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The New Westminster News Aug 26, 1913

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 Newe Classified Ade.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   All
large   or   email   wanta   at   amall
The Weather.
New Weatmlnater and  the  loner
I mainland: Light to moderate winds.
[ generally lair, stationary to higher
I tempera-ism.
I LVI  LL/iU     IUIL    Ull Wit HFAIV KCi'F ******* ���--*-.  a*....- fttlF UilCF MAl/F ***. **.**.-* ***.*.*.\ ...   	
Come CountlllcVa Think,-*th^t
tion  of  Pip;  from -Taxation
Proposed Agreement Between City and B. C. E. R. to Be
Referred to Ratepayers Subject to Government Sane-
from J,
tiMier iilj&nfu.im were mado in
the lihrna-tjy couneil chamber In.)
evening to the proposal of Vancouver
io locate u ceiin lury in North Burna
tion���If Approved Public Meetings Will Be Held and hy, ami steps win be taken by
Actual Handling of Herakles
All That Could Be Desired.
Matter Discussed in Public���Other Business.
.11 ba taken
municipal Boilcitora to place
matter available before Dr.
provincial oincir ot bcal.b,
The city council met last nighl In
usual  weekly  session.    The proposed
agreement between the u. c. B, it
oompany, Ihu city council and thl
Dominion government In regard to
Coqultlam lake was read, ami subject
lo ihe sanction tf tbe Dominion guv
ernment, it will be referred to ii i
plebiscite uf the ratepayers of Ihe I
The terms or the agreement are
substantially what was shadowed
fnrlh In The News of Saturday. The
principal items are that the company
having   obtained   a grant   of   lo.no i!
inchea of water in Lake Coqultllam In
1808 agree to Klve 1000 Inches of this
to the fit j. if required, In addition to1
what the city are entitled to lake al
ready,   The oompany also undertaltei ,
to keep pure the waler of lhe cily
Arbitration on possible disputes rs
���gar-ding ihe purity and sufficiency of
lhe water supply of lhe city shall be
decided by tbe minister of land tf the
provincial government and minister
of the Interior, Dominion government.
The company Bhall  pay  all the ex-
pensea   of   litigation,    solicitors   and
counsel'! fees, already Incurred by the j
cily not to exceed a blank sum.
In  addition  lhe company  shall  pay ,
a sum of Jl 1.000 down, anil an annua!
sum of 11000.
In return the cltv agrees to re
lluqullb Its rights lo the land round
lhe lake.
The mayor said that all that was
required last night was to go on
record thut if the Dominion government sanctioned the agreement the
COUnoIl would put It before the rate
payers for their approval or dlsap-
proval. If the Dominion governmen'
���auctioned it there would likely be
public meetings ami every councillor
would have an opportunity of explain
lng his attitude on the platform.
The subject then dropped.
Ctreet Improvements.
City Knglneer Ulacknian wrote wllh
reference to the Columbia street im
provements opposite the Dominion
government property. He suggested
that the city solicitors be Instructed
lo luy an application before llie railway commissioners at their next session asking for an order thut the (1
N. H. company pay a proportion of
Hie cost of the construction of the
proposed retaining wall on the Booth-
<rn boundary of the street.
Tlle presenl  timber crib work built
by the   railway   company   win   not
suffice It tiie permanent Improve
ments are to be proceeded with and
it was only fair that the compan.
Should be anked to pay their share in
the necessary construction.
The engineer's suggestion was approved Of nml adopted
Park Repairs.
Alderman Jardine reported on be
half of lhe larks committee: Thut
(he oonstructlon of the fence and en-
iranre gates tn First street to Queens
park Is being carried out by dav labor
under th'1 supervision of Thomas
Turnbull and W. K. Townsend. Tbat
the tender cf ll. (Iosse for moving the
poultry bulld'ng,   being   the   lowes-,
1511.1. be accepted.
Thai .1 A Calblck be engaged to
im ve the dalrv building l>\ day labor
under ihe supervision of the building
inspector at a cost not exceeding
That tbe contract for the supply ol
gates on Third avenue lie awarded
m the Westminster Iron Works fir
the sum of $S��.r,.
Thai the lender of Webb & Olfford
for standards be accepted ut Ihe pr'.OS
of $1 each.
That   the   electric   light   committee
b? authorised to rewire and repnlr iiU
electric wiring In Ihe exhibition build
Ing at a cost not exceeding $1000.
Qrand Stand.
That the petition signed by T. S.
Annandale and othera for permission
to erect a stand for the accommodation of spectators at footbt��ll matches
at Moody square be granted subjeot
to the construction of same being under the supervision of Ihe parks committee and building Inspector, and
provided that the stand be removed
by petitioners upon being called to do
ao bv the council.
Alderman Jardine explained In ref
erence to the $1000 for the electric
wiring of thc exhibition building'
that the recommendation was made
rn the understanding that satlsfacti rv
financial arrangements could be ad
Justed lster.
Tbe report subject to this proviso
was adopted.
B. C. t. R. extension.
The transportation oommlttee reported the result of the conference
b tween the delegates from Coqult
lam Port Coqultlam and tbe city and
Mr aperlng, manager of the B
C. B. compeny, In regard o the
Kraser Mills tram line extension to
Port Coqnltlartjj. and tbe �����**"���!
the SappertonTilde     up the   North
"in" the first instsnee Mr. Sperling
notified the deputation there was no
immediate   hroeoect   of   the   Fraser
~,.n an tka around to look into mat-
���*?rX%} - P^'LS
ir ���
inclusion  of tip
In n'gurd to tbe North road < x
elision Mr. Sperling slated (his would
I.' bi.llt us soon a-i the high level
bridge acn.ua the Brunette river wai
Bifl  Hose  Order,
Alderman Henlev, chairman of the
fire committee, asked authority to
purchase 1500 feet of rubber hose,.
Alderman Bryson suld he would no:
like to do anything binding tbem nol
to  call  for  tenders.
The mayor explained that a'l Ald��r
tiiiin Henley wanted was power to ac*.
to gel  local lenders.
Alderman Henley The looi mer
chants wlll have a chance ol handling
It and lhey can do ll just as cheaply
lis elsewhere.
The request was granted.
Works Reocrt.
Alderman Dodd submitted the b aid
if works report and recommendations
which were as follows;
That    the    application    of    J.     F.
ISttnonds    for    sidewalk     on     Tenth
avenue    between    First    and    Second
j "'reels  be not    granted    at     present.
Estimated cost would be $ir,o.
That the petition if \V. I". Slrela'r
and others for extension ol sidewalk
ion Nanaimo street and down Six-
teiiilh Btreet to Sixth avenue, be
granted only as to the sidewalk
Nanalmo streel, which has  been  pre
all   thi
Pag i.i
bo  that
when Uu- applies tlon comes from Van
couver for approval of lhe planH, Bur
ttaby   will  he  ready  to  lire  its  broad
s.Ue against such a proposition, unlesj
tbey obtain a lair and square dial.
The   chief  objection,   as   voiced   by
the councillors lasi evening, was the
fact thai not inly will llurnaby 1 ise
sev ral thousand do UrB a year in
taxis, by reason ol the property being exempt from same, but it will
also be required to keep the roadi in
IflrBl clasti oondltlon This latter Item
considering tbe spar<e settlement in
North  llm naby at the   presen:    lime,
; will   fall   upon   the shoulders  of    the
I whole  of lhe  electorate.
!    Seeing   lhal   should   Vancouver    lo
cate its oemttery there, the I)  C K
it.  would of necessity  extend  its cur
lines   through   llie  northern     section.'
the   ratepayers    of   Hastings    Grove:
have  voted  In  fav^r cf the cemetery
Site and  Informed  the council  so  hy
letter,   Councillor Fau Vel upheld the
decision  of  his constituents,   but his
vote was only one in many and    t'n
disunion  lo  lake  the matter up
Dr. Fagan curried.
Residents of Broadview came down
in numbers to ask for assistance and
.help in tlle way of water and a Bide-
walk. One member of lhe delegation
appealed to the council, staling that
there was a school opened in the
district and as yet the children were
unable  to  gel  drinking  water.    This
Council   Regrets   Micundersla.nding
Pilot  Beard���Fortnightly
Wderman White, chairman cf the
Agrees ta a Truce to Allow Sane Efforts  Toward   Extending   Suffrage' to Women.
London, Aug. 25.���Rumors which
have been current of a truce between
the militant suffragettes and the government, teem to find support In a letter written today by Mrs. l'ankliurst.
leader of the militant suffragettes, to
her followers, advising them to take a
holiday for the present.
She says: "I am gathering strength
for a renewed battle when the holiday
"Each for All and All for Attempted Escape at Pro-
Each,'' Policy of Earl     '   vincial Jail Might Have
Grey. Been Serious.
Before   lntern.-tt.onal
in.en'.ic    a'
Hc Cayc Ths '���'iii Re-
conci': Cff-I
and Labor.
Glasgow, Au?
o-ope roll on
Unruly  Ken. Clark  and  Davis Being
Held an Charge cf  Murdering
ConctiWe Archibald.
season is over.   1 hope that every one
harbor committee, reported tj the c.ty :of you also will take advantage of the | the basin of the ideal state of the fu-
council las<t night on the stranding of  present  lull  In  political   activity    to! ture, was the keynote of the address
tue steamer Herakles at the mouth of 'take the rest and change you have all  of Karl (Srey, former governor general
the   river,   the   Investigation   by   the  so richly deserved." j of Canada, at the opening of the con-
P IjI  board, and iu concusions. j    Another  Indication   that  an   agrro-
The report was as follows: jment has been  reached is the cessa
tion by Ihe authorities of the enforcement of the provisions of the "cat and
mouse act." Out of 43 suffragettes
sentenced to imprisonment for various offenceB, only one is now in Jail,
Most of the others are following their
ordinary vocations and no attempt is
made to arrest them. .Kurope. and
It Is believed that Mrs.  Pankhurst dated with much fervor, were loudly' J0",1!!,"
has at last agreed to a truce, in order Japulauded. j    *   ';
to strengthen the hands of thoBe mem- ;    He declared thai the application of L      *"
bere of the British parliament who are; the cooperative principle to the Indus- ]   '
working  toward  the  enfranchisement i trial life of Great Britain, the United
of women in a government measure.
���n  serious  situation,   which  apples  alsi
to over a hundred families, will be en-
viouily recommended at an estimated IQlllred into by the engineer,
eost of $140, That there is no need a'      The establishment of �� motor rtage
Ihe   present   time   of  extending     the [between
sidewalk  down  the east  side of S;\-
In-nth   street,   but   a   crossing   sbould
ern Canada rower company be re-
qulred to fulfill their obligations In tiie
matter of Improving th" Juhnston
road.    A motion (o do so was carried, i
Coiiuitlam and Vancouver
Heights was mooted by Councillor
MaeDonald. who asked that the West-
The committee absolve Pilot Carter
from any blame as regards tbe actual
handling of the ship.
The commit Ue consider It a matter
of regret thai more frequent sound
Ings of the channel wore not taken
by lhe pilot, but this seems to be due
to a misunderstanding ou the part of
the pilot board and the pilot as to the
facilities at their disposal through the
Dominion department of publiic work-i
to enable the pilot to mak ��� such
The chairman of the committee,
with Captain Mayers, of the pilot
board, called upon the resident engi
neer, department of public works, and
were by him notified that whenever
with!1'16 SamBon B�����8 down the river the
' pilot may go with her to make sound
ings and In case of necessity, such as
a large ship coming in the Samson
or other boat will be sent specially
for that purpose.
The pilot will also bc afforded ac i
commodatlon on the Fruhling dredge I
to meet incoming vessels.
The oommlttee recommend that the
clerk be instructed to ask the pilot
board to furnish to the city copies of
ithe soundings of the shoal portion of
the Sandheads channel taken at leaBt
every two weeks.
The report  wub adopted.
More (fotafia cf   the   terrific   fight
which look place in   the    provincial
jail early yesterday    morning    when
Guards Day and Hibben wire airious-
gress of  the  International    Co-opera-1 l.v injured, were brought to light ye��-
tive alliance here today.   Co-operation j terday, the    import   of    which    was
has put a barrier against tbe tyranny ] printed exclusively by The Nows ye��-
of the trusts, he said, and  would re-'terduy morning    Owing   to    the   reconcile the warring forces of labor and , tieultoe of tlw jail tj give out any in-
caP|ta!      ,     ,   , , ' lirraatkin. unless with the consent or
Six hundred delegates were present, Warieu Brymuer The Newa was unreporting two million members oriaW8 1o ,������ **���*. %bf} had been hurt
co-operative societies In America and with the exception 0f Guard Day  wu>
, Kurope. and Earl Grey's views, enu:.  ; ig s���j, ^^ in ^ noya, ColJmb
Understanding  in   London, Ont., that
Big C. N. R. Man Is After Ctreet
Railway There.
it now- appears, was set upon
two Vancouver men named -Clark
and Davi-a. who are being   held   for
.States, France, Germany, DenmarkI Jria,-��" ��� r*a^e of murderlnK p<* �����
and Ireland, were proved bv the sub- | J-onataWelArdubuld in Vancouver a.
stttution of TganUed distribution fcr,"* """'J""?"���,-_
individual buying, co-operative trar.s-l ���*****> "*��� Httfctn, formerly of the
pnrtation and marketing for Industrial,lcca' **>���)****> force, was the othei-
selling. and the co-operative use of guard who -waa injured, although his.
power ior Individual use of machln- jhurta were net to be compared wS'h
ery. The wants of both producer and 1 thoae -sustained by Day in tb��
consumer could thereby be met more | fracas..
effectively at a smaller cost, thua se-1 Tbe whale plot reveals a desperate
curing to the consumer a redaction in'attempi at tlw two men, Davis anl
ithe cort ot living, and a greater com- Clark, to aasma*) from custody before
mand not only of the necessaries but,ther could be tried for the alleged
Ithe comforts and conveniences of llfe.Imai-ifer of Archibald.
|snd to the producer a substantial in-, By some means they ob'ained pon-
��� crease in the amount of net profits|session of ��� amall saw, ard after sev-
I available for distribution, which m��ant' eral hoars work, unnoticed by thre
jan increased fund from which alone goards, they succeeded in liberating
could be drawn the high wages all de-1 themselwa from the   cells,   and   at-
| sired for the underpaid workers. tacked    Guard     Day      as    be   waa
E';i"l,!!nt ""J10.: _,.   petrolline hia beat.    Guard    Hibben.
In the civilized world the remark-'WIer  I*teMmTtin ^  Warden  Brym-
b" constructed to meet wllh existing
sidewalk on Sixteenth  street.
That the request of Messrs. Gar
diner A.- Mercer for the raising of the
sidewalk to new grade on Thirteenth
Bircel snd Fourth avenue b<> granted
���when thm store* are let. Bslln.a; d
cost $UR.
That Ihe application of .1. D. Wir
luck and others for sidewalk on Kt IK
street north of Braid street b" grant
, d.   Estimated cost $nti.
That the request of .1. 1 Rlgstead
for sidewalk on Sixteenth street nort'���
i f Seventh avenue be not granted
Bat mated cost would be MS. The
presenl sidewalk on Seventh ovenui ;
���i wlih'n ""U feet of ltn property of i
Uie applicant.
That q Burface box and cuher: br [
laid on Third avenue from Eleventh i
to Twelfth slreets lo prevent as fir I
as possible a recurrence of the road- I
way being washed out by heavy rains |
Estimated co��t fso.
That the sidewalk and fence ou
Clarkson stri". easl of Clarkson strei"
bridge be renewed al an estimated
cost of ?-5.
Thai   the  necessary   valvert   for  111"
nnif.ili of the Sapperton sewer, sec
linn No. ". in' purchased, Cost of
stini" $17r,(l0. it will take some four
months lo obtain delivery or tin"'
valves which are required before the
outfall can be constructed. Payment
(Continued on  I'age Four.)
London, Ont.. Aug. 88.���While all
street railway officials here deny that
their road has been sold or thai negotiations are under way, it is generally I able growth of the co-operative move-
!understood here that some kind of a [ment justified the confident expects- .   .      �����_.���,, ,!������..���
deal ison.    Colonel Davidson, of the Itlon that a day of new social order | Jl"8 ���_.".* mm7w* F**
lieartaft the cries of Day as he
rushed    to
Canadian  Northern, has be-n it,  l.oa-|waa at hand.    Although -lie delegates.I!?*J**0"   ma*    overpowered   Clark.
n.r...      n-InT,*    f._    .anm..     XISIlS
[continued Earl Grey, might be separated by differences of race, language
in the meantime having mad��>
occasions made trips to the vicinity
fof Dutton.    The  lsondon Street railway only operates 1n the city.
Officials of  the   London   and   Lake
 ������������ | Erie  Transportation   company,   w hich
i ���   j   rn .      . in   -kt j operates between  London    and
Lind   terminates  All  I\egO-|Stanley, state that    no    negotiations
ihave been started for the purchase ol
hia waj back to tbe cell.
Prom information received, it seems
tbat thfs -was nct tbe first time that,
tbe two hhii bad shown fight, iu hxct
don twice  within  tlie  past ten  days.
He was accompanied once by    Gngl-
neer McRae, of Toronto, and on both 'and religion, they had met as one people under the flag of co-operative fraternity, carrying In  their hearts the
same motto: "Each for all and all for,during; tbeir incarceration in the Van-
each. All who In their hearts bad eonver e��/ Sail, Clark had sueee-ede-**
the well being of their fellow men, he in wrenching an iron bar from the-
.... I urged should do their best to promote cell window, but was discovered in
ithe tradition from present conditions the nick of time.
I to a social state as the spirit of fta-|    A, �������  weeks ago both  men wenr-
After Many  Rebuffs Powerful  Brit:th
Injisn  Famillet   United in Mar
riagi   in  London.
tiations���Leaves Mexico
'their road. The C. N. R. recently purchased a large gravel pit just south
' of the citv.
ternal co-operation could prevail.
draw a <to tke carpet for violating the
Necessary    States    Will    Increase
American  Border Patrol to Enforce Policy.
c:timatt: daily cut
at oxe million acres
LondOU, Aug. -T> Two ef tlie most
powerful native ruling families of
British India were united today when
Princess Indira, only daughter of the
reigning Maharajah Qaekrwar of Ua-
rudii.  was married  here to  l'rinee Jl-
tendra, sou of the Maharajah of Cooch ,
Hehar.  a'ter  a   romantic  courtship.      -Mexican
The initial ceremony   which    tookM"0"!0*-,,
place In Ilu  strictest privacy, was p9N   night, following the receipt of a mes-
formed at the hotel where the young *����� '���������� J;hnnUn*' p,"S?��' ,>1T! ave
entative    of     President     Wilson     In
Washington,     Aug.     2T>. -President
| Wilson wlll rend his message on  the
Portland  Man  Shot  in
Apartment of
to  Bc  a
bride has been staying, and was accompanied  by  iiie customary  Hindu
rites, as prior lo tbe marriage thi
Princess Indira had been received im,
the Brahman faith, the creed of the
bridegroom, Subsequently the form--
of a civil marriage were gone through
at ������  registry office.
The most intense Interest bad heen
aroused In the attachment of Ihe
couple whose wedding had first beeu
fixed to lake place In India on May f>.
hei wits suddenly broken off. aft��r
whicb the bride and her parents sailed
'r��m Bombav for PhtgbUld, and were
followed by l'rinee Jitendra.
The bridegroom created something
���i' fl sensation this morning by np-
nearlng at the botel In his
situation  at   the  capitol   to-
Thls   was  decided  ai   mid-
Mexico, that he hal taid good-bye to
Foreign MlnlSUr Oaraboa, and would
leave Mexico City tomorrow. Negotiations so far as Mr. i.ind Is concerned, have been terminated The
Culled States will receive any further
proposals through Charge d'Al'faires
O'Bhaughnessy, of tbe American em-
The policy of Ihe United States was
outlined to the members of two con-
gresalonal committees of foreii-iu relations today at a conference at tbe
white House by President "Viiron and
Secretary  Ilryan.
Message  Approved.
The   president's,   message   leeelved
magnifi- [practically unanlmoui approval.   Tlie
!k. heav-   future course of this government  will
Saskatoon, Aug. 25.���Dean Rutin r
fjrd, of the agr.cultural college, est*-
mates lhat one million acres of the
wheat in Saskatchewan are being cut
daily. Taking the average yield at
>0 buihils per acre, which Hon. W.
C. Sutherland estimates Is mo6t con
tervative. this nnaiis that twenty mil
lion bushels of wheat are being cut
ejcii  day.    Taking  TO  cents  as    ttu
rage price a farmer will receive
per bushel, It means that every day
Of such weather as prevailed todav
"nd rn Saturdav is worth about $14,-
000.000 to the farmers of this province.
Port laud, Ore.. Aug. 25, Krnest
Forward, a mill hand, wbb slain by a
gunshot wound In the ap! ariment or
his fiancee. Miss Susie I'emberton.
at .Mocllps, Wash., early this morning, according to a special dispatch received here. Whether he killed hlm-
Belf or was slain Is n question which
the coroner Is trying to solve. The
suicide theory Is most favored.
MIsr I'emberton's story Is lhat she
was awakened suddenly to find Forward standing by her bed. A moment
later she heard a shot, and he fell
across the foot of the bed with a bullet In hls brain. Miss Pemberton's
screums brought several persons, who
found Forward dead und fully clothed.
ai Indian robes of white si	
llv embroidered with gold. he '��"' ���' nn:i-interferencc,    in    the
The bride's falhor and brother. Shri- "'ope lhat the effect of its present ef-
mai Jallslr.uri'.o. tire both well known I forts ami the pressure of foreign gov-
in the Dnlied Stales, where the lit- arnmonU Will constitute a moral sua-
ter studied at Harvard. Mer mother. I R'on ,h��t ultimately will bring about
the Muharanl, Is a woman of advanced I peace In Me*lro.
'deas and is the author of a book on      TllP message makes    it    plain that
the position of women In India. there will te no lifting of the embargo
  on arms:  that no faction or eovern-
0. ��
���# ������::= 0 -ft # =���"' ="! ft * * * * * * *
Winnipeg. Aug. 25���8lr Rod- -
mond    Roblin.   this   morning tt
gave out the following   state- tt
ment    with    regard    to    the tt
Ottawa   dispatch,   mentioning tt
him ns a probable successor to ���.-
Lord Strathcona  in the Cana- *���
dlan high commlsslouershlp of #
the old country:    "lt Is worse tt
than Idle rumor, and absolutely tt
unwarranted. There Is no pub- ft
lie position on earth   1   would tt
accept In lieu   of   the   one   I tt
bold." *
Shanghai, Aug. 25.���The northern
forces are closing In on Nank ng,
wher.' much desperate fighting has
taken plsce during the last fortnight.
Heavy casualties have resulted ami
many wounded have been brought lo
Shanghai. The northerners have nev;
finally captured Purple mounta'n, the
western ridge of-which has changed
hands many times.
General Chang, of tho governme-n
forces, has depended more upon fierc I
assaults than upon military skill.
l,cndon. Aug. 25.���A strike of hese
painters and decorators In London fir
increased wages, which was followed
by the employment of nonnnloniat
painters at the admiralty, has brought
about a strike of electricians under
control of the official of public works.
in protest against the employment of
black legs.
Among tbe electricians involved ar��
those employed In Buckingham and
St. James palace, the colonial and
foreign offices, tbe tower of .London.
ment In Mevico wlll be allowed to receive munitions of wpr from the United States, lf necessary, the president
prouOtei to Increase the American
border patrol to enforce the policy.
The president cites In his message
as a precedent for the policy he proposes to pursue, the action of President Hayes In withholding recognition
from Diaz for more than a year after
the latter had gained control of the
Mexican government
During tonight's conference, the
president read to the committees not
only thc full text of hls own message,
but the notes exchanged between John
I.ind and Huertt. Onu of the committee men sa'd afterward that the
Huerta note, written by Foreign Minister Gamhoa, was one of the fluest
state papers he had ever seen.
1 tt tt tt
tt tt tt tt '2l tt tt ���?
with a !^to the company's possible tt tt tt tt �� tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt ��), tbe museums and general post office.
Ottawa. Aug. 26.���The government bas decided that there
will be uo Interference In the
capital oases of Charlea Watt,
of Amherst. N.S., ud Henry
Wagner, of Nanalmo, B. C.
Both will be executed on
Kelhelm,. Aug 16,���Al] the German
sovereigns, including Kmperor William, and the heads of the city republics of Hamburg. Ilremen and I.ubeck.
have assembled here as the guests of
the prince regent of Bavaria to commemorate In the great hall of liberation, the defeat of Napoleon  in 1813
Besidea the rulers, this little town
of only 4000 Inhabitants Is entertaining 70.000 visitors who travelled here
over the single track railroad or in
automobiles from all parts of Germany.
Presbytery of Westminster Must Decide en Exchange���One Woman
Opposed to Deal.
Coquit'am, Aug. 25��� It Is now practically up to the Presbytery of Westminster to decide whether the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church should accept the proposition
of a local hotelkeeper, W. Kou ley, to
evchanre a portion of the elte on
which the church at present stands for
a double corner on Shaughnessy and
Marpole streets.
The congregation met this evening
and a vote was taken. The result waa
rather complicated and because of the
fact that the vote of tbe members
could not be called representative, lt
was decided to appoint a deputation to
attend the next meeting of tbe Presbytery giving that body the final aay
ln tbe matter.
Speeches In favor and against were
���made from varied viewpoints, one
lady urging that aa a religious body
the congregation should have nothing
to do with the proposition.
Department of Labor Receives Appfi
cation for  Ita  Establishment���
150C   Men  Involved.
they were placed in the solitary con-
'Inemeltt erfl and sup;Ti:;d ui h brca.i
���ind water f':r a few da, 3.
<   Warden    rfiymner    says   it    is   a
Imiracle tka*    Guard    Bay    was    nut
{knocked uik o.-iscicus by the first hft*.
ndsnintMfc r--.-! by Clark,  which, itoii ir
tie-e-i ifi'iw.    would    have   given   tfio
prf*.M j* a ebstnee  to  liberate many
il." tfto other men under guard ther-B;.
oi.d perbaim to have brought about a
, viir.li sale jail delivery.
j    Guard Kitten  was  notic-e-il on tb��
|streel hut evening   witb   his   head
  '-KvereJ  with   bandages  and   walking,
with  a  decided  limp,  caused  by  bi*
Ottawa. Aug. 25. -The department of scuffle  with  Clark, ou  the  stairway..
labor Is in receipt of an apiicutioii forjHibUon  received  a nasty crack ovrar
the establishment of a board of concii-jtbe slite of the head with one ot the
iatlnn and investigation under thc In-  inra  (airs,   bat   the  doctor  hopa* to
dustrlal Disputes Investigation act to aave tlie necessity  of having to put
deal with matters in dispnte between JitJMkaa   in   which   will   prevent   any
the   Grand   Trunk   Railway  companyjgear frost showing.
and Its railway telegraphers, comprls- *i    Day   acenrdiug to the  hospital ailing operators, station agents and dis-   iiorittfK.   in   alowly   recovering  from
put'ti-rs lo the number of 1.100, em-thfc in|urie8. although it will be a mat-
ployed  nn  llie company's entire sys- ��,, ,*r aerr.nil days br,r!re he Is able
tern.   The employees referred to havel,,, ^^ tn-t  inaUtutloir,
leen In conference with the company     j^ whHt w!u ^        tQ c,kvk        ...
for some time past, relative Jo   the ���        m unc<,rta!n.    They   are-
adoption of certain wages and """dl-l^^      a^ -    :
was reached on some polnta at these'Is W**M* *��*���_ little or nothingwai
conferences and that the board's ao-
pllcatlons  covers  the  wage  schedule
and other matters   still   outstanding.
