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The Nicola Herald Sep 27, 1906

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/    V
OCT 1-1906
Vol. 2.   No. 39.
$2 a Year
Copy or Circular Sent.  List or Oonver
nation Rates as Proposed. Alter
native Flat Rate a Nee-
The following u'rcular was sent to all
.subscribers to the government local
telephone exchange last week.
Government Telephone Service.
Circular No. 3.
Kamloops, B.C., Sept. 17th, IflOfi.
To All Subscribers, Government Telephone Line Nicola Exchange,
Owing to the very large increase of
the business done on the trunk line, n
has been necessary to cancel all "deadhead" privileges on the main line, in
order to rat the business through.
A nominal rental for the local exchange ef $1 has been arranged, and
you will be charged each time vou use
the trunk line. A 1 eduction in tne minimum charge ef conversation has also
bein mad'.'. We trus; you will conform
to the new order of things as you have
dene in the past, and it will be the endeavor of the management to give you
the best possible service, improving
much on the past by having the line
clear for your business, and by reducing the minimum for the purpose of reducing th�� Coat of conversations to you
v hen brevity is practiced. It has very
ofc o come to the attention of this office,
toil in the past much time has been
contumed, and the Hne held in discussing things, such as the weather and
etc., which does not represent any commercial value to the parlies c_o.__n.ed.
This action is taken, not for the purpose of limiting your privileges, but for
the purpose of increasing the efficiency
of the service to yourselves and the
general public,   Faithfully yours,
Chas. S. Stevens,
With regard to the charges for conversations on the trunk line the following are the rates: Where the charge
for a message is 25 cents for ten winds
the rate for conversation will be 10 cts.
per minute; where the message rate is
85 cts. the conversation will be 15 cts.
per minute; where the message rate is
40 cts. the conversat on rate will be 20
cents and where the message rate is 50
cents the conversation rate will be 25
cents per minute. The minimum charge
for all conversations.will be 15 cents. -
The 10 cent per minute rate will apply from all points up to Hedley, to
Kamloops and to Lower Nicola and
to Coutlee. Conversations to Vernon
and Kelowna will be charged 25 cents
per minute, to Summerland, Peachland
and Okanagan Falls 20 cents, to Brad-
shaw,s, Richter's and Keremeos 18 cts,
per minute.
While there can be no doubt that the
business on the main line has become
congested. The Nicola Herald feels that
the proposed alteration will prove a decided hardship to the majority of the
local subscribers, who are by no means
responsible for the congestion. It
means that nearly every user of the
telephone must pay much more heavily
than in the past for the use of his instrument. An alternative scheme should
have been submitted to local subscribers
by which a flat raui would be charged
for the use of telephone say to all
points from Kamloi ps to Princeton. It
would certainly be .; more business like
way than the proposed scheme which
we are afraid will be provocative of
much friction.
We feel sure that if C. S. Stevens
the superintendent, who has given much
thought and time to the carrying out of
thia scheme, will give this matter his
further consideration, he will realize
that in the case of thii majority of subscriber* here he has unintentionally
doubled and even trebled the rates they
have been previously in the habit of
Tor Capture of tbe Train Robber*, BUI
Miner and Partner!
Announcement was made; by R. Marpole, general superintendent of the C. P.
It. last week that within a few days the
reward of $11,500, for the capture of!
Trainrobber Bill Miner and his gang,
offered by the Railway Company and the
dominion and provincial governments,
will have been paid.
The matter has been und-* consideration at Ottawa for some time.and until
the Dominion Government had settled
the matter the other two rewaMs were;
A. W Oochrine  and T   Hlblinrd Visit
Property. Well  Ploased With
Showli gs   Expert to Ad
vise Beit  ...ethod3.
First Match Goes to Kamloops Club
Final on Friday.
The Q____M__ Polo Club entered a
team for the Watson Challenge Cup,
which is annually *m*mAtt for at the
Kamloops Fair.    The team which represented  Quilchena  was No. 1. Angus
Nelson, No.  2. G. A. Lafferty,  No. 3. j A Forty Foot Ledge of Quartz   Larg.
Samuel  Benyon,  No. 4, W. Hawkins,'
reserve, J. Guichon, jr.
John P, McCotmill  returned
business trip to Seattle am
The other teams entered were Kam-
| loops and Grand Prairie.   In the draw
from a Ir,nnA ,>rairit' ttwt the bye.   The match
Amount of Development Work.
Ore Assays Well.
not paid.   This morning news was re
c-ived from the Hen. Wm. Tempo, man W ~_day accompanied by Messrs.  for Kamloops, who will therefore meet
Vancouver ' lx'hv"''n  Kamloops and Quilchena was
played yesterday and resulted in a win
that the $2,0CO reward offered by  the A' w- Cochrane and Laney Ilibbard of
federal Govornm 'nt was available.
The roward will accordingly be distributed by a committe composed of
J. E. McMull.n, C. P. R. solicitor; Mr.
Greenshields, on behalf of th.' feder.il
Government and, Superintendent Ilussey
on behalf of the provincial Government.
The last named is paying .1,606 and
the C. P. R. gives ,5,00..
Tne Sanitarium
Dr. Fagan, provincial medical health
officer, returned from his trip of inspection in search oi' a site for a provincial
sanitarium for consumptives, to the
coast last week. He stated that the
sanitarium would probably be erected
on Kamloops Lake, and that he was in
favor of building a smaller sanitarium
at a point higher than Kamloops Lake,
where it would not be so hot and where
patients shoe' I be removed from Kamloops.
In order to take advantage of the
Hon. James Dunsmuir's offer, it was
necessary for the citizens of th,' province to raise $40,000 in a month. A
committee of businessmen in New Westminster is already working to raise
West minster's share of the contribution
and Dr. Fagan hopes, before he leaves
Vancouver, to have a committee of local
business men busily engaged in raisin;
rr >i .y in Vancouver.
Montreal. It isunderstood that Messrs.
McConnell & Millar have succeeded in
organizing a syndicate to go on with
the development of the Golden Sovereign and that they will in this deal retain a large interest themselves.
It has not been decided just when development operations will be resumed,
but an expert is now on his way in to
examine and report upon the best methods. A hoist and other necessary machinery will be ordered at once.
Messrs. Cochrane and Hibbard visited
the properly today and on their return
expressed themselves as highly gratified with the prospects of the Sovereign.
Lvery person in the Nicola Valley
and the Aspen Grove camp will be glad
to learn that the property is to be
worked and sanguine wishes for its success is expressed on every side. The
success nf the Sovereign will mean tin
development of tho camp and the establishment on a large scale of a splendid mining industry right at our doors.
