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The Nicola Herald Mar 1, 1906

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MAR 5 _ 1906    %]
Vol. 2.  No. 9.
$2 a Year
.Vagus Nelson of Kialoopt ,-i-  Ni.'ilt
a nail laat watt.
Mr. and Mn. W. I-laser were viutori
to Nicole tbtt week
Dr. and Mre. Tutill wtrt vitihirt it
ijuilcbtnt laat weak.
Y  Laudsr of the Springbank  Rtatb
ate a visitor thit wttk.
J. Gtltthorp of Aipen  Orovt wit in
town t ftw dtyi thii week
Arcbit and  "Billy" Jackson of (Ju.l
ohtht were in Nioola this week.
Geo. Bitstone wu t peeseager "net an
Ibe Princeton stage lut trip.
A. R. Goodwin of Fish Lake wM in
Nicola lut week on bneineu.
J. P. MeCnnnill tnd J. M. Millar left
Coalite for the Cut lut week.
Mn. J. R. A. Rithtrdi of Ooatlta paid
a vitit to Quilohtni lut Friday.
Mr. md Mrt. H. Mittbtat ttrt vitit
ing in town tht firtt of tbt wtek.
Mr. and Mn. J  N. Moon of Rot-ford
were visitors to Nicola tbit wttk.
Oenrge Milliard of the Douglu Leke
Ctttla Co.. wu in town thit wttk.
Miu Thynni of Ptnitowt flench in
Otter Valley it visiting in Nioola this
L. H Raanush well known to Nicolt
resident! m it prittat t visitor tt Vto-
Van. Archdeacon Small held terviot in
the Church of Engltnd on Sundiy morning lut.
Miu Gnichon |tnd brotbtn Ltwrtnet
tnd Joteph wtrt in Nitolt the 6ret of
tbe weak.
Work toOommenoeat One*   Mackexu-e
and Mann will  Vltlt tba Pro
vlnot  Barly In Tba
Winnipeg, Feb. 24���It is
learned from a reliable source
that the Canadian Northern
will rush construction into Bri
ish Columbia; preparations are
made to move the construction
camps into the coast province
and the company will lose no
time in reaching Port Simpson
At the present time important plans toward this end are
now being prepared in the Can
adian Northern offices and the
announcement of work to be
commenced in the spring will
be made within a month. The
headsof the Canadian Northern
are away from the city at the
present time but early in March
D. I). Mann and William Mc
Kenzie will make a trip west in
connection with the road to the
coast. The line will tap some
rich mineral districts absolutely
without railway accomodation
of any kind.
Mn. 8. Kirhy and ton Ot.il wtrt ln
town from Quilchena (ba beginning of
tba weak.
A. Savage and R. 0. Ttrgaeon passed
through town on tba wiy to Prinatton
lut weak.
,1. Whittford tn employee of tbt
Do-flii Like Cetili Co. tu in Nioolt on
busmen tbit week.
F. W. Jtektnn. Mn. Jicksnn ind Miss
Bulimia of tba Triangle ranch al Qail
obena wart ia town tbit wuk.
Tht opening of tht Lenten season wu
observed in the Ohnrch.if England, specisl
Mrvictt being htld on Ath Wedaetdey.
Mr. Gnlllford of Atpan Grovt who hu
bean at Vancouver receiving treatment
for an injured eyt rtturned lut wuk to
kit homt.
Wm. McNeil of Atptn Orovt wu in
town thit wuk, tnd took oat t load of
houubold effecte.
A bill just passing through
the house provides for the protection of persons improving
land under a mistake af title*
"In every case in which a
person makes lasting improve
ments on land under the belief
that the land is his own, he or
his assigns sliall be entitled to
a lien upon the same to the extent of the amount by which
the value of the land is enhan
ced  by  such   improvements
Damages may be awarded by
a court of law for such improvements    The act provides also
for costs and is retrospective.
Tbt members of the minstrel (roup.
wieh to extend their bttt thenlti t... Mrs.
Tutill,tnd the ladies whom kind y utn'
ed thtm in the second ptrt of tbt pro
grim, sis., to tht ladies who,by providing
refreshments, making wigs, loaning th.
dreeeee, curtains and other properties,
helped to make tbt entertainment the
sucoeu it wu. The piino for tht eottr
tiinmtnt wat loaned by Mn. Foley.
Born���On Sundty Ftbrutry 25th, to
Mr. tnd Mn, Ernut Woodward, a eon
In Aid of " A. A. Building Fond Waa
Huge Sucoee
Pooley'e ball wm crowded to the doo'
on Mondty tight to grttt tbi minstril
troupt. The stsge wis htautifully decor
ited tnd formed i pleasing background te
tht droit of count. Tht carttio mis k_
tht tinging of "In tbt tvtning by tbt
moonlight", followed hy tbt opining
cburni "Coon, 0>��n. Coon." The Inter
locator W. H, Kimpton htd hit buiintu
pat, tnd tbly btcktd np tht talliu of tht
tnd mm 0. A, LefTorty aad J. W. IVer
eon. Dr. Tutill etng tbt "Sweeten girl
in Diiie" tnd received a wtll merited
encore fnr hie rendering of "Oct Happy '
O A. Ltfftny medt a decided kit wnh
"Tha warmest baby in tht hunch" tnd
tht duet of "Any lUga" sang hy him and
J. W. Patanon with tbt 'huiinete' thty
intrndu.-ed int.. Iht ehnrua tickled the
crowd immensely. J. Ptterton di.l good
work io "Kiss Y'urseif Goodbye," A.
linodiisnn sang "In tbt Olden Dayt" and
'Mr Irish Molly' receiving t eelldeurved
uf applause for hit rendering of both.
O. M. Bruh sang "My Lady Lou" tnd
"Con Mi." Syd Smith scored on of
tht hitt of iht evening with "Tht Water
mtion vine" T H wse geve in excellent
rendering of "The Sunny Soetk" end J,
Murrey bad grut mooch in "Undtr t
I'anatna " The singing of "Pampkia
Colored Con ' followed by "The Swtuit
River" brought tbt firtt pari of tha enter
tainmeut to a olow.
At' Tmfeaior Jtnutry Sunhtia" W.
Murrty opened tbe eeoood part witb bit
stamp speech, seering sviry timt with
hit local and topical tllunoni. A, Oood
isson waa t decided suoois in "Old Black
lot" Mn. T. Howse wu, txotpt for
color, one tf tht)em.niul af coonl thtt
appeared on Mondty night. Htr rroittl
ot "Ktotuuky I'nilorophy ' wu grut tnd
everyone ought to know now how tu tell
a ripe mtion. Maun Ptttnon aad Lef-
ferty th-n mtdt tbtir tntnnot u tbe
'Coal Htavtri" itllmg ef their joyt tnd
wots looting for work, "They're tha two
���sleeted aconptrt of tht gtng d'yt mind."
Mrt. 0. B. Armstrong thtn ftvored tht
audience with tn eicellenl rendering of
'Kathleen Mivournten" receiving t wtll
merited encore which resulted in "The
rim tod tht bu.
