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The New Westminster News Apr 10, 1913

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 These Are Facts.
Industries   of   New  Westminster
and   the   Frnsur   Mills   employ   370'J
mon;   produce  annually   $9,802,285;
pay In wages annually $2,889,840.
/Weather Todays, X
ietfi m*ti*la)-fcttr and  the  ftiwer
Inland--l.lftsi ttf'inbOerate^wfiids,
lally   fair,   with'felationarlr   or
tnperaturcs. J
--   5^*\
.V*.        th
Electric Workers Will Ask Boy and Woman Shot and Supporters and Opponents
City to Enter into an
Excitement Following Motion Recalls Scenes of March
15���Premier Borden Speaks and at Conclusion Sir Wilfrid  Laurier and Hon. J. ,D. Hazen Rose���Speaker I����� an(' the c-ty authorities is iikeiy
I to  brew  during  the   next   few   weeks
Rules for Laurier but House Decides Otherwise.
One Lad Wounded With
Trouble between the electrical work-
of  B.C.E.R.   Franchise
Lock Horns.
Ottawa,   April  9.���The  Introduction | yeas hnd ll and the opposition immedi
by  Premier Borden   of    the   government's  closure    resolution    waB    the
cauBe of another extraordinary scene
ately demanded a division. There was
much excitement and scurrying after |
rew during the next few weeks
unlees the latter assent to an agreement being Blgned up between the
city council and the local Electrical
Workers union This was hinted ut
the meeting of the Trades and Labor
council last evening when representatives from  the union  asked  that  a
, ... ! committee    be    appointed    from  the
in the house thla aflernoou.   The crux   members who wero Boon In Iho house. 'Trades and Labor council to assist th
of the light was aB to whether or not
John I). I!a;*ei) Bhould be allowed to
speuk before Sir Wilfrid l.aurler and
by moving the "previous iiuestlon"
prevent the Liberals from moving any
amendments. When the two rose the
spenker said that the leader of the
opposition had the floor, but on a
vote or 83 to 67 the house decided
that Mr. Ha7.cn was the llrst to speuk.
He could not make himself heard on
When   the   speaker   was   ublo  to   put j linemen in laying their request before I thlzr-rs tuday  and  the riotous sceneB
the question Sir Wilfrid    made    thi | the city council.
point of order that the motion should I     U WHS '���><P-il-����i that Biinilar a
Strikers   Attempt   to   Drop   Obstacler       Edmonds, April 9���Supporters   and
on Cir.  Frcm  n���.,h.���< opposers of the D. C. E. 11. franchise
on Cars  Frcm  Overhead , by|aw ,ooke(J hQrng ,n verbft, Mmb&t
Bridge. Iiu a masB meeting of the ratepaycr.1
In tiie llurnaby public hall last even-
  j lug.    The meeting was rather flat al
Rnffaln  vv    Ar,rii q    t����.��. ���.!.. I xi**i ��PenillK.  but  towards  the middle
Buffalo, .vv. April 9.-Troop. with of Ule evening lhinK3 |iad warme(1
fixed bayonets held no terror for the somewhat and statements were belli.-;
striking carmen of the International. flung lu all directions ln a Bplrited
Railway  Company  and   tlieir  sympa- manner.
The opposition  to the  bylaw came
along very Btrongly armed with argu-
Event of Friday, May 2nd, Bids Fair to Eclipse All Previous Celebrations���May Pole and Country Dances
Voted Splendid Innovation���Teachers and Scholars
Busily Preparing���Voting for Queen Begins Monday.
', mentB as sought   from  the citv  were
mention   that he   wss ou  his feet  at | ,n furC(. between the men and the Van-
the same time us the minister of I couver Power Company and the West-
marine and lisheries. lie wanted It jern Canada Power Company,
made clear that he was not later than . Such an agreement deals wllh the
the minister In coming to his feet, scale of pay and working conditions.
He wanted the country to understand I When the agreement was signed be-
this. Speaker Sproule: "The two tween the men and the Vancouver
account of the uproar, but managed to  members rose together     I ruled that ; Power  Company     the     city     council
amend   the member    for    Quebec    had    thr  agreed to pay the same scale.    Now
floor." j that   a  union   has   been  organized   In
The motion was then put amidst i ,h'8 city of the workers the men feel
cries from the opposition nf "Gngj,hat the city council should agree to
masters" and "Manitoba wonder." tlio!Hl-8n a similar contract. The matter
latter     referring     lo     Hon,    Robert ! lB "kely to be brought up before the
council   at    a coming meeting.    Delegates   Cameron   and   Kundsen  of   the
make   his   motion   excluding
Mr. Borden concluded his speech by
moving tlio resolution standing In hla
name, this being seconded by Hon.
Hobert lingers.
When   the  prime  minlBter resumed   Rogers    Hon. J. Bureau shouted: "We
his  seat  and  the  motion    had    been   ,al">  our  medicine    from    men,    not
read    by    the    speaker.    Sir   Wilfrid   from brutes."
Laurier and   Hon. J.  D.  Haien    both Large   Majority,
rose to speak. There were such loud The division showed 105 yeas to
cheers from both sides that neither 67 nays, a government majority of 38
was uhle to proceed, and Indeed It Mr. Lavelle, of Bell Cbasse Nat'on
waa nearly a minute before Sir Wilfrid allst, voted wllh the opposition. Then
Ijiurier noticed that there was any- Mr. Ilazen rose to speak. There was
one else on the floor. When he did constant uproar during all the time
notice It be appeared much surprised,   that  he   r��ad  hla   motion   which   was
"I think the honorable member for that the question be now put to the
Kast Quebe (Sir Wilfrid) has the house. Not one word of what he sa'd
floor." said Speaker Sproule. (Liberal was audible and not until the speaker
cheers I formally read the motion did manv o'
Mr Northrup. of East Hastings, rose the members know what It contained
and drew the attention of the speaker ' Shouts of "Shame." "Louder." "Sii
to rule 17, which provides that when down" and "Shame on New Bruns
two members of the house come to wick." greeted the minlBter while he
their   feet   together  the speaker  Bhall   had  the floor.
say which has the floor, but that It The speaker read the motion, Uk
is within the power of any member effect of which was to shut off nil
to rise anil move that the house Bhall   amendments to the resolution. '
Labor   council   wero   ap-
commlttee  to assist   tbo
Trades  and
pointed    a
Civic Appointments.
The little breeze that took place In
of former days of the strike were numerous and of a more serious nature.
All efforts to resume traffic were
blocked and all the cars were withdrawn at nightfall after an intermittent operation of less than four hours.
Once this afternoon the troops UBed their guns right through. The speak-
their riflie. A woman and man were! ers were almost as 'numerous as the
wounded and a boy received a thrust i arguments put forth and the meetim
.'rum a bayonet. The woman probably : dragged on to a late hour. Mr. II.
will die. i Fraser presided.
Efforts on tho part of Mayor Fuhr-1 Each member of the North Burnaby
maun to bring about a settlement hy i delegation wore legions Buch as "We
arbitration met  with little encourage-1 support  the franchise."
"The game'a afoot." as Shakespeare
said, and, if the spirit In evidence at
last night's meeting of the May Day
committee counts for anything, then
the greal event of 1918 will go down
in  history    as  greater even than its
ineiils for their side and made strong j immediate predecessor,
efforts to turn the meottng in their Rut first. *-*"' 'tarn of greatest inter-
favor. ThiB was not accomplished.!est to tlle children, in whose sole be-
however, as a large contingent of I ha,f Westminster May Day is held. Is
North Burnubyites flooded the m.vt|lllat on Monday next the ballot boxes
ing at an  early  stage and   stuck    to   r��r  the  reception  cf their votes will
ment from the company. William D.
Mahon of Detroit, president of the
Amalgamated AsoBclation of Street
and Electric Railway Employees outlined to the mayor the men's grievances and offered to lay them before
a board of arbitration. President Con-
nette of the railway company, conferred   with   the   mayor,   but   neither
Mr. E. Winch, the first speaker, offered a general argument on municipal ownership and pointed out what
a valuable asset thev were giving
away  under the franchise.    Someone
he hoped to Bee some three hundred
children or more dancing these    old
fashioned   dances  on   the  green     of
Queens park next May Day.
Plaiting the Ribbons.
In  addition   to  these  dances  each
school  In  ihe  city would send  eight
boys and eight girls to take part in a
Maypole   dance   competition.    All   of
these Innovations had been made poa-
I^S^it^JS^^Eat*]*!!**   B��'��*    trough   the     interest
shown by lhe principals and teacher-*
offices of The British Columbian and
of The News. They will close on the
Saturday evening of that week, and
every school girl is entitled to a vote
Already It Is reported that several
candidates are being put forward for
the honor.
Now aB to the May Day committee
meeting.   There was a hint of former
of the schools, by the school superintendent and by the school trustees.
Mr. Gowan Macgowan paid a tribute to the work that had been done
aad moved that a very hearty vote ot
thanks be accorded Mlsa Lena Cotsworth,  the  pupils  and teachers who
merry gatherings around the table of ���*�� today working hard to perfect
the Board of Trade as Chairman X, J. themselves in the dances, the school
Johnston called a  Bcore of stalwarts authorities  and   the  chairman  of tho
asked "Do you want to keep   on walk-  to ��rder- told them how pleased    he ��JJ^ ^,imm^tteVle
ing four or live miles every day,"   to   was mitii the Btrength of the attend-
the council chamber last Monday af-iwould divi��lge what passed between
ternoon when Alderman BryBon raised j tll��.���- , , . . ..
objection to certain appointments be- The fact that tne calling of more
ing made by th* heads of the commit- 'f00"8 wa? under 8eri��"s constdern-
tees instead of tbem being acted upon tion tonight was taken as an Indication that a peaceable settlement was
I still a remote possibility. With over
��� 300 miles of street car tracks to pa-
| trol, the 3000 men under command of
i Brigadier General Welch proved an
] Ineffective policing force.
If more troops are to be brought
here the order must be signed by Governor Sulzer
which    Mr.    Winch    readily    replied
"Why   did   you   go  into   tho   wilds 7"
(Continued on Page Four.)
I ance, and predicted a glorious
for the May Day of 1913.
Chairman Cambridge.
This was enthusiastically endorsed
and Mr. J. J. Johnst.n, who will also
act ou the dances committee in
future, together wllh many others, ex-
(Contioued on Page Eight.)
Thereupon it waB promptly decided, Pressed their appreciation of the pub-
lo hold thc event upon the Hrst Frl-1"? "��'rit Bnown by the teachers in
day In May. which ts May 2. and Mr. tne wAools. and of the co-operatton ot
J. J. Cambridge was voted chairman 1th8 school board
for 1913, his old antagonist on the
cinder track gracefully retiring- Mr.
Cambridge commented on the event ta
a similar vein to Mr. Johnston.
Must Be Emblematic.
There    was some    discussion upon
window  dressing  and it was decided
to hold a similar competition to that
Mr. D. E. MacKenzie waa appointed.0' ���***������* year, namely the challenge cup
secretary. Mr. N. R. Brown tre-assrer.' *Wen bV The New8 for the *������*
ln room of Mr. Gowan Macgowan, who decoded window, emblematic of the
cannot  this   year  give  the  n*e-*mxre ���Pirit  of  Ma>'   DaT.
decide which has the right to speak
and this without debate.
He thereupon moved upon this rule
that the minister of marine aud Qpher
les be heard. He was seconded bv
Mr.    Ills in
This mutlon brought an uproar that
recalled the famous scene of March
16. The Liberals rose en masse shouting "Shame; shame," and from    the
Hon William Pugsley ol once raised
the pi-nt of order that the previous
question could not be moved upon p
motion relating to the transaction cf
the public business Ile pointed oul
that the object of moving the previou-
QUOStlon was to prevent anv ame"d
ment to the resolution and If the
question were solved in the nfTn-"-i
tlve   even   the  premier  himself  could
be  forwarded  to  Governor  Sulzer  to
j night,   accompanied   by   recommenda-
��� ,  ItionB from General O'Ryan. command-
IliK officer of the state national guard.
Weakness of Pontiff, How-'who is now hero
The most serious riot of the day oc-
lt is underwood that a report wiii I Endeavor to Force Govern- "?e-  The laUer sub"1,tt��' a ��*����wti2?-!rtSSL*U1'
���     -, . *-n ���., h,i,,.*I    * ,.    t * t\,  ........ _     *^*.. i......  . ch n w
back benches on the government Bide   not nsk the house to ndopt an amend  |
came a shout of "Suffragettes." incut   which   hud   ulreadv   he*n   bhe |
Sir  Wilfrid  Laurier  rose and  Baid:   gested  and   which     he    himself    had J
"Is lhal      'at we are to expect  from I stated  was  sessentlal.
a majority" Premier   llorden   said   it   "-ns     no* i
"The motion is that the minlBter of ! essential ss he had stated his belief
marine be now heard," Btated the that the clause unamended wns meant
speaker. Ito convey  the Bame Idea.
"He   wlll  never  bo  heard,"  shouted       Ruled   out   of   order   on   this   polnl  j
Hon.   Charles   Murphy,   but   cry   wub   Mr    Pugsley   swlftlv ohflneod  to    an
taken up by the Liberals to the num-   other and  moved the ndiournme"t o'
ber of a dozen or more. tbe house,    sneaking    then    lint'l    6
"It Ib the pleasure of the house to o'clock. As the house broke un nl Ihe
edooi   the 'notion."  Bald the speakeer   d'niiT   hour   there   worn   cheers   for
ever, is Cause of Much
Vatican Expresses Feat at What Newspapers are Capable cf Inventmj
Concerning His Condition.
curred on Niagara strict, near the In
ternatiooal brlitgf, near which the
Niagara Btreet car lines pass under
an overhead railroad bridge. A gang
of rioters carrying heavy timbers
rushed npon the bridge as a car was
approaching and tried to drop a railroad lie upon It. It missed the car
The rlnterB were prepared to drop
more obstructions when troops order-[ _
ill them to halt. They Jeered at theiklni ,,
soldiers. Another warning waa given
while the soldiers levelled their rifles.
will  be  awarded
Mr.   C.   H.   Stuart
showing that receipt* tor Fast year's Wade klndl>' proffered a prize of ��1��
event   totalled   tlKSI'i.   e-xptvidltures ,u> the runner up.
H405.40, and ihat a bafance oft472.7*tl    The schools  in   the district   will bt��
on   the right  side   waa  lying in    the IpotMgd early this year and an Invlta-
bank. itlos to attend extended  to them. Mr.
Application   to   tbe   countstt  tor    m'John.ton   recalled   old times  tn   mor-
  | Krant  ���.,���  bp mad���   am!   m tbo Mav  Ins: that the hour of etartln* the par-
��� -,.,.,,..      j    ...    ..,      'n-iv   this ve-ir  will  h-ivM mmv  -��MpiI  a"e "��� changed to 1.' 30 and    this was
Large EXctr��cal Plant Leads the Way,''31   In,s >*,',r  will   navi   manv aooso        ^   .
1  faattires.      increased    npendltoite   ia |ac1Efael���,  l"-   . _
Tile  oemmit;ee   then   took   up     the
ment to Grant Manhood
and  Will Close Down on
: anticipated.
rrpciidltt*t��B   ia
The councfl aluo will be
Home, April a.  -All official reports I*1"*18 hooting and Jeering continued and
amidst     loud    cries    of    "No"     and
More Excitement.
The speaker then declared that the
S'r Wilfrid ��nd "O, Cnnndn" was "inr
I hv ��i". onoosltlon.   The ConservatI-vp��
smiled   grimly  and   some were heard
iContinued e* Paao Flve.l
another  piece  of  timber  was   thrown
r the side of the bridge.
Pire,'" came the command. A dozen
riftes re-piled. A hoy nnd a woman
fell.    The crowd   which  had  assumed
���-���riiisc  the   Btreet   car   that   had   Jusl
regarding  the  condition of Pope  Pius
X  agree that    his    condition    is not
grave, and that tliere is no immediate
danger.    Anxiety   continues, however.
on  account  of  the   weakness of    the
pontifr and   Ihe   action  of  his heart,
which Ib in need of constsnt stimula |pagB8a u"nder*the*bridgi
The attending physicians found thn'
the condition of the pope had improved during the night and this im
provemetit was maintained throughout
the day,    although    his    temperate
Brussels, April 9.���The last hope of
tlie SiK-iaJiBts of intervention by the
preveut the great general
strike called to enforce the granting
by tlit- government of manhood suffrage, now appears to have disappear-,
ed. It is poliiu-d out that Btich action in the existing circumstances |
would be unconstitutional.
Tbat tbe government now accept a!
Invited to nttend and provision will be
recommendations of the standing com
mittee for Ihe improvement cf the-
event. Some of these were allowed"
to stand over, the giving of candy fir
the open and lhe whole Sweet ques--
The  following chairmen  or commit-  tion   being   found   too   knotty  a   point
'to decide off hand. The question of
trade autos in the procession also remains to b�� threshed out, but there
will he a decorated unto process'on.
a"d here It mUBt be noted by all that
r- no account will cars be allowed In
the oval.
Will  Keep Ground Clear.
The evolutions of the dancers  and
of the  Boy Scouts,  etc., demand    an
absolutely clear space, and a portion
Brigade  and   Hoy
made   for  their   conveyance    to    the
Eleven Committees.
tees were nominated
Parade -Same as last year.
Collection���W. It. Gilley.
Ball ���J, J. Johnston.
Purchasing���N.   Ft.   Brown.
Music���c. D. Peele.
Sports���Gowan Macgowan.
May    Queen���Messrs.      Osrabr��ise.<
Naco, Ariz., April 9,���Although sur
round) d by a force three times their
number. OJeda's federals today con-
Untied tlieir nggreBSlve fighting by
brilliant sallies from Nuco. Sonora.
Kach time the state troops attempted
to attack, the little barefooted soldiers mel them nol��alone with fire
from tiie trenches, but with charges.
retreats and counter churgeB.
When the group under Col. Calles
late thlB afternoon attempted to rush
the federal positions. General OJeda
went out to meet the enemy. Calles
soon fell back and the full force of
300 federals continued until they encountered the command of Braca-
monte and the  Yaqul   Indians.
All but one machine gun of the Con-
BtltutlonnlistB waB silenced, but Boon
the  gunnerB  of   the   remaining   piece
noon.    Again   this   evening his
porature rose slightly,  but the differ
ence from that of the afternoon was
hardly perceptible.
The rnlient is    being   given    egge
beaten up In n*iMk. but Ills Inability tr
j absorb nourishment contributes to the
__ 'doorcBBlon from   which the pope  suf
cars placed along the line by Colonel  fen,
Gullfoyle prevented much ehot reach- :    Tj,p r,,ia,,sr.  |a  following the  same
Ing Ihe American town. j course aa  the  original   nllir'i  of    In-
Trapped  Federals. , I!*,ieii7n. a rough    being present   with
The most sensational fighting of theIIrritation of the hreiiohlal tubes and
day occurred when a detachment of difficulty In respiration, which has \**A
46 federals were trapped hy the stale to the rejvrt In some ra��es thai  thp
' pope Is afflicted with ailhnia. TVs
however, is erroneous. The -condition
of albuminuria, which usually acoom
p-inies Influenza, is also present, In
dicatlne an Inflammation of th" k'd
' nevs. but It Is honed that this is of c
large proportions broke and began n,'����mpromise also la highly improbable
judging from  the active military pre-j Peele and Gilley.
The soldiers I PWaUons  which are going on.    The      DMO^ting-HMry TH*. ^^^   rf fte    rouml wfl, ,,e ,      d 0g or
follow-od     will,     fixed    bayonets  and   ''*^ /or  the  departure   ol   a  large.    Boys   llrIgade a d  BOj^   *"- ,    ,     $ at  ,���.
drove the throng to the curbs.  More body  of troops  for camp  have been It Brown  to act in oonfrMttoa with, matc|) f<iatorps
than one telt the butt of a rifle In the 1 countermanded,   and   the   troops  will |commanders of units._   _ ;are being produced.    It was nomtlon-
,rtj that the whole cause for delays in
former yeurs had been caused bv poo-
showed   a   slight   Increase   this  af!i'r-|     Mrr.   i,*ii   I orlch.   "5   years  of  age,' nels  and   bridges.    Large    forces    of j the meeting on Wednesday neat, arm- _Jjre0.
tern I shot In fhe back:  fatally Injured.        i gendarmes also have been drafted aud !P(j with particulars us to their needJ I    The' ooneeigtOM  wcre loft  t^,    y^
Hamld   Muna.   13   years  old,  bullet   will  he  stationed   in  places  regarded ;and  with the personnel cf their com 'nRance  committee    to arrange     ami
melee and one man received a bavonet he distributed among the various ln- j
thrust in th.. hand. The wound dustrial centres to safeguard the gas j
W(.rp; and electric plants, the. railroads, tun
nels  and   bridges.    Large    forces
Publicity���P. W. Luce.
Dances���Hugh Savags.
AU those gentlemen  wftt appear at
wound in right arm:  not serious.
ThomaB Amesden, 'ii years old. bayonet thrust in richt band.
were slaughtered by a.shower*of shrap        ;   tomorrow, advancing their posl-
nei steel from the advancing federal  ^ dur|ng ^ n)gM
troops some distance from town.
Eighteen returned to the garrison.
bearing their wounded captain. Ton
crossed the International line and nre
held hy American troops. The remainder either were killed or captured.
The  only  advantage  gained  during   transitory character,
the day by the nttucklng force was the j Terror of Newspapers.
construction   of   breast     works     nnd      _    . ,,      ,,  , . ,,   ,
trenches within 300 yards of the town. <     Professor   Marchlafava  visited
The work was accomplished only after I W, only twice today^ morning
great loss of life. Pctermincd to crush ��� ovening.    He expressed satis action a,
OJeda.   the   Constitutionalists   trnight *��� cour8<? the Illness is taking,     lhe
declared that thev will continue the Pope'" sisters and  nnlce spent  much
time at the bedside, and    when    not
Application   of   Conservatives  for
junction   Refused���Court   Had
no Jurisdiction.
by the government as danger points, imlttees.
The   Socialists   are  extremely   opti-j
mistlc regarding their position.   They
gay  that   contributions  to   the  strike',
fund   are  pouring in  from  many outside  sources.
thev can  maintain  the Btrike for    at
least four weeks and perhaps six.
Humors of a ministerial crisis and
plots against prominent clericals tiave
been In circulation, but these rumors
generally are regarded as without
Political   Weapon.
Its success or non-success will be
of consequence to the world at large,
fnr If It succeeds it will demonstrate
the practicability of the strike as a
political weapon. Previous attempts
at political, us distinguished from
economic.     strikes.    Invariably    have
linos.    Then OJeda  retreated   rapldry
to his base.
At tho close of the fighting the Btate
Indians on Warpath.
Nogales,   Ariz.,   April   9.���Yaqul   In-
troopB for a while pressed tho garri- dlans, partisans to neither side In Ihe
son defenders, but wtth no result. Sonora revolt, have taken the war-
OJeda, however, lost many capable path between Hermosil'o, the Btate
men, among them a captain, Mendoza, capital and Guayamas, the gulf port.
who had shown great valor in ths Reports reached here today of tortures
early fighting. One of the American inflicted on captives,
negro deserters from the Ninth United Rlghtern Mexican men. women and
States cavalry, while operating a fed- children wcre captured by the Indians
eral machine gun from the roof of the between Ortiz, nnd KI Palme, a few
barracks, fell to tho ground pierced [ mlleB north of Guayamas, and killed
by a dozen hulets. by torture.    Their eyes were gouged
Lack of artillery or efficient  arttl-1 out, and  tongues and  ears torn out
lery operators seriously hampered theiTh
Btate troops. Evon the Indlnns todoy I pkln. Then, even to the children,
failed to show their former spirit In ] they were forced to walk over beds of
fighting, OJeda's tactics of aggression  cactus thorns
Calgary, April 9 ���There will be no j
postponement of Ihe Alberta election.
.Mr. .lUFtlce Walsh handed down his
decision today, dismissing the application of the Conservatives for an Injunction restraining the returning officer  from  proceeding.
The application was dismissed on
'he objection raised by James Short, j faith In the Justice of their cause, the
K.C counsel for the Liberals, who | resources ut their disposal are con-
contended that tho matter w;ib one ln ! Bldernble and they have the practical
which the court had no Jurisdiction I though unofficial support of the Llb-
and In which contention the court ac-; erals. none the less vigorous from
iiulesced. The decielon was handed being Indirect. The proprietor of the
i"d his secretaries, Mgrs, Bressan and I down  one   day   earlier   than   was  ex J Liberals'   newspaper,   the   Petit   Bleu.
there were kept constantly Informed
by telephone aB to the pontiff's condition.
The pope has expressed terror a'
what the newspapers are capable of
���nvntlng concerning his relapse. Hr
1 being watched in turn by bis vnlet
Mes3rs.   Cambridge.   Gilley. Johnston.
Merry May Dirtces. (Stuart Wade and Savage will arrange
Speaking to the    minirtea   of   the the  disposition  of  the  platforms  fot
standing May    Day    committee.    Mr   the May Queen and the dancers*.
,i   .1,...   ,������..   , ��,,���.,,���   Savage outlined  tiie st*��pa tbat  have]    It Is probable that the May Quwn *
'    . - I been taken with a view to firtroducins  will   be   transported   to  Queens  parti
the proper May Day dance and three]with   much    added    ceremonial    anil
measures known us "country dances." beauty this year.      Suggestions wero
j He  said  that   New   Westminster  was .flying   thick   and   fast���and   the   May
fortunate In securing tbe whole heart .Day oommlttee will welcome more of
ed   interest of UISS  Lens Cotaworth.  them and a still bigger attendance on
of St. Margaret's college. Victoria, and .Wednesday  evi nin^  next
that she, both during her holidays at      Among those  present wero  Messrw.
her home In this city at Christmas and W. L. Darling, .icing secretary of thu
at the present  time had and waa un-  Progressive Association;   Harry Tidy.
grudgingly  devoting   lier  whole    time  R. II. Best. K. Bittson   C,   II   Hasten,
to teaching Ihe children cf the pubic
schools and thoso at the Catholic rol-
ThiB ladv was one ef the best   exponents of her art  lit Great   Britain.
ended In failure, notably ln Spain and I and It was due to her primarily that j MacKenzie.
