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The Nicola Herald Aug 24, 1905

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VoL L  No. 15.
$2 a Year.
When and What Gam* May ba Killed
and What la Unlawful. - Shooting
Season Open* on Sept 1st.
So Be Careful
It ia unlawful to kill at any tin* quail,
pheasant, partridge, robin, noil, chaffinch,
English blackbird, thrush, linnet, sky
lark, iwan, or bird* that eat noiinu* in
aeots. Beaver, cow or calf of caribou or
moose, ��lk or wapiti, fawn of deer; ew*
or lamb of big-horn.
Tha shooting season for dnck, inipe;
bittern, meadow lark, heron and plover
begin* September 1st and ends March
For grouse, prairie chicken, ptarmigan,
bull* of mooae, alk, cariboo and wapiti;
rabbit, from September lit to December
Deer, mountain goat, ram of big horn,
from September Ut to December 16th.
Land otter and marten from November
lit tn March 31st.
Th* bag limit for on* season ia,  6 caribou, 5 deer, 2 elk or wapiti, 8 moose, 6
goat, 3 aheap, 830 duck, 250 snipe.
aom iMro-Tirr dont's.
Do not at any time export gam* in *
raw *tat* or any part or portion nf Mm*,
except bear, marten and otter; and game
killed on non-resident license. Do not
take or kill any game imported for acclimating.
Don't hunt deer with dog* or for the
hide. Do not trap; net or snare or take
with gin, baited line ordrugged bait, etc.,
any protected bird; or attempt it.
Do nnt take or try to take trout with
eiploaivea, lime, poiaon, net, seine, drag
or device other than hook or line. In
lakes of fifty square mile* or over we can
use net*.
Do not use salmon egga as bait, nor buy
and sell heads of aheep, elk, wapiti,moose,
caribou, nor elk teeth
Do not aell grouse, ptarmigan or prairie
chicken, or expoae for sale any gam* bird
plucked, or any deer, goal, sheep, moose,
elk ��r wapiti, or caribou beheaded.
Rill no game from one hoar after (unlet to on* hour before aunrise. Sunken
punts, swivel guns and hetttrie* ar* for
bidden for duck and gee**.
Do not cold itorage gam* or export
from the province, deer or any portion.
Trout under ail inchea long are pro
Non residents of the provinoe must take
out * special license.
Thar* aeema to b* soma doubt in the
mind of many peoole as to th* extent the
gam* Itws of the province ar* applicable to
Indian*. A* a matter of faot they apply
to the Indian juit a* they do to whites
with tha exception provided for in section
18 of the act of 1898 as ameoded laat
���eaaion, the (mended eeotmn reading:
"The provuiona nf this act shall not apply to Indiana or resident fanners in unorganised district* of the province, with
regard to deer killed for their own or
their families' immediate use, for food
only, and not for the purpose of sale or
traffic." Free miner* and surveying parties are subject to the same exemptions
under the earn* conditions.
It is a prevalent idea that trout may be
taken at any time but this ia incorrect,
the Game Protetoion Act, 1896. Amended Act of 1904, providing that "it thall
ba unlawful to take, catch, kill or have in
posaesiion any trout of any kind or apeoiea
except steelhead trout, between the 15th
day of November in any year and the 85' h
day of March in the following year, and
it (hall be nnlawful to take, oatoh or kill
A Promising Future For This Mining
Th* work on th* Bear Creek wagon
road from Otter Flat it making good
An important discovery of high grade
copper or* haa been mad* on th* divide
between Bear Greek and Coldwater, (nd
from indication* it will prove one of the
best mines in this section. Th* owners
arc: Tolen Williams, ti superintendent
of the Gr*nby,and Messr*. Holm**, John
ion (nd Manning.
Th* Beer Creek mining belt ia now
known to oroai the divide in contact with
Granite creek between Coldwater end
Ooquahella. From recent diecovenea
prospectors and others should remember
this in view of th* Great Northern
going to the coast by thia route.
Alex Swan i* enjoying the tonic air of
Otter Elata and renewing acquaintance
with prospectors of the Tdlameen, who
are ill glad to see him back on bis old
stamping ground.
Thinga in general lonki exceedingl)
good for this lection of th* country end
with transportation facilitiee, Otter Flat
with th* Bear Creek mines producing ore
ind employing a large number of men
���ill be a prosper us town.
Bin. Arguat Injured,
Last Thursday evening, at Coutlee,
Mr*. Arguat, wifa oi K. F. Arguat, of
Portland, had a naaty fall from ( bona
sustaining injnri** from which ahe hi*
suffered intensely during th* week.
Sh* hid juit mounted i horse in
front of the annex of the Coutlee hotel,
'he horse started off tnd then reared, fall
ing back on it* haunches, throwing Mrs.
Arguat with muoh fore* to the ground,
iislocating her rt_ht anoulder and badly
bruising her arm and body. Dr. Tutill
waa summoned and has done all in hi*
outer to relieve the sufferer, who ia now
muoh improved, although it will be aom*
tim* before ahe ia thoroughly well again.
James Chapman and 8. J. Solomin, of
Coutlee, were ?ieiting at Douglat like
thu week.
S. B. Ella, of the geological department at Ottawa, and T. J. Smith, of the
Diamond Vale coal and iron mil* near
Quilchena, were in Nioola today. They
left for the Similkameen to look over
coal properties in thit (action, tnd will
roturn this wiy in about a week or ten
Subsoriptiona in aid of the destitute
Indians who suffered from the effeots of
the land elide at Spencet Bridge on Sunday, August IS, will be received st The
Nicola Herald office. The fund* will be
used to purohaaa lumber and other necea
aitiee to help in building new borne*.
The following ia th* lial to date:
A. R. Oarrington  18 50
VW. Strickland    8 60
Fred A  Howse     1 00
The Nioola Herald    8 60
N. J. Barwick    8 50
G. A. L<tfert*    1 00
F. W. Ztagler    100
Surveyor* Now at Work on the Cold
water end OoquaheJla Making
Surrey*   Will Build Into
th* Nicola Valley.
The Great Northern railway survey
or* ar* at work on the Cnldwater making
preliminary aurveys. The line so far as
run goee up the west fori of the O'ter.
