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The Nicola Herald Aug 2, 1906

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Vol. 2.  No. 31.
$2 a Year
ORE FOR SMELTER     correspondence
Th* Golden Sovereign Mine Taking Out
Very Rich Ore.  Mr. McKeown at
Coast Purchasing  New
F. M. Mr.Keosn, who is in charge of
the Golden Suvereign Mine at Aspen
lirove, was in Nicula this week on his
-ay tu the cuart. Twenty tuns uf native
c p| er fmm the Suvereign has heen
��� li pped from Coutlee the past week to
Ta-__M, and Mr McKeown and Messrs.
I"_li. and Mercer have guiie _n that ciiy
tu wait results. Mr. McKeown, while at
the cuast, will alsu purchase ihe necessary
machinery fur wurking the property mi a
lirger and easier scale.
The shaft on the Sovereign is down 76
ftet and a crosscut el 40 feet has been
made in a net work of native cupper.
Tbe ledge, is maintaining Its width and
the tit taken out is vtry rich On the
Sovrnign claim another ledge, white
quartz, has heen opened up, which is
I .uking guud with what wurk was dune on
On the Big Dutchman claim they are
driving a tunnel uf Mi feet and are alsu
doing w.rk un the American and I!������
public claims which are all part uf the
(iolden S ivereign group.
Besides ilevelupmeiit wurk Ml the
properly, . Ili'-e -inklings, hunk houses
and other necessary buildings are being
constructed and the camp is being put in
first-class condition. Thirty live men
are at present engaged, hut this stall will
be shortly increased
1!   1*. Inglis uf Montreal,   whu securad
Ihe (iulilen Suvereign (KM. ___________
by.). B. Mercer and wife uf Kdmoiitun,
spent several days at the property recently. Mr. Inglis is well pleased with
the showings made and the resiilis uf the
assays taken fmm the ore at diffeient
d-ptri.. and places all nver the property.
Mr. Inglis will probably spend a few
days at Katulunps before returning east
tn look over the Irnn Mask property fur
which he is negotiating with the owners.
Mr. McKeown will return in about a
week's time.
To the Editor The Nicola Herald:
Dear Sir -Some time in February last
I had the honor to join an institution
named the "Lillonet Farmers' Institute,"
an iiiMilulion which is, I believe, fathered
hy the provincial government. In return for my "four bits" I waa given a
receipt, upon the back of which wat a
cuiiimuni.atiuii frnm the deputy minister
uf agriculture, promising all kinds of
theoretical help for farmers.
Now, sir, theory and a blackboard are
all very well, hut I imagine that all the
thenry in B.C. will be found incapable
nf cutting that excellent crop uf thistles
whieh nne observes when guing through
the Shalons Reserve.
Surely sir, this matter comes within
the re pe of our Farmers' Instito e. nor.
wiihstanding its practical aspect, ami I
have a theory that this thistle crop (row-,
and gruw8 serenely right under the nos- s
nf the president and secretary treasurer
of uur theoretical institute.
1 am aware that thu misdoings of uur
red brothers (excepting drunkenness) are
more or less winked at by those clothed
in a little brief authorit) j but, sir, this
broadcast sowing of Canadian thistle*
makes fur the ruin uf settler and Indian
alike and must be put a stup tu with
I du not know who is respnnsible fur
the crop to which I allude, hut I am informed lhat the gentleman whu owns
t'at "suft snap" km wn as tie Indian
Agency, is directly responsible to the
Department of Agriculture. Whoever is
respnnsible let him net a BOI. nn, f.r 1
have tetnpurarily taken nver fhe duty nf
uur Farmers'Institute and have notified
the pnwers that be
I have   been   informed,   seriously ton,
that   thistles make good   feed���that may
he so, but I would   rather see   my cattle
starvb than resort to such prove'ider.
I am, sir,
yours faithfully,
Chas. Fun..
Lower Nicula, duly L'7, IMS.
H .1 Cambie,   railway  engineer,   arrived in Nic-di Tuesdiy.
A consignment of fresh  fruit will be it
Leonards un Stturday.
Death of Mrs. Geo B. Armstrong.
The sad peas nf the death uf Mrs.
Armstrong, wife nf Deo, B Armstrong of
Lower Nicola, was received from Victoria nn Saturday with great regret by
her many friends III the valley.
The deceased   had   not heen   well fnr
nam time and this spring she was taken
t.. Vi. tuna by her husband with the hupo
tint the change wnuld benelil her heal'h.
Knr sumo time she   seemed tn   be improving but almut four   weeks igu   she wai
lenioied from her sister's residence and
taken   tothe   .Jubilee    Hospital,    a here
every attention  was given her but with
out avail and early Sittirday morning she
pined away.     Mr. Arnatrnng had  been
a'  the   sick _______ fur  the   past   few
weeks, having been called lo Victoria
when the change fir the worst was
Besides a hu��band and two small children at L.wer Nicnla, she leaves brothers
and sisters who reside at the coast, tn
mourn her loss. The deceased was well
known in Victoria and Kamlonps, having
resided at both places where many
people will well remember her as a mu
sician and vocalist of considerable
The funeral was held from the residence of Mr. Snider, Victoria, un Mnn
day afternoon.
The bereaved husband and children
hue the sincere sympathy of their many
friends and acquaintances throughout the
Nicnia Valley, who extend them cotldo
lence iu the loss al a kind and loving
wife and mother.
Drilling for Coal.
Drilling operations fur cual nn the
Culdwater river will cotnmeuco shortly.
Mr. Adams nf Idahn, whu is. interested
with others, in ahuut 4,000 acres of land
on the northeast side of the Indian reserve, ten miles frum the niuuth nf the
Culdwater, will have the drilling machinery on the properly in the course of a
few weeks to prnspect the ground.
Prospecting has been dune heretofore
and small seams of coal were uncovered.
The surface formation is sandstune and
Mr Adams and others whu know the
ground think they will strike a good body
of cual at no great distance.
Visiting the Old Home.
Mrs. .Inhnson of Quesnel, arrived in
Nicola nn Monday's stage frum Kam
limps and left the same evening fur
Lower Nioola, being accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. I! M. Woodward, with whom
she will visit. Mrs. Johnson, a number
uf years ago, waa a resident nf tho valley
and is well known tu dd timers.
Trustees to Meet.
The Quarterly Official and Trustee
Boards uf the Methodist Church will
unet at Lower Nicula on Tuesdry, Aug.
7th at 7 p m. Business general-appointing a delegate to financial district
meeting and deienning salary for en
suing year. The sacrament uf the Lord's
supper will be administered after the
morning service at Nicola on Sunday,
August 5th, and at Lower Nicnla tn the
afternoon of the same day.
The Main Ledge Composed of Peacock
and Gray Copper,  A Well Defined
Quartz Ledge Assays $12
ln Gold.
Frank Lambert returned last week
frum duiug assessment wurk on the :
Orand View Group of mineral claims,
which are situated about five miles north
oi N cola. D velupment wnrk h is been
done fur the past te* years and every
season the owners are better pleased with
their pruperty.