The application is under consideration by Hon. C. J. Doherty, acting minister of labor.
be daae to them in tbe interim. Tbey
Will undoubtedly be kept closely
guasted in -separate and doubly strong
London, Aug, 25.���Money was i
shade harder and d.soount rates qu'et
loday. The continent secured 11,030,-
000 and the Bank of Bngland the remainder of the 14,000,000 South
African gold offered In the open
Although dealers on lhe stock exchange were largely occupied with
the mining carryover, trading was
fairly active and cheerful. Mexican .
isnues hardened and Parle bought i
diamond and copper shares while a
spurt In chartered shares was the tor
lure in the South African sectfen.
American securities opened quiet
aud steady snd during the forenoon
advanced a fractlcn on tbe Va-ht cover
lug. Later the market Improved. The
closing wub steady.
Mexicaw Candite Kill Two Prominent
Men���Englishman Well Connected
hi Leaden.
���* -if �� >J O
Following the arrival here of
n 'e'ter from Palmer, Mm,
(of* tbe father or Be*. A.
Wade, the belongings of the
lost man win be shipped east
Mlsn Anna h. Caasmfyt belt ngiaga win he examined today for the address of relatives.
��� **�����*�����*#*��*.* * *��.***
Rexioo VAtj, Aug. 25 ���The murder
or Kits-hush Lnartaa, a British subject, aad Tkaddeua von Thaden. a.
Oerman. tm Senor ltnrbide's ranch, lo
western Mlrhaanan. was officially reported today. The British minister
bas aeart notification to his home office.
Lswtoa wna well connected In Bngland i*m waa related by marriage to
Zona Nuttall. tka noted archaeologist.
'osran** at Baa Krancisco aad now at
Mexico, who haMs the honorary pro-
Miwil�� of archaelolgy or thn Nav
tfoaal BMUHBBL
Thn Thadra'a mother to a
The   ��mb   war*  employed at Um
I at tto tbM at their
a lar.
garment af the
I by their
/ ftnOt   TWO
TUESDAY,   AUGUST  26,   19ll
.1* itm-U*p**tU*it morning ****** detmltsd to thti inter -sts of Sew Westminster anil
aa�� ���'���n.snr I'attry. ITtbHrhed every aMm4aa ereepl Kuntttiii hn tht National I'rinttno
***** F .tiiisht... Company, lAmilsd. at S3 UeKentte Street, .Vi'tii 1Ve.itmoi.iffr, liritish
tax.***.***. ROHN BVTUKItl.ANI), .U.i'iii./iiiii Dlraotor,
AU emmtrnxunuyitions should b* addrntted to 'llie Sew West minster Sites, anil not
St* **tS*tS*S*i X********* "f the tlaff, Chen;.**, drafts, and monen oitltus should lie ,11,11(1'
j/.(.* Is   1 .'������   ltatton.it  **Tintl*o *ntt t*t*Slitkintl CatH'-anu,  l.imUeit.
���mtl.KFtlOfJMi ~llusinrtt Office. *ml Manager, SS9,  Editorial AOOSM  lall depart-
:). Ml.
���UWUII'TI'i!'  RATKH���Hs mtrrirr. tl  per  i/nar, ll  fur Unco  months, 100 l'i
H*,   nail.  IK  |"*r  yaar, tie per   monlli.
AIM .'.l'i l.-IS',  r.ATKS *n itppiualion.
her own price, but lo no avail.
There is a beautiful park al Sillia
wllh a road running along lh" Bide o
tha harbor, with totem poles from -0 I
to 25 feet high carved magnificently
wiih ihe animal emblems of tbe tribes
Standing ai Intervals 0'' BOO yards lhe
poles are sei In concrete so that their
enduring, If not perpetual, is hard to
Th,' sheriff broughl  I nek with him
1 ininlaiiii'e totem    pole   oxqulBltely
carved in mastadon  ivor\. the work j
of ihe Kskimos.
In   a   Public   Letter   Ex-Reeve   Wc.-irt   Macs   Meeting  Likely  to  De   Held     in
Dir.tpproves   Arrangement  of Victoria   ta   Discuss   Movement
Reeve McGrcfjcr.
TUEODAY   MORNING,  AUGUST  2!i,   1013.
Tor  Thl3  Action
Word comes from Europe that tiie powers have decided lo investigate the atrocities committed during the
Balkan war, a great number of which they might have
prevented had they possessed less regard for red tape and
more for the preservation of human life.
it is not to be expected that all the tales which were
seat out of unbelievable tortures perpetrated'on the in-J
hwbiianLs of captured towns were true, but enough has*
been ascertained to prove that the fight between the allies
and the Turks and the more recent campaign of the allies
against Bulgaria were marked by deeds tlmt make reports
��< the happenings of the dark ages look like mild attempts
at nastiness.
The powers couldn't interfere, even though hundreds
were murdered and outraged weekly, simply because each
wviis too busy watching that the other didn't profit by the
trouble in the Balkans. There would have been too many
questions of precedence to settle to allow of any effective
interference, so the semi-civilized mountaineers were per-
nu'itfcd to hack, burn and torture at their own sweet wills,
so long as it was done under the cloak of war.
Now tliere is to be an investigation and, likely as not,
there will be no punishments, or if there are, the wrong
ones will get the blame.
loal'.iiy Youngsters ��n:l How to Bring
Them Up Gives Savants Topic
cf Conservation.
Noise in the bush sounded queer: 'Nother doad guide
taken for deer. The latest example has come from Santa
Crus, California.
The Washington love-lorn swain who sent his best
���girl a chunk of venison might better have stuck to candy,
particularly when the deer season is closed.
Thieves will not do so much house-breaking when people who go away for the summer quit pulling down their
blinds as an advertisement that they're not at home.
An Indiana husband of a few weeks has applied for
divorce on the ground of extreme cruelty. Hc didn't mind
'Ms wife baking biscuits, but he objected to her forcing him
ito eat them.
A Salt Lake man blew out what brains he had because
'his wife's affections transferred themselves, so says a
news despatch. And that happened in Utah where wives
sure the staple product of the country.
London, Ann. -.". Th" gnat controversy cf "Hi nlihy babies and bow
they are LobI brought np." has been
Btarted by ;������ meeting of the conference) In ..niiilon on Infantile mortality.
The figures adduced by John Burns.
M. P., of the boal government board,
showed that while naturally the purely
residential districts show tha lowest
mortality, tbe highest ami worBt figures nr" supplied by the factory districts where the ".onion work long
and hard. Take, for Instance, Battersea and Burnley. The rate of mortal
Ity iii thn letter town is almost double
that in tho former, and yel each is an
artisan district, and the conditions of
life, apart from the work in the factory, Pro ver.V much tho same. The
difference In home lire, of course, is
thai in the ease of tiie women who
work at home or live at homo, while
In the oilier tliey are mostly employed
close up to ami soon after confinement
in factories Obviously there is something wrong, but nowadays there Is
less disposition to Imagine that ll Is
due to methods of feeding as to conditions of employment.
Not  Uow  Wages.
Wages are high in Lancashire, much
higher than In Battersea, and so it
cannot be suggested that the mortality is due to the results of low wages,
What spaprently is necessary Is the
belter regulation of women labor in
factories, and In thi* connection H tray
he mentioned that the BUffragettes
have s large poster out in London this
week showing 11 factory worker jeering at thn suggestion that the men
are aloul tn take in hand the regulation of women labor, the inference be-
i'lir. of course, that this is a matter
which Ihry themselves nughl t,i decide. There in something In this point
of view, after a'l.
Bet perhnns the niost crushing rejoinder of this official statement Is a
I tter from a colonial resident ahow.
'',;��� t'-n* the rule of Infantile mortality ir, least of all in Hi" colonies where
the women do mosl h^mn work. The
stand is 'aken 'hat there are better
mothers there than here, for Ihe results show it.
Bdmonds, Aug. 20.   The    Bumaby
[financial   situation   look  a  fresh   inr:i
Saturday, when it became known that
ex-Reeve ���'. W, Weart, who stepped
om of ofllce lasi January, bad come
'til ia Iiie open In his disapproval ol
the arrangements made hy in eve l>. t'.
McOregor. as regards the financing of
tiie municipality during the present
Stringency In the money market.
Mr.  Weart's letter, which  was pub
lisliui in yesterday's issue of The
News, enme ns n surprise lo many of
I Ihe residents, though it ls well known
lhal despite the fact that he does not
hold office, be silll maintains an interest in municipal affairs and Damo
Humor connects his name with future
political work in Burnaby nml dis-
When  teen  yesterday  Reeve P. ('.
I McQregor  had  little,  if anything,  to
'say in answer to Mr. Weart, although
h'�� Intimated that some mlsrepresenta-
lion  had  crept  in. which  lie  thoughl
i would  l.i   explained  to lhe  ratepayers
mi Wednesday evening at Hi" Burnaby public hall. So far. Councillor
Macpherson is the only opponent. In
ibe council of th" by-law which is 1 1
be  voi'd  upon  on  Saturday.
interviewed liy 'I lie News. Iteeve
McGregor, who was on a six days'
leave from tiie Nanalmo strike district, said lie would nol nt that tlmo
itiECUSS Mr. Weart's letter, He mlghl
have I em,'thing lo sav on the matter
Inter, but until ho i'-id talked ii over
wiiii his confreres in the council he
would  prefer  to  say  nothing,
Th" present situation leaves th"
question an acute one in llurnaby, for
it is plainly slated that unless further
agruments are advanc d   in  favor of
i th�� hv-law, a considerable opposition
wil1 develop whieh might handle the
pro po od bond lnne ia the same way
as i'i" waterworks by-law was treat-
' ed earlier in  ihe vt ar.
Vlcti ria.   An;;
'ihat   Uu-   total
exclusion of Orientals from the Dominion i., necessary for lhe peace nnd
well-being ol tbo oountry, and that
their presence In this oountry espe-
daily is a menace to iii" white raoa
and detrimental to the progress or
Ilrillsh Columbia, was again affirmed
in a resolution adopted at a well-attended meeting of ihe Asiatic Exclusion loague held i'i ih" Llboral I
ro ,ms Thursday evening
Having set forth these matters the
r BOlution called upon lhe federal nnd j
provtnolal governments to do all thai I
was   In   their   power   lo   prevont   tb"
entry of any more of llie Asiatic pen
pies in provlni e or Dominion.
in tii" course 1 f ihe discussion of,
ithls resolution it  was estimated that
there   are   in     lh"     province     1 10
Chinamen alone, of whom 10,000 came
In   lasl   year ami   no  1'in  than  Mil   in
the   inonth   of   May   la
people are coming  in at a nit re rapid
ral"  Ihan  ever  before  was
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
Slocan  Man  Meets With  Peculiar and
Painful Accident.
Slocan City, ll C, Am:  -'���">    On Sal
unlay afternoon   Joseph   Qreenwood
suffered a bad aoicdent, which might
have  proved  fatal,     11"  was chopping
'down a iree with a double-edged axe,
! when the implement glanced back and
struck him squarely in the taoe, cutting   a   d'"p   wound   In   his   forehead
[nal  these  .,���,, completely down and  ai ross his
noso, laying tbe nose open. He was hur-
tated  by , r11-<I 10 llr. .1. A. Anderson, who treated
Beveral of the speakers and tin- fi; -i������ wound and pul In seven stitches,
ures of the Immigration department two iu tbe forehead and five in tii"
were quoted as authority lot* this. In nose and   Mr  Qreenwood is doing as
Tlie polite children of a few years ago seem to have
gone the same way as the parents who taught their offspring to keep their elbows off the table and emphasized
the rule of youngsters being seen and not heard.
The daughter of GoVernor Hi. Johnson of California
is going to take to vaudeville as an oriental dancer. Thc
mystery's solved; now we know why father v.as so anxious to cut down competition by passing that anti-oriental
Every time Lord Strathcona intimates that he is coming to Canada for a trip the wonderless wire workers fuse
the telegraph lines with announcements of his intention
to retire from the Canadian high commissior.ership in
Ejondon, never seeming to dream that his connection with
the Dominion, as its British representative necessitates an
occasional jaunt to Ottawa.
Sneriff   Armstrong   and   Family   Back
from Holidaying in the
Sheriff anil .Mrs. T. J. Armstrong
,141! Miss Armstrong, who have, just
���etumed /umi a trip up the northern
Ctatsl rifwrib-es tlieir outing as must
Slat!ijyf. on the night of August !)
Hn Voneouvcr on the ('. I'. II. boat
1 Tin cut's May. they called at Alert
Sfciy the foliiming day. examining the
BHnoHS totem poles which air fhe
tereat attraction of Cormorant inland,
On Angus! 11 they called at l'rinee Km
******% theni-e to l'ort Simpson and then
iu Ketchikan, the first port of entry
>�� TinHcrt States territory. They stayed
tfi-erv tw almnt three hours und pro-
wedcrt to \Vran-'e|, nt tho mouth of
-rjv-tt  SliriK-n   river      Wrangel   i��   the
���Ottributiiig centre for supplies which
aim takCTi np the river to the British
fa-toUor, the Dnlted States owning a
ttt**V ��f 'and Which shuts British ter
ritory off from the coast in those
Attove Wrangel, 0:1 the outward trip
Sh*- t'ri/icens May passed through
Wrangel Narrow's, a scene of mnu-
���nirir.rat beauty, ro'k and mountain, in
���pir-.turesxnw profusion, with lijiM-
��iov,h-��h dotted at Intervals.   Over the
hilht can  l*x* Been   the glaciers.     11   Is
tiTM-looMedlv one of the chief sights of
On Wednesday, the 18th, the party
went np Taku Arm, to the Taku gla
cirr.    Thai extends from the ocean to
Atlin lake and Is really two glaciers.
one that is known as a dead glacier
ami th��> other alive one. The distinc
rum BM in the fact that the live one
Rtov-ps, tm-pnrceptlbly, of coursei an'!
rt-irnws otf ieebregs, and the other is
*��a��i unary    The coloring U marvel-
IoubIj'  beautiful,  deep  bine,    emerald
, ���:���:��� ''ii and pure white.
To Juneau.
From Taku the Princess May Bteam-
'������!  in Juneau, the capital of Alaska,
i when  |s line.nd the residence of the
governor and  the  centre  of  the  administration of tho territory.
Opposite Juneau on 'Douglas Island
:i{e-* the celebrated Treadweil gold
The travellers next visited Shakgay,
arriving thpre on Thursday afternoon
land remaining until Saturday. August
!G,   The sii* rift and hi*; family transferred at this point irom t'-.- Princess
May  i-i  tii"  Jefferson  or  the  Alaska
[Steamship compan)  and proceeded to
Sitka,  which   provod  iiie most inter-
jest  visit of all.
Interesting Sitka.
Sitka !s situated ou the weat sld" of
naranoff Island, and Is the former
Russian capital of Alaska, Here ar"
Been the old Itussian warehouses in
which were stored the furs traded
[���during the Muscovite occupation. Btiil
standing, but much dilapidated. Her-
nlso Is seen the Qreek dhurch, which
.0 the time of the sheriff's visit was
receiving a  fresh coat of paint.
Conducted by lhe (ireek priest over
.the sacred edifice, the sheri"' had thi
opportunity of Insnrctlns closely thc
Imagnlflcent paintings which decorate
the walls which were brought over
j rrom Russia at the lime of the fit's
islin dominion. The peculiarity nf the
'paintings |fi that while tho hesd and
1 f-,,.,, nt '},., ij-r'iire rnnrespnted ��� r-
palnted ns llrual In potralts, the clothe?
and drsnnries ,'*re hammere'i ��� m In
pure   silver,   a   peculiarity   which   ''*���
!���������,,. 1,,, ...���,,,, ,,,,. H|,n,.iff |��� IH , r
js'.rn pntftlrlp Hi" Rusplan pt"nlr3, Thi
lei'ert   is  e->"   ef  rknal   he--'*'-.
l" tho eld Russian warehnuso ii n
curio ster,. or museum. Amon�� nth- p
!er ar'i^on exhibited an- n nnmhei of hi
���nleees of furniture which had belonged ���-���
to the Itussian tlovernor il iranoff dur- I:-
��� In" tenure of office in Alaska .
The lady who owns lhe furniture
will not sell any of t'i" pieces, although she has been offend fabulous
prices for them. One Chicago &oman
endeavored for two hours lo acquire a
���ettee .-i.'jo asked the owner to name
Victoria, Auc. 25. Wltb the completion of the great dam which the
Vancouver Island Power company has
heen constrtictinR for Ihe past yenr
at its Jordan river power plant, one
of thc 1 artiest works of its kind ln
Canada is now ready to fill its par! in
the developmt nt of power for the oper
atlon of commercial enterprises In the
southern end of Vancouver island.
The darn, which is Ihe highest ef any
n Canada, and has cost n��arly Ihree-
quarters of a million, will p-ovide
storage capacity BuIUcient to assure
���in ample supply of water throughout
the summer for the operation of the
The necessity of additional storai;e
capacity became impi rative wiien the
company underiook to raise the capacity of the power plant from 12,000 to
32,000 horse power. The work of Installing the additional units in the
power house has been under .'.--ty for
some months. With thla increase in
power and Iiie Brontwood Hay steam
auxiliary planl of 6,000 horse power in
reserve, the company will have amnio newer tn operate Hie lines of the
II. c. Electric companv. antl meet th"
remarkable increas" in the demand
for power for industrial and commercial  purposes.
Saskatoon Investigates Infantile Death
Saskatoon, Aug, -V In an efforl to
r-irov" all possible doubt as to th"
part the milk suppl' of the city Is playing iii the ppidfiml ��� of disease pre-
vatllng among the children in Saskatoon, the mayor aid commissioners
will conduct nnother thorough Investigation Into Hie matter.
According to th" ptatemi nl of Mayor
Harrison, lhe eomm'isloners will have
samples ef the milk being sold by
pvprv dealer in tli" city tep'.ed hy lh"
"ity bacteriologist without further loss
pf time
fir Chanman, acting M. H 0��� re-
���icrted to the council that samples of
'he rnill! being snd bv the various
!��� filer" ln llle citv had been examined
and showed there was no reason te
lonnect the city's milk mppiy with
the Infantile death  rate.
Baynes Reccl, of Vlcterla, Will Attend
Etomoloelcal  Society's   'u-bi 1 c2
at   Guelah
Oll( Iph, (In' . Am-. .���".. Ca 'i'ai .d iv
August 27, a somewhat remarkable ai
sembiy iv.ll meet ai the Ontario agrl
cultural college, Guelph, -..hen tiie
Entomological society of Ontarir
lo1':" its fiftieth annual "iirmal meeting, a- which a nuii.ti'i- of Ento-no
1* gists are expected to I" present. Ef
1 -ts are being lain n to make the oc
casion ��s representative as possible,
and scientific societies and institutions in many parts of the United
States antl (Ireat Britain are sending
Three of tiie charter ne mbers are
still living and engaged in active
work, these being tbe president, l'**,"
fi ssi r 1 . .1 I-' Bethune, nf ii, * agricultural college; Dr. William Saund
its, v, ho established the experimental
farms of the Dominion, anl E. Baynea
Reid, of Victoria, B. ���'.. who ha.; t'i
charge of the metoorical offices here
Tli" universities of Edinburgh and
Manchester will he represented b.,
delegates, as will also the natural
hlst.try department ��� i tl"* British
museum, the venerable l.lnnaean society of England, tbe Entomological
society of London, and th" Entomological society of .South London.
B. C's Reires-^ntative
Edmund Baynes Reed, one of th"
small band who founded Ihe Entomological society ti Ontario in Irtfi:',
came to London. Out. from England
when a young man, and during his
leisure moo .'ins devoti d much of his
time lo the collection and study of
insects. He nad Dr. Saunders were
Instrumental in forming the lsondon
branch of the society and keeping up
Hie enthusiasm of its members. When
the headquarters of the organization
were removed to thai town, Mr, Itoed
look ,-in active part in everything that
was, il i',", and -Live most material
help ia tm, formation and Increase of
ihe lii" iry and ci llections, being secretary-treasurer of the society from
1871 1 1S7H; vice-president in 1H74,
1S77, and from 187? 10 18S0; a mem
ber ef iie count il from 187-4 to 1S70.
and Hon 1S7S to 1870; and florins
many 1 ��� these yeara librarian antl
curator  in   addition.
On ti e occasion of hia departure
far Brll sh Columbia ln 1890, Hu- so
clety placed on record ils feeling of
deep reiri't as the removal  from On-
addltli n ta th" Chinese the preset	
of Japanese was referred to and the
evident deslro of more ". tbat race
io get in was shown i.n iiie recent at-1
tempts  io  Bmugglo   men.    Referoi 1
waa  also  made   to   ihe   incursion  of!
Hindus and lhe likelihood that Hie es-
tabllsbmenl or a direct steamship inv
I*.   India  would  lead  ti a   large  iiilliix j
1 f ihat race to Ihls province,
it was pointed mn by some of the
Bpeakers that if there were no Orlen- 1
ills In ihe province thc placea unw
1 coupled le* these races in domestic
s rv'ce an] in Industrial nntl agricul
tutal pursuits would be in the hands
of whites and that tlie .*- ISO of i"!
vane ��� of the province, would be great
er than it is If thai had bei B lh" cas"
That there was no saving 1*1 the em
ployer In mi 31 cases by the demand
of the yellow men for a wage as in-'
I as given to the white man was a-;s,'rt
ed, while on the otber hand the labor
even was noi aa < fflclonl or faithful
as would be glvi n by a white man cr
There waa Bome discussion as ; 1
holding -.: mass meeting of citiz* ns to
voice ii-.'* 1 'line . f tlte people 1 f this
cily and adopt resol itlona In lie* in it
(��� r. anil lhis will bo taki n Up Bt a
ni   itlng (f tiie  executive c imtnltti >*
well   as  COUld   In*  evpeelei!
pianoforte, harmony and alnglng.
Pupils successfully prepared for ex
aminalion in ... ix. M   antl 11   C.  M.
For terms apply ii'"! Third a" 1 10
II.    J.    A
1'. II  Smith tv  .1  Orov����
Work   ijti.i.-rt.ik o    in    city   and    ou'tlAi
t-iiiiis.   Ill-ll   Westminster   Truat   I'-ms
I'li..11,'  864.     P.  O.   Uox   :",'
li St I' O. nt K.lks "f Hi" IV ,.f 'V. in,*.,
tha firs' ond third Thursday nl 8 p. m.
K. of P. Hull. Eighth streeL A well
era,. Exalted Ruler; P. ll. 3mlth, Ber
fla 1 I
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  $18,060,000 X
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
I;:,inches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and In London. Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
I'.S.A., uud Menlco City. A genera'
banking business transacted. Letter!
of Credit Issued, available with cur
respondents in all parts of the world
Savings Bank Department��� Deposits
received In minis of $1 and upwurd
and interest allowed at 3 per cent pe,
in 11 um (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,000,000.00.
c. d. BKY.viNlcii, Manage!
Royal Bank
Incorporated 1S69.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,500,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
a Oeneral Hanking
Business Transacted.
New  Wesiminster,  B.C..  Branch.
Les S un.l
;    1.  .' I.  :
. '   Lol   'l
��� of sn
���us pn
i i'i- Niimt"
11 "f Lol .*. and Lota I, '-',
,   '.ni,  ,,f  l.nt   1,   h il.-ll   1 .   . ifl
Suburban   Hl,--k  c  In  to-
1  Weatmlnater
if "f tti,* Iom of Cortlflcota
:* B978P, Issued In tii<  11 ii.* ���
V c-
I.. II. O. M. NO. ��6< - MBET8 ON
first, second, 'hirl nnd fourth VVednos
��� t.iy ui each month at 1 p. m.
in the Moose Hon,". H J Leamy
dictator; I*. K. Jon"*. lecreUry
Heodounrti-m .,f lodse In See House
oorner of Fourth nnd Carnarvon streets
Victoria, Auc   25.    One of the old
, -i residents In the district of Victoria i
passed away on Thursday at the family   rosldenco,   Lake   Hill   farm.   Sivan J
lake,  In   the  person  of    Mr     Roberl
Cregorj MacKenzie, th,* lasl   *inii:* �����
in   ���:   iin*-  lai"  Kenneth   Ma iKenzle,
vii" came tn Victoria in 1S63
Ln,t'er: MacKenzie, win, was horn in
Victoria 66 ,."ar�� ncn, had  lived  inr"
practically ail his life, ami  was  well
known and highly esteemed throughout ihe whole of th" Island, particular
ly  by ail tin- old  timers     The  famllj ���
,*i (lr, ' llvi d In Mi" Ilu,I   .���,'.., Baj  ; irt
when there ivas lut one house ��� -u'^i,i-'
tin* palisades, lati r remoi Ing to I !r m
!! 1'..' r, Cn   birthplace "f the hit"    Mr
MacKenzii     Many yean ago thej re
moved  in Hi" Lake  H fl  ; irm,  which
had   formed   Hi"  family  hedaquartei
eve,*   since.    The-deceased   was   the
youngest ef four sons, being    predeceased i *��� his thn " brothers. Two sis-
ters, Mil ' Agni s M.i' Kenzie and Mist
Wilhi Imina MacKi nzie, Bun ������ ������ him Bl
Hi"  famll    h n ,*.  in  addition   to  liif
v. Ife, ���*. v. horn in- -.- . -. marrii d eleven
1. O. O. r. AMITY LODOB NO 17���Th'
regular meeting of A aity IimIci* Ni
������1. I. 11 11 1.. i�� beld every Honda;
night al �� o'clock In Odd K,'liow��- H��i
i��rn", Carnarvon and KNrMh atr-wii
Vlnltlnc h���ther-' eor.llnl'v Invlt-V
rt a Merrlthew. Nd.; 11. W. Sangster,
V. II.. W l*. CoHtliii-n. P il . r.-'-o-*
Ing .*���'.'.if I W. Mn.dli.until, fltmii-
"lul  wcr.-lary.
w a calks Pioneer Puneral Dlreole
and H'-'Tilmir. MI-OS Ague' ttTee
nppoM..- Carnegie Library.
l.."hl.ni    Meljuarrl,'   li.us   l,",*ti   f:l<,l   lu
Notice 1-1 horeby ��rlv��-ti that I ehall, at
ii,* ��� xi ira'imi ,.r one month ft*"'" the Hnt*
'. th" flrsl publication hereof, in a dallv
���. 1 :��� 1 published In t>>���- fit *. of New
csp-nlnetcr. Imhu*- ii duplloate of the uld
- itifii-atr. unless in ti"- meanllm" valid
iil'tt'i'ti h.   mini" t" me In writing,
.1   f   OWYNN,
District  K'-gliUrnr   (f TIUl a
l.'O"'  Registry  Office,   New  Wenl ilne-
- r   1; 1'.  IIUi August,  I'll! 1 tail 1
H. BOW Kl.l,
t<-r ft Hiinn
Hnd ,-iul'filn,
Ht r-.'l     New
.  Ltd 1 Funeral dtreotoi
'�����    Parlors in', Ooluinbl
\v,'Hii'iii,'.i.T    Phono  fi"'
1,1, ltn OF THA I'B ���NKW Wl^TMlN
hi, r Bonrd of Trade meets In the bear
room. City Hull, an follow, Third Pri
dny of each month; quarterly tne-Hlnj
on tli,- third Trl lay nf February, Ma)
AuK'iet and November n' s j. ei An
nual meetings on lhe tntrd Friday 0
Pobruary,   U.   II.   Btuart   Wndo.   eocr*
(a iv
Hound  trip ticket!
and one-third  will   be
29 to September l.
until September '.'..
at single fare
on sale August
Good to return
E. GOULET, Agent.
Now Westminster
II.  W. BtlOniE. O.  P   A..  Vancouver
years ago while two pieces, Mrs. f'rafl
."f CalifornJ 1 ,i:.'i Airs. Herbert  Keith,
1 1 Hi * cltj   and a gi 1.. i nephew,   Mr,
Craft,  a! ��� ��� . ���*  Va torls   al. 0  of   Vic
torla, ar"  Ho   i ore  Immi dlati    '"in
tives .a* tn,. family.
