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The Nicola Herald Jun 22, 1905

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#   ���"?(
JM 261905
Vol. I.  No. 6.
NICOLA LAKE, B.C., JUNE 22, 1905.
$2 a Year.
Ancient Order of Forester* the Firm
Fraternal  Society  ia th*
Nicola   District Oood
Otj Friday evening Court Nicola of th*
Ancient Order of Foreatera waa organised in Pooley'a ball, by D. D. H 0. R���
A. Thompson of Kamloopt, entitled by
H. A. 8paulding, 0. Lawrence and E.
W. Morns of the tame city.
After the initiation of candidates th*
following officers were elected:
Put ohief ranger, Ret. Geo. Haton;
chief ranger, Ri*. A. Frater; tub-chief
ranger, A. R. Oarrington; treaturer, Geo.
R.Philp; secretary, Alfred H. Oarrington;
.enior woodward, N. J. Berwick; junior
woodward, 8. J. Snloman; senior beadle,
H 8. Cleasby; junior beadle, Walter
Clerk; aoditin, A. Fyall and Thomtt
Healop; medical oflcer. Dr. 0. H.
Tutill; trutteet, Oeorge B. Armttrong
Rev. 0. Mason and Walter Clark.
Court Nioola of the A. 0 F. la tht first
fraternal society organised in the Nioola,
and at inch hat a promiaing future, the
eharter member* numbering thirty five.
twenty threw being initiated at the first
meeting, and th* rett will be put through
at the our few meetings.
Moan might be laid upon the advar
tegea which acorn* from beoumiog a member of th* A. 0. T.~tifflo* it to aay that
the order it no' abetractiou bnt*
���eality. It it a society of men united together for th* attainment nf a two fold
object - moral and tooial. The foundation nf th* society mutt necessarily be
promotite of the social ad*antage* of those
within th* tpbero of itt influence; fer tbe
very object uf the order, and ita immediate aim and ultimate end, ar* not merely
thot* of a pecuniary kind, when aicknets
require* th* aid of the fund* to be contributed, but are thot* of mutual and
���octal atsittance.
Th* regular mealing* of Court Nioola
will be held on the second and fourth
Friday'* of th* month. Th* first regular
mi sting will be held tomorrow evening.
Th* public tchool examinations will be
held tomorrow at Nioola and Lower
Nioola schools.
Thomas Cornow of Spenoea Bridge was
in Nioola aid at Quilchena this week
porohating horeee.
Th* horn* of Mr. and Mr*. A. F.
Lauder of Kamloopt waa brightened by
the arrival of a ton and heir on Friday,
Road Superintendent A. Steventon of
Lytton, with a gang of mea, it up the
OnldwaUr doing th* nee***ary work on
the road*.
Kelly, Douglat A Co. of Vancouver,
wholesale groctrt, bar* received th* contract for th* supply of groceries to the
contractor! J i-ing conttruation of th*
Nicola railway.
Th* Metropolitan it now running a
twice a week delivery to Lower Nicola,
C mtlee and all way pniut*. Th* delivery
day* ar* Tueeday and Friday and al)
order* will receive careful and prompt
Report* of th* Doing* la Tbl* Rich
Mineral Beetle \
J. E. Bate of the Portland mint, Atpes
Grove, waa a town on Monday and re
pon ��� work at going on very aatitfactory
at to* Portland property. The work
going on at present is principally at
"Th* Fallt," whtr* arrangementt are
ben g made to install * water wheel for
the electric plant, where power will ba
generated for Portland and other pro
pertie* owntd by th* cuuip-n
Mr. Bate, who it interente' in th*
Golden Sovereign gronp, hat ,i.t * 'rjese
��� f men on thit property, who a e orowt
cutting th* vain of Hue cuperif<rout ore
��bleh bad been thown up prtriuutly
Tht Ooldbn Sovereign it a very promising
f "oparty, and Mettre. Bat* and pi.rtntre
intend continuing the work.
Robert Craemet, with a few men, haa
b*��n "��� >ing aaeetement work on th*
St Lefb gr*up and other property owned
by uirrielf and partnera On the St.
L *J ��� he uncovered an eiceptioaally tne
bod) ,>f or*, which plane* it among the
ben, psorwrtun in Atpen flmv*.
"Dad Allen and partner* ar* hard at
work o. the Pearl gioup of dtimi, and
ar* continuing lb* tunnel, eroucutung
th* formal, m. and her* thown up a large
body uf or*.
Meaen. Low* and Brawn tu��e just
completed work on 'he Blue Bird group
of olaimt with go-. results.
Frank Bailey it going ahead with work
on I i Queet, of Hearts group with excel
lent results, and he* ptovaa the group a
good prop irty.
All over th* district kn i number uf
ptotpecWin aud owner* of claim* who
h��v ��� dun* lonsiderable work this season
Md inttnd vroteouting work on whs' pro-
parties th*y have discovered at own.
Th* showing* at preasnt in th* Atpen
Or it ��� practical!, proves It a* on* of tb*
beet copper camp* in tb* w*et, and IN
long inn htrs of men will be employed
developing th* minei on  a  largo  aeale
Mr Bite returned to the Finland
mini on Morrtit evening after unlink,
his baaJDjeem Nioola.
Work Haa Started  on the Rook and
Tunnel About Ten Mile* From
Spenoe* Bridge and Will Ba
Pushed Rapidly
Qladstens Crroup.
8. J. Bat* ,nd \'.. J, Armi r.ing have
Nturned .. Atpen drove from Keremeos,
when thel had beer for several week*
doing aavtemtui wuik on the Gladstone
grou. of olaimt o* Shutwap creek, owned
by them stive* and partnera. They run
a tuur"-' a thrrt dutanr��, with a number
of open cut* across tbe claim, in all of
whion >..r bar* uncovered th* ledge.
The ort It of iine grade copper, carrying
value* hi gold and tilver. Mettrt. Bat*
and Arniat.ons wen in Nicula W*dn*o>
day too ar* highly pieated wit > ti a r*
tult of th* work on th* Gladstone, and
may continue it further thit teaion.
I*ck in Ontario.
Lt it teak, Mr. Uowin told hi* reai
dono* to Mr. O'Rourk* of Britiah Col
umbla, who has been iu G'imtby for
torn* titr- looking for t residential pro
party. Mr. O'Rourk* wta formerly of
8mi''�����, '���. Tbe purcbt** price wat
18600. Th�� *��� k it a new on* i.U vary
oonvenlf and p to date aid ihe
grounds in nicely fitted up, ind Mr.
