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The New Westminster News Apr 18, 1913

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 NSW West        -y-.
What attructio*      ^v a,w Westminster offer '     jV\%    ii?' rrackage
and  waterf-       <���%      ��\*ailwuyi>  and
rem >r
father Today/'
Naw    WIMbnlaster    and    Lower
Mainland: uKtrndmoderate w.,ida;
gen-rally   Ixir^k^iC^flAtW-jv    r5'
highc. timpcratifVat'.v. JQ*��l   ^
������.v ���
Strong Vitality and Medical
Skill Responsible for
N. R. Wlll Place New Schedule In
Force on Port Gulchon  Line���
Boon to Farmers.
Pontiff   Signs a
with Steady Hand���Many Cardinals Visit Vatican.
concession that will be pleaBlng
to the farmers of the rich Delta dls-
I trlct hag been made by the fireat
Number of Decreet * Northern railway officials in that the
freight rates In the Ladner district
and Intermediate points to New Westminster and Vancouver will be materially  reduced.
This  decision  follows  a conference
held  at  Ladner in  February  last  be-.
tween   the   municipality   of  the   Delta ;
and the officials of the railroad com-1
lt has been decided to place the ter- j
ritory between Port C'ulchon and Cole-
brook  on  an  equality  with  the rates j burning of the wires only Incomplete
to and from Gulchon. j result* of the  elections could  be  cb
The  material  for the erection of a ' taincd.
t-tork chute at Inverholme which the
Delta  delegation  requested   from  the i
final Northern people, is now on tht
ground  and   will  bu  erected   immodi
Incomplete Returns Show That the Government Has Been Returned With 33 Seats,
While the Conservatives Have 18 and One Independent and Two to Hear From���
Serious Fire in Calgary Does Over $200,000 Damage and Cuts off All Wire Communication���Premier Sifton Elected in Vermillion But Defeated in Macleod.
Home, April 17. -Medical Bkill and i
strong vitality have combined to'
bring about a change for tho better
in the condition of Pope Plus. The
official bulletins issued today relieved
present anxiety, but there are some
who are skeptical and fear a third
relapse, owing to the general weakness tr the pontiff and because he is
Inclined to disobey the orderB of the
attending physicians, The bulletin
Issued  it 8 o'clock tonight read:
"His holiness passed    a good    dav
without fever.   This evening his temperature Is 98 degrees.   The Improve-
ment in the bronchial symptoms con- i
The pope declared early today that
he felt belter than al any time since!
his fl rut   relapse.    The    sun    pouring j
Into the chamber    impelled    him    to
leave  his  bed.  which  he did  without
nsslBtance.    On   such  occasions  It  la I
the  pope's  custom   to  order  his    at !
tendants  out   of  the   room  and   they '
reluctantly obey him. but they  watch
through   the  half  open  door,   fearing '
an accident.
Signs  Decrees.
Cardinal Merry Del Val. the papal
Secretary of state, visited the pope
tonight, and having first obtained permission from the doctors, submitted
for his signature several decrees on
Important questions of an urgent
characler. Pope Plus signed them.
and his hand    writing    was firm and
Calgary, April 17.���Fire, which (Settled
broke out at 1:35 this morning did
$40,000 damage to the offices of the
Morning Albertan, cutting off all wire
communication and spreading to the
adjoining buildings an additional $203,-
000 damage was done.    Owing to the
Lacombe, Olds, Didsbury,
Sandhill... Acadia, Red CUffe, How Valley, Olelchen, Cochrane, Nanton, Little
flow, Tabor, Warner, t'ardston, Clares-
holm.--Total S3,
Conservative���Edmonton (1), South
Taber���McLean, Liberal.
Little  BOW���McNaughtou,   Liberal.
MacLeod  -Patterson,   Conservative.
Medicine  Hat���Spencer,    Conservative, leads,
Gilley    Brothers    Purchase    Machine
that Will  Lift 2000 Cubic Feet
Each Shift.
Sam Little Gives Evidence
at Inquest into Death of
Miss Hall.
���Reduced  Majority.
Edmonton, April 17.���Early returns
received of today's elections throughout the  province  Indicate  the  return
Edmonton, Lao Ste Anne, Stony Plain, I    Nanton���Glendennlng, Liberal.
Edson,  Wainwright,  Hed  Deer,  InniB-'    Okotoks���Hoadlcy, Conservative.
fall, North, South and Centre Calgary,;    Pincher Creek- Kemmis,  Conserva-
Okotoks,  Rocky Mount,    Lethbridge, tlve.
Medicine Hat,  Pincher   Creek,    High      Redcliffe���Pingle,  Liberal.
Hiver.  Macleod���Total  IS. Red  Deer���Michener.  Conservative.
Independent��� Whitford. Rocky    Mountain ���Campbell,    gain
Clearwater and  Pembina    to    hear  for Conservatives.
i of the Liberal government by a sub-j
i stantlal though somewhat reduced!
j majority.    At 10 o'clock returns stood 1
Liberals .'13, Conservatives 18, Indepon-j
dents 1, to hear from 2.
j     Premier Sifton is elected by a ma-1
i jority of 200 in Vermillion, but is de-
I feated In Macleod.    Attorney General
I Cross is elected in Kdmonton but will
have a close call in Kdson.    Hon   O.
li. Mitchell, minister of public works,
Italian Run Over on 12th
Street Is Removed to
Incomplete  Returns.
The   following  are   lhe   returns   as
far aa ob'ainable:
High  Hiver-Complete returns givo
, Dr. Stanley. Conservative. 60 majority
Olds���Hon.   Duncan   Marshall,   Liberal, wins by 45 majority.
Klections    deferred    In    Athabasca
| and Peace Hiver.
j    Acadia���MeColl,   Liberal.
is defeated in Medicine Hat by Mayor;    Bow  Valley-Lane. Liberal
Spencer, but the Liberals claim  that!    t'algary  North-Hillocks, Conserva-
country pollB may cut down the lead j "ve-
against   him.     Calgary's   three   seats]    Calgary   Centre���Tweedle,    Conser-
have gone straight Conservative andjvatlve
Kdmonton has two Conservatives to
one Liberal. In Hed Deer, Edward
Michener leader of the c. position, has
a majority of 87 but there are still a
number of polls to be heard from.
Following Ib the summary up to 10
Liberals���Bear Hiver, St Paul, Vermillion. Alexander. W-greville, Victoria, Edmonton 111, St Albort, Le-
dUC, Wetaskiivin. l'onoka, Canirose,
Sedgewlck,      Rlbstone,     Coronation,
Ab the result of being accidentally
'struck  by   II. A.  Helyea'B  automobile
at the corner of Twelfth slrei-l    nn-1
Seventh   avenue,   about   5:30   o'clock
clear nnd showed no change from hla. last     evening,     C,     Mazzodiettl,     sn
writing Before hla Illness. Italian workman, Ib lying in the Hoyal
The deep concern of Ihe Italian Columbian hospital suffering from
government In the illness of the pope several cuts to IiIb legs and from
was manifested today when n request shock. Externally the cuta and
was made to those in charge of thi bruises comprise the Italian's Incase for a statement regarding the Juries, but it Ib feared that he may
prognosis This waa met with the have ieen seriously wounded Intern
declaration that It was practically im- ally.
possible   to   say   whether   the   pontiff       According   to   reports   of   the   ace'
would recover, but lhat If he did. hia dent Mazzodiettl supped In front    of
condition  hereafter    might    bo    con- the car while It was making the turn
sldered precarious. at     S-vctith    avenue    from    Twelfth I 	
Princess Helnionte, lady in waiting street at a moderate speed.    Mr. Bel-  -
to the  Dowager    Queen    Marguerlta, yea. who was driving the car, did his'Cadavers   D-��P'ayed   All   Along   Mex.
went   to   the  Vatican   thia  afternoon, utmost  to avoid an accident, but the j
where     she     requested     from     Mer. Italian   was    apparently    scared    iin- '
Brssan  detailed   information   of    the movable nnd made little effort to get |
progress of  the pope  in  the name of oul   of   the  way    of   the   approaching j
the uueen mother whose most earnest machine.
wishes  f.,r  his  recovery  she  broughl.       He  was knocked down  nnd the carl
The  relations  between the  members passed over his legs    Mr, Belyea Im-j
of the  liouse of Savoy  anil  Cardinal mediately brought his ear to ,-   stand
Sarto   hi fore   be   was   elected   pontiff a-ill ami  with the assislance of some
nlways were of the moat cordial na- bystanders had Maizodlettl placed In
ture. When lllng Humbert and Queen the ear nnd taken    to    Dr.    Hall    &
Marguerite  visited    Venice    in   18nr>. Roth well's   office.    After  having   his
Patriarch  Sarto applied to  Rome for injuries attended to the man was ri-
instruotions. moved  to  thc  Hoyal   Columbian  ho<s-
Cardinal  Hampolla, then papal  sec- pits).
Calgary South - Wow, Conservative.
t'ardston���Wolf.  Liberal.
Claresholm���MofTati.  Liberal.
Cochrane���-Fisher, Liberal.
Didsbury���Bt suffer,   Liberal.
C.lelchen���McArthur.   Liberal,
eral  gain.
Hand Hills���Liberals lead.
High   River���Stanley, Conservative.
Innlsfail���Undecided,    Conservative
Lethbridge���Stewart,   Conservative.
,    Walnwrlght���No returns.
Warner���Lefflngwell, Liberal.
Victoria���Walker. Liberal.
Vermillion���Hon. Sifton, Liberal.
Ijacombe���Puffer,  Liberal.
Sedgewick���Stewart,  Conservative.
Edmonton���Cross. Liberal, and
Ewlng,  Conservative.
Heaver Kiver���Cariepy, Liberal.
Stony Plain���Weideuhammer, Conservative, probably elected. Conservative gain.
Sturgeon���Doyle, Liberal, probably
St. Albert -Doudeau, Liberal, lead-
Wetasklwin���Olin, Liberal, probably
Alexandra���Lyster,    Liberal,    prob-
��ably elected.
Leduc���Tobin,  Liberal.
Ub-      St.     Paul���Lessard,     Conservative,
] leads.
Orourard���Cute,  Liberal.
Edson���CroBS. Liberal.
Coronation���Whiteside, Liberal.
Canirose���Smith.   Liberal.
Lac St. Anne���Gunn, Liberal.
Whal Ib claimed to be the largest
steam shovel on the Pacific coast has
just arrived In thla city from Marion,
Ohio, and will be shipped to the
rock quarries of Gilley HroB. at Pitt
lake during the next few days. The
machinery is of huge dimensions re
quiring three flat cars to transport
it from the east.
The machinery haa a capacity ol
2000 cubic feet of rock each shift and
will Increase the capacity of the
quarry over 100 per cent. The Immense amount of paving work being
done ln this section of the district
haa led the company to purchase this
machine   which   will  be   in     working . ,
operation within the next few weeks. I thc ro0�� important feature of the in
ijuc-ct was the presence of Sam Little
Verdict cf Accidental Death Returned
by Jury���Varicus Estimates as to
Speed of Car.
A verdict of accidental death was
returned by the coroner's jury yesterday at the conclusion of the Inquest
held hito the cauBe of the death of
Miss Carmen Hall following aa auto
accident in Sapperton last Sunday.
With the exception  of the  verdict
Horrible Disaster in France
When Military Air-craft
Falls 650 Feet.
the driver of the car.
In explaining his absence at tho
opening of the inqueBt last Mouday
Little stated that he did not learn of
Miss Hall's death until two days after
it had occurred. He had been Injured In the accident, he said, and had
gone to Seattle. On Tuesday he hid
learned of the death of Miss Hall and
also of the fact that he was required
at the inquest. He immediately decided to return to Westminster.
The inquest was held In the police
court. Coroner A. L. McQuarrie presiding. Mr. P. R. McD. Russell represented Sam Little, the driver, while
Mr. Ueorge Cassady attended aa counsel for the city.
Most of the witnesses testified that
Kdward Troutman, the boy cyclist, to*
avoid the running down of whom the
car was turned Into the ditch, was pro-
ceediug  along  Brunette  street  in   a
for nm mills    m 10 DEMHi
can   Central   Railroad���Former
Orozoco  Chief  Executed.
retary of state, answered, suggesting
that he leave Venice, hul left the de-
clalon to the patriarch. The Cardinal
Harlo visited the sovereigns and Invited them to the patriarchate, where
he sat between-them. After a mom
Ihe King Humbert smilingly asked
"Whal    would   Rome   say   if   Home
could  see  us ?"
(Continued on Page Pour.)
Withdrew from  Scutari.
London,  April 17.���A  Cettinje    dispatch to the Express Bays It la under-
it  stood   that   Montenegro  Is   ready     to
withdraw her   troops    from    Scutari.
provided Kurope concedes certain t
ritory   and   guaranties   that
Will   not  be  fortified.
El Paso. Texas, April 17. -Bodies
hang from nearly every telegraph
pole along 50 miles of the Mexican
Central railway below Chtchuahua
City, report refugees arriving bere
tonight. Itoth the federals and insurgent atate troopB nre eaid to have
participated In the execution ot
prisoners that prefaced this public
display  cf cads vera.
In a quarrel over the diBposltion of j Tctiiow
silver bullion stolen from a train last
week, Juan Dozal, a former Orozco
chief, was executed by order of Pan-
cho Villa, whose men held up the
train west of Chihuahua City. Dozal
joined Villa In (in expedition against
Scutari j the federals.
From Casas Crandes diBtnct   come
i reports     of    mutinies     against    the
Huerta  government.    Francisco   Por-
tlllo and  Mcximo Castillo with  small
groups of men have deserted  to the
Insurgents.   So far as is known. General   Inez   Balaiar   is   keeping
agreement  with General Huerta.
f. deral  regulars have been
from  the    district     where    extensive
American    lumbering    interests _  are
John   Tcrnow,  Outlaw,   Ls
Killed by Sheriff Quimby
in Fatal Battle.
Had Six Murders on His Conscience��� ia city.
.,, A, '    Coqultlam
Bodies of  Latest Two  Victims
Noisy le Grand, France, April 17 ���
One of the most terrible, accidents to
a spherical balloon in many years oc-
cured  here  this  afternoon  when   the j zigzag manner.
military balloon Zodiac collapsed at al The witnesses widely varied In
height of about 650 feet and fell to the I their estimates of the speed the auto
ground with Its five occupants, all of! was travelling along Brunette atreet.
whom were killed. '.Some stated the car was running at
The Zodiac left the Aero club park \ the rate of 20 miles an hour while one
at St. Cloud  with the  military aero- Went as high as between 50 and 60.
nautB Captains Clavenad and Denoue, | Speed of Car.
Lieut, de  Vaisselot and  Artilleryman i
Rochy and the civilian pilot, Aumoirt|v
Thievllle,  aboard.    Propelled    by    a |
strong wlnd_. the balloon passed rapid-:        ������   esUmate(,  the d  of  the
y over Parts and arri ed at Noisy te   ,Btom,bile at between B0 an��� 60 miles
Grand     Observers suddenly    saw    It, M_ ���,.,,������,, ,,,���, ���,��� *���,������.
rvnrrntirr   II1T1I    Kill shrivel up and tall.   Laborers working;-'
OBSERVES NAM DAYb^^^ ���tl(lh u_uu
extricating them trom the vast ^{S^^Bt^t 3&
Thl��� nf the men   Clavenad   Rochvl"* **nsf\*e the Tiding ot the Trout-
,   -%i,    ui     ~H.      mTn'iS'"'1 h��* on hla wheel as erratic and
and   Thievl le   were   killed   outright , ^
.Nenntie  and   de   \aisselot  were  still,
breathing     Denoue died on the Wh, ^.W^John whotolloweu Mr.
to the military hospital  while de vais- ,h(1 car          ,rav.
setot died at the hospital d    ,       h hp        w
The collapse of the bi 1   on    as due          " Sttmate aa to mileage.    He
to a tear in the cover which apparent- ,�� raotor tupn                           m
ly was made intentionally ^             ��        d
The theory  Is that  something w:    : direction.   Troutman then
wrong With one of thei val ea and that
one   of   the   aeronauts   lo .   hs  lea i .,,������,��, that   thp   car   turm.(i   illtl)
and cut the cover, cauelng the immo-i
Mr. William Stott, the first witness.
! who   was  standing   on   the   sidewalk
in Brunette Stroet when the accident
He claimed that the driver
le did not actually see the-
Public   Holiday     Today     and   Whole
Olty Will Be en  Fete���Banquet
This Evening.
Port Coquitlam  will  be en  fete  all
today  for  it  is  the  formal  Inaugura-
! tlon of her evolution to the status of
Still  in  Forest.
people   are  of   the
pilabie   patriotic   kind   aud   such     an |,Hate deflation of the balloon,
important event as    the    tranaforma- |
Shelton. Wash.. April 17.���John
the outlaw, is dead. He was
k:iled yesterday by Deputy Sheiff
Ollea Quimby in the battle in which
Charles Lathrop and Louis Hlalr lost
their lives. The three bodies wero,
I found today In the clearing around tended
the Tornow cabin in the forest by the
pesae which responded to the alarm
sent out by Quimby laat nighl.
Thc   posse,  returned  to Camp   Five
if the    Simpson    Logging    company,
his  eight  miles  from   the  scene  of  Tor-
All  now's last crimes, without the bodies,
removed  ghorlft  Mathews, or Chehalls  county,
said the  trail over the forest covered
hills,  was so rough it would be  use-
practically doomed the firemen concentrated iheir efforts towards aaving
nu adjoining corrugated stock shed
which are
owned by Mr, Leaf.
Fearing the lire would spread tl
the pool room several billiard tables
were removed from that building. The
fire, however, was confined lo the
store and the pool room was never
In  danger  after the  fire'.-en  arrived
Klisl Hurnaby, April 17. ln n
spectacular lire which Btarted about
2:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon the
Store Of Ceorge Leaf at the corner of,      , ,   ,,       .
.  '      ,     ,      , .,.    ,f,, ���  .... n.d ji pool room, both of
Sixth  Btreet  and   I wi 1ftn  avenue was *
completely gulled and monetary Iosb
estimated at between $6(100 and $7000
waB done.
Had It not been fur the fact that
the greateat portion of the slock In
the store had been sold out during
the past few weeks the damage
���would have run beyond $10,000, The
building was partly insured. Slock to
Ihe value of $2000 was destroyed, the
balance of the Iobb being made up in
the building.
The store was rloaed when the
(Ire Btarted as the Btock on hand and
furnishings were being held for re
moval to Mr. Leaf's new more nt
Hoofers, near West llurnaby. The
flames were llrst observed breaking
from the roof by a paaaerby who
rushed Into Mr. Leafs office which
forma part of the store building, but
baa a separate entrance and Inform
ed Mr. P. Samper, a clerk, who waft
the only one In the building. Mr
Samper immediately opened tho store
and with the assistance of a number
r,f lhe employees of the can factory
which stands on the Opposite Bide of
the atreet, tlie furnishings, caah register and some groceries were removed  to  the atreet.
Saved Books.
Mr. Samper secured the books of
the firm and flung them into Ihe aafe
which lii' locked and left In the
building.     Hy   thlB   time   ii   call   had
With the Insurgents retaining nun-.less to attempt to
ling district of Parral. which aside bodies until a wider
I from Chihuahua City,   eontalna   the through the brush.
carry  out
trail   was
est   federal  force   in   lhe  slate.
ihe committee.
been sent for the Westminster fire- East Bumaby and when erected form-
men, a hose wagon nrrlvlug about It ed the nucleus ofJhe preaent thriving
o'clock. Two r-h-Is of hnae were ceu-j business section *-**%n Sixth street be-
tred Immediately on the blaze, but tween Twelfth avenue and Thirteenth
aa thc store    and    office    appeared, avenue.
Tokio, April 17.���A demand
that the Japanese government
reaort lo arma. waa hysterically cheered at a mass meet-
lug here tonight to protest
against lhe alien lntul bill now
b.rore the California legislature. Twenty Ihousaud persona assembled and listened to
addresses by  various orators.
The speakers also denounced
the submissive attitude of tlie
government. The responsible
newspapers of Tokio, In commenting editorially on the
meeting, denounce the proceedings aa undignified and unworthy of the nation, describing them aa merely an out-
burat of the unthinking extreme element, lucitcd by
political demago(/iCB.
The blaze waa extinguished after two j Senator Hoot's hill for the repeal of
hours atrenuotiB work. Ithe free toll provision, passed  In the
Cartridges Explode. i canal law Insl summer, le now before
A notable feature of the Are was
the explosion of several boxes of cart-i
rldgoU In the store. These went off!
like crackers and the large crowd o!
people which had assembled drew
hurriedly back. Tho greatest danger
to life was In the falling of B, O.
E. It. power wires. One of these on
the Twelfth avenue sWIe of Ihe bullil-
Ing was burned through and fell to
the ground, but luckily no people
were In tlie way.
Sometime after the lire hnd started
��� rang of men arrived from the 11.
C. E. H. arkl o\lt<down some other
wires which were In danger of fulling.
The oauae of the fire la unknown.
That It occurred In Ihe second Btorey
of the .building la practically certain,
but how It could have done ao Is a
mystery as all the stoves In the
building wero out.
Mr. Leaf was In Vancouver at the
time of Ihn fire. The Leaf store was
quite a landmark  In  the vicinity of
The bodies were placed In Tornow'a
cabin to prevent tbelr being molested by wild animals, Work will be
begun to once Improving the trail
through the wilderness so the bodies
can be brought out. The bodies of
Hlalr and Lathrop will be brought to
Shelton and tlii^t of Tornow *,->ill l"*
taken to Monlesano, the county scat
of Chehalls county.
Ulair and Lathrop, who were the
laat of Tornow'a six victims, had
known their slayer well, Lathrop waa
formerly a close friend tf Tornow
and often went on hunting expeditions with him In the Wynootche
i country. After Tornow became de-
*****************  ranged and took    to    the    wilderness
Panama Tell Question.
Washing'! i. April 17. The dlsputl d
question of free passage In the Panama canal fur American coastwise
ihipping probably will be taken up on
Tuesday in the senate commit tee on
international canals. Senator O'Gor-
man. chairman, will Issue a call tomorrow   for  the   committee   meeting.
tion of their rural municipality from
the simple Coquitlam to Port Cci
quitlam, the city is sure to be made
the occasion for a joyous celebration.
The day will be cbaerved as a public holiday and games of all kinds for
adulta and  children  will  be  held.
Commemorative  Medals.
The children will be specially at-
to, and the event Impressed
upon their receptive minds, so that
future generations of the great city
of the Pitt river may learn ot the
joyous doings of the auspicious day.
They will be marshaled at 1:30 at
the Central school, where each will
be preaented with a commemorative
medal. Thereafter they will be
marched to lhe agricultural grounds
Where an excellent program of sports
will be carried out.
Other Events.
A gnat tree planting ceremony is
fixed for 3 p.m., after which Mayor
Mars, who has been civicly Identified
with the progress of Coqultlam from
u hamlet to its present position as an
industrial city, will deliver an address.
Hon, Dr, ESsson Young will also deliver an address ns well as some
other distinguished  guests.
Then mere games such as football,
baseball and hockey matches will be
played to while awny the afternoon.
In the evening the mayor, aldermen
and luoorporatleti committee of the
cily will entertain a large company at
a banquet lj the Commercial hotel.
The festivities will wind up with a
grand  ball.
Victim of Prairie Pfre.
Moose Jaw, April 17.-A report is
just to hand of the first victim of tbe
prairie fire lu the south country. Mrs.
Pease of Wlnslde district, wub vainly
endeavoring to free her cattle from
the farm buildings which had caught
fire, when her clothing was Ignited
and she succumbed on Tuesday. The
barn waB gutted and four horses and
four cows perished. The rire spread
for a dlBtunce of 15 miles.
(he  sidewalk   in   order  to  avoid   the
I toy.
After the accident he heard Little
peak to the boy. who asked the driver
why hc did not give an alarm. The
driver replied that he had done so.
The witness himself did not hear the
Varied  Estimates.
Mr. Kbenezeer Martin who was next
caffed to the stand stated that he had
been standing on Columbia some dis-
tanoe  from  Brunette when  the  acci-
��� Cotitlnwd nn  Pare Eluht.l
two years
he   killed
ago, living like a wild man,
his  nephews,   the   19   year
��� 'rid   Bauer  twins,  and  a  reward   waslyealed to Scotland  Yard.
placed on h's head. Lathrop then de-
ti rinilied to capture his former friend
and Win the reward of (8000 which
had been offered by Ihe state uud
county authorities, Ulair, who was a
cl: se friend of Deputy Sheriff McKenzie. who, with DeDputy Sheriff
Elmer, was killed by Tornow a little
more than a year ago, joined Lathrop in Ihe manhunt because of his
friendship for the slain officer.
The finding of Tornow'a body substantiated the statement cf Deputy
Slier.ft Quimby that he had seen the|^
hermit outlaw fall as Quimby Bred *
the last shot In the magazine of his *
rifle. Quimby, not seeing any sign *
of life after Tornow fell back Into the!*
underbrush, feared the outlaw was \*
resorting to a ruse to entice him *
from cover and hurried back to camp *
Attempt to Burn Office.
London,  April   17.���A   militant   suffragette  plot  to  burn  the  offices  of
the Standard newspaper has been re-
The police
have     taken
"Yonr honor, we, the Jury, believi
that the defendant acted in good faith
but cannot find according to the evidence, that Mr. Anderson gave him
specific Instructions to UBe the $600.
therefore we give a verdict iu favor Ol
the plaintiff."
Such was the verdict returned at
7:10 yesterday evening in the county
court in the case of Anderson vs.
Silas Fader of the Investors' Investment Company, although technically it
was againat the company.
Judge   Iloway  before  whom  and  a
Jury,    the    case  was  conducted,  addressed the latter as follows:
Court's Address.
"I am not going to detain you but
for a very few minutes. It Is a case
primarily for a jury. You are here at
my request as It seemed to me that
It was better for u jury to pass upon
the dispute between these people.
"The dispute Ib for $Cl:!. Strip the
thing naked and take off its clothes.
Get it down to its smulli* rt size, Now
"If you havs any such idea us that
n your mind you must obliterate it.
In a civil case you obliterate the
ilea of proving a thing beyond a rea-
'enable doubt.
"The thing for the jury to consider
h. bus tho mail who ought to establish thu case, established it to your
-aticfaction, not proved It beyond ji
reasonable doubt.
"Now, when I put il iu that way to
you I propose to leave it to you there.
s 1 have asked you to decide tbe ques-
"I don't propose to say one wortfT
h regard to uiy own viewa In this matter. You are the judges of the fact
ind when I put to you as to the rules
which should govo.-n you, that theso
defendants must satisfy you that they
havo paid the money out according to
the plaintiff's instructions, i have done
.ill I should do.
Crux of the Case.
"There Is no doubt about this that
the whole crux of this    case    comes
to summon help, leaving the bodies
of hiB comrades where they fell, Lathrop and Hlalr having died before they
had a chance to fire a shot.
Medicine Hat. April 17-
Durlng the excitement of the
election and Juat as u large
parade had left the Conservative committee room a fire
broke out ln the rear of the
DIrnle hardware store.
Other buildings were threatened and an oil and gasoline
shed took fire. The building
was a total loss. The origin
of the blaze Is unknown. One
fireman was burned.
At 1 a.m. tho fire was still
i   either  pay There is ,-.o doubt that whatever tiU-'
or it in tomejttiority if any authority were gfvtW,':l
Ithls   $612   belonged   to   the   plaintiff. down to that meeting with Anderson
; Tliere is no  question about  that.  So : Pader and Nixon In Anderson's ott\��i>
I that, the defendant  musl  -���"��� - ������������������ -��� 	
that money or account for
way. j if. was given there.
"If they have not the money they -jjow it will be for yotf'to **etotfr''
j they must show that they have dis- (ho testimony, which of these people'1
] posed of it according to the defen-ivou arc going to believe, wMI-Stf storr'
! dam's orders. That ia really lh. i ���> to your mind thte mtlst"!ttt*ly Ofl*--!
j whole Issue ln the case before you. 11 ��� 'hen you can go tMtia'g-h fhte SViaefiWW''
you find it was paid out according te j mtl you will find th**e moat jSt-tsiM^1
plaintiff's Instructions, defendants are,en! contradictions-which have been
entitled to succeed but if not they Tall loointed oet by -Both Bid**'' "���' fiii
Beyond Reasonable Doubt -it Is *nter province ttt consider al*
���hose oontradictions and sfHtementw"
and say whetter w-aM y-ou'ttnd tv* >
lefimdant had  authorltv  >>#om ���' t*W
"I want just to say one word In connection with that one thing. I want to
remind you of tills: That whereas in R
criminal case you hear it repeated
over and over i.gnlu that if there is
any doubt, prisoner Is entitled to the
benefit of the doubt anil that the
crown must prove tho case.
pUlatiff ts pay tbo meMjr. ....    n-i.JlxJ*.
Agents' Ethics.
"Now there haa been a great deal
said about a  receipt  and  title,  aud
(Continued on Page Bight ) v-AUt   vw<!
FRIDAY,   APRIL   18,   1913.
