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The Nicola Herald Apr 26, 1907

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" t> r
Vol. 3.   No 17.
$2 a Year
which will materialize very shortly.
Mr. Thymic'��� ptritBted t ****% ttm
���fl un tin- way ott, anil his journey on
the railroad MM not free from imiden .
He left mi Finlay afternoon for his
ranch in Otter valley.
"Rod and Gun" for April.
Every li.-dicrman feels the unrest of B
Spring, and desires to be off wil h his
rod as soon as the open season commences.    That  pleasant  unrest   will   be ]
strength-lied by the appearance of the i
A meeting of the Quilchena Pols Club j *��***% Fishing  Number which forms j
will   be   held  at Qunchena  tomorrow i*��� APril ***** ��>f "M and Gun H_lLfaAtUttie Association will bt htld at i to act as chairman.
(Saturday) evening at 8 .'dock.   Ar-: M'.tor Spoils in Canada," published by  Njt,,|a on Saturday  week,  the 4th of
The Prospect! are Bright fir a Very
Successful Season   Gi i   I I'.-ucle
and Kamloops Have  Sent
L. Roberts Will Open Branch Store
at Tulameen City- Early Closing
Agreement. _ Other Local
News Notes.
A shoot under the auspices of the Nic-
snry arrangements:
Finance committee Messrs. Strict
land, Grimmett and Rennie.
Transportation and advertising committee-Messrs. Bruh, Allan and Pot-
Athletic sports committee - Messr:.
Roberts, Barwick, Broadbent, Thompson and Winny.
Horse racing committee-Messrs. Hil-
liard, ��. Howse, F. Jackson, F. Lauder
and J. Clark.
Dance committee-Messrs. W.Murray,
Price and Smith.
The first named on  each committee
Everybody and His Best Girl Will Be
ln Nicola Hay  24   Committees
Arranging a Splendid Pro
gram of Sports.
rangements will be made to organize
for the coming season, which from the
outlook at present pioinises to be a
most successful one.
An invitation has been received from
the Grand Prairie Polo Club for the local club to enter fur the Roper Cup,
which will be played for at Grand I'rair-
ie this season, and the Kamloops Club
are also anxious for an exchange of
Decided interest is being taken in the
polo club locally, and there is every reason to believe that a  much  increased
W. J. Taylor, of Woodstock, Ont. In
this number fishing is told about in various parts of Canada and the stories are
such as to delight lhe heart of the fisherman. The humor in those of E. J.
McVeigh and C. H. Hooper form a
bright relief from the more serious side
of ihe pastime, and may Le as much enjoyed by the general reader as by those
devoted to piscatorial pursuits. A paper that may be heartily commended
for the consideration of everyone-inasmuch as everyone is interest! d in the
subject-is that on The Common White
May. Full particulars of this, the first
shoot of the season, will be given in
next week's issue.
Football Match.
Alex. Sim, of Coutlee left on Friday's
train for Vancouver.
membership roll will be the result. All j tm hy C. H. Wilson, who w.'ites with
of the men who played last year will be knowledge on a subject of international
available this season, and a few more | MwUntt, While fishermen will find
playing members added to those already jl^nCy of particular interest to them-
on the roll will tend lo increase the efli- j selves, other sportsmen are nolneglect-
ciency of the team, from steady prac-! **d and wolves and deer both have pa-
tice, and make the weekly games more _���" devoted to them.   "Why Our Deer
Wm. Voght, of Merritt, visited Nicola on Wednesday.
Owing to the inability of organizing
a team from Diamond Vale, the game
on Saturday was between local teams.
Although the day was warm, a very I
successful game was played, and those I   ** Graham, of Coutlee, was a visit
participating  thoroughly  enjoyed  the or to Nicola Wednesday,
afternoon's sport.   Judging from the
playing on Saturday, there is enough
talent locally to forma very fair eleven,
and who could be depended on to hold
iheir own end up.
interesting to the players themselves.
Considering the fact that last year was
the club's initial year, and that the ponies were new to the game, while many
of the players had never before pti j i d
polo, the club is to be congratulated on
its success; one, too, which was well
deserved for introducing so sportsmanlike a game into the district.
There are so many good riders in this
district, who with a little pnnt.ee
would quickly learn the game, interesting as it is both to player and spectator, that a cordial Invitation is extended
to all interested to attend at any of the
practices, and get some knowkdge of
how the game is played. The team last
year acquitted themselves with credit
and with an increased membership, and
steady practice, it ought to be possible
to obtain a team this season strng
enough to hold their own agaii.st soma
of the upper country teams.
It is hoped that there will be a large
attendance of both officer! and menibciS
at the meeting tomorrow evening.
ar.' Vanishing" forms a capital seqiel
to 'Our Vanishing Deer" in the March
number, a paper which has excited
much interest amongst sportsmen in
g nernl. 'IV Future of the Algonquin
National Park, the changes now in process in the Ontario Game Laws, the
Game Society meeting in Nova Scotia
and many other topics all find places in
this number, and justify the claim of
the magazine to be consider^! ihe for,-
mosi exponent of o minor life in Can-
ala. The numbir is one which is a
credit to the Dominion.
Of Interest to Horse Owners.
J. L. Willman, of Lower Nicola, will
have his Clydesdale stallion Lucky Sandy (2825), at service for the season on
1st of May. Lucky Sandy is out of
Beauty (1674) by Cherry bounce Imp.
(2355) 5642, the sire of Beauly being
Little Sypland Imp. (IM) 7919.
Lucky Sandy will travel during the
season as follows: On Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at the ranch of C.
Collett, Lower Nicola; on Wednesdays
and Thursdays at llie ranch of .1. ('I.���:,..-
by, Petit creek; on Saturdays at the
ranch of J. Garcia at Merritt, Thes u-
son will extend from May 1st to July
15lh, and those interested would do
well to communicate wiih the owner ai
Lower Nicola.
For Sale.-Seed IVas, Cabbages and
Parsnips; also a few Yorkshire Pigs
about April 1st. ���K. H. Winny.
Foil Sale or Hike -A pack train of
26 animals; also complete apparatus.
Apply Herald office fer particulars. 4tl7
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the ".Shield llrand" pipe
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops.
Settings of eggs from pure bred Plymouth Hocks for sale; orders taken now;
price $1,110 a selling. E.G. Walker,
NOTICE. The paity or parties who
hav,idurap 'd nibbi.-h on my hind near
tht upper Nicola br.dg, will kindly remove same withoiildclav.   A. K. Howse.
EOOI FOR RATCHDtt. Thoroughbred
Harrul Plymouth Rocks | w,. ter laying strain ored for egg production
and. beauty. $1.00 per U.-F. MATTHEWS, Kamloops.
Returns Prom Visit to England.
