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The Nicola Herald Jan 18, 1906

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Vol 2.  No. a
$2 a Year.
property eontaiat 300,000,900 tont of
eual. Wt hart bad umplu of thit coal
eatayed hy auny nf th* beat ninenlo-
gianj in the country, til of whom pro
ni>unci It a very high-grade biluminoui
I ooel, oneqaaled for itetm and dometttc
ui, and equal to the hut grade found in
Tha company for a time did bar* aome
men at work drilling for coal and wa un-
deriUad tb* aura ef the drilling did oe
aieiiiatlly ibow np very well, aad would
Indiana that coal mty ponihlr be under
their pre party, hwt tl ne time did they
baft my thing within 300,000,000 toaa of
the eitimitt.
Mr. Lamont uyi in hii interview thit
one of hii ueoeiatu ipent 16,000 in pre
limimry eiploration work tha peat ee��
ton. Tha money wu nirtr spent on the
Niaol* Ooal A Ork* Co., property. A
contract wu let to drill for ooal laat
spring tnd the money wu to be d.potittd
tnd paid for every 28 fut ol work done,
th* contractor eontinaing work with
promieu frog* tha Portltnd outfit. He
aveotully bad to atop work not rauieing
a unt for hi* lommeri work, and bu
commenced anil againat them.
The men connected with th* management of thit company hare been of no
benefit to tht proepenty of thia diltriet.
The telling of ooel aharu may probably
be all right, bat tha leaet th* parties
eould do woold be to eoduror to pay
their ligttimete debtt.
Hu Bleala Oaal and Coke Oouaaar or
Portia--, State That They Will
___________ Intereau aad
The Vietorii Colonlit of a recent data
ooatiini the following:
"Now we ire inured of railway wm-
muaieatioD for the Nicola Diitrut, Portland upital will be forthcoming for the
development of the fields and the erect
Ion of Ihe nieeeury machinery pltnt* for
the opening ap of the coal teems" Tbe
ipeaker wu John Lamont, a broker of
Portland, Ore., who hu bun iptnding
n few daya in the city inrutigating titlu
to certain coel lieencea md leaeu in which
hie elienii are interested. "Portltnd
upital hu bun tied up in tbe Nicola
rilley ceil baain for many yun. Tb*
lack of adequate trauportetion ficilitiu
hu heretefore bun reipoatibli for no
large amount of development. Now that
tha Canadian Paeifc Railway it building
a breath into thai diatrict 1 have no hui-
Utton in eayiag that ample upiul will be
euily forthcoming. My minion hare at
thia time ia to iavtt-gttt titlu, and thia
__a bean euueeefally performed, thinki
lo the eorteoui auiaunce rendered ma by
Ike oCeitlt of yoar landi and workt da- ,     .
Bartmont. In m bo_o ait, ere foa, m****+*m ,0 ��***-����*-
different eomptaiei holding mUreeti in
the Nicola Valley beiidn uvtral indi
viduli. We art aboat to orginiu ��� itrong
developm-nt company to acquire and
toniolidttt all thau varied inieruta.
With the auuraaeu that wa now have a
railroad wa un gat all tha money w*
need for development and iMohinery. I
might uy that uverel Portland civic
ofBciilt in high itanding ire interested in
theee anderttkiagt ind a lively inwrut
la being manituted in the propoted con
tolidition. We hare hid eihanetive Ittti
made ot the aoal which oar eiperti pro-
noance to ha of eoking quality. Thit
put summer one uf my ateotiatoa ipent
16000 in preliminary eiploratioa work
and w* art fully utitfitd u to the rt-
talu obtained," he concluded.
���bowing la the Financial Statement
Handed Down By the Government
���merging- Orom
the mult bu fully justified ihe policy
adopted and the meidenoe of ibe tuition
impoeed under itt proviiioni hu wneti-
tuttd aa important contribution to tht
provincial iitbequtr.
Oa tht wholt it mutt bt admitted that
the public eecoante for lut rear rivet! t
alele of affaira creditable alike to the government and tbe protinuand one which
f illy justilte tht rtmtrkt pieced in tht
mouth of tht Lieut.-Governor in hie
���peuh to the legieletive autmbly.
Wt notiu enotbu company ia being
in which thty tlaim to own in Nioolt
Valley, bat none of the namu in tha pro
poeed oompany hare ttaktd ont ooel land
which they claim they hart dene. It b
no doabt another company which will
help injue tha dittritt. Tht law of wild
catting ihoold bt enforced in the State of
Wubiagtoa. Tha selling of itoek ia
doubtful umpaaiu will thortly react on
thit dittritt and the tooetr it ia Mopped
the better.
There are uverel other euapeaiu whe
we undtrttaad are eelliag ihiree, that
will rettirt eonaidtratioa ia Tha Nitolt
Herald. Wa duirt to ut Nitolt diatrict
go ahead, bat the walling of itoek and do
ing no development work with tha pro-
will never do It.
For on* living in the Niult dietrict
and knowing tha condition* tutting on
tb* different coal umpaaiu landa, to
read aaik fairy talu u Mr. Lamont giru
oat, It vary amuiag. For yien parties
and coal eompaniu have been complain
ing of ao trauportation fieilitiee, tad on
thnt ucooat war* unable to work their
proportiea. Now tha railway ia watt an-
der conttruction and than ia only one
ayodlute M oompany, Iht Diamond Vale
at Quilt-ana, that it doing a up wuk.
Why don't tha owner* of propartiu
get In and do something aad quit their
whining! From geological eiiminttlou
by rtputiMi man and tht aoal abowlagt
thaii ia no doabt hat thu ooal tiittt in
different parti af th* re-ay, bat tha in
torporatiaf of a compaoy and ulllng
ttock, tack u hu a number of Amincin
eompaniu here dene, doee not make a
Btaalaa goafe UU.
Word hu bun received from Atpen
Orovt that Mr. Oulliford it progrutmg
very favorably. Mr. Oallifoad Injured
hit tyt a abort lima ago aad eeriou com
piicaiioM wan aipeatad bat hy careful
mediul attention ha -{now oat of dinger
Tha tpideuii of liekntu tt tht homt
of George Murray la abating. Mn. Murray and two of tht children are now much
Improved, bnt Miu C. Murray hu had a
ralapu of Ihe touilitit.
Frank Oounon who had kit hand badly
cut by in ut a ihort timt ago had a tee
oad operation performed thia week aad
tha bead ia now doing aieely.
Lowe, tbe Indian wbo wu injured aome
time ago on tht wagtn road between
Spenou Bridge aad Lower Nioola by bia
ontlt going oru ia Mill andu the du-
The Nicole Goal A Coke Co., of Port
land, Ore., wu inwrporited n faw yun
ago with 8. Andrew Hart man, prnidtnt;
John Lamont, eioe-preeident; tht upiul
ttock ,.,000,000, pu vilee (1 par thirt.
Sberu wan aold with u aboat u lowary
a |mmnm_ggg at wu aver inotd with hot
air i-ggutioni to punbaun of itoek.
Aii bright pivot of literature it will take
a prlu.   Tha protptotu tUtu:
������___plorerlon with diamond drllli thow
can) ia abandanu in veini from 4 to W
tut la thicknttt    Wt utimatt that tkli
���ir Heart
Thtn ��� itill toaaldanbla tndeeieien
retarding Sir Henri Joly't tuociuor to
the petition of Leintenant-Governor. No
tppoinimtat will he mad* lot uveral
monthi, it having been oleially intimated
to Sir Henri that tha goreraueat weald
prafer him to untinnt in oAu until tht
ipring. In otbtr worda, thtrefon, Sir
Henri wUI clou tha union of tbt B-ititb
Columbia honu, which ba opened lut
Tha Coloniat of the 16th toaUint tht
haliDce sheet ul the protince of Britith
Coltmbii ahewa tha financial tuoding of
the province.