Thequtrttitecompoted of Mn. 0. B,
Artttirong, Miu MoDontld, Mrt. tnd Dr.
Tutill then ling loras old timt Digger
dittiei to the eocompanient of ta tuto
barp tnd which ntedleu to situ wtrt
in tht belt styli, Mr Pittnon then
told tbout bit dsoghter Julia tnd hoe
-hedetctd, giving an illuttratioa if tht
umt which pltued tbe audience greatly
Tba finale of tht programme wu tht
cikt walk in whioh Mauri. Laffirty,
Guodiuon, Smith tnd W. Murray took
ptrt. Tht two latter u the coon ladies
wen dressed It to kill tnd osrtsimy were
peaches. The quertetie well deserved
the eatort thty rtecivtd ind thi unre
nursed finiih of the latter mtdi tht
audience howl with laughter. Thi hill
wu then cleared and dancing wu ntrted
aud kept up till wtll oa in the Doming
Tht success of the entertainment wis
greatly due to Mre. Tunll who so kindly
assisie.l it accompanist not only on Mon
day but throughout ill tht rehesrsals ind
'he members ��f tht troupe vtry much ip
prtctttt her eBorti on their behalf. The
building fund of the N. A. A. will, it is
hoped benefit considertbly by tht enter
A ttrpriu party visited Mr. tnd Mrs.
Kirby tt Quilcbtnt on Friday and spent
t mott enjnyif.lt tvtning. Fritndi from
ill over tbt valliy were prsseut
What might have been a nuty accident
happened to A. II, Owtn on Tueeday.
He wu driving to Nioolt whin hii horu
nn iwty. Beyond i good tbiking Did
seems nont tht wone.
They Mutt Not Contain Mora Than Ten
Per Oent Alcohol and M tut State
Mature of IngradleaU
If Poleonoue.
Victoria, Feb. 13��� Some
progress was made with thenew
bills in committee this afternoon
and several new bills were introduced chief of which is an
act to regulate the sale of
patent medicines.
The principle clauses in the
patent medicine bill read; ''No
person shall sell, expose for
sale or have ready for sale any
patent medicine, proprietary
medicine, nostrum or specific,
intended for consumption by
human beings internally, that
contains chloral, hydrate, ergot
morphine, opium, belladona or
any of their compounds or de
rivatvies; c >caine or any of its
salts, actanilide, sulphuric, sul
phurous, nitric and nitrous
acids, unless the box, bottle
vessel, wrapper or cover in
which the said patent medicine,
proprietary medicine, nostrum
or specific is put up, is conspic
uously labled wiih the word
"poison" and with the name
and percentage ol the poisonous
"No person shall sell, expose
for sale, or have ready for sale
my patent medicine, proprie
tary medicine, nostrum or
specific containing more than
ten per cent alcohol by weight,
unless the owner, compounder,
proprietor or vendor of such
patent medicine, proprietary
medicine, nostrum or specific,
shall have obtained from the
provincial board of health, permission to employ more than
ten per cent of alcohol in the
composition ol the said patent
medicine, proprietary medicine
nostrum or specific."
During the afternoon session
of the legislature, Shatford
(Similkameem) presented the
petitions signed by over six
thousand persons in fifty-nine
cities and towns of the province asking the legislature to
enact laws regulating the sale
of patent medicines.
Bappealnga Toward tbe Lower ead ot*
Tbe Valley.
Art Clemes hai Itt hit rtacb to three
chinimtn. Tht tnttrpritlog eelettitlt
intend supplying tht vsrn.us rulroad
uampe with free., vegetiblu, Rumotl
hull thtt flQOO rental wu pud is ad
Archdeacon Small with bit Interpreter
Harry, passed through Lower Niaola on
Saturday enroute fur Scheolooehe,
Spring and uedt in tbt mtln topics of
oonvtrution in ind around Lower Nienla
and one of onr ru'deati hu turned gird
tntr tnd manages to male t ftir job with
iht lid eft borrowed pruaing knife.
Mr. and Mn. A. K   Bowie, Mi. sad
Mn. J. N Mi .re and Mm Ruby Howm
naid 1 visit lo Mr. and Mn. G. B. Arm
strong tt Lowtr Nioola on Wedneedty.
Mrt. Sttrrti tad family bare taken
pnettuion of ihe ruidonee adjoining the
Lower Nioola uhool house.
J. C. Adair and J. C .ttllliio passed
hmugh Lowtr Nioolt on Saturday on
a huviusM trip.
An article .nesting Nicolt Valley wu
published recently in tht nvtrteu Daily
Vfail, the author lams. T. R.  Hardiman.
Lower Nieola it tl present suffering
'nun t pltgue of eaaiues- come and help
W. R. Grty'i nnch bu been named
"Kiverside Ranch'' Riveriida it applicable
Norman Woodward took in tht shew
at ihe Lake on Monday.
Miu Bertha Woodward it vuuing with
fritndi it Nicola tbit wuk.
Mm Eihtl Woodwtrd it suiting fritndi
in town,
H.Krb, uprutnting R. P. Rithtt m
Co., wu in town lut wetk.
Bdlton Beware
Tha editor of tht Thimuvillt Herald
had two shuts fired into hu bout, one
missile narrowly nnssiog tbe editor'l
better half.
Editorial tritititm ia thought lo be re
ipomiblt for the outrage.
Band Dncle Same Silver Borne.
The I) iminion government bu aide
arrangements witb tht Canadian Banker a
Allocution to gathsr up til Uniitd Statu
ailver cons .mulcting in tht D___M n
Ths amount nf silver lo be lint away it
enormous, for competent atthoritiu Compute that at leut two thirds of the silver
in circulation in thu country it tkt property of Uncle Sem.
Departure of A. Swan.
Our readers will lurn nf the above with
feelingt of rtgrtt. Sandy hu not been
feeling well for mme tima put tnd bit
rilstiree In Ihe Rait thought thit tht
hangs tn hack there might do him good.
His nephew.I H Swan trrived in Iht
Vtlliy lut Saturday ind left with bis
uncle on Monday for Lower Nicola en route
for Toronto. We are eon that all will
join ui in wiihing 8andy a epeedy return
to hulth end itrength ind in early re
lurn to bis old hauntt.
Hoch Hangs
Chicago, Feh. 21���Johann Hoch, convicted uioric'de end confessed bigtmut
ind wbn, if but t friction of tht stories
of trimi thtt in told nf him tn trut wu
nnt of the grealut irimmali tht conntry
hut'trknuwn, wu hinged in tbt county
goal tndsy for poisoning hll wift, Maris
P-bllibeal Bwery Thai-day
tubscrtytlon ln Advance. I. a Tear
Nicou, B.C. Mai,'til, IKK
-LSSU I . . .���
Foreign capital is again seek-
ing investment in British  Columbia.    Scarcely a day passes
without some notice in the provincial press  that such is the]
case,   The invesrments   vary
in amount   and   are made in
different enterprises, while the
money may come in one case
from   one   country   and  then
from another.   Great Britain
ami the United States are the
two countries from  which the
bulk of these investments have
come, although within the last
few months there  have been
German, French and   Australian capitalists who have put
money into British  Columbian
enterprises.     Eastern Canada
is   also coming to view- that
capital invested here is likely
tn  return   larger  profits  than
Could   be   obtained  at  home.