Mi-   MacKi :,n,. h*u !>���*,.n In ill health
for nnii*.* ihan a  *.��� sr, and  ��� I lted for '
bi ri" months in r illfi ml        1  �� Inter I
in Hi" In.,,,* of ri gaining . Irength   1
r, iiii-nin t., his home al l.ai ���  i' *i *.���������,
little lie'i"f*t"d. nnv..*., r. Thetl
gentleman had a ���.-. id.- cii  le "f ft
by whom his lm.- will 1.- fell . * .   p, ,
sonal sorrow, and  lo 1      fn
cere  sympathy   u   exti ���: :   1   In   iheli
bereavemenl     'i'li'-  fnnen I     III   laki
nl" " 111 Tuesdaj   nfter  noi   fro'n
lai"  residence t.i si   John'    ch 11
where  services   will   he   held    al     2
o'clock, alter  which   Hi"  remain.-   wiii
In- Isken to the  (I. C. I' ral  pari irs
pending Hi" erection 01 a family raull
Sale, Deeds, Business Lei tors, etc.; clr
cular work ep,,) ,ll��t. All work itrlotl)
",i,t;'l."it!.il      II    Harry,   room  41K   West
minster Trust Hlk    Phone '"'i.
filler-,   Roltettors, etc.     4"  l.orn" Hlreot
New weitmlnater,   'i   ::  Corbould, K
'���     ,1    H   tlnint.     A.   fa.   Mi-f.'iill.
���il" *���)
SMITH      JilMNS'l'ON.    HAKHIf
law.   noiicitor,   ,'to.      Telephoo
in, id"     address     "Johnston.
'��� i, "Westorn Union "      Otflooe.  Dill
Block, '���:.'��� Columbia etroet. New Wee-
minster, Il   H.
Hcuoes Short There.
''-"fi, Wash., Aug. 26.- ''olfax is
confronted by n hou-je famine which
threatens to curtail the population of
"* ��� lown, Many families win. had
planned to come here to upend the
winter are unable to get homes and
neal people are trying to Interest capitalists In building more bouses
Houses costing from fl.r.ui. to 12,001)
���en: for from i'iD to $:io p r inonth and
are seldom  vacant.
slve lift
to In ���������
the  time
gist.     Il
and   orii
Mr.  He
lected  In
coast   dl
leer' I
teis   at
Btlll   in I i
ao valuable and Important a
as Mr. Reed, a oomprehen-
if whose works were referred
leading ahiclo pul,lished at
In tbe fani'dian Bntomolo-
was owing to the Interest
nal observations made by
in London that he was ae-
take charge of the Pacific
islon of the Dominion meal service, with beadquar-
icloria,  an  office   which  lie
K -
Coed Ga'cna Shnvi-g.
Aug.  Iif,.   Splendid  progress
Daytrn, Wash., Auk L'a. -
ii' While the 17'1-acrc field of wheat
'.':��� belonging to .1. l'i I).irr of Whis-
.' ity creek, In Columbia county.
Of was I elng harvested a spark frnm
'"- the online of the thresher sst fir a
���ii to th" grain Rapid work con-
* fined tho damage to about 17
-��������� acres.
i? i'f '.'.��� ���::��� ���:.-��� ���-.:��� v? ?; w ���!. ft ft ft 0 ft
ils being made upon tho development
of 'ni* Revenue, a South Fork property r> * "ntly bonded bv a Calgary
���v'di"''., headed by R, G. Barnes, of
that cltj according to Information
:" hrouph' down fron the nllls by Laeii-
n,-*,i McLenn, who is associated with
Scott Thornburg and Thomas Melrose
as one of Hie former owners. A spleti-
ft did showing of galena Is being opened
:'i;i'ip and an development is proi ding
���i'' this ure is being taken out and sacked
'-lr I for shipment to the smelter,   The ore
* lis a good shipping grad" and the Itev-
ft enue has the ��ar marks of being a
;ii-!o!"an cul mining proposition that wlll
fi" Ultimately assist greatly in the bring
ft lng   nf   the   rioh   South   Fork   section
* j into the prominence Hint the district
* tit <*,< ivi.'.
Prom tbe captain of industry lo thr
hod carrier���from milady iu thc ntito to
1 the woman with the scrubbing brush���
! the accomplishments ul every one oi ui
; depend absolutely on the accomplish.
ments of our stomachs. Hacked hj- ���
I good digestion, a man can Ktve the best
j tliat is iu him, When hn stomach fails,
he becomes a weakling.
To this loss of power no one  need
submit.    Right   habits of eating,
j   drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
I   by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, will
j   restore and maintain the full efficiency
of the human minil and body.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
1   the   active  principles   needed for   the
i   digestion of every kind of food.    Tliey
go to thc assistance of the weakened
Stomach, and enable the sufferer, right
from the start, to assimilate aud get the
benefit nf the  fixxl  eaten.    With this I
assistance, the digestive organs regain
their tone, and soon the useol the tablets  j
i:i no longer necessary. '
If your stomach is not working pro- I
porly, try No-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
50c. at your druggist's,    National Drug
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,  I
Monties). ...
���iVIiitksiuk. EDMONDS * WHITH
side Barristers nut) Solicitor*, Wn-m
minster Trusl Hlk., Columbia streel
New Westminster, ti. C. Cn-hlo afldres
"Wbltrwlile." \v. eiein Union. P, C
Drawer   son.     Telephone   8*8,    W,   .
Whiteside,   K.   C. I   ll.   I..   IMmonds.    I
Willi. -I.,,-
BTILWELL CLUTE, Barrl��ter-iit-la��
solicitor, ,-tc.. oorner Columbia nn
McKensle streets, New WentmWiettr
Ii   C    I'   ri   ikn   112,    TeP-pbone   *)'
MPTON    nril.u,    nAHItlHTBri
und     Notary.     Offices      llAr
H   la,nm   Bfrm't.   New  Weetnils
Hiirii-,i-.��   ,
ed  Sollcftors.   sos  to  ��l��
Tiu��t HIiKik. O. B, Mar
M'-vuai it,,    and  Oeorge  L
COAL MININO rlehte of the Ilomlnloc
In Maiili'iliii. Rankati^iewan and Allxrta,
tli- ridnn Terrllery. the Northwest Ter-
rltotiee and lo a portion of ths Province
of  Hrllish Columbia, may be leased for .
��� t. rm  of  twenty-Ann  ytare  at   cn    lumual
rental of 11 an acre. Not mot" Ihan .'*,�����
��� ncres will be leaned to one iii't'lle-.m
1     AppUoatlOn   for  a  leaee   muat   i��   ma*
t.y iiu- ui'i.iiiiiiii in person to the A��ent
I or Hub-AKent of the district In  which tin
' rlulits applied for are sltuut,-,!
In surveyed territory the land must M
described by eocUons, or legal nub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyen ter
iltury lhe tract ap|,ll,-,l for eb, ' be
���nuked out by tbe applicant himself.
Kneh applinitlon must be acciniMmled
by a f���> of lb which wlll be rifuuilxl 11
> 'he rlKhte applied for ar * not nVHllable.
nut not otherwlee. A royalty shall be
nald on the merchantable output of the
mine t.t tbe rate of five cents per ton.
The person operatlns Uie mini' eball
furnish Ihe Agent with sworn returns
noe,,anting for tbe full quantity of merchantable eoal mlnwl and puy the royally thereon. If tbe ooal mlnlmf rights
, are not being operated such returns should
1 !<������  furnished at least once a  yo��r
The lease wlll  Include the cm I   mining
i rlKhta only,  but  the  leoaee  will   lei  per-
; milted   to    purchase    whatever    available
, surfaco  rights   mar   tie  oontddcrcd   necessary for tho working of the mine at the
rule of 110 an acre.
h'or full Information application sheuld
be  made to the Secretar/ of the  Ileparf.
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  ljtrnl��
W   W. CORT.
Deputy Minister of thn Interior..
N. n���Unauthorised publication of tilts
I 'idvxrllsement will not be pain for.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.; the
the celebrated "VANCOUVBR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Stamlard
Specifications of Americas and Canadian Knglneers' Association.
We would nlso call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to 24-ln. in diameter. Tbls is also made In thla Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
Wo also carry a stock of Crushed Kock. Washed Gravel, Hand.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Seo us before ordering elsewhere.
Phcnes 15 and 18. 602 Columbia Street W.
mi'i      n       1     "The Playground of B. C."
yv nue ROCK white, sh-h* & c0., ^ TVESDAY, AUGUST 28,  1913.
New Tariff Wilt  Give  Dominion    Bio
Mcrtcet Across Border���Too Soon
to Take  Fright.
.N'ew V. rk, Aug. l!,r>    Thai the real-
Izatlon ol tbe serious conditions of
teed crops lias led to what may prove
lu he an iinnecesBiirlly frightened cou
dition ol the public mimi with reference to lhe shortage of beef and of
other meat supplies is the opinion ol
some or the packing Interests, says the
Wall Slreet Journal Drought and the
decrease or earn und or oats for the
current crop win undobtadly affect the
hope of Increased llvesloek. and ot re-
Serves with which to rulleti Ihem. llut
olher conditions may in the coming
months n tore the balance or untoward factors and ease the feur of the
tact oT high  prices for iimals.
Speaking or present dearth or cat-
lie reported Trom the western centres
of  clock   receipts,  one  of  the  leading
men connects! with tbe United states
Interests ssld: "In spite or the slate-
ments predicting ihat the retail prices
ol luet will go to unbeard-of prices
t'tiii winter I do not think that meats
In general will soar to prohibitory
prices There may be n very noticeable
Increase In the price or fancy cuts As
He* lop orlces of meat are always those
heralded  a:*  represent Ing  the average
of prices, the public easily becomes
prvlous as it reads of higher costs for
those rather restricted demands for
mi r,'.
Too Soon to Take Fright.
"II Is too soon to lake fright at possibilities  which  may not  be realized
Taking the average of all culs at tin
present erlc��s or dresser carcasses,
they run rrom $12.60 to 113 60. A year
ago ih" average price was one-hall
cent fi pound more Notice, however,
lhat the receipts ot caitle are causing
a temporary drop In the price or stock
whether for fattening or for beef
purposes, Fat cattle brought $10.40
per hundredweight a year ago at Chicago   anil   are   now   $SM0      There   is
considerable margin let yet The very
riict that cattle are being rushed
through the usual packing centres ror
r. 'lining  purposes  Is u  poislhle  projection  for the future     Al   present   ll
ftddl   t"  anxiety,  and   ulso   lesten   nc
Uiul supply (or meals.
"Killing et corn nml or hay bus caused the farmer to sell his stock, ns lack
of Cl to und actual wanl ol water, and
the dry.mt of pasture have forced bin:
lo part with his stock now. tt means
much loss io hlm when everything
was promising for the Increase of cat-
lie supply 11 is possible lhal the ui
l"iupt of Ihe banks to carry the farmer
through th'* droughts so as io conserve
bis slock will allow him to Stand the
cost of importing corn during Ihe cotn-
liip season, Hut even Ihen. and granting higher pries, the *>roiiis win be
small. And Ihls at leaal looks like
higher prices on li steadily rising
The New Tariff.
"Vet v.'oil are Ihe correctives lo this
situation? The nov. tariff with Its free
i.e, r will m least temporarily give
some reliof to cattle stringency Can-
:'iii with much profit lo itself cm furnish a good deal of meat. Although
the type of Mexican cattli Is distinctly
inferior, y, i fattened the Mexican cattle can supply fair meal Undoubtedly, also, after the tnrirr hill Is passed.
mints win he imported it: large quantities from Australia, whloh Is ln n
position to supply large amounts of
mutton, nud rrom Ihe Argentine. These
imoorl'iHons will serve as a check,
certainly lor a time, to too great a
rite   111   tin    cost   Ol   meals     here.      lt
.would seem w'ser for the public to
await more fully the ri suits of present
1,-ars before �� wave ot anxiety reacts
upon the remaining supplies In the
hand" nf th" farmers who wlll be
tempted  to sacrifice  th' ir stock"
Mn the other band, it must be re
called thai to tlm large packing In-
i*Tt**ta it makes littH difference whal
��� diirtuatl' -s the Importations may
cause. Their position Is assured They
practllly control the source or sup-
p'v Hie world over.    This Keif-interest
[of th" packers gives encouragement
that there will be no snectacular ad
������-.no,, ]n prices, [tut It Is probable
that pressure of demand will prevent
for yiars to -tinm, any hope of material lessening of preaent prices.
-".:�� if *.:��� i.f *��
V.ctorian Hoofed i�� Through Mikado's
Domains���One  Other Canadian
With   Him
Victoria. Aug 2'j. -There is some
thing Infinitely alluring In the idea
of a walking tour through Japan, the
land of romance, ttie precocious child
ol the great far east To tramp all
day amongst some of the most mag
nifloent scenery In the world, amid
the scent of mullberricB and swaying
medlars; to blOte a steady trail where
mountain alternates wltb valley and
where climatic agencies have smooth
ed and modified everything rugged or
abrupt, until an Impression ut iindu
lal ion rather Ihan of grandeur is sug
geated; and at evening time to rest
in some quiet inn of nn old-world
town where the fret and hurry of mo
d' rn   Civilisation   huve   never  reached
tn ii Ht be Iti the traveller a Journey
tn lie remembered torever.
Such has been the pleasant experience ot Lindley Crease, the well-
known Victoria barrister, who has
josi returned trom a tour or ihls kind
through the land of the Itlslng Sun.
Mr i'r, as" started trom here earlv
lust .lu'ie and staled two mouths, llur
Ing that time In- set out to walk
across the country with Ihe Idea thnl
to see a little of a place will, Is bei
t, r than to see mucb of It badly He
vas acoompanled by a dingle companion In the person ot Captain Kaiilbnc i
a Canadian like himself and an adjutant in Kingston.
Not Ordinary  Traveller
Ii  was n .t as an ordinary traveller
ilmi   Mr   i rente   went   through   the
country; bUl at one Who takes a deep
Intereat in Hi" sociological as well as
the scenic side of the trip. A keen
observer, sume of his Impressions of
tills remarkable people are extremely
Interesting al a time when lhelr pres
ence Iii this country Is the subject of
so much debate, and about whom, in
suite of tbelr permeation of the Pacific coast, the average Canadian knows
su little.
Mr. Crease Is evidently a firm believer in tbe motto which advises
"When in Home do ns Home does."
for during IiIb stay In Japan he did
not frequent the Kuropean hotels und
inns, choosing rather to put up nt the
unlive hosteleries nnd eat the native
fare in order to get a deeper Insight
Into the customs' and manners of the
people. This while It resulted oftentimes In ii "certain amount of Inconvenience and a little unpleasantness,
amply repaid Ihe traveller in thc impressions he was able to carry away.
Walla Walla. Wash., Aug. 25.��� '���
. *  Dixie. Wash . Is sadly in need ot i
.   a "Pied  Piper."    The rats are so i
bothersome     that     many   people
have given    up    the    raising or
Chickens, The rodents have been
killing the little chicks and also
carrying   away   the    eggs     The
residents    state    that    cats   and
guns have not"" been sutflclen-  to
make   a   showing   against   them.
Importation ot a number of far-
���"' rels  is being discussed,  as  It   Is
believed  bv  lhe  Inhabitants  thai
they  would be effective against
the rats
c t.
����� 0 -ft ��
To Make Patent Brick.
Wrn-m, Auc. 25,< -The latest indUB-
try to be established In the B. X. viil-
i.'v Is the brick manufacturing plant
erected at Nell & Crydermiin's pravel
pil on the B. X. road by the Vernon
Hrlck compnny. This company waB
organized this year by a number of
Vernon capitalists who have secured
tbo working rights of a new patent
process of brl'-kmaklng which was II-
ItiHtriited practically In the city some
weeks ago and pronounced a decided
success. Cement, sand nnd gravel are
the main constituents employed. A
commodious building about lIOxHO feet
has been constructed and the machinery Is being Installed. The location
Is an ideal one bo far us raw material
Is concerned, there being an almost
inexahustlble supply of sand and gravel at hand. The improvements being made on tbe city streetB will fn-
ellltate the haul jit cement to the plant
nnd of the manufactured brick to the
citv for use there or for shipping to
outside -points. ��� An ample supply of
water can bo ljiid from the H. X. creek
cr hy connection with the city water
svstem. It Ib expected that the plant
wlll bn ready for operation In a week
or two.
Mrs.   Williamson,   of   Cock ane,   Want-c
Separation and Cool Million
From   Her   Husband
���Spokane, Aug. 25.���-Charging thai
her husband, Vil ney l> Williamson
( ne of Hi" wealthiest   mining and n alt.,
owners In Spokane, treated ber in a
cruel manner and deserted her, Mrs
Mabel C Williamson began a divorce
suit in the superior court yeslerda)
she asks approximately half ot hei
husband's estate, which she values at
Mrs. Williamson, who is the daugh
ter of .1 i.atnotn Cutter, of Denver
announces iu her complaint thai bei
husband is subject to nis of passion
and llun he abused her prior to the
lime he deserted her on April 2~. 1812
Tbey  were  married  in  ','.in4
She alleges that sbe did not know
lier husband wag a divorced man nl
the lime she marritil liiin. bul declar
ed that she has found by Ibe rec; r,la
thai Mr. Williamson was divorced bv
Caroline II. Williamson .Ian. 80, 1897.
She declares that up to Ihe tune tha
they were married tlmt her husband
had led Imr to believe thut Caroline
11. Williamson had died.
Mrs. Williamson declares that nine':
Of the community properly |s in the
name vt the Williamson Investment
company, which is made a purly to
the suit.
Mr. Williamson is a unlive or Oak
land, Ore., having been born inTiiily
186B. He removed to Washington
und engaged in the general merchandise business In Sprague In 1888,
He was one of  the  first  men    t
reach the C'oeur d'Alene district when
gold was discovered and nol only alii
jed In  developing mines,  but  assisted
In laying out the tow n ef llurke, ldnh
He has been Interested In South Afrl
can,   Mexican   and   Alnslinu   mining
properties since aiding in developing
���work  In the Ooeur d'Alenes.
]    He was a Btock hc.ldir tn the Oregon Trunk  in'lroad,  bill  sold out  his
[interests to J. J. Hill. Recently he
had devolul much time to Spokane
Portland) Ore.. Aug. -���*>.���A forest
fire which bus been burning fnr tli-ee
dnys nun- Marshland, In Columbia
county. Is now under control end con
fined to nn urea of ItiO acres.
Strain t-Yireslcr Rlllott, who visited
that lection Saturday, declares that
when he lett there was no further
danger, unless a high wind sh"ulri
spring un, but three wardens were left
In charge und upwards of 100 men are
Btiil fighting the fire.
A rire lino wns cut around thn area
tn which the fire wbb confined and to
which the loan will be limited unless
It ahould break out afresh.
The SaSe of the $140,000
Stock of Lees Ltd. Is now
In Full Swing
The Store is thronged with crowds of eager buyers, each and
every one anxious to secure their share of the wonderful bargains we are offering.
This is a sale where every article offered is a special--not a few items thrown out for leaders
but the whole of this enormous stock of reliable and dependable merchandise is selling at
less than manufacturers cost.
The above statement is no idle boast.   A look over our stock and prices will convince
you more than pages of advertising.   All goods marked in plain figures, the original price
ticket remains on all articles.
A Few Prices from Around the Store
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
$25 Ladies' Suits $7.95
$25 Ladies' one-piece Dresses  7.95
$7.50 Wool Dress Skirts  2.45
$1.50 Muslin Waists 65
$5.00 to $7.50 White Lingerie Dresses. 1.75
$2.75 Lace Waists   1.25
$4.00 Silk Waists  2.75
$9.00 Silk Waists  5.25
Dry Goods and Domestics
85c. Dress Goods, per yard 35c.
65c. and 75c. Silks, per yard 30c.
$2.50 Children's Coats* $1.50
$1.50 Boy's Wash Suits 93c.
$10.50 Blankets, pair $7.50
$2.95 Flanellette Sheets, pair $1.50
85c Sheeting, per yard  20c.
$3.50 White Sheets, pair $1.95
$1.50 White Bedspreads 95c.
10c. Flannellette, per yard 5c.
Extra Wide Gingham, per yard--.- 8J4e;
20c. Huck Face towels, each 10c.
$1.50 Comforters, each $1.25
$2.50 Tapestry Table Covers, each . .. ,$!,00
Carpet Department
$2 Wilton and Axminster Carpet, yd.. .95c.
$1.45 Brussells Carpet, yard 85c.
$18.50 9x9 Brussells Rugs  $1150
$35 9x9 Wilton Rug $18.50
$33.00 Axminster Rug  $16.50
50c. Window Shades 25c.
$1.10 Nairn's Inlaid Linoleum, yard .. .65c.
$12 5x6% Nursery Rugs $5.00
Odd Rugs, all sizes, selling for less than
half price.
Gents' Furnishings
$1.50 to $1.75 Soft Felt Hats 95c.
$3.00 Hard Felt Hats $1.75
$2.00 Straw Hats 50c.
$1.50 Gents' Dress Shirts 50c.
$4.50   Brown   Duck   Coats,   Corduroy
lined $2.75
G5c. Zimmerknit Underwear 30c.
65c. Medium Weight Health Underwear 45c.
65c. Fleece lined Underwear .. ���-���.... ,45c.
50c. Underwear 25c.
12U,c. Sox, 3 pairs for 25c.
Sweater Coats priced from . .. ,93c. to $3.75
Crockery and Hardware
$8.00 40 pc. China Tea Sets $*J95
$4.50 6 pc. Toilet Sets $1S5
$8.00 10 pc. Toilet Sets $3.75
$16.50 93 pc. Dinner Sets $8.75
60c. doz. Preserving Jars for jelly, doz.35c.
All lines of Toys at half price and less.
$18 Cook Stoves for wood or coal $11JM
$55 Reliance Steel Range $23jB5
$3.50 Ice Cream Freezers $2i��
$29 Fireless Cookers $18.75
$17.50 Refrigerators  $11.00
Electrical Department
$10 Brass Electric Table Lamps $3.00
$17Brass Electric Table Lamps  $8.00
-$40 Special Electric-Table Lamps . .$19.W
$65 Electric Vacuum Carpet Sweepers $55
$12 Electric Fans  S7M
Furniture Department
$4 While Enamel Beds $1.50
$7 White Enamel Beds $3.75
$45 Brass Beds $27.50
$75 Brass Beds $35.00
$2.25 Dining Room Chairs
$1.50 Kitchen Chairs 83c.
$60 3-pc. Parlor Suite $39.50
$35 Mahogany Dn.ssers  $16-50
$75 Circassian Walnut Chiffoniers. .$48.00
$16.50 Chiffoniers  $9.75
$35 China Cabinets $26.50
$19 Dresser and Wash Stand, 2 pes. $11.75
$9.25 Ladies' Writing Desks  $6.50
$21 Solid Oak Library Tables $14.50
$39 Mahogany Parlor Cabinets ... .$21.00
$9.75 Parlor tables $6.50
$13Solid Oak Easy Chairs, leather,
seats  $7.50
$12.75 Magazine Stands $7.50
$45 Morris Chairs, upholstered in real
leather $27.50
$5.50 Rocking Chairs  $3.95
$15 Set of six Solid Oak Dining Room
Chairs, leather seats $10.50
$28.50 Set   of six Solid Oak Dining
Room Chairs, leather seats $17.58
$18 Solid Oak Round Extension Dining
Room Tables ���,.. .$12.75
$33 Solid Oak Round Extension Dining Room Table        $21 50'
$43 Solid Oak Buffet  $2dJ��
$28.75 Solid Oak Buffet $18.75
$19 Kitchen Cabinets $12.75
Everything for the home in furniture at
money saving prices.
Balance of Stock marked down proportionately.
Goods Sold for Cash Only:
Store Opens Daily 9 am.
:Buy Enough Now to Last You for Years
Sale Positively Closes on Saturday, Sept. 13
McAllisters Ltd.
674-678 Columbia Street
f B. CL
���*-* ��m��mvMMW>M|MMN*M ,�����mm,ii,m  itmm
TUESDAY, AUGUST 26,   1913.
FresK Water and Salt!WHAf f00LS��
Social and Personal
Sockeye Prices Go Up Following   the
Prevailing  Scarcity���More  Humpbacks  Being Taken.
Rumor   That   Big   Local   Vessel
Search New Grounds for
Mrs. Herrmann and family, Austin
mad,  Burqultlam   have gone  to ('res- *
cent  for a holiday.