���inking the railway pass on Coldwater.
and follow) up the Coldwater to the sum
'im and men down the Cnquehalla. The
work principally consists of cleaning not
the trail, getting elevations, etc. Engi
neer Tracy ia in oharge of the party which
ii composed of niteen men with pack
It ia now quite certain that the Great
Northern will build a branch to the nj'U'h
of Coldwater, in ih* Nicola Valley from
the pass at Murray's criming of Cold-
water river. Thia branch will be built to
secure coal tonnage.
Fmm all indication! Aapcn drove,
head nf Otter Flats, which ia an ideal
towneite and adjoining which it located
the ranch of Dan Munroe, will he a very
busy place within a few monthi. The Great
Northern railroad will undoubtedly m*k*
it * central or diviaion point, iuoh being
almoat an absolute necessity closed by
the thirty-Owe mile haul up Hope trail
and over to Hope, sodas there is every
indication of the necessity nf a loop heinu
built on the west aide of Hope mountain
't will require quite an extra lot of men
to handle trains and perform other dutie
the extra work will oall for.
From a source familiar with th* plans
of the Great Northern it ia their intention
to foater the building of a smelter *ome-
whare near the head of Otter Flat*, they
deeming that place on* of th* h**t on
their line of survey for such an industry,
���h>ch if built will employ a small army ot
people. Without question * hatter spot
would be bird to find aa it meana a down
grade haul for orea from a large ind pro-
ductive aectinn. Water ia plentiful and
from Otter Flan to Princeton there is
not a foot of spare room that the Great
Northern could ute fot tbe above purpose unless they purchased the Tulamren
towntite from the Provincial government
fhich i* hardly i pnuibihty. S>, *a i
reliable Great Northern authority �����)���.
"Otter Flat* will be mad* * point of prom-
Another factor in favor of Oiter Futa
i* th* C. P. R, entering it from ihe
upper country tnd from i bird up ind
down hill pull which will neceaaitats ��� lay
over atition of some importance, a repair
and water itttioo, etc, til of whioh *ill
need quit* t force to keep operation!
It will be well to watch Otter Flats,
th* Canadian Pacifio and Great Northern
both entering there and making it a wiy
point will aiiura a town of some import,
anoe at that place.
any iteelhead trout above tide witer
between tbe 15'h day of November in
any year and the 86th day of March in
the following year. Thia section thall
not ayply to children under (16) yean of
The period* during which game may be
exposed for sale are: "Duck, anipe, heron
and plover; between tbe lit of September
end th* laat of February; hare, gnat,
moo**, big-horn or caribou, Ootober,
November, Decern oer; buok deer, September lit to November 16th.
Th* Black Diamond Ooal - Ook* Co
To Start Work
B F. Ar���u.. **_ B. H, Trumbull,
commercial a.-m wi fie Iilmoii Central
railway, MM*jp*a*_| tiy Mrs, Arguat,
arrived in a_*jtt*a laat Wednesday,
��� here ihey are t*jay*j*xa_ Mr. Arguat be
log Interested in ���_���) priperty on T*o
Mile. Mr. T'uio ii>i haa returned U>
Poland but Mr, Arttust will probably
remain a fe�� mouths in get development
work atartrd.
The property owned t>y the Blick Dit
mnnd Co��l it Coke <'i , emislsta of 16,
IKX) acres running Iroin one mile north ol
the wagon road on Ten Mile, extending
one mile north ami across ihe reservation
\ d do���� the wdt side for three mil**.
It i* the intention to thoroughly prospect the ground this seaaon, and will run
a tunnel and open cuts at aeveral poiuts
aud will then install ��� drill.
Happenings ln Nicola and Throughout
tbe District
Mr, and Mr*. Thus. Hunter ar* viaiting
at Jo*. Collett'a ranch.
H. Murk ia ereauug a small residence
on a piece of property hvhind N. J. Bar-
'tek's which he recently purchased from
R H. Winny.
R. H. Winny will shortly hav* about
titty acres of hia ranch, adjoining Dalley
street, surveyed into town lott ind will
put same on the market
A lawn tennis party will be held on
the Nicola court on Saturday, when a
large attendance will h* on hand from
Nicola and adjoining town*. Kefreeh-
meii's will he served.
The telephone h"*rd, fixtures, etc,, for
> he Nicula telephone office arrived in
rown thia week and will be installed a*
soon aa the telephone repairer* return
from Princet n, which will probably be
two week*.
Robert P-IUrd **siti to*n thia week
and had on exhibition ("me fin* (ample*
of lime, which ha is going to open up on
the ranch of Peter Morquart, at Courtney lake. Parties who are versed on th*
qaeation claim it ii the tinest lime yet
found in this section.
On last Monday morning one of the
(treat Northern surveying parly of Mr.
Traoy's corps met with quite a i*riou* tc-
dent. While twinging in ��i to dear
* 'ine bruah he struck hit right foot cut
ting it so badly that i messenger aaa dispatched to Hope for i doctor
"Jack- Clark Had Bed rail.
John Clark, hid the misfortune to hive
a bad fall on Monday morning near hia
brother, R. Clark's ranoh. He waa riding
horseback over the field when hi* horee
(tapped into a hols, filling and throwing
"Jack" to the ground and falling on top
of the proetrale man. Some Indiana who
aaw the accident hurried to the reuu--
and picked Clark up, who remained in in
unoonacioua condition for i few hour*.
Dr. Tutill wt* sent for and is bringing
him around all right again. Beside* being badly shaken m, he ha* aeveral body
paim and a braised ftoe and head.
A man named Leslie connected with
Engineer Hill'i survey party at Coutlee,
had the misfortune to cut hia foot very
badly nn Monday afternoon. He waa
ohopping when the axe atruok overhead
th* blow falling the blade linking him
on th* iiiatep. He bled profuiely, hii
comrades doing what they could for him
until medical attendance arrived next
Aipen Orove.
Work in th* Aipen Grove mining oamp
ia going steadily ahead,and on all the properties the work showt up satisfactory results. Frank Bailey *nd Mr. Cameron
hare recently com* from Princeton and
have itarted work on mineral claim* in
which they are interetted.