O'Rouru bt* ihown good judgment in
hit purchase. Mr. Unwin will proceed
to fit up, build on, end beautify th* n*w
proper*.) which,/ b* has purchased.���
Grimtby Exchange. Th* gentleman
menti. e' abut* I* Ed. O'Rourk*,
form*riy < ' Quilchena.
Sand yi af IS along and rectiv* Tb*
Nioola H*mi<  oron***<r.
Work ha* oommenced on tbe con
ttruetion of tbe Nicola railway and Tuesday saw the first actual conttruation work
started. During tht past week the rail
way company have been erecting buildings and getting everything in readineei
for tbe work at Spences Bridge, and the
oo itractor haa heen bringing in euppliea
and machinery every day. About 16
nerlotdt at pretent have arrived at Spences
Bridge and more will follow. Tbe engineer* are moviag along the line and have
about th* firat IS mi let ready lor the
oon'ractura to go on with
Contractor McLean ttarted on Tueeday
on the rock work and tunnel on hit contract and will pu��h tbe work ahead
rapidly, Mr. McLean waa in Nioola
thit week having returned from Quilchena, where he had beei purchat.i.g
h 'reel for hie contract work. He h*��
erected oampa and will employ a number
of rock worker*, having practically the
heavieat piece of work on the wh le line
A large number of men are at Spences
Bridge aad during iV�� nut week will tx
a ttered along th* first part of the work.
Janes Ironside* and D. K. Campbell,
contractor* of Vancouver, lately connected
with the tunnel work at Lake Beautiful,
and C. 8. Giutiski, jr., were along the pro
poted route, and at Nicola Tuesday
Messrs. Campbell and Ironsides said
'hey expected securing a contract on I
portion of th* road to ba built.
Lewi* and Oleck Bxpowltlon,
Th* tlty council of Kamloopt received
a communication from th* preeident of
the Lewi* and Clark Centennial Expo-
sition at Portland stating that in con
nection with the week tet aptrt for
Britith Columbia, it had been decided to
name the 8 h day of July at Kamloopt
day. Tbe management would be pleased
to welcome a delegation from Kamloops
on that day ia one of the important
build gt and would offer the free ute of
a band. They hoped that the oitiunt uf
Kamloopt and district would make a
special effort to attend In force and do
honor to the occasion. A representative
would shortly visit Kamloopt to make
arrangement* and give any information
requir.l, What'i th* matter with
having i. "Nicola day I"
A nan walked into th* Herald printing
palao* -he other day and, after gazing at
the few >' writing nc�� oopy by th* yard
and th* day .hift compiling the type*.
laid: "I want to deposit 19000." Th*
editor fainted, th* devil ru*b*d for tb*
can, while the mechanical ttaff tang "We
need th* money." Th* man was not iu
tan*. .1* tnittook th* printing palace
for th* Bank of Montreal. Tb* Herald
gang looked hone*t to him.
"Ask and y* shall receive"- adrertiet
and you will get botinet*.
Be*. Mr. Govier leave* next week for
Va..- icWBg where be will be ordained a*
i oli.-rgynia of th* Church of England.
Mr. Gofitr ha* had charge of th* Nioola
pariah for th* pott four month*.
Mr*. HlntUw, who It heavily inter
eeted in nioing property in the Aipw
Grove notion, we* in Nioola thit week.
A  SURB  00.
The Library Meeting Tueeday Decided
to Send for Book*.
Latt Tuesday afternoon a large number
of eitizint met in tbe government office,
and after the election of officer* it was
deoided to tske advantage of the travel
ing libra7. Mrs P���oliy wat in the
ohairandj. MeQuistun acted at teore
tary. After t thorough disunion of the
edvantag-t uf a library in Nioola, it was
mov*d and seconded that the citizens nt
thie place send to Viotoria for the first
installment of the provincial travtling
library; and that J. McQuiston proceed
al once to collect the membership fee.
The government office wat aeleoted at the
place tii have the library, and every Tues
day and Saturday, after the books a)
knowledge arrive, the library will be open
from 4 t. 5 u'olock for delivery and ex
change of bonkt. Miss Murray St*
tlected librarian; Miss McDonald trees
urer, and Jamee Pooley truatee. Every
body in Nicola should become member*
of the library, and when collector Me
Qui.ton calls upon you don't forget to
dig up two hit,
Judge Forin ot Neimn held * brief tea
sion of the county court in Nicola last
F. G. Paige haa been unable to work
the pact few daya owing to a sliver of tteel
penetrating hit wrist, causing him mutb
Meter*. Stewart, Clarke and Wlnny
returned thit week from their round up
���a the western range, and report * good
call orop.
A part menu to let adjoining the
Metropolitan meat market. Suitable for
iffioe, confectionery, drug aad etationery
ttore. Apply, Metropolitan Meat M.rket.
R. B. Brisooe paaaed through Nioola
on Saturday to look over mining proper
'iet in the neighborhood of Coutlee, after
apending a few wttkt in the Atpen Grove
Commercial men flock to Nicola like
beet to i flower garden. Every day for
the paat month half a dozen drummer*
have visited tbit plact. AII report having
secured good orders from Nioola's wideawake merchantt.
B. F. Argutt of Portland, and B. H.
Trumbull, general traffio manager of the
Illinoi* Central, wert vititing in the
Nicole latt week. Th* company Mr
Trumbull represent! u Interacted in ooal
iandt around hare.
J. Menziet received * niot, light 14
foot towing boat from Vanoouver on
Tueeday, and took it up the lake to
Quilchena for 8. Kirby of th* Quilah*n*
hotel, who purohaeed it from him. Mr,
Menziee will have t couple more boat* on
band shortly.
A mettlng ol th* Nicolt circulating
library will be held in the court house oi
Saturday evening, June 24th, tt 7:30, for
th* purpose of winding up the affair*.
There it ��� few dollars on hand to be disposed of Every member it urgently requeued to tttend, A. R. Oarrington,
L. Hautitr brought in a special ttagt
Tueeday evening from Spenoe* Bridge
for Stewart's ttage line, tod will in future
be engaged driving ttagt for M. P.
Stewart. Mr. Hautier ia a wall known
man throughout Cariboo, where for yean
h* wat th* crack whip on the road.
Lately he haa been engaged in the
northern country driving ttagt from
Whit* Hon* north.
Annual Picnic Under the Auspice* of
the Church  - Proceed*  $100.
Sport* and Sueeaaaful
The annual picnic at Lower Nioola oo
Saturday, under the auspices of th*
Methoditt church wat, aa usual, a grand
Huceeei. Th* weal her wat ideal for eucb
a gathering, and large mmbert were in
attendance from all parts of Nioola valley
to enjoy the tportt and vitit among their
The ooromittte in charge of arrangementt bad a booth for the tale of ice
cream, it raw berries, etc., erected near
H Lindley't pltoe, where the sport* and
races were held.