Grand Prairie on Friday. There is a
strong rivalry between the two clubs
and there is sure to be a good game.
Up to the time of gding to press there
are no particulars as to the game between Quilchena and Kamloops, but it
is understood that Quilchc na put up a
very good game and although beaten
made an excellent showing for a new
Adjacent to the town of Nicola and
about five miles up Clapperton Creek
adjoining the falls, which at that point
point descend for quite a distance, lies
a group of claims which in the near
future is bound to attract considerable
attention. Taken up some years ago a
large amount of development work has
been done on the claims aptly termed
the Peacock Group by theirowner Thos.
The group consists of three crown
granted claims.   The ledge exposed is
quartz contaning peacock, yellow copper
and bornite and has a surface  showing
1 of forty feet between the hanging walls.
  One shaft twenty feet in depth has been
J. Garcia of tbt Forks visited Nicola I sunk close to the hanging wall on tne
yes I idcy.
F. M. McKeown was a visitor to Nic-
da o.i Tuesday.
May Sell Nickel P ate.
There is much speculation as to the
ITorBter Potatoes
As indicative of what the soil ano
climate of Nicola can produce, som,
potatoes grown by Thomas Hunter of
this town and exhibited at the Nicoh
Herald office are examples which woulo
* I be hard to beat. One potato weighec
2 1-2 lbs. and the other three avcragco
1 1-2 lbs. each the four being from one
hill. The potatoes are of excellent
quality   firm and clean  skinned,  and
Police Court
were grown from local seed original!*
| outcome of the thorough investigation j secured from M. J.  Henry, nurseymai
being made of the Nickel Plate mine at'��� Vancouver.
Hedley by a big New York mining com- J _.	
I pany.   It is believed that the purchase i
! of the Nickel Plate by this company '
would mean a great stride forward for     Before i> t- 't George Murray and
; Hedley and the whole Similkameen. It Ur- Tutin thrt'e ln(iians were up making
is reported that internal dissensions in \ emanations. Harry Jones having in-
the Daly company have curtailed its 'toxicants '�� "is possession, was lined...0
further progress, hence the proposed 'and costs.��r fit) days hard labor.
[sale as a means of satisfying thedissen-! Jonnny James, drunk and disorderly
tients. All depends on the report made jami *vtT*0 concealed weapons, was
by Mr. Charming, mining expert, who tax('fl W *** *****
arrived in Hedley last week to make a ' Tomni- Andrew, drunk and disorderly
personal examination and receive re-1 an(1 navi,|ff intoxicants in his possession
suits of assays. | was assessed ...5 and costs or liU days
I hard labor.
C   T. Abenes of the C- P. R. eng-
neering staff visited Nicola yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Marshall were visi-
ors to Nicola on Monday from Forks-
S. Kirby of Quilchena and G, A. Laf-
rty of Nicola left on Tuesday for Kam-
Miss B_ltaM of tie Triangle ranch
.uilch.na, left on a visit to the coast
his week.
G. 0. Foss the well known railroad
contractor, left on a visit to the coast
Mrs. James Chapman of Lower Nicola who has been in for some time is
now much improved,
F. Jackson of the Triangle Ranch was
a visitor to Nicola this week. He intends paying the Exhibition at New
Westminster a visit.
east side, while about two hundred feet
in a south-westerly direction another
shaft fifty feet in depth has been sunk
close to the hangiug wall on the west
si.ic. At the bottom of the latter shaft
a crosscut was started and goes in for
twenty feet across the ledge. The dump
shows the workings to have been in ore
all the time and fully bears out and
even surpasses the expectations war-
anted by the surface indications. Aver-
i.esa.nple< taken fron the shift aswy
���boat seventeen per cent copper with
gold values. From a mechanical point
of view this group of claims is admirably situated for economical working,
the owner having a record on the creek
for a plentiful supply of water forpow-
i r pui-poses, more than enough to supply the necessary machinery with power.
The handling of the ore to the railroad
would not be a difficult undertaking as
it is a first class concentrating proposition.
The property has excellent showings
and it is hoped now that the railroad
transportation is so near at hand that
outside parties will take hold of perhaps
as fine an investment as is to be had in
this upper country. Enough development work has been done to prove that
there is an excellent body of ore and
very little work would be required to
place the property on a shipping basis.
NPola Coal Mines Limited.
At a mooting of the Nicola Coal Mines
portant announcement before the  rail-; Limited,   held    recently   in   Spokane, I
Another Princess.
Sir Thos. Shaughnessy made the im-
way committee of nhe Victoria board of I Wash., C. J. Orland, of Moscow, Idaho,
Trade Tuesday that travel by the Prin-; was elected president of the company
cess Victoria this season had been so , and A. J. Davis of Colfax, Wash., vice-
heavy that another equally large, if not president. The company owns coal
larger, vessel of the same type would 'land ��n  Lindley creek   near  Lower
The annual general meeting of the
Nicola Alhletic As .,culion will beheld F01'e'gn M'SSl��nS
in Pooley'i hall on Saturday evening     Hereafter all foreign and home mis-
October .th at {.o'clock. sion work of the Presbyterian Church
on this coast will bo directed from Vic-
The Diamond  Vale  Company have U)ri;1 ami Vancouver instead of from
been busy getting their (Irillin^ outfit, Toronto as has been the practice of tht-
down to the Forks.    Then camp in ut Ililst-   This is the decision which was
present on the W__. Charters estate,     j reached at a  meeting of a synodical
  committee held at Victoria on Thursday
��� night, when estimates were passe i  lor
foreign mission work.
Tne foundation for Ihe mew building
which is to bt erected by  ...  ,|.   Qaf.
, wiek is now in place and an edifice -Inch
will be a credit tothe town will soon
, be in course of construction.
have to be placed on the same route.
Postmasters Have a Raise.
I   It is understood that the postmaster-
general will shortly announce an increase in the scale of salaries paid to Tickets can be purchased at Spence;.
rural postmasters, for which the latter Bridge at excursion rates from Sept.
,1. A. ' ochraii'  ; nd  L.   Hibbard of
Montreal arrived on yesterday's train
and passed through town on their way
to Aspen Grove to look over the Golden
Excursion rates over the O. P. R. to , Sovereign.   They were accompanied by
thr Provincial Exhibition at New West-' J. P. McConnell and J. M. Millar.
minster goes  into  effect  this  week.
Westminster Exhibition
Nicola a Port of Entry.