While the.osses sustained some
years ago by people in ' oronto
and other towns in the  Kast,
who purchased shares in  wild
Notice U hereby given, i.mtappli'-.ion will
be iiiH-i.e to lli< ��it',.i-l .live fthMt uibly of ihe
i��uvi.,r uf Hniivh . (ilunihia, nl It* m-_t ten-
���inn. f<af i 11 art to m< urynraie * coinpuny with
t> 'A 11 to i ��� n-a'iiir' Kj ,ip. nmintttifi and oper-
h'h e% t ��� ti** nf lim- or railway of ��land ard nr
'rVr fi-tM. wit** any ki' ti of motor power fur
thHroiivt'juni'' if p_U-MgVi *n<\ frWgfht, from
��� oin_�� point at or gVaV O-u-m, on the inta^r. ���
tional lioundttry, ru ninn in a OM ln-rly dire*"
limi ilm <>r MAT I-.ki' OktMgM t �� n , olnt al
or near Kiid_rhy. then, e in a w��--tfirl) dirt-- mt
lo a point at nr ii'-.tr K-imiI nu,"-. t-MM in_
���Olibiill diriTtii.ii fiiiluwintc iteOMfM _! tin
North ThompMin rtV_V*-_MfV by Lhe mot*.
frail hi** route to (f_l-*BrUt km. Korl lltMfM
alinfruni * \h. nt at nr MM hndrrl.) in a ii'ipl.
erl> dirt*"!inii tn a pniul ft' ur ne tr Si�� hihdiim
llO-_g l-M OOV.M uf ta_M sk.rtih)ihrhiTii rivet;
al*. frnin % .mini nt ur MM 'fu'iil AM in n
Ma-thH-l dirtTtiuii ti a Mitt at ornt-nrtjuili'.i
en ..theiii.- in a -mith.-rl) fJlTMti ti bj a |V..-.iM-
route to a point || %w MM 1'rfin t^ni.; also fnitu
a K.in" .ii nr MM Qntk hftN MM - in t. in.r.h
Ml] direi tmn altiiit. Nieol .lake tu upper Nn-.'U
n\ i-f. then*t i.oi 'In h_-Iiti> alut'K ||io uppt r
Nirola river tu a p>nit at or MM WMI river.
foilowi ng tli |fM of ihv rmr to .t point at
or near _____���_��� -n   Ann,  all  in the provluce of
Hri i-li 1'ol'tinliin
And with puwir _n ron-fni11, opernte and
rt) i in 'tin all nMC��wMl h fill MM, ro ,��1��, ����<,-
and fern en, and tn budd. m-quire, own a< ri
miintain wbart'f- and doT-tl in imnMftlOll
the r-wi.li. tAkwi  '�����   billltl, *t ��� i| �����: r ���.   own, t(|il[>
and niHintiin Matm and Other v. m |_ ,�� nl
ho-..**, and to opera'-' IhtlMh* DC. any navigable wateif*-; au'l \s it h p-v. r t,u ImuIiI, < ijiu
on'-rate im 1 innin'aiii til<'."i a,di and tejtffci I
lim-- io rnnni-i'iiuii with ill-'-.till liilwaj and
hian<'li<'\ rttiil iu trai-M.ii or eom
���tarda. Mjfp���** '",1 elunc- tcrih thi iMji .
and t-i Kfnerati- el. i :in , fin thi mo%\f oi
linht, heat and ..owe--; mi<l irttb pn ertnex-
propriat-*JAn4i for 'In��� put P H - ��� f t Im-< ouipan>
and to acquire land-, nmu- > Ifinuw., privi-
VTTJvT?^   D niliVL'P    HIP A D    PaP'TllV   ,,Vl'  nrnfl'*r*M   f' vnent.n.un.-,
.-XU >: 1 Zj u r.'irtLfjii   UluxVu   lllu .'H   r4^ ewMOfa***, ihni  im-ii-n' borllt*-,
and  tu levj and  ������ .  ������ I  |oll��  fiXMIl all PM-M
uraii-K. Htid ni al frelpfhl   p_w*_|ng ovm Ml <^
evt ry two j
The ry h change Glasses
exactly right but yt*�� nuiy be
injuriinis Dow. Whether you
wear gla ��� s nr not yot
iboold U' examined at least
once every two yens We arc
eye esptttt, We can afford you
perfect Mjfct
The Largest and Moat Complete General Stock in Nicola
K\M Li Mil's
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
Call and examine our Goods before purchasing elsewhere as we are selling at your
own prices
Bring along the CASH and see what we
can do for you.   No fake
Biggest Snaps ever offered in the
Nicola Valley.
148 Con.ova St W.
Ml1  ILK
Miieh iimk r_Mlwaj . ( rrle�� what rat Hud ton-
data bnlli by tha ,*\A ��Ith pnwer '"
i*(itinri" wi'h tnd m i k��- tratflc or o-haf arraag-**
nielli- wi'h inil*n.   -.Oiiiilm.t nr Other nun
imi r-, iitid in ax at rtaa m b pe furi a. m
irr-tii'ed hy I'-trt- |V. ��nd V. nf th-*"V\atei
Claire- l-nnanll at (on Aeij" in 1 f ��r all other
ii- pi Mar) nr In irl#..tal rift.'-, powrrNand privi-
i   Ji
Thlrt) da.safit-r rial. I iBtead la apulj t
Ih- rh ef.iMiiiiila-li.il.     f laud' anrl Wiuts to.
ii In'.'.,., in'|,i.. ,i,   'fu. ,u,l mi ih.- f,.||ii��iii_   Icse-in ihal I', half.
in ll.,l,-,l |l,i- j'ln'iii n' liiniiM'. A II. Iffl
.���.,..��� lag ���'.- i,���.,k,,l('KM,.,��� TOPPRR fc OKirrW,
cat  mining; schemes are   nnt m ikn ��� __ sod-im s,thu.c. ����, iwiri-.w�� fnr fhe Anpiiean's
*" (ban. W.hsla va.ih-ois iiih��tu��N Im k in  -i	
forgotten, people have come to to'HainH 'wrfaet ,,7''_';;;;';.;;l.l,i;i'1';
realize   that   there  are  _.---l*����-.--��      -������������*-����
i    ���
C'lin n-i'i_ai n in.-' tn Hk.-ii F l, Miirdnff
ami   r���_BU>_   'I  'I*  ' Lain.  K,   n i i,.,   -
cbalns a  ikrare 80 <��, lie n- s kl \ io Inl i i
uii-i it plan, nf rniiiiii n i n ��� ni
r, l, Mu.d il. i . ..i-r.