The dinner at 12 o'clock was th* prin
cii al event of the day and wat held in J.
R McGregor's hall, wbioh wat kindly
giv*o to the church for the day. Th*
dinner wat up to tbe top mark, being
evident from the manner in which the
tablee were patronized. After the after-
noun's sports, 6 o'clock tupper wat prepared by the ladies, all partaking befor*
leaving for their respective home*, satie-
fi*d with tb* day'* outing and eoagr.tule-
ting th* manager* aad th* Metbodiat
church on their excellent entertainment.
Th* proceeds for tbe dey, which go toward* th* g*n*r*l trutt fund of th*
eburoh, wire $140.
Following U a list of tbe eventt with
the luocetlful contestants
Boyt race under 11 years-1, Jamee
Smith; t, Peroy Clark; 3, Marcus Woodward.
Boy* race under 12 yean���1, Alfred
Smith; 2, Obie Murray.
100 yard* handicap -1, John Chapman,
Girls race under 12���1, Dorothy Oarrington; 2, Myrtle Woodward.
Girl* no* under 16 yean���1, Ellen
Sterrett; Crietie Woodward.
Men'* not over 40 yean���1, D. Dud-
Hop *t*p jump���1, John Chapman.
Putting 16 pound thot���1, Jamee
150 yard* for men���1, Norman Woodward; 1 Clareroe Woodward.
Ladle* no*���1, Mn. J. Woodward; I,
Mn. Barwiok.
Ladies wheelbarrow race���1, Mia*
Mary Dodding,
Slagged race. 75 yardt���1, Joseph
Richards and [Jemet Wtodwtrd.
Inditn race, 200 yards���1, Johnnie.
Nail driving contest for ladies���1, Mr*.
J. Smith.
Thread and needle race for men���1,
George Murny; 2, Fred Riley.
Egg and tpoon not for ladies��� 1, Mn.
J. Smith; 2, Mn. R Johneou.
Vaulting with pule���1, Jot. Woodward ; 2, D. Melon**.
High jump for boy*���1, Albert Smith:
2, Mailer Dodding.
High jump for mm���1, W. 8n*e; 2, J.
Cattle Shipment*.
Shipped by the Douglat Lake Cattle
company on June 12th by G. Porter A
Sunt, Victoria and Vancouver: 17 eowe,
branded JL on left side; 41 eowe, branded
III on right tide; 84 tteera, branded III
on left *id*.
Boat   races,   athletic  sports,   etc., at
Quilehsna oo July ltt.   Don't mis* it. THE NICOLA HERALD
-THE ���
Capital $8,700,000   Rett $3,500,008   Total Assets (Nov. 19041 $91,000,000
Saving* Bank Department
Deposits of f 1 and upwards received and interest allowed.     The depositor
it subject to no delay in depositing or withdrawing fundi.
Banking by Wail
Account! uf pinchers and other euttomen residing out of town receive
special attention.   Funds may be deposited or withdrawn by mail.
ADVtitcra maps on arpovii) noths
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, In Advance, $2 a Tear
Nicula Like, B. C.   Jink 22, IHIr.
The mines made the large and progressive oities of Sail Francisco, Denver.
Butte, Cripple Creek, Dawson, Helena,
Anaconda and Nelson. And in their
prospective stages the mines that ma'e
these cities had not nearly as good show
ing as the mines in Nicola. But that is
not all, We have vast areas of coal
lands, a big ranging country, the finest
farming lands in the world, Hint the most
equable climate. All of these will un
duuhtedly give Nicula district the laigest
population in the interior, if not in
British Columbia.
See the kuih.11 sett-lements. What
beau ti'ful pluces. Will they ever be
any ltrg er 1 Yet They are des tined
to be the great est com oner ei-al, mining
and tirni ing hubs in th* iut.nr lor. All
mil mails nurth, south, east and 'est,
will lead from these places, Spelling
lessun���N i c o la.
Word was received in Nicula on Tuesday evening from Ottawa sta'ing that in
railway committee in the house one important clause in the V. V. & E. charter
had passed; situ that it was a stormy
stssi n. The debate was adjourned until
today (Thursday ) This week resolution*
were forwarded from Similkameen towns
and Nicola urging the government to pantile needed rail*ay legislation iu connection with the V. V. & E. charter.
The Bank of Hamilton has made a
particularly good showing during the last
financial year. The revenue wat increased to $2,235,000 and now equals the
paid up capiat. The Bank of Hamilton
has a branch at Ramlnnps.
In the matter uf
The "Official Administrators' Act."
In the matter nf
Notice is hereby given that by an order made
In this honourable court dated the 19th day nf
May, A. I >.. 1905, the undersigned was appoint
ed admini-lI'Hlnr with the will annexed of all
and singular the estate of tbe above named
Kohert Charters late nf Quilchena, in the district of Yale, in the province of Britiih Colum
bia, gentleman, deceased, who died on or about
the 4th day of Pece   ber, A. TV. 1904.
All persons having claims against, the said
defeated  are required to send same with full
particular* thereof, duly verified, to the under
sinned on or before the 1st day of August, A.I)
1905, and all persons indebted to the mid deceased are required to nay the amntintnf suoh
indebtedness Lo the undersigned forthwith.
Official Administrator, Coun'y nf Yale,
  Kamloops, B. C.
Thirty day* after date I intend to apply to
the chief > ommiflKionnr of lands and works for
permission lo lea^e 1280 acre* more or lei-e of
mountain pasture land for 21 years as fol lew*!
Commencing at a post at the north east corner
of Wm. Halnier'' purchase T99, running; 8 8H
chains, thence K 80 chains, thence N 80 chain-,
Ihence W 40 chains, thence N 80ch tins, thence
W 40 chain*, thence N 80 chains, thence VV 111
chain*, thence s80 chains, theme E40chains,
thence 8 80 chains to starting pi��u
8 J. P. SC (TT,
Rockford, B, C��� May 29th, 1905.	
Thirty days after dale I intend to make application to the chief commiHi-ioner of lands
end works for permission to lease 1280 acres of
mountain pasture land situate at the furl her
end of Pnyote Valley, near the eight mile creek,
nommi'iicfng at, a post marked K. H, Wlnnj'-
N VV corner, thence K 100 chains, thence 8 80
chains, thei ce VV 160 chain*, i hence N 80 chains
to inital posu R. H  WINNY.
Nicola Lake, Jnne ��, 1905.
Thirty day* after date I In'end to apply to
thechief couinilsrioner of lands and woflafor
a special licence to cut timber on Ihe following
described area commencing at a po-n marked
��. Tingley'* 8. K. cover, ihence N 80 chains,
thence VV 80 chains, thence 8 80 chain*, thence
K 80 chain* to initial post, 640 acres.
