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The New Westminster News May 7, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions does New Westminster offer Industries?   Trackage
and  waterfront Hltes,  railways and
ocean  transportation.
tbe day.
bvponimtvote ��fiB'"���: im simicni        uu Ul mmi
  Port   Moody   Council   Decide   Not   to
Members of Progressive As- Rescind Report of sub-        ' Municipalities Join Hands to
sociaticn Will Express ccmmitte.. Oppose G. N. R. Plans for
Measure Rejected by Majority of Forty-seven���Militant
Policy Has Done Cause Great Harm in Parliament���
St. Catherines' Church at Hatcham Destroyed by Fire
Attributed to the Suffragettes.
Port Moody, May 6. -The dispute
ub to the voting which look place for
the position of city clerk brought up
North Road.
Publicity     Campaign     Or     Industrial   hy Mr. H. R. McKenzie. an unsuccess- I New Wejtminster Vitally Interested���
Bureau?���Many Reasons for and
Against Change.
London,   May   6. -The   fate  of   the [a mysterious way and was destroyed
women's miff rage bill  was sealed to-j The vicar,  Itev.  Howard  Truscott. on   Progresslv
night  by  the votes of more  than  DO  being  asked  about  the  cause of  the | decided   to
Irish   Nationalists,  who  voted  against   fire, said
executive  committee    of    the
association   last   evening
ful candidate, was disposed of by the
Port Moody council this evening after^
a somewhat lengthy discussion.
Alderman Ottley, who together with j
Alderman, persisted In adhering tol
their original statements and had j
even signed affidavits certifying that i
Criticize Action of Railway
Clause Two, Authorizing Expenditure of $35,000,000 Is
Brought up in Committee���Amendment Moved to
Spend Money in Canada���Sub-Amendment to Vote
Money in Annual Installments���Lively Debate.
���.,-,���.���   ,,,������,,������  ...,,-          The   municipalities  of   New   West-j    Ottawa,  May  C.    What  Is  probably   speech  made  on  the eighth cf April
had   voted   for   Mr.   McKenzie, I minster,     Coquitlam     and     Hurnaby   thl-  las'. stage  of  the  naval  bill  dis-  last In which he had quoted Mr. Win-
submit   the   momentuous  when  as a  matter of  fact only  one | unanimously agreed yesterday to ad-iCU8aion  in  the commons
question of abandoning tho organi/.a-
ntered  ston Churchill as   saying    that    the
It.    The  bill,  whereby  it  wub  sought I    "I cannot ascribe it to another than   Hop's   publicity  work  and   supporting
to enfranchise 6,000,000 women was those delightful ladies."
rejected   by   a   majority   ot   47.     The      The vicar visited the church at noon   a popular vote of the members
vote stood 266 to 219. [when he noticed three women In the
Whether there Is any chance that  building,    He  supposed   tbem   to  be
the present parliament will pass a bill praying.    He now believes that they  members  of the association  will  be
vote was recorded by the clerk In fa- ! here to their engineers' report to the  upon at 5 o'clock (his afternoon when   Canadian ships were absolutely new,*-
.. . vor of Mr. McKenzie, moved that the ' railway commission  for a  permanent  'he house went into committee Ol the  sary for the  whole world  defence of
in industrial commissioner instead tolgll*t).committee's    report    be    deleted ! bridge  across  the   Brunette  river  at  whole to consider clause 2 of the bill    the   British   empire   from   the   begin
.   . from   the   honkf..     Alderman   Murray ithe    North     road    and   appointed   a      The clause authorizes  the expend!-  ning of 1916  onward.    Then  he  read
The plebiscite  will be taken on or  supported Alderman Ottley stating he  standing committee to take immediate , ture    of   $35,000,000   for  the   purpose   from  Hansard the assertion made bv
before May 17 and to each of the 350 [would like to see a thorough invest!-   steps to protect the Interests of the, of imperial  defence.    An amendment  Dr. Clark as to the newspaper   report
atlon   held   for  at  the  present  time j municipalities  before  the commission  moved  by  Mr.   Hugh  (luthrie. calling  used by the minister being a garbled'
of more limited character may b
doubted. Possibly thu Nationalists
fear that If tin y allow a women's franchise bill to pass the second reading
it will lead to a parliamentary struggle
which would not unlikely end iu dissolution of parliament before the
Home   Itule  hill   became   law
Furthermore the debate today proved that the militant policy of the
suffragettes Uis done the came greal
harm   as   far  us   parliament   Is   con-
arrangeil   the  Tire  and   thinks  expio- I sent  a  circular  cop}-  of  the  reasons 1110 wa8 placed undi r a cloud
slvcs  must have heen used  to aid in   for  and  against  making
the  destructive   work.
A mysterious attempt to explode a
bomb was made early this morning
outside the (irand hotel opposite Trafalgar  Square,  where  the  suffragette i matter without  first receiving an in
at  Ottawa  by  counsel, and  If  neces- j for the expenditure of Ihe money  in one.
the  change, ]   "on a vote being taken tbe only sup- I sary to send au engineer tu Ottawa to  Canada  which   was  not  disposed    of At  this  juncture  the  member    lb*
together with the following resolution ; porters  to  the  motion  to  delete  the I support their application.                         when  crnsiderati-.n  cf  the  bill    was Hed  Deer  entered  the  chamber and.
passed  by tbe executive:                         committee's  findings   wcre  Aldermen [     Councillor  FauVel,  Burnaby;   R.  J.igcne  ever,  Btiil  standing.                 ��� after listening for a few  minutes, h��
"That   it  Is  felt  by  your  executive | Ottley and Murray, the motion being 'C,  Atkins,  Coqultlam,  and   Alderman      Today a sub-amendment was added asked  the    finance    minister    if   lie
that no action should be taken in the * i0Bt.                                                               Jardine,   New   Westminster,   are   the  by  Mr. William German, of Wetland, wished to contend that the quotation
The law firm of Harris, Bull. Han- ; committee,    l'ort  Moody  was  unoffi-ito the effect that In order to keep the which he (Mr. White) had given from
disturbances  took  place    OO   Sunday,  dividual  opinion    from    each  of the; nington k  Mason of Vancouver Were!daily represented  by  Aldermen John  expenditure under the control of par-  a  cablegram   produced   in   the   liouse
The hotel  was crowded with  Amerl-1 members of the association and they applied ci,ty solicitors, j Murray and McNiece and promised to Uament the sum of $36,000,000 should on April 8 was the exact wording of
can tourists.    A policeman Baw a wo-   desire tu point out that thin plebiscite ;   i report  to  the  council  last  night and   be  voted  in  annual   instalments,     as  Mr. Churchill's utterance.
man deposit a can wllh a lighter fuse  la for the purpose of deciding whether , get  a  delegate  appointed  and  notify I required  for naval construction. In answer to this question Hon. Mr.
In front of the door.    He abandoned  we continue the present secretary and  pt 1 III      IA D A MFCF the commlwee. I    Mr. German    made    a    speech    in  White now produced the Hansard re-
cerned     The conciliation  bill  of  last   the   homb   after   extinguishing   it   hy   publicity  work  In general or turn thc  1 IA||f]     JArAlHjL The (;omniiUe will act   in  conjunc-   which  he declared  that  a regrettable  port of the British house of commons
Bession  was rejected  by only a Hinall | tramping  on  the  fuse and  then  pur-   publicity largely over to the city pub-1 tlon with the solicitors and engineers  fPature Df the bill is that it does not  for March 31. in which was reported
majority  compared   with  the  liickin    sued     the    woman,     lie  caught  one ] ncity bureau and appoint au industrial I ���nr l Til   1IIAI ��TTI\   of the roBPpcUve municipalities. :retain to parliament the control over  the speech of  the first  lord  of    tlw
son  bill, which  waB  under discussion   woman,  whom  be believed  to  he the  commli.sloner  for the  purpose of se-j ItllAlY   Villi Allll      The  meetinK  w;is  h"M   **"  lhe  ''"-*"'   the money.    He maintained that there   admiralty.     He  quoted   the   following
today and previous bills, giviug some  culprit and  who when brought un In  curin���  .ndustries for New Westmins- HlLHI I     TIULHILl/   hall and Reeve Barth, Coquitlam was   wa9 uothin-g proposed by the govern-  passage:     "It Ib necessary,  however,
measure  of  enfranchisement   to  wo-1 court  gave  her  name  as  Ada  Ward,  ter and the Kraser river. I unanimously appointed chairman.        Iment that could not be accomplished  to make it clear that the three ships
meu have passed  the second  reading   Investigation provid her to be a night      "And   your executive  in  presenting i . Mr. J. W.  B.  Blackman. city  engi-iun(Jer lhe eii8iing naval service    act  now  under  discussion In Canada aro
although  tiny  never  survived subse-' prowler  who had often  been  brought   this  quesUon  desire  to  express their; neer,  acted  as  clerk  to  the  meeting > paBsed  by  jj^ iate government    and  absolutely required from 1916 onward1
quent stages, up  in   the  police  court.    She  denied ; strong  conviction  that   in  consenting   Protest     of     Japanese     Government j an(i read the letter from Mr. Stewart,; that  the only 0t,iecl t-pe government  for the whole world defence of   tbe-
Recent   police  court  disclosures  of   planting the bomb which disappeared I to relinquish the larger part of their; , assistant engtneer ot the ti. N. II., al-  hag in  jnlro(iucjng a new -,,111  is    to  British empire. Apart altogether froni
aetB  of  Incendiarism  planned  by  the  while the policeman was chasing her,   general publicity work this association ;       ��g��insi uamornia  ��ucn     ����� a       i ready published, in which the railway ; make  KOOa  a  promise  given    to the  the needs of Great Britain in    home
militants far surpassing in magnitude      The debate which on  Monday  pro-  should   through   its  executive be  ac-I Law I company goes in the teeth of the mu-  NationaUeU t0 repeal the naval  Ber-  waterB  they   would  plav   a  real  part:
anything   heretofore   attempted),   and ' ceeded     with     extraordinary   apathy,' corded iquul representation on a joint i i nicipal engineers and proposes a tlm-   vlcp act . In lhe defence of the empire, and it
the burning of St. Catharine's church  was  today  characterized  hy  intensity   advisory  hoard  with  the city  council   i ber bridge  instead of the permanent.    Upon lhe houBe goin(? lnt0 commH.   they  failed   a gap would be op-en to
at  Hatcham today undoubtedly tnflu- land   brilliant   speeches.     The     house  and  hoard  of trade, thus  giving this : structure recommended by the muni-;        o[) {be    naya(    blu    ,,on   ,r   w    ml whloh further sacrifice would hav*
enced many merabera to vou against I was crowded and pervaded with an at-1 association a  voice  in  the carrying;    Ran rrancisco. May 6.   ihe tokio 1 clpalltles.
the  bill. mosphere    of    electrical    excitement,   out of the work of the civic publicity i correspondent   of   the   Japanese   New j Engineers'   Report. , ������ht.in   anntentna  hi-  remarks  lo   others'
The figures of the division, showing   The   stranger   galleries   were   packed  bureau." World  of  this  city, cabled  the  paper:     The   following     is     the     report   of  2?*����Sto? and fust licit on in re
the defeat of Ihe bill were greeted with  and  munv  anxious  faces peered  from ; Proposed  Change. today thifct the protest of the Japanese : Messrs. J. W. IS  Blackmail. F. I.. Mac- \ ���**����� ��Jlan���*'��" ana*   ,," * '"h marie
a   great   cheer  from   all   sides of   the   behind  the grille-guarded  galh ry  de- .     ""���' tt "'-wine is Ihe statement that government against the alien land law   pherson and J. H. O. Kilmer, engineers   ***������ J.�� ����� ^"St,, \ n%\.   th-MM,   whether nr not Ur  Churchill used Um��
ho"si voted to women. Will be issued to the members of the in  California  would  be based on  the | ,or   New   Westminster.   Burnaby   and | J>J   Winston  t hunt,:,,   ::.   ���!*,���   1 ���  *.*..   nie* i.-i  ,*.  ..***  M.      ..."
Edifice Destroyed. Neither Andrew  Bonar Law. leader  association:
London, Msy 6     While    the   mem-  of  the  opposition,   nor  A   J,   Balfour |_ The   executive   beg   to   submit   the anese  wire  placed  In  a  pnslUon   In-:     should the roaaw      ..,:,���..-   nm   "'"'���";j," 1'i;���;"",';���;    ,,.,,;,,     .,"     .,   '���',:,,    , ,������,.,.,:,.B   agreed   that   Canada
| White,   miuister  of  finance,   resumed   to be  made  without  undue delay by
Must Take Her Place.
Mr. German, of Welland. aaid that
contention that by its terms the Jap   i ("oqultiam  respectively- i house   ��r   commons   where   reference word* attributed to him the aituaUon
The   executive   beg   to   submit   the'anese  wire  placed  in  a  position   In- ;     should the roadway over the south  had been challenged  by  the  member as it exist-   in ' a:i*ida  is r:  i .*,..*���<:>.*.��
hers or  the house ot i-onimons  were   voted   In'the   division.     Among    the  following tacts in conni ction with the   ferior  to that  granted  to  citizens  of  enii   of  tne   proposed   viaduct   to  the'for Red    Deer    (Dr.    tlarkei    as    a The   i    . ( ���,*,,,.,,������  tie
entering parliament this afwrnoon to) ministers who voted against the bill  proooi i d appointment of an Industrial  European   nations   in  California  and  bouth side of the existing V.. W. & Y. 'garbled   report ���w ..,..   :���>.*.���   ...*-   i*.
dlMciiHii the woman miffraK-a bill news-   were   Premier  Asqulth,   Reginald   Mc- .commissioner to replace the publicity , that   the  spirit  of the  "most  favored   rj���iu 0f wav  oe interfered  with  it  be :     Hon.   Mr
boya  thrust  extrns at  them  announo-   Kenna. Lewis llareourt. J.  B.  II. Bee-[work paifornwd hy the asBoclatlon:   ' I nation  clause of the  Japanese  treatv'.,.������,,.������, "j   Kn   that   the   ton   width*	
lllg     What    w.��ein��    tn    t������    the    mn.t    Aa.ll**     VVln��t���.i   Snan,.,.r  eh���r,.l,lll   �����,1   f    I        1 An      InjtM^UTl ^, ���. .       ...I-...L    ..._    ..^,.     .    ...... ..     _      v   , I, < of, *-. , I. < 1     S* '       .1.1' ,,,.,.       ~....
Deer    (Dr.    Clarke I    as    a   Thi
White   referred     to     his
ld  take her
iContinued on Page Four.)
ag   what   seems   tn   bo  the   most   ile- le,    Winston Hpemer Churchill und C.       J-     An    Indu.trlal   commIBS|o..er ' I. I with  tho  United  StateB was  therefore j ^,,1 ������,  be lj. ,han  the evistlnE 66
trurtive   work   the   militant   suffra- B. Hohhouse. necessary to beet carry out the work   vioiateii.   men   thouxb   no   ���tlpulatloa i?   .    not  oe less inan uie exmuut ���
ettes  have yet accomplishl-d The   Supporters  Of  the   bill   Included   Of Securing  Industries  ror  New   We��t- lor  the  treaty  Bpeclflcally corereii  the   ^".rd'l'tu'e   put  on[either  a"tt"  andI,
St.  Gathsrtnas'  church  at   Hatcham Sir Kdward tlrey, David Uoyd-C.tHirge.; minster aud thc Kraser.river by deal- ; point  at  issue. 'such   protection   that   may   bu   found
in   the  southeast  of  Umdon,  one  of Hnfiis  IiaaCB,  Augustin   Blrrell.  Syd- | ing with and earing for enquiries from       The   message   adds   lhat   there   is ' necef9ary from unie to time provided
the  finest church  edifices ln the su- ney  Buxton. C.  F. Q,  Mnsterman. Kit   Investors and manufacturers resulting   ''till a strong feeling in Japan that the , hy the railway company.
burbs, caught (ire soon after noon In J. A. Sims and F. D. Acland, '        ' ' ,.���..,.*	
from the publicity work, procuring the difficulty can be Bolvetl by negoiia- , Ttlp rajiway company to maintain
necessary detailed Information and tions between the two governments.' nnj provide fer shrinkage of fill and
data demanded by prospective Indus- Baron Sakatani, mayor of Tokio, is, lQ preserve the slopes of the banks
tries,   furnishing   authentic   iufortna-   quoted as having said in an interview: ��� for a per(od of five years  also to pay
"The right of naturalisation nnd a i an_ , xtra (.im ov,.r aml ahove the or-
new treaty with the United States dlnary road maintenance for a period
specifically relating to land ownership I-j f|v"0 V(,arB
will solve the whole question." Thal -,���,,   j       .  C(..lt   Krade   shnwn
lokio advices    to    the    Japanese- | Qn Mr   Marph(.rson-B pr���nie from the
American   tonight   reported   that   the | Unclu.Blf,r road  t��� the  Brunette mad
tion as to local conditions and available manufacturing sites and to furnish the publicity bureau with Information as to opeuings presenting
themselves for Industrial enterprises.
2. It was made apparent that unless the citv council's recommendation  in  this connection  be  met they
PKp/mims wn   mmtSS SERVICE
Miles   of   Logs   Being   Stored   Along
the Banks of River by Fraser
Japanese  government  had  announced
that   B   means  toward  a   satisfactory
Is recommended for the bridge.
That the roadway to the hridgf. in- *    Preparations for the. advent of  the
Will Be no Such Thing as
"Deferred" Message in
Secured Freedom From Bur
naby Prison Farm���Confesses Attack.
American Poacher Captured Last July ��� would not feel It incumbent upon Ihem , solution    of   the   California  problem i cludinK sidewalks be not les3 than 61 - annual  spring freshets  in  lhe  Fraser
i to make lhe propositi grant to this as-   still remained and urged that the peo- j fe(.( ln width between the hand rails.  river are  being  made  bv the   Fraser
Will Be Sold Under the isociation,  on  the  grounds  that their; pie   await   the   issue  of   negotiations!    TmU  th(1   BlrengIh  ,,f  auci,  hridge  Mills,  miles  of  booms  having
 .,, ���...     ........   ........ ..,.,���.      been      London,  May 6.-11.  VV:  Baxendate-
appropriation for the city publicity bu- with calmness.   The means referred be guttlclent to support any ear traf - brought up river during the paat few J managing  director of the  Universal
Ab n   n suit  of a  decision
  down by the court of appeal in Van-
man that escaped from Burna-1couver   t,n   Monday,     the     nshing
by   prison   farm   on   April     26,   Louis  schooner Thelma. which has heen tied
Si ver,  was captured last    night    at up on the North Arm within the olty
Douglas by Mr. Sholto MeColl. Ilomlu
Ion Immigration officer at Douglas.
He was brought Into New Westminster about lu o'clock and lodged
in the city cells, to await the Burnaby jail officials who will restore him
to durance vile,
'rhe prisoner has confessed thai he
was the man who assaulted Watchman F.agles On the Fraser bridge on
Sunday   night.     He   stated  be  struck
reau is all that present conditions jus
Itlfy for publicity purposes.
j    o.    It wa-s stated at the last meeting
banded |ot the hoard of trade that did the Pro-
gressive association  not  cousider the!
industrial commlsslonership, it would
devolve upon that body, with the co- I
operation  of the  city  council,  to  ar-
range for such an appointment
The   arguments   presented   in  con-|
nection with this association employ-'
Ing an  Industrial commissioner may,
be briefly  summarized  as follows:
1     That   this   was   not   the   purpose
to are not described in the message. ! flC(. ,hiU may be necessary and of a' weeks and tied up along the banks of I'RadlO  syndicate,  which   controls
limits since July, of 1912, will probably be placed up for auction within
the  next  few  weeks.
The  owners Of  the  boat,   residents
if  Seattle,  appealed  against  the di--
cision   handed   down   by   Mr.   Justice jfor which the money was subscribed
Morrison, who ordered the American      2.   That the employment of an in- I
hunt confiscated for   Ashing   within Idustrial commissioner   would    mean
lhe three mile limit. either augmenting  the  salaried staff
The Thelma was captured by    fife of the asosctatlon or the curtailment
Ragles on the side.    "I was bound to  fishery cruiser Newington on July 24  of its activities, of which at the pres-
git  by  him," he said, "and  I did get   last, about two miles from tho Nttlnat  ent time publicity represents only out
by him." river, on  the  west  coast  of Vancou
Mr. MeColl recognised prisoner by ver island and afterwards brought to
New  Westminster to await  final ac
tion by the courts,   sh*. is practical!)
a new boat having only been in com
mission   six   weeks   when   caught   by
has  between
linger on    his
a  huge  lump  which  h
lhe  second  and   third
right hand.
Severs  Is nn   Austrian  "4  years of
age and seems peculiar in  his mind,   the  Newington.
continually adjusting   his   neck   tie:
which he declared possessed a charm,,
In  a magical and not in an aesthetic
He was wearing an ordinary suit
or clothes and waa heading acroBB the
boundary line.
Washington, May 6.���Seventeen I
years ago today a model of the heavier
than air flying machine took wings j
from a secluded spot on the Potomac, I
Hew more than a mile under ItB own
steam and marked the beginning of
a new era In aviation. Its Inventor |
Prof. Samuel P. Langley, continued
his experiments looking to build a
machine Hint would carry a man, and
finally died of a broken heart���his
friends say, on account of ridicule
heaped upon him because he thought
be could Invent  a flying  machine.
Hut today at the Smithsonian insti-1
tuto a group of scientists whose names
of many
3. The argument brought forward
that the publicity work Could best he
handled h\ the city publicity commission, r ni the grounds that said
publicity liars the official ball mark
of the cltj Council and the hoard of
trade hears equally strongly on the
employment of an industrial commissioner. A man to do this work effectively must be clothed with civic
authority and could uot be expected
to carry the same weight when representing himself as an employee of an
Independent organization such as the
Progressive association.
4. The fact that this association is
supported almost entirely by popular
Democratic  Majority    Overrides    Op j subscription would moan:  (1) that we
could not guarantee a salary to such
a man for more than one yenr or until   the   present   funds   had   been   ex-
Nanalmo. Mny 6. -Nothing new has
developed in lhe strike situation ill
this district during the past two days
and it ls the consensus of opinion that
unless the government intervenes the
Struggle will he a protracted one.
Yesterday the miners received no-i
tice to take their tools out of the
Jlnglepot mine and all mules
horses were taken oul of the mines
of the Western Fuel Company which
action would lead to the impression
that tin* company is to make no effort
at   hail in the near future to resume
operations.    Meanwhile many of the
miners who before the shutdown were
not members of the union have now
joined the organization on the promise or being gr.inti il strike pay of f4
per Week for each man. t'2, for a wife
and  $1  fi r each  child
design approved by the engineers of
the Joint  municipalities.
The railway company to supply and
pay for the preparation of detailed
plans of sueh a bridge.
That the maintenance of the hridge
the river  on  the  east  Bide    of    the
Already booms are tied up reaching
from the Fraser river bridge to the
Port Mann wharves on the south
side of the stream, while several are
except the roadway be borne by the noticed tied up to the opposite bank.
railway  company, the surface by  the
That the entire cost of such hridge
he home by the railway company and
built   bv   them  to  lhe  satisfaction   ot
n(j   lhe engineers of the joint municipalities Interested.
Arbitration Clause.
Bhould there be any dispute between the engineers of the joint municipalities and the engineer of lhe
railway company, the same to be referred to the engineer appointed by
the railway commission whose decision would be final and binding on all
That no temporary bridge shall he
constructed on the line of the existing
street, as this may tend to delay the
construction of any proposed electric
The temporary bridge on the pi'opos-
than 24 feet In width and thali be
ed diverted roadway must not be leBS
maintained and lighted by the railway company, such  lighting to bo to
position to Free List���Lively
Fight Over Rules.
Waslrngton.    May
haUBted;   (2)   that In order to secure
further  funds  to  carry  on  the  work I
:it would be necessary  for the Indus-
| trial commissioner to canvass for sup-
whelming Democratic majority In thi> j porl and otherwise carry out n sub
house swopt today through the tree |BOrlptlbn campaign which would ma
list,   bowled   ever   all   opposition     t.
free wool, free meats and other
necessities and passed on to consideration of the hundred million dollar Income tax feature1 Of the Underwood tariff bill.   Not a dent was made
are known to the world, gathered to In the lull as approved by the ways
unveil a tablet to his memory as the'nnd means committee majority and
father  of  advanced   aviation   and   to  when  the night seasion  began It was
present   medals   to  (Hen   Curtlss  and   JOted     'hat   tbe    measure    as    a
Custave Kiffel who had carried on ; whole would bo passed unamended by
the work Langley left off. the  house  by  tomorrow.