P. J. Starwell ii hard at work on tbe
Ohio olaini and will continue work on i>
for th* balance of the Meson. With the
work done previously Mr. Starwell end
others (re convinced that he haa a Snan
ia. He will continue the tunnel for
about 76 feet with era** oat*, etc
Th* Oeology of the Nioola Coal Basin.
Coldwater, Ten-Mile and Quilchena.
Specially Written For Ooal*
Th* Nicola Herald.
It ia perhaps, fitting thit I should say
something with regard* to th* very com-
prehenaiv* report by that able geologist
n the geology of tha Nioola coal basin.
Thu report appears in the luiumary re*
port of the Geological Survey Depart*
ment of Canada, for the year 1904.
It ia a very long time, indeed, since
the Nicola coal basin was honored with a
position in the summary report* of the
Geological Survey and it may be aaid that
the long interval that haa elapsed since
rhe last of the earlier reports by the late
Dr. Dawson, and hia capable assistants,
and the present report of Dr. Ells,
closes the period when the Nioo'a baain
vis left neglected to take care of itself
for years, without receiving that attention
and consideration from the Federal aa
well a* th* Provincial government to
which it ii entitled by reason of tis mineral resource*, its coal especially, and iti
position at a natural outlet from tbe
southern interior.
It wat a convincing event calling it*
shadowi before when Dr. Ells and hi*
assists nt Mr. Johnson, left Ottawa Jun*
86, 1904, for tha purpose of examining
and reexamining certain outcrop* of coal
in the Nicola valley and neighborhood.
In hia report Dr Elli tayi in th* in-
troducory portion of il:
"The araaa more particularly under
'���lamination during the season ire known
hi the Nioola and Q iilchena coal batioi.
They lie to the south of th* Canadian
Pacific railway and are at present reached
by the itage road from Kamloopa to Nicola Lake and thence out to the railway
again to Spenoe's Bridge station. The
eastern or Quilchena basin it about fifty
milea from Kamloops, while the lower or
Ten Mile creek baain, whioh i* the western extension of the Nicla basin proper,
ii thirty ail milea from Spences Bridge."
It mutt be conceded however, that the
geological record, especially when made
under many conditions of disadvantages,
like other records, must be improved ind
amended in the light of time, which, it ii
said "overthrows the illusions nf opinion
and establishes the decisions of nature.'1
Most interesting ind moat important,
indeed, is the geology of the Nicolt basin
ind it it thtt geology that his quickened
the pace nf government and railway com-
panic* alike to bring th<t Nicola and it*
subsidiary area* into line with the continental momentum.
It it to be regretted that tbe geological
survey of the United States and of Canada hive not, io tar, been able to secure
thit common system of nomenclature and
coloring for which they have been work-
ing for some yean.
If thil common aystem prevailed now,
if the correlation of international strata
were more in uae thin it ii now, there
would be let* misconception ind the people living on both tide* of th* Internal
iinat boundary tin* would poaseai more
enlightened opinion* of this correlation
than they now pneeesi when it it the ex-
oeption ind not tbe rule.
It does perhaps not affect the value of
a mineral to oall it variegated pyritei in
stead of peacock copper.
The tirst ia typically technical and the
latter ii common and familiar. In enme
reepeoti it makis no difference* but when
wa venture into the ooal field we must be
careful.   We mutt not designate t lignite
(Ooatlnued on Third Page-) THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Capital $8,700,000    Rest $3,600,000   Total Asset* (Nov 19041 $81,000,000
Sating* Rank Drparti-r-l
Dep sua nl f 1 and upwarda received and interest allowed.    The dep"litor
ia sut'ject to no delay io depositing or withdrawing fund*.
���Unking by Nail
Accounts of rancher* and other customers residing out of town receive
special attention.   Funda may he depoeiled or withdrawn ny mail,
aPvaNCtn MADl on arpuvKii niitim
Publlahed Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance, $2 a Tear
NICOI-, B. C.  At'iU'sr 24, 1904.
In thii issue ii published the first of t
series of article! in reference to the Nico
la valley o��al, and comments on Dr. Ells,
the Dominion government geologist re
port ju.t published. The article* con
tain taluable information.
The hunting aeisin for certain game
opens on Friday next, September iHt
and hunters should fatniliari>-e themselves
with the Provincial Game L>wa ao as b
avoid trtU'greseing. In this issue ia pub
li-hed, where and what gtine may be
killed and what is unlawful.
The Nicola Valley in gradually drawing
nonce from the general public and er>
long prosperity, which hat long heei
awaited, will come this way, With el
tensive farm, cattle and grating Und.
coal and copper mines in abundance, will
numerous other minerals, the Nicol
district will he the foremost in the Pr<v
ince of British Columbia. With th.
completion of the railroad now unde
cons-ruction, the uiiu** will all hec.'in
producers, smelters erected and man
other industriei opened up which wil
make Ihe Nicola all that is claimed for i>
as the banner district. Investors an>
others should take note ol this, all ol
which can be proven by a vi-<it to ihi
district. Now ia the accepted time. Bi
tattling in the NicoU, with eneigy aim
push no one need want.
Tender For Hall Contract.
The C PR, haa written the Domin
ion government that when the pres.n
contract with the Allan line expires neii
August for the carriage of mail matte'
between England aid Cmada, tbe Cans
dian Ps.'itic will he prepared to tendei
for the aervice. Two 20 knot boats, Una
being built for the C. P. R., will tn
ready by thai time.
SEPT. 26 TO OCT. 7
Stupendous and comprehensive arr*y
of Eihibits representing the resources of all Canada
In Prises and
Enlarged grounds, new, hand,
some and spacious Imil'iings
World's Champinnthip evMhiN m Rowing
and  Ltomes.-, Horse Racing. It" i"-b
"Busting," Military Parades and Ex
It val  Insb  Guards and other Ftiuous
Grand Water Carnival���Parade of Fraser
river tithing fl Bt, patrol hours, H. M
Warships, Indian war oaunes, etc.
Indian 8|iorla
For all information write W. H Keary,
Secretary and Manager, New Westminster, B. C
Land Mining and Oeneral Supply Agte
MiMiniff ..Heir*, lie orison mining prop r-
" - through it"- llisoic Agen s im mining,
������������lilrarnre, f .r ���. ni.i.lii ��� .i-r.\. wagon-, tiugKii '8
��� to. ��� abie a 'tire-*. "Aunim" Codes: Brom-
hall, WorelngK N'al. A. \ C. 4lh.
vt'sivlioii-e���I'an'o d, Mcnht *���_**', B. 0.