The main bilge is about four feet in
widtn un which open cuts have been
made. It is cmuposed of peacock and
gray cupper, and the avenue assay nf
gold, silver and copper runs ,_i. Hu
the property is a well defined quaitz
ledge, un which a shalt has l.i-en sunk
about ten feet, assays from which runs
$12 in gold.
The Orand View Oroup is situated on
(he highest range in this vicinity. The
ledges can be traced practictlly through
the group nf Bve claims, nil the prop
erty is well situated for tunneling ur
drifting. There is no doubt tt at with
extensive development the claims will
prove a guod properly, ts the indications
now are such as to convince' the owners
that they have a goo.I thing, Interested
with Mr. Lambert is Jos. R A. Richards
of Coutlee.
Close to Nicola, live miles up Clapper-
ton Creek, is also another group ot
claims which will some day prove al.tg
mine. The property referred to is the
Peacock Oruup, owned hy Thus. Hunter.
The group cuinprises fnur claims, three
of which have heen crown granted,
Considerable wnrk was dune on the
claims a few yeara ago and the showings
made were excellent. The ledge, compiling a wh'te quartz of peacock, yellow
cupper and honite was expnsed mi the
surfaci for 40 feet frum wall tu wall. A
shaft was sunk UU feet, the ure iniprn
ving as wurk was continued. About 200
feet distant from this shaft another une
was sunk fur 50 feet and a crosscut- of 25
feet was made to tap the ledge. Ooud
ure was fuund in all the winkings and
prospects made oil the group. The aver
age samples taken from the shalt went
ah .ut 17 per cent, MM*, with fn__
The Peacock Oruup is well situated ref
workingasa mil e and Mr, II.inter has
also plenty uf water power fur w.irking
purposes. With the coiniiletinn nf fhe
railway tn Nicula, which will be iu a few
weei|s, the pruperty will be uiily seven
miles frnm a shipping pntnt, and if nee-
cessary ure could he transported from the
mine to the railway at a small cost.
Mr. and   Mrs.   |{. M.  Woodward  of
Lower Nicula, were in tnwn on Monday,
Wm. Hunter o_  P-.M_._a,  spent  the
past week in Nicla with his relatives.
Mrs. Pouley and Mrs. (Dr) Tutill and
son were visit ing at Quilchena this week.
To Build Parsonage.
Mrs. A. W. Strickland and children
who have heen on a visit to relatives at
Greenwood, returned nn Friday. She
was accompanied hy her mother, Mrs.
Hirst, who will spend some time in
Nicula. Mr. Strickland met the party at
A meeting nf St. John the Biptist
Parish Committee was held nn Thursday
evening last to ____���__ the advisability of
building a parsonage. Archdeacon Pen
treath stated lhat the Lions' Guild
would undertake tu raise 'he funds fr
this purpose, and that If II Wmi.y had
dunated a piece nf land adjicent tothe
church, which was thmight very suitable.
The following gentlemen were elected a
-uilding committee: A W Strickland,
H. D. Oreen Armytage, H. H. Matthews
and Dr. Tutill. The oumnnttee hopetu
commence the building this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hawkins of Cold-
soring lUnch, were visitors to Nicola nn
Polo practices are going nn for the
! match to be held st Quilchena nn Labor
i Day.
Mrs. Richards of Coutlee, and Mrs.
Newberry ..I Victoria, were visitors to
Nicula yesterday.
J. P.   Allen, a   pioneer  Aspen Orove
miner, was in frnm the   mmt this week.
Miss B. Macdimald, B.A., whu fur the
past year and a half taught the Nicnla
school, has accepted a position from the
Klk school hoard, near Victoria.
Mrs. Miles and children of Kamlonps,
are visiting with Vims Fraser al their
ranch near Stump Lake.
James Mure hison and A (lundissnn
are engaged in ..instructing a warehouse
fnr the railway company at Cnutlee.
Miss VVultf of Vicfuria, sister nf the
late Mrs. Armstrong, will arrive af
Lower Nicnla this afternoon and will
take charge of her two little nieces.
Mr. and Mrs Price nf Ki'urne, arrived
at Cnutlee last week and after a sh'Tt
visit |tft f,.r Aspen Graft., visit with
their daughter, Mis. Dodds,
Polo Match Between GrandePralrle ami
Kamloops Will Be One of the At
tractions.   Cowboy and
Indian Races.
The programme of sports to be held at
Q nl.hena on Labor Day ii well under
way and below we give a provisional
programme <>f burse races, etc. It will
he seen that the prizes are worth com-
pe ing fur and there is every probability
of a very large entry, ln addition to the
horae races and cow buy races, a welcome
innovation is the gentlemen's trutting
race, and this will, nu duuht, he entered
into with zest by sume uf uur local spurts.
The polo team have had a few very
successful practices and arrangements are
b-uig made tn in - ire teams frum Grande
Prairie and Kamloops tn visit Quilchena
mi L.lior Day, and nu doubt this will
prove an immense attraction.
While the provisional programme given
helow ii by no means a stingy one, the
promoter is prepared to further enhance
the value of the prizes should the entries
and interest in the various events warrant it
1 4 mile���Indian race.... 8 7-<K) ) 3 0>
1 2 mile, open���Quilchena
stakes    50 00   10 00
1 4 mile���Pony,  14 hands
and uuder    10 00    5.00
3-4 mile-Open    25.00   10.00
1 miU���Gentleman's trot-
ting race (by request)..
C.whi.y raci���150 yds., .'I
turns     5 00    3 00
Indian race       6 00     3 00
Entrance fee 10 per cent, of purse.
Four to enter, three to start in all races.
J. H. Foster, representing Kelly,
D niglas Co., wholesale grocers, Vancouver, was in Nicola Valley this week
attending to the wants nf local merchants.
The Hurst family arrived in Nicnla on E
Wednesday travelling all the way frum 1
Southern Oregon in their "prairie
schemer' and they have been nn the
r>ad since the Kth nf May. They are
looking fur farming land and intend tn
settle in the valley.
Ven. Archdeacon Ker uf Grace Church,
Montreal, will conduct service in the
Church of Kngland, Nicola, nn Sunday
afternoon at .'I .'cluck. The Archdeacon
is accompanied by Mrs Ker and have
been spending their vacation with their
s.n, Dr II. Ker, who has charge of the
medical and hospi'al work in connection
with railway construction. During their
visit te Nicola they will be the guests uf
Dr. and Mrs. Tutill at   "Rose Cottage."
To Build Bridge.
A party of government road men
passed through Nicols un Saturday on
their way tubui'd abridge acruss the
Nicula river beln* Petit Creek. D 0.
Sutherland was in charge. The hiiildug
of this bridge has been advocated fur
sume time by settlers acruss the river and
the . wriiiiicn: has granted their request.
Bad Accident.
Petcy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Clark nf Nicola, had a rather bad accident happen to him the first nf the week.