Jan, Uth, MM, J e Adair, a*, n
I'oninn'll'in_at hii.w in. k.-l li ii   vV| |
MlllliiiiK llnliii'Jal Chains K,   li' III     tl    . , li
i hen.-e ��0'haini
-II, f Ml
sound enterprises in a new
country as rich in natural re
cources as British Columbia is.
that will yield good returns on
the capital invested in them,
A large amount of foreign
capital has gone during the
last two years into timher ami: p..��t.-.r |,ui..-..f.0.......n-
/ I),     vv illlam. in- atof,
mills in this province, while -���"�������.""     J<'-"i-,..,.,,,-.
, .      , .- Patnnvanr*���_ a' i. id  ���'   i  T'ti :i'
there has been more inclination Morivy,.unuin��heu.B j,  ,       1,,.. ~u
, h, tiamoe-MrhaJa* #, i. n.-,- ��n. 1... . - v .�� ���
to risk money in the exploit a- u the i��itw poet wiflVenf  ��������� ���������.!.
*      ' 1 1 J  Crrsli rick    n Ivi, ]��� ..ii r.
tion  of our  minerals,   in  this .��-��'���.���**   ..��.���������'.	
, .   r.    1       \ ' D-.-II    rt*f-��mtvM-i��tt apoer masfcsrl 0    . Weodar
casechietty by Americans. Real Und running ��,. -.-. mi- i,....- .. _t.ieefs.rh> ns
��� ' a i        ��� * 'li.Ml.'1'la.'.haill. ��, Un Li'' M1' li..ilii-N I.ill,I'
estate in the province has alM)|iaiuaii>-tori--��ai��ifc ������ '"��� ��� ��� ���"<'i;'.
' (1. ,1, '< nod. i  In ii nr,
been found attractive to -.rth'-1"1 '������""��� ���*
British and American investors
KA.VlLlnl>,    Alllll.il,    lAI.K   AMJ
hi.vi oK If AW DISTHK T.
flnnimanclng al a i"..t nserkiad    . .1.  v;,n
lluniiii and inn' in_ i  >-1a ��� -n nh�� ... I-  il" nee
SO   hains ��. lli..iir.'Miih.ii. -     .1!.. i, . N   tlains
M, In ru ial |) ��t in |i'if. nf I i... n.-nt. ���
vv..l   V's , H��u . ii, local r
Jen.tt h, 1108,        .1.   . .\- .,      ..n. Mnl li's i��hiT>lij kiv
a-'    ii,_r. 1 - .'Ka.i' lu'lrl in tbe Kaniloope,
A  n, i, f_ V.ilr anil   ~l    nk ......n  Mm If IMt
���Inn.  will  I... I,.ul ..vi frmii Ibe l-l .1.) nf
l.   Ni.mli.ii   Nnvriili. ' rn-un.K '.. I' .��� I"' da) ��� f ����). IMS.
hai all pi .'it inh.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
und Sausage
Ordtn rlir.iiiyh.mt lha Dlatnul  roc^ive eartlsl aii.-utinn and  pnimpt   delivery
Fresh Fish Every Friday.
.IAW'..    I��i.;>]. ;Y ....       l-ronrlrlor
li. r. Ti N-TAl.l.,
Quid < <.ijiiiiiH--liiitt.r.
K��nil,a,i.��. ii. ii.hrr ISUi.lK.
OlTicial Administrator's Act
In rt Etta., "f
C'tnitn-ni. oj at I imat nrknl Joseph ' OS
Milii.ii end riiiiiniiR  lie ��� ������ Ml . I. ���! - VV. then s
ai .hains d ii...ii.' sni'intin. !���'. i t.a-ni.- mii i-h���niH
S. U> Initial rmti or iileca-of imntrn*!.. .'inr. t.
.Inn ttlb, Ittt,        J a-phi ni. mi.hi. I.s'al
The   famous  Cathedral   of
TRNIlKHM will Im Mrel*fa| by Ilia under-
rigati fnr l���a aaia���ass ..f ibapersonHl prop,
trtr.an. tat r.*.l setati af ih* latt Anioini
Coinin. li.'iliK'  at  a l."-t    rk-it.l.l'   All in     (;,��!,.,     Tennsra.h.
;^:���;^::,';,,;,"7l::.;':;;:;.?*';;:;,:;" -���- �����-�� ; -> ���. **-. -��
Notre Dame Avas the centre oflyj^^������*"*.?��_ Z C";,,,,
much excitement lately, which > t>��niaa��vi_tai tmmt wM r, a. -taa-m
,      .       c r ,-       i.t.'l   ni.ii.iin/  Ibenos sn   chain-      . lb.	
later  took   thr   lOrill   ol   a  dis    a, ihenee Ml chain" K.th.neH Hii  an... v u.
i iniih.i aoal in plait ol.' in'.'   ti
orderly   manifestation  against Jlin .,,��� m.     A^:.""^,''"" r'
Offlksl Administrator,. nun'y nf Vslr,
1-M'iilnnrjK. H. 0,
Ci.li.ii.i in rir i.l a Met ii "il r(l W. T��  Klnm
pfell   ...il riiiilini^ tli'ln.. KU     iiinaU. thi'li.'l'
the former President   Loubet
l ill'
1 hecrowds gradually increased xo - i,..iv- ~. n..'.i. .��� tc in n k tb n rttcnaia.
B ' I  S III   initial I'l.al   III  |.l|.... nt ml..II.._'"." I.'
in numbers, and finally severa'
l;,n. -.".ih, nans.
vv   K I'l .   r f It. I.'.'.i'r.
J. ('. A.hilr. tgeal
M \ A--r.--vVlr S I  hl-Tlili I.
Accumulated Assets $140,000,000
TheOldest Life Insurance Co. in America
Manager for -The   Nicola, Okanagan and
Similkameen Districts.
W. H. KIMPTON, Nicola, B. C
���hundred  persons  marched  tg
the Hue Dante where l.ouliei
U^J    .,b..r,    .,n    lilc     rpswli-nip I    Wi'lJ rlav. aft��r datr 1 in'sii't tn ��ni.lv to Ins j    NOTHK i�� I..T.-I ���> _n. n in ����� .-...dan.'.
had taken up ms  residence. 1.ll,r,.���lllli..,.��..r..fu.... ����� .!.���*./.., per ���,_���,���.������.. ,���..,.,���,;,���,,, ,���,.,��� r,
,_, i-i fr   I ,   iiii.ainii to i.-.rriiaa" -nai-ri-s inn.i>rsln pe-ium
The Police drove Oil the Crowd   l��nd.rnn,mei.clng ai p...t n.a.k.d A.J M sH
* I K, rOMi'T, tiirii'.' w 811 . hanii.. N tO rhain-, K all
which    however   reassemMt-d "i" haina,_o initW �����__ __��_ su.at��i ii
^WniCIl      Iiuwcvci      iva..i.in       u   vj(.ini|jn( ,��� Miloireok,easterly of J. K. M.ir
and returned only to be driven 5S^JiijSJ__tr_im    j.ii.i d, i-__rVi_-ai ������.���, rtU,ri,,,��,,. ,i,���. _,_ p-rak- at my ..mre,
off again.     A   slight   affray _
occurred  between   the police
a with
ax ami
all ;i..i-h<il h__u sn.1 1.....in.'tax a -ii.aiil and
levied uiidt-r ilia- A--.���un n A.t and am.nil
nn-nla. an-tinvv diic ami at*aab f"r Urn v.'ar
_a_, Ail taxM rnllii'iiiiil.' for lim Nteeh._t_._i
after dale
iivcqnivali'ii! in a paf-O-Nl demand h> mc upon
N OticC "" P,r"nn* "*"'* 'or ta-"*-
As��es��nr and Collector,
Mela At-HCSsmMit MiU_.li
a_a- I      Nirola Post Often.