Many friends were at the station on ' J' R 1Iilddil(i. traveling jeweler and
Friday last to welcome J. G. Thynneon w^chmaker. *t Vancouver, will he in
his return from I visit to the old coun- i Nicola *��� tir8t wec'k in M��y- &���*���
try. Mr. Thynne is looking hale and | r��luilr" - J*"*l �� ***** ,.l)airin?
hearty after his trip and said he was
can have same attended to by Mr. llad-
dad at coast prices.
Early Closing.
As the present early closing agreement expires on May 1st, a petition is
being circulated this week for its reinstatement. That this petition is being
very largely signed by our citizens is a
-;ood sign.
The early closing movement has made
wonderful headway during the past few
years, until today its benefits are recognized by the public generally, and the
scheme prevails in nearly every city,
town and village in the Dominion-in
many cases made compulsory by civic
The is no doubt the merchants of Nicola will all heartily endorse a renewal
of the old agreement.
Rev. James Thompson will hold sen ���
ices next Sunday as follows:    In St
Branching Out. John the Baptist church,  Nieola, at 11
H. L. Roberts returned to Nicola last a' m'; at Coutlee- 3 P- *-'��� at Diamond
Friday after spending several days at Vale* 7 p' "
Tulameen City, where he was investigating the prospects for opening up a I Local anglers are impatiently waiting
brunch general store in that place. Tht I for the fish to arrive. Bob Pollard
ontlook struck Mr. Roberts so favor- says there hasn't been a trout in the
ably lhat he leased a business stand on J rjver so far this geasoI, ,md Bob knows
the spot, and will have a complete stock
of new goods opened up just as soon as
the shipments can be made.
Tulameen City, commonly known as
Otter Flat, is in Similkameen district,
about eighteen miles from Princeton,
and is admirably situated in a fertile
valley which is lhe natural centre and
distributing point for one of the largest
and richest mineral areas of British Columbia. With the railway connection
which will soon give facilities to this
section, the country will be developed
on a broad scale, and Tulainc- n City is
bound to become a large and pro peroui
town in a very few years.
Mr. Roberts has shown enterprisoand
foresight in his new departure and deserves a full share of the prosperity
which every indication goes to ...how the
future has in store.
The various committees in charge of
the Victoria Day celebration, to be held
under the auspices of the citizens of
Nicola, are now hard at work on the
divers stunts allotted to them, and are
devising ways and means whereby Nicola's annual gala day is this year to be
the best ever.
At another public meeting held in the
court house on Wednesday evening, at
which a large number turned out, several minor details were thoroughly
threshed out, until now a good understanding has been arrived at and everything is in ship-shape condition for intelligent work. The celebration is by
the citizens of Nicola as a whole, and
the various committees with whom the
executive responsibilities have been entrusted are composed of representative,
compete.it and energetic citizens.
The day's program that is being mapped out will be a very elaliorate one,
consisting of all kinds of athletic sports'
gymkhana events, horse racing, etc.,
besides many new and novel features
yet to be decided upon, for all of which
handsome prizes will be offered.
This will be the first public holiday
event to take place here since the completion of the new line of railway, and
it is a foregone conclusion that the numbers who participate in the festivities
of the day in Nicola will not be confined
to the valley, but will come in from
many main line points. There are many
who have heard of this ideal locality to
which nature has been so generous, and
are anxious to visit us; and there are
many who have been here who will only
be too glad to avail themselves of this
excellent excuse for a return visit.
The celebration this year will be par
excellence, the city will welcome with
open arms each and every visitor, show
them a good time, and spare no pains
to provide for their every comfort and
convenience. A special train service
is being arranged for that will enable
those coming from a distance by rail
'o get back home the same night. The
particulars of this will be announced
Victoria Day marks the opening of
the summer sporting season,  and we
I would like the outside public generally
j tt paste it in their hat that Nicola is
going to put up a real,  live,  twentieth
I century celebration on the 24th of May.
Methodist church sc-vicos will be con-' The crowd will be here and the goods
ducted next   Sunday  as follows;   Nic-  w;n ht, delivered, so get out your glad
ola,   11  a.m.  and  7.* p.m.;  Lower: i10|���|ay rags and be prepared'to join the
Nicola, 8. p. m. and 7.89 |>. m.     1 ove-1 l)Unlpt,r throru, thnt wi|| ,.lkl, p^__��l
D. Mclnnes, of Midday Valley, visited
Nicola on Wednesday.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
will run a refreshment booth at the
Victoria Day celebration.
Rev. T. H. Wright, accompanied by
Rev. Dr. White of Vancouver, paid a
visit to Douglas Lake on Monday.
F. W. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson and
Miss Bulman, of the Triangle ranch,
paid a visit to Diamond Vale this wiek.
On Monday last A. E. Howse sold out
his paper at Princeton, the Similkamee i
Star, to B. Stone Kennedy, who has
been its editor for some time.
if anyone does.
George Hilliard will accompany
his     brother     and     nephew       on
I their trip to the coast today, he will
be  absent four or five days,  during
' which time the blacksmith shop will be
in. and 7.H p. tn.
feast and sacrament  at   Lower  Nicola
00 Sunday aflenioon.
of Nicola on Victoria Day.
Watch for the posters.
Another case if Imnzcrine going to
the lungs fell KfOM Constable Clark's
paili Saturday night, and on Monday
morning Roy Worihington faced a drunk
and disorderly charge before Magistrate
Murray. This being a second offence,
he was assessed $10 and costs, and promised to be good hereafter.
glad to get back once more to the dry
belt. While in England, he remarked
the great interest which is being displayed in British Columbia, whose resources are attracting attention all over ' Manning.-At Dot, B.C., on April 1st,
the kingdom. He was able to get capi- j 1907,to Mr. and Mrs. John Manning,
tal  interested in some local schemes I      a son.
24th or May Celebration.
A public meeting  was  held   in   the
court house on Thursday evening last to
consider the tttettlM of celebrating the Thos. Hilliard, of Moose Jaw, Sa k.'
24th of May.   A.  W.  Strickland was accompanied by his son  Dan,  spent a
duly appointed to the chair and G. A. t few days visiting his brother George
Lalferty was appointed secretary.   Af- during the past week,  en route on  a
ter the meeting had been called to ord- visit to the coast. Mr. Hilliard says "I May, 1907, at the Registrar's Office at
era short discussion took place and it that in his locality during the past win-
was unanimously decided that a cele- ter the thermometer registered at from
bration be held in Nicola on the 24th of J 60 to 64 below zero for three weeks at
May. The following committees were a stretch. This makes the 36 below in
then appointed to carry out the neces- Nicola look like banana weather.
To Charles Case, nf Nicola, B. C.
Take notice that ��� plain! li is been entered and ��� summons issued in the above
County Court by G. H. \iiii-tion_, ol
Lower Nicola, B. C,   merchant, for the
Mini of >77.w> (or goods sold and delivered ami an order bas been made lh.it the
publication of a notice of lhe entry ot
such plaint in The Nicola Herald shall be
deemed good and Diffident service of the
sainmi ns upon you.