221 5, 05., Nicola.
i oiiniM n ing at a oost marked 8. T��� 8. W.
corner, thence N 80 chains, thence E 80 chains,
thence S 8H chains, these* VV 80 chains, to initial
post, 610 acres.
221 6 I 05.. Nicola. 8. TINOI.EY.
Thirty day* after date I In end oappi'y l*
the chief rnmim- ioncr of lar>*1-iaiid work* for
a special licence to cut timber over tbe following described area, cnmin, nelng at a post,
marked J S, 8. K. corner, Ihenoe N 80 chain*.
VV 80 chains, S 80 chains, K 80 chains to inl ial
po-it 640 acre*.
Also commencing at a po*t marked J. 8��� 8.
VV. corner, thence no chains, E 80 chain*, thence
8 80 chalnB, VV DOchains, to initial po*t, 610 acre*.
22 i 5 | 05.. Nicola J. K. *H1VKL.
Any business will grow with steady
strides under the influence of good advertising and good management.
One who evidently Ml had the experience of years and therefore is in a
position to know, asserts that "K>'ery
poker player knows absolutely, unequivocally mil beyond the poser of evidence to convince him to the Contrary,
that he is just a little hit the best player
that ever held opener*." The ahove
remark is commended to the thoughtful
consideration of those interested���especially the lengthening list of y. ung fellows
who imagine that ihey kouw something
about the great American game. As
Josh Billings, or Mark Twain, or some
one else once pertinently remarked,
"There are a lot of people who know
things that are not in."
Thirty day* after data I intend to apply to
the chief cnmniis*lon>T of land" and works for *
special licence to cut timber on the following
described area, commencing at a posl marke-i
D. tfelnaV 8. K. coiner, itienco N 80chains,
Ihence W 80 chain*, thence 8 80 chains, thence
E 80 chains, to Initial post, 6in acres.
Commencing at a post marked l). Melnnes'
8. W, corner, hence N 80 chain-, E 80chains,
thence 8 80 chains, thence W 80 chains to lnillai
post, 640 acres.
22 I 5 i IB, Nicola. I). Mi INNE8.
Thirty day* after date I Intend to apply to
the Chi>f Commis-loner of Land* and works
foras|iecial lloenoe to cut and otrry away
timber from the following described lands,
situated on the east side of Ihe Mamett Uku
road, and connneiidiig at a last marked H
Ai in-!rung, and running 80 i li tins nasi; 80
chains n irth; 80 chain* wes';80 chains -onth,
to point nf coinmenoemenl. com aining 640 acre*.
Also commencing at a post at the r-outheast
corner marked K Armstrong and running east
80 chains; north 80 chains; west 80 chains; soulb
8n chains, lo point of commenceme'it, remaining 640 acre*.
R. ARMSTRONG. Locator.
June 15,19116.        Dan McInneh. Agent
Changing glasses for reading
and distance is entirely done
away with by using our
Bifocal lenses-thry may be
used In rimless eyeglasses.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of land* and work* for
a licence to cut timber on the following described area, via: Commencing at a post on
the north tide of Smith'* creek marked s nib
eaat angle, running 80 chain* west; thence 80
chains north; thence*1 chains east; thence 80
chains south to p ���int of commencement; 640
acres, located June 16.1905.
Thirty day* after data I Intend to apply 11
th'- chief oommi-*|oner of lands and w rks fo1
a In nice to cut timber on Ihe following described area, vl��: i'omm"noin�� at a post
nn the north side of Hnvih's creek maked
sou'hwest angle, running 80 cha n ets��; thence
80 chain* north; thence 80 chain* we*t; thence
80 chain* south to point of commencement; 640
acres, located Juae 16.1!l"5
By hi* agent,' 'hab, f. Law.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply tn
the chief oomml*��inner f land* and work* for
a licence to cut timber on the following de
scribed area, vis.: Commencing at a po<t
marked somhwest angl , nn the east b,nk of
the Cold wat*r river running north 80 chain
to Comllllon's ranch; thence 80 chain* east;
thence 80 chains south; thence 80 chain* west,
to point of commencement; 640 acre*, located
June 17,1905. CHA8. f. LAW.
Thirty days after date I Intend tn anply tn
thechief commissioner of lands and works for
a licence to ont timber on the following de-
���wrllied area via.: commencing at a post
marked northwest angle, on the east bank of
the Coldwater river, running 80 chain* souih to
Olsen's ranch: thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains north; thenne 80 ohains south to point of
commencement; 640 acre* located June 17,1905.
 By hi- agent, Cius, F. L��w,
Thirty day* after date I Intend to apply tn the
Chief Cnmmhwlener "f land' and *ork�� for a
special licence to c ut timber on the following
describe! land*: Commencing at a post
marked c.H'e northwest oornei, adjoining H
Merriti'-land on south *ide; thence south 80
chain*: I hence east 80 chain*; Ihence north 80
chains;'hene-west 80 chain* to initial post.
June 16,1905. 0HA8. wTlRLINQ.
J. A. SCOT!\ Prop.
Thirty days after date I intend applying to the chief coiiimi"*ioiier uf Iandi
and wnrks, Victoria, B C , f if permis
Sinn tu purchase the following described
land in Kamloops division of Yale district, commencing at the north east cur
ner of L"t 184 thence east 19 chains tn a
post marked Indian boundary, thence
south 60 chaina more or less tu Indian
reserve post marked VI, thence east 9
ohains mure or less to Indian reserve
poat on bank of 10 mile or Oeihop creek,
thence along said creek ra a point nn
boundary line nf lot 160, thenoe nurth tu
point uf commencement 80 chains more
less. Jamkb Smith.
Lower Nicla. B. C��� May 19-h, 1906.
It's all right fur a man to talk  himself
up, providing hedoe��n't run other* down.
All eyes are turned towards Nioola.
Notice t* hereby given that thirty day* after
date we Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Conimi .donor nf ls��nds and Wnrks for a
spina] licence lo out and carry away timber
from the following described lands: Commencing at a n>��t set approximately one mile
north of Nicola river and east of Dpios creek;
thence SOrhains we��t; thence 80 ch dns north;
thence 80 chain* east; thence80chums south, to
po.ni of commencement.
June 11, 1905. 1*. HARDIMAN.
Notice ia  hereby   given that   thirty day
after date we intend   o apply tu Ihe  Honorable ihe Chief Commissi ner of IsunU and
works for a special licence to cut Bnd carry
away limber from the   following described
land-:    Comn.encing at a post set approximately one mile north from Nicola river, east
nf Hmo*creek; ihence 80 chain-north: thence
| 80Chain* east; thence 80 chain* south; Ihence
80 chain* west, to point of commencement.