France,   and   the   opinion   has   been
held generally that the political strike
was impossible.
The Belgian movement appears to
have been planned with extraordinary
skill; the workers are determined and
Heattv. caine. ttobb Sutherland. J. J.
Cambrldiro. P. W Luc. Publicity
Commlstloner Stuart Wad". C, I)*.
Peele, M, It. Brown. Gowan MarTOivaf,
W. II. Gilley. J. J. Johnston and D, fi?.
In  defending a  fortified   poBitton  appearing to bnfrie the attackers.
Although not bb dangerous as yesterday' the fire on the Arizona Bide of
the line did not permit the resumption of business here. The town was
placed under strict martial law. The
Ninth cavalry troopers patrolled all
the streets and forced spoctators to
keep under cover. Lead fell near the
railroad  station.    The row  of coke
Pesclllll, and the chemist monk. Pros
deirnio, also Is In close attendance.
When he felt thin afternoon the
^ffec' of a thunderstorm of extra
traordlnarv violence, the pope re^
marked that his organism wss so
senBitlve to atmospheric changes that
toe's andYeelswere* strippedHo"t| *���* ������������*���  ^me  to  be  a kind of baro-
1 meter and  thermoinenter.
Postponed Departure.
It    wub    reported    that     Cardinal
Katsehlhaler, archbishop of Salzburg,
had   postponed  his  departure  as     he
wished    to be    In Rom�� In    case    of
eventualities, but this proved not   to
be true, as ho left here today for his
home.   This Ib considered another evidence that the pontiff really has    Improved, or nt least that the danger ls
not Imminent,
The aspect of tho Immense square
(Continued on Pngo Kour.)
Refugees arriving from the American colony at El Palme, near Guayamas. report the federal garrison there
to hnve been over estimated. They
state that not more than BOO federals
remain to defend the city, which, aside
from Naco on the Aripona border, is
the only part remaining in control of
the Huerta government In the border
states. Desertions havo largely depleted tho federal ranks.
London. April 9���An official
announcement Issued from
Clarence House, the London
residence of hiB royal highness
the Duke of Connaught, stateB
that ln order to prevent recurrent attackB of tho abdominal
illness from which her royal
highness suffered In Canada,
the duchess has been advised
to undergo an operation.
The operation wlll take place
at 1 o'clock.
has promised formally to pav fSO.OOC
per week Into the strike fund ns long
as the movement lasts and tlie
strikers assent that they can hold
out for six weeks.
Many Belgians believe that this
strike will prove a turning point In
the history of Belgium; that It will
result in political changes of Incalculable Importance; and aome even
predict a revolution, thp separation of
the Wallon and Flemish provinces or
a dynastic crisis.
Whole District.
Mens, Belgium, April ft.��� All employees of tbe great electric plant at
Piitiu-ngeB. four miles from Mima,
have been notltled to cease work on
Monday.    This  will  entail 1he  com-
* | plete stoppage of all Industries in this
��� district which depend upon the plant
��� ������������������������������������������������'for motive power.
London, April 9. -A diepatch to the
Chronicle from Vienna rayu that King
Nicholas of Montenegro haa been
sounded by the powers ub to whether
he would accept financial compensation to the amount of $4,000,000 to
$5,000,000 and an additional strip of
const territory in consideration of jiving up all claim to Scutari
Austria, the dlBpatch adds, will object to the granting of more territory
and will not participate in any com-
peiiBatlon allowance. It ts alao teamed that the allies, who have fin-inc-cd
Montenegro since the beginning of
the war, will refuse to advance any
more money. Servia will decline to
rend any more troops and Greece will
refuse to lend transports.
Meanwhile the powers are trying to
Induce Turkey and Bulgaria to agree
to a virtual peace truce pending negotiations for peace.
Accelerate Peace.
Cologne, Germany,    April   JL---Tt��
answer of the European powers to thn
note presented by the Balkan states
on April 5. regarding the terms of
mediation proposed on March U by
tho powers will be of such a nature,
according to an Inspired telegram to
the Cologne Gazette from Berlin, as to
accelerate the conclusion of peace between the Balkan allies and Turkey.
The great powera the dispatch also
says, apparently have agreed upon the
���nocesslty of extending their naval
blockade of the Montenegrin coast to
the mouth of the river Drin In Albania, to prevent the landing of reinforcements and munitions of war at
San Giovanni ml Madu.
Some  Affect.
Vienna. April 9���The fact that Servia has ceased sending reinforcements
to Albania is taken to indicate that
the united efforts of th" powers are
beginning to have an affecL V0.BZ TWB
\ gle world power nnd leave each.coun- grange became a prize for which longed to be born again in that gol-
gle world-power mil leave each coun- many royal courts competed. Nnplea, den age when nil may be "millionaire
try  within  the  Empire  the   greatest j Sardinia, Tuscany and  France   made  Socialists."
possible freedom for commercial and  liberal offers.	
domestic Improvement.   The time has      He chose  the land if hia fathers l# ���*<>;> �����<.***^^-��-*����.*��
come for Great Britain, Canada, Am-1and was welcomed to France by QueenI�����      our   poet's  cokner.       ���
Aa ���M.Jr.-tr.itrnt n,n mug paper devoted to the interests uf Sew Westminster mul   truliu. New  /.calami and South Africa   Marie   Antoiuielte,   who   made    every! ****************
th. Fraaer 1**11**. i**.tis*teil every miming except Sunday by the National I'riiiliiii/   t0 confer on equal terms. 1 endeavor to treat Iho rnvunt with even
equality     may    give    added
greater consideration than he had re-: THE   HERETIC.
Columbia. ROliH HUTUHHI.ASli. Managing Director,        i strength   if  tlle  leaders  of  each   na-1 reived at the court   of the   Prussian I
All a������a���I�������� theeM be addressed iii The New uv.-Kiaiiisier News, and not , Hon  within  tlle  Empire  will  rise su-: monarch,   When the revolution flamed  They bid me pray within the templed
t* ta*a*tm*st easaehera *f th* ttoff. 0**1***. irattt end Honey orders slloulit bt -made parlor to Jealousies and avoid the dan- out  in  France, and  the heads of all gloom
���j-��teM��_����J_����_lgs_ll iijjit **ttmle*.****iy*m*xa Compony,, Limited.     , R   a   of   catrh-phruscs.      Tho    Royal  supporters of  kings  were  piled   In  a      Ol  their  greut  churches;    bid    me
-***wuSnm %mmM*      ''''" "'" S*''���*>*' tosUtute ls f"rvi���� a ������� ShosUy heap at the tool ot the guillo- "neel
whmtffBW BA.TBB���Bv earner. %l per i/riir, tl for three months, -tuc psr cause by  collecting  matured  opinion : tine,  Lagrange was spared,   and   not
,"*aawl��T&��%^*J^'oa5o<K*i>atS)Iih' 'on what nulKt provo t0 bt' ,ho fmlll;l"' onl>' that, but was highly honored by
To COsmsnPON*MNTB^No^ttter* -will be luilili.lK-ri in Thc V-*ioii except over j mental basis of union.    Toronto News. | tho republic.
r** -Hirst***. t**B*******i. Tk* editor reserve* the right to refuse the publication uf nnii j  ��� .
________m_m___________________������__ !. ���������������������������������������������������
~ """     *~* FIRST  THINGS. ���
���nd PiUuMv <;�����(*����. Limited, at 63 kfoKenvK Strest, New tV-MtmiMter, nntish
His royal pension was confirmed by
' the assembly, and he was made director of the mint. When the convention ordered all persons not born
In France to leave the country, n lone
! and conspicuous exception was made
of Lagrange. When the repullc, nfter
the orgy of blood of which Lagrange
was a calm and scientific obforver,
had failed, the savant's Ftar continued
' In the ascendant.
ln   Napoleon's    constructive     daya,
when he sought to make France the
world's centre nf learning, he honored
, _ i.i i   ,- ����� .i i  " '   w"��  pu Lagrange above al others of hiB pro-
as it does now at a time when the relation ot the producer scheme into effect, and who is usually fost,lon  nm, Etylcd ,,im  ..th(1  hlgh
called  "the  father   cf tho   American
patent office,"
Patents were few and far between I uim, by Uve 1,rlll|anCv of *,*. genius."
Protection of Inventors.
Tlle first American patent system
was inaugurated by an act of the
United States Congreus approved 123
years ago today. Thomas Paine, bong himself an Inventor, was the first
In the early days,   and   applications Iv^er y^ empire Lagrange waa made
were   often   considered    by    several
members   of  the  cabinet.     The   first
a senator, a count, a grand officer of
the Legion  of  Honor, and  rhowered
At any time the announcement, contained in yester
day's issue, to the effect that the B. C. E. R. were mated
ally accelerating-the service upon the Fraser valley line to to^BuggeBt the formation of a patent
-Chilliwack, would have been welcome news, but, comingj y���^^0^���*0���0, but-u
as it does now at a time when the relation of the producer i i
to the consumer is a question of first importance, the general public will doubly appreciate the action of the company.
For passengers the curtailment by 20 minutes of the
run between the Royal City and Chilliwack will be a most
welcome change, but the added facilities now afforded to
farmers to market their produce is of far more value
judged from the standpoint of the greatest good to the
general public  It is a great step forward when perishable
5     .   .      r   ���      . �� ,i/-��i mi. i     1.   ,    ���   i   tweniy-uiree yeurs   ueioro   inni   iune ��� -rhrrp he h-iR Blent  for  -i cenlnrv
freight, raised even as far away as the Chilliwack district that England passed an act granting jth0 company "ith��T immortals
itself, can be sent down and delivered in the best condition '   '
upon the same day that it is sold in the New Westminster
Transportation is the first of the many keys needed to
unlock the riches that are contained in the Fraser valley,
for. this once afforded either by road, rail or river, the
settlement and development of the land follows in due
cdurse. The B.C. E. R. is understood to have further good, ,     ,,.,..
... - m       .. .. ........ . ........ . .t. architectural  monstros.tics    are
things in store for the valley of which the innovations    After the failure or three previous    ,
, . , ���   _.       _,_���    . ,      ., _i��� .,.,,, ,        ,     attempts to pars an act of Incorpura-
At lighted, gold-strewn altars, lest the
True   splendor    of   the    sun    should
leave uo room
In my dnrk BOUl, for fear of the dread
They   prophesy.     They   cry    they
would reveal
To my blind eyes, my seeking hamlt-,
the seal,
That, holding blessedncBS, dispels all
And I, because 1 hate thiB imagery
Of      hidden,     Inward    things thut
strangely lack,
The soul's still faith; because so reverently
I love the dripping, golden sun, the
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
pyramid   of   mathematical   sciences.
| and one who "had done honor to man- ��f mystic dawn, earth's flowers, and
seems   very  near to
patent granted In America was to.Jo-i wUh m othpr marks of distinction
seph Jrnks, of Lynn, Mass.. to whom , ,)y Napoleoni who ofu,,_ Bcmpht the
In 1846 the general court of Maesa- oaln) .,,���, mathematical ccunsel of the
Ohusetts Bay Colony, by a special act, 1 savant
gave the exclusive right for improve. Qn tn��� ((,mh of k ^ m3) La.
mnits in water mills, Baw mills and ' _.��������� dlcdi and his rpmalnB wore
the making of scythes. It was only ��� Bolonmly buHcd in the Pantheon,
twenty-three yearB  before  that   timejThrrf, nfi haB ElpDt for ft centurv ln
 , ���   of
letters patent to inventors in arts and , pr;_ncc
The first International congresB for
the protection of patents was held hi
Vienna forty years ago.
tho sea.
I sin���yet God
���G. Herbert. In Ainslce's.
Joseph Pulitzer, one of the foremost figures in the history of journ-
illFm, was born sixty-fix years ago today, and died in 1911. His memory- Is
to be perpetuated ln New York not
only by the great newspaper which he
founded, but by a fountain of whit-
marble that will be one of the most
beatiful   memorials  In   a  city    where
Fair Lady  Is  Masterhand at Craft of
Decorating  Famous Cathrc'dral
of  Westminster.
Save $50-$75 on Your Typewriter.
Rebuilt  typewriters have same finish, wear like and
do work equal to brand new machlnea.   Guaranteed,
one  year.  Sei d for price list.   All makes in Block.
Canadian   Typewriter Exchange,  Dept. 4, 543  Hastings West, Vancouver.
which **o into effect on April 20 are, it is to be hoped, oritj
the forerunners.
When it is considered that the main line of the <"\N.R.
wijl before many months be operating also in the Fraser
valley, and that there is a widespread and genuine endeavor being made both in New Westminster and in the valley towards improving present conditions, the future for
tie farmer in that locality appears to be far brighter today than at any time in its history.
ttempts to pars an act of Incorpi
tion,    the    town    of    Halifax���Nova i
Scotia-���was *neorporatfd on April li'.j
1S41.    ThiiB was terminated "a   most
pernicious and long-continued   system
Of misrule," which  had   been   vigor!
OUBly attacked, five years earlier.  Ini
Howe's newspaper, the "Nova Soot-j
A   contributor   had    asserted    that   .       ,      ,   ,      , ,,
within thirty years the magistrates of 1 ""ut>  Bpot8_Of_tte_Clty
| Halifax County had cheated iho poo
pie of thirty thousands pounda.    I).
During   1912���Special   Report   by  De-
pa--ment  of  Labor.
A comprehensive report on the nil-
absorbing topic of the rlBe in the cost
of living has just been Issued by the
department,    lt iB in the form of a do-
j tailed review of the course of whole-
, ��� .     _��� ,    _       isulo and retail priceB from month  to
l^ndon, April 9.���There Is In West-  month, and in some eases from week
minster cathredral a woman "master"; to week, throughout 1912.
the I moslao worker wbo has been entrust-1   The wholesale  prices are fur  2S7
articles chosen as representative of
.the intire field of production and con-
i.i.i.   .ii-;. i     ���'.:,.���   is   the  only|guniDtion) ��Uotatlons being  taken   in
In  the  governing   market.
Hli.-clfiuitlonn, agreements of utile il.-.-tla,
hiislni-HH letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly confidential. H.
Harry, room 418  Westminster Trust  Blk.
I'hone 702.
ed  with carrying out the moBalcs in
The    accepted    design    involves    a ,      sh ft ,
fin-t a large circular basin of waicr.
out of which rises a smaller basin.   A|woman master moslao worker in Eng-j each   .*:.;.
pedestal rises from the centre  of the   land,   and   h
smaller basin, terminating In a sculptured group of two figures.    The flite
of the  Pultlr.cr memorial will  be the
Plaza, scuth of the Fifty-ninth street      The  designs  are  by   Manning
ent work at the
cathed n ark i I e commencement
of her career uj a "master."
The departure of Sir Charles Tupper from our neighborhood is worthy of more than passing comment, but
here we cannot do more than add our token of respect
and admiration for the last of the fathers of confederation who is left alive in this great Dominion which will
for all time stand as a monument to his and their endeavors.
Sir Charles was a worker. He dared to do things, and,
ignoring all wailings of those who would go back-ward.
marched straight onward to a glorious achievement. In
1881 Sir Cbarics rode from New Westminster to the solitary house that occupied the district where Vancouver;
now stands. Today he is speeding back to England on the! President cnncr" Cleveland'
line whose construction was in a large measure due to his
statesmanship and foresight.
We wish him God speed, and mav the evening if hi.-
days in "the land of his fathers" be a lengthv one.
According  tn a recent  cusus  bulletin ln Canada 16 per cent, of the peo-
placcs health officers and nurses gave
popular talks on public health,
There were sermons in churches, nd*
dresses In Sunday schools, talks to
|ile are pagajia. Alao there are .36 per school children b vlheir teachers ex-
cent, of the population who give their hibillons of moving pictures bearing
beliefs as "no religion"-If such can, on health, and in some cases the citi-
���be. called a beue-r. zens were  Invited  to visit  tlie   local
Allowing the population as 7.200,000, yater, ga8 and Bewage wnrk8 .��� ���nl,.r
laniula would have 11,520 pagans, and |��� familiarize themselves with Condi-
it>.,.i*t'.i people with no religion. Pagan-   tlons and  methods.
imn haa notably decreased since tlie
centos nt 11)11, but people with no religion have Inareaai.'
tn all, th���fate, -there are but 37,-
-40ii peopl-o in Uie nonunion of Canada
either     without     an>   ut ... i,    ,.,      ,,i
heathen <iarlB��*���� dwelling" ns tho old
���hymn put iL   When it Is remembered iu n.
--"that for ten years au average of close
We nr,. looking to the Dominion Government to establish a federal depart
ment of Public Health. That is one
of the pressing needs of the country. Such a department would find
a valuable ally iu public health week,
and would be in a position to organ-
to a hundred thisisuud poopl
fciiidu and conditions have been -irri
ing in ('��ui!.*i when it is remembered
that thce-e people Include tnosi irom
darkest Ktissia, from India, the Orient
and Southern Hurope, it is extraordinary Ihit thin number iB bo small
���Oet of T.2l)0,000 people, some 7,162.-
r,fill  have   - if then  figures  are  correct, as they --should Im-   some rati-n.il |
belief in a Supreme !tiing.    Compari-
���ona  with olios   nations    Buch   as
France anil ll-aly chow th-it   Caiiad'.'s ,
proportion of beUemrs in soino i stab
liiabcil nyt-tero itt religitu   i.-. rei
In  the  meantime,  why  should  not
oi all it,,. Commission of Conservation, hav-
|plte the manifold aad glaring abusesI*   the  human  procession.   ���
m their managem-EBt of a town where  ��� (By  O. Terence.) ���
the  poor hnd  to  1 ,*ir  the  chli I  I nr-   ,<>.>*��������������������������������������������������
dm of taxation, and the wre'ehed inmates of the poor hf.ure ami the iuil' D'Albert, Pianist, 49 Today, Had Four
were  actually  robbed  of  their  food, I Wives���Next!
the magistrates dar. 1 to take up the Suppose you wero riding In a rail-
challenge, and. being unal.i * to ills- wa, v,���h your better halt, by your
lover tin1 writ-r of tl.e accusluj;   let- ,
ter, had the editor who had published alde' aIul ,th.e c',0,n' rs,,l,'on tu"��f,d '"
.t tried for libel gowns and frocks, and ihe cost there-
Finding the lawyers   unwilling   to *������'���   Suppose, which is not altogether
undertake his case,  Howe   defended  Impossible, that the    discussion    1..-
himself, and used to the utmost the .came heated, and the frau threatened
i ipportunity of exposing  the   corriipt: unless you agreed  to i! . so  and  so,
! practices of the magistrates. t(> iu'"V from the rapidly moving train
In effect, it v.*aB they who proved What would >i i say? A conundrum
to be on trial, but. though iloive won)' am giving it to yen Mawruss.
acquittal fer himself and became the What Eug-en D'Aibert, world-fam-
'icro of the people, he con.'! not at j ons musician and compOsef, said on
nee overturn the bad sys'em from just such an occasion as here outlined,
which Halifax suffered. iwas one sharp, sibilant, hiBslng word,
'voiced between eh-neli-d teeth:
proo-j    '-.lump!"
tarnation 'm the Bering Sea question,     Whereupon   Fran  D'Albert,    fourth
in which Canada waa vitally IntereB -I better half of the eminent pianist, did
d. was Issued nineteen years ago lo-   so.
lay, April 10, 1S94. Th.- controversy j with several broki-n ribs and other
between Canada and the United States injuries she was hurried to a hospl-
v.r s.aiing rights In the Bering Bea tal. Did the repentant husband hur-
hud Its origin in 1896, when British Uy ,n her bedside, eager to atone for
Columbia ship owners began sending nla momentary rage? The aimwer is:
vtsriki to sea to Intercept the seals jj- jij not
while on their annual migration to
their breeding grounds.
In 1SD0, it was alleged, the Canadians took somo 20,000 skins. The
i Izuro of a Canadian vessel by a
United StateB revenue cutter brought
lhe matter to a crisis. The United
Suites claimed exclusive seal fishing
rights in the Bering Sea in virtue of
the purchase of Alaska frnm Russia.
After much diplomatic correspondence, the matter was submitted to tr
bitration, and the tribunal found that
the United States had no such monop-
oly as claimed, but at the Bainr* time
regulations forftie protection ot fnr
seal wore drawn up and agreed to by
the two powerB.
Seal fishing within a zone of sixty
ntranco to Central Park, ouo of the niul they consist ot a large panel of
the virgin behind Ihe altar and four
niches representing the prophets Dan
iel, Bzeklel, Isaiah and Jeremiah.
Miss Gertrude Martin, explaining
how she took to mosaic work, said
that  ever  since  bIu?  can   remember
The retail pricis are for tlie 30 articles which enter chiefly Into domestic budgets and are taken monthly
from every locality in Canada having
a population of 10,000 and upward.
The report shows that wholesale
prici B went up ovi r 9 per ci nt. in 1912,
due allowance being made for the
varying importance in trade of the
several communities. Retail priceB
did not adtf-ance bo rapidly, but the department estimates that a weekly
family budget, worked out  at average
Mil. F. T. C. WICKETT. A. R. C. O.,
I,. L. C. M-. Pii[icrvlnor of Music New
Westminster    Schools,    Organist     sixth
Avenue Methodist Churoh,   Vanoouvsrj
receives pupils for the pianoforte, organ,
sinning  and   theory.    610   Fifth   avenue.
New Westminster,
L. O. O. M.. NO. 114���MERTS ON rir��t.
s< cori-i und third Wednesdays lii each
nmnili In K, of P. Hull at I p in. 11 J.
Leamy, dictator: J. H. I'rice, ���..���cretary.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE! NO. 17 ���The
regular meeting of Amity lodge No.
J7, I. O. O. !���'., In held .-v.-rv Monday
nlitlit at 8 o'olock In Odd fellows' Hull,
corner Carnarvon and Blshtta street*.
visiiiiiK brethern oordtally Invited
It. A. Merrlthew, N.C,.; J, Hubertson,
v  ii.; w. c. Coatham, p. ��.. recom-
Inu  Becretnry ;   11.   W.   SmiKil.*r.   flnan-
clul B��s:retary.
she wanted  to be an  artist, and as j prices, cost, f 12.24 in  11110, $12.S9 in
-, ,v ii.imta, I.i.I.i- Funeral <l!r,-oti��re
m.i embalmem Parlors tor, Columbia
'tr.-ei.   New  Wostmlnster.    Phons Ml.
soon as she was old enoueh she stud
led In art schools in F.ngland and finally went to I'ari3. She was much
interested in mosaic work and about
ten years ago was asked by a friend
if  she would  cure  to  learn.
Sho agreed, and   since    then   has; ing the decade 1890-1899
worked  hard, continually   making  ex-  adopted  1
perinients with dlferenl kinds of glass
and combinations of colors until today
she Is a "master" and capable of car-:
rylng  out  contracts  similar    to    the i
work in which she is now engaged.
Asked whether It was 1-iborlons. she j seen   since   the  early   seventies   when
renlied  lhat  It  was not every woman | Prices   were    very   high     throughout
191) and (13.63 in 1912.
in  ihe terms   of the   department's
index  number,  a  level   indicated    by
1-7 1  in  1911  rose to one of 134.4  in
1912,  the  numbers  being  percentages
of the average prices prevailing dur-
the   period
department    as  the
I in.lard   for   comparison   throughout l
its Investigation,
This brings prices higher than they'
have been before in a generation; certainly a like Bituation has nut   beenj
who would care for the Irksomeness
of the work. One. has to stand for
hours nt a time. It is verv Irv'ns
to the eyesight and is nol a very pleasant occupation. One's hands become
very hard tliroi.gh continually dipping
the f-nos'ie with n sleet Implement
���l-i.p , ���.-., 1 0f ihe Vi:"*;1 . sid 'wo
cf the niche? are now comnlete and
nre very fine snecimena rf nio-s-vc
work, especially the figure of the Vir '
gin and child. The faces, seen at Q
dictation, have a wonderful soft i ffncl \
and thia part of the picture Miss Ma- ���
. IS, F.M.F.S -lMiin.-er Fun.-ml IMrector
and Fininilm.-r. 6r:-fiis Agnes street,
opposite Carn4gle Library.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Ti-li*|iin,ne
loin. Cable address ������Ji.hnBinti."
C.i,le. "Wesiern Union." Offices, Elltt
Week. 552 Columbia street. New West.
minster, B, c.
J. STILWBLL CLUTE. llRrrlstcr-iit-lBW,
Bolicitor, etc.; corner Columbia nnd
MoKensIe streets, New W.-ntinlnBter,
B. O.   P. O. Box 112.    Telephone   71��.
Bolicitor   unit    Notary.   Offlc.��     Hurt
blOOk,   -1   Lome    street.   New   Westminster,  II. I".
America and Europe. Since 1S97, the
report uhows that prices have advanced by very nearly 60 per cent, ln
The report contains 266 pages, and   Mei.t'ARRll,    MARTIN
is  replete with   information   bearing
��� ���n  all Hides of  the    price    question, j
There  are  twenty-five   charts   which *
enable certain  features cf the  movement to be appreciated  at a glance.
Moreover, In the case of each article,!
statistics     of      production,     demand,]
trade, etc., are added, thus   enabling
the reader to (bi.-iin a good idea   as;
ing made the suggest ion, now put Its 1 hre-edtti
miles around the 1'riliilof Islands, the
g    grounds,    waa     prohibited.
Being an artist, with the nrtistie
temperament, he could not be expected to do what common folks would
do. Instead he hurried of to London
io fill an engagement, and ins'ructod
his attorneys in Vienna to begin an
action Tor divorce,
Herr D'Albert was born in Glasgow
forty-nine years n^o today, April 10,
1804, He was educated In London
and under Franz l.iszt at. Weimar.