Tkeeomparitiva tUtemtnt of tbt n
ccipti and eipenditnrt of Ihe province
for the duel yur ending 90th June, 1906,
pnuntt many intwuting futuru which
tend to mark the needy emergenu of the
government from ite financial embamu
meal. The net revenue for tbt yur
.mounted to 12. M0,461 71. u igini'
92,638,360.6. in 1904, and 92.044.639.36
in 1903. Tha increase wu t-7-.-7-.06
over 1904 and 1866,132 71 over 19M
Thu illustrate! in a marked degru tht
protperity of tbt nrioai indutriu.
On tht otbtr *id* of th* abut the at
pendituru thow a corrupaadingly mie
futory itate of iffiiri. Daring tha lut
fitsal yur tht ml tiptnditura wu tl,
312.417.94 u againat o-.MII.794 09 in
1904, tnd i-.393.ld2.3o in 1903. Time
hgum thow a reduction of 96dO.37n.26
from thou of 1904. and #1,090.764.41
from 1903.
Sub an enormoui redaction amounting
to 33 pu cent would teem tlmott inered
ihlt tt firtt tight bat u ia wall knowt
hy thou who clocely follow the toaru of
public evente tbt ruolt hu bun adtilned
tiy two counu, rigid economy In tvtry
dtpartmtnt, aad inormouily reduced
appropriati,-a for public workt. Tbu
Ntw Weatmiaeur bridge which claimed
t601.601.IM in 1903, and #470.743 30 in
1904, only required $46,203.46 lut yut
to complete it.
Roadi, streets, bridgu and whirves
accounted for 1609,039 M in 1903 md
9406.612 91 lut yur had to bt content
wilb 9296,610 76.
Workt and nodding, aburbed 9232,
240.11 in 1903 and 142,291.40 la 1904,
lut yur only 9104,129,99.
Tbtu tn tht Homt In which the large
tconnmiu wore practiced. That the
pruning knife wu applied oluwhen u
evident by tht feet that tha civil gov
ereaieat lelerin win reduced 99,997.39
tnd admiatntian of juitite. nlaries
Tha tut of lagiilttion wu reduced on
the yur 932.066 63, whiltt it it u-tfu-
lory to nolo that oat item of eiptnditurt
st ration, ahowt a lukaUntial inereuc tf
Tbe iirplu of net nroauoru netei
puditut it 9618.046 83. In 1904 then
ou t not dottil of 224.532.42. aad ia
1903 a deficit of 91.948,661 90. Thu
ia two yean a dentil of 91,348,661.90 bu
bun oonverted into a turpiw of 9618,
The miia uereu of iaereued rereoue
an tuth u an dependent oa tht iodui
trial procperity of tha province. That
timber royalty aad lieeatu whiah io 1903
yaildad 9214,160.58. and in 1904 Am.-
966.93, amounted in 1006 to 9410,188.29.
Tht mineral Ui raind in 1903 978,273 70
ia 1904, 960.844,00 aad in 1906 $114,
23677. Tbe tai oa un work id crown
granted mineral claim! that only came ia
operation in 1904, yaildad the drat yur
92H.6W6.36, and lut yur 9*9,86986.
Whilit the incidence of tba new Amu
���ant Act wu no doabt felt at tba firtt,
Deacrtptlan of   tho Malady
to Rellere aa
aa* tho
Popular Toaa* Filaootoa Oooplo Mar
rted on Monday.
On Wodnuday evening "Pinehant"
tha resideace of Mr. and Mrt. A. K
Hnwu wutht tcene of t very pretty
wi-dding, when a popolar young Princeton
couple wen joined in the holy bonds of
matrimony. Tba contracting partiu
wert John Otorgt Maedonell, ItU of Toronto, and Min Helen Olive Lyall, tht
groom being ingaged ia tha general iton
of tba AS. Howie Co. Ltd, of Princeton.
and tht father of the bride being mam
���gor of tht eompaay'i botiaut U that
Tba ceremony wu performed in th*
parlor of the residence by Ihe Rer. Geo
Mtion tt 6. 30 p. m. Mr. aad Mn. F.
A   Howie wan in atuadanu on the
ride and groom, Mn. Lyall, mother ef
the bride giving hu away.
Aftu the ceremony the party ut dona
'ni wedding fleet ind lunict wu d-m-
to the choice ttttblu, with tuny withti
���or a long, pruaporou and happy life ol
the newly married couple.
Aboat 9 o'clock ume evening the bri
lal party left for Quilchena on their wty
to Kamloopi when they will ipoad then
Memorial Te-lU.
Mr*. Pooley ot Tamwtoo Ranch hti
juit plated in St. John tbe Bepttet Cbarch.
Nicola, a memorial Ublet, in memory of
ier huititid tbe latt Mr. William Pooley.
Tha tablet it I very fine ipeoimia of
Englith eriftiminihip. and readi;
"In tht name af tha e��er blened Tri
>ity, and to the memory of William
Pooley, the firtt Warden of thit Church,
horn at Teteott, Kaglaad, Dee., 94th,
1869. died Du��� 3rd 1903."
"Thoa that haarut Ihe prayer, noto
thu thall all flaah use.  Pi. LXV. t,"
Dretded glindtn hu not u yet madt
iu appuranu ia the Nicola Valley aad if
simple pre-utioni en uken tba toonrgo
of horufiuh need never mike itt appear
Largo drovu of honu an much moro
liable to the dieses, than than men
m-lited krathna. Again import air,
unwholtaoma food tad bad water all eoe-
trihata to glaoder a hone. Bnt pwhept
the moot nocenery precaution of all ii
for every oat to he eioudiogly wary u to
���tabling string! honu; should then bo
tht aligbtut aign of tbediueu, deoirt the
wner to dwnfeet mangu and null pre-
��� lout to bia depanure or pay for tub
iitinftcunt. And now pubapa a deecrip
Hon of tht diuut miy not be on of
plici- mainly for thuu who do aot know.
Tbe firtt tuge of gienden it diichirge
<rom tbt note����� dwortrge which it mora
���ttcky than that coming fiom told or othw
oiuiee, tlao in moe taut oat uf ton, tha
icft nostril ie firtt afieeted. A huviu
How tnd inoneeed itickinen turkt tho
���eoond ttagt, tht color ��( the diacharg*
changing from t whitith tinge to a yd-
oo hu. Ia tume tuu dripping freu
he nun ia itriogy maun alto aleon high
up in tatn-etm.
What guy br tonttdond tho third itage
suiuelly olow of development end io
-know lodged by ell competent torhontiu
- iniurable; at thia stage the dnehargo
i much thicker and ttickier than heretofore, ia color coneiderably darker ind
non yellow aomeoimu bung fiteted with
So muh for t rough description ut tha
The Tot. Lena Affair.
J-uph Phillip*, pruideat of tba York
Loan Saving Compaoy wu irrnted lui
wetk at lha inalaau of tha Attorney
Oeneral. The charge it that ha aonapir.
ed with othen whounamu an unknown
to defraud tht public by deceit, ftlnbood
and fnudtlent metoi. He wu releated
oo 91.000 hail.
J. Otrratheri of Quilchena and employ.
ad with tbt Diamond Vale Ooal Co., wu
a vieitor lo Nicola latt Fridty treeing.
Mn. Mtttbtwt who hu boon rltiting
with her ilittr Mra. Walter Clark left
today fu ba home at QeUeheae.
Mln O'Rourkt it viiltlag with Mr. aad
Mra. Jot. Ouicbon at tbeir home aa tba
Dotfiu Lake read.