A* trii v.*4<ol mormon -uigt r der,.(I'll lo llie mien sis ot Silt ll CulHllMaler illllf
tlu Fttxattr Vttllru fublished i-i-oru nornillQ -ir.pr Siinitnii Im tin- Soliannl fruiting
*t*d tf*ts*m*ss*i 0******g, Limited, at s:i UcKensit Street, Sew (feitm-buter, British
c*,iivj*i,i<x ROBB SUTHERLAND, 11 imaging Director
AU ciimntu*.-*i*tas tiViulil lie ailtlr.-s.ini to The A'l-iu ll'i'al in I.. .-.(.r Sews, und lint
tn i*Axi*iA*at ttmettt*.ir* of Uo stuff. Cheques, drafts and 1,101181/ .ml, - should be madt
ti 'Publithing Oompeng, Idmited
and Malinger, 890; Editorial />''�����
to  Th* N*l*t**.it l*rininui
1 r,l./-:rtii,'.\'-.H    Kutttttess till
*V*tf*t*tBfr*TtOli tttATHB    Hn ea mt *   M per ��.-iir. fl for i"
^���.imi*.    an ""nil. *���* per ..pdr,  25c Iter  month
AOVRRTIKIV-f)  IMTKN on apiilinitlotl.
TO ttnatMBSVOSTDBNTB���No letters mill lie pubUlhed In Th
the  wracr'. *t*tttsU**v. V**e ottitor reserves llir right to refuse lhe
oil dt imrt
4 He per
lOlllhl-Otl'OI    Oj    (I, II'
most cf the main buildings will i.e
completed or almost so.
Another gnat movement on fuel iu
Ban I'r.iue-..*.. is that which has foi
its object Un- ultimate consolidation
into one municipality of San l''r:iii
Cisco, Onklaud, Berkeley, Ahum da and
Do ir Mil.iirl e. Such a city would have
a population or soo.noo, ut. present and
all oi* ihe communities Involved in the
p.-epeel ar,  growing rapidly.
Sneli a EChcrae doca not. find favor
with ti"' P oplo of Oakland, who b ive
metropolitan ambitions of their own.
In 1900 Oakland's population wai oil.
66,920 end at the time or the San
Francisco disaster ii hid Bome 96,000
Inhabitants The census of 1910 give
do city a population of 150,17-4 and
it now claims lo he in the 800,000
Clasa. With such a gain as tills Oil;
land his a right to civic pride.
"lohn Carter," the young Kngiish
convict, who was released Irom the
Minnesota state prison three years
igo today, April IS, 1910, because his
ability as a poet had won thn friendship of influential men, Ib said to have
fully justified the confidence reposed
In hlm and has made good in the world
beyond tlie prison walls.
Carter Is nct the renl name of thc
mado in his behalf hy Robert Under
wood .Johnson, editor of the Century,
and ethers distinguished in the world j
..f letters, II" was born In Kngland
of good family, 27 years ago t :day |
Al llie ape of 11' he went to Canada
and marie his way to Winnipeg.
Inexperienced and frail he was unable lo obtain employment. It. was
while attempting to beat his way on :i
train from Winnipeg to St. Paul, that
Nothing of a spectacular nature has taken place during the past week in respect to the trend of events which,
it is devoutly to be wished, will culminate in the establishment of better arrangements between producers and consumers of B. C. agricultural produce. But, while the fore-
eoing is true, it must not be thought that interest has in|y��uns man who became an
�����       �� �� iii ,1    ,       ,   it .tional   fii-nre   because  of  lh
any way waned, and it may be taken that, at the next
meeting of the Hoard of Trade, a record of substantial
progress will be forthcoming.
The United Farmers of Alberta and their works, their
aims and achievements are worthy the attention of any
person watching the development of our evolution as a
people, and in this connection it is also to be noted that thc
wives of these farmers are taking a very active and legitimate share in seeking to make the lot of themselves and | X*6 Wl ""' '';' ""''' " K "' '
of their families as congenial as possible.
Quite recently they have organized a very powerful
auxiliary which bids fair to be no small help lo the men's
unions, in addition to aiding its own members.
We would commend the action of their sisters over
the mountains to the farmers' wives of this province and
of our own immediate locality. The difficulties of pioneer
life fall generally with greater weight upon the worn n
rather than the men, and, while the pioneer farmer is becoming less in number in the Fraser valley, as long as the
amount of land to be won to gardens and fields remains
-as vast as it is, so long will there be pioneer work for both
women and men unless some vast scheme of
can be efficiently and economically put into practice.
At the present moment the ladies of the Fraser valley
can do individually a vast amount of good towards furthering the attainment of better marketing conditions,
and of a better state of things all round for themselves
And those near to them. In due course we hope to see them
One of the greatest of thc modern philosophers has
said concerning war that if all the women of a nation decide tbat there shall be no war, there will be none. Let us
���see if his theory works out aright in peace, and, applying
it to the problems of our own district, work and watch for
its consummation.   But���all must help.
Britisii Canadian Securities, ltd.
asaoaxBL umi-ivjcsx^*.**
Two Celestes, an European novelty,  who wlll appear    at the    Iloyal
Theatre  next week.
$50-$75 on Your Typewriter.
M>e. :L.e same finish, .-.ear I ,,,  and
* .;. ,i new machines.   Guaranteed
.1 li i  price list.   All makes in stuck,
rlter  Exchange,  Dept.  4.  543   Hast
semblance t> Dr. Sun Yat Sen.
Cold and almost Btarved, be broke
Into ih" railroad station and stole
*'2l and a watcl\, He was sentenced
(.. prison for ten yiars and tliere to
kill time and "easy my unhappy
thoughts," he began writing poems
that w in tin admiration and praise
f Mr. .'��� hue. ii and other editors.
Through their Influi nc. he wus re-
li ��� sed from prli on on his 24th birth-
i iy, and I. gar Uf. am w under more
favoral le circumstances.
* ********
* (By    O.
ind Clearing   Created French I..:
H,*u Brill!
M  fernand Lal    *
i il end i li iiueni ���
' who won Internati.
of his promim ii *
peal, ih.* Zola co ���
il air,   will  pass
I.* lay.    Nor  ;s   "
air.t. *
.vyer, 53 Today
t Canadian  Wife
*.. moet distinguish
Parli ian  la -vy. rs.
. 1 fame hy reason
i tin   Dreyfus ap-
and ihe Humbert
-   r, 'rd   milestone
ur   le  avocat,
''.'. i: -ii Harding Davie, novelist,
playwright and hero of two ro-mansgi
uf real life, is -111 years young today,
Romance No. 1 began in 1899, when
ih,* novelist, then In London, proposed by cable to Cecil Clark, daughter of
a Chicago manufacturer, who had
bei i the playmate of bis boyhood,
Upen receiving her acceptance Mr.
bavls ant a meeacngi r hoy across the , promised
Atlantic with an engagement ring.
Later the fickle author became infatuated with Bessie McCoy, "the Varna
Yama Girl," and Mrs. Davis Becuerd a
divorce, after which Mr. Davis mar-
Irled the Btage beamy, culminating
mce No. ..
The creator of smai li
Is :i t in of I.. Clarke D
newspaper editor and llebeca Hardin!
Ii it Is, a note d novi li--', bi th new- .1, id
lis  brothi r, Charles  li. Imi nl   Hi* is
has also gained fame as an author,
three pictures accepted hy the Royal
Society of Ilrillsh artists fur .the t.v
hlbltlon opening  Monday.
Responding to the appeal of Arnold
Wainwright, counsel ol    Mrs.   Trem-i
May, of Montreal, for a fund of $2000
to  prosecute her appeal to the  privy |
council in the Tremblay-Dipatle marriage case, .1. II. Burnham, M. P., forwarded to Montreal his marked check;
for |500.     Othi r   subscriptions   are'
P. H. Smith. W. J. Groves.
Auditors and Accountants.
211.12  Westminster Trust  Bldg.
Phone 3'l P. O. Box 507
.!( In.  N.   B.'B offer to help  was
clftcatloni, nnr
��� sh Letters,
Him v,
in,-IIIH ul' Hill.' deeds,
circular work *���**-
All Work Hlrlctly confidential. H,
room 4ix Weatmlnster Trust ink.
accepted by the governor of Ohio.
The Uli'.ili M-c.irry company's w-ood-
working planl al Halifax haB been to-1
uckler heroes  tally destroyed by tire.
vis, a famous ������        	
i Mlt. I*'. T. C. WIOKHJTT, A It. O. <)..
I.. I,, i*. M., Supervisor of Music New
Westminster schools, Organist sixth
Avenue Methodist Church, Vancouver;
r, civ, s |.ii|'IIh r..r the pianoforte, organ,
sIiikUik mi.I th y.    mo Filth avenue,
New NVistinlnster.
the only eminent rsember of the family.
His wife, who w      V *..*.* in i Okey
Montreal, is ni ' d   ������   a ci mposer,
Beglnlng his career .*. - a si.ike driver for the Carnegie company, Charlei
M. Schwab, who Is f.l today, is now a
world power hi the domain of steel.
The form, r president of the United :
siai.s Steel Corporatlo i and the Beth-'
lehem Steel company, recently engineered a i!.*,*il for ri'h Chilean iron
ore lands, and. it has been reported,
���till denied, Is seeking to effect a com-
hinatloh of Canadian end United
:'���  ������ * Bteel Inten sis
Shower   of  Cards   from   All   Subjects
Proposed   to   Celebrate Coming
25th   Anniversary.
ini.. i- personages who will t
birthdays today Include I'r.
T. Washington, the famous nt
���':'!'.r who is 65; Clarence S.
labor lawyer,   56;    William
gro edu-
in   18(13,   and   was   admitted   to   the
New Brunswick har three yenrs later
During the next few years his time
was largely   devoted    to   mercantile
pursuits, his Inl.-rests Including manu
tacturlng, rarmlng, stock-raising  l in
bertng   and   shipping.     Ills   political
career began disastrously, as he was
defeated as a candidate for the V"*
Brunswick  legislature   in  ix7<i.    s;x
years later be was elected to ihe Dominion   house   of   commons,   and   f
fourteen   years   continued   to   roprr-*-
sent  Westmoreland county,  N.   11.,  in
lhat body.
In 1896 he was made a senator
resigning in 1912 lo become Meuten
ant-governor of New Brunswick
From 1903 to 1908 he was mayor of
his  native  cily,   Saokville.
thirty-five  were saved.
Prolonged floods, caused by an Ice-
blockade, began at Montreal twen-
tv-seven years ago todav. causing a
loss   amounting   to   nearly   (6,000,000.
UnfY_rtnnal<'ly   for   Canadian   cattle
rtuB.*-n��  many   calves  are     lost     each
year through the accident of premature   birth.    While   no   doubl   many
��if ties.   l<,Mi x are -flue to injuries a
���wiuib greater mtmfeee are caused by
����n 1 a gintis   aixn-1 km.
Wben  thin disease obtains  a  fool
bolfl in k lii'rtl the consequences are
������wfll  to  kc  -Rerirtas  as  ii   ia   readllj
��;-...iisferrid    from    normal    to   animal
rushing   it   almost   impossible   under
(una!  farm conditions to raise calves
for perhajw a series ��tf y-ears.
For ihe  in/ormaUon ��f rattle  rais-
.������*��������   the   t,��Merinary   director   general
luta  rasn-ed  a  reprint  of a  leaflet of
the   llriUah hoar*  nT agriculture   and
fihh..-rie��   on    thia   disease   which    is
fi-pti g made the sutiji-cl of very care
i'ul sturtj njui -aacperhnenl in the oh]
Thia reprttit whirli constitutes .1
torirf i>;*,n>plil. t ot less than lour
Paces <ieald with the subject under
the i':.llo��ing tit-arts
Pin'tnaii anectefl, the Microbe. Virulent M.-tfcriat and Me',li'-i cf Infection
.'���7brr1.p-t.mss   ar.O   TTtn-i-ntiim.
t\ i-�� wrfrteji in plain language and
'���**fl-n'.a:n.i informaiic.ii i.i Rreat value
to ail CAlOe raiwrs. arid persons who
Arc slndyinc (hi* diKC-asi-. ll is print-
*M1 fc.r Tre*- ���Ut-tft'tnicr, for those
<*h(> apply fur il. but it ls not sent.
out tn the n Riiiir milling list of the
I'uhiii-aSimis fVani-h i>f the depart*
���me-nt. ol aKrirnliuri-. at Ottawa.
Hpi.il the d*y of 'be issue of tlie
first newsp...;,.** puljlish.il in Upper
Oau.Hlt (Thursday. April 1*. 1793)
���^It-a. Biroroe, wife of lhe Tirsl governor of thn- province, then living nl
'iXt'iMwk or Ni��KAja. matte '.lc following intim-Hiing t ntrv in her diary;
��� 'A n-.'wspapw Is pirtilished here, ca.ll-1
'fd the Upper Canada Gazette tr Am
"���man  Oracle.
"As jet rt. is filled with proclama- i
lioui nnd a-trartteanu nis    The only
swinter io he- met with was a French-
min,  named lonis Roy, and  ho can-
a-gt *ritr Krxal Kngiish."    One of Ihe
'���art-j   aAv��vti6erai*-nta  printed   In   tlio,
tfpp-ir   Canada   Gazette   was   put   ln
l��  :v not**! resident  of  Newark,  Col-
.-*u ! Thomas Bvtler, offering five dol-1
��� am   rt-��a.rd   for   lil/  ifiecaped   ne���-:
olnve "John."
The (lai-ette was an Dflfclal publi
���ratii.n. and fer years was the onlj
oew.|��p<'r in the province. After
Vorl bieajrw thf ei al of government,
lhe HOC tit the newspaper was cliang
i-d to the -Tcrk Gazette."
it was the organ of tlie 1 rr:r;ais
nml the first opposl ii-, paper estab
Hnhed was 1 cry abort-lived, 1 1
11*) tlonbl. fwiT^ 10 thi facl lhal II
wu i-ntri-mt lv -SUflcult to send .��� to
Mul)" -'bet*, t'i.-.' ib.- postal cl
wj.'ri' lien esiMTBoua.   The flrsl
l��H|)��'i (iiiblislied in what is 1. v. Uu
l)i-minion of Canada was lhe "Hall
lax  OaxetUV*   issued   in   171,:'.
  11 1915, when the Panama-Pacific ex
.fiwiah     liVe-KM!,     New     Brunswic Itlon will be held out as an attrac-
ntalusmaB, ��a�� bom In Saokvlllo ... surpassing in excellence all pre
N    i'..,  eevmlj   years ago  today,   Hi w6rld'f   leu.-.      The   work   of
���idi si son ut Mariner and Louisa C. building the big show, commenced by
Uno-4. He xra/i'jn.ted fmni Mount ' i'r. sidi rl Tafl in October, 1911, has
Allison tinin-j-sity, id Tiu> native city,  iirogriis.il rapidly, and within a year
Jerome, counsel for the ptate la the
Thaw trials, r.i, ami Prealdent William
\   Shanklln of Wesleyan  Unlveralty,
and her latest creatl n "Yato," which
has the Chinese repul He -'s its th. rn*
was recently produced nt Monte Carlo
under the patronage of h's royal highness, Prince Albert of Monaco.
M. I.ahorl won his brilliant and talented Canadian wife hy aiding her to
secure  a  divorce  from  h��r  f'rst  hus- ',^4,***************
hand, M. 1'achan. the nelebrofd plan    I * V** t ** * * * *
1st.   M. Paehan was affltetM wtth the * first things. ���
artislic temperament, no nu-'ent thai   *�������� *************
often  afflicts musicians     -;"    i'fr; Raci      |n  E    |and
hearlne hlm fly,, children   the form, r      -��� ,���  rjr:, ,,f ,^��� great"raolng co,lrl,���H
' -s Okev decided that life with lv.*   ,���- EnglaI)(1 was opBened by rhar|(,s ���
"46   yenrs  ago  today   at   Newmarket..
was Impossible.
Th.. elonuenl  M   I aberl p'eided ' "
1."- and won the ,������..*,>  o'ter which h��r.
rioter Till  el'ent  frll  In love, woe,, mo-
rh .1 nnd have lived hannv ever nfior
The pianist w*.is n**.* unaffected bv tht'
romantic ciilmlcflon. bnt calteH ph"
osonhv to his nid and paid. "Ah   -<���"
nerhnps If Is heller po, f,"t>nr! -'������
make a good father to my five rhP-'
M. f^aborl ii a native of -Rplm�� nnd
A wreck in which Canadians were waa pd,)(,,��Ar] In thnt cltv and It Her
interested occurred twenty-nine yeara manv nnd Kndind. He wap rallcrl u-
ago todav, when Uie barque Ponema the har about nn vearn nco and In Ibit
of New Brunswick, collided with the nerlod hss become th" recognized
Bteamer State of Florida, in mld-At- lender nf French advocates,
lantlc. Both vessels went down al- In Mn-e, Laberl's new opera th"
most Immediately, and of the ISO per! chief character, Dr. Vamato. h.
sons  <* n   board   the   two   ships,   only.	
Before   (hat   there  had   been  courses
at Croydon in the south, and Qartorly
.ii Hie north, hut Newmarket was the
! Prst of the ceh brated tracks that are
still in existence? as it was tho first
j 10 have a "stand-house" or grandstand.
The Epsom track, now the scene of
the great Derby, was inaugurated bv
Mr.  Parkhurst  in  1711.    The  Karl  of
1 rl y  began  the Oaks  In   1779, and
Derby, first won by Dlomed, the i The postal authorities would
bea rs
Pacific,   ^
following year. The exact date or the
beginning of racing at Ascot ls uncertain, I ut It is known to have been
Inaugurated by the Duke of Cumber-
land and a meet held there In 1727.
Pacing at Doncaster commenced ln
177H by Col. St. Leger, and the St.
Leger slak'H were founded the sam��
vear Goodwood racing was commenced hy the Duke of Richmond on a
^.course laid out In hla park In 1802.
The Jockey club, the ruling body of
idle British turf, was founded in 1750.
Berlin,    April      17.    An      amazing
.-oil.,   his Jusl  been put forward  in
Berlin under which it is proposed that
Ithe national thanksgiving for the 25th
anniversary of the German Emperor's
acci EBion shall take the form of a de-
Of postcards  around  the   Kaiser.
The promoter    suggests    that    tho
p; il office shall supply a special form
of  postcard  with  the address  of his
majesty on one side and on the other
.��� ihi,  worded greeting.   The card
should be so designed that the sender
ne, d only add his name and address,
ami it should he on sale everywhere
at  two cents.
'All associations, corporations, soldiers and schoolchildren would," he
contends, "be sure to take part In such
. in ovation, The kindergarten pupils
.vill he so far advanced in the art of
! writing by June that th. y will be able
*to Bubscrtbe Ihelr namip to such a
"aril, and in order thai the poor chil-
iilren may join, Germans of fortune
I might buy and preaent a certain num-
; her of cards to the schools. Tbe cards
would be collected through the port
' offices and post, boxes, and would he
tamped on June 15, (the Jubilee day I
be  well
General John Curtis Gilmore. a native of Canada who gained fame in
the United -"-Kates army, was born in
Ontario  seveiiiy-six  years  ago  today.
���      SCRAP BOOK FOR TODAY.      ���
ll was F.i. 11 years ago today lhal
newspaper bulletins told of the downfall and utter ruin of San Francisco,
tbe proud metropolis of tl
before the onslaughts nf earthquake
and flames.
In the days ihat followed the conflagration it seenii il lhal San Fran-
i-Ibco'b devastation was complete and
Irretrievable - that nature had inflicted on the stricken city a destruction
as final nnd irrevocable as lhat nieierl
out lo Carthage by the Romans, Who
would dare Inhabit the site of a c'ty
where such ruin had been wrought?
The answer Is found In census sta- j
tistics. ln 1900, six ye-.tru before the
fire, the coasl metri polls had a popu
lation of 342,782; in 1910, four years
after its destruction, the city had a
population of 416.ni2 foday It Is pro-l
liable lhal San I r.meiseo has passed
the  half million  mark.
Wl 'le th" new S:ui Frani-nro thai
has risen from lhe ruins Licks many
'i' i'i" picturesque features of the .hi.
.1 is fer heller bull! and more beautiful and healthy. Practically all thi
I.i . .i son s that dlsflguri d the old
slly hnve I* n eliminated from the
:,:�����, anil lhe sears left by one of lhe
greatesl calamities of modern limes
h .*. .* i... 11 almost entirely oblltcr iti d.
To this mw cily San Franciscans
in  now preparing to Invite ihe world
with the exception of the
better organbed advertising
departments, there Is a tendency to wait until the very Inst
minute to cet advertisements
into the daily papers.
This Is an Inlnst'ce to everv-
body concerned, It is beyond
th.- power of mnn to run any
I. g business without occasional mistakes creeping In. A
newspaper it ro exception. To
make mlii'-ike-j Is human; lo
guard agalnal them Is wii
.���wii for both    'he    morning
and  evening  ps"< rs should  be
1:1 al  leasl  n    .Inv    ahead    of
time, which will enable yon to
1*   gel    proofs    and    make    any
��� necessary    correction    or    Im
��� portaat changes
��� Ii  is not  fair to expect  tint
">    oi". r..| win answer f. r nil the
��� papers, and leave it to the nd-
. ���   vertlalng man to rln ih--. chas-
��� In* around to find It.    Do you
��� think so !
��� If your copy Is rent In ' > Uie
|>   morning paper ai :i, 10 and 11
��� o'clock   of   thc   day   t f   Ishiic,
��� you eh'......ld net c.-pr-ct to get
��� as gocd a .nei up nn vou would
��� l.v having your copy In on
��� time.
��� Buyers are    not    bo    n.-n----
��� slghleil  ,nn  lo  vail     init'l    Ihn
��� day of sale to buy their goods.
>   Why,  then, should  those who
��� are in charge ef the n.lv. rCs
��� in*;  wait  until  tin   last  minute
��� and    then    lay    all    blame f r
��� errors,   poorly   displayed   ads
<>    am!   poor  position    on   to    the
��� I-.'* -papers ?
<>       If you ar" after 1 ITIcicncy In
��� advertising   gel -tour   ada   in
��� early     (live  th"  publisher    nn
��� opportunity lo figure   on   his
O   mechanical requirements, num
��� her     of    pages,  elc ,  and  also
��� very   1 fien   a   saving  of  fl"   I :',
��� per cent, in over lime charges,
��� I',   will  help to increase efflcl-
��� ency .'ill around   Do your pari.
����� FROM  BACK  EAST. *
Hble to certify their number on that
day in order to communicate the result, to his majesty.
"I estimate that of the 64,000,000
inhabitants one-third will tnke, or at
the least. 20,000,000, as each postcard
costs the post office only a cent, there
would he a profit of 20,0(1(1,000 cents,
or, roughly, $2CO,ooo. What a fine
philanthropic Institution our Kaiser
couhl establish with this money. Possibly the cards could be allowed to go
an printed matter, of which case there
would he a profit of three cents and
au extra $100,000.
Scout orders hy Scoutmaster It. P.
iia>. commanding the llrst New Westminster Troop Baden-Powell Boy
Scouts. Hcadquartors, New Weatmlnster,  II.C.. April lfi. 1913.
The   troop    will   parade   at   the
irmourles    on    Wednesday    evening
next. April 23. at 7:30 o'clock prompt.
Dress,  "Review  Order."
Cyclists to parade with bicycles.
Orderly   bugler    for    week    ending
April 23, Bugler Gordon Rowley.
Corporal  Bugler Don Trapp having
I n granted his discharge is struck
j .ff the strength of the troop from this
j date.
Bugler Leonard d'Kasum  to be cor-
I poral bugler from this date.
Any  srout  who'has not got  a com-
' plete set of equipment will get same '
! it   the   <!uartermaster's  stores   before
the May Day celebration.
As there are only two more parades
I before    May    Dav    every scout must 1
make a special effort to be present.
I!y order.
(Signed) FRED. J, SIMPSON.
Adjutant. |
A Notable Career.
A lew days ago Sir Alexandre I.a-
cosle celebruted the fiftieth apiilvera-
try of his admission to the Montreal
iiar. Sir Alexandre ia one of the
must notable links bctwoen the public
life ol yesterday and that of to-day.
H.* became a legislative councillor of
the province "I Quebeo us far ba.k
as K-'J. .1 was .'alle.l to the Dominion Senate two y, nrs luter. ln IS*1 lie
became Speaker ol that body, hut held
utbee lor a lew months only when
lie waa made Chief Justice of Quebec.
He was created a Privy Councillor ol
Great Britain in 1892 ami knighted
by Queen Virions. In 1007 he re-
l.rcil on pension, but still retains ins
connection with Ins law office, In
the early days r.i Sir John Macdon-
aid's rule at Ottawa, it is laid that
������sir Alexandre refused a portlolio in
the Government lor tlie simple reason
that lie (toil not leel be COuld affor.1
it. In those days 11 Minister's salary
was small, ami 811 Alexandre bad
a family  to provide 'or.
B. ft P. 0 "f Klks of lie Ii ..I c. me. t
tin- flrat .111.1 third Thursday al 8 n m,,
l< ..f P, Hall, Eighth Btreet A w, lie
Oiay, Exalted Ruhr, P, ll Smith, Secretary.
M.. NO.  8
H, (
umi third
*.ln. ���
S    III
In K. of P
ill al
1 i
11   J.
J.   11.  I'r
1, Kulur
n-t'tlns    Of    Amlly    I.
O.  O.   P���   Is   1.(1,1
nlKlit at S o'clock In Odd Follows' Hull,
corner Carnarvon and Et-ghtfc streeta.
VlHltlng hri'thern cordially Invited.
It. A. Merrlthew, N.O.; ,1. Robertson,
V. 0.\ \V. C. Coathiitn, I'. (I., reeord-
Ina Heeri-tnry; it \v. Bongstor, rttiao-
clal  secretury.
tor a  Manna,  Ltd. 1 - Funeral
nn.l im(>ahn,-rH     Parlors 40fi '.
��� Ireet.    N,w   \V,'.st,Tiln��t.*r.     Ph
w. K. FALE8���Pioneer Funeral Dlraotof
and   lanl.aliii.'i*.   fi I - - ���"����� 1 N   Akii'-s   street,
opposite Carneffle Library.
-   SSI.
Changes  In  Government.
Winnipeg,      Aprll      16.  -Important
changes In the  Manitoba government
are  pending.    The  immediate   retirement of Hon. Colin Campbell, minister
Of  public  works,  Is  looked  for     Mr.
Campbell's state of health Is such that.
i It Is said that It will he Impossible for
Englehart hoard cf  him to continue, to discharge his  du
Mr.  K Is, p. of  Mnnltou,  Man
chosen   by   the   vestry  to
fill the rectorship of St. Alban's, Ke-
nor 1
,\l mbi rs of th
trade sat many In.nrs In healed dis- ties as a cabinet, minister. Ills retire-
cusBlon aa to thc t.i-.niion of T. & N. ment will be the occasion nf a shuffle
0.  hind   in  Cobalt,     Nothing  was de-   In the cabinet and the vacancy created
s  to he rilled  by  B.  L. Taylor,  K.C,
he well known lawyer of tlle cily.
��� " "''' _
o      Navigation cn the Oreat  Lakes  1
��� Open  now so far as Port Arthur am
��� I Port   William are  concerned,    Th.
��� Port  Arthur council   sent  a telegram
��� to tho  Dominion government asking
��� that  all  possible measures be taken
��� for an Immediate opining of the wa
��� jterways at the other end of the lake.
��� j    Bollinger Oold Minis Company paid
��� this weik Its sixth n gular four week-
��� ly dividend of three per cent., or fif-
��� .teen Centa a share    Profits from Jan.
��� 1  to  Feb.   25 totalled   $241,000.     Dlvi*
��� Idends of $180,000 were paid during the
��� j period.    For the first time tho com-
��� i pany made public Ita operation costs,
��� j which   iu  the four  weeks   ended   Feb.
��� 25 wer" JO,714 a ton -$3,5S8 for mln-
��� !lng and 51,4113 for milling.
��� ���
���j                            QUEBEC.
2     All  the country  within  ten    miles
��� ra.l:iis of Montreal along the St.. Law-
*: ronci  and Ottawa rivera is seriously
��� suffering  from  floods  caused  by  Ice
��� jama.
a Forty-two  men  and   fourteen  gtme
^ cockB wire captured In a raid liy    a
0 quad of police on a cocking main in
A lhe plumbing establishment of Thos
^   Moll,  .Montreal.
��� 1 )nvin Mowe, caretaker of the llras-
��� coupe Lake Fishing and (lame (Tub.
4 18 nulls north of Manlwakl, was Bhol
^ and   ecrtouBly  wounded   by  his  Btep
��� Uon, la iter Poole, during a fight be-
0  tween the two men.
��� !    Mini Nellie MacNlchol, of Montreal,
Ikeda Copper Mines Sold.
Prince Kupert, April 17, The Ikeda
;roup of copper claims on Moresby
Bland have been sold to an Unglisii
lyndlcate, One of the owners of tho
iroperty was W, ll. Armstrong, of
Vancouver, The price paid for tho
.iroperty has nct yet been made
Cracked Prince on Knuckles.
Thc Duke of Connaught has
warded t.. the (i T.i;. Company 1
quest Irom Jdiiics P. Del ph. an
employe ol tli * Company in Kingston,
Ior his pension money. Mr. Delph
was wiih lhe company since 1870. He
was once a drummer in the iloyal
Canadian Rifles, and wben the late
King I'.ilwnnl visited Kingston 111 I-lftO
as Prince of Wales and tensed tlie
youthful drummer, the latter cracked
tho royal visitor irently across the
knuckles with bis .-tick.
Amend Election Laws.
