were returned the
improvement vnwk. The laat of tb-ejnejt spring, arrangements no* being f-llowing Tuesday. The police believe
ln.'tchlntry for the drcdRe arrived yes-| pen(j|I1K ,or ,)���, purchase of a boat the body was taken lo the house while
terday inorninx and-unless unforeseen from an gingltsh lisliing company. Die keys were In the hands of the
delays oeenr in the construction of tbe ;    Tho bonl nM bl, cf ,]���, sam(, 8|ze 8tranger,
upper part of the dredge she will bc in Ift_  the   Homutl   and   will   probably   be 	
shape for the work cut out for her be- : b.ollght  ()1]L   fr���nl   Grimsby,   Kngland.   WELL KNOWN TORONTO
lure the end or the month. where a strong  fleet  is located and1 """ "5 ""'"
Carpenters and  mnchinlBts were at,,,..,,,,��� on  ,|,,.  \; ,-th  si a  batiks.       i  hh
wnrk  on   the  boat   yesterday,   boiler-    t'Th(i  K|ngawaj,   which  was charter-j    Toronto.  Sept.  9.���Leonard   Harker.
makers riveting the huge Scottish ma- (i() by (h(i ^0]Mla'ny    geverai    months'grocer    and    confectioner,    at     1134
rin- boiler in position, while carpen- wj|) _j80 h_ [Iept orj the run, thus  Yonge street,  \va3  found dead  in  his
__ _,���.........,��� Iinal;ln    four  boala  0perating  cut cf ��� apartments   in   connection   with   .his
the Fraser riv(r. Bll"'e b* Police Sergt Grant.
While Mr.  Barker's health had uot
tors were buay erecting the deckhouse.
Oil Cimero.
The boiler itpelf is a fine piece of
work and according to thc contractors,
will be the most powerful for ita size
operating on the river, capable of 180
horse power. Oil burners were being
Installed yesterday, thus making her
imp of the first river dredges to he
atquippid wiih the new mode of steam
Fire Protection.
A feature of the craft will be thc
separate lighting plant and a powerful and independent fire pump whi<:h
is expected to not only protect the
dredge from possible Ore but also
dampen the ardor of nny blaze which
might break ont along the waterfront
As the dredge is owned by the city
this firefighting provision will afford
additional assistance to the already
efficient apparatus under thn care of
Chic!  Watson.
Further down stream linemen were
liusil., engaged in installing six transformers for stepping down the electric
juice from 2300 volt* to 210 which will
provide the current for the operation
of the maFsive derricks, one of which
is about completed, while the other
���will be started forthwith.
The transformers have been placed
on a movable platform which will enable the contractors to move its electrical apparatus to any point on the
piling work in order to serve the liilO
horsepower motors on the derricks.
Lc3D of State of Cal-
With the completiorof the dredge, th "�� .h�� ""J f�� "" ",K, �� "' t ten
everything will he in readiness toil At lL\\BTJ&]B J5"*",? "*!, V,*t\ \�����
commencing to fill in back of the pli- *���� J**""1 "J18���*S2.,tf��dllE2
ing work, the dredge filling the scows  ,hP   attention   of   congress   has   heen
been of the best of late years he is
said to have been in unusually good
condition In the past month until Sat-
I urday night, when he was seized with
| violent bains throughout Ins body and
Iliad, and be expressed a fear to Ma.
.lonu.-t, a clerk in his store, that he
had  been  poisoned  by  coffee.
Mr.   Barker   was    about,    flfty-flve
I years  ct  age  and   lived  alone  s.b_ve
American Papers Rap Government for, his store.   Neighbors became alarm*, d
last evening upon noticing that milk
battles at his place had not been taken in and communicated with the pol-
 Ice.    Mr.   Barker  had  evidently   died
  , sometime Sunday night as the gas jot
land a small  coal  oil  lamp  were  8t.ll
Following  the  deplorable    disaster  burning.    Rigor morils had firmly set
which    overtook    tbe    PnoiTic  Coast the limbs.
steamship State of California, which) chief Coroner .T.-'nnson last nighl
carried 38 persons to their death when placed the po:i*~o in charge of the
she. sank in Gambler Bay. Alaska., premises and ordered the bodv sent
early on the morning of August 17, ms- to tge morgue until invesCg-u on
rinn paper:: In the United States are shows whether an inquest should be
again rapping the government of that held.
country over tho knuckles for Its fail- Mr, Barker owned the property
ure in adequately lighting the treach- hvherton IiIb store stood. He had
srous northern coast The manner in j bpen doinR business there for six
which the British Columbia coast sl-.car9 Fcrmerlv hc ran a store at
marked with aids to navigation Is the comer of King and Portland
landed by these papers and they com- | strepts. i_���Ft week he stated to Miss
pare passing from Canadian waters Ijonett hls clerk ,vho uvrB at No. 2
into Alaska waters hy night, as pass-. nprryman 8tree,, ,i,at ,,e had r_PP,v.
Ing from day  into night | ed an  offer  for  ���,p  property an(1  ba
The Railway and  Marine  News, alw.. gerioU(Jly considering selling cut
Seattle    publication,    among      man-v iand retiring.
i     Mrs.   William   Hall,  Norwich.   Ont..
at some point on the river which wil
then he towed by the Hero to the improvement   work,   where   the   derrick
[(called to this very Important  matter.
iCongress has been petitioned for nn-
1 proprlations fnr more and better aids
....     . ,      v ��� _,.       ,,,  .        l'n the district  of Alaska,    extending
mt Front street and the point ��here ��g AlW^tTS
the new street end is to bp   ocated. -., , ...   .,, >     ,     tv ,    . , u���
jas Nome and St. Michael.   This agiia-
Menn mo  1 Nnw a-snv llion-  n,ai!''  ���'���*   different    times,    baa
HERO NO. 1 NOWR.��l)y      W0RK  borne fruit in a small way. and while
s-UH hakbok    ,'ORK ; AIaFk-��� waters are much better light-
.���.     ,      ���"-.,"_ _��� a. ed  and  marked  than  thev  were  ten
The tag Hero No. l  owned by tbe        s a     the ilirrfaSP in th���Ee much-
city and   for use In fhe   harbor   lm- neeaed aids to navigation has not bv
provement  work,  is  now  in  conimis-, ml,3nB kep, pace wlth the growth
sion, al hough until the dredge is com- ���*������ Vnmmerce
pleted, little work will be found fori "Gambler Bay, the scene nf th" roller to do. The deck house, funnel I ,.,���, deferable wreck was first charf-
and small mast have been tr.atml ta a [���d -^ ^sn ;,nd 'he latest cherta werf
coat of paint Blnce being taken over | enmplled frnm figures obtained at thnt
liy the city, thus presenting a fineItime ln the charts a long reef is
appearance  amongst   ihe  small   fleet ahown   but not  n  single hiinv  mark"
Is the nearest relative of the deceased In Canada. Mrs. Alvin J. WrigM.
.'���196 Huron street, and Dr. Mortimer,
P6 Avenue road, are cousins.
Grand   KcrkB,     Sept.    t<.    Differing
from many other localities throughout!
the west at the present time, Grand j
Forks  is  not Buffering  from  the pre-1
vailing money Stringency,    One  bank
manager here. In discussing the BliU-���
alion, said  that while be had  received instructions from  headquarters In,
common   with   the  other  Institutions,
to tighten  up on loans and pursue a
policy  ol  contraction  rather than of
expansion  for the  time  being,  it had
not become necessary  for  him to do
bo.   business was going aiong on the
usual  sound  basis,  and  the  changing
of the methods already lu vogue wer.'
not necessary.   All the business f.rm.i
are  in  a   prosperous    cuidition    and
tlttre Is not a banner to be seen announcing a "closing out sale.'' "sheriff
sale"   or  any   of  lhe   other   signs  s i
familiar in other places,
llut this condition i f affairs is only naturally to expect when one gives
��� the matter careful consideration. Why
should there ever be a dl piession l:i
Qrand Forks? Here is a olty sur
rounded for miles around with Bome
of the richest agricultural land In b I
found in the province land upon
which n. crop failure has ncvi r been
known. Such things as summer frost.
drouth, hailstorm', and the like are
unheard of, and the i ides' Inhabitant
of the valley cannot pent to a single
season that differed very materially
from another. Every year has brought
forth its banner crop, whether it be
fruit, grain or vegetables, Government experts give tlle products of 111"
soil here the highest compliments.
These men have a wide range of
knowledge and their op nlon can b i
accepted without hesitation.
Hut Grand Forks is not only an agricultural centre but a payroll city
as well. The largest copper Bmelter
within the British empire is local id
within half a mile of the city, and
on the tenth day of inch month the
several hundred men working lhere
receive tlieir pay. Moat of this monev finds its way into local channels.
Added to this is tlle payrolls from the
railways, which amount to several
thousand dollars every month. And
the fact that there are manv railway
lines radiating from Grand Forks
must not be lost sislu of. These are
owned by the Canadian Poc'flc, the
Great Northern and the Kettl
Social and Personal
C, C. Woods, of Toronto, Is regisli r
cd ut the Russell hotel.
Postmaster .MacDonnld's family
have returned to town from a summer
spent at  the beach at  Crescent.
T. A. Brady, of Viotorla; B. G.
ThOmaSi Winnipeg, and Iv W. Murray.
St attle, were nlso at the Russell
hotel yesterday.
O. I. Sovereign has returned from
the east after a visit in Woodstock.
Toronto, Montreal and oilier cities,
Mra. Sovereign and daught-r also
spent n part of the summer In Wood
C, .1. Bell, local manager of the NaUonal    Finance   Company,    Limited,
leaves this morning for il two or three
weeks' trip to I'ortland, Seattle and
likely cities III California.. Guy Whittaker will make Ihls trip together wltll
Mr. Bell.
Mr. nnd Mrs. .1 11. Kennedy have
returned to the cily from their summer home at Orescent This year Mr.
Kennedy built a   handsome   sesslds
residence at tlle popular resort and
during the season they have cnterta:tied a number of guests. Among these
have been Mr. Kennedy's niece. M sa
Cornelia Kennedy, of Minneapolis;
Miss Strong, Miss Clara Smith and
Dr. Green and family, of this city,
The   New   Westminster   News  does
not hold itself responsible   for   the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of   Electrical  Work
[Editor The News.
Sir,     Having sti  ml 'ii  thu    inee In [
of the city council lasl evening and
listened to t'.ie arguments pro and
con for the suggested half holiday for
employees it Beenis to me that while
it would be unwise fnr this olty to
close its stons while the shops of
adjoining town., are Kept open, yet
the clerks ara sen iy entitled In a
f \v hours off when they in tlieir turn
can visit other Bhops if tbey wish
This could lc far betti r attained wi r
employers to give their clerks a half
holiday weekly in turn letting ofl
work every day in so that all i'i turn
should have their well earned rest
from work. \Vh> coultl not the clerks,
both men and women, form a union
deciding upon their hours and llnir
pay? Let there be a maximum and
a minimum so as to give scope f r In
dividual differences of attainment
l'nlon is strength and trades union
when properly managed Is the great
est power on earth,
Helieve me yours faith fullv
Pres. and 0��al. Mgr.
Vice President.
w. r. H. BUCKUN
Bee. and Trees
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonei No. 7 and 877.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  Mew   Wettmintter.
mger   Sewing   Machines.     StiiII   Mutteal  Goods  of  all   Kindt.  PHONF  *<�����
��pirating on the river.
Une  nf
Chicago, Sept. 9.���The Cook county
hospital, with a capacity of 1900, is
kept so full of county and cily officials, their wives and Iheir friend.,
that there is no room for ind'gent
patients, according to charges mad"
today by County Agent Mayers, in
charge of the hespita.l.
The charge was mad" after County
Commissioner Frank Hngen had attacked Walter Wiesftowski, an InveBti-
'-rator kept at the hospital, to keen
persons nf mean3 from ga'nint ad
mission to thc Insti'ution and depriving poor persons from needed attention.
"-Xdm'sshn  to tre hospital had  for
 Itbe  locntion  ���  til's  il.*'-ir0*    .^^^^^^^^ ^^^^
  UecVs.   In the c'isc of the ''"it. of Cal-   mslly been hy card of a county com-
Dories in Race. I ifernia. it. ean be Btatcti that the ves-   mlssloner," said  Mayers, "and  na^ci
The pretty sight of a couple of hall-Uel   i^n on  her  regular    course    -at  attacked  the  investigator  and   Wies-
but dories engaged in a race on    the , twenty-seven minutes after eight  *nn! i ko'.'*��ki   refused   to  adm't   a   weM-tO-do
river,   was   notlct-d   yesterday   after- the mornlnc. nml at twenty-nine mln- |na'lent v.-lth Rngen's card.   In the mv
iraon.    The small shoulder of mnttcn jutes afur eit-ht  stru"k the uncharted   ���' rnlty ward  mnr" than ten  in" cent
_______________________ _._       >n     ________________________________________________
sail on each sent the small bals ireek which r'npetl out h' r ho'tom
atonj; np stream at a fair clip, -s crew plates, ami thirty-two Thin-nTT**-*! n**er
��f Iwo men car-h, having been sent|"*"ht une fillip dlsapneared trom Sight
���down the north arm to the point iThe oldest Indians living on Gambler
where the boats nre kept in Kt/tra^e. 1 l.iv never beard or t^" reek wMch
These were placed en board thelcaused the StRte nf California to sink
Roman,  which left for the banks las' ! Praise CanaHien  Me*>hods.
evening after unloading a catch    el
100.000 pounds of halibut.
"in Canadian  waters, whenever    a
|-mw cannery ls located or a new vil-
iinge grow-? tr. the ImpoHance of de-
Imandlne steamship Bervice, thnt gov-
PORT AT SEATTLE 'eminent'*    sorvey    horns Immediately
��  reinlr to the scene ami Becure data for
Seattle. Sept. 9 Three months trmn reliable charts Vfter the purvey work
laondbn, the big liritish freightrr Tx-n i>R done the llr'ht.hniis" dep-trtnient cts
���nf Ruth ven, of the Ilniyal Mail Btenm j> '"--v and nlnces wbever necepsa-ry,
Vackel service, arrifeil at Seattle on innls '������ nnvlpstlpn, 'True, tli" coast I'ne
Sunday, bringing 1,69! tons of iron,'"'' AlnsVa 1< much m*������ pvtenslve
���structural Steel, machinery, ishlsklesIthen 'V'l ei Rrltleh ('oinniht'' bill
and   liquors,   from   Kurope   and   l.lk'J' ni'verthe'e-as   the   "it   -""I   trciilet1-
tons of hemp, rice, gunnies and earth- I'crvcv and the llgbth' n* " depart n's
'aware from the Orient. 'honhl  he  given   rufflclent     fundi   i"
('���alee, accident and typhoon in the nrneecute wn��V wherever vessels are
China scan varied Hlfl usual monotony navigated in those water'
eif a tramp voyage. An Kast Indian1 "In ��i pram'nBllon of the I'^i er
mi'inbi'r of the rro*x WU washed over j - es "Is le>> in Alfli ��� ��� -a.-->t>---. rtu�� ��� n
Iniard In the C.ulf of Suit, and was res- i -"'hul nf vets i xtendlnn fre"i 1V7>i In
cued nnly after an hour end a half of 'ate. ll In r ,������ i thai r i ntun ndons
maneuvering; a Rale was encountered | '"tat ft J7.'40 000 It's l*c-t o'ltl nut
after leaving Port Said, during which lb"* imflerwrlters !��� r total loBBea and a
two launches for the Chinese govern- ; "um n-tirlv o" gn*'t has l�� en n-i'il nut
ment. lashed to her forward deck.;''r vbpsbIb thai have met -'"'i dis-
���were nearly carried away, and ty-|'"'er been salved and restored to
lih-oonr, run into after leaving Hong- their owners."
ijae-n,-. ���
Bal the Hnthven came through with- ___,_.��, _-.__ RFPnr,T
out a mishap and Cept W 8. Btewari OFFIC.AL CROP RF.PO t
in  well  pleased  with  his    command : MtL^  market
which   iH   his   -flret.     After   nineteen      .,,     ..    ,   ��� ",  .."",. .���    .
years,Iii the Royal Mall service he was . N ^v v'rV* s'''1'* "-. / wn* "" '' "',
promoted to command of thc RuthvenI "r l>1" WW ���wnce Of the govern,*,,,,.