H. D. Onen-ArmyUfc ef Blair A Co.,
at Coatloa, wu a rieitor tc Nioola lut
Joeeph Smolltt of Quilaheaa wu a vial-
tor to Nicola thit wuk.
A horu mty bt glindtred fu yean
��nd itt owner never know ii, fu the dia-
charge any be u imperceptible u to call
for little notiu and yet the horu bo
capable of propogeting tha dituu. Ia
urootu of time the dieckirge will inereeeo
aad tht glandt boaoau iffteted���eome-
timet, io caee ot dinhtrgt from both tha
uottrili both tht glandt within tbt apper
jaw will twell���hot u t gtatral rule tha
left noetnl end loft gland will bo Int
affected. Tht gltadaltr twilling will tt
fint be lirgi end general bnt -haa phut
eooo ptmn tad it latceeded by two tmall
gland* which adhen elouly io the
affected jew-not onlikt two airbiee. ia
outward and viaible aign of coming glto-
den it lou of flub, hair and ippettu,
together with a ttridont or kanh toogb,
thit lattu actompaoied with diScelty ia
hruthing���Nevu toafue gleaden eith
"itnnglu" which is peculiar to twang
honu and it nothing mon than a very
bad eon throat eometimn aoeomptoied
by a tumor
Open tha neck rein and Uke about 3
quart* of blood. Make a strong decoction of tobacco to which add one quarter
of a pint to a pint ot very hot wetor and
give It to the horu���it will nuke him
very tick hot not dtngimmly to. Waab
tkeooatrilt with tht tobuti decoction
reaching it high u potaiMt���oting a atop.
Oi ,e the bene u moth reaia aad tolphur
uyottuamikt him rat. Contmnt the
ibore treatment for tea dan. Syringe
every part of tublaand aUll with tobatoo
duoctioa aad alto fill rteblt with tobacco
amoke. It it tlao a good plan for tha
niniitiriug hernia lo bare a pipe or cigar
going in toll bint whiltt ia itludun
upon lha eqaina patient.
Tha foregoing pointer! an the ootoome
of praetieal experience aad obturation la
Africa tnd ladle ooopled with t imattu-
ofYoeatt. 0. UF. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Pnbllihed Every Thursday
B-becrlptlon. in Advance. $2 a Year
Nlooi-. B.C..-.I--RY IS. -On
Canada might do worse than
follow tne example of the mo
ther country in respect of the
latters   new  alien  law which i
cum: into lone at the beginning of 1906.
The Act provides that aliens i
may only enter Great Britain
at such portl as maintain an
immigration officer ami with
his consent alter medical inspection.
Immigrants may be  refused /'
admission for lack of means,
insanity or disease.     The lav.
courts   may  issue  certificates
'                                           Methodist Church. Lower Nicola: Divine
ahi-winr* anv n_us -luui    as   1111     ���ervtoeeverj I - I i.iy at 3 p.m. and 7:3U p.m.
s .owing any om. alien  as  un- n_uey��hoolat_p.m.
1    ���    1 1   _���     1 ��� | John I'm,
desirable his ultimate exclusion Methcdiii _lai-tr.
. 1      ,      , Oeoro_ Miaow,
resting with  the  home secre- ��teri__kiaiiter.
yOW  pre-
icription 11 broken
1 Bring tbr piece*   wt
analvu tb1 ��� -id a__ctly
dupltcite Oi we can 1
������ tur pn n BI preect i] tion in aii y
ot uur popalar stile of mmnti.
Rithtr oar 8TA-ZON or FINCH
would please fOB. Tht-y art
secure. i"''11 an,l comfortiiilc
To Hunters
Notice is her.-l.y given thit hunting 01 | j
shooting on the property of  lha Dougl.-
Like Cattle Company ih f-irhnlden.   Ant
perion   or  persons hunting or shooting'
on the ihove property will he prosecuted
under the sections, uf the Game Act.
.1   II  CkgAvax.
__J___-_i IMh-T,   YAUC AND
MOTH'K is herc-ti; given that sll placer min
x" tag claltr���legally held in Uht Kamloops.
A -h.ii,f,. Yale hi.i1 Blmllkanieen Mining IMv
-I-ns will be laiil aver from iln- M UI ot
NoTeiii-nreu-uiuKto im- 1st da) of May, llWi.'
1.  ''   Tl NSTAI I
Oold I imiii U-, im.i 1
Kamloops, 1 'clcber ltlih. lit-
The Largest and Most Complete General Stock in Nicola
This is Stock Taking time with us and
you can get all sorts of bargains _d many
lines.  We are selling      >- ��� ��� -   ��� -       '
Iceeever} naboaih at 11 a.m. and T:���u p 10.;
Hible class and Sabbath Behoof, 2:30 p.m.
Hi.v. Baonog Mate���.
Preebvterle��� Patter,
Kkv. John I'yk,
Methodist I'aetnr.
Official Administrator's Act
In re Kitate of
TKNIiKlts will bt received by the under
signed (nr tbt porchan cf tin-pcnoaal prop
eny. and the real estate of the late Anioin.- '
Godey.   Termscash.
Parttealan thereof may be obtained from
I'eter MktiiusxI, Nicola, H. e.
Al.hr il. MACINTYM,
Ofnieal Adiiiininirainf, Uonaiy ��� Vale,
ICaa-oooa, H. C,
prove their plea.
tary fur the time being.
The act  however expressly
provides that no one  however    So_nbhtr.by given, thatapplication win
l,e made tn the legislative  ueembll  of the
poor Seeking Sanctuary lor DO- provt-Ceof iirnwt 1 oiumbia, ai Uanextna.
. ,    1, , ���       1   g���a. far ao act to incorporate acqmpaay with
litical reasons   snail he reitised  power to teottruot.eq Ip, ma_italn aid oyer-
admission - but he or she must M. '' r J"_"J? "' ^""l""'"r
nt iier guage. wnh any kindni mnlnr power fox
the conveyance nt paneDgen and freight, from
home point a' or m ar Ol lyoos on   be Interne-   ������
Kxcited    foreign    criminals tional Boundary, ru tint in'enorthtrlydine
. 1 ,,  I Hon elsng or netr Uke II ',.. tat      Nfmr-K t-HIRtrTY (nvKN that an appli- .1
and [i-rsuiis previously   exp'-ll- orjnv Kadtrfef, tl-e-ejeawe���erlydtr. tion  'aium wiiln-uindeioiiieL-gihiativeAHscuibl)
erl from PrKil   Urit_:n    villi   nn   '" I point at or n-ar Kamlnops, tin -n.-o in a   tf the I'rovince of Hriii.-h Columbia at ils next'
cu 1 rum ureal Driia.n   win  011 ���,,,.,h.rlJ ,tl,.,.;.,,..��� r.��ii..v.,,,_, ,i,..-,.,.,,.��� ,.1 it,. *M��-ltr__'_*t to Incorporate, a company
no account be   admitted to the  N'"r''' Tho-P-io href.il- ��� bj  thi mon wi:h power to MO|uii_..puivjia8acniis'.ru<!t and
[w-tblt route to gii-n-ll- iad fort ttoorge bperate'tne undertakings of tbi Vancouver
Island realmof Kruttaiinia Lan-..i-nimna point p.��'aawX-U hi'���� ir a���1 (nasi ivm enay RaHOjaj Com soar; tbei
.           'I| I           11           ''      erly direction to 1 mint  s*oru��_r Sloauioui Alhe.rni end__ewle>_aa Railway Cn-i pani; th.-
atla    Will be     their    dumping     |mlg ,1,,, mln0|  ihe S.nul m. ������������ i-n rivi   . Kamloop�� and   Mini Railway  i ompany; ttrr-'
.....1 I ��� fro* -i i'"i"t at ur near i-'ifnl'mp. iii a Midway and Vernon ttatlwv CoBitany,aad 10 ,
D -      ���   1 1> ,<tn lion iii a pmnlai nrne uMJuilch acquire all Ihe tights, power* and prlvllegee-
All kinds of bestileloreigner-
havf of late years practised all
their rites and vices upi��ri I ati
adian soil much to the discom-
at prices never known in Nicola before. Call
and satisfy yourself.