Thirty yeara ago he gave hin first concert In Berlin, and sine* then has
achieved n reputation all over the
world as one of the foremoBt of musicians, it is pointed out that many pcrnons
He has  made three  concert tours i come before Welsh magistrates   who
Of America, and  ha3 appeared  in  all; are unable to understand English.
the   musical   centres   of  Kurope,  and :
wears ten royal decorations.    He has1    A   fann  servant   named    Frederick
to the main factors which are at work
tin carries ou' herself: the buck An appendix Is devoted to the course
grounds ere entrusted to one of her ot pricf,s jn ,h(, ������liiu,li <_(;_���,.,, Can-
employees, ���ia ������d Australasia during 1912, based
There are severs! wsvs of "rn*'-i*-,������ ,1|(, fin(lin(-s ���f |,.r_.|*���K authorities.
out  .oosiae  v-ork,  l.-t   th"  ���tvle used   Another appendix deals with gold pro-
bv  Miss Martin is that  which was In
vogue with the workers of Rt Mark's
���In  davs of old, and  "he considers It
Uo be the most artistic.
* WFL9H   NEWS. *
1H94.  it  was alleged, more seals dlvp'eed three wives and brought pro-
machinery at the disposal of the ctul-i.
7,T n^^Tnot^LsTmTtne1 d'e^i were   ^^*"'*   ��"��   "cr   before,  ceedlng. agsinr,  the fourth, for rea \���*
'    " ""   "' "'   md  this was  tho  subject   of   Clove-  son above sei fcrth. drowned
nil's  proclamation.     The  claim
Havics was washed off the cliff by a
at   (lower.   South    Wales,   and
dnctlon  and   consumption   in   recent
[years, n feature which In Ihe opinion'
of some economists ia Intimately con-;
nected  with the recent rise.    The re-i
port Ib a compendium of information
of value equally to the business man
and the householder. !
Familiar as the subject Is, It is only
after  an   analytical   study    like     the!
present. Into Its many phases that an |
understanding of Ub essential nature
can   bo obtained and the question   of
possible remedies discussed.
work of organization,   That could be
taken up by a committee, llut II would
be a greal assistance lo have a ren
trn around   which   public-spirited   citl-
tenB could gather.   Montreal star.
tho Illegal seizure of Canadian vessels
At.  Mold  Licensing Sessions, Super        London, April 9.    In answer    to
���-Miiiiisi,,,, eomwmrd of Judge burglar who robbed .he country homoU0 division, or one to oven* 164 i:
King, of < anada. and Judge W. of iiobeit Huntnr, for that gentleman, habitants
tnan, of the United Btates, who although wealthy, had an Internatlom
,    ,       : ..* II
The Royal Colonial Institute n.-is de
���ably  Inti. plWJjiqj   luiuni   tirnpor-1 cidi d  ffer annually a gold medal, "b11 t?8uot.h" controversies  between
tionatoiy than any otiiir large country one hundred  guineas, and  honorary  'M united Btates and   Canada,   was
to the world. 'fellowship   In    the   Institute   for   the   '        'l""d "> the Anglo-American Coin
Canada's pare-aatage or illegitimacy '"'ft eBsay on a subject, selected each
ll lhe smialliirt nt nny nation in  the  >'rar ''>' ,1>1' Council of the  Institute,!
*orld.   Th��- figuna run rrom four in  and  relating  to  the  problem   of the
a Ihi.iR'xnd in Canada to Italy's 64   t.)   closer union of the Empire.
a thouaand.    The eoteeidence���H co-,    The subject  selected for this yeara
inclilcw*   It   tk   that    the    country
who-*!.*-,  peu-pfce  hold   miit-t   rlonely    to
���stabliihi*��l   faRlinH.   in   ul n   the   most
In Uie mearest man contest might Ilntenden|    yarnell   Davlos    reported I question In    the house of commons
n>   tne  i niteii states waB submitted  he entered if known   the name of ihe1
0%,^T���l"J��S.-��mi*-"at0Lfud,?Hburflar wh.��. robbed the country, homo, tl.   .i,*.* ���.   ;, ,.,,*   i.,; ,,
B. I'uti
assessed da mages against the United  nl reputation an n socialist   a defend I    The St. David's Day Committee   al
States to the amount of $437,161 6r of the downtrodden proletariat and PonUrdawe parsed a resolution   pro-
*   ���   the Bering Sea  matter  as ��� rn,.,,,| 0, t)u. 8UbmerK0(j ,nnth. tenting against tho action of the Pon-
Both Mr. Hunter and his wife   ��vhr  tnrdawe llench in appointing as their
was Caroline |>lie||is Stokes, daugh'cr I '''''fk  a pentl an   unable   to  under-
of the bunker end hrother of .lames ft   stand Woleh.
Phelps stokes. "Millionaire Boc'aK'.t"
accepted ti'i-r loss philosophically
Blerday asked by Right Hun. Walter
Long, as to whether It was the Intention of the government lo enlarge the
special defence committee, Premier
Asqulth stated that It was thought undesirable, at th-- present time,
widen the    scope   of   the committee
Barristers nnd Solicitors i.i.r, to fits
W,Hlnilii-^ter Trust Block. O. K Miir-
ti-a.  W.  is.  McQuarrie   and  Oeorge L.
s;.|e -* Birri-��t.-rs null  HolieltorS,  West-
minster Tr.isi ink., Columbia si net.
New Westminster, n. C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western I'ni'm. P. O.
Drawer 100. Telephone r.a W. J.
Whlleslile, K. C. ; it. I,. F. InionilB. I>.
Accountant Tel. R 12N. Room 21
Hart block.
ster Board of Trade meets In the board
room. City Hull, as follows: Third Friday of ench month; iiuiirterly meetlne
nn the llilrd Friday of February, May,
August and November at i p.m. Annual mr-ettnio* ifh Ihe tlilrd l-'rlday of
February. 8. H. Ktuurt Wade, -..-crt*-
moral cunalry ta the world, is of cdii-
..iileiubl.' inleratt.
If ndigi-mi *iv3 morality are to le
toiiitfl hand in hand, in equal ratio,
then Llie* fact in a mighty strong ru-
iion-iiis-tic uj-;;uii.t'iit as to the Importance of torliet.    Ottawa Free I'rcse.
"Ibe Interaction, if any, between
the economic interests of a State anil
its foreign relations, with special ref
erence to the question whether, or
how far, th
the liritish Empire (with or without a1 matics and the. solution
end charged ll op to the "capitalist
system" Mr, Hunter was born In
Terra   Haul
COAL MINING rl(?lits of tbe  Dominion
in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Aiiwrtu,
it,  tiv Yukon Territory, ths Northwest  I'tir-
rltorles and in n portion of the Province
,      , ,      . of British rnliunl.la,  limy  be I.-used fnr s
ti aling wllh the question or national   term nf twenty-one y.*nrH at an   annus!
lifence.     The   suggestion     thai   had   rontal of tl mi acre. Nol m..re than Hit*
. on made thai the enquiry should .I- nSpJffltllmtlrt'MK SSulWmad.
The  Swansea  branrh    of  the   Bea-  tona   tn    the    wider aspects  of    Im-1 by the applicant In person to the Agent
men's and  Firemen's i'nion   has ob-porlal defence would b eoonsldered by 2i_iSib"A*S!!i 2* th'a dlstrlot In whloh Uu
1    ! ' li I m    ii t .f . I I , -r I     ft if    fi r t,    m I t , .   , t .   ,\
tainrd   a   general   advance   of
;erte-..iry of Death of   Lagrange,
Great French Geometrician.
. Thc career of a man   who   devoted
ns a
month   for  ratings   sailing   from   Ihe
'nd.,   ibirtv-nlne  years pc,rti    Th|��� constitutes a record   for
sgo to-iftv,  ai I wm educated  at  In
dlana Un
the oabtnet  in due
began   In
i pert.
.the United Kingdom.
Chicago,   v.here   he1     Over     seventy   years     of   ace
rlKlits applied for ure situated.
' "ursi. |n surveyed terrllnry the land iniint lie
Referring to an enquiry made by a  described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
member r.f    the    cnnoBlilon    n��    tn  slons or H* <*ii.iiih, in,.! in uasurveyed ter-
���    1,,w    i ilipositlon     ns    tO   r��� ���,���   tm(.,   ,���,.,,    tor      -\���    ^
- he'lier the government intended to  nt,,ked nut by the applicant himself,
I do  anything  In  connection  wllh  the I    Knch application must be acoompanled
and. reformation    of    Hie  house  of  lords,   K.\(Sff. .���Hii2P,R.w,!L,!f .���!\J2oeiifl
self governing States of, his entire life to the Btudy Of mathc ' .w".   ���'-"''-""""";'    ��f ��  nmnlclp��l  shortly  to retire   Captain  Colquhonn.: ,h��� prim��� ,���itllBtPr ���������������,������ ,,,���, thn , A &��MBgS*X. tt &.hSl��*be
1-Mging house, an offjolal^nhe bureau |ohlef^pons-^le of Bvurn, made * government would not deal with the | Eft!!*! "���} i1"' msrchanmw-. output of tn*
more centrall7.nl system than It now|lsoperlmetrlcal    problems   would    notj?I ' n1"'  n
haFl could cooperate permanently for'seem to offer much  of what  the Fob      ,
the purpose of defence without co op sisterhood call "red blooded human ln-! , j   ,,''   ���  ","T .IT1' S"
eratlng tor the purpose also of trade" terest;" and yet iho blograph  of Jo-     "'. 1" , ",""r n"*7,l,b * '""  'nveatl-
Boiled down tu every day   English   seph Louis Lagrange, the great French g    "    '      r""r" iulrt r'"" of        nnv
. v....,.,.,.- ������,.-n���        government  wouio not. neol with  Ihn  i""n "n ""   raeronsniaoie output or ue
Hull   House  work 1 gallant attempt the other day tn stop   reform  of  the  lords durlnc  lh��  wm    w(S8 "' ,h'' riit* nf fl.v'' w,nl" '"'���" *"*������
] a  runaway  horse  BttaClUBd   to  a   cor -1" .�����,, ��   '     '    d"rlng  th*  pr*"L The   l.er.-��n   npenLtlng   the   mine   ahall
t    ,., ���  _*._,,  ._,.._     ,        ,    .   ,      L  , ent, year. J furnish   the   Agent   wllh   sworn   returns
poratlon cart and was knocked down
;lliis  means  that  the essayists are to  geometrician, who died Just a century
1 determine how  far Its  Ib  posslblo to  ago today, contains BUfflcenl material
erty thai affllr'l ao many m'irora if
Fiiclin'me'i     S:"ce  reiprnt,,���  t-   x,-n
A Mu:r.��>-������'�� of much value is made
in Hie lat-t i��tw> ��>f tlie organ of the
i'oiiimii's.i. n ot Conservation, This is
the lii.ldi.ii; of .-. politic liea'lii week.
The inggcaUM i>: taken from On H
llrit.iin, where it wan tried lasl year
with i:ucb Mwoeu t'h.ii ii will proba
bly beOOOMI an annual Ini tltullt :i
Tho plan  -wan  work, tl   cut   In   the
'unify the fo--S-*i policies of the over-   for several full-page Bun-flay thrillers. I<vrir''   he   h"   ' "sni;. d   In   settlement
DomlnlSns    and    ,;.;    M-t!v.;,    L'-.rni.n Turin, of French parents, he! wrk a"""M New York's teeming pau-
the SoclallBl ticket, and n-rltlrg books the direction In ibe charter that mar
i   ������   *-.    . i'e standard  works  i,ets  ihould   he    held   on     Mondays
i Aberystwyth keeps bank holidays  on
Country without the establishment of; early   manifested   hia   mathematical | W iwmlMlon. '      ;      ���"������
preferential  trading   relation'.'     Tho I genius, and at tbe age  of   nineteen
qui -tn n wlll have to be decided with-  was appointed professor of gconutrv
In lhe nexl  few decades, In the royal school of Mb native city.:��n Marvian economic*.
Thanks to the efforts of V.r. Cham   Beforo he had attained bis thirtieth     p""-' apclalial books ba.-e been more
herlaln, the oversea Dominions  have year lie hid von two prizes for orlg- wldely��ad on both siit"-i of ihe ai-
been treed from binding trade agree- Inal work from the French Aoademy,Ilnntlc. bv all classes of oeonl<i Ihan
menu  made  between   tho    Imperial and at thirty   went to Berlin ae the Mr.   ffiinier'e   t'Poverty."   published
inilcd Kincitom by tx National Health  Qovi rnmi nl and foreign nations,    In  protege of Frederick the Oreat, ! f|r-^' in JJ"M and still much in demand.
WcvV ("omrn^tt(���.���. Thin Imily Outlined red nt years, the Dominions have been That eminent patron of science, lit- i Mr. Hunter In nn Eplsconalenn In ra-
(he fsmmthl prriKrETnr"trnr'tho rieails making iiiiinpoiulua trade agreements, tera and art showered distinctions up*- fllglon, and finds his ebier relief from
were work��*i <sit by local iommltteos. Where there is a trade agreement on Lagrange, and for twenty years studying th- ills af humanity in a
In somo localiilm the    -scholars   had I there must  be a foreign policy. J the geometrician  hanked  in  the sun- gtlmn of eulf,
Ixjen gi��en ap-e-clal physical training,, All parties alike are Interested In Shine if royal favor, spending much Tbe Hunter bo-e in Connecticut
and schotan fn>ni CkeM Institutions Idiscovering an ararngemonl of Im- of the time In the composition of his Ms unite a magnificent domicile <,r
���are dmpiayn i* **h*******t%t work and j perial and   local   affairs  which  will masterpiece,    "Meojiahlquo    Anaiyii   at leant appeared m to the envious somewhat suddenly, though there had
itiethulH    lit    Improving    the j place all  branches of the  K.niplre on|quo."    When Frederick was ralle.i up   eves nf a mere proletarian scribe who i ,,.'!fln   I'renionltnry  signs  of tin;  land-
accounting for the full unnntlty nf mer-
chantable coal mined ami pay ths royally thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated ench returns snOUld
be furnished  nt  leant once a   your.
The lease will Include the OSS1 mining
rights nnly, but the lessee will be permitted   to    purchase    whatever    iivullAble
,     . ,, ,.     . i surface  lightH may ho connldereU  neces.
bnilarn,   the     name   of   Ibe     ancient.CAPITAL (Paid Up)   $16,000,000.00 i miry for llie working of the mlno at the
churchand pariah, in consequence of, .m_i,_ ,,.__..,... i mis of $to an acre.
1     ��   "" .$16,000,000.00 |     l-or full Information application should
mnde  to the K.iirt.tar/ of the  llepiirt.
While making a search for certain
documents Dr. Lewis, of the Welsh
I'niverKily, has discovered Ihe charter granted by King Edward f��� to
Aberatwyth.    It  waa granted to Han-
Sank of Montreal
A "erloiis l-iivl^t.i'.e ec-'iVrrd al
Cwmtillory, wrecking fi'vi ral buildings.   A portion of the bin side, some
LOO  yards   in   length',  affected  tiv  Hie
heavy rains, broke away and  f-linped
down, and booio collages and a f:irm-
house waa badly  wrecked, and    lis
Inmatea   had   barely
tlie  final    collapse,
Branches   throughout  Canada     and
N'ewfnundland,  and   m   London,   Eng
'ard  Now Vork, Chlcnao nnd Spokane
ri.S V.,  aed   Mexico  City,     A   general
banking business transacted.    Letters
���if Credit  Issued, available wllh rnr-
resnondenta In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department    Deposit's
received   In   sums  of  $1   and   Upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
���nm    '"" ; Miniim (present rate),
time   to escape1
which   occurred     Total Assets over $mr-.,o(io,()nn,(io.
men!   of   the   Interior,   Ottawa,   or   to  any
Agent or Hub-Agent of  Dominion  Liin.li.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement win not be paid for.
jj!i/: iytio  i/f  the
la   other  an  equal   fotine,  and   at   the   same on Id pay the debt of human kind, La-, glimpsed Its bea'.-.tlcu from  afar, nnd
0, D. BRYMNER, Mnnnger.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front 8t., New Westminster, B.C.
m /
THUR8DAY, APRIL 10, 1913.
Cash only, credits
Btopped until further
No partial payment
accounts until further
Modern labor saving
And the whole town is talking about
the Cut Prices on our stock in our
big sale to raise $40,000 in 30 days
The response to our advertisements have
been most gratifying, and if trade keeps
coming as well up to the night of April 30,
'   we shall be successful in our efforts.
Today we put on sale $8500.00 worth of new goods that have just arrived. All
go at cut prices just as we advertised. Nev.' Dress Goods, New Underwear,
New Hosiery, New Collars, New Table Linens, New Calicos, and our entire
new assortment of Men's Dress Shirts, Underwear, Hosiery and Hats.
3 canB Old Dutch Cleanser   25;
4 cakes Pure C'ast'iJjB Soap   10:
3 cakes Oatmeal ana Cream Soap 10:
8 cakes Fairy Soap  25:
2 cakes Bon Ami Soap  25;
'2  cakes  Sapollo  Soap    23:
7 cakes Royal    Crown    Laundry
Soap 25:
l-:> Ib. package Cold Dust, regular
35c    K��
Japanese China Cups and Saucers,
willow  pattern,  regular    $1.5i>
dozen, now   $1.13
Green and Gold;   regular    $3.00;
now  $2.25
Sweet  Pea;   regular  $2.40;   now  $1.75
Willow    Cloth    baskets;    regular
.$2.00 each;   now    $1.50
Willow    Cloth    Haakets;     regular
$1.75 each;   now    $1.23
Willew    Cloth    Baskets;    regular
$1.50 each;   nuw   $1.03
Jap 1. C. Bread    Boxes;    regular
$1.00;  now 75:
Jap I, C. Bread   Boxes;    regular
$1.25;  now   $1.00
Jap 1.  C.  Bread   Boxea;    regular
$1.60; now $1.25
Jap 1.  C.  Bread   Boxes',    regular
$2.00; now $1.50
Iron Clad Alarm Clocks;  regular
$2.25, now  $1.75
Majolica Jugs;   regular 35c;   now
Halt  Gallon Glass   Water   Jugs;
regular 50c; now 40c
Halt  Gallon  Glass  Water  Jugs;
regular 40c, now    30:
4-lnch    Glass    Nappies;    regular
$1.20 doien; bow     80s
7-ptece Water Set;   regular $2.00
each; now $125
No. 12 Galvenlzed Water Bucket*;
regular 40c; now S
Camp Kettles; regular  36c;   now
now* -I
Stick Fast   Dry   Paste;   regular
20c; now - 2 for i
No. 10 I. C. Bread  l-ans;
30c; now	
Siting Cloth Pins;   6 doxen
4-lnch   Hardwood   Clothes
8 dozen tor	
Cash only;
stopped until
So partial paym-ant
accounts until lurtlier
France Sets Forth
To New Nationhood
Do not think that, or you will fall asserts that he ls lhe person. Instead
into a very great error. But It feelB cf g0|ng t0 France as was B,ipposed
thnt it must breathe a fresher air. An-   . ���.,,.,,, .
other high school professor, M. Roche  ne  went  lo A"*1���"** *>���-****<- of an
Blave, or the Lycee Janson. called It * unhappy love affair and owing to the
"proud, strong in conviction, resolute,   way he was treated by his family,
with  no  further use for the enfeebl-;     Detailing   his  history,   Mr.   Lindsay
ing Intellectualtsm which robbed the
last  generation of Its strength.'
(Cy H. Hamilton Fyfe.)
Paris, April 8.���It Is at once the
highest,duty und the happiest task ol
those who write In newspapers to
make nations better acquainted. For
better acquaintance meaus almost al-
wood through whicb a pathetic figure j __*. done with doubt and   negation.
iu in with ex-
bound to ntroe watch
pi Otant gaze.
Change   In   Games,
Thanks t" the new delight In spurt
md games, the very physique, the very
ways greater liking, deeper mutual re- 1^%��'/^?   And not less notice-
' able is the change in habits of thought
Especially Is it to be desired that
France and England, cIobc neighbors,
bound by ties both of sympathy and ol
self-interest, should understand each
other's character. Only of late has the
real French nature begun to be generally appreciated In this country. The
delusion that It was frivolous, excitable, unsubstantial, is almost dead
We Know now thnt the Prenrli are
not merely _______________________________________
ahead  of  every  oilier   in   developing [a
Faith    Winning.
Later 1 shall show how faith is gaining rapidly upon agnosticism. For the
moment   I   must  explain how all this
youthful   impatience  and   enthusiasm.
are changing   after  growing  quietly   for   a  decade,
burst   suddenly  into the light.
Everyone agrees that   it was   the
related that he arrived in Adelaide in
the sixties and became overseer at
a ranch at Cannawigra. While there
he received a copy of the Scotsman,
containing a portrait of the tenth earl.
"About the same time a gentleman
named Kayes visited Australia to find
me," Mr. Lindsay relates, "it having
b.-couie   known  to  the  family  that  1
Greatest Attention Paid to Night At-
tire in Olden Oays��� Morning Vlsi-
torc  to   Bedroom.
I hx\e been ln France, all over France
for tw'o mouths past, and everywhere
young men have become more serious, mere practical.
Then, hss been a violent reaction
ag.iinst the enervating expectation of
universal peace. "Anti-militarism." so
strong only a few years ago, is dead.
   Dead, also, the lofty Indifference   af-
qulck-thinklng race, far'fected   by  lhe  Intellectuals.    In   1911
young   writer     of     distinction,   M
Agadlr incident which caused the ex-  had not died in Marseilles.    My iden-
plosion. There had been shakings of
German's mailed fist in 1905 and 190S.|
The emperor had paid his minatory
visit to Morocco. Berlin had ordered
M. Deicnsse out ef the foreign office.
Then, in 1911, came the arrival of
the German gunboat Panther at Agadlr, n further attempt to secure n footing in Morrorco, a country over which
France   justly   considered   herself   to
such Invent ions as the motor-car, the
dirigible, the aeroplane; not merely
an artistic and n witty race, but a race
of hard workers, Bteady, laborious,
thirtfy almost to a fault. Vet, while
this knowledge has been sinking into
us, many of us at the same lime misconceived the French as a declining
SUmyTa Gourmet^ was" proclaiming have prior rights.    That ;���led_,o
in the famous Mer cure de France that
he would not give for Alsace nnd Lorraine "either the little finger of my
right hand, which finger of my lefl
hand, which serves to knock llie ash
off my cigarette."
Another writer of the same period
B . ilml>   lo  lhe   conclusion   thai
Thai   belief  is,   Indeed,  found   else-' France was  "finished"   nnd   though!
'"for the general good, to be eliminated." Ai Borbonne a little later, a professor and his pupils subjected patriotism to "scientific analysis." It was
based, they decided, upon empty
words, upon superstition, upon writers' phrases, and artists' dreams.
Changed   Today.
where.    Italians  have sadly  confided
it to me.    Germans proclaim n with
glee.   They say the French are "blinded by   illusions."    Even   Frenchmen
have  been   made     uncomfortable     by
their declining birth rate.
French   Efficiency,
France her new soul, showed clearly
the mind of her young men." The older ones trafficked nnd palavered.
Young France watched with growing
concern and disdain.
At last nn agreement was patched
up. "But," said Young France. "\\\
will not endure this again. We are
Mred of these Incidents. We wish
harm lo nobody, but we will be browbeaten no longer." From that bracing
moment dates the appearance of thi
new spirit.
All over the country the same
Change was noticed.    The ComtQ   ile  claim his till
Mun told me that when, nfter Agadlr,; 	
he  went   to  his  constituents   in   tin
"For all that fine linen apparel has
advanced from the class of 'luxuries'
to that of necessities, there has been
a sore decline in the quality of this
historical and storied fabric. The
profusion of inferior stuffs has lessened popular discrimination and appreciation of fine linen.
"Our love for it as a household and
personal adornment does not compare
to that ol the ancients, corrupted as
We aro by starch (which on the cheaper quality of clothes often gives a fictitious body to inferior materials) and
by the superabundance of pretty aud
to live at Olppsland, where J ephemeral fabrics, which, whether
lonely sort of life, his only | labeled linen or cotton, have little real
Uy was not knowu to Hayes, but 1 met
hlm several times and learned from
him first haud about his quest. He
little thought 1 was llle long lust mem
ber of the family, but 1 kept my secret. Inquiries were also made about
me in the papers but 1 Wok no notice
cf tbe efofrts t-a find me and roved
about from one part of Australia to
Mr.   Lindsay   says   that   eventually
he went
he lived
���,,lo,,s being a dozen cats.    The j artistic   quality   to   commend    them,"
\mwlmm?*^&^ was   a
woman   who   Is   now
ledgers   was
his wife.
It was not liis intention to disclose
his aristocratic   connections   to   his
���vife, but  "like a woman," she got   a
due,    and    he   yielded,    reluctantly
nough. to make his story known and
man Is held up to our admiration,
never hear of the "efficiency" of the
French methods. Yet we read that
their artillery und their tactics helped
the Bulgarians to victory, while German guns and advice proved disastrous to the Turk; yet we have watched them build up the only military fly-
lug corps worth mention, while the
Germans  wero still  believers In  the
london to have
We ore always being    told    about;  ��-_     ,
German "efficiency."   Everything Der-1    At   tbe    time    these    poltrooneries i country, be found no less stifled   ex
"   ' We  aroused  little or no protest.    FranceIOltemenl   among  them   than   Iie   hud,       w 	
! there wculil be an outburst of linger at   loft 'n I'nrls.
such treachery.   The Iron of the hum- ���     Profesror  Andre Fribourg   towards      London,  April IV    One  of Uie lar*
Illation    which    ehe    underwent--the j the end of that summer was soldier-  est  of tbe greal  scienilflc anil inilu-
I Gorman  pin pricks from Without;  the ' lt>8 ���� �� reservist; he told me thai all   trial congresses Is to be held in l.on
of Panama, of Drevfus, fromltno   men   serving with   him   felt   the  don  In   the  early  part  of June.  lHlu.
of her! tame   Indignation,   the   same    eager-   This  is   the   sixth   international   con-
^iuss. | gross  of  mining.   Metallurgy,  applied
    Young    France  was  on   Its
[national spirit, a  firm resolve main-[sturdy, resolute, unafraid.