There  was spurring all  day  across
Riot at 8yracuse.
the aisle dividing the Democrats and
Syracuse   NY,   May   6.    The  local thn  KepWilienns.    Many  amendments
mllltla were called out for strike duty were offered by Republicans In a for-
hero today, following a riot In which lorn  effort  to  put  many   free    listed
15 persons were Injured, seven of them articles back on the dutlablo list, but
.all were voted down with a regularity
terlaily   interfere   with     his     regular
work   ns   an   Industrial   commissioner
and   introduce  an  clement  of  uneer-
tatnty which would nut make for ef- j
5. That   considering   the   question '���
rrom   a   hroad  standpoint     it    would
mean the extinguishment of our Indi-
vduallly as an association for the pro- ,
motion of the welfare of the coimnu- i
nlty  along  general  lines  and  by  tbe,
concentration of our activities to one]
channel   represented   by   the  employ- i
ment of one Individual would kill the
spirit  of  co-operntlvo effort and  re- '
suit eventually In the death of interest and enthusiasm by pure Inertia
6. That the existence of this association waB largely due to the general
(Continued on Paga Eight )
Copenhagen, May 6.���A message from Tborshavn, Farce
islands, announces the success
of Knud Kasmussen's Greenland expedition which returned tliere yesterday after a
three years' absence. Al Peary-
land Ihe Danish explorer found
large numbers of seal and
miiBk oxen, which provided
ample supplies. Where the
Peary channel was supposed
to be he found a large tract of
land free of ice.
(lame was abundant In that
section, and the party halted
for a month before starting on
the return journey over 600
miles, which was covered at
an average rate of 31 miles a
day. Hasmussen depended entirely on his Eskimo outfit and
took with him no tinned provisions.
Will of Late Senator.
Quelph, May 0. The will of the
late Senator Janus McMullen of Mt.
Forest, disposes of an estate amounting to $189,202. With the exception
of $;ti(in to the Presbyterian missionary society and other minor bequests. ! the satisfaction of the engineers of the
the whole iB left to the family.    Ills , municipalities.
son, William, is the chief beneficiary.      We  also   further  beg   to  point  out
that the municipalities of Coqultlam
and Hurnaby are quite satisfied with
the existing roadway, wblch has been
graded and rocked, Ib 66 feet wide
land capable of carrying car lines, and
are not desirous of having the road-
j bed disturbed, Ijavlng spent a considerable amount of money this year
on  Improvements.
Present Roadway.
; The present roadway Ib capable of
[providing all the needs of the municipality In every way and is perfectly
j satisfactory as to width roadbed anil
i grade for proposed electric transportation and should the railway com-
I pany require any change it is the
:opinion of the municipalities that the
same facilities should be given as they
now have.
A  report   from   Engineer   Macpher-
! son to the  Burnaby council  was also
rend, pointing out the vague and unsatisfactory   nature of  the  Q,  N.  H.
company's  proposals.
Reeve Bartb said It seemed to him
that Burnaby stood fart to tho original report of the municipal engineers,
the bridge to be built at the company's expense, a permanent structure
and a roadway 61 feet In width.
* Alderman Dodd said In his opinion
(Continued on Page Four.)
The Senator Jansen and the fleet
of tugs of the Canadian Western lumber mills have been kept busy during the past few weeks hauling logs
up the north arm night and day, the
searchlight of the slernwheeler belns
noticed every morning flashing its
rays on either side of the bank us the
proctssion heads up river.
Tin- Dreadful, the latest addition to
the Circle F fleet, Is being used to
tow the booms from Ciiiiu'X and
Chemalnus on Vancouver island and
hauling same to the north arm where
they are picked up hy the smaller
Yesterday the Mary D. Ilulme. an
American tug. was pressed Into ser
vice, she and the Senator Jansdh having  in   tow   a  boom  of  exceptionally
Poulsen system ot wireless telegraphy
here, today Bald that although tbe-
contract which had been arransed
with the Canadian government for *m
wirelesB service between Great Britain and British North America, provided that the service must be in operation within 12 months, he had no
doubt It would be In operation by Sep
tember of this year.
The site for the Poulsen station or*
this side of the Atlantic, Mr. Uaxen-
dale said, had already been secured
at Bally I'nion. near the mouth of the
river Shannon, while two or three stations on the ether side oi the Atlantic wire now under consV-rathm;
As to the efficiency of the Poulsen
system ovir long distances, the Uni-
vereal Radio syndicate, Mr. flaxen-dale?
added, had agreed to a test betwecu
Arlington. Wash., and a certain Kuro-
pean station, a distance of 35UO miles
which certainly should be sufficient Jo
satisfy the most skeptical ns to tbe
merits of the Poulsen system for tons
distance transmission.
The distance over which the syncli-
-tt 0 0 tt
heavy logs, some of the largest seen Cate proposid to operate tiie Canadian
ou the river for some little time. service was 2100 miles. It had been
All the other mills on the river nre incorrectly reported in the Ottawa.
Wl rking overtime securing enough cables, the managing director pointed
logs to keep the plants working full out, that they had contractc-d to re-
Bhift until after the freshets are over,  ceive  nnd   dispatch  meesagOB  at  tb��-
  rate  of  400  wordB    per    minute.    It
'should have read 400 letters per minute, or SO five litter worda a nth-rate.
Ab to tolls Mr. Baxendale stated
' that they proposed to charge ei-gbt
pence per word for code messages as**t
four pence per word for plain ���i
i*e treated as urgent and there will
be no such thing as "deferred" ���
sages. Both classes of messages
sageB iu connection with the
Aleko Schinas Flings Himself Out of
Window of Police Station at Mrs. Wilson Takes a Hand.
,.,,������,,,, Washington, May 6 -Mrs. Wood-rotr
!,alon'K"' Wilson took a hand today In a pobDe
  jVspital fund campaign.    She attend-
Athens, Mav 6- Aleko Schinas, who i etl a meeting of the hospital ladies*
aseusBlnated King George of Qreece hoard at the fund headquarters^ preen March 18 at Salonika, committed ' m,K> d to aid the movement in every
suicide this morning by flinging him- wav phe could, and later drove back to
Belt out of a window of the police sta-   'he White House with yellow pennants
idvertlslng the campaign,    flutterinc
from the windshield of the auto.
tion in that city
Schinas  was a native of the  town
uf Volo, Thessalay.   He killed the king
hy shooting him In the back while he    Proposed  Longshoremen
wns walking along the streets of Sa- :    \MB Angeles, May 6���An
lonika,  accompanied   by  an  aide  de between  the  Puget Sound    Shi
camp.    He gave aB an explanation of Federation and the Maritime
the crime that in 1911 he had applied: thin of British Columbia, involving
for assistance at the king's palace and handling of cargo by longnh,
had been driven away. before the Pacific coast district
A few dayB ago the doctorB exam- ventlon  of  the International
Ined Schinas and announced that he shoremen's association,    which
was dying of tuberculosis. opened today at San Pedro.
WEDNESDAY,  MAY 7,  1913.
"ffjSTER r     **>..
v^^M^hl'^.i $-J 4,V*]vvi J*!*
,ln tvdcocndmt tmimiiijj petprr devoted to the Inter SU of .Ye-it- ll'i'sliniiisfri- and
thr Preset Valla, Published every mornfn-p e ���>;>( Sunday '��� ��� iAi Ka tonal Prlntlne
<T��it ;'iikli��hiuc Coin-oasy, /.mi ������ .1. ... 03 ttcK*mele Street, Sen- UY.',f*,ii>i.s,Y:*, British
Columliia. iron/: SUTHERLAND, itanaglno  0   cctor.
.-ill ee-wtaa-atoaMmu straM *eoMressei to vie- ,v,*,i* ircshn-tnater Newa, and not
4a iudirtduoJ mrmUrr:-, ot the stuff.   Cheque*, draft*, and money order* thou'.d be made   ( r,j ,.], eti ���*������  should have as il
flMiKi'i*!-> r�� riie .Vaiirt-imi i*ritai.i' tutd l*ubtteki** Company, i.iniu,<t. ;   ,;1    t]u, predomnlance cf the
TMtUiPXIOXBB    Business Offer, nod Monoior, 099; /.'i/ilnriiil Roonis  lo!/ depart-]
���st-itUl. Mt.
fltHtSCBIPTION RATES- llv carrier, 14 per viiur. JI fnr (Jure niontaa, 40c per
tatitnth.    Iltl mull. $.", per year, 21>e per month.
ADVIWT181NQ BATItB oa aftplinilioii.
18112 to 1894. He took a leading part
on the great debate on the second
Home Rule bill twenty years ago, and
iniidn one of his most eloquent speech
e    ii ii twice ct tlio bill.
in 1894, on the resignation of Ur,
Qladstone, Qui en Victoria offered
the i oi i of prime mlnlBti r i�� I ord
!;i si b i ���*. and lie carrli 1 n the gov-
i rnmeni until July, 1896. He then
urged on hi-1 Supporters that the* gen-
of lords L.nrd Rosebery's tr'bute
Gladstone delivered from bis place
In tho bouse of peers In 1898 was a
most eloquent i ratorlcal effort.
i.i rd Ri si bi ry has recently contributed farsely to the movement for
i ppi sing woman suffrage. The earl
married Hannah, a daughter of liarcn
Mavor de Rothschild, who died in
Tea is sold only
in sealed lead
packets to preserve its native
purity and
Elack.Greenand Mixed.
i ������";
* * # -���:.' # -.
ted at Jesuits' College, Montreal, and
We notice with regret that there appears to be a great j
���deal of friction with reference to appointments to stibordi-'
nate positions in the employ of the city.   The sooner the
^nunril rwotmiz-p that it is beneath them to snpnri 1bpivlCir1hday 6f Founder��of independent Ilt lho aR(, of ,W(,ntv tonk ���,, journal-
council recogniiX mat it it> waeaui uiern lo spenu in lii Philippine Church. utic work, editing several journals
time in this manner the better will it be for everyone in
general and for the city in particular.
New Jud^c nt Osfroodc Hall Is an
Upper Canada Boy and Has Been
Thirty Years In Practice���Is Active
In the Laymen's Missionary Mission Movement and thc Anglican
One morning recently, t'.ie machinery for dispensing law and equity pre.
sente-l an extraordinary outward
manifestation o change nt Osgoode
[Hall, the long, grey bull iniu in In-
ronto where are boused tho chlel
.courts ot the province ol Ontario,
IW'rils which lor thirty years hail been
lissued in the name of Sir .lohn  llnyd,:
'president] oi the Hich Court of .lus-j
lice, now bore the endorsement of Sir
One of Hie strangest  religious com-   during lhe following fifteen yearB.
pounds Of this age of new creeds and
ah ii -   i ,111 ...    ., isms Is La Iglesla Plllplna Indapendl-
All these appointments should rest with the respon- Unto, or the independent Philippine
sible head of the civic department in which they occur, church, which, in a decade, has gain-
and if he is not competent to choose satisfactory and effi- li(;���s, ���,'V'rtieuiP formerly occupied
cient help, then he should be speedily replaced by some *��' -������*��� Roman catholic church to the
i     ��� ' J exclusion of all others.
��nc Wno IS. Today Is the fifty-third birthday of
There is far too much time being occupied by these tne nnt chle< Dlsh��P 4lld f,��-"ilpr ��f
bickerings when there is so much important and necessary bayom��� Associated0rw0ithghimyin the
work to be done. The council must not be held up by the organization of the church was Don
small narrow guage division of any one of its members.    ! S&^^J^C SmK
These trivial events appear to have arisen from the socialist The independent Philippine
'criticism directed at the manner in which recent appoint- te^rf itTuumiers.Ts appeal
ments were made in the treasurer's office, when men to Filipino patriotism, and its doc-
whom the treasurer considered competent were given | M$a Phtuppine church has assured-
situations. The whole thing is mere childishness in the iy put nrw wines into old bottles, for,
extreme and any repetition of recent happenings Bhoddbler^tBlffMiS��!lW
not be tolerated. ogy Is a mixture of the beliefs of Karl
Even if one man insists upon doing so there is no rea- \ S,MandheHetberta' Ker0' its
son why the remainder of the council should appear so [priects preach, among other things,
amateurish in making appointments to positions in connection with any department.
Before a man talks about cleaning
up the city he should take a frowning view Of his own chunk of it���his
front Imwii, his garden, his attic, and
'his cellar.
His front lawn Is hia bcid exhibit.
And ><*t, ts it sodded and flowered as
it should be? His next bi-st exhibit is
his garden or back lawn and every
man ihould call it and make it his garden no matter how small the space
-   but in it what it could b-e made?
ln ten thousand attics in Toronto
monthly magazines are pili-d up on
the Chance tbat some day they will be
carefully looked through and sorted
out Tin* day will never come. These
masa/.in.'h should be given to the Salvation Army, au organization which
knows what to do with Buch material.
Its experts sort such material over.
Tliey lend it where it is needed to
hows where reading is prized, to
hot-pi ii.- where conval-c-wrnlH s:*-ok
-diversion, or to dealers who pay so I
���much per hundred pounds for paper, -.
���thus yielding a revenue to the army.
which, It Is pretty generally admitted, wa&tea but a very Rinail percea-
tfaro nl what pusses through its hands.
And in the cellar? Iu the cellar, as
in t.'ie tttlc Of the average home, there D
its .in acci-iiuliilion ��f junk, too good
tto be put iu the furnace, and y-et not
������gtxxl enough to do anything else with.
"The man who believes in cclanlng up
tthe city  ought  to clear this stuff olT
his pre-mlasa.
Disused things that have real value
should be slid. Unsalr-ablo thinns
���shoulil be givso away or burned. Bol
-a ma�� should burn nothing that he
can t-iill for B cent not that he aeedl
the cent, but that thc man who lvuys
it rinds the profit he can make on lhe
Ther.^ SI* those who can torn to account odda and ends that wo attach nn
value to. These bearded strangers
������rnn ing ok**i to the ground for a living ihould bv treated bitter than ty j
.an- in fiu-nit c-ises.
They ere doing the thins that the;
can  do.    As  a rule they  art- hone.si.
Thc>   ore  trading in  wanted and dis
carrtiil  ttiingn, and  in time fNej will
truch us something of thrift
The useli'n* Ki ar and junk thlt has
���coamulated in the average home
wiuili'l. il s.ild at a song tn the rags.
*��*:ue t and bottle man and it ** ill uev
rr be sold lo anylmriy else eause re
iuicingii iti the ward, weddinns. the
i-tBriagtnC together of scnttrn-d fam-
*.:liei-     And   the  average  home   would
Ibe ,i bettor niaci. m live in with thi
Borden Bhould consult the country
before proceeding with his bill,
A government only in its second
session with a large majority at its
hack, naturaly takes a different view
nf the matter from a party which is
having its first taste of opposition for
fifteen years. Unless, however, Canadian conditions are very different from
liriiish ones, it may Bafely he assumed that the question will be decided,
not by the opinion of politicians, but
by the state of feeling in the constituencies,
Whatever may be the fate of Mr.
Borden's bill as an emergency proposal in parliament nnd it must he
remembered that the measure may
still he defeated by the ureal Liberal
majority in the Senate, when it is sent
up from the house���It seems m.*sl
likely thai the actual principles of naval development will not be argued In
tho constituencies until Mr. Borden
has fraind his permanent policy and
goes to the country in due season.���
The Times.
the common holding of property, universal brotherhood, love that recognizes no boundaries, freedom of scientific research and a broad liberality
and toll ranee thai admits no doRtn is
Above all, "members are absolutely
forbidden   to   attack   other   churches
l'e was admitted to the bar In 1864
nnd In 1877 was appointed commissioner for the consolidation of the
statutes of Manitoba, lie was a mem
her of the legislature of Manitoba
from the admission of that province
to lhe Confederation In ls70 until
1S7H, and was its first speaker, later
holding 'he offices of provincial aec-
- *'-!i-v. minister of public works and
In 1S7!) he lift the Manitoba l��gls
ia-i'i-e for a more influential field of
activity as a member ef the Dominion parliament, and continued to serve
his constituency at Ottawa until 1888
when he was appointed lieutenant-1
governor of the Northwest Terltor-1
les. ltesides being the first speaker
Of the Manitoba legislature, he was
lhe first provincial superintendent of
���ri���cat|en the author if the school
law of 1871. and was long the vice-
chancellor of Manitoba University.
The readjustment of the financial
affairs of Manitohn with the Dominion in 1875, was also largely due to
his efforts, he was a forceful writer,
and made many valuable nnntribut'on
to French Canadian literature. Hi
died in 1902.
Hon. .1. II. Turner, premier of Brit-
io       luinbia  from  180B  to  1898 and
for anv reason whatever." And yet afterwards agent-general for the pro-
' this church, as literal In its tenets as v nee in i ondon. was born In England
thoos-.phy er imitarianisni, adhereB Bevonty-nlne years ago today, and set-
to most of the ceremonies of th ��� Ko- led In Victoria it
man Catholic church, and has a celibate priesthood. The priests ami deaconesses are nct forbidden to marry,
but the church authorities recommend
thai they remain free from the cares
of family life.
Monsenor llregerio Aglipay y l.a-
baytn, who launched this remarkable
religious craft, was born fifty-thr. e
yearB ago loday. May 7. 1860, In the
province of Olncos Norte, Luzon, and
was the son of a pov rty Etrlcken
farmer and tobacco planter. Aglipay
Inherited this father's scant acres al
the age'of sixteen, and. refusing to
Bubmlt to the exactions of the Spanish
officials, was Imprisoned.
Afti r his release from prison he
abandoned his farm and went to Manila, when* he entered a Dominion
school, working as a servant to pay
for  his   education,     lie   was   twenty
First London Charter.
The firm charter of the city of London waa granted by William I. on this
date In the year 1079. This document,
written in Saxon on parchment, li
still preserved, and reads as follows:
���Wilnam. the king, greeteth William
ihe bishop, and Godfrey, the porn ive
,;.d all the burgesses within London,
"And I acquaint you that 1 will that
ye hi all tliere law-wi rthl ai ye were
In King Edward's day.   And l will that
* .* child he his fethi r's h   r. after
his father's days. And I wil Inot suffer that any man do you any wrong
nov mu. .irsTHF. iioiiiiixs, K.r.
William Ralph Meredith, ol tho Supreme Court of Outline. New names
i lei '.: cd tin* courts. Recent additions t', the judiciary dignifleil the
bench.    The  transformation  was   Iho
effect of an act passed in 1300 i	
stii uttl g the i Intai i i Courts, which
cam ��� into force the fir l of this year,
A tiny or su nil -r tl e system innu-
vatcd al Osgoode Hall had got run-
i in*.', a promim nt Toronto coun * i
had occasion to .call np one ,,[ the
now judges. II,��� asked to speak I"
Mr. Justice Hodgina. And tun ing Lo
his partner ns .': ��� ] r mmni icd the
i auie. h * ri mar;,.* I with pathoa: "And
to think that a week ago 1 could call
him l-'riinkl"
l-'riink Bgerton Hodjins is a pe; ular
i'i.. luate trom ti. * Lar to the Hunch
\s a counsel he haa I n one ol the
I * in ul hia pr s*., in; p; lu autli ,
if Hi .L'ii:s on ��� I he Lii,, Insurance
Contrai t of Ontario" ia an Huthoritv
dorve through southeast London U>
Woolwich recently, reviewed the |
Royal artillery on the parade ground!
ami the cadets at the military acode- j
my, received a civic address ul tbe |
town hall, and Inspected the principal
workshops of the arsennl.
All along the route to Woolwich lens
of thousands of people cheered their
sovereign, and the arsenal town, which
was gay with flaps and banners, gave
the royal party a tremendous welcome. Two untoward incidents occurred, unfortunately during the day.
A child was injured by coming in
collision with the royal car. and a
soldier was thrown from his horse almost at the feet of the king during the
review on the Woolwich common.
\ man who was comparing mrasoi.
with men of more education reterre ���
to thetn Hie other day as "university
graduates who talk better Kngli>i
thnn 1 ever will." llut one canii"l
prove liis assert let'.1- by this remark,
because many "university graduates"
say "will" lor "shall." The majority
ot Scots seem to (col no distinction
between ".shall" and "will." but the
English unfortunately do. When Hob
Angus, in Mr. Barrie'a "When a
Man'- Single," went i<i get work nl a
I. mdon editor lie was asked whether
he understood tin* distinction between
"shall" no.I "will." "No, ' replied the
young ."*��� ��� t, in ii mournful tone, "and
i ever will."
Haln, iii-i-iis. iiuMim -,��� Letters, eto.; clr-
���niliir Work SpsOblllSt    All work strictly
o-ii.iii-utiiii.   il. burry, room -nn West-
iiuDMO-i- Tiii.st ink.   Fnone 702.
Ni:,v   tVXal'MINSTBB   LODOB   No  ��,
tt & P. O. of Klks of the 11. ���f 1:., ���,en
the riria in,,1 1 iii 1,1 Thursday at I n. role nf P. Hull, Blghth street. A Wells
Gray, Exalted liuler; I". li. Smiih. s��o-
n* tary.
L. O O. M.. NO. KM, --MKKTS ON
tlmt, second und third -"Wednesday In
ench month in K. of l". hull at 8 n in.
It. J. l^aiay. litclator; V. E. J.men. 'mx-
retary. Headquarter*! of lodge tn tfea
House, enner of t-'ourth and ('uruurvuo
1. O O. F. AMITY I.OIH1E NO 17���ThS
remiiar. nwstlng of Amity lodjie No.
27, t. O. a F_ 1�� held every Mnndal
lutfiti ui s o cioi-,1 in Oiid fellows' Mall,
oorner Carnarvon and libfinii sini-ta,
llsiiluc brothera cordially invited.
It. A Merrlthew, N. fl.; 1. RobertSML
V. li.; \V. C. Coatliain, I', t,, nenru-
Ing secretary; H. w. Baacsur, financial secretary.
ter A liaiiui.. Ud.) -Kuuerut dlrecton
and .nihilliners. purlerM +110 rolumbU
stnei.   Ni w-  wsstnihnUr,    Phone am
Grappling  Hooks  and Thatches.
\ curious link with the past is t 1 be
.-���1" iu St. Bartiioloiiii <x'- f"li 11 r.i 1.
Ureal Gransden, Kngland. H takes
the form ,.i a huge urappljiig honk,
which, in the days ol primitive lire
appliances', was used Ior pulling the
entire that.-h off the rool ol �� lett.:.-,-
In the event of lire. The sliope is
that of a long bar with a turned down
ferk at the end. tiie length being sul-
ficienl l'er men on the ground to reach
the top nf the rool and the wcu'lit
so great thnt the strength "I several
men wa> necessary 10 u-11 : it.
. El. l*'.\l.i*:s I't.in.-.-r Pnatraj Dtreetoi
and Kmlinlmrr, lil^HlS A*n** mreet.
opposite i'iii-n.-Kii- Library.
i-i-si. i��. Sol-kritars, eic. 40 Urm* Street,
New  -tVeatmijMMr,    O.  Bt CorbooM, K.
C     J.   Ii.  Uranl.     A.   Ii   Mi-l',,1*..
ier-at-law, solicitor, etc Telephone
1070, Cable address "Johnston."
Code, "westarn Union,'1 Offices, icuie
Block, KfiS l.'.iiuinhm street. New Wi-et-
uiliisti-r. it. C.
id In
banking la*.v
n B -n**- nl the 11
ercial   litigation
II ire.
it in-
(nine when he was ordained n priest of I nod   preserve   you,"   The   "portreeve'
(By   O.   Tcr-n-c.)
Dirthday of Two Great Leaders. Lord
Rosebery   and   "Czar"  Cannon.
"Uncle Joe" Cannon, one of the
moBt nicturesime figures in the last
half century of American politics,
and  the  Earl of  Rosebery, who has
''���"" I   a   110   less   exalted   position
in England's political activities, are
'���ine the great men who will he
the recipients of birthday congratulations   today.
The former "Czar" of the liouse of
representatives, now a private cltl-
v.en resldiiig in Danville. 111., passes
his Beventy-aeventh milestone of life
today, while the eminent liritish
statesman is stxty-slx.
Joseph iiiiernev Cannon is a native
of North Carolina, the son of Or.