June 11,1905. T   It. HARDIMAN.
Thirty days afterdate I Intend to apply to
thechief comml��*lon��rof land* and works for a
special licence to cut timber over the following
described area commencing at a pom marked
J. Fra*er'�� situated ten miles north of Nioola
wagon roid and running a* follow*, 80chain*
��', 80 N, 80 K. 80 8, to initial poet; also��� ommen-
clng at a post marked J. Fra*er'�� 80 chain* W,
80 8, 80 K, SON to Initial po-t     oB���
S, Tingley, Agent.
��� Coutlee, B, C��� June 9th. 1906, 	
Thirty day* after date I Intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of land* and works for
a special license to cut timber on the following
described lands situated r.orth west of D. Mi
limes'preemp'lon and running a* follow* 80
chain* south, 80 chain* east, 80 chains north,
80 ch >lni west to point of commencement containing >H0 acre*; also commencing al apo*t
matkod P. Tinglovand running80 ch'lnenorth.
80 ea-t, 80 south, 80 west to point of corunence
ment, containing 610 aoresp ^^j,^
S. Tingley, Agent.
Coutlee, ft C. Jane 10th. 1905.	
Sixtyday* afterdate I Intend to make application to the chief commlt'lnn-r of lands aid
works for periMM to pnrc,hi��! 80a res of
mountain land starting at R. Oulll'ord'* stake
No. 918 running20chain* east, 40chain* north,
30 chains weat. W ohains aouth i'l.'.^imWr}"''
Aspen Grove, R C, June 16, 1905,
Come to us for the latest and freshest goods.     It is
a pleasure for us to do business. We
guarantee satisfaction.
(amp Oat fit*             ���JliilntrKapplles Hardware
Dry tioode                  Boot* and Nb<��es Uroeerles
Drugs A Mat ioncr)' OrniH 1 Urii ishing Flour A Feed
1 f!
Forwarding Agents from Spences Bridge to all
points in Nicola and Similkameen.
Agents Nicola Townsite, Insurance Agents.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Ve;.l, Pork
and Sausage
Twice a week delivery to Lower Nicola, Coutlee, way points
Orders throughout ihe Distr ct receive careful attention and promptly delivered
JAMF.H  POOLEV Proprietor
Unequalled as a   J
Suimner Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
I 8. KIRBY, Proprietor
ANDREW SMITH, Proprietor
All kinds of Blacksmith work and Horseshoing done in
first class shape. Leave your work here and it will receive
prompt attention.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
and Saddlery
Now it the time to %y your Harnett and Saddlory. I We in
stock a full l;n�� n goods auitsMe
to the trade. S* isfaction guaranteed.   All Itindt of
Barrens, Boots, Shoes, etc., done
neatly and promptly.
NICOLA LAKE,      ���      ���      B, C
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a specialty.
All kinds of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
etc., kept in stock.   Wedding presents a specialty.
First class repairs done on short notice
and returned at once. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
-4 OFF
Is the event of Kamloops
and district at present.
People know a good thing.
They are getting g> od
goods cheap. Bsaawslhsf
it is 25 cents off every dollar and the terms are spot
Our stock is all new. No
old goods to work off.
New goods are arriving
dally to keep mn aasurt-
ment up.
Mail orders tilled the day received.
kxslusivc Outfitter to Men and Hoys.
Vancouver Firm to Supply Hardware
for Nicola Line.
A Vancouver brm has secured the contract to supply construction implements
for the Nicola, Kamloops A Similkameen
Coal & Railway Company.
The McLennan, McFeely & Co., Ltd ,
were thl successful bidders, and entered
i1 to a contract to supply all hardwar
g '"ds, picks, shovels and everything else
in their line, and to supply the goods
on time.
(iiiods have already been shipped to
Spences Bridge to go in on the construction work, and down at the big warehouse
on I'em'er street, just alongside the rail
way track, freight cart are Oeing luadeil
as fast as men chii put things aboard.
Bank of Montreal
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000 Rest, $ic.o 0,000
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $373,988
Total Assets        ....        $,35, 24,4^2.74
PRESIDENT. Rt Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, 0. C. M. G.
VICE-PRESIDENT,        - - Sir Geo. A. Drumraond. K. C. M. G.
Head Office -Montreal
Deposits received from   $1.00   and  upwards.      I
credi:ed twice a year.
Withdrawals on demand without delay
Banking business of every description solicited.
Special attention to Mining, Ranching
and Mercantile Interests
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail-     Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
The Nicola Lake Branch will be opened in
a few days.
Superintendent of B. C. Branches.
also  General Livery-
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every Thursday lor Nicola I ake,   Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday (or Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m
Leave Princeton
Every   Sunday   6 a. m., arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Npecial trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
Indians Fall Out.
While going from Nicola to Kamloops
on Wednesday last a party of BaHaaaUri
Indium *li��� had been attending the religious gathering at Shnnloiche reserve
Vin, ��i which the bishop was present
Y with an accident near W. R Mac-
maid's, Nicola road, where a fatal  acci
Thirtydays afttt date I intend U) amply to
Catchief i "tnmisMonernf 'ands mul noik.f.ir
* sptoial lir^nne to rut aim can- ate-ay iinlt-r
from the fol'owittg dtsorlVa Inn's, si irtloij
at a post marked A. McUilllvray'a N. Kcorner
ulacd al he Cl triers ooifal. 'Jndey r��k,
���hence 80 chains so th. ih tell chains west,
thence so chains north, t eni-e 8(1 ohains earn* tn
initial l*osl Hill acres
June!. Wild, A. MoUILLlVRAY.
Thirty days after datel in end to apply'a
ih ic defu nimi si -m-rnf lands and wnrks fo
a special license to nit ant carry awa\ Umber
fr .111  the following described jands.slailing
Hiuilnrly "
lers Curral,  Godey Cr ck, thence  sonlh   HI
chains, I hence wes 80 cbalns. thence north 8(1
chains, thenc- nasi ni thalot to initia post #510
acres.                                   JOS  UKAIIAM.
'June ��th, 1S05,	
Thirty   days  (rati dale I intend toapnly to
!  h Chief romiiiish oner nf lands and work- for
���nt  happened   last  year.    One  of   the  a special license to cul and carry away timber
,    , . .,    , foui the fell ��wing land starting at   . isisi at
.net broke and the horses ran away, team , tbeubarti i-h oorra', Godey Cr-ek, mark** K.
Tw     f   MeKmale,  N.   VV    curlier, thence 80 chami
| soulh, thence 80 chains east. Ihence 80 thai- s
uortn, thence 80 chains west tn initial post tilO
acres. K. McKKNZIK
June I, i:m.i.