I talned   with   set   teeth   to  reestablish, 	
within -entered  Into the
young men, , , ,.
The riftilt is a reawakening of the
silk; a present of linen was thu equivalent of a gift of Jewels. The ancient Persians, those exi|uislt-> gentlemen who wore plaited lien gauze
shirts over their trousers of rich
brocade, looked upon this transparent
fabric as among the chief treasures of
their wardrobe, as indeed It was, riv-
  I ailing  the   daintiness  of  the  dew  as,
i almost Impalpable, it lay bleaching on
I the grasB during  its careful  prepara
The Ilayad, res, Iho dancing girls
of Hindustani, wore a muslin so sheer
that It must be wrapped seven times
about the body before It was opaque
enough to torm a modest covering
What Greek Wore.
The ancient Greeks wove at   home
I her ln a black velvet toque of great
elegance, trimmed with jewels and
feathers, which we know sbe wore
on horseback in the morning and at
Court at night.
Had Many Utes.
The word nightgown, nightrail and
nightcap, which we read In chronicles
and romances, do not always connote such costumes as we refer to by
these names. Nightgowns were nct
always worn l^i bed, nor were nigbt-
ralls kept for sleeping. The former
were made of silver stuff, of velvet,
or of silk���in other words, they were
dressing-gowns, which wi re worn not
only during the process of dressing,al-
ways long and ceremonious among
people of wealth aud leisure, but even
on certain formal occasions, in boudoirs, drawing-rooms, and counting-
Nightrails were more especially for
formal occasions, for a mother at a
christening, or fo*r receiving visitors
in the bedroom. This was a custom
not only during certain periods of luxury and licentiousness in France, but
in more prudish England. It obtains
even today in France, where, among
the finest of old families, morning
visits from comparative strangers are
received in the bedroom With the hostess In negligee.
The chemise has changed its shape
very little since the Greek times. Its
masculine equivalent, the chirt, lr.--.3- a
history scarcely less ancient, and certainly its decorative part In the wardrobe of a gentleman haB been even
more conspicuous than the chemise
among the women.
The latter have done little more
than reveal theirs a trifle above a
decollete gown, whereas gentlemen
have caused not only their sleeves
and dcublit, but also tbelr trunks and
breeches to be covered with rows of
slashes, through whicb to draw the
shirt in tiny puffings. Later the obvious disadvantages of the original
material caused puffings of brocade
or other contrasting material to be
Notloe ia hereoy siren tbat the first
sitting of the Court of Iteviskm on
the Assessaieat Holt far JS13 will l��-
he 1:1 at lhe Council dam-ber. City
Hall, New Westminster, K.C.. on tln>
lbth day of April, ISIS, at 11 a.m.
Notice of .any comptautts must bn
given to the ^aeesBi-acBt Commis-
si-ner in v,riling at yeast ten days
previous to tfie sitUnK at the Courl.
Da'ed at New Westminster, B.C,
the 17th day of March, 1911.
l��S3) City Clerk.
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg.
of aU kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction -guaranteed.
59   McKenzie  St-
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly ac 610 Cotaabia St.. now at
607 Front SL    Pfcae-s RK13L.
New  WeatmliHtm-,, "��&.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage   and   Choice   Fruit   I-and.,  a
�� known and loved France gl��%^-8Ul�� W�� *��� V, \\Mr\H   RflURNS
-0 years.    1 am not sure whether she ,    ��v,n "Lament seems "a kind of  Ulll/JHI    IlLIUIUW
s not tl." most "efflcent" ���W"?K,rSe doubly   forunate,,
the world.    And here Is .very toter   mMOM. ..^ ���.���.        ���r0        ���
estlng, Important truth nol yet \*r***t* since &  (lull   ,,.,,,
rd in Kngland France ****** ��� eh genius 1. intact." He attrl;
more efficient every day. the ye"" ,.,',( largely 10 sport... "which not
er generation  Is  leaving   the   whole  butes 1t jarguy i un,
cUtry in to a MM, noW��mood. |��tt   ***������  ta ���.��� Ul       ,
A new spirit Ib aboard In toe land, even nrMpnc���   , quality which
The proofs of this �����   p,lr,;;m    lh     1(| generation lacked."
many that  they ��"''","���       k""A,li"f  element   in  lhe   reaction i
���n  .--   -,,������,     "')_.,_.:   The1 a crlnglcd and elastic linen that clung
feet. | mechanic, an. P���0"^.^^���, ciSngly to th��� bosom and ankles,
congresses lake place a '^^^L'ot'he old Oreek statues show
five  years,  and  the  last    w nicn These home-made   Ureek   robes
I brilliantly   successful,   was   1. 11     ��t robe-lengths,   for  the
buaaeldorf In 1910, previous wngwsww^   ^ ^   |g ^^   mo(].,ru
les  having  been held   lu    I aris    ana |comm(,rclal expedient.
1 Liege. ,   .,      ,.���uu���,,,(),f      Tho   Human    ladles   had    separate
Tbe attendance at the Dusseioori l..     for outer ^a unaer garments,
congress was more than 'JOOO, and It [       _,.__      .......	
Peter Scott, the little son of the
heroic Polar explorer, haB been the
recipient of an Inscribed llible, purchased with Ihe proceeds of a half
penny collection at a Birmingham
Sunday School.
Romance of Peerafle Ensues From Per
suasic-i of  Wife   of   Settler  In
 ;:���,:-_. n,av nke !'Al-|sa!d a young nrtniery lieutenant Our    Melbourn9i April ��,
published;  "��V" J^h  with   their heroes nre our flying nun."   Ihls li HamHton   BethUM  Lindsay,  ������  ���>;��""
Hoe" or "Servls,    which ^wl^h   tmir ne^    ^ ^ do *** ��������� ���'        ^ ^^ mmn ���f lind
bold Illusions to �� f"���1"*        '. the1 have to admit It. j gRy   lB expected to reach Ixindon in a
thunderous applause; now one or me ,.    _ ^^ ft( thp versnil-l^ ��~�� M].  UniMf, who has been
Comte de Mtin's elcuiuent and flory ar I M. ""J1^' 1 n ��� BCCB thnt BV|a.
tiZ on "The Decisive Hour In hat Iw ^" �������,��������� B Bymbol of thow
cxcellenl paper, the��� hcho ��le 1WJ      | f ��������������� and dar|ng which.
One night you wll see ��"n"��J ?��� Bpltp ot their lncraasod anxiety to
tattoo (a ���^ rcV m^ o countrv take up occupations that pay well,
military Instinct. * *ffi JJiSSSSt\mml all Idealise and Intensely admire.
���Next day a window full of Alsace post 11 j Frant.0 |B all for action, for
Ss catches your ft*��*^ �� ����� >��t self-
fttffttC'S-r ��tt7 to S conscious or provocation.
is anticipated that the attendance
London In l'Jlr, will be equally large.
An Influential committee hns been
formed   to   make   lhe   necessary   ar
rangementa and the movement is being actively supported by the University of London, the Imperial College
I of Science and Technology, the   Geo-
1 logical Society of London, the Ins'lln
tlon of Mechanical Engineers, the Iron
Henry   .lames j and   Steel   Institute,   the   Society    of
a claim-1chemical Industry, the Institution of
Mining Engineers, tho Institution of
Mining and Metallurgy, the Institute
of Metals, the South  Wales ltiBtltutc
of Engineers, th.i Cleveland institution of Mining Engineers, the West
of Scotland Iron and.Steel Institute,
the Staffordshire Iron and Steel Institute, the Sheffield Society of Engl-
living In Melbourne, asserts that ho
Is lhe next eldest brother of the tenth
earl, who was succeeded In 1894 by
his cousin.
Mr. Lindsay points out that Burke's .  .
peerage records that the tenth earl's I neers nnd Metallurgists and by num
S5js*ae^,=��s=s -,h-���
so that their body  linen  must   havc
been of Importance us to flnenesB and I
fit.      Their   clothing  could    scarcely.
have been as scanty ub cne Is led to
suppose from their statu, s.    Much of
this scanty effect Is due to the   ar-.
iistic license of the sculptor.
Tho classical garment worn alike!
by men and women in all ages and in
ninny Civilisations Is the chemlBe or
shirt, lt wnB often as much a part of
tho decorative effect of the entire costume as a mere article of comfort or
cleanliness. More often still It. waB
used as the night garment. Thn distinction between night and day clothes
Is marked only uniting thu most civilized, and even among certain of these,
the Japanese and other Oriental peoples, for instance, It varies little, and
the distinction between morning and
evening dress ls found only In modern
times. The portrait of the Austrian
Princess, Marguerite of Parma, ahows
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, marked "Tenders for Coal"
up to noon of Wednesday, April Sth,
for supplying lump, nut and pea coal
to the following schools:
Duke of Connaught  High  School.
F. W. Howay,
John IlobBon,
I-ord Kelvin.
Richard  McBrlde.
Herbert Spencer.
U>nl   Lister.
Delivered In bulk al lhe cbeve
schools. Successful tenderer will be
required to furnish satisfactory bond
for carrying out of contract. lowest,
or any, tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary. Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B. 0, (1003)
Week End linkers on safe to local
Kiinis at Single Kara fur Bound Trip
ia  Fridays. Saturdays aad Sundays.
For rates aud rvsenraU-un apply   to
ejj, auuurr. aims
t*ew WtwUalnstor
Or H. W. Brodla, O.P.A. VaaeosrOT
Lrftwro Vftrwoovpr tar Victoria It ft. in.,
: p. in. unit 11 :4w.
l>ave�� Vancouver far SmtlSc !��� m. r*
unit 11 p. m.
Iauiv*'* \nnnwrcr far Nnnalmo 1 p. m,
1m-hv��*h VitiurtmvtT for Frfaioe Kupert
md Northern Points I# V* %%% Wednea-
U-��vi*�� Vancouver emjr Wtltiiiaia/ at
10 n. rr
Loavta Chlltlwarfc 1 m. m. Tueadayu
Thumrtiiy antl Saturday.
CTiltttwact Smta
Leaves   Y/enlrnlT****  ���  a.  si
WtilniwAiy and rrldajr-
KD. r.oUl.KT. Asm*. Mnr Wi
IL W. BRODUA U. r. A. Ti
I *AG6  rOUR
Mcacure    Not    Finally    Passed    and
Some Clauses  Left  Over Until
Next Meeting.
Meeting of B. C.  E.  R. Officials and
City Council Yesterday and Dam
Question Discussed.
It Ib probable that the city may become a third party to the agreement
between the Dominion government and
the Vancouver Power Company, sub
sidiary to the B. C. E. IL, with reaped
to t'oijuitlam lake shortly.
At a meeting of the council yester
day morning Mr. Q. IL Q. Conway, en
glneer of the II. ('. K. K. submitted a
draft agreement between his company
the federal authorities and Ihe city,
the intention of which is to bring the
long pending legal suit between the
power company over the Coquitlam
lake deal to a conclusion.
The chief feature of this agreement
is that if it is accepted by all parties
the city v"ill be given full sanitary
control of the company'8 property adjoining the lake. It waa also suggested at the meeting that the Vancouver
Power company make good the expenses of the city In the suit at pres
ent pending.
The aldermen preeent at the meet
ing apeand to be generally satisfied
with Mr. Conwaya proposition though
.no   agret ment   will   be   entered   Into
' without  a  vote  of  the   people   being
Rev.   Ross  Makes  Sermon  on   Pastor
Russell and Another Civil Action
May  Result,
Hamilton, Aprll 9.���The denunciation of "l'asior" Hussell, made by Kev.
Mr. lloss on Sunday evening in the
course of his sermon on "Russell and
liiiBBillisin," has aroused such feeling
among Russell's followers in Hamilton
that there is probability of another
civil action being started against Rev.
Hobs. When the grand jurorB brought
ill no bill in the defamatory libel action against Uev. Dr. Robs the pastor
declared that the repetition of the attack on him would be followed by another action.
Rusacll's followers in Hamilton considered the charges made against
their leader by Itev. Mr. Ross on
Sunday to he decidedly stronger than
the statements in the phnmphlel
which caused the first action, and they
have forwarded copies of the sermon
to Brooklyn.
ln the new Liquor License bylaw
���discussed yesterday afternoon at a
special meeting of the council, many
new regulations with respect to the;
manner in which saloons, hotels,
wholesale liquor houses, distilleries
-should be conducted are contained.
The new measure which on finally
passing automatically repeals the old
Liquor License bylaw, einbouiea generally the amendments made to the
provincial act al the recent session of
the legislature though inclusions and
alterations have been made to suit
local conditions.
The bylaw provides that bartenders
be licensed, that no liquor be sold to
an Intoxicutcd person, an habitual
drunkard, any woman or any youth
under the age of 18: that no gambling
or unlawful game be carried on in the
premises of a licensee; that no license
foe granted In the vicinity of a hospital, school or church, nor to or for
the benefit of any person who is a
mamber of the licensing board; that
no practising chemist or druggist
���shall sell liquor for strictly medicinal
purposes in packages of more than six
ounces ut a time, except under certificate from a registered medical prac
Number of Licenses.
One interesting clause reads: "From
and afn r the passing of this bylaw the
numler of hotel liccnsis issued or to
be issued in the city of New Westminster shall not exceed a provided number until the population of the city
shall have been ascertained to be 15,-
000 or more, and then only one ad-i
ditinnul licenso shall be granted by | (Kxcitenu nl In the
said board for each full 500 of popula-j corner.)
tlon in cxcceb of 15,000, the basis of Don.  in  the   Manger,
enumeration to be the yearly census Mr. Oeorge Croon, who came next,
Uken by the assessment commissioner (claimed that the franchise was just
of the city.' u gticd as that,  now    operating    in
License   Fees. I Point    Grey    notwithstanding    state-
The licenses per annum for retail [ nieuts to the contrary. Burnaby geo-
and wholesale liquor houses were fix-[graphically and stragetlcally
ed under the bylaw as follows: Sa-1 morP important than either ' South j the'police,
loons,,'M00; hotels, $400; shop whole- Vancouver nr Point Qrey, but would fanatical women, despite the determi
sale license (no. brewery wholesale not ahow the development of those nation of the Women's Social and Po
���<"'"-"*  ��� 00.    distillery    wholesale,|two aistPr municipalities until    thcy'Mtical   union   to  respect  human   life
Antarctic   Expedition  Conducting   Researches During Enforced Stay���
Successful in Current Location.
Burnaby Citizen's
In Verba! Combat
(Continued from page onei
3uffragettes Gather at Holloway Jail
���AVe Arrested���Depredations at
Sydney, N. S. W��� April 9. ��� That
the Antarctic continent lies much further south than Wilkes, the explorer,
I mapped out during bis expedition to
the Antarctic has been clearly proven
by the members of Dr. Mawson's
| party.
A wireless message received today
from .Mawson indicates thai the members of hiB party are busily engaged
in systematic research work during
iheir enforced stay among ihe ice
laud snow of the polar regions.
According to the commander, the
I landfalls which Wilkes charted east-
; wurd of Adelie land do not exist, and
! the continent Itself clearly lies in a
i more southerly direction than that
I established by Wilkes. Dr. Mawson
maintains that the first actual land In
I the Antarctic is Adelie land.
The  party   has  been   very  successful  in  current location.    The  use  of
wireless telegraphy has proved a great
I Innovation in the    exploration    work.
; Night  messages  have   been   sent   far
j and wide, the operator having spoken
with New Zealand, Sydney. Melbourne.
I 111 hart  and   mail  steamers    crossing
the great Australian bight.
The  parly  has overcome, to a certain  extent, the  solitude  of the  Antarctic, and has been kept posted with
all lhe world's happenings.    The doc-
'tor is nnxlous that ihP Aurora should
leave Australia in November in order
ito reach the party during the month
i of December.
At   Opera   House  Tomorrow   Evening
on   Finding   South   Pole.
On September ii. Captain Roald
Amundsen delivered bis first lecture
in Norway, lie spoke before the Norwegian Geographical Society, which
has a membership of about 2000. lt
was given in the big circus of the
ChrlStlanla Tlvoll, which was filled
to Its nlmost capacity. King Haakon
and Queen Maud were present, with
their attendants and their guest
I'rlnce Roland Bonaparte, president of
the   French  Geographical  Society.
Members of the cabinet, the diplomatic corps, leading officers of the
army and navy, professors of the university and representative men In all
walks of life also were In attendance.
Captain Amundsen told the whole
story of his travels to the South Pole
and was given a tremendous ovation
before leaving the hall.
After the lecture a banquet waa
given at the (irand hotel, where
speeches were delivered in honor ol
the valiant captain, who at 11 p. m.
on the same evening, departed for
Ilorgen, where he also delivered a lee
ture. On September 27, Amundsen
left for Stockholm, Sweden, and from
there continued through Kurope for
a few weeks before coming up to
Soon  the "Fram"  will  be   nt   San
Francisco,  where  provisions  will    be
taken   aboard   for  the   trip   he   nlans
to the North  Pole.    The "Frar>" lias I
been- further north and  further south I
than any other vessel, having reach- ���
ed 80 degrees  south  latitude and 8(1
degrees north latitude.
New Show Today
The Speckled Band
Sherlock Holmes
Master-Mystery Series.
Miller & Shelly
West Bender
Pete Murphy
"A Strong Revenge"
Other Comedy
North    llurnaby
London, April 9.���Suffragettes and
anti-suffragettes gathered in large
numbers outside Iiolloway jail tonight in anticipation of the release
of Mrs.  Pankhurst.
One   woman   was   arrested   with   a
load, il revolver ill her possession. This
Incident, which followed lhe finding of
a revolver at the scene of rectnt out-
r | rages,  has  caused  uneasiness  among
it  is  feui-fd  thai  some
t-f" Idid  get   added    transportation,    Mr
The question was brought up by an  r,nvn concluded  with  the  statement
hotel   ke. per   at   tho   meeting   aB   to   ,ha,  ��� ���,,��� 01llv ., dog |n ,.,,, manger
whether   the  hotels   were   allowed   to;     ,i(.v  the W)n,j,  m| r,ursuiiig.
supply bona fide travelli rs with drink.    Mr' j M,,.T.,V, opposition   aald that
at tholr  meals.    The  question, however was not finally decided but  will
probably  be clean d  up at  the next
reading of the measure. .  ..��� , ,,   . , .,   .   ,
���., ,   ,, ,.      still agreed that i   answered th-u d
The question .is to whether police;
officials or Inspect' rs could make
uny arrests In a Baku n without showing their authority was also left over.
lt is made clear In the new measure
that no females or Orientals may be
grant, d lii ensti
Mr. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
three years ago ex-Reeve Weart told
him it was a damnable piece of legislation,    lie agrofd at  that  time and
have decided not to be bound by tho !
The militant suffragettes again are'
Active about Nottingham.   A haystack
belonging to a widow was destroyed
by fire today.    Suffragette literature
was  left  nearby.
In view of the recent threats of the
Butfragettes, a close Riiard is being
In pi at Nottingham castle and other
public buildings.
Aged  Statesman    Leaves    Vancouver
en Route to England���Fond Leave-
takings���Refuses Private Car.
ffflil PARUMHl
Chine;;  Senate aid  House of Repre
sentatlves Inaugurated���Members
Crossed in European Fashions.
i cl id   not  lliink   ri   motor  bus    service
feasible nt fhe present.
Mr. \V. J. Holflom, wbo spoke next,
declared ihat he liad   gone   to   the
'Western  Canada   Power  company    to
see if they would give transportation
  to  North Hurnaby II the  B,  C   E.  II.
,, , . ,     ., ,,     ���,        ,.    , ,,      would  nol give il.    Herause  this  wns
Peking, April 9-The   lirst   pari* Rn invention and progress be
went or the world s Youngest republicUd ,lftl lhlnk tha1  ,������ ���   ,.   B   ���
was inaugurated yts-.erdaj ain.u gen- franrhll,r Bmll_ |
seriptiim,   though    	
not think so now.
Under the  franchise  the company
did not require to build more than th
two miles nf load  sneclfied  for    the
next 35 years, he anid.
Motor   Buss.
Mr.    W.    Hooker.      also      Bgalmt
'thought a  good    motor    hus    service
I could   be c-Btablislii'd    in     the     muni- 	
lelpallly if nil  pulb il toc'thcr and did j Cairo, Kgypt. of spinal meningitis.
loot want to boo the children's rights      A cablegram making this announce-
sacrllicod. ment  was received  by relatives  here
Mr. Mark I.umny, a supporter of/today. Young llorden inherited his
the rranchls-o. said thai fhe munici Ifortuno. He took a theological coursi
pnlity must have transportation    and | at Princeton and entered tho lists na a
���d bv Mr
ind faith
Chicago, April 9.���William W. Bor-
don, the 26 year old multi-millionaire
who put aside a life cf luxury to become   a   missionary, died   today   at
missionary  at  the  Moody  Bible  Institute In  thia city Inst September.
He chose China as his field of
work nnd was on his way there when
Illness overtook  hlm.
*tral rejoicing, not only In the Chinese
capilaJ, but i���rougliuut the country.
The scene of me gathering of the
jolnl inaugural session of llie mem-
tiers of the Semite und the bouse of
representatives was a remarkable one.
five hundred representatives out of a 	
total Of 596, imd  1/7  Benators out of  inTlesTbut'hundreds In'bin opinion
274. all of them earnest looking men
cf mature years, and nearly all dreaa-
<*ii   In   European   fashion   with  frock
soar, silently awaited th
hour  ii oi enlug
As   ih.*   clock
^^^^^^^^^^^^ h the wiper ii
was written on in in >'eara' time, so
that the lengVh of it should not worry
Hit was not sure lhal the company
would have unrestricted monopoly of
th-p streets, lt was not the eaae of
one or two b-eing   compelled   to   wnlk
T. P.
Mr. II. A. Vogel, of South  Vancouver, who owns property in the municipality, spoke against  the  franchise
appointed He, thought it  a  mpsl    preposterous
proposition to hand over the munlcl-
11    several   pality for 30 odd vrars for two milea
Siaiids  played the    national    anthem, ���f electric railway.    The  II. ('   E. It.
>whih' the assemblage rose to its feet
Tin* Hci.ior members   of
thru mude a few congratulatory re
-rnurlis to the notable gathering, and
formally declared both houses opened.
Scenes of enthusiastic Jubilation followed before an adjournment was
taken till April 12.
The  proceedings    wore    brief    and
-simple    Tliey were watched with   In-
was using the dire necessity of North
40 square
ie miles of
house  Hurnaby    lo    monopolize
Toronto. April 9.���A through passenger Bervlce from Quebec and Montreal over the flriniil Trunk Pacific to
Eastern British Columbia early this
summer is the intention of the e\-> cu-
live of this railway as outlined today
by W. S. Cookson, assistant passenger
agent of the (Irani! Trunk system
Mr. Cookson states that, it has In en
decided to inaugurate the new sir*
vice at the beginning of the summer
nnd that passengers could proceed
over the Grand Trunk from Montreal
nnd Quebec to Sarnia by way of Toronto. At Sarnia tbey would take llle
North! rn Navigation Bteamers to Fort
William and from ihire travel over
the Grand Trunk to Winnipeg and tin-
Vancouver. April !>.- Right Hon. Sir
Charles Tupper, P. C. Bart.. (!. C. M
CI. C. Ii.. left last night on the C. P.
H. express for Winnipeg, rn route for
England. Declining the offer of a
private car tendered him by the railway company on t'i" ground that he
was no longer in public lif", the
veteran statesman occupied the drawing room of one ot th
coaches He waa accompa*
C. A. Anderson, bis devott i
ful valet.
Sir Charles Hibbert 1 r, I.adv
Tupper,   the   Misses   Tin. nnii     ;l
number of old frlomK lnci ling Mr.
Harold Mayne Palv, were ai the depot to say farewell ana th�� leave
takings were very affecting. The wed
statesman., now nearlng his 92*i-t
birthday, hire up bravelv He- de
clared thut he felt exceedingly well
and that he looked forward with
pleasure to the long rail loumey over
ihe line he was so Instrumental in
Several weeks will be snent bv fhe
nce-l st-itesmnn in "Winnipeg a* the
truest of his son. v-*- W. J. Tunner
K.C.  before  proceeding    to    Ottawa
for a brief visit with Mr. Collinttwood
Scbreiber chief engineer of govcrn-
meni railways,
St Charleq wlIT then joornev lo
Amherst, N.S., to snend a abort lime
��� ��� ��i, t i...'.|ip." Mr. Clv.rtes T'tpnor
Hlllson. He will sav farewell to r'*i**
ada en Msv 3. when he w-'ll ot-'.-trV
o-i lhe c. P, It. liner EmproBB of Ireland for Liverpool.
Committee Will Test New Street
l.ampe���Pcles for Fifth Street.
The lichi committee of the council
lias made arrangements with the Vancouver I'owi i- Company whereby they
Will  lie  able   to  have  eight   luminous
I arcs placid In the city on Monday for
: inspection and comparison by the com
miitce and citizens generally,
lt is Intended to place the new lamps
| on   Sixth   and   Columbia   streets   and
Hoyal avenue.
The  luminous  gives  a  ItOOO  candle
I power light as compared with 1200
candle power of the lamps at present
tn use and while tbey are mucb more
brilliant  and   light   up  a   larger   area
. they are more economical in the eur-
i rent consumed than the old lamps
Interviewed  yesterday Alderman  F.
I   i.ynch, chairman of the light com
mlttee stated that he was sure thai the
'citizens would be highly pleased Willi
tie*   in w   lights   on   account   of   their
'brilliancy and  saving in use.
Alderman Lynch stated    that   the
| HkIii committee was making arrange-
J ments to have u line of telephone und
i electric light poles placed down the
centre of Fifth street. This is an innovation in this city and the arrange-
; ment will be in the nature of an experiment.
The poles to be used in the centre
[of tiie street will be manufactured
from  seleoted  wood nnd  topped  with
j steel caps. The arms to carry the
Wires will be of an artistic nature and
lit is expected that the whole will
greatly improve the appearance of the
1 street.
; Hy the installation of the poles In
the centre of the street it ia hoped lo
| obviate the usual double lines on each
JBide, one carrying  telephone and  the
; other power wires.