Thirty day-, afterdate I Intend lo apnly tn the
chief rniiiinis-ionei of land- aim work- for a lie-
'ii^etop'o pent fore al on th" following land
"illlini'll' 'llg at ali-i I maiked J. c atie, a, K.
���nrner, tli'ii'e ���onlh 80 chal"S, them* w at
NOchains, heme North t*�� chains, then e Kast
8U rlia ns to point of Co n eenoemeiit.
J  M. .Vic  AUK. 1/i.ator
J.    n illion agent
Coldwater, MIc,!��, July 23, mai
('." no ing al a ii mi   ma k d   \   I)   M"-
I'abe, V. VV' orn' r, running S uth >0 chains.
East miihiln-. North 80 chans. ' es< flu eh tins
lo point of com nn n ene-ii .
A O  McCAR . l/s-ator.
I   I' m il inn, Aseni,
Coldwater. Nioda. Ju y 21.1905
Co'iiin-'ni-iiiv at a i��<>-' m rsed K Hnil h's,
V K. orn.r, running -outh SO ch Ins .\e-l
flOchalns, NonhaO chains Eas 811 chain-i to
point of nomine ceiii. ni
B. ��W|i"i.    icttor.
J. <'��� s hlion, Agent.
Coldtvatw, VI iila. July 23 1005
Commencing a a i��i-I ma'k 'I II Hatid-.nn,
V. VV. iiirne . running -son h 80 chai s. rant
SO chain . \oi th 80 . Iiki-.- VV - 0 i li tin-, lo
initial post. It HA* lii-HN'   Lostr
J. ChhiiIIioii Agent
Coldwater, N cnla. .Inly IO 196.
Co nm -re 1iuh>i a on- iia ked H, K. oss,
at, K. corner running outh 80 chains, thence
We 1.8''chain , th nceNnr hstl nhaiaa, ihence
East 80 chains to Inii al pus.
n. K. msH. I cat��
J I'lHtillion. agent.
Coldwa'er, N c la July 23. IWli
Coniine clnga apn.i ma a-i II J. R s, N
VV. corne'' running * >uih 80 chain. Kal 80
chain". North 8< chains We-" 80 . hai - t.
initial post. It J. inw-. Ijic.rnr
J. rtiMilboii, Agent
Toldwater. KM*, July tt. I!)n5
Commencing mi , to- nmrk-d II Mclnnes,
N. s;. cuier. lunniuv stouth -Ochilns, We-t
80 chains. Non. i 80 chains, Nasi SO clia n- lo
initial post. II. M ItSK-. I<s'a' r.
J. '"on lliion. Agent.
Coldwatr. Nlcnta. J.lyj:l IU0.5
Notice i, hereby g.ven -hat hunting or I ��&��*? �� '.gJESkm \\J?&
���hooting on the propertv of ihe Douglas SOchsln-i, Nor'h 80 chains, wv.i 8n chain- to
l  t  n. i  n i  .   l-j!        7      Initial p.*t. M. W.INNK- Lo-tnr
_ tit* tattle tompany ia forbidden.    Any. J ''usiillion Ag n .
____t   ���   - - * i. ! Coldwater. Nicola July n. 1KB.
person  or   persons hunting or shooting j   iv,,���,���e,���.|r���,a an��t ���,ark-d W O. Mur
on the shove property will he prosecuted j [?/"��������� E """ _,i.._ft   ��"���h *> rhalns.
r    r    * K     _��-���     vAesi ROcha'ns, Nurth 80 chain��; K ��t sO chains
Under the sections of the Game Act. to initial post.      VV. U. VlT'lK VY I. uaior.
���   _- ��� J ''OKiillimi. Agent.
J. B   (.RKAVE8.      Cnldwster.NI.-iila July 23, hW
fommen -_f at a no-t ma-ked  1. T. Mur-^
rat's. N. VV. corner runninK Sou h 80 ehai is,
! Kast 80chains. .Sort  80nhtiu-.    ����� mi rhiin.
, Notice is herebv given that within sixty days !U"n""il"0"'       * '��� "P^* til'lon^-ent
from dale I Inteud makinK appUcaiion to thi c���irlivat,r Nle^la Jatv*a.M_t
honnraMechief.omm<>sioner..ri.ndssndwnrks:    ^,^^0^1 ��   , si1.1 ok.d J   Uraham
h__ \X&& dll_a__? 'vaT'7 "' Tre N ��� ����� ���"��r. ���i��'��f*H th felh i'n^vve's.'
land in the Yaledivlsinn of Yale dis'nct sim sn(.i,��inii N.nh so eh.in ��� �� -n ���___��� tn
at, das follows:   t'ommeminK ��t a slake at. Ih*  ui.tiainos I   )H tHaM  2e_5r
8.W. corner of I 01716 runDing Ihence eomh 20 '" "*' PU8t' J | ,bullion AJeiit
chains mnre nr le s to the N VV. of Jas Cur l�� -      _.l._t i.tilllon. Agent.
Ex|>'urrr nml UeologiMt
Uf ihe I'ollege of Liberal Art
Havii.K made a careful exa>ni< atlnn of the
Thompe 11, 1 onana'te and Nicla division- of
tale dis'fict, trinsli lal unibia, I. preosred lo
fnmi-h invesmi- und i 1 .ndliu Inve-tors with
re'iabl" re* <it- nn iie<��c.oienceof metailifer-
01- oes, al n iiiii'-. lump, cial and liKnite
Wllhlll lllHillSlliC  llnlir .t.-'l.
MaviiiK imi.ie a eifvfal examination of the
I'lHiiwaor ci��l beds.f ihe NicolaVallet and
Hat creek c.iiiii'rj, ve > dependible report- on
' he cl'tir " I ei 1 f 1 hese ''nil- end IikiiII '���- Will be
fiirm-h d in iiivestorHHiid 0 her-*. These g<
amiusiion-h iteexiend'd over ina'iy years and
'he value a- well 11-1 xl nl uf 1 lie coal men-tin h
will he given, lounlsr erdns^, A.lnll, hi.