Hi race f. Cannon, ilia connection
with Illinois politics began shortly
after his admission to tbe inr at the
Bgfl ff 22. He went to Washington
from Danville forty years ago. and
was continually a member of the
hou * f representatives, with the exception of one ti rm until his retire-
mi nt I isl  March.
While mlllti ns disliked his polltl-
' ll   > ewa   and   methods,   aod   Bought
hiB overthrow,  everybody  likes  "Un-
Ji 1   '  the  shrewd  and   witty  old
the Roman Catholic church, and he
continued In the duties of a parish
priest until the American occupation.
He was a friend and admirer of Agul-
naldo, and cast in his lot with that
dictator, becoming one of the ablest
of Agutnaldo'st guerilla leaders. Aglipay was excommunicated by the archbishop, whereupon Dictator Aguinaldo
gave blm the title of vicar-general of
tliKe archipelago.
After the surrender of his chief,
Aglipay gracefully gave in to the Inevitable, and even aided Mr. Taft ln
his work of conciliating the natives.
Ahout this time Don Isahelo de los
Reyes, the brilliant and nble journalist, returned to the Philippines from
Spain, where he had heen imprisoned
for advocating Philippine liberty, as
he had previously been jailed while
editing newspapers in  Manila.
lt was Iteyes who really inspired
the organization nf the new church,
and who induced Aglipay to become
its chief bishop. Nearly all the native priests joined in Ihe movement.
although some remained faithful to
the Church of Home. Under the old
held only subordinate positions, while
the regular clergy was composed almost entirely of Spaniards.
In fact, not a Filipino held an im-
portant ecclesiastical position during
the halt century preceding the Am. r-
Ican occupation. The schism, with
the priesta, was more political than
referred to was Uie chief otllcer of
London, the name signifying chief
governor   of  a  harbor.
Afterward the chief officer was call- ]
���-d provost, and In the reign of Henry I
II. the Norman title of mal re, soon
afterward ehanviil to mayor, was 1
brought Into use. Tho first London j
official to hold the tlile of mayor was |
Henry Kit7.-Alwyn, who assumed the
office in 1189, and continued to hold |
it twenty-four years.
The prefix of  lord  was granted  by-
Edward  111. in 1357.
"o insurance
quenl ti.'ure 1
volved   10111111
th iurts
.In L'e Hodgina is a Toroi to mnn.
an nid Upper Canada College and
Trinity hoy. He hns had thirtv-thiv,
years' legal experience. Outside ol
law he is conspicuous sa an energetii-
churchman. He was chairman ol tli
Anglican Committee of the Laymen'
Missionary Movement in 1IMB-9. li
1906 he was head of the commit! *���
j which ruviie.l the Anglican  Hymnal
Who Du-**; That Canal?
Nearly three tunes n.- many Britiah
us A.-neri.an workmen are employed
in the construction nl the Panama
Canal. Of e'J.-l'i in lha ran.il 7.011"
proper Great Britain claims 30,860 as
citizens,     while    tho     United    tjtaten
claims 11,850.
J. STILWELL Ol.t'TK. 11.11 n.si.r in-law.
solicitor, eta; oorner Cutombts iind
MoKeasle streets, New Wemmlnster
is  C.   P. o. Box  112.    Telephone   710!
Solicitor and Notary, offic-s tkirt
mock, js l.orne ���treat, New -vVestmln.
���ter, H. i'.
ll-irrlvorn .mil .Solicitors. 101 In tit
weatmlnster Trout   lilnrk.    Q,  r.  Mdr-
tln,    IV.   li.    M.iViinol.*    and   George   L.
''email,   homely  land   unaffected,
cellar and tbo garret emptied of their  who haa an opinion on everything un-
BBeiOBS  Ultel     Toronto t-'.iar.
Mr. Itordeti has carried out his n*; *,
���tut,on to Introduce the cloture, should
.further obstruction be concerted
*mgt*aal his naval bill. Kor the time
Ibeing, therefore, the intensely Inter--
'���c-btlnF nival discussion will give way
Co one on procedure, and speeches
��na> !><��� -expected to take -fchat ip -low
in ttiit wastry an extremely familiar
T-he MOCCSlty for the new departure
���sit IKtawa would be regretted by
many in this country, if it had been
caiuM-d liy any fundamental division
���of Opinion on the qui-st ton of whether
j'ri'iiiita ahould or thonld not like her
chare In Imperial naval defense. That,
ihowevcr. [fl happily nol thii case.
Tlie  Liberal objection  to  Mr.  Hor
Jen'n proposals is directed, not against
.'lie expenditure for naval  purposes,
tmi iiKaiiihi the particular form of ox-
'���JNOdltUrc which Mr. Itonlen reeoir-
���tniVMl��; nnd il iH no*** ('ear thai s.r
Wilfrid 1 iiirtit'h tcliemo would prove
very iM-arly '.vice as costly as thai ol
��lie governn.-eiil. With this as|..
il-t-. contro'-cri v opinion In ottaw ptrta
<jf tke BCiplTO i-:�� nothing I 1 do, Tip
amount which Omnia le v> 1... n *
na.il dovcliimient, and the manm r
nn which it is to be spent, are matti ..
Sc-r (:iiiiadi.-iiis alone.
Ilif admiralty has already, at the
nijui'rt of tlio Canadian government,
,uppi;<~<3 Hu- fullest posolblc inlnrria
u��,i on thc technical aepectn ol
der the sun, and expresses his views
In language that is a mixture of the
phrases of a Methodist exhorter and
a  profane  poker player.
"I'ncle Joe" has declared that he
will 11,-ver seek public office again.
lie left the bouse with a record for
years of service far beyond thn' of
any other member of congress. He
���-��� rv, 11 the house as speaker longer
than anv other man, except. Henry
Clay and the latter's Bervlce was not
1 Dtlhuous, Many of his friends
have urged Mr. Cannon to write bis
reminiscences, but he has no Intention of doing so.
Too many books are being written now," said "Uncle Joe," and I
shal not add to the number. Not one
book in a thousand survives. It Is
almost a crime to cut down the forests tn supply the paper fnr so many
Mr. Cannon's opinion of books is
shared by Lord Rosebery. Uie former
prime minister, who passes his sixty-
BlXth milestone today. Whenever a
pew library Is opened anywhere In
-' II *oi ill" Kai 1 is asked to make
��n  address,
"1 have spent my life opening lite "-i<H ���   * a d  Earl  Rcsi bery  reci nt-
' !   I   -���-*   "enrird   to   death   of
I btarli 1 books.    I am especially
v, ary of the list of 100 host bo- lis,
*: ��� '��� * many authorities are willing
to Bttpply on the slightest provocation, ami 1 am convinced thai if any
man proceed, d to read such a collection ol w lollies lie would never wish
to read again."
Lord  Rosebery first in came prom-
British   Blue   Books   Show  Some
markable Merchandise.
tt is stirpr sin;: what remarkable
nrtic'.ei Gr*~*nt Britain exports which
do not appear by name in the trad*
returns. Dock gstes, for instance, are
never quoted, yet those nrtic-!es are
sometimes sent lo a customer thous-
sands ol miles away.
Recently a pair of them. 120 I ��� t In
ilcngth nn'rl valued nt Elfi.non. were
being towed tlir'ugh the lr:-li Sea
when they broke lo"-e. Th- re were
two men aboard lhe nates, and tliey
lind a very lively tine A couple ���'!
trawler?, as-iste 1 hy a Rrltish halt e-
ship. mT'i"' * I lo tow th cotes to
Holyhead, The Iruwleri were awarded
The   Proprr   Breakfast.
I.rl Ri s.-m *re, author ol "Tliiiu.-
I Can Tell," used sometimes to
"make a nirht. of it" with Jimmy
Dav ! aril ,111 one occasion s'.e; t at
nis home after a sou.',-what late carousal. Ringing lii-> bell in the morning, it was answer'il by William. Iiu*
butler, nml tiie following colloquy ensued:
"Good morning, William," I said
I'll get up
I   suppose
'To a lady just returned from slv
years In Canada, who writes to The
Chronicle to say ihat Bhe notices "a
difference that has taken place in
Londoners" during her absence. "Coining from aland full Of hope and promise tor the future," she has been tor-
olbly struck by "the sad and hopeless expression worn by the average
sl'Ti-   - Banristera and Solicitors, West-
morning,  my lord."
early,   isn't   it?"
not so early, my lord."
1 thought it wns. Anyhow,
ami have some hreaklast
loboilj s down vol f"
nii.ua (worses under discimaimi.
,'h that itfl rcHPonslbility i-nda.   BUI! Inont in English politics as s
Kn-lish o1)*<tv<tu concerned  of   foreign   affairs   in   the   (Hailstone  was born In Repentlgny, l'.CJ., seventy
The Indians were not pleased when
by the Treaty nf Paris, Prance gave
np all claim upon Canada and the I
western country. In fact, they held
lhat the latter was not theirs to cede,
and when the English prepared to
take possession, the Ottawa chief,
Pontiac, organized the Algonipiln
tribes 10  resist.
His plan was a bold one, aiming
at the destruction of all the western
posts, hut I'ontlac was a thorough
Indian In his methods. He evolved
a cunning scheme for the capture of
the fort at Detroit, which had it been
carried out. would have made this
day May ".-In the year 1763, a
black one In the annals nf the town.
Willi professions of friendships In
their mouths and short guns and tomahavks hidden beneath their blankets, Pontiac and 300 of his warriors
entered the fort to attend so they
pretended a peaceful council. llut
the commandant, Gladwin, suspecting
mischli f. was so visibly ready for defence that the surprise was on the
Other side, and the discomfited warriors made haste  to depart.
Hii ruse falling, Pontiac attompted
later oi take the stronghold by force,
bul though nine trading posts were
destroyed thai fatal summer. Detroit
held out   lo  the  end.
ji bi oh Hoyal, the distinguished
[statesman who played so large a part
in the early development of Manitoba and   the   Northwest   Ter'rltlorles,
��1,106 tor Iheir
Fancy   towins
whole dock, ai rl
400 bet loop an
.lilting capscltv
'distune- ol   10 rnn mil
In on  done   liy   a   noli; I
"Oh, yes, my lord. V
and Lord Mandeville hav,
si me time ngo."
"Bother tliein ! I thou
Wlint  did   they   have.
"Smoked 'addock, or,
"Did   liny:-"   he   cn
drunkard's  breakfast'
think  I   Iinii  better hav
He eyed in- coldly, I,
ly. and then said with inai
ing, "Smoked 'addock, my
iur  hr"t'i"i
breakfasted 1
thl I'd be first
id.    "Whal   n
What  do  \-ai
., William?"
ut not unkind
"I    III IHll-
1 I ���
rvlp -
n    II mting   dock-a
net th,* gntos only
100 I ��� t huh. with a
1  7.000   1.,n-,    lor  *   .
Yet  it hns
"I   lugs   that
looked, in com^lj-i en with their hiifp
ci or-cn. like a coui le of babiet tnkin*.
j charpe  of  nn  1 !ep ant.
This pnrtiettlor dock  was built cv
ithe  T\   ",   pii'l    its   destination    wns
f'ailno,  on   the   west  coast  ol  South 1
i America.   The   vnysg :cupled   226
davs.   at   an   sverng?   dni'.y   speed   ol
New Zialand Exposition.
Auckland 1-  making vigorous  pre
sralion for an Industrial, agricultur
il and miii.i: ��� exj naltion, to be open
I  on  Dec.   I   next.    Since  tho   lasl
. libition was held, ill 1800, the po| u
ition of  liieklaii'l li is doubled, snd
city   it   to-day  tho  metropolis ol
Aew Zealand and one nl the in 1st un
portanl pert- in Alfalfa]alia   Wthnugh
lii * Doming exposition is not advert:-
"I n< "international," every ntlcMlnn
1 will In- given t" exhibits coming iroin
lht *a,l.    Tin*   Unite I Mates  has  a total   ant nal   trade   with   New   Zealand
nl aboul $lfi,75'i.tmn.   Tin- value of Its
exports tn tins country for mil  wn.��
$8.2no020, which amount will  be ex-
ceciod by the value ol the exports 'or
* ,* .
��� 11
the QbestTon of Wbotftfcr OT Wt Mr   government    of   1886,   and   again   in  six  years ago today.    Ile was educa-
lr.rty-six mi'.es. The interesting pro-
cession took Bixl en days to thread
the tortuous and dangerous Straits ol
Magellan, but it m.-i< preferable to lulling the n "sic round the Horn.
As illustrating the enormous ad-
viince in tho power of marine engines
it mny I.' said that in 18M) it took
three Hr tish battleships, the Agiti-
eourt, the Northumberland, nnd the
Terrible, to tnke a dry dock lr"in
Fngland to Bermuda, yet n few years;
ugo a couple ol lugs took a floating
dock wit', a lillisg power ol 2J.0Di!
tons Irom Barrow to Rio, a distune ���
of 6,200 miles, and the same powerful littl" beats took a huge naval dock
to Bermuda without a hitch.
One oi the mosl rqmarksble articles
ever lowed i1iioul:1i the ocean was
C.mpntia's Needle, This celebrated
monument was an "Import," as lar
11- England vis conoerned, for it 1 ml
'nil, half-burled lor centuries  in  the
sands ol Egypt. Its removal lo Eng- * >r> ; ic contrary, overj
lend cost ��16,000, generously paid by freeholder.
Kir Erasmus VVifaon. A special tubular ess" was mado for it, and it wai
safely towi d aa lar bb the Lav ��� I
Biscuy, win re, in a storm, il in* I; ���
'���,.-' nnd went junk 'ting ahout In
the At.li itic, an ancient don II * li r
,- e uisldi 1 ih * i:i.i *. llio'ie'y, it wns
i >onvoi d. towed up the Thames, and
s, 1. i'u on tha Embankni�� l
'Home flute."
passage ol the home
view   of  thl
bill by the House of Commons
it  is Interesting lo  recall  the beginning of tlinl movement.   According to
! Barry O'Brien, author of "The Life ol
'Charles Stewart Parnell," it wns nt. n
meeting nt the Hilton Hotel, Dublin,
1 in   1*70   tlmt,   the   movement   was
launched, nnd it was Isaac Butt, coun-
-I fm tip- Penlan prisoners, who invented  the  phia - ��� "home  rule."    Hi
thought  tin*.,,*  words  reasonable and
Innocent,  while the old cry of
r'.es   Pea'!
to   ll
would frighten the English.
Not  One  Poor Person.
'li itrihutors nl a charity tni
I   *i  .-in*.',!**  poor  pi r- .11   10  ���
n!   Llangwin,  pi mbrekcsii
i* siden!  i*
From regions of the Golden West.
Tbe  promlsiil    laud   of   boundless
Where if ynu do but scratch the
Al   "tice   it   teems   with   corn   and
Annd Labor goes to work (or reiti
Light-footed as a fairy;���
Land of the will-known Maple Leaf,
Win ro  legs  are  lithe and   muscles
llmhi 1,
Where no ono  yi 1   was heard  to
Hut all men wear a Rind, glad eye
Thai conns of canning fruits and beef
And   logging   virgin   timber!
Where roils of greenbacks, rolls and
Drop from the trees ljust like Uto
' pial:
Wbere  fortune   smiles  without   a
And nil ths world Is on the make
And carries In Its buttonholes
A blooming cornucopia;
front  lhat   Klysium  homeward  borne.
You find yourself completely stag
Treading once more London ways.
To note the contrast she betrays.
To dull despair of lips forlorn.
Of < yes how strangely haggard!
You Bay you can't account for this
Six   suinini rs   hack    you    left     us
Contentment sat on every brow
Mix little summers back und now
Von see tlle. same Metropolis
Hopelessly dull und deary.
Blithe as n bird that scales the sky.
Tbat  day  when    you    and  London
We went about as though on air,
Carolling  lightly  here and  there,
What means ihls sad decline? Oh, why,
Why are we bo downhearted?
'.Madam,  we thank  your fresher  eves
Thn ugh whieh we pierce the bum-
orOUI vapor
That  BcreenB us from ourselves,
and Uiul
How changi il wp arc; hul v iu it
To ei nd the nows or yenr : urprise
Up io a Liberal pap?r?
Anyhow,  here's  n  Tory's  view*
Tor  light  Upon the situation:
Madam, six painful years ago
minster Trunl Hilt.. Columbia street,
Nnv Wi-stminat.T. It c. Cable luMr-rsa
" Whitest*," w.sieni UnlOn. I' O
Drawer It*. Telephone t','j w J
ui.neiM,. K. C.j II. L. Bdmonda, d!
Accountant. Tel. H 12K. Room 23
Hart block.
P. II  Smith. \v   .1   iirovea.
Wcrk   *,:,,:.T!.,k. n    in    cltv    uiul    ..i,i..Hn
points   311-13   Wminilnalcr   TruBt   ltiila
I'll.'lie   Jill.       1"     f)     [I,,x    r,n;
���stiT Board ol Trade n in in ia,-board
room, City Hall, as follows. Third I'M-
day of each iiion*ili; quarterly ne .nnii
on tiie third Friday of February, May
August nml November Kt �� p rn An-
nmil   meetlnm   on   tlir   ||||r.t    Irl.lnv   nf
Pebrusry. C. H. simirt Wado, wcr��i-
COAL MININO rinlits nf 11,. Dominion
, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ,uni AllMrta,
, iin- Yukon Territory, ths Northwom TsS
1 no ui, is and in .1 portion of u���- Provtnaa
, nf  ItnilHh Columbia, may lie liaaed for *
I'tm of twenty-one ysars at au   snnuu
I 1-. noil of $1 un iicre. Not mora Uian  'titt
I acrea wlll in. leased t" one appllcuni
Application  (or a Iwiao musl  hu nimi��
by tha applloant  In parson to thu Asont
or Bub-Agenl of the Ulatrlol in which ih��
iiKiits applied f-ir nr- situated
In niuvey,.,! territory llie land must In
ili'Mi-rlti, il l.y sections nr I'K.il .-nili-illvl-
ulens of BOOtlona, und Iii unmirvayed territory ths truct applied for nhall 1*.
Sliiked out   liy  tlm appllrnri'   himself,
Eaoh iippiicjition mum be .,< tumi. ,i
by n fee ol 15 Whloh wlll be i.'tiiriileil if
the rliditH applied for are not available.
but nm otherwise, a royally ahall Iks
paid nn tin- merchantable Output of th*
mill" ut the  rule of  five couih p.r lon
Tha person Dpe-fatteS the mine nhall
furnish the Akhh wllh swoni relurna
accounting for tlio rati quantity of merchantable coal mined and pny lht, royally   tltSrapn,   If   (he  coal   mining    rlg-hta
are nnt being operated aueh returnssHould
Oe   furnished ut   least  one" a   viiir.
ThS Inine will Include the c��al minimi
rights nnly, hut the lonaen will Iw *p��,r-
niltterl   tn    purchiuni    whatever   avallahl-a
mirfnoB riitius may tw eonslderod noons-
'"'.ry f',r.'''n working of the mine at tho
rut"  or  110   an   nrrn.
Por full Information application should
in- mad} to tiy Secretary of the Depart,
ment  of the  Interior.  Ottawa,  ���r  10 any
Agent or Sot,-Agent nf Dominion Land*,
W, \v. coitv.
Deputy Minister of tho fnterlnr..
1:  -Unauthorised publication of thla
be pun) fnr.
ndvertlaement w*ni not
Grand    Review   of
Two   Minor
,    London,  Mnj  0
'companicd   by   Qui
Royal   Artil
King (hm���*.-
n  Mary, Pi
onr Bangulr.i
heartB had   y
Mary,   and   Iho   Duke   of   Connaught,
Whal Lloyd could scheme and Oeorge
COtlld  do
To devastate the nation!
���O. H. In Tunch.
who do not receive   The News before
It a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In thla way
juuty nn olflclent   delivery    be   maln-
i talned, WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1913.
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Success-fill   Concert   In   Which   Westminster Artists Take Part, Follows Sunday's Celebrations.
Tho new Methodist church at Bea-
eonstleld, whloh Is in charge of Kev.
K. P. Best, held lt:i opening Bervlces
on Sunday last, and a spendid concert
in celebration of the event was given
Monday nlgbt.
Uev. A. M. Sanford of Vancouver
conducted the church service Sunday
morning, and Principal Hetherington
of Columbian college tool.- charge al
night, special music beltiK provided at
both services.
The concert programme wus given
largely by Vancouver folk Mrs. Davis,
Mrs. MoDuffy, Mrs. Uco. Kerfoot, Mr.
T. P. Phlpps, Mr. W. ltobb und Mr.
Miirry being present from the city to
deliver   solos,  all  of  which   lint  with
the hearth st appreciation.
Mlns Rosamond Wheeler and 10.
Burnett from Columbian college also
rendered solos; and the Aeolian Male
Quartette and   the   Columbian banjo
hand vied with each otber In delight
ing tho hearts of the audience.
The quartette work was splendid,
the funny little encores giving a re-
Hevlng touch to tho more prosaic
numbers of the evenlug, and the tum-
tum of tho banjo almost setting one'B
feet to stepping In true plantation
The ploeo of tlie evonlng moBt to
be appreciated waB perhaps the vloliu
number given by Master Percy Clay,
also of Vancouver. The lengthy and
dllflcult selection of "II Trovatore"
was played with a fluent preclBlon
that waa even morn pleasing because
of the youth of tho violinist.
Mr. A. Jacks and Mr. 11. A. Bell conjointly filled tho office of chairman ln
the absence of Uev. A. M. Sanford to
whom the poBltlon was to havo fallen,
and Professor (lay of Vancouver and
Miss Gertrude Jacks Berved ln the
capnclty as nccouipanlsta.
Following the entertainment a delightful Bpppor was served by the
Ladles' Aid to thoae who had taken
part In the programme, at. the home
of Mrs. II. A. Hell. Twenty sat down
to the prettily decorated table and a
most pleasant hour wiib thus passed
together by the artlBts of the evening.
just been issued by tho government.
Th"   committee   have   coine   to   the
ccnclusioo that the number of dangerous derelicts on the high seas Ib
not great, and that the risk of veselss
striking them is chiefly conlined to
the western portion of the north Atlantic They do not, however, minimize the gravity of the consequences
which might arise from a collision
with a derelict.
The larger derelicts met with are
UFually wooden vessels, and us this
rlasB of vessel ls gradually being displaced by steamships, the danger
from derelicts should he a decreasing
one. The committee are of the opinion lhat the derelicts In the north Atlantic are mostly of the American origin aud that they are, as a rule, wooden or Umber-laden vessels which have
been engaged ln the American coasting trade and have been ali.iniloiii.il
on the coast of the United States in
bad weather.
These derelicts, however, ilrifl
northward and eastward in the C.ulf
sl ream, and unless they sink or are
removed, or destroyed when near the
United Slates const they ar.. carried
away from the coast In the tracks followed by transatlantic liners.
In a few cases that have been known
to have almost crossed the ocean. The
wi rk done by lhe l'nited Statea in de-
stroylng derelicts is highly com-
nu -.u.iil.
Sweden   Sends   Representatives  Over
to Study Industry With Most
Lucrativs   Results.
British Authortles Commend Destructive Work of U. 8. Government.
London, May 6. - A report of the departmental committee appointed to In-
quiro ub to the measures at preaent
taken to protect chipping from the
dangers of floating derelicts and
sunken obstructions, and as to what
changes,  If uny, aro  deBlrable,    hns
Bern in Portsmouth. Lives In Australia���Varied  World   Service.
London, May 8.���-Sergwint-Major
Henry Benjamin Hlnton. lnte of the
India in rd lei I staff, has juat celebrnt
ed his 100th birthday. He Is probab
ly tho oldest living active servico veteran officer In the British Empire
and also the oldest member of the
medical profession In the world.
Major Hlnton wob born In Porta
month on Msrch 7. 1M3, and entered  the Bengal  service In  1839.
His active military service dates
back to the Mahratta war of 1S43 and
Inoludes the battles of Qwallor, Sut-
lej, Badiwal, Allwal. and Sobraon, In
connection with which services bo
wns awarded tba medal and clasp.