4 ��     niraa "'oti report In the last hour of today B
ftV an app%itnc�� Captain SLewar. i *r""'^ "^ H>�� "lnJ�� ���""};����� "h-twed
entered the Royal Mail nervine, nhlp- ����� ��t>P'-raner of activity, with s
Ping from Dundee In one of the san- ��^!J��" ^"v-menl flownwerd. ""'
Ingraft of the ��<wal Mail fleet As ������ ^^Wwe^
ihird   officer   of   the   Dacca   Captain '       '   ���        '    "",'.., ��
Xwan visited Kenttlo Sixteen yean ' " ,|,nl* ���� ""���"]���'' "' '\<���"" "��'���";"'
a"o Since then he has seen service Ofl ' r,,""rH b"''r*-""' '" mart time. The
ill  the -seven ��>'aB.    Trior to  takin,'
. mmand Of tlie Buthven he �� afl chi..' j ''' ,""'^ "��' "^
officer for the Den of Milan in thc In "r ���mPDrt'1^ ""'H*5
dlan trade. I
of thc cases are the wives of city pil-
ice or firemen,
"A batTff had Irs father de��d a'l
his pi^nerty over to him nnd then had
the father sdm'tt d to ""��� h"��p'*nl
where he p-fpented the old gentleman
to spend the rept rf hi' dai��s.
"A   citv   policeman   was    just   (lis-
cha-rged  from   the  v*.  -"M   -.a..-.
learned   thnt   he owned   fla*   buildings
(riving  him  an    income    of    $300    a
Pcat'le, Sept. 8.���After lie lnd re-
pud'a'rtl in open court an affidavit
made by him concerning ih" dynamiting of Napoleon Camnhe'i'a shingle
mill -ii Bpllard on May ;.: laat. Charles
V yicfipnieis. a ph'iy.ln weaver, was
'ordered Into c.ustodv by Justice Fred
('. ItT'ivn. Dentitv Proaebutlne Attorney Them.'"' Kennedy is !ii"cst'gating
the ct'se. Rail was fixed in the sum
of ��1.B00.
In hi*-- sftrlavit McDanlelfl accused
Nanoleon Ctmnhell with cnnpptr*ng
with John M Semnle. a ptrikehreaker,
tn blow nn the Campbell mill hunk-
house, w'ti-i - vl'w it la nlleeed, of
discrediting the striking shingle weaver-.
"I was drunk when 1 signed the affidavit." said McD-MtlHs in court thl"
mn'-nirig. "1 don't know whether 1
reid it throneh hefore 1 Btgned it or
not " Tb" wltncai mnde a-"-,-eral eon-
fl'ctlng stntrments and after .lust'ee
it-mm "iit] that be wottMn't consider
ta I n   t-.t t'-r,,-Ti \-    s e "'" U S1 V.    t' 1 a     '-pi,r(   ,���������.
tiered McDantels in'o the dock, lie
v."*s later feknn to tht eonntv lall
.lames Harhlck and William Knowles
test'f'c'l that they nv: Semnle. who is
e-i trial charged with exploding dvna-
mlta "i"if the lui'k'.i ���������.ro '.hnrt'v l>"-
f,ar" th,. evnlnston Napoleon Camn-
i nu ,, ,-.;fi,���| thnt he h��d nothlns tn do
wtth tbe evnlngien ���>���"! never nr>ni>nlr-
,.,l to have the hunkheitsn wrecked,
Tin- trial was resumed later thin af-
Itiai movement wna nnwnrd with p
'-iir degree of :i"'ivity ln  Ihe bidding
Fnr  v/.��-k   Endtnn  Sundlv,   8ept.  14
14 1",  K?n i in-.st
12.0    5.26    Z.l
���i" ������������ l'i :,'i * ?Vf>1t
10.8 18:60 10.5
18:00  " "r. ' is-oi
12.0   6:110   2.1
���"' UU     2-.: 06
10.1 21:52 10.1
12.7   T.62   ��.?
nor, io sni��:4S
1R: r.O 22 16 i
22:08   9.3
1  55 11  30 1    ti-.TA
9.7   8:28    2.9
17:BO 13 55     IB:21
12.7 22:36    8.5
���i 21 12:06 l    2:21
9.7   9:19    3.1
17 v.            ; If. -17
12.5 22:66   7.7
4-20   0:25 1   2:22
9.0 10: Oil    3 4
18 1ft 12:60 i 1T:09
12.3 23:15   6.9
f.-ir,    1 00 I    4:14
in.2 10:3>    3.8
ix.r.n in 25 j i, n
IM 23:38   ��.l
^^^^^^^ TRIAL  BY  JURY
'I'he   nsslzr   ei urt    docket    war.   In-
created i>y three yesterday morning
when three perrons accused r f various
crimes elected tor trial by jury, when
appearing before    his    honor    Judge
These were Chrlstobal <"as?lo, charg*
ed with entering and stealing from
the room of Bert Murray of this r-lty:
Oeorite Marshall, of Agassi/., charged .
with theft, and Frederick Webb, com-'
mltted for perjury when giving evidence at a coroner's Jury at Ladner
last week nt the enquiry as to the
th_at.li of a fisherman.
Kditor The News.
Sir, -Will yen kindly allow me
spin- - In vour valuable paper to sav a
word or two pertaining to the council
meeting of Monday evening, re tiie by-
lnw ?
I was surprised to hear the baby
talk of the merchants representatives.
Any one (man or woman., with a
grain of common senso, fails tn se,. i*
in the 1'rIu that lhe self termed hick
lr.-." of New Westminster wish the
public to look al It. Words fall to
express my indignation at the words
quoted by one. of our eldest residents
that the attitude adopted hy the
Trades and Labor council, also t'i--
clubs, was indecent, and if it b��COmS
lav. he'for one should break it. Surelv
such language was uncalled for. but
our mayor falhd to call him tn crdsr,
(Most   every   nee   1 re-h, d     i v"fl   c|ap-
I ped nt the sin-ill wit i When !{��� v.
Cruv roeo to snenk hn was onlckly ***.
minded thai we o'utld hear him pr ac'i
every Sunday. Sir. can you tell tn��
which  spoke tlm i*<-st  ntnnly 7    f3ec
tondly, does th" merchants ever g*ve I*
Ib thought? The winsome maidenhood
i-errosented In cur stores and ofTces
have I rict'oa'lv no t;*"e for reerei-
tion onlv in darkness, e'r;ht menth��
nut of the twelve. Then we wonder
nt the parly marrlngrs and prams
turely eld women crowding mrr cities
p.Iso, ere the merchants :i\*nt-e that
the greater pari nf th"ir iT'-iperiv Is
due to the obliging ond civil manner
in  which  their hui*n��n  machines con- ,
. due their varied del ies
n n't '-cn see, l* r'N ,.f the creation ,
if  New  WeatminiBter,  that  yi"i
pirrinr the noose  round    yonr   ��� ��-i
���necks in opposing the WetTnesdav half
day closing bylaw, which, if madfl law,
would work wonders both in the
homes and our churchea,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 6.46 a.m.
and evttry 16 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with lato car ut midnight
SATURDAYS���16 minute Ber
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
BUNDAYB���8, 7, 7 30 8 and
S 30 and every 10 minutes until
11 p.m. wllh Iau- car at mld-
For Vancouver via
8.45 am. and hourly until 10 p.
in,   with   late  car  at   11.30.
RUSH   HOUIt   8PECIAI.3-7.30
a in   and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    houtly
ttntil  10 p.m.  witb  lato car irt
For Vancouver via
WKKKDAYS���7 an,   ami eery
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and   every
hum until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
aud other polnta on l.ulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
fi.*5 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.
(.ct our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Ven��er Panels.
Delivered en the Job.
Enqulr* about cur sptci.il stockes. tbey are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
1  renin it
the hvl"
Mlt.-i   IIUSTJ 1"K THOMA-t.
1716 Ben nth avenue
1.' ndo'i.   Sent    *���      Mom ���'   was
to  i btaln,  but d'nc unt   ratea
Bteid'er today    In il rn on the
exchange wi r ���   pi Inclpally   ier
rl '* the Bettli mi nr,
Tradlnn  was ki ni rally    qiilnl
��� ��� ��� ������   v\'t'i   jia-a-r,ia-;t ci 'I   *.'.'*,.'Kin e
t'n- copper Hlinnf due t*, ||qti
nnd   the  Tall  In  thn  motel     Ci
recovered inont nt yeptnrday'fl 1
r* mirdboaes, but the tendency i
wise was easy.
��� tl
auction sale Columbian College
91  Eighth Street ! _N^. ^���INSTER���.
Thursday, Sept. 11,1913. .MUSIC
at   9   dm    cuapd Th"  Musical   I lepiirtment   last   year
f-T . p.m. shrkk, undei   the  leaderslilp ot Jriiss ciura
..,,,.       , ,   ,  ,      M   Smith, A. T, doll. M. ���,
I* red  Dsvls han In en Instructed bj 7
Mr  I." rir  '��� to sell bis furiiiiiii-i* and PIANO
'"���''-'" '"   'r-'*11 nou,e' w1thoul  ;'     snd   Miss   Mahei   c, Winters, a. T.
Bl rve ,   . j;     M |
Bale Includes fine Organ, Monarch VOK E
Range, BedB and Beddlnt, Sideboard, achieved sneoau very (ratifying    to
otc- , tha pupils and i" the collegi     AfT.li
i:i*d  ttlth  the    Toronto    College    (f
Particulars    of    sale    at    RusttH's
'A<'estmin-.l-.*r   Auction   l-lcuse,   Colum- ., , _
bis street. (3023)    ( lasses Re-open Sept. 9th.
la-cadini: nian With dian. IC. Iloyal pi
0   CRAY
lyers ut   the  Royal   Ihoatrn  thin  week
Preserving !
Early  Crawford  Freestone   Peaches
$1.00  Crlte
Tlinne are choice, llrm peaches, Juit
ri^ht for preserving,
Prnlt Jars of all kinds In pint, quart
and half gallon sizes,
Economy Tops, per dozen  2.'c
lixtra K. Z. Jar Tops, per do_en ,.25c
Dean's Grocery
Plione 3C6.
Burr Block. Columbia Street.
Provincial Exhibition
Queers Park, Hcpt. 30, Oct. 1, 2, .1, and 4, 1913.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions     $60,000
faargeat and moBt extensive truly agricultural exhibition in the west.
In 'lie ben arena west of Toronlo. Bpeclal prizes for Horses ("attle,  S!.e(.p, Bwlne  and   Poultry.
High cUbb Special Features and attractions.   Better Babies'Contest, .ihree Bands In attondance.
Bp' clal ral en on all railroads and stenmhiilp linns.    Kntrles close
Sept.    i, mi:s.
C.  A.   WELSH,   President
Manager and Secretary. ........       a*. -��
PAui mm
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
neck thin summer and tbe manager
refuged to continue his Balary during
Uie time be was In tbe hospital.
New York  Heavyvelrjht Declares His
Match wllh Tommy Burns Was
a  Frame  Uo.
Portland, Ore., Sept. 9. Stung by a
mniiy ooniolenoe and gmartlng under
alleged mistreatment by Tommy
Hums, Arthur Pelkey, world"! heavy*
weight uth- claimant, today cancelled
Burna1 managerial contract und
simultaneously unbosomed a oonfes-
alon.   in a glgned itatement delivered
In I'.i.scne Kawcctt, sporting editor of
tlie   uregonlin,   Pellcey   makes   tbe
chargd lhal be and Burng faked their
���six round flght at Calgary laat March
Ninht Rehearsals.
Pelkey alleges thai Burng lured hlm
w, ki   fmm   Chatham,   out., and then
litullng him  liroke, forced him Into    a j
" iix. ,1   match and staged nightly re-1
bearealg of the battle in a garret
The expose was drafted In a botel
In Portland several days ago. signed
and sealed by l'elkey and delivered
ovi r for release Beptember 9.
"Our Six round tight waa called ii
draw," Bays l'elkey, in his confession
referring to big match with Burna.
��� Bui we had it all 'framed up, I
could have whipped him easily, but
be wanted to make a good showing
before hli friends tliere nnd made n
���take two knock downs lo one f.jr blm
By the Back Door.
"Burng made me sneak around by
back way io hli house every night for
:. wack prior to the HkIii and we bad
everything down pat. He was to
knock me down In the aecond and
fifth rounds and I w;i�� to put blm on
the mat In tbe fourth.
"We gol awa) with it all right, but
Uu- crookednegg of it has been hurt-
In*? me ever since. I don't want any
more ol Burna, 1 want to fight on
thi square I have never done an*
aether crooked thing In my life ami 1
never will Again "
Who Got the Dough ?
l'elkey nays he got $��'in for lhe flght
nnd that Hums got $L'.<>0. The French-
If the liig Four go through with tbe
��������� : propoHitliin  to shorten    the    lacrosse
Canadian  says hls knockout of Andy   lh Ids  and   play  ten   men  aBldo.   next |
MomIb, May 1, In eight rounds was on j Hummer, It will mean ancther na'l lu ;
CartyMa* M ��� "" bat"e Wlt" Mc' ith" ����m "' ,h"   "a"""ai   "Hh""1*'
Pelkey unfolded a few details of his K"""y how ,1"'s" '-a1""��� nl*'n ""kpr
recent vaudeville tour and said that   wUh  ,h''  r,,1,i ,,""k     what  wRh  "'*" !
while he wuh In jail at Calgary Hums   ma"    hookey    and    an    IndMOribable
forced hlm to enter a vaudeville tour   P''"alt>' system  In  lacrosse, thc    tans
contract giving Hums 60 per cent, of   "1U8t b,! PWtty flnlcky,	
all earnings.
"During our sparring exhibitions In
Portland, San  Francisco and  l-os Angeles theatres," added Pelkey, "Burns
made   un-  IIkIiI   under   wraps  all   thc
time, and he slammed    away    at    my
broken   nose."     l'elkey   said   tho   Ull:
of a hout with Jack Johnson in Paris
was   framed   by   Hums   out   of   win le
Cloth,    He  said   Hums  faked   ilu*  d.
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
Vancouver    87
Portland    76
Seattle    77
What Durns Cays.
Calgary, Sept. 9 -"1 r fuse to be
lleve that Arilnir Pelkey has ml.
"e* statement thai li attributed to
him hy the news despatches," raid
T mmy I.inns, manager of l'elkey
and promoter nf tie- Calgary flght
winch Pelkey says was fixed.
"l consider that Arthur Pelkey is
mv friend, notwithstanding th" reports. I have a ten year contract
with him and would nol cancel It under any circumstances.
A  Frame-un.
"I am Inclined to oelleve that this
whole thing has been framed up by
Tin McOrath who Is keen to do
something which will bring about the
canoellat'on Ol my contract with pel-j
key, for I.Is own benclit and with the
Idea of taking ever the contract to
manage the big fellow himself. I pro
I,.*"* id Ingtttute proceedings i.f a
etiminai nature agalnsl McQrelb and
will   probable   bring    a    civil     act ou
ag 'lust him also.
"Ah to the statement tha: the flg-M
between myself ami Pelkey wrb flx. rt
I ��ill only say that it is ridiculous.
The light was on the level, although 1
believe that 1 could have put Pelkey
out In tho fourth round if I had want
ed to."
H.    E.
2      1
H      1
Yesterday's Gamer.
At Beattli ll
Spokane     ��
Seattle       1
Batteries:   iJouglass    and    Hannah;
Dell and  Walliy.
At  Tacoma: 1!     II.    K
Victoria       1      k      2
Tacoma       2      7      2
Batteries:   Kantlehner   and    Shea;
Kaufman ami   Harris.
At Portland: R
2    Vi      3
:',    8    i
Hatterles:    .Schmutz.   Cadreau.   Inc-
rsoll and Konnick; Callahan and Wil-
Several Hurt at California Auto Meet
���Heat and Speed Played Havoc
v/ith Cars.
