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The Nicola Herald Dec 20, 1906

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 B it btf**t As!emb,!r
Vol 2.  No. bl.
$2 a Year
I place before readi rs of the Herald, but | |
'if owners of townsites and other prop-
next year. Each winter the estimates
for the coming season's work are prepared, and are submitted at the general
meeting in Montr -al in the spring.   It
Numerous Enquiries Will Be Made,
Hold Up Policy Fatal to Expansion.  Moderate Pi Ices Will
Induce Settlement.
new branch lines.   There are extensive i
changes proposed for the mountain di-
PROSPBRITY  NOW  KNOCKING   AT Itrties w'Rh to 8t!e a larK�� influx of pop-' N1C0LA VALLEY COAL LANDS EE   is und rs'ood  lhat   the   estimates this  "INDIFFERENCE  BORN  OF  IONOB
I ulation and wish to see their district go Jm opENED year will contain figures for sevenl ex-
j ahead, they will consider very carefully tensions in the west as well as several
I before they arrange a scale of prices |	
' which, while it might suit a town ofi M
r u ���    .u   �� .    Active Development Work Going on  .,;���,,,, ...l,,, i,��� ,l,    ���; ,:��� , ,���  i  . _iii  Dep'ores Apathy of the Public Towards
some years standing, would in the case (   v "      ; vis'on wherebv the existing grides will "��v
at Coal Oully and Diamond Vale     j l,e considi rably lowered, malting possi-
Propertlen   Will Ship Coal htt  heavier  trains  and  faster  time,
ln Few Months. I Several new branch linM mi Saskatche-
I wan and Alberta will also be pissed i p-
The prospectus of the Nicola Valley ��"b ��s wt'H as improvements on the
Coal and Coke Company is issued audi Crow's Ntart Hu route an I n-w Han the words with which Dr. C. J. Fa-
gives a comprehensive statement of the V�� the Bow dury and Kootenay country.! gan describes the attitude of tha gener-
Cnmpany and its properties. Tha Board',
I of ��� n�� town ba ridiculous and absurd.
While many parts of the province are I   Jmet q^^ wag in Nicola from his
participating in a wave 01 ���rom-ttar j xum my.mwmj_
Anti-Tuberculosis EtfurU -Project ln Danger of Being
"Indifference born of ignorance" are
that will in the near future spread over ^^^^^^^^^^���
the entire province it looks as if the j Stewart returned' of  Directors is composed rntire.y ol
wave has    heady reached the Nicola     *'����l*lSj after-1 Vancouver business men and is in ,.self
vXv   ind given favorable condition ! home from th. toast yestcr   y I   KUaranteeof the Company's bona hdes.
will result in a tide of prosperity that j noon. _ _ ^ ^^ js p, ���,,,, , y.  i. U��
Eleven the most sanguine of iu ad-, ^ ��� Vice.President.   J. J.  Horn-
mirers ever dreamt of. I   T. u. m
Public School
al public towards the schema for the
establishment of a British Columbia
sanitarium for the treatment of tuberc-
The VWh public school closes this I lou"s"|)a"titfnts.   The p-'ople do not real-
r.��� r.r'hn hn)id-tvs.   The schcol ^ he gay8i the great importance ol
used to farmhv; and lanchingc .nditions jCo.'s propiry was in Nicola today
of former years to r.alize. Not only , from Coutlee.
the fact that a lar^e payroll will be disbursed and that a goodly portion of it
will be spent in the Valley, but also that
new iiiiiisuks will undoubtedly spring
up which will still further tend to in
duce settlement hire. B^	
While this is the eut it must not be I 	
lost sight of thai any petty and close- j Jan,es gyj^ ^ .^ ^ ^
I, ti Ipolicj adopted*) l'er.sl,l,nts,���|Mded(,al���rofAsk.rofti ^ ^ ^^
this date Will at untold luin
ft last week for Salmon Arm | mer, of Clarkson, Cross & Heliiwell, is
Secretary, and F. II. Lantz is Managing Director.   Alexander Fan (Is, M. F,.,
' is Mine Superintendent, and is now a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Alexander Faulds, M. E., auperinten-1 Coutlee overseeing  operations.    The Wn' hns heen "J"! ed-
^^^ Probably  by   'be   mmn
tbpr^ will bp a new set.