,n i/le'iic',liia*iiilliorlydirivtioiibyafea��itile of Ihe s;iid  niinpauies   aud   wnh power  1"   ' ' T)��ti u in    T..ir-4'   Af'llff/.vi       T  OOVifs      V,.    1 Tt       1
��utetoapolnt'_VornearPrinoeio_;_leofr  ��lti-ndtha'po\rtr7conl -.1 in the ac, ��� of      I f7*UV   rVWl|.�� UUf/U).   Ui^UU...  Vt'llJ, rOl'K
teelniitornaar Qtlflcbenacret-l in u north- Inc-i'porailoe   of   the mM  r panfes; wltb |        , JlTlYl    V-i i i s.m trt > '       .' '���'
erlyihreetionaioiu Siunl .1-.<��� !���> ni.|i��t Nic.nl i l����0-t to   atOV-S|, 'tirthtn, OOBtoruel   anil _    ; 'lilll     lOfl tl^fl^t (
river; the  ponbcaMerti -sag lha upper operate ilie .ii.mi.-ri -kings pi.any ether Ball 'oMert" throughout thi D'ttt     r. et��b'careful tttention t'nrl proniDt    ait\    _
Uleola river to a pdnt at or nav Bel iriver, waj   Compaoy  or  Cotnpanly; ti_ '  l ' TPiaVv   -THv_i.Vrf>tI,i<.#.      ' *'*
folio v, ,, m- .oi.-e-if Hn ��� riv. i- n i p.i,   .      >itl    with   power to    subscribe   for   ami        ,.    ..   .        .   r.re'-U, jr.lSIl  iliVery  �� riClay.
fort and alarm of their  neil_h   or near HnlmiHi Arm. all b the province of | purrhtiitilieitoc-ilMMs, ddbenfuresor othet
��        Hri'i-h i nluinbiH. ��-���' iinin-s nf.,a Hier Hallway ComiJaliy; and
bors.    Surely tht-re is enough   -ad with i
- , ���     -      , ,   nnint^in all
ul our own Kin ill tue east and .,,,,( f.n.l(.Hi ���ll(1 ,��� tuild, anniaai ewa  <   " taeofpora.ed,   fnr tht' shiree, de
ovt-rseis wlio are   -is much en   "i;1,":"" wharves ami docks li inect|o��  henta/r-rbBatoo-e-herntarMt afany-tber
' ''' '       '' th#ei��lth, and to build, acqulr-, own, equip,   tto-*ay COap^n|;and,grt_i_maar toh m_I
titled tO a   helpillB hand aS the* *"* !������*>"* "-am anB othervesiels md   the capital of the I'-raneny ta,J)e |neorporai��i_. ]     ���,. All KllUlK- o|- Klacksmith work saiKl   } lurst'shoing done   in
bcv.tt,.nd ...opcrau- 'in-- vi.����H.-ni��   ind with p^wert^iwihMe.M filly paid up  hrst class sh,tpe. ���   bRW-  your  work here and it will   rs>r*i��.
���tibl- waterh; and with puwei o build, equip  .liutle biwrow moBtr) tt ihd rora|��nlM insets / _. "��� "initi'i\f
operate tot imlntt d t'-legi i pi.'and Hephn i   by any form tf security; t__a._rl_h power ���   prompt ..t.fn.lWfl.     SatfMaf'tKrTI gliaranfeed.
,��pn:s ioom;\ ,,. .   ,.    ....     _>�����_**��_��*
power' to construct m- ind   to exchange ,the .s.toc> nr mh-r  bonde, iu- Y^f".! iT T   P^f? '   RT   APr^QIWl'T'lJr    ClJ/Sl.
,.,-,.. >Ad_es, ro-ti. wai    hent'ures'brauyotliertoi-uritlesof thecimpaaj   V \J U k !___ 1- ���    AJ U r\.\J l\ >_) ill i 1 fl      OXlUP
tad  I irun. (ad  tp  limltl. anpiiiv, imn  s d   I"    he   taeOrOBrAed,    for  the'  -���
ANQMW -KIIIH;.Proprietor
filthy   beasts    who    marched
... i , \T        V ,-|i-rai'an i 'iiuMMaiu  i-i-,;i ui-aim i-i-poo i     i,j ,.,,, i,   ,-, -,-iimi.,, ���_���._.���__ |ivw���   m
naked tnroil^n   me  INortllWt-'st |lh|1^ |n nnnigtlott *h_ ���naaMi   Iwaj and   proinoteanj it.ulw.iy Upmpaa] orC^mpanln
nnt minv mniitlis i_rfin>    Pnli-  '"1"",  '��� '"' '" "���""-'"" "" ���-'.������ - orconi-'oi' to atnalg.niite withi'aoi (jom'anj  .., mm ,
not many montnsr,goiK.   i uu |. u ^^ mV) ^   ,, ^   ii���1���..iil���, iv1tha��� ��� UllT Mi ,���,, ,trj
lie ouinion lorced   the   hand Ol  *'"' t" ���_-,,,-r.',- eff-StricltyfoV tht eupply id1 ��oweiv_Bu4iclretoitn��oaifi__go_itftlU>Coni Notlec li hereby gtv^n that (fi'daynfter date
tUu,-u      y ���  ���          .         ,.>""'."-   -l.-e.-io-w,,!,,  toea- paayj toriakings.                .,; LM^__^-n'dvtXtor'����&
tllf   nntl'.n  politician, ;vyny nol  proprtatflanditor m-ii.-ui���.,!������ (ihe.cooipaiij        Dated s   \ ctorla. B.C., thl�� 2.njJ day of t., pimha��. the,folk|_.iugjLei��:ri-��sl Und-liual-
tod to aoiiiire  lahds, omn-j   iionu..-, privh VoiedihVr  l!>i:, ed .ine uiWand onehaTrSiif ihel^wer Nlcp(��
i do
ike wise
Mege*etOt-hefaid frolitnygift-erninent   -'n ,��� (���
J-ipal enrpora'i'Mi, nr. njli.-r pnf-tul er.hndtee,
ami tn lev) and ool -'' tolls from all uerson
ulRg.aad ca ail frelghi passing over ��iv <"'
The public schools are now "f*^'?���?';!*'.***'! '" "H
li ��� r ki-Is rtnllt by r pi-en hitiay: atid with p,iwer us
PUn Under   the  Section* Or the 1" |wlihand_m��ketra_|corQ'-l range
1   in-iiN with rail-vi\'. stWhiboal nr othe  io���i-
new   school   ad,   which  Went.) ismIw; a��d-ta _Urt_B wrjr powei
into effe
there was no pbiectiohm_.de   Petodtna**a_yv_fJanu-r.an
���*  ������   ��� rt.i'i'i-.it- iiitn-'riv
at the meetings as to ihe work ���   :  Hoii.n.'ir< for ih�� ^ui,ii��n s
ing of the act or the UX which HOTIG*
will be  levied lor   the conduct-     mttydiysafmrdatel niendtc uipijtetna
, i-hn-f -ooimisiiooer of lands aid >nrk-r,ir per
, 5>^lii ijwnj for tlie A4��>liu_nt -
I itrl;e
I   'rnniipenelelr Ktiposf biarked t'.F. thim-e W
foru , bun.-, tlii-n.-n.sninli f.|it> ��� h-viih. Ihence
r'lMsl f.rt-  rti.iti-. thenee North to point of  _
,i LQinnaai naaoaiB  an* runlV���OV forty   hi ii~
Mi  re or h-s-. | *
��� liatirtat liowerWirtla'tMs .1st day of s, pt- [,
, ember, 1-U5W   ..
