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The New Westminster News Nov 28, 1913

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News Classified Ada
Have proven tbelr worth by ,s a
results   they   produco.     The* .*,-' ill
large   or   small   wants   at   �� all
cost. -?
The Weather.
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to mode-rate winds
mostly cloudy with rain tonight and
NUI   UUILII Trio of Candidates in Ward
Six, Burnaby, Seek Mu-
CJood, Hall TayWr and Connors Acquitted or Assault Charge.
nicipal Honors.
President of British Colum
bia University at Columbian College.
Court Room Crowded When
Verdict  Is  Returned���
Refute Evidence.
A three cornered fight In ward six
Is lhe latest in political news from
Hurnaby and from now on, other announcements can daily be expected.
In lho Central Park district, ward
six, the entry of W. E. Silver for the
counclllorship leaked out yesterday,
which  malies the race an Interesting
onovwlth promise of a warm time be-
^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^mm    fore the
Mr.  Silver will  have ns his oppon-
Aftsr a trial lasting a little over a  ent   Frank   J.   Hussell,   the   probable
���day and a half four other Cumberland  choice of the Ward  Six  Ratepayers'
miners   Hlchard Goodwin, Jack  Hall,  association,  and    also    the    present
. .     _    , . . ��� _, member of the council, T. \V.  Mavne
John Taylor and James Connors wcre.      ,,������..,���   |)(,van    ,.^  wm)am   Jcn
acquitted at the special asBlze court n|nKS Bryan, believes that one or per-
yesterday afternoon. The Jury was baps two defeats does not weaken
onlv out about three-quarters of an fhls chance to nit In thc council clinm-
hour. The court room was crowded bPr' aml ****** the "'ver road resl-
wlion the Jury returned, and the ver- <**-')- rotated when interviewed yesler-
dlct, although apparently a popular ,lav -�� ���>*' Officially counted In as s
one. was not greeted with any out- candidate it Is well known that he
hurst of applause, similar to thai '-iU <---*--���' another attempt to corral
which occurred when the two Con- ***'' -'*-PT* of war<1 onp' at Present
nors brothers were found not guilty. ] represented by Councillor Stride. The
The condemnation of such d<MnoiiBtra-!,!lt,"r Kcntl-man is again In the field
tlons in court by Mr. Justice Morrl- "J* '" scheduled to speak before the
son. waa apparently remembered by iUard ��n'' Ratepayers' association at
the spec-ators Highland Park this ovening.
When the verdict of the Jury had i '�� Vancouver Heights, ward five
been announced three of the men. 5">���� A ^:'s,0�� >��,��" oPbonent or
Hall, Connors and Taylor, were im-1( ''uncillor MacDonsJd, both being
mediately      released    while    Uichard I1"1"' ��!  ,hP ��,rf",enl   -*tnp serklng the
Electricsl  Expert in Thlt    City    Pre.
diets Evolution In Heating snd
Cooking Facilities.
Fifteen  years  from now tbere will
be no such things as gas ln a bouse.
Dr. Voung and Dr. Chown Aftf!���* '" th�� �����*���������* of an electrical
Speak���Former Offers
Villa Will Proceed Tonight
With Trainload of Pro
expert In this ciiyi who predicts an
cvflfMWj) in present lighting, beating
and ooobisg arrangements whereby
electricity will supplant gas, coal,
wood or wfctfeever is used now.
Basing his Chlms on what has already been ad-HMwpllsbed, this nm
says tbe only hii-*er��nce to the immediate realization ttt bis predletllnss
ts the cost and mahssenance of electrical equipment. Wh*�� the um1 of
this is increased, as if Is bound to,
be, tn his opinion tbe us* *l electrical
appliances of all kinds wiii be universal. To strengthen his statements,
tbe expert says although it Is but recently that local laundries b*&n u.*>-
| lng electrical Irons now they will use
i no other. Electrical heaters ar* now
[ popular In hospitals for their convenience and safety. People who
old gas, coal, and wood
idea said no electrical appliances
would be Invented that would lake
the place of what ls now used, but
inventors were hard at it perfecting j
stoves, heaters, and a hundred other ���>
such conveniences.
Again  gas was    advocated    to    bo
Here are some of the salient sentences Dr. Wesbrook made last night
to Columbian college students:
"You can't make brains."
"H. C. may look any of the provinces In the face uud not be ashamed
of its educational standing."
"This is the day of co-operation."
"Kach of us has to specialise to
some extent to become tbe most useful citizen."
"If you are going to diffuse new
knowledge you must do your share In
gathering It."
"The greal   tragedy  of  student life
Is that students often think they are
at the end when they graduate; really |g^jj"^ th
they are at the beginning."
"It Isn't so much what you study as
the InOuehos of your teachers upon
"lt Isn't always the fellow at the
f.ot of the clasB who gets away up
in  tho later life."
"No one has yet found out the use
of the
',���������[������      _^_^_^_^_^_\ commission, hut a system of looping
Distinctive   Bearing. j was now being worked out that would
Imagine    the  unbending,    reserved. ! Preclude  even   the  possibility    of    a
^^���^-^-^-^-^^ breakdown.    For eighteen months en-
Parsde of All His Troops This Morning to Celebrate Victory at
*,       Tierra Blancs.
El Paso, Te*., Nov. 27���Rebel scouts
reported to General Villa at Juarez to-
Special  Assizes  Will  Continue Until January to
Hear Charges.
At the conclusion of the trial of the
four Cumberland miners yesterday announcement was made of an adjournment of the special assise court until
Monday morning at 10:30 o'clock
when the trial of a man named Cowler will be opened, The charge
against Cowler ie stated to be one of
tbe most serious on the list of    the
night that they bad sighted the fed-1 Vancouver    island      strike     trouble
eral   outposts  at   Villa  Ahumada,   83 \ *��*>-*���    "e -* ��ccu��*�� ��f committing
,, .... .   , _-_.   'an assault upon Provincial Constable
miles   south  of  Juarez,   today.    The|Ta_.lor     at "_e    boat    ,____    ���_
presence of the federal forces at Villa | Nanaimo at the time when the most
Two Men Suspected of Agasslz Affair Held at Port
appendix,  but  we have hopes. !,IR'd   as  an   emergency   In  case    the
meant.me it is very useful    to j electric lines were temporarily out of
Ahumada has caused no little concern
ia Juarez, as the rebel officers do not
know definitely whether they are the
troops which retreated from Tlerra
Blanca, after their defeat Tuesday, or
are reinforcements from Chihuahua
which again are moving north to en-
gaga Villa.
'I will leave to attack Chihuahua
as soon as I can get my trains loaded
with provisions, which probably will
be tomorrow night or Saturday morning." said General Villa at Juarez to-'
General Villa will hold a review parade of all his troops tomorrow morn-
I tag In celebration of the victory over
I tbe federals at Tierra Blanca. The
parade will he led by the 15th battalion band of the federal army which
was captured by Villa when he took
Juarez and which has been incorporated Into the rebel army.
Thousands of dollars worth of pro-
Three Others in Toils at Abbotsford���Headed   Toward Vancouver.
Goodwin,   the   fourth,   filed   back     toi����trrago  of  the electorate.    Mr.   Yor-
the  cIIk lo   serve  oul   his    term    of ��� stun made the run last year, but waa. be-spectarled   type   of  university   nro. 	
n  ���   month.    -,�����r,l. ,1 .1 t-i*   f .11 ;i ' dtfeatcd. I fessor and one has all that Dr. W. W.i gineers had  been  working out a sys-1 visions were transferred from El Paso
n in,   mo.iuiB    awaruoa at Lie    UUI as-      ^.^    ^     ^^    Burnaby     the "Wesbrook, president of the University  tam for the B.C. Electric power tranB-jto Juarez today to be loaded on Villa's
Alreadv  under Sentence largest and perhaps the most  wooded of   Ilrillsh   Columbia.   Isn't.     Imagine j mission lines and this waa to be   in-
Wlole in the wltnesr-box teslifvlnaiterrltorv 4p    the    Municipality,     wlll.the garrulous   brusque,  kind of busl- jetalled.    Arrangements at substations
OH   behalf"of  hhnseU"and   th*  oU.'r  rro-iHily   ��ni���  elect   Councl'lor  Kan-j ness man  anl. there again  you  have | were constantly  being  Improved and^ua.
thr.,.  accused    Goodwin    made    thei Vel by acclamation, unless -'-.e chair
After a search covering miles of
territory, and lasting two days, the
provincial police officers sent in
search of the men who on Tuesday
afternoon made an attempt to bold up
the branch of tbe Bank of British
North America at Agasslz, placed under arrest five men alleged to have
been implicated in the affair. Two of
them are being beld ln the Port Coquitlam jail, while it is understood
the other three are in custody in Abbotsford.
Just how the arrests were carried
Out. was unobtainable at a late* hour
last night although it is surmised that
all five men were heading towards
Vancouver along the C. P. R. tracks
when surprised by the officers.
Chief of Police Thomas of Port'.Coqultlam was called Into the affair and
requested by the provincial constables
to house two alleged members ot the
dramatic assertion that he was not
Kiillly of the assault of which be had
been convicted and thai the man who
had   actually   committed   the   offence
man of the finance commltte.
to enter the reeveship arena
Ward three,  the scene
exciting      councillors!!1!!
Villa expects to have at least
men when he attacks  Chlhua-
He stated  tonight that he had
sent  word  to General Tomas  Urbina
serious troubles in connection    with
the strike developed.
A.  IJ. Taylor,  K.C, announced  his
readiness to  proceed  with this case
at tbe conclusion of the Goodwin trial
yesterday, but J. E. Bird and Arthur
Leighton, defence  lawyers,  protested
on  the grounds  that  they  bad  been
given  to understand    that    Cowler'a
case -a ould not be taken up until the
last Cumberland trial  had   been  held
and the Ladysmith cases also tried.
Mr. Taylor asserted that owing to
the   Inability    of a   very    Important
crown witness to come to New Westminster now  he waa unable  to  proceed with tbe Cumberland cases,
lt was   finally    arranged   between
counsel and Mr. JuBtioe Morrison that,
the Cowler case should be heard on
Monday and tbat in the interim the
i court should be adjourned. ___________________________--������*��� -
| During the course of the discussion I gang of bank robbers,
on the arrangement of trials it de-| Whether he was Instructed by the
veloped that 400 defence witnesses!provincial police to refuse all infor-
would appear in the trials still to be! mat ion regarding the men ts not
held. A statement to this effect was known but in any event he refused
made by Mr. Leighton, who wished i to deny or confirm the report tbat two
to know something deflnlte aa to the jof the alleged burglars were ta bla
all  that  Ur.  Wesbrook  Isn't.    At thu ; the  efficiency  increased.    Right now , _._��� ������ _- .--   --
conclusion   of   his address  at   Colum-' appliances   la  use   twenty   years   ago �� bring 3000 men northi from the Tor-, arrangement  of  the   trials  to enable charge.
bian   college   last   Bight   most   of  hls 1 were  not   given  storage  room. ����_^*�� ** ���** ^"^l ".Tifi   hlm  t0  inrtnlCt   thC  wl*��ff��  wheu
- *~������������^���m   ������������ game maUer  an. j t-biw already Is jn the^cinny ot Chi-J their presence was required in court. I
of the most  audience   classified   him   all   by   blm-      Speaking  on   the
������ace      last self-the rare kind of man needed to  other New  Westminster man
,.       ihuahua with 2000 rebel troops.   Villa
were'*"1   uke  T00��   *��-i*->n from  Juarez
.   _,         .       _,    ., ,           ,      ,������     ���.��� Fanrina when T   D   Coldicutt   after an!build   organise   and   control   the   uni- BOOO   as   electrical   appliances     ...=,<- ileavjn��� a garrjg0n of about 1000 men
m'' 7!     :.V'J ilavirhi^   Zo JKlSS^SnW&r * "" 'le council. >rslty  of  British  Columbia    to    bo. ; brought down to    ��    sensibles    price   �� pr<*ec,Bthe border clt>,
bodied  ta   ar    affidavit   had tafef  for   �� �� ���      ** over ��W were right.    That is what he is.   there was no questions but e ec ricity ;    G y attended     the
wsrded to    the    mlnlst r    of justice  no    t < >t in  n    i ,|    ,���_  au(1u.nc,.   WM   kept  constantly : would   supplant   gas.     Manufacturer. ,        f the JuarezJ racp Uack and
a��k,i,_   for ai,   investigation^          ��W* ��J��&*1 ������.������,     Onlv  one  ft attention, but  not by    flowery    or of these articles were preventing peo- wann| te(]    The band_    ,
Qoodwin   Hall. Taylor and t onnors ^^a2*cSS^ m ."  of East llur-! flow lng language.    Or. Wesbrook hns pie from buying their goods by nickle- L, the national hymn as Villa enter-
v,,r.   iirrau-ned on charges OflWSMH ggfMgt. \�����f���^ m\���_a "�� U,, ���re knack of gaylnK . ,���, ,��� a! plating and garnishing them with J ed  fh6 grand ____
end   intimidationiof John  Thompson  nab^ hns come forwaro wit, an   an ( j^ Helot    of    uge,esB    orramente.      One,    Spanish resfdents of Juarez appeal-
flt  the  Inner,  home  In  Cumberinnd  ?���'"��n,'n J^J ."on^re candidates pauses frequently and when so doins  People came to understend   he    use  cd to American Consul Thomaa B. Ed-
��B^^SS ��&??&& **- .��*�� ^teTwlKe^rb? KLuS what  he  IS  saying.    His i^M *J�� M to. It  would | ^ri.at tbat citytoday to take charge
oi-cinied  ,    itirifldence for *?e'fore nomination day. Councillor Coldl-| language  is  simple  and  well chosen,
occupied   in  M^OTWMIWMS expected  He Is quietly humorous. His gestures
bf counsel    f r lh,   Tr s m. rs   ^ d he wIM again  m.ke the race.       'are of the mildest  sort    In fact   I��r
bj   coutise     for   O*    ixtimsm   TO Councillor  Maepherson  prom-; Wesbrook does nol gesticulate.   From
counsel for he crown Ills lor, ship, �� " mentioned in the reeveship the time he , started until be con-
siimmed ,���. In ��JW^����e%_%^ST'SiwinS), will hari eluded last night he did not move
,���,- at the opening of the tit ,r no. ���^' ����rt ;;,��(lt(l,^ard ���,.arer and to* frcm his original position, save once
tesston. the jury retiring shortly gfter to ^""J^"^ ������ n��� dl.ar,h!t��� put his hand behind him and once
r"    Contradictory Evidence. \U material.    Walter 8   Hose Is men-;to  wave It slightly  to  emphasize    a
Very     contradictor}     was   the   cvl-,tloned. although during  th
I be used exclusively.
Iof their possessions In the city as
i General Villa has threatened to con-
j flscate their sfores and other property.
(Consul Edwards accepted the custody
jof their property.
: Mayor  Gray  snd    Aldermen
from Victoria.
Return j
17.-   "
In this connection Mr. Leighton an
ticipated that the special assize would
extend well into the month of
The grand Jury will sit tomorrow.
T. J. Trapp, with Mrs. Trapp and
daughter, who have been visiting England for some time were last nlgbt expected to arrive home this morning.
One question a number of people
are  waiting to ask    Mr.    Trapp    is
whether or not there Is any truth in. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
reports now ln circulation that he (of witnesses mentioned by A. D. Tay-
would run for mayor at the coming I ior> k. C, crown prosecutor, on Wed-
For almost two weeks now |       *^**������������������������������������������������������m
Charges of Attempted Intimidation of
Witnesses Again Brought ta Attention of Court
The charge of attempted  intlmida-
prsaentsd   by   the   de.'ence   to
den   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
thiii   givsq   for   the  cro-Mi.     (loodwln j
and   Taylor,   two of  the acciisod, oc-.
CUP ' d  the utand and strenuously denied   lhat   the   visit   (0   Thompson's
house had been anything but a friend-
! campaigns,  he   has   refused
two nast
to allcw
i nomlna
sentence.    When he smiles more than ________________________________________________���
ihis mouth smiles;  his    eyes,    every-(delegation visiting Victoria this week,
!_._,_____ .������__���        -    .. .1    Washington, Nov. 27.���Tbe attitude [elections,    ror aimusi two wctjkb now i    ^      -���,_  came wore -j,e atten-
About  J14.000 will be paid to New  of the Washington government on the the poSI,ibUity of this haa been spoken  nesday again came oei^ore  **-��
Westminster  as   a   part   result  of a  Mexican situation continues to be onejor in _** .treets.   It may all be news|tion of the court yesterday, wnen j.
his name to be linked with
For the reeveship race there are
several mentioned as Bceldng the
post,  although  with  the exception of
x\  call.    Although agree-big that there iCouncillor Macpherson. nothing defln-
liad been irouble, they also maintained that Thompson himself had been
the direct cnuse.
Goodwin, the tirst witness, after detailing wbat occurred up to the time
he and the other three accused and
Tosland were received in Thompson's
home, told of the conversation that
ensued between Thitir.ison and the
visitors Tosland lirst mentioned the
lodge business and advised Thompson to appear at the next meeting
OU the following Wednesday and explain.
Tosland then left to f"tch the shack
mate and Thompson addn-aslng Ihe
four remaining said: "Do you think
I am scabbing boys?" To this Hall
repli'd "Yes, ynu ara scabbing and
takliiK another man's job." Thompson bad healed!v retorted "Who is
taking another man's lob?", and, losing control of himself, commenced to
violently n'uuse the four accused.
Connors, witness said, did not speak
cme word. i
Abusive Lsngusgs.
Thompson, witness said, continuing
Ills torrent of abuse picked up a club
and struck st the four mon. Hall
rushed In uiul knocked Thompson to
the floor aud Connors joined In the
melee ill an endeavor to relieve
Thompson ot hls club. Mrs. Thompson Immediately darted out for the
police and Connors and Taylor wishing to avoid trouble also left.
Refuted Previous Testimony,
In refutation ot the statements
made by Mrs. Thompson und as
her acquaintanceship with the
���ciiBOd witness testified that
Thompson hnd Invited thom to
place on a previous occasion
win also contradicted Mrs.
sen's statements that any of thc accused had never lent herself or husband any assistance. He himself had
assisted the Thompson's In moving
nnd helped build an addition to the
Thompson home. In return for these
services Mrs. Thompson had sent a,
pie to witness' shack.
(loodwln assured Mr. Taylor while
under cross-examination that dcsnlte
tho Ill-feeling In town towards strikebreakers the visit to Thompson's had
lien nottlng but a friendly one. John
Tavlor, another of the accused, gave
evidence In corroboration.
J. E. Bird addressed the jury ta the
behalf ot Ooodwln and Hall nnd
Arthur l_el|hton for Taylor nnd Connors. Eaeb plead for acquittal on the
evidence. A. D. Taylor, K.C, address
cd tbe ]Ult 'or tbs crown.
In summing up his lordship drew
.. mmmmm���m���m���*mmmmmmemm M     i * ������___-_-_-.
(Centtnmfl oa Page Four.l     ���
Ite has been divulged. It Is altogether llkelv. however, that Heeve
McCregor will seek re-election. whll��
Hugh M. Kraser. of the Central Park
district, is still being mentioned. Business affairs and sickness prevented
Mr. Kraser from entering the race
last winter.
Shifting Grain Crop.
Fort William, Nov. 27-ln the rush
to send as much grain east as possible hefore thc Increased rate for Insurance comes Into- effect at the beginning cf Hecember. vessels are now
carrying away the western grain crop
at the rate of three million bushels
dally. Today 3,200.000 bushels were
loaded nnd yesterday a similar quantity. Fifteen vessels aro loading grain
under the elevator spouts so that oven
more wlll probably be shipped tomorrow and five vessels aro due tonight
for cargoes.
I thing nbout hlm. even his spectacles,
{radiate humor and you must smile
too. When hii. Is .crlous he is very
SSTlOUS, and bis audience becomes
serious too. He Is Indeed a rare combination ot scholar and everyday business man. which qualities he combines with ability as a speaker, and
which will bn his aid in founding the
new university.
Wbat President Wesbrook said last,
night was too informal to be called a
Bpeech or even an address. As he
himself said It was a talk to the
students and In speaking to them he
showed he anpreciated his responsl-
bllltles ln building up the new university.
When   students   wanted   learning,
(Continued on Pass Pour.)
Electrical Warehouse Damaged to Extent of $150,-
000���Many Suffer.
members of which returned yesterday. The money ls tbe provincial
government's share in the cost cf
paving the asylum hill, and will be
placed to tbe city's account soon.
After being told of tbe bad leak In
the pipe line at Essondale Sir Richard McBride promised that as soon
as engineers' reports were received
action by the government would follow.
Also It is expected payment will be
made for wcrk done on Twentieth
street eighteen months ago by tbe
city. Owing to the absence of tbo
minster of public works immediate
settlement was impossible, but tbe
money is expected to beforthcoiaing.
The delegation consisted of Mayor
Gray. Aldermen Kellington and Lynch
and City Engineer J. W. B. Blackman,
and was introduced by Thomas Gifford, M. I.. A.
Hon. Dr. H. E. Young Wlll Officiate at
Ceremony In Port Coquitlam
" Port Coqultlam, Nov. 27.���Tomorrow
afternoon the epoch making event of
laying the corner stone of Port Co-
qnltlam's first real city school wlll
take place. The ceremony will mark
tho passing of Port Coqultlam from a
rural to a city school district.
Tho James Park school ls a commodious two storey structure situated
near the heart of the new thickly
populated district on the north side.
It contains four rooms, all equipped
along the latest approved lines. Tbe
actual ceremony of laying the stone
will be performed by Hon. Dr. H. K.
Young, minister of education. He wtll
bn assisted on the platform by W.
A. Thursby, chairman of the school
board, W. D. P, Godwin and R. O.
Mounce, trustees; Mayor Mara and
other civic officials.
Col. J. D, Taylor, M.P.. W. J. Man-
son. M.P.P. nnd John Balllle, chairman of tbe Maple Ridge sohool bonrd
have also signified their Intention of
being present. Ths ceremony will be
performed at 2: SO, but previous to
tbnt, the occasions wlll be celebrated
around the festive board.
Vancouver,   Nov.   11.���Damage
the extent ot I1&0.000 wss done
night by. a flre that broke ont In the
electrical warehouse of Messrs. Hot-
son & Gillls, corner of Helmcken and
Hamilton, In the centre of the business district. This warehouse Is
situated on tho top floor of the building ib which there are a number of
other concerns, which also caught
alight In a short time. Over 100 men
were engaged for several hours hand
l'.ng the ot-tbreak and it wns not until
about midnight that it wns eventually
On tho third floor there were Ave
loads cf pianos all of which were
damaged by water. In the basement
there was stored n vast quantity ot
rope belonging to Messrs. McGowan.
and this was also more or loss damaged. There wns stored ln the basement half a million dollars worth ot
agricultural nnd other produce, pnrt
ct whicli wns also destroyed by water,
while tho Taylor ft Beldlng compnny
are nlso heavy losers by tbe Hro.
Several smaller firms *-l,\ suffer,
but nct to suoh nn extent. When thn
(Ire broke ont there wcre In the building n mnn. woman nnd child, but
these were i.nt out to safety In n
short time befors tho, nrrlvnl of thn
Ore brigade. It Is statod tbnt thn
greater pnrt of the damage Is covered
iby Insurance.
IJr.-it#rd. Nov. 27.���A fatal accident ocu-ed li-Et night abont 11 o'clock
on the Grand Trunk Railway, about
ono mile east of Oslnsvllle, when Bdward Roberts of Csinsvllle. a farm
hand employed on the farm of John
Clark, was Instantly killed by a freight
train. Tho train was ln chsrge of
Conductor Percy Evans, nnd was running to Brantford, When the engineer,
Arthur Brown, on nearlng the station
at Csinsvllle, tried to turn n valve, bnt
found lt Impossible to do so. Stopping at Calnsvllle station, be examined under the engine nnd found the
body ofn young msn caught in the
gears. Thomas Fulton ot Calnsvllle
Identified the body ns thnt of Edward
Roberts. On examining tbe track n
short distance thoy found n broken
lug, flask nnd fana lantern.
of patient  waiting.    ^^^^^^^^^
Sir William Hyrrell, private secretary to Sir Edward Grey, the British
foreign secretary, eald good-bye to
President Wilson today. He will
leave Washington Sunday for London.
Sir William haa seen the president
and Secretary Bryan frequently ln his
stay here He has maintained silence
about his presence bere, declaring
only that he came in no official capacity.
On account or the Illness of Sir
Cecil Spring-Rice, the British ambassador, Sir William volunteered his
services ss a medium of communication, participating in nn exchange of
���r'.iftKt on the Mexican situation.
The view held by those familiar
with tbe nature o! the exchanges between Great Britain and thi L'nited
States ls thst thc relations between
the two governments have been continuously friendly. What hu been referred to as an estrangement oi relations Is characterised by them as a
misapprehension of the purposes of
both countries during the kaledioscoplc
conferences which took plneo in
Mexico. Ambassador Spring-Rice has
so fnr recovered as to be able to tnke
Charge of the affairs of tbe embassy.
Insurgent Troops.
Hermoslllo, Mex., Nov. 27.��� Villa's
victory over the Huerta troops below
Juarez may niter the entire plan of
tbe general movement of insurgent
troops to tbe south. Genernl Car-
ranta announced today that be probably would move Into Chihuahua
state. This would mean abandonment of his formerly announced plan
ot proceeding directly south nlong
west coast Into Sinaloa nnd Tepic.