TVIMINION HOTKL, the hc.i home In fowl.
*-' Mca'iipiaitcrs for th* Nicola, l.ewis creek
anil (Iranite creek stages. let e j i otr i nn n> i
fnr travelers and connncrcial man. Kxeelleiit
'alile and well stocked bar. C. J. ltobfhaon ft
Cn . Dfoanttort, Ksllllonl'S
ajroNTUH.AI. HOTKL, Kamloops, Napoleon
lvl   Utreuiniiille. pro Tictor.   Kirst class it
eveiy particular.    Good wines, Liquors and
NOTIi'K ' lgars.   Slabling in c .mice in,i,
KAMLOOI'S HOUSE, I'. Herod, nrop-ictar.
Hi st st�� k nf wines, liquors and cigars in
ihe Interior.    Jni-t the sun' for a nice nail re-
���'""'' ';2""l���"��,b*    Whc , i��� Kamloops
GRANII PACIFIC HOT! I��� Kamloops.   The
nearest hotel to the railway station.    Tbe
only eovncnii'iit lintel  for travelers,     Qaori
'-(miiiik, good ianle, good liquors.    Two large
simple rooms.   I'. A. Manihan, proprietor.
Good stabling In connection.
Ql'KKN'S ROTIU  Kanioops,  H. 0
brick hotel In the city.
, 'I wagon going over the bank
jc ilianta were severely injured, one, a
W"in*", suffering a eoimiound frac'ure 11
the h g, and a man sustaining a broken
leg and ankle Other members of the
parry were bruised only.
0 W. Howe, of Victoria, agent for the
B 0, Commercial Directory and Basinets
Ouide, was in town Monday collecting
information for (hat publication, which
will be issued about August.    The direc
Thirty days from date I intend tn applv to t he
chief ('omens inner of lands and worksfora
'io nro to en and carry away Umber fi--��rii the
following land, sinning al a post, on, mile to ih
from Ihe i hartcrs Cirul. Godey Croak, ma k-
ed i.C.'sN. W. iiirner, tin nc 80 ch tins sou b,
then,-, SO chains east, I hem Ml chain-not I h,
thence 80 chains west to initial poaJL 110acrea
Juno 1, MM, A. COLLKT I'.
Thirty days from datel int'iid to apply to
j the Chief Commissioner of I/iii is and Work -
tory    will   he   right   up  to the present, i f.r a special license incut anil carry awai lim-
���   ��� i   �� I ber from the following land. Marring from n
Hung accurate wnteups of  the country. . p,)8| placed on-,nileeaslerly f'o o the Chart, R
The country needs a  publication  of thit' ''("���j" Uod"?' Creek marked M J (leas'i, X
' r W. corner, thence 80 chains -mill (bancs ��0
kind and the directory  should  receive a j chains e.mt. theuoe SI north, thence 80w si c,
,       , < initial p mi Ulnar e*. M. J. CuKAnBY.
ready tale. I    Ju���e|, l!��l,i
fine wines, liq
nor- and cigars. Hates. $1 tn $2,50 per day.
Kverjlhing in conimcli n with this hotel is
rttsf el m i.ud up-to-date. HeadquarUm for
iir"s|iectorn and miners. Kvery ncconiniodatiou
for gucsis, Quiei rending and smoking rooms.
GimhI stabling on the premises.
ASIli'KtiHT HOTEL The most convenient
��� hotel for visitors in Ashciofl. Thebestof
table board. Hot anc cold baths. Our retire-
sen'aiive meets all trains. Johnson ft I'erkins,
Is still doing business at the Old Stand. A
good stock of Lumber constantly on hand.
Orders promptly filled.
Lower Nicola,      -     -     -     B. C
Rosedale fjodsc, ho\Ver ^icola
The Dominion Day  program  is about |
i, iii ii I    Thirtydays from datel intend to apply to
all arranged for the celebration at   Qui -1 the Chief OinoiiKsioner of I,amis and Works
chena     Don't mias this  as it   will h^ fhu ^ f,,p a 1'cenne lo cut and rarry hwhj timber fr.i-n
tnena.    i on t miss tms, as it  will ne the   the fc)llowinK aMor}btd lands, starting from a
event nf the season. lost one mile southerly from M J.OltaataV
p'St marked K. K. N. W. corner, thence south
���' i ^���  Si cluiins, thence east do ��� bains, thenco north
VflTIPS' ' 80chains, thonee west 80 chains to initial post
ntA��U�� Bill acres. K. RICHAKDS.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to     Juuel, 1U06.	
thechief commissioner of lands and works for ,
a licouce to cut timber on ihe following de- NO 1 ICfc.
scribed area,   viz:    Cooimenclng at  a post
inarsed nnitheast, angle, on the east bank of. Thirty dais after dale I intend to apply
the Ooldwater rlver; ihence crossing river and ' to the chief commissioner of lands and wurk-
lunniiig west 80 hains; then.w soulh 80 chains; | for a special licence to cut timber on tne
thence east 80 chain <; thence north 80 chain' following dcsunbid area commencing at a post
tnpiintof commencement; NO acres located i marked J. (', N. W. corner, K side nf Inlian
June 17, Mi KOBKItT AitM-ll'liONG. I re.eive. thence 8 ltiochaiiis, thence KIPc ami.
By Ills agent, CHts, V. Law.    I thence N 100 chain", thence VV 10 to Initial po-l
���otiiprising liin acres; alsi ciiiiitncncing at a
| mis' ina'ked J. C.'s N, W. toner on K side of |
GRAND CKNTRAL HOTKL, Ashoroft, Everything up tn-daic. Ihe bouse has lately
been remodelled and is now under new man
��� geinent. The bar is supplied with tltoicest
hiiiiiHs of wines, liquors and cigars. When m
Aaboratt slop at the Grand Central, George
v\ in d, proprietor,
Thirl, days after date I Intend to apply to the
1 hicf ( omniissi en r of L'lids and Works for a
special licence to out timber on Ihe following
deacribed lands: Conitoenciiig at a post
tnaikeil S. J. H V nonltwest corner, adji ining
1. P . rat Ll thence 1-JO chains south, thence In
chiiin-east; Ihence r.'u chains north; Ihence 111
i hains west, tu initial pest.
8. J  MiLOMAN, Locator.
June II, 190a     ( has. Stibmmo, kftm.
Slop ni the
ItoBT. Scott, Proprietor
When   traveling   on   the Nicola road.
Convenient place tor travelers with goon
Otter Flat Hotel
Charles Debarro, Proprietor.