Councillor  and  Mrs.  T.   W,   Mayne,
of Burnaby, left yeaterday for a trip
to ihe eaat Tbey wiii return by way
vt California,
11. I), lloiirko, of l.ulu Island, enter   1
talned   friends at  dinner  last   night
upon iin- occasion of the christening I
London. Aug.   IE. -Jack   Johnson, '"' his young son.
negro pugilist, says that  lie Is  going      The  Si    Mary's church  choir,  Sap
to uppi ar  at   111"  public  music  hails,   perton
where  he   is  hille,!   for  Iwo (lays.     I i
London  Cro-x's  Actually  Cheer  Jack
Johnson in Theatres There���He
Makes  Nice   Cpeech.
Apparently the sockeye; season of The Roman, dipt. Fredrickson, ar-
jill.i I,, in, mure, for yesterday's rrived in port early lasl nighl with an
catchoa were poor, not only in tho leven 100,000 lbs. of halibut. She dock-
Fraser. hul outside and down the od at the wharf of her owners, lhe
strait :it ��ell. Although more, men j Columbia Cold Storage company.
iml oul in in the local waterfront I where the catch will be discharged to-
fewer lish were taken than during the Iday.
Diisl three or four weeks. I '* rumor Is circulating tliat the nexl
It  is noticeable the hitmpbscka are |frip of th* Roman will be to Alaskan
working   farther  toward   rreeh   waU;r | waters and that instead of al	
almost everv day now. and becsnae ���f I weeks absence as at present,
this, probably,  lhe  price of soekcyea j be gone about three weeks,
has been raised by many canneries la |     "'"',1   ,l;"   ''""''
���^n cents per fish.
The B. C,  Canners'
ul two
he will
lind li the publlc want him to show
If they do, ho will Hll his engage
He entered ll box tonight at BuBton
theatre ol varieties and was loutll;
cheered, Two performers, who had
i iken a prominent pari against John
sun, In the controversy that has been
waged over his promised appearance
wire unable In finish their turns, owing to demonstrations in his favor.
.lohnson from Hie balcony address
ted a'grea' 'crowd outside the Huston
theatre, thanking the people for li��� s
k;ud reception aud asking for fair
play. He visited u South lsondon
music ball where he had previous ��� n-
gawd to appear, anil occupied a box.
nui   ihe   Women's auxiliary j
paid  ii i Isll  to White  Hock  on  Satur-i
day mn were hospitably entertained
by  Mrs.  Nels. Nelson.
association report as follows:
U&lmgham canneries -got larg a
quantities of salmon, but they were
nearly nil humpbacks.
Anaeortes also got large quantities
ii- galmon, but  nearly all humpbacks.
The fishing on the lower Kraser and
Canoe pass  was disappointing.
Deliveries at all the canneries be
ung very Hinall, in some cssca only !01
<ir S00 dab.    The north    arm    proved
from  SeatUe  niul"1' w��-< greeted  with cheers nud ail
other Pacific coast ports that a great dressed Hie audience in similar ton -
bunk or halibut has been found oft Hie   from   the   box.     Only   a   few   cries
coast,  of  Alaska,  and  splendid  hauls dissent  wero hoard,
were made there hy  Bome Amerl 'an
and Canadian boats,   lt is likely that
the owners of the Roman, knowing of
this, have decided to semi lhelr vessel tliere to shore in the good things.
One thing is certain, that Capt. Fred-
rleksen   will  see  thai   he  gets  every
fish coming to him, am] his crew will
help him  to (lu it.    With  lhe Roman,
one of  the  largest antl  probably   the
fastest  halibut  boat in the trade, the
(Continued from rage onu i
for the gooda will not ba made until
in connection with   lhe   last    Item
Alderman Dodd -.aid the purchaBO wa..
subject io the bonds being sold. They
wcuid not be ordered until that  was
Idemned during 1912 show    that theIeffected.
gross reduction of the effective  mer- j    Tlle    report    thus    qualified      was
The Samson went out yesterday and ! eanlile  marine  o! the  world    (luring adopted.
after doing some snagging came back i,,,:" -Vf'ar amounted to 720 vessels, of Waterworks Report.
the. 1)   P   W   wharf al night 748,96b gross tons, these figures  ex-:    Alderman    UryBon    submitted    the
'  I eluding vessels of less than 100 tons, waterworks report, which was na fol-
Or the total 117!) vessels, of 572.7*1", 'ons  lows:
wer steamers, and 341, or 176,220 tons T|K,t ,*���, reference to the communt-
were sailing vessels. Th" figures are catlon trorn the ,..,., BOuCitora re right
the  lowest   for  a  number  .if
Montreal. Aug. 24, Trade on the
local stock exchange maintained a
good undertone today, but business
was very dull nnd apart from rallies
In Spanish Itlver and MacDonald, blth
of which showed Improvemi nl under
what was reported to ba Toronto buy
ing, there were no features. Spanish
River preferred, which could find no
buyers ui its perpendicular drop o'
32V4 points last week, responded
easily to a light demand today, risitr>
10 points to (10 and clos'ng that pro-
bid on transactions in less than 7',
0p shares. Sellers were asking 7" at the
close. Spanish River common recovered il'M t :- Uo', and finished il'i*
up on the day. MacDonald roso-l t ���>
j 2 ���* and after slipping off to i'i,
cios-rd 27 5-8 b'd.
***r      r
Am\m*i m /vr i nr bd
beltrr. and the plants will be able]local company lose nothing that it is
to work full time today.   The up river I possible to attain.
hoats were reported doing poorly, but | 	
the  wires being down no definite re i Condemned  Shipr.
ports available. A number ol can-' Lloyd's statistics ol steamers and
iters raised the price of sockeyes to; sailing vessels lost, broken up or con-
20 cenis last evening.
The vessels   passing   through   the |
���draw at the Kraser river bridge yes-1
terday war':   Beaver, up;  Clansman,
up;   Transfer,  up  and  down;   Flyer,
with mud dredge, down.
The gteam freighter Krtitb, of
Seattle, Captain c. W. Call, yeaterday unloaded some of the heavy
dredee machinery she brought for the
city harbor dredge.
years 0f wav cf p|pe    1,11< .    and    end ising
those, for instance, for 1911 beln 421 cop> , ,* letter trom ,,���, gUperintendeni
steamers, of 619,BJ1 tons, and lhl sail- of Domlnlon |and3   thla ,,,.llu,r h��� r���
lng vessels, of 26o,091 tons. ,.���,,,,   ���,   ,h���   mayor   En,   ���,,.     c (y
_     .   ,     D engineer to act, and he taken up w;th
Aboard   Ptne    NorweglTn    steamer ",neltogoavern ��9lnht   *}���s ,tW"h   ?ther 'Untlal,ty, t0,���t1e
Thode Fagelund, under charter to W   ma ter,8'  :'"<   lhat  ""'  7>'  engineer housps and will be the means of keep-
bo Instructed to prepare the n e-s.ai-..-  ing tins section    In a compact space,
as  it   Is  a  well  known   fact   Hia'   the!
post office alone in almost anv ernw-
Ing town is considered lh" centre and |
around   ll  cluster  stores,  offices  and '
Government  Gettinq   Ready  for  Work
at Sidnev.
Sidnev.  V. l��� Aim   '.'.".     W   I'. Teet-
7��1. ef the Dominion nubile works de-
pirtnent,   visited   Sidnev   last   week
, for the purpose of looking over the:
promised sites for th" new* public:
building i" he erected in Sidnev bv .
the Dominion government     Mr. Teet
'���/el "ill recommend one of these Bites
to  his  department  ami  In  all   prob
ability the erection of the new  si rue
lure will be commenced  in  the near
future. i
I   Tin's event  n-ns ���"���-'   'vlowrd  in anj
Interview  with   Mr,  Shepherd,  the lo- !
cal member. In whieh he snoke of the
speedy ar-angenienl made bv th'1 f* v-
"'���iiment for a Dominion puhllc huild-l
lng In sidnev. and for which a hand- !
some appropriation  was made in the
estimates  during  the  last   session  of'
parliament      I's   erection   on   Beacon
nvpniie, somewhere between First and
Fifth ptreetB, will give an air of sub- j
present     business :
In the Preliminary Showin;
of  Cloakin&s and
Dress Goods for
Such an arrai of beautiful fabrics as this
we have never before displayed in the whole
history of the weaver's art. Such beauty of
materials, such harmony of coloring, such
exquisite texture and patterning were
never before conceived. See them today���
just Uii~ide the door.
Buttons, Etc.
Braids,   Women's Newest Style
Fall Coats
pt. ('.race & Co., which finished loading
-   - at I'ortland on Wednesday las',  were  i"li'\s'
Capta'n   lingers, of the    King    Kd iSix "spuds" to he installed on dredges       'llat   th"   application   o!   J,   Hudley
ward, who was :n town over tlw- weekat wor*g |n the l'anama canal.    They  "or  water  at   -t",'  Eighth  avenue   be
end, has returned down  river to His were prepared by the Portland Lum-  framed.    Estimated eost $34.
vessel. iber companv,  and   two  of them  are     Tllal  the  application  cf  the   B.  ('
-���~- 'thirty Inches in diameter and sixty-six  E. Ii. for 6 inch nre protection connec
Seventy-eight Days Out jfeet  long,  while  the  four others  are  Hen   rn   Twelfth   Btreet   be   granted,
Tlio Trench bark Jean lian roadbed twenty-four inches in diameter and provided the companj bear the coii
the Columbia after a voyage ot 78 days ! sevent feel long. The Thode Page- of Bame, and enter in o an agreement
out trom Buenos Ayres. The vessel ilurid also takes 3,150,000 feet of lum- thereto. Estimated cost of extend.ng
is under charter to H.  M. HtranT to jber and  150 piles for the canal zone.'from the main $130,
Ai��ail  wheat  for the United Kingdom. |   The report was adopt vl.
The name course waa cotv-urefl teat Bea- NEW LINERS. i    Alderman Dodd moved that in view
non by tho  liritish ship Colony in TB   cf iiiii existence  of  labor bureaus  in
ilavR.    The .lean  is sn old trader on , Alsatian to  Make  Initial Trip in   No-  (ireat Britain, New Zealand, Australia
this coast. ! vember. Germany, United    States   and    oth u-
  Tb" maiden sailings or the new Al-  countries  It  was  eminently  desirabl ���
Big Tanker Needs Repair*. Han liners Alsatian and Calgarlan havel that the  federal    government    esiah i
It iii' reported that the new nil |been announced and will go into ei'-lijah a similar sysfin for the Domin
tanker   San   Krati rnn.   ot   15,000   tons , feet this year.    The Alsatian  will sail ! jrn of Canada   without  further delay;
business places of all kinds.
At tne Theatres
Messrs    s *.*'���!    Itntvter   ft
T��lchPTfl��on   i.i'i.. Watteena.
iter nt the Eagle Oil Transport Co.. ii
to be  repaired  at   WaTuwnd  by  hei
builders.    The vcfscI has been ashon
on  the  Mexican coast.
Ill ���
20 and -Ian.  17. and  will
Wtgham,iber *^. uvcau ana Jan. i, aim *.v.iijlta, ,��������� ,.,, . Qeiegate8 l0 the conven
lo uie or [be followed from Liverpool by Hie ( >i-
garlan on Ian. 31, The Alsatian sails
trim Halifax on the return trip to
Liverpool on Dec, fi, Jan. 3, and Jan.
81, and the Calgarlan on Feb. 11.
LlghttsWo   Ordered.
���^1pc��rc    T-tow.   Mcl.achlan    -tfc    Co..
Paisley, have received an order from  Dundee Loses Charte-ti Load Lu-nber
the  Canadian   department   of   marine: for England,
and Hsberies Tor the eonstruetton ofj Port Townsend, Aug. 1'.",. As a re-
a st",'l screw lightship 134 I'wt In suit of her long passage from 'iiava-
lcngth. 'iuil,  the  Ilu slan  hark  Dundee  loses
 ��� Iher charter to load lumber at Belllng-
LU3ITANIA RESUMES ham for th"  Dnited  Kingdom.
AFTER OVERHAULING Th" Dundee ..vis fit days in uiakins
jthe run calms prevallintr most ot th"
Liverpool, Aug. 25. After being out time. The shcooner Bainbrldge, ill
df commissi.-!! 'inc.- the Utter part of davs trom Santa Rosalia, lias arrived
Dec-���.tier Hi" Cunard liner LuRitania ami will load mining props at Coupar-
j��� .,...,\��� ready to iske ner place on Vflle for return cargo.
tne  service,   and   will,   i.mler   present
nrrfiKementR,  sail  from  t'n-e  Mersey   TV/O  LARGE VESSEtS
lo- N"w York toward the ��*md iit Ansr   ! GIVEN   UP FOR   LOST
���usi    Durlne the fight montbn lhat the  '
l.nsit.ani.'i i:as been berthert at l.ivi-r | The schooner Americana Is now 172
jxiol every pnrt of the Yinr," liner, cv dayB out frcm the Columbia river for
|.'t-i'.|   nml   Internal,  has  bepn    thor-   Sydney,   and   is   practically   niven   ue
nr lost.   Th
cughiy overhauled ami she -will be at
the iim" nf her departure In sh t*x-
t 'llcul conditions as she wis when
first placed on the service.
IVr.w Englcr"-! Fishing Schooner Make-
Part Towneend.
'r>">. auxiltarv fiuhinn echooner
l< nickcrboek'T, first of tv.o vuuu(.ns oi
her type constructed for the New TOnt- :
lend vish company, at B��w.lon. hi r'>
ported to have reached Port Towns-
end aft��r a voyage of about yiy mon'Chs
frem the  Mlantic.
The  Kni"kerbocker  will   engage  in
halibut fishing out <>r Vancouver. Toe
ci-h-^rr   lef*    Boston   r-n    March   24,
and was reported rrom Punta Arenas.
In the Straits or Mage|la*n. cm May '.14
The siiTlllary engines broke down nml
the. skipper  was competed to sail hlsl
��inall craft  the rest, of the wav.    Th ���;
eehnet-tpt   is   built   along  thp   lines  of |
the Clnilcester fishing craft anil  is, a i
ve-v hr,ndy   vessel under sail.
She has powerful auxiliary gft-iml'nc j
."���nglneH and after being fittr-d tor Pb ,
ciltilc coast flsh'ng on Puget Sound:
will proceed to Vancouver tn ply from :
that port.
The second schooner, thi- Bav Stal".
will leave Hoston shortly for the
barkenttne T 1' Eniid'i
has arrived at Adelaide 119 days oul
trom Pucet Sound. The passage of
the Emiah is an exceedingly long one
oomparcd with similar voyages and
when it is considered that the Ameri-
"ina Ib cut 43 days longer than the
Emlgh, little hope can be held out for
The Americana is owned by the pacific Shipping company of San Fran-
-'������"���-. She w.:s I ulll i:i Scotland in
No Htc for V/y-e-ii.
Ancther British vessel Hi", has been
���'vi" un ror lost is the British sieatn
tin if the H. c. municipal'ties be Instructed to supv'.rt and further lo thi
I*. tst of their abil tv such a Bchetm on
the floor of the said convention.
The ntot iou was carried iiiiani
Play  Ball.
Mr. Olbb, representative of the
Trades and Labor council, addressin :
the council said it had com" to their
knowledge that the cily council tie
sired io meet Burnaby on the baH
field. If so tliey extended a cordr.il
inv taiion to the contending municipalities Eo meet on Labor Day ai
Queens park, at an.,* hour Bultable lo
them. The Trades ami Labor councll
would make ihe necessary arrauge-
nn nis as seen as they knew Hie hour
of the fixture.
Mayor 'Iray Alderman Lynch is
captain ot our team.
Alderman Lj nch   .' ' i Is Ho- hour,
Mr. Olbb acknowltdg <l and retire,
Tin* council also accepted w Hi
thanks an Invitation I , tbe Lal .i*
Day ci l ibratlon on .-'.i*i tember I
The Westminster Woodworks ecnv
pans asked that th.- planking I
Bi ach avenue Qui ensboro, be c,
tended tu Stanli ��� avi nue, Iti ferr d
t i lhe board of ��or *-
Poor  Tirvice.
A complaint l.y tin ll C Mat, .*���������
turing company. Lulu island, of the
Increasing fr quency of the interruption to Hu- wati rst*. .'���'��� caused ii.
Ithe opening of the draw i i Hn* bridge
carrying Hie temporary water sunpl,
pipe was ri tern d to tin *. ,.��� r ct rr.
.1   A   Campbi ll   " ' i-'-'a"   ' f le- '
lii ll"i*. Hie handcuff ami ahnckle ex- |
pert,  mystified  many people at     tin*  i
Royal theatre last night.    He bir.* no
handcuff or shackle Hia' any mi" wli
produce.    Tonighl   will  be    Ins    la-H
night  In  town  and  at  noon  today  he
will   make   his   sensa lonal   dive   inti'
the Praser river, al the fool of Sixt i
Sttei t.
1!;-re   was  considerable   voting   in
the  baby  contest last  nighl   and   ilu
results will be shown in fronl  of the
theatre today aid  every  day  dm ���:
the w.ek.    "The Wot" is tin- Hani" of
Hi" most  laughable Key.-t.otie comedy I
ever    turned    cul    by    this    lirri    of j
comedy  film  makers.    It  caused  one
continuous  roar of  laughter   and   ap
plause  from  the atari   to  the  end  cf
the nil.
There will tie an entire change of
program on Wednesday, featuring
Kitrl Knrey, one of the tn s' act mp
lished singi r and musician thai evi'
appeared here.
Bill) 3. Clifford. Hi" American actor, while in Kngland, was Invited I >
spi nd a week-end in Hi" country by a
distinguished and e'.di rly duchi ss
who rather patronizes Ami ricana
After Clifford had arrived and had
been shown to the great '* ill iii i
h".^'.���:���,., came in. "oh. Mr clifioril"
she gushed, "I am bo glad, so ver>
glad to have you as mj guest ' Ynu
see l I *." Americans, and I know al'
:���:, ii i (ill. Indeed, yes 1 do I
kn  *���  ������'   il ���"' yi *i "
Cl fi ������! I' (>'<"'! *"��� "i.! ������ pi ���'" a
s vi ly If that ii .' he asked, ' h iw
d ii i ���   -in '.'"
Mr i fl rd " ''1 b seen in "I'.e
le* v a' r o "'' ra h m ���* on Wed
-i i.'!". 'I Thursday ovenings nev
.'��� a  ,    :    now ' n Bale.
Sumptuous as golden Autus' herself, the ne�� trim
mlngs have first bun I  upon tl ipectanl gaxe of
the realm of fashion with I iplendor which has far
exceeded tie mosl lavish Imaglnln-ga Plain and
fancy military I raids, narrower fancy braids, ca-
booheons, tasst ii"i and drop ornaments, fancy
buckles, Bti Chinese designs which have now cap
lured fashion's imagination appear, iheir richness
often enhanced by the Introduction of a metallic
New Arrivals in  Viyella
Unshrinahle    Flannels
60c Per Yard
over two thousand yards of new Viyella unshrinkable flannels, showing aome 'if the newest color combinations,  Including    cream  grounds   with    colored
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I ��� r yard a:      QQC
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tlve; patch pocket; adjustable collar; large lapels
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Get Ready for
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The Bank of Vancouver
Branchet Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received nnd Interest ut the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   We.tmlnster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
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Burr  Block. CDlL-mb'a   Slieet.
"r Wynerlc, which railed frcm P.alti-  branch    568     'f    ih"    International
���nore on  April 6, tor Guayaquil,  and  Bro'h rhood    rr    Rlectrlcal  Workers
in", lo-v-ing llarl,-.,ies   Aprl 15. haa wrote  accepting  the  Bcale  of  wa-rna
���mt been henrd from    Th. Wynerlc Ifl and working rules of the cltv, on lc
I   vest-el   r.f  Rl 41   tn'i.i  net       She   is   Iltl
'njurable al Lloyd's and has for some
time been poited as mlsBlng,
own Has Heavy Cuurt List fer
;    Dranvevllle,  Idaho.  Aug.  26.���With
,a  sensational  murder  trial,    founded
upon   the  mysterious  shooting  of  a
rancher rrom nmlush as Its principal gnrd tb tuauPlAnklng of Jardln
half rf his society, ���.���������)���, referred ta
the lght committee.
A letter from Wellington Blater
Rousseau street, complaining that the
council had not executed their prom-
Ise of a year ago to milk" a short
sidewalk to his houses, was referred
to the board of workn.
Tli" same course was adonted in
regard to a complaint bv tb" W'r"
and  Nal company. Lulu island, in  re
H  reet
For ��b�� Week  Endintj Autrust 31.
WoatminH'er.        Sand Hearts.
���Date.   Tine- Illcti. t.ow.
High, I ow   T'rne   Mrt. TIti"   T'-t
2"   11'4h    ' 57     11:40 1(1.?   r.-.IX   3.7
.,,.,,-   ]:..-     oi-ti** iit ���jr-.-n-  *t< 1
��g   1-S-i'i    *���   ��� '     11:01 lil.ft 1>* 14    o <)
�������.���>-, fi; :n  '  *>',:2r, 11.5 \H:*\I) 10.7
37   16:f>5 10:25 ,  tr,:5��5 HH 7*.?.0    8.8
21:10 | 23:54 11 S 21.12 10 7
IK    0:55 11:85 I 16:2* 12.0
17:25 22:25 I
***    2-25 12:30 I    1:27 MS   *���: i��
17-55 23:25 i 1��:BI ��.����:1*
341    3-45 18:30 I    2:�� 11.8 M:-04
is 20 ! 17:19 12.8 M:37
31    4:60
calendar fnr Ihe August term
of the district court In Idaho county,
which convened Imre today, will pre
rent what is expected to prove the
most Inter-eating enrrt session in the
history of the county.
Th" calendar includes 75 cases, sh
ef which are in the criminal column,
Th"   murder   case   ls   that   of   Jamea
Dealing,  iiv 23-year-old  youn?  can
w'-in  |�� charged   with     murder i'i   the
nrft deer'" for the alleged killing of
h's uncle. Ooorre Daaring, at  Mount
Idaho,    about    Ihree    miles    east    of
Orangevllle. June 10
On the civil calendar are 12 divorce
���R'2'2    1.8  caseH and a single breach ol promise
1.'i\ 10.0 milt.    Some ol the charges embraced
l.h | iu the divorce cases are unusual in tlle
9.1 extreme. The breach of promise still,
0.8 , ii is said, dims nol promise much for
.....     l.t 'the morbidly cruloilB, as It Is -'irrently
0-25 j    S:S2 11.8 18:411   1.1)(-reported that one of the parlies in ihe
14*05 j 17:���� 1'mm* 2XS8   SS u*��b.1isoi left Ihe wmntry.
New York. Aug. 25.���There was no
leipecatlon that today's movement in
Hie H'ocks would reveal any definite
c'tieluslons on lh'1 part of the pro-
fcflVonal tradfrs. who hav,. taken nl
""it exclusive charge nf i "��� marks*
latelv. Th" relatl ns h t veen thla
country pud Mexico are r-acognlnsd
on every band as the most important
factor In the presenl aituatlon and
there was a strong Inclination lo make
commitments pending the expected
publication tomorrow of President
Wilson's message nn Hie subject.
Trading was on a limited scale and
proo movements were not large, litml
ligures showing no change as much
as a point on the day in more active
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
August 27th and 28th
1'resents   himself   in
"Believe Me"
A  Merry  Musical Stampede,  Bubbling   over   with   Mirth   and   Melody.
An excellent cast of dainty divinities who Blng, dance and delight
Hi ��� eye.    Beautifully costumed and propertly presented.
> PRICES:    50c,    TO   $1.50.
Seats en oal= now at Tidy, the   Florist'a, Phono LI84.
East Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
5 5 O-Throughbred s in Mion-550 TUESDAY,   AUGUST  26,   1913.
PAui -nvi
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
(Special tn Thf News i
New Weitminiter win bave :i pro
resalonal boeke) team in tba Pacific
Coaal league second to none thlH coming winter, managi'd und financed by
local <-:ipitni
'liiin mini- wu�� decided iiii iii the
meeting <>f the Westmlmtar Arana
company last nlniit when a proposition
wu advanced by Meaira, C, A. Bourne,
Ed. Bavage and Dr P r Smith to take
control ul the hookey tram waa nc-
r*i pted.
All thla Ih (lnne with tha fnlli'Ht (.'(in-
ii-ii' nf the I'alrick l>rothcrn.
i-ariicr In the lutnmar wenl over ihe-
Hltuatlon with the local man anil a
contracl drawn nn and signed by both
parties leavea no loophole for escape
The newa thai local men will be in
charge will doubtlen be welcomed by
lunn here who will keep informed to
the fulleil degree ns to what in going
in in connection with tha team,
Jimmy Gardner will be raining from
lhe lineup ti't�� winter The vcteran'i
daya arc over ah the other players,
Ken Mallen. Kan MoDonald, Eddie
Oatman, Hugh Lehman, Qeorge flo
c hon, Charlie Tohln, Ernie Johnson,
are expected to be HiKii,-il up within
tbe nexl 80 daya, together with a
couple of facl men from the cast and
alio a manager
Nov 16 and the Iicvh will be on the
lea according io Clayton Bourne, when
Bpeaklng to The News laat evening
"We will havc Ice by Tbankagivlng
day and with the boyi playing ou
tlieir own ice there win lie no repetition of laut year's work when the team
bad     to    journey  over  to  Vancouver
Although an alleged lineup of the
New Weitminiter team, which Is I i
play   North   Vancouver on   Labor  Day
ui lo a in , has bean published without proper authority, it In now an
nounoad that tbe llno-up of tbe local j
team has not heen absolutely decided
upon, because a fen of the players
have   not   heen   ahle   to   Klve Katisfai
Local   Fans  Want a    Better    Fixture
Than Campbell and  Ritchie for
Labor Day.
every day In order lo train." Itory answers to the  re-quell for lhelr
Taken all round the local lee skat- [services, hnt beyond a doubt th" fol
Iiik and hockey season should be allowing will bear tin- banner of New
hummer this winter. Tlie amateur iWeitminiter on to victory on Labor
hockey teambl are ulready talking Day: l.arkin or Horne, pitcher;
hockey teams aro already talking ' Huhnke, c; Marmonl, lb; Silver or J,
���everal carnival! will be run off at In- (Jay, ih; Cbaput, sn: Welngartner,
'���* .1    throughoul lhe winter months. 18b;  Mallen. lf,  Williams, cf;  Wmb'-id
rf. With tills Steady bunch of players
It is altnont a foregone con lioalon
that the local team wlll wi.i tn"
lo' kets put up l.y the l.abor Da, com
Kd Savage will be milling from the
who city thin winter an he will have control of Hie new rink In I'ortland The
bone ibow arena In the Hose city
hai 1 ��� i-n obtained arter the same principle ,-,��� New Woatmlmtor and tlie machinery Is now on 'he way to be In-
stall) d there.