It was predicted today tbnt with
the expected fnll of Chihuahua City,
the constitutionalist commander nnd
his staff wonld hasten Into ths eastern border state.   In tbls event, the
________________________    m***'    ________________________________________________
to Mr. Trapp or It may not be.   But B. Bird, counsel for the defence, in-
anyway a number of people want to formed the court tbat after Investigate..-, tion of the charges, he had found that
While in England Mr. Trapp visit- the union men  were not entirely i..
ed boyhood scenes after an absence of [ fault    Two men had been passing a
many years.
Murderer's Appeal Rejected.
Montreal. Nov. 27.���William Campbell, tbe negro sentenced to death by
Mr. Justice Cross at the last session
of the criminal court and who was
condemned to be hanged on next New
Year's eve for the murder of Geo.
Mulr last August, will have to ask the
governor general for clemency. His
application for a new trial wns repeated by the court of appeals today. The
decision of the court was rendered by
Chief Justice Archambault. who said
the trial judge wns best qualified to
decide wbether the applicant wns entitled tn a new trial.
Secretary Daniels Aaks for
$145,000,000 for Naval
Includes tight Torpedo **m\   sotrof
on, Twn Submarine* AIM Tym
M*m-tf**iar Vessels.
iconunwd on Pum P-nw.i
Vancouver ,.,
After riclng neck and nock for twn
days tbls eity alowly pulled abend of
Victoria In tba mea for tha.Montaa-
nnt governor's tropky  In tlw  taU*.
elty Y. M. C. A. men-bernbta enm-
pawm. and last nlgkt nt �� ��V-feek had
established a good lead, whieh with
about SM polnta b�� atari out today,
hop* to ettahUA *
tba Ineal
win.   H	
New*. VtaetataaUr;. rati
^'aSS?* * -* "*    MA
woman who was a crown witness, be
said, when they happened to mention
the word "scab." The woman overheard them and thinking the word
was intended for her benefit angrily
challenged them.
Maintaining that the word bad not
been used discourteously Mr. Bird offered to produce a Mr. Curt who knew
the renl facts of tbe Incident Mr.
Curl, counsel said, had Interfered as n
pacifier ln the dispute thnt ensued
between the two men and the woman.
Admonishing Mr. Bird tor bringing
the matter up again before the attention of the court Mr. Justice Clement
refused to bear Mr. Curl. Mr. Bird, hn
said, bad admitted tbat the word
"scab" had beea uaed nnd thnt wna
sufficient The man wna a coward
wbo would use sucb n word, continued
tbe court, nnd it could not ham bean
used unless for tbe purpoae ot Intimidating or prejudicing someone. Hn
trusted thnt the constables wonld nrrest the offenders If tbey. knew of aav-
thing like tout occurring again in tin',
precincts of tbe court
'M thern ls any one word that
more to cause n branch of thn^
tt la tbnt cowardly epithet"
bla lordship tn conclusion, -i *r-~'
In appealing for an U-reetlgatlssi
Mr.   Bird   stated that it had'baas,
spread abroad throa^Ttha newapn|ii-i '
that the union smo had bnee_. wi-aft-
Ing women nad tt wna onlyJajr that
the real facto ef tho
kaOTm. ' iiLt.
* _^
.Mew Oaves**?''of
* * LoMoa, 'imjn.-m>
the goeeraenhtp   o(
anal mt Boa. Arthur U
m.Ph. sat ami*** '
Washington, Not. 17. fcthnstaa
that Secretary Daniels baa aeat to
the boose appropriations cmwalH-ba,
aak eonarsna to ***** %l��j*****m ��r
tba nasal sstabttshmaat In tk* neat
���seal sear.   Hte ssthnats te
.***m^a^mm    *\rm^^*     , w*s^w .*, ������ m*^*ta^*^w,--.^^.
aa* h-__sw that nt laat Mat. aad ret
ff ,*-aifew.w ' ?������?  ^���   ^mW*   ���w^-'TPW* ,w-*-m*t ���**��� ^*w-.
prnpaoes tha MUftet nt tw battle.
����do heat dents-egr**** '���%
���; ':,v.* mm?.'.
*:.".- :..-..i-i'Av*'-.���-���
���"'������<v.*.:y ������, ''SSTVi. FAGE TWO
An independent morning stiver devoted to the inter 'sts of Sew Westminster and
ths Praser Valley. Published every morning exeept Sunday by the Sational Printing
and Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 UeKtmsi* Strsst, Sew Westminster, liritish
Oalambl*. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
Ali communications ahould be addressed to The Sew Wsstmlnstsr Sews, and not j
to Individual members of the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should, be. made
ttble to  The Satitinttl Printing etitd Publishing Oofn**Q��yf Limited.
TBLEPHOS EH���-Business Office and Manager, 899; Editorial Rooms  lall dcpart-
I),  891.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, tl per year, 11 for three months, 40c per
By mail. 13 per itear, ___ per month,
ADVERTISING RATES on tppliration.
So Says Visiting    Londoner���Believes
Ulster Means Business in Home
Rule  Mattel.
Toronto. Nov. 27.���Cecil Hills of
London, ling., the principal of ono of
the largest fine art publishing companies in Great Britain, wtth branches
in New York and Toronto, i.s In the
city, accompanied by his wife, en
route to New  York.
ln an Interview yesterday Mr. Hills
criticized the insurance act. land taxa-
Duel. In Franca.
A large proportion of the duels In
France cud without ljlo.iUf.hcil. When
the Offense Is uot very' serious it Is
agreed beforehand tliat the words of
command shall  be given so rapidly
that the duelists will uot have time
to take -good aim. Sometimes thrco
shuts are exchanged without a hit. and
then the seconds siep in und���"honor
is salislicd." At the word "rire!" the
pistol is raised Instantly, anil it must
lie discharged not Inter than the word
"three." so the speed witli wblch these
words are given regulates the time in
which it is possible lo take aim. Therefore the speed with Which they nre
spoken Is agreed upou beforehand, this
depending upou the seriousness of the
duel. The words are timed with a
metronome, lf tho encounter be very
serious this Is set at the lowest speed.
Prisoner Told the Truth and Nation's
Head  Sends  Out  a   Signed
Liberty  Facs.
Lewiston, Idaho, Nov. :.'.. BUlas
Bowman, of Kamish, Idaho, sentenced
i j Judge Dietrich ol the federal court
at Moscow to Berve a term of 80 dayB
in ihe county Jail and to pay a fine of
J100 fm- Introducing liquor on the Indian reservation, is the bappy posses
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
\      Where is all the loose change in the world?   Where'sl^c^y^Xrolirgf'He'^ad'e
it going?   Who's got it?   Why does it take twenty-five
cents to do the buying work a nickel used to do?   If somebody's gathering a golden harvest, who is it and why isn't
his monopoly investigated?
There's a collection of questions that will take a little
consideration. The facts to go on are extremely simple
and surprisingly few in number.
To start with, there isn't as much money about now
as there used to be. The man who, a year ago, had plenty
of cash in his pocket and more in the bank, today is hard
up.   The fellow who was a capitalist a few short cmonths
back, with a couple of big automobiles in his garage *-nd^:%;:^;\^^s b^.
other appearances of prosperity, now is walking up the
hill to lunch because he cannot afford to ride on the street
cars.   There's not one house being built now for twenty-
five that were under construction a little while ago.
There's a loose screw somewhere and somebody knows
where it is located, but the general public are not in on the
secret.  A while back the financiers of Europe said money
was tight on account of the Balkan war.   Well, the Japan-1 ���Ifa. MJ*e n���. "because T iZ
ese-Russian fracas was a good manv times the size of the been invested elsewhere.
Balkan affair, but nobody thought to blame it for the!sa;^.;;;,^,;^^u;���let;;;:^,i^ j��
rise in the price of beef. Muff afoout  the    Ulster    movement."
The fact of the whole matter is that the men at the S wheekshl|?1he�� wtVL1 af* of
monev chests are not telling the truth, whether because determination that reasonably sug-
they think it would do harm if the general public were ^"ced .?t�� book.6
acquainted with all the facts, or whether they expect to -uister wm tight," he concluded, with
make more money by their reticence.  That sort of a game emPlia81^	
might be permissible if the monev tied up belonged to the.  _���,__���,
-  -L       U     .     ���      x       - ' A x.    A UV      U..4. E. in ISmUIn  CAPITALIST AND CLUBMAN
men at the chests instead of to the public, but it is liable i               -s SUED F0R divorce
to create a soreness when vou can't find out anything 	
u     , ��� j oi    Seattle, Nov. 27.���C. E. Plimpton, lo-
about your OWn COin. \ ,a* capitalist and a member of several
There are two things certain.   One is that the rate prominent ciuhs, was yesterday in the
of wages hasn't risen nearly so fast as the scale of living MtnaPii
cost and the other is that the banks have millions lying';
idle in their vaults.   The banks may deny it, or they may
not   What they say doesn't make any difference, for the
eighty  bents u  minute,  which givesIsor of a pardon signed personally by
time for titkiug accurate aim.  A speed  President Woodrow Wilson and Atlor-
the Btatement that through tliis legis-
lation millions of dollars have been
sent out of Britain by those who have
the means rather than submit to what
they consider to be unfair and quite
disproportionate taxation, lie added,
with a smile: "It is a cood thins for
Canada, for we naturally look to thia
wonderful country thnt offers some
very excellent and satisfactory Investments." il" Intimated lhat he
himself had fairly large Investments
I in Canada upon which lie does not
I draw, allowing his returns to remain
I either in additional stock in the en-
terprlFcs in which he Is interested or
highly assessed in Britain is allowed
to i't main untouched.
Canada, he said, heard only of the
one point of view, the "protection to
the worklngman." He contended that
the worklngman was paying more In
taxation today proportionately than
he did before the legislation was passed. Assuming l.loyd Oeorge'8 arguments to he correct, many millions not
of 140 bents a minute allows no time
for aiming, uud therefore is used when
the second*, cousider the duel should
be mude lis little dangerous as possible.���London Answers.
Mclieynolds,  coin-
to HO days only In
Two Ways to Catch Rabbits.
By tlie (irst method "you tuke a lot
o' stilt, mix some pepper with It,
strew   it  ou  a  very   hard   rock,   then
watch    The rabbits cum and eat tbe returning from Orange
salt, and tbe pepper makes 'en. sneeze
so vilent they bump their noses on tbe
rock till lhey fall In a swoiind and you
step up and pop 'em ln your bac"
The olher method was to "build u
bustiu' tire ln tbe woods wife* the
snow is plenty. Now. rabbits, you
must know. Is a mite cold blooded little critters, so they'll cum and set
round It and warm their toes. Well,
pretty soon they'll drop ofT asleep nnd
the Bre'll melt the snow Into slush
And pretty soon the fire'll die out nnd  |jqq  fjm
ney Oeneral .1 C.
muting his sentenc
tbe county jail
Bowman,  when  Questioned  al   tbe
county jail tonight as to what Influence was brought to bear on tbe pfresl-
di nt to interest him in such a trivial
matter, sahl
"1 was one of a party of eight men
arrested nenr Kamlah lost spring while
llle, where ws
We were ar-
Irected by Indian police nud a suitcase
j filled with beer and whiskey wns discovered  on   the  sleigh,    The  grand
I Jury returned Indictments against myself,   Prank   Freeman   and   Theodore
Johnson.    1  pleaded guilty aa being
.owner of part of the liquor while Free-
man and Johnson stood trial und tried
to show from their testimony that the
liquor all belonged to nie.
"It was a frame up to 'get' me. Johnson   was  acquitted, but   Freeman  was
sentence of three montha at
���tn EDMUND 0. OSIER. M P ,
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
If You Live At A Distance
frcm this branch of Thc Dominion Bank, take advantage of our
system ol Banking By Mall. II will save you many trips lo lown
and, at the same liin., give you all ol the advantages ol a
Savings Account.
Deposits msy be made and cash withdrawn- In fact, any
banking business transacted    by mail without trouble cr delay.
The manager will give you full particulars ot this convenient
way o( Banking by Mail.
the mornln' 'll cum on sharp nnd 'II
freeze the slush into lie and ketch ttie
little critters fast by the paws. Then
till you have to do ls cum round with
yer ns nnd chop 'em nut." ��� Robert
Haven Scbauffler in Metropolitan Magazine.
the banks are doing the same thing, hoarding the cash,
which looks mighty like a conspiracy in restraint of trade.
They'll tell you that any legitimate business can get a
good line of credit, but any legitimate business can do
nothing of the kind. Some get it, but others, who are just
as sound and every bit as responsible, cannot pry a sim-
oleon out of the financial institutions.
Where is all the loose change in the world?
court,   sued   for   divorce   by
limpton, whom hc married here
I in May. 1903.
Mrs, Plimpton asks one-half of com-
Imunlty property valued at $200,000, tin-
custody of nn adopted son and i'ihn a
hard cash is there. Now, if that were the case with re-���,if n'��ny whl,e tlu' aoUon la
gard to only one or two banks, it wouldn't be so bad, fori in her complaint .Mrs Plimpton said
it simply would be a matter of individual policy. _ But all ��j{ h%nViiybaie�� Zi-TocZ^l
last, declaring liis intention not to return.
She lists the community property as i
a   mortgage   on   southwest   corner  of
Third  avenue and     University street, ,
$180,000; country home on Lake Wash-
ington,   $10,0001   tm   acres   at   Richmond  Beach, $10,000;    residence    at
Kast   l'ark.   $10,000;   i<>t     at     Hunt's
I'oint. $10,000, nnd a part of a lot Ini
Highlands  addition.
Other complaints for divorce were
filed by May Donlon against John Don-;
lon, desertion; Josi phlne J Norel
against Emll B. Norel. cruelty; Nettle;
Moody against L, IC. Moody, Incompati-j
bility; Nellie ('. Martin against James I
A. Martin cruelty.
A  decree  was granted    tn  Thomas
Faris and to Florence Faris on mutual \
charges of cruelty.
Suffragettes in England announce that they will
shortly go on a "no rent" strike. They'll find a lot of eager
followers in that field.
; Just now they're importing millions in gold into Montreal, which sounds all right, but will it help to bring down
the high cost of living?
Now comes the information that Huerta is a booze
fighter. If it came to a show-down it's highly probable
that booze is about the only thing he would or could fight.
Captured by an Orang.
There ls uu old story told or n native
of Borneo who, with n party, went out
to hunt an ornng outnni: to sell to
show men. Tliis particular limner got
separated, nnd at the end Of the day
was still missing A search was or*
ganlzed. and st tbe end of tbe second
day be wus found high up in n tree
with on ornng oiitntig by Ids side. A
rite shot killed tbe big ape nud then
the unin descended nnd told of bis
strange adventure.   He had gene into
the river to bathe, nnd ns be mine out
wns seized by tbe ornng und carried
to Its lodging In u tree To his sur*
prise he wns not otherwise molented
Whnt tbe ornng supposed him 1" be
or wbst would bnve been the eventual
outcome of this strange captivity no
one knows, and tiie hunter willingly
gnve up the cbunce of Bnd lug out.
"I told Judge Oeitrich the truth, and
while 1 am not positive iu the matter.
1 think Judge Dietrich and l'nited
Statea Attorney Llngenfeltcr took the
matter of a pardon up -with President
Wilson. I prize this pardon highly
and can hardly realize that In tho press
if business tb" preeident c mid find
time to investigate such a trivial "ml
ter. I shall write a letter of lh inks to
tho president. The officials t'-il me
thla is the first presidential pardon
evi r  received  by  them  for a  like of
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  44?
St Catherines, Ont. Nov. i.7. So!"
mon Vrooman. the last surviving worli
man wlio assisted In the construction
>.: Brock's monument ut Queenston
s dead .:' the littl" village below the
le    "s.   in   lis   "iehty fifth   year.   II.
was the son nf a United Empire Loj
,'    I    hut   w>:il   to   Illinois   when   thi
������' In li...:,  broh ��� "in     As a  v..uni;  it  ,
he Joined 'ho Unit n fori >��� - .aid wss .,
mi ii her of the n ��������� menl ��� .���  *. ms
which was captured al Hai i"*r'   ��� r*   ���
and   taken  soul       He  ��� ��� sp
tlie   Houthern   lines   und   returned   '.
Canada,  wbere  ii"
man's ancestor i cams
to America, hut ms ntaini i i
fiance to tii" li;*:' ib I   .    tnd i   mi
'o upper Canada,  where  tbi     again
hi  * ������ i  cut  hotii"�� f,,r  Mi,    , ���
Kingston, Nov.. 27.- Women and
Italian workers nt Ynrker saved that
village from desctruotlon by fire "nrlj
this morning. The flre started in the
general store of I). V. Bowerman. Vil- j
lagers and workmen turned oul
promptly. Tho store was totally
wrecked, bnt the post office and other
adjoining buildings were saved, Then
A. W. Henjamln's large barn caught
fire, spreading to the old village hall.
Which   Is   stocked   with   wheels   manu-
Postal R.tei In 1830.
According to u table of the posl offices In tbe United States n* lhey were
nt. 1. I'd), iiie whole number ef offices In the Dotted Stutes was 8.010,
The rates of postage established by
congress in I82fi were: On n single letter composed of oue piece of puper for
uny disliiine imt exceeding thirty
miles. (', cents: over thirty miles und
uot exceeding eighty miles, in cents;
over eighty uiiii-s and not exceeding
ISO, 12*14 cents; over ISO miles nnd not
exceeding 40<>. i,s% rent*: over 400
miles, -���"> rents; n letter .-.imposed of
two pieces was charged double these
rates; of three pieces trli
pieces   quadruple   these   rates     i'or  am! half-pint bottles
newspapers the rnte  wns  i  cent  f"t    ,
lOti miles und   l'_ cents  lur uver  1UC    	
The Indian Died.
Spokane, Noi 21 John McDonald,
recently ol Pullman, was arrested ye*
terday liy (ieorge Strange, special offi
cer fur th*' departm'nt of the Interior,
at the Denmark hotel, 244 Main ave
nue. when- an Indian was found deed
Bunday nlgbt, and bound over i" the
federal grand Jury under $600 bonds.
charged with selling whiskey to mi
Indian. In the room used hv Teka Ku-
roaket. Lie dead Indian, the federal
und four officers snv thej found ::'��� empty pint
If You Are Thinking of Spending Your *
Christmas at Home
Permit us to Tell You About Our-
Personally Conducted All-Expense Tour
I.e living Vancouver December 7th
ami traveling by special train, via Chicane and Niagara Falls to New
York, there connecting with the various steamship lines. All railroad
nnd steamship transportation, berths, meals and hotel expenses Included in your ticket.    A choice of various steamship lines is offered.
1 ur complete information, call on or addrem
City Ticket Agent
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
bil Columbia Street, New Wertnunster, B. C.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at Ottawa, nud endorsed on
the envelope "Tender for Slenui'r,"
wlll be received up to noon of the
for the construction of a Steel Twin
Hcrew Icebreakltig Bteamer of the fol-
'���   Surrey municipality is having as much trouble local
ing the centre of the Johnston roatl as the fellow who stays | [T^t^^bT^lTT.
with the game till ihe last drink s down.
The women formed a bucket brigade
and  It   wns   mainly  through   their efforts  tiiat   the  home  of  Ur.   Oldham;'""
was saved. The Commercial hotel was   bsve go
badly scorched.   A gang of men used  Into sou
ning to worry legislators aero.-.-; the une once more,    lhe wei blankets to good advantage, piac. bourn i
In front of the buildings and | clau."-1
*iK th" fire from catching. Thi
Bells of Old England.
To one sixteenth century visitor nt
least tne English seemed to ne n nation of bell 1'ivvrs. This wns i'liul
Ileiiii'imi*. n Oiinii'ii. u tin wrote 11/
liis travels in thN country during the
reign of Queen I'.llznbeth 'Tbe Bug
lish." In- snid. "excel lu dlinrillg nnd
music, fur tin*, iho active nnd lively,
tbullgh of ii thicker mnke tlmn lhe
I'rencli Thej nn- vastly fond of greut
tiols,'*- thnt Iiii tbr air. sin-h ns Hunting of cunuoll. drums nnd thi' ring-
lng  nf  hells,  sn Hint   In   London  It   Is
common for n number of them, tlmt
\?$H Shoes
Our old friend, the American currency hill, is begin-
 g to worry legislators across thc line once more.   The   .
ordinary one dollar bill seems to give the most trouble here i ll!.^1,!'.'',1",
by his bashfulness
hotel was jusl thirty feet from the
'���' " ������ i-i inn- which was just stocked yesterday with -i full line of win-
good I ������ causi or the flre Is
The French government is busy chasing field rats in
an effort to cut down an enormous annual loss of produce. |
Probably this is a Bpeciesof diversion after a term of    v,,,,, ""."fT. D��' ���,,,��� 0
worry over the biggest national debt in the world. |d a,- d-^irtmeni o:
The Kahn of Mongolia, according to news from Pekin,
has ordered the people of interior Mongolia to cease from
fighting. The mandate is likely to have about the same
result as a polite request to a bull pup to let go of the
ear of the next door neighbor's cat.
the uni' ��� ��� ��� ol Ida io by request
������' Bterdaj addresed the chamber of
commerce on thn subject of "Mexico."
Ha defended ex Pn Bldenl Diaz, saying
he is an horn ���*��� fearli u pntriot. wh"
sought to upllfl tho middle class or
his people
n gin��K In their bend-   I" gu
i- belfry nml ring Hie bells for
.'������th"i   rm   Iiie  s.il f exer
'ininii < 'iii'iiiiicle.
unce tur
London. Out., Nov. 27-The City
tins compnny hun completed an ngroo
ment with a natural gns syndicate by
���which   gan   wlll   he   supplied   to   con-
���Fumem in London commencing April Cunningham was dismissed, 'i'he three
The agreement covers ;. period oilmen concerned nre related, but there
Costly Stone Throwing.
Chatham, Nov. 27. In pollce coun
this morning Moiitlllus JoBeph was
given three monthl in tbe city jail ror
throwing a stone through tlie window
or the Cuninngham bome A charge
made by Joseph against Kaubert  nnd
Jap I iked It.
Spokane, Nov. l? Pli ai ed v. Ith the
j marriage i en raonli - of Justii e Fred
Wit . V. K, Nakamura yesterday pilot
ed S. Siiwa, a Japanese merchant, nml
Sawa Hansoka to the chambers or the
justice,   where   they    wire   united    In
marriage    Nakamura explained  lbat
Witt bad married hlm.
Father's Re.con
lluronl   wu-   lull'
Sunday   - In-ill.  nml ih,< umi
inter Inquired ihe i-uuse
"I   ivim   n"it>-   Hulling,   tint   father
Wl'lllllll I   let   llle, '   nlmuinc i-il   the   lud
"Tli.its iin- light kind ,,r n father
to bine."  repllisl  llie reverend  gentle-
mini     "lllll I xpl.niu lbe reie-iiii v, |jy
tie woiihl not let yon nn7"
"Ves sir llv -mil Ibere WHXIt'l llllil
enough for two"    HurperM Mngnzlne
A Dutv Well Oone.
Tbe teili tier Imd  been giving n  long
lei-lure lo llle Juvenile ,-luss oil (be Hill'
Jed or moral��
"Now. Ilnrry." -die suld. "whnt Is our
duly townril our neighbor*?"
"To keep up eie ou 'enl," WIIH |h��
Rubbers and
AH in One.
Ka*y to put rm nnd
Ulti off. nu mil-
Look well    V,>;m well.
Ail tinea t-.i women
and children.
Huy then nndfiT-itert
UrMlf    umt    Jminly
ftom winter ������'.'.-���.
ItUhlM-l   (    ���>.
l.t mind,
M ��nt real.
All Data
Plentiful But Shy.
North    Vnklma,   Wash.,   Nov.
Deer hunters returning tO North  Vi
five yeurs, and permits the following has been trouble before, 11 being-claim- ma rrom ths foothills of the Cav-nit
rates to consumers: ed by Cunningham thai Joseph was a
During tbe summer months, 60 cents too-fi;oquont caller at the Cunlngham
n thousand cubic teet witb 5 cents dls-jhome during the absence of the head
count;  In  winter -tr, cents a thousand  of Lbe bou_e.
up to 4.(00 teet and ih cants when]
consumption Is above thai amount The
same five-vent, discount will be allow-
ed also off these charge!- At presenl
artificial gas in sold in Undon at 90
���rents a thousand cubic feet Th" com
���pany hit* a supply of 80,000,000 .oet,
and will build two mains into l-ondon
one nlong Everton street and the oth
��>r via tho Wharncllffe read. Tbe
City (Jas company will build a belt
line around the city and will complete
Its preanure stations in time for tor-
lien on April 1.
Horses Took Him Home.
Winnipeg, Nov. 26 -Jean Baptlste
I I Bl, Adolpho, was shot in tbe chest
this afternoon when bis ririe a-ocidenl
ally discharged, the bullet entering
hls lung lie was two miles away from
h me nt the time. He waa walking
be*, lnd his team when the rifle in an
unknown way went off. He Jumped
Into his wano:: and the horses took
h i hi.'.-.w. He was unconscious when
in the last day or two Hay Hint the
weather Is severe, and lhe game shy.
Some cf the parties brought In the
limit or Iheir kill or venison, but oth
ers   return,"I   empty   banded      There
Iftre ilvi-r In  ths bills, an  the sign  Is
' plentiful,
Mrr-��  Cone,  on  Honor.
Walla   Walla,    Nov.    27 - Warden
Drum yesterday received from Olympla the papers for the release of 25
convicts "on honor"   to go to the Kn-
lama   road   camp.    They   wlll   leave
when camp bulldlnga have been com
pleted in a  few days,
now at the
nary work
Maritnl   Dialogue.
Bhe���The tried und  loving husband
in one wlin when ms wife litis the ueo
rnlglii suffers more thuu -he does     Ile
Ami she generally sees lu 11 thnt bu
dues. -Cincinnati Rnqnlrwr.