It is time that Nicola was made a port
of entry for packages arriving from
the United States. At present these
are held up at Kamloops which is the
cause of much unnecessary annoyance
and delay. Nicola from its central position should be made a customs port
and the attention of the member of the
house shonld be called to the fact.
have been clamoring for years on account of the increased cost of living in
almost every part in the Dominion.
The thresher outfit passed  through
Nicola yesterday for The Folks.
W. H. Armstrong of Vancouver ar.
to October 4th,  returning good : ived at Couth, yesterday and with par-
until October 10th.
The regular meeting of Court Nicola
A, O. F. will be held in Pooley's hall,
Friday evening.
ties from  Montreal,  looked  over the! Will Visit Canada.
Coal Gulley property in which Mr. Arm- Lord Hawke, the weil-known cricket-
strong is interested. He left for Bear J er has arranged to leave England for
Creek to day and after a short visit at Canada West, the first week in October
the mines will continue on to his ranch ' for some shooting with A. E. Leathern,
at Keremeos. 10f Montreal. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
In kk Estate of
Tenders  for  the  purchase    of  the
bands of cattle and hois s of the estate
of the late William Charters -Mil be re
Published Every Thursday The temperance, prohibition and
Subscription, in Advance. $2 a Year   moral   refonn   jLn^he-   0f    the
 ���-���= Methodist  general  conference, in
Mroi_, b c. 8_iti_ibkk27. i__        jls recommendations, _rg__ Methtr
dists to  attend  primary meetings
0U1 P0_��IBIU-___&         I aod put forth every elTort to secure I jj__ved hytli_"t_*_w__me_^V"to~t__i
                         ! the return of parlianietitary candi" 13th, O-Cobtr, liiofi.   There are about
xr    .                  -., ���                  ii,           , -0   horses,   including  a   stallion,   and
Nicola ... now within measurable dates who  favor temperance, pro- about 41.) cattle.    The  horses  will be lMm fkrmmfmt thu _K__r__|
distance of r.iilnu.l communication ' hihition  and  moral  reform.   The sold as a band; the cattle at so much
. per head,  to include all calves branded
_lld ill the course of a few weeks,  e__M__��_t   declares   against  conr at date of sale.
��� ���   , ��� ,   ,    lieiisatiou tothe liiilior trade out of
trams  will   1 _���   running regularly
the public funds, and also declares
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Ve?tl, Pork
and Sausage
into Nicola.   Enquiries as to the   .
1 ih.it   every    municipality  should
;.(._..I.ilities of the district are ^ W the power to rid itself of the
coming frequent, Loth from a min-1liquor traffic, by ��� simple majority
llg and agricultural as well as I vote of the electors. It regrets the
business standpoint. There is W
doubt this district has been badly
handicapped for want of railnu |
communication,and its advent now
should lie an incentive to all t(
prove to outsiders what a valuable
aud unequalled district is now
thrown open to those iu search ol
a home or for the pursuit of business. The changes whi h nil
undoubtedly ensue in the course ol
the next few years ought to be anticipated and this by the resident:
themselves. It is well to look int)
the future now and   again  and se
Administrator Estate.
II til -   I II I
receive c_rt-ful attention and prompt   deliver)
increased spirit of gambling in Can*
ada, a notable instance' of which is
the   prevailing   custom   of   ladies
ipending much time playing games
>f chance under unhealthy excitement to the loss of money and
(ther valuables, and the seriousue-
gleet of home life. Thscommittee
calls upon parliament to enact legislation against the gambling houses
and race tra.'ks of the Dominion.
jeorge Mcdonald
Boots und Shoes Neatly Repaired. N w
Work   to tlrder.    Prices   Reasonable.
;:_0KTva goods H at
KA-I. -��-
Full _____ nf II -ii.es k and linnnrii'il fi_.ni .
No*lotla______ kI.imi iiui Witpultmintt
1 l��h hit oi aiuil. in III I'ln- f linn ��� mOtOtt "I
_J_-i____ wnrks f,I' eniii.-iiiii I-i fJlnrh,n,r lil'l
trtOot  lii'illli'iii'i   |..-llirt-  la-it.    jillitli'il   in,
���linn r i '��� i k. ;.h- n' 7 n.'lei. t.nilr  nf   .����� iln
Lake. i-.ini|.|.   .__  ��i�� j, -i  n.mki'il  KMT.
_ i-nriii-; i||,.||,-,'ii _��� si chains: iln n. i- north
-"'lull-. I Iln  ��������! Ml ��� ll . in-;  thcm-i- -mill
���Oft, en- in i���,ui; nf i'.i,.inn tu i til
Kl Kl.lt II. IINUI.KY.
tii-ii- 2. IM, l/a- tor
\,,i i,, j, otrt y ��ivnn th ,t _Brfn|_ afterdate
I   lllll'i.il   In   i|i|,|) 'll I III'   III,,,. II,,' i hnl i-	
ni���i-i-er nf I .-nl-and work- ttt piTmi���linn ill
Ol inn''hii-' Wterttot liiniiiiUIn liHKtliru :tii<l
,      , ,, i _ .0 ,i  n-.-t   iii ik.-il   Wf.tL,  in*
'���nin- , th. ti'l-iiiKl Nlilnill'S    ti  It n >  (I'll ll Ii
'inni .   i.un',' in-lr^. iii   rVh   Lake   ii .r_fii>:
III'    Wt_   lll'l    li     Ml,"     ll    I'-'     Ol ll       I'll! HIK
Iniiu Ii 'ini.im lini' ��� f _nl inl t-> -..-, r r   f
"'   'Jn; l In in I north In Initial 11 *'.
\ienla, Auk. 1. MB.
<l"'';"'-<  k'-"   lill'-cn  .l��      . illllllHl Wtmttt     in"   I'n, nil'    V||)|,,y,    Ni.nlH     ||��t.C,
h.-.Miin oui niii'iy a i| ii-1 c.unent lolli nts null   ili'si'ii .nl   ;i-  fnl1  w-:    (', niltil*&__H0   "i
Went forthe I' "   ..-nil_it-d i, <%_-��_��� ' .!,""t  *���*-. II,  I',    . ��.
��� r.   Uutulrj -liin met
-h unlay.