Corona, Cal., Sept. 9. -Karl Cooper,
the Stutz driver who was lir��t In the
Santa Monica r.ad race just a month
ago, was lirst in tbe two long distance
motor car races on ibe speedway here
.Numerous accidents marked the
progress of the races and four per !
sons were injured. The most seriously
hurt was William Warren, mechanician Ior HhoadiB, whose Studabiker
turned turtle in tlie small car event
after a steering knuckle had been i
broken,    lie was unconscious tonight.
Frank Bandhoffer, Barney Ohifieid's i
mechanician,   was   pinned   under  Old* *
field's big Mercer when it cast a tire
and turned over in the B8th lap of tho '
free  for all.  and   was  reported dead
A   cursory   examination   led   surgeons
to pronounce him surely marked    for !
death,  hut  a  subsequent   exam nation i
disclosed that he had sustained only |
a  severe   scalp   wound   and   probably ,
would  recover.
Oldfield escaped unscratchrd and
was able to walk to the repair pit��
and report that his companion had
probably been killed.
Charles    Oakes.    a    rancher    from
B.   Temecula, Riverside county, a'so was
Chas. E. Royal
Stock Co'y
"Under the
Black Flag"
10c. and 20c.
10c,   20c,   30c.
Unon  of  Ottawa    Colleoe    iind    City
Will Krti Other Te,ims Busy���
Bn  Four Schedule.
With tie* amalgamation i f th"
Ottawa college Ham with that cf
Ottawa city, thus ending the bitter
Btruggle which broke out.In m'.dseu-
son lust fall when college withdrew
rn m tin- inlet collegia ia, tn, prosp cts
��� I a sti I'm* rugby s< ason lu the liig
Pi  :r  were never brighter.
Ily   this   union   the   Ottawas  should
presenl a line-up capable of taking
lie- measure of the Argon and Hamil-
I D, the latter champions In V.ili. and
thus -.-aln Hie coveted honor of loading tii"  inn rprov'.nclal   union.
At a meeting hold In Hamilton laal
w.-ek    the following    schedule    was
drawn un. the tirst game bPinc Slated
for October 4
October 4���Ottawa at Montreal;
Argos in   Hamilton.
October 11 Hamilton at Ottawa;
Montreal at Argos.
October IS Ottawa at Argon; Montreal   at   Hamilton.
October '.'". Argos at Montreal; Ol-
tawa nt  Hamilton.
November l -Hamilton at Montreal; Argos nt Ottawa.
November 8- Montreal at Ottawa;
Hamilton al   Ames
games; 680 in the doubles while he
tied with O'Connor for high single,
with '.':i.r..
The scores  of  the  evening
Singles    Hodge.  613;   Cornish.  560;
O'Connor, 667
ii ul les   Hi dge     and     Chlsholm
1221;  Marshall and Burnett, 1177.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.       la.       Pet
New York ��7    43      .669
Philadelphia   77   48     ,816
Chicago    76    57      T.71
|Pittsburg    71    Cl      .537
Boston   56   71      .440
Brooklyn    5C   73     .434
Cincinnati    68    CO      .411
St.   Louis    4C    92
Yesterday's Games.
Al Pittsburg: It.    II.   B.
Hrooklyn       2      8      2
'Pittsburg    0      7      2
Batteries:    Ylngllng     and     Fisher;
j Hobinson. Cooper and Simon.  Kelly-
re ..      At  Chicago. It.    H.    K
I St.    IaOlliS            II 8 2
Chicago        4      4      2
Hatteries:     Nlchause    and    Wingo;
Black  and  Archer.
Injured   in   the   Oldfield   wreck.    The
cast tire broke his right leg.
The terrific spred and the Intense
heat played havoc also with the *
chances of the ether prominent
drivers, De Paltna, Aetzlaff and Wlshart. The radiator of lie Palma's I
Mercer became too hot and blew in
under the pressure of sf-am. Tire
troubles retired both Wlshart. who
also drove a Mercer, and TetzlafT, who
was In a Flat
At tne Theatres
For Rent
Arundel Mansion
This high class apartment block is now ready
for occupancy. Steam heated, gas range, bath and
toilet each suite. Built in kitchen cabinets and buffet. Electric automatic elevator and all other accommodations in connection with first class apartments.
-: APPLY :-
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
I By the Potter.)
Manager Tom Gilford  Is taking
chances in   tbe   coining   Minto
gam, s against tbe V. a. c.   All
StandmQ of the Clubs.
Philadelphia    f.r>
Cleveland    B0
Washington     73
Chicago  69
players were out In uniform last even- (Boston    	
ma, cavorting  over the green sward  Detroit  	
and   reducing   their  weight   after the   st    I-*""'*    61
long lay-oil new York 46
Standing  of  Local   Players    in    Post
Series Show Newby at the Top-
Other Reccrds.
The official  batting averages made
during  the   recent   pest  series  games
Iof the Moose, city champions, vs. the
All-Stars,   are  now   oul   and   are   perhaps   of   interest   to   the   fans   seeing
\ that  the  presentation  of  medals and
.Other  trophies    in    connection    with
batting,  base  steeling    and    fielding.  ciass   repertoire  of  thc   Royal
company which hap made a hi'
the drop of the hat.
Reports from tlio Vancouver camp
indicate thai the f.irnu r Mann cuppers are out three times a week.
Stlckhandllng Is being burnished up
the youngsters being In the prime < f
condition as tar as speed is concerned.
From lhelr showing at Queen, park
yesterday evening, the Bunkers will
present a formidable line-up In the
city BOCCer league this winter.    All the
t id players were om lu uniform, together with some new finds.
Thursday Is the night when every
member and prospective member of
lhe local rugby team i.i expected to
turn out. The Bankers have agreed
to lineup against the locals in a
praotlce game, while one of the Vancouver intermediate ic.uus will bs
ever before the regular season opens.
Yesterday's Games.
��� ��� Washington: It.   H.   K
! Cleveland       1      4      1
j Washington      8    J2     1
Batteries:    Gregg,    Cullops.  .lames
��� anil < arlscb: Boehllng and Henry,
Second game: R.    M     I*.
Cleveland      2    16      I
, Wrtahlneton    8   11     l
Flatteries:     Blending,    James    and
O'Neill: Johnson, Ayres and Ainsmith
At New York: R.    H.    K
PI    l.cnls       5    10      2
New   York      6      7      1
i    Batteries:   Wellmani  Leverenz  and
Agnew: Plsher, I".ird and Sweeney.
At Boston: R     H.    K
Detroit       2    10      0
Boston      3    10      2
Batteries:   drover.  linbuc  nnd   McKee. fiihson: Moseley, Hall and ('adv.
vvill be made at the Moose smoker tomorrow evening.
Newby,  the   utility    man    of    thf
Moose.   s:curcd   lirsi   plac:-   with   .750
to his credit.    Of the first ten names
nn even   split  was mode  in  the  two
I team.    New by  and Jack    (Jay    being
'close up,  while  Wyard, Silver and  A.
Sinclair  gave   them   a  good   race   for
lhe  trophy
The list is as follows:
t; a b
Newby 4      ."-a
Walsh 1      2
.!. Gay    6
Wyard  4
Silver 7
A. Sinclair  6
Williams    7
Mallen    7
A. (lay   2
Judging from  the  crowds  that    attended    the    second  night's perform
ance of the Royal  stock company at I
the   Royal   theatre   last   evening,  the j
company Is here for a lone s*ay.
"Under the Black Klag" is the title j
of the four act comedy drama, and
Mr. Royal could not have selected a
better display as the opening ff-atti'-e.
! This afternoon at 2:30 o'clock the
first matinee will be given to be followed by one performance at 8:30
o'clock this evening.
The doors of the theatre open as
usual at 7 o'clock, moving pictures
being thrown on the canvas from 7:30
to 8:30 o'clock, when the play opens.
For the nest three nights, commenc
ing Thursday, and also a matinee on
Saturday, "Sunday." cne of the great
successes scored by Ethel Barrymore.
will be the feature i
Other successes including "The
Bishop's Carriage" and "The Lion and
the Mouse" are included In the    first
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Bay.)
and Return.
Glacial,   Island,  Mountain  and  Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
21st anl 28th.
Five     Dayt    Including
Meals  and   Berth.
Sulla Mondays (Midnight), Aug.
25th and Sept. 1.
Boats remain at PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost. Staterooms en suite without extra cos'. All outside
Through tickets to all Eastern points via the popular Grand Trunk
H. G. SMITH, C. P. &
527 Granville Street,
T. A.
W. E. DCPEROW, O. A. P. D.
I'hone Private Exchange SIM
Armstrong Team Taking Another Blrl
With   V.   A.  C.   at   A'.hleti;
Park Today.
W'H' foi'" new phr. ers on Ihe lineup, the * nnsti-onr lacrosse team,
������"'������lib-ill-' rs r-r ll"* Man cup, will take
snother creek si tbe V A C, in Van-
a ��� iv, r iii i afternoon .ind attempt to
cither reduce or overcome the load
established hy the Terminal city aggregation last Baturday,
Sixteen goals to two la t\ pretty for
rnidsblo total tn overlap, slthougb local
���r-ltlcs are of Ihe opinion that tho
V A, C with Ihree nr rour goals In the
r- <-. would I" Jusl as likely to tnke a
niKht after the pattern of the Interior
This afternoon's game starts at S
o'clock iit Athletic park, rain nr shine.
l-'ri"l I Mich and Pat Feeney will
ngnln make thn trip, their work ns of-
t;einis Insl Saturday bring satisfactory to both teams.
Word was received from Winnipeg
vesterday that unless additional col-
liieral appears within the next two
rl lys. the Young Conservatives wlll
be unable to flrmnoe thn trip to Van-
c"iive- w*��er" t^ev nee scheduled to
plav lhe V  A. 0. for the cup.
Altheii'Ml travelling under the t\n*no
of -i poi It1 On] or^nnl/ntlcn the fnct. th-it
neither the Pttnwn or the nrovlnclnl
bouse helm! In scpoion might aeennnl
for the Inxlly In the Interest shown
thn lacrnssn boys.
Rhnnld the tr'n fnB through, thla
w*i'ii| lenve *ho 0��k Bay ns-grczntlnn,
���of Victoria, the rleht to cross the gulf
and take it crack at thn V. A. C.
President Fred I.ynch, of the Wist
mlhster Ice hockey league, has In-
structed the secretary to call a meeting within the next two weeks. The
date will be announced later In the
The senior amateur lacrosse team
hns arrangid a game with the p'ck if
the Delia district, the contest to take
place during the annual fair at I.adner.
At Philadelphia:
Batteries       Pussei:
Bender and  Schang.
R.    11.    B.
.... ��      7      1
   0      li      2
and    Schalk;
The NBPS got their humps good and
plenty yesterday when Washington
ran awny with a doublehender. Bn hi
lng and Johnson were the twlrlers for
the Senators.
And the Indian. Bender, failed to
make any shewing against the Whlto
-'��� i, Russell shutting out tho Com Is
key men.
International League.
Baltimore 6. Newark S.
Providence 18. Jersey city 7.
Buffalo 4. Rochester fi.
Exhibition Game at Toronto
Sere R.    H.    K.
N    V    Nationals    10    10      3
Toronto       3      9      5
Bru'erles: Krommo, Hearne, Sohatier
nnd Wilson. Hartley; Brown, llebert.
Schwab   and   Graham.
, B. Sinclair 	
Welngartner  ....
��� Howe	
i Munn  	
j pecker	
McCabe  7    IS
i Jameson  1    -
Walker    3      5
! Ryall    2      5
; Riley   1     2
.888 '
.375 I
.34S |
Montreal. Sept. 9.��� Wherever buck-
wheat was planted a'l over the district ���
of   Montreal,   and   in   fact   practically
throughout   the   province   of   (Jtiehec. |
he crop has been ruined.    It hangs in j
hlack     desolation,   tho   heads   on   the
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layer* of Hawam CompreMed Concrete (Patented)
Blender   Ftncks   drooping    earthward. I
and the san frozen out of t^e stems.
The white frost of last week proved a
destroyer, and  farmers who    planted j
buckwheat    are    now-    In    mournful |
mood. .���.
The frost was not a very severe one
as early August frosts go, but It was
severe enoneh to blast the fragile
buckwheat blades Fortunately farm-
286 lets in this district have, to a large ex-
.260 tent. Riven over planting buckwheat
.25(1 .through fear of the early frcst. but still
.222 ilt Is estlmaed that housands of dollars'
.214 ' w-orh of damage was d-ne by the cold
.200 i weather on Sunday niEht.
.176 ! Several farmers at Bonsecours mar-
IgQjket were intervied in regard to the
14;t [damaEe done. They one and all de-
12.=i clared that garden products had not
livi i suffered In the slightest degree, that
jig-j rralcs lnd remained undar^aged, ex-
figa'cep'. buckwheat, and that the crop of
S-muwuNDs.<>�����_����� >u>,emsiosNT.       w. o. MATmtws.viM-eessiBiini
C. A. BOGERT, General Marager.
Capital paid up   ���      ���      -      ���        $5,00ft8O0
R.urvs Fund $&OOO,OOO
Total Auata $70)000000
buckwheat was ruined
"No. I was afraid that the frost
would damage my veeetables. but such
did not prove to be tbe case." asserted
P. Vlvetto. cf St Michel. "With the exception cf a f��w- tomatoes on the i ����q p_|__,!-���_ Q*
crcund beine nipped there waB no; '������� ������L/OIUInDlo Ot.
damage done." a__^___^.._..__
The Influence of a Savings Account
When yeu take In a few dollars cr a few hundreds, deposit H
st ence In a Dominion Bank Savings Account aad draw it eut only
ai you need it. It is far easier to save if you do. for money In ths
Bank does not slip away like money In your pocket or at home
Beside*. It is earning interest all the time.
Westminster Trust Bldg.
.'acoma   ls   the
honest  man  I
T. .1. I.ynch president of tho
Natl ���mal lea-ftie, Is due to be canned
ut the annual meeting, according to
Inside dope. I.ynch Is in Dutch with
tho Phillies, Chicago, St. I-OUls and
Pittsburg and his latest action in reversing the New York Philadelphia
game will not make his position very
secure. Joseph D. O'Brien, of the
American association, ls slated to succeed Lynch.
Fhime heavy scoring was made on
1'm Clnia sllevs when thn first ten pin
nweopstnke nf the winter was run off.
Mnrsh HodRS, the Vnnoniivnr ehrtni-
jitnn, was over and showed his old
time form by taking the singles with
c"> and wns ti)*o a partner of Chlsholm, also of Vancouver, In winning
thn doublut     Hodge rolled 1272 tn six
I    Yes.    Its good night  Mr.  Wolgast.
I Ad Is now In the same class as Sep-
���ember morn, following hls beating bv
.loe Azovendo at Oakland lait week.
Ills retirement Indlcntnn that Wolgast
Is through  with the tight game.
Victoria hockey fans are clamoring
for the return of (loldl�� Prodgers. In
order that the 1913 world's champions
. will bo Intact for this coming winter.
A sport gcrlbe in Butte, Mont., la
lauding Dick Hyland as a winner.
j viand im-n't won a light for such a
I long period that the folks back home
| In 'Prlsco would think It a typo-
rrvhlenl error If thev read of him
; getting a decision In his flght against
i Leach Cross.
Kir-igtio Cli-shcrn, the famous
' hockey star with the Montreal Wanderers, Is said to be some pumklns
at steering a motorcycle. First thing
I wo know, tho fans will be rending of
I a similar case to that of a National
league twlrler, who nearly broke bis
Bob McAllister and Petroskey Go    23
Rounds st 'Frisco���Mac  Has
the Punch.
San b'ranclsco, Sept. 9.���"The best
flght since Ketchel and Joe Thomas
fought 22 rounds at Colma." was the
verdict of the old time critics tonight
whon tho referee gave a draw to Bob
j McAllister nnd Sailor Petroskey at the
lend of 20 rounds.
I Petroskey nnd McAllister fought 20
rounds to a draw a month ago nnd
the decision then was much questioned. Today ihe flght wae even
|    On the score of points,  McAllister
:muat bo credited with 14 of the 20
rounds, llut, on the other hand. Petroskey scored three knock downs���
one In the 18th for a count of six and
wto In the 19th for the count of eight.