Sign of Wealth.
"Is he rich*.''
'Say, he's sn riih tbnt hi" neighbors
mire nil begun I,, tell Whli I they'd do
fur charity If thev hnd bin money,"���
Detroit Kwe I'resn,
Prohibit Ssle of Snuff.
Bismarck, Nl), Nov. 27.- -The North
Dakota   law   prohibiting   the   sale   of
Riiuff,  passed  at  the  last  bcsbIoh  of
Klve  men  are I fhe legislature, la constitutional.    The
:a::ipsite doing the prellml-1state supreme court ro decided ln s
decision handed down late last night.
Transfer Co,
Ifflcs  Phons  KS.      Barn  Phon* II)
���sglils Street.
SKA LED  TENDERS   ,,ili.-,.t   '���,  ths
underalgned   and  endnrw I     "T-iuler    Tor
I nili  11,11.  V li torla,  ll   i *      �� ul i *    Iv*
,*.l until i "" I' M , on Thurnlnv, Deei in-
bor ll. I'M.:, for im* c insii ��� '**'ii "f u
Drill   II.ill   nl   Victoria,   b.C
1*1 in,     :������ ��� ficatlons  snd  tm<������ of '*"ii-
tracl '*.m Im? ��� * * u . - rj * I *���    lei "i,
mined "*��� ipplli itlon lo the offlc,* of Wm. |,,u.in. i.n.iinB iMinenslonn
H-ndcrsoi r.��ldent urchlleci , lurln li , 'owing leaning i.imi nsioiis.
Ci   mi   application   to  i'.'    I'omniaiih-r  at ��� Length II   P STB feet (I Inches.
V*S ''"',",''    ":l " "...,"; ���i'"""";'"' ^Breadth  extreme   ...57    "    fi     "
l',i-H..it- tendering ���'"   mmrn-'l 'M-'ii l"n-j"Z    _. ., .,,    ,.    ,.      ,.
ders  wlll  i."i   bi   considered  unlcm  iiuule  Draft Mean 1�� u
..n the printed (,,:.,- supplied, nnd ������:*.- **"t  indicated Horse Power.!>,1)00
.:.,; - ,;..' to be delivered at tbe King's What. In
,-.-t��"  of  firms,   thi   ii tual   ilsualure.   ltn   the City of Quebec,
in:',;.'.' it '���'-'.",���'���'.;;*,.!-''","'.-.'';,|*.!,V.,  '',    "       PUm. tender forma and    .ipecllica-
!������ KUMi DoiiH of thiH steamer can ba seen at,
'"'"'' lendei  mum I-*  '    ompanlnl bj   in .,,., ,,,n������ ... ,i���.  Pnrnhnnini Agent of
accepted cheque  larlmwd bank, pa) ""   "n'<e of llle  I utcnuHing Ageiu ui
able  i ni   ',i   the   Honourable  the lhe Murine und Fisheries Department.
v'mjm.'iI'���",', l,'",,.'J",i,,v','m.;,'',',:'".i'ta.".'...,IY Ottawi ai  the offices of the Collec-
which will be forfeited If I  ���   peraon ten- lors of t'uHtoma. Toronto, Colllngwood,
derlna   declins   to  enter  Into   i   * intnirl and l'ort Arthur, and at thc AgciicW;*,
win ti   culled   niiuii   to   do   su.   ,,r   full   o, ,  .,      ,.    ��� ,���   . ,    ...    ��������-i���_,    n,,,i
complete the work contrfacted for    lf tl..* ������-  '���'"  Department    of    Marine    and
tendei i.. noi  pud in-" cheque wm bo | Fisheries al    Montreal,   Quebec   St.
"Wile tmsni do�� not bind u,.-ir to ���l"1'"' ll"llfl"[ ���*> vlc,ori',��� "'��'
I accept  tl." l.iw.si ,,i   mv  tender All tendera musl  be made with tho
"*  ""'''���       |;   ,.   pHjHROCHKhH, disUnoI      under, tundlng      that      tbo
n.''i.in'rj steamer must be buill In Canada.
Department nf  I'ul.ltc Wotk1*. IU-n,_    t.,t>,t,>.     tnrtna   tinit    .,,,11,111,,,.
Oltawn   Novomber  11,   IOU ,     "���"'".  lender   loims  ami   api.cinca-
N'.-wHpnp.-i-s um  not  !���������  pold  r.i   ibis i tons can  be  procured  upon  applies-
.i.lnrils.iii. in   If   they   Inner!   li   wl ul i tlon from  the    Purchasing    and    Con-
i,"","""v '  ""' ""i"'r���">    ��*����-4)  traC( a,,,,,,. Ottawa.
__-__-_-_-___-_-.__-_--_______-_--___--_-_______-_..    The teiwh-r form l.i embodied in Ihu
. ~~ specification.
NOTICE  TO  CREDITORS. Kuch  lender  tniiHt  be accompanied
by nn accepted cheque on S chartered
In^he  iiuim-.!   tha  ssUte  of  Joseph  ���������  ,.g,,M   _   ,M   ���,..  ,.,.,���    of    _a
NOTl'l.K is hereby alvin lhal nil por- Whole amount of llie tender, which
lions having claims acalml the relate ofleiltaul w|]i i... rorfelted If lhe hiiccish,
Joaeph   Dunn,   late  uf   in-  cltj   of   New   _ .  '     . ., ,
Weatmlnater, in the Province of Britiah.ful tenderer deollnss to enter Into tba
Columbia, dec used, lettera of admlnlalra-   opntrftCt prepared  bv  tbe  Department
tloll   nf   I hi'   <-Mt.it ������   llllil   ,'ff,-'*ls   of   tl.,,   H.I li I -     _    .   ,,      . i    ,       .1
I, i.i, *.*,* ii. IiiiMiik heen granted by tha 8u- <"  falla l" complele the steamer    Iti
pre   Court   of   itrltlHh  olumbla   on   ths|aooord&nee with tbe contract.
t nn day of November, 1813, to John Dunn
or in,- olty of Vancouver, laborer, the ud-
ininlHiriiior named therein,  thai  Ihoy are [tenders will  he  returned.
hereby required to lend In all^^particulars      The   Di-partment   does   not   bind   It-
of th.'lr ,'liiliiis lo lln- sni.l  John   Dunn nl i     ,,  , .     .,        .
Hi,'  nili. r  l.i.   solicit,hh.   Mitli.son   *  self lo accept    the    lowest    or    any
Carter,  Mt   Hustlnm Btrm't,   West,  Van-  tender
couver,  ll, C, nn or befun- the 20th day j
of Deoember,  1013. Newspapers copying  thin ndvertlse-
,"."', ."".'���'" '. ,,"',r'',,,y Klv''" ,V,"" ��'UI menl without authority from the Denial iiiii-- ih'- Administrator wlll proceed        .       .     ,,,      . ,        ,,
in distribute  the hhh.'Ih  ,,r  lha said  de. I partment will not he paid.
-sensed anions ih" partial entitled thereto, |
hnvlng r.'Knr.l onlv to lhe i'I.iIuih of which
thS    H.ilil    A'hnliil nr.itor    Hhllll    then    hnve,
hnd   nutl.'.*.   and   hO   will   not   hi-   lliihle   fol-;
tieggage Delivered Promptly te
sny pert of the elty.
jght and Heavy Hauling
otSStA '   '
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful
tho assets or nny pint thereof ho iIIhiiI
i,ui.*.i io nnv person of whose .-Inlm he
shnll  noi   iin ii  havo hnd notice
I'mt.'d  tills  Jf,lh dny of N'.v.inhiT,  1918,
Administrator of the Bstats    of   Joeeph
Diinn (lilt)
When you take your
Eastern Trip
you may us well travel In comfort
and at minimum cost. We can prove
tbis.   Call on
tt. OOUI.BT, Agsnt
New Westmlnstai
II. W. BKOUIK. Q. P. A., Vancouver
Deputy Minister Marine nud Fisheries.
Depart menl   Murine and   Kislieries,
fiO.lOtj.     Ottawa, October 25, 1913.
To the Board of l.lcnse Commissioners:
Notice Ih hereby given that at
the next regular meeting of the Hoard
of License Commissioners for I_.uk
ley, I nhall apply for a renewal of liquor license for the Langley hotel,
situate at Langley Port In the province of Hritish Columbia.
Langley Kort.
November 7, 1913. (23811)
Read - The - News se^^SM-M-ieM-b^
.      "    fl! JJ*xi*.
FRIDAY,  NOVEMBER 28,  1913.
Bights   and   Duties   Concerning   Lcc.   The Magna Charta Was Eescued rro__
Property. a Tailor's Shears.
They Object to Sickness Insurance As-   Unu-ual Application    Recalling    Mys-
sociatlons���Call  Them
tery of the Sea Heard In Courts
ol   Dublin.
Berlin, Nov. 27.-More than
Oerman   physicians  from   sma
and country districts have decided  to
follow Ihe example of their professional   brethren  In  llritain aud  declare a
Considering the enormous number of
artirles that ure lost and found every
year���indeed, every- day of tbe year���
it is ptrange to discover, when attention
is particularly called to a case, how
Vsgns is tlio ordinary person's idea of
���what is the true position of the loser
and the finder, and what erroneous notions are held as to their respective
rights in the lost article, says London
Tit Hits.
I      Hi.M.'
national  inuviinii
���-Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiimi nnn ii ii iimii nihil
laws. They complain again certain
regulations under the lawH wlllch they
say  militate against thetn, partlcular-
J ml. I In newspapers to hand contain.    .... , *.,,���,-
F v ���**���"**���"       The popular expression, "Finding it
town |an account or one of the most curious keeping,'1 is probably responsible for a
case.4 ever registered on the books of * great deal of the error, for it is only
tho historic  four courtB.  The  matter \true to �� limited eitent.    The loss of
nn article does not deprive the loser of
his rights in it, and hv is entitled to re-
Cation wai) made to Mr. Justice (Jib- sorer possession when he can. The
Ron, in the probate division, to pre-j finder has no right to retain the article
sume a death which was supposed to
have taken  place an  tar hack  as the
and libinries, and sealously guarded,
lire n number ot* priceless manuscripts
slid books whieh, hut for n fortunate
chance, mlgbt have bees lust to the jdaho Miner, Terribly Injured, Hangs
world. Tha chief treasure of a;
iu,isi"iiii at Mt Peterburg is the oldest-
known Creek manuscript of tbs New
Tsstsmsnt which was about to be burnt
by tki' monks of a Syrian monastery,
when   by  a  lucky   cham.-c,  one  of   ths
priests, struck with the antiquity oil Wallace. Idaho, Nov. 27.--Crushed
tbs manuscript, interfered in time ta behrMn _. llft and the wall of the
have what had beeu thought to be value j2,_00-foot shaft of t'.ie Krlsco mine, 1.-
Over Fourteen Hundred Foot
"doctor's strike" aitalnst sickness and|came to public notice when an appli
accident   insurance associations    es-
tablisbed under the Imperial insurance
The   incident   reminds  one   thnt   the
400 feet from the bottom. John Larson,
., ���, , .  , ,  ,,    a   pumpman,   aged   38,   hung   by   the
Magna    (.hurts    which     is     carefully 8h_f,()lj of onfi ,      ,m nwil.-y two hours
guarded in u glass case in the British. th,���  afternoon   before  h,
Museum,   was   saved   from   destruction
was  finally
rescued from his perilous position by
ss against the true owner; nor, except' ''-v Hir '(ob��t Cotton, who  ��, the story: f,;���ow   workmen   ,���,,   ruHh,.(,   ,���     ���,���
and ��� re-   **[" ' ont.d"-v bad entered his tailor'i prov|d(,nce   hc
in snme special cases, to drin
ward as a condition of returning it.
If Smith I. ses his umbrella und Jones
finds it, Smith can compel Jtnes to nive
it back; and if Jones has given or sold
it to Brown, Smith can oblige Brown
to make restitution, nnd need not, as s
ly ono depriving thu patient who  is! year 1888,
a member of an organisation of any Mr. Swaytm applied on behalf of
say In the choice of the physician by John Knox Wight, or Oneida, Kx-
wbom he desires to be treated. They ; mouth, Devon, ror an order presuming
object, too to the wide discretion i the death ot James Dundas Wight.
given to tiio organizations In the mat- Counsel said it appeared that, aa tar
ter of contracts with  physiclaiiH. I back as IH'iH, and  before It,  proceed-
The decision to declare a strike Ings were in the court of the master
against these regulations was reached'"' the rolls, and In the course nf these
nl a tnei ting in Berlin of more than proceedings a sum or ii 122 8s Od. Con-
Ki.iO delegates Irom all over Germany,   F��'* was ordered to he transferred to
Mere than two-thirds of all the (ier- the name of James Dundas Wight. It
mans  are   members of  Insurance   or-  Wtt transferred in February, 1838, and
ganisaUonS which have their own con- been there ever since. | public place to which there is free ac
tract  physicians, and thu    remaining      Mr,   Justice  Gibson   expressed   sur-1 {,_���   !u'c|, M ,\,0 ,treet
, , , .,���...,���-,,,,-   ..ospital.   where   he   died
simp precisely at the moment when the toniKht
knight of the scissors was about to cut.     Larson anrJ ��� ,e���ow workman were
up   for   patterns    the    ancient looking bel      ra)8ed _. ahaft ���*_. after.
document with its many imposing seali:-,^ on _. m    The hoUt wag etop.
attached.    Although Blr Robert did BOl p9d and L_Ta,m ���tepped ofr, but appar-1
,��� ,   ���'   a"t   fMOgnlss    the    value   of   th.ently ml8gp(i  hlB foolln(? __a hi, leg
general   rale,  refund   him  the   amount i ^T^.'* b�� l"'*".* "7&" ���Vm��th,n.��: slipped between the lift and the wall
t paid for it.    The duty of tbe finder i "f   historic  interest, and purchased   it of the shaft.
Of an article is quite plain; it is to dis-! fAr"m   ,h*  t*a��'_tot   ���   '*w   ������""'ngs.'    As the cable settled the heavy ma-
rover if he can the person who has lost    Af'.<" Posing   through   the   hands   olchlnery   p.ound     ana     cruBhed     __\
i.   .... :_ _. ,  :i , ��� u. ....    various generations of his family lt at;af-ainBt lhe wal)| hls |eg belng nearly i
last   found   a   resting   place   in   tb*l.evered  from  his    body.    Only    the I
British Museum. .weight of the heavy lift binding him!
An interesting story, too, is attached, agalnBt ^g 8lde of ���*_ Bhaft prevent-
to a valuable Greek manuscript which|ed    hlm from falllng 1400 fPet to the'
....          .........   ,    earns to   the   Bishop of   Lganto   in   S;bottom.   He hung for nearly two hours
medical   field   Is    overcrowded.     The Prise at hearing of an application af-   .���,, (,vl.��� the puhUe partB 0f a shop  the   ��"��"'��* way.    ** *** wrapped round whlle ���_. M\ow workmen frantically
number  of   medical   Btudents   In  Oerr- ter such a lapse oftime Under   is  entitled   to   keep  the   article   * fi,h ttnd  """'K" >-�� to the Bishop.1 attempted to release him from his aw-
many has risen from 6.300 In 1905 to Mr. Swayne said Mr. John Knox i ,.ntil thp retti own,.r ,���-������ up t0 ciajm presence. By the merest chanee he ruI position, as the movement of the
14,000, an increase utterly dlspropor-, �� 'Kht was the nephew of the man j it and n0 ���nc else has nny right to take I B,am,npd 1,'"nd.fo,ind >* t0 be P"*0'I lift the fraction of an Inch would have
tionate to the Increase of population, whoese daeth the court was asked to j it _wnv (rnm him This wns well shown ** *'e'*l'*'- '^""K111 ���r """7 c��,uriM[ precipitated hlm to certain death.
The result Is, according to statistics, presume. The afMdavit or the appll-i in a v* old ,.-8P ������ thp roMMt ���f lost I ,0. bc lo"t- 1,h* worthy Bishop hasten- His body and legg from the hipB
that half of all the physicians have,���"' "tated that James Dundas Wight er0Darty. A chimneysweep's boy found "��� \�� tbe stall of the salesman in the,down were terribly crushed. He llv-
incomes  less  than  I1.S00  yearly. Was a son Of Robert Wight, an Oftlolal   J valusbls Jswel    He took it to a jewel-   '"��r*e�� wh.ere the fish had beenJ>ongh-|jed   only   a   few   minutes   after   being
The doctors   of   Berlin,   Dresden,\��* tne Colonial Bank In London. Bob- ]��� ^ _*, what   it was  worth.   The    *""        ""	
Hamburg and  other largo cities    did Jrt  'Wight,   In   1830.   married   again; ! :pw(ll|0-    wi5|,jn(,   to   swindle the   boy,
not   joint   in   the  movement, owln.   it''*lml|y   quarrels   arose,   and   some  of i ���,|,j  hil-  it wns worthless, and offered
it, nnd if he keeps it knowing who that
person is, he runs the risk of being prosecuted for theft.
But   where sn   article  is found  in
That Persistent,
Hacking Cough
is not only wearing, disagreeable and dangerous ��� It is
unnecessary, too, for you can
quickly  stop it by taking
Syrup of
=   Linseed,Licoriceand Chlorodyne   =
This remarkable combination of these three standard cough and
cold remedies loosens the phlegm, promotes expectoration, relieves
that exasperating tickling in the throat,  and the cough disappears.
Of course it is better still to uke Na-Dru-Co Syrup oi Linseed,
Licorice and Chlorodyne when you first feel the cold coming on, and
check it tt once. Get a 25c. or SOc. bottle from your Druggist and
keep it on hand, ready.
Hard Winter In Sight
But Santa Is Game
iv,-ih ifald. to the desperate competition   ,1"' <">ni* Mt  the country-one going
among them. It0 Canada,  and another to the WeBt
Berlin at "Seaport." : Indies.   .lames Dundas Wight, one of
���Berlin   Is   not   usually   looked   upon   thp  mn"- in   "-   ato"t  the  year  18.18.
for almost   ���*' out nn board a whaler from (lias
as an important "seaport
as much water passes dally through
Hs water mains aB through the little
river Spree on which it Is Situated,
Th-e navigation Interests of the German capital are so important, how
.ever, thnt after opening a large new
harbor on the eastern side of the olty
only a few weeks ago at a cost of
about 18,000,000, the municipality has
Just decidid to build another one on
the western side which will cost almost as much. It wlll cover, lnclud
lug warehouses, and grounds used for
harbor purposes, TB acres. This step
is taken In anticipation of a very large
Increase in canal and river shipping
arter the opening or the new canal at
_-= t.��� 111n now nearlng completion.
lu view or Its Improved shipping fa-
cllli es and enlarged waterways llerlin looks forward to a more rapid development ot its manuraoturing und
commercial  interests.
gow.    The   whaler   was   supposed   to
have been lost at sea. and no news of
It had ever been received, and .lames I
Dundas   Wight   was   believed   to   have
hi en drowned.    The affidavit went on
to say that applicant's father had of-1
ten reiated particulars about Ihe mat-1
ter. and that they had never been able
to ascertain  news of  the   vessel.
Mr, Justice Gibson Inquired if news-
paper advertisements had  been  pub-i
Mr. Bwayne said the difficulty about
newspapers was that li was dirrictilt
to know where to publish notices.
Mr. Justice Gibson Where was the
whaler  going?
Mr. Bwa; : ��� it left Qlaagow on an
ordinary Whaling '-nilse, and would, In'
the ordinary course, have come back.
Mr Just.re Gibson -It is a great
lapse of time. It Is curious no one
, tried to follow it up long ago. It Is
la strange thing. HiB Lordship, addict! thnt the people appeared to hnve
I been Kngiish.
Mr Sawyne-���1 think not; these pro-
eesdinga were in the court of the maa*
' ter ol the rolls here.
Mr Justice Gibson He was a son
of Robert Wight, an official of the Colonial Hank in London.
Mr. Bwayne Ves, but Lhe I. :nily
appears to have been originally Irish
i'ad. for it, and, on the boy declining
this sum. refused to return the jewel
tn him. It was held that he had no
right to deprive the boy uf the jewel,
nml thnt in the absence of the true
owner the boy, as thi*1 finder, was en
titled to keep possession of tbe article.
Tliis stiitt'incnt "f the law must be
ti.kcn with some limitation. Thus if
property is found in an inn, the inn
keeper run demand it: und property
fnind by railway porters nnd other em
I ploye? in railway stations or trains
innM be delivered up to tbe company.
In London tab drivers und .rain and
omnibus conductors are entitled to c'..im
just   in   time   to   save the   remaining I brought to the hospital In this ctiy.
pages of this literary treasure. |     Lar8()I1 wa8 weU known |��� tbls diB.
One of the most highly prixed, trict, having resided on the canyon
manuscripts of recent times, that ofislnce U0B, He was formerly employ-
���In Memonani was rescued just InUj on the standard, but had been
time from a cupboard in a house where!worki���g al the priKCO s|nCe that prop-
Toronto. Nov. 27.���"Toronto is going to see more poverty this winter
than for the past four or five years, or
In fact since the time shacktown was
nearly starved out," said a charitable
parents than ever before find themselves this winter in a position where
they cannot provide food and warmth
for their children without outside help,
much less gifts whicb make Christmas
worker who knows the city thorough-1 the great day of the year. The Santa
ly. "There is a great deal of unem-jciaos fond will have to be apprecl-
ployment even now, and when the! ably larger this year than fn the past
cold weather sets In thousands of fam-! if all the children whom Santa Claus
Whelor"  Asdmamrfof f^t'itTarto^*^^ tatte  lBt0  hi*   e8PeCial  ��*"  "���
ti^'lttaJutet ti*^.���y !��v��Tw1ft   but  noBchndrr?nd   hS F' ^ S�� bad n,T SfT WET*1* to b< ___\ *��*r
due.1 f���r he remembered tba, the book ^so'had I^WTlSrwSfc ^M".,^ �� b    "-I 	
wherein be had   rnnscn n-d the original; Mich.. and two brothers whose  pres- ����r   ������� living   b^oLs  almost  un-  CANADIAN OATS ARE
draft had been hastily thrown into the | ent addresn is unknown to the dlBtract-1 La-'*��iP ������ B     **<*��m*~  ����� POPULAR ACROSS BORDER
cupboard where he had been accustom-' pri   w*fP     The hodv  was  removed   t     ut""*"'c'
ed to keep pickles and jams.   When the | & XsteO undertaking plX. Thi8 worker ia not a!one in hls opln
possession of ur'icles left
* vehicles, nnd must take them to thc
| Lost Property Office at Scotland Ynrd.
I If nn article is rliumed thc owner must
j j.nv a reward of 15 per cent, nf the
I value; uny article not claimed within a
i sertala time is returned to tbe finder.
, friends sent by the poet to recover the
1 manuscript arrived on the scene the
1 contents of the cupboard ha*^ 1'een re
gloved by the landlady,  who v.as ju.t
then  engaged   in    her    task    of    house
.l'""   1 leaning,  und   who  tartly   advised    bet
! visitors  that  they had  come  none toe
soon,  111  so  much   us   she    would
I .'.uy have burnt ull the
ion. This week the city's board of Seattle, Nov. 27���As a result pre-
control considered thee stablishment' sumably, of the heavy reduction ta
of a civic employment bureau at the,the import duty made by the new
urgent solicitation of the local Coun- '��� Democratic tariff act. Canadian oats
cil of Women, the board of Central I are competing with the Western
Neighborhood House, and the district! Washington product tn the Seattle
Trades and Labor Councils. So many , market for the first time in history,
men   are  now   without  work   and   so | declares Frank J. S. Conner, wealthy
Mr.   Conner
Toronto.  N'ov.  27��� Prince    Edward
Island is apparently not the only prov-
that I ince of the Dominion that is develop-
traBh she hadihig  a  thriving  fur Industry. The  ex-lmany  more are likely to be laid off ifarmer   of   La  Conner
I perlence of other places has resulted j that relief  measures  seemed  impera-.owns and tills much land on the fer
Among   other   valuable   manuscripts! in an active movement ln Ontario tol tlve. 'i tile La Conner flats, famous the coun-
diaeovsred   by   shsnoe might  he  nun   establish fur rarms, where mink, mar-1     Santa Claus can do a great deal to try over for the enormous  yields of
tinned the famous journal of his Italian! ten, fisher and beaver are to be bred I relieve  the   pinch  of   poverty   in   the ithe   finest   oats   grown   and   has   tor
travail   written   bv   Montaigne,   nowifor  market  purposes.    80  great has thousands of homes where the family 1 many years heen a close observer of
looked upon us one of the greatest of ibeen the demand for live animals that .breadwinner is  idle.    What he  gives ithe market for grain.
Knnrh      literary      treasures;      whilsjT.  W.   Gibson,   deputy    minister    of j to each child is not costly. I    "The western Washington crop was
Milton's Oommonplaes Book wherein mines, states that the officials at Al-j Just a pair of mittenB, and worm |below the average thlB year," he aayi,
were catered the rough notes und plans'gonquin Park are unable to meet the stockings, an orange, a lew nuts, a'"but deaplU the faot that the market
of bis poems   which for over two hun-1 orders thai come in. little candy,  and a toy,  a doll  or  a  Is decidedly oft.   For some reason tha
dred years Wus lost finallv turned up! At the last session of tbe legisla- knife, or a Noah's ark. Owing to the Seattle buyers seem to be giving the
in ths garret of a neglected house id ture  a  bill,  introduced  by   Mr.  J.   C.( generosity  of  J. C.  Eaton,  for  some J preference   to   Canadian   oats,   which
any assets in England 1 would have
to apply In this country anyway. When
I apply in coir! of the master or the
rolls to gi-l out that money he will
direct an Inquiry.