Phoenix, An/, April 10. A pro
posed amendment to (he nlncti
laws, providing for the use of rolari
ballots at general elections ns well ns
at primaries, was killed in the lower
houae of the Arizona legislature today by a vote of 2-2 to B. The Democratic assemblymen declared the
amendment was designed to confuse
the volers and to allow minority
party candidates to slip Into office,
lhe senate passed the three cent
fare bill.
*****************   president   1 f
the   C
McNlcoll,    vice
P.   K���  haa  had
Baking Powder
A pure, wholesome, reliable Grape
Cream of Tartar Baking Powder.
Improves the flavor and adds to
the healthfulness ot the food.
ter-at-law. solicitor, etc. TelophOD.
invo. Cal,I.- ;,,i,Ii,sh "Johnston."
Code. "We-stern Union.'' Office, Bill.
Illock.   f.f.2   ('..Iun,l,ta  street.   New   VVcltt-
mlnster, b. c
. BTILWBLL GLUTEI, UarrlHt,r-ut-law
solicitor, etc.; oorner Columbia ano
McKenzld ntre^l-B, New Wcsl minuter.
B. C.  p. o. Boi 112.    Telephone   710.
j. p. Hampton  bole,  barrister,
Solicitor nnd Notary. Ofric-s Ilart^
block. 21 lAtme street. New Wcstmin-
ater, IS. 0.
I-tarrlnlfi-H nnd Solicitors. (!(>& tn tl*
Weatmlnster Trust Week. r��. li. Mar-
tbi.   W.   Q,   McQuarrln   and  OeorVfl   L.
WH-rrBsiDS   KDMONns  a   whitb-
sldx ��� Barristers nnd H-nlloltnni, \v,-st-
mlnst^r Trust Blk.. Columbia street,
New Weul minster, II. C. Cable addres.
"WhltwilaV." Western Union. P. O.
Draw��r J����. Trl��Iihoni' tt W. J.
Whiteside, K. C. ; it. L. Edmonds, I>.
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room 22
Hart block.
stpr Board of Trade meets In the board
room. City Hall, as follows Third Friday of each inonth 1 quarterly tneetlns
on the third Friday of February, Muy,
AuipiHi and November at 8 p.m. Annual in-Nrtlngs on the third Friday of
February. H. H. Stuart Wade, secrr
COAI, MININO rlnhts of the Dominion
a .M.inlli.ha. Saskatchewan and AHmtIii.
lie Yukon Terrllory, the Northwest T,T-
Itortea und In u iKirtlon of lhe Province
���f British C.uimliia, may bo leased for a
"rm of twenty-One years at an annual
'���niul of Sl an acre. Nut i|*n* Hum 2f>f*
.cres Will be leusod lo one applicant.
Appllcallon   for a  lejisv  must   he   made
.V   the applicant  In  person to thp  Awnt
Siih-Aa-rnl of Ihe district In which lhe
rlBhta applied for are situated,
ln surveyed territory the lui
leserltwfl  by  seetlons,  or  bital   snti dlvl-
ilnns of sections, and In unsurveyed ler-
Itory the IrMI applied for shall ba
"tnkrd out by Ihe applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompunle-d
hy a fee of It which wlll hn refunded II
Ihe rluhts applied for aro not nvnllahle,
hut not otherwise. A royally shall he
nnld on the merchantable output of the
inlno at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operntlnK the mine sliall
furnish   the   Agent   with   Hworn    return*
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon, lf Ihe coal 111I11I11K rlRlits
are nol helnit operated such returns sltbuld
be   fumlHlied   at   least   once  a   year.
The lease, will Include the coal mining
rights only, tint the leasee wlll ho permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for Ihe workinK of the mine al the
rate of  tio an acre.
I'or full  Information application  should
be  made  to (he  Secretary  of till,   llepl.rl-
ment   nf Ihe  Interior,  Ottawa,  or   to  any
ARcnt or Sub-Agent of Dominion   Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorized puhlleallnn of till*
advertisement win not be paid far.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news. FRIDAY,  APRIL  18,  1913.
This     Style     Gives     a
Sprightly Look to Face.
, m*.     -.. .e��
or hills HrtiAiv im in.ru tunkh.
This new nn hnn type gives li sprightly look in Ibe face, and Its uprising
feather leuds inches to the figure.
The lint pictured In of satin straw
braid In graduated shades of blue, with
trimmings of blue and white fancy ribbon nml n while wlug ornament band-
ed Willi black.
An  Easy  Habit to Acquire,  but Difficult to Break.
It Is very easy to get Into tiie habll
of finding fault Nothing can I* as
easily iici|ulred ns the complaining
spirit, uud nothing Is so difficult lu rid
oneself of ns tills sume spirit after It
bas once gained control over us. Noth-
log seems right tv some people, mid If
it happens to be a father wbo la af
dieted with such a disposition his home
coming nt nighl Is dreaded rather than
Popular people are not chronic com
Uu through the Hat of your friends
for proof of tbls.
Tbe basis of popularity Is a cheerful
heart and a sympathetic soul, and ���
carping critic never has either
What If tbe chairs do need dusting!
now and then?    There are  for more
Important things In the world thsn in I
undusied chair, snd to shout about It
doesn't accomplish tbe dusting.
It only accomplishes III feeling, and
III   feeling   lends  to   harassed  nerves.
and harassed nerves lead to the grave
Just ns surely ns does cancer or tuber i
CUlotln or yellow fever.
It  Is selfish  to  make  those nmnnd
us miserable by our petty faultfinding.
��� ml soon our very presence becomes a j
Constriictlre criticism helps; deetrnc
tlve criticism Injures.
UjHT, gay dining room.
Use    Colonial    Landscape    Papers    Of
Paneled Effects on Wall.
Flrat nl ail, Nipt ISlsle de Wolfe In
11 uud Housekeeping. I think n dining
room should be light and gay If |i"K
sible always chouse n room which has
plenty of sunshine for n dining room.
The next Ihlng U the planning of u be
coming background fur the mistreat
of lhe house The loom should always
be guy mul eliiirinliig lu color, but the
color should be selected wllh due eon-
slileriillon for IN liecoiiilngiiess with
relation to tlie hosiess, Kvery woman
has n right to be pretty lu ber own
dining room.
The quaint landscape pi.pcrs which
sre seen In so many New ICnghinil
dining rooms seem tn belong with
American colonial furniture and wblte
Woodwork, the prim silver and tbo
gold blinded chliiii. These landscape
papers nre usually guy In effect and
make for cheer, There nre many new
iindscnpu designs less complicated
I linn the old ones. Then, lou, Ibere
lire charming foliage papers made up
uf leaves and branches and birds wblch
are very good.
I do not favor the dark, heavy treat
ments nml elaborate stuff hanging*
which seem to represent the taste of
most of the men who go Iii for decorating nowadays, Nine times out of ten
the dining room seems to be the glooml
est room In tlle house. I think It should
be ii place where Ihe family may meet
in gnycty of spirit for a pause In the
vexatious happenings of the dny. I
think light tones, gay wall papers, flowers and sunshine nre of more Importance thnn storied tapestries nnd hear!
ly carved furniture, These tilings nre
all very well for the house that has a
small dining room and a gala dining
room for formal Occasions us won, bul
there nre few such houses. I'aneleil
walls are alwaya possible. If you can't
afford wood paneling, paint the plaster
cd wall while or creuin nnd break it
Into panels by using a narrow molding
of wood Vmi enn get an effect of
great dignity hy lhe use uf molding
ut a few cents a font.
Al nils eaily ila'e most of Untee
eTWi Ufa ii Ide l.i'lmined. Willi a slight
il.n-e uii one side, while others huvu a
decided roll ull around, the ondei- lu-im
seinlfiiilng of changeable silk, lhe iv
ti'cnio oiiler edge being colored with
Straw, Most ,,r these bats have very
little trimming Rome hats have only
one large quill, which pcnetnilos the
brim on the left side. Three suiull
bright red velvet bows are nlso used to
trim thu side crown uu tlie left side
Another becoming shape for dress occasion* bus (1 wide brim. Wblch droops
The Spring Motor Girl.
Bnff opuiige, or sponge cloth. Is the
material used for tbls motor costume
It is In Norfolk style and trimmed with
Charming Garnet For Children le Play
at Spring Parties.
These few suggestions mny prove
helpful tu lhe mm ber who luteuds li
entertain small folks:
A floral color Imil is nn luterestlm
game Any flower may be selected and
fastened with narrow ribbon iu twenty
or thirty different places
The flower Is displayed to tbe children, snd the number hidden Is lold
Knob child h given a p-em-ll and cord,
and ns he tlnds the flowers the place h
carefully noted, t;round trulls uuiy be
art with small green twigs
This game Is very |K>pular wllb young
fulks In Kngland
The trull uf the gseen leaf, -which
slmiiii) lie played out of doors, demands
tenses very much alert
Any variety uf green leaf Is selected|
and tied to Irees nnd shrubbery with
tttnull ends of gieen tape or rttiln.ii
The children ure not told how many
times ii is hidden, but at the expiration
of n given length of time nre asked tti
disclose how many times tbey have delected the leaf and where
Another charming open air hunt Is
the game of I'eler run.
A child dressed In represent Unit favored friend of youlb Is per. bed upon
n stone or In n tree. He (ells Ihe children lhat somewhere nbout the garden
is hidden ench anim.il mentioned In the
hook of I'eter I'nn.
The children -search diligently until
every nulmnl Is found and then are re
warded wltb their Uniting*.
hll.M.l.  UY  l.ll.l  OKB,
Slightly. The crown nnd upper brim
are made uf white ycdiln. The under
brim bus a black velvet facing edged
with knife plaited Valenciennes luce.
A wide piece of black velvet ribbon en j
circles the side crown nnd Is finished
nl the left side back In a soft knot
The euds are drawn over the edge of
| tbe brim and tied again teu Inches
I from tbe ends, tine large red rose Is
secured to lhe right side front of the
brim. A chic little hnt wllh crown of j
rainproof mallnes nnd brim of black
velvet ls this model by Ora Cue. the
man milliner. The malloes ls shirred
over cable cords, which gives the effect of plaiting, aud sn nlgret of tbe
malloes lu tbe only trimming.
"What Do They Know About lhe
Ottawa rliver?"
Ol I hleiitU nml old plaoet have a
very secure hoi I upon Lord .Strntli-
ci.nas affections Willi nil the honors heaped upon him, and the place
accorded him among lhe great ol nis
i wn nnd other countries, yet he ever
remembers first the ourly friends ol
Ins adopted land. The new must wa-.t
when the old [rieodt are nrouud to
talk   to   him   of   men  and   things   ol
Canada, At Illustrative of thlt, a well-
known judge, one ol Ottawa, now ol
Toronto, was in London Inst summer.
and while there called to pny hid respects to the High Coromiuioner. rianl
tlie judge, in speaking ol this call*.
"We talked of many things pertaining
to Canada, but what teemed to interest him in*.-I. nml uhoiit which hc
��as most anxious to have im talk,
were tiie friends he had known when
he   was   plain  Donald   A.   Smilh.       I
spoke oi Colan Rankin, one ol the
lew remaining men so long connected
wiih linn in the early days along the
Ottawa and i.. many charming lakes.
Hit heart teemed to In.uud (it m.'ii-
tion ol thu name. 'Ah,' sail he, it
is a long time ago when first I met
Colan.' And then he sat illent lor
��hat teemed minutes. Then slowly
nodding his head���'A long, lung lime
ago.' he  raminlscently continued.
"I would have taken ir.y leave a
number of times, but he K-pl detaining me with Inquiries ..f this or that
old friend, ol this or lhat old place
Cards of callers were brought in tu
him���cards of the titled ami others ol
prominence. Hut he sat and talked
on ol Canada and Canadians, leaving
the big ones to ��uit. Finally 1 aroae
to go. when hs touched my arm and
sai'i* '.Sit down. Sit down, Ihey can
wait. What do Ihey know about the
Ottawa  Riveif"
WU   opened   thlH  afternoon.     Detldet
Henry  Phlpps, whoae gift of 11,600.,-
ii'-'i made potalble the establishment
of the clinic, there wi re preaent more *
than Hid hading authorities on medicine from UiIb und foreign countries, j
Many of these scientists will tuke part I
iii  Ihe exercises which  will continue !
until   Friday
The feature of the opening exercises
waa nn adreas on "specialism In gen- ;
er.il hospitals" by Sir William Osier ol
Oxford University, formerly connected
with thc Johns Hopkins hospital.
Master A. S. Duncan Writes Splendid
Story in  High School   Paper.
Ma.iter A. S. Duncan has a spirited
talfl Of love and war In the Pharos
Tor March. .The Pharos Is llie tcbol-
asllc organ of tlm Royal City High
The scenes are laid lu the Balkans
and the Turkish empire during the
progress of the Ilalkan war.
His hero Is a young Bulgarian
cavalry officer, his lady love the
daughter of an artillery officer.
Dmitri Karanoff. the hero, performs
astonishing fonts of valor both at
home and on the battlefield, notlce-
ubly his action with the Itaehi Ilaz-
Tho story Is, on the whole, well
written, the various Incidents groun-
ed In good order and the personal adventures of Dmitri picturesquely and
vigorously described.
The writer naively admits Ills experiences have not reached that stage
where he can describe adequately
the lovemakings of Dmitri and liis
sweetheart Katrima Frischua, but he
describes iiie excitement in Sofia over
the declaration of hostilities like a
war correspondent, and the fighting
scenes like a veti ran.
The story is somewhat marred by
incongruous spellings   of the Balkan
names, but otherwise  it  Is excellent.
ECL'^a vl   i      ib
:jwr deafer
faq profit, ...
But it does loave a lasting favorable
impression upon the palates ol all giving
it a trial.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Culinary Newness.
t'bixulnto creaui roll Is a delirious
bread lh.it Is little known by lhe nver
age housewife. Hero Is a re-elpe thai
���nili appeal to the most fastidious tsute
llent three large eggs very light wllh
out Heparallng the whites anil yolks
tiriidiiully beat iu one cupful and a
half of granulated Mignr. (wo table
spoonfuls of melted butter, three
ounces of melted chocolate and I hen
half   a   cupful   of   lukewarm    water
AUTOMOIUl.lt 000TOMB 1�� BCF�� ��OS��.
metal buttons nnd a patent leather belt.
The little motor bonnet Is of deep
cream hemp veiled wltb buff colored
Chiffon nnd ndorned wltb a fsney
feather lu buff and white colorings.
Fer ths Breakfast Tabls.
A convenient adjunct of the break
fast table for two Is an electric toaster
which will tonst roost daintily Iw.
.dices of bread In a minute nnd s hsi'
���llie m-lec Is shout fix
For Panama Exposition.
Boston. April 17. An appropriation
of $51)0,000 for a Massachusetts building at the Panama-Pacific exposition
was recommended today by thc special state committee appointed by the
governor, in a communication to tho
legislative commltten on federal relations.
I lll��ol.\TK CIIKAU   roll,
l..'��tl.v   heal   In   une   cupful   of   siftihi
pastry Hour, une fourth cupful of pn
into Hour (half n cupful of ordinary
flour may replace the smaller i|iinti0t;
of pol.'ito flniiri. half a level teaspoon
ful uf soda, any* tlie Boston Tonkin-,
School M.iuii/.liie. and s slightly round
Ins ieii->po(iiifiil of i-reuni of tartar sift
ed together. The cake should he les.
than three-fourths uf an Inch thick
when linked Trim off the crisp edges
Spread at once with mantliruulltiw
i renin tilling and roll up like a Jelly
roll Hull In wilted |ui|H-r anil set
aside a short time. Then spread the
outside with "dut" chocolate melted
over warm water or wllh a confectioner'' frosting made uf a square uf melt
e,1 chocolate, three table-spoonfuls of
boiling water, half a teaspmuifiil ol
vaidiln and confectioner's Migur (slftedi
us needed.
When Cleaning Rugs.
Avoid hanging rugs on the line, as It
weakens the edges l>o not use n wire
heater Place the rug on the grass, bent
lightly with a rattan lieater on l.oih
��� ides. After this Is done sweep on
imiii sides, taking care lo sweet" With
the nap Wipe off with a cloth, wet In
water and turpentine.
Prairie Flret Raging.
Radvlllo, Sask., Aprll 17.���Pralrlc
flros which ragod through the hills
south of Radvllle burned a atrip from
15 to 20 miles wide, destroying thousands of acres of grazing. Three or
tour farmers were burned out.
Importance    of    This    Health    Facter
Often Overlooked by Parente.
Tbe mother wbo wishes to preserve
the health of tbe school child must attend carefully to the question of diet
The child ut school Is giving out en
ergy all tlle time, und food Is requisite
lo provide energy for tbe work.
The child requires a good deal of fat.
because fat provides energy, keeps the I
Issly wurui and Is necessary during the
time  of  growth     Butter,  cream  andl
rich milk provide fut In easily digested ,
form.    The schoolhoy'a craving for suet \
dumplings Is physiological tu the sense
Unit suet provides animal fat In a par
liclllarly suitable form for tbe schoolroom menu.   Porridge and cream, white
tlsb. soft boiled or scrambled egg. vn
ried with fat bacon, and a enp of cocoa
er milk provide a variety of choice fur
breakfast    The breakfast meal should
he varied as much as possible     A little
fruit may lie served In season Instead
of porridge     Hrown  bread  may ticca
hlonnll.v    be   glveu   Instead   of    ��hlte
Polls or scones or oatmeal cake.  Willi
fresh preserves, are excellent for break
For dinner finely cut chicken, beef
lomh or mutton, with snob vegetables
as potato, cauliflower, spinach, resets
hie marrow, followed by milk pudding,
light pastry, chocolate shape or egg
eustan! as a sweet, may be given
l-'resh fruils ln their season should lie
given two or three times a week al
least for dinner, nnd bilked apple with
cream is an easily digested sweet for
The school child has generally only
ihrce meals a day. so that ten should
he a more ample meal than that al
lowed for grownups, Plenty of bread
and butter. With honey or homemade
Jelly, II Utile stewed fruit If It has nei
heen served at dinner or breakfast and
occasionally n scrambled egg or cheese
custard, provide a nourishing ten ��lien
children have the appetite lo digest ll
It must not he forgotten, however, lhal
to compel a child who is not hungry t
lake a large meal wlll only overtax lhi
digestion and may lie the cause of
school dyspepsia. A tumblerful "f milk
at bedtime Is the best "anp|ier" for ih,
younger school children at least Aftei
eleven or twelve years of age must
tchnol tsiys and girls will want bread
nml butter In addition for supper.
Sisters In  Lav/.
Debarred from tlie bar by an over- '���
whelming vote, combated against but
feebly by a lu young barristers, lirit-j
ish woman in llr,tain must abide by ���
the decision which the liar Association announced ut its annual meeting.
Meanwhile, In Canada, women stu-i
dents may enter the law schools and.
afterwards,  practice law if they have
a mind to.   This is thanks to tne pio-;
neer efforts of Clara llrett Martin.   At,
OagOOde   Hall,   at   tbe   present   time,
three women are in attendance: Mi4��
Jean Cairns, who took good standing
in her third year, at Christmas, and
Miss Buckley and Miss Paterson. both!
in their  lirst year, nine and ten in
thc large list on Uie recent examinations.
It is now fifteen years since tlie:
innovation and four young women
have been graduated in law: Miss
Martin. Miss Powley, Mias Uewaon
and Mi���� Robinson��� as Tbe Evening
Telegram, Toronto, informs us "Miss
Martin is practicing law in Toronto,
and Miss Powley in Kort William
Miss Hewson and Miss Robinson have
married." A lawyer's training will
hardly be  lost in tlie home!
It��uas interesting to note, recently,
that the first women student in the
history of the Manitoba Law Society
wrote her first intermediate examinations. This was Miss Melrose Bissons,
of Portage lu Prairie. Miss 8isaons
took ber U..V. degree at Uie University
ol Manitoba, taking first-class honors
in history and political science. In
law she is making a creditable showing.
The   Lowest   Bidder?
How  well these  legal  men understand one another.    When the public
accounts committee organized lor work
this session it was found the Government had inaugurated a new ft-uture.
It   had   engaged   a   lawyer  to  act   ��.-
guide,   counsellor   and   friend   to   the
members    of   the    committee,     Party
spirit runs high during  .' liberations j
ou public accounts, anj Mr. Stewart
has   had   bis   troubles.     Carvell,   tbe
pugnacious,  has  told  hlm   his place;
"Billy"  Bennett and "Doc"  Kdwards
have  rallied to his aid. and  Middle
bro,   the   dilettante,   from   tbe chair
man's diss, has pleaded ami ex post u
lated all in vain.   But it fell tu U.'U.
Mackenzie, tbe canny  Scot and  man
of peace from Cape Breton, a foruiei
judge, by the way, to administer tbe
effectual coup.
Stewart had just promulgated tin-
excellent maxim that all Government
contracts wcre awarded to Uie lowest
"Ah," put in the soft voice of Mr.
MacUenzie, as though a great light
were breaking upon him, "then we
may understand, sir tnat you were
tn,' lowest tenderer for this lawyer
Members on both political sides
joined in the roar of laughter which
lollo.ie.l.   Canadian  Courier.
Seattle, April 18.��� Mull advicec
from Alaska say men with horses and
dog learnB ure now busily engaged In
hauling machinery over the snow trail
to both tlie Anliik and Bear creek
placer camps. The machinery now going in is for prospecting work, and
consistH of boilers und hoisting engines, steam drills, hand drills, hollers
and steam pumps, portable sawmill
outfits and a great mass of smaller
stuff needed for the work of prospecting the ground.
Ab much of the pay ground Is located above tho timber line, a corps of
men Is getting out wood for summer
use. Others are busy sledding In provisions.
Tho government reindeer were
pressed Into Bervlce and a drove of 40
have been freighting in the coarser
stuff nearly all winter.
Tickets at Lowest Rates
To   all   Eastern  destinations and to
���Mondays -Prince Rupert. Stewart, MaBsett.
Tuesdays���Victoria and Seattle.
���Thursdays    Prince Rupert, Granby Uay.
Fridays -Alert I!ay, Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Ocean Falls, -Qu-eeu
Charlotte island (direct service, fast time).
Saturdays    Victoria  and   Seattle.
���CloBe connection at Prince Kupert wllh Grand Trunk Pacific Railway trains for  points East to Hazclton.
II. G   SMITH. C   P. ft T. A. W. E. DOPBROW, Q. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134.        VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 GrsmvUla ���traat
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria
for storage, light manufacturing,, clnb �������� or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease Apply
to Manager The New Westminster New*.
Lilt* Darning.
If yuu wish to embroider silk slo. L
ings try ihe following plan Instead of
.ming nn embroidery hoop; finer you.
darning ball Inside the Btoeklng iinu
hold It us though yuu were going hi
ilu iu. save Hint you should be very
direful not to stretch the stinking
Simply bold It smooth over the dnriiei
where you nre to do the embroidery
Preparing Cocoanul.
When desiring lo use fresh eooniinnt.-
for u cake or dessert of nny kind, lu
���.tend of grating it in lhe old way. use
he ment chopper This mny be limn
nore ipllckly. nnd the coconnut is llglu
mil tlulTy This Is well worth Irylui:
���".pet-hilly if yon sre preued for time
Fingers nre often bruised through ui
itljl the grater.
Toronto, April 16.--Three hundred
teamsters from tho Dominion Transfer company engaged by tho Canadian
I'aelflc railway and 200 from the Sheldon Forwarding company and Hand-
rlea, employed by tho Grand Trunk
railwday, went on Btrike this morning
for nn Increase in wages from $50 to
$55 per month, The C. P. R. escaped
the trouble by promising their men
that lf thoy remain on the Job tho
compnny will pay whatever tho other
two companies agree io.
Tin   f artisan   Spirit.
How this party spirit ia permeating
,,i:r whole legislative system I Very
recently, under the auspices ol Assistant Secretary Dick, ol tbe Dominion Conservation Commission, a
somewhat extensive and valuable book
was issued under the title, "Mining
Rescue Work."
There came, however, tbe other du>,
s communication to thc officers "i
publication, ll wai addressed to "Mi
H.ck. secretary of the Conservation
Commission," and briefly staled that
the necessary postage stamps were
enclosed for a copy ol Uie hook Oil
'Tarty Rescue Work." ��� Canadian
Hit Mother Canadian.
Captain John Gilmour, t...' Unionist
member for Fast Renfrewshire, whom
Mr. Ilonar Law selected as une of the
Opposition Whips iu place ol Mr. Wilfrid Ashley, is tiie son uf a Canadian
lady. Sir John Qilmout married a
daughter of Mr. Duvid Gilmour. of
Quebec, and Cupta.u Gilmour is the
eldest ol their three sons, and the
heir to the baronetcy conferred by the
late Lord Salisbury on Sir John in
1*17. Both th j new Whip and hia
lather have repeatedly tried conclusions at tbe p I with Mr. Asquith in
Kast Fife, but without dislodging him
Irom tlie only constituency which be
has ever represented.
Baltimore, Md., April 16.���Tho
Henry Phlpps Psychlatrlcolln, a new
unit of Johns Hopkins hospital tor
tho treatment and study of every
phniii. of mental disorder, under the
direction of Dr. Adolfe Myer, formally
All Telephones
Lead to
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
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FRIDAV,  APRIL   18,   1911
Two  Lines Will Ccnnect Port Arthur      John B. Wayman Fired Two Bullets
Direct with Chicago ar.d tnta  Own  Bcdy���No  Hope  for
Buffalo. Recovery.
Wlnn'pe:;, \ i r 11 17. Tho establish
���ruenl thi;; summer of two freight ser-
vlci .; , *i the Oreat I,akos, connec-tins
Port Ailii;:: ilirect with (Ihlcago and
Uuffalo, ha i he n announced. In both
Casi s tlie freight tariffs will be
equalled to those to Duluth, thua put
ting ihe Canadian port on an equal
baals m.iIi ihe present outlet.
Afier ii tliuruugli investigation of
the financial prospects in Western
Canada, the Mutual Transit company,
oue at Iho oldest carrierB on the
���Great Lakes operating bctwe-en Uuffalo. Cleveland and Duluth have ar-
rarg d lo establish a freight service
during the coming seaaon between
Buffalo, Cleveland and Port Arthur,
connecting at the latter point with
tbo 0. N. B.
It is expected that the flrst steamer
on thin new line will leave Buffalo
on M iv li There will bn sailings from
Buffalo, Cleveland and Port Arthur
every four or five days thereafter
throughout the entire navigation sea-
Tlie establishment of this line will
have un important effect upon tho
grain situation, as in addition to
carrying a certain amount of the fall
win it shipments it will greatly relieve (lie traffic pressure by providing
an outlet for Canadian freight.
In addition to the direct shipment
afforded western Importers of manufactured goods from the eastern
states, a new outlet will be created by
this Borviee iv.r the milling industry
of the west which export largely to
lhe eastern American cities, lip to
the present tliere Is no" direct communication by water between Buffalo
and  Port Arthur.
A Beoond Bervlce to the Canadian
perl v-ill ba Inaugurated by the Chicago and Dbluth Transportation company which has d"cldod to operate B
lino of Bteamers direct between Chicago nnd Fori Arthur this year, thus
establishing a d'rect lake and rail
route between Chicago and the Canadian  u est in connection with the C,
N. R.
ThiB lino ivill deal lurgely in manufactured gooda.
Chicago,   April   IT.     li hn   Iv   Way
man, former state attorney for Cook,
county, tired two bullets into his body !
at his resldenoe a1  8;<0 p.m. and Is I
lying at the point of ileiuh.   The rea-
win ascribed was a nervous breakdown
due to ill health
Wuyin.-tn had  bul   recently retired
from office and hud  gone Into a law
partnership with a tprmer assistant
He hud been conspicuous iii bis term I
in office in the prosecution of men ne-1
ensed of bribery  In  connection  with i
the   election   of   William   Lorliner   us|
United Slates senator, bad been active;
at the close of his Incumbency in closing  the  vice district   in  Chicago and I
had   undergone   a   strain   in   an   un-1
successful campaign  for the Republican nomination for governor.
For several weeks his physician:-.
had wafned hlm thai unless he quit
work entirely be undoubtedly would
die lie arose this morning but did
not dress.
Lato this afternoon be turned a revolver on himself pending two bullets
into his body below tiie heart.
Efforts of ihe family to conceal tho
facts of the attempted suicide has
c&usi d the spread of sensational rumors tbat Wiiymnn had heen assassinated by tome criminal,
Physicians tonight held out no hope
of Mr. Wayman'S recovery.
missing schoonfr
found in ocean
His Majesty Waxed Reminiscent as
He Examined the Luxuries of Modern Seafaring���Capt. Lionel Hal-
soy, the. Commander, Served With
the Naval Brigade In thc South
Alri:an War.
When tlie battle-cruiser New Zealand, tlie tr j ft of the young Dominion,
i" ft I'l.rl-moulli recently on her 411-
Wil m I s Knipire voyage she took
with her llie Sailor King's own wish
for "iiii iiiteresfing and enjoyable
StaniUng bn the upper Heck in admiral'? iinifarni. surrounded by high
Admiralty iMficinls. Captain nalsey,
and the officers of tho ship, his Majesty sand' he hoped nil on hoard
would come bnck snfely in October,
and bide tbem ' Good-bye."
Before the N-w Zeu'ii'ml left the
King win esci.it-il round the ship.
The In-uicctiim was a very thorough
one, and short nf the stokehole hi-.