McAllister came back in the 20th
like a whirlwind and had Petroskey
staggering and dizzy.
Interest ln the flght centred on McAllister's punch. He showed today
that' he had It. Petroskey had only
two blows that he could land. One
was an overhand left swing that cut
McAllister's lip and the other, after
the 14th, was a right hand uppercut.
| On the whole It wae generally admitted that Mc"'htr�� shewed Improvement. He showed coolness and
recuperative power and whenever he
put a punch to Petroskey'* body there
was power behind It.
Tacnma,   Sept.   B.���
toughest   pl.-'-e  for an
war evr    In "
with ih's b" of soliloquy, Michael
O'Brien ye'terdst told th- Tacoma po-
lire he bl 1 en Irresistible mania for
Stealing brass -=nd that he had traveled from New York city to Tacoma on
money oMalncd through the sale of
1 rass articles he had "just picked
O'Brien expressed surprise that he
should be arrested for "only stealing
brass," and said it hurt him to be
taken into custody In a "town like Tacoma, when he had 'worked' the largest cities In the L'nited States In an
endeavor to mako an "honest" dollar
j by disposing of brass."
"When I see a piece of brass lying
| loose and within my reach a sudden
| Impulse I cannot describe takes hold
jot me and says:
"Get that brass and sell it. It's
yours  and  you  are getting  It hon-
"Then I look around and see If any
'one  ls  watching.    If  not,  I  grab  it
; quick and beat IL If there is any one
around I wait until they go.
j "H's got to be so regular with me
that I really believe It's part of my I
I life. 1 don't know what you're goln'
to do with me, but I dont' see that you
can do a whole lot. Tacoma is the
toughest place for an honest man to
get through I was ever ln."
Minister to Talk.
Moose  .Taw*.    Sept.     9.���Post-rafter ]
General   Pellctier  and   party  will  sr- j
rive  in   the  eity   tomorrow   morning.
remaining till 4  p.m.   when  they will
go  oast.    At   1   o'clock   Mr   Pcllet'er!
will nddrrss the Canadian club at the j
Royal George hotel.
.''OO Canadians Coming.
To-onto. Sent. 9���Three hundred
eitibens of northern Ontario will leave
nt 10:30 n.m. by special CPU. train
for the Northwest. Over 900 immigrants arrived here is|-. morning. Six
hundred of them will eontlnue their
lottrney to tho  west  tonight.
Fire Sweeps Buildings.
Salisbury Beach, Mass., Sept. 9.���
This summer resort wae swept by fire
late today and this evening, a church,
six hotels, tbe post office and 160
cottages being destroyed. Two hundred thousand dollars worth of property wee wiped out Apparatus and
firemen from Haverhill, Amcsbury.
Newburyport and Portsmouth helped
In the battle with the fire. Several
cottages were dynamited and others
were torn down beforo the flames
entire Change ef Program Dally.
Prooram Today.
Sellg Presents
The Kentucky Derby
A review of the country'*
greatest horse race at Churchill
A novel comedy.
l.nbln Presents
In two parts.
Songs by the Lawrence Children
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting In History of Northwest
55&-Throughbreds in AdJon-550^
*f V-VVV-ep-ts, -,���-, ,.tt t1>     _
--���^���t)**m***mim**t7**^ *     '���*"'' PAOE   SIX
Classified Advertising |
celved for Tne News at the foHow-
n.��� places: .1''. T. Hill's drug Btore,
6:�� Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough) 'Lulu Island.
, RATES. ���
������� ������������������������������'���������
Claseifled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to ke used as re-
<i ired within oue year from date of
mi ii tract, 126.00.
to sell casualty insurance. Salary
and commission. Reference* required, Apply ut 1803 Eighth avenue
between 7 and 8 p.m. (2028)
acres of improved land in the Lad
i.er district. Apply to Orr &. Ebbage.
Limited, 608 Dunsmuir street. Vancouver, B.C. (20331
desk room at once; rent must b?
reasonable. Address box .03!) News
office.      I2Q39)
gang In Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan. Free fare. Apply Central Employment Agency, 14 Powell
street, Vancouver. (1994)
mlleB out, less than 80 minutis' r.d ���
on II. C, Electric from N'ew Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
ilpliuid as desired; tram frontage
$lf>0 an acre und remainder just
back of frontage lots $1U() and $126,
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This Is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New West
minster.    I'hone 406.    No trades.
lng taken to tap new sources within
the empire.   Mr. Spence and Mr. Marshall has dispatched frcm Newfoundland  to  London  for examination  and
report, samples of the local product,
which though not of us high a grade
as  the  deposits   In   Nova   Scot,a,   is
i.       confidently believed by Mr. Spence ta
lbe of BUfflclent value to prove a pay-
Stand* Ing proposition.   The British government,   though   fully   recognising   ths
urgency of the situation, is constantly being whipped tip by home author
itles   who   view   with   some   concern
  I German's heavy Interests In the (la.n-
clan and other oil fields, recognising
Chicago,     Sept.       9,���Investigators that with oil as a motive power for
have  reported  that 6000  saloons and  the new warships, it would never do
3000 cigar stands are taking  $80,000' to nlolw  the  liritish  navy  to be  deft day through a dice game known as pendent in any way upon German own-
Chicago   Saloons   and   Cigar
Profit Through Gambling
Soda Springs Institution Seeks Credit
For Capture of Alleged
Huerta's  Struggle for  Reconnillon  Is I Diaz, and  sought
ment do liken Ise
Similar to Fight Made By Diaz
Years   Ago
olopaedta  Brltlonnlcn,  complete    In lhe is Riven  $1
oak case,  $16, cost  M--    llox 20271 game is plaed
The player   pays  'ir.  cents,
ten  dice,   after  selecting  one  of  the
six  numbers  on  the  cube,  and  If  in
thirteen throws he rolls a tolal of ill! cognized  as being
In merchandise,   Thel world,
from  one end of  the |
jd or controlled corporations for her
shakes fuel,   while coal remains the moving
force   llrituln   Is   sure,   fi.r   the   huge
supplies of Welsh steam coal are re-
llie  best    ln     the
city to the other, lt Is as much a
part of the stock iu trade of the average saloon and cigar store as the cash
register,    The report says;
"The police look upon the game ns
a trade stimulant, orgar.'zod on a city-
wide basis with hundreds of thous-
FOR SALE ��� MOUSE PARTLY ands of patrons, hundreds of persons (1f th,, nrltlsh
finished, and large cleared lot. Ed- dependent upon It for a livelihood, [jo oxamlne the
nionds. Clear deed. Cheap for and With an annual Income of per-
cash.    Apply Owner. Oeorge Warns, Ihaps of $24,nnO,000, it represents mor
wood; cord wood $6 per cord, stove
wood $2.0 U per rick. Telephone
1006. (2026)
Eighteenth nveuue, Edmonds.
Locate  Oil   Fields
But with the changing situation, the  first
liritish  government  1ms appointed  n
royal   commission   to   locate   and   secure oil fields and deposits for naval
supplies,  and  Sir   Iloverton   Redwood.
the  adviser or  lbe  commission,  has
sent over John  Marshall ns nssociate
royal  ehool  of  mints.
Newfoundland deposll t
and report.   Mr. Hall, having comp'et-
ml his task on this s'de for the present, has left for Britain,
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (19831
ture In large or Bmall quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commlSBloa
charged. H. J. RuBBell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
ier inonthB, a nicely furnished two
atorey house, nice grounds, etc., at
Crescent. Apply lioi 2028, The
Weatmlnster News. (2028)
housekeeping rooms, 1020 Third
avenue. (2009)
grocery and variety store located in
an Ideal country Bpot, close to
Fraser river. Will bear close investigation. Inquire C. Constnn-
tineau, 524 Westminster Trust bu Iding. 12036)
al   and   economic   prcb^'tns   that   d
mand looking Into.
"Everv dollar tha1 Is put Into th"
game of "26" stays In tli�� saloon nnd
Hear business. The player never
takes any money awny from the game,
One in seven wins and is given 75
cental in trade free.
"Tin monev" won rt C'e gn"'e hlin some -places taken the ���"lace rf
actual eoln of the realm. There am
more than a score of restaurants in
town where the aa-aiters gladly accept | Road Paved Like City Street to Ex
"tin money" ns t'ns.    There are ner
ere, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
l-ians a dozen in the loop alone, where
"tin money" will hev e'rarq, dr'nks
nnd mealr. There a-e nt least two
trntc's In tbe 'loon���th" Blstnsrck an-'
thn ^nrftson���wher0 '"** mo-ey' v ill
buy cigars, meals, drinks and board."
ern house, No. 208 Agnes Btreet.
Cheap rent and lease if deBlred.
Enquire 14 Begble Btreet.       (2003)
rooms furnished, $30 per month;
and a 10 roomed houBe $25 per
month. Also a general store with
post office, fixtures only to be
taken; immediate possession given.
Apply A. G. Marshall, South West-
minBter. (1999)
keeplng roems, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,  B.C. (1982)
Notice is hereby given that an application will be mado to the Beard of
License Commissioners for the City of
New WeBtmlnster at their sitting, to
be held on the 10th day of December,
1913, or ol any meeiing prior thereto
mat the application can bo heard, for
;: transfer of the license to sell liquor
by retail iasued in respect of the
Occidental hotel premises, Columbia
t'lreet, -New Westminster, B.C., from
ihe holder, Michael Cowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
Dated this, 26th dav of August, A.D.
(19791 License Holder.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Board
of License Commissioners for the City
of New Westminster at their sitting.
to be held on the 10th day of December, 1913. or at any meeting prior
thereto that tbe application ean be
heard, for a transfer of the license to
sell liquor by retail issued in respeet
of the Merchants Hotel, in the City
of New Westminster. BC, from tlie
holders, Paul Root and J. A. Malm, to
the said J. A. Malm.
Dated thlB 20th day of August, A.D.
r. ROOT.
J.  A. MALM,
(197S) License Holders.
Telephones: Office S3. Residence 429
JOHN RBID. Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
n-tKineB,  Marine  Engines and  Auto
mobile Repair*.
Office snd Works: Tenth St.
p O. Bok 474.    New Weatmlnster. B.C.
raft house. Party who moved it
from Port Mann wharf notify me at
once or prosecution will result. J.
I-afllche, Pitt River Ferry' P- O.
morning, color black and brown.
Tag No. 303. Return to 230 Second
street and receive reward.      (2022) |
tend From Mexico to British
Land of Rising Sun Hat Labor Problem All itt Own���Conditions
Are Bad
Tokio,   Sept. 9.���Like   many   other
great cities the number ol uiieniploy- , nia highways at the Iin
tish Canadian cannery wharf, bcow
loaded with engine, boiler and sawmill machinery. Information wire
of its whereabouts will be re-.
warded. Vancouver Junk Co.. Dun-1!?5_u_?_nt_y' _e/_<m
lew and Railway Btreets, Vancouver. (2019)
ed is evtr on the increase in Tokio,
'where  men  gather  from  the  country
(With  high  ambitious.    Unfortunately,
; however, hifth places are few and talent   apparently   superabundant.   Con-
men with good qualifications   are   roaming   about,   vainly
seeking employment.    Some of them
come   to  the  free  lodging   house  at
1 Hon Jo,  Tokio,  tired  out;   some  even
I are on the brink of starvation.
I    This   summer   tho   small    loi^gl^-?
CONTAINING     A Thouse  is taxed  to  its  utmost  capac-
money,   on    Sixth (ty.    The director of the house tells
have  same  by | pitiful stories of the nightly lodgers,
paying    for "Men in the prime of life." he says.
Dainty     tea "come here every day starving, having
small   sum   of
street.    Finder can
proving property   and
thia   advertisement,
rooms, Dominion Trust block. (20411   had nothing to eat for three
����������*a-��p^-a.�������������������-�� days.    Of the young men   who come
_ _,  __   _, .mcittrv       I to me for help tlie majority are from
TOO LATE  TO CLASolrY        ithe country.    They  make  their  way
 w���m^m-j- x ~ ^m | to the city with high hopes and write
A HOME! BARGAIN���6 room rupdern i home exaggerated or imagined stories
bungalow, elose to sixth street; $loo jof their success. A few years later
i-.tsti. balance ��������.*. a month. >,hey g0 ba-k tf) t|lpir homes on her
KI.-.AI. ESTATE SALESMAN WANTED- rowed money and dressed uu In royal
Exclusive property and good contract to style to impress - tlieir family a"rt
riuln party. | friends with their success, not et real
nabv t" trade fur house
I leer. Alia., to trtnti* fer '
oughly modern houae.
WB HAVI*; $10,000 for geajil
Of   Mile.
nmilern   lie
sell ; J200
ise.   l'lns
���ash. Uil
���7-room tho
��� In.    Wlll  1
me,* $3lj a ni
When  they return  to  the e"v
their  s'tuatlon  Is worse  thnn   it   wan
(before, for they are then saddled with
r Red the debti-, thev incurred to oreat" the
i  thor-1 faifle   impressions   at   ho���e.     T^rs"
I vnnnn- men hetrln generallv as bard
I'inints workers   or  ambition"!   students.   t'"��n
thev becn-me ci'eap laborers or eoo'len
'and  final!"  end  es  loafers,   sheltered
Bee -or i 'n *'"1 P^rtionon."
mth.    j    Japan  is dealing w*ith  fhe probie-n
 |nt unemployed on scientific  grounds
Los Angeles, Sept. 9.--Details of a
plan to establish a  . ystem  of  paved
highways along the Pacific  coast  from
Mexico to British Columbia were ex-1
plained   by   N.   D.   Darlington,     state
highway commissioner, following hisj
return from the highway conference at *
Eureka,   in   which   tlie   governors   of
California  and  Washington  and  various  other  people  interested   In  good
roads lu the three Pacific coast Btausi
took part.
An organization was formed at the,
Eureka meeting which will have for
Ils purpose the promotion of a continuous system of highways through
California, /regon and Washington.
The state of Oregon had previously
arranged to connect the good roads
system of that state with the Callfor-
dividing the
two states, and Oovernor Lister, of
Washington assured the delegates at
the Eureka meeting that his state
will continue the system to the Canadian border.
The north and south system of highways through the three states will lie
paved like a durable city street, nnd
tt is expected to become one of the
most Important faetors In the development of the entire I'acific coast region.
Several California counties are considering the purchase of state highway bonds in order to further the construction of lite 118.000,000 system In
this st'ite. fnr wh'ch bonds were authorized. It is believed pmliable. ton,
that the state will buv some of Ils
nwn highway bonds with eurp'us capital that may be on hand. In this
way the financing of the work may he
continued until the bend market In the
eaPt r"turnd to n normnl onnill'iou*.
ami 'he bends will go without tliffI -
Mr. Darlington said that the state
h'ghway cnmniifualon wlll encourage
the p'tntint- of trees along the high-
wav in each county,
"Permits will In- granted to anv
county to plant and cultivate rows of
tropq slon? the roads," said Mr. Da*-"-
llngton, "If the trees Interfere with
companies owning them will hnve m
look nut fo- themselves, for we wlll
not restrict the trees to assist the lines
of wire."
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 9. For the first
time in Uie history of this state a
bank Is claiming a reward for the arrest of a murderer, Tha Institution
is  the   l.argilliere   company   of  Sodi
springs,  claiming  the  responslb i ty
for the arrest of I'. O, llearup, eliarg-
ed with the murder Of Deputy Sheriff
McFaddeu   (.f   llannock   county.      Ile
was arrested at Oobre, Nov., and u
now  confined  In  the  county  Jail    at
Pocatello to await trial in the district
court on the charge of murdi r In the
Wrltet Letter to Bank
After the shooting Bearup fled from .
Idaho, fir-it to Wyoming, lat r to Utah ""'
and finally to Nevada.    A loiter writ- \
ten   ��0   the   t .inking   linn   of   8od��f
springs resulted in his capture,    Be j
asked that money he had on deposit
there be forwarded  to Cobra.    This
Information  tho bank  placed in the
handa of the sheriff of Bannock coun-*
ty,   In the meantime Governor Haines
(f Ihls state posted a rev ard of 1500
for the capture of the murderer.   Tlm!
sheriff nf Bannock county went to Co-]
lire,  and  after llearup called  for tho
letter  containing  the  draft   for  the
money at the post office placed hlm i
under arrest.