;'",' WM. RILEY-,'
General Blacksmith
1 Morse Shoeing ,. Ipocle^tr.
".^''hU-Mxl':, B..C.
^l..  O. ,,F
,. - Notice. ,   -,
���r_^-__J���      "ln d��'�� I Ini-tid making appli, ��unii lo Uu
Hon i iwntMtouoefcj. U__, _ml ��,���,, i,,
, , , cil,,i ., ...,k_ . _,..
t--ton opureha-i 3W��_rerof Pa-'
m lhe Kamhiape i-lvla) f Yale  liHiri, "
���    '.     _'__.,, gr -,i by i>i-lV.a,,,l V.nf in-    laie, l��!��ta.RlAta#m_e.^1lM.|-rt^
edthefirstof lhe year.  w., ������,;,    ' A, .. .,���, tll, ���,, ��� fll. *.__,_. r��� ,. ���f iimi-n - ..n, tat L-^'^A^^'^^^   , .      ��� ��-WWW..rthe\nT raSiVM
,hl)llt the vicoiadi_trici ,''>"';;' ��'<*��'*�����'' -'v- ___"': """lv,' _-1" ':��""���  -::i:aii>;:;n,'edl:,"M'11- %IB""" N!��__:,'r___ite_s.^r__! i"5
{nOUltlie A uola Ulslri. I ||lvt.J1IlHii, ,.^,lllf       .-   . a_ato.M-iktl��Vaadonvwa-t(V-��.-oota '              ,,,,,. *. Ki:a8k,...i   "      *^iotptmm^nZt        ^^���M-^t
ing ol  the. s< bonis.    In tither
-', i  ,, i, ii, ii    '..', , ri-a inoim mi |i,i-tiir.'
ui,I ' im-i.i Ing i   p i t   ii i l>'i"l t,l r��l
Kinin-l, I   nine w WI i hi.lia, S IU phalli    I,-'
p.irts ol   the  province and in mm chain-,to initial p?    Und .iitlned m   '
. i. |e|t) of 11 Mile creek, ���������-- n l- of J, K. Hui
secti ins where  politics is  the wj'spr piioo       a i mii hku.
i,  HJH,      .i.>iiit i . .dalr, kgent
nioola, nth bet  -N
" tf'  '
chief aim of the residents.Com-
iihuntshave been made, but we OAliiMll I
Sixty/ays after dl'el ialell|l to aiitilytntbe ^flWIYIll
believe   it  is politics entirely j-^jSt^-?* " :
nay Railway ooipuaio h_s_to_pmidevt h- Hoc
I Ratit '!, ind empowering lie��� i-ud h���Uwa)
��� ompany to build from wur point on it. line of
IK+tM-ai tl fttlU���OpS Ifi file Ptovlh   e of llrill'h
, nliiinhia. ���  ' ,,
li.n ,1 i(t Vi.jni a, Ii. (��� t|iia _i).(l-day of
November, IBs,
��� IMUKitT'-iiv -'RMfflRl^riH,
._K,iieii,if_uJkimm> apelieanu.
ll. I'll rl\'n1nS. -e
j      .     I,      ,  ,. . i-
Mpiomliir. M. Wtt,
>wo. hell
���jL^MWJm^''''' -''Nfrtice
PfWW^jft;      ;���;���'.' ' 's hgntb, gi,e,,ih..l, wltlnn si.ty ,1...
,-      -fi'lf~         ",- '"I '��� -'""I mat. ���!!_ ap|.|i���,i���   '���    L
III,'am pi
'   I t.l
that causes it, not the rght or S's application uipu. hae,-,�� ..iin.i,i���,i-e
.     , ,    .' . N   -l<-halus..K .J��i ch iins, H-��o.-hiiiit..\V WI
wronc ot  the tax being in ken cb*Estninitieiji-.t. i_wduiiiu��ted|nvjeii
�� , ��      ..       Inj of 10 Mile Creek aim w-e.i ut .1. Ma ipirt ��
intti rnnsirleration     The rdn   pre lun mn J. -.UHAr>rK_,
into   .oilsiucMU'iu        i nc   cuu  . MooIh. W l>oc. MUSi J C Adair. Agent.
cational department has* been I
,      j ,. JtirTlCK. \Prh
a heavy burden on this province       ^ ���*,������,,,������..,, manpiyuthe'
i      i tl eloif eoniied-i-inirof Isnd-und wink- 'or mr
and  the   present act, while it ���,'..���,��� ��� ,u���ri.a-i t ir r i.n.ide��ribed
.... ,. f,,iii  ��, staling from the norths**skenr. ef
maV not be perlecf, IS the lore- "fl* ����tti,to����r-w ��a-waadrunnln<east,
'.    / ' in,, laiiiK lo he northeai-t corner of l/ii i>7. II. 1.
runner of eventually having the j !h����lo��- VT*'"""""'w<!*
luirepan d in talu innfraers f.r
s��w|i_g lumlier  anil  geitui. nm
timber. }
Ueinrral Hill�� onlrnrt* I k < ulnl
iMtirK-1 Miilii.V; atk
'"''    'lt02   1005 '    "'
ruiiniiigthMi_sa>iiU)m etotiw; i_-ee, rt,J,
"��� "'", ''\ n:,.   chKlm.. ihenc,i___|
i-g-Oanie-io-tlnethi efiohiwiencen em
���-rtov_nj.ay_hh.imi'    ' T' " ^^
Kev. "iV.isl-i-irniaiii. Bi A
,  .      ' Itev
���Ndil.ii II herebv given that within (fl d.ri
l', l'iH��rjj_,-^ursir.   'rom��l..i- I intend n_,ki,.g ��piil|,-m|������ ,��� ,L
, lion, roiiinils.lonm of land- ��i,n Wi���_�� for
1 unrtnis-i ii to piirchs^,. Us ,e,.M nmr .��� I,
A comiilete   c iiitiiHr:ul ��m   I us/oes., "'''''/''"V''!"'"!'"'- >-'".-' m/lir Kan,inn* ii via
���i    ������'     ,'   i  ���        '���  ���- ���       -'liimnf ..h. ln.i.1,1. .mi,i,,| ��. ,���., ���..
nurse.    Sttiil.-ii'H |ir��,aiwl t,. _ain teich-iiueai-iiigKlaaiake in nliains sv   0f I In S  n
' inniiro'sec, 10 r.  1(1(1:
nee i
matter properly adjusted.        i '^ M ueo. w\\t
tiiiiri to pnttt M'-'ruiiini'nco-
i. 0. THYNNK.
.    i     ���'
Lear, jour orderi with'N. J. I^riel^'���M.CjJturt md Ei.^ution
^end f-i; C.lenlsr
for lumfier who ii igent for the Nicols
Portable Steitn Siw Mill he ��io help/ou
plin out in order. Subtcribe for the Ilenld. |2 per yelr.
I.., .. hain��, thenre F_v>t in, haln-,lheft, eSouth
li JniiiiKtutheN. Iwnlc ,f Slump _,.ke ll��,���t
��e-t��long-lump Uh,. in ohiinsio the noinl
"f (fommebitenient, containing (�� ��orea morr
or lew. f      ...