Majootjl must have sen practically
everything tliere is to see.
His Majesty was accompanied into
th�� barbette of n 12-Inch gun by Lieut.
R. T. Down, the gunnery lieutenant
of the Nev Zealand, The gun was
loaded ,���:( full speed with a dummy
round, Rijaeistlng of nn SSli-poun.l
shell ni)..,l dummy cordite cylinder,
and so easily was lhe huge' weight
manipulated that it. was easy to understand lhat three rounds per minute was well within the capacity of
lha iiiii and the highly-trained crew
manning lier.
In the bakery the King became
reminisosnt. Pointing to the row- .*.f
cm ly loavea frcs'i from the oven, he
remarked to Captain Halsey; "We
didn'? get .anything like that when
wc were youngsters, Weevily biscuit
and mouldy flour wer" often the ra
tlons in tlie old days, but everything
has changed for tlie letter now."
Continuing   iii-   tour, his   Majesty
Our May Day fcotival is year by
year gaining additional charm and
interest throughout the province and
Canada, while at the same time the
fact is never lost sight of by Ito workers that it is purely and simply a
children's festival.
Therefore reminiscenceo and suggestions from old timers, native sons
and daughters, from Critish Columbians born elsewhere, from any one
who can tell his or her fellows something that may be of help to the still
further Improvement of the festival,
cr may be of general or historical Interest, wlll be welcomed as contribu
tions to this column by thc New Westminster News.
' Hippy  hearts ard  happy faces,
Happy  play In grassy  places,
That  was   how  In   ancient  ages
Children grew to kinis and sages."
After   Nearly   Two   Decades   Battered
Hull of Three Master Discovered
in Alaska.
toniinning in- lour, n.s majesty
was highly amused nt the upholstery
of the gun-room.    The mid.lie  who
Chllllwack, April 17. A farmers
co-operative selling agency is be.-iu
ning to lake definite form in this
Bocii.i!! ol the Fraser valley anri a
general mealing of the farmers ol
the dietrlcl is called to take place In
the city ball on Saturday afternoon
When a general discussion will lake!
pine,   on  l'i ' Bl i.ject. J
flcputy    Minister    of    Agriculture]
William   1*1   Scott, of Victoria, ia tak
ing nn active Interest  in  the   movement,  while tho support of the B. C.
Electric through  Mr   Allan  Purvis. In I
term bin   manager,  has  been  assured :
Mr   Purvis will probably attend    Cue
meclirtg on Saturday in the interests;
of tli" company
(Continued from page onei
Tacoma, April 17.    After nearly two
Idecodes of silence, the north i'.-icific
ocean  has yielded  the  secret, of the
j disappearance of the   American  c:m
| ler'y schooner Sadie I*'  Caller, of San
Francisco.    Walter  Gray,  a  Tacoma
J diver, has located the battered hull of
Ithe Etaunch three master In 60 feet
J of water near Chlgnik lagoon, Alaska,
and expects to recover approximately
* $20.( "I In Balvage during the summer
I Oray  was  putting  down  a  fish  trap
| it. the lagoon lasl July and invetl gating an obstruction came astride the
i schooner's rail.
.Scratching away an accumulation of
barnacles he was able to muke out the
schooner's name.    Cpon Investigation
: he found thai the schooner hud been
J lost about 18 yenrs ago while carrying ,
; n bullion from San  FranclBco to Alaska nnd he has been quietly making
arrangements   since    to salvage the
!' ullion under   an   arrangement with '
Alaska packer.'; who will  furnish  hun ;
with   material  and   help    and    divide |
what  Is  found.    Cray   is  now on bis!
way north.
Yesterday the members of the
grounds committee were to be seen ut
Queen's Park discussing ways and
means, and, It Is understood that aomi
decision has heen arrived at by which
it will he possible to have lhe 'distribution of Ihe candles In the frefih air.
At any rate the feeling is that no new
path of endeavor to solve this re
markable problem should be left un
trodden. It- Ir to be hoped, however,
that no one else will be trodden upon
A flight error crept Into the Initial..
of Mr. W. A. Cillley's name yesterda)
in the report in these pages. The master of ceremonies was lhere shown ns
w. it. Gilley. "W. A." li is, not "W.
II." initials are an Inherited blessing
or otherwise, and while writing of
them, it is rumored th it two "J. .L"s
re out practicing sprinting in the
early dawn these days In readiness
or an annual event from which the
iresa 1ms hitherto been rigidly
Today lhere is given h.-loiv the lasl
;   r lhe three dances that It is hoped
I will  be efficiently  performed  al   thi
lay   Day  celebrations.    1'   Is  called
y  a  name   that   Is   reminisci al   -pf
Mck.:' I i nd ccachlrg days or < f the
'arraers Jogging   along   between thc
! 'irdges hark home from marki I     Tha
I nice Is ll little less simple th n ';i - e
hat have here been outlined   hut the
ml., trio can easily I*.* masl n d by
illdren inside of au hour     Iff' r thai
is simply n matter of practice.
The Flack Na***) Da-vce.
jump and bring hands down on four.'
Second and third, ditto.
All turn round to right.    Four imps.
Hi peal the san... third couple leading.
Second figure:--
A.    "Partners  side."    Four running;
steps to the rlghl. turn to lefl on tour|
uud run back four Steps.
li.   Corners cross over.
First hoy and third girl Change hack
to back four steps.
First girl und third boy ditto.
Centres, ditto.
All turn round to right four hops,
liepeat to placis.
Third figure:
A     Arm   right  with  partner  round
for 8,    Knd iu places,
Arm  left  ��Hh  partner round  for S
Knd in places,
II.    "Whole  Hey"  for    boys    while
girls, stand still ns follows:
The three hoys form a figure of s.
First boy turns out t" liis left and j
forms a half circle passing In front of ���
third boy to third boy's place.
Second boy always tollqws first boy,
starting lu to his right and making a I
whole circle to Ills left so that third j
boy passes in between hlm and first |
Third boy turns out to hla right, and
forms a half clrclepasslng In between
first and  second  boyB to first boy's j
placo so  forming.
Returning do exactly the same, first
going lo his right and third to his left. ,
This movement is done there and .
hack  without  stopping,  skipping.
llirls do exactly  the same.
All curtsey and bow on last beat.
Dance In sixiS.    Three
'in*,* girls.
'ii-sl  figure: ���
Holding right hands,
A.   Four running steps
our hack.
Ri pi at.
Face partners holding I
II.    First couple slip up
rward anil
ith hands,
hree steps,
lhe following is a complete list to
date ef the ; ositions of file alarm
boxes in this city:
���1- -Fourth avenue and Sixth.
6���Royal city Mills.
7   -Sixth avenue  and  Sixth.
i��� Roysl av����iie util Eighth,
if���Fifth avenue **i Twelfth
12-   Agnes Btreet  nud  Mcrrlvulo.
13���Cumberland streel  and  Harvey.
14���Columbia uni  Dufferin.
Ki���Urunettc  Mills. Sapperton.
16���Royal Columbia* Hospital,
17��� Hospital and Richmond.
L'I���Qiie-tn'p avenue and Third.
22 Hoyal avenue and S icond.
i."',���Quern's aisauo and Skth.
24���Third avenue and tec cud.
23 Fifth avenue and Fourth,
2i'.���Fifth avenue and Eighth.
���7���Third avenue aud Tenth.
29    Sixth  avenue  and  First.
:i!    Carnarvon street and Begble.
Viiiies and Sixth,
:'l    Front sir.-el and Merrlvale.
""���Columbia  an 1   McKenzie.
'IB���C. P. R. Station
42���Small and Bucklln Mills
Ifl���B. c. K. it. Rallwav Car Shops.
45-SMh avenue and Tenth.
Id     i-|"'*th avenue ami Twelfth
17    S'xth avenue and  Fourteenth.
In nnswi i*. tlie patriarch handed
him Rampolla'8 leiter to read. Then
lie added:
"Bul in Venice, I am master."
Manv cardinals, high prelates, members of the aristocracy and the grand
maslei if the Knights of Malta also
called -il the Vatican to make In-
quiii. -i and showed great relief at the
favorable reports,
Or.   Amici  visited  the patienr twice
tonight   and    administered    rcmidies
for the  cough, and  chloral  fnr    rest
lessness   afier whiqh the pontiff went .
Jrarifi Ily to sleep.
Deny    Reports.
In spite of the official reports, there
are reports   ennanatliig    from    other
Botn   i-s  that   fhe    pope    is snTfering 1
froi *   nileric   icleroslB  and   a  variety
Of   Other   diseases,   but   doctors     cm  |
|ihu I .illy denj this, and declare that I
these   reports    ure     comparable   with
lhe   stories   In   circulation   that  Car ;
���dir.il  Oreglla, ib-an if lhe sacred col
log ���    Ins   claimed   Hie   privilege     en |
Joyi .1   since  lhe middle ages by    tbi
Card :i:*l.-i  of assisling   the  pontiff    in
*is bedroom  *hsn iieriously ill.   and
thai  Cardinal fives y Tuto bad visit
Cd  Pope Pius and compiled    his    re
tigious  will     No SUCb  privileges Inn
been claimed a- Cardinal Oreglia   is
confini il lo ins apartment    by   gout
mid Cardinal Vivos y Tuto is -severely
uff"<-'< .1 by cerebal anaemia.
Many remedies have been received
Ht the Vatican, and the pope has been
cspec ally imiclied by the thoughtful
ficsK of a Venetian pharmacist who
attended to ibe needs of thc Patriarch Sarin in Venice. He sent a
preparation of his own manufacture
wblcb Professor Marchiafava ap-
imiiod and prescribed.
Accidental Gas Poisoning.
Winnipeg, April 17. A verdict of
accidental death attaching blame to
no one was returned last night at Iho
Inqui ni held on the bodies or Oeorge
Skill. I in ml, and KonBtanline Der-
oacs, victims nf gas poisoning In the
Ideal  bath house on Jarvis avenue on
Monday,   a recommendation that fu
tun fumigation Of a like nature
Bhould only U0 done in vacant build
ings and under the supervision of the
City Officials was incorporated in the
. Vwmg Kid Carter Says He Committed
Many   Crimes   In   Western
Beaton, April 17. "I killed Mildred
Donovan. That was only one of
many murders that I committed
That is all I have lo say. What do
you think of thai f"
This confession was uttered from
the -dock In the superior court today
by William .1. Bennings, known in the
prize ring as Young Kid Carter, just
-afliT be bad been found guilly of
lulling William ||. MacPherson, n
bartender, on New Y"ur's Day. and
bad been sentenced to Imprisonment
for Iffe in boasting of the success
-which he hml accomplished In evad
ing punishment ror hla deeds, th.
, prisoner sail,
"It   was as late as   1910 thai   1   bent
jtlie cops at iheir own game   In Jackson,  Mich.    My  pal.   Il.rt  Smith,  was
r mud guilty or murder In the Becond
' di gree, bul l gi i oul i r It,   Leave it
tO   IIU-.     1   was   lili-ieil    up   ill   lots     of
other murders, bnl they were   in the
western  pan  of  the  country  when
j  hi v  hav.- no i bei lie chair and I can
ifely say  that  no man  was hanged
f r any of ilu  crimes I committed.
Breaks Cylinder  Head.
Norri III.     Va .     April      17. Tin*
steamer City if Baltimore, from Hal
thnore to Norfolk with freight and
passengers, broke a cylinder head 101
miles hehm Annapolis. Md., lasl
nighl. Tin- steamer Alabama, also
from Baltimore to Norfolk, answering a wireless call from the City of !
Baltimore, look aboard i.e passengors
and  landed  them  in   Norfolk today
Mother Attempts Suicide.
Hi Catharines, Onl . April 17. -
(iriof over the death of her daugbtei
on Sunday led Mrs. K. Bowman, of
Grantham, to attempt her own life.
Bhe attempted to throw herself Into
b well, and after tho funeral yester-1
day   attempted   to   bang   herself,   both j
trials    Icing    frustrated.    She    was
broughl  to lhe cily  toda>   and  placed
linrii r   medical   care.
Another  Auto  Accident.
Santa Anna, Cal. April 17. Three
persons were killed here to-day whin
the engine of an automobile in Which
the-) w.rc riding went dead on tho
tracks In front of an electric flier
Whl tl crashed into tho motor oar.
The lead are O. D. Heard and wire,
ton il. "I Gallon*)., and more lately
or l os Angeles, and .1. N. Cain of
S.ui i i Anna, a realty operator, and a
ini-ii,ie i ol the board or education of
tin.-. : I . I
Not Pari tf Fer. equipment.
Fori S'. .* ��� Ore.. April I r
fcknel s , ,.:. b, commanding ofr cor
ai thi fori li re, Btated today that
ihe ,-iiii rafl i. porti d to have bi on
flighted oft ihe Oregon coaHl was not
pan ol the furl equipment.
Wilson Gives Dinner.
Wnsliiiigi-ii. April If. President
Wilson gave a dinner lasl nighl to
the members ol his cabinet, li was
Ihe first formal function or his ad-
iiiinislralion. I
CAPT.  I lOXRI. IlAI.fl-Y,  R.rr,
inhabit if have given the matter much
noxious thought, with llie r.--o't thai
it rather suggests a 8Uffragette'3 bnu-
rl ir. Either l>>- accideril Or .1 -icn
the JdecoTJtlons^ cho��en nr- onov
nnd green; so that when do tablecloth is laid the color schem? would
rejoice lhe heart <f the Women's Social and  Political I'nion
Returning t.. the upper d ek. the
King lipcnme much int<-r -t- .| in the
gyroscope c-mnpaSA, which i- non
magnetic,  and  always  points  to thi
0 rt'i.    Experiments hav.'   f..r   Borne
1 ie.. been ma/ie in the navy with this
compass, but the New Zealand is th*
!!>���-' warship to be permanently fiii'.l
with it.
Th,. ship's ma-cot was brought out.
He ia a line bull-pup, nml Mr Pom-
eroy, who gave him to the ship's c-.m-
pany, called him Pe'.orus Jack, the
name civ.-n by men sailing in Nrw
Zealand waters to the murine moils' r which lor mnny yenrs used to
pilot vessels intu harbor.
In Capt. Lionel Halsey tlie Nevt
'/, aland has a commander who is ser.
of a cordial reception, not only in the
!'��� minion which presented the ship
ti the Empire", but also nt every port
visited during the 40,000-mlb voyage
which is to be mad-" by the vessel.
II. rendered gal,nnt serv ce in the
South  'frienn  war, nn.l was with l'i
v.,vn|   |.,:���.,,| .  ���|,i,.*b  t.,',1;  p���rt   in  tb ,
relief of l.nily.-milh. nis wife in the
youijo st ....i.jol r of ii brave  ���  . ..
: In up Major Urenvil'.e, one of Ihe
h roes who marched  to the  relief ..I
lu *l;n*.v.*     I'ri-t.  Ilal-rv i- the son '.I
il, III Hon Thos. i*\ li.l y. .*
I Ind li - Ln. H-r's nn estnl ��� which
oi been :n lh*- ; o ��� linn of thc
family ior more tlmn four g.'ni rations,
Firs':  Yarks   P.-rmicr.
Mi ' - in.Hi. who Is tn bo pros*.nlo,I
i lib tin- freedom ���.! Mori -.*,. his en
live place, is. - . far a can in re 'all
ed, the only V. rk >hir .man who lias
��� ver been Prim ��� Mit it-tei. Lane .
ihire, "ii the ..ther hand, i no point t
three Gladstone (Liverpool). Peel
(r.eai Kuryi. ami Lord Derby (Knows
ley). Tho north can nlso claim Lord
irey (Northumberland), nml pmoncsl
Ihosc born on the other side '*f thi1
I'we.'il were Lord Rule. Lord Ab '
leen (both in Edinburgh), and S.i
Henry ' nmyboll Banncrman (Glas
/ow); while Mr. Rn. four waa Isirn
it   Vi h.ttingehame
Swallowed   Pins  In  Sleep.
A remarkable m-**" has been treat
.���I in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. A
in,lined woman, who ��*��< a pntlenl
Hi re, wns .operated upon, when no
'.'-.ver tlmn seventy-three ordinary
pins, eleven hairpins, nn.l n small
piece ..f sleel were found in the in
le-.tinns Tin. woman ia unable to
account tor thjeir presence there, in*
inlj possible explanation being that
i r n considerable period she had,
luring -l"",i, exlracted a pin from
her nightdress and swallowed it- Shi
is statc.l to be recovering
Those Wh�� He!y on
the great homo remedy which has proved ita power to
relieve safely and speedily tho minor ailments arising
from defective cr irrejrular action of the organs of
digestion, find thcmselvea epered hours of suffering
and abb to ward cl the  attacks rf serious sicknesss.
npvier disappoint thoso who tako them. They help the
digestion, stirnulE,to the liver, clear tlio kidneys and regulate the bowels. Dy purifying tho blood they increase
cheerfulness and creato confidence.   Aa p.ctiona depend
on health and strength, those who know  Deechar.i'j Pills
Prepared only by Thomn llrc,*hnni, Sl. Helen*, Lanceahire, Fnglnnd.
Sold everywhere ,n Car, .de and U. S. America.    In bo-tee, 25 centa.
Oven Results From A
Gurney-Oxford Range
The value of a stove to a woman is measured
by thc successful results i.i cooking obtained
from the oven. With this primary object in
view, stove experts have invented means of absolute control over the distribution of heat to
every part cf the range.
The Gurney-Oxford is constructed with a
Divided Flue that cirries the heat to the back
of tlie stove through two different divisions.
Ly this scientific arrangement the two back
lids cf the stove are given equal cooking value
and the even is thoroughly surrounded by a
steady even   heat.
With a Gurney-Oxford, it is never necessary to open the oven door several times during the baking of a pr.n of biscuits to turn
ther.i around i:c::t the heat.
Biscuits, pastry, cake, cr bread all bake evenly,
rise evenly, e"r.d brown evenly without any attention whatever from thc cook.
A simple device aptly called the Economizer
regulates the cxart temperature of the oven
Ly moving a small lever around a series of
six notches. A woman soon learns the important value of each notch, one of which immediately checks the hottest f:re and keeps it
low until she requires it again.
A wonderful cooking reputation is made and
Lvcd up to through a Gurney-Oxford range.
Trapp Bhiik Columbia St.
New Westminster.
t��� S & �� & ���5><SMb-*���*&������&**&*%9.1&*&l.
The Bank of Vancouver
A gonernl banking hiiHlnosB transected driiltB end JetUirn of credit
sold payable lu sll parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New W (tmintter Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
O   D   WILSON,  Maoager
rsri.T.ujfc?** -*ewnn*r.w��^.*^-:.-.-ge5s;-aiSTg^��?gu*AtfMi>-����gi^i
5L Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 611 P>ont St.
The  Home  of  Low  Prices. Out of the High Rent District.
Market DayTemptations
100 pairs Ladies' Dross Bouts, high, medium
and low toes and heels, value to $4, for $1.45
(ill pairs Men's Work Boots, every size  1.25
Kiddies and misses' boots Calf Kid Tops, every
size  1.45
Boys' Box Kip Bluchers, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5   1.75
Depot for Leckie's Boots and Ahern's School Shoes.
BOILERS   gjvetgjj Stgel Pipes       TANKS
       BUS'iN OU.	
Bitulithic Paving
VULCAN   IRON WORKS, LTD.        The Most Scientific of all Pavings
o    o    m-ix   J4"> TELEPHONE   3^4 i C��
P    O    POX   4-4?
���-.1 x^iiaxiEX'e-tamm'r-;-.'. J
la meeting nlth the grciiteM favor  wherevrr  laid.
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man.    Agencies
Established     AhkoIh
Railway Piis-'senr,.*-- Assurance ro. nf London ...
Guaranteed by Hi- Ncrth BrltlBh Mercantile
Insurance Co. of London	
Palatine Insurance Co. of London	
Qimranteid by the Commercial Insurance Company of London 	
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of Ttcv York  	
Svea Lire and Life Inmirance Co. of Sweden  ..
Wcttn-inster   Truct   Block
I   ������I���B���t*M i������I
Journalists Postpone Visit.
London, April IT. Tho Institute of
Journalists lias abandoned Its proposed meeting In Canada ttil-i year.
ko much time having been lout In ar*
rang m: the details that li Is now felt
Impossible to proceed further,
Comfortable   Family   Hctel
Forty minutes nm from New Westminster on Q. N. Ry. All trains
Btop at White Hock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Uny nnd (lull';
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hoi and Cold Water, lioun-.i
nnii be engaged en BUlte, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall In connection, nlso a store containing full line of groceries,   For terms and ratou apply
Wile  Rock, B.C, p- GREYELL, Proprietor.
jf.m.1^..^-*. ���t-y-^eew wa ���.���s-J*si*XWM*SSt*SSmSmMBK
Bltulithic on Second Etreet, Nti. Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Bltulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, ensy on
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. For ibesn reasons
Bltulithic is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city offlelnls. H hns been adopted by fiftenu cities
i'i Canada, and over two hundred In the United Btates,
11 Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. FRIDAY,  APRIL   18,   1913.
PAGB   M��
up  on
go 16 rounds,   Five hundred
forfeit    money   Iiiih   been   put
each side and the weight Is to be 168
pounds,   rour  liuurs  before   tne  time
flxi d  for ring entrance.
The place for staging the bout hns
nol been chosen.
Tacoma   Loses   Again   to   Beavers   In
Heavy  Hitting Contest���
Big Crowd.
Vancouver, A(lrll 17.���Before one of
ihe largest crowds that has ever at-
ii mini an opening game In Vancouver,
the mw park of the Beavers wan dedicated  this afternoon In great fashion
when Mob Brown's aggregation made
ii three straight against Tacoma, this
time lo the tunc of 8-4.
Acting Mayor ('rowe was on the
firing line and following tbe ceremony
in which Fielder Jones, president of
the league milled the first hall at/rot--?
Hi.* baseball season in Vancouver was
m Inn il in for the season of 1913.
Ingersoll, llie new find of the Vancouvers, althougb touched up to the
tune of seven hits, kept them wi II -scattered niul had the game on Ice at all
���.tin:, s.     Lou   Criger  opened   fur   Ta
intu lul after tin- Heavers bad COfl-
i ... .1 wiih four hits which brought In
three runs in the first two stanzas, he
pave   way   to   Churchill  who  was  no
I ��� ii. r.
core: It.    II.    L
'.    . ouver    8   12     :'
Tacoma      4      7      6
'i'i, i*,. s: Ingersoll and Li wit.;
i i *.*. r. Churchill and Crittenden nm!
II :;   . .  umpire, Casey.
A meeting of the executive
of thn Senior Amateur Lacrosse club will bo held this
evening In the office of Mr. J.
J. Johnston on Columbia
strei i when a general discussion wlll take place as to the
plans for the cumins season.
President Welsh Is making
plans to field the best amateur
I'lim since the days when thn
Turnbulls, Springs nnd Cliffords were making names for
i hen.selves among the slmon
Whloh  '.I   will be impossible to stop.
The li. c. A. A. II. must always
bear in mind that the application for
a concession Is made by men who
have heen brought under a far differ, ni definition of what an amateur
i, aud ti r lhal alone they should be
loth to fore the hum] of the players.
After all they themselves will be the
'lii.f sufferers. They must not target that constitutional monarchy is
. ne thing, and tyranny another and
they themselves will fall sadly from
Krace should they deny the footballers what they ask.
Soccer football is getting such a
strong   hold   in   this   section   of    tho
province that with the formation, of
two divisions sny of eight clubs each,
allow lhe pro. lo compete with the
amateur wllh no effect ou the statiiH
of the latter, the public would look
forwnrd to the matches, and New
Westminster would bo able to have
"iie big game staged In tlie city every
saiunlay afternoon,
Over In Victoria.
According to u report from Victoria
Lionel Yorke will have several of the
Capital City amateurs ready to mnke
the jump to the pro ranks should
thpy  be needed  thin  season.
lloss Johnson, th�� sensational custodian of th" amateur team last season, Is lit company for any professional team and should more than
hold his own should he make thc
Three others are mentioned together    with   Johnson,    theso    being
per cent. Is available for uny special
objeol which the minister of agriculture may deem worthy of encouragement.
There Is a prevalent notion that thn
Income from the. mutuels Is under
the control of the French government. As a matter of fuel, lhe government does not actually derive any
direct benefit from the proceeds of.
The part-mutual Is run by the varl-j
oub race course societies under tlcens
mis race course societies under
license from the minister of agriculture, It la said that ut Longcbamps
and Autcull the work Involved entails
the  employment   of  2000  clerks.
Tin* City BOCCdr eleven wlll have lo
pui  thi  r best  fool  forward on Saturday   afternoon   if   tliey   hope   to  get
iv >��� ith llurnaby and emerge from
;;.  i up final against the Bankers,
\i  ;i meeting of the suburbanites
1     I  last  evening  in  Topping's store
���  Burnaby; tin- following players
.������-.     selected   |i,    represent    Huriiiiby
rday's game:  Ray, Lord, Mat-
. Jigger, Wilson, O'Malley, New-
Hi Ii     Forn iter,    Mart.    II.
i, Corbett, Terry, Johnson,
kick i :i   is a iheduled  fer 3:30
' io Bayley and Ernie Barrleau yes
i. rday signed articles to fight for th"
.   'Indian lightweight championship on
.  24, Victoria day, ihe cutest to
Main   Store    193-443
S.ipperton  Store    373
West   End   Store       650
This   in   Market   Hay   und
.. ,i will he looking for your
wi ek i ml supply of gn.eerier, Try us for striotly
Fresh Kggs. por doz. 30C
Veiiow Newton   Apples,   at
Per box   $2.00
St nn berries,  per  box 2S<
Orunges, 80 for ZSt   30-*
anil 40C I" r dozen.
Bananas, per dozen     30-C
lloyt's Doughnuts, doz. 204
Hurt's  Cookies, doz XO*t
Table Figs, package 10-C
Grape Fruit   3 for 25 C
Main Store, 605 Columbia St.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
West  End  Store, Sixth  Ave.
and  12th Street.
Inland Champions Wlll Clash With the
Bankers  at  Sapperton  Park  on
*   Brynioltsen    McDonald   and  Okell.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   Sale   of   Real   tstate.
We are Instructed to receive offers for a beautiful nine roomed
bouse situated close to Edmonds Station. Basement bIoiiu and
cement, laundry tubs; heated with hot water. First floor consists
cf four large rooms, vestibule and entrance hall, pantry, fireplace,
Veranda crosses front of bouse. Separate balcony and porch In rear.
Second rioor three bedrooms, sewing room, bath and toilet, separate clothes closets In every room; linen closet, clothes chute. Third
floor one large tliiished room. This is an Ideal home. Two large
lotB.    For full particulars apply
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Skinner   I'oulln   and   Hobby   Howe,
the    Victoria    hockey     players,    are j
working out  with  the amateurs    and
wlll      make    nn    attempt    to    ahow
enough  class to catch a place.
Calgary    Man    Loses    to    Vancouver
Bowler by Close Score���Return
In a series of gameB between Marsh
Hodge of Vancouver and Jimmy Mitchell of Calgary, the Terminal City
bowler came out ahead on the Club
alleys last evening with a lead of 18
Mitchell had hard luck on several
easy looking spares but crept up to
within striking distance of his man
during the last four games. It Is probable that a return match will be rolled In Vancouver this week.
Last night's scores were as follows:
Hodge. Vancouver- 202, 188, 194,
217, 242, 157, 192, 180, 160--173C.
Mitchell, Calgary-187, 203, 159, 174
179,   211,  208,   181,  218.���1718.
McPherson, the boy from Scotland,
who Is an expert accordlanist, appearing at the Iloyal    theatre today.
Standing of the Clubs.
W. I..
Vancouver   8 0
Seattle      2 1 .
Spokane      2 1
Victoria     1 2
Portland    1 2
Tacoma      0 3
Yesterday's Games.
New Westminster will be invaded
on Saturday by the��� Nanalmo Hangers.
champions of the Nanalmo and Dis-
trlct Soccer league who will clash with
the Bankers at, Sapperton park that
afternoon. Following the victory of
ihe Bankers over Sapperton for the
1 ague championship last Saturday.
y-.-i.-ir Stacey immediately got into
communication with the manager of
the Hangers with the r. suit thai the
Islanders agreed to make the trip on
Saturday afternoon.
Although Ihey are touted us being
* nn * r than the Bankers, the hoys
from lhe Cotfl City have mad., s name
for themselves among, the teams fOTzn-1 round, when  Meek knocked a'home
Indians and Whitewash.
Spokane, April 17. The Spukane Indians scored the llrst shutout of the
season here today at Portland's expense, winning 2-u. The Indians were
outhlt better than two to one and
easily outfieldcd, but they secured
drives in the pinches while the Colts
were helpless before Covelski when
hits meant runs.
Meek Some Batter.
Seattle, April 17. Seattle won an
11-lnlng game from Victoria by a
score of 4-3 after an uphill fight today The visitors jumped Into Ihe
had  with  three  runs  in  the opening
Championship    Battle    Scheduled   for
April 29 at Vernon���Jem Driscoll
the Island league and will no doubt
put up a classy game against ihe fi
nanclal Btudi nts,
The kick-off is scheduled to take
place at 3 o'clock, It is probable that
Tim Mnhoney will handle the whistle.
��� ���������������������������������������������
run with two on bases.
Per.: 1!     II.    E.
Seattle        4    11      2
Victoria     3     a     1
Batteries: Dell, Glpe and Cadman;
Wilson and Meek.