Pop; Is Nol h
Immediate Danger1
O        I IMii
Philadelphia Lady Debarred From  Entering Decoration Day Motor Race
at  Indianapolis.
miles in ordi-T lo give tin-
territory transportation
Mr. Ooderlck.  from   the north,  sug
gesied that n large majority of   the
property owners on the Bouth did not
want to see his ills! Mrt develop.
Outside   Owners.
|     Mr.  F.  J.  Hussell.    opposition,    nil	
terest  by a largo number of foreign-  vised that no part of the municipality  blank Into I.utevlch'a body
C-rs, who packed the galleries. he   stampeded.     He   particularly     rh- .��--���-
Outside vast crowds thronged tlio jeet -o to the resubmission when the
precincts of tbe buildings and cheap people had already expressed tbem
fd as a salute of 101  guna boomed solves ne emphatically upon the fran
trom tlle City vail. All the streets of chise. lie poinioil OUl that the out-
the. 'ity were decorated with flags side people wore not bona fide real
nnd  triumphal arohes.    The occasion  dents, hul had elee'ed the councils of
was  Observed  as  a  general  holiday   the  past  t*ii  or    three    years    nnd; Auto Bandits Plead Guilty.
���throughout China. hhrlrn     would     be   the   prevailing   In-1     New    York.   April   !i     .Ioh    Taylor.
Vuim   Shi   Kill's   message  to  parlia-   flurnce on  the  vole on  the bvluw.       ! Charles F. l.ober, .Ins. It  O'Connor and
mienl,    which    was    not read publicly       Mr. Miitisoh. une ol  the lasl  speak    Ben   Qeld,   four   chauffeurs,   arrested
'ers, stated that llie municipality must recently as the outcome of an Invest!-
hnve transports I lou In order to de- gatlon of taxi-cab robberies, and
velop. It wns idle to suppose that the holdups last winter, pleaded guilty toll, C. B H. wanted a l'i vear franchise ! day to charges of robbery and made
to construct two miles of road Rather |confessions which are said to impll-
thev "-mild go  wherever tlle business
Bellingham Man Assaasinlated.
Belllngham, April 9. A man whose
Identity has net been ascertained by
tbe police, walked Into Martin l.ute
vioh's fruit store here laat night al
10 o'clock and fired three shotfl point
^^^^^^^^ The    as
aallant left, going south niong the
Great Northern tracks. I.utevloh w-as
able to speak a few words to the
police before lapsing Into uncon-
aciiuisness. lie will die. He conk]
give no cause for tbe ahOOtlng,
-.-unoe ins presidency is still provisional, consisted of hearty congratulations,
aiid the expression of hop.-   that   the
republic  would    last  10,000 yeurs.
DID  NOT  SUICIDE   offered
Vancouver,  April   il.    The  coroner's!
Jury came lu the conclusion yesterday | BUFFFAOETTE ARMY
���(ternoon  that  Hubert Jackson, Peruvian  consul,   had   come   to  hlu  death
accidentally through gas escaping In
tbo room in which he was. The distinct statement was added: "We do
not lliink thut It vad a caso of bu!
Mr. Jackson slept nl a friend's
house on Saturday night, He com-
plained of a headache on Sunday and
iiiii not go' up. Hia friend wenl
down toAn in the al ernoon on B"i
tlay  and  on  hla  return    found    Mr.
Jnck-:uti on h^h^b^_
roon  f 11 of gas   which   waa coining
full Good from the gaa boater In the! Put-'icity for Moote Jaw
rOOtn.    The foreman of   the Jury said ,    Mwj-w Jaw.  April  9,    Hy
Unit it waa evident lhat  Mr. Jackson. J majority if VI t
cute a score of gangsters, A dozen or
more holdups are attributed to thiB
gang. Many thousands of dollars In
booty brs been obtained, the police
assert, by the gang and Its acconi*
AGAIN TAKES UP MARCH   pllccB In the last six months.
New York, April 0   "Oeneral" Rosalie Jonr-a of the suffragette nrmy will
take up the  march  sv.ain  nexl   month
! for  the  cam*-!-
The "Little Gob eral" announoed
yeeterday, upon lor ritnrn frum n
throe wet ke c.invutrs uf the upstate districts thai i he i.ad made
for resuming a campaign of cuffragi
hikir. which wculd t il..* m the greater
part ul the Btnte during the coming
Mesh Bag Stolen in Church.
Baltimore.  April  0     A  allver  mesh
hag.  presented  to ln-r by girl  friends
when she left   the White House, was
stolen from  Helen Taft, in Bmanuel
Protestant Episcopal church, last Sunday. MIsb Taft, wns going to Washing-
rrangomenta ton and did nut wish to make any m-
"." port of lhe loss, fearing It, would force
lier to return to lhe city at a time
whon ii would be Inconvenient, She
lefl for Washington yosterday morning.
9,     Ily   the   bare
bylaw to grant $24.-
Drowned While Delirious.
Winnipeg, April 0.    clad only    In a
.    ��� , ni   I,,,, , ������,  nn nnd closed 1000 tO tbe board ol trade for publicity  night  sblrt William Stewart, a  unlive
feeling u chill, h     '"���'.;.Dd%��^a JSiwwSwmwrlcd today.   A certain or Dundee, Scotland, hurled himself
S0^e1ran0SlbtnS��gihna^nSd|S?SS of hostility  was  manifest,,, tb, gh a window at the 81
lit li had returned to bed.   The gas
bad faiini to Ignite, and consequently
hod poured into the room and had
nsph) tinted hlm.
in the pant tow days due to some extent lo newKpnper Oflticlcm of Publicity l.'onimlwsioni.r Brown, although
Imlh piipern emfipDftei thu bylaw.
hospital thia morning while delirious
ami in spite of heroic effort) on tho
part of th" attendants ran to the river
and jumped in, and was drowned,
fContlnuea rrom page onei
In  front of St. Peters today
the soent'B during the  .llni'Sd
l.eo  XIII.  but     instead of    a
July Bun, as in    1903,    there    was    a
downpour of rain.    This did nut pre
venl   thousands   (f    pilgrims   from
gathering and ga.u.g wi.h grave
anxiety at the three windows of the
room on the third floor of the apos
telle   palace   where   lhe   pope   lies,   or
frnm directing sympathetic glances al
the  llltle  house  In   the  8'iuaro  below -
wbere the slaters of the pope occupy :
modest apartment.
Professor Marchlafsva, in  a state <
ment  to the Associated Press tonight  ]
expressed himself ns highly indignant
al the exaggerated reports that had
been circulated, lie gaie solemn, na
BUrancea that the pope's Illness was
running a perfectly normal course i
and said that if no '-omul cations arose ;
he would guarantee the' 'hn pontiff
would be convalescent v ithln a week
llr March iafn-i .o.'-e v ith the great
est apparent sincerity,
Perfect calm i revelled at the vatl-1
can  tonight  and  the  normnl   routine
seemingly had    been    resumed     nr
Amid retired for a considerable time
to his own  room  nreVlOl" to going tr i
the nnte room, adjoining lhs| occupied
by  the  [-o; e.  for the nlgbt.    II   wa*
announced  thai  the patient wns en-
Joying a peaceful  slop.
Honrr fer Toronto Ol rl.
I nndon, Ont , April 0 F P lle'ts
nf tb's civ, ims received Information
from Pn-ls, France, stntlpa thai 'be
miniatures of hla fliugh'or MV.
p. ,..|,v,  hive  bit"   t'.-e, * *. .foror    ox
hlb'.tlon at ibe aprlng salon.
Guffocated In Paint Plant.
Chicago, April Ii. Fumes frum ii vat.
of boiling lining iiiffucaletl William
Roberta today ami overoame three ol
bis fellow employees who are nol ex-
poeted    to   recover,   Thoy  were al
Work In the dry coloring dciiiirlnieiii
of tha Alston I nets Paint Company,
;*ix others who fell unconroloue wen
n ��� ui'! I y m e of a pulmt mr.
ndtanapolls, Ind.. April ft.     - Miss
Ian Preacott,    who   announced in
Philadelphia that sbe had been grant-
led permission to drive a car In the
.500 mile race al the speedway lure
recalled ' '"'x' month, will not be permitted to
of Pope  enter lhe contest, according to an an-
burning  "nl""r'( ment of the npe.edwuy manage-
'   ment today.
The Speedway Auditor in n statement asserted iho claim that Miss
Prcscott had been granted permission
to enter the race was without foundation. The speedway management he
concluded would not consider allowing a woman lo enter so dangerous .'in
-s.     -*
' \\
... *>:--   &-< 'mm
Special Coming
Friday and Saturday
"I* Is Never Too
Late to Mend"
Ediscn���Two Reeln.
The Fielding Brothers, fanners, are served with foreclosure
notice, 'ii urge, the elder, la en
gaged to Susan    Morton,   nlso
lOVI il   by   Ji im     Mi allows,     tho
wealthiest man In town, Meadows    plana    Ceurge'a    undoing.
Qoorge got a io Australia to
seek IiIh fortune; Meadows'
plana are frustrated by an old
Jew who Oeorge nine befriend
��� ti by Oeorge and Oeorge ri turns
with nix thousand pounili to
clear the home and claim bis
Do You Want
to Sell Your
List it with the
Phone 1275   48 8th St.
Auto and Marine
Only one week more for bargains in Furniture,
House Furnishings, Linoleum, Dishes, Glassware,
Hardware, etc., etc.
Cor. 6th Ave and 12th St.
Our Sunset Sewing Machine, guaranteed for
ten years, has no superiors and very few equals.
Try one and save money.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
S. S. Prince George runs to Stewart.
S. S. Prince Rupert runs to Granby Bay
Mondays    Prince lluperl, Stewart,   Maasett.
Tuesdays���Victoria and Seattle.
Thursdays    Prince Rupert and Granby Hay.
Fridays    Alirt Hay, Hardy Hav. Riven  Inlet,    Ocean    Fnllu,    Queen
Charlotte Inland (direct nervice, fust time).    First trip, April 4.
Saturdays    Victoria  and   Seattle.
II. (1. SMITH, ���'   P.  tt T   A. W. K. IMIPEHOW, G. A. P. I).
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER, B.C.      527 Granville Street.
Royal  Mail Steamers Salting Every   Saturday   from   Montreal
Quebec, Liverpool.
New S.S. Lauren tic  15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic.
First class $92.50; Second, $53.75; Third, $32.50.
S.S. Teutonic S. S. Canada.
582 feet long 614 feet
Carrie* only ONE CLASS CABIN  mi .M and up  nnd   THIRD
CLASH, $31 26 nnd up.
For Bailing! and  Illustrated booklet! npply to
H. M, Stevenson, Acent CM.1 St   Paul Ry., 822 Columbia St., cr
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot. New Westminster.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
W. R. GILLEY, Pnone 122. O. E. OILLEY, Phone 2*\
Phones, Office 16 and It.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
701 Columbia Street Phone 57 THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1913.
PAGE   ���**���**
National and American Leagues Start
Season���New Managers Being
Vice-president Marshall Speaks Highly
of Great American Game���No
Wars or Raids.
Salmon Bellies Will  Have Practically
Home Brew Aggregation���Several
Youngsters Enter Ranks.
New Wettmintter will have a real
homo brew aggregation on the'
lacrosse field this aummer If the plans
ot Manager Tommy Olfford materialize. Following the exorbitant terms
asked for by Dohinee, Tommy Olfford
gut real busy yesterday and afier a
conference with Captain Uoorge Rennie decidid the time had arrived
when New Weatmlnater must come
back to the idea of playing local boys.
With llun Clark and Johnny Howard
on the same cooperative basis as
the rest of the players and their stay
in the olty during the past two years
the people regard them aa citizens.
win. are the players to take tbe
places of Tommy Olfford, Jimmy Clifford and Hill Turnbull Is the question
Bill Patrhell and Leo Gregory have
shown enough   class   to   make   the
senior  team  and   will   be  Riven  every
opportunity this season. Hughie (iif-
ford will probably handle the centre
position. The question of filling the
Shoes of Bill Turnbull is what Is
worrying tb(. manager al the prOBOOl
moment. Bill's services were nol
really appreciated, his worth to the
team was never fchuwn to a great ox-
tent until the fana were compelled to
swallow the doje that the upper country had called him. "Who will taks
his  place ?'*
Hat I'i cm v Is not through with the
game yet and will make one mnn- ef
fort to do the come back act. Eddie
McCarthy, although yet unsigned is
mentioned for a Held position, Mac
Improved wonderfully towards the end
of last season and while not having
much of a show In breaking into the
gam... showed unmistakeahle bKiis
that he was not afraid to mix matters
with Ihe be��l on the opposition and
lias the build to get away with It
Mention was made yesterday that
Jack Olfford nnii Nelson Kenny were
likely to be Been with the big f.-lb'-.v
this year fllfford conies of the < Id
lacrosse f.-imilv and while be bus not
done very much with the suck ilurln������
the ra1-'' si asm, has tha build and
get then- spirit sufficient ti. make
good. Kenny is said to be a comer
and his work with the hockey team
of the V M. C. A. during the past
winter when he was bumped Into the j
boards time and again only to rome
hack for more, demonstrates that he
lias the stamina.
The situation ns to the line-no Is
not a little complicated at tha present
moment and until ihn training season
HtartB the rlavers themselves will mt
renllv know lust what position they
play this summer.
Wednesday afternoon, April
16, Is the date fixed by Manager Tommy Clifford for the
Salmon Bellies to start training fc.r the siason of 1918. Several of the youngsters playing
the amateur game will be on
deck and get every encouragement from the seniors.
The executive of the Westminster club are planning to
foster the game among the intermediates and senior amateurs this season If any offer
of assistance Ib regarded in the
right light by the officials of
the amateur clubB.
Dchinee   Has   the   Nerve   to   Ask   for
$2530,  But Salmon  Cellies Say
"Nothing   Dcing."
New York, April 9.���Firing will begin along virtually the entire line In
major leagues tomorrow. Formal openings In seven cities will mark the
real start of the American and National league pennant races.
Philadelphia, which by virtue of Ita
victory over Hrooklyn ln thc latter'B
next Held in the only game of today,
holds undisputed possession of first
place in tbe National league race, will
have Brooklyn for an opponent again
tomorrow, but with the scene of the
encounter changed to Philadelphia. In
New York the champion Giants will
meet the Boatona. In the west St
I.ouis plays at Chicago. The Clncln
nut! Held has been adjudged too wet
to play and the Beason there will not
open until Saturday.
There was no preliminary opening
in the American ieague and the first
games in that circuit are scheduled
for tomorrow. The Boston Hed Sox
present world's champions, plav on
their home grounds with the Hhlladel
nhla Athletics, while New York and
Washington will meet In the latter
olty, In the Other half of the circuit
ihe openings will be at Cleveland and
St. I.ouis, with Chicago playing in
the former, and Detroit In the latter
Frank Chance's    Highlanders,    pur-1
sued as in  former    seasons    by    the]
"jinx"  with   accidents  to  several    of
the team's main staff, already record-
ed, will go into its game with Wash-i
ington seriously handicapped.   Detroit I
Will   be   without   the   services cf     it?
brightest   star,   Tyrus  Cobb,  who    ls
Btiil a holdout.
In the game here, Tesreati for New I
York, and  Perdue for Boston are tin
probable pitching selections,
Chicago. April 9.���Vice-President
Thomas lt. Marshall praises the
honesty of organized baseball in a
letter received today by Han B. John-
Bon, president of the American league.
After acknowledging the receipt of an
American league pass, the vice-president says:
"I am deeply Interested In baseball
because lt ls a fascinating game, because lt Is the great American sport,
and because It sets an example to
the business and professional men of
America, which is as valuable as the
preachments of the politicians, namely, that no success Is lasting or permanently valuable which does not result from playing the game on the
square. The dirt accumulated upon
tlle baseball diamond is clean. A
Democrat cannot say that for all
other diamonds in America."
the fans and players of the old circuit are talking of erecting a fitting
memorial in his honor. Hulbert was
elected to tho presidency of the oldest
major league shortly after Its organization In 1876, and held the office un
til hiB death.
During his incumbency the gamblers
threatened to kill baseball, just as
they have succeeded in abolishing racing in the United States, and only the
genius and lirm and unbending attitude of President Hulbert saved the
professional game from dying In Infancy. Chicago certainly owes.Hulbert a memorial, for, next to baseball,
that city held llrst place ln his affections.
"I would rather be a lamp post In
Chicago than the mayor of any other
city on the face of the globe," Hulbert used to say.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and  Sale  of   Real   Estate.
We have placed with us, a number of good lots in the city for
immediate sale. Price $500 each; cash $50, balance $15 per month.
Size 52x118 feet, with lane at rear.
SNAP. A fine double corner, cleared, on Douglas Itoad, size lOOx
110 feet. For B, quick sale will take $1700; $500 cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
Three lota on Seventh avenue. High side of Btreet, all cleared.
good view. Size 42x140 feeL Price $1250 each; one third cash, balance 6, 12 months.
Lot on Fifth street, all cleared, size 52.9x148Vi feet. Price $1650,
one third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Also stores for rent.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Lipton's Challenger for Americas Cup
Will Be Launched in April,
Pacific Coast League.
At Sacramento��� R.
Los Angeles   0
Sacramento    4
Mr Eddie Dohinee. tontid as the
star home man of the Torontos last
Boaaon, will not wear a New Westminster uniform this summer unlet! he
backs down from hiB perch in the mat-'
ter of finances. Yesterday Manager
Tommy Clifford received a wire from
Dohinee asking $2500 for the season.
That just about finished negotiations
for no man on the New Westminster
team will receive that amount unless
it Is forthcoming on the co-operative
Dohinee received $i>.5 a Week from
Managi r Fleming of the Torontos last
summer and although he was worth
more than that sum. ile has certainly
got to make a rep t.i enter the $J600
Batteries: Crabbe and Boles; Stroud
and Hliss.
At San Francisco��� Tt. 11. E
rt rtland   1    6    1
Oakland    4    7    D
Batteries: Iligginbotham, Hager-
man, Stanley and Fisher; Malarkey
and -Mitze.
Cosport, England, April 9.���"Luck
will all be with ub this time. The
challenger Is the four-leaved Shamrock, while the New York Yacht club
���.'������ill be defending the AmerlcaB cup
for the 1 nth time," said Charles E.
Nicholson today. Nicholson is to design the Upton boat which will seek
to win back for the British the
Americas cup. This will not be Nicholson's first connection with the contests for the cup.    HiB yards at Gos-
Closure Resolution
. Introduced in House
(Continued from page ono;
to reftiark that  tlle fight would Boon
be over.
Mr. Monk Again.
After the    incidents    described    In
the introductory  paragraphs  of    this
report   had   transpired,   Mr.   Pugsley
proceeded  to  discuss at aome  length
reasons   why   the  bouse   should    adjourn.    He was    not    through    at   ti
o'clock and continued to speak at tbe
evening session.   One reason, he Baid, 11
was  that   the  prime  minister  Bhould!!
afail himself of the opportunity to ex-l!
plain why  Mr.  Monk    had    left    the j'
An explanation of the reasons and
[the resignation of a minister had al- j
i ways been given in the past and the j
'numbers were entitled to an ex plana-1
t.on iu regard to Mr. Monk,   lt was a
great  deal   more  important,  he  said, ���
j that the conditions in tlie west and
other matters    should    be considered'
that the government should be devoting all its time to one bill and    the
introduction  of  the  guillitine  in  parliament.
He had recently had a letter from
a farmer in Saskatchewan complaining that the conditions are deplorable
because an embargo has been placed
by Ihe railways upon the shipment of
a large portion of the crops of the
farmers.     But  bo    anxious    was the
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Orioles Beat Athletics.
Baltimore.  April  9.���The  Baltimore 1 jqq-*,-.
International league team won today's I which
game with the Philadelphia Americans
5 to 3.
It. H.E.
Philadelphia   3    2    2
Baltimore  5    8    2
Batteries:   Bush and Eagen;  Shawk
ney and Bergen.
pert were used to docke the original 'government to press through the naval
American boat when she was under bm and to gag lhe hou9e that lmport-
repairs. He aded today: "1 wish to * aul questions like this, the ratifica-
correct the unfortunate Impression . tlon ot the trade agreement with the
prevailing In the United States that j WeBt ,ndie8 tbe uklng over ot the _,
am afraid Of a 90 foot yacht. 1 be- c R branch ��� and lhe propo8ed
lleve  1  coud  built one  which  would, hia *  ���       d tQ Bland
cross  the  Allan Ho  safely.    But  aIn     * government    was    trying    to
outer which under present conditions *   impression that the opposi-
'Wl^'l.tK?Wt' Mon would not facilitate the business
of   Hv   vears   &KO.   is   tlie   boat ���   *����.**. *i u i*    *u
prudence  and reason   dictate.!0' the hou3e-    He would remit   ,he
Bitulithic on Second Street, New Weatmlnster, with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy   on
horses' feet, and, above oil, particularly durable.    For these reasons
Bitulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses.
���householders, aad city officials.   It haa been adopted by fifteen cities
in Cicada, and over two hundred la the United States.
1 Columbia BitulittncLtd.
1      Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Tru*t Building, Vancouver.
The rial reason of the Torimtonlan'e.*0" Americans overwhelmed the 1
demands can be laid at the r.-ei of'"""1 inUrnatlonal league team fa
Con  Jones  Who on  his arrival al   To-   today,   winning easily  13  to 2.
Whet**   Was   Kelley?
Washington, April !'.    The Washing
R. II. E
Toronto   2    7    2
Washington 13 17    0
Batteries:       Rudolph,    Brant    anil 1
Trout;  Cashon and  Williams
Co'd Weather Kept Down Attendance
at Ebbctts' New Pork���Recruit
Muffed  Fly���Lo$t Game.
Brooklyn, April 9    Philadelphia beat ;
Hrooklyn in lhe opening game Of the.
National league season which marked
the formal occupation of Mbhi Its' field
today. The oold, raw wind ki pt the at-:
tendance down but did ll* t affect llle
players, who put up a brilliant buttle.
Both   Seatrn   and     l.ucker    pitched
brilliant bail, the former Just shading
the noted southpaw in n ll) hIiuI out.
Benny .Meyer, the recruit from Buffalo, lost the g une for lturker ill lne
first Inning with one out, when he
dropped Mugcc's long fly with one on
The opening oeremonlet were Ira-
pretslve, the two teaniB parading
enrols the fn 111 beaded by a bund und
Alfred B. steers, borough president,
threw  the  first  ball.
It. II  K
i   k   n
o   r,   :i
ronto began to iingle his bag of gold
With the result lhat the era of princely
salaries was not yet over. By hit
agreement with the Big Four, Jones
could not entertain any hopes of -i
curliiK Dohinee himself but what he
did do jusi prevented Lii Hoyals from
landing the player.
Considerable amusement was expressed in lacrosse circles on Columbia strecl yesterday over the declaration made by Jones in the east that
the co-operative principle was lnfi*rii-i
to that of a regular salary basis. It
reads all  right to the  lajis  who UU
little latlde Inttrett in the dotage of j wag found-that -, would be impossible
th" clubs ot.ier than to see them ph.vK , y , t   conditlon by   tl.,_
on the lacrosse field but It will be a   .,
decidid surprise to New Westminster]        ' 	
to learn that there was no alternative
for Jones, except to again adopt the
salary schedule.
Con lined up his last year's players
at his home a few weeks ago, according lo the Vancouver press, and after
a little palaver as to prospects for
' 1913, the great Cornelius hanged his
flit on the table und told the players
they would have to accept a division
of thn gatt-B or quit the game.
^^^^^^^^^^^     reason     	
"1 have the greatest admiration for
the genius and cleverness of American
designers I hope Gardner as well as
Herreshoff will be given a chance to
design the defender. If so the preliminary races will be almost as inter-
estlng us the final cup contests. I have
already erected a shed at the Qosport
yards for the challenger and haie her
plans well under way.
"1 expect to launch her In April,
1914. I hope In case the Americas,
cup returns  to the   British  Isles  that
ot the house. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
country, however, that the comparatively Utile discussion all the supplementary estimates of the last fiscal
year and one sixth of the main estimates of the current year had been
passed. Tbe opposition are prepared
' to consider any bill affecting the country and facilitate its passage through
the house.
Mr. Pugsley restored the house to
ffood humor by suggesting that another pressing question which the I
government  might consider Is that of'
thc result will be the formation of a doing justice to women of the coun-
cnd�� -?"verniug all international yacht try. The desirability of granting tbe
racing." ! franchise   to   the  fair  sex   was  more
' important   than   the   sending  of  $3o,*
Too Bad for Fans.
Cincinnati. 0., Apr'l 9. Owing ti
the continued hard rains that fell
here today. President Herrmann de
C di il tonight to postpone the opening
rf the National league baseball sea
son In this cily until Saturday, April
li!. Earlier In the day the game had
JI been   postponed  until  Friday,  but    1'
The players fell for It until Jones
Lionel yorke and Jimmy Hewitt
boarded the Imperial Limited when
they  cnlled   a  meeting,  derided   they
weuld   do   just ^^^^^^^^^^^
tracts for a lump sum and sent off a
wire to Jones to thnt effect Now- wc
hear Con telling the Eastern press
lhat he is after the big fellows and Is
willing to pay the price.
Woodrow Is a Fan.
Washington, April 9.���Dropping
tariff schedules for the baseball sched
uie, President Wilson Is expected tc
open the American league season her.
tomorrow by tossing the fir'I ball ii
the game between Washington and
New York. Rain and cold weather
however, was the prediction for to
AI'hmiRh probably not quite ns en
thiislnstlc a fan us former President
Taft. President Wilson has accepted
the presidential pass and hoprB to nt
i 000,000 out of the country or the ap i
plication of the gag rule in the house, j
I he declared.
Long Expected.
The  long   expected  closure   resolu- j
I tlon was formally moved In the house
Sappcrtcn Lacrosse Club.