Once more and a dOZen arreStS ! District, s!tua>cn as follows:  cnnim.'i.eii.Kat��jr)atedatN|rnla(i,hnf fehmarv. 1906.
_, , .       I po.tmarkHd.I. t!. 3. south east corner, planted !   . 	
were made.   The explanation S^Stttf-^l-^ NoT,0K-
M.! &S2XL VZltSm* .tr Ch I ��-i�� .������� MN ��������� J y?���� ������-���-.'''o
and the   manifestants as the L_!��___��.h-^J^,V_'^"_i_7,r_!_S
*"u I intend to apnly to tho   Hun. the (tiler
1 .vt.e wprc upplfina   tn rPtlim   mi-slonerof Undswrt Works for pormlssinr,
latter were seet-ing io return t��� pur(.hv, un__taaof pa-mre iami siniaied
,        j  ,     on Voght creek, in the Nicola Division of Yale
IBB-   1006
Rev. W. J. Plll���I. B. A . B.l).
Rov. .1. P  Strata. Borsor.
A eoraplvie eninmur-ial aad liasiniss
conrst. Btudente preptied to (tin teacher! cartifirst.es nf all grades.   In  uuiver
Is |.r��|inri'.l t.. tali, coatraetl (nr
-a*inK linn' ��r  anil   ^eiimn mil
t-l'riiTHl tl,i: I ontrn.'l, Kircuted
Parties wishing  wnrk  ran   have sam.
|in._i|itly atteii.le.1 tn hy applyiiig tn
Nicola, B. 0.
Leave your orders with N. J,   Btrwick.
ot the movement against <V1 ���:  ^n,tho^ B. A. di.iforlufuner -hn��� ,gflnt for th. IWi
Loubet is that the bill for the j **&<?&�� Z~����^T I BSSrWStfiffi�� Sfft I ��-���"' >��">��<>> lT-i'��"'t'- Po'uh1' *- s" Ml�� he - "^ *��
separaticn of church and state Feb_ary t.th.90..
became law during his adminis-
JAMKS 0. HH11U)8.
Subscribe for The Herald.
na-.! ii re land com.
0. Mcl.'s. N. W. sorner thence S 10 chains, , ,.,.,.
thencsIT, SO ehalna, thence N gfuhaln-, thence Instruction given in   Music, Art, I hyl
W ""chains lo Initial post. This land lies south j . n_n_._ .������ WInentir.n
and adjoins preemption nf Wm M' Neill and J. \ ea! Caltnre tnd Klncutlon.
0. Mrl,.en In ths Aspen Grove locality. _,.__ .     - �������.-
Nicola. Dec, W. WA.            /. 0 MeUAN   I Baud for Ulandir.
plsn nut in order
.ubtoribt fur the Hertld, tt peryier THE  NICOLA  HERALD
A Big Forestr, Schema. JOHN  C.   ADAIR
iilmt trsei along its mad with a view  to 1.1Uu_JuUu_. .DAL SUlLUrthT
fornith tiei, ftnctp.isti, ite.   The .fli.rti ,                                  ,
at tree and shrub growing hy thee ui.-n- IS prepared 10 examine COal
in ibtirgardena along the mam li a have properties  and  flimish T6-
shown whtt eomunt tttentmn ail do. ports on same.    Terms to
When thie big forp.rttion gen bu-y with gujt aJJ         NiCOla, B. C.
its tret plant int  tha ���ppeirenca ��� f  tbt
Itndscape will be changed materia11)'.
Conttrvatlvea Will FiKbt.
At a largely attended meeting in lha
4. 0. U. VV. hall J. L. Beokwnnh a ��_||
knownreeident of ihe city _| Vint....-,
wu tendered the nominitmu ..( ih C ���>-
servttivt party in opposition tn Hon. VT.
Tviupl.rotan, and accepted. The fight,
therefore, it now fully nn.
Mr. Bowser Explnlnt.
Mr,   Bowser  indignantly   denies   tht.
itory in t cntenip vary that hit amendment to the Timher set raises the royally ;
on all timber to $4 a thousand feet.  That
rate will only apply to limber eipo ted,
eithout being manufactured in  tha  I'm I
since.   Tut obj'Ct of the amendment eat
to put all lumbermen on an even basis
j. r. McGregor
Lowtr Nicola. B. 0.
KAML00P8, B- C.
All kinds of Watchei, Clucks, Jtwtlry,
���tc.. kept in itoek.   Wedding prat-
ents I specialty.
First elasa reptirs d..ni on ihort notice
ind rtturned et ouct.
Kill! stock of Dnn.se1 Ic and Import ed ' 'nrar-
end the t>*sl smoking tobacco alwa)s on band
Drop In and enjoy aq ilel Kaine.-f Htlli rdi.
Agent fnr lhe I'lonsat-learn l*uu<i>, V_ncou
ver.  iaundr. shlpoedev.i) Meiurda;.
Blair retained by 0. P. R,
Advices from Ottawa itite that Hon. A. I
fl. Blair hat been appointed the chief
coniulting solicitor and resident legal
representative r.f the C. P. R. at Ottawa, j
and makei his first appearance b,-f..re the '
Railway commission oa March fi The
ulary of the new position is $10,000.
Sir Thomaa Rhaiii.hn.sa" stated in
reference to the appointment of Hon. A.
0. Blair, counsel for th�� C I', li. that the
appointment wai net a permanent oMM
an official of the company. Hn merely
tccepts a retaining fee to act in caita l.e
fore tbe Railway Cnniuiission.
Victoria to Hudson Bay.
The   Pacific   and  Kastern haleay  ii'
liking incorporation to build  f'..n��  Vic
toria to the northerly end of  Vancouver!
Island and from  the mainlan    on B   e
inlet easterly through Curickno district
via the Yellowhead pass tn  Kdmnnton,
Princi   Albert   tnd   Fort  Hnirehill  on ]
Hudson Bay, with a hran-li Ima. Kdmon
tun to Dunvegan on Peace River.
Another B. 0. Railway.
Special advices received from Ottawa
announce that the Vancouver, Fraaer
Valley A Southern Ral.av Company
will ask incorporation from Parliament at
its neit session to build and operate
line of electric railway from Vancouver to
New Westminster, and on tu the  bound
try line at or in the vicinity of Blaine.