Mr. Justice Olbson  granted  the ap
That In play lies the moral as well
a- ih" physical and mental salvation
of rural nsldents waB thn argument
of Clark W Hetherington. prolessor
of physical education nt the tinner
��� i'v of Wisconsin, addressing tlie an
nu.ii Wisconsin Conference of riiari*
ties and Corrections.
"Play is the primary -source of all
hiim.-in development, because It ia the
primary Bource of ail activity," said
Profosor Hetherington. "The Infant
lives in play. In play he lives out his
hunger for Activity, experience and expression.   Play is his only means of
development,  his only   means of Odtl
< stlon,
��� Nowhere has play been so neglected  as  In  the enntry;  nowhere is  it	
mnr.'  needed,    Countrv children  need i
In grow   Up as  well  ns city children. | roNUS DEMANDED OR
nnd   thej   can   grow   up  Into  efficient ; j0b WAS  FORFEITED
and  happy  adulthood    only    through I ���_���.
an adequate play life. The rum! fit- Spokane. Nov. 27.���Puttied by the
Iten needs to feel and society neads conflict of testimony Introduced yes-
to bave blm feel that the country la terday wben Robert A. Jackson, a train
a fortunate place to live. A demon- |,,,v, declared that H. 0, Heydtngsfeld-
rncv oannot endure without a stable,|eri ag \m.j,\ manager of the Shaver
���Hit-lent and contented rural poptiln-1 NYws company, had secured 1188 frOE_|
lion. him hy threatening to discharge hlm
���Cases   In   sufficient   number   could i |f he fulled to pay him a bonus, Judge
be given to phow   that   drunkenness I willlam  Huneke continued  the case
and play In rural communities are '��- * until the records from Chicago can be
versely related. Alcohol    cheats    the brought. Into court
youth Into thinking he Is having a good      Jackson and other train hoys recent-
ilm-' |ly  sued   Heydingsfeldur.   charging he
Practlcaly every bad habit known had mnde them pay him special tips,
to childhood and youth is the product 1 Jackson testified yesterday that lley-
��if neglected play It '.s a waste of life dlpKSfelder hnd forced hlm to pay him
In its most  precious form." JJ185 out  of his salary  while he was
  I running   on   the   Great   Northern   In
Fun at the Stock Exchange.
There were high jinks in the I^indcn
Stock Exchange recently. A jobber
���.-.ii" enjoys the nickname of the ''Burglar" wns suddenly handcuffed nnd nc-
1 used of beinc n party to the sensational jewel robbery nnw eiriting gen
,'rnl interest. Circumstnntinl ev dence
���if his guilt was duly forthcoming by
the extraction of strings of imitation
pearls  from  his  pockets, and  then  the
ry  went up for  the police.    This  was
promptly    responded    lo    by     another I National   lnsurnnce  Act  contains some
d.viler, wbo had gone to the trouble of   interesting   reading.     Among   the   inei | h'
Humors of Insurance Act.
The volume   recently   issued   as tbfl
i ,.rst report on the administration of th.
I Elliott (West Middlesex) was adpot-
1 ed giving the right to trap fur-bear-
j ing animals in open season for breed-
j ing purposes. This, however, did not
* apply to beaver, as these animals are
I protected by a special act and can be
Mr. Justice Gibson remarked thnt I hiring n constable's uniform, and thc ; ul.nt9 mentioned is that of s father who;,' ��'h -f h^, r"l1. .
S boms at the time of his going In j delinquent was hulled out U the House I ���a8 u K.8tef,il f���r the maternitv bene ���!:"���"_' i�� rerel v
8 Whaler appeared to be somewhere I by the scruff of tfcn neck, followed  by    .*. tllnl   ht,  H,k(Ki  th(. jnspf-f.,*-'', per��� i ���..!���.-_! ��,!������.  ,hi.  _.
In   England I in  excited  mob.  a  large percentage of
Mr   Bwayne-���We could  do nothing   which was gulled into the idea that 11
in  England:  there is no evidence of | -genuine arrest had been msde.   Eventu
ally the joke recoiled on thc Owner n'.
lhe hiindruffs, who. when demoustrat
ing how tbey worked, bad to softer the
mortification ���f having the key stolen
for about an hour.���Financier,
officers of the game and fisheries
has been that the
 ing a substantial
,  .,     _   ,     !>��<�����<���'������ P"   revenue from this source.    A pair of
utoii  to call the baby by  thnt  oth��� ��� beavera brlng |60, a pair of mink $35
Slal's name.
marten   $80   and   fisher   $125.     It   is
An amusing story is toldI of B certain i,jkelv *__��� furthe- legt8lation will be
employer who dismissed all his domes-k^pted next session to enable the
tic servants.     He told  them,  however,! ,arKpr   developmPn,   ���f   ���_*.   industry
tbat If thev would conseut to remain in
and to remove the prohibition where-
Heydlngsteldcr said  he  had never
,.,-en 1 aiiwr.nv rif%INES9       iieyuiiigsieiuer   miu   ue   10,11   never
INTO LAUNDRY CUSirjEBS    hargod  _K boyg  anything over the
,     , ,11    mL   ;*i    wiih the'amount specified by the Shaver News
Pullman, Wash., Noi ".--Witt ttln:eompnn)..H ,,udgC Huneke refused to
advent Bf the peroel post jr��tern Un-, Vthe evidence until Uie records
,���������* .,���, . ��� iknowlnr y went Wto the J^ r���r(,|vt,(1 (rom ,hn chi(.ag��� flrm.
laundry 1 usiness fa I'ullmai. J id num-, A��� for both .Mm gaW (he ^rn.
erous 1 undies fc tn > substantia   pe*\ >A      (U,slrtl (f) uke      t |n thp
centage or the  parcel  post  mall  car- f   �� ,
"���'!.���'""���   "'  *It /""college     The e ��"" 'n  securing the records by  sign-
of Washington State    college.     Inese
bundles on the outgoing trips Contafa '��t��> ����?��' "
WlUrtaltawTW^to^J^p^"^������-, BMle versus lley
of the student sender'from bulky sk "j,,, ((|j, ��� Blm���ar 0BHPi wM| be �����
nnd heavy made apparel to the dimJBU-      �� ,8, b    Jn(,      E   ���   8m.
live kerchief   essential   to   feminine
comfort   On the return trip the bun
order ror Ihe books to bc pro-
Mills, und that  they  kindly   consented
I to nssist in the household work; but, as
Resourceful Livingstone.
David Livingstone, explorer und mis
llonary,   wss   B   msn   of   varied   accom
plishments        Besides   getting    himself . .^   ^ ^ (       ^
laaght on bonrd ship, and later'by H r   ,'.,���,,,���,.,, ^ven that upon occasions
rhomsa Mselear, to take w. h  grwt   fcu*qBOildtm "_fU)7���i_[Tt>o rise early
i.t'iraiy astronomical observations fur I .'���...
nxing   latitude   nnd   longitude,   besides
sequaiatiag  himself  with  botany   and
uis house ns his guests he would be gladb    beaver cannot be ���eld ln captiv|ty.
if they would do so, but that they were)
cd his servants and were not bound to] SqSeBgMsw ... ., "	
obey his orders.    It was admitted tha,
frnm  time to time he  made them pre-
years past, sweaters and toques were'are competing with onr product this
given to all the children, too. The j season for the first time,
total cost of a child's present is about "Canadian oats cost laid down ln
60 cents. It does not seem much. The Seattle about $26.50 per ton, I have
average citizen would spend that been informed, and if thiB is true tbe
much in a day or two for cigars alone j price of $23 offered us in Skagit coun-
But that 60 cents will go far to keep- j ty seems about $1.50 below wbat might
ing a child's body warm through the! be expected, in view of the fact that
winter, and will send a warm glow the freight on Skagit county grain is
of happiness about his heart that will about $2 per ton. Why the Canadian
last right through the year. ; grain is given the preference Skiglt
Only those who have never had any county farmers have not been able to
goods  things  can    appreciate     what ascertain.
treasures the toys are to the children j "Tight money may account for the
and what dainties the oranges, the: ruling low price, for oats are certain
nuts, and the candles. to start upward soon and ought    to
More children than ever before will   bring   $35   in   Seattle  before  another
be on Santa Claus' list this year. More I harvest."
dies contain the same apparel laundered by the thoughtful mother of the
senile'. .,   .
Many students am thus enabled to
cut huge Blashes Into expense accounts whieh aro carefully   guarded.
llvan today.
New York Y. M. C. A. Campaign.
New York. Nov. 26.--Thc campaign
for a $4,000,000 fund for the Young
Men's Christian association and tlie
Young   Women's   Christian   associa-
Tlie charge for transmitting the ^ tlon whlch ���as been In pregrots for
dl*, Is small as oompared with ���*��,a^'the ,a,t fortnight, closed successfully
laundry charges "Weh tavaitormed ^ _nnomC(,A ,tat
a siAsUnttal part of the expense or * J ��� $4,o6l,500 had been donated,
tho average student In the past " ""'" "��� **' 	
There Is Comfort In
knowintr that you can obtain one tried and proved remedy
thoroughly well adapted to your needs. Every woman
who is troubled with herfache, backwhe, huw,
extreme nervousness and depression of spirits ought to try
ticccham'i &UU
The Unfailing HomeJRemedy
iology, with patriotic litcruture and
Egyptology, Livingstone was an evtel
lent mechanic, a steersman nnd s
mariner. His resourcefulness was at ull
times remarkable. When he was hurd
up for fuel on his first steamer journey
up tho Biver Shire, he landed in the
elephant marsh. Here no treeB existed
ana no fuel was obtainable, but his men
found many bones of slaughtered elc
pliniits. I.tvingBtono at once took the
bmies on board, burned them in the
furnaces of the Ma robert and so eon
tin ued hia journey.
The Qneen Parson Bird.
A queer bird is thc poe honey enter
of New Zealand. Its throat is adorned
with small whito feathers, whieh, from
their resemblance to clerical bands,
have gained for it the name "parsou
bird." Its metallic green plumage,
vith bronte and purplish reflections, is
.���erv beautiful. Its long and rather
large feel, aad the length of its tail ia
.uilr, thinking they were dogs that belonged to hia team.
ies, insects and honey. It hss nn ex
.ensile tongue, th- tip of which is
forked and, being covered with llbars,
forms a kind of brush, most useful to
he pnrson bird in gathering its food.
It is a good songster and mimic.
A Perilous Pst.
An English major witb a penchant
for entomology asserts tbat tbe hornet
ia "a gentle, inoffensive creature, very
suitable fnr u pet." This reminds one
.of un incident in the life of tbo late
Lord Avebury. Traveling one day on
x rnilwnv train with a net wasp in his
ooeket. lie hurriedly thrust h|S hand
into his pocket to get his ticket, and
onsideralile. Its i iod eonslsts of her
tbe wasp stung him. He did not lilnnte
tlm wasp, however, as his hurried action
lied frightened the creature. Wasra
have frequently become pets, bnt tse
major is said to be the first ta turn the
hornet into one.
Oarly Is'��� Creed.
Man ia born to expend every particle
if strength tbat God Almigu.y hss
;iven him in doing the work he gads
id is lit for, to etsnd it out to the best
treat h of lifs and de his best.���Thomas
1        .   1      1 ���_: i���   'und   light  the  lire  in  his owo  kitchen
loneitude,    besides. 9    .. _,     ,
.**...' .   range in the morning.    Such persons ss
"paying guests" were already a well-
recognized element in the community,
bat it remained for the Insurance Aet
to cnll into existence "paid guests."
Thc magistrates, however, held him responsible for the insurance of his
"guests." On appeal to Quarter Ses
ns their deeision was continued.
Indian Massacre Plot.
The Barital conspiracy cuse, received
a henriug in the Calcutta courts, a few
days ago. A native lawyer, Mr. Gupta,
in openiug the rase for the Crown, in
which charges of plotting to seduce native troops and bring about a wholesale
mnssucre were brought against the 44
defendants, asked for a free pardon for the two.approvers who were
giving direct evidence regarding thc
working of the Barital and Dacca sec
lions o, the conspiracy. Gupta gnve a
tong I of Hidden and outrages which
the po ice have connected with lhe so-
ciuty. IL' produced documents showing
huw the , onspirators divided tho country into dis, riits in which orgunixed
edition was reached, chiefly by meana
if rellgiii<|a cervices, students und unmarried youths being their special cue-
cern. ,
Vtllagsrs in Bsttle.
A village fight took place nenr Cairo,
Egypt, recently. Bome peasants of the
village of Chnrmonda allowed their cattle to stray into the cultivated fields of
a peasant in the neighboring village ot
/.ankuloii. The letter vigorously protested, and a quarrel arose, which soon
involved the inhabitants of both villages. Arming themselves with sticks
and alt sorts of missiles, tke villagers
arrayed themselves for bsttle nnd attacked each other. A strong force nf
police despatched from Zagasig suppressed thc fighting and arrested tha
fiugloaders. Forty-five injured persoas
weru taken to a hospital st Zagssig.
Camel Poet
Relays of camels carry the poet 1*
the Gordon ia district of the Cspe Province of Bouth Africa. The eaatels
journey across the Kalahari Desert.
Three heifers have been born during
the year, making fifteea csntels owned
by the Post Dcpattmsat. Tks seenraey
with which the animals travel te scheduled time table under aornal weataet
-wndttiooi is remarkable.
Two Yeara Before Ileetlon.
London, Nov. 87.���Thi chief Liberal
wblp, P. H. Ulingworth. addressing the
National Liberal .federation at Leeds
last night, saM there wdnM be no gen-land tty oldest K. O. In Canada, taf
���ral election prior to MB. |lng token silk Ut MM,
Canada's OMest K, C. Dead,
Tofosto, Nfti M.-Str Atld.** If
vlngMled this morning, aged M.   Ho
was the Nestor of the Ontario Mft
Brings Results
You don't have to take our word for it. Ask
those who are steady advertisers in its
columns. They are, satisfied with the re-
turns. You will be if you follow their
It goes into a thousand more homes in New
Westminster than a;^^vf^,ttb.^^
I        foyeverywty
I        advertisifig h^^i*M      f
������-A lA
'VvV-j*.'-** J.v'Kfc.
Old Yukon Police  Patrol Boat Taken
to  Fort  Langley for   Repairs���
Kitty S. Also.
Additional Locals
Christmas Sate Today.
Tho    ladies'   aid   of   St
Presbyterian   church   will
Christmas sale today, af'.ernonn  nnd
evening,    in    Bt.    Stephen'*  church.
Tables   of   home  oooki'jg and   homemade candy of all kinds and articles
tor Christmas presents win be on sale.
  I Afternoon  tea  will  b* served  and  in
the evening a musVeal program will
Tasmanian, one-time police lbe given ami refiresbments served,
boat ln the Yukon and for | All aro welcome,
montlis  moored    oft  the   bar
BUUR -The frontiersman, whose
labors have made British Columbia
what it Is, are steadily passing Into
the beyond, another of these empire,
builders  crossing   lha    great    divide
OBITUARY. trate Smith in police court thie morn
ing when John Connolly and Cary
Pycba were placed in tho dock charged wltb obtaining a meal rrom Tom
I.ee, a cafe proprietor, under false
The accused blew into the city by
., ,.. _   the brakebeam route a few days ano,
Stephen's I yesterday at 6:80 a.m   in tbe���WWOl Pj  fMUn    lhe ^_       Q. bungeri  at
hold     its!of Joseph  Iiurr, age  iX, a resident ot   (h(> _.um> (,me -dmirin|, 1!u, (:l,���Ve of
this district -ince 1850, aud a pioneer  aotlvlUoa of the C. P. It. and .-._ner In-
ith Colonel  Moody. _        dUStrial operations, decided  that Tom
Cor respondence
���To the Editor Tlle News.
Sir,���I see by press ri ports that
tbe Progressive association is still in
favor of llie resubmission of the gas
..            bylaw.     New,   Mr.   Editor,   it   is  jusl
Besides bis widow, Mrs. Mary Janejj_ea looked easy.   '"ju_t employees of! as  well  to  remind  those  few  gentle-
Burr, there live io mourn the loss of !,he c   p   K ������ wa8 th(, Wi,rd paBse(j to |men that it will be much more to Hi"
lhe deceased, four daughters, Mrs. 8. jTom when the time cr.me for a settle-
P.   Murk.   Mrs.   D.   it.   Rich,   Mrs.    I.  ment    lorn   became  suspicious.     He
Wintemute and Miss Bessie Hurr, and |called upon Chlet ���I'homas of the local
two   sons William J. and    James   B��� j police who corralled  the  twain  when
.     (237��)
the river from this city, |a
not to rot and die the death of many
good ships atld true. She has been
taken to Fort Langley where an attempt to mend her old hull will be I H_.._ ���eeR the $1-0
made and ir successful she will again |ri      Giff"ord  ls Blvlng away
be In u��e, 	
The owner of  tbe    Kitty    B.,    thej Elected Officers.
power boat partially burned here on - Al ,he Bnimi,i meeting of the West-
Wodnesday, George B. Sellars, has, Injns-i,.r r|���b held on Wednesday even-
for'aome days been at work nn the , )Ilg ,1|(, following officers were elect-
Taamanian and it was for this rea-1 e(i for the coming year: President, J.
aon his vessel was bere when she'll. Diamond; vice-president, L. M.
took* flre. After snme work the! Richardson: committee. W. H. 0.
Tasmania-- was sulficlentlj repaired il'hipps. J. Stilwell Clute, Jr., J. B.
to be floated at high tide, and on ', J-.irdine, M. .1. Knight, T. S. Annan
"Wednesday she with the Kitty S. wasidalc
towed to Kort Langley   by   the   tug
lund   one   siBter,   Mrs.   William  John-1 they were on the point of bitting the
-���-���  'slim, all In ing in  New  Westminster. I beams     towards     Vancouver.     Kiglit
Electric Hair Djiws guaranteed.    A.] Deceased  was a constant member of I days   In   the   provincial  jail   was. the
great boon    to    ladies,    $3.50    each. ;lllp nefotsned Episcopal church.    Ar- Isentence.
Tickets  for    er.ch    dollar    purchase.
Hrown <St Son, 620 Columbia St. (-501)
yet    completed,
credit of ihe city of New Westminster, und the citizens as well, if tbey
will pass a bylaw to convert the
money that was voted for a gas plant
into sewerage Improvements, I hope
that the members of the city council
will take this sewerage matter up as,
the Insanitary conditions need to bo
remedied al once if we wish to have
tt ����� ill * tt # * # * * #
rangementa are not
but it it expected the funeral will beJBRITISH   GOVERNMENT
held on Sunday afternoon. ENDORSES MONROE DOCTRINE
The late Joseph Iiurr came to Itrit-1 	
ish Columbia  in  ISliO  by   way of thei      London,   Nov.   HT.���The   Thanksglv-
Isthmus or  Panama,  and    with    him I lnK dinner of  the  American    society |
was his sister. Mrs. William Johnston,  here tonight was not.'worthy because ]
and one brother, Benjamin, who died  0r tbp  pronouncement  ot  the  British Largest  Oil  Carrying  Steamer.
four years    ago.    I'pon    arrival    bin government's    endorsement     or    the      Jarrow, Kngland. Nov. 27    The larg
flrst  work  was  with  Colonel   Moody. | Monroe doctrine hv Viscount Halrlnna !'3t  oil  carrying  vessel  In  the  world.
u model city.
Respectfully vours,
New  Westminster.  Nov.  'il,  1918,
For the Week Ending Sunday, Nov. SO.
High. Low.
1:20   9:15
14:50 23:45
4:30   9:55
5:35   0:45
15:55 10:50
6:35    1:40
16:25 11:50
7:30   2:20
17:00 12:40
8:25   3:00
17:45 13:40
9:15   3:40
18:10 14:50
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. lit
2:20 10.3    7:32
13.S 13.*0 20:5-
3:30 11.4   8:37
14:21 13.1 21:37
4:34 12.6   9:40
14:53 13.1 22:17
5:34 13.3 10:40
15:26 13.0 22:56
6:31 14.0 11:40 10.5
16:00 12.7 23:36    0.6
7:25 14.4 12:42 10.S
16:45 12.8
8:15 14.5   0:17    0.4
17:12 11.7 13:49 10.8
Por plumbing, beating
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone  586. (2363)
v. ith about 12 men on the staff.
iContlnued trom rage One i
attention to the sharp conflict in evi- . ���'Umc-\ to loan ��a, firsl mortgages,
donee. The case was essentially one Improved city and.farm Property. 9
for  a jury.    The jurymen  were  the. per "'"' AlfrGd W" McLe0d    'J33"
sole judges of the evidence and    they . 	
must, In order to convict, discard the Will Settle fquabbte.
evidence given by the accused. To' The Bquabble relating to Port
acipiit they musl disbelieve tin Moody's finances when certain ot the
stories} of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, aldermen declined to pledge their
The jury should take Into considers- credit for a sum of $3500 is expected
tlon the attitude of the witnesses in to be satisfactr rily arranged ere tbe
the box. Tli" el,iss of people who conclusion of next week's council
had given evidence also must be con-i meeting.
sidered,   They wen- not accustomed ; i *������.	
to the same mental exercises lawyers \
were accustomed  lo. ^! _-,_>_._ 1    ntnrJ    T^t^fcn-n ex I
With reference to Thompson's story wJOCiai ttTItt rer.OHdl
his lordship maintained there was '������***~**~*~������~-*-~---x~v*��~s~n^��~'s~��.
nothing unreasonable about it and ' Oreat success was achieved at the
tliey bad Mrs. Thompson's oorrobora- sale of work held on Wednesday after-
lion. The question was, did these . noon and nlght-in aid of St. .Mary's
stories tell really what happened. In church, Sapperton. The different stalls
a case such as this the jury should'.and the parish hall itself had been
look to the evidence ol Independent prettily decorated and presented a
witnesses and the court took up the bright appearance, while crowds were
evidence of Skavadl, the teamster, ln attendance all day and patronized
���whom, Ins lordship said, bad not |!ner0UB.y M, '1,"P*lrtn*>t'n's of work
shown    any    connection    with      tJe Tbe suite and^those IWfiharge were:
miners,    Skavadl   bad  said  he    baa l__a__cyT,^?!?' M;'' W' A' Benn8tt ilr"'
heard the live men knock at Thompson's door, and had beard Thompson
call   for a  knife.     Was  his  evidence
to be believed ?
Would  Be  Poollsh.
Speaking  with     refi rence    to    the
stories of past   friendships  bis  lord-
ship beld that it lay with the jury to
say   which   were   the    mosl    truthful
���-".���vera!   fraternal
tend in B body.
societies   will     at-
Import Seal Skins.
Th first consignment of 11,000 seal
skins imported direct rrom Siberia
is lying on cars at the C. P. R. station
at Port Coquitlam awaiting delivery
at the the B. C. Orinell Glove factory
now   nearing   completion   on   Wilson ~  .
road. The skins will be manufactured DODD���Arrangements bave teen
Into glees and olher sealskin goods made for the funeral or the 'ate MTB,
and marketed in New Westminster Walter Dodd, wife of Alderman Dooa,
and other B. C. towns. The plant will .and services will take place In ;-'
start   operations   In   about   ten   days, I Aldan's church. Seventh avenue
(Continued trom page one)
both old and new, it was necessary
for those who taught thetn to specialize. This was the age for specialising. He understood that titer,; wan
an arrangement whereby several denominations would unite In 1). C. In
one highly efficient divinity college.
Kach man and woman Bhould specialize more or less these days to bo-
cemetery, 'come the bi st citizens,
Monroe doctrine by Viscount Haldane,!
lAter after mining for some time, he ion_ |,|si, chancellor. Three hundred'
was made government foreman of | and fifty American men and women.!
roads and as an expert roadmaker Uyjth a large number of British guests,
was responsible for some of the prov- were present and they cheered Lord!
H C  Adams and D W  Ollchrist. ' Ince's   present   great   highways.     He jiialdane's  words again  and  again.
  jalso laid out    the   grounds    tor   the |    Robert   N.   Fairbanks,  presldsnt
Expert skate sharpening and  rivet-!court  house  and  designed    the    tall the society, proposed "Tlie King.'
Ing  at  Oscar  Swansoon's,  13   Begble  flagstaff  which yesterday  carried  the |	
Btreet (2369) i flag  half-masted   in   respect  for  bim.
  It  was  thirty years ago  that    Mr. I
Nearing Comoletion. '��� Burr was made u guard at the pro-
The recreatio'n hall in Port Moody | vincial jail and after efficient service
is rapidly approaching completion became head guard. This summer he
and bv the middle cf next month will was pensioned by the government
prcbablv be readv for occupation. The | Through all his career deceased
inauguration ceremony will take the;played his part well In developing
Bhape of a citizens' ball, to which it! ihis province and his loss is mourned
is admirably adapted. ] by friends in all parts of British
and    sheet     * , ~~      ' .  ���.������
MUIR���It  is this afternoon at 2:30
o'clock   tha!   the  funeral   or  the  late
iThcmas Albert .Muir   will   be   held.
Rev.   M.  Gordon  Melvin   will  conduct
the services, lirst a private service at
heme, then one at the Masonic temple
and  later  the  burial   service  at    the
graveside In the I. O. O. F
having a capacity of 15,000 tons of oil,
was launched here today. The vessel
was christened the Man Hllarlo by
Mrs. Herbert J, Carr of N'ew Vork.
The new ship is one of len tank steamers of the same size now being con-
Itructed for the Eagle Oil Transport
At this morning's olty
ket it ls probable that:
Kggs  will  sell  as  last
nl  from    60  to    65 cents
do/.on  retail.
Ilutter v.lll bo trudud out at
the usual price, ID centa per
There  will  be a  few   lots of
apples marketed,   These   will
be quoted at    rrom    $1.25    to
$1.50 per box.