You are required to enter a dispute
note within eight days from the 2nd day
Nicola; ami if you do not so enter such
dispute note judgment may be signed
against you and  the plaintiff may proceed to execution.
Dated this 16th d.n of April, 1907.
Published Every Friday
Subscription, ln Advance. 92 a Year
Nicula, B.C.. Aran. 26, U07,
A matter which is of tlie utmost
importance  to   protptcton   was
lirollght up ill a case before tile local magistrate- laat Saturday. An
Indian was being proaecnted for
killing diet i.ut of aeaaon, and ���
reference to the Game Protection
Act showed that only in unorganized diatrictl could Indians hunt
name, for food only, for their own
and their families' immediate use.
A farther reference to the act showed that the same also applied to
tree miners iu unorganized districts.
The general impression in the
province is that a free miner can
kill game for his own use while
actually prospecting or engaged in
mining. The Mineral Act. in one
of its provisions, specifically slates
this, but the amendment, passed in
1905, to the Came Act is definite
on this point, and says that only
in unorganized districts shall the
act not apply to free miners actually engaged in placer mining or
prospecting wdio may kill game for
The question then is, is this district an organized district ? because
if so, the act will not apply. On
the first of March last year, a proclamation was published in two sue-
ceaaivc issues of the B. C. Gazette
proclaiming: "All that part of the
province not included inany'Muni-
cipality, except the Kamloops, Okanagan, Similkameen, Greenwood,
(irand Forks and Fernie Electoral
Districts, shall lie and the same is
hereby defined as an unorganized
From this it is evident that the
Vale Electoral District, outside of
any municipality, is an unorganized district, and Indians and free
miners ni.n kill game for their own
use���the latter, however, only when
actuallj engaged in placer mining
or prospecting.
It would undoubtedly lie a decided hardship for local prospectors
had it been otherwise, as in some
parts of the district in winter time
it would be totally impossible to
obtain food or supplies from the
usual sources.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
fmm date I intend to apply to the chief
commissioner of lands and works for
permission to purchase 248 acres ol
mountain pasture.  Comn nelng at a
-lake at tic   northwetl   corner  of   but
sol, thonee WMt II cha" I   to   11.,
Lake Indian Reserve,  thence  north  sn
chains, thonee easl   :il   cl ,,ih .   ihence
south sn 11 ��� in.; point,
.1. li   I.u Dia,
bated April 18th, 1SW.
Unequalled as u
SU-Qnter Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and I lor,ses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
Eirst Class Accommodation. Terms :
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
Notice is hm-li) Kivcn tha-thirty daj.nfitr
Aat* ���'! Ulead u. appli to tbe ol nf .on n,i-
moii. i ' llmiii- and ��oiU for a ipiciaj In dec
10 ne and carry twaj limber f nm Iln In-
lowing iici-criliui I.uid.. Minute In Yaledtotricl
n, i lie crovim tot liritili i oluniii e
1.   Cononclicin- at  a pet III.irked J, ��.. B., J
KC.aiidJ.Mt.lt mc nn plaited allbal
\i coiner nf l.o M iX ul i li Dull 'a-' ol ll'
I'nliU.ilcr '11. I. tin n ���  gn, Ii - n nlli. Ilieli.e
in caM. ii.i ine Ni.liains miuiIi, ilience Si
chains ��lil to (hiiiiI , I r mn n nl.
i.  Commencing a' um I ttarnattt no I,
He ne ��� .v vieii,,���., i> ,.,���.,. iMehaltu, thtooe
s Sii Icon-, Ilience tt ttcbmlnt lo poinl of com
lliOOCI inelil.
tl.     illleiifiHK   tt   'lie  - I  iu'liernf  110.2.
Ill 10 ���   - SO e||    ll,.. l||e  tt   Sll . ll I   M.t_taOtt
���' ball . In rn c I -ii i Cam- lo I mn! of co,n
III, In   Infill
I. Iiii -Ilf'iri_.  a       I,     I   tt ��� ornfI   nl 11,'  '-I
I hi i,, ��� i tl el, on-, then e - SO chimin, Hi. n i *
mi chain-. Iliein.c s-ii -lion,, 'oiioinioi nun
in. n enient
.'i.   r ic ein_ nl lie- s \v iiirnor, nf nn, I,
... I'   M -t>' llili'i-. lie In 0 N
HI ��� li.llll-, Illclicc I  Sll, hn-,. |0 pollll   of   eom
lie IC e in III.
ii    ' iia.niein i, ���' al   lie   v tt coi ner (,f ml. ,i.
ihtnce i so, hain-. thenee ic 90 chain*, lattice s
Mlcliaill . I ton, e tt SI ,"...,ii- lo |, ml of i Kill
ni  II'   m, in
7. inni muring ill the s I comer of no. I.
lima i k,Ml.'11,011-. 'li ie : . Ihenee tt
Nl ilirflli-.   Inliee N SU ell,en- 11 '011_ I lie ei.'   i II.'
I liinlii'i loon no. MMtupottl of coinuiciicc-
S. Conmien hnf nl the s k cornerof no. 7
1 hence> so eli.on-, !ln nee tt Mii'lniin-, Ui i���t N
Million-, 'hence i: Hi ehain- lo point of rum-
II. Coiiimcneini.  at thes W orner of no. s
llellee I  Sll eliam-. I hence s SI eliain-, Ihenee tt
i! ehains, llmii.e N Si chains lo pmntof cum-
10.  Commencing at 'he t w eorntr tf no.!'.
Ilii'iicessiieli.iiii.. iln ne. w sll chain- thencen
-. illiil.-. Hum, | so ill,on-In poinl of COIN-
i i.elnelit
I    11.   Coniiiii'iiclnit at lhe s K cornerof no. In,
11 eiiee iWchah . ihence* 90ch on-, thence*
Mieiiain-. theuce EDO chain J lo pom! of commencement.
J    li.   Commenc ng *1 the s \v cot ner of no. 11.
Ihence - NO"halll��, lIli'll'C tt Ml ehains, tht net II
I Si chain-, litem o i: 80 i hiins I" point of com
I   ix Commencing al the IE cornerof no. It
tin IHT s So ch nn-. i|i���niv  w so chain*, Inetne
N SI chain-, ihence k Mi chains lo point of i one
|    11.   Commencing at thes iv coinnrof no. hi.
( then c I -It i hains, llli'l.ee - -'I chains, Ihenee w
Ml I h lills. Ill, nee   N   Ml  chains lo pom, of colli'
iii nctmcni.
I.i   C ntnc nu tttheN iv corner of no. II,
I hence 1901 ti -. thi ncew so ch ons, iheuce ,n
Slchain-, thenci KM! i haina to point of ruin
hi.   inni Being tt tht S IB corner at no. la,
theme m mi chains, 'heme X 80chaina, iheine
l. Ml chain-, Iheine smi chains In point of colli-
I    17.   i oniinci cin(ial lhe X h! corner of no. hi.