Although it has been mentioned In
these columns before thore in an im-!
; pri -s'en abn ad among some of the
followers of lha Salmon Bellies that
Con Jones really was given a proxy
from the New Westminster dub to
represent them al the conference with
the Big Four.
For the 'sii mth time Manager Tom
Gifford and the other members of the
local executive deny the statements
of .lines and the eastern papers lhal
he was deputed to votr for the com-
mission Idea. With all his talk handed out at the last meeting of the B.
C. I.. A., held In this city a few weeks
a '.., that he had burled the hatchet
and that he would work for the betterment of the game and would taboo
inn thing which would knock New
WeBtmlnster, Jones has been informing the eastern press that he had
been "double-crossed" by the world's
He is even handing out such guff
that In event of New Westminster
not agreeing t*i a national commission
along the lines proposed by Jones
and Yorke with the eastern men, he,
Jones, would pass up Westminster altogether and make the B. C. L. A.
c imposed oT Just Vancouver and Victoria.
. Since the meeting of the His Four
and Jones and Yorke When Joe l.ally
exploded a bomb that shook the city
.if Montreal ti"> far ns the base of
Mount Ko> il. Hho National Lacrosse
Iin,on have decided to drop out of
professional lacrosse The latter decision puts a lie-.v complexion on the
face of things. II Is possible that
lhe New Westminster executive will
change their stand now that the 1)
I.. A. Is the only pro. league exlstlnr
In  lhe Kast which would call off   the
threatened raid by the eastern mag
nates and also lhat proposed by tho
Westminster club on the camping
grounds of tho Bast
Whether a truce will be called or
not. tho local fans will not forget the
tactics of the Vancouver malinger.
They will not forget that he has been
stuffing aueh gutr as having pur
chased Hastings park, Vancouver, for
the sum of ��4I),M)0, and how New
Westminster gave hlm the double
Amateur Soccer.
The decision of the Senior Amateur
i Mainland Soccer Association to aftili
.ate  With   the  H. C,  A.   A.   U.  without
' Unit  obtaining concessions from  that
body relating to the  playing of amateurs wllh professionals and also the
; formation Of a registration committee
which   would   meet   every   month   to
lake up  mnllers  with  players,  leaves
the soccr Bituation   on    the lower
mainland  no  further advanced    than
before. '
V hat action that has been taken,
however, is but a slight cog in the
wheels of progress along this line
i f Bporl nnd cue hoars rumors on all
aidi s that unless the amateur union
steps  down  from  its high   perch, un-
'  '    and
o    moo |'
American   League.
W     I..    Pet. j
St.  I.ouis  	
Cleveland      2      3
New York    1 .   3
Boston       1      4
betrlot    2     o
Yesterday's   games.
At  New  York R.    H.
Washington    9   io
N.w  York      8      5
Batteries: Groome and Henry
Connell, Sweeney and SchUltZ.
At Philadelphia R.   H.
Boston    5     8     ii
Philadelphia     ���>   12     ���
llatteries:    Collins   and   Carrlgan;
O'Brien, Mender and Tliomas.
At Detroit It-   H.   E.
St.   i.ouis      3      fi      4
Detroit    .' 4     fi     2
llatteries: Leverenz and Agnew and
Stone;  Hall and Stauage.
At Chicago H.    H,    E.
Cleveland      1      ;1      8
Chicago     2     5     1
Batleries:      Mitchell     and     Land;
O'Ncll.  Kahler,  Scott  and  Schalk,
Los  Angeles,   April   17.���Articles of
agreement for the featherweight championship fight at Vernon arena, the
night of April 29, between Champion
Kllbane and Challenger Dundee, were
sign, d today by their respective managers, Jimmy Dunn and "Scotty" Monteith.
It was agreed  that  thc  men weigh
1122  pounds  at  9:15 tlie night of the
��� contest and that they should be in
'he ring within 1", minutes so that the
battle   could   begin   at   9:30.     Neither
; man is expected    to    experience any
difficulty   in   making   the  weight.
Dunn said that if Kllbane defeated j
1 Dundee he would like to have a fight
arranged between  tbe champion audi
Jem Drlcolll, the featherweight chain
i pion of Kngland.
In 1902 the Phillies got him and kept
The Western league starts Ils fourteenth seaBon today with the ��ame
circuit as In 1912, which Is rather unusual, for the Western has undergone
more changes In its hlBtory than any
other   class   A  organisation.
Only four of the present cities were
In the circuit ten years ago. and It
then included Peoria, Colorado
Springs, KansaB City and Milwaukee.
McNeil Island Prison Full.
San   Francl6co,   April   17.���Instructions  from  United    States    Attroney
fleneral McIleynoldB to have no more
federal   prisoners  sent  to  the  prison
; at McNeil Island until further orders
were received today by United States
Attorney MeNab. The northern prison
; is overcrowded and pending the completion of other arrangements all pris*
j oners convicted In the United States
district, court  in  San   Francisco  will
, be confined at the California state
prison at. San Quentin.
Strikes Are All Settled.
Boston,  April  17.���The  Itat of the
strikes that have paralyzed  thc gar-j
j ment workers industry In this city for |
I ten  weeks  was settled  tonight  when j
| the 250U  members of the  men's garment   workers   voted   to   accept   the
terms of an agreement reached today. |
The strikers won practically all their*
demands.    A   working  week    of    58!
hours  is  provided  in   the  agreement i
and an increase of at least $1 a week
Is  given  to each  worker.
1    i
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St.
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture, Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street.  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE (
Lumber Lath and Shingles
For D. A. R. President.
Washington, April 17���Mrs. William I
I'uininings Btory of New York, head
of the conservative party, failed by
nine votes of the majority necessary >
to elect her president general of the '
society of Ihe Daughters of the Amen-,
can Revolution, on the second ballot,
j which began today and closed late to-1
i night.
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 29i
PhonM, Offlciw IS and U.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
N-.tional   League.
W.    I
.    I'ct
Brooklyn 2     1
Chicago   3     2
Philadelphia    2     2
St.  Louis     3      4
New York     1      2
Cincinnati   1    8
. 250
Yesterday's   gameB.
At Iloston-  10 Innings       H.
II     F.
8     :i
Boston     2     li     a
Batteries: Mathewaon and Wilson;
Perdue,  Uarlden,  James  and  Devout.
At  Pittsburg H*   H.   K.
Cincinnati   2    li     l1
Pittsburg   ������    s     2
Batteries: Suggs, Works and Clark;
Adams and Clbson.
At St. I.ouis R.    II.    E.
Chicago   7   io    ;
st. Louis i    o    ���:,
Batteries: Cheney and Bresnahan;
Orlner nnd  Wingo.
*r International  League.
Montreal 6, Providence 2.
Newark 3, Toronto f.
Buffalo 1, Jersey City 0.
Rochester 8, Baltimore 2.
Harry Broome defeated Harry
Orme in Slst round in England
Johnny Kllbane, featherweight
champion, born In Cleveland.
-Ike Weir knocked out Frank
Steele in 12th round at New
Bedford.   .Mass.
Tommy Burns knocked out
Jewey Smith in fifth round at
Jim Driscoll knocked out Spike
Hobson in 15th round at Ixjii-
Jack Britton knocked out
Dummy Decker iu 16 rounds ai
1911���Willie Luke died from injuries
received in boxing bout at
Waterhury. Conn.
1911���Packey McFarland outpointed
Tommy Murphy in 10 rounds at
New York.
I.each Cross defeated Tommj
Murphy In 10 round * at New
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
NET  $("5 000.000  IN
* (By "Draw."I *
Johnny Kilbane 24 Today.
John P, K lbane, who will soon do
fend hh featherweight title agnins'
Johnny Dtmd. e. will pas�� his 24th
milestone today. Johnny was born In
Cleveland, 0��� April is, 1889, of Irish
parents, and there is a family tradi
tlon lha' his ancestors several cen*
turles back were kings in Ireland,
Owing to the blindness of bis
father. Johnny had to begin lighting
the world at a lender age, and was
employed as a switchtender and later
as a clerk in a railroad office. Jimmy
Dunn, now his manager nnd formerly
i good lightweight, introduced KM
bane to the flstlc game, and he engaged in his first real bout late In
lie was the victor, and his winning
streak continued until February 22 of
laat year, when ho took the featherweight title from the old veteran, Abe
Attell. Johnny bus a wife and two
children and is a homeloving chap
with no bad habits. On this sulijec
Johnny Bays: "1 advise all.boxers to
get married, ll Will cure tbem of a
tendency to lead a fast life." True fo:
vou. Johnny. And If any added proof
is needed, there is the case of Kid
McCoy, who, although now in his 40th
year. Is still able to put up a might)
good light. And the Kid has been
married eight times I
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
Statistics recently published by the
French ministry of agriculture show
that the turnover In the pari-mutuels,
or totalizators. In race courses lu
Franco last year amounted to no less
than $76,000,000, says Dally Racing
Prom this S per cent, was deducted
beforo the fortunate owners of winning tickets received their dividends.
Of that 8 per cent, hi " '����� allotted to,
tho working oxpeni iccount. If;day, when he donned a Philadelphia
there Is any surplus 'iter salaries j uniform and caught Pitcher lberg It
nnd other necessary expenditures Ia game against the (Hants. "Bed''
have been moi <UCb surplus must be Was appropriately born in Cincinnati
added to the prize money. |antl began playing bull with the Nor
of the reniiiii"' ������ 1 ���' ���** cent, la dis-: wood, ().. semi-piofessionuls In 1899
trlbuted among the breeders or wln-| The two following seasons he winners. 2 per cent. Is devoted to t)ii~ro-  with    St. Joseph.    In    1901    he  was
Charley Dooln. the famous eatchci
of the Phillies, played his first game
in the big show eleven years ngo to
less It  meets the footballers fair
square nnd concedes points which are
Vital  to  the interests and  furthers"-*
of llie  winter game   there,  will be    a  lier or local taxation or goes to sw
aniat��ur    ranks the  funds  of  local   charities, and   l.but was turned back to St. Joe, nud
a lief or local taxation or goes to swell  dratted by  the    Chicago    Americans
1 sect's:*
from  the
Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. C.
Bee. aid Tra-M.
* ii
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
will be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernizing your store.
Beach St., Lulu Island.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid?.
FRIDAY,   APRIL   18,   1913.
Classified Advertising [
i. *i A! F. t>. * |
Classified���One cent per word per
flay 4c per word per week; l&c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as required will in one yeur trom date of
contract, -$25.00,
liirth or Marilnge Notices 500,
Death Notice r.Uc or with Kuneral No
doe $1.��0. Card of Thanks &0c per
The Want Ads. are
Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Loss-ad-
l justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with the man who haa property
or any sort to sell - with the
business man, or housewife, who
Is "upset" by the loss of "help"
with the anxious work-seeker,
against whom Ute reBt ot mankind sometimes aeems to be hos-
tilely arrayed with the landlords who unexpectedly lose ten-
ants���With the business men
who need more capital -With
ull who have confronting them
a "want ad task!"
They nre as completely at
YOUR SERVICE as ure the
street cars or telephones���but
their capacity tor serving you
Is much wider, while just as
desk,  nearly  new.  ltooiu 4111  West-
mlnster  Trust  building. Rutledge
Brokerage Co. (1090)
on 6ti foot corner, three blocks from
Dispersion    and   Persecution
the   Jews   Remain   Virile.
The Scriptures cull tin- Jews "�� I*���
culiur people," antl Hint thoy are niul
always havo been,   We are now progressing iiliuig in the BCth century ol
the Christian era. and sliull I"' obliged
to go hack as many centuries belore
that date to reach the Brsl mythical
beginnings in the history ol lha Jew.
The   founder    ol    the    Hebrew   race,
Ahram.   afterward   called   Abraham,!
was an Asiatic sheik, or nomad chief.
His   original   home   was   in   central I
Sixth  street   car,  $8600,  $400  cash, ] Asia, somewhere in the valley ol thej
balance t2o lier month. T. I). Coldl    jEupbrateft,    With his BOOKS and herds
cutt,  Kast  Hurnaby. (llllil)    sml some o| his relatives with theirs,
-���- ���--   -ithe  wanderer  took   Horace  Greeley's I
1 advice and set his lace westward.   In
due   time   he   reached   the   valley   ol
Ithe  Jordan   and  settled   there.
,   The descendants ol Abraham got in- |
ito Kgypt, where for several centuries
Ithey wcre enslaved hy the  Pharaohs, i
iFrom   this   point  On   we have  a little
New  Head  ol  Winnipeg's   University
Is a Graduate With Double Horers
by -TC0. Five lots from corner of
Richmond street on Richmond
avenue. $475; $175 cash, balance
easy. W, V. Edmonds, f>22 Westminster Trust building. (1112)
Bright   Colors   and   Ribbed   Materials
Lead In Spring Fashioni.
It   goes   without  Buying   thut   nicely
ind  ijeverly   tailored  siilts  or  ribbed
ratine nnd velours du Inine cloths will
lie (illicitly bought up at the sales lhe
shops  are  now   offering.    Those  who
think or tbo morrow Will go tor the
ot"To"ont"0"univers'ity-Went Across  lighter makes, us spring .iilvi.ncow with
i ��� a  a .    p,���-.,llu   In the positive strides uncO WO ��re liluucb>d
lie Line and Rose Rapidly  In ine i ���������_���
, .L    ,.. .    ii  i       -, Into the new .vear.   She who Is yearn-
Premdency of the State  University ^   f(j(|   ^^   ^   fln(,   |lu.se   ,.���,,���.,,
of Idaho. ratines  peculiarly satisfying In  vivid
A well- known Canadian, bearing ol lUades. it is a sure thing that such
the appointment of James Alexiiiulei suUm us these iii cerise, purple or that
McLean to tlie presidency ..I the I'm nice green that Is about Just now wlll
ver-itv ol Manitoba, remarked lhal not have to wait long on their pegs.
one thing In* liked about the new Tailors are turning lo color chiefly
president was hi-s annual summer pit- because these new tailor materials pre.
sent It wlUi such alluring tenure.  The
general housework. Apply Mrs. P,
Blrrell, 116 Royal avenue.      HIU6)
time, for a few evenings. Apply
Box  1110 Newa office. (1110)
$10 Dominion Match Bhares for
good buggy horse, or will sell. Apply   Box  1111  News  office.       (11111
the West End restuurant, 863 Columbia street. (1066)
ing by day.   Apply P, O. Box 966.
rooms.    Apply 311 Columbia street.
house with every modem convenience, situated on Klghth avenue, between Tenth nnd Twelfth streets,
Apply ownsr. II. I). Morgan, 104U
Hamilton street. (lOK^i
cheap.   Box 17 Edmonds P.O. (1088)
Columbia street, in good location
with three years yet to run; TZ feet
frontage by 77 feet and full sized
basement. Apply IKinilnion Trust
Company. (1063)
at Kdmonds. cheap lor cash, or easy
terms.   George Warne, Edmonds.
grlmago Iroin an academic cloister t..
tha old (arm where be was "raised" in
Middlesex     County,     Ontario,     He
thought it in I  a had omen Ior a uni-
I   in   the   heart   of   the
ipire,   that   a   mall
on the C.ulf sldo .on Galiano lalanil
lot 29. William ltutcheon, Brims
wick Hotel, Victoria. | (1058)
Stove, Capada's ^rlde Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week
Canada Range Co., Market square
may have same by applying at
1214 Nanalmo street after 6 p.m.
and   paying   for  ad. (1108)
any person giving inrormation that
will lead to tbe recovery of a sheet
lined Watson wagon, No. 25, belonging to the Columbia Bltulithic, Ltd
Address above at 67 Sixth street
city. (1098)
keeping rooms.    224 Seventh Btreet.
furnishe.d housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes street.    I'hone L 638.    11091)
room; suit two friends. 720 Agnes
street. (1075)
810 Ontario Btreet, corner of Simcoe.
keeping room, 1020 Thlrdeavenue,
email rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposes. Will Ipaso for two
pr three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Manager tho Newa.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 330 Hastings street west, Van
couver, B. C. 1976)
Unfurnished, three roomed suite
with bath, hot and cold wuter; $25
per month.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Avenue. Phone 750.
Seated tenders marked "Tenders for
Equipment" for the new hospital build
ing will be received by thc undersigned up to noon
on Friday, April 25th, 1913.
Tenders must be submitted on tho
formB of specification which may he
Obtained at the hospital. Tlio low-
cut or any tender not necessarily ac
cap ted,
E.S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Iloyal Columbian Hospital, New
Westminster, (1007)
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 1B5.      B vtn PI one  137
���egblt 8��r��*
Baggage Delivered Pro iptly to
���uy par: of the clt>.
light and Heavy Hauiing
lS   point   on   wc  uc.ro   ."""������,  Vl.rsjtv   ,*.,������,,.,-    [���
more accurate account of their doings rv  ���,   ,*���,   ,.*���
in the books of Moses, which deal
with their settlement nf the land of
About the time of their settlement,
or soon after, began a conflict between Asia anil Europe (or control of
the human race and its aff.o-��. This
struggle culminated in the invasion
of Greece by Aitaxerxes, and wus followed by the overrunnirij of Asia by
Alexander ni Macedon, renewed in the
conllict between Carthage and Rome,
and kept up in the long struggle between the Saracens, Tartars and Turks
with the broken remnants ol lhe Roman empire.
During these conflicts. Canaan lay
right in the path of the armies and
was often tlie scene of bloody battles
between the combatants. There is no
light in history more courageous, patriotic or dramatic than that of the
Maccabees against their Gentile foes.
About tlie time of the appearance
of the founder of Christianity, the
Romans got absolute control bl Ju-
dea, and the tinal dispersion of the
.lews began. The wanderings of the
race have gone on from that time to
tli is. until there is scarccl.' a corner
of the globe where Jews are not found
engaged in all kinds of industrial
activities and mental pursuits, and
generally with remarkable success,
lhe people are as pecu'.iar to-day a.-?
when that writer of their own race
placed that epithet to their credit.
After a period of 4,000 years the race
remains virile, prolific and progressive beyond anything recorded of any
other  race in the  pages of history.
Their rise in intellectual acquirement:; as well as in that of property
has boon accomplished in the face ol
universal and persistent opposition,
most unjust and cruel. A Hebrew
writer says of Ishrnuel, hall-brother
of Isaac, representing Ishmael's descendants, that "his hand should be
against every man and every man's
hand against him." The last part ol
this prophecy has been fulfilled in
Uie history of the descendants of Isaac
much more than in those of his half-
Russia is no different from other
Christian nations in its treatment ol
Uie Jewish people, excepting in being
a survival of the unfittest. From the
time when the pagan Emperor Nero
smeared t'.ie Jewish people ol Rome
with crude asptiiilluni and set Fire U.
them as the first instance on record
of an ornamental illumination of a
j city, all down through a . the Chris-
I tian ages, the tyrant's bad example
i has h.en followed with considerable
| faithfulness in the treatment of tin*
| .lews. All through Europe in the mid-
| die a*,'es, whenever a profligate, .lis
I solute, spendthrift monarch bankrupt
' ed hi., own treasury he raised a loud
j cry iL-.'iinsi the Jews, and during tbe
I riots and murder that lolluwed, the I
I "peculiar people" were robbed rijlit |
��� and left, while the Kin(\i and their
followers filled their treasury at the
expense of the industrious, thrifty
children of Israel. In all Europe there I
I was no country that excelled England
in Uiis cruel treatment nl the Israel
I ites.
wireless from Cliainhrey, In the southeastern part of franco, to New York.
A wireless station has been erected
on a high elirf In the village of l.es
Cluuisse, near Chiimbrey.
Di-spciiHing with antennae, Qnlettl
has Bet up two posts eight  metres
high. Theso aro connected by a wire
from which a series of other wires 900
metres long converge to the operator's
culiiii at the root or the elirf. (lahttl
obtained authority tO tout Ills system
from the Erench posto[flco department, which, wortilng in co-operation
with Italy and tho United States, ex-
peels eventually to exploit the Los-
cliauz station for tlio purpose of direct
Communication With New York, (la
letti   expri'Ssed   satisfaction   with   the
preliminary trials.
Bylaw No. 1")6.
a I l.v taw to enable The Corporation of
the Dlstrlot ..r Burnnbj to raise hy
way ,,r loon the sum nr (600,000.00 fnr
sin,a Purposes,
hfl  sum
I ITiiitt,-
iti.I oon-
I   within
less these fabrics ure trimmed the better. Just Important buttons, wllb perhaps tho collar facings of contrasting
fabric, although even Ihls lust Is nt a
discount, as ribbed ratine nnd velours
make such agreeable collar fnclngs
themselves. By thc way, there Is n delightful chic about long wrap coins lu
these materials.
Making steudy headway In the approval of nil those whose aim It Is to
keep In tlie front ranks of fiishlon ure
the beautiful Bulgarian embroideries.
These, for the nonce, hnve hugely ousted the Japanese, Chinese nnd oriental
fancies. "Bulgttr" Is tlie pet nbbrevin-
llou of the moment. There ts even tl
-Bulgiir" cloth, n rather rough, clumsy
weave with u patterned border, n woven effect to simulate the broderies
characteristic of the troublous Bulgarian slate
Because they act so  fently (no
purging or griping) yet so
f are best lor the children an well as "
Ihe grown ups.     25c.  a bei  at
your druggist's.
���dl��ul Im nl Ckf mltll Ci, ol Cini-ll, I Mill
WHEREAS tt Is neoessary and
.ni ttmi u>.. Counoil ,.t in.- s .1,1
ml.in lu- authorised to borrow t
"i Five Hundred Thousand Dollars
umi.im. i in provide for Improving i
struotlng certain roads nn.l streeti
Hi,- limns uf tin. Municipality,
and W M K UK as it is necessary to-
rniHe in,, moneys requir-ad to defray tha
above expenditure upon tin- credit nf the
AND WHBRBAS It wlll bo neoessary to
raise annually i>y special rate tin- sum nf
Five 'iii..n:���in.i Two Hundred und Sixty-
one Dollars nii'l sovonty-flve cents (IB,-
HGt.Vui principal umi the Hum of Twenty-
five thousand i��,.i!.n-. (126,000.00) Interest  ui.ikiii,;  together n total amount an-
I nually of Thirty Thousand Two Hundred
and .Sixty-,nn- tlnllius ami Si-vi-uty-(lve
Cents Ili0.i01.7l) for the i.nu of duly
years for the repayment of tin- until loan
iiiiei mi.hm thereon ns hereinafter men-
, tloned.
ANU WHEREAS Hi" ii>it  value nf Iho
i.te.-tiii.' lnml in itie Municipality ae
s,:ii,il t. n.i.'i-s are required for the erection of n Reinforced Concrete and Mill
Construction Building, ���'" Corner of 8th
ml Carnarvon stn-.-ts.   Pluns en.l  Specl-1 prTi'iotpal BU
flcatlons may !"��� had nt i;i
iI.i-mIkii.-.I on He- deposit
nffl, f He
$111,011 Co
loordlng to the Inst revtsd-fi assessment roll
[amounts to Twenty-two iniiiion one hun-
[dred and elghtoon thousand three hundred
i mul seventy-five Dollars (122,118,1175.004-.
anii WHEREAS tli" total existing debenture debt of iin*  Municipality Is Two
Million    lour   hundred  and   twenty-four
thousand Ono hundred ami  fifty  Dollara
(|2,4il,160.00)   exclusive   of   I. ..-.it   Improvement  debt secured  by  special  rates
or ass. ssiiii-iits of which none of the principal or Interest is in arrears.
ami WHEREAS to provide fur the pay-
i in. ni  of Interest mul the creation   of   s
inking Fund for tho payment uf the s.ihl
r Five Hundred Thousand
should   be  chosen   as   its   head,  whe
evinced such u genuine sentiment foi
"'r"M;:' might be calledl woven with Ibe groundwork,
ors generally Ircnd to somlierness. but
there is Iio mistake lit ul! as to Ihe extremely attractive nature of the -Bui-
gar" colorings and embroideries nor
any ilotllit lbat they ure prepared to
tuke a lending place iu the furthcoming season's fashions,
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
She's Bound to Go!
Three-room house, lot 50x
138; good garden.    Price
$1150, $250 cash. No. 87
New modern cottage, four
rooms and basement; lot
66x100.       Price    $2100.
Easy terms. No. 86
House, two rooms, all plastered; pantry and closet;
large lot, on Eleventh ave.j it iB the {avorue among the snake i ,   ,..,,���
$1250. Easy terms.   No. 57| cjiannett.   These conjurers know how I ���i'h��� y���unfe. .
,.,,.,. t-< to   render this  Serpent  rigidly   uncoil-   Jn   th,
'ine building lot on  fourteenth ave., 57x132 to lane.
$800 cash, $850 on terms.;
No 82.
most fascinating medium of expression
Is provided lu some little colors,  nd- I
instable ulTiiirs. lb.it give the most do- .
Ilghlful und novel touch to either cor- i
sage or emit.    The color harmonies in-
traduced arc singularly urilstic, tt dull
: otydized   thread   frequently   entering
into Hie scheme, sometimes us u nnr-
row  bordering  theme  or oguin  Inter-
l-resident  McLean  mighi  be called' w"rM w,tl' ,he woundwort.   '>������<���"���'���
n reclaim.-.1 Canadian,   for about two
decades he has been absent Irom lhe
Dominion; perhaps getting experience
which will belp hun to more expertly
treat of thc Canadian problems he will
have to face .t Manitoba.   Few Canadian educationists have earned a lugger  reputation  abroad  than   Dr.   McLean.    Kor several years he has been
president   of   the   big   American   University nt Idah..     Before that he held
the chair in Political Science at tol ' Her,', ��� Capital Idea For a Novel
orado, ami lectured at Columbia.    He, Church  Entertainment
has a lull half doien of degrees alter , |d     f���r ��� clulrc��� en.
[�� is^tceIrto;^;,b.:,am!Ulx'.):; -ainment which rehires little prepa-
And  this  foremost economist is only   ration.
forty-four years old! President Mc I A rustic bridge wss built out from
Lean's academic career begun at the: the stage. Inclosing a spare space tbut
University of Toronto in l*>Vi. iu was used for a tinhpond. Rocks anil
which year he graduated witli double j fern�� were grouped along the edge of
honors in Classics and Political Sci-|,|ie S(aKe, the floor was covered with
ence. The president is a scholar and j -^ ���,rpet. and a pretty meadow
a man  of  wide sympathies j painted  on   coarse cotton   was
thfS U'.  '.rt^uSr^-i bung a, rj. bacuolm��>��
lege president was well satisfied to �� very pictures pie setting for the
stay where he was. Kow that our, pond. Steps led up to tbe bridge.
younger universities are coming inbound at the foot waB a rustle lodge,
prominence, the trek leads buck tol wbere, on payment of a fee, tbo pru-
Canada, with Dr. McLean one ol I speetlve Bsber was glren a pole and a
thoi-u  in  the   van.���Canadian Courier j circle  of cardboard,   upon  which   was
marked the number of times he was
To manv minds, however, quite tlio   tractors wlll be required to furnish a bond   ,-���,,,.. ,
.    . ,'        . ..-,,....,   ,,f fl.nNualAn      '''     '|('    I"'1'    C-111    Of    CllllniCt    .11 IH llllil.     1 Ml- 'lnillllll'.
t.-lH lo be sent In on or before noon. Apr
Mill.   11)13  to
J, P, WATSON. Archil
its  Westminster Trust   Bldg.,
New WeslniliiHl, r.  B.C. I I 100) I
Re Sapperton Sewer Schedules.
Tin' schedules published in Tho "News,"
dated 1st April refer to th<- Assessment for:
Mains unit  Conn.-clIons  In   I'lstrlrt  A  mul ,
11 of Section  No.   2  only.
The Bcbedulcs published In The "British
Columbian," dated ind April refer to As- I
assessments on the "Outfall" for ih��* whole ;
-i-e.-i  covered  hy   Section   No.   2,   Including
Districts A, ll. C, 1). E5, and F.
The   two   Assessments,   "Outfall"   mul.
"Main and  Connections"  f,.r  Districts  A
A  it i.uikes the tot.il assessment for lhe
completed   worka   in   these   liiMtilets  2.1e.
Imt  fl.   from,ik<-.
\V   A.  DUNCAN, City <'l.-rk
City Hull.  April  16, '13. I 110 J J
New Westminster District.