Thine d-iv. f->i it1* I inlend tn annle d
he,- i,fi.,i'' ini.-inni i nf I'nds mid wnrk-fin h
em f tn ru' i"'d if ovi> tim N-r f ni" 'hi
._'nwi|_. d__-Hbod land. Hett unite.'ai _ pn_t
hint  ' !,"  i-i'Ih wi_t fl.  s_p,._,|w rrnk  in'ln
,i-.,l. Alvl-I  ii,,'  V  Ifl rii-iii, t  nii.k.d    .I'd. I     Xn'in; is hnr, h) -ivcii lim', all') d-tl iifO
��� i-i',,i. - v. w. iii'in runl j ini' >h sliiti'   dnle I iliti'lnl   tii'ii' |i ,v   In Hie   ('hi, f   niiitin
i   Imnii    siovy   mark'-   II I.V.'t    ��Ml   , 'nt Ural- and U'.ik- In' to*** 10 pu
ll'lnwll.g   -H-_|   llnnin "11    sn ve     ana ll  Sll   , h��� i-  In i��� l.i _ int_ j.iii,1. h.niu IS>Hi'res. In
what the probabilities are am! wt
have no doubt that as this placi
IOCS ahead, as now seems assured
the   question of   water,   lij^lilinp
sanitary arrangements, etc., mus
come up for consideration and n<
one will question the advisability
of these being owned by the- (lis
trict or town itself. The "wha
we have we hold" and lettheothe
fellow do the boosting, policj
should be discarded and every opportunity for the advantage of th-
town or district be pushed ahead.
Do you realize that every statement of a large fish caught, of a fine
deer killed, of a bag of jrrouse, of a
monster apple, of a prodigious cro]
of potatoes, of perfect weather conditions, of the fruit industry, of the
tobacco industry, of every new industry or enterprise, is an advertisement for the valley? No, you don't!
And you fail accordingly, to giv.
the local paper the support it deserves.
All our local   business men  are
keen to see Kelowua advertised but   ^" the .vi- d��y at Snmtbor, a iv, iikii!. ��t
. I ho Iniimf ini.m.. in ihi't'nnri  Him .-m .-h-
they do not appreciate  what  part    _h, H. C. I ah��-h��-d��_-ii. rfr,tl_nnf.
, . , i-i- i nrim-i- "f tn-atniK li'-d dfii-nnliiiiiic mil
the Courier plays, and some regard
advertising as a cold-blooded  bus
iness proposition through which, by
paying a certain aim,nut out for advertising, certain goods are brought
before the public and larger quantities are sold.   They want a direct
return, overlooking the fact that the
constant publicity given to the  resources of the valley  in  our  news
columns brings in new settlers, consequently new customers; and that
if it were not for the generosity
and public spirit of those merchants
who do advertise this paper would
cease to exist.   In these days no
one disputes the benefits to a district of a local paper, and by a curious paradox, least of all  the man
who does not advertise.    Yet he is
selfish and unthinking enough to
let others bear the burden which
he should gladly share.---Kelowna
\-,-n,-j-   hi-'I'-l    uili'li I li;l ���    (_   daf.   Ilf '-
I .1-' I  InO n      In <|i|ih    "i   Ilf   i nji-l     n,l-.
I',mi O'    I,inn-i,ml    -nl'ks  Ol''   p' nni sill i    '���-
nil-   ll W-:.l   in I','.     "I    101      i"    (I   -   nil-   _Ml_
I   -i',lli.'il     .   full,,-.;        IfiatflM   H (ill.
mo kiil.1 II u. s.w   inrni-t.   hi'in t-  lion''   In
mi II-: Mill H-l  XII .h'l ii-;   I 'it-ln 0 -ulllll HI
tin--: il ���  wt-i  sn i ha",s  oi itiiti ,i n i t.
lit- ni..>-I .tl i--t tl -n Ti-n Villa Or* k,
t-i-t ��� f Nii-ili. s.iiiniii  mail,  und  nf J.  Mm-
fhell's atiiilit'iiilnii 11 |i_rf____
Mi'nlii, Jul; ai. limn.
Mil HI
Noire i. Iimlij tfi1 rn Iln' r-ixt* i|i\h nfiir
il !-��� Ilnto'id 'o an lyt"i|ic i hief Cmii'iiiv.
sinipT f I_nr1- -iii'l Wnik- lur i*rmi*_rirtfl in
i"i . lime ____! ncrt'H i.f    mmtftiH   pNimre l-HUl,
riier,  at lhe
w. eorM   iif U.   l'ii|'itian's  pre mitt Inn;
_ I tin tin' nn ihS'tthHins; lln-nl',! wn-l . I ili.Uii .
the it- -inilli Mhliini-; in i,t e nasi 4U fit .Ills
1 i  (in-lit. nf inni   i lie in i - ll'.
Mi.ii'h. Sep'. 12. I'M]. H. I'K /   o I HI
nlso  General Llvory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nirola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Kvery   Thursday lor Nicola  lake,   Kamloops,
Princeton and my pot.tt at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
hv. ry Mombiy lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. ni
Leave Princeton
I vtry   Ninday   6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Hrii!.,.: 'I ursday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
h very  Tuesday  and  Friday  for    Spences
Hridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. nt,
Sp'-cial trips made by appointment.
Telephon- connection with Kamloops
M. P. STLWAI.T,    -    -    Proprietor
Imiri.. ..is' Sichiiiii-. "iinh S0��h��ins We-I
'in > in p i t  f __FfflDf.tnir�� ,'>\" iu r ���
UririMiin" ��' tbi- *. \v ''nrnrr i %h WO '"..���
Inn HI.   -V-l0VH-f Mn'tini"*) <- u r \. ���. _. >��� 0 f ��� ��� h i < s
Sf) v)w-i; v *n chiun-, w 80 - limns m imini
f hatflnntnir. NO WT8H
H pt I". i��i li. andukw MoOnftAif.
!___��*___ or,
.��   K. HhlyH. An<nt.
Tli'r'v <*;ivs frnin <1a'p 1 Intend tnann'5"Tn
hAOhlffffl inntjH-inncr nf Lundi and ^Vnrkh
0>r h Hf..iM* t" rut _nrl rfrii(>v��'Im.lur frnm
he 'ol-tnwilif ili'-rrihrri Und. Ht'ifin'i"-' at r
i"-t nn c si NhtiI-of ��.iip).ij" cr.-.'k nhmif '-i. Ill
Mile,,  frnm   tnnu h   nf   f-ci-k h (i iihnip thr'li'
LIhr * w nf ^ivr^ih VctMl'iws. in \u .ila Hivi. ���
nnnf \n\,> Htiil ninn'iiif ^ li'l ��� t aiiiH. RffohalB".
.���J rli >i n_, \v HI ohftin*. W potot ��f beg lolling
ltd ;i' i��'v
M. ginnit._r et h. w rorn.r i_f ahnvc l'��r-a'i"n
'nri mnn*ng o Wch��tn��, ^ Hii'-hHin- KyOi'hHiim,
W N eheiM ntpo.ni nf h��-uinnin_r. (tin ��H*",
-*epl 10, \Wt.      mttittlmh OOLIJlii, I o'-Hlor.