I,, di e tt -,,>, .on-, Ilience X Sjeh,nn-. iln nee
i K SI chains, liicnce s BOohaltl lo point of i om-
inelieellli 111.
IS. CoinuitDelpg al lhe X K'oniciiif no, 17.
thi ,,,' " mi eliain-. ihenee \ Slcliniii-. Ihtnce
K Mi chains, iheine s Ml chains Ui polnl ol 	
n ell' un 111.
l'.i io i,men,'in.' al lhe N V. corner of no. IS.
thtooe 180 iiain-. ilieiicesMichains, ilicnecw
sn chains, thence h sll chains to point of com-
nn necne ill.
���jn   eonimeiicin_at 1 lie N W coiner of nn. III.
ih." ce \ -n chain-, ihenee K M>chains, iheine s
i Ml chains, thence tt Mieiiain* lo point of com-
ti I'liccinent.
fl.   ' o'liinciicinial the X W cornerof no 'jn
lie mi's such,on-, thence �� mi chain-, thenc
[ N SI chain*. Ihence ( Ml ehailM In poim ofcuin-
III, lire i en'.
'.'.'.  CouinitO'Ing 0 I in; N Kcorner of no 21,
[III inH tt Ml , hain-. ihe ee N Ml chain-. Ihe et
i mi , hain-, ihenee s Mich iin-in poinlof com-
niotieeiiien .
J   I'liiiitnencii'Kat the s K corner of no. ii,
thenet N miobaiot, 'henee k80cbai >-, 'Inn, e i
190 chains, tm nc: iv 'Si cluing lo point of com
21. coni'iic ,'illK al the >K corner of no. W,
Hie ,' ,\ Miilia.n-, Hi ne I Mil ��� I i.i. ii~. I hences
SJcnain-. Ihcmc tt Stl, iniin-lu ,-onii uf col -
iniii nett.
���lit    emu uenciiiK nt ihe X ��. corner of no 21,
Ihen,','W SI, hi III-, llc'lne N 90 I llllill��. III, lice I
Mlcliaill-.   llit'ine   *  Stli'll i||is 10 po.lll of  ontl'
2ii c ni uieiii oil'"I the N w eormrnf no. 2a,
iheiii'e a80chain-, ihwet \v such,, or,thenceK
-MiI'Miiiii-, I en e v. NioliiiiH lo point of com
melii i llletil.
27 i nniuieiicillK '1' the X U" ciriii'i nf no. 2'i.
I hence s so rhaiin., Ihence iv sn chain-, IhtnceK
Mieiiain-. Ihene, i.SUilniiu* to p,am of cum
iiicm em nl.
W, ooniBifidng tl tht N K eorntr ot no. 27.
Ilience VV Mlil.aili-, ltl"lice X S'l ehain , I In nee
h Ml chain-, I henecs Ml, hain.- io point Ol com
ri fli, i -nl.
ill. I ouiineiiciriit al Hie X ��. corner no. 2S.
Ihenee \v sn chain-. I liclnc N  *i cliaii,., Iliei,. t
I. Mi chain-, Iln in e s Ml ( li tin- lo pom, of comment'! mint.
;io.  commtncing at the X Wcirn. r im.'.ii.
thenee180chain., t' ma 90 chain-,thenoe
N SI chains, thence I Ml chaina to | il of coin-
ii tit.
Ill    Commencing at   Ihis tt   corner to. 10,
III, In " �� Mil nun., tl, l|ee \ Ml ehain-, I),.,,,.
K Ml eh t, Iln Ill e .- Sllehaill- lo poile of  cone
men em, 111.
.11     i'"iniiicneii'fc.' al  the s i: cornel of ti i,.a
thelire t  Ml i hain-. I luin.' s Ni  i 'hain., lli, ii ,
I II-. Ilience N Ml ell,cm. in |iolnl of cu'i
III 'tn eliii'hl.
:kl    racing al I ht I �� corner of i,,. B,
thenee tt 80  hain-. then, e N -n , I - Ihen e
i        ., - Ml eliain- I I polnl  ol i (I'm
Hi   i omintncingat 'he- i coraerol no 9ft,
!),, II, e i   Ml eliain-. iln II ',    - -II eh on-. Illeii,',   \1
i,'   ���' e   . Ml eli on- lo  polil   ol  eWl
m    'ill
:(,'..   i    niii"ti rn. a! i ,   - H earner of nn :il.
.    Ml,|l,,,|i-, Ill-Hi
ii'-. them i - -i, li.u ,. in poim ol
i in.
:;:    -     ��� it rhe - k eorner < f no .V.
Ihinee t Wohamt, 'le in ' -Mi'luin-, tin n i ��
- '   ini-, them e x 90ohalni to poim ot
0,        imint.
:;;   t ommrar.lng al ihe it oorner nl no, _,
llii-ie   w Mi chain-.    , rn. \  -ii.'liaii., thenoe
., ii-. Ilieie e --" 'Min- in polnl of idol
;tn. Commencing at the -1: cornernf no :i7.
Ihence I- Miiliaiii- lie tne - mi i hain-. Iheuce
����� si chaina thenee N SOi inin-.m puinl of com
nil. (ouiiiieneini. ul these, cornerof in H
thenee w 80 chain-, thence N si chain ,! ��� ,
V. Slchaiii-. thcliei: s -" -liain- io p.,i,il of eom-
mi licii'lcht
III.  Commencing tt tht I I cornerof no. 39,
'll  t W chains, the   ee   >   tj)  , halll-. I hele'C
iv Si chain-, thence X sn chain-, In point ot
roinnien cement.
II. i noingal tht8 U'corner of no. In,
heme tt Mieiiain.-. Ilience N 90 eham-, Iln nee
tr.sn chain-, thence S sn chain- tn p Itni nt eom
12 Coinniencinp; at the S K corner of no.;tl,
Hii'iiee K90 chain-, llieme h Ml elm in-, tin m,'
�� -iii hain-, thence X 80ch_M to noun of con I
iniii, , men .
III. Commencing nt 'he S VV cornerof no. 4'?, I
Ihenee w -n ehains, Ihence X sn ehains, thence
I mi ehalna thenee, S Si chains lo point of commence, nent
14. Commencing at the S ��. corner of no. 43,
thence E90 chains. Ihence 8 80chains theme W
Nicola. H. C.i
March .'1st. 19(i7.
Capital, all paid m .11, lOtl.iKHi.   Rttt, $ll,iKm,i8Ki
lleail OflVetl   Montreal.