While riding a horse to water he was
thrown or fell from the animal and dislocated his shoulder joint. Dr. Tutill at
tended the injured buy. who is doing
well. Percy only recovered a short time
ago from a serious and prolonged sick
ness and will again be confined to the
New School Teacher
Miss A Gertrude D umvan. B A., of
Viciuna, has been accepted by tim board
of school trustee* forthe Nicola district
as teacher f r the Nicula ___M__ Miss
Diinntan is an hi.tiui- graduate in Arts,
Queen's I'niversiiy, Kingston, Ont., and
also has a Normal Sch.ml certificate for
this province. She conns well ri.' in
mended fmm prevn.us p -itinns, having
had experience in the east and alsu in
the west, and her attainments as a
scholar and aptitude for teaching should
no doubt give satisfaction to Nicola. The
public school opens the last Monday in
All papers and documents presented for
record at the Government Agency or
Mining Recorder's office, Nicola, must
be properly filled in and ready for ac
ceptance. Forms will he supplied, hut
it ia no part nf the official's work to cum
plete them. There are notaries in town
who are prepared to dn clerical work.
G��o. Mikray, Govt. Agt. and Min. Rec. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. $2 a Year
_ 1 ,	
Nn DU, B. C. Atui st 2. Usui
For yenrs settle"-. of the
Nicola Valley have been promised a railway through lhe
valley,  and  although   every
year a start was to he made, it
did not   materialize   until last
Slimmer.      Now that  the railway has practically heen completed tothe   town of  Nirola,
numerous   industries are   getting in   shipe.      During  this
year capitalists have  taken up
mining properties and   are engaged in developing the same,
which will, in a short time he
regular shippers   to the  smelters.    Already a car of coppf r
ore   has heen   shipped hy the
railway to Tacoma, and this is
only a start,     It is claimed by
all the  mining men   who visit
the different mining   camps in
Nicola,  that  the showings are
wonderful and* predict a great
future.   On all the properties
which   work   has   heen done,
they   have  shown  up   hetier
than was anticipated and prospecting and development work
is being   earnestly  continued.
With the large amount of coal
lands   which will   shortly   be
opened up,  Nicola Valley wil*
he the scene ol great activity,
with   mines,     collieries    and
smelters    working   day    and
night.     Everything necessary
for a husy district is  here and
capital is now endeavoring to
the authorities, this year only
one trap has been reported,
which Ins since heen removed.
The fisheries inspectors should
make trips to different streams,
or, if he is unable to do so, to
accept a report, and after investigation, prosecute the par
lies il guilty.
Foresters Inai all Officer*.
M    ,ie    r-_*}-_f   luedinv of  Cuurt
H i.,    4.O.F.,   in    I'unley's   Hall   un
Krut.y eveiiiui;, lhe ___���__ lur Hie
iMiiiliiii term -ere In.-l .lied. A|'|>liea
li.uis lor membership ��er�� received and
ciisiilereil. After routine business w s
Hall* ii'teil, -| e.-rl.e , _._,, acre mule by
the ne*lv e'e. t.-.l ollli'ers.    The f>>lln_in_
ate tl Ill e l.earers:       I' I'.,  N. J, li.r-
wicL; C K., A. K. I'arrin.tuii; S.l'.K,
W.lirr CUrl.; secretary, W, (l.inl.ui
Murray;tretsurer, K.e. ... Fraser; _.WM
II. ..ltulie-s;.l.\\',, A. Ooudiasiiu; S II,
K. A'Hathe; .I.B., K. Hallll.
KAMI.!,. US,      SIMll.KAMKKN      AND
0, F La* returned tn C"U'lee(rnni
tt e co.Ht last -eik jiu'I nn Kritliy tn rtl-
ii.u left for Otter Vail. y. Mr 1. .w hi IB
- .r.-- ut i l.e anrk going on at the It-ar
Creek .\|uirt��, in which he is intere��tid.
The eiilnpany. Willi III. _____{al'ce of the
(.. li.lncl.l i_. iVHrili-ie.il i. are at wm k Iniil.-
in_ a *a_un rua.l In Ibe |iro|.eri\. The
H__r I'.eek Vlines win, without a iliiuhi,
pruve_ute.it |.i..ieity m..I with shipping
f,.-i ru- -iii repay 'lie uwners lar_*iy.
Nntu'eis I. re y gtvi. th -t c.'i ilays after Hate
I  in'cil LO apply'ii .he n lhe nluet com-
inis-lum-r nf l.nnl- mill work* fu  psrm___Ofl iu
ti |.UI'- Im-   _-__r___f iiiulliil-ln ���___.__!_ al.I
i-.iiii..u:neui_   .0   .i   p.- ke.l      ..M.,   li. w.
Cui ne . 111. lire . ,1*1 Sll eliiiuis;   i.n  ___ s .ill I.   en
. i ...i.s,   ni'-ie  ur le   , ui   K. .1   Lake   niu_l..;
ll ' e we-1 aid ._   '.Ike    II -re   I.I    .1      I   I 1.01 I
uiu... le ui nil cc, Hue   ( _-tf I il u. s. , cu-,,, r nf
I.ui ill i.i; I lien, e iiul'lll in lull ml :..-s',
Nicula, Auk, 1. l-WMi.
N'nti.-ci-  l.en-iiy  .mn iha' N iluys a'er
dat.-l Intend  li.'iiiph   lo Ibe ihlel   u.ui-
_]..1:--I nf   lull I-.Uid   H--r_-_ tor   perilli-blnu   0)
pin lii-ell-il Hiri- ut iiiuiiu ..in pi. ui, land
il 'ii-nlieil   - follow .     ���' iit-licuiu at a pu.'
tu-. Mil J.li.ii. s.w. earner, ibeuc. num. w
. In,III-    lli.-i,.-.   lil-l    Mil-Ill  ll,    I'l.-I ..Iltll  II
. li. in.-; ill. -... e   -ml  mi ilia.iis ti. Initial p-
I Ih    ll.ove I o ll I* UHl Ut-.l -ll    le.l   Villi! Creek,
e,.-l, .,r ,\i.. 1.. Skviuih mail, ai.d nf J. Mu-
'tlell s aei.li all-in t i pill'-'ui.e.
NiioU, July .". I'.-'l.
Cillihi-ie of  linpi. veincnts.
The   ' inviii'-e   Mitier,,       liiln. siluile 111 tli.l
Siiiulkiliieeii   mi K   nivi-iun ..f V-.leili-
'il.l    I nested le'lioilj'.ereek.'.I.uiil meg
niiles frum si. ula l,H_e
Tski nee lhat, I. Kiederi'k (Jenr.e I'llge,
free miner seen ill.-, te Hn, liK7.Vil in' 'In la; -
frui. lhe dale h. re.i'.io apply tn tl.-   id .   :
recorder for a eerl llcateof Improve  . fu
tlie inirp i-euf obtainng aerowg K .uu uf the
ills.ve el lim.