TULAMEEN CITY,       -   ���   ���   B. 0
rleailtpiarlert    for   Summit,   Babbitt
lnuoiaiii, Tulameen river, Boulder, Hear
We have secured for ihe pleasing of men of taste.
If you are one of the best dressers you certainly
will appreciate the style, beauty and quality of
everything in this stock of
Men's Furnishings
New styles and colorings in Shirts, N'eckwear
and Hosiery are prominent. Summer is crowding out Spring and already the lighter things,
from Underwear out, are coming in fast. Going
out fast too, because of these small prices.
F.E.BURNS   -      -   Kamloops, B. C.
Thirty days after date I Intend to ap:.iy to ! I?di'u, TSTVPffS ! * ?ttir"' ^-Tl" *!     1 u   .
le Chief Commissioner of lands and  Works   ch;ln_s, thence N 80 chain ;Jjie, ce WSOchains   and Boating,
P 0, Address
foralicen.ie tocutand carry away timberf om
the f dlowing described lands: Comment-big at
a oosi, inark'td Minnie Mclunes, and running
10 Chains north; IfiO en iln< east; III chains s iut.li;
101 c ..tins, west, to point of c iiiinieuctiiieiil;
containingfUOac es.
M1NNIK MolVWN, Locator.
Juno 15,190.       I)��n Mel v.v -a. Ag ut.
to initial post, conipri-ing tUtl ao as.
Coldwater, Nicola, June 5,1IKJ5
'K'i,   anil   Kelly creek   campa.    Good   Elnhiug
Aspen Orovo
no net.
Thirty days after d de I intend o ai,.ly to the
Chief Uonioiissioiier of La els a id Works for a
If you require a cheap outfit  for the
Thirtydays after dale I intend to apply to
thechief commissioner of lands and works for
a special license to cut timber over ihe following described   area,  commencing at  a post
mai ked   .. i inglcy, 80 chain K. So chains N, 80 j coming Hay Season, call and see
VV. 80 S to initial post, &|0 acres; also eoinmen- !
dngatapost mark, d A. Tingley and running! 2 MOWERS and 2 RAK.KS
special licence u>cut and can-, away timber ' jo chains W, 80 N. 80 K. 80 S fo initial post, MO !
from the following doscr.bod la ,ds situated on   acres. A. T1NULKY, ! ., V   ���   Winnv's Ranch  also
the east side Mamet   lake road, and running I 8. Tingley, Agent.    ! '     ivancn, also
'      ni;     Coutlee, B. c. June 9th, 1MB !i   PUREBRED  HEREFORD BULL. |ttle rancn  0l   * eter  MJaTquan,
JiOttOt While you are there you can secure a | Courtnay Lake,  B, C,   Terms:
Sixty days after date I Intend fo apply to   Bait- of Hay if you require it.      For par-
pi hief Commissioner of Lands and Works!..    ,        .   i_
The well known stallion Reggie M will stand the season at
north. SO chains east, to point of c munence-
met:!, containing OM aorat
A is i commencing ni a post marked W. H.
Arm-trong, at the northeast corner, and iun- ]
niig 80 chains north; 80 ohains west; 80 chains! the tow; ^���muiiisBiuneroi i.ami�� ��uu nurm ,:_���i___ ���, , i���
south; 80chains east, to point of commence- ,orpermission to purchase811 acres of mountain "' "'"- II h
ment, containing 610 acres. I pasturage, being lot No. 186, township 91, Kam-;
W. H. ARMSTRONG, Locator.   ' loops division, Nicola.
June 15,1MI5.     Dan McInnes, Agent. :    Junel6,lMI5, GRACE U. TUTILL.   I
R.   H.  WlNNY.
Nicola Lake, P. O.
$20 at the end of the season,
pasture included.
Peter Marquart,
All kinds of repair work done in a
neat and satisfactory manner and in short
Horseshoeing THE mCOLh HERALD
Capital paid up -�� 235.000.00.   Reserve Fund U.aWOO.OO.  Total Atoeta-IJH.OOO.OOi.OO
HlADOmci:   H.HILTOK. J. TciNBtu, General Manager
07 Ofllces Throughout Canada
Ranchers' notes discounted.    Collections made
A general banking bnsines* transacted.    Ranchers' notes discounted.    Collect
Drafts sold, payable at all points In Canada, United States and Europe.
���avlrure Bank Department - Deposit, if One Dollar and Upwards received, and Interest compounded half yearly on Slat May aod 30th November.
Current Accounts operated upon favorable terms.    A cancelled check Is the safe receipt for money payments. 	
A H. SKEY, Agent.
C. M. Newkirk of Cold water returned
Monday from a trip M Kamloopt.
A. Murchie, photographer, haa been in
tht Nicola dittrict the past week.
F W. Jackson and Mrs. Jackson of
Quilehena were visitors to Lower Nicola
on Saturday last.
Thomas Hunter left for Princeton Sun
day after spending several days in Nico'a
vititing his family.
J. R. A. and MrB. Richards of the
Coutlee hotel, C utlee, were visitors to
Nioola on Tuesday
C. F Law, who has been on the Cold-
water tectum the past week looking over
his interests, returned to Vancouver on
James Pooley, proprietor of the Metropolitan meat matke', returned Saturday
from Kamloops, where he had been a few
days on business.
A. B. Cook returned from Princeton
on Monday's stage on his return m Van
couver. Mr. Cook eipects to shortly re
turn to this country.
Mrs. Marshall returned to Nicola last
Friday after aeveral weeks in the country.
Mrs. Marshall it prepared to take all
kinds of cases of uurstng.
A. D. Maoinlyre, barrister of Kam
loops, was in town for a few days tin,
week on legal hiimneis, Mr. Macintyre
will open an office in Nicola in a few
J. D. Swansou, barrister and solicitor
of Kamloops, was in Nicola on Saturday
on legal hu iness Mr Swauson i| inter
eated in coal property in the Quilchena
section, where he spent a day on his return home.
Medical and Surgical Nursing.
Maternity cases a specialty
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official Administrator.
Office.���Commercial  Block, east of Poet
KAMLOOPS.       ���      ���      ���       B. C.
Thirty days aftet-date I Intend to aoply to
the Chief Commissioner nf Lands and �� orks
for a spe-ial licence to cut and carry away
limber from ihe following described lands:
Commencing at a post mar'- eo C, H. Tlnglej
ai.d running so chains ea t; 80 chains tea in; 80
chains west; 80 chains north to point of commencement, con anting (HO .cre<.
As icommenclrgat t e northeast corner and
running 80 chains east; 80 chains south; 80
chains west; 801 hains north to point of commencement, containing 1140 acres.