Sheriff Shot by Suspect
The murder of Deputy Slierlfr Mc-i
I'atlden was a cold blooded one. Ilea?
up   was   located   at   llruce.   llannock j
county, as n bootleg  suspect    When!
McFadden   attempted   to   nrreat   hlm
he is alleged to have shot the officer
down  without  warning Mm  and
fled.    Hearup denies  killing  the
e��r p�� rhargpd.   althougb
sim-e-m-***: at him.
HIb storv is thnt he was in n bug-
re when t'te officer came, and that
when he discovered he was going to
li" arrester" he whipped tin the horse.
Later, henrlm**" someone rllmb'ng Into
��� he b"gpv from behind, ho shot
through the lon, which happened to
be down  at  the  time.
a r.I.al
ro ranch I-having   profited   hy   the
perlence of America and Bl
erester  ex-
Loses Mia Life
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
S. it. 30th
property a
ami lately
KKI.I.V nm
* Invited up t"
��� n tale cf grin
stock, furniture,
lati-il In South
perated  by  Sen
ml Including
��� tv    bUBIIti tx
building ind
m  Svendsen
ILA8 '���    LTD.
New Weatmlnste
The statutory meeting ef the Hoard
of License ComtnisBioners will be held
at the municipal hall on Wednesday,
September 10, at 10 o'clock lu the
(2002)       Clerk to the CommisBlonerB
Two   Hunderd     Thousand     Acres
Shale  Deposits   Located   in
Canadian   Immijratit   Returns  to   Ireland to Take Part in Double
London, Sept.    j.- a    remarkable
tragedy has been  investigated by the,
coroner for Londonderry and Tyrone.
James   KoLib,   a   well   known   agricul- *
turiiii residing near Caatleder, county;
- Tyrone, sold liin furm to his nephew,
Unanlee   ^oung,   tor   SO'iou.     Robert
Iti'tih. a son of  tlle eld  man. had  arrived home from Canada a few days
before, and on the evening of the sale
i ho calelil at his cousin  Young's hous.'
! and asked him to suggest tti the fu-
'ther that be Ithe aon) should g"t pari
of the $5000.   Tlie two men quarreled
over   llie   matter,   and   following   the
'report of fireurms, Robb was s.'cn ta
run  away,    Young  bting  later found
by  the  roadside  with a bullet  wound
through   his head.     Robb  fled   lo  the
mountains, where he was arrested after a 20-hour hunt  by a strong force
of Tyrone    police.      Later    he    was
brought face lo face with Young, wlin
was asked, "Who  fired  the shot    at
you?"    The   Injured   man   could   not
speak,   his   tongue   having   been   shut
tered by the bullet, but he pointed
a finger three limes at liis cousin.
Robert Robb. who was afterwards remanded on a charge of attempted
murder and taki n to Londonderry pri*
ison. Young suhseQuently died, and
Intimation of tills fact was scut to
the governor of  Londonderry  prison,
i with the request that lie should coin-
' nuiiiicate   the   Intelligence   to     Robt).
land Inform him that he would be
charged with  wilful  murder.    Just  a'
J the time the news reached the prison
Robb   ��*m   found   hanging  dead  from
, tho cell window. a shoel being tied
his luck and one of liin feet
on the cell str.ol. At the In-
utiest wblch una held ai Castlederg
on the ohdy of Young, the Jury re-
lurned an op"n verdict, while at the
Inquiry regarding Robb'* death, held
in the prison at Londonderry, a ver
diet of suicide was returned,
Trstrisf er Co.
Office Phone   IBS.      Barn Phon*  117
B^dis Rtrast.
Baggage Delivered '"omitly to
any part of the elty.
fjght and Heavy haling
ialTY Of NEW We6TMIM3Tti.. B.C
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
curely WeBtmlnster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Wottmintter Trust Block.
$J   to
Montreal. Kept. 9. "There are 200,-
onu acres (f oil shale deposits In Newfoundland, or at least Ihree billion
tons of shale, enough to last the British government and all Canada, work-
-0.000 tons a day for GOO years."
So said Harold C. B, Spence, the
well known international milling expert, who, with John B. Marshall Hall,
a geological expert on the staff of S r
Boverton Redwood, the greatest oil
| authority In the world and advisor to
ithe Ilrillsh government, has Just returned to Montreal after visits of In
speetlon to Newfoundland and Nova
. Scotia.
I Now thut the British admiralty ar"
! adopting oil fuel for tlie navy, and
tare constructing new vessels with
I that object In view, a ton of oll being
'equal to one and a half tons of coal
'in steam power, the admiralty are an-
.xious to get their supplies frcm field-i
I within the Ilrillsh empire, instead of
i having to contract for thetn with for
elgn corporations, Hence the commission of Mr. Spence to find new sources In various parts of the world
where the liritish flag flies. Tills is
the more necessary owing to the fact
that Germany has a controlling In-
f'uencc In two of the great Kuropean
nil companies ns well as great interests In the other twn.
Britain Provided For
Meanwhile the Ilrillsh government
has got Itself satisfactorily provided
for, for the next five years bv means
of exlBtlng contracts. prinelnnllv
through Lord Cowdry. whose vast oil
Interests In Mexico frequently earn
for him the title of the second Rockefeller, and urgent steps are now be-
in  Unprotected  Flood
Montreal.  Sept. 0.���The unprotected f!ootlc:l quarries, to the north of the,
city, claimed their second victim yes�� around
terday, when Willie Desllsle, U years; resting
old, and son of Georges Desllsle. iM'l
Sixth   avenue,   Hosemounl,     tumbled
Into   eight   feet   of   water     and     was
���ir> vi ;'eii i pfore his companions could
get assistance,
Willie had been playing with companions on Ihs brink of the old ouarrv. I
in throwing a heavy stock into the i tpokane
water, he tOPOled  over and   was seen j
wjtdlv struggling down    below    the
steep banks, A. Montbrlsnd msde ef-1 Bpokane, Bept 0. Burglars ami
fnrts st rescue and Dr Raymond nfl holdup men were busy between mid-
Masson ume;. Rosomounl was called night Saturday and tho Early hour,
to the boy's home, but -Efforts to re-'0f Sunday morning, i. II. Bettenburg
suseltttte failed, 'reported to the pollce earl mi Bunday
The lone rribrgue H8t Of drownings  morning that Ills house ut iilol Trent
this summer was swelled by two "ares | avenue, had been entered bv cutting
There is no new thing tiling undur
the sun, said tlie phllospher, und li
appears that the present Blluutlou in
Moxlco was almost exactly duplicated
by the Itiiatlou thut existed when Dlit.
becatuc president. Ills uccesslou was
preceded by murder nnd revolution,
Bays the Toronto Mall und Empire,
The llveB of foreigners were threatened; their properly was destroyed.
There was a faction In the country
In aniiB agalnsl Dlas, The trouble 1
Btate of the country encouraged bnn-
dlts, and upon the Te -an border there
were dally outrages.   At one time the
American government ordered that
troops stationed north ot the Rio
Grande should cross the Mexican frontier If necessary to punish or arrest
the outlaws who Infested the territory. Diaz ordered his soldlert to
co-operate with the American troops
in an effort to suppress brigandage
but snld that if the American sold en
were to cross the border the Hex!- ;
cans were lo fire upon them. Sn for
days, or even weeks, tlietwo countries
were on the verge of war 11 was
onlv by a miracle that peace was
Maximillian'i Empire
In  those early  days  the  rival t  fur
the presidency were   Juarez.    Lerdo
and  Diaz.    All  had  more or less dis
tinguiBhed   themselves   in the campaign against  .Muximillinn, but  when
Prance sent 200,000 troopa to Mexico
to establish blm upon his  throne the
opposition collapsed  for the time be-
then i'"B>   although   Juarez   and   Dlas   con-
off. ; tinned a sort of guerilla warfare. Just
he udmlts  "8 Zapata had done fur the pnst cou-
ipl-o of years.    When the civil war in
the I'ultetl Stutes came to an end the
American people turned their hostile
attention  to  tho   large   French   army
in  Mexico,  and  a  force  was  sent  to
the  Mexican  border.
I    France concluded it would be safer
ito withdraw her troops, especially as
, Mnxlmllllan   seemed   secure   upon   his
;throne; but no sooner did the French
j evacuate  the  country   than   Maxiinil-
I Han's supporters deierted  hlm. rebellion broke out. and the unhappy emperor himself  was captured  and executed.    Juarez wus then elected president, und Lerdo vice-president    Dlas
protested,   but  at  thai   time  his protest   was  unavailing
On: Against Despotism
I-ater on, when the time caine for
another re-cb ctlon, Diaz rose In revolt
hls battlecry being, "No re-election!"
He asserted that Juarez had violated
the constitution by preventing a free
and full expri BSlon Of public opinion.
and that he was aiming to be B despot Lerdo also protested but did not
rise in revolt. Civil war broke out
nnd there was much bloodshed, w th
the odds rather In Diaz's favor At
this moment Juarez died suddenly,,
uiul by agreement Lerdo became pn-
jsldcnt for a term of four years, Diaz
going Into retirement tor that length
of time.
Shortly before Lerdo's constitutional term expired hesiinimoned the congress, which conferred  upon him "extraordinary faculties," the effects of
which   were  to  suspend   the  legislature and make the president a dicta-,
tor.    Once more Diaz nlsid tho stan-
jdard of revolt, and aga'n the country ���
* was plunged into revolution.   The sit
iiat'nn  was even worse than the sit-
ua'lon  a1  the present  time, for n^ain
fie brigands seized the opportunity
of  ravaging the  country   under  the
I pretense of being patriot adherents of,
Diar Triumphant
Diaz made Ills headquarters On Am-
erican  soil,  but  waa  forced to  move
across the border by the nWshlngton
government    He   was  dn(riated   by
'Lerdo's armv aud again  took  refuge |
In Texas.    It seemed that the revolt!-1
jtlon   was  over,  but   Diaz  returned  to
bis own  state,  rilled  his  supporters
land  d"f.".T''d  lhe main army of  Li r
do.   The prealdent then fbd. and Diaz
made a tr'umnliant. entry Into Mex'co
City.just   ns  Huerta  did    after      the
overthrew   of   Madero.
For some little time t'i" supporters :
of Lerdo remained  In  the field, but
their opposition was not serlnus. The I
great   difficulty   was   with   lbe   b-iii- ,
ands. who terrorized the n-ti' n. With j
ibe treasury rt.r.letcd.  Diaz found It '
almosl Impossible to deal ad'quately
with them, ni'd II was more than sin- j
P'ctd that there were influences ep
'-'I ng In thfl l'"'te.|  states to make
his  task  nr"' diff|c"'t
Reec-nltion   Lenq   Dulay'd
The American embessfdor to M *'���
'������' General V. John V Pouter in'rli
lished friendly personal relations With
lo have Ids g ivnm-
exactly as Mr   H.n-
ry   Lane   Wilson   did  with   regard   lo
Huerta,   and   for  precisely   ths   nam"
reason, namely, thai the Dlas government was the only form of government Iii iiie country. All otber
| foreign OOuntTleS recognized Diaz bul
the Culled Slates held aloof, It s.ild
J tliiat  It  would recognize Diaz When he
^md re-established order in his noun-
I try, and  when  he bad  given  redress
'fer lossi s and  injuries  Infltoted up'li
jeertn'n   Americans     To  this   Dial   responded  thnt It  would  greatly    heln
, liiin   If  he  could   receive  tbe  recognition ill advance, and as for glv'ug ro-
dress, that was Imnosslbls before relations   v i re established,   since    tht
mutter  of  treaties    and    extradition
were conoemi d,
Finally, sixteen months niter D'as
had been tleclared pres'dent. Ills "iv-
ern'-'ent   was  recegnl'cd  In*  th '  I'nl*-
c(f stnics   snd Mexico entered upnn
|her remarkable era of peace nml pros
pi rl'v.
Dr    ''    f
Pincher I'reek. Sent.
Ilruen. New York l"dy i1 ictr
pnnled bv her uncle. Geo, I.
nlso of New York, arrived In
Creek this week from their lmimi"
travels in 'lie inountsins of RnntJ]
Kootenay pas�� Leaving I'lnrhT
Creek several weeks ago. the cltv
dwellers motored to Kasssnd's betel
In Water ton lakes park.    Prom that
point they started on foot to 'or*
Waterloo lekes and Glacier national
park The lady was dressed In brown
corduroy, with short skirt ami laoed
boots, with thin thanneil soles Bh"
carried the eatables, which consisted
of ii small amount of flour, raiulii"
dried cheese, and a small piece of
lireiik'npt bacon, the whole pack
weighing something like forty pounds
The man carried a sail-cloth t"nt and
blankets. Weighing about fifty pounds.
The flrst point touched was Lake
McDonald, In Glacier national pant,
and with tbe chalet there as a centre
they trampeil every part of the mountains. Returning by another route tha.v
missed the trail and were found by
Ranger Cosley across the boundary
without food. The lady had the mis
fortune to lose ha-r hat.    lt was eaten
by a porcupine and the porcupine later
became food for the travelers     Mr.
Cosley supplied them from tils bascit
the head of the Waterton lakes and
they continued their    Journey,  arriv
Inv  In   l'lncher this  week
From here thev go to the coast and
bv water to California. Touching
New Orleans In the south they wl I
go by rail lo their home iu New IforV
city. Dr llrouen seeineal In no wa"
weary, She Is nn old traveler and
climber, bavlng thoroughly prospected
the mountains of California.
"Tenili is for Ni l
* ��� a.��� i-1. work," address **i
signed, will be received up
7 Hi' p, in.. Thursday, 8i-pt
Plans and ��! flcnllons *
i'u   nin if in.- archltci'
I: illdlns. Pender Hi   W . V
"UI" PL Ml- .1
I AIM  Vlsli
..  tin un li *
i I   ��� *  ��� .1   ol
111    I"' S' ��� Tl    .11
11(1 Cn wn
Kingsway   Wi sl,
l',i-   Seh,ml   lle.ir'l  Office
Ench   ti tni*     must   l,i   ni    imi i-  ��� i   I
.*i  iUiIv   certified cheque  f-n   .t  . .:.   equ I
in ", [* , ei in   of He* tenili i. vv!���'.. i   .v ;* :.
forfeited If the pnrtv n n I- ring .1* ���  Ini ���   I i
���nn r inin Uu* i tract li caili 'I ui on  I i
Tl ���
will In
Inn t.
cept t
t, lurniil t-i tlii'in on
il   tend, n
Board d
ii   lowes
tint I.Iml themsi
ill   .mv   t   ii.1.1
A   J    IIA'ltt Wl
i vest'rdi'v.    A second bodv wis found
hv  two flslierinpn. Opposite  the   King
Pldward pier, nt fciongue Pointe, It is
I that or a mldd'S-aired mnn. The body
jhes net heen identified.    The coroner
wlll hold InonestS on these two cases
tomorrow morning.
Colfax Wash., Sept. 9.- An Innnvi-
tlon which may become an established custom among farmers operating
combines in the Palouse countrv has
been tries on the combined harvester
of Ilcnrv ,T, Young during the present
season and has been found a success,
Mr. Young, who owbb �� firm south
of Colfax "ear the Sn"ke r'ver. this
year lim'tilled a gasoline ctig'ne nn
his combined harvester as an i xper-
ment In reducing Hi" number of
horses necessary t" run ('" machine.
This mnde it possible for h'm te nil
the machine with 20 horses Instead of
The engine was Ins'-iM"'' '-n th" tm
chine Jnst under the drive''-' sent n-d
ins  furnished  much  ste-nrt'er  pavr
than was provided when the mac'l'i"
was run entirely by the horses, The
machine haB been used on all of Mr,
Young's four hundred acres of when),
which has averaged ?.0 bushels per
acre over the entire farm, and the
engine hao worked satisfactorily, Mr.