.1. K MhtmL AK��nt
r I-m ''in cn ii'KHl i |h . pl.tni.H nl ih'
\ V- cn io of Lol lill KIM Yl>, ilirin-e wi*
SOohnlte 'li*infroiiin p* Plain*, iNuif-i n*n
iiih'i n, hiimii'. dm h in ...in-, tneeca e
Land Mining and General Supply Agt��
Mining I'nntrui'tnrK, f-inn miirhiiitiry, btt_iiiiH.
���it'lrr-, hIi-ikIis _0.   M'ltil f tr'Htr li-t if tarn
lOrlmiiiN   tlii-iii-ii ti uili |ti th.ihis in pninr of  ami nilnlng pr__-ir_l_.  Ht-i-iats nn initiiti-tiro-
Hlil'lrlir-Hii nt
I'- rO 1.. Flick, AkciiI
Lower Xirtila, Ant;. 17. HM
u riirs thrim^h tint lli-rii--.    t'ab't' miirtet
"Altruni,"   ("otli'K: Hioitillall, UOTtiHg fc Ntt-
A. It. ('. 4th.
Waieltoii-i-l'titi'tml. Nirola Valley, H. 0.
la |iru|nrt - tit taku cnn'ractH fur
n:i-in_ linn er and t-'i-ilitu; nut
tint Iter.
MOTK'K in hereh} >[ivin that  nn  Vt.i-.lay.
i--.-'tnntn lltl- r- tetili"n ef lint tl'itne- ell 'lie
t ninter of VutH" tor Ihe Vale KlfiHn tl Dh
H. ('. UAYMIV,
lletnity Hivi-rarnf Vntem.
Atwoto*, li. e. liMi ttngttt, WW
NnHefll" herein tfiv-ti that thirty ilajHafiei
tlitte I in etui In al'li'j Inlhe Chief t'ottllei-.
Kinnei nl I.iikI ami -uia-fur a iiennii tn fir
ind en eve tunher frnm Ihe f-llti-InK rle.-
t-rili rt Intel efl.init: H'_ililnllK at a pn-l -il
lh��  N K   f'-rinr nf l/.|   IU71. in Ih" Nienln
-lnllglllvl nm.fY-ilf, ilieneoi.1- Wleh.iiiK
ihtii'-t Hiieli -lol'tiin -, Iht in e -est Mlel aiti-,
lln-li'-t'intr h Stt i htilini tu ptiililof entniiittice-
-Hf.lt. Mi 11. H. SMITH.
General Blacksmith |wpwimi -*_-������_ ��������� nm
N'titii-i- i^ ht-ri-li) Kieen lhat, thirty dnyaaftet
l-i'e I inli-tiil t,n atijily tn thi1 t'hief Domini-
iiniero' l.intis and ^'nrk> fnr a p_fmU I ��� cm
ind    eintite  tiiiiht r fti'in  thefu'l iwitiwr de
-ih, .1 traet of land:   r-��innif.a' Ht a  a0< a'l
in-   V.K nnr n'  l/il   I27'i in Ihe   -i'ma
-Inlnn tnii-ii.ti iif Vale, ihenee p__.M_M'__
ln-iii-., .hm'Ii *e i luiiii-,  theine -est Bcb'ln,
lie ti'" ! ll  Mtfl,-I'll-1" ll'iillt   tlf   ell 11 nen-i'   j
 i, exolu-lhtf lher.fr  boworiuill th'
'.-rlai"   portion of  1.-1 iCI  lyiitK  ��itlii" Ml-il '
i iiti-'nt it--.
Auk. i-i. _M R.&__dT.
H'-rwb -Ulneing a a|ietiall.y.
. Ill.l_. OITHITT
A. It. e. .-c. l_iiidon.
Kiunloopw, li. ('.
Aw.%yH and eeel)Mf Df Ore^, Coal and In
diiHlrial pr��w1urtH.
nenplet by mail or ^laife rwetfi prompt
Fresh Fruit
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
Ui     Ui     LLUIinilU    Ev.rythini, New Mid    Kir.i (.��_���<
..II _.���_. of Watch, Cluck
m il ,le��elty fetHita tl-tie in
firtti elaart unler ami Mttaf-C
tiull m.railteeil. Ail ��,.rk
Kiitiusieii in uur cir_ otll tie
i.'iniiplt'ti-il in. I roturneil vijth
i ut delay
('. 1'. It. 'I'iino Iti��|ifetor��. Kiiieloopt.
1'irliea _ iKliit>_;  wn'lc can  have  s��m<-
pronptlf atleti.'eil Iii liy applying to
,1 A. MIHIfM,
Loner Nicnla
K.J. BAH WICK, Agent. Nicla
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
11/ Cordova St. W.
Country Work a Specialty
Write for Katitnati' on all Kind* of Wort
T. 0. Box 186 KAMIX)-."8. MS
KAMI.Odl'S, B.C.
All kinda of Watched, Clock", Jewelry
etc.. kept in ��ttick.    Wedding pref
��� tutu a ttpjcialty.
Firi-r elaks repiira done nn ihort notice
and returned at uiice.
Subscribe for The Herald THE  NICOLA  HERALD
A Scheme to Overcome the Irrigation
Only women ___________ children thor-: SMOKING GOODS IS AT
ProbI | (Highly, but if a mere man keeps very! .    .    crf-TPQ
���,.  . ��� ____._. qui"', and humbles himself properly, I J< A* atul ��� a
What western pci pie have become ac-      ���    .   .    .      . ��� .       .        ,   .-  '���._._   -   __._��_..����_ ��� _
v and r.fiains from talking down to his pip A Q 0  TflDAnnfl OTflDC
customed tocall the "Coi,ipbeH"bystem superiors, the children  -ill sometimes UIuHI. <X  I UOAUuU Ul U-lt
of dry farming, afttr _i ____________ ex-' b good to him, and let him see what j _________IM
ponent. H.   W Campbell   of Lincoln   they think about the world.   But, even    KuiiHt.��-kof Domes'i.-and imported cigars.
|juih.iii., ii.    ... vain|,u_n,   h   ttomotno,        J ��� anil the __al MM loba'-co always on hand.