I'abl' and 'hi Hddiiee, 'I silt 1." Ailunll,
Strike 1* Off.
Theitrike nf the 'elegraphera on the
N rthetn Pacific rn��d was   Hicitlly declared off last Saturday by President Per
To Hunters
Celtihct" ol  I 1 pnni'iiicnls.
vberdeen, Plyninmli Queen. Manchester, Lon
d n   Conner Halle and   Kiiig   MoinnianV
llreani M neral 1 hums      Sliuate in the
Nicoln-Ka nhnps Mining lllvisiHu of Yah
lli��lrlct   rlaimsI'siatecT'ieftr Ill-Mi el.'rcek.
North Vital*,
T��ke nolce I hat I, 'nhn Cltp[��3r|j'n, free
Miner's c.-ni"ca e Nn B769U3. intend, 60 daye
run Ihe dale hereo*. t.n apt ly iu the miuiio/
ecoiderfnr a rert'fira'eof liniiroveinents, fin
he uurpuaenf obutining a crown g'-antof the
ibove Maim*,
And f'irili'r lake notice that,action, u der
. 'linn .'17, ' list he coin" enr.-rl before I he issuance nf such rep itlcaie of Improvements.
Hated this 28lh day nf June, 1905
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Ve.J, Pork
and Sausage
Orders throughout the District receive careful attention and promptly delivered
JAMKa.   POOLKY Proprietor
��� wice a week delivery to Lower Nicola, Coutlee, way points
ANDREW SMilH, Proprietor
All kinds of Blacksmith work and Horseshoing done in
first class shape.   Leave your work here and it will receive
prompt attention.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
S.-nii your |2 alohii and receive The
Nicla Herald for one year.
Klxtv daysaf'er da<e I intend to anplr lo the
chief commissi ner of and! and works for per
mission to iiiiic , -e 4o sens if mountain i��as-
uraKe rnniniencinK at a nost marked A. 1. 's
V. H' corner thence M 20 chains thence K 20,
V20. thence along I'ish l_ke shore 10 initial
nnsi Wscies ANTOINNK LAMPrtON.
7lh July, 1908.
Slxly days after date I Intend to apply to Ihe
"  Woik��
s to
r dale I lnU__
Chief Commissioner of Lands and  .... ... ..
piirohase 160 acres of mountain land, cnmnienr-
ingat It. (I nl I if Td's, sr.. stake, west corner;
running eaal. 20 chain-; thence west 20 chains;
thence north 80 chains, more or leas; tbeoce
south 80 chains, more or lean.
June21, m R. GULUPYIRD, Jr.
It has the lagest sale of any Mower in the market and is without doubt the
finest made.  Deering Binders ar e the best.
The Deering
belt's cml lease, ihence east 40 chains, thence
Coldwater, \i<vtla. Jul. 21 19 5
i^____r________H- -f����e 1 ^r:^x:nr^:Xl^r^i.
to the point of commencement.
July 20th, 1909,
Sixty days after da*e I intend to apply to the
chief roii'inls-ionor of lands and works for per
mission to purcha-e 40ucies of mountain pas-
80 chain . North 80 en on , s_4 SO chains to
initial poa. I). MC iRW   l/ioator.
J. Co-tillion, Agent
Coldwater. NIooN, July 2:1 1905.
Nixtydaysafternstel n,t.nd to makeapoM-
cation tithe rliiefeo.ii.ii. I n r of 'a. I- and
turagecm enclngat a post marked A. Mc-   w,h,, for rmr. Iselon to pur hue 811 a IH of
DniiKalli post No 1 ��,��, corner, th. ncesnnih mnumaln land starting at K. Onlliford'asieke
20 chains, thence K 2n, Ihence N 20, thence W 201 Sin. til running 20 hains ea 1 tneiau nunh
chains toIniilal post. The laid lies west of j 20chains west, 4"chainss uth'toBlartlnitpoaU
New Uke. A. McDOUOAIj���   | r 0tIl.LlW)KlT
18th J uly. 1906. |   Aapen Orove, a C, June 15, 1906,
Deering Hay Sweepers you can't do without.  Deering Stackers can't be
beat.  Deering Hay Rakes last the longest.   Write or call and see
aa a ooal, thia Mistake ia often _*d* and
yet mor* mietakea have been mid* about
tb* age of ooala, 1 use tbe term eomur*
bensively, than about any other kind of
Not, ur, I have always maintained
that the ooal* of tb* Nioola valley, th.
typical Nicola ooal* of tb* Cold water group
ar* true fuel* and I ooo* ventured the
opinion that aouie of th* bed* Bight be
Jurassic, for you muat know that in enmr
other portion* of tbe world Jurassic rocks
bold coal. Sven 8ilurian rock* are
known to contain ooal in eunie count
rice, but I cannot aniwer for th* quality,
It ia perhape a little too old like giapbite
to be need in tbe furnace.
The late Dr. Dawson bad tome doubt*
in tb* frit instance*, when tbe Nicula
coal of the Coldwater group wi* classified
aa Oligiwens Ternary. Oligooene means
Lower Miocene and Lower Miocene Ter
tiary mean* Middle Tertiary.
It would follow that the true fueli of
th* Nicola, which ar* described by Dr.
Kill, previouily a* bitioiunou* ooal* be
long to tha lower part of the Miocene
Tertiary, but thia doee not mean th* bear
of tha Tertiary, but if Tertiary at all it
would seem lo be proper to regard thia
coal *i the base of the Tertiary, representing a period between tbe clou of the
Cretaceani and the laying down of the
base of the Tertiary, or if not tbe nam of
the Tertiary it may represent tbe interval
between the two, a period nearer the Cre
taceana than th* former.
Although * me geologists maintain that
all co-tla of th* Tertiary must be clatai
fied u other lignite ooal or lignite*, vel
there ire others that maintain that certain
ao called lignite ooal* of th* Tertiary age
ar* really true fuel* or coal*.