The  following  applies  only  to  thi
New   Westminster   Dominion     I-ands
Squatters  on   Dominion   Lands
Dollars (1(00,000.00) It will be necessary
levy a s|i..-i;il annual rate sufficient to-
Sinn of Thirty Thousand Two
il unit  Blxty-one  Dollars umi bcv-
jinty-flvu cents  U3H.2St.7f.)    the amount
to I..* calculated annually ou tin- whole of
[the   rateable  lnml  oomprlsed  union   tin*
' Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
| Council of the CorporaUon of the hih-
jiriet of Bumaby onacts us follows:
I. U shull he lawful ror the Kiev., un.l
ji'U-ik of tin- Council for tho purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
I loan from nny person or body or bodies
corporate who may he willing lo advanoe
; the same upon Iho credit of the debenturea hereinafter mentioned a sum uot ox-
coeding  Five  Hundred Thousand  Dollara
I $.',011.not).00 I   llllil   lo   Close   the   SUIUe   lo
be placed In He* Royal Hunk of Canada at
'the fily of New Westminster, Hrinsh i'o-
lumbla, to ths credit of the sold Corporation for ih.- purpose and with tbo objoote
above set Torth luvl to Issue any number
of debentures <>f the said Corporallon to
I the sum of Five Hundred Thousand l>ol-
llars Uuno.OoO.od) In the whole lu accord-*-
ance with  the  "Municipal   Acl."     Ami tlm
'sai.l debentures sliull be Issued to consist
|of 10-7 debentures each of the denomination of One Hundred Founds Sterling
(tluO) uud one debenture of the amount
Of 139 Ms. tid UdnK the sterling equivalent of  Five Hundred Thousand  Dollars
I tI.00.0S8 00)   ul   the   rilte  of   14 116   1-3   to
the one pound Hieriinff. eaoh debenture tw*-
in�� all*, eiprewMSl to he payable In (.'una
dl.-ui Currency computed ivt such rate, nm!
such debentures shall have annexed thereto eoUDOttB expressed l*,th In Sterling nnd
Currency for the Interest therein nt th��
rule  of   Five   15)   je-r  centum  [nr  nuinltn
payable half-yearly on the 30th day of
June und th-�� 81st dny of Deoember In .'nc.n
yenr. And such etorlin-K debentures sliull
le- delivered to ti-.e purchasers of the snld
debentures, and iwuh as to principal and
interest sluill be payable ut the Office of
Royal   Hank   of  Canada  In   London,
Changing Serpents Into Reds.
The Egyptian cobra is not unlike its
Asiatic cousin except in the absence I 0f thos
of  th-. carious   spectacle-like   mark j pasty
which  distinguishes    tlle   latter.     Al- ��� jt,
though  it is tbe most poisonous  rep- j     T,.n  yenr
tlle known to inhabit northern Africa.. ��,.,.,.   undct
Changes  In  Meaning.
It is too true that (ieorge Meredith
wrote "alright" in a letter. It is also
tni- that a whole nation write- "Al
miehty" in books.
When  d.es a little popular   habit
gum authority? What U more puz
iling is the complete rigid about lace
of wools in Ihe course ol half a gen
rratioii or b-ss, as in the case ol "not
ha f bad."
That unclassical phrase meant only
lately that a thing was rather good:
it now means that a thing is completely  and   wholly  hod.
When  Matthew   Arnold,   the   cu!
ture.|, astonished Iloston by his rather
bud manners, he-being a guest in a .      .     ,.,
New   England   house���advised   Mrs I sketch**: nlmi sandwiches ent ont with
Arnold,  across tl
' the
|n ) Kngland. or hi Toronto. Montreal or Van
,,. . .     oouver, Canada, or in N>-w York, ut hnl.i-
New Westminster Agency who er's option. And tha principal of the said
are not located ln Timber Ilerths will idebentures shnil le- payable on the Uilr-
be given  until  Monday,  the  Kith ttiiv   """' <1;tv "f ���''""��� A- "   19r>;1
���i. Ti..*r" sliall be mis..,! and levied annually hv u sp.s-iui rat., sufficient thore-
for i.n all ratoable inn.I within the limits
of the aald  Municipality tie- sum of Five
Thousand   Two    llun.1r.nl     and     Sixtv ...!.���
|Dollars and Boventy-flve Cents ($5261.75)
' for the purpose of forming a Sinking Fund
payment >��f the snld debentures
sum of Twenty five Thousand
(JJ5.00O.O0)  for tbe payment ..r
of May. 1918, within which to appear1
nnd make application for entry.
Squatters   whoso   claims  have  boon
allowed,   who  havo   not   yet   Becured I
homestead  entries,  will   he  notified;
by the Dominion Land Agent at their  for  U
laut known address.    In the eveut of |Sotla*
entitled   to   flsh.     Thus  equipped.   Im
went  up on  the  bridge nnd  lished   In
the pond.    Tickets  were also sold  by   uny  such  squatters  falling  to appearI the interest at the rate aforesaid," thi
the bridge keepers. land make application before the date special rate to be In addition to all othei
refreshments were served, anil there   mentioned,   t,heir   claims   will   lapse M������olSallty dSriw thS  cu'rrenSy o'"^
were a candy and cake table and two   and  lhe  lands  wlll  be  otherwise d!s-;s,,id debenture* or uny of Hi. in
1 posed of on and after Unit date. If, 3. This Hy-lnw shull take effect
however, good reason Is shown for and. after Hi.- second duy of June A
failing to appear and    the    improve-1
stalls where fancy articles were sold.
One of these stalls bore the sign "l-'lsh
Market." Here tieb of many brilliant
colors and quaint shapes were for sale.
There wore blotters, shaving cases, pincushions ami sachet bags.
On llie cake table were msny tooth- ' m���Ht
and  i
uidDta on the bind are of substantial Ipurboees as thett"BUBNABT RO\d"im.
value   a   furthi r   period   of   protection   VR-riVEMENT NO.  -J   DHBBNTUR1J 11V-
may be allowed by the Axent In cases   LAW,   1J1B."
of merit.    Claims not  yet dealt with I J"'SK AND PASSED In Open..Council
-   ,,   , ,.  ,  , th s seventh day of Apr 1 A
filed  Immediately.
this seventh day of Aprll A   li   111!
.    , , , , ,       ,       . , Reoelved the oHeent  of th.�� electors
some flahes���chocolate and clear candy |    BquatUng on  Dominion l^inda with- ,.,��� election for the purpose on the...
lishea and  boles of candy ileeoruteil | out thn authority of the Department I day of April A   D. ion
with   water  color  and   pen  and   Ink
table, to try some | tlsh slui|ied till cutters; also cookies aud
small bed cakes
At Intervals singing, recitations uud
tableaut may be given for variety.
icones:    "They are not hull
Boston  has  never  forgotten
ago or less his word*
tood, as Boston under
in the sense he intended
t to-day would take them
i^ito way  unanimously.���
sctous   by  pressing   the   nape   ol   Its 1 London Chronicle,
neck with a finger.   This act appears |	
to   throw   the   reptile   into   catalepsy, I A  Tune   Macaulay   Knew.
iu which it is a^ stiff as an iron rod i    ^(tt |av w(ls ,.,.tirt-ly insensible to
Trace.,  ..I   -something similar   having  the charms of music.   We find hlm
been practiced in olden lime*, nmy be | w,.iting <r,,;H Windsor Castle .Ian. 14
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
lound in the Bible, where Ann.
u serpent ol  his  rod or staff.
(Winding Up.)
the Matter of tho "Winding Up
Act," Revised Statutes of Canada
���Chapter 144, and
the Matter of The People's Trust
Company, Limited.
lhe Court has fixed lhe 30th day i.r April,
1913. nl 10.SO o'clock In the forenoon In
Chambers ut the <'..url House, Vancouver, R. I', on the time and place ror tie-
appointment <��f Official Liquidator of the
above-named Company.
THK CREDITORS of the above named
Company ure required on or before the
80th  day   of   April,   1^18,  to send  In  Hnlr
names and  addresses;  umi  the  particulars  of   their   d.-t.Is   and   claims,   and    the
names and addresses ..r their solicitors, if
anv, to the Westminster Truat, I.lmit.vl.
oi tin. i'ity of New Weatmlnster, Prey's
In. f British Columbia, Provisional Liquidators of tti.. sni.l Company, nnd if so
required by notice tn writing from the
Said Liquidators, are hy their Solicitors In
come In and prove their sehi debts and
claims, ni my CttKmber-f nt the New
Court House. Vancouver, Ii. ('., ut sueh
lime ils shall he BpoClflSjJ In audi notice,
or In default thereof, they will he excluded fion) the benefit of any distribution mnde before such dehlH nre proved
DATED iho  loth  day.of  April,  A.   I)
!''1 A.    It.   rOTTlNUHR.
New Westminster, It. C.
Bolicitor  for the Petitioning -Creditor and
Tlie  Westminster Trust   Limited,   The
Provisional Liquidators,
Left  Hand Cigars.
sn't   I..-cause   lhe oigur  is
made   Unit   the    wrapper   s..n
comes  uncurled.    It   is  beea us.
cigai  is n loft-hapded one.
Cigormakers must be ambidextrous,
rhey cul tin- wrapper ami leal on Uie
bias, rolling it from lull to right oi,
the filler, while tiie other pieces i>
rolled with the left hand, from right
to 1. ft.
A nervous smoker, twisting and
twirling his cigar, lias no trouble with
a right hand one, but if it happens
to be a Left band one it is apt to com.
" U table I was between the Duchess nf Norfolk anl a foreign woman-
ttho conl I hardly sponk English in
tellieildv I got on as well lis I could I
Th,* band covered the lull; with a I
succession ol sonorous tunes, 'ilu
Campbells  Are Coming'  was ..ne."
Ami    Macaulay's    biographer,    Sir,
(ieorge   mt.,   Trovelyan.   supplies  the'
following instructive foot note: "Thin:
is the only authentic instance on re
cord "I Moeaulay's having known one
tune Irom another."
A Traveling Convenience.
When traveling it Is often necessary
for   the   girl   whom   nature   bus   not
j blessed with wavy hair to carry n curb
j lug Iron.   And In Ibis electrical ago Iho
j old  fashioned longs Hint wen-  heated
in gas un.* no use whatever, so some-
' tiling else to mivt this need hud to bo
| evolved
The miiniifui itiri-rs recently hnve
nddcil to milady's eomfnri by milking
the new alcohol i lining iron seen in lhe
Illustration.  One cun lutlll this Iron, ns
will not hi-noi forth bo allowed audi RECONSIDERED and flnallv adopted
will rownlt In loua or el-iliM nnd for- i,,v toe Council, st-im-d by tie- Reeve nnd
w--'  '  ' J    "'   "���'*'  ''���     "���'*'  ""  '  ���   Ir*-rk and Sealed with the Corporate Seal
felture of improvements.
Supt.,   II.  ('.   1-uiids.
Ottawa. Uth April. 1913. 11089)
I all on the
A. I>.  1913
New  Spring and  Summer Suiting*
now  on   display.     See  them.    Perfect
nt and workmanship guaranteed,   701
Front Street.
To Redeem MedaU-
anls, past and preeent, of Up.
hire Regiment   nre   attempting
Sizing   Him  Up.
When you cull the average young
man honest he is likely to feel a ntil.l
sort of gratification, When you call
him competent, his chest begins io
budge, When yon call him a heart
breaker he slaps you on llie shoulder
and gives you in understand that he
considers you a person of retnarkabl.'
perception and unerring judgment.
He Promised.
"I enn't s. are the money very well,
but I'll gladly hum it to you if you
promise not to keep it too long."
"I solemnly swear that I'll spend
every pe:my   of   it   before   tomorrow
I Hum.,,
to raise  ��125 to redeem from a firn
ol denli ra in London a Victoria Cross,
a Chinese mednl with two bars -Pekln
and Taku   forts���and   n   photograph
Th" decorations were uwnrded to the
lute Lieut   Co!. Lenon, of the old 07th
(imw Hampshire) Regiment, the Victoria Cross  for bravery in the storming of tho Taku forts in  1860,    If the
sergeants obtain possession ol it they
will place :t in the s-orgivints
Wiiu'Se-l' i   nnd diJJtay  il  b
on Taku forts day.
SbCOIIOL rCtttilSO I tins.
Man is Ihn only animal whose nostrils open  downward.
St.    Helens,
JohiiHoti,    an
Ore.,    April   17.���Ole
���mployoo   of    tho    St.
It were, before leaving home. If Ihe
Journey Is to be a Bhort one, with alcohol, which is applied to ll piece of rot-
ton wadding that ls then placed In the
aide of the Iron having perforated
It Is but the work of a  inlnnte to
put u match to the saturated wadding
nml thereby  heat  tho curling Iron  to
the right temperature. This Iron Is far
mess at j ahead of Iho old curling tongs which
recruits . were heuted In an alcohol lamp.
be proposi
'_.. .   ,   . If You  Hsve  a  Feather  Boa.
After'S;or:e!���s;,l   .lack,  did   ,  " >'��" ������ " '"I"" *���� ��'""   ""
, n,,,,,,,? ; iMM'Otnc rather limp looking because It
es,  but  it  wns  U, another j has been out In damp weather try this
I means of freshening It.    It  Is heat to
  I try It, too. ns soon ns you come In.
Pearls of Great  Price. Take a bowlful of boiling wnter, sprln
Your wife's teeth sro like pearls.'  ' kle Into It a handful of ordinary wblte
"The) ought to be.  I paid lor them Mlt   .���.  ���)pn   whM1  ,t  to  dissolved
at thnt  rate
shake the feather boa over IL
San Frnnclsco, April 17 -Admission
to $10,(100 ball each wns granted by
Helena lumber mill. Is dead as the Superior Judge Dunne here today to
result of being crushed by a hugothe nine Chlneae highbinders accused
Umber.    He  was  putting tho    timber of the murder of Loo Quong Sing, an
through a planer when It fell on him, aged member of the Suey Sing tong, I invention of an Italian engineer, (la
crushing  IiIh   head   Into  a  shapeless The   cnBe   was   then   put  over   until  letti, It is hoped that within ten days
Pnrla,  April  lfi.    Ry meanH of the
, neit Monday to be sot for trial.
���It wlll be possible to communicate by
Do You Want
to Sell Your
List it with the
Phone 1275   48 8th St.
Auto and Marine
Tuke notice Hml the ahovo Is o true
i copy of the proposed lty-1 iw uism which
the ...',��� of it..* Municipality will be taken
on Baturdny, ii.e JOth dav or April, iai.*t.
I between ti O'clock a.m. until 7 O'olock
p.m., ut the following places:
Burnaby  Puhllc  Hall,  Edmonds,
Agricultural  Hull,  Central  Park.
Mr    Topping's  Store.   13th    Ave,,   Must
; Burnaby.
Hamilton Rood School, Rurqultlam,
Dundonald School, Frnaor Ana
rt - - ti. t  iliili.  Barnet
Mr. Brasoe'a store. Norih Bumaby,
Tlie Boelal Club Hull,Mug. Capitol  IIIII.
Burnaby Lake Stop-, Burnaby Luke.
Lakemere School.  I^Ucnmere.
i'ui.il.- Notice is hereby given Hint tlie
vote of the Blectora of tho Dlstrlot or Hur-
nuiiv win he tuk.-u on ih.. above mentioned By-law ut th.* time unit place above
mentioned, mul thai A O, Moore hss heen
appointed Returning urricr to tuke tho
vot.. .,r such electors with the usual im,w-
era In thnt lu-hnir.
Ily  ont. r nf  tin-  Counoil.
D. ''. McOregor, Reeve.
Arthur u   Moor.-, Clerk,
K.lmoniis.   II.  IV.   Aprll   llh,   lilt,
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Fine
lino of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
wonts bulletined.
A. G. BEATON.  Proprietor.
B.C.Coast Service
1.4'iw-fH Vanoouver for victoria io a. m^.
| j p. m and il ���At*.
Loaves VanrmmT for tViittlo 10 a. MU
i Hllil    1 1    {).   Ill,
I^'im-H Vanrouv��r for Nnnnlmo S p. nu
Leavea  Vancouver   for   Prlnco   RuperV
l Hml Northern I'olnu   io p. m.  w��int'��~
I ilM>"H.
LofivpH VanOOUVer   every Wi'finiwliiy ��*
10 [i. ill
Loaves  ('hllllwaok   7   t\.  m.   Tut��day,
Thurmlny anil Hnturday.
Chilliwack Service
I.enveo  Weetmlneter  8  a.  m.  Monday.
Wednesday ond i-friday.
KD. OOULBT,  Aiienl,  New Weitmlnatet.
II. W. BIIODIB. O. P. A.. Vancouver. FRIDAY,   APRIL   18,   1913.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
run i
I, how.-vi
he required to i
ii ::iu u.liu- Hul
lul. ml, il lo pn
running Us can
mil n us It may see
iti.' in the . vent
lielng built by the I
term or thla Aitni in
r such iin
n no cisc shull oars
tween midnight nod
IIS   In   this  Hulls,;   In
hi   tho  Companv   I'min
it uny other lime   or :ih
Bylaw No. 153
,\ (By-law to authorise the execution o
;,o Agreement with The British Columbii
Blectrlo  Rullwoy Company, Limited,  (or | tl
.,'��� , |, ,inc railway  syslstn In  ths   Dls-
trlcl 01 Bumaby.
w iii:i:i;\s on or about tho thirteenth
nis promises und agrees with  tti.. Cor-
|...i*:illoil   thut   ll   wlll   fulfil   nil   Ihe con 111-
regulallona umt undertakings hereby the Company to be
. il ul   ll
III.. 1
lo    III
1 ir   1009, Hn* Municipal Coun-
Corporation nt the District   ol
i.n mi>  passed a oertaln by-law
.,,1 .;,   und known us iiu* Burnaby
1,. Tramway  By-law  1000, the said
liefng  u  hy-luw   authorising
,    uud
I *
'leik of tin- suld Corportitloji
th,. hiiIiI Corporation lo sign,
...  11 rt'lx   tho corporal!  s.-ul    lo
,i,li,t ,y to lh.- liritish Columbia
itiiiiv..iv  Company,  Limited, ..i
vi..,, uu ni ti.iween th,- Corporation of
j��� i,��� i  of  Burnaby  und   the   said
,hV  foi  ihe consti-uciInn id an elec-
irmnway  system in  ths  Dlstrlot   of
Of     Hll
Lined hy the
���il un,l performed,
Ht I uci
ill  nf
d   lo  the
wn  WHEREAS Iii  pursuanci
..,,,u  ,'unfilled by the suld hy-luw lhe
,'ul   \uii. nn nt wus exil-lil'd on bshalf ol
,i Corporation and dollverod to Uu*
,, j Cutnpany on or about the nth duy of
>, >. ,i,, r, 1900 .
lNl, WIIICREAS He- said Company In
,,.. of the terms of tin* s.ml Agroi
.   , LUn ,i   some    seven   und    on. -ll ilf
���ii.s   i.r I'liciiic   tramway   to bo   tan-
i through the District of H
riunway hus been In ujierm
un.* past.
\su WHEREAS In tha opinion ot mo
nn'-Hi'iil Ihunlclpal (.-ouncil of tin- suid Cor-
,1  il ml AgW-iiienl und  By-law
nuthorlslng the execution of sum.* are In
valid li    rei i of sunn* not having been
lted for approval to the electors of
,.. Dietrlcl of Burnaby prior io lhe final
.,',.. ,,;,* of snld by-law ami the execution
ol uu sold Agreement;
\ni> WHEREAS the suld company Is
 , i ni  it was umi- oossary I i
.'    i   nn   soul   By-law   nud   Agrei in iii
, approval ..f the electors of the Dls-
irk-i of Burnaby prior I" the final pas  igc
ol   w,ii|   by-law   und    execution   of   said
.. in. nt. and thai the suld By-law end
N     .   ,.: i  are  valid;
.sn WIIKRF1A8 the said Corporation
,      . until. .!��������� .1 litigation agalnsl th
,  ,   ���.,,,,  io h el thi  validity of thi
nnd  Agreement;
*, -,i. WHEREAS ti"   suld Corporation
 Bled lhi   sold Company lo con-
��� rurther railway lues In the Lis
rt of Burnaby under the terms of the
, . ,i in... ment, which the suld Con pany
A,i , ,,.,] to do owing I" thc Conten-
,. .��� nt tin Council of the said Corpora
, ��� tiiat in.* sunl By-law und Agreement
.,*���   invalid;
\N-|i WHEnEAS with ii view to avoid
tiB ition and unfriendly feeling   bc-
,.,., ,, the Bald Corporation and the said
,    monny nnd ensuring Uu* construction pf
i  >:  , r  railway  lines In  the   District
1;      ...    mo presi ut Municipal C
Bid Corporall in has sugg. el
- o i Company that it should sgree I i con-
..'���   ,i  such further  railway  lines   eondl-
llonal   upon   a   new   Agreement   between
lh.   sni.l Corporallon  and  the snld  Com
.   ,,,., n-dlng electric railway constnic-
i  ,.,.      ,,,,���-.  of  Burnaby, together
���:���,   ;, bv-law  authorising   Hn-   execution
II f   being Bubmltted  for approval   io
, , *., *,.,�� of Ihe District of Bumaby,
and ,i approvw] being finally passed and
,...,-,,i..,i on i.einif of ine Corporation,
which Buinrestlon ini�� been acepted by
lh ��� iid Company .
an.- WHKRE.AS In accordance with
. ,M suggestion of the Corporation -
new    Hgreepicnl   hns   he n   pn I
tween  the Bald Corporation snd the	
Compnny for the construction of electric
rallwavs in Uie District of Burnaby,
which new Agreement Is hereto annexed .
BE   IT   ENACTED    by   lhe   Reeve    nnd
Council of mo Corporation of the District ��� ' Burnaby ill council innwmM-M ns
1       Authority   In   given   hereby     to    Ihe
Reeve nnd Clerk of Uie sai.l Corporallon
, , .Ign and ex.cut., und affix ll.- rui-por-
nt. seal to and give delivery to The Brit-
, ., Columbia  Blectrlo Railway Company,
i,,I   ,h, r, In named of nu Indenture or
 ,. nt i.. tw.en the Corporation  and
, British Columbia Electric Railway
I'unv Limited, to construct and oper-
in ,1. rtric railway system wiihm the
trlcl of Burnaby, nil to tne extent, on
termB nnd In the manner set forth In
��� i. ,   Agreement  which  I*  herein nn
led and forms pari of Ihls R.* law as U
���     Bodied  herein,  nn.l  that   all  ����  tne nei
i ,ie. d nf thi said CorporaUon
-       This  Bv-luw  shull not  BO into eff.r.
I . ii has been submitted for approval
in the ehctors of the Idstrirt pf Burnaby,
.   arc entitled to vole upon u by-law to
trocl a dfbt, nnd has received th* assent of not lens thnn three-firths In num-
l . ���   uf Iho elrrtors who Bhall  vote   upon
����� 1 *. Inw.
,:     This   l.y-lnw   may    he  c'led
-liun.nl.y Eleotrlc Railway By-law,   f> 1��-
I lnne nnd paaaed in op'-ll OOUhCll 101S
Rei :   day   Of   April.   1 91 ft- .
Received the nssenl of the electors of
the nistriet of Burnaby on the 	
8.   The Company covenants umi agrees
subject I" Uu terms und conditions here-
Inalter sei   forth  to conslri.cl  or cause tn
i> instructed the following hues of dec
trio railway ; namely i
LINK "A." Prom Ue- easterly terminus of the Company's railway '"I llasl-
Iiikh siren in the city ,,f Vancouver, easterly along suid Hastings street and Bar-
net   Road for a  distance of two miles.
LINK "li." l-'roiii ihe northeasterly
terminus of the Company's railway on
Columbia stn-.i in tbs City of New Westminster, northeasterly glong said Colum-
hla Street und llie Norlh  lloud for a dis-
lUllie    of    one    mile,    uud     l'i    ConUllUi*      tlle
sain.* lo the uinctluti of the I'lurk Iliad
su soon as settlement warrants, and the
Company will oommenae the constructions of said Line "A" within one inonth
from the date of this Annem. nt, und wlll
fully   complete,   equip  and    operate    lhe
    within   eleven    months    from   the
.te of tills Agreemi ni I and wlll oom-
i nc oonstructlon of the suid Line "it"
ultli.n one in mili after the completion of
construction of a tilnh lev. I bridge suitable to nln*. 1 railway traffic over lhe
Brum tic  River and the granting   of any
i Bsary   permission  from   the  City   of
New* West mills'' r to const met the said
Lln.- "U" along Columbia Btreet, and wlll
fully complete, equip and operate sume
within six months from tiie commence-
m.-nt of construction of the suld Line "fl."
but   In  case   the  snld   wink  of.eaOMlniell.iii
shall be nrevehted or delayed by reason or
rebellion, epldi mu*. fire, storm or tempest.
stnlo   or  i.tlu r  eause  of  u   like  nature  he.
mud the control of the Company, the
time fnr completion shull be extended for
so long as the work shull havo been so delayed or prevented, the length of such ,-x-
tenalon lo i��- mutually agreed upon between   the  Company  nnd  tie   Corporation
I 111. Tracks of tin* said slreit railway shall I.e iif a gauge of four feet eight
and a hail inches, the rails and construction lo be io lhe reneonnhlc satisfaction ol
the C ."in li of the Corporall in. 'I'll** tracks
Bhall conform io the grades ..f the streets
as defined by the Council and the who!.
tracks Rbn I bi constructed lo lhe reason
able satisfaction of tie* Council, bul the
Council's approval shall not be unreasonably   ui-     ���    '���
5. The location of the line of railwa)
-ui any ,.f tlu* streets sliull not I"* modi
l.v the Company until tho plans thereol
snowing the proposed position <��f the rails,
lne Btyle "i the mil to be used und tin
other works on such streets have heen
submitted to and approved of by resolution of the Council of   the   Corporation,
uni" b.
i tWei II
id    hi
of  any  other  line
' impany tiurlni?   th
nt.   tlie   fieinieliey   n
s shull from time i
I. I   I llllil' d   to-   III!   Agnelli*
��� Corporation ond the Company,
lose   the   Corporation    und    tin*
shall  in*  unable to agree upon
the question shull he referred to
arbitration as harelnafl
Int.-  r
lu Un
v   su
even I
by Uu
i ts or
of u aicoiul truck tu-
��� Company to t"* Laid
road where a Single
plans   shall    bs    soli-
it for its approval i��*-
,11101.-nc-d, but such ap-
I,.- unreasonably with-
k   Is  first   lul,I
milted io th.  Coun
fore the work  I
piovul   .shall    II,
H Tlie Company shall have the rlghl
to make und enforce regulations und
rules  for  the  proper collodion   of  fares
umi   for  the  conduit  of  puHMeugera on   Ils
p..mu,.a  may  deem  advisable,   provided
thai the Company shull have a further nnd
oiiu-r opium or options io construol and
op. rati) said desired Hue or lines mil, BS
ths construction of same has been commenced within a period of six mouths
after ihe Companys refusal or neglicl to
c instruct, nml thereafter continuously j
prosecutes In u bona fide manner, uni in
such cis" irtl tin- Compuny's powers over
such streets shall bn In force as If there
had been no such refusal or neglect,
30, Inning tiie tlnnf of Gbnstruotlon of
a railway and laying tho rails ur there-
after during the repairing of same, s
free passage for vehicles over a sufficient
portion of tlu- streets und crossings shall
I..- maintained; and Immediately afier
tho said mils huve been laid or repairs
done the surface of the streets shall be re
placed In a condition as nearly us pus
slhle slm .at- to ihni In Which Uny were
beforo the commencement of the work of
construction "r repairs,
II, In case ihe Compnny shall fall to
operate any portion or the whole or us
linn, for the period of six If, i months oi
shall do or omit to do anything, iho doing
mission "f which under the provbil
Bylaw No. 159.
Bylaw No. 158.
a By law to enable tin- Corporation ��r tho
District of fiurnaby t.i raise by way of
Loan tbe mm of $1(8,000.00 for School
Purpose k.
WHEREAS theBoard <>t School
' ii'��H of Burnaby in pursuance of th
, ers granted i<�� them Dy Btptlon *>i*
"Public Schools Act"- ;i�� re-enact
I Section   8   of   thi-   "Publlo    Bohool
Amendment Act mis" have caused
���r the
il    hy
a By-law to enable The Corporation of
tho Dlstrlot of Burnaby to raise by
way uf loan (Ito Hum of $40,000.00 for
the purpose or acquiring site, treating
ami equipping a hospital in thu Municipality.
shall not  be nnrr
or In-
it.s for
"���ik   or
i days'
.1    be-
lonsldered   and
 day nf
finally   pa��t��d
implicate this duy of  	
In   the  yt'nr  of  our   I*nrrl   one
nine hundred and thirteen.
Inee of It ttiftn   Col'
In   the  Prov-
b|a,   her��lnnftef
cnllrd "tho Corporation, n
R M'   -VAY    COMPANT,     I IM-
(KoHKi-iNt. bring n oompany
porated imil r the Companies Act
nui iR-n. having mm offices sit-
in 34 Nicholas tiane, liombArd
cl in the l Ity of London. England.
��� duly licensed t<�� r.(rry on DUSI-
In th* Province of British Colum
who with im successors nnd sals hereinafter   oalled "th* * ora-
, 11K
���1 RIC
] rEn
111 ��f
which approval
fl.    Before breaking up, opening
terfeting with any pari nr said stn
tho  purpose  of constructing   said
Lhe Company shall give to the ��*;
the Council  for the tinii* Im IiiK tei
notice In writing ����r Its Intention I i do so
and no more than fifteen hundred lineal
rot-t on any on<  street shall be broken up
or opened at any one time unless permission ho to do Hhaii  have ix-in given  by
the Council,     And when the work there-   '���
on nhaii have been commenced it shall be
proceeded  with  without  intermission  and
hs rapidly ss the same can !>.,��� can!-d on
wllh   du--   PKard   to   the  jin.,- r  and  efti-
ch-nt censtruction of the same,
7. The tracks of Lhe Bald Railway
shall until the temporary roadbed of th.
streets l�� replaced by one "f a permaneni
character (the question or whal Is replacing r Btreet by ope of a permanent character to be left to the decision or in.