Because    ot    ths    coming
Christmas trade, supplies will
be shorter than usual both today and next week.
Fowl and meats nre being
held back by farmers in the
hope of n big holiday demand
and while produce Is being
sent In, the best qualities are
being retained for a few
* * if ���"��� # * tr ii ���# ������'* ft ��#*��*!>
Closes Navigation.
.Montreal, Nov. 27. -When Capt. II.
ll). Kendall. H.N.It., takes bis big ship
jthe ltuthenia out of port early Saturday morning, the last or the ocean
'liners to clear from Montreal this season will have gone. Then the five
'months' winter rest will settle down
'on  the  river  front.
Eoulder Hits Train.
Nelson, Nov. 27. As the (Ireat
Northern train from Spokane neared
Ihe Mountain station this evening a
huge boulder rolled down the mountainside, striking the train between
the engine and the first car, where It
stopped. Tbe steps for the whole
length of the train were stripped ofr
as the rook was passed.
"Get The Habit"
Extra Special Today
Xmas Post Cards at
lc Each
Xmas Cards at V^Priw
Don't forget everything in
the store is reduced from 10
| to 50 per cent.
The Fair
(Continued from page onei
Wedding  Was  Surprise.
London,    Nov.    27. -Society    was
given   a  surprise   today   by   the   wedding   of   Lady   1-Jva   Cholmiuuielev   to
Harry   i'aravincl,   the     well     known
Cricketer,    The Marquess of Chnlmon- |
ib ley and Walter Morice, a cousin if   MECCA CAFE
the  bridegroom  were  the    only    wit- j
nesses.    The   bride  wore  a  golf  costume and the couple Immediately left 1
Ior lbe north on a golfing honeymoon. I
Can  be had at  tlie
tave-Browne-Cave MBS E- downham
at 2
p.m. on Baturday arternoon and burial
will be held iii the new cemetery.
Members of the Huughters ol the Empire wlll attend and a special conveyance is to be provided for tbl Be.
Labor men will also attend In a body.
CAMPBELL -This morning the
funeral of the late Colin Campbell
will be held from Bowell's chapel to
the Roman Catholic cemetery. Rev.
Father liessette will perform the rites
rf burial, lt was said yesterday that
the remains might be shipped to Ontario, but friends in that province
were communicated wltb and burial
here was decided upon.
SUDA���- The four year old Japanese
girl Ada Suda was buried yesterday
in the Japanese cemetery following
service at Murchie's undertaking
1 BtabllshmenL
stories. The accused Taylor had admitted that they all knew policemen
wore abcut. Wouid it not then be a
foolish and foolhardy thing for uiem
to attempt to Intimidate Thompson
tinder thesi' circumstances.
lfi it wus true that the live men
went to Thompson's with the design
to intimidate, tben Tosland was
equally guiliy and Cawthorne ;:nd
others could also be drawn in. The
jury could draw reasonable Infer-
etiat.s us to the object of the visit,
t'oniii rs hud called Thompson a
''sculi' and the court believed that
was sufficient provocation for Thompson to Bssaull someone. In conclusion
liis lordship said that If the jury believed the witn..'ses for tbe crown
titan tbey should bave no hesitation
in bringing In a verdict of guilty.   If
on thn olb. i* band lhey believid the
evidence of the accused they were,
pirf.-ctly justified  In acquitting them
Mrs, Bailey; plain work. Mrs. Q. O.
Davey and  Mrs. Saul:  home cooking.
Mrs. Ashdown ami Mrs. Brfggs; candles, Mrs. W. Mercer and Miss Merer: junior girls' work, Mrs. M. G,
Bateman, Mrs. P. Breharl and the
members of the Clrls' auxiliary; the
flsh pond. Mrs. .1. Thompson; refreshments,   Mrs.   J.   A.   Thomas,   Mrs.   R.
IBooth and Mrs. Archbould; cashiers,
Miss Mabel Duncan and Miss Booth.
'I'hi     day's    proceeds    amounted   to
$14i; 70   and   this  result  reriects  great
;credit on the organization and efforts
of the Domen's Auxiliary under whose
auspices the sale was held,'Much help
and many gifts also came from other
,kind friends both In and out of the parish.    The evening's  proceedings  were
i enlivened  by music  kindly  furnished
! by a newly organized orchestra, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Cannock and
Messrs. II. Price, Ivan Can.tell and It.
A. Moore. At 9:30 the stalls were
cleared away and an Informal dance
��� closed a Btrenuoua   but   satlsfactosy
I day for thos.' who a iBtstedi
Mr*-,  is   K. CasBelman will not reci Ive loday nor again till  the fourth
' Kriday in January
Future of University.
Speaking of the luture of thi
verslty, Hr. Wesbrook said;
have here opportunities which
not available in other provinces,
have the advantages ot the old fields
and lhe oew fields as well. 1 see wbat
wonderful financial advantages we
may enjoy for ourselves and our
children and our children's children
it we are wise."
It was in tliis province thai ihe opportunity to develop a better race ,������;
men lay; a race better than tbe world
has ever known.
"Wbat are our national questions in
British Columbia . We hav- here th"
problem of caring for people of all
nations who have come bere because
the condi'ions at home wen. not
favorable to all classes, and it is our
onportunlty to make good Canadians
of them."
O-  "'Oman  Cuffraoe.
The    soeaker's    final      statementi
showed   how   he  etned  in   resard  '
woman suffrage,   "it is most important   that   our   women   have  a   chanen
It's  ihe  mct.'ier who  tikes  the child
i to  school.     It  Is  usually   th"  mother
who  sees   he  att.ud-.  and  it   Is   Bhe
! who in most ca^-'in Bhanes his cireer
JTherefo-c.   it's Uk* mother who  leads
the world."
Previous    ti    President   Wesbrook
ii. n, Dr. VouiH-. minister   bf
Hi a, Bpoke.    lie eologteed  I
and Miss
L.U.A.M.,  A It.C.M
Lessons iu I'ianoforte, Vloliu, Sing
Residence Y. W. C. A.
Phone 1321.
general movement of insurgent forces
would  be made soulh  of Juarez  and. , . .,.,
along the central Une ol the National *������� Su,cu, ^''duction.   Theory    (In
railways,  the  most  direct   route   i,���0 ,^^ ��r l>r vale y), Ilarinony, CoutiU',-
the centre of the republic. | "�� "��� ;M"slc��1 '���"r,�� <������*-* Ul8tor>
Details of the Ogntlng below Juares     ' '""ls P��*��**J
received   here  today   through   border
representatives showed    a    complete
route  oi  the  ex-insurrecio  troops  uti-
der   Salazar.  Orozco  and   Mercado.
Word from Chihuahua City, upon
which it was reported other insurgent
forces were marching, was awaited
with impatience.
ll was asserted at I 'arvanza's head
quarters that Villa's victory was tbe
mosl complete sinci- tbe beginning cf
the Madero outbreak in 1810.
for   tbe   examinations of tbe Associated Board of   tbe
i Royal  Academy  of  Music  and  Royal
College of Music.    Also    Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For  terms, etc..  apply  01  Dufferin
Street.   Phone 411 11.
I.T'.v.n. m
I        r,,.,..,    .,	
OlrlB' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, It):311 u.iii.;
Sewing  classes,  Thursday.  7:30   p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen.
Special dinner Fridays, II:30 to 1:80.
For particulars call  phone  132t.
FRIDAY, NOV. 28, 1P13
Chairman,   Mayor  Gray.
Bagpipe  Selection.   Pipe     Major     A
.lohnston;  Song,   "W'na'll  Be King but
Charlie,"   Miss  Badle  Fraser;     Song,
''"":1   "Macgregor's    Gathering,"   Mr.   John
Wee- Graham;  Sword Dance, Mr. w. Mac-
Record Number of Entries at Central
Park���Excellent   Display   of
colleges Ihe centre of religions life,
lir   Chown.  head  or  the  Methodist
I church  in  Canada, who was present
spi k" briefly.    II" saw that In B. C.
there would be ih�� mist  remarkable
unlversltv In Canada, Also he i-ra'ue-i
One   of   the   finest   winter   poultry   Dr.   Sanford  and   bis  work,  and  said
Bhowa e\  ry gotten together, was the  iho  board  of directors  had  made do
gi-iii ra) opinion of visitors to the Cen- [ mistake  In making hlm head or Co-
brook. Though Rome would differ a*. kav; Bong, "Auld Robin Gray." Mrs.
loni as he wi minister of education j, c. Scott; Song, comic, "The Wedd-
he would sc,. In it that denomination- |ng of Sandy McNab," Mr 1< Uoss,
al oi"��stioi did pri enter Into the Song, "Bonnie Dundee," Mr, W, M.
schools, but he wo.illd have theolovlcal, * MeCloy;   Dance.    Bailor's    Hornpipe.
Mr. W. McKay; Song, "Angus Macdonald." Mrs. J. G. Scott; Song. "The
Hundred Pipers." Mr. W. M. MeCloy;
Song. "There Crows a Bonnie Briar
Bush in oor Kail Yard," Miss Sadie
Fraser; Song, comic, "The South
Pole," Mr. It. Ross; Song, "The Lea
Hlg." Mr. John Graham; Bagpipe se
lection,   Pipe  Major   A.  Johnston.
Logs Mutton, 1!) 16c.
Roast Pork, lh ir>c.
Rabbits, each  25c.
Sirloin Steaks, lb 23c.
T Bone Steaks, lb 25c.
Pure Lard, lb 15c.
Picnics, lb.
Call antl arrange for regular account.
Phone 300.
Phone 1103. Tenth Street Market.
Mrs.   J.   W    McDonald,   A.-h   street.
will not receive today, nor again tin
the f:mr;'i Friday in January.
i'. ���   .1   s. Henderson, n cently appointed secretary of evangelism and
rnnA    Annl,    D,,.  ��. '     '"   ''      ���  ''������'���"������      IS      llilVillg      ,*l       I'.   *- i ��� I '   ' I I   I'
_.     ,    ,Gocd*Ppl   Pr'c"'    -    .��� erected    for    his use In  Kerrlsdale,
KotUe Falls, Wash., Nov,   27,   The p0ltil  Grey     Rev   R   J,   Douglas, of
steamer Enterprise brought a load of chllllwack, recently  appointed   Imml-
apples, ahoul l.OuO boxeB, up the Co- nation  chapllii  tor the  Presbyterian
lumbia. as tier as the Ricky  rapids, church Is also irectlng a residence on
They are being hauled to tbe station the   same  thoroughfare   Forty-eighth
by   team*?.     Some   fruit   growers   say m, nr,"  and   the  West   Boulevard
that notwithstanding the yield is Bmal
Ier than last year profits will be nun h
larger on account of better prices.
Quality Goods With Our
Guarantee Behind Them
Oolden Bgg Macaroni, - pkts .
Qolden I'.'gg Vermicelli, 'i pkts
Oold Bi'.r Raisins, 2 pkis
A grand oonnerl wlll lie held under
tho aurplcea of the Burqultlam Agrl-
ni'tural    rocl^ty  In  the agricultural
hall, Austin rea.l. on Wednesday even
] Ing. December ,'f.    A first clasa  pro.
gram will be provided, among others
the  following   popular  local   artistes
��� have   kindly   consented     to     appear:
">M*-"i  I alrd   Huberl   Mumford,  A   O,
25-, j Williams am 1 K. T   Hart     i'he contrl
,25c. ' I'Uti'.'iis of the above will be followed
'i.e'!''.'  a   sketch   entitled  "April   Pools"
Vontlz/a Currants, 'i pkts  25c.
Dulk Currants, per lb.
Lemon ,-:,-.ii Orange Peel,
Citron   l'e, I.   per  lb	
fihe-'U'd Almonds, lb   	
Shelled  WaluutB,  lb	
Crystall.ed dinger, in till
prefi nted   h;    Messrs.   Smilh.   Smith
and Dunnebrowne,   The concert  will
sun at S o'ei cl
Hove yeu tried Robin Hoed Por-
ridfle Oats, the finest to be had. in
pasteboard tubes, at   15:   and  25c.
���Choice N,'". ��alnnd butler. _ lbs 75..
���Tiiotco Kastern Butter, .'! lbs . $1 00
Heinz fweet Gherkins In bulk uf 15:.
dozen.  2 dozen  25c.
Ileln-  Dill  Pickles,  a  nrrw  shipment
���     Jtmt arrived, per doacii   25c.
Dean's Grocery
lurr Bk:k
Phene 3S9.
Columbia Strsst.
W, Abbot I performed the
"i re-i.'iiiv at two quiet weddings celebrated at the Queen's avenue Metho
(list church  parsonage yesterday af
tl hi. Ill the flrsl Miss Roe Hoops
or Tue "cn. hee,'im<; the bride of George
Wm. Bishop, of Vancouver. Mr. and
Mrt Bishop Will make thnl,- home iu
. .ilm uvi r.
i'.i'ti'  Hmlth, of  Bellingham  and
Mrs. Daisy ..anford were lhe contract-.
Iny parties In the other wedding which
was per . rmed  at 4:.1b o'clock.    The
:b""Dy couple ll i.i expected will make
lB-.ll.ngl.aui their home.
tral l'ark Poultry and Co-operative
association's first annual show which
opened yesterday morning. The show
will continue until Saturday afternoon,
Two thousand entries, of which
Huh are in poultry, speak well for thief forts Of a hustling committee, this
| lielng the largest entry list of any winter : how held on the lower mainland
���I, ii probablj in the provlnc *.
Practically everj bit of space is
taki ii up with pens, stacked three nnd
sometimes four high while a throng of
visitors and bird fanciers thronged the
passage ways yesterday.
Speaking with Elmer Dixon of Mr"
:������ ii City, ():������.. who with C. H, Burnett, Jr., Seattle, is handling the judging of ill" poultry entries., The Newa
wus yesterday Informed that for the
Dumber   Of   entries   and   the   chn ,   ol
birds  brought  In,   the  Central   l'ark
show eclipsed  any sueh affair li" 1    .
attended this year. "H lias been a
pli . ure for rn.* io judge such birds
t< ,H"  penned   lure,"  stated   Mr.  Dix-
.ui, "especially remcmherlng ihe tact I
tbat this is tba lirst event or Its kind
ever held bj   tbe association.
"Th.* White Orpingtons ar.. In m*
opinion ti;" best class and I wltl say
thai I have rnrely seen such a good
cla    of birds."
Mr Dixcn has been judging al poultry iliows for u number of years, hi-
torrid ry taking in Los Angeles, Moot
tan i. IIri rod avi Washington, �� Ile
everal times he lias Visited British j
.1 R, Terry, provincial Inspector of
poultry,  was  also  well  pleased  with
the   . "'    '      of   the   executive.      He   Is j
also   liking   part   In   the   Judging  of
utility  pen-;,  i vgs  and  dressed  poultry. |
A splendid show of pigeons is also i
mado fi the exhibition, tbe Judging of
theso classes  being  In  Uie hands ofl
r. li Cli ilmers, Hazelmere; ii  Hardy-
man and T. .1   Blackadder of Vancou- I
The  executive or  the  Central   l'urk .
association is as follows:  Hon, presi-1
dent,  Reeve  i>   P,  McOregor;  presldenl   B. B   Gale, Piatt Burnaby; vl'"-
.resMnnt,  .1    H.   Boyce,    Vancouver;
sec'elr'*.-**,   Mi-     II    M,   Itoss.   McKav; I
treasurer. ,T.  A, Hmltb;  executive, I). I
M. Ro��s, \". Walker  F  K. Harmrf, I..
Lascelles  G   N   Slmnler:  superintendent, J. A, Smith;  assistant superintendent, W,  Walker;  pigeon Btipsrln- (j
tendent, Fl,  Ferguson.
lumblan col leg.
Toward the .-lose of the evening
n-v's were i.r. ,. "ted io Mis< Mabel
banning, Arthur Wilcox and I. Beg?,
the presentations being mnde bv Pro-
fopgor Ifethoring'jpn Rev, T, W,
Stapleford and Hr. White, of Vancouver. P H Curtis niul Dr. Davidson.
ol Merlin u uved' and seconded a
���ei" .' thanks fo the sneakers. In
renlylng Hen. lir. Young mad" the
welcome announcement that ho would
give b ���* hnlar hip amounting to Str,o
iier year for three years t" Columbian colli ���" i' be used as Principal
Sai i ird saw Bt.
Accompanist, Mias V.  M. Vase.
"Auld   Lanq   Sync."
"God Save the King."
y***i*i ?���. .-.a
Port Coiiuitlam. Nov. 27.���"How to
Obtain a in.al when the coffers are
empty" was explained fully to Magts-
Milt 5 and 6
���: At the :-
Y. M. C. A.
In aid  of lbe  Hoyal  Columbian
Wild   Animals. 40 Clowna.
A  Big Time.
A Few of Our Prices Today:
'i lbs. rine Tea   90c.
No. 1 Correo, per Ib 35c.
Mooney's Biscuits, all kinds,
ordinary    price    26c,    Tor
today    20c.
Come  and   ntu   us.     We   will
save you money.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th 8t. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
when you cun get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: tbe
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Bfand, guaranteed to paaa Standard
Spec;Mentions of American and Canadian Engineers' Aaaoclation.
We would alao call attention to our Vltrlfled Sewer l'lpo from
4-ln. to 24-lti. In diameter. This Is also made In tbls Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a Btock of Cruabed Rock, Waebed Gravel, Band,
Lime, Master, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 snd 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Our Interior Finish ls manufactured from timber specially selected for Plat Drain
We are also specializing In Kir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive thnn the old lolld raised panel doors.
(���et our prices before placing your orders.
I_ocal Sales Department, Phone 890.
asy Chairs and Rockers
A Whole Carload of Them for Xmas
No wonder we undersell the other fellow, when we buy them by thc carload. You benefit as well as us, as you can buy one chair from us at the same
rate as we buy them in carload lots.
Shoals of Them.   You Bet!
To suit every purse, so come early and dont' be disappointed.
The Big Furniture Store . Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
:. ���*-*r*-tr��� ...yiny   At,*
,-,,'**"'** rn.**    "OmiWHI--SIIH.iHfc.il   ,--*, m,^ramm~m
.;.���'���'*������. j
... page pnm
New York Dentist Showed
Remarkable   Staying
Soldier Frank Logan Cut to
Pieces by Jimmy Clabby
at Frisco.
Blake's decision WSS popular with thi
Came Back  Strong.
The most spectacular of the
rounds was   the   nineteenth.
Crops, apparently  Ured and
electrilled  bis  support! rs  by
after Itlvers and fighting him
feet.     At   the   bell   tho   Mexican
hanging    on.    Cross    attempted
sentatlvs quintette composed of five '|
members of tbe Sangster family, al
, though several changes are possible
with their opponents.
| The Collegians, following their vie-
! tory of lost week, should hit a fa_t
;c!ip and give tiie Adunacs a hard
battle ull the way with the chances
favoring the former. Tlm Uabone.
Will referee the first game.
0 �� O
ing dim showing the telephone "behind the. scenes.'' Everyone makes
use of this wonderful servant ol
civilized man, but very few person*
realize the remarkable mechanism
that serves them whenever they talk
over the wire.
Here is seen linemen si tting poles
through the wilderness, and tlie individual lines meeting upon the groat
pole lines leading to the big centra'
offices. Then the gathering cf wires
into cables connecting with the
switchboards  with their thousands of
  tiny flashing lights.
*~-"l    Here al_o  is shown  the  laying  of
! submarine    cableii    that    carry    Ihe
-' fj voice under the water, thus overcom-
'"iiiig  the   barriers   of  flood,   tide    and
bt tii ii,
Ofl    Ilili
1.0s Angeles, Cal., Nov. 27.���Joe
Kivers, the l.os Angeles Mexican, defeated Leach Cross, the New York
lightweight, in twenty rounds of
lighting at the Vernon arena this
afternoon. After two knockdowns In
tho   fourth   and   ninth   rounds,   Cross
showed marvelous recuperative pow
ers and fought brilliantly, but could
not overcome the lead which llivers
won by hla consistent and vicious
Ihfring the thirteenth It looked as
though I'.ivers would win with a
knockout In the fourteenth, however.
Cross' marvelous recuperative powers
camo In evidence and from then on
until the nineteenth It was give and
take between lhe two', with only a
ehade in Rivera' favor. During the
���nntlrti fight Cross had a marked advantage lu Iiv rounds, while Rivers
led    in    thirteen.      Referee    George
same thing In the twentieth, Lut
R vers came back at him Just aB
violoUsly und the round ended with
lienors in the latter's favor.
Itlvers' tlrst knockdown wan scored
In the fourth with a fchort left book
to lhe jaw. Cross remained down
for the count of nine. Rivers repeated this feat In the twelfth, flooring Cross with rigbl aud left swings
to the face. Cross was plainly dazed.
and once he stalled through the
round, after taking the count of nine.
Soldier  Frank.
San Krancisco. Nov. 27 -Kor twelve
rounds today. Jimmy clabby. or Hammond, lnd., one of the foremost claimants to the middleweight title Of tin-
late Stanley Ketchel. cut Soldier
Knink Logan, of tbe Philippines, to
pieces a.��! in tin- thirteenth nnd
fourteenth hammered hiin into submission. In the middle of tin- fourteenth the referee stopped the fight,
Logan was reeling along the ropes,
and lh" referee seeing hlm helpless.
and believing he had run out, raised
(l.ililiy'B arm In token of victory.
Logan nodded his dissent, stralgbten*,
<il up and Clabby rushed to resume
the offensive, but the referee pried
them apart and pushed Logan to his
ci rner. There was no protest from
his seconds.
,Costumed    8katort Will    Have Their!
Inning at Arena This Evsninr���
Norval Baptle Judge.
London, Nev. 27.���Though
the king's winnings on the turf
this season tar from covered
the expenses of the stables, he
hai decided to see If luck will
turn next year. Meantime his
majesty Is turning ble 'attention to steeplechasers, -Sbveral
of which are being trained at
Whlltaker's establishment at
-���������, m ���:���: ���:;-. *���******,***
I New Westminster, Vancouver and
j district skaters and enthusiasts will
i Invade the local arena at Queens
park where the first of a aeries cf
ice carnivals will be held this evening.
One such event has been held ir,
the city, this taking place late In the
spring of 1918, and the hundreds who
attended well remember the success
it attained Bo that an even larger
number cf people are expected to be
presi nt when one cf the best lady
Skaters in the city escorted by Norval Baptle leads off lu the grand
march  at  8:1a  this evening.
Those   in   costume  will   be  allowed
the use of the Ice    until    S    o'clock
when   the   big   gates   will   be   opened
for  llie general   public to make    the
rounds on the blades.
I    The arena management have scour
-ni  the   services of Norval   llaptie as
judge,   the   well    known   figure   and)
fancy skater being a favorite at such
events as  the one scheduled for    tonight.     Baptle   is   expected   to   show
| his skill at fancy skating and if it Is
.possible for  him   to Becure  the  prea-
lence  of  a   prominent   lady   skater of
| Vancouver   it   is   expected   that     the
couple    will    give    au    exhibition of
waltzing   on   skates   lo   Ihe  music  of
ithe band In attendance.
owners of the ranch.
Miss Avis Manor as the school
teacher, was a beautiful and charming
and was ideal In the part.
Miss Florence Munroe and Jack
Dout] contributed a great deal to both
the serious and comedy situations.
Walter Mallott as Hank Jones, a
typical character of the western cattle
range, was also responsible for many
of the big laugh.*..
Spokane. Nov. 27.���Philip Knight,
json of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Knight.
N1715 West Point road. Is in a den-
Igerous state In the Bellevue hospital.
iin New Vork city. He, with hiB broth-
jer, flay, have been students at Cor-
i nei] university, at Ithaca. N. V��� Philip
! Is now In hiB junior year and Gay the
j freshman. Philip suffered poisoning,
�� I going to the hospital in New York a
few weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Knight
are at the bedside of their son. They
went east ahout two weeka ago.
A transfusion of blood from the
veins of the younger hoy, Gay, was
made Saturday for the benefit, of his
The young men are well known in
this city. They attended the Lewis
and Clark high school. E. H. Knight
Is manager of the Diamond Drill company here.   He is a Spokane pioneer.
Didier Pltre has accepted terms with I
Frank Patrick and will leave at once!
for the con*-!  SOOOrdlng to advices re-*
celved at  Vancouver yesterday.   Thel
crack shot of the Canadiens wlll play
tbe  left  wing  boards for lho  Millionaires, thus completing the septette of
tbe Terminal City.    The new addition ;
will  make  Vancouver  more of an   In-
dividual   team   Ihan   ever,   but   Hugh
Lehman   Is  losing   no  sleep  over  thei
matter, contented    that    combination
and speed will win out for the Hoyals. ;
Thi reinstating of Lloyd took back
Into amateur hixkey ranks 111 Alberta
Is cai ,lng no end of trouhle with amateur union ofrlclals. The hockey clubs
are now demanding that "Tammy"
l'lett o: the Calgary Centrals, whose
card was taken away from him last
wlntir for having played with profes-:
siouals, be whitewashed'. 1
SU.iford University rugby fJHeen Is;
likely   tn   make  a  trip -north   around
Christmas in order to tackle Victoria
for the Cooper Keith shield.    Vancou-
VM will probably take the visitors on j
shou" t.:c ��� inako the Jaunt.
Art Throop has really arrived. He]
wna up al  'he rlnk yesterday feeling
In rtne shape to take his place on the
wing Of the Hoyals.
Stacev. "Dim" Wright nnd Kenny,
nre  possibles  on   thc  Heaver  llnc-up
when that team meets the Moose next
Tuesday evening.