Already two coil companies are at I Nicola
work, having pa-led the prospecting J where they will reside.
stage and are now engaged in actual | 	
work which at an early d i.e will mean I
shipping coal.   Just what this means 	
to the Nicola Valley ii is hard for men i dent of the Nicola ValleyCoal and Coke I Company has started mining coal and
has now an average attendance nf 111
mini's and when school nvets again this
numb"rw'll iios'i.'htly increased. More
-eat'iif accommodation has been provided and tbe demand fo- '  ,us for the time
Rev. T. H. Wri"ht will conduct kt-
vice in th ��� Methodist church, Nicola,
" ion Sunday mornng and in the evening
' will deliver a Christmas sermon.
The postponed meeting of the court
of revision will be h- Id in the Court
House, Nicola, on Friday, the 21st. A.
D, Ma intyre, the judge of the court of
revision, will arrive today.
The annual Chistmas tree for the
children of Nicola will be held in Pooley's hall on Monday evening. The Lower Nicola entertainment and tree will
also be held on Christmas eve.
Local justices of the peace were busy
for a few d."ys this wok handling Indian cases.   All were the r 'suit of having intoxicating liquor in their possess-' lug    Male,   frep ir i.ions
'on.   Donations were made to thetreas-1 been concluded for im a i
ury. |
not, in fact it canno
ity of coal product!
ore shipped, but it can very injui ioasly
atiect   any   ,-ubsii;..,r,  muusiry  v.nun
Blight want io .ain a foo ing li re. Not
on y is .his the case with r igard to industries, but alio in a minor degree it
llfectl new settlers as well.   The mere
fad of tii. re tinig a railroad wi.l not,
II some i ppose, caus  a ... ge intLu
population.    If there is a chance of an
opening here for new capital undoubtedly p op,   will come in out there must
b" no hindrance placed in thi ir way.
Too often lias i. been the case that for
the aggrandisement of a few a district
has been kepi back for years and has
starved for want of I population, when
had a more up n-handecl and tar-lighted
pmicy   been adopt.d the district had
gone ahead from ihe tort,
With an assured train service early
in January there will undoubtedly be
numerous er.qu ries as to prospects in
the Nicola Valley and undoubtedly many
of these inquiries will be made personally.   It is early ye, to say  how many
antres of population there will be in
the district, apart from the population
which will centre around ihe coal mines.
While each part of the valley has certain advantages, ihese do not outweigh
the fact that the tendency lor the majority of people will be to go where
there is likely to by the largest population and where land is not held al too
high a price. In fact at this stage of
the development of the Nicola Valley,
one of the greatest mistakes that could
be made would be the enhancing of
prices to i.n abnormal extent. To do so
is to already discount the future pro-
glWi of the Valley by quite a few
years. A child must crawl before it
can walk, and townsites are in a great
degree the same as children. It is not
to local inhabitants that sales of land
must be looked to, but to outsiders, and
if the prices are abnormal and unreasonably high, and in reasons adduced for
these prices save that there is a rail- j T. J. Smith, manager and president
road and that we have an unrivalled j of the Diamond Vale Coal and Iron
climate, no sane minded intending set-j Mines, Ltd., was at the company's
tier will submit to be held up but will \ property near the Coldwater this week.
putting up plant. O.h.r directors are
rt. P. McLennan, F. R. Ste.vai'., Ur. L.
N. MacKechnie and Jonathan Rogers.
S. J. Castleman is General A,vm. The
capitalization il $1,5)0,0(10, divided into
15,00(1 shaves of oitlj OwSO.
The stocl< nooks of the Company are
now open and application for shares
may be made at the Company's heau
ollice in the imperial Bloc<, /anWUVer,
Alexander hands,   M.   fi.,   superin-
Valley this week on business and as us-1l2ndentof *��� Nicoh YM^ Coal,&
^^^ Coke Company, is hard at work on the
Coal Gullv seam of the coiripjii^'Bpivp-
eny and i.is >everal men tn work in Hie
tunnei gettin , ..j, coi..   .ne wont wi.l
be carneu un ill i Sjo.ema.Jc mannei
M beatfwi i.i  work w.u.u will oecon-
cinueu in in1 .iinuei,  ...r.   l.iaua will
inve B num.i r ...   men a. wor.i con-
uructing   bonk rt for the  coal ana
ni 'i a - lor ine e.i iiju.i/s mxlioi and
men.   This week seven. iu..uo of the
���eoal were deliver,' i In Niculafcf dOBHI
tic purpoaaa,
Mp additional land w;'l ' '
presen* *he cr^'nd�� 'n
 |t may
aii ci ihe quain- j^j was nUCcessfu| jn securing a large
r ihe amount of j fhipment.
< 'cnr "I.
I'He "n"
acre, and if sii'tabL- and more land can
be secured the present land will be disposed of.
������nni"- TeopKfl Oul'rt at Onil"h��.e.