Nebraska,the pioneerdry farmer of arid a ter Patlcnt investigation and thecon-,   |)ropln aIld cnj..y a quiet mm tt _______
America says the "Century'1 coi.sims d scnsi'tn of the nursery,it is hard to Agent for ihe Pioneer Jitcam Utjonirf, Vaneou
drawba'.iescorrectly. -RudyardKipling
i i We*; Willie Winkle and Other Tales.
simply in the exercise of intelligence,
care, patienccand tireless industry, lis
principles are two in number: first to
k.ep the surface of tht I n , und. rcui i-
vation loose ar.d finely | uheiiaid. 'Jl.is
forms a soil mulch that permits tie r.ni.s
and melting snow t�� pi ret.late r_:u.i ly
through to the compact..! soil be.t lUl
and at the same tiinepn ven's ih.. m-i: t-
ure stored in the ^ruiin_i from being
brought to the surface by the hot ary
air. The s.X'ond is to k.e,) u.e mommI
finely pulverised and firmly comp.it'ud,
increasing its water holding capacity
and capillary attraction and placing it in
the best physical condition for the germination of seeds and the development
of plant roots. The dry farmer thus
stores water not in dams and artifi i i
reservoirs, but just where it can b
reached by the rt ots of growing cropj.
Through these principles a rainfall of
12 inches can be conserved so effect i.vly
that it will produce better rest; Its than
are usually expected of an annual rainfall of ii inches in humid America.
Water moves in the soil by capillary
attraciion-up as _____ asdown. To prevent it from rising to the surface after
it has been stored beneath is the primary object of the loose soil mulch composing the two top inches of soil. This
answers the purpose of a lid on the natural reservoir, preventing the moisture
from rising to the surface and thus
evaporating in the hot dry atmosphere.
At the same time, this soil mulch forms
an open porous bed upon which the rains
and snows fall, permitting the moisture
to percolate readily through into the
compacted ground beneath. Special
agricultural implemcnls have been designed and brought into use for packing
the subsoil and for stirring and pulverizing the surface.
After the land has been deeply plowed
and the undersoil packed by the subsoil
packer, and the surface harrowed or
pulverized, a full year should elapse before the crop is planted in order to obtain the best results.
When the snows of winter and early
spring melt, instead of draining off the
surface or evaporating, as they have
done for ages, they sink into the reservoir prepared for their reception. As
soon as the surface is dry enough, the
ground is harrowed over and over again
to place the mu'ch in proper condition.
This is repeated after each rain until
seeding tim, arrives. The seed is then
drilled in just deep enough to place it
below the soil mulch in llie moist compacted soil beneath, causing germination in the quickest possible time. After planting, the dry farmer continues
to harrow over the ground after each
rainfall until the growing crop is too
far advanced to permit of this without
causing destruction. By that time it
covers the ground fairly well, protecting it lo some extent from the sun and
hot winds and making the constant
loosening of the soil mulch less imperative.
No sooner is the crop harvested than
preparation begins forthe next seeding.
The plow follows close behind the harvester cutting a furrow seven inches
deep. Rehind the plow follows the subsoil packer, similar in shape to a disk
harrow, but having ten sharp wheels
that cut deeply into the plowed ground
and press the soil firmly together. The
packer is drawn very slowly, but all
ground plowed is packed and harrowed
before work is stopped for dinner or a
night's rest. No matter how long a
time must elapse before the planting of
the next crop, the ground is harrowed
over after every rain, but nevt r when
it is dry. Through winter and summ.r
this persistent and untiring stirring of
the soil mulch is continued whether any
thing be panted or not. The dry farmer therefore knows no season of rest
or idleness. He knows that eternal
diligence is the price he must pay for
good crops.
It has been thoroughly demonstrated
that rational dry farming methods as
above outlined will produce from three
to five times the results of ordinary
farm methods on the same lands.
ver.   l_0lin!r> hlij|i leil t-\t ij >a llrtiaj.
nun is
trAMLOOHfl ll'll'SK, P, II,rial, proprietor.
**���   Wmt ..lock "f wine-, ilquom and t igars 10
ihe Interior.    Just the spin furl utceioolro
freshing glass of beer.    ��leu in Kauiluop*
'Mil i||.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
from date I in end to apply to tha chief
c���n,.���i.,si.,ner of lands and  works for ��� . f   '
p' nnission  to  purchase   IM) acres of U ���,,,n.n, ,,���, ir-Jlw*. ________   'lb-
mountain pa ture land  situated about 8 i nnly lomeiiienl hntd f--r Iranian,    il _��t
miles from Nicola, described as follows!r"""^- K""1 '"'''"��� Jj"''"1 "J""*   '''"" Mf
i    , ,   .,   ���       _ tin .ili' nai'ii-.   iv A. Huriiliar. t.roii-1. ter.
t'oinii.enei' g ll I post, marked J. CL jr., \ <iw,n H[MUltl ��� ,��� ,���;,'���������
N W corner the ice east 40 chains, thence i	
south -Uciiains, thence west 40 chains, ,_,,���,,���,_,,,, ���,.,.,.,    .,
thence north 4o'chains to point of com- AS,'.,,!.._.' JSEfc R*j* R_V_?_.
mencement.   The initial post of  land table board.  Hot nun i_M limbs, imp rem
applied for lies about one mile W of M. scmative meets all train. .��_o_��_-P_r____,
Adams N w corner post.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept. 13th. 1906.      K. Ii. Winny, Agt.
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby given that hunting
or shooting on the premises of the undersigned, without permission, is
strictly prohibited.       J. Blackwell.
Slop at Ilir
Robt   loatt,  Proprietor
When   traielme;   mi   the Nicol. road
0 nvetiient place lur tnveleia, intuition
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Winny Estate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
R. H. Winny.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Broadbent Estate,
without permission of the undersigned,
will be prosecuted.
Harold Matthews, Lessee.
Mil [CK.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Clapperton Estate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
M. P. Stewart, lessee.
N< 11 ICE
Sixty il.iyj afler dale I i ond In apply lollic
lion.tt.eeiiiefeo ninis.t- Mrof land-aD- workt
tor ' crnii-_itiii ttt lia-e law ne.ei.iif land f >r
aw to 11 ttt) ���!___, dc-cntad as f-tllowa: I on
ineiicing tit J. (J. 'h) lint' No. 1 ,-iisi. _iei i nn
ninit 4-ii too* mirth,'hence 21-' trot ea., Ihenee
l-Oi-on'h. iheni'eiilH wci in iiiitnil putt, Thia
and in an _.___r.Hi ed part of I ilia nt-cn limn-
-iteat- the ten let of Oner lake
,1. li, THVNSK.
utter Valley, Alf.lt, IM.