And  further lake iintiee Iiml si --I -n. ii 1.1
mi- i'ii. :I7,     n-t In- i.illii' eli'-e I  iH'fl   ,- 111 ; is ||
alee at SUchCertiflcate llf unpr 'VelueliK
Haled tins '.'111 li da\ if May, IM
Atjeni fur J. \V  _____
ill length. The C.P.R., we
understand, are stocking a
number of streams along the
main line which have heen
wantonly depleted hy fishermen (?) and if taking the small
fish is continue'I a great many
more streams will have to he
restocked. The provincial
constahles are game wardens
and they should do what they
can to stop the catching of
small fish. Last year The
Nicola Herald had occasion to
draw attention to a number of
fish traps placed in Nicola
river, which were removed by
Noticf. __ .���errhv  |tVM 'hat. within   sixty
ft.)- tif't'r ri.ir   I  niU'fii.   lo   niiply  Iu   Im
oh t-f ruiiimi��>niiiiT uf I noi- ,.i..l ��urk- fur i��*r-
iii' -inn tu ii nil...I- 'tii Km uf |(,t-nirr l.iinl
-i i i rnl iti f'llm.v*.: Cum" iii' in__- ai Hu1 v K,
(.ufiiur i,ut i;(_7, ibanc* orom h> < h iton, thw <���
nurih 10 rh��iin-,   law ����� ni*l 411 cliniti-. iliun 0
MO I ill   10 fhmlOM 10 pOltll  "f ('(HI   IMUIK I'll II'III,
Urn) II, LM W ll.l.lAM t'lU.MIOLM.
Votir*. l-i OOtnhl tfiwn Hi.t   uiiliti iii,!ii\-
from il��fr I l_|tf_w maktit| hihiIkmi Mm 101 .���
liuti.r In.f .'(im mis 1 11 f |.iiri>Hwl wmk- f r
purniis-iun io QQrrhwM Ml ilftftf uf in-i.ti
1 .|i(l nilJ0lliili_f Lot lity.'i .111    .-.Kt   -iiti.roiuiiu"!
r_Hf  .ll   rt  00**   uiHlk.H   A.  It   (J.   K W.cullirr,
'lun.it' mm nO-MlOH, thi'i.n' norih Hi clnin-,
ili-iH i'i'iiKt. So ch us, iluruu HMilh Id cluiii-,
louoin' of rni 'BfBOtBMt
Jun.- liUlMi. A. It. OODWm.
Notice in hereby Kivrn tint nixty dayn afn-r
(1 te I inteurl to tUth tothe I hief Oonviil*-
sMiipruf Luirl. etti'l \Vuik-i for pt'inii-Kiiin to
pii'thtwe KKlHrroi. of u oiintA:n jHS'iire IhihI.
hii 11 ted Hbout e t.hi mlHM n'TthwiH of
Ni ola. f1e.sciit>ftf| as follnw-i: O-Mnmonnlng at,
a post tti-rked J. i*., S^V, corner, p.___-tft_ a.
H.K corner of H. -'rquhait'H pre nuti< n;
thtneeno ih 4" chains; thence ea-t 4it chains;
tlniM'e Bonth 40chain.-; ih-ncy weot, 40 eh;.in.
to pomtof eoniu cnccHi.nt.
Nicola, July 16, IM!. JAMKs POOLKY.
Nntie. Ih hereby even that thirty rlnyn -fer
d-te I ______ tn .i.nly tu ihe Hon. the rhlef
eonuiiisi.'iier nf Isiids and wnrks fnr a licens.
I" ;ir-speet for coal nn the fullowin_ desei-itn-d
lands. -_K NorhtweBt quurtcr aeetlon 1 .
Township HI.
Nieola, July R 1-06. K. A, JUKES.
NOTICE IS HBKEBi  (11 VEN that, nn
ind .:; . 'I..- In .lav ul' AugUi., UU-, tfc_
follo-wii | deflnltloni ..i tm- boundi- li i
..f  ;i:    Kamloopi  Mi. ������ -   Ui. iilo i    lb,
,\imini   Uivli "ti,   and   in.
\ ill    M n 01   I"   SUbslItUleil
: ; ���     ���
Cl   'Ui' I C "-  ;il   ���!   DS nl   nil   I'nilue   ltiver
.._  ii). ii.ii ..!  Poi ' r '
ti.i i. p inuthirly aloai    in Ifhl ol  I ind
-ormini i.u : nuthi rn iwund ny uf win r-
. ,. . _      ...   polnl   wm li
i-    .   ..I i mi uu iii lb. h-tihi uf
I ih.  >. i.u, . iii boundarj ..i
|i   auu  ..( He-  North Tliu.iii'-
IMumtlni i'   from _M ���
I   A.I,.in.-   Km l .  ll. nci  llonf UUl
ii  ..f land tn ii  .roHini   ol   tha
'in. mpion  River,  one  mile   ahovi   tha
un uf the Clearwater River; thenci
-.I..- . ...-I, in iki.il.i ny ui tha irata -
,   :!.-  i ,. arwati i  to .i i roaalni ot
in it   Rlvar .Iusi   l w  tin- Junctl t
Hah I  Creak;    thenci    aouth-waata-'l)
:- wean drain ifi   wt i ol
i Creek   on    th"   north-wait aad
N Tho River on i _uth-4 ial;
tha  heliui
...    ' : ��� aratlni tne dralnafi arai ut
npaon Rlvi r fri m thai ol tha
i       parte to I polnl  arhi ti iu -h d _da
| ,   1        I.. I ...-  e      l.e i.llllilt: I
I ie  n -i  an I  thi trlbutarlei
��� ! . lie- nil: thi nee touthar.
li  a .-,..-. dl. Ida to i polnl a -
.... n the hi ad* iteri of (
Crci k at    ' opper Creek; thenci louther-
. :��� helfht nf land lepa atlni dri n-
ion thi waat an I
i ip er Creek on the i ut, .roaalni thi
LUtl  l   uf   K ini-
i aki :   Hi noa -outherly  follow i
of i ind b .a '���' n   Thompao i
River. n weal und Outehon Cn i k on i iat
i ntll a i olnl on   the   Men' i   River la
i   M.'itii  of  Af ne tie k,  them e
uti rl)  along the hi Ifhl o! Ian I
the drainage in i ol  Bhuhun
Cn . K fro n nu- drain i e area of Mamete
I on) Creek to a point norlb-a
Mann te i. ike; ihence earn rly lo a cro _���
li | of ttami ti Cr ek Immealatal)
of Mam' i ��� l.uke; thenci . t ntlnuing ��� nt-
m| ihi ii.-ij-.ii i of l_nd MB
the iii.i nafe area of Meidow Ctt k on
the north from the dralr.au aiaa "f Ray
Creek and  Nicola  l_aki   on the aouth;
th ��� null, riy iiong tin' h Ifhl of la id
lep iratlnf tl ��� drain ige an fii of N.c ill
Lik" un iouth .hi i Itum i l. ike on l i
north; thenci easterly foil >. n -. half i
of land b twien i u; -... i .in i lalmc
l.'k ���, continuing easterh to th - Bpal-
li iiu-li.. n River nt Er.derby; thence tol-
��� Bp illumi heen Kiver to north snd
; i. ike; thi nc isterly f ill iwtnf
of l ind mp iratlni itt nagi ares
i  been .ti  south   and    E
Uiv. r un i ortb to a  pmnt  where such
i   of lai .1 Intersects the halfht of
the drain ife are i of Co*
. ill from di ii ii e iu" i
. [ Th m; :��� ui  River   ind   ti Ibul urlas on
.   theme  northerly,   following  ��ucb
..r lan i  i' polnl of commence-
mi nt.