The Vancouver Itugby union  Ib going to suspended players woh display
ilir'y tactics on the fled from now on.
Perhaps the local representative whis-
pered something about the form dis
played by tbe t. tt. C, A fifteen during the last visit.
Aftir pr.sltii' as manager of the All-
B. C soccer team which rlaited Call
fortlls laBl month, and which In reality wns Beleited from Vancouver ag
gregfttlons. David Lelth Is now sug
geitlng tbat Victoria and Nanalmo
join in and assist in entertaining an
eleven    from    San   Francisco  around
Christmas time.    l-Wth is prominent
in U. C A. A. lT. Circles In Vancouver
but he does l.ot draw Ihe line when
asking Nanaimo, an outlaw aggregation from coming forward nnd arranging games with 0. S   amateurs.
Billy Papke. noted as lhe Illinois
"Thunderbolt" In the middle weight
claBS has quit the ring for keeps
I'apke reallr.es that be cannot come
back One thing unusual, be has saved up enough coin to keep the wolf
from the door.
l'nited States navy men yesterday
gnve Italians at Genoa an exhibition
of soccer football. The townspeople
gave each man a gold medal ut the
close of the game.
Both Locsl Soccer Tsams Have Great iVsnccuver    snd    Vleteris    Septettes
Chance to Plsy off In Final of
Iroquois Cup Contsst.
Saturday afternoon wlll decide aa
to wbether New Westminster soccer
t��ams wlll play off In the final for
possession of the Iroquois cup. With
the City eleven playing on Moody
park against the Lonsdale Rangers of
North Vancouver, there appears no
reason on post performances why the
locals should not take Into camp the
aggregation from the Ambitious City.
Caledonian United is said to be tbe
strongest team Maying the aame ln
North Vsncouver so that If the Rovers can defeat this team four goals to
nil, the City should turn the trick
with at least n two goal lead over
I-onsdale, who in the third round
scraped through with a lone goal.
Taking second place In the draw,
the Rovere will Journey to Vancouver
where the Sixth regiment eleven will
be tackled on the CamMe etreet
grounds. Although tte ���oWlJW*"*
Sot made the best showingtlbw"
against the second division clubs In
"he Vancouver league, they may field
their strongest eleven tor the occa-
slon and in preparation for tb s Mnn-
nger Orsnt has gathered all hia stars
toeether and will have enough nnd to
.pare when ready to taki-the^ti.ld
Confident of winning tbe gnme the
Rover team I. after a record In connection with the cup, tbat of keeptag
n clean slate as far as the opposition
g<��l Scoring nblUtle. Is conned,
mght goals to nil is pret-y- fulrfar *
5"w Wostmlnster team to mnke wbHe
niavina against Vancouver nnd Nora
willing �� work bard In order to return tbe present �������"�����*      ... ^ ���,.
The line up of the "ore��� "��> ��*L��
Will Try Out New Offside Rule
Tonight In Victoria.
Victoria and Vancouver hockey
teams will clash this evening In the
first game of the season, although tho
result wlll not count in the race for
the Paterson cup. being merely for
the purpose of testing out thc new
offside rule, whicli allowa tho puck to
be passed forward In the centre section of the Ice.
Tbe plsvlng nonce Is divided Into
three sections, thc new rule being
nermlssable only ln the middle section.
Roth msnagers. Frank and I_ester
Patrick, will use all of their spares In
tonight's contest In order to give
them a chance before the regular season opens In Vancouver next Friday,
December 5.
Eddie Ostman. of New Westminster, will officiate.
Deublsheader   Eaaketbell    Tonight���
Crescents ve. Hustlers, College
vs. Adenscs.
s-sftssw-ar i��r
Didn't Do It  Rinht.
OPERA HOUSE OPENED Winnipeg.   Man.,   Nov.   28.���Walter
WITH LIGHT COMEDY i Voung. 115  years,    attempted to com-
  ! mlt suicide this afternoon by hanging
Lawrence Brough and company I himself ln the cellar of his home. He
opened the opera house for the season ' was found by his Bon's wife, who,
last night before a small crowd. The calling for help, immediately ijut the
l.ady of Ostund was the offering and j rope. He waB revived by artificial
It was all that the most exacting could ! respiration. It Is understood that be
expect in its line as a light���very light', was downhearted as he had not been
-comedy. able to secure work.
Mr. Brough as a gay bird with the!
label of a French count, was well plac-!
ed and his delightful mannerisms captured his hearers. Rule Pyott, a husband with more than his share of
trouble on his hands, waB a trifle too
full of exertion, but nevertheless he
.cored as a foil for the more graceful
humor outlined by Mr, Brough. Miss
Olga Esme as Millie Grace was pretty
in the part and pert enough to carry
off the hole in her handB. As Dorothy
Shorties, wife of a presumably faithless husband. Miss Margaret Kenmore
did well. The remainder of the cast
waa well balanced and helped to complete   a   very   creditable   production.
Carlisle Defeats Brcwn.
Providence, It. I. Nov. _7 Carlisle
won Its third successive fcotball victory from Brcwn in their annual contest today 1- lo 0. In view of lhe
imperative showing of both teams.
during the season, the score was
small, r than was looked for. Brown
shewed unexpected defsnstra
strength,     holding    Carlisle    to    ono
touchdown by straight rushing.
'Rough House" Rugger.
Ix>s Angeles. Cal.. Nov. 87.��� California university aud tbe University
of Southern California ruggers fought
o a " to 3 tie In a "rough Iioubo"
tame today cn Bo vard field. Krom
start to finish there was almost con-
inuous slugging on both sides. The
ganu- was closely fought with neither
nde showing to particular advantage.
Westerners Win.
Pittsburg. Pa., Nov. 27.��� The Uni-
varsity of Pittsburg today defeated
Pennsylvania Stale college. 7 to 6. in
the annual Thanksgiving Day coutost.
It was a pretty game throughout,
neither team having an advantage
ind both playing the best brand of
tootbal! seen here this season.
Daring leaps, a Ure. a locomotive
chase, and many other exciting features make the new Kalem two-part,
railroad stor>, -The Express Car
Mystery," one of the most thrilling
pictures ever thrown on the screen.
This production has been secured by
the Edison theatre for today.
The story follows:  Dugan, a loafer,
smashes Pasguale's violin. The Italiani
vow s to get even.    Dugan learns that
Giant, an  express  messenger on  the!
I.. & 11., is to receive a large sum of
money  consigned   to  a  distant   bank I
He drops to the roof of the train as
It  passes under a bridge.    The man
knocks Grant unconscious and escapes
wiiii the money.   Grant is accused of,
the theft and ariested     Psquale sees |
Dugan  passing,    lie follows the man
and  enters the thief's  room.    Dugan
'lays the Italian low and escapes.    A
lamp iB upset and starts a flre.   Pas-
quale revives and makes his way out.
Dugan leaves the city on a train, but
the   Italian   follows.    Dugan  is  captured and brought  back  to  the city.
He confesses his crime and Grant is
Another fine film play Is the "The
Spinners of Speech," a most interest-
At ths English Style.
Ixis Angeles, CaL. Nov. 27.���The
University cf California and University of Southerly California rugby
teams played a 3*to 3 tie today. Two
liinutcs before the end of the firBt
half. Montgomery, of tbe uorthern
team, kicked a field goal. In the
second bnlf Haney, cf U. S. C. scored
a try which Elmore failed to convert.
Syracuse Swsmp St tools.
St. l-ouis. Mo., Nov. 27.���Before a
-rowd ot 10,000 mournful St. l/ouls-
lans the Syracuse university footbill
team overwhelmed St. I/ouls university by a ecore of 75 to 0.
Basketball enthusiasts will have
their fill this evening when two Interesting gsmes nre seheduled to Uke
plsce on the Y. M. C. A. court, the
first between the Hustlers and Crescents, while Columbian college and
the Adanacs will clash In the second
Much hinges on both battles for If
tbe Crescents continue on tbe toboggan slide, ther Will give way as far as
iTeadershtp Is conoerned to the winners
of the College-Adnnae encounter.
I   The Hustlers will field tbelr repre.
���In  Wyoming" Staged at tha Reysl
Thentre Proves Fleeelnp, Production.
The Howard Foster dramatic stock
company opened for an Indefinite engagement at the Royal theatre Vdster-
day afiernoon and Judging from the
excellence of their opening Mil the
company will have a long and successful run here.
"In Wyoming" was tbe bill cbosea
for Introducing Mr. Foster and bla
company and It would have been difficult to havo hit on a happier opening. Kvery part Is a good one, and
each member or the company made
the best ot hla opportunity.
Bob Ricketts Is played by Mr, Foster and so well ls the part token tbat
one forgets that he le merely a char
acter In the piny.
No lean clever was tbe performance
of W. 8. Van Dyke In tbe character
ot Steve Oordon, tbe bad man of the
range. ._.,       .,
Wm. Raymond and Mlsa Adeline
Ruhdle furnished a goodly share of
the comedy as Mr. gad Mrs. Dolby,
Kalem Preseuts
The Express Car
.' An Absorbing Railroad Drama In Two parte.
Edison Phitoplay.
"A Daughter of the Wilderness
By Frank McOlynn.
Pathe Play
"The Spinners of Speech
A Most IntereeUng Industrial Film Showing the Telephone "Behead
the Scenes."
The Stopped Clock
Drama. ':.
Beat lady-a fancy dreaa, taller** mL "
drees, tailored eutt.   Moat ertglaal   Mr
tlekete.   Meal oomle gsnU-sma-rtdrji
*% 'nK&S*aM ***** >���* -*
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary Tr
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
S3   "Prince Gtnrfe" aad   "Prince Rupeil"
MONDAYS���12 midnight lor Prince Rupert, Stewart.
TUESDAYS���Yi. midnight tor Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert, Grenby Bay.
SATURDAYS���12  midnight  Ior Victoria nnd Seattle.
MONDAYS���12   midnight,   Dec. 1, for MasseL
FRIDAYS���12 midnight, Nov. 28, tor Queen Charlotte Inland polnta.
Mondays and Thursdays steamers make close connection at Prince
Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific truina far Terrace. New H*��>
Rupert with Grand Trunk Paeiflc trains for Terrace,' HaxeUoa
and Smithers: mixed trains to ****** \���h* (300 Mile.)
Tickets to all points east and to Europe, via all rail and steamship
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouvei.
W.  K. miPBROW, 0. A.  P. 11
I hone Private Exchange *****
Furniture Exchange
in 61 Sixth street for real bargains in nil kinds of furniture snd furnish in ss-.    Picture Framing, Upholstering. Fun-Hare Repairing, eta
Try us for Window Shades.
Royal Mercantile Co.
709 Colombia St. W**twk*tt*r Trtat Bfcfc.
S.. H. BUCKUN. H. BB-.--INMJMI        W. f. H. BtlCKIJN.
Pra* and Oenl. Mar.       Vlco-Prs-ldSsH. *aa. and Tl***.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phom* Ne. 7 sm4 ttt.
The Bank of Vancouver
���nvlngn Department at all Bfanafea*   tit******, mt Om ******** t
upwards received and ftsreat al Ik* t^sm ******* nie |%
. ���... ���
T7       ,-'<     ;���
credited baU
Orafta and TraveHere' ftssjuss aanaV'*k****t t*.'*M
��   U-VDIV-^
._. ---V||.*r
^** . tt'.' M';'^i*>.SS^ ���-
m* Mff-BMINkAM !_____��� '
w, TOff,gg53-MM-.:
���:M aad ��� a.*., aad *****J* I
. After '.t^'M.'.'MW'^hb,' ���jpB^.lfci
*���:���'.'   '..itdt'lni^
'  ������.���mfm'
*-;..      ���*
i-brlia.  -__E_r I\*
���vy^E _waam*m,
tf'- .' 'it.    ."'..'..
* * *'" .���
Wm �����*����   ���IX
Classified Advertising
for The News at the follow-
fe_C places: K. T. Hill's drug Btore,
OS Columbia street; A- Bprlce,
���ajaeeoBborouiah, l.ulu Island; Mrs.
BL Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
B-eeria. Alta Vista.
*** RATES. ���
�������� ����#���������������������������������
-XlaastllcO���Uue cent per word per
���dfcr; 4e per word per week; 15c per
-Bcvth; S.lKefl worda. to be uaed as re
���galled within one year from date of
ejpatraet. $26.00.
or gentleman, for Knox church, Sap-
V��rtr.n. Apply at Knox manse or to
Vintay Stewart, 35 Columbia street
__. (2487)
S, �� months, to loan at 6 per cent.
EBtenst Application must bc made
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The News.
to *��W to invest for three to tour
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will seil yonr household gooda and
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to realize value or no commission
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Auction House. Kings hotel block.
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housekeeping room, cheap. Apply
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erty through an ad
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in tbis column.
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds, Clear deed. Cheap tor cash.
Apply owner, George Warne, Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2324)
MinnoapollSi    Nov.27.   Stephen   A.
II.,11, in poiice court this morning, was
Bentenced to I ay $100 fine or spend
'.in days in tlie workhouse for keeping
��� :i disorderly house. Tim fine was
Hall is the son of Stephen Hall,
founder of a pioneer Minneapolis lumber firm, whicb was the largest iu the
west in ils time.
Upon the death of his father some
16 vears ago, the then young man was
left an estate estimated at $200,000.
Hail v. ns arrested Saturday night
when Mayor Nye and Chief of Police
Martinson led a raid on his hotel at
1025 Nicolet avenue.    Hall was taken
Forest  Pests  in  British  Columbia
Described by Government
FOIt   SALE���11.01) DOWN, $1.00 PER,
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable! *!'.���} Alice Hrown. a negress. and nine
Ranges; every oue guaranteed. Mar
ket square.
please return to News ofTice and re
ceive rewurd. (2473)
TONIC  makes  hens
lay. By its use you
can have eggs to sell now when eggs
ate high. Puts whole flock in good
condition. Use once a day in feed.
Satisfactory results or money back;
25c, 50c, and $1.00 packages. In
palls $1.60 and $3.00.
For sneeztng. coughing or moping
fowls use CONKEY'S ROUP REMEDY. A preventive and remedy. Put
in drinking water. Keep on hand and
save your flock; 25c, 50c, and $1.00
The live poultry
supply dealer sells*
Conkey's. Ask fori
Conkey's free poultry Book.
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd. (2394)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings slreet west. Van
couver, B.C. (23:!2i
white men and women
Chief Martinson testified today that
the digress served hlm beer in a room
at the place, and she was sentenced
to 50 days In tlie workhouse.
The otherB were fined $10 each.
Some years ago Hall created a sensation by suing a Minneapolis gambler
to recover some $20,000 alleged to
have bf;en lost at play. The suit was
settled out ot court.
Hall's home is at 2316 Pillsbury
Now They Want Divorce.
Mcscow, Idaho, Nov. 26.��� William
M. Duthie, of Troy, by his attorney,
A. H. Ovcrsmlth, tiled suit against
Mrs. Daisy G. Duthie. today for
divorce on the grounds of desertion,
although it is admitted that they
have lived in the same house until recently. They have been practically
separated for tlve years, it is alleged.
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
Nstisnal Drai ud Chemical Co.
ef C-otdi, Limited.     175
Patience, Keen Wit, Set Purpose and
Desperato Cunning All Contribute
to the Successful Attempts to Pari
Through Locked Doors ��� Francs
Holds Record for tbe Most Sensational Jail Deliveries.
Not in all the annuls of mKcnturt
will yon find more stirring talcs than
thorns relating to escapes from great
prisons. It is a war of keen witn, of
long patience, of set purpose, and o(
passionate thirst for freedom, nguinst
every obstacle that can he devised. To
11 strong man with a lifetime behind
bars in prospect, whnt is a year, two
years, five years, spent in scraping
away mortar with hn linger nails
His jailers have many things to
think of besides his safe keeping; on
tno other hand, he is free to bend all
his faculties, night snd day, on wnyu
and means, and tho results aro indeed
full of human interest. I have often
spoken with prison wurdens 00 thc
subject and sat almost breathless with
interest as tales wero told of escapes
and attempts so ingenious and during
that they commanded tho admiration
and smypnthy ��� purely personal and
unofficial of course���of even thoso
���tern disciplinarians.
Wardens havo shown kovs mado of
wire from tin cans and twisted strands
of oakum���keys that would open mas
sivc doors with startling readiness.
And think of n master key to almost
every gate in n prison, fofged by a con
vieted blacksmith entirely from mem
oryl Tho mnn hnd soon the original
displayed in tho chaplain 's belt two 01
three times and had so accurately impressed each angle and curve on his
eager mind that tho skeleton ho ropro
dueed with such patient labor was, if
not a perfect copy, at least nn effective
substitute. But prisoners using tools
of any sorts, or having access to even
the most unlikely material, will contrive keys, saws, tiles nnd other iniple-
1 kit spruce, the bull pine, the lodgepolel ments that accomplish miracles us open
1 pine, the Douglas fir aud  the balsam j ee.nmes.
fl., Probably the French penal establish
Th? only remedy against these rav-1 ments yield  the   most   interesting   and
��� Iges IS to cut down tbe Infected treet;! romantic    cases.       Thc   sentences   arc
Summarising a report on forest pests
In British Columbia by J. M. Swalne,
of tbe Dominion department of agriculture, Conservation says:
The stately forest giants of British
Columbia are exposed tot iie attacks
of various minute but dangerous foes,
which are receiving much attention
at preBent from the division of entomology of the Dominion department of
agriculture and the provincial forest
branch. The enemies In question are,
chiefly, cettain scolytid beetles of the
genus Dendoctotuis. commonly called
bark beetles. They burrow under the
bark of the trees and there deposit
their eggs, which hatch into grubs that
eat the sappy layer between the wood
and the bark, driving tunnels ln all
directions, and finally so interfering
wltll the circulation of the sap as to
cause death to the tree. An area affected by them will be indicated by a
clump of withered trees, known as
"reel tops," conspicuous among the
surrounding evergreens. Another
danger signal is tubes of pitch surmounting holeB through the bark, bored by the adult insects.
The bark beetle attacks many kinds
of trees. The western white or mountain pine, I'inuB monticola. is attack
ed by Dendroctonus montieolae, which
is giving great trouble In Washlng-
to nand Oregon, as well as ln British
Columbia A large body of fine timber has been killed In the Sugar lake
and Mabel lake regions in the Shuswap valley, B. C, and outbreaks
have been discovered near Cowichan
lake and Campbell river on Vancouver
Island.    Other species attack the Sit
a. i fmm
Sapperton > : i B. C.
pianoforte, harmony and singing.    I'u-
| pits siKCHnfiiiy prepared i����r examination In  l<   A.  Vl   umi ll. (.'. M. I'or 1, una
)    apply 608 Third avenue.
j MUS. 1:1.1.A i'. HARDY, TI'.A''lll'-lt OS"
Pianoforte; 2.3 Kuury .St., N,'W Wat-
Yee Kee&Co.
Ololbes  pressed and cleaned.
833  Columbia  St.
Ceit Workmanship.     Fit Guaranteed.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fine Tailoring
655 Front St. New Weatmlnster.
Sing On & Co.
Importer* and Manufacturers of
Fancy  Good*.   Silks  and
859 Columbia St.     P. O. Box 671
New Wettmintter, B.C.
H.   J.   A.    BURNETT,   AUDITOR     AND
Accountant. IVI.  It.  1:8. Uoiuii I,  Hurt
P. H. Hmlth. W. J. drovaa.
Work  undertaken   In   city   and   outside
point*.   211-12   Weatmlnater   Ti umi   Bids.
t'hiine   IM.     P.   O.   BOX   607.
utlllK Engineers. Ixx'ul Mil, 1nt-.1t* la
1-ibor Temple every flrst nnd thlr*
Thursday of tti. month. II M.-I-iuKhlln.
president: W, C. Saunders. secrwtary.
P. O, Bo�� 628.
B. * P. O. of Elk* of tlm 1). of C. maa*
the flrnt and third Thuraday at > p. m,
K of P. tUII. Blititb atreet. A Walla
Oray. Exalted Ruler; P. II. Smith. Use-
re!* ry.
L. O. O. M., NO. -St.���MEBTB ON
flrat, aecond. third and fourth Wednesday In tui-h month at I p. m..
In Ihe Moose Home. II. J. lA*xmr.
illctiitor. w, J. QroveS, -"-if-cneary.
Headquarter* of lodge In See llooa*.
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon em-eta,
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. li. Hrown, 17
Begbie street, New Westminster.
Anna   L.
Anne*  J,
to rent try an ad. in this column.
kef-ping roonia, $10 and $15 per
montb at 224 Seventh street. (2388)
Btreet, with use of phone.        (244-1)
Pioneer Books on B.C and California t��y
a pioneer. Canadian Camp Life. 2nd edf-
tlini: Amnnit the People* of R (-.; In tlie
Pathless West; Nun, or Pioneer Women
and Kiia. The sets of five fur $3,tin 01
75c. per copy Ull Jan. tl th. Address K.
B. Herring, 1U7 Hamilton St.. New
Westminster,  B.C.,  or any  of  tne  i��>ok
stores.    Discount to thc trade. (23SS)
From Vancouver for Victoria.
19:06 a.m Daily
2:00   p.m Daily
HI:48 p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
1��:00 am Dally
U.oa am Dally
From Vanoouver for  Nanalmo.
3:00   p m Daily
Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.
3:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,  Powell  River.
11:45 a.rn Every  Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Every Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Point*.
tt:mt p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Pointe.
'1:0*0 ���.!�� . Tuesdays for Victoria,    Cull
Ins at points in the Gulf Islands,
XII   UOUI.KT.   Agent,  Nnw   Wt-stmtiwler
W.  W.   BRODIB   ii.   P.   A..  Vancouver
cluirn fo
Notice la hereby given that I Intend |1S}?;__,
to  apply  at  tlie  next  Bitting  of  'he ,       ".'o*
Board  of License Commissioners for lithe City of New Westminster for   al
bottle license and a wholesale license|i
for  lhe sale of liquors  In  and  upon
tbe premises siuiated upon Lot fl, cf
City Block 24, in the said City of New
Westminster, B.C.
Dated this Ilth day of November, 191_.
In  the matter of tho isi.it
Cassidy,  otherwise know!
Cassidy, deceased ln\estat
fn the i-.-.-itf ;���    of    tue    "Administration
NOTICE Is hereby given that by order
of Mr. Justice Morrison, dated the _T,th
day ol November, A. D. 1'.'!:;. Charles
Qeorge Major, Official Administrator, was
appointed Administrator <-i th estate .,1
(-���"til .hm 1. Cassidj otherwise known as Annie .1. Cassidy, late ol lhe ctty "f New
Westminster, in ih<* Province of British
Columbia, deceased Intestate.
And notice Is hereby furuier given that
ill i" rsons Indebted i<> the above estate
an* required to pay the amount uf tlieir In-
debtednes forthwith, to the said Charles
Oeorge Major, and thui ail persons hav-
iii- ciatrns against thi said estat i are r, -
quired to present them verified by statutory declaration on or before the 2nd day
of Januar * .1. l>. 1914, to th" said Charles
George .Major, nfter which date the said
Charles George .Major will proceed to distribute the assets of the sahl estate, having regard only to such claims as are ther
���riy h.fore him.
I this 26th day of Noyeinls r. A.  I >.
EDMONDS     ti
tbe    m.i nl    Charli
and strip off and burn the bark. Dp
to date, the foresters and entomologists in Canada have devoted themselves rather to survey work, locating
infected areas and preparing a report.
wblcb will shortly t.e published, on
the remedial measures proposed.
Be'ides the bark beetles, either se-1
more severe and the prisoners arc left
more to their own devices, pnrtiruliirlv
ut thc famous prison of Noumea, in
New Caledonia, u lonely island in n
tropic sen. Severs punishments are in
store at thi* convict Mati-jfi i,,,r n^c^
who ([.tempi to Sicil'i'i'. Itev are
loaded  with chains  nml  thrown Into -i
Royal City Chemical
Cleaners and Dyers
Look Over Your Wardrobe.
We can help you work wotnl
ers with clothes you are inclined   to   throw   away.     Take   no
Chances  with  articles of value
G. F. BALDWIN, Proprietor.
Phone R 278      345 Columbia St.
Wagon will call for and deliver
rlously destructive pests may be men-' black hole, where mnny a mini has lost
tloned, sueh as the amfbroela beetles! W* reason.   Moreover, recapture aft
that attack dying trees and freshly
cut Iocs, and caterpillars that Infest
the cones of the Douglas fir and the
hull pine, eating the seeds and preventing reproduction, while spruce
gall infects of the genus Cbermes are
Seriously destructive to the Kitka
spruce in Stanley park, Vancouver,
and in the parks of other towns and
the alarm gun hns been fired means
great prolongation of sentence, It i.��
eloquent of the life in New Caledonia,
however, thnt in spite of this, one will
find young prisoners who have made a
do/en   attempts   to   escape   and   in  con
sequence   have    cumulative   sentei *
banging over  t_era   amounting   to   _<
or even 100 years.
The    latest    and    strangest    raio    re
ported   to   1'nris   was one  where   two
j men had patiently cut their chains and
made 11,eir bedclothes  into   petti ita
Iby night. White i-tips nnd curls were
- skillfully fashioned out of picked
; oakum; and tbey dyed the lower (art
I of tbeir legs a dark blue to imitate
j long stocking.. Thus disguised thev
j madS a bold bid for freedom. But the
I Ocean forged fetters beyond even their
sharp wits, and they hnd to give up
nfter 11 day and night ou n crazy raft,
We have all kinds of Groceries for
Christmas buyers ut our store. Special   reduction   for  cash
H. Whitaker, prop.
Cor. Royal Ave. and 10th St. Phone 190
. O. O. V. A MITT LODGE NO. It��� The
regular tnoetlng of Amity lodge No*.