This is the elootric line which will in
the future connect Vancouver with Port
land via Seattle, as announced lilt Mon
diy iu tha Province.
Tht company ii tlso seeking power to
build tnd operate branch lines up tha
Fraaer Valley to Chilliwack and down tn
the Delta, and to bnild ami operate such
other branch linet II may ha deemed
Hawkins   Horsley.
The wtdding <>f W. Hawk n. ind Miss
T, lit. Horalty list Wednesday was ont
of the prettiest events of lhe kind held in
town for mine time. St, .lames church
which wis molt beautifully decorated for
the occasion was filled beyond ita capacity
with fritnds who gtthered to witness the
ceremony' The service, according to ihe
ritual of the Anglican church, wai made
especially interesting and pleasing because
uf ita bsinu wholly ehortl. The brida ana
(Ivan in marriage hy her brother W. P,
llorslsy, tht Minn Emily tnd Le ���
Pelly ailing tt bridesmaids, ind thi
groom bting supported hy W.A, Wtrren.
Ai tht happy couple marched from the
church thty rtaeivtd tht usutl token of
goo. wishes of thtir friendi amid showers
of riot. Aftar a rtctptinn ttndirtd to
invited guesti it tht homt of tht groom's
brothir, Mr. and Mn. Hawkint took thi
tfttrnoon train for Ktmloopt, wktnot
thty go ovsrland to tht groom s ranch at
Nicolt    Ar_-itr_D| Advtaaa.
Notice Is hereby g'ven that thlrtv days after
d te I intend lo apply to ihe Hon the ih el
.��� 1-slnner ntl.n.ls and wnrk" fnr a licen-i
tn protpect for mil on the fulluwiag dssnrlbed
('onlinenringal11 post marked A. H. Cross
���_ v w . irner running ���vl SO .ha na, thene.
Smith so ehalna, th#noa >ve��i S0c'.al_��. theme
Nurtll HII ('haillM, tn in'lla   I'.M.
A. H.ChO-SMAN. l/��ator.
VV. (J. Murray, Agent
Coldwater, Nicola, Feh. 10, ISW.
commencing at annei mn ked Jas. Corbett ti
�� .'��� mer rvaata- Wat mi rh aina, iben e *outh
80 rl.auis ihence Ka��t >0 ih nc n'Tth 80
chulnsoinitlalp.) t. JAS. i nKHKI'T. Lart-tr.
W II VIn ruy. Aeeu .
' ii .ranter. Nicnla. Feb. Ill, tUdti.
Cniniiu-ncing at a |.ost marked 8 H. UHMaH
M, H'. forner, running >'a*t Ht) chain-, thence
-nn Wrhains. went 80 chain- Ihence north 811
��� nous lolult.alpus .
Sl.n. LAMONT. 1-cst.ir.
v., 0   Murray, Agent,
t'niilvvaler, Nicola, Feh. 10, 1-06.
Com leneiiigat a l.ost marked Hagua Hart
man N' ��.. ...r er .iiniini. v\ est 80 ehaln..
thence 8.1111h HO.'haliia, ihence Kast 80chain-,
thence North 80chain-, ml rial post.
i-AUUA IIAKI'M iN.l~ca.nr.
'��'.<���, Mur ay, Agent
Coldwater, Nicola. F.b. 10 1��-.
Co i-meni'lng at a i-osl marked Oeorge It .0
'���nn N VV. enrtier iiinnng Kitat. N) .hains
li rice ���aniitli 80i'hains, ihtnOa wit 80 chains
In nee North 8Uchain��tn initial pat*,
Gh: Ki.1 HDi.LMAN, I. oitor.
Wit MuTty. sgent
Coldwalcr, Nicnla Feb  It WAX
Commencing at a no-t marked M K. Co. belt
N. Eonrner running  Wei  80 chain., thence
���mill 8n.),siiie th. n-e test 80 chain.., thenee
North 80. h.lns tn initial pnst.
M. K. C'lKuKTT. UK-tor.
W, (J. Vlurrav, Agent
Coldwater, Nicola. Feb 10, \'M\
Commencing at. a post marked W 0. Mur-
my'a. N. XV. cirri'r. ru ning Kast KOibalnh.
then e-omh 80.-haina, Ihenee W.st 80eh��in*.
tli��n"e Ninth 80.-hains to initial pet.
V..U. Ml't KAY, Locator.
Cnldwater, Nicnla Feb. Ill, 1908
Commencing at a post marked H. s\ |Cn-s
N K. corner running We-t. 8(i chain-, thence
Sou.h 80chiiin- ihence Kast 80 chains then.'.
Norm mi ..hains to initial p.w.
8. E. UOSS, locator.
W. O  Murray. Agent.
i water, Nicola, Feb. 10, I'M
Commencing at a post marked J. M. Crook
V W   corner running Kast HO rb ins thence
mitti Hi chains, v\ eat 80 chains ��� .ence North
Mil lim ii - io Initial post.
J. M. CltODK, Urn-tor.
VV, II   Murray, Agent,
old water, Nl.-ola, Feb. 10, lit.
'   ti menclnga' a post marked .1. S   Austin
N   '    Oerner running West an, hains thence
u'li 80chains, thenee rCa-iso .���ham-, lnence
North 801 hains to nilial p M
J. 8. AUSTIN. Loentor.
W. II   Marray, Agent.
Cnldwater. Nicola, Feb. 111. IHUS.
���'ommenclng at a post 'narked J. F. Murray's. N. VV. corner running H���at 80 .hai s.
Ih nieSnn'h Ml chains, thenca W �����. hi ili.ina.
thenee North *0chains,!.> inilial is.m .
J. F. MIHt.tAY   Ualor.
W. O. Murray, Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola. Feb. 10 I Is si
('..miu. ncliig al a poet marked II. I_ Chapln
N. K. '���..rn-r running weal 80 lhains, thenn'
Smith -n eli',n.- thence Kast 80 chains, tbeuoe
Nnrlh HO chains to Initial pisi.
H. 1, I'h nun   1 "i atnr
VV. il, Murray, Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola, Feb. 10, IDH6.
MONTHKAL HUTKL. Kaml.s.p��. Naooleoi.
Latremouilie. pro ri.t... Inral il.ss 1.
eveiy pertlciilar. (lood wm.-s, Liquors and
cigars,   sialjlui. in e im��. tun.
KAMUKII'S H'H'SK, P, Her-, proprietor
H. at st.sk uf wn.-. liquors and .-.gars In
<he Interior. J.1st ibe spin fur a ni.e onlrt
freshing glass of beer. VVh'-u In Kami.sips
oall in
GRAM) PACIFIC HOTKL, -tialaaaa, ih.
nearesi i.elel loll..-rtllwa) siatloa.   'Hi
only covneniert hmel  fur  ir.av, l.-ra.     U kjc
mums,  gnnd   IA 4.    _o.sl   liquors.     Two  l.il||.
a.,n.ple riM.nis.   c.^  Harahar'. pra������ ttff.