Int 'rest allow.,i nt curivnl rale-.
j,'<Sai.Vj4S._        '.i .  ������        ....  ..'.a.^.^,,.'.  ..>.���"'.���'
80 chains. I hence N 80 chaina to point, of eom- ��_���!_���   il���.,���  tw,   i. ���      ., .,     .   ���
men,, in. ' ""|S' 'lieiuen loocliains, thence e   40  chain-to j,,,,,,! ���f couiineiice.ni.it
la.  Coo MClngatlhe S K,oinernf ao 41, eliains to point ol commencement.
thence s mi. h .in-, th,'nee w wi , hain-. thenee      83   Commciicine at the s e  corner of
XSiehain-, theme K Si chains to poim of com- .,���   t,  .���,.,,.... H   no  ���i,, ,,     ,i
i ic.nent. "" ." "" "" (  Nl -Mini, thenoe ��� 80
Id.  Cj imtaatag tl tht X :\ corner of no. 15. i e-li.-iiiis, thenee ��Ml chains. Unn e   n S"
th a ert901 hain-. thence W W ebttnr,thtneeI  .    	
X Ml chain-. Ilience K Mlcliaill-to i mn   of,mil-!  ��� ~���'    :~~	
ineie'elllenl. '	
i7.   i om londng at I he X I, cm i.cr of iiii. Ili
tli'inett -ih Inn,,, uie    SMI . hains. Iheine
I' .mi i ham- Ihetee a ID chains lo polat ��� eoni-
lli  m enn nt.
I- I'om iienoinjial the S ff cornerof no. 47
le me s 180 chain . ihe.,.. IV Inch on-, Ih.-.nci:
X liin eh ons, Ibeaee K 10 i uaiua lo poiut of
i oniiiii'hi'eineul.
III.   ' niunieiicliiKal the \ Km-nerof nn. Is.
thenet �� Ul eh,in-. I'.ne. \ lim. ll .ill-, thelne
I'. HI elialni., ihel.ee n iSl chain- In poinl of (.'I'll
ineini ment.
JO.   I' leni'iiin O Iln  \ c e.irn rof X',,  IU,
ill, new 111,'iiain. ti,",, \ 100ehaina thenee
a uii h in-, thenee s Wi chains io potai of com
im in , i c it,
il Cum leneh gal I he \ 11 orner of no. 50,
Ihenee tt III chain-, Ihenee X IDOchttna, Iln me
K In, haln-, i hei.ee * HO I halu lo pmnt of c	
i"     , emetll
���*'2.   '   in'i''iieiii_ at the X K eorner nf no. .'il.
'h��nee M -" du n-. ih e XSiehain-. ihenee
K *i   hains,   henee.- Million- in p illl of ,nln
110-10 eilli'lll.
it i inimi ni Ing tl 'he N I "i etr nf no W
" " ��� n 80, ham-, ihtnce X si , hon-. ihence
Hi Si eh on., lhem es 90 ehalna It poiiii iif iniii'
llieiu i it.
���I.     nelli  ll_al Iht X Keni'ierof  BO, M,
tl I'.ne H. Ml  elill'll-  theii,'.'   -   Ml  eliiill-.   l||"||C"
ll Mi i h ou-, Ihence X N iba at to polnl M eom
������"���.   (' in ing h( the X ��.,- irnenf nn, .",1.
tlienee K Mi .hain-, Ihcmc rt S) ehain-. thenee
IV Si, In ai-. Ihence N Mieiiain- Io poinl uf com
56.   Commencing at the n i comer of
no. 55, thence iv So chains, thence n mi
chain-, thence e  SO chains, tlicnoc  s  Mi
chains to point of commencement.
tf. Commencing at the I W corner of
iiii. 56, theaee |H chains, thence ll bu
chain-, thence e SH chains, tin ncc I 80
chaini to point of eoiitmcnceinc.it,
SB,   Couunendnf at  the s w corner of
iiii. 57, thenee ����� mi chaini, thence n 80
eliains, thenee e  Sll chains, theucc   s  80
chain- to point of commencement,
S9. Commencing at the n e corner of
no. 38, thence n Mi chains, tlienee e Sit1
chain-, thence s 80 chains, thenoe  w  SU
chains to point of commencement.
Wi.   Commencing at the n w corner oi
no. ,sl), theuce s B0chaini, tiuuec 9 hn
chaini, tlienee ll Sll chains, thence  e  ti
chant- to point of commencement,
bl.   Commencing at tht a e corner of
00. 6o, thenci 9 80 chains, thence u Ml
chains, theucc   e  Ml chains, tile.nc s   80
chains to point of commencement,
j   62.   Commencing at tht n e corner oi
j no. 61, thenee e Sll chains, thence  s 80
! chains, theuce iv 80 chains, thence   n 80
chains to point ol commencement,
!   hi.  Commencing at tbe n e corner ol
nn. 6-', thence e 4(1 chains, thence s 160
chain-, thenet 9 I0 chains, theuce n 160
chaini to point of.coptmencement.
64. Commtncing at the n t mi ner oi
no. 63, thence u 80  ehiins, thence  e 811
' ehains, thence s  80  chains, thence w 80
chains to point of commencement.
d.i.  Commencing at the ��� w corner ol
no. 61, thence w SO chains, thence n SO
chain-, tlienee  e 80  chains, thence  s 80
chains to point of commencement,
66. Commencing at the n ��� corner ol
no. 64. theuce n SO chains, thence e 8',l
chains, thence s  Sll chaini, thence vv  80
chains t" point of commencement
67, Commencing tt the n. t. cornel
of No. 66, thence w. ti chains; thencen.
so chain-, thence e, Sll chains, theuce  s.
so chains to poiut of commencement.
65. Commencing tt the n. t. comer
of no. 67, thence e, 80chaini, thence -.
Sll chains, thence w, SO chains, thence a,
80 chains to point of coniiuciicciiteiit.
69. Commencing at tin  n. e. corner
of no, 68, thence w. 160 chains, theme
n. 40 chains, thenee e. 160chaini, thence
s. In chains to point of commencement.
70. Commencing at the s. e. corner]
of No. 69, thence C,  80 chains,  thence
s. Sll chains, thence 9. SO chaina, thence
n. so chains lo point of commencement,
71. Commencing at the s.w, corner
of no. 70, thence e, SO chains, thence s. '
SO chains, thence w.   SO eliains,   thence
n. sii chains to place of commencement.
il.   Commencing at the s. w, eorntr
ol Xn. 71. thence  w.   SH chains,   thence
n. Mi chain-, thence e, Sn chains, thence
s. so chain- to point of commencement.
7.'.   Commencing at the s.w. eorntr
of no. 7.', thence s. Ml chaini, thence ��.
80 chain-, thence n. so chaina, thencee,
sn chains to poiut of commencement,
i i Commencing tit the n, e, corner
ol nu. 73, thence e. so chains, thence -
si, chaini, thence w. SO chain-, thenee n.
H' ehaina to poinl of commencement.