September, WU. 1J04     ' *" ?UMn THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Nlcola-Spencas Bridge Wagon Road,
Editor of Nicola Herald-Dear Sir,���I
Ha so article in your issue of Jan. 4th,
1909, rilling the attention of the people
to tnedeplorsble Itite ui tht st t������>��� o n
our eagon rotd between Spences Uridge
tnd Nicolt. In my opiniou iu the neir
future it will tie much mure worse end
more rlangenus. And when trims be !
go running must certainly result in much
laat of human life beeidee property,
_a_a_Hit the bnt high wtter, which n not
um-uiuiiion lo Nicola, comes eith ihort
notice md in those pUcn where the wig
on rotd hai been thruwu slipshod icrms
the river ou skids ami rook, wll surely lie |
leept out. Where then will our w igon
rotd he?
It will be like Sodom t long wiy under
water. It is well worthy of n lice to
stand at. one of thoie rock cute md crooked
crossing! ind watch the stige driver
hmdle the ribbons. It ii not only necessary for hun to be an eipert nth the
ribbons but he must ilso lie id eipert
broncho buster tu order to stay ou the
hurricane deck of his coach to btlanct
���nd to keep hit) coach, his MJeotf'g mail
Hid hit load of passenger-, from going
over md down into the river, and (erhaps
into eternity. So now who is to blami
for not having i goo i safe wagon road
duplicated before, the old one is destroyed
io it will he safe when trains begin running!
Some blame thi C. P. R. for it, tnd
othen blame the oontrictori. I blame
our Provincial Premier, the Honorable
Richard Millrule for allowing the like to
be done, for he could easily itop that kind
of work if he wanted to.
If Mr. McBride has the least doubt of
lh. future safety of our wagon road I am
latietied that Mr. Stewart, proprietor if
the stage line, would give him a free rid-
from Spencei Bridge to Nioula in broad
daylight so ha could eeu f r himielf.
If he can't spare time huimell, he could
lend Mr, Arthur Stevenson, supinnten
dent of roids to look it over. We place
couhMence enough in his principle tnd
good judgment that he would report
there was ample room and much need of
imprmeiiiHntt. Wm. Murray.
Lower Nicola, H. C.
Stand Stout Kraaer.
Editor Fraser of the Nicola Herald is
being tued for libel by i misguided individual named Clemes wbo rum hi- hotel
in such a manner ai to render il nupoe
hi tue for deceut folkl to get the a.cum
modition they need. In a city thu
would matter very little, but in the
country, where it ii i cue of liobeou's
choice it ii i v.ry different matter alto
gather. Men like Cleme. only run hotels
f r the sake of the bar and they ahuuld be
barred. -The Week.
All kindi of  Watchei, Clocks, Jewelry,
etc., kept in Mot-���    VV.dding prei-
enti i specialty.
First rlass repairs done on short notice
-tnrl returned at on
Pramr'i Christmas Box
Ric. A. Fraser Ihe editor of the Nicola
Herald has been threatened with a libel
���ait, Iu fact lie ig to be prosecuted not
having the privilege to retract, lie in
unities in lhe last Herald thai the pn.i
lege of an opportunity to retract would lie
lost on tiiin anyway aa he is quite willing
tut the suit should go on. -Ashcroft
A Spences Brnl_e hotel man, A. Cnoatt-
through hit solicitor, Stuart Henderson,
has instituted suit against llis V ,- |.
II. tal I for libel. The Herald has seen
tit in itrongly denounce the mariner in
w tieh Clemes conducts his hotel. Ivlitnr
Kraser has no internum of apologizing
j nlging froti his article in the Herald of
the 28 h December la-t. ��� Okanagan.
K AMI.'-'ils
r_Uaterhef Ewiu���a h tad baoort!4f���faiw,
at it! I.,  beet aBK���lag Uibtceoalwayi on hand
I'i up ui anil cnjn) a <| ml Kami-nf Hillirds.
agnni fnr itu-I'lune, t .team Laoadry, faaaaa-
ver.   Ijiiindr) snip ml eieij sa urdty,
mil I I s
lk/r(INTItKAI. II'ITM., Kainl.sin.. Napnlenn
"*��� 1���tremuiiil,!', iinprielM, y ir.t l.s�� In
eveiT parii-iilir. (loud wines. Liquors and
_ga a  __���U_vi la en���mm tion.
jr a Ml,'HII'-' ll'if<K, P, Herod, proprietor.
���t^- IP st ^tis k nl iv n... liipiois and cigars in
in-inicrior.   Ju-i tbi -pn for a aire cool re
freshing kImi of laa-r. Wliei iii Kamlisips
call ill.
Flannery- U seems his full name is
Dinnis K. K. K. Casey. Phat'a til thitu
K'g furl Finnegan���Nntliin.' T'wii
ihe faiill of goilfather ituttenn' whin 'e
thryed to sty "Dinnii Casey."
"I want reform!"   We hear it
lo no uncertain tone���
"Reform the other fellow,
But let graft alone.'
GIMMI PACinO MOTH,. Kamlnop-    The
maresi imii-i niii, rallwa) iiatlaa.   The
ool)  nov&enlenl  hotel  for travtlera     (J-hmI
riHims, Knu,i ladle, good Uqil���-    Two large
sample ronins.   I*. A. Marnhart, prninictor.
lUsiit slaliliiiK in cuiuieinun
A8HCKWT HOTEL, Tbemoei mnv nicm
ho el fur VtettOTa in A-hcrnfl. The b- st of
taitte imaiil Hut ann tuId bat���i, IHir ra re
-in eive meets all trains, JohneoB ��� I'eikina,
Converted Him.
There is a story of how a very wicked
Irishman when making his tinalcunfesaiou
to the priest just before dying, related so
many crimes that the priest asked him if
he had overdone t gnnd thing in his
life. And he said he had dune one good
thing. The priest asked htm whai it was,
and he said, "I convarted a .lew.' 'Hn*
did you convert him?' asked the priest.
"Well I had him out aid tne in a boat,
and I aied him would he be a christain,
and he laid he wouldn't be i christian, so
I put him over the ude of the boat anil
put hia head under water a bit and then
when 1 let hitn up I axed would he be a
christian and he said he wouldn't so then
1 put his head under for a longer bit and
when I let htm up I lied him would he
be i christun and he said he would he a
Christian, and so I converted htm." "But
how do you know he remained converted"
said the print. 'Oh, I put his head
under witer for the third time that he
might die in the faith."
Notice is hereby given that  I will  not
be responsible for any debts or account!
contracted iu my name without a written
rder signed by myulf.
F. 0, Pai.ie.
Nicola, 18th Dec. Wm.
Notice Is herebv uiven that 3d days after date
I intend to Hpply to thehumirahle thief cum
mifsionernf lands and wnrks for a special lie-
i-nse local and curry away timber from the
following de.cri ed lands. Cunimenii ng at a
po.t on the norlh side of Nicola lake about ont
mile from ttie sic re and ne.uli opposite Sullivan oreeh and thenc. smith in chains, th me
wnt Id et.aln-, the* te foulh in chains, theme
weet Si cba ns. ihrnot north In obi nt, tbi toe
cast, 4u chains, thence north 4'l chain.,thenee
cast no chains to point of i-oniineni-eiinnl,
W. I. Bl'llNB.
Dec. -nd, 1905.
Notice is hereby given that IK)days after date
I itrend lo apply to the hnn.cbn f eommle-loner
nf lands and work, for special license toeut
snd cany away limber from the foliowing dis
cii-ied lands, commencing at a posi on tbe north
side of Nicola lake about one mile from the
.here and nearly opposite Wnilchena creek,
ilien-e south 4u chains, thence well In i hains,
thence snulh 4111'luillis. tl.elice west Ml chains,
thence north 40 ohains. thence east 4n chains,
tittenet north 4n chain., Ihence east ,v chains lo
pnint of commencement.