Nniir . is hereby 1-V.H. tlml wixty tlftjra a'trr
ilit �� I i'ltnti'l Hi Apply Im I iic obit f < iiiiiiiii|
.inner of land. .nd work* f.ir f___rmig_ito_i to
piirHiMi*HO%nr_Mo| [Ki-i'i r fund r.i.tiHf.'d OB
t'ike.- ��Mouni_in, Yule Di .'..������!, M -.mtnelnR hi
i p<nt. jilaml mi ihe Miulhern lint* (f (. N.
'VrkinV iiret'iiniii ��i. tbonra I" d_1_U_h we-*!,
liCnt: _.() ."i tit>M noiiiIi, ___.km IA CtHblBfl cu-'.
ihen-.! lit i clmiiiM nnrth Uipoi.it of romiiKiici1
m* A \M. L1^!^!^.'_!_: HALL
No'Ice In herehy irlven Hi M m\ty Aojt af'cr
tlillH 1 in-, nil t.iai.plv in lhe I'liief i ___a_U*
-ionee ef Late'" and Work-t for j.ave tnimr-
ehaae ihe fti.lowiit- mountain pa-tlure,   Coni-
eie inK at t tn int |il,in|ed in the vieinitj i.f
^ E, eorner pn-t ef l_,l 1-JI5 K-niloniH lltvis-
-on of Yalo lli-trict, Ihenee we*\ 111 ehain .
ihenee north 40 ehain , Iheie-e ea-t In ehains.
���le in.- ni.n'li ID ehaina to point of commence
john r. EtBU-twm.
Pert;. U !____, AKent.
laiwer Nieola, Aug. 17, WW.
Iji.eq.jnlled ns m
��_ihiiih-F Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting, (.iiitlt's and 'lorses
always ready. Telephone
connection! ;ill dirvction-
l;irst i lass Accommodation. Terms ;
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
onitcmsA, h n,
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets .... $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Stratbcona and Mount Royal, Q. 0. II. 0.
PRESIDENT,        ��� Sir Oeo. A. Drummond. K. 0. M. 0.
Head Office  Montreal
Deposits received from   $1.00  and  upwards,
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail,
town accounts receive every attention.
Out of
H_ie   \'"i    hwtU.  rim   ^   .Mier-Ul
lit-* AtuniMin'ii it'iiH -inn
The in 'St   iietl,-.-' ulkn-g munhiiiB
yet |iri-iliieetl,
I'rti'.  , tSo,  $ '0 M_ $K0
OM style   tnlkers  frnin ?5 up.
Kur Ptiee- anl Ternw - rltitto
M. M. WAiTT & CO.
_!7 (Iranville -treet
VANCOUVER,     ���     ���     ���     B. C.
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one  now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best ana at fair prices.
A sitting nf the Ciwn'y Coafl nl Yule,
will he heltl in ihe 0 ttt It'inte, NicnU,
B   C, nil
Monday, Oct. 29, 1906
nt Kin. m.
On. MntiuY,
0, 0 _*___���__���.
1892   1906
Nurseries and Seedhouses
-I ite I ii it 'i-i   ln-|i|ily  in the i liii-f eiiiiinii
| '.Innernf Uiirls inni w-rkt far p'liniH-inn  1'
Ruie-.-  ��nrl  Tnwn Pr-MTtltl  for  Sale ��� I'nreliaHO lifll aen-; > f pa-inre land  In  the
' | Mi'tila lllvtsii'ii n' tale  ]n_lrn I, ettnale-  n-
Liat your Properties with me.
Nnlli'el-lierelij ul;en lhat sixty ilayi afler   Rev. \V, ,1. Stl'l'ltELL, _. A , H.D.
Re.. J. P Howm.L, Bursar.
It will pay ynu tn call and
ukrald onwt NICOLA, B. C
fiilluus: Onninieneii _ at_ slake al ____.!
tm tier of Lot 7l"i Ibeii.e west, I" eliaitin, Ihenee       A  onmplefe   Cninmercial and  hu.tness
sninh'2"elitins. Ilieiiti' e_j.t  lltehtiins, ttunee -,.   .    . _, j ,. ...i��� i���..t,
.oiithttehaiie. lh.ti.-e.��_  in.'hai���_ then.-e  course.   Students prepated tn nam teach
north 10 thalns, Iheie e .-_.-( 20 .-haina, thence i       cert,iric,te8 of all grades.   In  univer
nnrth 20i.hain. et'iitiiniiiiK 1.0 acres. ,_"!.--���     v B
Nicola, Auk, ��, IKltl        M. ft CORMCTI.   t sity work a full course for the B. A. de
 I uree of Toronto Uni'ersity.
lnstructinn given in Music, Art, Phyi
cal Culture and Elocution.
Send for Calendar.
Notieo it hereby jtvei that sixty tlays afler
date 1 intend tn apnly to Ihe chief eoniinis
sinner nf la' ds and works ftir leave t.o P'T-
ehase lhe f .|ln��iinr land. In'liid forty acres nf
i" 'iini.i n na.lnre land, conitt eneintr at.a po-t
place-at the S.W, corner nf l.ni lj|.\ thence
stiinh'iflchains, thenceeast 20chains, Ihence
nonh ait hains, Ihenee west 20 chains to point
of commencement.
Lower Nicola. Auk. _. I9u_
I,arKe slock of HOMEi.K'lWN Flint
and Ornamental Trees now matured for
th" tall trade
Nn e>|'-n-e, Inss or delay of funil_a
Mini or inspection
lleaeijiisrlers for Pacific Coa-t urowB
li.nleii, Field and Flower Seeds id
BEE St'PPLIES, Spray P.imi.s.
whale Oil Soap, (ireeiih"u-e 1'iants, Cut
Flowers, limits for fall pl.ntiii-
We dn tiusiness on our own ((rounds-
no rent to pay and are prepared to meet
all competition.
L>-t me price your list before pUciof
your order.   Catalogue Free.
3010 Westminster Road,      Vaucoi'Vur, B. C.
8ixty days after date I intend to apply toth#
chief commissioner of lands and works for per
mission I o pur base 320 aci es of mountain past
tuielind, sluialed about six ndles not of
Nic la aud adjoining J. K. Snivel's ft line, de*
eribi'd   as follows:   I onnneneinK al a post
.   rt _ . rrtnt'fl    as   rollo--:     I tiiiiuieiieini
/-^Ol.tT NIPOI.A. No. sail. A. 0. F��� meets nml.ke<1 K.H.W., fl.K. corner,  thenee norih,.
V '  second and fourth Friday In each month , hains, thence eHst 40 chains, thenee smith HP
at d p.m., In I'noley _ Hall.    ���* tsiting ���>rethren (,|uil)a lneBCB WIS| 4,, chuin_ to point of com
cordially InvlWal. tnencemenU
A, R. Oahrivotoi, r.R. ��� ��� ���...,.,���
W. Gordon Mi RRAT, Sec,    ; Aug. tt, 1906. K. "��� _ INM. THE NICOLA HERALD
R. Trodden left Tuesday morning for
New Westminster.