75.   Commencing at the u e coi uei
no 71, thenee e sn chain-,   then, i   -
tin in e v sn chains, thtnee  u
chain-1,, point of commencement
,o    (. leaairiiiiic; at the s tt cm tn -t
BO 73, thi it, e c   St   chains,  thell'     -
chains, th(   >,  ��   0 chain-, thence il '���"
chain- 1" point nl c'llinciic'iueUt
77   Commencing nl the - �� co
no 76, thence c 80 chaina,  thenci   - BO
chains, thence h 80 chaini, thence n Wi
chain- to point of commencement,
7s   Commencing ai the n a corner of
no 77, thenee 180 chains,   thence  h   80
chains, thence n SO chains, thence  I   so
chains to point oi commencement.
79 Commencing at the n e corner of
no. 7S, thence w Mi ehains, thence n
chains, thence e So chains, thence  I
chains to point of commencement
80 Commencing tit the s w corner oi
no 74, thence u Ml chains, thence   n  So
chains, tin nee e so chaini,  thence - so
chains to poinl of conimeni enient.
81 Commencing It the I e corner of
no 80, thence s Sll eliains. thence n 80
chains, thence n Ml chain*, tlienee e SO
chaini, to point of commencement.
Si Commencing at the s e corner of
no SI, thence s 160 chains, tlienee w 40
The Nicola Valley
Coal and Cot\e
Company, Limited
are n, ni working at their Middlesboro' Colliery
at Coutlee, ll. ('., in a scam of eighteen feet ol
tulid owl, ul the inicst quality, fur steam, coking and domestic purposes,
Shares in this Oompany are being sold
at par, 3100 per share
Iheseshares ire the mrt ol investment
which careful people like to m ike It is a sale
onr. and one with splendid prospects lur the
hi ure. It iii not merely a real mining ( tin-
pany on on paper,
The Company is a solid, substantial
concern, composed of leading
men in Vancouver.
General Ag< nt lor tIn- (Company
i ,i\(d,' i at, a <
for   the   lann,  e.iiilen, lawn, or
I AM  KOtl   II "   AM'   I'lll BU   IN
Rough and Dressed N0 ****** ���������  no ,.,.,-
j         i plume,   p-0 ul lean corn,   Jnrttbeokl
LUl-lJVr reliable, approved   varieties,   at   reason
r                 i .   . i                      i ���M* prices.
Is preps is il to take contracts for
ii          j     .,���         , nee -Supplies, Sprav I'lintps ainKiiru.
���awing lumber and (retting out ,.           "         ���   ��� '",ur  ��pniv
.   , Ins Material, Cut Flcmeri, etc.
I.i'iienil Hill 1 (inlrHcN Kveenliil
PKirm moocrati
Mail orders promptly attended to
J. A. MKN/IKS,    -    Lower Niciii.A.  311m w.-iiiiiii-ierKiiiiii.     Vamoivkk. B.e. THE NICOLA HERALD
Successors to Blair & Company
Extra Japanese Matting, per yd.   $ .35; former price $ .50
Stetson Hats, Cowboy
Fodora Hats
Cowboy Hats
Grey Fedora Hats
Black Fedora Hats
6.25; former price 7.50
4.00; former price 5 00
1 00; former price 2.50
1 50; former price 2 25
2.25; former price 3.50
ssSHOES ss
Light Working Shoes
Coin Toe Dress Shoes
Extra Grade Russet Shoes
Artisan Workiug Shoes
$4.00 ; reduced to $2.75
4.00; reduced to 3.00
5.00; reduced to 3.50
4.50; reduced to   3.50
These are going fast; only about two dozen left.
Gents' Underwear
Rather than carry over our heavy Wool Underwear  until next
winter, we are closing it out at less than cost.    The $1.50
and $1.25 grades reduced to 85 cents and
others in proportion.
25 Per Cent, off all Dry Goods
Our new stock is beginning to arrive.   Men's Shirts, Collars, etc. are
1907 New York spring fashions, just one year ahead of
any other store in the valley.
Notice l�� hereby Riven that fid days after
d��te I inlend lo apply la the chief comm!-    , _. .'
tot laaaiaae  mirks for perini-sion to  '"thechief comuilssiuner of  lands and
Thirty days afler date I intend to apply
M acres of B_MN laud, joining K.
"   GttT"
Quliiford ��r��� rununcuring at II. Onlliford
stoke No. Ul _onlh mm rner runninK
north .'(. ' h litis, ihen, e Watt H chain-,
ihence sooth Uchain* thence ei.-l Kekalaa to
poim of i Ntiiiiifii' eineni.
A.|��� n 'lime. Mar la. nm;.
Thirty days after date I intend hp ap
ply to the chief cuiiiinisstniier nf landa
and nora- for ��special Unarm tn cut and
cany a��ay titnlier fnin Ika following de-
sc'i 'i i| land mi lhe C' hUai. r mer
C"iniiiencii _ at a p_M al lhe \ K I mi
er nf L"' ,'I.T!  running  south   SI) chat    ,
��� ml HH chain-,   ihence  nnrth  hll
chains, thenee .,������   MO chaina tn nn nl
p__ pnllil "f c oiiii   n e-neiit.
Hank tlit, HO..
I, ��   MimuY  L cat ,r.
(' .iiiiiiciirnv at a  punt, at   tie-   8 W
enrner nt L t 74,ri run: inn loath Mlchains
a-i HO chain-, thence  nnrth  80 chains,
orks for a license to prospeot fur cual
mi the following described land. Commencing at a post marked M. O's n. ��.
curner, beiui; nne mile south of the i. 9,
criier if lot a.'IO, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence ��esl 80
chains, theuce nnrth 80 chains lo poiut at
M. Olson, Locator.
J. K. Bath, Agent.
April i, Ut*.
Commencing at a p,,st parked A (.'. o's
n. e. cnriiei, heii'K oa* mile snuth nf the
s. e. coiner iif lot MB, tlieiice HO ehains
west, tin'hy HO chain- hiiuiIi, thence 80
chain- . ..si, theuce HO chains uorth to
point nl . uniiietcenieiit.
A. i   I tum, Locator.
J. K. Bate, Agent.
\|,n   2, |Mf,
i nmiiu iicmg at a post marked H. J. n-
n. ��. curner, lieinii the s. w. corner nf M.
Otau_'l aoal  location,   thence HO chains
,.',   ,",  v,,���.���.,     ,,,,,i..o     ,,...,1,     ,;,/    LIII.U1-, On       L    ' . ,
thence west HO ohains to initial pom point ���_*���������������� chains south, thence
i'hull -   -...I     ,,���,,,...    Wll   ..I,..;... ���'.
til ciniiieiiceulclit.
Moe1! 21st. 1D07.
Mi itiiAV, L"cator.
In the Eatate of James Charles
Stephens Chenhall, Deceased.
chains west, ihence HII chains north tn
puint at commencement
S. ,1. Bate, Locator.
1. K Ban, Agent.
April 2, Uff,
rummcucing at a post marked I, ��. b'��
ii e curner, being the s e corner nf A. i.