It ia in evidence that th* und of
lai dstoues, ind th* pebbles of tbe oon
glomerate! of the Coldwater group hate
been d r ved from rocks of carboniferous
age. It might reasonably be intened
from this that the aaeuciated rocki of tbe
Coldwtier group are ih refore of Crete-
era i age, but thu would only be justified
in the cue of in ideal section of rocks
8ino* strata by crust movement folding,
etc., loae their original position and ire
found in different relative portions to
one mother than they once occupied.
It must not be taken for granted that
the Nicola Coldwater (roup ii the only
group of the kind on thu continent. By
n i means. It is believed by some genio
gists that the Coldwater group represent-
remnant area* of a once great and exten
live formation, but that tbe greater por
tion hu been removed by devutation.
Again similar ireu may be found today
all over British Columhia and Weaning
ton, but an examination of their fouil*
might (bow thit tha ahalee and sandstone*
belong to a much higher geological bun
tm. And yet it must also be born* in
mind that all tb* are** on the map col
ored u ihe Coldwater group do not alwiyi
belong to that group.
Taking th* reader aero** the Inter
national boundary line I may introduce
him to th* Kittitas ayilem u described
by Israel Cook Russell, in Bulletin No.
108, U 8. Qeologioal survey. Mr. Rui-
���all made a reconnaissance into central
Waihington io 1893 and tha* describes
the coal field* there:
"Retting on th* upturned and eroded
��d(** of tb* crystalline rook* belonging
to the lerie* briefly described above there
i* an important system of unditone* and
���h*l*a, with inter-bedded coal aeama,
which form th* surface of tbe country
near Wenatchee ard extend with increaa
ing breadth southwest through tb* wear
���rn part of Kittitas county and probably
also through th* western part of Yakiaa
county. Tbe important ooal mine* of
Ritlyn are in tbe *yst*a. From tbt
ebaraoter of fowl leave* occurring ibund
intly on th* shale* above the ooal it
Rmlyn, it i* known that the rocki ire of
early Tertiary ag*. The atrata enumer
���ted above fora ��� well defined formation
which for convenience it named the Kttt
itu iy*t*B. It it limited below at in
junction with the npturned crystalline
rock on which it rut* by a great unconformity, tnd I* deferred tbove by another
nonconformity at it* contact with over-
tying baealt."
I mutt ny, (ir. In concluding- thit
portion of ay comment* that tne entire
Bank of Montreal
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000 Rest, $ic.0uo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $373,988
Total Assets        ....        $135,124,4152.74
PRB8IDBNT, Rt Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, 0.0. M 0.
VICE PRESIDENT.       ��� ��� Sir Geo. A. Drummond. K. 0. M 0.
Head Office���Montreal
Deposits received from  $1.00 and upwards.     Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.     Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
ukject ii on* of great interest to tie people nf the Nioola and thou embarking
capital in the development uf the coal,
���nd therefore, with your permission I
ehall peraue thi* luhject in nther num era
of your paper bringing to hear on my
elucidation what fact* offered by personal
investigation and olb-rwiae, th��t are
available and noting the difference be
tween the Nicnla coal formation and
other* which it ia assumed belong io it.
I am youra faithfully,
H. F  KV*N8.
Aihcroft, B. C, Auguat 19, 1006
Quilchena Hote
Unequalled as a
Stinjnier Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
8. KIRBY, Proprietor
Notice (�� hereby given tha' within sixty dara
from date I Intend making application to ihe
honnrable cnmmla-Inner of lunik aad wnrka tn
nurchaae 180 acrea of paature land, Hltuaied on
Vnght up el, la the Nicola division of Vale dm
trict, illnated a* follows I ontmenclng at a
poet marked J V. H.'a, it. W. roranr placer) en
the north bank nf Voght creek and running
nonh (Ochalna, along tbe eaatern boundary ol
M. P. Hiewarl'a coil claim*, number Stfand
M, 'hence running text UO chain*, i hence aouih
40 chain*, thence weat l*i chain* to pnint of beginning. JAMKS C. 8H1BLDU,
July!*, 1105,	
Full stock of lioini��lc end Imported Cigar*,
ana Ihe hem Miiokmir tobacco alw��)a on hand
Drop ln end enjoy a q-ili-t game nf llllli nl*
Agent fnr I he Pioneer Steam l_und'), Vancouver.   Laundry ihip ed i-vi-rj >�� unlay.
DiMIN'I'iN HOTKU the beet honae In town
HeadquMiieti for'h  Mcola, UtWla creek
and C'-aniii- creek aiHge*.    Kveiy i-onventenre
fur traveler* and mn >nml men.   Kxcellem
able and well rinckwl bar.  I'. J Uobin*on k
Co.. proprie'or*, K.niloon*
UNTKKAL HnTHI,. Kamloopa. Napoleon
Ltlremoulle, WOnlirM,   Hr*i il>es iu
liarili nlar.    UihkI wines, l,iqnnr* and
i  ritabllnn In mime I on.
P, Herod, proprietor,
nd clga
KAM LOOP* H iI'MK, ^^^^^^
Heat Mi�� k f w ne*. liquor and cigara In
ihe Interior. Ju*t ihe spo fnr a nice tool re
frmhing idaaa of beer. Woe i in Kamloop*
ell In
nearest helel >o Ihe railway elation. 'I he
nnly covnenlent hoi el for traveler*. Good
mom*, gnnd 'aole, Kood liquor*. Two large
simple rooms. P. A. Karnlian, pronrietor.
 Pinal atanHnu In cimnentlnn.
QUKKN'H HOIK ,. Kam oops, B.C. On')
brick hotel in tbe rib. Klne wine*, liq
ii'Ti and cigar*. Kale*. II to $2.90 per day.
w-_.fi.__ i ��� - W|ln uiiiihoieli*
Kver> thing ln ronnwihii
flml cl����a-i,id uilodaie.
Headquarter* for
ppwpeciora andmlnei*. Kveryaeoiinm'>daliun
for Kin *'*. Quiet reading and amoking rooma.
(local Maid inn nn the inra-n.
"��� ho'el for visitor* In
The miwi convenient
__     . in A*licroft.  The beat of
table bmrd. Hot ann cold bat ba. linr re re-
eemai ive meets all trains. Johnson ��� Perkins,
erythinguptn-date. 'he bouse has lately
been remodelled and I* now under new man-
igement. Ihe bar is supplied with choicest
brands of wines, liquor* and cigar*. When in
Ashcroft atop at, the Grand Central, George
*j ard, proprietor.