.   KAMEEN   MlNlN'i   DIVHtOB
���tartlng on Inten atlonal Bound iry nt
.;  where such bo in lary Intel
hi Ighi  ' I land separating  the dr ilr	
iiir-i ..r Bk ifli River from i n dra
tii Blmllkami en River; tb 	
11 rtherlj along h Ighl of land separ it.ng
lhe i  of the B tafli an l Co-
ill il all i u.v. ri on w< si from drain ife
"iin of f in Ik mn. n on easl to s point
on such divide where it Joins ths he'ghl
i r l ind forming tii ��� southern and west irn
boundary cf dralnafi ana of Col5water
RiVl   .   I'M .' itlnUlng   linl-tl't-lly,   fol-
��� : the heighl of I md separating tl s
ige area of the Coldwat ir Rlvs  an I
. iter  Cn i k  abovs  the p H il   whi r��
... k Is .ui by Uu- northern boundarj   Of Let  Nn   1,-10,  nil the Iiul'lll. I'lnin
lhe dra n ige are i of Otter Creek below
mi the s.iutii tu s crossing of
' '... i, wh. re sui li cn ek is cul by
'thi ii    lary of U l  No  lilt;
ti ��� ly to  t lie northern end of
i la  i il   ; th -n.-e due eai t ti   tl e
i of land   f inning   ih them
l en bed   of    I ve- \lll -
| ii" tu ��� ���    , rlj aloi       .     . gh
.       ...I i" :i u   .!   sepui ii ...;  il.- dr lin-
:��� i of ri.   Mile fr ek on Ih ��� west
t        tbe dui    |    area of  Ot a Crtt ���
t,    ' ������    -si; ���     long   -in 'i   1 in r
i of Im      ��� mini the bo 11 lar   ol
ty-Mlle Creek; tb mi e
lo i     "ii in- rhi of i ui i iu
i.i    B'.mir > ne n    uiv r
.... ;     '    vi       ....I;  ol   Twi .:.>- Mils
Creek;  thence "till continuing a heny
t   of  land    separal n,
irea  of  atreama  flowing  Into
mill   ... ���    ..'"'..   ii i po'nl  from
.' u. -;.' . i. - ..f stream' riowlng It bail      ;.- ui   :..  :'   polnl    I    :���   ' ���' il
:     - i  li Intersected by   Inter-
'  i ��� i rj     thence   wr-sl    iiong
���. ch ' -, -i -��� .   ii Bound irj  to pi Inl ol
> .-it.
i M.'i UIN1NO DtVlltOM,
.   li ti: i i i n 'i  Bcund iry, al
a  " il i  wii. re auch boundary  Inti rseel
nl     " i
ol Bkag i R ver from drainage an i
' i���!,    _ im _ un.  n    River;    tht   i e
. |  iiong heighl of land tap ir ting
up i of ih-  Bk i-lt an l Co-
   wesi  from dralnafi
. of Blmllkameen . n e isl to  . polnl
. n such divide where II Jolna tl". hel.. il
. f land forming the southei it and wi st-
.      i i tlary of drain i|    - i s of Cold-
River; thence continulnf northerly,
thi   I   '-lit  uf i-ui.i - I- irating
": linage ares t f tha Fraaer River
rn the v.. si  fr.mi the Nicols  River on
Ihe easl to i polnl where a i b hel thi of
.1  Jolna the  heighl  nf land  between
Bktippi and Niger Creeks; thence south-
terly,  following such helfhl of l md
to :i crossing of the Praser  River mid-
h i.iiuii-ek Creek an l B.lmon
River,  thence   weiterly,    following   the
height of  land between Quoleek Creak
o   i oi th  ni.i s ilmon River on south, to
'le   heighl  of land   firming  the  dlvCi
si i.i.rui: -- tin-   dralnafi   men   uf   tha
Praser ltivir on Hi" east und Lil'mel
River in.I Harlraon l.nk" on west; thenoe
routherly all ng such be gkt of land to
n point where il jnins helfht of land
forming ti" eastern boundary of watershed nf Ruby Creek; thenee continuing
su.itherly alnne; sueh eastern boundary
to a Crowing of the Fraser Kiver at
mouth Of Ruby Cl-lk; Ihence southerly
In height of land separating drainage
ir.-a   uf   the   ChllUwack   River  on   west
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
Orders t__r___g_iii_- tlie DiNtrnt receive careful aiteiition tnd |imnipt   driiverj
lAWm*  rooi.l-Y -     ���      Cropriolor
also  General Livory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nioola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
l.verv   I hursday lor Mcola lake,  Kamloops.
Princeton ami way points at 6 a. in.
Every Saturday fur Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave  Kamloops
I'.vt-ry Monday lur  Nicola and Spencei Bridge
at 6 a. m
Leave Princeton
Iveiy   Sunilay   6 a. in., arriving Spences
Bridge I uenday 6 p.m.
Leave Nieola
hveiy Tuesday aad Friday  for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a, m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips m tde by appointment.
Telephon ��� connection with Kamloops
M. P. STI-YVAl.T,    -    -    Proprietor
fro mdralnafs ana of Hirer Crtik aad
Rkaftt River oa east io the Intersection
of su ii heighl of lan l in  Intirn itloii il
i y;  thence i asl   along   iu      .1
ti rnational  Boundarj   to  polal  of com-
III! II! . Illl-Pl.
Minister of Mines,
N 0 T I c a.
NOTICK IS HEREBY (llVl'.N that, on
and aft. 1 tha is; dai of Aug st, 111, the
land within the fo 1 iwlng define 1  10 in
1    a ill be known as the Nicola Min-
i 1 1 ,1 point on the Nicola River
., ti -ly above lhe mouth of Agate
i rci k: 1 lence aorth-easti rly along the
ni land si paratlag the drainage
mea -1 Bhuhun Cn ek from the dialnafe
irei .' Mamete (Qulchon) 1 reek tu .1
1 irth-wesl of Mamete Lake; thence
tu tin- crossing of Mum. ts Cr ek
ii--n - il.-ly nnrth ol M imete Lake;
lull-, continuing easterly along tha
! of in 11 il separating   the dr linage
am- . :' Fleadow Crek mi the north from
Sfl an a of Kay Creek an.I Nl-
. ol : 1 oa the south; thince so itharly
along the helfhl ol land separating tne
drainage ana of Nicola __ki on the
south and Itump Lake ra 'hi notthi
thenci eaatirly a or.g the divide between
thi a Hi nhedi of Salmon ami Chapperon
Lake! to a polnl where such dlvld ��� Joins
the .1 vlds i.iiM.'i'ii tim dr linage an u
of - ik in., nu 1 ake .ui the 1 all ind of th
Nl . 11 and Sim Ikameea riven oa the
1 . . thence following southerl) along
tin- in 111-1 divide tu s point on such divide
bi twi' n the 1. adwati rs of Dup < rui-i-
rn ths eaal aad Five-Mils Creeg on the
west; thenci weiterlj along thi heighl
..r 1 .ml forming the northern bound iry
nt the mterihed 1 r Jflv.-Mlle Cn ��� k to
a pod . mi snc-h wati rshed due s m of
tin- nnrth cnil nl lllssesula Lake; thence
due ami ta thi hi ad of Mil eiul 1 Like;
thenci ��. sterly to s crossing of Otter
Creek whin ii is Mil hy Lbs BorthU-i
boi ndary of Lot No. i,_0; thince wstei--
I) along height uf land iepar_.lng the
drainage area uf Otter Creeu below this
polnl on the south rt-nm tlie dralnafi
area Of Oiler Creek abOVI this punt anil
of the Cnlil-atir ltiver on the north, In
��� polnl where such height nf land meats
the helfht of lend separating the drainage ana nf the PraaeT ami Thompson
Rivera on ths west from the drainage
area of the Coldw_.iT and other tributaries of ihe Nioola ltiver above Agate
i'r.'.-k on the eait; thence northerly along
such height uf land to the Nicnla ltiver
immediately above the mouth of Afati
Creek, the point of commincimint.