Olson's coal I cation, thence HO chains
*est, thence HO chains south, thence 80
chains east thence HO chains north to
* jOTICE is hereby given that all'point uf commencement.
Iv   creditors and others having claims .1. E. Batk, Locator.
1 ���   against the estate of the late [       April 2, 1907.
James Charles Stephens Chenhall, who     ,, ., ��� ������' ,       ,   ,  _    ���.
died on or about the 29th day of Sep-i ,""""e"cl &* 8Poet "",rked * U,��
tember, 1906, are required on or before ' " * ?���'"""'. ***** * l��,nwJ* | J-
the Hrst day of May, 1907, to send by , H,te H uc"('1 J?"*"* ,hp"Lce 8," ch��"'B
post prepaid or deliver to the under-, "H9f' ,henc,; 8" Cu*"n ***** tllence 80
signed their Christian and surnames, ,chl""8 """"> theDee 8() c''��'��8 north t��
addresses and descriptions, the full par-. I'01"1 "f commencement.
. ticulars of their claims, duly verified,! I Rjc_a___ Locator,
the statement of their accounts,  and I J ����� bate, Agent,
the nature of their securities, if any,        April 2, 1907.
held by them. ,   , ,
' And further take notice that after "'"���"���S ���* ��� P���� �������'�����! ���' *��� ��
! such last mentioned date the Executors n* corner, he, ���g the ne corner of M.
will proceed to distribute the assets of i ()l8",", c""1 ���*_����< tlle,"!e K0 chsllis
; the said deceased amongst the parties, H��sf' th|,"ce 80 cl"��1"-' 8"uth. 'hence 80
| entitled thereto, having regard only to,chl,llls ��""r' "H""* hV chains norih to
the claims of which they  shall then point of commencement.
I have notice, and that the said executors
| will not be liable for the said assets or
I any part thereof, tu any person or per-
i sons of whose claim notice shall not
have been received by them at the time
jof such distribution.
Dated at Nicula, B. C, this 6th day
uf March, 1907.
Solicitor for Arthur Richardson Carrington and David A. Stoddard, Executors. mr7
Certificate of Improvements.
J. R. A Richariis, Locator.
I. E Bate, Agent.
April 2. Itt*,
0 'innienciiig at a pnst marked J. 1. h's
n e corner, heing the s e c rner of j E.
Bite's coal location, thence 80 chains
went, thence 80 chains south, thence HO
ehains ea-t, thence 80 chains north tu
point of," tiiiiii'iii, incut.
I, A. Hinshaw, Locator.
3 E BATE, Agent.
April 2,1907.
commencing at a pnst marked y. w. i;'_
n w curner, being the s w corner nf S ,i
Bale's coal location, thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains south, thenee HO chains
Black  I'rince Mineral  Claim,  situate west, thence 80 chains north to point of
in the Nicolu Mining  Hivision of Vale commencement.
F, W, OniLcRisT, Locator.
,1   I   HATE, Agent.
April 2, 1907.
District. Where located���Aspen Grove.
Take notice that I,Isaac Eastwood,l'ree
Miner's Certificate No. 1)93427, Intend,
sixty dayi from date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder f"r i Certificate of "
Improvement*, for the purpose of ob- MnTTrp
tabling I Crown (iraut of the,'ilioveclaim. NU1K.L.
Ami further take notice that action, un- Thirtydays after date I intend to
der lection 37, must be commenced be- make application to the chief commis-
fore the issuance of such Certificate of [ sioner of lands and work for a license to
Improvement!. j prospect for coal on the following des-
Dated this 19th day of March, 1907.     j cribed land, eommencingata post mark-
ISAAC EASTWOOD,   j ed H. H. McD., N. E. corner being the
-��� ���������-��� , S. E. eorner of Lot 329, running south
80 ehains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
Notice!! hereby etna that I*) (lays afler date ���  f    . ,.���mln���m.,,mpnt
I intend lo apply to Ihe chief ennvi-ioner of, "' l""nt ��{Tcotml"f'^ ment-   ,
lands and wnrksfnr .crno-mii Ui purdltM 160 H. H. MCDONALD, Locator.
a,rc- of iiinnntiiiii pa-lure land, -itiii.ted in March 21st, 1907.     J. F. Murray, Agt
i; iinh'op-ilivi-ioiiof Valeili-triei:   (lomman-
c nn ni the IK cor, er of a. Ainlcrs ui'k pr"-     Thirty days after date I intend to ap-
emption  claim thenoe ch.-I I"'"ains; thenee'   i   .    .1     L-f ������ f  londe
north in ehiins; i hi e weal id chains; thence, PV,l0 l_ne c,nleI commissioner M ianas
WUth luchuins to point of couuii, n, einent.
March aithitw.
At kinds nf Watch, Cl,,ck
and .lenclry repairs d"iie in
lint class Bfdff and satisfac-
tiuq tuniiitecl. Ad wuk
entrusted In mir c��re will he
cninpleted alnl tuturned Without deity.
tt. n. < vmi'iiii.i. ci VAX,
C I'. It. Tine Ill-pectin's.
and works for a license to prospect for
coal on the following land situated on
Coldwater, commencing at a post marked P, I). L., N. W. corner, being the
8 W corner of Lot 330 running south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
to point of commencement
��. D. LAfUKR, Locator.
March 21, 1907.      J. E. Murray, Agt.
llAkKlsTKK, Sdl.ICITtlK,
MITARV   1'i'lll.IC,    KTC.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
after date I will apply to the Hun.
Chief C"inniissioner of Lands ninl Works
fur permission to purchase 040 acres of
land situated on Snootar Creek in the
Nieola Division of Yale District, described as follows:
Commencing at a post about 5 miles
nnrth of Nieola on bent of Shootar creek.
Thence North 80 chains, thenee WestSO
chains, thenee South 80 chains, thence
East 80 chains to point of commencement, containing MO acre".
Feb. 26th. 1907.
M. V. Mi'NRO, Locator.
Wm. Munro, Agent.
B.  C.
Certificate of luiproveinents.
Vernon Fractional .Mineral Claim, situate in the Nicola Mining Division ul Vale
District.     Where located- Aspen ('.rove
Take notice that I, Isaac I'astwunil.au.-
cnt  for   David II.   Smith, l'ree Miner's
Certificate Ho, B93428, intend, sixty days
! frnm date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder fur I Certificate ol liuprnvc
ments, fut the purpose of obtaining a
Crown (Irant of the above claim.
And father take notice that action, un
der section 37, must be commenced be
fore the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated thll lqth dav of March. 1907.
Mrs. Mickle, of Quilchena, viiited in
Nicola on Sunday.
Dan. Munro, of Aspen Grove, wai a
Nicola visitor Monday.
J. Amberty, of Otter Valley, paid a
week-end visit to Nicola.
J. Chapman, of Lower Nicola, was a
Nicola visitor on Tuesday.
The nearest hotel to the railway station.
The only convenient hotel for travelers.