Althouah Portland win not be In
the circuit lor hock'-y this winter, nev-
eral exhibition nanus will he played
'In i"   th"  Koyals liavlnt; lirst chance
againat eitber Vancouver or victoria
early lu Di cember
Tlie Reason In the Count league will
b" a trifle longer than thai of lant winter, nine games being played In Vancouver and Victoria and six in New
Westminster The extra came In the
Terminal ami Willows rink will be in
charge of the local club, thin arrangement having In.-n made wlt'a tlie Patricks before lhey win: east In search
oi piayeri,
White Sox have In en doing
nicely, with good hox work to steady
them Iloston, after getting a hard
knock hy the Ions of the final g'.me
in SI I.ouis and three running In Chicago,  !����� i't  Uie Cleveland    grounds
clean In the series St I.ouis got
ki :-*, thing better than an even break
On the Week, while Detroit and New
Vork  made  It  four and  four.
Recruiting for next season by meana
of purchaaai and deala continue!. The
most Interesting exchange of the week
was the trade of llyrne and Camnitz,
Of Pittsburg for Dolan of Philadelphia
with B cash consideration l'hlladel
l'i'..ms figure that the veteran third
baseman will atrengthen their infield.
t-i sa) nothing of the work Camnltx
iny he able to do for them It In fig
ured 'l'a; Fred Clarke in Intent on
building up with men younger and
falter than thoae of whom he disposed.
Baseball Results.
Ctandln-j of th- Clubs.
W,    L.
Vancouver   77   f>ii
P< i- land    71    65
Seattle    71    6:',
\':cli,rla    04    70
racoma    69    7ft
Spokane      ...          r��f,    7ft
Yesterday's Games.
At   Tacoma.                        It.    II.
S'-atllc      1      6
Tacoma    :i      K
llatteries     Mclvor, Dell and Wl
Kraft und Harris.
A-  Vancouver:                  It.   ll.
Vancouver   0     -
Unless the light promoter! iuw d
in lecurlng a better opponent than
Kay Campbell, of rfan Francisco, to
dash wltb Willie Ritchie at lirig-
bouie on l-abor Day there will be few-
fans who will make tin- trip, even
though the prices ure considerably re
From press agency stuff handed out
from the Vancouver headquarters ot
Harry Pollok, Itltchie Is to receive
$2f/0U a week during the time the big
light is being poitponed and in
able to spend a vacation in the Canadian Rockies.
And this t'i'.ii'i is secured by sending a man of Campbell'! calibre
uguinHl Hie world's champion lightweight. Campbell, until he outpointed
I lick Hyland ai Brighouse severa
wi eks ago, was li11it* heard of in
this- part*', cxc*pi an a meal ticket
scrapper and ever since his victory
over Hyland has found the going hard
to el.,- out an existence in tlie lighting
What the fans demand for a Labor
Day scrap In something on an equal
basis, something on the plane of a
Bayley-Valae affair.
As it is now Ritchie can stow
away Campbell in the first round if
necessary. If In* doesn't then it will
be a plaything affair with the figh!
fans as the goat.
Handcuff and
Shackle Expert
The Riot
Her Rosary
2  TO 5
TO 11.
In   First   Day
minster   Cricketers
liar'   Showing
Victoria   New  West-
Make   Bnl
Although the Northwestern race is
i -.in ne aim over, unless the Vancouver! tike on,- awful slump. Ihey look
good to repeal their BUCOeSS of 1911
when ih'-y won the pennant ,
'I In    feature   of   lasl   week   wan   lhe
trlng  "f  Victoria!  obtained  liy   Van
,   .*.,.- over Seattle, ami tin- ilmilar
-lump or Portland with Victoria.
No matter whal pitcher went in the
1 ,,\ ;n Vii,. oui er, tii" batten of the
Terminal Cltj took km.liy lo hll offer
*i*!' i ** reiull thai it was a con-
I inual p;i�� ��� bbIoh in tiie number ot vie-
* ii .
Had Beatl ������ and V in "iver broken
even, Portland would have stood an
excellent  chance ol  Jumping Into the
I ��� ,i i ui :**.��� sluggi ���* ��� "i Victoria warn
more than able to slop the upward
climb of tin- it.*-*.- cit> aggregation,
and with the exception of a double-
header victory ol Mays on Baturdaj
int. duplicating the feat of his fei
low bI ���'. ��� man i 'allaban, the shoa Ing
it iii,. Portland team would haw been
aorry Indei d
Victoria are winning their games
���simply by hilling hard and oflon and
i! , ::ot appear to lie dangerous in the
Spokane ami Tacoma had a pretty
battle lasl wi i-k with honors alum!
even The former are mill in the cellar position ami from all apeparancei
win staj there, althougb since Mike
I.ynch look hold of the Ini.iml Empire
I,-am he has worked wonders Willi the
II ���*��� rial ii" had on hand
s. nttle Mu-ei'i take a majority of the
ser' i .i liin-i Tacoma, whi:" Porl
lai:- si '." expected to break even
with uver  thla  wei k. although
i" -  pel    finances in the Northwest-
itlon leave tie situation In
pn  ���      -,i change without aotlce
In the Major Leagues.
never chance romained    for   a
*   in  ii;,*  prospi el   tliat  New  York
mall and  Philadelphia Americans
Id   once   more  face  each  other as
irld'i  Kerb s contenderi,  ban faded
ii,"i t to Hie vanishing lxilnt
Twelve  full   games    separate    New
Vork and Philadelphia in ihe National
league.    In the other division of major
league   baseball   the   Athletics     have
be, n  able  nol  only  to hold their own
lint  to Increase their lead.    Cleveland
Is now trailing the leaders by nine full
The break In the Philadelphia spur',
which pra tically pul Doolu'l men out.
of the limning in the Notional league
race, began with th" app aranoe of
Chlcaao ��� n the Quaker field, Pour
Btralghi -as it" culm' record in tlmt
series up I' mld-wrrk, when the
Phillloa fi' ill) ralll 1 against Kvers'
team an ' won th" ;��� single victory of
ihe lai' eight gnmei Pittsburg, how
ever, at th'.S Junoture resumed Philadelphia's humiliation, cleaning up n
three game series thai ended Saturday.
Meanwhile Chicago, moving over to
New York, fell victim tn tlle renewed
m id the GlantB and dropped the enure leriea, enabling the MoOrawltea to
round <r th"ir week successfully and
with their laa-fl strengthened almost to
lhe point of Impregnability, Their reverses nt Pittsburg! hands were large-
Iv chargeable to the great game put
up both ut bat and in the field by
llonusi Wagner.
The second division teams aleo had
a tight Hltle time of lt; Cincinnati
gaining ground rapidly; Ht. Louis falling off precipitately, and Brooklyn and
IloFtnn nbout holding their own.
The poor showing of the Clevelandn
und Ihe gnme nnd successful struggle   And la Thla the City Council'e Baae
of the Athletics tO held their lead with . ball Line-up.
no levs than 11 mm on Ihn hospital The following Is the prospective
list wcre the ntrlktng features In the I baseball team which wlll represent, the
Afn'orlCl  league. j c'ty In the Inter-municipal champlon-
The Philadelphia catching problem  shlo on Lnbor day at Queen's park
f'eeiime so neric'ii- with Lnpp, Thomas ! Aid.    Jardine
and Rchan.g nil laid up. that the veteran fi * I bafennn. Hurry Davis, had to
go I" hind 'he bat for a time on Saturda ���
Part of Cleveland! lapne has heen
due lo fallitrn of the boxmen t *> pilch
nn lo tlieir nrevlous standard, und
\.n), ���,��� piuoi, hitting power among the
Portland       1      "      0
lla'.tir.es:     Schmutz, Cadreau    and
Konnick; Callahan and Williams.
At   Spokane: It.    H.    E.
Spokane    0      7      "
Victoria      -      7      0
Batterlea      McCoy    and    Hannah,
Kantlehner aad She-i.
Standing of the Clubs.
New   York
Chicago  ....
Pltuhurg ..
Pre klyn   ...
.6n i
4      '.',
9     n
Hoston    50
Cincinnati   4*
St   Louis    43
At   Philadelphia: It.    II
St. l.ouln       0
Philadelphia      3
Batteries:   Doak.  (lever and
brand:   Klxey and  Killifer.
At  Iloston: It     H     B.
Pittsburg     'I     8      o
Iloston     7    15      5
Batteries:  OToole,    Hohinnon    and
Simon. Gibson;  Dickson and Whaling
At Brooklyn: R.   H.   E.
Chicago    5   11     l
Brooklyn  4   10     D
Batteries. Humphries, Lavender and
Archer: Allen, Yingllng and Miller.
At   New   York: R.    H     E.
Cincinnati    1     fi     n
New York    2     S      -
In an effort to stop the onward
march of the Ail-Stars, Manager
Graham of the Mooae yesterday decided ou a radical change in his lineup, which he expects will more tht>n
suffice to bring home the bacon.
l.arkin and (iay will be the battery,
following the former's performance at
Kraser Mills on Sunday wheu he allowed but four hits.
This will place Huhnke and Horne
In the outer gardens alcng with Mallen. while Williams will be brought
in to cover sveond sack.
Such an aggregation should
strengthen practically every place In
the team, except first and third and
the Inovaiion will be watched with
interest bv the fans this evening.
Manager Silver is relying on the
same In,-up as defeated the Moose
on Tuesdav evening in the now famous lour Inning contest. Tonight's
battle is scheduled to start promptly
at 6:15 o'clock in order that five or
more Innings may be played.
have been playing a great game this
summer and will require watching
when  they turn out.  at Queens park.
The unexpected happened last evening. Tom (SharkeyI Gifford, manager
of the world's champions, turned out
In a uniform. This was the first time
since last season that Tom had tried
his hand with the stick, but the wire
from (Ieorge Kennedy had turned the
From the statements issued bv
Manager Fitzgerald, of the Coquitlam
baseball team, it would seem that th"
Moose should come through with an
offer of a game or else disclaim any-
alleged hold on the championship cf
the lower mainland. Fitz has played
a square game this season and it la
only right that he receive one iu return.
The City team of the City Soccer
league will meet this evening in
Ityall's office for lhe purpose of reorganizing.
BECAUSE  -The walls are built of solid reinforced concrete two feet
thick. ,..
BECAUSE���The lining of the vault is composed of three layeri of
half  Inch armor plate bolted together.
BECAUSE���The main door weighs  over  five  tons,   Is eight  Inchea
thick and Is locked by 12 crossbolts of l\  inch steel.
���The inner door weighs two tons and Is over three Inches
BECAUSE���The grill protecting the approach to the door is made
of \% steel bars imbedded in the floor and celling.
BECAUSE���The vault Is protected by the American Bank Protection
Company's electrical devices, by which no one can
touch thc vault, outside of office hours, without setting
off   the  alarm.
J. J. JONE8,  Managing  Director.
Columbia Street,  New Westminster, B.C.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special stockes, they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Drink Common Evil.
Chen, Belgium, Aug. 25.���The international congress of Neurology, at
which 2u nations are represented by
over Km physicians, adopted a resolution loday Introduced by Dr. Regis,
inviting the various governments, in
view- of the disastrous consenuence?
of alcoholism in the colonies, to take
prompt and rigorous measures to put
an end to the evil common to all people.:.
Batteries:   Ames
mr.res and  McLean
and    Kllng:   De-
V'lctorla, Aug IE Playing against
Nanalmo, one of the atrongeil teama IPhiladelphia
on  the island, tbe Nev.   Westminster Cleveland
('    ('.  opened   Its   week's    session    at I Washington
cricket  here  this  morning hy  getting   Chicago
awaj  with a brilliant victory    H. Jep-
sun and 1'nrry were llie only two men
to make any stand agalnsl the howling
of   lhe   Hoyals,   Hebron.   Bartlett   and
Rose :���.!!  keeping a  pond  length.    Na
nalmo Compiled !'4 runs
The partnership of Cave and Miller.
assisted by a quintet from the bat
cf Bartlett. soon passed the Islanders'
total, While Wells. d'Kasum and Hebron sen' ihings along in great shape
to make a victory emphatic. Tomorrow the Westminster team opposes
Oik Hay nt the Garrison grounds in
the second game of the series. The
-cores . r yesterday's game are as follows:
Batty, b. Haves  	
ii  Jensen, c. clegg. b. Hebron
I lighten, b   Hose  	
Williamson, b. Hebron  	
t   Jepion, b, Bartlett
Standing  ot the  Clubs.
W. I.. Pel
79 39 .669
71 49 ,691
66 51 .563
65 BR .528
Ho-t ui   .                              ...57 59 .491
Detroit    52 70 .426
St.  Louis    4S 77 .3S4
New  Vork    40 75 .847
.At   St.  Loula: It.    H.    K.
Philadelphia   3    6     i
St   lxiuis ���>     "'      -'
Paul, b,  Bartlett     R
Sheppard, b, Hebron      ���
Waugh,  1).   Bartlett      n
Newberry,   b.   Itose    I9
Curry, b. Hebron   M
Total    '���*
New Weetmimter.
Cave,  b.   Leighton     69
Hev.  Bartlett,  h.  Newberry     5
Miller.   l.b.W.   b.   Sheppard     33
Hayes,  b.  Sheppard     0
"legr,, b. Leighton    p
I'ore. c   K   .lepson, b. II. Jepson.. 6
Wells,  b.  Leighton     13
Crane,  I.b.w.,  b.   Leighton     1
''anon d'Kasum. b. Leighton   10
Hebron, b. H. Jepeon    8
D tin ford, not out   lft
Kxtras   10
Total  1��
Ila'terles: Plunk and Schang;
Levi renz and  Agnew
Yeiterday'i Games.
At  Chicago: R     H.    E
Washington       2    11      1
Chicago      5    S      I'
Batterlea; Oroome, Hughes and
Henry:  Hussell und Schalk.
\l  I'lev, ',;,lid* '!       H       I.
New  Vork      2      7      1
Cleveland       8    13      1
naileries- McConnell, Klsher and
Sweeney:   Bland lng   and   O'Nell.
At   Detroit R.    tl      K
Boston      r>    ' 1      1
Detroit      8    11      1
Batterlea: Leonard, Bedient and
No ni mak i"; Cady. Carrlngton; I^ake,
Wlllett and Stanage.
illy the Pot ter. I
The annua! meeting of the Westminster Amateur Hockey league will
probably be held in the near future,
in order lo get everything settled be-
f re the ice at the rink begins to
c ill -l'a'.    A set of rules, either O.  II
A., or Manitoba, will be adopted, and
also a clause limiting the territory of
the league will come up i.r discus-
The West End lacrosse team intend
to cl?an up everything in s'g'it thia
season. Thursday evening they clash
with an all-star Sapperton team which
will include the s,nior amateurs, the
Patcbella and everybody with the exception of Tcm Rennie. Tom is an
ardent fan for Sapperton, and while
he would like to turn oui for the
bunch his standing as an amateur is
net sufficient to pass the test.
Wheat Prices Weaker.
Winnipeg, Aug. 25.���Wheat prices
were weaker generally on lower
pean markets, good crop prospects,
and excellent harvest weather. Trading was light in options and practically
nothing doing in cash wheal, waiting
movement of the new crop. Oats and ,
flax were eafier. Winnipeg wheat
opened 1-4 lower and closrd 1-2 to 5-8
lower. Minneapolis opened 1-4 lower
and closed 1-4 lower for all months
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bide.
Don't trifle with your py*'sl��;ht. Delays.
cheap kIhss^h and unskillful treatment of
tfafl i-yt-s aro .*urv for*runn<T.s of the time
when furious trouble will occur.
..���! art- rt-ady to render you ���'xjwrt aid
in f-xanilninjf the eypR, In furnishing
Klasst-s or spectacles, in fitting them to
your eyes.
701 Columbia Street   (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
International League.
Newark 2-ii, Rochester 3-2.
Ilalt'more 2, HutTalo ti.
Providence 0, Montreal 3.
Jersey I'ity 4. Toronto 5.
The first  rugby    practice    held    at '
Queens   park   last   evening   indicated |
unusual interest in the Kngiish game. !
several  new  players    who    will    un
doubiedly  strengthen   the  local  team j
having turned out for training.    Jack
Hoult  will  not  be  ready  to practice j
until  after  the  Canadian    champion  i
ships In  Vanoouver  next  month,  but
last evening he aignlliod his intention i
of making the three-inar er line one'
mere.    R. C.  McDonald, the Y. M   C
A.  heavyweight,  vas  In  uniform  an !
Ihe  next  few   weeks should  drill   h*m j
into shar" to make the pivot on the |
forward  pack.
The visit of the Irlsh-Cai\ul:ans In |
qu-'St  ' t *.''!���  V'nto cup vvill give the
const fans a chance to get a line   on
the Btvle of play In Ihe east c-"Tared
with   the   west.     The   Scott   brothers
ihlnptcn Is pressing the Naps for
aecond poaltlon now. only 20 points
separating the teams. Groom is pitching good ball again and Boehllng after losing four In a row when his winning Ftreak of 11 wns broken, enme
through with a victory. Walter John-
soii'b record, Including Sunday's victory, Ih 14 straight with the season's
fiirurcs standing 29 victories against
lire defeats.
catcher: Aid. Dodd,
nltcher; Mavor (Iray first base; Aid.
I.ynch. second hare; Alii. Kellington,
Ih'rd base: Aid. Henley, right flnld;
Md. Dryion. loft field: Aid. White,
-hnrt flop; Krink Hfoed, centre field;
*-nt FVt-nev. Tcm Turnbull, W. A.
Duncan, snare fielders.
Col. Taylor. 104th regiment and
Malor ('n-rev, PR., visited Cloverdale
on Saturday nnd Inspected a probable
site fer n drill hall. Major Carey will
et-diody the result In a report to the
military authorities,
The city school trustees and the
teachers of the various schoola -will
roreguther tonight In the kindergarten school, at nn entertainment provided for by the generosity of Chairman T. J. Trapp. There are 75 teachers In the city schools.
Definite word was received by the
local lacrosse club yesterday from
Oeorge Kennedy, that he would entertain a proposition to bring hls Irir.h-
CanadinnB out to the coaat this fall
and play with the Salmon liellles for
the Minto cup. Following the defeat
of the Tecumsehs on Saturday by the
lrlsh-Canndlnns, which eliminated the
Toronlo team from the running as far
ts championships are concerned, it
wns expected that. Owner Kennedy
would take definite nctlon regarding
his promise to his players, made early
ljist evenlnp the members of the
team were out for practice for the first
time since the game In Victoria, on
citizens' picnic day, and while the
workout was not of the serious nature,
the warm weather Is playing Into the
hands of the lacrosse artists who expect to get down to weight before tne
end ot the week. Kven Manager 0\t-
ford gave the double crors to the
dopeotet-s who have had the temerity
to state that Tom Olfford waa through
with the lacrosse stick. For the first
time this season    the    old    veteran
In the senson lo the effect that should  donned a uniform and put at rest any
they win the championship of the Big rumora to the effect that he had gone
Four, a trip to the coast would be in
Action will bo taken by the local
cluh sometime todav. when they wlll
be In a position to decide whether the
gnmes are to he played during fair
week or earlier In September,
Tho executive of the II. A. * I. society held a meeting last evening and
decided upon what financial arrangements they could offer the world's
champions to havc the games staged
during fair week.
This propositi!-- w'll be submitted to
the plnyers sometime today when they
wlll decide whether they will accept
the same or take a chance of staging
the two names lato ln September.
The games will not be played until
the end of the month, aa the Irish Ca-
nndlani have three more games yet to
play, the nig Four achedule finishing
on Sept. 6,
This will be the first time that a Big
Four aggregation haa made the trip
to the coaat and it will give the fans
an opportunity of gauging the strength
of the easterners agatnst the western
style of play.
From all reports tha bunch under
Jim Kavanaugh are a speedy lot and
with the Snctt brothers In fine form
should make the defendera of the cup
sten some If they hope to retain the
Minto cup.
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Prorram Today.
Edison Photoplay
The Relief
of Lucknow
The  Indian  Mutiny, 1857.    Historical   Drama.
Vitagraph    Special,    Featuring
Mr. Sidney Drew in
By   George   Cameron.    Special
Feature In Two Parts.
Hear tha
in their song today.
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia, j   Commercial   Department
six   Standard   Continuous; ��Pens Sept- 9th-
Columbian College
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
A. E. Etherington,
Commercial Master.
Miss A. Loree,
Teacher in Stenography and
For further Information apply to
Matlneea Tuesday, Thursday and
Henry W. Savage'a Tremendous
Dramatic Spectacle,
150 People. Symphony Orcheatra.
Nights and Saturday matinee 60c to
$2.00. Thursday matinee Ste to (140.
Tuesday matinee 25c, SOc, 75c and
11.00. Mall orders filled how: Thia
Is the original New York company.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every Kind .of Electrical Work
���~* *.*���
The Play around of B.C.7'
WHITE, SHfLES & Co., Official Agent* nue six
TUESDAY, AUGUST 26,  1913.
ccived for The Nows at the follow
lug places: V. T. Hill's drug store,
828 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, l.ulu Island.	
, RATES. ���
Classlfled���One cent per word per
<!�����, 4c per word per week; 150 per
month; 6.000 words, to be used as required wlttln one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
us. 716 Queens avenue. U927)
ilire in large or small quantities for
spot cush. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
i [fecis by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or uo commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block.
Columbia street. (1922)
Apply    evenings    at
initialed "A.1..D.L.D," Apply 91
Klghth street, (1944)
dog; liver and white. Finder please
return to J. Fitzgerald, 326 Royal
avenue, and receive reward.   (1943)
TAKE NOTICE, pursuant to section 1S
of the "Companies Act." tlmt tbe above
named oompany Intends, one month after
tiie dato hereof, to apply to the Registrar
of Joint-Stock Companies to change Its
name to "Standard Discount Company,
Dated  at  New Westminster,  B.C.,   this
thirtieth day of July.  1913. < 1STO !
front room, 74 First street.      (1947)
bedrooms, 420 St. George street.
bedroom.   Apply 66 Sixth street.
home ? If so come to the Sterling
hotel. Suite 115.00, only oue left.
Hooms $1.50 aud upwards. Come
and ace us; we aim to please you.
keeping rooms;  evety convenience
$18 up monthly. Knights of Pythias
block, Agnes street. (1901)
one-half block from Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.       (1897)
in the Labor Temple. Terms rea
8onable. Apply D. S. Cameron, secretary, Labor Temple building
Phone 403 lt. (1S76)
keeping rooms, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1821)
housekeeping rooms, o'i Agnes
street.    Phone 638 L. (1836)
wbere. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C, 11825)
8EALBD TENDERS   -addressed  t,,  the
undi i-i-on-d ami endorsed "TenUm i"i
Jetty and Dredging at the North Ann "'.
in,- Fi.,:-' r Rlvei, l; C���" wnl I- r,.*. Ived
���i il,is ..Hi'* nnill I :���!" I . M . "ii Tuesday, S' i.t ' i 30th, 1913, for the construction   nl    .I'll,    .""I    l'..'i*4.i I    l."
Nortl   Ann of the l'n- i   Rlvi r. II. C
Plans, specification ami form of contract
can i" j"*- ii and forma "f tender ubtained
ai thu Department and -,i the offices "i
i*. ,* Worsfold. Esq., District Engineer,
N,.\v Westminster, it '' \i Si Bnrle,
Esq., Dlstrlcl Engineer, Winnipeg, Man..
J. K. MacLachlan Esq., Dlstrlcl Engineer,
Victoria, It C.. .) I. Michaud, Esq,, District Engineer, Posl Offlci Building, Montreal, P. -I ��� J it Sing, Esq., District Engineer, Confederation Life Building, Toronto, fn!.. ami mi application t" ihe Postmaster at Vancouver,  B. C.
Persons tendering am notified that tenders will nnt 1" considered unless mad*'
em the printed forms sui,plied, ami signed
with their actual Rlgnatures, stating their
occupations "tat places of residence, in
the case of linns, ihe actual signature,
the nature of th<- occupation, ami place
of residence nf each member or the firm
must he given.
Ear', tender must !"��� Rccomonnlcd by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
nnyah1' t��� ihe ,,r,)���r ���f ,t���. Honourable
ihe   Minister of   Public   Works,  equal   to
five ner c "' i 5 ric , of the a"i"t'nt of Ih"
tender, which will be f���rfi't,*,l if the person tendering decline tn enter Into a contract   wh, n   called   upon   In   dn   so.   or   fall
tn c-imril-i*. ilu. wort >!,-.fti-a  for     I'
the lender lie nnt ncceptcd tin- cheque will
t���.   returned.
Tie-   Department   does   not   h'��d   Itself
I-, accept ������<������ I  *-i nr ans* tender.
By oi''"t.
It  i'. DESROC'fEHS,
Department of Publ'c Work".
Ottawa,   Ainruvt   IS.   1SI3.
\"'������ spa per,,   w'.'i    n,,'    I,..   ,,;i|.l    for   Ihls
..,..,-,���..���,���,  |�� ,i.v  ,,.,.,,   p   v ,., ,.,,,   .,,,.
*'-orit,- from ltn* Department.���4507-1.
did outlit for small family; call at
56 Royal avenue Tuesday and
Thursday. 119491
Likely to Start Fire on Short Notice
Extreme  Caution  is
treo with bevelled plate glass back;
cost $18, will sell for $8.50. Russell's Westminster auction mart,
King's hotel block, Columbia Btreet.
house on large cleared lot, close In.
for $1500; on very easy terms. Apply box 512 city. 11929)
modern house close to Queens park.
A snap for some one. Enquire 511
Maple Btreet. (1917)
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PKR
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1826)
men or lady boarders. Private family.    Box 1924.
narvon street.
7  CAR-
Moscow, Idaho, Aug.    25.    Smut    is
found   in   the   wheat   since   threshing
start",!  Monday  in this neighborhood
Ito such an extent that ll makes the
i operation of separators extremely dan-
jgerous. A number have already blown
| up or  exploded  and   Iwo  have   been
burned this season.    The (ilrard, An-
'derson  ���&���   Nlcholff outfit  wits pracli-
Ically   destroyed   yeBterday   and     the
! aack sewer was reported badly burned.    The Crane &  Andrews separator
was also reported destroyed by a smut
Edward Snow, of Snow brothers,
large lantl owners and farmers, four
miles south of Moscow, who are harvesting their 600-acre wheat crop, report smut us being worse than usual
in this country.
Caution Is required in handling the
wheat threshing A number of the
threshing outfits have taken out Insurance. There is also much danger
from fire burning the entire crop when
an explosion occurs from smut In a
The combustion occurs with lightning like rapidity and Is usual;,- followed by instantaneous spread of fire
in the immediate vicinity of the separator where the smut fills the air.
Missouri Cots at Good Highway Question  in   Right  Spirit- -Girls
Carry Water.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 170.