The Ynoti"' Peoo'e'l Gui'd vnd a most
successful evening's er,'T''''"n'enf at
lhe r��� sidence of htt, and Mrs. F. W.
Jackson at Quilchena on Tuesday even-
'"". A i"re" ft wtt tf 'he vflunrparm'*
and the'r fri nds were present and
nrnt a mosten'oyableeveningin gam��s
ind other amusements interspersed with
mus;c, s'nfin? frd charades. A hearty
vn*e of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jackson for their kind hospitaliiy brought
fhe evening's entertainment to a close.
C P. R- St' ck
Work on ihe Diamond Vale Coal Co.'s
property on tha Garcia ami Charter*!
ran, lies ia go ng 8 ailily ah ao. A shaft
will be comm nc il ihi. w.eli and the
work of apetting up tne property to a
shipping puint will Im con inu.u on a
nave now
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ work and
uihUie of a very . w moiuhs ihe Diamond Vale will be producing and shipping coal.
Emil F. Voight, of Princeton, pasMl	
throut'h Nicola last we?k on his way to |
the coast in connection with mineral ,);in Mclnnes, ol Lower Nieola, left
clr.ims on Copper mountain in which he Ilhis "���* vvl h ;l l,:ir'.v "��� ��*" r"r th'J
is interested and on which litigation is| u!)i,l'r Coid.vater seci'on, whe
A Monfreal despatch says: There
was decided excitement on the stock exchange when the price of Canadian Pacific stock, for the hrst time in its hisi
the movement to every individual residing in this section, or any part of the
Canadian west.   It was not understood
to what extent the ravages of the while
plague wire deple in.; the population of
I the ctuntry annually,
holidays,   The ^m(i of trade memb3rs were
and if poss'-1 stlvnuoU8iy endeavorinr to obtain better
protection   for   mariners against the
' dang, rs of the west coast of Vancouver
Island.   That was proper,   tia: it was
difficult, he thought, to reconcile their
icii n in this respeci to their hesitancy
o resp nd to the request of the anti-
I tubereiioss a-s ieiadon for assistance,
li.-pii ���    verything  that had  bJen
done by hi n ami  hose who had kindly
proferred the:r o -operation, the public
remained unm v.n.   T.ns laci couunot
aavaba nm rai rkin.l> u muii.>rat.d,
he pointed ou , than oy the attendance
at the last announced meeting of the association.   Three p ople had attended.
lhat was an ev.d. n t of ihe iiteerest
aken ami slmweu ihe uitticuliies wnic t
had to be tuimotiineti  oeu.re a fund
sufficiently iar i.. ,n. >.e aouflua ikc-
ment of the work of tne con^irjc.ionof
the contempl t ed .-,m, a. i.i.n wtu collected.   Looking   a.   ,he cunttibutions
which had be n rece.veu up to dale, ic
was impose ble, ne lata, not lo see that
ihe money s i iter b d ^a^ bring raised
trcm oniy ine wealthiest ci.iz.ns and
orv. reached the 200 mark and attained!the mosl Prominenl business �����
a new high record by selling as high ai|m^or">' ol lh " huU h;ld to " asked
200, The last sale was made st 200 3-4 Il0 atcl'rd fawnd��l BUt'i'or; v-r>' lcw
and the stock closed strong at 201 and ',hatl Vululltl4rl'>' **** aiw ,naa' ��� aul111-
2011-4 asked. Nearly 2000 shares iliutl a8 a **** 01 ""v,n" uW>m **��
changed hands on the advance. \m^ tunvin^tQ lhai M undertaking
was worthy oi assistance.
O T P Calling for Tenders.
A Hpe Dream.
now pending.
A meeting of the Farmers' Institute
will be held at Lower Nicola on Friday
evening, December 21st. Business:
Reports of officers, election of officers,
and general business. D. Dodding, of
Lower Nicola, president; S.J. Solomon,
Coutlee, secretary.
Col. Trncey, C. E., of Vancouver,
spent several days in Nicola the past
week, and investigated the lay of the
town, and the water and fall of Mill
creek, and will give an estimate of the
cost of a waterworks system for Nicola
town. The owners of the townsite
property are behind I he scheme.
bo engaged for th t
Coal  Co.,   erect ng
their propertied
he will
cabins,   etc.,   on
I.e.I . i .al to Tain Mine.
A  Seattle despatch says:   "R.