I Good rooms, good table, good liquors
Two large sample rooms. Good stabling
in connection.
S. Kirby, of Quilchena, returned from
a visit to the coast on Monday.
Gilbert Blair, of Blair & Co., return
ed on Monday from Princeton.
J. L. Willman and Mrs. Willmrn, of
Lower Nicula, paid a visit to Nicola on
Geo. Bent and A. R. Carrington paid
a visit to Douglas Lake the first part of
the week.
James Corbett, of Courtenay Lake,
was a visitor to Nicola on Saturday of
last week.
Robert Johnston and Mrs. Johnston,
of Lower Nicola, were visitors to Nicola on Tuesday.
I. Eastwood, of Merritt, was a visitor
to Nicola on Monday, returning on the
afternoon train.
J. G. Thynne, of Otter Valley, arrived in Nicola on Friday last, having re.
turned from a visit to the old country.
A. Stevenson, road superintendent of
Yale district, paid a visit to Nicola on
Monday and inspected the progress of
work on the new bridge.
Rev. W. Govier, of Port Hammond,
formerly of Nicola, has been renewing
old acquaintances throughout the valley during the past week. He was accompanied by J. Dale, a general merchant of Port Hammond.
COURT NICOLA, No. SB1, A.O. r"��� meet*
second and fourth Krtday in each month
al 8 p.m., in Pooley's Hall. Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
Waltek Clark. C. R.
W Ookuon Ml'KRAY.SeC,
Land Mining and Oeneral Supply Agta
Mining contractors, farm machinery, buggies,
cut tern, sleighs etc. bend (or our list uf farm
and mining properties. KepurUi on mining . ro-
pertits through the District. Cable address
"Anruin." Codes: Brouihall, More.ng _ Neal,
A. B. C. 1th.
Warehouse-Canford, Nl-ola Valley, B. 0.
Certificate of Improvements.
Copper Age Mineral Claim, situated in
the Nicola Mining Division of Yale District.   Where located-Aspen Grove.
Take notice that we, Isaac Eastwood,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B93427,
and Price Ellison, Free Miner's Certificate No. B22790, intend sixty days from
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a crown
grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section .17, must be commenced lie-
fore the issuance of  such  Certificate of
Dated this 22nd day of April, 1907.
Isaac Eastwood.
Price Ellison.
.' xountant,Commission, Insurance
and (ietleral Agent.
Main Street ���      ���     Kamloops
Calls your attention to
the fact that you want
Robes and Horse
and the best place to get them is at
Harness and Saddlery
The most convenient hotel for visitors in Ashcroft. The liest of table
board. Hot and cold baths. Our
representative meets all trains :  :  :
Notice is herehy given that within 60
days from date I intend making application to the honorable chief commissioner
of lands and works for permission to purchase 75 acres of pasture land in the Yale
division of Yale district situated as follows: Commencing at at a stake at the
s.w. corner of lot 746, running thence
south 20 chains more or less to the n. w.
of Jas. Corbett's coal lease, thence east
40 chains, thence north 20 chains to lot
746, thence west 40 chains to the point
of commencement,
Nicola, 11th March, 1907.
All kind* of Watches, Clocks, .Jewelry,
etc., kept in stock.   Wedding present! a specialty.
First class repairs done on short notice
and returned at once
All the new records received as issued at
Kamlonps Vernon
vj**j_j_^a-*��j^jv^_j_j'^j^* a**_a_j
Horseshoing done in a
first class mr-nner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
A sitting of the County Court of Yale
will be held in the Court House, Nicola,
B. C, on
Tuesday, 4th June, 1907
at 10 a. m. Geo. Murray,
C. C. Registrar.
Hyland & Gray
(R. M. Woodward's Sawmill.)
SHINGLES MOULDINGS| H(inwghilrtnB, ipHeWty
Grand Central Hotel
Ashcroft, B.C.
Everything up to date.   Best cuisine in
town. Bar supplied with the best wines,
liquors and cigars.   When in Ashcroft
stop at the Grand Central.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister, Solicitor _nd   Nmsry  PuMie
Office:  Kant nf the Canadian Ruik nf Commerce, south side of Victoria Ktroet, Kiiinloopn.
Money to limn on real e*lale security.
General Blacksmith
To Peter Mertle, of Nicola, B. C.
Take notice that a plaint has been entered and a summons issued in the aliove
County Court by G. B. Armstrong, of
Lower Nicola, B. C, merchant, forthe
sum of $80.00 for goods sold and delivered and an order has been made that the
publication ol a notice of the entry of
such plaint in The Nicola Herald shall
be deemed good and sufficient service of
the summons upon you.
You are required to enter a dispute
note within eight days from the 2nd day
of May, 1907, at the Registrar's Office at
Nicola; and if you do not so enter such
dispute note judgment may be signed
against you and the plaintiff may proceed
io execution.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1907.
(Sgd)   GEO. MURRAY, Registrar.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Ortlciiil Aiimliii-trauir
Uirli't).   {.'inner, ial Itlnck. ennl ot I'ont Olllcc.
K.vnlonph, 11. C.
Notice is hereby idven that sixty Any after
dale I Inlend to apply In Ihe chief rnn.inis
doner nfl��niN__d works 'or iiern.'ssinii In
mirrhaw SI) v res nf pa-ture land sitii��lcil nn
I'lkc'. Woiiiitnin, Viilnllisirict, cii..n nn_ai
aisi t I'lca.il nn Uiu southern line nf li V
Parkins' preempt inn. thence 411 chain- watt,
,|,.i,n jiii luiiissiiuih. tminr.e 10 chains nvf,
ll,cii'c'-iichains norih lo point of coniincic'���-
in. lit
Spring Goods
Just Arrived at the
People's Store!
Blouses, Silk Waists, Skirts, Waist
Lengths, Children's Bonnets
Prints, Flannelettes.
The People's Store
MBIiniTT,  B. o.
Prime Beef.   Mutton,   Lamb,   Veal,   Pork and Sausage
Poultry,   Hams and Bacon,  Fresh Fish
Reading Crackers     -     -     -     40c a Tin
Tlie most popular form of Citam Cracker.
Arampetti Tea 40c per lb
A Ceylon Orange  l'ekoe  in  bulk.    Rich,   well
flavored Tea, equal to any 50c package,
Fairbanks "Santa Claus" Soap   -   5c per bar
An unexcelled Waahing Soap.
April in. MT.
Pitted Prunes (in packages)
20c per lb
These are very nice ami one pound goes as far
as two of the kind with stones still in.
Jos. Richard*,     -     proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling In Connection.
Telephone Connection
STRAVKU. right hip.   t'ulcss claimed within tMrt)
  days from date animal will  be solil  tii
Came onto the premises of the under-  pay expense*.
siffn,.'. on Novemher 20th, 1906, one red' A   G, COMJtTT,
heifer, two \ ears old, branded J on the  April.1!   "'. Imam Nicola.


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