0. B. MIKI'HY.
Dec. -2nd, 190..
Otter Flat Hotel
Charm Dehorn, Proprietor.
PCLAMEM WTY,      -   ���  ���   B. C.
Headquarters    f, >r   .Summit,   Rabhltl
mountain, Tulamoon river, Boulder, Heat
and   Kelly creek   camps.    Quid   Fishing
and Boating.
P. O. Address:    Aspen 'irove.
 , I
Stop ill Hii-
UnBT. -COR, Proprietor
When traveling on the Nicola road
Convenient place lor travelers, with goon
arconi modal mn.
NICOLA ____, B. 0.
First class hoard and lodging by the
day week nr month, Evtrj attention
given to the travelling public,
Mm,   Rt���IT, Proprietress.
Right Now
Aftir ill what'i the use? Nn nutter
how hird we may fight, we lose in the
end; no matter how much we may seemingly conquer, in the end we are wretch
edly beaten; no matter how much we are
in Ihe public eye, within two weeks after
our death we are too dead to be talked
about. There ii only one time iu the
world, ind thtt is now.
Sixty days after dale I intend to apply to
thechief comniisaioiiei nf lands and wnrks for
permission to ie rehn-e illli acres of mountain
pasture land comnieniinK at a post marked J.
(I. McL'a V W, corner thence _ 811 chains,
thei-ro K 80 chains, hence N Htli hains, ihenee
W Hlrhalns to Initial post. This land Pes smith
and adjoins preemption of Wm. McNeill and J
(J. McLean In lhe Aspen drove locality.
Nicola, Dec, 29, 1906, J. O. McLKAN
No Saloons.
Commencing at a post masked R II. Tnitn
hull, V K. corner, being nn the west line of
Ind Iti-ser.e near Con t lee,-hen runninK ataal to
the S Bcorner of coal location No, 1645 ihence
s-nuth 240 chains. Ihence Kast to Ind Reserve,
thence North'iOuhains ihence Hast in rhalns,
I hence North p'li chains, (hence Kast 10 chains.
llp-neeNor'h 120 chains tu point nf comnu-nce-
nient, being all the land between rual claims
No.s. iflla. 1617, 1649 and the Indian reserve,
Consisting of aboul Mil aires.
B. H.TItl MHl'LL. Locator.
B. F. Argust, Agent.
Coutlee, B. C. Oct. 3 1905.
Wm. Hunt who heeded tbe polls for
licence commissioner, at Vancouver hai
made the itatement that after July 1 til
���alooni would be tboliihed. Notice had
been give. Int yttr thit the scheme
would be cit ied out this year. All the
uloom will be tiven the privilege of bi
coming hotels; i. tbey do not their licence
Horace F. Evans
Ashcroft    -   -   8. C.
Mine eliminations and reports. Geological condition! of Thnmpion River
country a ipaciilty. Disinterested ind
dependable report! furnished.
(Jpeqtialled ns a
Suiiiiikt Resort
Good Fishing and Shunting. Guide, and Horses
always ready.   Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
yrii.ciiKSA.H. c.
A. It. ('. 8c. London.
kamloops. H. l\
Assays and analyses if Ores, Coal ind In
duslrlal product*.
Bernplea by mail or stage receive prompt
A Stock Ranch containing
4740 acres,situated near Douglas Lake, with all necessary implements and also stock,    For I
particulars apply to
Quilchena, P. O.
Springbank Ranch, July 14th, 1!K)5.
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,oo_
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets ....        $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, O. C. M. O.
PRESIDENT. Sir Oeo A Drummond. K. O. M O.
Head Office  Montreal
Deposits received from   $1.00   and   upwards.      Interest
credi:ed twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may lie made and withdrawn by mail.     Out oil
town accounts receive every attention.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for the
also  General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C |
Leave Spences Bridge
Every Thursday lor Nicola Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
Every  Sunday  6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    -
Business Locale.
If Keverslip  Horae  Shoes  art yoor
fh.ie  _o_M  aid    I'LEASE   yourself.
A. 0. dlle-i "f _MNf Nicol. waa in  S,ZKS [ (il5 It a> (i |.<lL,0 () NlcoU_
Man yesterday.
i let a blank rt f>r your horse at  liar
The Ladiealiuildnf St. John's, Cbimh   ^^   y^^   M)A Saddlery.    Alan a
f England. ���* ht h.-ld at Mr.. Buck.  ,tock of Rl)lleB) m
land's tuniorr * I Friday I afternoon.
Jamrs Chenall Wi M Friday for tbr
Coast ami will ft. I i CM__r__ fur several
ireeks before hia mum.
8. J, Hi'i' lamia- from Kaaalaopa on
Thursday afiert n aa- Ml ill ��� m it 'l��J
(of Ii.k s-_f ai Aspen drove.
TlIMM   for t Ma-I tf dry wood,  _
mt-l gift��� wmul t" be cut IK inches lung
Tenders will be te���atftai up ba Jul iH'h,
Wt, ..Mr 1 !    Dr, Tutill, S.-Treas .
.���I Hoard tt School Trustees, Nicola,
jiwt i��;< kivi:i>
A full stuck of up-to-date goods to
supply lhe Harness and Saddlery
trade of Nioola district. Call or
send yniir ordrrs for
Harness, Saddles,
Saddlery Hardware,
Horse Clothing, etc.
Specialty made ol Cowboy Outfits.
A special it l*ia_rt'l "ta_a Km  wi'l
B���tf   t 'to .rr.h*   fur   l'riu etii   with   a
party ol Muohi peopls on a Imsim-
James Pooley left un Friday fur hit
h'nne in KnfUnd after an absence  nf  tif- ,
teen years.    Me will ht  ���> r,m| mini  hi
his brntlier ��h,. resid. I in < bitario.
If yiiare thmkinir of huillin. arm is
br lime to tmt y,.nr .rders cut sn as In
lave lhe lumber dry shin the lung days
aa_Mtm4 the carpenters can work with
'leaanr... Rene ghat tha name, The
P rUM- s,,.,i Kti Mill.
For up to data job printini .en,I yur
���rders tn lhe Nicola Herald office.
A gathering  uf  the   friends   of .lam."
P udey   and   W.   II    Ki'nptoti   met   las'
Thoraday .veniog and favt t-M a fare
well "��m >ker " Mr. 1' ,nley left fur thi
old  cuiintry  and  Mr. Kimpton  fur tin
Plan yoqt nidwra _riih Tha Portable
<<t��,m S��w   Mill,   all  wnrk   guaru teed
I i��' arrived,fashionable���oalding knives.
Whv need tn leave ymir house IW&Diahwi
f.ir want of mouldings,    Edge and  cram
flooring of Brat quality, will mil *��� ar three
|fliMH____di nf Hit  grain.    Window sash
Fur the beat in lha harnesaand aaddh ry
Berwick's latest i onsignaitat,
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner, Careful attention given to this
branch of the business,
All Work Guaranteed
Mr. Lyall, wife nf W   C. Lyall,  niana
fat of tha A   E    Ho��e_   Co.,   L'd ,   I1
I'riue, tni, is ilie   ene��t   nf Mr. Mad Mrs _____________
A. E   lluw-e  si   their   residence   "Pine
,,   .,     .    ,. Pi bi ir Noi        I  i rhii n <��� mplaint
burs'        Mr.. l.v.H will return  home tn
I tha M dic-1 Health Officer ol
tomorrow a stage
some    party     ur     parties     ..positing
refoaa at Mr Fraseri ratenn Janaary I.