Minister of  Mines
JX.  O.  F.
CtODItT NICOLA, Ko. HO I, A.O. ��.. meets
) ueond aiel finirlh Friday in eaeh ninnth
it8a.m., in Pnoley'iRail, visiting brethren
cordially invited.
A. 11. C_RR1N0TI1N. C It.
W. OOllllllN Ml'KKSY, See.
Is (irt'pared tu inko COBtlMll fur
sawing liinib r snd gutting eut
Ip. IH Till   -ill . OIllriK'l-  I v< riOeil
1'u'lies wishind wn��k can have hhuio
pmni|itly atteniled tu hy appljiDI tu
Nunia, I!. C,
Leaveynur nrdors with N. >. Barvick,
nr lunil er whu is ��uent fur the Nie..li
l'urtahle Steam Saw Mill he can ' rip y. 1
I lan "tit an uiiler.
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
148 Cordova St. W.
KAMLUUl���_, IS. C.
All kinda nf W_ta__H, Clnck��, JlWllrr,
etc., kept in ntuclt.    Wedding present* a ap.cialty.
First c|��a�� repsirs done on -hurt notice
slid n Mitm-.i at nuc��. THE   NICOLA  HF.RALD
Advice Which Should Be Taken Alt
Over the Province. ...
I'ninplaiiits have been heard legsrding
ibe waiituii waste uf small U��h hy ti-her
men whu hatntutlly frequent tim
.tretches __ BniimUry Creek.   It appears
_t-MMaft prmnpteil liy greed firs
Liu catch tn keep e��en the smallest ��f
hih instead uf rotiirnin^ them tn the
MM tu live and Kruw and multiply
their kind. Such a policy of wasteful
-���hiiiK will ���miner or liter pruhilily
MMtM e-hau-it ibe resource* ol Hound-
iry Creek ami render it uneleas ss a li<h-
in_ sire.in. Such methods uf obtaining
large catches is eniitrary not (inly to the
liwsuf _....! spurt and cumin..n iciise,
luit ia a direct vmlatiull uf the atatu'e* nf
Mulish Columbia. In l!*)4 an set waa
passed tn amend the (i-iuie t'ruteclinti
Act uf 18118 and in section 5 it prnviile��,
"it shall he unlawful at any tune tu take,
etch, kill nr have in posses-nun trout of
any kind ur species under the size nf al.
mchea in len.th." It will be seen there-
fnre that anyone who is guilty "' having
iu his possession trout uf less than sit
inches iu luiigth is a criminal us the eyes
"I tho law, and the penalty provided hy
lim sane act is a line uf nut less than
Iaeuty dollars and nut mure than tilty
dullars fur each off-i��eor Iniprisuiiiiient.
'I'm: provincial .Hi . i sru the game
wardens in their districts and they are
enipiiwercl to act according to the law
ae! f .rih aliuve.
Ii ia n.t lhe taking uf une, two nr even
half a dozen Mill fish that will deplete
the stuck in HniiiiiUry Creek, hut it is
the wasteful, extravagant catches th-t
��� ill do the harm. N . nne *hu understands anything of lhe nature ut lhe
trout spec.es ami whu unselfishly enj y
the sport they annually afford, ur who
has any respect lur the laws uf tills pmv.
inc. will cniitinue to wantonly destroy
yi.uiig fish upuii alucb depend the future
s...py Annuitierof local devotees of
the spurt  have recently  been advucatniK
tho furinath f a fishing club.    Su h an
ii_n. zmuii cuuid do much towards
k. eping the l.iiunil-ry Creek well _ti____
wnh trout and enforcing lhe laws
a. .nut catching small fish. ���B .undary
Creek Times.
The iiuestioti that crops up nccisinn-
ally Is: Why are not white women
employed as conks, etc , in i ur various
hotels and hoarding houses ihr.iu_h.||t
this western om_a.fl, instead of China-
nn-n, as is nuw the cuslnm, and the claim
is that white help cannot he had. Tins
may he so, hut we d.iuht it. White
women could he had if they were treated
in a proper manner and unt like slaves.
When a Chinaman is hired as a conk���a
c..nk he will he slid nothing el��e, hut if a
white initKii is hired in that capacity,
she in nut only expected to (In the conking, hut also wash dishes, split kindling
wuuil, make up bedrooms, and a host nf
other things and st wages, if anything,
below what is paid io lhe Chinauiin,
If reformers ��� mural snd u her-
wise- ���<.___ try and refunn thnse
whu emu-'oy female help at Htarva'inn
wages and M the aime time enpec iliem
tn he paragons of virtue, they nn_'.t
secnini.lish sume ��.i I. snd the social
and o'her evils might he mitigated to a
gieat extent,
The July Rod and Qun.
Of exceedingly  varied interest   is the
July  number  uf  "Rid and (iun  ind
Motor Sports in Canada,"  published   by
W. ,1. Taylor, at Woodstuck, Ont.    Wnh
the usual completeness,  characteristic uf
each number uf this excellent  magazine,
the whole  Dominion from   Labrador to
Rritish Columbia ii covered, and articles
and stories concerning New Brunswick,
Nov* Scotia, Queliec, Mutirin, Manitoba,
etc., find placet.    The cover cut shuwing
interlocked   deer   hums  found   in  the
woods of New   Brunswick,   aud a narra
no-   nf interlinked   deer   seen   on   the
prairies   hy a  party  of  (irand  Trunk
l'ailii; surveyors  cannot fail   to  arouse
much   interest amongst   sportsmen, and
hy a curinis   coincidence both incidents
find a place   in the   same number.    Mr,
W. It. While, KU., gives his view of the
changes   made iu   the Quebec  Fish and
Oame Leases; the past  yeirin   Ontario
fisheries is siiuiinariz "I   and reviewed; a
Hiin-essfiil ui""s.'  hu tin  the C bait district is   lulil; and   the  arrangements fur
the first   summer   camp   uf   the Alpine
Clubuf  Canada  are described   hy   the
President.     The   floating    DepartIIMl
under the able supervision uf   Mr. L __
Marsh, is again of   string  interest,   and
there appears a fully   illustrated and well
written ________ of  the Canadian Indians'
T'.uriiaineiit al Montreal. Let the
sp rtsui-iii follow *h>t branch of outdoor
life he msy, he will find that this iu*_;h-
Ziie ami even this particular number, has
- ani-' ning uf special interest fur him.