He wns hIbo present In the Punjab,
1848-49, and In China, 1SBS-80. Major
Hlnton was serving In India nt the
time of the first Afghan war. 183942,
but his reg'ment, the (jr>lh Bengal ln-
f'ni'rv, d'd not tnke part In the cam
After thirty yeurs' service 111 Imlh
Major Hlnton  retired  from  the lid'a
.medlcnl  Btaff  In  1K08  and  bai  since
[resided  In Australia.    Quite recently
Lord Denman.   governor-general   of
Australia, visited Major lllnl ���. at
North Adelaide nnd was prese iti I bv
the Intter with IiIb portaralt bearing
hiB nnme and a short Inscription,
written by himself In a clear hand.
Mr.Jor Hlnton, who is the oldest living member of the British Medical
association and of thn Royal College
of HurgeonB ot England,. Is alBo a
member of the South Australian
corps of veterans.
Charlottetown. P. E. 1.. May G..���
The fox Industry still continues to
boom on the island. Every, day brinss
lor'.h more Inttresting news to furnish material for golden dreams on the
part ot the investors.
'lh.is is the critical season, as the
young are now arriving. There Is always a certain "Infant mortality" In
foxes as in domestic animals, and It
would be Btrange indeed if some Iobb-
08 were not heard nf
Bome have been reported, but It
musl hu remembered that there are
twice the number of foxes In captivity
today that there was n yenr ago, und
the percentage of losses Is smaller.   A
number of the fox   men are objecting
to the bill Just passed by the legislature, tax.tig each season's increase at
ths rate of 1 per cent on their value
They declare thlB legislation is
hasty and Ill-advised, with a tendency
to In ep out foreign capital. Prospects
of the Industry for 1814 ure exceedingly bright, and Inquiries from varl-
lOUl sources lu Europe are continually
coming  In,  notwithstanding  that our
! ranchers hnve so far done little or uo
advertising over there.
Some capitalists ln Sweden aro
Bending a representative to the Island,  who  will  arrive  about  the  Bret
'of June to study the bUBines and learn
i how to handle the animals. At present the ranchi a are all closed to visitors, as any disturbances would be 11-
iable to cause heavy louses, as MrB. Pox
! Is very sensitive about her young.
Cases have been known In the paBt
where anxloUB breeders were taking
a pei p in the den In order to see how-
many young foxoe had arrived. Thia
would cause he mother to carry out
her young and hide them in what she
considered a safe place, with the result lhat the little ones perished. The
European   market   is   certainly     well
'worth cultivating, but the market
nearer  home   In  the  Canadian   prov-
' luces nml the eastern states h.ia developed  far more rapidly.
'lhe demand Is coming ahead of the
supply, and prices are advancing ac-
co,     uiy.   One well known reputable
Ibree, - estimates that tha demand for
' Prince Edward Island foxes next year
I will be ub much greater than today's
:nc todny's Is greater than laat year's.
St. Patrick Chapter Returns to Toronto���Off Once More.
Toronto, May 6. The golden traveling triangle, sent out on a globe-trotting tour by the St. Patrick Chapter of
Uoyal Arch Masons, has returned to
Toronto, nfter a four-year pilgrimage
iu America, and will sail from Mou-
treal on May fiih for the British Isles.
The St. Patrick Chapter intends thai
the triangle shall bet properly escorted when it crosses "the say." bo to
speak. A strong delegation of members will accompany the symbol, and
the party, Including lad'es, may muster une hundred strong.
The Qrand Hoyal Arch Chapter ot
Ireland will receive the triangle In
Dublin, and the Qrand Koyal Arch
Chapter of Scotland In Edinburgh.
From the Scottish capital the triangle
will be taken to London toward the
end of May or early in June
From England the triangle may go
lo Australia and N'ew Zealand and
back to Canada by way of California.
At any rate, whin It travels are over
In another four years, it will have
visited every jurisdiction in the Hoyal
Arch universe, and then the triangle,
in its vellum case, with its autograph
allium rendered ornate by Uoyal Chapters tlle world over will be deposited
With the Royal Arch Chapter of
The Qolden Triangle has been taken
from -Jurisdiction to jurisdiction as
Toronto. January 16, 1909.
Buffalo,  N   V., January  '29th.
Cleveland, Ohio, June 12th.
Detroit. Michigan, September ltih.
Indianapolis, Ind.. Oct. mini
Chicago.   Ill .   December   Uth
Winnipeg, Man.. Sept Pith. 1910.
Regina, Sask., Sept. 16th.
Calgary, Aim, Sept. Kith.
Montreal, Jan  18th. 1911,
Vancouver, B. ('., Sept. 21st.
Kingston,  Nov.  ISth.
Hartford. Conn., Oct. 27th.
Boston.   Mass.,  April  18th.
Providence. I!. I.. June 15th.
Orange, N. J , April  24th. 1913,
Washington, D, ('.. Oct. 30th.
Baltimore, Md..  February 7th, 1913.
The (iuldon Triangle was made by I
lt. A. tiledhill. a member of tho St. (
Patrick Chapter.
William J. Burns Transports His Activities to London Town.
London.   May   6.���America's   most
fatri'is   detective.   William  J.   Burns.
Is   making   n   search   in   London   for;
ITOO.000 which disappeared from New
York.     Ile   Ib  endeavoring   to   trace!
members of a gam*; who used a 'bunk'
h.ink  iti  London  for  their operations
Among the curios ties exhibited by j
Mr.  Ituri i was a  little oak box con- j
'mining the ditectophene. Invented by
an   American  and   whloh  has  proved'
1 of   great   service   to   the   New   York
detective  force.    The  box contains n
receiver, a coll of wire and other ae-
"You   can   put   this   receiver,"   said.
Mr. Burns, "under a man's desk, un-'
I id r a bed, In cupboards, or behind
; the curtains In a bedroom, and If a
* person coughs evon we can hear the'
j sound a long way off. that Ib. whon j
: wo have run a wire, from the machine '.
I to the box.
I    "By  means of  tills Instrument  we
i can   Identify  the   human   voice   four
mllei away."
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Coiu -ibla   Street.  New   Westminster.
: Sinner  8ewing   Machlnts.    Small   Musical Goods ot all Kinds. PHONE  69*
Many English Coys Said to Be Anxious to  Enter Scheme to
Become Farmers.
Adelaide, May 6.��� Referring to the
millions of acres of wheat-growing
lands ln South Australia, which will be
served by the railways now In course
of const.-uciiou, the commissioner of
crown lands and Immigration, the
Hon. Fred W. Young, MP., said at a
conference of agriculturists held at
Quorn, South Australia, recently that
It was sometimes remarked that the
adult agricultural laborer was not a
satisfactory person to bring from Kngland because the conditions In Australia weer so widely different from
those in the old country, und often
he had a great deal to unlearn as well
as learn.
The idea of the government was to
introduce individuals nt ages when
they could readily ndnpte themselves
they could readily adapt themselves.
There were In England many lads
ranging from 16 to 17 years anxious
to  come  to  Australia.
Out of the hundreds of thousands
available surely there could be selected a percentage of really splendid
fellows, lf that could be done under
a proper system, lt waB believed that
after they hnd Bpent a few years
on the farmB they would be absorbed
Into the country life anJ be a decided
acquisition to lt.
The proposal was that provided
suitable homeB could be guaranteed,'
aB well aB fair treatment. Bay, BO boys j
should bo brought out as a beginning; |
they Bould be under the control of,
tho Btate until they were 21, and I
should he apprenticed to selected
farmers for three years.
They would be paid fair wages, al-1
lowing for their usefulness and Inex-
perlence, and the farmers would be.
asked not only to pay thoBe wages,!
but to teach them everything neces-1
sary and muke their Burrouudluga ns [
homelike as possible.
The wages, a portion of which would j
be held by the government at Interest
in trust for the earner, would be Increased as the lads advanced, and It'
was   considered   that   at   the   end   ot
the three years the lads should be cn-'
titled  to receive the full  wages of a'
farm laborer.
By this means a lad would be able
to suppe lmnetshl taolrdd aohirrah
to supplement his saving accumulated |
dulng his apprenticeship, nud thus
have enough by the time hc waa 21 to
enable him to begin share farming.
Store fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
will be pleased at any Time to submit free of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernizing your store.
Phone 473
Beach St., Lulu Island.
Riveted Stt>el Pltr******
P.  O.  BOX  44
Comfortable Family Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster oo O. N. Ry.   AH trains
stop at White Rock.
fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gulf;
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Hunan
can be engaged en suite, suitable tor cbildras and families. Ruropo-aa
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connectioa, al��o *. store
talnlng full line of groceries.   For terms aad ratea apply
White Rock, ��.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layer* of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
The queen haB presented a further
gift of bookB to the Victoria League
for Children In the Dominions, which
caters for the great need for good literature ln the remote parts of the
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phene 890. fMit   FOUR
Death of    Pioneer    Recalls    Thrilling   C.-itl:h   Columbia   Supplied   $5,000 00."
Slory   of  Early   Sixties��� Moses in Cold in  1912���Nearly Half of
Cross Ireland Passes Away. Total   Production.
The death of one of liritish Colum- Ottawa, May (i.���ln the housn today
bnv,i iddett pioneers in the person of  "on*  Mr.  Kmmers,,,,  asked  when the
F rdport of the technical education com-
Mr   Moses  ( ross   Ireland,    at     Hold mUl(,e  w0���id  bt, r,,e,.|Vcd.    Hon.  Mr.
Point,     Valiei     Arm.    recalls     tho Crothers said that the delay had been
'hrilliiig story of a heroic rescuo   ef- due to the Illness of the chairman of
fvctrd by Mr. Ireland during the sold the commission.
.   ..      ���   ," Hon.  Mr. Graham  asked tho    min-
rfiKKiiiK  days  of   tho   Cariboo,   away lBt���r of  rftl-wayi)  when    the    houae
ttacV in tlu; early sixties. was  likely   lo   recoivo   tho   report  of
Early in October, 1862, Mr. Ireland the commission which is Investigating
with some others was returning from ��e    construction    of    the    National
__  _   ,.       ,���.... Transcontinental.    Mr. Cochrane said
th*  Cariboo   to   WeBtmlnster   across ne cou,d  not 8tate dt,flnUe|y when ���
HbM mountain.    They    had  reached' would be received.    In answer   to   i\
within a short distance of    a    well further question by Mr. Oriham    ro-
known landmark In that desolate dls- ?"*���*���**��� the report that Mr. Outeluts
-���i ii 11   ���  .    ..        .,    ,      , had taken charge of the Intercolonial
trict   called    tho       colored     man a rallwav, the minister stated that   Mr.
when the snow fell so thickly (iutelulB had been appointed general
they   could   not   see  an   object manager.
of them. j    in committee on tbe act to amend
They  lost  the   trail   and  traveling the Ottawa mint act the minister   of
about  for  some  four  miles came  on finance gave some further Interesting
another party  lost like themselves. Information as to Its operation.
Shortly afterwards they were Joine;! The  total  amount  of silver money
by another  man,  Prank    Kulford.    a coined  between January  2,  1908, and
packer, who Informed them that about March 81, 1913, waa -$5,710,944.55.
oalf a mile further on were a numbei The gold  production of Canada in
��rf  t-K-oplo.  including  n   Mrs.  Webster 1912     amounts     to     $12,500,000,    of
and her two daughters, a Mrs. Cushon
and a -girl of 14 years of age.
After a debate with his companions
���on the Bituation, no two agreeing, Mr
tni.md struck out in tho direction
���where he thought the lost trail lav.
Upon his taking llie resolution six
others decided to join him.
A   Gun   Report.
They wandered about until nightfall without sat isfae'ic.n and were pre-
paring to camp for the night when
the wtlrome sound of a gun report at
traded their attention and they mado
tor the place they judged it came
from. Soon they were rejoicing in
the colored man's cabin where they
renin imd for the night.
Karly nexl morning they found the
���������mow   was   lour   feet   deep,   but   with
three others Mr. Ireland started to
rescue the party lost In tho Bno v,
some, ."to in number,
On  reaching  a  high  point on     tii
mounts ii   tliey   encountered   so   much
hiiow   that   Ihey   were   obliged   to   i"
Rigging up some kind of sno.v
rihoea tnev again started on iheir
mission of mercy and discovered the
lost   parly  about sundown.
They were camped in a ravine
cowering round a lire with bohio
l ia allot., rigged up lo break the pio.v
irg cold wind that howled th.'iu.jb
(i.f:  forest.
Huddled Together.
Hen, women and children -v '���:���
some surviving animals were 'judJled
together in a wretched state, iho'-
fcteth chattering and eyes swoll ,i -'>���
tl.e smoke driven in all d'ricl.'.u.s py
tlrfi icy blast.
They had been fasting for 6J hoitra /
and eagerly welcomed the provisions
thc rescue parly had bnni, u villi
(hem. They told Mr. Iroli ill that
Vr.-uid Kulfrrd and another man had
lef' them to search for provisions ta
bring np.
Mr Ireland snw from the Ijplornble
straits the people were in t'uat considerable assistance would be l 0CCS-
nary to gel them out of their perilous
position on account of the depth ,-i
the  -snow.
Leaving his companions -A"11ti them
hc started OUl for help, hallo log as
tie wen', al frequent Intervals, ln
Case olher benighted travelers might
be. within hearing and bo attracted.
One of liis calls was ans ered from
t canyon about half way back, to
which lie proceeded and ther.1 he
found  I'liHoid and his comrade.
They had struggled through the
.-how all day and al length overcome
by hunger fatigue and cold had g ven
rip nil hope.
Mr. Ireland supplied them wiih
���one fund. Invigorated with that ,. , i
<jjt. confidence Imparted by the pi *
���enc <<f their deliverer they era vied
trerr the snow on their hands nnd
ini" s for about a mile when they
it-ached the summit of the ridge
Here they traveled more easll)
down bill to the colored man's c.iL.n.
whi re they arrived about 9 O'cll'iii
(hat  nigh'.
Mr Ireland having made known
Un- miserable condition of tin- unfor-
tuna''-��� ' had left, ahout 20 ui"ii
vi ii ot io. i . iccompnny him to >���
rescue and nexl morning Uny began
���heir toilsome Journey as soon aa the)
uouhi nee daylight
Rescued  Party.
tin'-1. i'4 a trad through the deep
.snow thej succeeded In getting the
ishjk partj including the surviving
animal..   1 ICk   lo   thai   haven   of   rest,
. ihe colored  man's cabin.  In safely.
Mra   Webster was placed upon the
��� etanteal animal   and    the   youngest
' daughter was occaslonallj curried by
Mr. Ireland.
Thus were a party of thirty per-
.sons provldentally rescued mainly
throiiKh lhe perseverance, courage
and foresight of a heroic gentleman.
Mr. Ireland He was overwhelmed
with Uie grateful thanks of the res-
e.itvxl  iwrty  who clamorously  insisted
��� opcifi bestowing pecuniary rcwanja
tip-mi their rescuer which he as per-
.^istinlly  declined.
Two of the parly had been carrying
���down Mr. Elwyn, the gold coin
min-loner's, books and papers, weigh-
tnK 3M pounds, which tliey had aban-
���d-or-rfl In the woods.
which (ive and a half millions came
from the Yukon, five millions from
liritish Columbia and one and three
quarter millions from Ontario. Gold
received at the mint for refining in
1912 amounted to 101,636 grosa
ounces, of which 3000 camo from
Nova Scotia, 11,000 from Ontario, 85,-
000 from the Yukon and less than
1000 from Quebec, Fine gold bars sold
by the mint iu 11U2 totalled $296,0(10.
'This was beugbl  at  18.95 an ounce.
The estimated production of silver
last year was 31,000,000 ounces,
valued at $19,000,000,
Twenty-nine million ounces wen
produced in Ontario. The mint last
year bought 7:,.i,��i>u ounces of silver,
of which 70,mil) ounces came from the
ConlagaB mine while GSo.ooo came
from the United States. Mr. White
i xplalned that when buying silver it
was the custom to call for tenders.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said lie was
gratified to learn thai the mint would
soon take care of all the Canadian
gold production. Hr. Thompson also
uxpresBed gratification of this and
pointed out that In the earlier days
of the Yukon the Pacific coast had
loal a greal deal cf trade by being
unable to handle the miners' gold, for
whero   the   miner   sold   gold   he   wt,
1 liely to buy his supplies.
The bill was put through the com
mittee stage and read a third time.
Detroit, Mich., May fi Tbe young
\voin.--7i whose body was found i-.i Pox
creek,   dr"::"   Point,    Monday   night,
wax Mentlfied ti nighl as Miss Belle
!tar;*>. who 1-ii the lasl wei k had bet n
��� ompli-.11 '1 In the home of Charles R
Wardell, 79 Lincoln avenue, this city
FrevicnsL   Bhe had  worked as a telo-
--phone operator In  Detroit and as a
��i;v  mill worker In her home lown of
Bnfelinj:. Mich.
Connty Physician E. '-  Brandt, who
��� apt*.Tin nn d   the  autopsy,   believes  the
��� artri     was    dead  when  the  body   was
plan-   under lho bridge whero n was
last Stages of Naval
Discussion in House
(Continued trom page onei
dominant dominions of the empire.
The opposition stands ready to    vole
i'lni ,000 or any  other sum  in    aid
of naval defence, but they claim that
it should for tlie purpose of establish
ing a navy within our own borders
for the defence of thn empire. An
Important question which has not
been much discussed is as to how tbe
money has to be expended. The naval
bill provides for a vote of $38,000,000,
but contains nothing relating to the
control of the expenditure.
After the money has once been
placed In the hands of the mtnistei
parliament will have nothing to Bay
about  it.
No one would approve of the placing in the hands of the minister ol
canals 136,000,000 with which to construct the Welland canal. The sum
would,be voted 111 annual Installments
and ulioer the strict supervision of
parliament in accordance with parliamentary practice. In 183? a rebel
lion had bein caused because the
family  compact spent  money  without
the control of parliament We an
apparently reverting  to those days.
Mr, German Bdid that there were
three questions which it was desirable the prime minister should an-
answer, 'ibe) were in brief: Is It not
possible to vote, construct and plact
under the control of the admlnaltj
thi   pr i| osod  naval  force under    the
provisions of  il xlatlng  naval Ber
vio ��� act "
'I lu re was no doubl thai all these
things could be done under the pres
��� i.i eei and pi "pi" wi re wondering
why the govt rnmeni considered H
: eci Bsarj to bring d m n the new bill.
It has hei n said that a positive agree
i.:< iii i ' ha,,, iin* mual acl repealed
had 1 en an md at between Ml
Li rdi u and the Nationalists,
II the prime minister does not ex
plain why tiie naval aid bill was Introduced the people of Canada will
bt in-ve thai such an agreement exists. Mr. (ionium said that i
government would drop the present
bill and bring down an application ol
$35,000,000 to be spent under the con
trol of parliament and subject lo the
provisions of the naval act the opposition  would  support  it.
Mr.  Sevlghy  asked    if    under    the
naval act (100,000,000 could  bn voted
for the'defence of the empire.    Mr
German aaid lhal  il could be.
The  Amendment.
In closing Mr. German moved nn
amendment to the effect that there
'should be a provision to vote f.i."i
time to time by parliament a toti1
sum not to exceed $.'15,00(1.1101) for the
purpose Of speedily increasing Ilu
effective naval  forces of thi   btiipfre.
Ilea, Pugsley followed. He wanted
lo correct the statement made bj llm
m ulster of marine and flshorl tj .if
to the Greater ocai of buildtnv battleships on this continent. The minister,
he inid, had i|iioled the alio*.-; i eost
or the new warship Pennsylvan... Mr,
Pugsley retorted by quoting rrom
the Scientific American, of Mai h IS,
1913 to the effect lhat the con ,i ������
for tins ship had been ltd to lhi. Ni iv
porl News company for il 1,^51.000.
Mr. Pugsley said that the figures
iji-i.t. ii for tin* proposed Ca-i i-i'-n
dreadnought was about $18,500,000, bj
that there was only a diff'react if
some 7 per ct nt. Ily creating a !'ini:i-
dian ship building Industry they
wi old give qmployment to Canadians
and have something for which Canadians would l'i el pi'OUd.
lien. .1. M. Haten, who replied lo
Mr. Pugsley, referred In opening tu
the fact that the ex-minister . had
based a large amount of his argute. ,\t
Ion the wonderful success of the Pure
Itlvi r shipyards at Qulncy, Mass.
Time and again In the housu he has
held up this company us a sple did
example of the ease with which Hittil
ship    building    companies    could    bo
built up in Canada,
One would imagine that It la on) of
the moat successful industries of
modern times. The facts were tbnt
that company had recently uef.i.i ly
gone Into liquidation. Mr. Haren
read quotations from American pjp-cra
which elated that this company lind
secured contracts for battlesh.pj both
in th*' United States and lho Aeon*
tine which had resulted In a llnhiioial
The ahlps were still unbuilt. The
foundations of tbls whole uc'i'iioiu
bad crumbled to the ground. Turning
to tbe question of the cost of building
warships he said that the figures
i which he had given were taken f.om
[the proceedings of the naval affairs
committee of the American houjc of
representatives on January 3, 1913.
If his figures were wrong then the
official llgureB laid before thi i ,nse
were wrong. Theae tlgurca were that
the cost,of tlie Pennsylvania, if built
In tho navy yard would be $22,70'j,4i>6,
and If built by private flrniB would
be somewhat less.
Cost of Yards,
Mr) Hazen quoted from a lett r
from a Washington authority whose
name' he could not divulge, to the effect that the ship Pennsylvania n^w
being built, has cost $15.000.0Jil to
$16,(100,000. Mr. Hazen alao quoted
figures to. show that only abou. lo to
HO per cent, of the total cost of nn
American battleship was spent In the
American shipyards. Mr. Pugsley, he
said, had placed the cost of yards
capable of building at some $4,000,000.
IIr. Hazen read a lengthy extract lo
prove that a plant capable of building
warships complete in every reaped
j would cesi  ov.r  $40,000,000,
Mr, Pugsley thanked .Mr, Hazen
for the figures and slad that he h died
some of the i ther ministers would
follow hii example and lake i ff the
self-imposed task, lie then pro,* 1 il
to analyze .Mr. Hazen's figures when
the minister < f marine and fisheries
ashed if he would I"- allowed to make
a ci rrec lon. Thia Mr. Pugsley refused, he said lie could reply when
he got through, Mr. Hazen insisted
cn the right of being allowed to make
the correction, and amidst consoler
nhle disorder the ex-minister held his
ground and declared that be was not
going to be Interrupted. Mr, Hazen
flnallv gave way: a tew minutes later
Mr. Pugsley put a direct question i
Mr.  Hazen nnd  aski d  for a reply.
"The honorable member," Mr.
Hazen retorted. "H fused to allow me
to ask him a question or make a correction and I don't propose to let him
ask me any questions."
Mr. Pugsley then proceeded lo read
from   the  New   York  Times  of  Apni
26  to show that  the  Fore River ship
yards   had   not   i?oiie  Into   nquldai'Jl.
but had been bought out by toe ill Ih
lehem  Steel company.
Houston. Tex., May 6, Paul P
Bo wen, formerly of Atlanta. Oa., arrested here Sunday on suspicion of
being implicated in the murder of
Mary Phagan in Atlanta, was released late today. He was taken into custody on Information said to huve been
supplied by a woman lodging in the
room next to his in a local hotel. He
steadfastly denied any Information as
to the murder of the Phagan
girl, whose body was found In an Atlanta factory on  April 27.
When flowen'H release was announced, Chief of Police Ben Davidson also gave out the informal ion
that he had relieved f'hief of Detectives Peyton, who was Instrumental In
causing the arrest, of further duty
with the department. The explanation was th>^ Peyton had exceeded his
iContinued from page onei
New Westminster would give all the
Bupporl ii possil ly oould to th
rounding   municipalities   In
tlieir  Jusl   rights   from   the
Alderman  J,   Murray,   Porl   Moody,
i said  he w,.s not   well poi ted  In thu
bridge malic r as the IU gotl Itloni   h li
taken place  before the Incorporation
of l'ort Moody.
I le thought, howevi r, the brldgi
should be a good  sub: Initial one not
a temporary wooden affair, it tin *,
got a wooden one ihey did not kuov
when they would get a permanent
one. As Burnaby and Coqultlam state
Ithat tke present thoroughfare was all
that was necessary nnd the raiiwa.i
company came along with their plans
it was up to the company to erect a
substantial structure,
Councillor Macpherson, Burnaby,
moved that, the municipalities Interested, jointly, take immediate and positive action to Insure a strict adherence to the original report submitted
to the railway commissioners by Hi"
municipal engineers in respect to the
(i N. If. company's bridge across the
Brunette river and that they he represented at the sittings of the railway
commission at Ottawa,
Westminttcr   Interect3.