Young wlll finish threshlnc hlq four
hundred acres of grain this weelf,
a screen over a window in llie base
ment. The robbers then UB< d a pass
key and gained entrance to the prcm
Iscr. The burglars obtained $.00,
which Bettenburg had hldd, n In the
living  room.
Nels Swanson, a Swedish laborer
living at 2023 Clark nvenue, was beaten over the head and robbed of $40,
he reported to tbe police. Swanson
was found unconscious In the street
early Sunday morning. He was brought
to police headquarters and treated.
He stated that he had cashed a cheque for Jillil In a saloon earlier In the
evening and soon after he had cult'-
vated the acquaintance of a stranger.
Swanson claims that three men attacked him as he was going down the
stairs that lead to the valley on West
Riverside, and that one of 'he men
was the one he had met In the snlonn
Swanson claln s that this Is the third
time he has beep  held  up.
Permitting a colored woman t" f'i
low hlm on Sprague atentte ct'" o-
Runday morning cost (lust iiu'*st   nf
rnrkwntrr. M0. II" reported to th"
ni'ifce t.lin' the n'"-rn v ii'"'in hH h'm
ovr tbo head wl'h n club und then
relieved hlm of his money. Ilittst
was brought to the station and Ills
Inlttries treated at the emergency hospital,
Mrs. C. V.. Tntton. Sr>11 Howard
slreet. reported to the poi''09 yesterday lhat some one entered her apartments and stole n set of valuable fog
furs and a $20 gold piece.
New Imported  Fall Suitings now en
display.    See them.    I'erfei"  ni  and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
��1N.00 up.   701 From Btreet.
in  wl.icli  On-
kIiowIiik   tli'*
AfWHHlIK'nt   In
Property Immediately beneftte
on per root frontage.
Name of Own<
Hun   Life Aneunii
* 'an.LtliL	
Hnnkey, O. ai.th
Boclety for the
Kiitl'iii of tlm
V.  V	
Roclety for thn
"ntlon of tlm
I''   H	
Society    for    th��
Killoii    of   tho
1''.  ,	
T'.i-u-'n. ''han.	
A niiiHiduh'. T, H. f t al
I'liKiin, Chew. .1. .. .
Order of Oblntm M I.
Order of 0'��b-t<'�� m i.
St. 1'ntrlck'H ll _u r.i.
Wntker,   Men n. .   .
I'hllllpn.  M. J	
lln ft.    I'V   ,1     	
McDonald, J. M   .
Sullivan.  T,  -I	
Cdor of Ohlntce M 1.
McT_eod   John   l>.
MiivtH,   Lvtlt i	
Ct oriffli Mtnnlii fl.  ...
hib-dlvlalon     init
i .ok]..-!   in
Ooflpel   In
Sll, 03
UoHpel     ill
l'i   IH'.
In  IK.'.
N   1  -���
V,. ei    I i
N. pi.
ii :, :i.I
:u DO
i; i 'i :
:: I
32 m;
1 ."..IIO
:.i 4:i
ll'. 02
I'.'*  I:'i
1,1, Ml
411 in
cr. si;
VI 41)
B 7.301
������.: ; I
til Ml
.i: ; I
33 :i
I*. ������'������
r.�� v.' ,
01 Mi
ll,   Mi
i ; mi
������   *
i.   i
Notice Ih lierehv Kl\*'*n Hint  11
telulH tn DHU il l.i��ciil  Initii'u
llle   HcltCllllle   llUilV'e    MH ill toll
IKi-alte a-aell  I'll.  Mle!
I'llli'lll   Amii'tamili
1   tlie   VUIIIH   ef   I
uf Revision in
Dated liiin r,(h ilny of HepiniubiT,  1913.
lon nf the Cltv i.r New
ll    llv-luw   ii-a-ai-HHltiK   llle
nnn v annually fnr thirty	
,   , , the  triiil  uf complaints and  nppeniii
tn-t.llllllt   the   llHm'HHIlienl   wi   pi npiiNcl   tn   lie mnde will  Iw laa-l.t on   Millldnv    I'le  "II1,
dav of September,  1913, commencing nt  to uclnek in in,, forenoon   nt Uie Council
I'lmtnhe". In Hi" ellv Hull, Mew Weetmlneter, liriiiHli Columbia, and miv nolle* of
ni'i'i'iil from Miieli  Inti'tuli'il nM.'ti'NMtnent   uiuHt  be served upnn the Cleric  ,,r lh.. Mu
nlolpal Counoil at leaat elKlit days prior in Buch Coun nf Hci-aum
\v. A. DUNCAN, City P'r-rli.
11007) T''r$l SP^fKV
PAQK   ������VIM
Desires Came Penalty as Was Meted
Out to Her Boy  Chum One
Year Older.
Ali any, 'ire, Sept, I).   "I want    to
LBki the name medicine lliey (flvs Melvin.'' declared pretty little 16-year-old
Stella Morgan, In County Judge Mc
K: ; i.'.K Juvenile court, when in.r
i mi p mil -I iii I, irss stealing, Melvin
i . i i**r. aged l'i yeara, mj untenosd
to tin* itato training school for an in-
ile iiii'.nale period for Hi" theft of two
I   ,������-,���    ;��� buggy and n saddle
I-,;,  :. Irl hail stolen four dollara from
hi    sister, which wan all ihe youthful
i oi tested tvhi n thoy began iheir
i1       * row ii'ii city last Wednesday
i- Pondlei 'ii Kiniii'iiip. a dlstancs
I ,i ���!.  lief  *ii [WO  ranges of llliinn
..I fully .ihn niiier. imi she trill
pr 'ii.tiiiy not lm prosecuted.
The  two  me "pals,"  they  nay, and
' . i  planned  in trial!  the    Roundun
VoUUfl I'eeliler had lln money, no BtSlla
i  I '.   tier  sister's  pocketbnnk,  cnntln
i and a ring worth 126.   MeWIn
.   ii a i.iilt of old
.. srdrobe for Bti
i    attired when arrested, Likewise
In   ie< ureil a ,2] revolver ami  22 rifle
nd 'ii Imposing cartridge belt, besides
a dangerous looking dirk knife, which
Opening tf Big  Dlt:h Brlnga Up Com- I I'liiinl  to bid  for home or the expected
trade, the companies who have mads
plex Frelflht and Imr.-.igration |any   definite  announcement   of   policy
The announcement made al tho turn i
i ii ent I n it of tlie West Co:.hi.  Lumber
Manufacturers' association hy Attor-'
ney .1. n. Teal, counsel for the organ- i
:ecin to favor Vessels lhat will carry a
large amount of freight, with accom.
tnodatlon fnr steerage passengers, but
few  saloon  tourists.
Freight   Problem   Complex.
Tiie freight probli m Is considerably
more   Complex   than   would   appear  at
izatlon, that ihe Panama canal win be I first sight," nald a ooasl represent*-
open to ordinary maritime transports-1tlve of the nine Funnel line.   "The
tlon by the middle of November. Is theIQuestion of freight   la fundamentally
flrsl  definite authoritative  or  semi- one of supply and demand, and the act-
I official Information thai haa been glv-1 mil BlmrtcniiiK of the m-a pannage hy
en nui in Un- United Btates for govlsovoral days cannot create a demand
i eral months, umi has naturally renew-: fer additional freight   The   speaker
[id interesl In ths many complex prod-1 wan agent ai Tehuantepec for his com-
llemi which tiie opening of this water-1 pany for several years, and in of tha
way win tir'ng before the people of th�� I opinion that the benefits of the (anal
Paclfli coast ! win ba cumulative and thai the open-
Mr    Teal   !iIS   mr'"   an   exhaustive  ing  of   ths   waterway   will   have   little
study of the whole question, and is re. Iimmediate efteel on th'- amount of
������ ii 'di i im one of ih" greatest living freight Imported Into thin province in
authorities In ths legal world os ths the Immediate futurs.
International questions arising from 1 The opinion In largely shared by
the nev conditions broughl aboul by otfcer shipping men, while the opinion
ths changed conditions In ths canal I of merchants seems to be that the lm-
tone. mediate   outstanding   benefit of tho
Cities  All  Preparing. Opening of lhe canal  will  bc the COOT
Mm 'i eve", clt) mi   ihe   i'acilic, elon  brought in bear cn transcontii
coasl  Ik making preparations by  tie* nental railroad companies, who, they
ni 'Hie ni* harbor facilities to accom- hal '*.",  wiii  i.e compelled  to lower
lothes trom his  modata tl:- additional trade which it their through rates '��� compete with
s, In which she I ls assumed  will quickly follow    the the lower ral s by water.
throwing  upen   nf  Ilu-  -Irt;  ditch"   to j Protpfctive   Inirrigration.
ih" seagoing vessels of 'bs world. I'mi ably tin* most Important feat-
"It in Impossible to estimate th" ex- ure of the opening of the big canal,
tent to which Ihe opening of the canal   mul the one that  will affect this prov-
hc thrusi ini" iii" must conspicuous has Influenced lhe Dominion govern- ince most vitally, In tbe rush of Bu-
of 'he hell    'I'li- youthful travel- menl  iu  the treat  harbor    Improve- ropean immigration ih-.t  may be ox-
. :   started oui bj hiring a one-horse ments which it han already begun onlpected when the water la turned into
i. if .-v frnm a local livery lasl WedneS-   the coal t," said an official of the gov- !*the bin locks.    It. has been known for
ii..*.   "fur an  limit" eramonl   the Other day   "There  In no  Several   yearn  that   tickets have  been
That night they lost their way In *he doubt that ihe International   ���team-Ion sale among the steamship agents
ntalns   near   Lebanon,    but   they  ship companies will reach oul tor the of Russia, Poland and southern Italy
themselves  ss  comfortable  aa  nf'W trade and Ills equally certain that on the Instalment plan.   How many of
t:*i v  mlghl  bv covering    themselves these shippers  win  be guided  tn a these tickets baVe already been con-
1 tbo lone laprobe In the buggy and  ' rge extent by ihe docking facilities I tracted for ii in almost Impossible to
' fT. r- ,1 at llie various porta in arrang-1 estimate,   but   In   ills   annua]   address
lng thetr schedule of calls." before the National Lumber associa-
No Announcement. Itlon, Attorney Teal estlmsted that at
li   P. Dergeloh, agent for the Ham-  leas: 2S.O00 have been purchased. Even
burg-America a  *^'-    on    the  Pnrlflc i if a small percentage of this number
coast, with headquarters al San Francisco, said tha' lie had no definite In-
formation to give out with regard to
ralChoOt, snd  were brought  backjthe policy of bin company In the mat
iter of Increased  chipping    facilities
, wiih the opening of the l'anama route,
iand  although  this company  is gencr-
:illv  credited wiih being the moft active In anticipation of an increase ofj present  time  would  be an  economic
traffic no authentto announcement has I disaster,   The only way. In my opin-
: yet been m.iili from headquartl ra with [lon. with which th" governmen' could
i regard   m   definite  dates     of     'ailing   I spe with thin wou'd be by the lncep-
through the canal The cruising vessel I tlon of large public works,   a    step
bis line, the S. 8 Cleveland, Is tan-1 which   can   never   prove   Industrially
ely   announced   as    being   ('ue   in'.economic,   to  any  government.     Apart
a*:::rt on an ocean voyage around thej from the economic standpoint, the cm-
world,   Including  a   passage  through atlon of unnecessary    public    works
Ihs cans! In I's Itinerary, cn January , would  he sum to    arouse a storm of
11-   ii? nexl   but  lhe local agents of the j disapproval   from   the  labor    unions.
' ne  refit'e    to    guarantee    passage I while the restriction of Immigration
I through  the Central  American  water-   from   friendly  nations    of    European
,t istook would require the most delicate
Although many of the big steamship; diplomatic negotiations
companies nf the old world haveprac-     "The several states of the republic
ti-cslly   declared   their    intention    of across  the  ]l"o  have  been  quick  to
i nd ng vessels through the PanamaIrealize this difficulty."
This Space Tomorrow
The World's Greatest Price Cutter.
wenl  tti sleep SUPI less.  Tbey drove
* i Thursday wiih nothing t" eal
, , ,. ..*,��� they (|ep| |n n dens" timber
'��� * the nnweanped aummll of the
* ladei Friday thej were annre-
hi: ''��� ������ sl Bweethome by Deputy sheriff Sl-'vens. who had  I p notified  by
Sheriff Bodlne of Albany, to be one
to tbls city Thev confessed every*
:��� snd the girl wants the same nun
neni as her companion received.
Emigration to Dominion Causes Con- I The tax on the land has not been su!
ciderable lll-Feellng Over
the Watei.
fortfarded some days ago to Ottawa, j Victoria regiment, and meantime the
jon receipt of which drill wlll be com- ;Douglas street headquarters wlll be
menced at once. open   every  Monday    and    Thursday
Already   sufficient  men    for    five ^ejtlng tor the swearing in of    re-
full companies    have    been enrolled, jcruita-
and a:, there is still room for another I ���'	
| company,  the  recruiting officers will I              MAYOR IN TROUBLE
ntill  have something to occupy them I  '���
ek   to   enter   British   Columbia,   tlie
I Immigration authorities will he faced
with n problem that will require most
1 careful handling.
J "There is nn doubt," said a large
employer of labor, "that the Influx o'
a horde of unskilled laborers to the
provincial Industrial market    at    the
London, Sept. 9.���There Is a good
deal of dissatisfaction ln emigration
ICircles respecting tha position in Canada with  n gard to emigrants.    Many ���
persons in London are protesting that Gordon Highlanders
emigrants are being encouraged by in-1 ARE RAPIDLY GROWING
t' nd   parties   In   Canada     under     a
Chief Magsitrate of Dryden and Some
Dryden, Ont., Sept. 9 ���At the police
court   here   yesterday   before   Magistrate   McLennan   of  Kenora.  Charlea
..._    W,   Coomb,   mayor  of   Dryden,   was
ing factor which make such attacks tomed to making them. As the"com- charged with unlawfully appropriating
possible is the return of unsuccesstal panics are fifty strong each, and it sawlogs of the Dryden Timber and
..���migrants to the old country. *;s  expected that six  will  be formed,   Power   company.     Among   his   other
the contract for the Gordon Highland  operations,   Mr.   Coomb   is  a  lumt>2r
uniform will be of some velue. ,operator,   and   the   company   alleges
It  Is  not   the  Intention  of  the  re-! that many logs bearing its registered
cruiting officers to accept any appli-' mark were found in his boom.
until such time aa Ottawa sends the
l.eb nt to force the land into use."      , neceKsary approval.
-.,,,.. , .. ,       Owing to the delay nothing definite
This Is but one species of the attack  ha3   bof,���   done   with   J��J����   (f)  jg
which Canada and Canadian policy highland uniforms, although several
have to face at the present time, but quotations have been received from
there is no doubt that lhe outstand-1 Scottish   manufacturing   f,rms   arcus-
condition which practically amounts to I New Regimen, at Victoria Already nations from men already belonging1, Only the case for the prosecutin'
��� noottragemeht by false pretenses. The; Has Five  Companies to any local regiment.   Dr. Milne and jCompany was heard. Mr. Coomb res��r-
Sltuatlon is not improved by the com- V.ctoria, Sept. '...--The regiment top j. Hidden, the principal promoters ! ving his defence until a trial before
ments made by Canadians visiting in be known as the 60th Oordon Htgh-!0f the Bcheme. have been appraised a judge at Kenora. where his friends
London. landers  of  Canada,  the  headquarters  by  Colonel   Koy.  D.  O.  C.  that  the  assert  he  will  have  a  complete  an-
Kr.r instance, two Canadians now In  and   recruiting  o,flees  of  which, are plans for the new armoury have been , Bwer to the charge of the companv
town   with   land   propositions   In   the  at 1010 DouglaB street, is awaiting of-   amplified in order to provide the nee-'Ball was accepted in two sureties of
west of Canada  are  endeavoring    to ficial approval of the list of officers essarv   accommodation  for  the  third  2500 each.
i cure  popularity  for their    proposl-
Conductlng  Investigations for  Ru
ean Government  in  Cr
VlcK rla, B C , Bepl 9 Dr l
Qi Idsteln, fi How of ths University of
M mow, Is in the city, The professor
Is spending a few days In the cily In-
���.���fining Inqulrless on behalf of the
fl issian government along economic
and Industrial llnea. Ho already has
ile* * ted several weeks of study to eon
,: tlons In other parts of the Dominion,
��� * | ��� ;,s a let ier from Premier Borden
i, *,- ting the co-operation of federall
I in . n. ��� ffiel lis on his mission.