The annual meeting cf the Sapper-
'on intermediate lacrosse team will
he held this evening in Johnston's
hall, at S o'clock. The east aiders
have been out for practice during the
past two weeks and feel confident of;thlg ufternoon by Premier Borden
repeating their success of the past j The general interest in the move on
two summers In Winning the .cham-; lh(, part 0f the government was
plonship of the league. j shown b;' tbe very large attendance
  and by the  well filled galleries.    Mr,
>*******��********   Borden began to speak a: 3:39.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable in all parts of tlie worM.    8arings bank department at
all  branches.
New Wettmintter Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WIL80N, Manager.
�� TODAY IN P'���'?!L.!STIC ���
V ANNAL6. ���
as  well  Blgning  con-j tcnd many games
Walter Johnson probably will pitch
for the home team and Caldwell foi
New  York.
Rain at Chicago.
Chicago, Aprll 9. With the West
S'de grounds already saturated from
tbe ruin today and the weather map
promising more, tbe prospects for the
opening of the National league season
here tomorrow with Chicago and St
Louis na the opposing clubs, did  not
Thi I,-id el phla	
Batteries:      Si atoll      nnd
Itucker, RagOD and Miller.
Sapperton and Bankers Clash for the
League Championship���Semifinal for City Cup.
-Jack   Slade   win   heavyweight
title by defeating Jack Brough-
ton in England.
-Jack Demptey    was   presented |
The resolution ! am about to move"
he ��&1d, "touches upon a very important subject because unless we have
rulcB permitting the reasonable transaction of business and preserving an
crderly condition of debate, parliament
must huve Ub proceedings brought
, ,  ,  ,        ,,        , ,,     Into disrepute aud contempt. No one
with belt emblematic of middle-1 wln acknowledge more than I do that
weight rhampKuship. I liberty of speech and freedom of de-
Jim Barry pul away two men i bato must be absolute but thev must
Morgan and Space, one round * ue preserved under such conditions
each, Bt Decatur. 111, ! as shall not degenerate Into license and
-Johnny Summers knocked out ��� obstruction. There has been within
Soldier Burns in 13th round at ��� the last seven yenrs since I have
Baltimore. been in the house a great deal of dis-
-Eddie McQoorty    defeated    Pat | eusslon regarding amendments to the
O'Keefe In 15 round:! at lxindon | rules.    From time to time there have
1912���Johnny       Dundee      outpointed ; been proposed but they are sti
Tommy Houck In 10 rounds a' '" '
A full line of Spring Tweeds, Serges and Worsteds for
, both ladies' and gentlemen's suits.
Eighth Street. Dunsmuir Block
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
Established     Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ...    1S49 $   8,000,000
Guaranteed  by the North British       Mercantile
Insurance Co. of London     1809 105,000,000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London     1886 9,000,000
Guaranteed by tbe Commercial Insurance Company of London     1861 90,000,000
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New York        1850 6,000,900
Svca Fire aad Life Insurance Co. of Sweden ..    1866 14,000,000
Westminster Trust  Block Phone 52.
New York.
look bright tonight.
Burnaby  Line-up.
East Burnaby. April 9.    The Burns-
liy  Football olub met lasl  night    In
Two Important soccer Ramus among
the teams of tlie city league nre card
ed for Saturday afternoon, Sapperton
meeting  the   Bankers  to decide    the
Topping's cafe and selected a team to|]onKl���,  championship,  while  tbo City
meet the City  In the semi-final event1 -        -       ���    ���   ���-   -���- ' ���*--���
���to be staged on Moody park on Satur-
���day       The    following    compose    the
team-  II   Hav. W, Lord, T. Matthews,
JOe  Hart  (captain),  11.  ForrcBter, R,
Corbett.   W.   Wilson,   J.   O'Malley.  ,1.
Hobson and A. Nowtome,   Reserves!
<���.   Ovcnbury,   D.    MoQuIre   and   A.
Boston  lit  New   York
Broulilvn   nt   Philadelphia
Pittsburg ut  Cincinnati.
St.   Louis  at Chicago.
Chicago nt Cleveland.
Detroit  lit St.  LoiiIb.
Philadelphia �����  Botton.
New York ut Washington,
and Burnuby rliiBh In the semi-final
for Ihe City leagiio cup.
Nu little feeling has been exhibited
In the Sapperlon district during the
past two weeks caused by the defeat
of the City by the Hankers In a ro-
played game. Hnd the Cily maintain
ed their own, Ihn championship would
have been settled 111 fuvor of the Sap
pertonlans,  bul  the  latter    feel    well
capable   of   trimming   the   flnanolal
students and the taste of victory will
never be sweeter among their sup-
porters should Ibey turn the trick.
The game will be played at Snpperlon
park commencing at 8:16 o'clock.
The lliiriiiiby-CHy gnme should
prove  to  he tin even  contest as  both
Learnt are strengthening up for   the
The Bankers and Sapperton Rt 111
have another game tO play, the winner of Ihls contest moutlng the victor
��� ef Ilu. Bi.rnahy-Clty game In the limit
��� ,fnr  the   league   cup.     The   Buriinhy-
��� Clt* game Is slated for Moody park.
Have Control  of  SnorU at
Francisco in   1915.
San Francisco, Aprll 9. -Jamet Sul
llvnn. secretary-treasurer of the Ameri
can Amateur association, will be director of athletics at the Panama Pa-
elflc cjtposltlon, It was announced to
Accepting the appointment, Sullivan snld the program of games and
.-nnrts thnt he would formulate will
bring lo the exposition every world's
champion. Ile said the stadium would
he the moat remarkable ever bulll
surpassing Ihe equipment of the Bla
illums of London, Stockholm and
The    New    West minster    biiwllnr
team under Buck Marshall made a fair
showing in the Vancouver tourney last
evening, totalling 5(191! pliiB In the
si* games rolled. The Scores were ns
follows:   1)111, 974:  Walsh. 969;  Sloan,
1051; Burnett, 1022; Marshall, ioso.
In the Ibrie game HorlcB the team
from the King's hotel hll the 2397
mark as the following SOOret will
show: Boulton, :199: Chnmborlaln,
481; Pike. 514; McOIll, 478. O'Connrr,
��� fB��  "Gravy"! *
Four Ungues Start Today.
This Is getaway dny not only for
I the National and American leagues
but the American Association and the
Southern league as well, and. with
the Pacific league al'.eady In active
eruption, there win be something doing for the fans from coast to coast.
Next week the International, North-
weatern and Western leagues wlll
start their pennant races, and then
the hoarse and raucous rrleB of the
rooters will go up from diamonds and
bulletin boards In every part of the
continent from New Orleans and Los
Angeles to Montreal and Vancouver.
Among tho leagues thnt start today
tho National and American and the
American Association will get plenty
nf publicity In the new-B columna, but
'b.�� Southern league has heen somewhat neglected by the scribes of other
sections. Tho Ilixle organlmtlon
SnaHts of a president who has "done
time" In the Pulled Slates senate, and
In that rt>sm>ot certainly luiB the edge
on other circuits.
William M. Kavanaugh. of Little
Rook, has long guided tho dosllnles of
he Southern leagUO, anil has been retained In office detnlte the fact that
���he Arkansas rnnltnl was I0111? since
dropped from tho circuit. Senator
K&vSnRUgh, who has been president of
the Southern league for 11 years, was
never a professional player, hut lie
hoiiats a "baseball linger" that resulted from an Injury received in his
college days.
One of lhe great men of baseball.
William A. Hulbert. founder nnd lon*
president nf (he National league, died
in Chicago 31  yearB ago today, and
form which ull will admit does permit]
1 much smaller number of gentlemen
than are usually comprised In the minority of the hou6e to tranraet pub
lie business."
Mr Borden said that he had secur
cd from the officials of the house a
statement as to tbe time which might
tie occupied upon 1111 ordinary bill pre
ceded by a resolution. In the cast of
Buch a bill there were no less than 19
different stages, including the com
nilttee stage at which It was possibli
to debate the bill and at most of tbem
to move amendments. Leaving out
the committee stage and taking the
IS other stages togethi r with all thi
amendment! which 11 was possible to
move and you might have 60, 60 or
70 motions upon which every gentle
man would be able to talk. It war
obvious that couilltlons of that kind
could not result ln the proper truns
action of the business lf a certain
number of gentlemen opposite were
opposed to thnt business going on. lf
the committee stage were added in
where It waB poBBible for every mem
ber to speak ns often as he wished It
wiiB obvious that unless there was
what might be termed closure by con-
.sent, an understanding that the debate
'should rnd at a certain time It would
bo Impossible to carry on tbs buslnes.
of the country.
Mr. Borden quoted from Carlyle's
"Llfe of Frederick the Great," ar
Illuminating passage describing thc
Polish parliament and its famous rub
of the seventeenth century by which
the will Of one man could utterly stiu
all busliieBB.    "When we consider the
freedom   afforded   hy   the   present
ruins," he said, "this parliament In the
face of obstinate opposition Is not far
behind tho Polish parliament."
18-pound pike, caught by W. Barnes, of llelprlngbiim, Lincolnshire
had an old hook In Ub lip. showing It
to be the same flsh which he hooked
and lost lust yesr.
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
wlll be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawing* and
suggestions for modernising your store.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
j Classified Advertising
Blood Indians Worst
of Alberta's Redmen
�� RATES. ���
i Classified���Ons cent per word per
tint; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; &.W>0 words, to be used as rehired wlttln one year trom date ol
cntract, 125.00.
Hlrth or Marriage Notices 50c
I icath Notice 50c or with Funeral Nonce $1.80. Card of Thanks 50c per
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Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Loss-ad-
justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with the man who has property
of any sort to sell-with the
business man, or housewife, who
is "upset" by the Iobb of "help"
���with the anxious work-seeker,
against whom the rest of mankind sometimes seems to be hos-
tilely arrayed���with the landlords who unexpectedly lose tenants���with the business men
who need more capital���with
all who have confronting them
a "want ad task!"
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YOUR 8ERVICE as are the
street carB or telephones���but
thetr capacity for serving you
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tailoring. Apply 640 Clarkson street,
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teur wants position; references,
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general house
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work.     Apply   39
FOK    SALE���ONE    OF    MY    TWO
hunting dogs, your choice of Pointer
or  Settler.    Apply  P.  O.   Uox   865.1_
City, (984)
Calgary, Alta., April 8.���Alberta lias
a full, quota of Indians, and always
lias liad. She has Yellow Knives,
Heavers  and  Dogrlba  In   the   north,
  I frees  are  eovrywhere;   lu  the  south
FOR SALE���LARGE LOT, SAPPER-'are Sarcees, lljoods, Pclgaiis, Ulack-
ton   $700, close  to car  line.    $250 j feet.
cash   balance $20 a mouth.    Apply |    In early  times there were waiidor-
rooni 12 K. of P. Hall. (1025)   Ing bands of (iros Ventres. Koolenuls,
 .  K'rees  ure  everywhere;   In the  Btiutli
POR SALE���ONE SECOND-HAND i Morley we have with us always tht
sewing machine In first class order, Stonles, a branch of the Assinlboine
$15. MIsb Macey, suite 6, first floor,' Sioux. There are certainly plenty of
Mandeville block, corner Sixth ave-  Indians, and they have, with the pus
nue and Twelfth street.
Eighteen months later a party    of i
Bix young BloodB and one Pelgan felt
the Bpriugtlme craving tingling  their
vigorous and naked bodies, and they
took horses  and  drifted  south  along
the "medicine line" as they caned the
boundary, raided  the herds    of    the
Crows und  headed  gully   northward
with one hundred head of horses, mosl *
of   them   skin-poor   from   the  winter.
After   leaving   the   Uif,   Horn   with
thtlr spoils, they came along the Hear
Paw mountains and tliere found that j
a party of Gros Ventres were In pur
sible exception of tho Stonles, caused  suit, so they  BWting  Into    the    llenr
more or less trouble. I Paws carrying on a running fight and
FURNITURE  OF A THREE  ROOM I    The frees of the central part were ' gearing  a   few  Ores   Ventres.     After
suite  for  sale and  the  rooms  for | always annoyances  with  various  im- penetrating   Into   the   heights
body of a man  named   John
54, was lound floating In the
river at Aberdeen.
A 1-lroughton Ferry laird Is to fight
the post office on the question of way
leave for telephone wires.
Damage of ��800 wus dime by a fire
In  the  premises of Edward  Macbe.au
& Co., waterpioof manufacturers, Port
John Sutherland, Wlnless, was the
winner of the championship at tho
Caithness all-comers' ploughing match
held at Thuster.
An engineer, Andrew Slater, of
(llasgow, died ub the result of a fall
In Meadowslde Shipyard while working ou a Bteanier.
rent at $12.60 per month, payable I pudencesi and bullylnga and with per- found their trail Boniewhat blocked by
In advance. The furniture has been : sistent horsethiefB. The Blackfeet a Gros Ventre and an Assinlboine
in use only two months.    Apply to md piegans did much in the maraud- brave.
T.  D. Coldicutt, Thirteenth avenue .|ng horse-thief Une;   the Sioux along      So they put the fear of their prow- ��� u,,u,lu,r ,n thl> ,���glu,r (!riule gch00.
and Sixth street, East llurnaby.      | tho border, the GroB VentreB, the Nez nets Imo the Gros Ventre by injuring , MetUlUflK, Aberdeenshire.
.hum Gurd.iii, Slienwell, f ulnile who
died In ber 101st year, celebrated her
hundredth birthday recently, betnj
presented with un nrm chair und a
purse of sovereigns by friends in the
parish. There aro four geiirniilons
alive, Including twenty-five gruiidcliil
dren, four great-grandchildren and
two great-great-grandchildren.
At a meeting ol tha Highland Society nf London, presided over by Uie
Marquis of Rule, president, the Earl
of fasllls and Capt. Colon McRae
were elected Joint honorable secret nr-
tea and Capt. J. A. Chisliolm, secretary. Recently this society has great-1
ly Increased Ils membership, Including
ill. II. 11. Pilnce Arthur of Connaught.
A tin cannlster containing 00
MIsb  Jennnle C.  Wlndwlck,  M.  A.,        . .
, lhas recently been oppointed assistant  t'reigns  and  a slip of paper  beurln
*������ the date August, 1808, was found in u
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(1004) jPercees, the ('rows stole whenever
��������������� they could find an opportunity to
GASOLINE I make one; the Stonles were sometimes peslful In their sometimes nick
eringB with mountain Kootenai tribe,
or In their lordly Ignoring of the game
But of them nil the Bloods wcre the
worst���the boldest horse thieves, tif
most quarrelsomely Inclined, the wild-
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 ���"- ���' arily  touched  rather deeply  into  In-
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borough Realty Co., Ewen   avenue. |were  _dways  turbulent  In  the early
 t��*��2.! times;   always    ready    for    trouble.
' ���' ; Shakespeare,   who   knew   not   rf   the
SEE THE EVOLUTION OP A COOK 1 ulond   nBtlon,   declares   that   in   the
him considerably and killing the Assinlboine. which latter victim they
despoiled of scalp, rifle and horse.
Prairie Chicken Old Mnn. fnther-in-
law of Old Woman's Child, the Blood
who. I11-1S72. murdered Dick Berry on
A young woman patient, who died
recently at Royal Edinburgh asylum,
suffering from pellagra, was the only
case of the kind In 45 years,
David Matthew-
river and was later killed coming depressed through  failure to
spring   a  young   man's   fancy   lightly
Far differ-
Stove,   Canada's    "ride     Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down. $1.00 per week. turns lo thoughts of love
Canada Range Co., Market square.       t wlth a youtlR B|00d.
(97*1 '    Spring time with him brought plans
gland thoughts of blood, and raids and
COLLECTIONS �� I thefts.    It  waa   Bloods  who  attacked
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. 336 Hastings streetl��Bt, Vancouver. B. O. V"       l97G)
Ihe fort built by H, A. Fred Kanouse
on Elbow Park flat, Calgary, in 1S71
and thereby found resting places for
the bones of a number of their young
braves; it was the Bloods who raided
the Montana stockmen's herds; Bloods  and triumphs;   sullenly they
the Elbow
by bis own tribesmen, took as his own
property the scalp and gun of the fallen Assinlboine, so one can Judge to
Whom  It   was entitled.
Naming of the Boundarv.
Glancing nn frcm this light past-
time the raiding Bloods saw a troop
of United States cavalry approaching
with the evident intention of shooting
them up, so the Red men. realizing
that the moments for trifling were
pas'., bolted northward again and drew
no rein until safe on the upper s'd��
of the protective "medicine line,"
which received its name on acount
nf Its three Illustrative possibilities,
The cavalry gave up and the Bloods
went home, taking onlv five of the
stolen horses because the remainder,
run down and weakened bv the winter feeding had been unable to keep
up the pace.
Happily the young Bloods recited
beside camp fires and in wigwams
Sbd tepees the tales of the
bravery ; drawn  lh
cave un i Cromarty
Hotel Dominion, Corner Sixth and
Columbia streets. (1022)
Apply 624 Thirteenth street, or
Phone R 274. 11005)
lady as stenographer. Good reference..   Apply Box 1000, Daily News
sketching. Indoor and ou
In*,   water  colors   or  crayon
Agnes street. (999)
were suspected of being the murderers
of Constable Graburn south  ot  Medi
cine Hat In 1879; Bloods killed a half  on restitution
breed at the fork of the Red Deer and
South  Saskatchewan  when he  objec-.
ted to their running off his horses.
But they never broke out in downright war since the Mounted Police
came, though their belief In collecting other people's livestock waa ever
a nusiance In early days.
An   Early   Dsy  Treaty.
Yet, although bad, they had nerve.
| and a da.shing kind of bravery which
placed  them  high   in  the   respect of
Tvun snaiK in the heart Of Other Indians,    One incident will suf-
iwo snaps in ine neart, ui f|ce to IIIll9trat0 thls.   _��� 1887 Red
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
for return to the Crows the Jive head
when the mounted police insisted up-
stoically they went to
O    LEARN  (he city, One block from Car crow, lord of the Bloods,  acoempan-  ii
tdoor, paint   ,. ,ed by jnd|an A(56nt Pockllngton and  t
rayon.       2:111 I A*MX*0. I ���_���_,���_,__,_,      rv.lt,..,     l.,un���olnr     anntli.ru     t.
jail and waited until the Montana authorities decided not to prosecute, and,
stolldlv they list,.pr,(] to a little car-
pet talk on etiquette, which was mad-*
lTr>***->reSKive!v to them hv a mounted
police superintendent befrre he turned
tbem loose on the reserve acaln.
For the mounted police could not
prosecute if the Montana authorities
! did not think It necessary, nnd the
United States did not think the life
of an Indian or two worthy of much
notice In those days.
Neither did the Bloods, though thev
dld  respect  the  mounted  police,  and
room for light housekeeping, or two
young men boarders. Apply 213 7th
street. 110301
TO    RENT ��� TWO    FRONT    BED
rooms, furnished; suitable for working girls.    609
News office.
Victoria street near
modern, central location. Enquire
Old Country Boot Slore. 11046)
ed.modem bungalow", every convenience; mar car line. Doling,
Edmonds. 110271
ed house. Eleventh
garden and chick
desired.    Apply 1
avenue,     with
n house;  lease It
Ulvtn cafe.   I 11126)
heir chief promised  profound efforts
I Mounted    Police    Inspector    Sanders. I to  reconstruct  the  characters nf his
[went to Fort Assinlboine In Montana (young men along proper lines.    So the
Comer   100x100   all Clear, I "nd consumated a treaty with the As '��� voung men had a nice little spring out
f  *i t/d^fin'    Wn   4Q ! siniboines    and    Gros    Ventres,    the: lne. and lost nothing hnt five horses
IOI'JP40UU.    XNO. Iv. ! chief clause of each treaty being that | which  they   stole,  gaining  meantime
: each tribe should respect the equine i much glory, one scalp, one gun and
Corner 50x140, all clear,|property of the other. (no wounds,
$3500.   No. 48.
Two cottages to rent, $16
and $22.00.
House to rent, $25.00.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
i _____ . ***r*s
Fresh Air and Exercise
The Spring Tonic Needed
loose panel In the wall of a bouse ut
Lelth, by a boy who received ��20 for
his honesty.    The remainder t^ent to
ithe trustees of the late Mr. Jack who.
occupied the liouse 14 years ago, and
', who was ecentrclc and miserly in bis
a ship's steward be- j habits
For Bavlng Ills master's life, Glen.l
a eolle owned by James Wilson, Jun���
Stenniulr, Berwickshire, has been
awarded the medal of the National
Canine Defence League. Mr. Wilson
was attacked bv a bull, which had
thrown blm and was about to gore
him, when (Ben seized it by the heel,
and by thus diverting Its attention
enabled the farmer to throw his coat
over the infuriated animal's horns.
An interesting experiment ls to be j
put in operation al the Murieston eB-���
tate. near New park, belonging to the ,
Edinburgh    Distress    Committee.    A
number of prominent Edinburgh have
formed a Farm Home Committee and ,
have secured a lease of the mansion
house on the estate at Murieston
along with about fifty acres of land,
for the purpose of running a farm colony exclusively for city lads.
A discussion took place In the l'res
bytery  of tilasgow  on  a proposal  to
approach the (leneral Assembly to pre
pare and authorise forms cf prayers
for    special    Presbyterian   occasions, ���
such as the opening devotions, ordinations, and funerals.    The proposition
was objected  to on  the ground that |
It was contrary to long custom in the i
[Church of Scotland to use a common.
I prayer.    By forty-six votes to twenty-':
i four,  it  was  decided  to  petition  the
I General Assembly on the subjet.
1 A Btrange story Is   told   In   Edinburgh
lot a young man who has bwn posing
I as a maidservant in  the  recognized
' feminine garments of the characters *
I In a household in one of the suburbs,
i a new servant waB recently engaged,
[and she proved to be highly satisfactory,   being  trusted   by  her  mistress ,
to a great extent.    One day, however,
the   lady of   tbe   house   left   her   two
children In charge of the servant and i
accompanied  her husband  on  a  trip
out of town.   Returning tbe following
day,  she was astonished  to find  her
children crying on the doorstep, and
she was told by them that the servant ,
lay  111  in bed.    The doctor wan sent
for, and then it  was discovered that .
the si rvant was a young man In dis- ���
find employment, look his life ln de
teriniiied  fashion at  Dundee.
J, I*. MacDonald, who has Just retired from active servico of 35 years
in the Glasgow post office, was made
the recipient of a handsome testimonial.
Stephen Henderson, rivetter, Dundee, for stealing a watch belonging to
his sister-in-law, who had befriended
him, was sent to prison for 20 days.
An agricultural laborer named Owen
M'Danlell,,  who  arrived In  Eats Im-
thian from Belfast was run down by j
an  express train near Eeast Linton,
and cut to pieces.
At Glasgow Court. Edward Strachan, a yonug man. admitted two
charges of fraud, and was sentenced
by Sheriff Glegg to four months' Imprisonment.
A rumor circulated in the north to
the effect that the Treasury has with-
promise of a grant   for a
light railway  is, so fur  as
Cramming down lll-choten
food, and rushing lack lo
work, leads straight to dya-
pepsla, with all 11 meana In
Proper habits ol eallng.
wllh a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after each
meal, restore -good digestion, health and happiness.
A box ol Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
50o. at your Druggist's.
NaUonal Drug and Chem-
lcalCo. ol Canada, Limited.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool .Tables In the city. Finn
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
��veuts bnlletlned,
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Maasage and Clover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eiflhth St.
can   be  ascertained,   without  founda- j
Left alone In her house at Dundee,
as the result of an attempi to reach
her bed, a married woman named Annie Low, of Summers, aged 62, fell
and waa fatally hurt.
A daring escape  was    made    from
Dumfries prison by a prisoner named
iSamuel   Robertson,   a   South   Shields
I man, who was undergoing a sentence
of three mouths for theft.
Mrs. Fraser. the wife of a carter of
Aberdeen, was fined ��3 with the alternative of ten days' imprisonment for
breaking Into a neighbor's house antl
stealing a gold watch, chain and gold
Mrs. John Birkmyre. Broad stone,
who along with her lat husband established the Jubilee Hospital, Port-
Glasglow, five years ago. has generously given, a donation of ��549 to
funds of the institution.
The Abcrdeer trawler Sunshine,
which went ashore at Fair Isle during a dense tog, waa to-.veri off by llie
trav.irr Balmedle and taken round to
South Haven, where she sank.      Tne | guise,   who  had   given   himself
err w arc sale. j by taking too much whiskey.
c. c. Ballantyne, a prominent Ork- j ���
ney Orcadian, of whom a biographical j Earl Grey was grantctl by the Lon-
sketch appeared in a recent issue of | don County Council a three years' op-
the Orkney Herald, Is this year one; Hon at ��?,000 a year to buy the Alt!
of the retiring Harbor Commissioners   wlch Island site In the Strand with a
New Spring and Summer Suitings
now on display. See them. Perfect
lit snd workmanship guaranteed. 701
Front StreeL
I...!     ...   . iem
Transfer Co.
Oftloa  Ption* 185.      Barn Phono  137
Bogblo Street.
flagg-age Delivered Promptly to
aay part of tbe city.
light and Heavy Hauling
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
The Newt befor*
garden   and     trull     trees.     Howler
street'.  Apply at 1314 Cariboo street
fur rent
I'hone U2B.
keeping rooms,  1020 Third avenue
small rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manufac
luring purposes. Will lease fur two
ur three year term, slnglv or en bloc
Apply to Manager the News.
Three   room   furnished   suite,   with
bath;  heated;  hot and oold water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Avenue Phone
Scaled tenders marked "Tenders for
Equipment*! for tho now hospital build
ing wlll be received by the undersigned np to noon
on Friday, April ��5lh, 1913.
Tenders must be submitted on tho
forms of specification which miry-be
��btalned at the hospital. The low-
tat or any tender not necessarily accepted.
B. S. WITHERS, Secretary,
Royal   Columbian   Hospital,    New
-Westminster. (1007)
Publlc notice is horeby nlv.-n (���. the
electors nf the Municipality of Fraser
Mills, lhal 1 require tho presence ol the
snld electors nt tti>. General Store >>f tho
Cnnadlan Western Lumber Company,
Limited, nt Fraser Mills. In the h.iI.i municipality ..ii tin- eleventh day of An il.