Councillor Atkins seconded and also
thanked N'ew Westminster for their
support Westminster was mtlcb moer
affected than mi rely tho matter of
the bridge alone They mu. t hai ���
good access to the city if ihey were to
retain the commerce from outside
BOIirces. Port Moody waa also Just
as much Interested.
Councillor FauVel supported the
motion. He agreed with Councillor
Atkins tlint Westminster was more vl
tally Interested than merely giving a
moral support In the building i I lhi
bridge. There was a large countrj
north of the Brunette which musl ua
wo More Warm Days
We expect to hold our
opening in dur new store
Saturday, May 10, 1913.
20 Per Cent
for the next two days,
Open evenings until 9 p.m.
Summer Underwear
Give your winter underwear a spring vacation.
You can get a new suit at 20 per cent less than the
usual prices.   Look:
Regular $1.00, the suit for $ .80
Regular $1.25, the suit for  1.00
Regular $1.50, the suit for  1.20
Regular $2.00, the suit for  1.60
Soft Shirts
New lines just opened for your inspection.
Regular $1.25 Shirts for $1.00
Regular $1.50 Shirts for   1.20
Regular $2.00 Shirts for   1.60
Regular $3.00 Hats for $2.40
Regular $4.00 Hats for  3.20
c rr i t R
���3  U 1 1   -0
Values to $25.00 for	
.    $19.50
Values to $30.00 for	
.     $24.00
Values to $35.00 for '
turally come to Wi rtmlnater Ior its
supplies, .-nid if the i:ty waa going to
leave it all to the municipalities to
do the hard work in Retting facilities
to brlni; that community to them he
did net thii'.li it wib enough.
Burnaby and the new city of Port
Coqultlam were having n meeting In
the nenr future to lake up tho question of building a trunk road to Van-
couver. Thai, menm a lot to New
Westminster If the road was built
and if something was nol done In getting a good bridge leading to New
V'i'i-imiii* in- thc trade would go t'i
Vaiii-"ii\ i ;���
Councillor R Mnrtlti agreed as to
the ri'inuii ri'i.il impoii ince i i New
iVei unlit it' r rf Cn   i ��� 1 hcj ne 'i
nol  onlj   lh Ir bj mpaihv  i ut  the ri-
nanclal Bupporl of the city,   Tho mu
nlcipalltli h  had  done  iliolr  bi bi   by
building  i-i'i'il  roads  to  bring  traffic
in  New  Westminster.
It v.i;, i ,! .hi the municipalities t"
i nnd Ihn Cl.N.H n plan of the brldgo
thi ;  w.ii.t. il .-iuil bcc thai thoy gol it.
Tin :���* did nol want ;i scaffold or a
fire trap l hi *. bad a permaneni
road now and Juei bb Boon :m thoy had
* ll In good Bhape the company pro-
p   rd to I :*. ak up 600 fi ��� i of it.
It was their business to Bee thai
the railway company did not get ahead
of them, The company was after h
temporary structure like they always
were. Tiie ll. N. It, rompany wero
well worth the watching.
Back Municipalities.
Alderman Jardine was very heartily
with the resolution. So fnr us Westminster was concerned they would
back the municipalities In having the
engineers'  report adopted.     So fur as
expenses wen- concerned he nnd Alderman Dodd hnd no authority but
they would gn back to tho council for
that authority.
In 1908 thej were I >ddled with the
i si" nso of maintaining watchmen at
Ihe crossing, it wus a tax they had
no light to bn burdened with.
Tin- ri. iii. lon w ib unanimously
Two   Weeks   Left.
Mr, W, ii McQuarrie, solicitor for
New WeBtmlnster and Burnaby, s.-ihi
tin* municipalities hod to pul In their
answer within a tor tn Ighi and ii wns
necessary to frame II In such a Bhape
thai the railway commissioners would
see exactly how tho municipalities
stood iu ihe matter and the real pn-
siiioti of affairs,
.Mr. Stewart would give them to tm-
1 derstand lhat their project would as
,snt the municipalities Thut was nh-
solutely not BO. II w.is entirely In tho
��� interests of the railway oompany and
j would not benefit the municipalities
j one iota.
The cut  they  were making was lo
I get material for their work In Vancouver and provide trackage for themselves and also II was most Important
t for them to do away with the dangerous curve on Iheir presvnl line In the
vicinity of the Brunette river.
They propoBi d to put up a platform
or Bcaffold as Mr. Marlin called il of
flimsy material nt an elevation of
some 50 (oet above the road. The municipalities should object to the road
being Inti riYri d with in any respecti
If tho railway oommlBBlonerB were
going 'ii glv- linmi permission to do
thai work the-ji should Bee thai tha
municipalities were provided with as
good facilities for travelling as they
were now by a permanent ur reinforced concrete bridge, ' if they did not
get it now It would ge many years before they did.
Register   Protest.
lie  suggested   that    the     engineers
prepare a plan ami a full statement
I and  forward them to Ottawa as soon
i aB   possible.     A   protest   against   tbo
company's plans should  be  lodged  at
i once.    Tho   whole  project  should   bo
strenuously   opposed   and   he   recom-
; mended   they   should   be   represented
!by   counsel   at   Ottawa.     If   tbey   did
not attend  to It properly and  Immediately   It   might   be  slipped   through
and  If that wero dono they  were  up
against it.
They knew what the company would
do, or leave undone, If tbey got a
ohance. Now was thn time to act
and to net In no uncertain manner,
Councillor Atkins said the watchmen had instructions during the heavy
snow to note down the number of
.-iiiios,   wagons,   etc.,   travelling  over
the crossing and furnish  ll l to tho
Q, N. It. These statistics wero most
misleading taken when the snow was
two feet deep. *>
.Now   the niilos  nlone  were  passing
fr  tio to lno a day.   They selected
the time when there was little traffic.
Councillor Macpherson pointed out
thnt Burnaby hud already taken steps
to be represented and that if necessary Engineer Macpherson would bo
scut to Ottawa.
Thn whole matter was ultimately
lefl  In the bands of the committee. WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1913.
PAGB riv*
Burnaby and Sapperton Lock Horns���
Reglnas May Yet Field a Team
In Leagu*.
Tomorrow night at Queens park the |
impatient clientele of lacrosse will
have a gilded opportunity to clear
lungs and test optics wben Kast
Hurnaby and Sapperton Intermediate
learns clash In tho firBt league cn-
counter of the season.
Manager Welsh, of the Sappertons,
and Manager McMurphy, of the sub-
urbanltes, have been btiBy during the
past two weeks whipping their teams
In shape with the result that a fast
pace should be set by the opposing
twelves 111 Thursday's cucounter. |
Due to  the fact that the Reglnas
felt unable to field a team the league '
schedule   wus   drawn   up   with    only
three    teams,    viz.,  Sapperton,  West
Knils and Kast llurnaby.
Rather than see the Reglnas go out
of existence und a consequent smaller
show for any youngsters to break Into
the game a few of tbe senior amateurs nut busy yesterday wllh the re
suit that before tin- day has passed
tbo old team mav again be in exist
ence wiih a goodly bunch of players
signed on tho roster,
Should the deal (all through It will
mean that sin ml of the boys who
are worthy of mixing In Intermediate
company will have to wait another
year ��Ith the Juniors.
Tomorrow night's game Is scheduled
to commence al 6:30 o'clock.
St. Catharines, May f, -A $26 salary limit wlll prevent Tommy Fit7.-
K��nld from playing with the Torontoa
'hu year, according to a statement
mado by his father this morning.
"Tommy Blniply wlir not leave bome
for such a figure," said Mr. Fitzgerald this morning. "I would sooner
hare him punching dough in my
bakery, and It will be a surprise to
me If the other local boys on outside
teams wlll come down to It either.
Thn lads are not looking for glory
alone when they go outside to play."
gladdened  by the sight of the grand
old rug.
It has been IS yeurs since Montreal |
finished    first,    Tho    Toronto  Maple
Leafs got away to a bad start, which
was exactly what Kelly predicted they
would do, owing to poor training con- (
Perhaps the most daring theft, or
series of thefts ever put over by a1
baseball robber, was chalked up to:
Hill Donovan of Detroit, seven years1
ago today, when In a game with f'le- |
veland. he successively stole second.!
Ihlrd and home. If there had been !
anything elBe to swipe, Hill would a
tuck It.
Found  Guilty of Preventing  Prospective Wltneit Making Graft
Twenty-five Dollar Limit 8et by Some
Clubs Will Lead to Trouble In
Dominion Association.
Trophies Won by American at Olympic Games Art Awarded   to
Swede and Norwegian.
Oeneva, Switzerland, May 6.���The
prizes won at the Olympic gameB at
Stockholm by James Thorpe, the Carlisle Indian athlete, will be awarded
to the man who finished second In
the events. The international committee of the Olympic games bo decided today on action of the American  deli-Kales.
The Thorpe case came up In a
private session. Thorpe, who aftei
the games at Stockholm confessed lo I
professionalism, was the winner ol
the much coveted trophies. These |
trophies will now go to II. Welslunder.
of Sweden, and F. R, file, of Norway,
ri speotlvely.
The committee unanimously adopted the liritish proposal to send congratulations to the Amateur Athletic
union for the sportsmanlike manner
In which the American organization
had  handled  the case.
New York, May 6- James K. Thomson, James E. llusBey, John F. Murtha
aad Dennis Sweeney, the four remov- I
ed police Inspectors charged with
conspiracy to obstruct justice, were!
convicted by a Jury lu the supreme
court  shortly after 9 o'clock  tonight
Only 38 minutes were taken by the
Jurors to reach their verdict that the
defendants were guilty of a misdemeanor In plotting to keep a prospective witness against the "system"
from making graft disclosures before
the grand Jury.
The accused officials stood outwardly unmoved as they heard the
verdict. The crowd In the court room,
however, caused a disturbance, shuffling chairs and feet until attendants
checked the dlBorder. Tbe prisoners
gave thetr pedlgreeB and after being
remanded for sentence Friday were
returned to their cells. Their counsel
announced that a certificate of reasonable doubt would be Bought, which
would give the prisoners a chance to
go free on bail pending efforts to obtain a new trial.
The penalty for obstruction of Justice Is one year In Jail or a fine of
$600 or both. It was reported that thc
Jury required only one ballot to reach
its decision.
Haseball Results.
OttawB, May 6.-The Dominion Lacrosse Association will have to Increase Its salaries If lhe big four
clubs expect to land any of the Ot-
ta,vn men for whom they have been
Today Alc\. Beed, the player who
did siar work on the Capital home
lasl yenr, received n leter from Manager Charlie Queijrle, of tbe Tecumsehs, in which Querrie off'red hlm
$25 i" r week to play for the Tecum-
sells holding oul a 2fi week contract
at tbat price. Seed thinks ii is a
Joke, but it is evidently in keeping
with the decision to form a lacrosse
ci ti mission and effect a general reduction of salaries. Seed will not
i*, nslder it Rl that price.
Shea and Pringle have coast offers
and Con JoneB Is negotiating for their   Spokane     9    13
transfer frum  tie- Dig Four, us    the" Victoria        M
Tecumsehs have a string on Shea uiul *  *
the Irish Canadians have first call on Yesterday's Games
At   Portland:
European  Trapeze  and  Con-
torlon   Novelty.
"A Study In Burnt Cork.'*,
Eccentric Dancer*, Coon
Shcuters, Clever Comedians/
By Jim  Raymond.
Coming   Thursday
VaWare Family
of Bicyclists
Wonderful   and   Sensational
Feat* on all Kind* of Wheel
Feata on all Kinds of
Positively the Higheat Priced
Vaudeville Act Ever In
Thl* City.
We Act aa Agent* Only for the Purchase   and   Sale   of   Real   Estate
No. 57,���SNAP ON COLUMBIA STHKET. House and lot for $3,300.00
Terms $S00 cash, balance 6, la and IS months.
No. 9.���A beautiful new home on Hamilton Btreet, good view. Close
to 12th street car. Six rooms, basement, furnace, laundry tubB,
fireplace, panelled dining room, and hall. Beamed ceiling. Bath
und toilet separate. 1'ollshed brass electric fixtures. Cement walk.
Ix>t all graded. I'rice $4800, terms $800 cash, balance over two
No. 64.��� Five roomed house, pantry and bath, piped for furnace, situat-,
ed on Seventh avenue. I'rice $2800; terms $600 cash, balance $30
per month.
No. 40.���Five roomed cottage with basement. Bath and toilet. Some
small fruit. Situated on large lot on Fifth street. Price $3150;
$600 cash, balance $36 per month.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branch** Throughout the Province of Brltlih Columbia.
Saving* Department at all Branches    Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Draft* and Traveller*' Cheque* sold, payable in all parts of the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   We*tmin��ter   Branch: D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
W.    I.,
Vancouver   13     5
Seattle   It      8
Tacoma  11    11
Portland      8    11
Bob Fltzsimmons knocked out
joe Gi dfrey In first round at
Tommy Hums defeated Philadelphia    Jack    O'Mrii'ii    in    20
rutins at Los Angeles	
Freddie Welsh deteated Johnny
Frayne in 10 rounds at New
Buck Course won derision over
Leo Houck in 12 rounds ut Boston'
-Eddie MeOoorty knocked out
Jimmy Howard in seventh
round at Indianapolis
Main   Store    193-443
Sapperton  Store    373
West   End   Store       650
You Need It
For Breakfast
Made from nothing but the
finest Seville Oranges nml
pure granulated BUgar. We
handle sin h well known
brands as Chivers' Robert-
i mi's, Koilh r's, etc., In l lh
glaeB"JarB at 25c; 4 lbs. tins
at 60c, and 7 Ib. tins at 90..
it you want something oul of
the ordinary, a palate tlck-
lor, try Grape Fruit Marmalade, 25c. jar; Tangerine Marmalade, 25c. per jarr Green
Fig  Marmalade, 35c Jar.
Tea     Garden     Pineapple
chunks., at35c. per jar.
Tea   Garden   Asparagus at
50c per jar.
Batteries:     Mclvor
,  Stanley and Murray.
It     ll.    E.
0 6     1
1 5     1
At Vancouver
Do seafaring men follow spurt to Spokane
any exit nt ? Anyone who doubts the
facl should clamber aboard the B.S.
Strathtay now unloading rails at Port
Mann and 'al!< old country football
and cricket not forgetting the horse
races with tho officers of the strath
H     II
Vancouver     .1     '
Batteries:   Kraft   nnd   OstdJek;
gersotl and Kennedy.
Gigantic Swindle That Came Near te
Wrecking   the   English   Nation.
One oj the ru-if! piusnlic swindling
scheme-" that was ever promulgat.-d,
s swindle that enme very near wrej-k- j
in*,' the b'Qglls.l nation, wa? the pro-
ji ct known lo history a.-*, the South
Sea  Bul-bie.
Tbe i," t rr-cn-quick scheme wns not j
only backed by lhe English I'uriia-.
went an I tl,*.- House of Lord?, but
Vso   l,y   the   | irn-   financiers   nl   thst       _.���**",, ,
country and even royalty it-ell. One Th7" has been a rumor going the
fortunate leature ot the project ����������>!rounds of ***** ci'y **���"���* *he perform-
thai it was oa such H large scale tint ja��c<-' that is to be given tomorrow
only the wealthy people il the realm evening In the opera house of Charles
were made to sutler, the poorer plcken'a masterpiece "Oliver Twist'
classes being unshle lo invest. hy  Nat  Goodwin,  the  famous  Amen-
The Siutli Sen Company  wns form-: can actor, will be in moving pictures.
' ed   in   1711,   principally   thmueh   theibut this is not the case, and the real,
instrumentality    ol    Robert    Har'.ey. j Nat  Goodwin   will   be  here   with   his
I tlie   Karl   of   Oxfi rd.   who   was   Lord   first class company.
I Treasurer   o(   England.    His    object j    The reason for this rumor was that
wa- to improve | uh'.ic ere lit and to' some of the billboard advertising that
provide for the floating debts, which   was sent  to  Manager Tidy  was the
nt  that time iiiiii.unted close tti $50. j same as that which has been used for
llfKl.noti.    In  return the company  was j the  pictures  for  which  Mr.  Goodwin
to receive by way ol reward a tnmio j and his    company    posed    while
poly  ol   all   the   trade   with   Spanish j California this last winter.    Owing to
South   America. the company adding several weeks to
In  those  ilnys  Htle  wss  known  ot ! their itinerary  they have  had  to use
tbe continent  nf South   Anii-rica  nnd
for the next few days at from 25 to 50 per cent off
regular prices.
In order to raise money we are selling Fixtures
See them today.   You will never able to do
WEBER & SOLEY, Electricians
���\ News man visited the C, N, H.
terminus yostirday and was besieged
with all kinds Of questions relating
to the outcome of the Kngiish soccer
league Just terminated, It did not
ti ke verv long to denote the presence
r.r two f.-ii-tiiins in eld country soccer
and It developed that Second Officer
Taylor is the only Englishman
:ibi ard all the other officers hailing
from  the  land  of  the heather.
Mr Taylor tell pleased to hear of
���he B'icceSB Of Aston Villa In winning
the English, he fell even better
t.h-asr'l to hear of the success of the
English International against Scotland but his face tl 11 when he heard
that Newcastle United, his own club,
had been worsted by their hated foes,
Sunderland In the Kngiish cup ties.
At   Victoria: II.    H.    K.
Tacoma    7    14     0
Victoria   n     fi     3
llatteries: McQInnlty aud Kiordan;
Smith  and  Shea.
(Dy "Gravy.")
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Philadelphia n
Chicago 13
St. Ixjuis  12
Hrooklyn 10
New York   9
Pittsburg io
Hoston      5
Cincinnati    4
Yesterday's Games.
At   Hrooklyn- It.
Chicago    3     8     2
Hrooklyn     4     7     0
Hatterles:      Cheney    and    Archer:
R.igon. Hucker. Miller and  Krwin.
At HoBton  110 Innings)���It.    II.    E
Pittsburg    2     7
Il.-ston      o     9      2
Hatterles:      Hendrlx    and    Kelley:
Perdue and Hrown.
II.    K
At  Philadelphia��� R.    II.
!st.  LouiB     -I   11
Philadelphia    1     5      2
Batteries:    Steele, Harmon and Me
I Lean;  Brennan, Seaton,   Mayer   and
As luig ns baseb&ll lasls tliere will  Kilbfer.
be  a  nii'lii*  In  its  half of  Immortals      At New York��� IL   H.   E
f,*r  DennlB  A,   Drouthera, commonly Cincinnati   6   13     1
called     Hun.'   who  was  born  at   Byi-   \,.w  York     8    16     1!
van Lake, N.V��� 66 years ago come to-     Batteries:      Suggs    and    Clarke;
morrow.    "Pop" Anson, ""id Roman" Tesreau, Domarec and Meyers.
i iimislicy,   Mike   Kelly,   Al   Spalding.       N(, games scheduled 111 the  Ameri
Oeorge Wright. John Ward, Ed Dele- oall league,
h.-uitv   brilliant  stars were these in _____ ���
tin-  early  days of baseball,  bul  as a
Batsman     Dan     Brputhers    out: hone SELECTING JURY TO
Given   his   good   old   wag'-n   tongue; 	
and  Han wbb ready tor anv sort of n Chicago, May 6. -Tho federal grand
ball thai the plteher could send over jury (0 lrJ. jacl. j0bnBon, the negw I
generally the public bail the idea
ibnt it possessed untoid wealth. They
expected that the people et thst
country would lie as receptive to the
trading nl gold and diamonds as were
the Indians in (riving nl valuable
skin* mul turs lor small i|iia:itities it
bends and ether articles of !:tt'.-*-
value when the first settlers came <e
Canada. For lhi_ reason the English
people generally supposed that bv
| buying .Mock in'lhii company they
would  quickly reap untold  prolits.
The 'bar?.- if this company were
- Id f.r-t ut $500. but speculation ran
such r:..t that lh y soon sdvanced to
$-2,500. Everyone who could scrap-
sufficient money together plunged t-'
Ins capacity, until the companv became sn ricli thai it actually offered
to shnuld-r the v\h.le national debt
<l England, anutinting lo $155,000.-
000, on n five per cent, basis. As n
wit said of the craze: "Every (ool
aspired to be a knave" People clnm
ored lor the ehnnoe to get rid ol th��ir
money. The crowds were sn great -it
lh" office- "f thu company that tables
with clerk* wrr- --et in the streot.
War with Spain, which was then
sir -erne in the -decern hemisphere.
quickly changed tlie rosiness of the
oiiLoi'k.    KnK.v  in September,  1719,
hinvywelght  champion   prize  fighter,     (
the repertoire of twlrlers   wub   not
largo  in   Dan's  days,  and
day slab nrtitt might make
nf him.    Dan broke into the game in   .     DomDleted  before noon tomorrow.
Wapplngor'a Palls, NY. and that t iwn
Main   Store  681   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
West   End   Store.  Sixth  Ave.
and Uth Street.
present  on ' an   Indictment  charging  violation
monkey  0j the  white slave aet  probably  will
OC    compil'ieci    uiiuir    inivu
was made famous L.v his prowess wltb  It  U   �����*�������  that   Belle  Sehrleber.
,,,,,  pticfc Ithe      government's      chief     witness
The palmy days of the Kiant nan llKn|nBt Johnson, will be put on the
were spent with the Detroit team. .
when N'.-d llanlon was Its chief. Later sMn" at onct- J4
he played With the Hoston club audi Department of justice agents are
finished his baseball career as scout I concerned over the absence of >ank
for the New York Wants. At first, Kenney. a white prize lighter and
base Dan was fairly good and remark- ; former training camp assistant of
ably active for one of his tremendous j Johnson. Kenney appeared before
size. Dan set a National league re- the grand Jury and testified freely
cord for circling the bases that has against the negro, but failed yester-
never been surpassed. 'day and today to respond to a sub
                              | "oena Issued for his nttendasce at tin
Toronto's   flrM.   Eastern    (Interna-j trial.
tlonal) league p(*nnant was hoisted 10 j    Johnson    Is    accused     of    having
yeara ngo today by Karl  Minto, then : brought   Helle   Srhrieber  from   Pitts
governor general Of Canada, who also  burg to Chicago October 15, 1910.
pitched   the   first   ball.      The     Maple J 	
Leafs have three flags to their credit.
winning first  place l'i 1902,  1907 and : Reinstated   Into Army.
��� oy< Washington,   Mav   6,���Charles    D
Manager Kelly entertains an opln- Daley, the former Harvard and West
Ion thai his aggregation will add a Polnl football star who quit the
fourth banner to Its collection or tro- United States army to enter private
phles this autumn, Kelly has doped It life, wub reinstated as a second
out that his club will finish ahead of lieutenant tonight by executive np
Newark by a safe margin, with lluf- ; proval of bis nomination by the sen
fain and Baltimore fighting II OUl for ale, An attempt to have President
third place. Rochester he picks to Wilson notified al one" of conflrraa-
lend the second division, with Jersey tlons made at today's session was
City fifth ami Montreal and Provl- made bv the Democrats, Senator
Idonee scrapping for booby honors.        Smott objected  I r'ted 'he   usual
Montreal has been without n pen- procedure of waiting two days before
naill longer than any Other club In ! such notice wns given to the White
the league except Newark where the House. Lack of* quorum prevented
eyes  of  the   fans   have    never     been   a vote on the question.
E. i the South Sen stork began to decline
sml it looked as if the bubble wa'
gang to Inir-t. Fir .lohn HI une nml
other bin men of the company sold
their share-i. Then everyone began
to follow suit nud with their pockets
cpty the public turned with horror
from speculation. But the inischlel
was done.
With the eoKapse ol the Smith. S ��
Company mighty fortunes al! nv��i
Engla I went t i pieces. The countrt
wns ruined. The law, whieh hit I
mnsel winked at lha transaction
now "uddenly awi ke, and the mem
hers "f Pa'-Limi'iit who w. re director- were expeHed from that august
bol,- nnd heir property wus confiscated in pmportion to their guilt
nth r< were severely punished, Bonn
caped il"' country and many died
lhe    shock    or   killed   Ih'-m-H'lve-
a  lot   of  tbis  paper  which   reads "in
moving pictures." j
Tlle    Yin    Moore    stock    company
which are playing an unlimited    en-
gagement at the opera house played r
to c.nother pleased audience last night
and Judging from the applause which..