17. I. O. O. P.. la beld every Monday
night at ��� o'clock tn Odd Fellows' Halt
corner Carnarvon and Bhthth -treat*
Visiting brrlhrm eordlally Invited.
R. A. Merrlthew. NO.: H. W. BangMer.
V. Q.; W. C. Coatham, P. Q��� rworO-
Ing secretary J. w. MacDonnld. financial Becretary.
W. K KAI.KS���Itnneer Funeral Dlm-tw
and Eralmlmrr. (li-SlS Agnes street.
oppoat.1 Carnegie Library.
ter 41 Hanna. Ltd.)���Punt-Ml rt I red or*
and emhalmers. Parlors 40& Columbia
street.   New  Wesiminster.    Itione SSS.
ster Board of Trade meets In thehouid
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday ot each month; quurteely mee-tlnf
i oh the third Krlday of February, Mny,
August and November st H pin. Annual meeting* on the third Friday ol
February. 0. H. Btuart Wade, aecro-
Sule. Deads, H'ikIii-hi Letters, etc.; circular ��-ork specialist. All work strictly
confidential. II. Harry, room OK Weatmlnsler Trust Blk     Plume 7112.
In   the  mail-
Wade, il.,'
In  the matter
Is hereby given thnl by order
8, 9, 10 and 12    of
i, Section IS, Town-
Blocks 4.
part ii S
ship X.
A Certificate ol indefeasible Title to
ihe, above property will be Issued to
.tj.iiii*-.! Louisa Play fair on tbo Slsi daj
-nf DMeafeer, 1813, unli bs hi the mean-
limit a valid obji I tlon be made to tne
tu writing by a pi ib,ui or persons
e-s-hminj sn eBtate or Interest therein,
or ui any pari thereof.
J. C. tiU'VNN,
Dlstrlcl Registrar of Titles.
I And Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., November
���--���Hi.  181 1,
The person Or persons bavin): in
ritit-ir enstodj or possession the follow
irtSt   Title   l,i*i ils   11 lulillK   lo   thl      a;'!
pssperty are requested to deliver tbe
iiaiiii- to tli" undi rslgnid.
17th January, 1879, Crown grant to
-Gordon Parmer Dafoe of S. VV, ';,
.-������ it ion IS, Township 8.
I7ih January, i.-i.i. Gordon Parmer
m_foe to c or ��� M irsball, conveyance
n fir 11! 1 he 8 '���'��� 10 sores of :S W 'i
Section 18, 'I ovi ni litp 8,
31si December, 1903. Oordon Po mer
Ilxf-K' 10 Jack Miller, conveyanci In
fee ot* K. part ol B VV \. Bectli ;i 18,
Township K.
���iiiii September, 1.904. Oordon Par-
���nor Dafoe to Jack Miller conveyance
���in fo�� oan ef S. \v. ',. Bei tlon is.
Township 8.
Ilth February, 1906, Jack Miller to
���.lavki Wright, conveyance In  t i   ol
the. Bouth portion of S. W, % ������'��� Sec-
tion 18, Township 8. except in acres.
(2471>>       District Registrar of Titli s
li!'- i.   A.    li.
duted  tm
5 th
of  Mr.  Jusi
day   of   Nov
Oeorge Major. Official Administrator, wa
nnpomted  Administrator of the estate of
  - Ben.  A.   Wude,  late ol   the city  ol   Ni ��
I WeHlmliisier,   in   il,,,   I'ro\ ine,-   of   British
NOTICE TS HEREBY OIVI-.N that I In- Columbia, deccnaod IntDStat
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Nov. 21.* -
Wln-n J. M. Hannaford. president of
the Northern Pacific railway company,
had expressed his thanks for a fine
Mrinx of trout presented to him by a
lecal admirer today, tbe state game
warden suddenly appeared and notified the railway man that he was un- hulf drowned end delirious wiih thirst.
der arrest fnr havlnK fish in his pos-! As to the great French prisons at
si ssiiui without first obtaining a li-* Brest, Bocheforl and Toulon, up till
cense, , recently    amazingly    daring    escapes
Mr Hannaford was further admon- j were attempted nnd carried out; and,
ished lhat the fine in such a case was \ stranger still, coining money was eon
usually 8100. stantly   practiced   in   them'     In    ths
Tbe affair was conducted with Buch| words of a government inspector,  "It
seems possible to   mnke   tiles   or  false
keys iii the shops  by   evading   super
Order your Private Xmas curds this
week   from ,
Phone 8., West End Pharmacy.
509   Eigthh   St.
r    of     thl      eSt.lte    Of     le U       A
i.ed InteBtute,
.ni i
or    the    "Administration I apparent seriousness that Mr. Hanna
ford   was   completely  taken   in   for  o
time,    lie said that
ten,! nt ihe next meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners to apply for
And notice Is h-r, by furth .
nil   persons  Indebted   to  the  abov
n   that
transfer rrom myself, Charlei' f5ohwi_hn, lare i-equtred'to' pay the amountof theli
to Jolui K MacKenzie and Bruce Loop, of 1 indebtedness forthwith, to the said Charles
the  retail   Honor  license  of  the  Colonial 1 Oeorge Major,  und  thai   all  persons 1,1.
hotel in this city, Iolng claims    igulmH   the   said   esi in
_--_        CHARI,KS  BCBWAHN, required to presenl Ihem verified by statu
am) Applicant   tory declaration on or before the Sn I day
Westminster.  n.C.  Nov.  f,th,  1913
I, Charlea and pay bla tine. Then J. C. Wliite,
I general manager of the Red Collar
|steamship line, presented Mr. Hannaford with a two-year state license and
a life membership in the Coeur
d'Alene Hod and dm club.    Mr. White
Telephones:  Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN HKIt), Proprietor.
AgentB      Palmer      Bros.'    (Jasolltit
Engines,   Marine   Engiues   aud   Auto
mobile  Itepalrs.
Office and   Works:   Tenth   St.
P.O. Box 474     New Westminster. BC
f .1 iiui.iiv. A, le. 1914, to thi snld Cl irl
tl orge  Major, after which date lhi   - iid
Charles Oeorge M.i ior �� ill proceed lo ���!
��� Ih ,'���* thc assets of the said eal  hav-	
Ing regard only to such claims as un  ihen  I   '   .     r,*      ,
il*  befon   him. i.r'-.ii   officials
e would be gameI vision;  but to strike false money ilur
ing  tho short  hours of  rest   -to  hollow
out   molds   melt   metnls  und   complete
| tbe coins���seems incredible; yet it wns
' successfully done."
At Toulon tho grent FrencO forger,
Suttler, wns held in durance and lii��
is one Of the promoters of the local \ feats cen in  prison  wcre a sore trial
fish hatchery movement. ito the  officials.   Oaa case is on record
Several officials of the railway com-' where   official   authority   reached   the
pany accompanied Mr. Hannaofrd here  prison for tho release of  a   particular
nnd It is ���aid they discussed the start prisoner. All the documents und sig*
Ing of work on the new passenger and ' natures were in perfect order and
'reight depot to be erected at the cot-: l'rol"'r  form, and  the man  would  have
for your
441   Columbia   St.
Feur doors Eatt of Bank of Montreal
CORBOUU3, UltANT * Mel nl.1.. HAH-
rtsterH. Solicitors, etc. 40 Lome Htreet,
New Wentmlnster. O K OorbouM. E.
i!.    J. H. (Irani.   A. E. MeColl.
at-law. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for ths
Bank of Vancouver. ill flees Mer-
ehnnls Hank Building, N*\v WrMtmlni*-
! or. Iir. Telephone No i"7��. (\it>l��
address "Johnston." Cods Wei-Hern
W     l*-     HANS l'e I It! l.    II MINISTER.   Solicitor, el,-.. ('..Ulster  Illock. corner Col-
1     uiul,la iin,i McKenli'   streets,  New West-
l     minster.    III.',      P,   ().   Hox   |S6      Tek-
i hone 3-H.
wHIT-MUDE, edmonds a inure
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia atraat.
\ew Wsstmlnstsr, B. C Cable address
"Whiteside." Western Hilton. E O.
Drawer 200. Tetephone (IS w. i.
, Whiteside. K. C; H. I_. Kdmonda. D.
i.i. STII.WEIX CI.I.TE, Barrister at-law.
solicitor, etc.: corner Columhla aam
McKensle streets. New Vi. stnitcistsr.
B. C.   P. O. Boi 118.    Telephone   7 IS.
Bolicitor and Notary. Office Iter*
block. 2 0 l/irne street. New Weatrato-
ster, B. C.
1 il 1::
tors  for  th
as j iii ii day of November, a. d
Id    Charles    Oeorgi
of Third and Coeur d'Alene streets
say  that   the  railway
inipnny's business at this point has
doubled In the last twelve montliB.
Watervllle,  Wash,,  Nov  .27.    Thomas  Sh, 1 hun.   living  about    IS    miles
southwest   nf   Watervllle,   was   killed
near the  entrance of Tltchel's    can-.
Sealed tenderB addressed to the un- yon by the overturning of his sutomo- strange
...     .        .   Mi
di !* . *m*'I. and 1 ndorsed ' 'I ender i* i
Immigration Detention Hospital Build Neighbors   found    Sbeehan's    body
Ing, Vancouver,   U.C.,"    wlll   be   n parti)  u    *.   his machine    wltb    bis
celved al  this office until   I 00  p.m.. chesl   crm   ed   In     li   was   apparenl
on   Monday,   December  29,   1913,   for death   vu    Instantaneous,    From  the
thi  erection   ol   the   abovo   named P�� ]l          the auto and tbe marks in
Notice li bereb) given thai 1 Intend  building, ""*             '   l�� evident   tbe  machine
 PPly al tiie next   sitting   or tin-     Clans, specification   and   form   of turned over two or Jbree times before
Mci     i.v  Board lor tha City of Nev   contracl  can  bi   Been  nud  forin:-    ol P'nn,n8 ''! " unfortunate man*bnneath
been Ket free forthwith, were it not
that one Important paper wus lacking.
Inquiry wns started concerning this,
when it leaked out that the letter containing the docura-MtJ bore the post
mark of Toulon and not of Paris.
Further search disclosed un astonish
ing fraud. The orders were foi genes
from beginning to end. prepared and
carried out by tbe wonderful -Suttler,
who   had   forged   every   signature,   in
eluding me,, tlmt of tlie President,
The whole iif,, of this prisoner wns a
romance   Ua bad played many
Roval Intelligence Bureau    ,(i'-."'aiihib.   martin   ���  cabkadt.
\uyai iiiii uigeiiit. Durcau        Barristers and Solloitora.   SOS to ui
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J.  M.  GAWA,  Mgr
Exclusive agent ror ii. Obaahl &
:Co., N'ew York, manufacturers of
Typewriter Hacking Sheets, Carbon
Papers, rtlbbons, eta Mall address
Drawer  nn   New   Westminster
Westminster Trust Block, et. R. Martin. ��v. o. McQuarrts and (leorga Is
Westmlnstel  for .*. renewal ol lie nsi   tendei   obtained  al   this  Department,
liquors bj retail on tbe prem   al  the office ol  v.    Henderson, Esq.,
id sub iii Architect, \ Ictorla, B '    and
ises known aa the Itoyal City Hotel,
situated al corner of Customs Hi usi
Square and Columbia sin*, t in the
saui City or .Nev.   Westminster.
K. I'A I.r 11
Ne* \\ estmln Ioi   N.oi. B, 1013,
I    New
Wellington    j
j %n7    '
-a-tSr   r%    hum
S           Office,
\              Foot
1    P   O   llr.x
554   Front  Street,
of  Sixth  Street.
34').                Phone 105.
9.O. ttm* U Dslly News Bldg.
of sll  kinds.
JPrfeee right    Satisfaction guaranteed
U McKensle St.
Librarian Wanted.
Applications v. ill be recel ed bj thi
undi rslgni d up to 5 p m ol the 15th
ol Ui' en bo", 1913, for the position of
Librarian ai Lbe Public Library In
this in,
Applicants musl s'nli qualities
tlons, sal.ii y required and give good
W. A  -DUNCAN, City Clerk
City Hall, New Westminster, lie ,
November 26, 1913. (2490)
on application to Mr, A, .1   Chlsholm,
caretaker,  Public  Building,    Vani   i
vi r. D.C
i1' rsons ti nib ring nre notified thai
tenders will nol be considered miles:,
made on the printed torms supplied
and signed with liieir actual i a
lures, Btatlng thi Ir occui allone and
pi "'. r,f ri .ul* *.'���' in the case of
(li * the actual signature, the natur
��� f ti ecu) atlon and place ol ri Blew 11 ' ,n h un niii'T nt the linn
tn .-��� li" given,
Ka h ti ndi i mui: be accompanli I
bj an aei-.-i ti d i lie no* nn a o artered
b ink, pat* obi* rn Hi. i nili* of the
'Ii nt rable thi .Minister of Publlc
V\ * rl    equal to ti n pi r eon', i in p *��� i
of ilu- umotinl  of the  tender,  which Many Orceks Return
will be forfeited ir the person tendor \, w York, Nov. 26 Two hundred
ln* decline to enter Into a contract Greelui who lefl ibis country al the
wbeni called upon lo do so, or fall lo oulbrea-j of the Turco-Balkan war to
"login   in   their  ooantry's  battles,  returned   today,   arriving   here  on     H"
|iarts and displayed genius of u high
order, whether slothed in broadcloth or
rags, His in.I hus mysterious, One
night after displaying some marvelous
ly i i.'ier forgeries to Iks officials
whose ilgoaturet tbey purported to l>e,
hi went qulotly to bod nud wns found
dead noil morning. Beyond doubt he
bad committed iuil Ids; bul the bui
nn.r.n who performed tlie post-mortem
were utterly nt a loss tu explain the
cause of denth,    Onlv n wees previous
- road bin machine lefl the 1/ ho had taught s fellow prisoner 10
",'*   I .' wii.n of cutting the links   of   bil
ile was nailed  from  Water- chain, ot of soncoaling the gaps in the
vlUl'- '" '  ''!" r'''s extlnei. partly lawod steel.    To   another   Bul
I*  I-   Mann, proprietor or tho Elmer tier   lent   straw   basket    which    waa
hotel  al   Wenatchee, and a  party of ( -Seated by accident, und nn pulling
rrh ,'       , l nn auto accident Bundaj ii  to piocei ch straw was found i,,
ir Orondo, but nil escaped contain a small lilc of wonderful line
In the mailer of the estate of Augustus
li.'l' ii ��� lum,-. M. Ie. luie ���r Hi.- city
of New Westminster, doounsed:
TAKR NOTrCB that probata or tho villi
Of  AugUSl  is   I'le.lerle   |l;ili|e,   ,|, ,-,,,, |,    |.,,
bei 'i Isi ued lo I., wis ililrriih M. l-lillllps
and Oeorgo I'ouglns Brymner, the executors In the said wtll named.
1 .
Ilevi i
turn In
I ir   i.
��� ' ��� a dense fog .'md ii ; i bc
han was driving wlthi ���
uh he attempted  a     ia
ihe sui,I  icth dny ..f i u ��������� mbi r
ISM,   ie.   Hul,I  executors   will   proceed   In
if the inld deceased
dlstrfbute tho i still
"i". ,'���    in"   e���iao'   ,,|    ine   -emi   ut,-.-,:,..
among  the  persons entltlod thoreto   lm\
mg regnrd nnly  In He* olalmk lhey  ihn
in. n havo had nolli f
_ pati .1 this Mtb day of November, A  n
M'l'lill.l.ll's  &  WOOD,
Of  IIS  to   120   lioks  Hull,ling.  Qrnnvllle
fltreet,   V'aiieoiiver,   |t.   ().,   Hollcllnrs   foi
tho   i;>a.*.|loi*s, CJll'Sl
*������ th nil  In lurj
Tl o p. ty wai Bn a hunting trip
'1 li" road wai coveri d wllh abi ul tw.
Incline ol snow and tbe ground beneath
oft In places, due to reccnl ruins.
The n:.** h in* truck one of thi ae soft
P'nci i an I *.. r i .1 to one Bldp, hroak
lng the fronl wheels. The oi
were thrown oul, bul sustali
mini i* lu ulsea
a I'll
(1   i.lliv
complete tho work contracted for,
tbe tender bo nol accepted tho ohequi
����� ill le* ri ti mod,
The Departmi nt docs   not   bind It-
:' if in at cepi   iho   lowest   or   any
By order,
Depa.tmohl  ef  Public Works.
Ottawa, November -p, 1912
���learner lonnanla, Many of them sav.
service In tho big engagements (f
iin- conflict
Usually the liritish system In convict prisona is porfoet enough to do
teet n man's ubaonoe long before In;
can got clear of ihe Jail preclncti. On
one occasion ai Portland tho uanal
bells   *.M'ie   tolled   and   shots   Bred   to
gi   '    notlcfl  of  lilir'i'iipe.     All  the  llnlf
turned nut with loaded rifles niul half
au hour lutor some of the civil guard
casually too to prodding tho soli
groiin.l of the vegetable garden wilh
tholr bayonets.
All ut once a wild yet smothered
yell was beard from somewhere below
the ground,     And   ilmultan isly thn
men with astounded to witness n
spasmodic upheaval of freshly turned
loll. A bayonet point hml pierced
the Ilesli nl' tlm artfully burled pris
otnir and with a convulsive  movement
ho spuing out of his strange grave.
Take notice that at the meeting of
the Board of License Commissioners
of tin Municipality of Bumaby on
Wednesday, December Hit li. 1913, i
10 O'clock a in., nl the Municipal Hall
���Edmonds, i Intend to apply for ,. re
newal of the license for Ihe Itoyal Oak
Motel, onkiiiiii p,o., Burnaby, B.C,
(2411111 A. M. JOHNSON.
Wlthdra.-i Motion.
Qiiiln i*. Nov,  ali.- In  tlm house    of
assembly this afternoon Mr. Lavergne
wltbdri w    bis   motion   lo     have     the
Newspapers will  not    be    paid    for  editor ef Hi,. Montreal Herald brought
ihls advertisement  If they insert    It to the  bar ot the bouse to answer
Without   authority  from    the    Depart-   certain   questions  with   regard to    an   tried, out working all of the nlght^er-
ment,   49327. (24M�� alleged Interview with Mr. Lavergne. geants without their uniforms.
Unlformless Sergeanti.
Spokane,   Nov.   il     Chief  of  Police
James A. McAlplne yesterday Issued
an order permitting police sergeanti
to go on duty In  plain  clothes,    Soon
itfler  lulling  office    Chief    McAlplne
New Imported Kail Suitings now on
dlnplay. See tbem. Perfect tit anel
workmanship guaranteed. Prices fron
118.00 up.    701 Front Street.
('HAI. MININO rights of the liomlnlea
In Mnnlioi'U. Haskatcbewsn nml Alberta.
ihe YUkon Territory, (he Northwest Tof
rltortes und In a portion of the I'rovlnas
���it Mililsli Columbia, may be leased for ���
lerm or twenty.one yenr* sl uu annual
filial nf 11 nn acre. Not more than IMS
SOrSS wlll be leased to ene applicant.
Application   for  a   lease   must   hu   I
:..v the applicant In person to lhe Agml
.u' Huh-Agent of the district In which UM
rights applied fnr are situated.
In surveyed territory the lnml must bo
dasorlbed by sections, or legal iuli dlrl-
mIiiiis of sections, and In utiHimeyed ier
.11.uy the tract applied for shall be
staked mil hy the applicant himself.
Baah application inSi'l hc n< eompanletf
by u fee of |., Which wlll be refunded |f
ihe rights applied for are not -nallabt-s.
nut not otherwise. A loyally shall Iw
paid on the -merchantable output of Um
mine at ttie rate of five cents per ton.
The person op. rntlng the mine shall
furnish the Agent with swnrn return*
leeoiii.ting fnr the full uuaiiiliv of rner-
���li.iiitalili coal mined end pay tlie roy-
iliy thereon, If the oosl mining righta
I ire not being operated sueh returnsshoaM
! ne  furnished nt  lenst  ones u   year.
I'he lease will Include llm cvui mlnlaa
���lull's only, bul Die lensee will lie par-
milled to purchase wliuliier nvullaMe
surface rlghls may be oonsldsrM nse
���ury for the working ef the mine al
rule of till an Here,
I'or full  Infiu rin I lon appllcailon  shnuM
lm minle tn lha Hccrntar/ of ths LMipaH-
nieiii  of the Interior, Ottawa, nr lo snf
Agent  or Hub-Agent of Dominion   l-nrta.
W. W. COItT.
Deputy Minister of the Interter..
N. B.--IJnaullinrlsed publlcatlnn nf Url*
iilvertlsenienl will not be nald for
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The Daily News
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Ladies' and Men's Tailor. *
401   Columbia   Sf. ......   .-,.
PAOI   Itvia
"Salada" Tea is "Hill-Grown"
"Hill-grown" tea has the small, tender leaves���
with full, rich, delicious fragrance, redolent
of the spicy tropics.
r .-irjandage Rife and Piracy on Rivers
l_     Increasing
Tea is crown high up on the mountains of Ceylon   with its native
delicacy and fragrance held captive in the sealed lead packages.
Scuttle. Sin. 'il. I''aiiliful to lhe
last, a collie dun owned hy Qeorge
l.andnliurK, who died of heart failure
near Cedar Falls yesterday stood
Kuard over tha liody of his master for
seven hours umi had to he- shot before
rescuers could roach t||(. body. Kear-
li-i-mly the 'I";. Meed thS rifle ill the
hands of the deputy (ant out to rer-uv
er tlle body uud it was with difficulty
that the officer could steel himself to
destroy  the  I lyal  animal.
l-aiulhliiiM;, who was BO years old,
wiih custodian of the city water works
Intake at iAndsburg, half way between
Seattle and Cedar Falls, and had held
the position  for fifteen years.  Ile left
home early yesterday morning to get
a load of wood and when he failed to
return In the afternoon a search was
Instituted,    lie waa found dead'in IiIh
With ihe approach of the strangers
the collie showed Unlit and efforts to
approach the body were futile until
th-e faithful animal was shot. The don
died beside his master's body.
I.amis! hi i. is survived by a widow
and one snn. who Is attending scliool
In  Seattle     A  brother Ib  foreman  in
the Treadweil mines In Alaska. 1.. B.
Vouiikh. superintendent of the city
water works, went to the scene today
to take chiirxe of the body.
sell In Mme way and is unable to
trail 1.
.\!r. I.iiidstrotn was lost in the woods
two .Mars ano and searching panic*,
were oul all ni(?iit In quest of Mm, but
he  cann- In  the nexl inorilliiK safe.
All the men In the lumber mill have
Joined In the- search, the mill having
dosed.    Mrs.  i.itidfiiroin  in prostrat-
Spirit l.nke, Idaho, Nov. 21.- (). T.
I.lndatrom, a tailor, has been In the
woodH for four days, and it Is greatly
fttarod by hls friends that some accident has befallen him, Mr l.lndstrom
left town early Friday morning In
quest of deerlni:, leering word that he
would return b) noon. No anxiety was
felt as his ti'Miappearance until Sun
day morning, when searching parties
wero organized.
Thpjr have been lu the woods ever
slnc-s, but UP until a lat" hour toady
no trace of hlm has been found. Ile
took an easterly enures from here, but
It seems hardly possible that he could
have Men lost, as five miles in any
direction would bring hi mom to a rail
It has snowed nearly a foot since
Krldav. obliterating all tracks, and
searchers encounter greal difficulty In
getting through the wel woods. It Is
thought   be   most   have;   injured   him
Toronto.   Nov.   L'7.    If   liill   has   80
pigeons in his big model pigeon house
,111  the back  yard  and  has appeared
twice In court for stealing other pen
pie's pigeons, is it wise to put Hill
In  'I  leather goods factory to learn a
'trade? He has sprinkled the floor
of the house with shavings;  built In-
IgenlOUS little perches for his beau-
tics,  and  Is at  peace  With  the  world
j when he can work wllh tbem all uf-
ternoon listening to their soft, drowsy
'cooing and the Ilutter of their wings.
"We bave got him positioti after po-
sttlon,  but  he won't keep  them," nay
Ithe weary workers. "He says he has
to  Hay  home  to  look  after  the  pig-
' eom."
And 'his morning lie came back with
five other boys on the same old
Charge. Hln enthusiasm is contagious
and the story of the thefts were all
alike, such as:
"Me and  Mike went after the first
, bttneb, an1 me and Jim went after them
others, an'." etc. Hut Hill v.as always
the captain  In  the raids.
Altogether   some   45   pigeons     had
.been recovered, but there are 15 still
"Vou   know   U'b   a   Serious   matter
jthefo days when owners are breeding
I such valuable pigeons," said the com-
| tnlssloner.    "Some of them are worth
i |5II and $r,n."
Hill's eyes brightened and he was
all ready to discuss Ute various points
of pouters and blue-sadd!"s. when a
big (louche of cold water descended on
hlm ln the shape of a t'i fine. All the
boys go on probation and are allowed
until Saturday to pay their tines.
Horseradish Pay*.
Clarkston, Wash.. Nov. 26���J. II
Clear is preparing and marketing his
crop of horseradish. The crop Is from
slips procured from .\""ureiiberg, German".*, planted early In April. Some
of  the  roots  weigh  over  two  pounds.
it   is estimated  that  the one-eighth
of nn acre wlll net the owner |3t0,
Toronto, Nov.  21.���Brigandage    In
Chins hns spread until some robber!
buiiilH   have   assumed   tile   dignity   or
small armies.    Tliey muster both foot:
land cavulry. according to advices re- -.
celved   ty   the   mission     boards.     No;
i pro-, ince is free from bandits.    From
[Manchuria, win.re tbe Bungfiutzes ply
their trade to Kwangtung, infested byi
j pirates, ��nd  from  Kiangt.u  to Turke-1
jstnn, cum ((reports of freebooters who!
defy the authorities.