A sleigbiiiK |.,r'v  ��aa  iii" enteriam    i,st   ,i, l warning i~ hereby given  tha
gse-too Wednesdayevoning-"he-1Bum*   inch  iffendei I      tings      meee I
b.-r of 'be  ynung  i le   of  N ���     .  i mity are li .hlc i
jnyed the Irat aleighri.s to 0 I'lee aid  a ti f 1100 00  ��� thoostanr to mur'
L-wer Ni'-'li,   Over iwen'y took advan    amment with   bard   l.hor  for a    Hi m . I
li mnnfhe%>r tu both li' r imprimnnttHi
O.H. Tniill,
Medics   II   , ��� ' Officer
Ai intent,Commission, Insurance
and Oeneral Agent,
MalnPtreel ���      -     KainlnnrjH
Just Arrived''
A small  consignment of
Japanese Matting
Very choice Pattern.
To arrive in 10 days a
carload of
Coarse Salt
Price will interest you.
tage uf the outing.
Francis llenrv Pareons f rmerly r--
siding a' Nicula i ir nn�� of Ooelph, On'.,
ws- Married al Rr, John's ehnreh in that
cny "ii De��einber27 h, ' Mies, Ids I ���
bell R'ack Prewton, nf HaTi-iuu, On'
Mr, Personals nn* employed ��n_ the
p..11 Piann Co., and will reeidein Ouelp*',
His many friends in tins leetioi wi.h him
every h ippii i is
W A. Jacks n rh - i nployed un 'li ���
Triang s i . 11, ai Quejchetia had a rather
i set] accident I .| |�� n Iu h'm. W bib
out riding his a'i 1,11,. turned "ii h'm and
he wis Ir.ggal a sburi di<taii" h -f ire
getting In 'se fr.nn the stirrup. Alth nig1'
nit teri i.a v ii'irr h i atill n it be able to
dn any wnrk for s few days.
llM f (j itylen,   Ciiiirftii'f'i'd
(|i|>     . J. g    l;n        din ���,.lv
Our \e KJw ifl tho 6-hole Steel Ranffe
rt)f 145,   f-'nTti  hjj   MoTlarj
Mf|. '',i. %U i ��� Cull Hit- "'
Air Tlpht Heaters
3010  Westminster Road
It. I. lirowii SlnWi  ol Frail  nui!
Oi'iiiuiH'iilal  I riisj.
kople Trees; J md J-yeei olds: <LMe g_ i�� i
.   Our v 'I olds, I t"
left. |10tn|l-|!M mi
K\! ii  III ,|i li ri v.   Traill,   Hon
tnrlrots, <���','���.. now g' owing fnr fall orders.   Si
Mirii ... i'- ''. ,1. l���\ nf funilga Ion or Inapei
lion,   Let n     ri e > ' list bi rore uladng you
,, rli r   ' 'si dos free.
,1,, ���]  c  |>lal '-.  Klniiil  u ml,, i   ���
piles, Krini Taik"., ���. I ' ml z, is. etc,
M, .1  HsNRY,
90111 Westminster Koad,      Vvm-,rv_ i. H V
���____���___��� . .i,,_*_i_X'_:._r*. ,.
The "B-oker" given hy Cuurt Nicula
A. O. F. in their hall on Friday ivening
was well attended by p_ei_iHereend friend-
and lhe affair ��� e|.t up until I a in. C.i"
games ami singing were tbe chief nuui
tiers on the program, besides the refresh
ments. C utt Nicula is Krmlually in
nieii'hershlii     ami   and     at    the    n. xt
nieetin_ two ni"'e ca-'dida'es  ���ill  j	
the fnrestic hand, when D   D  H. 0    R,
Andrew Thi,.i'|,s"ti nf Kainiun,m wiii be Barrister, Notary Public &c.
ill allelliiance In  install   the   iHilerS   and Olllral  I'liinni-lra . I
ajejal in the enrt .f the '��� Offlee.  ('���   r,,. ,��� | .1 Poal Olllee
Kamloopa, It. ('.
All kin is nf Watch, Clnok
ai I ,le >rlry re, airs d .ne ill
grii class order and latiefae-
ti' n nusraoteed, Ail wrk
entrusted t,. mir care will be
rjorop ati .1 and returned erith-
. li'  delay
W. H, (!4afl
Accountant and Auditor   n���''���
Tta-oorery   Boe���8U��wtt'i sta.e  Big   >.\ REMEMBRANCE
J��hn I). Swanton, B. A.
Offlee    Ku I ��� f ihe Paneillee Rank of Poffi
men*-, aontb side at Vli���iris street, kai-loop*,
Mnnej in |ne.i i,
Anntlier Oali    I ih-   'le���th  of a chil
taVik plaeeat Vlotoria hMI week ��nd th
Pr vincial health nfflcer is investigatinii   Barriater,   Poll u r and   N tsry   I'n'l
the same.    Many deaths have nu dnu'"
been  caused   by   the   |utelll    inenicine-
vtluch ares.dd wnh impunity, when under
total mber name it could   he purcha��
ed without a precrtptlno from  a   medicll
man.   The Vane uver World in a recetn
iseue told some facts alioui  patent   ejedl
cine in   reference  in  the   Chamberlain    at Wm cnetrertora, farm machinery, buggies,
culler-, sleiirhse'r    -end t t "iir Hal  nf firm
Medicine case,    htnp the  imp.rtail'in nf end mining properties. Ketnrte on mining oro-
�� r the friend< al hums or abroad,
V"'i invjol sen I tbeia a more in���
tereating Xmas r iht inn than
Book of B. C Vl*ws
View Xmns Canl���
Souvenir Post Cards
Sre ()nr Selei lion "i Goods
Land Mining and Oeneral Supply ARts
Kimhiii, �� and Veinun
Onr _;"i Bulla, tsilnr made, fnr   ''II 00
" 2_ 60 Suits, tailor made, Kr.nrh hnish  IT Tdt
" 'ju nu   ������    g g at  lo nn
" 17 i'U   "         "       H on
" 15 (HI   '���         "       12 50
" 18 GO   "         "       In ihi
" in nn   "         ������       7 5iI
"    7 50   -         "       I U
S i i running from 35 to 44 in ill the Utea etjreM,
All Hoy's snd Child's Clothing, 33^ off     This is the
largest and finest stock ol Clothing ever placed
before the jiulilic in Nicola.
Overcoats Reefers, Mackinaw Coats and
Pants ah subject to a discount of 25 per cent
!  I
Life and Fire Insurance Agent
ower Nicola,
Notary Pub'ii
B. C.
inch   1: "ni 1,'i'ils   and    invesiigate   anv
manufactured in Canada.
|i rues thrnmjli the   llistric .     tlable   aMri.
j "Aururn "  Cmea: Hum,halt, Moretng A Jieel,
! A. ". r1. ��ih.
Warehouse   < anford. Nirnla Valley. II. (!.
Cassia Chad nick was taken tu Columbus
Friday to begin a term of 10 years in the
peniteotary there.
A Chicago jury awarded ,17,5(10 to the
miningen:;in��ER coal &oil expekt j
1$ prepared to examine coal j
Jos. Richards,      -       Proprietor
All kinds nl  repair wnrk dune in a
Children uf. drunken  father a, redrees , Pr0PertieS   atld   f"���Sh Te-, n^.,,,1 satisfa,,, ,y,���a,���ier and in ah,,-
against three saluun keepers who are al | pOTtS OH   S3.IT1G.       lenTlS 10 i '-�� .
kged to have made a drunkard of him.       Suit all.       NJCOla, B. C. JIOl'SPSllOHTlg
Headquarters for Mining Mm for the Nicola
District.   First class.accommodation
for travelers ?knd tourists.
Good Stabling ln Connection. Telephone Connection


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