Uoud stal.llll. i:< euiuiei LIuU.
ASHCItun' HHIKI,. Thenosi , niem
hn el for visitor, in A-h.-cft. The b si of
isble hnard. Hoi ano cold ba'hs. .lurre-re-
mn a'l- e iiiee.w sf] 'rains. Johnson fc Perkins,
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoe!ng a specialty,
NIOOLA, LlKt ��� C
������top Hi  |-a*
RuBT. I(M_,  I'r.i|iiiei..r
When traveling on the Nicola road.
Convenient place lur traveleis, with goo.
First class board and lodging by the
day seek or month Rvery attentioi
given to tho travelling public.
Mrs   Riuv, P.opnetress,
Horace F* Evans
Ashcroft    _ ' _   8. C.
Mine eiaminationa tnd reports, Oeo
ngical oonditinai of Thumps m River
muntry t sptcialty. Dltintartttad tnd
dtptndablt rtporta fnralihad.
fllity days after date I lattad to aptly to the
chief commissioner nf landa an. work, for per
mission leparlu.se M0 acres of mountain past
ture land, eoromenclnc at a post marked i J tt.
O.'s application t-puriaael 8 W.air-er.thence
N. 80 chains. I io chains, 8 80 chains. W 10
chains to initial pool. Und Is situated in vicinity of 10 Mils Oreek aad west of J. Marqaart.
prwemp'lnn. J, 8. CHA*TErt,
NtoO-sBLkK. I_t i.C. Adair, Age..
[J[>eqUaUa_ed as a
SdnMijcr* Resort
Giiod Fishing hitI Shooting. Guides and Horses
alvvty- ready- Telephone
connections all dir.-ctions
First I lass Accommodation. Terms:
8. KIRBY, Proprietor
yi'ii.riiKNA, it. o.
<   Ill-la..    Ill    HII    I   I
A. K.I'. He. London.
Ksmlnnps. R. C.
Assays and anal) sea _f Ores, Coal and In
dustrla' pro.ln._a.
samples by mall or stage receive prompt
A Stock Ranch containing
4740 acreSjsituated near Douglas Lake, with all necessary implements ami also stock. For
particulars apply to
Quilchena, P. O.
Sprlegbaok Reach, July 14th, 1-06.
Bank]of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets        ....        $158,231,409.51
Rt Bon. Lord 8tr_.t_.coua and Mount Royal, 0. O. U. O.
PRHSIOBNT. Sir Oeo A. Dnunmond. .0 If O
Head OflQce -Montreal
Deposits received from   $1.00  and  upwards.     Interest
credired twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.     Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Re-i.'ent Agents ln Nicola for the
also  Oouoral ___sl-_rory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. 0.
l\eave Spencea Bridge
Every   Ihuradty lor Nicola Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way jiointsat 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
Every  Sunday   6 a. m., arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    -    -    Proprietor THE NICOLA HERALD
Due. s I yesterdsy.
''arm li i,   I,��af  tea   it  the   **"
-\. V.,.<li. ��,- in   own this ��et_.
.1 ih.. (���' ulta eat at Kam
���   ���
Tht rm     ��� i li*' ��ee. Im ���.
the amis ftrt lite.
ver jr tinvat ft .wery ..range pekoe.    Im-
iii.itvd ami packe.1 1-pe.ialll f.,r ua.    I-
tlsa.ilutvlj the tiii.st tea on the market.
- a p< .tod.
M/�� C'latlet md dtmhttt Min Vm
Pr..,. \V,),,I* trd eras   t  * i  from  tli
ti r mill 'lua  a.'.k.
F..r ipta dttt joh print__ send your
rdrra tu flit lftri.lt B��rtld .iflict.
Place tour .-i.(era  >|._   The PortlM'
���i.ea.n  Bat    Mill,   all   wnrk   gnaraitrul
I is- trrivrd.faahionar.lt n ntldioi kruvrs. '
va h�� Ma��� to Itave yirtir t<. n-e untiiishtd
r  an,: I    . ���  I .1 ill
l.sarini of lira iitahtjr, ��ril i^tunr ikrte
I'-vrt in.'- <.|   llil   giall..     Wlu'lnt  sasl
tht hirneaesnd u
int,I* I;,i   i k's laicai mi .nnt i nt,
OarrU'i ��� I. af i.. i-
10.1. lea <>.i   tli.1   ui'ihHt.       It   ia   a   tin
ra"_.- na._iKa.ttti    ,       tat te_  Ita,    V
lii'ii-.1 i ..'.ii I*'"  > itli ir  i
Oburob, Siis.l i l-ke: Ba
- :    ���
__bli i ... ��� li iln
.i   ��'.-.,
Rti   J -ii       I
i __(or
Methodist Ciiuii'li. I. ir S'lmls   in,
,- lord �� I la vol
Mi- Hawkins.I th   Cil suHt| noe_  --��**-#taoi lat.p m.^ ^
��� as a Rwcdl vi-r ,.  ,.ii M ,ml.y. Hi  I    Hal Mini lei
i,i      ,,   ���
- ��� I'M .','.   , | M Il'll   >
Mr. sii'l  Mi a.  H rii klau !  vtn Qafl
chens tisl���������.-. nil Friday.
The fortru.neri ul spring the mtt. it
talk lias put    III   all   appi'al .
Measr- 8 ltd tfa tod  'i  0  I" hi ��'���'  I"
_��������� f r. -in I'-iliT  ni   Mi'li.lay.
JI1.I'  lti:t KIVKI>
i lull stuck nf up-tu data foods  fu
supply ihe   HaruaM   ami Ba
' f   _fiei.ll  distn.t. Call   nr
tend ynur nr.l. ra fit.
Harness, Saddles,
Saddlery Hardware,
Horse Clothing, etc.
S, -,..,,, ���      I l',,_l��� �� ll,it)l|.
NICOL* ��� B.C
Mr snl Mi.-    f    \    Roam inni  in   3-iuroh of England   C an    of   -t. Join
II.|i Is,, Al      i
    '1 llil��y. i       ,   _,,��� i |; |,  | .