The transcontinental railway commis- . .
sionwill invite tend.rs in the near fu-| A dispatch from Lowell, Mas.-., says
ture for the construction of five more th:U ottie-'rs ul LtK' Luw'11 Humane so-
sections of the eastern end of the road. ' liet>' &**" * lhlv" >ri,r ula child' who
The location surveys have been com-,wa^ �� ^ii���^ slllukl'r ���** has USt<*
pleted over portions, and all that re-, daily a corncob pipe since he was eigh-
mains is to complete the forms on which Iteen months old- Th,; child '��� Antiree,
oilers will be submitted. 1 th.-.son ol Albert Beaulieu.   Mrs. ueau-
lieu, who is eighteen years old, said she
did not know tobacco would hurt the
Judme Spinks Ill-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Word has been received from Vernon
K. nsie, siq.eruH. nit iu  of  ihe Tr.ad-  ���,.��� M^. g,^ (,(imitv MWl j^ ,    An t,ldt,r,v ma��� naltle(1 pcter Thomp.
well mines, will leave for ihe north on ' has ,,.���, .in���,h(,r ^p^ am| that his' son died vtrv suddenlv at Penticton on
the next boat alter iwo weeks spent in i,,-,, is despaired of. His many friends] the 9th. Last summer he spent some
the city in an um-uccessliil eilort to f.b- j ^^^.^t lhe l)rovince and Nicola Val-1 time in Nicola Valley ami latterly work-
tam enough coal lo keep ihe stamp o,v wl)| h���pi, ,hal y, ,, nilui���n is not t.() al Mgfaf, camp m,ar ,own. He
mills of the mim I In I pi ration." ln I; t,,"ilR,a| and lhat he Wl)l h.lVC , ���pTOly ' came frnm L(lluiim 0nt., and had been
very short time the Nicla coal mines | R,coviry. |in the wcgt several year.
seek some place where prices are reasonable and tht re is a prospect of his investment increasing in value. The
questions of inducements to settlers by
Mr. Smith is highly pleased with the
property and during the next few
months will have a large number of
men engaged opening up the coal mines
reducing prices of buildings erected and' to ship the product.
will be prepared to supply the demand
for coal. With its thousands of acres
of coal lands, which are about to be developed, it will not only be ahleito supply the local demand and orders now on I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hand, but will help the northern mines'day,   Price  Ellison was unanimously and'H L Roberts have their Christmas
Price Ellison Mr Okanagan.
ai a attended convention fli  ,^-^^m
Conservatives ��if Okanagan last Thurs-1 tWng.   At Nicola A. R. Carrington and
Do not forget the children at Christmas.   Gladden their hearts with some-
to any shortage they may have.
chosen Conservative candidate for the
] next provincial election. Premier Mc-
I Bride was present and gave a short
I address.
Improvements on PaclHc Division. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
William Whyte, second *J����"M ()f Se8tt,e> where the next
of the C. P. R., was in < aUary last    The cit> ��:. AlagkB.Yuk���n
week and met R. Jamieson and R. Ma, w Jf-^ttaTi to be held in 1909,
pole,  general superintend nts of  H^^*^ with iU su-
Western and Tacific divisions,  respect -, is ac ity w^c h conU
ively with regard to appropriations for burbs, 220,000 pt ople.
goods opened up, and at Blair & Co. a
Coutlee, and at G. B. Armstrong s,
Lower Nicola, they have goods to satisfy anyone who desires to give a nice
present to their children or friends.
Rev. D. K. Allan will hold service at
Lower Nicola on Sunday morning at 11
1 o'clock and at Forksdale at 3.30 p. m. THK NICOLA HERALD
Published Kvery Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. 12 a Year
to utilise them to their full advant
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
v ��� M.-.^.e ,. a .   . ,. ���, .u��� after date I  will apply  to the Hon.
No one disputes the fact that the | Ch,,f ('���mmissioneroVi,;ro|Sand Works
province is prosperous and no doubt
the financial showing is to some ex-
Nicou, B. C, Deckmber 20, 1906.
j tent due to this prosperity.   But
it is only necessary to point to the
fact that even in pros|ierous times
there have been deficits, to realise
""" that something else is required lie-
No  one who gives the matter Miles prosperity, and that a stable
careful consideration will deny that  administration, with a finance min-
thc financial showing of the Mc- ister who thoroughly  understands
Bride administration since its com   finance in its truest sense,  is as
ing into pow has btWt the l>est ial necessary   to the   well -being and
the historv of the province.   For prosperity of the province as are
many years, as a reference to the good times and an increasing pop-
public accounts will show, the ex- nlatiou.
pendittire was greatly in excess of  ���������������������������������
the revenue. This excess, which
for the twelve years preceding 1905
amounted to over nine milllion dollars, had to be met by periodical
loans, the result of which was that
the revenue each year was saddled NILOLA,
with an amount to meet interest,'
sinking fund, etc.; standing charges      ALLt U. WALINIYKL
which at the present time amount Barrister, Notary PllbliC &C.
to aliotit one quarter of the whole
revenue  of  the   province.     The
M. L GRIIiiMlXi'. .I. b.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
-       B. C.