A Bylaw to Amend Bylaws Nos. 120a, 121a, 122,128,129,
142,143,144 and 145.
St.   I.ouis,   Aug,   2,     Thousands   of   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
men   throughout   the  eastern   half  of; 	
Missouri today responded to the call of     WHBRBAS tbo Munlolpal Counoil of ths  CIM80.87)   having  I n  rali
(lov.   Major,  asking  able-bodied   men  Corporation  ot   the  Dlstrlot  of  Burnaby  hist year's sinking fund.
lo lav aside their regular tasks today did with tha assent of ihe electors on ti,,,      and wiikukas it win I
and tomorrow und work on the roads, |&u^.^v ��f November^ **Ki:.'J""."-* 1"""'  ��ndgr said Dy-law No. UIA t
bcniores authorised by said  By-law No.
Ill hy siselal rule sulhelelil tn, i ,*l,"
Upon all the rateable Ian,I wllhlll tlle limits
ot tiie said Municipality I Including District  i"i one  iiiin.ii.it and Suvonty-two
(172)    Group   tlue   (1)   as    otl,,ued   in
said Ity.law No. It!* I lu addition I" tlle
annual sums required by the aald Bylaw No. lih tiie sum of Seventy-flvii Dollars    I ll .1.00)    to   pav    th"   aildltlnu.il    ��� <
Uriel ni thoilz',1 by this Ily law. lhe Hutn-i
in in  in addition to all rales lo he levied
anil   i"'ated   in   tin-   snld   Municipality,
il. Thorn shall be raised and levied annually during the cuMtncy of the said ,i,
b, ntui's autiiorlsed ^y said ity.law No.
Ill by speolal rale suffleient IherefJi
unon all lhe rateable land wlihln the limits
i hn ludlng Dls-
ml    S *v< ntv-t wn
s  mentioned   In
addltlo in
Ihe said it*
,r the said Municipality
trie! Lol Ono Hundred i
i it.' i Group un,- tit .
nald Hv law No.  1301 in
��� itn'ul "itits ri ulllr, d b.
raise  un-
V..  ISO 'he mini ,,r Three Hundred Dollai ���
11901 1   tn   pav   tin*   iplillilini.il   Interesl
authorised to- this By-law, th" same to be
in ii'hlitlnu tn all intes i" I"' levied and*
created In the said  Municipality,
Thl I,   shall he raised anl levied ;
ever, though there was no opportunity|said By-law authorised tli" issue ���t deben- 'unit   Ninety.seven   and
for them to work on the rt.atls. con- ftjfj Thoum^^'llars U l"""'"'1 andl t-M.M7.06J.for 'he term
tributed liberally to a fund with which1),,, payable on the Thirty-first day ,,r D��
to buy road grading machinery for the | comber^ iur.*j. and^to hear Interest at th
rural parts of the stati
The response to the governor's call ] yearly
throughout    the   rural   districts     was;     AND WHBRBAS the Municipal Counoil
|noteworthy.    In Cape Girardeau coun-  of the Corporation of tlie District nt Bum
ty, In southeastern Missouri, 2,Bon men |*b* i'.1,',',',."^'!!,,',!"
'rate   of   four   and   one-half   ts*r   oentum
j 11vi, per cent.) per annum payable half-
worked on tbe roads and every district
road  work  here  I
pass  By-law  No
assenl of the ,-!,
i.r November, 1912
I21A,   being  a   By-law
nald,-   tiie   Corporation   to   raise   by
of I01111 tiie sum nf  Fifty Thousaad
Dollars   ($80,100.00)   fur   th-   purpose  of
providing   nml   building   additional   sld
was organized.    Tli
is to be permanent
Greatest Day in Life.        ^^_^^_^_^_^^^^_^_^^^^_^^^^_^_
"It hss been one of the greatest days   walks within tie* limits" of the Municipal- \ niinll
of my life." said Governor Major
1 mads. I mnde up my mind then If I* AND WHEttBAS tbe Corporation by the
iever got a Chance I would do all I said Hv-law authorised tin- Issue of de-
' could fur better highways.    Th-  "���"���-   bentures to ihe amount ��f Fifty Thousand
Ab   ,lv-   !'���'���"   sab'   Hv-law   being   known   ns
a boy 1 traveled over nothing but bail  "l!wr";,by   ***>*****��   B*t***>'��t    Bylaw
ernor of Arkansas has notified me he|xhlrtJ-flJst day'of  D��
n  th-
has set  aside  September i anil   '.I  for. to hear Interest at tin- rate of Four and
ro-M work, and I am happy at the re-  one-half per.centum  H',  I-r cent.)  P
for eight full sized lots ill II. U 88, Bur
Novelitt  M.  P.  Back  In  Dominion   Is
Proud sf tht  Land of  Hit
Quebec,   Aug.   24.-Sir  Gilbert   I'arker, novelist and  M.   P., who arrived
ALBERTA FARM WANTED,   near   Hed i here  from   Kngland    August    14,    Is
DeeTj   In  exchange   for  seven    roamed spending a week at  Murray Hay  be-
Ihts'ci'fy      '" "' ]*���*****��� Kohig west.
In an interview Sir Gilbert expreBS-
WANTED���Six or Beven roomed modern I ed  the opinion that the entente cor-
house  for  rent:  have  client  who  will I dlale    between    Great    Britain    and
j France would prevent a Kuropean war.
CLOTHING BUSINEsa stork and fix- w",h "'Kiird lu llle "avai Question, he
tures for exchange. I'riee. tc.oon. Clear' said the people of the old land felt
Wll of sal,-, for deed to prairie farm, j sure that Canada would take an hon-
aereage or lots. Must be sood value. | n^n pan |��� Ule defence of the empire.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Saying that he was a boy when he
A  BAHQAIN���Five  room  modern  bouse, j left Canada, Sir Gilbert remarked that
This is well located  in  big city.  Rent j
only tine 11 month.
close  to car in  good   locality  and  larg(
lot.     $2,200;  1100  cash,   balance  tilt
TVB-ROOMBD HOUSE!, Sapperton, close
to Columbia street.    Encumbrance $690.
due ��!U a month. Owner will take $500
for equity. If you are looking for a bar-
Investigate thl
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
Tenders  will   be   received  for   res*
taurant,  refreshment  and  amusement 11
privileges  in  Queens   park  on   Labor
Day, Monday, September 1. Ilil','..       I	
Apply   to secretary   of  Labor  Day |effect in dlstrubing the finances of th
he never took sides in Canadian poli-
tice, and, therefore, could uot express
any opinion on the subject now. He
would only 6peak of them In the British parliament.
Speaking of Canadian debentures
and flotations, Sir Gilbert said the
diminution in Canadian issues would
only be short lived, anil lhere would
���soon be a reaction in their favor, for
the British public believes in Canada.
Referring to the close of Ihe Balkan
war, he said the financial situation
will improve, but the American financial situation, owing to the uncertain
to what lengths the government's
interference or regulation of finance
will be  carried,  will  have a  powerful
annum payable half-year!:)
        ... ,  , . anii wiiki'Kan ita- Municipal Council
I intend to fix two road days when  of ,*���. corporation of ih,- Dlstrlcl o( Bur-
1  return home," said Gov.  Hodges of  naby did with the assent of the electors
Kansas.   "It is remarkable how many  ^^iJ^i^^l^f^J^^^^
.have responded to Gov. Major's proi:- ,,' Hv-law  to enable  the  Corporation  to
'Initiation." raise  by  wav  of  loan  the  sum  nt'  Two
Reports  from  everv county  Ie  this  Hundred  and   Mfty^Jhouwuid    r^'ujrs
part  of tho  state  told  oT  throngs  of  Jilting 'extension "f the general water-
Workers, manv of Ihem encouraged by works system  throughout   the  Municipal-
Uie presence    of    their    wives    and IW   the  said1   By-lawj^'^JXTb"
^laughters, who served dinner. bS�� J��U."
Girls  Carry   Water. AjfD WHBRBAS tho Corporation by the
Seilalla. In I'ettls county, specialised  said  Hv-law  authorised   in,*   Issuo of de-
on organisation. Small Sunday school  bentures to the amount ..r   rwo HUijarea
,  ,     , ,        ... , ,   ,.������   and Fifty     hnusaml  Mol.ats  I I.o'i.onu nu,
elrls formed a "water carrying club   . ,(1 ,���, payable on the Thirty-first day of
���lhat did Bervlce todav. sn id to be bet-1 December, 1>61, and to bear Interest at the
ter than that  furnished bv  boys. The  rate  ^  froor  and, ^^lf  ��j^o��|t��m
! eirls wore gingham anrons of a fuol-I JJarty
Mar pattern  Bnd  broad flaplpng straw 1     xjiit wiiKKE\ri the Municipal Couneil
hats alike.    The PettlB county home-1 of   the   Corooratton   o(   the   Dlstrlcl  ot
jmaker's conference served lunches In I Burnaby didfwlth Uie asjent *ttn*.w>
, .    . t,,rs on lu' Tw,-ntv-si*-h day ,'i  i eoniarjr,
'various parts of the county. I1,1,/,',   ,|r),,nv  pais  By-law  No.   U8  b.-ina
A ncvthe smiail named "death to the a  By-law   lo  enable  the  Corporation   to
.weeds"   marched   nut  of Trenton   and ira.se hv way of toon u >eg*unj -J^-^^J]
I reduced   the   weeds   that   fringed   the  nJn$Kes7 the  said   By-lawi   being   known
Grundy county hlghwavs. IJu  "Burnabv  School   Hurd  Loan   No.   1
Thousands  of  volunteers    marched I By-law,  191J."
(forth   trom   every   county   in   western    | ANH   %H?^Stno'r'lsed XT'Iwue of
Mlspouri to become a  nart  of Oover-  debentures to the amount ol Fifteen Thou-
! nor Major's army of 360.000, wh'oh in
response to hiB nrorl-tniatlon began n
two d-ivs' cainonlpn thit was expected
to add ��1 finn.nno In betterments to the
public highways of the stale.
Inn Dollar
f fourteen (HI
I to years for the repayment of the said loan
and Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, the am,nini of Two Thousand Four
Hundred and Ninety-seven and 08-100
liollars (.$2,497.06) having been raised for
the Hrst  year's sltiUltut  fund.
AND WHBRBAS It Will be necessary
under said Hv-law No. 1-^ to raise annually h, special rate the Hum of Twn
Thousand Six Ilundred and Thlrt- anil
S7-1IUI Dollars ($3,680.81) to form 11
sinkin-r fund for the payment iit the prln
elnnl and the sum of Twelve Thousand
Five Hundred Uullars ($18,800.00) fnr in*
i-st making together n total amount an
f Fifteen Thousand Ono Hundred
and Thirl'- and !,7-10ll Hollars HIT..
150.87 I for the term of thirty i-li-ht (88)
years for ihe repayment of the said loan
anil interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned tin* amount "f Five Thousnnd
Two  Hundred  and  Blxtv-one  and   74-100
Holla "ft    (IS.Jtl.H)    hailnit   1 11    fa'.-d
for  ft"-  flrsl   two     years'   slaking   fund
ANIi WHc-REAS It Will Is- ine.ssarv
under said Hy-law No I's !o raise "'
nuallv hy S'S'Clnl rate lh" sum of One
Hundred and Flftv-eeyen and 85-100 Dollars t$l.f'7.S5)  to form a slnk'nir fund for
sand  Dollars  ($16,000.00)   10 is- payable
on the First day of Man),. |8$2, and to
hear interest nt the rale nf Four juil one-
half per centum (41., per cent.) is-r annum payable half-yearly.
ami wiikukas the Municipal Counstl
of tie- Corporation of the District of
Burnaby did with the assent "t the Blectora on the Twenty-sixth day of February,
1 ft! 2. nually p,,ss llv law No 120 being
a hy-law to enable the Corporation to raise
Uv wav of loan the sum of Sixty Thou
sand   Dollars     ($60,000.00)     for
additional Interest authorised hv ihls Bvlaw, tlle same t��, I," Ih addition to all rai.-M
to h,. levied and created in tiie said Munlclpalltv.
1 There shall be raised and leva,I an
filially during the currency of thd said di
bentures authorised by suld  Hy-law No.
143 by   si��� clal    rale   miflli-t.ni    il for
unon all the run-able land within the IPn'tt
Of the said Municipality In addition In 1 1,
annual sums required nv th" said By-law
NO.     141    the    iUm    of    five    Hull,lted    |l"|.
hns ,4600,00) to pay the additional in-
t-i-rsi authorised by uus By-law, lhe
same to he lo addition to all rates to be
levied and ef'ated lu Ihesahl Mlttii, Ipatit v.
'J. Ther" shall Is- raised and levied au-
nuallv during the eurrencv of the said d,
bentures  authorised  by  ssld   By-law  No.
144 bv stss-inl rat" sufllelent therefor
unon all the rateable land wl'hin the limlis
nf the salt Municipality (Including Dl'-
I'V   I."t   ihi"   Ilundred  and   Seven'V-lWo
f 1721 Qi p une tti as mentioned In snld
Bv-law  No.   1411   In addition  In t' n
���"nl ��m,is reoulred bv ih��� snld Bv-law
Nn    144   tin*   sum  of   Four   Hundred  and
Te-ent,-  Dnlinrs  ($421 1  to pay tho   id
dlllonal Interest authorised t,v tins Bvlaw  the - ,"i" tn Is. |n addition to "'I rot-m
led and created In the said Mu-
the payment of the principal and the mim nlclpalltv,
of seven   Hundred    snd    Fifty    Dollars      ,���    There shall be raised and levied en-
($760.0      for Interesl  making mc-th.r n Inun||v durms tl urrenoy of the s.ihi d-
total amount fnnuallv  "f Nine  Wundeed bentures authorised by    said  By-law No
and Seven  ���nd  86-10(1  lvdiars   ($901,861 ,46   ,,v   ,peclnl   ral"   sufficient   therefor
for   th"   term   of   tl-l-tv-lKht   1 3|> I    year-; ���,���,��� ������ ������. n,���.���,,,,. |.,,���| wllhlu th- lltnlls
'or the r.ivivm.nt  ,,f the mid  loan  nip! ,lf ,1,,. ,.:,|.i  Munlclmllty   (Including  Dl��-
tnter-st   theri.m   as    hereln"ft<"     men- ,r,,..   ,,.,  ,,���,.  Hundred and  Beventr-two
���I   n-,1.   the    i'i,n...,t   of   three   ll,,n.l-"l   Snd    (in]   !',,���,,,, line   111  ,.��  lu.-ntlnlvd in Mll'1
'���'ift."ii ami 70-100 Dollars (6316 TO) hav- , ���v.'hiw N��� ,4;,, ln nddlUon tn th" annual
|n��� he..,, r-.ls.-d (or the first two years ! ������������ r,���,.lT-,.,i hv the said Hy law No.
'Inking f,;nd. . tii the sum 0' On-  Hundred and  Fortv
and  ��..aSRBAS It  wll   is, neeestary Dollars   i$uoooi   tn  pav  th"  additional
under   eald   Hy-law   No.   12*   to   raise   an-   lT,���.r,...,    :,���,h,,r'n, ������   by   this   By-law.   th-
nually   hy   special    rate   the   sum   ,,t   six I.   ,,,  ,.   h,  nddltlon   I,  all   t-,t.-��  to  be
Hundred and Thnl) nn- and 40-100 Dol- ,,.,|,.,, ������,, mlM In the mild Municipality.
lars    1 $03] 40 I    to    fol in    .1   sDklti"    fund        ,,.,.,,,,, ,    ,, i   .       m     .
tor the paymenl of the principal and the*    "    Tbls Bv-lnw "hall , ie Into ����tecl
HUrn     of     'Due**    TlitiUHUliil     DollOTB     ( $J,-
utfo.uut    for   InterMt nuJUiut   *-m*-^'�� ��� a
ttititi amoLtit uia ually of JThj-eo Tnoummd ,,
six  Hundred and Thlrty^one ami  40-100 ^rrw�� �����i!  "M"KNAin     I'KH'.vnin
Dollar! (fl.88l.40) for tht- terra "f thirty-   rvTfrlUBST     COimnl8ION     BT-LAW,
vIkm 13%���� yeara fur th** repayraenl uf the   1918."
suid loan umt lt��t��-r��*��t thereon iuh herein-1    ihink  ani> PAB8BD in Open Council
after mentioned, th��> amount of One Thou-  the day "f 1913,
aimi  Two   Hundred   and   Blxty-two   and      RKCE1VRD the aaaent of \Uv Klectors
80-100   Dollar!    ftl.382.80)    ImvuiK   Imh-ii   .(,,, ll;iv   ���* jj-jj
rnlied   fur  the  first   two   yarn'   sinkuin
AM��   WHKUKAS  It   will   ��w  ni't-Hsary !  ..^p^,^-,^.^,^,^,^,^,^,,^,^,���.,,,....^,���.
under aald  By-law  No   148  to raiae un-1
nually by apeolaJ rate  tbe mim o( Three!' c   \\   ,< n,*
Thouaand   One   Humlr��-<]   nu<l   F'lftv*i��even i
and  r.4-iou   Dollara   ($8,1(7.04)   to  form]
HinklnK fund  fur th��> payment  of  thi
it�� reortvituc tlio conaent of thi
Itenant-Onvemor in Council
\2     Tbla   Hv-|aw  may  !�����  elted  for
PA88ED U.*- day of
NlKVlNll    TPRM "lliiiinibv     *rlu.il   Huutd   I,mil   No.   J I nuallv   hv   s,^-l���l   rnte   (he   ��������   of   line,        !  ',' "','/ ,1   I        et
JLltt    IU     I LUm   By-law. 19JJ.'  u    T.m,,?,nd and  .--Ifty-two and 35-lnb    -ol-       S"    r        ;,     ,?   .   S'.ni,   ll���rBil,,v
principal and the hihu nf h'lfteen Thousand
Ik,liars ($15,000.08) for Interesl m.ik'.nit
together a total ainounl annually of
Blffhteen Thousand One Hundred und
Fifty-seven and 04-100 Dollars i��iv
157.0S l for the tenn of thirty.nine i3��l
/ears fur the repayment of lbs said loan
and Interesl thereon as hereinafter m-n-
Uoned, the amount of Three Thousand
One Hundred and Fifty-seven nnd 04-100
Hollam i ��.1,15T n41 havlns been rnlwd
fnr the tlrst year's stOKlnK fund
AM)   WIIKUKAS   It   will   h
R13CKIVKD He   assent of tbe l.leufn
it-Qovernor in Couneil  the dav
of IS 1.1.
TAKK NOTICE thai the above is a tree
oopy of tie- proposed By-law upon which
tb. vote of tie Municipality will be t.,u. ���,
on Baturday, tbe SOth 'lay of Augusl I MS.
between 9 o'clock a   in   until 7 o'clock p.
Ill .   al    the   polling   Plats s
Munlcinal    Hall.    Kdmonds
Wesl Burnaby Pcbool, West Burnabv,
Mr    Topping's   Store,   12th   Avenue.   K,,--!
Hamilton Bond School, Burqultlam.
l.abor  Temple,  corner  Seventh
world       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sir Gilbert expressed bow highly he
and 'thouKht of the honor uf Laavl unlver-
Itojal avenue. Phone H��S.    (1H.14I
Rn  I^ils -SOJ. 603,  604,   60,r,,  G06,  fl2'J.  623,
i',24,   6:'5.  I):C,   627.   62��,   629,  li.10.   631,
of  I^,t   278, Group   I.   Mar,  114,  In  tlie
Histrict   of   New   Westminster,   Port
Hammond   Junction
Whereas pnsif of the loss of certificate
of  tirle   Number   1J04K   F,   Issued   In   the
name   of   Kdwlll   O.   Siminonds   has   been
filed   in   this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall, at
the   expiration   of   one   month   from   th'
isity. a French-Canadian and Catholic
[institution, had bestowed on hlm lasi
vear. when It conferred the degree of
D. C. \j. on him.
Sir (lilbert remarked that while not
actually going out of hls way In Bearch
of copy, he hopes lhat bis visit will
supply him with fresh Inspiration ".'nl
that he Will gather new materia; for
other novels. At present he has two
more Canadian novels almost complete. One has a Froncb-Canadlan
settinc. Thc other treats of life in iiie
Kar West,    "So you sec." said the all
ium WHEREAS tho Corporation by tho liars   (ll.06J.3H   I"  form a  alnklnic  f
.;,   Bv l*ii   ��� iitli.r 7-d   tb-   ls��"-  of  .1"- for the paymenl  nf lbe principal and the
ll,,? .s to the     loini "f Slxtv Thousand num of live Thouaand Hollars (��S.00?.00
, I rSl lantUO 000  be payable on the for   interest   making   together     a     total
'Police Charge  Miscarr^e of Justice U  ^  of  March   1.63   and  to bear ^"^"^i^/^,;*^^.   J0)
"'V'r':r,iu���   i4      n. r   '..    I   |.'r  annum ror   lhe   term   of   thirty-nine   139)    i��ars
���m-r  .������ntuiii   'y-.-p" ' ,..r t|,e  repnymenl  of the sold  loan  and
paean,, na in .   '������ Munhlpal Interest Ihereon as hereinafter mentioned,
ANI;        WHERBAH        '��� M *,',,,.,   .,,��� ���   ,.,  ,������.  Thouwuid   and   Fifty.
.Councl      of     the     ' ��� rpoia ma ,  ���..,������  rtoiiHr,   r��1,062.36)   hav.
���'������ Dletrlct   of     Burnaby     did     withi     ine ven raised for tho ftrst year's slnk-
Montreal,  Aug.   23.���Geriolmio   Fat- aiwent of  ihe ��� i'*.;f*,s '".,;'',,ls'att;,"..,,���! imt run.i
'/.ar., convicted  In  the COUri  of  king's  '':'''  uaffina a by-law to enable the Cor-      ANH   WHEBEAS  it   will   be  necessary
bench on B charge Of attempted mur-  Joretlon lo miss bv way of loan lhe Bum under said   By-law  No,   144  to  ral
der iu connection with tbe battle be- K TATS .li.',nf���  ptwt��Upi?^"^   th��
tween   warring   elemeuts,   which   oc- ifid  Bv-iow being known  as "Burnaby Dollars it��83.9?) i
ctitred in a house in St. David's Lane,   Rond   Improvomenl     Debentura     By-law, fo^the y^    Tho(Ji)an(, Twii ,,���,1,|r,,| ,���,,
in  March,  1908, maj   probably,  within ll*"- .,,���, ,,r,���.r.,i������,   i,v lars  cf4.2<    for  Interest   making  to-
short delay, be a free man.    Fatzar,  ,,��Wau,MS .;f If.^- ^ ^^^rxT^A^l
was  condemned   to   a   fifteen     years   debentures to the amount ol   II.'"   nun ,''  ,   ���'" '
tor,,, in the St.  Vincent de Paul penl. &* Thousand  Ooltan.[  'Ws^daTof' De�� '"'*':'
It   is   claimed   by   the   local   pollen   rate   of   Four  and_ one-half  'JJJ[b,g���13f. ]dred nnd Elghtv-thr ind 97-100 Dollars
and Absolute  Pardon Will  Be
Applied for
��� Hundred
Th,* Social Club Building, Capital  Hill.
liionato  Lnks siore,  Burnaby l-,ke
I.ik.tu, ,<��� School, Lakemere
I'l't-.l.li- NOTICE is hereby given  thnl
the vet,- Qf ii,,. Biectors or the I n-*��� ri.-t ,,r
Burnabv will be taken on the   ibovi   men
Honed Bv-inw at Ihe tlm- and place abov
mentioned, and lhal A  O   Moore has l-"i
appoint,,!   Returning  Officer  to  tak-*  ti* ���
vote ,,r euch electors witli the usual i*"*.-.
u.  In  thnl   behalf
H   C   M "flnBliOn,   H- " .
x   ���:   \'iiti".i:   Clerk
<,eei.,i  rate th,   sum  uf  Bight I     Rdmonds. B   C August 14th. I9H
el   Bighty-lhroe    anil     (17-lno * (11941
form   a    Sinking    fUlrl  ' ^m^mmmm*���^m.���^^M^
ment of ihe principal and tin
Kii,'l'tv-thre. ^^^^^^^
mv.1 :i7 1 for the t.-rtu of Ihlrlv-
ears for the repayment of tin
id Interest  thereon as h,
that the condemnation tf Fauar., was  n '���..,'"'
[a gross miscarriage of Justice, being 1   ��Wn
convicted on the evidence of murder-  council
ers.     One  of  the   mon,  thev   say.   has | District
been  hanged.  In connection with the
late   of    the   first    puhlleatlou    hereof.    ... , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|^
lally newspaper published In  the City | thor,  "that  I.  too. am  trying  to  play
my little part in keeping our country
before the eyes of the empire. ! :ii,i
more proud thnn I can say of the wny
In which Cunada bulks lit the eyos -if
the world today. She has risen from
the slow provincialism lo the . ure and
enterprising progroaslveness of t second rate power int ho world The
young men used to leave Canada us if
plague Mer.- after them. Thpy Btav
now  tn scoop the fruits of progress."
nt i  per annum p.....,".���       I ($838.97)    having   been    raised    for   thi
.,    i~i. ., 'first v,ar's sinking fund.
.*"��&% -TE  unM^Paw8 "   �� ��
murder ol   a   Syrian  peddler  named |no. 143 being a bv
B.C.Const Service
14',   to   rals.-
if   Twi
ir and ll'.-ln'i  Dob
(    New    Westminster.    Issue   a   duplicate ''
f the said Certificate, unless In the meantime  valid  objection  bo   made  u,  me  In
.7. C. OWYNN,
Histrict   Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office.   New  Westminster.   UU..   Hnd August.   1913. (IS4&I
tm.    uiix-  oi   uie  mon,  iney   say,   naa I utsinci   <*���*���*. ���   "'"'";���'���      *"**.��� Twentieth inually   by   spiclal   rnte   thi   sum   ,.f   rwo
been  hanged. In connection with the �������% Sa^aV'Tiff��� f'WC  ES.^irAr'^mS^iffii.'Sa
murder   Ol   u   Syrian   peddler   named No. 143 being  ��� bv-lnw  to enable ine     ir-   f ^ ^ ,mVment "f the principal and the
Green, in   Now   Brunswick,  whilst   the wratlonito rnlft bv'way of loan^ " .,������     ,um of One Thousand Four Hundred Dol-
o.h.-r, i, i. claimed, is now serving a ��,*VM ^^-tSfe ^L^X^^^TZ^ii^^
life term   in  a   New   Brunswick  penl- further  extensl-mn  or  m  y     -;...',  lTii.,������.",-,n.i  vix   Hundred  nnd   Nlnetv-four
tantiary.    Both, according to the poi- l���*,,?*^ ^T^i-tX Kn^n. and  IWjjJ MU��  ��JMMJVrUv-
Ice,   although   Bt   the   time   were   con- ������,:;,���,*���'��������� .Wat.r   Works   Bxtenslon   Hv- * |-'^; ;;��� ;|;;."J.,|;1"|,I,.,',1 ���',���, ,n���.r,.M ,hereon
N'lwee Vnncotiver fur Victoria III i
' p. rn. and 11 :4fi. ^M	
l^avee  VanOOUVSr  for  Heettle   1(1  a.   m.
und II p. rn
leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo ifl am..
sinking   fund | and �� :(�� p.m.
sid' r. d   trustworthy   witnesses,   havellnw. loia
sin.'��� been proven to hnve been ban-     avdwhetiea.
dili and robbers of the wVirst class.