Council which shall be final > \��- constructed in Mich ti mporary manner an
may be nj'prowd by the Council or som<
person appointed by the Council, pro
vlded no unneci ssary obstacle Ih offered
lo ordinary traffic during or after construction. When, however, the road tied
on suoh Htret-tw is constructed by Lhe Corporation on n Solid and ptrmatunt basts,
then th* Company shall at the name tint'
construct a thoroughly good and substantial utrcrt Hallway to the satisfaction of
the Council of the Corporation or anv
person appointed by the Council, both a*
to grades, location, width and depth of
mil and mode of oonstructlon. Hnt when
the Council shall so decide to change tie
roadiwd from a temporary to a permanent one of anv street on which the Com
pnny's track Is laid. It shall give to the
Company at least nine months, prior notice in writing oT Its Intention to do so.
provided that In ail macadamised ot
gravelled streets a track constructed with
"t**e" rails weighing not loss than fifty
six pounds per yard shall be considered
permanent oonstructlon until the street?
are pnved as hereinafter provided-, but If
nny   BUCh   street   Is   tn  Iw   block-paved,   as
phalttd or laid down with a pavement of
Q   similar   character,     then   the    Compan)
mav \x* required to remove the track first
laid down and replace It with a, trarN
stiltable to the ntwv pavement Lo the walls
faction Of the Council of said Corpora
tlon or to nunc person appointed by the
Council for tbls purpose, and in thai case
the track first laid down shall be con
w'd-nred a ti mporary one only, but tin
Company shall only one be called upon
tn remove n temporary track and re-
plnne it with u permanent one.
*     The   Company   Shall    maintain    Us
ties    strttiKers   and   rails    in   a    Mate   of
thorough   repair   and   shall   for   that   purpose remove,  renew and replace the saMi
us drcumstnnc s may require, and us the
Council    of   thc   Corporation   shall    direct
and shall maintain and keep tho roadbed
in the case of permanent truck under the
raH* and ebjht Riches on either side of
each rail, and in the case of fl temporary
tr:��ck between the rails n'id M a width of
..| rhl Inches on ihe DUtStdO (
in as good a state of repair
malnder <-f the street mav bt
the   Company
tlon   of
pose  n f
WHE REA 8 the Council of the Corpora
tlon .as requested the Company  to eon-
���������   ct   and   operate   certain   electric    street
rnllwnys within Uie IMstrlct of Burnaby.
and ibe Company has expressed It" WLJ1��
ItiKness to do so on the terms and eondl-
Units hereinafter elated ;
ANl> WHEREAS the electors of the
District of Hurnaby huve assented to the
execution of this Agreement;
i The Corporation in consideration of
the premises and of the Company agreeing
to perform and observe the oovenantH
hereinafter contained hereby granth unlo^
Cie Cnmpnny Its successors and assl��n>'1
tbe right, full permission and authority to
const met, complete, equlpi maintain and
operate from tlie date of tht eierntlon and
delivery hereof for the period of thirty-
fix \iars and six months and %jr any re-
ii. wai thereof thnt may he granted here-
..fHr   a   Single   or   double     track     electric
.������tuft railway or tramway, with oJl neejee��
sary switches, tU��*n-OUtS and spur tracks
nnd other requisite appliances In con-
nrctlotl   therewith.   Upon   and   over   nil   oi
anv of ihe streets within lhe DlaUiei of
Rurnnbv Insofar a.i lhe Coimcll of the
snld Corporation cm legally grant lha
same; provided, however, that the font-
i anv shall nol construct nnv railway oi
tramway along King's Way (formerly
known na Wt slmlnster Road t between
Centrnl park and Edmonds Wlin-
��� ���i.i the eonseni of ihe council by way oi
tiHoltitlon being first had and obininea,
hi.i neltner thlH clausn nor anything in
th'' Aifreemnnl sliall give or bo construed
������>-��� i,Mini in the Companv Hu- power'Ot en-
r 'nn: In anv other business Hem that Ol
��� mstmeting and o|tcratlnit electric ran-
v ays within tho said Dlatrlct, the intention h.hm ihat ihls Aireomenl shall con-
f. r on tlie Company the ri��ht to use tne
mill streets am) no oilier interest therein
><> manner aforesaid, so long ns and provided the Companv observes the covenants and conditions herein contained
2.   The company In consideration or ino
piiiulscH and the (jranl "f l'1" rl *llt to "*
(he sirceta tw aforesaid    hereby   enliven-
r   each   rail
as  the  re-
Ami In the
making   any  re-
alteration to ihe   tracks,   ties,
.r rails, it shall  replac- the por
ie   street   dlsturtxsl   for  the   pur
ueh   repairs or alterations  tn  as
_���jd  order   and  condition  as  the   rest    of
the street without unnecessary delay,
p    The Corporation shall have the right
ID tnke up and  replace lhe streets tniVen-
,,\ by the said Railway lines or any of
them either for the purpose of altering the
rrades thereof, oonstructlng, Improving ot
replacing or repairing the streets, eewers
drains,  conduits or water pipes or of IMF-
SS down or reoalHng water or gM v\i���
or sewers and for nil other purpoeea within the power, province or Privileges or incorporation  or  the Council  then-
out heina liable in the Company
compensation or damage that may ne
casloned to the working of th��lUUwaY
or the works connected therewith, but In
BUCh event no unnec*-ssary or undue delay
or hindrance shall he caused to the opera-
Hon of the track and tn the event of.the
Corporation exercising such right, it shal
without unnecessary delay replace the
track at its own proper coeU and �����
neneee, provided alwaya that the  rights
herehv irantert shall 1*> BUbJeol to a >
oxlstla* rights statutory or Jth^M^OI
that may hereafter he granted to any I   r
aon or persons or body corporate^to
or take  up wild  strM-ts of said   t or
tion of any of them, hut In the event
the   Corporation    granting   BUCh    rlifht    t
anv person or persons or body Corporate
Shall  make   It  a   condition   of  such  granl
that ihi grantee shall without delay re
Place   the     rack   and   make   good   to   tin
Company anv damage thereto at such
frantee's own costs.
IS     The speed of the cars shall not OX-
reed   twenty five   miles   an hour.  Provided
that   the   said   speed   shall    If   i��lH }    ��>3
resolution of the Council of aald ( oi|
tion be reduced to n rat.- ..r s|
needing  len  tulles per hr*"
Htreets find   fifteen  mllcn
denilal streets.
11      The Companv will cnUSO cars to DC
run al Intervals or nol more than an hour
hstwacn seven a.m. and .liven p.m. each
day excopLlntf Sunday, on which day Lhe
Company shall nol bo obliged lo run the
ears earlier than elghl a.m P/oyldod,
however, tiiai the Company shall, f re
' ,mi to do so by resolution of the Coun
HI  of   the  Corporation,   hnvlng  renar.l    to
whal the demand for traffic aooommoda
tlon lustlflea. cause cars to be run on
OttCh Of said lines at Bdch more freiiueiit
Intervals man In this clause provided and
between lhe hours of 6 ;80 n.m., and midnight  Of mi: ��� dav excepting Sunday, pro-
Mi not  ex
nn hour on res
IB,     The Company  sliall huve the   rlghl
io charge and col Uot from every person
on   or  al'I'M-  int.-ilnn  any   i��r   Its  cats   for
tin- purpose of iltllug any distal   Within
the IMstnci nf Hurnaby a sum nol to exceed   five  cents   for  any   distance    within
tii rei. mili s  fmm  the western  boundary
of the Corporation, and fur each two
miles ur part thereof ridden beyond the
said three mUes tbs Company shall have
the    rlghl     to    collect    an    additional      five
cuts. Provided thai residents or or settlers In the said District Of Burnaby shaU
in- given BprclaJ rates which shall not ex-
cad ttie rales charged to settlers mi the
Wi .simlnsier-Vancouver Interurban line
for proporl ohate distances, and with such
similar transfer privileges ns settlers on
the Westminster-Van couver Interurban
line mny have from time Lo lime, provided, bow v.r, that In the event of the city
of Vane mver i urohaslng tho Company's
railway system within the preaent limits
,.f tin ('Hv of Vancouver the Company
will exchange transfers with the City noon such equitable basis as may bo mu
lually agreed upon between tlm City und
the Company.
I tl.    The   Company   shall   carry   infants
Iti arms free and sliall carry children  un- j
di r the at-' uf twelve years at the rale of
two children for one regular fare and shall i
issue to school children attending the pub-1
lie BChools in the said histrict tickets at
the rate not to exceed 25 cents for un
fares within the Dlntrlct of Hurnaby. but
such tick- tn shall only he used and entitle sucn Bchool children to travel on the
railway between the hours of x a.m. and
5 p.m. and Bhall nol be available on Sat-
urdays and Sundays, and other school holl-
17. The Company shall grant free
transportation over Its system within the
Dlstrlci ol Burnaby to the Reeve and
C ail Clllors '��r the District and to the
Clerk of tho Council, Engineer, Medical
Health Officer and Constables or the District and Pro\ lne .
18. The Company shall be liable for
and shnll at all times Indemnify and save
harmless    the     Corporation     from     and
i'    : -i   all  damages  arising  oul   or  the
l rue tlon or oik-rat Ing of its Railways
within tho Municipality.
19. The Corupanj shall not by any of
ns works, Utter fere with the public rlghl
of travelling on or using highways,
streets, bridges, watercourses or navigable   waters,   and   the   Company   shall    not
��� reet any pole higher than ono hundred
and fifty f'��t above th- surface of the
Ktreel nor fix any wires less than eighteen feel above the surface of tbe street,
and the pubs snail be as nearly as possible straight and perpendicular, and the
Company Bhall not place or permit any advertising signs to be placed thereon, and
provided that after the opening up of the
.-tr.. is i..r the construction of any
<>r the works ur the Company and
the en otion or poles or for
carrying the wires underground, the sur
face of the street shall in all cases be
the satisfaction of the Coun-
11 by ami at tiie expense of the Company,
and provld. d further thai whenever tn
case of fin- it b< com.-s necessary for its
extinction or Uie preservation of property that the wires shall Is- cut. tin- cutting under nuch circumstances of any of
ihe wins of the Company under the direction of the Chb f Engineer or other offi-
.-. r lu charge of the Kire Brigade shall
not ent.tie the Company to demand or
claim compensation ror any unavoidable
���Wmage that might be so Incurred, ami all
iiroperty ao Injured shall he restored to j
Lis former condition ho -soon thereafter as
reasonably can be done at the expinse of
the Corporation.
SO. The Company shall place and continue on said Railway tracks good and sufficient passenger cars for the oohventenoe
and comfort of pasaettgera Bach car ahall
be numbered, on the outside and inside and
paasengers only Bhall be carried In aueh
21. The Company may also operate
freight cars for the transportation of express and freight In the paid District of
:::*. The Company shall not be obliged
to carry in passenger jars any packages or
baggage exceeding In weight 96 lbs. for
any one passenger, and It may refuse to
allow passengers lo bring with them on
board its passenger cars any package of
w .atsoever nature lhat would cause Inconvenience to other passengers or occupy
space destined for the accommodation of
passengers, or soil or damage the clothing
of passengers or the Company's property and it may make and enforce sucn
regulations as to packages and baggage
as a mav deem necessary.
23. The Corporation and the Companv
shall make By-laws and regulation! prohibiting spitting OP the Company's Cars
under proper penalties.
L'4. The cars of the Company shall 1>"
entitled to the uninterrupted right of wa>
on the tracks of the Said railways. All
vehicles, howtver, may travel on. ulong or
across the said tracks, but any vehicles
horsi B, bicycles, man or foot passengers
upon tii* track shall turn out at the approach of nny Car, bo ar. to have the track
clear for the passing Of the car. provided
ibis shall not be taken to affect or restrict
any legal rights the Company may have
against any persons so travelling along or
across the aald tracks. But in case of
rtre. tlie hose of the Klre Brigade, If laid
across the tracks on the said streets,
s..a11 not be Interfered with by the Company and the cars of thc Company on the
said streets shull t>e stopped to allow the
passage of all fire engines, fire brigades
and appliances.
25.    The  said  Street  cars shall  stop  at
crossings when leaving or receiving i��n��-
Sengers in such position as may be mutually agreed upon between the Council of
the Corporation and the Company, a thl
no care shall be >< ft standing on the
street at any time unless receiving or leaving passengers or waiting at a terminus
provided the location of such terminus
shall tw first asm tiled to by the Council
2d. The cats after dark OH the aald
BlreClS shall be provided wltn lights both
front and rear; and such other signal
sluill be attached to the cars aa safely In
operation may from time to time require
27. The Compauy ahall employ careful,
sober, web-behaved and prudent conductors   and   drivers   tni   their   cars,   antl    it
shall be the duty of such conductors and
drivers us far as practicable to keep vigilant watch for all teaniH, carriages or
persons nr foot, bicycles or horseback,
either on the track or moving towards it.
and on the first appearance of danger the
car shall is- Slopped In the shortest possible space of time,
28, The conductors on said cars shall
announce to the passengers the nainc-e of
the streets and public squares as tbe cars
reach them.
jn.   la the event of the Corporation or
any  other person  or persons   or  body  or
bodies corporate proposing or being desirous of  constructing a  street  railway    or
street  railways on  any  of the streets  or
roads   within    the   District     of     Hurnaby
other   than   those   uih��i   which   the   Com*
fMUiy shall  have Constructed a street  railway or have a street railway In course of
oonstructlon   in  accordance  wltb   the   pro-
Visions   herein   contained,   the    Company]
shall   he   requested   In   writing    to    build!
such ib sired or proposed  railway and  op-I
erate tiie same upon tiie terms and Condition!  in   this   Agreement  contained,   and'
the Company shall, within sixlv  (tiO) days
thereafter notify the Corporallon whether
II Ih willing to build and operate sueh
street railway and In lhe event of the
Company refusing or neglect Ing within
sixty (80) days from such request to signify   Its  willingness  to  build  and   operate
such railway, or hi the event of the Company neglecting or refusing lit commence
the building or such rallwav within six
months after expiration of the said sixtv
(f.O) davs, or to complete same within
twelve i 131 months from the date when it
Signified Its willingness to build ami operate such rallwav. thn ^rpomtlon shall
then have the n.'.u to construol and operate so much or the desired line or lima
ns shall not have been Constructed by lhe
Companv. or grant to nny person *-r persons or body corporate the right   to brlitl
and operate gome ur otherwise as the Cor-
of this Agreement ce
ths  rights  hereby
Company, tin* Comp
prlvllegi s. franchises
tin- forfeltur
inferred   upon   the
hall   roir.lt    all
i the rights wiiich
! it ���hall acquire or which are conferred up>
on it under the provisions of thin Agreement over sucii portion of its railways on
Which default has been made, nnd the
same shall thereupon become and be vested In tn* Corporallon at a valuation to be
determined upon by arbitration or nt
the option oT me Council of said Corporation the Company shall remove it�� rails
rrom said track or portion of said track,
and place tbe paving of such street In a
condition similar tu that In which the remainder of such street may then be; provided this clause sluill only apply to wilful
default of  the  Company.
Vi. At tin* expiration of tli" term of
thirty-Six years and six months granted
by thlB A reement the Corporation may,
upon giving at hast twelve (12) months
written notice prior,to the expiration of
sail terms of Ita Intention to do ho, assume the ownership of all thc railway
lines beioi'itig to ih* Company wltn in the
presi nt    limits     "f    tho     Corporation,    tO-
i getner with all the real and personal prop-
i ert v   of   the   Company   art ua Ily   used,   In
j use  f,r to  l)M  Used  exclusively   In   the  Opera-
|tlon of tbe rallwav lines and plant within
] the limits aforesaid, upon payment being
| made to the Company by tne Corporation
of the value thereof, such value t.i be mu-
i tually agreed upon between the Corporation and lhe Comparty, or In cuse iif a fall-
urt   Lo agree, then such value shall be determined  by  arbitration   In  Lhe  following
m inner:
The arbitrators shall flv the then market value or all the lands so to be taken
over exclusive of anv Improvi menu, machinery and buildings Lhcreon, and I ��� ifi'
sum so found shall be added tin- value of
the improvements, machinery, buildings
and personal property inclsdtng lhe cists
of construction of the said railway lines
and of Installing all the plant and machinery and deducting therefrom tt rea a
onable sum l ��� be determined by lhe arbitrators for depredation thereof; bul such
price or value shall not Include nnv pay
ment   for any  franchise,  for the rlarbt of
running   or   goodwill.     The   Cori ttlon
Khali have eight months after the value is
'ina'le determined on to complete lhe purchase provided, however, that until the
purchase is complete the Companv shall
be entitled I" retain possession of tho said
railway lines and property and lo operale
W.m�� anu LO retain all the profits derived
:n. The coven an Ls, conditions, regulations and undertakings to be observed and
performed by the Company and the privileges given to the Corporation In this
Agreement   shall   be  deemed   to  refer  to
md be applicable only to electric street
railways or tramways henlo constructed
hy the Company upon streets within tic
District of Burnabv under the terms of
'his Agreement, and shall In no wise bo
deemed to refer to or be applicable to any
part of the Company's Westminster-Vancouver Interurban tramway or any eleotrlc streel railway or tramway which the
Company may construct on lands ncqulred
hy the Company In the District of Burnaby or to any of the property of the Company used or to be used In connection
34 In the event of the Corporation
falling to exercise tin* right to assume the
ownership   Of   said   railway   and    plant,   as
provided in paragraph .vj hereof, then this
Agrcem<nt shall continue for further periods of ten �� 10) y.-ars ench on the terms
ind conditions herein contained, and the
Corporation shall have a similar right to
purchase at tin* end of each period of \*-n
( I ft i years and to operate the railway or |
cause It to be operated, and the said pur- '
chas* to be In the manner and on the
terms aet out  In  Section  $2.
35. lf at any time hereafter any dispute, difference or question shall arise between the Haid parties hereto, their re-
ipectlve BUCuessors or assigns or any of
-hem. touching the construction, meaning
or effict of tin ac presents, or any clause
t thing h'-reln contained, or the rights
md liabilities of the said parties   respec-
ttvetv or their successors and assigns,
then every sueh dispute, difference, decision or question shall ls�� referred to arbitration.
Sti Whenever under the terms or this
Agreement any matter, dispute, differ-
enci* or question is to he referred to arbitration or whenever under the terms of
agreement any matters or things are to be
mutually agreed upon between the Company and the Corporation and they are
unahl'* tO a^r^*. the same shall be referred to the decision or two arbitrators.
one to be selected by each or the partial
aud to an umpire who shall l>e selected
by the arbitrators before entering upon
their duties, the award of the majority ot
whom shall !-��� binding on all parti,a and
*hu!l be arbitrated under atid according
to the provisions of the "Arbitration Act"
brinj Chapter nine of the Revised statutes of 13 rl tilth Columbia, any amendment thereof or any act of the legislature of the Province <>f British Columbia
for tl o time being In force In British Columbia relating to arbitration and the conduct  thereof.
S" Any notice to he given under this
Agreement liy the Company shall be deemed sufficiently given and served If delivered at the Offlc of the Corporation,
and any notice to be given by the Corporation to tho Company shall be deemed sufficiently given and served if addressed to the Oeneral Manager of thu
Company, Vanoouver. It C and forwarded
by registered letter.
38 Whenever under this Agreement
lhe  word  "st vet" or  "streets"  occurs
pr. pared   and    laid   before   tin-    Municipal
Council   a   detailed  estimate   uf  the   sums
required to mvi the special or extraerdi-
f! nary expenses of the  Hoard.
AM) WHERE A 8 the said estimate or
sucii special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the hiuii of ||ft,000.00 according to tne stnLemenl following, which sum
together   with   the   sum   of   $4Uiuj.OO   ostl
mated costs incidental U
discount  ou  debentures
sums of $:u,i>oo.oo.
Sill s    . .
Issuanc i
ionm cted   i
ot    loan   Including
>n bonds	
WHEREAS it ia neoessary and expedient that tin- Council or ihe aald Corporation be authorized to borrow the sum of
I'olty Thousand Hollars ($4U,00O.eO) to
pro\ Ids for acquiring site, erecting and
��� quipping a hospital within the limits or
tlie Municipality.
ANH WHEREAB It Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of tin*
anh WHBRBAS it will be neoessary to
raise annually by special rate the sum of
Pour   Hundred   and   Twenty   Holla re   und
I ninety-four cents   CttxO.94)   principal and
US  sum   of  Two  Thousand   Hollurw   l$2,-
j UOU.OO >   Interest   making   together   a   total
amount  annually  or Two Thousand   Kour
Vj.000.OU ; Hundred and Twenty Hollars and Nlnety-
the I four  centa   ($2480.94)   for   the   term   uf
this By-law
amounts   to
'   school
i. 000.00
lit.Ufa, ���*..
AND   WHEREAS    It   Is   necessary
raise  the moneys required to defray tb1
above  expenditure  upon  the credit  of the I
ANH WHBREAS under the powera
vested in the Council of Public Instruction  uad.r Section  six   i fi >  of  the said
"PubllC Schools Act" the boundaries of
tin- Municipal School Histrict of Hurnaby
have been extended so as to Include Dls-
trlct Ixit One Hundred and S6venty-tWO
( 17-) Group Om- (l) New Westminster
ANH WHEREAS by Section 14 of the
said "��� Public Schools Act" where any territory lias been included within a Municipal School Histrict In accordance with
Section �� ihj the provisions of that Act
r.Mptcting Publlo Bcbools In Cities and
i hst rict Municipalities shall apply thereto, and sucn territory, for all scoonl purposes, shall be deemed to be united to
BUCh Municipal School last rict, and all
.iroperty situate In such territory, shall be
iiable to assessment for school purposes
in lhe aaim- tn.inner and to tlie same extent as if the same were Included in the
units ol the Incorporated City, Town or
District Municipality, and In this By-law
the word "Municipality" shall be con-
btrued and apply accordingly.
ANH WHEREAS*lt will be necessary lo
raise annually by special rate the sum of
Phruo Hundred and Five Dollars and
eighteen cuts t|80fi,18) principal aud the
uurn of om- Thousand four hundred and
rifty Ind lars ($1450.00) Interest making
together a total amount annually of One
Thousand Sewn Hundred and FIfty-flvC
Hollars and Eighteen cents l Ji V&5. IH ) for
the term of forty years ror the re-pay-
aient or the said loan and interest thereon
is hereinafter mentioned.
ANH WHEREAS the net value .,r the
whole rateable land In the said Municipality t including Histrict l*ol tin- Hundred
and Sev.nty-two Q.1Z) Croup Out- (1) as
before r. cited according to lhe iast revised Assessment Koll amounts tb Twenty-
two Million Six Hundred and Twenty-
nine thousand Two Hundred and Five Dollars (J^'.fi-.iy.iiui.OO).
AND WHERKAS to provide ror the
payment of the Interest and the creation
��f a Sinking I'und for the payment of
me said principal sum of Twenty-nine
thousand Dollars t$^9,000.00> It will be
leccssary to levy a special annual rats
���ufflcient to raise the num of One Thousand Seven Hundred and Flfty-flve Hollars and Eighteen cents (11766.18) the
amount to be calculated annually on the
whole of the ratc.a.je land comprised
within the Municipality including said
Histrict Irul One Hundred and Seventy-
two  (172 1  Group One  11).
the Ki-4ve and Council of the wild Corporation of Burnnby In open Council assembled as  follows, namely:
1. rr SHALL BE LAWFUL for the
Reeve and Clerk of the Council, for the
, purpose aforesaid, to borrow or raise by
wav of loan from any person or body, or
oodles corporate, who may be willing to}
advance the same upon the credit of the
debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum
not e: vcdlng Twenty-nine Thousand
(J19.000.PO) Hollars and to cause the
same to be placed in the Hoyal Hank or
Canada In tlie City of New Westminster
to the credit of the said Corporation for
the purpose and with ttie objects above
sit forth and to issue nny number of debentures of the said Corporation to the
sum of Tw.nty-nine thousand iK9.O0y.00l
Dollars In the whole In accordance with
the   "Municipal   Act."     And   the  said
Bylaw No. 157.
A By-law to enable The Corporation   of
the District of Hurnaby to raise by way
or Ixmn the aum of $60,000.00 for tho
purpose or ponstrUOtlng sidewalks lit
the Municipality,
forty years for tiie repayment of the said
loan and Interest thereon as hereinafter
ANH  WHEREAS  the  net  value of  the
-'whole rateable land hi tlie Municipality ao-
0   COfQlng to tin- last revised assessment roll
amounts  to Twenty-two million  Une hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred
and seventy-five  Dollara  ($28,118,876,00).
ANH WHBREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality is Two
Million Four Hundred and Twenty-four
Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Hollars
($2,424,160,00) exclusive of Ix��cal Improvement debt secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of the principal or interest is tn arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of interest and the creation or a
sinking Fund for the payment of tin* said
principal sum or Forty Thousand Hollars
i $4a.(>iui.i)o) it will be necessary to levy
a special annual rate sufficient to raise
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred
and Twenty Hollars and Ninety-four cents j
($2420.94) the amount to he calculated
annually on the whole of tin* rateable
land oomprlsed within tbe   Municipality,
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tin* Histrict
Of  Hurnaby  enacts as  follows:
I. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Cl.-rk or tiie Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporal.* who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Forty Thouaand Hollars ($40,-
000.00) and to cause the same to be
place.| iii the Royal Hank of Canada at
the City of New Westminster, Uritish Columbia, to the credit of tlie said Corporation for the purpose and with the object*
above s*t forth and to issue any number
of debentures of the said Corporation to
tiie sum of Forty Thousand Hollars ($40t��
000.00) in the wliule in accordance with
thc "Municipal Act." And the said de-
beldres shall be Issued to consist of 8J
debentures each or the denomination of
One Hundred Hounds Sterling ((100) ami
one il- ben ture of the amount of ��19 3s. 7d.
being the sterling equivalent of Forty
Thousand Hollars ($40,000,00-) at the rate
of $4,st; 'j-3 to the one pound Sterling,
each debenture being also expressed to be
payabb* in Canadian Currency computed
at such rate, and such debentures shall
have annexed  thereto ooupona  expressed
both in Sterling and Currs
terest thereon at tin* rat.
oentum per annum payabli
WHBREAS It is necessary and expedient that the Council of the said Corporation be authorized to borrow the sum of
I'lTty thousand Hollars ��� i..n.oon.ou�� ti>
provide for constructing certain sidewalks
within ttie limits of the Municipality.
/Mi WHEREAS it is necessary to raise
the moneys required to defray the abova
expenditure upon lite credit of tlie Municipality.
AND WHEREAS It will be necessary tf*
raise annually by special rate the sum* of
Two Thousand four Hundred and JMInety-
SCVen Hollars and five cents {$'-.*i(7.0ft)
principal and the sum of Two Thousand
Five Hundred Hollars t $21100.00 > interest making together a total annually of'VJ
FOyr Thousand Nine Hundred and ninety-
seven Dollars and five cents ($4997.0e)
Tor tin* term of Fifteen years for tho repayment of the said loan and interest
thereon ns hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHBRBAS the net value of tho
whole rateable land in the Municipality according to the last revised assesHtneiit roll
amount to Twenty-two million One hundred and eighteen thousand Three Hundred and Seventy-five Hollars ($i!2,118,-
ANH WHEREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality is Two
Million Four hundred and Twenty-four
thousand One Hundred ami Fifty Hollars
< $2,424,160.00), exclusive of Local Improvement debt secured by special rates
nr assessments Of which none of the principal or Interest Is in arrears.
ANH WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of Interest and the creation of a
sinking fund for the payment of tlie said
principal sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars
($90,000.00) It will be necessary to levy
a special annual rate sufficient to raise
Lhe sum of Four Thousand Nine Hundred
and NJnety-seven Dollars and five cents
t J4H97.06)    the   amount   to   be   calculated
annually  on  the  whole  or  ths  rateable   ,
land comprised within the  Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE ths Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the Histrict of  Hurnaby enacts  as  follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Iteeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or Ixjdy or bodies
corporate who may be Willing to advance
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding Fifty Thousand Dollars ($60,-
000.00) and to cause the same to be
placed In tlie Hoyal Hank of Canada at
the City or New Westminster. British Columbia, to the credit of the said Corporation* for the purpose and with the objects
above set forth and to Issue any number
Of debentures of the said Corporation to
the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($r>0.-
ooo.tu't) in uie whole lu accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the said debentures shall be issued to consist of 'On��
Hundred and Two (102) debentures, each
of the denomination of on s hundred
pounds Sterling (��100) and one debenture nf th��- amount of ��73 19s. tid. being
the Sterling equivalent of Fifty Thouaand
I lollars ($60.000.00) nt the rate of
$4.80 2-3 to the one pound Sterling, each
debenture being also expressed to be nay-
able in Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, and such debentures shall have
d thereto coupons expressed both i
Lhe JOth day of June and tho 31st day of
December In each year. And such Merlins debentures sluill be delivered to the
purchasers of the said debentures, and
both as to principal and interest sliall be
payahie at the office of the Iloyal H.uik
of Canada tn London, Eng., or in Toronto.