Official Allium.-Iran.r
OltiM.~Co'iinierrial Block. e��to( Pi*t Office.
Kaniluoiw. II. C
John D. Swanson, B. A.
litiii-ii-r. Siihiitor ami   N'.uiy  I'ni'ln
littler:   Ka-i of lhe I anadian Hank nf ton.
ineive. xoulh Me ut Victoria strcei, Kamloops
Money in loan on real entatc security.
.���' jcoiioiHiit.Coniuii h ,m.In iiMaaa
tnd General Akcih,
Main "tree! -      ���     Kaii.looon
ClOlIKT Sinn,A, No. *B1, A. O.K., meets
i nnml mil fmirili Krlrta, In each in.ml I.
���I. 8 u.in, in I'note)'�� Hall, vinlilnx brethren
ordiHll) invilwt,
A. II. Cakkimithn. i'.II.
(anil Mining and Oeneral Supply Agts
Miniiw contractor.., hm niarhiner), buioil. a
���uiter-, wlei((hsK'c .-enri f'.r our li*l ut farm
a>id mil.inn properties. Itriairtnini ihIdiiik uro-
j roc- itmitigli thu llislric , . able address
'Auriim." Code*: Rron.hiill, Morc.nif k Null,
\. it. i'. tih.
W.ircliuu-B���laieool. Mcola valley, II. I'.
for a license to prospect for coal on the
following described tract of land:
beginning at a post marked B. P.
LKiie, nouth West corner said post being locaied at the South west corner of
Section 24, Township 91, in the Kamloops Division of Yale Dia.rict, B. C,
ineiiiv North -10 chains, ihence East 40
chains, thence South 40 chains, thence
vVcst 10 chains to point of commenee-
nent, snid describe land being the
South-West quarter of said section 24.
B. P. Little, Locator.
Dec. 8th. 1906.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
after date I inlend to ayply to the Chief
O mmisi-ioner of Lands and Works for
a licence to cut and carry away timher
from the following described lands; Situated in the Yale district of B. C. commencing at a j.ost marked T. J. Smith's
North East corner and adjoining the
Coldwater I. R. thence West 80 chain.-,
ihence South 80 chains, thence East 80
chains, thence North 8.1 chaind to point
of commencement.
Dated November 17th. 1006.
T. J. Smith, Locator.
R. B. Smith, Agent.
Thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works for a licence to prospect for coal on thj following lands,
starting at a post on section 4 township
91, running 8o chains north, thence 80
chains east, thence H) chains south,
thence west to point of commencement.
November 25th. 1906.
jus. Graham, Locator.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissionerof Lands
and works for a license to cut and carry
away timber from the following lands;
starting at a post on the left hank oi
Godey Creek near lot 609 A running 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
south to point of commencement.
November 16th. IMJ6.
Jos. Graham, Locator.
.-A It kinds nt N vcii, Ci-ck
a1.1 .li' ��� 1'iiy re. a'i�� ��������� ������������- ni
His' cl**" ..rdi-r and satisfaction uuarariteeri. ^11 work
Hltrusied In nui ore mill lie
completed and returned ��ith-
n   delay.
H. n. t.mriiM.i, a to.,
ft. I', It 'I'liiti* In-pHi'inm. Ivaitilonp*
statement has been made that when
the present administration came into power it was plain sailing, financially, for the government of tin
Nothing could be further from
the facts of the case, as a very I ttle
consideration would have shown
At the time when the pieseut ad
ministration came inio office hat
the incurred liabilities existing a
that time been forced upon the
government for tamed) ite discharge, as they m gin have lietn
the province would have h.id a most
senilis problem befo.ek. Oticom-
i ig into power the present government found that although there was
the sum of $80,0 it) ill the tr.asury,
against thi-" were (lepo.i.s oi account of suitors' funds, intestau
estates, etc., to the amount ot $152,-
000, which in rei.l.iy stinted the
finances with $72,000 on the wrong
side of the ledger. Iu addition to
this, payments had to be made on
various public works then nuclei
contract and which were supposed
to have been provided for out ol
the loan of 1904, a sum amounting
to three quarters of a million having to be disbursed on this account.