Tin re Is no loeal police to cope I
with the outlaws and the army is not !
! it present a dependable branch of the
| idminlstratlon. China is never free
from brigandage, hut It is only at pe-;
I rlods of transition when the authority I
of the government is shaken by pollt- i
ical   disorders   like   the  recent   rebel-!
I tion. that the band, attain such large,
I proportion-.
Th-  Amiricati    missionaries    who
fled  from their homes, in the interior I
jof  Fuklen  province  are  still  in  i'oo->
johow,   unable   to   return   because    no
protection  can   be  assured  thetn   by i
the government    The American con-;
filiate  at  Foochow  and  the  legation
In   Pekln   have   been   trying   hi   vain
for  several   months  to  get  the  Chi
nese government to take vigorous ae- ���
* on against Hwang Liang, the outlaw
iwho proclaimed himself sixteenth em-1
' peror of t'.ie Mins dynasty.
A consular report from Shensi fays I
that   province  Is  practically  administer.,! by outlaws, who work solely In
ttu.fr own interest.    The governor ad-i
here* to the central government only
'because it Is good policy for him to;
describe  himself as  loyal.    The  gov-'
{ernor, or tutu, as be Is called, was i
a poor, unscrupulous official, hut now j
,he  has  amassed  a  large  fortune  and*
i a numerous harem.
The consul gives an account of how i
the commanding general likewise ob-'
talned wealth and authority. Being'
appointed commissioner for the sup-.
presslon of opium In the province, tays i
the report, he started on a tour with ,
!.'i body of troops.   He took the precau-!
tlon  always  to  send   word  ahead  an- '���
nouncing his approach, a policy which.
SS is customary, hrought fcrth munificent presents from the people.    If the
I presents were ample no opium was
discovered. He confiscated only the
prepared drug, t'.iat being most easily
portable, and of the highest value
and brought It back to the Impoitant
centres and sold It.
The authorities are endeavoring to
ti rmlnate ;>'.racy along the rivers and
canals by giving tlie chiefs government
offices and incorporating the ordinary
pirates and brigands In the navy and
army, it Is evident that this time-
honored practice has not passed away
with tbe .Manchu dynasty.
Kallipoll, Mont., Nov. 27.���Two hunters, A. I'earl Woods and Axel Kan-1
'���.trom, were accidentaly shot near Kai-'
ti pell yesterday.   Tho most seriously
wounded   is   Woods,   who   received   a(
bullet irom a .22 caliber target pistol i
in tbe right chest la-: evening, the
gun being In the handa of A   J. .lones j
! of this city.
Woods, .lones and  two other com-1
panlOSS had spent the* day hunting in
the  vicinity of Ashley   lake,  and   had j
Igone  to a  cabin  to spend  tiie  nlghL
In   attempting   to   load   the   revolver,
lones' hand slipped and in some man- J
ner the gun was discharged.   It is not
thought the wound Will prove fatal uil-
les ('in,plications set in.    Woods is a
rancher   living   eight   milea   west   of
Ranstrom was shot early yesterday
morning m-ar the Knutson mill, northwest of the city. He had shot a deer
and was dragging the carcass ihrough
tlle! brush, lid Conrad, wlu lives In
the vicinity, saw the deer moving and
look a shot at it, the bullet striking
Ranstrom In the thigh. The flesh is
considerably torn, but it is not thought
the wound will prove serious unless
blood poisoning results.
Seattle. Nov. 27.���Acting under di-
reet Instructions from i'ostrnusti-r Edgar Battle and the postofflce department at Washington, D. ''., postal
clerks tn the Seattle postofflce today
removed from the mails 800 fancy
Thanksgiving post cards bearing tin-
eel on their face In addition to the
no-- 'age and illustration. Many of
the cards have no wrapping whatever,
wjile others were enclosed in envelopes of tissue paper, which were
equally at fault.
Two clerks In the postal service received blood poisoning In the government service during the holiday season last year from handling tinselled
cards, and as a result stringent orders
have gone forth prohibiting the mailing of such wlt.iout proper wrapper,
aud requiring tlie pasting of the stamp
is used. The postofflce contends it is
too much labor to remove each tinselled card from its wrapper to cancel
lhe stomp, and requires them to be
put on the exterior.
It It is expected that several thousand similar cards will be seized by
lhe government before New Year'B
day unless these regulations are followed.
1     , "���"
Slayer's Wife  Unnerved.
Spokane,   Nov.   27.���Unnerved     by
the tragedy of last week In the llttlo I
eabin  of  Mica  peak,  where her husband   is  charged  with    shooting    his
brother during a drunketu brawl. Mrs j
Mitchell   Nance,   the   child   wife    of
Mitchell Nance, held as the murderer!
has announced her Intention of vacat-
tog the lonesome cabin.
Five Years and Lashes.
Winnipeg, Nov. 28.���Wye years and j
SU lushes was the sentence given Mike '
Nikola by Justice Gait this afternoon.,
He  was  found guilty  of  indecent  as-
saull on a girl under the age of 14.
Frank  Luperallo waB  found  guilty of
Indecent   assault   and   remanded   for j
// yoa ort deist a Iscsl tstlsets
talk over your advertising problems witb the Advertiiinf Department of this newspaper.
If yea sr* aaiaf o  pnviatial *r
natittal sntineu it would hc well
lor you to have the counsel and
assistance oi e ((ood advertising
���(ency.    A list of these will be
furnished, without cost or obligation, by the Secretary of Canadian Press Association, Room
503, Lumsden Building,Toronto.
e Poor Maris
ONES knows more about motor
cars than any other man I
know,"  said  a man  to his
friend.   "He has obtained his
knowledge chiefly from motor car advertisements,   and   the   catalogues   and  booklets
circulated through them."
" All I know about photography," declared a well-
known amateur, " I have learned from the men who
advertise cameras, plates, papers and films."
Advertisements have been
well called "The Poor Man's
University," but other than
poor men have been schooled
Much of what the average individual knows concerning personal and domestic hygiene, modern
office methods, books and authors, electricity, precious stones, investments, and almost everything else,
he has learned from advertisements.
Advertisements have stimulated our intelligence,
added enormously to our knowledge, and given us
aspirations which have raised us to higher levels of
thinking and living. Advertising is indeed "The
Poor Man's University."
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Burnaby Branch:
Cnd St. and 15th Ave.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
Tht* Perpetual Trustee.
VnUi Vm Capital and
Surplus t tMU.lMX)
A suets   4,971,.83.85
Tr us 'teeebips  Under
Administration over   S.OtW.flflu
Trnat-M fur Bondholders over   JS.OOO.afli*
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Otttmmt ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
Kew Went minster, NanaiUK),
Calgary, Retina, Winnipeg.
Monti, nl t'harlotteto-ara, I-on-
don, l-.ng.;   Antwerp. Belgium.
Local News
Kamloops  Local  Cancelled.
The Kamloops local   lem ins   Vanoouver at 8  a.m.  every  morning and .
returning from Kamloops every evening at   I :.">!> i.s lo lie withdrawn entirely alter Sunday next, according-to an
announcement made by C. P. H. offi-1
cials yesterday.
Ice carnival at the arena on Friday
evening.    Special   prizea for the  best {
worn costumes. Admlsaion 50c. (2494)
.fust   thin.,  of  it !     A  pair of $5.'00 ;
.shoes given away  to one of the firBt |
fifty   ladies   that   enter  my   store  today.    Doors  open  at   10  o'clock.    W.
B. Sinclair. I-50-)
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Kor sickness nothing equals an
elactrlc Bl Conifo. In aluminum or
felt. Preferable to hot water bottle,
steady, warmth as required. Ticket, i
given. Iirown ii Son, 620 Columbia
stroet. (2501)
Wind up Estates.
The estates of Miss Anna L. Cassidy
and Bon A. Wade, who were lost in
the -wreck of the steamer State of
California, off Juneau last August, are
now being wound up and C. J. Major
has been appointed official admiis-
trator in both cases. The solicitors
for Mr. Major are now giving notice
of this and all persons owing or hav-,
ing claims against either estate must
have Ihese claims in on or beforo
Jan. 2.
The ladies of the Y. W. C. A. will
hold a rummage sale on Friday and
Saturday, December 5 and 6, all day,
in Iteid & McDonald's old stand at
corner of Sixth and Columbia streets.
Further particulars will bc announced
later. (2486)
The Shoe Sale start3 10 o'clock today.    Sinclair's. (2502)
t A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch 650
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as received, at
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Our Dairy Company.
Nine  quarts  of  fresh   bottled   milk
for ���1.00, delivered dailv.   Tlione 165,
seven points of law, all except one
arising out of his lordship's address
to the jury at the trial of the two men.
One of the points involves the general
question as to whether separate trials
should have been granted the accused
or not.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the Li. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Oa'ice phone  .26, wharf phone 8S0.
(2338) I
Electric  Vibrators,  (19.75  each.    A
handsome Christmas present. Ticket- |
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__  Son,  Columbia  street. (2.01)
Skating boots and skates for ladies
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Skating sessions at the arena every
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i ;*>n    Saturday   Evenings   ft aim
I to 9.
Found���On Columbia street, one
liundred people who buy Hill's "Saturday Special" chocolates." 360 Fridays ami Saturdays. (2496)
Lillicr and Chrysanthemums.
,1. M. Gawa, manager of the Royal
intelligence bureau, 415 Westminster
Trust building, has received a small
Bhipment of different kinds of Japanese lily bulbs along with a beautiful
lonr color work entitled Tlie Lilies of
Japan, from Yokohama. Mr. Gawo is
an expert on Illy and chrysanthemum
grow ing and will answer questions rc-
gardlng same gratis In consideration
of un order for bulbs or seeds from
Japan. All correspondence should be j
addressed to P, O. drawer UO.
Ladies be on time! Doors opi u
at 10 o'clock at Sinclair's Shoe Sale
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
With every $2 purchase you get ;,
chance on the $150 diamond ring. T
Gifford,   the  jeweler. (2370)
Grants  Stated  Case.
Subject   to an  amendmenl   to  the
documents, a stated case in the cases
uf Herman  Clarke  and   Frank  Davis.
now under sentence of death for the
I murder of Police Constable Archibald
it Vancouver last Hummer, was grant
Brethren of Union Lodge, No. f), A.
F. & A, M.. are requested to assemble
at the Free Masons' Hall Friday, No
vember 28. at 2:80 p.m.. for the pur
pose of attending the funeral of our
late W. Hro. T. A. Muir. Members of
sister lodges and sojourning brethren
are requested to attend,
By order.
W. .1.  HACKING.  W   M���
(2(7:i) Secretary.
Mi ii.In rs of Royal City Ledge, No. 3,
I. O. O. F. are requested to meet at
tlie Odd Fellows' Hall, on Friday.
November 28. at 2 o'clock p.m., for the
purpose of attending the funeral of
sd toy Mr.'Juittee Morrison In eham-l0Br Iate brother T. A, Mulr. past
hers yeBterday. Application for the Brand, Members of Amity Lodge, No
stated ease wus mad" by Elmer Jones -'"��� ''""1 visiting brethren are cordially
aid ii. 1.. Maltland, counsel for the two I Invited.
condemned   men.    The  counsel   made ��� S   BOWKLL. Noble Grand,
application   for   the   stated   case   on   (248-4)        11   PRICK, Secretary.
AH kinds of groceries for
Omttrai-.!. use in otoclc at lbe
aXnrc of
iSuereseor to Ayling &  S/eim I
tm*t Columbia  St. Phone 33
_i Christmas Drawing Contest
Takes place in store, December 24, 1913, at 10 p.m.
Isl   case ol Community Silver, value $50.00
2nd,  Knickerbocker Bbotgun, value   $35.00
Electric  Coffee   Perculator,  value   $10.00
I   five,  Qo-oycles   for coasting,  value, eajch    $1.50
With   every   BOc    cash   purchase, purchaser gits  I  draw;   with  $."i
i _ :��� purchase, l'i dra we, etc,
Two Bargains in
Men's Sweater Coats.
Those are pure woo] Coats in
a large variety of colors. They
are good, heavy weight with
roll collars; ln fact, one of the
best coats that money can
buy; regular price $6.00. Today    $4.95
AT   $1.95.
Theso aro most remarkalbe
value and just the coats for
the workingmeil. The come in
gray, slate, navy, brown, red,
khaki, smoke and in contrasting colors. They are all made
with "\" 'shaped neck, with
roll collars and also In sweater style with buttoned neck.
This lot Includes values at
$2.50. $2.75 and $3.00. Today's
Pric*   S1.95
Today's Bargains in
Men's Working
We have just to hand a new lot
of Men's Working Gloves, so
before buying see our assortment. Heavy leather mitts
with pigskin front and mule-
skin back. Todav special
at   65c
Heavy Buckskin Gloves with
wrist   fastener.     Todav.    spe-
-"������* <*���- 65e.
Heavy Muleskin Gloves, special    75*.
Horseh.de Gloves of splendid
finish and proof against the
heat and water. Todav. special    51.25
Leather Gauntlets, seamless:
just the thing for automobile
drivers, railroad men, etc. Today, special  51.50
New  Westminster,
Plum,'   59.
wa /tsxitn-x, \ srjt. n__i
'.���liat  wllh  the harbor iinpmve-
mon!.., the further
Hie fisheries and
I.(.dies' Tailoring Branch
n-jtiiiy Westminster is coming to
her own.
t.in'iir to Ladles and Gentlemen.
West minster Trust Block.
_!.._'; LL!1 1
Made to  taeuurf, guaranteed ou
-ier-sz.   PMll -CTS for appointment,
MRS. TWISS, City Manager.
.4X5)        2-7 Sixth Street
Winter in CaHfoinnia
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
,'F. J. HART &  CO., *LTD.
J Established   1S91.
We writs Flre, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   end
1 MarlM Ineurance. |
A Novel an/ Unique Bargain Event���Our  Smallware Sale
Great events are built up from little thinos. Trifles count in the aggregate. If you bought e
$5.0.00 piano for $400.00 you save 20 per cent. If you buy a Bc. paper of pine for 2' 2c. you eave SO
per cent If you save on the little things you'll not need to worry about the big things. "Take care
of the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves."   For ten days we offer you
We institute this big sale of little things to demonstrate the completeness of our Smallware stock
and to Impress upon the public that we have everything no matter how email. During this Important
sale you are offered these goods at a remarkable reduction from regular prices. Talk about the Increased cost of living. If you take advantage of the opportunities we offer for genuine saving���the
problem of living wlll be simplified.    Read this big list carefully.   Save It for reference.
Boot  Laces���Job No.  1;   36  Inches for    boys:    sale
price,  per dozen    5C
Job No.  2;  45 inches for ladles;   former price, 15c;
sale price, 2 dozen for 15C
Shield Brand 365  Pins���A  pin  for each  day  ln  the ���
year; former price 5c a paper; sale price, two papers, or 730 pins, tor  je
Shield Brand 500 Pins -500 graduated pins on a
sheet;   extra  large  sizes;  sale  price,    one,    paper
for    5*
Dainty Solid Brass Pins 300 graduated pins on a
sheet;   extra   large   sizes;   sale   price,   one   paper
fer   5C
Orkney Safety Pins Solid brass with guarded coil;
sizes CO, 0, 1, 2 and 3; also assorted on a card; regular price, 10c; sale price one card for 5<
Toilet Pins���Hlack beaded. 72 pins guarduated on a
Sheet; first quality: former price 5o per sheet; sale
price  two  sheets  for    5*
Lace Pins Dozen plug on a card; pearl, white, sky.
pink, mauve, purple, Run; large pearl heads and
also tiny  pearl heads;   best finality;   former price
5c a card: sale price two cards for 5*
Invisible Pins    led pins to a box;  any size;  formerly told at 6c a box; sale price two boxes for       5C
Hat Pins    Kxtra large heads; six plus to stylish box.
10 inches; black and white; former price 10c; sale
Price    Be
Dominion Hat Pins Large black heads; lo inches
long; steel polished shanks; four pins on card;
formerly sold at 20c per card; sale price for card of
four pins   5*
Hook and Eyes. "Champion" Machine oaplcd;
black or  white;   all  size?;   former price two cards
for 5c;  sale price 8 cards for      . Kt*
Dorcas Hook and Bir Black and wliite; any size;
former  price  5c  pf; card;   sale  price  three cards
for     5e
Dome Fasteners, Shield Brand���WaBhaulc, sliver
plated, white or bluck; size 2; former price f,c per
dozen;   sale price 3 dozen  for St
Hair Nets Silk; "Itoyal" extra large; correct shape,
each one In un envelope; formerly 5c for one; Bale
price.  2  for    �� 5*
Hair Nets���Silk: "Ued Cross"; large Bize; each one
In a sanitary celluloid cylinder: all over, with hair
pins and draw string; formerly sold at 10c; sale
price   St
Needles, Shield Brand Hest quality; all sizes; former price price 5c; this needle Ib guaranteed; Bale
price 2 papers for St
Abel Morrall's Needlen Any size; sale price per
paper    St
Knitting Needles In Envelopes���Nickel plated; rust
proof; five needles to set; formerly 5c per act; sale
price 2 sets for  St
Skirt Belting -% inch "Duplex" shaped; extra fine
quality; black, white, gray; formerly sold ut 5c a
yard, sale price 2 yards for St
Tape Mearures���80 IncheB long; sateen machine
sitched;  former price 5c;  Bale price 2 for...  5*
Tape, Best India Blocked���Long lengths; any size;
white; registered brand "Non-Twist"; former price
5c;   sale  price  3  for IOC
Feather-stitch  Braid,  No. 410���0-yard  pieces;   extra
. wide; new designs; former price four yards for 5c
sale price C yards for  St
Wool Mending���Bi:st quality: all rolors; each card
with a darning needle; formerly sold 2 cards for
5c; sale price 4 cards for  St
Collar Supports -Celluloid: Shelld Brand; 5 on a
card; from 2 to 3>4 Inches; formerly 5r a set; sale
price  three  sets  for    St
Cloth Brushes -No. 12; all hlack bristles; red or
black  backs;   sale  price \St
Cloth Brushes No. ISO; extra long black bristles;
nd  or  blacks;   sale  price 25*
One Week's Sale of a Big Purchase of a
Manufacturer's Range of Samples of Ladies
New Fall Coats, Suits and Dresses
At. a big price concession we have purchased the �� hole sample range of a, well known manufacturer
of Ladles' (larnients. On sale in our Ready-to-Wear Department on the firBt floor. At this sale you
will I.e able to select, the newest and most up to the minute styles and materials in Coats, Suits and
Dresses at practically the manufacturers' cost prif'- on each garment This is a real, genuine, bona
tide bargain opportunity, and there Is not a single garment In this sale that Is eld or out of dat"
stock. Everything has been made up expressly for this season's business, and from the best and
richest materials only. Beautiful Warm Winter Coat.-*. Smart Knits and D.esses are here In abundance
of styles and sizes to pick from and every garment, without exoeptlon, Is a real bargain.
$18.50 COAT SELL FOR $9.50
LOT NO. 1, ���A big range of Ladies' new Kail Coats, made in a wide assortment of cloths, as wool blanket
cloth, mixed tweeds, etc. t Some are three-quarter length In cutaway style, olher in full length styles,
some being half lined In silk. All  perfectly tailored and prettily trimmed.   Sizes lo _*.***
fit  everyone.  The  regular  sale  values  in  Ihese range to llS.aO. Luring  this    Balu _0   SO
you can choose any garment in  this assortment   for ���^���^e^^/
$28.50 COATS SELL FOR $16.85
LOT NO. 2. Beautiful fall ('oats, many ln the m'n' two-iuitioned bouciie cloths, in a good assortment of
different styles and colorings, also some in all  Wool Scotch tweeds    and    revSrsl
ble?. All sizes arc to be round in this lol. Many of these garmeii swere made to (tlC ft___k
be sold as high as $28.50. You can choose any garment in this lot for,   sale   price ���**"���l-8��l
$14.50 Small Women's Coats Sell for $7.50
LOT NO. 3. Coats for misses and small women. Oftentimes the smaller sized people bave difficulty In procuring ready-to-wear garments. This manufacturer specializes on the mlsftes' and small women's sizes,
and we have a good selection of beautiful coats In blanket cloths, cheviots and tweeds of all kinds iu a
good assortment of sizes.    Many are smartly cut and trimmed, and all are    perfectly
tailored.    These   sell   regular!������  as high as $14.50   Vi  i can choose any   garment     In -��7   -S*ft
this lot for   **P * amm-taW
Rich Silk Velvet and Evening Coats Sell for Less than 33'/3%-
LOT NO. 4.     \ range of sample velvet and silk Coats.    These are handsome   COata,   made     in     the    richest
fabrics, and rloh'y lined and trimmed. These garments ar" all bought al tl"* same discount, and to nil
llicso looking tor a smart .eiiiiir or silk coal Ihis sale offers an exceptional opportunity. Included In thlB
hi ara n nun.Lit of prett) evening coats.    All theae garments will  be on sale at exactly ONE-THIRD
$30.00 LADIES* SUITS SELL FOR $16.50
lot no. 1.���Ladles' new Kail Suits, perfectly tailored, and In tbe newest models for lhe presenl season.
': >" are In mannish navy serges, brown serges, diagonal chevlol suiting and Copenhagen serges. You
have youi choice of strlctlj tailored and cut-away stylos, The coats nr'' lined in either Bilk serge or
tl III red .".llin ami tbe skirts are cul on the newest lines,    Tins,' suits  would  sell  ill
llie initial wny at $25, $27.50 and $:i(l. lu ihls one week's sale v. u can choose anj Qi*\ ta *-**aft
cull  in  tli!..  lot  for *P-%****9a***���**.*
$40.00 LADIES' SUITS SELL FOR $19.85
lot no. 2. Ladles' new Fall Suits, made In tbe besl quality navy blue mannish serges, uIho In smart*
brown Kuiiing cloth. The coai is cut on the new straight lines, ,'i:ri strictly tailored and lined with skin-
ncr's guaranteed satin,   A perfectly fining coat.   Tbese suits nre tha acme of per-
; MiM.* for ladles' wear and come in a full range of sizes. Itegular i rices are $35.00 *tL*t O QC%
to $40.00.    Any sui! In thin lot  Tor ^4VllI*��
A big itocit of Ladies' I)n-s es are Included for this salo. The materials are serges, Bedford cords,
whip cords, black and while < necks, brocades, plain vi Ivi ts ai d messaline silks, 'lhere Is n wide variety of
idi -, and being Samples, the selection of styles Is very large Mnny are prettily trimmed and make Ideal
��� . 'ning or party dresses, Included In this sale are a numlier of serai-evening [rooks that are always
useful at this timo of the year. There Is a big selection or sizes from the small women's to; the extra large
-,-.i.linn's sl/i s. Kvery dress In this lot will be reduced lo aboul the ordinary cost to thn manufacturer, We
have divided the assortment up Into six different lines at the following prices:
Lauii s'  Dresses;  regular to $12.50.    Now  on  sale at S7.50
Ladlea' Dresses; rczular to $16.00,    Now on sule at $9.85
Ladles' Dresses; regular to 918.60,   Now on Hale at $1** SO
Ladli s' Dresses; regular to $20.00,   Now on sale al v-Sl' 80
Ladles' Dressi i; regular to 127.50.    Now on sale at '... SIS.SO
Ladles' Dresses;   regular to (80.00.    Now  on  sale at $21.50
Big Redudiin
in Electric
Table Lamps
No.w Is the time to scure a
nice Christmas present. Here
are some bf the values we have
to offer for Today's Special:
Keg. $18.00  value          $12.00
Reg. $20.00   value       $14.00
Ueg.   $10.00   value $5.00
Reg. $K.OO value $2.90
Art Needlework
He sure to Bee our lines In
Cushion Slips ready for use;
these goods are In tnpeBtry
and gray linen embroidered In
rolors finished with ruffle
cord, hemstitched und fringe.
We also have these gooda In
Sideboard Scarfa and Table
Covers and Centres. I'rlces
very low, ranging
from    SO*  ,0 $2.2$
We al��o have Some nice Tie and
Towel Hacks in floral designs
tinted for working; they come
complete with mount and rod.
I'rice    7St
Laundry Hags, ready for use and
working. A splendid bag
for    45C   and   SO*
Special for
V.'e would draw  you attention
to our  splendid   stock  of (liiest
Towelling.   Just In the nick of
time for the Christmas trade at
per yard    30c     35*'    40*'
soc ;""* est.
All  Unon   in   plain  and  floral
patents,      Linen     Department,
Main   Floor.
New UuchliiB In tlm new chiffon nnd atlk fold; pleated
ruchlngs, in plain and mixed
colors; regulur 25c and 35c
per ynrd. Special for today,
any two neck lengths In these
lines   for    IS*
Xmas Ribbons, alao splendid
quality Molre Taffeta Ribbon;
live Inchea wide; regular 50c
n. yisnl. While it. lasts, nbout
u'-fCzen bolts In good aHSorl-
ment of shudes, gre��n, rose,
pink and tan. Hpeclal bargain, per yard  28*
Roys' and Olrle' Bchool Stockings; all wool, two and one-
ribbed splendid quality, all
sizes. Special, per pair. .28*
Ladies' and Misses Woollen
Glove Special; plain and mixed colors; extra warm quality; white, gray, navy, black,
cardinal. Regular to 65c a
pair  for    78*.
Handkerchief Special. Now Is
tho time to Invest In a supply
of handkerchiefs for school
children; splendid quality
cambric handkerchief, plain
and colored borders; per
dozen    SO*


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