Montreal or Vancouver, Canada, or tn
New York, at holder's option. And the
principal of the iald debentures shall be
payable on the thirtieth day uf Jun�� A. D,
2.    There shall be raised and levied annually   by  a  special  rate sufficient  there
for the in- | Sterling and Currency for the Interest
T Five (6) p-ir I thereon at the rate nT Five (.=!> per een-
hatf-yearty on   turn per annum payable half-yearly on the
ith day Of June and tho 31st day of December in each year. And such Sterling
debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers or the said debentures, and both
as to principal and interest shall be payable   at   the  office   of   the   Royal   Bank   of
Canada In London, England, or in Toronto, Montreal or In Vancouver. Canada,
or in New York, at holder's option. And
the principal of thc said debentures shall
l'e payable on the thirtieth day of June
A. D. 1928.
2.       utre   shall   be   raised   and   levied
annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on  all   rateable land within  the  limits i for on all  rateable  land within  the  limits
f the wild Municipality lh�� sum of Four lot the said Municipality the sum   of Twn
KundreO and Twenty Hollars and Ninety- \ Thousand four hundred and Ninety-seven
tour  cents   ($420.94)   for the   purpose  of 1 Dollars and five cents  < $2497.05)  for th��?
forming  a  Sinking  fund  for  the payment 1 purpose   of   forming   a   sinking   fund    for
*   the   aald   debentures   and   the   sum   of I the  payment   of  the  said   debentures  and
Thousand Dollars  ($2000.00)   for the Ithe   sum  of  Two  Thousand  five  hundred
navment of the interest at the rate afore-1 Dollars ($2600.00) for the payment of the
ltd,  the  said special  rat�� to  he  in  addl-   interest at the rate aforesaid the said spc-
lon td all other rates to be levied and coT-1 clal  rate  to  be  In  addition  to all  otn
1 In the said  Municipality during the
currency of tin* Bald debenturea or any of
3.    The   Council   instead   of   borrowing
th* said sum of Forty Thousand Dollars
'���>" t ($40.000.001   on   the   credit   t      the   deben
���iken   to   include   road   or
dit or highways.
in  this  Agreement   con-
deemed   to  confer  or  be
conferring    any   exclusive
���a  on or  to  the said  Com-
name   sl ill   Im-
highway, or ron
3tf.   Nothing
ta.ned   jhall   bi
co istrued   as
rights or powi-i
li i.-t sgroed by and between the panics
hereto ihat the Agreement between the
Corporallon  and  the Oompany dated  the
14th    day    of    October.      1009,     regarding
tramway  construction  In  the  District  of
Hurnaby  shall  be null  and  void  as  from
the  date  of  the  execution   of  this   Agreement,
IN  WITNESS  V7HBKEOF the parties
hereto   haVO   hereunto   caused   these   presents to be executed
The Common  Keal of the Corporation   of
the   District   of   Hurnaby   was   hereunto
affixed  In  the pn Hence of
ten tu res shall be issued to consist of fifty-
nlnt* (59 > debentures each of the denomination or one hundred pounds Sterling
i HOC) and oue debenture of the amount
or ffis dip. id. being the Sterling equivalent  Of  $-0,00.00   at   the   rate  of   $4.86   8-8
to the one pound Sterling*, each debenture
being also expressed to be payahie in Canadian Currency computed at, such rate,
and such debentures sluill have -annexed
thereto coupons expre-Fstxl both lh Sterling and Currency for the interest thereon
at the rate of Vive (t) per centum P**r
annum payable half-yearly on the 30th
day of June and the 3lut day of December In each yiar. Such Sterling debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers
of the said debentures, and both as to
principal and interest shall be payable nt
the office of the Royal Bank of Canada
In London. England, or in Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver, Canada, or in New-
York, at the holder's option. And the
principal of the said debentures shall be
payable on the thirtieth day of June A. D.
2 There shall be raised and levied annually by a apeclal rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the Limits
of the said Municipality including wild
District 1^'t One Hundred and Seventy-
two (1721 Group One I 1 I New W eet-
mlnster District the sum of Three dun-
���    dred  and   five   Hollars ami  eighteen   cents
be   ($806,181  for the purpose of forming
Take notip.\ that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed Uy-lnw upon which
tho vole of tne Municipality will l>e taken
on Saturday, tho ^6th day of April. 1913.
between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock p.m.,
al the following places i
Burnaby Public Halt Kdmonds.
Agricultural  Itaii. Central Park,
Mr Topping's Hlore. 13th Ave., Kast
Hamilton   Road  School,   Iturqultlam.
Dundonald  School,   Fraaer  Arm.
Barnet Hall. Barnet.
Mr    Braxee's   Store,   North   Burnabv.
The  Social  Club  Building,  Capitol   1TIll_
Burnftby Lake store. Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public   Notice   Is   hereby   given   that   the
vote of the  Blectora of  the  District   of
Burnabv wlll be taken on lhe above-men
tloned By-law at the time nnd place above
mentioned,    and    that   A.   <'���    Moure    has
���u appointed Reluming Officer to take
the vote of such electors with the usual
powers  In  that  behalf.
iv c. McQregor, iteeve.
Arthur  11    Moore.  Clerk.
Edmonds, It. C April 7th. 1918.
linking Fund f.-r the payment of the debenturca and the sum of one Thousand
Pour Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(81460.00) for the payment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid, the said special
rate to be in addition to all other rates to
b** levied and eoll'cted In the said Municipality during the currency of the said
debenturea or any of them
3 This By-law shall take effect on
and after the second day of June A. D.
4 This By-law may be cited for all
tmrposra as thi "BURNABS BCHOOL
BOAJID LOAN NO. 3 BY-l.AW  1913.
this seventh day of April A. H. 1918.
RECEIVED the assent of the Rhetors
at   an   Election   for   the   purpose   wn   the
..    day  of  April   A.   D.   1913.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted
bv Ue Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed  with  the Corporate st al
ates to be levied and collected In the said
Municipality during the currency of the
said debentures or nny of them.
3 This Bv-law shall tak-* effect on and
after the second day of June A. H. 1313.
4 This   By-law   mnv   be   cited   for  all
hereinbefore mentioned  may aoqulre   pun)0BM    a-     the      "BURNABY     SrDB-
��ite, erect and equip the said hospital and!^-ArKS  DEBENTURE    BY-LAW   1913."
arrance for payment for the same tn such! PASSED in Open Council
manner  and   upon   such   terms   And   eondl-     L .C V        7  *.^n   a    n   nn
tio-s as the said Council  may deem ex-1 -h* seventh daj of April A. H.1818.
pedient RECEIVED the assent of the Electors
Election   for   the   purpose   on   the
 day of April A.  H.   1?13.
i. This By-law shall take effect on and
after the second day of June A.   D.   1913.
6, This Bv-law mav tw cit��d for all
purposes as the "BURNABY HOSPITAL
DEBENTURE   BY-LAW,   1913."
DONE AND PASSED in Open Council
this seventh day of April A. D. l��i3.
RECEIVED THK assent of the Electors
at an Klectton for the purpose on the
    day of  April  A.   H.   1913.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted
bv tho Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
all on the   day of
A. 1).  191S.
all on
A. D.
the  day of
Take notim* that ths above la a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
���n Baturday, the 2Cth day of April. 1913,
between 9 O'clock am. until 7 O clock
p.m. at the following pluces :
Burnuby   Public  Hall.   Kdmonds.
Agricultural   Hull.  Central   Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 18th Ave.. Kast
Hamilton Road School, Bunjultlara.
��� Hundonald School, Kra**er Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet
Mr. Brajee'fl Store. North Burnaby.
The  Social  Club   BUlldlng,  Capitol   Hill.
Burnaby  Lake Btore,  Burnaby l.ake.
Lakemere  School,   Lakemere.
Publlo Notico ia hereby given  that the
vote of the Electors of the Histrict of Burnabv will b�� taken on tho above men tlon-
��� d By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, und that A. O. Moore has been
appointed Returning officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers in that behalf,
By order of the Council.
D. C.  McOregor,  Reovo.
Arthur O. Moore. Clerk.
l'Mmoads.   B.  C,  April 7th.  1913.
RECONSIDERED   and   flnallv   adopted
by the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and Sealed with the Corporate Seal
all on the  .
A.  D,   1913.
day of-
Take notice that tiie above Is a trua
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 26th day of April. 1913.
between 9 O'clock a.m. until 7 O'clock
p.m.. at the following placea:
Burnaby  Public   Hall,  Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall.  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Store. 13th Ave, East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet   Hall.   Barnet.
Mr. Brasee's Store. North Burnaby.
The  Social  Club  Building,  Capitol   Hilt.
Burnaby Lake Store. Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere Bchool, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of Burnabv wlll be taken on the above mentioned Bv-law at the lime and place above
mentioned, and thnt A. U. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers in that behalf.
By   order  of   the  Council.
D. C. McGregor.  Reeve.
Arthur U.  Moore, Clerk.
Edmonds,  B. C,  April  7th,   1913.
P.O. Box 34 DailyNews Bid.
nt all kind*.
I'rlcea right.   Satl-afuctlnn guaranteed
69  McKenzie St.
Tnkii iwic-'' that tti*- above in a true
,.,,����� of   propoaed By-law ��i>"n whi<-:i
the vote of the Municipality win in- tak���
i.n Baturday, the I6U1 .lny of April liin.
between B O'clock n m. until 7 Oclook
p.m.. at the following placea;
Burunby  Publlo  Hull, Bdmonda
Agricultural Hall, Central l'urk.
Mr.   Topping'*   Store,   13th   Ave.,   But
Hamilton Rond School, Burqultlam,
Dundonald School, Fraaer Arm.
Barnet Hull. Barnot
Mr. Braaec'a store, North Burnnby.
The Social Club Building, Capitol Mill,
Itiiniuliy Lake store. Burnaby Lake,
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Publlc Notice Is hereby given that the
von- of tin* Blectora of tho l>isirii-i of ��ur-
nnhv will be taken <m the above mention-
,1 iu* law nt tin- time and place above
,��� ntloned, and thai A. <!. Moore haa been
annotated Returning Officer to tuke the
i-olc or rooh cleotore with the usual pow-
era In that behalf.
11V   oilier   of   Ihe   COUnCll,
l) c, MoQreger, iteeve.
Ai-ihur it. Moore, Clerk.
Hdmonda, B. C, April 7th, 1918.
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Hrauchca throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
und. New York, Chicago and Spokane
;.S.,V, nnd Mexico City. A general
banking biiBlnesa transacted. Lettcr-s
if Credit IsBtiod, avalla'ble with cor-
respondent! In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
received in Bums of $1 and upward
md intereat allowed at 3 per cent, pei
innnin (present rate).
Total Assets over $18��,000,000.00.
0. D. DUYMNKR, Manager
Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trl��
un  Fridays,  Saturdays and  Sundays.
For rates and reservation apply   to
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodle, O.P.A.. Vancouver
Specially���Treatment  of  the   scalp,
by  Vlbro-Massage and (Rover's Famous Stimulating Tonics. ,
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.      | FAOS EIGHT
FRIDAY,  APRIL  18,  1913.
Rente the Phone No.
Rtmber   the  Place���33
Eighth Street.
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must be getting protty low now
when ln need ring us up.
IhiohesB  Rears 25c.
Duchess Peaches    25c.
Duchess Apricots   25c,
Hunts' goods the highest
grade of California fruit packed.
Pears, Peaches, Apricots and
Royal Anne Cherries, all at per
tin 35c.
Also l'eaches in glass, SOc.
Sausages,   Cambridge,   lb...20c.
Sausages, pure pork, lb  25c.
Head Cheese, bowl   15c.
Ayrshire Bacon, lb 35c.
Wiltshire  Bacon,   lb 40c.
Ox Tongue 60c
Radishes, bunch   5c.
Onions,  bunch     5c.
Celery, per head    10c.
Parsley,   bunch     5c.
Cauliflowers,  each    20c.
Strawberries, box    25c.
Oranges  18 for 25c.
Also at 35c, and 50c. doz.
Public Supply Stores
h. L. ADAMS       B. K. BURK1H
A Woman's
Training Is
For The
Of a Home
She spends prudently,
but is seldom versed in
It is in your power to
now arrange matters so
that after your death
she may be assured of a
regular safe income.
Is it not the part of
prudence to arrange
that today?
Call on our Trust Office. Tell him what you
wish done with your estate, and he will show
you just how it may be
ll haB been decided to appoint a second teacher at the Millside school, I'itt
river road. The school Is administered by Coqultlam school trustees.
All members of No. 1 Company.
Hoys' Brigade, not drilling nre requested lo band In their uniforms at
once. (1104)
Coquitluin municipal Bchool board
have resolved to erect a third school
on tho Port Moody road, near the
Port Coqultlam boundary.
The Sapperton lacrosse (intermediate) club held an exceedingly pleasant box social in Johnston's hall, Sapperton. laBt night.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. HouBe wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1078)
Or. Sutherland has been appointed
medical health officer for the school
board of thc rural municipality of Coqultlam.
Seoond hand sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. C. N. Edmondson &
Co., corner Sixth avenue and Twelfth
street. (1074)
On the strong recommendation of
City Engineer J. H. Kilmer of Port
Coqultlam, the council agreed to pay
its employees in future with cash instead of by check.
A. Hardman, the cake mnn. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Oakery.
Telephone 231. (908)
The regular monthly meeting of the
Woman's Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian hospital will be held on Mon
day afternoon at 3 o'clock In St.
lieorge's hall.
Theosophical Society will hold a
public meeting in the Conservative
Club room Sunday evening, 7:30. Sub
jeet, "Theosophy and Human Life."
A meeting of the Burnaby Ward 1
ratepayers' association will be held
In Johnson's hall, Ruller avenue,
Highland Park, this evening at 8
Get your lawn mower ground at
Swanson's. Begble street. Wa have
special machinery for doing this work
The new city cemetery abutting on | Junction with one, Kdward Nixon who
Cumberland   and   Richmond street*, paid $400 and so made up the flOOO,
Sajjperton, has been cleared,    lt enn-1 first installment.
tains ISliU single lots; (il- plots, each | Mr. Nixon was to own two-thirds
containing three graves, and 11! small I of Ibe property and Mr. Anderson one-
plots about two-thirds the slue of the'third and the disparity in die amounts
larger ones. There are besides 84 re-' paid in by the largi r owner nnd the
serves which will be used for orna- leaser, was explained by Mr. Fader to
menial purposes and planted with ! arise from Mr. Nixon having overheard
flowers and shrubs. The cemetery, | Mr. Anderson authorize him to usi
which comprises about five acres will ! $612 in question.
be encompassed by a low ornamental tor
wall   wllh   railings  embedded   in   lt.
Thi? Federal Labor union meets tonight at the Labor Temple when lt is
expected that a large number of new
members will be on hand for initiation. President R. A. Stoney of the
Trades and Labor council, Is at present in Victoria but a wire received
last night stated thnt he was making
an effort to attend. Yesterday a
member of the union visited Burnaby
municipality where he extended an invitation to the civic employees to attend the meeting.
Mrs. P. Hirrell will not receive today nor again till the third Friday In
Adopt  Suggestions of City  Treasurer
���Other Important Matters.
The city finance committee at a
meeting yesterday adopted City
Treasurer .1. J. Macliay's recommendations to change the procedure with
regard to the departmental accounts j tunes out of It.
of the city. Mr. R. W. Hannlngton of Harris &
Mr.  Mackay  recommended  that   all) Bull, Vancouver, was counsel for the
disbursement   accounts pass  through  Plaintiff,
his  department  before  being  submit-
He bad asked Nixon
his moiety, but that gentleman
pointed out tbat Mr. Anderson bad expressly authorized him to use that
$612 and his $400 would suffice to
close the deal.
Admitted Negotiations.
Mr. Anderson admitted the negotiations up to a certain stage; that he
had agreed to take a third share If
Mr. Fader could get another man to
���ake the other two thirds Interest
At a meeting between Nixon. Fader
and himself he said that he tentatively
agreed to Join in the deal if Mr. Nixon
could finance the other twothlrdB, but
It was not final by any means, and he
never gave authority to Mr. Fader to
use hia money us a first installment.
Conflicting Evidence.
There was a good deal of conflicting evidence In the case.
The money was subsequently lost
because of plaintiff and Nixon repudiating the transaction, and the property
was forfeited and bought by others.
Tho price was in all $24,000. The
property is situated between 10th avenue, Burnaby, and Wise road, close
to the old slaughter house and has
since become extremely valuable, thc
subsequent   purchasers   realizing   for-
ted to the council, a method which
will Insure their proper allocation
and classification.
Instructions were given lo Issue a
chflque for f[>23.!)0, the costs of the
Maagen  case  which  lhe  city lost.
The Mnagen owners were sued by
the city for damage to the Lulu island
bridge and they lost the case with
Mr. A. D. Buchanan, who complained that by the resurvey of the eity a
street had heen made through liis
I property, will he asked to confer with
the committee next Thursday in regard to the matter.
Messrs. Cleveland and Cameron,
the surveyors, and Mr. W. Q, McQuarrie, city solicitor, will also attend.'
Mr. J. D. Kennedy, New Westminster,  counsel  for defendants.
The Jury were: K. L. Guardhouse
(foreman) J. B. Gray, A. II. Gordon,
A. Godwin and G. Emerson Gilley.
Cash only;
stopped until
We Open New Assortments of
No partial payment
accounts until further
Handsome   Styles   in   Percales,
Dimities and Ginghams
iContinued trom page one)
In   The Courts
Too   Much   Conviviality.
An intoxicated  Indian was tho sole
object of Magistrate Edmonds' judicial
consideration in  the police court yes-
terday morning and under the circum-,
stances of the case he was set free,
although    he    pleaded    guilty,    Two
other inebriates forfeited    their   bail 1
and two cases connected  with excea-
slve conviviality  were adjourned  un- '
til today.
Case  Adjourned.
Proceedings  In    the    expropriation
case  between  the  C.   N'.  It.  and  property   holders   of   Langley   about  the
fixed  for
While working In his garden at
Crescent Beach on Tuesday last, Mr.
J, Sears uncovered the skull of an
Indian maiden apparently buried about
150 years ago. A string of pottery
beads were found lying beside the remains.
Sacrifice���33x132 foot lot near
Tenth avenue in I). L. 53. for which
$400 was paid. $275 cash. Curtis &
Dorgan, 700 Columbia street.      (1086)
Four more electric freight locomotives arrived in the eity yesterday and
will be placed in commission at once
by the B.C.E.R. These are of the lat-
���sl type of electric locomotives and
are   equipped   with -motors     of     limn
horse power.
v, ere
Mclnnes    and    the  arbiters
land witnesses and lawyers were present, but no sitting was held.
Appeal  Heard.
The appeal  of  Bogh  Singh  against
la conviction for perjury at New West-
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% o.i deposits
Paid   up Capital   and   Surplus
Assots      4,9^3,161.05
Trusts under Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng,, and
Antwerp,  Belgium,
On Chung Co.,   merchant
New arrival of spring goods,
and gentlemen's suits   at   reasonable
prices.    413    Columbia    street,    Burr
block and 24 .Mclnnls street.      (1067)
dent occurred and estimated the speed
of the car as 20 miles an hour.    He ,
had been on carB when the speed was j farmers'  right of way  were
10 to 35 miles an hour and thought he ��� yesterday  In tho provincial buildings
could judge the rate at which motors ! but  for some occult reason  were ad
traveled fairly correctly.    His account 1 journed.
of  the  accident as  regards  the  auto I    Judge
turning  and  the  boy  r.igzagging  was
much the same aB that of Mr. St. John.
Heard Horn Sounded.
The next witness said he was walk-
along   Brunette   street   near   the
scene of the accident when it occurred. |
He.heard the horn being sounded and  minster  assizes   last  November    was
turned around to look nt the car. The j partly  heard  by  the  court   of appeal
machine  hit   the   sidewalk   where   he , in Vancouver yesterday.
was standing and he had to look out      Bogh  Singh  was sentenced  to    two
Tor himself.    Hi; thought  tlie ear was ��� years'  penal servitude for attempting
running at a speed of about  25 to 27 \ to prove an alibi in favor of a Hindu
miles an hour and that the driver had; named  Issliur Singh charged  with as-
to take the sidewalk In order to avoid saultlng  Dbarra    Singh    August    14.
running down the boy. 1911.
Adam   Murray,   who   was   standing \    The   argument   for   Bogh   Singh   is
tailors \M> nr ���;"�� >',irlls <lowl1 Brunette street!that his t vidence was not Interpreted
Ladles' towa from the noise of the exhaust[accurately    as    the    interpreter    al-
j that tlle car was going fairly fast. ^^^^
In stripes and floral designs: also
plain colors with band trimmings-,
and prices are very low, $1.50, $2.00,
$3.00, $4.00 and $5.00.
Special Offering.   50 Dozen
White Muslin Waists, hand-
comely trimmed with lace.
No partial payment
accounts until further
More New Suits
In by Fast Kxpress Today; qualities
that we can sell at $20.00, $25.00 and
Special lines of Dress Skirts at $6.50,
$7.50 and $10.00.
New Spring Underwear
We especially call your attention to
the New Open Mesh Knit (larments. -
They are tho "acme" of comfort, although the prices are a little higher
than the ordinary sorts. Vests and
Drawers at 50c and 75c each. Union
Suits at $1.00 and  $1.50.
We Furnish Your Home
Cash only;
stopped until
Agents for
"Try  New
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
From May 1 civic employees of Port
Coquitlam will work nine hours instead of eight upon five days of the
week, to secure a Saturday half holiday. Alderman I). E. Welcher was
mainly responsible for the beneficial
car was :olng ^^^^^^^
Miss Lily .Moran, an occupant of the
ill-fated car talked ahout the Trout
man boy swinging erratically on his
wheel along Brunette street, while
Miss May Tracey, another passenger.
thought tbe car was travelling the
speed of a street car, although she es
tlmated the mileage at '.',!) miles an
Miss Annie Lindsay gave evidence to
the  effect  that she had   known   Miss
To loan. $10,000 on first class busi- j Kail for some yearB and that she was
ness property, none other need apply. I horn  In Kllensburgh, Ky.
P.     Peebles,    620    Columbia      street. I The Chauffeur.
Phone 307. (1093)       Sam Little, tlie driver of the car ex
plain! d   that   he  was  hurt during  the
A steamer    with    the   Stars    and accident  and  went away on  Sundav
Stripes Hying at  her stern lay yester-  nIg)jt to Seattle.    Ile had heen unahl.
day a   the It. C, Transport wharf. She j ,���  hoar  from  the doctors  as  to  how-
was the Tw-erton from San Francisco gertous Miss Hall's condition was.
wHh   '���'    barrels   Of   cement.     After*     Aii ,���  tho accident, he said  he had
iding  cargo  she   went   down  the Ito take  to  the ditch or kill  the  bov.
though perfectly conversant with
IHindustani, was only partially acquainted with Punjaubl, the native
language of all these Singhs who are
Sikhs, and are in an analogous posl- Oolic
tlon as lhe interpreter in regard to ; Cod
A curious feature in the case is that
another Sikh charged with perjury
for swearing exactly to the same eir
cumstance that Ilogh Singh did, was
found  not  guilty  by  a different jury.
The further hearing of the case
will he hoard on  Monday.
Mr. .1. H. Grant, New Westminster.
opposed the appeal on behalf of the
Mr. J. Mrl!. Mowat conducted the
appeal  for  Bogh  Singh:
Rhubarb   -. 3 Ihs. rcr ll.'r
Our Own New Laid Kggs. dozen. .35c
Cauliflower,   per head    20c
Onions,  per   bunch    5c
Lettuce    li  for  10c
Salmon   (Red  Spring)..2  lbs.  for 33c
ans  2 Ihs. for 25c
 2  lbs. for 25c
Halibut, per lb 15c
Groceries,  Fish  and  Produce.
Phone  93. -447 Columbia
river homeward bound
Mrs. Lashley Hall, of Vancouver, I
will give a lecture on "The Coming
Issue" on Friday. April is. at 8 p.m .
in tin- Conservative Club rooms, un
der the auspices of the Political
Equality League. All are cordially Invited and admittance free. The chair j
wlll in- taken bj Mra. Patchell, 11099)
j He swore
I than
The police commissioners appointed
for Port Moody at Wednesday even
ing's meeting of the council were
Mayor I' li Roe (chairman) Alderman
.1   II. McLean and Mr  Thurston of the
Flavalle-Thurston   Lumber   company.
license commissioners, Mayor I' I)
Hoe (chairman), Alderman llrittnn and
Mr VV T. Johnston, of Durham fi
t he was not going mon
ii miles an hour.    Miss Hall who
was   nn   the   same   seat    as   himself,
i urged Iiim to go fast bul be refused.
Ha had a speedometer on the car bul
it  had not  worked since he get  it  five
months ago.
Winn be siw the boj ahead hc
started blowing the horn aud kejit on
doing BO, As le- approached close to
the bicycle rider he Blackened up
and pul on tin* foot brake Then he
released the brakes with lhe intention
of going by bul the lad cul oul In
front or him again and he bad to take
to the sidewalk.
The hey. stated Little, win* turning
and twisting from one side to the
; other.
This concluded tlie hearing of wl
neEBes   and   the   Jury   retired   and   re
Sale���20 per cent, off   at I turned a verdict of accidental death
private millinery parlor.
C. A. BOGERT, General Marager.
Capital |Mld up
Re-Ml-ve Fund ���
Total Alteta -
For Those Going Abroad
the Travellers' Cheques, issued by Ihe Dominion B��nk, are
loth a convenience and a necessity. Their undoubled value ai.d
ielf-ldentifylng features, make them the Ideal cheques for travelling.
Good alt over the world���cashed everywhere al their ls.ee value
���and tt. redeemable only by the original owner, lf lost or iiolen.
Olobe, Ariz.. April 17. An ait-Mas'
generated by the fall of three million
Ions of clipping at the .Miami mine,
seven mill B from here, killed thret
miners today and Injured 100 others,
four probably fatally. The blast waa
so terrific in the tunnels that ore cars
were blown frcm 26 to 100 feet
Three hundred men had gone on
shift shortly before the cave in of the
mine capping. The rumbling that preceded tie* fall warned tbem In time to
"et out nl the danger /one. Then
several hundred  feet of capping went
crashing down the stupe.
from our newest department. All the latest and
popular     magazines     and
weeklies kept in stock. Will
deliver if you prefer.
">46  Columbia   Street
Phone  45j
Boundary Bay
Fresh Garden Seeds
now in.
Curtis Dmj Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Res. 72,
| ,        New Westminster, B. C.      \
Miss Davl
for one week only, previous lo removing. The greatest opportunity ever
offered to the public In the middle of
the season. $3000 worth of stock to
select from. 204 Agnes street. Hale
commences Wednesday. April 16. for
one week. (1092)
Shaughnessy station on the Lulu Island line of the II. C Iv It., near
Eburne is now known as Marpole, the
change having been made this week
It is staled that the name Shaughnessy
led to confusion of the point with
Shaughnessy Heights, signs designating the new name and alterations on
the tickets of Ihe line to that polnl
Will he made next week.
To Builders and Contractors -This
Ih whal you have been looking for.
now take advantage of it. We are
carrying in stock from 1000 to 2000
yards of building material. The following are out retail prices to consumers at the blinkers: Crushed
rock, pea gravel and coarse gravel,
$1 per yard: coarse concrete sand
and river sand, 60c per yard. We aro
also prepared lo furnish English
cement, hard plaster and lime at a
moment's notice. Special prices given
to wholesalers by arrangement. We
have the linest bunkers in II. C. and
we invite your inspection at any time.
(Continued from page one)
D. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
about breach of agency, and about
agents' ethics and honesty. You have
nothing to do with that. Those nre
questions that might arise between
Anderson and the vendor.
"Vou will consider this matter free
from every consideration except tbis:
According to the evidence you will
find a verdict so that you can look
your conscience in the face and feel
you have done your duly"
The Transaction.
Tbe plaintiff, .lames Anderson, St.
Mungo's Cannery, sued the Investors
Investment Company. Messrs. Fader,
Coon &  Lever, for the return of $012
paid by defendants to Mr. Deerlng, u
real estate man In Vancouver uh first
payment on the purchase of 13 1-2
ncres in Burnaby, at -fison an acre,
which he alleged was paid without his
It was admitted by Mr. Fader who
carried uot tho transaction for the
firm, that they did hold $612 belonging to plaintiff, but he swore that he
had been explicitly authorized to use
(1021) | that money to fix up tho deal In con-
Mayde    Ileach    Park,    being a sub
[division  of the    historic    old  Whalen
j estate at  Point  Roberts.  Wash., is ai
last on the market In 50x100 feet lot*
j fronting   bread   slreets  and   ��ith   per
petual   beach   privileges.   This   has
' been  the  camp  ground  for  scores of
j local  people  for years.    Tbe lots are
| filing   fast,   many   people   procuring
I tha  locations  they  had occupied    ui-
tennnls for years.    Prices $330 and up
wards, easy terms.    Hole agents,
70-5 Columbia Street, City.
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
High   Class   Ladies   and   Gentlemen's
���16   Lorne   Street,   New   Westminster
506 Main Street, Vancouver
No Come-backs.
"VALE" Engines always   work    perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mad*  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Home For Sale
No.   1 ���Here  is  a  splendid home for sale cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen's Park and new school.
lt  has  seven  large  com for tn Me  rooms  with  every  modern  convenience;   full  basement;  on  a large lot, 66x132 feet
This place la below value and   the  terms  are  nuch   that  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH,   balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let us show you this p lace.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast  Btea mship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Estsbllshed 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers*   Liability,
Marine Insurance.
Automobile   and
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5:00 and 5:45 anv, and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly Bervlce.
Sundays���At 0:00, 7:00. 7:30,
8:00 nnd 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby -Al
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 am. with hourly servico thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8.00 a.m.,
with week day servico thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���FirBt car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter,-
(Connc-SHon with cars to Steveston nnd other pntnlu on Lulu Island Ih made at Bburno. **     ***���
For Chilliwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Polnta
���At 4:80 pn.


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