BlTt.T days after dale I Intend to apply to tbe
chief eommMoaer of lands and works for per.
mission to purchase MOaciee, more or lea* of
mountain pasture land, situated o* tbe south
aid' nf rtinmp Lake ia the Nicola Vail, y dlvl*
Ion of Tale district 8u. h Und being described
aa follows exclusive of mineral claims: N VV.
1 Section J, T 100. & vv. J Section 10. T 100
commencing at the south *a<t corner of tbe
north west 1 section t, T10', running HO chain-
north, thence M chains west, thence DO chain
��� uth, thenc* 40 chain* cast tn point nf commencement. M. H. KliwmDS.
Bockrcri B. C, Aug. 11,1906.
Thirty dayi after dale I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
fnr a IIOMioe to out and oarry away timber f om
l he following described lands: Commencing at
a nost marked V. Woodward o*e mile n westerly from 1. routine's pre-empt Ion line and ran
niag north SO chain*, eastN ohslna, south M
nhaiBi west at ohains to point of cimmenc -
ment oontalnlng MO aces. Al*o comnen'-lnn
at, a post marked T. Woodward and running
non h 00 chain*, west SO chains, a ut n M cnalns.
east n chains to point, of commencement, ooa-
talaiag M0 acre*.
r. WOODWARD, Locator.
J. K. 8HIVKU Agent.
Ntop wt the
Uobt. Scott, Proprietor
When   traveling   on   th* Nioola road
Convenient place (or travelers, with gnnd
Otter Flat Hotel
I 'hariea |).-h*rro, Proprietor,
TULAMEEN CITY. ��� ��� ��� ��� B. C.
He.clq'iarters for Summit, Rahhitl
m un'am, Tulamem river, Boulder, Bear
and Kelly creek camps. Gold Fishing
and Boating,
P. O. Address:   Aipen Omve.
The well known stallion
Reggie M., will stand the season at the ranch of Peter Marquart. Courtnay Lake, B. C.
Terms: $jo at the end of the
season, pasture included,
Peter Marquart.
also Gt noral Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C.
LoHve Spences Bridge
Kvery   I hursday lor Nicola I ake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Knmloops
hvrry Mmiiiay lur Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m
Leave Princeton
t vi i \   *uniiay  6 a, m.. arriving Spences
Hrii'ye I ur^day 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
hveiy Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Brioge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
"pr-cial trips made by appointment.
Telephon-i connection with Kamloops
M. P. HTKWART,    - Proprietor
Is still doing business at the Old Stand. A
good stock of Lumber constantly on hand.
Orders promptly filled.
Lower Nicola,      - -     B. C
Rosedale ft0^. I;oWer _\Ticola
AND TELEPHONE OFFICE.      -      -      -
To Out* Customers
From Nicola and the surrounding country
will find us in our new store in the Noble
Hlock, a few d<��ors west from our old stand.
Our new store was fitted up specially fur us
with Clothing Wardrobes and fixings of all
the latest designs of a city store. We will
have a larger stock than ever, any orders
entrusted to us will receive immediate attention.   Satisfaction given or money refunded.
F.E. BURNS   -
Kamloops, B. C.
Merest jailor
Now is your time to se'ect your Summer Suit. Nice
patterns of Scotch, t nglish and Irish Tweeds. First class
fit guarantee].
KAML0OP8, a 0.
All kind* nf Watch**, Clnclta, Jewelry,
etc, kept in stuck.   Wedding pre*-
rati t ipedalt*.
Fint ntu* repair* done on abort notice
and returned at one*.
If you Need ARytW
ii? the
Line, aeod your work to the undersigned.
All  order*  finiahed  in a wnrkmauhip -
manner.   Cabinet work a specialtf.
J. R. wicORBOOR,
Lower Nioola, B, 0. THF NICOLA HERALD
Th* public achoola opened on  Monday
the 21st. 	
F. P. Wood a ard, of Lower NiooU, waa
in town Tut-aday,
Mra. Marshall niturned home Monday
evening from a vuit at lower Nicola.
Dr. G. M Eoater, who hai been visiting in Nicula, left on Tuesday'a stage for
the count.
Frank Garcia haa about completed a
new two story rendence at hia ranch near
Aaoeu (irute.
Song  Bervice   will be   held   in   the
1'rer.liyiriimi church on Sunday uiurniii",
at 11 o'clock.
A full line of  the above always kept
in slock at clone prices at
and   Saddlery
No* i* the 'ime to buy your liar
heSH and SaOctleiy 1 have in
rtcak a lull I:iim o ifiic.dcc.ui'a'ile
to the tr��nV, San-fat tion guar
anieed.    A" kiml' of
Hari.Mi, B ewe, Shoes, etc., don*
neatly anil |i"Miip'lv.
NICOLA LAKK.      ��� B C
NlidLA LAKK. 1.0
Orartuate M. O H and W H��� Montreal
Licentiate of the College ot I liy
���lclans and Surgeons of the Province of Quebec.
Duncan Ron, M. P., has been appointed to till a vacancy in the Greenwood city council.
J R. McGrigor, the carpenter and
cabinet maker, from Lower Nicola, waa in
Nicola ou Saturday.
Born. ���At Nicola, B. C , on Sunday,
Augus' 20th. 1906, to Mr. and Mra. R.
Davis of a daughter.
Mrs and Mra. R. Johtnon, of Lower
Nicola, was visiting with friends in Nicola, Friday and Sa'urday.
A  Stock Ranch contain'nu
4*40 acres,situated near I), nig
las Lake with all necessary implements and also stock.    Km
particulars apply to
Quilchena, \> 0.
Springbank  Ron h, .In v 11 h. 1 05
���      Hurseshoing done in a
firol clas> manner.   Careful attention given to this
iranch of the husmess.
All Work Guaranteed
First  class IWM   ai r!   lodging bv the
lay   week  or  month     E>eiy   atteOtHx
D  M  French and   Wellington  Douglas returned to Lomhun.lake yerterday j i/u'en to tho travelling puhnc
after a fe* days in Noola. MBS   Rurv. Proprietress
Mrs. Kirhy, nf Quilchena, waa in town
-A.    O.   !F
Accoiico .or.(;oiiiniN�� .ni, Insurance
-tod lieioTa1 AgetvT,
MahHtr**! ���      Kanilonna
Mondiy, acconpaiiied   hy  her two *ou��   f>iiUKT Nli'OLa, No Wtl. A.O F.. meet
V   '   second anil fou-lli Frio
Who will alteml Bctiool here.