Mr.  Mooee    received    he    will    be a.
favorite with the local show-goers be-
tore many dayB are over.
They are changing their bill thisj^
evening to the well known comedy;!
"Are You a Mason ?" This play is soj'
well known that there Is no use In ,,
giving any story of it here, but all
thbse who attend this evening will be
well satisfied.
Try our "NEW CENTURY" Washing Machine.
The greatest labor saving machine on the market.
Try one for two weeks, it won't cost you anything
to try. We also have the water-power machines.
Call in and see it work. We guarantee both machines to give perfect satisfaction.
Everything for the House Kept at This Store.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
Tlm., ended the famous S.auli Sea
Bubble, one ol the greatest swindle/
In nil lu-tory. and the only regret
that must hnve been fell by those who
lost .���-> heavily wns Ihe lad thnt thev
could not L'ct at the promoters ot the
scheme, for they were too big in British politics Ior such a procedure to be
WMk *'���'���* is*.-
.**Jb_*m *
���*���           3ShX ���-���**&���
ffl||pr    ���
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bldg.
Boost Home Products
Made from Choicest Malt and Bohemian Hops.
Ask for it.
With  the  Vin  Moore  Stock  company |
a:   Ihe opera liouse.
Against Clerical Voice.
Four bishops expressed their views
recently in the I'pper House of Convocation "I Canterbury on the present
style ot intonation by the clergy In
many parishes, and a resolution wns
adopted to the effect that evidence ol
training In the production ol the natural voice in public reading an.l
public speaking should be regarded i*
j a necessary preliminary requirement
tor admission lo the diaoonste.
The Bishop of Chichester condemn-
cd "the church voice." Many a time,
h�� s. ;d one enme across a clergyman
who spoke very nicely outside the
chui h. but directly he got on hi.
legs or on his knees in the church
he I it bis niituriil voice. His lordship luggested n remedy for the
clerical throat which, be said. wa��
cultivated by bowing the bend when
rending. "I wish." he oontinued.
"lhat every young clergyman would
have a pin with its point upward just
under the chin. It is a simple, but
safe, cure for those ol the clergy wh i
lower their Leads during lhe leBdii:;.-
cf the lessons, which," he added, "is
the most melancholy thing In tlu-
ilnir.'li   today."
with orchestra and band
Present the well-known
"Are You
a Mason?"
Prices: 15c, 25c, and 50c PACE  SIX
Classified Advertising  |SUWIMERJABRKiS
�� KATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c *er word per week; 15c per
month; 5.000 words, to be used as re-
luired wit! In one year from date ol
contract. $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
!>eath Notice 60o or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
The New Dress Goods Have D2-
lightful Draping Qualities.
teamster or stable man, or would
do general work. Phono 858 or
write 225 Tenth street. (1253)
clerk and waitress. Fraser hotel,
corner Begbie and Front Btreets.
cash, $10 month.    Price $575.    Hall I
block from Twelfth street car, near : COTTON    PLUSH
city limits.    Apple, pear, plum and I 	
cherry   trees  In   full   bearing.    Ap I
ply   (',. Waterman,
and Twelfth street.
Girls Suffer When Msde to Wear Unbecoming Raiment.
Dou't  net   lingerie su sheer  nml  sn
| Ince bedecked that tlie Hot blundering
wlll leave It lu rags.    Nothing is mot".-
j serviceable lur girls' use than brunch
embroidered  underwear  without luce
1 on heavy linen.
SMART.!    Dout wear yourself out with yonr
[ daughter* cloth**,.   Too many me only
a uulsiiuce. ns fuabloua change so fast.
roomed houBe and house to rent
Suitable for two families. Apply 41ts
Ash street. (1260)
Zigzag Suiting Will Make Many of the ,,.,,.               ,
*                               ' Dun i fun t,, provide for ber as pret
Best  Looking  Tailored  Co.tumes of ��� ,������, bmmll,t|| ,���wlls UI v0��� ,.������ ���r.
tne Spring���Negligee For the Easter furj
Bride's Trousseau.
Dwells   In
Education  and   Mission  of
British   Jewry.
sewing machine, kitchen table, bed
and several other articles of furniture. Leaving city. 417 Second
street, city. (1240)
ern houBe one block trom Car. Reasonable termB. Apply 1024 Eighth
avenue. (1241)
$1050 .at ,8 per cent, for one or three
years, on house situated at 712
Sixth street. New WeBtmlnster. Apply Annie Hemphill, 2680 Eaton
street.   Vancouver,   B.C. (1247)
vassors. Good money proposition.
Apply today, Room 319 WeBtmlnster Trust building. (1208)
preferred. References required.
Apply llox 1180 News office.   (1180)
tlve roomed bungalow ln town. Enquire of owner, W. E. Evans, 129
Seventh avenue.    Phone R 1161.
eggs, $1.50 per setting 15. Apply
1119  Eighth avenue. (1233)
pressing business;  good trade;  low-
rent.    Box 1226 Daily News.  (1226)
beds and pillows, Address Box
1136   News   office. (11361
keeping rooms.    828 Royal avenue
with or without board. Home cafe,
Edmonds. (1242)
feet to lane, two blocks from cut-
ofr on Tenth avenue; cleared and
leveled off. Price $2100; $100 down,
balance $10 per month. Apply
owner, E. Vans, 508 Twelfth street.
Stove,   Canada's    Pride    Malleabl,
Ranges $1.00 down. $1.00 per week
Canada  Range  Co.,  Market sqnnr..
house on Fourth street, near Royal
avenue. Apply J. M. McDonald. 201
Agnes. (1237)
front bedrooms; board If desired.
609 Victoria street, near News
office. (1216)
428 Eleventh street.
ished bedrooms by day or week. 654
Columbia street,  over Koyal  bank. I
(120D) I
where. No collection, no oharge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver,  B.C. 1199.)
Re Lots 3 and 4, Block 5, of Section
36,  Block 5 North,  Range 3 West.
Map  529,   in  the   District  of  New
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number   16574F.    is-
Hued In the name of Alexander Allan.
has  been  filed  in  this office.
Notice Is hereby given tbat I shall.
,       'at the expiration of one month from
TO  RENT-SUITE  OF FURNISHED   th(> ���.,,��� �� ^ flrBt publication here-
housekeeplng    rooms.      Apply    37    f_ in a dajly newspaper published in
Agnes Btreet.    Telephone L 63".        the  City of  New  Westminster,  issue
(lls'_l_ia duplicate of the said Certificate, un-
valid objection
Wllh the exception of linen, which Is
always lhe slnudby for the outing type
}f summer cost lime because ot Its tine
laundering qualities und It-s sturdy
strength of texture, everything this season Is dru[inble. There Is, tlrst nud
foremost, lhe white cotton crape, which
leads iu favor; ratine striped crape and
crape striped with cotton velours or
cotton plush or having s border of one
uf these materials.    These new cotton
tho best In the world.    Hut I am not
quite sure that that, covers the whole
ground.   There ure /.wo other things, 1 j
think, should be observed.
"One Ib���which Is no new one���the
enormous monopoly which is now exercised by the prees.   The great dally |
papers have such a monopoly, owing '���
to the enormous cost of compounding '
Sermon    Upon    Religious'new ones, which is obvious to us all. I |
do not know what the cost Is, hut  I!
have  beard   it  put  at  half  to  three-
quarters of a million, and  even then
with Indifferent chances of success.
"Owing  to  tho  monopoly   which  Is
! possesed nnd exercised by the princl- j
London, May 6. -A remarkable ser- ' pal     dally   papers   of   thiB     country j
mon waa preached by Rev. Dr. Joseph  their responsibility Is greater than thl' j
11.  Hertz  when  he  was  formally  In-   newspaper of forty or fifty yeara ago.
ducted aa chief rabbi of the British Secondly, 1 would point out the great
empire. I development of the press.    Now every
Taking as his text, Malachl III., '22-  day you produce, not a newspaper, but
24, Dr. Hertz aBked whether they did  a library, a huge production of infor-
best for yuur daughter to wear.   Tbe j not feel that the long- vanished age of \ matlon  and  knowledge    upon    even-
taste of sixteen  may uot lie so good J Malachl was a. very real anticipation ifcihd of subject   ....
us your own, but It ls Ipsa apt to clash  ot our own times? OurB was an ago pf
with current schoolgirl fashions. While !ttnd disillusionment.   The times we're
one   la   still   young   ludivtduullty   i0 ; ��ut of joint.   Theological foundations
dressing U not |H,pular. *'erf. r��c*'"e' ttnd dreams of human-
Dont  have rigid  notions on  under-  &\%*** ��&"����!
Old folks who need something
of the kind, (ind
most effective without any dlscomfjrt,
lncreaifd doses not needed. 25c. > box
at your druggist's.
Iilltml Diui ni Chinlol Ci. al Cinidi. I ���*=���:.l
Appearances count with youngsters, and  ninny  ti  nice girl  Is needlessly  hampered by tbe poor taste of
her mother.
Don't be too sure yon know what Is
w���ur and try to enforce them with i ing lnto th,n alr
cast Iron promises. Most schoolgirls J ltaco-hatrc-d was being fanatically
plushes and velours look something I discard flannels as soon us they escape ; preached and purposelesB human
like uncut velvet, and they ure more j mil ter Ua I rlgilauce. and many a girl | slaughter practised in the opening de-
attraetlve In the colored cotton nuite-i >s mnde hardier liecniise of It (cades of the twentieth century.   The
Don't be tot, Insistent on serviceable   Renins of Israel demanded today noth-
elotbes.     Oirls  siitTer  when   made  m   '���� ltB thaI> the Bame three-fold re-
wear   unbecoming  gowns  because  of l6Ktnse of tho ��u'n of the "Creut Syn-
���Zig7.HR cotton suiting Is the dernier   their enduring qualltle- . "Bogue' which they rendered in their
rials llmu In lhe white, which rather
suggests toweling effects to a critical
eri in I'nrls, and this material Is* ob-1
Ulnuble nt  most  uf the  white Bales
Don't forget Hint the surest way to
keep yuur dn lighter wel) protected in
rainstorms Is to buy be- n stylish raincoat. Waterproof shoes und umbrella
Dou't spend so lum-h on your child's
��� ���utHt Hint yuu cripple yourself mul
mist stint her un spending money, A
reasonable allowance through the year
counts more for a schoolgirl's good
time thnn nn elaborate wardrobe.
Hunt get loo many things ut the
start Every school bus Its own ideals
uf dressing, nnd yuur girl will soon
lie out of conceit uf her pretty clothes
if Ihey ure tint wbnt all the rest of the
girls are wearing Better buy less uud
Hll out when your girl knows what sbe
needs nud wrnts.
generation. To all alike came this
warning���moderation is judgment.
Revolutionaries needed it.
Their was the cry of "New lamps
for old." Hut the new was by no means
always true. The second great mas-
terword that they held as a precious
tradition was: "Set up many disciples." Only a religious Israel could
be a power for personal holiness, social righteousness, and humanitarian
endeavor. Only a religious Israel waa
a national asset of value to the stute
whose citizens .lews were.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for School Building, Second
Avenue." addressed to the undersign-
"You know as far as II Is possible *'d, will bo received up to the hour
everything about everybody and ] of 12 noon, May 13, 1913, for the
everywhere. Let me give my point j erection and completion of a two
about thlB responsibility of the presB j roomed frame school house on Second
with regard to Its conscience. We j Street, being Block 20, I). L. 27.
hear a great deal about the apathy of j Plana and specifications ean be
the population about great questions, seen at the offlco of the Architect, 116
1 think It Is perfectly true. There Ib Brown Building, Render Street West.
a profound apathy. People have no Vancouver, or at the office of tbe
time to bother about anything except ' Board, Klngawuy, West llurnaby, B.C
their own  concern and  the last foot
ball match  (laughter).
"But Ib not that due to the prodlg-
oub amount of news, startling news
very often, which the press affords to
every Inhabitant of these Islands who
buys a newspaper? J do not wish to
detain this audience/^ Lord Rosebery
proceeded, "but It is perhaps the lust
Each tender must be accompanied
by a duly certified cheque for a sum
equal to 5 per cent, of the tender.
which will Bhall be forfeited If the
party tenderlnig declines to enter
Into tho contract lf oalled upun lo do
The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them on sign-
time I nhall address an assembly of  ing ol contract.
iotirnallsts (cries of "No, no") or, per- i     The  Hoard  do not bind  themselves
haps any assembly at all. | to accupt the lowest or any tender.
"I do not think I should choose mil a. j  BARHAM
assembly of journalists with that crlt- I Becretary
leal eye for the one I should habitually
address, but I should wish to say one
word more, in case I should never have
again an opportunity to address an
assembly of journalists. 1 speak very
P. O. Box 207, McKay, B.C.
As   for   the   Jews   in   this   empire,IWWmly   and  verey sincerely  when   II
which was earth's nearest realization ' Ra-V  llial   >'*,lr Power and  potentlall-
hltherto  of  might  coupled   with jus-!ti('R appeal to me more than anything;
tice and humanity, he could not do
beter than commend  to   them   the
words   finely   expressed   by   a   noble
  Anglo-Jewish   soldier;     "Loyalty   to
the flag for which the sun once stood
TILE FOR KITCHEN FLOORS.   e,m ca" onlv deepen our devotion to
  the Hag on which the sun never sets."
Use   Rubber   Mats   In   Front   of   ths       Referring to his formal accession to
Rang, .nd th. Work Table \h" ���***^-'****('- *��,r   HerU B*W tholl��h
.���,.i...       , ,.    ,        '     ..      he   had   not   spoken   directly  on   the
An Men I tlnur for n  kitchen Is tlle. Uacredness ot that hour to him and
It is easily cleaned nnd does urn spill)-   tta significance to the religious life of
Ihe ordinary   pine   lloor   the congregation far and near that at
object  lo  tbe  hnriliie
keeping rooms.    224 Seventh street.
of money on Douglas road, llurnaby,
on Monday afternoon. May 5.
Ow-ner can have same by identifying properly and paying cost of
this  Insertion.     J.   Custance,   Ellgh-
lens  in   the meantime
be made to me iu writing.
District Registrar of Titles,
Land Registry  Office,  New  Westmin
Bter, B.C., Aprll 30. 1913.      (1206)
teonth avenue, Burnaby.
Furnished   three   room   suite,   with
bath.    Hot  and cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Ave. Phono 750
The public are hereby warned that
Section 19 of the Burnaby Street
Traffic Bylaw No. 137, 1912, as follows:
"It shall be unlawful for any person
to use. drive or propel In any public
place any vehicle used for the purpose of conveying passengers whether for hire or not, without having
attached thereto, near tbe front two
whlto lights of sufficient candle
power to enable the person lining
such vehicle to clearly see a distance
of at least  100  feet In  front of such I pat ten
KEOLIUEE  OF   MiOUlSK  EMlillUtlllillT.
now. It is woven frnm threads of
graduating size, alternating thick and
j thin, nnd in the weaving the threads
are pulled iu the loom to give a wavy
j or zigzag oQ'eet to the material.   A tui ,
lured suit  ln.iili- ot thl* zlffznxt HtllfT ill u ,'
pule Inn shade Is Included In it trims-'
senu ol n prospective southern traveler.
The suit is piped with corded lines of j
black sutln und is matched by a blouse!
of  till over ecru embroidery  muliuted
on  creuin   net,   tlie  contrast  of  tint
bringing oui the embroidery design effectively.   A new English walking list
ol creum ii'.llan trimmed with a black
shooting how uf black edged inn pleut
ril'bon liiutebes tbe suit, uud boots uf
the new tan leather which are so easily
wiped clean with soup and wuter will
be worn with Ibe smart street costume i
'Jllese  hoot-,  by  the  wny,  are In  the
di-Miin-tlj   m-w hiiiI natty style, wllh n
very low  heel, long pointed toe anil n
top  having  only   lire  buttons,   like  a |
mini's boot.    Completing the costume ]
Is :i  long  handled parasol uf tn ti silk
with uu liiM-t band of ecru eolbert em  |
Included In the trousseau of a spring
bride is this lovely negligee of machine ���
embroidery   and   wide  luce  Insertion '
Two soils of embroidery are u--,--,! lu
combination,   an   open   eyelet
nnd n  rose design  lu "blind'
ter.   us  doe
Some  jhtsoii
of n tile Hour    This may Im- overcome
by using rubber mats In front of the
range nnd the wurk table, suys n >tu
dent In lhe domestic science course at
the Kansas Agricultural college.
It does tint pny tu have n cheap
tlnur In the kitchen, but If ynu ill
ready have n soft pine Hour cover It
with a good ipinllty uf linoleum. This
mny easily be denned  with iMirnx and
that moment passed under his charge,
he had Indicated some of the alms
that should beckon him In his high
and holy office.
"I beg for sympathetic understanding and co-operation," exclaimed Hr
Hertz; "vast are the potentialities of
British Jewry with Ils hegemony In
contemporary Israel, to this community the axis round which so many
of   Israel's   endeavors   revolve.
"The eyes of our brethren through-
inn   water     Never  use atrung soap   out the world are upon us-the hopes
linoleum, ns It will soon I'mle It.
If linoleum Is nut or Ibe i|iiestlnn pot
n ttoaxt. heavy eont oT pnfnl on tne
lloor and renew its soon us tbe door
shows signs of weur The pntnl will
keep the door from splintering
A   liinilwood  lloor tbnt ls well oiled;
wears well     To clean nn oiled  floor j
mild son|isiuls mny be used it lhe floor
is very dirty, tun warm water is hot-
ter    If soup is used on the lloor ii wlll
need  reolllng twice n  vein-     A  hard
w I floor will untlnsl iwo soli wood |
floors,   provided  It   Is  well  uiu-ti  uud
carefully cleaned.
and prayers of all are with US, Who
will live tip Io the great trust? Who
dare fall to try?"
Charming Dance Favor.
When   presented   t"  Hie  Inn-  dancer
this pretty eotliioti favor seems to lie
tSlV^Pulvtxt'rT.^i.!; igSgr v��:��iw�� 10 ;
The     Reporter's     Disippearance���Ni
agara of  Information���Power and
Responsibility Is Enormous.
else with regard to journalism
"Your power Is obviously enormous,
and you must wish to exercise it with
that conscientiousness and honor, as
1 believe you exercise it. but the potentiality Ih something which I am not
sure that even you always realize."
Until He Teck 8IH PILLS
Buffalo, NY.
"I have beftti n Pullman conductor on
th** C. V. R. ant) Michigan C��ulral for
the last tli fee years,
About four yeara ��po. I wns laid up
with Intense pain In ihe groin, a wy
sore hack,  and suffered   most  severely
when I tried tourinaie.
I treated with uif family physician
for two mo-1ths tor Grovel In The
Bladder hut did not receive nny benefit.
Aboiit that ti ue, I met another railroad
man w'.:o had been similarly affected
and who had heen cured by GIN PILI/S,
after having heen given up by a prominent physicians who treated him for
Diabetes, lh* is now running on tlie
read and ia perfectly cured. Heatrongly
advised me to try CIN PILI#9 which I
did��� with the result that the paittfl left
tne entirely.''
50c. a hox, fi f^r $2*$o.    Sample free
if you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Caiuda Limited, Torouto.       137
Sank of Montreal
B8TABU8HBD 1817.
CAPITAL (PaidUp)  ....$16,000,000.0*0
RESERVE    $16,000,000,00
Branches throushout Canada am)
Wwfoutullar.il, and in London, Kiik-
laud. New York, Chicaso anil Spokane
L'.tt.A,, and Mexico City. A general
banking buulueaa transacted Letters'
of Credit Issued, available with cor-
roapondonta lu all partB of thu world.
Savings Uank Department���Deposits
roceivi-d in sums of $1 and upward
and linen-Mi allowed at 3 per cent, ser
luinuni (preaont rate).
Total Assets over $186,000.00(1.00.
U.   D,   HRYMNKIl.   Manager.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Heat Pool Tables in the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
"   SI
I     I-ondon, May 6.    The Karl of Hose- I
bery, whose 66th birthday occurs to-      All  those having  accounts against
morrow, was recently the guest of tho' the May Day committee are requested
; evening at the annual dinner of thu;'o send t.iein to the undersigned not
London l'ress club at De Keyser's ho- I later than Tuesday.   May  V.I.
lei.    In  proposing  the toast of "The D. B. MACKENZIE,
Press Club." his lordship said that he |
I had  become  so  rusty   In  the art  of]
speaking  that  he   fell   that  night  asl
though ho were delivering his maiden
The great terror of    every    public!
[speaker in his time, he observed, was
Notice   re   Irrigation.
All persons desirous of using City
~ "  of at least  100  feet In  front of such   pattern  nnd a  row design  lu "blind" WP^Sc��^Vf9S%3PBr ',         ,        ���"*"'""��� ��e observed, was      All  persons desirous  of using City
vehicle  between  dusk and .lawn."        Uibroldery. \le**&l<** '^'4w^W t T li,  W    17,  ^X"8'  f"r lrri��atlon     >""���'��'��"��    <���*"*���'
On  and after  May  10th lnsl     the                     *^^-?-''"*i>'��R^V^-J^ "    "'      " "",r  nad ,UirK*'ly  dlB*P- Urst  obtain  an   Irrigation  permit   at
HOSPITAL,    above section will be sWctly enforced              ���          TT         . -JlMf/f: &MW$ffi>> iP<>arif'   "" ����sd nwsed to report tteUha city  Hall,  which  will be Issued
iw  lJn ih      mil" of t .  c.rto a,i,,; ,           "p'a ��' M' H"rt" Bow'' Wit Tf . ,KV&3v% * | speeches to which it was understood free of charge to householders using
.nd   Cutlery, ^f Burnaby                                             I:,M   '"'"'""   a   fl"rry   "'   f"s,l"m '<&/^��v&S&'* the whole community were looking city water for   domes,:,,   purposes;
n6.    Kitchen      By order'of  the  Police Committee I tsr..s.Bii�� lul.. vogue the stiff little v.-lvel X*-^!g��S: ! orward fi.,-w-i,-,i  with breathless In- LubjeC|   ,��� ������.  Waterworks    I',   nl:,
.         _                 ���-'   i" if i   i'i   im    iun>'   -v "muni,,,                                    ....       .... _..., .. .    ��-* - :* *. .-.���- *--. *_ J-*r- IprpRl     it> nun  turn,.,   ti w i.cn,.      ,,,,,  .,___
of Burnaby.
Crockery,     Silverware    and    C
Furniture   and     Bedding.     Kit
Equipment    and     Laundry     Equip
Sealed lenders will be received by
the undersigned up to 0 p.m. Tuesday,
May 20, 1913.
Tenders must be submlltod on the
forms of specification which may be
obtained at the hospital.   The lowest I INVESTORS'   INVESTMENT   CO
or    any    tender    not    necessarily ac |
Edmonds, B.C
Chief Constat,li-,
Mny 3, 1913,      (1238)
E   B.  WITHERS, Becretary.
Hoyal Columbian Hospital,
New Westminster, B.C,
Notice Is horeby given thnt the Corporation of tho City of Now Westminster proposes to till In and build certain works on the foreshore along
portions of the main waterfront of
the City of New Westminster, and
has deposited tho plana thereof and
a description of the proposed sites
with the Minister of l'ubllc Works
and a duplicate thereof in the office
of the Registrar of Titles for the I>i��-
trict of New Westminster in the
Province of liritish Columbia, being
the district In which such work is
proposed to bo constructed, and will
* one inonth after the date hereof ap-
1 ly to the OoveriiorliiCoiinc.il for approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd day ot May, 1913,
Uy W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
' (1197)
Real Estate. Fire Insurance.
On Fourth avenue, lot 66x132, all
cleared. Price $3000. Terms. No.
Ihiwk nf culur or llllll'k for shirt lVlllsts,
'ihey have been worn more or les*
ever since nml have taken a fresh hold
cm popularity through the small lienrls
ol rhlticstotiPH which nre place,! In tin-
ccuici of ,-mi-Ii how. These tire enllwl
"I'll! u' My Heart" bow- nnd with vel
vet iii,I,oo un,I rliineslime pill i*o-t Sll
cent- complete, others cyntrlviil uu
the vim,- |>l:iti are or IHiirln t��*
tlireiulllke ponrl biiiuls Ihrnugh wlilrh
the ribbon runs ami n small pearl hull
In'.nl t-tli-kpln thrust llin,ugh frnm Ihe
Mile Tnese nre also IHI i eiils em li Mini
im- cnllcil "ItMiespierre" \m*x��. Ituth
lire pretty nml an linprovemetit o-.-er
the plain velvet, which seems a trille
>tut und purposeless.