The present administration had,
therefore, no easy road to hoe ert
they could be said to have placed
the province on a satisfactory financial footing. That they have done
so is evident from the financial
statements of the past two years,
and which will be further borne
out by the statement which will be
shortly issued.
The fact that the statement of a
surplus of revenue over expenditure
was repeated and will be repeated
igain this year should entitle the
present administration to the confidence of residents of the province.
Not only has this satisfactory object been attained, but the net debt
of the province has been considerably reduced since the present government took office.
The McBride administration is
to be congratulated on the excellent Brennan, W. J.. .Retail Uene.val..  lloyal Hotel, Notch Hill;
�� . ��� , i Homfray, W. U.. Retail Renewal... Adelphi Hotel, Grande Prairie
and conservative manner in which How8e|JA e..... Retail Renewal... lriard Hotel, Nicola Lake
Jagoe, J. T. B... Retail Ren ;\val... Cold Dredge Hotel, N. Thompson River
Kirby, Stanley... Retail Renewal... Quilchena, Hotel, Quilchena.
Padmore, F. W... Retail Ren "ial... C. P. R. Hotel, Sicamous.
Bank of Hontreal
.Capital, all paid'up $14,400,000.   Rest,'.$10,000,000
rfead Office:   Montreal.
Interest allowed at current rates.
ii ni
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Land*
arid works for a license to cut and carry
away timber from the following lands;
siaiiing at a po."l on the left bank oi
Godey Creek and running 80 chaim
south, thence 80 i hains west, thence hi
chains north, thence bO chains east It
point of commencement.
November l*th. lOOfi.
Jos. Graham, Locator.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lanut.
and Works for a license lo cut and carry
away timber from the following land.,
starting at a post at the south-east cor
nor of Jos. Graham's aid, location, running 80 chains soulh, thence 80 chain;
west, thence 80 chains north, thence bt
chains east to point of commencement.
November 26th, 1D06.
J. R. A. Richards, Locator.
J us. Graham, Agent.
Also  General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Kvery Thursday lor Mcola I ake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
^very Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Kvery Monday lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. tn.
Leave Princeton
hvery  >unday  6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Hridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicoln
I very Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Hridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
.    Spt-cial trips made by appointment.
Telephon- connection with Kamloops
M. P. KTKWAttT,    -    -    Proprietor
GKAMI 1'AHKlr 11(11 H,, KhiiiIooim.
nnuvst In.'el 'n lhe nnliv>.\ slat inn.
Thirty davs after date I intend to apply to tne Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a licence to cut and carry
away timber from the following lands;
���inly covnctilent hnti-i f..r travelers.    0-����i slKrtjng at a post at the south-east cor-
Si, j^^r&teJSl!!* I "or 2)��. Graham's 2nd. location, run-
UihkInt��h!iiiKinconnection. , ning 80 chains south,  thence 80  chains
east, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
hn el for \ iHilor- in A-lnT..fi.
table hoard,   lint, ann .old lia'h*.  n.ir rt te
-.'ic.. iif i ���!������> ��ll train*.   John-ion & I'. i k.in-
rant, ninni I chains west to point of commencement.
Thu b. hi of | November i!6ih. 1W6.
A.Collett, Wator.
Jos. Graham Agent.
The following  applications under the "Liquor Licence Act, 1900," have
been received by me:
Manukaothiifk and Dealer in ,
Rough and Dressed
Is prepared to take contracts for
sawing lumber and getting out
licneriil 'IIII�� oiilnii I- l\ <-< lit cil
puick* modkhatk
Mail orders promptly attended to
J. A. MENZIES,   -   Lower Nicola.
Nurseries and Seedhouses
��� HI in  ����1
Name of Applicant
Description of Licence appli m for
it has steered the financial barque
of the province, and that since en-
tering on office it has turned what
was evidently a yearly deficit into
a surplus, which has not been attained at the expense of necessary
expenditure on public works, but
is due to a thorough knowledge of
financial conditions and how best
Also an application from W. J. Brennan, Royal Hotel, Notch Hill, to transfer to Sophie Sullivan.
A meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioners will be held *t the Court
House, Kamloops, at 11 a. m. on Monday, the 24th December, 1906.
Kamloopa, ti. C, 6th December, 1905. Chief Licence Inapector.
General Blacksmith
Hume Sh .'li i! a .p.-clalty.
Unequalled as a
^miiiier KL'sort
Good Fishing and Shoot-
ipg. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
I.ari(e stuck nf HOMI (iROWN Fruit
and Ornamental Trees no* matured for
lhe fah trade
N'. eipHiice, hn or delay ��f fuiuim
linn nr inspect inn
Headquarters fnr Pacific Coant jrowa
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds ia
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumim.