1B13, al twelve o'clock noon, for the pur-
lri.se of electing persons t<> represent them
in lhe Municipal Council us Reevo and
The mode <>f nomination nf candidates
shall I.- as follows: Thc candidates shall
be nominated in wrltinn. ISO writing
sliull l��- subscribed by two voters ..r the
Municipality a* pr.ip.iH.-r nnd seconder,
.iTi.l Bhall iw delivered In Iho Iteiurnln*
Officer in i.nv time between the date of
the notice and two pin ol tl"* day of the
nomination, Tho mi.l writing max bo In
tin- following form
--W- hereby nominate (names and descriptions ..r pemon >.r persona nomln
iboul   b
in*II.l:\f-   lit   the   el
held   f'.r   Ite.-v.-   mi-I   1'i.iin-
Munlclpallly of Fraser Mills
���I>nt.-.l  this
"I   consent
duy  tif   April,
tie*     ,,1.   ..
And In the even! <.i* n poll being n-i- s-
Kitry sucii poll will l... opened -n tha
nlghleenth Mny of April. 1H13. and will In-
held trom the hours ..f u n m i.. the hour
���if J. pin. .>r tho ��uid day at the nald
Oeneral Store of the Canadian Western
Lumber Company, Limited,
Every candidate r..r the office of Reeve
shall posseeo the f..ll..wlnK qualifications:
lb- shnil be it male lint ish subject nf tlm
full    UK'-    nf    Iwenl v-nlie    y.-urs.    not    llle-
ouallfled under any l.iw and huving fnr
tho three months next preceding Hie <lny
.if nomination been the registered owner
111 Hie Lnml Registry OfflCO st lhe City
.if New Westminster, .,f land or r.-ul
pr.ip.-nv within ih<- Municipality of I'rn-
ser Mills nf tlie nHs'How.l v;,lu<. nn the
Inst provincial Ahs..shiii..|iI Unll of five
hnn.lr.si dollars ur more ..v.-r i.ii.i above
any registered jmlHrnent er chars;-.-, nml
being otherwise duly .uinliriM to vote  at
nuch el-ellon.
Kverv ei.inliilnie r(.r ihe office nf Councillor shall possem tho f.-11..win* quall-
flOtttlOnn.    lb- ahall he
Spring is thc ideal season fur mak
ing good health resolutions, ll is the
time of year when everybody has a
special opportunity of renewing
health, youth and good looks. It ls
tlu. season of rejuvenation in Nature,
ot awakening euergies and new
growl h.
Activity is everywhere. Thp world
is young again. Everything makei a
fresh start, Tho sensible woman
tak.-s lor cue from Nature. She
"wakes up." She says t.o herself, if
she has become slack, depressed In
health, down In spirits, "I am going
to make a new beginning." Just as
Hbe spring cleans her liouse, she
spring cleans her mind and her ideas,
she clears the cobwebs of old prejudices and old ways from her brain,
and determines that spring will mean
lo her a revitalising of all her forces
Somebody lia.-i discovered that old
:���������'��� Is really a ills* use. caused by certain g. rms and their poisons. It Is
sail we inighi keep our complexions
our hair, our llgures young If we
coiibl only prevent the entry of these
microbes to the body. Their favorite
Situation is the digestive organs, lint!
so, if we accept spring's lesson of
'���"Bctlvtty," tbe old ugo genus would
nnt have the same chance in attack
Ing us. Because plenty of exercise
Is the best way to keep the digestion
sound. It is the people who are lazy, I every woman
who hate exercise, and who get into'The Ills of the
lhe habits i.r slolh and self-indulgence,
who age beforo Ihelr neighbors.
Why lire we so frequently III In
spring ? Because wc have been slack
during the dark months of winter. We
have got Into the habit of avoiding
fresh air whilst dreading "colds." We
hnve for months been taking far be
low the minimum amount of exercise
essential for health. And if we are
to accept the lesson of spring, tti
"wake up," to get Into a better under
standing and harmony with Nature,
we must make three good resolutions activity, innr(
Ibis season  and    keep Ihem faith   blued with in
You can't catch cold if you're moving
acti.-iiy about.
Physical Activity.
Determine  on  physical  activity
as well a3 mental.   (let exerclsi
'how or other, even lf it means getting
I up at 6 a.m., or walking    after    10
: o'clock at night.    The people who are
always catching spring aliments���Influenza, sore  throats,  ch'.ll-i and  indigestion���need a regular spring cleaning of their whole system by a course
of simple diet, plenty of exercise, and
a   liberal   allowance   of  fresh   air   to
cleanse the lungs.
of Montreal, Canada
The Edinburgh police the other Run-
day  morning raided a house in  Hell-
vile Crescent, wlu re they found thousands ot football    gambling    coupons.
���.,'im.    Three men were taken into custody lu
connection with the matter.
By the death of Mr. Robert Thorn,
one of Kirkcaldy's best known citizens passed away. In barber mat-
'; ters he was keenly Interested, and
,h was one of Hie original committee
appointed to further harbor extension.
Tlie Inverness by-laws for the reg-
i ulation of placi s of public refresh-
| ment  have   been   confirmed    by    the
view to the possible erection of London headsuartcrs of the Dominions.
sad make complaint. Only ln this way
stay aa efficient delivery he main
On- Immediate result would be Im .Secretary for Scotland substantially
proved appearance and a feeling of aa tBo*V w"rf' ���*<-"l>te'i by V--.,- ...-..,
greater   youth    and    vitality,    (lord
health makes all the difference to the
actual age as well us to the appear
Make the wnmnn who ia "never
quite well," who suffers from nerves,
nnd sleeps badly, lil and healthy, and
she will be llv or ten. years younger
in a month, (let the man nf 5-a to
lake exercise, in live seniiilv, and refrain from ill-using liis digestion,
and he will look 16 yearn younger
than bis contemporaries who never
tnke any trouble to keep (it and well
"A man is as old as his arteries." and
a woman's age Is not a matter of
years, 11 depends on the state of her
hair and   her complexion.
ln  spring
lioiild  look  her  best,
complexion so prevalent ill spring can all be prevented.
It Is not the spring. Ihe east wind, tbe
changes of temperature nml uncertain
weather that are the real causes    of
blotchy skins and spring ailments generally, of red noses nnd pinched    expressions.    Poisons in the blood comprise  the  explanation,  and  these can
be  got  rid  of  by  fresh  air  for    the
lungs,   lighter   food   for  the  digestive
organs, and plenty of physical exercise
for the muscles.
They are all dependent upon  more
physical exert Ion. com-
V mental interests. We
are young just as lung ns we can And
Inlerests and accept   new  ideas.  And
the way to keep young in lo keep occupied, to "wake in." i."r*-v now and
again to Hie necessity for striking ou'
on new lines.
mnlc llrlllsti sill
jici of the full nfte of twenty-ono years.' fully:
nm disqualified nnil.-i  nny law, nml hav- -rnr m-uu Interest
Ing for tho three months next preceding      ,      .     The New interest,
tie. dny nf nomination bten tin* reglater-      1.    Btarl  right awny on a new hole
e.i owner In tho Land Registry Office  at by, a io-w pursuit, a new interest.    II
tho City of N.-w- weetmlnster, nr lnml orli- ,.,_, , ,.,��� ._,.,_, ��_.,. AVnt tn anrln-v'a
n*! property within tho Municipality ol |H "'��� P��0ple who are oeni to spring..
Krnser Milts nf the .iso..Med value nn the message of "waking up who nre d"-
Innt Provincial Assessment roll of two [pressed bored and out of health Just
hundred   and   fifty   Dollars   nr   mors    ..ver1' .J   .  ,.     '     ��,n_l.,  ft .,������ Interest
and abovo any reKiHt-re.i judgment ..r."nw- Hut if wo tiogin n new interest,
charge and being otherwise duly quail- whether It Is golf, gardening, health
"'"' V& innnieiml vot-r. ..visiting, or china collecting,  wc gen-
And further tnke notice lhat on the H.-i 1.1 ,     ���' .  i���_,,_,���..��� .,,,��� ,,, ���.���.���
nth day of April. 1913, at the same time. erate energy and Increase our powers
and pine.',  nominations will bo receivediIn all directions.
f^r   two   election   nf   five   R.-hnnl   Trust,,,.., Tn     SorlnO Tonic,
jflr  the  Bchool   Illslrlet   nf   Kraser    Mllla.        ���      _   _'   .     ,   ,   '      , .,      ,       ,
md In ens., s poll fnr ihe elis-ilnn nf the I 2. C.et out of doorH Into the fresh
snld Trustees la necessary, the said poll I air, which Is the Idenl spring tonic, for
will bo li.l.l at the samo time and place|���v���rvnnB     Recnuse It Is light, BWeel  linger mine instituted them'
Qunsh Convictions Under Lemleux A=t
Porcupine, Ont., April S, -Judge
Kehoe, of Sudbury, hns quashed the
convictions against William Hollo-
waska nnd Peter Carey, tho Porcupine
trades unionists, who were convicted
under the  Lemleux nct.    As the Hoi-
nml nn the same dine us the p..u
leetlim nf Heevo ami Councillors,
The qualifications fnr sen.*...! Trusteea
shun he ih.. same qualifications set oui
above for Councillor
i liven  under  my  hlilul  nt   Knowr   Mills,
his second day of April, mia.
Returning Omoer,
council.   Under the by-laws Ice cream
shops will be closed on Sundays.
Tho death is announced, at the age
iof 93, of Lady  Dacres.    Admiral  nacres was a burgess of Kirkwall,   the
.freedom of the  burgh   bavlng   been
'conferred on him In 1K0:i whon he was
in command of the Channel fleet,
The Glasgow steamer Merrlddlo ar
rived In the Clyde wllh her foremast
gone, she loaded timber at a Oulf
port for Rotterdam, In the Atlantic
she met with very heavy weather, and
was badly  damaged.
The recent loss off the Irish coast
of the steam drifter Prominent of
llurgliead. has aroused much svmpa
thy ln Wick, where the unfortunate
vessel nnd her crew were well known
', iu the fishing season.
What appears lo be un organized
efort on the part of tho white slave
traffic demons to further their dastard
lv endB is occupying the attention of
the Aberdeen police, who are now Investigating Ihe series of outrages.
Perth has lost one of Its most prominent citizens in the person of Alexander Hay, senior partner of Hav and
Company, live slock salesmen, Perth.
Tin wns born In lSllll. and was the oldest live stock auctioneer In Scotland.
The   torpedo-boat   deal rover   Hydra
and another destroyor were in coin-1
slon In tho lirth of Forth,   The Hydra  was  not  seriously  damaged,   but I
the oilier boat  had to pul  into  Lelth I
with her bow badly smashed  and u
number oT plates buckled.
The Senatus of Aberdeen university has resolved lo confer tho honorable degree of Doclor of 1/aws on
Mr. M'Kwen, M. A��� headmaster of
Kirkwall Hurgh school, who bail a distinguished career as a student, and
took Ihe degree of M. A.
Mrs, Robertson, Central li. K. Manse.
Wick,  has offered lo  present to the
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small   Musical Goods ol all Kinds.  PHONE 694.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
BOtLtRS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL    ���
P. O. BOX 442
Pr-ts. and 0��al. Mir.
B*c. v-td Tr-MS
fir, Cedar  and Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd B77.
Ji;lv.*n i
II. l'., thli
scented, frcuh, laden wllh the health t|ollK 'Of the purpose of t*��ting tho Carnegie Museum the tont bsloagiag
ful properties of new life. Whatever Lemleux set, the decision Is most Im- to the old chapel of Ht. Kermis nt
your habits or pursuits have lieen portiint to labor throughout tho Do- Wick. It was found In 1840 by Hnv.
through Ihe winter, make tbem now minion. The two men hnd been fined Charles Thompson, then parish mlliis-
as outdoor as von possibly can. Kear I -1701) and cobIb or three, months In ter, In the glebe farmynrd, where lt
neither east winds uor spring chills. J��H. .was being used as a trough.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Great   Care   Necessary   In   First  Preparation���You May Offset Years
of   Rolling.
Wo bave nil heard the Englishman's
n-ply to the American's exclamation
of surprise al the beauty of tbe ling
lish turf, llut tlm difference between
r.n Englishman's lawn and that of an
American's la not nlta-gether a matter
of a few hundred years of rolling.
There Is much In the.knowing how to
make one und perhaps more In Ihe
fart that In Kngland all the land Is
cultivated, The Kngllsli commuter Is
not troubled by weed grown vacant
property, surrounding hlm on all sides
A fine lawn is also necessary to
give the proper setting to a house
that every care should be exercised
lo get 11 right in the beginning. Much
depends on the proper preparation of
the soil and the needing���after that
eternal vigilance ls the price of success.
The first essential is to have a plea
sant contour. Aljout new buildings
the ground near the foundations ls
consequently tbe seed should net be
���own until the ground has nettled as
much as it can and the permanent
grade established with the long slope
awny frnm Ihe foundations. If the
land ls hard clay nr the placo Is low
It Is well lo underdraln at frequent
Intervals, The grass roots must have
an opportunity to run deep Into the
soil or th.-y wlll not get eii'mgli moisture in dry weather. For this reason
the Boll should be made loose nnd
Deep Soil is Necessary.
If thi- ground Is not liberally supplied wllh lininiiH It Is well to spud"
nr plow In a liln-rnl amount of well
rotted manure. It should be worked
Into the soil to the depth of at least
one fool If Ihe subsoil Is nenr lhe
surface the area shnld be spaded two
or  three  spades  deep.
On newly made areas It is well to
grade  the land  In   the  fall,  allowing
It to settle through the winter. Then
if the surface remains even, rake it
over and sow lhe grass seed In February, or as soiin as tlm weather will
licrmli. To Induce a quick growth n
lop dressing ut some good commercial
fertiliser should be used when the
Seeds ore sown.
It Is Ihe general opinion of experts
that a mixture of lawn grass seeds Is
far better Ihan any une kind. In every
j locality there are reliable seed rotn-
1 panics who have experts studying and
experimenting with seed mixtures, and
It Ib thn safest course for the amateur
to seek and follow the ndvlce of these
experts. Kentucky Illue Or-ass, Creeping Rent. Crested Dog's tall. Hed Top
and various other grasses are used
separately, but a mixture of fine leaved grasses Is really betlcr than any
one kind, for they will grow In together and produce a greener effect
at all times. Above all do not practice false economy by sowing sparingly. One pound of seed to nbout fifteen Bqo-ire feet In nbout right.
Weeds May Be Expected.
The weeds probably will come ui
thickly the first Beason. especially If
Ibe land Is rich, llut these are to be
expected, not from the seed, if tt Is
clean, but from seeds thnt are In the
soil and from Uiobc t.lown hv tlie wlud
Frequent cutting or mnw'ng will k;ll
most weeds: others muss be cnrefullv
dug out. If vou will scatter a few
fresh seeds where you hnve i-emoved
weeds,  you  will  soon bnv> all  grnss.
It Is rare tbat a perfectly good nnd
unlfcrm wi Is secured from one sowing, espcclaly if the soil varies ln different parts of the area. If the surface
contour is satisfactory. H Is unwise
to dig up the spots on which the seeds
has not caught. It Is better to rake
them over, putting on a little commercial fertilizer rich in nitrogen, and sow
more so.d When weeds are trouble-
s'Mne It Is usually an evidence that
there ls   not   enough   grass.
MOW the lawn freonently when it
Is growing rapidly. In the fall mow
lens frequently and let 11 go Into Hie
winter with a long coat of grass. Do
not rake off the cuttings, hut let them
settle among the roots of the grass
nnd form a nnlurnl mulch. It Is a sad
mislnke to rake off every bit cf humus
in Hie fall nnd then pile on a lot ef
flltbv -reed seed laden with ramixe
on the lawn. A top dressing rf eoo'l
commercial fertilizer nt the rile of
nbout 700 pounds to the acre applied
In the fall gives Splendid results.   The ]
commercial fertilizer iu not only less i
offensive In several  ways, but lt has |
much   more  nutritive   value  for    llie
grass  than  ban  burnyiird  manure.
Frequent Sprinkling Mistake,
Don't "sprinkle" the lawn. A properly made lawn will need watering
only In unusually dry limes. The fun
damSAtal treatment of the lawn is to
have the noil so deep and porous thai
the grass roots strike deep Into the
soil and do mil need the surface wa
ter. Instead nf frequent sprinkling
give the lawn a thorough snaking oc
When you have dulv graded and
rolled and seeded and soaked nnd
mowed and weeded according to the
rules herein given, you have yet one
more task If ynu would have a perfect
lawn. You must first, lust, and all
the time carry on an educatlonnl cam
palgn among your neighbors. Kor If
the man nest door or ncross tho street
allows weeds to accumulate In his yard
the wind and birds will see to the perpetual Inn of nature's scheme and your
sweet disposition Is likely to be sorelv
NOI YET 100 LATE     I
cut oan-M and protect the peth. There
Ib also a fly that layB its egg ln the
exposed peth. When hatched, tlio maggot proceeds to bore down through,
leaving a hole that fills with rain and
causes decay.
For Display Purpose, close Cutting improvement   Association   Bent, on
is Necessary���Tea Roses Need
Special Care.
Although March Ib   the   month   to
Laudable Endeavor���New Links.
Nelson, Aprll 9.���"We want this
city to be known as 'Nelson the Beautiful,' " Is the motto of the Nelson
Improvement Association,
At the annual meeting of the asBO-
Roote   Need   To   Be   Sufficiently   Advanced   For   Planting   Out   By
End of April,
prunii rosea, It is not yet too late for elation,  held   recently,   the   members
tlioso who have neglected this linpor- decided to Join In a vigorous endeavor
taut work, for nine out of ten authorl- to rid the city of Its present faults by
Jles agroe that earlier pruning is very abandoning or rectifying the systems
often disastrous on account of the un- by which the varied business of the
certainty of heavy late frosts. city Is carried out.
The rose ls not a tree or shrub to I The beautifying of the streets by
grow onward and upward year after planting trees along the Bidewalks,
year, but Bhould renew Itself from and reorganizing the cleaning depart-
the base of the plant each season. It ment, the endorsing of the mayor's
may be noticed that the heavy canes plans for the Improvement of the waul last season's growth flower best terfront, th0 development of Houston
thlB Beason and then should be cut Park, and the laying out of a nlne-
away to make room for others. When hole golf course, are among the many
this Is not done, nature is Interfered undertakings of the association in thc
with and art must go a little further effort to make Nelson the beautiful
to maintain a Bhapely plant and to eity of the Interior,
preserve Its health and vigor.             I    The officers elected for the coming
The  purpose  of  pruning  Is to  re- session    are:      Honorary    president,
move  thla  old useless wood  to  keep Mayor Herbert Keefe;  president, Mr.
the plant open In the centre, thereby J. W. Holmes; vice-president. Mr. W.
a-foldlng poor circulation of air, which R. Jarvis; secretary, Mr. W. N. Scott;
is always liable to cause mildew; to treasurer, Mr. M. R. McQuarrie; and
lend vigor to the plant, also color and varloitB committees and executives,
substance  to  the  bloom. ��� ���
The more wood left on the plant at i  FRUIT AND FARM  FOR MARCH.
pruning   time,   the  more  flowers   we 	
will get. but of an Inferior quality, for The   Fruit   Magazine    this   month
it Is not pos-iible to have quality and makes Its appearance In a new form.
WHY go out of your own city to get anything in the
line of
Whon you can get it here and save the expense of
writing, travelling or expressing?
sw.w^.w. T jD Y,   The   Florist ���*>-*s����-s=
earries a full line of supplies for garden, greenhouse
or private houses. Let us know your wants and then
if we cann-tt supply you we will advise you where
vou can get the goods' that you require.
48   Hnttingo  St.   E.
Phone   Seymour   988.
B. C.
Cor.   Granville   and
Phone   Seymour  5727
Brown Bros. & Co.
Vancouver, B.C.
21st Avenue and Main St.
Phone Fairmont 736.
Hammond, B.C.
Long Distance Phone 17.
Many people no doubt -have dahlia
roots stored up from last year. The
present Is the best time to prepare
fnr the coming season. Without doubt
the best are the Cactus varieties, although the show and Pompom appeal J
to some people.
If you have last year's roots stored
In good varleitles now is the opportune time In divide them. The best
Way is to choose ihe strongest bud*
on ench Individual root by dividing
the old stools and cutting them Into
single shoots, choosing the si ron si est
buds In evidence, By so do'ng ynu
get one gocd strong growth Instead
of many weak ones.
To prepare at the present time for
the noil one should split tbem nnd
keep them ln the basement in sand
or soil. If Btarted now tbey will h*"-
siiffi.-ientlv advanced by the end of
April In plant out in the beds,
The thing the g>"iwer should strive
for In particular is to get one good
strong shnnt rather than many. The
strong shncts will give bloom much
better and larger if thev are t'-e
strongest to be bad. These plants
enn-e in nil slides pf cilnr. the Cactus varieties liejtig the mo��t graceful
and useful fnr tbe cut blooms.
In Ihe matter of priming roseq this
is a thing thai  should he attended  tn
without delay, The Hybrid Perpetual
should be cut fnlrlv hard bnck now.
leavh .' three to four buds on last vear
pre-, lit This is so nuch belter th-iti
getting twelve tn sixteen buds, -wh'ei-
IIRiiallv brine fr.rih weak roses tba*
son"  lore their cole.
The Hybrid Ten d^es net nce--l snc'>
bard rruninc. hut It Is essential ti
r,f-mie them back, leaving four tn s1t
b'uls. nccorilinc tn varietv. Snme of
t'.-e wenker pro wine vir'etles such ns
��� l'e r>ea" Hole, .! II. -finrke. Pink KM
|s_-ney, Papagontler, White K'llnrney.
Katberlne Meret Mndame Hoste nnd
Sunset, need verv little pninlrtr.
Purine the cnrnin-T Reason a 11111�� l1-
nn'd mnnure one.. s\ week Is n grent
belp to the Hybrid Tea especially.
Therp W|I1 keep in bloom from June
to October. It is best to keep the-n
cut rather thnn nllow them to go to
seed   pod.
j With regard to the liquid manure,
which anneals tn roses during the
summer mnnths mnrp 1hnri nnvtb'nir
n solution of mixture ef blond of f'sh
punnn rlacc-d in a bs* 'n wnter two
d-tvs hefnrp iiHlr-f artd'ed In the roots
of each plant will bring tbe b"st refills. These f8rtlll����""4 can be mir-
chafed, fm��i any dealer, ln horticultural sundries.
Close Pruning for Ciecimens.
For display In the garden verv clos"
pruning is not required, but If specimen bloom of the highest quality is
desired then we must harden our
hearts and prune severely to within
two to five inches of the ground.
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
as "Fruit and Farm," with an editorial
announcement of a change In ownership from the Fruit Magazine Publishing company to the new proprietor.
Mr. John Nelson. Mr. Maxwell Smith,
the founder and editor, retires.
Mr. NelBon ia well known ln dally
Journalism In Canada, and Is the gen-
A pair of leather gloves., a sharp eral manager or the Vancouver News-
knlfe and a pair cf secateurs Is the Advertiser, lie announces the ap-
oulfit to use, though occasionally a Po'ntment of a competent Btaff. and
small, narrnw-bladed Baw is necess- ***e enlargement of the scope of the
ary to remove a heavy cane at the magazine, to cover every form of
base. agricultural activity. A vigorous policy
The   secateurs,   if  kept   sharp   and  ls reflected ]n the excellent table of
well  adjusted,  will  do very excellent c��ntet>ts in the March number.
work, and If a ragged or bruised cane      These Include a fine frontispiece of
is left,  it ean  easily be trimmed off the minister  of agriculture;   a poem
with a sharp knife. bv Cllve Phillips Wolley. a resume of
Size up your plant, remove all canes  ,he agricultural legislation of the past
filling up the centre of the plant, and  BPa8(,n- by Deputy Minister of Agricul-
all  branches Ingrowing.    Now  select  ture w- E- Scott; Bare island and   its
two or  three  of the  heaviest   ripest bir<1s.  h>'  "���   K*  Pu"en;   Bella Coola
canes  of  recent  growth  and  remove valley, by H. F. Edmonds; Our Splen-1
all   the  others   close  to   the   ground.  rtki  I*nla*n(1  Empire,  bv  John  Riding-
Now  if vou  want  quality  Instead  of ton;   Agricultural  problems nt B.  O..I
qualitv of flnwers. shorten these canes by H.  E. Stone;   sheep raising in B.
as  desired,   leaving   12  to  30  Inches  c- b? r- K-  I-awrence;  the stnry of
of  wood,  depending on  the  vigor  of  *������*���*���> Peer's poultry farm at Gordon
growth of the varietv. and prune to an  Hrad:  the Doukhobor colonv at Bril-
eye pointing outwards ,ian,;  ���*���>' P^blem of the milk supply
If cut In "m eve looking to the cen- in B- c- ���>* F- M- '<��ga". B.B.A., ana
tre of the plant, the centre will soon  rnan>' othrr very readnble articles.
fill   up  again   and   we   want   to  keep      rhpr>* >K a" "O-tn-date woman's de-
It   open.     Do   nnt   leave   Inn-   stiimn-"   Pa��ment, by Kathleen  Ferguson. The
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily
Salesroom:-1056ijGranviUe Street
Peter's Road and 5th St., Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended to. Seymour 6058
abnve tlle eyes, but cut clnse with
a slanting cut that wlll not catch rain
to settle in  the peth.
Attention to Weak O-es.
A weak grower will require closer
pruning than the vigorous, leaving
more wood nn the hush places a greater rcapnnsibility on the rents. The
more vigorous the plant, the more
capable It is of assuming this responsibility. This Is according to the
theory nf Darwin's survival nf the fittest and tn the law of Cnd. "To him
that hath Bhall be given."