Heaven Enough for Him.
I.,    evening 1 was talking
With an edimr aged ami gray,
Who told me nf a ilieam he had,
I ii.ink 'twas yesterday,
While suiinziug In his nthce,
The visiuu came lo view,
Fur he saw an sngel enter
Hi.���- . i in garments while snd
Slid the aim-1 "I'm frum heaven,
The Lurrt j__M sent me duwn
Tu nring y.m .p tu gi,.ry
And put un ynur gulden crnwn,
You've been a Iriend tu evi-ryone,
Aud worked   hard day  and uitht;
You have siiiiported many thousands
And Iroiu  few received  your pay,
So we want you uu in g ury,
Fur ynu haie labored hard,
And the _nod Lord is preparing
Your eternal just leaard."
Then the angel and the editor
Started up towards _loty's _ate,
But when passing close to Hades,
��� _ ���
The angel murmured, "Wait,
1 luve a place to show you,
It's the hottest place in hell,
Where the ones that  never paid }ou
Iu torment alwtys dwell."
And, behold, the editor saw there
His uid subscribers by the scure,
Aud g ahhiug up a chair and fan
lie wished fur nothing more;
But was hound 10 sit and watch them
As lhey sizzle, sume and hum,
And his eyes would rest on dehtors,
WhicheverVsy he'd lurn.
Said the angel. ''Cunie DO, editor,
There's the pearly gate I see,"
But the editor only muttered,
"This is heaven euou_h fur me,"
Made. Iroui Fresh Fruit.
rOltM.O. UT. .-.-.ATI.  CHUM,  ..��..*-..TIO_l.lt V,
Onns'gninents nf Fresh Fruit Every Week;.
Everything New sod   First Class
Knll-lo. k of Domes'hand Imiuiried Cigars,
UllUllil.'   isst  slliokilllf lul.ll.. U IllA  .    n   III, till.ll.
Ilrnplnand enjiy a qii'-t pl-IO. Itilli.rds.
kf___t__M_l I'lulieer Sle mi Lull .. I ��� > . V.in.'illl-
ver.   I_��iiiiilr) sluji tdlTiTJ -. inlay,
KAMI.M'll's II _tgR,   P, III I   ,1. uiuiuietur.
It. _ vim k  f wile-., Ilqnuri and i _ u- in
lie-Iiiliiii".    .lu-t the _(i��i' lilts i... I re
fiestuiig glitss of  beer.    Win i in Kamlisiiis
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets - $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal. 0. C. M. G.
PRESIDENT,        -        -        ���      Sir Oeo. A. Drummond K. C. M. O.'
Head Office  Montreal
im ..ri -i Ml toihe ruil-i ij -' (lion,    'Hi
Olll)'   I'OVIII'llieiil    lintel    tel'   ll'iv. 1. Is.       Q .u.l    ]
runni . _ I iu..|e, _u si l:i| _,    Two l-irgi
sample room*.   )'. A. Man.liar, I'mieietur.
(in. si stalllillK un Ili'illun.
AslintuKT HOTEL  Thins*- i-onv nieni
ho el fur v hour- in A-h'-rufi.   Tie- h hi __
table hoard.   Hot mid i-olil ha'hs.  our re .ce-
sellialive Inuetsitll ______   Jullli..:ll,_ lYlkln...
mi>i> hi Mm
ItliliT   SCIITT,   Pn<|
i.e.})-) MM.
Convenient place lur trocl.-is, mil gi__
I      j
Deposits received from  $1.00  and  upwards.     Interest
credked twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay	
Unequalled ms b
SuiiMuer Resort
Good Fishing ami Shooting, (iuiilrs and ' 'nrses
always ri.adv. Tdcphuiic
cunncctidiis all din-ctions
1'irst ( lass r*CCOft_��
ti'oilrition. Terms :
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
grnriiK- -a, 11 0,
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.      Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
A. W. STRlCr-L'ND,
Haie   \ aid  die   *   ....eilul
ne*  . .nun.uu. ii .nn arm
The 111 -��t  peito-t talking iiiohine
\- 1 produced.
Wires, m.   Sf'O  and .^1.      .
(II.I still  -.. Imri  frum J5., un.
Wot IMee-i ao-1 Terms Wrile lo
ttt'', 'iriiiivillft HtrK'i
VANCOUVER,     -     -     ���     B. C
Frank G. Benson,
1392   19US
Rev. W. ,1. !Siii-i.Ki.i., It. A . It.ll.
Rev. ,1. 1' HowiUL, Iturs.r.
A cnmple'e euiinier-ial ami business
course, ri'udents prepaied tn |_ain teaoh
era certitieates ut all ursdea. Iu univer
my work a fuil_ii_.se for tbe B. A. de
Kree uf Tntotitn Uuuersity.
Instructiuii given in Music, Art, I'hyi
cal Culture and RluMtk-B,
S ud (or Calendar.
Sixty (isys after tlnte I int-ond U applytnlhr
rhlet enniinissiniier uf lands and works for per
mission io pur lm-e SOaC'esuf niouiitsiiipusi
(nil!___. euninienelnKat Ihe s. )���:. i-nrner nf my
preeniulinn hiiiiiIhk '-0 ihsins snuih, the re
III eha ns ��eat, thenee 211 enains north, thenre
u) rh (ins esst to starting iiuint.
L_wer Mcola, May 31,19(16.
3___rl     _���  ���:,--, ' '���",.")-=_-_-	
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one  now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let ua have your orders fol anything in this line
and we will guarantee >ou work as good as the
best ana at fair prices, THE NICOLA HERALD
Wm. Voght of Fork-dale, wu s visitor
to Nicola on Monday.
__ J. Bate and R. J. Armstrong were
visiting in Nicnla last week.
A. Jscksun of Quilchena, was in Nicol*
.>n Saturday on a busiueii viait.
J. P. McConnell and J. M. Millar left
ou Friday fur a busineaa viait to the
(ieorge  McDonald   baa  opened up  a
shoe shop in the Pooley building.
F. M, McKeown arrived in Nicola
from Aapen Orove on Friday snd left on
Saturday for the coast.
A. E. Ackers, representing the News-
Advertiser, was io town for a couple of
days last week drumming up business fur
his paper.
The painters are now putting the
finishing touches on the Riley House
and everything will soon be in lirst-class
shape for the accommodation of the
travelling public.
W. A. Glasgow and J. W. Phillips of
Seattle, who have been examining mining
properties at Aspen Grove, left on Friday for the coast. They are well satis-
tied witb their elimination and eipect
great things from development there.
C. A. Mean, who has been engaged in
ranching on One Mile Creek, about five
miles from Princeton, arrived in Aspen
Grove last week and will settle there. He
is accompanied by Mrs. Miars.