Woman as Bootlegger.
Wenatchee,   Aug.    L'".     The   new   11- j
uior ordinance was given ��� test today
in police courl. After Mrs. Willulmina j
Metealf, arrested  for the fourth time
for bootleegging, was convicted ol selling l-eer and fined $1"" and costs   City  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Attorney Kemp anil  Deputy K   I.. Ba-1     Toronto,  .-^ug   'JH.    While  Frederick
ker filed a second complaint, namely,! Sandford.   161   Batburst  streot.   slept
keeping a place fnr illegal sab- of 11- a drunken sleep in the cells at f'lari-
,id Bv-law authi
tureR to the nni'i
the i'orporatlon by tiered tho ���������> i d��l	
t 11...  Hundred Thou-
hereinafter  mentioned,   the amount  of
ITwo Hundred nnd Nln'ty-four and 66 100
,H"llars   ($294.66)   havi       hen   raised  for.
tin- firs' venr's Rlnklng fund
Leaves   Vancouver    for    Prince    Ruperl
ind   Northern   Points    in   p    m     Wednei
duys and  Saturdays nt   ii   p.m,
Chilliwack Service
l^'HVee   Chllllwack     I    k.   m.    Tussday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Loaves  Westniinstsr 6 *.  m.  Monday,
Chiel Campeau is convinced ol tbe ��n,T r.-iinri'V��io6ooo>f.]i to b.' p^!��Ivn^^ wHKRBABrte nei value or ih,   ���"���'���"���"���"'"* ���"<> ���������������'���*>���
till thai a miscarriage Of justice hai  ""'" '-,"���"���'/',"'.'.:,"v���"'i ���   .'at'".f Four  whole   ,:.,.,,i,|.-  land  In      Munlclnalltv   BD. QOOLBT,  Agent.  N.w  Weatmlnster.
tak*,. place, and be bus accordingly ^ '"neVnH ',-��� '*���'*���'; ��4�� ,*������ "t, Uor^ng^.o :';-.|.^-;i,;;;^-'Mil"r,;r",-,:;.'.|H. w. BHonm ... P  a. v	
authorized   his  officers  to  take   what-   per annum payable !...,, v Ifundred   and   Blghlern   Thousand   Tl    i
over   steps   lhey   deem   neceSBary      tO      .<���<': "'IIKHKAS;';- ^'^^I^^llllimdred   and   S.-v.-u'v-tlve   Hollars   (III.. _        _,      __   T��T/e^
dy matters.
of tie   I'orP'.rntlon I
Rhy did with thi
Dletrli' "' 11
,,f   lhe   elect
for g, ei-ta'  purposes and
in, i   Lol   On��   rtundred   and
t|iior. The ordinance makes Ihls of
fense a misdemeanor punishable by
lino and Imprisonment It was a complete surprise both to Judge McCoy
and the woman's attorney, Iru Thomas. Both acknowledge,! their unfa-
niiliarity with tho new ordinance.
������a &
co   (��
.POISON ���)
Kvery ten cent packet will
kill morcflics than $8.00 worth
of any sticky fly killer. Refute
-substitutes, which are most
mont   police  station  his  wife  lay  on
Ithe   couch   in   tho   front   part   of   the
.building in  an  unconscious condition.
And  It was the result of Sandford's
conduct that the woman had to he re-
i moved ln the police ambulance to the
Western hospital.   There she lies now
In a critical condition, as the result of
|a nervous breakdown, while Sandford
I Is locked up behind steel bars, first on
'a charge of helng drunk and then ac-
icuped of stealing $t  from Ills  wife.
On  Saturday   Louisa  Sandford   reported tot he police that she bad lost $4
i somewhere.    On Saturday niuht Frederick Frances, lGl Bathurat street, was
arrested on complaints of neighbors.
i    At the station be gradually admitted that his rlnht name was Sandford
but ho did not wnnt anvone to know
he had been arrested.    While search*
. ing him the sergeant hound the $-1 said
to be lost by his wife.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs  Sandford
staggered  Into the station and  com-
plained to the sergeant that she had
.pains in  her heart.    The officers assisted her to a couch ami she lapsed
I into unconsciousness.   The police am-
Ibulance was summoned and the woman  was rushed  to the  Western  Iiob-
While I/oulsa Sandford fights her
battle It, the hospital Fred,"irk Sandford will fight his battle before the
Land Slide in Orchard.
Vernon, Aug.  'it,.    Much    sympathy
Is  felt  for fi.  fleer of  ire Cosy Corner ranch, who hnd the misfortune to
lose a number of fine young trees owing to a land slide which wiped out a
portion of his peach orchard, He, how-
lever, cncratulatuB himself on the fact
(Ihat it might have been worse.
com,' il.
Hamilton, Aug.
,    AN'i WHRttEAH the Mun
Of    lb"    ('orpurntlon    of    tli
William  Clark    Bufnnby did with 11	
pnl Councll
lilstrlcl    of
 t   of   tl l'*e-
m^^^^^mmmmmm��� ,.,.-  .ni   ihe Twentieth  day  of  January,
of no ������tldrcss, is in lh" tolls, charged iin flnallv pass By-law No. UB being
With having assaulted Harry Gold- a by-law to ��>*"��� $����� ��%?%���"twom"
Iit:;   nf the  St.  tir.orge hotel.    Along I "oht  Thousand  Hollars   ($2S.000.00)   for
'with the count are separate charges Scliool Purposes, the said ity law being
of resisting arrest, escaping from cus-jknowji (as ^^Hunmhv  School  Board   '-"���"���
'toil*,   and  assaulting  the  police.    Ao-jN'^I,   w|Vi:Hi:as   the   Corporation   by
Iconlnir lo eye-witnesses of Ihe arrest !,|���. s.-,ld Ilv-law authorised Ihe l"Mi" of
Clark put up a stiff battle before fin- :���'������'"������><��"'�� ���.",.Z^'"'^ 000^'"V.^.
ally   becoming   subdued   by   no   fewer ��� '.,'vahlo   ,.n   the  ThlrtY-flrst  dav   of   If
.than  nine constables, cember,   1065, nnd to bear Ht��reid  ni  the
After breaking free from the hotel-  rata  ^/^J.,"^ an^'p^btataJ���
I map in whose piece the row was Bale] I yenrly.
to have been Started, III" man ran ANli WHBRB*S th" d.'.nte-". nn-
pcrost the market and almost Into thoHsed bv the snld By-laws have not been
the arms of one of the minions of the El1n^ea��tWf"? ww*!S?"th" SU""
law Dodging hlm. he started round Lf the snld Bv-lnws the said .1'',. nt."*
the corner of James nnd Mulberry tlwjr;**���*.uthnHsed,^"d^un't',,m^vln*(;
��tr,, I.   only to trln mul  fall.    Twi LT." "r '*   "
.���hie on the Thlrtv-nrst dav "f December. ��sl al the rate ���r rive per centum i ������ i"*r
IS6S and tn hear Interest at lhe rat- ot i cent I p-r unnum computed from the First
Four find one-half i*��r centum C4V4 per tlay of July. 1818, umi micli Interest shall
en . ��T annum payahie half-yearly, be pnynblo half-yearly on the Thlrlh-tli
 .,.,..   ,,.... ,......'....,, I dav   of   June  and   the   Thlrtv-tlrst   day  nf
^^^^^^^^^^^^ llwount   In ^^^^
constables who were standing th��r- nuTJed"1?"lbe provhll-d" for lnndnili0'lsnlnec
Attempted to get hltn. b��l hi shewed .-sia'-v to pass this Hv-lnw authorising
fight and they were forced to call tor ],',';',;','.^"n1',"r;��,.,",.!m oVVl^pe'r" wnlum
assistance. (8 per cent.1 por annum,
Soon there wore nine on the scene.!     AN,,   wHKHK'.S  ll   will  bo necessarv
.ind such a bat'le ensued lbs'   it  '���"*'���   under said  Itv-law No.  IJ0A to ralie an-
nuallv   I,*-   special   rnte  the  sum   of  Tw,
Thousand   SI*   Hundred   und   Thirtv   and
vt-ioo Hollars (12,030.871 to form a sink-
 it fund fur the  payment of the prlnol-
er It helne npeensarv lo sh-<ekle his ""' "ni1 "'" ���"""' "r Twlve Thousand Hive
tr, u niinK necessary to snscKIB Ills ,, ,���,���,,.,.,, [ t���n,,rR i tli.l.til.ne , for Infect. Clark's wife Is also aliened to teres! mak In* together a tnlai amount an-
having taken part In the melee, the nunliy of Flftwn Thousand On" Hundred
claim being made that she used a SsoWfor the"*��� ^IhWHjTn.'flS'J
beer bottle nn   the  backs of the con- j > rr 'nr the repayment ,,f Ihn said loan
"'allies as they were stooping over *"'"*��� L"1?!?1 ��H!?1,""|. ,l"''ln,,fl"r ,m-7"
,.   . '     ' ,tinned, the nue,unt uf  two Tnousand shs
Hll'ir  mail. , Hundred   and   Thirty   and   87-IOU   Uullars
thetn all their time to place the hand
cuffs upon hlm. Kven these were
found  Insufficient to hold the prls"'i-|l
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phons   18S.      Barn  Phon*   IJ7
Bsghls Mrtst
MaKgaee HclHeieS Promptly io
any psrt of the city
Deoember In each year during lbs currency   thoroef   and   the     said     deheiitlir
shun have attached to then, coupons for| Prices right. Satisfaction guaranteed
ih,-  paymenl  uf  the  said  Internal   which .��� ���.!,..... " ���""������uwri-u,
shall h.ar the signature of the Reeve and | " wcnenne Ht
Clerk   nnd   sueh   Hlltnalure   mav   be   either | ****S*********^^^**^************^^***
written,  stamped,  printed or llthogmplicd
;. Th,-i��� shall be raised and levied itn-
niially during the currency ��f the snld debentures authorised by said Hv-law No
I20A by siM'ciui rale sufficient therefor
u|s,n all tiie rateable land within the limits of the said Munlclpalltv In a.Idltlon to
the annual sums required by tho sail IP-
law No. 120A the sum nf Ons Thousand
Two Hundred und Fifty Hollars ' * 1 .-
260.00) to pnv Ihe a/ldltiomil Interest Putin.1I7.11I by this Hy-law the sum" to be
In addition '" "II rates tt, be levlod and
created   In   the  said   Municipality.
:i    There shall be raised and levied on-1 * .   . . .- -.       ���
nually durme ibe currency of tho suid de-1 I i/rhf anH Hmw Hi-tilinn
b.-ntures authurlze'l by said Hv-law Nn Ul^I'lallU I ICa�� V fl-flullll};
121A   bv   special   rate   silll'etenl    tle��-���f,,- - **
noon all Ibe rateable laud within the limit"
uf the said Municipality In addition to th"
annual sums required bv the "aid H**-la*.v
No. 121A the sum of Two Hundred and
Fiftv Dollars ffSfiO.OO) In nnv Iho n I-
dltlntinl Interesl authorised by thli Itv-
law. the same t" tie In addition to !��'! r*Jt<s
to he levied and created In the sahl Municipality.
4.     There  "hall  tie  rals" d  anil   levied   :'*|
nuallv during the currency of the snld ���' *-
bentures authorised hv  said  Bv-lnw   Nn
IV2 hy special rat" SUfllclenl  therefor '""U
all   tlie   rateable   lands  within   Hi"   ll-r-'ts
of the hi.I,I Municipality In addition to the
annual sums reoulred I'V the snld IV'-law
N'n. 121? the sii-n of One ThouMnd Two
Hundred nnd Fifty Dollars (11,8*50.001 to
nnv the addlllanal Inlereal authorised bv
this Bv-law Iho same to ho in addition ,n
nil rates to h" levied and created In tho
said Muuiclpnlllv.
T>.     There shall tie raise,, and levied lltl-
nilally during the currency of Ihe suld de-
���l-rv OF  MrVW   wrsTS-H-MIBTFP. Sir
Telephones:  Office S3, Residence 4?9
JOHN ItKin. l'roprletor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Onsollne
Engines,  Marine   Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office snd Works: Tenth 8t.
P.O. Box 474.   N��w Westminster. B.C. TUESDAY,  AUCUST 20,  1913.
llinrj   of  Campbell   on   Old   Reserve
a   Crutal  Affair���Police Baffled
at the  Start.
Victoria,  Aug.   IS,   A   particularly
tliab  lit-al act  was that of the murder
or of Samuel Campbell, an the evidence al tlie inqUBIt on Friday afternoon disclosed it. There were no less
Ihan nine bullet wouiuIh in the body,
all  passing through  trunk or limbs,
That It was not the act of a drunken man the pollce are certain. There
is none of Hie uncertainly of aim lhat
one would expert to find In sueh a
eaae. Everyone of the bullets found
Its   billet    within   a   space   of   twelve
Inches square.
A   Maniac's Job
It would be the sort ol thing lhat
a lunatic mini,i lm expected to do, or
a person who bad been seized with
a liomoi.ldal mania, but then It m tl
nitre than probable that there would th
haye been other victims among the
men who spend their nights on the
i id reserve where the body was found
The police have no report of any
escape Iron, an asylum nor of anyone
being at. large suspected of insanity,
and n does nut seem as If any inquiry
along that line would be of service.
Time  Only   Surmised
',s < i the time of tlie murder it can
onlv I" Burmlsed, Dr, Raynor said
ai tlie inquesl that ihe stage of decomposition would warrant a belief
that the man had been dead for at
least :i wflSli This would be account
ed for, however, by lhe greal lout of
Hi,* past few daya Less than six
days intervened between Campbell being last Been and the finding of hls
body. It ib ihe theory of the police
and It iB supported by the probabilities that the murder took place on
Friday night last or early Saturday
morning, Thut it must bine taken
pill'"- at night Ib absolutely certain,
as nine shots coultl never be fired
on an;, part ol the reserve during tlie
daytlmi without someone bearing
A   Mystery
Everything points to Campbell finding bis way over lo the reserve some
time after Iie was last seen and hav
Ini; crepl In behind a fence or beneath a bush lo sleep. He placed an
nui   f-.aok.   such   as   men   of   Ills   class
i irry their blanket in. under his head,
lay down oh his back and pulled an
',:,l bedspread over hun
Hn: tins ailils tu the mystery of hll
Bb  ���!::*.'      At   iiiklit   it   would  be prac
il all) Impossible to see him where he
was lying, (nil even hy daylight intiir.
illd  pass within a few   yards of 111-'
i p, t and nm notlc him there. It i
11 isib ,- thai the murdi rer might h i-.
already lee:, sleeping mar Hn- tarns
ti., aid resented tue Intrusion, but
if In- did In must hav waited uut*'
lhe Intruder bad laid down before be
fin 1. Audio r theory was folio-', id
Inr against this is the fact thst hc
was not known to have any enemies
and thai there Is an entire absence of
motive so far im can be seen.
The direction taken by the bullets
pr' ves that Campbell was lying down
when he was shot, and though the
wound In the head was fired with th"
muzzle pointed ai an angle of forty-
five  degrees   from  the direction  of
I the other eight wounds. All were in
surh a position as lo fit In wltll the
theory   lhat   the   murdi r r  stood   Im
mediately at Campbell's right should
er and fired polnl blank down at him.
Nine "Zounds
Hr. Raynor found nine distinct bul
let wounds and as many boles of de
parture, or eighteen holes in all. The
first and most Borioua wound, in i'
B��lf   enough   to   cause   Instant   death.
entered at the left side of the nose
and came out two Inches above the
right ear. A second has passed
through the skin and muscle of the
right arm, half way between the
Shoulder and lhe elbow, entering from
the Inner side. The third was a bup
[erficial wound through the skin of
the right forearm. The fourth passed
through the right hand, entering between the thumb and for finger and
pusslni: out through the ring and lit-
f,ngers. smashing the bones of
hand. The other five wcre
thn ugh the rlghl iinst. lacerating
the lung badly and causing a grea'
flow of blood.
So far as the present outlook iB f;r
the discovery of the murderer of Sam
uel Campbell, the police seem to be
up iiKainst a dead wall wiih no means
of getting through or over it.    Every
member nf the plainclothes force and
some of thc uniformed men are busy
on it and every scrap of possible evidence  is  being    closely    scrutinized.
Tbere is an absence of clues and
lhe,.- wero iiti affiliations of lhe dead
ma,, that would furnish any suspicion
of anyone. If the murderer were one
who did not know Campbell, which
the police think possible, the persona!
element may be left out of the question altogether,
Th, red comforter which was lying
over the body when found has been
tract () as one which was lying abou',
tiie bremises of the Empire hotel a
couple of weeks ago li and another
one were lying about loosely where
they were acoissiblo t,, anyone, and
being practically valueless to the
,'iiu.*.,' no ouestion would be made if
anyone walked a Way with them.
Automatic   Used
Further careful of tlle search today,
resulted in the finding of two more
shells, making five In all that have
been found. It ib now almost certain
ihat the revolver used must have
been a. nine-chamber automatic, and
if it was it would mean that It was
fully loaded and thai the murderer
kept pumping away until he had imp
tied ii into the hotly. Who would
have a weapon of thiB sorl nml bs
knocking around thc reserve with II
Is exercising lhe minds of the police
lm- possth liij of the murderer
m v,r I,,'ini: discovered recalls the las-
murder mystery whieh this city had
That   was   the   Friedman   case,   which
occurred in the soring of 1D0X,    Fried  *   ���
man   waB   returning   home   from   the   "
theatre   wtth   Ilia   Wife   and   was   sir! j ,ipi'"   '"'r "''a'''
Just as he was opening Ihe doer of hi- j i'��h -SI  ��rr
home by someone who was watting     Continuing   lh
Inade.    In  thai   case there   were ser-1 that   at   the  timi
eral   lines   of   inquiry   which   offered
ihemsiivcB. but although all were tol
I w.il up the police were never able
to assemble  evidence Hint   would Jus
Hiy an arrest
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would   remarry   Han-
!r   .-r.-.(jr   Discovered   Said   to   Bc
From  Eight to  Fifteen  Feet
In   Width.
Kaslo, Auk. 26.- A nev Hud bas
beei mado on the 12-Mile i eotlon (f
north fork of Kaslo creek The
property Ifl Known BS the Helen group,
titu: Ih being opened hy hy Wm, English and Scotl Thornburg it Is situ
ated .1 milo er so south of tii- railway
and Hi" ntri'ie waa mado a few days
ad- I ii  "i" lurfECO of nearly eighteen
Inchoi i i ei,.-.-*, galena, running olghtj
per con:, lead and over 1"' ounce,. . |
sllvi r He latter figure 1- ug the lowest ass.-v mr tha white metal obtained
frnm .** y o* 'iie nteoes loraplod Ths
ledge is said to he "boyl * '" ,r> f"'''
In widtl- The country rock la gran-
Ite ii- ier part'es owned the ola.ima.
of which there are three In lhe group,
several year ago and liy a SOO fool
drift succeeded In gaining approximately IM feet of depth on Ihe ledge.
N',1 ore was found, however, In Ihia development, lut the preaent owners believe that If they had cross-out a' In-
lervals tn the walls, lhey would have
���UCCeoded In llndim; ore. It Is their
intention tn take advantage of Ihe former fruitless development work a' a
i,ter rinte Fnr thi�� present ore ia being sloped from the surface In a merry
rashh n and sbout half a carload of
Uie stuff la at preaent ready for shipping.
Dayton, Wash., Aug. 2.",. Reports from various sections of Columbia  county  have    recounted
the presi tice of large num!,era of
grasshoppers during thla month.
On thc north  side of the county
lhey have Invaded the small
ranches, t a k, 11 .< everything green
In sight, In this city they are
far more numerous than usual
and have attacked family washings, partially destroying linen
and articles of apparel The o
\V. II. A N motor train cow-
, -vlier was literal; covered wllh :
ths grasshoppers.
'"��� ft
* * -Tf s'e ���'} *
This  Is Allegation  in    Tangled    Suit
Carted Against Widower by His
Wlfe'c  Sister.
Portland,  Ore., Aug. 25.    The story
f the marriage of Mary  A.  llurke to
��� Augustus II   K. Orr, 15 years her junior, at Oregon city, December il, mil,
laud the subsequent death of the for-
:tner In this city July 19, 1912. has a
sequel In the tllltiK of a suit by Mrs.
Margaret Humason, of Spokane, a sister of Mrs. Orr, In the circuit court of
'Multnomah  county, praying  that the
i marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Burke-Orr
ihe declared null and void and that the
i estate of Mrs. Burke-Orr, estimated to
he worth  $S5,O0O, be given to her ns
tho only dlretc living heir.
Miss   Mary  A.  Burke,  wns a  well-
Property   Mieht  be  Leased
For Industries
Voter's   Aug. 25.���Holding thnt the known resident of Portland nnd lived |
pr'ce of land in the vicinity of Vic- with  her  brother,  Henry  llurke,  for
torla is such aa In many cases ns to manv yeara.    Her marriage to Orr wna
dlsnonreite the l-.r*itlon of industries; a subject of much gossip as was the
and   believing   that   some  would     be marriage   of   her  Vrolhen.   Henry,   to
(Induced to looatn If they could lease Bles_Bertha I'alser a short time ai:  r
land from the eUv, Aid   Cnthhert hai  '
a notloe of moi Ion on the board deal-
in-* with the matter.
It   proposes  that  toJJSTJfii* Intoxicating liquors and drugs.
���Tin's he Instructed to ascertain what i Collusion In Divorce
land  In  the city or In the Immediate |    Tll��� (,|vor(,n of 0rr from j, formpr
wife that paved Ihe way for his mar
complaint   allege?
f the marriage of
Orr and Mias Hurkc. Orr was indigent circumstances and had been for
, long time prior thereto. It is claimed that ho had no business or employment ,-r income trom any source an I
that for a lnng lime prior to thc m;,r-
riago bad lived at the residence of
M*ss Burke, where he hud received.
..���r.itis. from her hands (ull means Ol
support and lh.it while being sup-
ported by her he and his foruier wife.
Hannah M    Orr.   formed   the   plan   of
obtaining the propertv of Miss Burke.
Peglns Divorce Action.
In furtherance of this plan, it is al-
'etid that Hannah M Orr camn to
Oregon to bring a SUil for the divorce
wheh Mrs. Humason In her complaint
declares to be mill and void
The suit fnr divorce was based on
illegatlona of cruel treatment and Infidelity. Orr did not contest the suit.
In granting a decree of divorce Judge
Campbell awarded H-uurili M, Orr f"1
ner month alimony. Since the dlvoroe
Hannah M. Orr Ins remarried Sh" is
now tho wife of Byron .1 Mills. B8J0
Twenty-ninth street north. Orr, the
defendant in the ponding suit, la reported to be nt Long Meach. Wash
Orr came Into public prominence In
Deoember, 1911. when he obtained
two marriage licenses, in each of which
he figured aa the prospective bride-
cm,,m. One license was taken out In
Portland and Ihe other In Oregon Cltv.
Wllh the Oregon Cily permit as his
authority, County Judge Bentle of
Clackamas county performed nt Ore-
cm City on the same date a ceremony
which made Mary A. Hurke the wife
of Orr
Licensed to Marry Another1.
The license obtained In Portland
vave nermlsslon to marry Miss Ber-
���ha I'alser. a beauty specialist employed nt a department store In this
citv. This license was returned to
the county clerk with the Indorsement
"Marriage  ceremony  not  performed."
It Inter developed that Miss P.tlser
i-nd Orr were living nt the home of
Miss Mnry Burke, where also lived
Henry Burke, n bachelor brother.
After hls sister's marriage to Orr
Henry Burke was married to Miss
I'alser. A honeymoon trip to England wnn taken, hut Burke died after
they had reached London. In June.
1912. Henry Burke Is also said to
have been addicted to Intoxicants and
Ma.i on His Way to Vancouver Almost
Wj�� Subject of Memorial Service
ii> Glasgow.
Glasgow, Aug -I A remarkable
Bti r i f how a Peterborough man came
to life again after being 'dead.'' is as
Strange as could he Imagined.
Mr. and Mrs Robl it Barnes of Harts street, Nev Bngland, Peterborough,
r,i,Me,    a   letter   from   .Moose.     Jaw.
from th"',r sun. corn--, conveying the
s-oi tidings tha, liia I rother, Robert
William Barns*, who only left In Bngland In May lo take up a position as
snalysl and asaayer In a mining com-
pany In Vancouver. f"ll 111 and died
within eight days of his arrival.
The news was also cabled to a Mr.
Field, of Lincoln Road, Peterborough,
who wns asked to inform the family.
Kor some reason the cablegram was
never received, with the consequence
that the letter received came as a
great rhock.
Mr Barnes was a prominent Wesleyan local preacher, snd arrange-
ments were at once made for the holding of a memorial rervlce at the New
England  Wesleyan chapel on Sunday
A further letter, however, arrived
from   fierce Barnes, which Btated:
"Dear Parents: This Is really gncd
news, 'in -,nnv cancel mv last verier.
Have I' t heard from Bill, and he has
cci he'er ntu1 '9 now nt work. . .
The renri gl' *1 lo me waa Incorrect.
Was going to Vancouver to make fti-
noral arrangements, but got stopepd.
''"hei I "ini" home I will tell you how
the strange news was given to me in
mistake I?" shot. I thought I had lost
him. but I am glad to know that such
Is not Ihe esse.
Mr. P. William Bnrn��s. before going to Canada, was at Hii'l, where he
sustained a hrulpe over the car, and
after attendance bv a doctor a cure
was pronounced. But It seems that
the injury accounts for what has happened in Canada.
The medical explanation of the af-
trains and  the  movement of  railway-
vehicles, which may be properly called
railway  accidents,  Inasmuch   as  they
are  Incidental   to  railway  working,  a
large number of accidents unconnected with I ail way working occurred on
* railway  premises.    Accidents  of  this
kind  accounted  for the death  of  107
persons and injury to 23.920.   The majority of them were due to misadventure, and comparatively few could be
attributed to preventable causes.
i    In the ten years ended with 1911 one
: pasenger was killed in train accidents
jon   the   average   In   every     65,000,000
journeys,   and   one   injured   in   every
2.100.01)0. as compared with one in 68,-
100,000 killed, and one In 1,896,000 injured In 1912.