The Tea roses are much mere ten-
number  is   well   Illustrated  nnd  altogether a most readable one, 1
(let your Inwn mower ground at
Swannon's, Begble street. Wo have
special machinery for doing this wnrk
Paris, April li���The end of June will
see the denarlure from Havre nf a
French polar expedition under Jules
de Payer. The ends sought, however,
are purely scientific, and this expedition will not be a sporting "rush for
the North Pole." The principal purpose Ib thoroughly tn investigate the
great abyss which borders the north
European submarine continent, and to
der ihan nther classes and in cnlder (his eve,rvth|ng else Ib to be subordin-
climates nature tnkes care of tiie prun    t)S(j
Ing bv freezing them down to the. Tlie expedition, which comprises ex-
ground. They nre usually less vigor- per( geoingi9tH, hvdrogranhers. ocean-
ous in growth than other classes and ographers, biologists and naturalists,
to some it may seem that such treat- wl��� ,akp ,,p hl9 winter quarters in the
ment would ruin them. However, if Franz j0SPp__ archipelago and the
the injury has not been below the mpmbp^ wni devote the long winter
surface, tho plant ts none the worse t0 ma_,|n. gastronomical and metero-
for this experience and will renew It- loglcal observations,
self and produce some splend'.tl flow- when summer comes tho expedition
ers. |wjh  be divided  Into two partB;    tho
Brhlbltors will pri'nn almost tn the f|r8t> un_|er m. de Payer, assisted by
ground each Beason. leaving nrly two jtwo 8ea captains, a military avintnr
or three eyes to a plant. Now snme an() a navy oOCtor, will pUBh boldly
varieties will not blcom well when so;nortnwar(1. Q,e B0Cond, under a navy
severelv treated, and sn I would rec-: ijelltenant, will survey and make
nmmend that snme canes be left long j goudlttga among the canals, fjords and
;a"d some short. A l;ttl" nbservat'nn 11,,*-,,,^,, nf the archipelago, as yet un-
wlll tiwh us which method gives ''""explored.
;bettor result, fer n-.ir fvture guidance.;    T���.0 areotilanes are Included in the
Grafting  Wax  Necessary. expedition   In  order  to  determine  If.
j    T*> be verv thorough we must have  nnd  under what  conditions, thev can
grattln-j wax to cover over the larger be milled in  Ihe polar regions.
itchies Seeds
Catalogue and Guide free on request.
Sweet Peas a Specialty.
'ci^ncMENx723 ROBSON ST.
The Finest
and Freshest
in Town
T. I. TRAPP & Co.
Open up in our New Place a Large Shipment of
Garden Tools.
F & M. Lawn Mowers, special machine, ball
bearing, three to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
and Hoes.
Make Your Gardens Beautiful and
Profitable By Planting the Royal
Nurseries Tree and Plant Collection
3 Shade Trees
1 dozen Roses���good sorts
2 Rhododendrons
100 Trivet for Iledne
2 Apple Trees
1 Cherry Tree
1 l'ear Tree
1 Plum Trees
1 dozen Raspberries
3 (loosebcrries
3 Currants
6 Rhubarb
The above collections may be altered to suit our customers' requirements.
The Royal Nurseries, Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
Head Office Suite 710 Dominion Building, 207 Hastings St W.
Phone Seymour 5556.
Store, 2410 Granville St.; Phone Bawiew 1926.
NrreoriM'and Greenhouses at Royal (on the B. C. E. Railway, Eburne
Branch).   Phone Eburne 43.   P. 0. Address, Kerrisdale, B. C.
6 Shade Trees
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4 Shade Trees tn variety
4 Rhododendrons
1 dozen Roses -good  varieties
4 Conlferae or Evergreen
2 Rhododendrons
60 Mollys for Hedge
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4 Apple Trees In variety
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��  Gooseberries
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Carnations and Roses
Finest Quality and Best Value
Covent Garden   Florist
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Simmer's Seeds
We keep our stock fresh by burning doubtful seeds. Can we do J
more to protect you? TORONTO PARKS LAWN GRASS SEED ts
what we handle and what we ubo on our own lawns-Try lt.   -
Now ls tha time to KODAK. We are agents for Eastman'B Koda'.o
nnd supplies.    Big and fresh Btock alwaya on hand.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43; L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
New Westminster, B.C. PAGE EIGHT
And it is in
awfully good
working   order.
Wn wish to emphasize the
quality of this article, It is of
a spcctiu nl.-i.il. Indian and '.'-���>'���
Ion and .1 touch of Japan, all tins
and no stuns. Fine flavor an.l
aroma,  Trj n pound, 50c.
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"Our Special Jelly Powders
Extra duality and with our personal guarantee behind them;
3 pkgs. 25c.
"Our Special Bulk Olives.
Large and of very extra choice
pack;   ptr qt.  35c.
,\ meeting nf tbe Citizen's league
I will be held ill tin- Y. M. C. A. tomor-
i row evening.
ticket for
Don't  forget  to get yonr
Amundsen's  lecture.
held on  Friday
In the  Moreton
navies' Eggs
.3 dozen $1.00
Public Supply Stores
In order to provide more space fur
bonk shelves the reom occupied by a
data of Chinese school children  In
tlle library building bus been vacated.
During the past few months on account of a vuHt Increase In the number of books In circulation and kept on
bund for circulation purposes the storage facilities of the' library shelves
have been greatly exceeded and Miss
O'Meare, the llbrurliiii bus been greatly hampered ln her duties.
Owing to the
Deiiiis the Btoro
after his funeral.
death   of   Mr.  C.   II.
will  be closed  until
things moving In quick lime nil the
evening while the commissary department could mil have performed
belter lu the way of providing dainty
refreshments. The tables were decorated In n pleasing combination of red
and green, while the Interior decor-
atlnim were of the sunie hue.
Along toward midnight the singing
of the National Anthem brought tbe
festivities to a elose.
Mesdames llodson, Dodd and Tlm
lick were present ai cliaperones while
Miss lt. Day hud charge of the program.
The committee are grateful to Lees
Limited for the loun of tables uud
L. I.
ADAMS       9. K. BIUGGS
Dominion Engineer Freeman Is ex-
ucclril to arrive In lhe city today tn
take up the mutter of the water
trouble with tbe council.
The postponed  smoker of the Bur-
nnliy  Hoard of Trade in honor of Mr.
11. Ci. Walker will be
evening at. 8 o'clock
A Hardman. the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (��68>
A most enjoyable and well attended
dance  was given  under the  auspices
of   the   Wqmen's   Auxiliary
Marv's    church,    Sapperton,
Mary's hall last evening.
It will be a big time at tho Opera
House on Friday. Don't forget to re-
servo your seat. (1029)
Mr .1 M. Williams. Mr. A. Johnson
and Mr. 3, A. Cawley, M. P, P.. all
of Chllllwack, passed through the city
on the I). C. E. R- last night on their
way to Vancouver.
Roald Amundsen, the discoverer of
the South Pole, wlll be at the Opera
House April 11. I1029'
An Invitation has been extended to
Mr H It, Shafner, president of the
Coqultlam Shipbuilding Company, to
address one of the midday luncheons
of the Progressive association on the
topic of local  shipbuilding.
W, Day, electrician, agent for Hot
Point Irons; fixtures and wiring ol
ill kinds. Phone 1269, 28 Sixth street
opposite Postofflce. 19771
George Fordyce was fined S'>, with
$,1 costs by Police Magistrate Beatty
in tho Burnaby police court this morning for having permitted a long fence
rail to obstruct a public place
Mrs. D. D. WIIboii. 325 Third avenue,
will not receive on Friday next.
James    Ltlllco,    415
will receive today.
Miss McCracken, of (Hellene, Out.,
Is visiting her Bister, Mrs. It. Sutherland, Third street.
Madame Eunice will be at the Dominion hotel on Saturday, the 12th,
and each succeeding Saturday, for
scalp treatment, face massage, manicure, etc.    Phoue 375. (1040)
An executor la one (Individual
or company) appointed by you
to take charge of your affatrB
after you are gone, and do with
them as you have Instructed,
Where a Will Is not made appointing an executor,  then the
law appoints an administrator-
one In  whose appointment you
hare no voice, and one who must
dispose  of  your  estate   in  the
shortest   time  possible,  and   divide  the  proceeds according  to
law, which very likely is not as
you would have wished.
This shows the Importance of
making a Wlll now while all
your faculties aro clear, and
while you can givo your best
���judgment to the matter.
This company is organized
and iB authorized by special act
of lhe  legislature  to act  as  ex
it gives its whole lime to that
particular work. It necessarily
has knowledge nnd experience
nol possible tu un individual,
A great deal of Interest is being
evinced by business men Of the city
and others In the midday luncheon to
be given Captain Amundsen, the discoverer of the South Pole on Friday.
Already one-third of Ihe tickets for
tho function have been disposed of
and It Ib expected that lf tho present
demand keeps up tho balance of the
100 placed ou sale will be gone long
before the scheduled, hour for thc
A variety concert will be given under tho auspices of the "Political Equality League", in St. George's hall,
on Friday, April 11, at 8 p. m., by
the Westminster Concert Society. Special feature, male quartette. Don't
miss n good laugh! Tickets 25c to
be had at Iloyal Studio, 610 Columbia
street. (1041)
Mr. W. I.. Darling, the secretary of
the Progressive association has interested the financial representative
of one of the largest life Insurance
companies in the world In the desirability of purchasing New Westminster municipal bonds aB au investment
(or his company. Thc representative
will be In the city during the latter
part of the week to discuss the matter
wiih the civic officials and to muke
a tour of Inspection of the city.
On Saturday afternoon, the 12th of
April. P. B. Brown will offer for sale
on the premises, by public auction,
without reserve, 300 well grown 4-
year-old fruit trees, the property of
T. D. Coldicutt, esq., 2nd street and
16th avenue. East llurnaby. This is
a good opportunity to Becure some
really good trees. (1042)
Preparations for Ihe holding of the
big Labor day celebration in this city
next September nre proceeding at ajat the family residence,
fair rate of speed, a special meeting
of the Trades and Labor committee
being held last evenink to discuss the
different phases of the situation. A
ways and means committee and also
one to arrange the program  was  ap-
See Our Big Ad. on Page  3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
The last meeting of the Y. W. C, A
was held last night in ihe reception
room. Mr. Hamilton, a theological
student, delivered an address, it wus
decided to make three girls, Miss
Maude Smith, former president. Miss
Ruth Wilcox and Miss Grace Clayton,
life members of the mission circle.
The Y. M. C. A. held a meeting in
the aBBembly hall which Professor
Cann uddressed at the same hour us
the Y. W.  C.  A. meeting.
.  ii  _    pointed nnd these will make a report
merchant   tailors.   Jt (h(i npxt genera, nu.,.,*nK to be held
On Chong Co.,
New arrival of spring goods. Ladlee
and gentlemen's suits at reasonable
prices. 413 Columbia sti-eefv Burr
Block and 24 Mclnnls Btreet.       (��S91
A resolution authorizing the city
to borrow $202,000 from the Bank of
Montreal on bylaws Nob. 159, 161, 167,
and 168 was papsed at a special meeting or the council held yesterday afternoon to consider tbe new Liquor
License bylaw.
on Sunday afternoon, April 20.
Variety Concert.���A variety concert
wlll be given under the auspices of
the Political Equality League, ln St.
George's hall, Friday, April 11, at 8
p.m.. by the New Westminster Concert Society. A special feature will
be a male quartette, Tickets 25c to be
had at the Royal Studio, Columbia
street. (1047)
Ylng Ta! and Co., Importer of Chin-
eso and Japanese silk dry goods, groceries, provisions, boots and shoes
and general merchandise, Corner Columbia and Mclunla streeta. Phone
114     Labor  by  contract  or  by  day
The arbitration board consisting of
Judge W. W. B. Mclnnes or Vancouver and Messrs. John Diamond and
VV', K. McLean of this city, appointed
to decide what amount the Canadian
Northern rallwuy will have to pay thr
Morris estate, Langley, for using some
five acres of the land for rlghl of way,
Pnrtin Elngli arrested In Vancou-1 held a sitting in the court liouse yes-
ver on Tuesday was brought up before J |> "lay. six witnesses being
Magistrate Kdmonds yesterday morn- * 's expected thnt th,. lakmi* . i .*. ���|.-,������,.
ing on a charge of perjury. The case
was  adjourned   until   April   IB.     Bail
was allowed. '   ***"" *v"      -"" I
The freighter Trader came Into port I    nr. Ha". of this city, has generously I
Iyesterday  from   Victoria  With a 00U- donated a site for the erection of   a.
signment  of  Oriental    goods    Which hospital in Port Coquitlam to the Pori
were  reshipped  from  the  Monteagle Coqultlam council.   Announcement of
The Trailer  a.so brought a consign-: the donation was made at a meeting I
ment of wi,-e for Jones and Rant, be���! Of   the  council   of  the   new   city    on
DEANS���New Westminster lost one
of Its most popular citizens and  pro- ]
minent  men   yesterday arternoon  by
the death at 3:30 o'clock of Mr. C. B.'
Deans, the well  known grocery  man. i
"33 Eleventh
street.    Mr.  Deans death  was due to
consumption which had attacked him
about three months ago.    He was 39
years of ag-p.
Three months ago when Mr. Deans
first became 111 he left for the Trnii-
qullle sanitarium, Kamloops, In order
to recuperate his health. On his way
to the Institution he secured a had
cold which later developed Into pleurisy and from which he never properly
Mr. Deans was the son of Mr. Albert Deans of Langley Prairie and is
a brother-in-law of Chief Watson of
Ihe fire department and a nephew of
Alderman Joseph Henley.
He haves to mourn his demise Mrs.
('. II Deans and Blx children, Albert,
Margaret. Robert, Stanley
Buying Westminster property, whether for a home or speculation. Announcements of the early improvement of the streets will send prices up in the
West End, where many people are arranging to build during the coming summer.
See our list of building lots, and improved property.
We can deliver two lots on Connaught Hill, near the car line, for $750 both,
on very easy terms, quarter cash, balance 6,12 and 18 months.
Two choice lots overlooking the Delta and Fraser river, close to tram station at Connaught Hill, $1000 both, quarter cash, balance on easy payments.
Six roomed house on a fifty foot lot on River Drive, $2300; $5U0 cash and
the balance as rent.
Two modern 4-room houses near Queen's Park, $2400 and $2600 respectively, on your own terms.   Small cash payment down.
White, Shiles & Co.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
trouble Is Brewing
With Civic Linemen
iContlnued from page onei
rival of the special B. C E. It. car on i
The vehicle and Its worthy freight is
due to leave Vancouver at 4:30 p.m.,
the Westminster brethren wlll join
on, here and proceed. The return
will be mado from Chllllwaok at 1 ,
o'clock  Sunday  afternoon.
Boundary Bay
heard.   It
1 will  be completed  by   Friday   evening
] anil   a  derision  handed   dowu  during
'.be next ten days.
sides a variety of small shipments.
Mr. II. P. llenner, of the Campbell
River Lumber company. Hazlemere,
arrived in the cily last nighl. lie
will leave for Vancouver this morning
to attend to various business matters
in connection with the lumber company.
Mr.   Allan   Purvis
ager of the B. C. I*
tona  lust  nighl  lo    discuss
with Capital city officials in
Interurban   man-
IC.  left  for   Vic-
Call  in
be   glad   to
Ictus   with
discuss  your
you   in   strict
some  of  our
und without any cost to
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.60
Fresh Garden Seeds
now in.
��� .   rt    **
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
tii.n with the opening of the new
Saanicb peninsular line of the company on Vancouver Island.
The Canadian government bas
designated the White Star-Dominion
line us a subsidized company for the
carrying of Canadian mails. During
the months of Mny, Juno and July,
steamers of the White Star-Dominion
line will leave Montreal and Liverpool
on Tuesdays Instead of Saturdays,
And thereafter regularly on Baturdays
us previously schedule.I. New Ball
, Ing lists will be issued.
Tbe sent sale for the big Henry W,
Savage musical production, "The
Prince of Pilsen," with Jefl Dandy,
* the famous comedian, opens this morning nt 10 o'clock ui the box office al
Tuiy. ihe florist's, 7:'.;i Columbia St.
I'hone i.im. Do not procrastinate
Order your Beats immediately if you
want u good location
Expressing himself us favoring
a    term    In    the    British    Columbia
\ penltentlarj Instead of being lodged
helling the stockade ,it  the Burnaby
'prison farm, Thomas McOovern whose
escape and capture was mentioned In
The .News of yesterday, wuh sentenced by Magistrate Clute in the diHtriet
court yesterday to a term of two
yeurs in the penitentialy for attempting to escape and an additional two
years for assaulting one of the guards
I who assisted in the recapture. The
sentences will run concurrently. The
prisoner although pleading guilty to
'the charges claimed that be had been
inaitrented after he bad been arrested
in the vicinity of tbe prison farm,
To Builders and Contractors -This
is what you have been looking for.
now take advantage of it. We are
carrying in stock rrom 1000 to 200n
yards of building material, The following are out retail prices to consumers 'at -the bunktirB: CrushiHl
rock, pea gravel and conrao gravel,
JI per yard; coarse concrete sand
and river Band, 60c per yard. We are
also prepared to furnish Hnglish
cement, hard plaster and lime at a
moment's notice. Special prices given
to wholesalers by arrangement, Wn
have the finest bunkers In II. C. and
we Invite your Inspection at any time.
B. C. Transport Co., Md. (1021)
Tuesday   evening.    The   site  consists
I of iwo acres on  Mary  hill.    As it  is
i hoped to have the grounds of the bos
' pilal  as spacious as possible  a committee  consisting  of  Messrs.   McDonald and  Dr. Sutherland were appointed to approach Dr.  Hall  for the pur
, chase of three more acres of his land
A motion of thanks was also passed
i to the donor,
The annual meeting of the Women's
Missionary society of the Queens
Avenue Methodist church was held
last evening in the church. Reports
from tbe mission board and mission
circle were received and the llnanciiit
Btatement presented. The following
are the officers of the society for tbe
ensuing year: President, Mrs. F. C.
McDonald; lirst vice-president. Mrs
W, SV. Abbott; second vice-president,
Mrs. Iv C. Traves; secretary, Mrs. C,
''.. Major: corresponding secretary
Mrs. Carter Cotton; treasurer, Mrs. W.
I.. Goodwin.
Stewart, all ot whom are or tender age
Mr. Deans was a nntlve of Grand
Valley, Ont, and came out to the
Kraser valley with his parents some
26 or 27 years ago. For a time he
tended his father's store at.
but later moved to the uppe
where after acting as the manager of
a store, he entered business for himself at Clinton. About eight years
ngo he returned lo the coast and entered partnership with Mr. I). Adams
In the grocery business. He later
took over the business for hlmseir
Which he still owned at the time of
He was well known In the city and
very popular among till his associates.
He took a keen interest in sport and
for a time last year was connected
with one of the baEeball teams of the
The tuneral will take place on Friday afternoon at Langley, interment
to be made in the Langley cemetery
at  the   last   request  of  the  deceased.
The funeral will be under the nus-
pices of Granite lodge, Knlghls of
Pythias, of which r.rder Mr. Deans
wns a prominent member. Services
will be beld In St. Alden's church,
this city at 12 o'clock on Friday, Rev.
��� Mr. Dunn officiating, following which
the remains will be placed on a special car and taken to Langley.
by the council as a whole was brought
up by one of the delegates who asked
Delegate Dodd why he supported the
mayor and otlu r aldermen In voting
for the apopintnients.
Alderman Dodd stated that while ho j
himself had never made such appoint-
ments as these, he knew that Alder-
man Bryson had made similar appointments. What any person In business
wanted or any city council wanted
was the best men for the right placo
and he waB prepared to stand by Ills
Nellie and   action of Monday
3119 Eleventh street, thin city, yesterday atternoon, C. II. Deans, in IiIb
40th year.
Funeral services wlll be held at St.
Alden's church on Friday, the 11th
InBt., at 12 noon. The remains will
then be conveyed to Langley Prairie
by special H. C. E. It. car leaving the
depot at 1:30 p.m., where interment
will take place.
Commercial Class.
A communication was received from
Mrs.   M.   M.   Welsh   secretary  of   the
education committee    of    the    Local j
i Council of Women, explaining that a j
Langley i movement was on foot to have a coin-
country | merclal class started when the    new
Connaught high school was completed
and asked the support of the Trades
and  Labor council and  also a list  of
names of young people who would be I
eligible lo Join such a class.
Tbe council concurred with the pro- j
position  and  lhe  members  were  Instructed to hand in namea to the sec-
retary, Delegate Grant.
Delegate Trainer of the Vancouver!
TradtB and Labor council was present
and  outlined  the  position  of  the   International union of Hod Carriers and ''
Laborers, stating that he thought the
local Federal Labor union bad  taken
hasty  action   in   affiliating  with   the
headquarters   or   the   International I
union Instead    ot      joining the 1 tod j
Carriers  and   Laborers,     lt   was   left. |
to the Federal union to handle.
j uu-
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
Maple    Beach    Park,    being a subdivision of the    historic    old Whalcn
estate at Point Roberts, Wash., is at
last on the market In 50x100 feet lots
! fronting broad streets and with per-
i pctual    beach    privileges.    This   has
been tho camp ground for scores of
i looal  people for years.    The lots are
selling  fast,  many   people  procuring
' the  locations  tbey   had  occupied    aa
I tenantB for years.   Prices $330 and up-
! wards, easy terms.   Sole agents,
706 Columbia Street, City.
Fresh  llhubarb. per lb 10;
New Asparagus, per lb 18;
Celery. 3 for  10;
Green Onions, per bunch      5;
Radishes, per bunch     Bo
AIbo red and  white spring salmon,
cod and halibut.
Phone  98.
Flsh  and  Produce.
447 Columbia  St.
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
High   Class   Ladies   and   Gentlemen's
1146 Columbia  Etreet
id   Lome   Street,    New   Westminster
Phone 453 I 606 Main Street, Vancouver
I. O. O.  F.  TAKE  A TRIP.
Owing to the absence of Reeve
Mirth of Coqultlam, the representative
of tho Canadian Western Lumber
Company, nothing was done at. the
meeting of the fire committee of the
[council yesterday with respect to making arrangements for the use of the
Senator Jansen by the city for fire
protection purposes. Some discussion,
ensued at the meeting, however aa.tn
tho use of tbe fire hydrants for filling the lank of the street flushing
wagon 11 was alleged that several
of the hydrants on account of Irregular usage had been damaged somewhat. The matter will be Investigated
before any action Is taken.
The efficiency and build of the
Thoro washing machines is evidently
appealing to the people of New West-
minster judging from the number of
Bali b made during the past two weeks
and also the number of enquiries made
as to the merits of Ihe machine. The
Thoro washing machine Ib a money
I saver from start to finish. It will do
[the work with practically no attention
needed and the installment system
under which II is uold allows any
householder to purchase one Morri-
thew fi Kainsay, located at the corner
of Eighth and Carnarvon streets, are
I the local ageiitH lor the company and
will be pleased to Bend u demonstrator to your house If you BC desire.
"DUY   B.   C.   .PRODUCE."
Trade-3   and   Labor   Council   Endorse
The Progressive association has received  a  letter from  the  Trades nnd
Labor   council   with   reference   to   the
"Buy H. c. Produce" movement, in
which that body expresses Itself as
or lh" opinion thai a retail commission bouse should be opened by the
city and run al the cosl of malnten
ance, whi re the consumer could buy
at all times farm produce sent directly I
from  the  ranchers of the  Fraser valley,
In other words the labor men would
like to do away with the commission
or middleman and lei the cltv operate
a six day market at cost nud give the
workers on both sides of the fence
the iniiiuiil advantage or direct dealing.
iiie letter will be laid before the
executive committee or the association nt their next meeting.
Grand Patriarch, Attended by Strong
Bodyguard, off to Chilliwack.
Greal doings In the world that is
signilied by the letters I. O, O. F. are
promised for Saturday next when Harmony Rncampnif nt No. 2, New Westminster, Columbia Encampment No,
5, Vancouver, and Acme Encampment
No. 10, also of Vancouver, pay a fraternal visit to Chllllwack Encampment No. 13.
Thc reason of all this is thai the
Grand Patriarch, Mr. I). K. MacKenzie
intends to make his official visit to
the Garden City of the eraser valley
and already preparations for his reception there are well advanced, ihe
degrees team from Vancouver
will confer encampment degrees upon
several candidates for the lienor who
i ure  now   looking  forward   to  the  ar-
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B.
Forty years In use, 20 years the
Standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. Fer Women's Ailments. Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
Kniijhts of Pythias.
Members of Iloyal Lodge, No. 6, and
Granite Lodge, No. IB, Knights Of
Pythias, will assemble at St. Alden's
Presbyterian church, Fourteenth
street and Seventh avenue, ut 12 noon
Friday, Uth inst., to attend the funeral service of our late brother, C. B.
Deans, The funeral car will leave B.
C. E. It. depot at 1:80 for Langley,
where the Interment will lake place.
a. Mcdonald, k. nr rt. & s.
I). CRAIG, C. 0.
Granite Lodge No. 10.
with an efficiency
equal to the best Gasoline Engine���so that
the "YALE" stands
strong for ECONOMY.
ii. mm
Home For Sale
Entertain Friends in Clarkson Street
Exchange���Pleasant   Evening.
The rirst social evening held In the
Clarkson street telephone exchange
since the new addition was completed took place last evening, the operators Inviting about 30 or their rriends
to the event.
SongB  and  piano    selections    kept
No.  1���Here  is  a aplemlld home for Bale cheap.    In a good locality near Queen's Park and new school.
It has seven  large comfortable rooms wllh every modern convenience-;   full  basement;   on  a large lot, 66x132 feet.
This place Ib below value and   the  termu  are  nuch   that  almost
anyone can handle It .... .   .
PRICE,  $4400,  $750 CASH, balance monthly,   lf you want to buy
a home let us Bhow you this place.
Agents for Pacific Coast  Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployBrs*   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Work*
Heaps  Engineering  Co..   Ltd., New Westminster.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 6:00 and 6:46 a.m., and every
16 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight halt hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:30,
8:00 nnd 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���At
6:46, 11:46 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly Bervlce thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and lato car at 11:30 pm.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. ana hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First enr at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and other points on l.ulu Island Ib made at Eburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way PoInU
���At 4:30 p m.


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