Tll�� -fl.nWIU r*N
ntwe-gsy of paper dowers
A hidden
Stllllg   li   inilirtl   nml   presto
llie  lain
U'lt-I   I,,-, ntlieet a  Ittl,
On  St,  Oeorge  street,  lot 33x132   (tol
street,  good ltiwn and  fruit    tree-a.
Price $2000.    Terms.    No.  -47.
On  Sixth
On  Third
Price  '
avenue,  lot 66x132.  to
Price $2500.    No. 54.
A Homemade Device.
It !�� Interesting l�� see how >, Jap
sn,se servant will supply kiti'lieil dell
Hen, les mil nf Ills own Inventive luslii
Where the knob on Ihe teakettle cover
Imd rusted and Itlveil way one of theie
hiindy persons supplied ii new one by
On Royal avenue, a corner lot 66x132.1 """"" "���>����������� I,,"IVJ' mnU' 1<""lll����
Price $4500. Will trade for lm- H'eln Ingelher, drswlng thMli llirnugli
proved   property.     No,   3. the hole 111 tlw cover. With tlle knot nu
; the under side, nnd lying them Huh)
over ii medium sl7etl cork, whlih rest
Pil nu the top of the cover ill tlle spot
formerly occupied by ihe knob   When
Cooking In Aluminium
Altnulniiiui    uti'ti-,11-1   Have   r,,el.   iv
uulise  nliliiillilum   ware  iml  oul,-,   Qett
hot ipHckly, hut retains die best.    a>.
tiliiiiilnlliui t-olTee (m,i will keep ,-olTi-,-
Ind -l lonuri tune thnn Wlll nnj known
metal. Aluminium uteiiells, with their
M_-lit tilting aliiiiiliilum lid**, nie Klllllll
kilns, in which ibe fi��i,l retains nn
,',,*n moist tiesl Tliere Is n r��-n*-,��n
for this. Just as lhere in a rensoti for
nil nliiinliiliini Tirtiies. Aliiiiilnlnm is
isi Hue griiluisl  licit  the molecules III
teres!   He had turned his pencil into tions
;a ploughshare;    what  be had  done
���widt it ho did  not  exactly know.
At any rate. In- had ceased to be
that terror to public speakers thai he
waa in his (Lord Rosebery's) time;
and he no 1'nigi r reported except the
(.���real lions of the front bench, every
wag of whose tall H w;.s necessary
for every citl/oti to observe Hut nt
present outside the proceedings of
tin so gr,nl men reports hnd ceased,
to the infinite relief, if he might say
so, of the speakers and the puhllc.
"I fpeak with feeling us a speaker."
Lord lloseberry went on. "Nu consci-
enticiui speaker ever rose In the morning and  h-ul  bis  morning newspaper
\ without having a feeling of that kind,
[to see In  It  reported  verbatim,  with
agonizing   conscientiousness,   tblnga
I which hn would rather not have said,
land   things   which   ho .thought  ought
j not to bear repetition.
I    "The ngoiilzlng conscientiousness of
the reporter caused a reaction In the
I speaker which no worda can describe,
| except the testimony of one who has
experienced It. Then let me take the
point of view of Ihe reader, which ia
llle only point of view I now occupy.
Did any render of the last twenty
years over read the speeches lhat were
reported?   i have no doubt thai thus.
The hours during  which Irrigation
is permitted are:
7:30 a.m,  lo 8:30 a.m.
(i p.m. to S p.m.
on -week davs only    N i Irrigation be
Ing  permitted on  Sundays.
Buch hours being subject to alteration hy tho City Council a', any time.
Irrigation outpldo tho Btated hours
renders the offender liable to proSeCU
tin n.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk
City Hall. May 0, 1913, (1266)
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all  points east, commencing  May 28.
Week Kud tickota on sale to local
points at Single Pare for Hound Trip
un   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Simdaya.
For rates und reservation apply    to
BD. OUULK'l, Agent
New Westminster
Or H. w, Brodie, o.P.a . Vancouver
P.O. Box 34 Dally  News Bldg.
of all  kin,Is.
Prices right,   Satisfaction guaranteed
19  McKenzie   Sl.
B.C. toast Service
street, corner
500.    No. 43,
lot    82x66.
On Sixth street and Eighth avenue,
lot 80x94, Fine corner. I'rice I'iiiiin.
Terms.    No. G2.
Real Etale and Innurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster. B.C.
lm fiun, n hiinlwiire store such a sub
mtiite is not to be despised.
Tigs For Dessert,
ftas cooked tender lu boiling water ]
with ii  little sugar milled  nt  llie  In*1
of   lhe   conking,   nre   good   co',1   wlti, j
cream,    rhe tigs with the addition ui
wine,   orange   or   lemon   Jelly,   eut   In
cuiies nml  whipped cream, make nt
SlSborate dessert dish.
the nit-till press lightly together, there i whose duty it Is lo crlllch'.e, laud them
liy presenting the least purniisnees to I or    rebuke    them     In     the      public
Ihe ntlimsphere,    Ity  their close enn   Press,  felt   II   tbelr   painful   duty   to
' iml they transmit heal readily t��� eucll: r'"u\ u"* speeches,    llut did anybody
other und ror the same reason protect     KW. .-. ���        ,       ���    ,,
, .,   ....... ,   , ,, Did any  Impartial reader of   the
each other fTO n rapid ch     IU, ., k_ i    ...i ,
__ H newspapers,  the  man  who bought    u
. paper on his way to the city li    he
Refrigerator ice. : morning, and an evening paper In the
Refrigerator  Ice  Is  often  dirty   and  ,,veiling, did ho ever rend the |-|iccoh-
mny  bring In  bacteria     (in  thl* ne-les?   I can conscientiously say, having
count no foixl should tie brought Into, been a speaker  myself, that   I   nev, r
direct contact wllh It. nnr. unless It-could   find   iinyhody   who  read     any j
purity l�� nisive suspicion, should it iw]speeches
put Into drinking water.
EXCELSIOR BARBER SHOP    , . ���   ,,  "
*.d*.*xe^.***i.**'.'-- ** [��� ln,.,n,)ry 0f K|r John   Moore who
HAIR CUTTING     BEARD CUTTING  was killed  In  the hour of victory  at
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Massage and Glover's Kam
|ous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
The Itev. Uev. W, K. Carnegie, formerly rector of St. Phillip's, Binning"
Corunna In lfiOD, and other officers ham, waa at Westminster Abbey In-
nnd men of the Dlst Foot, now the stalled aa canon of Westminster and
1st Yorkshire Light Infantry, a tab- ' rector of St Margaret's, Westminster,
let was unveiled by General Wynne In In succession to Dr. Hensley Henson,
York  Minster. I now dean of Durham.
"It was quite different In llie Ume
when I was young, when fathers and
mothers and grandsons sat down after
breakfast and read the whole debate
through. I believe ln llle power Of
the press. 1 believe iu the potentiality
of the press even more.
"1 believe oven igore In the responsibility of the press, and 1 believe
most of all that the  Ilrillsh proHS Is
New Westminster District.
The   following  applies only  to  the
New   Westminster   Dominion     Lands
Squatters on Dominion Lands ln
tho New Westminster Agency who
ire not. Incited In Timber llerths wlll
be given until Monday, the 19th day
of May, 1913, within which to appear
and make application for entry.
Squatters  whose  claims hnve  been
allowed, who have not yei secured
homestead  entries,  will   be  notified I
by ibu Dominion Land Agent nt their
last  known address.    In the event of
my   such  squatters  falling  to appear I
md make application before tho date
mentioned,   i/is-ir   claims  will   lapse
md the lands will ba otherwise dis- ���
'lAsed ol on and after that date,    If, i
however,   good   reason   ls  shown   for
(ailing  to appear  and    the    iinpri
ments OH the land arp of subslnn
value  a   furthi r   period  of  protoctlot
may be allowed by the Agent In cases
of merit.    Claims not yet deult with
must be filed Immediately,
Squatting on Dominion Lands without the authority of the Department
win not henceforth be allowed and
will result Iii less of claim and forfeiture of Improvements,
8.   MA11ER,
Supt.,  II. C,  Lands.
Ottawa, Oth April, 1813, (10i9)
Leaves Vanoouver for victoria in a. m.
it p. ni. and 11 -45.
Loaves Vancouver for Keatti�� 10 s. ra.
sml 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo I p. m.
Leaves v-uiruuvtT fur Prlnoe Rupert
ami Northern i'uinu io p. m. Wednes*
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Chllllwack   7
1 liiiinilio- und Saturday.
m.   Tuesday*
Leaves   WcHtmlnater   S   tx.   m.   Mimday.
Wednesday and l*'rlduy.
UD. OOULBT, Aiient, New Wsstmlnstsr,
II. w. Ultolilii. a, p. a.. Vanoouver,
Transfer Co.
>fflce  Phone   IBB.      Birn  PhonflJ?
Os-jbu Street.
Baggage Deiiv��i6< Promptly to
any psrt of the city.
ZI tight and Heavy Hauling
New  Spring  and   Hummer  Haltlnge
now  on  display.    Hep thetn.    Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Kront HtroeL WEDNESDAY,  MAY 7,  1913.
l****aaxwm*m mamm
a car man named Ejudson fell under
m in els of his
tas killed.
van   in   Long  Aer
At tlio police station at Stour-
rldge, Worcestershire, a Turn-worth
ihorer was found dead in his cell with
stocking rammed down his throat.
A war olllco notice In the London
Gazette states tbat the London  Bal-
III    Company,   Koyal   Engineers   (T.
11-'.I, huu  ben  disbanded.
Queen  Mary, accompanied    by   a
llady-ln-waltlng, motored from Wind-
mi- to Sunnlngdalo, and paid an infor-
nal visit to the London Mothers' Con-
ralescent Home.
Mary Stephens, the wife of the proprietor of a shooting gallery at South
Shields, who was accidentally shot
while some rifles were being unloaded, died of hi r Injuries.
Dover tailors are reaping a harvest
from orders for clothes given by
many of the young officers of the
Russian training cruiser Okean, which
stayed In Ihe naval harbor several
Lieut. Spencer D. A. Grey, who last
ji,r llew In company with Commander C. II. Samson from Bastchurch
round the coast to Portsmouth on one
of the Short navy hydroplanes, has
been appointed flight commander lu
charge of the Calshott base.
During the year 1911-12 the navy
victualing yards manufactured 1,508,-
250 pounds of soluble chocolate, 2,-
���trifi.MX pounds of flour, 778,151 poundB
of bread, 27,314 casks and cooperage
articles, and lG.HHX hair beds.
The newly appointed Justices of the
peace for the county of l,ondoii, include tlle name of Mr. H. .1, Hrown of
Malden-road, Kentish Town, formerly
a fireman on the London and oN'rth-
western Railway.
The Itev. C. C. N.-iters, rector of St
James1 church, Colchester, writing in
tin- parish magazine, says that not
only have hymn books been taken
away, Imt even the church thermometer has been stolen.
Calshott Castle, n narrow rtrlp of
lnml ah,mt bbvi n miles southeast of
Southampton midway between the entrance to the fort ami the naval baRo
,-,t Portsmouth, hns been selected as a
navy hydroplane base.
A North-Ebb tern engine-driver nam
id Harry Goodwill, aged 36, dropped
dead at Thornby-on-TceS Station Just
prior to bis trnin starling. He had
pn i iimply complained to his fireman
ol a pain in bla cheBt.
At n cosl of a levy of one half penny
Inr acre tho members of the Naugh
t ui Suffolk Sparrow Club have destroyed 2091 sparrows and 3480 eggs
during tin- p:isi yenr. During tin*
i :'ih.i , xlstence of feur years 7687
l* rda -mil 18,03] eggs hnve been des-
;���*.*. ii
Tin*   Royal   Academy   of   Music   mini unco  tlmt   the  Sainton  scholarship
for the violin  has been awarded    to
Kate Rosalie Qoldschmldt, of London;
the Charles Mortimer prise for composition   to   Louise  M.   fl.   Winter,  of
jtenley,   and     the    Sterndale llennett
***{** ������ for pianofori,   t,, Unmet  Cohen,
lover promenade pier and pavilion
lo he utilized as a naval  landing
ige, having been purchuju'd by the
mirnlty for ��8000.    The capital ox-
ndltr.ro on the pier and pavilion was
nn. James Fielder, who hns been
master ever since the pier was
milt, twenty-one yeara ago, tcrininat-
:d his duties.
After travelling by night from Mnn-
ester In obedience to a summons to
erve on a grand jury at the Old Ball-
y, a Londoner who has lived in Man-
hester for the last four months, was
-after a considerable wait told lhat his
services were not wanted.    He states
thai forty-five Jurymen were In walling and only twenty-three were called i n to serve.
During a demonstration in connection with a tramwaytnen's strike at
Oxford there was considerable disorder, two cars being wrecked and the
windows of others broken. A large
crowd at the meeting Ignored the advice of the speakers and became riotous. A. Tyler, son of the general
manager, was badly treated by the
crowd, and had to get pjllcc protection.
It In propoecd in the Dover harbor
bill, now before parliament, to mnke
a sea front dock whjch will Involve
a consli'' rable Invasion of the foreshore At nu iiiilii'.iial.oii meeting resolutions were passed protesting
against the project and also against
the dec.shu, of a special meeting of
the town council hy the casting vote
of the mayor, to withdraw Ihelr previous opposition. 	
Daudet's "Sappho" wis barred di
the  chairman  of  the    Leeds    Wntch
Committee from representation at   a
picture palace. The proprietor of the
picture i-how declared that there was
nothing objectionable In tht film, nnd
���suld he assumed that thc action was
found upon tho synopsis of the story.
Tho advertised performance was nb-
donetd In the absence of the necessary
Arthus Mayor, of Egglngton, Bedfordshire, was, at Leighton Buzza'd,
committed for trial, charged with the
manslaughter of Mrs. Maud Robinson
of Leighton Buzzard, whom ho Is alleged to havo knocked down with a
motor cur on lhe Hockllffe road. Mrs.
Robinson was killed while wheeling
her mother-ln-lnw In a bath chnlr.
Th,- defendant stated thnt Mrs, Robinson lost her luad and ran In front of
the car.
in response to a husband's appeal
to have his wife hack, Lord 1 lather-
ton, ohalrman of the magistrate   ft!
I'ciikriilgc.  promised   to  write  to  the
homo secretary about the matter. A
Cannock man pleaded for the return
of his Mire, who wns sentenced nt n
previous court In three months' linnrl-
roiimeiit for neglecting and abandoning her children, Uo Bald Hint he
had been put in expanse nnd the children conld not get on without Ihelr
At tiie iiKiuesi ni Darlington on
Lottie Scott, a little girl, whose bend
was smnilied In with Ilu tint I of a
gun, tin' Jury returned a verdlcl ot
"wilful murder" against Walter Bcott,
her father.   Her mother snld thai Just
before Committing  tho deed  her hus
band suid, "I nm the seventh redeem
er of the world, nnd have to be li tug
id."     Her  mother   lett   the   room     lo
fetch   a   doctor,   but.   rei nib < ting   tin-
child she turned back and s.iw her bus
band striking hei.
Kdward Crosby, a young miner of
Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, had
a serious encounter wllh uu armed
burglar Crosby, on being aroused by
liis father, discovered a mnn leaving
the bouse with a bicycle. On his attempting to Stop him tlie Intruder fired
,t  revolver at   Crosby,  wounding  him.
though not seriously, and decamped.
Por the last few weeks the depredations uf a burglar in the village have
caused much alarm amongst the Inhabitants.
How a boy threatened to hung himself on occasions when the necessity
arose to administer a reprimand was
related at the Inquert at l'reslon on
Harold l'ov, y, aged sixteen, apprenticed to his father, a master painter.
The lifeless body of the boy was found
hanging by knotted cords in u stable
near his home. He had not left any
letter or reason for taking his life.
In his possession was his bank book,
a toy pistol and comic papers.
Chief Inspector Windsor, of Norwich, a native of Colchester, who Is
thirty-five, has been appointed Chief
Constable of Scarborough at a salary
of   ��300 per annum.
A broken courtship waa followed by
a tragic episode at tbe Fountain Inn,
it Brades, Oldbury. lt was understood
that Thomas Fletcher, aged 28, of Old-
bury, was to have marrii d Miss Lillian Wharton, daughter of the landlord of the Fountain, during the previous week, but that the girld withdrew, telling Fletcher thai she would
have nothing more to do with him.
Ile entered the Inn and fired at Miss
Wh irl n, one shot entering her left
Side. Thin Fletcher turned the weapon upon himself, a bullet entering
ii.s temple. He is not expected to re-
cover, but the girl Is not thought to
be dangerously wounded.
Is   I
boy 1
ed    I,;
claim by Henry Mummery, stationer,
of Wys, respecting goods supplied to
a student of Southeastern Agricultural
College at Wye. Counsel replied: "Thc
item ot shaving soap, occurs every
fortnight." I Laughter. I The Judge:
Young men are more particular nowadays, I know a friend who ihaves
three times a day. (Laughter). Counsel: 1'erhaps tbe young lad:, a are
more particular (Laughter). The
ludpe disallowed the claim, holding
that the parents did not give authority
to order the articles.
Dusy C-rsat Britain.
The last repi rt < f the liritish brnri
of trade showed lhat but 2 per con:
having soap a necessity for a 0( th���   ,.,,���.,���-,���   (f  0rea,   Brltaln
I his was the problem propound
the judge at Ashford, Kent, WM unemployed  during the months
court during the hearing of ajcf   December   and   January.    Th's   I?
a mosl encouraging exhibit of the
business of the island, one thnt In it 5
history has never been equalled for
the two months nami il.
It is st,iled thai In November the I
percentage if unemployed in Great
llritain was leu; than this, which for
thai month was the host record ever
made, and also the best record mad"
tn any month for th ��� kingdom.
Wlon December comes there ls always a seasonable c-ssntlon cf work
upen    d r'ain    lines   and   tho   winter
mi nths usuall
Returned  Visitor  to Canada  Enthuse   c< '���ae ,f  un*
Ccfcre    English   Audience. British     peopl
London. Mny ,',. "I reckon that the
price of a woman's Independence is
$26,000, and. If it Is to be of any use
to her. rhe ought to have it by the
time Bhe Is forty-live. If she has not
got Independence by then, she has, according to my standard, failed.
"I do not know- of any country in tho
world where a woman his a better
chance of becoming Independent on
these lines than she has in Canada,
and I believe her likeliest method of
doing it there, if she is a genuine outdoor woman, is to buy land and
That   Is  the
Mi:-s  Georgia
Considered opinion of
Minnie-Chirk, who Is a
farmer in Saskatchewan herself, nnd
who lectured to the Iloyal Colonial Institute, London. Bng��� recently on
Woman and Land In Canada, a great
honor which few women have earned
and n guarantee that she speaks from
the fairnes of experience.
"1 was educated for a musical career," Miss Blnnte-Clark said In an Interview, "and broughl up, as most
girls an- in Kngland, al boarding
f-ohools, where the lust thing thought
of Is to leach them how lo become Independent.
"It was a three months' visit to a
homestead In Canada which ���enthused'
mo for the land. 1 know little about
horses, but I set to work to learn,
and from .seven years now 1 have
worked* rjo acres and made them pay.
"For tiie genuine open-air woman,
it is a life of genuien enjoyment, all
the more so If she gives up the wheat
growing proposition, and goes in tor
raising stork and breeding horses.
Kighiy acres near a town Is quite
enough In that case. This, or poultry
farming offers women their best opportunity. Tiny must be strong and
"They must  cure for animals. Thoy
must keep that Ideal of 836,000 and Independence   before   them,     I   Bee   no
reason why, even If they have only a 110 , arn
small capital to start .villi they should *
not achieve their aim."
how the h'chest p(ir
ployed labor, but the
are   congratulating
j themselves   Ibis   vesr   coon   t^o   ,.y.
ic"ll,���*   show-In?   ,f   the   ind'ist-'"-.   ,*f
the  kingdom   lhat   is  helnij -made  In
the most Inel imenl season cf the vear
and   foresee   a   remarkable   demand
j f, r  labi -  when   the spring open.-.
The demand for female operative
' In factor'es, offices and ether h*'*.\
, ness emrloymenl seern to ho great**"
than ever before, and for wort li
households and in dairy oce'anatlon��
there I3 demand beyond avallabli
In Lcdon and other commcrc'n'
cities i f Great llritain there is no'ed
a greater influx ot continental labor
than In past years, and many females
from Ik Hand. France. Russia and
| of the Slavic races of Austria and
the Balkan provinces are finding employment in suburbs and cities.
As it is the steady employment a'
fair wages of an entire population
that makes for the solid prosperity
of a community, state or nation, lt
can be accepted as true that Great
llritain. through these conditions. U
making great progmss and will Boon
eliminate features of the poverty and
distress which were blots upon many
i ��er large cities and industrial centres.
Much of this came from Idleness
much of It enforced through lick if
oportunlty to work and enrn. but undoubtedly some of it through desire
to idle.
When nnv nation hns 98 per cent.
Of Us population fuly employed during the winter months at reasonabli
wages that nation is surely making
[progress and doing well for Its popu <
lation, Idleness, either forced or voluntary, is the worst posible condition
to exis: among the people oT airland.
The activities of trade, now so pro
nouneed unon every continent, have
caled   al   liritish   labor  to   work   ami
roamed the plains of South America
Imported into this country and tanned
In Philadelphia with gambler, which,
In turn, was produced in the Bast
Indies. The v.-ool oil from Michigan
ninkia it soft und pliable The bnl-
llance of patent leather Is cbta:n,.d
by pollening wtth a composition con-
I lining lampblack and turpentine, thc
latter coming from North Carolina,
i in i r from Nov.- Zealand, asphalt
from South .'.tncrlca, wood naphtha
from Michigan, benzoin from Suma-
ra. an*!.*, r from the shores of thc Baltic a,*'., sandarac from Africa, mastic
'rem the teles of Greece, Hem! from
Ai la and lac from Cuba.
Beneath   Your  Foot.
Thc outer sole is furnished from the
back of a Texas steer and bar'., from
Tennessee tans it In Kentucky. The
inner self is made of the h'de of
California cattle. The lifts for the
heel are from the skin of a buffalo
that inhabits Kast India.
The dextrine which holds them together comes from the corn fields of
Illinois. Tbe sole of heavy oak is
stitched to tbe welt with linen thread
spun In Scotland. The thread is
strengthen, d with wax extracted from
the pines of North Carolina. The cement which holds the thread owes its
origin to the Brazilian rubber tree sap.
Tbe leather for the box toe was hardened ly i heilac found In the crude
state In Slam.
Then Look Inside.
The kangaroo of Australia furnisher
the h'de fer the tongue of the shoe,
and the cork insole comes from the
fnrc*-*ts of Portugal. Th�� brlg'ut polish
c? the .sole is due td a coat of bay-
berry tallow which is made from the
fruit of the India bay tree.   The twill
for  the  inside  comes    from    cotton
grown in Texas, woven in Massachu- i
setts,  stiffened   in   Philadelphia  with
paste made from Kansas wheat flour. '���
Thread  spun  from   sea-island  cotton.
supplies  the  top stitching.    The  felt -
heel pads are made from the wool of
Ohio   cheep,   felted   in   a   New   York
town, distributed in Boston, and glued :
to place with gum arable from Kgypt.
And the Finishes, Too.
The shoe lace is made from native *
cotton  thread  colored  with    logwood
trom Yucatan.   Silk from China sup-
piles the tag cn  which  the name of
the   maker   iB     embroidered.     Steel,
especially  made  for  the purposes  in
Pittsburg, Ib uted for the nails.    The
lacing books and eyelets are made in
Connecticut, while  a combination  of
zinc and copper provided the founda-
tion.    With  the  aid  of  lo   machines
and 'ii'i people the leather can be trans- ,
formed into a pair of Bhoes in 34 min-
utes.    And  finally  the box  in  which
t'.ie finished shoes are packed is made
of American wheat straw and the cv.-
ton-woods of the  Mississippi delta.
Every Woman
t Is itiU'T-rsi. -.1 and thould know
\ about tlie wonderful
Marvei itstr
The Hand That Moves The
Lever Saves 16 2-3 Per Cent.
of Your Coal Bill
Here is the opportunity for the housewife to
deal the high cost of living question a hard jolt
without any effort on her part.