S. J. Bate of Aspen Grove was
Nicola this week.
Brown.-At Hope, B. C, on Sunday,
September 9th, 1906, the wife of
James Brown, Aspen Grove, of a son.
Marpole.-At Vancouver, B. C, Saturday, September 15th, 1906, the wife
of D. P. Marpole, 22-Mile House, Nicola, of a daughter.
G. B. Armstroug of Lower
was in town Tuesday.
James Palmer and wife of Vancouver
are vi .ting with relatives in the valley.
Everything you buy from the M.M.M.
is home grown.
Jos. R. A. Richards and W. Newberry
of GmUm w.'r^" visitors to Nicola Monday.
Rev. D. K. Allan returned on Thursday from Ashcroft where he had been
holding serviee.
Several drunks were guests of the
jail this week and after sobering up
were turned loose.
Why siioui.i) you okt wet when you
can buy a Rain Coat for $2..-) at G. B.
Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
hy wetting alHNhY ateel wire
horse brush The "Dandy" remove! il .udriitf and loose hair,
leavea the skin in healthy cn
dltlnii an,I ii, .kts the horse ferl
Full Sock of
Harness and Saddlery
alsay. i,ii h.inl
S -cure y. ur sii|t|i ie�� at
NHOL .   B C
For Sale.-A New,. Drawer Drop
Heat! Singer Sewing Machine for $35.00
cash. H. L. Roberts, The Right House.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Brant leave tomorrow for New Westminster to take
in th.' Provincial exhibition.
Carrington,s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely th'.' finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
Messrs Gaylor and Dickson of the
Boundary district were guests at the
Coutlee Hotel, Coutlee this week.
Miss Nellie Hunter, who has been
visiting friends at Vancouver for several weeks, is expected to return today.
Geo. Coleman, with Mrs. Coleman and
family left for Vancouver yesterday
after speading a few  weeks in Nicola.
Dr. Mathison, dentist of Greenwood,
who has been in Nicola for a couple of
weeks left Tuesday morning for Vancouver.
Largest assortment of hats, caps,
gloves and sweaters ever offered in
Nicola Valley on sale at G. B. Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
NICOU,        ��� B. C.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
(Ittieial Adnilnl .tutor
Ih-ce.-Co'nnierci-il H___ est of I'ost Office.
KaniiiKiiis, H. ('.
Direct from the range to the consumer at the M.M.M.
If you arc looking for a choice selection of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, etc.,
1 have them.   G. B. Armstrong.
Carrington,s Silver Leaf tea is the
best 50 cant tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete without it.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister,  Solnii.t   -.ii-i   N-'sty   PwH*
Office:   _M_ of the i aiiadimt Hank of Cunt-
metre, south side of Vi.-tiina street, kantlonps.
Money to loan on rial estii'i-security.
Acc'iiit'sur,!- Ma m, Insurance    ���
and General A_> in.
Main :.reet ��� -Rinlonpa
S, J. Solomon connected with Blair &
Co.'sstor.' at Coutlee, has been visiting at the coast an I is expected to return today.
B. P. Little engineer in charge of the
Diamond Vale Coal Co.'s property ac-
compained by Mrs. Little passed through
Nicola to Coutlee Tuesday.
R. P. Inglis of Montreal, who has
paid frequent visits to the district made
a short visit to Nicola on Tu"sday returning via Kamloops same day.
R. H. Winny left on Saturday for
Vancouver, Mr*. Winny and children
followingon Tuesday. They will rem in
several days visiting at the coast.
E. A. Jukes who is largely interested
in coal property near the Forks arrived
at Coutlee on Saturday and is looking
after his interests in that section.
All orders for rough and dressed
lumber can be promptly filled by the
Nicola Portable Sawmill, Lower Nicola.
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand" pipe
sol 1 by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops.
Carrington. s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Im
ported and packed especially for us. I"
absolutely the finest tea on the market
BO cents a pound.
Vegetables fresh from the farm at
the M.M.M.
W�� are shoaioo  tile nicest .nd
in' st   up 1" niit*.   lue   ol   Hell
in eks    ihv     his     ever   been
' hiMg-l '" Kauiio"|is,
Prices Range   from $100   to   $10.00
Baby Hammocks 50c to $2.60
S. G. Near of Toronto, representing
Western Cement & Coal Co. was at Coutlee this week looking over the possibilities of the coal properties in that
M. L. Grimmett, barrister and solicitor, leaves tomorrow for Sandon, and
will be absent about a week. Mr. Grimmett is mayor of Sandon and his visit is
to attend to municipal matters.
J. Q. Leonard is building an addition
to his block on the corner of Dally and
Main streets. Mr. Leonard expects
shortly to have a short order restaurant
in the front portion, the balance to
be used as a store room. A restaurant
will be a great accommodation to the
traveling public.
Carrington's Silver Leaf tea is the
best 50 cent tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete without it.
Just landed this week-a full and
complete line of stoves, ranges, etc.
My prices are the lowest and my stock
most complete.   G. B. Armstrong.
Carrington's Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
I .or-, sh<>iii<r ilone in a
first class manner,   Care-
��� ful attention ^iven to this
I branch of thi- business,
Midi,a. h. v.
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Flour, Groceries,
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes	
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for the
Eleven thousand shares in the Boulth'r     Any person found in pursuit of game
Creek mining Company (better known on any part of the Tamerton Ranch with-
as Cousin Jack)   for sale.   IfiflO takes nut permission of the undersigned will
the lot,   J. G. Thynne,   Otter Valley, be prosecuted. Mrs. Poolry.
H. P. Christie accompanied by Mrs.
Christie arrived in Nicola by way of
Printeton road on Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Christie is on business connected
with his duties as assessor for this district and will return in two weeks to
continue his work. They left for Ashcroft on Wednesday morning.
Jos. Rieli-irds,      -      proprietor
The price of all wool goods is
going up. Blankets will be
dearer this winter, I have a
full stock and offer them at
the old figures.
5 lb Grey Union Blankets   -   -   - $2 50 per pair
6 1b  -   -   -   3 00      "
6 lltyll Wool vSilver Gray Blankets   3 75     "
7 1b        4 25     "
Sib        5 00     "
12 lb extra large all wool Gray   "       9 00
8 lb all wool White Blankets   -       5 00     "
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling In Connection. Telephone Connection
NICOLA, -        B. C.


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