Messrs. Brown and Nelson who have
been doing assessment work on their
mineral claims on Iron Mountain, are at
Coutlee. They are well pleased with
showing on the property.
"We Wont Go Home Till Morning,"
and a "Hot Tune in the Old Town TV
Night,1'mice popular songs, seem to be
very much in vogue again in Nicola this
last week or so, but a little nonsense now
and then is relished hy the wisest men.
R. P. Inglii of Montreal, and J. B.
Mercer of Edmonton, accompanied by
Mrs. Mercer, after a visit to the Golden
Sovereign Mine at Aspen Orove, left
Nicola on Friday last for Spences Bridge
by special stage. They intend paying a
vibit to the States before returning east.
From the number of strangers that
have been arriving in town this past week
or so, one would think that a second
edition of the Klondike was under way,
and it's not going too far to say that it is.
Enquiry elicits the fact that they are
mostly men of means who are looking fur
investment! in mining and farming
The railway graderB are making good
progress in the "cut" across the river,
notwithstanding the fact that they are
working short handed. From the heavy
detonations heard during the day one
wnuld think a battle was in progress, hut
it's only a gentleman who is put to work
occasionally, named Mr. Dinny Mite,
who loosens up more hard pan in a second
than the railway graders could do in a
James Chapman nf Lower Nicola,
visited Nicola on Monday. He reports
hii new house as being nearly finished,
and he expects to move into it very
Charles Anderson of San Francisco, ia
spending a few days in Nicola looking
over the country and incidentally into
the mining industry, Mr. Anderson is a
practical miner of many years experience
and has explored the country from
Mexico to Alaska. He was among the
first into the Klondike, where he
amassed a fortune and invested heavily
in San Francisco realty, but the fire and
earthquake practically ruined him as il
did many others. He does not let that
discourage him and says he will make
mother fortune yet. Mr. Anderson
says that what he has seen and heard of
the mines around Nicola, he believes
fhey will he grest revenue producers, and
with the advent of the railway and cheap
transportation, the Nicola district will be
second to none iu the mining world.
Eleven thousand shares in the Boulder
Creek Mining Company (better known as
the Cousin Jack) for sale. $500 takes
the lot.       J. G. Thykm. Otter Valley.
Carload of first clan cedar shingles just
arrived. Prices reasonable. Nicola Port
able Steam Sawmill.
Carrington's Golden Leaf tea is Ihe
very fineit flowerv orange pekoe.   Im
ported and packed especially for us.   Ia
absolutely the finest tea on the market.
HO cents a pound.
If you are thinking of huil.ing nnw is
the time to get your orders cut so as to
have the lumber dry when the long davs
come and the carpenters can work with
pleasure. Remember the name, The
Nicola Portable Steam Saw Mill.
Carrington's Silver Leaf tea is the best
50cl. tea on the market. It is a fine
orange pekoe, a straight assam tea. No
house complete without it.
Carrington's Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for u��. Ts
absolutel. the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
Don't bny canned Chicago ham but go
to the M.M.M. and get lamb, lamb.
Carrington's (.olden Leaf tea Is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Tm.
ported and packed especially for us.' Ts
alsolutely the finest tea on the market.
60 cents a pound.
Call at the M, MM. and get the best
new potatoes on tbe market, also a nice
lot of fine spring chickens.
Carrington's Silver Leaf' tea is tbe best
50ct, tea on   the market.   Tt is a fine
orange pekoe, a staight assam tea.
No house complete without it.
Mary had a little lamb. The M.M.M.
has three hundred. Get some while they
M, L. Orimmett, harris'i" ��* 'a��,
late nf Sandou, begs to inform the public
of Nicnla valley and district that he will
open an office in Nicola for the transaction nf legal business about the first of
Wh. buy canned meat, devilled ham
and other abominations. Oet your fresh
meat and spring lamb frnm the M.M.M.
FOR SALE-Twn sets of second hand
single harness in first class condition, at
reasonable price. Bau-K-'k's Harness
and Saddlery.
at the Nicnla p.>rtshle -J earn __*ml'.
Lower Nicola. Wages 82 P'" dsv and
board. J. A. Men/if .
LAND  FOR SALE-0"_   _-��_�����. .
and fi'fy-four seres, on-- and n 'talf miles
frnm Lower Ntr..la. Fine qmMrf l-mrl
with uood timber. Henry Woopw.ru,
Lower Nicola.
Fresh Burnt L'me for u.le at P. Mar
quart's ranch. Price, ...00 ner barrel at
the kiln.   P. M ah. cart & Co.
Country Work a. Specialty.
Write for Estimate on all Kinds ot Work
P. 0. Box 186 KAMLOOPS, B.C
Bee Supplies
FLOWER and   VEOETABLE plants,
Fruit  and  Ornamental   Trees,    Bulbs,
Seeds for Fall Planting.
Catalogue Free
3010 Westminster Road,      Vancouver, B. C.
Subscribe for The Herald.
by getting a DANDY steel wire
horse brush. The "Dandy" re
movei dandruff and looae hair,
leaves the skin in healthy con
dition and makes the hone feel
Full Stock of
Harness and Saddlery
alaays on hand.
Secure your supplies at
Accountant, C.immiast.in, Insurance
and Oeneral Agent.
Main siri'-l ���      ���     Raniloops
Land Mining and General Supply Agta I
Mining i-oiitrai-lors, farm machinery, buggies,
culler . si. iKli-e'c. .send fur our Hat nf farm |
and niiioiiu iii'o|ierlie_ Reports on mining pro-
li--i.ii. ilir.niKli the District, liable address
"Annuo." t'ntlef. Ilromhall. Mnre.ng k Neal,
A.H.f, Illi.
Warehou-e-Canford, Nicola Valley, B. C.
All kinds nf Watch, Clock
and ,)e-elry repairs done in
first class order and satisfaction _uaranteed. All work
entrusted to our care will be
completed and returned without delay.
W. .11. < .HI .IU I, A CO.,
C. 1J. It. Time Inspectors. Kamloops
Good Stabling for 4 horses.
For particulars apply to
R. H. Winny
To Get Satisfactory Results.
A Carload of Lake of the Woods Flour Expected in a few days.
New Good- Constantly Arriving.
We are showing the nicest and
most up io dale  line of Hammocks   that    has    ever  been
brought to Kamloops.
Prices Range   from $100   to   $10.00
Baby Hammocks 50c to $2.50
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business,
NICOLA, b. c.
Accountant and Auditor
Barrister, Notary Public &c. |
Official Administrator
Office.- ('otiimeriial Block, east of Post Office.
Ivainlmipn, B, C.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister,  Solicitor and   Notary  Public
Office:   East of thr- Canadian Bank of Commerce, south Hide of Victoria street, Kamloopa.
Money lo loan on real estate security.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents in Nicole, for the
General Blacksmith
Home Shoeing a apecialty,
111 it is. or hi HTT
A. R. C. 8c. London.
Kamloops, B. C.
Anna) - and analyses if Ores, Coal and In
diiKtriid products.
Samples by mail or stage receive prompt
Jos. Richards,      -      proprietor
Headquarter? for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling ln Connection. Telephone Connection


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