Whale Oil Snap, (Jreeiihnuae Plants, Cut
Fl. with, Itiillis for fall planting.
Wu do liiisincsti no our own grounds���
nn rent tn pay and are pre; ared to meet
ill competition.
hi me price your lint hefore placing
ynur order.   Catalogue Free.
3010 We��train��ter Road,      Vanoouvkk, B. C
1892  1906
Kev. W, .1 SirraKiL, B. A.. B.D.
Rev. J. P. Bowsu, Bursat
A oi'iru'lete  c inmwsial and busineM
cflaHfe   Siudenta prepaied tn gain teach
i rs certifii atcs of all grades.   In unit i.i
��ity work a full course for th* B. A. de
gree of Toronto University.
Instruction given in Music, Art, l'i.yi
cal Culture and Elocution.
Sei'd for Calendar. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
List Your Property With Me
G. M. BRASH,        HERALD BLOCK       NICOLA, B. C.
Notice ia hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commisiioner of Landa and Works for
a license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands situated in the Yale Diatrict of British Columbia, commencing at apoatmarked R.
B. Smith, north-west comer, adjoining
Charles Sterling's south-west corner and
about one half mile eaat of the Cold-
water river, thence south 80 chains
thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thenee weat 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
Dated November Uth, 1906.
R. B. Smith. Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Works for
a licence to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands, situated in the Yale district of British Columbia; begiuning at a post marked R.
B. Smith north- west corner, adjoining
Charles Sterling's south-west corner and
about one half mile east of the Cold-
water river, thence south 80 chains
thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated November 17th, 1906.
R. B. Smith, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
ironi date I intend to apply to the chief
commissioner of lands and works for
permission to purchase 160 acres of
mountain pasture land situated about 8
miles from Nicula, described as follows
commencing ai a post marked J. C. jr.,
N w comer, i Ih'ikv easl 40 chains, thence
south lo chain.-, ihence west 40 chains,
thence nurth 40 chains to point of commencement. The initial post of land
applied for Hat about one mile w of M.
Adams N w corner post.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept. 13th, 1906.      R. H. Winny, A^t.
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.  When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one  now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best ana at fair prices.
lb Huts
Gil tr*.
m .a*?
9 9*
\    ��1IIJ��I    '
iiLJ'-jJ l^v
<KT   yR
fvS   X
ffltmzl ]pnBU
5-H  ' **
LoAy    A J
nmrlm                                                                                 V
*4rt         * A
*\l   M
r                1
The Nicola Herald wishes all a Merry
W. Howarth, of Inn Mountain, was
n Nicola Tuesday.
M. Olsen, of Coldwater, was a visitor
to Nicola on Monday.
W. Voght and J. C. Conklin were vis-
tors to Nicola on Friday.
James Chapman, of Lower Nicola,
was a visitor to Nicola on Iriday.
Miss Jennie Woodward is visiting in
Micola thiii wevk with her sister, Mrs.
A. R. Carrington.
J. R. A. Richards, accompanied by
Mrs. Richards, paid a short visit to Nicola on Friday last.
R. J. Armstrong left on Friday for
Keremeos, where he will spend Christmas with relatives.
Wm. Rice has been laid up the past
week through sickness. "Billy" will
be around again shortly.
John Chapman returned last week
from Vancouver, where he had been
visiting for a few weeks.
The Nicola public school closed today
for the Christmas holidays and will reopen Monday, January 7th.
Letter to Santa Claus, Nieola.
There is at least one little girl in the
province who believes in an actual Santa
Claus, and it certainly is a pleasure to
read the accompanying letter in an age
when children are little grown-ups and
have no faith in the child fancies of
their fathers and mothers when they
were children. The letter was addressed
Santa Claus,
Nicola, B. C.
and then follow* the Vancouver postmark.
Dear Santa Claus-
I received your letter with much pleasure. I just love to have letters from
you. Now dear old Santa will you
please suggest something lo me to give
t Paul. Please come some day and visit,
me if you get time for I love you, you
dear old man. Will you please bring J
me an Irish mail and a pair of gum
boots and a great big sailer doll. 1
would liKe to have a sailor boy and girl
please. What time will 1 go lo bed and
Santa mother is sick, could you please
send something to heal her, she has a
bad cold and bronchitis. Most children
do not believe in you, are you going to
bring them anything. The children at'
school laughed at me because I said
there was a Santa Claus. There is one
and I won't believe anything else.
Please brin���' me a sled, I am sorry to [
bother you so much, please write soon.