!.. -..,-: gating Industr si and other methods In this country for bis
government Ue was Orel attracted to
' ��� ��d i by Iho number of books he had
ri sd about It����� striking trllm'n lo the
efficient manner In which ths country Thcrorghb
i i    bees publicised    by   advertising  -*.  phenol ���   sl
tions by pointing out that the free
lands available in Canada for settlers |
' are practicaly either exhausted or limited to selection from wild lands in
undesirable regions, lands fram which
profit could never be made. As may
be Imagined these two gentleman have
plenty of land Of their own, and they
are naturally desirous of scoring support in further ventures with regard to
the development of this land, but city
men to whom lhey are speaking appear to agree with tbem in what they
say In this matti -.*.
Market lo Overstocked.
On even side, moreover, one hears, m
complaints th.t  emigrants are being ' mt**\\\\xm
invited   to   Canada   -vli��re   the   labor [j^*("*rQ'l
market is already said    to    be badly       n.
overstocked.    A   curious  story    wasl-EBBI
told a representative in this respect by   jftSJ
J.   E.  Williams,  the  secretary  of  the i "v��|i
National l'nlon of Rallwaymen, a body   aSJ
cr T--ade With China  In.reasee Seventy Per Cent. In Three Year*���
Poor Shewing of U. 8.
*>i.Mining over -U0.000 members.  Mr,
I Williams says that one of the Cana-
*-**~~~���~~ lian   railway  companies    approached
jil.'ir tra-i- with China, ihe Germans two servants of the London and Brigh-
!���"���'���  not  satisfied, and they are man-   ton railway, and offered them positions
oeuverlng  both   In   Germany  and   In jon their line In Canada.   The men ao-
China fur father advantages    For In- cepted the positions and were accord-
Hancc, the -German Onion of Shanghai lugly told  :o go to Liverpool, beliv;
Is ahout to organise a German-Chinese Igiven a letter of introduction to the
union,  or  n  Germany  Culture  union,  captain of a  ship at  that  port  whlco
-aving for the Dominion.
'tters  of  introduction   ll
increase  over  70  per the object  being the improvement or, v.as shortlj
irade   with   China   in , 'he Herman Consular corps In China.]    In   these
��� .
.���I., rent,   oi   their   ....u.-      n..   >  ,
Mr  Goldstein Is   verv*   desirous   to  three years   although Oreat Britain's the rounding if more t.rrmaii nevs- was suggested to.the captain in ques
i understood that hs is no emls-   |ncrc se was nominal In comparison. I papers and magarlnes In the new Re-  tlon that he might lind 11 possible
of tin- Russian government   His
,  ���   entirely scientific and nol p"- thi same period, th
Uth ti    On iii�� return to ihs lind ot
the i.r ih" professor will deliver s
: . r es   .f  lectures  outllng  the  r. suits
of hte investigations.
In sn Interview tii" professor sild:
"The possibilities tor the building
en nnd extension ot ths commercial
trade between Canada and Russia are
cry gnat, and during my trip across
l have received numerous requests for  ill I
li ' irmaMon "bent th" exports fn m mj
country, and regarding the proro'fts
1   r     irn.le     In     various  ri���ini-diti'"
1 hi r�� w e'd I " a rood ma'ket In
< .a::.���' i for i'-ilry nrodi'e. e-gs, butter Chi en . etc . Inr- h' ' ��. lea"" r
nnd i-Hi' * goods while ' usnla culd
posuli |*   Imr   t   r-oP'   "its    country
pueh (   mm- titles ns ' onln fl-id shoes
:u*: li ���liin-- i iit'-ie ��t��, hardware and or rather because of. the revolution
rerlaln 'lnd'' of timber nol grown In, German Advance.
i ., Hill ��� in  1908 German exports
On this 'u'liii tho professor tris stat
iii thel n v ' irt embodying the Id
i -i *. l BtatA stood still in   public  the  foundation  of    museumsI^ve these men an opportunity to work
Germans are de-   and industrial expositions and the cil    their passage out to Canada    on    his
���  : greater attention be tWatlon  of grea'  amity and    closer vessel, so as  to save  passenger ex-
nsld to the Chinese markets apd plans commercial and financial relations he- Ipenses for them.   The c.ffer was de-
recently formulated show that the de-  tween  Germans  nnd    Chinese.    The  Plllu,(1  Witho���t  thanks,  and  the  two
mands -have besn  heeded   says Ths  P'*n I" ��o have the trustees In Berlin  men returned  to I ondon and  lodged
Far Kastern Information bureau, New i ''nd   the  active  central  committee  In, their complaint with the secretary of
(..j/ I Shanghai, Tslngtao the German base | their trade union, who we are assured
The  ruins   Year  Book    for    1!U.. ,!n China, and other leading parts of
shnws   thf   in   IOCS   Germany's   total
trad with China amoiintedto 21,00(1.-
Halkuan taels, while in 1911 lt
h'd Jumped ti 86,fi00,000 Halkuan
taelS. The Halkuan taol averages 2.75
ti'.:'r',(n. o�� 63 -''ills United Stales currency. Por Uie benefit of American
readers I thall quote all figures In
American currency. The official fig-
���,-i-..i cl- en In the year bonk Include
l.t! only, but it Is known that China's
trado was even larger in Ifl". despite.
ihe country,   it is estimated that such
a pri'eet Would cost 5.000.000 marks
to organi7e. and that the annual maintenance would be ",r>oo,oo Omarke.
to investigate the matter still
1(08 German exports to China
wer,. approximately J9,l��8,000. ln 1011
thoy were H4.88B.000.   In loos   Ger.
and Information derived on hie trip of  many's
Investigation will be oresent'd to his
excellency Premier Kokowsoff on 'he
ri lurn ef lbe professor to hls n'ltlvi
' it  I    snd   he   thinks   It   nol   ii'iUV
"',��� nn axnanslon of the trade ba
tween t'"' two countries will be th
re.- "It .if tbe lour.
With   ri rd   to    the    Imml ""
phase "' his Innulr'es the politl"
economlst had  notiting to sav.
v"ii asl ed If h" hnd heard anything
Sbonl the opposition which h-d been
r'evnloned nmong the members or the
local Russlnn colony tn the reported
proposed Influx of settlers into this
province, but replied that he was not
��� "ei.'int of nny move to discourage
Importation of    goods    from
ns totalled t-4.600.O0fl.   In l��li th"
figures   were     >9,100.000.     In     other
vnriis Germany's total of imports and
rvnorta with China in 1008 was $in
i'.OOOO    and   In   1911   was   *23.7LT..O0l..
This gives a total Increase of J10.075.-
rtin, pr a fraction over 70 per cent.
ion I     In  1908 the exportattons of the en-
nr.  t'r��   P.rltlsh   empire   to   China    were
lie i <17n.01A.000.   In   round   numbers.     In
mil  'hev were ��1S5 000 000.    In 190R
the  British  empire  took  from  China
goods worth $74,100,000.    In 1911 She
took    ��87.42M00.      ln    other    words,
Britain's  total   trade   with   China  in
1908  amounted  to $244,000,000, while
in 1911 It wns J272.-4"5.000. This gives
tin Increase of $28,425,000 or less than
12 per c"nt.
Poor Showing of U. 3.
As to the United Statea. the showing Is poor.    In  1908 the export'itlep
and One-half Tons Under-
Seek Northern Landi
Victoria. Bcpt. 9.���That the fertile
agricultural districts of Central and,nf American goods to China was $86.-
Northorn British Columbia mav soon roo.ooo. in rcund numbers.. In inn it
attrael a Inge number of settlers from I hnd dropped tn ��26,5,.B.000. Further,
the American PltcltlO crast states H, whereas the l'nited States bought
Indicated lv the departure of nn in-! from Chlnn in 1908 goods to the vflliie
fluertlsl partv whose Objeel is to 10f 115,500.000. she took J22lon,ooo
Inquire Into the potnntlalalltlps of ajworth In 1911. This s.liows that we
lnrre section of Isnd lying nenr Hella \Fn|d less merchandise to China in
Cools Thev ''nve nn option for thel 1911 than we did three yearn before.
purchase of tho. land enb]ecl   to fnv-  The total trade of the United St 1 ten
orable Inspection. Th* party cons sted
���J Frank Mott. mayor of Oakland,
Cal 1111,1 one of the largest real os-
late operators In that state;   Kraiicii
}��M rSnW'tf ef ���������y our sales In China were M66OOO
Winnipeg    VlSyor  Mott Is generally lower In 1911 than lhey were In 1908.
with Ch'na In 1908 wns ��42,3noooo.
ond la 1911 It was *'�� (WaOOfl. This Is
an Increase nf $, or 16 per
cent. All of the Increase, however. Is
shewn to be ln favor of China.    Aet-
inlcd ns the next governor of California hls prestige having been m-
���mensely enhanced bv hla wlnnlng
right. Against the Southern Pac f 0
rallwav for the possession of twenty
milea of waterfront In Oakland.
So that the United States his heen
standing still, while Great Briatnln
maintained n reasonable Increase, snd
Germany achieved a growth of 70 per
Notwithstanding this rapid rise ot the mountains by eating alfalfa.
is iroin;
Meanwhile people who are certainly
ret friends Ot Canada are Writing letters to the London Press similar 10
the following letter, which Mr. Joseph
Kcls sent to the London pap-.rs. lt
will be observed that Mr. Fels In his
attempt to secure an advertisement fall
his much loved land taxation proposl-
llnn does not hesitate to seek tn in-
lure Canada to tetter himself.
Here is Mr. Kels' letter:
Tbs Kind of Attack.
 j  j   "i ag- e with   your   correspondent
I'hst ii'-'er pr"s"nt conditions, a tew
C. Copper Shooti Off Twenty-four , _.��� roring Inr-rdlnate profits in land
speculrtlon In Canada, to the *.iltn*->��t
entire exclusion of the rank nnd  Iiie
ground. '   f the people.    There la no doubt that
hundreds are out of work; but It is un-
  ''nrtunnte that your correspondent d'rt
9 -Theloot  Indicate tlie true  cause,  so that
Copper  he might pelnt out the remedy.
"The statements of the mayors nf
Winnipeg, Itegina. Saskatoon and other places concerning the money that
has heen poured Into the country for
use In Innd speculation aro correct.
Hut 1 would like to Inform your correspondent, and through him, the readers of your paper, that the reason whv
speculation Is so intense as to attract
large bodies of men unable to get work
ia that the exemption from all taxation
of personal property, machinery tnd
buildings In the municipalities of western Canada has been reflected ln nnd
adde to the price of land, andt the
small and Insignificant rate of taxation 011 these land values has not even
b��en sufficient to prevent the con-
stttptly-growlng speculation in these
"Instances nre known of land changing hands three times In one year���
slways nt a greatly Increased price'
vvei-e there a tux on land values sufficient to force lt Into actual use there
would be fewer people walking around
these newly-built cities with nothing
to do. Doubtless It waa the Intention
in exempting buildings and Industry
from taxation in these oltles to advance the rate of taxation upon lands
in keeping with their constantly growing value, so that speculators would
ultimately have to become, hallders
and users ot land.
"In Mr. Howe's account of there he-
lng less than one Inhabitant per ace
of the area of one of the cities containing less than 60,000 leople lies the
raison d' otre of the whole tragedy.
Grand Forks, B, C, Sept.
Mother Lode mine of the 11. C
company on Monday was tho scene
Ot the largest underground blast
known In modern mining, when some
24',_ tons of powder, 40 per cent, of
which wan dynamite, were exploded by
Some 4.S*.0 holes were drilled
through through the zone of the mlno
to he blasted and these were charged
with powder and dynamite; the holes
were connected up with electric wires
and the entire number exploded eimul-
All employees of the company nnd
-isldents at Mother Lode wero removed from the danger zone et the
ime of llie explosion, nnd tho tremor
mused was felt at Greenwood, some
tour miles distant, to tho extent of
even breaking window panes.
The blast Is Ihe third and largest of
it" kind which have been adopted at
'he Mother Lode mine as a means of
breaking down the ore and rock, the
"thrr two blasts having been set off
'ast year. Although the extent of the
reck blown In Monday's blast is not
definitely known as yet, It is probable
thnt several hundred thousand tons
hnve been broken down, and the complete success of the venture reflects
conspicuously to the credit of Superintendent NorcroBB.
Elk Annnv Farmers.
Walla Walla.  Wash.,  Sept 4.���The
elk recently released in the Wenncha
reserve by the county commissioners
are bothering farmers at the foot of
wide world over,
ETTES are popular favorites.
Try a packet to-day, and you
will appreciate to the full the mild,
rich coolness of these delightful
smokes. < *******
ITER'S   5
,rl��AVV CUT
���England's Richest and Coolest Smoke*
mmxia iu rnnee Albert t****f.~���
- ��a ���^ssj""".'' wm ���
v"^^*\y*m*^ 1 PAOB CIOBT
Phones 1 and ST.
641 Columbia St.
Today only we are giving one qt. Economy
Fruit Jar, and one
orate of Crawford
Freestone Peaches
for $1.00
We require you to sign a receipt for each Jar given away.
We have only a limited number of jars to give away, so send
your orders early.
On sale today 20 boxes
local apples at $1.50
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line for table or cooking.
Supply Co.
reater AiVestmmster
Old Age
has no terrors for the
man who is regularly
saving money.
He realizes   that  he
has money working for
him.   When   deposited
with   our  savings  department it is earning 4
per cent., which interest
is   being   compounded
quarterly, but best of all
he  has  developed  the
best of habits, that   of
saving. He has that con-
tented, self-satisfied,
self-reliant   feeling   so
necessary to success  in
this world.
If you are not already
a depositor, call today
and open an account, $1
is enough to start.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. 8. KEITH. Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplua
Truateeahlpa under Administration, over 16,000,000.
Truatee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
.. for ..
All notices of meetings, enterteln-     New   Westminster  aud   Its  harbor
ments, tales of work,    etc.,    in    thli  possibilities  will  be the theme of an
column  are  charged for at the  rate | address to be jl/en  by Capt
�� 10 cents per line.    Pleaie do not i rowell,  harbor  engineer,
aak members of the staff to break thla
rule, at their instructions are positive.
The work of raising the B. C. E. R.
roadbed on Kront street to the level
of the paving Is now completed.
Thistle Social club. A general meet
Ing of the club wlll be held in the
lodge room, Labor Temple, on Friday,
September 12, at 8 p.m. (2031)
Albert C. Alberg Is opening an office
in New Westminster In the Intereats
of the Merchants Casualty company.
At the school board meeting tomorrow night little outside the regular
monthly business will be taken up.
The construction of the new wing
of the post office will be commenced
as soon aa the architect from Vlcturia
signs the contract for the work.
Lecture on Spiritualism by Mrs.
Clark, of Central l'ark, C30 Columbia
street, room 5, this evening at 8
o'clock. (.Oil.I
Yesterday the local postofflce was
flooded with eastern mail caused by
the holding up of four transcontinental C. V. R. trains by several washouts
near hevclstoke.
See "The Kentucky Derby," a re
view of the country's greatest horse
race at Churchill Downs, at the Edison theatre today. (2U42)
A meeting of the high school boys
was held In the Y. M. C. A. yesterday
to organize the boys as a class. Doug
las Robson was elected president, J.
MacKercher secretary, B. McAllister
and D. Trapp were elected as aii
executive committee.
Try the B. C. Manufacturing company for fruit boxes if in a hurry.
Phone 304. (1993)
One drunk was let go with a caution, another contributed $2.50 nnd
costs, while a third forfeited his ba 1
in police court yeBterday morning. A
case of Indecent exposure was again
remanded,  this  time until  Saturday.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred W, MeLeod. (19891
The proprietor of a Japanese pool
room located in Sapperton is scheduled to appear before Magistrate Edmonds in court this morning on a
charge of keeping open his establishment during prohibited hours.