Thc way is to make sure that her new range is
controlled by a Gurney Economizer, which will
save 1 ton of coal in every 6 burned in an ordinary
The Economizer ?J to the stove what the control lever is to the engine or automobile. Without
control neither is efficient.
With the Gurney Economizer it is possible to
quickly vary the heat of the oven. Various foods
require different temperatures. The Economizer
keeps this desired temperature absolutely uniform.
It also means that when cooking is over, you
may havc a cool kitchen and still have your fire
going ��� while you can have the fiercest heat in a
few minutes by a slight pressure on the lever.
If you possess a Gurney-Oxford your advantages
are innumerable. The Divided Flue means heat
for every hole on the stove. The New Special
Grate guards the lowest fire. The Broiler exposes
every inch of the coals.
These features are exclusively "Gurney-Oxford."
It will furnish your kitchen handsomely ��� it
will do your work adequately.
Trapp Block Columbia St.
New Westminster.
*^<*9 (e^��s��)^^
Aak ytrar dra^jrtet (br
It.    If ha   cnrKMit cnpplj��
the   MARVi.L, accept no
���':ber, but una ftaaip for 1   __    ���
tratfd book���sealed.   It pivM full
particulars nnd ri^crHon^ tnnl&ablo
SO ladi��fcWlNT>W��KSUPPLY t'O..Windsor, On*
(���cut ml Arenut fur Canada.
���tt-JTstisr-1 nnani ^iir-v.;
Tllro iVb  tickets, all
classes, to the East and to Kurope.
oil Hours to Prince rtupcrt.
���41 hours to Hazelton.
"Prince George" runs through to
"Prince Rupert" runs through to
Qranby Bay.
���MONDAYS���Prince Rupert, Stewart,  MasBett.
TUESDAYS���Viotorla, Seattle.
THURSDAYS���Prince Rupert, flranby Bay.
(TODAYS���Alert  Bay,   Hardy   Hay.   Rivers   Inlet,  Ocean
Palls,  Queen  Charlotte Islands (direct Bervice, fast time)
SATURDAYS���VtotorlB, Seattle.
'Closs   connection a!   Prince   Rupert  with  Grand  Trunk
I'acilic  Railway  trains tor points East ot Hazelton.
H   li   SMITH, C   I
Phone  Seymour 8134.
,-v  T.
A. W. IS, UUPWROW, O. A. K t>.
VANCOUVER. B.C       5?7 Qrsnvllls Street
S���Go one way, return another.
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and  Canadian  Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-in. in diameter. This is also made ln this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of C'ruBhed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Ume, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
902 Columbia Street W.
Phones 15 and 16.
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
Suitable    Substitute    Found In "Elephant Grass' of Uganda.
London. Mny li. A new material
for making paper, "elephant grass,"
from I'gnntla, Ib now suggested In an
Interesting article published In the
current quarterly issue of the Bulletin
ef the Imperial Institute.
This is a perennial grass, growing I
Usualy to a height of 0 to 10 feet and j
much higher on rich marsh lands, a'
BMnplo of the dried mature gr.-iss was j
sent recently from Uganda lo the imperial Iiihiltute, with the objeot ol
ascertaining IIh suitability lor the
manufacture of paper.
The consignment, which weighed
177 pounds, when received at the Imperial Institute! end nr> poumia on
being alr-drled. yielded, after treatment in the laboratories) u pulp of
good color, composed of ultimate fl-
bres rather longer than those of esparto grass an* aboul Ihe same length
as those of bamboo pulp,
ii   furnished  a fairly  good  paper. |
Owing lo the llghl and bulky nature,
of "elephant grass," however, It Is un- !
liln*lv that lhe steins could be shipped
profitably to Europe for paper making: bui if the Hems were converted I
Into pulp al  or near the sources of!
supply, hy treatment with oaustlo soda
il   is  possible   (In   the  opinion  of  the
experts) that a remunerative Industry
COUld  bo opened  up.
Long Time to Wait for Medal Only
Just   Received.
London. May G. l-'iftvseven years
after Ihe Crimean war Wm. Mclsoll. li
Boston (Lincolnshire) Crimean war
vou ran. has Just received the fftllow
ing  grants:
The wnr oIToe award of the Crimean medal with clasp for Sehastapol
��� campaign pension of lRc per da\
from the Chelsea hospital, and an
Allowance of riOc per week from ihe
veterans' relief fund.
Melson ii eighty-two yearB eld ac.''.
hat been living on tlle old age Pension. Enlisting in the royal arUiiory
in 1853, he went through the Crimen
and was Invalided out of the Bervice
on tin per dny for nine months.
Geographical Knowledge Becomes Enlarged Tracing Various Parts.
The machinery employed and the remote souraes Of the origin ot their materials makes the construction of
shoes little short of marvelous. Here
are n few of the different parts of the
world which contribute to their mak
Ing. according to an expert.
Nations That Contribute.
The vamp Of a man's hi. h grade
shoe Is made of h.ii'sehlde broughl
from IlUSSlS and tunned in New Jersey with bichromate of potash. The
top Is probably Of ths skin Of goat that
The Mjst Scientific of all Pavings
with the greatest favor wherever
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for hent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New  .Vestminster vv.th  Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Is nolBolosB, non-Slippery, practically dustless, easy    oa
and  above all, particularly  durable.    Por these  reasons
Is commended  highly by owners of automobiles and hoises,
ann city officials.    It has been ndopted by fifteen cttleB
horses' feet,
in Canada, and over two hundro 1 In the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone  Seymour 7130.
714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
.  i   ���i   ��� ��� ��� *****    ��� ""
Pres. and Q��nl.
W. f. H. BUCKUN,
Bso. aad Tre-as.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
t. n. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
���   nn 11 limn ������������������I��� ������MB���MM PAOB EIGHT
WEDNE8DAY,  MAY 7, 1913.
Trusteeships for
Remember the  Place���
33 Eighth Street.
| And lhe Telephone
(loods which cannot be duplicated anywhere in town and all
of which are of the best quality.
('hilliwack     Potatoes,     every
mck guaranteed, per sk. 75c.
"Our Special" Tea. Special
in every way, per lb. 50c.
"Royal City" Hlend Tea, per
Ib, 35c., 3 lbs. for $1.00.
Featherllght Baking Powder,
per 12 o?.. can 25c.
The P. S. S. Jelly Powders.
all flavors, excellent product,
3 for 25c.
German Salad Onions, tasty,
new and  appetizing,  hot.SOc.
"Hoyal City" Coffee, 3 lbs $1.
"Our Special'' Coffee, lb. 40c.
Davles' Kggs, 3 dozen $1.00.
Maple Creamery Butter, 3
lbs. $1.10.
Westholm Butter, 3 lbs. $1.00
Armour's Meats, best on tbe
market. Ham 28c. lb.; bacon,
35c. Ib.
Strawberries, per box  20c.
Apples, extra fancy, .3 lbs 25c.
Oranges, doz. 25c, 30c, 40c. 45c.
Green Onions, Radish, Spinach, Asparagus. Cauliflower,
etc., etc.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. UK1GGS
<j^iON^TOuitE> 4
The directors and members of the
V. \V. C, A. will hold their annual
meeting on  Monday evening next.
Dance Wednesday evening, May 7,
Johnston's hall, Sapperton. Rushton's
orchestra in attendance. Ladies free.
E. P. Bowell, M.C. (1252)
The Fraser Hiver Mills were put
out of commission yesterday so far as
the machinery sections were concerned. A burst in the main feed pipe of
the burner is reBponBlble for the temporary suspension.
"Facing the MubIc" will be staged
tonight at 8:30 In St. Barnabas hall,
Fifth avenue, near Tenth street.
Everybody Bhould como to see this
Jolly farce. The proceeds will be
devoted  to the church. (1254)
Mr. -oseph
minion Trust
turned from a
pleasure and
Bloomfield of the Do-
company, has just re-
four months' combined
bUBineSB   trip   to   Call-
on   Monday   afternoon   at   4   o'clock.
The deceased had heen convicted on a '
vagrancy  charge and  had  been  con- |
fined at the farm since March 24 last. .
He was 42 years of age and a native
of  Ireland   and   unmarried,     He  was i
a wood polisher by trade.    An Inqueal
will bo held at the Pales undertaking
parlors this evening at 7:110.   Coroner
A.  L.  McQuarrie will  preside.
A   dramatic   entertainment   entitled
"Facing the Music," in   aid   of   the
Church of Kngland building fund, will j
be given on Friday evening at 8 p.m..
ll!   the   Burqultlam   Agricultural   ball,
The  success  of a previous entertainment.  "The  Urlxton  Burglary," given j
by  Mr.   Hill's  company    some    Utile i
time ago encourages the hope that a |
full   hall   wlll   result.     The   entrance!
fee Is BOO and 2Tic.
(Continued from page onei
25c. 1125111
Jack Insley, jr., is demonstrating
marine gasoline engines at Oscar
Swanson's sporting goods store, 13
llegbie stroet. He is also demonstrating a heavy duty Clay engine, running
on low grade distillate to the fishermen on the river. (1249)
Are You
that your executor will
keep your securities
earmarked and separate
from those belonging to
It is only by this
method that you can be
sure that no loss will
occur to your heirs
through the failure of
that executor.
This is one of the
many points about executorships regarding
which we are able to advise you.
A talk on the subject
costs you nothing-
does not even entail an
Call in  and
over today.
talk  it
Dominic n Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% o.i deposits
For everything electrical see W,
Bay. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
A meeting of the board of directors
of the Central l'ark Agricultural association and Farmers' Institute will
be held In the Agricultural hall. Central Park on Monday, May 12, at 8
Try the IDC and 35c summer
lunches at the Nutshell, Hoom 3, Dominion  Trust  building. (1246)
Uev. A. M. Sanford, the newly appointed principal of the Columbian
college, will speak at the annual meeting of the Provincial Women's Educational club to be held at the Columbian college on Saturday aftern-on at
2:30. All ladles Interested are invited to attend.
Furnished      apartments to    rent,
thoroughly    modern    and up-to-date,
right on car line.    Apply Box    1232
News office. (1232)
Mayor Cray, accompanied by Mr. T.
Gifford, M.P.P., for New Westminster
anil Mr. A. O. Powell, harbor engineer,
Interviewed the provincial government
in Victoria yesterday in relation to
the harbor plans and the expenses of
Inquests on persons fatally Injured
outside the city limits.
A llardman. the cake man. Oet
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (1205)
Purely routine business was transacted at the meeting of the Ladles'
aid of the Sixth Avenue Methodist
church held at the home of Mrs. Barrel!. Hamilton street, yesterday. Following the business session a social
hour was spent and refreshments
. erved by the hostess.
Mrs. W. A. Pride, Hamilton street,
will receive today and not again this
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kelly of the Rub-
sel hotel have left for Cleveland, ().,
the former home of Mrs. Kelly. During their absence Mr. C. Symonds
Mamhie is acting manager of Ibe
dissatisfaction at the manner In
which the opportunities existing In
this city and district were being made
known and il was felt that tlie organization of the Progressive association was necessary In order to take
care of such fl ork In an energetic, and
comprehensive manner and that there
exists no guarantee or assurance that
our work will be taken up where we
leave off and carried along on the
same lines that we have followed.
For  the  Change.
1. That the money subscribed was
furnished with the bread /den of doing the most effective work possible
for the upbuilding of thd community
ami that as the securing of Industries
employing skilled labor is most vital
to the welfare of the city and wlll
result In more rapid growth along substantial lines than any other possible
element entering Into the city's advancement, the subscribers would authorize the use of the money for the
purpose of an industrial commissioner.
2. There Is no particular reason
why the employment cf an industrial
commissioner should result in the curtailment of the association's activities other than the general publicity-
work. Assuming that the salary and
expenses would approximate $3000
this would leave a surplus of about
$200(1 for carrying on work other than
publicity (the cost of publicity alone
for the present year has been estimated at $30(n.i. This money might be
utilized for employing nn assistant
secretary who would take care of the
correspondence and actively continue
the work at present carried on such
as entertainment, municipal, membership, statistical, shipping, etc.
3. With regard to the industrial
commissioner's authority, the city
council's committee advanced the
idea that a joint committee representing the city council, the board of trade
and the Progressive association lie
empowered to furnish all assistance
necessary for the furtherance of his
work. ThiB would include credentials
and if deemed advisable a civic official to accompany the Industrial commissioners when dealing witb large
Industrial projects.
4 Regarding the securing of funds
for this work beyond the current year,
ithe procuring of even one good industry in 12 months would result in di-
, reet and ample return of the money
I subscribed by citizens for tlie services
I of an industrial commissioner and
with the prospect of further industries
B   C   Market. [added  to   the  city  they   would  again
The B. C. Market Co.. Ltd.. has ! willingly contribute ami the city would
opened a tlrst class meat market ln undoubtedly be in a position to make
Hie store formerly occupied by the T. Ia -Substantial grant in view of the spi
"Cook With
Fireless Cookers"
Shown in our basement salesroom
Agents for
"Try New
Agents for
"St. Claire"
Capt.  A.  I,. Coote and  Lieut, F.
Caskey   of  Chilliwack,    attended    a
meeting of the officers of the 104th
regiment   held   in  the  armories   Ia3t
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Brymner have
returned to this city after an extended
tour of the eastern States going as
far south as the Panama canal. The
tour was for pleasure and health rea-
'sons only, states Mr. Brymner, who is
i all ready to take up his duties again
! as manager of the local branch of the
i Bank of Montreal. Stops were made
Iin the Bermudas, Panama, Florida.
New York and Washington, staying
I on the Florida coast just when tin
j winter  season  was at its height.
C. A. Welsh Limited.
The firm of C. A. Welsh Limited
are now located in tbelr new store Ht
the corner of Lorne and Columbia
street. A new and imposing front
has been added to the store, new
equipment has been Installed, including a new system of cash handling
which does away entirely with the
overhead  trolley  system.
rushed ill from the appropriations
committee armed with precedents and
followed by Representatives Sherley,
of Kentucky, and Hardwlck. of
Georgia, who joined In the majority
protest against admitting the amendment. On the Republican side. Leader
Munn, Representatives Oardner. of
Massachusetts, Payne, of New York,
and others conferred and uddressed
the house.
It was all over quickly, Representative Garrett of Tennessee, from the
chair, sustaining a point of order
mad�� bv Mr. Underwood, that the
tariff commission amendment was not
germane to the bill.
When Representative Mann appe.r,
ed from the decision the house sus
tained the chair, 104 to S7.
housework.  26  Royal  avenue.! 12511
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man.    Agencies :
Railway Passenger Assurance Co, of London ,.. 1849
Guaranteed  by  the North   British       Mercantile
insurance Co. of London  1809
Palatine Insurance Co. of I-ond >n  ISSti
Guaranteed  by the Commercial Insurance Company of London  1801
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New Y'ork     1850
Svea Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  .. 1806
Westmln��ter  Trust   Block
Phone 52.
Jack Insley, Jr., can save you
money In marine gasoline engines.
Call   at   Swanson's,   13   Begbie  street.
J. Trapp Hardware company, immedi-
ately east of the C. A. Welsh grocery |
Btore.    A feature of the store is tlu
Installation  of  a separate  refrlgerat- |
ing plant where all meats are kept in ;
a cool state.
Reid & McDonald.
With  all  the  fittings  instnlled. the
new store of Reid & McDonald, in the
Hart  building,   formerly   occupied   by
H. Morey & Co., presents a fine    appearance and holds Its own with any
clothing  and outflting store on    the
lower mainland. Extensive alterations
|     Mr. P   W. Luce was appointed tern-i were mad* to the building before the
porary convener of the publicity com- firm moved from its quarters at  the
mlttee of the Progressive association l corner of Sixth nnd Columbia, which
at a meeting of the executive Inst eve- j include a new front.
Mr. Kenneth  Myers' report on
Paid   up   Capital   and
gOO 0 10,00
under Administration
OFFICES:���VanOOUV.er, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary. Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp.  Belgium.
his activities in England on behalf of
the association was filed. Secretary
Darling said he had acted upon most
jf the suggestions.
Florldora for the hair iB prepared
in New Westminster. Patronize the
products of the Frasor valley. Telephone 339. Price 35c. Frank .leal,
1427  Seventh avenue,  city.        (1243)
An application hy Mr. A. Brehand,
Pitt River road, for permission to connect with the city's water main, pass-
i ing his house to secure water for
household purposes, along wllh a slm-
| liar  application   from   the  Coqultlam
! council for a supply for Mllliardvllle.
has been remitted to the water com-
! -litte of the council with power to act
',     l-'ioriilorii   for  the   ball-   is   fragrant
land effective, ii chases disease   nnd
gives  the hair  follicles the  required
nourishment  to siimulal-  growth.
Then- wire seven eases of Inebriety
and vagrancy In 'In* police court yesterday Henry Brock, for threatening
in kill, wns bound over in bis own recognizances in keep th;- peace for a
year. Another who added dlsorderll-
ness in excessive drunkenness, got
tin and coBts or one month. Two
were fined }r> and costs and two were
Sheriff's sale of new office furniture
nt room 316 Westminster Trust block,
Columbia street, also some shovels,
picks and wheelbarrows, on Thursday, Mb Inst., at lo 30 In the forenoon. 11231)
The  question  of  charging  fees  for
the   removal   Of   garbage     and     ashes
from private homes  was discussed in
' the city council on Monday, Alderman
i Bryson   said   that   it   was   never   In-
| tended to charge private citizens fees
' for the service once a week but only
apartment and hoarding houses.    He
Jpromised  to take the matter  up with
Mr. Pearce, sanitary inspector.
Building material,   cement,   lime,
hard   plaster,  gravel,    sand,    crushed
I rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply  the  B.  c   Transport  Co.,   Ltd.
Phone 826.    Wharf phone 8R0.  (1202)
The New Westminster News nf Sat
urday contained a most complete and
well  written account of the  May Day
i-v l   .,:������    n-nA    -i-iiur-if-ir-iir I celebration.     A   limited     number    of
Developing and printing jcopl68 ari. on sal��� at th���  ,mBinrHa
office  of The  News and  at   the book
stores.    Send some to your friends.
'The Gilley school is now nearly
completed and will probably be open
ed for use at the end of thc summer
holidays. In general apartments and
design the building is an Ideal one and
controls a magnificent outlook over
the Oulf of Georgia. The school hoard
Ib applying to the municipal council
for the opening of a road leading to
this school
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
CUNNINGHAM A memorial service to the bite Mrs. Janet Cunning
ham who died on Thursday last, was
held last evening. The body will be
shipped this morning to Streelsville.
Ont, the native home of Mrs. Cunningham. Burial will take place on
May 13. Mr. J. W. Cunningham will
accompany the body east.
At the meeting of the executive of
the Progressive association last evening a resolution of condolence to Mr.
J. W. Cunningham in hiB deep bereavement was passed.
Toronto, May 8.���Negotiations  for
the absorption by the Sun Life Assurance oompany of Canada of the ns-
Mts ot the Home Life Assurance as-
SOClatii n will Boon be completed. Is
the report hen*.
T 11 MacAulay, the Sun Life managing director, has met directors oi
the smaller concern to Bettle a few
undetermined questions. Until nego
tlatlona are terminated and ratified
officials nf the companies affected
refuse to give details of the financial
arrangements mnde.
It is unite likely, however, that tin
amount involved will reach $2,900,000
.lohn A Troy, Ontario supervisor of
the  Sun   Life,  said  that   negotiations
had been progressing for two or three
weeks,  bul   he had   not   been  advised'
that they were practically completed.
Home Life officials declared the po
lllcy holders were being fully protect
ed in the deal.
Lisbon.    Mny    0.   The  Portuguese
govern ment has dispatched all the political   prisoners  arrested   for  conipli- !
city In the last attempt to overthrow
the present republic on Sunday, April,
27, to the Azores for trial and punish- !
ment.    The trial  will be held at  An- '
I grn,  the capital.
The   Portuguese  premier was qucs- *
i tloned last night in parliament on the!
; subject and replied lhat the prisoners
I had   been   sent   to  Angra  under   tin*
provisions of the law giving the gov'
ernment the right to choose any place
fur  trial  of  political  prisoners.    The
j families of 2iio prisoners express fear
as to what may happen when their
relatives arrive on tlle remote lslsnd
Tlle riots on April 27 In which the
prisoners were Implicated, were started by ultra-republicans,   They gath-
ered ill groups before tiie barracks of
Lisbon, fired revolvers, exploded small
bombs and cheered for the "Radical
results furnished.
As  stated  before,  the  appoint
[went of  an  industrial  commlsi
would simply replace to a large extent
the publicity work of this assoclath
jand there is no reason why the activities in other branches of the assocla-	
[tion    work    should  not  be continued
along the present lines. ! ��� ,      j������.�����.
We believe that the above argu- frOttl OUr newest departments practically cover the situation. I nient. All the latest and
It   ls   understood   that   the   industrial I ," ������������,;������ nrlrI
commissioner  would   have   thc   entire | popular ITlagaZineS rlfld
charge of all enquiries, resulting from weeklies kept in stock. Will
the work of the publicity commissioner
and that the Iwo offices (that of the
Dublictty commissioner and that of the
Industrial commissioner) would work
In harmony at all times and thai the
work would dovetail in such a way so
as there could be no waste effort or
C. A.  BOGERT, General Manar;^.
Capital paid u\
Reiarvft Fund
Total AiieU  -
Collections, at Home and Abroad
Manufacturers, V/hol-*saJers, and others, are assured of careful
attention and proir.pt remittances when they place drafts and notes
In the Dominion Bank for collection. Branches in all parts of tha
Dominion and fn London, England���with j or respondents throughoul
Ihe commercial world.
deliver if you prefer.
S46  Columbia  Street
Phone  45j
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Robber Shoots Storekeeper.
San    Krancisco.    May    6.���Herman!
Sa.ve. a diamond broker, was shot and ;
seriously   wounded   yesterday   In   his'
store by a robber who fled before his
crime  was  discovered,    taking    wltli
him   $450   in  coin,  $1165  In  currency |
and diamonds worth $4000.    The rob- j
bery and  shooting occurred    in    the
heart of the busy shopping district.
fxpect Io Pass
Tariff Bill Tcday
if'oiitlnued from pace one)
Salmon  2 lbs. 35c
Cod    -  lbs.  25c
Halibut,  per lb 15c
; Oolichans   3 lbs. 25c
Rhubarb, per lb 5c
Spinach   3% Ib3. 25c
j BggS    3  doi.  for  $1.00
Phone  93.
ish  and  Produce.
447  Columbia
See Bickell About It
322 Westminster Trust Building.
that   brought   smiles  from   the    minority.
Finally, when the last of these pro-
| poned changes had been rejected.
Representative Payne, cf New York.
In *i:l of llie ways and means committee end, r tin* Republican regime in
tin   house, precipitated a lively rubs
.light hy offering u brand new amend
ment to create a tariff commission,
Instantly nil the parliamentary
sharps on both sides were astir. Representative  Fitzgerald,  of  N'ew   York.
Call now-and inspect our
complete line of Spring
High   C
Ladies   uni
Lome   Street,    N'ew    Westmlnstei
BOB Main Street, Vancouver
\rffll      7M
utk*    Bl    HI
Columbia Street
Phone 57
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Machine Woiks.
Home For Sale
Phone 431   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
-   New Westminster, B. C.
A prisoner by the name of W. Slm-
I inoiis died at the Burnaby prison farm
First Crop Report.
Winnipeg, May ti. The first crop
report Issued by the Canadian Northern railway shows tbat. along the
main line from 00 to SO per cent of the
seeding is done and many districts
report the wheat all in.
No   1 - Here   is  a  splendid   home for sale cheap.    In a good locality near Qi ns Park and new school.
lt  haa  seven   large  corn for table  looms  with  every  modern  convenience;   full   basement;   on  a   large lot, 00x132  feet.
This place is below value and   tbe  terms  are  nuch  that  almost
anyone cun handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let us show you this place.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast   Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E-nolovers'   Liability.   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
Regular Price
Price on Saturday
appliance operates on connection  with mi ordinary lighting
Toast may be prepared at  the breakfast  table or any   form
Of  light  cooking  n
paring an ordinary
ay be done on the appliance.
meal is only a few cents.
I'he coat  for pro-
See this appliance at our sales rooms in the D.
Nsw Westminster, at our Port Moody office or
dealer in electrical supplies.
Electric block.
your    regular


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