Boswell Is Progressive.
Boswell, B. C, Aug. 25.���There will
be a meeting of the Boswell-Kootenay
Lake union on Sunday afternoon, August .11 The sub-committee appointed
to carry out arrangements for the local fruit and vegetable show to be
held In connection with the Boswell;
exhibit at the Nelson fair will hand
In its report. Several handsome prizes j
have already becn donated
progressive    party   of   Chicago   aud
From another informant Mr. Ryberg
received a telegram statins that the
Hopi snake dance, which Colonel
Roosevelt went to study, took place
today, which leads him to believe that
the colonel will leave for Chicago in
time for the celebration.
Spokane,   Aug.   21.--Two  had   teeth
caused the death of Guy Kstey. aged i
38, at the Sacred Heart hospital yes-1
terday, just ten days after he had two
aching and   ulcerated  teeth  removed.
On August 8. Kstey, who had been
employed at work on the Sunset buul-
ewrd. aftet enduring a severe toothache for some days, had the offending
molars extracted, though not before
severe ulcertation had set ln. Whil?
their removal gave relief from the
toothache, Ihe infection rrom thn ul
ceratlon caused the spread of blood
poison through his system and the
flr-ft of lart week I>r J. II H ixsey
waa summoned to care for th" sick
man, who had been taken to his brothers' boms at  B1689 Second avenue.
"On my first visit." said Or. J II
Horsey last night. "I saw that Kstey
was then suffering from general sept I-
oaemla and on Wednesday ordered his
removal to the Sacred Heart hospital.
but It was Impossible to save him
"I  have  heard  of cases  In  which
deaths   have   resulted   from   diseased |
teeth, but It Is quite rarely that death
Is caused In this way nowadays.'
The body was sent to the New Kngland undertaking rooms, where it
awsl-Fts funeral arrangements. A
brother. T>an Estey, and a slstor are
the surviving relatives.
Teddy Can't Bother With Politics Under These Circumstances.
Chicago, Aug. 25.���It took a telegram
to Colonel Roosevelt nineteen daya to
get  to the colonel's camp in the Navajo desert, it was learned here today
from Charles J.  Kyberg, chairman of  situated on the side of a hll loverlook-
the committee which has arranged for  ing Edgewood and the Arrow lakes,
a hlg progressive party birthday cele-   .^���������^^***tm***>****>
Church for Edgewood.
Edgewood. B. C. Aug. 25���J. N. Mcl.eod, building contractor of Edge-
wood, has the contract for the building of the new St. Agnes church at
Edgewood. Operations will be started Immediately. The plans, which
were drawn up by Percy Coates, call
for apartments to be used as a vicarage, below the church, which will be
bration here August 30
Mr. Ryberg telegraphed the party-
leader July 18, asking him to be present and today received a letter dated
"In the Navajo desert, August 6. 1913."
It was written with a lead pencil on a
scrap of yellow wrapping paper and
"Vour telegram of July 18 has just
reached me, which shows how- impossible lt is to communicate while I am
in this desert. I have no writing materials, even. I am sending this in by
i Navajo runner. It Is impossible to
set a date when I can leave this country, as the day of the snake dance has
not yet been announced. I have the
deepest  feelings o    gratitude to the
Good All Round
aids to good health���and to the
strength, comfort and cheerfulness which depend on thecondi-
tion of health���are the famous.
time-tested, safe and speedy
t*M .*.rr*tmmt*.   Ia Inn, SS em**.
Spokane. Aug. 25���Hurled headlong
- ,'",   ���"; , ,'','m','-,' iV^.jlWM the handle bars of his motor-
falMs that n^lot^blo^odjiad formed j cycle wh|]e Bpeedlng 2B miles an hour
^n  Orehard   avenue,  William  Smith,
In the neighborhood of the bruised
ear. end remained unsusnected. The
futlgue of the journey and the vlbrn-
tion of thn Canadian rtain pmbablv
i I'iscttled the clot, which moved over
! the brain and caused the coma which
! led tho doctors to pronounce death.
In her complaint Mrs. llmnaaon al-
legea that Orr caiiRed her sister's
death prematurely by Inducing her to
vicinity can be leased for n term
years, nct less than 88, with the pur          	
pose of being released by the city ,0'void" anil of no ef feet' because Vlie'clr
new  Industries that mav  wish  to lo
onto In or near Victoria."
In  Ileglnn the cltv holds a considerable amount of land for this pur
.rlnge with Miss Burke Is alleged to be
cult court of Clackamas conntv, In
whlch-ilt was obtained, Bad no Jurisdiction, because Hannah M. Orr, the
fornser wife, had not for morn than
pose, nnd other western cities with one yenr prior to filing suit been n
live civic committees have facilities | resident of Oregon. It ls further slot thia character. The alderman ob- leged thnt the dlvoreo wns not BRked
served Ihls morning that the Indus-]for by Hannah M. Orr In good faith.
1rlnl development of Victoria Is to;but ln collusion with Orr. and lhat It
grow and to mako a livelihood here, w-as understood and agreed between
The motion wlll be moved on the them that Orr would, after tho divorce,
earliest available occasion. 'Intermarry with  Mnry A.  Burke and
They Live  Lorg  *"kI  Inrurance  Men
Like Them.
Minneapolis, Aug. 25.���Old maids
live long nnd aro good Insurance
Members of the medlcnl section of: London. Aug. 24,���Mr. Pease, mln
the American Life convention said so J trade general report upon accidents on
when thev met nt the Hotel Rt. Paul'the railways of the United Kingdom
ird  considered  tho "Insurability    of;during the year 1912 states that the
Two of the speakers declared that
"Intuition" was h big factor In the Insurance of women. They Insisted that
It was best not to wait until the women came Into the office for Insurance,
saying that when a woman feels that
death Is near she hunts up the Insurance office.
"Statistics sh"w" raid Dr. D. A.
Talbot, of Kansas City, "that the percentage of fraudulent cases and bad
Halts Is much larger In cases that
como in voluntarily than In those secured by    canvassing."
casualties to passengers In accidents
caused by the movement of trains and
railway vehicles, other than train accidents, are reported to be much more
numerous than those caused by train
accidents, but they are described as
differing from the latter in that they
largely arise from the carelessness of
the passengers themselves. The number of persons killed was 1,010, and
injured 8,700.. a decrease of 60 In the
number killed and an increase of 355
In the number Injured as compared
with the figures ot 1911. In addition
to accidents caused by the running or
aged 20, an employee of the Spokane
Cycle nnd Supply company, struck on
the hard roadway, sustaining concussion of the brain, from which be Is
not expee'ed to recover.
Young Smith, with a friend, Elmer
Smith, on the rear seat of his machine,
together with another friend, Clyde
Crutchfteld, who rode a single seated
machine, were on their way from the
city to Liberty lake to spend the evening with the Injured lad's sister. They
hsd Just turned into the Liberty lake
road when Smith's machine atruck a
wagon rut, from which he waa unable
to release the machine before It fell.
Elmer Smith, on the rear seat, wu
also thrown Into the road and rolled
over and over, but escaped without a
Crutchfield raced his machine to
the home of Dr. Silas Yarnell and the
doctor brought the injured lad to Spokane general hospital after a hasty
preliminary examination had showed
serious Injury- Dr- J- H. Hoxsey wae
summoned on the arrival at th* hospital, as was also the young; man's
mother and sister, with whom ke Uvea.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
���itullthle an Second atreet. New Westmlnstel with Soulevard Dowr
tha Centra.   ."
Bltulithic la noiseless, non-ellppery, practically dutlm, war oa
horse*' teet, and, abov* all, particularly durable.   For tk***
Illtullthlc Is commended klgkly br owner* of
householders, and eity oflclala.  It bas been adopted by tftaaa eltl**
In Canada, and ov*r two kindred la tk* United State*.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phene Seymeur UA      T14J17 Dewlal** Twm PAflR EIGHT
Remember the Place-
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Imported especioUjt-"lor our
trade after mufn^difficulty in
procuring J*r Delightful for
BundegerEspecially nice for
K��rnSalail and a dozen other
neat dishes. Remember we are
sole agents for this product, per
tin 30c.
Sliced Peaches���These are
very hard to procure and only a
limited pack, so be sure and get
a tin, per tin 30c.
California Limes���Jucier than
lemons and far cheaper. For
drinks, lemon pies, etc., they
cannot be beaten, per dozen 20c.
Bon Ton Raisins���A No. 1. The
best on the market, 2 16-oa.
pkgs.  25c.
Peaches, per lb 10c.
l'esrs,   2   lbs 25c.
Plums, 2 lbs 25c.
Crapes,  per  lb 20c.
Oranges, doz 35c. and 40c.
Bananas,  dozen    30c.
canteloupes   .....15c.
Watermelons   35c. to 85c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L, ADAMS      8. K. BR1GGS
Greater Westminster
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break thla
rule, as their Instructions are positive
Mrs. S. Hoe will meet ',
piano and theory tljis-'week.
ils for
" ilS4til
The new arrangements in the
Ing department of the llbrapy'-where-
by u borrower can pick^-oCt hit
book is giving greau-sStisfaction
O'Meara, the cpwfteoiis librarian. Is to
be cougrjjiwtatt'd on her Initiation  of
a BigjMtrTmprovement.
If your corns    hurt   use   George's
Com Shields. Hill's drug store. (IH-Im
is allowed on all deposits
of $1 and upwards and
interest is added each
three months.
You know the difficulties of saving when
you try to keep it in
your pocket or trunk.
Open an account here
today, or at least next
pay day, and have the
satisfaction of knowing
that you have started
right towards comfort
in old age.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. S. KEITH. Mana-jer.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-I'p Capital and Surplus
TruateeHhlpR under Administration, over $0,000,000.
Trustee for bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Arrangem-eats  are  being   made
tho U. LVTelephone company to    re
pl��p-e-"ttbout 200 feet of the submarine
Ible    at the    Kraser    river    bridge,
which  went   oul  of commission    last
Krlday  morning.    This    section    has
own | been  found to  be  dampened  by    the
MlBS I lenksge   and   will   be   replaced   with
new  materia) once it arrives in    the
city.    The  temporary    cable    across
the river, at a point near Abbotsford,
is answering the purpose of Ihe company, although the long distance copper lines running through to Belling-
A small band of gypsies has located 1'">'>���  ����  hampering  the    work    con-
Police   Court   He   Will    Tell    the
Story of a Missing Gold Watch
and   Fob.
tents on the sands at the south end of sUlerably for the    handling
the Kraser river bridge.
A splendid outfit of furniture suitable for small family la for sale at 56
Roval avenue, Tuesday and Thursday. (1949)
Tlle cement foundation for the new
fence at Queens park, on First street,
is being rushed in order that lt may
be in use by the time exhibition
I distance calls
TAXES 1913.
Money to loan on
improved city and
9 per cent. Alfred W,
first mortgages,
farm property,
MeLeod.  (1S2SI
Building permits were taken yesterday by Edward C, Charles, Alex. McConnell, C. W. Kact, W. Olfford and
C W. Waltnsly, the buildings totalling
t cost of $3700.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
During the absence of L. B. Lusby
and family at Crescent Mr. Lusby's
residence, 215 Royal avenue, was
broken into and robbed. Among the
articles stolen were a gold watch and
jewelery. The loss is estimated at
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current
having all been Issued and as the rebate period will expire on August 25,
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W. H. GRIFFIN, Collector,
iisio) Bdmonds,
Prizes    at
Amateur Gardens to Get
The city man growing a few-
vegetables or a little fruit in his backyard, or the man In the country with
but a little patch available for this
purpose, will lind an excellent opportunity to exhibit his best specimens
at Ihe provincial exhibition, which
opens in this city on September 20
and continues until uctober 4. for
special prizes have been offered for
this class of exhibitors.
This  competition   is  open   to  ama-
Mrs. C. C. Kisher, 603 Third avenue. lteur    Kurdt.,iers    in  Vancouver,  New-
will reopen her music classes on Mon-, Westminster and the districts,
day,  August  25.    All  pupils  are    re-1    Through  their  Vancouver  manager.
Cristubul Casls, the diminutive
Mexican, who was picked up on Columbia slreet lute Saturday evening
on a charge of entering the room ot
Bert Murray and stealing a gold
watch and fob, was remanded In
police court yesterday morning on the
,ngirequest of the police, who will en-1
Ideavor to look up a previous record
of Cristobal In Vancouver and
That he is mixed up with more than
one crime Is the belief of the police,
owing to the way be addressed I'. C.
year Bass a few minutes after the robbery,
'although speaking in Mexican.
P. C. Bass has travelled some, ilia
: knowledge of naval warfare Is said
'to bc on a par with any person's in
the city, due lo the fact that the
aforesaid Mr. Bass lias sailed the rag
ing main, and his forefathers hefore
him. Hence the little Mexicano confab between Bass and Cris. However
iCris is still in durance vile and will
i remain so until Wednesday morning
���when Bert Murray and others ar- ex
pected to grace the witness  box.
See Advt. on Pa
.McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHRES&Co.,OfficialApts
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
it com:
quested to start at the commencement
of the term to ensure success. Vacancies for a few more pupils.        t W391
The body of J. Buckley, fisherman,
who was drowned In the Kraser river
near Hammond a week ago. was recovered yesterday. The bodv got entangled in one of the fishing nets six
miles from where Buckley lost hls
Burqultlam persons wishing to show
what tbe district can produce will
send anything they wish towards Vancouver district exhibit to W, Whiting not later than August 27.     (1908)
Recent changes in the officers at the
local Y. M. C. A. were formally ratified at last night's meeting of the
board of directors. The retiring general secretary, Mr. Robinson, was
thanked for his untiring services and
the results of his efforts commended.
Mr. Barnes, the new secretary, was
formally welcomed by thi* directors,
and was introduced by the western
field territorial secretary. Mr. Ballan-
tyne, who came to this city yesterday.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
lo the 11. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1829)
Thia week will si-e the completion
of the paved highway between Edmonds and Central Park, the top
dressing of the last stretch near Royal
Oak being expected to be in place
some time today, or Wednesday. The
portion  between  Kdmonds and Tenth
the Hudson's Bay company has offered a dining room suite valued at $100
for the best cottager's exhibit. That
is, an exhibit made and arranged by
an Individual, of vegetables and
fruit, grown in his own garden and
cared for in his spare time. A person
making his living from fruit growing
and vegetables is not entitled to participate,
A second prize of a set of harness
valued at $40 has been offered by
James Jolley & Sons, of Hamilton,
through their agents in New Westminster, T. J. Trapp & Co.
The third prize is a cart valued al
$30 and the fourth is five squares of
medium  Red Ka-lor-old roofing.
ln the police court yesterday morning $25 ball money and a flock of
whisky was forfeited by an Indian
who was charged with being In pos
session of the forbidden fluid.
Another drunk and disorderly abandoned $10 to the police coffers rather
than  face the magistrate.
Another man for getting drunk and
assaulting a police officer In the execution of his duty was fined $25 and
His honor Judge Howay held n
chamber court sitting yesterday and
disposed of a number of applications.
(I. E. Martin, of McQuarrie, Martin
& Cassady. on behalf of Burnaby
municipality, was granted judgment
against A, J. I'assage for $274 and ,
costs, arrears of taxes. In the easel
of Burnaby against Lougheed, judg-1
iment for $428.26 atrears of taxes was
granted. Judgment not to be taken out j
until end of week. |
ism" and then return it to Mrs. Nelson
to be worn by her In the same manner.
The results to be obtained were calculated, Carinody said on the witness
stand, to improve Mrs. Nelson's mental activity.
Detective Foils Plot.
The pockets were made and sewed
on a belt as directed, and  Into each
of them Detective Kordyce slipped one
of  his  own   silver  dollars.    Carinody
came to the apartments, talked occult
sicence for a few minutes, got the belt.
t and  was about  to depart  for his  six
hours' seance with the coin, when For-
jdyce   stepped   from   bebindt   he   portieres and asked him to go to the stB-
| tion.
Carmody declared    to   Justice Witt
' that   he   believed   hlms'-lf   "silly"   for
i having   attempted   the   "experiment,"
'that it was his flrst attempt, and tbot|
he  had  made a  "clown" out  of hlin-
1 self, but that he was honest.    Justice
Witt smiled, as he  replied
1     "I   have   studied   psychology,   but   1 |
I never knew   it  was  necessary  to  use
'this method lu teaching it. I will make
It thirty days."
Five    Days
Meals  and
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (Stewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Bay.)
SJalls Mondays i Midnight i. Aug.
2.",th  and  Sep!   1.
and Return.
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain  and   Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
21st and 2Mb
Boats remain at PRINCB RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Oratid Trunk Pacific city Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an ad'
dltlonal Cost. Staterooms en suite without extra cos' All outside
Through tickets to all
Eastern points via the popular Qrand Trunk
11. (1   SMITH. C, P. ���& T   A.
527 Oranville Street, Vancouver.
W.  B.  DUPEROW, O. A.  P.  D.
l-hone Private Eichange 8134
Which     Are     Better,     Clusters     or
Spokane. Aug. 25.--A scientific In-',
vestigation ot the comparative merits i
of the present live-cluster light, used
in front of several downtown buildings, and the new one-lamp light thai
has been proposed, is being carried on
by Arthur D. Jones, J. I.. Paine and
John W. Oraham. the committee appointed to study the downtown lighting system.
It was their Intention to engage a
civil engineer to do this work, bul
Anally arrangements were made wit'.:
City Knglneer Morton McCartney to
make the investigation He will submit his report to Ihe committee in the
near future.
The committee will take his findings and on  them  base  their  report
Toronto  Market  Steady.
Toronto. Aug. 25    The   slock    exchange  while   not   very    active,     was
steady today, the sharp rally in MacDonald and Spanish river issues being
a helpful factor.    Spanish river recovered 2 1-2 points during the morning,
going to 29, and  MacDonald went  up
three points to 27.    The big recovery,.
was   in   Spanish   river  preferred.     It | "���*���   maples.     Lovely
did not sell here during the morning i'*'*k'   *"'"' ",v" """l
but the bid was pushed un to DS without bringing out any stock.
I   J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street, New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Gooda of all Kinds.  PHONE  6M.
Will f Ml FOR
Pack in your bathing suits and a
well filled hamper and spend a day at
Maple Beach, Boundary Hay Plenty
of free picnic places on the sand
beach or under the wonderful spread-
spring water
to I.adner and
the Coudy road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
avenue is being rushed  to completion   -which   Will   be   suhinitted   to   the   city
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
and the entire contract will probably
be finished by tha second week in
Word was received in the city yesterday cf an accident which took
place near Abbotsford when an auto
owned by a Vancouver party ditched,
while rounding a sharp curve, throwing the occupants out. A Mrs. Sutherland was hrought into the cily later
in the day hy W, fi. (Ii-vi-ny, of
Seattle. Her Injuries were attended
to. and later she was taken to Vancouver. The car was said to be damaged somewhat.
l-'p d Davis will sell by publlc auction absolutely without reserve (under
Instructions from ll. .1 Russell] the
household furniture and i-tf<i*ts at
812 Fourth avenue, ,,.���, Wednesday
Auguat '-7, at 2 p.m sharp, Bale will
Include ver) One organ, drop head
Sii ger sewing machine, dining room
suite, beds, springs end mattreBses,
i lull,,nil rs and dressers, range, beater,
ki'eh, n utensils, etc, Everything
must In- sold at any price, Sale 2
p.m.  sharp. iliM'JI
The work of the Home Reunion association is of a quiet, unostentatious
nature, but Is none the less bene
iicient  and patriotic,    To assist  on a
' strictly l.uBlness basis the reunion of
dependant families with    the    bread-
] winners, who are temporarily financially Incapacitated, from effecting it
themselves, is the chief object of the
association. The applications are
scrutinized minutely and   the   money
advanced only to respectable citizens
: located In tho City to bring out tlieir
ifamilies. Two applications were pass
led  yesterday  morning,  making  seven
In  all  since    tbe    association    began
council with recommendations regard
Ing   the   lighting   scheme.     The   city j
engineer will compare the distribution j
of the two types of street lamps and
report   on   the   comparative   cost   of |
Estimates furnished the committee
would indicate that the new light
furnishes a better distributed ligii: al
about one-quarter the price. Investigations made at Butte and Missolua,
where the new light is In operation,
seemed to bear out these statements
Tale of Magic From Washington State
That Sounds Like Chapter From
Crusading Times.
Industry  Promises to Become Papular
��� Higher Coyote Bounty
Vernon, Aug. 25.   Bheep raising
large scab- may be made an entirely successful and eminently profitable
iindustry ii the Okanagan valleyo in
British Columbia, according to
George Heggle, Of Vernon, who has
himself demonstrated  the  feasibility
I of the project.
In Ihe spring of this year Mr. Heggle, as manager of a large land company, which controls an Immense acreage near Vernon, Imported 1,800 head
of sheep from Maple Creek. Siusk.
Though   at  flrst  lhey   encountered     B
'number of adverse conditions, the
sheep   hnve   thrived   beyond   expecta-
drapes, per Ib	
Bananas, per dozen
< antoloupe, each   .
reaches, per Ib.  ...
' ,'atermelon, eacli ..
25 c
.20c. iT.
What Hapoens When Prices Are All
Shot to Pieces.
Win ii a man lakes an axe ami cuts
prices down lie Is entitled to some attention, but when he takes a machine
gun and shoots thetn all to pieces,
everybody becomes curious ami investigates.
Such briefly, is the (ale of happen.
Ings In the a. J Birtch whitewear
house on Columbia street where II.
Lacelle has taken charge with in-
, ,40c to 60c,
...2 Iba. 25c
oranges, per do��cu  '���i-io to 45c
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
447 Columbia St ***** M.
at ructions lo clear lbe shelves before
the leaae expires,
And  he's clearing thetn,
(if course if those shelves didn't
carry some of the best bargains every
offered In the city, tbey wouldn't clear
al any price, but they do and the
Crowds of appreciative buyers are
helping Mr. Lacelle to accomplish his
desire with Lstonlshing rapidity.
tion, and Mr. Heggle has determined
to Increase the flock   to about 3,000, and and Imbue It
to  keep at  least  1,000  ewes  ou   ' '
each year for breeding  purposes
At first the sheep, which had come
direct from the prairies, did not take
kindly to the hills, nor to the long
grass, but once ihe range was cropped
close they  put on  weight  rapidly.
The success of ihe experiment will
undoubtedly result in the establish
ment of a new Industry In the Okanagan valley. Already B movement ls
afoot to urge the government t,, raise
the coyote bounty from M to $5 In order to encourage owners of range
lands to take up sheep raising.
Okanagan valley sheep growers will
have a home market The butchers
of the town of Vernon alone express
willingness to handle from 50 Ho 100
sheep each weak. Al present moat of
the mutton used In the valley Is Imported.
Vernon city and district are being
benefited by a greater IntelOSt In
hogs, poultry and mixed farming. Prevailing weather conditions are conducive to a flno crop outlook.
Spokane, Aug. 24.���With a piece ol ,
quartz which he claimed was a charm- I
ed stone from the wall of Oethsemane, j
n<ar Jerusalem, John F. Carmody, who j
claimed he was a mining engineer by I
profession, but a clairvoyant by hobby, j
came  near  getting  $80  In   guld   from ,
Mrs. M. J, Nelst ii. who rooma at Sec- j
ond  avenue  and   Howard  street, ac-
cording to testimony In a peculiar lar-
ceny suit in poll :e court yesterday. He I
v.as arrested August  14 by  Detective
Pordyce and was yeBterday convicted
of larceny by trickery and sentenced j
to ao days In lall.
Carmody, who gol acquainted with-
Mtb Nelson through ber daughter, a I
maid :" the Rldpath hoti I, �� here ho >
was staying, got   Mrs   Nelson,  who  N
.-'��� ardenl spiritualist to sleep with
the quarts pel ble under ber pillow and
so Interested her In hls dlscustson of
���*. . ' tuggestlon," psychology and oth
er things that she agreed t" become
p.* i ��� I,, an "exnerlment." -is Charmodv
characterised It, by which she was tn
glvi him possession nf th-'*,* $20 gold
ni'*- > p   from   1   o'clock   until   7  o'clock
thai day.
Wa- to Return Money.
Carmody's presence Iii emir! hlngPd
on the question of whether he Intended tn bring back the void or rt
i-,',, ii \ir,-, N'.'is'n thoughl In- would
kee;, It If he got It and called the i��:>
Ure In time to lay n trip lor blm, ���
���"���ir-'c'v deelnred in Jflsllcn Witt thnl
he would have returned the money at
al' hazards,
The "experiment" was I'or Mrs  Net-
��'-n i" make three little pockets, each j
the 'i/f of a dollar, and sew* them t i ;
a  hell  large enout'h  to reach  around '
Carmody's waist.   He was to wenr the
bell   next  his  skin   for several   hours,
with hls own "magnet
What with the harbor Improve
ments, the further
the  fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her ow n.
Tailor to -Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust  Block.
Pres and Owl. Mgr.
W. f. H. BUCKUN.
Bee. and Treas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd B77.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market,  Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market.   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,  Phone   t883.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St
For Vancouver via Cen-
45  a in.
until   '.i
tral Park.
WEEKDAYS���fi and    6
and   every   15   minutes
p ni.     Half hourly service
11  pin.  with  lato car at
SATURDAYS���18 mlnuta
vice Is continued milII 11
SUNDAYS�����. 7, T::o s
8.80 mid every 15 minutes
ll p.m, wiiii late oar at
For Vancouver *ia
6 46 a m   and hourly until lu p.
'��.,   with   late  car  at   11.'10.
(I 111.
ii in   and 4.30 p in.
BUNDAYB���8 am. and    hmirly
until   lu  p.m.   with  late  car  ut
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS -7 am   and every
hour until 11 p in.
BUNDAYB-  8 am.    and    every
huro until 11 p in.
Connection  Is  made  nt    Bb-
li'iur until 11 p.m.
and other points on l.ulu Islnnd.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.1B a.m., 1.10 aud
6.18 p ra,
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
Riveted Steel Pipes
P.   O.   BOX   44?
Take advantage of the Business Msn's Train and make your
home at Crescent Ilnaeh (Mackie Kpltj  for the summer months,
Train leaves al 5::i0 pin. dally, on and arter June ir,. returning In
the morning In time for business,    Orescent    Beacb    affords   Ideal
conditions  for sumrnur homes, combining  Ihe  best  of  bathing,  boat
Inn at all stages of the tide together wllh fine beach.    Anealan veil
water to all residents.   Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1M1.
We write Fir*. Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   nnd
Marine Insurance.
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.; Saturdays 11 p.m.
School Boots for kiddies, from  $1.25
School Hoots for Misses and Boys  1.45
The finest variety in the city.   See us before
We arc out of the high rent district so can give
the best value.


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