U. H. T1NOLKY, Locator.
June li, 1905        Din McInnis, Agent.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief ( ommisiinner nf l��nds and Works
for a special licence to cut and carry away
limber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a pest marked K J s-erett, and
running 80 chains west; 80 chains south; 80
chainsoa-t; 80 chains north, to point of com
men- ement, containing 610 acres.
Ai-o cnmtneneing at northwest corner ane1
running 80 chains west; 80 chains smilii; 80
ch .ins east; HO chains n-tr h, u point of commencement, Containing 040 acres,
K. J. riERKTT, Locator.
June 19.1909.       Dan McInnes. Agent,
Thtr y days after date I intend to aoply to
the Chief commissioner of l-andu and vVork-
for a B' eclal licence to cut and carry awaj
'imber fro �� the following de-eribed lands.
-ituaieii on the east idc of Minuet I lnke roa I.
and commencing at a p at m >rked E. Cousin -.
and running 80 chains south; 80 chains east; 80
chains north; 80 chains west, to point of commencement, containing 01(1 acres.
Also commencing at a post marked E.
Cousins at the northwest coiner, and running
mi chains south; 80 chains east; 80 chains north:
80 chain west, to point of commo cement,
conutinlng 610 acres.
K. COUSINS, Locator.
June 15,1905.        D*.< McInnkk, Agent.
Do .'t ask Billy Murray how it hap
pened. He was only scorching on the
toad between Nicola and Coutlee, when
his hike became unmanageable and threw
him with such force to the ground that he
fractured his right arm, and that is the
reason he carries it in a sling.
First class hoard and lodging by the
day week or month. E>ery at teuton
given to the travelling public.
Mrs  Riley, Propiietress.
Thlrtv days after date I Intend to apply to
the < bief Commissioner nf lands and works for
special license to cut timber on the following
area.tommencing at a post marked W S M.
N. W. corner thence S 100 chains, E 40, N
It*. W 40 to Initial post, 640 acres and adjoining
J. C's on the H,; also commencing at. pns< marked W. H. M.'s N. W. corner thenc- E 80 chains,
o 8(1. W so, V HO to initial poet. 010 acres adjoining J. C.'s on s. W O MURRAY,
June 21,1905. J. Cost ill Agent
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry timber fiom the
following described lands commencing at a
post marked F ('. Tingley, situated two nnlcfl
soulh nf Nicola river and running Wl chains K,
80 hains .4,80 chains VV, 80 chains N. to point
ct mmencemintMO acres.
Also commencing at a post a' the H. W. corner and running 80 chains ��'. 80 chains S, 80
chains VV, 80 chain. N lo i oinl of commencement 040 acres. F. C. TINOLEY,
June 20th, 1905. Dan Mclnnes, Agent.
Thirty dayt after date I intend to apply to the
chief commissioner of lands and works for a
special license to cut and carrr away timher
from the following described lands commencing at post fjrnarked S J. u nodward, about 'I
miles south of Nicolnirlver and runnlng80 chains
N 80 chains W. 80 chains S, 80 chains K to point
of commencent 040 acres.
Also commencing at a post at the north east
corner and west 80 chains, nort h 80 chains, east
80 chains, south ��0 chains to point of commencement containing 040 acres.
June 20 h, 1905. Locator.
Dan Mclnnes, Agent.
We have for years looked after our
in the truit time. We have taken
great care to ship fruit that would
arrive in first class condition. This
season we will do our utmost to give
ynu the best berries obtainable, and
at the lowest price for which good
firjn can he sold.
Send us your orders and we
will attend to your want.
A full lint of the above ilwayt kept
in Mock at dote Dricet at
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
All Work Guaranteed
If You Need Anytljiltf
iij the
Line, send your work to the underiiim d
All orders finished tu a workmanBhi|
manner.   Cabinet work a specialty.
Lower Nicola. B C
All kinda of Watch, Clock
and Jewelry re airs done in
first class order and satisfaction guaranteed. All work
entrusted to nur care will be
completed and returned with-
i ut delay
W. HI. ( AMHHEI.L & CO.,
fl, P. K. Time Inspectors. Kamloops
Lawn Tennis Goods
Lacrosse Goods
Base Ball Goods
Fishing Tackle
Quality���None better made inflection guar
anteed, ad
Kaiulo- i h and Vernon
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
thechief commissioner of lands and works for
a special license to cut and carry away Umber
from Ihe following described area commencing
at a post marked s. T Creelman two miles
south of Nicola river and running 80 chains N,
8(1 chains K, 81 chains sonlh, 80 chains VV to
point of coinmenceti int containing MO acres.
Also commencing at a post N. W. corner, and
running 80 chain* N, 80 chains E, 80 chains, H,
80 chains VV to point of commencement containing NO acres. 8. T. ORKKLMAN,
I swat {it,
June 30th, 180.V Tlan Mclnnes. Agent:
Thirtydays after date I Intend toappnlyto
the chief commissioner of lands and works for
a Hpecinl licence to cut ami carry away timber
from the following described land, commencing
at a post marked llolph Fyall situate ab< ut two
miles south of the Nicola river and running 80
chains S, 8(i chains W, 80 chains N, 80 chains K.
to point of commencement containing M0 acres.
Al8> commencing at, a post at the B, K. cor
ner. and r lining 80 chains 1,80 chains W,80
chainsN,90chains Utopontofcommencement
M0 acres. DOLPH FY ALL,
June ?0ih, 1905 Dan Mclnnes, Agent
We have constantly on hand
Hardware, Boots and Shoes,
Clothing, Miners' Supplies, etc.
At Right Prices
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to tbe
chief I'-nnimisaioner of lands and works for a
special license io cut and carry away timber of
the following described lands commencing at a
post one mile south wett of the second corral
marked W. Detmars and running 80 chains
east, 80 chains south, 80 chains west, 80 chains
north to point of commencement containing
M0 acres. W. DKTMAHS,       i
June 19th, 1905, Dan Mclnnes, Ageni. i
A full Stock of the
on hand.   This is considered one of the best brands on
the market.
A few Pieces left of Blousings and
Bargains are still on.
A. R.
General Agent Excelsior Life Insurance Co.
Notary Public.
We are in a position to show you one of the best assorted stocks ever placed in, Nicola. We have secured
the newest and most fashionable goods, so you can depend on anything you see here as just right for style,
quality and value.
We lead and will convince you so that you will
leave us and be well satisfied with our goods.
New Dress Goods
New Skirts
New Silk Waists
New Shoes
All of the Best and Prices to suit the pockets.
See and be Convinced.
Lumber, Flour and Feed always on Hand.
Lower Nicola,        -        -        B. 0.
Jos. Richards,      -      Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stabling In Connection. Telephone Oonneotlon


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