The Lolie's Guild nt trie Cuurch of S'.
Joh-, *'ll meet at the res clence of M18,
C. D   Kroad'wut, Friday afteruoou,
in each incut I
at S p.m., io I'oule)'- Hill. Vi>iiin< hruilmii
cordially invited.
Hir. A. Fhaskh. I\ H.
John B Taiitnhiil, wife and child of
Coldsprni^ ranch, with 111 Nicola inter*
day and left today f ir Princetoi.   10  visit
With  ivii'lu'-.
Mrs. Price ��ho has heen visiting with
her daunhter Mrs. Dudrtl <t Aspen Qniv*
returned fo her home at E''Uine hy Thu I
day's stake, ace niipaoleil hy Mrs. I'o.l i-
and cliiliireo.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing   ,   -|iHC|,|ty
8010  Westminster  Road
II. <'. iwii Sloili  ill I mil  and
Oi oiiiiH nlnl Tr��'��>N.
AniiliT ��� c-;'.'aii'l S-yeai ol s: <Ut* 120 per
M a anraMIe va My, (i .cicarolds, I to 5
eel.|llllnj.2ii-r ll'O
Kll a ni ������ >tn*k i f Ch rrj I'nacli, I'liioi,
loricois. at", now g owing furfall orders.   No
\iieii-i-. lis. or .1. I���) of f iiooioii or inspec
ion.   1*1 me  ri e your li��t betnic plmiins your
i der    ''nts'tu free ,
iir.eiiho'i-e I' aula. Floral Work, Ree Sirp-
lilies, sruii I'aikak'-s F'rtil zers, eic.
.M  .1   HHA'HV,
villi tT*t>_h_Ue Hoid,       \'aic hivkh, I 0
.1. W  Riliertsoiiarn-edin Nicola la-t h VV^i r.i e������ wrn'raiwl **?
��� c tt .    . tawing lum' or   ami   gelling  nut
Saiurday fruu   Vancouver,   and   has  ac f    h
cepted a position   in   tha   drygoods   department of the A   I    Howse Co.,   Lr'ii ;
i.oiK-rnl Mill < oiilriiita Kvt'i iili-d
 Parties wis'ung  wura ran  usee N*iiie
Chaa. Shafner returned (mm SI -can on   l"-""1!"^ *">""1' A '" *����� ��' " ����1 "'
f. D. W0����D*ARD,
Monday accompanied hy Mrs. Shifoei,
and will take up 'heir residence at L wtr
Nicola, where Mr. Shafner is employed
in the general sforo ot G    B.   Armstroiiii.
L.w��� ��,������,���, H C
Mrs. Mickle and Miss M. E. Latnlir
came in from Quilc'iena, S��turdnv evening Mrs. Mickle returning on Monday.
Miss Lander will remain several days visiting with Mrs Pooley at Ihe Tamerun
A large attendance took in the lawn
party of the L-tdie's Aid of the Meth"
disc's at Mrs. A It Carrtngtori's r-si
deuce on Friday evening, (l-tmes, *_|*M
ind tiohi_, w���re imlulged in with re
freshmeiitp, A very enjoyable evetnng
Waa spent bv all.
Indian Pete wss in jail f.r a few days!
this weik charged ��nh having intone,
Canta in him, snd on the ranchene.
John Simpson, the white man who sup-!
plied the *���**] , left sudiieidv for Kam-1
loops. Pete was fined $26 and Cogti.
amounting t   $35 25
Business Locale.
Smoke Interior or La Morena C>g��ra.
Send your $2 along and receive The
Nioola Herald for one year.
When you want a good smoke ask for
the Interior or L�� Morena Cigar, manu
factured liy the Inland Cigac Factory,
During this hot weather, tlont try
to cook and "fu-s' around �� hot
SloVe. Yoll lose \' ur pi ence,
and the rest nf Ihe family h so
their appetites. list "take it,
easy" and serve these
.lellml Veal  L'V
.1 Hied Tenderloin  ."Lie
Chicken Taimle, 2 tins  2n,
C'nckeii, l>oiic d, liu  of>
Doek, "   25c-
Turkey,        "   115
OaajHrrdg* Sausage  20
Finnan Hsddie. 2 Una  25c
Kippered Herring, 2 tins  25c
Fresh Herring, tin  10
we'll r_M-i TOOT PALATE
All kiinls of VVa'cn. Clock
a> d ,le��c Iry reiairs ddie in
liis' cl ess order and satisfaction lyu.ratiteed. Ail work
eiitrusied to oil' cire will be
cicinpliieil and re'urned with-
c ut deUy
W. M. < IMI'HU.I. A CO.,
('. P. It. Tunc Inspector!. Kamloops
We arc headquarters for
School Books    l
Exercise Books
and supplies of every description
Give us a trial
33 O O Bt 9 T O Fl-EJ
K.inloo s and Vetiioll
All kinds of repair work done l�� a
neat and satisfactory manner and in shor1
Our Leaders in Teas are Marigold,
Nabob and Balada-all Favorites
We have constantly on hand
Hardware, B6ots and Shoes,
Clothing, Miners' Supplies, etc.
At Right Prices
The Soda Fountain is now in full blast.
Ice Cream Daily.
General Agent Excelsior Life Insurance Co.
Notary Public.
We are in a position to show you one of the best assorted stocks ever placed in Nicula. We have secured
the newest and most fashionable goods, so you can depend on anything you see here as just right for style,
quality and value.
We lead and will convince you so that you will
leave us and be well satisfied with our goods.
New Dress Goods
New Skirts
New Silk Waists
New Shoes
All of the Best and Prices to suit the pockets.
See and be Convinced.
Lumber, Flour and Feed always on Hand.
Hi.) llUi.U
Lower Nii-olu,        -        .        B. C.
Jos. Richards,      -      proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists. '      , ,'
1 Good Stabling In Connection. Telephone Connection


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