Your loving little friend
D W	
The child-like trust of this little maid
will in this instance not be misplaced as
a package from Santa Claus will reach
the writer of the above letter in time
for Christmas, and long may she cherish
fancies of Santa Claus.
Calls your attention to
the fact that you want
Robes and Horse
and the best place to get them is at
Harness and Saddlery
Always acceptable,     lvisy to send
and  i pleasure to give.
We have Hooks for  Everybody at
Mis�� Helen D. Robson leaves for her
home at New Westminster, where she
will spend the Christmas vacation.
Santa Claus is going to Lower Nicola
this year to buy his Xmas goods, as he;
knows he can get what he wants  at
Geo. Armstrong's.
Kainloi.px Vernoi
J. M. Christian passed through to
Kamloops from Coutlee on Tuesday
with a band of horses for the Northwest trade.
G. B. Armstrong, of Lower Nicola,
visiied Nicola on Sunday, returning on
Monday afternoon. He was accompani
ed by his ch ldren.
Sell your hogs to the M. M,   M.  and
get spot cash.
We have 25,000 feet of 1x4 and 1x6
suitable for flooring, ceiling and rustic,
piled under cover. Also a large quantity of other building material on hand.
| Send your orders while times are slack.
Nicola Portable Sawmill.
Duncan Vacphail, of Otter Valley,
who has spent the past week in Nicola,
left Thursday for Hedley, where he
will remain during the winter.
R. C. Campbell-Johnston, wife and
daughter,of Forksdale, left Saturday for
Spences Bridge. Mrs. and Miss Campbell-Johnston leave shortly for Scotland.
The Ceristmas number of the North
Vancouver Express has arrived at this
office, and is a credit to that rising
town and its publishers, Messrs. Bart-
ley and Williams.
Fresh Dates, Figs, Raisins, and a
large assortment of Xmas Candies at
Geo. Armstrong's.
We still have a few Sacks of nice dry
onions left at the M. M, M.
CARRIE m nm iobk
Unr^shniiijr ilune in a
first cUss manner. Careful attention givin to this
branch ol the business.
NliiH.A. H. r.
Comfort is produced by usirg good,AM kloAt ���i w��t,he��. Clocks, Jeveln.
tobacco and the  "Shield Brand" pipe      etc��� kept n. ��r,.ik.   Wedding prei
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist,  Kam- '
J. B. Greaves, of the Douglas Lake
Cattle Company, was in the Valley this
week, and brought down about six hundred head of beef steers to winter at
different ranches in this vicinity.
Postmaster Carrington has greatly
improved his office and post office by
enlarging the quarters. With the
growth of the Nicola district improved
conditions are neceaair) for the handing
of the mail, and Mr. Carrington will
keep the office up to the mark.
Xmas Goods Arrived.
Presents suitable for all ages at Arm-1
strong's. The finest assortment of good
presents ever offered to the people in j
ents t Hprtialty.
First cIhhh repxirn done on short nolic
,h<l .piiiri....i ������ ������in'*
Strayed to R. Gulliford's ranch Aspen j
Grove, a cow branded B on side. Owner can have same by paying expenses.
�� ��
Christmas Dainties
Grapes, Nuts, Raisins, Oranges,
Lemons, and Figs
Lowney's Chocolates
Bon Bom
Huntley & Palmers Biscuits
McLarens Cheese Olives
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for the
The Ladies' Guild of the Church of
St. John desire to thank those who so
kindly donated articles for the bazaar
lately held in Nicola, and also those who
helped by their patronage and support
to make it the financial success which it
proved to be.
Notice is hereby given that all placer
claims legally   held in the  Kamloops,
I Ashcroft, Nicola and Similkameen Mill-
White gelding branded HV on off side ing Division of  Yale District  will be
0-> on near side (both rump).    Owner lald ov,'r ttm th�� ^ ^JJjJ' 1907'
Cold Commissioner. I
Kamloops, Oct. 27th, IDU6.
can have same by paying expenses.
LotnvicK, Aspen Grove.
Headquarters for
Toys of ail kinds for the Children, useful and ornamental - -
Choice presents for grown up
People. Get in early and secure
the choicest on the market - -
.los. fticljnrds,
Dr. Ker, who haa had charge of, the
medical work and hospitals on the construction of the Nicola railway, left
this week for Montreal, where he will
spend Christmas with his parents, the
venerable Archdeacon Ker and Mrs.
Ker. On his return the doctor wili take
charge of the medical work on the Mid-
way-Vernon railway.
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling ln Connection.
Telephone Connection
NICOLA,        -        B. C.


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