 __ Evenln   p ''.to.
vVei       i nf'-li Th,  tho        ' I ��       'i
Mr. ami   Mrt,   1I,   I'.,  Armstrong of -p m
... ,,     , KKV, tt H, i; IVIEH
I. ittt Nicola wert ml  i Hi
I lui" I   ii g dime in a
lirst cl i :r,   Care-
fiil attr*ntion given to thii
branch ol the business,
A1 'HKra.nt.eeil
M        V M. 0,
Mi_JMar.l il nooitiutdti        OhATI .AM INCL BATLPS Main s'lr"
tin hoitt thi past week with si , a________.
and BK00UL1-S
A.- las .in,In i.raoo.
snd fli     ral  \,enf,
Cltf-tiiee Wo "I' .rti  .    I.
tas m town mi a hiteinets tr p ilns wetk
[Wl   K  ,|   Hens
 M.ki- 'I hi n    Ki 'T V',n-
1 ''<ilinrl;l
.1  V Mum* ami  B, Bntrfw look In    "'���'
��� in   -., ii r >  ',," hl'.e i   '
th^ I luilchent dance la-i ��i el,
Thomas Matthews  n tumid  has  fmoi
1, i�� if N'Oila where I h  in inplo*
cil fur s une tm,-
ir'il    v,,.- i lha tin (,.   i'. i   s/nrk
mi'l -���'" J arl   .-In- k< n-.    II in- hatched
earli  ii,  M . ,     ,ti, Itnes
much sabin ed      Ms       June,
I'll < - ;il,.' (' i' ,'-.'     01     \| j      VI  II
K I Wl/fi H'8
All kit                      , Clod
ai .1 .1. - ���   ���>   ���
_r|i  cl isa     '
ti ii   .u-raiiiei          al
,   ��� i
Completed anil  I,    ,              .      :,-
'   1   1
... H. < VlfltUI   A (H���
0.1'. It T nn [nape     -            Kamloops
A     O.
llusln��is I,ocalt.
CsrHn l '       t*t il ih. I' ���'
|0      ins on tht market,     It ia a Ins
in ti ..- i" k "���, a strai_hl   ia-Mn  I...    N
li i'   m).'�����' ������   '. nlli'il'   n
^     |]|l      lid     I     >',     B,    Allll-'r   I '."'�� line
ill 11 ill ran;, I,,, fr. iii :'.'. Bents to $7
Ott a Wai --i I . yuui h. rta s1 Bu
WICl'l Hirt.��is sml Saddle.y. Also s
it.rk "f Robes, tti
Carringlm     - Leaf tet ti tht  h 'tl
Its   nn   lb*   marlet.    It   i| a   fine
ni   i  -���  ;.. k as, a II.!_;' ' a-- tm '��� ,.
No boual o implett without it.
I',rt n.'t .' '-.   i.l n 0   Leal   te. i-  tha
v. r\   : i     ��� .     -    |   kot     In
i      i ii     , i     /  a   I l: I  V|i'i>i.a    \���       ��� .. ��   nii-e'-
V ' '��� av>p��.allj     .  n.     I    (      ,       ,     ,,
ihsi.lt ttt on ii"  strki    "' KY"   " '  ��� ' ' H""    rwil��- h'
1 .��� i
f.u   ents a pound Rn   D   VI tan    I , H
Vs. Qoud m Hn i it, -���
Tff ptMltaft of the o'.l ' D    ��� p       pUAa-H
jtlitfts   Bold only If A  B   vtmI u'  '������   �����^^>r'.
'���""N"-u AccounUn, and Auditor
��� vsrsllc   Horse   Sins,   sre  ymn RR AI, PIS'I ATH        INSURANCE
rlnns torn*  ��t .1    PLKAHI   Tonrt.ll   ���       .   ���   ,i      _,        .   _,       ���
' Irmiorary  .���tTii''     Sii-en's  Sta.s   lli_
fil/.KS 1 I.,',.' K  fl   Pi ., -. S ",l��. x ,     ,       ,
NU '11. ., It, C.
F'irRile    Tart.-t King <lata, or^fvlff till	
best .hite  ,,���s  ,r   m,       ...o Can, ^^   jj     MACINTyRE
li. ai.'y rut, good eropptr.   li DoiMinf
nuoi��. - J      Barrister, Notary Public&c.
(ittieial AdmlnUtntor
I,.   11.   Irmttroni  has  juit lanned  a  (lfflr#   ,��� ���    _. tiat rf IHrt OTBct
frei-h c>.nsii>nineni of saln.nn Imllns in kit
. nu shulil.l |{st lii< prlres.
If yon art thinking of hull Ing now is
the time to get y"'���r nrders cut io u tn
Etmloopa, H. 0,
Jfihn I). Swanson, B. A.
Btrriitaw, Soli'it'.r ami   Notary Public!
Dfloe:   Kast nf lhe Canadian Hunk of Coin
nave tne luml.er dry whtn the Innr. days, merce. south side of Vletorla street, KhuIoodc
toat tnd tbt ttrptnteri ran w. rk with        Money to loan on real ettafeawnrllT.
M. .1. HENRY'S
8010 Wtttmlntter Koad
II ���.
I;,i ���' n, 1'   ���,, tn.I Pield Setdt,
N. -��� r.   [i i   -rt  |n . , L'k  and   ,.i   tn-t   it
iir .r.-. nhni  ��,     ,-k j ��� r    ml '
I - r ,   in   -t-inil   oaol trfea        I '      S    does 11"
taiidl.   them.   ST.       i I   in til   oil
5- I'.' k ..', - , ' ' e..-! .' le .  .1  H iWti
U' ii wilt I      mn, I   i  I'.. '    _a
||      | 'nl  |1 ��� II      S        an.    Hi   I II
hi k ���������''-il-
II. 1. l.i o\t ii SI o.l.   ol   I iiill   ni-. r
iiiiiiiiiiiniui in-.��.
Now I     -It Im aprms ��� hum . lit,    Kill
',!"��� sn
1 ���
-!-    , r moo
Main ���
l,i per I1 tl
Bu��  r Flu  .   fyi .,, i ne | u n. r lisi
I'ii ���       k   ,    r. _'il ,r price
\ '' ��� ' ,"   i  nutiiitrttini
r ii       '
rirei ���- ,.,i.. Rti I ip
piles, Ki ���  ��� '���
I.." '     , ire i rdtriii|i
Oats I''".-
���lltlO v7�� '       v a -    . v -  . it c
Ever) business man
should have une.
I'i't't All styles and
Canadian a> d \\ I  tttkrr'a Almanac's
l - ���,.  ,i ���    i fo. . |,
K tOllo. , s ami Vbmii'I.
We are now prepared to uke
orders fnr suits made byC-inp-
bell Mfg. Compaay, Mcmtotal
Sec the   New  Goods which
have arrived      _
Ladies' Waist
Spot Muslins,
Dress Goods,
Table Oil Cloth,
Lower Nicola, B. C.
plessurs.     I.s_ieinr.er  the   name,   The
Monla Pnrtal.lt Steam Saw Mill.
Carriii(ttnii a Ooldt- Leaf tta is the
very lim -st flowery ..r.m>>e pekne. Ini
ported and packed especially for ns. Is
tlsnlutely the finest tea on the market.
���0 cents t pound.
Ltnd Mining and Oeneral Supply Agrta
COUTLEE. I;. < .
Jos. pict.ards,       -       Proprietor
WWER NieoLA, B. C.
tnd inli.inn [.rnptrtlee. Ileportson minliiK tim ! "f*r ,l"' 'atllftctor- manner tnd In ihort
pertl-a thrnu_h the IMslrlrt,    Cable address I lii.tlct.
^'^"j;"     t'odes llronihall, More,ng���.\eal, | tt      , 1
W_f-��0UI  Cenfnnl, Nl-ola Vails,. B. C. JlOrSOSllOeHig
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling In Connection
Telephone OonneetU���i


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