Any dealer who substitutes any
other tea for "SALADA" because It
gives him a little more profit. Is injuring his business, as the consumer
Is on his guard against this. It pays
to serve your customer with the best.
One hundred Btudents registered at
the opening of Columbian college yesterday morning. While this number
is lower than the attendance during
the opening term lust year, the late
arrivals are expected to swell the total
far beyond last year's figures.
Better than buying agreements of
sale. Pay your taxes in the city before the evening of the 15th inst. and
save 10 per cent.   City Treasurer.
Rev. T. R. Heneage, of Victoria,
honorary secretary of the boy scouts
In the province, Is expected to pay a
visit to this city In the near future,
when he will discuss the scout movement with those In charge of the local
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. the
Insurance man. All kinds wrltton.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Guard R. P. Day. who was brutally
beaten in the desperate attempt of
two convicts to gift away from the
provincial jail, two weeks age, Is now
able to be out on the street. t will
be several weeks, however, bef ire he
Is able to resume his duties at the
Why not get your boxes and crat
at the  B.  (.'.  Manufacturing Co.,  Ltd.
Others are doing it.    Phone 304.
The members of the W. C. T. V.
were vest'iiiii'* addressed by Miss M.
Dedrlck on "The Responsibility of
.Mothers in the Training of the Children." The advisability of having a
tea and refreshment tent on the ex-
bibltlon grounds, In addition to the
rest room, was also discussed.
A.   O
before the
members of lhe Vancouver Progress
club at a luncheon to be held this noon
ln Vancouver. Mayor (iray, and Alderman A. E. White are alBo Included
on the toast list, although their addresses will be Informal.
The city health authorities have begun clearing up the debris left by IndlanB on the C. N. R, property near
Lytton square during tlle past few
weeks. All the redskins have now left
for Ihe hop country up the Kraser valley, but mny be expected to return In
a few weeks, when the merchants look
for more trading. This year has been
a successful one for the Indians, the
fishing having been profitable while
the prices paid the .hop
well up lo the average.
With the dairy  building already  In
Thousands of Dollars Spent in Bringing Animals Here as Exhibit of
Best Stock.
One of tho most Interesting features
ut tlle provincial exhibition, which
I will open in New Westminster on
September SO and continue until
October 4, will be the exhibit of prize
; horses and cattle from the provincial
colony farm.
These  champion  animals,  gathered
I together at the cobI of thousands   of
'dollara, will be on exhibition only, and
pickers  are! will   not  bc  tillered   In  any     of  tiie
! competitions.
These  horses.   Include  Clydesdales, |A"
building already  ln|gj,|rM anij Hackneys nnd some cf the
See Advt. on Pa
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
shape in Its new location and the POUl-l^g, of ,|le (,xe.eedinglv tine Holste n
try building well on the way lo com- (.ovvs w|n b(, QD v*,,w und will be the
pletlon, the aspect of the west side of 0SDtre 0f ntiracilon to the stock
Queen's park Is undergoing many al- bree(jBr and farmer as well ns a
teriillons   these   days.     Park   Hanger
Robinson has every reason to get a
grouch on, owing to the contractors
removing the poultry building being
compelled to traverse the beautifully
kept plat In front of the women's
building, but a glance at the work
yesterday Indicated that thp men employed were taking especiiil care so as
to not damage the grounds and spoil
Ihe aspect for exhibition time.
George Petrle. delegate of the local plumbers' union to the International convention recently held at Iloston, Mass., returned to the city yesterday morning. The convention was
a success ln every way, the delegates
being finely treated at the Hub Ctty
although they showed an inclination
to loBe themselves In the winding
streets which has made the city famous. Mr. Petrie was one of those
held tip by the C. P. H. rockslides,
staying at Field from Saturday morning until late Monday morning. During the tri pacrriBS the continent the
Westminster delegate took In the
Wlnlpeg stampede.
source of admiration to the average
city man.
Realizing that it would hardly b"
falr to the other exhibitors at the fa r
to enter these champions In 111" competitions, llr. Doherty. under whose
auspice* the collection has been mad",
has decided to keep the animals for
competitions In outside shows only.
They will be seen at the International stock show In Chicago In
November and December, and It is
expected will again carry off many
first prizes.
Denominations Join to
Methodists Send-off.
Port Coqultlam, Sept. 8, Last evening suw the official opening of the
new Methodist church on the south
side, the first of the denomination In
the (ity. The chief speaker of the
evening was Mayor .lames Mars, who
In a brief address congratulated tho
young congregation on Its splendid
church und anticipated that in a few
years It would be short of requirements on account of lhe progress of
the c'ty in general. Following the
speeches a social and concert gathering was held. There was a larue attendance. Presbyterians, Anglicans
and Baptists alike joining to give the
new congregation a hearty send off.
and .$10.00 per Month.
Size 4.5x113 to lane.  Near City car line, Beautiful
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Meeting Tonight���Several Applications
to Be Considered.
An important meeting of the license
P:iei<  In  your  bathing  suits  and  a
  I well filled hamper and spend a day at
Maple  Beach.  Boundury  Hay.    Plenty
Regiment Same as 104th to Be Formed  of free   picnic    places    on    the Hand
beach or under the wonderful spread
on  Island���Labor Trouble Said
to Be the Cause.
The wave of militarism, which appears lo be sweeping over liritish Col- '
commissioners iB scheduled for thls-l umbia and which wns mentioned in a
evening when seven applications rang- \ recent issue of The News, received an-
ing from applications for liquor li! other boost this week when the an-
censes, whole-Bale and retail, to trans-! ncuncement was made In Victoria
fer of licenses, will be discussed and that still another regiment of militia
acted upon. The list is as follows: iis to be organized on Vancouver is-
Krom Joseph Travers, for a whole- j land, If the present plans of the mill-
ling   maples.     I.ovely    Bprlng    water.
; Tnke the Kiver road   to   l_adner   and
the Ooudy road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
sale liquor license
From Sproule Bros., for a license for
the Dunsmulr hotel.
For a transfer of the Merchants hotel license from P. Koot and J. A. Mullen  to J.  A.   Mullen alone.
For a transfer of the Occidental b_��-
tel license, from M, Cowan to Justus
Swanson and Adolph Hanson.
For a transfer of the Liverpool ArniB
license from George Cameron and II.
tf. Chaffee to Oeorge Cameron, and
from Oeorge Cameron to Talmage
For a license for the depot
tary authorities at Ottawa are carried
This new organization has no con- !
nection with the Oordon Highlanders
regiment, recruits for which have
commenced to be sworn In at Victoria I
during the past few days, but appears
to have arisen following the present
labor troubles in and around Nanaimo.
The plan Is to form a regiment af-1
ter the pattern of the lu-lth of this
city, with separate companies organ-
Ized In the many small places on Van-
uch as Cowichan, Na-
and    Duncan, these
the name of Frank L. Johnson.
I couver Island,
otel in . nalmo.  Sydne;
Fred Davis wlll sell b
tlon m iii Eighth Btreel
September 11. at _ p m.
nnd effects of an eight i
absolutely without reser
|eludes a very line nearl
Monarch range, dresserf
sideboard, beds and bedd
Particulars   of   sab- al
limits to drill In some small place that
i might be requisitioned by the government nnd then, once a year, they could
lbe mobilized at one plac- for the audi 1 nual  training.
)c. | At nresent the matter is before Col
Sam Hughes, minisler of mllltla. and
It Is understood that he favors the
sickness. The funeral will take plac- I favors the plan,
ct . o'clock todav. Rev. J. R, Bartlett ,'n^, Coquitlam Is falling into line
will officiate. I with   the   recent   movements   In   th's
  'city. Vancouver and Victoria, and it Is
HILL���The funeral of Arthur Hill.  Probable that a company    of    B,  C.
of Vancouver,  who was drowned ��(lHor?" v*'m '"' organized  there,    tie.
Night School
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at 7:30 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in   Bookkeeping,   Spelling,
Arithmetic,      Penmanship,!
.Shorthand, Typewriting by
Clearance Sale
Carpets Reduced to Rock-Bottom Prices.
128 50  for
wnton Squares,
regular 1211.r.n,
Tapestry Squares, from S6 50
Japantie Matting Squares
Bite 9x1'.:  $2.50
Size   9x10    52.25
Itriissels Squares, regular $24 00,
to clear       $17.50
Size  9x9   	
Jap  Mais, from
Mary Emma Olendenning,
eiirred lasi evening nt  lht
1001   Fifth  avenue,  after
igid 27, oc
i   llngerin
Stili creek, Burnaby, last Sunday, will
be held from the family residence t>
Mountain View cemetery, at 10 o'clock
cruiting  is  proceeding  with   the
pany recently formed at Kburne.
com -
Phone 853.
BOUCK, Principal
610 Columbia  St.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano.  Theory.
Kor Terms and Hours Apply nt
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (1977)
* public auo.
��n Thiirsdiv.
the furniture
lomed house,
'���     Sale    In-
* new organ.
and  standn.
ine, etc., etc.
Auction   House.
Columbia street.
Kings  hotel
BATEMAN -Friends of T. C. Bate-
m,iii, one of the staff nt St. Ixiuis college, were shocked last evening to
hear of ..*.- death which occurred In
St. i'B' ''s hospital
an Illness of a Uttl
ceased, who had always prided himself of being in perfect health and hsd
never been forced to call in the aid
���rrf-a physician, was stricken with paralysis while walking in the streets
of Vancouver last week and was
taken to St. Paul's hospital.
He was ot^.l'ie way to recovery and
fully expected to take charge of his
el. ss by next Monday morning when
co' I'licatlons set in which resulted in
his death.
Ur. P.nteman war- well and favorably
known Ihrouehoiit the city where he
had a host of friends. I! Is understood
that lie was born In or near Chicago,
but reci veil his education al Niagara
university, New York state.
This summer he paid a visit to hla
brothers and sister.-; In Chicago and
on his return, stated he was In perfect health and felt the good results
of such a vacation,
A sad feature of the affair is tii"
fact that he was engaged to be married to a local woman, the marriage
tn take place in this city some day
next week.
Port  f'oqtiillam.  Sept    9.    It   is  tomorrow night that  the big Conserva
tlve association  smoker will  b"  held.
Vancouver, aftei IA large attendance is expected, pr m
over a week. De-jlnent Conservatives from the sur-
rounding localities having been invited. Several Important pddr"s*-os
are expected  to be delivered  durlns
the  evelilnK.     The  affair   w'H   be   held
in the Coqultlam agricultural hall.
Ilesldence Y. W, C. A.        Phone 1,124.
Values in Furniture That Cannot be Duplicated. Call
and sec these Goods.   Below are only a
few of thc Many Bargains.
Diners,  regular  127 50     Sale  I'rice    519.50
Diners,  regular  J34.W,     Sale   I'rice    516.90
Diners,  regular  IIS.fel.    Sale   I'rice    512.50
Extension Tables, solid oak, ti and X ft.; regular $19.   Sale. 515.00
Ladies'  Desks,  regular $9.60.    Sale 50.75
Dressers,   quartered   oak,   golden finish;  reg. t'.'.'i     Sale      .  519.50
Dressers, In quartered oak. golden  finish;   with  triple    bevel    plate
mirror;   regular   (80.00     Sale         536.50
Three-piece Parlor Suite; upholstered   in   silk   tapestry;   heavy   mahogany  frames;   regular $72 nil.     Sale        554.50
Brass-Bads; regular $17.60,   Sale    $13.50
Iron Beds;  4-ft. size;  regular $7.00.     Sale        $4.95
The Bis Furniture Store.
One Block Above the Post Office, Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Streets.
New Weitminster.
J''���� Like Ours.
Medicine Hat, Bepl 9 Despite the
r-ther disagreeable weather a fair
rW.pt) ��� ri .' ii sttended tin* onenlns of
at II-M's exhibition today. The number i ���' .-������rii". snd exhibits this year
ar" nearly double the total of last
A meeting of tbe shareholder)! rf
th" Pacific Canadian Coal Companv
wlll be held i'i tbe Consi rvm'v ri I
rooms, Columbia street, on Tlnir day
September 11. at 8 p.m. All shareholders are urgently requested m ���������
tend, (2i*:iSi
Bartlet Pears   .'I lbs. for 2.".c
Plums   2 IbH. for 26c
Peaches   2 lbs. for 85c
Cantaloupe, each   iu<*
Watermelon,  each    60c
Malaga Crapes, per Ib 15c
Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, etc.
(Successor to Ayling 6x Swain,i
447 Columbia  St. Phone 98
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
The annual Paronlal festival wlll be
celebrated at si Helen's Anglican
church. South Westminster, on Sunday next, when the Church of Kngland Men's Society of St James, Vancouver will attend in a body, The ser-1
mon will be preached by the rector, j
Kev. (.'. J. Leonard.
Results  of Contest  to  Be  Announced
Soon  at  Port Coot-itla~i.
Port Coquitlam. Sept. '_.    The Judg
lng in  ihe garden  competition  which
Is  being held  under the auspices of
tho city council  was concluded today
by the inspection of about 40 garden a
in all parts of the city by the olTle'nl
Ml).      judge, ('. J. Van Aken. manager of the
(1988) j provincial nurseries at Essondale.
A   mishap  to a  motor    and    three      Thls ls ,he s<'c��nd and final exam-
fre.^ht ears at the corner of Leopold   inil,i(J" Of the gardens, the first being
I'laei' dela-TiMl trafric on the Sapperton !"'a'1''  ll1-"""   f,v<-   weeks "<">.  and   the
lines about   lo o'clock  last evening. *'nners of the 26 prises offered by th(
The llurnaby Lake interurban car was1'*"5' wi" he announced    In    a    repot-
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the H. ('. Transport Co.,
I Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone ~2C,  wharf phone
The funeral of II. .1. Plows, who ��m
killed In the II. C L. 11. wreck, will
take place from (he Odd PellowV
hall Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
All members of A, A. S. and Iv lt. B
Of A. are requested to attend in uniform. i_o;i7)
roomed house. Sixtli street, Grand-
view, for residence in Westminster.
Apply box 20U2 News. (2032)
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department nt nil [tranches Deposits of Oue Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly.
Drafts snd Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parts of the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.  Market, Phone 1205.
Edmonds  Market.  Phone  LS63.
called to lln* rescue and assisted ln
limiting the freight to a position where
il  could navigate Itself.
To allow those injured In the 11. c.
E.  R.  wreck  mar  Abbotsford  to give
evidence,  the  Inquest   upon the  body
of Motorniun Plewt, called for yester-
'day morning at Abbotsford, was post
poned Indefinitely, or rather until the
In.iured  crews are able  to leave the
Dalton  hospital at Sumas    The body
of .Motorman Flews was brought to
N'ew Westminster yesterday. Brake-
man Leckle, upon whoso head trepan-
ing was necessary, Is doing well and Want U. S. Consulate
has good chances of recovery.���llut gaakatoon, Bepl   9    The  bonrd  of
other patients are in no serious con-1 trade arc endeavoring to have an
dition and some have already left the'American consular agency opened
hospital. I here.
from Mr. Van Aken to be produced
before Ihe council at Its regular meet
ing this coming Tuesday.
In Judging the gardens. Mr. Van
Aken gave 100 polntB for general appearance, inn for lawns, 100 for flowers. 100 for shrubbery and 100 for
vegetables. Kvery garden In the city
was entered In the competition free
of charge. Some very pretty gardens
were examined by the judge on the
south side todav and it Is expected
that to this looaliiy the majority of
the prizes will go.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1M1.
Wa writ* Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marino Insuranoe.
Liability,  Automobile  and
SCHOOL BOOTS "Finest Variety in City
Strong Box Kip, sizes 7, 8, 9,10 .$1.2.")
Strong Box Kip, sizes 11,12, and 13  1.45
Strong Rox Kip, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5   1.75
Ladies' boots what you want for now and winter 1.95
Gents' light and heavy boots, from  1.95
Slater Shoes (F. W.), Leckie's Roots, K. Roots, etc.
A 25c. bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish
to each purchaser of 1 dozen laces at 10c. a dozen.
Ruy the laces, the Polish will be given you.


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